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Monday, September 2, 2013

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Driver lucky Bundle to survive of love cow collision

Mayfield dairy farmer Ronald Te Purei got the best Father’s Day gift yesterday when his son was born




It was a ‘holy cow’ moment for motorist Wayne Timpson on Saturday night. The Methven resident was on his way home from Ashburton, where he had been undertaking back-up physio work for the Mid Canterbury Rugby Development Squad, when he ploughed into three cows at about 7.10pm. “Next thing, with no warning, here were the cows standing right in front of me and I was still doing 100 kilometres per hour,” Mr Timpson said. He had moments earlier dipped his lights from high beam as a car pulled out of a driveway. He came across the cows as he drove around Bland’s Corner. “The air bag went off when I hit the first cow, when I hit the other one the passenger one went off. I can remember a cow’s head hitting the passenger’s side windscreen.” His car veered onto the other side of the road, before coming back to the left side,



almost hitting a power pole, and going through a farm fence. He ended up where the cows should have been – in a paddock. The Methven Volunteer Fire Brigade, police and ambulance responded. Mr Timpson was treated for cuts and bruises at Ashburton Hospital. Brigade station officer Andrew Leask said Mr Timpson had been lucky the main impact had been to the passenger’s side. His car, a Subaru Legacy, was a complete write-off. Two of the cows had been killed instantly, while the third had to be put down. Mr Timpson hopes his experience acts as a reminder for farmers to keep stock secure, and to Mid Canterbury motorists that they live in a farming area. Mr Timpson was yesterday working as a starter’s assistant at the Methven Races, where it seemed many had heard about his experience. “They are all giving me hell, asking have you got any cheap beef for sale.”


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Monday, September 2, 2013

5 BITES 1 Potted for growing dope plant

Five things that may interest you



A 73-year-old man who was given the first civil marijuana ticket in a Vermont town says he had planted some seeds he found in a box and “got spanked” by police after it grew into a pot plant. William Reynolds was issued a $200 civil ticket by St. Johnsbury police after authorities seized a potted 750 millimetre-tall marijuana plant from his Main Street apartment. Police say they saw no indication Reynolds was a pot smoker. Reynolds said he doesn’t smoke marijuana and was “playing around” with the seeds he found. He says he “did wrong” and won’t contest the ticket. Vermont decriminalised possession of small amounts of marijuana on July 1.




Potty peeper sentenced

Bird detained for ‘spying’

A Colorado man who hid in the tank of a portable toilet at a yoga festival to spy on women has been sentenced to three years in prison and 10 years of probation. Luke Chrisco, 31, pleaded guilty in July to attempted unlawful sexual contact and two burglary counts. Police arrested Chrisco in 2011 after a woman at a yoga festival in Boulder noticed something moving in the tank of the portable toilet, then saw a faeces-stained man emerge and run away. Police say he also was suspected of hiding in other bathrooms around Boulder to watch women use the toilet.

In a case that ruffled feathers in Egypt, authorities have detained a migratory bird that a citizen suspected of being a spy. A man in Egypt’s Qena governorate, found the suspicious bird among four others near his home and brought them to a police station. There, officers and the man puzzled over the electronic device attached to the suspected winged infiltrator. It was later determined the device was neither a bomb nor a spying device. Instead, they discovered it was a wildlife tracker used by French scientists to follow the movement of migrating birds.


5 Robber survives 61 metre fall

Two-tone lobster

A bank robbery suspect trying to elude police searching for him in an apartment building jumped into a garbage chute and survived a 61 metre fall into trash in the basement, police said. Robin Gutheridge, 26, plunged from the 21st floor of the Clinton Plaza Apartments, a few blocks from the Chase Bank Branch he had robbed earlier, according to Sgt. Tom Connellan. He was conscious and told police he had climbed into the garbage chute to avoid being captured. Police estimate he fell about 64 metre before landing on garbage in a compactor at the bottom.

Maine has seen its share of blue lobsters, orange lobsters, albino lobsters and calico lobsters. But one on display at a Portland research facility has all of those turning green with envy. The lobster at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute is half orange and half brown. The lobster was caught by lobsterman Jeff Edwards. Research Institute spokesman Steven Profaizer says it’s being kept in a tank used by the LabVenture education experience. For the program, the institute transports about 10,000 students each year.


Ashburton Society of Arts – Life Drawing group: A non-tutored regular group for artists interested in drawing and painting from the undraped model. Classes take place on the first Monday of every month between 10am and 12 noon at the Short Street Studio, Ashburton. Fee: $3 per person plus model fee. On the couch - Aftermath: Doing Business, Prime,

8.35pm. Since September 2010, 900 buildings have been demolished in the Christchurch CBD. This documentary looks to the economic longterm reality for Canterbury. On the horizon - Allenton Bowls Open Fours Tournament, 21 September. The Allenton Bowling Club is hosting two separate full day benefit tournaments in September for Sandra Keith with all

proceeds going to Sandra to assist her with travel funding for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Tournament starts: 9.30am. Out of town - Summer Camp USA Info Night, Kirkwood Village, Canterbury University, Kirkwood Avenue, Christchurch. If you like working with kids and fancy trying a new challenge, why not find out what it takes to be a camp

P1-9 P10-11 P14 P15 P16-17 P18-19 P20-P24 P25 P26 P27

counsellor. Here’s a great chance to escape the New Zealand winter and spend eight to 10 weeks living with and teaching kids all kinds of activities and life skills in America. This free info night takes place in Room KE04 from 6pm.

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News Monday, September 2, 2013

Ashburton Guardian



Absentee parents owe $5m

Juveniles target Allenton

BY EMMA CROPPER Absentee Mid Canterbury parents owe $5 million in unpaid child support payments and penalties. Figures released from Inland Revenue show the Ashburton District owed $5m in child support payments as of June 30, 2013. This figure also includes penalties received for missing payments. Ashburton Budget Advisory Service co-ordinator Carol

Brown said it was a difficult situation for parents and was a “vicious circle”. Ms Brown said they see more mothers than fathers come for advice on balancing their bills when they do not receive their child support payments. Lack of child support payments had a snowballing effect on the budget of the parent raising the children. “They end up getting into debt with power, rent and other bills when they don’t receive

the payments,” Ms Brown said. As of April next year the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) will be making changes to child support. They will include relaxing penalties and writing off debt, and changes to the payment formulas and the age of eligible children. In April 2014 the IRD will change the formula so the income of both parents will be taken in to account, instead of just the liable parent.

From April 2015, instead of receiving a 10 per cent penalty fee the day after the due date of a payment, the parent will receive 2 per cent that day and a further 8 per cent seven days later if the payment is still overdue. “Avoiding paying child support does not help any one,” Ms Brown said. “Mothers are working and trying to make ends meet, so it can greatly affect their situation.”


Fresh snow for Mt Hutt Getting air amongst new snow is one of thousands of snowboarders who flocked to Mt Hutt at the weekend. It was the first day of spring yesterday, but winter kept its hold on Mt Hutt with fresh snow in top condition after cold temperatures overnight.



BY EMMA CROPPER Wayward juveniles are keeping Allenton residents on edge. Allenton’s school and shopping centre have both been targeted by the young teenagers. Allenton Primary School principal Graham Smith said children at the school had been “upset and frustrated” after juveniles burgled the school. “Some staff feel intimidated by them, even by the presence of some of these children in the community.” He believed it was representative of a wider youth crime problem in Ashburton. Three weekends ago two youths had broken into the school through the skylight and stolen three laptops, three cameras, small classroom prizes and created $500 worth of damage. Police confirmed they were juveniles and they found the stolen equipment. Allenton Meat Centre manager Paddy Kennedy said they had also had a couple of issues with teenagers causing trouble. “They were jumping the fence and getting into an area out the back where they should not have been,” said Mr Smith. “They are being annoying more than anything.” The Allenton Mall had also had teenagers causing trouble, turning the power off and on last week. Allenton residents Sue and Ken Rule said they had noticed a few things happening such as cigarette butts being found in their backyard, gates being left open and papers being stolen. “We are always careful, we have everything locked up,” said Mr Rule.


Godmother’s conviction brings justice for Popo BY LYNLEY BILBY AND KIRSTY WYNN The trusted godmother convicted of murdering a baby lovingly nicknamed Popo will receive her sentence on what should have been the boy’s third birthday. On Saturday, a jury found Mariam Filihia, 33, guilty of the murder of her godson Terepo Taura-Griffiths, known as Popo. As family members filed out of the packed High Court in Auckland, Filihia broke down, sobbing quietly into a tissue.

Next month, on October 29, Filihia will be sentenced to a minimum of 10 years in prison – on the day Popo should have been celebrating his birthday. If the judge considers child murder an exceptional circumstance, Filihia could face 17 years or more behind bars. Popo’s parents said they were looking forward to putting the “nightmare”behind them with a ceremony at their son’s grave. But angry scenes erupted outside court after the verdict: upset families on both sides traded

insults before security guards and lawyers defused the situation. The story of the two closely linked families has been tragic. Filihia’s brother, Auckland policeman Kali Fungavaka, died in a Tongan police cell last year, allegedly beaten to death. This year Popo’s grandmother Anna Benioni, who was to give evidence against Filihia, also died. After the verdict, Popo’s mother Terepai Benioni said she had mixed emotions. “I am happy that justice has

been done but sad my mother wasn’t here to see it,” she said. Popo was just one year old when he died after visiting at his godparents’ home. Police said Filihia deliberately struck Popo’s head against a hard, flat surface in the bathroom because he would not stop crying. The Herald on Sunday broke the news of Popo’s death, and has reported his family’s struggles since - the police investigation and the charges laid against the woman who should have kept him safe.

On November 4, 2011 Filihia carried Popo into the White Cross medical centre. Crown prosecutor Christine Gordon said Terepo’s “arms were limp, he was pale, unresponsive and unconscious.” He was taken to Starship Children’s Hospital, where an MRI found a skull fracture in the back of his head. He had bleeds on the surface of his brain and extensive brain damage. Two days later, Popo’s mother made the agonising decision to turn off his life support. - APNZ

News 4

Ashburton Guardian

Monday, September 2, 2013


In brief

Van plunges down bluff By Matthew theunissen The teenager who died after the van she was travelling in plunged down a bluff on a South Island alpine highway on Saturday was a young mum. Faith Maree Wood, 18, of Christchurch, was a passenger in a van which tumbled 60 metres off State Highway 73 onto railway tracks near Arthur’s Pass about 6am. She has left behind a baby daughter, born last year. Five other people in the van

were injured, two critically, and three helicopters were dispatched to fly them to hospital. A Canterbury District Health Board spokeswoman said all the surviving victims were now in a stable condition. The crash could have caused a major disaster as a train was just minutes away when the van landed on the tracks. The van left State Highway 73 between Cass and Bealey Spur, south of Arthur’s Pass, in thick fog about 6am and rolled down the steep bluff.

The van did not have any back seats and Ms Wood was thrown from the vehicle, according to a source connected to the investigation, who did not want to be identified. “It’s always dodgy driving with nobody strapped in. But we haven’t determined whether a lack of seatbelts was a major cause yet,” the source said. Police were awaiting the results of toxicology tests to see whether alcohol was involved, and also whether fatigue was a factor.

Ms Wood was the first of two women to die in separate crashes on the same alpine highway at the weekend. Tracy Ann Shipston, 39, also of Christchurch, died instantly when her vehicle struck a tour bus head-on near Porters Pass in the foothills of the Southern Alps about 5.30pm. There were no passengers in the tour bus at the time, and a St John Ambulance spokesperson said the bus driver received minor to moderate injuries. - APNZ

Drink-driving charge The Methven Volunteer Fire Brigade responded to a vehicle having driven off the side of the road on Route 72, south of Waimarama Road, about 11.10pm. No-one was injured, but a man is to appear in court in relation to a drink driving charge.

False alarm About 7.05pm on Saturday, the Ashburton Volunteer Fire Brigade responded to a false alarm call-out on Dobson Street.

Court appearance About 12.30am on Saturday a driver lost control of his vehicle in Willow Street, and hit a carport and a car. He allegedly attempted to flee the scene, but was unsuccessful, and will appear in court for refusing a blood sample.

Devon broken into At about 1.35am on Saturday the Devon Hotel was broken into and a small amount of property was taken.

Assault with a weapon An Ashburton female was arrested on Thursday after she assaulted a man she knew with a weapon at a Grey Street property. she will appear in Ashburton District Court at the next sitting date.

Having a whale of a time

Window smashed Early on Friday an intoxicated Ashburton female in her 20s smashed the window of a Burnett Street business with a road cone. She will appear in Ashburton District Court this month.

Cruise buying island? Rumours are gathering pace of movie superstar Tom Cruise planning to buy an “impregnable”island off the coast of Northland. The actor wants a small, secluded isle in the Far North for his family, according to celebrity news website Showbiz Spy. - APNZ

Fire under control A pod of whales was spotted floating in the blue sky above the Ashburton Domain on Saturday. They weren’t lost but attached to a string as Craig Hansen rolled out some of his bigger kites, attracting a continuous stream of interested onlookers. The specially made kites will feature in the Flight For Life festival on November 23 at Lake Hood to raise money for CANTEEN. Photo Kirsty Clay 310813-KC-249

Help prevent the spread of headlice By Myles huMe

Mid Canterbury parents are being asked to prevent the spread of headlice. Some schools in the district have reported cases of headlice and nits in recent weeks, and have been sticking to their guidelines to prevent the spread. It comes after a Christchurch school shaved the head of a child last week who had headlice, breaking Ministry of Education rules that say schools cannot conduct mass head in-

spections, provide treatment or give advice. It is up to parents to take care of the problem. Hampstead School principal Peter Melrose said schools always kept a close eye on headlice, preventing it from becoming a hazard if it spread. “We contact homes if there’s an issue and request the child is taken home that day and treated. Once they are treated they can come back to school,” he said. Mr Melrose said schools often had a “pretty good indica-

tion” with headlice when children continuously scratched their heads. Public Health Nursing and Vision Hearing Services charge nurse manager Alison Clarke said there had been no significant outbreaks in Ashburton, but advised parents to regularly check their child’s hair. “If they need help and guidance parents can come to us,” she said. She advised parents to comb thoroughly and use only insecticide products designed for human use.

HOW TO TREAT HEADLICE ■ Check hair in good light ■ Use a wet fine tooth comb ■ Only treat if insects or eggs are found ■ Treat everyone who is infected on the same day ■ Treat for three weeks ■ Only use insecticide products designed for human use.

The scrub fire in Northland which was threatening an area with freshly felled pine trees is under control after a helicopter with monsoon buckets doused the flames. The Fire Service was called at 1pm to the blaze, which was 20km south-east of Glinks Gully, near Dargaville. It took five fire crews from Dargaville and Te Kopuru and a helicopter with monsoon buckets from Whangarei over four hours to bring the flames under control. The fire was burning across an area about a hectare in size, and was only 50 metres from a patch of recently cut pine trees, said Northern Fire communications shift manager Jaron Phillips. No houses or people were threatened. - APNZ

Lotto results Official Lotto results for draw number 1369 drawn on Saturday. Winning numbers (in ascending order): 6, 12, 17, 20, 25, 28. Bonus number: 10 Powerball winning number: 2. Strike: 28, 25, 17, 12.

News Monday, September 2, 2013


Ashburton Guardian 5


Premises sell to underage volunteers

Bundle of love - Ronald Te Purei with his Father’s Day gift.

Photo Kirsty Clay 010913-KC-005

The perfect Father’s Day gift By SuSan SandyS

Ronald Te Purei was beaming yesterday. It was Father’s Day, and the 22-year-old Mayfield dairy farmer got the best gift of his life. “I love him,” Mr Te Purei said as he looked, in wonder, at his son Tetawharu Terrence, born just a few hours earlier. The pair were at Ashburton Hospital, where Mr Te Purei’s

partner Cheri O’Neill gave birth to Tetawharu at 5.34am. Mr Te Purei said he was “over the moon” with the arrival of his son, and the baby would be a much-wanted addition to their family, which also included his stepdaughter Crystal Nicole O’Neill. Mr Te Purei, originally from Rotorua, said he had always loved children, and had known ever since he was 16 that he

wanted be a dad one day. “I always helped bring up my younger siblings and cousins,” he said. Meanwhile, venues around Mid Canterbury were busy for Father’s Day lunches and celebrations. Hotel Ashburton front office supervisor Sharan Khanna said about 115 people in various family groups from throughout Mid Canterbury and further

afield enjoyed lunch in the restaurant. It had been good to see families enjoying the special day. It was however not as popular as Mother’s Day, when generally about 150 to 200 people booked for lunch. He had tried to book elsewhere in the town for his own lunch, but had to wait until mid-afternoon due to restaurants being busy.


Ministers push NZ’s case in Sri Lanka By Matthew BackhouSe New Zealand has pushed Fonterra’s case in meetings with the Sri Lankan government following a tumultuous month which saw the dairy giant temporarily shut down its Sri Lankan operations. Foreign Minister Murray McCully and Fonterra chairman John Wilson made a oneday visit to Colombo to discuss progress in resolving the recent tensions, as well as future co-operation in the dairy sector. Fonterra temporarily shut down its operations in Sri Lanka amid protests over a court order which barred it from selling its products there. The or-

der was overturned just over a week ago. But tensions remain as Sri Lanka looks to decrease its reliance on foreign dairy imports and increase its domestic milk supply. Mr McCully urged Sri Lanka to give Fonterra greater certainty, when he and Mr Wilson met Sri Lankan Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa. The two governments also agreed to work toward a dairy sector co-operation agreement. Mr McCully said Sri Lanka was keen to substantially build its domestic dairy production, and Mr Rajapaksa clearly understood the world-class ex-

pertise and experience which Fonterra could bring to that. “He was very interested in hearing how Fonterra might be able to assist. We took the opportunity to underline the greater certainty that Fonterra will need in the Sri Lankan market.” Mr McCully said he hoped the dairy sector cooperation agreement would be signed later this year. “This will set out the ways both governments can support the growth of Sri Lanka’s dairy sector, and thereby assist in creating a more certain environment in which Fonterra can make a broader contribution to the sector’s development.”

Mr McCully said there was still considerable work to do to create greater certainty for New Zealand’s dairy trade in Sri Lanka. “I believe we have established with the Sri Lankan Government a more positive basis for taking the relationship forward.” Mr McCully also met Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the country’s health and external relations ministers. New Zealand officials are also continuing their work on an international market recovery plan in the wake of the Fonterra botulism scare. - APNZ

Ashburton police were disappointed to have two off-licence premises sell to underage volunteers in a controlled purchase operation (CPO) on Saturday night. Senior sergeant Grant Russell said the operation was completed in the Mid Canterbury area, and 11 premises were visited covering both rural and urban areas. “While the overall results were very encouraging, it was very disappointing that two premises failed,” Mr Russell said. These premises would be dealt with by way of prosecution. “With this operation, the volunteer enters the bottle store or supermarket and attempts to purchase alcohol. The volunteers are always under 18.” Each premise that passed would receive a letter advising them of the good result. The CPO was run in conjunction with ACADS.

‘Floating palace’ for high rollers By Bevan hurley SkyCity has bought a “floating palace” to entertain high rollers - but insists no gambling will be allowed on board. The casino giant is believed to have paid more than $2 million for an Activa 6400 Contemporary, known as Horizon II, which is based at Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour. It has a licence to wine and dine wealthy clients 24 hours a day on short sightseeing and fishing trips. The 21m launch, which sleeps 11 people, can comfortably take 15 people out for day cruises. It boasts a jet ski, an outdoor barbecue, two kayaks, as well as the obligatory fishing rodholder. SkyCity bought the boat from Adventure Bay Motor Yachts last year. - APNZ

News 6

Ashburton Guardian

Monday, September 2, 2013


Misbehavers held to account By Myles huMe

Naming teachers guilty of misconduct is part of the movement to hold highly-regarded professions to account, Ashburton College principal Grant McMillan says. A former Ashburton College teacher is currently before the New Zealand Teachers’ Council over inappropriate behaviour he resigned over in May. Complaints against him are currently before the council’s Complaints Assessment Committee, which leaves several different options including the teacher being dismissed, re-


Future of Methven board in question A challenge has been laid down over the relevance of the Methven Community Board. With the board failing to attract sufficient candidates to fill all seats in this year’s local body elections, councillor Ken Cutforth said that lack of interest should indicate a need to look seriously at the board’s future. At last week’s Ashburton District Council finance and community services meeting he said council should be looking at the board’s structure to determine whether it was still needed. Flagging interest in standing for the board will see the council faced with the expense of holding a by-election in February next year in an effort to fill the vacancy left when just four people put their names forward for the five vacancies. The timing of any review of the board’s future was dictated by the Local Government New Zealand, said council chief executive Brian Lester. “You only have to do an electoral review every six years and we’ve done ours just recently. “However, there’s nothing to stop the council doing another one if they want before the next election,” he said.

ferred to the disciplinary tribunal or, by agreement with the teacher and the school, conditions may be imposed. This week it was revealed the teachers’ council would review its rules, and remove suppression of names and some details of teacher disciplinary tribunal hearings. It could mean the former Ashburton College teacher may be the first teacher to be named under the new rules. Mr McMillan said he did not know the status of his former employee’s case, but he said there was a desire to know the names of those who had misbe-

haved in public roles, including medical professions. “I think it reflects the change in community view around transparency and accountability and it reflects the fact that teaching is a profession held in high regard.” Mr McMillan said the teachers’ council process was rigorous, “so the risk of people being named that don’t deserve to be” would have been mitigated in the early stages. However, if a teacher’s misconduct is deemed serious, they would go to the disciplinary tribunal where the case would be made public.

“If they determine a case serious enough to go to the disciplinary tribunal, which is a legal body, at that stage there is already deemed to be a case to answer.” New Zealand Teachers’ Council director Dr Peter Lind said the changes were likely to go ahead, but the council had to work out ways to protect the identity of “innocent parties” so they had the confidence to come forward. And he doubted claims that naming teachers would prompt schools and misbehaving teachers to come to an agreement behind closed doors.


Big crowd for races

Punters keep an eye on the race field as they circle the Mt Harding Racecourse where there was a big trifecta yesterday. The first day of September marked the first day of spring, Father’s Day and the start of the harness racing season with a big crowd turning out at the Clubs of Canterbury raceday in Methven. Photo Kirsty Clay 010913-KC-38

Teenagers stabbed By Matthew theunissen A group of youths were seen charging down a west Auckland street carrying a baseball bat before two teenagers checked themselves into hospital with stab wounds late on Saturday night. Police said one of those stabbed, a 15-year-old boy, underwent emergency surgery yesterday. The other teenager was discharged on Saturday night. Police received numerous calls from terrified Lynfield residents about 11.45pm when they saw a group of young males running down Halsey Drive carrying weapons. They became embroiled in a violent confrontation with another group of teenagers down the road. Neighbours reported hearing “frenzied” screaming and yelling before the first group fled in a car. Around midnight, the two victims made their own way to a White Cross clinic in New Lynn from where they were transported to Auckland City Hospital. One of them, whose age could not be confirmed, was treated for a stab wound to his stomach and discharged a short time later. The 15-year-old had a stab wound to his chest and underwent emergency surgery. An eyewitness, who did not want to be identified, looked out her bedroom window to see three teenagers charging down the road carrying a baseball bat. “They entered various properties before ending up at the property where the confrontation occurred,” the witness said. “All I could see was a group of people down there arguing and screaming and yelling. I saw a very close altercation down there.” - APNZ


‘There will be no bloodletting’ - Cunliffe By Matthew Backhouse David Cunliffe says there won’t be bloodletting in the Labour caucus if he wins the leadership race - and he’ll stick with the party if he loses. Mr Cunliffe has said his first action as leader would be to assemble the best line-up so Labour could win the 2014 election. He has now denied that means bloodletting in the Labour caucus, telling a leadership debate on TV3’s The Nation yesterday that he was committed to a unified caucus.

“I believe the way to get the best out of any team is to ensure that people are able to give their best, do as far as possible what they’re passionate about,” he said. “I’m not saying that nobody’s positions would change. I’m saying that our objective is to get the very best out of every member of the team, to treat everybody with dignity and respect, and to pull together to take on the National Government.” Mr Cunliffe said he would be happy if either of his leadership opponents was appointed dep-

uty leader, but that was for the caucus to decide. “I’m not going to be expressing any preferences around deputy. What I would say to both my colleagues is I highly value them, and they would both expect to play a role in the senior team that I have.” Mr Cunliffe said he would stick around if he did not win. Fellow leadership hopeful Shane Jones is also promising a shake-up - but within the Labour leader’s office as well as the party’s front bench. “No leader can function unless

they’re confident that the people supporting them on a day to day basis - dealing with the media, dealing with all the issues that confront a leader in Parliament - is super fit.” Mr Jones said there were too many valuable and talented people in the Labour caucus who “can’t quite see where they fit in”. Leadership contender Grant Robertson also said he could unify the caucus as leader, saying he had a good track record of working across the caucus and the party. - APNZ

News Monday, September 2, 2013

Ashburton Guardian 7


Man’s concerns fall on deaf ears By SuSan SandyS

A Methven farmer is concerned the girlfriend of a former employee might have contracted hepatitis, but warnings to health workers have fallen on deaf ears. The farmer told the Guardian that one of his former agricultural exchange workers on his property had informed him he had been born with hepatitis, and was a carrier of the disease. The teenager went back to Europe in May, but had a girlfriend from Mid Canterbury before he left. The farmer wanted to let the girlfriend, who was now living out of the district and whose contact de-

tails he did not have, know that she should be tested for the disease. He went to the Methven Medical Centre to inquire about health authorities passing this information on, but was told because of the Privacy Act they could not contact the girlfriend. He said he had only thought about letting the girlfriend know about the possibility of her having contracted the disease after recent publicity on a Hepatitis A epidemic in Ashburton. He had not previously realised how highly contagious the illness was. He did not know what type of hepatitis his farmworker had had. He said it seemed ridiculous that privacy laws stopped the relaying of

such information. “It’s a notifiable disease, and yet they can’t sort it out. If we get foot and mouth on the farm here, we would be in strife and everyone would have to find out about it,” he said. A CDHB spokesperson yesterday told the Guardian that the farmer should get in contact with his former employee and relay his concerns. A GP could not phone someone suspected to be a sexual partner of someone with an illness and tell them to get tested. It was up to the person in the relationship to let that person know they may have an infectious illness.

THE FACTS Hepatitis means inflammation of the liver, and the three main types of viral hepatitis are A, B and C. Sometimes mothers with Hepatitis B or C can pass the virus on to their babies. ■ Hepatitis A – spread when a person ingests faecal matter—even in microscopic amounts—from an infected person. ■ Hepatitis B – spread when body fluids—such as semen or blood—from a person infected with the Hepatitis B virus enter the body of someone who is not infected. ■ Hepatitis C - is spread through contact with the blood of an infected person, primarily through sharing needles, syringes, or other injection drug equipment.


A black fronted tern (left) and wrybill (right) nest in the Ashburton River.

Photos Dave Murray

Operation to trap Ashburton River pests By SuSan SandyS

Trapping of pests in the Ashburton River will help prevent river birds from getting bulldozed off their nests by hungry hedgehogs this coming season. Environment Canterbury runs an annual control operation targeting hedgehogs, mustelids, feral cats and rodents, and will begin setting up traps and erecting signs this week. Since 2003 when the operation began, there have been 464 hedgehogs, 291 mustelids, and 276 feral cats caught and killed. Southern biosecurity team leader Brent Glentworth said many saw hedgehogs as a harmless introduced species, however, they were in fact a serious threat to braided river birds. “A tern isn’t going to be able to persuade a prickly hedgehog from bulldozing its way under her to get to her

eggs,” Mr Glentworth said. He warned Ashburton River walkers to keep their dogs on leads throughout the pest control operation. The main risk to canines was anticoagulent rodent bait which would be laid in bait stations throughout the area. Traps would include a DOC150 which was a wooden tunnel only big enough for weasels, stoats and ferrets, with a gauge at each end. Food bait was placed inside and when the animal put its foot on a plate it released a spring, causing a plate to come down and crush its head. The other type of trap was a sentinel - a yellow plastic box with a bar which comes down and breaks the neck of feral cats and smaller animals which have entered it. The traps were humane and killed their victims quickly. “When we started we were aiming at helping black fronted tern and wrybill,

but the operation has spin-offs for all of the braided riverbed birds.” This included the endemic and critically endangered black billed gull, thousands of which have this week taken up residence in the river around the State Highway 1 bridge. Other pests to have been targeted in the past included possums and black backed gulls, but they would not be part of the control operation this year. Possums had been killed via encapsulated cyanide, while about 900 black backed gulls in the upper reaches of the South Ashburton River were poisoned with alpachloralose in 2003, 2005 and 2011. Black backed gulls, despite being native to New Zealand, were also present in other countries around the world and preyed on endemic braided riverbed nesting species as well as competing for nesting space.

Traps to be set this week Trap setting will begin this week in two sections of the Ashburton River - a lower section of about 920 hectares running 9.5 kilometres downstream from the State Highway 1 bridge, and an upper site of about 560 hectares running along 7.5 kilometres of riverbed on the south branch of the river between Blowing Point and Buicks Bridge. Signs will be placed at control locations advising the public of what is taking place, and people are reminded to keep dogs under control in these areas. The work is carried out by a contractor, with assistance from volunteers.

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Monday, September 2, 2013


In brief

Error costly for local schools BY MYLES HUME

The problem explained


Rectifying an administrative error will cost Mid Canterbury schools more to bring in relief teachers, making it harder for schools to give extra support to teachers and pupils. Last year, Education Minister Hekia Parata resolved “a longstanding administrative error” and had to double the amount of staffing entitlement used when schools brought in a relief teacher. It now means it costs schools twice as much as it used to when a teacher was away. Mid Canterbury Principals’ Association president Neil Simons said that meant schools were struggling to free up funds to allow teachers to go on professional development courses or bring in specialised support for pupils. “If you’re prudent you know where you are at, we have always been able to generate extra staffing for teachers to do report writing or professional

Each year schools receive an entitlement to a certain number of Full-Time Teaching Equivalents (FTTEs), depending on roll numbers. Each fortnight, schools receive a report showing how much entitlement they have used, and how much is remaining. Schools count both permanent and relief teachers against this balance, but due to an administrative error, shortterm relief teachers have been counted at about half their correct rate over the past 10 years. development, but now we are going to have to generate extra staffing to recover the deficit.” Allenton School principal Graham Smith has labelled the change the “hidden juggernaut” in education, predicting the impact will be noticed early next year. Mr Simons agreed and had heard of teacher professional development courses struggling for numbers as it was now more costly for schools to bring in a reliever, while some staff felt guilty for being away.



Start a

with a wealth










of opportunities




If schools had exceeded their teaching staff entitlement they had eight weeks next year to bring it back in line or the Ministry of Education would take the money out of the operations grant at a “significant rate”, Mr Simons said. Hampstead School principal Peter Melrose said it has forced schools to be “smarter” when dealing with budgets. He said it had not led to the cutting back of specialised courses for pupils, but “it has made things a bit tighter and

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Provisonal member of RVA.

Brighton altercation Two men will appear in the Dunedin District Court after an altercation involving up to eight people and a knife in Brighton on Saturday. Acting Senior Sergeant Damion Rangitutia said police were called after reports of street disorder in Bath St, Brighton, about 9am. The two men - aged 19 and 25 - would appear in court this week, each charged with assault, he said. - APNZ

Internal bleeding

Neil Simons

when staff have requested to go on leave for professional development we have to make sure it ties with the school target and doesn’t blow the budget”. Ms Parata said the error meant education was boosted by $68 million in 2011. “The Government has made a commitment to keep that resource within the sector but we want to ensure it is distributed equitably amongst all schools and learners.”

Help for those touched by suicide BY SUSAN SANDYS


Bereaved mums Vicki Jones and Fiona Helm are inviting Mid Cantabrians who have been affected by suicide to attend a workshop in Timaru in November. The two Temuka mothers lost their sons to suicide within 10 days of each other in 2009, and have formed the Canterbury branch of Community Action for Suicide Prevention Education and Research (Casper). Mrs Jones said she hoped to attract both South and Mid Cantabrians to the two-day workshop beginning November 22. She said since she and Ms Helm had spoken out last week about losing their teenage sons, who were good friends, she had had many people phoning her wanting to help with the new group in any way they could. One of the group’s members was from Ashburton, and she invited others from Mid Canterbury to join and be helped by the group’s services. Casper focussed on prevention, education and supporting those dealing with the aftermath of suicide, which was often caused by social rather than medical issues. “Rather than having a medical response to everything, it’s dealing with the social issues and the background,” Mrs Jones said. She said the only other places in New Zealand Casper was established was in the North Island, and Central Otago, where a new group was forming. The workshop would include information on volunteering. Casper’s support services had both an emotional and practical focus, aimed at those who have had their lives turned upside down by suicide. Casper can be contacted toll-free on 0508 CASPER, and has a website and a Facebook page.

A man with suspected internal bleeding was transported from a commercial fishing boat off Greymouth for emergency medical treatment yesterday and is now in hospital. Coastguard West Coast was alerted at 1pm to the emergency aboard the 64-metre fishing boat Sand Discovery. The vessel was 32 nautical miles off the Greymouth coast, and was too big to get over the Greymouth harbour sandbar, said police sergeantin-charge Sean Judd. Doctors assessed the man via telephone and believed he was suffering from internal bleeding, Mr Judd said. - APNZ

Man injured A man was hit and seriously injured yesterday by a car driving along Karioitahi Beach, near Waiuku, south of Auckland. The man, in his mid-twenties, was taken to Middlemore Hospital and is in a serious condition after his legs were injured, said ambulance communications team manager Norman Ngatai. Police were not investigating, he said. - APNZ

Dramatic fire A truck laden with newspapers ignited in a dramatic fire in Canterbury early yesterday. A Fire Service spokesman said emergency services were called to the blaze on State Highway 7 near Hanmer Springs about 1.30am. The truck, which was carrying newspapers to Nelson, was burning fiercely when firefighters arrived. The truck driver was not injured. - APNZ

Two-car crash Five people have been taken to hospital after a two-car crash near Hamurana on the outskirts of Rotorua. One person had to be cut free of the wreckage. The accident happened just before 11am at the intersection of State Highway 5 and Oturoa Rd and five people, including the victim who was trapped, have been taken to Rotorua Hospital. Four of them are in a moderate condition and one serious, said ambulance team manager Norman Ngatai. - APNZ

Airlifted from beach A man was airlifted from a beach south of Dargaville after he fell off the motorbike he was riding down sand-dunes. The man, aged in his late-thirties, received back injuries but was not in a serious condition. “He was going down sand-dunes and hit something, got airborne to a considerable height, and landed on his back,” said Northern ambulance team manager Norman Ngatai. The accident happened 200 metres from the lighthouse at Pouto Point. - APNZ


Monday, September 2, 2013

Ashburton Guardian 9


Brian leaves his post

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Ashburton District Council chief executive officer Brian Lester is leaving the council in “good shape and good heart”. PHOTO KIRSTY CLAY 300813-KC-068



Brian Lester expects he will still be stopped in the street to talk about council matters after leaving the Ashburton District Council top job. “It’s a small community, people don’t forget who you are,” he said. Mr Lester has been the council’s chief executive for 12 years, and had his last day at work on Friday. It was a day just like any other – he attended a Christchurch Canterbury mayoral forum meeting, signed off an agenda for this week’s council meeting, signed off staff development reviews, and sent a letter to the Minister of Local Government, suggesting he needs to come to Ashburton to find out how the council operates. Later that evening he was to attend a farewell function with staff. He said the council was “in

good shape and good heart”. He was proud of what the organisation had achieved during his tenure, including upgrading water and wastewater supplies, construction of the Ashburton Trust Event Centre, establishing Lake Hood, establishing the industrial estate, bringing the second bridge project to designation stage, beginning construction of the new art gallery and museum and new stadium complex, and completion of the Canterbury Water Management Strategy. While not all projects had been popular with all members of the public, he enjoyed talking to people about them and found “you don’t get too many negative comments on a one-to-one basis”. “At the end of the day it’s one of those things you just accept, you put those things in perspective, if you can’t do that you wouldn’t last in this job,” Mr Lester said. He said he had made a decision

Kiwi expatriates are earning a fortune overseas, and barely onetenth say they would be comfortable raising a family back home on New Zealand wages. For the first time - according to an extensive global survey released this weekend - more than half our expats are earning $100,000 a year or more. Kiwis are hitting the jackpot in high-tech, engineering and financial sectors as the overseas experience becomes permanent in North America, Asia and Australia. Kea, the expatriate network for New Zealanders, polled more

than 30,000 people living abroad for its latest survey, Every Kiwi Counts. Nearly half of the respondents hadn’t returned home in the last year - and only 46 per cent said they “definitely or probably”would return to live here. New Zealand’s lifestyle and relatively clean environment have often tempered concerns about the brain drain. But while most expats agree their homeland is beautiful and safe, that isn’t nearly enough to lure them back. Kea found most expats follow current events back home, especially stories about natural disasters and sports stars. Financial links, however, are

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not to apply for another five-year fixed term contract at the council. “That five years would have taken me into my 60s, if I was to do that then I would be there till I retire, I thought if I was to do something different I would have to do it now,” Mr Lester lives in Ashburton with wife Robyn, and first on his list of things to do is knee replacement surgery. He will then be looking for a new job or working for himself. He is an accountant by profession and his background has been in both local government and private sector management and financial management. And while he will be an informed ratepayer who takes an interest in council matters, he does not expect he will be one of the more vocal residents of the community. “I won’t be writing letters to the editor,” he said.

$100,000 easy for our expats BY MICHAEL BURGESS AND JOHN WEEKES

following evening and you still only pay for one night,” director Airpark Canterbury prides itself on being the cheapest option for Graeme Harris says. 24/7 airport parking in Christchurch. It is the largest privately owned Airpark Canterbury (Privately owned)

often non-existent among expats. The vast majority have little more investment than a New Zealand bank account. Yet, Kea chief executive, Dr Sue Watson, says she was stunned to find about 40 per cent of expats were considering buying residential property back home. Watson says hubs of Kiwi expats are emerging in San Francisco, Denver, Singapore and Dubai, and their presence in traditional centres like London and the big Australian cities remains strong. Inflation is only one reason for surging expat incomes. In many places, professional Kiwi expats are outperforming natives. Their success is often built on skills learned in New Zealand. - APNZ

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Opinion 10

Ashburton Guardian

Monday, September 2, 2013


Was it a happy Father’s Day? Michelle Nelson CHIEF REPORTER


hy is there so much more hype surrounding Mother’s Day than Father’s Day? Every year we are encouraged to spend up large on gifts for mum, and advertisers have an extensive list of items every mother must have. Fathers’ needs are fewer if advertising reflects the trends; socks and underpants have gone by the board – gifts associated with gardening are in and apparently fathers need tools – lots of tools. What do they do with all those tools? While there are DIY dads out there, most of those I know don’t have time for major projects requiring all manner of gadgets to complete. Electronics are also in hot demand – plasma televisions and such like. Most fathers don’t want their families racking up credit card debt to buy expensive gifts. Fathers obviously mean different things to different people; there are homes with no fathers and others with substitute fathers in residence. And then there are irresponsible fathers; those who don’t make their child support payments. Our lead story today points to an outstanding debt of five million dollars in the Ashburton District alone. That’s a lot of money, and presumably a lot of families are left carrying the can. The local budget advisory service sees a lot more mothers than fathers looking for assistance when the bills stack up, because they haven’t received child support. It’s easy to pass judgment but there are also a lot of liable parents struggling to pay child support while running their own homes. Penalties accrue for late payments and the situation snowballs. Inland Revenue has at last acknowledged this and from April will consider the income of both parents when ordering child support payments and it will amend the penalty formula. Hopefully this will encourage less shirking of parental responsibility.

YOUR VIEW Unbelievable

Poultry show

The council has to be told to use local businesses. You’re kidding me! (Text message)

The Ashburton Fancier’s Society and Poultry Show, held in June, was very successful, attracting entries from all over New Zealand. Although the weather was a bit rough we managed to run the event to our usual high standard. We wish to sincerely thank everybody who helped in anyway, or attended the show. We have personally thanked people we know, but to all others we thank you very much, including all the sponsors, exhibitors and those needed to stage such an event. Brian Glassey Ashburton Fanciers’ Society secretary-treasurer

Resthome priorities How can all the resthome owners expand their existing facilities or build multi-million dollar new facilities and then admit that they struggle to pay their staff a living wage. Something doesn’t add up? Russ (Text message)

Thumbs up I would like to say to New World management what an asset Craig Begg is to the place. He is always friendly and helpful and is certainly good at his job. He has been around for a long time and hopefully that continues. He regards many customers as friends – it’s good to see! Raylene (Text message)

NZTA Submissions It’s hard to imagine that the proposed alterations to West StreetWalnut Avenue junction are not posted on the ADC website. Despite NZTA’s options desecrating the most valued green space in Ashburton – the do-

CRUMB by David Fletcher

main – council once again turns its back on the residents of Ashburton – shrugs it’s incompetent managerial shoulders and considers that because it’s an NZTA project, it doesn’t need to display the concepts currently up for submission. Has anything been learnt from the gallery, second bridge and proposed siting of the sports centre in the domain debacles? Obviously not. What it does show, with 20/20 clarity, is that firstly the council’s improved communications strategy is a joke and secondly ADC lacks an overall vision of the town in which players, like NZTA, should adhere too, when developing proposals. Perhaps given the domain is to celebrate 150 years in existence it is time for it to be legally protected from threats like those above. Unfortunately though, having sat in on the finance and community meeting recently and witnessed such a lack luster, uninspiring, less passionate and lazy performance by both elected

members and managerial staff alike, I hold little hope that such action would eventuate. Ed Gates


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Monday, September 2, 2013

Thoughts on the demise of Shearer

POLL RESULT Yesterday’s result Q: Should schools have

the power to treat headlice among children?

Nick Lindo



he squarest of pegs in the roundest of holes: that was the lot of the late – and latest – leader of the Labour Party. David Shearer (DS) should never, of course, have been put into such an uncomfortable predicament. That he was elected by his caucus – of a meagre 34 MPs – simply to prevent someone else – David Cunliffe (DC) – from getting the job was always a futile exercise and one almost bound to fail. Hindsight. Even with the proverbial “benefit of hindsight”, one did not have to be a gypsy fortune-teller, a deepveined palmist or a highly qualified reader of tea leaves to feel David Shearer might lack the qualifications to make a leader who, in a mere three years, could be expected to conquer incumbent Key and become the next Prime Minister of New Zealand. He was after all, succeeding a leader – Phil Goff – steeped in political experience gleaned over 30 years in the profession but, for all that, lacking the mana, charisma, X or wow factors necessary to appeal to the electorate at large and supplant Mr Key as that abracadabra of politics, “Preferred PM”. Constant cry. In the buildup to Election ’11 the constant cry of the pundits and others was Labour could not win with Mr Goff as party leader. Again, a deep appreciation of the situation was not required for that to become only too obvious and, in the event, accurate. So in the aftermath of defeat,

Phil Goff

Today’s online poll question Q: Have you ever had a

problem with head lice?

CONTACTS News tips Call 03 307-7957 After hours Call 021 585-592 Advertising Call 03 307-7974 David Cunliffe

David Shearer should never have been up as leader of the Labour Party, his lack of political experience was always going to work against him.

Labour turned to a successor who possessed all the those qualities Phil, for all his commitment and “nice guy” image, lacked? Not a bit of it! Instead they quickly found another “nice guy” in exactly the same mould but this one without even a political background. For the extremely limited purpose for which DS got the nod it was sufficient for him not to be someone else, the then suspect David Cunliffe. “ABC” is how the call went; “Anybody But Cunliffe”. Historians will find that

phase of the Labour story hard to comprehend. Now, in a supremely ironic twist of those same tea leaves, it looks more than likely Labour will find itself – under the new democratic voting procedure – led by the abovementioned, David Cunliffe (DC), who may then, for all the reasons David Shearer had no show of doing, vanquish archenemy Key. You have to wonder, don’t you? Had personality issues been less virulent DC could have been well on the way to the top floor of the Beehive by

Classifieds Call 03 3077-900 Missed paper Call 0800 ASHBURTON 0800 274 287

now instead of being nearer the basement. However – and there’s always a “however” – that DC is not the preferred candidate of all and has two rivals for the position – Messrs Robertson and Jones – suggests the “United Front” that might be Labour’s best chance of victory in 12 months’ time is by no means assured. The two losers will have to swallow both disappointment and pride in double quick time if the Labour bandwagon is not to be hobbled, even before it can get into top gear.

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Ashburton College Newsletter R

Individual Excellence in a Supportive Learning Environment ES



Issue 14


2 September 2013

Message from the Principal Kia ora and Greetings Many of you will have read, or will be aware of, the recent Ashburton Guardian headline and the reporting of the College’s most recent Education Review Office, or ERO, Report. Background ERO visited the College in 2010, published their report early 2011 and identified a number of compliance requirements and also identified five key areas for the College to address. These five areas were:


review) systems and tools so, as a school, we are better at measuring and reviewing our own progress; and • we are encouraged to use external agencies to help us address these things.

As your Principal I am happy with much of the progress that we have made in a short time, and I readily acknowledge that a lot has happened and changed in the College in the last four years.

At that time the College offered to be a part of ERO’s new processes and, in accordance with this, regular meetings were held with ERO where we reported on progress and shared data and information.

Like our Board of Trustees and our Senior Leadership Team, I fully accept ERO’s report and findings and I am committed to addressing these areas, before ERO next visits in 2015. I will report back to you on our progress through newsletters or parent/caregiver meetings from time to time.

The Current ERO Report ERO visited the College towards the end of last term. This involved two ERO staff on-site for two days. The current ERO Report contains the following: • positive feedback on the work done and progress made in the areas from the last report; • no issues in the compliance checking; • that, although gains have been made, overall student achievement in NCEA is still not where it should be; • that there needs to be greater understanding and ownership by all staff of the College’s Charter Goals, and longer term plans, which should improve the quality of Annual and Action Plans; • acknowledgement that there has been significant change in the College over the last four years and that some staff have found the pace of change difficult; and • that, as a result, there are teaching staff members who are unhappy with consultation or communication with them and are becoming untrusting of College leadership. ERO states that this is affecting the morale of teaching staff and could affect further development. ERO’s recommendations are essentially that:

Also outlined in his report are the current ERO comments – both positive and those requiring further development. I do not intend to repeat those but, rather to affirm that our Board of Trustees is committed to looking forward. Student achievement is a strong focus for the Board and has been strengthened by regular Head of Faculty reporting to the Board, inclusive of targeted analysis and their Faculty’s actions going forward. In terms of self-review the Board is recommencing work with Al Fone of Sharp Governance. Al Fone is a regular New Zealand School Trustees Association facilitator,

Walnut Avenue Pavilion (opposite the College) John Aitchison Learning Support Assistant, SLSU

Senior Exams As I write this, our Year 11, 12 and 13 students have just completed College exam week and staff have commenced the huge marking task. These exams are important as a benchmark for students as to how they are tracking towards their highest possible outcomes by the end of 2013. Some students will be happier than others. The College appreciates support from parents and caregivers as, together, we encourage attendance, engagement in learning and an application to study which will give the best results possible. Secondary Schools’ Winter Tournament Week Starting from Friday 30 August through to Sunday 08 September twelve College teams, at various times through this week, will be contesting a variety of Secondary School Tournaments at venues in Ashburton, Christchurch, Nelson, Timaru, Oamaru, Dunedin and Wellington. They are all wished positive and successful tournaments Cheers Grant McMillan Principal

working with Boards on a range of governance topics. Alongside of this the Board, College Management and Staff Working Groups have established many initiatives supporting teaching staff professional development and student achievement. It is important too, in our evaluations, that the Board acknowledges the aspects of College life and student outcomes which are going well. To analyse why these are going well enables ‘good’ to be repeated, retained and grown. Equally, evaluation of what is not going well and determining the ‘how to fix’ is imperative and the Board will be re-setting its own short and long-term goals and those for the Principal, as CEO, and the Senior Leadership Team to address and manage. Additional reporting back to the Board will provide a monitoring framework for progress. The Board is committed to high quality outcomes and, despite the areas to work on, there is much development and improvement and this can only be added to by the hard work of a focused staff and Board alike.

Lori Rusbatch

Learning Support Assistant, SLSU

Philippa Williams Philippa is a Teacher of English who has been at College since the start of 2013, in a Fixed Term position. She has been a valued member of the English Faculty in this time and her work in the classroom with students appreciated. Philippa will be missed but is wished well in her newly-won permanent position. We thank her sincerely for her contributions while with us.

College Community Meeting - Invitation Monday 9 September, 7:00 - 8:00pm, Holyoake Auditorium The meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss the College’s ERO Report, to ask questions, and to learn where the College is at and what the College is doing. All welcome – we look forward to seeing you there.

Two cornerstone beliefs shape and guide my thinking: • I believe that our College has all of the necessary abilities, drive, passion and expertise within our staff and our Board, and the support of our community, to address the current challenges in front of us. • And I believe that our students are at least as capable and talented as the students in other New Zealand schools like ours, and the other schools around us.

Robert King

Learning Support Assistant, Community Entry Programme

Staff - Farewell

However, should you want to discuss the Report with me, or have any questions, please contact me (principal@ or 308 4193 extension 2).

Board of Trustees News Grant McMillan in his ‘Message from the Principal’ has covered clearly the background to Ashburton College’s ERO Report, the areas raised in 2010 to address, the actions taken and to be taken.

Wednesday 18 September 2013 Call in at any time between 5:30pm – 7:00pm

The current ERO Report also gives me and our College some clear challenges to address.

• we need to address the issue of teacher morale; • we need to keep improving student achievement in NCEA - but at a faster rate; • we need to further improve our self-monitoring (self-

Kia ora and Greetings

Invitation to College Families and the Wider Community

Both the Board of Trustees and College Leadership accept this report, and are committed to meeting the challenges within it.

These changes have been wide-ranging, including a focus on lifting our NCEA results to addressing our financial deficits; from upgrading our entire computer system to replacing the staffroom; from bringing in a new set of written reports to parents and caregivers on their child’s progress to re-starting the Press Cup Rugby Team. There are dozens of other initiatives – all of which have been the result of willing effort and leadership by College staff members and with the assistance and understanding of families, students and our community.

We have also brought in external advisors and sought external feedback or measures of our performance, and have always looked to being open and transparent.

Health Curriculum – Consultation

Our Response to the ERO Report

• better systems for the monitoring, analysis and reporting of student achievement information • more effective ways to improve the presence, engagement and achievement of Mãori and Pasifika students • Strategic and Annual Plans with appropriate targets for raising student achievement and processes for monitoring and reporting on the outcomes of these • a school-wide process for self-review, and • student achievement in NCEA needed to be improved to more closely match national levels and those of similar schools.

Since then the College has been looking to improve across a number of areas. We have set specific goals and targets for a wide number of aspects. We have worked towards achieving these, meeting or exceeding some and not achieving others – but always looking for continuous improvement.

Staff - Welcome

AshColl Extra News: e-Version As well as reading about the College in the GuardianCollege publication, more College News information is available in electronic copy. It contains additional information on some topics in this news, and additional photos. If you are a member of the public and would like to receive our full electronic copy please contact the College Office on and we will email each issue out to you.

College Ski/Snowboarding 2013 Programme All Year 10 Classes - new date: Thursday 12 September Following weather postponement, all Year 10 classes are now skiing on Thursday 12 September. Year 9 classes and overseas students have completed their ski programme.

Schools are required, at intervals, to consult with their community in relation to the Health Curriculum. The Purposes of this Consultation are to: • determine the Health Education needs of our students; • inform the College Community of the current Health Curriculum; • gather thoughts on what the Community sees should be included in the Health Curriculum; • determine how the Health Curriculum should be implemented. Staff Members will be available to discuss the Health Programme. All welcome – we look forward to seeing you there. Any enquiries to: Trevor Cochrane, Head of Faculty Physical Education and Health, 308 4193, ext 844 or email:

NCEA Examination Entry Fees 2013 and Financial Assistance This Wednesday, 04 September is the final day for: • payment of entry fees • applications for financial assistance Please note: this is the last day that fees can be accepted. Payments can be made at the College Office by Cheque (made out to Ashburton College), Cash, Eftpos, Direct Credit, or paid On-line.

Transition Department News Tertiary Course Planning For 2014 Staff from various tertiary institutions are visiting College between Monday 16 September and Wednesday 16 October to help students with their course applications for 2014. Representatives are coming from Victoria and Lincoln Universities, University of Canterbury, Otago Polytechnic, StudyLink (Student Loans and Allowances) and Otago University.

University and Polytechnic Halls of Residence for 2014 – by Sunday 15 September:

Students applying for Halls of Residence must have their on-line applications completed and sent by 15 September.

Events Calendar September 02

Year 12 PED - Sports Leadership (Achievement Standard), Hampstead/St Joseph’s Schools 04 Year 12 PED - Sports Leadership (Achievement Standard), Hampstead/St Joseph’s Schools 05 12OR - Class Outing, Base Café Toolbox- Teen Parenting Course, 7:30-9:00pm, Turret Room, Menorlue Uniform Clothing Shop Open, from 10:00am – 1:00pm, call at Reception 06 Year 13 Tourism – Antarctic Centre, George Seymour College, CPIT – Christchurch MS-Parkinsons: Street Collection – selected group of junior students 08-10 Year 13 Biology Field Trip, Portobello Marine Laboratory, Dunedin 09 Year 13 TOU, 13 SEP, 13CDV - First Aid Course, St John Rooms, Tancred Street College Community Meeting, Holyoake Auditorium, 7:00pm-8:00pm 11 Sanford Science and Technology Fair 2013, Timaru Year 12 PED - Sports Leadership (Achievement Standard), Hampstead/St Joseph’s Schools 12 Year 10 Classes – Ski/Snowboard Programme, Mt Hutt 11AGR, 11PIA - Farmbikes Course, Ashburton Showgrounds 12OR - Class Outing, Base Café Sanford Science and Technology Fair Prizegiving – evening, Timaru Year 11 CPIT Chemistry Competition, CPIT Campus, Christchurch

Toolbox- Teen Parenting Course, 7:30-9:00pm, Turret Room, Menorlue 13 11AGR, 11PIA - Farmbikes Course, Ashburton Showgrounds 14-15 SISS Ski/Snowboard, Wanaka 16 Year 13 TOU, 13 SEP, 13CDV - First Aid Course, St John Rooms, Tancred Street Newsletter 15 16-20 College Enrolment Week, contributing schools 17 Board of Trustees Meeting, 7:00pm, Turret Room, Menorlue 18 Health Curriculum Consultation, Pavilion, Walnut Avenue, 5:30pm – 7:00pm

Teams at Winter Tournament Week:

Friday 30 August – Sunday 08 September • Junior Basketball, NZSS Junior Zone – Boys and Girls (Dunedin) • Senior Basketball, Boys’ and Girls’ Teams, NZSS Zone 4 (Nelson) • NZ Indoor Bowls Secondary Schools’ Championships (Wellington) • SISS Netball Tournament (Christchurch) • Boys’ 1st XI Football, Jim Wishart Tournament (Christchurch) • Girls’ 1st XI Football, Gary Sowden Tournament (Ashburton) • Boys’ 1st XI Hockey, Johnson Cup (Timaru) • Girls’ 1st XI Hockey, Jenny Hair Tournament (Oamaru) • SISS Junior Rugby Tournament (Christchurch) • Girls’ Rugby, Burnside 7’s Tournament, (Christchurch)

Ashburton College Newsletter R

Individual Excellence in a Supportive Learning Environment ES






Curriculum Related

Australia-New Zealand Big Science Competition – High Distinction

Year 13 Accounting Class Annual Visit to Leech and Partners Ltd College’s Year 13 Accounting class had their yearly visit to Leech and Partners Ltd, Accountants, on Wednesday 15 August where Neil Donaldson, Nick Walls, Debbie Crawford and Rachel Scott kindly shared their knowledge of the accountancy world. Using “Dummy Companies”, the students were shown ‘in real life’ many of the activities they have been learning in class and heard about the many pathways available in a Commerce Career, and the requirements needed to become a Chartered Accountant.

Eighteen College students from Years 9–12 took part in this competition earlier this year, with results recently received by schools. From throughout New Zealand and Australia a total of 45,576 students from 585 schools registered in the competition and our students achieved some excellent results. It was particularly exciting to see three Year 10 students achieve High Distinction, which is a first for College in this competition. High Distinction Award (95–100%) Lucy Clough, Logan Havis, Scott Prendergast.

Annual Music Evening Held on Monday 19 August a night of stunning talent was enjoyed by a capacity audience. Thirty six performances plus the House Fest Competition involved over fifty five students. Our appreciation is given to the judges Rachel Saunders (Ashburton College former student) who graduated from the University of Canterbury with a Bachelor of Music with Honours in Performance Voice; and Ben Christensen – a New Zealand Secondary Students’ and New Zealand Youth Choirs member who trained in Vocal Performance at the University of Canterbury. House Fest judges were Ashburton Music Teacher Fiona Maginness and College Arts Co-ordinator Lyndal Lane.

Appreciation We thank Leech and Partners for once again allowing us to visit their office. The time they give to informing students is very much appreciated.

Distinction Award (85–94%) - Simon Reid. Credit Awards (60–84%) - Ashley Kelland, Scott Kelland, Matt Parker, Jonathon Stevens, Sarah Tiffen, Caitlin Johnstone, Stacey Hopwood.


(Pictured below, left to right): Ross Allott, Rebecca New, (obscured: Melissa Gooseman and Monica Leadley), Paul Nittman, Bradley Chisnall, Mark Mably, Kane Olsen, Sam Whiting, Neil Donaldson (Director, Leech and Partners), Charlie Stewart Morrison.

Aorakimath Competition – Top Results

Most Promising Boy: Margaret Sharp Cup Liam Kennedy-Clark (pictured below).

Bob Docherty – Slogan: ‘I Want Your Kids To Read’ Bob Docherty was a National Librarian for many years and now travels promoting books to young adults. Bob spent all day in the Ashcoll Library on Friday 16 August, promoting books and reading to our students, speaking with ten classes (pictured below). Student feedback was really positive, using words such as: passionate, enthusiastic, informative, cool, great, humorous, imaginative. He created a real motivation amongst many to read.

This competition, held in Timaru mid-August, saw College students gain our best results for a long time, against approximately another twenty five teams from the Aoraki Region.

Most Promising Girl: “Vocal” - Gaye Johnstone Cup Annie McDonald.

House Fest:

1st Green House; 2nd Red House; 3rd Blue House.


First place-getters in the remaining categories: (for full results see Ashcoll Extra News).

Year 10 Team: Winners of the Year 10 Competition, with more than five minutes to spare. Team members: Vlad Barbu, Ashley Kelland, Scott Kelland, Ashley van Staden.

Junior Vocal Solo: Pauline Reynolds Cup Annelise Diamond. Senior Vocal Solo: O’Keefe and Coxshall Cup Liam Kennedy-Clark.

Year 9 A Team: Winners of the Year 9 Competition, with five minutes to spare. Team members: (pictured right, front row, left to right, with the trophy) Oskar McLauchlan, Simon Bennett, Henry Hickman, Cameron Jopson.

Song From A Show: Ashburton Operatic Society Cup Jas Andrada.

Aoraki Secondary Schools’ Ski and Snowboard Championships

Original Composition: Rata Trophy Amelia James and Danielle Rigby. Vocal Duet:

Amelia James, Danielle Rigby.

Best Vocal Group: Moorhead Cup (photographed below, left to right, performing “Mexico”): Abbey Marshall, Carys Morgans, Jackie Tait. Instrumental Solo: AF Chapman Cup

Zac Milne.

Instrumental (two or more): Ryan Strijbis, Savanna Sewell. Liam Kennedy-Clark (pictured left) performs his own composition – ‘Old Pick Up Line’

At this event on Sunday 25 August College was represented by three teams: • Boys’ Ski Team: Flynn Beeman, Jake Beeman, Harry Ferguson, Ben Wakelin. • Mixed Ski Team: Brooke Clark, Ryan Hampton, Jamie Smitheram, Kate Taylor, Sarah Taylor.

Visual Arts Students – Field Trip to Wellington Exhibitions Eleven Senior Visual Arts students and four staff travelled to Wellington for this weekend trip to view a series of Art Exhibitions: • At Te Papa was the internationally touring “Warhol: Immortal” Exhibition (group pictured right). • The “Colour and Light” Exhibition which featured both French and American impressionist artists. Students were able to see a Monet and a Renoir, amongst others. • Wellington City Gallery where two two excellent shows were featured - Shane Cotton’s latest work, “Hanging Sky” and the dark and intriguing photography of Gregory Crewdson. Appreciation is given to the staff: Claire Robertshaw, Jenny Owens, Nicky Lewis and Michael Clark, with Te Hurunui Clarke, for their organisation and participation in the Field Trip.

Arts and Languages Week: 19-23 August We highlight a scene from International Food Day on Friday 23 August. During lunchtime students were able to purchase Indian, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Turkish and German food. With the College’s Blues Band and Jazz Band providing entertainment, a fun atmosphere was created.

Farewell: College farewells Brooke Clark and Jake Beeman from the College Ski Team and thanks them for their participation over the past five years (Pictured right, back row): Ockert Alberts, Hugh Wright, Brooke Clark, Ben Wakelin, Flynn Beeman. (Front row): Sarah Taylor, Kate Taylor, Jake Beeman, Ryan Hampton, Jamie Smitheram, Laurent Fifield, Harry Ferguson.

Canterbury Secondary Schools’ One Day Horse Trials The College Eventing Team travelled to the National Equestrian Centre at McLean’s Island in Christchurch on Saturday 24 August to compete in the above event involving Dressage, Cross Country and Show Jumping, twenty four teams and close to 100 riders. Team members were: (below, left to right) Jaimee Bird on Showtym Image; Megan Harrison on Timunga Skylark; Alisha Bota on Mr Goldstein and Emma Waite on Airborne Majic. Megan Harrison scored the team’s best result in dressage with a score of 35.3 while Emma and Jaimee completed both of their jumping phases as double clears.

Chess Success – Outstanding Results and Nationals Qualification College Chess teams, with coach and teacher Ken Pow, have achieved outstanding successes this season and there is more still to come, with the South Island Trophy Competition early September and later in September the Nationals in Tauranga. Canterbury Chess Programme - a summary of the teams’ successes are: Mixed A Grade Team Trophy winners and have qualified to contest the Chess Nationals in Tauranga later this term. Team members: Vlad Barbu, Devam Pandya, Jessica Pelayo (pictured right accepting the trophy) and JunJun Qin. This is only the third time Ashburton College has won the trophy in its 43 year history. College B Team – B Grade Title Winners B Grade Title winners, defeating the College C Team in the final. Team Members: Jialin Guo, Daniel Clarke and Ashley van Staden formed the backbone of this team, with several players, including Duxley Mui (pictured left, claiming the B Grade Title Trophy), filling the fourth spot as required. The C Team, as runners-up, were well represented by Marc Teves, Jesse Woods, Lewis Potts, Jardin Bramhall, Logan Millar-McArthur and Angela Naui. Pictured: Victorious players and coach at the finals night. Girls’ Team Competition – Canterbury Champions The Girls’ Team defended their title with six wins from six games in the Round Robin Competition. Team members: (pictured left, back row, left to right): Angela Naui, Jessica Pelayo. (Front row, left to right): Megan Somerville, Dominika Van. South Canterbury Competition

• Boys’ Snowboard Team: Hugh Wright, Sam Cleland, Laurent Fifield, Ockert Alberts. Placings: Mixed Team 2nd, behind Geraldine High School. Boys’ Ski Team 3rd

Issue 14

Issue ? 2 September 05 August 20132013

Ashburton College Bi-annual Art Award This competition was open to all students and was part of the College’s biannual Arts and Languages Week celebrations. Students were able to enter up to two pieces of work of any media. College teacher Carrie Whyte judged the entries and indicated it was a challenging role. There were twenty nine entries in total across a range of drawing, painting and photography.

Winners Were:

• Supreme Award: Laura Mackenzie, Year 11 (pencil sketch) (pictured above right) • Year 12/ 13 winner: Carys Morgans, Year 13 (painting/ mixed media) • Year 11 winner: Sally Cunneen, Year 11 (pencil sketch) • Year 9/10 winner: Miriama Charlton, Year 9 (pen/ pencil design)

Aoraki Junior Basketball Tournaments, Timaru Junior Girls’ Basketball Team – Grade Winners The team won all five pool games and then gained at 39-20 win over Timaru’s Craighead Diocesan in the final. Team Players were Libby Mason, Georgina Kelly, Danielle Philip, Grace Wilson, Grace Wills, Serenity Timothy, Hannah Roulston, Charlotte Waddell, Kieren Bell and Sala Bueta (Libby Ross was unwell for this fixture). Players named in the tournament team were Grace Wilson and Kieren Bell. Most Valuable Player was Grace Wilson. Junior Ashburton College Boys’ - finished 3rd in the A

Grade Section ending the day with four wins and two losses.

To top it all off twelve College players travelled also to Roncalli College in Timaru to compete in the South Canterbury Competitions. College again dominated the opposition to take out ten of the top twelve placings – including the top eight! (Pictured right, left to right): Victorious competitors at the South Canterbury competition. JunJun Quin, Marc Teves, Daniel Clarke, Lewis Potts, Devam Pandya, Jessica Pelayo, Vlad Barbu, Jialin Guo and Ashley van Staden.

Rangiora High School/Ashburton College Winter Sports Fixture – Overall Win to College All fourteen activities were hosted by Ashburton College, on Thursday 22 August, with an overall win to College by 10 wins to Rangiora High Schools’ 3 wins and 1 draw. The sports involved this year were Basketball (Senior and Junior Boys), Football (Girls’ and Boys’ 1st XI), Hockey (Girls’ and Boys’ 1st XI), Rifle Shooting, Netball (Senior A, Senior B, Year 10A, Year 9A), Rugby (Under 15 Boys’ and 2nd XV) and Squash (Boys’ Team).

Litolff and Dawe Cup – Canterbury School Teams’ Time Trial Cycling Championships Coach Don Kirdy advises that three College teams contested this competition, each of which gained a credible fourth placing from strong fields. Teams members were: • Senior Boys’ Team – Josh Connor, Sam Cullimore, Josh Donaldson, Brendan Whalley. • Senior Girls’ Team – Frances Smith, Isabella Smith, Julia Tarbotton. • Boys’ Under 16 Team – Kees Donaldson, Ryan Jackson, Bailey Kershaw.

World 14 Ashburton Guardian

Monday, September 2, 2013

In brief


Mandela discharged Nelson Mandela has been discharged from hospital, the South African presidency says, more than two months after the critically ill former president was admitted. “Madiba’s condition remains critical and is at times unstable,” the presidency said in a statement, referring to the 95-year-old statesman by his clan name. Mandela returned to his home in Houghton, Johannesburg, yesterday. - DPA

Mosque shooting Gunmen have killed five worshippers at a Sunni mosque in Baghdad, the latest in a surge in violence that has sparked fears of a return to all-out sectarian war. The militants fled the scene after carrying out yesterday’s attack, which came during early morning prayers in the predominantlyShi’ite neighbourhood of Baghdad Jadidah, in the capital’s east, two security officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity. One worshipper was also wounded in the shooting. - AFP

Syria strike on hold A US Air Force plane takes off from the Incirlik airbase, southern Turkey, yesterday.

US President Barack Obama has postponed threatened missile strikes against Syria in a risky gamble that he can win more support for his plan to punish Bashar al-Assad’s regime. To general surprise, the US leader broke with decades of precedent to announce that he would seek approval from Congress for action against Syria’s alleged use of chemical weapons. This effectively pushed military action back until at least September 9, when US legislators return from their summer recess. Obama insisted that he reserves the right to strike regardless of Congress’ decision, and a White House official said the pause would also allow him

time to build international support. The Arab League meets in Cairo today and is expected to condemn Assad, and Obama travels to Russia next week for a G20 Summit which will now be overshadowed by the crisis. But the toughest battle, and perhaps the most dangerous for Obama’s credibility, may yet be with his own former colleagues in Congress, where support for missile strikes is far from assured. Indeed, observers warned that he faces the same fate as Prime Minister David Cameron, who on Friday lost his own vote on authorising military action in the British parliament. “The chairman of the joint chiefs has informed me that we are prepared to strike whenever

we choose,” Obama warned, in an address given in the White House Rose Garden. “Moreover, the chairman has indicated to me that our capacity to execute this mission is not time sensitive. It will be effective tomorrow or next week or one month from now.” At least five US warships armed with scores of Tomahawk cruise missiles have converged on the eastern Mediterranean ready to launch precision strikes on Syrian regime targets. And France says it is ready to deploy its own forces in the operation. In Damascus, the mood had been heavy with fear, and security forces were making preparations for possible air strikes, pulling soldiers back from po-

ap photo

tential targets. Residents were seen stocking up with fuel for generators in case utilities are knocked out by a strike. The United States, faced with an impasse at the UN Security Council and the British parliament’s shock vote, has been forced to look elsewhere for international partners. Officials said Obama would lobby world powers on the sidelines of next week’s St Petersburg G20 summit, while at home the White House was reaching out to lawmakers. Obama’s Democrats control the Senate but the House of Representatives is in the hands of his Republican foes and both sides are divided on the issue, making the outcome uncertain. - AFP


Quake near China’s Shangri La kills five An earthquake has hit a remote part of southwest China near the popular tourist area of Shangri-La, killing five people and injuring 24 more, state media says. The earthquake in Yunnan province on the border with Sichuan province sparked landslides, blocked roads, trapped tourist buses, cut off communications and toppled or damaged tens of thousands of homes in the mountainous area. The driver of a tourist bus died and three tourists were injured as falling rocks smashed into the vehicle, said the official Xinhua news agency. Three other tourist buses were trapped by landslides

triggered by the quake and aftershocks, Xinhua said. In total, Xinhua said 24 people including seven tourists were injured. It did not reveal the nationality of the wounded tourists. The 5.8-magnitude quake, which struck at 8.04am on Saturday, was centred on Yunnan’s Benzilan town, the US Geological Survey (USGS) said. It was about 10 kilometres deep. The quake toppled 600 homes and damaged more than 55,000 others, forcing over 9,000 local residents to relocate, Xinhua said. Photos posted online showed soldiers helping to evacuate an injured woman, and damaged vehicles.

State television showed clouds of dust rising from landslides on green mountains, and pieces of broken cement that had fallen from buildings. “During the earthquake this morning, the swaying the county felt was relatively severe,” Xinhua quoted Liao Wencai, deputy party secretary of Deqin county, as saying. Benzilan is in Deqin county, roughly 60 kilometres from Shangri-La county, which is named after the fictional mountain paradise in the James Hilton novel “Lost Horizon”. Local officials borrowed the name to attract more tourists to the area, which hosted around 7.6 million travellers last year.

Shangri-La itself was little affected, residents said. More than 200 aftershocks had shaken the area, but measured no higher than a magnitude of 4.9, the China Earthquake Network Center said. The earthquake was the second in the area in four days, after a 5.1-magnitude quake on Wednesday. In July, twin quakes killed at least 95 people in China’s western Gansu province. A magnitude 6.6 earthquake in Sichuan province killed about 200 people earlier this year, five years after almost 90,000 people were killed by a huge tremor in the same province. - AFP

Three years for rape An Indian court has sentenced a teenager to three years in a detention centre over the fatal gang-rape of a student, prompting the victim’s angry family to declare women are “not safe in India”. The juveniles’ court found the teenager guilty at the weekend over the brutal assault on a moving bus in New Delhi last December, in the first and long-delayed verdict on the incident that sparked outrage over India’s treatment of women. The family of the 23-yearold victim reacted with anger and dismay, calling for the teenager to be hanged and reigniting debate about whether India is too lenient on its juvenile offenders. - AFP

Royal car sold The description “one careful lady owner” particularly applies to a Daimler car auctioned for more than £40,000 ($A69,970) - as it once belonged to the Queen. Complete with a space to accommodate the royal handbag, the 2001 Daimler Super V8 LWB limousine was owned, and driven by, the Queen for three years until 2004. It was sold at the weekend by auction house Historics at Brooklands in Surrey and fetched a hammer price of £40,500 - a figure which is subject to commission and does not include the buyer’s premium. - PA

Broadcaster dies Veteran broadcaster Sir David Frost has died from a heart attack aged 74, his family says. Sir David died at the weekend on the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship, where he was due to give a speech. Known for incisive interviews with the leading figures of his time, and perhaps most famously disgraced US president Richard Nixon, Sir David spent more than 50 years as a television star. British Prime Minister David Cameron was quick to send his condolences. Frost’s Sunday morning interview program Breakfast with Frost ran on the BBC from January 1993 until May 2005. - PA

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Monday, September 2, 2013


Yesterday’s top 5 stories on

1. Dave Cull is mayor of...? a. Invercargill b. Queenstown c. Dunedin The Ashburton College junior boys’ and girls’ basketball teams line up for a team shot. They both did Mid Canterbury proud on Friday night when they won their grades at the South Canterbury junior competition and as of last night were battling it out on the courts in Dunedin for the South Island Secondary School Junior Basketball Tournament.

2. Which disease was confirmed in three cases at Lincoln University recently? a. Hepatitis A b. Hepatitis B c. Diabetes type 2 3. In which year did Crick and Watson claim the discovery of the structure of DNA? a. 1949 b. 1951 c. 1953

5. Which of the following did not star in the first Godfather movie? a. Al Pacino b. Robert de Niro c. Marlon Brando 6. Who wrote Bridget Jones’s Diary? a. Helen Fielding b. Gemma Jones c. Mary Wesley 7. Jack Dorsey was involved in the development of...? a. Facebook b. Google c. Twitter 8. Which electorate does MP Jo Goodhew represent? a. Selwyn b. Rangitata c. Rakaia



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4. Which is not a type of NZ native beech tree? a. Green beech b. Red beech c. Silver beech

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1. Ashburton couple assaulted in home 2. Rugby Results 3. 140 years and still going strong 4. Crucial game for College 5. Film pays homage to Ashburton cyclist


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Vegetable hash fritters

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Magnificent Mid Canterbury

4 medium potatoes mashed 1 tin of creamed corn 2 grated zucchini 1 diced red capsicum 1 finely diced onion 4 size 7 eggs 1 small handful of chopped parsley Salt and pepper

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■ Combine all of the ingredients in a bowl. ■ Heat a little oil in a pan. ■ Cook individual fritters by placing heaped desert spoons of the mixture around the pan. ■ Cook for 3-5 minutes then turn with an egg slice and cook for a further 3 minutes or until ready. ■ Serve with salad and your favourite dipping sauce. Recipe courtesy of

Answers: 1c. 2a. 3c. 4a. 5b. 6a. 7c. 8b.

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Monday, September 2, 2013


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310813-KC-079 310813-KC-097

Top left: Ashburton College halfback Jason Street prepares to pass. Top right: Ashburton College’s Lance McKay has caught the ball but won’t catch the flying Dunstan defender. Above: Ashburton College’s Paul Mareko can only watch on as Dunstan’s winger bombs a certain try. Left: Mid Canterbury Eastern’s Sam Willis hits a volley on goal. Below: Ashburton College players Romeo Touli (from left) and Harry Ferguson congratulate Mathew Iakopo on scoring a try


Ashburton College’s Nathan McCloy winds up for a shot on goal. 310813-KC-111


Monday, September 2, 2013

Ashburton Guardian 17



Above: Methven’s Sally Williams makes a play at an interception from Hampstead’s Meg Ashworth. Below: Methven players acknowledge a moment’s silence before their semifinal against Hampstead. 310813-KC-135

Above: Methven shooter Rebecca Robinson pivots to put up a shot against Hampstead. Right: Hampstead’s Nicole Hands passes up court against Methven.


Below: Allenton’s Natasha Waddell gets to the ball at the same time as Hampstead’s Meg Gilbert.


Hampstead’s Beth Stringer makes a pass against Allenton. 310813-KC-027

Travel 18 Ashburton Guardian

Monday, September 2, 2013

Wondrous sights such as these are slightly removed from the usual hot tourist spots.

Don’t stop at Uluru and Alice


he big rocks get all the attention, but there’s more to Central Australia than Uluru and Kata Tjuta. Visitors flying into Alice Springs over the MacDonnell Ranges glimpse some of those other wonders. Don’t shortchange yourself. Get out into this jawdropping landscape that once contained seabeds, alluvial plains and mountain ranges as high as the Himalayas. Today the “West Macs”, the George Gill Range and the rest are worn down into chains of stripy hummocks that lie on the earth like knuckles on a table. If Uluru is the Red Centre’s heart, Alice Springs is its hub, with enough glitz and action to keep urbanites entertained. But now you’ve come all this way, make sure you see more than the rock and the town. Central Australia was shaped over hundreds of millions of years: give it a week to work its magic on you. Kings Canyon (Watarrka), a cleft in the southern end of the George Gill Range, is about five hours’ drive southwest of Alice. Did I mention the flies? No? Before you leave Alice, buy a fly hat. You’ll be grateful for its

The tourist hotspots are all well and good but if you want to experience the real Australia you have to step off the beaten track, as Jenny Tabakoff found out recently. gauze that separates you from the insects that swarm determinedly into eyes, nose and mouth. Fly hat on, you’re ready to begin the easy creek walk into Kings Canyon. It follows a dry watercourse but there’s moisture underground, as evidenced by the multitude of trees and plants - relics from an ancient time when all the rivers ran in this part of the world. Before long you’ll reach a raised platform, ideal for dramatic shots of the canyon’s rim that yawns 270 metres overhead. Those with energy and half a day can climb the stairs to the Rim Walk. The initial steep ascent leads to a path that skirts the canyon’s rim towards the Garden of Eden, where emerald cycads surround a natural pool. Cue photos of red cliffs, green vegetation and bright blue skies. You might think that once you’ve seen one gorge you’ve seen them all, but each is different. Standley Chasm (known as Angkerle to the Aboriginals),

created by ancient floodwaters churning through a mountain, is a narrow alley that lights up when the sun is directly overhead. Make sure you’re inside at noon. Simpsons Gap is a V-shaped chink in the West Macs. A short walk takes you into its heart between soaring red sandstone walls. The waterhole looks tempting - and was a lifeline to hot Aborigines and early European explorers - but it’s a sacred spot and swimming is prohibited. If all the gentle walks into gorgeous gorges with waterholes (Ormiston and Glen Helen are two more) give you a taste for more extensive outback treks, note that the 223km Larapinta Trail winds past Simpsons Gap and Standley Chasm. Maybe next time ... Even in winter the days get warm, so swim where cultural sensitivities allow. Ellery Creek Big Hole is an expansive waterhole, surrounded by yet more battered cliffs, that is fed by Ellery Creek, a tributary of Finke

River. A dip in the surprisingly cold water will remove that film of red dust. As you drive along the Larapinta Highway, or the 220km Mereenie Loop dirt road, the desert oaks and hummocky mountains may seem familiar. That’s because this is Albert Namatjira country: the Aboriginal artist from Hermannsburg, who mastered European watercolour techniques in the 1930s, precisely recreated the landscape’s reds, khakis and purples. After a couple of days out here it’s easy to see brothers, sisters, snakes and lizards in the natural formations, and the patterns of indigenous art in the desert oaks, spinifex and dust. You can drive yourself through the Red Centre, of course, but a four-wheel-drive tour booked through professionals is good value (especially considering the cost of fuel) and takes away the hassle and fear-factor. It can also get you to places that are either inac-

cessible to the public or involve some degree of difficulty. Wayoutback Desert Safaris promises “authentic outback experiences” in 4WD trucks with a guide/driver, staying at remote sites where you can sleep in a bed in a permanent tent, or outdoors in a swag. Passengers travel in small groups with good food and creature comforts, but no pampering. The guide is a hard-working mine of information, capable of driving a gaggle of city-slickers hundreds of kilometres, walking in and out of canyons, standing on the roof of the truck to stack firewood, and superintending a three-course campfire meal while talking about the stars and the medicinal uses of local plants. Dinner is a delicious stew and a fruity dessert damper, both cooked in camp ovens over glowing mulga coals. As the lavender twilight turns to velvety black, a dingo howls in the distance. It’s time to wander down a track to the corrugatediron shower with a bang-on view of the Southern Cross. Then just curl up in your swag and sleep easy in the red dust under a glittering chandelier of stars. - AAP

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A cluster of islands steeped in history


ear-round residents are scarce, but the Isles of Shoals come alive in summer with a rich blend of history, science and scenic beauty that has long inspired artists and writers. Since English explorer Captain John Smith spotted them just under 400 years ago, the cluster of nine small islands - five in Maine, four in New Hampshire - evolved from a rough-and-tumble 17th-century fishing outpost to a posh Victorian-era vacation destination. Today, a cutting-edge marine research lab run by Cornell University and the University of New Hampshire overlooks the stone foundation of 19th century poet Celia Thaxter’s cottage and her restored flower garden on Appledore Island. Across the harbour on Star Island, the island group’s last remaining hotel beckons with its wide wooden porch and rockingchairs arranged to take full advantage of the ocean view. This summer’s offerings include everything from photography and painting to international affairs. There’s a “paranormal adventure weekend,” a conference on “the mysterious and misunderstood world of mushrooms,” and a host of family, adult and youth conferences, several focused on religion or spirituality. Until a few years ago, only conference participants could stay overnight at the hotel, but it’s now open to individuals and families for “personal retreats” if space allows. But don’t expect to be whisked back to the golden age of grand hotels; the furnishings are sparse and shabby, bathrooms are down the hall, and showers, allowed on alternating days, are in the basement. There are no locks on the door and some rooms lack electrical outlets, though you can charge your cellphone at the front desk. The fact that my family’s recent stay coincided with a youth conference - think slamming doors, pounding feet and

This peaceful seaside retreat in New England echoes an earlier era.

The 140-year-old Oceanic Hotel on Star Island has been hosting summer conferences on the island since 1915. Until a few years ago, only conference participants could stay overnight at the hotel, but it’s now open to individuals and families for “personal retreats” if space allows.

yelling in the hallways late into the night - further contributed to what my husband called the “bad dorm” atmosphere. But others take a kinder view. “I sort of look at it as faded glory, because you go up the staircase and you can see how grand it was, and how a person could make an entrance. But there’s a faded part,” said Ann Beattie, of Stratham. “It’s like camping on the ocean.” Beattie, who was leading a conference for the Isles of Shoals Historical and Research Association during our stay, had read a bit about the islands’ history before making her first trip to Star about 20 years ago and was so enchanted she’s returned as often as possible. “It was almost like this magic went up through the ground through my feet. I could imagine people walking around here

in Victorian clothing, I could imagine the fishermen out on the rocks in the 1600s,” she said. “Being where it happened made me feel like the history was alive.” Betty Olivolo, from Maine, said she used to pride herself on never vacationing in the same location twice. But after attending a Star Island retreat 15 years ago, she has come back every year. “A lot of it is the people ... amazing friends. It’s kind of like going to an adult camp, you want to go back and see your friends,” she said. “And it’s the amazing scenery. I’m a photographer, and no matter how many trillion pictures I’ve taken on Star Island there’s always another angle.” The hotel’s sloping lawn dominates one side of the island, while the back features

paths that wind through lowgrowing brush to the ocean, where seagull chicks scurry into crevices and waves crash against the rocks. A small chapel sits on the island’s highest point, surrounded by a handful of stone cottages, one of which houses a tiny museum. There’s a small marine lab with salt-water tanks and terrariums, and guests can rent row-boats to explore other islands. Aside from a few private homes, Appledore Island also features the Shoals Marine Lab. While marine biology students research the movement of invasive seaweed, changing bird populations and other topics, other students participate in archaeological digs on Appledore and nearby Smuttynose Island, the scene of a grisly 1873 murder that spawned what newspa-

pers at the time called the “trial of the century.” University of Southern Maine professor Nathan Hamilton, who directs the island archaeology programmes, also gives tours of Appledore for guests visiting from Star Island. His next project includes excavating the site of an art studio used by Childe Hassam, one of the foremost American impressionists. Hassam was a close friend of Thaxter, whose father was the lighthouse keeper on White Island when she was a child and who later attracted members of Boston’s literary and artistic societies to her family’s hotel on Appledore Island each summer. Hamilton says plans are in the works for an art exhibition featuring the various places Hassam painted, including Appledore Island. - AP

Aussies spend up on overseas travel


ustralians are the second-heaviest spenders on overseas travel, according to a new study. The Visa Global Travel Intentions Study 2013 reveals that Aussie travellers are second only to those from Saudi Arabia when it comes to holiday spending. We cough up an average of $A4265 on each trip, the study has found.

That’s roughly twice what travellers from the Asia Pacific spend ($1980), and far above the global average ($2475). Saudi Arabians spend the most when travelling abroad, with an average of $6905 per trip. In third spot are Chinese travellers, spending approximately $3961. The study also confirmed our addiction to holidays, finding that 98 per cent of Australians

have made overseas “leisure trips” in the past two years. That’s far higher than the global average of 79 per cent. “The results show international travel to be a priority, which may hint to the strength of the Australian dollar when travelling abroad,” Vipin Kalra, country manager for Visa in Australia, said in a statement. But despite our willingness to spend up big on internation-

al travel, we’re still conscious of costs. The study found that when Australians pick a holiday destination, good value for money is the biggest factor (38 per cent). Value is closely followed by travelling to visit their family and friends (35 per cent) and jetting off for good food experiences (34 per cent). As for our favourite spots, the

US and New Zealand tie as the most popular choice for Aussies for trips taken in the past two years (both at 21 per cent). Next was Singapore (20 per cent), then the UK (18 per cent), followed by Thailand (16 per cent). * The Visa Global Travel Intentions Study 2013 surveyed 12,631 travellers from 25 countries, including 500 in Australia. - AAP

Sport 20 Ashburton Guardian

In brief

Monday, September 2, 2013


Lower grade results

(Team) Mid Canterbury Wairarapa Bush King Country Thames Valley Buller South Canterbury East Coast West Coast Horowhenua Kapiti North Otago Wanganui Poverty Bay

The Mid Canterbury Development Squad suffered their first loss of the season going down to Cantabrians Under 19 26-36 at the Ashburton Showgrounds on Saturday. In the curtain raiser the Mid Canterbury under 14s upstaged Marlborough 25-24. In Dunsandel the Mid Canterbury 48kg side beat Ellesmere 19-14 but were beaten 12-24 by North Canterbury.

Harbour snatch a draw

P W BP Pts 2 2 1 9 2 2 1 9 2 2 0 8 2 2 0 8 2 1 1 5 2 1 1 5 2 1 0 4 2 1 0 4 2 0 2 2 2 0 2 2 2 0 2 2 2 0 0 0

It might not have been a victory but North Harbour gained some pride with a late try to gain a deserved draw with Northland in a drama-packed thriller at Albany on Saturday night. Down 8-20 at halftime in their fourth game in 14 days Harbour tied the score two minutes from the end when Francis Saili laid on a try for wing Nafi Tuitavake and Jon Elrick converted. Wing Rupeni Caucaunibuca raced 60m for one try, and barged through tackles to make it a double for Northland. - NZH

Henry helping Pumas Sir Graham Henry had an effect on the Pumas after their mauling by the Springboks - and is continuing his efforts to make the Argentine team more ambitious. While his technical adviser role is more about mentoring than running the side, the early lineout try against the Boks in the return match in Mendoza had his DNA all over it. He has also been working with the coaches on how to be more competitive at the breakdown. Last year’s involvement was more stopstart; this year, he will be with the team for the duration of the Rugby Championship. - NZH

Wanganui struggling There was more turmoil in round two of the Heartland Championship on Saturday. King Country were second-to-last with only one win last year but have started the 2013 season by beating both last year’s Meads Cup finalists, handing East Coast a 24-13 loss in Te Kuiti after beating Wanganui at home in round one. Seven-time Meads Cup finalists Wanganui have started the eighth year of the competition with consecutive losses after being bounced by Buller 15-11 as the TAB’s long-shot outsiders tipped up the short odds favourite. Mid Canterbury were joined at the top by Wairarapa Bush after they secured a bonus point 32-12 win over the highly fancied West Coast, scoring three tries when the West Coast had a man in the bin. South Canterbury held off North Otago 21-15, with the Hammers having a second shot at the Hanan Shield for the season in round five.

Improvement needed Wellington are going to have to stop making life so tough on themselves when they finally come up against some of the heavy-hitters in the ITM Cup this season. After cruising past the underwhelming Counties Manukau and Taranaki in their first two outings, Wellington stumbled to a pair of victories this week over Championship opposition and didn’t look flash in the process. They held off North Harbour 35-27 on Wednesday and were made to work for a 42-15 win over Manawatu yesterday. - APNZ

Heartland Championship Round 2 Horowhenua Kapiti v Mid Canterbury 9-13@Levin South Canterbury v North Otago 21-15 @Timaru Poverty Bay v Thames Valley 18-27 @Gisborne Buller v Wanganui 15-11 @Westport King Country v East Coast 24-13 @Te Kuiti Wairarapa Bush v West Coast 32-12 @Masterton Mid Canterbury’s Murray Williams takes on the Horowhenua-Kapiti defence in the second round match of the Heartland Rugby Championship in Levin. PHOTO SCOTT CAMERON HOROWHENUA CHRONICLE

Hammers go two from two BY JONATHAN LEASK


Mid Canterbury celebrated James Carr’s 100th game with a hard-fought 13-9 win over Horowhenua-Kapiti in the second round of the Heartland Rugby Championship in Levin on Saturday. An apparent technological glitch helped Mid Canterbury seize the advantage, but their defence was responsible for the win. “Horowhenua played pretty well, they are a good side and got up on us a little but to be fair if we lost it would have been

our own doing,” assistant coach Geoff Frew said. The scores were locked at 3-all when a Mid Canterbury lineout throw from the centurion Carr was apparently called not straight by the referee’s assistant but the communication devices weren’t working. The referee made no call and the Hammers, playing to the whistle, swept up field and scored the lone try of the game through second five eighth Esera Lauina. “We only got the one try and it was a good try. We like to air the ball a bit but we bombed a

few when we had the line open.” The Murray Williams conversion put Mid Canterbury up 10-3 but the hosts knocked over a second penalty to close the gap before halftime. In the second half the sides traded a penalty each, with Williams adding to his first half goals. Horowhenua had a number of attacking raids but each one was halted by the Hammers, but they couldn’t crack the Horowhenua defence either. “Our defence was fantastic again. We haven’t done a lot of work on it it’s just having that

trust in each other and looking in front to see what’s there.” Frew said the set pieces improved again and across the park the team took a step forward in the performance, one that had special meaning to Carr. “Jimmy played a good game and that’s just the character of the guy. He just wanted to get on with it and get the win and deal with the 100th afterwards,” Frew said. # Mid Canterbury 13 (Esera Lauina try; Murray Williams con, 2 pen) beat Horowhenua Kapiti 9 (Adrian Curry 3 pen). HT: 10-6.


Monday, September 2, 2013

In brief


Golden pair strike again BY ANDREW ALDERSON It wasn’t so much what men’s rowing pair Hamish Bond and Eric Murray said after completing a record 16th consecutive international regatta victory; it was the reaction of their peers. During 15 minutes next to the New Zealand tent post-race, at least a dozen fellow rowers from around the world approached to ask for handshakes, autographs and pictures in an outpouring of awe. There can’t be many more satisfying rewards for the toil required in never having an off day in five seasons of competition. Sure, there’s the public adulation and endorsement deals that come with winning Olympic gold, but Murray says it’s gratifying having those who go through the same pain looking to benefit from your aura. “I’ve been in that position. It reminds me of getting back home last year and heading back to the communities that supported us. Without them watching, rowing’s dead.” Few of their five world championship (four in the pair, one in the coxless four) have come in more emphatic style. South Korea was added to a passport of triumph which includes Germany (2007), Poland (2009), New Zealand (2010) and Slovenia (2011). The atlas of achievement also includes World Cups in Germany, Switzerland and Britain as well as the London gold. They triumphed by a margin of 6.76s (about three lengths) over France, with the Netherlands third. New Zealanders in the crowd were treated to a blast

Ashburton Guardian 21

of the Patea Maori Club’s Poi E through the loudspeakers to mark the moment before the medal ceremony. Bond and Murray edged ahead at the 500m mark before extending that lead throughout. “I put in a request yesterday to the weather gods for a head wind and my prayers were answered,” Bond joked. “It made the race long and

hard. They’re the conditions we’d back ourselves in most.” Murray pinpointed the middle 1000m as the defining factor. “That’s been our forte where we build a speed unsustainable for anyone else. The others slowed and we maintained exactly the same splits.” Bond said the re-

cord was a mark of their consistency. “It’s not easy to be up for racing every single time. Once you add in heats and semifinals, that makes for more than 40-times in a row. I think we’ve always been sure that even in our not-so-good races we were good enough to win. “The key to success is a small variation in performance. The streak is a by-product of that.” - NZH

Clean sweep on court Ashburton College claimed a clean sweep in the South Canterbury Secondary School Basketball league on Friday night winning all four grade finals. The Ashburton College junior girls were first on court and beat Roncalli 28-21 to get the ball rolling for the junior boys to then beat Timaru Boys’ High School in convincing fashion 43-20. The senior finals were played at the same time and had the same result, a win to college for the clean sweep. The senior boys overturned two regular season losses to Timaru Boys to lift the premiership title with a 67-64 nail-biting win while the senior girls outclassed Craighead 51-38. College also had all-four MVP awards with Gareth Hunt in the junior boys, Liberty Ross in the junior girls, Josh Stempa in the seniors boys and Tessa Morrison the senior girls.

Warriors up, then down Regrets? The Warriors will have a few. Their playoff chances took a massive blow last night when the Cowboys beat the Sharks 31-18 and notched their fifth-consecutive win to take one giant leap closer to a spot in the finals. It has put the squeeze on the Warriors, who now need to beat the Dragons in Wollongong next Saturday and pray either the lowly Wests Tigers or Eels can beat the Cowboys or Knights. Pray because both the Tigers and Eels have looked ordinary all season. Saturday night’s impressive 50-16 defeat of the Raiders only heightens the disappointment. They were breathtaking at times, scoring brilliant long-range tries and playing with a tempo most teams would struggle to contain. - APNZ

Fox comes up trumps

Eric Murray, left, and Ashburton’s Hamish Bond at the medal ceremony for the men’s pair final event of the World Rowing Championships in Chungju.

Kiwi golfer Ryan Fox yesterday claimed his biggest win of his short pro career, taking out the $200,000 Jeep Pro Am at Royal Pines in Queensland. After closing with a seven under par 65 to post a 15 under par total, Fox faced an agonising wait to see if the score would be good enough. It wasn’t quite, with a three-way playoff eventuating, but Fox didn’t let that faze him, making a birdie on the first hole of a sudden death playoff to take the spoils. - APNZ

Titans stun Roosters


Hawke’s Bay crashes Tony Brown’s party BY PATRICK MCKENDRY Hawke’s Bay ended 44 years of Ranfurly Shield hurt and added another chapter into Otago’s own Log o’ Wood misery in Dunedin yesterday. The Magpies last lifted the Shield in 1969 and the celebrations will continue long into the night after their 20-19 success at Forsyth Barr Stadium in front of a noisy crowd of 20,000. The majority of the support under the roof was for Otago, who lost the Shield in their first defence since beating Wai-

kato in Hamilton nine days ago. Otago had last held the Shield in 1957 - who knows when they will next win it. Otago first-five Hayden Parker was the unfortunate villain. In the final seconds he had a chance to win the game with a dropped goal but waited too long and his eventual effort, after a long series of rucks, was charged down. Earlier, he missed a conversion from a handy angle which also would have won Otago the game. Referee Mike Fraser will also

be in the spotlight for failing to penalise Hawkes Bay prop Ben Franks for attempting to kill the ball in a ruck when right in front of his own posts as the minutes ticked down. The ruckus will mean little to the Magpies, though, who face Counties Manukau in their first defence on Saturday. “I’m just so happy I really don’t know what to say,” said captain Mike Coman (pictured left). “I’m just so proud for the province, they’ve been desperate for this occasion.” - APNZ

The Sydney Roosters’ indifferent form at the back end of the season has continued when an injury-hit Gold Coast side sealed one theIR best ever results with a 30-22 win yesterday. Brad Takairangi, released by the Roosters earlier this season to make way for Michael Jennings and Sonny Bill Williams, scored the decisive try to put his side in front before Dave Taylor iced the result with an effort under the posts in dying seconds. - AAP

Federer up for showdown Roger Federer is eager to rekindle his rivalry with Rafael Nadal for the first time at the US Open in what would be a blockbuster clash at night, when he has been virtually unbeatable. The 17-time major winner could face Nadal in the quarter-finals with the dream match-up almost certain to take place under the lights of Arthur Ashe Stadium, where Federer has won 22 of 23 matches. - AFP

Racing 22 Ashburton Guardian

RESULTS The weather was fine and the track dead for the Methven Harness at Methven yesterday. RACE 1 - HORNBY WORKING MEN’S CLUB MBL PACE, $6500, 2300m 8-8 Light The Fuse (3) L O’Reilly 1 2-2 Bad Girlsrbest (5) J Dunn 2 10-10 Singer Su (7) P Wakelin 3 Scr: Cimarron. Also: 1-1 Penzance Bromac, 9-6 Sombrero Man, 3-3 Diplomat, 4-4 Cheyenne Warrior, 12-12 Lottie Franco, 5-7 Toppathepark, 7-9 John Doe, 11-11 Cavalli Woman, 6-5 Private Jones. 3-1/2L, 1-1/4L, 1/2 nk. Time: 3:06.60. MR: 2:10.60. Last 800m: 60.70. Win: $24.50. Pl: $5.30, $1.80, $6.20. Q: $61.50. Tri: $1929.90 (3,5,7). Tr: Greg Tait, Ashburton. Breeding: 7 g Washington VC-Maid In Minutes. RACE 2 - CASHMERE CLUB & LYTTELTON CLUB TROT, $6500, 2400m 1-1 Fancy Pants (13) C DeFilippi 1 9-10 Filigree Sheree (8) A Tomlinson 2 7-6 Last Love (1) B Orange 3 All Started. 3/4L, 2L, 4-1/2L. Time: 3:20.20. Last 800: 65.00. Win: $3.20. Pl: $2.00, $5.40, $4.00. Q: $38.90. Tri: $739.10 (13,8,1). First4: $2850.20 (13,8,1,3). RACE 3 - ASHBURTON RSA & RANGIORA RSA PACE, $6500, 2400m 1-1 Johnny Eyre (9) R Holmes 1 7-8 Franco Tyrone (5) J Dunn 2 6-6 Spanish Lustre (3) D Dunn 3 Scr: Scotty’s Image, Threebee, Back Pay. Also: 5-5 Bold Lustre, 10-10 Eastwood Seelster, 4-4 Rock Till You Drop, 2-3 Prince Of Persia, 3-2 Seven Blue Chips, 12-12 Taia’s Kid, 13-13 Coyote, 8-7 Imaginary Life, 9-9 Maybe Foxy, 11-11 The Big Bite. 1/2L, Hd, 3/4L. Time: 3:13.90. MR: 2:10.00. Last 800m: 62.10. Win: $2.80. Places: $1.70, $4.30, $3.60. Quinella: $30.70. Trifecta: $505.90 (9,5,3). First4: $2671.40 (9,5,3,8). Double: $11.30 (13+/9+), $37.00 (13+/5). Treble: $764.90 (3/13+/9+). RACE 4 - KAIAPOI WORKING MEN’S CLUB MOBILE PACE, $6500, 2300m 7-6 Hit The Spot (7) G O’Reilly 1 5-5 Levels Legacy (6) P Davis 2 1-1 Juicy Odds (11) S McNally 3 1/2L, Nse, 1/2L. Time: 3:06.70. MR: 2:10.60. Last 800m: 60.70. Win: $15.00. Pl: $3.30, $2.90, $1.60. Q: $94.90. Tri: $785.10 (7,6,11). F4: $2000.70 (7,6,11,9). Trainer: Simon Adlam, Ashburton. Breeding: 4 m Bettor’s Delight-Tuapeka Christa. RACE 5 - ASHBURTON CLUB LIQUOR CENTRE HANDICAP TR, $7500, 2400m 2-2 Whata Gamble (5) S Smolenski 1 6-6 Rebma (6) A Tomlinson 2 3-3 Mamselle (8) C DeFilippi 3 Scr: All Shook Up. Also: 1-1 Live The Dream, 8-8 Glendaloch, 4-5 Franco Nadal, 9-9 Barneys Girl, 5-4 Blackjacky, 7-7 Top Notch Lavros. 3L, 3/4L, 1/2 hd. Time: 3:15.30. MR: 2:10.90. Last 800m: 60.10. Win: $4.10. Places: $1.60, $3.00, $1.60. Q: $32.50. Tri: $246.20 (5,6,8). F4: $966.20 (5,6,8,9). Double: $85.90 (7/5), $45.60 (7/6). RACE 6 - WOOLSTON CLUB PACE, $7500, 2300m 5-5 Royal City (7) M Williamson 1 6-6 Bounty Eyre (4) A Butt 2 2-1 Marilyn Golightly (6) B Orange 3 Scr: Flyin Frances, Cabo Wabo. Also: 4-4 A J Lee, 7-7 President Obama, 1-2 Mossdale Charlotte, 8-8 Shiney Princess, 3-3 Bona Ventura. 2L, 3/4L, 3L. Time: 3:01.10. MR: 2:06.80. Last 800m: 61.10. Win: $12.20. Pl: $2.70, $2.80, $1.40. Q: $48.10. Tri: $637.80 (7,4,6). F4: $3844.20 (7,4,6,3). Trainer: Maxine Green, Winslow. Breeding: 5 g Courage Under Fire-Centre City. RACE 7 - RICHMOND WORKING MEN’S CLUB PACE, $7500, 2400m 1-1 Mac The Finn (9) A Butt 1 7-8 Machie Mach (8) J Dunn 2 3-3 Beaver Boy (6) R May 3 Scr: Land A Dream. 3/4L, Nk, 3/4L. Time: 3:17.20. MR: 2:12.20. Last 800m: 61.10. Win: $1.50. Places: $1.20, $7.10, $1.70. Quinella: $32.40. Trifecta: $174.30 (9,8,6). First4: $798.00 (9,8,6,4). Double: $26.90 (7/9+), $142.20 (7/8). Treble: $141.80 (5/7/9+). Trainer: Tim Butt, West Melton. Breeding: 4 h Grinfromeartoear-Eilish Finn. RACE 8 - ST ALBANS SHIRLEY CLUB HANDICAP PACE, $10,000, 2400m 5-6 Smoken Roman (2) C DeFilippi 1 4-2 Reklaw Supreme (5) R May 2 8-7 Graceandtemika (3) M Williamson 3 All Started. Also: 3-5 Comply Or Die, 2-4 Highview Teejay, 6-3 Roxy Bromac, 7-8 Lake View, 1-1 Cam Before The Storm, 9-9 Town Icon. 1L, 1-1/4L, Hd. Time: 3:14.20. MR: 2:10.20. Last 800m: 59.40. Win: $8.10. Pl: $2.40, $1.80, $5.50. Q: $20.90. Tri: $742.50 (2,5,3). First4: $3175.70 (2,5,3,9). Trainer: P & L Jones, Yaldhurst. Breeding: 5 g Julius Caesar-Bee Gee’s Copy. RACE 9 - OXFORD WORKING MENS & NEW BRIGHTON CLUB , $5000, 2300m 1-1 Firebreak (10) R Close 1 5-6 Drover’s Eyre (13) C Hunter 2 3-2 Harlow Franco (7) S Ottley 3 Scr: Vice Chairman. 1/2 nk, 1-1/2L, Lg nk. Time: 3:02.30. Win: $3.50. Places: $1.80, $3.10, $2.10. Q: $16.30. Tri: $191.30 (10,13,7). F4: $1555.20 (10,13,7,8). Double: $49.30 (2/10+), $39.00 (2/13). RACE 10 - PAPANUI CLUB INC HANDICAP TROT, $7500, 2400m 1-1 Mayweather (1) M Hay 1 7-7 Anonymiss (6) G O’Reilly 2 4-6 Chiola Belle (12) M Williamson 3 Scr: Sunny Vacation. 3/4L, 3-1/2L, 2L. Time: 3:15.80. Win: $4.90. Pl: $2.10, $3.20, $2.80. Q: $42.70. Tri: $513.60 (1,6,12). F4: $1752.20 (1,6,12,14). Trainer: John Hay, Ashburton. Breeding: 7 g Brylin Boyz-Country Fashion. RACE 11 - CLUBS OF CANTERBURY THANK CLUBS OF NZ MB, $8500, 2300m 1-1 El Fuego (1) N McGrath 1 6-7 Vanilla Rose (4) B Orange 2 4-4 Jeans Mattjesty (6) R May 3 Scr: Black Parade, Dream Gal. 3/4L, 1-3/4L, 3/4L. Time: 3:02.60. Win: $1.60. Pl: $1.40, $3.20, $2.00. Q: $15.00. Tri: $105.70 (1,4,6). First4: $361.50 (1,4,6,7). Quad: $688.60 (2/10+/1+/1+). Place6: $110.00 (4,6,7/6,8,9+/2,3,5/7,10+,13/1+,6,12/1+ ,4,6). Double: $9.90 (1+/1+), $25.80 (1+/4). Treble: $37.40 (10+/1+/1+).

Monday, September 2, 2013

■ METHVEN HARNESS Reklaw Supreme (left) trails in Smoken Roman in race eight, the St Albans Shirley Club $10,000 handicap pace, in the Methven Trotting Club’s spring meet yesterday. The mayor of the Methven track, Ricky May went looking for his customary win in the race with Reklaw Supreme but was beaten to the line by a length by Smoken Roman and Colin De Filippi - the only driver to pick up two wins on the day. It’s a rare occasion that a Meth-

ven meet goes by without May having a winning drive but he had to settle for two placings, coming in third with Jeans Mattjesty in the last race of the day. The grass track, revered as the punters graveyard showed why when the aptly named Light The Fuse started an almost regulation day of erratic results with a $24.50 win in the first of the day, and a good start to the day for driver Leo O’Reilly.

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Smoken Roman runs hot



Waikato RC gallops Today at Paeroa raceway

Waikato RC Venue: Paeroa Meeting Date: 02 Sep 2013 NZ Meeting number: 2 Doubles: 2 and 3; 4 and 5; 6 and 7 Trebles : 1, 2 and 3; 5, 6 and 7 1 12.50pm VISIT WHITIANGA MDN HURDLE $7000, MAIDEN HDL, 2950m 1 52264 Our Destiny m (8) 68.................. C Thornton 2 88268 Skai Glen t (9) 68 ......................... P Ormsby 3 06P13 Cash Kingdom m (11) 68 .......... J Forbes (3) 4 14636 Isdabicky m (4) 68........................S Houston 5 64179 King Piccolo tm (10) 68 ................ M Mitchell 6 4PP09 Chainedinalkatraz (1) 68 ............N Quinn (3) 7 98538 No Credit (6) 68 ................................R Cully 8 90558 Party Horse (5) 68.....................D Miller (a3) 9 33160 Real Treasure m (3) 68 ..................S Phelan 10 Miss Crazy Daisy (2) 66 ..................G Walsh 11 21x14 Shanghi Slow (7) 66............... K Veenendaal 2 1.25pm HISTORIC IMPERIAL RST OPEN HURDLE $12,000, RST OPN HDL, 2950m 1 x404P Joerok tdm (1) 69 ...................... J Forbes (3) 2 12609 Comte de Jeu m (5) 67.5 ............. P Ormsby 3 15217 Shotgun mb (6) 66.5 ....................... I Lupton 4 81250 Atomic Road m (3) 65.5 .............N Quinn (3) 5 1P3L9 Calgacus m (7) 65.5.....................S Houston 6 23108 Toby Cee m (4) 65........................... C Studd 7 1x063 Desert Beau (2) 65 ..........................E Stack


4 32825 Born Happy (4) 56.5...........................J Jago 5 224x Queen Of Excuses b (6) 56.5 .... M Dee (a3) EN STEEPLECHASE $7000, MDN STP, 4000m Bucklebury (5) 56.5 ...........................L Innes 1 34343 McCulley 68 ................................. Scratched 6 2 424F8 Sinista (6) 68 ............................... R Cave (3) 7 8x00. I’m A City Girl (7) 56.5...............J Oliver (a3) 0 Mind Games (2) 56.5 .................. D Johnson 3 300P5 Space Oddity (7) 68 .....................S Houston 8 Macbec (1) 56 ................................. R Jones 4 F656L Marvon Downs (9) 68 ............R Cully 9 5 007PP Asworthy m (5) 68 ........................... C Studd 6 4PP77 Goosebumps m (1) 68 ..............D Miller (a3) 7 86527 Reynards Bro (8) 68............... K Veenendaal 8 335P8 Supercharged m (4) 68 ................ M Mitchell 9 74369 Honey m (3) 66 ............................... I Lupton 10 5P466 Jamie Lee (2) 66 ....................... M Cropp (a) 4 2.35pm THE IMPERIAL IN THAMES OPEN STEEPLECHASE $12,000, RST OPN STP, 4000m 1 4L12L Smoke tdm (5) 69 ...........................G Walsh 2 33F21 Go Jimmy Go (2) 66.5............... M Cropp (a) 3 2L151 Krase dm (7) 68 4 L175P Roberty Bob d (6) 66 .. K Veenendaal 5 6697P Yorkie (4) 66 ......................................R Cully 6 32554 Ayatollah m (3) 65.5 .......................S Phelan 7 3L128 The Rose tdm (1) 65 ....................... I Lupton 5 3.10pm BARBARA L ANDERSON FAMILY TRUST MAIDEN 1150 $7000, MDN, 1150m 1 253. Summer Dale (3) 58.5.....................S Collett Rory Hutchings will be hoping to sa2 9x603 Ready To Rocknroll (10) 58.5 .. P Turner (a1) lute the judge at the Waikato Racing 3 Rocky Road (8) 58.5 .............. A Forbes (a1) Club’s meeting at Paeroa today.

M9 Palmerston North dogs


9x Shez Bubbly (9) 54 ................ K Chiong (a4)

6 3.46pm HOTEL IMPERIAL MAIDEN 1350 $7000

1 85384 He’s Myn (8) 58.5 .......................M Cameron 2 9x43 Wickedly (5) 58.5 ........................ C Dell (a1) 3 60477 Blackwood (7) 56.5 ........................... D Hain 4 0 Boomo (2) 56.5 ...................... A Forbes (a1) 5 07 Julieta (4) 56.5 ........................... M Dee (a3) 6 0 Pretty Duckies (3) 56.5 ................... R Jones 7 63 Ngatira Gold (9) 56 .....................T Thornton 8 5 High Tower (10) 56 .......................... C Grylls 9 Hawkish (6) 56 .................... R Hutchings (a) 10 5. En’joyour Lindauer (11) 54 ........J Oliver (a3) 11 Classy Act (1) 54.............................S Collett 7 4.18pm PENINSULA MOTEL RATING 65 1670 $7000, Rating 65 Benchmark*, 1670m 1 71480 Beverley Beck m (1) 59 ...............T Thornton 2 20869 Rainmaker (9) 58.5 ................... A Collett (a) 3 1230x Bellazeel b (5) 58 ...............................M Hills 4 62199 Beau Ransom tm (8) 57.5 ..........M Sweeney 5 3x10 Lady Sayyida (10) 56.5 ..............M Cameron 6 26341 Seams Like Magic (7) 56 .... R Hutchings (a) 7 30602 Postage m (2) 56.................... K Chiong (a4) 8 56456 All About Fun m (4) 55 ............ P Turner (a1) 9 7x406 Marain (3) 54............................ B Grylls (a2) 10 0x786 Money Bags m (6) 54................. M Dee (a3) Blinkers on : Shez Bubbly (R5), Lady Sayyida (R7)

Today at Manawatu Raceway

Palmerston North Greyhounds Venue: Manawatu Raceway Meeting Date: 2 Sep NZ Meeting number: 9 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; 11 and 12 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 10, 11 and 12 1 12.01pm (NZT) AWAPUNI DASH C0 C0, 375m 1 x5355 Little Legs nwtd ................................P Taylor 2 8637 Shiny Upsome nwtd .................A Duganzich 3 684F Pats All Round nwtd ..........................J Black 4 431 Individual Lily nwtd ...........................L Ahern 5 53472 Coyote Caught Ya nwtd ............E Duganzich 6 552 Stiff Drink nwtd F & ........................Turnwald 7 22221 Exponential Lily nwtd .......................L Ahern 8 87667 Addis Mate nwtd .......................A Blackburn 9 58444 Big Job Jonesy nwtd ............J Woolston-Bell 10 43676 Groovy Leo nwtd .......................J McInerney 2 12.20pm WOODVILLE SPRINT C1 C1, 375m 1 6314 Showem Baby nwtd .................A Duganzich 2 25265 Homebush Anabel 22.49 ................. C Clark 3 7515 Ten Eleven 22.24 U & ................ McCracken 4 27421 Your On Fire 22.06 ..................... B Johnston 5 1111 Explodable nwtd...............................L Ahern 6 34437 Snap To It 22.23 ..........................T R Pilcher 7 52645 Thrilling Halo 21.80 .......................M Gowan 8 26467 Flirt Academy 21.88 U & ............ McCracken 9 38548 Mr. Majestic nwtd ..............................J Black 10 66258 Face The Demon nwtd ...................... R Hunt 3 12.39pm J P PRINT (PETONE) C1 C1, 375m 1 23677 Dogged Dan nwtd ............................. R Hunt 2 12231 Lockett In Eddie 21.79 .....................L Ahern 3 54526 Opawa Patch nwtd ........................... C Clark 4 14624 Another Drink nwtd ...................J McInerney 5 42412 Rebel City 22.07 .............................. S Clark 6 23812 Sarah’s Cool nwtd F & ...................Turnwald 7 65673 Chelsea’s Beauty 21.75 ............... T Downey 8 23821 Cool Heir 21.80 U & ................... McCracken

9 38548 Mr. Majestic nwtd ..............................J Black 10 74354 Kotumba 22.03 L & ............................ Morris 4 12.59pm MANAWATU RACEWAY STAKES C1, 457m 1 7111 Mercenary 26.25 F & .....................Turnwald 2 7618 Spot On Maggie nwtd ..............A Duganzich 3 14361 King Lumpy 26.45 F &....................Turnwald 4 53822 Runs Like Al nwtd ........................... C Brider 5 25211 Speedy Feet nwtd ..................... K B Benson 6 74441 King’s Legacy nwtd ...........................J Black 7 2212 Thrilling Bert nwtd ........................... K Walsh 8 22224 Belldeen nwtd ..........................A Duganzich 9 54387 Eunuchs Luck 26.76..................A Blackburn 10 63852 Cawbourne Anna nwtd..............J McInerney 5 1.17pm PETER SINCLAIR PHOTO FINISH C2, 375m 1 33612 Another Becky nwtd ..................J McInerney 2 32848 Gone Awol nwtd ........................J McInerney 3 25441 Ya Laughin’ 21.95 ..........................B Mitchell 4 42811 Almost Got It 21.77 U & ............. McCracken 5 13334 Queen Cobra 21.84 ......................... A Clark 6 61112 Viva Vane nwtd................................. S Clark 7 47561 Working Camarade nwtd.............B Goodwin 8 68837 Smidged 22.03 ..............................A Speight 9 77445 Yaldhurst Edward nwtd..............J McInerney 10 66553 Cawbourne Kim nwtd ................J McInerney 6 1.43pm MARTON STAKES C2 C2, 457m 1 42634 Bigtime Tip 26.79 .............................L Ahern 2 15643 Sydenham Opal nwtd G & .............. J Clarke 3 32675 That’s King nwtd..........................B Hodgson 4 61361 Queen Rowdy nwtd..........................P Taylor 5 21142 Boston Chanel 26.10 F & ...............Turnwald 6 63143 Iva Cunning Plan 26.76 .......................A Lee 7 45143 Summer Tension nwtd..............E Duganzich 8 24154 Thrilling Ava nwtd ............................B Marsh 9 66553 Cawbourne Kim nwtd ................J McInerney 10 67435 Upahut Cindy 26.47 ....................B Hodgson

7 2.08pm ASHURST DASH C3 C3, 375m 1 13387 Cawbourne Reeah nwtd ...........J McInerney 2 15235 Peno Boy nwtd ..................................J Black 3 85118 Snuffalopogas 21.72 ........................L Ahern 4 25427 Uno Green 21.74 ............................S Maher 5 84154 Thrilling Terror 21.78 ........................G Quirk 6 67748 Fire Boy Baxter 21.55 ...............J McInerney 7 5x313 Know Fault nwtd.............................G Cleeve 8 66115 Homebush Coco 22.11 .............J McInerney 9 45253 Creme Da Genes 21.90 ...................L Ahern 10 21476 Emma Marie 21.77....................... T Downey 8 2.27pm WWW.RACINGDOGS.CO.NZ C4 C4, 375m 1 62767 Little Blackspot 21.27 D J & ...J M MacAuley 2 24517 Know Wisdom nwtd........................G Cleeve 3 12563 Know Lies nwtd ..............................G Cleeve 4 84615 All The Rage 21.91 U & ............. McCracken 5 51125 Miss Foxy Minx 21.56 G & .................Denby 6 56251 Hot King Cole 21.84 .........................L Ahern 7 46738 Uno Allegro 21.56 ............................L Ahern 8 34111 Shanghai Sam 21.36 .......................L Ahern 9 75862 Trendy Knocka’s 21.65 .....................L Ahern 10 47463 Cosmic Fury 21.65 ...........................L Ahern 9 2.53pm NZRS ADVANCED C4-C5 FINAL NZRSf, 457m 1 72742 Grizz 26.10....................................... S Clark 2 31462 Thrilling Blitz 26.14........................... S Clark 3 54173 Rodriguez 26.79..................................A Lee 4 12711 Rene Ranger 26.13..........................L Ahern 5 62173 Call Me Ralph nwtd G &.................. J Clarke 6 48311 Know Escape 25.87 .......................G Cleeve 7 31121 Speed Legend 25.71...................B Hodgson 8 37132 Hello Ello 26.12 .......................... B Johnston 9 34873 Space Race 26.49 .................. T McCracken 10 63324 Know Class 25.92 ..........................G Cleeve 10 3.21pm SHANNON DASH C5 C5, 375m

1 14655 Ever So Hopeful 21.63 G & ................Denby 2 31353 Charming Nev 21.60 ........................L Ahern 3 26121 Daddy Lowe 21.17 ...........................L Ahern 4 41377 Red Moova Hoova 21.60 G & ............Denby 5 33234 Thrilling Havoc nwtd .........................G Quirk 6 25132 Moulin Blue nwtd F & .....................Turnwald 7 11335 Drysdale 21.51 ....................................A Lee 8 24122 Darlyne Ottey 21.34 .........................L Ahern 9 17751 Kiwi Girl nwtd ....................................J Black 10 81777 Wise Crack Lad 21.76 .....................M Olden 11 3.39pm FEILDING STAKES C4/5 C4/5, 457m 1 47312 Bumpa Sticker 26.57 ........................L Ahern 2 24626 Cob Webber 25.91 F &...................Turnwald 3 45581 Ate Power nwtd F & .......................Turnwald 4 71711 Mammy Brown 26.15 .......................L Ahern 5 41432 Oscar Tuivasa 26.54........................L Philips 6 22145 Indiana Izmir 26.08 F & ..................Turnwald 7 35253 Bigtime Jet nwtd...............................L Ahern 8 52263 Laugh Like Santa 26.07 ...................L Ahern 9 62715 Necter 25.85 ...............................B Hodgson 10 56426 Snow Phoenix nwtd U & ............ McCracken 12 4.00pm FOXTON STAKES C2/3 C2/3, 457m 1 28753 Deceiver 26.24 ................................M Olden 2 22211 Graduation nwtd...............................L Ahern 3 63854 Crushed Monkey 26.34 U & ....... McCracken 4 32387 Ode To Liberty 26.42........................R Waite 5 74262 Mi Ti Pa 26.26 ..................................L Ahern 6 11113 Thrilling Brave 26.29 ....................... K Walsh 7 64443 What’s Up Gee nwtd ........................L Ahern 8 78416 Big Token nwtd ..........................J McInerney 9 36558 Tenkay Down nwtd ......................S Drysdale 10 67435 Upahut Cindy 26.47 ....................B Hodgson LEGEND: fsdt - First Start Here nwd - No Win this Distance fstd - First Start This Distance 31 13 - Best Winning Time This Track


Monday, September 2, 2013

Ashburton Guardian 23

In brief

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Erakovic into third round Kiwi tennis No 1 Marina Erakovic and doubles partner Cara Black are through to the third round of the US Open doubles after a straight sets win. The 13th-seeded pair defeated Varvara Lepchenko (United States) and Saisai Zheng (China) 6-1 7-6 (5) and will now face second-seeded Russians Ekaterina Makarova and Elena Vesnina. As a team Erakovic and Black of Zimbabwe have reached three WTA doubles finals since May as well as the quarter-finals of the French Open. - APNZ

Carrington takes bronze Lisa Carrington has won bronze in the K1 500m yesterday at the ICF Canoe Sprint World Cham-pionships in Duisburg, Germany. Her time of 1.58.619 left her 0.3 seconds off the silver medal and 1.2 seconds away from gold, which was claimed by Hungarian Danita Kozak. Carrington took on the 500m race in an effort to gauge how she would go at the Rio Olympics and it appears she may be in a position to take on the 500m on top of her favoured 200m event in 2016. - APNZ Methven centre Kylie Copland looks for a passing option against Hampstead in the premier netball semi-final on Saturday. Photo Kirsty Clay 310813-KC-152

Round three for Celtic-Methven By Jonathan Leask

Celtic and Methven will go head-to-head for a third straight year in the premier netball final. The 2011 winners Celtic on Saturday claimed a 13th straight win, beating College A to advance to the final where they will meet defending champions Methven which powered past Hampstead. In the first semi-final Celtic continued their clinical run through the 2013 season, setting up a shot at a premier title and a perfect season with a comprehensive 40-17 win over College. “We were pretty pleased with

what was a polished performance,” Celtic coach Angela Leadley said. “College put up a fight and their shooters were very accurate but I think our experience is what got us over the line.” Leadley was more impressed with the way they got the win than it being a 13th straight, with the next win the only one that matters. “The 13 before doesn’t really matter now its finals time when everyone brings their A game.” Celtic know exactly what to expect, meeting Methven for a third straight year in the final. Methven may have timed

their title defence to perfection putting in a convincing performance to comfortably beat Hampstead 27-16. Hampstead started strong to take an early 3-0 lead but with the last goal of the quarter were only up 6-5. The Methven defence then applied the screws and allowed their attack to go on a sevengoal run before Hampstead could put a goal in, one of only two in the second quarter as Methven muscled their way to a 14-8 halftime lead. Methven had the momentum and pushed out to a 10-goal lead in the third quarter up 23-13 and



Ashburton Racecourse Sunday September 8th short and long courses Enter online at Proudly sponsored by


produced another dominant defensive effort while showing patience in possession in the final quarter restricting Hampstead to three goals to win 27-16. In the consolation match United A couldn’t send retiring coach Karla Newlands out on a winning note, held to a 21all draw with College B, a week after a 19-all draw with Hampstead saw them miss the semifinals by a single point. In senior B defending champions Collegiate A will take on Rakaia A in the final. Collegiate A edged out Celtic B 27-25 while Rakaia outclassed Methven B 32-24.

Cup rivals target USA Luna Rossa skipper Max Sirena admits it was no easy task to convince his team to get back on the water this week and lend Emirates Team New Zealand a hand with their America’s Cup preparations. Ousted 7-1 in the Louis Vuitton finals, the Italian team were looking forward to packing up and going home, having barely had a day off over the past six months. But Team NZ were keen to get in some more practice racing ahead of the Cup showdown against Oracle Team USA, beginning next week. Sirena generously agreed. His crew and shore team took a bit longer to come around. “I can tell you it was not easy to convince 80 people to keep going, especially to help the team that just beat you in the final,” said Sirena. “But I think in the end everyone understood why we are doing it. The reality is we all need New Zealand to win the Cup and we must do what we can to help them.” - NZH

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Monday, September 2, 2013 PUBLIC NOTICES



Photo Kirsty Clay 310813-KC-004

Intercept helps Hampstead to the title

Hampstead A’s Emma McDowell claims the intercept during the senior A final against Allenton A on Saturday. Hampstead A took out the top grade in Mid Canterbury junior netball taking out the senior A final with a convincing 24-16 win over Allenton A. Methven A denied the Hampstead double winning senior B with a 24-18 win over Hampstead B and St Joseph’s Blue edged out the Allenton Crusaders 16-14 in Senior C. The Intermediate grades both featured magic, where the Netherby Magic was undone by Southern C 16-5 in Intermediate A while the Allenton Magic were too good for Longbeach A 24-5 in the Intermediate B final. Methven Hammers claimed the Junior A title after a 14-11 win over Tinwald School B and with a comfortable 20-6 win over Longbeach B the Netherby Diamonds won Junior B.

Langman first on the team sheet By Michael Burgess It’s just as well Laura Langman (right) seems immune to injury, as no player in New Zealand netball will carry a greater burden over the next 12 months. She famously hasn’t missed a game for club or country since, well forever, and that trend will need to continue over the next year. Langman was already the go-to

girl in the middle of the court for the Silver Ferns, the main driver on both attack and defence, but the recent withdrawals of Camilla Lees and Kayla Cullen, coupled with the unavailability of Liana Leota have changed the equation. It gives the midcourt a raw look, not what you need ahead of a five test series against Australia, with three of those games to be played across the Tasman. - NZH

Hinds Squash Rackets Club Incorporated, 20 Rogers Street, Hinds 7747 has made application to the District Licensing Agency at Ashburton for the renewal of a Club Licence in respect of the premises situated at 20 Rogers Street, Hinds and known as Hinds Squash Rackets Club. The general nature of the business conducted (or to be conducted) under the licence is- Sports Club. The days on which and the hours during which liquor is (or is intended to be) sold under the licence are: Sunday, Monday 10.00am to 10.00pm Tuesday and Thursday 11.00am to 11.00pm Wednesday 12 noon until 1.00am the following day Friday, Saturday 11.00am to 12 midnight The application may be inspected during ordinary office hours at the office of the Ashburton District Licensing Agency at 5 Baring Square West, Ashburton. Any person who is entitled to object and who wished to object to the grant of the application may, not later than 15 working days after the date of the first publication of this notice, file a notice in writing of the objection with: The Secretary Ashburton District Licensing Agency P O Box 94 ASHBURTON This is the first publication of this notice.


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TUESDAY 9.30am ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Walking group meets outside church, 48 Allens Road, Allenton. 9.30am M.S.A. TAI CHI CLUB. Stretching exercise for all abilities. M.S.A. Social hall, Havelock Street. 10.00am

9.30am - 10.30am AGE CONCERN ASHBURTON. Ladies exercise classes. Senior Centre, Cameron Street. 10.00am CARDIAC COMPANIONS. Fortnightly meeting, social exercises and speakers. Buffalo Lodge Hall, Cox Street.

10.00am METHVEN HERITAGE CENTRE. New Zealand and Agriculture Encounter, interactive fun for all ages. Art Exhibition, Russell Clark’s Gold Rush panels. Main Street, Methven. 10.30am - 11.30am AGE CONCERN ASHBURTON. Men’s exercise classes. Senior Centre, Cameron Street.

1.00pm - 3.00pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. Classic aircraft on display including DC3. Seafield Road. 6.00pm ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Real women circuit training in the hall. 48 Allens Road.

7.30pm CATHOLIC WOMENS LEAGUE. Euchre in the Parish Centre, Cnr Burnett and Winter Streets. 7.30pm TINWALD INDO

ASHBURTON NEWCOMERS SOCIAL GROUP. Coffee morning, all welcome. NOSH Cafe, Ashford Village, West Street. 10.00am METHVEN HERITAGE CENTRE. New Zealand and Agriculture Encounter, interactive fun for all ages. Art Exhibition, Russell Clarks Gold Rush Panels. Main Street, Methven.

10.45am M.S.A. TAI CHI CLUB. Maintenance class and exercises. M.S.A. Social hall, Havelock Street. 11.00am - 3.00pm TE HUB. Seeds, seedlings, workshops, Enviro centre. 35 Dobson Street West, Biograins building. 12noon - 3.00pm ASHBURTON JUSTICE OF THE PEACE ASSOCIATION (INC).

Signing centre. Community house, rear of Westpac Bank, 122 Tancred Street. 12.50pm M.S.A. PETANQUE. Come and try Petanque, everyone welcome. Racecourse Road. 1.00pm - 3.00pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. Classic aircraft on display including DC 3. Ashburton airport, Seafield Road.

1.30pm R.S.A. CARDS “500” R.S.A. Cox Street. 7.00pm ASHBURTON PARENTS CENTRE. Guest speaker - Pat Penrose, childhood development. Netherby shopping Centre, Chalmers Avenue. 7.30pm - 9.30pm MID CANTERBURY BADMINTON. Great fun, everyone welcome, racquets provided. Sports hall, 35 Tancred Street.

Puzzles Monday, September 2, 2013 CRYPTIC ACROSS 1. Military musicians are not however the ringleaders (11) 8. It is among half the farces one quotes (5) 9. Allow one to get in deep trouble and it will weaken (7) 10. A branch of knowledge niece arranges with gas (7) 11. Baby-carrier must, or kindergarten will reveal it (5) 12. Greedy eater allowed to be product of farrow (6) 14. Journalist tried to let nothing upset him (6) 18. Fifty on the brink of its projecting at some length (5) 19. What the traveller said wasn’t true, but it answered (7) 21. Farcical presentation of care had to be sorted out (7) 23. Telegraph involves rating in semicircle (5) 24. Girl with crook and how she sped her way South (11) DOWN 1. Lends one’s support to look of angry cats (5,2) 2. Gaining, tax paid, some open material (7)





















21 22

3. Adult male thus included one to work at the stone (5) 4. In old Japanese currency tot up what will depress one (6) 5. Former spouse pretended to have been laid bare (7) 6. To issue a writ is enough for Susan, in short (3) 7. Sport loudly begins to rake around (5) 13. Bring one up at being held by French schoolchild (7) 15. Small measure of spirit needlewoman may need (7) 16. Degree of embarrassment


needs sorting out in riotous extremes (7) 17. The hinder part is not enough for a pair of trousers (6) 18. Turns the key on ‘Hair’ (5) 20. He sets running rate with a step right at the end (5) 22. No clever person will be returned in Congress after all (3)

QUICK ACROSS 1. Prompts (4) 8. Burn (10) 9. Disengage (8) 10. Female relative (4) 12. One-eyed (6) 14. Rules (6) 15. Moralistic rebuke (6) 17. Incite (6) 18. Continent (4) 19. Followers (8) 21. Out of order (2,3,5) 22 Fret (colloq) (4)


CRYPTIC Across: 1. Lance-corporal 9. Gold-mines 10. Cocoa 11. Shaft 12. Merriment 13. Assonant 15. Turn-up 18. Ensign 20. Move over 23. First-rate 24. Terse 25. Drama 26. Loitering 27. Steppingstone Down: 1. Legislate 2. Nullahs 3. Emmet 4. Ointment 5. Pastry 6. Rectitude 7. Lectern 8. Grant 14. Negotiate 16. Porbeagle 17. Cohesion 19. Surpass 21. Vertigo 22. Gallop 23. Fudge 24. Tress QUICK Across: 1. Gung ho 5. Rancid 9. Tussle 10. Glance 11. Pure 12. Hobbling 14. Closes 16. Rebels 19. Old style 21. Imam 22. Thrift 23. Intent 24. Eldest 25. Gentry Down: 2. Unusual 3. Gospels 4. Overhasty 6. Ad lib 7. Confide 8. Dredges 13. Burdening 14. Chortle 15. Ordered 17. Built-in 18. Learner 20. Tiffs

DOWN 2. Disorderliness (10) 3. Audible exhale (4) 4. Daunted (6) 5. Respond (6) 6. Living thing (8) 7. Departed (4) 11. Direct (2-8) 13. Compassion (8) 16. Close (6) 17. Gambol (6) 18. Swear (4) 20. Chatters incessantly (4)



SUDOKU Fill the grid so that every column, every row and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.



YOUR STARS by Forecasters

ARIES (MAR 21 – APR 20) It’s on the professional and income fronts that something new is emerging, with the confidence to see just how many options you have on all fronts. TAURUS (APR 20 – MAY 21) You’ve reached a point in the year where you need to have some clear boundaries, especially if you want to have it all. GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 22) With Venus’ return to your work sector next week due to open new doors on the work front there’s a need to define your income objectives first. CANCER (JUNE 22 – JULY 24) You have a nose for money when you need it most, allowing you to pick your battles wisely and establish exactly where the money is. LEO (JULY 24 – AUG 23) Recent work tension is already turning into a new sense of confidence, at a time when there is still an opportunity for second chances. VIRGO (AUG 23 – SEP 23) There is a sense of adventure in the air as you start to wake up to what you may be missing out on, especially when it comes to all work and no play. LIBRA (SEP 23 – OCT 23) It’s by listening to your professional instincts that you’re able to decided what needs action now and what is more a long term objective. SCORPIO (OCT 23 – NOV 24) As professionally focused as things have become, hold on to a sense of adventure and the daydreams inspired over the last few days. SAGITTARIUS (NOV 24 – DEC 21) Hold on to the financial instincts and clues the Moon leaves you with, for this gives you an intuitive read on a shift that has taken place. CAPRICORN (DEC 21 – JAN 20) As the Moon leaves your relationship sector this will mark the end of a major process of getting everything out in the open. AQUARIUS (JAN 20 – FEB 19) As the Moon leaves your work sector hold on to the valuable clues and hunches gained over the last few days, as the pace also eases back. PISCES (FEB 19 – MAR 20) With life getting busier and relationship building just as important, work to ensure you have the right balance between work and play.

phone 0900 85000


Family Notices 26 Ashburton Guardian








Monday, September 2, 2013

Paterson’s Funeral Services. FDANZ, Ashburton KEEPA, Dawn – A dearly loved friend. Will never be forgotten. Now at Rest. Arohanui, Judy and the late Mason

Celebrate and honour your loved ones

Please note all late death notices or notices sent outside ordinary office hours must be emailed to:

to ensure publication. During office hours notices may also be sent to:

Any queries please contact 0800 ASHBURTON (0800-274-287).

Wanted the right person for the job

MURDOCH, Kenneth John (Ken) – Passed away 10 years ago today and now resting in peace with mum, dearly loved and missed by Shiree (London), De-Anne and Bevan Burgess, Arlene and David McCrea and families. Loss leaves a heartache no one can heal, Love leaves a memory no one can steal.

Ra n










THURSDAY: Showers clearing and southerlies dying out.



bur to


Midnight Tonight




GREEN, Alan James – Thanks to everyone for joining our family in giving Alan the most awesome send off. Jasmine described it as a “Fun”-eral. Alan had pleasure in preparing his send off, with a service that brought special memories, laughter and smiles. A big thank you to our friend John Lobb who spent many hours putting together a fantastic viewing on the big screen of Alan’s wonderful life. And also many thanks to Linda and Roger at Paterson’s Funeral Services, Pastors Rob and Jenny Davison, Robin and Julia the ladies who helped with afternoon tea, also the district nurses and shower ladies Margaret and Sue and all hospital departments involved. We appreciated the visits phone calls, letters, cards, flowers and food. Special thanks go to Dr. Murray Wackrow for his friendship and care of Alan over the years. It sure was a great “Time To Remember”, much love Joan, William, Wendy and Phillip, Jason and Jasmine.

Deadline 2pm prior publication day

Canterbury owned, Locally operated. Office and Chapel Corner East and Cox Streets, Ashburton When the need arises PHONE 307 7433

Waimate less than 30 fine

30 to 59 fog

isolated snow thunder flurries

Guardian Classifieds

sleet thunder

For all your memorial requirements New headstones and designs Renovations, Additional inscriptions, Cleaning and Concrete work Carried out by qualified tradesmen.

60 plus



Mainly fine with morning frosts, but areas of low cloud developing in the evening south of Christchurch. Northeast breezes.

NZ Today

FZL: 2400m

Fine and frosty, but areas of cloud developing about the divide in the evening. Wind at 1000m: Light winds. Wind at 2000m: NW developing, rising to 35 km/h in the evening.

TOMORROW Fine apart from morning low cloud or fog about the coast. Northerlies, dying away for a time during the day.


FZL: Gradually lowering to 1600m


Showers clearing later and southwesterlies dying out.

Rain, turning to snow during the morning, easing to a few showers in the afternoon. Cold S developing, gale in exposed places.



Mostly fine. Light winds.

World Weather fine fine rain drizzle fine showers showers thunder fine rain fine fine fine cloudy cloudy

Mostly fine. Cold gale S turning W.

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7:20 1:41 7:50 1:56 8:01 2:20 8:29 2:35 8:42 2:59 The times shown are for the Ashburton River mouth. For the Rangitata river mouth subtract 16 minutes and for the Rakaia river mouth subtract 6 minutes.

Rise 6:59 am Set 6:07 pm


few showers


mainly fine




mainly fine






mainly fine








mainly fine


mainly fine

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Bad fishing


Rise 4:43 am Set 2:57 pm

New moon

Bad fishing


Bad fishing

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First quarter

Full moon

13 Sep 5:10 am

19 Sep 11:14 pm

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Ashburton Airport Temperature °C At 4pm 13.7 14.1 Max to 4pm 2.5 Minimum -1.5 Grass minimum Rainfall mm 0.2 16hr to 4pm September to date 0.2 Avg Sep to date 2 2013 to date 615.6 463 Avg year to date Wind km/h NE 19 At 4pm Strongest gust NE 30 Time of gust 10:55am

Christchurch Airport

Timaru Airport

12.0 12.9 -0.9 –

10.6 12.0 -1.7 -4.9

13.3 14.0 -2.9 –

0.0 0.0 – 1181.5 –

0.0 0.0 1 492.2 444

0.0 0.0 1 391.4 330

E 13 – –

E 20 NE 37 11:14am

E9 E 17 2:58pm


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Palmerston North mainly fine

A few showers about the divide, a dusting of snow to 1400m. High cloud further east. Wind at 1000m: NW breezes. Wind at 2000m: NW 40 km/h dying out and SW 45 km/h developing.


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Monday, 2 September 2013

Tomorrow, the ridge over the South Island drifts northwards as a trough approaches southern New Zealand. A low should form on the front as it moves over the North Island on Wednesday, followed by strong, cold southwesterlies. On Thursday and Friday, disturbed southwesterlies continue.

mainly isolated cloudy drizzle drizzle few showers fine showers clearing showers

Rain in the morning, easing to showers. Snow lowering to 200 metres. Strong cold southwesterlies developing.

307 7900

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WEDNESDAY: Rain easing to showers. Strong S developing.

Braebroo k Dr

KEEPA, Dawn – On 30 August 2013 peacefully at home “An angel got her wings and God welcomed his daughter home” Loved wife of the Late Archie. Loved mother of Tia and Al (Nelson), Rongomai and Gendi (Turangi), Joe (Taupo), Eric and Kym (Christchurch), the late Boyd, and Wendy (Gold Coast). Loved and adored Grandmother of her 20 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren (2013). The family welcome you to join them and Dawn at the Hakatere Marae, Fairton from Monday morning onwards. The service for Dawn will commence at the Marae on Wednesday 04 September at 10am. To be followed by interment at the returned servicemen’s section of the Ashburton New Lawn Cemetery Kia rere koe ratou I tua o te pae E Tu I waenganui nga Wairua marama Arohanui ki a koe mama




TOMORROW: Fine spells. Northerlies dying away for a time.









TODAY: Fine. Cloud increasing in the evening. Northeasterly.



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Monday, September 2, 2013


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Ashburton College’s Shalom Pulu on a trademark strong ball carry early in the first half against Dunstan High School, before the loose forward suffered a broken femur in his side’s South Island Co-Ed final win. Photo Kirsty Clay 310813-KC-036

College South Island champions By Jonathan Leask

The Ashburton College 1st XV have continued their historic season, becoming the South Island Co-Ed rugby champions with a 34-10 win over Dunstan on Saturday. A second half blitz booked College’s ticket to the New Zealand top four finals in Rotorua where they will meet the Blues zone winners Tangaroa College from Otara on Friday. It was a massive win for College, the biggest game of sec-

ondary school rugby in Mid Canterbury history, but also featured a big loss. Moments after scoring College’s first try the barnstorming Shalom Pulu suffered a broken leg in what was the turning point in the game. “It could have gone either way for us, but the guys really fired up and wanted to do the job for him,” Ashburton College coach Shane Enright said. “It shows the standard of this team the way they all stood up.” After the lengthy break wait-

ing to stretcher Pulu off to the ambulance, College first-five eighth Nathan McCloy landed his second penalty of the half to put his team in front 11-10 on the brink of halftime, after Dunstan had scored a penalty and a converted try. McCloy’s boot then extend College’s lead with two penalties in quick succession at the start of the second half to go ahead 17-10. Dunstan launched a counterassault but some big goal-line defence denied the visitors be-

fore poor handling helped the hosts as a certain Dunstan try went begging. After that close shave College had their turn on attack and delivered three quick tries, all scored in the right hand corner. Hooker Toafa Touli was the first to dive in, before the prolific try-scorer Setariki Koroitamana had a big hand in two tries. Koroitamana put Xavier Bartlett through a gap in the midfield to run 50 metres untouched and then Koroitamana delivered the offload to Romeo Touli to

run in the final try. The sideline conversion from McCloy then sealed the 34-10 win and a ticket to the top four playoffs. Enright was thrilled with the result but knows another huge step up awaits his side in Rotorua. Co-Ed Results: Blues: Tangaroa: 46-18 Massey High School. Hurricanes: Wairarapa College 16 -13 Wanganui High Chiefs: Manurewa High School 17- 11 St Peter’s Cambridge. Crusaders/ Highlanders: Ashburton College 34 -10 Dunstan High School

Ashburton Guardian, Monday, September 2, 2013  

Ashburton Guardian

Ashburton Guardian, Monday, September 2, 2013  

Ashburton Guardian