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Jo Stern’s battle with bowel cancer


Your children and food wars


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Spring health


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Who’s out and about?


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Welcome to our new YOUbeaut magazine! We are so proud to bring you a new look and style and packed full of more features than ever. This month YOU focuses on spring – from health, to beauty and fashion. Writer Susan Sandys talks to passionate skier/ski instructor Jo Stern who has made Methven her home. While her doctor talked about getting her well, Jo focused on getting back on the skifield, a place that brings her wonderful “happiness and freedom” – where her soul soars. An amazing woman with a story well worth reading. She said she’s not shy and if her story helps someone, then she’s happy to talk. The YOU team hopes you enjoy this edition! Let us know what you think. Cheers, Lisa Fenwick YOU editor

Editorial contact Lisa Fenwick • 307-7929 • lisa.f@theguardian.co.nz Advertising contact Elaine Dillon• 307-7907 • elaine.d@theguardian.co.nz

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4 | YOU Magazine

Jo’s back on top of the world

When Jo Stern went to her doctor for an annual check-up last December, she mentioned that on a couple of occasions during the winter she had passed a little bit of mucous blood with her stools. She had believed it to be caused by haemorrhoids, but her doctor requested specimen tests and these showed the presence of blood. Within one week she was having a colonoscopy at Ashburton Hospital, and within one week of that specialists informed her she had stage three colon cancer. “Because there was no pain involved it was rather hard to accept that I had something wrong with me. So psychologically I just told myself I had a tumour that could be removed and I would be all right,” Jo said. “I think if I had pain I would have been more worried.” Upon being told of the surgery required, Jo told the surgeon she ran a women’s ski programme at Mt Hutt, beginning in June, and that she had to be fit and ready for that. “He laughed at me and said ‘We have goals here, the main goal is to get you better’. I said ‘That’s your goal, my goal is to begin skiing again’.” “I guess he was telling me the seriousness of the journey I was going to be taking.” The first step was chemotherapy, which she could take by tablet and radiation

Mt Hutt ski instructor and women’s ski programme operator Jo Stern is back on top of the world after surgery for bowel cancer. She shares her experience with YOU’s Susan Sandys.

therapy. The latter required six weeks of travelling to Christchurch Hospital five days per week. Her friends and wider acquaintances in the Methven area proved invaluable back-ups, forming a driving roster. It was good to have the emotional and practical support at this time, she said, as radiation was draining. The staff at the hospital were also fantastic. Even though they had about 130 people per day for radiation, they managed to make each one feel special. Jo went into surgery on May 29. The section of her bowel which was cancerous was removed and she spent eight days in hospital. An ileostomy bag was attached to her upper intestinal area, and this will be able to be removed within 12 months from

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surgery, when she is expected to regain full use of her bowel. Jo had her first day back skiing on July 30, venturing to Mt Hutt with husband Butch and friends. It’s a day she will always remember. “My first run down Broadway brought tears to my eyes,” she said. That day formed the marking point between the Jo who was recovering from surgery for cancer and the Jo who was once again on top of the world, conquering the slopes, in the beautiful mountain environment. It was a day that made her all the more determined to continue skiing and get back to taking the women’s programme again, something she will hopefully be doing again next winter. She said she was grateful to Mt Hutt management, who would not hear even the slightest suggestion of resignation, keeping her job permanently open for her. Jo is originally from Australia and grew up surfing and yachting on the Victorian coast at Geelong. She saw snow for the first time when she was 24 while on a trip to Falls Creek with the school she was working at as a receptionist. “I was hooked,” she said. continued over page Left – As Jo Stern recovers, she and Butch have had huge support from the Methven community. PHOTO AMANDA KONYN 240815-AK-006

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6 | YOU Magazine

Jo’s first day back skiing after surgery was a landmark in her recovery.

From P5 She was soon taking ski holidays to New Zealand and moved to Methven when she was about 27. She began training to become a ski instructor and has worked in the profession ever since, having done back-to-back winters for decades, taking in America, Japan, Switzerland and Austria. Jo set up her own ski programme in Switzerland, called Fun Ski, and would instruct holidaymakers from England. They ranged from company CEOs to rubbish collectors. It was rewarding to see them sharing their knowledge and expertise around skiing, breaking through class barriers, which was something they never would get the opportunity to do at home. She said sharing her love of skiing through instructing was more than just about enjoying skiing as a sport, as there was something special about being in the mountains.

“Skiing and snow to me just gives me wonderful happiness and freedom. I still after all these years get excited when I see snowflakes falling. “Getting back on skis, it’s just that wonderful feeling of freedom.” Skiing was also the way Jo became acquainted with the love of her life. About 20 years ago she got on a T-bar at Mt Hutt with a man she recognised as an old friend from her surfing days in Geelong. It was Butch Stern, a former professional surfer, who was on a skiing vacation in Methven. Their T-bar chat turned into a drink or two, and within a year they were married. This year they married again, fulfilling a dream of Jo’s to wed in her beloved Catholic Church. The couple were able to achieve this after Jo was successful in attaining an annulment of her previous marriage.


Jo is going from strength to strength as she makes her recovery, helped not only by skiing, but her husband and the amazing people around Methven. She has made new friends and enjoyed support from fellow cancer survivors. She wants to warn others to make sure they are vigilante for the signs of bowel cancer, an all-too-common disease. “The signs of cancer can be so minimal that if anything doesn’t seem quite right get it checked out, because you know your body better than anyone,” she said. In addition to that there was a potential for stigma to be associated with the disease. “One of my breast cancer friends said to me a while ago that she was glad hers was breast cancer because you can talk about it,” Jo said. “I’m not shy, I’ll talk about it, especially if it helps save a life.”

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8 | YOU Magazine

by Nadine Porter Having a child refuse to eat at the dinner table can be among the most stressful situations a parent endures. For some mothers the idyllic vision of a happy family meal time can be shattered amid the disruption a toddler can cause and for others it can be a long struggle to try to get their children to eat healthily. Ashburton mum Tania Booth understands the frustration of children refusing food well. Her son Jaylen would only eat macaroni cheese or pizza for dinner and toast with jam or bananas. But getting him to eat meat or vegetables was an entirely different matter. Like many desperate parents she tried everything to encourage her son to eat. Bribes, sending him to bed without tea (which didn’t seem to faze him), making food into fun faces (he was happy to prepare it but baulked when it came to putting it in his mouth), limiting what he ate during the day to make him hungry at dinner time and sitting down at the table one-on-one. As a former nanny who had no such problems with the children she cared for Tania kept trying but nothing worked. Frustrated, she shared her concerns with teachers at Jaylen’s pre-school, took their advice and booked an appointment with a local occupational therapist based at Ashburton Hospital. Within a month Jaylen had begun to eat lettuce and tomato – something his mother could never get him to try. While there was no underlying emotional issue causing Jaylen’s reticence around

Children and food wars food, the occupational therapist said that young children who suffer continuous ear infections can be afraid to eat for fear of pain and can lose appetite. Jaylen had a history of chronic ear infections and even had grommets. In the beginning the therapist asked Tania to bring in a raw vegetable - like a carrot and would get Jaylen to chop it up and play games with it. She would then get him to take a bite and spit it out and eventually he would swallow the food. “He got so proud of it that he would call broccoli trees.” Tania says the biggest lessons learnt were not to force food on them and to make food fun. She also found changing the eating environment helped and set up a child’s plastic table and chair in front of the television. “We learnt to sometimes put food on the plate, put it down and walk away without paying him any attention. He would eat it while watching TV.” A star chart rewarding Jaylen with special time with mum and dad has also made a difference and these days meal times are not the stressful event they once were.

Jaylen Booth was once a fussy eater, but with the help of an occupational therapist he now eats a wide variety of foods, including raw broccoli. PHOTO TETSURO MITOMO 090915-TM-051

YOU Magazine | 9

Why problems can occur

You might want to seek help if:

Children with medical conditions that have caused pain when eating often have severe food aversions as do children with sensory integration dysfunction. Children with oral motor impairments may also have a severe fear of eating due to their inability to move food around in their mouth and safely chew and swallow. Children with these severe food aversions are often referred to as resistant eaters or problem eaters.

– Your child is still only eating pureed foods by 18 months and is not willing to try any solids after many attempts. – If your pre-school or school-aged child

Tips for parents Tips for parents struggling with fussy eaters: – If your child is eating a healthy lunch and breakfast that encompasses all the food groups don’t sweat when they won’t eat their dinner. – Make mealtimes fun and remember that children are often tired at the end of the day and subsequently have reduced appetites. – Stress reduces appetite so check that your child is not struggling with their school environment.

will eat less than 20 foods. – If your child will only eat a small range of foods repetitively and demand exactly the same foods every day. continued over page

10 | YOU Magazine

What the professionals say ... Many children will exhibit fussiness with food as they develop, but will often grow out of it, according to neonatal paediatrician Nicola Austin. The Christchurch Women’s Hospital director of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit said parents often expect their children to “pick things up quickly”, but when it comes to food it may take children up to 20 times before they accept something new. Children with developmental delays and those that have experienced a long period of reflux can have a higher rate of problems with eating, she said. “Reflux that has gone on longer can cause more problems with texture.” Dr Austin said a little red flag was raised if babies were still only eating smooth pureed foods at 18 months old. “That’s when we would look and see if there was an underlying problem or other issues around texture. We look to see if babies are happy to take a different range of foods.” While many children go through phases of not wanting a wide range of foods, concern was not as great if they were

Back off at dinnertime if a child is eating a healthy lunch and breakfast, says neonatal paediatrician Nicola Austin.

accepting of two to three of the main food groups, she said. “Usually picky eaters will grow out of it between 18 months and four years.” Sometimes eating problems can come down to the child’s developmental stage and learning to be in charge.

“It’s one of the things they can control.” However, children that eat under 20 foods that are predominantly carbohydrates could have a severe problem. “That’s where you may need a team approach with occupational and speech therapists.” Stress can also affect your child’s appetite as can tiredness, particularly at the end of the day. She advised parents to “back off” at dinnertime if a child was eating a healthy lunch and breakfast that encompassed the main food groups. “Obviously you want to know if your child is growing well. Weighing them is a good starter, although often these kids compensate with foods they eat well – and have enough calories to grow reasonably.” Getting back to basics with family meals, good routines and making mealtimes fun can help, she said. “Peer pressure is also a good strategy with playdates and at pre-school and schools.” Problems were better dealt with at preschool as it only got harder as children got older, she said.

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12 | YOU Magazine

Women and their bodies

Body images through the decades

Body image and the way young women view themselves has constantly changed and evolved from decade to decade. Reporter Daisy Hudson spoke to women from multiple generations about body image across the decades.

Alyssa Pearle Jones, 15

In the age of selfies, Snapchat, and silicone, well, everything, it’s no wonder today’s teens struggle with self-esteem. Today’s teenagers are showing themselves off to the world like never before, with social media awash with selfies, party pics, and family snaps. However, being constantly on display also puts incredible pressure on their body image. At the tender age of 15, Ashburton teen Alyssa Pearl Jones says the pressure on young girls to look and dress a certain way is overwhelming. “Every morning I get up and put on make-up so I don’t get bullied,” she says. “If you stand out from everyone else, you’re gonna get picked on, so you’ve kinda just gotta be like everyone else.”

With the rise of reality TV, it comes as no surprise that Alyssa’s idea of “the perfect body” is curvaceous, a la Kim Kardashian – big boobs, a big bum and tiny waist. “Everybody wants to be a celebrity lookalike,” she says. That pressure to be celebrity-slim has led to a rise in eating disorders, according to Alyssa. “You can’t eat what you want to eat, you have to stay at a certain weight,” she said. “If you’re over 60kg you’re considered overweight, so it does put a lot of pressure on you to be something you’re not.”

Kate Bisdee, 22 For many women, having a bigger bust is something to be desired. However, for Kate Bisdee, having a breast reduction at the age of 16 provided a massive boost to her self-esteem and body image. The mid-2000s were all about fake tans, toned tummies and being peroxide blonde – think Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. As a teen during the era of The OC and Laguna Beach, being super slim was what Kate considered to be “the ideal body”. However, that body shape was “unreachable” until after her breast reduction, she says. “It kind of gave me a wee glimmer of hope,” she said.

“It’s hard to be a smaller size and have those ginormous knockers.” As a teenager, Kate said bigger girls were often judged and made to feel like lesser people. “Everyone wanted that slim build, small boobs, a small ass,” she said. “That’s what everyone seemed to strive for, even though it was pretty much unreachable because we’re all built so differently.” Having a boyfriend for most of her teen years gave Kate a sense of confidence in her body, she said. “If I didn’t have a boyfriend I would have felt the need to strive for more,” she said. “It was really a big thing to have a boyfriend, and not have to be single and worry about what you looked like.”

YOU Magazine | 13

Laura Newman, 31 Growing up in England at the height of Cool Britannia and the heroin chic trend didn’t make life easy for young women struggling with their body image. One of those young women was Laura Newman, 31, who says pressure to fit in and look a certain way gave her an eating disorder. Laura says she developed bulimia at around the age of 13, thanks to a combination of being bullied and trying to meet the unrealistic standards set by celebrities such as Kate Moss. “It was horrible,” she said. “Bulimia and anorexia were quite big.” Laura said it was common for girls at school to starve themselves, or throw up after meals. The popularity of teen magazines also put pressure on young women who just wanted to fit in, she said. “You wanted to be slim, with long

blonde hair and blue eyes.” With stick-thin models such as Naomi Campbell splashed across magazines and television screens, it’s no wonder that

young women strived to be as skinny as possible. Luckily Laura’s parents caught on to her eating disorder after just a few months and got her treatment.



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14 | YOU Magazine

Lisa Fenwick, 45 Along with legwarmers, fluoro fashion and big hair, the 1980s also ushered in a new body type for young women to strive for. The rise of movies such as Flashdance and Footloose saw celebrities adopting a lean, athletic frame – helped no end by the aerobics trend. Lisa Fenwick, 45, was a teenager during the transition from the stick-thin phase. There was definitely some pressure to look a certain way – Lisa says she knew of two girls who had anorexia. “The thin thing was definitely there,” she said. However, without the presence of social media, the overwhelming pressure to constantly wear make-up and be super skinny was nowhere near as constant as it is for today’s teens, she said. “We were definitely healthier in my generation.” Calling someone out for how they looked was also a no-no in the 1980s, whereas in today’s society Lisa says people have no problem telling someone they are unhealthy or overweight.

Marg Brownlie, 51 The 1970s saw the continuation of the “thin is in” trend. Farrah Fawcett and her famous red bathing suit became a symbol of the ideal body during the decade, with many young women striving for a natural, slim look. Eating disorders also continued their rise to prominence, with singer Karen Carpenter dieting to such extremes that she eventually lost her life in 1983. However for Marg Brownlie, there was little pressure to strive for the ideal body as a teen in the 1970s. “It wasn’t probably as prevalent as it is now,” she said. “But it was certainly there.” Without the presence of social media and the expectation to look a certain way, Marg says young women had more confidence than today’s teens. “I wouldn’t say we didn’t care, it was something you were always conscious of, but there certainly wasn’t the pressure that there is now.” She says teenagers in the 1970s were similar to today’s teens when it came to body shape.


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YOU Magazine | 15

Sue Newman, 64 The 1960s was a wild and crazy time to be a teenager. Nothing prepared parents of the ‘60s, raised in the austere pre-war years, for children who overnight morphed into teenagers who looked at the party and wanted to play. It was the decade of new freedoms sex, drugs and music (often inspired by hallucinogenic drugs). It was a behavioural smorgasbord we were all keen to sample. Our role models ranged from long haired, drug taking musicians to the ultimate model, Twiggy. Leslie Hornby’s super thin, waif-like frame was the epitome of female beauty; regardless of our size or shape, we tried to emulate the look. Cropped straight hair, huge eyes, pale lips and skin, a flat chest, straight short

shift dresses and knee-high white boots. God help girls cursed with bulging boobs. There was only one way to achieve THE look and that was through diet. And diet we did, like everything in the ‘60s, it was done to excess. Diet pills that were (with hindsight) some kind of uppers, were readily available. You were fuelled to go, didn’t need to sleep, lost interest in food and best of all lost weight. You ran in top gear day and night. Again, with hindsight, we were probably the first ME generation but we were also the lucky generation – post-war, born into a new affluence and opportunity. It was also the era where doors opened for young women to higher education, a wider range of careers and the opportunity to travel overseas alone, we became each other’s role models, each other’s inspiration.

Nan Davison, 78 You would think spending two years in hospital following a horse riding accident would put a dent in anybody’s body image. However as a teenager in the 1950s, Nan Davison says there was little pressure to look a certain way. Nan went into hospital for two years at the age of 13 after seriously injuring her hip during a horse riding accident. Returning to her normal life at the age of 15 could have been tough. However for Nan, it was just a matter of “getting on with it”. “It wasn’t a big thing,” she said, referring to body image. Not having television was a big part of that, she said. While celebrities in the 1950s

flaunted hourglass figures and Jessica Rabbit curves, young women were not exposed to them as much as today’s teens are. “The young ones all look at the TV, and what they see is what they want to be,” she said. “Whereas we didn’t see anything so

it didn’t make any difference.” Teens in the 1950s were a lot more confident because they didn’t have the added pressure of worrying about body image, Nan believes. “I could not have cared less about what I looked like.”


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Islands for hire by Lisa Fenwick

After a winter like we’ve just had, the thought of a warm island getaway warms me to the depths of my chilled soul. So it was almost cruel to receive an email showing off 13 private islands you could book for a bit of time out from the Southern Alps chill … if you have a spare “few” grand. And I’m not kidding, you can hire an island through TripAdvisor, and while it might not be in my immediate future, we can all dream (and/or save). Here’s a few of my personal favourites from the list of 13 … and if any of you are going, I’m a really good cook. Take me with you and I’ll cook every night, it would be so hard getting used to all this luxury:

French Louie Caye First up, French Louie Caye, Stann Creek, Belize, is only around $A520 ($NZ575.23) per night. It’s sheltered behind the Belize Barrier Reef on a two-acre island.

Cayo Espanto Also in Belize is Cayo Espanto in Ambergris Caye. It’s only 4.8km from San Pedro with a home boasting plunge pools and nine bedrooms, which is just as well, as it comes in at a cool $A18,479 ($NZ20,441.64) per night.

Fafarua Lodge Cherry Island In Rosseau, Ontario, Cherry Island Luxury Estate sports a multi-million dollar “cottage” that has six bedrooms and six bathrooms, with prices starting from $A12,451 ($NZ13,773.41) per week.

If the South Pacific sounds a little closer to home, imagine living on this wee beauty for a week (or a year)! Fafarua Lodge in Tikehau, French Polynesia, with its picture perfect island. The “shimmering azure waters, rings of coral reef, white beaches and coconut palms” seem the quintessential island getaway, coming in at $A1458 ($NZ1612.85) per night.

YOU Magazine | 17

Great food, shopping and beaches I have just returned from an amazing week in Bali and experienced great food, shopping and awesome beaches. During the week I visited the areas of Nusa Dua, Ubud, Sanur and Seminyak and Kuta with each area offering something just a little different. Nusa Dua is a “gated” community, the beaches are calm and the resorts are amazing. Nusa Dua has a neat shopping centre called Bali Collection which has a range of shops, restaurants and entertainment. From Nusa Dua I did a day trip to Lembongan Island where snorkelling off a floating pontoon is a must. You can also enjoy the adrenalin of a banana boat ride or, if you are after something a little more relaxing, a Balinese massage. A great option to consider for Lembongan Island would be an overnight stop so you have time to enjoy these experiences. Ubud was my next stop – located in the heart of Bali, Ubud has an amazing vibe.

WHERE will

DESTINATION with Mandy Reid

There are many art galleries, Balinese Spas and shopping markets along with great restaurants and bars. A must see in the Ubud area is Monkey Forest, this was my highlight having a monkey climb up on me to get a banana. Rule number one – don’t look the monkeys in the eye! Sanur is my pick - with its crystal clear, calm beach area and buzzing boardwalk; there is a lot happening in the area. You can hire a bike for the day and ride down the five kilometre boardwalk. There are water sport activities for hire and markets for shopping. During the evening you can eat in your resort, head down the boardwalk or get away from the beach to where the locals eat in the main street – delicious food and fun whatever

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YOU GO *Terms and cond

way you go. Last stop was Seminyak/Kuta - if you don’t mind busy then this is the place for you. It is a surf beach so why not have a go at surfing! If you need a lesson or two to stay on the board that is not a problem either! If you are thinking a sun lounger on the beach sounds like you, just a note that you do have to pay a small amount to laze the day away on a semi-comfortable sun lounger. Some of the well-known restaurants and bars are in this area and we ventured to the Moonlite bar to watch the sunset and enjoy one of their signature cocktails. Bali, a destination that I truly enjoyed and would go back to. If you would like to know more about Bali, what area to stay in, where to eat and where to shop, pop in and see me at House of Travel Ashburton. Advertising feature

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t for full details.


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facebook.com Proud to 4bevenue KIWI OWNED AND OPERATED, House of Travel has spent over /HOTAshburt per person (based 25 YEARS HELPING KIWIS SEE THE WORLD. With 70 STORES NATIONWIDE Dining Experience on minimum 2 and OVERfrom 700 TRAVEL SPECIALISTS on hand to pass on theirpeople) inside knowledge, YOU CAN TRUST US TO PUT TOGETHER YOUR DREAM HOLIDAY IN 2014. *Terms and cond

itions apply. Pleas

e ask your House

of Travel consul

18 | YOU Magazine

YOUR FOOD GUIDE in Ashburton


MIYABI JAPANESE RESTAURANT Only fine Japanese Restaurant and Teppan Yaki in Mid Canterbury


We can accommodate your company lunches or dinners, or large parties.

Lunch: Wednesday - Sunday 11.30am - 5pm

A truly stunning setting, located on the edge of Lake Hood, offering coffee and cake, a refreshing beverage with a decadent platter, a cafe lunch or an exquisite dinner. Phone 03 302 6064 or book online. Open

Dinner: Tuesday - Sunday 5pm - 9pm

7 days a week 10am – 10pm

10 Huntingdon Avenue Lake Hood Phone 03 302 6064 www.lakehouselakehood.co.nz

Unit 4, 688 East Street Ashburton Phone 03 308 8080

ALL FED UP All Fed Up is Ashburton’s locally owned and operated catering company offering: Great Food...Great Service and Presentation. All those little details, we’ll remember and take care of them...Nothing is a problem! Open

7 days

PO Box 227, Ashburton Phone 03 307 2275 or 0274 326 047 www.allfedup.co.nz

braided rive


braided rivers








Relaxed atmosphere, convivial surroundings, divine food, and fantastic beverage selection.

Chefs are brought from popular restaurant in Thailand, the restaurant has been serving Ashburton for over 10 years.

Clearwater Restaurant is one of the best in the district. It is a relaxed yet sophisticated setting, with a reputation for professional service and warm hospitality.

Experience versatility, elegance and a vibrant atmosphere while dining in the Ashburton region – Braided Rivers Restaurant + Bar has something for everyone. Open

7 days 11am-late

Corner of Burnett and Cass Streets Ashburton 03 307 2541 www.braidedrivers.co.nz


Tuesday - Saturday 11.30am - 2pm

You’ll be impressed by the ambience of our restaurant and the quality and innovation featured in our menu.

Dinner Tuesday - Sunday 5pm - 9pm


Monday closed

11 Racecourse Road Ashburton 03 307 8887 www.hotelash.co.nz

148 East Street, Ashburton Phone 03 308 5885

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 7 Days a week

YOU Magazine | 19

YOUR FOOD GUIDE in and around Methven




Knock-off Friday–5pm-9pm Delicious snack platter (suitable for 4 people) and 4 house drinks–$60 Mulled wine glass–$6 Happy hour drink special 5pm-6pm Free use of hot pools Free pool table, dominoes and cards provided from 5pm-9pm

Enjoy great food and wine by the fireside at Brinkley’s and not to mention our famous friendly service. Whether you’re looking for relaxed family dining in Shackleton’s or a corporate or Christmas party event in our Alpine Conference Centre… mixing business with pleasure is our specialty!

The Brown Restaurant & Fireside Bar offers more than one would expect from your standard pub fare with classic country favourites and a range of tasty mains dishes to suit all tastes. Extensive restaurant quality takeaway menu. Kids 10 and under eat for free in our family friendly spaces. (t’s & c’s apply) Fantastic new outdoor space available to hire.

Open 6 nights/w 6pm - 9pm Buffet 6pm - 7.30pm (Closed Tuesday)



51 Main St, Methven Phone 03 302 8724 www.methvenresort.com

43 Barkers Rd, Methven Phone 03 302 8885 www.brinkleyresort.co.nz

7 nights a week 4.30pm–late

7 days for lunch and dinner

Cnr Main Street & Forest Drive, Methven, Mt Hutt Village Phone 03 302 8045 www.brownpub.co.nz

ers bar




Enjoy a delicious meal in a rustically luxurious clubhouse with spectacular views.

New Mexican menu

Extensive all day menu plus a selection of tasty mains and house made desserts for relaxed evening dining. Also offering Samuels Summit Venue for your next corporate function or Christmas party. Regular live music in the main bar if you chose to make a night of it. Above all else, we aim to please.

Open daily

Try our new Mexican flavours! Gluten free & vegetarian selections available

Snack menu and cabinet food 10am - 6pm Lunch menu 11.30am - 3pm Dinner upon reservations


623 Coleridge Road, Windwhistle Phone 03 318 6943 www.terracedowns.co.nz

Main Street, Methven Phone 03 302 8259 lastpostcafe@ihug.co.nz www.thelastpostrestaurant.co.nz

Tuesday–Sunday from 5 pm

Open: 7 days for lunch and dinner 2 Barkers Rd, Methven, Mt Hutt Village Phone 03 302 8046 www.thebluepub.com

20 | YOU Magazine

Kiwi favourites FOR FOODIES with Kerri Lysaght

Spring has finally arrived, although someone should let Mother Nature in on the news! The weather during September is notoriously crazy, with it reaching both sides of the hot and cold spectrum. With budding fruit trees, rhubarb fronds that are starting to rear up towards the sky and the vegetables under the frost cloth begging to be set free – we can now see the end of the cold days. I understand that this is all just an illusion, but it’s lovely to know that the warmer months are just around the corner and that the garden is going to be a provider of all good things again, which always livens up the kitchen options. We have a gorgeous German girl, Johanna, staying with us on an exchange for a year and she is proving to be quite the experimental cook, which is very exciting for us. Over the summer months we are planning on diving for our food, so we are slowly introducing her to the delights of Kiwi cuisine, which is the basis of this month’s recipe collection. By the end of her stay with us she’ll be a pro in the Kiwi kitchen! Keep warm and take in the beauty of spring – a gentle reminder to us all that life is forever evolving, as it should, in the changing of the seasons.


Smoked fish chowder

This recipe is based loosely on my brother Glen’s recipe. I use kumara to bulk it up and find that if I steam it in the microwave it speeds up the process of cooking. Served with thick nutty toast, it’s hearty enough to be served on a cold day for either lunch or dinner.

30g butter 3 bacon rashers, finely chopped 1 medium onion, finely chopped 1 stick celery, finely chopped 3T flour 1 1/2 C milk 1C fish stock – I use Simon Gault home cuisine brand 1 small kumara, finely diced, lightly steamed in microwave 1x450g can smoked fish fillet 4T parsley, freshly chopped Optional topping – sweet chilli sauce, lemon juice – Heat butter in a pan and cook onion, bacon and celery for about five minutes until softened. – Stir in flour, cooking for another minute. Take off heat and slowly add in milk and stock. – Mix until smooth and creamy, then add the kumara. – Put back on heat stirring until fully thickened. – Stir in can of smoked fish and parsley, reducing heat to warm fish. – When ready to serve, add a squeeze of lemon juice and sweet chili sauce.

YOU Magazine | 21

Simple macaroni cheese

Mussel fritters

Fritters in any shape or form are popular with us Kiwis! This recipe achieves its lightness by separating the eggs and folding in the whisked white at the end, prior to cooking, which aerates the fritter giving it a lovely light texture. Topped with a spiced mayonnaise and lemon juice between bread and butter, and a beer in hand, it is a perfect combination. But then it’s great beside lovely green salad as well for a light lunch.

250g cooked mussel meat (about 24 live mussels) 1/2 C self-raising flour 1/2 C milk 2 eggs, separated Zest of 1 lemon Handful of parsley, roughly chopped Salt and pepper Oil for frying, I use rice bran oil – Steam open the live mussels with a little water in a covered pan. Discard any mussels that don’t open. Once cool enough to handle, remove meat from shell, discarding the beards as you go and roughly chop the meat. – Separate the eggs. Put yolks in a clean bowl, add flour and milk, and whisk until a smooth batter is formed. Add zest, salt and pepper, parsley and mussel meat. – Whisk egg whites until light and fluffy. Lightly fold through the yolk and mussel mixture. – Heat a frying pan; add enough oil to stop fritters from sticking. Add desired sized spoonfuls of mix and cook through. The oil is a moderate to hot heat as you want to have the fritters crisp on the outside but still not too hot so that they will burn without being cooked in the middle. Too cold and the fritter will soak up the oil before cooking. – Once cooked, keep warm in the warming drawer in the oven until ready to use.

The simplicity of macaroni cheese is a beautiful thing and something that all young Kiwis should know how to cook. It’s essentially a white cheesy sauce with added goodies in with the cooked macaroni pasta. I see recipes with cream being used and three cheeses, but for me that’s not a true macaroni cheese … this recipe is comforting, quick and easy to prepare and inexpensive to make.

250g macaroni 100g butter 100g flour 250g grated cheddar cheese 2 3/4 C milk Salt and pepper to taste Topping 1/2 C panko breadcrumbs 4–6 rashers streaky smoked bacon, cut in half Optional flavourings: Chopped ham, bacon, spinach, tomato, capsicum, mushroom, courgette, chopped herbs, a tin of tuna or salmon

– Preheat the oven to 180°C. In a large pot of salted boiling water, cook pasta until just al dente, approximately eight minutes. – Meanwhile, in a smaller pot, melt butter, add flour and cook until you obtain a paste (roux). Add milk slowly, whisking to stop lumps from forming. Cook until you obtain a nice thick white sauce. Season and add pasta, flavourings and grated cheese, mix well. – Pour into a baking dish. Sprinkle breadcrumbs over and top with curls of bacon. Bake in the oven for 25 to 30 minutes or until evenly golden. more over page

Looking for a sandwich o r a f i l l e d ro l l ? Sims Bakery makes them every day!

From chicken to ham to pork riblet and more, all our sandwiches are freshly made daily with nice bread, rolls and salads.

Come in and try one! Yo u ’ l l l o v e i t !

03 308 5774

123 Main South Road Ashburton

22 | YOU Magazine

Belgium biscuits

Johanna made these biscuits and was dubbed our “in-house German baker”, so successful were they! We posted photos on Facebook (and in fact have used the image for today’s YOU) and the comments that came back with “they are our favourites!” were astounding – which is the reason why I added them today. I’m not a huge fan of a thick double biscuits, so I like my dough to be rolled out thinly for crunch, but you do as you prefer.

125g butter 1/4 C brown sugar 1 egg 1 3/4 C plain flour 1t baking powder 1t ground cinnamon 1t ground ginger 1t mixed spice 1t cocoa About 1/2 C raspberry jam Raspberry jelly crystals Icing 25g butter, softened 1/2 t vanilla essence 2C icing sugar 1–2T boiling water

– Preheat oven to 180°C. Line trays with baking paper. – Melt butter then add sugar and egg, mixing well before adding the rest of the dry spices, flour, cocoa and

baking powder. Mix until combined and a dough forms. Roll out dough to desired thickness. – Using a 6cm biscuit cutter (or the rim of a floured can or glass), cut out rounds. Carefully lift the rounds and place on an oven tray. Bring dough together and repeat until all dough is used up. Bake for 12 to 15 minutes, or until lightly golden. Cool on a wire rack. – Once cool, sandwich biscuits with jam. Top with icing and a dusting of raspberry jelly crystals. We always double the recipe as one batch just flies out the door – especially if we have to share with family and friends as we generally do! – Icing: Cream butter until light and fluffy, adding vanilla essence, icing sugar and, finally, boiling water until you achieve a spreading consistency.

Any Reaso , n o s a e S y n An

s a m t s i r C h pers Ham

Made to suit your requirements

Perfect to give as corporate gifts for work colleagues and employees, friends and family to express your appreciation.

Now taking Bookings for Christmas Functions

Visit in store today or call to book your Christmas Hampers

THANK YOU All our gift basket products are hand chosen by our gift basket specialist. Free delivery in the Ashburton CBD. 10B HELWICK STREET | P O BOX 418 | WANAKA | WWW.GENIEWALLET.CO.NZ | +64 3 443 7835

Somerset House, Burnett Street, Ashburton Phone 03 307 5899 www.somersetgrocer.co.nz

03 307 2541 | www.braidedrivers.co.nz

Anika Lazyboy recliner

– Preheat oven to 160°C. Grease and line a 20cm tin. Cream butter and sugar; add egg yolks one at a time until light and fluffy. Sift dry ingredients and add to creamed mix. Add milk and vanilla. Spread into prepared tin. – Spread jam over batter, leaving a border of 5mm. For topping, beat egg whites until thickened, then add second lot of sugar slowly until it’s thick and glossy. Fold in coconut and cornflour until mixed well. Spread evenly over cake. Bake for 50 to 60 minutes or until a skewer is inserted into the middle of the cake and comes away clean. Cool in tin for 10 minutes, then cool on a wire rack.

Quality without compromise. At Ashley Milliken we believe that just because something costs less it shouldn’t be of lesser quality. Quality should be available to you, our customer, no matter your budget. Don’t believe us? You will once you step into our showroom. We have offered quality furnishing for over thirty years, our focus always 100% on our customer, with quality products guaranteed.

But our commitment to you doesn’t stop once you have paid. We will even deliver and install your brand-new purchase*. And if you have a problem? No problem. Come in and see us and we will sort it out, together. Don’t want to pay for it straight away? Also no problem. We offer finance on GE or Q Card, as well as interest-free terms on layby.

*Free delivery to most South Canterbury areas for major items WE ARE HERE




This is a cake version of the slice that everyone knows and loves – I got the recipe from a newspaper article a long time ago as Jim’s (husband) mother used to make Louise slice often, so he has fond memories of it – this seemed like a good variation on the traditional slice and has proved a winner ever since. 125g butter 1/2 C sugar (first addition) 3 eggs, separated 1C flour 1t baking powder 1/4 t salt 2-3T milk, warmed 1t vanilla essence Topping 1/4 C raspberry jam 1/2 C sugar (second addition) 1t cornflour 1 1/2 C desiccated coconut


Big Ben Lounge suite


Louise cake

Sorrento Lazyboy chair

feels like home

28 Barnard St, Timaru | Phone 03 684 5004

24 | YOU Magazine

Spring health and wellbeing – our

Spring has sprung – the flowers are beginning to burst forth and the sun is beaming down for longer periods. It all equates to a freshness in our daily routines but that may need a little kick start. So dust the cobwebs off and shake free of your winter hibernating body. Here are some tips to making this Spring a time of rejuvenation and revitalisation.

Detoxify your body

Enjoy life and have some fun

A fresh start should mean a fresh body. Consider doing a spring detox as it always puts you back on track by focusing on healthy choices and getting rid of ones that don’t serve you any longer. From three to ten days – there are plenty of variants and ways in which you can give your body a healthy kickstart.

After the dark winter months your mood can well and truly be imbued but you can elevate it easily by deciding to have some fun or go to some exciting events. Having fun reduces our stress levels, increases endorphins, and can even help reduce aches and pains. Plan a dinner with friends, or an adventurous outing where you challenge yourself. Get outdoors – play some sport or go for a bike ride. Fresh air and sunshine is the best recipe for a healthy heart and mind but it’s up to you to achieve it.

Where Style Is Created


‘Tis the season to fall in love or rekindle with your soulmate. Make some time to plan some romantic evenings. Go all out and place candles around your newly de-cluttered room, make a special meal just for the two of you and have a nice bottle of bubbly on the ice. You will be amazed how much better you function in your relationship when you are communicating and making special time to be together. Do it at least once a week and watch your relationship bloom. For those of you who are single, make sure you take a plunge – challenge yourself to go on a blind date or make that first move! Love is good for the soul.

Simplify and de-clutter Having things clutter free makes us feel good on the inside. Our outside world is a reflection of our inside world, so have a spring clean, be ruthless and get rid of those items that were filling up your house with rubbish. You will be surprised by how much weight comes off your shoulders. Particularly place emphasis on cleaning out your bedroom as it is your haven and where you need to have a peaceful, calm space.

or Text 027 665 2785

Come and see what a difference massage can make to your daily life.



Whether you are a weekend sports warrior or a quiet achiever.


Ph 03 308 7707


Ashford Village 415 West Street, Ashburton

14 Nicolson Street Allenton, Ashburton www.muscleworksmassage.co.nz

YOU Magazine | 25

Top test for hair

ur top tips

by Lisa Fenwick

Turning off technology Make time every evening where you have a quiet house. Where television and all devices are turned off and you pick up a good book. Reading rests your overactive mind and grows creativity. Allow yourself to slip into another world and be awakened!

Sleep! Last, but not least is sleep. Hitting the hay at 10pm, or sooner, is best for our natural circadian body rhythms, because our deepest, most regenerative sleep occurs after 10pm. Also, make sure you shut off electronic devices (eg, computers, e-readers, and cellphones) at least an hour or two before bedtime and ensure your room is completely dark when you go to sleep. Considering a lot of recent scientific evidence suggests evening light exposure may be a risk factor for certain cancers (eg, prostate, colorectal), having the lights out is not just essential for a good night’s sleep, but your health and longevity, too!

Advertising feature

To be honest, I was pretty excited to head to Health 2000 Ashburton a few days ago to try out their new German-made hair analysis machine, but maybe a wee bit apprehensive as well. It basically tells you what’s going on in your body... what foods you need to steer clear of, what minerals and vitamins you may be missing out on and how to get them. It is designed to help you become aware of the effects of the environment on your body at its basic level. It seems a bit simple to be true - a few hairs and follicles, a sting, and bam, your DNA is whizzing its way to Germany to be deciphered. The concept has been around for many years and it is a proven system that has a massive amount of scientific research backing it. It is, according to Health 2000 Ashburton owner, Bob McDonald, “the best we [Health 2000’s 80-odd stores in New Zealand] could find. “We are rapt with it.”

And so am I. It literally took five minutes. Not only does it give you a rundown on what the body’s doing but it also gives you a 90-day plan to help boost the goodies and the things to avoid to help your body repair. It even gives you a priority level. For instance I need to look at increasing vitamins betaine and vitamin A and minerals sodium and iodine. The sodium is interesting because I have so much salt it could probably knock over a cow, but the team at Health 2000 explained that I’m having the wrong type of salt. The disturbing part was my priorities are moulds/spores (says a lot for my housekeeping abilities) and to avoid tobacco. Pffffft … well that’s just cruel. It is, quite simply, a fantastic system. And the best part is it only costs $80… I will definitely be going back in 90 days to see whether I’ve been doing the right things! Advertising feature

HAIR ANALYSIS FIND OUT YOUR LEVELS OF: Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids, Antioxidants and Omega 3, 6, 9s

26 | YOU Magazine

Ageing gracefully With the world of botox ever increasing, it would make many women wonder what is the best way to try to age gracefully without having to have botox procedures like half of Los Angeles, America? What happened to, it is okay to go grey and it is okay to have wrinkles. Wrinkles can tell many a story of a life well lived outdoors in the sun, sand, surf and the mountains, that most Kiwi women have ventured into throughout their lives. Wrinkles show wisdom and longevity – an interesting life, as well as showing the character of a person. Taking away those beauty lines leaves a blank canvas of nothing but a face with the history erased. Remarkably, most women actually look more beautiful with age. Looking after one’s skin is still of utmost importance. To stay looking fresh and young as long as possible is every woman’s secret dream. Since the ‘40s are now considered the new ‘30s and the ‘50s and the new ‘40s and the ‘60s are considered the ‘50s and so on, the majority of women would love to stay vibrant looking and sassy with the ageing process, and still show a radiant face of a life well lived. A few tips on ways to stay looking young and ageing gracefully: – Include plenty of vitamin E in your

NATURALLY YOU with Jane Logie

weekly diet to help keep the skin looking supple, vibrant and fresh. It helps to reduce wrinkle formation and is involved in the turnover of new and healthy skin cells. Food to include are avocados and almonds. Make sure there is plenty of laughter in your life, as it acts as a natural remedy to iron out those wrinkles that form from frowning too much, and the stress lines created through coping with too much stress in our fast-paced lives. Ensure that there are plenty of the healthy oils in your daily diet to help keep the skin cells plump and radiant, rather than dry and crumpled looking. Oils to include are those from olives, oily fish and walnuts. Zinc is important for skin health – longevity, wound healing and prevention of acne and scar formation. Include plenty of shellfish in your diet on a monthly basis. Foods to include are mussels, clams and oysters. The pretty little yellow evening primrose flower is a wonderful plant for healthy-looking skin, the oils from the evening primrose are the correct ones to assist in plumping up our skin cells

and repairing the shrivelled up ones. It’s best taken as a supplement on a regular basis. Including plenty of exercise in your weekly routine helps to boost serotonin production, which is responsible for making you feel well and healthy. It improves detoxification, especially with cardiovascular exercise that promotes sweating such as cycling, running, and aerobics. Enjoying a glass of red wine with friends can also be beneficial other than just the socialisation aspect, as the red grapes contain large amounts of reservatrol, a chemical known to be a beneficial antioxidant. It can help mop-up free radicals that can cause plenty of harm and cell damage. Ensure that your diet includes vitamin A rich foods, as it is essential to keep the skin looking healthy, free from scars, acne and age spots. It has the ability to slow the break-down of elastin and collagen in the skin, slowing the ageing process. Include plenty of carrots and green vegetables. Consuming vitamin C rich-foods is important in maintaining our skin’s elasticity and production of collagen and preventing its breakdown in our skin. It is thought to protect us from

YOU Magazine | 27

Steamed mussels with lemon, lime and coriander. PHOTO AND RECIPE JANE LOGIE

Steamed mussels with lemon, lime and coriander

1kg green lipped mussels 3/4 C dry white wine 1/4 C coconut milk 1T of fish sauce Juice of 1/2 lemon 2t grated lime rind 1T peanut oil 2 gloves garlic, finely chopped or crushed 2t grated ginger gloves 1/4-1/2 t chilli paste (optional) 2 handfuls fresh coriander 1/4 red pepper, deseeded and sliced thinly

– Scrub the mussels, remove the beards and set aside in a colander, discard the opened ones. – Place the wine, coconut milk, fish sauce and lemon juice in a small saucepan and bring to the boil, and then remove from the heat and set aside. – Heat peanut oil in large shallow pan, add the garlic, ginger and lemon zest, cook through for a few minutes. Then add the mussels and wine mixture, cover, bring to the boil, then simmer on medium heat until the mussels are fully opened and cooked through. – Using tongs, split the mussels into separate bowls and ladle the broth over the mussels. – Garnish with a handful of coriander over each plate, along with the red pepper. – Can serve with a small bowl of cooked sushi rice on the side and a salad with plenty of green leaves. – Serves 2. free radical damage and will slow premature ageing include citrus fruits and berries. – Make sure that there is plenty of time left for relaxation to aid in reducing anxiety and circulating stress hormones that play havoc with our emotional well-being; a calm and happy person can look radiant. Obtaining good-quality sleep will help to maintain your outer glow and vibrancy. – Be sure to enjoy some time in the sun to increase your vitamin D levels, as a little time in the sun can help to produce a healthy complexion, via its ability to aid in the skin’s healing process. So spending more time out in the fresh air is vital to your skin health. – Spending time with loved ones releases the hormone oxytocin, especially when we hug and kiss one another, so a few cuddles can go a long way in feeling good and helps to promote that happy glow. An animal or two in the household can be a huge asset to the production of this feel-good hormone. With the compliments of Jane Logie, a medicinal herbalist, clinical nutritionist and chef from Methven


FREE FEES HORTICULTURE Classes run Wed to Fri (suits school hours) Ashburton campus





NOW! Programme is subject to approval and sufficient enrolments

0800 426 725 | www.aoraki.ac.nz

28 | YOU Magazine

Fashion ascetic












Birdnest top $199 from Sparrows, East Street B Paris crop pant $159 from Sparrows, East Street C Cap sleeve Contrast Dress $149 from Sparrows, East Street Denim Jacket $159 from Sparrows, East Street E Ricochet Jitsey Dress $229 from Sparrows, East Street F Black Bolero $179.99 from Depeche Mode Boutique, East Street G Heart skirt $199 from Depeche Mode Boutique, East Street H Camille Dress $229 from Depeche Mode Boutique, East Street I Joan Dress $229 from Depeche Mode Boutique, East Street J R & B Wrap dress. Beautiful Birds of Prey signature fabric. Sizes 8-20 Also available in Orange $249.95 from Just Me, Dunsandel K Amelia Top. Sizes XS - XL Also available in Red/Teal $119.95 from Just Me, Dunsandel L Alisha Dress. Fresh colours for Spring. Sizes 8-18 $149.95 from Just Me, Dunsandel M Royal Merino Classic V neck, sizes XS to 2XL in amethyst. Cost $178.50 from The Tin Shed, Rangitata N Royal Merino Poncho with pockets in small/medium and large/X large sizes. Range of colours including sand, cobalt, light pewter, black, limoncello and lagoon. Cost $230.00 from The Tin Shed, Rangitata O Noble Wilde Kimberley Merino Jacket, sizes 12 to 20 in cardinal/black stripe. Cost $187.50 from The Tin Shed, Rangitata A


YOU Magazine | 29

Welcome to my world spring IN STYLE with Caitlin Bingham

Hello spring! After what seems like the coldest, longest winter, spring is finally in the air; with it comes the promise of warmer weather, sunnier skies and a kaleidoscope of colours blooming into life. It’s time to thaw out, de-layer, be brave and try out the new season fashion trends.

Colour: This goes without saying when spring comes around. The colours at the forefront of the fashion world for 2015 spring are bright and bold. Taking inspiration from the sun and daffodils, the popular colour is yellow. While it’s sure to brighten your mood, yellow can be a daunting colour to wear. But grab a statement accessory such as a bag or shoes or look for yellow in a patterned piece and pair it with neutrals and you’re set. Notable mentions for spring colours are blues in every shade and lighter berry tones.

Denim: Denim everything is being embraced this season. Shirts, dresses and even overalls, are big in the fashion world at the moment. But our favourite denim accessory is, as always, the jeans. Boyfriend jeans, high waisted and skinnies are the most popular fit but straight leg and relaxed styles are also on trend. The lighter the wash and the more tattered/distressed the better. Pair with whatever you feel comfortable in, with jeans, anything goes.

Floral: Spring is the season for the gardens to bloom and flowers come to life. But if you are someone who doesn’t have a green thumb, there is a way to get your dose of flower power. Don’t panic if this is bringing you mental images of garish 1970s’ fashion, there is a tasteful way to do this. Available in muted pastels or with darker bases flowery patterns are easy to wear teamed with neutral pieces. Floral patterns are seen everywhere from trousers, floaty blouses, cardigans, shoes and handbags.

Merino wool. Naturally




best for your baby

4 Insulates and regulates body temp all year round. 4 Wicks moisture from skin. 4 Fire, bacteria and odour resistant. 4 Soft, easy-care, New Zealand-made.

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Worth the journey

Find us 1 Km off Hwy 1 at Rangitata on Hwy 79. Open 7 days 9 to 5. Ph 0508 504 006

322 East Street, Ashburton | 03 307 1951


30 | YOU Magazine

OUT AND ABOUT @ Ashburton Society of Arts Early Spring Show The recent Ashburton Society of Arts Early Spring Show opening saw a good turnout of people. A wide range of artworks were on display.


Above – Lee Muckle (left) and Julia Mansell.


Above – Eva McEnroe (left) and Pauline Mead.

Left – David Mead (left) and Noel Muckle. Right (from left) – Pam Burdett, Val Henderson and Linda Baker.



Your Rieker Destination Store www.comfyshoes.co.nz

Natural, modern & stylish

• Certified HTC Superfloor contractor • Polished concrete • Exterior decorative grinding • Concrete sealing • Water blasting • Decorative cutting and grouting • Glue, paint & hump removal • Concrete repair & floor leveling

Hours: 11am - 4pm Tuesday to Saturday

49 Main Road, Pleasant Point Phone: 03 614 8750 - A/H 0508 RIEKER 743537

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Shake that booty MUM ON THE RUN with Lisa Fenwick

As an ‘80s chick, I embraced big hair and grey and pink legwarmers. It was a lucky era for me because I have hair that can bush into a fro at a moment’s notice. I was going to BE Jennifer Beals from the 1983 movie Flashdance if it killed me. Up and down pumped my chubby, tree-trunk legs, legwarmers flashing in a frenzy of speed; furiously aiming for that perfect, dancer’s body that was evading me. Off-the-shoulder sweats became the rage and I swear, in those sweats with my legwarmers, I looked just like Beal. Strong and sexy in all her dancing gear, she (among others) spawned a generation that decided feminine curves were not for them and hard muscles and sweat was in. With Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons as our fitness gurus, we tried to Jazzercise our way to Beal glory … I never quite made it, apart from maybe a year-long stint of training for a couple of triathlons, but that was a brief interlude in a life spent overindulging in … most things. At the end of the day, bodies like Beal’s are usually the products of lifelong training and, unless your career goal is to join the NZ Ballet Company, most of us never reach (or keep) those dizzying heights of physical goddesses. But each era seems to have its own “ideal” in women’s body shape: From skinny,

emaciated Twiggy of the ‘60s, to heroin chic of the ‘90s, the hour-glass bombshells of the ‘50s to now, where being fit and strong is the “in” thing, rather than skinny … thankfully.

YOU Magazine | 31

Reporter Daisy Hudson has interviewed women from their 70s to as young as 16 to find out what the ideal body shape was in their days and what kind of impact it had and the pressure it put on them. It would be nice if one day no-one could classify the ideal body shape, because we all accept each other as we are and the fashion world and media don’t have such a huge grip on directing us like puppets on a string of what we need to look like and wear. Fat chance, maybe, but let’s hope that one day the western world doesn’t spend so much time worrying about whether boobs should be big or small, butts should be flat or bulbous or whether pale or tanned skin is right. Although the argument is that only “ugly” people wish for that utopia. Charming! Please, ladies, cut yourself some slack and shake that booty, even if there’s a bit of dimply, wobbly stuff on it.

32 | YOU Magazine

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34 | YOU Magazine

OUT AND ABOUT @ St David’s Union Church Hall girls’ night out Ashburton women enjoyed a relaxing evening at the St David’s Union Church Hall recently for the Revive Girls’ Night Out.


Above – Dominique Ward (left) and Samantha Sansom.

Above – Janice Brown (left) and Jill Kircher.



Above – Fairlie Matsinger (left) and Sheilagh Briggs.

Above (from left) – Alison Jones, Pippa Jones-Streat and Jane Pearce.


Left – Gabrielle Jones (left) and Kathleen Vessey. Right (from left) – Julie Hampton, Julie Hollings and Diane Hobby.




Above – Sarah Stevens and Morgan Mitchell.


Above (from left) – Debbie Skinner, Noeline WhiteDriver and Bernie Jopson.

YOU Magazine | 35

Daphne woes


Daltons Premium Strawberry Pack

Noeline Mackenzie is this month’s winner with the following question: Last winter I purchased two daphne bushes and planted them each side of my entrance. One has grown beautifully and is almost in flower while the other is looking pale and hardly grown at all. What is the reason for this and how can I correct it? Known for its wonderfully fragrant flowers, daphne is a favourite with many people. There are lots of different varieties of this shrub available, some more woody and shorter lived than others. In almost all gardens, no two sites are exactly the same – even if they are close together. The difference can apply to soil types, sun and wind exposure. The daphne that is not as successful may be growing in an area of poor or possibly wetter soil, is open to full sun during the summer months or exposed to strong winds. Any of these factors could be responsible for the lack of growth. If you do not wish to shift the daphne to a new site, apply regular side dressings of a good quality acid fertiliser in the early summer months, in combination with applications of compost. This should help improve the health of your daphne plant. Remember to water the fertiliser in well and add a good layer of mulch on top, especially during summer to stop the soil and plant from drying out. For those wanting to plant daphne in their garden, make sure the location has good morning sun and filtered light in the afternoons. Avoid spots with heavy shade or exposure to hot afternoon sun. Daphne can be a bit fussy as it prefers a fertile welldrained soil that is slightly acid. When planting, add in generous amounts of organic matter such as peat or compost.



Thursday 1st October - 6pm to 9pm

Hosted by Peter Mac (Radio Hokonui)


Flower & Vegetable Seedlings


Fiskars Gardening Tools

Supporting Ashburton Cancer Support Group Gold coin DONATION appreciated.

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Potted Colour OFFER


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1133 Main South Road, Chch (Between Templeton & Rolleston) PLANT NURSERY Call 0800 Call 800 0800 352 800 forfor 352 a free forcatalogue a catalogue free catalogue - Order online - Order atonline southernwoods.co.nz southernwoods.co.nz Call 0800 800 352 a free - Order online atatsouthernwoods.co.nz Call 0800 800 352 for a free catalogue - Order online at southernwoods.co.nz

36 | YOU Magazine

Corporate function ideas Choose a theme

Twigs & branches - straight from the forest

When it’s cold outside you have the perfect opportunity to host a spectacular event which you can decorate according to season. Below are some top tips to help you decorate your corporate function.

Nothing creates a magical winter wonderland theme better than turning the room into a mystical winter forest. Branches, twigs and blossoms create a dramatic effect and work well in rooms with moderate to high ceilings. White florals and green foliage also work well to make the room look cool and crisp.

Creating atmosphere with lights


To create a cool, icy atmosphere, use blue lighting to chill the room. Warm yellow lighting can create a sense of being indoors away from the cold outside and works nicely for smaller events.

Different fabrics, ornaments and flowers can add an entirely new dimension to your tables. Stick to your theme and then experiment with textures to best bring that theme to life.



Great corporate function venues that we love... Brinkley Resort, Lake House Restaurant Bar & Venue and Hotel Ashburton.

Food Ask you caterers how best they could fit food to your theme. Winter means ice – look at various ways you can incorporate that into your food plan. Icicle shaped biscuits, white deserts…all of it will add to your theme and make your night a true success.

Ambience Consider how best to make your guests relax into your winter theme. Background music can make or break an event and often acts as a relaxant. Be careful what music you choose to select and consider using a screen to project some images that further replicate your theme!




Located on the edge of the beautiful and serene Lake Hood, The Lake House is perfectly positioned to cater to corporate function and event dining and entertaining. Private boardrooms, stunning settings, and numerous menus to suit your style and budget. Call today for more information or visit our website for a functions information pack.

call 03 302 6064


Office party games Important tips when choosing office party games:

other half, asking only ‘Yes/no’ questions about who they are.

– Make sure they appeal to everyone. i.e, don’t choose team games only for team players and which exclude introverts. – Always start with an icebreaker, so even the most reluctant will play. Also make sure the game that follows flows naturally from it. That way, people will still join in. – Avoid gift exchange game or white elephants, which both take too long to complete. They’re not very engaging either.

Famous lines

Belly balloon break This office party game is played against the clock. Balloons can only be popped by being squeezed together between the players’ chests. No touching is allowed. Pair everyone up. The pair with the most popped balloons wins.

Desk thief Steal one item from each person’s desk, then display them at your party. Now everyone must work out which item belongs to who. Great way to brighten people’s spirits.

Couples who am I? Write out the names of each half of a famous couples or pairings, on its own Post-It note. Stick a Post-it to each person’s back. Now circulating the room, they search for their

Write out a list of quotes from well-known movies, e.g. “To infinity and beyond” (Toy Story). Cut up the list and shuffle in a bowl. A player then pulls out a slip, reads it out and everyone guesses which movie it is from. Whoever guesses the most wins. To up the stakes, award extra points to those who can name the character and actor/actress who said the line.

Hamburger Write down each different ingredient for a burger onto its own Post-It note. Then tape each note to the back of a player. Players must now assemble themselves in the order the burger was made. Add a competitive vibe by having two teams play against each other. The first one to finish wins. (Make sure you have plenty of space).

Death by Winking Every player gets a piece of paper — but one gets the paper with ‘M’ on it (murderer), another gets ‘D’ (detective). The rest are marked with ‘V’ (victim). The detective must find the murderer, who starts “killing” by giving their target(s) a subtle wink. Victims should die, as soon as they’re winked at. The game ends, when the murderer is found. The fastest detective wins the entire game. Advertising feature

Stay in Santa’s good books with our Brinkley Earlybird Christmas bonus


Complimentary venue hire Complimentary Christmas cocktail on arrival Lucky door prize to the value of $300 for one lucky guest* Late checkout and stay two nights for the price of one for all guests Complimentary use of outdoor spa pools, tennis court, chip and putt green, and bocce / petanque court

*minimum 15 guests for bookings


We offer a selection of Christmas packages to suit those looking for a small celebratory Christmas feast or those looking for a large office function. Meals range from $45-$65 per person and can be catered to suit your individual requirements. If you are looking for something special this Christmas why not try our Christmas BBQ option. Christmas BBQ Menu Minimum of 20 guests @ $45 per person Christmas Buffet Menu – Two options Minimum of 20 guests $55 per person Minimum of 20 guests $65 per person


We can now provide return travel from Ashburton for guests from just $15 pp, minimum numbers apply. Please contact us for more details.

Open 7 nights a week 4.30pm–late

43 Barkers Rd, Methven | Phone 03 302 8885 www.brinkleyresort.co.nz


Wrap up your year with decadent dining and festive atmosphere at Hotel Ashburton. Hotel Ashburton have got the bright ideas and festive atmosphere to ensure your Christmas celebrations are a success. Whether you’re celebrating with family, friends or colleagues, Hotel Ashburton and Clearwater Restaurant can host an event that suits. There are plenty of options; a sit down three-course meal, a lively cocktail party, buffet dining, or a relaxed afternoon barbeque. On the big day itself, a special Christmas menu is on offer. Call today to find out our menu options and to book your Christmas celebrations.

Enquire today! 0800 330 880 fb.com/HotelAshburton HotelAsh.co.nz

A gift for you

Book a ‘Festive Friday’ event prior to 30 October 2015, mention the code-word ‘YOU’, and you will receive a $50 DINING VOUCHER for use in January 2016.*

Christmas Day

On the big day, a special Christmas menu is on offer with starters, hot mains, salads, appetisers and fresh desserts made in-house. *Terms and Conditions apply. Further details available from Hotel Ashburton.

YOU Magazine | 39



Black or Ambitious White album MUSICALLY MINDED with Daisy Hudson


by The Rubens Hoops is an ambitious sophomore album from Aussie alternative four-piece The Rubens. The boys from Oz ventured across the ditch to support American chart-toppers Imagine Dragons on the Kiwi leg of their tour last week, bringing their trademark swagger and thumping bass lines to New Zealand shores. Hoops, the follow-up to their 2012 self-titled debut, is filled with rollicking rock anthems and in-your-face attitude. Tracks The Night Is On My Side and Hallelujah are standouts on an album that doesn’t have many duds – however, there is a catch. For fans of British rock mavens Arctic Monkeys, some tracks on Hoops will sound just a bit too reminiscent of the Monkeys’ 2013 masterpiece AM. Unfortunately for The Rubens, while the lads from Sheffield took years to evolve and mature their sound into something distinctly “theirs”, the Aussie pretenders have failed to produce anything that really sets them apart from the crowd. If you’re looking for a rock album that will keep you singing along on a long car trip or at your next party, Hoops is for you. However, if you’re after something fresh or out of the box, you might be disappointed.

Not a movie I had heard of, nor one that was on my list of “must sees”, Black or White surprised me. It centres on Elliot (Kevin Costner) who loses his wife suddenly and in turn, is left to care for his beloved bi-racial granddaughter. With no parents on the scene, the film focuses predominantly on a custody case with his granddaughter’s paternal grandmother (Octavia Spencer). Both families have her best interests at heart but unforeseen challenges ensue. I liked this film because it wasn’t your typical drama – there was no long-lost love, no teenage heartbreak – it focused on real issues, racial prejudice, ignorance and drug abuse to name a few. If you are inclined to weep during movies, then I’d get some tissues. The tagline “there’s more to family than what you see” is so appropriate, it’s easy to judge and sometimes difficult to remember that nothing is quite black and white. reviewed by Caitlin Porter compliments of United Video Ashburton

New cotton yarn in 8ply and 4ply

COME VISIT AND SEE WHAT’S IN STORE Charitee & John Adams 03 324 3605 www.ellesmeredrapery.co.nz 80 High Street, Leeston Mon-Fri 9am-5pm & Sat 9.30am-1pm Like us on Facebook - Ellesmere Drapery 2013 Ltd

40 | YOU Magazine

A passion for travel and earthquakes

by Caitlin Porter The devastating Canterbury earthquakes affected thousands of people in countless ways. Some picked up shovels, others set up shelters, manned community centres, tried to make headway after their homes were destroyed. However, for one university student, it opened up a world of research possibilities. Emily Lambie, who grew up in Pendarves, is fascinated by the way geological events – such as earthquakes – affect people. The subject captivated the 25-year-old in such a way that she has spent the majority of her adult life studying, researching and learning about the subject. Emily attended Christchurch Girls’ High School as a teenager – she was a boarder and lived at Acland House for five years. After finishing high school Emily enrolled to study for a Bachelor of Science majoring in Geology at the University of Canterbury. In the last year of her degree, the events of February 22, 2011, shook Canterbury to the core. “That was the changing factor for me ... it got me interested in how geological events affect people,” Emily explained. Once she had finished her three-year degree – with a short hiatus due to the destruction caused by the quakes – Emily enrolled in a Post Graduate Diploma of

Make yourself at


Natural Hazards. “It was the experience that shifted me,” she said. “I knew I wanted to be doing something that [looked at] how people were impacted.” At that time there had been no objective

research that looked at human behaviour and how people had been affected by the earthquakes and subsequent aftershocks. The research that had been done focused on interviews, but such research can

Visit our new office to start your home building experience 364 West Street, Ashburton Or call Brent today on: 03 308 3569


(0800 83 77 28)


YOU Magazine | 41


Above – Emily Lambie receiving her Fulbright award. PHOTO SUPPLIED Left – The devastating Canterbury earthquakes inspired Emily Lambie to look at how geological events affect people. PHOTO AMANDA KONYN 280815-AK-075

be very specific to individual experiences, she explained. Emily wanted to paint a bigger picture. So, she decided to take CCTV footage and code what people did during the shaking. “Because it hadn’t been done it was about the methodology, there was so much CCTV footage so [it was about] how I could collect and analyse it,” Emily said. That very question became the basis of her Masters degree and Emily began working on producing a coding system. With her Masters now complete, Emily wants to refine her research. And she can. Emily was recently accepted into the Fulbright Programme. Fulbright is an international education

exchange founded by an American senator who, after the aftermath of World War Two, believed a mutual understanding between different cultures was crucial to ensuring peace. New Zealand was the fifth country to sign up to the Fulbright programme in 1948, and since then more than 3000 Kiwis have been granted the opportunity for an exchange. “When I applied I was researching for the University of Canterbury. After finishing my Masters I was so close to the research, but I wasn’t ready to do a PhD,” Emily said. “Fulbright supports forward-thinking research … and it’s great to be in that calibre.” In January Emily will set off for California State University to introduce her coding system. She wants input from other academics so the research can be adapted and brought back to New Zealand where it can be implemented. It will be a 10-month trip in total and Emily plans to return some time in November of next year. Her time there will be mostly self-directed, but she wants to have structure to her days. However, some travelling will definitely be on the cards. “That’s one of my goals, to be well travelled and develop as a person.” While she says she hasn’t done a “hell of a lot” of travelling, Emily has certainly seen some sights. “In between my Bachelor and Post Grad I went to Africa for a summer with my eldest sister. “We went through Egypt and Kenya with a tour group ... and Victoria Falls. “I’d love to go back, I’ve always had an appetite for travel.” Emily has also completed a couple of research-related trips and attended conferences and workshops overseas. Even though the trip is Emily’s to plan, it will be quite structured.

“There will be a lot of flexibility but there are things I want to achieve.” She has things she is looking forward to outside of the research too, such as being immersed in a completely different culture. As she puts it, she wants to “get amongst the day to day”. Now based in Wellington, Emily is working for GNS Science on a fixed-term contract, which worked out well, she said, as when she finishes up there it will be time to head off. “They [GNS] recognised it was an amazing opportunity [for her].” A big motivator to dream big and continue on with her research is her family who are 100 per cent behind her. With two older sisters and one younger, Emily said all the kids have always been encouraged to pursue their interests – even if it wasn’t farming related, she joked. Her appreciation for home meant she didn’t stray too far from Ashburton when it came to her high school and university studies. “It was an easy choice,” she said. While at university not only did Emily undertake a great deal of study, she has been recognised for her achievements. Emily graduated with first-class honours earlier this year and was also awarded the Sir Julius von Haast award for Hazard and Disaster Management. But it comes naturally when you love what you do, she said. “When you have something you are so passionate about it’s easy.” Right now Emily is playing things by ear in terms of further study and potential employment, but remains focused on her research and upcoming trip. One day she may do her PhD, but she wants to have some experience in the bag first. “Practitioner experience ... overseas experience,” she lists. “I am so sure I am in the right field, but the choice of whether I want to be an academic, a practitioner, in government ... I haven’t figured that out yet.”

42 | YOU Magazine

OUT AND ABOUT @ Plains Rotary Pride of Workmanship Awards


Friends, family and employers joined forces recently to celebrate the contributions, dedication and skill of dozens of employees from many Ashburton businesses in Ashburton Plains Rotary Pride of Workmanship Awards.


Above – Robyn Bain (left) and Michele Strange.


Above – Rachel Maw (left) and Karen Sell.

Above – Lynley Bayne (left) and Hannah McLintock.



Above – Roger Snowden (left) and Cam Ellis.

Above – Kenneth Beams (left) and Donan Ashby.

Below – Jimmy Tweddle and Bevan McLellan.

Below – Nikki Currey (left) and Lana Gronewald.


Above – Janet Cummings (left) and Almond Royds.

Rushton marketing Affordable marketing management



Thumbs up for flat rates, not hourly charges

marketing management • brand development • social media • websites • design • advertising

Rushton marketing.nz | 03 307 7274

YOU Magazine | 43

OUT AND ABOUT @ Cancer Society quiz night

More than 70 teams pitted their wits against one another recently in the annual Cancer Society, Ashburton Branch fundraising quiz. PHOTO TETSURO MITOMO 270815-TM-242

Above – Janice Riley (left) and Jane Hurley.

Above (from left) – Debbs Taggart, Max Corney, Frances, Steph and Annette Beeston.


Above (from left) – Bev Stevens, Jill Stephen and Rose Court.


Above – Natalie and Darryn Harris and Lisa Kenny.



Above (from left) – Andrea Witty, Kaye Turton and Simon Wallis.

Below – Jeff Rutten (left) and Shane Blampied.

Below – Daniella Ede and Jack Graham.


Above (from left) – Kay Fox, Nicky Lamont and Heather Neeson.


Create a home you will love with Redmonds



We provide you with the best range of flooring, window furnishings and lounge furniture from leading furniture and flooring suppliers. We have a fantastic team of specialised interior consultants to help you furnish your home beautifully at an affordable and competitive price. homewares • gifts • fabric • furniture • bedlinen • curtains • blinds • cushions





Call today to discuss your home décor options.

• East to Burnett St, Ashburton • www.redmonds.co.nz • Phone (03) 308 5269 • Email redfurn@xtra.co.nz Open: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm Sat 10am-1pm









*Trade-in is for your old bed in good overall condition. QUEEN






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HWM75-B12266 7.5KG WASHING MACHINE *T’s & C’s apply. See instore for details and visit: haier.co.nz/ promotions




Upgrade to Windows 10 via download

SAVE $100

ARIZONA CHAISE LOUNGE SUITE *Extra display cushions & throw sold separately

WAS $109999 NOW










ARIZONA RECLINER LOUNGE SUITE Rug, coffee table and accessories sold separately

• Intel Celeron N2940 Quad-core 1.83 GHz • 2 GB, DDR3 SDRAM • 500GB Hard Drive





*Trade-in is for your old lounge WEEKLY OVER suite in good overall condition. 36 MONTHS

38 Kermode St, ASHBURTON Ph: 307 9110 ard










$269999 OR






Profile for Ashburton Guardian

Ashburton guardian you magazine, saturday, september 12, 2015  

Ashburton Guardian YOU Magazine, Saturday, September 12, 2015

Ashburton guardian you magazine, saturday, september 12, 2015  

Ashburton Guardian YOU Magazine, Saturday, September 12, 2015