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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Since Sept 1879

Retail $1.40 Home delivered from 90c


To Prince George, From Ashburton with love

The New Zealand shawl, gifted to baby Prince George had its origins in an Ashburton garage in the hands of Shona Schofield, who prepared this fleece to be spun and knitted.


Russian hackers target Mid Canterbury school BY MYLES HUME

involving schools Mr Murphy knew of, with a school in Rangiora finding itself with an $800 bill and Dunedin school duped out of $10,000. The bills were tracked back to Russia, where the criminal group operated from. “We went to our provider and said ‘surely we don’t have to pay this’. We found the other schools had to pay their bills, but luckily our phone provider came to the party and said they would credit the amount,” Mr Murphy said. Since the hackers cracked the


Methven Primary has been targeted by Russian phone hackers who racked up a bill of more than $3000. Principal Chris Murphy wants to warn other schools and businesses in Mid Canterbury about the dangers of hackers, who cracked the school’s phone system default pin number to call their own 0900 number and charge a rate of $25 a minute. The $3700 bill for Methven Primary was one of three cases

school’s phone system, Mr Murphy has had the default pin number changed and implemented an international toll bar. It’s also prompted a warning from the school’s insurance broker Crombie Lockwood, who said “there was no cover for this type of loss”. It said schools’ assets policies only covered physical damage to phones and the costs did not fall under the fidelity policy, which covers schools for crime committed by an employee – not an outside source.

The following day the Mid Canterbury Principals’ Association held their monthly meeting where he warned his counterparts to change their pin numbers. “It’s a good thing for everybody to know if you’re operating a business with a phone system that has more than two phone lines, because this could be you. “I was gutted when I found out, you read this kind of stuff in the big cities, I never thought it would happen to us.”

HOW HACKERS OPERATE ■ They hack into schools’ phone systems and insert their sophisticated spyware. ■ Hackers set up a 0900 number they call from the school. ■ 0900 numbers are often used to provide information or a service in return for payment. ■ The phone is left off the hook and to rack up a bill charged about $25/minute. ■ Calls appear on the school’s phone bill who are unaware until their service provider alerts them. ■ The money from that call goes to the hackers (the phone line owner).



We’re officially New Zealand’s newest bank. Call 0800 227 227 Or visit your local branch.

With roots stretching back to 1875, Heartland has a proud history of supporting small-to-medium sized businesses, farms and families in Canterbury. It’s great to offer the people of Ashburton a local banking option that is 100% for New Zealand.


P3 Ph 03 307 7900 to subscribe!

6 Months

4. 5

Interest paid quarterly.

12 Months


Interest paid quarterly.

*IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Minimum term deposit investment $1,000. Interest rates subject to change. The current Heartland Bank Limited Disclosure Statement, Term Deposits Investment Statement and Account and Service General Terms and Conditions are available at any Heartland branch, at or by calling 0800 227 227.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

5 BITES 1 Bird cleared of espionage

Five things that may interest you

A bird of prey found in a Turkish village has been cleared of local suspicion it was aiding Israeli spies. Villagers in central Turkey found the kestrel this week and delivered it to local authorities after discovering a leg band marked “24311 Tel Avivunia Israel�. Such bands are often used to track bird migrations. Authorities confirmed in a statement that they released the bird into the wild after x-rays performed at a veterinary hospital found that “there was no other device� attached to the bird aside from the leg band. Medical staff labelled it “Israeli Spy�. It was not immediately clear whether the label was tongue-in-cheek.

2 Two-headed turtle on Facebook

A two-headed turtle (below) born last month at the San Antonio Zoo has become so popular that she has her own Facebook page. Zoo officials say the Texas cooter, named Thelma and Louise for the female duo in the 1991 Oscar-winning movie, has been doing well. Spokeswoman Debbie Rios-Vanskike says the turtle eats and swims, and added that the two heads – named Louise Left and Thelma Right – get along. The Facebook page yesterday showed photos of the quirky reptile and imaginary conversations between the two heads.

U-turn by TVNZ




TVNZ is shutting down its youth channel and replacing it with a time-delayed broadcast of TV2. The broadcaster said TVNZ U had run at a loss for two years and closing it was a commercial decision. Chief executive Kevin Kenrick said the channel did not work financially.

CONTACTS Chief reporter michelle.n@theguardian. Letters to the Editor

You could say it was a cruise for Cruise - Hollywood movie star Tom Cruise was a guest on Emirates Team New Zealand’s hospitality boat as Aotearoa crushed Luna Rossa for the fourth time yesterday. Cruise was a surprise guest of Team NZ’s during the race and had earlier been spotted dining with his son at the “pop-up� Kiwi restaurant, the Waiheke Island Yacht Club, on San Francisco’s waterfront esplanade, The Embarcadero.

Advertising Sales manager Desme Daniels Call 03-307-7974 advertising@theguardian.

5 On the block

Three of the four houses being renovated by amateurs for the popular local reality show The Block are covered in lead paint. A professional who is qualified to strip lead paint said inexperienced people should not remove it because of the danger of poisoning themselves and others in the area. The four houses are all next to one another in Lake Road on Auckland’s North Shore and are opposite Takapuna Grammar School.


■Out of town: Coffee and Jam – EPIC Sanctuary,

Cnr Manchester and Tuam Streets, Christchurch City. Free admission. 12:30pm – 1:30pm ■On the couch: Descent From Disaster (TV One, 9.30pm to 10.30pm). West Coast’s Leigh Hart revisits his old hometown of Runanga, where in 1967 it was one of several West Coast towns dev-

astated by the Strongman Mine disaster. â– On the horizon: Playing Miss Havisham. When an eccentric ďŹ lm-maker comes to New Zealand to make a ďŹ lm version of Great Expectations, Claudia auditions for the role of Miss Havisham as a potential escape from her humdrum existence.

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Our news, online, all the time.


Well done on a great publication.


Atkinson, Joan Elizabeth Banks, Beryl Mary Breen, Michael (Mick) Hart, Elizabeth Jane

NEED Building BrandsNEW SPOUTING? I just want to pass on my thanks for helping build the JFM brand through compelling words in the Woman in Business Feature. I have had plenty of positive feedback, from a vast range of people and businesses around the district.

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Newsroom Call 03 307-7957

Cruising with Team NZ

â– Housie: Come along to the Hampstead Clubrooms every Tuesday night and play housie. Doors open 6.30pm, games start at 7.30pm. â–  Cuban salsa/rueda: Learn how to perform this dance every Tuesday at Netherby School Hall. Free Admission. 7.30pm to 8 pm.












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II5 Alford Forest Rd

PHONE (03) 9099 (03) FAX (03) 1824 PHONE (03) 308 9099(03) FAX (03) 3083081824 308 9099 308308 1824 PHONE FAX








5895 $





Ashburton Guardian

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Hep A outbreak spreads BY MYLES HUME


Mid Canterbury’s hepatitis A outbreak has spread with four more cases confirmed yesterday. It is the latest in an outbreak which started in early May, and has resulted in 17 infected people in Ashburton. Mid Canterbury GP spokesperson Rachael Norman contacted the Guardian yesterday after four cases were confirmed at her Sealy Street Medical Centre practice, all who had not been in direct contact with knowingly infected people. “It’s making me alarmed after what I have seen today,” Dr Norman said. “The main message is if you

have flu-like symptoms you should head to the doctor to get checked out.” Hepatitis A is contracted from contaminated water or food and close contact with an infected person or animal. It is passed on through contact with faeces, with poor hygiene – particularly after using the toilet or changing nappies – being the main contributor. Dr Norman said it had an incubation period of 15-50 days, with symptoms usually showing within four weeks, however she said it could be contagious before symptoms show. Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) medical officer Alistair Humphrey said the Ashburton community holds

SYMPTOMS Early symptoms of hepatitis A can be mistaken for the flu. Some people, especially children, may have no symptoms at all. Common symptoms: ■ Jaundice ■ Fever ■ Anorexia ■ Nausea ■ Abdominal discomfort ■ Malaise ■ Dark urine the key to stopping the spread of hepatitis A through handwashing.

He said food handlers had the potential to infect hundreds of people, and urged businesses in the hospitality sector to seriously consider vaccinating against the illness. The CDHB is following up the contacts of each confirmed case, advising on the best course of action. The health board had consulted with the Ministry of Health on what level of disease would need to be present in the community before a community-wide vaccination programme was adopted. The outbreak began in a local kindergarten early May, and has resulted in 300 people being vaccinated in three makeshift clinics in local preschools.

Historic home comes down




With the first one out of the way, we had to do it all again. Speaking to readers yesterday, I was happy to see that the extensive guide for our new compact Guardian had done its job. From the comments we received, the readers seemed to enjoy the new elements we have added to our paper, page two with the small stories and your events calendar and Your Place with the photos from our community. Please start sending in pictures of your sports teams, school events, your pet or just fun family shots with a few words and we will see what we can do with that.

Keep giving us feedback


Demolishers made short work of this historic Short Street house yesterday. The 100-year-old brick house was red stickered in 2011 after suffering major structural earthquake damage. The 1904 home was built on the site of the Ashburton Home, which once accommodated old, sick or homeless men. It was originally let to postmaster Roger Delaner Dansey, later becoming a private home. In the 1960s it was divided into flats, and fell into disrepair. In the hands of new owners the property was restored over the following decade – but it proved no match for the violent quakes which shook Canterbury for several months during 2010.

Thankfully, the readers I have spoken to so far have all been relaxed about moving the Family Notices to the back of the paper. After decades of running the Family Notices on page two, there was concern among our senior staff about upsetting our readers’ habits, but luckily our readers are an adaptable bunch and realise that the new position is just as easy to find as the old one. The most common reaction however was about the convenience of new format. One reader even commented that she had very little expectation and feared she would hate it, but she turned out to be pleasantly surprised. Today you will get your first look at the upgraded Heritage and Rural sections, so I would like to invite you to keep giving us feedback so we can keep improving the new Guardian.



Ashburton Guardian

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


WHAT THEY SAID Readers’ comments we received in person, by email or through Facebook


Readers of the Ashburton Guardian yesterday gave a thumbs up to both the sausages and the Guardian’s new compact format.


Readers took the opportunity to let the Ashburton Guardian staff know what they thought of the new compact edition yesterday at a free launch lunch. “I don’t like change, so I didn’t expect to like it at all,” reader Yvonne Weily told the Guardian staff yesterday at the Chessboard on East Street. “I didn’t think I’d like the new Guardian, but now I’ve seen it I really do. I was worried that things would be difficult to find, but it looks lovely and I do like the wee newsy bit in the front.” Resident Ken Leadley said he was disappointed the Guardian did not use

Mid Canterbury’s colclear the table before I ours of green and gold read it. When the SatCheck out our in its masthead, and the urday paper came out I video online new size paper would thought why don’t you not be as good for lightalways do it this way.” ing the fire. And from a practical His wife was enjoying perspective, retired Ashthe new compact format, burton resident Harold however. Spiers said he could see “She says it’s much the new compact format easier to manage when being easier to read in reading it, and I concur bed, due to the penchant with that.” his cat had for falling asleep in the midResident Alf Body said it was a big dle of the broadsheet newspaper. step forward for the Guardian. “The old one the cat used to come “I haven’t had a good read of it yet, and sit in the middle of it. Now I will but at breakfast time I won’t have to just be able to flick her off.”

“I haven’t had a good read of it yet, but at breakfast time I won’t have to clear the table before I read it. When the Saturday paper came out I thought why don’t you always do it this way, but it’s been a big step forward for the Guardian.” - Alf Body “I really like the size of it and I think all the other papers should do it. It’s easy to read and just really cool.” - Dion Taylor “The front page was very good, it was interesting and displayed what was available inside. The index was easy to read and it definitely looks a lot better.” - Gavin Letham “I’ve just read it and think its great. Well done Ashburton Guardian for moving with the times.” – Christine Richards “I’m quite impressed. The old one the cat used to come and sit in the middle of it. Now I will just be able to flick her off.” - Harold Spiers “I do like the new size and format in the ashburton guardian, kept thinking it was Saturday while reading, not sure about the logo well done also about the history of different businesses was a very good read.” – Rose Maudekennedy “The new look Guardian is fantastic - well done!” – Neil Simons “I think the logo has lost its identity. It’s not memorable enough, it doesn’t grab me.” “Where is the local news?? Today I don’t like it, will hope for the rest of week to improve.” – Tania Hooper “I was very impressed! Size much better, a lot easier to read in the car waiting for school bus! Love the new fresh look! Change is as good as a holiday.” – Kylie Burrowes “I didn’t think I’d like the new Guardian, but now I’ve seen it I really do. I was worried that things would be difficult to find, but it looks lovely and I do like the wee newsy bit in the front.” – Yvonne Weily “I do like to see more local news, and what’s on around town. Often I’ll see pictures of things that happened over the weekend and think, oh, I could have been there!” “Brilliant, size way easier to handle, loved the historical edition, going to get a couple more put away for when the kids grow up. Lots of hard work well worth the effort.” – Melanie Flash McKenna “The editor and staff are to be congratulated on the first new look Guardian. A very professional looking newspaper befitting of a much larger community than Ashburton. Well done.”


Kiwi climbers feared killed in avalanche BY AMELIA WADE A New Zealand father and son’s tent has been found wrecked and vital climbing tools left abandoned, confirming worst fears they have been swept away and killed in an avalanche on the world’s deadliest mountain. Marty Schmidt, 53, and Denali Schmidt, 25, were hoping to become the first father and son team to conquer the summit of K2 - but they haven’t been heard from since Friday. Others in the Schmidts’ climbing party turned back the day before because they were concerned of the threat of an avalanche and of bad weather.

We fear the avalanche has taken them - Becky Rippel

A Sherpa went looking for the pair on Sunday and discovered their tent wrecked by an avalanche - while equipment they needed to keep moving was found intact nearby. “The news from the findings of the Sherpa who went up to their camp has us grieving. They’d need their crampons and axe to go either up or down on the mountain,” said Becky Rippel, the co-owner of Canada-

based mountain guide company Peak Freaks, Mr Schmidt’s employer. “We fear the avalanche has taken them.” British climber Adrian Hayes who was one of the climbers that turned back said the father and son were very well known, highly experienced and extremely strong mountaineers - the last people many would expect to be killed on a mountain. “Sadly, at times the mountains

do not differentiate between ability and experience, least of all K2. The poignancy of the tragedy is not lost in that, had the rest of us not turned back that day ... we also all would have been sleeping at Camp 3 when the avalanche struck,” Mr Hayes posted on Facebook from base camp last night. He offered his condolences to their family and hoped the Schmidts rested in peace. New Zealand Alpine Club’s general manager Sam Newton said Mr Hayes’ report, posted with the agreement of base camp manager Chris Warner, confirmed their worst fears. He called Mr Schmidt one of our

greatest mountaineers. “Right now, our thoughts are with the friends and family who have suffered a tremendous loss,” Mr Newton said. Before setting off on their climb , Mr Schmidt spoke of his respect for the Pakistani mountain and of how much he enjoyed climbing with his son. “It’s so much fun. We have a great time for three months. Not many fathers get that kind of time with their grown-up sons,” he said in an interview with Skins, one of his sponsors. Mr Schmidt, born in California, lives in the Far North with his wife, son and daughter, Sequoia, 22. - APNZ

Ashburton Guardian

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Local wool fit for a king BY MICHELLE NELSON


A shawl crafted for a future king has its origins in Mid Canterbury. When the Government asked Creative Fibre New Zealand to create a uniquely Kiwi shawl as the official gift to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to commemorate the birth of their first child, Prince George, a team of experts swung into gear. Award-winning Ashburton fibre crafter Shona Schofield provided the merino wool, which may well have grown on a Mid Canterbury sheep. “I can’t say for sure where this particular line of wool

came from, but I do purchase wool from our back country stations,” Mrs Schofield said. After selecting her finest fleece for the project, Mrs Schofield set about washing, carding and combing the wool. From there 150 grams was sent to Cynthia Read in Cambridge, who spun the fleece and knitted the shawl according to a design by internationally acclaimed Lyttleton-based fibre crafter Margaret Shove. The pattern, titled Filmy Fern Shawl, was inspired by ferns cascading down a bank, and fitted the criteria well. The project took 280 hours to complete.



In brief Youth fighting An altercation took place between a group of youths on West Street on Sunday evening. Police say the offender fled on his BMX bike before they arrived. Inquiries are ongoing into the incident.

Domestic dispute Ashburton police attended a domestic dispute about 10.30pm Saturday.

Teens racing Two 19-year-old males will appear in Ashburton District Court next Monday after they were caught racing on Moore Street in Ashburton’s CBD. Their vehicles were impounded and they were subsequently charged.

Seafield Road crash A female walked away unscathed from a crash on Seafield Road on Friday about 10.15pm. Police allege she lost control of the vehicle on a bend in the road, before her car rolled and hit a culvert. Inquiries are continuing.

Tampering with car About 3am Sunday, a male was found unlawfully interfering with a vehicle.

Same-sex marriages The winners of a radio competition to be married in one of the first same-sex marriages in the country have been announced. The two winning couples, Richard Rawstorn and Richard Andrew of Christchurch, and Jess Ives and Rachel Briscoe from the Bay of Islands will be married on August 19. - APNZ


Ashburton felt and fibre crafter Shona Schofield draped in the same batch of fine merino wool used to create a shawl for the new prince.

Lotto results

Cynthia Read with the shawl.


Residents asked to rate police performance BY MYLES HUME


Ashburton residents reporting crime are being asked to rate the performance of police staff at the counter. Yesterday, the station handed

a questionnaire to all visitors, looking for feedback on public counter satisfaction to be answered anonymously. Ashburton police’s Zelda Sandys said the survey would run for the next three weeks.

The survey asks up to 22 questions ranging from how easy it was to find the station to questioning the competency of staff. Questions over which areas the station could improve and comment sections are also

optional to fill out. Ms Sandys said it was part of a nationwide initiative and the ratings were taken on board by staff. Surveys are available at the Ashburton Police Station’s front desk.

The Guardian newsroom was a hive activity on Sunday night as we worked hard to deliver your new look Guardian yesterday morning. Somewhere along the line the Lotto results were omitted – thank you to those who pointed this out, and rest assured they will be in next Monday’s edition of the Guardian. Official Lotto results for draw number 1364 drawn on Saturday. Winning numbers (in ascending order): 1, 2, 24, 32, 36, 37. Bonus number: 14. Powerball winning number: 1. Strike: 32, 1, 2, 37.

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Great range of pavers also available Phone 307 6466 Mobile 0274 508 191 13 Robinson Street, (old Spray Marks site) Riverside Industrial Estate, Ashburton



Ashburton Guardian

In brief Parole denied A Mongrel Mob gang member who ran down and killed a police officer in a stolen car has been denied parole. Sergeant Derek Wootton was laying road spikes in Titahi Bay, Wellington, in 2008 when 33-year-old Andrew Popo ran him down. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter of the 53-yearold officer after a murder charge was dropped and was sentenced to eight years and nine months’ jail, with a non-parole period of five years. - APNZ

No surveillance Prime Minister John Key says neither New Zealand’s domestic and foreign spy agencies, the SIS and GCSB, have been involved in surveillance of journalist Jon Stephenson. In an article written for Fairfax on Sunday, investigative journalist Nicky Hager claimed members of the New Zealand Defence Force had copies of intercepted phone metadata from Stephenson. Acting Defence Force chief Major General Tim Keating and Defence Minister Jonathan Coleman have denied any surveillance of Stephenson occurred, including any request to a foreign organisation to gather the information on its behalf. - APNZ

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Council insurance increases By Susan Sandys

The total cost of insurance for the Ashburton District Council for the 2013-2014 year is $691,500, representing an increase of 6.1 per cent on last year. The increase represents a much smaller increase compared to the previous year of

66 per cent and 69 per cent the year before. Property insurance saw a drop, costing $4.54 for $1000 of cover last year, compared to $4.22 for this year. “This clearly indicates the steep increases in post-Canterbury earthquake property insurance have ceased for now,” said council chief executive

Brian Lester in a report to the council’s finance and community services committee. There were many adjustments to the council’s insurance during 2012-2013, including extra premiums for revised valuations of the community halls and refunds for waiving natural disaster cover on some less valuable properties, in line

Kick-starting the day with a free breakfast By Myles Hume

17,000 change rolls More than 17,000 Maori have changed electoral roll types in the 2013 Maori Electoral Option. The electoral option ran from March 25 to July 24 and gave all enrolled Maori the opportunity to choose whether they wanted to be on the General Electoral Roll or the Maori Electoral Roll for the next two general elections. Under the option, 17,120 Maori chose to change roll types, and another 9175 new Maori enrolments were recorded. - APNZ

Friend shot An intoxicated 18-year-old who allegedly shot a friend in the knee with a air gun early yesterday morning, had earlier aimed the gun at other friends who were forced to take cover behind a fence and wheelie-bin, police say. The man had been having a belated 18th birthday celebration with several friends on Sunday night and the incident happened just after midnight. An 18-year-old man was shot and the slug pellet remained lodged in his knee. An 18-year-old Alexandra man appeared in the Alexandra District Court yesterday on a charge of causing injury by using an airgun carelessly. He was remanded to August 21. - APNZ

Fatal accident An elderly woman is dead and a three-year-old girl critically injured after a vehicle skidded on ice and rolled north of Gisborne yesterday. Police closed State Highway 2 north at Matawai after the accident near Traffords Hill, an hour north of Gisborne. “One person died in the accident and another was trapped in the vehicle when it overturned,” police said. “A vehicle appears to have skidded on ice, left the road, hit a bank then ended up on its roof,” St John operations team manager Shane Clapperton said. The serious crash investigation unit has begun an inquiry. - APNZ

with the Insurance Schedule Risk Analysis Policy. As well as for property, the council’s policies and premiums cover motor vehicles and machinery, forestry standing timber, personal and professional liability, statutory liability, machinery breakdown, business interruption, civil engineering, Lake Hood and other items.

Photo Myles Hume 290713-MH-021

It’s not very often you score a free breakfast, but for 1000 Ashburtonians yesterday, that’s exactly what they got. McDonald’s franchises celebrated 20 years of serving up breakfast to New Zealanders, and as part of festivities the Ashburton branch gave away 1000 bacon and egg McMuffins between 7-10am. Ashburton owner Dave Whalley said the shop floor was heaving with customers, including Ashburton Borough siblings Sarah, 10, (left) and James Alexander, 7, helping to kickstart the new school term. “We had 25 staff on, normally on a Monday we have six or so and by about 8.30am we had given away about 500,” he said. “It’s amazing who we have seen come in, business people, construction workers, people coming in before dropping their kids at school, it’s been incredible how many people have come along.” The Ashburton franchise sold out about 10am while across the country, more than 130,000 free breakfasts were handed out in total.


Parties call for lower GP fees By Martin Johnston Doctors’ fees for many schoolaged children are too high, say Opposition parties which want more taxpayer money spent on bringing them down. Ninety-five per cent of children under the age of six can go to the doctor free. But for children aged six to 17 the average fee nationally is $22.31 - and about 40 general practices in Auckland charge $40 or more for a consultation during office hours. The Green Party wants a maximum fee of $11.50 set for this age group and further reductions later, in return for bigger subsidies from the Gov-

ernment. Health spokesman Kevin Hague cited as evidence of the need, the finding in the 2011/12 national health survey that about 7 per cent of children aged six to 14 had been unable to see a GP for a medical problem because of the high cost. “We’ve got rising rates of [GP-preventable] hospitalisations for children. It’s unacceptable.” Reducing cost barriers to primary healthcare saved spending on hospital care, Mr Hague said, and was good for the health and welfare of the community. The Child Poverty Action Group supports moving to-

wards free access for all children. Labour’s health spokeswoman, Annette King, also supported increased state funding to reduce fees for children, but said the problems in primary care went much deeper. “It’s beyond a little tinkering for 6- to 17-year-olds. We need to look at low-cost access overall so we can have enough money going into primary care for people who need low-cost access.” But Health Minister Tony Ryall said 93 GP clinics provided free visits for those aged six to 17. “Over a third of all 6- to 17-year-olds enrolled with a

GP are enrolled in very lowcost-access practices. The Government specially subsidises their GP visits, so these 240,874 young people pay $7.64 on average per visit. “Young people’s health is a top priority for this Government. We have ensured that 95 per cent of children under six can now go to the doctor free, day or night.” Child Poverty Action Group spokeswoman Dr Nikki Turner, a GP, said children’s skin infections, for example, were readily cured in primary care but if not treated early could necessitate more invasive and costly care in hospital. - APNZ

Ashburton Guardian

Tuesday, July 30, 2013




The gift that keeps giving Ashburton idea goes gangbusters in Auckland

Jade Temepara Mid Canterbury’s Jade Temepara is making a splash in Auckland with her Hand Over A Hundy project. Three teenage mothers will be among the first members in the city for the project, which helps people start a garden and then pass on the chance of a garden to someone else. Ms Temepara, a 32-year-old mother of four, came up with the idea of Hand Over A Hundy while working for Birthright, and today there are almost 50 members in Mid Canterbury. “I did a lot of teaching myself with the families, but I knew it was not as effective as one-toone with mentors,” Ms Temepara said. Hand Over A Hundy gives $100 of seeds, plants and compost to households wanting to start a garden, on condition they


Auckland teen mums Fatimah Jacobs, 16, and Sophie Edwards, 18, planting vegetables in their garden, as part of the scheme Hand Over A Hundy. pay over the $100 to another family a year later with the money they have saved by growing their own vegetables. It also matches new gardeners with volunteer mentors who help them to get started and are on call when questions come up. It began in 2010 and has spread to Christchurch, Southland, and the Waikato. It will

launch in Auckland this spring, starting with an Onehunga home for teenage mums and two boys’ homes run by the Youth Horizons Trust, as well as families across the city. “There has been a huge amount of demand for Hand Over A Hundy to come to Auckland,” said Nicole Curin-Birch, a journalist and mother of three

who worked for the schoolsbased Garden to Table Trust before taking on the voluntary role of getting Hand Over A Hundy off the ground in the metropolis. “We want to show that Hand Over A Hundy - growing your own food - can work in any environment. ” Fatima Jacobs, 16, of Papa-

kura, who is due to give birth in September, is keen to learn gardening skills “because I’m a vege person”. Sophie Edwards, 18, whose baby is due next month, was scared of worms and slugs at first, but as soon as she planted her first seedling she wanted more. - APNZ



Four plead not guilty HEATING SHOP! BY KELLI HOOKS

Three men and a woman charged with murdering Featherston man Glen Jones pleaded not guilty to aggravated burglary and murder when they appeared in the High Court at Wellington yesterday. Matthew John McKinney, 28; Hayden Ranson, 27; Kristopher Lee Jones, 23; and Tariana Hineteanaurangi Jones, 32; were remanded until the trial, which is set to begin on March 3, 2014. McKinney, Ranson and Kristopher Jones were further remanded in custody and bail for Tariana Jones was continued. Supermarket worker Mr Jones, 40, was fatally injured in his home just after mid-

night on January 12. He died hours later in Wellington Hospital from head injuries received in the attack. Defence lawyer Jock Blathwayt, who appeared for Tariana Jones, said he was still awaiting some forensic evidence. Masterton woman Cassandra Lynn Granich, 23, who is charged with being an accessory to murder, also appeared but did not plead. Granich is charged under the Crimes Act 1961 with “knowing that Kristopher Jones had been a party to the crime of murder tampered with evidence against the said Kristopher Jones in order to enable him to avoid arrest”. Granich was remanded on bail until August 15 for a sentencing indication. - APNZ



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Tuesday, July 30, 2013



Chairlift repair bill $1m BY SUSAN SANDYS


Mt Hutt management expect it will cost about $1 million to repair the ski area’s avalanche-damaged triple chairlift. The chairlift’s base station was destroyed on June 20 after a controlled avalanche bowled it following a 2.8 metre snowfall. Terrain on the lower mountain, below the ski area carpark, has since been inaccessible to skiers, however,

all-terrain Hagglunds will kick into action this week, enabling access. Mt Hutt Ski Area manager James McKenzie said repair and replacement costs for the triple chairlift base station were similar. “But it looks like at this stage we will go for a replacement terminal,” Mr McKenzie said. The work would be covered by insurance and be undertaken over summer, and would cost about of $1 million.

The triple chairlift, installed in 1982, is the oldest lift remaining on the skifield, which will celebrate its 40th anniversary this coming weekend. “It accesses some interesting undulating terrain different from the upper mountain basin, it’s popular but doesn’t get a huge amount of traffic, it draws more advanced skiers and riders.” He was looking forward to the Hagglunds launching into operation, which would likely be today or tomorrow. The

two vehicles could carry 16 passengers each. This would be enough mid-week, but on weekends queues would most likely form. Queue waiting times would be published on a whiteboard, so skiers could make a decision about whether to access the lower terrain. He expected riding in the vehicles would be a bit of a novelty in itself. “It’s very cool, it’s quite steep terrain so it’s the perfect vehicle for that type of terrain,” Mr McKenzie said.


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Severe quake shakes capital Wellington was shaken by another “severe” earthquake overnight Monday followed by a flurry of smaller aftershocks. GeoNet said the magnitude 5.4 tremor struck 20km east of Seddon at 1.07am. The “severe” quake was at a depth of 12km. More than 1500 people have reported feeling the quake, from the upper South Island to the central North Island, on the GeoNet website. It was followed by a number of smaller tremors up to 3.5 in magnitude. The quake comes just over a week since a magnitude 6.5 quake struck in the same area of the Cook Strait, causing damage to some buildings in Wellington. The police and fire services said there were no immediate reports of damage following the quake. GNS duty seismologist Dr John Ristau said the quake was felt quite strongly. “It’s all part of the same Cook Strait sequence - it’s related to all the earthquakes going back to Friday, July 19.” Dr Ristau said there were two known faults that were possible candidates for the activity in the Cook Strait. “And of course the other possibility ... is that it could be neither of those two - it could be a different fault that we don’t know about. We’re still not quite certain yet.” Dr Ristau said the probability of another quake between magnitude 5.0 to 5.9 over the next week had been calculated at 43 per cent. He said that probability was likely to go up slightly, but he would not know for certain until the calculations were done again. The quake was followed by a flurry of messages on Twitter yesterday. - APNZ

Boat crashes into wharf A man is in intensive care unit at Gisborne Hospital after a spectacular accident in the harbour on Sunday afternoon in which an out-of-control pleasure boat crashed into the wharf. The mishap sparked a fullscale response from police, the fire service and St John ambulance at about 4pm. Witnesses saw an eight-metre White Pointer aluminium boat travelling at speed up the harbour channel, with no one visibly at the wheel. Children on board were screaming. Off-duty firefighter Charlie Mugridge ran down to where the boat hit, and joined a couple of other men who had been fishing nearby. “We jumped into the boat to help the three people on board.” The 41-year-old man operating the boat and two of his family members, both girls aged 12, suffered what St John staff described as minor injuries. “The guy was unconscious when we got on to the boat but he came round. We stabilised him and monitored him until the ambulance crews arrived.” A St John paramedic said the man had suffered a medical condition. The craft hit the wharf with considerable force. - APNZ


Info sought on jacket Police investigating the death of Auckland woman Jane Furlong are seeking information about a tasselled leather jacket she owned around the time of her disappearance. Miss Furlong, 17, was reported missing by her boyfriend Daniel Norsworthy in May 1993. Her skeletal remains were found more than a year ago buried in sand dunes at Sunset Beach, Port Waikato. Detective Inspector Mark Benefield said Jane was commonly seen in the leather jacket and had purchased it from a shop in Onehunga shortly before her disappearance. “The jacket is a patchwork of leather panels, each panel has varying shades of brown or tan. There are tassels on each arm and the jacket may have had tassels on the back.” Mr Benefield said the jackets were popular items that were passed around and traded in 1993 and police were appealing to anyone who may know where the jacket was, or had information about what happened to the jacket, to speak with the inquiry team. - APNZ

Ashburton Guardian

Tuesday, July 30, 2013




In brief

Taxi driver abuse in the spotlight

Reefton Lotto winner The Reefton Lotto winner with a ticket worth $2 million realised they had won only when their ticket was checked in-store on Sunday. Before it was claimed, staff at This That and Lotto had their fingers crossed the first division ticket it sold was purchased by a local. Jackie Thomsen, who runs the store with Ross Moore, said the ticket had been claimed. Mrs Thomsen said the winner was “pretty much in shock”. - APNZ

Not guilty plea

Everyday taxi drivers are never exempt from passenger abuse, Ashburton Taxis says. BY MYLES HUME


Foreign taxi drivers are not the only ones being abused by drunken passengers, an Ashburton taxi company says. Taxi driver abuse is under the spotlight again following Invercargill man Gregory Shuttleworth’s tirade to a Pakistani taxi driver which was caught on camera at the weekend. The middle-aged European man told the driver to go back to where he came from and called him “an Islamic prick”, before he got out of the taxi and paid his $7 fee. The Friday night incident has sparked outrage across the country, and police are investigating. Ashburton Taxis general manager Graeme Bentley said all his drivers were New Zealand-born, but the company had reports each week of abusive passengers. “I wouldn’t say it’s accepted, but people just don’t react to it like they would if we walked into their shop sober and started yelling and abusing them,” he said.

Mr Bentley said most of the company’s clients were wellbehaved, but it was a minority of passengers, often drunk, who hurled abuse at drivers who were going about their business. “To be honest, the biggest abusers are middle-aged women, I don’t know why that is. Most of the time people think it’s the guys who would do something like that, but usually it’s the men who are trying to calm them down. “We handle each situation differently, sometimes you can talk to them, sometimes you ignore them or you can give them the option to walk.” Finding drivers to work shifts on Saturday night was already difficult enough with the company currently one full-time driver down. Mr Bentley said dealing with drunken passengers who disrespected his drivers did not always make the job appealing. He said there was not a common reason for abuse in the taxis, but some incidents overflowed when people were involved in altercations earlier in the night.



Tearful apology BY KURT BAYER The racist taxi passenger who targeted a Pakistan-born cabbie with a foul-mouthed antiIslamic tirade has made a tearful apology to his victim. Greg Shuttleworth, an Invercargill technician for a local engineering firm, was told to stay away from work yesterday while his bosses, and police, investigated Friday night’s outburst which was caught on camera. Mr Shuttleworth phoned the taxi company which released the footage to apologise to his victim, Pakistan-born driver Tariq Humayun. And as he held back the tears, he vowed to meet the local Southland muslim community to become better educated on Islam. “He was genuinely remorseful, in tears, saying he was very sorry for what he’d done. I felt bad for him,” said Mr Hum-

ayun’s employer, Safinah Mohammed of Invercargill Taxis. “I told him he had to meet the backbone of the local Muslim community, to see that we’re not all terrorists.” In the exchange in a cab early on Friday, Mr Shuttleworth described the driver as an “Islam prick” and says: “F*** off back to where you come from”. He told Mr Humayun he would pay the $7 fare when, “you tell me that you’ll piss off back to the country where you come from ... you shouldn’t be in New Zealand in the first place ... we don’t require your Muslim bulls*** in this country.” Mr Shuttleworth’s partner Angela Fairbrother said yesterday he was struggling with the attention he had received in the last few days. “He’s not doing that well. It’s gone a bit out of control but it shouldn’t have happened in the first place eh.” - APNZ

A woman charged with murdering her godson has formally entered a not guilty plea at an appearance in the High Court at Auckland. Mariam Tohuia Filihia was charged with murder and grievous bodily harm following the death of 1-year-old Terepo “Popo” TauraGriffiths in south Auckland in November, 2011. A post-mortem examination revealed Terepo died from a fracture to the rear of his head and a massive brain bleed. Filihia’s trial is set down for five weeks and is expected to start today. - APNZ

Legal costs mount Lawyers working for the taxpayer have racked up almost 10,000 legal hours battling Kim Dotcom. At senior counsel charge-out rates, the cost in lawyers alone would be almost $2 million. Some of that work is on behalf of the United States but most has been damage control around the mess which came with helping the FBI shut down Mr Dotcom’s Megaupload. The case has created its own work-stream in the court system since the high-profile aerial assault on Mr Dotcom’s mansion in January 2012. - APNZ

SmartGate expands New Zealand Customs will open up SmartGate to United States and United Kingdom e-passport holders on departure. Customs Minister Maurice Williamson said SmartGate had been successful and it made sense to extend it. SmartGate is Customs’ automated passenger processing system, which has been used by six million people since its introduction in 2009. It uses information in epassports and facial recognition technology to perform customs and immigration checks. - APNZ

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Opinion 10

Ashburton Guardian

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Great response to our new look Coen Lammers EDITOR


he day after a big event like the launch of our new-look paper is always an odd one. All staff involved feel the strain from months of doing the extra yards to get our readers the best possible newspaper. Staff at the Guardian take genuine pride in their work and were leaving no stone unturned over the past few weeks to get the first edition right. After all, once it’s out there, there is no way back. Aside from a bit of fatigue, our offices were filled with anticipation, waiting for the reaction of the public. Over the past 27 years, I have been at the start of several new or revamped papers and sections, but I cannot remember any that gave me more satisfaction and triggered a better response from the community. Along with the rest of our editorial team, I was able to hear reader feedback while handing out free sausages on East Street yesterday, and the positive reactions were a massive boost to our team. The people of Mid Canterbury love their Guardian, and aside from a few critical remarks, the overwhelming majority of readers congratulated our staff on a job well done. For some of my younger reporters, their face-to-face encounter with so many readers was a real eye-opener. One even commented that he did not fully appreciate the important role the Guardian plays in our readers’ lives. Yes, I know we did not get everything perfect, and we likely never will, and apologise for missing out the Lotto results during our frenetic launch night, but we are grateful and slightly overwhelmed by the wonderful reception our first edition received in the community. Thank you for your support and I hope you continue to enjoy your Guardian.

YOUR VIEW Lack of confidence

Health centre

It was reported in Friday’s Guardian that there has been a massive drop in public confidence in the mayor and the councillors. And they can’t quite put their finger on it. The main problem is that there are eight councillors who won’t listen. They pushed through the museum/art gallery against a public outcry and the bridge was done behind closed doors because they knew how unpopular it was. And they thought that the people would have forgotten about it by election time. The fact that they can’t work out why public confidence has dropped has lowered my confidence in them even more. Ross Hawthorne

Integrated Family Health Centres are nothing new. From Kaitaia to Wanaka many have been built over the past five years. Carolyn Gullery admitted at Wednesday’s evening meeting that she knew of none that had solved the GP shortage. Most have been divisive and some such as Hawera expensive

ludicrous failures. There the DHB built a flash new building and all the GPs in town joined, only to all move out two years later because of poor management. If the CDHB’s plan to allow private developers to build on hospital land is not to address the GP shortage; what is it about? Dr Chris Ryan


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CRUMB by David Fletcher

Thank you May I through your column offer my sincere thanks to the people who helped me when I tripped and fell and could not get up on Kermode Street; the lady from Rakaia who phoned the St John ambulance, and the two or three men who also came to help. Thank you also to the St John ambulance team. Grateful pensioner

Congratulations The editor and staff are to be congratulated on the first new look Guardian. A very professional looking newspaper befitting of a much larger community than Ashburton. Well done. Beez (Text message)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Green dairying is real Willy Leferink WILLYLEAKS


airy farmers are now coming to the end of some well deserved down-time. Calving has fired the starting gun for the 2013/14 season, which means our next break will likely be Boxing Day. There are plenty of positives about the dairy industry and these far outweigh the myths. First we can tick off over a quarter of New Zealand’s merchandise exports. That may not mean much to the average Kiwi but no exports means fewer imports, not much of an economy and a lack of jobs. Ashburton’s boom and the renaissance of the Southland economy stems directly from farming and my industry in particular. It means a goodly portion of Kiwis have a stake in the dairy industry, whether that’s direct as a farm worker or indirectly through running a café in Ashburton. Dairying is also working with the environment. Not that it pleases some academics, politicians and groups, who have made careers out of trying to paint the dairy industry in the worst possible light. Give me a few minutes of your time because green dairying is real, green dairying is happening and green dairying is our industry getting on the front foot and owning our issues. There are plenty of factors in water quality and we hope our efforts will force a much-needed discussion about what comes out of urban wastewater, the wider primary industries and


There are plenty of positives about the dairy industry and these far outweigh the myths. even the impact of wildlife in, on and around water. Green dairying is the new Sustainable Dairying: Water Accord led by DairyNZ, the processors, the Dairy Women’s Network and us at Federated Farmers. We were so keen to get an unvarnished input from environmental groups that we invited them into the accord’s formation. At its recent Parliamentary launch by the Prime Minister, I spied Government politicians, Labour ones and several Green MPs. Forest & Bird was there too but one vocal group was noticeably missing. A group that right up to the 11th hour and 55th minute had much input on the accord until it took its toys and ran. That group was Fish & Game. When a farmer or a farming company is accused of doing something wrong, I get heaps of media calls. Farmers are named and shamed and even put on television. What happens when it isn’t cows, sheep, goats or farm animals, but a council

most of the other regions have managed it. There must be elected members at Fish & Game who want to speak up because much of the criticism that dairying and I get, seems to come from those on its payroll. That doesn’t sit right with me as an elected spokesperson for Federated Farmers. It leaves me asking who is in charge and who is setting Fish & Game’s direction. I would have thought Fish & Game elected members would want to be the ‘go to’ people for the public and the media. That is why we had hoped that by Fish & Game’s working with us to shape green dairying, it would have carried all the way through to their signature being on a piece of paper. We are making a massive effort and we don’t mind constructive criticism but the truly annoying thing is that Fish & Game’s staff know that. They know from being inside the formation of the Sustainable Dairying: Water Accord that our industry is serious and focused on the environment. Hey, don’t let the facts get in the way of the story they weave. Given Fish & Game has elected councillors which includes farmers, it is incumbent on these elected members to stop the mudslinging and work with us. This is not about point scoring but doing the right thing and the right thing is to work with us, not against us. In that regard we are happy to talk to Fish & Game to get a better understanding of what makes them tick. Our door is always open. For more information: Willy Leferink, Federated Farmers Dairy chairperson, 021 796 037

instead? Farmers, rightly, cannot use ‘systems failure’ as some great ‘get out of jail free’ card, but when a public body does the dirty, there is almost no critical comment from the media, high profile academics, or Fish & Game. I cannot comment on the politics of Fish & Game, but they have oddly forgotten that they were at the head table on not only the Sustainable Dairying: Water Accord, but the Land & Water Forum too. Strange how the elected Fish & Game people, the ones voted in by licence paying members are difficult to find. After digging I found its national councillors but they don’t seem to have phone numbers. Our Federated Farmers’ Manawatu-Rangitikei provincial president, Andrew Hoggard, searched high and low on Fish & Game’s website for its Wellington councillors. He could find only staff but apparently, “A Willy Leferink is Federated list of Wellington region coun- Farmers Dairy chairperson and is an Ashburton dairy cillors will be added shortly”. farmer It must be a huge list because

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

In brief Jolie speaks out Angelina Jolie has made her directorial debut in Tokyo and urged the Japanese audience to join her fight to stop sexual violence at war zones. Jolie said she hoped In the Land of Blood and Honey, her first film as writer and director, would inspire the viewers to think further about rape in war. She said she was here also as part of global effort against the problem. -AP

Pope not judging

Iraq erupts into violence photo Ap

People and security forces inspect the site of a car bomb explosion in Basra, 550 kilometres southeast of Baghdad, Iraq. A wave of over a dozen car bombings hit central and southern Iraq during morning rush hour.

■ IRAQ By Sinan Salaheddin A wave of over a dozen car bombings hit central and southern Iraq during morning rush hour yesterday, officials said, killing at least 51 people in the latest co-ordinated attack by insurgents determined to undermine the government. The blasts, which wounded scores more, are part of a months-long surge of attacks that is reviving fears of a return to the widespread sectarian bloodshed that pushed the country to the brink of civil war after the 2003 US-led invasion.

Suicide attacks, car bombings and other violence have killed more than 3000 people since April, including more than 500 since the start of July, according to an Associated Press count. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attacks, but they bore the hallmarks of al-Qaeda’s Iraqi arm. The group, known as the Islamic State of Iraq, frequently sets off such coordinated blasts in an effort to break Iraqis’ confidence in the Shiite-led government. Eight police officers said a total of 12 parked car bombs hit markets and parking lots in


predominantly Shiite neighborhoods of Baghdad within one hour. They say the deadliest was in the eastern Shiite neighborhood of Sadr City, where two separate explosions killed nine civilians and wounded 33 others. Ambulances rushed to the scene where rescuers and police were removing the charred and twisted remains of the car bombs from the bloodstained pavement. The force of the two explosions lightly damaged nearby houses and shops. Taxi driver Ali Khalil was

passing nearby when the first bomb exploded. “I heard a thunderous explosion that shook my car and broke the rear window,” the 36-year old Khalil said. “I immediately pulled over and didn’t know what to do while seeing people running or lying on the ground,” he added. He brought two of the wounded to a nearby hospital before heading back to his home to stay indoors the rest the day. Two other separate car bombs went off in the northern Hurriyah neighbourhood, killing nine bystanders and wounding 29 others. - AP


Monks hurl petrol Bus crash claims 38 bombs at bailiffs By FRanCeS d’eMiliO

A group of monks on Greece’s monastic sanctuary of Mount Athos who are facing eviction attacked court bailiffs with rocks and petrol bombs, according to civilian authorities on the peninsula in northern Greece No one was injured in the incident outside the administrative offices of Esphigmenou Monastery, and no arrests were reported. The bailiffs retreated from the site. Cellphone video of part of the incident, taken by the rebel monks and seen by the Associated Press, showed the courtappointed bailiffs using a small earth-moving machine in an unsuccessful attempt to force their way into the grounds of the of-

fice at Karyes, the capital of the all-male sanctuary from where its 20 monasteries are run. About 100 monks in the 1000-year-old Esphigmenou monastery have been involved in a years-old dispute with the spiritual leader of the world’s Orthodox Christians, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, over his efforts to improve relations with the Vatican. The monks have defied court orders to leave the monastery. “According to the information we have received from the police, explosive materials were thrown at the bailiffs,” Aristos Kasmiroglou, civilian governor of Mount Athos said. -AP

An Italian tour bus ploughed through several cars before it crushed through a sidewall of a highway bridge and plunged into a ravine, killing at least 38 people, authorities said. Rescuers wielding electric saws cut through the twisted wreckage of the bus looking for survivors, and state radio quoted a local police chief as saying the bus driver was among the dead. The bus lost control near the town of Monteforte Irpino in Irpinia, a largely agricultural area about 60 kilometres inland from Naples and about 250 kilometres south of Rome, hitting several cars before plunging some 30 metres off a viaduct. Traffic on the stretch was slowed due to road

work, officials said. It was not immediately clear why the bus driver lost control of the vehicle, but prosecutors were investigating technical problems and had ordered an autopsy on the driver. A reporter from the scene that some witnesses told him the bus had been going at a “normal” speed on the downhill stretch of the highway when it suddenly veered and started hitting cars. Some witnesses thought the bus had blown a tyre. The bus was carrying a group of weekend holidaymakers from Naples. The group had arrived from small towns near Naples at a hotel at a thermal spa and had spent the weekend visiting the spa and an early home of Padre Pio, a late mystic monk. - AP

Pope Francis is reaching out to gays, saying he won’t judge priests for their sexual orientation, in a remarkably open and wideranging news conference as he returns from his first foreign trip. Francis says: “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?” His predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, authored a document that said men with deep-rooted homosexual tendencies should not be priests. -AP

Challege raises fears Cambodia’s opposition leader has rejected the results of a weekend election showing a win for the long-time ruling party, raising fears of post-poll instability and setting the stage for a new showdown with Prime Minister Hun Sen. The challenge by opposition leader Sam Rainsy, who returned from exile last week to campaign for his Cambodia National Rescue Party, comes despite his party’s relative success in the polling, in which the opposition made its biggest gains in years. -AP

Homs suburb falls Government troops captured a neighbourhood yesterday in the embattled city of Homs that has been a rebel stronghold since the beginning of the Syrian uprising, state media said, dealing another blow to beleaguered opposition forces in central Syria. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights activist group, however, denied that regime forces had seized all of the district of Khaldiyeh, saying there was still scattered fighting in southern areas of the neighbourhood. through Homs. -AP

Five killed in crash A helicopter crash in a rugged, wooded area of Pennsylvania claimed the lives of five people, including one child, officials said. The crash happened after the pilot told air traffic controllers he was losing altitude, according to the county coroner. Wyoming County coroner Thomas Kukuchka said the pilot contacted a nearby tower around 10.30pm saying he would attempt to return to another airfield nearby. -AP

China orders audit China’s Cabinet has ordered an urgent nationwide audit of debts owed by local governments, reflecting unease about potential financial threats from unreported multibillion-dollar borrowing. The order by the National Audit Office gave no details or a timeline. But the People’s Daily, said the Cabinet sent an “urgent message” ordering the audit and told local audit officials to suspend work on other projects until it is completed. -AP

Business Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ashburton Guardian


‘Revulsion’ as Dell joins GPG

Michael Dell: 49th richest man

Guardian Shares & Investments Compiled by


Source: NZX

BY ANNE GIBSON Plans by the Labour Party to exclude foreign buyers from the housing market have sparked more calls for restrictions and warnings about the risk of damaging the country’s relationships with its major trading partners. Tony Alexander, BNZ chief economist, and David Whitburn, Auckland Property Investors Association president, recommend New Zealand fall into line internationally and impose measures aimed at restricting overseas purchases to cool the housing market - Alexander through a ban and Whitburn via a tax. But both have raised the possibility of trade fallout, saying the debate in NZ is not going unnoticed overseas. Australia, Britain, Singapore, Hong Kong and Canada all have measures to defend their housing stock against foreign buyers. Labour leader David Shearer announced at the weekend his

party proposed to exclude all overseas buyers, except Australians and foreigners building new homes, from the housing market and that we were unusual internationally in not having a capital gains tax, stamp duty or other restrictions. “We are effectively open for business,” Shearer said. But Greg Knowles, a KPMG partner and head of the New Zealand office’s China practice, advocates foreign investment in New Zealand and says the OECD has found we have more stringent foreign direct investment rules than other OECD members. “The fact that New Zealand is a net importer of foreign direct investment is not because we are soft. It’s because we don’t have enough domestic savings. “Without foreign direct investment, we can’t maintain or improve our standard of living,” Knowles said. Shamubeel Eaquab, NZIER chief economist, has spoken out against a foreign house-buying tax, a capital

gains tax and restricting foreigners from buying houses here. Pointing the finger at foreigners is plain silly. There’s little evidence they are the cause of house prices being bid ever higher. “History shows we are more than capable of doing it all by ourselves,” Eaquab said in a Herald opinion piece last month. Alexander, who conducted a pioneering study into foreign house buyers via his BNZREINZ survey, said any moves could cause a backlash. “My concern is that although I believe the level of Chinese house buying in New Zealand is not as high as the anecdotes suggest, the issue is causing societal discord and has potential to worsen in coming years and threaten the very good trade relationship between New Zealand and China,” he said. “I advocate the Government move quickly to introduce legislation influencing foreign house buying in New Zealand with that legislation applying equally to all foreigners.” - NZH

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67 66 – 298.68 145 145 –2 248.99 531 520 –12 10.25 3400 3385 +5 529.13 96.5 96 +0.5 1,727.3 308 308 +4 1,742.3 282 282 +5 1,367.6 550 549 –1 503.31 638 631 –1 69.72 164.5 164.5 –1 580.04 1050 1046 +1 36.48 352 352 –3 211.72 834 831 – 792.73 743 743 +10 260.83 410 409 – 61.45 103.5 103 –1.5 596.67 54.5 54 – 646.16 480 475 –4 44.72 87 86 – 116.72 248.5 248 – 129.73 273 270 +7 105.08 112.5 112 –0.5 759.74 1095 1095 –5 24.84 330 330 +2 398.95 128 126 – 0.0 240 239 –2 889.28 314 314 –1 223.3 84 83 –0.5 286.61 132 132 –2 44.16 202 199 – 15.19 1440 1440 – 12.4 103 104 +1.5 237.46 139 138.5 +0.5 151.82 94 93 – 11.65 284 283 –1 36.42 710 708 –2 329.23 138 136 –1 168.02 541 540 +3 1,200.3 420 419 –2 196.96 270 265 +5 52.83 306 306 +2 191.38 230 229.5 –5 4,525.0 187 187 –1 46.28 485 485 – 1,298.6 760 755 +5 16.82 271 270 –1 415.79 138 138 – 83.08 395 395 +2 12.26 3690 3700 +180 117.03 1764 1760 –29 39.73

At close of trading on Monday, July 29, 2013

NZX 50 index last 4 weeks 4620 4574 4528 4482 4436 4390

26/7 29/7

Trade warning on home buying ban

capital to shareholders. Most of the assets have been divested, but the company intends to retain UK-based Coats - a leading industrial thread and textile crafts business with 20,000 employees in more than 70 countries. “The local market has displayed a fair bit of revulsion towards GPG and the presence of these two people on the share register would suggest that the baby has been thrown out with the bath water,” one fund manager, whose organisation also has shares in GPG, said.- APNZ


MSDC’s move comes at a time of increased uncertainty for GPG. The company’s share price hit a low of 43c last month after the Pensions Regulator (TPR) in Britain said it was looking at whether GPG should provide financial support for the Coats and Brunel pension schemes. The share price has since rebounded to 54c but is still short of GPG’s 52-week high of 61c. GPG, a former investment company founded by Sir Ron Brierley, is in a process of selling down assets and returning


Michael Dell, the man who founded Dell Computers, has joined fellow US multi-billionaire George Soros on the Guiness Peat Group share register. MSDC Management - an affiliate of Dell’s investment vehicle, MSD Capital - disclosed on Monday that it holds a 5.66 per cent stake in GPG. GPG said that it had been informed by MSDC Management, on behalf of MSD European Opportunity Master Fund, last

week that its holding had increased to 79.6 million shares. Dell founded Dell Inc, world’s third biggest computer maker, in 1984. He is ranked by Forbes as 49th richest person in the world, with an estimated net worth of US15.3 billion. Soros, the Hungarian-American investment guru who successfully took on the bank of England during the British currency crisis of 1992, is ranked by Forbes as the world’s 30th richest person. Quantum Strategic Partners, a fund managed by Soros, has a 9.01 per cent stake in GPG.



 NZX 50 index




 NZX 20 index




 NZX All index



 Rises 36


 Falls 52


 S&P/ASX 200 index




At close of trading on July 29, 2013

 Dow Jones Indust.

15,558.83 +3.22 +0.02%

At close of trading on July 26, 2013

 FTSE 100 index




At close of trading on July 26, 2013

 Nikkei 225 index

13,661.13 –468.85 –3.32%

At close of trading on July 29, 2013



 Gold


London – $US/ounce


 Silver


London – $US/ounce







 Copper London – $US/tonne NZ DOLLAR

Source: BNZ


As at 4pm July 29, 2013

Australia Canada China Euro Fiji Great Britain Japan Samoa South Africa Thailand United States

TT buy

0.8822 0.8433 5.2777 0.6209 1.5547 0.5344 80.76 1.9587 8.0721 25.58 0.8222

TT sell

0.8613 0.8161 4.6388 0.5977 1.4394 0.5176 77.62 1.6909 7.7778 24.37 0.7973

Disclaimer: NZX and MetService have endeavoured to ensure the correctness of the information; neither NZX, MetService related companies, nor this newspaper, nor any of their respective employees or agents make any representation as to its accuracy or reliability nor will they, to the extent permitted by law, be liable for any loss arising in any way from, or in connection with, errors or omissions in any information provided (including responsibility to any person by reason of negligence). Please note: All products and services are subject to change without notice.

office spot......all you need for the office Hayley and Carol, the experts to help you with all your stationery needs.

A4 100 LEAF


$2.69 each

Your place 14 Ashburton Guardian

Tuesday, July 30, 2013




Test yourself with the Guardian’s weekday quiz

Who’s dog: Georgina Torrington What’s her nature/ quirks: Hi my name is Kate (nickname Big Nose Kate - because I’m very nosey) I’m a Pisces and my favourite colour is anything in camouflage. My favourite toys are my big brother Blade – I love chewing his ears, a purple squeaky lobster, and my Mum. I am little but naughty sometimes ... I love stealing undies out of the laundry basket. I’m a pedigree German Wirehaired Pointer/ troublemaker

1 - How many tiles does each player take to begin a game of Scrabble? 7 8 10 2 - Flight 4 Life is an Ashburton festival featuring what activity? Kite flying Model aircraft Rare birds 3 - Kiri Te Kanawa was born in...? Napier Wellington Gisborne 4 - Who starred in the ‘Lethal Weapon’ movie series? Bruce Willis Mel Gibson Sylvester Stallone 5 - What is normal body temperature in degrees Celsius? 37 38 39 6 - Jay R is...? A wrestler A singer A TV character 7 - Who replaced Sir Alex Ferguson as coach of Manchester United? Jose Mourinho David Moyes Manuel Pellegrini 8 - Where is the Ashburton Trust Event Centre situated? Wills Street Havelock Street Peter Street

Yesterday’s top 5 stories on ■ 1. A new era begins ■ 2. Methven, Rakaia Cup finalists ■ 3. New policy upsets former sufferer ■ 4. Fire at Synlait factory ■ 5. Third person throws hat in mayoral ring


SEND US YOUR PHOTOS Your Place is the place to display the photos of your sports team, your pets, your school events, or just something ordinary from the present or days gone by. Please send your photos to with the words YOUR PLACE in the subject line and we will run it in the Guardian or our website


Venison stir fry with chilli sauce 400 g venison stir-fry Marinade: 2 t grated ginger 2 cloves crushed garlic 2 t chilli sauce 100 ml light soy sauce (low salt) 1 tbsp (sesame) oil Vegetables: 2 T vegetable oil 1 T sesame oil 1 bunch blanched green asparagus cut in pieces (300 g) 150 - 200 g egg noodles (cooked and refreshed) 3 small chillies (deseeded and chopped fine) 100 g soy bean sprouts 5 spring onions (sliced on the angle) 1 small can of baby corn 1 bunch of fresh coriander leaves (removed from the stalk), 100 ml chilli sauce, 30 g chopped peanuts, 2 limes

■ Combine all the marinade ingredients. ■ Place the venison in the marinade and leave for 30 minutes. ■ Remove and drain off excess, leaving two tablespoons. ■ Heat oil in a wok or a heavy pan and quickly sear the meat (you might want to do this in a couple of batches) for about 1 minute. ■ Add all the vegetables and

Go to to check out the new photo galleries.

Magnificent Mid Canterbury

noodles ■ Toss and finish with the chilli sauce and two tablespoons of the marinade. ■ Take half of the coriander and mix in. Remove from heat. ■ Immediately serve in big bowls ■ Top with the remaining coriander leaves and with the chopped peanuts. ■ Serve with lime halves.

Join the celebration of Mid Canterbury and tell us what you like about your district. Contact us by email, mail, text or Facebook (see P11) and we would love to publish your views. (Please put Magnificent in the subject line).

Recipe courtesy

Answers: 1 7. 2 Kite flying. 3. Gisborne. 4. Mel Gibson. 5.37. 6. A singer. 7. David Moyes. 8. Wills Street.

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Just like Todds the Ashburton Guardian is iconic and has been an integral part of the Ashburton community for a long time. The Guardians focus is on everything “Local”, which distinguishes it from the other print media, which makes it a paper well worth reading. Ton Todds y Todd Ashbu rton


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Rural 15

Ashburton Guardian

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wool holds firm at combined sale Ashburton




West Side Story


None Better?


azed, spacious family home. Three bedroomed brick and tile. Open plan kitchen/dining/living The North and thedecking. mainConsented trading currencies with ensuite. Large combined family dining. with ranch slider onto Logfire, freshly painted p. Separate bathroom with bath Woolinteriors, carpet, landscaping and well fenced a consented South Island auction strengthened 0.75withper cent Archgollacomprising .Landscaping has14,300 bales Double garage private grounds. saw . Sheltered havingandlittle impact on local rden shed, steel framed, lined, some movement each way; prices. nch and aluminium shelves. Fully Handy distance to Allenton Shopping Centre-school etc.

however it was generally firm Underlying demand and overall with a clearance of 93.6 being the main Compare the rest limited - here’s thesupply best. per cent. drivers. The weighted indicator nominal offering of mid 00 to 12:30pm, 142 Dunford For Sale for Offers overA $275,000


View Saturday12.00-12.30pm, 7 Andrew Street /AHB20124 Cindy Hayward 0273 897 955


A fine example of a two bedroom plus sun-room red brick home Micron fleece double weregarage firmplustoglasshouse. 3 shears were firm with generous

You be the judge! Is a spacious layout on your wishlist? Modern to 1 per features cent a gasGood competition with Auskitchen, hob, pantry plus twin drawer dishwasher. Large family/dining tralasia, room, separate loungeand with heatpump and per cent dearer. Fine crossbred firmer. China the Middle Thisranged home offers you the opportunity to add your own flair or lambs were gas heating. Bathroom has principals, both separate shower and bath. by fleece from firm to 4.5 Long first up to East supported keep as an investment property. Property is fully alarmed and securely fenced-Safe for family and per cent stronger with the finer 1 per cent dearer with shorter Western Europe, United KingGreat tenants would love to stay. pets. Big double garaging with auto door opener. Offstreet end affected the most. types 1 to 2 per cent parking cheaper. dom and orIndia. bay for a boat, caravan large trailer. Fine crossbred shears were Long oddments were slightly Next sale on August 1 comBIR $275,000 - $285,000.

firm to 3 per cent easier. Coarse For Salecrossbred fleece and

firmer overall with short odd- prises approximately 6100 ments up to 2 per cent bales the South Island. By easier. Negotiation PBN overfrom $275,000

View Saturday 12.30-1.00pm, 19 King Street /AHB20013 Margaret Wilson 0212 212 544 LICENSED (REAA


View Saturday 1.00pm-1.30pm, 89 Dunford Street /AHB20027 Mike Grant 0212 720 202

Selling, buying or investing in rural properties? LICENSED (REAA


Mid Canterbury Real Estate Ltd Licensed Sales Person (REAA 2008) Rural Consultant Roger Burdett 021 224 4214

Urban Consultant Margaret Wilson 021 221 2544

Urban Consultant Annette McCully 027 438 2328

Urban Consultant Richard Quaid 027 454 4745

These sheep should be able to sleep easy now a new anti-rustling initiative is ed Street, operational. Ashburton Anti-rustling map gets the tick Federated Farmers is applauding, Stop Stock Theft, New Zealand’s first ever online map designed to report and track suspected stock theft. This joint initiative between Crimestoppers NZ, NZX-Agri and the police will be welcomed by farmers. “While shoplifting costs New Zealand some $730 million each year, stock theft is reportedly costing the country a further $120 million,” says Katie Milne, Federated Farmers rural security spokesperson. “These are massive sums for red meat farmers who are struggling against a backdrop of the New Zealand dollar and difficult market conditions. Stock theft, also

known as rustling, is a low blow because once you lose stock you cannot replace them. They are gone and it robs your farm business of vital income.” Stop Stock Theft allows victims to report things anonymously, to help build up intelligence on when and where the theft took place and what was taken. It can be found at “Given Federated Farmers has a close relationship with police, provincially and nationally, this website is a fantastic tool for our members. It will give a voice to those in isolated areas who may feel intimated,” Mrs Milne said.

“Late last year, two people on the East Coast were convicted of rustling 160 sheep but realistically that was the tip of an iceberg. When you are stealing hundreds of animals it demands organisation involving stockmen, working dogs and trucks. “This mapping system sends a powerful message to casual and organised criminals that rural communities have had enough.” Federated Farmers is encouraging members to bookmark Stop Stock Theft and log stock. “The more intelligence we can gather as a community for the police, the more we’ll be able to prevent stock rustling from happening.”

Market report LAMB Lamb processing in NZ is now at seasonally low levels, so the majority of lamb is being directed to fill chilled contracts. The European summer has finally kicked in to gear, which is encouraging consumers to eat lamb. Lamb retail sales in the UK performed well in the four weeks to July 7, reflecting recent promotional activity in UK supermarkets. The volume of lamb purchased was 15 per cent higher yearon-year over the four week period, while expenditure was up 8 per cent. The US market is steady at the moment, however exporters are wary of making any adjustments to prices. The priority is to restore volume before prices are lifted, as it is important to get the US back

Mike Grant Urban 0212 720 202 Consultant MikeRakaia Grant 021 272 0202 96 Tancred

Roger Burdett Jarrod Ross Urban 0212 244 214 0212 494 644 Consultant Kim Miller

027 236 8627 Street, Ashburton | Phone

Urban Consultant Cindy Hayward 3898317 7955 | (03)027 307

Urban Consultant Mandy Marsh 021 239 4418

Market Price Trends Week beginning July 29, 2013 Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited

L A M B ($) Including 1 kg Shorn Pelt this week 13.0kg YL SI 13.5kg YM SI 15.0kg YM SI 15.0kg YM NI 15.0kg YM Market Indicator 17.5kg YX SI 19.0kg YX SI 19.0kg YX NI 21.0kg YX SI 21.0kg YX NI 23.0kg YX SI

last 4 weeks 3 months week ago ago

39.33 38.78 38.10 58.70 58.13 57.43 76.77 76.14 75.36 77.23 77.23 75.59 60.98 62.26 62.83 88.82 88.08 87.17 95.66 94.87 93.88 98.26 98.26 96.19 104.79 103.91 102.82 108.66 108.66 106.37 105.83 39.33 104.86 39.33 103.67 39.33 6.72 6.72 6.72

1 Kg Shorn Pelt SI

1 year ago

29.55 48.24 65.20 66.81 55.59 75.39 81.13 85.07 88.78 94.08 97.02 39.33

47.19 67.89 84.41 81.53 62.03 97.96 105.58 103.41 115.42 114.35 120.35 39.33



2012/13 Low High 29.55 48.24 65.20 63.31 54.40 75.39 81.13 80.34 88.78 88.85 89.30 6.72 *

2011/12 ave

48.15 68.71 87.66 86.47 63.79 101.51 109.43 109.67 120.00 121.27 134.07

56.71 76.89 94.67 95.42 71.25 110.00 117.99 120.31 129.32 132.83 139.52





M U T T O N ($) Including 0.5kg pelt 21kg MX1







P2 Steer SI (296-320kg) NI P2 Steer Market Indicator M Cow SI (160-195kg) NI M Cow Market Indicator

396 414 397 247 311 294

391 414 407 247 307 299

381 405 410 247 305 293

351 387 371 232 267 290

374 388 394 270 299 315

Bull SI (296-320kg) NI Bull Market Indicator

376 399 367

371 399 374

361 395 378

341 383 374

356 392 392


B E E F (c/ kg) 351 353 364 * 232 236 274 * 341 343 362

396 414 412 280 315 325

* * *

383 399 386 277 294 324


386 401 401

373 400 400

Based on announced schedules with levies & charges deducted and published premiums included. For a valid comparison between the Islands, add $1.20 in Lamb and 7c/kg in Beef to the North Is values, because North Is Cos pay freight.

V E N I S O N ($/kg - gross) AP Hind 50kg AP Stag 60kg AP Stag 80kg

6.86 6.95 6.56

6.78 6.88 6.48

6.58 6.68 6.28

6.38 6.48 6.08

7.43 7.53 7.13

6.38 6.48 6.08

7.98 8.08 7.68

7.73 7.82 7.42

1500 990 840 720 503 488 483 460 520

1500 990 850 740 510 493 475 458 510

1500 1075 865 745 435 395 380 375 470

1570 1040 890 730 420 385 385 330 490

1280 930 790 670 395 345 340 315 465

1570 1100 900 755 510 505 500 495 545

1705 1170 895 797 606 594 591 564 571

427 415

446 413

433 412

460 413

338 408

473 443

421 423

5390 5770 6160 5770 14110

5640 6340 7110 5290 12340

3740 3490 3550 4680 10600

3490 3360 3420 4510 10220

5640 7000 7120 5770 14390

4812 4151 4290 5147 12382

W O O L Data: WSI

into the market for the more high-end cuts. BEEF Prices for manufacturing beef into the US have trended slightly higher again over the past week, although trading volumes are fairly low at this point in the season. The higher kiwi dollar last week has taken a chunk out of exporters’ returns though, offsetting much of the recent lift in in-market prices. Supply of prime cattle in NZ is tightening and slaughter numbers are typically even lower through August and September. This shortens the supply of chilled cuts for domestic and overseas markets and should result in firmer schedule prices.

flat this month, though the export pruned market has had a significant setback. Atwharf-gate prices are back by $6 to $10/tonne due to sap stain problems with pruned logs exported to China. The underlying demand for pruned logs though is largely unchanged and prices should pick back up once the sap stained logs are cleared. However, this has resulted in more pruned logs being available for the domestic market. A small drop in export prices for other logs has been mitigated by the significant drop in the New Zealand dollar, leaving them mostly unchanged. Domestic log prices have been fixed at flat prices for the third quarter of 2013 FORESTRY as export prices are expected Log prices have been mostly to come off during winter.

Fine (21 microns) Medium (25 microns) Medium (27 microns) Medium (29 microns) Coarse (35 microns) Coarse (37 microns) Coarse (39 microns) 2nd Shear (37 microns-85mm) Lamb (31 micron-75mm)

W H E A T ($NZ/Tonne) ASW (Aus standard White) NZ Free (12.5% protein)

DAIRY PRODUCT PRICES Butter (NZ$/tonne) Skim Milk powder Whole Milk Powder Cheddar Cheese Casein

4950 5870 6180 5380 13970

Prices are indicative only. They are compiled from an assessment of sales made worldwide on one-off basis in US $. Quota market sales and contracts are excluded. The prices are then converted to $NZ/t FOB at current exchange rates.



UK PM Lamb (p/kg) CIF US Bull (USc/lb) CIF US Cow (USc/lb) CIF Venison Bone-in leg (E/Kg)

PRICES 390 193 183 6.40

380 191 176 6.40

0.809 0.526 0.609 3.32

0.779 0.511 0.598 3.18

360 214 195 6.40

315 206 196 6.60

315 189 172 6.40 *

390 * 225 212 6.80

405 210 198 6.72

FINANCE US Dollar UK Pound Euro 2 Year Wholesale Rate (%)


D A T A (000)

Lamb SI Mutton SI Beef SI Information provided by NZX Agrifax

3 d p D


F V r C c



Call the rural team at Ray White today for advice.

Rural Consultant/Auctioneer Jarrod Ross 021 249 4644


77 9 8.3

0.851 0.802 0.551 0.511 0.654 0.653 2.86 2.64 (Estimates only) 129 382 71 8 39 11 19.4 18.8 5.5

0.828 0.514 0.629 2.76

0.844 0.526 0.637 2.82

17 5 0.0

508 134 26.7

Note: * denotes a new low/high for season.

0.814 0.519 0.629 2.82


Rural 16

Ashburton Guardian

Tuesday, July 30, 2013



Federation cracks down on illegal home kill meat BY DAVID BURT


The right of animal owners, or a licensed homekill operator or dual operator butcher they employ on their behalf, to kill and use and consume animals that they own is permitted under the Animal Products Act (APA) 1999. A cornerstone of the APA is that homekilled meat must not be sold or otherwise traded and is consumed at the animal owners risk. Regulated meat products, on the other hand, are produced in licensed premises with processes in place designed to ensure both the humane slaughter of the animals and the safety of the animal products they produce and sell to both local and overseas customers. It is essential that the regulated and unregulated meat pathways are kept separate. This is crucial to ensuring, both that consumers’ health is not put at risk by the consumption of unregulated meat, but also that our critical overseas markets can continue to have complete confidence in the quality of our food production systems. Federated Farmers’ Rural Butchers industry group, representing licensed homekill operators and registered Dual Operator Butchers, is a key part of the Ministry for Primary Industry’s (MPI) Unregulated Meat Working Group.

The federation strongly supports efforts to prevent any illegal activity, such as the sale of unregulated meat This group was set up to look at issues around the unregulated meat sector. The federation strongly supports efforts to prevent any illegal activity, such as the sale of unregulated meat and applauds the recent action, by MPI in Taranaki, to investigate a suspected slaughter, processing and sale of unregulated goat meat. The penalties for offences for not complying with the homekill requirements are significant. Anyone who sells or purchases homekilled meat or

meat products not only risks a very large fine, but also risks putting New Zealand’s hard earned and well-justified reputation as a premier producer of safe food at risk. Illegal homekill and related behaviour is condemned in the strongest possible terms by the federation. Members are urged to report any illegal activities being carried out, either directly to MPI or to David Burt, the Meat & Fibre, Goats and Rural Butchers Policy Advisor, e-mail, telephone 0800 327 646.

PGP funding for forestry biofuel programme Science and Innovation Minister Steven Joyce and Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy have welcomed the announcement of Primary Growth Partnership funding of $6.75 million to investigate producing biofuels from forestry waste. The Stump to Pump Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) programme partners are Norske Skog, Z Energy and the Government. The Government will match their funding of $6.75 million to bring the project’s total funding to $13.5 million. “This partnership between the Government and industry has the potential to make an important economic and environmental contribution to New Zealand,” Mr Joyce said. “If the technology can be proven and commercialised, the economic benefit for New Zealand over the next 20 to 25 years is estimated at an annual increase in GDP of up to $1 billion and the creation of 1200 direct jobs in regional economies.” Mr Guy said the programme had obvious sustainability and environmental benefits. “Local production of biofuels from forestry waste could be a game-changer for New Zealand and could also reduce the industry’s dependency on imported fuel.” Since the PGP was launched three years ago, 16 projects are under way. While the programmes are long-term initiatives, progress is evident, including: ■ A new tree harvesting ma-

Steven Joyce chine that can fell and bunch logs on steep slopes and remove the need for chainsaw operator, resulting in a 26 per cent increase in productivity, now being in commercial use. ■ 2000 farms are implementing the Dairy Value Chain programme’s Whole Farm Assessment approach, resulting in an estimated economic benefit of $50,000 per farm per year. ■ In the 2011–12 production season, farms in the Farm IQ programme recorded an average decrease in production costs of 12 per cent, with an average increase in production of 10 per cent leading to a gross farm income increase of $214 per hectare. ■ Grass-fed wagyu processed as part of the Marbled Grass-fed Beef programme returned and extra $1 per kg, above the schedule price for Prime Steer. “These investments in productivity will play a big part in achieving the Government’s goal of doubling primary exports by 2025,” Mr Guy said.



Muck Spreading

Fast and efficient service to Mid Canterbury

Specialising in

Conversions Fencing - new and repairs Very experienced with tractor, kinghitter with spike.

Using Bunning Lowlander Spreaders with twin shredding augers to spread accurately up to 24 metres Contact us for a quote today

18m Dribble Bar 24000ltr Tanker

• Dairy • Cattle • Sheep • Deer • Yards • Post & Rail I lay all gear as I go Stock proof contracting

Wayne Jesson

027 356 5435 A/H 03 308 3468

Atlas Agriculture ltd

Phone Rob Pooler 027447 4812 Guyon Hummon 027 622 8933 or office 03 302 9244 239 Springfield Road West, RD6, Ashburton |


Liquid waste disposal •Septictankcleaning all systems • Portaloos •Dairysaucers&sumps • Grease traps

• Swimming pools •Draincleaningtruck • 24 hours a day 7daysaweek-oncall • Locally owned


P: 307 2124 M: 027 281 2089

Windrowing & Effluent Management

Phone Darryl Burrowes on 03 308 5293 or 0274 333 563

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ashburton Guardian 17

On-farm plastic recycling on upward trend Canterbury farmers are leading the way recycling farm plastic. New Zealand on-farm recycling company Plasback says for the sixth year in a row the tonnage of plastic waste it collected has increased significantly, proving that voluntary product stewardship schemes can work. Figures show Canterbury, Southland and Waikato are leading the way. Plasback runs a nationwide network of on-farm collectors and baling plants to recycle agricultural plastic, including silage wrap, vine nets, polypropylene bags and twine, and Ecolab and FIL 100 and 200 litre HDPE drums. Plasback manager Chris Hartshorne says in the year to July 1, 2013, the company collected 869.2 tonnes of waste plastic. This amounts to a 28 per cent increase from the 677.7 tonnes they collected the previous year. “We are very pleased that growing numbers of farmers make the effort to responsibly dispose of their used plastic,” he said. “The industry still has a very long way to go, however. We estimate that farmers acquire more than 4000 tonnes of plastic each year so we are still only recycling about a fifth of the total.” He said too much plastic was being burned or buried on farms. “There are growing concerns among regional councils and the public about this issue. We think it is only a matter of time before some sort of product stewardship scheme for farm plastic is mandatory if voluntary schemes like ours do not meet the expectations of Government.” Mr Hartshorne said it was in farmers’ and the nation’s long-


Plasback runs a nationwide network of on-farm collectors and balers to gather and process recycled plastic. term interest to dispose of waste drought last season meant pickups continued there into Octoplastic responsibly. Regional statistics Plasback ber, November and December. With the new Plasback website has produced show that Waikato, Canterbury and Southland are farmers can go on-line to book leading the way in recycling. In collection from their farm, or to Southland 219 tonnes were col- purchase these products. For more information visit lected, in Canterbury 232 tonnes were collected, and in Waikato 236 tonnes were collected. Plasback collections take place RIGHT: Collection figures all year round and peak dur- show Southland, Canterbury ing the spring and early win- and Waikato are leading the ter months. The North Island way in farm plastic recycling.


C T O R Y Shade and Motor Trimming


Ashburton Canvas !

120 Moore Street, behind Masterguard SAIL SHADE BIN COVERS HAY COVERS SEAT REPAIRS

* Full auto re-trims * Carpets * Headlinings * Vintage cars

* Seats * Door panels * Leather and vinyls * Personal service

John Webster

Phone: 03 307 7307 Mobile: 027 362 8231

24 hours a day 7 days a week

Mark Love

excavation contractor – Rakaia Portable shingle screening and crushing Shingle & top soil supply 20 ton excavator for development and site work. Grader, tip trucks, vibrating roller for hire Servicing Rakaia for over 20 years General excavation Dairy lime

You can ALWAYS get hold of us Free on-site quote Ashburton Crane Hire Phone: 0274 192 554 Contact Warren and Gerard to know more! Bremners Road, Ashburton Phone: 0274 192 554 Email:

Contact Mark 302 7428 or 027 433 2261


Heritage 18

Ashburton Guardian

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Child’s death may explain grave stories By Michael hanrahan From time to time we hear tales of a grave in the Greenstreet area, near the intersection of Ollivers Road and Ashburton Staveley Road. While the stories vary, the common factor seems to be that one or more children are buried somewhere near the intersection, but until now we have never found any hard facts. The original farming run between the branches of the Ashburton River was taken up by George W. Hall. He, along with his brothers Henry and John (later Sir John Hall, Prime Minister & the person who introduced the Women’s Suffrage Bill) owned a number of runs in Mid Canterbury, notably Mount Hutt and Lendon (Corwar), The land between the branches of the Ashburton was known by the Halls as the Ashburton Station, not to be confused with Hayhurst’s Ashburton Run, now Corwar. George Hall later sold the station to Captain Charles Greenstreet who named it Ringwood, but later it was his own name that came to be applied to the area. The Ashburton Museum has recently been given a typescript of the Ashburton Station Journal for part of the time George Hall owned the run. It is a detailed day by day account of the activities on the farm, the people who worked

there and the visitors. One of those entries may go some way towards explaining the stories of a child’s burial on the property. Tuesday May 11, 1858: “This day, about noon, our servant’s child fell in a creek and tho’ sought for as soon as missed was not found for about an hour and a half — quite dead.” Wednesday May 12 1858: Mr Stericker making a coffin for the child. Mr Stericker and self interred the corpse a little way from the woolshed and Mr S filled the grave in.” No details, no name, just some matter of fact journal entries, but somehow the story has persisted to the present day. If anyone has any more information about this the museum would be pleased to hear about it.

Contact Material for this page is co-ordinated by the Ashburton Museum. Articles from other organisations are welcomed, as is any feedback on what appears. Email, mail to PO Box 573 or phone 308-3167. Copies of many of the photos on this page are available for purchase from the Ashburton Museum


China far too good to use By Kathleen Stringer Too good to use; this set of china depicts the old County Council building (now the Ashburton Museum and Art Gallery), before it was extended. It is part of a small, but precious, collection of souvenir china that we have in the Museum collection. Souvenir china became popular in 1850s. With train routes opening up and people having a little more time and some spare cash, holidays became an activity that poorer people could enjoy. Before, travel was long and expensive and the domain of the wealthy. As cameras did not become readily available until

the 1880s those tourists who wanted a souvenir needed to look at objects. One of the earliest, and most well known, souvenirs was Goss china. Made from 1858 to 1939, these were small porcelain vases and urns bearing the coats of arms of English towns. While cheap to purchase and small enough to fit in a case they really were rather useless, except as an ornament. In the 1900s, people began to turn away from the Victorians’ love of clutter, and tourists looked for souvenirs that were more practical. Slightly more expensive, souvenir china that could be used made an excellent gift for someone or as a promotional or celebratory memento. Most of the china in our collection comes from Eastern

Europe with transfers added in Auckland. The County building collection however is made by the Royal Stafford Company in England. It features a cup and saucer, sugar bowl and salt and pepper shakers. The gold rim around the edge and pink tonings make the present Museum building look almost idyllic. Other scenes featured in our collection include the Domain, Post Office, Baring Square, East Street, the High School, Traffic Bridge and the old and new(er) Methodist Church. Not only does such a collection give a visual idea what the buildings (some no longer here) looked like, it also gives an indication of what Ashburton people thought was of special merit in their town.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ashburton Guardian 19

The first Ashburton District Council, 1989

Current council a relative newcomer By Sue NewmaN


oday the Ashburton District is governed by a strong district council made up of elected representatives from all corners of the district. That district council, however is a relative newcomer in terms of the district’s local government. It was created by the amalgamation of the borough and county councils in 1989, with those two organisations, individually celebrating their centenary and more before they were laid to rest. The first election for the Ashburton County Council was held in December 1876, and until the council was inaugurated in 1877 the district had been run by a number of roads boards. There would be an uneasy and frequently turbulent relationship between the council and the county’s roads boards, but the latter would continue to remain strong players in the district for many years. The county council levied special rates for railways, bridges and for an ambitious water race scheme and the roads boards levied for the district’s roads. Among those who were paying double rates, there continued to be debate about merging the two bodies – with no consensus reached. In its early years the county council struggled to survive, but gradually it began to carve out its own niche as a governing body and to start working on projects around the district. The passing of the Main Highways Act in 1922 signalled

the end of roads boards, with the Government making county councils responsible for all roads other than state highways. One by one the district’s roads boards disappeared. It continued to run rural affairs until it amalgamated with the Ashburton Borough Council in 1989. While the county council represented all rural interests the borough council grew in stages. Ashburton was constituted a borough in 1878 with Thomas Bullock elected as its first mayor. The early borough did not include Allenton, Netherby, Hampstead and Tinwald. Those villages were run by their own town boards. It took several attempts between 1903 and 1920 to bring Hampstead into the borough, although three years earlier the much smaller Netherby had happily joined its town cousin. Allenton would become part of the borough council until 1939 with Tinwald remaining a suburb apart until 1954. For most of the borough’s early years it ran in the red, struggling to meet the demands of a rapidly growing town where residents wanted a range of new amenities all at once – sealed roads, better street lighting, new building by-laws and a better water supply. Ashburton’s library was built and paid off by the end of 1884 with the town’s first swimming pool in the Ashburton Domain, now the duck pond at the northern end of the oval, opened in 1887. In 1954 the council of the day decided it had scrimped and

The old Ashburton Borough Council building. saved for far too long and a rate rise of 32 per cent was pushed through. Not only did the council push rates up it did what was then an unprecedented thing – it decided to raise a loan of 83,000 pounds for street improvements and plant. This was cut back to 50,000 pounds. Both councils continued to serve their respective ratepayers well, growing in financial strength and both went on to celebrate their centennial. The county celebrated in 1976 over three days by stepping back in time featuring a massive parade. It also made a gift to the borough, the Baring Square clock tower using a clock salvaged from the old post office building. Ashburton had for many years had two clocks, the Jubilee clock on the borough council building in Baring Square west and another on a tower on the post office building built in 1904. The post office tower was removed because of earthquake

risk and the clock put in storage in 1946 and the borough clock was removed when the new council buildings were erected in 1974. When the borough celebrated its centennial in 1976 the completion of development in Baring Square East was its project, including a fountain and concrete colonnades. With their centennial celebrations behind them, the two council’s looked ahead to their second century leading town and country, but history was to have a run of just 13 years before the two would become one. The road to amalgamation was long, fraught with arguments, differences of opinion and head on confrontation. Along the way United Councils were created to take over some functions of both councils, in Ashburton’s case the Aorangi Regional Council centred in Timaru. This was to come into effect at the end of 1979 in spite of being vigorously

opposed. The united council was formed but it was short lived and a local government commission began looking at wide sweeping local government reform. In February 1988 it announced that totally new local authority structures would be in place in New Zealand before the October 1989 local body elections. Larger regional councils would replace united councils, catchment and pest boards would go and many councils would merge, among them Ashburton’s borough and county. The move pleased few but it proceeded regardless and at pace. It became a case of merge voluntarily or have a merger forced on you. There was no option to debate or discuss, the Local Government Amendment Bill took care of that. The deal in the Ashburton District was signed on April 8, 1988 and the Ashburton District Council was born. A transition committee with three councillors from each, was appointed. All staff jobs were to be retained for at least two years and headquarters for the new council would be the larger borough offices. When elections were held on October 14, 1989 they saw 18 councillors, nine borough and nine county, make up the new council under the leadership of the borough’s mayor Geoff Geering. The next election would see this number cut to 12. The Ashburton District Council became the official governing authority on November 1 that year and a new era of local government began.

Sport 20 Ashburton Guardian

In brief

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Two-for-one deal View or purchase photos online

Two well-known Auckland sporting events will next year become one. The 2014 running of the Queen Street Golden Mile will be staged over the same weekend the ITU world triathlon series makes its stop in Auckland. Craig Pollock, chief executive of Sir John Walker’s Find Your Field of Dreams foundation, which reprised the famous race this year after a 30-year absence, said this year’s event did not attract the numbers they had hoped for. The foundation were forced to look at ways to make the event more sustainable, and decided to link up with organisers of the triathlon world cup to see if they could piggy-back on their event. - NZH

Joubert to referee final South African referee Craig Joubert will control the Super Rugby final between the Chiefs and Brumbies in Hamilton on Saturday. It is understood that Joubert, who officiated in the final of the World Cup between the All Blacks and France in 2011, has been given the nod following his performance in the weekend’s semi-final between the Bulls and Brumbies at Loftus Versfeld, won 26-23 by the men from Canberra. Joubert’s assistants are New Zealanders Chris Pollock and Garratt Williamson. Sydney-based New Zealander Steve Walsh, who refereed the other semi-final between the Chiefs and Crusaders - APNZ will not be involved.

Boyle on the podium Lauren Boyle has become the first New Zealander in 19 years and the first Kiwi woman to earn a medal at a swimming world championships. The 25-year-old has taken bronze in the 400m freestyle with a flying final 50m. American Katie Ledecky won the race; Spaniard Melanie Costa Schmid was second. Boyle was third most of the race but turned for home in fourth where she unleashed a 29.48s burst, the best in the field in front of a packed house on top of the hills of Barcelona. Boyle joins the ranks of Danyon Loader (three medals in 1994), Anthony Mosse (1986) and Gary Hurring (1978) with her achievement. - HOS

IPL teams cleared A probe ordered by India’s cricket chiefs into a betting scandal in the Indian Premier League has found no wrongdoing, allowing the return of BCCI president Narainswamy Srinivasan, sources say. Srinivasan stepped aside temporarily as president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India on June 2 after his son-inlaw Gurunath Meiyappan was arrested, and later released on bail, over alleged links to illegal bookmakers. Meiyappan is a team owner of Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise Chennai Super Kings, a team bought by Srinivasan’s India Cements conglomerate when the league was launched in 2008. Two Rajasthan Royals players World Cup-winning fast bowler Shanthakumaran Sreesanth and Ankeet Chavan - are out on bail for their alleged involvement in spot-fixing. – AFP


Aron Matizano competes for the ball against Shirley Boys’ in the 18th grade division one match on Saturday.

Youth XI stepping it up BY JONATHAN LEASK


The Mid Canterbury Youth XI is competing with the big boys of Mainland Football. The 18th grade Mid Canterbury boys’ lost to Shirley Boys’ 1st XV 3-1 on Saturday in what was another close loss for the club side. The 18th grade season began with a club and secondary school grade before the top four from each were placed in a combined division. “It’s a big step up, but we are right on the edge and one of these days we’ll beat these teams,” Mid Canterbury coach Michael Arnold said. “We are coming closer each week and being competitive, but these schools sides are very good.” Arnold believes having Mid

Canterbury playing against the top secondary school sides in Canterbury is a step in the right direction to developing the local talent to be on the same level. “We are learning and it is just getting that self-belief. We want to win but we also want to come out of it with respect, and I think we are doing that.” Mid Canterbury had the previous week off for the school holidays while their opposition spent a week in Melbourne playing against top Victorian schools and even had a training session with English Premier league side Liverpool, in town to play a pre-season game against the Melbourne Victory. Despite the vast gap in preparation Mid Canterbury was right in the hunt, as they have been all season. “We had chances to end up on

par or even potentially win but we make the odd mistake. “The main difference is their ability to retain the ball, whereas we tend to turn it over too often. We have the ability to create opportunities but it’s building on that capability to build sustained pressure which we haven’t mastered yet.” They have their bogey team, Amberley, this weekend and then Cashmere Technical - both club teams - before a big run home against the secondary school sides. They play St Bede’s, St Andrew’s and Christchurch Boys’ twice over the last four weeks. “It’s a really close competition even though the points ladder doesn’t show it. “Apart from Amberley the rest of the games are really tight.”

Other results Mid Canterbury had the week off in Mainland football division one as they await the start of their cup competition this weekend. Mid Canterbury Eastern were beaten by Burwood U21 in division four’s final league game of the season to finish up fourth on the ladder. Division five started their cup competition with Methven International, which finished runners-up in the league, pummelling Parklands United 11-0. The Mid Canterbury Masters drew 2-2 away to league rivals FC Twenty11 and remain on top of the masters division three table with four games to go. On Sunday the Mid Canterbury women recorded a 2-1 win over Selwyn Black to have three wins and a loss from their four cup games to date, after they finished runners-up in the league.

Charlton expects Rooney to stay at United Manchester United legend Bobby Charlton expects striker Wayne Rooney (right) to stay at the club and hopes he will go on to beat his goal-scoring record. Rooney’s future at Old Trafford has been in doubt since the end of last season when now-

retired manager Alex Ferguson said the England forward had asked for a transfer. Rooney denies that, but is said to be “angry and confused” and has also been the subject of a big-money bid from Chelsea. Manchester United say that

they do not want to sell the 27-year-old. Charlton, who is now a United director, said: “Wayne Rooney is a Manchester United player and I think that he will continue to be a Manchester United player.” - AFP


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

In brief


Equestrians revel in top conditions Mayfield’s James Waddell on Harold George during the third round of the Ashburton Dressage Group’s Winter Series at the Showgrounds on Sunday. Waddell was the overall winner in round one back in May, while rain and snow had the second round cancelled last month. The third and final round was greeted with ideal conditions but Waddell was off his best, while Tiffany Ottley and her mount Three Aces did best to win the overall points for the day and the Blue Heaven Trophy, but the overall series winner was Chertsey’s Natasha McFarlane on Royal Park Limited Edition. Numbers were down for the final round of the series, but they are expecting a bumper turnout for the Ashburton Dressage Group’s All Grades regional tournament on September 1.


1st XV hits major stumbling block

McCaw rated unlikely to turn out for club


A sore neck is likely to sideline Richie McCaw until the All Blacks’ warm-up match in Lower Hutt on August 9, a fixture which could be his last before the first Rugby Championship test against Australia. While McCaw will be involved in the All Blacks training camp at North Harbour tomorrow and Thursday - a group which will involve all players from the national team apart from those in the Chiefs - he is considered unlikely to play for his club this weekend, the last of the metro competition, due to the knocks he picked up in the 10 or so minutes of game time off the reserves bench at Waikato Stadium on Saturday. It means time is running out on his race for fitness for the first test against Ewen McKenzie’s Wallabies in Sydney on August 17 and also suggests Todd Blackadder was right to treat his re-

The Ashburton College 1st XV became the 12th team to succumb to St Bede’s in the Crusader Secondary School’s rugby competition, going down 7-29 on Saturday. College went toe-to-toe with the competition’s top side for a majority of the match but momentary lapses proved costly. “We showed what we need to do to go to that next level,” college coach Shane Enright said. “We were competitive but we need to play for 70 minutes. The times we switched off they scored their tries. “We’re not that far away but we need to play a full game and take our opportunities.” A penalty and a converted try had St Bedes up10-0 and things looked worse when Ben McFadden was yellow carded for the sides repeated infringements. However, College came back with Setariki Koroitamana scoring a long range try under the posts for Nathan McCloy to convert, for the visitors to

World Cup history is set to repeat in 2015, with Eden Park expected to receive the plum of a semi-final when details of the tournament are unveiled in Wellington today. The last time Australia and New Zealand were joint hosts of the event, in 1992, New Zealand’s run to the semi-finals captivated the nation. It began and ended in Auckland, New Zealand toppling the Aussies in the opener before Pakistan ruined their hopes of making the final for the first time, also at Eden Park. Christchurch is tipped to host the opening game of the cup. - NZH

Darren Lehmann admits Ashton Agar’s bowling wasn’t up to scratch at Lord’s, as Australia consider replacing the teenager with the more experienced Nathan Lyon for the must-win third Test at Old Trafford. In the second Test, Agar went wicketless on a deck where England spinner Graeme Swann picked up nine scalps, and parttimers Steve Smith and Joe Root took six between them. Lyon has taken 76 wickets in 22 Tests at an average of 33 and is tipped to return for a match Australia must win to keep the Ashes alive.- AAP

be down 7-10 at the break. “We went into the half confident that everything was going well but then they just hit us like we have never been hit before.” St Bede’s started the second half with back-to-back tries to race out to a 22-7 lead. College worked their way back into the match but crucial mistakes spoiled scoring opportunities and the cause wasn’t helped when they lost McCloy and Romeo Touli to ankle injuries as well as Nete Caucau with a broken nose. St Bedes then came up with the final say scoring a fourth try in the final minute to go out to a 29-7 win. It was a disappointing result considering College matched the competition frontrunners for 30 minutes in the second half but the few moments they dropped off, St Bede’s was all too eager to strike. College play their final second round top eight match against Christ’s College at college field tomorrow at 12.45pm.

Semi at Eden Park

Lyon in for Agar?

View or purchase photos online


Ashburton Guardian 21

turn from a lengthy sabbatical conservatively. The ruthless nature of the 20-19 defeat to the Chiefs was a swift reminder of the realities of the game at the top level for McCaw. Sam Cane is the incumbent No 7 in McCaw’s absence, but he too has had a limited recent diet of rugby. He had the briefest of cameos for Tanerau Latimer in Hamilton and was on the reserves bench behind Latimer a fortnight earlier against the Blues at Eden Park. Steve Hansen said he would have been comfortable for McCaw to have gone into the Rugby Championship with a build-up of club rugby. Instead, McCaw has played an 80-minute match for Christchurch and about 25 minutes for the Crusaders - both off the bench. - NZH

‘Miracle’ for Hamilton Lewis Hamilton said it would be “a miracle” if he could win the Hungarian Grand Prix, but his dream has come true. It was the British driver’s first victory as a Mercedes driver. The win was a decisive and utterly-deserved triumph at the mid-way point in the 2013 season, his fourth in Hungary and the 22nd of his career. More than that, it pushed him back into the fight for the world championship and sent a message to all of his rivals that they need to up their game when the title race resumes after Formula One’s European summer break. – AFP

SBW facing ban With little to lose, Sydney Roosters superstar Sonny Bill Williams is tipped to roll the dice at the NRL judiciary, with his shoulder charge victim Willie Mason vowing to offer what assistance he can to his former teammate. Williams is facing two weeks on the sidelines after being slapped with a grade three careless high tackle charge on Monday for his shoulder to the head which flattened Newcastle prop Mason on Sunday. – AFP

Webb ensnares rivals Australian golf star Karrie Webb has closed with a round of 65 to vault into first place and win the ISPS Handa Ladies European Masters at Buckinghamshire Golf Club. Webb finished on 16 under for the tournament, one shot clear of Ashleigh Simon and two ahead of Solheim Cup hopeful Caroline Masson, the pair having led going into the final round alongside teenager Klara Spilkova. Webb began the day in seventh place but was in electric form on the opening nine holes of the course, carding four birdies and an eagle on the – PA ninth.

Sport 22

Ashburton Guardian


Hastings McLeod Ltd Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008



Tuesday, July 30, 2013 ry 162pts. 2nd Madison Clark 108pts.

■ Golf

Ashburton Golf Club Par4/03 Round 27 TOWNHOUSE July DEADLINE SALE

July 27, Medal. Senior: Randall Feutz 71 c/b, Simon Ross 71, John Smitheram 71. Intermediate: Wayne Mellish 66, Bruce Collins 67, Lyndon Moore 217 West Street ASHBURTON ash 67,Alex Millar 68, Dave Cockburn 68, Chris Bell 70 b/l. Junior: Des Green 67, Brent Kirdy 70, Arthur Pawsey 71, Alan Lilley 72 b/l. DEADLINE SALE 5/3 ACTION Women: Wendy Stevenson 71, Helen Spicer 73. WEB ID AU29231 Nearest the pin: Tinwald Liquorland # 2; Wendy WESTSIDE 18 Woodham Drive Stevenson. Gluyas Ford # 6; Brent Jary. Stirling The time rightShearer. to purchase two Sports # 12;isRiki IdealthisElectrical Supplies bedroom townhouse with good sized # 16; Richard Thompson. Two’s: Jason King, Chris living area and nice modern kitchen. Bell, Duncan Lye,insulation Dave Cockburn, Bill Mason, Alex The home has in the ceiling and Pete walls,Marshall, double glazing andFeutz, single Riki Shearer, Millar, Randall garage. Front townhouse on a secure Bruce Eagle; # 13 Not Struck. andCollins.Net fully landscaped section.

Miti Daniel +6, David Fisher +3, Terry O’Reilly +3; Guilford Lane, Dave Hewitt, Vince TINWALD July 26 Carr and Troi Kingsford all +2; Christo Steyn, Neville 37 Thomson Street Monday Evening – Irwin Trophy Trueman, This magnificent villa will impress with Michael Miernicki and Tony Bennett +1. N/S 1 Janine Allen and B Harbutt, 2 A van Dyk quality finishing and and modernisation Nearest Pins: Robbies Bar & Bistro: Nicki Gill, Jan Johnson, 3 H Blee andthroughout. P Wise. E/W 1 B Blair Recently refurbished to the Braided Rivers: Stewart Dunlop, Rothburys Insuris to3 the of the and Joyce Johnson, 2 A Grayhighest and Kstandard Kingsland, M benefit ance: David Fisher, Netherby Meats: Don McQuarnew owners for years to come. Bruce and M Jones Beautifully landscaped grounds ters,with Robilliards (Nearest pin #18): Matt Davis. established Tuesday Evening – Hazelmere Trophygardens. Twos: Paul MacFie, Ian Kedzlie, David Fisher, Sam VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 10.00 10.45am VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 10.00 - 10.45am N/S 1 J Edmond and M Holdaway 2 T Small and M Prince, Chris Thornhill and Bruce Ferriman. 217 West Street ASHBURTON Telephone Hastings McLeod Ltd Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 3 2 Stowell, 3 M Buckland and B Smith. E/W 1 I DonaldBirdie Jackpot: # 2; Nett Eagles: # 4. son and J Fechney, 2 B McIlraith and V Palmer 3 A Mid Canterbury Rugby 1 DEADLINE SALE 4/03 TOWNHOUSE DEADLINE SALE 5/3 ACTION REQUIRED 1 DEADL THIS BEATS BUILDING MAJESTIC VILLA Maude and M Moore Mayfield Golf Club July 27 OPEN HOMEWednesday Afternoon - Individual OPEN HOME OPEN HOME WEB ID AU29058 WEB ID AU29231 WE 2 1 Ladder TINWALD WESTSIDE EASTSIDE July 27 Senior Luisetti Seeds Watters Cup 37 Thomson 18 Woodham Drive 6/42 Aitken Street N/S 1= E Lattimore andStreet A Maude and L Baker and Winners: 0-19 Wayne BlairThe 80-11-69, Donny Lake magnificent villa impress with time is right to purchase this twoSemi Finals to find are easy care OFFERS $595,000Hard FRESH BNEW SELF SUFFICIENT ITS T Macaulay,DECOR 3This J Edmond RwillKyle. E/WOVER 1 M and $279,000 quality finishingand and modernisation bedroom townhouse with good sized townON with single 83-11-72, Mark Greenslade 90-17-73 PWL Methven 16 v Darryl Phillips Celticclose 13,toREL throughout. refurbished to the living area and nice modern kitchen. bedrooms, good sized liv A Reid, 2 K Robb and ERecently Segers, 3 R Brownlie and WEB ID20-36: AU28267 WEB ID AL28409 Ted Ralston 98-30-68, Bill Allan 95-21-74 highest standard is to the benefit of the The home has insulation in the ceiling Rateable Value $140,000 Rakaia 21 v Claas Harvest Centre Southern 12 OPEN HOME I Taylor new owners for years to come. walls, double glazing and single ASHBURTON EASTSIDE Club Champ match play and winners: Andrew Lake, Senior B – 2nd Grade Cup: Semi FinalsDeadline Tinwald Beautifully landscaped with garage. Front townhouse on a secure Sale closing Thu 125grounds William Street 5 Keenans Road Thursday Evening Eileen Willoughby Trophy. Logan Tasker, Jack Allan, Steve WEB ID AU28705 established–gardens. and fully landscaped section. February19, 2013. Cross, Grant Wat- Liquorland 21 Rakaia Murray Hood Baling This freshly redecorated three bedroom TINWALD VIEW Saturday Feb 10.00 -210.45am VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 10.00 - 10.45am 1 hectare in popular location. Vendor VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 10.0 N/S 1 M Buckland and J 23Edmond, R McLaughlin $349,000 son, of Tim Greer, Bill Scott, Don Ingold home is close in on the eastside fattens Tinwald cattle andTavern has good orchard and Southern 8 Collegiate Eclipse Ser92 McMurdo Street 3 to the 2 and J Wright, 3 A van Dyk and B Leighton. E/W 1 J postNearest Ashburton, handy office, Pins: Aon Insurance Brokers No 2: Wayne gardens and is self sufficient. Unique vices 10, Methven 18 Mt Somers 27, Relax and enjoy sunshine and privacy at VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 11.15 Countdown, park and central four bedroom home set in attractive Fechney and K Robb, 2 R Kyle and L Wackrow, 3= T 1 1 217 West Street ASHBURTON Telephone 03 307 9176 Blair,are Bayleys Real Estate No 11: Terry Kingsbury, Mar"your new townhouse". This well 12.00pm Colts – Ellesmere/Mid Ashburton. bedrooms grounds. A big plus is theCanterbury outbuildingsCompetition and M Small and A Maude and M MooreAll three presented two bedroom (possibly three), OPEN HOME OPEN HOME OPEN HOME 2 and 1 Cup): ilyn Cross Property Brokers No 5: Steve Cross; ANZ (CRT spacious and sunny have large built including large lock Waihora up workshop Finals: 17 and Southern Ross 2 two bathroom townhouse is landscaped in wardrobes. two bay pole shed. Opportunity for DEADLINE SALE 5/3NOW! DEADLINE SALE ACTION REQUIRED Bank No 14: Steve King; ATS 2nd Shot No 9 and No Brothers and waiting for you Internal access Transport 15, good living and lifestyle. VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 10.15 11.00am OFFERS OVER $279,000 SELF $595,000 ITS ON THE LIST OFFERS OVER FRESH NEW DECOR SUFFICIENT double garage, loads of storage, HRV, 18: Donny Lake. Two’s: Steve Cross x 2, Terry KingsWEB ID AU29231 WEB ID AU29219 Press Cup: St Bede’s 29 v -Ashburton VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 10.30 11.15am College 7 smart kitchen with very generous open WESTSIDE EASTSIDE WEB ID AU28267 WEB ID AL28409 WE 2 3Lake, Steve King, Logan Tasker, Wayne Mid Canterbury Social Wheelers bury, Andy OPEN HOME Under 18 (Combined North Canterbury, EllesEASTSIDE ASHBURTON TINWALD 8 Woodham Drive 6/42 Aitken Street plan living, and a well fenced outdoor 125 William StreetJackson (go) 28m 17s Keenans 34 Catherine Street Blair, Bill Allan. Ash Vegas 5Player of Road the Day: Ted mere, Mid Canterbury Competition) he time is rightarea. to purchase this two Hard to find are easy care units like this, 1 Overall Placings: 1st Mike WEB ID AU28705 This freshly redecorated three bedroom hectare in popular location. Vendor First time offered for sale edroom townhouse with TINWALD good sized close to town with single garage. Two $349,000 Ralston 98-30-68; Nett Eagle 1fattens No 11:cattle Bill Allan 2nd Ryan Jackson (go)in28m 3rd home is close on the17s. eastside of Liz Wylie and has good orchard MDI and 16 Celtic Harnett Contracting 5, Prebbleton the sun. Kitchen dining li ving area and nice modern bedrooms, good sized living 92kitchen. McMurdo Street 2 areas.OPEN HOME OPEN HOME OPEN HOME 2 3rd Ashburton, handy to the post office, gardens and is selfThursday sufficient. Unique (large) lounge, t he home has insulation inRelax the ceiling Rateable Value $140,000. Very tidy. Next Week: Round Club Champs; (2.30m) 27m 42s. 4th Martin Hyde (6.30m) 23m 56s. and enjoy sunshine and privacy at VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 11.15 Methven/Rakaia, Preb won by default separate Countdown, park and central four bedroom home set in attractive pumps and HRV system h nd walls, double glazing and single "your new townhouse". This well 12.00pm 1st August Mixed Foursomes. Ashburton. All three bedrooms are grounds. A big plus is the outbuildings a warm home in winter a arage. Front townhouse on a securetwo bedroom (possibly three), Deadline Sale closing Thursday 28th 5th. Brian Ellis (6.30m) 23m 57s. 6th Peter Wood UnderDEADLINE 16 (Combined SALE North Canterbury, Ellespresented spacious and sunnyOFFERS and have large built large lock up workshop and Large double ga $498,000 OVER 13/3summer. EASY LIVING POTENTIAL PLUS TRULYincluding QUAINT BRAND N nd fully landscaped section. February 2013. 2 two bathroom townhouse is landscaped (6.30m) 23m 57s. 7th Kenny Johnston (6.30m) 23m $299,000 in wardrobes. two bay pole shed. Opportunity for auto door and ample out mere, Mid Canterbury Competition IEW Saturday 23 Feb 10.00and - 10.45am VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 10.00 10.30am Methven Golf waiting for you NOW! Internal access good living and lifestyle. VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 10.15 - 11.00am VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 10.4 WEB ID AU27284A WEB ID AU29095 WEB ID AU29247 58s. 8th. Ross Proctor (6.30m) 24m 03s. 9th. Caitlin double garage, loads of storage, HRV, Allenton/Celtic 33 Waihora 22, 2 2 VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 10.30 - 11.15am July 27 smart kitchen with very generous open EASTSIDE WESTSIDE 2 3 Titheridge (2.30m) 28m 46s. WESTSIDE 10th. Michael Gallagher Mid Competition (Russell Kelly Meplan living, and 5 Goldrich Drive 74 Harrison Street 123Canterbury Cameron Street 1 a well fenced outdoor 1 Senior: Graham Gunn 75-7-68; Intermediate: area. 1 (10. 40m) F/T. 20m 59s. 11th.Drew Titheridge (6.30m) morial Cup): Semi home Final:situated Tinwaldin the Ben Waldron Construction has been completed on Recently upgraded kitchen and A lovely character OPEN HOME Ben Rutter 83-13-70; Junior A: Eric Grimwade 911 1 2 25m 10s. 12th Robert Grice bathroom (9.23m) 22m 10s. 13th OPEN HOME OPEN HOME OPEN HOME this beautifully finished home featuring are the of a heart17 of town. This stunning 2beginnings Racing Methven/Rakaia 25,home 21-70; Junior B: Les Linton 97-30-67 four bedrooms with ensuite off the remodelled home. The major expense oozes character with beautiful timber Sam Cullimore (10.40m) 2f/t. 21m 05s. 14th Ross Under 14.5 (MCRU Cup): $595,000 OVER $268,000 ITS ON THE master LISTand walkinOFFERS wardrobe. Open POTENTIAL items have been completed and now joinery, polished rimu floorsSemis: and ledCeltic Lysaght Other Good Scores 70 StuartDEADLINE Wilson Mark SALE Gaz- 13/3 $498,000 OFFERS $299,000 EASY LIVING PLUS TRULY QUAINT BRAND NEW Templeton (10.40m) 3f/t OVER 21m Andrew Glass AllentonAGsunny 15, Methven 46 v Allenton M 0, plan living/dining/kitchen. Separate there06s. is an 15th opportunity to make your light24 windows. quarter acre zard 71 Tony Worsfold 72 Phil Lalor 73 Doug HamWEB ID AL28409 WEB ID AU29076 WEB ID AU27284A WEBBruce ID AU29095 WEB ID AU29247 WEB lounge. Fully insulated and double mark. This is a superbly section13 providing foreld a private retreat. Shepherd (10.40m) 21m 06s.personal 16th. McClelland Under (Summerfi Cup) SHBURTON TINWALD EASTSIDE WESTSIDE WESTSIDE EASTSIDE Dave Puckett Ian glazed. locatedKirwan family home. Enjoy the benefits of central living. Keenans Road (9.23m) 22m 74 26s. 17th.Street Richard (10.40m) ilton Allan Smith 74 Andy Gorman 5 Goldrich Drive 34 Catherine Street Harrison 123 Cameron Street 14 Magnolia Place Semi Finals: Hampstead David Jackson Painting VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 11.00 11.45am VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 11.00 11.30am VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 11.45 12.30pm hectare in popular location. Vendor Firstcompleted time offered Lucas Jeremy Johnson PhilA lovely Elliottcharacter 75 Pete Wood Construction has been on for sale. Nicely set for and22m 27s. 19th home situated in the All brand new and in the 21m 09s. 18th.Recently Shonaupgraded Proctorkitchen (9.23m) Canter-subdivision, co attens cattle and has good orchard and the sun. Kitchen dining living area with this beautifully finished home featuring bathroom are the beginnings of a heart of town.Harper This stunning Pete Atholhome40 v Southern Hinds Cartage 43, Southern 3 Braebrook ardens and is self sufficient. Unique (large) Kathy Askin (9.23m) 22m 27s.The20th Mark Smitheram Dan Vander3 Salm Chris Collins four bedrooms withseparate ensuite off the lounge, two4 heat remodelled home. major expense oozes character with beautiful timber a look at this 4 bedroom bury Feed Assessment 70 v Methven M 33 our bedroom home set in attractive pumps andOpen HRV system help make this master and walkin wardrobe. items have been completed and now joinery, polished rimuMiddlefloors and led including ensuite and wa McAlpine Rob Watson Bob Collins 77 Keith (9.23m) 22m there 21st Doug Coley 22m rounds. A big plus is the outbuildings a warmSeparate home in winter and2cool in the 1 3 in W plan living/dining/kitchen. an opportunity to make(9.23m) your light windows. A sunny quarter acrePlayoffs: Allenton 57 Celtic 17, Methven master bedroom. Open TinLattimore Eric retreat. ncluding large lock up workshop and summer. Large double garage with lounge. Fully insulated and double personal mark. This is a superbly sectionJim providing for a private kitchen/dining/living plus 28s. 22nd. Pam Harcourt (9.23m) 22m 28s. 23rd. ton C J Middleton Phil Johnson wo bay pole shed. Opportunity for auto door and ample outbuildings. glazed. located family home. Enjoy the benefits of central living.wald MSA separate lounge. Compu OPEN HOME OPEN HOME OPEN HOME OPEN HOME Meaclem Dave Callaghan 78 Doug Sheldon Phil 2 2 2 ood living and lifestyle. Dave ShurrockVIEW (9.23m) 22m 30s. 24th Paul Houston VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 10.45 - 11.15am VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 11.00 - 11.45am Saturday 23 Feb 11.00 - 11.30am VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 11.45 - 12.30pmUnder 11 1/2 (MCRU Cup): Semi Finals: VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 12.0 SouthIEW Saturday 23 Feb 10.30 - 11.15am Trail Piers Rolton. Twos, Mike Royston Graham (9.23m) 22m 30s. 25th Nathan Tew (11.30m) 21m 3 4 3 3 Farm Engineering 17 Tinwald Smitheram/ ern All Gunn Doug Keith Middleton. $245,000 DEADLINE SALE 7/3Sheldon $250,000 TOWNHO A GREAT STARTER POPULAR SPOT A RARE FIND 09s. 26th. Brad Hudson (11.30m) 21m 10s. 27th. 1 2 1 Bill Frew3 10, Methven 37 v Hampstead 7, Nearest Pins: #4 Arabica” Mark Scrivenor; #6 TerHood (6.30m) 26m 53s. WEB ID AU29237 WEB ID AU27552A WEB ID Playoffs: Celtic 26 Allenton 21,AU28999 Collegiate DrumOPEN HOME OPEN HOME OPEN HOME OPEN HOME OPEN HOME 2 2 2 2 race Downs: Dayle Lucas; #13 Ski Time: Graham EASTSIDE WESTSIDE WESTSIDE & Etheridge 31 Rakaia Synlait Farms 12, 81 Bridge Street 202013 Pages Road 11 Windsor Street Gunn; # 17 Hunters Wines: Doug Sheldon; The Blue mond Development Cyclists $245,000 DEADLINE SALE $250,000 A GREAT STARTER POPULAR A RARE FIND TOWNHOUSE PLUS DEADLINE SALE 13/3 BRAND $539,000 SPOT NEW Under 10:opportunity Allenton 75toMethven B 40, Celtic 50 v Be it first home or rental this is a Nestled in this 7/3 lovely very tidy Fantastic get into the & treed Brownand Pubs 2nd shot # 14: Alister Maxwell; Top Time Trial over 3km, July 28 winner! Great threeWEB bedroom home shrubbed garden is this very sunny propertyHCT market with your first home or ID AU29237 WEB ID AU27552A WEB ID AU28999 WE Southern 35, Methven W 55 Southern CowWEB ID AU29247 WEB ID AU27246A 4 Square Supermarket best nett: Les Linton EASTSIDE WESTSIDE with cosy Ecan approved three Connie bedroomDavidson home with aNotch generous rental property. Two large bedrooms , TINWALD First Home WESTSIDE Caitlin Titheridge, WESTSIDE EASTSIDElog burner. care Hooftrimming 60, pump, TinwaldlogBfire, Whittaker Con- Street 81 Bridgekitchen, Street 14living 20 Pages Road open plan lounge area. Two67; 11 Windsor StreetGraham 36A Johnstone 23 Cameron Street Magnolia Aqua Japanese Restaurant 2nd nett: Separate roomPlace and generous two living areas, heat & Luke Skinner 5m 58.09s, 2nd Ryan Jackson, Be it first home or rental this new is a sheds. Nestled in this lovely very tidy treed Fantastic opportunity to get into the townhouse with just a lovely character home situated in the All brand and in the new tracting 90 Rakaia Synlait laundry. Garage and various Well bedrooms andand bathroom upstairs. FullGolf Club Best gross: updated bathroom, cosy Farms hobbies25, room A Gunn 68; Graham 75first home winner! Great threeBraebrook bedroom subdivision, home shrubbed garden isLowry this very6m sunny property market Gunn with your or a good indoor outdoor fl Ethan Titheridge & Maddie 27.71s. eart of town. This stunning home come and have fenced forEcan children and pets. A happy bathroom and master3rd bedroom all fantastic Allenton Hampstead Lifestylelocation. Motorhomes. double bedrooms, open p with cosy approved burner. three bedroom home with a generous rental property.- Two large bedroomsBye: , with ozes character with beautiful timber a looklog at this 4 bedroom home Next Week: Club Champs Qualifying Blue Tees, tenant in place. downstairs. Be sureClark to view. James Skinner, Oliver Davidson & generous Madison Separatepresently kitchen, living roomensuite and open plan lounge area. Two two living areas, heat pump, log fire, With so much to offer, this is a 'must wi oinery, polished rimu floors and led including and walk-in wardrobe Under 9: Allenton 35 v Tinwald Lizzies area, Dairyattached 25, garage laundry. Garage and various sheds. WellOpen plan and bathroom upstairs. 24 FullFeb 1.30 - 2.30pm updated bathroom, cosymust hobbies room access. Attractively prese see' home. Medal & Green Jacket. Friday players – Cards VIEW Saturday 23inFeb 12.15 - 1.00pm VIEW Sunday ght windows. A sunny quarter acre master bedroom. 6m 56.62s. bedrooms fenced for children kitchen/dining/living and pets. A happy plus another bathroom and master bedroom all with fantastic Allenton location.Celtic McCrea Painters & Decorators 45 currently tenanted. Methven ection providing for a private retreat. have “Qualifying Round” on them & be in the offi ce tenant presently in separate place. lounge. Computer3nook. downstairs. Be sure to view. 5m 28.70s. 1st With so much to offer, this is a 'must 3 2 Overall, Grade: 1st Caitlin Titheridge njoy the benefits of central living. see' VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 12.15 - 1.00pm VIEW Sunday 24 Feb 1.30 - 2.30pm – No 1 tee 12home. noon Junior B; No W 30, Methven B 40 Hampstead 65, Rakaia Synlait IEW Saturday 23 Feb 11.45 - 12.30pm VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 12.00 - 12.45pm B Grade 2nd Ryan Jackson 5m 29.53s 1st C Grade that day. Saturday 1 2 1 Farms 15 Southern Hyde Bros 45, Southern River3 3 2 3 4 3rd Oliver Davidson 5m 33.89s. 2nd B Grade. 4th 1 Tee 12-30 pm Intermediate. Saturday –No 10Tee lea 30 1 2 1 Collegiate Cranfield Glass 45, 12 noon Senior; No 10Tee 12-30 pm Junior A. OPEN HOME 3 OPEN HOME 1 2 1 2 James Skinner 5m 36.52s. 3rd B Grade 5th Ethan Under 8: Allenton G 80 v Hampstead W J KelOPEN HOME OPEN HOME 1 1 Titheridge 5m 55.40s 2nd C Grade 6th Maddie2Lowry OPEN HOME 2 2 Methven Ladies Golf lett Builders 60, Methven 25 v Celtic 20, Southern 6m 15.13s. 1st D Grade 7th. Connie Davidson 6m Agspread 60 v Collegiate Ashburton Paint & DecoJuly 24, LGU Tuis Trophy $250,000 TOWNHOUSE PLUS $225,000 19.93s. 3rd. C Grade 8th Luke Skinner 6m 23.70s. 4th Silver: Angela Mowbray 93-18-75 34 stfd C/B rators 45, Southern BR Jones Contracting 25 v AlC Grade 9th Madison Clark 6m 55.97s. 2nd. D. Grade. WEB ID AU28999 WEB ID AU28695 Jenny Senior 88-13-75 34 lenton M 25, Bye: Tinwald H L Jones Excavation WESTSIDE TINWALD Points Result for the month along with ribbons and 1 Windsor Street 36A Johnstone Street Bronze A: Lynn Worsfold 94-23-71 38 Bev IsherUnder 7: Allenton 95 v Collegiate Countdown rosettes A Grade Ribbons 1st= Bailey Kershaw and antastic opportunity to get into the A townhouse with just a bit extra giving wood 97-25-72 37 Ruth Smith 98-25-73 38 Sharryn Foodmarkets 90, Methven B 60 Hampstead Nethroperty market with your first home or a good indoor outdoor flow. Two Ben Sutton 2nd Jessie Banks, 3rd. Kees Donaldental property. Two large bedrooms , double bedrooms, open plan living Bree 98-24-74 35 Jane Helmore 99-24-75 erby 4 Square 40, Methven W 55 Celtic Summerwo living areas, heat pump, log fire, area, attached garage with internal son B Grade 1st Josh Kershaw, 2nd Caitlin TitherBronze B: Heather Middleton 107-31-76 33 C/B field Builders 65, Rakaia Synlait Farms 8 v Southern pdated bathroom, cosy hobbies room access. Attractively presented and idger, 3rd Oliver Davidson. C Grade 1st = Ethan Tithl with fantastic Allenton location. currently tenanted. Bev Owen 113-37-76 33 Raiona Isherwood 107-31- CRT 15, Southern Coleman Ag 55 Tinwald Skip 2 It With so much to offer, this is a 'must eridge & Ryan Jackson, 2nd. Luke Skinner. D Grade ee' home. 76 33 Wendy Wareing 107-30-77 33 Flooring 75, Tinwald RD1 40 v Methven R 60 1st Maddie Lowry, 2nd Madison Clark. Points Over Twos and Net Eagles: A Mowbray L Worsfold J 2 2 Under 6: Allenton G 50 Collegiate Regent Cinthe Month, A Grade 1st. Jessie Banks, 96pts. 2nd Helmore B Owen S Lucas E Smith J Senior x4 ema 50, Allenton M 40 Methven B 35, Celtic Sum1 1 Bailey Kershaw 90pts 3rd Ben Sutton 72pts 4th Kees Nearest Pin: Silver No 4 Methven Supervalue merfield Builders 60 Methven W 55, Celtic Cham1 1 Donaldson 64pts B Grade 1st Josh Kershaw 184pts. J Senior Bronze A No 6 Methven Resort S Bree pion Murphy Racing 40 Collegiate McDonalds 50, 2nd Caitlin Titheridge 163pts. 3rd. James Skinner Bronze B 2nd shot No 17 Fay Redfern Open No13 Rakaia Synlait Farms B Rakaia Synlait Farms, 106pts. 4th. Oliver Davidson 48pts. C Grade 1st Methven Foursquare S Bree Sat No 6 Methven Southern Progressive Livestock 60 Southern H Ryan Jackson 184pts. 2nd Ethan Titheridge 182pts. Resort Not struck. Arabica Best Nett L Worsfold 71 Mackenzie Contracting 55, Tinwald Ian Howden 3rd Luke Skinner 118pts. D Grade 1st Maddie LowSpraying 60 Hampstead Metalcorp 60. Tinwald Golf Club

Ashburton Bridge Club


WEB Greig ID AU29058 Sparrow,

■ Rugby



■ Cycling

Doing the hard yards, getting you the best results. 217 West Street ASHBURTON Ph: 03 307 9176






173 West Street, Ashburton

Phone 308-2309

ROYAL SALE With the birth of Prince George we’re celebrating Join for 10 Months at just $568.20

Don’t delay ends this week



■ Shooting

Rifle Shooting July 27 South Island Inter Association match for the Andrews and Faulkner Shield at Oamaru In a closely fought match, Ashburton 2896.120, gained fourth place of 15 teams behind Marlborough 2905.121, Nelson 2900.133, and East Otago 2900.116, and ahead of Southern Southland 2895.122, Christchurch 2895.108, North Otago 2888.117, Ashley 2880.109, Ellesmere 2882.119, Central Otago 2870.103, Timaru 2866.91, South Otago 2856.100, Southland 2856.96, Geraldine 2846.86, and Northern Southland 1133.33. Ashburton team scores, Steve McArthur 195.10, 98.6, total 293.16, Joe McAdam 194.7, 98.5, 292.12, Greg Menzies 195.9, 96.4, 291.13, John Fleming 196.10, 95.3, 291.13, Martin Fleming 193.8, 97.5, 290.13, Sandy Collett 197.11, 93.2, 290.13, Mark Stewart 194.5, 96.5, 290.10, Robbie Hewitt 192.7, 96.3, 288.10, T J Stewart 191.7, 93.2, 284.9. In the Junior section of four teams, Ashburton Junior 1447.55, were beaten into second place by just two points by East Otago Junior 1449.58, then Nelson Junior 1429.49, and Ashley Junior 1417.45 third and fourth. Ashburton Junior scores, Hailey Beevor 194.10, 99.4, 293.14, Joe McAdam 194.7, 98.5, 292.12, Savanna McArthur 194.7, 98.5, 292.12, Phillippa Fleming 195.8, 95.2, 290.10, John Duncan 185.4, 95.3, 280.7, 1447.55.

■ Squash

Ashburton Squash Club

Winter League Results July 25 D: Precision Cutting & Processing v E: 100% Stewart & Holland 1. Darrin Dudson Lost to Elliot Jones 0-3, 2. Nick Marshall Beat Bradley Going 3-0 (15/12; 15/8;15/13), 3. Philippa Westwood Lost to Armand van der Eik 2-3 (15/10; 15/11; 12/15; 10/15; 6/15), 4. Peter Blain Beat Allain Smith 3-2, 5. Tim Lowe Lost to Ben Shearer 0-3 (9/15; 13/15; 7/15), 6. Paulette Petelo Beat Jake Bremner 3-1 (15/11;15/7; 9/15; 15/8), 7. Campbell Bedward v Lucas Hooper – No Result, 8. Kathryn Gray Beat Wyatt Burrows By Default B: Quaid Construction v H: Murray Smith Aluminium 1. Steve Leckie v Darrin Dudson – No result, 2. Justin Quaid Lost to Daryl Prebble By Default, 3. Mark Kennedy Beat Skip Muir 3-1 (15/11; 16/14; 14/16; 16/14), 4. Ian Dolden Lost to Nick Swift 0-3 (13/15; 16/18; 15/17), 5. Chris Redmond v Phill Hooper – No Result, 6. Michael Burton Lost to Chris Nicolson 0-3 (6/15;7/15; 4/15), 7. Hamish Tait Beat Leoni Swift 3-0 (15/5; 15/7; 16/14), 8. Jarod Hopwood Lost to Heath Fulton By Default J: Canterbury Long Run Roofing v I: Cates Grain & Seed 1. Sam Shearer Lost to Corey Hastie 2-3 (15/13; 15/13; 11/15; 7/15; 10/15), 2. Andrew Watt Lost to Dean Harrison 0-3 (7/15; 8/15; 10/15), 3. Niki-Lee Francis Lost to Devin Francis 1-3 (7/15; 10/15; 15/13; 14/16), 4. Dave McDonnell v Ben Kruger No Result, 5. Adam Marshall Lost to Vanessa Loe 0-3 (6/15; 6/15; 15/17) 6. Karen Nieman lost to Stefan Maw 1-3 (16/18; 16/14; 15/12; 15/6), 7. Brad Johnson Lost to Jeremy McAvoy 2-3 (15/8; 11/15; 10/15; 15/8; 9/15), 8. Jordan Francis v Chanaide Fulton – No Result F: PGGW Irrigation v G: Geoff Read Builders 1. Tim Stoddart Beat Matt Ness By Default, 2. Scott Broker Lost to Grant Smith 2-3 (15/13; 11/15; 15/13; 10/15; 4/15), 3. Colin Dunstan v Mike Redwood – No Result, 4. Julie Smith Lost to Robert Read 1-3 (15/10; 7/15; 10/15; 9/15), 5. Jonothan Simpson Beat Wayne McDowell 3-2 (15/6; 11/15; 6/15; 15/8; 15/11), 6. Tony Clarke Lost to Donna Brown 2-3 (15/9; 13/15; 2/15; 15/12; 11/15), 7. Laura Gilmour Lost to Rob Trott 1-3 (12/15; 15/4; 6/15; 11/15), 8. Daniel Clarke Lost to Leonie Brown 0-3 (7/15; 13/15; 10/15).


■ Golf

Ashburton Golf Club

August 3 The first of 3 stroke rounds for the DCL Cup will be played. Starting Time: Morning 8.00am Afternoon Report at 11.30 for an 12noon start. Saturday Starters: Morning Gerald O’Sullivan and David Fisher; Afternoon Gordon Clinton and Russell Carter Results Mick Pope and Robbie Bell August 4: Interclub pennant competitions will be played starting at 11.00am from multiple tees.

Tinwald Golf Club

August 3 Draw for the 1st round of the Smitheram and Grant Trophies to be played on Saturday. The morning players will have a clubhouse draw for an 8 am start. Players are asked to report 15

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 minutes prior to tee off times. Starters; am, B Collins pm L Jackson, A Moore. Cards; P Hefford. House Duty: House Committee No 1 Tee.12.30, B McFarlane, C Miller, R Bruce, C Whiting.12.36, R Feutz, B Collins, R Wards, E Tulip.12.42, W Eddington, A Pierce, A Moore, No 10 Tee .12.30, P Hefford, R Thompson, T Clarke, M Fechney.12.36, W Mason, K Bishop, O Everest, A Pawsey. No 13 Tee 12.30, R Harris, N Rayner, A Millar, T McAndrew.12.36, B Shanks, R Shearer, D Green, A Lilley.No 7 Tee.12.36, W Stevenson, J Peacock, J VanderHeide. 12.42, H Spicer, M Moore, B Kirdy.

■ Hockey

Mid Canterbury Hockey

August 2 2nd Grade Girls 4.00 PM: Methven White v Methven Black (Umpires: Abbey Marshall & Caitlin Johnstone); 5.00 PM: Boys Primary Training Squad v Wakanui/Collegians (Umpires: Rachel Law & Scott Marshall) 1st Grade Women 6.00 PM: Collegiate v Hampstead Gold (Umpires: Methven 1GW x 2); 7.10 PM: Methven v Hampstead Blue (Umpires: Rakaia 1GW & Hampstead Gold 1GW); 8.20 PM: Rakaia v Collegians (Umpires: Collegiate 1GW x 2) August 3 Small Sticks Hockey - Duty Club: Methven Kiwi Sticks (4th Grade) Coaches to Umpire 9.30 AM: Methven v Wakanui Blue; Allenton v Wakanui Black; Bye: Collegians Mini Sticks (5th Grade) Coaches to Umpire 10.30 AM: Methven v Rakaia; Collegians D&E v Collegians S2I; Allenton Hawkes v Wakanui Blue; Hampstead v Wakanui Black Fun Sticks (6th Grade) 11.30 AM: Wakanui Whackers v Allenton Gold; Wakanui Wasps v Hampstead; Allenton Tigers v Methven; Allenton Maroon v Collegians Turfinators; Rakaia v Wakanui Wildcats Senior Men Ashburton 1.00 PM: Tinwald v Excelsior (Umpires: Wakanui Black SM x 2); 2.30 PM: Wakanui Black v Northern Hearts (Umpires: Ben Grant & Peter Edwards); 4.00 PM: Wakanui Blue v TBHS 1st XI (Umpires: Rex Turnbull & Wakanui Black SM) Senior Women Timaru 3.30 PM: Hampstead v St Andrews (Umpires: E Shearer & L Taylor) August 4: 1st Grade Men 4.00 PM: Methven v Wakanui (Umpires: Collegians 1GM x 2); Collegians v Ashburton College (Umpires: Wakanui 1GM x 2); Bye: Tinwald August 5 3rd Grade Boys 4.00 PM: Wakanui v Hampstead (Umpires: Ashley Kelland & Rachel Law); 5.00 PM: Allenton v Methven (Umpires: Ashburton College 1GM x 2) 2nd Grade Boys 6.00 PM: Wakanui v Allenton (Umpires: Tinwald SM x 2); 7.10 PM: Methven v Hampstead (Umpires: Wakanui Blue SM & Rasek Ganda) August 6 - 3rd Grade Girls 4.30 PM: Hampstead Gold v Collegians (Umpires: Rachel Law & Caitlin Johnstone); 5.30 PM: Methven v Wakanui/ Allenton (Umpires: Collegians 1GW x 2); Bye: Hampstead Blue

■ Netball

Mid Canterbury Heartland Senior Netball

August 3 Heartland Court: 12.30: Celtic Vetent A v College A, S Hopwood, V McArthur; 1.30: Methven Wareings A v Hampstead Hotel Ashburton A, W Hopwood, C Corbett; 3.30: College B v United KFC A, K Bush, L Kennedy. Neumanns Tyre Services Ltd Court: 12.30: Celtic B v Smith and Church Collegiate A, D McNab, W Hopwood; 1.30: Rakaia Blue v College U18, A Bell, E Robertson; 2.30: Hampstead Hotel Ashburton B v Methven EuroAgri B, I Anderson, B Williams. Ashburton Guardian Blue Court: 12.30: College Y9 A v Celtic C, ?????; 1.30: Wilson Bulk Transport Allenton A v United KFC B, E Scott, R MacGregor. Ashburton Guardian Blue Court: 2.30: Rakaia White v Methven The Blue Pub Black, L Forbes, M Chivers; 3.30: Hampstead Hotel Ashburton Gold v Celtic D, C Wylie, J Leonard. AMI Insurance Court: 12.30: Tinwald South Black v Celtic E, N Spicer, C Heney; 1.30: Smith and Church Collegiate B v Celtic U18, N Cavill, K Turton; 2.30: Hampstead Hotel Ashburton C v Methven South Pacific Seeds U15 A, B Harnett, A McBride. PortFM Local Court: 1.30: Methven Mountain Gym U18C v College Y9 B, S McCormick, T George; 2.30: Allenton B v Hampstead Hotel Ashburton U17, A Rush, C McClintock; 3.30: Southern Livestock Exchange 2002 Ltd v United KFC C, M Thwaites, O Carter. Stirling Sports Court: 12.30: Allenton C v Hampstead Hotel Ashburton U18, M Pongia, H Jenson; 1.30: College Combined A v Hampstead Hotel Ashburton U15, H Paul, K Smith; 3.30: Methven The Lodge Restaurant and Bar U18 B v Celtic F, G Blackburn, A Breading. Colourplus Court: 12.30: College Combined B v College U15, T Wylie, S Bryant; 1.30: College U16 v Hampstead Hotel Ashburton Blue, V Shaw,

S Bishop. Ashburton Guardian White Court: 1.30: Hampstead Hotties v United Colonels Chicks, L Hutchinson, H Murphy; 2.30: Celtic Social v Allenton Social, N Johnson, T Barry. Bye: Methven U15 B, Mt Somers Social. Club Duty: Rakaia/Paula Gilbert; Canteen: Donalda Mitchell; Umpire: Vicki McArthur; Management: Rosemary Adlam.

Ashburton Guardian 23


Mid Canterbury Paper Plus Junior Netball

August 3 Heartland Court: 9.00: Southern Taylor Groundspreading Ltd A v Hampstead A, S Bueta, A Osbourne; 10.00: Tinwald South A v St Josephs Gold, J Tupe, A Elliott; 11.00: New World Allenton A v New World Allenton B, T Watson, E Riordan. Ashburton Guardian Blue Court: 9.00: Southern Agspread v Borough Future Ferns, Coaches; 10.00: St Josephs Orange v Laser Electrical Allenton, Coaches; 11.00: Tinwald School C v Rakaia C, Coaches. Ashburton Guardian Red Court: 9.00: St Josephs Purple v Netherby Diamonds, C Griffiths, T Waddell; 10.00: Longbeach B v Wakanui School, A Burrows, M Gilbert. AMI Insurance Court: 9.00: Tinwald School B v Methven Hammer Hardware, L Morrow, C Morrice; 10.00: Borough C v Allenton Tactix, M Read, S Wilson; 11.00: Hampstead School B v Rakaia B, G Naylor, L Wilson. Port FM Local Court: 9.00: Southern Hyde Bros Spraying D v Longbeach A, C Moore, T Johnson; 10.00: Methven Trucking D v Rakaia A, T Inwood, P Bradley-Doig; 11.00: Borough B v Allenton Magic, M Milmine, L Alves. Stirling Sports Court: 9.00: Methven Winslow B v Hampstead School A, P Teare, D McArthur; 10.00: St Josephs Blue v Methven Professionals Real Estate C, B Digby, M Edwards; 11.00: Allenton Crusaders v Hampstead Blue, S Beveridge, M Maslin. Colourplus Court: 9.00: Netherby Magic v St Josephs Green, E Anderson, G Blackwell; 10.00: St Josephs Red v Allenton Mystics, M Bremner, M Yeatman; 11.00: Southern Hayden Mackenzie Contracting Ltd v Tinwald School A. S Anderson, S Bonnington. Ashburton Guardian White Court: 9.00: Borough A v Allenton C, C Olds, B Raynor; 10.00: Hampstead B v Southern Harrison Spraying Services Ltd B, K Johnson, E Ahearn; 11.00: Methven Shermac A v Allenton Hurricanes, E Bonnington, E Hurley. Bye: Southern Mayfield Services Centre E; Club Duty: Tinwald School/Marianne Williams; Canteen Duty: Debbie Kell; Junior Committee Duty: Mandy Chivers; Umpire Duty: Wendy Hopwood/Lyn Hart.

■ Rugby

Mid Canterbury Rugby

MCRU Finals Day August 3 Senior Division 1, Luisetti Seeds Watters Cup PWL Methven v REL Rakaia, Ashburton Showgrounds Oval, 2.45pm, G Shaw, A McGirr, C Kelland, K Pottinger, T Pearce, J Greenslade Senior B - Second Grade Cup, Collegiate Eclipse Services v Tinwald Liquorland, Ashburton Showgrounds Oval, 1pm, G Clement, K Pottinger, T Pearce Under 18 - Rudstone Cup & Kevin Dwyer Memorial Trophy, Celtic v Methven/Rakaia, Ashburton Showgrounds 3, 12.15pm, M Bell, M Gallaghar, P McKnight Under 16 - NH Edge Cup & Russell Kelly Memorial Cup, Allenton/Celtic v Methven/Rakaia, Ashburton Showgrounds 2, 1.15pm, M O’Callaghan, A Chapman, J Greenslade Under 14.5 - MCRU Cup, Celtic Lysaght Glass v Methven, Ashburton Showgrounds 2, 12.00pm, G Brown, C Clemens, A Greenslade Under 13 - Summerfield Trophy, Southern Canterbury Feed Assessments v Southern Hinds Cartage, Ashburton Showgrounds 3, 1.30pm, B Frame Under 11.5 – MCRU Cup: Southern All Farm Engineering v Methven, Ashburton Showgrounds Oval, 11.45am, P Hunt Under 10 – Alistair Morrison Centurion Shield, Hampstead Lifestyle Motorhomes v Tinwald B Whittaker Contracting, Showgrounds East, 11.30am, R Ford Under 9 - Final, Grant Perry Centurion Shield, Southern Riverlea v Methven W, Ashburton Showgrounds East, 12.30pm, TBC Under 8 - Final Geoff Frew Centurion Shield, Allenton M v Methven, Ashburton Showgrounds East, 1.30pm, TBC July 31 Press Cup: Ashburton College v Christ College, Ash Coll 1, 12.45pm, A McGirr, A Greenslade, G Brown August 11 Bruce Beckley Memorial Cup, Tinwald Liquorland v Southern Tinwald Tavern, Mt Somers Domain, TBC

Mitch Evans: Best result yet in his debut season in GP2.

Evans second in Hungarian GP A late charge brought New Zealand teenager Mitch Evans to a close second place finish in the GP2 sprint race at the Hungarian Grand Prix near Budapest yesterday. Evans started alongside Frenchman Nathaniel Berthon on the front row of the grid and drove a good tactical race to preserve his tyres in the sweltering heat. At the finish Evans was just 2.2 seconds behind Berthon. “Today we really deserved this result. I was really hoping for the win, but Nat was just too quick. Our pace was very equal,” said Evans. “We pulled away a lot from the rest of the field and I was trying to manage my tyres and save them and so I could have a go at the end. “I was hoping his tyres would drop off, but they did not drop enough and when I was catching him, I was using my rear tyres as well. At the end I had nothing left.” Following three third-place podium finishes earlier in the year, it was the best result yet for the 19-year-old Aucklander in his debut season in GP2. It restores Evans into 10th place in the GP2 standings after seven of the 11 rounds. “It’s been a long time coming since my last one because we have had a really good pace at Silverstone and Germany but

a lot of things have stopped us from getting those results. “The team have done a really good job since our last podium in Monaco but things have not gone our way.” “I was hoping to get past him at the start of the race but he was pushing and I was holding back and kept the gap. “I was hoping those laps were going to hurt him at the end of the race but, although he was dropping off a lot, it was not enough. “Had I pushed more my tyres would have gone more quickly. “It’s a very hard balance because when the person in front of you is pushing, it’s very hard to judge and anticipate what could happen at the end of the race.” “Chris Gorne (Evans’s Arden International race engineer) was telling me on the radio to back out more, but I could not let the gap get too big either. “I was just trying to manage it and save the tyres at the same time. His fourth podium finish means Evans has finished in a points scoring position at 50 per cent of the 14 GP2 races to date this season. The series now has a one month summer break before the season resumes at the Spa Francorchamp circuit in Belgium on August 24-25. - APNZ

Classifieds 24 Ashburton Guardian

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 Plants, Produce

Daily Events


Your opportunity to tell Mid Canterbury of your next event or meeting Daily Events is a FREE DAILY LISTING of MID CANTERBURY EVENTS to be held in the immediate future by non-commercial organisations. To arrange for events to be published in Daily Events, clip this form, fill in the applicable details and hand in to our ground floor office on Burnett Street or post to: Ashburton Guardian, P.O. Box 77, Ashburton 7740, to reach us no later than 12 noon, 3 (three) working days prior to the first publication. CONDITIONS: 1. Telephoned information NOT accepted. 2. Forms MUST be signed by an authorised representative of the organisation concerned. 3. A separate form MUST be submitted for each future event and may be lodged with the Guardian as far in advance as desired. For example: A club which meets monthly may submit, say, 12 separate forms simultaneously – one pertaining to each meeting scheduled over the following 12 months. 4. The organisation acknowledges that no responsibility for errors or omissions will be accepted by the Guardian Company.

N.Z Grapefruit Seedless Oranges 1.5kg Nadine Potatoes 10kg Brussel Sprouts 500gm Having a Garage Sale?

Specials available from 30/07 - 06/08

Call the Guardian for all your classified requirements. 307 7900

OPEN 7 DAYS Road The Green Grocer Main SouthTinwald

Fresh Fruit & Vege

Birthday Greetings

The Annual Public Meeting of the Ashburton Trust

Harry Hayman “Congratulations on your graduation from Ruma Whakawhanui – The Extension Room. Happy birthday and happy school days from all your friends and teachers at Childs Play Preschool, Tinwald.”

Date of event .................................................................................................................... Starting time .................................................................................................................... Name of organisation...................................................................................................... ........................................................................................................................................... Nature of event (Use maximum of 6 words) ........................................................................................................................................... ........................................................................................................................................... Venue ................................................................................................................................ ...........................................................................................................................................

Not for publication I hereby authorise publication of the above information on behalf of the organisation concerned.

Emma Begg Happy 9th Birthday. Love from Mum Dad Hamish & Liam.

will be held at the Hotel Ashburton Racecourse Road, Ashburton

on Tuesday, August 13 at 5:00pm AGENDA: • Welcome • Apologies • Confirmation of Minutes from meeting held 12 July 2012 • Presentation of 2012/13 Annual Report of the Ashburton Trust Consolidated Group • General Business Giles Beal Chief Executive

Birthday Greetings are free for those aged 12 and under only. Free birthday greetings must be received at least two working days before date of insertion otherwise there is no guarantee that it will appear on the day requested. Photos will be available at our ground floor office for collection after notice has appeared in the paper.

Name ................................................................................................................................. (Block letters)

Cake Tin Hire

Address .............................................................................................................................

20 novelty shapes

$15 for 7days

Contact phs .............................................(day) ...................................................(evenings)

The Arcade, Ashburton 03 308 8287

Signature ...................................................................................................................................

Our news, online, all the time.


Meetings, Events

Day of event. ....................................................................................................................


$1.99kg $2.99bag $5.99bag $1.99bag

Brought to you by Kitchen Kapers.




Got something to sell? Having a garage sale? Call the Guardian today for your advertising requirements. 307 7900

Adult Entertainment

For Sale

LINDEN LEAVES. Herbalist hand and nail cream. Revive dry and cracked hands priced for $9.00. Come in and treat yourself at The China Shop in STARR 20, size 9 DD bust, The Arcade. European/Hawaiian. Honey 27, size 6 C bust, Italian born, ROYAL Doulton 7 piece lingerie model. Ph 021 565 Water Set. Special price $127.00 Gift Boxed Set. 126. Perfect gift for 21st, wedding or engagement. Come in and Trades, Services see us at The China Shop in CERAMIC tiles - tile quality The Arcade. guaranteed - Tile Warehouse selection available at TREAT YOURSELF!! To a Redmonds Furnishing and new ring, necklace or earrings from the Valentina Flooring, Burnett Street. Range. Sterling silver with cubic ziconas. Come in and see the range at The China Shop in The Arcade. ASIAN - absolutely new to town. Thai sexy body, busty 38DD, very good massage. Ph 021 137 9869.

Guardian Classifieds

307 7900

Daily Events Tuesday 9.30am ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Walking group meets outside church, 48 Allens Road, Allenton. 9.30am M.S.A. TAI CHI CLUB. Stretching exercise for all abilities. M.S.A. Social hall, Havelock Street.

Wednesday 9.00am - 4.00pm ASHBURTON BUDGET ADVISORY SERVICE INC. For free budget advice and workshop enquiries. Phone 307-0496. 60 Cass Street, Consultancy House. 9.30am - 1.00pm ASHBURTON BAPTIST CHURCH. Second time around op shop. Ashburton Baptist Church, Cnr Cass and Havelock Streets.

10.00am ASHBURTON NEWCOMERS SOCIAL GROUP. Coffee morning, all welcome. NOSH Cafe, Ashford Village, West Street. 10.45am M.S.A. TAI CHI CLUB. Maintenance class and exercises. M.S.A. Social hall, Havelock Street.

11.00am - 3.00pm TE HUB. Seeds, seedlings, workshops, Enviro centre. 35 Dobson Street West, Biograins building. 12 noon - 3.00pm ASHBURTON JUSTICE OF THE PEACE ASSN (INC). Signing centre. Community house, rear of Westpac Bank, 122 Tancred Street.

12.50pm M.S.A. PETANQUE. Come and try Petanque, everyone welcome. Racecourse Road. 1.00pm - 3.00pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. Classic aircraft on display including DC3. Ashburton airport, Seafield Road.

1.30pm R.S.A. CARDS “500” R.S.A. Cox Street. 7.30pm - 9.30pm MID CANTERBURY BADMINTON. Great fun, everyone welcome, racquets provided. Sports hall, 35 Tancred Street.

10.00am ST STEPHENS ANGLICAN CHURCH. Holy Communion, Park Street. 10.00am - 3.00pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. Classic aircraft on display including DC3. Ashburton Airport, Seafield Road. 10.00am - 4.00pm ASHBURTON DISTRICT FAMILY HISTORY GROUP. Open for research, non members welcome. Upstairs in the old Polytech building, 254

Cameron Street. 10.00am - 7.00pm ASHBURTON ART GALLERY AND MUSEUM. Open, all welcome. Baring Square East. 10.45am M.S.A. TAI CHI CLUB. Exercises for people with limited mobility. M.S.A. Social hall, Havelock Street. 1.15pm TINWALD 500 CLUB CARDS. Come join in and play cards, all welcome. Tinwald hall, Graham Street.

1.30pm WAIREKA CROQUET CLUB. Euchre, all welcome, Waireka Croquet Club, the Domain, Philip Street. 7.00pm GLENYS’ DANCE GROUP. Sequence dancing, Pipe Band hall, Creek Road. 7.30pm ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Real women walking group. Leaves from 48 Allens Road, Allenton.

7.30pm ASHBURTON SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCE CLUB. Dancing, music, fitness and fun. Buffalo hall, Cox Street. 7.30pm ALLENTON INDOOR BOWLING CLUB. New members welcome. Allenton hall, Harrison Street. 7.30pm MID CANTERBURY TENNIS SENIORS. Annual General meeting, Ashburton Trust Tennis Centre, Oak Grove.

Puzzles Tuesday, July 30, 2013 CRYPTIC ACROSS 1. Thus to die would see each fish lose its head (6) 4. One takes it, pausing in speech: one takes it to live (6) 9. Deed of heroism one will turn to one’s account (7) 10. Lurk about and move boat between Peterhead and Leatherhead (5) 11. Discard the place where the garden implements are (4) 12. Car seen in entering half-mile (4) 13. Wednesday’s forest growth (3) 15. The peer who is not quite before his time (4) 16. So bound on the leg, the veal supplier? (4) 19. A light knock that may produce a trickle (3) 21. She will reject the Italian caught in extremes of judgment (4) 22. Courage needed when the roads are covered in ice (4) 24. Not suited to the way one came into the world? (5) 25. Terrier drank clumsily from it (7) 26. Rest or supply a roll of names (6) 27. Sort of slum in city losing it in a hamfisted way (6)









CRYPTIC Across 1. Pastoral 7. Rinse 8. Preside 9. Neglect 10. Nude 12. Spreads 14. Regular 17. Pile 18. Suction 21. Kissing 22. Mason 23. Heedless Down 1. Piping 2. Spending 3. Omit 4. Agents 5. Knee 6. Depths 7. Regards 11. Million 13. Artifice 14. Resume 15. Rankle 16. Feigns 19. Cash 20. Used







QUICK Across 1. Cell 3. Valuable 9. Nucleus 10. Shred 11. Undocumented 13. Seemly 15. Stance 17. Scrupulously 20. Berth 21. Prevail 22. Literary 23. Opus Down 1. Conquest 2. Laced 4. Assume 5. Unsanctioned 6. Burgeon 7. Ends 8. Pencil pusher 12. Recycles 14. Excerpt 16. Supper 18. Scamp 19. Abel

14 15



DOWN 1. Stud it takes a bit of a pull to undo (5,8) 2. Peer squinting when about to allow one to be full (7) 3. Thus there’s no come-uppance when there’s not long to wait (4) 5. Pearl is right perhaps to show tit for tat action (8) 6. A moral that is ceaselessly given up: it smells! (5) 7. Held lay father to be wrong, having little enthusiasm (4-9) 8. Remained soundly sober (5)



SUDOKU Fill the grid so that every column, every row and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.

14. Assess before how prejudice lacked ice, for example, turning (8) 17. Get the weaponry ahead of time from elbow to wrist (7) 18. After September 7th things auctioned spoil escutcheons (5) 20. In afterthought Eisenhower used old weapons (5) 23. Supplier of dye scores a zero (4)


QUICK ACROSS 1. Rouses (7) 5. Yearned (5) 8. Permission (13) 9. Transgress (3) 10. Let loose (9) 12. Customer (6) 13. Useless (2-4) 15. Voted in again (9) 16. Two (Maori) (3) 18. Family (5,3,5) 20. Endures (5) 21. Feared (7)








DOWN 1. Accumulate (5) 2. Keen interest (13) 3. Vocal dexterity (9) 4. Protect (6) 5. Vegetable (3) 6. Locality (13) 7. Stripped (7) 11. Preventable (9) 12. Cautious (7) 14. Affected by drugs (colloq) (6) 17. Assisted (5) 19. Possesses (3)

SOLD SO LD SOLD SO LD “It’s why more people are choosing McGregors” SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Phone Enquiries: 308 6173 Online Enquiries: SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD



YOUR STARS by Forecasters

ARIES (MAR 21 – APR 20) Working with the natural forces in play gives you a chance to update your attitudes, realising that it’s time to start taking your power back. TAURUS (APR 20 – MAY 21) This is not only an auspicious day for friendship and relationship building, but where there is a chance for healing and some mending of old bridges. GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 22) While the stars are on a mission to remind you of what you’re capable of paint yourself as the hero rather than the victim of your past. CANCER (JUNE 22 – JULY 24) Where life’s responsibilities and demands have left little time for the things that life is really about, you’re being reminded that it’s never too late. LEO (JULY 24 – AUG 23) The key to moving on and to claim what you need and deserve financially and on the income front is changing the way you look at the past. VIRGO (AUG 23 – SEP 23) There is a sense of adventure in the air that is putting a positive spin on everything today, bringing a reminder of what does and doesn’t matter. LIBRA (SEP 23 – OCT 23) Income and work forces are regrouping, giving you a better sense of the big picture and a chance to put income objectives or matters into perspective. SCORPIO (OCT 23 – NOV 24) There is an opportunity for healing today, especially when it comes to matters of the heart and to finally lay some old ghosts to rest. SAGITTARIUS (NOV 24 – DEC 21) With busy professional months coming up, the more you can create work/life balance now the better, learning from the past. CAPRICORN (DEC 21 – JAN 20) On a day when being a team player is paramount you’ll find your emotional responses are starting to ask ‘but what about me’? AQUARIUS (JAN 20 – FEB 19) The key to personal and professional success is ditching any urgency. With time, luck and the gods on your side avoid sweating the small stuff. PISCES (FEB 19 – MAR 20) If there are any communication issues today embrace them, for with this comes a chance to break through barriers, once and for all.

phone 0900 85000


Family Notices 26 Ashburton Guardian Deaths

ATKINSON, Joan Elizabeth (Betty) – Died peacefully at Rosebank Rest home July 26 in her 90th year. Loved wife of the late John, mother and mother-inlaw of Joan and Bob Myles, Jim and Lyn, Neil and Cheryl and Ian and Robyn and all her grandchildren and great grandchildren. She lived for her family and will be sadly HART, Elizabeth Jane missed. Many thanks to the (Jane) – staff at Rosebank Rest home. On July 27, 2013, peacefully at Ashburton Hospital, surrounded by her loving family. Aged 77 years. Dearly loved wife of the late Len. BANKS, Beryl Mary – Passed away peacefully on Loving mother and mother in July 26, 2013 at Ward One, law of Penny, Chris and Ashburton Hospital. Beryl is Mary-Jean, Anthony and the much cherished and Kirsty, Michelle and Andrew loved wife of Allan (Sandy) Rattray. Loved grandmother and loved mother of Robyn of Sarah, and Symone; Cory, Vallom (Auckland), Maureen Mat, and Thomas; Lauren, Banks-Bennett (Ruakaka), and Nicholas. Loved great Lynda Banks (Wellington), grandmother of Sophie, and and the late David, Richard, Kayden. Mum you were always so and Phillip. Loved grandmother of Ben, Hamish, loving, thoughtful and kind. What beautiful memories Abigail, and Cordelia, and you leave behind. great grandson, Callum. Beryl Close to our hearts will be at her home for family you will forever stay. and friends to farewell until Loved and remembered the service to celebrate her every single day. life, which will be held at our Chapel, Corner East and Cox Daughter of the late Hope Streets, Ashburton and Jim Quigley of Leeston. TOMORROW WEDNESDAY, Loved sister and sister in law July 31, commencing at of Jeffrey and Bronwen, 2.00pm. To be followed by Graham and Pat, Keitha and private cremation at Chris, and Mark, and the late Ashburton. Messages to P.O. Robin, and Murray. Loved sister in law of Patty and Dick Box 472, Ashburton, 7740 Paterson’s Funeral Services Wigley, Michael and Rae Hart, and the late Jacquetta FDANZ Ashburton Freeth. Dear friend of Marion, Thomas, and Shaun. Messages to P.O. Box 472, Ashburton 7740. Donations to BREEN, Michael (Mick) of the Ashburton Cancer Rakaia – Society would be appreciated On July 28, 2013 at Geraldine and maybe left at the service. Retirement Village. Aged 94 A special thank you to Dr. years. Loved husband of the Penny Holdaway and the late Dorothy, and the late nurses at Ashburton Hospital Cath. Much loved father and for their wonderful care of father in law of Michael Jane. A service for Jane will (deceased), Kevin be held at St Stephens (deceased) and Margaret, Anglican Church, Park Street, Erin (deceased), Bernardette Ashburton TOMORROW, (deceased), Frances WEDNESDAY, July 31, (deceased), Chris, Terry, commencing at 2.00pm. To Tony (deceased), and Paul. be followed by private Loved son of the late James cremation at Ashburton and Mary Breen, and loved Paterson’s Funeral Services brother and brother in law of FDANZ Ashburton the late Sister Felix, Eileen and the late Sam, the late Please note all late death Monica and the late Tom, the late Margaret and the late notices or notices sent outside ordinary office hours Ken, Trudy and the late must be emailed to: Graeme, the late Jim and Florence, the late Barney and to ensure publication. the late Colleen, the late Mary and the late Hannify. Loved During office hours notices step brother of Maureen and may also be sent to: Carl, and Phil and Beppy. A loved grandfather of all his Any queries grandchildren and step please contact grandchildren. Messages to 0800 The Breen family, 24 Rakaia ASHBURTON Terrace. Rakaia. A Requiem (0800-274-287). Mass will be held at St Ita’s Catholic Church, Rakaia, on THURSDAY, August 1, commencing at 11.00am. Followed by private cremation at Ashburton. Recitation of the Rosary will be held at St Ita’s on Tomorrow, commencing at 7.00pm. Paterson’s Funeral Services FDANZ Ashburton

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307 7900 307 7900





Map for today

12 2



A leader in providing Prompt, Personal 24-Hour Service PATERSONS FUNERAL SERVICES AND ASHBURTON CREMATORIUM LTD






Ra n

Canterbury owned, Locally operated. Office and Chapel Corner East and Cox Streets, Ashburton











THURSDAY: Becoming cloudy, drizzle developing. Easterlies.



FRIDAY: Cloudy, chance drizzle. Northeasterlies.



bur to






TOMORROW: Fine, morning frost. Northerlies dying out.



Funeral Furnishers

TODAY: Fine, but chance morning low cloud or fog. Northerlies.




Ashburton Forecast

Wa i m a ka r i r i


Tuesday, July 30, 2013






Midnight Tonight





When the need arises PHONE 307 7433 Waimate


mainly isolated cloudy drizzle drizzle few showers fine showers clearing showers 30 to 59


isolated snow thunder flurries

sleet thunder

Canterbury Plains


showers showers rain cloudy showers showers fine thunder showers rain fine fine showers showers cloudy


Tuesday 9 noon 3


Mostly fine but becoming cloudy in the evening. Easterlies developing at low levels, northeasterlies about the tops.


mainly fine












Occasional rain, mainly north of Mt Cook. Northeasterlies.

Geneva Hobart Hong Kong Honolulu Islamabad Jakarta Johannesburg Kuala Lumpur London Los Angeles Madrid Melbourne Moscow Nadi New Delhi

15 21 30 24 22 27 34 32 16 31 32 39 20 18 24

fine showers fine windy rain showers fog showers rain fine fine showers rain showers thunder

15 5 28 24 25 23 4 25 15 15 18 9 14 22 27

26 12 32 29 32 32 17 32 23 19 35 15 24 29 36

New York Paris Perth Rarotonga Rome San Francisco Seoul Singapore Stockholm Sydney Taipei Tel Aviv Tokyo Washington Zurich

fine drizzle showers showers fine showers cloudy thunder rain showers cloudy fine cloudy fine showers

9 pm am 3



9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


Thursday 9 noon 3


9 pm

190 East Street Ashburton Phone 308 8945

PM10 Alert In winter, tiny particles called PM10 hang in our air and are harmful to our health. Most of winter PM10 in Canterbury is due to smoke from home heating. A daily PM10 reading over the national standard is considered a high pollution day.

10:03 4:13 10:30 4:40 11:01 5:12 11:28 5:34 11:56 6:08 The times shown are for the Ashburton River mouth. For the Rangitata river mouth subtract 16 minutes and for the Rakaia river mouth subtract 6 minutes.

Rise 7:50 am Set 5:29 pm


Good fishing Rise 1:06 am Set 11:30 am

Last quarter

30 Jul

5:45 am

©Copyright OceanFun Publishing Ltd.

Rise 7:49 am Set 5:30 pm


Fair fishing

Rise 2:06 am Set 12:06 pm

New moon

7 Aug

9:52 am

01 High pollution days in Ashburton so far this year

Rise 7:48 am Set 5:31 pm


Bad fishing

Rise 3:03 am Set 12:46 pm

First quarter

14 Aug 10:58 pm

Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa

For the very latest weather information, including Weather Warnings, visit

18 16 10 20 22 13 23 24 14 12 26 24 25 16 17

29 24 20 25 31 19 31 32 24 20 31 32 32 29 25

15 14 14 15 12 14 15 12 14 14 10 12 14

River Levels

8 1 2 2 8 2 2 4 -1 1 3 5 7


2.85 nc

Selwyn Whitecliffs (NIWA) at 1:00 pm, yesterday

Rakaia Fighting Hill (NIWA) at 9:45 am, yesterday 118.2 Nth Ashburton at 1:00 pm, yesterday


Sth Ashburton at 9:30 am, yesterday


Rangitata Klondyke at 1:00 pm, yesterday

52.2 316.4

Waitaki Kurow at 9:00 am, yesterday Source: Environment Canterbury

Canterbury Readings








Forecasts for today

8 14 25 16 13 19 23 26 6 26 19 31 13 13 16




Tides, Sun, Moon and Fishing m am 3 3




Cloudy, patchy rain or drizzle. Northeasterlies.

mainly fine


Mostly cloudy. Fresh northeasterlies.





happy to announce their engagement at Rockhampton FRIDAY Australia, with all their Cloudy, with coastal drizzle. Northeasterlies. families and friends love.

overnight max low

Palmerston North fine

FZL: Lowering to 2200m

Fine weather. Wind at 1000m: NW dying out afternoon. Wind at 2000m: NW 40 km/h easing evening.

Becoming cloudy, patchy drizzle. Easterlies BEGG - FIELD – Tony and Rebecca are very developing.

World Weather

NZ Today

FZL: Rising to 2400m


Fine with morning frosts. Northerlies dying away in the afternoon.

Adelaide Amsterdam Bangkok Berlin Brisbane Cairns Cairo Calcutta Canberra Colombo Darwin Dubai Dublin Edinburgh Frankfurt

60 plus



Celebrate and honour your loved ones


Fine with morning frosts. Wind at 1000m: NW breezes. Wind at 2000m: W gradually rising to 40 km/h.

Fine, with early frosts inland, but low cloud or fog possible about the coast in the morning. Northerly breezes.



Canterbury High Country


620 East Street Ashburton Ph/Fax 308 5369 or 0274 357 974 NZMMMA Member


Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A broad ridge across New Zealand should weaken in the north tomorrow and Thursday as a subtropical low moves into the area north of the country. The low is expected to deepen and bring strong moist east-northeast flow over the North Island as it moves southwards during Friday and Saturday. Meanwhile, a weak front over the South Island tomorrow is followed by redevelopment of the ridge on Thursday.

less than 30

E.B. CARTER LTD For all your memorial requirements New headstones and designs Renovations, Additional inscriptions, Cleaning and Concrete work Carried out by qualified tradesmen.

NZ Situation

Wind km/h


Ashburton Airport Temperature °C At 4pm 15.0 15.5 Max to 4pm 2.5 Minimum -2.9 Grass minimum Rainfall mm 0.0 16hr to 4pm July to date 26.6 Avg Jul to date 53 2013 to date 582.4 397 Avg year to date Wind km/h NE 11 At 4pm Strongest gust NW 22 Time of gust 1:06am

© Copyright Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited 2013

to 4pm yesterday


Christchurch Airport

Timaru Airport

12.8 13.7 5.1 –

12.0 14.4 -1.7 -3.3

11.1 15.4 0.2 –

0.0 65.1 – 1084.2 –

0.0 47.0 67 440.8 372

0.0 11.4 41 370.8 282

NE 7 – –

NE 11 NE 15 2:59pm

E7 E 19 3:40pm

Compiled by

“My chimney was far smokier than normal. I take more care now.”

Television Tuesday, July 30, 2013


©TVNZ 2013


©TVNZ 2013

6am Breakfast 9am Good Morning 10am The Chase 3 0 11am Coach Trip PGR 0 11:30 House Guest 3 Noon One News 0 12:30 Emmerdale PGR An officer gives Chas some clothes; Gennie and Nikhil leave Georgia to look after Molly; Cain takes Cameron to Tug Ghyll. 0 1:30 Come Dine With Me 3 2pm Four Weddings USA 3 3pm Dickinson’s Real Deal 3:55 Te Karere 2 0 4:25 Masterchef Australia 3 After winning yesterday’s challenge, the red team have a chance to get immunity, but first they must beat chef Russell Blaikie. 0 5:25 Millionaire – Hot Seat 0 6pm One News 0 7pm Seven Sharp 0 7:30 Dynamo – Magician Impossible PGR Dynamo goes to Los Angeles and walks down the side of the LA Times building. 0 8:30 First Crossings PGR Kevin and Jamie embark on the first exploration of the Motu River, retracing the route of the Fisher brothers in 1920. 0 9:30 Descent from Disaster 0 10:30 One News Tonight 0

6am Creflo Dollar 6:30 Buzzy Bee And Friends 3 0 6:35 Tiki Tour 0 7am Toon Disney 3 0 7:25 Rated A For Awesome 3 0 7:50 Generator Rex 3 0 8:15 Franklin 8:40 Mike The Knight 3 0 8:50 Fireman Sam 0 9am Infomercials 10:30 Neighbours 3 0 11am Shortland Street PGR 3 0 11:30 Scrubs PGR 3 0 Noon Cougar Town PGR 3 0 1pm Jeremy Kyle PGR 2pm My Kitchen Rules PGR 3 0 3:10 Supernormal 3 0 3:20 Angry Birds Toons 0 3:30 The League Of Super Evil 0 4pm Kickin’ It 3 0 4:30 The Erin Simpson Show 4:59 Horace In Slow Motion 3 5pm America’s Funniest Home Videos 3 0 5:30 Hope And Faith 3 0 6pm Friends 3 0 6:30 Neighbours 0 7pm Shortland Street PGR 0 7:30 Dream Home The Orange and Black teams build their children’s bedrooms. 0 8:40 The Mentalist AO While the CBI team investigates the murder of a diamond cutter, Patrick meets a girl who claims to be his late daughter. 0 9:40 Body of Proof AO 0 10:40 Haven AO 3 0

11pm The Closer AO 3 0 Midnight My Bigger Fatter Gypsy Wedding PGR 3 0 1am Te Karere 3 2 0 1:35 Infomercials 5:05 Believer’s Voice Of Victory 5:35 Te Karere 3 2 0

11:40 The Protector AO 3 12:35 Embarrassing Bodies AO 3 0 1:40 Infomercials 2:40 Private Practice AO 3 0 3:25 Jeremy Kyle PGR 3 4:15 Anderson PGR 3 5:05 The Erin Simpson Show 3 5:30 Infomercials

CHOICE TV 6am Benny Hinn 6:30 Design Star 7:30 Trish’s Paris Kitchen 8am What’s Really In Our Food? 8:30 Room Crashers Unsuspecting homeowners in American stores are helped with their home improvement projects. 9:30 Coast 10am Urban Secrets 11am Odd Folks Home 11:30 Secret Meat Business Noon House Crashers 12:30 James Nesbitt’s Ireland 1pm Martin Shaw Aviators Acclaimed actor Martin Shaw sets out to restore his treasured Stearman Two Six aircraft after it crashes. 1:30 Days Of Our Lives PGR 2:30 Early Edition 3:30 Crashers 4pm Heaven’s Kitchen 5pm Better Homes And Gardens 6pm What’s Really In Our Food? 6:30 Yard Crashers 7pm Auction Hunters 7:30 Sarah Beeny’s Selling Houses 8:30 Dream Build Australian homes that have pushed the design and budget. 9:30 Buying And Selling With The Property Brothers 10:30 The Strange Call AO 11pm Auction Hunters 11:30 Early Edition


12:30 Benny Hinn 1am Better Homes And Gardens 2am Dream Build Australian homes that have pushed the design and budget. 3am Holmes Makes It Right 4am The Strange Call AO 4:30 Ever Wondered About Food 5am Heaven’s Kitchen



6am 3 News – Firstline 8:30 Infomercials 10:30 The Shopping Channel 11:30 Everybody Loves Raymond 30 Noon 3 News 12:30 Home And Away 3 0 1pm Dr Phil AO 2pm The Dr Oz Show PGR 3pm F Top Chef 3 0 4pm Rachael Ray Scott Baio and tattoo artist Kat Von D join Rachael. 5pm Entertainment Tonight 5:30 Home And Away Casey faces an embarrassing day after drunken behaviour; Leah awaits news about VJ’s health; Tamara tries to ignore the fact that her memories are returning. 0 6pm 3 News

6am Sesame Street 3 6:55 Pingu 3 7am Sticky TV 3 7:30 Avatar – The Last Airbender 3 8am Hey Arnold! 3 8:30 Chuggington 8:40 Bananas In Pyjamas 3 8:55 Bob The Builder 3 9:05 Thomas And Friends 3 9:15 Peppa Pig 3 9:25 Barney And Friends 3 9:50 Tickety Toc 3 10am Infomercials 2pm Sesame Street 3 2:55 Peppa Pig 3 3pm Sticky TV 4:30 Four Live Pop-culture entertainment show. 6pm Everybody Hates Chris 3 6:30 Futurama 3 0

7pm Campbell Live 7:30 House Rules PGR The House Rules teams move to South Australia. 8:30 Grand Designs Australia PGR Tyrone and Hailey admit they are very different, but they do share respect for the environment, which they are keen to inject into their new house. 0 9:30 Chicago Fire AO 0 10:30 Nightline

7pm The Simpsons PGR 3 0 7:30 Australia’s Next Top Model PGR 8:30 M John Tucker Must Die PGR 3 2006 Comedy. A high school newcomer is groomed as bait by popular cheerleaders in a plot to take revenge on their triple-timing boyfriend. Jessie Metcalfe, Jenny McCarthy. 0 10:25 The Real Housewives of New York City PGR 3

11:10 The Good Wife AO 3 The firm sues a social-networking site on behalf of a Chinese dissident for failing to protect his anonymity. 0 12:10 Infomercials 5am Joyce Meyer 5:30 Infomercials

11:25 Entertainment Tonight 11:50 Infomercials



6:30 The Crowd Goes Wild 3 An irreverent daily sports and entertainment show. 7am Deal Or No Deal 3 7:30 Home Shopping Noon The Doctors PGR 1pm The Jeff Probst Show 2pm Cops LAC PGR 3 A series of unpleasant discoveries and violent incidents in a supposedly haunted house brings Roxanne face-to-face with her fear of the paranormal. 3pm Millionaire – Hot Seat 3 0 3:30 Getaway 3 4pm The Late Show With David Letterman 3 5pm Deal Or No Deal 3 5:30 Prime News 6pm Deal Or No Deal 6:30 Millionaire – Hot Seat 0 7pm The Crowd Goes Wild 7:30 60 Minutes 3 8:30 River Cottage – Three Go Mad PGR 9:30 M Money Train AO 1995 Action Adventure. Two New York police officers try to thwart the theft of the subway system’s money train while dreaming of robbing it themselves. Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson, Jennifer Lopez. 11:50 The Late Show With David Letterman A late-night comedy and talk show. 12:45 Home Shopping 1:45 The Crowd Goes Wild 3 An irreverent daily sports and entertainment show. 2:15 Home Shopping


Ashburton Guardian 27

6am Golf – US PGA Tour (Highlights) Canadian Open – Round Four. 7am Motorsport – Nascar Nationwide Series (Highlights) Indiana 250. 8am Motorsport – Nascar Sprint Cup Series (Highlights) Brickyard 400. 9am Aussie Rules – AFL (Replay) Sydney Swans v Richmond. Noon L Cricket – World Cup 2015 Launch. 1pm Football – UEFA Women’s Euro Final (Replay) Germany v Norway. 3:30 Rugby – Super Rugby (Replay) Semi-final One – Chiefs v Crusaders. 5:30 Rugby – Super Rugby (Replay) Semi-final Two – Bulls v Brumbies. 7:30 Red Bull Chronicles A magazine style programme featuring extreme sport action. 8pm Adventure Angler 8:30 L Re:Union An analytical look at the weekend’s rugby matches with reviews, previews and interviews. 9:30 Facebook Fan Zone

11:30 Cricket – World Cup 2015 (Replay) Launch. 12:30 Re:Union (Replay) 1:30 Boxing – Fight Night Lucas Browne v Richard Towers. 3:30 Motorsport – FIA Formula One Championship (Replay) Magyar Nagydij Grand Prix.


6:30 Rugby League – NRL (Replay) Wests Tigers v Sea Eagles. From Campbelltown Stadium in Leumeah, NSW. 8:30 Monday Night With Matty Johns 9:30 Rugby League – 40/20 10:30 Super Rugby Review 11:30 The Crowd Goes Wild An irreverent daily sports and entertainment show. Noon Golf – US PGA Tour House Rules (Highlights) Canadian Open – 7:30pm on TV3 Round Four. From Glen Abbey Golf Course in Oakville, Ontario. THE BOX DISCOVERY SKY MOVIES MOVIES GREATS 1pm Motorsport – Nascar Nationwide Series (Highlights) 6am Destroyed In Seconds PG 6am NYPD Blue MVLS 6:50 The 6:55 The Making Of The Bourne 6:05 Here Comes The Boom MVL Indiana 250. From Indianapolis Simpsons PG 7:15 Hardcore Pawn 6:30 Dirty Jobs PG 7:30 Sons Of Legacy MV 7:15 Napoleon 2012 Comedy. Kevin James. Motor Speedway in Indiana. PG 7:40 America’s Funniest Home Guns M 8am Sons Of Guns M Dynamite PGC 2004 Comedy. Jon 7:50 Abduction MVL 2011 Action 2pm Motorsport – Nascar Sprint 8:30 Deadliest Catch PG Videos PG 8:05 Whose Line Is It Heder, Jon Gries, Haylie Duff. Thriller. Taylor Lautner, Lily Collins. Anyway? PG 8:30 Cash Cab USA PG 9:30 Mythbusters PG 8:45 National Lampoon’s European Cup Series (Highlights) Brickyard 9:35 Making Of Safe House MVL 400. From Indianapolis Motor 8:55 24 MVLS 9:50 Law And Order 10:30 The Big Brain Theory PG Vacation MS 1985 Comedy. Chevy 9:55 Foster PGL 2011 Drama. Speedway in Indiana. 11:30 Mythbusters PG MV 10:40 CSI – Miami MV 11:30 Chase, Beverly D’Angelo. Toni Collete, Ioan Gruffudd. 3pm Darts – World Matchplay CSI – New York MV 12:20 SVU MV 12:30 Stalked – Someone’s 11:25 Killer Elite 16VL 2011 Action. 10:20 Broken Arrow MVL 1996 (Replay) Final. From the Winter Watching M 1:20 NYPD Blue MVLS Action Adventure. John Travolta, Jason Statham, Clive Owen. Gardens in Blackpool, England. 2:15 Whose Line Is It Anyway? PG 1pm I Was Murdered M Christian Slater, Samantha Mathis. 1:20 The River Why MS 2010 1:30 Deadly Devotion M 2:40 Cash Cab USA PG 12:10 Zodiac 16V 2007 Crime. Jake 5pm Adventure Angler Drama. Zach Gilford, Amber Heard. 5:30 AFL Weekly (Highlights) 2:30 Auction Kings PG 3:10 24 MVLS Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo. 3:05 Tooth Fairy 2 2012 Family. 3pm Auction Hunters PG 4pm Hardcore Pawn PG 2:45 Napoleon Dynamite PGC 2004 6:30 Rugby League – NRL (Replay) 4:35 Harry Potter And The Warriors v Storm. From Mt Smart 3:30 Sons Of Guns M 4:30 The Simpsons PG Comedy. Jon Heder, Jon Gries Deathly Hallows Part 2 MV 2011 Stadium in Auckland. 4pm Sons Of Guns M 5pm Law And Order MV 4:15 The Ghost Writer MVL 2010 Adventure. Daniel Radcliffe. 8:30 Boxing – Fight Night 4:30 Deadliest Catch PG 6pm America’s Funniest Home Thriller. Ewan McGregor. 6:45 Rise Of The Planet Of The (Highlights) 5:30 Mythbusters PG Videos PG Apes MV 2011 Action. James Franco. 6:25 Spider-Man MV 2002 Action. 10:30 UFC On Fox 8 (Replay) 6:30 Backyard Oil PG 6:30 The Simpsons PG Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst. 8:30 Gone MVL 2012 Thriller. A 7pm Auction Kings PG 7pm Hardcore Pawn PG kidnap victim who escaped from her 8:30 The Fugitive MV 1993 Action. Coverage as Demetrious Johnson 7:30 River Monsters Goes Tribal PG captor is convinced the serial killer is A man unjustly accused of killing his takes on John Moraga from Key 7:30 CSI – Miami MV Arena in Seattle, Washington. 8:30 Falling Skies MV 8:30 Extreme Smuggling M back, and has abducted her missing wife must find the real killer while 9:30 SVU MV avoiding a Federal Marshal. Tommy 9:30 Shadow Ops PG sister. Amanda Seyfried. WEDNESDAY 10:30 Law And Order MV 10:30 Nightmare Next Door M 10:10 A Thousand Words ML 2012 Lee Jones, Harrison Ford. 12:30 Arena Access 11:30 CSI – Miami MV 11:30 Fatal Encounters M Comedy. Eddie Murphy, Cliff Curtis. 10:40 Unbreakable MV 2000 Thriller. 1am Sky Sport – What’s On 11:45 The Thing 16VL 2011 Horror. Bruce Willis, Samuel L Jackson 1:30 Rugby – Super Rugby WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY (Replay) Semi-final One – Chiefs v 12:30 24 MVLS 1:20 America’s 12:30 Sons Of Guns M 1am Sons Mary Elizabeth Winstead. WEDNESDAY Crusaders. From Waikato Stadium, Funniest Home Videos PG 1:45 Of Guns M 1:30 River Monsters WEDNESDAY 12:25 Saw 2 18V 2005 Horror. Hamilton. Cash Cab USA PG 2:10 NYPD Blue Goes Tribal PG 2:30 Extreme 1:30 Fright Night MVL 2011 Horror. 1:55 Spider-Man MV 2002 Action. MVLS 3:05 Falling Skies MV 3:55 Smuggling M 3:30 Shadow Ops PG 3:15 The Thing 16VL 2011 Horror. 3:55 The Fugitive MV 1993 Action. 3:30 Football – UEFA Women’s Euro Final (Replay) Germany v SVU MV 4:45 24 MVLS 5:35 Whose 4:30 Man v Wild PG 5am The River Why MS 2010 Drama. 6:05 The Ghost Writer MVL 2010 Norway. Line Is It Anyway? PG 5:30 Auction Kings PG Thriller. Ewan McGregor. 6:45 Tooth Fairy 2 2012 Family.

10am Korero Mai 3 2 11am Toku Reo 3 Noon Korero Mai 3 2 1pm Toku Reo 3 2pm Korero Mai 3 2 3pm N Tatai Hono 3:30 F Pippi Longstocking 3 2 4pm Miharo 3 2 4:30 Pukana 2 5pm Toi Whakaari 3 2 5:30 Te Kaea 2 6pm Nga Pari Karangaranga O Te Motu 3 6:30 Ako

7pm Te Kaea 3 2 7:30 Journey To The West 8:30 M Dogtown And The Z Boys PGR 2001 Documentary. In the mid 1970s, skateboarding had all but died out, except for a handful of fans in California, who fought to keep it alive. Sean Penn, Jay Adams. 10:15 John Safran’s Race Relations AO 10:45 Tagata Pasifika Dynamo – Magician Impossible 11:15 Te Kaea 3 2 7:30pm on TV One 11:45 Closedown

0 Closed captions; 3 Repeat; 2 Maori Language. RATINGS: 16 Approved for persons 16 years or over; 18 Approved for persons 18 years or over; AO Adults only; C Content may offend; L Language may offend; M Suitable for mature audiences; PG/PGR Parental guidance recommended for young viewers; S Sexual content may offend; V Contains violence. Local Radio: NewsTalk ZB 873AM/98.1FM FM Classic Hits ZEFM 92.5; Port FM Local 94.9, 98.9 and 106.1

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Sport 28

Track stars of the future

Tuesday, July 30, 2013



Mid Canterbury’s next crop of cycling stars are putting in the hard yards to be the next Lauren Ellis or Hayden Roulston. The Tinwald Cycling Club’s season operates over the summer months, but during the winter they hold an under 17 Development Series. “It’s a learning curve in cycle racing for them,” Tinwald Cycling Club’s development officer Don Kirdy said. “We have a group of around nine to 12 riders most weeks and we have seen a lot of improvement in the youngsters.” “It has been successful and gives them a lot of confidence.” The group learn the ropes from bunch riding to sprinting, with older riders on hand to help out. The programme started in April, a month after the regular season stopped, and concludes in time for the start of the new season in September. During that time the riders test themselves in a range of racing with time-trails, scratch and handicap races and the hotly contested relay races but the highlight is the Mini-Tour, which Kirdy said regularly attracts a big number of riders from throughout the South Island. The point of the programme is development, and with Mid Canterbury’s strong track record in producing international calibre cyclists, one of Kirdy’s current young guns could be just starting out on the road to bigger things.


Team trial winners (from left) Connie Davison, Luke Skinner and Caitlin Titheridge won in the latest round of the Tinwald Cycling Club’s Winter Development Series.

Crotty still on Hansen’s radar All Blacks coach Steve Hansen says he will continue to pick Rene Ranger despite his impending departure to play club rugby in France, but that the door hasn’t been closed on Crusaders midfielder Ryan Crotty. Ranger has been included in the All Blacks wider training squad for the two-day camp in Auckland this week and is likely to make the final cut for the Rugby Championship when the squad is named on Sunday. The 26-year-old will leave for Montpellier after the ITM Cup but his ability to play both centre

and wing makes him a valuable component of Hansen’s side in the continuing absence through injury of wing Cory Jane. Ranger played two sparkling cameos against France in June before earning a starting spot in the final test at New Plymouth. “We’ve always said that we’ll pick the best players that are available and at this point he is available, so we’ll be looking to use him if that continues to be the case,” Hansen said yesterday. Centre Conrad Smith’s sabbatical at the end of the year

means the midfield remains a topic of much discussion. Hansen’s options there apart from Smith are Ranger, Ben Smith and Francis Saili, the Blues 22-year-old called into the All Blacks squad this year for the first time but yet to make his test debut. Asked about Crotty, a 24-yearold who has been playing consistently well for the Crusaders this season but has never been involved in the All Blacks setup, Hansen replied: “He’s played very very well and he’s certainly someone we’ve talked about

so he’s done all he can at this point.” No Chiefs players have been included in the 30-player squad due to their Super Rugby final against the Brumbies in Hamilton on Saturday, but Hansen confirmed their big tighthead prop Ben Tameifuna wouldn’t be included due to a lack of fitness. “He’s not fit enough to play international rugby, and until he is we won’t look at him.” Hansen said Chiefs flanker Tanerau Latimer was in with a chance of being named.

The loose forwards in the mix so far are the returning Richie McCaw, Matt Todd, Steven Luatua, Brad Shields, Kieran Read and Victor Vito. Sam Cane will also presumably be in the frame after being the incumbent No7 in McCaw’s absence in June. The All Blacks’ first test is against the Wallabies in Sydney on August 17. They will assemble in Wellington on August 9 for a warmup game against a Wellington XV and Canterbury XV at Lower Hutt. - APNZ

Youth XI up with Hamilton brings it the big boys home in Hungary

P20 Charlton expects Rooney to stay: Page 20


McCaw unlikely to play for club: Page 21

All the sports draws and results: Page 22, 23

Ashburton Guardian, Tuesday 30 July 2013  

Ashburton Guardian

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