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Friday, Feb 21, 2014

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A raid at a second Andrew Street address again failed to nab Ashburton fugitive Christopher Allan Esmy Quinton last night. Armed police officers searched the address about 6pm following a tip-off from the public, but did not find the Ashburton man who has been on the run for nine days. It was the second time since Wednesday last week police have searched an Andrew Street house after a warrant was issued for Quinton’s arrest for family violence offences, including assault on children. “Last night’s search was not at the same address as last week. But we didn’t get anywhere, we are still looking for him and still consider him dangerous so we don’t want the public to approach him,” Detective Leigh Jenkins said. Many Andrew Street residents peered out from their driveways, curious of the events

Ashburton police searched another Andrew Street address last night, but failed to unearth Ashburton fugitive Christopher Allan Esmy Quinton (inset).

unfolding in their typically quiet street. Police were seen talking to several people outside the house. “The occupants were all very co-operative and we didn’t have any issues,” Mr Jenkins said. Ashburton police still believe Quinton is in the Ashburton to

Hinds area, staying close to his support networks. He may have grown a beard to cover his neck tattoo and grown his hair. At night, he could be walking local streets with a hood over his head. Police have asked authorities

to cut off his welfare benefit, believing he will now be desperate for extra cash he usually earned from blackmarket tattooing. Police have asked the public for information after officers and the armed offenders squad spent Wednesday and Thursday night last week searching sev-

eral properties in Ashburton. It is believed members of the public are assisting him. Sightings of Quinton or knowledge on his whereabouts can be reported to Ashburton police on 307-8400, 111 or anonymously on Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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Rudolph the reindeer is having a glittering antler makeover — the latest attempt to halt some of the thousands of road deaths of the roaming caribou in the wilds of Finland. Anne Ollila of the Finnish Reindeer Herder’s Association says the antlers of 20 reindeer have been painted with various fluorescent dyes to see how the animals react and whether the paints are resistant to the harsh Arctic climate. If successful, animals with glittering antlers will be free to roam Lapland — a vast, deserted area in northern Finland where herders tend to some 200,000 reindeer.




Fluorescent antler makeovers may save lives


Friday, February 21, 2014

‘Priceless surprise’ for Lorde Lorde has been named Best International Female Solo artist at the Brit Awards, and she called the honour a “priceless surprise”. Lorde beat Janelle Monae, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Pink to the award, which was given to her during the star-studded Brits ceremony at the O2 in London. The 17-year-old told the crowd: “I’m still so new to getting awards that my brain feels like it’s exploding every time it happens, so forgive me. Thank you to the strong, intelligent, inspiring women in this category. This really was a priceless surprise.” Earlier, Lorde performed with British electro group Disclosure. Introduced by host James Croyden as “two of the biggest new acts to come through this year”, the chilled-out performance was backed by a giant outline of Lorde’s face made of lights. The 17-year-old was dressed in a long, black sequined dress.

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Air New Zealand’s long-haul service has come out on top in a survey by Britain’s largest consumer magazine. Which? magazine surveyed over 12,000 people about their flight experiences, with Air New Zealand coming out joint top with Singapore Airlines for long-haul flights with a satisfaction rating of 87 per cent. Iberia Airlines came out bottom with a satisfaction rating of just 28 per cent. Passengers were asked to rate their overall satisfaction and the likelihood of recommending the airline to a friend. Air New Zealand scored five stars in eight of the nine criteria, which included leg room, in-flight entertainment, food and drink, punctuality and value for money.

Enquiries Call 03-307-7900


Movie legend Richard Burton vowed to stay sober while making the classic movie. Under Milk Wood by limiting his drinking to only one bottle of vodka a day. The Welsh actor, who was a hardened drinker, appeared in the 1972 film opposite his on-again-off-again wife, Elizabeth Taylor, and Peter O’Toole. The film’s director has opened up about the making of the movie in a book called Down Under Milk Wood. In the tome, Sinclair reveals the difficulties he faced as he attempted to gather three of Hollywood’s biggest names together, describing it as like “fixing a weekend between Howard Hughes, Queen Elizabeth II and Puck”. The moviemaker also claims Burton promised to cut down his booze intake while making the movie, adding, “‘I am not drinking on your film,’ he told me. ‘That means only one bottle of vodka a day. I’m sober on two, but when I’m drinking it is three or more’.”

Artwork not up to scratch? A cleaning woman in southern Italy has unwittingly thrown away contemporary artworks that were supposed to be part of an exhibition. Lorenzo Roca, head of the cleaning company, said the woman “was just doing her job” when she thought two artworks were part of trash left behind by those setting up for the show that opened this week in Bari. Show organisers said one of the works she gave to a city sanitation crew before dawn included pieces of cookies, which were scattered on the floor, as part of an artistic arrangement. Roca said the cleaning company would use its insurance coverage to pay for the trashed art works, whose value was estimated at 10,000 euros ($13,700).

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Air NZ tops UK magazine survey

Burton: Only a bottle of vodka a day


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News Friday, February 21, 2014

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Influx a bid to end crime spree By Erin TaskEr

Additional police have been called in from Christchurch to help bring Ashburton’s current crime spree to an end. Police officers from Christchurch have been making themselves well known and widely seen around town this week in an effort to prevent the problem getting any worse, Ashburton Police senior sergeant Grant Russell said. Last week the Guardian reported there had been 50 bur-

glaries in Ashburton over the past three months. More have since been added to the large tally prompting the out-of-town help. “We’re trying to be more proactive and that’s always been my aim, but I’ve never had the bodies to be able to do it,” Mr Russell said. “We’re concerned with the amount of burglaries that have been happening and the theft ex-cars, and we are looking at it from a prevention side. “We had the option to get some extra staff in from

Christchurch and as a result deploy those staff to visit some of our known local customers and some of our repeat customers and keep a good eye on those people and addresses.” It’s something police always tried to do, but time and staffing numbers didn’t always allow. Having the extra staff from Christchurch meant they could focus on the prevention, while Ashburton staff continued with their every day duties. “It brings some reassurance back to the public that we are

out there and in the meantime, we are able to maintain our standards of everyday policing,” Mr Russell said. “It’s easy to say we should be doing it all the time, and I agree, but I just don’t have the staff to do that.” The extra staff are acting on information received from both the public and police intelligence, and are performing a range of tasks including visiting addresses, traffic stops, hotel checks and foot patrols. Their efforts were being con-

centrated around problem areas. “We are not only trying to deal with the crime after it happens. We’re trying to target the underlying issues. “I’m a firm believer in a victim focus, because unfortunately the victims are caused by the offenders and sometimes I feel we are more offender focused.” Mr Russell said the public could help protect themselves by taking simple steps such as locking their cars and houses and keeping valuables out of sight.


Pupils to tackle bullying issues themselves By MylEs HuME

Sometimes adults just don’t get it. That’s why Mount Hutt College has taken on the district’s first youth advocacy scheme, giving pupils an approachable sounding board when faced with bullies and other issues. The pilot scheme is an initiative of Safer Ashburton’s Think First Project, seeing 22 Mount Hutt College pupils, from Monday, take on a youth advocacy role which fellow teens can approach to ask for help. “The aim is to get young people helping young people, and trying to break down the stigma in rural towns that it’s okay to find help,” Think First project co-ordinator John Hobbs said. A college youth advocate Lucy Schikker, 17, said sometimes teachers and parents just weren’t approachable. “I know I would feel a lot more comfortable going to someone who was my age, for example not all parents understand cyberbullying because they never had that when they were at school,” she said. The youth advocates, ranging from Year eight to 13, could be approached at lunchtimes or during other parts of the day, and would be responsible for referring affected pupils to agencies and supplying them with resources before following up with progress. Mr Hobbs and Methven youth mentor Juanita Richards spent yesterday training the advocates on scenarios they may encounter from next week.

Mount Hutt College’s 22 youth advocates who will be tasked with helping fellow teens with bullying and other issues youth face. Photo tetsuro MitoMo 200214-tM-035

Confidentiality was one of the vital aspects of the training, as pupils had to trust the advocates with their problems. Ms Richards believed it would become an important part of the school fabric.

“I think this is about being proactive, bullying is an issue in every school. “It’s not a big issue here but you get that underlying niggly stuff,” she said. “This will nip certain situ-

ations in the bud before it becomes an even bigger problem.” Mr Hobbs hoped to iron out the wrinkles as the scheme progressed, before rolling it out into other Mid Canterbury schools.

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Ashburton Guardian

Friday, February 21, 2014


Water slide included in annual plan By Sue NewmaN

The future of the Ashburton aquatic centre’s water slide project is now in the hands of the community. Ashburton District councillors yesterday voted to add costs for the water slide proposal in the EA Networks Centre into next year’s budget, but it will be up to the community whether the project flies or fails. All up costs for the project could be as high as $2.5 million if two top-line water slides are installed, but the council is adamant it won’t be footing all of the bill. Councillors voted seven to six

Neil Brown

to let the project go through the annual process so the community would have a say. Part of the deal, however, will be that a share of the money needed for the water slides will

be raised by the community through the Ashburton Stadium Trust. By taking the project to the community through the annual plan, the upfront costs and ongoing costs would be spelled out, said councillor Neil Brown. “We then need to hear from the people of Ashburton if they want this hydroslide. Of course they want it but do they want to pay for it. With all the costs there they can decide.” Mr Brown wanted to tag the stadium trust’s contribution to the project at $1 million but councillor Don McLeod wanted formal discussions with the trust before an amount for community fundraising was set.

RATES RISING As the council begins its budget discussions for next year’s annual plan it is starting with an anticipated rate increase of 7.4 per cent. While the costs around the EA Networks Stadium are built in to next year’s budget (about $183 for each property in the Ashburton District), there is no provision made to pay for water slides. However, for each extra $1 million the council borrows, another $6.45 will be added to every annual rates bill to cover interest and debt repayment. This year’s rate increase burden will be carried largely by urban ratepayers, with their rates likely to rise by between 9 and 10 per cent.

Two-year-old greyhound Quedrago (aka David to his friends) with Hannah n Henry Preschool staff Danielle Rice and Louise Currie, and four-year-olds Chloe Gorton, Myles Watson, Ruby McKay and Unieqee Heke are raising money for Relay for Life. Photo tetsuro MitoMo 190214-tM-029


Preschool gets behind Relay for Life By ToNi williamS

A group from Hannah n Henry’s Preschool will walk alongside the likes of Angels of Hope, Fairy Good Idea, Hawaiian Hulagens, Holy Walkamolies and Slip Slop Slappers next month in Timaru, all to support the same cause. The Cancer Society’s annual Relay for Life. Hannah n Henry Preschool team captain Cherie Robinson said it was a worthwhile cause

they were able to support. So far 67 teams from Mid and South Canterbury had registered. The preschool had nine teachers and supporters lined up to walk the overnight event but more would be welcomed. If anyone wanted to get involved they could contact the preschool. However, the main focus of the team was to raise money. “We really want people to help us with cash donations.”

The preschool team fundraising effort had been aided with a take of winnings from two year old Greyhound, Quedrago, aka David to his friends, trained/ owned by preschool teacher Suzanne Fagan. Nicknamed Quedrago ‘Relay for Life dog’ on the track, 40 per cent of his winnings over the month of February was going to support the cause. A couple of wins had raised $800 so far. The preschool had also been

supported by Ashburton businesses with a range of products. Staff would hit the streets to raise extra money raffling off those products. The $2 tickets were on sale now. People wanting to support the team can go to relayforlife. and follow the links to support Hannah n Henry Preschool at the Timaru event. The relay takes place March 8 and 9 at Caroline Bay, Timaru.

Trust says there’s more funds out there By Sue NewmaN

More than $5 million has been pulled from the Ashburton community for the EA Networks Centre but fundraisers are confident there is more to come. Yesterday Ashburton Stadium Trust fundraising chair Chris Robertson nailed his flag to the fundraising mast when he told the Ashburton District Council he believed his team could raise $1 million towards water slides for the complex’s aquatic centre. Councillors voted to let what could be a $2.5 million project become part of the council’s budget for next year on the condition that the trust raised a yetto-be decided amount towards the project. By doing this they have thrown the project out to the community. When the draft annual plan is released for public comment people will have an opportunity to indicate whether they support the council moving ahead with the project, or not. While the council is taking a cautious approach and using community consultation to set parameters around the project, Mr Robertson said he was concerned that if fundraising did not start until after the annual plan process was completed in June, it would be too late for the water slides to be in place when the centre opened in mid 2015. “I know I’m a bull at a gate. We need a date rather than a fundraising campaign that drags on. “We need to get into this very fast and we need to get into it now, not in July. The community wants this,” he said. Mayor Angus McKay wasn’t buying into the bid for a speedy decision. “We need to consult with the community on this,” Mr McKay said. Councillors will now meet with the stadium trust to determine an achievable fundraising figure. When the draft annual plan is released for community consultation it will contain both up front and ongoing costs for the water slide project and their impact on rates.

News Friday, February 21, 2014

In brief Cannabis cultivation Ashburton police arrested a Hampstead woman and charged her with cultivation of cannabis on Wednesday. She will appear in the Ashburton District Court.

Vegetation fire The Ashburton Volunteer Fire Brigade spent about 30 minutes dousing a vegetation fire on Singletree Road, Newland, about 3pm yesterday.

Motorcyclist killed A 72-year-old male motorcyclist is dead following a crash with a vehicle on the Brynderwyn Hills in Northland yesterday morning. The motorcyclist was travelling north on the south-side of the Brynderwyn Hills and collided with a vehicle travelling south about 7.30am. Police, fire service and ambulance attended. - APNZ

Boat up in smoke Two people suffered mild smoke inhalation but otherwise escaped injury after the boat they were in caught fire near Waiheke Island, forcing them to call the Coastguard and abandon ship. The blaze, reported about 6.20pm on Wednesday, broke out when the 14m launch was at Crusoe Rock, halfway between Waiheke and Motuihe Islands. -APNZ

Helicopter crashes Two people escaped uninjured after a helicopter crashed southeast of Auckland yesterday afternoon. Inspector Ian Brooker, of the police northern communications centre, said emergency services were called to the scene at the mouth of the Wairoa River, near Clevedon, about 1pm. The helicopter had been on a training flight from nearby Ardmore Airport when it went down. A Fire Service spokeswoman said it had ended up in mangroves. - APNZ

Crash victim named A man who died in a crash south of Tokoroa on Wednesday night has been named. Scott Walker, 47, from Hamilton was killed in a crash on SH1 in the Kinleith Mill area about 9pm when the lefthand drive 1969 black Chevrolet Corvette he was driving crashed shortly after he overtook a truck, police said. He was travelling south between Tokoroa and Taupo at the time. - APNZ

Fog closes airport Flights resumed at Wellington Airport yesterday afternoon after a thick, heavy fog closed in on the capital the previous night. Some fog remained at the airport yesterday afternoon but a number of flights had resumed by about 12.45pm, airport spokeswoman Briarley Kirk said. - APNZ

Quake memorial Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel will reflect on the city’s resilience at the February 22 earthquake third anniversary memorial service at noon in the Botanic Gardens tomorrow. Her speech on the garden’s Archery Lawn will honour the 185 people who lost their lives in the disaster, and look ahead to the city’s rejuvenation. - APNZ

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Two groups under scrutiny By Sue NewmaN

The activities of two organisations funded and run under the umbrella of the Ashburton District Council will come under closer council scrutiny. Both Grow Mid Canterbury and Experience Mid Canterbury receive funding from the council and are about to have tougher business planning and financial reporting requirements put in place. Yesterday district councillors hammered out the details of a new structure that will see both organisations have a council liaison committee to develop and approve their an-

nual work programme and budget. The organisations’ budgets will continue to be set by the council every three years when it reviews its long term plan. Currently the two organisations report six monthly to the council on their activities and performance against budget. The liaison committees will ensure councillors can play a much stronger role in ensuring the council is getting value for the money it invests. “It’s about tightening the noose, it’s about performance measures,” mayor Angus McKay said. “With the previous council I was under the impression

councillors wanted tighter controls on the money we grant to these organisations. This is about getting alongside those organisations and getting a handle on what they’re doing.” Several councillors, however, were not happy with the powers of the liaison committees. They wanted the full council to sign off annual budgets. Chief executive Andrew Dalziel said that liaison committees could only agree to budgets that were within the amount granted by the council. “If a group wants to spend more than their budget, then it has to come back to the council. The liaison groups will be

about accountability, about ensuring the community is getting a bang for its buck,” he said. “Keeping it the way you have at the moment, I’m not sure you’re going to get the results you want. The liaison committee would be empowered to represent council’s views and requirements.” While the organisations’ budgets were set three yearly, the council could still change the amount when it wrote its annual plan budget, Mr Dalziel said. “If they haven’t performed and your liaison committee says they’re not performing our grant could be cut.”

Five-car pile-up on West St By myleS Hume

A five-car pile-up at Ashburton’s busiest intersection is likely to see one motorist charged with a driving offence. Senior Constable Mike Jackson said a woman was taken to Ashburton Hospital with neck complaints following a large nose-to-tail crash near the West Street and Walnut Avenue roundabout around 12.30pm yesterday. The other four drivers emerged uninjured, after the driver of a vehicle allegedly rammed the back of a long queue, causing damage to three vehicles in front. A following vehicle also drove into the back of the queue. Traffic was reduced to one lane while Ashburton volunteer firefighters cleared the road, and tow trucks arrived to take away three of the vehicles. Mr Jackson said the driver of the vehicle which first crashed

One of the damaged vehicles from the five car nose-to-tail crash on West Street yesterday. Photo tetsuro MitoMo 200214-tM-008

into the queue would likely be charged over the incident. “We all know how congested

that intersection gets and that can cause issues, so it’s just a matter of being careful and

aware in the peak hours of lunch time, in the morning and in the afternoons,” he said.


MP Annette King has an unlikely admirer By Claire TreveTT Labour MP Annette King has received flowers from an unlikely admirer and says while she always likes getting flowers “it is the most miserable bunch of flowers I’ve ever received.” Ms King was sent flowers

by Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater yesterday with a card thanking her for promoting Mr Slater and his blog in Parliament. Ms King had attacked the blog in Parliament on Wednesday. “I’ve always enjoyed receiving flowers, and it was nice

to be thanked by Cameron for promoting his blog. But I think his blog must be in financial trouble as it’s the most miserable bunch of flowers I’ve ever received. The flowers will not require me to put them on my Pecuniary Interests register.” She said there were five ger-

beras and one lily, with six chocolates attached. She would not throw them into the gutter because it was not the flowers’ fault they had come from Mr Slater, so she would put them somewhere where others could enjoy them. - APNZ

News 6

Ashburton Guardian

Friday, February 21, 2014


In brief

‘She will never walk streets’ By Cullen Smith Murdered Christchurch man Philip Nesbit’s sister says she will ensure his killer never gets out of jail. Speaking after Helen Milner, 50, was sentenced to jail for at least 17 years, Lee-Anne Cartier said the minimum nonparole period for Milner’s life sentence didn’t matter. “She’s got a life sentence,” Ms Cartier said, clutching her brother’s ashes in a small white casket. “I’ll attend every Parole Board hearing and she will never walk the streets of New Zealand again.” Milner, dubbed the “Black Widow”, was found guilty by a jury in December of murdering her 47-year-old second husband in 2009 by poisoning him with the allergy drug Phenergan. She was also found guilty of attempted murder. In the High Court at Christchurch yesterday, Justice David Gendall sentenced Milner to the statutory life imprisonment and imposed a non-pa-

Helen Milner - the Black Widow

role period of 17 years. He also sentenced her to six years’ jail on the attempted murder charge, to be served concurrently, and gave her a “first strike” warning. Justice Gendall said Milner’s offending was committed “simply for financial gain” and to rid her of a husband she no longer wanted in her life.

He said Milner previously told many people she wanted to kill Mr Nisbet and noted that was “rare” in cases of murder. It may have been that she talked herself into killing him after the suicide clause in her husband’s life insurance policy had expired. Mr Nisbet was “particularly innocent”, he said, and had giv-

en Milner no reason to want him killed. Justice Gendall agreed with the Crown’s submission that Milner’s actions were “a carefully thought through and calculated plan with callous disregard for Mr Nisbet’s family and friends”. Milner murdered Mr Nisbet and then wrote several suicide notes to deceive his family, friends and police into believing his death was self-inflicted. Police initially decided the death was suicide, and only reopened their investigation after a coroner raised doubts. Murder by poisoning was regarded as “the most despicable of crimes”, Justice Gendall said. Several members of Mr Nisbet’s family read victim impact statements during the sentencing. Milner might have got away with murder had it not been for painstaking detective work by Ms Cartier, who raised concerns with a coroner in late 2010, leading police to reopen their investigation. - APNZ


Hype youth centre spreads into Methven By myleS hume

A gunman who shot a cow in its rear on a West Coast farm, leaving it for dead, will have their firearms licence revoked if police catch them. Greymouth police Senior Constable Mike Tinnelly said the animal was shot some time on Tuesday night and a vet had to be called out to put it down. Mr Tinnelly said the 550kg red and white hereford would have been easily recognisable as it was in a paddock close to the road. - APNZ

Search stepped up More resources are being put into the search and rescue operation for a missing 67-year-old Mosgiel woman. Police said they were becoming increasingly concerned for the safety of Gae Denise Pantel, who has been missing since Tuesday evening. She had been staying with friends in Riccarton Road East, East Taieri. She also suffers from ill health and was believed to have been confused in recent days, police said. - APNZ

Body in river A body has been found in the Waikato River near Taupo, and police believe it is that of a young man who went missing while swimming in the river near Riverside Park yesterday. The 17-year-old was swimming with a friend when he got into difficulty, police said. After diving into the river the man surfaced for a while then disappeared. The police were called, and police along with Harbourmaster and Coastguard personnel found him half an hour later. Police and Victim Support are supporting his friends and family. No further details about the teenager will be released at this stage, police said. - APNZ

Auckland third best

The Hype Youth Health Centre is branching out to Methven, giving youth in the town access to resources for a range of modern day issues. Co-ordinator Poppy CooperVear will be travelling west every second Thursday where youth aged 12 to 24 can visit to confidentially discuss issues such as stress, alcohol, sex, drugs and get advice on Work and Income as well as other groups. Pamphlets on a raft of issues can also be picked up. The pop-up centre has been operating in Ashburton for several years now, but it has often proved a little far out of reach for Methven teens. “I think sometimes there is an expectation that Methven people can get to Ashburton to access services, but it is not always that simple for the youth here,” Methven youth mentor Juanita Richards said. Several Mount Hutt College pupils made their way to the small room at the centre’s opening yesterday. Sixteen-year-old Matthew Jones said it was positive to have another option for Methven youth. “I think it should be well-

Cow shot in rear

Auckland’s quality of life has been rated third best in the world in the latest Mercer Quality of Living survey. The City of Sails also came third in the previous survey in 2012, with Vienna and Zurich still the top two picks. The survey ranks cities on factors such as culture and environment, political stability, safety, infrastructure and ease of doing business. This year’s survey also found Wellington was the 12th most liveable city, one place higher than the last survey, while Sydney remained steady at 10th. The highest ranked Asian city was Singapore, at 25. - APNZ

Six hurt in crash

Mount Hutt College pupils (from left) Eugenio Alves Montenegro, 17, Kimberly Keeley, 17, and Mel Haworth, 15, talk with Hype Youth Health Centre co-ordinator Poppy Cooper-Vear at the centre’s opening in Methven yesterday. Photo tetsuro MitoMo 200214-tM-048

used, we are able to see Juanita, the counsellor at school and the sexual health nurse when she comes, so this will be a good

addition I think,” he said. The Hype Youth Health Centre will be open every second Thursday from 2.30pm to 4pm.

It will be run out of a building on the corner of Forest Drive and Main Street next to Dom’s Pizzas.

Six people have been injured, two seriously, after a crash near Waimate yesterday afternoon. Two rescue helicopters and two ambulances were dispatched to State Highway 82 in Ikawai. Police communications Senior Sergeant Dean Lawrence understood a van load of people had been injured. St John said the helicopters flew two women with serious injuries and a man with moderate injuries to Dunedin Hospital. Two women and a man, all with moderate injuries were taken to Timaru Hospital by ambulance. The incident happened on Hakataramea Highway near Browns Corner. - APNZ

0 5 s l a e d T S E NZ’s B

News Friday, February 21, 2014

Ashburton Guardian 7


Homework hub operational term 2 By Myles HuMe

A homework hub aimed at helping pupils who struggle to do work at home is expected to be up and running next term. The principals of Ashburton Intermediate, Hampstead and Netherby schools are working with the Ministry of Education to establish an initiative that is being dubbed the Hakatere Homework Hub. Ashburton Intermediate principal Gavin Cooper said it would look to assist at least 15 years five to eight pupils from the schools, who may struggle to get support at home where they may have limited access to internet. “We are aiming to get it going next term, we are working through the ap-

plication stages with the ministry at the moment,” he said. The Maori and pacific population in urban Ashburton has ballooned in recent years, making the initiative important if local schools are to target what the ministry considers priority areas. “Hopefully we are able to do it because it will be really helpful for some students,” Mr Cooper said. It is expected to be compulsory for selected pupils. Funding would be set aside for a teacher to run the programme after school and provide afternoon tea. It would likely be held in a community facility at Ashburton Intermediate which has access to the internet.





















• HD panel • Slim Direct LED • 50Hz (CMR100) • FreeviewHD tuner • Connectshare USB 2.0 • 2 x HDMI • 1 x USB SKU: 8372450


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Photo toni Williams 200214-tW-049

The salmon are out there Former Ashburtonian Jim Allan proves there is salmon in the Rakaia River with a two catch limit reached yesterday, just a couple of kilometres down from the State highway bridge. But that was all he would say. It was reported that anglers had difficulty catching fish with flooding throughout late December and January and now the rivers were too low and clear, with few fishing holes. But Mr Allan thought the time for catching had come. The good sized salmon were about 13

and 9 pounds and destined for the smoker. Mr Allan was in the district on holiday from his new home of Rotorua. He was a former manager at Placemakers Ashburton and the catch was part of his annual pilgrimage south to catch up with family, and fish the Rakaia in search of salmon. It was his first morning outing on the river. The salmon fishing season had passed a traditional January peak, however anglers had until late March before the season closed.

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PACKAGE INCLUDES 3 drw bedside x2 Tallboy 6 drw Dresser 7 drw Queen headboard TOTAL

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News 8

Ashburton Guardian

Friday, February 21, 2014


Council to re-evaluate section sales By Sue NewmaN

Ashburton’s north east business estate is about to be re-valued, repriced and remarketed. The business estate opened in 2011 and in the years since, 10 of the 42 lots available have sold, with more sales in the pipeline. The Ashburton District Council, however has opted to take a fresh look at the way in which those sections are marketed and will introduce the option of leasing as a way to encourage a faster uptake. Yesterday district councillors met and agreed to have the remaining sections revalued and to offer these with the option of purchase

or lease. “We’ve just been carrying on selling sections out there and it’s time we looked at where we’re going and how we’re going and that we also look at a new pricing structure,” councillor Darryl Nelson said. Currently every offer on a section has to be individually approved by council and that can mean a wait of up to six weeks for a potential buyer. The council wants to speed this process up by having established, up-to-date prices set for each lot. Leasing could be a good option to as a way of encouraging new businesses into the estate, Mr Nelson said. Sales at the business estate had not matched expectations, council-

lor Ken Cutforth said. “Leasing just defers the pain over a period of time. We should be giving sales another crack,” he said. It was all about giving businesses options, councillor Alan Totty said.

“At least, if it’s leased we’ve got some income coming in to meet our payments on the money we’ve borrowed.” Councillors agreed to have the remaining sections in stage one of the business estate valued and a pricing

schedule set. It also agreed to have a long term lease agreement drawn up. “It’s time to take a look at our prices and it’s time to get a direction for the future,” councillor Neil Brown said.

FOOD RECALL NOTICE Kiwi Ice Cream Company Limited Kiwi, Mel-O-Rich and Much Moore Brands

A routine audit for Kiwi Ice Cream Company Limited has revealed that a supplied ingredient used in some of their product was re-packed in an unlicensed food premises. As a result the company has issued a precautionary recall of the following Kiwi, Mel-O- Rich and Much Moore brand products. Best Before:

Batch Code:

Kiwi 2L Lite Vanilla low fat ice cream



Kiwi 5L Chocolate frozen dessert



Kiwi 2L French Vanilla frozen dessert



Kiwi 2L Neapolitan frozen dessert



Kiwi 2L Camouflage frozen dessert



Kiwi 2L Chocolate Caramel Cream frozen dessert 28/01/2016


Kiwi 2L Strawberries & Cream ice cream 28/01/2016


Kiwi 2L French Vanilla frozen dessert



Kiwi 2L Vanilla ice cream



Kiwi 2L French Vanilla frozen dessert



Kiwi 2L Hokey Pokey ice cream



Kiwi 2L Neapolitan frozen dessert



Kiwi 2L Cappuccino Fudge frozen dessert 3/02/2016


Kiwi 2L Vanilla ice cream



Mel-O-Rich 2L Chocolate frozen dessert 28/01/2016


Mel-O-Rich 2L Lime frozen dessert



Mel-O-Rich 2L Strawberry frozen dessert 28/01/2016


Mel-O-Rich 2L Hokey Pokey frozen dessert 3/02/2016


Mel-O-Rich 2L Vanilla frozen dessert



Much Moore Girly Gum Drops ice cream cake 5/01/2016


Much Moore Captain Cookies & Cream ice cream cake 6/01/2016


Much Moore 2L Strawberry yoghurt 97% fat free ice cream



Much Moore 2L Hokey Pokey ice cream 3/02/2016


As a precautionary measure all products with the corresponding batch information listed above should be returned to the point of purchase for a full refund. These products are sold in retail outlets throughout New Zealand. Customers should return the product to their retailer for a full refund or phone 09 441 8210 with any queries. There have been no reports of illness; however any person concerned about their health should seek medical advice. This recall does not affect any other Kiwi, Mel-O- Rich and Much Moore brand products. Kiwi Ice Cream Company Limited regret any inconvenience this product recall may have caused. Kiwi Ice Cream Company 232 Archers Rd, Glenfield 0627 Phone: 09 441 8210


Silver Fern Farms builds up trust with its customers A delegation of 45 people representing food marketing and distribution businesses across China has been in Mid Canterbury this week. The group has been in the country on a week-long tour, visiting Silver Fern Farms’ shareholders’ farms and food production plants in the North and South Islands. On Wednesday the visitors passed through Mid Canter-

bury, stopping at the co-operative’s Fairton processing plant. “This is the largest scale tour we have run for customers. “It’s an important way for us to build trust with our customers so they are confident in growing their trade with us,” Silver Fern Farms chief executive Keith Cooper said.

“Last year China became the co-operative’s largest export market by volume exported and by value. This is a critical market for us and one we need to manage well – this tour is part of the approach we’re taking to ensure we do just that.” The co-operative’s New Zealand branded retail range of lamb cuts will be on sale in Shanghai next month.


Show dogs put to the test Dog lovers from all over the South Island will be busy shampooing and trimming their prized pooches in preparation for the Ashburton Kennel Association’s shows this weekend. The all-breeds championships will be held over two days at the Allenton Rugby Club grounds on Melrose Road, with one best-of-show dog announced each day. The dogs will be judged

on confirmation according to their breed standards, by a panel of judges from Australia and Christchurch. Organisers are expecting 90 different breeds and about 400 dogs through the ring each day, with competitions starting at 8.30am. On Saturday, hounds, terriers, gundogs and toy dogs will be the first to be put through their paces, and Sunday’s show will kick off with gun-

dogs, toy dogs, utility and terrier dogs. The Ashburton Cadets will be hard at work today setting up the marquees, and will be back on Sunday to dismantle them, they will also cater for the event to raise money for their organisation. The shows are open to the public, but people should ask before patting dogs, and are reminded not to put fingers into dog cages.

World Friday, February 21, 2014


A Sydney resident being held in Bali after a drug raid is stressed, sleeping on the floor and has had only one friend visit her cell, her lawyer says. New Zealander Leeza Tracey Ormsby, 37, remains in custody after being arrested in a police raid on a villa north of Kuta last Wednesday. Police allege they found her in possession of a marijuana cigarette. They then seized six tablets of hashish, seven tablets of MDMA, electronic scales, duct tape and wrapping plastic from the villa. Ormsby could be charged with distributing drugs, an offence that carries a maximum 20year jail term. - AAP

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has denounced plans to release former premier Rajiv Gandhi’s killers as contravening the principles of justice. “The release of the killers of a former prime minister of India and our great leader, as well as several other innocent Indians, would be contrary to all principles of justice,” he said yesterday as his government began a legal challenge to the planned release of seven convicted killers. - AFP

The Fukushima plant which continues to have serious problems with radioactive water.

nated,” the spokesman added. The tank holds water filtered to remove caesium but which still contains strontium, a substance that accumulates in bones and can cause cancer if consumed. The accident came a day after TEPCO announced that one of the two thermometers in the lower part of the No.2 reactor pressure vessel is out of order. There were originally nine thermometers in the vessel, Kyodo News reported, but eight have now stopped working. TEPCO said it can still monitor the temperature of the area with the remaining thermometer, Kyodo News and the

Asahi Shimbun reported. The device was monitoring the temperature of fuel that has been kept in “a state of cold shutdown” to prevent a selfsustaining nuclear reaction criticality - the Asahi said. Yesterday’s leak announcement is the latest in a long line of problems the utility has had with waste water at the plant. TEPCO poured thousands of tonnes of water onto runaway reactors to keep them cool, and continues to douse them, but has to store and clean that water in a growing number of temporary tanks at the site. In August, TEPCO said around 300 tonnes of radioac-

tive liquid was believed to have escaped, an incident regulators said represented a level-three “serious incident” on the UN’s seven-point International Nuclear Event Scale. Two months later, the Fukushima plant had another leak of radioactive water containing a cancer-causing isotope, possibly into the sea. At that time, TEPCO said a barrier intended to contain radioactive overflow was breached in one spot by water contaminated with strontium-90 - a slow-decaying isotope produced during nuclear reactions - at 70 times the legal limit for safe disposal. - AFP

Plea to stop Corby’s television deal Lobbying by Schapelle Corby’s family to allow her paid TV interview is frustrating the head of Bali’s parole board, who says his job is at stake. Ketut Artha says Corby’s Balinese brother-in-law, Wayan Widyartha, met him this week to campaign for the convicted drug smuggler. Corby has been offered a lucrative interview by the Seven Network, but Indonesia’s justice ministry says it will likely breach her parole conditions by upsetting the community. Mr Artha says Wayan, the

Drug suspect stressed

Release for killers


By GaBrielle Dunlevy


In brief

Radioactive water leaked A new leak of 100 tonnes of highly radioactive water has been discovered at Fukushima, the plant’s operator says after it revealed only one of nine thermometers in a crippled reactor was still working. The toxic water is no longer escaping from a storage tank on the site, said a spokesman for Tokyo Electric Power, adding it was likely contained, but the news is a further blow to the company’s already-battered reputation for safety. “As there is no drainage way near the leak, which is in any case far from the ocean, it is unlikely that the water has made its way into the sea,” he said. The tank, one of hundreds at the site that are used to store water contaminated during the process of cooling broken reactors, is around 700 metres from the shore. However, the water was highly radioactive, with a beta radiation reading “at 230 million becquerel per litre”, he said. The contamination level compares with government limits of 100 becquerels per kilogram in food and 10 becquerels per litre in drinking water. A becquerel is a unit of radioactivity. Beta radiation, including from cancer-causing strontium-90, is potentially very harmful to humans and can cause damage to DNA. But it is relatively easy to guard against and cannot penetrate a thin sheet of aluminium. “We are now in the process of recovering the leaked water and the earth that it has contami-

Ashburton Guardian

husband of Corby’s sister Mercedes, gave him a letter requesting permission for the interview. “I said to him that I don’t need to give you another answer to that, because it’s all clear there’s no permission as has been instructed by the deputy minister,” he said. “Many times I have been told that it’s impossible (for the interview) to be allowed and my position is at stake because of that.” Mr Artha says Wayan then said he would go to the provincial office of the law and human rights ministry and ask them for permission instead.

“I told him, ‘Just go ahead. It’s impossible to get it’.” Corby was released from prison last Monday and has been out of public view since, staying at a five-star Seminyak resort. Mr Artha says he would prefer Corby leave the luxury villa and stay in Wayan’s family home, which is the address she put on her parole documents. Also staying at the villa are Seven Network staff, including her would-be interviewer, Mike Willesee, who has stressed there is not yet a deal with Corby. He has also talked down the multimillion-dollar price tag first attached to the tell-all. - AAP

Big day for Portugal The Portuguese are less than three months away from their big day May 17 - when they expect to get financial sovereignty back after three years of being told what to do by foreign bailout creditors. In return for the 78-billion-euro ($A119.91 billion) rescue that has since 2011 prevented the country’s bankruptcy, Portugal consented to an economic crash diet - deep cuts in pay and pensions and welfare rights, steep tax increases and an end to long-standing labour entitlements. Countries which share the euro currency are eager for Portugal to show it is financially fit again. Its recovery would help the bloc draw a line under its debt crisis and open the door to growth that could have a beneficial knock-on effect around the world. - AP

15 killed in airstrike Pakistani jets have bombed Pakistani Taliban hideouts in a northwestern tribal district, killing at least 15 people, security officials say. The airstrikes in the country’s troubled North Waziristan come a day after the insurgents said they are ready to observe a ceasefire to allow the resumption of stalled peace talks, provided Pakistani security forces stop killing and arresting them. “There are confirmed reports of 15 militants including foreigners killed in these airstrikes,” a senior security official said, adding that the focus of the attacks was the town of Mir Ali and its surrounding areas in North Waziristan. - AFP

Powers agree to talks

Schapelle Corby

Iran and six world powers have taken a small but important first step towards resolving their conflict over Tehran’s nuclear programme when they agreed in Vienna on a roadmap for their talks in the coming months. After two days of meetings in Vienna, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi said both sides had agreed on a programme of work and added that the next round would take place in the Austrian capital in March, according to Iranian - DPA news agency IRNA.

Opinion 10

Ashburton Guardian

Friday, February 21, 2014


Still tough for some Coen Lammers EDITOR


he third anniversary of the February 22 earthquake will be a different experience for each of us. Some people in Mid Canterbury that were not affected or have moved into the Canterbury region since 2011, may wonder what the fuss is all about. For others though, who were at the epicentre, or had fatalities or injuries among family or friends, that particular Tuesday in 2011 may just seem like yesterday. After three years, we have reached an interesting stage that could split the community. Many have moved on and are keen for the wider community to move, but for some that may not be easy. The pain and trauma may have subsided but is still just under the surface for those who suffered personal loss. Some will dread the date coming up and having to see pictures flashing across our television screens. Several people and businesses in Mid Canterbury are eager to move on, but are still tied up in building new premises, demolishing old ones or battling with insurance. The impact of the earthquakes, and especially the Big One on February 22, is bigger than anything most of us have experienced. Not unlike World War Two, the earthquakes have affected an entire generation of Cantabrians, and it may take a generation to deal with, and get over, the effects of this period. While thousands still battle insurance, depression or other dramas, there are also plenty of signs to give us hope and inspiration for the future. Dozens of buildings have come down around the district, but those spaces are starting to be filled, bringing back life to those corners. The opening of the Nandos restaurant in Holmslee Square on Burnett Street was just one of those milestones and perfectly timed in this week of remembrance. Despite all the damage and drama, we do need to move on and thankfully most of us have been able to. Some will take a bit longer than others, so let’s show some patience and compassion for those who may be doing it tough on the day of the third anniversary.



Hydro slides We raised seven children who were all champion or good swimmers and they did this without benefit of water slides. Why should ratepayers pay millions just so kids can have fun? Go to the domain, the skateboard park, or head for the hills and have fun! It’s free. Why not give all kids computer games so they can have fun? In the good old days councillors gave their time and effort for free, but now I see they each get over $20,000 a year to look after our interests. Nice going when you consider national super pays us oldies $14,500 a year to live on so finding the extra money for rates etc should be fun for us. Doug F.


Erin Tasker Chief reporter ph 307 7957

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by David Fletcher

Opinion Friday, February 21, 2014

When the boys go on holiday Phill Hooper OFF THE AIR


’m still catching up. Well this week has been a bit of a blur to be honest. The Hooper boys (including father) had our annual get-together in Australia last weekend. It was an early flight out on Thursday morning to Brisbane to pick up brother Greg, then on the road to Coolum Beach. The flight with Virgin Australia was on time and the service was great. Everything was going to plan UNTIL we picked up our rental car, a two-door Hyundai hatchback. I wasn’t worried about us four blokes and our luggage fitting in. I was worried about us four blokes, our (carry on) luggage and THREE 20-LITRE KEGS OF HOME-BREW BEER fitting in.

But we managed to get them in after plenty of boot rearranging attempts. I must admit I was relieved, not only because I love Greg’s homebrew, but my brothers had that look in their eyes that I may be sacrificed for the beer. Before all that drama we had another major hurdle to get over, which three beers do we take? Greg always has a selection of five beers on tap at once. I hate to admit this (please don’t tell him I wrote this) he is very good at brewing beer and he has the trophies to prove it. Last year he won Brisbane and Queensland brewing titles and finished fifth overall at the Australian finals. He takes it very seriously! He mills his own grain and adds natural products to his beer, ending up with products like Banana Lager, Pumpkin Draught and a Coconut Old Dark. He brews the beer into the afore mentioned 20-litre kegs and then runs them through a fridge with five taps on it. We got the grand tour of

his newish home shortly after arriving and it was no surprise that the first room we viewed was the bar/brewery. Some people apparently call them garages and even park their vehicles in them! There is no way exhaust fumes are allowed anywhere near Greg’s brewing process. After a careful selection process we chose a keg of Porter (with a nice chocolate after taste), a Pale Ale and a Wheat Beer. That should easily last us the five days we thought! Coolum Beach is about an hour-and-a-half north of Brisbane (in a rather full Hyundai). We arrived in Coolum to 32°C at about 11am and thought a swim for an hour at the beach would be ideal before lunchtime, this had nothing to do with Greg’s suggested time it would take the beer to settle after sloshing around during the trip north. That was a pure fluke! We were hosted by Mark’s brother-in-law, former Ashburton bloke Aidan Tutty. He was an outstanding host. Not only is he a top bloke, he

also has two TVs in the lounge so we could watch the news and a documentary at the same time (or both horse racing channels at once) a beer fridge JUST tall enough to hold two 20-litre kegs and a bed each. Coolum Beach is a super swimming/body surfing beach and at 26°C it certainly didn’t shrink parts of the anatomy like Waikuku Beach did over Christmas! It was a super long weekend and great to have another Hooper boys’ catch-up. Next time we book a flight home that arrives at 12.30am (home at 2am) I think I’ll take the next day off work! Obviously the sleep deprivation has caused my blurry state this week, nothing to do with the three kegs lasting only three days! Till next week. Hoo Roo. Phill Hooper is the breakfast host of Ashburton’s Classic Hits. The views expressed in this column are his and do not reflect the opinion of his employer or the Ashburton Guardian

Ashburton Guardian 11

POLL RESULT Yesterday’s result Q: Was McCullum’s 302 New Zealand’s greatest individual cricket moment? Yes 92%

No 8%

Today’s online poll question Q: Are you excited that Super 15 rugby has started?

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Friday, February 21, 2014


First cash return in a decade By Pattrick Smellie Wood mouldings manufacturer Tenon expects to resume cash returns to shareholders in the second half of the current financial year after achieving a long-sought end to years of losses. Tenon broke even on a net basis in the six months to December 31 as the North American housing market starts to recover, the Taupo-based company said in a statement. Whether cash will be returned by dividend or share buyback is undetermined as yet, but it will be the first cash return to shareholders in a decade, when Tenon returned $670 million to shareholders relating to sales of the former Fletcher Forests timber estate. The company has not paid a dividend since it was listed as Fletcher Forests. A decision on the form of cash return “will depend on a number of factors, including our

core goal of seeing our share price lift,” said chief executive Luke Moriarty. The company also announced a “significant upgrade” in its forecast for earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation at the mid-point of an average United States housing market recovery, from US$35 million to US$45 million. The forecast assumes 1.7 million US housing starts a year and a US-New Zealand dollar exchange rate of 70 US cents, compared with a rate this morn-

Guardian Shares & Investments NEW ZEALAND SHARE MARKET

95 170.5 3426 91 369 142 505 468 152.5 991 417 954 613 455 97 66.5 311 91 219 317 111.5 1275 103.5 397 129 198.5 338 79.5 127 275 1379 102 128.5 285 764 179 589 379 320 328 241.5 159.5 402 648 233 130 338 3575 3998 375

– +1 –39 –0.5 +5 –3.5 –10 +3 – –4 – –18 –1 +3 +0.5 – –4 –1 +0.5 +1 – – –0.5 –7 –5 +0.5 –10 +1.5 – –8 –6 – – +5 –5 +8 +5 +5 +10 – –1.5 – +19 +3 –3 +1 +1 –25 +38 +1

78.21 1,381.2 16.7 431.6 3,024.3 1,992.4 432.94 163.86 178.61 134.33 1,060.8 3,721.1 135.82 126.64 407.62 1,722.0 60.86 418.9 294.7 583.69 446.13 13.82 1,381.4 39.56 4.49 560.06 453.38 196.82 86.06 12.39 106.66 907.13 515.01 25.25 617.99 174.57 1,172.0 2,929.0 220.0 114.57 2,879.3 80.24 4,543.9 20.22 951.07 179.0 61.41 141.82 269.0 180.93

NZX 50 index last 4 weeks 4960 4924 4888 4852 4816 4780

 NZX 50 index




 NZX 20 index




 NZX All index



 Rises 40


95 170.5 3430 91.5 369 144 507 468 152.5 989 418 954 613 459 97 67 315 91 219.5 317 111.5 1275 103.5 398 134 198 340 80 127 275 1380 102 128.5 285 764 180 589 381 321 328 241.5 159.5 404 648 233 131 339 3619 3999 375

Last Daily Volume sale move ’000s


A2 Corp ATM 94 170 Air NZ AIR 3426 ANZ Banking Gr ANZ 91 Argosy Prop Tr ARG 368 Auckland Intl Apt AIA 142 Chorus CNU 505 Contact Energy CEN Diligent BM Services DIL 466 152 DNZ Prop Fund DNZ 987 Ebos Gr EBO 417 F&P Healthcare FPH 952 Fletcher Building FBU Fonterra Sh’ders Fund FSF 612 455 Freightways FRE 96.5 Goodman Prop Tr GMT 66.5 Guinness Peat Gr GPG 311 Hallenstein Glasson HLG 90 Heartland NZ HNZ 219 Infratil IFT 316 Kathmandu Hldgs KMD 111 Kiwi Prop Tr KIP 1268 Mainfreight MFT 103 Meridian Energy MELCA 396 Metlifecare MET 130 Michael Hill Intl MHI Mighty River Power MRP 197.5 336 Nuplex Ind NPX 79.5 NZ Oil & Gas NZO 126 NZX NZX 270 Oceana Gold OGC 1379 Port Tauranga POT Precinct Properties PCT 101.5 128 Prop For Ind PFI 275 Restaurant Brands RBD 762 Ryman Healthcare RYM 176 Skellerup SKL 588 Sky Network TV SKT 378 Sky City SKC 320 Steel & Tube STU Summerset Gr Hldgs SUM 327 241 Telecom NZ TEL 159 Tower TWR 402 Trade Me TME 646 TrustPower TPW 232 Vector VCT 130 Vital Hlth Prop Tr VHP 338 Warehouse Gr WHS 3575 Westpac Banking WBC 3920 Xero XRO 373 Z Energy ZEL

Sell price


Buy price


Company CODE

At close of trading on Thursday, February 20, 2014


NZX 50 constituents


 Falls 47


 S&P/ASX 200 index




At close of trading on February 20, 2014

 Dow Jones Indust.

16,040.56 –89.84 –0.56%

At close of trading on February 19, 2014

 FTSE 100 index




At close of trading on February 19, 2014

 Nikkei 225 index

14,449.18 –317.35 –2.15%

At close of trading on February 20, 2014



 Gold


London – $US/ounce


 Silver



London – $US/ounce



 Copper London – $US/tonne





Source: BNZ


year. He reiterated directors’ view that Tenon shares remain undervalued, based on an Edison International Research report prepared for the company last year that put a value range on the shares of between $2.05 and $2.55, assuming it can access tax losses built up over the last decade. Tenon shares have traded as low as 50 cents apiece during the long recession in the US housing market, which began with the 2006 sub-prime mortgage market collapse and helped cause the 2008 global financial crisis. Their low point in the last year was 86 cents, in May, but the shares have climbed 47 per cent in the last 12 months to close on Wednesday at $1.47. The thinly traded shares, of which nearly 60 per cent are held by investment vehicle Rubicon, did not move in early NZX trading yesterday. - APNZ


Compiled by

Source: NZX

ing of 82.95 US cents and an internal hedging rate of 80 US cents at Tenon. “Key indicators point to ongoing job recovery in the US economy, combined with rising home prices and pent-up housing demand,” Moriarty said. “This has already seen a recovery in new home construction levels, but only to levels equivalent to the bottom of previous cycles. “In others, over the past 50plus years, US housing starts have been above the current

level for almost 90 per cent of the time.” However, there were now “headwinds” in the US market, including the impact of the US Federal Reserve’s tapering programme to reduce monetary stimulus and severe winter weather, which has affected activity. For the six months under review, the company turned over US$197 million, up from US$174 million in the same period a year earlier, to produce ebitda at the six month mark of US$3 million. In the prior period, Tenon recorded an ebitda loss of US$1 million. The company confirmed its “objective” this year to double the US$5 million ebitda achieved in the last full financial year. The current period’s breakeven net result compares with a US$2 million loss in the first six months of the last financial

As at 4pm Feb 20, 2014

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Procurement cons affect 1 in 5 By Suze metherell

One in three New Zealand businesses have been victims of fraudsters, according to a global survey, down from 49.5 per cent in 2011, although procurement related fraud is on the rise, reflecting the rebuild of Christchurch and more companies doing business offshore. PwC’s 2014 Global Economic Crime Survey asked more than 5000 respondents in 95 countries, including 82 kiwis, about their experience with fraud. Of New Zealand businesses surveyed 33 per cent said they had been the victim of fraud. The decline in fraud compared with the 2011 survey partly re-

flects increased corporate vigilance in the wake of the global financial crisis and high-profile prosecutions including pyramid scheme fraudster Bernard Madoff in New York and Wellington financier David Ross. “You can infer the lower levels of fraud are because there are more corporate controls since the GFC when they were stripped right back,” Eric Lucas, PwC forensic services partner said. “There are quite reasonable levels of identifying fraud.” He said despite the apparent decline Kiwis must “maintain a watchful eye” as increased technology use gave more opportunities for would-be con-artists. There had been an increase in

tip-off procedures, with 71 per cent of surveyed companies reporting they had a whistleblowing mechanism within their company. Procurement fraud had affected 19 per cent of local businesses surveyed and ranged from playing favourites with tenders, taking kickbacks from suppliers or contractors and readjusting orders. “It goes right through the supply chain,” Lucas said. “We included procurement fraud for two reasons, partly because of the Canterbury rebuild, and partly because a lot of organisations outsource parts of their business these days.” - APNZ


NZ consumer confidence slips New Zealand consumer confidence fell from its highest level in seven years this month, while remaining elevated, amid a pickup in inflation expectations and the prospect of interest rate increases. The ANZ Roy Morgan consumer confidence index fell to 133 from 135.8 in January. Both the current conditions index and future conditions index slipped back 3 points, to 127 and 137.1 respectively. The decline wasn’t enough to dent ANZ New Zealand’s assessment that elevated consumer confidence points to the

potential for strong economic growth, as its seasonally adjusted measure showed a slight improvement to a seven-year high. “It’s now well flagged that interest rates are set to move up - a typical bug-bear for sentiment,” said ANZ chief economist Cameron Bagrie. “However, that dynamic looks to be being usurped by the combination of rising asset prices, firming employment prospects, more people participating in the labour force, a falling unemployment rate and reasonable income growth.” The survey shows prices in general are ex-

pected to rise an annual 3.5 per cent in the next two years, up from 3.3 per cent in last month’s survey, while house prices are seen rising 4 per cent, down from 4.2 per cent in January. A net 47 per cent of those surveyed say it is a good time to buy a major household item, down from 50 per cent last month. Those who felt better off financially than a year ago eased to a net 7 per cent from 11 per cent, while those expected to be better off in a year’s time fell to 36 per cent from 41 per cent. - APNZ

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Friday, February 21, 2014


Yesterday’s top 5 stories on 1. Leprosy scare under control 2. New restaurant on the menu 3. Ashburton’s own 302-run record 4. Two local agents censured 5. Decision time for water slide


Featured today:

The winning lads from Methven The Methven Rugby Football Club’s under-19 team of 1978 were winners of the Dwyer Memorial Cup and the Body Cup in the under-19 competition. They played 12 games, won 11 and lost one, with 343 points for and 81 against. The lads are (back row, from left): I. N. Parkes, C. Nordquist, I. W. Maw, B. E. Roberts, L. N. Cochrane, J. W. McDonald. Middle row: E. P. McGirr (club captain), J. P. O’Reilly, A. R. Mangin, N. R. Campbell, W. A. McLeod, G. S. Crosson, B. W. Lilley, R. J. Church (president). Seated: M. J. Vaughan, M. C. T. Carter, G. C. Maw, M. J. Crosson (captain), T. J. Saunders (vice captain), G. T. Buchanan, G. M. Saunders (coach). Absent: K. J. Blackwell and W. J. P. Goodwin. Thanks to Glenys Vaughan for this photo.

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on West Street 6Pile-up 5 2 Youth advocacy scheme 5Swimmers 8 smash record books 7 and many more 8 9 2 9 6 3 Go to 1 2 to check out the new 1 6 3 photo galleries. 8 4 7 5 4 3 YESTERDAY’S 9ANSWERS 6 5

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4 2 3 6 5 8 7 9 1

5 9 1 7 4 2 3 8 6

7 6 8 3 9 1 5 2 4

3 7 5 4 8 6 9 1 2

8 1 9 5 2 3 6 4 7

2 4 6 1 7 9 8 3 5


ANSWERS 1. Melrose Road 2. Pink Floyd 3. Holocaust 4. Green 5. Ecuadorean 6. Captain Phillips Aries 8. Anthropologist


Courgette and bacon carbonara

1 6 5 4

500g Homebrand fettuccine 2T Select olive oil 1 small onion, finely chopped 2 cloves garlic, crushed 4 courgettes sliced on an angle 4 eggs 100g parmesan cheese, grated finely 100ml Homebrand cream 1C fresh herb leaves (eg basil, thyme, parsley) Freshly ground salt and pepper to taste 4 rashers bacon, sliced ■ In a large pot of salted boiling water cook pasta per the packet instructions. ■ In a large frying pan heat the oil and add the onion, garlic and bacon to cook for 4 or 5 minutes until slightly coloured. Add the courgettes and cook for a further 2 or 3 minutes. ■ In a small bowl, beat the eggs with a fork lightly and add the



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1 Where would the Allenton Netball team play its home games? a. Melrose Road b. Allens Road c. Middle Road 2 In which famous band was Roger Waters a leading member? a. Pink Floyd b. Moody Blues c. Procul Harum 3 How do you spell the name given to Nazi murder of Jewish people? a. Holecaust b. Holocaust c. Holicaust 4 What colour is not on the Russian flag? a. White b. Green c. Blue 5 Julian Assage has been holed up in which London Embassy for more than a year? a. Venezuelan b. Colombian c. Ecuadorean 6 In what movie did Tom Hanks play a ship’s captain captured by pirates? a. Castaway b. Captain Hook c. Captain Phillips 7 If you were born on April 1, you would be astrologically … a. Cancer b. Pisces c. Aries 8 Anne Salmond is a … a. Biologist b. Anthropologist c. Journalist

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8 parmesan cheese, cream and herbs. Add plenty of freshly ground pepper and salt to taste. ■ Drain the pasta, and add to the bacon and courgette mix. Toss through. ■ Turn off the heat, and add the egg mixture to the pan. Stir until

well combined. ■ Serve straight from the pan with a little extra parmesan on top and freshly ground pepper.

A recipe from Countdown’s Feed Four for $15 campaign, available at


4 8 6

7 1 7 9

2 1 3 8 7 7 9 4 5 8 2 9


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Technology 14 Ashburton Guardian

Friday, February 21, 2014


In brief

Facebook grabs WhatsApp Facebook is buying mobile messaging service WhatsApp for US$19 billion in cash and stock, by far the company’s largest acquisition and bigger than any that Google, Microsoft or Apple have ever done. The world’s biggest social networking company said yesterday that it is paying $12 billion in Facebook stock and $4 billion in cash for WhatsApp. In addition, the app’s founders and employees - 55 in all will be granted restricted stock worth $3 billion that will vest over four years after the deal closes. The deal translates to roughly 9 per cent of Facebook’s market value. In comparison, Google’s biggest deal, Motorola Mobility, stood at $12.5 billion, while Microsoft’s largest was Skype at $8.5 billion. Apple, meanwhile, has never done a deal above $1 billion. The price stunned Gartner analyst Brian Blau. “I am not surprised they went after WhatsApp, but the amount is staggering,” he said. Facebook likely prizes WhatsApp for its audience of teenagers and young adults who are increasingly using the service to engage in online conversations outside of Facebook, which has evolved into a more mainstream hangout inhabited

One way to survey whales is to circle above them in a small plane and count. That’s a risky business though and finding a way to automate the count would be a good idea. The DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-2 platform uses extremely high-resolution satellite pictures and image-processing software to detect whales on or near the ocean’s surface. Tests with counting southern right whales off the coast of Argentina showed the automated count captured 89% of the whales spotted in a manual search of the images. Researchers hope that higher resolution satellite images and improved image processing will boost that accuracy and allow researchers to track other species and in more locations. - NZH

Point and shoot

by their parents, grandparents and even their bosses at work. “This is a bet on the future for Facebook,” Blau said. “They know they have to expand their business lines. WhatsApp is in the business of collecting people’s conversations, so Facebook is going to get some great data.” In that sense, the acquisition makes sense for 10-year-old Facebook as it looks to attract its next billion users while keeping its existing 1.23 billion members, including teenagers, interested. The company has said it will develop a “multi-app” strategy, creating its own applications

that exist outside of Facebook and acquiring others. “Facebook seems to be in acknowledgement that people are using a lot of different apps to communicate,” said eMarketer analyst Debra Aho Williamson. “In order to continue to reach audiences, younger in particular, it needs to have a broader strategy ... not put all its eggs in one basket.” Facebook said it is keeping WhatsApp as a separate service, just as it did with Instagram, which it bought for about $715.3 million in two years ago. WhatsApp has more than 450 million monthly active users. In comparison, Twitter had

241 million users at the end of 2013. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says WhatsApp is on path to reach a billion users. “The services that reach that milestone are all incredibly valuable,” Zuckerberg said. WhatsApp, a messaging service for smartphones, lets users chat with their phone contacts, both one-on-one and in groups. The service allows people to send texts, photos, videos and voice recordings. It also lets users communicate with people overseas without incurring charges for pricey international texts and phone calls. It costs $1 per year and has no ads. - AP

New possibilities for mind-controlled quadcopter Thanks to researchers at the University of Minnesota you can fly a quadcopter just by thinking about it. You need an EEG cap with 64 attached electrodes that pick up

Whale of a count

signals from the brain’s motor cortex. The signals go to a computer, are decoded, then sent via WiFi to control the quadcopter. Students testing the system

need 10 to 20 hours training on a virtual system before working with the real thing. In future a system like this could let people with disabilities more easily perform everyday tasks










TELECOM.CO.NZ/ULTRA To find out if Ultra Broadband is available at your address ask us now or check online at

such as using the Internet. Presumably training for one purpose, such as flying a quadcopter also develops the skills you need for something like operating a cursor. - NZH

Shooting something, or someone, on purpose involves correctly lining up the target in the sights before pulling the trigger. TrackingPoint rifles use a laser range finder to lock onto a moving target, add a virtual tag to the target and stop the gun from being fired if the target isn’t correctly lined up. Meanwhile, software in the scope compensates for 16 variables, including temperature, the expected spin drift of the bullet and the direction the wind is blowing. The US Army is testing the weapons for use in places like Afghanistan where military targets may be mixed in with civilians and accuracy is absolutely essential. If it helps reduce unintended shootings that must be a good thing. - NZH

Crime in dimension Police in Queensland will soon use the Zebedee handheld laser scanner to map crime scenes. The 3D scanner has already been used in mining, and in capturing the inside of the Leaning Tower of Pisa but will allow police to make better images of crime scenes. While someone walks through an area the LiDAR scanner moves on a spring that allows an inertial measurement unit to do its work, meaning no GPS is required. Software later takes the data points and prepares a 3D image from the capture. It’s not clear how fine the resolution is: had the vase been moved or not? - NZH






For more information visit the website

300 minutes Non stop texts 1GB data 4G READY! FREE ON THE ULTRA 24 MONTH PLAN








d M9 12:12 PM


Christchurch Greyhounds Today at Addington Raceway


$1100, c0, 295m PX # REC Greyhound Fastest time Trainer

 1 4  2  2 1  3   4   5   6 3  7   8   9  10

23475 Groovy Leo nwtd Aussie Enforcer nwtd 4421 Cawbourne Cruze nwtd 56555 Uno Nosey nwtd 88864 Homebush Pippi nwtd 37757 Goldstar Bomber nwtd 42646 Advanced Pedro nwtd 38575 Ohoka Too Soon nwtd 655 Run For Sophie nwtd 5 Belfast Jane nwtd

J McInerney R Cockburn Grant/Hurd A Joyce J McInerney S&B Evans S&B Evans L Waretini Weir&Nissen Hart&Taylor

  4  5 1    6   7 3  8   9  10

67848 Twister Al 17.43 22541 Adroit 17.18 F2641 Summer Love 17.62 47783 Cec Divine 17.49 23138 Another Rule 17.75 53428 Ellie Waves 17.85 73824 Glenn Is Goodesy 17.20

1:08 PM


J McMillan R Adcock A Joyce G Cleeve J McInerney Casey&Fagan L Waretini


 1 545 Goldstar Magic nwtd 4  S&B Evans   2 63855 Token Ray nwtd Lane&Wales   3 67777 Big Sharkie nwtd J McInerney 3  4 55574 Cawbourne Axe nwtd Weir&Nissen HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOUG SCHULTZ DASH   5 764T Another Smile nwtd J McInerney 12:32 PM $1100, c0, 295m   6 Voussoir nwtd Hart&Taylor 1  1 22834 Ohoka Coby nwtd L Waretini  2  7 3 Goldstar Rosie nwtd S&B Evans   2 F Goldstar Deejay nwtd S&B Evans  1  8 37 Even Seven nwtd Weir&Nissen 3  3 63357 Culvie Boy nwtd J Holdem   9 8F Goldstar Frankie nwtd S&B Evans   4 8 Our Charlotte nwtd H Anderton  10 68621 Speedy Swede nwtd Lane&Wales 4  5 35683 Ohoka Joka nwtd L Waretini   6 56373 Gladys Emmanuel nwtd M&J Hill CLARKSON SIGN STUDIO STAKES 1:27 PM 2  7 43 Big Muddy nwtd Mitchell&Smith $1900, c1, 520m   8 24282 Homebush Faline nwtd J McInerney  4  1 54123 Miss Selfies 30.93 J McInerney   9 8256F Spilt Wine nwtd J McInerney  1  2 33451 Magic Emily 30.15 Hart&Taylor  10 5 Purple Pride nwtd D Voyce   3 56586 Know Future 30.74 G Cleeve   4 35216 Runaway Taxi 30.60 McCook&Jopson AMBER CLEANING SERVICES DASH 12:49 PM Lane&Wales $1200, c1, 295m   5 68377 Opawa Anne 30.73 2  6 14642 Doleuze 30.36 4  1 33463 Kenny’s Comet 17.56 J Dunn Mitchell&Smith  3  7 12216 Opawa Dosh 30.90 2  2 32212 Red Hot Fury 17.59 Lane&Wales McCook&Jopson    3 22767 Cala Rapita 17.87 C Roberts M Flipp   8 23123 Cawbourne Aries 31.24




h M8

12:25 PM 801

12:55 PM 802

16764 Opawa Marg 30.39 77666 Blushing Belle 30.63



$7000, 4yo+ c0, 2400m

1:20 PM 803



SEELITE WINDOWS & DOORS PACE $7000, 3yo+ c0, 2400m

  1 638 Grin Again (1) MHeenan S Ottley (J)   2 80329 Major Talk (2) PKerr D Dunn  3 Lynley Morris SCRATCHED   4 60803 Tom Bola (4) DRoss L O'Reilly  5 Woodstock SCRATCHED A 6 Thingamajig (6) DFlint D Flint   7 49635 Taia’s Kid (7) Wakelin/Noble P Wakelin   8 42360 Lacroix Franco (8) MNyhan P Davis 2  9 5X85 Joe The Hunter (9) CThornley C R Thornley D 10 9X0 Bobbi (10) BForrester  11 73300 Sounds Like Us (11) MNyhan S Golding (J) 1 12 30783 Sterns Arising (12) RDunn J Dunn 3 13 64982 Pacific Rose (13) Keast/Westrum J Keast 4 14 P0 Three Sands (14) AStuart T Chmiel  15 2039X She’s Got It (15) PVermeulen M Purvis (J)  16 60882 Wonder Anvil (16) CMarkham J Markham (J)  17 532 Scanreco Bay (17) MHeenan R May  18 3027X Prince Of Persia (18) C&JDeFilippiC DeFilippi  19 08054 Coyote (u1) FBaigent R Curtin 1:50 PM 804


  1   2   3 1  4  5   6 3  7   8 2  9    4 10  11

R FILLIES SERIES HEAT 5 MOBILE PACE 4 NEVELE $15,000, 3yo fillies, 1609m

06581 Artistic Lover (1) RHolmes R Holmes 87900 Bay Emerald (2) LDriver R Close (J) 24126 Albuquerque (3) GPearson G Pearson 36554 Ideal Power (4) NMcGrath N McGrath Libertybelle Midfrew SCRATCHED 37021 Ultimate CC (5) MJones M Jones 94252 Angelina Jolie (6) G&NHope R May 76137 Katie Kash (7) JDalgety T Chmiel 12221 Goodness Gracious Me (8) MJones C D Thornley

M Roberts Lane&Wales






February 21, 2014

 6 X5850 Can’t Teach That (5) DTaylor B  7  Ally Grace SCRATCHED A 8 41070 Threebee (6) MSmolenski S Ottley (J)   Washington Express (7) LHanrahan R May  9 77236 Barrier   10 54607 Whyamibettor (21) DPearce S Golding (J) 3 11 52514 Mashika (22) RDunn J Dunn  12 47654 Anntoro (23) RBull J Curtin  13 37691 Fortunately (24) KFord A Tomlinson  14 61836 Roxy Bromac (25) PYoung G O'Reilly  15 69020 The Burning Question (26) GSmith






12:15 PM 401


Otaki Maori Races

Tomorrow at Otaki


$10,000, mdn, 1200m PX # REC Horse (Barrier) kg Trainer Jockey OPT

1:25 PM 403




$10,000, mdn, 1600m

  1 78753 Blame de Angels (10) 58.5 GInnesD Turner (a2) 2  2 70X83. Powerade (7) 58.5 MOulaghan B Lammas   1 97624 Scarred (5) 58.5 ODuffy D Turner (a2)  2  2 28X4 War Story (4) 58.5 MPhillips R Myers   3 80305 Cold Hearted (4) 58.5 ADavies1 M Dee (a2) 3  3 L3070 Inscrutable (9) 58.5 IShaw M Hills   4 08X54 Guarantor (12) 58.5 MOulaghan J Riddell   4 Pokuru Asif (8) 58.5 JBridge J Parkes   5 45088 Forever Dreaming (9) 58.5 GBurtonC Johnson 1  6 25 Sir Delahoya (11) 58 BMcDermott J Parkes   5 6X79X Milanion (6) 58.5 CHaigh J Riddell    6 8X Hot Spot (3) 56.5 GLambert R Hannam   7 3X506 Ought To Be Bad (6) 56.5 SCookson H Tinsley R Stam 1  7 3 El Kayo (1) 56 GSearle B Lammas   8 00479. Bella’s Delight (2) 56.5 JScott Horizon (13) 56.5 DHaworth C Grylls 4  8 3 Shezakiwi (2) 56 KGray K Smith   9   9 05864. Indolljence (7) 56 KZimmerman1 S Doyle 3 10 55662 I’llbeyourplatinum (1) 56 LLatta D Bradley  11 97073 Don’stopgirl (5) 56 LLatta R Hannam 12:50 PM CAVALLO AGISTMENT R65 HCP $15,000,  4 12 7529 Our Girl Kate (8) 56 A&KSharrock M Hills OPT 402 R65 bmk*, 1200m R Myers 2  1 82734 Touche (4) 59 JBenner1 M Dee (a2)  13 63745 Fantamo (3) 56 MBreslin   2 42632 Sound Barrier (9) 59 AClement D Turner (a2) 2:00 PM OTAKI HUNTING & FISHING R85 HCP 1  3 7X24L Vice Marshall (1) 58.5 MBreslinB Murray (a4) OPT 404 $17,500, R85 bmk, 1200m H Tinsley 3  4 X364X Dont Gloat (5) 58 A&KSharrock J Riddell 1  1 7X130 Jaggard (2) 60 Walsh/Gregory D Turner (a2)   5 X701P. Kool Return (8) 58 MOulaghan S Doyle   2 75655 McLaren (7) 58 KGray J Jago   6 02622 Platinum Lincoln (2) 57.5 LLatta D Bradley   3 0609X New Greenfield (4) 56.5 TCruz 4  4 10167 Atozed (5) 54.5 GSearle B Lammas   7 2940X Kool Gal (6) 56 SCrawford M Coleman  2  5 66415. Jerrico (3) 54.5 LLatta D Bradley 4  8 30134 Workingclass (11) 56 KGray C Grylls    9 29515 Irish Strings (3) 55.5 KGray J Parkes   6 45112 Tomsk (1) 54.5 HRobinson J Shackleton (a2)  10 8790X Teodora (10) 55 ODuffy R Myers M Hills   7 8780X Stormy Lass (6) 54 LLatta 3  8 8111. Alleyoop (8) 54 JBridge  11 35555 Racey Red (7) 54 BLines J Parkes R Myers 



2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-11 1-2-3, 5-6-7, 9-10-11 8-9-10-11 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

  3 47206 Jack Hammer (3) TMay C D Thornley   4 28525 Franco Envoy (4) CThornley C R Thornley 4  5 10113 Naughty Maravu (5) GSmith G Smith   6 4863P Johnny Mick (6) JRogers D Dunn 3  7 42424 Mach’s Gladiator (7) PBurrows B Thomas (J)   8 08772 K C Pedro (8) AHastie A Hastie   Sailing On (9) AStuart T Chmiel  9 68412 Barrier   10 05170 Elusive Flight (21) SAllen M Williamson R May  T Woodward  11 23348 True South (22) G&NHope 1 12 12201 Arising Easton (23) Purdon/RasmussenMPurdon 1 16 96631 Magna (27) J&JGeddes J Geddes  A 13 41500 Classiebee (24) MJones 2 17 43331 Onlyforyou (28) CDalgety D Dunn  2 14 21533 Jerry Garcia (25) LO'Reilly L O'Reilly ELLESMERE TRANSPORT HCP TROT $7500,  15 39255 Greenburn Creek (26) TButt 2:45 PM K Butt (J) OPT 806 4yo+ c1-c2 spechcp, 2400m  16 91867 Robyn’s Raider (27) RDunn J Dunn   1 42647 Sarah Palin (1) MNyhan P Davis   2 701P0 Filigree Sheree (2) KFord A Tomlinson 3:48 PM MOUNTAIN RIVER PROCESSORS HORORATA CUP HCP PACE $14,999, 5yo+ c4, 3000m  3  All Lit Up SCRATCHED OPT 808 R May   4 23418 The Wicket Keeper (3) ASutherland RClose(J)   1 43048 Live Lea (1) GMcStay 3  2 22822 Supreme Gem (2) JMcDermott C D Thornley 4  5 00322 Fancy Pants (4) JHowe T Chmiel  P Davis   6 33073 Brite N Early (5) Wakelin/Noble P Wakelin   3 30080 Sonnetsson (3) MNyhan S Golding (J)   7 70360 Evander D Go (6) NBurton N Burton   4 78006 Maiden Rome (4) REarle J Curtin C 8 P4000 Gordon Trotter (7) PHill D Butt   5 45229 Tijuana Bromac (5) ABest 4  6 89045 Lifesofine (u1) RDunn D Dunn   9 74840 Armed Force (8) PAnderson M Jones   10 80295 Miri (9) DO'Connell D O'Connell   7 27210 Cam Before The Storm (1) TButt K Butt (J) J Dunn  11 07874 Continental Halo (10) MEdmonds M Edmonds 1  8 12242 Donegal’s Guest (1) RDunn G O'Reilly  12 00200 Thanksforplaying (11) GMills C McDowell 2  9 18683 Glencoe V C (1) G&NHope  13 100 Free Bird (u1) BWard S Ottley (J) ZELAM PACE 4:23 PM D 14 X0X00 Peterhof (u2) BGraham G Archer OPT 809 $7500, 3yo+ c1, 2400m 1 15 52361 Wishes Star (1) TSoal G O'Reilly   1 87572 Franco Tyrone (1) DReardon C DeFilippi  16 82510 Gee Itsa Boy (2) McCormick/Kentish   2 64445 Lilac Desire (2) DTaylor K Cox (J)  L McCormick C McDowell  17 35435 Trick Star (3) TMcMillan T McMillan   3 87421 Fifteen C (3) WWilliams S McNally 2 18 06216 All Shook Up (4) GSmith G Smith   4 62390 Black Ice (4) KO'Dea 1  5 4217 Franco Harrington (5) SMcRae C D Thornley B 19 05599 Sunchita (5) BHill J Curtin  A Lethaby A 20 70P05 Monorail (6) RJenkins A Lethaby   6 72419 Bhappy (6) RJenkins J Keast 3 21 45982 Millicent (7) C&JDeFilippi C DeFilippi   7 93014 Panic Slowly (7) JBurrows B Thomas (J)  22 D1700 Franco Nadal (u1) BWaldron R May   8 4000X Outta Sight (8) RBennett 2  9 28103 Mach Of The Man (9) Purdon/Rasmussen

 1 Desert Blue SCRATCHED D 2 00X00 Strathfield Sun (1) C&JDeFilippi C DeFilippi   3 X4P92 Gogirl Bromac (2) MHouse S Ottley (J)   4 82509 Jean Sebastien (3) CMarkhamJ Markham (J)   5 44305 Starview Soul (4) NPerkins N Perkins   6 X3442 Maidofdiamonds (5) SMoore BWilliamson(J)   7 9 Poppa Don (6) BGraham G Archer C 8 90X0X Bernice (7) KDaly K Cameron  9 Sungait Sally SCRATCHED  10 0 Belle Bones (8) Wakelin/Noble P Wakelin Barrier 3 11 0303P Pure Emotion (9) Keast/Westrum J Keast 01345 Cala (21) DTaylor J Curtin B 12 56880 Lauren (10) ALowe A Lowe 47006 So You Think (22) BWard S Ottley (J)  13 7 Regal Moment (11) KO'Connor K O'Connor DUNSANDEL TAVERN F&M MOB PACE 4 14 606X2 Mantorp (12) SKennedy G O'Reilly 2:15 PM $8500, 4yo+ f&m c1-c3, 1609m 1 15 60422 Total Exposure (13) DNyhan D Nyhan OPT 805 B Hill A 16 P09 Scarlett Lane (u1) JClementson J Curtin   1 26050 Crackapaca (1) BHill C 2 6P660 Glamar Girls (2) G&NHope PGG WRIGHTSON MOB PACE $9000, 3yo+  3:13 PM 2 17 20748 Waihemo Angus (u2) Hannah/Chappell  3 Indian Arrow SCRATCHED OPT 807 c2-c3, c4 with cond., 2300m  10  C D Thornley   11 B 1 81680 Bettor Fella (1) KDixon  18 0 Donsmedad (u3) MAustin 4  4 X3024 Vincennes (3) GSmith T Chmiel  G Smith   19 04X0 Moa Bones (u4) BWaldron M Jones  12 R May   5 5633X All Delight (4) SMcRae C D Thornley   2 6209X Dream Gal (2) PAnderson


1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9, 10-11-12 9-10-11-12 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

  2 32462 Mulberry Brook nwtd K Cassidy HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARRY FREE SPRINT 1   3 56421 Karen’s Magic 30.69 R Adcock 1:44 PM $1100, c0, 295m   4 73542 Tepirita Snoop nwtd J McInerney 2  1 25635 Editorial nwtd R Blackburn   5 28435 Toddy’s A Flyer nwtd C Roberts 1  2 22 Budgie Fudging nwtd Hart&Taylor  3  6 32X55 Claretown Leroy nwtd J&D Fahey   3 687 Lum Jum nwtd J McInerney  4  7 52522 Opawa Andrea 30.53 Lane&Wales   4 35456 Ohoka Faith nwtd L Waretini   8 28888 Botany Comet 30.68 J McInerney   5 8786 Junior Cleeve nwtd L Waretini   9 32665 Chill Out Ralph 31.14 Lane&Wales 3  6 73 Ganache nwtd M Flipp  10 88648 Opawa Cuddles 31.00 Lane&Wales 4  7 72274 Homebush Haven nwtd J McInerney CTV DASH   8 866 Gwendoline Stela nwtd S&B Evans 2:39 PM $1200, c1, 295m   9 48734 Cherry Crusher nwtd M&J Hill 2  1 54415 Opawa Hog 17.86 Lane&Wales  10 Bo’s Business nwtd Grant/Hurd   2 57458 Know Skill 17.67 G Cleeve   BILL’S BAR & BISTRO SPRINT 3 28786 My Little Oah 17.35 J McInerney 2:03 PM $1200, c1, 295m  4  4 82432 Starburst Hannah 17.56 Grant/Hurd   1 54264 Maker’s Label 17.54 Hart&Taylor  1  5 TX111 Terra Annie 17.22 B Dann 3  2 71223 Wunzee 17.39 J McInerney   6 43316 Another Hunter nwtd J McInerney   3 84584 Avec Lamour 17.58 A Bradshaw  3  7 17831 Marbella 17.82 M Flipp   4 46774 Duco To Duco 17.73 M Flipp   8 22754 Ziggy War Paint 17.64 R Cockburn 1  5 71411 Gogo Rioli 17.42 J Dunn   9 12554 Wonkey Donkey 17.76 A Bradshaw 2  6 41 No Leaf Clover 17.46 Weir&Nissen  10 3818X Mop Head 17.76 D T Barnes   7 42175 Token Stu 17.75 J Rush ACTIVE ELECTRICAL CHRISTCHURCH 4  8 4143 Another Groom 17.59 J McInerney 2:57 PM SPRINT $1200, c1, 295m   9 831X5 Hill of Grace 17.70 Grant/Hurd 1  1 43814 Opawa Idol 17.35 Lane&Wales  10 66362 Harper’s Bizarre 17.49 B Dann   2 88768 Ohoka Blue 17.49 L Waretini 2  3 34163 Judith Mary 17.60 M Roberts JOHNNY MIDNIGHT AT STUD STAKES 2:22 PM $1900, c1, 520m   4 53336 Cawbourne Onyx nwtd Grant/Hurd 2  1 61681 Opawa Summer 30.55 Hart&Taylor   5 41342 Aokautere nwtd J McInerney

Today at Mt Harding Racecourse

 1 26223 Red Under Fire (1) KBarron S Golding (J) 2    2 00X82 Trevi Bromac (2) KDixon J Anderson (J) B 3 5X6 Elshavy (3) MSmolenski M Smolenski   4 73X59 Can’t Get Enough (4) C&JDeFilippiC DeFilippi D 5 5756 Young Mister Grace (5) DTaylor K Cox (J) 4  6 83244 Rip Roaring (6) JHowe T Chmiel   7 00X Mr Meddle (7) RDunn M Purvis (J)   8 74902 Bobby T (8) CThornley C R Thornley 3  Georgie Mach (9) D&CButt D Butt  9 29X Barrier  A 10 9 Breeny’s Smile (21) MHeenan M Heenan  11 47602 Houdini (22) KTownley T Woodward C 12 8X Karanga Sweet P (23) BForresterC D Thornley  13 44 Riga Doon (24) TMay R May  14 90933 Highview Aria (25) MGreen J Curtin  15 667P4 Snowden (26) KEstreich C Markham  16 70830 Toscana Bromac (27) ABest D Dunn 1 17 Donegal Jimmy Dave (28) RDunn J Dunn  18 Harlequin Bromac SCRATCHED OPT

  9  10

Hororata Harness

$7000, 3yo+ c0, 2300m PX # REC Horse (Start pos) Trainer Driver OPT

February 21, 2014


2:35 PM 405


February 22, 2014


$25,000, R75 bmk F&M, 1400m

  1 61346 Locket (9) 60.5 J&KParsons M Dee (a2) 1  2 01X52 Austin Road (6) 58 ODuffy D Turner (a2)   3 05130 Colourful Lady (8) 57 Lowry/Cullen H Tinsley   4 5334X Lauren Tate (3) 57 JMorell R Myers   5 22310 Dragon Beauty (1) 56.5 GVile M Hills 2  6 41454. Floral Scent (5) 56 Walsh/Gregory R Hannam   7 63234 Catwomandu (4) 55.5 TKeegan J Parkes 4  8 214. Fancy Nancy (7) 54.5 LGreig1 B Lammas 3  9 071 Centre Cross (2) 54 GHumphries C Johnson


41290 Classiegent (10) GKelk 83349 Bankcard (11) PYeatman 50870 Shantahlia Knight (12) GLamb



M Purdon G O'Reilly J Curtin P Davis

2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9 6-7-8-9 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 TUI - BACKING A WINNER SINCE 1889 R65 HCP $15,000, R65 bmk*, 1600m

 1 2X172 Canyon (3) 59 MBreslin 2  H Tinsley   2 0X361 Centre Attention (6) 58.5 GInnesD Turner (a2)   3 700X1. Carlow (11) 58.5 A&KSharrock J Parkes 4  4 28334 Veininsky (2) 58.5 JPettit B Lammas   5 20210 Master Thomas (5) 58 TCollis B Murray (a4)   6 31X67 Count Basie (9) 57.5 KGray K Smith 3  7 73229 Phoenix Tycoon (4) 56 MEales C Grylls 1  8 02548. Word’s Out (8) 56 LLatta M Dee (a2)   9 02284 Minnaleo (7) 55.5 MBreslin A Frye (a1) J Jago THE DOMINION POST ST LEGER TRIAL  10 86644 Holy Affair (13) 55.5 LSomervell 3:08 PM OPT 406 $15,000, 3&4yo set weight, 2100m  11 00070. Temple View (12) 55.5 SHamill1 M Hills  12 04133 Pit A Pat (10) 55 KBurne M Coleman   1 41800 Dillinger (5) 59.5 J&KParsons H Tinsley  13 93395 Southern Secret (1) 55 GLambert R Myers 2  2 01194 Brad Thorn (8) 59.5 MBreslin J Parkes 1  3 09344 Saint Kitt (3) 59.5 KBurne R Myers 4:21 PM HAUNUI FARM GROUP ONE WFA CLASSIC $200,000, wfa, 1600m   4 12535 Antonio (6) 59.5 SKay R Hannam OPT 408 3  5 14362 Ollie’s Note (4) 59.5 LKnight 1  1 20698 Nashville (2) 59 Adrian&HarryBull J Riddell J Riddell    6 64778 Gamer Royale (2) 59.5 TBambry M Hills   2 13881 Iamishwara (3) 59 AKaye S Doyle 4  7 48224 Adolay (10) 57.5 Ramsay/Ritchie D Bradley   3 0X9X1 Packing Tycoon (5) 59 TCruz J Jago   8 X3172 Rosehip (1) 57.5 JBary 4  4 12241 Viadana (10) 57 LNoble S Doyle  C Grylls   9 07101 Sir Gus (7) 54 KGray C Johnson   5 10409 Final Touch (6) 57 J&KParsons H Tinsley  10 21377 Lukander (9) 54 MPitman 2  6 100X4 Xanadu (7) 57 K&BKelso M Dee (a2)  M Coleman



Compiled by

Track Information Weather: Partly cloudy

  6 3  7 4  8   9  10

35313 Teevee Kimba 17.65 55224 Phat Pants 17.66 34745 Billy Muggins 17.49 11784 Another Cover 17.57 44434 Harper Mehl nwtd

3:23 PM

  1   2 2  3   4 4  5 3  6 1  7   8   9  10


M Flipp McCook&Jopson B Dann J McInerney S&B Evans


64748 Maximum Jewel 30.46 17878 Jinja Pop 30.47 31613 Punch On Jaime nwtd 75316 Rob’s Mate nwtd 86421 Gee Cee Bee 30.70 74741 Botany Seaton 30.51 33221 Stich Up 30.81 63525 Ohoka Frenchi 30.69 67736 Rocky Baxter nwtd 16873 Cawbourne Merc nwtd

3:40 PM


S&B Evans A Bradshaw J McInerney M&J Hill H Anderton J McInerney S&B Evans L Waretini J McInerney Grant/Hurd


$1400, c2, 295m

 1 4746X Fulla Torque 17.55 3    2 65328 Benny’s Angel 17.46 1  3 1128X Noble Fantasy 17.34 4  4 24322 Blickling Bridge 17.53   5 53435 Another Becky 17.49 2  6 21227 Go Bridie 17.30   7 24688 Just A Mate 17.21   8 45688 Phil Wart 17.43   9 77888 Rule Judge Judy 17.47  10 53537 Be Prepared 17.35

R Cockburn J McInerney S&B Evans A Joyce J McInerney G Cleeve J McInerney Grant/Hurd A Joyce B Dann

Track Information Type: Grass; Direction: Left-handed; Length: 1386m; Weather: Partly cloudy

 13 52428 Ohoka Benson (13) G&NHope 4  A 14 20009 Riverboat Princess (14) LSmart  15 35223 Revell Yell (15) SAdlam 3 16 0X815 True Legend (16) GSmith 4:58 PM OPT 810

R May R Close (J) S Ottley (J) G Smith


$11,000, 4yo+ c3-oc spechcp, 3000m

  1 2  2

14732 Juneamy Castleton (1) MJones M Jones 25416 Superbowlcheerleader (2) Purdon/Rasmussen  M Purdon   3 01635 Regal Petite (u1) C&JDeFilippi S Ottley (J)   4 042X4 Sir Lexington (1) TButt D Butt   5 16804 Dixie Commando (2) J&JGeddes J Geddes   6 06208 Sunny Kash (3) Derek&AdeleJonesC D Thornley   7 06X88 Global Invasion (1) RJenkins A Lethaby   8 03945 Burano (2) KTownley D Dunn   9 02471 Rebma (3) KFord A Tomlinson 4 10 114D0 Phil’s Gift (u1) G&NHope R May 1 11 21114 Royal Aspirations (1) FFletcher S Smolenski 3 12 60320 Quality Invasion (u1) BGraham G Archer

5:35 PM OPT 811


$7500, 3yo+ c1, 2300m

 1 2331X Juicy Odds (1) DMoore 4  S McNally   2 65397 Shantahlia’s Star (2) GLamb B Thomas (J)   3 63367 Baileys Desire (3) DTaylor M Neilson (J) A 4 79066 Good Girl Becqui (4) PBurrows G Smith 1  5 1X117 Ranfurly Rulz (5) G&NHope R May   6 60330 Vienna Eyre (6) PAnderson G O'Reilly 2  7 81862 Nota Lada (7) Purdon/Rasmussen M Purdon   8 X1005 Cowboy (8) DTaylor K Cox (J)   Chargedownking (9) FBaigent R Curtin  9 08994 Barrier  3 10 78210 Mighty Peruvian (21) G&NHope R Close (J)  11 30434 Johnny Eyre (22) MBrown J Dunn  12 Loose Cannon SCRATCHED  13 36083 Elbeau (23) DMitchell M Jones  14 30095 Benihana (24) JReardon L O'Reilly  15 11 Isaac (25) BHutton J Curtin  16 72100 Oncewerechristians (26) LDriver MWilliamson  17 Alma Eyre SCRATCHED B 18 3060X Lady Godiva (u1) GSmith Track Information Type: Grass; Expected: Dead; Direction: Left-handed; Length: 1800m; Straight: 400m; Rail: True; Weather: Showers

  7   8   9 3 10

46143 Diademe (4) 57 Baker/Forsman J Parkes 86035 Postmans Daughter (8) 57 DWalkerR Myers 26355 Fleur de Lune (9) 57 LSomervell M Hills 11211 The Diamond One (1) 57 SAndertonC Johnson

4:56 PM 409




$17,500, R75 benchmark, 2100m

 1 55173 Langdon (10) 61.5 KZimmerman1NTeeluck(a4) 4  3  2 62560 Confused (4) 59 J&KParsons C Johnson   3 011X9 Kairanga (11) 58.5 BMcDermott JShackleton(a2)   4 44093. Hell Yeah (3) 57 GVile H Tinsley   5 03213. Mash (8) 56.5 KGray B Lammas   6 80042 Jilted (1) 56 MBreslin R Myers   7 07366 Taikomochi (15) 56 DHaworth D Walker  8 North Of Sunset SCRATCHED 1  9 15194 Maccool (9) 55.5 RFrost1 M Coleman  10 8X424 Perfect Symbol (13) 55 RBergerson J Parkes  11 X0588 Down Town (5) 54.5 PMoseley M Dee (a2)  12 74242 Myminkcoat (14) 54 GVile M Hills 2 13 40437 Lady Platinum (12) 54 LLatta D Bradley  14 16378 Sampson (6) 54 HMathews1 D Turner (a2)  15 37623 The Beaut (2) 54 PMoseley R Hannam  16 52664 Little Storm (7) 54 AThomas M Dravitzki (a2)


h M7 11:35 AM






Wyndham Harness

Tomorrow at Young Quinn Raceway


 10 1 11

Havnaparty (21) HHunter 59X5 Kiwi Focus (22) KLarsen

S Walkinshaw K Larsen

1:35 PM

February 22, 2014


ALABAR JUNIOR DRIVERS MOBILE PACE $7000, 4yo+ c1 jun.d, 2400m

 1 209X1 Odette Jaccka (1) MGBrownB Williamson (J) 3  KINA CRAIG STUD MOBILE PACE $6000,  1  2 28283 Theo Bos (2) MSwain R McIlwrick (J)   1 23546 Royal Squeeze (1) TStratford M Williamson 12:25 PM c1 & others with cond., 2400m   3 26235 Vera’s Delight (3) BMcLellan C Ferguson (J)   2 00440 Reserve Banks (2) OLawrence A Beck   1 14459 Hadrian (1) DWilson M Williamson  2  4 3266X Rockin Cullen (4) KLarsen N Purdon (J)   3 45282 Goodboy Tiger (3) BNegus C Negus   2 P67X1 Tachma (2) DSimpson B Orange   5 861X9 Sunnivue Bay Boy (5) SAshton C 4 3500X Chevy Corvette (4) Cox/McGrannachan J Bond   6 74X4P Roofcraft (6) JHay I Lee (J)   5 04603 John Henry Galleon (5) CGerken A Armour   3 96000 Aye One (3) JBond   4 20447 Rosie Lindenny (4) TStratford M Purdon   7 84042 Elusive Edgar (7) MHunter S Stewart (J)   6 63824 Starlight Invasion (6) DMcLachlan 2  5 82420 Village Club (5) TWhite B Barclay   8 10250 Denis (8) BNegus  S Walkinshaw  J Young (J)   Barrier 3  7 3531P Phil’s Folly (7) NWilliamson R McIlwrick (J) 1  6 X5380 Memorable (6) CDalgety D Dunn 4  9 67631 The Octagon (u1) LMosely C Hanna (J) 2  8 62247 King Denny (8) Purdon/Rasmussen B Orange   7 01500 Iron Duke (7) BShirley N Williamson  A 9 49049 Johns Anne (9) PWilliamson B Williamson (J)   8 04558 Batini (8) KChapman J Dunn LAMB DRIVE SUPPORTERS/CATTLE GRAZIERS 2:10 PM D 10 179P0 Apollo Mission (10) SLock S Lock   9 70695 Alexy (9) BNegus PACE $9000, 3yo+ c0, 2400m J W Cox   Barrier 2  1 56243 Special Delight (1) NWilliamsonR McIlwrick (J) 1 11 P1683 Main Divide (u1) BWaldron D Dunn  10 77353 Macardo (21) MGBrown B Williamson (J) 3  2 Real Impulse (2) AStuart B Orange  12 76033 Chiola Belle (u2) PWilliamson J W Cox 3 11 303X7 Kate De Goldie (22) RHolmes R Holmes   3 04506 Sky Ruler (3) RHolmes R Holmes  13 00829 Mokosun (u3) CLaurenson B McLellan A 12 5X008 Alliwantforxmas (23) JHay J Hay   4 55266 Domino Denario (4) HHunter H Hunter B 14 65774 Armori (u4) GMcLay G McLay  13 63820 Nothing But Girls (24) CBarron C Barron   5 35975 Lively Jendi (5) SLock S Lock  15 2P316 Cum Laude (u5) CWalsh B Barclay H Hunter   6 45755 Highland Reign (6) BNegus M Williamson 4 16 PX093 Easy Option (u6) NWilliamson N Williamson 4 14 55384 Minstrel Boy (25) HHunter  15 64956 Ali Foyle (26) AStack R McIlwrick (J)  1  7 48 Lavish Blowback (7) G&CLee G Lee  17 01 Larch (u7) GMcClymont K Larsen   8 64680 Bryleigh Jewel (8) BNorman B Norman  18 21980 Golden Gate (u8) JRyan J Ryan WYNDHAM WORKOUTS HCP TROT $9000, 1:00 PM B D Windermere (9) JTither A Armour 4yo+ c2-oc spechcp, 3200m   9 KELLY WOOL LTD MOBILE PACE 4 10 74024 Just Rusty (10) DBaynes D Dunn 12:00 PM   1 P0512 Merilane (1) B Negus  J W Cox $6000, 3yo+ c0, 2400m  11 4577X Party Girl Satty (11) KMoore B Barclay   1 59796 Sammy The Bull (1) BMcLellan B McLellan   2 05990 Spin Doctor (u1) DO'Connell D O'Connell  12 4784 Gabby’s Knight (12) CMorley K Larsen   2 X799P Onlykidding (2) RSwain R Swain   3 0190X Foreverman (u2) RHolmes R Holmes ALABAR NZ KINDERGARTEN STAKES 2YO 2:45 PM   3 7467X City Courage (3) GWoodhouseB Williamson (J) 3  4 43842 Alley Way (1) NSkinner C Barron MOBILE PACE $25,000, 2yo, 1609m OPT 707   4 07067 Vedika (4) BNorman D Dunn   5 40566 Moon Countess (2) G&CLee G Lee  3  1 Itz Bettor To Win (1) Purdon/RasmussenB Orange 4  5 74868 Gerald (5) BNegus M Williamson 4  6 32687 Monnay (1) PWilliamson B Williamson (J) 2  2 13 Say My Name (2) RDunn J Dunn   6 8 Kate Jackson (6) KBarclay K Barclay 04 Arturus (3) RCameron R Cameron A Beck   3 3  7 23673 Miss Pembroke (7) CBarron C Barron   7 22348 Yankee One (u1) TWilson 4  4 Bettor Pay Me (4) PKerr M Kerr   8 47378 Rainbow Romance (8) TKilkelly A Beck 2  8 12531 Springbank Sam (1) PWilliamson 1  5 25 Alta Ronaldo (5) Purdon/RasmussenM Purdon  N Williamson 2  9 50232 Jetrange (9) B Shirley  N Williamson  1  9 730X2 Cyclone U Bolt (2) Purdon/RasmussenB Orange   6 42 Until Further Notice (6) MSwainN Williamson Barrier PX # REC Horse (Start pos) Trainer







h M8

12:05 PM


Timaru Harness Sunday at Phar Lap Raceway


$7000, 3yo+ c0, 2600m PX # REC Horse (Start pos) Trainer Driver

C 1 82509 Jean Sebastien (1) CMarkhamJ Markham (J)   2 0X609 Susiesforgivinggirl (2) MHjalmarsson M Hjalmarsson

  3 0 Daveys Brother (3) MWard C Ward   4 8990X Glenferrie Sunbird (4) CEdmonds J Dunn 1  5 22323 Vitali (5) JVersteeg J Curtin   6 76X39 Pegasus Dream (6) NTaylor R May  7 Mantorp SCRATCHED 2  8 Heza Mighty Monarch (7) NMcGrathNMcGrath   9 04009 Successful Woman (8) BZampeseCDThornley 4 10 85X Hellavahanover (9) MJones B Orange 3 11 2085 Star Filly (10) TMcMillan T McMillan  12 04630 Price Of Fame (11) TTrathen T Trathen  13 50280 Shell Seeker (12) KTownley D Dunn  14 87070 Cherry Lindenny (13) KJames B Nyhan  15 Scarlett Lane SCRATCHED  16 X9988 Castle Sun (u1) MHjalmarsson G Smith  17 70X07 Willie Shine (u2) JHowe T Chmiel  18 88900 Sueno (u3) SRoulston G O'Reilly

 15 Millwood Chloe SCRATCHED B 16 09X00 Keystone (15) GLaing G Laing  17 0 Woodstock (16) TButt J Harrington (J) 4 18 Tufflittlerooster (17) D&CButt B Butt

  8 31700 Blue Don (8) BZampese C D Thornley D 9 X0X00 Peterhof (u1) BGraham  10 9189P Mob Star (u2) TMcMillan T McMillan 2 11 23506 Gin Rummy (u3) ICameron I Cameron  12 20004 Kaizen (u4) MEdmonds M Edmonds EQUINE VETERINARY SERVICES MOBILE 1:17 PM TROT $7000, 3yo, 2000m  13 76594 Pammys Boy (1) MEdmonds S McNally   1 Allineedisamiracle (1) KTownley J Dunn  1 14 05599 Sunchita (2) BHill J Curtin   2 77 Diana Harbour (2) KJames K James  15 10705 Ngaire Margaret (3) AFaulks A Faulks   3 7403 Monkey Luck (3) KCameron K Cameron  16 07810 Tarn (4) MEdmonds J Anderson (J)   4 Eyre I Come (4) DGaffaney R May A 17 558X8 Glendaloch (u1) DMcCormick   5 5X Clean Break (5) KHadfield C D Thornley  18 39967 Eyrewell Pegasus (1) MNyhan P Davis 3  6 1X133 Zhenya (6) PWilliamson M Williamson  19 14732 Juneamy Castleton (2) MJones B Orange 2  7 10120 Lothario (7) D&CButt B Butt  20 05928 Whispering Champagne (u1) NTaylorD Dunn 1  8 01514 Trouble Rieu (8) BWhite S McNally 4  CHANGEOVER MOBILE PACE  9 08109 Santorini Sunset (u1) KTownley D Dunn



1:53 PM



  1 65008 Selester (1) GCook G O'Reilly   2 0X648 Onslow Hanover (2) DTaylor K Cox (J)   3 00998 Tinted Field (3) SClarke H Clarke (J)   4 60904 Supreme Sign (4) GCook J R Bennett   5 87909 Jaspers Blue Jean (5) ELatimer P Davis THE PORT FM MUSIC NETWORK PACE 12:41 PM D Dunn $7000, 3yo+ c0, 2600m   6 X4884 Hudson Sully (6) BNegus 3  7 78339 Comenche (7) RDunn J Dunn 1  1 Davey Gunn (1) RDunn J Dunn  2  8 08010 Little Miss Sunshine (8) GPayneN Purdon (J)   2 80006 Be Me (2) BWaldron B Orange  4  Here’s Shifty (9) JKennett R May   3 8 Floreta (3) JHowe T Chmiel   9 41791 Barrier    4 4044 Verdun (4) AFaulks A Faulks 1 10 04250 Franco Revel (21) T&GChmiel T Chmiel 2  5 82022 Lifestyler (5) KCollins T Woodward TIMARU CURRY CLUB HCP TROT $7500, C 6 70000 Interstellar Girl (6) SHarding 2:28 PM 4yo+ c1 & faster discrhcp, 2600m   7 Moneyforjam (7) DFlint D Flint C Kennett   8 60X00 Days Of Passion (8) MWatene1MWilliamson   1 45508 Valmagne (1) JKennett   2 P1004 Gorilla Playboy (2) C McKay  M Williamson   9 43775 Monkey Puzzle (9) MNyhan P Davis 4  3 00200 Thanksforplaying (3) GMills C McDowell  10 05X20 Smart Alex (10) SDolan D Dunn  B 4 84960 Final Secret (4) CMcKay C McKay  11 05 Phil Monty (11) JWederell C DeFilippi  3 12 9633 Mustang Bullitt (12) LHanrahan R May C 5 50867 Amy’s Invasion (5) MHjalmarssonMHjalmarsson R May  13 04605 Private Jones (13) HHunter C Hunter (J)   6 77024 Maldarna (6) KRobertson 3  7 80601 Never Fear (7) PO'Reilly P O'Reilly A 14 9X0 Bobbi (14) BForrester




12:23 PM


February 23, 2014

  1 23642 Dhaulagiri (11) 58.5 JO'Flanagan J Wong (a3)   2 73234. Why Wait (2) 58.5 LLatta D Bothamley 4  3 32265 Plays Until Dark (5) 58.5 DHutton R Doherty   4 08064 Gallant Trick (10) 58.5 RMcKay A McKay (a3) 3  5 73 Coffee (7) 58 MPitman D Walsh 2  6 X20X3 The Matriarch (1) 56.5 L&RDidham J Bates   7 49379 Our Memoir (8) 56.5 LRobinson T Moseley   8 5X062 Jip Jop Shop (3) 56 DFrye T Direen (a1) 1  9 2. Miss Alice (4) 56 J&KParsons C Johnson  10 Seven Excuses SCRATCHED  11 0X955 Perfect Jazz (6) 56 RMcKay J Morris  12 Colonel Anne (9) 56 J&KParsons A Frye (a1)

1:35 PM


$10,000, mdn, 1600m

 1 63722 My Rules (11) 58.5 Kennedy/Furlong J Bullard 2    2 32675 Royalty (13) 58.5 T&LPrendergast K Williams   3 64206 Voussoir (4) 58.5 TKennedy S Spratt   4 98X80. Lone Wolf (12) 58.5 TFoley T Moseley 1  5 2X433 Chatter (7) 56.5 T&MStokes M Cameron 3  6 23X54 D’Chaparral (1) 56.5 LLatta S Wynne (a2)   7 82372 Kaapfleur (9) 56.5 CHarris R Bishop 4  8 50X35 Miss Clevedon (2) 56.5 T&MStokes M Cropp (a2)

  9 X4834 Rosheen (5) 56.5 J&KParsons C Johnson  10 04647 Hi Yo Ko (6) 56.5 VMackle J Wong (a3)  11 X0705 Penny Kate (3) 56.5 KThomson R Black (a2)  12 0 Wee Missy (14) 56.5 LStewart1T Direen (a1)  13 6X872 Angel Falls (8) 56 Champion/MurphyA Frye (a1) SUPALOO DASH 3YO HANDICAP  14 246 Alessio (10) 56 PRichards D Prastiyou (a3)

14 Pulp Fiction (7) TStratford 74 First Flight In (u1) PDevery

D Dunn A Armour







1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 8-9-10 7-8-9-10 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10



February 23, 2014

 10 00135 Ladybird Blue (12) 56.5 MPitman D Walsh 3   11 456X1 Lakota (17) 56.5 TCharles R Black (a2) 4 12 93153 Sand’ior (1) 56.5 JHay J Bates  13 72130 Crystal Fox (10) 56 EWilson T Direen (a1)  14 86616 Miss Sing (6) 56 RFrost J Morris A 15 94402 Alyssa Belle (8) 55 BTapper M Haruki (a3) B 16 X1883 Evidence (16) 57 BGliddon R Bishop C 17 40337. Falzano (7) 56 L&RDidham D 18 21064 Gervasio (20) 56 MPitman E 19 85928 Presley (15) 55.5 BMiddlewood F 20 5X874 Celtic Boy (9) 55 EGreen

Track Information Type: All weather; Direction: Left-handed; Length: 1498m; Weather: Showers

  5 8X752 Backandbeyond (5) CBarron C Barron 1  6 X2219 Royal Counsel (6) G&CLee G Lee   7 88508 McArdle Meg (7) PHunter P Hunter Barrier   8 1983P The Tisbury Terror (8) TKilkelly K Barclay MLT/THREE RIVERS HOTEL MOB PACE $9000,  2  9 05X66 Lurah (9) RHolmes R Holmes 3:15 PM Barrier 3yo+, c2-c3 with cond., 2400m   N Williamson   1 25664 Repeat After Me (1) DBaynes A Beck  10 57870 Van Eva (21) SCook J Dunn   2 6246X Chief Thundercloud (2) KMoore B Barclay 3 11 2199 Murphy Brown (22) RDunn A Beck   3 08494 The Lutts (3) NBuchan N Buchan  12 44451 Go The Stags (23) TKilkelly 2  4 11224 Moondyne Joe (4) T&GChmiel T Chmiel ALLAN SLOAN BUILDING MOBILE PACE   5 42211 Ultra Shok (5) TStratford D Dunn 5:03 PM $9000, 3yo+ c1, 2400m   6 35642 Deano Robyn (6) HHunter H Hunter   1 21 Cyclone Kiwi (1) RHolmes R Holmes 3  7 139X1 Messini (7) Purdon/Rasmussen M Purdon 3  2 13170 Alta Jerome (2) PKerr M Kerr 1  8 11215 Quick As A Trick (8) BNegus M Williamson   3 58811 Acolyte (3) HHunter S Walkinshaw 4  Royal Mach (9) Purdon/Rasmussen B Orange   4 51 Rattling Thunder (4) ABlack A Beck  9 5013X Barrier  T Williams  10 93100 Tic Tac Bromac (21) ABlack S Walkinshaw   5 33262 Bettor Buy It (5) DBaynes 1  6 50112 Meticulous (6) Purdon/Rasmussen B Orange KINA CRAIG STUD WYNDHAM CUP HCP PACE  4  7 59213 Shak’n Cullen (7) G&CLee G Lee 3:53 PM $20,000, 4yo+ c3-oc spechcp, 3200m   8 02545 Taieri Wings (8) CGerken A Armour  1  Eric Clapton SCRATCHED  2  9 1X Gentle Western (9) Purdon/RasmussenMPurdon   2 23648 Canardly Lover (1) HHunter S Walkinshaw   Barrier   3 43331 Billy The Bus (u1) MSwain C Barron BMAC SHEETMETAL 2005 LTD MOBILE   4 1P401 The Wrath Of Robyn (1) TCrossC Ferguson (J) 5:32 PM PACE $9000, 3yo+ c0, 2400m   5 94964 Delightful Song (1) NEdge K Barclay No Doctor Needed (1) RDunn J Dunn 3  6 12521 Awesum Teddy (u1) MGBrown A Armour 1  1 D Dunn 1  7 21231 Arden Rooney (1) Purdon/RasmussenM Purdon   2 22 Delightful Dash (2) BNegus 2  8 33632 Pemberton Shard (u1) BMowbray D Dunn   3 274X6 Fleets Classy Jet (3) JGameson T Williams 4 C A Penny (4) BWaldron B Orange 4  9 47414 Franco Ledger (1) HHunter H Hunter   4 3  5 8X062 King Caractacus (5) K&JPrice N Williamson KYLEMORE PERENDALES & KILLARA CHEVIOTS 4  6 83205 Picobello (6) DBaynes 4:28 PM A Beck MBL PACE $9000, 3yo+ f&m c0-c2, 1609m    7 02573 Data Base (7) HHunter S Walkinshaw   1 41750 Shards Phoenix (1) TStratford D Dunn C Ferguson (J)   2 61 Come On Jaccka (2) WAdams T Williams   8 900 Bad Kate (8) MHunter 2  9 Millwood Pink Lady (9) T & G Chmiel T Chmiel    3 58061 Holm Three (3) HHunter H Hunter  Barrier 4  4 117 Love Filly Dale (4) MGBrown A Armour  10 X0899 Blue Eyed Suzie (21) BShirley B Shirley   7    8 


Sunday at Washdyke

$10,000, mdn, 1200m PX # REC Horse (Barrier) kg Trainer Jockey

1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9, 10-11-12 9-10-11-12 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

 5 23060 New Deal (5) DThompson 3  C DeFilippi   6 86410 Mr Franklin (6) SDolan D Dunn   7 X0262 Sara Holley (7) DSmolenski G O'Reilly B 8 38070 Tuscaloosa (8) CMorrison T McMillan 2  9 3320X Raesawinner (9) Purdon/Rasmussen B Orange   Barrier  10 31908 Rock Till You Drop (21) MJones M Jones  11 673P0 Shadow Rider (22) FShrives J Curtin  12 80X63 Donegal Cam’s Card (23) G&NHopeR Close (J) C 13 07005 President Obama (24) FMorris  14 33008 Spirit Of Chronos (25) ELatimer P Davis  15 41787 Sell A Bit (26) BWhite S McNally  16 Scotlynn Mach SCRATCHED 3:08 PM  17 Vanilla Rose SCRATCHED $7000, 3yo+ c0, 2000m    18 70610 Swarovski (u1) T & G Chmiel  T Chmiel 3  1 22 Rapid Mach (1) CDalgety D Dunn   2 96007 Stans Day (2) MHjalmarsson M Hjalmarsson PROPERTY BROKERS HCP PACE $9000,   3 Leo (3) BHutton J Curtin 4:28 PM 3yo+ c2-c5 discrhcp, 2600m   4 05657 Zoerotten (4) RThornley K Cox (J) 4   1 54459 Special Bella (1) CMarkham C Markham 1  5 Pepe Bromac (5) NMcGrath N McGrath   2 04397 Machs A Flyin (2) Purdon/RasmussenN Purdon (J)   6 78976 Hotdiggitydog (6) CMcDowell C McDowell   7 No Way Else (7) T&GChmiel B Orange   3 78X17 Thats My Money Honey (3) BZampese C D Thornley   8 39076 Rollin Thunder (8) DThompson G O'Reilly   4 Quick As I Can SCRATCHED   9 009X0 Black Shiraz (9) R Burnett  J Anderson (J)     5 21164 Scotty’s Image (4) DHari M Williamson Barrier 2  6 22313 Bio Marinus (5) Purdon/Rasmussen B Orange  10 43490 Garibaldi (21) JWederell C DeFilippi   11 86730 The Grinder (22) WLake J Dunn C Markham   7 08061 Fastroundtown (6) RDunn  12 3 Smart Kamwood (23) BMowbray R May   8 21002 Match Point (7) DTaylor J Curtin A 13 9090X Double Vision (24) LMosely B 9 4863P Johnny Mick (u1) JRogers 2 14 4X Lovemetwotimes (25) RDunn J Dunn  10 92539 Little Tess (1) T&GChmiel T Chmiel 4 15 20959 Gyrate (u1) T&GChmiel T Chmiel  3 11 73621 Kid Galahad (2) LHanrahan R May   12 41500 Classiebee (3) M Jones  M Jones FRIDAY 21 MARCH @ ADDINGTON MOB 3:48 PM R Close (J) PACE $7500, 3yo+ c1, 2000m  13 53477 Candy Styx (4) DGaffaney 4  1 03185 Simply Susational (1) DMitchell J W Cox 1 14 83265 Roo Star (5) TMcMillan T McMillan 1  2 31034 Franco Salisbury (2) G&NHope R May   15 Vic N Art SCRATCHED  16 21189 Jeans Mattjesty (1) G&NHope G O'Reilly D 3 54789 Maybe Flyin (3) RNeedham A 4 60080 Szybka Brat (4) GTelfer D Dunn G Telfer  17 17226 Woodlea Legend (2) TTwidle

Timaru Races




2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9 6-7-8-9 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Track Information Type: All weather; Direction: Left-handed; Length: 1200m; Weather: Partly cloudy 5:08 PM



  1 36033 Loch In C (1) GKelk G O'Reilly 2  2 31826 Face The Facts (2) LHanrahan R May   3 13275 Strike On Command (3) MJones B Orange   4 89339 Tango Lady (4) MLawrence B Williamson (J)   5 10020 Art Pleaser (5) JHowe J Dunn B 6 X94X7 Aveross Picasso (6) AFaulks T Chmiel  7  Jennalee SCRATCHED   8 26064 Call Me Danny (7) RThornley C D Thornley   9 58960 Greshees Angel (8) GTelfer G Telfer 1 10 40229 Born In The USA (9) CDalgety D Dunn 4 11 34853 Provocative Prince (10) DMitchell J W Cox D 12 970P0 Glenferrie Ann (11) GMills C McDowell A 13 05570 Smokin Chick (12) DTaylor K Cox (J) C 14 58757 Waikari Cash (13) KJames K James  15 09515 Caesar (14) WStevenson M Williamson  16 74686 Tricky Girl (15) GSmith G Smith  17 Majestic Bardon SCRATCHED 3 18 44926 Midfrew Tarpediem (16) WLakeC Markham  19 69154 Vega Sicilia (17) G&NHope R Close (J) 5:45 PM


NORFOLK MOTORS F&M MOB PACE $7000, 2yo+ f&m c0, 2000m

 1 9 Watch The Dream (1) SMcRae C D Thornley 2    2 Flyin Heather (2) PBurrows G Smith   3 70000 Interstellar Girl (3) SHarding S Harding   4 Crazy Heart (4) MJones M Jones 4  5 X2634 Endeavour Arizona (5) GO'Reilly G O'Reilly   6 Sicilian Secret (6) T&GChmiel T Chmiel 1  7 Take To The Sky (7) Purdon/RasmussenB Orange   8 90933 Highview Aria (8) MGreen J Curtin   9 5397 Royal Chance (9) R Winter  S McNally   Barrier 3 10 90234 Don’t Call Me Sue (21) D&AJonesC DeFilippi Track Information Type: Grass; Expected: Dead; Direction: Left-handed; Length: 1800m; Straight: 400m; Rail: True; Weather: Partly cloudy

  3 43740 Anzac Star (1) 57.5 PRichards D Prastiyou (a3)   4 10503 Go Go Dingo (8) 56.5 TRae S Spratt   5 03310 Bowling Boy (5) 55.5 JHay T Direen (a1) 2  6 X2156 Coup Darci Be (6) 55 MPitman D Walsh 3  7 5770X Cangowest (7) 54.5 LLatta K Williams 4  8 76515 Toma Valea (9) 54 T&MStokes M Cameron   9 44504 Light’s Up (3) 54 MWeastell C Johnson 4:06 PM


 4 22312 Mary Burke (5) 57 RMcKay 1  J Morris   5 X5555. Rose Tattoo (9) 57 K&LRae J Bates   6 92235 Delirium (8) 56.5 DCrozier M Cameron   7 37365 El Dorado Sun (10) 56.5 KThomsonA Frye (a1)   8 715X0 Mahbeer (6) 56.5 MPitman D Walsh   9 44144 Ask Me (7) 56 MPitman B Pitman (a1) 4 10 7X413 Zeina (3) 55.5 T&LPrendergast S Spratt   11 5X908. Refreshnly Vibrant (11) 54.5 KThomson LASER ELECTRICAL TIMARU SPRINT R75  R Black (a2)

$17,500, R75 benchmark, 1200m


  1 62771 Natkingcole (8) 61 RMcKay A McKay (a3) LION BEVERAGES STAYERS RATING 75 5:26 PM GOLD CUP CHALLENGE HANDICAP 1600  1  2 3X222. Black Berry Punch (9) 59.5 PRobson $17,500, R75 benchmark, 2100m 2:46 PM $25,000, opn hcp, 1600m  K Wong (a4)   1 83552 No Emotion (12) 60 MPitman J Bullard   1 54250 Dr Dee Bee (7) 59 JHay T Direen (a)   3 1530X Tacticall (6) 57.5 LLatta C Barnes (a2)  2  2 60151 Unrelenting Lady (5) 59 PRudkin T Moseley 3  2 43126 Paraketo (2) 58 J&KParsons C Johnson  4  4 75293 Five Kings (3) 57 BTapper M Haruki (a3)  1  3 27114 Barbara Jennie (1) 58.5 SLamingS Wynne (a2) 4  3 1X734. Soldier Of Love (3) 56 MHarris   5 24228 Cracker (1) 56 J&KParsons A Frye (a1)   4 03038 George Almighty (14) 58 J&KParsonsA Frye (a1) 1  4 14121 Ashburn Lane (4) 55 LLatta J Bates  12:59 PM 3  6 695X1 Gold Rock (7) 56 Champion/MurphySWynne(a2) 3  5 01216 Commanding Oak (9) 57 MPitman D Walsh $15,000, 3yo hcp, 1200m S Spratt   ONCEUPONATIME & PORT FM MILE R65   5 X3330 Flash Hapi (9) 55 K&LRae 7 1X781 Jack’s Run (11) 56 JHay K Williams 3  1 X2481 Delzzup (9) 59 NRidley K Wong (a4) 2:11 PM $15,000, R65 bmk*, 1600m  2  6 9X602 Parnell Prince (1) 55 NCoulbeck A Frye (a) 2  8 18524. Ketchme (5) 54.5 Kennedy/Furlong S Spratt   6 37473. Back Burner (15) 55.5 PRobson S Muniandy 1  2 411 Coup Caprio (1) 58 Champion/MurphySWynne(a2)   1 X5317 Our Santana (13) 59 PRichardsD Prastiyou (a3)   7 X8663 Howbaddouneedit (8) 54 T&MStokes   7 18642 Stingray (11) 55.5 T&MStokes M Cameron   9 4916X Chairos (2) 54 LLatta C Johnson   8 63402 China Bo Bo (7) 55 TCharles 4  3 X4731 Dowra (10) 56.5 NRidley 1  2 46631 Bogart (5) 58.5 MMcCann J Wong (a3)  S Muniandy  R Black (a2) M Cameron   4 1193X Orovela (6) 55.5 Champion/Murphy A Frye (a1)   3 8X702 Sorley Boy (11) 58.5 JO'Flanagan J Bullard   8 22785 Irish Bay (6) 54 T&LPrendergast K Williams  10 7X218. Shroud (10) 54 M&MBrown J Wong (a3)   9 0X305 Squash (3) 54.5 J&KParsons C Johnson D Walsh  10 65826 Kerrytown Lady (8) 54 TFoley C Barnes (a2) J Morris  11 X5143 Keltic Kitty (4) 54 MPitman   5 X876X Rachel Rafter (3) 55 K&PHughes S Spratt   4 35476 Western Warrior (4) 58.5 DFrye A Frye (a1)   9 4621X Red Magic (10) 54 DCrozier 2  6 1398X Silhouette Noire (4) 54 TRae R Bishop   5 05104 Kings Pal (19) 58 BSmith M Cameron  10 07696 The Hand Of Faith (5) 54 LSFaber D Walsh J Bates BELMONT PARK DASH R65 $15,000,  11 51872 Mayflower (10) 54 K&LRae 4:46 PM   7 83228. Maria Santos (5) 54 J&KParsons C Johnson   6 566X5 Ryan John (18) 58 Champion/MurphySWynne(a2) J Morris R65 benchmark*, 1200m  12 42659 Right Royal Rose (6) 54 RFrost D’CASH & PATAPAN DASH HANDICAP   8 84X La Croupier (7) 54 PScholes C Barnes (a2) 2  7 09431 Southern Pride (2) 57 JHay K Williams 3:26 PM 2  1 6X123 Wedgie (2) 59 JO'Flanagan S Wynne (a2) 4 13 28034 Willow Park (2) 54 Champion/MurphyS Spratt $25,000, opn hcp, 1200m    9 1  1 43616 Captain Kirk (2) 59 RFrost Pulp Fiction (8) 54 RBeckett T Moseley   8 05061 Sir Daniel (14) 57 RMcKay A McKay (a3)  J Morris   2 29X20 Latin Saint (4) 58 JHay K Williams  14 50070. Pheasant (4) 54 BGliddon R Bishop  10 3  3 21853 Great Dancer (1) 57.5 NRidley K Wong (a4) A 15 62987 Mister Spiderman (13) 54 LLatta Soubrettes (2) 54 M&MBrown D Walsh   9 59302 Keynote (3) 56.5 J&KParsons C Johnson   2 X9475 Pinsgold (4) 59 NCoulbeck C Barnes (a2) 






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Friday, February 21, 2014


In brief

Shuttlecocks flying high

Hawke Cup last hurrah View or purchase photos online

Phillipa McDonald gets twisted playing a backhand in her doubles match with partner Heather van der Kley at Mid Canterbury Badminton’s Thursday morning session at the Sports Hall yesterday. The club is into its third week of matches, including the Tuesday evening competition, and will play each week until early December.


McCullum moves up world rankings a result of his knock of 124. Ross Taylor remains the top ranked New Zealander but has moved down two spots to fifth after missing the second test due to the birth of son Jonty. Kane Williamson is ranked just outside the top 20 in 21st position. Jimmy Neesham enters to rankings at 59th following a century on debut at the Basin Reserve. He currently has a test average of 170 following scores of 33 and 127 not out. India’s Virat Kohli has moved up two places to a career-high of ninth, following knocks of 38 and 105 not out in Wellington, to break into the top 10 of the batting table for the first time in his career. South Africa’s AB de Villiers continues to top the bat-

ting table, followed by Kumar Sangakkara in second position and Shivnarine Chanderpaul of West Indies in third place. Tim Southee moved up a place to a career-best ninth in the test bowling rankings following his match haul of five for 143 in Wellington. Southee is now on 757 ratings points, just 10 behind eighth-ranked team-mate Trent Boult. Australia’s Mitchell Johnson jumped five places to fourth following his spectacular matchwinning haul of 12 for 127 in the Centurion test against South Africa. Vernon Philander has ceded the number one position in the bowlers’ table to teammate Dale Steyn after a 55-day reign at the top. - NZH

Brendon McCullum

Abercrombie enjoying playoff race prefer to be sitting atop the table with the minor premiership locked up and playoff preparations underway. But perhaps the only positive of their 9-12 record sees the champs with a chance to play meaningful games in the remaining weeks, scrapping for wins and - in the best-case scenario - playing themselves into finals form. It’s a prospect their

success has denied the Breakers in their three championship campaigns, so they may as well make the most of a bad situation and enjoy the desperate dash to the finish line. “That’s what I’ve been telling people,” Abercrombie said. “The last few years have been great, but we find ourselves in a different position now, with a great shot of making the

The Tech Stags’ unbeaten start to senior cricket’s Muirhead Rosebowl faces its biggest test when they host Lauriston tomorrow. Lauriston are in a two-horse race with Methven for the Studholme Shield, the overall 45 over trophy, and need the win to keep the pressure on. Methven come to town to meet an Allenton side that has lost their last four matches, with their last win coming against Methven. Coldstream and the Tech Sharks both bounced back from opening round losses last week but only one will claim a second win out at Lowcliffe.

Twilight trotting


The Breakers typically spend the final month of the season with their feet up, watching from safety the mad scramble for playoff places. This year, though, they are right in the thick of that frantic race and, starting in Wollongong tonight, Tom Abercrombie is finding the whole experience a bit of fun. Of course the Breakers would

Mid Canterbury is out to finish their Hawke Cup Campaign on a high when they take on South Canterbury in Timaru this weekend. Mid Canterbury has suffered first innings defeats to North Otago, Otago Country and Southland so far but would like to finish with a win against their southern neighbours. Mid Canterbury has scored first innings totals of 172, 207 and 130 so scoring in the vicinity of 300 is in order if they bat first on a generally batter-friendly Aorangi Oval, but the bowlers will still need to deliver. Robbie Polson has been in hot form at club level of late and can hopefully transfer that to the longer representative match. The Print brothers, Richard and Jono, return to the side with Richard set to shoulder the bowling attack in the absence of Bevan Ravenscroft. Canterbury under 17 representative Dion Biggs has also been brought into the side that will again be captained by Matt Winter. Mid Canterbury: Matt Winter (C), Robbie Polson, James Southby, Jono Print, William Southby, Bo Houston, Matt Tait, Tom Meyrick, Richard Print, Sean Stagg, Dion Biggs.

Tough Rosebowl round PHOTO JONATHAN LEASK 200214-JL-004

New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum’s spectacular matchsaving knock of 302 in the Wellington test against India has helped him jump eight places to a career-best 12th in the latest ICC player rankings for test batsmen. McCullum, who became the first New Zealand batsman to score a triple hundred, helped draw the second and final test in Wellington on Tuesday, to thereby win the series 1-0. McCullum now shares 12th position with Australia’s David Warner. McCullum’s partner in a world record sixth-wicket partnership worth 352, BJ Watling, has also moved up the rankings, jumping three places to 45th as

Ashburton Guardian 17

playoffs but really with a lot of work left to do. It makes for an exciting run home and I think it’s something for the crowds and public to really get behind.” The New Zealand public will first have to follow Abercrombie’s advice from the comfort of their couches, with the Kiwi club across the ditch this weekend for a decisive double-header. - APNZ

The Methven Trotting Club hosts the Hororata Trotting Club’s Annual meet in Methven today. Hororata Trotting Club had to look for an alternative venue to Addington Raceway, where they have raced since 2002, due to the Hollies rocking out CBS Arena and the Crusaders kicking off their Super Rugby campaign against the Chiefs at AMI Stadium. That has provided a rare weekday race meet for Methven which usually races on Sundays. First race is set down for 12.25pm.

Two more years The NZRL see Stephen Kearney as their Sir Graham Henry and are convinced he can do with the Kiwis what Henry achieved with the All Blacks. Kearney will today be confirmed as Kiwis coach for the next two years after seeing off challenges from David Kidwell, Richie Blackmore and Australian Glenn Morrison. He was the favourite throughout the entire reappointment process, given the level of support he enjoys in the corridors of the NZRL and with the players, and talks about having “unfinished business”. That might involve holistic goals but the biggest one is becoming more competitive with Australia and, ultimately, winning the next World Cup. - APNZ

Super 15 18

Ashburton Guardian

Friday, February 21, 2014

Perry up for huge opportunity BY JONATHAN LEASK


Tim Perry is pumped up for his Crusader debut against the defending champion Chiefs in their super rugby opener in Christchurch tonight. The former Mid Canterbury prop has been given the run on start to make his debut for the franchise. “I’m pretty stoked. It was a bit of a surprise,” Perry said. “I’ve been given an opportu-

nity through a bit of hard work and I’m obviously excited and keen to make the most of it.” It is a big opportunity for Perry, with All Black Wyatt Crocket on the bench behind him, and his competition for a spot on the match day squad, Joe Moody, not due back until mid-march as he recovers from an ankle injury suffered in the ITM Cup final. As well as getting his first start with the franchise Perry will have the added bonus of do-

ing it at home, with some family and friends set to be in the crowd. “It’s awesome. I’m controlling a bit of excitement. We had the captains run there [yesterday] and I’m looking forward to running out for the home region so I can’t wait for that.” It is set to be a night of firsts as he will prop up against big boy Ben Tameifuna for the first time as well as facing the Chiefs for the first time.

“I haven’t been up against him before. He wasn’t playing for Waikato when we played them in the ITM Cup for Tasman and I didn’t get a run against the Chiefs last year.” The Chiefs pose a strong first up challenge but one the Crusaders, and Perry, are up for. “They are a championship winning side so should be a big task but I’m really looking forward to it.” If things go well this week-

end, he can stake a claim for one of the two game-day loosehead propping berths. However, should at some stage Perry not be required by the Crusaders he could be back in the blue, running around for Rakaia in the Combined Country Cup. “I could play for them if I get an opportunity to. “I haven’t set anything in concrete but that is what I’m thinking.”

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Watters Cup final replay comes early BY JONATHAN LEASK


A replay of the 2013 Watters Cup final kicks off this year’s Combined Country Cup senior rugby competition. Watters Cup champions Rakaia host Methven in section one on the season’s opening day on April 5. This year the local derbies in the combined competition will also double as Watters Cup matches as they have in the past. The Watters Cup itself may be a long way off, but up for grabs will be the Max Gilbert Challenge Trophy and the Dave White Memorial, both played for between the top two teams from the previous season. Rakaia won all three matches against Methven in 2013, having come into the season

Friday, February 21, 2014

without a win over Methven since 1978. Hampstead will also feature in section one and they head north to Ashley on opening weekend. Rakaia, Methven and Hampstead will also have to contend with two-time defending Country Cup champions Southbridge, Oxford, Prebbleton, Kaiapoi and Darfield during the round robin. Over in section two Celtic and Southern will go headto-head on the opening weekend and over the course of the rounds play against last year’s runners up Lincoln, Glenmark, Saracens, Waihora, Ohoka, West Melton and a newly amalgamated Burnham-Dunsandel-Irwell. The top four from each section play quarter-finals on June 7 with the grand final on June 21.



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Guardian Classifieds Methven and Rakaia will face off in the first round on April 5.

Benji benched Daily Events BY PATRICK MCKENDRY Benji Marshall has been happy with only one of his three pre-season matches since his switch from league, so coach Sir John Kirwan’s decision to start him on the reserves bench against the Highlanders has come as a relief. “We had a bit of a meeting and he sat down and told me what his plan was,” Marshall said yesterday. “I was actually going to go to him and tell him I wasn’t ready and not that confident. We came to a mutual decision that there was no rush.” The former Kiwi and Wests Tigers playmaker started at No10 in all of the Blues’ three pre-season losses, with a short run at fullback in the final match against the Chiefs in Rotorua giving him a boost. He will cover both positions under the roof in Dunedin on Saturday night. - APNZ


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Puzzles Friday, February 21, 2014 CRYPTIC


ACROSS 7. A thousand take position in Piccadilly to show state of affairs (13) 8. From the 5th century gate, ask herd to scatter (3,4,4) 12. Order rate to be adjusted in the King George (6) 14. The mob grab top off table part-time soldiers left (6) 16. Deprives one of right? That’s not right, so halve it (6) 18. He makes himself a nuisance taking leader by mistake (6) 19. Decorative metal-work throwing our characters about (7-4) 23. His reports are defamatory among dancers of about fifty (13) 9. ‘The ship was cheered, the – cleared’ (Coleridge) (7) DOWN 10. Stoppage caused by amber 1. New stamp is to have before the green light (7) some flavour (4) 11. Be informed how one may 2. Bill, one who lost his conduct case (4) head with skin trouble (4) 12. Leave two ways for a 3. Little devil with a look graduate to wear it (4) that will diminish one (6) 13. A bomb one may incite one to 4. He wrote that he fed the produce (3) flames (6) 15. Winningly serve as a 5. A hidden obstacle no one distinguished airman (3) gains by? (4) 17. Remarkable as semaphore 6. They open House for may be (6) Manx politicians (4) 18. How punctually it met disruption: ring in! (2,4)







8 9 11 12 13






YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS CRYPTIC Across 1. Overflowing 7. Caramel 9. Arch 11. Award 12. Screen 14. Stick of rock 18. Riding 20. Flair 22. Oval 23. Deleted 24. Undertaking Down 2. Variant 3. Loll 4. Norse 5. Scrap 6. Shone 8. Medicine 10. Scornful 13. Box 15. Chasten 16. Brook 17. Trade 19. Drawn 21. Edit



Ashburton Guardian


19 20

QUICK Across 1. Intolerable 8. Nucleus 9. Solar 10. Tutu 11. Satisfy 12. Bet 13. Ammo 15. Easy 17. Sad 19. Arsenal 20. Bare 23. China 24. Glimpse 25. Flying start Down 1. Ignite 2. Tacit 3. Lied 4. Resist 5. Besotted 6. Enlists 7. Martyr 12. Boundary 14. Mastiff 16. Rascal 17. Slogan 18. Select 21. Alpha 22. Kiss

21 22

19. Part of candle to get on one’s irritation (4) 20. Has now to be upset by sulphur (4) 21. Give one a bell only to get the engaged sign (4) 22. Have to have been born on the day (4)

QUICK ACROSS 1. Experts (3,5) 7. Happen (5) 8. Ill-shapen (9) 9. Mythical bird (3) 10. Breach (4) 11. Harmony (6) 13. Imaginary observer (1,3,2,3,4) 15. Naked (6) 16. Thought (4) 18. Choose (3) 20. Barren (9) 21. Throw out (5) 22. Discard (8)

DOWN 1. Take exception (5) 2. Menacing (7) 3. Out of control (4) 4. Affectionate (13) 5. Contempt (5) 6. Vital (7) 7. Long journey (7) 12. Devise or invent (7) 13. Permissable (7) 14. Place of residence (7) 15. Speak (5) 17. Fire raising (5) 19. Modify (4)


Terry’s hot deal! Cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotional offer. Range may vary between stores.

SUDOKU Fill the grid so that every column, every row and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.

212 East Street • Ashburton • 03 308 8309 21/2 ALL PUZZLES © THE PUZZLE COMPANY

YOUR STARS by Forecasters

ARIES (MAR 21 – APR 20) As your financial instincts kick in you’ll notice the focus is more on your immediate money matters, but without the usual financial tension. TAURUS (APR 20 – MAY 21) As the Moon stirs up emotional responses to relationship matters you’ll find it easy to find your voice, with a breakthrough possible. GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 22) An alliance between income, work and career forces brings a boost in confidence, but also intuitive hunches and gut feelings that need to be trusted. CANCER (JUNE 22 – JULY 24) As your home and professional lives naturally work to establish the right balance, the more you can help them out the better. LEO (JULY 24 – AUG 23) The only difference to where things stood on the home front at the start of the week and where they are now is how easy it is to stay in the moment. VIRGO (AUG 23 – SEP 23) There is a chance to get past the small talk today and get to the heart of what matters, with your relationships the first to benefit. LIBRA (SEP 23 – OCT 23) While the same forces will remain in play on the income, work and career fronts, the dynamics are shifting and the roadblocks are clearing. SCORPIO (OCT 23 – NOV 24) While life is due to become a lot busier and more work focused you’re in a much better position to find a balance between work and play. SAGITTARIUS (NOV 24 – DEC 21) In her final weeks in your income sector Venus is working to boost your confidence, knowing the key to income growth is believing in yourself. CAPRICORN (DEC 21 – JAN 20) If there was ever a time to have communication lines open it’s now, with the door open to second chances on the relationship front. AQUARIUS (JAN 20 – FEB 19) It’s the Moon’s professional instincts that allow you to bring all the different strands on the income, work and career fronts together. PISCES (FEB 19 – MAR 20) In the early days of your birthday month everything is going to seem very different, with a new sense of adventure and playfulness in the air.

phone 0900 85000


Family Notices 22 Ashburton Guardian DEATHS







Paterson’s Funeral Services FDANZ Ashburton

Please note all late death notices or notices sent outside ordinary office hours must be emailed to:

to ensure publication. During office hours notices may also be sent to:

Any queries please contact 0800 ASHBURTON (0800-274-287).


E.B. CARTER LTD For all your memorial requirements New headstones and designs Renovations, Additional inscriptions, Cleaning and Concrete work Carried out by qualified tradesmen.

620 East Street Ashburton Ph/Fax 308 5369 or 0274 357 974 NZMMMA Member

Guardian Classifieds

307 7900



Ra n KEIG, Graeme Leslie – In loving memory of Graeme, who passed away one year ago 21.02.2013. May the winds of love blow gently, And whisper so you hear, That we love and miss you, And wish that you were here. May we hold you close within our hearts, And there you will remain, To walk with us throughout our lives, Until we meet again. Your loving children, their partners and your grandchildren, sister Lyn and her loving family and your special friends. KEIG, Graeme Leslie – 21-03-13. A year has gone by. You are often spoken about. Always thought of. And forever in our hearts. Your daughter Belinda, and family, Takaka, New Zealand.

307 7900







9 8


Midnight Tonight


9: 55 – 5: 35 AM


Data provided by NIWA


NZ Situation

Wind km/h less than 30 fine

30 to 59 fog

isolated snow thunder flurries

sleet thunder

Canterbury Plains



60 plus



FZL: Above 4000m

High cloud increasing, with rain spreading north along the divide late afternoon and evening. Mainly fine further east. Wind at 1000m: NW 35 km/h developing in the morning, rising to 60 km/h, gusting 80 km/h in exposed valleys towards evening. Wind at 2000m: NW 40 km/h, rising to severe gale 90 km/h in the evening.


Mainly fine, with NW developing, S


FZL: Lowering to 2000m

Showers near the divide, with heavy falls, the odd shower further east, easing in the evening. Snow lowering to 1800m. Wind at 1000m: Gale NW 70 km/h, gusting severe gale 90 km/h in exposed valleys, easing from afternoon. Wind at 2000m: Severe gale NW 90 km/h tending W.

fine but a few showers possible in the evening. Winds mostly light.



Showers clearing and becoming fine. NW dying out at low levels, winds about the tops turning SW and easing to 50 km/h. Geneva Hobart Hong Kong Honolulu Islamabad Jakarta Johannesburg Kuala Lumpur London Los Angeles Madrid Melbourne Moscow Nadi New Delhi

24 9 33 11 31 30 29 28 25 31 33 23 8 7 10

showers showers fine showers showers rain thunder fine fine fine fine showers rain thunder drizzle

3 10 11 21 7 23 18 24 4 13 2 13 -4 24 8

10 18 15 27 18 30 27 33 10 27 10 20 0 32 24

New York Paris Perth Rarotonga Rome San Francisco Seoul Singapore Stockholm Sydney Taipei Tel Aviv Tokyo Washington Zurich

showers showers fine rain rain fine fine showers rain showers cloudy fine fine rain showers

m am 3 3


9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


Saturday 9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


9 pm



9:14 3:30 9:43 3:58 10:11 4:26 10:40 4:57 11:11 5:23 11:39 The times shown are for the Ashburton River mouth. For the Rangitata river mouth subtract 16 minutes and for the Rakaia river mouth subtract 6 minutes.

Rise 6:59 am Set 8:33 pm






mainly fine

Good fishing

Rise 7:01 am Set 8:31 pm


Set 1:01 pm Rise 11:25 pm

Last quarter

©Copyright OceanFun Publishing Ltd.

Good fishing Set 2:05 pm

New moon

23 Feb 6:17 am

1 Mar

13 10 34 31 14 19 6 32 2 23 17 27 10 18 9

9:01 pm

Rise 7:02 am Set 8:29 pm


Good fishing

Rise 12:08 am Set 3:08 pm

First quarter

9 Mar

2:28 am

Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa

For the very latest weather information, including Weather Warnings, visit

26 28 27 27 22 25 30 21 29 27 24 25 25

Palmerston North mainly fine Wellington

mainly fine








mainly fine


mainly fine




mainly fine



River Levels

19 13 17 17 16 19 17 15 18 14 12 15 12



Selwyn Whitecliffs (NIWA) at 2:00 pm, yesterday

Rakaia Fighting Hill (NIWA) at 12:00 pm, yesterday 152.1 Nth Ashburton at 2:00 pm, yesterday


Sth Ashburton at 12:00 pm, yesterday


Rangitata Klondyke at 2:00 pm, yesterday

69.9 471.7

Waitaki Kurow at 9:00 am, yesterday Source: Environment Canterbury

Canterbury Readings




6 5 22 22 7 9 -4 24 -2 19 9 10 2 -1 5

overnight max low


Forecasts for today

13 6 21 4 24 24 12 15 7 24 24 16 4 2 6

Tides, Sun, Moon and Fishing Friday

NZ Today

Canterbury High Country

Low cloud or fog clearing during the morning, then fine. Northeasterlies, turning northwest and strengthening in the evening, gusting 80 km/h towards the foothills.

fine drizzle fine drizzle thunder thunder fine fine fine rain showers fine fine cloudy cloudy


Friday, 21 February 2014

A front over the South Island crosses the rest of the country tomorrow and early Sunday, followed by disturbed southwesterlies. A ridge spreads over northern New Zealand on Monday, and a weakening front moves north over the South Island. The ridge spreads onto the South Island on Tuesday.

mainly isolated cloudy drizzle drizzle few showers fine showers clearing showers

World Weather

Ashburton Airport Temperature °C At 4pm 25.2 26.5 Max to 4pm 13.6 Minimum 12.0 Grass minimum Rainfall mm 0.0 16hr to 4pm February to date 23.2 Avg Feb to date 32 2014 to date 57.0 90 Avg year to date Wind km/h SE 15 At 4pm Strongest gust SE 24 Time of gust 3:55pm

© Copyright Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited 2014

to 4pm yesterday


Christchurch Airport

Timaru Airport

25.6 25.9 14.4 –

21.4 22.1 15.5 15.5

22.8 24.0 16.4 –

0.0 109.4 – 247.7 –

0.0 32.6 27 44.8 69

0.0 9.2 28 29.6 74

E4 – –

E 15 NE 22 3:47pm

SE 11 SE 20 3:30pm

Compiled by

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Henry Ross CRT @AshGuardian


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Adelaide Amsterdam Bangkok Berlin Brisbane Cairns Cairo Calcutta Canberra Colombo Darwin Dubai Dublin Edinburgh Frankfurt

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MONDAY: Mainly fine with northeasterlies.



Morning and evening cloud. Winds mainly light.

Our news, online, all the time.




Guardian Great Mileage



Mainly fine, with northeasterlies by day.






SUNDAY: Mainly fine, chance early and late shower. Light winds.


bur to

spreading north from afternoon with a few KEIG, Graeme – 21-02-2013. Always with us showers, some heavy and possibly thundery. Grandad Keig/Dad. Madison, Brooke, Tilly, Wayne, Julie. SUNDAY Burrum Heads, Australia. Showers clearing early morning, then mainly

Guardian Classifieds






TOMORROW: Mainly fine, southwesterlies and showers later.



ASHBURTON Brethren of Ashburton Lodge 1811EC are called upon to attend the Funeral Service of the Late Wor. Bro Alexander Davison at St Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Oxford Street, Ashburton tomorrow Saturday at 11.00am. Brethren of sister Lodges are invited to attend. J O Soper Wor. Master




TODAY: Morning low cloud, then fine. Northeast turns northwest.




Ashburton Forecast

Wa i m a ka r i r i


Map for today

Friday, February 21, 2014


DAVISON, Alexander – On Tuesday, February 18, at Ashburton Hospital. Much loved son of the late Selina and James, and stepson of Norman Hume. Loved brother, brother in law and companion of Colin and Joyce Davison, the late May and Bob Clucas, the late Donald and Joan Davison, the late Norman and Nell Davison, and the late Joan and Gordon Lill. Loved and admired uncle of all his many nieces, nephews, great nieces and nephews and his great great nieces and nephews. Donations to Parkinson’s Society of Canterbury would be appreciated and may be left at the service. Messages to P O Box 472, Ashburton 7740. A service to celebrate Alex’s life will be held at St Paul’s Presbyterian Church Oxford Street, Ashburton on SATURDAY, February 22, commencing at 11.00am. Followed by private cremation at Ashburton.



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Helena Ratten 0274-577-998

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Dave Thomson 027-6011-426

Television Friday, February 21, 2014


©TVNZ 2014


©TVNZ 2014

6am Breakfast 9am Good Morning 10am Whanau Living 0 10:30 Ellen 3 11:30 House Guest 3 0 Noon One News 0 12:30 Emmerdale PGR Paddy is at Rhona’s bedside as Vanessa tells him she sold her wedding ring for drugs. 0 1pm Coronation Street PGR 3 0 1:30 Brendan’s Magical Mystery Tour PGR Series in which real people up for adventure take a trip into the unknown. 0 2pm Four Weddings USA 3 3pm Dickinson’s Real Deal 3:55 Te Karere 2 0 4:25 Ellen With guest Cameron Diaz. 5:25 Millionaire – Hot Seat Hosted by Eddie McGuire. 0 6pm One News 0 7pm Seven Sharp 0 7:30 Coronation Street PGR Paul faces his future; Dev and Sunita fall out; Kirsty explodes. 0 9:30 Come Dine with Me A lifestyle show that sees five very different people compete to be named the ultimate dinner-party host. 0 10:30 One News Tonight 0

6am Creflo Dollar 6:30 Handy Manny 3 0 6:53 Angry Birds Toons 3 0 6:55 Phineas And Ferb 3 0 7:20 SpongeBob SquarePants 3 0 7:50 Pokemon 3 0 8:15 Doc McStuffins 3 0 8:40 Mike The Knight 3 0 8:50 Fireman Sam 3 0 9am Infomercials 10:30 Melissa And Joey 3 0 11am Neighbours 3 0 11:30 Home And Away 3 0 Noon Shortland Street 3 0 12:30 Two And A Half Men PGR 3 0 1pm Jeremy Kyle 2pm Bethenny 3pm Hope And Faith 3 0 3:30 Angry Birds Toons 3 0 3:35 The Penguins Of Madagascar 3 0 4:05 Shake It Up 0 4:30 8 Simple Rules 5pm America’s Funniest Home Videos 3 0 5:30 Home And Away 3 0 6pm New Adventures Of Old Christine 3 0 6:30 Neighbours 0

11pm Alan Carr – Chatty Man AO Alan Carr’s guests are Mel C and Jack Dee. 0 Midnight Prime Suspect AO 3 0 1am Te Karere 3 2 0 1:30 Infomercials

11:40 The Vampire Diaries AO 3 0 12:35 Live At The Apollo AO 3 1:40 Infomercials 2:40 Supernatural AO 3 0 4:10 Nikita AO 3 0 5:10 Neighbours 3 0 5:35 Good Luck Charlie 3 0

CHOICE TV 6am Benny Hinn 6:30 Ottolenghi’s Mediterranean Feast 7:30 Tales From River Cottage The story of Hugh FearnleyWhittingstall’s three years as a small holder in rural Dorset. 8am Cash And Cari 8:30 Designer Travel 9am The Pioneer Woman 9:30 Yard Crashers 10am Carter Can 10:30 Dear Genevieve 11am 20th Century Roadshow 11:30 Bill’s Kitchen – Notting Hill Noon Paul And Nick’s Big Food Trip 12:30 Ottolenghi’s Mediterranean Feast 1:30 Days Of Our Lives PGR 2:30 Ask The Butcher 3pm Destination Flavour 3:30 Cash And Cari 3:50 Exploring China 5pm Sarah Beeny’s Selling Houses 6pm Designer Travel 6:30 House Crashers 7pm 20th Century Roadshow 7:30 Kirstie’s Vintage Home 8:30 Better Homes And Gardens 10pm Get Growing 10:45 Cash And Cari 11:10 20th Century Roadshow 11:35 Why Not? With Shania Twain


12:35 Benny Hinn 1am Storage Hoarders 2am Kirstie’s Vintage Home 3am Exploring China 4am Designer Travel 4:30 House Crashers 5am Sarah Beeny’s Selling Houses

7pm Shortland Street 0 7:30 The Bachelor Australia 0 9pm M Sherlock Holmes PGR 2009 Action. Detective Sherlock Holmes and his partner Watson engage in a battle of wits and brawn with a nemesis whose plot is a threat to England. Robert Downey jr, Jude Law, Rachel McAdams.



6am 3 News – Firstline 8:30 Infomercials 10:30 The Shopping Channel 11:30 Entertainment Tonight 3 Noon 3 News 12:30 Dr Phil AO A woman says her bond with her sister is strained because her sister bullies people. 1:30 The Dr Oz Show PGR Fitness instructor Richard Simmons joins Dr Oz for an interview about his weight problems, and how he has changed people’s lives. 2:30 Rachael Ray Sunny Anderson makes 10 recipes with only two ingredients; Connie Britton shares her beauty secrets. 3:30 The Glee Project 4:25 Grand Designs Australia 3 0 5:25 Big Brother Australia Highlights of life in the house. 6pm 3 News 7pm Campbell Live 7:30 N The Simpsons PGR 0 8pm N How I Met Your Mother PGR During Robin and Barney’s wedding weekend on Long Island, they make an unsettling family discovery. 8:30 N The Graham Norton Show AO 9:30 N 7 Days AO 10pm N Jono and Ben at Ten AO 10:30 The Paul Henry Show 11:10 SVU AO 3 As the police search for an underage prostitute who has disappeared, they realise she fits a pattern of missing prostitutes who placed ads on the same Web site. 0 12:10 CSI – Miami AO 3 0 1:10 Infomercials


6am Sesame Street 3 6:55 Pingu 3 7am Sticky TV 3 7:30 The Wild Thornberrys 3 7:55 Rugrats 3 8:25 Chuggington 3 8:35 Care Bears 3 8:55 Bananas In Pyjamas 3 9:10 Bob The Builder 3 9:20 Thomas And Friends 3 9:30 Peppa Pig 3 9:40 Barney And Friends 3 10:05 Infomercials 2pm Sesame Street 3 2:55 Peppa Pig 3 3pm Sticky TV 4:30 Four Live 6pm Malcolm In The Middle Malcolm goes into therapy to get out of class. 0 6:30 Just Shoot Me! PGR 0 7pm The Simpsons 0 7:30 American Ninja Warrior 3 8:30 M Commando AO 3 1985 Action. A retired elite commando must find and rescue his daughter from an exiled dictator. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rae Dawn Chong. 0 10:25 White Collar PGR Neal and Peter must stay on their toes while seeking a criminal who copies Neal’s style of conducting capers. 11:20 Entertainment Tonight 11:45 Infomercials


6am Sochi Winter Olympic Update The latest highlights, news, and results from Sochi, Russia. 8:30 Home Shopping Noon The Doctors PGR A talk show focusing on tough medical questions in an open forum. 1pm The Test PGR Celebrities and viewers answer moral questions. 2:05 America’s Got Talent 3 Entertainers compete for one million dollars in front of judges. 4pm The Late Show With David Letterman 3 A late-night comedy and talk show. 5pm Deal Or No Deal 3 Game show hosted by Andrew O’Keefe that gives contestants the opportunity to win up to $200,000. 5:30 Prime News 6pm Sochi Winter Olympics (Highlights) 7pm The Crowd Goes Wild 7:30 American Idol 8:30 Bones AO Sweets finds himself competing in a contest of man versus machine; the team investigates the murder of a man with terminal cancer. 9:30 Secret Millionaire UK 10:30 Welcome to Sochi

6am The Crowd Goes Wild 6:30 Motorcycling – Superbike Season Preview 7am Chiefs Championship Season 7:30 The Cricket Show 8am L Darts – Premier League From Odyssey Arena in Belfast. 11:30 Fox Sports News Noon The Crowd Goes Wild 12:30 Sky Sport News UK 1pm Football – A-League Highlights Show 1:30 Football League Show 2pm Golf – World Championships (Highlights) 2:30 Sky Sport – What’s On 3pm Rugby League – NRL Auckland Nines (Highlights) 3:30 Darts – Premier League (Replay) 6:30 Chiefs Championship Season 7pm L Rugby – Super Rugby Crusaders v Chiefs. From AMI Stadium in Christchurch. 9:35 L Basketball – NBL Wollongong Hawks v New Zealand Breakers. From WIN Entertainment Centre in Wollongong.

11pm Sochi Winter Olympics Freestyle skiing; ice hockey; alpine skiing; biathlon.

11:30 Fox Sports News Midnight The Crowd Goes Wild 12:30 Rugby – Super Rugby (Highlights) Crusaders v Chiefs. 1am Rugby – Super Rugby (Replay) 3am Basketball – NBL (Replay) 5am Golf – LPGA Tour (Highlights) 5:30 Rugby – Super Rugby (Highlights)

MAORI TV 10am Korero Mai 3 11am Toku Reo 3 Noon Korero Mai 3 1pm Toku Reo 3 3pm Kai Time On The Road 3 3:30 Cyberchase 3 2 4pm Miharo 3 2 4:30 Pukana Ka Pao 3 5pm Toi Whakaari 3 2 5:30 Te Kaea 2 6pm Nga Pari Karangaranga o te Motu 3 6:30 Ako 3 2


SKY SPORT 2 7pm Te Kaea 3 2 7:30 N Swagger Series where youth become the directors and storytellers of their own stories, and share what is important to them. 8pm Hardcase PGR 3 8:30 The Kapa 9:30 Songs From The Inside AO (Starting Today) 3 10pm Oruorua 3 10:30 N Tribe PGR 11pm Te Kaea 3 2 11:30 Closedown

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Ashburton Guardian 23

24 Ashburton Guardian

Friday, February 21, 2014

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College swim records tumble BY JONATHAN LEASK


Matthew Harford was the superstar of the Ashburton College swimming sports yesterday. Harford set four new records competing in the year 9 boys, with 11 new records set on the day. In the one length backstroke he clocked 19.47, breaking the record by a whopping three seconds. In the three length backstroke he broke the 1989 record by a huge nine seconds, eclipsing 1:14.47 with his 1:05.31 which is in fact faster than the senior boys’ record. He set the record twice in the one length freestyle, beating 18.21 seconds in the heat with his 17.22 and then went 0.02 quicker in the final. His fourth record came in the three length freestyle with a four second improvement on 1:01.45, with his 57.69. Jake O’Grady set two new marks of his own, including breaking a 28-year-old record previously owned by his relative Stuart Doig (his mother’s cousin), eclipsing Doig’s 16.20 by 0.1 seconds. Last year he broke the 27-year-old record owned by Doig in the three length freestyle which he improved on yesterday by 0.4 setting a new mark at 57.44. Mathew Clough also claimed a record in the year 9 boys’ one length backstroke with a time of 23.10 to beat 23.63. The Green House boys’ year 9 relay team then put their name to two records, in the freestyle and medley relays.

Year 9 Boys: Matthew Harford (Runner up – Matthew Clough) Year 9 Girls: Bailey Tait (Runner up – Maggie Tarry) Year 10 Boys: George Howden (Runner up – James Prendergast) Year 10 Girls: Sophie Beckley (Runner up – Tori Watson) Year 11 Boys: Jonathon Stevens (Runner up – Jayden Reid) Year 11 Girls: Lucy Clough (Runner up – Katelyn Grey) Year Sen Boys: Jake O’Grady (Runner up – Adam Tupper) Year Sen Girls: Caitlin Johnstone (Runner up – Brittney Davis)

Ashburton College swimmer Jake O’Grady catches his breath after a race at the college swimming sports yesterday where he broke a 28-year-old family record. PHOTO JONATHAN LEASK 200214-JL-044


Ninja Cup ride awaits for Bailie BY JONATHAN LEASK


Superbike racer Bailie Perriton (right) is a mixture of worry and excitement at the moment. Perriton has an appeal hearing in Wellington today to decide whether he regains his championship standing at the top of the New Zealand 250 production series after being stripped of points from an alleged technical infringement in the second round at Levels Raceway in January. The excitement is the main factor on his mind at the mo-

ment, as he has secured a chance to compete in Australia next month. He will ride a Kawasaki Ninja 300 in the FX Ninja Cup in the Australian Superbike Championship. He was approached by top NZ Superbike rider Sloan Frost and his ESPC Services Pty Australia Team. Following Perriton’s commanding performance at Levels, where he beat international competition, including Junior European Cup champion Jake Lewis, and set the new lap re-

cord the team were keen to have his services. The series runs from March to November, taking in five different tracks across Australia and Perriton is looking forward to the first round at Wakefield Park NSW in just four weeks’ time. “I’m not intimidated by the tracks, or the competition, I have been watching lots of onboard video footage from all the tracks and have them in my head already,” Perriton said. He will be a very busy young man in March, racing in Aus-

Big night of firsts for Perry P18

tralia and then returning home to race consecutive weekends at Taupo and Manfeild in the final rounds of the 2014 NZSBK series. His goal is to become dual champion in New Zealand and Australia this season. The decision from today’s appeal will weigh heavily on his chances of securing the New Zealand title, with the 75 points he claimed from the three wins in Timaru in dispute but following a technical inspection of the machines he has since lost his points from the round.

Breakers into unknown territory P17

Ag february 21, 2014  

Ashburton Guardian, February 21, 2014

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