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Wednesday, Oct 30, 2013

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Local man in global child porn sting

Ashburton woman in hospital P5 botch-up


Dramatic river rescue

An Ashburton man busted his Hampstead address in a global child porn sting on September 11, but de will wait out his remand was not at home. The charges Jonge behind bars. He was picked up soon Fifty-seven-year-old after from his job as a related Rudolf Wilhemus de casual labourer. to 7777 Jonge pleaded guilty to During the subsequent 26 counts of possessing police interview he adimages and mitted to downloading objectionable material and five of possessing objecobjectionable material. 305 video tionable images for supply, Police also discovered when he appeared before a recordings ... program developed to Judge Joanna Maze in the distribute objectionable Ashburton District Court material on one of de yesterday morning. The charges related Jonge’s computers. Ten files had been to 7777 images and 305 video record- loaded on the program, ready for colings of children engaged in sexual ac- lection. tivities with adult men and women, and Sgt Sutherland said police graded other children. objectionable material on an escalating Police prosecutor sergeant Greg scale from one to six – the latter incorSutherland told the court New Zealand porating sadism and bestiality. A signifpolice were alerted to an offensive web- icant number of the images and recordsite by the United States Immigration, ings in de Jonge’s possession were rated Customs and Enforcement Agency. four, and a few rated five. The address was tracked back to de Judge Maze convicted him and reJonge, and it was confirmed he was the manded him in custody. She requested account holder. three sentencing spaces allocated for A search warrant was executed on sentencing on December 9.




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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Five things that may interest you



Wedding crasher bolts with dosh

Talk about a wedding crasher. A man wearing a stocking over his head has dashed into a Cyprus wedding reception and – in front of the shocked newlyweds and their guests – made off with a bag filled with cash and cheques from well-wishers. Countless Cypriot brides and grooms rely on such traditional bags of money to help build their nest egg. The bags, which often contain thousands of euros, have become particularly important because of the island’s economic crisis. The robbery occurred in the town of Limassol at the weekend. – AP

3 4

Flood of caramel unleashed by fire A fire at a sugar warehouse in south-eastern Brazil has been put out after unleashing a flood of caramel that threatened nearby homes. Firefighters from Santa Adelia, located 371km north of Sao Paulo, and neighbouring towns battled the fire for more than 70 hours, building earth dikes to contain the spreading caramel. The blaze erupted in one of the company’s two warehouses in Santa Adelia triggering a flow of melted sugar that spread into the town. – AFP

Reward offered for beloved dog A Tauranga family are hoping members of the public will help them find this lost dog. The Purchase family were driving on State Highway 2 on Sunday morning when their dog, Ash, fell off the back of their ute. Sue Purchase said the dog was bought for her 16-year-old step-daughter Kate about two-and-a-half years ago, to help her cope with the loss of her mother, who died in a car crash about five years ago. “Ash was really special to us,” Mrs Purchase said. “We’re all devastated. Kate has spent so much time with Ash. “She was animal-mad and has spent the past couple of years doing absolutely everything with him.” – APNZ


Rihanna as Medusa Pop star Rihanna has posed naked with a head and arm full of snakes for British GQ magazine. The seductive but terrifying (at least for some people) photos were directed by British artist Damien Hirst and shot by Mariano Vivanco. Hirst is best known for his artworks featuring dead animals (including a shark, a sheep and a cow) preserved in formaldehyde. Wearing cat’s-eye contact lenses and fangs on her teeth, Rihanna channelled Greek goddess Medusa for the cover of the magazine’s 25th anniversary issue. – AAP

Grass thief at large Austrian police are seeking witnesses to an unusual theft – of huge amounts of grass, mown secretly from a farmer’s field. A police statement says a farmer near the village of Liebenfels, about 200km southwest of Vienna, reported yesterday that his field had been mown and the grass taken. The grass went missing sometime over the past three weeks but the farmer noticed it only yesterday because the field is some distance from the rest of his property. The owner estimates its worth at 3000 euros (about $A4350) as fodder. – AP


ON TODAY: Watercolour Group Exhibition. This enchanting group exhibition features some of Mid Canterbury’s well-known artists, including Debbie Lambert, Eva McEnroe, Ngaio McKee, Judith Mitchell, Susie Millichamp, Alison Ramsay, Sue Simpson and Ben Woollcombe. Each individual artist will demonstrate their own style and techniques.

ON THE COUCH: The start of the new Underbelly series, title Squizzy. It chronicles the exploits of Joseph Theodore Leslie Taylor, known to all as “Squizzy” – the vertically challenged crime tsar whose ego and ambition knew no boundaries. Squizzy also yearned for respect and fame and was not averse to betraying those who stood in his way.

OUT OF TOWN: The Festival of Transitional Architecture may have finished in Christchurch on Monday but many of the structures will remain for Canterbury people to be used. Organisers called it a City within a City so go and check out the terrific art works that have filled the empty sites around the city on your next visit to Christchurch.

ON THE HORIZON: With only two days to go the Ashburton A&P Show is just about here. Hundreds of townies and farmers are preparing to show off their their best baking or their farming skills. Others are simply looking forward to enjoy two of the best days on the district’s calendar. Keep your eye on the Guardian for more information and show coverage.


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News Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ashburton Guardian



Swearing-in ceremony to go online BY SUE NEWMAN


Ashburton residents will be able to watch the first meeting of the new Ashburton District Council term today without leaving the comfort of their home. Council chief executive Andrew Dalziel has opened the door to having the first council meeting videoed and uploaded to the Guardian’s website, potentially ushering in a new era in media coverage of council meetings. He will chair the first coun-

cil meeting until mayor Angus McKay is sworn in for the new term and as chair, he said he was happy for the event to be videoed. In terms of future videoing of council meetings, while he is open to this happening, he said councillors would also have to feel comfortable with having a camera in the council chamber. The Guardian approached the council last year with an offer to video council meetings, making those videos available on its website. Councillors and council staff, however, were unwilling

to give permission. Mr Dalziel said he had no problems with meetings being recorded; the key with cameras in the council chamber was to ensure they were unobtrusive, he said. “There is nothing to stop the media coming to a meeting and asking if they can video.” Currently open sessions of council meetings can be attended by print media and reports of debates and discussions published. Electronic media, however, require permission to record meetings.

Having meetings videoed will be just one step in the increasing use of technology at council, with a nationwide move under way to allow elected members to participate in meetings by Skype rather than by sitting around the council table. This could be of significant benefit in larger areas such as Southland and Mackenzie, Mr Dalziel said, and while Ashburton wouldn’t be at the forefront in introducing the option, it would watch its development with interest. While attendance via Skype would be of signifi-

cant benefit to councillors there would be some logistical issues to work through in terms of chairing meetings where some participants were not actually around the council table, he said. Mr Dalziel is keen to see the council make greater use of social media such as Twitter and Facebook to engage with a wider range of residents but said he would be taking ‘baby steps’ towards the greater use of technology. “I’m certainly willing to look at all of this and put it on the wishlist.”

Mt Taranaki ‘extremely unpredictable’ -tramper BY MYLES HUME


An Ashburton alpine climber who has been caught out by a sudden weather change on Mt Taranaki - says complacency is the worst trap climbers can fall into. Ashburton electrician Sam Taylor knows the dangers of mountain climbing after he found himself in an unexpected white-out near the summit of Mt Taranaki in the summer of 2011, and when he was involved in a rescue mission to save two friends on Mt Ruapehu when they fell down the mountain, crashing into rocks. Mr Taylor’s dramatic tales come after couple Nicole Sutton and Hiroki Ogawa died on Mt Taranaki when becoming trapped on Saturday night when poor weather closed in. The couple stayed two nights in a waist-deep snow cave, where Mr Ogawa died in freezing conditions. Ms Sutton died soon after rescuers arrived. Mr Taylor, 32, an amateur alpine tramper of about three

years, said Mt Taranaki was extremely unpredictable, and was saddened to find more lives had been lost on the volatile mountain. “You have got to be very careful up there, I remember the weather was completely clear the day I was caught in the white-out, no clouds or anything and the forecast was fine,” he said. He was left to turn around just 15 minutes from the top, and had to escort another climber down “who had no idea where they were”. Although an investigation will determine how and why Ms Sutton and Mr Ogawa died, Mr Taylor said complacency was often one of the biggest errors climbers made. “I’m always interested in what they could have done to avoid this, just checking the weather and planning ahead only minimises the risk, and that could mean people ignore the possibility that something could go wrong,” he said. “You think ‘I won’t carry all these extra things because the weather says you don’t need

Ashburton alpine climber Sam Taylor (right) has been in situations where conditions suddenly change on mountains, including during a white-out on Mt Taranaki and also on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing (pictured).

them’, but on Mt Taranaki it’s so tricky because things can change ... you can survive some pretty bad conditions on mountains with the right gear.” Mr Taylor pointed to an incident when he and his climb-

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Mr Taylor said the recent deaths would not deter him from another bid at conquering Mt Taranaki, saying it further reinforced the need to “prepare for the worst” when alpine tramping.

smith+ smith+ church church

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ing party found themselves in hard ice on Mt Ruapehu, which caused two friends to slide down the mountain into rocks. They were airlifted off the mountain with one climber sustaining serious internal injuries.

2012 2012

MooreStreet, Street,Ashburton. Ashburton.Phone Phone03 03308 3089019 9019 Moore

News 4

Ashburton Guardian

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


‘All in a day’s work’


Ashburton fire brigade officers were called to an animal rescue yesterday evening, when a dog and two horses were stranded in the Ashburton River. Hillary Singlewood and a friend were riding on River Road when Ms Singleton’s dog Ski fell into the fast flowing Ashburton River and swam to an island. The dog made several attempts to get back to the banks, but was at risk of being drowned under the overhanging branches. “All I could do was to tell him to stay,” Ms Singlewood said. Luckily Ski had extensive obedience training, as he had to wait for an hour and a half to be rescued. When the fire officers arrived the horses spooked and crossed the river to another island. The rescue required volunteer fire officer Jeff Marshall to don a wet suit and harness up. Secured by lines tied to a tree he crossed the river and got the dog, before making another trip to rescue the horses. During the rescue the other firemen had to hide, to avoid scaring the horses coming back across the river. Despite being hailed a hero for his efforts, Mr Marshall was adamant it was “all in a day’s work” – albeit an unusual one. At the end of the ordeal the animals were uninjured.



Drunks leave sour rodeo taste BY SUSAN SANDYS


Some Methven accommodators are fed up with drunk rodeo visitors, and may ban them in future. Already some premises shut their doors come rodeo weekend, not wanting to risk having rooms damaged and soiled. Abisko Lodge manager Luenne Zielke said yesterday that she and husband Alex were still cleaning up after the Labour weekend event. “At the moment we are getting one of our windows repaired because it was smashed,”

she said. Additionally one bed had been “completely covered” in vomit. There was vomit outside the back door as well, and the carpets needed cleaning. The day of the rodeo, guests’ friends visited to have showers, and come night-time tried to sneak in and start parties. “They are lovely when they check in, the minute you add alcohol they turn,” Mrs Zielke said. Abisko had other guests booked and only had about five rooms full of rodeo guests, after last year banning them from the lodge’s campground. Now the Zielkes are considering limiting

them further next year. Methven Resort owner Mark Smith said he had filled two floors with over 50 rodeo visitors, but was now wondering whether it was worth it. It was a case of “alcohol in, brains out” and he had had to shut down parties in rooms and clean up vomit. He charged all guests there for the rodeo a $100 bond, and one room had not had it returned. Tony Wood at Barker’s Lodge said he no longer opened the lodge for rodeo weekend. “There’s easier ways to make your money,” he said. George Jakubans at Snow




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Denn Lodge said he no longer took new rodeo bookings, “because they cause me too much grief. I take a few, but they are regulars,” Mr Jakubans said. The Methven Camping Ground however, was full for the weekend and did not have any problems. Manager Mark Emerson said those staying were aged 18 and over, and the camping ground looked out for anyone becoming too intoxicated. There was food available and if someone looked like they were becoming too drunk, they were given a bottle of water and food.

In brief Vehicle recovered A stolen vehicle was recovered in Ashburton about 6pm Saturday after it was taken from a Dunedin address. Police say the vehicle was returned to its owner and inquiries are now continuing into the incident.

Vehicle burned out A vehicle was set alight and found extensively damaged in the Greenstreet area, along the Methven Highway, during the long weekend. Ashburton police are seeking information into the incident.

Intentional damage An Ashburton man was arrested and charged with intentional damage which stemmed from a domestic violence incident about 10pm Friday.

News Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ashburton Guardian



Detention for animal ill-treatment A Mid Canterbury farmer has received a community detention sentence for a raft of charges laid under the Animal Welfare Act – but he has not been banned from working with animals. Geoffrey Edgar Walter Deal, 61, appeared in front of Judge Joanna Maze in the Ashburton District Court yesterday to face nine counts laid for failing to meet adequate standards of care and ill treatment of his dairy cattle, and refusing to comply with the instructions of animal welfare inspectors. Deal’s lawyer Paul Bradford said his client had been under “unimaginable stress” at the time the offences had been committed. Ministry of Primary Industries prosecutor Grant Fletcher said that in animal welfare cases there was almost always underlying causes, such as cashflow problems or bad weather, and this had proved true in this case. He also cited the practise of lobbyists taking to social media to malign those prosecuted on animal welfare charges as disturbing. “In this case it is not deserved,” he said. The ministry sought a six month term of community detention and to recover $16,500 in costs, but did not ask that Deal be banned from owning animals. Judge Maze found a four month community detention sentence to be sufficient, but said it would be impossible for Deal to make the requested repayment, instead she ordered

him to repay $8000 by instalments. She also made reference to the stress burden Deal was under at the time. Mr Fletcher said the ministry accepted that Deal was still operating the farm and there had been no further problems. At an earlier sitting the court was told a national dairy co-operative was notified of serious problems on Deal’s property in November 2010 and May 2011. A plan was put in place but Deal made little effort to remedy the situation. In June 2011 the matter was referred to the former Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. A veterinary inspection found 70 per cent of the cows had bodyweights well below minimum standards. MAF contracted a farm consultant to provide assistance. However Deal was unreceptive to the advice offered, and a mandatory directive stipulating feed requirements was issued. By mid-July two vets, Federated Farmers representatives and another vet called in by Deal decided that 92 animals should be culled – euthanised or sold to meatworks. Two were shot on the spot to end their suffering. The animals were to be transported to a processing plant within seven days; twice Deal prevented this. A court order was gained by MAF, forcing Deal to dispose of 122 of the remaining cattle, the majority being sold and put on new grazing.

Mohua bird of the year

The mohua, or yellowhead, has been crowned Bird of the Year in Forest & Bird’s ninth annual poll. The bush canary won with 2464 votes out of more than 12,000 cast, and facing strong competition from the ruru and the southern rockhopper penguin. Once common in the South Island and Stewart Island, the mohua is now an endangered species, Forest & Bird said. For several decades, the mohua has had to battle it out with rats and stoats and com-

pete with wasps for food, and they are now battling climate change. Warmer summers increase the likelihood that the beech trees that the mohua lives amongst will mast (drop seeds). This causes a spike in predator numbers. When the predators run out of food, they inevitably turn to eating native birds. Forest & Bird said the number of votes for the rarely seen, and little-known bird speaks volumes about our desire to see these birds spread their wings. - APNZ

Photo SuSan SandyS

Turning pink for special night Pretty in pink, and decorated hats, are (from left) Sally Hickey, Mandy Gordon, Colleen Stanley, Andrea Thompson and Jill Kerr. They are gearing up for the annual Foothills Ladies Pink Night to be held at Staveley’s Topp Lodge tonight. All are welcome to attend. It is just a gold coin donation at the door, and there will be stalls, a raffle and prizes for the best hats. Topp Lodge owner Lynda Topp will be judging. Money raised will go to the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation. Last year $1500 was raised, a figure this year’s organisers are hoping to beat.


Ashburton woman suffers three injuries due to surgery By Lee ScanLon A patient suffered three injuries as a result of surgery at Grey Base Hospital, the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) says. Jen Branje, 45, of Ashburton, was living in Westport when the alleged surgical botch-ups occurred. She had a hysterectomy and repairs to her bladder and vagina at Grey Hospital in June last year. Mrs Branje said she was never warned about possible complications from the tape the surgeon inserted to hold up her bladder. When she suffered post-operative complications, she discovered the tape was embedded in her tissue. She had corrective surgery at Grey Hospital last October to cut and resection the tape, but the second surgery was also botched, she said. An ACC specialist has now identified she suffered three surgical injuries: Nerve damage, which was causing thigh pain;

Urinary obstruction because the tape was inserted too tightly; Erosion and exposure of the ends of the tape through her tissue. The specialist said all three injuries were uncommon. ACC agreed to cover them but declined to cover Mrs Branje’s anterior/posterior prolapse because neither was a new injury resulting from surgery. Mrs Branje said her health was still poor. She still had no feeling in her thighs, she often suffered “freaky pain and twitching” in her legs and was unable to stand or sit for long periods. Driving to medical appointments in Christchurch was an effort, she said. She was using meditation to control her pain and was still awaiting remedial surgery. It had been delayed after she had a turn and had to be checked out by a cardiologist. Because ACC would not cover her prolapse, she might have to have the prolapse repaired in the public health system and have the other operation privately. She was disappointed ACC

would not compensate her for loss of earnings because she had been off work for two years - as a result of her medical conditions - before the Grey Hospital surgery. She would have been back at work long before now if her surgery had been successful, she said. “I shouldn’t be waiting another year to get better and go back to work.” She was now putting her case in the hands of a lawyer. When Mrs Branje requested her medical records from Grey Hospital earlier this year, the West Coast District Health Board (DHB) sent her an incomplete file and mistakenly included two pages of confidential medical files for a Westport woman. At the time, the DHB apologised for the mix-up, but declined to comment on Mrs Branje’s medical complaint. The Westport News sought comment from the DHB yesterday, following the ACC ruling. It said key staff were unavailable but it should be able to respond today. - APNZ

News 6

Ashburton Guardian

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


In brief

Orange House back on top By Myles HuMe

It may have been a slight blip last year, but Ashburton College’s Orange House has its name back on the coveted House Trophy for this year. After its undisputed reign from 2009 to 2011, the Orange House lost its grasp on the Ashburton College House Trophy, surrendering to Blue House last year. However, through points earned in sports, cultural and academic activities, Orange House co-captains Nick Ralston and Melissa Gooseman, both 18, can celebrate having their house’s name back on the prize. “I think our overall participation was key to us winning it this year,” Nick said, after hugging his co-leader when they were announced victorious. “We always had teams and people turning up on the day to get us our points. I think we were quite strong both in sporting and cultural activities.” The winning house was announced during Ashburton College’s Winter Blues Ceremony, which sees pupils handed blue and prestigious colour awards, along with speeches from the head boy and girl and six 2014

Cheeky thief? A man who claimed to be checking the Sky reception at a Waikato property last week may have been scoping it out as a potential burglary target, police say. The man, who was wearing a Sky Television shirt, pulled up at the property on Te Wiata Lane, Ngaruawahia, about 11.40am on Wednesday. - APNZ

Graves vandalised Angry families devastated at the vandalism of the children’s burial area in the Sala St Cemetery are hopeful the perpetrator will be found. Sands Rotorua spokesperson Jennifer Anastasi said the vandalism had incensed a lot of people. “Someone knows something. I would hope it would at least make them consider their actions and the impact it has on families,” she said. - APNZ

Jailed for eight years

Orange House representatives (back row, from left) Jack Dudley, Courtney van der Eik, Shaun Stagg, Phoebe Ganda, Hannah Cairns and Stacey Hopwood along with co-captains Melissa Gooseman (front, left) and Nick Ralston after winning the Ashburton College House Trophy yesterday. Photo tetsuro MitoMo 291013-tM-109

candidates. Last year’s champions, Blue House, slipped to last place

this year, while Green managed third and Red asserted itself in second place.

“The competition really is quite fierce, the trophy is really well contested,” Melissa said.

A former osteopath has been sentenced to eight years in jail after being found guilty of sexual offences against women patients at his Gisborne practice. Richard James Davis, 53, was sentenced by Justice David Collins in the High Court at Wellington yesterday. He was earlier found guilty by a jury of eight sexual connection charges and seven indecent assault charges. The sexual violation charges related to allegations by some of the women that Davis performed invasive acts on them during treatment. - APNZ

Top travel spots Tourism experts say the West Coast’s inclusion as a world top 10 destination in the Lonely Planet travel guide is a significant opportunity for the region. Lonely Planet, the largest travel guide book publisher in the world, ranked the West Coast among the world’s top 10 regions in its Best in Travel 2014 book. Coming in at eighth place, the Coast features alongside Sikkim, India, at No 1, and The Kimberley in Australia at No 2. - APNZ


Missing teen safe Ash McBride

Sophie Congdon



Stacey Hopwood 291013-tM-074

Adam Tupper

Brendan Whalley



Harry Ferguson 291013-tM-094

Candidates give bid for office their best shot By Myles HuMe

Some were witty, others inspirational while most were motivating. Either way – Ashburton College pupils have a tough task ahead of them to elect their head boy and girl for 2014. Moments after incumbent head boy Kane Olsen and head girl Finau Fakapelea made their final farewell to the college, six short-listed Year 12 candidates stood in front of the college chessboard to stake their claim for the prestigious leadership role next year. Each of the short but sharp speeches packed a punch, and

left the more than 1200 pupils with a tough ask when they head to the polls next week. Ash McBride, 16, was the first to stamp her mark and already holds a strong leadership role in the school being the pupil representative on the Board of Trustees. She spoke of the college “being my passion” and the head girl role being her opportunity to give back to the place where the once quiet Rakaia School pupil came out of her shell. Sophie Congdon, 16, spoke of the fun, friendships and memories the college has produced over the years. She also spoke of her dream

to be proactive in maintaining its vibrant atmosphere. Stacey Hopwood was the final head girl candidate to speak, highlighting the huge progress the 16-year-old had made during her four years, and wanting to join the list of role models the college has generated. While the female candidates had dreams of filling the head girl position years ago, Adam Tupper, 17, only realised his calling for head boy this year, once considering it a “daunting and scary” job. “I’ve decided that it’s time to give back,” he said, before talking of his will to adapt and change to what is needed.

Brendan Whalley, 17, brought a humorous touch to his campaign speech, but also spoke of “adding that little bit extra” which he would do through hard work and discipline, skills he learned through competitive cycling. Harry Ferguson had the college in stitches for most of his speech with his dry jokes, but had the willingness to show he is the real deal. He highlighted “my experiences, my skills and my goals” as the main reasons for him to be elected along with his commitment to rugby, drama, the reading mentor programme and his DJ skills.

A West Coast teenager who has been missing for close to a week is believed to be safe in Queenstown, after posting a message to his step-mother on Facebook yesterday. Liam Stirling boarded a bus at Haast last Wednesday to travel to his father in Greymouth after staying with a Child, Youth and Family caregiver. Liam hopped off the bus when it stopped at Paringa and failed to return. The teenager messaged his mother on Facebook just before 10am, saying, “I’m all goods” (sic). - APNZ

Heron mowed down A woman was distraught after finding a rare white heron dead on the roadside, apparently after being mowed down by a vehicle. Ila Lee found the bird while out checking stock yesterday morning. The entire population of white herons in New Zealand numbers about 200. They nest near the mouth of the Whataroa River and then disperse around the country. - APNZ

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News 8

Ashburton Guardian

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Baking skills put to test Free technology tips BY GABRIELLE STUART


Ovens around the district are being overworked this week, as keen bakers roll up their sleeves, dig up old family recipes and begin baking up a storm for this year’s Ashburton A&P show. Ashburton siblings Ben and Hannah Wakelin will be amid the local chefs putting their creations before the judges this weekend, and have spent weeks preparing their specialties for the show. Fifteen-year-old Ben is now an old hand at the Ashburton A&P show, where he has been showing pieces since he was four years old. His 12-year-old sister, Hannah, is following in his footsteps and will compete in the wearable arts section as well as creating masterpieces for crafts and cooking categories. Glenys Rapsey from Oamaru is another old hand at the local show, and has been entering her baking for more than 10 years. She has taken the week off to cook for the show, and said that some of her recipes were such closely guarded secrets that she wouldn’t pass them on to even her own children.

At the Ashburton Guardian marquee at the A&P show this year there will be something for everyone, from tips for the technologically challenged to a chance for locals to shine in the limelight. IT training and technology company Ripped Orange will feature at the Guardian marquee on Friday, where they will answer questions and offer regular 15 minute sessions packed with tips and tricks both for businesses and private users. Ripped Orange area manager David Jackson said that a whole lot of technology became particularly relevant to Mid Canterbury as the district connected to the fibre optic broadband network, which provided a chance for businesses to branch out. But although the sessions would be primarily aimed at businesses, he said that they were also relevant to individuals. “The aim is to provide people with some juicy tips around using their devices that they aren’t aware of, and tips around



Ashburton siblings Ben and Hannah Wakelin have spent plenty of years cooking together for the Ashburton A&P show, and will be busy in the kitchen this week as they prepare their wares for judging. PHOTO DONNA WYLIE 221013-DW-255

up with after the show; which were passed around to the “waiting list” of friends, family and co-workers. Ashburton A&P Home Industries convener Marion Brown said that entries across the sections were fairly similar to last year’s numbers, with knitting, photography and preschool sections proving particularly popular this year. The Home Industries sections will be judged at 10am on Friday, at the Ashburton Showgrounds.

Living rurally means she has access to the freshest produce for her baking, but she suspects that it is also responsible for an extraordinary number of flops this year. “I’m surrounded by dairy farms, and at milking time my oven doesn’t seem to work properly. I don’t think it’s getting enough power in, because this year has been the worst run I’ve ever had.” What made entering the show particularly profitable, she said, was all the delicacies she ended

how to be more productive both for businesses and in social networking.” Anyone who registers for the sessions on the day will go in the draw to win a private coaching session for their business, worth $295. Also featuring at the Guardian marquee will be the chance to star in a photoshoot, pick a headline and feature on the front page of their own newspaper. Winners of the Ashburton Guardian colouring competition will also feature on the day, with entries available from local schools or the Guardian office.

WHAT, WHEN Ripped Orange technology tips on Friday at the Ashburton A&P show. 10am iPad and iPhone Tricks 11am Video Conferencing 12noon Windows 8 1pm   Microsoft Excel 2pm Office 365 for Business 3pm Microsoft Word 4pm Social Media

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News Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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Seven drivers on drink-drive charges The following people appeared on drink driving matters before Judge Joanna Maze in the Ashburton District Court yesterday. Lance Philip Wickliffe, 45, of Hampstead, pleaded guilty to refusing to give a blood sample for alcohol analysis, assaulting a police officer, driving while disqualified and careless use of a motor vehicle. The court was told Wickliffe lost control of his car on Willow Street, colliding with the corner of a car port before hitting a house. When police arrived he was asked to stay at the scene – he responded by swearing at a constable, before shoving him in the chest. Back at the police station, Wickliffe refused to supply a blood sample after failing to complete a breath alcohol test. In explanation Wickliffe said he hit his head and couldn’t remember anything. It was his third drink driving charge in three years. His lawyer Marilyn Gilchrist said the

incident had prompted him to seek help from Ashburton Alcohol and Drug Services, and resume taking prescribed medication. He was convicted, to return to court for sentencing on December 9, with a warning all sentencing options were on the table. Ngatokorua Urarii, 34, of Hampstead, paid his former partner an unannounced visit shortly before midnight on October 5 – after an afternoon drinking with mates. Thinking he was a prowler, she called the police – and Urarii was charged with drink driving with an excess breath alcohol level of 840 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath (EBA 840mcg/l). The legal limit for drivers 20 years and over is 400mcg. Yesterday he was convicted and fined $700, ordered to pay court costs of $130 and disqualified from driving for six months. Police were called to deal with

Tyron Jayhan Chapman by staff at a local service station, concerned about his tirade of abuse which culminated with him kicking the door of a stationary vehicle; that resulted in a disorderly behaviour charge. Chapman later claimed to have retaliated to racial abuse. When police arrived Chapman had left the scene but was found shortly later – police officers had to tackle and restrain the 19-year-old; that resulted in a charge of resisting arrest. On October 20, Chapman – a forbidden driver, was found behind the wheel with an EBA of 188mcg/l, when the youth limit is zero, resulting in a drink driving and driving while forbidden charges. Yesterday he was convicted on all matters, disqualified from driving for three months on the drink driving charge and ordered to complete 40 hours of community work Adrian John Ward, 51, of Mayfield, appeared for sentenc-

ing on charges of resisting police and refusing to give a blood sample for alcohol analysis. At an earlier appearance the court was told a sole police officer found Ward asleep on the seat of his vehicle which had run off the road in the Carew area. When spoken to an intoxicated Ward kicked the torch out of the officer’s hand, before scrambling around in the dark vehicle, saying he was looking for his gun to kill the officer. He emerged with a plastic fence standard, which he held as if it were a rifle. Pepper spray was eventually used to subdue and arrest him, causing him to spit at the officer. Once at the police station Ward refused to supply a blood sample. He was sentenced to four months’ community detention, with a 7pm to 7am curfew, disqualified from driving for 13 months. Judge Maze said the sentence was unusual but designed to take into account Ward’s medical difficulties.

Jackson James Reihana, 25, a truck driver of Ashburton, pleaded guilty to drink driving (EBA 618mcg/l). He was convicted, fined $550, order to pay court costs of $130 and disqualified from driving for six months. Brent Arthur Mairs, 19, of Ashburton, appeared for sentencing for drink driving and driving while suspended – he was fined $900 in total, ordered to pay court costs of $130, disqualified from driving for nine months and ordered to undertake six months’ of supervisions to include alcohol and drug assessments and treatments as directed. It was Mairs’ third conviction for drink driving. Brendan James Sugrue, of Ashburton, pleaded guilty to drink driving (EBA 589mcl/l). He was convicted and fined $400, ordered to pay court costs of $130 and disqualified from driving for six months.

Driving while suspended Christopher Jared Twamley, 29, of Netherby, was convicted of driving while suspended – he was fined $250, ordered to pay costs of $130 and disqualified from driving for six months. Gordon Green, a farm worker of Ashburton, was convicted of driving while suspended – he was fined $200 and disqualified from driving for six months. Jarred Raymond McGuire, 29, a shift manager of Methven, was convicted on his fourth count of driving while disqualified – he was sentenced to com-

plete 75 hours of community work, disqualified from driving for 12 months – and reminded the indefinite disqualification sentence handed down in 2011 would still be active at the end of the new disqualification. Andrew Kiri Junior Teroi, of Christchurch, was convicted on his third count of disqualified driving. He was sentenced to 60 hours of community work, disqualified from driving for 12 months, beginning March 2 when his current disqualification term ends.

Fingered by own stash By the time police arrived to deal with an altercation between Mongrel Mob and Black Power gang members outside the Devon Tavern, the culprits had scarpered – leaving behind items of clothing and a backpack. That turned out to be bad news for Brendan Jared Thompson, 36, who owned the pack, which contained 27 grams of cannabis – and prescription medication with his name on it. Yesterday Judge Joanna Maze fined him $120 on the cannabis charge, and ordered him to pay $100 in costs. Ebelyza Tepaeru Webb took exception to another woman talking about her – so she beat her up. The court was told the 24-year-old Hampstead resident attacked the woman on the dance floor in a local night-

club, punching her in the head repeatedly and knocking her to the ground. Webb then continued the attack. Judge Maze said even though this was Webb’s first offence, a sentencing report was required. Judge remanded Webb on bail for sentencing on December 9, and recommended she turn up with a reparations payment. Eighteen-year-old Brooke Anthony Monson told police he was being chased by a dog when he escaped by entering an unlocked car in July. He left the vehicle with a vacuum cleaner, 30 rolls of toilet paper and some Lotto tickets. His excuse for taking the vacuum cleaner was that he would need one when he left home. Yesterday he pleaded guilty to a charge of theft and was fined $200 and ordered to pay court costs of $130

Winning window

BNZ staff member Tania Sheridan earned herself a $100 Ashburton Trust voucher for her team by creating a winning window. PHOTO TETSURO MITOMO 291013-TM-038



Their rugby playing days might be well behind them but members of the Mid Canterbury supporters’ club are as dedicated to the game as the current players. They turn up to most matches to see their boys in action, they celebrate with them post-match and occasionally they’re also called on to judge window dressing competitions. And that’s what the club’s president Colin Morgan and vice-president Ant McGirr did in the lead up to the end of season final against North Otago. They toured town, checking window displays and decided the detail and thought that had gone into a creation by the BNZ’s team gave them a well deserved win. The window depicts a team of chubby piggy money boxes on field, with Mid Canterbury scoring, leaving North Otago in their wake. Tania Sheridan led the BNZ team to victory. For her efforts Ms Sheridan earned her team a $100 voucher from the Ashburton Trust. “I think we’ll be having a wee Christmasy tipple with that,” she said.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Extolling successes Coen Lammers EDITOR


here would have been some sore heads around Mid Canterbury the past few days. Mid Canterbury deservedly claimed the Meads Cup on Saturday to start the festivities in style. After a week of terrific build-up excitement the boys delivered in front of a massive crowd and made everyone in green-and-gold country walk a little taller. In fact it was a wonderful day for the Crusaders region and especially those hailing from Mid Canterbury. Former Hammers Tim Perry and Gary Redmond were part of the Tasman team that beat Hawkes Bay to win the ITM Cup, while Canterbury finished off the Crusaders’ dominance by claiming their sixth consecutive ITM Cup title. In provincial rugby terms it just doesn’t get any better than that. Many players and supporters carried on the celebrations through Sunday’s rodeo in Methven and Monday’s races in Ashburton and some would have struggled getting back to work yesterday. But despite the tired bodies and empty wallets there will be few regrets. Glenn Moore’s men have managed to put the representative team back in the spotlight. Some shrewd recruiting, including import first five-eighth Murray Williams added the vital finesse and the bumper crowd showed their appreciation for winning Mid Canterbury’s first trophy in 15 years. The local rugby scene has long been dominated by the combined club competition and the Watters Cup, but last weekend has put the representative season back on the pedestal where it belongs. Too often, the Mid Canterbury team has been considered an afterthought for some players and coaches but Saturday’s win has put Ashburton back on the national rugby map. With success comes expectations, so it will be interesting how the team reacts and who will return to defend the title. The Crusaders have shown that winning teams attract ambitious players, so a few more talented imports may eye Ashburton as an appealing option for their careers, on and off the field.

YOUR VIEW Free lunch Just going to see the boss. If I work in the morning and then again in the afternoon, I should get a free lunch. Or is that just for those who have a sense of entitlement? For the rest of us it’s called a normal working day. Wonder how I’ll get on with the boss? Wish me luck. TFTK (Text message, edited)


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Misread As a town dweller I was quite surprised at Mr Richards’ letter. He could not have read the report properly otherwise he would see that if correct it would only affect about 100 people and not the whole of Mid Canterbury as he implies. (Text message, edited)


by David Fletcher


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Balancing growth and demand

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Andrew Dalziel



shburton District Council has recently been in infrastructure catch-up mode, embarking on a number of significant projects intended to position this district as an attractive place to live and work. A key challenge for councils is how to balance growth and demand for new and expanding services with affordability and the requirement to be financially responsible. When considering how to pay for council assets and services elected members need to come to a view on how fair and equitable the amount of rates collected and the size of future rates increases are to them, their ratepayers, residents, and the electors they represent. The council’s current financial year runs from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014. The former council set the rates for this period. Total council revenue for the period is forecast to be $53.9 million. Rates revenue is expected to make up about $26.8 million or a little under half of this. The total rate revenue figure is comprised of two parts. General rates, currently about $8.3 million, and targeted rates, $18.5 million. General rates are set on all rateable properties within the district, while targeted rates are paid by specific groups of ratepayers for specific services. The council collects the rates over six instalments in the year. There are 15,168 rateable properties in the Ashburton district. The average total rate payable this year for an urban property with a capital value of $242,000 is $1570. For a $7 million dollar farm in a rural

Today’s online poll question Q: Did Fonterra handle the botulism scare well?

CONTACTS Council rates are comprised of two parts; general and targeted rates.

area the average total rate is in the order of $7470. The district’s biggest ratepayer is a large corporate that pays $155,000; substantially more than any other ratepayer in the district. At the other extreme, last financial year we had 764 ratepayers who qualified for the Government’s rate rebate scheme. Total rebates amounted to $395,350. The average rebate was $517.48. The council administers the scheme for the Government and we estimate it costs us about $5600 per year to do so. The council’s 2012/2022 Long Term Plan, which has a 10 year focus, forecasted the total average rate increase for the current financial year at 7.4 per cent. When it came time to actually set the rates in June this year the former council was able to get this figure down to an overall 5.07 per cent increase. The same Long Term Plan forecasts the next financial year’s rate increase to again be 7.4 per cent. In the following year, 2015/2016 a 6.6 per

cent increase is forecast; and in 2016/2017 a 5.6 per cent increase is forecast. The former council set rate cap limits. The limits are not easily exceeded. Next financial year the limit is set at a total average rate increase of 8.5 per cent; 6.6 per cent in 2015/2016; and 6.7 per cent in 2016/2017. Ashburton’s forecast rate increases are higher than the associated local government price index forecasts (3.5 per cent to 3.7 per cent for the next three years), reflecting in large part recent decisions to invest in infrastructure. The extent to which the new council will be able to reduce the size of these forecast rate increases is influenced by a number of factors. But essentially it boils down to either offsetting rate increases by increasing other revenue sources, things like fees and charges for instance, or by reducing expenditure, so that the revenue is not required in the first place. The recent announcement that Cabinet has decided to limit the types of community infrastructure councils can

obtain development contribution funding for won’t help our council. Development and financial contributions make up $3.4 million or a little over 6 per cent of Ashburton District Council’s revenue. It looks like $280,000 pa. of development contributions to partially fund the capital costs of community projects will no longer be available to the council. If the ‘gap’ is plugged with rates revenue that will require over another 1 per cent rates increase. The new council begins looking at its planned 2014/2015 budget in December. By April next year we will be consulting on a draft budget and the size of the rate increase. Actual rates will be set near the end of June. Collectively, elected members and council management will be doing their best to trim back the size of any rates increase, but also to ensure for whatever rates are paid, value for money is given. Andrew Dalziel, CEO, Ashburton District Council

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

In brief


China ‘jeopardising peace’ Japan’s defence minister says China is jeopardising peace, days after China warned any bid to shoot down its drones over disputed islands would constitute “an act of war”. Itsunori Onodera’s comments are likely to further heighten fears that the two countries could be sliding towards conflict over the outcrops in the East China Sea, with China showing off its fleet of nuclearpowered submarines and Japan readying for wargames. “The intrusions by China in the territorial waters around the Senkaku islands fall in the ‘grey zone’ (between) peacetime and an emergency situation,” Onodera told reporters in Tokyo yesterday. The two sides have been at loggerheads over the island chain, which China claims and calls the Diaoyus, since Tokyo bought three of them from a private Japanese owner in September 2012. The comments from Onodera follow those from China’s defence ministry at the weekend and appear to have taken the verbal fisticuffs to a new level. On Monday, China’s coastguard sent four vessels into the waters around the islands, where they stayed for two hours, shadowed by their Japanese counterparts. That came after three consecutive days in which Tokyo scrambled jets to meet Chinese aircraft as they traversed a strait leading to the Pacific. They did not enter Japanese airspace. “They were two early-warning aircraft and two bombers,” Onodera told reporters yester-

Taiwan says it has lodged a complaint with Apple over new iPhone and computer operating systems that describe the island as a province of China. The move came after local internet users found that maps on the operating systems iOS 7 and version 10.9 of OS X automatically displayed “China Taiwan province” in simplified Chinese characters whenever they searched for “Taiwan”. “It does not fit with the reality,” Kelly Hsieh, the head of the foreign ministry’s Department of North American Affairs, told reporters yesterday. “We’ve made representations to Apple. Matters like this must not be compromised.” - AFP

Gunmen kill tribal elder A pro-government tribal elder and six members of his family have been killed by unknown gunmen who stormed their home in southwest Pakistan, officials say. The pre-dawn attack occurred early yesterday in Dera Bugti district, about 450 kilometres southeast of Quetta, the capital of Baluchistan province, a hub for separatist rebels, Islamist insurgents and sectarian militants. Abdul Jabbar, a senior government official, said said more than a dozen attackers armed with assault rifles and other sophisticated weapons came in and sprayed the family with bullets. - AFP Drones flying over the islands disputed by Japan and China may cause tensions to rise to dangerous levels in the area. ap photo

day. “It was unusual that so many aircraft flew between the Okinawan main island and Miyako island. “We consider that it is also very unusual that it occurred for three days in a row. “We understand that it is one of the trends showing that China is now vigorously expanding its areas of activities, including into the open ocean.” China’s defence ministry said on Saturday that Japan’s firing on its aircraft “would constitute

a serious provocation, an act of war of sorts” and vowed “firm countermeasures”. On Tuesday, Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters Japan should “stop hyping up the external threat theory and elaborate to the international community the true intent of (its) military buildup”. Akira Kato, professor of defence and security at Obirin University in Tokyo said the two sides appeared to be painting themselves into a corner,

and things could only get worse without a diplomatic channel of communication. “Since China is unlikely to tone down its stance, tensions are likely to increase further,” he said. “For Tokyo, the Japan-US security alliance is the fallback,” he said, referring to the security pact under which the United States must come to Japan’s aid if it is attacked. “The case will be a crucial test to see if the alliance can function.” - AFP


Wild weather rips through New South Wales A woman has been struck by lightning, a couple trapped when their car was wrapped in fallen powerlines and roofs blown away by wild weather in NSW. Large hailstones and damaging winds thrashed parts of the state yesterday, with the hardest hit areas south and north of Sydney making up a large proportion of emergency call outs. The NSW State Emergency Service (SES) received 630 calls for assistance by 6:30pm yesterday, while Ausgrid received 500 reports of hazards on the electricity network and worked to restore power to 9000 homes in Sydney and the Central Coast.

Apple upsets Taiwan

Most SES call outs were for trees down and damaged roofs, including in Newport where a roof was blown away. There was relief for parts of the fire-ravaged Blue Mountains with as much as 50mm of rain, but other areas received just 2mm and lightning sparked new blazes elsewhere. “It was helped in some areas but in other areas, if it hasn’t put the fires out, it will stop us doing back burning operations for a couple of days,” Rural Fire Service spokesman Ben Shepherd told AAP. He said that there are new fires in the Coffs Harbour and Clarence Valley areas, adding that the RFS would reassess all

the fires on Wednesday morning. A Catholic school in Balmain lost part of its roof as gusts of up to 90 km/h lashed the Sydney metropolitan area. Louise McNeill escaped unscathed following a lightning strike in Kincumber on the Central Coast. “Something hit my arm and I thought I had been struck by lightning,” she told the Seven Network. “(But) it’s the tree that had been (struck) and it’s affected me and had given me a jolt.” An elderly couple were trapped in their car at Lansvale, a town near Liverpool, for half an hour after a tree and

powerlines fell on their vehicle. They were taken to hospital with possible back, neck and limb injuries. Trees and powerlines also fell on three people at Engadine in Sydney’s south, with the trio taken to St George Hospital where they are in a stable condition. A verandah at a boarding house in the central Sydney suburb of Newtown also collapsed, pulling down powerlines. A severe thunderstorm warning for damaging winds and hailstones is still in place for the Northern Rivers and parts of the Mid North Coast and Northern Tablelands. - AAP

Militant killed by drone A senior militant in charge of suicide attacks for al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab rebels has been killed in a drone strike, a Somali government official says. Interior Minister Abdikarin Hussein Guled said that Somali intelligence services had been tracking Ibrahim Ali Abdi, for some time before the strike took place on Monday. The minister did not say who carried out the attack, but an official in Washington said the US military carried out a drone strike targeting al-Shabab in Somalia that day. - AFP

Dozens die of thirst Dozens of migrants from Niger, most of them women and children, have died of thirst in the Sahara desert earlier this month after their vehicle broke down, officials say. One survivor recalled how a man watched his wife and nine children die, and said the migrants, headed for Algeria, had been packed “like cattle” into overcrowded vehicles. “Thirst was the main cause of the deaths of our wives and children,” Sadafiou said, adding that “hunger and the travelling conditions also took their toll”. - AFP

Divorce soars in Beijing Beijing’s divorce rate has rocketed as couples seek to avoid a property tax by using a loophole for those whose marriages end. Nearly 40,000 couples divorced in the Chinese capital in the first nine months of this year, up 41 per cent on the same period in 2012. In March China introduced a capital gains tax of 20 per cent on the profits owners make from selling residential property. But the terms allow couples with two properties who divorce and put each house into one person’s name to then sell them tax-free under certain conditions - after which they can remarry. - AFP


Ashburton Guardian

Wednesday, October 30, 2013



Hotel now on a solid footing

By SuSan SandyS Methven Resort has sold to a North Canterbury couple, who will take over the town’s largest hotel on December 2. Current owners Mark Smith and Ann Tillson have owned and operated the venue for the past five years, and today pride themselves on having turned around its checkered history. “The doors were locked shut,” Mr Smith said yesterday of the state of the hotel when the couple bought it in a mortgagee sale after its owner at the time, Dynasty Group, failed to pay a long list of creditors. Mr Smith and Ms Tillson came from a background of turning places around, having built up French Farm Winery at Akaroa after it closed, and soon got to work renovating the hotel across its four floors and promoting it to the conference and wedding market. They made connections in the Methven community and hosted a wide array of local events such as the Mount Hutt College ball and service

and farm group meetings. “We turned it upside down, inside out, it’s an integral part of Methven now,” Mr Smith said yesterday. Mr Smith said selling the resort now had not been part of the couple’s long term plan, but they had had to bow out earlier than expected due to personal reasons. “Another three years would have been just wonderful, but it wasn’t meant to be,” he said. The new owners wished to remain anonymous for the time-being, but they were looking forward to operating the resort, which would continue in the same format with the same staff. “I’m sure they will get involved with the community just like we have, everything carries on the same except Mark and Ann won’t be here.” They would be remaining in the South Island, he said. Methven Resort opened as Centrepoint in 1982 and has had a myriad of owners over the years, including hotel chains such as Sovereign and Chancellor.

Mark Smith and Ann Tillson have turned around Methven Resort’s checkered past, and are now moving on after selling the high profile venue. photo sarah mcnally

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Door open for more complaints By tamSyn Parker The High Court has given ANZ and National Bank customers until December 13 to sign up to a lawsuit over fees, according to a group taking the case. Fair Play on Fees lawyer Andrew Hooker lodged documents against the ANZ - New Zealand’s largest bank - in June. At the time around 13,500 ANZ/National Bank customers had registered to take part in the case and there was no guarantee that others would be able join it. Hooker said yesterday the court ruling would give thou-

sands more people the opportunity to sign up. “We are very happy for those ANZ/National Bank customers who came to us wanting to join the campaign after the court documents were lodged. “We have over 1000 clients in this situation. “It is important that everyone who wants to take part in the action gets the opportunity to do so.” Hooker said there could be tens or hundreds of thousands of Kiwis still eligible to join the case. The case alleges that default fees charged by the bank in situ-

ations such as unarranged overdrafts, bounced cheques and late and over limit credit card fees are “unenforceable penalties” and should be returned to customers. Hooker said the case had also been allowed to continue as a whole rather than being broken into six groups covering the different fees as ANZ wanted. “The reason that an unarranged overdraft fee on a deposit account is unfair is the same reason that a credit card late payment fee is unfair - these fees are set far above what it actually costs the bank to manage the default that arises.” - APNZ

Sell price

Last Daily Volume sale move ’000s

A2 Corp ATM 68 69 68 – 692.79 162 165 162 –7 326.53 Air NZ AIR 541 548 548 +6 213.72 AMP AMP 3870 3900 3900 +112 66.6 ANZ Banking Gr ANZ 92.5 93 93 – 739.44 Argosy Prop Tr ARG 348.5 349.5 348.5 +5 1,102.2 Auckland Intl Apt AIA 261 262 261 +5 1,451.3 Chorus CNU 520 521 521 +1 470.86 Contact Energy CEN Diligent BM Services DIL 450 455 455 –15 133.12 158 159 159 – 233.1 DNZ Prop Fund DNZ 960 967 960 –9 43.7 Ebos Gr EBO 355 358 355 –9 654.54 F&P Healthcare FPH 949 950 950 –10 966.63 Fletcher Building FBU – 261.59 Fonterra Sh’ders Fund FSF 687 688 688 436 440 436 +16 81.2 Freightways FRE 103.5 104 104 –0.5 644.65 Goodman Prop Tr GMT 59 59.5 59 – 155.87 Guinness Peat Gr GPG 493 498 498 +6 26.04 Hallenstein Glasson HLG 85 86 85 –1 285.28 Heartland NZ HNZ 251 254 252 –4 1,354.7 Infratil IFT 375 388 385 +21 232.92 Kathmandu Hldgs KMD 108.5 109 108.5 –1.5 434.8 Kiwi Prop Tr KIP 1145 1160 1145 –3 8.532 Mainfreight MFT 408 409 408 +2 1,074.5 Metlifecare MET 149 151 149 – 65.95 Michael Hill Intl MHI +2 1,772.7 Mighty River Power MRP 219 220 220 348 350 348 –2 226.03 Nuplex Ind NPX 82 84 84 – 161.28 NZ Oil & Gas NZO 126 127 127 +1 25.73 NZX NZX 165 171 167 +4 17.85 Oceana Gold OGC 1375 1380 1380 +10 88.08 Port Tauranga POT 99 99.5 99.5 –0.5 262.69 Precinct Properties PCT 130 131 131 +1 468.24 Prop For Ind PFI 296 297 296 +4 69.35 Restaurant Brands RBD 745 746 746 –2 763.94 Ryman Healthcare RYM 163 164 163 – 71.21 Skellerup SKL 614 618 614 +4 3,362.1 Sky Network TV SKT 393 395 393 +7 3,932.7 Sky City SKC 308 314 307 +2 74.13 Steel & Tube STU +2 343.34 Summerset Gr Hldgs SUM 319 320 320 227.5 229 227.5 –4 6,382.3 Telecom NZ TEL 179 180 180 –1 262.58 Tower TWR 455 458 457 –6 2,033.7 Trade Me TME 692 694 690 –3 43.3 TrustPower TPW 257 258 258 –2 124.39 Vector VCT 129 130 130 +3 229.8 Vital Hlth Prop Tr VHP 367 373 368 –2 153.64 Warehouse Gr WHS 3980 4000 3980 +20 124.35 Westpac Banking WBC 2775 2790 2790 –80 602.4 Xero XRO 383 384 384 –4 392.54 Z Energy ZEL

NZX 50 index last 4 weeks 4890 4850 4810 4770 4730 4690

25/1 29/10 0

Buy price


Company CODE


ernment which retains a 51 per cent stake and retail and professional investors meant “the incentives to manage the business well will be sharper than ever”. Meridian chief executive Mark Binns thanked his staff who had been working for 18 months on what was the largest ever IPO in New Zealand. While shares were issued at $1.50 investors paid only $1 up front for the first instalment receipt. That is what has begun trading yesterday. The second instalment isn’t due to be paid until May 2015. - APNZ

At close of trading on Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Shares in New Zealand’s largest electricity company Meridian Energy debuted on the NZX at $1.08, 8c above the initial $1 paid by investors. The shares were issued at $1.50 each but under the instalment receipt mechanism adopted by the Government to boost interest in the partial float, investors paid $1 initially and will pay a further 50c in 18 months’ time. Speaking at a function at NZX’s Wellington headquarters for the company’s market debut, Finance Minister Bill

English said the Government’s share offer programme was important to add depth and vitality to the local sharemarket while it also freed up cash for the Government to invest in priority public assets without having to borrow. State Owned Enterprises minister Tony Ryall said the float was “a sign of real confidence in the NZ economy”. “Today’s listing adds to the momentum, it’s a great milestone for Meridian and marks an new beginning for the company,” he said. The fact it would now operate under the scrutiny of the Gov-

NZX 50 constituents


By adam Bennett


Source: NZX


Shares 8c above their initial price

 NZX 50 index

4,852.59 –10.76 –0.22%

 NZX 20 index




 NZX All index

5,198.54 –18.07 –0.35%

 Rises 57

 Falls 40


 S&P/ASX 200 index




At close of trading on October 29, 2013

 Dow Jones Indust.

15,568.93 –1.35 –0.01%

At close of trading on October 28, 2013

 FTSE 100 index




At close of trading on October 28, 2013

 Nikkei 225 index

14,325.98 –70.06 –0.49%

At close of trading on October 29, 2013



 Gold


London – $US/ounce

 Silver




London – $US/ounce



 Copper London – $US/tonne





Source: BNZAs at 4pm October 29, 2013


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TT buy

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0.8588 0.8494 4.7066 0.5892 1.4491 0.506 79.15 1.6787 7.9948 24.84 0.8152

Disclaimer: NZX and MetService have endeavoured to ensure the correctness of the information; neither NZX, MetService related companies, nor this newspaper, nor any of their respective employees or agents make any representation as to its accuracy or reliability nor will they, to the extent permitted by law, be liable for any loss arising in any way from, or in connection with, errors or omissions in any information provided (including responsibility to any person by reason of negligence). Please note: All products and services are subject to change without notice.

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When only homema


t’s easy to open a packet of bought biscuits when you want something tasty to enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee, but it’s much nicer to open a jar and take out a homemade biscuit. Making biscuits is not difficult. Many recipes require a cake mixer but there are plenty that don’t, simply relying on beating butter and sugar and then adding flour and a few spices and other ingredients to create a tasty mixture. Homemade might take a little more time than grabbing a packet from the supermarket shelf, but the taste difference is considerable. Add to that the benefits of knowing exactly what is in your biscuit and it takes a lot to beat making your biscuits from scratch.

Shortbread 250g butter, softened 3/4C Icing Sugar 1/2C cornflour 1 1/2 C standard flour Preheat oven to 150°C. Beat butter & Icing sugar until creamy. Mix in cornflour and flour. On a floured surface, roll out dough to 1 cm thick and cut into fingers. ■ Carefully place on a greased oven tray. ■ Prick with a fork. Bake for 25–30 minutes, until shortbread is pale but crisp. ■ Cool on a wire rack and store in an airtight container. ■ ■ ■ ■

Melting moments 250g butter 1 tsp vanilla essence 1/2C Icing Sugar 1 1/2 C flour 3/4 C cornflour

Mmmmmm melting moments. Filling 50g butter, softened 3/4 C icing sugar 1T maple-flavoured syrup ■ Preheat the oven to 180°C. Line 2 baking trays with non-stick baking paper. ■ Beat butter, Icing sugar and vanilla with an electric mixer until creamy. ■ Sift together the flour and cornflour, add to the creamed mixture and mix well. ■ The mixture will resemble breadcrumbs. ■ Roll heaped teaspoonfuls into balls and place on a baking tray. ■ Press down lightly with a fork. Note: the biscuits won’t spread.

mid WEEK

■ Bake for 12-15 minutes until the biscuits are firm and lightly golden, but not brown. ■ When biscuits have cooled, join in pairs with generous spread of the filling. ■ Store in an airtight container.

Jam biscuits 200g butter, softened 1/4C Icing Sugar 1 3/4C plain flour 1/4 C custard powder 1/4 C jam ■ Preheat oven to 170°C and grease or line a tray with baking paper. ■ Mix butter with icing sugar until smooth.

■ Add remaining dry ingredients and mix thoroughly. ■ Roll heaped teaspoon sized balls of dough and place on tray. ■ Use the handle end of a wooden spoon to press into centre of ball, stopping before it touches the bottom. ■ Fill centre with jam of your choice. ■ Bake for 15 - 20 minutes until pale golden.

Butterscotch biscuits 125g butter 175g White Sugar 1 egg 1 pkt Instant Butterscotch Pudding


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ade will do 4 T cornflour 175g self raising flour 3/4 C sultanas ■ Cream butter and sugar together until light and fluffy ■ Mix in the egg, then the packet butterscotch pudding. ■ Fold in the cornflour and flour. ■ Mix until stiff and the dough can be made into small balls ■ Roll balls into flour and then put on a wellgreased or baking paper lined oven tray. ■ Push down with a fork and bake at 190°C for 15-20 minutes until golden.

Chocolate Anzac biscuits 1 C flour ¾ C Sugar 1C rolled oats ½C diced dried apricots ½ C dark chocolate bits ¼C shredded dried coconut 3T golden syrup 120g melted butter 1 t baking soda ■ Preheat oven to 190°C conventional or 170°C fan bake.

■ Place all ingredients into a mixing bowl, mix till combined. ■ Place 1 tablespoon of mixture onto the greased baking sheet, press down with fork. ■ Bake for 12 minutes.

Peanut butter and chocolate chip biscuits 1/2 C of softened butter 1/2 C smooth or crunchy peanut butter 1/2 C white sugar 1/2 C soft brown sugar, firmly packed 1 egg 1 1/4 C flour 1/2 t baking powder 1/2 t baking soda 1/4 t salt 1 C chocolate chips ■ Preheat oven to 180°C. ■ Cream the butter, peanut butter and sugars until light. Add the egg and mix until fluffy. ■ Blend the flour, baking powder, soda and salt together well. ■ Add these dry ingredients to the butter mixture. Add the chocolate chips. ■ Drop cookie dough by teaspoonfuls onto lightly greased baking sheets. Bake for 10-12 minutes.

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The quality of the food we eat is our best health insurance, says food writer and author Rowan Bishop. Colleen Thorpe talks to Rowan about her latest book, called Rowan with Relish.

Something to really relish


uthor Rowan Bishop has developed over 50 preserves recipes designed to reduce sugar content and let the natural qualities of ingredients shine through. Tell us three key points of successful preserves: 1. Use produce that is unblemished and good quality. 2. Don’t use produce that is over-or under-ripe. 3. Ensure jars, bottles and lids are clean and sterilised. What is your cooking philosophy? Food should never be predictable, bland or boring. Explore cuisines to create new flavours and textures with different spices, herbs, methods and products; up the fresh herb content in just about everything; cut back sugar as much as possible. Who cooks at home? Mostly me, but my daughter and I love to cook together when she’s home. Occasionally, my husband cooks by taking all the leftovers from the fridge and making something, usually Asian style and pretty wonderful. Do you take a list to the supermarket ... or are you a random shopper? Both. How did you go about deciding what recipes to include in this book? I took a lot of our family and column favourites, plus I had a lot of fun inventing new ones, and playing around with flavour combinations. Which recipe is your favourite in this book? I truly don’t have a favourite, but I’d miss not having brinjal, smoke & lime feijoa chutney, preserved lemons, the eggplant kasundi pickle, life’s too short marmalade, raspberry vinegar and hot top shelf tomato chutney/ sauce in my cupboards most of all. Do you have a guilty pleasure? Not really. I love almost any cheese and probably eat too much of it; and I do enjoy hot, crisp chips. Who inspired your love of cooking? More what than who - travel was a big impetus, tasting dishes from other cuisines and being excited by that. Where did you train to be a chef ? I’m not a trained chef. I have an honours degree in history and English. Tell us three things about yourself that would surprise us. I just can’t think of anything here – I’m a very ordinary person. Maybe that I’ve always wanted to have a horse again, see more of New Zealand as I’ve travelled a lot, spend more time tramping. – APNZ

Photo CARolyn RoBeRtson

The recipe below is an extract from Rowan Bishop’s (above) book Relish, Bateman publishers. Rowan Bishop with Relish, by Rowan Bishop, Bateman publishers, $24.99

Rhubarb ‘champagne’ 1kg red rhubarb stalks 3 thin-skinned lemons 700g sugar 4 litres water ■ Slice the rhubarb into 2cm lengths. Chop the whole lemons roughly. ■ Dissolve the sugar in hot tap water. Place the prepared rhubarb and the chopped lemons in a non-metallic bowl or bucket, pour the dissolved sugar mixture over, cover with a clean cloth and set aside for 2-3 days, depending on how warm the outdoor temperature is. The mixture should have a light fizz when ready to bottle. ■ Strain very thoroughly through muslin and transfer to extra-clean 1.25-litre plastic bottles with screw-on tops. Fizzy-drink bottles are ideal. Don’t fill right to the top; leave a gap of 5-8cm, to allow the natural gases to rise. ■ Keep the bottles in a cool, dark place if possible for 2-3 days, or until the neck of the bottle swells and becomes quite hard, indicating the bottles should then be refrigerated. This could take up to 2 weeks, depending on temperatures. Serve chilled. ■ Plastic bottles work well for this method, as they are flexible enough to cope with natural gas expansion. Simply unscrew the tops to release excess gas if necessary, then tighten again. ■ Use thin-skinned lemons as thickskinned have more pith which may add a bitter note to the “champagne”. ■ Makes 3 x 1.25 litre bottles

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1 – The Catholic primary school in Ashburton is...? a. St Mary’s b. St Joseph’s c. St Francis’s 2 – What year was the Auckland Harbour Bridge opened? a. 1959 b. 1962 c. 1966 3 – Who led the warring factions in the 12th century civil war depicted in The Pillars of the Earth? a. Henry I and Richard I b. Stephen and Henry II c. Stephen and Matilda 4 – In the human body, the meninges...? a. Cushions the brain b. Cushions bone joints c. Cushions the ear bones 5 – Where is the building known locally as The Shard? a. Berlin b. London c. New Delhi 6 – In Arabic, a book is read from right to left. a. True b. False 7 – The first day of 2014 will be a...? a. Monday b. Tuesday c. Wednesday 8 – The oldest remaining building in the Ashburton Arcade carries an inscription M&T with what date? a. 1864 b. 1874 c. 1884

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Vietnamese scented lamb salad


400g Quality Mark lamb striploin 2T each chopped fresh basil, coriander and mint 2T each minced fresh garlic and chilli 2T olive oil

Dressing: 2t minced fresh ginger 1t minced fresh chilli 1T caster sugar ½ lime, quartered, deseeded and chopped 11/2 T fish sauce ½ C water

4 Featured today:2

Photographer David Strachan captured a calm and serene Lake Heron, in all its perfection in the winter.


Salad: 2 carrots, peeled and finely sliced 100g snowpeas, sliced 150g cellophane noodles 4 spring onions, trimmed and shredded ½ telegraph cucumber, deseeded and sliced

One of the biggest Methven rodeos on record Local man caught in global child porn sting Hammers bring it home Plenty of spills in the ring Who’s up for deputy mayor?

■ Cut the lamb into thin strips about 10cm long ■ Place in a bowl with the basil, coriander, mint, garlic, chilli and oil and toss to marinate. ■ Stand covered for 20 minutes. ■ Blanch the carrot strips and snowpeas quickly in boiling salted water and then refresh in cold. Drain. ■ Soak the cellophane noodles in boiling water for 10 minutes until tender and then cut into 10cm

lengths. ■ Drain well. ■ Heat a non-stick frying pan and cook the lamb over a high heat for about 3-4 minutes ■ Transfer to a bowl. ■ Add the salad ingredients, noodles and dressing and toss well. ■ Serve in bowls.

Recipe courtesy New Zealand Beef and Lamb


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In brief

Big Red happy to be back By Michael Brown Gary Wilkinson expected to be reading up on the law this year rather than the Breakers’ playbook but he said it took about “two seconds” to decide to return to a club he won two ANBL titles with. The 31-year-old arrived in Auckland yesterday and will play in Thursday night’s game against the Adelaide 36ers at the North Shore Events Centre. How much will depend on how he feels and how much the Breakers need him, but his presence has given a lift to a team that has made a poor start to the season with only one win in four games. Wilkinson didn’t expect to be playing basketball this year. He declined a contract in Europe so he could spend time with his ill father, who has since died, and also planned to go to law school. It’s something he wants to pursue once his basketball career is over, but the chance to return to the Breakers was too good to turn down. “It was an easy decision,” he said. “It took two seconds. I love it here. “It’s like coming home. “It was a great feeling [catching up with the team again]. I’m still riding that high of coming back to New Zealand and being around people I love and care about.

“It’s about translating that into energy on the court and hopefully translating that into wins.” It’s why the Breakers took the drastic step so early in the season of cutting import Darnell Lazare as well as Kiwi Jeremiah Trueman to fit Wilkinson into the points cap. Coach Dean Vickerman has described him as a player who was like a “peacock” who could talk the talk both on and off the court. It places considerable pressure on Wilkinson but he has delivered before, averaging 16.2 points and 5.7 rebounds a game in the two seasons he played with the Breakers, and winning championships on both occasions. It would be unrealistic to expect the 2.03m American, who won titles in Estonia and Puerto Rico in the past 18 months, to slot back in straight away, but it hasn’t stopped suggestions that he is being painted as something of a saviour. “That’s the perception from the outside but, for us, it’s about bringing in a new piece in the puzzle,” said assistant coach Paul Henare, who played with Wilkinson in 2010/11. “Our job now is fitting him in as quickly as possible. It’s hard to do that in two days, especially with him not training today so tomorrow it will be about getting him familiar with some

After an absence from the fight game of almost a year, Shane Cameron is back training for a heavyweight bout in December which could lead to a dramatic rematch with David Tua. Cameron has committed himself to the heavyweight division after his disappointing loss to Australian Danny Green in a world cruiserweight title fight in Melbourne last November, and will fight a yet-to-be-determined opponent at a Fight for Life event on December 14. “I had a good think after that title fight ... the cruiserweight division, it’s too tough for me to get [my weight] down there,” he said. “I walk around naturally at 101kg, 102kg, and that’s with not a lot of fat on me anyway, so when I have to lose another 10kg to make cruiserweight, it just takes it out of me. “At heavyweight I feel strong

Australian Cameron Pilley advanced to the second round of the world squash championships after toppling trans-Tasman rival Campbell Grayson in his opening clash in England yesterday. The No.14 seed beat his unseeded New Zealand opponent in straight games 12-10 11-8 11-9 at the National Squash Centre in Manchester. Pilley, who will face Malaysia’s Nafiizwan Adnan next round, admitted the victory was “ugly” but was happy with the result. - AAP

Nick Willis struggled to get the balance between speed and accuracy and finished 13th in the 25-strong field at the speedgolf world championships in Oregon yesterday. The Olympic silver medallist had targeted a top-three finish and it looked possible when he lay in sixth at the end of the first day, after a round of 86 in 44 minutes 20 seconds for a score of 130.20. He was quicker in his second round, but his golf suffered as he took 97 shots for a score of 140.07. He was well behind winner Rob Hogan from Ireland, who won in a total of 236.55. Hogan had the fastest time both days, with Willis second fastest both days. - APNZ

Seahawks beat Rams Gary Wilkinson returns to the Breakers’ ranks on Thursday.

of the sets and systems, and his team-mates. “On Thursday, we will see how it goes.” The biggest adjustment might be around the new rules interpretations, which have limited the Breakers’ effectiveness. It was something that blunted Lazare’s game - he was

signed before the changes were announced - but Wilkinson is a bigger scorer, particularly from outside, and a match winner. The Breakers proved last season they could win without him when they claimed their third consecutive title. Right now they’re very happy to have him back. - APNZ

Cameron on course for Tua rematch and I know I can knock anyone out.” Cameron’s camp has assured that his opponent won’t be a pushover, but he isn’t likely to be much more than a first step on a journey which could lead to a Tua rematch or a fight against 21-year-old Joseph Parker. High-profile potential opponents in Australia are Alex Leapai and Lucas Browne. The fight between Cameron and Tua in Hamilton four years ago ended in the second round with Cameron being knocked out for only the second time in his career. However, far from being the end of his career, Cameron went on to win his next six fights, including a stunning knockout victory of his own against American Monte Barrett in Auckland, a heavyweight bout in all senses, before his loss to Green, a fight in which he was pushed

Grayson knocked out

Speedgolf not his game


By Patrick Mckendry

Ashburton Guardian 17

around after going from 96kg to 88.5kg in four months. Asked about the prospect of getting in the ring with Tua, Cameron was adamant he would welcome the chance. “It was just one of those things that can happen in the heavyweight division,” he said of his loss in what was dubbed ‘Fight of the Century’. “If he hadn’t caught me in the first round, who knows what might have happened? It was no different to what I

did with Barrett - I caught him with one punch and he was asleep for a couple of minutes. “It just shows you how brutal boxing can be. One punch can change the whole fight.” Cameron’s manager Ken Reinsfield said: “This is the boxing business. They’re the fights that people probably want to see. “They’d want to see Shane v David again, particularly after Shane beat Barrett. That showed that Shane’s totally capable of destroying the first guy that knocked Tua down.” - APNZ

Seattle’s defence made a goalline stand in the waning seconds yesterday as the Seahawks notched their fourth road win of the NFL season, 14-9 over St Louis. The Rams and veteran quarterback Kellen Clemens - making his 13th career NFL start - launched a drive from their own three-yard line with 5:42 remaining. Clemens led St Louis to the Seattle one-yard line, where Rams running back Daryl Richardson was stopped on third down, and Clemens then threw an incomplete pass aimed at Brian Quick as time expired. The Seahawks improved to 7-1, maintaining their lead in the NFC West division over the 6-2 San Francisco 49ers. - AFP

Boston getting close Boston are on the brink of an eighth World Series title after a David Ross double and terrific pitching from Jon Lester lifted the Red Sox to a 3-1 win over St Louis. Lester won the pitching duel over Cardinals starter Adam Wainwright yesterday as the two teams with the best records in the regular Major League Baseball season both had their aces on the mound at sold-out Busch Stadium. The victory gave the Red Sox a 3-2 lead in MLB’s best-ofseven championship series, which switches back to Boston’s Fenway Park for game six today. - AFP

WADA does Jamaica A tight-lipped three-member World Anti-Doping Agency team has arrived in Jamaica to begin what is expected to be a two-day extraordinary audit of Jamaica’s drug testing system. The team is headed by WADA’s director of education and program development Rob Koehler. The visit comes after reports that Jamaica’s athletes could face an Olympic ban if Jamaican antidoping authorities were found to be non-compliant with the World Anti-Doping Code. - AFP

Sport 18

Ashburton Guardian

In brief Fiji eye Kangaroos Fiji showed plenty of passion when kicking off their Rugby League World Cup campaign with a 32-14 win over Ireland, but coach Rick Stone wants more polish when they face the Kangaroos. Newcastle Knights winger Akuila Uate scored three of Fiji’s six tries and had another disallowed in Rochdale, two years after journeying to England as part of Australia’s Four Nations squad. Kevin Naiqama and brothers Tariq and Korbin Sims also grabbed four-pointers for Fiji in the rout of Ireland, who scored two tries in the last three minutes when the result was already beyond doubt. - AAP

Burgess banned England prop Sam Burgess faces only a one-match ban for the high tackle that floored Kangaroos forward Sam Thaiday in their Rugby League World Cup clash. The South Sydney NRL star was placed on report for a swinging arm that forced a dazed Thaiday from the field in England’s 2820 loss to Australia in Cardiff on Saturday. Some pundits felt Burgess should have been sent off over the incident while there were suggestions he could receive a suspension of several games to threaten his involvement in the rest of the tournament. - AAP

England seeks an edge England say they’ll kick off a campaign to turn Twickenham into their fortress ahead of hosting the 2015 Rugby World Cup when they face World Cup group rivals Australia on Saturday. The Cook Cup clash with the Wallabies kicks off England’s autumn campaign which also includes Tests against Argentina and the world champion All Blacks. - PA

O’Connor in London James O’Connor will begin his bid for a Wallabies return in Britain but Australian coach Ewen McKenzie stresses he needs to be playing Super Rugby next year to be considered for a recall. The sacked Wallabies star has travelled to the UK to join London Irish, with the English rugby union club set to officially announce his signing today. While the terms of his contract are not yet known, utility back O’Connor appeared to confirm it would be short term, saying on Twitter he was “London bound for a few months to play some rugby”. - AAP

Harbour coach quits North Harbour’s poor ITM Cup performance has claimed another victim. Coach Liam Barry has resigned after a three-year stint with the union when the side managed just four victories. Barry had been with the Blues franchise as an assistant coach since 2006 but left that role in 2011 to take up the Harbour duties when the union replaced Craig Dowd. Despite optimistic forecasts, Harbour’s results have deteriorated and they finished last in this year’s championship with a solitary win against the division champions Tasman. - NZH

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SBW targets Olympic gold By Michael Brown Sonny Bill Williams has a lot of goals still left to achieve in his grand plan, and has confirmed one of them is to win gold in rugby sevens at the 2016 Rio Olympics. The 28-year-old is presently in France helping the Kiwis in their attempt to defend the World Cup title they won in 2008. If New Zealand are successful again, he would become the first cross-code athlete to win both the rugby and rugby league World Cups. He also hopes to go back-toback with the Roosters in the NRL next season before helping the All Blacks retain the World Cup in 2015 and then winning Olympic gold. “It sounds a lot, bro, but that’s exactly what I’d love to do,” Williams told the Guardian. “There’s a lot of hard work and stiff competition ahead. “But it’s good to be honest and put it all out there as to what I want to achieve. It’s going to be intense - but I’m ready for everything.” A handful of All Blacks have previously made a successful transition in a short space of time to play at the Commonwealth Games, including Ben Smith, Liam Messam, Cory Jane and Hosea Gear, but sevens coach Sir Gordon Tietjens said Williams wouldn’t be afforded any special treatment. “Sonny Bill Williams is an exceptional footballer who certainly has all the qualities to make a very, very good sevens player,” Tietjens said. “If he wants to have a crack at the Olympics, he would be like any other All Black who expresses an interest and be required to play in some of the world series. “That will be a stipulation. They will be measured on their

Sonny Bill Williams: Master plan includes a sevens gold medal at the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

performances in the world series and that would be an opportunity to prove to me they are good enough. “To be good at it you need to be playing it and training it.” Williams has not yet confirmed his next move and nothing is certain with him until it’s official. He has signalled he intends to re-sign with the Roosters next season, turning down approaches from the Chiefs and NZRU, before switching back to rugby in 2015. It’s an exciting proposition and Benji Marshall and Shaun Johnson loom as other possible starters for Rio. Marshall recently signed up with the Blues and NZRU until the end of 2015 at which time the former touch exponent might target sevens, while Johnson said last year

that he was “very interested” in playing at the Olympics, although he would have to switch codes. Legacy is important to Williams, which is part of the reason why he changed his mind about playing for the Kiwis at the World Cup. He initially said he wasn’t available before backtracking after the 24-man squad had been announced, which saw Tohu Harris jettisoned out of the squad. “After the grand final, I was 70-30 thinking I was going back to rugby,” Williams said. “I didn’t want to take anyone’s [World Cup] spot. “It’s ironic because I ended up doing that. “But I couldn’t sleep the night I said I was unavailable. “The next morning the team was named and I knew I wanted

to play. I’d fallen in love with league again, and knew that if I didn’t play I’d have regrets the rest of my life. “I honestly didn’t think a player would have to be dropped. “I sent a text to Tohu and tried to get hold of him but he was upset. “I want to repay everyone by working hard and playing some good footy.” ■ SBW’s master plan ■ * Two-time rugby World Cup winner ■ * Rugby league World Cup winner and first cross-code athlete to win both the union and league world titles ■ * Three-time NRL winner (Bulldogs and Roosters) ■ * Heavyweight boxing champion ■ * Olympic gold medallist


McCaw to get game time at No. 8 By wynne Gray Richie McCaw and Kieran Read have split the captaincy with the Crusaders and All Blacks and are job sharing on the end of year tour. For just the second time in his illustrious career, McCaw will start a test at No. 8 when the tourists begin their latest trip on Saturday against Japan in Tokyo. Initially the All Blacks’ goldplated stars McCaw and Daniel Carter were going to bypass the

match but injuries to both have forced coach Steve Hansen to rejig his plans. McCaw missed the June series as he finished his sabbatical and then three tests in the Rugby Championship because of knee and calf injuries while Carter has played even less. Leg injuries have restricted his test appearances to just three from a possible 10 this season so both he and McCaw are being primed to start this match. “I think Japanese rugby is on

a high at the moment,” Carter said after the squad touched down in Tokyo. “You know they beat Wales in the last test match so we have to make sure we do our homework on the Japan side so we can play well on Saturday,” he said. McCaw will operate in a loose trio combination with Sam Cane and Steve Luatua with new pick Luke Whitelock on the bench as Read and Liam Messam fly to Paris to prepare for the test against France. That is the plan, but McCaw

and Carter have been named in other selections this year and had to withdraw because of ongoing niggles. One former All Black watching in Tokyo will be Jerome Kaino who will be named today in the Blues squad for next season. Despite growing scuttlebutt, the Blues say they have not picked up utility Isaia Toeava from his Japanese commitments. Wing Frank Halai is being set for his All Black debut against Japan. - NZH


Wednesday, October 30, 2013


In brief

Busy time ahead for Black Sticks By Daniel RichaRDson This week’s Oceania Cup marks the start of nine hectic months for the men’s Black Sticks. After navigating their way through the four-team tournament in Stratford, which gets underway today, Colin Batch’s side have a heavy diet of hockey ahead of them. They will travel to the World League Final in India in January, the Champions Challenge in Malaysia in April, the World Cup in the Netherlands shortly after, all before the Commonwealth Games get underway in Glasgow in July. “It’s a busy calendar for us and I see this [week] as the start of the preparation for that,” Batch said. “So there’s two focuses here; the development for next year but also the short term in doing well at the Oceania Cup.” New Zealand, ranked fifth in the world, will meet world No 3 Australia and Pacific Island nations Papua New Guinea and Samoa in Taranaki this week. The Black Sticks open their Oceania Cup campaign against world No 69 PNG this afternoon before meeting Australia tomorrow followed by a rest day

on Friday and they round out pool play against world No 72 Samoa on Saturday. The finals are set for Sunday where it’s all but guaranteed the hosts will meet Australia, but Batch said their games against the Pacific Island sides would serve a purpose. “It’s a tricky little tournament. We’ve got a quality side like Australia, who have had a lot of success over the years, we are looking forward to playing them; we have to play them twice,” Batch said. “But the Island teams, the trick is to prepare well against them as well because that’s part of the preparation for the Australian performance. So we need to take care ourselves in those games and have a focus about what we want to improve on.” Batch was thrown a slight curve ball yesterday with the withdrawal of James Coughlan who has a foot injury. Wellington’s Blair Hilton will replace Coughlan in the squad and the 24-year-old is poised to claim his 100th cap during the series as he currently sits on 99. The women’s tournament runs concurrently in Taranaki this week. - APNZ

No tears from Broad

With 179 caps Simon Child is a mainstay of the Black Sticks.

Tottenham defender Kyle Walker has signed a new contract keeping him at the English Premier League club until 2019. Walker has become a key figure at right-back for Spurs with 112 appearances for the north London club since arriving from Sheffield United in 2009

and has also broken into Roy Hodgson’s England team. The 23-year-old was voted the Professional Footballers’ Association young player of the year for 2012. “It’s fantastic,” Walker said yesterday. “When I first signed here at the age of 18, I always wanted to make it a long stay.

“The lads are fantastic as well as the manager and everyone surrounding the club - it just makes it a lot easier when they do offer you a contract to sign it. “I’m very thankful to the chairman Daniel Levy for giving me an extension on the contract and, hopefully, I can repay him by putting the performanc-


Vicki Moore Bronze I: Shirley Elliott, Ruth Fail – 65; Bronze II: Madeleine Stoddart, Robin Bennett – 68; Bronze III: Eleanor Langford - 59, Mary-Lou Watson - 60 Nearest The Pins: No 4 Gabites Shirley Elliott, No 8 House of Travel Ashburton: Jan Guilford, No 12 Lynn’s small Salon: Allison Hunt, No14 Todds of Ashburton: Gay Lane, 2nd Shot to Green: Heather Trott Twos: Jenny Kean – No 4, Sharon Bradford – No 14. Nine Hole Section: Thursday October 24th 3 clubs Winners: Bella Moore – 31, Allie Glossop – 34, Anne Fleming -36 by lot. Carpet Court balls: Murray Lister, Lorraine Hansen.

Twos: Wendy Parr, Eric Parr, Paul Tuakeu, Carole Brand, Chris Lovelock and Don Houghton.

■ Touch

Methven Golf Club

October 25 Laser Sparks 4 v Mooja 7. Can’t Touch This 0 v Prestige 7. High Raters 2 v Farques 6. The Untouchables 1 v Ladahz 5. Parametta Seals 6 v Cereal Business 5. Team Xtreme 1 v Heapaz 3

Collated results and standings after yesterday’s NFL games (home team in CAPS): Seattle Seahawks 14 ST. LOUIS RAMS 9

■ Baseball MLB playoffs Collated results from the Major League Baseball World Series (all series bestof-seven): At St. Louis Boston Red Sox 3 St. Louis Cardinals 1 (Boston Red Sox leads series 3-2)

■ Golf Ashburton Golf Club Women’s Section October 5 & October 29 LGU, Rnd 3 Tucker Salver, Barnett Vase. Silver: Pauline Bell – 70 on c/b from

Ashburton Golf Club 28 October 28 The winner of the Centennial Cup was Karen McRae with 50pts. Other winning scores were: Beverley Watkins 49, Paul Tuakeu 46, George Brown 46, Kathryn Green 45, Win Carter 45 and Don Houghton 44.

Otago will take a 269-run lead with six second innings wickets standing into the final day of the opening Plunket Shield game of the season against Wellington today. Wellington declared their first innings at 403 for five, 131 behind Otago. Jesse Ryder followed his first innings century with 28 in the second innings as Otago reached 138 for four at stumps; all four wickets being caught by wicketkeeper Luke Ronchi. - NZH

England have dismissed any injury concerns surrounding skipper Alastair Cook, claiming the star opener will be good to go for this summer’s Ashes series. Cook sat out of England’s practice game at Floreat Oval yesterday to receive treatment on his back. Stuart Broad was also held back from the low-key hit-out, and the star pair are considered unlikely starters for the three-day tour match against a WA Chairman’s XI, starting at the WACA Ground on Thursday. Cook averaged 127 during his last Test series in Australia, and his composure at the top of the order will be crucial to England’s chances of securing a fourth straight Ashes triumph. - AAP

England star Walker in new Spurs EPL deal

NFL results

Capital declares behind

Cook OK for Ashes


■ American football

Ashburton Guardian 19

Melva Low Family Trophy October 28 Winners, Jan Lane & Ian Davis nett 67; 2nd Jenny Senior & C J Middlelton nett 68.5; 3rd Sally & Bernie Walsh nett 74.5; 4th Erna & Allan Smith nett 75.5.

Mayfield Golf Club October 23 Mid-week stableford Bill. Allan. 43 Stableford Points, Don Ingold 41, Ian Hopping 38, Jack Allan 37, Wayne Blair 37, Jacob Peterson 36, Adriene Hopping 36. Two’s Bill Allan & Jack Allan. Richard Spicer an Eagle on No. 3. Nearest the Pin 5 & 14. Don Ingold.

Methven Golf Club Ladies October 23 Town v Country Town 321 stbfd Country 326 stbfd Best Scores Sara Gallagher  84-18-66 43 Sharryn Bree 94-24-70 39 Erna Smith 9727-70 39 Gayle O, Duffy 86-15-71 38 Mary Stone 96-25-71 38 Nola Hydes 104-27-77 36

es in on the pitch and getting that top-four spot.” Walker made his Tottenham debut in a 2-0 win over Portsmouth in March 2010 but played just once in the following season before being sent to QPR then Aston Villa. He forced his way into the Tottenham first team - AFP and stayed there.

Collegiate Touch

■ Tennis Mid Canterbury Tennis Twilight Competition October 23 Division 1 ACA’s Hackers v What’s the Score 16-17; 5 Shades v High Raters 18-15; Property Brokers v Council Crew 17-16; Tridents v Electric Donkey Bottom Biters 16-17; Spare Parts v Famous Grouse 14-19; Wacky Wackers v Misfits 16-17 Division 2 Rusty Parts v Baseline Bandits 17-16; Ashburton Milking v Tiddlywinks 15-18.

Stuart Broad has lit the touchpaper for another explosive Ashes series, claiming Australia coach Darren Lehmann is using mind games to try to unsettle England because he knows his side aren’t better than their old enemy. Lehmann was fined 20 per cent of his match fee for comments made about Broad in a radio interview during the fifth Test at The Oval between the sides last August. The former Test batsman accused the controversial fast bowler of “blatant cheating” and vowed to send him home from the upcoming series in Australia “in tears”. - AAP

Call me, says Clarke Michael Clarke has a message for Ricky Ponting - my phone number hasn’t changed. The Australian skipper says if Ponting wishes to personally explain criticisms he’s made of his former deputy in his new autobiography, At The Close of Play, he can pick up the phone. Ponting has said he intends to talk to Clarke about matters in the book, namely a less than glowing appraisal of his attitude under him as vice-captain. “Ricky said that did he? Well, Ricky has my number,” said Clarke yesterday. - AAP

Injuries ‘unavoidable’ Australian Test workhorse Peter Siddle believes the injuries sidelining his young pace colleagues are unavoidable. With James Pattinson, 23, Mitchell Starc, 23, Pat Cummins, 20, and 26-year-old Jackson Bird all out of action with back injuries as the Ashes series nears, theories abound about why the nation’s best young quicks are breaking down. Dennis Lillee has suggested the pacemen of today don’t spend enough time in the nets. But Siddle, 28, who himself dealt with early-career back problems, said such injuries were inevitable as young pacemen’s bodies become accustomed to the strain. - AAP

Racing 20 Ashburton Guardian

In brief Hong Kong nominations Three New Zealand -trained horses are among the 241 horse nominated for the four Longines Hong Kong International Races, worth HK$72 million this December. Cambridge trainer Gary Alton has entered Group One winner Historian in the Hong Kong Cup (2000m) and the Hong Kong Mile (1600m), while John Bary, who campaigned Jimmy Choux in Hong Kong in 2011, has nominated Group One winner Survived for the Hong Kong Cup. Graeme and Debbie Rogerson have entered stakes winner Soriano in the Hong Kong Vase and Hong Kong Cup and their three-yearold star Cosmic Cube holds a nomination for the Hong Kong Mile.

Kiwi mare impressive Silent Achiever worked strongly in the hands of her Gr.1 Melbourne Cup rider Dwayne Dunn at Flemington yesterday morning. She impressed alongside stablemate Zonza, which is preparing for Saturday’s Group 1 Myer Classic, on the course proper. “It just shows she’s right on track for Tuesday,” trainer Roger James said. “Her work was as good as she can go so she’s coming good at the right time.” - APNZ

Travel sickness? Jason Bridgman believes a fruitless trip south may have been the undoing of his beaten Te Rapa favourite King’s Rock. The Matamata trainer told stewards the colt had gone to Trentham for Saturday’s Group 2 Wellington Guineas, but had been scratched due to the heavy nature of the track. Bridgman said while King’s Rock had arrived home in good condition and had eaten well, the effects of the travel may have contributed to his disappointing run on Labour Day. The colt tailed the field home in a Rating 65 event with rider Matt Cameron reporting the three-year-old had “felt flat” throughout the race. - APNZ

Turn left here . . . John O’Shea feels Kingdoms will be an improved horse racing lefthanded ahead of Saturday’s Lexus Stakes. The winner of the City Tattersall’s Club Cup, a race won by Maluckyday in 2010 before he won the Lexus and placed in the Melbourne Cup, has a tendency to hang out, a bad trait that O’Shea can’t work out why. “He is a horse we targeted at the late part of the spring, part of that is we always felt he would be more effective lefthanded and it would appear it is the case,” he said. “James (McDonald) thought he tracked much better left handed, it might just be an idiosyncrasy. If he goes straight he is going to be a live chance.” - AFP

Oaks winner unlucky More Than Sacred was beaten through no fault of her own at Te Rapa to add to a less than memorable Labour Day Monday for trainers Tony Pike and Mark Donoghue. The Group 1 New Zealand Oaks winner finished unplaced against the Rating 85 stayers after being denied any room in the straight and went to the line untested. “She was a tragedy beaten – I guess you could say she had a nice barrier trial,” Pike said. - APNZ

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

■ 2000 GUINEAS

Barrier blues mar Guineas lead-up Cosmic Cube remains on target for the Gr.1 New Zealand 2000 Guineas while Riccarton plans for Allez Eagle have been dashed. They were the chief protagonists in the drama that played out before Monday’s Gr.3 Sarten Memorial at Te Rapa in a race that had promised to paint a clearer outcome of the Sothyssponsored classic. Cosmic Cube was declared a late scratching at the barrier, a decision that upset co-trainer Graeme Rogerson, while Allez

on to the 2000 Guineas. “I might give him a jump-out here and maybe another jumpout at Riccarton.” Allez Eagle’s co-trainer Tony Pike said his three-year-old would have a month in the paddock after suffering a leg injury. “He got pretty carved up – it was a disaster and you couldn’t have planned it to go any worse. It wouldn’t be fair on the horse to try and patch him up to get him to Riccarton. He’s a nice horse and he’ll keep.” - APNZ

Eagle was passed fit to run but was never a factor in the race. “He’s as good as gold and I worked him this (Tuesday) morning,” Rogerson said. “He should never have been scratched. A horse next to him kicked the back of the gates and he lost his footing. “They never put Opie (Bosson) back on and they trotted the other horse (Allez Eagle) up. They can come and watch him go through the barrier, and at this stage he’s definitely going

Trainer Graeme Rogerson

M2 Counties gallops Today at Pukekohe Park Raceway

Counties RC Venue: Pukekohe Park Meeting Date: 30 Oct 2013 NZ Meeting number: 2 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 8, 9 and 10

1 12.35pm (NZT) COUNTIES SUPPORTERS CLUB MAIDEN 2200 $7000, MDN, 2200m 1 00058 Mister Troy (6) 58.5 ....................... R Norvall 2 4F8F1 Sinista (4) 58.5 .................................. D Hain 3 70777 Catch On (1) 58.5 ........................... S Spratt 4 x2252 Silk Chardonnay (8) 56.5 ...........M Coleman 5 40 Pythia (7) 56.5............................ M Dee (a3) 6 0x06 St Mia (2) 56.5 ............................T Thornton 7 09 Nosecondprize (9) 56.5.....................L Innes 8 95889 Pixie (5) 56.5 ......................L Magorrian (a4) 9 0 The Recidivist (3) 56 ................. A Collett (a) 2 1.10pm KENAMON INVESTMENTS F&M MAIDEN 1200 $7000, MDN F&M, 1200m 1 2x2 So Danso (4) 57.5 ..................... A Collett (a) 2 28257 Born Happy b (7) 57.5...................O Bosson 3 2 Bronze lass (14) 57.5 ......................S Collett 4 2 Rhythms Of Nature (6) 57.5 .......M Coleman 5 266x5 Always On My Mind (11) 57.5 .... M Dee (a3) 6 5x Alberta (8) 57.5 ............................... R Jones 7 8x5 Falkirk’s Honour (13) 57.5 ......... M D Plessis 8 0x Immigration (3) 57.5 ........................ C Grylls 9 Rio Syrah (12) 57.5 ......................... S Spratt 10 Zouk (9) 57.5....................... R Hutchings (a) 11 94 Leica My Bling (1) 55 ..................T Thornton 12 5 Crafty Love (10) 55 ...........................L Innes 13 60x Our Serafina (2) 57.5 .............. R Smyth (a3) 14 7x7x Silver Platter b (5) 57.5 ................... N Harris Emergencies: Our Serafina, Silver Platter 3 1.45pm ITM GJ WECK & SONS LTD 3YO MAIDEN 1200 $7000, MDN 3YO, 1200m 1 3x4. Desert Express (11) 57.5 .......... M D Plessis 2 3 Unicorn’s Present (14) 57.5 ..........O Bosson 3 4 Fledgekin (3) 57.5 ........................... R Jones 4 4369x Another Emperor (2) 57.5 ..................M Hills 5 93789 Ready To Rumble (15) 57.5 ............ D Nolan 6 6 Sinister Man (10) 57.5..................... C Grylls 7 3x2 Chanel Number Five b (5) 55.5 .....M McNab 8 6x3 Britt Ekland (12) 55.5 ................. M Dee (a3) 9 377 Rocknrolla (9) 55.5 .....................M Cameron 10 Music Of Life (13) 55.5 ................T Thornton 11 0 Elusive Unicorn (7) 55.5.................. S Spratt 12 7x Secret Dew (6) 55.5 ........................S Collett 13 Undefined (1) 57.5 ............................L Innes

14 Thornbury 55.5 ............................ Scratched 15 Suspicious Minds 55.5 ................. Scratched 16 The Patriot (8) 57.5 17 Big ‘N’ Rich 57.5 ........................... Scratched 18 Black Mascara (4) 55.5 Emergencies: Undefined, Thornbury, Suspicious Minds, The Patriot, Big ‘N’ Rich, Black Mascara 4 2.20pm SO WOTIF PUKEKOHE PARK HORSE OF THE YEAR 3YO MDN $7000, MDN 3YO, 1400m 1 442 Super Mover (3) 57.5 ...................... C Grylls 2 7x40 I Gotta Hunch (1) 57.5 .......................M Hills 3 5 Longbeach (6) 57.5 .......................O Bosson 4 66 Show MacCool (8) 57.5 ...................P Taylor 5 Fast Learner (5) 57.5 ................ A Collett (a) 6 43682 Dahls Delight (4) 55.5 ..................... R Jones 7 6x2 Jewels Gift 55.5............................ Scratched 8 28 Lady Le Fay b (11) 55.5 ................M McNab 9 7x5x4 Love (14) 55.5 ........................... M D Plessis 10 4 Rising Romance (10) 55.5 .........M Coleman 11 5 Chop Chop 55.5 ........................... Scratched 12 5 Firostefani (2) 55.5 .............. R Hutchings (a) 13 7x6 Mezzaluna (13) 55.5 ....................... N Harris 14 Eden Star (12) 55.5.................. A Taylor (a2) 15 7. Chinsky (9) 57.5 .............................. S Spratt 16 03667 Eye Contact (7) 57.5 ................K Leung (a3) 17 7 Dwandaofu (15) 55.5 Emergencies: Chinsky, Eye Contact, Dwandaofu 5 2.55pm AUCKLAND THOROUGHBRED BREEDERS GOLF DAY22/11 MDN $7000, MDN, 1400m 1 3228x Jigger Inn (7) 58.5 .............................L Innes 2 300x3 Madetomeasure (4) 58.5................. R Jones 3 0x5 Django (1) 58.5 ............................... S Spratt 4 Malcolm (2) 58.5 ............................... D Hain 5 79x96 Seatheklouds (8) 58.5 ..............K Leung (a3) 6 627. Annameika (6) 56.5.................... M Dee (a3) 7 04858 Hannah Mary 56.5 ....................... Scratched 8 3x0x6 Fille Du Roi b (3) 56.5 ...................M McNab 9 6x079 Easy Street 56.5 .......................... Scratched 10 6x6 It’s Got To Be You (10) 56 ................ C Grylls 11 9 High Viz (9) 54 ...........................M Coleman 12 7 Dwandaofu (5) 54 ..................... M D Plessis 13 8 Harmonize (11) 54 .....................M Cameron 6 3.30pm COUNTIES FUNCTION CENTRE MAIDEN 1400 $7000, MDN, 1400m 1 x242x Itsforfree b (13) 58.5................ R Smyth (a3) 2 5959x Bitethebullet (5) 58.5 ................K Leung (a3) 3 3757x View From The Top (6) 58.5 .......M Sweeney

4 6x Full Monty (7) 58.5 .......................... C Grylls 5 6 Ranfurly (2) 58.5 ...............................L Innes 6 Dillon Hall (3) 58.5 .................... M D Plessis 7 Peaceful Warrior (11) 58.5 ............O Bosson 8 43. Sweet Millicent (4) 56.5......................M Hills 9 9368 Cav In The Castle (9) 56.5 . J Whiteside (a3) 10 67697 I Dream Of Jeannie (8) 56.5 L Magorrian (a4) 11 79x3 All The Way (12) 56 ..........................P Taylor 12 7 Charlie Pride (1) 56 .....................T Thornton 13 0x8 Pardon Moi (10) 54 ......................... S Spratt 7 4.05pm POWELL TRANSPORT LTD RATING 75 1200 $8000, Rating 75 Benchmark, 1200m 1 91182 Sunbeam tdm (6) 59 ..................M Coleman 2 41200 Airman d (15) 59 ............................. S Spratt 3 87119 Duntoilin dm (3) 59.................. P Turner (a1) 4 00x19 He’s Rock’N’Roll d (14) 59 ...............P Taylor 5 12x42 Kaleidoscope td (10) 58.5 ........K Leung (a3) 6 x159x Bucks Back d (4) 58.5 ................M Cameron 7 2134x Captain Scott td (1) 58.5 ...............O Bosson 8 x011x He Sure Is (7) 58.5................... A Forbes (a) 9 8x20x Red Dakota (12) 58.5........................L Innes 10 3x106 Victory Dragon 58 ........................ Scratched 11 13x68 Melody Celebre td (11) 56.5 ..... A Collett (a) 12 1424x Adolay d (8) 56 ........................... M Dee (a3) 13 6576x Peridot td (16) 57.5 ......................... R Jones 14 5x0x0 Brela Belle d (9) 55.5 15 0620x A Keepa td (5) 57 16 8160x Mrs Neat (13) 54.5 ....................T Wenn (a4) 17 3382x Emerald Dancer d (2) 54 18 660x9 Team Pete 54 ............................... Scratched Emergencies: Peridot, Brela Belle, A Keepa, Mrs Neat, Emerald Dancer, Team Pete 8 4.40pm EIF INTERNATIONAL LTD RATING 65 1600 $7000, Rating 65 Benchmark*, 1600m 1 3x721 Piazzetta (1) 59 ..........................M Coleman 2 42803 Black Attack tdm (8) 58.5 ................S Collett 3 21503 Google Me td (2) 58.5 ............... M D Plessis 4 136x8 Mr Rimfire td (4) 58.5 ...................... D Nolan 5 76130 Rap N Tap tdm (3) 58.5 ................... C Grylls 6 78641 Stella dm (5) 58........................K Leung (a3) 7 0260x Sweet ‘N’ Keen (6) 58.............. R Smyth (a3) 8 31420 Ngatira Gold 57 ............................ Scratched 9 16x86 Exabelle d (9) 56 ........................M Cameron 10 42008 Princess Holly (7) 54 ..................M Sweeney 9 5.15pm MITRE 10 MEGA PUKEKOHE RATING 75 1600 $8000, Rating 75 Benchmark, 1600m 1 685x7 Bellino d (3) 60.5 ................L Magorrian (a4)

M9 Wanganui dogs

2 8x575 Zinko tmb (8) 58.5 .......................T Thornton 3 6x4x0 Starcheeka 57 .............................. Scratched 4 10x80 Even Better (13) 56.5 ......................S Collett 5 65700 Snow Excuse tm (10) 56 6 60193 Urban Angel d (4) 55.5............... M Dee (a3) 7 91010 Galaxy Road 55.5 ........................ Scratched 8 14460 Joking 55.5................................... Scratched 9 55x60 Payday d (9) 55.5 ..................... A Forbes (a) 10 129x8 Volcano d (2) 55.5 ........................... R Jones 11 x7229 Auspicious (1) 55 ...................... A Collett (a) 12 51558 Fluoro Lite tm (12) 55...................... C Grylls 13 16x52 Etoile Filante t (7) 54.5 .............. M D Plessis 14 10189 Honeymoon tdm (6) 54 ..............M Cameron 15 162x0 Beauty Perception (11) 57.5 .............L Innes 16 32513 Clara Jane 54 ............................... Scratched 17 71850 Alfonze tdm (5) 55.5 .................K Leung (a3) Emergencies: Beauty Perception, Clara Jane, Alfonze 10 5.45pm DHL COUNTIES CUP DAY SAT 23 NOV MAIDEN 1600 $7000, MDN, 1600m 1 38x6 Clovelly (16) 58.5 ............................ D Nolan 2 0 King Size (11) 58.5 .....................T Thornton 3 0 Eyeslucky (13) 58.5........................... D Hain 4 On The Mat (9) 58.5 ........................ M Wenn 5 730x6 Picture Perfect (10) 56.5 ............M Cameron 6 905 Proud Life (2) 56.5 ........................O Bosson 7 6 Chazelle (17) 56.5...........................S Collett 8 Labomba (7) 56.5.................... R Smyth (a3) 9 8x737 Vukona b (15) 56 ............................. N Harris 10 43x20 Lushoto (4) 54 ........................... M D Plessis 11 3 The Fire Inside (3) 54.................M Sweeney 12 46 Moozoon (6) 54 ............................... S Spratt 13 8 Asadauskaite 54 .......................... Scratched 14 7 Cyclone Tracy (12) 54 ........................M Hills 15 4x867 My Mestari (1) 54 ..................... A Forbes (a) 16 59607 Tommy Riki (5) 58.5 ...........L Magorrian (a4) 17 70x68 Toetwotoe (14) 54 18 99x70 Miss Directional 56.5.................... Scratched 19 9x789 Shez Bubbly (8) 54 20 x3824 Flying Treasure 58.5..................... Scratched Emergencies: My Mestari, Tommy Riki, Toetwotoe, Miss Directional, Shez Bubbly, Flying Treasure Blinkers on : Catch On (R1), Falkirk’s Honour (R2), Sinister Man, Rocknrolla, Secret Dew (R3), A Keepa (R7), Bellino (R9) Blinkers off: Pythia (R1), Born Happy, Alberta (R2), Jigger Inn (R5), View From The Top (R6), Zinko (R9), Vukona (R10) Winkers on : Jigger Inn, Seatheklouds (R5), Alfonze (R9), Cyclone Tracy (R10) Winkers off : Airman (R7)

Today at Hatrick Raceway

Wanganui Greyhound Racing Club Venue:Hatrick Race- 8 75623 Groovy Leo nwtd .......................J McInerney 10 45887 Judge To Excel nwtd ...................... I George way Meeting Date: 30 Oct 2013 NZ Meeting number: 9 9 32453 Westerly Wind nwtd ..................... M J Lozell 7 1.54pm THE ROCK 95.2FM C1 C1, 305m Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; 10 42456 Big Sharkie nwtd .......................J McInerney 1 56823 Mac Tan 18.07 B & ........................G Atwood 11 and 12 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 4 1.00pm GARY ROSS DECORATOR C0 C0, 305m 2 42224 Kim Dotcom 17.82 ...........................T Agent 10, 11 and 12 1 668 Iza Hungi nwtd ......................... S Gommans 3 14 Miss McFly 17.90 .............................L Ahern 1 12.03pm ABSOLUTELY ELECTRICAL C0 C0, 305m 2 Kickin’ It nwtd ........................... S Gommans 4 84422 Go With It 17.77 ...............................G Quirk 1 236 King’s Selection nwtd ............... S Gommans 3 678x8 Ranger Chick nwtd ....................... D Craigen 5 35822 Working Waikato 17.75 ................. D Donlon 2 7F83 All The Coco nwtd ............................G Quirk 4 64366 Magic Tobin nwtd ............................... N Udy 6 75155 Botany Dave 17.94....................J McInerney 3 687 Sheza Hum Dinga nwtd ............. G Holswich 5 F55 Tongariro nwtd G & ......................... J Clarke 7 35555 Ramessee 17.95 ...........................M Gowan 4 67677 Vinnie Baxter nwtd ....................J McInerney 6 32454 Versatile Richie nwtd ........................T Agent 8 41485 Yes He Will nwtd .............................. I Moore 5 27477 Nominal Lily nwtd ........................... I George 7 2533 Patrick Star nwtd ..............................L Ahern 9 56866 Yaldhurst Edward 17.74 ............J McInerney 6 2 Noble Power nwtd .............................. N Udy 8 76687 Ruthless nwtd .............................J McArthur 10 45168 Knocka Off Time 18.13 G & ............ J Clarke 7 56752 Come On Mickey nwtd G & ............. J Clarke 9 87483 Coyote Caught Ya nwtd ............E Duganzich 8 2.12pm WANGANUI SECURITY C1 C1, 520m 8 Google It nwtd .......................... S Gommans 10 38848 Homebush Verona nwtd ............J McInerney 1 44458 Our Bernie nwtd ........................... H Mullane 9 87483 Coyote Caught Ya nwtd ............E Duganzich 5 1.19pm PALAMOUNTAINS NUTRITION C1, 305m 2 43658 White Legs nwtd .............................. C Clark 10 47876 Intense Zoom nwtd .....................J McArthur 1 4588x Wong Way Susie nwtd F & .............Turnwald 3 36734 Belle Cadeau 30.76 ............................S Kite 2 12.22pm HARRISON HIRE MASTER C0 C0, 305m 2 43371 Cawbourne Anna nwtd..............J McInerney 4 75554 Hair He Is 30.63 ................................. R Udy 1 Tepirita Tippy nwtd ................... S Gommans 3 67665 Aschenputtel 17.74 ..........................G Quirk 5 55632 Darby Lane 30.67 L & ........................ Morris 2 4554 Madam Ice nwtd..........................J McArthur 4 57674 Sedgebrook Skite 18.19......................F Kite 6 14648 Doll Parts 30.50 ..........................B Hodgson 3 752P2 Shiny Upsome nwtd .................A Duganzich 5 16828 George 17.57 ............................. B Johnston 7 53174 Buster Boy 30.92.........................J McArthur 4 36478 Polar Snow White nwtd G & ............ J Clarke 6 24164 Zamaddis Lass 18.24................... T Downey 8 28452 Nose White 30.76.....................A Duganzich 5 44 Missy Sloy nwtd ...............................L Ahern 7 54636 Jumpin Sally nwtd .....................J McInerney 9 x4787 Draco Baxter 30.93 ...................J McInerney 6 26686 Backyard Queen nwtd ................ G Hodgson 8 51743 Miss Jolt 18.02 .................................L Ahern 10 78784 Another Fantasy 30.26 ..............J McInerney 7 444 Smirnoff nwtd ........................... S Gommans 9 55447 Yeah Nah 17.89...................................L Udy 9 2.29pm CROMBIE LOCKWOOD LTD C1 C1, 305m 8 38575 Maddie Brand nwtd G & .....................Denby 10 83656 Sydenham Bubbles 17.51 G & ........ J Clarke 1 18371 Breakthru 17.92 ............................. I George 9 87483 Coyote Caught Ya nwtd ............E Duganzich 6 1.37pm MICKEY’S SUPER LIQUOR C1 C1, 520m 2 46118 Rebel Joe 17.93 .............................. C Brider 10 47876 Intense Zoom nwtd .....................J McArthur 1 26658 Triple Aye 30.65 .........................W Hodgson 3 21224 Exponential Lily 17.82 ......................L Ahern 3 12.41pm J P PRINT PETONE C0 FINAL C0f, 520m 2 25754 Gucci Rush 30.81 L & ........................ Morris 4 75137 Dodgy Pockets 18.22 ....................M Gowan 1 42345 Harlem Haka nwtd ....................J McInerney 3 77278 Inner Beauty nwtd .......................... I George 5 73682 High Calibre nwtd....................... B Johnston 2 3x1 Distasteful 30.65 F &......................Turnwald 4 14257 Bigtime Dasher 31.37 ......................L Ahern 6 73262 Homebush Envy 17.99 ..............J McInerney 3 7351 Kwasant 31.13 ..................................D Edlin 5 77844 Tepirita Tuiteka 30.74 ....................B Mitchell 7 15555 All The Milk 18.19.............................G Quirk 4 6x26 No More Laughter nwtd F & ...........Turnwald 6 12365 Some Genes nwtd ....................J McInerney 8 83473 Sedgebrook Glory 18.23 .....................F Kite 5 132 Charming Chuck nwtd......................L Ahern 7 56284 Thrilling Cloud nwtd ................ T McCracken 9 55443 Under Milkwood nwtd.......................L Ahern 6 76622 Dutchess Queen nwtd.................J McArthur 8 71677 Monkey Queen 30.78 .........................W Kite 10 84528 Bit Roso nwtd ............................... H Mullane 7 52344 Bigtime Chip nwtd ............................L Ahern 9 x4787 Draco Baxter 30.93 ...................J McInerney 10 2.47pm KEENAN CONCRETE C1 C1, 520m

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

136 Sarah Campbell 30.93 ................B Hodgson 613 Kay Road 31.33 ..............................S Maher 74145 Opie Bossman 30.76 F & ...............Turnwald 43488 Cluain Meala 30.91 .................... B Johnston 55583 Spot On Maggie nwtd ..............A Duganzich 16766 Smart Cookie nwtd .....................J McArthur 14858 Miss Sara nwtd ..........................R N Maisey 25272 Armistice Day 30.45 ....................... I George x4787 Draco Baxter 30.93 ...................J McInerney 78784 Another Fantasy 30.26 ..............J McInerney 11 3.05pm MORRIE GIBBONS SIGNS C1 C1, 305m 1 63244 Kiribati Girl 17.94 ..................... S Gommans 2 56721 Homebush Limbo 17.90 ............J McInerney 3 61881 Cawbourne Banksy 17.90 ................G Quirk 4 37133 No No Romeo 18.03 ........................G Quirk 5 165 Knocka Sloy 18.31 ...........................L Ahern 6 76856 Riba Lorda 17.73 G & ..................... J Clarke 7 46371 Showem Baby 17.86 ................A Duganzich 8 61546 Sedgebrook Lad 17.94........................F Kite 9 77733 Jolokia 17.89 ..................................R Murray 10 41758 Calamity Sue 17.96............................W Kite 12 3.22pm CHRISTMAS AT THE RACES 6TH-13TH20TH DECEMBER C2 C2, 305m 1 57113 Mighty Baxter 17.85 ..................J McInerney 2 26568 Bev’s Viewpoint 17.78 ..............A Duganzich 3 72534 Genia Haka 18.02 .....................J McInerney 4 37172 Waiwhata Dream 17.73............ S Gommans 5 87611 Azure Dreams 17.78 G & ................ J Clarke 6 88812 Time Fraud 17.83 7 58318 Where’s Rican 17.94 .................J McInerney 8 55766 Stevie’s Magic 17.72 ..........................W Kite 9 64445 Supreme Shelleen 17.78 ..........J McInerney 10 37858 Wunya 18.34 .............................J McInerney LEGEND: fsdt - First Start Here nwd - No Win this Distance fstd - First Start This Distance 31 13 - Best Winning Time This Track


r e d n i l Rem

a n i F n Auctio

Ashburton 27 Ludlow Drive LANDSLIDE AUCTION 1129m2 section on favoured Ludlow Drive. Rateable Value = $145,000 Access to water but this section doesn’t border the canal. Secure now, decide your plans and commence your build for summer. Auction to be held at 96 Tancred Street, 31st Oct 2013, 6pm View by appointment Cindy Hayward 027 389 7955

Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

r e d n i l Rem

a n i F n Auctio

Ashburton 9d Bridge Street LANDSLIDE AUCTION Located amongst high quality family homes in a private lane so handy to local shopping. Potential for two townhouses (Subject to local planning bylaws and consents). 823 m2 all services to boundary. Fully fenced. Superb-Flat building platform-Selling Now. Auction to be held at 96 Tancred Street, 31st Oct 2013, 6pm View by appointment Mike Grant 021 272 0202

Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)


m e R l a n Fin

o i t c u A

Ashburton 31a Church Street LANDSLIDE AUCTION * Excellent 590m2 approx * Excellent Location - close to a school * Excellent House Plans Available * Don’t delay making your decision

Auction to be held at 96 Tancred Street, 31st Oct 2013, 6pm View by appointment Jill Quaid 027 437 6755

Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

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r e d n i Rem

Ashburton 22 Chalmers Avenue LANDSLIDE AUCTION This 723 sqm (more or less) section is close to the town centre and worth a view. The attractive entrance up a newly sealed wide driveway flanked with native trees leads up to a private and secluded section with all the amenities including the latest modern sewer system. Auction to be held at 96 Tancred Street, 31st Oct 2013, 6pm View by appointment AHB20072 Annette McCully 027 438 2328

Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

r e d n i l Rem

a n i F n Auctio

Ashburton 48a Cambridge Street LANDSLIDE AUCTION

793 metre square (more or less). Rectangular section next to the park on Cambridge street. CV $101,000.

Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Manager Jill Quaid 027 437 6755

Rural Consultant Auctioneer Jarrod Ross 021 249 4644

Rural Consultant Roger Burdett 021 224 4214

Urban Consultant Cindy Hayward 027 389 7955

Urban Consultant Annette McCully 027 438 2328

96 Tancred Street, Ashburton

Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited

Urban Consultant Chrissy Milne 027 290 6606

Auction to be held at 96 Tancred Street, 31st Oct 2013, 6pm View by appointment Chrissy Milne 027 290 6606

Urban Consultant Mike Grant 021 272 0202

Urban Consultant Kim Miller 027 236 8627

Phone (03) 307 8317


Classifieds 22 Ashburton Guardian SITUATIONS VACANT


Vee Rake / Rotary Rake Driver

Technical Field Officer - Dairy Mid Canterbury Farmlands is owned by New Zealand farmers to improve their profitability and supplies more than 55,000 Shareholder businesses nationwide. In this position based out of Ashburton, we are seeking to expand our team of Dairy specialists to enable us to provide exceptional service and technical advice to the growing number of Farmlands Shareholders involved in the Dairy industry. We are looking for a suitably qualified applicant who: • has a passion for dairying and relevant experience in the industry • is able to provide technical advice to our Shareholders in all facets of dairying • comes from a strong customer service and sales background, well organised, self motivated and able to build and maintain lasting relationships • has a high level of commitment and energy

· Tractor driving experience · Full car driving license · Be a team player · Could suit a retired farmer If this sounds like you we would love to hear from you.

Syme Contracting Ltd Phone Des Syme Office: 03 302 4877 Mobile 027 436 3926 Person Wanted

Visit our website to download the position description and application form which must be completed and sent with your CV and covering letter quoting reference TFOMC1013 to the below address or alternatively email to:

For 6 to 8 weeks to help on mobile stock feed machines. Must be reasonably fit and able to move sacks of feed.

Corporate Support Manager Farmlands Co-operative Society Limited Private Bag 1968 Dunedin

Drivers licence essential.

To apply please phone Dave in the evenings on 03 308 8665

Applications close Friday 8th November 2013 0800 278 583

Administration Assistant

Talley’s is a large New Zealand company with diversified food interests in seafood, vegetables, meat and dairy. We are a stable private company experiencing continuous growth – a real kiwi success story. We currently have a vacancy for an Administration Assistant in our Ashburton office. Reporting to the Office Supervisor, you will be responsible for a variety of clerical functions, including computer and calculator work. Your primary tasks will include: • accounts payable • accounts receivable • payroll • Excel spreadsheets • word processing and filing • general reception duties. You will have: • enthusiasm, energy, an eagerness to learn and a positive attitude • Excel skills and an ability to use Microsoft Office to an intermediate level • ability to communicate with a range of people, from visitors to executives • numeracy and literacy skills • ability to work with minimal supervision • good appreciation of urgency and accuracy. Flexible start date but need to able to commence employment by the start of December. If you work well as part of a small team and enjoy a busy and productive work environment then this is the position for you. The Fresh Name in the Freezer

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

If this sounds like the opportunity you have been waiting for, please send your CV and letter of application to, or post to Administration Assistant Vacancy, PO Box 244, Ashburton 7740. Applications close Friday 8th November 2013 at 5pm. You must be eligible to work in New Zealand.

Production Manager A full time position is available at our flax seed oil cold-pressing manufacturing business situated in Ashburton. The successful applicant will be solely responsible for the day to day operation of all machinery and the processing, storage and movement of all goods. Hours of work will be 7.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. Key attributes: » Broad mechanical knowledge or experience » Self motivated, practical, reliable, organised, methodical and adaptable » Physically fit – this is a manual job and some heavy lifting is required » Forklift licence preferred » Full drivers licence essential » Must be able to work well within a small family team environment For full details of the job description please see our website or phone Debbie on 308 3305 during working hours. Email your C.V with covering letter and references to: or post to P O Box 479, Ashburton 7740. Applications close 4th November 2013.

The Lodge Restaurant & Bar Methven

15-30 hour per week

Cook required for our restaurant.

Duties include: Barista skills Customer service skills Kitchen duties Food handling Please email the Manager Sue Moorren

Call Toni & Peter May on 03 308 8893 to find out more! 151_______________________________ Alford Forest Rd, Ashburton With: Date:_______________________________

This position requires someone with excellent communication and people skills and a real understanding of customer service. This is a fixed term position to cover parental leave until the incumbent employee returns to work. We are looking for someone who has the following attributes:• A positive friendly personality and a sense of humour • Ability to work under pressure, highly organised and able to multitask • Able to work in a team environment and share the workload • Excellent telephone and customer service skills • High accuracy with computer data entry • Have a good mathematical brain, and able to think outside the square If this sounds like you, please email your application letter along with a copy of your CV to:, alternatively post to the address below no later than Friday, November 8, 2013.

Fiona Taylor Customer Services Manager RX Plastics Ltd P O Box 360 Ashburton 7740

Ashburton College ‘Individual Excellence in a Supportive Learning Environment’

sports Co-ordinator We are looking for a skilled person to lead, manage and enhance the College’s Sport and Physical Recreation Programme.

Café Macaroon

URL Closing date tested:



Phone 303 2000 ext 2 Guardian Classifieds


307 7900


The following meetings will be held in November: Thursday 7 November Council 10.00am Matthew Fraser House, 5 Sir William Pickering Drive, Burnside, Christchurch Tuesday 12 November Regional Water Management Committee 1.00pm Lincoln Event Centre, Meijer Drive, Lincoln Thursday 28 November Performance, Audit & Risk Committee 2.00pm Matthew Fraser House, 5 Sir William Pickering Drive, Burnside, Christchurch REGULATION HEARING COMMITTEE In addition to the above meetings, the Regulation Hearing Committee is scheduled to meet weekly. Meetings will be held on either Thursday or Friday as required. To confirm venue and start times for these meetings please check online at the link described below or contact Customer Services on (03) 353-9007 (calling from Christchurch) or calling from any other areas: 0800 324 636 (0800 EC INFO) Agendas will be available online at http://www. Pages/default.aspx at least two days prior to each meeting. Members of the public are welcome to attend the above meetings, and copies of the agendas will be made available at the meetings. Bill Bayfield CHIEF EXECUTIVE

We are seeking a bright, enthusiastic personality to join our friendly team based in our Tinwald office, which is Head Office for our three branches, and handles all incoming calls and orders nationwide.

32.5 hours/week College term time (40 weeks/year).

Front of house

RX PLASTICS LTD Customer Service/Administration Fixed Term Maternity Position


The successful applicant will have a high level and variety of skill-sets, knowledge of sports education, young people and sports administration.

Birthday Greetings Brought to you by Kitchen Kapers.

Charlotte Gray Happy 11th Birthday Charlotte. We hope you have a fabulous day. Love you lots Mum, Dad, George, Rosie and Henry. Charlotte Gray Wishing you a very Happy 11th Birthday. We hope it is full of fun!! All our love, from your grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins. Nevaeh Honey Gleeson Happy 4th Birthday to our darling wee girl for yesterday . Hope you had a great day. Love Mum, Dad and Bailey. xxx Nevaeh Gleeson Big Happy 4th Birthday for yesterday ‘Vaeh. Lots of love all your family and friends. Birthday Greetings are free for those aged 12 and under only. Free birthday greetings must be received at least two working days before date of insertion otherwise there is no guarantee that it will appear on the day requested. Photos will be available at our ground floor office for collection after notice has appeared in the paper.

Disco Dust

Close relationships and strategic alliances are required with a variety of personnel and groups, locally, regionally and nationally.

Edible food glitter

Employment is under the Support Staff in Schools’ Collective Agreement, Associate Grade C, Initial payment step commensurate with experience.

Adding extra sparkle to Christmas & birthdays

$13 per pottle

Commencement: during November preferred, actual date will be negotiated. Applications close 5:00pm, Monday 04 November 2013. Enquiries/package/applications to: Sheena Tyrrell, Management Administrator, Ashburton College, P O Box 204, Ashburton 7740. Email: Phone: 308 4193, ext 812, Fax: 308 2104

The Arcade, Ashburton 03 308 8287

Guardian Situations Vacant

307 7900


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ashburton Guardian ENTERTAINMENT



New Listings Wanted!!

Ph: 03-308-6497 Fax: 03-308-1600

Local Asparagus $6.


Royal Gala Apples Spinach Broccoli Easy Peel Mandarins


$2.99 2kg bag $1.99 bunch $1.49 ea $2.99 bag

Specials available from 30/10 - 05/11


Contact. . .

Road The Green Grocer Main SouthTinwald

Fresh Fruit & Vege

Helena Ratten 0274-577-998

Lynne Bridge 0274-106-216

Jill Leonard 0274-982-500

Roberta Rutledge 027-228-7843

Lisa Kenny 027-642-8200

Dave Thomson 027-6011-426

Selling homes just like yours. TRADES, SERVICES

LANDSCAPE SUPPLIES • Bark • Oamaru stone • Rocks • Organic compost • Sand • Screened soil • Home deliveries available

Plus much more

FREE loan trailer available! From a shovel load to a trailer load. Dobson Street West Ph: 307 8302 Hours: Mon-Fri: 7.30am - 5pm Sat: 7.30am - 12 noon

Guardian Motoring

307 7900



REAL PEOPLE REAL LOVE No more lonely weekends or internet dating disasters. Your personal matchmaker will handpick your ideal partner. Someone wonderful is waiting to meet you, right now, so call today and get in touch as soon as tonight. Ph 0800 856 640


PLOUGH SHARES large range McMullan Enterprises 4 TINT-A-WINDOW solar 126 Dobson Street 308 2059. protective films, UV block, ATS Suppliers fade, heat and glare control, privacy and safety films for glass. FREE quotes - 20 WANTED to buy - good years local service. Bill quality lucerne chaff. Breukelaar - phone 0800 368 Large quantities. Ph Mark Derriman, Seales 468. Winslow 027 494 2900. SUN CONTROL WINDOW TINTING. Professional window tinting of cars, homes & offices. Quality films for privacy, UV (fading), heat, safety & security. Phone Craig Rogers your ONLY local applicator. 307 6347. Member of Master Tinters NZ.


BALE FORKS TINES from $54 + GST. McMullan Enterprises, 126 Dobson Street. 308 2059. ATS Suppliers.

Guardian Classifieds

CALVES - two Murray Grey Friesian, autumn born. Sell. Phone 027 719 9089.

Southern Rugby Club

A.G.M. November 20, 2013 At Hinds Clubrooms Starting at 8.00pm Enquiries Mike Davis (President) 027 214 3674

WHEEL alignments at great prices. Maximise the life of your tyres with an alignment from Neumanns Tyre Services Ltd, 197 Wills Street. Phone 308-6737.



Hinds Young Farmers

A.G.M. Tuesday November 5, 2013 Hinds Hotel 8pm

Mid Canterbury Rugby Referees Association AGM November 6, 2013 7pm At Ashburton Showgrounds Everyone welcome

Forward in Faith Ministries present

◊ Culverden Christmas Fete,

31st October, departs Ashburton 7.45am

◊ Chch Rebuild Bus Tour

17th November departs Ashburton 10am Special Price $40

◊ Daniel O’Donnell 25th February, CBS Arena, Chch

For bookings phone

308 7646

ACCOMMODATION, TO LET: Large, three bedroom plus sunroom, west side villa. References required. Logburner and internal access double garage. $360 per week. Phone 027 206 0503 or 307 7593.

Visiting evangelists, Peter and Rose Natsa, from Fiji FOR SALE Come expecting your miracle 6.30-8.30pm Wednesday & Thursday, October 30 & 31 St David's Community Church 48 Allens Road, Allenton, Ashburton. Visit us on For more details, phone 0223 64 72 38. Now in 118 nations and states.


Beckley Coachlines Programme

308-1095 RENTAL



1998 SUZUKI Cultus, 1300cc, 3 door hatch, manual, 111,000kms, good condition, serviced regularly, new cambelt, near new tyres. $3,750 ono. Ph 307 2244.


WANTED old china, tin toys, metal toys, old wooden boxes advertising petrol transfers, old bottles, stone jars, anything interesting. Phone 308 4870.

307 7900





CONTAINERS for sale or hire, ex shipping: general and insulated. Sidelifter available for delivery. Wilson Bulk Transport, Phone 308-7772. FIREWOOD LOGS for sale. Delivered by logging truck and trailer. Ph Laurie Forestry 03 689 8333.

IMPRINT KIT. Timeless memories. Catch your new baby's hand or foot print and keep it forever. These make a fantastic gift as well for grandparents, aunts and uncles. Now instore at The China Shop in The Arcade Burnett Street.

FOR SALE: Foxy pups, two males left, lovely markings, ASHBURTON SOCIETY of ready in three weeks. Arts Spring Show. Short St Approved homes only, can be Studio. A good selection of viewed now. Ph 03 302 4760. WOODWICK candles the paintings for sale. Mon, Wed, ultimate candle burning Sat 10am - 2pm. Enquiries HIRE experience. The soy candle Ph 308 4533. with a wooden wick that GENERAL hire. Lawn- crackles as it burns. New LIVESTOCK, PETS mowers, chainsaws, concrete fragrances now in at The breakers, trailers, and more. China Shop in The Arcade. All your DIY / contracting work, Call and see U-Hire BUYER of unwanted Ashburton. 588 East Street. animals. Cattle, bobby calves, Open Mon-Fri 7.30 - 5.30pm; horse and all farm animals. Sat 7.30am - 5.00pm; Sunday We also sell pet food. Call 8am - 12.30pm. – Ph: 308 Nick’s Pet Food 0272 101 8061 A/h: 308 7460 621, A/H 03 322 7626.

Guardian Classifieds 307 7900

Daily Events Wednesday 9.00am - 4.00pm ASHBURTON BUDGET ADVISORY SERVICE INC. For free budget advice and workshop enquiries. Phone 307-0496. 60 Cass Street, Consultancy House. 9.30am SPORT MID CANTERBURY. Walking group. Meet outside the Community Pool, Walnut Avenue. 9.30am ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Walking group meets outside church, 48 Allens Road, Allenton.

Thursday 9.00am - 4.00pm ASHBURTON BUDGET ADVISORY SERVICE INC. For free budget advice and workshop enquiries. Phone 307-0496. 60 Cass Street, Consultancy House. 9.30am M.S.A. TAI CHI CLUB. Beginners class, newcomers welcome. M.S.A. Social hall, Havelock Street.

9.30am - 1.00pm ASHBURTON BAPTIST CHURCH. Second time around op shop. Ashburton Baptist Church, Cnr Cass and Havelock Streets.

Angela Mole, Main Street, Methven.

10.00am ST STEPHENS ANGLICAN CHURCH. Holy Communion, Park Street.

10.00am - 4.00pm ASHBURTON DISTRICT FAMILY HISTORY GROUP. Open for research, non members welcome. 254 Cameron Street, please phone 308-4115 or 307-2253 re access to the building.

10.00am WAIREKA CROQUET CLUB. Tasmanian Doubles. Waireka Croquet Club, the Domain, Philip Street. 10.00am METHVEN HERITAGE CENTRE. New Zealand and Agriculture Encounter, interactive fun for all ages. Art exhibition by

10.00am - 3.00pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. Classic aircraft on display including DC3. Ashburton Airport, Seafield Road.

10.00am - 7.00pm ASHBURTON ART GALLERY AND MUSEUM. Open, all welcome. Baring Square East.

9.30am - 11.30am MID CANTERBURY BADMINTON CLUB. Daytime section, new players very welcome. Sports hall, Tancred Street.

9.30am - 1.00pm ASHBURTON BAPTIST CHURCH. Second time round op shop. Ashburton Baptist Church, cnr Cass & Havelock Street.

9.30am - 12.30pm ASHBURTON TOY LIBRARY. Open today. Methodist Church hall, Baring Square East.

10.00am ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Fit Kidz. 48 Allens Road. Allenton.

9.30am - 12.30pm METHODIST PARISH GOODWILL SHOP. Sell pre loved clothing. Methodist Church, Cnr Archibald and Jane Street, Tinwald.

10.00am METHVEN HERITAGE CENTRE. New Zealand Alpine and Agriculture Encounter, interactive fun for all ages. Art Exhibition, Momentum by Angela Mole.

10.45am M.S.A. TAI CHI CLUB. Exercises for people with limited mobility. M.S.A. Social Hall, Havelock Street. 12.50pm WAIREKA CROQUET CLUB. Association Croquet. Waireka Croquet Club, the Domain, Philip Street. 1.30pm WAIREKA CROQUET CLUB. Golf Croquet. Waireka Croquet Club, the Domain, Philip Street. 7.00pm GLENYS’ DANCE GROUP. Sequence dancing, Pipe Band hall, Creek Road. Main Street, Methven. 10.30am MID CANTERBURY NEW COMERS NETWORK. Newcomers coffee morning group. McDonald’s Restaurant, Moore Street. 12.50pm M.S.A. PETANQUE. Petanque has started, everyone welcome, Racecourse Road. 1.00pm - 3.00pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM

7.00pm - 9.30pm MID CANTERBURY LINE DANCERS. Learn to line dance 7pm, followed by beginner/intermediate (8pm - 9pm). Phone 307 -7138 a/h. Tinwald hall, Graham Street. 7.30pm ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Real women walking group. Leaves from 48 Allens Road, Allenton. 7.30pm ASHBURTON COUNTY SCOTTISH SOCIETY INC. Annual General meeting, all welcome. Senior Centre, Cameron Street.

Classic aircraft on display including DC 3. Ashburton airport, Seafield Road. 7.30pm GLENYS’ DANCE GROUP. Old time/sequence dancing, learn to dance. All welcome. Pipe Band hall, Creek Road.


30 OCTOBER 2013

HAVE WE GOT THE “RIGHT MIX?” Ashburton District Council has prepared a draft Local Alcohol Policy (LAP) and is now seeking community feedback on the draft policy. The LAP guides local decision making on a range of alcohol licensing matters. It’s purpose is to tailor licensing approaches to suit Ashburton District and minimise alcohol-related harm in the district. Council wants to know what you think - have we got the “right mix?” You can provide feedback on the draft policy online through the Council website or by completing a submission form and posting it back to Council. Submissions on the draft LAP will be received until 5.00pm, Friday 8 November 2013. To view the full policy and summary document, or for more information go to



On Thursday 31 October 2013 a summary of decisions requested on Variation 5 to the partly operative District Plan will be notified.


A notice describing where you can view the requested decisions and who can comment will be published in the Ashburton Guardian and Ashburton Courier newspapers as well as be available on the Council website. Copies will be available to view at the Council offices, the Ashburton Library, Methven i-SITE and Rakaia Mobil.

BUILDING OFFICIAL VACANCY Ashburton District’s construction sector has never been stronger; we have record numbers of new house consents and are looking to add to our team. Ideally you will be a jack of all trades - able to perform inspections and also process consents, although specialisation can also be accommodated. We have a great team who is focused on providing high levels of service to our customers. Your working day will be full, satisfying and diverse due to the range of consents and varied businesses within our district. With practical knowledge of the Building Code and the Building Act or a background in building control, architectural draughting or another construction related discipline; you have the foundation for further professional development. Combine your technical background with great communication skills, the ability to learn new computer systems and use new technology, and you will hit the ground running.

On This Week

Ashburton District Council gives public notices of a proposal to temporarily close roads to ordinary vehicle traffic to enable the holding of a community event - Ashburton Car Club “Standing & Flying Quarter Mile.” Roads proposed to be closed:

Meetings Methven Community Board Inaugural Meeting Thursday 7 November, 1.30pm

CHERTSEY ROAD, from Wards Road to Taverners Road Period of closure: From 9.00am until 6.00pm on 7 December 2013. This proposed closure is made under the Local Government Act 1974 - Schedule 10 (11 (e)) and will be considered at the Operations Committee meeting on Thursday, 14 November 2013. Any person objecting to the proposal should lodge notice of their objection and the grounds for their objection in writing by post or email to the Council, 5 Baring Square West, Ashburton by 4.00pm, Friday 8 November 2013.

KEEPING THINGS HUMMING Council provides a 24 hour call centre service. You can also request service through our website. Click the green “Request It” tab on our front page. Urgent requests for service are given a priority response. Non-essential requests are normally responded to on the next working day. We are working to keep our district humming.

Career Opportunities Building Official

Watch Out For Kerb and Channel Ashburton Wills Street, Cass Street and Victoria Street intersections. Kerb and Channel - Rakaia Railway Terrace and Michael Street.

For more information, visit

To learn more about this unique opportunity visit




Monday - Wednesday 8.30am - 5.00pm Thursday 9.00am - 5.00pm Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm

Monday - Friday 9.00am - 8.00pm Saturday 10.00am - 1.00pm Sunday 1.00 pm - 4.00pm

Monday - Friday 8.00am - 5.00pm Saturday 9.00am - 5.00pm Sunday 1.00pm - 5.00pm

PO Box 94, Ashburton 7740


P (03) 307 7700

Puzzles Wednesday, October 30, 2013 CRYPTIC


ACROSS 2. Threw bones as one did accurate knifework in the kitchen (5) 5. Boys doing work for their seniors carry Government warning (4) 7. Showing lack of starch, move with difficulty (4) 8. Sort of delivery the post office has taped (8) 9. Am I a setting for long comeback with my showy blooms? (8) 11. Despondency one may have to back (4) 12. It gives one some reflections on pogonotomy (7,6) 15. Exam in which a novice driver gets gold at first (4) 17. Pressing in folds one wants, or getting those one doesn’t (8) 19. Constraint imposed by newspapers endlessly? Certainly! (8) 21. Young chap holding dead frame (4) 22. Fruit-case not enough to make the side (4) 23. Go in for unforeseen terror in part (5)









18 20



22 23


YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS CRYPTIC Across 1. Ballet dancer 8. Obstruct 9. Head 11. Tithe 12. Later on 13. Abut 15. Adds 19. Impasto 20. Pitch 22. Tarn 23. Waterloo 24. Distinctness Down 2. Asset 3. Larder 4. Tickle 5. Cheered 6. Riding school 7. Contradicted 10. Sty 14. Umpires 16. Ash 17. Mosaic 18. Spleen 21. Tales




QUICK Across 6. Enfold 7. Manual 10. Keenest 11. Circa 12. Need 13. Waded 16. Buffs 17. Halo 20. Drawn 21. Shaking 22. Resist 23. Barren Down 1. Pecking order 2. Offered 3. Alley 4. Parched 5. Hurry 8. Leapfrogging 9. Steadfast 14. Furnish 15. Calibre 18. Raise 19. Canal


LOSING WEIGHT 2 WEIGHT 3 EASY LOSING EASY AS AS Tailored personal meal plan to fit your lifestyle. MEAL PLAN MEAL PLAN Tailored

2 2


Tailored personal mealpersonal meal plan to fit plan to fit your lifestyle.your lifestyle.


13. Night-flier will miscount the French version (7) 14. Admitted having pound we changed (5,2) 16. Turn forbidden in a limousine a novice driver takes in country (5) 18. Something in the sporting calendar, the flat on September 4th (5) 20. It’s wrong to commit one between poles (3) 21. Exclude a unit of atmospheric 19 (3)

ACROSS 1. Vulnerable (11) 8. Zealot (7) 9. Spacious (5) 10. Snug retreat (colloq) (4) 11. Ruled (7) 12. Appropriate (3) 13. Complaint (colloq) (4) 15. Deities (4) 17. Possesses (3) 19. Sudden urge (7) 20. Short note (4) 23. Solid (5) 24. Irritating (7) 25. Prerogative (11)



✓ Increase metabolism and

Your Curves Certified Coach ✓ Protects muscle helps you set goals and reach them. bone density ✓ Increase metabolism COACHINGCOACHING ✓ Increase metabolism Your Curves


DOWN 1. Determine (6) 2. Discovers (5) 3. Insane (colloq) (4) 4. Bodyguard (6) 5. Income (8) 6. Rejected (7) 7. Woodland nymphs (6) 12. Wealthy (8) 14. Large area (7) 16. Shrouded (6) 17. Altitude (6) 18. Battled (6) 21. Banish (5) 22. Run away (4)



The Curves 30 minute 30 minute circuit circuit you strength gives gives you strength and cardio and cardio







DOWN 1. Substitute for pumping iron one gets from a tin? (7) 2. The pickpocket will take a casual look at the books (3) 3. Being skeletal, yet in the pink (5) 4. Form of medical harangue (7) 5. Such as fox fleeing under rushy tops (3) 6. In the ingle a moggy may get less than a glow (5) 10. Sort of orange everyone has got (5) SOLUTION THAT MAKES 11. Right in the middle of the crude dwellings it causes injury (5)

The Curves 30 minute circuit gives you strength and cardio training. FITNESS FITNESS The Curves






Ashburton Guardian

Your Curves Certified Coach Certified Coach ✓ Protects muscle helps you set goals helps you set goals them. density and reach them. and reachbone


✓ Protects muscle and ✓ Scientifically proven and bone density


222 Havelock Street 0000 SUBURB Telephone 308 4085


0000 0000


Street Address

Street Address

Where women are strengthened


Terms and conditions apply. Offer available at Curves Ashburton until 31 December 2013. *$17.95/week. Billed monthly based on minimum 6 months on Curves Complete at $77.73/month and 6 months Success membership at $69/month. Minimum commitment over a 12 month period is $880.38, plus half price joining fee of $74.50. Total minimum commitment $954.88. Valid at participating clubs only. Not valid with any other offer. Credit card/direct debit fees may apply. © 2013 Curves International, Inc. Weight Loss programs take time and personal commitment to be effective and require professional advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. Individual Results may vary. Offer expires 31 December 2013

SUDOKU ly based on minimum 6 months on Curves Complete at $77.73/month and 6 months Success membership at $69/month. Minimum commitment over a 12 month period is $880.38, plus half price joining *$17.95/week. Billed monthly based on minimum 6 months on Curves Complete at $77.73/month and 6 months Success membership at $69/month. Minimum commitment over a 12 month period is $880.38, plus half price joining fee of $74.50. Total minimum commitment $954.88. Valid at participating clubs only. Not valid with any other offer. Credit card/direct debit fees may apply. © 2013 Curves International, Inc. Weight Loss programs take time and personal commitment to be effective and require professional advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. Individual Results may vary. Offer expires 31 December 2013

m commitment $954.88. Valid at participating clubs only. Not valid with any other offer. Credit card/direct debit fees may apply. © 2013 Curves International, Inc. Weight Loss programs take time and effective and require professional advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. Individual Results may vary. Offer expires 31 December 2013

Fill the grid so that every column, every row and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.

/Curves AU NZ

/Curves AU NZ

/Curves AU NZ


YOUR STARS by Forecasters

ARIES (MAR 21 – APR 20) A sense of cohesion on the money front brings things together in a way that gives you a sense of where you’re going. TAURUS (APR 20 – MAY 21) Romantic lunar vibes provide the perfect antidote to relationship reality checks, with a reminder that sometimes love does conquer all. GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 22) With both work and home matters equally important, time management and clear boundaries are required in order to have the right work/life balance. CANCER (JUNE 22 – JULY 24) It’s less about having more hours in the day and more how you manage the hours you have, working smarter while realising the buck stops with you. LEO (JULY 24 – AUG 23) Before things start to move on the work front listen to what a nose for money is telling you, taking time to establish where money is first. VIRGO (AUG 23 – SEP 23) This is a day where you’re not only especially perceptive, with a sharp sixth sense, but where your emotional responses will reveal how you really feel. LIBRA (SEP 23 – OCT 23) The more you take care of financial house-keeping the better, while realising that the key to income growth is believing in yourself. SCORPIO (OCT 23 – NOV 24) More important than a chance to find your voice, is the chance today’s stars create to get your head around where you’ve been and where you’re going. SAGITTARIUS (NOV 24 – DEC 21) You may be ready to move on but it’s important to check the rear view mirror first, with a chance today to make peace with the past. CAPRICORN (DEC 21 – JAN 20) If you had a crystal ball and could see how busy things are going to get, you’d have less qualms about a passion for adventure. AQUARIUS (JAN 20 – FEB 19) You need to keep your professional and money hats on, having reached an important day on both fronts and especially where they come together. PISCES (FEB 19 – MAR 20) The real professional push won’t come until later next month, giving you a chance to define your professional desires and expectations first.

phone 0900 85000


Family Notices 26 Ashburton Guardian DEATHS AUSTIN, Catherine Rose (nee Drozdowski) – On October 28, 2013, at her home, Rakaia. Surrounded by her loving family. Dearly loved wife of the late Douglas Leslie. Much loved mother and mother in law of Craig and Karen, Michael (Australia), and Liane and Andrew Robertson. Loved nana of Kirstie, and Nathan; McKenlee, Debbie; Shaun, and Scott; and all her extended family. Aged 73 years. Messages to P O Box 472, Ashburton 7740. Donations to St Vincent de Paul would be appreciated and may be left at the service. A Funeral Mass for Catherine will be held at St Ita’s Church, Rakaia on FRIDAY, November 1, commencing at 11.00am. Followed by private cremation. Paterson’s Funeral Services FDANZ Ashburton

STANGER, Bruce Victor – Passed after a short illness at The Princess Margaret Hospital, on Saturday, October 26, 2013, aged 82 years. Dearly loved father of the late Paul and Bev, Shelley and the late Gary, Melanie and Grant. Fun loving and adventurous grandfather of Carmen and Blair, Jared and Donna, Rebecca and Riki. Adored great grandfather of Scott, and Hamish. In lieu of flowers donations to the Cancer Society would be appreciated and can be made at the service. Messages for Bruce’s family can be sent to 86A Brynley Street, Hornby, Christchurch 8042. A Memorial Service for Bruce will be held in Christchurch Crematorium Chapel, 65 Vickerys Road, Wigram on FRIDAY, November 1, 2013, at 10.00am.









Ra n














FRIDAY: Showers. Southwesterlies.





TOMORROW: A few showers. Southwesterlies developing.




TODAY: Fine, increasing high cloud. Northeast developing.




Ashburton Forecast

Wa i m a ka r i r i


Map for today

Specially designed headstones to reflect the individual personality

SATURDAY: Fine with northerlies. Showers and southerlies later.



bur to



Midnight Tonight





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9: 50 – 4: 40

308 9051 or 021 267 5563


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307 7900

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less than 30 fine

mainly isolated cloudy drizzle drizzle few showers fine showers clearing showers 30 to 59


isolated snow thunder flurries

sleet thunder

Canterbury Plains



60 plus



FRIDAY Showers with southerlies.

SATURDAY Becoming fine, northerlies developing. A few showers with a southerly change later.

m am 3 3


9 noon 3


cloudy cloudy




Showers, mainly about the foothills. Southwesterlies, strong about the tops.


mainly fine



mainly fine


mainly fine


mainly fine


mainly fine

Fine. Northwesterlies developing.

Geneva Hobart Hong Kong Honolulu Islamabad Jakarta Johannesburg Kuala Lumpur London Los Angeles Madrid Melbourne Moscow Nadi New Delhi

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9 pm am 3


Rise 6:17 am Set 8:17 pm

Bad fishing

Rise 3:44 am Set 3:32 pm

Fabrics, wallpapers and blinds from leading window furnishing houses. Call and talk to Hayley today

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New moon

4 Nov



fine showers fine showers rain drizzle thunder thunder showers showers fine fine fine fine fine

6 9 23 23 14 24 15 24 5 11 4 9 8 22 17

13 17 27 27 24 33 26 32 15 19 15 18 12 30 30

New York Paris Perth Rarotonga Rome San Francisco Seoul Singapore Stockholm Sydney Taipei Tel Aviv Tokyo Washington Zurich


rain fine fine showers cloudy fine cloudy thunder fine fine drizzle fine cloudy showers fine

9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


1:51 am

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Rise 6:16 am Set 8:18 pm


Bad fishing

Rise 4:12 am Set 4:36 pm

First quarter

10 Nov 6:59 pm

9 noon 3


9 pm


Rise 6:14 am Set 8:19 pm


Bad fishing

Rise 4:41 am Set 5:42 pm

Full moon

18 Nov 4:17 am

Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa

For the very latest weather information, including Weather Warnings, visit

8 6 19 21 15 9 6 25 3 14 20 16 15 3 8

14 14 35 27 25 17 15 33 8 20 27 29 22 20 11

19 18 18 17 15 18 20 14 19 19 16 18 16

River Levels

12 9 9 11 11 12 10 10 8 6 5 9 7



Selwyn Whitecliffs (NIWA) at 2:00 pm, yesterday

Rakaia Fighting Hill (NIWA) at 12:00 pm, yesterday 388.2 Nth Ashburton at 2:00 pm, yesterday


Sth Ashburton at 9:30 am, yesterday


Rangitata Klondyke at 11:45 am, yesterday


Waitaki Kurow at 9:00 am, yesterday


Source: Environment Canterbury

Canterbury Readings


7:07 1:25 7:36 1:44 7:52 2:08 8:18 2:27 8:38 2:50 The times shown are for the Ashburton River mouth. For the Rangitata river mouth subtract 16 minutes and for the Rakaia river mouth subtract 6 minutes.






mainly fine

mainly fine




Forecasts for today

8 5 24 7 19 20 15 22 0 24 25 26 7 5 5


mainly fine


FZL: Lowering to 1300m


Fine with northeasterlies freshening.


Palmerston North mainly fine

Becoming fine, but scattered rain later. Southwesterlies, strong about the tops.


overnight max low

A few showers. Wind at 1000m: NW 40 km/h turning light SW. Wind at 2000m: NW gale 70 km/h, turning W 50 km/h.


Scattered rain clearing in the morning, then fine spells, but a few evening showers with a southwest change.

fine fine showers cloudy showers fine fine fine fine rain thunder fine showers rain cloudy

FZL: Rising to 2400m

High cloud increasing, rain developing in the evening, but only scattered lighter falls reaching southern areas at night. Wind at 1000m: NW rising to 45 km/h. Wind at 2000m: NW rising to 55 km/h.


World Weather

NZ Today

Canterbury High Country

Mainly fine. High cloud increasing from afternoon, light rain developing at night. Northeasterlies developing during the afternoon.

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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A trough over central New Zealand moves north tomorrow and Friday, and is followed by unsettled southwesterlies. A ridge builds briefly to the north of the country on Saturday, then a northwest flow develops over the South Island on Sunday, ahead of another trough approaching from the Tasman Sea.

Tides, Sun, Moon and Fishing


NZ Situation

Wind km/h

E.B. CARTER LTD For all your memorial requirements New headstones and designs Renovations, Additional inscriptions, Cleaning and Concrete work Carried out by qualified tradesmen.


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Paterson’s Funeral Services FDANZ Ashburton



BLAND, John Albert – 620 East Street Ashburton On October 24, 2013 Ph/Fax 308 5369 03 341-6117 at home, Ashburton. or 0274 357 974 Surrounded by his family. 65 Vickerys Road, Wigram Loved and loving husband of NZMMMA Member Anita. Loving father to Please note all late death Barbara, and Jill and their notices or notices sent outENGAGEMENTS families. Loved brother and side ordinary office hours DOULL - MILLIKEN – brother in law of Colin and must be emailed to: Gaye (Australia), Francis and Fabe and Charlie are delighted to announce their Anna (Warkworth), Wendy to ensure publication. engagement on October 26, and Tony Watson, Rosemary During office hours notices 2013 and send love to all and Brian Johnston, and may also be sent to: their families and friends. Graham and Robyn Laing. Loved uncle to his nieces and nephews. According to Any queries John’s wishes a private please contact service has been held. 0800 Paterson’s Funeral Services ASHBURTON FDANZ Ashburton (0800-274-287). HOYNE, William Leslie (Bill) – On 26 October 2013, at his residence, Ashburton. Loved brother of Cliff (Tokaroa), Daphne (Alexandra), and a loved uncle of all his nieces and nephews. Messages to PO Box 472, Ashburton 7740. At Bill’s request a private cremation has been held.



Wednesday, October 30, 2013




Ashburton Airport Temperature °C At 4pm 18.4 19.0 Max to 4pm 3.4 Minimum -1.1 Grass minimum Rainfall mm 0.0 16hr to 4pm October to date 58.2 Avg Oct to date 55 2013 to date 714.6 568 Avg year to date Wind km/h E 24 At 4pm Strongest gust E 43 Time of gust 12:19pm

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to 4pm yesterday


Christchurch Airport

Timaru Airport

16.6 17.4 3.4 –

15.7 16.3 1.5 -2.1

16.0 17.1 -0.4 –

0.0 176.0 – 1494.5 –

0.0 54.2 45 582.8 534

0.0 36.0 50 452.2 421

E 13 – –

E 26 E 39 2:29pm

E 20 E 31 3:45pm

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Television Wednesday, October 30, 2013 TV ONE

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7pm 7:30 8pm 8:30

Seven Sharp 0 Fair Go 0 F Family Recipes 0 Nothing Trivial Brian must save Sonny Bill; Emma meets an old nemesis; quiz night intrigue puts Michelle and Catherine on opposing teams. 0 9:30 Scandal AO 0 10:30 One News Tonight 0

11pm Unforgettable AO 3 The investigation of a laboratory explosion sends Carrie and Al in search of a mad bomber. 0 11:55 Attitude 3 0 12:30 Te Karere 3 2 0 1am Infomercials 5:35 Te Karere 3 2 0

CHOICE TV 6am Benny Hinn 6:30 Location, Location, Location 7:30 Food Factory 8am Wildlife Warriors 8:30 Better Homes And Gardens 9:30 House Crashers 10am House Wreck Rescue 11am Auction Hunters 11:30 How To Haggle For A House 12:30 Location, Location, Location 1:30 Days Of Our Lives PGR 2:30 Hairy Bikers’ Best Of British 3:30 Food Factory 4pm Food Safari 4:30 The Cook And The Chef 5pm Candice Tells All 5:30 Celebrity DIY 6pm Wildlife Warriors 6:30 Bath Crashers 7pm American Restoration Mike and Frank travel the country looking for antique gold. 7:30 On Thin Ice 8:30 Mark Berg’s Fishing Addiction 9:30 Military Driving School PGR 10pm Autospeed 10:30 Twentysomething AO 11pm American Restoration 11:30 Hairy Bikers’ Best Of British


12:30 Benny Hinn 1am Food Factory 1:30 Celebrity DIY 2am The Cook And The Chef 2:30 Food Safari 3am Mark Berg’s Fishing Addiction 4am Wildlife Warriors 4:30 Bath Crashers 5am Military Driving School PGR 5:30 Autospeed


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6am 3 News – Firstline 8:30 Infomercials 10:30 The Shopping Channel 3 11:30 Entertainment Tonight 3 Noon 3 News 12:30 Everybody Loves Raymond 30 1pm Dr Phil AO A woman claims her husband’s prescription-pill addiction is destroying their marriage. 2pm The Dr Oz Show PGR 3 3pm Rachael Ray 3 3:55 The Queen Latifah Show Queen Latifah interviews actress Sharon Stone; 25 Chicago children get the chance to perform with Queen Latifah at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. 4:55 Entertainment Tonight 5:25 Celebrity Masterchef Elimination day. 6pm 3 News 7pm Campbell Live 7:30 F The Block NZ PGR 0 9:30 N Underbelly – Squizzy AO In 1915, young Leslie ‘Squizzy’ Taylor has had enough. He might be short, but he has a big ego, which only swells when he pulls off a daring robbery. 0 10:30 Nightline

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12:30 Rugby – ITM Cup (Replay) Championship Final – Tasman v Hawke’s Bay. 3am Motorsport – FIA World Touring Car Championship 4am Motorsport – FIA World Touring Car Championship 5am Motorsport – Sprint Cup Series (Highlights)

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Midnight Boxing – Pro-Box Shows (Replay) Kell Brook v Vyacheslav Senchenko. 2am Golf – PGA Champions Tour (Highlights) AT&T Championship. 3am Golf – US PGA Tour (Highlights) CIMB Classic – Round Four. 4am Golf – European PGA Tour (Highlights) BMW Masters – Round Four. 5am Re:Union | Compiled by

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28 Ashburton Guardian

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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Tall timber heading for Australia PHOTO TETSURO MITOMO 241013-TM-052

Three Mid Canterbury teens will be joining counterparts from across the South Island as they attempt to conquer Australasia’s rising basketball stars. Local basketballers (from

left) William Hollings, Mitchell Prendergast and Bailey O’Donnell have been selected in the South Island Port Macquarie Under 15 basketball squad that will travel to New South Wales

with other age-group representative teams from the north and south of New Zealand in January. The trio were selected for the 12th Pacific Coast Slam after a

host of trials and will take on some of the Pacific’s top young basketballers, featuring in teams such as Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia, among others.

Car washing and various other fundraising initiatives are helping the team on their way to the tournament, with the teams departing for Australia on January 9.


LPGA waives tournament age limit for Ko Lydia Ko has been given the green light by the LPGA to join the professional ranks after the governing body waived their age limit for the 16-year-old. It was a formality, given Ko is already world No 5 and has won

twice on tour, but it allows Ko to join the women’s tour at the start of the 2014 season. Last week Ko turned professional after announcing it in a quirky video with All Blacks fullback Israel Dagg and intends playing

in next month’s season-ending tournament in Florida. She earned a spot in the tournament by winning the Canadian Women’s Open, her second win on the LPGA Tour - she also won the 2012 Canadian Wom-

Cameron looking for Tua rematch P17

en’s Open to become the youngest winner in LPGA history at 15 years, 4 months, 2 days. “After reviewing Lydia Ko’s petition, I have granted her LPGA Tour membership beginning at the start of the 2014 season,”

LPGA commissioner Michael Whan said in a statement. “I am very excited to become a member on the LPGA Tour,” Ko said. “It has always been my dream goal to play against the world’s best players.” - APNZ

McCaw to start test - at No. 8 P18

Ashburton Guardian, Wednesday, October 30, 2013  
Ashburton Guardian, Wednesday, October 30, 2013  

Ashburton Guardian