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Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Hamstrung at the border By Heather Chalmers

Just recovering from having the family’s dairy herd culled as part of the mycoplasma bovis eradication programme, Mid Canterbury farmer David McFarlane now faces starting the new season with his only staff member stranded in the Philippines. McFarlane said that Ryan Baricuatro had worked on the family’s 550-cow farm at Carew for seven years. With Baricuatro’s wife due to have a baby in the Philippines in early April and no cows to milk because of M. bovis he was encouraged to take annual leave to travel to be with his family. “Then Covid-19 happened.” McFarlane was now desperate to get Baricuatro back before calving, but was hamstrung by New Zealand’s closed borders to all but New Zealand citizens and permanent residents following the Covid-19 lockdown. The farm’s new herd had arrived last week from the North Island and would calve in July, earlier than the August calving date of South Island herds. “We can manage feeding them as dry cows on our own, but certainly not calving and milking. “He is the ideal man to help us through the recovery and getting the herd back to where it was.”

Filipino Ryan Baricuatro has worked on David McFarlane’s dairy farm for seven years, but is unable to re-enter New Zealand because of Covid-19 border restrictions. PHOTO SUPPLIED Confirmed with M. bovis in spring last year, the McFarlanes had their young stock culled at the end of last year and their milking

Mid Canterbury dairy farmer David McFarlane is desperate to get his Filipino dairy worker back before calving. PHOTO SUPPLIED

Complete Local Care Since 1982

herd in February. McFarlane said it was a three-generation family herd, started by his grandfather. He farms with his wife Liz and parents Donald and Barbara McFarlane. Getting nowhere on their own, the McFarlanes had sought the assistance of immigration law and recruitment firm The Regions, which has offices in Ashburton and Hamilton, to get a border re-entry permit. “We are struggling to get answers out of Immigration NZ.” McFarlane said he was happy to pay for flights and a user-pays 14day quarantine on arrival. While he recognised the need to employ New Zealanders who had suddenly lost their jobs because of Covid-19, the job was a mid-level position and not suitable for new entrants to the industry. “I don’t see it as a competition between New Zealanders and immigrants for jobs as there are plenty available on farms.”

He also knew of other workers like Baricuatro who held a mid-level position, had a history in New Zealand and community involvement, but had been caught out by an “ill-timed trip away”. “It will really put pressure on farms if they aren’t allowed back into the country.” Mid Canterbury Federated Farmers’ dairy chairman Chris Ford said the Government had given film workers a special exemption to enter New Zealand, but was refusing experienced farm workers who were vital for agriculture. “There are 25 to 30 dairy workers stuck in the Philippines that have made Ashburton their home, along with other nationalities. People coming onto a movie set could have waited, they are not essential, but agriculture is.” Ford said he was aware of many dairy farmers still looking for staff for the new season. The Regions managing director

Benjamin De’Ath said the firm, which predominantly worked with Filipinos, had 48 migrant workers on its books who were stuck overseas despite living and working in New Zealand for many years. It was continuing to field calls from desperate dairy farmers wanting their staff back from overseas. “I am getting a very confused and contradictory response from government agencies MPI and MBIE about which one is supposed to be assessing whether applicants meet the threshold to re-enter New Zealand. “There is growing concern from farmers around animal welfare and environmental compliance as well as giving other staff time off. These are not junior entry-level staff, but skilled and experienced people.” While confident that these staff would gain entry, De’Ath was not confident about entry-level staff due to come to New Zealand for the first time.


Saturday, May 30, 2020

Ashburton Guardian



Action set to return to event centre By Susan Sandys

Performers will return to the Ashburton Trust Event Centre stage in July, following the Covid-19 lockdown which decimated the country’s arts sector. The premier modern venue, a favourite of international and national promoters, had its last show on March 14 when Royal New Zealand Ballet performed Tutus on Tour. Once the ballerinas left, silence and darkness descended upon the stage and auditorium. Administrator Gudrun Weber said to be able to bring back shows, the first planned for July 18, was fantastic. She was currently working from home as staff planned to soon get back into the building, where smaller events such as meetings had already returned. “We are definitely trying to bring entertainment back, and working within guidelines and trying to make things work,” Weber said. “We are quite excited, we are brainstorming with new ideas.” Shows to begin with would be New Zealand productions catering to a local audience. Kitchen Chaos would be on July 18, a comedy magic show for children and families, followed by NZ Mountain Film Festival on August 1 and 2. The Daylight Atheist, a repertoire experience written by cartoonist Tom Scott and starring Michael Hurst is on August 2, while Friends! The Musical Parody was yet to be confirmed for September 11, followed by From Scratch, a music show on September 20, Master Hypnotist Brian Gee on October 17, and Tina – Simply the Best on November 4. Weber said the Tina show had been postponed from earlier in the year due to the lockdown, while some later-in-the-year events had been able to remain unaltered, such as Abba on December 6.

Meanwhile, there is a show in Methven coming up, as Kiwi comedian Ben Hurley brings his Straight Out Of Lockdown tour to the town. Producer, promoter and MC for the show, Bec Sandys, said the Covid-19 lockdown had been devastating for comedians. The effect on her own career was a case in point. She was to perform her Role Model show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival from March 31 to April 9, and stage her other show Y2K at the New Zealand Comedy Festival from May 19 to 22. “The positive side of that is I now have two one-hour shows ready there to go,” Sandys said. It was unknown how long it would take for some of these bigger events to come back. Sandys had also been preparing to perform alongside Hurley, Michelle A’Court and David Correos on July 11 at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre, a show which had now been postponed. Now the focus was on holding productions that people could drive to, stay a night, and support local hospitality venues. Hurley would perform on July 17 and 18 at the Blue Pub, which may only Comedian and producer Bec Sandys is looking for more venues as comedy makes a slow PHOTO SUPPLIED be limited to 50 people depending on return. alert level restrictions at the time. “I’m so thankful for the Blue Pub jumping in and embracing it,” Sandys said. She invited other Mid Canterbury Thousands of jobs will be supported through a “This suite of initiatives will help protect cultural venues wanting to host comedians to $175 million arts and music sector recovery packsector jobs and create new employment opportuget in touch. age announced by Government yesterday. nities, build skills, knowledge and resilience, pro“We are ready to work, how can we The sector contributes nearly $11 billion a year tect Māori knowledge and artforms, and continue work with you?” she said. to provide inspiration for all New Zealanders.” to GDP, employs 90,000 people and supports the For Hurley’s Methven show, she wellbeing of communities. There would be $7.9 million for Careers Suphoped Mid Canterbury residents 2 8 M A Y2 8 M A Y Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said arts and port for Creative Jobseekers, $70 million over 3 1 J U L 3come 1 JUL would to the town and stay the 2020 2020 music industries had been decimated by Covthree years for a Creative Arts Recovery and Emnight, helping struggling accommodaployment Fund, $60 million over three years for id-19. tion operators. N AT I O NN AT WI O I DNEWFI LDO E OFRLI“Modelling O NO GR I N G a Cultural Innovation Fund, $20 million for a Culbased on Treasury forecasts sug“I want to encourage people from gests that without government intervention, the tural Capability Fund and $16.5 million for a New Ashburton to support a local business, cultural sector will be hit roughly twice as hard as Zealand Music Recovery Fund. book a room for the night, come and the rest of the economy, and 11,000 jobs could be The first wave of funding becomes available see comedy, come and enjoy Methlost within a 12-month period,” Ardern said. from July 2020. ven.”


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Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, May 30, 2020


In brief

Value aplenty in declaration By Jaime Pitt-MacKay

It might not have involved a trip to Auckland to meet face-to-face with the people she was discussing and debating the world’s issues with, but that did nothing to lessen Gianna Butler’s experience of the Aotearoa Youth Declaration. The Aotearoa Youth Declaration is United Nations’ Youth’s flagship civic education conference. It typically gathers participants aged 13-18 (Years 9-13) from all over Aotearoa to write the youth declaration, which represents a youth perspective on public policy. “I really loved the entirety of the conference,” she said. “I especially enjoyed the debates and guest speakers. I learned lots about how to correctly debate and back-up opinions with facts. “That was one of the most valuable things I will take away from the conference.” Due to Covid-19 the conference was held entirely online, which Butler said had a mixture of positives and negatives. “We had our discussions over Slack, and we had our main meetings and guest speakers over

Gianna Butler took part in the Aotearoa Youth Declaration. PHOTO SUPPLIED

Zoom,” she said. “With it being online meant that it had to be longer, so this ensured that we had plenty of time between to research and put our thoughts together, it also meant that the statements had more time to be written and edited. “The social aspect was harder, however, as it was difficult to talk to people outside of the meetings.” Attendees were split into groups

to focus on certain areas such as education, justice and environment. Butler opted for the rights and freedoms group, with their discussions centring around three main topics. “The final statement for rights and freedoms had three sections; gun rights, freedom of speech, privacy rights,” she said. “I was put in charge of the gun rights section. We discussed the

safety precautions and whether there should be more. We also discussed the current age limit of owning a gun and what could change.” The three policies they decided on included establishing a central firearm registration that registers firearms to their owners and records public and private firearm sales, introducing a “learner” firearms licence for people between the age of 16-18 which does not allow the ownership or purchase of firearms and only allows the use of firearms under the supervision of a full firearms licence owner. They also proposed introducing compulsory mental and physical health exams as a requirement to attain a firearms licence, focusing on preventing individuals who may be harmful to others or themselves from accessing firearms. There were also guest speakers at the event, including Eva Maffey from Parliamentary Services who explained what goes on behind the scenes when a new policy is approved, and David Vega from Amnesty International who explained the process of campaigning and how to successfully campaign.

People power waters down nitrogen limits By Susan Sandys

Rangitata MP Andrew Falloon is pleased Government has deferred introduction of a blanket nationwide nitrogen limit in freshwater reforms released this week. “They’ve watered down their original proposal, and it’s looking in better shape than it was,” Falloon said. He credited scientific common sense for the change, alongside people power. Mid Canterbury farmers and others packed into Hotel Ashburton in September last year, concerned about the tough new freshwater proposals. “A single dissolved inorganic

nitrogen limit across the entire country did not recognise the huge variations across different catchments, particularly here in Canterbury,” Falloon said. “There’s still some pretty hefty nitrogen limits in there, which will be a challenge for some farmers, even for those farming well within limits if they’re surrounded by farms with higher nitrogen leaching,” he said. Additionally, he was concerned about government indicating it would come back to the idea of a blanket dissolved nitrogen restriction in 12 months. DairyNZ chief executive Dr Tim Mackle said the new reforms were better than initially proposed, but there was still a

“sting in the tail”. Dairy farmers disagreed with the proposed 95 per cent standard that had been set for nitrate toxicity. This would affect farmers in catchments already taking action towards reducing their footprint in line with new regional council policy plans. For example, in Canterbury’s Selwyn and Hinds zones, farmers were already working towards a 30 per cent nitrogen reduction. “Under these new regulations, these reductions may need to increase to 70 per cent to meet the standards being proposed.” “This is a double-whammy for farmers who were already on the

Thank you for your part in keeping our community safe There’s still a lot of challenges ahead of us. Local businesses need our support to recover. Some in our community will be left feeling vulnerable or isolated and it’s important we look out for one another. As we’ve moved through this difficult time it’s been a privilege to serve you as your local MP. If you, your neighbour, friends or family need help, please get in touch.

Authorised by Andrew Falloon MP, 139 Stafford Street, Timaru.

Andrew Falloon MP for Rangitata 03 308 7510 81 Harrison Street, Ashburton

journey to make significant reductions to nutrient loading. If further plan changes are rushed, it will have significant impact on confidence, jobs and communities,” Dr Mackle said. ECan chairwoman Jenny Hughey said the long-anticipated package provided greater strength and certainty in the efforts of ECan and farmers, in improving water and ecosystem quality through the Canterbury Water Management Strategy. “We will now consider the package in detail. I am confident that here in Canterbury we are already well on the way towards achieving what the Government is asking, but there is still much to do,” she said.

Crash victim named Police have named the man killed in a two-vehicle crash on Maronan Road earlier this week. He was Geoffrey Martin Stoddart, 69, of Ashburton. Police extend their sympathies to his family. Stoddart died after the ute he was thought to be driving was involved in a collision with a tractor on Maronan Road just outside of Tinwald on Tuesday evening. St John spokeswoman Ngaire Jones said they sent two ambulances to the scene but did not transport anybody to hospital.

Three vehicle crash On Thursday afternoon traffic was disrupted on State Highway 1 after three vehicles were involved in a nose-to-tail collision at around 1.45pm. Rakaia Volunteer Fire Brigade Chief Fire Officer Tyrone Burrowes said they were not initially called to the incident, but were called in later to assist police in clearing the vehicles off the road and checking the medical condition of the occupants of the vehicles.

Exhibition date set Ashburton Society of Arts committee members are happy to announce they have a date for their annual exhibition. The art calendar highlight of the year will have its opening night and prize giving on October 19, pushed back from July following lockdown. “We won’t have as many walls as we usually do, so the number of entries per person will be limited this year,” said spokesperson Jen Dearborn. She was grateful to sponsors and the Ashburton Art Gallery for making the new date possible. Receiving day will be October 10 and the exhibition will run to November 13.

Mother-killer jailed A West Auckland man who murdered his mother after years of caring for her will spend at least 14 years behind bars. Martin Marinovich admitted he killed his mother Noeleen Ann Marinovich in their Oratia home on February 7 last year but denied it was murder. A jury decided otherwise in a trial held earlier this year. For murder, he was sentenced in the High Court at Auckland by Justice Tracey Walker to life imprisonment with a minimum non-parole period - NZME of 14 years.


Saturday, May 30, 2020

Reusable masks donated NZ Sock Company CEO Euan Sparrow and Ashburton Volunteer Fire Brigade Chief Fire Officer Alan Burgess show off the masks the company donated to the fire brigade. Sparrow, who was a member of the brigade for 14 years, made the decision to donate the masks, which are embroidered with the brigade’s initials, after a discussion with Burgess. Burgess said the masks would be useful as while they are still required to wear a particular standard of mask when attending medical calls, these masks would reach the standard required for things like training and other events, and would cut down on waste. PHOTO JAIME PITT-MACKAY 280520-JPM-0127


Ashburton Guardian


Bookarama organisers planning for business as usual By Sue Newman

The venue is booked, books are being sorted and everything is looking positive for Bookarama 2020. While there is still some uncertainty over Covid-19 crowd limits for the late September event, co-ordinator David Mead said he and fellow Ashburton Rotary members were working towards it being business as usual for this year’s event. A final decision does not need to be made for a couple of months but club members were already sorting through the mountain of books already in storage. Community collection boxes for book donations do not go out until August. “We’re playing it by ear really but we’ve got everything booked and we’ll probably still have it whether Boulevard Day is on or not. “I’m sure it’ll all work out,” Mead said. Last year Bookarama celebrated its 40th birthday and over the Acads, including the introduca spike. “There is still a lot of she said. years it has been helping secunknowns out there, it could tion of a new website% and a new “It does make a huge differond-hand books find new ownOFF* get busier once the wage subsience (being able to meet facestaff ers, it has % member. %raised well over $1 milto-face).” The new website allows peodies run out and there are more lion for charity. OFF* OFF* ple to contact Acads directly With restaurants and bars people losing jobs. Each year more than 1000 boxthrough the website as well as re-opening under level two, “As always, if anyone is expees of books are unpacked onto Acads staff were out with the riencing issues with alcohol or providing phone and email intrestle tables in the Ashburton liquor licensing inspector last drugs please get in contact with formation, plus information on Sports Hall hoping to find a buyHALF YEARLY SALE Friday, and HALF YEARLYtheir SALE found no issues clinical and public health us.” er during the book festival that with compliance. services. Staff at the service are conspans a week. Clark said she was concerned tinuing to work one day a They also have a new health At the end of each event, leftthat with gathering limits now week from home to assist with promoter starting next month, over books are sorted and while increased to 100, there could be taking up the role previously meeting social distancing resome may be discarded, most are more issues arising. held by Tania Scott. quirements, but they are back repacked to resell the following Powered Powered Powered P Recline “People have to be mindful to “She is coming from Inver- Recline year. to meeting with clients face-toRecline R keep up their social distancing face, but with some restrictions cargill and is a senior health While collection boxes will not TAYLOR POWER TAYLOR 3 SEATER and their handwashing,” in place. with a lot ofTAYLOR experi-TAYLOR promoter out TAYLOR for a couple of months, TAYLOR POWERshe POWERbe 2TAYLOR SEATER TAYLOR 3 SEATER 3 SEATER said. “We are no longer running a ence so weTWIN are really excited toTWIN RECLINE Mead said members happy RECLINER RECLINER TWIN RECLINE RECLINE TWINare RECLINE RECLINER TWIN R The lockdown did not put a waiting room so it is just a mathave *her joining the team,” she to collect unwanted * * * books from * * NOW $999* (Milan Leather) NOW $999 NOW $1,799 NOW $1,999 NOW $1,999 (Milan Leather) (Milan Leather) (Milan Leather) (Milan Leather $999 (Milan Leather) NOW $1 NOW $1,999 (Milan Leather) stop to a number of changesNOW at said. ter of staggering clients out,” people’s homes. RRP $1,999 SAVERRP $1,000 RRP $3,299 RRP SAVE $1,999 $1,300 SAVE $1,000 RRP $2,999 RRP SAVE $3,299 $1,200 SAVE $1,999 SAVE $1,000 RRP $3,299 SAVE $1,300 RRP$1,30 $2,

No sign of addiction spike By Jaime Pitt-MacKay

Ashburton’s community alcohol and drug service have not seen a spike in clinical referrals for addiction post-lockdown, but with plenty of unknowns on the horizon, they are not ruling anything out. Ashburton Community Alcohol and Drugs Service general manager Chris Clark said numbers had picked up post-lockdown, but were not anything that could be described as a spike. “We are starting to get referrals again but no more than usual,” she said. “It is not what you would call





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News 6

Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Providing a voice of reason By Heather Mackenzie

The first week of lockdown proved to be a bit chaotic for S.E.E.D.S family wellbeing programme co-ordinator Marie McAnulty. “At the beginning I spent a lot of my time advising our families on what to cook, how to bake and what is needed to make playdough.” Also on the increase at that time was the demand for food parcels, prompted when households realised popping out to the supermarket was not easy, and takeaways were off the menu completely. “St Vincent de Paul were great with supplying food parcels and Cadbury also donated 120 Easter eggs to treat the children on our books.” During that first week McAnulty identified a commonality in family concerns and found a way to deal with their issues. “I thought a weekly newsletter was a good way to tackle the questions, along with providing some much needed reassurance to unsure families.” Dropped in mailboxes or posted to out of town families, McAnulty said she included things like the much asked for playdough recipe along with fast and easy baking instructions for cheese puffs and simple meal options. Her newsletters, and the baking she popped in the mailboxes too, proved to be a saviour for

many. Even the requests for food parcels all but dried up, she said. “A positive to come from the lockdown, was people had to get off their devices and into the kitchen, which in turn led to increased family conversations.” “Everything went along nicely until online learning started, then questions on what to do and panic over teaching children at home began in earnest.” Again, the calm McAnulty was the voice of reason. When anxiety threatened to take over a household McAnulty would calmly ask what sorts of things the children were doing at home already. “If they answered baking or playing games, I would reassure them that children were learning doing that anyway. A nice calm home was more important at that stage,” she said. Having a nice clean home was taken care of when Waitaha, with the help of Te Putahitanga and #manaaki20, donated five boxes full of cleaning products for S.E.E.D.S. families. McAnulty said she was greeted with lots of smiles when she showed up at people’s doors recently with cleaning products in-hand. “People really appreciated it, I always got a thank you and some even went so far as to send me a text thanking me for what I had done for them.”

S.E.E.D.S family wellbeing programme co-ordinator Marie McAnulty, sorting out gift packs of cleaning products donated by Waitaha with the help of Te Putahitanga and #manaaki20 for local families.

Crowd numbers key to Nexus Entertainment Boulevard Day decision By Sue Newman

• Audio Technician – Digital Mixing • Small indoor PA system to Large Outdoor Line Array Concert Sound system covering up to 10,000 people • Stage Lighting Design – Digital ControlOver 16,000 channels of Lighting Control • Projectors (upto 20,000 lumens) 3D Projection mapping LED video Screens Vision Mixing • Full Colour Spectrum Laser shows • 3-Phase Power Distribution • DJ weddings/birthdays


TOO BIG OR TO SMALL Contact details Ph: 022 398 5390 E:

If there’s any way Ashburton’s Boulevard Day can be held this year, it will be held, says co-organiser Bob McDonald. With an urgent need to start finalising details for the September event, McDonald said he is teetering on the edge of cancelling the event because of the uncertainty over Covid-19 gathering numbers. A meeting on Thursday with fellow retailers indicated there was huge support for the event to go ahead, but those retailers also accepted that unless the Covid-19 crowd limits were removed, holding Boulevard Day as they knew it could be impossible, he said. “We need to be out of all levels really for this but our decision absolutely has to be made within the next couple of weeks.” Earlier this week McDonald believed the street day was 99 per cent likely to be canned, but when the Ashburton A&P show committee announced they were still considering holding his year’s show at the end of October, he said it meant taking a second look at Boulevard Day.

“We’re not 100 per cent either way – just yet.” The show, however, was different in that it had limited points of entry to the showgrounds and that meant if crowd number limits were still in place numbers could be monitored. With Boulevard Day there were multiple street entry points and crowd control would be impossible, McDonald said. The event’s organisers will meet with Ashburton District Council staff next week to discuss options around the event and there was still a lot that needed to happen before there could be any certainty around holding the event, he said. “Everyone I’ve talked to wants it to go ahead, including us, but it’s if the numbers are not opened up, we can’t do it.” Bookings were already coming in from stall holders and they needed some certainty because many of them were part of an event circuit, McDonald said. “This is a horrible situation for everyone but we’re very motivated to run this event – if we can. We just need to be able to tick all the boxes.”


Saturday, May 30, 2020

Ashburton Guardian


May is Smokefree month, May 31, International Smokefree Day and two Ashburton health promoters, Mandy Casey and Carly McDowell, are determined the Ashburton District will become a leader in achieving low smoking rates. They talk to reporter Sue Newman about the hidden costs of smoking.

The HIDDEN costs of



ood or fags? That could be the question smokers are asking themselves as pay packets shrink or disappear and the reality of life post-Covid-19 hits home. And that could mean juggling necessity against luxury in the supermarket trolley. The facts are hard and they’re sobering, says Smokefree health promoter Mandy Casey. Smoke 10 cigarettes a day and you’ll be watching about $136 a week of your hard-earned cash, or your benefit, disappearing into your lungs. At $44.90 a packet the maths is simple, Casey said. Yes you can swap to a cheaper brand, yes the numbers might be a little lower, but the end result is the same – money up in smoke and the risk of compromised health. Swap to tobacco and the cost might again be lower, $109 a week for a 50-gram pack, but the end results are still the same. If an even more graphic demonstration of the real cost of smoking in dollar terms was needed, Casey suggested balancing the cost of a packet of cigarettes against a supermarket trolley of groceries was a good measure – one packet of cigarettes equalled roughly a modest grocery trolley of food for two. And if the comparison between a week’s worth of food and a week’s worth of cigarettes was still not enough, the arrival of Covid-19 should provide the ultimate incentive to stub out, she said. Casey and Carly McDowell are


O the drivers of this year’s Smokefree Campaign for the Ashburton District and they say that in the Covid-19 environment, the message to stop smoking was even more important. “A focus on lung health is even more important at the moment because smokers are more susceptible to Covid-19,” McDowell said. Not only does smoking reduce lung capacity it means a smoker’s fingers will more easily transmit an infection from hand to mouth. A review of studies by public health experts convened by the World Health Organisation last month, backed up those concerns, McDowell said. Because smoking impairs lung function it makes it harder for the body to fight off coronaviruses and other diseases. In the past the Ashburton District was one of New Zealand’s

smoking hot-spots, but rates had improved significantly and it had become at the front of districts around the country working towards low smoking rates and in having many parts of its district declared smokefree. The district’s parks, sports fields and many public spaces are now declared smokefree areas, but there’s still further to go on this challenge. Five years ago Columbus became the first cafe in the district to go smokefree, but the battle is far from won. The pair is committed to making Ashburton’s streets smokefree areas. They’ve carried out street surveys to gauge public opinion and they’ll carry out more. It’s a crusade they’re committed to. It’s been achieved in other parts of New Zealand and they want Ashburton to be on the smokefree-town list too.

n its Facebook page the Cancer Society is running a poll on the sale of cigarettes. Rather than having these available in supermarkets and dairies, it is calling for the places tobacco products can be sold to be restricted. Although they’re R18 products and are kept behind shop counters, the society believes they should not be sold alongside food staples. The society wants to know what New Zealanders think, with a simple yes or no answer to a simple question ... “should smokes only be sold in R18 specialist tobacco shops?” You can’t argue with the facts, McDowell said, tobacco kills more than 8 million people globally every year. More than 7 million of these deaths are from direct tobacco use and around 1.2 million are due to non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke. She accepts giving up isn’t easy, breaking years of a nicotine habit will hurt, but the health

benefits, and many of those are almost immediate, make it worth the effort, she said. There are a range of nicotine replacement therapies, such as gum and patches to help smokers quit tobacco, and a number of support lines available. One of the products used by some smokers as an aid to quitting is vaping, but the product is also finding another use that is working against the smokefree message and that is worrying health promoters. “It’s become a real thing with young people and talking to secondary school principals, they also see it as an issue,” she said. Schools might have a novaping policy, but the devices are now easily disguised. “Yes, vaping might help smokers stop, but the real concern is young people who may never have smoked who are vaping and getting a nicotine addiction,” McDowell said. Internationally, World Smokefree Day is known as World No Tobacco Day and is celebrated annually on May 31.

THE FACTS ■■ Tobacco use is responsible for 25 per cent of all cancer deaths globally. ■■ Use of nicotine and tobacco products increases the risk of cancer, cardiovascular and pulmonary disease. ■■ Over 1 million people die from second-hand smoke exposure every year. ■■ Children and adolescents who use e-cigarettes at least double their chance of smoking cigarettes later in life. ■■ E-cigarette use increases your risk of heart disease and lung disorders. ■■ Nicotine in e-cigarettes is a highly addictive drug and can damage children’s developing brains. ■■ Smoking shisha is just as harmful as other forms of tobacco use. It is toxic and contains substances that cause cancer. ■■ Smokeless doesn’t mean that it’s harmless. ■■ Smoking causes bad breath, yellow teeth, wrinkly skin, unhealthy lungs and a poor immune system.


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Motoring 5,2019 Friday,July

Jenny’s XK8r Jaguar is he dream car.


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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Ashburton Guardian

Ruby quits as Batwoman Ruby Rose has shared a cryptic post about quitting her role as Batwoman. The 34-year-old actress starred as Kate Kane and her titular alter-ego in The CW series during its first season - which began airing last year - but made a shock announcement last week that she is stepping away from the iconic role and despite much speculation as to the reasons behind her departure, she has offered only a cryptic response and merely said “those who know, know”.

China has been makings its attitude clear in Hong Kong.


Ready for battle China’s state media has warned that the “battle is on” with the United States, as tensions with the West continue to grow amid the coronavirus pandemic. An editorial in the state-run Global Times newspaper accused the Trump administration of “seizing China by the throat”, saying the rising superpower is “prepared to engage in a long-term battle with the US”. It comes after US President Donald Trump announced earlier this week that the US would work on a response to China’s planned national security legislation for Hong Kong. “Since China is determined to push forward the national security legislation for Hong Kong, it has been prepared for any possible reaction from the US,” the editorial said. “Many Chinese people have realised that some US politicians are seizing China by its throat. “A long-term rivalry between China and the US is inevitable.

“In the face of US aggression, China should adopt a calm mentality and be prepared to engage in a long-term battle with the US.” Beijing warned the US would “suffer the most” if a financial trade war between the two countries were to grow. “If a financial war spirals out of control, it is the US that will suffer the most. “With its real economy shrinking, the US economy is largely relying on the financial sector, which means launching a financial war equals self-harm. “The Chinese people are pragmatic and hardworking. “We have constructed a comprehensive manufacturing system and built the technological ability to make breakthroughs. We also have a vast market. “Hardly can such a country be isolated and contained.” It went on to say China is ready for “battle” over the Hong Kong issue. “The China-US ‘battle’ over Hong Kong is on. The US is free to play any cards in its

hand. Hong Kong is under China’s sovereignty, and whatever act Washington passes is just wastepaper. “Amid the long-term competition with the US, one of the most important tasks for China is to build up its internal vitality. “We have sufficient means to resist external blows, while internal flexibility and vitality are sources of subsequent stamina. In the end, China is competing with itself.” Over the weekend, thousands of demonstrators in Hong Kong took to the streets over a controversial new security law put forward by the Chinese government. The law will allow Chinese national security agencies to deploy in the semi-autonomous territory for the first time, in line with the Chinese Communist Party’s aim to bring Hong Kong more under its control. Earlier this week, the Trump administration warned that the US would likely impose sanctions on China if the law were to pass. China has repeatedly threatened the US in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Jessica Simpson has proved she’s made the most of lockdown. The singer and mum of three showed off her dramatic 45kg weight loss on Instagram, posting a mirror selfie while wearing bike shorts and a sports bra. “Woke up before all 3 kiddos to get my steps in and spend time with me, myself, and I,” she captioned the photo. “Move move move for your own mental health.”

Scott and Sofia break up


Pair of lions attack, maul zookeeper A female zoo keeper is fighting for life after being bitten multiple times by two lions in an “extremely vicious” attack at a zoo on the New South Wales south coast in Australia. Two ambulance crews and a specialist medical team had to “walk into a lion’s den” to treat the injured woman at Shoalhaven Zoo in North Nowra.

Simpson showing off

An ambulance spokesman said they were called just before 10.20am to treat the victim “bitten on the head and neck region” following reports of an “animal attack”. Police said the 35-year-old woman was attacked by two lions while cleaning the enclosure. In an update last night, the NSW Ambulance service said that the keeper had “a

number of lacerations and bites”. She was taken by ambulance to meet a helicopter and then flown to St George Hospital in a critical but stable condition. “This is one of the worst jobs I have ever experienced – I have never come across a job like this in my career,” Inspector Faye Stockman said. “It was absolutely harrowing.”

After three years together, Scott Disick and Sofia Richie have split up. A source said that the relationship “ran its course” but that other issues, including Disick’s “past traumas” that led him to rehab, contributed to the split. “Scott had gone back to his old ways,” the source said, “and Sofia got fed up”. Disick, 37, and Richie, 21, had also been quarantining separately, which reportedly took a toll on their relationship. The source also said Disick’s relationship with ex Kourtney Kardashian, the mother of Disick’s three kids, weighed on Richie.


Weekend focus 10 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, May 30, 2020

2020 SPORTS Mid Canterbury sporting excellence will still be recognised this year through the Mid Canterbury Sports Awards with the official part of the awards moved online next month. Today, the Guardian looks at the nominees across all categories.


Kevin Opele – Rugby, Rugby League, Netball Kevin Opele is probably best described as a bit of a jack of all trades. In the past 12 months he achieved a feat unlikely to be matched by anyone – controlling three finals in three different sporting codes at the highest level possible. Kevin was in charge of the Division 1 Final of the Combined Country Rugby Final, The Watters Cup Final, the Aoraki Rugby League Grand Final and also umpired the Premier Netball final. Summer Anderson – Basketball It’s been a busy year on the side of the basketball court for Summer Anderson. As well as playing her sport of passion, the young official has also built up an impressive repertoire of achievements which has seen her controlling matches across the South Island. The crowning glory? Being in control of the New Zealand Masters Games women’s final, as well as appearances at various South Island tournaments.

OUTSTANDING OFFICIAL, REFEREE, UMPIRE – JUNIOR Cathleen Anderson – Basketball Cathleen Anderson is paving the way for a long career of officiating. She’s developed her skillset considerably over the past 12 months and is a rapid riser on the basketball umpiring scene both locally and across the South Island. After passing her national theory exam last year she went on to officiate and also notched up her first ever tournament at the Under 13 Southern Regionals. Jacob Gray – Hockey All umpires, irrelevant of age or experience, express a strong desire to reach the pinnacle of their role which is to be awarded the task of umpiring a final in a national tournament and for hockey official Jacob Gray, it was a case of lightning striking twice. Jacob was in charge of the whistle at the National Under 15 Premier Tournament, the Johnson Cup at Secondary School level, the National U18 women’s tournament as well as a host of other events.

OUTSTANDING COACH Kaye Kennedy – Netball It’s been a busy season for Kaye Kennedy at the helm of the Ashburton College A netball side. Winners of the Mid Canterbury Netball Premier competition, fourth at the South Island Secondary Schools and 15th at the Nationals, Kaye has supported her charges with aplomb, allowing them to grow both on and off the court. Sarah Grieve – Gymnastics In her second year as the head of Ashburton Gymnastics Club Sarah has shone. With her dedication, planning and expertise the club has grown in numbers and members are developing incredibly under her guidance. Part of a strong coaching team, there’s clear direction and the results are evident of all the hard work. Thorsten Windhorst – Karate The sport of karate is on a rapid rise in Mid Canterbury and that’s in part to the efforts of Thorsten Windhorst. Not only have his charges produced the goods in the arena, but he’s guided the sport to impressive growth in recent years with numbers as strong as ever. Across international, national, national school championships, South Island Championships and regional competitions, 19 golds have been achieved with a further 28 silver and bronze medals to boot.

Jack Tiller – Tennis Jack has focused much of his time on finding new ways of engaging with people interested in tennis while also enhancing and adding value to the tennis experience for those already connected to the game. With an ability to relate, motivate and develop talent he’s added real value to the Mid Canterbury coaching scene.

OUTSTANDING ALL-ROUND SPORTS PERSON Taylah Burrowes – Karate and Netball It’s been a standout 12 months for Taylah Burrowes who is producing good results on the netball court and in her specialist sport of karate. Currently, she holds the Australian and New Zealand National Secondary School titles for Kumite Cadets (under 16) and is New Zealand Open Champion. With a busy karate schedule, Taylah still managed to find time to compete in other sports and help instruct.

Secondary Schools’ Championships as well as performing with distinction in the SuperNet competition.

OUTSTANDING SENIOR SPORTSPERSON Matthew Clough – Multisport His year might have been cut short by a broken leg, but that didn’t stop Matthew Clough from achieving once again. Clough claimed success in the World Under 20 Cross Tri Championships, seeing off his six rivals with ease. He was third in the NZ Xterra Championships for Under 25 men. On the comeback from injury he managed to finish third in the 2-Day Coast to Coast open men’s division. OUSTANDING SENIOR SPORTS TEAM Mark Sheard, Maurice Sunbeam, Cecil Tubb and Charlie Cleghorn – Indoor Bowls This indoor bowling quartet claimed National success in the Chartered Club championships, winning the men’s fours title. The team did extremely well as they beat some strong teams on their road to the final. All four players also represented Mid Canterbury during the year. Mid Canterbury United Senior Football team – Football If the task of travelling to Christchurch to play in one of the most competitive competitions in regional New Zealand is supposed to be daunting, no one told Mid Canterbury’s senior football side. Fresh off an unbeaten season the year prior, this group of talented men went and did it again in 2019 winning the Mainland Football Division One Competition and also picked up the Mainlaind Football Division One Cup. The side scored 95 goals during the season while only conceding 18. Mid Canterbury Senior Basketball – Basketball Despite venturing into the Christchurch Division 1 basketball tournament for the first time in 20 years, the Mid Canterbury side managed to walk away with the Division 1 title. Featuring a predominantly younger side and playing against expremier players in a tough competition, the side finished fifth qualifier but managed to work their way to the final and claim victory. Mid Canterbury Target Shooting – Shooting Target shooting is a sport on the rise in Mid Canterbury and despite only competing for the second time, the Association claimed victory in the South Island teams competition where more than 200 teams converged for the biggest shooting competition in New Zealand. They also claimed success in the National District Championships. OUTSTANDING JUNIOR SPORTS TEAM Ashburton College A – Netball It was a busy and successful year for the Ashburton College A Netball side. Winners of the Mid Canterbury Premier Netball competition – in which they only lost two games across three rounds of play they also finished fourth at the South Island Secondary Schools’ Championships and then 15th at the New Zealand

Kimberley Bird – Equestrian A member of New Zealand’s National Talent Development Squad, Kimberley jolted herself into the limelight in the past 12 months by winning the Taupo Xmas Classic World Cup – the highest level you can compete at in New Zealand. That result, coupled with a fifth placing in the Olympic Cup at Horse of the Year, third in the Norwood Cup at Horse of the Year and fifth in the World Cup series, despite only competing in two of the five events. Kimberley’s recent success has her inside the top 15 riders in New Zealand. Logan McCorkindale – Croquet In the past two years, Logan McCorkindale has moved from regional player to the elite level in both variations of the sport, golf croquet and association croquet. With outstanding results both locally, nationally and internationally he’s making his mark on the sport all over the world and has done so through hard work but with a strong mental fitness and attitude which stands him out. Pip Johnstone – Basketball Pip Johnstone has dominated the basketball courts over the past 12 months. A member of the Mid Canterbury side which won Christchurch’s Division One competition, he was also named competition MVP and selected in the All Star 5. Locally, Pip was the leading scorer in the Mid Canterbury competition and guided his side, the Donkeys, to success in the championship match with a 46 point haul.

Weekend focus

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Ashburton Guardian


AWARDS OUTSTANDING JUNIOR SPORTSPERSON Mia Pearson – Netball 2019 was an outstanding year for Mia Pearson on the netball court with her skill and talent being recognised in both local and national netball circles. She excelled as a circle defender and was a major contributor to the success of the Ashburton College A side. Mia was one of three players selected from the team for a talented players group and was also selected for the Netball NZ Development camp. Brooke Edmond – Karate A South Island and Canterbury champion as well as a nationally placed competitor, Brooke Edmond has enjoyed a good year in the karate world. Adding to her tournament success, Brooke took part in two gradings during the year and now holds the rank of purple belt. A regular trainer during the week she’s an active member of the Dojo community.

Diego Quispe-Kim – Tennis One of New Zealand’s most exciting tennis stars of the future, Diego Quispe-Kim has made an immediate impact on the Mid Canterbury tennis scene since his arrival. The 14-yearold is currently ranked No.1 in New Zealand for his age. A New Zealand representative at the World Junior Teams Event in Malaysia, Diego was named in the Under 17 Canterbury side as well to cap off a huge 12 months on the court.

Carina Lupse – Karate With a crowning glory of finishing second at the New Zealand Karate Championships, Carina also claimed victory at the South Island Schools’ Championships and various

events across the Canterbury region. As well as her competitive achievements, Carina has earned her brown belt and helps as a junior assistant instructor every week. Kotiti Patea – Softball Kotiti Patea’s success on the softball diamond culminated with his selection as a nontravelling reserve for the Junior Black Sox side. His pathway to there was paved through his efforts as a member of the Canterbury Under 18 fastpitch side where he helped his side to finish fourth in the national championships. Despite a busy schedule, he still finds time to give back, coaching younger teams and playing for Ashburton College.

Caitlin Titheridge – Mountain Biking Caitlin Titheridge has achieved some outstanding results across five different biking disciplines with her crowning glory being success in the New Zealand Under 19 National Cyclocross Championship as well as placings in the Oceania Downhill Mountain Bike Champs and the National Secondary Schools event as well. With dedication and perseverance to excel she’s set for an impressive career. Angus Jemmett – Cricket Angus Jemmett’s efforts on the cricket pitch over the past 12 months have been nothing short of outstanding. Despite his relative youth he found himself in the Mid Canterbury Senior Hawke Cup cricket side and marked that occasion with a century on debut. A member of the Mid Canterbury Under 17 team and the Ashburton College 1st XI where he was the leading run scorer and leading wicket taker. There’s a big future ahead. Madison Edmond – Karate A national champion for her age group in the sport of karate, Madison Edmond has had a standout year across a whole variety of tournaments. She has also advanced her skill level and made two rank progressions to brown belt as she continues to make her name known in the sport across New Zealand.

Riley Breen – Tennis At the age of 10, Riley Breen has the tennis world at the end of his racquet. Currently the No.1 ranked player in New Zealand in the Under 11 age bracket, Riley has achieved great results in the next age group as well where he was selected for the Canterbury and National sides. Cathleen Anderson – Basketball Cathleen Anderson leads a busy lifestyle. As well as her work as a coach, the young star has gone through a rise and rise over the past 12 months in her chosen sport. With a strong determination to succeed both on and off the course, her record as both an umpire and an player holds her in high stead for the future. A member of the Mainland Eagles basketball side, Cathleen also somehow finds time to play premier level netball. Riley Sa – Basketball Selection to attend the Basketball New Zealand selection camp for Under 17 players, Riley Sa is a basketball name of the future. A member of the Canterbury Under 17 Basketball side and the Mainland Eagles, Riley’s also been a presence locally as a part of the Ashburton College Junior and Sernio sides, the Ashburton College Club team and the Junior A 3x3 team. His efforts have been well recognised with multiple awards at Ashburton College for his deeds on the court. Sophie Adams – Basketball A member of the National Under 17 Oceania team, Sophie Adams’ basketball star continues to skyrocket. She’s had an impressive 12 months as a member of the Canterbury

Wildcats women’s side as well as the Waitara Under 19 side and the Senior Mid Canterbury basketball side. But it’s not just on the basketball court either. Sophie has shown her ability in athletics as well with strong results in shot put.

OUTSTANDING VOLUNTEER Mindy Morrison – Basketball Appointed the manager of the Canterbury Wildcats for the 20192020 season, Mindy Morrison has dedicated her time to delivering the best results for the side she was a part of from budgets, uniforms, travel and rentals. That alongside the host of work she does for Mid Canterbury Basketball as an organiser, floor manager she is a key cog in the wheel that keeps the sport churning both locally and further afield. Kara Gilbert – Gymnastics A volunteer coach for the Ashburton Gymnastics Club for the past three years, Kara Gilbert’s dedication, knowledge and enthusiasm for all things gymnastics locally is appreciated by members, committee and competitors alike. Richard McLea – Cricket Richard has been an indefatigable worker for Coldstream Cricket Club and Mid Canterbury junior cricket for the last 15 years, serving as chairman of the Junior Committee (MCC) for a number of years, and is

the backbone of the Coldstream Cricket Club, first as a player and then as a committee member. Richard does all of this with a willing heart and a ready smile on his dial. Alexander Tommerby Harpoth - Gymnastics Alex has been a volunteer coach with the Ashburton Gymnastics Club for over five years. He is described as having a special rapport with the pupils he coaches and is known for his dedication to the sport and as a whizz when it comes to pack up time. Eva Kelly – Basketball Despite a hectic playing schedule and a promising career on the basketball court, Eva has also made her presence known off the court in both netball and basketball where she gives back to the sport. A coach at the Mid Canterbury Basketball Academy each week, Eva was also selected to coach and assistant coach Mid Canterbury rep basketball sides. Tessa Thompson – Basketball With a busy schedule officiating across the Canterbury region, Tessa Thompson has balanced her time well which has allowed her own refereeing development, but also giving her the opportunity to encourage the participation and development of the players she has been coaching. A vital cog in the basketball make up locally, Tessa is a valuable member of the sport.

Angus Jemmett has been following in his family’s footsteps, charging into the senior Mid Canterbury side, and notching up a century on debut.

Opinion 12 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, May 30, 2020


Matt Markham


Time for some laughs and a little bit of fun W

hat we probably need right now is a really good laugh and a bit of entertainment. It’s been a while since we could enjoy what we normally would outside of our normal lives, be it a trip to a stage or performance – perhaps even a stand-up comedy gig – or even more a sporting event. These little extra curricular activities we would so often take part in prior to lockdown life are slowly but surely coming back to us after spending a few months in the wilderness and it’s important that when they do present themselves – that we embrace them. We’ve got a crown jewel here in Ashburton in the Event Centre but largely it’s under-utilised and under-visited by the general public. If there’s a show or a performance on, you could almost bet your bottom dollar that more than half of those there filling the seats are the same from the last performance that was held. That particular venue is held in such high regard around New Zealand for what it’s capable of and we’re incredibly lucky to have it, so it’s critical that it’s supported. Right now, it’s sitting in limbo. Playing the waiting game for guidance on when the doors can open again and life can try to return to normal, so it’s a case of being ready to go when they eventually do take the padlocks off. I’ve written before about the plethora of talent we have in this district when it comes to performing and I’ve also mentioned how undervalued that particular sector of society is in terms of public support at times. We get a chance to start afresh here and do better at our own supporting role. Be it a comedy show, a stage performance by Variety Theatre Ashburton, Methven Theatre Company, Big Little Theatre Company or Mid Canterbury Children’s Theatre – we’ve got the chance to get right behind it and show our support to ensure those entities continue for ever. You won’t be disappointed either. I’m yet to see anything from anyone local that I haven’t enjoyed.


Winston Peters confirms cracks in coalition By Mike Hosking


he question is not whether Winston Peters is correct, because he indisputably is. The question is, what is he going to do about it? His revelation on Newstalk ZB on Thursday now tells us this Government is not the one holding us back from moving to Level 1, getting doors open to a point where actual trading can be done, livings can be made – and jobs can be saved, if not created. No, it is not the Government – it’s the Labour Party. But one part of the Government. In the revelation is the exposure of what many had suspected: a socialist type power grab designed to shore-up votes driven by fear, topped up with extraordinary amounts of money we don’t have – and all delivered with the ever so slightly condescending butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth style favoured by the Prime Minister, who is clearly loving her days in the debt-laden economically catastrophic sun. Unfortunately for Peters, it’s him making the revelation, and these revelations have form. We are close to an election, he’s in trouble poll-wise, and he looks at this point to be yet another

Winston Peters is obviously not toeing the Labour line. victim of the MMP curse. Which is that no small party who ever properly went into government via a formal coalition has ever survived to tell the tale. So it suits his agenda to drive a headline or two. However in this case, as much as it may suit him, he’s also on the right side of history – and the economic future and wellbeing of this country is at stake.

So what does he do? How long is it before his observations turn to musing about expecting Labour to review the Level 1 date, to actually bringing it forward? How long before this back and forth gets played out daily between duelling coalition partners? How long before New Zealand First start to ponder their future in Government? The advantage they have is that

every small business in the land would agree with them. The National Party, you will note, with a new leader and the New Zealand First door ajar, is behind them. Most regular, everyday, ordinary New Zealanders who can see this catastrophe unfolding for themselves, even if they would never contemplate voting for New Zealand First, at least can go along with the sentiment. Every day Winston Peters makes sense, pitches the cause of the majority, isolates out Labour as obsessive on health and economically dangerous, he gets headlines, a potential growth in support, and distance from Labour. And hopefully he does us all a massive economic service by actually getting the country open the way it should be. As we keep saying, if a week is a long time in politics, more than 16 is an age. Watch this space. The views, opinions, positions or strategies expressed by the author and those providing comments are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, positions or strategies of the Ashburton Guardian Co Ltd or any employee thereof


Saturday, May 30, 2020

‘You can’t legislate against stupidity’ T

he number of citizens infected by Covid-19 in a country can be directly linked to the stupidity of the leaders of that country. This is not a well-researched, peer reviewed, scientific journal published statement of academia. This is the simple, spot the obvious fact of the global response to a virus. Take any country, start from its first known case, add the decisions made and then over time, track the rate of infection and fatalities per head of population. To be fair you need to remove the United States of Absurdity (USA), they are the undisputed champions of dumb. Take a look at what Britain has managed to do. Currently in New Zealand, those who do not know about how best to manage the response leave it to those who do. Our government has not interfered with how we are managing schools running in Levels 2 and 3. They know that the people best suited to make the right decisions are those who actually run the schools. Not so in Used-To-Be-Great Britain. Apparently school principals or head teachers have no idea how to safely manage a return to school. Not only that, the unions who exist to benefit the work conditions for teachers – not students – have decided they are the fountains of knowledge. In a blatant act of obstruction, four teacher unions produced the most stupid book of crap ever to be sent to any school. A vacuum cleaner in space would be more useful to an astronaut than this pile of utter piffle. It would be wiser for an airline to follow the actions of Icarus than to use this to start a fire. When archaeologists 200 years from now unearth this document they will immediately look for the graves of the pettifoggers who wrote it, to see how they were removed from the earth. What I’m talking about is a workplace guide and checklist to safely managing a school in this new normal. It contains 12 sections of questions that needed to be answered in the affirmative before a school should open. In total there are over 160 questions to work through. So what is so stupid about that? Well one only needs to sample some questions to realise a three-year-old with a Thomas the Tank Engine train set could design a better national rail system than these supposed experts. Take for example this question: Will PPE be available for emergency situations, for example when a pupil develops symptoms during the school day and is awaiting collection? Correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t it been proven beyond a doubt that the carrier of the virus can infect others without showing symptoms? Or this question: How will other unauthorised visitors be kept away? With an army of rabies-infested garden gnomes. I don’t know,

Peter Livingstone OUT OF SCHOOL

how do you normally keep people who aren’t allowed in your school away when there isn’t a virus? Aren’t all English schools built like prisons – gates, walls and no grass? Or this one: What will happen in wet weather at break and lunchtimes? The virus will wash away and then a rainbow will appear followed by unicorns made from candy floss. Actually, what will happen are the unauthorised visitors will be warm and dry because you let them into your school. Then there is this gem: What are the plans for ensuring that staff can travel safely to and from school? Why – are there packs of lunatic unicorns made from candy floss running amok in the streets and trampling teachers beneath their marzipan hooves? Or do teachers run the risk of catching the virus in the streets, because they are filled with celebrities like Gordon Ramsay who flout lockdown rules and travel between their London apartment and their estate in Twatsville. Maybe this one is worth considering: The DfE toolkit recommends that children should be taught not to touch their faces – how can this realistically be taught or monitored? It can be taught by wrapping the child’s hands in hemlock (a common

herb used in toad-in-the-hole recipes) and monitored by having a council worker in a mac, with a clipboard, making tally marks. This data is then analysed by MI5 to determine if hemlock is a miracle cure for childhood obesity. And finally: Will only rooms with windows that can be kept open be used? Hang on – if you do that, won’t the unauthorised visitors and unicorns get in, upsetting the children, causing them to repeatedly touch their faces as a sign of anxiety? Does that mean there are rooms where the windows are designed to close as soon as they open or are built to never stay open? I give up – let’s keep the border to Britain permanently closed, for Jesse Ventura said, “You can’t legislate against stupidity”, but at least let’s keep them out.

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Peter Livingstone is the principal of Tinwald School. The views expressed in this column are his and do not represent the views of his school, the Ashburton Guardian or the Mid Canterbury Principals’ Association

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Business 14 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Tower plans to cut 108 jobs Tower has posted an improved half year profit but plans to shed jobs to cut costs and do more digital trading to cope with an expected fall in business. The insurance company’s profit for the six months ended March was $14.9 million compared with $11.9m a year ago, as income rose 11 per cent on the back of increased premiums, and the cost of claims stabilised. The result contains three months of business done by Youi, which Tower bought at the end of last year. However, outgoing chief executive Richard Harding said the company was bracing for reduced investment income and slower growth because of the Covid-19 pandemic, which was prompting the company to cut costs and make greater use of digital platforms for customers. “We are currently working through a process to deliver cost savings of $7.2m per year, which includes a proposal for 108 redundancies, along with other cost-out initiatives.” However, he said more business was being done on digital platforms and it planned to create 30 new flexible and part-time roles,

Richard Harding which allow for quicker and better response to customer demands. Harding said vehicle claims had fallen sharply during the lockdowns and Tower would refund at least $6.8m to customers as a result. Tower still had 76 unresolved Canterbury quake claims, and has a claim for $69m for outstanding costs from EQC, which is now expected to go to court to be adjudicated on. The company scrapped its first half dividend to bolster its finances and ensure adequate solvency to cover future claims. A decision on a final dividend would depend on the results and the economic conditions at the time.

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a2 Milk Company ATM Air NZ AIR ANZ Banking Gr ANZ Argosy Prop ARG Arvida Gr ARV Auckland Intl Airpt AIA Chorus CNU Contact Energy CEN Ebos Gr EBO F&P Healthcare FPH Fletcher Building FBU Fonterra Share Fund FSF Freightways FRE Genesis Energy GNE Gentrak Gr GTK Goodman Prop Tr GMT Heartland Gr Hldgs HGH Infratil IFT Investore Property IPL Kathmandu Hldgs KMD Kiwi Property Gr KPG Mainfreight MFT Mercury NZ MCY Meridian Energy MEL Metlifecare MET NZ Refining NZR NZ X NZX Oceania Healthcare OCA Port of Tauranga POT Precinct Properties PCT Prop for Industry PFI Pushpay Holdings PPH Restaurant Brands RBD Ryman Healthcare RYM Sanford SAN Scales Corp SCL Skellerup SKL Sky Network TV SKT Skycity Ent Gr SKC Spark SPK Stride Prop & Inv SPG Summerset Gr Hldgs SUM Synlait Milk SML Tourism Holdings THL TrustPower TPW V ector VCT V ista Gr Intl VGL V ital Hlth Prop Tr VHP Westpac Banking WBC Z Energy ZEL

Buy price

1899 137 1955 113 137 650 735 621 2195 2998 351 362 683 284 142 217 119 478 172 104 101 3973 465 475 419 70 141 89 719 155 240 758 1275 1208 677 491 199 14.9 244 442 157 599 644 176 698 367 150 244 1895 282

Sell price

1900 140.5 1977 115 138 650.5 760 627 2200 2999 352 364 685 285 143 220 120 484 173 105 102 3979 475 476 436 75 142 90 735 158.5 242 769 1280 1216 690 497 200 15 258 444.5 160 600 661 177 700 377 151 245.5 1900 285

Last sale

1900 137 1960 115 138 650 760 621 2200 2998 351 364 684 285 143 220 119 479 173 104 102 3979 465 475 419 70 142 89 720 158.5 242 766 1280 1210 685 492 200 15 244 442 160 600 650 176 700 368 150 245.5 1900 282

At 5pm Friday, May 29, 2020

Daily Volume move ’000s

+40 –1.5 –20 +2.5 – +10 +40 –4 +10 +53 +7 +1 –1 –5 +1 – +2 –3 +2 –2 +2 –1 –8 –15 –25 –3 +2 +5 –16 +4.5 –3 +57 –10 –82 +5 +1 +5 +0.4 –10 –1 +3 –16 –62 +3 – +2 +10 +0.5 –31 –11

1.5m 4.7m 91.66 1.1m 325.9 8.3m 1.1m 1.9m 86.03 3.8m 75m 77.40 319.0 1.4m 107.8 3.6m 497.3 2.1m 127.4 3.2m 3.2m 38.78 4.8m 7.5m 848.4 6.5m 157.8 21m 132.9 1.8m 341.0 2.2m 38.83 4.8m 155.8 45.56 22.64 30m 2.5m 8.7m 139.8 377.9 430.9 4.4m 35.36 164.9 983.0 143.1 53.62 4.5m

p Rises 74

q Falls 59

Top 10 NZX gainers Company

daily % rise

Allied Farmers +11.67% Rakon +10.42% Pushpay Holdings +8.04% V ista Gr Intl +7.14% Oceania Healthcare +5.95% Napier Port +5.59% Chorus +5.56% Abano Healthcare Gr+3.18% Precinct Properties +2.92% F&C Investment Tr +2.77%

Top 10 NZX decliners Company

Synlait Milk Ryman Healthcare Tower Metlifecare Smartpay Holdings Comvita PaySauce NZ Refining Skycity Ent Gr Z Energy

daily % fall

–8.71% –6.35% –6.15% –5.63% –5.45% –4.39% –4.35% –4.11% –3.94% –3.75%



p Gold


London – $US/ounce


p Silver



London – $US/ounce



q Copper London – $US/tonne





Source: BNZ


As at 4pm May 29, 2020

TT buy

TT sell

Australia 0.9518 0.9159 Canada 0.871 0.8382 China 4.5352 4.3282 Euro 0.5703 0.5488 Fiji 1.4146 1.3374 Great Britain 0.513 0.4936 Japan 67.92 65.36 Samoa 1.7633 1.598 South Africa 11.0659 10.6189 Thailand 20.14 19.37 United States 0.6324 0.6086

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Agitator Mike Daniel given the cold shoulder, again NZME The board of NZX-listed Rakon has given a wide berth to a suggestion from one of its key shareholders that the technology company be put on the block. In a statement to the NZX, Rakon said it had received a letter dated April 28 from shareholder Mike Daniel, in which he stated he represented the views of about 14 per cent of Rakon shareholders. The letter makes a number of comments and calls for the board to initiate a process to market the company to the international investing community. “The board advises that neither of Rakon’s substantial quoted equity security holders, the Robinson Family and Siward Crystal Technology Co Ltd, have supported this initiative,” Rakon said. However, the statement said chairman Bruce Irvine and the board would consider matters raised by Daniel. In his letter, Daniel said he and other shareholders believed the company was “significantly undervalued and the company is failing to highlight this value to outside investors”. “Rakon listed to take advantage of the capital markets to grow its business on a global basis, and we believe did not list to languish below asset value as it has done for a considerable period now. “While the refreshed board [since March 2017], has no doubt been very busy ensuring good

A worker at the Rakon factory at Mt Wellington. governance practice has been installed, shareholders have seen no resultant benefit. “More importantly there is no evidence of any change in shareholder communication and disclosure. “Unfortunately, Rakon has essentially been ex-communicated by all forms of market commentator and analysts, due to a lack of proper engagement by the company or the board.” Other companies in the same technology sector enjoyed “significantly better valuation ratings” than Rakon. “We contend it is most unlikely a bumper result from the company’s enviable position in the global 5G space will change sentiment [and valuation] to any great degree,” he said. Daniels pointed to speculation

in the Australian media that alluded to interest in Rakon from private equity firms. To pre-empt a tilt from private equity, Daniels asked the board to immediately initiate a process to market the company to the international investing community. Late last year, Daniels – who has a 4.2 per cent stake in the company, said he feared Rakon may disappear from the NZX. At the time, Daniels said the market had ignored the company’s potential, particularly now that it makes componentry for 5G communications networks. The company said in its first-half commentary that 5G demand was starting to generate revenue. Rakon listed on the NZX in 2006 at $1.60 and shot to $5.45 a year later. It last traded at 24c.

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Answers: 1. Dunedin 2. Motor racing 3. Parthenon 4. Cheese 5. John Barry 6. Colon 7. Sky flash 8. Legs.

NZ King Salmon tempura nori rolls with chilli soy dipping sauce Salmon nori rolls 400g NZ King Salmon, fillet or bellies (skin off) 4 nori sheets Cold water Tempura batter 1 egg 1C ice water 1C flour Salt & freshly cracked black pepper to taste Chilli soy dipping sauce 1C dashi soup stock (or 1/2 t dashi powder to 1C water) 1/2 C mirin 1/2 C soy sauce 1/2 T sugar 1/2 red chilli, sliced with seeds Fresh coriander leaves, to taste ■■ Salmon nori rolls: Cut the salmon into strips approximately 2cm in width and height and approximately 15-20cm in length (it is possible to mix and match offcuts to form a similar shape so

8 3 4 1 6 2 5 7 9

Do you have any photographs you could share with our readers? Editor, PO Box 77

no need for wastage). ■■ Take a nori sheet with shiny side facing down and place the salmon strip lengthwise on an outside edge and roll it so the nori completely surrounds the salmon with a small amount of overlap to stop it unravelling. Also you can brush with a small amount of water on the overlapping edges before you complete the roll to assist the nori to stick at the join. Cut any excess nori and complete the roll. The shape should be tight and round. ■■ Place each full roll on a tray ready to be dipped in the tempura batter. ■■ Tempura batter: Beat the egg in a bowl. Add iced water to the bowl (be sure to use very cold water). Add sifted flour to the bowl and mix lightly. Be careful not to overmix. ■■ Cooking the tempura salmon nori rolls in a deep fryer (deep

saucepan or wok) pre-heating cooking oil to 180°C. ■■ Dip the salmon nori roll in the freshly-made tempura batter and cook in the oil till the batter is crispy. Remove from the oil and place on a dry paper towel. Season. ■■ Chilli soy dipping sauce: Put dashi, mirin, soy sauce, chilli and sugar in a saucepan and mix well. Bring to a boil on medium heat. Remove from the heat and let it cool, add coriander once it has cooled completely. Store in an airtight container with a lid. ■■ Complete the dish: Slice the rolls (while still hot) into approximately 5 pieces per roll and arrange on a suitable plate or platter with the dipping sauce and optional lemon wedges to serve. Recipe courtesy of Seafood New Zealand

5 2 1 3 7 9 4 8 6

9 7 6 4 5 8 2 1 3

1 6 8 9 2 4 7 3 5

2 9 5 7 1 3 6 4 8

3 4 7 5 8 6 1 9 2

4 1 2 8 3 5 9 6 7

6 8 9 2 4 7 3 5 1

7 5 3 6 9 1 8 2 4


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16 Ashburton Guardian

Ferns to play in Cup

Squash tips from the top




Mid Canterbury Combined’s UC Championship campaign kicks off on the road on June 20. By Adam Burns

A stern test faces the Mid Canterbury Combined side in its UC Championship opener. The squad will travel north to face off with defending UC Championship and South Island 1st XV champions Nelson College.

“It’s fantastic,” Combined head coach Shane Enright said. He said the Combined side will definitely not be daunted by the challenge ahead, after making some key acquisitions in the off season. Eighteen-year-old Michael Hennings has arrived from Suva

and has been touted as an exciting prospect. Mid Canterbury Heartland coach Jason Rickard has also been brought into the fold after the cancellation of the Mitre 10 Heartland Championship and will manage the forwards. In line with the community

rugby framework, the UC Championship is set to kick off on June 20, running through until September. The structure of the competition has escaped any overhauls due to Covid-19 and will operate as a standard round of 14 championship.

The players were let loose for their first pre-season training yesterday afternoon. “The team is fizzing,” Enright said. Community rugby shifted into a prepare-to-play phase this week following the Government’s softening of mass gathering limits.


Saturday, May 30, 2020

Ashburton Guardian 17


Eels show the way back Live sport is finally back and it wasn’t just Australians who plonked down on the couch on Thursday night to watch the first NRL match in more than two months. Supporters of all codes tuned in to see the Eels pump the Broncos 34-6 in a fast, frenzied encounter in Brisbane as several rule changes made for a spectator-friendly experience. The players were blowing hard at the end of a match with far fewer stoppages than normal and overseas viewers liked what they saw. NFL reporter Cam Inman, who covers the San Francisco 49ers for the San Jose Mercury, was one such international observer to give rugby league his tick of approval, even working in a topical mention of “social distancing” to describe his take on the action. You might remember Inman as one of the journalists who covered Jarryd Hayne’s NFL adventure at the Niners, but it’s been a long time since the Hayne Plane wore the blue and gold in the NRL. “Loved it. Athletes colliding into each other at full speed again. Excellent ‘social distancing’ led to the superb try to put @TheParraEels ahead at halftime,” Inman tweeted. “I blissfully still don’t understand all the rules. (I streamed last 20 minutes, once awoken by our cat’s snoring at 3am).” Matt Sutton, an Australian who works in Canada as a radio host, was keen to spruik the 13-a-side game to his social media followers. Welsh reporter Anthony Lewis referred to “Parramatta smashing the Broncos in Brisbane”, adding: “You may say it’s only sport but I think it’s a huge morale boost for a lot of people.” Even Fox Sports in The Netherlands ran a match report of the Eels’ win, even if they did mistake the Broncos for the Bulldogs in

The Parramatta Eels and the Brisbane Broncos provided the first post-Covid game on television. their copy, while the American version of the site also covered the game. American news wire service Associated Press wrote: “With the sound of skin slapping skin and an echoing oomph of air escaping

lungs as players collided at pace, the National Rugby League led the charge for elite sports returning to action in Australia.” San Francisco’s SF Gate was another US publication to offer its readers a glimpse into the world

of rugby league while plenty of people in England also welcomed the return of live sport. Meanwhile, coach Brad Arthur’s team became the first Eels outfit since 1993 to go 3-0 at the start of a season with its 34-6 mauling of

Brisbane. In line with the NRL’s strict protocols to get the season back underway amid the Covid-19 crisis, the Eels flew up to Brisbane and back to Sydney all in the same day. That will be the last time Parramatta have to think about travelling however until round nine when they head to Gosford to play Newcastle. In between then they’ll face Manly, Penrith, Sydney Roosters, Canberra and North Queensland all at their home ground. It’s a draw which has many feeling makes the Eels serious premiership contenders but Arthur doesn’t see it as such an advantage in the age of locked-out venues without spectators. “We’re comfortable playing there but there’s no 30,000 or 20,000 fans which helps,” he said. “Whatever team comes there to play, I think they’re going to be comfortable there too. “It’s a good facility, like this place (Suncorp). We went to the Titans, good facility. “We didn’t feel like we were disadvantaged coming here today, we didn’t feel like we were disadvantaged going to the Titans a couple of weeks ago.” The Eels only have to look back to the last time they won their three opening fixtures to be wary of getting too carried away. After being 3-0 in 1993, Parramatta won just six of the next 19 games and missed the finals to finish in 11th place. For now though, Arthur was full of praise for his team’s strong resumption to the 2020 season despite feeling they’d “left a few tries out there” against the Broncos. “We have worked on our patience in the pre-season,” he said. “We did that to the Titans (in round two) and that is the style of footy that we want to play.” “I’m sure that other teams aren’t going to be disadvantaged going to Bankwest.”


Black Ferns to feature in Farah Palmer Cup A 13-team Farah Palmer Cup has been confirmed by New Zealand Rugby, with the season to kick off in August. In the wake of the coronavirus shutdown, subsequent financial turmoil and widespread redundancies, NZR had been reviewing the costs associated with the women’s domestic competition but the national body has now committed to a nine-week season that will include Black Ferns and Black Ferns Sevens stars. After collaboration with provincial unions, 13 teams have committed to the competition which will feature 39 matches, kicking off on August 22. A revised format will see teams compete in north and south pools, with seven weeks of round robin, before two weeks of playoff matches. NZR head of women’s rugby Cate Sexton said she was delighted that players and fans

alike would have an exciting competition to look forward to. “We are heading into a celebrated time for women’s rugby, with both the Olympics and the Rugby World Cup taking place next year,” Sexton said. “We believe that the Farah Palmer Cup will provide high-quality rugby for our players in their preparations. “Notwithstanding the financial challenges of the Covid 19 pandemic, it was always our intention to make sure we had a quality competition for our female players to compete in and we are really happy with this outcome. “The provincial unions have been working incredibly hard to establish and develop their women’s high performance programmes and as the game continues to grow, this competition is an exciting showcase of the women’s game.” The 2020 Farah Palmer Cup will be a crit-

ical piece of preparation for the Black Ferns as they eye their defence of the Rugby World Cup on home soil in September and October next year. It is also expected to feature Black Ferns Sevens players due to the disruption of the World Series schedule. NZR board member and former Black Ferns captain Dr Farah Palmer, for whom the competition is named after, said the prospect of having New Zealand’s best women players in one competition would be one for fans to cherish. “This will be an enthralling competition and just what we need as we build momentum into next year’s World Cup. I have no doubt our players will want to put their best foot forward as they strive to play in the black jersey at a home World Cup,” Palmer said. The full draw for the 2020 Farah Palmer Cup will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

Niall Williams in action.

Sport 18 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, May 30, 2020


By Adam Burns

Junior squash players will have the chance to pick up some tips from a revered national squash coach in Ashburton today. The Ashburton Squash Club is running a Have A Go day at its Harrison Street club courts from this morning. The programme includes a 90-minute coaching session with New Zealand World Juniors squash coach Nick Mita, who is running clinics in the Midlands area. The Wellington-based coach won Squash New Zealand’s performance coach of the year award in 2019.

Hundreds joined Mita for regular hour-long squash fitness sessions which were live-streamed on Facebook during lockdown. The club said it provides an opportunity for youngsters who may have had their winter sport prospects dashed. “We’re pretty lucky to get him down here,” club president Phil Pavleitch said. “Maybe they’ve never picked up a racket before. “It’ll give them an hour and a half to come down and have a go, see what it’s like and just get a feel for it.” There was potential for rookies to join a club if they remained keen following the session, he said.

“Send them along to our junior ‘have a go’ day,” a club spokesperson said on its Facebook page this week. “They’ll get free coaching from a top NZ coach, and have a bunch of fun.” It is open to players up to the age of 18 and the club says no experience is necessary and that all gear is provided. Member players will also be conducting one-on-one coaching sessions which catered for players of all ages and levels throughout the day. The Ashburton Squash Club’s winter league begins on Thursday with the final draw nearing completion. Mita’s session runs from 10-11.30am today.

The Ashburton Squash Club is running a Have a Go day at the club courts today, under the watchful eye of top New Zealand coach Nick Mita.


Full schedule of cricket announced for 2020-21 Cricket Australia has announced a full schedule for the 2020-21 summer, including matches against the New Zealand men’s and women’s sides. Although still subject to change due to the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic, the full international schedule underlines Australia’s confidence that the season will be able to go ahead amid loosening restrictions. The White Ferns will take on Australia in September in a three-match Twenty20, followed by a Rose Bowl ODI series between the sides in early October. The Black Caps will cross the Tasman later in the summer for an Australia Day series starting on January 26. Kane Williamson’s side will wrap up the Australian home summer with a

one-off T20 clash in Sydney on February 2. Australia will also welcome several other nations, including India, in a four-test series starting in Brisbane on December 3. Cricket Australia boss Kevin Roberts said in a statement: “While acknowledging the difficulty in navigating a global pandemic, we are nonetheless encouraged by the progress Australia is making in combating the coronavirus and the positive impact that is having on our ability to host an exciting summer of cricket in 2020-21. “We know that circumstances or events beyond our control could mean that the final schedule potentially may look different to the one released today, but we’ll be doing everything we can to get as much in-

ternational cricket in as possible this summer.” The T20 World Cup is still scheduled to start in Australia on October 18 but it is widely expected to be postponed due to the pandemic. NZ Cricket are yet to announce its home schedule for the 2020-21 season but are expected to host Australia sometime this summer. White Ferns v Australia: Sept 27: First T20 at North Sydney Oval Sept 29: Second T20 at North Sydney Oval Oct 1: Third T20 at North Sydney Oval Oct 5: First ODI at Riverway, Townsville Oct 7: Second ODI at Cazaly’s, Cairns Oct 10: Third ODI at Metricon, Gold Coast Black Caps v Australia: Jan 26: First ODI at Adelaide Oval Jan 29: Second ODI Manuka Oval, Canberra Jan 31: Third ODI Blundstone Arena, Hobart Feb 2: Only T20 at Sydney Cricket Ground

The White Ferns have a busy tour of Australia coming up.


Saturday, May 30, 2020

Ashburton Guardian 19


Horses finally back on track Flying horses gave participants in New Zealand’s beleaguered horse racing industry two reasons to smile this week. The first sets of flying hooves came in Christchurch on Thursday where the first horse racing meeting in over two months went off without a hitch, or any spectators, at Addington. The nine-race meeting of mainly moderate equine talent was an important step in bringing the $1.6 billion racing industry back to life and it wasn’t without a significant racing milestone. Premiership-leading reinsman Blair Orange recorded the 2000th win of his driving career, joining racing legends like Tony Herlihy, Maurice McKendry and Ricky May in the elitist of horse racing clubs. Harness racing has come back earlier than the thoroughbred code because more horses are trained on private properties and were therefore closer to race fitness after lockdown, with the gallops not likely to return until July 3.

Racing has made a welcome return to Addington – but without all those people in the stands. Harness racing will now return right around the country, with Addington racing last night, Invercargill today and Cambridge tomorrow. This was to be the weekend

Cambridge hosted the Harness Jewels, the $1.275 million highlight of the season. Instead, Cambridge will have to do with a rapid-fire Sunday meeting.

But at least racing will be back in the spiritual heart of the equine industry in New Zealand. There is also a looming boost with the borders with Australia likely to open to equine flights

possibly as early as next week. They were halted last week when an imported thoroughbred broodmare tested positive to the disease piroplasmosis, of which New Zealand had been certified free. Subsequent tests of other mares who had been in contact with the positive mare have proved negative and veterinary experts are confident New Zealand horses will soon be allowed to travel to Australia again. They will all need to be tested for piroplasmosis, which can cost up to $600 per horse, until New Zealand is certified free of the disease again but the resumption of horse flights is crucial to the industry. Not only did horses need to be able to travel across the Tasman to race but also horses who are sold to join Australian stables. And many thoroughbred broodmares travel between the two countries every year to be served by stallions as the thoroughbred industry does not allow artificial insemination.

Clotworthys prepare to resume bumper season After the coronavirus pandemic brought their career-best season to a sudden halt, Shaun and Emma Clotworthy are hoping to pick up where they left off. The Byerley Park couple have trained 22 winners from just 164 runners so far in 2019-20, placing

them among the top 15 on the national trainers’ premiership. That is their best result from three seasons as a team, beating their 19 winners in 2018-19. It is also a higher tally than Shaun achieved in his 14 seasons in partnership with his father,

highly respected horseman Kim Clotworthy. “The season was going really well for us – it’s been the best we’ve ever had,” Shaun Clotworthy said. “So it was a shame that it was interrupted by the lockdown, but there’s not a lot you can do about it.

“The lockdown was pretty much the same for our family as it would have been for most of the rest of New Zealand. There wasn’t a whole lot happening. But we live on a farm, so we were at least able to get out around the property and do a few things.

“We have our own private track to work the jumpers over, so we’ve managed to keep them ticking over, but the flat horses all went out. So we’re just bringing them back up to speed now. It sounds like there might be some big numbers for those first meetings back.”

Moore Street Medical Centre, Moore Street, Ashburton, will be the duty practice for Saturday until 8am Sunday. Consultations will be by appointment only. To make a booking please phone 0800 700 155.

Weekend Services Medical ServiceS

Healthline is a free health advice service. It operates 24 Alcohol Drug Help Line

hours a day, seven days a week. The toll-free number to call Call us free on (0800 787 797). is 0800 611 116. Healthline is staffed by registered nurses Lines open 10am - 10pm seven days. who are trained to assess health problems and offer advice Lifeline over the phone. The service is free and confidential. Toll-free: 0800 353 353.

IN EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY PHONE 111. For all other medical assistance outside of normal hours, please phone your General Practice team, 24/7, to speak with a health professional who will give you free health advice on what to do or where to go if you need urgent care. If you don’t have a regular General Practice, call any GP team 24/7 for free telephone health advice.



Ashburton Rest Homes

Sealy Street Medical Centre, Sealy Street, Ashburton, will be the duty practice for Saturday until 8am Sunday. To make an appointment call your regular GP. Moore Street Medical Centre, Moore Street, Ashburton, will be the duty practice for Sunday until 8am Monday (Queen’s Birthday). To make an appointment call your regular GP. Tinwald Medical Practice, Archibald Street, Ashburton, will be the duty practice for Monday (Queen’s Birthday) until 8am Tuesday. To make an appointment call your regular GP. Please bring your Community Services Card. All non New Zealanders should bring their passport with them, New Zealanders should bring some form of ID.

Methven & Rakaia Area

For weekend and emergency services please phone Methven Medical Centre on 302 8105 or Rakaia Medical Centre on 303 5002 for details on how to access the after-hours service each weekend.

DIAL 111 in the event of a Medical or Accident Emergency

Wises Pharmacy, Countdown Complex, East Street, will be open from 9am - 1pm Saturday, from 10am - 1pm Sunday and Monday (Queen’s Birthday). From 5pm - 7pm all evenings. All Ashburton Rest Homes open with Covid-19 restrictions.

Emergency Dentist

If you do not have or cannot contact your regular dentist, please phone 027 683 0679 for the name of the rostered weekend dentist in Christchurch. Hours 9am - 5pm, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

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aniMal ServiceS

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Art Gallery

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Ashburton Public Library

animal emergency service. To use this service please phone your vet as usual.

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Invercargill harness Today at Ascot Park Raceway

Invercargill Harness Racing Club Inc at Ascot Park Raceway Meeting Date: 30 May 2020 NZ Meeting number: 7 Doubles: 2 and 3; 4 and 5; 6 and 7; 8 and 9; 10 and 11 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 5, 6 and 7; 9, 10 and 11 1 12.09pm LIST WITH CRAIG AT HARCOURTSINV. CO.NZ MBL PACE $8000, r45-r46., mobile, 2200m 1 52700 Franco June (1) fr.................... J Morrison (J) 2 26038 Better Galleon (2) fr...................E Barron (J) 3 57637 Allandale (3) fr...........................B Williamson 4 70870 Alexy (4) fr..................................D O’Connell 5 34986 Groomsman (5) fr............................ P Hunter 6 0969x Dodgethebullet (6) fr......................B Orange 7 70970 Shot In The Dark (7) fr......................S Ottley 8 0P580 Dismara (8) fr..............................R McIlwrick 9 4208x Jimmy Richter (21) fr..................M Hurrell (J) 10 48405 Vigoroso (22) fr.....................K Tomlinson (J) 11 4009x Iwanadancewitsumbody (23) fr.M Williamson 12 0060x Maahes (U1) fr...............................K Barclay 2 12.39 MCMILLAN EQUINE FEEDS MOBILE PACE $7000, r40-r44,r45 w/c., mobile, 2200m 1 40420 Kagee VC (1) fr.........................B Williamson 2 x25x0 Fancy Schmancy (2) fr......................S Ottley 3 0567x First Son (3) fr.......................S Tomlinson (J) 4 5239x Ellnbac (4) fr.......................................A Beck 5 59x06 To Ri Caitlin (5) fr.......................M Hurrell (J) 6 64375 Lucys Delight (6) fr.......................B McLellan 7 43770 Man I’m Good (7) fr............................. A Kyle 8 179x4 Rakagem (8) fr...........................E Barron (J) 9 17004 Indulgence (21) fr..................... M Williamson 10 7769x Cruisin Reuben (22) fr....................B Orange 11 7897x Jabali (23) fr...............................T Larsen (J) 12 3800x Annie Fitz (24) fr.........................C Ferguson 13 8870x Ideal Asset (25) fr................................ C Butt 3 1.04pm REGENT CAR COURT TROT $10,000, non-winners 3yo+, stand, 2200m


Southland Greyhound Racing Club at Ascot Park Raceway Meeting Date: 30 May 2020 NZ Meeting number: 3 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4 Trebles: 2, 3 and 4 1 10.55am SOUTHLAND & OTAGO PHOTO FINISH C0, 390m 1 74637 Tides End nwtd...................................J Allen 2 8887x Pukeko Magic nwtd.........................B Healey 3 Vacant Box Three n & a 4 5387x Three Gold Stars nwtd....................C Healey


Saturday, May 30, 2020

1 Arc De Triomphe (1) fr.............. M Williamson 2 42588 Whangamata (2) fr.......................B McLellan 3 Madrik (3) fr....................................K Barclay 4 0760x Mainland Pat (4) fr.....................B Williamson 5 382 In The Groove (5) fr........................B Barclay 6 66756 The Power Broker (6) fr........ K McNaught (J) 7 Top Pocket Chance (7) fr................C Buchan 8 286x Andover The Keys (U1) fr................K Larsen 9 6899x Kiwi Heir (U2) fr...........................R McIlwrick 10 98830 Robo Trouble (U3) fr...........................A Beck 11 x397x Evermore (U4) fr............................B Orange 12 07x Jay Bee And Lou (U5) fr....................S Ottley 4 1.29pm 027 633 1777 FOR CRAIG AT HARCOURTS MBL PACE $8000, non-winners 3yo+ mr40 to mr47., mobile, 2200m 1 x4687 Miss Ivy (1) fr............................B Williamson 2 96227 A Smidgen More (2) fr.............. M Williamson 3 86855 Racing Minister (3) fr............... J Morrison (J) 4 0060x Finn The Belligerent (4) fr...............B Shirley 5 087 Ideal Robyn (5) fr.......................M Hurrell (J) 6 43057 Delight N Gold (6) fr................. N Williamson 7 0607x Tony The Pony (7) fr..........................S Ottley 8 5069x Greenback Boogie (8) fr.................B Orange 9 88079 Bub’s VC (21) fr...........................R McIlwrick 10 676x Arco (22) fr.................................E Barron (J) 11 0020x Honour Before Glory (23) fr...........B Barclay 12 59660 Art Profile (24) fr........................T Larsen (J) 13 0083x Ellz Angel fr................................... Scratched 14 39309 Real Change (25) fr..............K Tomlinson (J) 15 68767 Hayden Bromac (26) fr....................K Larsen 16 45x05 Old Luke (U1) fr...........................B McLellan Emergencies: Tony The Pony, Bub’s VC 5 1.54pm SELLING? CALL CRAIG AT HARCOURTS MOBILE PACE $8000, r47-r50., mobile, 2200m 1 66695 Four Starzzz Shiraz (1) fr...........D O’Connell

2 60800 Tact Eze (2) fr.......................... J Morrison (J) 3 6908x Archman (3) fr.......................S Tomlinson (J) 4 8989x Tetrick (4) fr..................................B McLellan 5 76400 Ideal Glacier (5) fr......................E Barron (J) 6 30920 Airwaves (6) fr................................... A Milne 7 64134 Wolf West (7) fr........................ M Williamson 8 37292 Delight (8) fr...................................B Orange 9 21782 Rakabeach (21) fr.............................S Ottley 10 09513 Tactical Change (22) fr............. N Williamson 11 200x7 Duke Of Dundee (23) fr..............T Larsen (J) 12 47359 Motoring Major (24) fr................M Hurrell (J) 6 2.26pm CRAIG AT HARCOURTS SUPPORTS STHN HARNESS TROT $10,000, r40-r52, stand, 2200m 1 0989x Maudarchy (1) fr....................... M Williamson 2 88452 Spotlight The Valley (2) fr...........E Barron (J) 3 64436 Miss Jessica (3) fr..................... T Robertson 4 86755 Tweedledee (4) fr..................... N Williamson 5 33509 Zoned Scarlett (5) fr.......................B Orange 6 22252 Matai Jetstar (6) fr............................. A Milne 7 00P6x Noble Mistress fr........................... Scratched 8 00007 Lady Zara (7) fr................................... A Kyle 9 60676 Cuddly Trouble (8) fr....................C Ferguson 10 5864D Tolkien (9) fr...............................T Larsen (J) 11 449D3 Sunnivue Phileah (10) fr...................S Ottley 12 60651 Sage Trouble (U1) fr...........................A Beck 13 95758 Rydgemont Milly (U2) fr................. M Shirley 7 2.53pm LOOKING TO BUY? CRAIG AT HARCOURTS MBL PACE $8000, 3yo+ r51-r53,r54 w/c., mbl, 2200m 1 51778 Absolut Russian (1) fr.......................S Ottley 2 90901 Gomeo Denario (2) fr.................M Hurrell (J) 3 6636x Ivana Legacy (3) fr.........................A Armour 4 53439 Franco Huntington (4) fr.......... J Morrison (J) 5 2009x The Croupier (5) fr......................C Ferguson 6 70190 Dark Rage (6) fr.........................E Barron (J) 7 31866 Targaryen (7) fr...............................K Larsen

8 7781x Mack Sheer (8) fr.......................D O’Connell 9 197x Stratofortress (21) fr.......................B Barclay 10 61035 I’m Watching You (22) fr........... M Williamson 11 58607 My Georgie Boy (23) fr.................... P Hunter 12 43138 Ohoka Bandit (24) fr.......................B Orange 13 5226x Chuckles (25) fr..............................K Barclay 14 0x543 Hazer (26) fr............................. N Williamson 8 3.18 MACCA LODGE MOBILE PACE $10,000, nonwinners 3yo+ mr48 to mr50., mobile, 2200m 1 3 The Conqueror (1) fr.........................S Ottley 2 0950x Hans Ideal fr.................................. Scratched 3 5000x Woman In Charge (2) fr 4 4 Sweet Annie (3) fr................... J Morrison (J) 5 630x Rin Tin Tin (4) fr........................B Williamson 6 0 Ideal B B (5) fr.................................K Larsen 7 La La Land (6) fr.............................B Shirley 8 Who’s Smokin (7) fr............................. C Butt 9 x3322 American Eyretime (21) fr..............B Barclay 10 8x4 Wattlebank Lass (22) fr................... P Hunter 11 Cobber Kain (23) fr....................M Hurrell (J) 12 Zircon Lass (24) fr..........................K Barclay 13 25228 Longueval (25) fr...................... N Williamson 14 Beta Than Love (26) fr.......................A Beck 15 Flossie (27) fr........................... M Williamson 16 36x2 Jawbreaker(AUS) (28) fr................B Orange 9 3.43pm PHILLIPS HORSE TRANSPORT MBL PACE $9000, 3yo+ r54-r58,r59 w/c., mobile, 2200m 1 01105 Sheeza Sport (1) fr....................M Hurrell (J) 2 0P018 Altimeter (2) fr................................B Orange 3 451 Buck (3) fr.......................................B Shirley 4 41246 Pearl Harbour (4) fr.................. N Williamson 5 6114x Tairlaw Toll (5) fr........................B Williamson 6 65488 Rake (6) fr............................... J Morrison (J) 7 44441 Forsure (7) fr...................................K Larsen 8 9999x Balius (8) fr............................S Tomlinson (J)

9 22114 Superstar Legend (21) fr...................S Ottley 10 31603 Lite Percussion (22) fr....................K Barclay 10 4.08 DAVEY MAC CALLS DAVID MOSS HOME BY 41L HCP TROT $10,000, r53-r70 discrhcp stand, 2200m 1 10x98 Davey Mac (1) fr........................P Williamson 2 12348 Richard The Third (2) fr............ N Williamson 3 00831 Miss Bamboocha (U1) fr.............R McIlwrick 4 6438x That’s The Story (1) 15M......K Tomlinson (J) 5 773x3 Rydgemont Son (U1) 15M........B Williamson 6 65414 Crusher Collins (U2) 15M..............B Orange 7 11734 Kiwi Crusher (U3) 15M..........S Tomlinson (J) 8 33252 Full Noise (1) 25M..........................B Barclay 9 7688x King Cassidy (U1) 25M..................C Gerken 10 1908x Majestic Connies (U2) 25M...... M Williamson 11 4.34pm CRAIG HEYRICK AT HARCOURTS REAL ESTATE MBL PACE $10,000, r59-r70., mobile, 2200m 1 64222 Stingray Tara (1) fr.................... M Williamson 2 13761 Holy Havoc (2) fr............................. P Hunter 3 0899x Maidonthebeach (3) fr.....................K Larsen 4 1377x Voodoo Prince (4) fr..........................S Ottley 5 7168x Betterthanbrie (5) fr....................E Barron (J) 6 55502 Ideal Draw (6) fr...................... J Morrison (J) 7 52522 Nota Bene Denario (7) fr................B Barclay 8 34771 Mach’s Back (8) fr..............................A Beck 9 13030 Gabby’s Star (21) fr...................B Williamson 10 10467 Dachy (22) fr.........................S Tomlinson (J) 11 43434 Delightful Deal (23) fr............... N Williamson 12 68150 Stinger Lindenny (24) fr.................B Orange 13 51353 Amore Lancome (25) fr..................K Barclay

3 Vacant Box Three n & a 4 21748 Kipjo 23.09..........................................J Allen 5 88778 Astro Tipple 22.67...................D J MacMillan 6 Vacant Box Six n & a 7 58648 Pretty Keen 22.98..............................S Keen 8 75353 Dusty’s Ink 22.90.............................B Healey 4 11.49am THE MR WHIPPY SOUTHLAND SPEC, 390m 1 68687 Rocky Vincitore nwtd...............D J MacMillan

13 08131 Delson (U1) 40M................... D Ferguson (J) 2.48pm DUNSTAN HORSE FEEDS MOBILE PACE $7500, 3yo+ r56-r65., mobile, 2200m 1 03126 Milner (1) fr......................................S Phelan 2 83234 Bugalugs (2) fr............................P Ferguson 3 2301x Louie The Horse (3) fr....................T Mitchell 4 22426 He’s A Ladies Man (4) fr............. T Cameron 5 92291 J Bee (5) fr.................................... D Butcher 6 13705 The Lone Ranger (6) fr..................B Butcher 7 41736 Shillelagh (7) fr.......................... M McKendry 8 41245 The Bandit Queen (8) fr.................Z Butcher 9 60965 Racketeers Boy (21) fr......F Schumacher (J) 10 2376x Callie’s Delight (22) fr......................J I Dickie

11 35932 Frankie Jones (23) fr............. D Ferguson (J) 12 1615P Natural Fire (24) fr...................... S E Butcher

4 17114 Botany Rifles 18.69..........................P Green 5 45312 Electric Dancer 18.48 W &...............T Steele 6 11765 Franky The Jett 18.44........................E Potts 7 76x15 Thrilling Peta 18.29.......................... K Walsh 8 25211 Buddy Boom 18.26 U &.....................Cottam 9 45162 Kiwi Boy 18.18 U &............................Cottam 10 14265 Zipping Buddy 18.27..........................B Craik 9 3.23pm MAYHOUNDS RACING RETIREMENT PROJECT SPRINT C2, 318m 1 77786 Bigtime Thor nwtd R &.................N O’Regan 2 54287 Pliskova 18.78................................... S Clark 3 73263 Asserting Power 18.68.................... S O’Neill 4 65735 Rod’s Girl 18.70 U &..........................Cottam 5 85155 Mobility Scooter 18.65......................M Black 6 38754 Firefly Laffey 18.68...........................S Codlin 7 68387 Botany Thommo 18.60.....................P Green 8 22552 Audrette 18.45...................................B Bond 9 88782 Hands Of Steel nwtd........................ T Green 10 16684 Not Shackley 18.79............................J Black 10 3.42 CAROL’S TAB TAIPA TAVERN STKS C3/4, 527m 1 16855 Charlow 30.77 R &.......................N O’Regan 2 22424 Spring Queen 30.67...........................E Potts 3 x2131 Thrilling Stomp 30.56....................... K Walsh 4 7x15F Jinja Might 30.42 U &.........................Cottam 5 34468 Gao Gao 30.53............................... G Farrell 6 23163 Thrilling Morris nwtd......................... K Walsh 7 33422 Kiwi Gal 30.40 U &.............................Cottam 8 45686 Prerogative 30.92 U &........................Cottam

9 36211 Enjoy The Perks 30.87........ A J Christiansen 10 3F822 Opawa Delight 30.59.........................B Craik 11 4.01 SPORTSBOWL FUNCTION CENTRE SPRINT C3, 318m 1 37452 Native Scout 18.66...........................P Green 2 45135 Frosty Blaze nwtd............................. T Green 3 54311 Choo Choo 18.65............................ G Farrell 4 65434 Does He Exist 18.53........................R Roper 5 35222 Go All Lin 18.56.............................. S O’Neill 6 27516 Tommy The Jett 18.99.......................M Black 7 76113 Pacemaker 18.71............................ S O’Neill 8 15227 Night Ace 18.53.......................... G Pomeroy 9 38131 Blocker 18.52 R &........................N O’Regan 10 76163 Gain Capital 18.53.............................B Craik 12 4.19pm JACK’S WHOLESALE MEATS SPRINT C2, 318m 1 23141 Portland Wonder 18.56......................B Craik 2 17424 Kapai Stewie 18.78 W &..................T Steele 3 63667 Noise Maker 18.70...........................P Green 4 23452 Ma Chere 18.67.............................. S O’Neill 5 17244 Nexus 18.60.................................... G Farrell 6 77678 Waiterimu Ripper 18.51 R &................L Udy 7 45783 Jinja Bailey 18.75 U &........................Cottam 8 51348 Platinum Spirit 18.75......................... S Clark 9 34683 Stay Rich 18.55 M &......................... J Smith 10 16684 Not Shackley 18.79............................J Black

Pacifiers on: Robo Trouble (R3) Pacifiers off: Rydgemont Milly (R6)

LEGEND: X - Spell from racing of at least 3 months P - Retired (or pulled up) from race L - Driver unseated U1 - Unruly beginner {C} - Concession driver {} - Claiming concession driver which allows horse to start one class down

Southland dogs Today at Ascot Park Raceway

5 8463x Tidal Tapestry nwtd.............................J Allen 6 Vacant Box Six n & a 7 Vignon nwtd........................................J Allen 8 Trev’s Rocket nwtd......................... B Conner 2 11.15am THE ADDED ENERGY STAKES, C2, 457m 1 86357 Bruiser’s Day 26.37........................ B Conner 2 66222 Bartholomew Cub 26.54....................B Eade 3 Vacant Box Three n & a

4 14543 Volcanic Whisper nwtd........................J Allen 5 Vacant Box Five n & a 6 11221 Pepper Chimes 26.00.........................J Allen 7 Vacant Box Seven n & a 8 65431 Silouette Jet 26.41..............................J Allen 3 11.32 WWW.SOUTHLANDGREYHOUNDS.CO.NZ INVITATION INV, 390m 1 768x5 Galifianakis nwtd................................B Eade 2 57441 Brut Magic nwtd..............................C Healey

2 35641 Tee An’ Cee 22.49.......................... B Conner 3 85364 My Girl Sofia 22.84.........................B Healey 4 72818 Southern Angel 22.85..................R Hamilton 5 Vacant Box Five n & a 6 67736 Miss Nina 22.68............................. B Conner 7 7888x Magic Jean Lass nwtd....................C Healey 8 6888x Magic Jess Lass 22.62...................C Healey

LEGEND: fsdt - First Start Here nwd - No Win this Distance fstd - First Start This Distance 31 13 - Best Winning Time This Track

Waikato BoP harness Tomorrow at Cambridge Raceway

Waikato Bay Of Plenty Harness Inc at Cambridge Meeting Date: 31 May 2020 NZ Meeting number: 5 Doubles: 2 and 3; 4 and 5; 6 and 7; 8 and 9 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9 1 12.17pm CHECK OUT THE NEW CLUBHOUSE MENU MOBILE PACE $7000, r40-r55., mobile, 1700m 1 86894 Mr Incredible (1) fr................ J Kriechbaumer 2 25169 Rainbow Wiri (2) fr............................L Darby 3 07530 Unfinished Business (3) fr............J Brownlee 4 62003 The Batmobile (4) fr........................F Phelan 5 17222 Marianna Bromac (5) fr....................N Munro 6 1908x Destined For Heaven (6) fr.................C Wigg 7 45689 Count Landeck (7) fr..........................W Rich 8 1615P Natural Fire fr................................ Scratched 9 5357x Vespa (21) fr......................................S Wigg 10 08275 Edamfast (22) fr..............................B Hadley 11 39221 Lynton Creek (23) fr.............................K Hall 2 12.42pm BLACK DOG FURNITURE SHOP LOCAL MOBILE PACE $7500, non-winners 2yo+., mbl, 2200m 1 7P3 Greatest Showman (1) fr........... M McKendry 2 20508 Prop Rock (2) fr........................ T Macfarlane 3 Boarding Call (3) fr.........................Z Butcher 4 69x8x Pott Luck (4) fr................................B Butcher 5 Bodrum Boy (5) fr.......................S McCaffrey 6 58350 Super Actor (6) fr........................P Ferguson 7 66546 Sampan (7) fr.............................. T Cameron 8 Tuxedo Bromac (8) fr..................... D Butcher


Auckland Greyhound Racing Club Venue: Manukau Stadium Meeting Date: 31 May 2020 NZ Meeting number: 9 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; 11 and 12 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 10, 11 and 12 1 12.10pm WELCOME TO THE MANUKAU SPORTSBOWL SPRINT C1, 318m 1 23343 My Bro Bobby 18.80................... M Prangley 2 64265 Go Kiki nwtd.................................... G Farrell 3 64166 Bailey And Cream 18.81 R &...............L Udy 4 461x1 Little Leaf 18.66.................................E Potts 5 15148 Portland Art 18.70..............................B Craik 6 47421 Thrilling Arnold 18.70.......................S Codlin 7 84317 Little Mermaid 18.97 W &.................T Steele 8 52165 Botany Sandy 18.86.........................P Green 9 22842 Tribal Conquest 18.80 R &...................L Udy 10 36674 Rainy River 18.81............................S E Hunt 2 12.30pm TROPHIES PLUS SPRINT C0, 318m 1 87778 Mrs. Opal nwtd R &......................N O’Regan 2 75837 Riccitelli nwtd....................................M Black 3 33F6 Attila’s Arrow nwtd..............................H Scott 4 3 Portland Berry nwtd...........................B Craik 5 62445 Indi Shae nwtd................................ S O’Neill 6 22221 Nana Molly 18.74 U &........................Cottam 7 2 Isn’t She Bliss nwtd.........................P Henley 8 46664 Xena Poppy nwtd R &..........................L Udy 9 88247 Wild Kiwi nwtd U &.............................Cottam 10 3575 Electric Shock nwtd............. A J Christiansen 3 12.55 HEWLETT ELECTRICAL SPRINT C4, 318m

9 4274x Manhattan Sunshine (21) fr............. M White 10 94x8x The Greenkeeper (U1) fr................T Mitchell 3 1.07pm MARSH EQUINE LIVESTOCK INSURANCE MOBILE PACE $7500, 4yo+ r60. jun.d, mobile, 1700m 1 4925x Letherhairdown (1) fr................. N Delany (J) 2 3305x Happy Place (2) fr.............F Schumacher (J) 3 0074x Russley Rush (3) fr................... T Hanara (J) 4 x5326 Lagertha (4) fr............................. C Smith (J) 5 1620x Diamondsrbettor (5) fr............ L Whittaker (J) 6 00185 Fletch (6) fr.................................. A Drake (J) 7 70757 Romanite (7) fr.....................K Blakemore (J) 8 53812 Matai Minky (8) fr....................Z Meredith (J) 9 32823 Olivia Rachel (21) fr................ A Harrison (J) 10 69773 Pembrook Charlie (22) fr....... D Ferguson (J) 11 4x117 Revving (23) fr...........................K Bublitz (J) 4 1.32 FARMLANDS MOBILE PACE $7500, non-winners 2yo+., mobile, 2200m 1 4629x Hawthornden Hunk (1) fr.............P Ferguson 2 The West Wing (2) fr................... T Cameron 3 Cee Whatadelight (3) fr............. M McKendry 4 Kowhai Park (4) fr......................... D Butcher 5 8707x Johnson Step (5) fr.................... J Abernethy 6 70683 Lucy’s Badboy (6) fr.......................T Mitchell 7 Triple Four (7) fr.........................S McCaffrey 8 5658x Harvey Specter (8) fr................ T Macfarlane 9 Whisky Neat (21) fr........................Z Butcher 10 x0285 Doc Holliday (22) fr........................B Butcher


3yo+ r45-r51., mobile, 2200m 1 67722 Emmi Rose (1) fr.............................. M White 2 53212 Jetson Hunter (2) fr.........................S Phelan 3 42224 Final Delight (3) fr..........................T Mitchell 4 1997x Betterbebetter (4) fr................... M McKendry 5 34274 Jive (5) fr....................................... D Butcher 6 64739 Fleeting Grin (6) fr.......................P Ferguson 7 388x7 Prime Silver (7) fr.................... A Harrison (J) 8 29567 Golden Lace (8) fr........................A Poutama 9 64287 Peter Forsberg (21) fr................. J Abernethy 10 00800 Silk (22) fr.......................................B Butcher 11 05844 Akarana Prince (23) fr.......F Schumacher (J) 6 2.23pm HAPPY 40TH GLENN WALLIS HANDICAP TROT $7500, r48-r73 discrhcp, stand, 2200m 1 8419x Flying Monkey (1) fr..........F Schumacher (J) 2 19400 Aldebaran Bonny (2) fr............Z Meredith (J) 3 67545 Safrakova (3) fr...................................L Chin 4 26332 Recycle (4) fr................................A Poutama 5 32414 Leesa Castleton (5) fr.....................S Phelan 6 02D29 Mekong Princess (U1) fr................T Mitchell 7 3939x Prince Mackendon (U2) fr........... A Drake (J) 8 14523 Still Eyre (1) 10M..................... T Macfarlane 9 1200x Bar Room Brawl (2) 10M................J I Dickie 10 70447 Saint Michel 20M.......................... Scratched 11 4x045 Xebec (1) 30M...............................Z Butcher 12 20328 The Hulk (U1) 30M..................... J Abernethy



3.35pm BOOK EVENT HIRE FURNITURE@CAMBRIDGE HCP TROT $7500, non-winners & up-r46 & r48 w/c spechcp, stand, 2200m 1 Kristofferson (1) fr...........................J I Dickie 2 4046x Just Ricky (2) fr...............................S Phelan 3 Debbie Lee Galleon (U1) fr......... T Cameron 4 64455 Chinski (U2) fr............................S McCaffrey 5 86757 Danke (1) 30M................................ G Martin 6 7100x Manchester On Fire (2) 30M..........T Mitchell 7 09226 The Last Gamble (3) 30M................D Moore 8 56574 Littlebitoflove (U1) 30M.............. J Abernethy 8 3.13pm BETAVET PREMIUM NATURAL SOLU- 9 57897 Chasing Great (U2) 30M............... D Butcher 10 58729 Majestic Stride (U3) 30M............... P Jeffries TIONS MOBILE PACE $7500, 3yo+ r53-r55,r57 w/c., Pacifiers off: The Greenkeeper (R2) mobile, 2200m SELECTIONS 1 1446x Brookies Jaffa (1) fr.....................P Ferguson 2 53264 The Blue Beat (2) fr.................... J Abernethy Race 1: Edamfast, Vespa, The Batmobile, Destined For Heaven 3 61443 Lavazza (3) fr................................ D Butcher Race 2: Boarding Call, Manhattan Sunshine, Super Actor 4 68013 Franco Riot (4) fr..........................A Poutama Race 3: Lagertha, Olivia Rachel, Diamondsrbettor, Russley Rush 5 46144 Hold Thumbs (5) fr.........................Z Butcher Race 4: Johnson Step, Hawthornden Hunk, The West Wing 6 39221 Lynton Creek fr............................. Scratched Race 5: Silk, Betterbebetter, Jive, Jetson Hunter 7 3416 Panspacificjet (6) fr..................... J Robinson Race 6: Recycle, Bar Room Brawl, Xebec, Delson, The Hulk 8 1600x Eighteen Carat (7) fr....................J Stormont Race 7: Louie The Horse, Callie’s Delight, The Bandit Queen 9 48937 Tempo Rose (21) fr........................B Butcher Race 8: Lavazza, The Blue Beat, Eighteen Carat, Brookies Jaffa 10 03931 Shezsomethinspecial (22) fr..... M McKendry Race 9: Chinski, Littlebitoflove, Kristofferson, Chasing Great

Auckland dogs Tomorrow at Manukau Stadium 1 13481 Talkabout Izzy 18.61........................... D Ray 2 33276 Last Star 18.56.............................. D R Laing 3 88744 Manila Bala 18.24 R &.................N O’Regan 4 51737 Madam Bucks 18.46................... G Pomeroy 5 17127 Paddy Fast 18.76 M &....................... J Smith 6 47426 Ashen 18.42.......................................B Bond 7 63333 Fantastic Amy 18.29.........................S Lozell 8 35321 Artic Miss 18.42.......................... G Pomeroy 9 4377x Platinum Earner 18.48...................... S Clark 10 17688 Raging Demon 18.26 R &....................L Udy 4 1.20pm MPS FENCING STAKES C2, 527m 1 41117 Thrilling Izzy 31.10........................... K Walsh 2 24344 Opawa Nemo 30.96 W &.................T Steele 3 36233 Our Hotrod 30.84 U &........................Cottam 4 11331 Thrilling Razor 30.68........................ K Walsh 5 22731 Ginny Weasley 30.70.........................E Potts 6 15442 Go Angel 30.70............................... G Farrell 7 887x6 Claretown Beau nwtd R &............N O’Regan 8 51762 Crackling Gal 30.49 U &....................Cottam 5 1.42 PUMP ENGINEERING SERVICES LTD STAKES C1, 527m 1 55677 Snoopy’s Hero nwtd............................ D Ray 2 44635 Thea Who nwtd........................... M Prangley 3 55875 Our Scarlett nwtd............................ G Farrell 4 56877 Aleng 31.66.....................................S E Hunt 5 33383 Tamantha nwtd...................................B Bond 6 87857 Dignity Dented 31.23....................... T Green 7 65132 Kapai Chris nwtd W &......................T Steele

8 53261 Opawa Lola 31.22........................... G Farrell 9 16468 Opawa Gonzo nwtd......................... G Farrell 6 2.07pm JO’S WHOLESALE & SPORTS BAR TAIPA TAVERN SPRINT C1, 318m 1 86836 Smash Burton 19.12 R &.....................L Udy 2 16624 Thrilling Dora nwtd.............................E Potts 3 88x26 Yella Ella 18.58 R &.............................L Udy 4 31135 Forego 18.92............................... G Pomeroy 5 84738 Bigtime Lovie 18.92...........................B Craik 6 63615 Grindelwald 19.03..............................E Potts 7 54213 Marked Man nwtd W &.....................T Steele 8 8187x Jilliby Litsa nwtd................................ S Clark 9 82874 My Snuggles 18.93......................... G Farrell 10 63642 Ford Man 18.90 R &.............................L Udy 7 2.34pm TERMINATING PICK6 STAKES C1, 527m 1 7x423 Tap Out Reg nwtd............................S Codlin 2 71844 Boyka 30.33.................................... G Farrell 3 68658 Hua Hua nwtd...............................R McPhee 4 55467 Busy Flash nwtd W &.......................T Steele 5 65x24 Dundee Spectre nwtd......................R Roper 6 26x14 Shaynee nwtd...................................S Lozell 7 18883 Fall Gracefully nwtd..................... M Prangley 8 35668 Opawa Big 30.91............................ G Farrell 9 16468 Opawa Gonzo nwtd......................... G Farrell 8 2.57 QUALIFIED PET SERVICES SPRINT C5, 318m 1 11114 Carbon Tiger 18.35 W &..................T Steele 2 53373 Jinja Mongo 18.34 W &....................T Steele 3 71573 Express Emporium 18.46 W &.........T Steele

LEGEND: fsdt - First Start Here nwd - No Win this Distance fstd - First Start This Distance 31 13 - Best Winning Time This Track

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Your local authorised Freeview installer Commercial TV systems Extra phone points TV wall mounting Future proof pre-wire of new homes Authorised Sky installer Home theatre installation

enovating? Thinking of r WE MAKE IT EASY WITH OUR THREE SIMPLE STEPS ...

ASHBURTON TV & AUDIO LTD Ph 308-7332 or 027-277-1062


100% locally owned and operated

• • • •



Car and house keys Electronic car remote keys Deadbolts and locks 24 Hour Locksmithing

electriCOOL Ltd

A - 62c Dobson Street, Ashburton E - P - 03 307 2409 anytime 24/7

Phone Paul Crequer, your local authorised Daikin dealer for a free quote on all domestic and commercial systems phone 0274 362 362 or 308 4573.

Mobile Mower servicing • Rotary Mowers • Ride-on Mowers • Water Blasters • Small Motor Repairs

• Reel Mowers • Chainsaws • Rotary Hoes • Generators

Stan Keeley, Owner

Ph 307 0002 - Mobile 021 88 34 36 Keeping your property protected with a security camera system from Masterguard


To deal with Dirty Tiles and Grout

Protect your biggest asset with a home security camera package from Masterguard


• Tile shower makeovers • Professional tile and grout cleaning • Re-colouring existing grout

Call me today for a free, no obligation quote

• Sealing and repairing/replacing tiles/grout • Replacing mouldy and tired silicon


Hartley Curd phone 0800 788 393 or 021 328 301

Contact GroutPro Brett Muir for a quote and an upfront honest discussion.

57 Dobson Street, Ashburton.

py p a H y a d h t r i B

027 746 7632

For just $10!* Book your birthday greeting, including a photo, for just $10! Ten words only.* (Under 12 children’s birthday greetings remain FREE) *Terms and conditions apply.

F Phone 03 307 7900 Email: Level 3, Somerset House, 161 Burnett Street

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ASHBURTON LEARNING CENTRE Do you need help with:

LOOKING to buy ANTIQUES, old TOOLS, etc. Top prices paid. Phone 021 115 3021

TRADES, SERVICES COMPUTER PROBLEMS??  For professional computer servicing and laser engraving, see Kelvin at KJB Systems, 4 Ascot Place. Phone 308 8989. Locally owned and serving Ashburton for 30 years. Same day service if possible. Supergold discount card welcomed.


Learning English as a second language? Your apprenticeship paperwork? With reading, writing or maths? Developing your computer skills?

Check out our courses now!

FISHING WANTED - Long time Collector of old/vintage fishing rods/reels, tackle, etc. Top prices paid, please call Steve 03 324 2064.

Contact the Centre Phone 308 5322 Corner Park and Havelock Street, Ashburton

GRAZING Open all hours

Phone 308 3927 Cell 027 434 4809 Website: 205 Alford Forest Road, Ashburton

GOOD quality lamb or sheep grazing available, turnips up to 30ha, Seafield/ Pendarves area. Phone Robert 0274 339 628. GRAZING required for store lambs, all feed varieties considered. Temporary electric fencing can be provided. Please phone Johnny Bell 021 904 212.

ADULT ENTERTAINMENT ASIAN - Two ladies special. Yoyo, super hot mature lady, size 14, 36E busty. Carol, size 6, professional Chinese massage, in/out calls. Phone 022 572 5823.

We service and repair all makes and models of sewing machines and overlockers Open 7 Days | P 03 307 6277 | Main South Road, Tinwald |

Tuesday, June 16 7.00pm Methven Rugby Club

SONIA - Attractive and busty. Waiting for your call. In/out calls. Phone 021 027 59055.

Guardian Classifieds 307 7900

Tuesday, June 9, 2020 7.30pm, Wakanui Hall Enquiries/Apologies to Brent Gray Secretary

All Welcome

To advertise in AGM phone Classifieds


FATTENING feed required for store lambs. Top money for top feed. Phone Mitch 027 3131 320.



WHEEL alignments at great prices. Maximise the life of your tyres with an alignment from Neumanns Tyre Services Ltd, 197 Wills Street. Phone 308 6737.

GENERAL hire. Lawnmowers, chainsaws, concrete breakers, trailers, and more. All your DIY / party hire, call and see Ashburton U-Hire. 588 East Street. Open Monday-Friday 7am - 6pm; Saturday 7.30am - 5pm; Sunday 8.30am 12.30pm - Phone 308 8061.

Wakanui Hockey

Methven Summer School

03 307 7900

Daily Dairy May 31 & June 2, 2020 SUNDAY 10am ST ANDREW’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Morning worship with service led by Rev Eric Mattock, all welcome. Sinclair Centre, Park Street.


10am ASHBURTON BAPTIST CHURCH. Moring worship, we will adhere to Covid -19 requirements. Cass Street. 10am HAKATERE PRESBYTERIAN PARISH. Please note - No service this week at either Oxford Street or Tinwald. 9.30am - 4pm ASHBURTON MENZSHED. For men of all ages and abilities, Covid-19 regulations will be adhered to. 8 William Street.

Today’s construction is tomorrow’s legacy  Housing  Commercial  Farm  Renovations Contact Des anytime for an obligation free quote on 03 308 9936 or 027 432 3258

For all subscriber enquiries, missed deliveries, new subscriptions, temporary stops. Please

Text 021 271 3399 Phone 0800 274 287 Email circulation@


Grading/ Field Staff wanted Agstaff have vacancies for grading and field staff within our seasonal teams. If you are an enthusiastic, motivated team player with a good eye and attention to detail we want to hear from you. There’s ongoing work available, good hours. Call us 03 308 7038 or email your CV to jobs@agstaff.


Saturday, May 30, 2020


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Three Positions One Fulltime and Two Part-Time BUTCHER We are seeking an experienced Butcher to join our team. Preference will be given to fully qualified applicants, however consideration will be given to applicants with proven specific experience in the Butchery field. To fill this position you will be: • Honest & reliable and enjoy being part of our friendly team • Able to work well under pressure • A good communicator • Enthusiastic & have good organisational skills • Physically fit and have the ability to work within timeframes issued Hours of work will be Sunday – Thursday 6.00am – 3.30pm with an immediate start. If you can show a background of an excellent work record and a high standard of workmanship, please apply now with a cover letter and current CV to: Ashburton New World P O Box 444 Ashburton 7740 Email: Vacancy closes: Monday 15th June 2020


Checkout Supervisor - Fulltime This Checkout Supervisor position is fulltime, 40 hours per week with a Tuesday – Saturday roster a combination of early and late shifts. The successful applicant will require the following skills: • Must be customer focused • Ability to manage staff and lead by example • Motivated and positive attitude • Previous experience would be preferred.

Checkout Operator Permanent Part-time This position is for 8.5 hours on a Saturday 9am – 6pm. The successful applicant will require the following skills: • Customer focused • Reliable • Positive attitude

Cleaner - Permanent Part-time This position is for 2 hours 8am – 10am on a Sunday; Monday and Friday 6 hours (9am – 3pm). The successful applicant will require the following skills: • Cleaning needs to be a high standard and experience preferred • Must be physically fit. • Reliable If you think you are the person we are looking for please email your covering letter and CV stating which position you are applying for to:

Plant Operator Nightshift ASHBURTON

PGG Wrightson Seeds is one of New Zealand’s leading arable industry businesses. The business operates throughout New Zealand and Australia and provides products and services to arable growers, livestock producers and to food and feed manufacturers. We are currently seeking a Plant Operator to work as part of our night shift team, at our seed cleaning facility in Ashburton. Duties and responsibilities: • • • •

Seed dressing machine operation Preparing seed for customers Calculating mixes for seed blends Ensuring compliance standards are met

Skills and experience: • A good level of maths, reading and writing is essential • Experience in the grain and seed (or similar) industry would be an advantage but is not essential • Some engineering/maintenance skills would also be an advantage but is not essential • Good attention to detail • Ability to work without supervision Onsite training in plant operation will be provided and you will be required to complete training in confined spaces, at heights training and to obtain a forklift license (if not already held). Please note you will be required to pass a pre-employment drug and alcohol screening. To obtain a full position description or to apply for this position (with your CV and cover letter), please email or call into the PGG Wrightson Seeds site, corner Thomson Street and Fords Road, Ashburton.

Applications close on Wednesday, June 3, 2020.

Qualified, registered teacher REGISTERED HEALTH NURSE

An opportunity for a part-time Health Nurse exists at Lochlea Lifestyle Resort. This position would best be suited to a Registered Nurse (a current practicing certificate is essential) providing health care to residents of our independent lifestyle resort. This position would suit a mature person with excellent communication and people skills and the ability to work autonomously with primary health care providers and hospital services. Hours of work are 9am to 4pm, two days a week, however, it is expected that these hours may increase due to the growth in the resort. Applicants should have New Zealand Residency and a current full driver’s license. Please send your CV and covering letter to: Tony Sands, Resort Manager 25A/25 Charlesworth Drive, Ashburton 7700 or by email to by Wednesday, June 3, 2020.

Hinds Y.F.C 70th Annual Ploughing Match Saturday, June 13, 10.30am start. At Ian and Christine Lowes, Swamp Road. On account of Covid-19 BYO food please.

307 7900

We presently have two positions available: 1. 30+ hours per week fixed term 2. 30+ maternity leave cover (6 months) Qualified, registered teacher or 3rd year in training teacher preferred. Available to start by June 29, 2020 (fixed term) negotiable. Also looking for regular relievers. Subject to Police Vetting. NZEI affiliated. Applications with CV and references to: by Friday, June 12, 2020. For further information ring 03 3028564 Managers: Trish Powell/Amanda McGinity.

Dispensary Technician


Guardian Situations Vacant

Do you have a passion for working alongside tamariki? Then come join our friendly, fun loving team in our fabulous newly refurbished environment!

Team Leader – Field Staff Are you a motivated, organised team leader? Work available now, leading up to 35 people in a variety of indoor seasonal processing and grading work, and outdoor field work on seed crops in the Ashburton area. Phone Andrew on 021 502 484 or email your CV to andrew@agstaff.

An exciting opportunity has arisen in a new Dispensary for a qualified or currently training Dispensary Technician. This new Pharmacy is to be located within the Eastfield Health Building, which is nearing completion on Tancred Street. This is a full time position.

73St, Burnett Ashburton Members I.B.A.N.Z & Brokernet Ltd. LevelSt, 2, 73 St,|Ashburton Members of NZBrokers I.B.A.N.Z & NZ Brokernet Ltd. 2, 73 Level Burnett Ashburton | Members of|of I.B.A.N.Z & Please send a one page Level Level 2, 73 Burnett St,2, Ashburton |Burnett Members of I.B.A.N.Z & Brokernet NZ Ltd. NZCV

Entries close June 8. June Level 2, 73 Burnett St, Ashburton | Members of I.B.A.N.Z & Brokernetby NZ Ltd.

Contact Neil Ross 302 6055 or Rodger Smith 302 6648 All welcome.

to: 5, 2020.

Confidentiality is assured. Tancred Street Dispensary Steve Wise, Community Pharmacist

73 Burnett St, Ashburton

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6am Te Karere 3 2 0 6:30 Country Calendar PG 3 Banana Republic. 0 7am Rural Delivery 0 7:30 Infomercials 9am Whanau Living 3 0 9:30 Tagata Pasifika 10am The Family Chase 3 0 11am Dinner Date 3 0 11:55 M The Young Victoria PG 2009 Drama. Emily Blunt, Rupert Friend. 0 2pm The Posh Frock Shop PG 3 0 2:30 Sarah Beeny’s Renovate Don’t Relocate 3:25 Gino’s Italian Coastal Escape 0 3:55 Eat Well For Less NZ PG 3 0 5pm The Chase 3 0 6pm 1 News At 6pm 0

6am Maia The Brave 3 0 6:10 Thomas And Friends 0 6:20 Tinpo 0 6:30 Blaze And The Monster Machines 3 0 6:50 The Insectibles 3 0 7:05 Wacky Races 3 0 7:25 The Amazing World Of Gumball 0 7:50 Beyblade Burst Rise 8:15 Bakugan – Battle Planet 3 0 8:35 Teen Titans Go! 3 0 9am Regular Show PG 0 9:10 Marvel’s Avengers – Secret Wars 0 9:35 The Simpsons 3 0 10am Fresh 10:30 My World 0 10:55 Black-Ish 3 0 11:20 8 Simple Rules 3 0 11:50 The Mayor 0 12:35 The 100 PGV 0 1:30 America’s Funniest Home Videos 3 0 2pm Kittens Make You Laugh Out Loud 3 0 2:50 My Kitchen Rules – The Rivals PG 3 0 5:05 The Crystal Maze Celebrity 0 6pm Nadia’s Comfort Kitchen 3 0 6:30 You Got This! 0

6am Charles Stanley 3 6:30 Infomercials 9:30 NewsHub Nation An in-depth weekly current-affairs show. 0 10:30 The Taste USA The week’s theme is The Sweetest Thing, and all the dishes must be desserts, which is Anthony’s worst nightmare. 11:30 Married At First Sight USA PG 12:30 America’s Next Top Model 3 0 1:25 MasterChef UK PG 2:50 The Goldbergs PG 0 3:15 Bondi Vet 3:50 The Lions Rule PG 0 4:55 F Grand Designs – The Street PG 3 0 6pm NewsHub Live At 6pm

6am Ben 10 – Omniverse 3 0 6:50 Danny Phantom 3 0 7:15 Henry Danger 7:40 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 0 8:05 Teen Titans 3 0 8:30 Batman – The Animated Series 0 9am Samurai Jack PG 0 10am SmackDown PGV 3 11am Raw PGV 3 Noon Crayfishers PG 3 0 1pm Ultimate Fishing 3 0 2pm Borderforce US – The Bridges PG 3 3pm Outback Truckers PG 3 0 4pm American Restoration 3 0 4:30 Hot Bench 3 5pm Fishing Classics 3 0 5:30 Prime News 6pm The Great British Bake Off – An Extra Slice 0

7pm Jamie – Keep Cooking And Carry On 0 7:30 Britain’s Got Talent 0 8pm L Lotto 8:05 Britain’s Got Talent Continued. 0 8:45 Six60 – Live At Western Springs 2020 0 10:15 Race Across The World M 3 0

7pm M The Giver MV 2014 Drama. As a man spends time with the keeper of his community’s memories, he learns a secret that puts his life in danger. 0 8:40 M Due Date 2010 Comedy. 0 10:30 M The Disaster Artist 16L 2017 Comedy. 0

7pm M Johnny English Strikes Again PGVL 2018 Comedy. After an unexpected cyber attack reveals the identities of all active undercover agents in Britain, Johnny English returns to investigate. 0 8:45 M Eraser 16 1996 Action Thriller. 0 10:50 Tin Star 16 3 0

7pm WhichCar 0 7:30 The Seventies PG 3 0 8:30 Living With Tourette’s 16LC 30 9:30 M The Enforcer 16VS 1976 Action. Inspector ‘Dirty’ Harry must foil a terrorist group, reluctantly teamed with a rookie female partner. Clint Eastwood, Tyne Daly. 0

11:25 F One Lane Bridge 16LC 3 Ariki discovers the answers, but not the truth, as his gift helps him solve the final piece of the puzzle, but the tension between Ariki and Stephen builds to a dangerous climax. 0 12:15 Doctor Doctor PG 3 0 1:05 Coronation Street 3 0 2:20 Infomercials

12:25 M The Prestige M 2006 Drama. Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Scarlett Johansson. 2:40 First Dates Hotel ML 3 0 4:25 Japandemonium 3 0 4:50 America’s Funniest Home Videos 3 5:10 Fresh 3 5:35 Bizaardvark 3 0

11:45 Tin Star 16 3 Pastor Johan crosses into Canada; Anna takes refuge with the Ammonite Nickel family in their strict religious community. 12:40 Infomercials 5am Hillsong 3 5:30 Charles Stanley 3

The Giver

7pm on TVNZ 2

BRAVO 10am Judge Jerry 3 10:25 Love It Or List It – Vancouver 3 11:25 Love It Or List It – Vancouver 3 12:25 Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry PG 3 1:20 Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry PG 3 2:15 Love It Or List It 3 3:15 Love It Or List It 3 4:15 Mom’s A Medium 3 4:40 Stop Search Seize PG 3 5:35 Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta 3 6:30 Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian PG 7:30 Botched M 3 8:30 Vanderpump Rules M 9:30 Murdered By Morning 16 10:30 The Mark Of A Killer 16 3 11:25 Love It Or List It 3


12:20 Infomercials 3 5am Clean House PG 3


8:45pm on Three

Sky 5 6am Trucking Hell M 6:50 The Simpsons Super Saturday PG 9:35 Trucking Hell M 10:25 Marvel’s Runaways 11:15 Nancy Drew M Noon SmackDown Live MVC 2:05 Main Event MV 2:50 Supergirl MVS 3:45 Ax Men ML 4:45 The Simpsons Super Saturday PG 7:30 Trucking Hell M Steve and his team must recover a car that has crashed into a river; Jim must recover a van that has become wedged on top of a garden wall. 8:30 Ronnie’s Redneck Roadtrip MVL 9pm Ax Men ML 10pm Pawn Stars PG 10:30 Trucking Hell M 11:20 The Simpsons PG


12:15 The Simpsons Super Sunday PG 2:10 Ronnie’s Redneck Roadtrip MVL 2:35 Supergirl MVS 3:20 Main Event MV 4:05 Classic Pawn Stars PG 4:30 Ax Men ML 5:15 Chicago PD MV

11:30 Whose Line Is It Anyway? PG Clive Anderson puts comedians through a series of games to total the points and announce a winner. Midnight Guiltology MVC 3 1am Closedown



7:10 Top-End Wedding ML 2019 Comedy. Miranda Tapsell, Gwilym Lee. 8:55 Angel Has Fallen 16VL 2019 Action. Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman. 10:55 The Old Man And The Gun ML 2018 Drama. Robert Redford, Sissy Spacek. 12:30 The Miseducation Of Cameron Post MVLSC 2018 Drama. Chloe Grace Moretz, Sasha Lane. 2pm Humor Me MLSC 2018 Comedy. Jemaine Clement, Elliott Gould. 3:35 Family 16LC 2018 Drama. Taylor Schilling, Kate McKinnon. 5pm Can You Ever Forgive Me? MLSC 2018 Drama. Melissa McCarthy, Richard E Grant. 6:45 Annabelle Comes Home 16C 2019 Horror. Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson. 8:30 Robin Hood MV 2018 Action. War-hardened crusader Robin of Loxley and his Moorish commander mount an audacious revolt against the corrupt English crown. Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx. 10:30 Mortal Engines MVC 2018 Action. Hugo Weaving, Hera Hilmar.

7:45 Prometheus 16V 2012 Sci-fi Mystery. Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba. 9:45 Men In Black MV 1997 Action Comedy. Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Linda Fiorentino. 11:20 Edge Of Tomorrow MVL 2014 Action. Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt. 1:10 Jurassic World MV 2015 Action. Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard. 3:15 50/50 16LS 2011 Comedy Drama. Joseph GordonLevitt, Seth Rogen. 4:55 The Simpsons Movie PGL 2007 Animated. Voices of Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright. 6:25 Trainwreck 16LSC 2015 Comedy. Amy Schumer, Bill Hader, Brie Larson. 8:30 Men In Black II PGC 2002 Sci-fi Comedy. Agent Jay must find Agent Kay and restore his memory to help save the Earth from intergalactic disaster. Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith. 10:05 Before Midnight MLS 2013 Romantic Drama. Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy.


Midnight Jurassic World Sunday MV 2015 Action. Chris Pratt, 12:35 Mid90s 16VLSC 2018 Bryce Dallas Howard. Comedy. 2am Family 16LC 2:05 50/50 16LS 2011 Comedy 2018 Drama. 3:25 Close Up – Drama. Joseph GordonJennifer Lawrence PG 3:55 A Levitt, Seth Rogen. 3:50 The Score To Settle 16VLSC 2019 Simpsons Movie PGL 2007 Action. 5:40 Can You Ever Animated. 5:20 Trainwreck Forgive Me? MLSC 2018 Drama. 16LSC 2015 Comedy.

11:10 Te Ao – Maori News 3 The latest news, with an inclusive approach to Maori news by connecting directly with communities. 11:40 Closedown

MOVIES ExtRA 6:33 Spider In The Web 16VLC 2019 Thriller. Ben Kingsley, Monica Bellucci. 8:23 A Little Something For Your Birthday MLS 2017 Romantic Comedy. Sharon Stone, Tony Goldwyn. 9:55 The Last Witness MV 2018 Thriller. Alex Pettyfer, Michael Gambon. 11:25 Acquainted 16LS 2018 Drama. Giacomo Gianniotti, Laysla De Oliveira. 1:03 Serious Laundry 16LC 2017 Comedy. Jason Zednick, Michele Richardson. 2:30 Lasso 16VLC 2017 Horror. Sean Patrick Flanery, Lindsey Morgan. 4:05 Family Life 18LSC 2018 Drama. 5:25 Monster Party 18VLSC 2018 Horror. 6:55 The Con Is On 16VLSC 2018 Comedy. Uma Thurman, Tim Roth. 8:30 Amazing Grace 2018 Documentary. A film showcasing footage of Aretha Franklin performing at the New Temple Missionary Baptist Church in 1972. Aretha Franklin, James Cleveland, CL Franklin. 10:01 The House Of Tomorrow 16L 2018 Comedy. Ellen Burstyn, Asa Butterfield. 11:26 McKellen MLS 2018 Documentary.



6:30 Tamariki Haka 6:40 My Mokai 7:10 Huhu – Te Tunga Rakau 7:20 He Rourou 3 7:30 Potae Pai 3 7:40 Smooth 7:50 Polyfest Kapa Haka 3 8:20 Haati Paati 3 8:30 Pukana 2 9:30 Grid 3 10am Swagger 10:30 Whanau Bake Off 3 11am Sidewalk Karaoke 3 11:30 Waka Ama Sprint Nationals 3 12:30 Ka Tu Ka Korero 1pm Haati Grassroots Rugby 3 2pm Poitukohu Kura Tuarua 3 3pm Touch Rugby – National Championships 3 4pm Waiata Nation 3 4:30 Fresh 5pm The Hui – Kaupeka Wha Maori current affairs hosted by Mihingarangi Forbes. 5:30 Nga Tamariki O Te Kohu 3 6:30 Te Ao – Maori News 7pm M The Dark Crystal PG 1982 Animated. On another planet, a crystal uniting all life is broken, plunging the world into an age of chaos. 8:40 M Whiplash MLC 2014 Musical Drama. 10:40 Nga Pari Karangaranga O Te Motu 3

12:55 Austin Found 16VLSC 2017 Comedy. 2:36 Monster Party 18VLSC 2018 Horror. 4:02 The Con Is On 16VLSC 2018 Comedy. 5:34 Amazing Grace 2018 Documentary.

6am Sand Masters 6:30 Hoard Hunters 7:30 Animal Super Senses 8:30 Mysteries At The Museum PGC 9:30 Gardeners’ World 10:30 James Martin’s Islands To Highlands 11:30 American Pickers 12:30 Historic House Rescue 1:30 Escape To The Chateau 2:30 The Curse Of Oak Island PGC 3:30 My Family And The Galapagos 4:30 Ainsley’s Caribbean Kitchen 5:30 Mysteries At The Monument PGC 6:30 Jamie And Jimmy’s Food Fight Club Things are heating up on the pier as Mel B joins them for some spicy Caribbean food. 7:30 Restoration Home One Year On The team returns to historic buildings being saved from ruin and transformed into 21st-century dream houses. 8:30 Antiques Roadshow 9:30 Alex Polizzi’s Secret Italy 10:30 History Hunters

11:30 My Family And The Galapagos 12:30 Mysteries At The Monument PGC 1:30 Sand Masters 2am The Last Days Of Pompeii 3am Antiques Roadshow 4am Restoration Home One Year On 5am Jamie And Jimmy’s Food Fight Club

UktV 6:25 Qi MLSC 6:55 Qi MLSC 7:25 Qi M 7:55 Would I Lie To You? PG 8:25 Would I Lie To You? PG 8:55 Would I Lie To You? PG 9:30 The Bill MVC 10:20 The Bill MVC 11:05 The Bill MVC 11:55 The Bill MVC 12:45 The Bill MVC 1:30 Casualty PG 2:25 Casualty MVC 3:20 Holby City MVC 4:25 Inspector George Gently M 6:05 Qi M 6:40 Father Brown PG 7:35 Casualty PG Rash and Mason finally make peace; Archie is reunited with guilt when the abusive former teacher on whom she had taken vengeance returns to the ED. 8:30 A Touch Of Frost MVC Frost is intrigued by the death of a young soldier at an army camp. It is strictly off limits to the police, but that fails to deter Frost. 10:25 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown MLS 11:15 Who Do You Think You Are? PG


12:15 Who Do You Think You Are? PG 1:15 Who Do You Think You Are? PG 2:15 Who Do You Think You Are? PG 3 3:15 Who Do You Think You Are? PG 4:15 A Touch Of Frost MVC

0 Closed captions; 3 Repeat; 2 Maori Language; HLS Highlights; RPL Replay; DLY Delayed. CLASSIFICATIONS: 16/18 Approved for persons 16/18 years or over; C Content may offend; L Language may offend; M Suitable for mature audi- 30May20 ences 16 years and over; PG Parental guidance recommended for young viewers; S Sexual content may offend; V Contains violence. Local Radio: NewsTalk ZB 873AM/98.1FM FM Classic Hits FM 92.5; Port FM Local 94.9, 98.9 and 106.1

DISCOVERy 6:35 How It’s Made PG 7am How It’s Made PG 7:30 Aussie Gold Hunters PG 8:20 Aussie Lobster Men PG 9:10 Aussie Lobster Men PG 10am Aussie Lobster Men PG 10:50 Aussie Lobster Men PG 11:40 Aussie Lobster Men PG 12:30 Legends Of The Wild PG Blood Beach. 1:20 Deadliest Catch PG 2:10 Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! PG Building the Impossible. 3pm Aussie Gold Hunters PG 3:50 Rob Riggle – Global Investigator PG Pirate Booty. 4:45 Rob Riggle – Global Investigator PG The Holiest of Grails. 5:40 Rob Riggle – Global Investigator PG The Mystery of the OK Corral. 6:35 BattleBots PG 7:30 Curse Of The Bermuda Triangle PG Vanishing of Flight 19. 8:30 UFOs – The Lost Evidence PG Native Americans and Star People. 9:25 Gold Rush – White Water PG Thunder Falls. 10:15 The Day I Ran China PG Grand Finale. 11:05 Legends Of The Wild PG Blood Beach. 11:55 How It’s Made PG


12:20 How Do They Do It? PG 12:45 BattleBots PG 1:35 What On Earth? PG 2:25 Strange Evidence PG 3:15 Strange Evidence PG 4:05 Strange Evidence PG 4:55 Strange Evidence PG 5:45 Strange Evidence PG | Compiled by


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6am Rural Delivery The places and faces behind New Zealand’s agricultural sector. 0 6:25 Country Calendar 3 0 6:45 Tiny House Nation 3 7:30 Tagata Pasifika 3 7:55 Praise Be 3 0 8:20 Karena And Kasey’s Kitchen Diplomacy 3 0 8:45 Topp Country 3 0 9:10 20/20 3 0 10am Tosca PG 0 12:05 Sunday 0 1:05 Love Your Garden PG 3 0 2:05 Building Giants 0 3pm World’s Busiest Train Stations PGC 3 0 3:55 NZ Hunter Adventures PG 0 5pm The Chase 3 0 6pm 1 News At 6pm 0 7pm Country Calendar 3 Motu Magic. 0 7:30 The Chase – Bloopers 3 0 8:30 The Luminaries 16 Anna’s suspicion is aroused as Lydia prepares to host a party; Lauderback is blackmailed; in 1866, Crosbie Wells is buried. 0 9:40 DNA Detectives 3 0 10:40 Victoria PG 3 0 11:35 Les Misérables M 3 Jean Valjean has become a success, and is now the owner of a factory and the mayor of Montreuil, but then he meets the town’s new police chief, none other than his old nemesis, Javert. 0 12:40 Infomercials

The Luminaries

8:30pm on TVNZ 1

BRAVO 6am Clean House PG 3 6:45 Clean House PG 3 7:35 Clean House PG 3 8:20 Clean House PG 3 9:10 Love It Or List It 3 10am Love It Or List It 3 10:50 Botched M 3 11:40 Masters Of Flip 3 12:35 Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta 3 1:30 Hoarders PG 3 2:20 Hoarders PG 3 3:10 Judge Jerry 3 3:40 Judge Jerry 3 4:05 Judge Jerry 3 4:35 Judge Jerry 3 5pm Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry M 3 6pm Masters Of Flip 7pm M Mamma Mia 3 2008 Comedy Musical. Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Stellan Skarsgard. 9:20 M The Wedding Singer M 3 1998 Comedy. 11:15 Shahs Of Sunset M 12:10 Infomercials 3

©TVNZ 2020

6am Paw Patrol 3 0 6:20 Thomas And Friends 0 6:30 New Looney Tunes 3 0 6:55 Powerpuff Girls 3 0 7:05 Alvinnn!!! And The Chipmunks 3 0 7:25 Littlest Pet Shop 0 7:50 Kai Five 0 7:55 The Drawing Show 0 8am What Now? 10am Young And Hungry PG 3 10:45 Shortland Street Omnibus PG 3 0 Noon The Bachelorette PG 0 1:40 Grown-Ish PGC 2:05 Little Big Shots 0 2:55 Home And Away Omnibus 3 0 4:50 Ellen’s Game Of Games 3 0 5:45 The Voice UK Tom Jones,, Olly Murs, and Meghan Trainor search for the UK’s best voice talent. 0 7pm M Jumanji – Welcome To The Jungle PGV 2017 Action. 0 9:10 M Aloha M 2015 Romantic Comedy. A celebrated military contractor returns to the site of his greatest career triumphs and re-connects with a long-ago love while unexpectedly falling for the air force watchdog assigned to him. 0



6am Life TV 6:30 Brian Houston 3 7am Charles Stanley 3 8am Life TV 3 8:30 Turning Point 3 9am R&R With Eru And K’Lee 9:30 The Hui 0 10am NewsHub Nation 0 11am Classical Destinations 11:25 Xscape 11:55 Doctors Without Borders – Dedicated To Life PG 0 1pm Motorsport 1:01 Formula E Race At Home Challenge 1:30 Muscle Garage 2pm Motorsport – European Rally Championship 3pm British Superbikes 4pm Motorsport – Local Sim Series Round Four. Kiwi racers compete in the virtual world of iRacing to raise money for local businesses. 4:55 The Fishing Show Classics 0 5:25 Fish Of The Day 0 6pm NewsHub Live At 6pm 7pm Lego Masters Australia PG The five remaining teams must build a tower that can withstand increasing friction, in a Make and Shake challenge. 0 8pm M The Martian M 3 2015 Drama. Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain. 0 10:30 Humans M 3 0


6am Religious Programming 7am Nella The Princess Knight 3 0 7:30 Religious Programming 10am The Great Escapers 3 Noon Fishing Classics 3 0 1pm Ice Road Truckers PG 3 0 2pm Mad About You PG 3 2:30 Deadliest Roads PG 3 3:30 Judge Judy PG 4pm Hot Bench 3 4:30 A Very British Country House 3 0 5:30 Prime News 6pm All Gardens Great And Small Dee meets Mona who is waiting for a visit from Alan Titchmarsh, and Tom, Dee’s nephew; Dee visits Julia and David’s garden near Warwick castle, and continues to help Miranda garden. 0


6:30 Tamariki Haka 6:50 Kids’ Kai Kart 3 7am Darwin + Newts 3 7:10 Huhu – Te Tunga Rakau 7:20 He Rourou 3 7:30 Potae Pai 3 7:40 Smooth 7:50 Polyfest Kapa Haka 3 8:20 Haati Paati 3 8:30 Waka Ama Sprint Nationals 3 9am Globe 3 9:30 Swagger 10am Cam’s Kai 3 11am Tapatahi Noon Te Ao With Moana 3 12:30 Piri’s Tiki Tour PGC 3 1pm Touch Rugby – Junior Championships 1:45 Playlist 2:15 M The Dark Crystal PG 1982 Animated. 3:30 Marae DIY 3 4:30 Tagata Pasifika 5pm Tamaki Paenga Hira 3 5:30 Nga Pari Karangaranga O Te Motu 3 6pm Waka Huia 6:30 Te Ao – Maori News

6am Sand Masters 6:30 Through The Bible With Les Feldick 7am Leading The Way 7:30 Key Of David 8am Home Of The Year 8:30 Treasures Decoded 9:30 Million Pound Properties 10:30 Jamie And Jimmy’s Food Fight Club 11:30 Building The Dream 12:30 My Family And The Galapagos 1:30 Mysteries At The Monument PGC 2:30 Antiques Roadshow 3:30 Inside The Vets 4:30 Rick Stein’s Long Weekends 5:30 Top 10 Treasures Of Egypt Bettany meets the Egyptologists solving a 3,000-year-old murder mystery, and visits the temple walls that tell the story of Egypt’s final female pharaoh, Cleopatra. 6:30 American Restoration

7pm American Restoration 7pm The Negotiators 3 7pm Storage Wars PG 0 7:30 Irish Pickers 7:30 N Tribal Scent 7:30 Griff’s Great Australian Rail Ian Dowling and his DublinExamine the history of Trip PG Aboard the famous based team of pickers sandalwood and its many uses. Ghan, Griff travels from the travel everywhere, from the 8:30 M The Inland Road M humid tropics of Darwin shipyard that built the RMS 2017 Drama. After surviving a down to the country’s dry, red Titanic to medieval castles, car crash, a woman moves in centre, along the way meeting to discover remarkable and with the strangers involved in a crocodile, a news editor, and valuable finds. the accident, threatening the a beast of the road. 0 8:30 The Cold Case Files MCV family’s balance. 8:30 McMillion$ ML 0 9:30 Paranormal Survivor MCV 9:55 Nanakia 9:40 White Dragon 16VLS 10:30 Irish Pickers 10:55 Te Ao – Maori News 3 10:40 SmackDown PGV 11:10 M Lights Out 16VL 2016 11:40 60 Minutes PG 11:25 Closedown 11:30 American Restoration 11:30 Magnum PI M 3 Horror. A woman must understand Magnum helps a woman find her Scott Pelley reports on how New Midnight American Restoration her little brother’s experiences, which missing cousin, who is a Russian York is dealing with the coronavirus 12:30 Top 10 Treasures Of Egypt once tested her sanity, bringing her fugitive; Higgins and Kumu’s lives are pandemic; Jon Wertheim looks at 1:30 Baby Animals face-to-face with an entity attached in danger when they get too close to driverless truck technology, which 2am The Last Days Of Pompeii to their mother. Teresa Palmer, is already being tested on the open 3am The Cold Case Files the case. 0 Gabriel Bateman, Maria Bello. 0 road. 4am Rick Stein’s Long Weekends 12:15 Infomercials 12:35 First Dates Hotel M 3 0 12:40 Closedown 5am Building The Dream 3:50 Infomercials 4:25 Will And Grace PG 3 5:30 Infomercials

The Martian

8pm on Three

Sky 5 6am Ronnie’s Redneck Roadtrip MVL 6:25 Supergirl MVS 7:10 Criminal Minds – Beyond Borders 16VS 7:55 Main Event MV 8:50 Survivor – Worlds Apart PG 9:40 Supergirl MVS 10:25 Pawn Stars PG 10:55 Criminal Minds – Beyond Borders 16VS 11:45 Ax Men ML 12:40 Mountain Men PG 1:30 Ronnie’s Redneck Roadtrip MVL 2pm Ultimate Fishing PG 3pm Raw PGV 5:45 SmackDown PGV 7:30 Criminal Minds – Beyond Borders 16VS 8:30 NCIS MV 9:30 NCIS MV 10:30 Chicago PD MV 11:25 Survivor – Worlds Apart PG


12:15 SmackDown PGV 1:55 Chicago PD MV 2:45 Criminal Minds – Beyond Borders 16VS 3:35 Survivor – Worlds Apart PG 4:25 NCIS MV



7:25 Annabelle Comes Home 16C 2019 Horror. Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson. 9:10 Robin Hood MV 2018 Action. Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx. 11:05 Mortal Engines MVC 2018 Action. Hugo Weaving, Hera Hilmar. 1:15 The Festival 16LSC 2019 Comedy. Joe Thomas, Jemaine Clement. 2:55 Swimming With Men ML 2018 Comedy. Rob Brydon, Jim Carter. 4:35 Us 16VLC 2019 Horror. Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke. 6:30 Crazy Rich Asians ML 2018 Romantic Comedy. Constance Wu, Henry Golding. 8:30 Ma 16VLSC 2019 Horror. When a lonely woman offers her basement as a hangout for a group of teenagers, it seems like the perfect spot, until her hospitality changes. Octavia Spencer, Diana Silvers. 10:15 Rocketman MLSC 2019 Musical. Taron Egerton, Jamie Bell.

7:20 Men In Black II PGC 2002 Sci-fi Comedy. Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith. 8:50 Jurassic World MV 2015 Action. Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard. 10:55 The Simpsons Movie PGL 2007 Animated. Voices of Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright. 12:20 Wedding Crashers MVLS 2005 Comedy. Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn. 2:25 Law Abiding Citizen 18VC 2009 Crime. Jamie Foxx, Gerard Butler. 4:25 Olympus Has Fallen 16VL 2013 Action. Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman. 6:30 The Man From UNCLE MV 2015 Action. Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer. 8:30 Men In Black 3 MV 2012 Sci-fi Comedy. Agent J travels back in time to MIB’s early days in 1969 to stop an alien from assassinating his friend Agent K and changing history. Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin. 10:20 Donnie Brasco 16VL 1997 Drama. Al Pacino, Johnny Depp, Michael Madsen.


12:20 The Prodigy 16VLC 2019 Horror. Taylor Schilling, Peter Mooney. 1:50 The Festival 16LSC 2019 Comedy. Joe Thomas, Jemaine Clement. 3:25 Swimming With Men ML 2018 Comedy. Rob Brydon, Jim Carter. 5am Us 16VLC 2019 Horror. Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke.


7:01 The House Of Tomorrow 16L 2018 Comedy. Ellen Burstyn, Asa Butterfield. 8:24 McKellen MLS 2018 Documentary. 9:53 Austin Found 16VLSC 2017 Comedy. Linda Cardellini, Skeet Ulrich. 11:34 Diane MLC 2018 Drama. Mary Kay Place, Jake Lacy. 1:07 Entanglement MLC 2017 Comedy. Thomas Middleditch, Jess Weixler. 2:29 An Affair To Die For 16VLS 2018 Thriller. Claire Forlani, Jake Abel. 3:51 Tyson 16VLS 2007 Documentary. Mike Tyson. 5:20 Encounter MVLSC 2018 Sci-fi. Luke Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison. 6:50 Spitfire PGL 2018 Documentary. 8:30 Extra Ordinary 16C 2019 Comedy. A driving instructor gifted with supernatural abilities attempts to help the father of a levitating teenaged girl. Maeve Higgins, Barry Ward. 10:08 Daughter Of The Wolf 16V 2019 Action. Gina Carano, Richard Dreyfuss. 11:38 Camp Cold Brook MVLC 2018 Horror. Chad Michael Murray, Danielle Harris. Monday Monday 1:05 Phoenix, 12:30 The Sixth Sense MV Oregon 16L 2019 Comedy. 1999 Thriller. Bruce Willis, James Le Gros, Jesse Borrego. Haley Joel Osment, Toni Collette. 2:53 Tyson 16VLS 2007 2:15 The Man From UNCLE Documentary. Mike Tyson. MV 2015 Action. Henry Cavill, 4:22 Encounter MVLSC 2018 Armie Hammer. 4:15 Law Sci-fi. Luke Hemsworth, Abiding Citizen 18VC 2009 Anna Hutchison. 5:52 Spitfire Crime. Jamie Foxx, Gerard Butler. PGL 2018 Documentary.

UktV 6:05 Qi M 6:35 Holby City MVC 7:35 EastEnders PG 8:05 EastEnders PG 8:35 Lewis MVC 10:10 Heartbeat MVC 11am The Jonathan Ross Show PG 11:50 The Graham Norton Show PG 12:40 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown MLS 1:30 A Touch Of Frost MVC 3:20 Sanditon MC 4:15 Doc Martin PG 5:10 Heartbeat MVC 6:05 Would I Lie To You? PG 6:40 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown MLS 7:35 Casualty PG Tension rises between Ethan and Rash; Rosa opens up to David about her past. 8:30 Who Do You Think You Are? PG Fearne Cotton learns about her Welsh great-grandfather, who worked down a coal mine at age 13. 9:35 Inspector George Gently M When a woman commits suicide, there are too many details that do not add up. 11:15 Sanditon MC


12:05 Casualty PG 12:55 Casualty PG 1:45 Father Brown PG 2:35 Who Do You Think You Are? PG 3:35 Inspector George Gently M 5:05 Midsomer Murders MVC

0 Closed captions; 3 Repeat; 2 Maori Language; HLS Highlights; RPL Replay; DLY Delayed. CLASSIFICATIONS: 16/18 Approved for persons 16/18 years or over; C Content may offend; L Language may offend; M Suitable for mature audi- 31May20 ences 16 years and over; PG Parental guidance recommended for young viewers; S Sexual content may offend; V Contains violence. Local Radio: NewsTalk ZB 873AM/98.1FM FM Classic Hits FM 92.5; Port FM Local 94.9, 98.9 and 106.1

DISCOVERy 6:35 How Do They Do It? PG 7am How Do They Do It? PG 7:30 Curse Of The Bermuda Triangle PG The Vanishing of Flight 19. 8:20 UFOs – The Lost Evidence PG Native Americans and Star People. 9:10 Rob Riggle – Global Investigator PG The Mystery of the OK Corral. 10am Gold Rush – Dave Turin’s Lost Mine PG Golden Playbook. 10:50 Deadliest Catch PG 11:40 Aussie Salvage Squad PG 12:30 Aussie Gold Hunters PG 1:20 Gold Rush – White Water PG 2:10 Richard Hammond’s Big PG 3pm Richard Hammond’s Big PG 3:50 Richard Hammond’s Big PG 4:45 Richard Hammond’s Big PG 5:40 Richard Hammond’s Big PG 6:35 Richard Hammond’s Big PG 7:30 Aussie Gold Hunters PG 8:30 Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! PG 9:25 Curse Of The Bermuda Triangle PG 10:15 Legends Of The Wild PG 11:05 Gold Rush – White Water PG 11:55 How It’s Made PG


12:20 How Do They Do It? PG 12:45 Curse Of The Bermuda Triangle PG 1:35 What On Earth? PG 2:25 Naked And Afraid XL MLC 3:15 Naked And Afraid MLC 4:05 Naked And Afraid MLC 4:55 Naked And Afraid MLC 5:45 Naked And Afraid MLC | Compiled by


Family Notices








26 Ashburton Guardian


PHILIP, Robert Neilson (Bob) – sadly passed away on May 26, 2020 at Ashburton, aged 86 years. Loved son of the late Jack and Elizabeth Philip. Brother to Jack, Bill, Elizabeth, and Chris. Loved father and father-in-law of Craig and Marie, the late Shayne, Tony and Jillian (Scotland), and Simon and Sara. Adored Grandad of Kurt, Danielle, Allie and Amy, Jimmy, Sam and Emily. Friend of the late Barbara Cummings.

BISSET, Marguerite Mary – Moyra, Sheena, David and Marjorie, along with their families wish to acknowledge everybody with heartfelt thanks for their kind thoughts, messages, flowers, gifts and baking, on the passing off our amazing Mum. It was truly appreciated. Please accept this as an acknowledgement of thanks. Memories are the loveliest things. They last from day to day. They can't get lost. They don't wear out and they never fade away.

Will be greatly missed.

Messages to the Philip family, c/- PO Box 472, Ashburton 7740. Special thanks to Penny Holdaway, staff of Ashburton Hospital, Rosebank and St John. At Bob’s request a private BLUETT, Rose – service was held. 30/01/1939 – 08/05/2020 Barry, Craig and Julie wish to acknowledge the many expressions of sympathy and gestures of kindness shown to us following Rose's recent death. We offer our heartfelt thanks to the many friends for the cards, phone calls, the flowers and visits during what was a difficult time for us all. Barry would especially like to thank the members of the Ashburton Pakeke Lions for the kindness and respect Canterbury owned, shown to him in so many locally operated ways. Please accept this as a personal acknowledgement Patersons and as an expression of our Funeral Services deepest gratitude.

and Ashburton Crematorium Ltd FUNERAL Office and Chapel Corner East & Cox Streets, Ashburton

Ph 307 7433


E.B. CARTER LTD For all your memorial requirements New headstones and designs Renovations, Additional inscriptions, Cleaning and Concrete work Carried out by qualified tradesmen.

620 East Street Ashburton Ph/Fax 308 5369 or 0274 357 974 NZMMMA Member

HOPWOOD, Elizabeth (Joy) – Don, Nicole and Pete, Adrian and Wendy, Simone, and their extended family wish to extend their sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone who expressed their sympathy during their recent sad bereavement. Thank you to our extended family, friends and neighbours who provided support in so many ways during Joy’s final weeks and throughout the period prior to and after the funeral. We also thank the many people who have helped Don during lockdown with phone calls, meals and other support, which has been much appreciated. Thank you to Dr Tarry and the medical staff at his practice for the ongoing management of Joy’s care. Thank you also to Jane in Oncology, the medical staff in AAU and then the nursing staff in Ward 1 who offered such loving care with dignity, we offer our heartfelt thanks. To Rev Henry Mbambo from St David’s, as Joy’s trusted friend who endorsed her faith in God we thank you, and to lifelong friend Roger Paterson, thank you for guiding us through the funeral process and burial. Roger Scammell, thank you for the wonderful memories you captured of Joy’s celebration service. As it will be impossible to thank everyone individually please accept this press acknowledgement as a token of our heartfelt thanks and appreciation. A donation was made to the Mid Canterbury Cancer Society. MacPHERSON, Doreen Ann (née Gluyas) – Doreen’s family would like to give a huge thanks to all who came to the service, for the cards, flowers and messages and all who gave Doreen their utmost care in her final days. A special thanks to Radius Millstream for their friendly, professional care; to Father Nolan, Sylvia and Maree for the lovely service and Maxine Webber, for her Friendly personal care. The RSA for the lovely refreshments, also Jo Metcalf of Memory funerals for her professional, patient, warm and friendly exceptional service. Mum will be forever cherished and missed by everyone.




Ra n

Trott’s Garden 371 Racecourse Road, Ashburton | Email:

Please note all late death notices or notices sent outside ordinary office hours must be emailed to:

to ensure publication. To place a notice during office hours please contact us on 03 307 7900 for more information. Any queries please contact 0800 ASHBURTON (0800-274-287)

A University of Otago Centre of Research Excellence



4 3

Midnight Tonight



NZ Situation

Wind km/h less than 30 fine

30 to 59 fog

isolated snow thunder flurries

sleet thunder

Canterbury Plains




60 plus

NZ Today

Canterbury High Country



FZL: Gradually rising to 2500m

Areas of low cloud or fog in the morning and at night, otherwise fine. Wind at 1000m: Light. Wind at 2000m: Light.

Fine. Light winds.

TOMORROW Fine, some evening cloud. Northeasterlies.



FZL: About 2500m


Fine and frosty at first, cloud increasing through the day. Light winds.

TUESDAY Cloudy periods, early light rain north of Oxford. Southwesterlies developing in the morning, dying out later.

Cloudy periods, morning rain north of Castle Hill. NW, becoming strong in the evening.




Becoming cloudy, showers developing late. Northeasterlies turning strong southwest late.

World Weather

Adelaide Amsterdam Bangkok Berlin Brisbane Cairns Cairo Calcutta Canberra Colombo Darwin Delhi Dubai Dublin Edinburgh

showers fine rain fine fine fine fine thunder fine thunder fine thunder fine fine fine

Becoming cloudy. Rain developing late, falling as snow to 1000 metres. Strong northwesterlies changing southwest late.

Frankfurt Geneva Hobart Hong Kong Honolulu Islamabad Jakarta Johannesburg Kuala Lumpur London Los Angeles Madrid Melbourne Moscow Nadi

11 7 26 8 14 18 18 25 1 26 21 27 31 11 14

fine fine fine drizzle showers rain drizzle fine thunder fine fog fine fine rain showers

21 21 18 31 29 39 31 19 32 25 25 32 17 26 30

10 8 8 27 22 19 25 6 25 10 16 16 10 14 22

New York Paris Perth Rarotonga Rome San Francisco Seoul Singapore Stockholm Sydney Taipei Tel Aviv Tokyo Washington Zurich

showers fine fine showers rain showers fine thunder fine fine drizzle fine cloudy fine fine

Tides, Sun, Moon and Fishing Saturday

m am 3 3


9 noon 3

9 pm am 3


9 noon 3

Monday 6

9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


9 pm







mainly fine






mainly fine













9:50 3:57 10:16 4:35 10:45 4:55 11:12 5:30 11:39 5:53 The times shown are for the Ashburton River mouth. For the Rangitata river mouth subtract 16 minutes and for the Rakaia river mouth subtract 4 minutes.

Good fishing

First quarter 30 May 3:31 pm ©Copyright OceanFun Publishing Ltd.

Rise 7:56 am Set 5:04 pm Good

Good fishing Set 12:26 am Rise 2:09 pm

Full moon 6 Jun

Rise 7:57 am Set 5:04 pm Good

Good fishing Set 1:41 am Rise 2:36 pm

Last quarter

7:14 am

13 Jun 6:24 pm

Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa

For the very latest weather information, including Weather Warnings, visit

25 26 18 26 22 21 28 32 17 20 29 25 26 29 18

19 14 9 25 13 15 17 24 8 11 24 15 17 18 8

18 12 17 9 16 10 16 8 14 9 15 6 14 4 15 3 13 2 14 -1 12 1 14 5 13 1

River Levels


Selwyn Whitecliffs (NIWA) at 3:05 pm, yesterday

1.08 nc

Rakaia Fighting Hill (NIWA) at 3:00 pm, yesterday


Nth Ashburton at 4:00 pm, yesterday

4.39 nc

Sth Ashburton at 4:00 pm, yesterday


Rangitata Klondyke at 3:00 pm, yesterday


Waitaki Kurow at 3:03 pm, yesterday


Source: Environment Canterbury

Canterbury Readings

Sunday 6


Forecasts for today

19 23 32 18 24 28 30 34 16 32 32 36 40 19 19

overnight max low

Palmerston North fine

Areas of morning low cloud or fog, otherwise fine. Wind at 1000m: Light. Wind at 2000m: Light.

Fine at first, but cloud thickening through the day. Scattered light rain developing north of Oxford in the evening. Northeasterlies easing in the evening.

Saturday, 30 May 2020

A ridge lies over much of the South Island while a trough moves southeast over the North Island during the next few days. A low develops in the trough and moves across the upper North Island between Sunday night and early Tuesday. Meanwhile a northerly flow develops over the far south on Tuesday ahead of another trough.

mainly isolated cloudy drizzle drizzle few showers fine showers clearing showers

Rise 1:40 pm

Find out how you can help by visiting:




We help save lives every day through the research and development of improved diagnosis, better prediction and treatment of heart disease in our hospital and community.




Rise 7:56 am Set 5:05 pm

We Help Save Lives




Functions, Funerals and Weddings.



bur to


TUESDAY: Cloudy periods, chance shower. Southwesterlies.



A perfect venue for


MONDAY: Fine at first, but cloud thickening through the day. NE.










TOMORROW: Fine, some evening cloud. NE developing morning.








TODAY: Fine. Light winds.



Map for today

Ashburton Forecast

Wa i m a ka r i r i

Ashburton Airport Temperature °C At 4pm 9.3 9.8 Max to 4pm 6.0 Minimum 6.1 Grass minimum Rainfall mm 0.0 16hr to 4pm May to date 21.0 Avg May to date 58 2020 to date 153.0 278 Avg year to date Wind km/h N4 At 4pm Strongest gust W 15 Time of gust 10:19am

© Copyright Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited 2020

to 4pm yesterday


Christchurch Airport

Timaru Airport

7.8 9.1 -0.7 –

10.1 10.6 6.6 6.2

10.0 11.3 6.0 –

– – – – –

0.2 31.4 49 129.4 240

0.0 17.6 31 116.6 199

SE 6 – –

W4 SW 15 12:44pm

NE 2 W 15 11:12am

Compiled by

Cremation, burial, pre-arrangements, pre-payments Continuing to care for you and your loved ones 18-22 Moore Street, Ashburton Free Phone 0800 263 6679 Mobile 027 637 1229

Jo Metcalf

Puzzles Puzzles and horoscopes

Cryptic crossword

Simon Shuker’s Code Cracker

ACROSS 1. Lies close and snug in net less awkwardly (7) 5. The first in order to give one a preliminary charge (5) 8. A finish put to bad humour by artist’s medium (7) 9. Don’t have, at the end of the day, to be poor (5) 10. The prudence with which one finds the bead on the muzzle (9) 12. A trite quotation for a children’s game (3) 13. How strange to be an extraterrestrial! (5) 17. Roman house god was not quite fat (3) 19. Seen to be Eve, priced out of it (9) 21. Two half-dozens for an old penny, and very colourful (5) 22. Lets gin get spilt, and it will shine wetly (7) 24. But they cause no tears to the landlords (5) 25. Messes about with machine pot-menders (7) DOWN 1. Tell authority if Tony goes wrong (6) 2. Japanese warrior gives one a rum as it’s distributed (7) 3. Sleet ends off on the sheltered side (3) 4. Vocalised about Latin in argot (5) 5. Pain for sin shown by niece, pent in such a way (9) 6. It is futile for the writer to turn up within it (5) 7. There is no grey variety of sea-holly (6) 11. Makes the herd run off to speed mast production (9) 14. Whole-hearted fan may have voted for the East twice (7) 15. Adore to be in credit while living in it (6) 16. Said no perhaps to a handsome youth (6) 18. Bird given a classic greeting in the Navy (5) 20. On the Conservative side it is correct (5) 23. Where barristers’ chambers are, in certain neighbourhoods (3)

WordWheel Insert the missing letter to complete an eight-letter word reading clockwise or anti-clockwise.

WordWheel 699

I Quick crossword 1







Insert the missing letter to complete an eight-letter word reading clockwise or Previous solution: STRANDED anticlockwise. Previous solution: STRANDED


13 14


17 19



21 30/5


Sudoku 24

ACROSS 7. Reply (6) 8. Allocations (6) 10. Tramp (7) 11. Solid (5) 12. Prophet (4) 13. Representative (5) 17. Dog (5) 18. Loosen (4) 22. Friend (inf) (5) 23. Stonework (7) 24. Starter (6) 25. Strange person (inf) (6)

Your Stars

WordBuilder WordBuilder

D E R V A WordBuilder D E R V A



Previous cryptic solution

Across: 1. Earls 4. Descant 8. Elder 9. Believe 10. Tea 11. Melodrama 12. Ibex 13. Trod 18. Celestial 20. Tin 21. Abstain 22. Mania 23. Respire 24. Smash 7 2 3 9 Down: 1. Electric chair 2. Radiate 3. Shrimp 4. Dabble 9 5. Salads 6. Areca 7. The garden path 14. Rotunda 15. Askari 16. Fiancé 17. Clamps 9 19. Loses 4 1

Previous quick solution



DOWN 1. Most courageous (7) 2. Lurch (7) 3. Wide (5) 4. Humdrum (7) 5. Rock (5) 6. Inquired (5) 9. Pseudonym (5,4) 14. Small crown (7) 15. Trap (7) 16. Exclamation of surprise (colloq) (4,3) 19. Stunned (5) 20. Foggy (5) 21. Pale (5)


2 1 4


Previous solution: ahs, ash, ats, has, hast, hat, hats, haw, haws, sat, saw, shaw, swat, swath, taw, taws, thaw, thaws, was, wash, wast, what

6 8 4 1

Fill the grid so that every column, every row and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.

9 3 7 4 3

9 6 8 5 4

5 9 3 8 9



7 8 2 2 9 1 4 8

3 2 1 5 7 3 6 9 9 5 7 8 4 8

8 7 4 3

2 8

6 2 5



2 3 2 HARD


4 6 5 9 8 3 1 2 4 7 2 8 3 7 4 2 6 5 1 9 5 4 2 1 7 5 9 3 8 6 6 1 4 2 3 7 8 6 9 5 3 7 8 6 1 9 5 4 3 2 7 5 9 3 2 6 4 1 7 8 8 9 6 8 5 1 3 7 2 4 1 3 of 7 I.B.A.N.Z 4Members 6 8 && 2NZBrokers 9 5 &1NZ Level 2, 73 Ashburton Members I.B.A.N.Z Brokernet Ltd. LevelSt, 2, 73 St,|Ashburton |of of I.B.A.N.Z Brokernet 73 Burnett St,Burnett Ashburton | Members Level 2, 73 Burnett St, Ashburton |Burnett Members of I.B.A.N.Z & Brokernet NZ Ltd. NZ Ltd.9 2 1 5 9 4 7 8 6 3 Level 2, 73 Burnett St, Ashburton | Members of I.B.A.N.Z & Brokernet NZ Ltd.

6 7 8 9 2 1 5 4 3

3 1 9 4 8 5 7 2 6

2 5 7 3 9 6 4 8 1

1 4 3 2 5 8 6 9 7

9 8 6 1 7 4 3 5 2

5 4

Across: 6. Abandon 7. Doubt 9. Rye 10. Stone dead 1 Horoscope 19. Dew 12. Leprechauns 15. Ceaselessly 17. 21. Edges 22. Invoice 3 7 6 Down: 1. Obeys 2. Inn 3. Jolt 4. Cordially 5. Obtains 7 4 8. Snacks 11. Gemstones 13. Relics 14. Records 16. Hence 2 5 18. Pant 20. Cot




Ashburton Guardian 27

ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 19): Don’t rely on people liking you. That would require you to aim your efforts at their satisfaction at the expense of your own. However, to make your work great, you do need feedback. TAURUS (Apr 20-May 20): You will learn that something you’ve fantasised about is actually within the realm of possibility. Now you can look at the cost, which involves both the asking price and other exchanges subtler than money. GEMINI (May 21-Jun 21): You’re loyal and true. Still, just because you agreed to something long ago (or even yesterday for that matter) doesn’t mean you have to keep agreeing to it forever. CANCER (Jun 22-Jul 22): You’ll be keenly aware of how people lean on each other. Some examples will inspire you; others will scare you. Ultimately, you get to decide whom to trust and the boundaries around that. LEO (Jul 23-Aug 22): Though thinking better thoughts and affirming positivity can’t hurt, the significant uptick in your energy will come from the completion of tasks and accounting of tangible measures. VIRGO (Aug 23-Sep 22): When you plan, deliberate and make big efforts you create your life. When you wing it, you create your life. When you do nothing, you create your life. You’ll come up with a brilliant mix of modalities. LIBRA (Sep 23-Oct 23): You’re melded to another, so incredibly close that you sometimes wonder if you have the qualities necessary to withstand such an intense synthesis. Stop overthinking. Collectively, you’re stronger. SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 21): Working hard and solving many problems doesn’t always tire you out. In fact, now you’ll find it invigorating due to the fair amount of adrenaline coursing through your day. SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21): It will make your heart smile to see loved ones in their element with activities of which you may not be a part, and knowing you have things outside the relationship that make you happy, too. CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19): A meeting of the minds will matter more than a meeting of other elements in the deal. Many logistics can be worked out if you’re all on the same wavelength. AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18): You want to be the kind of support who doesn’t need to be told how to best help. You want to anticipate needs and wants so you’ll do a fair amount of listening. PISCES (Feb 19-Mar 20): You needn’t put much effort into making yourself appealing. You’re attractive because you just are. There is beauty around you and the more you appreciate, it the more you become a part of it.

How many words of three or more letters, including plurals, can you make from the five letters, using each letter only once? No foreign words or words beginning with a capital are allowed. There’s at least one five-letter word. Good Very Good How 8many words 9ofExcellent three or12more letters, including plurals, can you make from the five letters, using each letter only once? No foreign words or words beginningsolution: with a capital are ats, allowed. ahs, ash, has, Previous There’s leasthaw, onehaws, five-letter hast, hat, at hats, sat,word. saw, Goodswat, 8 Very Goodtaw, 9 Excellent 12 shaw, swath, taws, thaw, thaws, was, wash, wast, what








Saturday, May 30, 2020

7 3 2 8 4 9 1 6 5

5 6 4 7 1 2 9 3 8

8 9 1 5 6 3 2 7 4


3 7 9 5


4 9 1

7 8 3 6 6 4 9 12 2 5

5 1 86 642 9 9 4 5 2 5 4 5 1 7 3 3 8 52 8 3 7 4 9 1 7 7 6 8

2 34 9 98 7 4 7 45 5 1 3 8 9 6 8 9 5 1 1 6 3 8 4

1 7 2 8 3 7 8 3 6 2 9 77 6 4 9 4 5 5 8 6 2 1 3

6 1 8 45 2 7 9

7 3 5 1 8 6 9 2 4

9 2 1 4 3 5 6 8 7

2 6 4 5 1 8 7 3 9

1 8 9 7 4 3 2 5 6

3 1 2 9 7 4 8 6 5

6 4 8 2 9 7 5 1 3

5 7 3 6 2 9 1 4 8

8 5 7 3 6 1 4 9 2

4 9 6 8 5 2 3 7 1

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Dog Registrations 2020/21

It is important to register your dog every year as part of being a responsible dog owner. Annual dog registration fees are due by 31 July 2020. All dog owners must register or re-register their pets and working dogs by this time. Dog registration forms will be posted out to all dog owners, but if you do not receive yours, you can still register your dog online or at the Ashburton District Council reception. Dog registration renewals that are unpaid at 7 August will incur a late penalty fee. Late registrations create additional administrative costs in reminders and postage, as well as staff time. If you do not register your dog any or all of the following may occur: • Issuing of infringement notice which carries a $300 infringement fee. • Seizure and impounding of the dog (owners will be required to pay impounding and sustenance fees). Dog Registration fees for the 2020/21 year are as follows: Rural zone owners (1st and 2nd dog)


Rural zone owners (per subsequent dog)


Penalty fee for late registration - rural


Urban zone Owners


Penalty fee for late registration - urban


Desexed dogs in urban zone


Responsible Dog Owner - per dog


Penalty fee for late registration


License to keep 3 or more dogs (urban area)


Renewal of license to keep 3 or more dogs


Dangerous dog - urban


Dangerous dog - rural