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Saturday, Mar 31, 2018

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Walking for Jesus The sun shone down on Methven’s annual Good Friday Walk of Witness yesterday.


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News 2 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, March 31, 2018

SealesWinslow signals $4m rebuild BY SUE NEWMAN


Less than six months after fire destroyed a large part of Ashburton’s SealesWinslow bulk stockfood plant, a rebuild will begin triggering a redevelopment that will significantly improve its manufacturing capacity. Chief operating officer Chris Brown said the rebuild would see the plant at full operating strength later in the year, with design and machinery specification planning well under way on what would be a $4 million project. He anticipates work on site will begin in about three months. The December fire significantly damaged the plant’s 5000 square metre building and saw 50 firefighters from 19 crews on site for many hours. That the company’s owner Balance Agri-Nutrients was prepared to make a significant investment in redeveloping the plant was a vote of confidence in the strength of the Mid Canterbury economy, Brown said. The weeks after the fire had been difficult, particularly with State Highway 1 closures around Kaikoura making it a challenge to guarantee an uninterrupted supply of stockfood from North Island mills, he said. The fire might have put some of the plant out of action, but it did not mean job losses with work provided for staff at a popup centre in Timaru and at other Ballance plants, Brown said. Following the fire, all options for the plant’s future were on the table. Reinvestment, however, was the obvious outcome because Winslow was an integral player in the Ballance supply network nationally and the redevelopment would provide an opportunity to improve both process flows and efficiencies, he said. “We’ve got a great team and our design and technology in-

The scene of last December’s devastating fire at SealesWinslow. vestments mean we’ll be able to produce more to meet growing demand and do it more easily and efficiently.” The rebuild will include a new molasses block plant and higher spec robotic packing facilities for 20kg bags. There will also be new bulk load out facilities. Potentially, the rebuild will create an additional job. A self-service facility for bulk fertiliser will also be part of the rebuild.

While it had been a difficult time in the weeks after the fire, great teamwork and support meant there was minimal disruption to meeting customer demand, Brown said. “It also meant there was no interruption to SealesWinslow’s role as a local buyer of some $5 million worth of grain from regional producers. That was extremely important to us, especially with the fire so close to the harvest in January and February.”


The company was humbled by the huge effort fire crews made in containing the fire and in recognition of their work, he said and SealesWinslow had donated $1000 to each of the attending brigades, $11,000 in total. He also had high praise for the Ashburton community. “Our mayor has been really supportive and our competitors also have come in and said, ‘what can we do to help’. “That’s rural New Zealand.”

Aiming to track new drugs BY JAMIE MORTON Emergency departments seeing a rise in patients poisoned by a new wave of ultra-potent synthetic recreational drugs are being invited to join a nationwide screening effort. A growing list of new synthetic cannabanoids and other illicit drugs hitting our streets has proven a headache for EDs, which last year had to deal with a spate of related cases. More worryingly, coroners have received at least 30 cases where synthetic cannabanoids were suspected to have been behind the deaths. The problem has been the focus of a Wellington pilot programme dubbed USED, or Unknown Substance use in Emergency Departments. Led by Capital and Coast District Health Board’s Dr Paul Quigley and ESR forensic toxicologist Diana Kappatos, it involved testing ED patients who showed specific symptoms to pin-point the presence of any substances, including synthetic cannabinoids. Its main aim was to reveal new synthetic recreational drugs as they hit the drug scene and to help agencies tackle them faster. It has proven a success, revealing a rise in cases of one particular drug, ethylone, along with traces of synthetic cathinones better known as bath salts. “There’s a whole new world of substances out there,” said ESR’s forensic toxicology and pharmaceuticals manager Mary-Jane McCarthy. “It’s very interesting, because we can use what we find through Customs and police data to correlate the information.The idea is that we can detect and identify these new drugs before we end up having deaths and investigations into what caused them.” Tracking these new drugs also assisted EDs and toxicologists with treatment. – NZME


Saturday, March 31, 2018

Ashburton Guardian


Myrtle rust closes tracks Summit tracks at Mt Karioi, near Raglan, are being closed to the public after myrtle rust was found on a vine rata. The Department of Conservation (DOC) found the fungus while doing surveillance in the Mt Karioi summit area. DOC is closing the affected area while they determine the scale of this infestation. “We are investigating the extent of the outbreak and exploring options to manage the risk of spread,” says Phil Hancock, who is leading DOC’s response. This is the second time the fungus has been found on public conservation land, after it was found on Mt Messenger in Taranaki last month. “It’s disheartening that myrtle rust has been detected on conservation land again, however, it’s not unexpected,” Mr Hancock said. – NZN


Labour’s Luxton slams Seymour’s ‘histrionics’ BY SUSAN SANDYS


Labour List MP Jo Luxton has slated ACT’s stance that a minimum wage increase will kill 3000 jobs and stop vulnerable workers gaining skills. The Rangitata-based MP says Mid Canterbury will not be negatively impacted by the rise as her Labour-led government oversees an increase by 75 cents to $16.50 per hour on April 1, aiming for $20 per hour by 2021. “David Seymour’s histrionics are simply misleading,” Luxton said, referring to the party’s leader. “He is stuck in his one-person office in Wellington, unlike our minister who is getting out and

visiting the regions and actually hearing what is happening on the ground. The issues he is raising are simply irrelevant for our region.” Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Iain Lees-Galloway visited Ashburton earlier this month and is expecting the raise to inject $129 million into the national economy. Mid Canterbury had extremely low unemployment and employers were “absolutely screaming out” for staff, Luxton said. “And all those that we spoke to when minister Lees-Galloway visited Ashburton already pay above minimum wage,” she added. “It defies logic that a place like

Mid Canterbury, which is crying out for workers, would be negatively impacted by a raise in the minimum wage.” “If a young person can’t get a job in Mid Canterbury, the minimum wage rate probably isn’t the issue. The big issues for Mid Canterbury are about making sure our young people are ready to take on these jobs and that’s why Labour’s Dole for Apprenticeships, Three Years Free post-secondary education, the School Leavers’ Toolkit and Ready for Work policies are so important to helping develop the skills our young people need. “The minimum wage will put more money in the hands of lowincome Kiwis so they can afford


even essential things like doctor’s visits and being able to buy more healthy food. David Seymour is simply showing he has little regard for the 164,000 Kiwi workers and their families who are in desperate need of increased wages just to keep up.” Lees-Galloway said the startingout rate and training wage will continue to be at 80 per cent of the minimum wage, increasing to $13.20 per hour. “Raising the minimum wage is part of this Government’s ambitious agenda to improve pay and conditions for Kiwi workers, and ensuring those on lower incomes get to share in our economic prosperity,” he said.

Myrtle rust is a fungi that attacks plants belonging to the myrtaceae family. It is found in many parts of the world including New Caledonia and all along Australia’s eastern seaboard and in the Kermadec group north of New Zealand. Myrtle rust spores are microscopic and can easily spread across large distances by wind, insects, birds, people, or machinery. It was first discovered on mainland New Zealand in May 2017. Evidence suggests the fungus arrived in New Zealand carried by strong winds from Australia.

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News 4

Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, March 31, 2018

US Ambassador Scott Brown (right) spoke with Chris Burrows from Townsend Seeds during his visit to Ashburton this week. PHOTO COLIN WILLISCROFT 230318-CW-004

Planting potential for US trade deals BY COLIN WILLISCROFT


US Ambassador to New Zealand Scott Brown has a strong interest in furthering commercial opportunities between the two countries and he used his visit to Ashburton earlier this week to find out more about Mid Canterbury businesses. During his time in Ashburton Brown and his wife Gail were given a tour of South Island Seed Dressing and Storage’s Smallbone Drive plant. Company director Brent Clarke gave them a rundown on the family-owned operation, which provides services such as storage,

packing, treatment, cleaning and transport to seed companies. Brown showed a lot of interest in the South Island Seed’s relationship with US-based companies and the challenges the seed industry faces in dealing with export partners in that part of the world. While Brown was at South Island Seeds he also spoke to Lynn Townsend and Chris Burrows from Townsend Seeds. He wasn’t surprised to hear that, like a lot of New Zealand exporters, the seed industry was known for providing quality products but distance from markets meant prices were higher than some

space industry, as demonstrated by Rocket Lab. He said events like SelectUSA, which works one-on-one with overseas business investors to demystify federal rules and regulations, provide data and other information, and link companies with partners and resources to help them succeed, can provide important pathways for New Zealand businesses interested in the US market but who need assistance in accessing it. While in Ashburton Brown also met with mayor Donna Favel and a group of councillors. He said part of their discussion centred around the number of employ-

ment opportunities within the district and some of the difficulties employers had in finding quality staff. He suggested a jobs fair to help connect businesses with potential employees. He also spoke to local Rotary Club members, something he said he enjoyed because members of groups such as Rotary and Lions were often business leaders who wanted to give something back to society, which was something he could relate to. As well as his Mid Canterbury appointments, Brown also had a number of Christchurch engagements and was also heading south for Warbirds Over Wanaka.




competitors. Brown said he visits a lot of businesses in his role of ambassador. The former US attorney has represented many small to medium sized operations in the past and he enjoys bringing that understanding to his current job. In particular he wants to assist US-New Zealand trade by helping to make introductions between businesses in the two countries. He said there is a lot of potential to expand New Zealand trade opportunities in the US, not just in areas like agriculture and wine where New Zealand already has a presence, but also in emerging high tech industries, such as the

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News Saturday, March 31, 2018

Ashburton Guardian


Loving the beat, cheese rolls Ask Peter Brophy to name New Zealand’s best retirement spot and he’ll tell you it’s Ashburton. The businessman who built his reputation in Auckland talks to reporter Sue Newman about his reasons for retiring to rural New Zealand.


hen it came time to take life easy, Peter Brophy said he couldn’t go past calling Ashburton home. He’s now living happily in Lochlea Lifestyle Village and says the transition from fast-paced Auckland to slower-paced Ashburton was as easy as changing a postal code. For the 84-year-old, retiring didn’t mean taking life easy. Most days of the week you will find him out and about playing as part of a three-piece band, entertaining anyone who wants to be entertained. “I love the people, the

place and the ease of living here,” he said. And he loves Ashburton’s cheese rolls. Each year for many years, he travelled around the South Island as part of a retiree band and in each town he visited, cheese rolls were his snack of choice. “On my touring days, number one cheese rolls were in Roxburgh, number two in Gore and number three in Timaru. I was only in Ashburton a few weeks before they were consecutively pushed down to positions two, three and four. Two years and four months later Somerset Grocer’s cheese rolls are still number one,” Peter said. And for a man who has spent all of his working life among merchandise or in a grocery store, the Ashburton café with its mix of grocery items and food is like coming home. Peter reckons his life has gone a geographic full circle. He was born in Geraldine but spent the years of his youth living in Fairlie where he formed a band. He’s an untutored musician, playing by ear and from the heart. “At home I’d hear music on the little radio which ran on batteries and I’d be tapping a couple of knives to the beats, but mum never got round to buying me drums,” he said. Keyboard became Peter’s instrument of choice and he said in all his years as an entertainer, he’s taken the most pleasure from providing the right music to get people out of their seats and onto the dancefloor. Marriage to June meant a move to Christchurch and, ever the entrepreneur, Peter opened a small gro-

cery shop in Sydenham’s Orbell Street, next door to the Lane Walker Rudkin factory. He watched factory workers sitting outside each day eating lunch and morning tea. There was a captive market there, he decided. “I thought, there has to be a way I can make a dollar out of this so I got some pies delivered and we heated them in the oven in our house behind the store.” He provided the food, the customers came and within 12 months the grocer’s shop had gone from a mum and dad enterprise to one that employed a staff of five. As their children grew, Peter and June decided the country would provide a good place for them to grow and they left the city for a job with Wright Stephensons, running the Mayfield grocery store. Three years later they moved to Ashburton and another two or three years down the track the amalgamation of stock firms started. Wright Stephensons and National Mortgage Agency became one and the Brophy family was on the move again, this time back to Christchurch. Peter stuck with what he knew taking a job as merchandise manager with Fairburn Wright. After what was becoming a three-year cycle, he was then on the move to Auckland. Same jobs, same company, different location. Auckland was to remain home for many years and would see Peter establish a solid reputation as a businessman. He later moved into the import business, but also became a philanthropist. Over the years he’s supported individuals and families who’re finding life tough and has often been the lifeline for people who had no one else to turn to. He’s funded and established a charity home in Auckland and through is business interests has improved the living conditions for 4000 workers in a factory in Vietnam where some of his products were made. He understood what it was like to live close to the breadline. “We were pretty poor when I was a kid. My dad died when I was six and mum didn’t have two bob to rub together. Mum Left – Businessman and musician Peter Brophy retired to Ashburton for music and cheese rolls. PHOTO SUE NEWMAN 280318-SN-001

made our clothes and I got bullied at school because I had shorts without a fly in them,” he said. And that meant when he and June decided to go back into business in the 1980s they understood what it was like to make financial sacrifices. An opportunity came to buy into an importing company. Not having the cash upfront didn’t stop Peter. He told the business owner he’d buy his stock but wouldn’t pay the $100,000 he wanted for five months. In that short time he’d made the money needed and sealed the deal. His business grew to become a supplier of imported furniture to a number of New Zealand’s major retailers. The key to his success, he said, was creating a business that took orders, held no stock, offered no credit. June died in 2007 and that started Peter thinking about where he’d like to spend his retirement years. Ashburton was the immediate answer. When people ask him why he left Auckland for Ashburton, Peter says the answer is a simple one. “Ashburton had always been my centre of activities for music and I’d got to know people well through the organ club. I went home, had a bit of a close call at a roundabout and thought I’m out of here.” Ashburton, he says, has so much going for it. “I call Ashburton the music capital of New Zealand. There are more musical people in this town than anywhere I’ve been. We’ve got the music here and all the shops you’d ever need.” Ashburton, however, is more than music, Peter said, it’s also a town that’s high on generosity of spirit. “If there’s fundraising going we get donations way beyond the norm here.” The giving philosophy is something he tries to live by and currently that means giving his time to entertain others. “I have 12 permanent gigs a month and there are always a few extras thrown in.” Many of those are entertaining rest home residents but he, and his fellow Silverbeats band members will play anywhere, anytime. Music creates connections with people, it allows you to meet and get to know people and it makes people happy, he said.

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News 6

Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, March 31, 2018

New circus set to thrill Ashburton audiences BY KATIE TODD


Dunedin might have Ed Sheeran and Wanaka may have the Warbirds – but the biggest circus in New Zealand has landed on our own doorstep in Ashburton. Cirque Grande have come to town with their fresh and exciting new circus – delivering their first Ashburton shows yesterday afternoon and evening in the Ashburton Domain. Cirque Grande’s Jocelyn Spicer said the group are new to the country with all new acts including roller-skating, juggling, acrobatic biking, contortionist performances and gymnastics. “The show’s got a really good feeling,” she said. “It really is an amazing show… It’s got something for everybody, young and old.” The circus boasts talented performers plucked from all corners of the globe – from Kenyan fire performers, to an acrobatic troupe chosen from a Chinese circus school, Irish artistes and even a Kiwi silk dancer. All of the 70 crew members and performers have been hard at work since Tuesday, setting up the super top tent and visiting local schools. “It’s a huge job, setting up but we’ve been lucky, the weather’s been kind to us.” Performances will be held twice a day until Monday night. Ticket bookings and more information can be found at, or down at the domain.

The biggest and newest circus in New Zealand has chosen Ashburton as their Easter weekend performance destination. PHOTO SUPPLIED



Sun shines on Walk of Witness BY KATIE TODD


Dozens of Methven parishioners joined in the annual Walk of Witness around town yesterday. To commemorate Good Friday and the crucifixion journey of Jesus, a walk was held between Methven’s parishes. Leader Bruce Dickson held a cross and led the way

from Methven Catholic Church at 9.30am, and families, friends and individuals joined at different points along the route. The walk ended at Mt Hutt Elim at 10am, with a service. Church services are being held by parishes throughout the district including tomorrow to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday.

News Saturday, March 31, 2018

Ashburton Guardian

Wash & Wear Interior



Hot rods fired up for club’s 50th birthday By Sue NewmaN

The best of the best in New Zealand’s hot rods and street rods will be on display in Ashburton this weekend as Ashburton’s Americar Rod and Custom Club celebrates its 50th birthday. And it’s celebrating in style by holding a national event that showcases hot rods and street rods in a display that’s guaranteed to wow the public. Club secretary Jason Gourlay said the opportunity to host the nationals came along and with four previous occasions as hosts behind it, the club grabbed the opportunity. Since November the club has been in high planning mode. Vehicles are coming from around New Zealand to the event which runs over the weekend and culminates in Sunday’s showcase at Ashburton Raceway. He anticipates there will be upwards of 150 vehicles lined up for public inspection during the show. Locals will be well represented with at least 35 Mid Canterbury vehicles likely to turn up. The event will combine two rod styles,

hot rods and street rods, and that means the vehicles on show will represent decades of cars – modified and adapted of course. Some of those vehicles will come with a price tag of more than $200,000. “There’s events for those entered on Friday and Saturday so there’s a good chance people will see the cars around town too,” Gourlay said. On Sunday there will also be an opportunity for owners of hot or street rods who are not part of the event to turn up and have their own vehicle on display in a preferential parking area. Vehicles that are part of the show will be judged with top 10 awards made in both categories. The event will also have a range of trade displays and stalls and a drag car display. One of these vehicles will fire up a few times during the day with showgoers given an opportunity to sit in the passenger’s seat while the car shakes the ground, Gourlay said. The public car display on Easter Sunday will run from 10am until 3pm. Proceeds from the event will be given to the Ashburton Fire Brigade.

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State Highway 1 might have been heavy with traffic over the past two days, but it was elsewhere that two road incidents took place on Thursday. At around 1.55pm, two cars collided at the intersection of Belt and Middle roads. Two patients, both in moderate condition, were transported to Ashburton Hospital by St John Ambulance. Middle Road was blocked to through traffic while police and fire and emergency crew worked at the scene. Police said they are making ongoing inquiries into the incident. Around an hour later at 2.50pm Ashburton Fire and Emergency were called to Melrose Road in Allenton, near the riverbed, to assist a St John crew with a minor accident involving a cyclist.





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Hot rods and street rods will be on display in Ashburton this weekend as Ashburton’s Americar Rod and Custom Club celebrates its 50th birthday.



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Cars collide on Middle Road

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Police are making inquiries into a crash on Middle Road on Thursday. PHOTO KATIE TODD 290318-KT-005

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Weekend focus 8

Ashburton Guardian

Wild weather has made for bad headlines over a tumultuous summer. At the same time, Mid Canterbury and the rest of New Zealand is finally waking up to the reality of climate change. Susan Sandys reports.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Andrew Hoggard

Mid Canty supports c “

Business as usual is broken,” said Victoria University Business School lecturer Dr Pala Molisa at the Pacific Climate Change Conference earlier this month. Molisa called for a mindset of shared responsibility in the face of climate change swallowing up coastlines, a call backed up by Victoria University climate scientist Professor James Renwick. Such a mindset was a matter of urgency and there was a real

threat that in the next 50 years, the West Antarctic ice sheet would be pushed over the threshold to irreversible melting. “If we reach that limit, we’re locking in metres of sea level rise that will seal the fate of many lowlying Pacific islands. We’ll see the disappearance of whole Pacific islands, homes and cultures that have existed for thousands of years,” Renwick said. “During the conference, we heard that every five years’ delay

in peaking global emissions means 20 centimetres more sea level rise.” The world had no more than 10 years to act to ensure it did not exceed the 1.5°C maximum rise in global temperatures that 195 countries committed to in the Paris Agreement. Forest and Bird Ashburton applauds the Labour-led Government’s tackling of climate change since coming into power, while even farm and business leaders in

Forest and Bird Ashburton chairwoman Edith Smith

Mid Canty Fed Farmers president Michael Salvesen



orest and Bird Ashburton welcomes the establishment of a Minister for Climate Change and setting up a climate change commission, as recommended by the former Commissioner for the Environment Dr Jan Wright last year. Our organisation has for years been speaking out about its goal for major cuts to New Zealand’s climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions and is pleased that this is now Government’s policy. The Government has committed to New Zealand being carbon neutral by 2050, which means our emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and other greenhouse gases will be less than the amount being stored in our soils and trees. To avoid the effect of the rapid rises in temperature climate on native species, droughts and floods affecting habitat and warming oceans with increased acidification impacting on the wide spectrum of species living in the oceans, we must get greenhouse gas emissions under control. Local Government Leaders New Zealand Climate Change

Declaration 2017 acknowledged the need to address climate change for the benefit of current and future generations. However, Forest and Bird is disappointed the Ashburton District Council chose not to be part of this declaration, despite guiding principles of the declaration being based on established legal and moral obligations placed on Government when considering the current, and future social, economic and environmental well-being of the community they represent. We hope the council’s decision will be reviewed and its responsibilities in dealing with climate change will be factored into the longterm plan.

lobal warming and its effects are becoming accepted widely, as is the desire and need to do something about it. Can New Zealand fix the world’s problems? No. Can New Zealand lead the way in forming a sensible and proactive way forward to address the issues raised and show the rest of the world what can be done? YES! The whole issue is highly complex and will not be solved by sound bites. We need a common measurement process across the whole world. We need to have reductions in emissions whilst allowing less developed countries the flexibility to continue to enrich themselves and to feed their people, and allow them to escape real poverty. New Zealand is very fortunate in that we have most of our electricity generated from renewable sources already. Many countries, like most of Europe, don’t. They have reduced coal burning and have moved to natural gas, but most of this comes from

Russia, not a very secure move if Putin decides to turn the tap off! We need to make sure that we all take responsibility, to change what we do and how we do it. The change will be led by science and supported by government and regulation. Incentives to change will be introduced, some gradually, some not, and there will also be penalties for those who do not change. Like many other aspects of our lives, the only constant is change, we just need to make sure the economy and food supply are secure long-term too.

Mid Canterbury are on board with the need for action. There are likely to be some tough decisions to face, as New Zealand works out how to achieve its goal of being carbon neutral by 2050, announced by the government in December. Currently, New Zealand has the fifth highest emissions on a per capita basis in the OECD and is second highest on a gross domestic profit basis. Climate Change Minister James Shaw is leading a conversation

Business Mid Canterbury chai


he evidence that climate change is happening is overwhelming, yet why does it seem that leaders and decision-makers are so slow to accept what needs to be done to protect the planet? Let’s face it, it’s not just about protecting the planet. We now know that we are on a clear path to the destruction of countries, species and cultures that face absolute extinction by rising sea levels. Everyone seems to have an attitude that they can’t make a difference. To be honest, it’s hard to reduce your own carbon footprint in a town with no public transport, living in houses that have no central heating and that rely on burning wood for warmth. But, personally, we can make sure our homes are insulated and sealed, invest in solar power, turn lights off and change our light bulbs. We can also eat locally grown food and produce – 13 per cent of US greenhouse gas emissions result from the production and transportation of food. Nationally, according to the Ministry for Primary Industries and Greenpeace, 25 per cent of the nation’s planta-

Weekend focus Saturday, March 31, 2018

Ashburton Guardian


James Shaw

climate change action with New Zealanders on how to go about this, calling for submissions on the proposed Zero Carbon Bill. Planting millions of trees, cutting emissions in the agricultural sector, which contributes half of New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions, and transitioning to 100 per cent renewable electricity, have all been mentioned. Farmers plan to continue making reductions to their greenhouse gas emissions per unit of product, while also retaining their inter-

national competiveness as a food producer. This month Federated Farmers climate change spokesman Andrew Hoggard pointed out that carbon dioxide emissions related to road transport have increased by 78 per cent since 1990, compared to methane, which has increased 5 per cent. “This surely emphasises that while agricultural emissions are part of the problem, there needs to be a pragmatic and balanced approach to tackling how this

irwoman Desme Daniels tions are at risk of being deforested for conversion to pastoral use, mainly for dairying. Government needs to halt any deforestation plans. Not only is it reducing forests, but it’s replacing them with one of the most greenhouse-gas intensive forms of land use. Globally, money needs to be invested in clean energy, building energy-efficient technologies. It’s time for everyone to take ownership and make some changes, one carbon footprint at a time!

country manages and reduces all greenhouse gases,” Hoggard said. The Ashburton District Council is one of just two Canterbury district councils which have chosen not to sign the Local Government Leaders New Zealand Climate Change Declaration 2017. The declaration acknowledges the need to address climate change for the benefit of current and future generations, including supporting government to develop plans toward a low carbon

and resilient New Zealand. Nevertheless, discussions at the council are ongoing, as councillors and staff consider how warmer temperatures and changing rainfall patterns will affect infrastructure, and planning and building regulations. Ashburton Mayor Donna Favel says the impacts will be significant, even to the extent of affecting mental health, and already the council has begun to make positive changes.

Ashburton District Mayor Donna Favel

Rangitata MP Andrew Falloon



here’s no doubt that climate change is happening and that it will have a significant impact on the Ashburton District. The phenomenon is likely to bring extreme and unseasonable weather patterns. This could mean not only drier, hotter weather in summer and an earlier spring melt, but more rain and less snow in autumn and winter. These weather events could have huge impacts on the local economy, with experts projecting that the effects of climate change will significantly influence the economy worldwide. Methven, for example, could experience lower tourist numbers due to reduced snow and potentially shorter ski seasons. These outcomes are also likely to take their toll on our mental health. Research in Australia, following a decade-long drought, found higher rates of anxiety and depression amongst residents, especially those living in rural areas. Climate change is an issue we need to think about seriously and begin looking at ways to manage it. As a community, we

have already begun making positive changes to the way we live and do business. The new Albert Street subdivision requires that all homes are built with eco-friendly features including solar heating, on-site water storage, and double-glazing. In co-operation with EA Networks, we have installed several charging stations around the district to cater for the growing demand for electric vehicles. DairyNZ are working on a number of projects to lower the environmental footprint of dairy farming in the future. We’re making a good start, but there’s much more we need to do. Government has committed New Zealand to being carbon neutral by 2050, and we all have to play our part in achieving that.

limate change is one of the most important challenges facing our planet and our country. Prior to the last election the National Government had a raft of actions under way in the climate change space, not the least its commitment to the Paris Accord and an early commitment to a 2030 target as a major step to our demanding 2050 target of 50 per cent fewer emissions than our 1990 levels. It’s crucial that work is built on by the new Government, but that it is done in an inclusive way without seeking to punish certain industries or put our exporters at a disadvantage against countries who

don’t live up to their obligations. As a small nation we need to work with other countries to lower overall global emissions, rather than making unilateral costly changes that won’t impact the environment. I’m committed to working with the Government, with farmers, with the transport industry and other sectors to reduce our emissions.

Your place 10 Ashburton Guardian


Saturday, March 31, 2018


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Test yourself with the Guardian’s weekday quiz 1 - To what animal does the adjective hirsine refer? a. Deer b. Sheep c. Goat 2 - How many legs does a crab have? a. 6 b. 10 c. 14 3 - Which of the following was a gravedigger before he became a famous singer? a. Elton John b. Rod Stewart c. Mick Jagger 4 - What does the name dinosaur mean? a. Great monster b. Terrible lizard c. Fire dragon 5 - How many countries competed in the first modern Olympics in 1896? a. 14 b. 27 c. 39 6 - What was the name of the 1994 Western starring Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster? a. Maverick b. American Outlaws c. Silverado 7 - Which celebrity became the brand ambassador for Givenchy? a. Audrey Hepburn b. Judy Garland c. Grace Kelly 8 - What type of soup is vichyssoise? a. Leek and potato b. Fish and tomato c. Mushroom and herb

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7 9 4 6

Answers: 1. Goat 2. 10 3. Rod Stewart 4. Terrible lizard 5. 14 6. Maverick 7. Audrey Hepburn 8. Leek and potato. Makes 1

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9 4 6 3 5 2 7 1 8

7 2 3 4 8 1 9 5 6

3 6 5 2 9 8 1 4 7

1 9 8 6 4 7 5 3 2

2 7 4 5 1 3 8 6 9

5 8 2 9 3 4 6 7 1

4 3 9 1 7 6 2 8 5

6 1 7 8 2 5 3 9 4


These are as much fun to make as they are to eat.

■ Spread bread with margarine or salad dressing. ■ Arrange salad ingredients to form a funny face.

8 5 1 7 6 9 4 2 3

Josh Hood gets some serious air at Lake Hood last weekend during a waterskiing competition held where some of the best on the water were strutting their stuff. PHOTO ROBYN HOOD 240318-RH-007

Funny face salad 1 slice of bread 1t margarine or lite salad dressing Selection of vegetables eg grated or strips of carrot, bean sprouts, cucumber slices or strips, beetroot slices, tomato wedges – or whole baby tomatoes, lettuce, radish, green or red capsicums, cooked sweet corn kernels.


5 6 2 4 3 7 9 THURSDAY’S 3ANSWERS 8 2 5

Flying high at Lake Hood


4 6

6 5

8 2 4 6 1 8 4

8 6

8 4 7

2 8 9 3 2 9 7 6 3

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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Aussies buy into EPL dream reportedly agreed on a price with two interested parties last week. If the Australian group – which has been previously linked with a buyout of Coventry City – was to complete the deal it could prove a game-changer for the sport and the development of local players. The consortium’s website says it is seeking to create “Australia’s First English Premier League Club” by taking over an underperforming lower-tier side and elevating them to the top tier. Conceivably, an Aussie-controlled English club could be the first port of call for any A-League talents looking to try their luck in Europe. It would also represent the next step in Kewell’s coaching career, with the 39-year-old having won rave reviews after overcoming a rocky start at Crawley Town to have them in promotion contention from League Two. Ange Postecoglou and Mark Schwarzer have advised the consortium in the past but the figures behind their push have plenty of their own expertise in sport and business to lean on.



China. However, the move by Nestle isn’t all bad news for ATM. It is expected that Nestle’s foray into the niche market will raise the profile of the A2 protein, increasing the size of the market. Despite the recent weakness, a2 Milk remains the top performer on the NZX50 for the year to date, up around 50 per cent. New Reserve Bank of New Zealand Governor Adrian Orr started this week, taking over from interim Governor Grant Spencer. Prior to his appointment as Governor, Adrian Orr was the CEO of the New Zealand Super Fund and has also been deputy Governor and head of financial stability for the RBNZ. Orr started his tenure by signing a new Policy Target Agreement (PTA) with Finance Minister Grant Robertson. The new PTA was one of the Labour government’s campaign promises and the market was watching with interest for any changes. As was widely expected, the new PTA included an employment component, saying that employment outcomes must be a consideration when making monetary policy decisions. The target range for inflation remains between 1 per cent and 3 per cent with a focus on keeping future inflation at the mid point of 2 per cent. The ANZ Business outlook

Law society hotline Law Society launching phone line for workplace harassment support The New Zealand Law Society is launching a new 0800 phone line where people in the legal community are able to discuss sensitive matters such as workplace harassment and the options and support they can access. Callers will be able to discuss their experiences or those of others and receive information on the support available, or on how they can lodge a report. Harassment could be of a sexual nature or include any other unacceptable behaviour that may have occurred as part of the persons’ work.

Cricket sponsor quits Charlton Athletic could be a game-changer for Australian football players. Muir transformed The Good Guys from a single shopfront started by his father in 1952 into one of Australia’s leading appliances chains, which he sold last year for $870 million. Murphy, meanwhile, is the co-founder of Leading Teams, a training company whose teambuilding, leadership and high-

The market week in review he holiday-shortened week has been a bumpy one for markets as we round out the end of the first quarter of 2018. The NZ index has held up well when compared to its global peers as concerns over potential trade wars continue to keep a lid on markets. Although it wasn’t a data-heavy week, corporate newsflow kept investors interested while the ANZ Business outlook survey showed some positive signs. Sky TV grabbed headlines again this week and again it was for all the wrong reasons and sent the share price lower again. The company announced that it was not the preferred bidder for the television rights to the Rugby World Cup. In the past, this has been a massive draw card for Sky TV and has seen subscriber numbers increase. The company has been under significant pressure so far this year, as competition continues to increase from digital subscription services for both content and customers. Long time CEO John Fellet also announced he would be stepping down from his role, although will remain in place until a suitable replacement is found. For the year to date, the company’s share price is down more than 20%. Market darling a2 Milk fell from grace this week, following the announcement that global food giant Nestle has released a competing A2 infant formula in China. This sent a2’s share price down sharply as investors worry about the potential impact on the company’s growth outlook, particularly because Nestle already has strong distribution channels in


In brief


An Australian investment group with strong AFL links is reportedly closing in on a takeover of an English soccer club, where they could install Harry Kewell as coach within days. Essendon board member Andrew Muir and prominent sports consultant Gerard Murphy are among those involved with the Australian Football Consortium, which is in talks to buy League One outfit Charlton Athletic. Owned by Belgian billionaire Roland Duchatelet, Charlton sacked their coach Karl Robinson last week and appointed Lee Bowyer as caretaker. Socceroos great Kewell is the hot tip to take over on a permanent basis and according to south-east London website Kent Live, his employers Crawley Town are bracing for him to quit within 48 hours. Bowyer played with Kewell at Leeds United and was his assistant during his brief spell coaching Watford’s under-23s. Duchatelet has been looking to sell his majority share of the Addicks for several months and

Ashburton Guardian

survey was one of the highlights on this week’s calendar, after February’s survey saw a reasonable jump from the lows logged late last year. The 12-month outlook took a tumble following the election in September last year, and although it has recovered from the lows, pessimists continue to outweigh optimists on a 12 month view with a net 20 per cent of business surveyed pessimistic. Their own activity index, which is more closely correlated with GDP, lifted to +22. Retail and agriculture were the more pessimistic sectors of the economy while manufacturing and services were the most optimistic. Hiring intentions increased in March as did net investment and profit expectations. Globally, trade continues to be the hot topic for markets with US President Donald Trump lining up potential trade tariffs for imports from China in retaliation to intellectual property theft. Trump has also said he wants to reduce the trade deficit the US has with China. China came back with proposed tariffs on US goods as well, although both sides have said they are open to discussions. The uncertainty around the protectionist policies being implemented by the US, as well as the potential retaliatory moves, are creating an overhang for global markets and investors are heading for safe haven assets. Jeremy Flood works for Craigs Investment Partners. This article should not be deemed as advice. Disclosure statement available free of charge and on request

performance strategies have been used by a host of AFL clubs over the years, including Geelong, Richmond, Hawthorn and Sydney. The consortium has maintained a vow of public silence since emerging last year and will not make any statements until a deal has been completed. - AAP

Magellan has quit its naming rights deal with Australian Test cricket, calling the ball-tampering scandal “inconsistent with our values”. The ASX-listed financial services provider said its threeyear sponsorship of Australia’s home Tests, which only began with the most recent Ashes series, had been based on shared values and reputations of integrity, leadership, dedication. But co-founder and chief executive Hamish Douglass said the scandal was unacceptable to the company. - AAP


Footwear company expands to Canada Allbirds, the sustainable footwear company co-founded by former New Zealand soccer star Tim Brown, has expanded into Canada, its fourth global market. San Francisco-based Allbirds started selling minimalist woollen sneakers direct to consumers in 2016 and this month sold its millionth pair of shoes and launched a new range using a textile woven from sustainably grown eucalyptus fibre. It has online operations in the US, New Zealand and Australia, and shops in San Francisco and New York, with a steady stream of pop-up outlets. Now it has launched its online business in Canada and will open two pop-up shops at Nordstrom department stores in Toronto and Vancouver. “We are looking forward to introducing Canadians to Allbirds, particularly as Canadians have a fundamental understanding about the importance of protecting our environment,” said Mr Brown. Allbirds is the world’s largest direct-to-consumer footwear brand and is capitalising on a trend for sustainable, natural products that’s seen larger global rivals such as Nike and Converse also launch wool versions of their sneakers. Its merino wool has ZQ certification from The New Zealand Merino Company, its South African eucalyptus plantations are FSC certified, its shoe insoles

are made from renewable castor bean oil and lined with wool, while the shoelaces are made from recycled plastic bottles. “We have always conceived of Allbirds as about sustainable material innovation,” said Mr Brown, whose co-founder Joey Zwillinger is a biotech engineer and renewable materials expert. “We have got an opportunity to build a business that shifts other peoples’ thinking and that’s a pretty cool idea to go to work for every day. We are starting to now gather momentum.” Mr Brown says the company is always looking for new and better ways to make their shoes even if the more sustainable option is initially more expensive. The company’s direct-toconsumer model means it has margin room to invest in new materials and he expects costs to come down and more innovations to emerge in the future. “Sustainability is not a common conversation in footwear and I think that in a short space of time we have been able to show that certain things can be done quite easily if you commit to it,” he said. “I do believe there is a fundamental shift going on in the way that things are being made and I think you have a new generation of consumer who cares about the provenance of the things that they wear, who cares about the things that they buy and they want to know the story.” - NZME

Opinion 12

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Saturday, March 31, 2018


Pls help tha financhally illiterit millennials W

hat kind of long-term knowledge did your take from your high school education? I know I can whip up a mean stem and leaf graph. I can sketch a wicked smooth parabola. I can even drop some phre$h biology facts, not least that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. Alas, none of these aptitudes have proved popular party tricks, or remotely useful in journalistic life thus far. Now, what did you wish you were taught? More cell biology? (nope) More quadratic functions? (nope!!) Another language, quizas? This week, Massey University published findings from a 20-year study into financial knowledge, attitudes and behaviours throughout different life

stages and pointed exactly to my answer. I wish high school had helped students to be more financially literate. What their study showed is that we young adults kind of suck when it comes to the cold hard cash money stuff. Like an ABBA record stuck on repeat, we are left to fathom the realities. “Kiwis in their mid to late 20s appeared to be still heavily reliant on their parents when it comes to learning about how to man-

age money, yet only one in three believe their parents know what is best for their finances,” Massey’s Fin Ed Centre reported. “Forty-one per cent of males rated their financial literacy as either good or excellent, only 21 per cent of females did.” And while many showed wariness around credit cards and knew the importance of saving: here’s the crux. “Sixty per cent wished they were better at saving, and only 30 per cent had considered longterm planning beyond five years.” Now unless your father is the money-oriented Mr Krabs from Spongebob, it seems like a massive problem that we’re leaning on our parents for financial advice. Today’s housing market is far uglier and foreboding than when

past generations got their foot in the door, plus half of us now bear whopping large student loans on our back. Exactly half of us, that is, because the student loan system also presumes we are all significantly reliant on our parents’ income. So our parents are supposed to teach us how to use their money, and then what? All in all a vicious, really unhelpful dependency cycle. But what if high school students spent a mere hour a

week packing some financial know-how into their brains, and learning from an independent source how to manage their own moolah? I know I’d have happily swapped a few abstract biology facts for some foundational info around compound interest, investment risk evaluation or debt management. Preferably before leaping into the big wide world and into Student Loan Central. And before I hear anyone mumble “cease the narcissistic millennial moaning and return to your avocado toast consumption”, I’ll dismiss myself with one finance-related equation which I’ll need your help solving. Aging population and high number of baby boomers soon to be dependent + too many financially illiterate young Kiwis = ___?

just like his mother. Five years ago: Pope Francis marked Christianity’s most joyous day at the Vatican with a passionate plea for world peace as he celebrated his first Easter Sunday as pontiff. One year ago: President Donald Trump signed a pair of executive orders focused on reducing the US trade deficit; the first order gave the Commerce Department 90 days to assemble a report on the factors behind the trade deficit, while the second sought

to increase collection of duties on imports. Evgenia Medvedeva of Russia retained her world figure skating title at the championship in Helsinki. William T. Coleman Jr, a civil rights lawyer who served as transportation secretary during the Ford administration, died in Alexandria, Virginia, at age 96. Today’s birthdays: Actor William Daniels is 91. Actor Richard Chamberlain is 84. Actress Shirley Jones is 84. Musician Herb Alpert is 83. Senator Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., is 78. Former US

Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., is 78. Actor Christopher Walken is 75. Comedian Gabe Kaplan is 74. Senator Angus King, I-Maine, is 74. Rock musician Mick Ralphs (Bad Company; Mott the Hoople) is 74. Former Vice President Al Gore is 70. Author David Eisenhower is 70. Actress Rhea Perlman is 70. Actor Robbie Coltrane is 68. Actor Ed Marinaro is 68. Rock musician Angus Young (AC/DC) is 63. Actor Marc McClure is 61. Actor William McNamara is 53. Alt-country

musician Bob Crawford (The Avett (AY’-veht) Brothers) is 47. Actor Ewan (YOO’-en) McGregor is 47. Actress Judi Shekoni is 40. Rapper Tony Yayo is 40. Actress Kate Micucci is 38. Actor Brian Tyree Henry (TV: Atlanta Stage: Book of Mormon) is 36. Actress Melissa Ordway is 35. Jazz musician Christian Scott is 35. Thought for today: “Man does not speak because he thinks, he thinks because he speaks.” — Octavio Paz, Mexican poet (born this date in 1914, died 1998).

Katie Todd


TODAY IN HISTORY Today is Saturday, March 31, the 90th day of 2018. There are 275 days left in the year. Today’s highlight in history: On March 31, 1968, at the conclusion of a nationally broadcast address on Vietnam, President Lyndon B. Johnson stunned listeners by declaring, “I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your President.” On this date:In 1492, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain issued an edict expelling Jews from Spanish soil, except those willing to convert to Christianity. In 1889, French engineer Gustave Eiffel unfurled the French tricolor from atop the Eiffel Tower, officially marking its completion. In 1917, the United States took formal possession of the Virgin Islands from Denmark. In 1943, Oklahoma!, the first musical play by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, opened on Broadway. In 1958, the Chuck Berry single Johnny B. Goode was first released on the Chess label. In 1986, 167 people died when a Mexicana Airlines Boeing 727 crashed in a remote mountainous region of Mexico. In 1993, actor Brandon Lee, 28, was accidentally shot to death during the filming of a movie in Wilmington, North Carolina, when he was hit by a bullet fragment that had become lodged inside a prop gun. In 2005, Terri Schiavo (SHY’-voh), 41, died at a hospice in Pinellas Park, Florida, 13 days after her feeding tube was removed in a wrenching right-to-die dispute. Ten years ago: HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson announced his resignation amid the wreckage of the national housing crisis. A Bahamas jury ruled that Anna Nicole Smith’s son, Daniel, died from an accidental drug overdose,


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Saturday, March 31, 2018

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Don’t forget to butter your buns W

hen you look at the origins of the Easter story, it becomes apparent very quickly that Christians have adopted elements of older pagan and cultural rituals and beliefs. Now it all had to start somewhere and that place is Australia. Think I’m wrong my little hot cross bun guzzling Ashburtonian? Stick with me and I will leave you in no doubt that Easter comes from Australia. When the lesser-known English explorer Richard Less sailed to Australia in 650BC, he came across such bizarre creatures, people and behaviours, he had to think of a way to explain it to his fellow countrymen when he returned. Upon seeing flocks of kangaroos bouncing around each morning, Richard Less (or Dick to his closest friends), could only describe them as large rabbits. Every morning they noticed the kangaroos would be gathered around shady trees and hopping in long grass. The intrepid travellers tried to sneak up on the ‘roos, but always scared them away. However, they constantly stepped in fresh ‘roo crap, (about the size of a Cadbury Cream Egg) that squished between their toes. Now this turned out to be beneficial for two reasons. One it warmed their feet first thing in the morning and two it cured their scurvy. So getting up in the morning to look for large bunnies that had deposited egg size treats in gardens became a

Peter Livingstone OUT OF SCHOOL

lasting memory that Dick and his sailors talked about upon their return. Another sight they observed were the local men wearing only loin cloths, picking up dried kangaroo dung. It was used for fuel for their cooking fires. The only place they could store it in while walking, was their loin cloth. Richard thought this was inappropriate to share back home, however, modern Australian men have carried on the tradition by wearing budgie smugglers on the beach. You may think they have a budgie stuffed in there or are well put together, however, the truth is their tighty whities are full of dried crap. They also observed the native Australians engaging in a game where they would pick up the dried dung and throw it at a mate who tried to whack it away with his boomerang. They noticed the throwers could put more spin on the dungball if they rubbed one side smooth, and scuffed up the other side. This behaviour can still be observed in modern Australian men today, even professional ball throwers have been caught trying to hide objects down the

front of their updated loin cloths. When the pasty white explorer went to make contact with local tribes, he was always told to come back in three days’ time and speak to the guy with the beard who lived in a cave. However, every time Dick returned the cave was empty and the guy was gone. The only people there were some of his mates and his elderly mother who kept wailing about the dirty shirt he had left behind for her to wash. What poor old Dick didn’t realise was that this local guru had gone walkabout. Again this is an example of Australian life that has made its way into Christian stories. The recount of Jesus wandering in the desert for 40 days and nights is based on the walkabout. Modern Australians recreate this when they decide to go bush for a weekend, run out of fuel and randomly walk around being chased by witchetty grubs and wombats. They are then tempted out of the desert by a ‘cold one’ at the local Wongawonga Pub. Upon their return home, Richard was summoned to a council of noblemen and church leaders to inform them of his travels. His almost unbelievable stories left the church elders disturbed and fearing that Richard could spread information they had no control of, they locked him up. Over time the stories became part of church ideology and morphed into the modern Easter story.

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Email us! editor@theguardian. Facebook us! ashguardian PRESS COUNCIL As for Richard, he so inspired his fellow cell mates, they set up a clandestine network of men that campaigned for his release. They were known as the Dick Less Supporters and wore loin cloths similar to what Richard had described. Funnily enough this tradition was exported back to Australia by the first convicts who spread the wearing of Speedo-like swimwear, as well as herpes. On the back of the Speedos was a large X so that other Dick Less Supporters could identify them. These were often worn by angry men and the tradition of wearing tight budgie smugglers with large Xs on the back earned them the nickname, ‘Hot Cross Buns.’ These angry men went on to establish the first rugby league club in Australia and in a throwback to Richard’s description of kangaroos as large bunnies, called themselves the Rabbitohs. They still wear the scant undies, now simply known as dickless support wear. So there you go, Easter comes from Oz and now you know how it came to be. Happy Easter and don’t forget to butter your buns. Peter Livingstone is the principal of Tinwald School. The views expressed in this column are his and do not represent the views of his school, the Ashburton Guardian or the Mid Canterbury Principals’ Association.

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Saturday, March 31, 2018


Balloon crash injures nine A hot air balloon has crashed in the NSW Hunter Valley, injuring nine people. The balloon, which AAP understands was being operated by Balloon Aloft Australia, came down on McDonalds Road in Pokolbin at about 8.30am. Nine people were rushed from the scene to Cessnock Hospital with non-life threatening injuries ranging from suspected broken bones to spinal injuries, NSW Ambulance says. Two of the nine people have been transferred to the John Hunter Hospital for spe-

cialised treatment. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has been notified of the incident and local police are investigating. The crash is believed to be the second involving the company so far this year, which under another of its names - Balloon Safaris - made a hard landing in January that left four people injured. Balloon Safaris blamed a quicker-thanexpected shift in wind speed for that incident. The organisation has been contacted for comment.

A spokesman for a competing company in the Hunter Valley, Beyond Ballooning, told AAP it cancelled its flight on Friday morning due to “unsuitable flying conditions”. Local resident Nicole, who lives on McDonalds Road, said she spotted the balloon in a paddock part of the the Hope Estate Winery after it landed. “I thought, geez, this looks suspicious, it was half up and was right near the trees,” she said. - AAP


Poisoning victim improves The daughter of a Russian ex-spy who was poisoned in a nerveagent attack along with her father is improving rapidly and is out of critical condition, the hospital treating the pair says. Yulia Skripal’s 66-year-old father Sergei remains in critical condition. Salisbury NHS Trust, which oversees the hospital where the Skripals are being treated, said 33-year-old Yulia is “improving rapidly and is no longer in a critical condition. Her condition is now stable. “She has responded well to treatment but continues to receive expert clinical care 24 hours a day,” said Dr Christine Blanshard, medical director at Salisbury District Hospital. The Skripals were found unconscious in the English city of Salisbury on March 4, and British authorities say they were poisoned with a military-grade nerve agent. Police say they were likely exposed to it on the door of Sergei Skripal’s suburban house in Salisbury, where the highest concentration of the chemical has been found. Sergei Skripal, a former Russian military intelligence officer, was imprisoned after he sold secrets to British intelligence. He was released in a 2010 spy swap and moved to Britain. Britain says he and his daughter, who was visiting from Russia, were poisoned with a nerve agent developed in Soviet times and that it must have come from Russia. Moscow vehemently denies involvement in the attack, which has sparked a diplomatic crisis between Russia and the West. More than two dozen countries have expelled more than 150 Russian diplomats, including 60 kicked out by the US. The former Soviet republic of Georgia joined the list on Thursday, saying it would expel one Russian diplomat in solidarity with Britain. - AP

Roseanne Barr

Trump show support US President Donald Trump has called Roseanne Barr after an estimated 18.4 million viewers tuned in for the reboot of her TV sitcom Roseanne. Speaking by telephone on ABC’s Good Morning America on Thursday, Barr said the call was pretty exciting. Barr said Trump congratulated her and talked about television and ratings. She said the Republican was happy for her, adding: “I’ve known him for many years and he’s done a lot of nice things for me over the years”. Barr has been a Trump supporter and plays a supporter on the updated sitcom. - PA

Couple call it quits

Britain’s Prince Charles has released a videotaped Easter message offering support for persecuted Christians around the world. PHOTO AP


Charles delivers Easter message Prince Charles has released a videotaped Easter message offering support for persecuted Christians around the world. The message released yesterday was recorded earlier this month at Charles’ Clarence House residence in central London. He expressed sympathy for people who have “had to flee for their faith and for their

Another Married At First Sight couple has called it quits. John and Melissa have both released statements confirming they’ve ended their relationship. “I had a fantastic time with Melissa on Married At First Sight,” John wrote on Instagram. “It has been a very difficult decision and it makes us both very sad to say we have decided to no longer continue as a couple. We still have the utmost respect for each other but have found significant differences in our lives and expectations in relationships. We have spoken at length about how to make it work and have been spending time with each other to let our relationship unfold but both agree it doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere.” - NZME

life” and says he had been deeply moved by their courage and ability to forgive. He said all three Abrahamic faiths had endured persecution when religion “has fallen into the barbaric grip of those who distort and misrepresent faith”. Charles is heir to the British throne. He has spoken out in the past on the need for religious tolerance. - AP


Bus fire in Thailand kills 20 A fire on a double-decker bus carrying migrant workers killed 20 people yesterday, a week after another high death toll showed the continuing dangers of Thailand’s roads. The fire was reported to police in Tak province in western Thailand along the border with Myanmar. The bus was heading to a factory in an industrial zone near Bangkok. Local media said the workers were from Myanmar. Police Lt. Raewat Aiemtak said 27 people managed to escape the fire, with one of them severely burned. The cause of the fire wasn’t immediately known, but Raewat said the driver reported

the fire started in the middle of the bus and spread quickly. People in the front managed to escape but those in the back of the vehicle were trapped. On March 21, a chartered tour bus lost control on a downhill curve in Thailand’s northeast and slid off the road, killing 18 people and injuring 33. A day later, a bus on a school trip in the central province of Ayutthaya skidded in the rain and flipped, injuring 39 people. Thailand has the second-highest rate of traffic fatalities in the world after Libya, according to World Health Organisation statistics. - AP

Bill Cosby

Cosby retrial on April 9 Bill Cosby’s retrial on sexual assault charges won’t begin until at least April 9. The judge and lawyers agreed to the start date during the first of two days of pretrial hearings last week. Jury selection in the case is scheduled to begin on Monday. Cosby’s lawyers made clear during last week’s hearing they plan to attack his accuser as a greedy liar who falsely accused the comedian of sexually assaulting her in 2004 so she could sue him and collect a big payoff. The accuser’s lawyer says the woman making that claim is not telling the truth. - AP

Saturday, March 31, 2018

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Leo O’Reilly and James Dean will be hoping to upset the apple cart in today’s Group One Easter Cup at Addington.


Worth a lazy dollar MATT MARKHAM


Leo O’Reilly can count the amount of Group One starters he’s had in his training career on just the one hand, but the Rakaia horseman is thinking his fifth elite starter might just give him his best result this weekend. O’Reilly lines up tough pacer James Dean in today’s $100,000 Easter Cup at Addington and despite a $35 fixed odds price with TAB bookmakers, making him the equal rank outsider of the ninehorse field, he’s going in thinking he’s a chance. “I think people will be surprised with how well he goes,” O’Reilly said.

“I’m expecting a big run from him.” A noted stayer, O’Reilly was left scratching his head a little after a lacklustre trip to the West Coast early in March where James Dean was expected to be a force to be reckoned with in both the country cup features, but he failed to fill a placing in either events. “Not much went right, he blew really bad after Westport and then got wiped out at the start at Reefton. “I nearly pulled him up there, but he needed a good run under his belt, but it took a while for him to get over it when we got back home.” Yet, although he only beat one

horse home in last week’s lead up to the Easter Cup – O’Reilly came off the track positively beaming and knew he was on track for this weekend’s 3200 metre slugfest. “1950 metre races aren’t his go, he was left flat-footed when they sprinted but his last few hundred metres was really good. “He was coming at the finish and then took an age to pull up after the winning post and come off the track and would have barely blown a match out.” The step up in distance this week is a major plus and O’Reilly’s hopeful he can find the markers and settle on hopefully a solid tempo which will bring him right into the race.

“He’s not going to go out there and just win it or anything, but he will go a really good race. “I’ve been rapt with his work this week and to be honest the only thing has concerned me is the handicaps as he’s off the same mark as some pretty nice types who have won a lot more money and races than him.” O’Reilly’s four previous Group One starts as a trainer haven’t yielded the best of results. Kiwi Victory’s fifth in the 2002 New Zealand Trotting Derby won by Sundon’s Luck is the best of them and sits alongside Kajura’s ninth in Burlington Bertie’s 1995 Auckland Cup, Bushfire’s 11th in Sleepy Tripp’s New Zealand Der-

by of 2009 and Dreamit’s eighth behind Vulcan in the Four-YearOld Ruby at the 2011 Harness Jewels. “They’re hard races, that’s why they are Group Ones, but it’s always nice to have one lining up in one.” Driving-wise he’s been a little more productive in the Group Ones with placings on Staka’s Pride in the 1992 Dominion Handicap and also Enterprise in the 1984 New Zealand Free-ForAll won by Dillon Dale. And while it would come as a huge upset, there’s every conceivable possibility that by Saturday night, he might have added to those statistics.

Sport 16

Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, March 31, 2018


Thompson drops 100m By Jim morton Olympic champion Elaine Thompson warmed up for the Commonwealth Games in style with an impressive 100m triumph before revealing she will just race the 200m on the Gold Coast. A key sprint drawcard for next month’s Games, it had been hoped Thompson might race the 100-200m double – the two events she won gold in Rio two years ago – at Carrara Stadium. But after easily blitzing her opponents at the Queensland International Track Classic to win the blue-riband event on Wednesday night, the Jamaican sprint queen declared she would just race the 200m in a fortnight. Unlike Rio, she said she wanted to alternate each of her events leading up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and it was still early in her season. “I will just run the two this time,” Thompson said. “It is there to get me prepared for my outdoor (season), which is the Diamond League.” On a night that local heroine Sally Pearson and men’s sprint favourite Yohan Blake both gave their fans plenty to like with 100m hit-outs, Thompson also made the Brisbane crowd sit up and take notice in the blustery conditions. Running into a raging headwind, the 25-year-old clocked 11.71 seconds – a full second behind her Olympic winning time

By Vince rugari

Olympic champion Elaine Thompson won’t be doing the double at the Commonwealth Games. – but was well pleased with her efforts. “Everything is going great so far ... that felt great tonight,” she said Thompson is the woman Australian teenager Riley Day will have to catch in a strong 200m field that will also include England’s Dina Asher-Smith. Day finished third in her 200m race at the State Athletics Facility behind another Jamaican, Shericka Jackson, and England’s Bianca Williams in 23.57. Rising pole vaulter Kurtis Mar-

schall failed to hit the heights that have seen him touted as the next Steve Hooker but still won after easily clearing 5.45m before “getting complacent”. England’s Adam Hague and fellow Australian Angus Armstrong were next best at 5.30m. Victorian long jumper Brooke Stratton leapt into Games gold contention with a jump of 6.88m to finish behind Canada’s Christabel Nettey (6.92). Englishwoman Laura Weightman showed her class in the 1500m by winning in 4 minutes

5.89 seconds, while Australia’s Luke Matthews won the men’s race in 3:37.16. Glasgow medallist Hamish Peacock won the javelin with a throw of 80.25m, with the Tasmanian beating compatriots Cruz Hogan and William White. Nicola McDermott took the high jump in 1.84m, ahead of teammate Cass Purdon (1.81). Olympic walking bronze medallist Dane Bird-Smith put on a burst for his home crowd in a short 3000m “training run” to win in 10:56.06. - AAP

Golden focus for Diamonds as duo return Two familiar faces slipped seamlessly back into the Diamonds’ fold in practice as Australia’s netballers declared only Commonwealth Games gold will do. Recalled pair Laura Geitz and Madi Robinson both looked sharp in a tune-up clash with the Queensland Firebirds on the

Blake taunts Williams

Sunshine Coast on Thursday. The side also play defending Super Netball champions Sunshine Coast Lightning on Saturday before returning to the Games Village, where they have already spent one night. Coach Lisa Alexander said the groundwork had already been

done and they have no excuses a week out from their Games title defence. “Oh definitely yes, of course – it goes without saying as world No.1, current world champions, current Commonwealth Games champions,” Alexander said on Thursday.

“However that’s on paper and this team’s different and has its own internal pressure to make sure it performs absolutely at the very best it possibly can and we’re looking for improvement.” England and the Silver Ferns shape as the teams to beat on the Gold Coast. - AAP


The art of discovering all the options This hand from a recent Ashburton Bridge Club club night is a good example of possible options from both declarer and defenders as play develops. Dealer, North, will open the bidding with 1 Diamond, East will probably overcall with his 5 card Heart suit, South shows his Spades, West supports his partner’s Hearts and eventually South will play in 4 Spades, game contract, with only 21 high card points on offer. West, on lead, will probably choose the Heart K, although the Spade J is another option. When North’s hand goes down as dummy, South should immediately recognise the need to pitch the third Diamond loser from his hand, and his best chance is that

West holds the Club A, thus promoting the Club K in dummy to take care of this problem. Should West choose to open with the Heart K and a third round of Hearts is led, Declarer’s problem is now of a different nature, as he discards a Diamond from his hand, and ruffs with the Spade 2 in dummy. However, he now has to get back to his hand after playing the Spade A to draw the remaining trumps. Having reduced the Diamonds in his hand to 2, he no longer needs to promote the Club K in dummy, and can lead a small Club to his J. West will win with the Club Q, but now, as the cards lie, South’s 4 Spade contract is safe, and would be, even with a 3-1 Spade split against him.

North A2

Jamaican sprint star Yohan Blake has again thrown down the gauntlet to Trae Williams, saying he wished the Australian upstart raced alongside him in his final Commonwealth Games warm-up so he could “scare him.” Blake has declared himself ready to go after capping off a flawless preparation with a 10.34 second run into a fierce headwind in the 100m at the Queensland International Track Classic on Wednesday night. He crossed the line 0.07 seconds ahead of Canadian Aaron Brown and Australian Rohan Browning (10.46). But it was another Aussie – Williams – who he had choice words for after the race. “I’m looking forward to (meeting) the Australian who ran 10.10,” Blake told reporters. “I would love to have him here tonight, scare him a bit. “Nevertheless, it’s all fun and games out there but when I’m on the track, I’m serious.” It was the second time Blake has taunted Williams, who ran in the 4x100m relay at the Queensland Sports and Athletics Centre but does not like to race individually so close to a major event. Nicknamed Quadzilla, the 20year-old from Logan last month clocked the fastest 100m by an Australian in 11 years. Blake, 28, is the clear favourite for 100m gold and produced the world’s second-quickest time (9.90) last year. His 9.69 second effort in 2012 stands as the second-fastest time in history, bettered only by countryman Usain Bolt. Blake said he was happy with his race on Wednesday and all his lead-up work ahead of the Gold Coast, where he intends to claim the mantle left behind by Bolt as the world’s best sprinter. Bolt, who will be in the stands at Carrara Stadium, has teased Blake by telling him not to bother returning to Jamaica if he doesn’t win Commonwealth Games gold. “Great respect to Usain Bolt, he has been pushing me, even coming here,” Blake said. “I am the man to take over and I know. I am the second-fastest man over (100m) and (200m). “We’ve been working studiously, closely, to take this championship. I’m ready. It’s Yohan, going to roar.” - AAP

J6 West J4

AK743 K942

East 98








87 T82 J South

Yohan Blake


Saturday, March 31, 2018

Ashburton Guardian 17

Left – Only a few days ago a smiling David Warner leads the Australian cricket team off the park during the second test against South Africa.

Below – Disgraced exAustralian skipper Steve Smith cuts a forlorn figure as he is escorted through the Johannesburg airport by police officers to cries of ‘‘cheat”.


‘Culture toxic’ By RoB FoRsaith Distraught and disappointed coach Darren Lehmann admits both he and Australia’s cricket team have to change, vowing to oversee a cultural overhaul in response to the ball-tampering scandal. Cricket Australia chief executive James Sutherland and Lehmann have promised to dig in and disinfect a competitive streak that turned toxic in Cape Town, where three players conspired to cheat on Saturday. CA will soon conduct an independent review into the team’s culture and conduct. Lehmann’s influence will be examined but at this stage he enjoys the full support of Sutherland. The governing body’s investigation found the coach wasn’t aware of David Warner’s plan to illegally scuff the ball with sandpaper. Lehmann has long planned to leave the job when his current contract expires at the end of the 2019 Ashes in England, which follows a World Cup in the same country. The former test batsman was uncharacteristically emotional when he addressed journalists on Wednesday in Johannesburg, reading a prepared statement then struggling to remain composed while detailing concerns for a shamed trio “going through a really rough time”. Warner, who CA claim orchestrated the ball-tampering ploy, Steve Smith and Cameron Bancroft have all been charged.

Aussie coach Darren Lehmann Sacked leaders Smith and Warner will miss a full year of international cricket if they accept the sanctions. It is a high price to be paid by the side’s two best batsmen, some have opined too high, but a clear signal of intent from the organisation that controls Australia’s national sport. “We need to change how we play and within the boundaries we play. “Obviously previously we’ve butted heads on the line, but that’s not the way to go,” Lehmann said. “I need to change. “We need to work to earn the respect back from all our fans. The team has been received quite negatively in recent times and there is a need for us to change some of the philosophies.

“Like all of Australia, we are extremely disappointed and as a team we know we have let so many people down and for that I am truly sorry.” Lehmann added “I’m not going to resign”. Sutherland expressed the same sentiment, noting “I’ve got a job to do and this only strengthens my resolve to help the game”. He wants a “deep and far-ranging” review of the climate that prompted three players to make life-changing mistakes. “He (Lehmann) feels some sort of personal responsibility for that. We all do. “This is a terrible situation,” Sutherland said. “We cannot have this happen again. “There is a rebuild that needs to happen to reinstate the faith and the confidence and the pride that the Australian public had, and should have, in the Australian cricket team. “You’ve got to go back to the core and find out what the little things are and address them.” Australia have upset fans and foes alike in recent years with an aggressive approach endorsed by Lehmann, but he now wants players to look across the Tasman for inspiration. “If we take a leaf out of someone, like say New Zealand’s book,” Lehmann said. “The way they play and respect the opposition. “We’ve got to make sure we’re respecting the game, its traditions.” - AAP

Fall-out ‘overblown’ New Zealand captain Kane Williamson wants decency to be afforded to the banned Australian cricketers returning home from South Africa in disgrace. A day prior to the second test against England in Christchurch, Williamson fielded the vast majority of questions at a press conference about the fate of Australian counterpart Steve Smith and Australian team-mates David Warner and Cameron Bancroft. Williamson described the bans for the trio of up to a year for ball-tampering during the third test in Cape Town as “strong”. He said while players will have to cop their punishment, they shouldn’t be treated as pariahs by the media and public. Williamson says he has been in touch via text with Warner – a team-mate in the Indian Premier League – and stressed he isn’t the villainous figure that is widely portrayed. Because of that public image, Williamson believes the reaction to the incident has been overblown. “He’s not a bad person by any means. Through what’s eventuated in recent times there’s been a lot of emotion and energy pointed at certain players which has gone to extreme lengths,” Williamson said. “It will blow over in time but it’s grown and grown and like I say he’s not a bad guy. But it is a shame that two fantastic world-class players have made a mistake.” - NZME

Sport 18

Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, March 31, 2018


Rakaia fights back for win

By Matt MarkhaM

Rakaia made it two-from-two in the Combined Country Rugby Competition on Thursday night with a bonus point win over Springston, but the heavy-hitters of the competition were nowhere near being impressive victors. Twenty-four unanswered points in the second half of the match threatened to derail an outstanding first 50 minutes of rugby from last season’s runnersup and coach Wayne Foxcroft wasn’t that impressed. “I think frustrating might be the right word to describe it. “Frustrated at ourselves, frustrated at how we played the game, frustrated at how it was officiated and frustrated that we probably deserved to lose it with the way things went.” It was a typically classic Rakaia first half. After scoring in the opening phases of the game, they absorbed some solid Springston pressure for 20 minutes before unleashing, scoring four tries to grab a bonus point and rush out to a 24-5 lead at the halftime break. Two quick tries into the second half after just three or four minutes and the score was out to 34-5 and the impression was that Rakaia were about to run away with the game and pile on the points. But the moves that had been coming off so crisply, and the clarity across the paddock both on attack and defence, all of a sudden disappeared and it was Springston who were doing the positive stuff. They chipped away constantly

Rakaia survived a horror second half to beat Springston on Thursday night. PHOTO MATT MARKHAM 303018-MM-001

at the Rakaia line and three late tries, including a penalty inside the final six minutes of the game, saw the competition newcomers go from looking like being demolished, to walking off the paddock with two points for their efforts through four tries and finishing within seven points of their opposition with the final score 34-29. “You have to give them credit,” Foxcroft said of the opposition. “I thought they came back at us really well, but our guys let themselves down a bit – there are a few guys who failed to stand up and do their job which let us down – guys who we can normally really

rely on when things aren’t going right.” It was the Rakaia forward pack who really shone on Thursday night, making an incredible amount of tackles around the ruck as Springston peppered their line with attacks. With 10 competition points in the bag, Foxcroft was keen to put the second half of the match behind him and move on. “It’s probably a good thing we got it out of the way now, we can learn from it and make the right changes to ensure it doesn’t happen again. “I don’t think the boys will be keen to let it go like that again.

They know what happened, so I don’t really need to tell them too much.” Meanwhile, Methven grabbed their first win of the season with a 35-3 victory at Denton Oval against Hornby. Up 7-3 at halftime, they hit their straps in the second half with four unanswered tries to kick back from the last-minute defeat by Darfield seven days earlier ahead of a big clash with Prebbleton next weekend at Methven. Southern’s fortunes were not quite as bright on Wednesday night against Prebbleton, losing 20-21 in a hard-fought match.

New-look NZ sevens The All Blacks Sevens will tackle the Hong Kong tournament of the world rugby sevens series on April 6 with a new coach and and a new-look team. Roger Randle and Aussie McLean will guide the team, with Clarke Laidlaw preparing the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games team in Australia. New Zealand Rugby’s high performance sevens manager, Tony Philp, says it’s vital to have experienced coaches lead the group – which includes seven debutants – in Hong Kong. “The Commonwealth Games is a pinnacle tournament and it was important for us to make sure that squad had the correct preparation, so they are already on the ground in Australia,” he said. “It presented an exciting opportunity for some of the younger players in our contracted squad to form the core of this Hong Kong team, and it was imperative to make sure they have a quality management team around them. “Roger brings international sevens experience as both a player and a coach, along with Aussie, whose coaching pedigree is top shelf.” Randle says the team has been training well together and are looking forward to getting to Hong Kong. “We’ve named a strong team for Hong Kong. For a number of these guys it will be the first time they pull on a black jersey and to do that at the Hong Kong Sevens will be an incredible moment for them.” The squad features six players with world series experience alongside seven debutants. - NZME

Hampstead aiming for improvement in local derby By Matt MarkhaM

Bringing self-belief back to the mix for the Hampstead senior rugby team might seem like a tall order considering previous form, but new coaches Shaun Bovey and Craig Dwyer believe they’re starting to make some progress. The change in outlook and culture took a bit of a backward step last weekend when they were thrashed 43-0 by a slick Lincoln unit but as is often the case, the scoreline rarely offers a true reflection of the match and Bovey said for big parts of the game, his band of men stood up and rose to the challenge. “We kept them scoreless for the first quarter of the match which I was proud of,” Bovey said. “Then we had a red card before half-time and then two more in the second half and things just slipped away from us a bit.” The dark points in the match, in which three players were shown red have resulted in some backlash from the judiciary board on Wednesday night with two players suspended for their actions. Tofa Touli received four weeks

Celtic and Hampstead will clash in a local derby this afternoon. for his indiscretion while brother, A’o Touli received five weeks on the side lines. “Both boys took their punishments and were really remorseful for their actions. “They’ll learn from it and we as a side left it to one side before we

went into the changing sheds after the match last weekend.” With those demons put behind them, Bovey’s task this week has been preparing his side to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire ahead of their clash with neighbours Celtic this afternoon.


And the enormity of the task in front of them hasn’t been lost on the blue and golds. “It’s going to be an intense match, you’d be kidding yourself to think of it as anything else. “Local derbies are always like that, everyone is a little more

hyped up heading into it. “We are out to show improvement in a few key areas, we were pretty off the mark at the set piece last week, so we’ve been working on improving those areas this week. “Self-belief has always been an issue for Hampstead I think, but I’ve been really impressed with the way they’ve put last weekend’s result to bed and turned around to focus on this week.” Celtic are coming off an impressive first-up victory against Ohoka last weekend and get the extended pleasure of playing in front of their faithful once again. Shane Enright’s team looked sharp seven days ago but will be fully aware of the danger that Hampstead can possess and the need to shut down their free-running backs as soon as possible. “They’re a good side,” Bovey said of Hampstead’s opposition. “If we can show some improvement and get a few points on the board and walk off the paddock with the heads held high I think we’ll be pretty happy – it’s one week and one game at a time for us.”


Saturday, March 31, 2018

In brief


Rematch of 2017 final The Johannesburg-based Lions and Christchurch-based Crusaders meet tomorrow morning in a replay of last year’s Super Rugby final, although neither team is the force it was last year. While the Crusaders are atop the New Zealand conference and the Lions lead the South African conference after six rounds, both teams have sustained losses this season which suggest their roads to another final meeting may be rocky. The Crusaders won 14 straight games last season and lost only once of their way to their eighth Super Rugby title. The Lions matched that 14-1 record during the regular season and also had one defeat before losing 25-17 to the Crusaders in the final in Johannesburg. But the Crusaders have already lost twice in five games this season, beaten by the Hamiltonbased Chiefs and Wellingtonbased Hurricanes in consecutive games before stopping the losing streak in last weekend’s home match with the Pretoria-based Bulls. The Lions have two losses in six games, defeated at home to the Auckland-based Blues and away last weekend to Argentina’s Jaguares. On paper the Crusaders are just as strong, if not stronger than last season with 18 current or former All Blacks on their roster, and their form this season may be an indication that the tournament has become tougher since it was reduced from 18 to 15 teams.

Ashburton Guardian 19

The Crusaders are quite operating at last year’s level. Crusaders coach Scott Robertson said a winning run such as last year’s is not possible in this season’s 15-team competition. “Obviously we would have loved to have replicated (last year), had one loss and gone on the run,” Robertson said. “But it is different, it is new.

“There have been some challenges, and there will be some great lessons for us as we go along.” The Lions started the season impressively with wins over the Sharks, Bulls and Jaguares but have now lost two of their last three games.

They still hold a six-point lead over the Cape Town-based Stormers in the South African conference and are second behind the Melbourne Rebels on the overall table. The Lions’ form downturn appears to coincide with the loss to injury of captain Warren Whiteley and coach Swys de Bruin said the team is not panicking. “There is nothing that is specifically wrong,” de Bruin said. “We’re still second on the log with four wins from six games and if you look at our stats you’ll see we’re in good shape in a lot of departments.” The Rebels have the best record (4-1) of any team in a competition in which, after the Highlanders’ loss to the Hurricanes last weekend, there are no longer any unbeaten sides. “But their ability will be put to a test this weekend when they take on the 2016 champion Hurricanes. The Rebels, who finished last with only one win in 2017, won their first three matches this season – a start unprecedented in the club’s history – before losing 51-27 to the New South Wales Waratahs. In other seventh-round matches this weekend, the Blues and Sharks play in Auckland, the ACT Brumbies host New South Wales in Canberra and the Bulls get to play the Stormers at Pretoria. The Jaguares, Queensland and the Sunwolves have weekend byes. - AP

Pocock to start David Pocock says he’s ready to make an immediate start for the Brumbies after being named for his Super Rugby return. The Wallabies ace will play his 100th game in the competition on Saturday night when he appears in his first game for the Brumbies since 2016. He will start against the NSW Waratahs at GIO Stadium in his customary No.7 after knee surgery to repair meniscus damage in January. - AAP

Derby clash a cracker Waratahs coach Daryl Gibson is predicting a high-octane derby with the Brumbies after handing powerhouse winger Taqele Naiyaravoro his first start of the 2018 Super Rugby season. The 136kg juggernaut has been rewarded for his two-try effort off the bench in the Waratahs’ electrifying performance against the Melbourne Rebels and forced Gibson to shift fellow former Wallabies winger Curtis Rona to the centres. Lalakai Foketi has been relegated to the bench, with Gibson looking for Naiyaravoro and Rona to put the Waratahs on the front foot in Canberra. - AAP

Boyd gives reality check There will be no trans-Tasman whitewash in Super Rugby this year says Hurricanes coach Chris Boyd, who describes the lop-sided results of 2017 as an aberration. Boyd believes Australian teams will knock over Kiwi outfits this season on a regular basis. It’s as opposed to last year when New Zealand sides won every match against Australian teams. Boyd says they and the other Australian sides are playing more rounded rugby which will reap rewards soon, although he’s hoping not this week. - NZME

Quick-fix required for Blues - again By Liam Napier No-one is more frustrated than Tana Umaga. Just when you start to think the Blues may have turned a corner they go and sleepwalk their way through the first half in Cape Town, gifting the Stormers victory, and end up back at square one. We’ve been here so many times with this team. Umaga’s frequent sighs say as much. Four matches into the season, one win on the board, and even with 12 rounds to play it already feels like desperate times as the struggling Sharks arrive at Eden Park today. The Blues had two weeks to stew on their Stormers loss. After the bye, Umaga threw his men into the Bronco fitness test – a series of gut-busting shuttles – to send a message and set a reminder of expectations. Umaga reacted further by making seven changes to his starting team this week. Some are injury-enforced, with Sonny Bill Williams (fractured wrist, 6-8 weeks) and lock Scott

Scrafton (ACL, season-ending) big losses. All Blacks wing Matt Duffie and prop Ofa Tu’ungafasi have also been give one of two mandated rest weeks. Others, though, are formed decisions. Stephen Perofeta’s anticipated promotion at No 10 brings real promise, and Rieko Ioane’s shift further in to second five-eighth to cover Williams’ absence is a surprise move. But it is the likes of Otago halfback Jonathan Ruru, Northland lock Josh Goodhue and North Harbour prop Mike Tamoaieta, somewhat of a cult figure, who could spark the Blues. These players, awaiting their first starts, appreciate what it means to play at this level. Umaga knows the Blues need to break the habit of inconsistency. He, like fans, is fed up with witnessing good one week, shoddy the next. Change is required, and it’s the new faces that could provide the missing urgency and desire. “We’ve had to make some shifts

to guys who have the energy and want to do those things,” Umaga said. “We can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. “It’s also about our preparation collectively and individually. “You can only listen to the words for so long before you see the actions behind it and that’s what we’re looking for. “We want us to be able to absorb the pressure and live in those moments and that’s a big shift we need to make.” In Perofeta the Blues have a talented playmaker, if given the right platform, capable of creating a number of attacking chances. While in the infancy of his development, having turned 21 two weeks ago, his footwork, vision and ability to challenge the line excites many astute observers. Two cameos off the bench in his comeback from a broken hand were enough to convince his time to run the cutter is now. “We believe he deserves a start so it’s about time we have a look.” Ioane’s shift closer to the action caught most off-guard. Devastating on the left wing for

Tana Umaga the All Blacks, Ioane slotted in at centre for the Blues in the last two matches but now finds himself in the unfamiliar No 12 jersey. His new midfield combination with George Moala appeals from an attacking and size perspective, but accurate distribution is equally important. “We’ve been training him there for the last three or four weeks because of the skills he has. He’s got a very good pass; he’s a good communicator, defender and he wants

to play in the midfield,” Umaga said of Ioane. “He loves a challenge and it’s a good one for him.” The Sharks arrive with one win from five games and on the back of 46-14 pasting from the Rebels in Melbourne last week. In short, they must be put away. “We’ve got nothing to stand on in terms of battering anyone. “We know they’re hurt and they’re looking at us as the wounded duck over here. “We say our home base means a lot and now we’ve got to show it.” - NZME

BLUES 1. Pauliasi Manu, 2. James Parsons ©, 3. Mike Tamoaieta, 4. Patrick Tuipulotu, 5. Josh Goodhue, 6. Jerome Kaino, 7. Murphy Taramai, 8. Akira Ioane; 9. Jonathan Ruru, 10. Stephen Perofeta, 11. Melani Nanai, 12. Rieko Ioane, 13. George Moala, 14. Jordan Trainor,15. Michael Collins. Reserves: 16. Leni Apisai, 17. Ross Wright, 18. Sione Mafileo, 19. Jimmy Tupou, 20. Kara Pryor, 21. Sam Nock, 22. Bryn Gatland, 23. TJ Faiane

Racing 20 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, March 31, 2018


Cup start means to an end Robyn Mauger is running the promising stayer Larrikin out of his grade today by necessity rather than choice. The Rangiora trainer has a goal in mind for the lightly-tried five-year-old and a run in the Listed Carriers Arms Riverton Cup (2147m) fits in with the programme. “It’s a step toward a 2500m race at Riccarton on May 5,” Mauger said. “There aren’t enough stayers’ races and he really needs more ground than 2000m. “It’s a struggle to find suitable races for him – he’s a true southern stayer, a twomile horse.” A son of Raise The Flag, Larrikin has been patiently handled to win three of his 10 starts, all of his successes coming over middle distances.

“The further he goes the better he’ll be,” Mauger said. “He’s still developing and his best year will be next year. He’ll be up against some proven stayers on Saturday, but he always tries his heart out.” A last-start winner over 2200m at Riccarton, Larrikin will have a change of rider at Riverton with Kin Kwo taking the reins from Kylie Williams, who has ridden the gelding in all of his wins. “Unfortunately, Kylie got suspended but Kin was on the horse in his first trial,” Mauger said. “He remembers him and I like the way he rides.” Another factor in Larrikin’s favour is the prospect of a Dead track, conditions he has handled with aplomb in his short career. - NZME

Larrikin has Riccarton in his sights.

The Big Boss moving to Canterbury stable


ident of the Northern Southland Club, Otago Daily Times racing writer Jonny Turner referred to him as the big boss. The name appealed to Scott and it stuck. Scott first saw The Big Boss as a foal, when his breeder Ray Ancich was selling. Scott wanted the foal, Orr bought into it and Jane got her share as a birthday present. Faithful recalls The Big Boss as a weanling, seeing him pace free legged and keeping up with his mates, who were galloping. One stormy night sometime later, Faithful was staying with Orr and the next morning The Big Boss was on the wrong side of the fence. The three-year-old had a big gash in his knee, it couldn’t be stitched, so the Orrs attended to it daily until it closed up.

Dracarys off to Perth The speedy and promising juvenile filly Dracarys has been sent to Perth by breeder-owner Trevor Casey to maximise her earning potential. She has joined the stable of Justin Prentice with the immediate aim being the $100,000 Diamond Classic at Gloucester Park on June 1 and she will remain there indefinitely. The daughter of Bettor’s Delight and Spirit Of Art has raced three times from the All Stars stable for a win over Kayla Marie in the Leonard Memorial in a 1.58.6 mile rate. - NZME

Derby start uncertain


The Big Boss is on the move, leaving Ray and Tracee Faithful’s Ascot Park establishment bound for Canterbury. Having made a huge impact a couple of years ago when arriving on the southern scene, the star of the American Ideal gelding had waned by the end of last season. Even his improved results this season were punctuated with problems. “He won from a stand a couple of starts ago but every other time, made a mess of them,” said Faithful. “There weren’t a lot of mobiles coming up for him here but lots of them up the road so he’s going to Mark Jones.” The six-year-old by American Ideal is raced by Northern Southland enthusiasts Ken Scott, David (Noddy) Orr and Orr’s wife, Jane. Orr said that when he was pres-

In brief

He eventually found his way to Faithful, who tried hopples on The Big Boss throughout his development but in the end decided he was better without them. After finishing second on debut and winning at his second start, the gelding’s biggest statement came at his third in April 2016. From the outside of the second line in a C1 mobile 2700, the free-legger was in front after 400 metres. Gaps were appearing at the 800 with Mark Purdon aboard the All Stars’ Major Ben getting closest. But at the line the margin was a length and Blow A Cloud, who later that year won a Group 3 at Menangle in 1:50.7, was nineand-three-quarter lengths away in third. The fourth to arrive was another nine-and-a-half lengths further back.

The Big Boss stopped the clock at 3:18.2, shaving more than a second off Highview Tommy’s Southland record. Bonnie Joan lowered it last year but the boss’s time remains the best by a male pacer. At Addington for the Cup meeting and a mobile 2600, he punched out to lead then stumbled and broke, extinguishing his chances. All Southland will have their fingers crossed, hoping it will be third time lucky. “He won’t find it easy but should be competitive,” Faithful says, “and if it all goes well in the next couple of months he might head to Mark’s stable in Menangle. If it doesn’t, plan C is to come back here. “He’s a lovely horse but so frustrating; he might make me start drinking again.” - NZHN

Trainer Chris Gibbs will assess Endowment when he gets to Sydney ahead of a potential tilt at the Gr.1 Australian Derby (2400m) after the Savabeel gelding failed to flatter in the Rosehill Guineas last week. “I’ll fly over tomorrow morning and go and have a look at the two horses (Danzdanzdance and Endowment) and I’ll probably be there the week to see how Endowment works before we pay up for the Derby.” - NZME

Mares on target Stablemates Thee Auld Floozie and Ruud Not Too are both in top order ahead of the Fiber Fresh Thoroughbred Breeders’ Stakes at Te Aroha on Saturday week. The Stephen Marsh-trained duo were both unplaced in their lead-up outings in the Japan-New Zealand Trophy (1600m) on rain-affected ground. “They’ve come through it well, they both look great and are better for the race, and all they need at Te Aroha are good draws and a good track,” Marsh said. - NZME

Time called on Coulee The racing days of the multiple southern stakes winner Coulee are over. The Gallant Guru mare was retired after she was unplaced when attempting to claim three consecutive South Island Breeders’ Stakes titles. “She has been a great mare and has nothing left to prove,” said co-trainer Brian Anderton. - NZME

NZ Metro harness Today at Addington Raceway

NZ Metropolitan Trotting Club Inc Venue Addington Raceway 9 24x2 Ohanzee (9) fr ...............................M Purdon Meeting Date: 31 Mar 2018 NZ Meeting number: 8 Doubles: 10 27x Ready To Bloom (21) fr ....................S Ottley 2 and 3; 4 and 5; 6 and 7; 8 and 9; 10 and 11 Trebles: 1, 2 and 11 353x Ready To Rumble (22) fr 3; 5, 6 and 7; 9, 10 and 11 4 2.28 MAJESTIC SON NZ TROTTING STAKES MOTROT $30,000, 2yo mob. trot, mobile, 1950m 1 12.43 YALDY PUNTERS CHALLENGE ADDINGTON BILE 1 43 Count Eyre (1) fr ...........................B Orange APRIL 6 TROT $10,000, 3yo+ r40 to r51, stand, 2600m 2 Orlando Magic (2) fr .........................S Ottley 1 60P0x Elvis P (1) fr .................................M Perriton 3 1 Enhance Your Calm (3) fr ..............M Purdon 2 26235 Beyond The Horizon (2) fr ................ J Smith 4 12 Running Free (4) fr ....................... K Townley 3 52762 Highland Star (3) fr.......................... G Smith 5 122 Sunnys Little Jestic (5) fr.............. B Mangos 4 30935 Zsa Zoe (4) fr .......................S Tomlinson (J) 6 54748 Christmas Babe (6) fr ....................... A Clark 5 12060 Speedy Command (5) fr................ T Trathen 7 Eyre I Go fr................................... Scratched 6 09040 Noble Lavros (U1) fr ......................... D Dunn 8 25 Tolkien (7) fr ...................................K Larsen 7 54000 Jerry Garcia (U2) fr .......................L O’Reilly 9 3 Ethereal fr .................................... Scratched 8 88222 Majestic Hurricane (U3) fr .............B Orange 10 Only One Way (21) fr .............. M Williamson 9 00000 Free Bird (U4) fr ......................... D Keast (J) 11 On The Mantelpiece (22) fr ............. G Smith 10 60100 The Great Redeemer (U5) fr ........ S McNally 12 1D Carlton (23) fr ..................................... R May 11 20043 Michelle (U6) fr.................................S Ottley 13 2D Doff Your Cap (24) fr ..................C Jones (J) Get Lucky (25) fr ......................B Williamson 2 1.18pm MAGNESS BENROW SIRES STAKES SE- 14 Capelli fr ....................................... Scratched RIES HT3 MBL PACE $22,000, 2yo fillies mob. pace, 15 Emergencies: Eyre I Go, On The Mantelpiece mobile, 1950m 1 11 Princess Tiffany (1) fr .............N Rasmussen 5 3.03pm CANTERBURY STANDARDBRED BREED2 34 Ghostwriter (2) fr ..............................S Ottley ERS STAKES MBL PACE $10,000, 4yo+ mares r40 to 3 24 Bubbled Up (3) fr ...........................M Purdon r60 mob. pace, mobile, 1609m 1 978x8 Yankee Diva (1) fr......................... G O’Reilly 4 6 Already Gone (4) fr ................. M Williamson 2 05063 Shardan Suzie (2) fr .................. C McDowell 5 Ruby Rose (5) fr ...........................T Williams 3 84010 Rocknroll Nevin (3) fr .......................J Curtin 6 For Today (6) fr ................................. D Dunn 4 47524 Motu Bettor Be Quick (4) fr ................ R May 7 Refine (7) fr ............................. C D Thornley 5 73715 Queen Of Glory (5) fr ....................B Orange 8 121 Kayla Marie (8) fr ......................... M Neilson 3 1.53pm CLADX NZ LTD MOBILE PACE $10,000, 6 43473 Pat Campbell (6) fr ...........................S Ottley 7 26203 Motu Time To Shine (21) fr ............... D Dunn non-winners 3yo+ mob. pace, mobile, 2600m 8 45595 For The Corz (22) fr................. M Williamson 1 830 Be Mine Tonight (1) fr .............. M Williamson 9 1350x Debnita Rose (23) fr..........................J Dunn 2 40x3 Tall Poppy (2) fr ................................ D Dunn 3 4x34x Mr Kalypso (3) fr ....................N Rasmussen 10 1x240 Scarlett Banner (24) fr..................... G Smith 4 56436 Machsgain (4) fr ..................................K Cox 6 3.39pm HYDROFLOW MOBILE PACE $10,000, 3yo+ 5 7x4 Bettor Aim (5) fr r40 to r55 mob. pace, mobile, 2600m 6 444x3 Semiramide (6) fr .........................T Williams 1 50704 Sportscaster (1) fr .........................B Orange 7 43334 Tom Me Gun (7) fr .......................C DeFilippi 2 7133x Mach Up (2) fr ........................N Rasmussen 8 97556 With The Band (8) fr ......................L O’Reilly 3 55625 Tuapeka Trick (3) fr............................J Dunn

4 18P Chitura (4) fr ............................ C D Thornley 5 1 Turn It Up (5) fr ..............................M Purdon 6 25677 Joey Maguire (6) fr ...........................S Ottley 7 120x4 Zion Bromac (7) fr ....................N Purdon (J) 8 10x05 Johnny White (8) fr ........................... D Dunn 7 4.05pm PERMBRAND TROT $10,000, 3yo+ r52 to r59 trot, stand, 2600m 1 3x307 Zoey’s Gift (1) fr ...................... M Williamson 2 41x12 Rum In The Sun (2) fr ................... K Butt (J) 3 56649 Chivasion (3) fr .......................... M Edmonds 4 52460 Justamollyarcher (4) fr ................. A Lethaby 5 34224 Mystical Star (5) fr .........................B Orange 6 10P7x Over The Love fr .......................... Scratched 7 036x4 Agatha Tyron (6) fr ....................... G O’Reilly 8 03662 Sunny Glenis (7) fr .................... R Anderson 9 01704 Redwood Invasion (8) fr ................R Holmes 10 0x561 Anna Kate (9) fr............................ S McNally 11 17x32 Diana Harbour (10) fr ...................... G Smith 12 3x1x9 Storm Cloud (U1) fr ...................... B Mangos 13 8215x Miss Moppet (U2) fr ..........................J Dunn 8 4.40 BRECKON FARMS/ALL STARS RACING EASTER CUP PACE $100,000, r81 to r130 discrhcp pace, stand, 3200m 1 33113 Don Domingo (1) fr .......................B Orange 2 47179 Maverick (2) fr .............................N McGrath 3 20x12 More The Better (3) fr....................M Purdon 4 1P203 My Wee Man (4) fr .........................T Chmiel 5 23486 James Dean (5) fr .........................L O’Reilly 6 95523 Buster Brady (6) fr............................ D Dunn 7 12725 A G’s White Socks (7) fr ..................... R May 8 11492 Tiger Thompson (U1) fr ........... M Williamson 9 32321 Alta Orlando (U2) fr ...........................J Dunn 9 5.15 LAMB & HAYWARD TROTTING CHAMPIONS HANDICAP TROT $30,000, 4-5yo r60 to r130 discrhcp trot, stand, 2600m 1 25632 McLovin (1) fr ............................... A Lethaby 2 0856D King Cassidy (2) fr .................. M Williamson 3 5x716 Habibi Inta (3) fr ............................B Orange

MATT MARKHAM’S SELECTIONS Race 1: Majestic Hurricane, Michelle, Highland Star, Zsa Zoe Race 2: Princess Tiffany, Kayla Marie, Bubbled Up, Ruby Rose Race 3: Mr Kalypso, Ready To Bloom, Bettor Aim, Ohanzee Race 4: Carlton, Enhance Your Calm, Running Free, Orlando Magic Race 5: Scarlett Banner, For The Corz, Motu Bettor Be Quick, Debnita Rose Race 6: Turn It Up, Mach Up, Zion Bromac, Tuapeka Trick Race 7: Rum In The Sun, Over The Love, Diana Harbour, Agatha Tyron Race 8: More The Better, Alta Orlando, A G’s Whitesocks, James Dean Race 9: Enghien, Temporale, Habibi Inta, Alderbeck Race 10: Bettor Be Gold, Billy Badger, Duplicated, Mikey Maguire Race 11: Sheriff, Alta Maestro, Eamon Maguire, Star Commander BEST: Sheriff (Race 11) VALUE: Rum In The Sun (Race 7) 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

96271 Bonnie Highlander (4) fr ....................J Dunn 11x78 Enghien (1) 10 ................................... R May 11045 BD Khaosan (2) 10 .........................J W Cox 11393 War Machine (U1) 10 ......................M Jones 12141 Smokey Mac (U2) 10 .................... B Barclay 21243 Alderbeck (1) 20.......................B Williamson 64341 Benchmark (U1) 20 .......................... D Dunn 11122 Temporale (1) 30 ............................T Herlihy 10 5.47pm FERNLAW GARRY THOMPSON SOLICITOR MOBILE PACE $14,000, 3yo+ r56 to r70 mob. pace, mobile, 1950m 1 04914 Karmic Way (1) fr ............................... R May 2 1x6x1 Bettor Be Gold (2) fr .........................S Ottley 3 90583 Mighty American (3) fr...................B Orange 4 06345 Pirate Bay (4) fr ................................ D Dunn 5 352x4 Mikey Maguire (5) fr ....................C DeFilippi 6 13323 Duplicated (6) fr .......................N Purdon (J) 7 55966 Franco Texas (7) fr .................. M Williamson

8 36x43 Billy Badger (8) fr ..............................J Dunn 9 42113 Bushido (9) fr ..................................J W Cox 11 6.17pm CHRISTCHURCH CASINO MOBILE PACE $14,000, 3yo+ r73 to r90 mob. pace, mobile, 1950m 1 62847 Shezza GNP (1) fr............................J Curtin 2 4314x Smarter VC (2) fr.........................C DeFilippi 3 31422 Star Commander (3) fr ................N McGrath 4 85442 Baileys Knight (4) fr ............. J Harrington (J) 5 16133 Sheriff (5) fr ...................................B Orange 6 1035P Alta Maestro (6) fr .............................J Dunn 7 14144 Culpeka (7) fr ............................... B Mangos 8 x8345 Eamon Maguire (8) fr ....................... D Dunn Pacifiers on: Sunnys Little Jestic (R4) Pacifiers off: Noble Lavros, Free Bird (R1), Storm Cloud (R7) LEGEND: X - Spell from racing of at least 3 months P - Retired (or pulled up) from race L - Driver unseated U1 - Unruly beginner {C} - Concession driver {} - Claiming concession driver which allows horse to start one class down


Ashburton Guardian 21

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Adelaide double on the agenda Belle du Nord has headed to Australia with fresh legs for a two-race Adelaide campaign. The Group One performer arrived safely in Melbourne on Wednesday night and was accompanied by her stablemate Monarch Chimes.

“She didn’t really look like she stayed the Oaks distance so we’ve freshened her right up,” said Emma-Lee Browne, who trains the Reliable Man filly with her husband David. “It was a little bit too far for her, it was roughly run and she got a

Runner-up in last season’s Gr.1 Manawatu Sires’ Produce Stakes, Belle du Nord added another top-flight placing to her record this term in the Gr.1 Levin Classic (1600m) before finishing a laststart seventh in the Gr.1 New Zealand Oaks (2400m).


Hawera harness


Manawatu gallops

bit of a bump along the way so she wasn’t disgraced. “She’s travelled well and she’ll go on to Adelaide and run at Morphettville in the Laelia Stakes over a mile on Saturday week and then on to the Schweppervescence Stakes over 1800m on April 21.”

Emma-Lee Browne

Today at Hawera Raceway

Hawera Harness Racing Club Inc Venue Hawera Racecourse Meeting Date: 31 Mar 2018 NZ Meeting number: 5 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 8, 9 and 10 1 12.00 (CORLETT TRUCKING ELTHAM VETS HANDICAP TROT $7000, non-winners & up to r48 with cond. spechcp trot, stand, 2100m 1 Littlebitoflove (1) fr..................... J Abernethy 2 63 Flying Taine (2) fr ................. D Ferguson (J) 3 66745 Imnotquitesure (1) 20 .................P Ferguson 4 077x9 Bet’s Commando (1) 30 5 01398 Brooks Belle (2) 30 .......................T Mitchell 6 55324 Awa Cathrine (3) 30 ...................Dale Moore 7 44664 Burt Munro (4) 30...........................S Branch 8 85424 Monarchy Invasion (5) 30 ..............B Hackett 9 61549 Madhubala (6) 30 10 36645 Above The Rest (7) 30 ......................K More 11 75055 Opawa Speed (8) 30 .................S Abernethy 12 02000 Beg For Chevron (9) 30 .................S Phelan 13 83982 Swinging (10) 30 ..................M Anderson (J) 14 717 Need Luck (U1) 30 .................. B Butcher (J) 15 00070 Secretofthesea Smile (U2) 30 16 47436 Zimple (U3) 30 ...................................L Neal 2 12.26pm DAN HUGHES LTD & TASMAN AUTOS LTD HANDICAP TROT $7000, r49 to r75 discrhcp trot, stand, 2100m 1 34776 Danke (1) fr .................................... G Martin 2 99407 Grey Stoke (U1) fr .........................P Butcher 3 05403 Saint Michel (U2) fr ................. T Lethaby (J) 4 38917 Angus Fogg (U3) fr 5 61300 Clover Kate 10 ............................. Scratched

6 373P3 Harry H (1) 10 ...................... D Ferguson (J) 7 55406 Mortician (2) 10 ....................... B Butcher (J) 8 21585 Majestic Stride (U1) 10 9 48504 Franco Nadal (U2) 10 10 11321 Blood And Whisky (1) 25....... T Cameron (J) 11 74847 Sol Invictus (U1) 25 ................... J Abernethy 12 71260 November Guy (U2) 25 ................ D Butcher 3 1.00 EGMONT TYRE SERVICE LTD MOBILE PACE $7000, non-winners 3yo+ mob. pace, mobile, 2000m 1 026 Roberta Slack (1) fr ................... J Abernethy 2 25936 Knights Desire (2) fr ...................P Ferguson 3 5280x Lincoln Street (3) fr 4 37438 Phillydotcom (4) fr ........................ D Butcher 5 45564 Cha Cha B (5) fr ........................S Abernethy 6 228 Lady Liberty (6) fr................. D Ferguson (J) 7 7 Khaleesi Brogden (7) fr .................N Chilcott 8 P380x Wynberg Delight (8) fr ...................P Butcher 9 57855 Motu Belle Du Jour (21) fr ..............S Phelan 10 32 Annaliese Lincoln (22) fr ......... B Butcher (J) 4 1.35 ELLA ROSE & SANDFORD BROS MOBILE PACE $7000, non-winners 3yo+ mob. pace, 2000m 1 85476 Bye Bye Lucy (1) fr....................... C Webber 2 62953 Drizella (2) fr .................................P Butcher 3 63757 Rosa Belle (3) fr ........................ J Abernethy 4 77576 Azza (4) fr ......................................S Phelan 5 Catch The Dream (5) fr ........... T Lethaby (J) 6 78078 Ashley Tisdale fr........................... Scratched 7 589 Smiling Liam (6) fr 8 Jaffa (7) fr ................................ T Fensom (J) 9 57x My Boy Boo (21) fr .....................P Ferguson 10 90P69 Elmagination (22) fr..................David Moore

5 2.10pm KIWI COURT MOTEL MOBILE PACE $7000, non-winners 3yo+ mob. pace, mobile, 2000m 1 24076 Delia May (1) fr..........................S Abernethy 2 36454 Hunter Red (2) fr ......................... K Marshall 3 78005 Moniaive (3) fr .............................. D Butcher 4 Robert’s Dream (4) fr .............. T Lethaby (J) 5 6 Pure Carbon (5) fr 6 64774 Babyfacenelson (6) fr 7 69845 Go Paddy (7) fr.................................A Pyers 8 293 Afortunado (8) fr ........................ J Abernethy 9 53 Maverick Muchacho (21) fr 6 2.45pm MAX PENNINGTON AUTOCITY & THE FURLONG MBL PACE $7000, 3yo+ r40 to r45 mob. pace, mobile, 2000m 1 25406 Charlie Harper (1) fr .............. T Cameron (J) 2 98033 Jack Bates (2) fr .......................... K Marshall 3 29998 Gotta Go Jet Away (3) fr................T Mitchell 4 66266 Toll Gate (4) fr ..................................A Pyers 5 72469 Lincoln Lovely (5) fr ................... J Abernethy 6 00035 Delightful Art (6) fr................ D Ferguson (J) 7 57847 Rangi Rangdu (7) fr ..........................K More 8 87006 Lady Santanna (8) fr 9 07700 Strawberry Moose (21) fr ..............N Chilcott 10 03459 Megatron (22) fr ........................S Abernethy 11 88845 Arcano (23) fr .............................P Ferguson 12 70097 Manihiki Pearl (24) fr 13 P0408 Four Starzzz Legend (25) fr ...........S Phelan 14 90554 Pure Desire (26) fr ....................... D Butcher 7 3.23pm NICKEL GRAIN & PRODUCE & TASMAN AUTO’S MBL PACE $7000, 3yo+ r45 to r51 mob. pace, mobile, 2000m

1 43140 Marquis Eyre (1) fr .................. B Butcher (J) 2 83086 Tennyson Inlet (2) fr ............. D Ferguson (J) 3 37659 Lis Rulz (3) fr 4 95544 Master Of Escape (4) fr............... K Marshall 5 56568 Vanhalem (5) fr 6 4566x Runcle (6) fr ......................................L Hollis 7 22187 Helix (7) fr ................................. J Abernethy 8 x1466 Mrs Zippy (8) fr ...........................A Matthews 9 54736 Doubledelightbrigade (21) fr .........T Mitchell 10 64327 Grey Skies (22) fr 11 03087 Cerberus (23) fr..........................P Ferguson 12 75284 Lynton Creek (24) fr ..................... D Butcher 13 24226 Hezaluckygrinner (25) fr................N Chilcott 8 3.50pm B J TOWERS PLUMBING (HAWERA CUP PRELUDE) MBL PCE $8000, r57 to r76, r80 to r90 with cond. mob. pace, mobile, 2000m 1 61719 Franco Caliph fr............................ Scratched 2 9191P Homebush Lad fr ......................... Scratched 3 12375 Mister Harris (1) fr ................... B Butcher (J) 4 55858 Major Classic (2) fr ............................L Hollis 5 16227 Eldolar (3) fr 6 65527 Fleeting Grin (4) fr ......................P Ferguson 7 82657 Max Phactor (5) fr 8 77060 Lusty Mac (6) fr 9 66312 Stars Delight (21) fr ...................... D Butcher 10 10139 Razor Brogden (22) fr ...................N Chilcott 9 4.25 NZ FARMERS LIVESTOCK & MORE FM MOBILE PACE $7000, 3yo+ r51 to r54 mob. pace, 2000m 1 32223 Poppy Drayton (1) fr 2 72145 Itsokbeingbetter (2) fr .................. K Marshall 3 1x886 Franco Empire (3) fr

4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

560x0 Turbulent Flow (4) fr ................ B Butcher (J) 53877 Whale Rider (5) fr...........................S Phelan 6109x Prime Silver (6) fr 40519 Red River Dash (7) fr ................S Abernethy 65768 McDaknife (8) fr..........................P Ferguson 47164 Wicklow Star (21) fr .............. D Ferguson (J) 20x61 Ally Mae (22) fr..............................N Chilcott 5300x Sweet Maggie Ryan (23) fr ... T Cameron (J) 34832 Jamieson Shard (24) fr .................T Mitchell 3190 Bill Haley (25) fr ........................ J Abernethy 25217 Marrera (26) fr 10 5.00 palaMOUNTAINS ROYDEN WILLIAMS PHOTOGRAPHY $7000, 3yo+ r55 to r61 mob. pace, 2000m 1 48851 The Persuader (1) fr .............M Anderson (J) 2 88645 Redmaro (2) fr....................... T Cameron (J) 3 21 Quick As Fire (3) fr ....................... D Butcher 4 51081 Lincoln Moment (4) fr ................ J Abernethy 5 68x61 Scherger Chief (5) fr 6 39609 Missinmemate (6) fr 7 61719 Franco Caliph (7) fr .......................T Mitchell 8 11589 Sheeza Sport (8) fr ........................S Phelan 9 13577 Our Wicklow (21) fr 10 61017 Magical Miss fr ............................. Scratched 11 48x86 Sheza Springfield (22) fr 12 71290 Spare Change (23) fr .............. B Butcher (J) 13 23114 Toro Delago (24) fr .....................P Ferguson 14 9191P Homebush Lad (25) fr LEGEND: X - Spell from racing of at least 3 months P - Retired (or pulled up) from race L - Driver unseated U1 - Unruly beginner {C} - Concession driver {} - Claiming concession driver which allows horse to start one class down

Today at Awapuni Raceway

Manawatu RC Venue: Awapuni Meeting Date: 31 Mar 2018 NZ Meeting number: 4 Doubles: 2 and 3; 4 and 5; 6 and 7; 8 and 9 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9 1 12.39pm LANDMARK HOMES PREMIER $40,000, Rating 85 Benchmark, 1550m 1 7483x Francis Drake (7) 61.5...................L Allpress 2 30579 Heavens Keep tdh (4) 59.5 ........ A Shin (a4) 3 7048x Platinum Command tmh (11) 58.5Johnson (a2) 4 02230 Camino Rocoso (1) 58.5 .................J Riddell 5 2487x Waipipi Lad m (8) 58.5 ................C Lammas 6 55193 Disturbance (6) 56.5 .......................S Collett 7 14532 Handfull td (3) 56 ........................ R Hannam 8 88110 Sacred Rhythm (9) 54.5 ............S McKay (a) 9 20321 Euphoria m (10) 54 ..................... C Johnson 10 07077 Bella’s Delight tm (5) 54 ...... C O’Beirne (a3) 11 05132 Choice Attitude (2) 54 .....................A Collett 2 1.14 RICOH PREMIER $40,000, Rating 75 Benchmark, 1400m 1 81212 Awatane b (8) 60 .............................J Riddell 2 035x8 Lord Ernesto m (3) 59.5 ................. J Parkes 3 01712 Tavigarde tb (9) 57.5 ................... C Johnson 4 x4104 Dontpokethetiger b (12) 56.5 .... M D Plessis 5 x5612 Keely Be d (10) 56.5 ..................M Coleman 6 52177 Solomon t (1) 56.5 .................J Fawcett (a2) 7 03121 Awesome Al d (5) 55.5 ....................S Collett 8 05464 Pinsraad d (2) 55 ............................A Collett 9 84146 She’s Prismatic (11) 54.5 ............ D Johnson 10 23161 Miss Oahu h (6) 54 .......................M Tanaka 11 71167 Sugar Rush d (7) 54......................L Allpress 12 34622 Ruby Love m (4) 54.........................R Myers 3 1.49pm LJ HOOKER PREMIER $40,000, Rating 75 Benchmark, 2100m


1 x690x King Oberon dm (6) 60 .............S McKay (a) 2 14727 Chic (4) 57.5 .............................. Z Moki (a2) 3 17362 Hank Moody dh (1) 57 ..................O Bosson 4 26x93 What A Deeza d (3) 56.5 ............... J Parkes 5 16165 Master Pat m (8) 56.5 ................. R Hannam 6 5x151 Challenge d (9) 56 ..........................A Collett 7 84377 The Rippa th (10) 56 .....................M Tanaka 8 33510 Brookbars dm (12) 55 .....................S Collett 9 89223 Hare Bawl tdmh (16) 55 ..................R Myers 10 36570 Leading Role h (7) 55 ................. C Johnson 11 41596 Shared Secrets tdh (2) 54.5 ..............L Innes 12 43701 Katiem Marie d (5) 54 .......... S MacNab (a2) 13 00515 Savannah Gem (15) 54 .................D Bradley 14 x3455 Sacred Siren (13) 54 ................... D Johnson 15 4701 Onawing dh (14) 54 ......................L Allpress 16 17837 Hand It To Jonesy (11) 54 Emergencies: Onawing, Hand It To Jonesy

14 45195 King’s Vee (2) 54.5 .........................V Colgan 15 732 Seven Falls (14) 56.5 Emergency: Seven Falls 5 2.56pm THE OAKS STUD/HONG KONG JC TROPHY PREMIER $40,000, 3YO SW+P, 1200m 1 11113 Gift Of Power tdm (9) 58.5 .......... C Johnson 2 32411 The Ice Knight d (2) 58.5 ..................L Innes 3 18370 Haussmann m (8) 58.5 ................... T Harris 4 1276x Platinum Volos dh (4) 58.5 ........ M D Plessis 5 63120 Divine Power td (1) 57.5................. J Parkes 6 73025 Malambo dm (6) 57.5 .................R Elliot (a1) 7 41 Boss d (3) 57.5................................S Collett 8 8x34x Ozil dh (7) 57.5 ...............................R Myers 9 15035 Vincent d (5) 57.5 10 58436 Satin Belt d (12) 56.5 ....................L Allpress 11 136 Vinnie’s Volley (11) 55.5 .................V Colgan 12 1468x Dreams Of Platinum mh (10) 55.5 .............S 4 2.24pm HIGGINS CONCRETE MANAWATU CLAS- Weatherley (a) 6 3.34 COURTESY FORD MANAWATU SIRES PROSIC $70,000, 3YO SW, 2000m 1 13441 Rock On Wood t (12) 56.5............R Elliot (a) DUCE STAKES $225,000, 2YO SW, 1400m 1 1811 Sword Of Osman t (12) 56.5 .........O Bosson 2 12 Sherrif (5) 56.5 ..................................L Innes 2 14384 Bocce (1) 56.5.............................C Lammas 3 46491 Banstead th (10) 56.5 ...................L Allpress 3 11571 Sir Nate mh (5) 56.5....................... J Parkes 4 33710 Bel Ragazzo d (8) 56.5 ................... T Harris 4 2533 King Louis (10) 56.5 .................... C Johnson 5 153 Cyclops tb (7) 56.5 ..........................R Myers 5 262. Thomas Aquinas (6) 56.5................J Riddell 6 82120 He’s A Freak th (15) 56.5 ..............M Tanaka 6 33331 Handsome Rebel (7) 56.5 ................S Rusof 7 2130 Joe’s Legacy (13) 56.5 ....................A Collett 7 4 Top Ofthe Straight h (11) 56.5.......L Allpress 8 72881 Justamaiz (3) 56.5 ...................... D Johnson 8 11112 Avantage (13) 54.5...................... D Johnson 9 51. Skyphyta (4) 56.5 ........................... J Parkes 9 116 Melt b (3) 54.5 ...................................L Innes 10 26413 The Mitigator (1) 56.5................S McKay (a) 11 x4168 Gundown mb (11) 56.5 .................O Bosson 10 11342 She’s A Thief b (9) 54.5.................. J Bayliss 11 2127. Platinum Mam’selle h (2) 54.5... M D Plessis 12 00645 Morrellmac m (9) 56.5 .....................S Collett 13 P413 Perroquet (6) 54.5 .......................... J Bayliss 12 212 What A Smasher (4) 54.5 ..............V Colgan

4 24125 Powerball (1) 59 ..............................S Collett 5 72772 Razors Edge (12) 59 .......................J Riddell 6 x6321 Deep Blue h (11) 58.5 ................. C Johnson CAP $50,000, OPEN HANDICAP, 1400m 7 33272 Dream Dancer (20) 58 ................ D Johnson 1 11166 Shadows Cast tdh (4) 60 ................A Collett 8 19039 Itellyouonething (18) 58 ....... T Johnson (a2) 2 9652x Mime dm (12) 59.5 ..........................J Riddell 9 x3510 Tuigold (19) 58 .................................. T Allan 3 10149 Heni tdmh (3) 59 .............................R Myers 10 33526 Koko Belle (14) 57.........................M Tanaka 4 32522 Heroic Valour (1) 58 ......................O Bosson 11 25428 Vencedora (8) 57............................ J Parkes 5 94x16 Wills Road tdh (11) 56 ..................L Allpress 6 08x29 Magnum d (2) 53.5...................... D Johnson 12 8x129 Lubaya h (2) 56.5 ..........................O Bosson 7 820x0 Galaxy Miss dm (7) 53 ...............M Coleman 13 20891 Battle Kat (6) 56.5 ...........................A Collett 8 04512 Yearn d (8) 53 ....................S Weatherley (a) 14 4x261 Gata (9) 56.5 .................................L Allpress 9 x7607 Prince Of Passion dm (6) 53 ...........S Collett 15 0x502 Luen Yat Miracle (17) 58.5 16 41638 Toms (5) 58.5 ..................................R Myers 10 11005 Ruby Armani d (10) 53 11 15322 The Bandito (9) 53 ...................... R Hannam 17 1x266 Valentia m (7) 58.5 18 827x8 Class Above m (10) 58.5 12 21325 Sound Works dm (5) 53 8 4.49 CITY OF PALMERSTON NORTH AWAPUNI GOLD 19 x1x48 Valour th (4) 58 20 88483 Da Jin Shan m (3) 57.5 CUP $100,000, OPN-SW&P, 2000m 1 45011 Saint Emilion d (6) 58....................O Bosson Blinkers on: King Oberon, Leading Role (R3), Vinnie’s Volley 2 10003 Authentic Paddy tdmh (7) 58....... R Hannam (R5), Melt (R6), Sampson (R8) Blinkers off: Shared Secrets 3 79250 Sampson tdm (3) 57 .......................A Collett (R3), Bel Ragazzo, Cyclops (R4) Winkers on: Dontpokethet4 13282 Five To Midnight tmh (8) 56 ...............L Innes iger (R2), Cyclops (R4), Bocce (R6), Tuigold (R9) 5 14189 Beefeater th (2) 56 ......................... J Parkes SELECTIONS 6 00x03 Nymph Monte td (9) 56 ...................R Myers 7 x070x Gallante dm (10) 55 .................... C Johnson Race 1: Disturbance, Waipipi Lad, Sacred Rhythm, Handfull 8 00149 All In Vogue d (5) 53.5...................L Allpress Race 2: Ruby Love, Sugar Rush, Awatane, Awesome Al 9 20051 Our Abbadean t (4) 53 .....................S Rusof Race 3: Sacred Siren, Challenge, Master Pat, Hank Moody 10 12671 Blue Lagoon d (1) 53 ................ M D Plessis Race 4: Rock On Wood, Sherrif, Cyclops, Skyphyta, He’s A Freak 5: Boss, Gift Of Power, Vinnie’s Volley, Divine Power 9 5.24pm KEVIN O’CONNOR & ASSOCIATES PRE- Race Race 6: Melt, Sword Of Osman, Sir Nate, She’s A Thief MIER $40,000, Rating 65 Benchmark*, 1550m 1 03542 Bushfire tdh (16) 60 ............ C O’Beirne (a3) Race 7: Mime, Heroic Valour, Prince Of Passion, Shadows Cast 2 54033 Link Road (15) 59 ..............S Weatherley (a) Race 8: Nymphe Monte, Saint Emilion, Beefeater, Authentic Paddy 3 9221x Magic Ivan (13) 59 ....................S McKay (a) Race 9: Koko Belle, Dream Dancer, Vencedora, Powerball, Bushfire 13

144. Valalie (8) 54.5 ................................S Collett


Auckland dogs Today at Manukau Raceway

Auckland Greyhound Racing Club Venue Manukau Stadium 3 72812 Spider Phil 18.78 R &..................N O’Regan Meeting Date 31 Mar 2018 NZ Meeting number: 9 Doubles: 4 65511 Extroverted 18.65......................... H Mullane 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; 11 and 12 5 28411 Majik Mikado 18.75 ...........................B Craik Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 10, 11 and 12 6 44656 Statman Dave 18.76 ..................H Laagland 1 12.17pm WELCOME TO THE MANUKAU SPORTS- 7 17786 Kaeshius 18.94 ................................ S Clark 8 75638 Going Bananas nwtd........................M Black BOWL SPRINT C2, 318m 9 64665 Red Dee 18.53 ................................P Green 1 73175 Uno Twenty Five nwtd .................... G Farrell 10 288x4 Nasa 18.78........................................B Craik 2 37487 I’m A Leo 18.46 ...........................L Laagland 3 32137 Emoji 18.51 .......................................B Craik 4 1.09pm STITCHES UPHOLSTERY STKS C1, 527m 4 62715 Unconscionable 18.61 R & .................L Udy 1 64745 Hey Pretty Girl 30.79......................C Henley 5 41116 Zipping Andre 18.67...................D Schofield 2 88787 Blazing Spirit 30.32 ....................D Schofield 6 55513 King Shaq 18.45 ............................. T Green 3 188x7 Wairoa Wolf nwtd ......................... H Mullane 7 14246 Simple Request 18.58.......................B Bond 4 16842 Gotcha Millie 30.86 ...................... H Mullane 8 57x71 Snoopy’s Hero 19.05 R & ......................Hunt 5 57768 Talkabout Ziggy 30.95 R & ....................Hunt 9 74546 Coruba Cate 18.65......................... G Farrell 6 35875 Opawa Silver 30.60 .......................... S Clark 10 7F586 Bigtime Summer nwtd .................. H Mullane 7 87626 Secret Rory 30.98 .......................... G Farrell 2 12.34 GREYHOUNDS AS PETS SPRINT C0, 318m 8 12Px7 Thrilling Attack nwtd ........................ K Walsh 9 1F676 Midnight Daydream 30.82 R & ............L Udy 1 745 Sweet Clover nwtd ........................K Herbert 2 46674 Crampton nwtd..............................A Cleaver 10 45787 Home Bound nwtd .......................... T Green 3 2 C’est L’Amour nwtd ...........................B Craik 5 1.27pm HEWLETT ELECTRICAL SPRINT C1, 318m 4 73584 Kuridrani nwtd ...............................A Cleaver 1 78885 Atlas Shrugged 18.69 .................. H Mullane 5 88756 Jetsun Bear nwtd ...........................G Wilson 2 32221 Just A Matthew 18.73.......................M Black 6 36723 Finkle Foot Hero nwtd R & ....................Hunt 3 15632 Fancy Chap 18.65 ......................D Schofield 7 88 Jetsun Angel nwtd..........................G Wilson 4 16882 Jack No Lag nwtd........................... Y Castro 8 5748F Mighty Mezz nwtd R & ................N O’Regan 5 23344 Katcha Ninja 18.78............................B Craik 9 886 Jellybean Junkie nwtd ..................R McPhee 6 54727 Drury 18.41 ...................................A Cleaver 10 33667 Jinja Lad nwtd ..............................R McPhee 7 12256 Bright Boy nwtd .................................B Bond 3 12.52 DELI’S SPORTS BAR CLENDON INN SPRINT 8 78x61 Parra Eels 18.97 R & ..................N O’Regan 9 87677 Vanos 18.76 ................................. H Mullane C1, 318m 1 51742 Barwon Bandit 18.68..................D Schofield 10 F2667 Blocker 18.81 R & .......................N O’Regan 2 58616 Agbeze 18.98 ................................A Cleaver 6 1.44pm PUMP & ENGINEERING SERVICES SERIES

FINAL C1f, 527m 8 13353 San Tan Samson 30.68 ................... T Green 1 23134 Crackling Gal nwtd .......................... T Green 9 51268 Opawa Loyal 31.12 .......................... S Clark 2 44412 Red Dot Special nwtd .......................B Craik 10 33548 Kapai Bart 30.71 W & .....................T Steele 3 34263 Swift Order nwtd ............................C Henley 9 2.37pm MT WELLINGTON TAB STAKES C2, 527m 4 67765 Opawa Velocette 30.86 W &............T Steele 1 686F3 Barwon Annie 31.02...................D Schofield 5 53511 See Eye Aye 31.07 ...................... H Mullane 2 84255 Bark De Triomphe 31.17 ...................B Craik 6 65444 Out Of Paper nwtd .......................... T Green 3 32168 Token Jasper 30.92 .......................... S Clark 7 82652 Little Bit Silly 30.80.....................D Schofield 4 22453 Electric Dee Eye 30.71 ...................P Green 8 66143 Jetsun Swan nwtd ..........................G Wilson 5 67264 Over Indulgence nwtd ....................P Henley Emergencies: 6 67143 My Red Hero 30.87 R & ........................Hunt 9 64745 Hey Pretty Girl 30.79......................C Henley 7 47634 Pretty and Pink 30.96................... H Mullane 10 87626 Secret Rory 30.98 .......................... G Farrell 8 75618 Untouchable 30.75 ..........................P Green 7 2.02pm TROPHIES PLUS SERIES FINAL C2f, 318m Emergencies: 1 47844 Amazing Contact 18.67.....................B Bond 9 41255 Victini 30.96 ...................................C Henley 2 52383 Opawa Libby 18.55 W &..................T Steele 10 31788 Yooldome 30.59 .........................D Schofield 3 14522 Jinja Mongo nwtd W & ....................T Steele 10 2.54pm EASTER CUP C5, 527m 4 32562 Epic Force 18.63 .......................... H Mullane 1 77443 Zipping Vito 30.39 ......................D Schofield 5 568x3 Bigtime Sophie 18.71 ........................E Potts 2 73322 Stay Away Haydo 30.55 .................. T Green 6 74331 Bodyguard 18.66...............................B Craik 3 57171 Good Job 30.66 ..............................P Green 7 33644 Mobility Scooter 18.81 .....................M Black 4 18112 Letron James 30.59 ....................... G Farrell 8 13611 Bad 18.41..........................................B Craik 5 35651 Zipping Ringo 30.63 R & .......................Hunt 9 64665 Red Dee 18.53 ................................P Green 6 86516 Opawa Jimbo 30.47 W & ................T Steele 10 85725 Bigtime Moola 18.60 R & ....................L Udy 7 78323 Sue Zooki 30.50 .............................. T Green 8 2.19 CAROL’S TAB CLENDON INN STKS C3/4, 527m 8 12261 It’s A Plan 30.14 .............................P Henley 1 24551 Cameo Syd 30.59 .............................B Craik 11 3.15 QUALIFIED PET SERVICES SPRINT C5, 318m 2 21224 Thrilling Major 30.64 ....................... K Walsh 1 23264 Belcroft Banker 18.15 ................H Laagland 3 15884 Idol Ajay 30.90 W &.........................T Steele 2 17418 One Cool Chap 18.47 W &..............T Steele 4 57246 Pat Tama 30.72 ................................ S Clark 3 45336 Alyeska 18.54 ...................................B Craik 5 55372 Global Conquest 30.27 W &............T Steele 4 17517 Kapai Lana 18.57 R & .........................L Udy 6 36257 El Narco 30.69 ................................P Green 5 35262 Mrs Browns Girl nwtd R & ...........N O’Regan 7 84614 Secret Lily 30.79 W &......................T Steele 6 28211 Harry Brown 18.46 ....................... H Mullane

7 8 9 10

84471 Nitrology 18.26 ................................. S Clark 31178 Beat The Butcher 18.36 R & ...............L Udy 18534 Highland Laddie 18.32 ................. H Mullane 13635 On Fleek 18.56 .................................B Craik 12 3.32 JACK’S WHOLESALE MEATS SPRINT C3, 318m 1 46824 Hallo Star 18.23 R & ...........................L Udy 2 17743 Bitters 18.59 ..................................... S Clark 3 57126 Jinja Mia nwtd W &..........................T Steele 4 66157 Nangar Panther 18.53 ................D Schofield 5 x5162 Subzero Princess 18.57 .................C Henley 6 13867 Extrapolate nwtd .......................... H Mullane 7 78225 Ice Princess nwtd ........................... G Farrell 8 41656 Jetsun Jamie 18.73 ........................G Wilson Emergencies: 9 18565 Hannah Rhiannon nwtd R & ...............L Udy 10 88775 Unileven 18.45 ...........................D Schofield SELECTIONS

Race 1: Emoji, King Shaq, Zipping Andre, Snoopy’s Hero Race 2: C’est L’Amour, Crampton, Kuridrani, Sweet Clover Race 3: Majik Mikado, Barwon Bandit, Extroverted, Agbeze Race 4: Thrilling Attack, Hey Pretty Girl, Wairoa Wolf, Secret Rory Race 5: Fancy Chap, Just A Matthew, Jack No Lag, Katcha Ninja Race 6: See Eye Aye, Little Bit Silly, Crackling Gal, Out Of Paper Race 7: Bad, Bodyguard, Amazing Contact, Opawa Libby Race 8: Global Conquest, Thrilling Major, El Narco, Cameo Syd Race 9: Over Indulgence, Pretty and Pink, Bark De Triomphe Race 10: It’s A Plan, Stay Away Haydo, Zipping Vito, Opawa Jimbo Race 11: Nitrology, Beat The Butcher, Alyeska, Belcroft Banker Race 12: Bitters, Subzero Princess, Extrapolate, Ice Princess LEGEND: fsdt - First Start Here nwd - No Win this Distance fstd - First Start This Distance 31 13 - Best Winning Time This Track

Sport 22 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, March 31, 2018

In brief Manly to fight penalty Manly will challenge the NRL’s salary cap penalties and take their case to the game’s appeals committee. Sea Eagles chairman Scott Penn says the club has lodged paperwork and will challenge the NRL’s finding they were guilty of salary cap rorting. The Sea Eagles were this week fined $750,000 and slugged $660,000 in salary cap penalties over the next two years. - AAP

Grand final staying put The NRL grand final will remain in Sydney despite the NSW government abandoning plans to knock down and rebuild ANZ Stadium. NRL chief executive Todd Greenberg said he would honour the game’s commitment for the grand final to remain in Sydney for the next 25 years despite the Berejiklian government’s backdown on its stadia policy. The state government announced on Thursday it would refurbish the Olympic stadium instead of undertaking a complete rebuild, saving $500 million on the contentious project. - AAP

Tuivasa-Sheck pumped

New Zealand heavyweight boxer Joseph Parker during the training session at the Hayemaker Gym in Vauxhall, London. PHOTO AP

‘Let’s go to war!’ By Patrick Mckendry The public yesterday came in their many hundreds to the open workout in Cardiff held in a theatre – kids and people of all ages, including, it was rumoured, one or two Wales international rugby players, for the fight which will stop several nations tomorrow morning. They came to see boxing superstar Anthony Joshua, of course, but the welcome for Joseph Parker was loud and long and the New Zealander was nearly mobbed at the end when he stepped from the ring and signed autographs for children in the seats on the other side of the barrier. He really has become very well liked here in the United Kingdom for the way he has conducted himself in public; self-assured but humble and extremely accessible. There are many British boxing fans who hope he does well at the Principality Stadium and after this there might be a few more. One man shouted: “Do it for Lomu!”, a reference to the late former All Black Jonah Lomu, who played a couple of seasons of club rugby for Cardiff Blues at the end of his career.

Joshua got a very loud reception once Parker was gone, but the place was emptier by the time he entered the ring – due mainly to the fact that Parker’s growing entourage of friends and family from New Zealand and Samoa had left. Again, Parker didn’t put a foot wrong, apart from walking into a trap set by Sky’s reporter

tense. Everyone is different in how they approach a fight, we are relaxed and calm. “It’s a relaxed excitement.” Asked if he had a final message for the man known as AJ, Parker said to loud cheers: “See you soon – let’s go to war!” Afterwards in the dressing room, Parker was still buzzing, the sweat dripping from his face

I think a lot of people from Wales are cheering for us, so I love Wales

Craig Slater in the middle of the ring afterwards when the Kiwi was asked: “You’re dressed all in black, Joseph, will it be an All Black-type performance?” “The All Blacks always do great here in Wales so I’m looking forward to keeping that record clean,” Parker replied, laughing when the Welsh crowd gave him the only raspberry of the night. “My team has got under Joshua’s skin, he looks angry and

as he put on a dry T-shirt and, in another fashion statement from the 26-year-old, a parka with a faux-fur-lined hood. Asked to put the hood up, he did, willingly, giving a little dance for good measure. “We had some great support,” he said as his family watched and his friends sang and laughed. “I think a lot of people from Wales are cheering for us, so I love Wales.”

Asked whether the reception was a surprise, he said: “It is surprising, but I think we have a good connection with the Welsh. “They’ve played our team a lot and they’ve got a lot of respect for our country and our athletes. “It’s good to get the support from them for a boxer too. “I wasn’t really giving away much [in the ring] but it’s good to see everyone gathered here for the size of the event – just for a workout. It’s very humbling. “We had a good crowd ourselves, we had our family and friends from New Zealand and Samoa on one side so it was good to see them.” Parker was watched by three of Joshua’s black-dressed crew as he skipped and shadow boxed with trainer Kevin Barry in the ring. Later, Joshua entered. The tall Brit, with the words Angel and Joseph typed discretely in white on his boots, the latter the name of his young son, looked relaxed and calm. “I hope Joseph Parker walks into my booby traps because I’m going to set him up for my power shots as well,” Joshua said. “Yeah it will be a war, a bit of blood, sweat, and hopefully cheers from my corner.” - NZME

More than two years after Warriors skipper Roger Tuivasa-Sheck left the Sydney Roosters, an NRL clash with his former club still gets the juices flowing. Tuivasa-Sheck will run out at Allianz Stadium for the first time today since his move from Sydney. “It’s a special thing to go over there and play my former team-mates,” he said. “I grew some great bonds with the Sydney Roosters, the club and players, so I’m looking forward to going over and seeing them, but first you have to get the two points.” - AAP

New Warriors coach The Warriors have become the first of four clubs in the new NRL women’s premiership to appoint their head coach with former Kiwi Ferns captain Luisa Avaiki winning the role. In an illustrious international 14-year playing career, Avaiki captained the Kiwi Ferns to victory in each of the first three women’s World Cup tournaments in 2000, 2003 and 2008. Avaiki previously coached women’s, men’s and boys’ teams at club and representative level and worked for the Storm as their games development officer and has been the NZRL’s well-being and women’s development manager since 2016. - NZME

‘Mysterious’ injury Mystery surrounds controversial prop Matt Lodge’s absence from Brisbane training on Thursday – and after speaking to team-mate Sam Thaiday it may be for the best. After clearing himself of concussion concerns ahead of Sunday night’s NRL clash with Gold Coast Titans, the veteran Broncos forward also gave Lodge the green light despite his Thursday cameo. Plagued by controversy since signing with the Broncos this year, Lodge had been trying to keep a low profile this season but was conspicuous by his absence on Thursday. Lodge warmed up with the team before making a quick exit with a “mystery illness” and didn’t return. Asked what was wrong with Lodge, Thaiday said: “It’s a sore backdoor, let’s leave it at that.” - AAP

What’s On Saturday, March 31, 2018 March 30 – April 2

Cirque Grande Ashburton Domain Brand new circus on its very first tour in New Zealand. KJ’s “Cirque Grande” - all new circus sensation presents world-class acts from around the globe. It brings a fresh and exciting new look to the circus in NZ. You will be amazed and dazzled by the skill, beauty, and strength of our incredible international artists. You will fall off your seats laughing at our clowns. you will gasp in awe and fear as our acrobats and magicians perform tricks never seen here before!

April 1

Hot Rod & Street Machine Show Ashburton Racecourse Americars Rod & Custom Car Club together with Protecta Insurance are hosting a Hot Rod & Street Machine Show to raise funds for the Ashburton Volunteer Fire Brigade Museum Building Fund. Adults: $5.00, Child Under 12: $2.00, Door Sales Only 10.00am – 3.00pm

April 6

Ride That Train with Paul Ubana Jones & MCC Ashburton Trust Event Centre Paul has shared the stage and toured with the best: BB King, Bob Dylan, Norah Jones, Crowded House, Taj Mahal, Keb Mo, Tuck and Patti ... and for him, a new experience working with the Mid Canterbury Choir! He has delighted festival audiences at the Dublin Blues Festival, Byron Bay Blues Festival, Vancouver Island Folk Festival, Blues at Bridgetown and many others in Europe. 7.30pm

April 19 Olive Copperbottom Ashburton Trust Event Centre Open Hat Night! Following the sold out global successes of Promise and Promiscuity, Penny Ashton (Radio NZ The Panel, Hot Pink Bits) swaps Austen for Dickens and brings orphaned hero Olive, and a squalid gaggle of Victorian characters to poxridden London life. Will Olive find a family amongst the brothels, toffs

and gruel? Or will Mrs Sourtart break her heart as well as her teeth? One woman portrays 15 characters in an hilarious musical journey that will fulfil your greatest expectations and be the best of times and well … the best of times. 7.30pm–9.30pm

April 20, 21 & 22

May 6

Foster & Allen - Golden Years Ashburton Trust Event Centre Legendary Irish folk music duo Foster & Allen are number one stars across the globe, having 30 new-release charting albums over a 40-year career, the only act in the world to do so. 7.00pm–9.30pm

One Man, Two Guvnors Ashburton Trust Event Centre The Big Little Theatre Co Inc. are proud to bring this multi award winning crazy comedy to our stage. Come and laugh at the antics of the permanently ravenous Francis Henshall and his attempts to keep two jobs, protect a fugitive, unite two lovers – one in disguise - earn a crust and win the girl. All this whilst being hampered by a very, very old waiter with a dodgy ticker, a hapless band of helpers, a failed actor and a petty crook! Fri, Sat 7.30pm, Sun 2pm

Mid Canterbury Rural Woman are pleased to offer a

Cook and Eat Programme Thursday, April 19, 10am - 2.30pm Ashburton College

April 27

dents Open to stu r8 year 4 - yea

May 4

Hopetoun Brown & the Genius of Finn Scholes: Arts on Tour NZ Ashburton Trust Event Centre Open hat night! Horn-heavy duo Hopetoun Brown are joined on stage by arguably the country’s finest trumpet player Finn Scholes. These three multi instrumentalists travel with a boot load of exotic instruments. You may know Hopetoun Brown as the horn section and founding members of local chart toppers Supergroove. Bass-clarinets, tubas and trombones are swapped for trumpets, saxophones and an assortment of strange keyboard instruments throughout the two stompheavy sets. Lead singer Tim Stewart’s large boots will rattle floors throughout the nation as the band work through their repertoire spanning blues, soul, funk, jazz, Americana and stomp. The set list will be peppered with tunes from Hopetoun Brown’s latest album Look So Good which features guest turns from Tami Neilson, Marlon Williams and their touring buddy Finn Scholes. 7.30pm

FREE of Charge

May 5

Vintage Car Club Swapmeet Maronan Rd, Tinwald Experience the atmosphere of the annual Swapmeet with over 300 stalls – something for everyone. Gates open 7.30am. No dogs allowed. Catering by Ashburton Lions Club. Site bookings to Karen 021 0243 1955.

Applications close Friday, April 6. Kindly sponsored by R.W. Pat Evans Fund

Registrations to Marion Dent 308 5954 - All enquiries welcome.

03 307 2010

Ashburton Guardian June 25

Ashburton Hospital Biennial nurses reunion Chapel service 11am. Meal at MSA 12:30pm. All nurses who have trained or worked for APH health services (RN, ENS and health care assistants) are warmly welcomed. Registration $5.00. Meal $33.50 Contact dingbennett@ kingnk@farmside.

May 13 McDonald’s Ashburton 6 Hour Mountain Bike Race Join us for a day out on your bikes! Enter in teams of up to 4 to relay race around the River Trail loop track or, if you are really keen, enter as an individual! Racing from 10.00am-4.00pm

May 18 – May 26 Mamma Mia Ashburton Trust Event Centre With a stellar cast, live band, amazing custom-made touring set and costumes, everyone will be having the time of their lives night after night. Music written by Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus and some songs with Stig Anderson. Based on the book by Catherine Johnson. By arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd Exclusive agent for Music Theatre International (NY).

Sue Nicholson - Earth, Life & Beyond Ashburton Trust Event Centre The Star of the new Sensing Murder Series Sue Nicholson presents her Sensational new live show Earth, Life & Beyond. As always, there will be many opportunities to connect with Spirit throughout the evenings. I will also demonstrate how you can open a spiritual doorway to the other side — the very first step in making contact with your loved ones. Restricted age group R13 to R18 accompanied by an adult. 7.00pm – 9.30pm

July 22

Seed – Arts on Tour NZ Ashburton Trust Event Centre Open Hat Night Seed by Elisabeth Easther was the winner of the 2014 Adam New Zealand Play Award, and was described by the award judges as “highly entertaining, funny and sophisticated”. Seed is about the horror some women experience when they’re pregnant, even while in loving relationships, and the pain some women feel when they’re not—and the hope that a baby can cement the bond with their partner in a way a ring, a house or a promise just don’t. Seed is a drama that’ll have you laughing till tears run down your face, and a comedy that’ll make you cry and it’s all about us. 7.30pm

August 4

June 6

Celebrated for their colourful repertoire, breath taking arrangements and powerful live performances, The TEN Tenors respectfully tip their hats not only to the great classical composers, but to contemporary music’s most popular artists.

Bootleg Beach Boys Ashburton Trust Event Centre A fully costumed show that takes you right from the very beginning of The Beach Boys and through their career will feature classic hits and cult favourites from California’s most famous band. The band tackle such classics as In My Room, God Only Knows, Good Vibrations and Help Me Rhonda in their hit heavy set, but also pay homage to the genius of Brian Wilson in the form of selections from the seminal Pet Sounds, and cult favourites from the legendary Smile album.

7.30pm – 10.00pm

8.00pm – 10.30pm

The Ten Tenors Ashburton Trust Event Centre Following 20 years of sell-out performances across the globe, The TEN Tenors have cemented their place as Australia’s premier classicalcrossover group.


Affordable Theatre made easy. Pay what you believe the show was worth following the show

Paul Ubana Jones

One Man, Two Guvnors

Olive Copperbottom

Ride That Train with MCC


The Big Little Theatre Co Inc



Fri, 7.30pm

Thur, 7.30pm

Tickets: Adult: $28* Unwaged: $25* (seniors & students) Family: $81* (2 adults 2 children)

Open Hat night

Paul has shared the stage and toured with the best: BB King, Bob Dylan, Norah Jones, Crowded House, Taj Mahal, Keb Mo, Tuck and Patti ... and for him, a new experience working with the Mid Canterbury Choir! He has delighted festival audiences at the Dublin Blues Festival, Byron Bay Blues Festival, Vancouver Island Folk Festival, Blues at Bridgetown and many others in Europe.




* Fees apply

Hopetoun Brown & the genius of Finn Scholes MAY

20, 21, 22

Fri & Sat, 7.30pm Sun, 2pm


Fri, 7.30pm Open Hat night

Tickets: Adults: $25* Child $20*(16 yrs & under) Family $65* (2 adults + 2 children) A new musical by Charles Dickens and Penny Aston. Following the sold out global successes of Promise and Promiscuity, Penny Ashton swaps Austen for Dickens and brings orphaned hero Olive, and a squalid gaggle of Victorian characters to pox-ridden London life. One woman portrays 15 characters in an hilarious musical journey that will fulfil your greatest expectations and be the best of times.

The Big Little Theatre Company Inc are proud to bring this award winning crazy comedy to our stage. From live music to riotous slapstick comedy to delight the young and young at heart. You will be entertained by the antics of the permanently ravenous Francis Henshall and his attempts to keep two jobs, protect a fugitive, unite two lovers, and win the girl. All this while being hampered by an old waiter with a dodgy ticker and a hapless band of helpers.

Horn-heavy duo Hopetoun Brown are joined on stage by arguably the country’s finest trumpet player Finn Scholes. These three multi-instrumentalists travel with a boot-load of exotic instruments. Bass clarinets, tubas and trombones are swapped for trumpets, saxophones and an assortment of strange keyboard instruments throughout the two stomp-heavy sets their repertoire spanning blues, soul, funk, jazz, Americana and stomp.

If you would like to see your upcoming event listed here, please contact Emma - email

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Property Services 2010 Ltd Let the team at Insideout take care of all your painting and property maintenance • Painting • Carpentry • Maintenance & repairs • Handyman services

Manufacturers of •Cattle ramps •Bale forks •Grain feeder trailers •Stock crate stands

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Can you see it?

Concerned about wearing hearing aids? Now you don’t have to be Call now to trial the latest in discreet hearing technology for your FREE TRIAL and HEARING TEST. GET

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*Offer on the purchase of selected hearing aids, valid to 13th April 2018. T&Cs apply.

House of Hearing

To advertise here contact Carmen on 021 836 543 or 03 307 7963 Giftware – Crafts & Hobby Supplies – Collectables & Revamped Furniture 128 Victoria Street, Ashburton | 03 308 2295 |

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Classifieds 26 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, March 31, 2018 SITUATIONS VACANT


Experienced Registered Nurse (Part-time Permanent) We have an opportunity for a Registered Nurse to join the Senior Team in our 58 bed integrated Rest Home, Hospital facility.

Advertising Administrator Position

This is a permanent position (32 hours per week) which includes a mix of rostered and relief duties. You must hold a current Annual Practising Certificate and have been qualified for at least one year.

We Help Save Lives We help save lives every day through the research and development of improved diagnosis, beer prediction and treatment of heart disease in our hospital and community.

Find out how you can help by visiting:

Key responsibilities: • Current Aged Care experience of at least 1 year and competency with InterRai assessments preferred • Understanding the needs of our Elders and delivering service excellence • Providing safe and competent nursing care • Must be available for all shifts (AM, PM and Night Shift)

Looking for a fast-paced, exciting job with never a dull moment? This position will provide you with a great opportunity to join a highly motivated media team.

Professional and personal qualities: • A fun-loving personality with a positive attitude • A high standard of personal presentation • High energy, enthusiasm and a team player

We have a vacancy for a person with excellent computer skills, a high level of accuracy and an eye for detail to take responsibility for the processing of bookings and creating the layout of the daily newspaper and other Ashburton Guardian publications. This is a centralised administration position working closely with the advertising, editorial and production teams.

Benefits: • Full paid orientation and induction provided • Ongoing training and professional development • Being a valued and integral team member making a difference in the lives of others

The successful applicant will be: • Bright and energetic, with an exceptional people-orientated approach • Able to work under pressure and have a pleasant manner to deal with the fast pace of a daily newspaper • In charge of invoicing advertising bookings • Liaising with advertising agencies, sales consultants and other external providers daily • Recording data and submitting reports to both internal and external departments

Applicants for this position should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa. To apply please email: The Regional Clinical Manger –

71 Park Street, Ashburton, Canterbury

We will provide you with the training and support to handle a busy schedule in a professional manner.

Call the Guardian for all your classified requirements. 307 7900

A University of Otago Centre of Research Excellence

Daily Events SATURDAY 9am - 12.30pm ASHBURTON FARMERS MARKET. Local fresh produce, hot and cold food and drinks. North End West Street car park, Ashburton.

EASTER SUNDAY 8am ST STEPHEN’S ANGLICAN CHURCH. Holy Communion, Park Street. 8.30am HOLY SPIRIT CHURCH. Mass, Holy Spirit Church, Thomson Street, Tinwald. 9am ST PETER’S ANGLICAN CHURCH. Holy Communion, Harrison Street, Allenton. 9.30am ASHBURTON METHODIST PARISH.

EASTER MONDAY 10am MT HUTT MEMORIAL HALL. NZ Alpine and Agriculture Encounter, Art Gallery and hall of memories. 160 Main Street, Methven.

To apply, please email your CV and cover letter to: Applications close Monday, April 9, 2018.

March 31, April 1 & 2, 2018

9am - 12.30pm ASHBURTON CRAFT MARKET. Local crafts, new stalls welcome. West Street Car park. 9.30am - 12.30pm THE ASHBURTON TOY LIBRARY INC.

Open for toy exchange, 106 Victoria Street in the Triangle. 10am MT HUTT MEMORIAL HALL. NZ Alpine and Agriculture Encounter, Art Gallery and hall of memories. 160 Main Street, Methven.

10am - 12pm ASHBURTON VINTAGE CAR CLUB. Museum and parts shed open. 86 Maronan Road, Tinwald. 10am - 3pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. A great selection of many aircraft from

the past to the future. Ashburton Airport, Seafield Road. 11am - 4pm. THE PLAINS RAILWAY. Open for Steam train rides, machinery displays and much more. Maronan Road, Tinwald.

Morning worship with Tevita Taufalele. Baring Square East. 9.30am ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Easter day Communion led by Rev Henry Mbambo, 48 Allen’s Road, Allenton. 10am ST PAUL’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Easter Sunday morning Worship led by Rev Helen Wallis all welcome. 65 Oxford Street. 10am ST ANDREW’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH.

Easter Sunday Service, Sinclair Centre, Park Street. 10am MT HUTT MEMORIAL HALL. NZ Alpine and Agriculture Encounter, Art Gallery and hall of memories. 160 Main Street, Methven. 10am ST ANDREW’S ANGLICAN CHURCH. Holy Communion, Thomson Street, Tinwald. 10am ST STEPHEN’S ANGLICAN CHURCH. Family Service and Holy Communion, Park Street.

10am ASHBURTON BAPTIST CHURCH. Morning service, all welcome. 67 Cass Street. 10.30am STREET ROD NATIONALS 2018 NZHRA. Top Hot Rods and Street Machines on display, food stalls, trade display. Fundraiser for Ashburton Volunteer Fire Brigade Museum. $5 entry, children under 12 $2. Ashburton Racecourse, Racecourse Road. 10.30am VICTORY BAPTIST CHURCH.

Worship God and study his word. 131 Thomson Street, (Tinwald School hall). 10.30am GRACE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Worshipping God and transforming lives. 63 Princes Street, Netherby. 1pm - 3pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. A great selection of many aircraft from the past to the future. Ashburton airport, Seafield Road . 7pm VICTORY BAPTIST CHURCH. Worship God and study his word. 131 Thomson Street, (Tinwald School hall).

10am - 3pm AGE CONCERN, 206 CLUB. Fun fill days for 60 years and older, for more information ring 308-6817. Cameron Street. (excludes public holidays). 12pm - 1pm. ASHBURTON BAPTIST CHURCH.

A Free lunch. Ashburton Baptist Church, entry off Cass Street. (closed today). 1pm - 3pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. A great selection of many aircraft from the past to the future. Seafield Road.

1pm - 4pm ASHBURTON DISTRICT FAMILY HISTORY GROUP. Open for research. Heritage Centre, 327 West Street. 6pm BOOTCAMP. Catering for all levels of fitness. Walnut

Avenue Pavilion. Contact Georgia 0276888686 or Aleisha 0278489309. 7.30pm CATHOLIC WOMENS LEAGUE. Euchre evening, new players welcome. Holy Name Pastoral Centre, Cnr Winter Street and Burnett Street. (every Monday, excludes public holidays).


Saturday, March 31, 2018



Livestock / Arable Farm Employee Position PGGWrightson Ltd is acting on behalf of our client who is seeking a full time permanent farm employee. The 550 ha partly irrigated property runs breeding ewes and 160 ha arable business. The farm is situated 20km north west of Ashburton. Our client requires a person with strong experience in all arable farming practises, machinery operation and good skills in livestock handling. The role requires existing experience in the above practices, having an ability to work sole charge and as part of a team, and be someone who shows initiative and takes responsibility. They will report directly to the farm manager. A house is available if required with school bus routes close by. A good remuneration package is available and subject to experience. We require a written application, with a CV and two referees, to be sent to the below address by April 20, 2018. Please direct all enquires to:

Mark Hanrahan, Regional Account Manager PGGWrightson Ltd PO Box 194, Ashburton 7740 Ph (0274) 324 028

Full time Graphic Designer for KiwiCorp Products Ltd. Working as our Graphic Designer for Kiwicorp Products Ltd., you will be designing New Zealand symbolic and tourism products (packaging design) and sales supporting materials (brochure, banners, posters etc.) from ground up. You will need to liaise and work closely with our packaging supplier in Taiwan and work with our clients overseas. This job includes checking and signing off design projects. An understanding on Mandarin is a must as you will be in charge of projects that are heavily requiring writing & speaking in Chinese as our products are mainly exported to Chinese speaking regions. To be a successful applicant you must meet the following requirements: 1.Language skill in English & Chinese (Mandarin and Taiwanese) including reading, writing, speech and computer inputing are the must. 2.Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, especially Photoshop and Illustrator 3.Experience with print coordination and photography will be an advantage 4.Minimum of 3 years designing experience 5.An impressive work portfolio is required

Please send your CV to: PO Box 52, Ashburton Members of I.B.A.N.Z & Brokernet NZ Ltd. Or email: By April 20, 2018

Harvesting and Grading Opportunities Available We are looking for fit, reliable and motivated staff to work over the potato and vegetable harvest season around Mid Canterbury. To apply or for further information email Andrew on: Phone / text 021 5024 84

3St, Burnett Ashburton Members I.B.A.N.Z & & Brokernet Ltd. Level St, 2, 73 St,|Ashburton Members of NZBrokers I.B.A.N.Z & NZ Brokernet Ashburton | Members of |of I.B.A.N.Z Ashburton |Burnett Members of I.B.A.N.Z & Brokernet NZ Ltd. NZ Ltd.

Ashburton |


73 Burnett St, Ashburton


CASUAL DRIVER Tom Gundry Freight Ltd, require a Class 4 Driver with a DG Licence preferred but not essential. Duties will include the delivery and pick-up of freight throughout the Canterbury region, metro and on farm. We are looking for a self-motivated, honest and reliable person to join our busy team. Applicants to apply in own hand writing with two references to: Judith Webb, Freight Operations Manager Tom Gundry Freight Ltd 37 Robinson Street, Ashburton 7700 or email: Applications close: April 13, 2018. TOM GUNDRY FREIGHT ASHBURTON


FISHING - Collector buying old/vintage fishing rods, reels and tackles. Top prices. Phone Steve 03 324 2064.



FOR sale – Nadine and Agria potatoes. $2 per kg. Phone 027 531 9103 or 308 3195. 81 Elizabeth Street.




Winter grazing available in Mayfield area for 450 to 500 cows 18 HA of Sovereign Kale 10 HA Jardon Fodder Beet 8 HA of Green Feed Oats Plus Cereal Silage and Barley Straw

Further enquiries Alan Harrison 027 531 9747



GENERAL hire. Lawnmowers, chainsaws, concrete breakers, trailers, and more. All your DIY / party hire, call and see Ashburton U-Hire. 588 East Street. Open MonFri 7.00 - 6.00pm; Sat 7.30am - 5.00pm; Sunday 8.30am LOST, FOUND FOUND: Ashburton Domain 3.00pm. – Ph: 308 8061 carpark. Two scarves and a brooch. Phone Iris 308 6322. WHEEL alignments at great prices. Maximise the life of your tyres with an alignment from Neumanns Tyre Services Ltd, 197 Wills Street. Phone 308-6737.

CASUAL farm work or farm sitting. Very fit semi-retired man seeks above work. Reliable, experienced with most farm related activities and stock work. Good TRADES, SERVICES mechanical knowledge, has LIVESTOCK, PETS DENTURES. Dr Peter heavy traffic licence. Phone BUYER of unwanted Rumping, retired dentist, 021 0835 4596 or 03 308 animals. Cattle, bobby calves, continues to provide full 3324. horse and all farm animals. dentures. Repairs to existing We also sell pet food. Call dentures also available. Nick’s Pet Food 0272 101 Phone 027 220 9997. RURAL TRADING POST 621, A/H 03 348 9439. FORESTRY wanted for For all subscriber harvest. Pine and blue gum, HOLIDAY small or big blocks. Anything enquiries, missed considered, full clean up ACCOMMODATION deliveries, new available. Email: AKAROA - CHARMING, subscriptions, temporary spacious holiday home, 3 stops – text, call or email: bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, all FOR SALE - PINE. Semi dry. electric heating. Sky, all mod Text 3.5 metres $230, 7 metres cons, short walk to village. $420. Phone or text 0274 391 Phone Brian 307-8000 or 021 271 3399 914. 308-6180. Phone

0800 274 287 Email circulation@

Ashburton Guardian


GARAGE sale, Victoria Street, Easter Saturday, March 31, 9am start. Household items, garden tools.


SCOOTER’S - new and secondhand three and four wheel electric scooters and wheel chairs. Call Fred Reddecliffe at Electric Mobility Ashburton today. Phone 308-3602

An assembly will be held for

Graham Smith who is leaving Allenton School after 6 years.

It will be held on Thursday, April 12, 2018 at 1.30pm in the Allenton School Hall. Everyone is invited to attend.

ADULT ENTERTAINMENT GYPSY blonde, sexy, 40’s, sensual, toys. Three days only. Phone 021 0856 3949. MISS Delicious. Attractive and busty. Available for appointment. No texting please. Phone 0210 440 698. NEW to town. Asian lady, sexy body, size 8. Good service. Friendly. One week only. In/out calls. Phone 021 046 4314.

ACCOMMODATION, RENTAL ALLENTON - Four bedrooms. Suit family. Suit gardener. $350 per week. Phone 027 277 6630. HOUSE to rent, three bedrooms, logburner, heat pump. Just off town boundary in Tinwald. Phone 027 229 9774. TO LET: Three bedroom house plus office, handy to College. Two bedroom unit handy to town. Would suit a mature couple. Phone 308 5817 or 027 346 7800.


Situations Vacant

307 7900


Weekend Services


HML Home care Medical Limited - Ring 0800 700 155 for FREE 24hr Health Advice.


For all urgent medical calls phone 0800 700 155 at any time. IN EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY PHONE 111. This service is for emergency medical care only. Please bring your Community Services Card. All non New Zealanders should bring their passport with them, New Zealanders should bring some form of ID. Ashburton Health First, 308 Havelock Street, will be the duty practice for Saturday until 8am Easter Sunday. Consultations will be by appointment only. To make an appointment please phone 0800 700 155. Tinwald Medical Centre, Archibald Street, will be the duty practice for Easter Sunday until 8am Easter Monday. Consultations will be held from 10am to 12 noon and from 6pm to 7pm. No appointment necessary. Moore Street Medical, Moore Street, will be the duty practice for Easter Monday until 8am Tuesday. Consultations will be by appointment only. To make an appointment please phone 0800 700 155.

Ashburton Rest Homes


Emergency Dentist

If you do not have or cannot contact your regular dentist, please phone 027 683 0679 for the name of the rostered weekend dentist in Christchurch. Hours 9am - 5pm, Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

HELPLINE SERVICES Alcoholics Anonymous

Call 0800 AA WORKS (0800 229 6757) or visit for more information.

Mental Health - Call free on 0800 222 955. Ask for the Crisis Team.

Safe Care - 24 hr Rape and Sexual

DIAL 111 in the event of a Medical or Accident Emergency


Bus Departures

Reservations & timetables, 24-hour service. Freephone for reservations: 0800 802 802. The Ashburton and Rakaia Resource Recovery Parks will be BUSES - Southbound: 9.30am, 3.20pm. Northbound: 12.30pm, 5.10pm. closed on: Easter Sunday (April 1). Rakaia Resource Recovery Parks will also be closed on: Easter Monday (April 2).


Art Gallery


327 West Street, Ashburton, phone 308 1133. Open daily: 10am – 4pm - Wednesday: 10am – 7pm

Dog, Stock & Noise Control

Ashburton Museum

Mid Canterbury SPCA

327 West Street, Ashburton, phone 307 7890. Open daily: 10am – 4pm

WEEKEND EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBER: All enquiries - 308 4432.

Ashburton Public Library

Mid Canterbury Animal Shelter -

Havelock Street. Ph 308 7192. Saturday: 10am - 1pm. Sunday: 1pm - 4pm.

Ashburton District Council 03 307 7700 - 24h service.

Contact - President 021 1356 969.


Call us free on (0800 787 797). For weekend and emergency services please phone 302 Lines open 10am - 10pm seven days. 8105 for details on how to access the after-hours service Lifeline - Toll-Free: 0800 353 353. each weekend.

CANTERBURY VETS - Ph 03 307 0686, 20 River Terrace - Phone 03 308 4020. WEEKEND HOURS: West Street Clinic, West Street, Ashburton. Saturday clinic: 9am - 12 noon. Weekend emergencies: Steve Williams. Sat & Sun 7am - 7pm. Public Holidays 10am - 5pm. ASHBURTON VETS - Ph 0276 838 000, Mail Closing Times 149 Cameron Street, Ashburton: Duty vet: Ben Hallenstein. ASHBURTON MAIL CENTRE Full emergency service all weekend. STANDARD POST: Mon - Fri 6pm VET ENT RIVERSIDE - Ph 03 308 2321, POST DELIVERY CENTRES 1 Smallbone Drive, Ashburton. Saturday clinic: 9am - 12 Allenton & Tinwald: Mon - Fri 5pm noon. Weekend 24-hour emergencies. Methven & Rakaia: Mon - Fri 4.30pm ASHBURTON’S STREET RECEIVERS VETLIFE ASHBURTON - Ph 03 307 5195, Business Area: Mon - Fri 5pm Cnr East Street and Seafield Road, Ashburton. Saturday Residential Area: Mon - Fri 1pm clinic: 9am - 12 noon. Weekend 24-hour emergencies.


Information Centres

Methven & Rakaia Area

Wises Pharmacy, Countdown Complex, East Street, will be open from 9am - 1pm Saturday, from 10am - 1pm Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, from 5pm - 7pm the three days.

Assault Crisis Support. Ph: 03 364 8791

Victims Support Group

24 hr - Freephone 0800 VICTIM (0800 842 846) Direct dials to a volunteer. Ashburton Office - 307 8409 week-days, 9am - 2pm outside of these hours leave a message.

Alcohol Drug Help Line

EA Networks Centre - Pools

Vet Ent and Vet Life operate a joint after-hours SMALL

Methven - Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays 10am until animal emergency service. To use this service please phone your vet as usual. 3pm. Phone 302-8955 or

Television 28 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Saturday, March 31, 2018 TVNZ 1

©TVNZ 2018



©TVNZ 2018


6am Te Karere 3 2 6:30 Country 6am Paw Patrol 3 0 Calendar 3 A Tale of Two Farms. 0 6:25 Thomas And Friends 0 7am Rural Delivery 6:45 Peppa Pig 0 6:55 Elmo Automation is the answer to The Musical 3 0 7:05 Penn sustainability for a pine seedling Zero – Part-Time Hero 0 nurseryman; a dairy farmer takes 7:30 Transformers Robots a biological approach to his In Disguise 3 0 7:55 The farm system; and geothermal Legendaries 0 8:15 Pokemon energy grows plenty of flowers in Sun And Moon 0 8:45 Teen Rotorua. 0 7:30 Infomercials Titans Go! 0 9:10 Mech-X4! PGR 9am House Hunt 0 9:30 Tagata 0 9:35 Kirby Buckets Warped Pasifika 10am Tipping 3 0 10am Fresh 10:30 The Point 11am Alphabetical 0 Barefoot Bandits 0 10:55 Melissa 11:55 Coronation Street 3 0 And Joey 0 11:25 Take 1:55 M Grumpy Old Men Me Out PGR 0 12:30 The PGR 1993 Comedy. Jack Lemmon, Fosters PGR 3 1:25 N The Walter Matthau, Ann-Margret. 0 100 PGR 0 2:20 Once Upon A Time PGR 3 0 3:20 Dr Ken 4pm F Restoration Man 0 3 0 3:50 F Movie Juice 4:55 The Celebrity Chase 0 0 4:20 Australian Spartan 0 6pm 1 News At 6pm 0 6pm The Big Bang Theory 3 0 6:30 The Middle 0 7pm The Real Full Monty PGR 7pm M Jack The Giant Slayer Eight celebrities learn and PGR 2013 Adventure. 0 perform the striptease 9:15 M Bruce Almighty AO routines from the film to raise 2003 Comedy. When a TV money for charity. 0 reporter rages against God 8pm L Lotto after a bad day, he is given The Lotto draw. almighty powers to teach 8:05 The Real Full Monty PGR him how difficult it is to run Continued. 0 the world. 0 8:35 Coronation Street 0 10:35 F Blindspot AO 0

6am Charles Stanley 6:30 New Zealand Rural Games 3 0 7:30 Infomercials 9:35 Married At First Sight USA PGR 3 0 10:30 Married At First Sight USA PGR 3 11:30 The Bachelor New Zealand PGR 3 0 12:30 Face Off PGR 1:30 Lip Sync Battle PGR 3 0 2pm New Girl PGR 3 2:30 Fresh Off The Boat PGR 3 3pm The Goldbergs PGR 0 3:30 Come Dine With Me New Zealand PGR 3 0 4pm Arranged Hindu bride Radhika and Sikh groom Gurvinder must compromise to honour two cultures; Harmeek and Sukpreet are having an arranged marriage, but will they find love afterwards? 0 5pm Survivor – Ghost Island 0 6pm NewsHub Live At 6pm 7pm M ET The ExtraTerrestrial PGR 3 1982 Family Sci-fi. A troubled child summons the courage to help a friendly alien escape Earth and return to his home world. 0 9:15 M Couples Retreat AO 3 2009 Comedy.

12:25 Aquarius AO 0 1:10 M Heavenly Creatures AO 1994 Drama. Melanie Lynskey, Kate Winslet. 0 2:55 M Goddess PGR 2013 Comedy Romance. 0 3am NB: Daylight Saving Ends Clocks go back one hour, 3:00am becomes 2:00am. 3:55 Emmerdale PGR 3 0

11:45 M Enemy Within PGR 2007 Thriller. 1:20 M Sorority Murder AO 3 2015 Crime. 2:50 M Your Highness AO 3 2011 Comedy. 0 3:30 M A Neighbour’s Deception PGR 2017 Thriller. 5am Hillsong 5:30 Charles Stanley

ET the Extra-Terrestrial 7pm on Three

BRAVO 10am Beverly Hills Pawn 3 10:53 The Dish 3 10:55 Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta 3 12:43 The Dish 3 12:45 Little Big Shots – Forever Young 3 1:40 How Do I Look? 3 2:33 The Dish 3 2:35 Million Dollar Decorators PGR 3 3:35 David Tutera – Celebrations 3 4:30 David Tutera – Celebrations 3 5:30 David Tutera – Celebrations 3 6:30 Mom’s A Medium 7pm Mom’s A Medium 7:30 Below Deck PGR 8:28 The Dish 3 8:30 Keeping Up With The Kardashians AO 9:30 Botched – Most Outrageous Patients AO 3 10pm Botched – Most Outrageous Rejects AO 3 10:30 60 Days In AO 3 11:25 How Do I Look? 3 SUNDAY 12:15 Relative Success With Tabatha PGR 3 1:05 Botched PGR 3 1:50 Botched – Most Outrageous Rejects AO 3 2:15 David Tutera – Celebrations 3 3am David Tutera – Celebrations 3 5:45 Love It Or List It – Vancouver 3

11:10 M Scary Movie AO 2000 Comedy Horror. 0 12:45 Grey’s Anatomy PGR 3 0 1:50 The Exorcist AO 3 0 2:05 Once Upon A Time PGR 3 0 3:40 Jeremy Kyle PGR 3 4:30 Regular Show 3 0 4:40 Mike And Molly 3 0 5:05 Young And Hungry 3 5:30 Beyond The Search 3

A Case of You

8:30pm on Choice

SKY 5 6am Raw MVC 8:30 SmackDown MVL 10:15 Main Event MVC 11:10 Wild West Alaska M 12:05 Ice Road Truckers PG 12:55 Shearing Gang PG 1:25 The Amazing Race PG 2:20 Supernatural MVS 3:10 Crisis On Earth-X MVS 2/4. 4pm Wild West Alaska M 5pm The Amazing Race PG 6pm The Simpsons PG 6:30 Crisis On Earth-X MVS 1/4. 7:30 Crisis On Earth-X MVS 2/4. 8:30 Crisis On Earth-X M 3/4. 9:30 Crisis On Earth-X M 4/4. 10:30 Supernatural MVS 11:30 Wild West Alaska M


12:30 Crisis On Earth-X (Supergirl) MVS 1:25 Crisis On Earth-X (Arrow) MVS 2:15 Crisis On Earth-X (The Flash) M 2:15 Crisis On Earth-X (DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow) M 3:05 Wild West Alaska M 3:55 Supernatural MVS 4:45 Ice Road Truckers PG 5:35 The Simpsons PG

7pm Storage Wars PGR 3 7:30 MythBusters PGR 3 8:30 Elementary PGR Holmes and Watson become involved in murder and magic when they investigate the death of a magician killed while performing a classic stunt. 0 9:30 Rugby – Super Rugby (DLY) Blues v Sharks. From Auckland’s Eden Park. 11:30 Rugby League – NRL (DLY) Roosters v Warriors. From Allianz Stadium, Sydney. 1:20 Cricket – International (HLS) Blackcaps v England. From Christchurch’s Hagley Oval. 2:25 Closedown



6:35 Everything, Everything PGL 2017 Drama. Amandla Stenberg, Nick Robinson. 8:10 The Meddler MLC 2016 Comedy. Susan Sarandon, Rose Byrne. 9:50 The Archer 2017 Drama. Bailey Noble, Jeanine Mason. 11:15 Matters Of The Heart PGLS 2015 Drama. Patrick Wilson, Amy Smart. 12:35 Now You See Me – The Second Act MV 2016 Action Comedy. Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson. 2:40 Free State Of Jones 16VC 2016 Drama. Matthew McConaughey, Keri Russell. 4:55 Lila And Eve 16VL 2015 Crime. Jennifer Lopez, Viola Davis. 6:35 Doctor Strange MV 2016 Action. Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton. 8:30 A Dog’s Purpose PG 2017 Adventure. The fighting spirit of a dog finds its purpose through helping the humans it encounters over the course of several lifetimes and owners. Dennis Quaid, Josh Gad. 10:15 Allied MVLSC 2017 Drama. Brad Pitt, Marion Cotillard.

6:35 Spider-Man 2 MV 2004 Action. Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst. 8:40 The Hangover Part II 16LS 2011 Comedy. Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms. 10:20 Twister PGV 1996 Drama. Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton, Cary Elwes, Jami Gertz. 12:15 When In Rome PGS 2010 Romantic Comedy. Kristen Bell, Josh Duhamel. 1:45 28 Days Later 16VL 2002 Sci-fi Horror. Christopher Eccleston, Brendan Gleeson, Cillian Murphy. 3:40 Chronicle MV 2012 Sci-fi. Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell. 5:05 The Hours MC 2002 Drama. Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman. 7pm Boy MLC 2010 Comedy Drama. James Rolleston, Te Aho Eketone-Whitu, Taika Waititi. 8:30 Chaos MVLS 2005 Action. Two police officers, a rookie and a veteran, must work together to discover how five bank robbers escaped from a bank during a robbery. Jason Statham, Ryan Phillippe, Wesley Snipes. 10:20 The Green Hornet MVL 2011 Action. Seth Rogen, Cameron Diaz.

12:20 Lila And Eve 16VL 2015 Crime. Jennifer Lopez, Viola Davis. 1:55 Doctor Strange MV 2016 Action. 2:50 A Dog’s Purpose PG 2017 Adventure. 4:30 Allied MVLSC 2017 Drama.

12:20 Battleship MVL 2012 Action Adventure. 2:30 Chronicle MV 2012 Scifi. 2:55 The Hours MC 2002 Drama. 4:50 Boy MLC 2010 Comedy Drama.




6am Shimmer And Shine 3 6:25 Ben 10 – Alien Force 6:50 Kung Fu Panda – Legends Of Awesomeness 3 7:15 Kid v Kat 3 7:40 Monsters v Aliens 3 8:05 Max Steel 3 8:30 Bella And The Bulldogs 3 8:55 The Thundermans 10am Robot Wars PGR 11am The Crowd Goes Wild Omnibus 3 12:30 NRL Try Time 1:30 Top Gear PGR 3 2:30 Storage Hunters PGR 3pm Ice Road Truckers Deadliest Roads PGR 4pm Celebrity Antiques Road Trip 5pm Fishing Classics 0 5:30 Prime News 6pm Flog It!


6:30 Takaro Tribe 3 6:40 Pukoro 2 7:10 Huhu 7:20 He Rourou 3 7:30 Polyfest Kapa Haka 3 7:40 Huritua 3 7:50 Paia 3 8am Te Kaea 3 2 8:30 Morena 3 9am Celebrity Playlist 3 9:30 Kai Time On The Road 3 10am KaweKorero 3 Noon Native Affairs Summer Series 3 12:30 Matau 1pm L Basketball – Secondary Schools Nationals 2017 2pm The Pits TV 3pm Waka Ama Sprints 4pm Get Your Fish On 3 4:30 Marae Kai Masters 3 5pm My Reggae Song 3 5:30 Te Kaea 2 6pm Pukuhohe 3 6:30 Haka Nation 3 7pm On The Ladder 3 7:30 Raw PGR 8:30 M Jules And Jim AO 1962 Romantic Drama. In the carefree days before the First World War, introverted Austrian author Jules strikes up a friendship with exuberant Frenchman Jim and they both fall for the same woman. 10:30 Te Taumata Kapa Haka 3 11pm Te Kaea 3 Maori Television’s daily news programme. 2 11:30 Closedown

SKY SPORT 1 6am The World Rugby Show 6:30 Rugby – Super Rugby (RPL) Chiefs v Highlanders. 8:30 Football – A-League (HLS) Adelaide United v Wellington Phoenix. 9am Fox Sports News 9:30 Cricket – International (HLS) Blackcaps v England – Second Test, Day One. 10:30 L Cricket – International Blackcaps v England – Second Test, Day Two. 1:05 The Cricket Show 1:35 L Cricket – International Blackcaps v England – Second Test, Day Two. 6:30 Rugby – Super Rugby (HLS) Chiefs v Highlanders. 7pm L Rugby – Super Rugby Blues v Sharks. 9:40 L Rugby – Super Rugby Brumbies v Waratahs. SUNDAY Midnight The World Rugby Show 12:30 Rugby – Super Rugby (HLS) Rebels v Hurricanes. 1am Rugby – Super Rugby (HLS) Blues v Sharks. 1:30 Rugby – Super Rugby (HLS) Brumbies v Waratahs. 2am Rugby – Super Rugby (HLS) Chiefs v Highlanders. 2:30 The World Rugby Show 2am Cricket – International (HLS) Blackcaps v England – Second Test, Day Two. 3:10 L Rugby – Super Rugby Bulls v Stormers. 5:15 Rugby – Super Rugby (HLS) Blues v Sharks. 5:45 Rugby – Super Rugby (HLS) Brumbies v Waratahs.

0 Closed captions; 3 Repeat; 2 Maori Language; HLS Highlights; RPL Replay; DLY Delayed. CLASSIFICATIONS: 16/18 Approved for persons 16/18 years or over; AO Adults only; C Content may offend; L Language may offend; M Suitable for mature audiences; PG/PGR Parental guidance recommended for young viewers; S Sexual content may offend; V Contains violence. Local Radio: NewsTalk ZB 873AM/98.1FM FM Classic Hits ZEFM 92.5; Port FM Local 94.9, 98.9 and 106.1

6am American Pickers 7am The Living Room 8am Colin And Justin’s Cabin Pressure 8:30 Love Nature – Wild Things With Dominic Monaghan 9:30 James Martin’s French Adventure 10:30 The House That 100K Built – Tricks Of The Trade 11:30 American Pickers 12:30 Gardeners’ World 1:30 Steve Backshall’s Extreme Mountain Challenge PGR 2:30 Sandcastles 3pm Escape To The Chateau 4pm Gem Hunt 5pm Auction Hunters 5:30 Four Rooms 6:30 Coast

7:30 American Pickers 8:30 M A Case Of You AO 2013 Comedy Romance. A young writer tries to impress a girl he meets online with an embellished profile. Justin Long, Evan Rachel Wood. 10:20 The Auction House

11:20 Escape To The Chateau 12:20 Colin And Justin’s Cabin Pressure 12:50 Sandcastles 1:20 Auction Hunters 1:50 M A Case Of You AO 2013 Comedy Romance. 2:30 The Auction House 3:30 Colin And Justin’s Cabin Pressure 4am Coast 5am American Pickers

SKY SPORT 2 6am Football – A-League (RPL) Adelaide United v Wellington Phoenix. 8am The Cricket Show 8:30 Kiwi League Show 9am Rugby League – NRL Cowboys v Panthers. 9:30 Rugby League – NRL (HLS) Friday. 10am Kiwi League Show 10:30 Rugby League – NRL (RPL) Rabbitohs v Bulldogs. 12:30 Rugby League – NRL (RPL) Sharks v Storm. 2:30 Rugby League – NRL (HLS) Friday. 3pm Football – A-League (RPL) Adelaide United v Phoenix. 5pm L Rugby League – NSW Cup Wyong v Warriors. 7pm L Rugby League – NRL Roosters v Warriors. 10pm Golf – PGA Tour (HLS) Houston Open – Round Two. 10:30 Golf – LPGA (HLS) Ana Inspiration – Round Two. 11pm #SkySpeed 11:30 Fox Sports News


Midnight Hook Me Up! 1am Kiwi League Show 1:30 Rugby League – NRL (HLS) Cowboys v Panthers. 2am Rugby League – NRL (HLS) Friday. 2:30 Rugby League – NRL (HLS) Roosters v Warriors. 3am Rugby League – NRL (HLS) Sea Eagles v Raiders. 3:30 Golf – LPGA (HLS) Ana Inspiration – Round Two. 4am Cricket – International (HLS) Blackcaps v England – Second Test, Day Two. 5am ICC Cricket 360 31Mar18

DISCOVERY 6:35 MythBusters PG 7:30 How It’s Made PG 7:55 How It’s Made PG 8:20 Blowing Up History PG Lost City of the Desert. 9:10 Outback Opal Hunters PG 10am The Perfect Murder M A Shot in the Dark. 10:50 Evil Lives Here PG 11:40 What On Earth? PG 12:30 Street Science PG Hollywood Explosions. 12:55 Street Science PG Masters of Fire. 1:20 Diesel Brothers PG Special – The Doubleheader: Game 2. 3pm Outback Opal Hunters PG 3:50 What On Earth? PG 4:45 What On Earth? PG 5:40 What On Earth? PG 6:35 Gold Rush PG Lost Gold. 7:30 Treehouse Masters PG Glamorous Glamping Retreat. 8:30 Insane Pools – Off The Deep End PG Waterpark Wonderland. 9:25 Alaska – The Last Frontier M 10:15 Auction Hunters PG Rock-Et to Me! 11:30 What On Earth? PG


12:20 Outback Opal Hunters PG 1:10 Bering Sea Gold PG 2am How Do They Do It? PG 2:30 Treehouse Masters PG 3:30 Street Science PG 4am Bering Sea Gold PG 4:55 How It’s Made PG 5:20 How Do They Do It? PG 5:45 MythBusters PG | Compiled by

Television Saturday, March 31, 2018

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Sunday, April 1, 2018 TVNZ 1

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6am Rural Delivery 0 6:25 Fishy Business 0 6:50 Sunday 3 0 7:40 Tagata Pasifika 8:05 Praise Be 8:35 The Life And Times Of Temuera Morrison 0 9am Q+A 0 10am Marae PGR 2 10:30 Waka Huia 11am F Mucking In 0 11:30 Fair Go 3 0 11:55 Coronation Street 3 0 1:30 Fishing Leopards 0 2:25 Pound Pups To Dog Stars 30 2:50 The Royal Variety Performance 3 0 5:05 The Celebrity Chase Radio 1’s Scott Mills, actress Sunetra Sarker, boxer Anthony Ogogo, and TV star Johnny Ball attempt to win money for charity. 0 6pm 1 News At 6pm 0 7pm Extreme Cake Makers 0 7:25 Elton John – The Nation’s Favourite Song 0 8:40 M In The Heart Of The Sea PGR 2015 Action Adventure. 0 10:40 F Ride Upon The Storm 0

6am F Captain Jake And The Neverland Pirates 3 0 6:25 Thomas And Friends 0 6:35 Peppa Pig 0 6:45 Elmo The Musical 3 0 6:55 Chuggington – Little Trainees 3 0 7am Alvinnn!!! And The Chipmunks 3 0 7:10 Elena Of Avalor 0 7:35 F Best Friends Whenever 3 0 8am What Now 10am F Cupcake Wars 10:45 Shortland Street Omnibus PGR 0 11:55 The Bachelor PGR 0 1:25 America’s Funniest Home Videos 3 0 1:50 M Battle Of The Year PGR 2013 Musical Drama. Chris Brown, Josy Holloway. 0 3:45 Home And Away Omnibus 0 5:25 The Simpsons 0 5:45 The Amazing Race 0 6:35 Young Sheldon 0 7pm M Zootopia PGR 2016 Animated Adventure. A rookie rabbit police officer and a cynical con-artist fox must work together to reveal a conspiracy. 0 8:45 M Forrest Gump PGR 1994 Comedy Drama. The story of a man who, over the course of three decades, and despite having an IQ of 75, leads an extraordinary life. 0

6am Life TV 6:30 Brian Houston 7am Charles Stanley 8am Living Church Of God 8:30 Turning Point 9am R&R 9:30 The Hui 0 10am House Of Hypochondriacs PGR 3 0 10:50 Ocean Bounty 3 0 11:35 Wedding Town 3 Noon Entertainment Tonight Weekend PGR 12:50 Motorsport – Pro 7 (HLS) 1:10 Motorsport – Muscle Garage 1:35 Motorsport – Formula E Street Racers 2:05 Motorsport – SsangYong Racing Series (HLS) 2:50 Motorsport – US Formula Drift (HLS) 3:35 Motorsport – Supercars (HLS) 4:20 Motorsport – Monster Jam (HLS) 5:05 Gone Fishin’ 5:30 F XVenture Family Challenge 0 6pm NewsHub Live At 6pm 7pm M How To Train Your Dragon 2 PGR 3 2014 Family Fantasy. Hiccup and Toothless as must unite to save the future of men and dragons. 0 8:30 M Noah AO 3 2014 Drama. Inspired by the Bible story, Noah is given a divine mission to save creation from the coming flood. 0 10:45 Chicago Med AO 3 0

6am Religious Programming 10:30 Sport Box Noon Flog It! 12:50 Antiques Roadshow 3 1:40 Mad About You PGR 2:05 Top Gear PGR 3 3pm Escape To The Continent 3 3:50 Antiques Road Trip 3 4:40 Rugby Nation 5:30 Prime News 6pm The Great British Bake Off – An Extra Slice Comedian Jo Brand looks back at the best and worst of bread week, joined by Jonathan Ross, Kerry Godliman, and judge Paul Hollywood. 6:40 David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities Sir David Attenborough looks at some of the animal kingdom’s most extreme babies, including the kiwi, which lays one of the largest eggs in the bird world. 7:05 Storage Wars – New York PGR 7:30 Prime Planet – Coast Australia Neil Oliver travels to the rigging of the Duyfken, the first-known European vessel to visit Australia, and learns about the construction of Fremantle Harbour. 0 8:30 Midsomer Murders AO 0 10:10 60 Minutes PGR

11:45 Q+A 3 Local political-affairs programme. 0 12:45 Attitude 3 0 1:15 Emmerdale PGR 3 0 3:20 Infomercials

11:05 M Everly AO 2014 Action Thriller. 0 12:40 Containment AO 3 0 2:10 Infomercials 2:50 Red Band Society PGR 3 3:35 Cougar Town PGR 3 4am Regular Show 3 0 4:10 Beyond The Search 3 4:35 Hope And Faith 3 0 5:05 Galavant PGR 3 5:30 Infomercials

11:30 Entertainment Tonight Weekend PGR Entertainment stories of the past week. 12:15 Infomercials

11pm Game Of Thrones AO 3 Stannis faces a troubling decision; Jon Snow returns to The Wall; Arya encounters someone from her past; Daenerys oversees a traditional celebration. Midnight Cricket – International (HLS) Blackcaps v England – Second Test. 1:05 Closedown

MOVIES PREMIERE 6:30 Nothing But Trailers MVLSC 7am Free State Of Jones 16VC 2016 Drama. Matthew McConaughey, Keri Russell. 9:15 Lila And Eve 16VL 2015 Crime. Jennifer Lopez, Viola Davis. 10:50 Doctor Strange MV 2016 Action. In the Heart of the Sea Noah Benedict Cumberbatch, 8:40pm on TVNZ 1 8:30pm on Three Tilda Swinton. 12:45 A Dog’s Purpose PG 2017 Adventure. BRAVO SKY 5 Dennis Quaid, Josh Gad. 6am Love It Or List It – 6am Face Off M 6:50 The 2:25 Allied MVLSC 2017 Drama. Vancouver 3 6:50 Beverly Amazing Race PG 7:40 The Brad Pitt, Marion Cotillard. Hills Pawn 3 7:15 Beverly Simpsons PG 8:10 Shearing 4:30 Fences PGLS 2017 Hills Pawn 3 7:40 Love Gang PG 8:40 Supernatural Drama. Denzel Washington, It Or List It – Vancouver MVS 9:30 The Librarians 3 8:30 Love It Or List It – Viola Davis. 6:45 When The MV 10:25 Crisis On Vancouver 3 9:20 Love Bough Breaks 16VS 2016 It Or List It – Vancouver 3 Earth-X (Supergirl) MVS 1/4. Drama Horror. Morris Chestnut, 10:10 How Do I Look? 3 11:15 Crisis On Earth-X 10:58 The Dish 3 11am How (Arrow) MVS 2/4. 12:10 Crisis Regina Hall. 8:30 Baywatch 16VLSC 2017 Comedy. Mitch Do I Look? 3 11:50 Below On Earth-X (The Flash) M Buchannon keeps disagreeing Deck PGR 3 12:40 Million 3/4. 1:05 Crisis On Earth-X with a brash new recruit, but Dollar Decorators PGR 3 1:28 The Dish 3 1:30 60 Days (DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow) they must work together to M 4/4. 2pm Raw MVC In PGR 3 2:15 Say Yes To The keep the beach safe from Dress Atlanta 3 2:40 Say 4:45 SmackDown MVL careless beach goers and Yes To The Dress Atlanta 3 6:30 Main Event MVC drug rings. Dwayne Johnson, 3:05 Say Yes To The Dress 7:30 The Librarians MV Zac Efron. Atlanta 3 3:30 Say Yes To 10:30 Tell Me How I Die 16VC The Dress Atlanta 3 3:55 Say After freezing up during a mission, Cassandra decides it Yes To The Dress Atlanta 3 2016 Thriller. Nathan Kress, 4:18 The Dish 3 4:20 How Do is time for a holiday, but her Virginia Gardner. I Look? 3 5:10 David Tutera choice of destination turns out MONDAY – Celebrations 3 5:55 David to be less than idyllic. 12:15 Sex School 18LSC 2014 Tutera – Celebrations 8:30 NCIS – LA MV Comedy. Whitney Moore, 3 6:45 Child Genius USA 9:30 Longmire 16V Tom Arnold. 1:45 Fences 7:30 Top Chef Jr 8:30 Little 10:30 Raw MVC Big Shots – Forever Young PGLS 2017 Drama. 9:25 Hollywood Medium MONDAY Denzel Washington, Viola Davis. With Tyler Henry 10:23 The 1am SmackDown 4am Nothing But Trailers Dish 3 10:25 Don’t Be MVL 2:35 Main Event MVLSC 4:15 When The Bough Tardy AO 10:50 Don’t Be MVC 3:30 Face Off Breaks 16VS 2016 Drama Tardy AO 11:15 Relative M 4:20 Longmire 16V Horror. Morris Chestnut, Success With Tabatha PGR 3 Regina Hall. 5:10 NCIS – LA MV 12:10 Infomercials 3


7pm Funny Whare – Gamesnight PGR 3 7:30 SmackDown AO 8:30 M 45 Years AO 2015 Drama. A married couple preparing to celebrate their wedding anniversary receive news that could change the course of their lives. 10:15 Taha Tauiwi 3 10:45 Te Kaea 3 2 11:15 Waiata 3 Emerging and established Maori artists perform and talk about their music. 11:45 Closedown


6:20 Chaos MVLS 2005 Action. Jason Statham, Ryan Phillippe, Wesley Snipes. 8:05 The Green Hornet MVL 2011 Action. Seth Rogen, Cameron Diaz. 10:05 Battleship MVL 2012 Action Adventure. Liam Neeson, Taylor Kitsch, Brooklyn Decker. 12:15 Chronicle MV 2012 Sci-fi. Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell. 1:40 The Hours MC 2002 Drama. Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman. 3:35 The Skulls MV 2000 Thriller. Joshua Jackson, Paul Walker. 5:20 Bachelorette 16LS 2012 Romantic Comedy. Rebel Wilson, Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher. 6:45 The Illusionist MVS 2006 Drama. Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti, Jessica Biel. 8:30 Hairspray PGS 2007 Comedy Musical. A teenager teaches 1962 Baltimore a thing or two about integration after landing a spot on a local TV dance show. Nikki Blonsky, John Travolta. 10:30 Sideways MLS 2004 Comedy. Paul Giamatti, Thomas Haden Church, Virginia Madsen.

6:20 Rugby – Super Rugby (RPL) Blues v Sharks. 8:30 Rugby – Super Rugby Chiefs v Highlanders. 9am Cricket – International (HLS) Blackcaps v England – Second Test, Day Two. 10am L Cricket – International Blackcaps v England – Second Test, Day Three. 12:35 Rugby – Super Rugby (HLS) Chiefs v Highlanders. 1:05 L Cricket – International Blackcaps v England – Second Test, Day Three. 6pm The Cricket Show 6:30 Rugby – Super Rugby (HLS) Rebels v Hurricanes. 7pm Rugby – Super Rugby (HLS) Blues v Sharks. 7:30 Rugby Nation 8:30 Cricket – International (HLS) Blackcaps v England – Second Test, Day Three. 9:30 The Cricket Show 10pm ICC Cricket 360 11pm Rugby – Super Rugby (HLS) Chiefs v Highlanders. 11:30 The World Rugby Show 11:55 Rugby – Super Rugby (HLS) Blues v Sharks.

12:35 Into The Blue MVL 2005 Action. Jessica Alba, Paul Walker. 2:25 Nothing But Trailers MVLSC 2:55 The Skulls MV 2000 Thriller. 4:40 Bachelorette 16LS 2012 Romantic Comedy.

12:25 L Rugby – Super Rugby Lions v Crusaders. 2:30 Rugby Nation 3:30 Rugby – Super Rugby (RPL) Rebels v Hurricanes. 5:30 Rugby – Super Rugby Chiefs v Highlanders.



10am Both Worlds 10:30 Sisters 3 11am Native Affairs 11:30 Hamu And Tofiga PGR 3 Noon Waiata 3 12:30 Code PGR 3 1pm The Ring Inz PGR 3 1:30 Touch Rugby – Youth TransTasman Test Series 3 2:30 On The Ladder PGR 3 3pm My Party Song 3 3:30 Ipukarea 3 4pm F Hoiho 3 Annabelle Lee-Harris explores the Maori horse culture of Aotearoa. 4:30 Tangaroa With Pio 3 5pm Marae PGR 3 2 5:30 Te Kaea 2 6pm Nga Waru Pumanawa 3


0 Closed captions; 3 Repeat; 2 Maori Language; HLS Highlights; RPL Replay; DLY Delayed. CLASSIFICATIONS: 16/18 Approved for persons 16/18 years or over; AO Adults only; C Content may offend; L Language may offend; M Suitable for mature audiences; PG/PGR Parental guidance recommended for young viewers; S Sexual content may offend; V Contains violence. Local Radio: NewsTalk ZB 873AM/98.1FM FM Classic Hits ZEFM 92.5; Port FM Local 94.9, 98.9 and 106.1

6am Real Deal 6:30 Through The Bible With Les Feldick 7am Christ Embassy 7:30 Waterfront House Hunting 8am Baby Animals In The Wild 8:45 Organic Edible Garden And Kitchen 9am Sandcastles 9:30 Auction Hunters 10am Escape To The Chateau 11am Coast Noon Real Deal 12:30 Four Rooms 1:30 50 Ways To Kill Your Mammy 2:30 American Pickers 3:30 Ireland With Ardal O’Hanlon 4:30 The Hairy Bikers’ Asian Adventure 5:30 M Tad The Lost Explorer PGR 2012 Animated Adventure. Tad has always wanted to be a famous archaeologist, but is actually a Chicago construction worker. One day he is mistaken for a real professor, and sent on the expedition of his dreams. 7pm American Pickers PGR 7:30 M Gambit PGR 2012 Crime Comedy. An art curator decides to seek revenge on his abusive boss by conning him into buying a fake Monet, with the help of an eccentric and unpredictable Texas rodeo queen. 9pm M 5 Flights Up AO 2014 Drama. 10:35 Cold Water Cowboys 11:30 Real Deal Midnight Baby Animals In The Wild 1am The Hairy Bikers’ Asian Adventure 2am M Gambit PGR 2012 Crime Comedy. Colin Firth, Cameron Diaz, Alan Rickman. 3:30 M 5 Flights Up AO 2014 Drama. Diane Keaton, Morgan Freeman. 5am Baby Animals In The Wild

SKY SPORT 2 6am Rugby League – NRL Roosters v Warriors. 6:30 The Cricket Show 7am Cricket – International (HLS) Blackcaps v England – Second Test, Day Two. 8am Inside The PGA Tour 8:30 Golf – LPGA Tour (HLS) ANA Inspiration – Round Two. 9am L Golf – LPGA Tour ANA Inspiration – Round Three. 1pm Golf – PGA Tour (HLS) Houston Open – Round Three. 1:30 Rugby League – NRL (RPL) Roosters v Warriors. 3:30 The Darts Show 4pm Rugby League – NRL (HLS) Sea Eagles v Raiders. 4:30 The Kiwi League Show 5pm Rugby League – NRL (HLS) Roosters v Warriors. 5:30 L Rugby League – NRL Dragons v Knights. 8pm L Rugby League – NRL Broncos v Titans. 10:30 Sunday Night With Matty Johns 11:30 Rugby League – NRL (HLS) Roosters v Warriors.


Midnight Rugby League – NRL (HLS) Sea Eagles v Raiders. 12:30 Rugby League – NRL (HLS) 1am Rugby League – NRL (HLS) 1:30 The Kiwi League Show 2am Sunday Night With Matty Johns 3am The Professor’s Farewell Tour 3:30 Rugby League – NRL (HLS) Sea Eagles v Raiders. 4am Rugby League – NRL (RPL) Rabbitohs v Bulldogs. 1Apr18

DISCOVERY 6:35 MythBusters PG 7:30 How It’s Made PG 7:55 How It’s Made PG 8:20 Gold Rush PG Lost Gold. 9:10 What On Earth? PG 10am Outback Opal Hunters PG 10:50 Moonshiners M Curse of the Blown Cover. 11:40 Outback Opal Hunters PG 12:30 Alaska – The Last Frontier M 1:20 Blowing Up History PG Lost City of the Desert. 2:10 Aussie Gold Hunters PG 3pm Aussie Gold Hunters PG 3:50 Aussie Gold Hunters PG 4:45 Aussie Gold Hunters PG 5:40 Aussie Gold Hunters PG 6:35 Aussie Gold Hunters PG 7:30 Blowing Up History PG Secrets of the Pyramids. Secrets of one of the most sophisticated civilisations the world has known. 8:30 Mighty Ships PG 9:25 Outback Opal Hunters PG 10:15 Railroad Australia PG 11:05 Gold Rush PG Lost Gold. 11:55 Treehouse Masters PG Glamorous Glamping Retreat.


12:45 Bering Sea Gold PG 1:35 How Do They Do It? PG 2am How Do They Do It? PG 2:25 Alaska – The Last Frontier M 3:15 Bering Sea Gold PG 4:05 Treehouse Masters PG 4:55 How It’s Made PG 5:20 How Do They Do It? PG 5:45 MythBusters PG | Compiled by


Family Notices GREETINGS

Lots of love, Mum and Paul.


HUNT, Henry Christopher – Passed away peacefully on Paterson’s Funeral Services FDANZ Ashburton March 29, 2018 at Ashburton. Ph 307 7433 Aged 100 and ½ years. Dearly loved husband of the late Ngaire. Cherished Pop and friend of Robin and Iain, Gavin and Annette, Julie and John, Lynda and Simon, Dave, Colin and Chiyo, Pete and Lynne, and loved Pop to his 25 grandchildren and 34 great grandchildren. Thank you to Ashburton Hospital AAU Canterbury owned, locally operated and Ward 1 staff, to those special staff at Millstream Patersons who cared for Pop over the last 6 months, 3 Rivers Health Funeral Services and Allenton Pharmacy. and Ashburton Messages to the Hunt family c/- PO Box 472, Ashburton Crematorium Ltd 7740. A service to celebrate Office and Chapel Henry’s life will be held at St David’s Union Church, Allens Corner East & Cox Road, Ashburton on Tuesday Streets, Ashburton April 3 commencing at 2pm. Followed by interment at the Ashburton New Lawn Cemetery.

Ph 307 7433

Paterson’s Funeral Services FDANZ Ashburton Ph 307 7433
















6 6



TUESDAY: Brief southerly change, chance shower.



Midnight Tonight





11:10 – 4:00

WILSON, Monica – My dear wife it’s been five years since the Lord has called you home, I miss you more every day. Love Keith and all your lovely family. Rest in Peace.


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New headstones and designs provide choice! Renovations, to ensure publication. Additional inscriptions, Call us on To place a notice during Cleaning and Concrete work Call us on 308 3980 office hours please contact 308 or call in and visit 3980 our new premises at Carried out by qualified us on 03 307 7900 for more information tradesmen. or 246 callHavelock in andStreet visit 620 East Street Ashburton Any queries our new premises at Ph/Fax 308 5369 please contact or 0274 357 974 0800 246 Havelock ASHBURTON NZMMMA Member Street (0800-274-287) We believe that every life is unique and every person’s funeral needs to reflect their individuality - ask us how we can be of assistance to you and your family.

Eion McKinnon

Managing Director

Official Opening 18 Feb - 9am til 4pm

less than 30 fine

mainly isolated cloudy drizzle drizzle few showers fine showers clearing showers 30 to 59 isolated snow thunder flurries

sleet thunder

Canterbury Plains TODAY

60 plus


Fine, apart from increasing high cloud. Northerlies.


FZL: Above 3000m

A fine day. Wind at 1000m: SW 40 km/h turning NW 60 km/h in the evening. Wind at 2000m: W 60 km/h.


A brief southerly change may bring a shower or two.



Rain spreading north about the divide, but high cloud in the east. NW rising to severe gale.

Mainly fine. Not much wind.

m am 3 3


Saturday 9 noon 3

Frankfurt Geneva Hobart Hong Kong Honolulu Islamabad Jakarta Johannesburg Kuala Lumpur London Los Angeles Madrid Melbourne Moscow Nadi

12 4 26 2 22 24 13 24 12 25 25 17 22 2 2

cloudy showers fine fine showers fine fine fine thunder rain fog fine fine rain thunder

12 11 20 26 28 33 29 26 33 7 24 15 23 4 29

4 2 10 21 22 12 25 13 23 4 14 6 12 -3 24

New York Paris Perth Rarotonga Rome San Francisco Seoul Singapore Stockholm Sydney Taipei Tel Aviv Tokyo Washington Zurich

fine showers fine rain thunder fine cloudy thunder cloudy cloudy cloudy fine fine fine showers

9 pm am 3


Sunday 9 noon 3


We help save lives every day through the research and development of improved diagnosis, beer prediction and treatment of heart disease in our hospital and community.

9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


9 pm



10:29 4:44 10:55 4:11 10:17 4:32 10:45 4:57 11:06 5:21 11:35 The times shown are for the Ashburton River mouth. For the Rangitata river mouth subtract 16 minutes and for the Rakaia river mouth subtract 4 minutes.

Rise 7:48 am Set 7:26 pm

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Full moon

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Bad fishing

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Bad fishing

Set 8:09 am Rise 7:35 pm

Last quarter

8 Apr

New moon

7:19 pm

16 Apr 1:58 pm

Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa

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4 4 16 24 6 10 10 24 -4 20 20 12 7 0 4

24 23 26 21 20 22 25 19 25 22 18 19 18

Palmerston North showers Wellington


















River Levels

16 12 13 10 11 9 7 9 7 6 4 10 9



Selwyn Whitecliffs (NIWA) at 2:00 pm, yesterday

Rakaia Fighting Hill (NIWA) at 2:00 pm, yesterday 223.8 Nth Ashburton at 2:10 pm, yesterday

4.63 nc

Sth Ashburton at 2:10 pm, yesterday


Rangitata Klondyke at 2:10 pm, yesterday


Waitaki Kurow at 2:06 pm, yesterday

243.4 nc

Source: Environment Canterbury

Canterbury Readings




13 11 28 30 16 19 18 34 3 25 26 23 17 17 10

overnight max low


Forecasts for today

26 10 32 7 29 32 26 33 27 30 32 35 37 7 5


NZ Today

TODAY FZL: Lowering to 2000m, rising to 2700m at night

Fine. Northeasterlies developing in the afternoon.

fine rain rain drizzle showers showers fine thunder fine thunder thunder fine fine showers drizzle


Rain developing about the divide in the morning with heavy falls and possible thunder, easing to showers in the afternoon. Scattered rain further E. Clearing to fine spells everywhere in the evening. Wind at 1000m: NW gale 65 km/h, rising to 80 km/h. Changing SW 60 km/h in the evening, easing to 45 km/h at night. Wind at 2000m: NW rising to severe gale 95 km/h. Changing SW gale 65 km/h in the evening, easing to 45 km/h at night.


World Weather


Canterbury High Country

Fine with increasing high cloud and strengthening northwesterlies. A few showers spreading north with a southerly change from late morning, with heavy falls and possible thunderstorms south of Timaru, clearing from the south during the evening.

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Saturday, 31 March 2018

A weak front over Auckland fades away to the northeast of Northland, while high pressure over the rest of the North Island also weakens away. A much more active frontal system over the southern Tasman Sea moves onto the South Island and should reach the lower North Island this afternoon or evening.

Tides, Sun, Moon and Fishing

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GRIFFITHS, Ngaire Agnes (nee Goodwin) – Christine and David, Jannett and Hamish, Matthew and Scott and Ngaire’s extended family wish to thank family, friends and neighbours for their attendance at Ngaire’s celebration of life. The visits, messages, flowers, gifts and food have been truly appreciated. Special thanks to the Oncology Department Christchurch Hospital and to Nurse Maude for their wonderful care during Ngaire’s final days. She was dearly loved by us all and inspiration to many.


PROTECTION REQUIRED Even on cloudy days

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS and your choice of venue, funeral celebrants and catering.




Please note all late death E.B. CARTER LTD notices or notices sent For all your memorial Galbraith’s provide choice! outside ordinary office hours We have a team of highly respected, professional funeral directors and Galbraith’s requirements must be emailed to: celebrants. We offer you complete funeral care including pre-arrangement,

Mick Hydes 027 437 9696



bur to


MONDAY: High cloud. Northerlies.




TOMORROW: Fine. Northeasterlies developing in the afternoon.




TODAY: Fine with NW. A few showers with a S change afternoon.



Ra n

Ashburton, Geraldine, Temuka & Surrounding Districts since 1905




Ashburton Forecast

Wa i m a ka r i r i


Map for today

JEMMETT, Alister (Allie) – 31-03-2015 Loving memories cherished forever of happy times we spent together. Your loving family.


Rob Cope-Williams



MILLER, Lorraine Frances – On March 30, 2018. Passed away peacefully at Ashburton, with her family. Aged 75 years. Much loved wife of the late Ross. Dearly loved Mum of Nicola and Dean Crossan, Andrew Teale and partner Karen, and loved Grandma of Anna, and George; and Kadyn. Messages c/- PO Box 472, Ashburton 7740. A service to celebrate Lorraine’s life will be held at Our Chapel, cnr East & Cox Streets, Ashburton on Wednesday April 4, commencing at 2pm. Followed by private cremation at the Ashburton Crematorium.

Madie Venmore-Kerr


Saturday, March 31, 2018


Happy 21st Birthday March 28, 1997


Ashburton Airport Temperature °C At 4pm 21.2 21.7 Max to 4pm 5.9 Minimum 1.5 Grass minimum Rainfall mm 0.0 16hr to 4pm March to date 61.2 Avg Mar to date 59 2018 to date 363.8 167 Avg year to date Wind km/h NE 19 At 4pm Strongest gust NE 28 Time of gust 3:34pm

Christchurch Airport

Timaru Airport

20.7 21.1 7.3 –

18.9 20.0 5.5 1.8

21.3 21.3 5.8 –

– – – – –

0.0 31.4 54 267.2 138

0.0 52.2 42 318.6 132

E 15 – –

E 26 E 37 2:58pm

E7 E 13 2:55pm

Compiled by

© Copyright Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited 2018

My Promise

to 4pm yesterday


30 Ashburton Guardian



is to help you arrange or plan a funeral with care, respect, clarity and reassurance 18-22 Moore Street, Ashburton Free Phone 0800 2 MEMORY Mobile 027 637 1229

Jo Metcalf


Puzzles and horoscopes Cryptic crossword

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Simon Shuker’s CodeCracker

Your Stars


WordWheel Insert the missing letter to complete an eight-letter word reading clockwise or anti-clockwise.

How many words of three or more letters, including plurals, can you make from the five letters, using each letter only once? No foreign words or words beginning with a capital are allowed. There is at least one fiveletter word.

Quick crossword 1










Previous solution: TRAVERSE 11











Previous Cryptic solution

Across 1. Liverpudlian 8. Offering 9. Kepi 11. Turin 12. Scratch 13. Rusk 15. Faro 19. Evasive 20. After 22. Side 23. Distrain 24. Straight away Down 2. Infer 3. Errand 4. Punish 5. Inertia 6. Neighbouring 7. Poltergeists 10. Orc 14. Slander 16.1Pin 17. Fetish 8 4 6 2 18. Mantra 21. Tiara

TODAY’S GOALS: Good – 9 Excellent – 13 Amazing – 17

Previous Quick solution 2 17

DOWN 2. Obstruction (7) 3. Tried hard (7) 4. Lacking aesthetic sense (9) 6. Matched (5) 7. High-pitched shout (7) 8. Portable light (7) 13. Cover up a fault (5,4) 14. For the reason that (7) 15. Disregarded (7) 17. Mystified (7) 18. Rouses (7) 20. Result from (5)


4 2 1

8 6 7


5 7 8 6

3 9 6



9 2

9 7

7 5 2 3

4 3 2


4 4 7 2 6 2

2 9

5 1


9 3

4 8 3 6 7 4

6 2



9 6 9 7 2 5 3 8 1 4 2 3 2 1 4 8 9 7 6 5 6 8 4 5 1 7 6 2 3 9 5 2 1 3 5 6 4 9 7 8 1 9 7 4 3 1 8 6 5 2 8 5 8 6 9 2 7 1 4 3 3 1 3 8 7 9 5 4 2 6 4 4 6 2ofMembers 8 3 &1& 5 9 &7NZ Level 2, 73 Ashburton Members I.B.A.N.Z Brokernet Ltd. LevelSt, 2, 73 St,|Ashburton | of I.B.A.N.Z Brokernet 73 Burnett St,Burnett Ashburton | Members I.B.A.N.Z NZBrokers Level 2, 73 Burnett St, Ashburton |Burnett Members of of I.B.A.N.Z & Brokernet NZ Ltd. NZ Ltd. 7 7 5 9 6 4 2 3 8 1 Level 2, 73 Burnett St, Ashburton | Members of I.B.A.N.Z & Brokernet NZ Ltd.


7 1 HARD

8 1 3 4 7 9 6 2 5

4 5 7 6 2 3 8 1 9

6 8 4 7 5 2 1 9 3

7 3 5 1 9 6 2 8 4

2 9 1 3 8 4 7 5 6



5 9

3 8 9 2

Fill the grid so that every column, every row and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9

7 2 1


Across 1. To-do 3. Enjoying 9. Enabled 10. Gasps 6 In a 11. Benevolently 14. Ebb 16.9 Nears 17. Ski 18. 8 24. 5 heartbeat 21. Hello 22. Produce 23. Misprint Lets Down 1. Trembled 2. Drawn 4. Nod 5. Organisation 2 6. Insults 7. Gush 8. Eleventh hour 12. Llama 13. Distress 3 15. Bundles 19. Elude 20. Ahem 2 22. Pen 1

Previous solution: age, ager, ape, aper, are, areg, ear, era, erg, gap, gape, gaper, gar, gear, grape, page, pager, par, pare, pea, pear, peg, per, rag, rage, rap, rape, reap, regap, rep.




ACROSS 1. Missing (6) 5. Floating craft (6) 9. Commands (6) 10. Go faster than (6) 11. Handgrip (4) 12. Keen vision (5,3) 14. Span (6) 16. Parentless child (6) 19. Disputes (8) 21. Excessive enthusiasm (4) 22. Agitation (6) 23. Land between hills (6) 24. Provides with (6) 25. Pungent root vegetable (6)



ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 19): It doesn’t seem fair that some people should be allowed the freedom to do as they please and express themselves openly and others have to work and be appropriate all the time. That’s why you’ll make a change. TAURUS (Apr 20-May 20): Among the artefacts you possess is one that, while not obviously valuable, is precious and irreplaceable. Why not display it as the treasure it is to you? Today will bring the inspiration to do so. GEMINI (May 21-Jun 21): Appreciate your current status even as you wish for something new. Change will happen soon enough. But of course the life you wish for will come with its own set of new problems. CANCER (Jun 22-Jul 22): Juicy information is difficult to keep quiet. Much success in restraint will be attributed to delaying your response to things, holding off your decision, waiting to send the email and the like. LEO (Jul 23-Aug 22): Centuries ago, new shoes were a bigger deal to acquire. Today, even though you own several pairs, the thrill is still real. Upgrades below the knee lift your whole mood. VIRGO (Aug 23-Sep 22): They won’t care about all that goes into the result – not today anyway. They want what they want when they want it. Use this to your advantage. Set your price based on what people will pay. LIBRA (Sep 23-Oct 23): As far as you’re concerned, laughter and love go together. When they laugh, they show understanding and demonstrate their alliance. The one who can make you laugh will have your heart. SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 21): You’re open-minded and flexible enough to use what you’ve learned in many applications. However, what you need now is very specific. Only take advice from those who have done what you want to do. SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21): There’s a social pattern: You give more and they take more; you withdraw and they give more. If you’re conscious of it, it feels like a game. Someone will come along to shake up the dynamic. CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19): The work won’t get any easier, but you’ll get better at it, and therefore it will be easier to you. This is the preferred way. You’d rather grow in skill and strength than have the rest of the world shrink. AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18): Some things need nurturing, but what you’re dealing with now is like a wildflower that pops up where it pleases – beside the motorway, through the cracks of path... It will thrive of its own volition. PISCES (Feb 19-Mar 20): Human eyes are limited. We have but two, and they are not nearly as keen as the eyes of some other creatures. But we can also try to see with our hearts, which will make all of the difference.

ACROSS 2. Mouth-part I’d found in fatty tissue (5) 5. Have a breather with a quarter-pint (4) 7. Barge firm in the Southwest (4) 8. Useful implements for making us listen (8) 9. Sullen quality rude sons might adopt (8) 11. How quickly one will do without a meal (4) 12. External shape of coin rating u-turn (13) 15. Squander a colour that may be royal (4) 17. Govern it with a true leg-break (8) 19. One to make a puzzle of clip Rome can produce (8) 21. It’s so roguish, it may be over one’s head (4) 22. Man with a record for assistance (4) 23. Be a resident and prosper, having nothing to lose (5) DOWN 1. It’s a little Roman, blow it! (7) 2 The long arm of the Mosaic code? (3) 3. Temporary wait while father gets the habit (5) 4. He helps an actor to hold crockery in the kitchen (7) 5. It may be methane that will make one droop over (3) 6. Still being upset, sings merrily (5) 10. Plunder it for Lee Enfield (5) 11. A fault that’s non-u and might bring about death (5) 13. Washed the throat with egg and lard preparation (7) 14. It’s about seeing it come out of the Capitol (7) 16. Is not bound to be unsuccessful, round being included (5) 18. A gluttonous feed of Cheddar, say (5) 20. Seed awarded to one leaving Sandhurst? (3) 21. Be poorly put up in parliament (3)

Ashburton Guardian

5 7 9 2 3 1 4 6 8

1 4 8 9 6 7 5 3 2

3 6 2 8 4 5 9 7 1

5 7 8 9 4 1 3 PREVIOUS SOLUTIONS 2 4 5 8 971 2 9 6 8 72 4 53 4 5 8 4 3 6 5 15 2 7 8 9 1 2 7 5 9 3 4 8 6 1 4 6 9 8 2 7 6 3 5 1 4 7 324 78 1 51 9 2 6 1 5 6 94 3 2 96 7 88 3 7 4 4 72 9 1 7 6 3 5 8 3 8 5 1 7 3 4 8 6 9 2 1 9 2 1 4 7 3 6 8 5 2 9 2 8 3 1 6 5 7 4

5 4 7 9 8 2 1 6 3

6 3 1 4 5 7 9 2 8

1 6 9 7 4 8 3 5 2

3 8 2 5 9 1 6 4 7

4 7 5 2 6 3 8 1 9

7 1 4 8 3 5 2 9 6

8 9 6 1 2 4 7 3 5

2 5 3 6 7 9 4 8 1


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Ag 31 march 2018  

Ashburton Guardian, Saturday, March 31, 2018

Ag 31 march 2018  

Ashburton Guardian, Saturday, March 31, 2018