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Friday, May 30, 2014

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A musical treat ASHBURTON

Mid Canterbury school children last night joined together for a musical treat, entertaining crowds at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre at the World Vision Kids for Kids concert, along with two well-known Kiwi singers.


Council plan takes aim at legal highs BY MYLES HUME


The uphill battle facing Rakaia’s Adult Thingz store to sell legal highs will become a whole lot harder if the public supports the council’s stance on the products. Mid Canterbury residents will have their say on how the council tackles the controversy surrounding legal highs after the environmental services committee yesterday voted unanimously to adopt a draft Local Approved Products Policy (LAPP). The LAPP, established by a working party made up of

councillors Rod Beavan, Ken Cutforth, Donna Favel and Martin Nordqvist, restricts the location of legal high retailers. Last month Mid Canterbury’s sole synthetic drugs retailer Adult Thingz had to pull legal highs from its shelves after the government banned the sale of the products until they were proven safe. The council expects the products could return within 18 months, so it has continued its LAPP process “to protect the interests of the district”. If the LAPP goes ahead as proposed, it would spell the end of the Rakaia store selling gov-

ernment approved psychoactive products in its current location. Mr Cutforth said there was a perception the council could ban the products, but it could only enforce restrictions on location of sale. Mr Beavan said having the retailers based in the Ashburton CBD meant they were close to emergency services if a user reacted badly. The policy also aims to have R18 stores in visible areas to prevent break-ins, while the negative impact would be reduced if it was taken away from Mid Canterbury suburbs and towns.



May 30 2014

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Legal high retailers can only be within defined area of Ashburton CBD Two legal high retailers cannot be within 100m of one another Retailers cannot be within 50m of education centres, residential properties, open spaces used by public.

Councillors voted to adopt the proposed consultation process, and it will begin today with submissions closing at 5pm on Monday, June 30.


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Destiny Church’s big opening

Destiny Church is inviting Aucklanders to share in the official opening of its longpromised City of God headquarters in Manukau this weekend. Australian Idol 2009 winner Stan Walker will sing in a free concert in a giant marquee put up in front of the converted pillow factory in Wiri. The price has not been disclosed but the 3.1ha site has a 2011 rating valuation of $7.65 million. Guided tours will be offered of the sprawling complex, featuring what is said to be New Zealand’s biggest permanent LED wall, a 24-metre-wide screen which arrived from China last week to form the backdrop for the main 864-seat auditorium.



Friday, May 30, 2014




Counting down to the Guardian’s 135th birthday we are looking back at papers from the past

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Back in time

Fans rally around One Direction

Topical subjects in the Guardian’s opinion pages have changed throughout the years, but praise for the volunteer firefighters has been constant. This is an excerpt from a letter published on May 30, 1906:

Fans have rallied around boy band One Direction after two members were shown smoking “an illegal substance” on a video clip. The band’s lawyers are now dealing with the video showing the boys smoking what the singers referred to as an “illegal substance”. British tabloid The Daily Mail posted a fiveminute clip this week of Zayn Malik smoking and speaking with Louis Tomlinson, who is filming. But fans who queued in heavy rain before the opening night of the UK leg of their Where We Are tour in Sunderland yesterday were keen to show their support. Shelby Clark, 20, from Newcastle, said: “They could be doing worse, it’s not that bad.”

Captain Barber and his men deserve our thanks for the energy they display when fighting the flames. Those who witnessed the East Street fire will agree the firemen stuck to their posts at great personal risk and checked what might have been a more serious conflagration, they are ever ready, ever willing, striving with will to save.

Clark makes 23 on Forbes power list Former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark is the 23rd most powerful woman in the world in Forbes magazine’s annual list published overnight. The head of the UN’s development programme has slipped two places from last year but remains the only New Zealander on the American business publication’s list. It is her 10th appearance. New York-based Miss Clark is in charge of a multibilliondollar budget and a large staff based in more than 150 countries. She took up her current post in 2009 after she was defeated by John Key in the 2008 general election. German Chancellor Angela Merkel tops the Forbes list for the eighth time. US Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen is in second spot and philanthropist Melinda Gates is ranked third.


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Scout Willis’ topless protest Scout Willis has strolled topless down New York City streets protesting Instagram’s no nudity policy. The 22-year-old daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore took to the streets of Manhattan dressed only in a floral skirt yesterday to show off her objection to the social networking site’s policy of banning female nudity in any context. Using the hashtag #FreeTheNipple, Willis posted the Instagram shots on Twitter. “Legal in NYC but not on @ instagram,” she tweeted. “What @instagram won’t let you see #FreeTheNipple. My comfort with my body should not be dictated by how others perceive me,” she added. “However, I don’t wish to force this view on anyone. If you don’t like what you see, simply unfollow me.”

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News Friday, May 30, 2014

Ashburton Guardian



Neighbour fears for children By Erin TaskEr

A mother living with three young children near a convicted sex offender at the centre of a leaflet drop in Ashburton mailboxes this week says she fears for her children. The woman, who did not wish to be named, said she was angered to read in yesterday’s Guardian that neighbours were defending the man and asking people to let him get on with his life. She’s also a neighbour and she’s disgusted by what she read in the leaflet, and is angered he’s living in an area close to schools and preschools. “I’ve got children and I’m definitely not defending him; I’m disgusted,” she said. The leaflet contained information about the man’s criminal history – including convictions for sexual offences against children under 12 and sexual acts on animals – an address and a car registration number. The woman who contacted the Guardian yesterday said she knew there was a convicted sex offender living in the town after someone posted a link on social me-

dia to the Sensible Sentencing Trust website following an attempted abduction of an 8-year-old girl in Allenton recently. It wasn’t until the flyer landed in her letterbox this week though that she realised he lived just a stone’s throw away from her home. “To find out he lived so close, it was a bit … yucky,” she said. She said there was a school and a preschool nearby and children were always walking down the street, on their way to and from school. This week, the street’s got even busier. “Our road has become so busy from walkers and cars; people walking past and having a look down the driveway,” she said. She’d recently spoken to her children about stranger danger following the Allenton abduction attempt, but had not spoken to them about the convicted sex offender living nearby. “I want to keep it at that. I don’t want to scare them too much.” She wanted to know what was being done to protect families like hers, given the leaflet said the man had a high risk of reoffending.

Public safety ‘key priority’ By Erin TaskEr

Public safety is the key priority when placing a sex offender back in the community Department of Corrections Canterbury district manager Wayne McKnight said. He said a significant amount of preparation went in to approving suitable residential addresses. “No address would be approved if it was considered that there was an undue risk to the safety of the community by having the offender live there,” Mr McKnight said. His comments follow this week’s leaflet drop in Ashburton mailboxes advising residents that a convicted sex offender was living in the area. Information was obtained from the Sensible Sentencing Trust’s website, but the leaflet also contained an address and a car registration plate, understood

to be the man’s address and car. The man has convictions for sexual offending against children under 12 and sexual acts on animals. Mr McKnight said thorough assessments of addresses were completed before an offender moved in. “Which includes checking the property itself, any shared driveways, a visual check of neighbouring properties, proximity of the house to schools, kindergartens, parks, swimming pools, libraries, thoroughfares and other places frequented by children,” he said. Notification to a local community or immediate neighbours is considered on a case-by-case basis. “If specific potential risks are identified, Corrections and police may contact neighbours to advise an offender is living in the area and to offer advice on how to keep themselves safe, taking into account the principles of the Privacy Act,” Mr McKnight said.


Eleven arrested

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Eleven people have been arrested following a police operation targeting the sale and supply of methamphetamine throughout Waiuku and Pukekohe. Operation Cesium finished on Wednesday after netting 11 people aged from 27 to 49 who have all been charged with supplying quantities of methamphetamine, Detective Inspector Dave Lynch said. It’s alleged the main target of the operation sold in excess of 2kg of methamphetamine with a street value of $2 million over a six month period. Yesterday police seized assets and cash along with 30g of cannabis and found 85g of methamphetamine with a street value of $85,000, Mr Lynch said. Further arrests we are expected. - APNZ


The strong southerly change caused this barrier arm to be snapped off.

Photo tetsuro MitoMo 290514-tM-015

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Temperature dives as strong winds rip in Mid Cantabrians had to hold onto their hats yesterday as a strong southerly change crashed into town like a freight train. The southerly change was

forecast to hit around lunchtime, and that proved to be spot-on, with the temperature dropping from almost 20 degrees to 10 degrees in minutes, and winds rapidly

picking up in strength. In Ashburton winds were gusting up towards 60km/h but according to the MetService gusts of up to 90km/h were expected.

Temperatures were forecast to drop below zero last night and frosts were likely this morning, with a fine day and a high of just 9 degrees ahead.

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News 4

Ashburton Guardian

Friday, May 30, 2014

New Zealand has the highest rate of obesity in Australasia, according to a new global analysis. Health reporter Toni Williams went to the streets to ask “how do we fix it?”

John Hobbs

“I just think a lot of it has to do with the price of healthy food and the cost to feed a family.”

Willie Murney

“We’ve got enough activities, people should be doing more.”

Yep Ng

“Young kids in my opinion have so much food in New Zealand, probably a bit lazy, eating the wrong foods and need more exercise.”

Celeste Morgan

“People need to get back to basics and learn to cook. People can use fast food restaurants but need to learn about healthy choices.”

Suzanne Swindley

“We need to eat healthier and exercise more.”


Two-thirds of Kiwis overweight or obese BY TONI WILLIAMS & PATRICE DOUGAN OF APNZ Mid Canterbury has the same obesity issue as any other New Zealand town, according to an Ashburton health campaigner. A new global analysis placed New Zealand with the highest rate of obesity in Australasia. Dean Rattray of Obesity Awareness Support said a look around town definitely showed there was an obesity issue in the district. “When you look around I think there is definitely room for awareness.” The number of Kiwis classed as overweight or obese according to the analysis had risen dramatically since 1980, hitting 66 per cent, the study of trend data from 188 countries found - up from 50 per cent 33 years ago. Childhood obesity rates have also increased, rising to 29 per cent from 18

per cent in the same period. The research, published in medical journal The Lancet, was conducted by an international consortium of researchers led by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington. The study was part of the wide-ranging Global Burden of Disease project. It found an estimated 2.2 million adults in New Zealand are overweight and of those 960,000 are obese. Mr Rattray said in the past 30 years the living needs of people had changed. He said often two parents worked so mealtimes had changed and shopping was available seven days a week. “I think we have probably got lazier as we have got busier. “When you can buy a bottle of fizzy drink for $1.50 or $1, and a bottle of water for $3 or $4 for a family, that’s not good. “There’re a lot of sugars out there that we don’t need,” Mr Rattray said. He said people needed to be aware of what they were eating and how much they were eating. “I am a great believer of eating healthy and exercise plans working together. The more bad stuff we eat then the more exercise we have to do. “People need to eat for hunger, not for their eyes,” he said.

NEW ZEALAND OBESITY STATISTICS According to the report, within the Australasia region New Zealand had the highest rate of obesity in both adults (29 per cent) and children (nine per cent). More women than men were obese, with 510,000 women falling into that category compared to 450,000 men. Half of all overweight women in New Zealand were obese.

Obesity rates for women aged 20 or older reached 30 per cent – it was more than triple the obesity rates among girls (nine per cent). Obesity rates among boys climbed from about 10 per cent in childhood and adolescence to almost 28 per cent in adulthood. Co author of the report, AUT University professor Valery Feigin said being overweight was a well-estab-

lished risk factor for stroke, heart attack, dementia and cancer – the four major causes of death and disability in New Zealand. “The fact that New Zealand has the highest rates of adult and child obesity in the region is very alarming. If this obesity epidemic is not stopped, we will suffer an increase in the burden of these most devastating disorders,” she said.

In brief Accused on the run An accused man made a break for freedom from the Gore District Court on Wednesday and is still on the run. Rory Damien Partridge dodged security at the backdoor of the courthouse around 4pm. The 23-year-old was appearing in court on charges related to burglary and driving while disqualified. Police said they have searched Gore for him and police in Invercargill had joined the search. Police said Partridge should not be approached but sightings of him should be reported to police. - APNZ

Light shone at copter Queenstown Police have received a report of a spotlight being shone into the cockpit of a Queenstownbased helicopter on a night medivac mission. Police said the incident on Tuesday about 11pm was in the area between Alexandra and Bannockburn. It temporarily endangered the aircraft by limiting the pilot’s ability to navigate using night vision goggles. Senior sergeant John Fookes said shining lights or lasers at aircraft endangered those on board, and was a serious offence. - APNZ

Fears for Bailey Waitakere Police and Child Youth and Family still have concerns for the welfare of 10 month-old Bailey Cribb. Police said it was though Bailey’s biological mother, Nikki Cribb, has Bailey in her care and is actively avoiding authorities. Child Youth and Family have lawful custody of Bailey. Nikki is believed to have travelled out of Auckland and is now thought to be in the Hamilton area. There is a warrant for her arrest for breaching supervision conditions. Police said anyone actively assisting Ms Cribb to avoid detection may be committing a criminal offence. - APNZ

Ten-year passport bid A Parliamentary committee has recommended that Government re-introduce 10-year passports. The Government Administration select committee has supported a petition by ex-pat New Zealander Kyle Lockwood, who sought to reverse a law change in 2005. The validity period of passports was cut from 10 years to five years in an attempt to reduce the risk of counterfeiting and identity fraud. The committee said the introduction of biometric passports in New Zealand had reduced the risk of passport fraud. - APNZ

McCormack resigns The West Coast District Health Board chairman has given his resignation effective from June 13, 2014. Dr Paul McCormack has advised the Minister of Health of his decision. His final meeting will be to chair the West Coast DHB’s committee meetings in Greymouth on June 12. “I believe that I have achieved the objectives that I was put in place to deliver,” Dr McCormack said. “The West Coast health system has been substantially turned around over the last four years.” Dr McCormack planned to travel extensively overseas during the next year.

News Friday, May 30, 2014

Ashburton Guardian 5


Rate rise likely to be 7.2 per cent BY MYLES HUME


Mid Canterbury residents are staring down a district-wide 7.2 per cent rate increase for the coming year. Following three days of submissions and deliberations this week, Ashburton district councillors added a modest 0.18 per cent to the original proposed

rate increase as they combed through submissions from organisations and residents. The EA Networks Centre, Art Gallery and Heritage Centre are largely behind the rise, making up about five per cent of the rise as the council looks to spend about $28,793,140 for the coming year. Safer Ashburton is the big-

gest benefactor from deliberations, with councillors promising to allocated $170,000 for the coming year, forcing the council to find an additional $36,000. Organisations including the Hakatere Marae, Mid Canterbury Hockey, Multi Cultural Bite and Sport Mid Canterbury are also likely to receive a hand up, while yesterday councillors

decided to cover the rental cost of the Ashburton Budget Advisory Service by agreeing to pay half of the $9000 bill. Mid Canterbury roads and footpaths will receive a significant 8.3 per cent funding increase, with the council asking $7,642,000 from ratepayers. There will also be an additional $500,000 in capital ex-

penditure spent on roads, boosting the budget agreed to by NZTA by $1 million. The original rate increases outlined in the draft annual plan will remain relatively unchanged. Councillors will now await a final annual plan to be drawn up before voting to adopt it on Thursday June 26.

Agencies’ pleas ‘concerning’ Ashburton district councillors are so alarmed about the number of social agencies seeking its support they want to raise the issue with local MPs. During annual plan submission deliberations this week, the council received a raft of submissions from cash-strapped social agencies seeking funds. Councillor Ken Cutforth said it became “a slippery slope” when the council subsidised agencies which were traditionally government funded. Chairman Neil Brown questioned if Rangitata MP Jo Goodhew and Selwyn

MP Amy Adams should be invited to a meeting. It was agreed, and the invitation would also be sent out to those agencies which want to highlight their plight. Mayor Angus McKay will make contact to the MPs to organise a meeting. However, councillor Stuart Wilson said it would be pointless. “Everyone wants social services, but no one wants to pay. We will get the ministers in here and they will say people come to them wanting this and that, but they are trying to stay in the middle of the road. I think it will be a waste of time.”

Gus Casey-Solly, 10, and Mia Roadley, 10, accompany entertainer Nathan King at last night’s Kids for Kids concert. PHOTO TETSURO MITOMO 290514-TM-161


A musical adventure for kids BY ERIN TASKER


World Vision’s Kids for Kids show ‘Everything is Ka Pai’ stopped off in Ashburton last night, taking local school children along on a musical adventure. Children from Mt Hutt College and Lauriston and Wakanui schools took part in the concert, performing alongside two great Kiwi entertainers – Jackie Clarke and Nathan King – who are fronting the 20th anniversary shows. Clarke is one of New Zealand’s most experienced stage performers and King

is a chart-topping musician. Clarke said she was thrilled to be part of the Kids for Kids tour, an event that brought hundreds of kids together and provided them with a unique experience. King said he had attended many Kids for Kids shows in recent years and was always inspired by the talent, enthusiasm and energy of the school children. “It’s such a great opportunity for young people to learn some of our most well-loved Kiwi songs and to enjoy making music at the same time as making new friends,” King said.

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News 6

Ashburton Guardian

Friday, May 30, 2014


In brief

Lasting coughs need checking By Toni WilliamS

Mid Cantabrians with out of the ordinary coughs or shortness of breath should visit their doctor, according to an Ashburton general practitioner. As the Minister of Health launched The 2014 Lung Cancer Health Report detailing how little Kiwis knew about the symptoms of lung cancer, Ashburton GP spokesman Dr John Guthrie said any cough out of the ordinary, not clearing up or happening too often, should be checked out. He said the difficulty for a doctor was identifying patients’ coughs were more different than usual. Dr Guthrie said lung cancer caused about one in five cancer deaths. It was one of the most ag-

gressive forms of cancer and not easy to treat, except in the earliest phases. “Many people are unaware of the seriousness of their symptoms as often they are initially similar to common flu symptoms with a cough and some sputum.” Simple bronchitis or chesty coughs were expected to clear up and most people felt better within a week. “As long as a cough is improving, it is improving.” “If on the other hand a cough is not clearing up or is persisting for more than six weeks or so, it should be checked out.” “It is obvious that everyone who has a cough can’t have a chest x-ray and usually the doctor needs something in the history, or his examination that points him in the direction of looking further,” Dr Guthrie said.

“Fortunately most coughs that doctors see are mainly short term and it is likely most GPs will see nil to a maximum of three patients a year with a lung cancer.” The report released this week highlighted the need to raise awareness about the key symptoms of lung cancer. It was commissioned by Pfizer New Zealand. Oncologist and Cancer Society Medical Director associate professor Chris Atkinson said lung cancer accounted for around 19 per cent of cancer deaths (almost 1650 people per year). He said 2000 people were diagnosed with it every year. “Whilst there is a strong association between smoking and lung cancer, non-smokers are at risk too. “This report highlights the need to raise awareness of the

SYMPTOMS The most common symptoms of lung cancer were: ■ a cough that does not go away ■ hoarseness or loss of voice ■ repeated bouts of pneumonia or bronchitis ■ shortness of breath or increased breathlessness ■ noisy breathing ■ pain in the chest, upper back or ribs ■ coughing up blood ■ low energy levels ■ neck and arm swelling and swollen veins

key symptoms of lung cancer. People need to know the symptoms and seek medical advice quickly.” “The prognosis is much better when there is an early diagnosis,” he said.


Cheetah dies in transit

Man cuts off finger A builder has severed his finger while cutting timber with a skillsaw. The 23-year-old Whakatane man was injured yesterday. He was airlifted from Whakatane Hospital to Waikato Hospital by the Waikato-based Westpac Rescue Helicopter with an ICU retrieval team on board. He had accidentally sawn off his index finger while cutting timber with a skillsaw. He was flown to Waikato Hospital for surgery. - APNZ

Woman still missing Queenstown police searching for a missing woman are seeking information about an item of clothing found washed up on the Lake Wakatipu shoreline yesterday. The grey, stone-washed Glassonsbrand size 10 mini skirt was found on rocks on the southern side of the Kelvin Heights golf course. Police have been searching for missing Queenstown woman Renee Lisa Barrett for the past week and wanted to know if anyone had lost an item of clothing matching the description. - APNZ

Just dropping in The elderly owner of a book shop in the Invercargill suburb of Glengarry where a motorist drove through the front window yesterday says she is refusing to get stressed. The Nissan Pulsar was driven through the front window about 9.45am. Constable Paul Moylan said the female driver was shaken but unhurt. It appeared her foot had slipped off the brake while she was parking outside the shop and she “barrelled straight on in”, he said. The shop was closed at the time of the incident. - APNZ

Man acquitted By Sophie Ryan A cheetah that was being transported to Wellington Zoo from Christchurch has died. Two 5-year-old male cheetahs Shomari and Cango were being moved from Orana Wildlife Park in Christchurch to Wellington Zoo on Wednesday. They arrived in Wellington on Wednesday night but Shomari was unconscious on arrival, zoo spokeswoman Megan Sellars said. “Cango is fine, and he will be put in to the exhibit today.” Meanwhile, the zoo is working to find out how a child on a school trip to Wellington Zoo entered a secure area of the tiger enclosure last week. Ms Sellars said an investigation was under way in to how the primary school aged child got inside an area that is used by keepers to hand-feed Rokan the tiger. “We don’t know how the incident occurred and an investigation is under way,” Ms Sellars said. “It is definitely being taken seriously.” - APNZ

Accuracy and consistency are the aim in competitive ploughing matches.

photo 150713


Busy time ahead for competitors By michelle nelSon

In the fields of opportunity it’s ploughing time again, and across the district ploughing associations are gearing up for their winter matches. The Mid Canterbury Vintage Machinery Club will kick off on Saturday, at Matthew and Julia Paton’s property on the corner of Christies Road and Wakanui Road. There will be vintage, classic and Silver Plough classes. Club spokesperson John Hall said about 30 tractors are

expected to turn up for the popular match, which attracts competitors from across Canterbury. The Silver Plough class will be a qualifying match for a spot in the New Zealand finals at Palmerston next year. Sunday’s competition will be held at Christine and Ian Lowe’s farm, on Swamp Road, Hinds. As well as the usual events, the Erewhon clydesdales will be competing in the horse drawn classes. The Methven Ploughing As-

sociation’s competition kicks off at 10.30am on Saturday, June 7, at Richard Lilley’s property, signposted on the Methven Highway. The following day Wilkinson’s property on Dromore Hatfield Road will be the scene of the Rakaia Ploughing Association’s match, with Silver Plough and Case IH reverse ploughing qualifying competitions, two vintage classes and a farm ploughing class. It also starts at 10.30am and will be signposted from the main road at Chertsey.

A Rotorua jury has acquitted a man of sexual offending against two girls. The man, whose identity is suppressed, stood trial in the Rotorua District Court this week charged with seven counts of indecent assault on a young person and one count each of sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection and assault. Late yesterday afternoon the jury unanimously found the man not guilty on all nine charges. After telling the man he was free to go, Judge James Weir thanked jury members for their time and close consideration throughout the trial. He told them he believed they had reached the correct verdict based on the evidence presented to them. - APNZ

Hospital stand-off over A stand-off at Tauranga Hospital ended after police stormed a ward where a man had barricaded himself for almost two hours. A Tauranga police spokesman said the stand-off began about 4pm when the 39-year-old man, who had been a patient at the hospital, threatened to cut himself and damage his room. “When police arrived he had barricaded himself in the room,” the spokesman said. After an hour of police negotiators trying to talk him out of the room, police stormed the room, he said. No one was injured in the standoff. The man was transferred to a more secure ward in the hospital.” - APNZ

News Friday, May 30, 2014

Ashburton Guardian 7


Consent comes with nitrogen cap By MichEllE nElson

Graham Fleming, winner of the overall trophy in the Methven A&P Association’s winter feed competition standing in his winter fodder beet crop. Photo suPPlied


Methven winners decided With the last of the district’s three A&P Association’s winter feed competitions wrapped up this week, the scene is set for a tight finals contest. Winners from the Ashburton, Methven and Mayfield competitions will be judged on Thursday, and announced at a dinner in Methven that night. The overall winners of the Methven

competition were: Ravensdown Challenge Cup; G. Fleming Runner-up cup: A Pye Swedes cup: A Wright Most points cup: R Maw Best dry land crop: G Fleming Target Crop - autumn saved pasture: Clibborn Farms

A new land use and discharge consent granted to Rangitata Diversion Race Management Ltd will allow for the irrigation of a further 20,000 hectares anywhere in Mid Canterbury. The consent is the result of months of negotiations with Environment Canterbury, RDRML chief executive Ben Curry said. Obtaining it was imperative because of restrictions on nutrient discharge from farming activities brought in by the Land and Water Regional Plan. The consent grants a maximum nitrogen cap for the existing 75,000 hectares under irrigation from the RDR and also provides for a maximum nitrogen limit to irrigate a further 20,000 hectares of previously consented land anywhere in Mid Canterbury. “Although the consent is only for a five year period, it is a significant step in the development of irrigation in Mid Canterbury”, Mr Curry said yesterday. “Since the inception of the RDR and

its three associated irrigation schemes in the 1940s, irrigation has been constantly evolving, with the aim of using the water as efficiently as possible.” The new consent will enable continued development, but there will be an added emphasis on reducing the environmental footprint through management and auditing of nutrient loss to ground water. “We have been granted a maximum nutrient cap but it’s not a target. The real target is reduction of nutrients, particularly nitrogen,” Mr Curry said. “This is good news for the environment and economic development in the district, but we have to hold up our end of the bargain by promoting and achieving higher standards from farming” “We are fortunate to have some of the best farming practitioners in the country in Mid Canterbury. I am confident that although this is new territory for some, the measures that are being put in place by us will ensure compliance with the consent and ultimately deliver environmental gains.”

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Take care on the roads By Erin TaskEr

Mid Canterbury motorists are being urged to take care on the roads this weekend, as the country aims for a second fatality-free Queen’s Birthday weekend in a row. Last year’s zero-fatality Queen’s Birthday weekend was the first since records began in 1956 and police and road safety organisations have launched a Make It To Monday campaign they hope will help motorists make the right choices again this long weekend. Assistant commissioner road policing Dave Cliff said it took just three simple steps to stay safer on the roads. “Buckling your safety belt, driving at a safe speed and not drinking and driving are three of the most basic, life-saving choices that every motorist has the power to make this Queen’s Birthday weekend. “Making that right choice can be all the difference between life, death or permanent injury – whether for yourself, your mates, your family – or for someone else’s.” A video launched on social media yes-

terday featured primary school children using the hashtag #MakeItToMonday and coming up with quirky road safety wisdom beyond their years. They’re urging parents, caregivers and other drivers to drive safety and help keep everyone safe on the roads. “The steps to survive on our roads are so simple that our children can readily recall them, but often it’s the grown-ups who are forgetting,” Mr Cliff said. The video is being supported by a public event in Wellington, with a display of 254 pairs of shoes to represent each life cut short on the roads in 2013. Already this year, crashes have claimed the lives of 125 people – 24 more than at the same time last year. In the vast majority of cases, alcohol, speed and not wearing safety belts were factors. “While we often focused on the statistics, behind every crash is a real person whose death or injury is preventable. “If we keep going at the current rate, there will be at least another 180 empty pairs of shoes representing those lives that have been needlessly taken from us by the end of this year.”

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Friday, May 30, 2014



Parents ‘battered, bruised’

Raising funds for shelter

By HarriSon CHriStian The parents of a man pushed to his death through a Perth pub window are feeling “battered and bruised” after a retrial which found their son’s killer guilty of manslaughter. Andy Marshall, a 29-yearold musician, was talking to a woman at Cottesloe’s Ocean Beach Hotel in 2011 when rugby league player Stefan Pahia Schmidt shoved him through a full-length secondstorey glass window. Schmidt, who admitted pushing Mr Marshall but claimed he didn’t mean to kill him, was found guilty of murder in 2012 and jailed for at least 14 years. However, three West Aus-

tralian Court Of Appeal judges unanimously determined in August last year that Schmidt would face a retrial, with Justice Michael Buss saying he could have been found guilty of manslaughter instead of murder. Andy Marshall’s parents, Alan and Wendy Marshall, travelled to Perth from their Napier home for a judge-alone retrial in the Supreme Court of Western Australia beginning May 19. Justice John Roderick McKechnie acquitted Schmidt of murder but found him guilty of manslaughter, and sentenced Schmidt to 9 years imprisonment last night. The Marshalls, from Napier, had braced themselves for the

gruelling nature of the retrial, which was expected to have a heightened focus on the injuries leading to their son’s death. Andy Marshall was a cousin of slain Feilding farmer Scott Guy, who was shot in his driveway in 2010. Mr Marshall told Hawke’s Bay Today the couple was accepting of Mr Schmidt’s sentencing yesterday but there were elements of the re-trial they had not agreed with. “We definitely respect the decision the judge has made ... We don’t agree with all the findings; we don’t agree with everything, but we’ll just have to accept it.” He said it would have been a mistake for them to go to the

re-trial looking for satisfaction or closure. “It’s never going to be enough to bring closure for us. I don’t think we’ll ever get closure.” Delivering their victim impact statements before yesterday’s sentencing had been “very emotional”. “We feel battered and bruised. It takes a greater toll than you realise.” The Marshalls planned to take time out with Mr Marshall’s brother in Brisbane before coming home. At the opening of the retrial 11 days ago, Mr Schmidt offered to plead guilty to the lesser charge, but prosecutors rejected the plea deal. - APNZ


Mid Canty community gets behind couple The Clifford family (from second left) Sarah, Sophia, 6, and Charlotte, 8, treated themselves to McDonald’s on Wednesday night, to help another young family going through a tough time. Christchurch 40-year-old Nick Wright has an inoperable brain tumour and the Mid Canterbury community is getting in behind him and his wife Vanessa, originally from Mid Canterbury. The couple have two young daughters and their dad is currently having treatment, as friends and family rally for them. A $10 burger night fundraiser was held at McDonald’s Ashburton and a number of fundraising Trade Me auctions are under way. For more information go to One of those behind the Mid Canterbury fundraising efforts, Angela Cushnie, is pictured giving the Cliffords their tickets.

View or purchase photos online

Photo tetsuro MitoMo 280514-tM-067

The power of Facebook passes test It took just 10 hours and 72 shares on Facebook for a UK tourist to track down the owner of a memory card found in a battered camera near Lake Pukaki. British man Tony Bogaert had forgotten about the memory card he had taken from a battered camera he found on

a track near Mt Cook while holidaying in New Zealand in February, until he spotted it in his camera bag at the weekend. Despite it being three months since he removed the memory card, Mr Bogaert thought he would test whether Facebook had any “real use” by choosing a photo showing three women and posting it on his Facebook page on Sunday night.

He asked three of his Kiwi friends to share it in hope of finding the owner. Within 10 hours he had received a Facebook message from Auckland secondary teacher Hannah Manning claiming the memory card. Mr Bogaert said he was blown away by how quickly he found the owner. “When I initially posted the

Mid Canterbury love hopefuls will be purring like pussycats at each other during a Mid Canterbury Animal Shelter singles night this weekend. President Dawn Norn said she had had some men and women register for the over-35s evening, however she was hoping many more would come on board or turn up on the night. Proceeds from the evening, at Hotel Ashburton on Saturday beginning 7.30pm, would go to the Mid Canterbury Animal Shelter. Ms Norn was not herself single, but would be going along on the night with fellow helpers to make sure everyone was mingling well. She said a couple of friends of hers had come up with the idea for such an evening. “So I thought well why not mix that with trying to raise money, I just thought combine the two into a fun night.” She said many of the attendees might very well be animal lovers, so could find they had a lot in common. Money raised would help buy food and pay veterinarian bills for the up to nine cats and nine dogs the shelter fostered and rehomed each year. Anyone wishing to attend can phone Ms Norn on 021828350.

Firearms reclassified


By nikki PreSton

By SuSan SandyS

photo online I made a comment that I was curious to know if the six degrees of separation urban legend could hold any weight,” he said. Ms Manning had written off the camera months ago, and was surprised when a friend contacted her saying Mr Bogaert had found her memory card and had posted her photo on Facebook. - APNZ

Mid/South Canterbury police are urging people with semi-automatic firearms fitted with free standing pistol grips to contact them urgently. Timaru firearms officer John Wainwright said a law change in December last year re-classified these firearms as Military Style Semi-Automatic firearms. People who possess these firearms have until June 11 to either apply for an endorsement on their existing firearms licence, change the stock or dispose of the firearm. Mr Wainwright said in this ‘grace’ period the normal application fee of $204 will be waived for people choosing to apply for the endorsement. People located after the June 11 deadline will have to pay the full fee and may have the firearm in question seized by police. Mr Wainwright can be contacted at the Timaru Police Station 03 687-9841.


Friday, May 30, 2014



In brief

Pings ‘not from black box’ By Martin Parry The troubled search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has gotten more confusing, with two US Navy officials giving conflicting statements about the latest developments in the hunt for the downed plane. The Navy’s deputy director of ocean engineering, Michael Dean, has told CNN that the pings picked up by searchers are no longer believed to have come from the plane’s black box. But the Navy took issue with Dean’s comments, which threaten to plunge the marathon and costly search into new confusion and extend the agony of relatives who are desperate for closure. Dean said if the ping-emitting beacons, detected in early April in the southern Indian Ocean, were from the on-board data or voice recorders they would have been found by now. “Our best theory at this point is that (the pings were) likely some sound produced by the ship... or within the electronics of the towed pinger locator,” Dean said. “Always your fear any time you put electronic equipment in the water is that if any water gets in and grounds or shorts something out, that you could start producing sound.” He said it was not possible to absolutely exclude that the pings came from the black boxes, but there was no evidence now to suggest they did. A US Navy spokesman retorted: “Mike Dean’s comments today were speculative and pre-

Ashburton Guardian

Bomb blast kills three At least three soldiers have been killed and another two wounded in a roadside bomb blast in northwest Pakistan, officials say. The incident took place on Thursday morning near Miranshah, the capital of North Waziristan, one of the most violent tribal districts that houses Pakistani Taliban and the Haqqani network. “A patrolling team was inspecting the BannuMiransah road to build a military checkpoint when they stepped on an improvised explosive device (IED),” a senior security official based in Peshawar said. - AFP

Mexican storm a killer Torrential rains from tropical storm Amanda have claimed the lives of three people in Mexico, authorities say. Waters rushing down mountainsides caused flash floods that swept away two people in the town of Zitacuaro in the western state of Michoacan, the state’s director of civil protection, Nicolas Alfaro, said yesterday. The fatalities were a 50-year-old man and a girl of eight. In the neighbouring state of Guerrero, one person died in a road accident blamed on the storm. A tree fell on a road and the man drove right into it. - AFP

Fresh losses in Ukraine A couple are silhouetted as they watch a Malaysia Airlines plane at Kuala Lumpur Airport. Malaysia Airlines said its net loss expanded 59 per cent in the first quarter, hit by loss of revenue from China after the disappearance of Flight 370. ap photo

mature, as we continue to work with our partners to more thoroughly understand the data acquired by the towed pinger locator. As such, we would defer to the Australians, as the lead in the search effort, to make additional information known at the appropriate time.” The Australian-led Joint Agency Coordination Centre made no immediate comment. The US Navy pinger locator, dragged by the Australian ship Ocean Shield, was used by searchers to listen for underwater signals in the remote southern Indian Ocean in an area

where satellite data indicated the plane went down. A series of signals it picked up prompted Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott to say he was “very confident” they were from the black box of the plane that vanished en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur. It led to the deployment of a US mini-sub to scour the sea bed, but despite an extensive air, surface and underwater search, no sign of the jet has been found. Many relatives of those on board, who were mostly from China and Malaysia, have

voiced frustration over the lack of progress and accused Kuala Lumpur yesterday of withholding crucial satellite data. That came after Malaysia released a 47-page summary of communication logs recorded by British satellite operator Inmarsat, information relatives had long demanded. “So much time has passed and nothing has been found, so we doubt that the calculated position of the plane is correct,” said Steve Wang, a spokesman for a support group of the flight’s 153 Chinese passengers. - AFP


Prisoner swap not considered Nigeria’s military chiefs and the president are apparently split over how to free nearly 300 schoolgirls abducted by Islamic extremists, with the military saying use of force endangers the hostages and the president reportedly ruling out a prisoner-hostage swap. The defense chief, Air Marshal Alex Badeh, announced this week that the military has located the girls, but offered no details or a way forward. “We can’t go and kill our Women sing slogans during a demon- girls in the name of trying to stration calling on the government to get them back,” he said. Previous military attempts rescue the kidnapped Nigerian girls.

to free hostages have led to the prisoners being killed by their abductors, including the deaths of two engineers, a Briton and an Italian, in Sokoto in March 2012. A human rights activist close to mediators said a swap of detained extremists for the girls was negotiated a week ago but fell through because President Goodluck Jonathan refused to consider an exchange. The activist spoke ton condition of anonymity because they are not permitted to speak to press. Britain’s Minister for Africa, Mark Simmonds, said two weeks ago that the Nigerian

leader had told him categorically he would not consider a prisoner swap. Community leader Pogu Bitrus of Chibok, the town from which the girls were abducted, says authorities are speaking with “discordant voices” and the president appears under pressure to negotiate. “The pressure is there if his own lieutenants are saying one (thing). Because if they cannot use force, the deduction is that there must be negotiation,” Bitrus said. “And if their commander-in-chief, the president, is saying that he will not negotiate, then they are not on the same page.” - AP

Ukrainian forces have suffered fresh losses in a rebel raid in the separatist east as the newlyelected president promised to hold his first talks with Russia’s Vladimir Putin on easing the crisis. The volunteer National Guard said gunmen had sprung a surprise raid on their barracks in the flashpoint Lugansk region near Russia that had been under effective rebel control since early April. “There have been losses both in the ranks of the military unit and the attacking side,” the National Guard said in a brief statement. - AFP

Beheading sparks rage A Chinese woman who beheaded a kitten and posted pictures online has provoked a wave of fury from tens of thousands of web users, with some calling her “insane”. Li Pingping, a former marketing consultant in Huizhou in the southern province of Guangdong, bought the kitten earlier this month and decapitated it in her bathroom last week, the state-run China Daily newspaper reported yesterday. She then posted photos of the kitten’s body and its severed head on Sina Weibo, a Chinese version of Twitter, setting off outraged reactions. - AFP

Overwhelming victory Former army chief Abdel Fattah alSisi is assured of an overwhelming victory in Egypt’s presidential election, securing 96.2 per cent of the vote with most of the ballots counted. At least 21 million voters chose the retired field marshal, who deposed the elected Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in July 2013. The ballots have been counted from 312 of 352 counting stations, state television reported. His victory had never been in doubt with the main Islamist opposition crushed since Morsi’s ousting. Sisi rode on a wave of support for a potential strongman who can restore stability after several years of tumult. - AFP

Opinion 10

Ashburton Guardian

Friday, May 30, 2014


Dairy payout still good Coen Lammers EDITOR


eading the reports around the new Fonterra payout forecast and the latest global auctions, you may get the feeling the wheels are starting to come off the dairy express. The Mid Canterbury and New Zealand economies have experienced a significant boost from the increasing dairy production and the rising global prices. Some experts, however, feel that the dairy prices have peaked and farmers need to start preparing for reduced incomes. This week Fonterra predicted the milk solids price to come down to $7 from its record forecast of $8.40. Even though this is a significant drop from current levels, most farmers will realise that this is still in the top bracket of payouts they have received over the past decade. Only two years ago, the price dropped under $6 and farmers were still doing well. In 2009 the price even dropped below $5, but at the time that was not unexpected as the price had been hovering between $3.34 and $4.37 between 2003 and 2007. Some farmers compared the record $7.59 payout in 2008 to winning Lotto, but with the increasing demand in Asia, that price range is starting to become the new standard. With such prices, it is no surprise that many have been keen to get into the dairy market, converting farms at a high rate and often borrowing heavily to get started. The latest forecasts though are the first signs of caution for those who believe that the gravy train will keep on rolling. Yes, the demands in Asia are unlikely to subside in the near future, but other countries, especially the United States are catching up to grab a slice of New Zealand’s market share. With more competition and increased supply, the world milk prices could stabilise and may even drop some more, but that is still no reason to panic. The Mid Canterbury dairy industry is efficient and competitive and prices are still high, so the sector will continue to underpin the local economy for some years to come.




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Opinion Friday, May 30, 2014

Hill family ‘just wonderful people’

Ashburton Guardian 11

POLL RESULT Yesterday’s result Q: Do you check for pedestrians when backing out your driveway? Yes 81%

Phill Hooper OFF THE AIR


arm fuzzies! This week I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff Hill. He’s the fella who was beat up in town. The one I did the walk of shame in high heels and miniskirt for. What a lovely bloke. He could not have been any more appreciative of, not only what we did with that fundraiser, but also the support they have received from the community. Jeff has a long slow road ahead of him and will never likely be 100 per cent again. Not that you’d pick that when you talk to him. He comes across as a happy, fully together man, but he gets very fatigued even from half an hour’s worth of chatting. His lovely wife Katie and son Flynn were with him, the latter kept giving me funny looks, as if confused as to why I didn’t have the miniskirt, heels, makeup and wig on. Katie was due with baby number two yesterday. So we had Jeff fighting fatigue and Katie about to give birth, but yet they still found the time to pop in and meet us with a lovely thank you card and a carrot cake to die for. That sums up exactly what this family are like, just wonderful people. My heartfelt best wishes go to them and I hope the universe and justice system provide for the person responsible! My second lot of warm fuzzies came yesterday at the Pink Ribbon Breakfast. A wonderful event! Thank you to all who attended and supported it. The very talented local art-

No 19%

Today’s online poll question Q: Would you class yourself as overweight?

CONTACTS News tips Call 03 307-7957 After hours news tips Call 021 797-311 The Hits’ Phill Hooper and the Hill family.

ists who transformed the plaster busts into works of art, you are all amazing at what you do. To the three musketeers who organised it – Judy from Essence, Nicky from Somerset Grocer and our Carol from The Hits – you three are awesome! Roll on auction night on June 11 at the Shed. Everyone is welcome. Fuzzies number three arrived with the news that the We Love Nick burger night at McDonalds was a huge success – a standing-room only huge success. Once again Mid Canterbury rallies around one of its own going through an incredibly tough time. Check out Nick’s story on The final lot of warm fuzzies has been the support the local

community has shown to me over the past few weeks since the radio station has gone through some changes. The letters to the paper, the petition, the fact that I can’t do my grocery shopping without getting stopped six times, the emails, Facebook messages and phone calls have been very humbling. Before you start thinking, ‘oh God this will go to his head’, I know it’s not about me, it’s about LOCAL. All I can say is watch this space! Here’s your weekly dose of buzzwords. Feel free to use this cutting-edge lingo, especially in the presence of teenagers. Should drive them nuts! ■

Digital tattoo – The difficultto-remove digital imprint that a person creates by posting

photo supplied

information online and/or by accessing online resources. Generation Rent – The new generation of young adults who cannot afford to buy a house, particularly in areas where housing prices have risen dramatically. SBNR – Stands for ‘spiritual but not religious’. More and more people (up to a third) are now rejecting organised religion but embracing spirituality based on individual beliefs. These people are sometimes referred to as ‘nones’ ... as in no particular religion.

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Friday, May 30, 2014


In brief

Icebreaker’s global goals By Holly Ryan Former Air New Zealand chief executive Rob Fyfe says he has been wearing Icebreaker clothing a lot more than his famously colourful business attire during the past 18 months. Fyfe, who is Icebreaker executive chairman, will swap roles with current chief executive Jeremy Moon in a move announced yesterday. Fyfe said the move had been in the pipeline for about six months, after the two sat down and realised they were in the opposite roles to their skill sets. Moon said he was thrilled to have Fyfe take over as chief executive. “[Fyfe’s] proven strengths as a game-changing CEO will align perfectly with the global goals we’ve set forth as we move toward record growth in future years in an increasingly competitive landscape,” Moon said. Fyfe joined the Icebreaker board in

2012, after seven years as Air New Zealand chief executive. He has been executive chairman of the merino clothing manufacturer for nine months. A self-titled outdoor nut, Fyfe said Icebreaker was a good fit, and one he thought was worth swapping the business suits for. “If I look at how I’ve spent the last 18 months, which has been travelling and hiking and doing all sorts of things, I’ve been spending a lot more of my time in Icebreaker gear than I have in traditional business clothes that’s for sure.” Fyfe believed there were similar challenges between the companies, and that the complexity of working with Air New Zealand would help him prepare Icebreaker for what lay ahead as a growing company. “They’re a great success story,” Fyfe said, adding that he was in the company for the long run. He had not discounted the idea of floating Icebreaker on the NZX, depending on how things go. - NZH

Compiled by


80 217.5 3687 97 392 171 546 421 164 953 449 914 606 505 106.5 67 88 240 360 118 1389 122.5 440 130 224.5 344 77.5 132 263 86 1450 108 132 327 840 174 651 397 308 352 272 177 360 699 251 138 344 3770 3266 386

– +1 +22 +0.5 – +1.5 +5 +5 – –2 +6 –4 +3 +6 +1.5 – –1 – –14 +0.5 –11 +0.5 +4 – +1.5 – – – –7 –3 – +0.5 – +4 –1 –2 –6 –3 –3 +3 –0.5 +3 – –1 – +2 – +10 +11 +3

1,622.6 405.96 149.81 598.74 728.0 984.57 196.81 351.21 175.76 107.25 568.43 1,459.8 391.32 31.98 441.42 542.22 200.55 171.54 2,916.8 905.34 890.43 2,782.9 49.95 292.58 101.95 27.16 72.75 141.15 31.69 1,711.4 57.99 387.02 128.53 124.13 120.53 15.41 1,947.3 1,042.7 14.91 128.49 5,033.4 141.74 365.63 4.52 103.0 110.59 96.71 247.75 125.76 641.99

5240 5210 5180 5150 5120 5090


80 217.5 3687 97 392 171.5 547 421 164 955 449 915 607 513 106.5 67.5 89 240 360 118 1389 122.5 440 131 224.5 344 78 133 268 87 1453 108 132 327 841 174 654 398 309 352 272.5 177 360 699 255 138 345 3800 3266 386

Last Daily Volume sale move ’000s


78 216.5 3685 96 391 171 544 420 163 953 448 913 606 505 106 67 88 239.5 355 117.5 1385 122 436 129 223 340 77.5 132 254 86 1448 107.5 131 323 839 172 651 397 306 351 272 176 359 695 251 137.5 341 3766 3250 381

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a2 Milk Company ATM Air NZ AIR ANZ Banking Gr ANZ Argosy Prop ARG Auckland Intl Airpt AIA Chorus CNU Contact Energy CEN Diligent BM Services DIL DNZ Prop Fnd DNZ Ebos Gr EBO F&P Healthcare FPH Fletcher Bldg FBU Fonterra Shldrs Fnd FSF Freightways FRE Goodman Prop Tr GMT Guinness Peat Gr GPG Heartland NZ HNZ Infratil IFT Kathmandu Hldgs KMD Kiwi Prop Tr KIP Mainfreight MFT Meridian Energy MELCA Metlifecare MET Michael Hill Intl MHI Mighty River Power MRP Nuplex Ind NPX NZ Oil & Gas NZO NZX NZX Oceana Gold OGC Pacific Edge PEB Port Tauranga POT Precinct Properties PCT Prop For Ind PFI Restaurant Brands RBD Ryman Healthcare RYM Skellerup SKL Sky Network TV SKT Sky City SKC Steel & Tube STU Summerset Gr Hldgs SUM Telecom NZ TEL Tower TWR Trade Me TME TrustPower TPW Vector VCT Vital Hlth Prop Tr VHP Warehouse Gr WHS Westpac Banking WBC Xero XRO Z Energy ZEL

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NZX 50 index last 4 weeks


Company CODE

At close of trading on Thursday, May 29, 2014


NZX 50 constituents

 NZX 50 index




 NZX 20 index




 NZX All index



 Rises 54


 Falls 40


 S&P/ASX 200 index




At close of trading on May 29, 2014

 Dow Jones Indust.

16,633.18 –42.32 –0.25%

At close of trading on May 28, 2014

 FTSE 100 index




At close of trading on May 28, 2014

 Nikkei 225 index

14,681.72 +10.77 +0.07%

At close of trading on May 29, 2014



 Gold


London – $US/ounce


 Silver



London – $US/ounce



 Copper London – $US/tonne





Source: BNZ


Wellington-based Vincent Aviation’s Australian operation has been put in receivership in what the airline says is a bid to shore up its New Zealand business. Vincent ran a fleet of nine leased aircraft and employed 80 people in Australia where it had set up a subsidiary largely to service the mining industry. Chief executive Peter Vincent said the company had spent “millions of dollars” on the operation since 2001 but demand had dropped and attempts to find a buyer had failed. - NZH

Optimists rule

Rob Fyfe: Swapping roles with the current CEO. photo nzh

Business confidence has declined for the third month in a row, ANZ’s Business Outlook survey has found, though optimists still outnumber pessimists nearly 10 to one. “The question asked is whether business conditions are going to improve,” said ANZ chief economist Cameron Bagrie. “They are pretty darn good now. More people are simply saying this may be as good as it gets and they may well be right.” 54 per cent of respondents consider business conditions will improve over the year ahead and while that is down 17 points from its peak in February it is still incredibly healthy by historical standards, according to Bagrie. - NZH


Guardian Shares & Investments Source: NZX

In receivership

As at 4pm May 29, 2014

Australia Canada China Euro Fiji Great Britain Japan Samoa South Africa Thailand United States

TT buy

0.9271 0.9371 5.6475 0.6362 1.6123 0.5159 88.08 1.9796 9.0224 28.13 0.8627

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0.9012 0.9072 4.9658 0.6127 1.4934 0.4998 84.69 1.7165 8.6994 26.84 0.8369

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US consumer confidence rising Markets this week have fared well with the S&P500 in the US reaching an all time high of over 1914 on the back of rising consumer confidence in the world’s largest economy. This rally pulled other markets up as well with all major markets around the world making gains for the week. The Nikkei 225, Japan’s major index, has risen close to 1.5% this week on the back of a weaker Yen, which has helped exporters. May is the first month this year that the Nikkei has been in positive territory. Locally, the NZX50 has been weaker by comparison, up only 0.5 per cent for the week and down overall for the month of May. A blow to investor sentiment was the announcement from Fonterra that there would be a drop in the payout to farmers after a dramatic 23 per cent fall in the GlobalDairyTrade auction since February. The current seasons payout has dropped 25cents to $8.40 and estimates are for next season to drop to $7.00, with some predicting that it could fall as low as $6 per kilo of milk solids. A recent business confidence survey has dropped lower, with only 53.5 per cent of firms optimistic about general business conditions this month, down from 64.8 per cent in April. Unsurprisingly, given Fonterra’s most recent announcement, the agriculture sector was the

Jeremy Flood


most pessimistic. Construction is the most bullish sector, although has still slipped slightly from the previous month. Retail was also well down on the prior month, possibly because of the late start to winter, however, this weeks cold snap may bolster sales significantly. AGMs and results in New Zealand and Australia continued during the week. Key names included Wynyard, Sanford, Mainfreight, Trilogy, Acurity Health, and Tower. The key standout from this group was Mainfreight which delivered a 36 per cent increase in earnings, sending the share price up 8.4 per cent to $14, close to an all-time high. The company reported strong earnings growth was underpinned by broad-based growth across a number of regions. The company believes that Europe will continue to improve and it can see a lot of potential for growth in its other offshore operations. Adding to recent merger and acquisition excitement around the world, Apple confirmed this week that it would be acquiring Beats Electronics for $3 billion. Beats is a headphone and music streaming specialist that was

started by rapper Dr Dre and recording legend Jimmy Iovine. Streaming music is building in popularity with products like Pandora and Spotify, and reducing sales in digital music purchases through products like iTunes, which has dominated in the past decade. Although Apple broke into streaming with the launch of iTunes Radio last September, the service has not been as popular or as lucrative as the company expected and Beats is expected to give this part of Apples business the boost it needs. The other acquisition deal that has dominated headlines again this week is the proposed take over of AstraZeneca, a leading UK pharmaceutical company, by Pfizer, its US counterpart. After having the strong bid rejected last week, Pfizer has decided to discontinue negotiations. Under US takeover law there is now a three month cooling off period, during which Pfizer cannot make another offer, however, AstraZeneca will be able to reopen negotiations which some of its larger share holders are pushing for. If the acquisition ever did go ahead, the company would be the largest pharmaceutical company in the world by a decent margin. Jeremy Flood works for Craigs Investment Partners. This article should not be deemed as advice. Disclosure statement available free of charge and on request.

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Ashburton Guardian





Test yourself with the Guardian’s weekday quiz

Yesterday’s top 5 stories on

1 – Which Ashburton councillor declared a conflict of interest over the proposed new bridge? a. Russell Ellis b. Darryl Nelson c. Rod Beavan 2 – Kayla Whitelock is the captain of a NZ women’s team in which sport? a. Rugby b. Netball c. Hockey 3 – A Brannock device is used to measure what? a. Skull size b. Foot size c. Heart rate 4 – Classical music from 1600 to 1750 would be described as … a. Renaissance b. Baroque c. Rococco 5 – Which American state was the first to secede at the beginning of the American Civil War? a. Georgia b. Maryland c. South Carolina 6 – What year was the battle of Waterloo? a. 1809 b. 1812 c. 1815 7 – In the international call sign alphabet, what name is given for the letter P? a. Peter b. Pepper c. Papa 8 – How many MPs does the Maori Party have in parliament? a. 3 b. 4 c. 5

1. Sex offender targeted 2. Ashburton boy struck by car 3. Plenty to debate at water forum 4. Cam’s new rugby citizenship 5. School bus trial proves worth


Featured today: Town’s new top cop 9 5 Southerly blast hits Ashburton 6 Kids for Kids concert

Sheep-judging time All we know about this photograph is that it was taken at an Ashburton A&P Show. Do you know who these cute children are or which A&P show it was? Let us know! Contact details below.

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8 5 1 4 9 6 7 2 3

9 2 7 1 5 3 8 6 4

4 3 6 2 7 8 1 5 9

1 6 2 7 8 4 3 9 5

7 8 3 9 6 5 2 4 1

5 4 9 3 2 1 6 8 7

6 1 4 5 3 2 9 7 8

2 9 5 8 1 7 4 3 6

3 7 8 6 4 9 5 1 2

ANSWERS 1. Darryl Nelson 2. Hockey 3. Foot size 4. Baroque 5. South Carolina 6. 1815 7. Papa 8. 3



Corned beef melt 4 tortillas and cover with ½ the grated cheese. Layer with corned beef, caramelised onions, roasted garlic and mustard mayo and the remaining grated cheese. ■ Top each tortilla with a second tortilla. Grill about 2 minutes on each side until tortillas are golden brown and the cheese is melted. Cut each into 4 wedges and serve.

Caramelised onions 50g butter + 50ml oil 1kg onions, thinly sliced 1½ t crushed garlic 4t balsamic vinegar Salt and pepper to taste Roasted garlic and mustard mayo 80g mayonnaise 20g roasted garlic 20g wholegrain mustard 8 soft flour tortillas, or Lebanese pita bread 360g corned Quality Mark beef, shaved 320g grated cheddar cheese ■ Caramelised onions: Melt the butter/oil in a heavy-based pan and cook the onions over a steady heat until caramelised, stirring often. Add garlic and sauté for 1 minute. Stir in vinegar, season and set aside in a

7 6 more 3 4 5 8 and many 4 7 3 8 Go to 7 3 to check out the new 1 9 photo 3 galleries. 4 7 8 1 2 9 2YESTERDAY’S 8 5 6 ANSWERS

warm place. ■ Roasted garlic and mustard mayo: Combine all the ingredients in a clean bowl until well blended. ■ On a solid grill, heat the corned beef. On the same grill, place

■ Cook’s tips: Layer sliced or grated cheese next to both the top and bottom slices of bread to hold the sandwich together. ■ Use a moderately hot cooking surface to avoid burning the tortillas before the cheese is melted.

Recipe courtesy of NZ Beef + Lamb

6 4 5

6 3 3 7 1

1 9 4

7 2 3

7 4 9 1 5



5 1 4 6

8 2 7

Solutions for today in tomorrow’s Your Place page.

Technology 14 Ashburton Guardian

Friday, May 30, 2014


In brief

Google’s self-driving car Google caused a flurry of excitement by unveiling an allnew self-driving car that takes its array of add-on sensors and integrates them into a vehicle that looks like a cross between a Smart car and a Cozy Coupe. Currently being tested around the company’s Californian headquarters, the prototype could offer a whole new paradigm for driving where vehicles are operated by a single push-button and function like an automatic taxi service - not autonomous cars. There’s still a whole load of questions (both legislative and technological) that need to be answered before these sorts of vehicles become anywhere near the norm, but announcements like this mean we’re learning more about what a self-driving car might mean. Here are six things we’ve learned about it today: 1. It can’t avoid killing small animals The sensors that allow the car to avoid pedestrians and cyclists aren’t sensitive enough to avoid smaller animals. It’s unclear exactly what the size threshold is (will a small dog be seen? A kitten?) but Wired reports that squirrels are definitely “too small” and could get “creamed”. There have been no accidents to date though - and Google and working on making the sensors more accurate. 2. It’s got a face for a reason Google says they’re trying to make the car look as friendly as possible and to that end built a “face” into the front of the car. Humans seeing faces in random objects is well-documented (it’s often referred to as facial pareidolia and is all thanks to evolution) but the choice underscores the fact that Google faces a struggle against those

Skype translator This week at Re/Code’s Code Conference, Microsoft announced a real-time, multilingual translation beta called Skype Translate. The service can mediate between two video chatterers who speak different languages by providing text and audio translation after each person finishes speaking. Currently the service works for English and German, but Microsoft says it will support other languages soon. The beta will be released later this year. - NZH

Angels should expand New Zealand angel investors are backing too few start-ups and should broaden their portfolios if they want to improve their chance of a return, according to Angel Association chairman Marcel van den Assum. The success of software companies such as Wellington-based Xero had helped foster an environment where startups can flourish, though local angel investors have been reluctant to expand their portfolios, said van den Assum, who was part of the successful sale of local software firm GreenButton to Microsoft earlier this month. - APNZ

A lighter ride A very early version of Google’s prototype self-driving car.

who are inherently hostile to technology. The promo video for the car underscores exactly the same message: everyone’s happy, everyone’s safe (except the squirrels). 3. No signal on your mobile? No Google-car for you Of course the problem with connected cars is less-thanconnected roads. Ever got spotty signal on your phone on the motorway? Then that’s where your self-driving car might lose access to the detailed maps (created in advance the old fashioned way by Google’s hand-driven cars) that it uses for guidance. There’s no reason information like this can’t come preloaded into self-driving cars, but it would give new meaning to the phrase “going off the edge of the map”.

4. It feels “like a theme park ride” Although Google has released a video showing “normal folks” having a go in the car (above) not many journalists have been given the same opportunity. Kara Swisher and Liz Gannes of tech site Recode were two of the lucky few and they described the car as “a gondola with wheels”, noting that the combination of buttonoperated controls and a little departure message telling them to pick-up their baggage when they left made it feel “a lot like a theme park ride.” 5. Google’s cars will still need a steering wheel Despite the fact that the car is being advertised as having no controls, Google will have to include both pedals and a wheel when they test the vehicles on

California’s streets thanks to the state’s laws. This tension between what a car is and what it isn’t is sure to continue to plague Google. 6. Google will pay the parking tickets So far Google’s self-driving cars have never gotten a parking ticket (and they’ve only been in two accidents - both when humans had taken control) but if they do, it’s apparently Google that will pay up. A safety director for the company said because “the decisions are not being made by the individual” they think that “the ticket should go to the company”. It’s a generous answer, but one that raise more serious questions about responsibility and the law: what happens if someone does get hurt by a Google car, who’s responsible then?

The Marbel Board is an electric skateboard with an app for your phone. The app gives you three predefined ride modes, and full control over top speed and acceleration levels. It also lets you map and share rides, and lock the board so no-one else can ride it. The carbon fibre and kevlar deck helps keep the weight down to around 4.5kg but the lithium ion battery and brushless motor give a top speed of 30km/h and a range of around 16km/h. That’s another one that could help you leave the car at home. - NZH

Virtually unwrapped Among its other collected items the British Museum has eight mummies from Egypt and Sudan. What’s special about these mummies is that they were imaged in high definition via CT scans. The x-ray data allows us to see what’s under the wraps: jewellery, faces, hair, bone problems, even fatty plaques in arteries. The visualisations are part of a current exhibition of the mummies that’s open until late in 2014. - NZH






Purchase any Telecom product in-store before 4 June 2014, fill in your competition entry form and pop it into the prize draw box. Voila You’re in the draw to WIN $5000 worth of travel vouchers to put towards a holiday of your choice!*

PLUS 100 Chances to win iTUNES vouchers!* Term’s and conditions apply








g M6

11:33 AM 611

Canterbury Racing

Today at Riccarton Park


$17,500, R75 benchmark, 2000m PX # REC Horse (Barrier) kg Trainer Jockey OPT

 3 58062 Tacticall (3) 58 LLatta 2  R Hannam   4 230X8 Davone Code (7) 57.5 SWoodsfordC Johnson 3  5 02219 Killa Question (6) 57.5 MPitmanB Pitman (a1) 4  6 23741 Wedgie (1) 57.5 JO'Flanagan S Wynne (a2)   7 44043 Ketchme (5) 55 Kennedy/Furlong T Direen (a1)   8 40X50 Snow Line (4) 54.5 LLatta C Barnes (a2)




d M9







PAUL.COSTIGAN@HARCOURTS.CO.NZ R75 $17,500, R75 bmk, 1600m

 1 42624 El Bee Dee (7) 59 RMcKay 2  J Morris   2 95X51 Indy Ruler (5) 58.5 KTyler R Black (a2)   3 4X051 Absolution (8) 58 NRidley T Moseley 1  4 86263 Duchessofcambridge (4) 57.5 KMyers D Walsh   5 41255 Lakota (2) 56.5 TCharles C Barnes (a2) 4  6 45911 My Chino (9) 56.5 J&KParsons A Morgan (a2)   7 3X371 Fly Me To Da Moon (1) 56 SBlair-EdieS Muniandy 3  8 03324 Themoneyzmine (6) 55.5 J&KParsons C Johnson   9 75863 Pheasant (3) 54 BGliddon R Bishop


  8   9

  1 00XD0 Zachary Smith (1) RAllen   2 04560 Lima Lad (2) RHanson 4  3 Bono Hest (3) AFaulks A Faulks 1  4 22223 Snow Boy (4) SLock R McIlwrick (J) 2  5 574 Beyond A Joke (u1) PWilliamsonM Williamson 3  6 9525X Mr Majestic (u2) AFaulks N Williamson   7 95705 Och Aye The Noo (u3) MDenton M Denton   8 6230X Sunnivue Sadona (u4) SAshton C Ferguson (J)   9 26937 Euromaxx (u5) KMcRae T Williams  10 37646 Hazel Alice (u6) CBuchan C Buchan  11 Kilmorich (u7) BNegus J W Cox

7:05 PM


 1 36006 Amelia Pond (1) RAnderson 4  J W Cox   2 3350X Roxy Rox (2) MMorrison-Palmer B McLellan   3 0 Ponda Bear (3) Leith&TimRobertsonT Robertson 1  4 232 Al Raza (4) G&JKnight M Williamson   5 6490X Rostriever Victory (5) IMunroB Williamson (J)   6 79749 Leo (6) BHutton N Williamson MOSGIEL MOTOR COURT CLAIMERS SERIES MOB  3  7 55524 Domino Denario (7) HHunter S Walkinshaw 6:35 PM PACE $5500, claimers 4yo+, 2200m  2  8 42 Mordecai (8) WAdams T Williams 4  1 X2883 The Witch Doctor (1) G&JKnightS Golding (J)   9 79483 Blazing Bracelet (u1) SLock R McIlwrick (J)   3  2 18965 Here’s Shifty (2) JKennett Barrier C Kennett




$1900, c1, 520m PX # REC Greyhound Fastest time Trainer

  1   2 1  3   4 3  5   6 4  7 2  8   9  10

55828 Dutchess Queen 30.55 38483 Opawa Romeo nwtd 32411 Cawbourne Tip 30.46 77655 Cawbourne Crazy nwtd 14433 Jinja Pat 30.53 77366 Adda Boy Zeke nwtd 87584 Radical Rufus nwtd 42221 Dipsy Lala 30.88 57763 King’s Selection nwtd 85787 Opawa Cuddles nwtd

5:01 PM



 1 15134 Calamity Sue 17.90 3  4  2 64236 Working Working 17.54   3 6X356 Girl Pride nwtd 1  4 73562 Opawa Gift 17.81   5 17884 Supreme Shelleen 17.73   6 16224 Blue Senior 17.80   7 31225 Goodtime Kate 18.08 2  8 14485 Showem Baby 17.86   9 37328 Fanta’s Fever nwtd  10 64542 Flying Blake 17.72 5:20 PM

 1 4    2


J McArthur J McInerney M Roberts M Roberts G&S Ross B&G Atwood B Johnston L Ahern S Gommans S Maher

74243 That’s King 30.50 78663 Gay Thorley 30.27

W Kite D Donlon D Edlin B Johnston J McInerney N Udy B Goodwin A Duganzich S Gommans L Bell

J P PRINT(PETONE) C2 $2200, c2, 520m

B Hodgson J McInerney

 3 21111 Always Welcome 30.26 1    4 17435 Ruth’s Raider nwtd   5 73475 King Lumpy nwtd 2  6 23626 Thrilling Ava 30.22 3  7 83326 Loo Loo Blue 30.40   8 X3614 Darby Lane 30.67   9 41875 Opawa Jen 30.36  10 43667 I’m A Catch 30.87

L Ahern T McCracken T Agent B Marsh L Ahern Lammas&Morris S Maher Lammas&Morris

  9 80X62 Hailes Abbey (3) 54 VMackle T Direen (a1) R Hannam  10 X9X07 Gee Gee Girl (11) 54 TCharles J Morris  4 529X8 Comanche Gold (5) 57 GEade S Muniandy  11 26600 Smuckers (6) 54 Kevin&PamHughes R Hannam 4  1  5 35301 Keep The Courage (8) 57 KTyler R Black (a)  12 9X953 She’s Riveting (1) 54 MMcCann R Bishop   6 11086. Lamaze (9) 56.5 CTrembath S Wynne (a) CHRISTCHURCH CASINO R65 $15,000, 4:08 PM   7 0X613 Crystal Duke (3) 55.5 Kevin&PamHughes D Walsh



3  1 

8 JUNE 21

$15,000, R65 bmk*, 1800m

92120 Umshini Wami (10) 59 Kevin&PamHughes L Callaway 00571 D’Chaparral (8) 57 LLatta M Cameron 0X685 Shaspic (12) 57 SRobertson T Moseley 02008 Sorley Boy (4) 57 JO'Flanagan S Wynne (a2) 10343 She’s Payback (9) 56.5 CSpittles C Johnson 09056 Tallyho Tui (5) 56.5 SHaisma G Coetzee 33843 Delacroix (7) 56 J&KParsons A Morgan (a2) 30408 Evidence (2) 56 BGliddon R Black (a2)


1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9, 10-11-12 9-10-11-12 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12



7:35 PM

  1 4  2   3

May 30, 2014


Rory Mach (1) MDenton J W Cox Revive (2) BNegus N Williamson 0 Righteous Honour (3) Leith&TimRobertson  T Robertson   4 X8503 Bryleigh Star (4) G&JKnight S Golding (J) 2  5 2 Smiling Armada (5) HHunter S Walkinshaw 3  6 09 Speechless (6) DJones T Williams   7 3608X Just A Marvel (7) IMunro B Williamson (J) 1  8 692 Torpedo (8) G&JKnight M Williamson   9 X089X Millwood Charity (9) MPrendergast  M Prendergast


2-3, 4-5, 6-7 1-2-3, 5-6-7 4-5-6-7 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

  5 00908 Whendaboysliteup (5) EMurphy J W Cox   6 50665 Earls Buller Girl (6) NBuchan N Buchan 3  7 05384 Armori (u1) GMcLay G McLay   8 40705 Apollo Mission (u2) SLock R McIlwrick (J)   9 09089 Spin Doctor (u3) DO'Connell D O'Connell 1 10 123X9 Astrapi (1) MJones M Neilson (J) 4 11 09208 Goodboy Tiger (2) BNegus N Williamson  12 78X70 Suncrusher (u1) BMcLellan B McLellan 8:35 PM

37328 Fanta’s Fever nwtd 88734 Homebush Coco 17.70

6:45 PM


S Gommans J McInerney

WANGANUI SECURITY C2/3 $1700, c2/3, 305m



  2 63234 Fastback King nwtd A Clark 3  3 41222 Vicki’s Quest 17.65 L Udy 4  4 85884 Jumpin Sally 17.59 J McInerney 1  5 72222 Shaga Banga Bang 17.58 Goldsack&Denby   6 65767 Attire 17.61 N Udy   7 85811 Boston Blaze 17.59 Freeman&Turnwald   8 2868X She’s Top Notch 17.66 L Ahern   9 45885 Swapan 17.57 N Udy  10 48838 Run Kayla Run 17.84 T Agent




M Haruki (a3)

  5 47312 Hi Yo Ko (4) 56.5 VMackle D Walsh   6 15433 Pretty To Watch (7) 56.5 T&MStokesS Wynne (a2)   7 48691 Toetwotoe (8) 56.5 T&MStokes M Cameron 2  8 83X22 Marlin Monroe (13) 56 LRobinsonS Muniandy   9 2721X Seduisante (12) 56 BSmith R Hannam  10 374X0 Braehill (3) 56 MDaly R Black (a2)  11 519X0 Slick Nickel (11) 55.5 SLaming L Callaway  12 0X000 Just Bolting (5) 54.5 RMcKay A McKay (a3)  13 17050. Belt Up (9) 54 DCrozier K Williams Track Information Weather: Fine

  6   7 4  8   9

33442 Ohoka Frenchi 30.69 61155 Sheeza Flower nwtd 11255 Know Ambition 30.53 78686 Lochinvar Camaro 30.40

3:08 PM

  1 2  2   3   4 1  5 3  6 4  7   8   9  10

L Waretini A Bradshaw G Cleeve C Roberts


77744 Marmalade Skies 17.43 J Dunn 83711 Editorial 17.34 R Blackburn 67882 McJopson 17.36 S&B Evans 57355 Glenn Is Goodesy 17.20 L Waretini F2214 Red Hot Fury 17.44 McCook&Jopson 67311 Token Stu 17.40 J Rush 42488 Gypsy Hunter 17.56 D Stapleton 51786 Another Cover 17.51 J McInerney 27288 Marbella 17.53 M Flipp 76587 Gorilla On Drums 17.31 A Joyce

3:25 PM



$1400, c2, 295m

  1 54756 Turbo Tundra 17.57   2 65166 Pedro Force 17.33   3 38786 Jasper Haka 17.90   4 6X277 Home Truth 17.32 2  5 11744 Ohoka Coby 17.42 3  6 56324 La Fontaine 17.36 1  7 27141 Wonkey Donkey 17.58 4  8 14554 Cawbourne Pilfer 17.38   9 27288 Marbella 17.53  10 88688 Rule Judge Judy 17.47

M Grant S&B Evans J McInerney G Cleeve L Waretini D Stapleton A Bradshaw Weir&Nissen M Flipp A Joyce

Track Information Type: All weather; Direction: Left-handed; Length: 1007m; Weather: Fine

  8 68098 Sunnivue Bay Boy (8) SAshtonC Ferguson (J)   Aveross Rustler (9) AFaulks A Faulks  9 00673 Barrier   10 X7436 Supreme Genes (21) DHeffernanN Williamson  11 04077 Best Of The Bunch (22) Cox/HoffmanJ W Cox 2 12 6X361 Irish Kath (23) CDalgety K Barclay  13 49732 Hudson Sully (24) BNegus B McLellan 9:05 PM

GOLDEN GIRLS SERIES HEAT 3 MOB PACE 7 SOUTHERN $7500, c0-c1 with cond., 1700m

Track Information Weather: Partly cloudy



R65 benchmark*, 1400m

1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9, 10-11-12 9-10-11-12 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

 1 17672 Stevie’s Magic 17.72 1  W Kite   2 887F5 Another Colt nwtd J McInerney 4  3 11113 Cawbourne Flow 17.78 M Roberts 2  4 38557 Matilda’s Babe 17.53 J McArthur PALAMOUNTAINS SCIENTIFIC NUTRITION 3  5 36564 Flying Trance 17.73 Freeman&Turnwald 5:45 PM C2/3 $1700, c2/3, 305m   6 78454 Homebush Limbo 17.64 J McInerney 1  1 55171 Opawa Jay nwtd A Clark   7 14584 Kim Dotcom 17.82 T Agent THE ROCK 95.2FM C4   2 17137 Hilton Friday 17.71 J McInerney   8 8X837 Donky Deep 17.32 Goldsack&Denby 8:15 PM $2000, c4, 305m   3 52388 Miss Jolt 18.02 T Agent   9 37328 Fanta’s Fever nwtd S Gommans T Agent 3  4 64563 Hey You 17.46 W Kite  10 64542 Flying Blake 17.72 L Bell   1 24876 Ate Power 17.53   2 5525F Homebush Sarge 17.78 J McInerney   5 33475 Another Pizza 17.73 J McInerney KEENAN CONCRETE C4/5  2  3 32132 Kazillion 17.68 D Edlin   6 57678 Crystal Wave 17.65 B Hodgson 7:15 PM $3600, c4/5, 520m  3  4 52126 Stiff Drink 17.71 Freeman&Turnwald 2  7 23113 Figlia 17.70 G&S Ross   1 31767 Jonesy’s Fortune nwtd  Freeman&Turnwald   5 57767 Fierce Star 17.52 Freeman&Turnwald 4  8 16371 Sheik ’Em Up 17.69 N Udy 2  2 41234 Indiana Izmir 29.99 Freeman&Turnwald   6 12656 Ringa Ding 17.58 J McInerney   9 37328 Fanta’s Fever nwtd S Gommans  1  3 15145 Ritza Danny 29.81 L Ahern  4  7 48653 Ever So Hopeful 17.75 Goldsack&Denby  10 1141X Plan Your Move 17.57 L Ahern    4 5733F Bigtime Jet 30.20 L Ahern  1  8 15458 Lost in Light 17.60 L Ahern WWW.RACINGDOGS.CO.NZ C2/3  4  5 24272 Punch On Jaime 30.61 J McInerney   9 45885 Swapan 17.57 N Udy 6:15 PM $1700, c2/3, 305m   6 32346 Phone Tap 30.17 Freeman&Turnwald  10 48838 Run Kayla Run 17.84 T Agent 2  1 43245 Not Bad 18.24 B Johnston  3  7 62246 Mammy Brown 29.98 L Ahern ADVANCED RACING SERIES FINAL 3  2 36334 Another Drink 17.79 J McInerney   8 77452 What’s Up Gee 30.16 L Ahern 8:45 PM $11,000, nzrsf, 520m 1  3 X4665 Time’s Up 17.49 Goldsack&Denby   9 62725 El Jetta 30.06 L Ahern   4 8X665 Kinetic Neo 17.63 B Hodgson L Bell  10 72545 Wallace Lad 30.28 L Ahern   1 24468 Red Crystal 30.16   5 73211 Cosmic Choice 17.91 3  2 32186 Rene Ranger 30.09 J McInerney L Ahern GARY ROSS DECORATOR C4    6 57477 No More Laughter 17.72 1  3 14211 Blitzing Mayhem 29.80 T Agent 7:45 PM S Clark $2000, c4, 305m   4 34136 Hello Ello 29.93   7 56718 Starburst Blanch 18.10 S Gommans B Johnston 4  8 66787 Opawa Sacha 17.56 2  1 P8627 Sweet Lies 17.50 4  5 12281 Speedy Kazza 30.19 R Murray  Freeman&Turnwald  J McInerney



 1 084X Fern Fever (1) DHeffernan B Williamson (J) 4    2 X5057 Newmans Jet (2) SLock R McIlwrick (J)   3 65887 Tachma (3) BNegus N Williamson   4 00400 Party Girl Deb (4) AStuart J Harrington (J) 1  5 P52X1 Remiss (5) MJones K Butt (J) 2  6 10576 Flickering Ember (6) GSmith A Armour 3  7 03851 Miss Pembroke (7) BNorman B Norman   Curragh’s Princess (8) HHunterS Walkinshaw  8 759X5 Barrier 


  9  10



 1 1332 Arden Castle (1) WAdams 1  T Williams S Walkinshaw ABC BUSINESS SALES / BODY SYNERGY HCP TROT   2 03017 Havnaparty (2) HHunter 8:05 PM $6000, 4yo+ c1-c2 spechcp, 2700m   3 99470 Jaspers Blue Jean (3) ELatimerR McIlwrick (J)   1 78900 City Courage (1) GWoodhouse A Armour 4  4 4X885 Jackson Jones (4) G&PCourt A Armour   2 00X07 Forrest Heights (2) ELamb A Malcolmson   5 43645 Alexy (5) BNegus B Williamson (J)   3 000P9 Face Value (3) RHanson B Williamson (J) 3  6 51804 Sage (6) G&JKnight M Williamson 2  4 0X551 Very Persuasive (4) PWilliamson M Williamson   7 25828 Tartan Trilogy (7) G&JKnight S Golding (J) May 30, 2014


  8 37460. Woodyeva (7) 55.5 J&KParsons C Johnson 4   1 012X2 Handsome Dax (6) 59 SWoodsfordC Johnson   9 56641 Keepa Tramp (4) 55 SCunninghamM Cameron 3  2 9X15 Redesdale (1) 58 KHampton T Direen (a1)  10 5X747 Windwhistle (1) 55 M&WColes L Callaway   3 7X890 Golden Tower (2) 57.5 SBlair-Edie C Barnes (a2) 1  4 81533 Sandy’s Star (10) 57 Kevin&PamHughes MID WINTER CHRISTMAS AT RICCARTON PARK -  3:33 PM


Today at Hatrick Raceway


  3 X8848 Ormond Road (10) 57.5 Kevin&PamHughes


d M10 Wanganui Greyhounds

4:43 PM

J McInerney J McInerney

Track Information Type: Grass; Expected: Heavy; Direction: Left-handed; Length: 2400m; Straight: 400m; Rail: Out 11m; Weather: Fine

  3 33364 Torero nwtd Hart&Taylor ACTIVE ELECTRICAL CHRISTCHURCH DASH  4  4 66737 Wandy On In nwtd D Kingston 1:40 PM $1400, c2, 295m   5 68738 Scotsome Power nwtd McCook&Jopson 4  1 24527 Be Prepared 17.35 B Dann   6 87157 Opawa Pearl nwtd Lane&Wales 1  2 44243 Rattle Ya Dags 17.29 J Dunn   7 73334 Opawa Hally nwtd Lane&Wales 2  3 65148 Mulberry Brook 17.59 K Cassidy  1  8 56414 Cover To Cover nwtd D Stapleton   4 55366 Smash Amy 17.19 M Grant   9 24224 Runaway Taxi nwtd McCook&Jopson 3  5 88133 Broken Pedro 17.42 S&B Evans  10 77467 Opawa Marg nwtd Lane&Wales   6 63678 Ohoka Hart 17.50 L Waretini GARRARD’S HORSE & HOUND DASH   7 8478X Mr. Big Stuff 17.37 D Stapleton 2:33 PM $1400, c2, 295m   8 83753 Cawbourne Plunge 17.71 J McInerney G Cleeve   9 27288 Marbella 17.53 M Flipp   1 73336 Wandy Destiny 17.54 D Stapleton  10 76587 Gorilla On Drums 17.31 A Joyce   2 86567 Business Plan nwtd   3 1887X Valldemossa 17.52 M Flipp ISLINGTON TAVERN STAKES  3  4 46426 Mamalulu 17.65 Casey&Fagan 1:57 PM $1800, c0, 520m  4  5 52547 John Dory 17.45 J McInerney   1 Spider Girl nwtd A Bradshaw   6 31463 Phat Pants 17.66 McCook&Jopson   2 Botany John nwtd J McInerney 1  7 31441 No Leaf Clover 17.46 Weir&Nissen   3 78533 Shadow Baxter nwtd J McInerney  2  8 45212 Big Muddy 17.57 Mitchell&Smith 1  4 22225 Big John Canon nwtd M K Dempsey  M Flipp   5 4 Flying Amelia nwtd Weir&Nissen   9 27288 Marbella 17.53 A Joyce 4  6 46 Opawa Rob nwtd Lane&Wales  10 88688 Rule Judge Judy 17.47 3  7 52 Opawa Maher nwtd Lane&Wales JOHNNY MIDNIGHT AT STUD STAKES 2  8 3444 Black Dude nwtd R Blackburn 2:50 PM $2200, c2, 520m   9 64875 Homebush Ted nwtd J McInerney   1 81658 Hyperparadise 30.70 S&B Evans 2  2 32415 Mr. Johnny 31.00 J Goode CHRIS & LISA EARL DISTANCE FEATURE 2:15 PM 1  3 57133 Cawbourne Cruze nwtd M Grant $2300, c0d, 645m  Hart&Taylor 3  1 84268 Toddy’s A Flyer nwtd C Roberts   4 33815 Kaino 30.75 3  5 23413 Cawbourne Axe 30.62 2  2 64118 Holivia Lass nwtd Weir&Nissen McCook&Jopson 

Today at Forbury Park

  3 0035P Del Sur (3) LSinnamon B Williamson (J)   4 51122 Tagataese (4) GAnderson J W Cox 1  5 6X121 Cullen’s Finest (5) G&JKnight M Williamson Driver  R McIlwrick (J) K Barclay   6 5049P Rome (6) LSinnamon 2  Hi Gun (7) G&JKnight T Williams B Williamson (J)   7 0X232 Barrier 

May 30, 2014

Botany Chris nwtd 64875 Homebush Ted nwtd

2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9 6-7-8-9 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

 2 2  1  3   4 MAJESTIC HORSE TRANSPORT OPEN HCP   5 2:58 PM OPT 617 $25,000, opn hcp, 1600m   6 3  1 21946 Coat Of Arms (6) 59 SKirkland T Moseley 4  7 2  2 45393 Electronic Motion (2) 58 ATaylor R Bishop   8

Forbury Park Harness


PX # REC Horse (Start pos) Trainer

2:23 PM 616


Today at Addington Raceway


6:05 PM

L Callaway

Christchurch Greyhounds

M Grant SUPER PETS SPRINT   3 68 Smash Rosie nwtd 12:12 PM Know Magic nwtd G Cleeve $1100, c0, 295m   4 1  5 226 Homebush Errol nwtd J McInerney PX # REC Greyhound Fastest time Trainer  3  6 36723 Peppermint Patty nwtd S Hindson   1 Porky Pig nwtd A Bradshaw  4  7 53367 Axel Foley nwtd L Waretini   2 58355 Hurricane Sandy nwtd D T Barnes  2  8 22632 Sleeper Agent nwtd A Bradshaw   3 47484 Homebush Happy nwtd J McInerney   9 775 Marlene’s Terra nwtd Casey&Fagan 2  4 43656 Ohoka Joka nwtd McCook&Jopson   10 66767 Marty McMoth nwtd Mitchell&Smith   5 56547 Lady Mui nwtd S&B Evans   6 Botany Sel nwtd J McInerney RITCHIES COACHLINES DASH 1  7 F2738 Another Plane nwtd J McInerney 1:05 PM $1100, c0, 295m 3  8 57535 Waxeye’s Big Kid nwtd I Fensom  2  1 4442 Botany Zenvo nwtd J McInerney 4  9 775 Marlene’s Terra nwtd Casey&Fagan  1  2 32232 Hareeba Time nwtd D Stapleton  10 88776 Goldstar Deejay nwtd S&B Evans   3 73 He’s A Jessie nwtd C Roberts 3  4 33442 Enforced Kiwi nwtd R Cockburn HAMPDEN TAVERN SPRINT  12:30 PM Know Mayhem nwtd G Cleeve $1100, c0, 295m   5 4  6 48X4 Eyes On Lulu nwtd Mitchell&Smith   1 76764 Ollie Baxter nwtd J McInerney    7 Homebush Misha nwtd J McInerney 2  2 34334 Our Charlotte nwtd H Anderton J McInerney 1  3 22 Soumillon nwtd J Dunn   8 28684 Homebush Jagger nwtd   9 78468 Lum Jum nwtd J McInerney   4 67553 Ohoka Too Soon nwtd McCook&Jopson   10 X7767 Wigmore nwtd D T Barnes 3  5 3 Bita Banta nwtd R Cockburn   6 47465 Tony’s Choice nwtd D Stapleton SHIRLEY VET CLINIC STAKES   7 288 Homebush Spike nwtd J McInerney 1:22 PM $1800, c0, 520m 4  8 Botany Liz nwtd J McInerney 2  1 1 Opawa Karen nwtd J&D Fahey   9 86487 Sally West nwtd M K Dempsey  1  2 52233 Come On Dolly nwtd M K Dempsey  10 78577 Goldstar Frankie nwtd S&B Evans    3 6X655 Know Smiggle nwtd G Cleeve 3  4 22732 Dee nwtd KOLORFUL KANVAS DASH  A Bradshaw 12:47 PM $1100, c0, 295m   5 Opawa Viv nwtd Lane&Wales 4  6 4567 Opawa Michelle nwtd   1 57776 Homebush Lucifer nwtd Lane&Wales J McInerney    2 8 Botany Bazz nwtd J McInerney J McInerney   7 562 Homebush Ginger nwtd

h M8

  7 6X096 Truth (1) 58.5 BGliddon R Black (a2) 3  8 35X33 Double Blue (9) 56.5 Kevin&PamHughes

 9 302 Merci Cherie (6) 56.5 Kennedy/FurlongC Barnes (a2) 4   10 490X4 Geisha Girl (4) 56.5 KJames D Walsh  11 84 Noidea (7) 56.5 RLaxton A McKay (a3)  12 84X78. La Croupier (5) 56.5 CSpittles T Direen (a1) COUPLAND’S BAKERIES RATING 75  13 Caileag (2) 56.5 Kevin&PamHughesG Coetzee

 1 X0331 Jimmy The One (5) 59 EGLow L Callaway 1  3  2 34531 Pamina (6) 58.5 Kevin&PamHughesR Hannam 4  3 36014 She’s Insatiable (1) 58.5 TCharlesR Black (a2)   4 04023 Kina Win (7) 57.5 SKirkland C Johnson 1:13 PM   5 85051 Chairos (2) 56 LLatta $17,500, R75 benchmark, 1200m M Cameron OPT 614 2  6 7X125 Pforperfect (4) 56 JBlackadder D Walsh 4  1 4814X Too Much Torque (4) 59 T&MStokesS Wynne (a2) J Bates   7 76491 Howlongdowewait (3) 54.5 EWinsloe K Williams 2  2 07212 Uppland (1) 58 K&LRae   3 65535 Coup Darci Be (7) 55 MPitman A Morgan (a2) NZ BLOODSTOCK 2YO HANDICAP  12:03 PM 1  4 X7525 Cangowest (5) 54.5 LLatta R Hannam OPT 612 $15,000, 2yo hcp, 1200m  3  I’m Maveric (6) 54.5 MPitman D Walsh 1  1 21 Elusive Catch (1) 58 SKirkland C Johnson   65 0X911 02215 Black Berry Punch (2) 54 PRobsonL Callaway 3  2 Gottagetmywoohoo (2) 57 Kevin&PamHughes   7 115X2 Rockahoy (3) 54 NRidley R Cuneen (a4)  L Callaway 2  3 5 Wait And See (4) 55 NRidley S Wynne (a2) 1:48 PM RACECOURSE HOTEL & MOTOR LODGE MAIDEN $10,000, mdn, 1400m   4 Cait Sidhe (5) 55 VMackle D Walsh OPT 615 2  1 44522 Why Wait (12) 58.5 LLatta D Bothamley 4  5 Hot Pants (3) 55 Champion/Murphy M Cameron    2 86052 Corbyn (11) 58.5 DCrozier M Cameron COUPLAND’S BAKERIES RATING 75  12:38 PM 1  3 3 Mal D’Mour (8) 58.5 J&KParsons C Johnson OPT 613 $17,500, R75 benchmark, 1200m   4 Rejoice SCRATCHED   1 72424 Miss El Bee Dee (2) 59 RMcKayA McKay (a3)   5 George Henry (3) 58.5 L&RDidham J Bates 1  2 686X1 Gunnadoo (8) 59 T&MStokes M Cameron   6 0X0 Night Owl (10) 58.5 BGliddon T Moseley


May 30, 2014


Compiled by

  6   7 2  8   9  10

55473 Ostapchuk 30.10 26248 Barry’s Way 29.99 11274 Really Clever 29.91 77452 What’s Up Gee 30.16 5733F Bigtime Jet 30.20

9:15 PM

 1 3  4  2 1  3 2  4   5   6   7   8   9  10

CROMBIE LOCKWOOD (NZ) LTD C5 $2400, c5, 305m

14167 Leadfoot Lenny 17.44 L Udy 12623 Enazuma 17.39 Goldsack&Denby 14151 Run Lacey Run 17.33 Freeman&Turnwald 32415 Nitro Luis 17.34 Freeman&Turnwald 715F6 Rigs nwtd Freeman&Turnwald 17115 Exponential Lily 17.39 L Ahern 71768 Uno Orange 17.63 S Maher 12138 Isabelle Domain 17.76 J McInerney 14755 Bee Rabbit 17.38 L Ahern 85766 Botany Pete 17.85 J McInerney

9:35 PM

 1 2    2 3  3   4 4  5   6   7 1  8   9  10


L Ahern R Waite L Ahern L Ahern L Ahern

12 BOOK YOUR FUNCTION @ HATRICK C5 $2400, c5, 305m

51216 Homebush Crash 17.36 J McInerney 27317 Opawa Sister 17.52 N Udy 21321 Bolt Rama 17.57 Poutama&Doody 21864 Waterbug 17.58 L Udy 41342 Sir Richie 17.41 L Ahern 33165 Cosmic Fury 17.52 L Ahern 14343 Dolly Peg 17.57 Freeman&Turnwald 11132 Popsome Tags 17.19 Freeman&Turnwald 14755 Bee Rabbit 17.38 L Ahern 85766 Botany Pete 17.85 J McInerney

g M2

11:31 AM 201


Auckland Races

Saturday at Ellerslie


$15,000, 3yo sw+p, 1200m PX # REC Horse (Barrier) kg Trainer Jockey OPT

1. Makali Runner (7) 57.5 NTiley R Smyth (a2) 1 One Direktion (1) 57.5 CThornton  L Magorrian (a4) 4 3 1X289 Huckleberry Flyer (6) 57.5 J&BVance  K Leung (a2) 4 481X8 Kage Is King (5) 57.5 G&TShaw Z Moki (a4) 2 5 28X31 Britt Ekland (2) 56.5 P&DWilliamsD Johnson 6 107X0 Vitesse Rose (8) 56.5 SMcKee M Sweeney 7 24372 Zahconi (4) 56 RLiefting A Jones (a3) 8 X06X4 Draw The Line (3) 56 PLock P Turner (a1) 9 00. Zedsational (9) 56 KMorton J Wong (a3) 10 13X0 Suki Lee (10) 55.5 SRitchie M Hills

1 1 3 2

12:41 PM 203



ACTIVE ELECTRICAL SUPPLIERS R65 $15,000, R65 bmk*, 2200m

1 52322. Hot Mustard (8) 59.5 Collett/McRae D Nolan 1 2 890X0 Stagehand (11) 59 SClotworthy C Dell (a1) 3 3 35321 Vettel (3) 58.5 P&JMcKay S McKay (a4) 4 307X0 Little Matey (10) 57.5 GOld D Johnson 5 240X0 Lucky Tonight (5) 56.5 Houston/RopihaM Sweeney 2 6 8X224 Inis Rose (12) 56 LNoble M Coleman 7 X0001 Caradonna (7) 54.5 SRalph J Wong (a3) 8 99784. Catch On (1) 54.5 DWiles L Magorrian (a4) 4 9 71974 Goodn’targ (6) 54 G&DRogerson A Jones (a3) 10 09862 Keep In Tune (9) 54 LNoble R Jones 11 47557 First Response (2) 54 SMcKee S Collett 12 0X600 Varnish (4) 54 SRalph P Turner (a1)

May 31, 2014 1:51 PM 205




$15,000, 3yo sw+p, 1600m

2 1 0X313 Sakhee’s Soldier (2) 58.5 Baker/Forsman 

2 4 3 3 4 5 6 1 7

D Johnson 446X2 Gotta Keeper (4) 57.5 PLock R Jones 51 Man Down (7) 57.5 NTiley N Harris X4016 Banbury Lad (1) 57.5 JGraham L Satherley X6044 Ngatira Gold (6) 57.5 D&DLoganM Sweeney 0X86 Johnny The Jet (5) 56 BFoote M Coleman 03133 Pondarosa Miss (3) 55.5 PHollinsheadD Hain

2:31 PM 206




$17,500, R85 benchmark, 1600m

1 0300X On The Level (3) 59 JSurgenor N Harris 4 2 00X96 Magna Carta (4) 58.5 D&DLoganR Smyth (a2) SWISS DELI CORNWALL HANDICAP 3 2X77X C’est Magnifique (5) 58 RJames M Coleman 1:16 PM OPT 204 $40,000, opn hcp, 2200m 4 208X0 Uncle Shayne (7) 58 D&DLogan S Collett 2 5 656X7 Whistling Straits (9) 57.5 D&DLoganM Sweeney SERVICE FOODS RATING 85 1200 12:06 PM 1 1 58793 Postmans Daughter (8) 59 DWalkerC Dell (a) 6 88X69 One Above (10) 57 LAnderson R Jones OPT 202 $17,500, R85 benchmark, 1200m 2 2 2X422 Pump Up The Volume (1) 58 RManning N Harris 1 7 870X5 Chill Bill (11) 57 Baker/Forsman D Johnson 1 5260X Absolut Excelencia (5) 59.5 K&LRae 3 X9075 Little Alfie Brown (10) 57 PBlick L Satherley 3 8 10X40. Handsome Mates (6) 56.5 D&DLogan  M Sweeney 4 4 75002 Bragato (9) 55 RJoostens D Johnson 9 21X07 Cornelius (8) 56 BFoote L Magorrian (a4) 2 9827X Fullavino (1) 59 K&LRae S Collett 3 5 X5332 New Greenfield (7) 54 TDaCruz R Norvall 10 2563X Saint Columbu (2) 55 NMortimer M Hills 1 3 358X4 Brian’s Honour (2) 58 NTiley D Johnson 6 14192 I’ll’ava’alf (11) 54 KFursdon A Jones (a) 11 4X030 Financialterrorist (1) 54 K&BHawtin 4 0X700 Ginja Ninja (8) 57 GRichardson B Grylls (a1) 7 8X950 Saved By The Bell (6) 54 GMerkulov R Smyth (a) 5 5467X Boy (6) 55.5 Autridge/Goodwin A Jones (a3) 8 X6145 Glitzabeel (5) 54 MBrosnan M Coleman 3:11 PM EDWARDS SOUND CHAIRMAN’S TROPHY 6 360X3 Gurus Spirit (7) 54.5 GSwann J Oliver (a3) 9 0X173 Te Kingi (4) 54 R&YPeake $40,000, opn hcp, 1400m J Wong (a) OPT 207 2 7 285X2 Sunbeam (3) 54 KFursdon M Coleman 10 70076 Back In Black (12) 54 JSteffert P Turner (a) 1 050X9. Justanexcuse (4) 59 LLatta 4 8 11. Haypin (9) 54 K&BHawtin M Wenn 11 40573 Take Charge (2) 54 SMcKee M Sweeney 1 2 61032 Jubilate (8) 58.5 GRichardson M Coleman 3 9 186X9. Red Dirt Girl (4) 54 KStead J Wong (a3) 12 03146 I’ve Got Faith (3) 54 LAnderson R Jones 3 40X25 John Gray (3) 57.5 AFuller M Sweeney




h M8 1

Ashburton Harness Sunday at Ashburton Raceway

5 000X0 Amounis (5) GPrendergast T Chmiel 11:05 AM $7000, 3yo+ c0, 2400m 6 82706 Fleets Classy Jet (6) JGameson C Bourke (J) 4 7 46343 Zena Mac (7) PBurrows G Smith PX # REC Horse (Start pos) Trainer Driver 8 50484 Cleos A Badgirl (8) PVermeulen D Dunn 1 0X00 Cameron Castleton (1) KHoward J Dunn Trevi Bromac (9) KDixon J Anderson (J) 9 59680 Barrier 4 2 6 One Two Kenny (2) PWilliamson   B Williamson (J) 3 10 06 Tyron’s Miss Mac (21) BWaldron R May 3 088X8 Dream Big (3) MTapper R May 11 67900 I Ching (22) P&LJones S Ottley (J) 3 4 40X03 Sunbloc (4) JSmolenski J Smolenski SIM’S BAKERY TROT 5 70086 Overstayer (5) CHarrison C Harrison 12:23 PM $7500, 3yo+ c1, 2400m 6 0X0X5 KD Hall (6) MEdmonds M Edmonds B Nyhan 7 62642 Mantorp (7) SKennedy G O'Reilly 1 72180 Cherry Lindenny (1) KJames M Tapper 8 69X70 Trouble Ado (8) RJenkins R Jenkins 2 570X0 Lady Hest (2) MTapper A Lethaby 1 9 0594 Clover Mac (9) C&JDeFilippi S Ottley (J) 3 33077 Peterhof (3) BGraham 4 30067 Filigree Sheree (4) KFord G O'Reilly 2 10 02229 Waihemo Angus (10) Hannah/Chappell A 5 08005 Danke (5) MEdmonds M Edmonds  C D Thornley C DeFilippi 11 0 Areunvus (u1) MHouse J Curtin 6 35263 Millicent (6) C&JDeFilippi 1 7 1D Father Christmas (7) PWilliamson STEWART & HOLLAND TROT


11:30 AM


ASHBURTON U-HIRE MOBILE PACE $7000, 2yo+ c0, 2400m

1 88 Tuuta (1) AHastie A Hastie 1 2 6033 Artismee (2) RDunn J Dunn 2 3 40972 Lavros Cash (3) RKennedy S Ottley (J) 4 6050X Spirit Eclipse (4) NMcGrath B Orange 4 5 The Emperor Robyn (5) LHanrahan R May 3 6 33355 Mustang Bullitt (6) LHanrahan G O'Reilly 7 38345 Franco Sanchez (7) TMcMillan T McMillan 8 Webb Ellis (8) PKerr M Kerr Sioux West (9) BWaldron C D Thornley 9  Barrier 10 68X06 My Lifesign (21) KWilliams K Williams 11:55 AM


HELMACK ITM ASHBURTON F&M MOBILE PACE $7000, 2yo+ f&m c0, 1609m

1 22 Analeigh (1) RDunn 1 J Dunn 2 34600 Endeavour Arizona (2) KEstreichM Neilson (J) 2 3 48X32 Belle De Jour (3) CDalgety M Howard 4 0X809 Rockahula Arden (4) GPayne G R Payne

g M6

B Williamson (J) 10865 Vitali (8) JVersteeg J Curtin 05051 Kerryn Kylie (9) KFord A Tomlinson 52224 Spell (10) P&LJones S Ottley (J) 20989 Main Divide (11) BWaldron R May 91030 Desert Blue (12) TMcMillan T McMillan 38531 Glenferrie Sunbird (13) J Dunn Craig&AimeeEdmonds 14 1800X Ottawa (14) CMiddleton C Middleton 15 00007 Young Stranger (u1) TGrant T Grant 4 16 00X05 Kowhai Sunrise (u2) MJones B Orange 17 07700 Foreverman (u3) RHolmes R Holmes 

8 9 2 10 11 12 3 13

12:53 PM


T F PEARSON MEMORIAL PACE $7000, 2yo+ c0, 2400m

1 Franco Nate (1) JHay 2 29X88 Smooth Lynda (2) RHolmes 3 48704 Hestia Franco (3) LSmart 4 060X8 Sky Ruler (4) RHolmes 2 5 Cullen Keefe (5) LHanrahan

I Lee (J) J Harrington (J) D Dunn R Holmes R May

June 1, 2014

6 X0059 Valmara (6) T&GChmiel B 3 7 336 Shakey Loch (7) RKeats R Keats 8 32300 Jimmy Hoffa (8) JGameson B Orange 9 35264 Rip Roaring (9) JHowe T Chmiel 10 300X5 Doctor McDreamy (10) AGarters J Dunn 11 37630 Scanreco Bay (11) MHeenan G O'Reilly 1 12 22X2 Sandy Dryden (12) BGeddes B Geddes A 13 9X677 Captain Thunderjet (13) TWilliamsonG Smith C 14 09 Speechless (14) DJones 15 64 Hikoi (15) SMcNally S McNally 16 20563 Tom Bola (16) DRoss S Ottley (J) 4 17 Ideal Act (17) JHay J Hay 18 7X Eagles Nest (18) D&CButt B Butt  19 Eastwood Chieftain SCRATCHED 1:23 PM

RIVER PROCESSORS F&M MOB PACE 6 MOUNTAIN $7500, 3yo+ f&m c1-c2, 1609m

1 21985 Tangos Delight (1) PBurrows B Thomas (J) 2 00960 Crimson Glory (2) TMcMillan T McMillan 1 3 11152 Karanga Red Fantasy (3) DJones G Smith 4 8X635 Steal A Grin (4) G&NHope R May 5 20905 Artistic Lover (5) GPearson R Holmes 2 6 13013 Delightful Dash (6) CDalgety D Dunn 7 74466 Little Tess (7) T&GChmiel A Veint (J) 8 50X17 Betabcool (8) T&GChmiel T Chmiel 3 Even Flo (9) BWaldron B Orange 9 554X1 Barrier  4 10 28715 Macy Blue Chip (21) NMcGrath N McGrath 1:52 PM


Sunday at Wingatui


$7500, 3yo+ c1, 2400m

1 71874 Tuxedo Max (1) MJones 3 1 2 07X18 Digital Art (2) CDalgety 3 72902 Bhappy (3) RJenkins 2 4 77410 Jack Hammer (4) TMay 5 04778 Midfrew Tarpediem (5) WLake 6 10 Fleeting Grin (6) RTodd

Otago Races


ASHBURTON GUARDIAN PACE B Orange D Dunn R Jenkins R May J Dunn R Todd

June 1, 2014


2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9 6-7-8-9 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

4 1150X Sarsarun (2) 56.5 Collett/McRae Z Moki (a4) 2 5 0X433 The Filly (10) 56 MNeal M Hills 6 X989X Ourforeignminister (9) 55.5 ROtto N Harris 3 7 517X1 Arnold (5) 55.5 GRichardson B Grylls (a1) 4 8 73207 Flower Bomb (6) 55 P&DWilliams R Smyth (a2) 9 91058 Magic Belle (7) 54 SRalph D Johnson  10 Ginja Ninja SCRATCHED 11 21X07 Cornelius (1) 54 BFoote L Satherley

$10,000, mdn hdl, 2700m PX # REC Horse (Barrier) kg Trainer Jockey

1:08 PM


2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-11 1-2-3, 5-6-7, 9-10-11 8-9-10-11 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

7 00000 Firebreak (7) JMcDermott G O'Reilly 8 34302 Drover’s Eyre (8) SMcRae C D Thornley 4 9 31X51 That Guy Finn (9) JHowe T Chmiel 10 65991 Taia’s Kid (10) Wakelin/Noble P Wakelin 11 0X080 Killawatt (11) TSoal M Neilson (J) 12 37829 Face The Facts (12) LHanrahan S Ottley (J) 13 75268 Caesar (13) WStevenson T McMillan

Invercargill Harness Monday at Ascot Park Raceway


$6000, 3yo+ c0, 2200m PX # REC Horse (Start pos) Trainer Driver

1 22223 Snow Boy (1) SLock 1 R McIlwrick (J) 2 00XD0 Zachary Smith (2) RAllen K Barclay 2 3 500X2 Sixty Plus (3) HHunter H Hunter 4 Easy Moment (4) MWilliams 4 5 40554 Starcola (5) Shirley/Larkins D Dunn 6 78475 Hope And Pray (6) NWilliamsonN Williamson 7 0X Beat The Call (u1) Cox/Hoffman J W Cox 8 3908X American Holiday (u2) DMcLachlanS Walkinshaw 9 26937 Euromaxx (u3) KMcRae T Williams 3 10 574 Beyond A Joke (u4) PWilliamsonM Williamson 11 84688 Cool Son (u5) RSwain A Beck

2 39266 Aveross Brachole (2) ABlack 4 A Beck 1 3 54711 Pay Me Quick (3) Cox/Hoffman J W Cox 4 X5057 Newmans Jet (4) SLock D Dunn 5 08245 Chapel Lane (5) KLarsen K Larsen 6 0 Ponda Bear (6) Leith&TimRobertsonT Robertson 7 52334 Data Base (7) HHunter H Hunter 3 8 40627 Nothingforthemedia (u1) DMcLachlanN Williamson 2 Blazing Bracelet (u2) SLock R McIlwrick (J) 9 79483 Barrier  12:15 PM



$8000, c1-c2 spechcp, 2700m

1 73092 Anothersuperstar (1) AShaw R Norman 2 1 2 1X22 The Silver Fox (2) PWilliamsonB Williamson (J) 3 57967 John Henry Galleon (3) CGerken A Armour 4 40705 Apollo Mission (u1) SLock R McIlwrick (J) NORTHERN SOUTHLAND TROTTING CLUB MOB PACE 3 5 20524 Golden Gate (u2) JRyan J Ryan 11:15 AM $7000, 4yo+ c1, c2 with cond., 2200m 6 01828 Sun Shine Whiz (1) FService F Service 1 00X78 Clifton Venture (1) CLaurenson 7 35516 Starlight Invasion (2) DMcLachlanS Walkinshaw 3 2 54394 Elusive Edgar (2) AArmour R McIlwrick (J) 8 16001 Tower Of Song (u1) NWilliamsonN Williamson 3 93090 Nothing But Girls (3) CBarron C Barron 4 9 93613 Another Crusher (u2) CLaurensonB McLellan 4 30900 Blanco (4) TKilkelly ANCHORAGE CAFE PACE 2 5 3214 Imperial Ace (5) G&JKnight C Ferguson (J) 12:50 PM $8000, 3yo+ c1, 2700m 6 06526 Tricky Girl (6) GSmith D Dunn 1 7 51122 Tagataese (7) GAnderson B Williamson (J) 1 58066 Missy Mach (1) MDenton M Williamson C Barron One Christian (8) BShirley N Williamson 2 40081 Gabby’s Knight (2) CBarron  8 00X91 Barrier 2 3 12273 Veecewah (3) AMilne A Milne D Dunn 4 9 4X885 Jackson Jones (21) G&PCourt J W Cox 4 5565X Franco Caliph (4) MGBrown 1 5 41 Sheeza Shark (5) AStack N Williamson BLUFF ENGINEERING LTD MOBILE PACE 3 6 19 King Louie (6) Cox/Hoffman J W Cox 11:40 AM $8000, 4yo+ c0, 2200m 7 80000 Jerry Fitz (7) RWilson C Ferguson (J) 8 02492 Taieri Wings (8) CGerken A Armour 1 8FX64 Just Another Dream (1) MMorrison-Palmer S Walkinshaw  B McLellan 9 01460 Astro Boy (9) HHunter




June 2, 2014

10 22553 Deano Robyn (10) HHunter 4 11 36228 Vera’s Delight (11) BMcLellan 12 54377 Majestic Lustre (12) AStack 13 3X106 Lis Tureen (13) WAdams

H Hunter B McLellan B Barclay T Williams

Track Information Type: All weather; Direction: Left-handed; Length: 1497m; Weather: Fine

11 4 12 13

53242 Vienna Eyre (22) PAnderson M Neilson (J) 94444 Maddison Hill (23) CChalmers C DeFilippi 48227 Swarovski (24) T&GChmiel T Chmiel

3:36 PM


$8000, 4yo+ c2 & faster discrhcp, 2400m




1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 2-3-4, 6-7-8 5-6-7-8 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8


2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-11 1-2-3, 5-6-7, 9-10-11 8-9-10-11 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

7 85 Tact Maria (7) TProctor K Barclay 8 0 Righteous Honour (8) Leith&TimRobertson  T Robertson TERRY DIXON MEMORIAL MOBILE PACE  1:29 PM Barrier $6000, 3yo+ c0, 2200m A Kyle 1 877 Tropez Bromac (1) PAndrews A Milne 9 83790 Bad Boy Mara (21) AKyle 4 10 26946 Popular (22) WAdams T Williams B 2 99 Spinyback (2) LPearson K Larsen 4 3 65 Levi Jade (3) BMcIntyre R McIlwrick (J) 11 45639 Bootie Bromac (23) KLarsen  4 Nitro Under Fire SCRATCHED OSBORN ENGINEERING LTD MOBILE PACE 2:44 PM 5 Franco Noire (4) MGBrown $8000, 3yo+ c1, 2200m 1 6 22 Never Sighted (5) WAdams T Williams K Barclay 7 03006 Johan’s Jet (6) JLynch A Armour 1 36508 Van Eva (1) SCook 1 2 24143 Liv Lavish (2) G&CLee G Lee A Kazzacan (7) HHunter H Hunter 8 0X0 Barrier  3 44310 Pit Boss (3) Katrina&JohnPrice N Williamson 2 4 24204 Holm Three (4) HHunter H Hunter 9 97 Janet’s Passion (21) KLarsen K Larsen 10 8 Washington Whitesoxs (22) SMathesonC Barron 5 32185 Risk Factor (5) KLarsen 4 6 53X32 Provocative Prince (6) DMitchell J W Cox 11 PX Wozniacki (23) MGBrown N Williamson B Barclay 12 89555 Big Bad John (24) TKilkelly K Barclay 7 46516 Last Man Out (7) CBarron 8 22149 Just A Delight (8) WAdams T Williams 3 13 054 Jaccka Mara (25) BGray J W Cox  Barrier 14 93047 Set Me Ablaze (26) DBaynes A Beck 1 Beaudiene Cheekychic (21) MGBrownA Armour 2 15 03773 One Cool Chick (27) RSwain B Barclay 9 D Dunn 16 X9365 Julia Bardon (28) SWalkinshawS Walkinshaw 3 10 31622 Blue Eyed Suzie (22) BShirley 11 31484 Attack Mac (23) DMcLachlan S Walkinshaw AWARUA SYNERGY MOBILE PACE 12 88571 Uncle Ben (24) KLarsen K Larsen 2:08 PM $8000, 3yo c0, 2200m 13 34334 Backandbeyond (25) CBarron C Barron 3 1 55458 Tellthetruth (1) BMorris B Morris 14 30099 Star Of Courage (26) JBond M Williamson 2 2 29 Trial By Jury (2) MGBrown A Armour SOUTH PORT NZ LTD BLUFF CUP HCP PACE 3 04660 Dazzling Arden (3) TKilkelly J W Cox 3:20 PM $10,000, c3 & faster discrhcp, 2700m 4 0X0 Kazzacan (4) HHunter H Hunter 1 5 22 Monkseaton (5) MCalder M Williamson 1 1127X Mackenzie Jacob (1) Cox/Hoffman J W Cox 6 99 Spinyback (6) LPearson 4 2 X2111 Highview Anwell (1) GAnderson B Barclay


R65 benchmark*, 1600m




ERNST & YOUNG R65 MILE $15,000,

1 421X4 Paint The Moon (1) MEdmonds M Edmonds 2 123X9 Astrapi (2) MJones B Orange 3 X3154 Tyron Lochie (3) PO'Reilly G O'Reilly FWD ENTERPRISES HCP PACE $8500, 4 XP007 The Doctor (u1) NEdge C D Thornley 2:24 PM 4yo+ c3-oc spechcp, 2400m 5 370X9 Native’s Brite Spark (u2) AThornton K Cameron 1 21500 Billythehuntedone (1) C&JDeFilippi C DeFilippi 3 6 34172 Valmagne (u3) JKennett C DeFilippi Trip's On Me SCRATCHED 2 1976X Franco Tiago (2) BWaldron C D Thornley  7 R May 4 3 31813 Franco Revel (3) T&GChmiel B Orange 8 01606 Franco Nadal (u1) BWaldron P Davis 4 18655 Roxy Bromac (1) PYoung J Young (J) 9 X5078 Mc Blizzard (1) PMcCartin 2 5 41311 Fifth Edition (2) CDalgety M Howard 10 3678X Another Love (2) CMiddleton C Middleton 2 11 80005 Sarah Lindenny (u1) CHarrison C Harrison 6 23322 Stradowan (3) T&GChmiel T Chmiel 1 12 94612 Miss Pegasus (1) PWilliamsonB Williamson (J) 1 7 22211 For The Ladies (1) CDalgety D Dunn 4 13 62051 King Kenny (u1) GAnderson D Dunn 8 67665 Motu Speedy Star (2) ELatimer S Ottley (J) TURF BAR AT HOTEL ASHBURTON MOB PACE 9 58X50 Smiling Star (1) RHolmes R Holmes 4:12 PM $8000, 3yo+ c2, c3 with cond., 2400m 3 10 178X8 Kotare Yaakov (2) MCations M Cations 2 1 83601 Albuquerque (1) GPearson G Pearson MCINTOSH CATERING MOBILE PACE 2 76100 Strike On Command (2) MJones B Orange 3:00 PM $7500, 3yo+ c1, 2400m 3 3 530X1 Magic Oats (3) T&GChmiel T Chmiel 3 1 1702X Alta Jerome (1) PKerr M Kerr 4 67078 Vic N Art (4) ELatimer S Ottley (J) 2 58408 Tuscaloosa (2) CMorrison 1 5 21714 Franco Harrington (5) TButt L McCormick A Butt 6 2 3 00324 Juicy Odds (3) DMoore Tomsincharge SCRATCHED S McNally  4 80605 Spirit Of Chronos (4) ELatimer P Davis 7 80974 Bettor Fella (6) KDixon J Anderson (J) 1 5 47652 Dark Side (5) GAnderson D Dunn 8 20321 Classiegent (7) GKelk G O'Reilly 6 9X562 Maybe Flyin (6) RNeedham J Young (J) 9 74694 Alta Capone (8) NEdge C D Thornley  Barrier 7 94323 Top Brass (7) WStevenson B Orange 8 80616 Mattjestic Rebeck (8) P&LJones S Ottley (J) 10 77579 Fair Dinkum Bromac (21) MJones K Butt (J) 4 11 56X47 Boom Gate (22) JHowe J Dunn Mr Meddle (9) RDunn J Dunn 9 00733 Barrier  12 2360X Washington Express (23) LHanrahan R May 13 10 47210 Riga Doon (21) TMay Fortunately SCRATCHED R May 


h M7 1

$7000, mdn, 1200m





10:50 AM


4:31 PM 209


1 38X22 Cillian Will (20) 60 DGreene 1 2 2 X9054 Biologist (14) 59 GAlton M Coleman 3 71X62 All About Fun (12) 58 JTrumper 3 4 87452 Casino Park (21) 58 SRalph P Turner (a1) 5 98X80. Smedley (8) 57.5 DStevenson S Collett 6 3020X Solyn (15) 56.5 CCleghorn M Hills THOMSONS FOODSERVICE R75 $17,500, 7 4X003 Stella (13) 56.5 SClotworthy L Magorrian (a4) 3:51 PM M Wenn OPT 208 R75 benchmark, 1400m 8 2X079 Celtic Star (6) 56.5 RPriscott 1 1 23362 Biggin Hill (13) 59 Collett/McRae D Nolan 9 61 Saywhen (4) 56 Baker/Forsman D Johnson 2 2 0X224 Wainui Prince (4) 58.5 JPender M Sweeney 10 95441 Whatz Occurring (5) 56 WHillis J Wong (a3)  3 Le Bon Fin SCRATCHED 11 X0946 Another Edition (9) 56 PRanui 3 4 5X351 Nothing (14) 57.5 K&GOpie C Dell (a1) 12 0X653 Edward The Eighth (17) 56 LMcGregor B Grylls (a1) 5 510X7 Golden Downs (6) 56.5 NTiley N Harris  13 059X0. Rap N Tap (1) 56 GBlundell S McKay (a4) 6 20X41 La Stellina (5) 55.5 JMillar R Smyth (a2) 14 09719 Carnelian Lights (2) 55.5 J Gillies  C Dell (a1) 7 94453 Poppas Delight (1) 55.5 WHillis B Grylls (a1) 15 74130 Hi Yo Soo (19) 55.5 JMillar M Sweeney 8 X0646. Silver City (9) 55.5 SMcKee R Jones 84373 Quickasucan (3) 55 JPender J Oliver (a3) 9 833X8 Fluoro Lite (8) 55 SClotworthyL Magorrian (a4) 16 17 670X7. Zarazen (18) 55 K&GOpie R Jones 10 45X41 Clos De Tart (7) 54.5 JBridgman M Coleman 4 18 2X895 Iponi (16) 54.5 J&BVance K Leung (a2) 11 52X01 Rocket Queen (11) 54.5 ATeague M Wenn A 19 0X683 Clio (7) 54 MBrosnan 12 14013 Zetow (10) 54.5 DCaskey K Leung (a2)  20 Sweet Rita SCRATCHED 4 13 217X1 Immigration (3) 54 GRichardson S Collett C 21 207X9 Light The Way (10) 54 GWhitburn 14 20X52 Nottoobad (12) 54 RCook D Johnson  22 Gotta Keeper SCRATCHED 15 70X34 Offangone (2) 54 RPatel S McKay (a4)  23 Pondarosa Miss SCRATCHED 16  Lady Marilyn SCRATCHED F 24 X6044 Ngatira Gold (11) 55.5 D&DLogan

4 8X066 The Sydney Express (5) 65 DHutton R Doherty 4 5 40974 Giocchino (3) 65 MHamilton M Mitchell Monte Cairo SCRATCHED 5 63356 Tug O’ War (9) 56 B&SAnderton1J Lowry (a4) 1 1 26572 Plays Until Dark (6) 58.5 DHuttonJ Lowry (a4)  6 6 6X730 Keep A Fortune (10) 55.5 MPitmanA Morgan (a2) 2 2 3 Tedesco (8) 58.5 B&SAnderton1S Muniandy NUTRIMETICS / PICTURES 4 U STAYERS 7 2660X Rio Rose (6) 55.5 Nicky&RochelleLloyd R Bishop 1 1 PPX02 Jachil (1) 68 MStevenson1 M Dunne (3) 3 Mistaken Identity (9) 58.5 Nicky&RochelleLloyd 2:08 PM R85 $12,000, R85 bmk, 2200m 2 X060F Jayjay (4) 68 DHutton Aint No Lollygagga (5) 55 PRichards1C Barnes (a2) R Doherty  R Bishop 1 X3942 Belle D’Or (2) 60.5 VChristophers R Black (a2) 3 89 X955X 06334 Polly’s Sister (1) 55 GGibson C Johnson 4 3 80X58 Mr Nobody (2) 68 J&JGordon M Mitchell 4 4 6 Wild Bill (7) 58.5 JHillis1 D Bothamley 3 2 2 53103 Fiorano (1) 59 GRobinson D Bothamley 10 50X00 Halo Dolly (7) 54 GGibson R Black (a2) 3 4 99735 Needastar (6) 68 DCrozier M Gillies 5 20669 Carmody (10) 58.5 MHamilton C Johnson 3 20545. Stormy Rain (7) 59 MDaly C Barnes (a2) 5 X7010 One For The Money (3) 68 TCharles A Kuru 6 Flagrante Delicto (4) 58.5 KTyler R Black (a2) 1 4 38332 Red Magic (6) 55.5 DCrozier C Johnson MUD SWEAT AND TEARS MILE MAIDEN 2 6 57737 Delleud (5) 68 DHutton A Browne (1.5) 7 7X0 The Vandal (2) 58.5 PRichards1 T Moseley 5 16041 Reeves Hall (4) 54 LVaughan K Williams 3:21 PM $7000, mdn, 1600m 3 8 4X55 Agnus Brown (3) 56.5 JHillis1R Cuneen (a4) 6 76374 Gossip Girl (3) 54 MPitman A Morgan (a2) 1 1 X0043 Chipmunk (3) 58.5 M &WColes R Black (a2) 9 9X Alissar (5) 56.5 S Prince 1 C Barnes (a2) RON WILLIAMSON OTAGO HURDLE 4 7 98324 Rikho (5) 54 GRobinson T Moseley 12:38 PM 2 47257 Need A Wilson’s (1) 58.5 EWinsloeS Muniandy $20,000, rst opn hdl, 2700m 10 67667 Quest For Luck (1) 56.5 MHamiltonR Doherty 3 3 X0045 Indian Burt (2) 58.5 DHutton CRAIGS CAN DO! SPRINT RATING 65 R Doherty 2 1 46X95 High Forty (1) 69 B&SAnderton1A Browne (1.5) SOUTHERWIDE REAL ESTATE OTAGO STEEPLE- 2:43 PM $8000, R65 benchmark*, 1200m 4 99X76 Pentultimate (5) 58.5 RBeckett R Bishop 1:38 PM 1 2 4X191 Supercharged (4) 69 RBeckett M Mitchell CHASE $20,000, rst opn stp, 3200m 4 1 08X91 Dom Benedictine (8) 59 PRichards1S Kelly (a4) 4 5 68433 Katie’s Diamond (4) 56.5 JYeo T Moseley 3 3 3X833 Faites Vos Jeux (3) 67 DHutton R Doherty 1 1 79161 Keep It Tight (2) 69 KThompson M Gillies 1 2 XL953 Lucky Nemo (3) 58 Patterson/HorrellT Direen (a1) 2 6 57752 Risky Flight (8) 56.5 EWinsloe K Williams 4 4 7X624 Atomic Road (5) 66 NRidley M Gillies 3 2 2PX33 Power Pack (4) 65.5 GWright 2 3 0X045 Cheeky Tart (4) 57.5 DHutton R Cuneen (a4) 7 X0536 Cassandra’s Dream (7) 56.5 B&SAnderton1 A Kuru 5 64X94 Jamie Lee (2) 65 MHamilton A Kuru 2 3 74012 Gargamel (1) 65 LBeck A Browne (1.5) 4 0X010 Hughes That Girl (2) 56.5 AHoffman1S Wynne (a2)  T Direen (a1) 12:08 PM

Track Information Type: Grass; Expected: Slow; Direction: Right-handed; Length: 1876m; Straight: 382m; Rail: Out 4.5m; Weather: Fine




Disclaimer: TAB and METSERVICE have endeavored to ensure the correctness of the information; neither TAB, METSERVICE related companies, nor any of their respective employees or agents make representation as to its accuracy or reliability nor will they, subject to law, be liable for any loss arising in any way from, or in connection with, errors or omissions in any information provided (including responsibility to any person or reason of negligence). TAB may alter the odds after publication - please check odds when placing selections.

Track Information Type: Grass; Expected: Heavy; Direction: Left-handed; Length: 2000m; Straight: 350m; Rail: Out 3m 900-300 Remainder True; Weather: Fine

8 76705 Jenuwin (6) 56.5 N&BBlatch 9 605X0 Desert Girl (9) 56.5 MDaly 3:57 PM


C Barnes (a2) A Morgan (a2)

NICOLA MCKIE MIDWIFERY OPEN HCP $15,000, opn hcp, 1400m

1 24101 Irish Bay (4) 59 T&LPrendergast C Barnes (a2) 1 2 21319 Petty Lane (10) 59 LVaughan K Williams 3 7X084 Fiddler’s Green (3) 55.5 LCasey T Moseley 4 1X977 Tristan’s Choice (9) 55.5 M&WColesA Morgan (a2) 3 5 3489X Saragarhi (7) 55 KTyler R Black (a2) 2 6 00111 Gervasio (1) 55 MPitman L McKay (a3) 7 47276. Prime Hit (6) 54.5 KTyler R Cuneen (a4) 4 8 21X75 On The Take (2) 54 JDalton T Direen (a1) 9 74532 The Gordonian (5) 54 J&JGordon R Bishop 10 6158X Enchanter (8) 54 AHoffman1 S Wynne (a2) Track Information Type: All weather; Direction: Left-handed; Length: 1029m; Weather: Few showers

3 4 2 5 1 6 3 7

54589 Skippy Rascal (2) TBarron T Williams 61458 Bettor’s Brigadier (u1) DMcLachlanS Walkinshaw 59123 Run Fatboy Run (1) MGutsell C Barron 16181 Belkmyster (1) GAnderson D Dunn 75844 Vi Et Animo (1) BShirley B Shirley

3:55 PM


$8000, 3yo+ c2, c3 with cond., 2700m

1 73314 Minstrel Boy (1) HHunter S Walkinshaw 3 2 107X1 Beaudiene Clemintyne (2) MGBrownA Armour 4 3 42510 Sara Holley (3) Cox/Hoffman J W Cox 4 19270 Northview Gambler (4) MGBrownN Williamson 5 32660 Go The Stags (5) TKilkelly C Hanna (J) 6 51556 Shak’n Cullen (6) G&CLee G Lee 1 7 12621 Acolyte (7) HHunter H Hunter Speedy Ideal (8) Cox/Hoffman B Barclay 8 79X89 Barrier  2 9 25453 Le Sol (21) IWilson A Beck 4:25 PM


$6000, 3yo+, c1 & others with cond., 2200m

1 9X993 Caesars Gamble (1) GDavis A Armour 2 3900X Black Ice (2) Cox/Hoffman J W Cox 4 3 61P8 Queen Of The Crop (3) BGray T Williams 3 4 61376 Fukushima (4) NWilliamson N Williamson 5 26676 Double Impact (5) MGBrown D Dunn 2 6 68182 Strategic Miss (6) Shirley/LarkinsS Walkinshaw 1 7 13 Royal Taz (7) CBarron C Barron Bad Kate (8) MHunter C Ferguson (J) 8 31754 Barrier  9 P7953 Elbeau (21) DMitchell 10 38516 Canderdel (22) G&JKnight M Williamson Compiled by


Friday, May 30, 2014


In brief

Withdrawal ‘no-brainer’ By Jonathan Leask

Mid Canterbury no longer have a division one team in Mainland Football. The Mid Canterbury seniors had defaulted consecutive games which was grounds for expulsion from the competition - at Mainland Football’s discretion. Struggling for numbers, Mid Canterbury Football elected to withdraw the team from the competition following a crisis meeting on Monday as the situation had be-

come “untenable” and a third default would have guaranteed their expulsion. “We only had four players that could commit week-in, week-out so it just wasn’t feasible to carry on,” Mid Canterbury district management group chairman Paul Bradford said. “Unfortunately we just don’t have enough players for the senior team at the moment. “It was a no-brainer.” It was a disappointing move for Mid Canterbury Football, and a financially frustrating

one with almost $2000 of nonrefundable fees paid to enter the team, but it will benefit the lower grade teams with the players filtering down into other teams. The move leaves Mid Canterbury Eastern and the Mid Canterbury affiliate Methven FC as the top teams in the district in division four. Tomorrow Eastern are at home to FC Twenty11 Thunder Panthers while Methven, who were promoted from division five earlier this season are away to Universities after

they claimed their first win last week. The Mid Canterbury Masters were on the end of a default last weekend from Western and are away to Parklands United. In their two weeks after being promoted to 18th grade division one Mid Canterbury 18th has been beaten by CBHS and St Bede’s, but will hope to fare better against a club side, FC Twenty11. On Sunday the unbeaten Mid Canterbury women are away to Hornby.

Mid Canterbury looking to go one step better

The Mid Canterbury men’s hockey team head to Oamaru this weekend looking to win back the Ian Smith Tournament title. They went to Gore last year looking for a hat-trick of titles only to be denied on a countback. The defending champions went through unbeaten but a 1-1 draw with hosts Eastern Southland in the final game had the two sides finish tied on points but not on goal difference, with Southland coming out on top. This year they meet defending champions Eastern Southland first up tomorrow and

College girls go 4-0 Ashburton College Girls 1st XV’s toughest outing to date was still a convincing 49-17 win over Waitaki Girls’ High School in Oamaru on Wednesday night. Chloe Te Moananui scored in the third minute, however, it was followed by a Waitaki try three minutes later - the first time College had conceded first half points this season. A tight battle ensued and after relocating to the secondary field after a St Johns call, College led 17-10 at halftime. College opened the second half with a try and then scored another three in quick succession to put the end result beyond doubt, including the try of the match where Emma Waite ran from inside her own 22 and evaded several defenders to score under the posts. Waitaki scored a late converted try that was answered by Te Moananui going over for her second to seal the 32-point win, their closest result to date.

Golden Gloves


By Jonathan Leask

Ashburton Guardian 17

then South Canterbury, before closing with Central Otago and Southland on Sunday. They again meet the hosts, this time North Otago, in the final game on Monday where they will hopefully reclaim the trophy. Despite a changing cast around a handful of regulars each year Mid Canterbury are unbeaten in the previous three tournaments and according to regular Andrew Moore have “probably only lost one game in the last five years”. If they can keep that record intact they will go a long way to coming out on top, with a few Mid Canterbury senior men’s hockey team from last year. The more goals in the back of the team was unbeaten at the corresponding tournament. net as insurance.



Big climb awaits Roulston’s team All Whites on attack

Ashburton cyclist Hayden Roulston on the road in Europe.

Ashburton cyclist Hayden Roulston was back on the road yesterday as the Trek Classics team contested a long, wet day to kick off the tour of Bavaria. After a long respite from riding, the Trek Factory Racing team got straight back into their work with a 205km first stage that ended in a mass sprint, where all seven riders finished in the main peloton. Roulston was credited with 60th in the general classification. This morning’s second stage should result in significant changes to the GC with a summit finish that includes a maximum gradient of 19 per cent.

Interim coach Neil Emblen has signalled an attacking intent in naming his All Whites side to meet South Africa at Mt Smart Stadium today. Emblen has made two changes from the team which was beaten 4-2 by Japan in March, with Vfb Stuttgart striker Marco Rojas and midfielder Chris James replacing Chris Wood and Kosta Barbarouses. Fresh from scoring a double in the Dutch Cup Final as his PEC Zwolle side took a 5-1 win over AFC Ajax, Ryan Thomas will play the second match of his All Whites career after making a strong start in the senior international arena in Tokyo. - APNZ

Three Ashburton Boxing Club fighters are guaranteed bouts at the South Island Golden Gloves in Timaru this weekend, with a fourth hopeful of stepping in the ring. Christian Tikao, Connor Perriton and Morgan Lumsden are guaranteed at least one bout while Dylan Smart is nominated in the youth heavyweight and is hopeful of a bout. If Tikao can take the open elite title he could have higher representative honour later in the year, when the North-vSouth Golden Gloves take place, with a potential trip to Australia to box for the winners.

Curries crossing China The Currie brothers, Braden and Glen, are busy adventure racing in China with Team NZ Adventure in the Pengzhou Adventure Challenge. On the first of three days team racing on Wednesday they covered a 10km inline skate, 31km mountain bike, 19km run, abseil and a 3km run to sit in third place, 24 minutes behind the leaders Team Thule. Yesterday’s second day included a 14km mountain bike, 8km kayak, 31km mountain bike and a 14km trail run, all in the steep Pengzhou Mountains. It is Coast to Coast champion Braden’s second time racing in China with teammates Jess Simson and Dougal Allan but Glen’s first after missing the event earlier this year after having his appendix removed.

Ashburton Golf Club Midweek Women June 3, Irish Stableford. Draw Steward: Janice Dunlop 308 3910. Tuesday starters: A. Grant and R. Evans. No.1 Tee 10.00 G. Sloper, H. Robertson, H. Trott 10.06 D. Hinton, J. Williams, J. Ackerley 10.12 A. Hewson, E. Porter, E Langford 10.18 P. Bell v J. Dunlop M. Watson v M. Stoddart 10.24 H. Hawkesby C. Trott v. R. Evans A. Grant No. 7 Tee 10.18 M. Urquhart, K. Read, W. Carter 10.24 L. Wackrow, H. Ward, F. Matsinger. No. 10 Tee. 10.00 V. Moore, A. Hunt, K. Shaw 10.06 S. Elliott, M. Bean, J. Early, 10.12 B. Turton, J. McArthur, B. Cameron 10.18 R. Fail, G. Lane, J. McKeown. Nine Hole Men and Women’s Section: June 5: Rnd 3 Marion Marshall Trophy Stroke. Report 9.45. Nine Hole Convenors Carol O’Reilly 308 8758 Wendy Smith 308 9207.

Super 15 18

Ashburton Guardian

Friday, May 30, 2014

Highlanders chasing maximum points The Highlanders are looking for a bonus point win against a weakened Reds side tonight to keep their Super 15 play-off hopes alive ahead of the June break. After the narrow loss to the Crusaders at home last weekend, the Highlanders are looking to keep pace in the tight race unfolding in the New Zealand Conference. The Crusaders are out in front, but only by one point from the Hurricanes and Highlanders

with the defending champion Chiefs a further point back in fourth with four rounds to play. Highlanders’ coach Jamie Joseph hasn’t got the calculator out yet and is concentrating on one game at a time, starting with the Reds at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane tonight. The Reds are at the bottom of the ladder but the Highlanders won’t fall into the trap of taking them lightly, wanting to take five points before the three week stand down.

The front row has been reshuffled with Mid Canterbury product Chris King moved to the bench replaced by Ma’afu Fia and Liam Coltman returns to the starting hooker position after having a week off for a calf strain. Gareth Evans will start in the number six jersey and Elliot Dixon moves to the bench while the remainder of the team is largely unchanged. The match will also be the last opportunity for live-wire

centre Malaki Fekitoa (right) and fullback Ben Smith to push for a black jersey ahead of the All Blacks test series with England. The All Black squad will be named on Sunday with the first test in Auckland on June 7. The remainder of the Highlanders squad not involved with the All Blacks will disassemble for a week before returning to prepare for the Highlanders v NZ Barbarians game in Invercargill on June 20.

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Super 15

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Friday, May 30, 2014

This weeks games: Round 16

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Don’t leave it to chance

We do more than road signs! Paul Cartney Smith & Sons

Property Brokers expert residential sales consultants provide top service and support to all home buyers and sellers delivering great results.

David Rush Vision Insurance

Week 16 picks Crusaders Highlanders Chiefs Hurricanes Brumbies Bulls Sharks

Are you needing expert advice? Whether your needs are domestic, commercial, rural or industrial we are the experts you can trust. Call now for an obligation free risk assessment.

Ph 307 1990 165 West Street

Classifieds 20 Ashburton Guardian

Friday, May 30 , 2014




eer, w ied car t a var n a w bing Do you nds? r a plum a ening fo ompany. your h p o n a c bing ink has burton ar plum Masterl ce at an Ash four-ye customer r u ti o n y re r d fo oo app u learn ’re fit, have g , this job is hile yo Earn w ceship. If you get qualified ti appren d are ready to n skills a ! u o y r fo letter to vering ted? o s c e f r e te ri In and a b @masterlink our CV rd Send y erd: roger.he z Roger H .n o .c k asterlin www.m


The Ashburton Community Pool will be closed for annual pool maintenance from; Tuesday, June 3 – Sunday, June 8 Re-opens June 9.

SUN CONTROL WINDOW TINTING. Professional window tinting for cars, homes and offices. Quality films for privacy, UV (fading), heat, safety and security. Phone Craig Rogers your ONLY local applicator 307 6347 or 0800TINTER. Member of Master Tinters NZ.


QUINTESSENTIAL Antiques open winter hours Tuesday to Friday 10-3.00pm, 61 Wills Street Ashburton. Phone 308 0157. 20% off everything /week only.

• Bark • Oamaru stone • Rocks • Organic compost • Sand • Screened soil • Home deliveries available

Plus much more FREE loan trailer available! From a shovel load to a trailer load. Dobson Street West Ph: 307 8302 Hours: Mon-Fri: 7.30am - 5pm Sat: 7.30am - 12 noon


We will be closed Queen’s Birthday Weekend Cnr East & Burnett Sts Ashburton Ph 308 7222

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS EXCELLENT fundraising opportunity - free to hire. Community fundraising BBQ situated at Mitre 10 Mega. Visit our customer service counter today to book and for details. – Phone 308-5119.

SITUATIONS WANTED WANTED full-time employment. Experienced customer service, cashhandling, payment processing, stock pricing, telephone orders, childcare worker. Looking for retail or child care work. Please call Sara on 03 308 4688.

RURAL TRADING POST PIG tail electric fence posts, hardly been used. Numbers to suit, too good to miss. Please phone 027 220 4064.

RAFFLES Hampstead Bowling Club. Wood Raffle Results Winner Red Dog - No 265.


Beckley Coachlines Programme

◊ NEW RELEASE DISNEY ON ICE CBS Arena Christchurch 17th August @ 5pm ◊ THE IRISH ROVERS FAREWELL TOUR 11th October, Aurora Centre, Christchurch OR 14th October, Theatre Royal, Timaru @ 7.30pm

For bookings phone

308 7646






*Excludes existing sale items

MEETINGS, EVENTS ASHBURTON Society of Arts Autumn Show, opening Sat, May 17. 15 members exhibiting at short St Studio. Mon, Wed, Sat 10am - 2pm. Enquiries ph 308 4533.


173 West Street, Ashburton

FOR SALE DEADLINES - Ashburton Guardian Classifieds close at 5.00pm every week day, the day prior to insertion. Phone 03 307 7965.

LOST KATHMANDU 2xl black puffa vest in travel bag. Either Allenton rugby ground Or Tinwald super value. Please contact guardian on 3077900 or email FIREWOOD JUNE SPECIAL. 3 cord (10.8m3) screened slabwood $240 delivered in nz town C.O.D. - Adams Sawmilling 308-3595 LIVESTOCK, PETS EFTPOS/Credit Card facilities BUYER of unwanted available at mill yard prior to animals. Cattle, bobby calves, delivery horse and all farm animals. We also sell pet food. Call IF YOU LOVED our Simnel Nick’s Pet Food 0272 101 Cake, then come try our 621, A/H 03 348 9439. Sultana Cake. Come in to Kitchen Kapers in The Arcade, and get yourself a LET OR LEASE delicious Sultana Cake made OFFICE SPACES by our wonderful Karen. AVAILABLE. Parking, fibre These beautiful cakes are optic hub, 24 hour access, only $14.99 and include the security monitored. Clean and tin they were made in! tidy. Lease options. $PBN. Phone 021 554 570. SIMPLY Italian, Simply Beautiful. New season GARDENING jewellery has arrived instore PEASTRAW, medium at The China Shop. This is squares, 3x3x6 approx. $35 + classical style jewellery with GST. Please phone 03 308 an understated elegance. Wearing this jewellery will 5659 or 027 235 3988. bring much happiness and pleasure. You will find us in GARAGE SALES The Arcade. GARAGE SALE, Trevors Road, Saturday, May 31, 8am-3pm. Single beds x2, ADULT kitchenware, clothes, books, ENTERTAINMENT indoor and outdoor furniture. CINDY Kiwi, 36, size 6, Everything must go. attractive, busty, long hair. GFE. Phone calls only. New SATURDAY, May 31, 16 location, 027 448 7011. Windsor Street from 8 am. Lawnmower, fridge freezer, ZOE - Attractive and busty microwave, outdoor furniture, genuine. Genuine callers clothing, jewellery and much only, please. No texting, more. please, 021 0233 9259.

FOR SALE BE READY for those wet days! With a Boston pocket umbrella from The China Shop. A range of colours available. They fit into your handbag, glovebox, briefcase, school bag with ease. These make a fantastic gift as well.


CONTAINERS for sale or hire, ex shipping: general and PEA straw for sale, medium insulated. Sidelifter available delivery. square bales. $50 per bale for delivered within town Wilson Bulk Transport, Phone boundary. Ph 027 447 0815. 308-7772.

For all subscriber enquiries, missed delivery, new subscriptions, temporary stops, call our subscriber hotline 0800 274 287 0800 ASHBURTON

Phone 308-2309


CUTE KATIE - Cutest sweetest girl you will ever meet. Love to flirt, kiss, tease and please. My sexy size eight body, stunning looks and lush lips will blow your mind until you unwind. Dress up and doubles available xx. Phone 020 4030 5858.

Guardian Classifieds 307 7900


DAISY DUKE - Easy going and hot to trot!! Treat yourself, young sophisticated and naughty, curvy, busty, slim with toys. Kissing my lips are soft, sweet, juicy and very intimate xxx, I’m here to satisfy. Also offering Girl on girl doubles that will blow your mind. Luxury Discreet location. Outcalls available. Phone 022 414 4135.

Needing a new staff member? Call the Guardian today for your situation vacant advertising requirements. 307 7900

Birthday Greetings Brought to you by Kitchen Kapers.

Nicholas Stringer Happy 9th Birthday Nicholas. Lots of love and cuddles, Dad, Mum, Gabrielle, Bethany and Francisco. Scarlett Hanrahan Happy 7th Birthday Scarlett. We hope you have a fun day! Lots of love always Mum, Dad, Henry, Fergus and Freddie. xxxxxooooo Birthday Greetings are free for those aged 12 and under only. Free birthday greetings must be received at least two working days before date of insertion otherwise there is no guarantee that it will appear on the day requested. Photos will be available at our ground floor office for collection after notice has appeared in the paper.

Pettinice Coloured Fondant

Ready to use. Available in 11 colours. The Arcade, Ashburton 03 308 8287

Daily Events Friday 9.00am ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Real women circuit training in hall. 48 Allen’s Road, Allenton. 9.30am - 11.30am ST ANDREW’S ANGLICAN CHURCH TINWALD. Drop in for a cuppa and chat. Cnr Jane and Thomson Street, Tinwald. 10.00am METHVEN HERITAGE CENTRE. New Zealand Alpine and Agriculture Encounter, interactive fun for all ages. Main Street, Methven.

1.00pm - 3.00pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. Classic aircraft on display. Ashburton Airport, Seafield Road. 1.30pm R.S.A. CARD SECTION. Euchre, Ashburton R.S.A. Cox Street. 2.00pm CAVENDISH CLUB. Arts and craft circle with guest speaker Yvonne Matthews. 31 Tancred Street.

Saturday 9.30am - 12.30pm ASHBURTON TOY LIBRARY. Large variety of toys for hire. Methodist Church hall, Baring Square East. 10.00am METHVEN HERITAGE CENTRE. New Zealand Alpine and Agriculture Encounter, interactive fun for all ages. Main Street, Methven. 10.00am - 12 noon ASHBURTON VINTAGE CAR CLUB. Museum and parts shed open. 86 Maronan Road, Tinwald.

10.00am - 12 noon ASHBURTON DISTRICT FAMILY HISTORY GROUP. Open for research, all welcome. Upstairs 254 Cameron Street. 10.00am - 3.00pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. Classic aircraft on display including DC3. Ashburton Airport, Seafield Road.

Puzzles Friday, May 30, 2014 CRYPTIC


ACROSS 1. Plain plinth comes close to being destroyed (5) 4. To merit being half made to do time in the army (7) 8. Will not be noticed as receipt be: limp form, instead (13) 10. River one might ignore, nothing being missing (5) 11. Top singer in Heavy Metal lookalike (4) 12. Part of large house at the side of the stage (4) 16. Portion of crusty dish and cabbage first and last (5) 17. With which one won’t be let down with ability to fill in so (13) 19. Binding material will go on when everything is inside it (7) 20. One in the norm is wrong to be of lesser import (5)





8 9 10

11 12







YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS CRYPTIC Across 1. Chair 4. Special 8. Monograph 9. Lot 10. Entered 12. Once 14. Curtain 17. AWOL 18. Regalia 20. Ill 21. Challenge 23. Endless 24. Resit Down 1. Commemorative 2. Agnate 3. Rigorous 4. Spa 5. Echo 6. Island 7. Letters-patent 11. Deter 13. Singular 15. Boiled 16. Flanks 19. Acre 22. Ass



19 20


QUICK Across 1. Custom-built 8. Avarice 9. Drawn 10. Stem 11. Stretch 12. Rut 13. Cite 15. Cork 17. Cut 19. Soprano 20. Atom 23. Abode 24. Chamber 25. Exterminate Down 1. Clause 2. Spate 3. Omit 4. Breast 5. Indirect 6. Traitor 7. Gung-ho 12. Red alert 14. Improve 16. Assail 17. Concur 18. Emerge 21. Tibia 22. Saki


DOWN 1. Sparkling with icing: all tints can be provided (13) 2. Constable starts canvas over primer (3) 3. Make a mistake, also find what may be run (6) 4. Medical man is on the brink and will dig it up from bed (6) 5. It takes off as it re-assembles (6) 6. Revolt of the East, ill borne out (9) 7. Late service given near pyre built for it (7,6)

9. Very lovely it may be, but a fuel one might use in pieces (9) 13. Sun-god got it all wrong: work came to nothing (6) 14. A lot of Roman soldiers, their name being beyond numbering (6) 15. Monotony could make it die in one’s belly (6) 18. Where one may be entertained at home with television finally (3)


The Great Indoors Sale! % Y




Ashburton Guardian

QUICK ACROSS 1. Nautical (8) 7. Distress signal (5) 8. Straggler (9) 9. Drunkard (3) 10. Arrange (4) 11. Whole (6) 13. Words of affection (5,8) 15. Promptly (colloq) (6) 16. Curved structure (4) 18. Sicken (3) 20. High-spirited (9) 21. Tumbler (5) 22. Steer or guide (8)

DOWN 1. Ponders (5) 2. Pensioner (7) 3. Fold (4) 4. Crucial point (6,2,5) 5. Untrue (5) 6. Groups of six (7) 7. Cargo (7) 12. Caresses (7) 13. Unusual (7) 14. Tell a story (7) 15. Entreat (5) 17. Loathed (5) 19. Harvest (4)





Wednesday, May 28 - Saturday, May 31

SUDOKU Fill the grid so that every column, every row and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.


212 East Street • Ashburton • 03 308 8309


YOUR STARS by Forecasters

ARIES (MAR 21 – APR 20) With the tailwind from yesterday’s New Moon in your communication sector already speeding things up, home and family get to benefit today. TAURUS (APR 20 – MAY 21) Where things have been slowly getting better for your communications and especially on the relationship front, they are now on an unstoppable roll. GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 22) With Jupiter leaving your income sector in just under 7 week’s time everything you’ve been working towards now gets the hurry up. CANCER (JUNE 22 – JULY 24) Where you have been working your way through all sorts of ups and downs things are not only levelling out, but starting to make a lot more sense. LEO (JULY 24 – AUG 23) When you have less time to call your own you need it most, with a need to put out the ‘do not disturb’ sign to hear yourself think. VIRGO (AUG 23 – SEP 23) With the Moon still in your career sector after yesterday’s New Moon, keep your professional hat on, trusting your instincts. LIBRA (SEP 23 – OCT 23) Mercury’s first full day in your career sector allows you to get your head in the game just as things are coming together. SCORPIO (OCT 23 – NOV 24) Something has shifted. While work, relationship and money matters are still important, there is a sense of adventure in the air. SAGITTARIUS (NOV 24 – DEC 21) There is a chance and a need to seize the moment, confidence and enthusiasm developing on work and relationship fronts. CAPRICORN (DEC 21 – JAN 20) With Venus in her first full day in your romantic sector and Mercury in his first full day in your relationship sector your personal life is fighting back. AQUARIUS (JAN 20 – FEB 19) Mercury’s return to your work sector yesterday was a game changer, giving you the intellectual savvy to get your head in the game and work smarter. PISCES (FEB 19 – MAR 20) You’ve woken to a whole new reality today, even if everything is the same as it was yesterday. What has changed is the filter you view life through.

phone 0900 85000


Family Notices 22 Ashburton Guardian DEATHS

ANDERSON, William Thomas Leslie (Bill) – Peacefully on Wednesday 28 May, 2014 at North Shore Public Hospital, Auckland, aged 75. Dearly loved husband of Marie for 55 years. Much loved father and father in law of Wendy and Ron, Annette, Christine and Bill, Rex and Delwyn, Sue and Wayne, Kyle and Barb, and the late Roy. Treasured poppa and grandad of 15 grandchildren and 6 great grand children. “Always loved, always remembered.” The Funeral Service will be held in the Main Chapel of the Morrison Funeral Home, 220 Universal Drive, Henderson, Auckland on WEDNESDAY 4 June 2014 at 3.00 p.m. Morrison Funeral Home ROBERTSON, Olive Albina – On May 26, 2014 at The Wood Retirement Village. Dearly loved wife of William Stuart Robertson for 68 years. Much-loved mother of William (Nelson) and James and partner, Anna, (Christchurch). Loved sister of Beatrice Teal (Levin) and of her late siblings, Frank and Stanley Walley and Agnes McNally, and much loved Auntie Olive of her nephews and nieces. Aged 93. Olive's family thanks Doctors. Hilson and Hopgood and all of the staff at The Wood Retirement Village for their devoted support and care. At Olive's request a private funeral has been held. Messages to 3/227 Bridge St. Nelson. MARSDEN HOUSE FUNERAL DIRECTORS F.D.A.N.Z

Please note all late death notices or notices sent outside ordinary office hours must be emailed to:

to ensure publication. During office hours notices may also be sent to:

Any queries please contact 0800 ASHBURTON (0800-274-287).




Patersons Funeral Services and Ashburton Crematorium Ltd Office and Chapel Corner East & Cox Streets, Ashburton

Ph 307 7433




Ra n





bur to



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isolated snow thunder flurries

sleet thunder




60 plus

Canterbury Plains

Canterbury High Country



Fine with frosts morning and night. Light winds.

Fine with morning frosts. Wind at 1000m: Light. Wind at 2000m: SW 30 km/h.



Fine with morning frosts. Light winds.


Fine with morning frosts. Wind at 1000m: Light. Wind at 2000m: SW 30 km/h.


Friday, 30 May 2014

Fine with morning frosts. Light winds.

NZ Today

FZL: Rising to 1800m

overnight max low







few showers




mainly fine




Fine with morning frosts. Light winds.






Fine with morning frosts. Light winds.







Fine with morning frosts. Light winds.

Fine with morning frosts. Light winds.


few showers

MONDAY Fine with morning frosts. Light winds.

World Weather

Adelaide Amsterdam Bangkok Berlin Brisbane Cairns Cairo Calcutta Canberra Colombo Darwin Dubai Dublin Edinburgh Frankfurt

showers fine showers cloudy showers showers fine fine showers rain fine fine fine cloudy cloudy



9 noon 3


Geneva Hobart Hong Kong Honolulu Islamabad Jakarta Johannesburg Kuala Lumpur London Los Angeles Madrid Melbourne Moscow Nadi Delhi

21 19 35 20 26 28 41 37 17 31 33 45 15 14 20

fine fine fine showers showers showers fine thunder rain fine showers fine rain fine fine

10 4 28 22 24 24 5 25 13 16 13 9 15 16 28

19 15 33 31 40 32 23 33 19 24 20 19 23 28 42

New York Paris Perth Rarotonga Rome San Francisco Seoul Singapore Stockholm Sydney Taipei Tel Aviv Tokyo Washington Zurich

9 pm am 3



thunder showers fine rain cloudy cloudy cloudy thunder rain showers drizzle fine fine rain showers

9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


9 pm



10:43 5:04 11:14 5:21 11:29 5:49 12:00 6:08 12:16 6:34 The times shown are for the Ashburton River mouth. For the Rangitata river mouth subtract 16 minutes and for the Rakaia river mouth subtract 6 minutes.

Rise 7:55 am Set 5:05 pm


Good fishing

Rise 7:56 am Set 5:05 pm


Rise 8:44 am Set 6:27 pm

First quarter

6 Jun

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Good fishing

Rise 7:57 am Set 5:04 pm


Good fishing

Rise 9:32 am Set 7:20 pm

Rise 10:15 am Set 8:15 pm

13 Jun 4:13 pm

20 Jun 6:40 am

Full moon

8:41 am

13 11 10 22 11 11 18 25 8 14 25 20 19 13 11

22 21 20 28 22 18 32 32 11 22 30 34 28 21 16

Last quarter

Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa

For the very latest weather information, including Weather Warnings, visit


3.32 nc

Selwyn Whitecliffs (NIWA) at 3:00 pm, yesterday

Rakaia Fighting Hill (NIWA) at 3:00 pm, yesterday 571.1 Nth Ashburton at 3:00 pm, yesterday


Sth Ashburton at 3:00 pm, yesterday


Rangitata Klondyke at 3:00 pm, yesterday


Waitaki Kurow at 3:00 pm, yesterday


Source: Environment Canterbury

Canterbury Readings




River Levels

Forecasts for today

12 9 27 8 17 21 24 27 2 25 24 30 9 9 10

18 8 16 2 16 2 13 0 11 5 11 2 10 -1 12 2 10 -4 11 -3 5 -6 10 5 11 7

Palmerston North mainly fine

FZL: 2200m


m am 3 3

East Street Ashburton (03) 308 0308


NZ Situation

mainly isolated cloudy drizzle drizzle few showers fine showers clearing showers

Tides, Sun, Moon and Fishing

Your local Telecom store



A high covers much of the country through until Tuesday. However, westerlies affect the far south of the South Island and a trough in an easterly flow moves westward over the north of the North Island on Monday.

30 to 59

Buying or selling a property?






less than 30

190 East Street Ashburton Phone 308 8945


Midnight Tonight


Wind km/h

620 East Street Ashburton Ph/Fax 308 5369 or 0274 357 974 NZMMMA Member



MONDAY: Fine, with a morning frost. Light winds.


For all your memorial requirements New headstones and designs Renovations, Additional inscriptions, Cleaning and Concrete work Carried out by qualified tradesmen.


SUNDAY: Fine, with a morning frost.






307 7900






TOMORROW: Fine, with a morning frost. Light winds.




Guardian Classifieds




TODAY: Fine, with a morning frost. Light winds.




Ashburton Forecast

Wa i m a ka r i r i


Map for today

Celebrate and honour your loved ones

Canterbury owned, locally operated



Friday, May 30, 2014




Ashburton Airport Temperature °C At 4pm 7.9 19.6 Max to 4pm 7.9 Minimum 7.5 Grass minimum Rainfall mm 0.0 16hr to 4pm May to date 35.6 Avg May to date 58 2014 to date 416.0 278 Avg year to date Wind km/h S 19 At 4pm Strongest gust S 81 Time of gust 12:52pm

© Copyright Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited 2014

to 4pm yesterday


Christchurch Airport

Timaru Airport

5.9 19.8 5.8 –

8.4 20.8 8.4 7.7

7.9 19.5 4.7 –

6.6 92.8 – 824.8 –

0.0 43.6 49 482.6 240

0.0 31.0 31 208.2 199

S4 – –

S 39 S 85 1:50pm

S 30 S 74 12:51pm

Compiled by

New Listings Wanted!! Ph: 03-308-6497 Fax: 03-308-1600

Call Toni & Peter May on 03 308 8893 to find out more!

Selling homes just like yours.

151 Alford Forest Rd, Ashburton

Contact. . .

Helena Ratten 0274-577-998

Lynne Bridge 0274-106-216

Jill Leonard 0274-982-500

Roberta Rutledge 027-228-7843

Lisa Kenny 027-642-8200

Dave Thomson 027-6011-426

Television Friday, May 30, 2014


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©TVNZ 2014

6am Breakfast 9am Good Morning 10am Ellen 3 11am Selling Houses Australia Extreme Peter’s property in Berowra Waters has been on the market for over a year, and he is keen to sell up and move on with his partner and daughter. Noon One News 0 12:30 Emmerdale PGR Moira deals with her conscience; Cain is unimpressed; Ross defends a friend. 0 1pm Coronation Street PGR 3 0 1:30 Come Dine With Me UK PGR 2pm May The Best House Win USA 3pm Dickinson’s Real Deal 3:55 Te Karere 2 0 4:25 Ellen 5:25 Millionaire – Hot Seat 0 6pm One News 0 7pm Seven Sharp 0 7:30 Coronation Street PGR 3 Nick bares his soul to Leanne and upsets Eva; Sean becomes suspicious about Marcus’s workmate. 0 9:30 Miranda PGR 3 0 10:05 The Vicar of Dibley 3 Geraldine finds herself in the glare of publicity when articles appear in the press about Dibley’s female Vicar. 0 10:40 One News Tonight 0

6am Creflo Dollar 6:30 F Wiki The Kiwi 3 0 6:35 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 3 0 7am Phineas And Ferb 3 0 7:25 SpongeBob SquarePants 3 0 7:50 Ben 10 – Omniverse 3 0 8:15 Dinosaur Train 3 0 8:25 Fireman Sam 3 0 8:35 Mike The Knight 3 0 8:50 Fireman Sam 3 0 9am Infomercials 11am Neighbours 3 0 11:30 Home And Away 3 0 Noon Shortland Street 3 0 12:30 Cougar Town PGR 3 0 1pm Jeremy Kyle AO 2pm Bethenny 3pm According To Jim 3 0 3:30 Angry Birds Toons 3 0 3:35 SpongeBob SquarePants 3 0 3:59 Horace In Slow Motion 3 4pm I’m In The Band 0 4:30 The 4:30 Show 5pm America’s Funniest Home Videos 3 0 5:30 Home And Away 0 6pm Friends 3 0 6:30 Neighbours 0

11:10 Best Bits 3 0 11:45 The Catherine Tate Show AO 3 0 12:20 Derren Brown – The Experiments AO 3 0 1:15 Te Karere 3 2 0 1:40 Infomercials

11:20 The Vampire Diaries AO 0 12:15 Playing It Straight AO 0 1:15 Infomercials 2:15 Supernatural AO 3 0 3:05 Revolution 3 0 3:50 Nikita AO 3 0 4:35 F Posh Nosh 3 0 4:45 The 4:30 Show 3 5:10 Neighbours 3 0 5:35 I’m In The Band 3 0

CHOICE TV 6am Benny Hinn 6:30 River Cottage Treatment 7:30 Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook 8am Bid America 8:30 Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors 9am Secret Meat Business 9:30 Yard Crashers 10am Holmes Makes It Right 11am Lost And Sold 11:30 Sophie In The Souk Noon Tom Kerridge’s Proper Pub Food 12:30 River Cottage Treatment 1:30 TBC 2:30 Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook 3pm Ask The Butcher 3:30 Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors 4pm Luke Nguyen’s Greater Mekong 4:30 Trish’s Paris Kitchen 5pm Buying And Selling With The Property Brothers 6pm Bid America 6:30 House Crashers 7pm Auction 7:30 World’s Greenest Homes 8pm Better Homes And Gardens 9:30 British Gardens In Time 10:45 World’s Greenest Homes 11:10 Auction 11:40 Saturday Cookbook


12:30 Benny Hinn 1am Campus AO 2am British Gardens In Time 3am Luke Nguyen’s Greater Mekong 3:30 Trish’s Paris Kitchen 4am Bid America 4:30 House Crashers 5am Buying And Selling With The Property Brothers


6am 3 News – Firstline 8:30 Infomercials 10:30 The Shopping Channel 11:25 The Nanny 3 0 Noon 3 News 12:30 Dr Phil AO A divorced couple seek help to co-parent their children. 1:30 The Dr Oz Show PGR Consumer Reports talks about what was found while investigating potentially hazardous chemicals in caramel colouring and antibacterial hand soap. 2:30 Rachael Ray 3:30 The Queen Latifah Show 4:30 Entertainment Tonight 4:55 The Biggest Loser Australia One contestant is unable to train after being taken to hospital; after the weigh-in, two contestants are up for elimination. 6pm 3 News 7pm Campbell Live 7pm Shortland Street PGR 0 7:30 House Rules The teams are 7:30 The Voice Australia 0 behind schedule; the zones 9:10 M I Am Number Four are slowly taking shape, but, PGR 2011 Action. with a limited budget, every Aliens and their guardians are cent counts. 0 hiding on Earth from bounty 8:35 The Graham Norton Show hunters. They can only be AO Hugh Jackman meets killed in numerical order, and Michael Fassbender and Scot Number Four is next. James McAvoy; music from Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Eurovision hopeful Molly. Olyphant. 0 9:35 Live at the Apollo AO 0 10:30 The Paul Henry Show 11pm Hawaii Five-0 AO 3 A dirty cop from Danny’s past comes to Hawaii to seek revenge. 0 11:55 CSI – NY AO 3 0 12:55 The Chicago Code AO 1:50 Infomercials




6am Sesame Street 3 6:55 Pingu 3 7am Sticky TV 3 7:30 All Grown Up 3 7:55 Rugrats 3 8:20 Chuggington 8:30 Ready, Steady, Wiggles 3 8:45 Ben And Holly’s Little Kingdom 3 8:55 Bob The Builder 3 9:05 Thomas And Friends 3 9:15 Peppa Pig 3 9:25 Barney And Friends 3 9:50 Infomercials 2pm Sesame Street 3 2:55 Peppa Pig 3 3pm Sticky TV 4:30 Four Live 6pm Malcolm In The Middle Lois drives to Canada to meet her sister and her family. 0 6:30 Just Shoot Me! 3 0 7pm The Simpsons 0 7:30 American Ninja Warrior 3 8:30 M Bad Ass AO 2012 Action. A Vietnam veteran who becomes a local hero after saving a man from attackers decides to take action when his best friend is murdered and the police show little interest. Danny Trejo, Charles S Dutton, Ron Perlman. 10:30 The Glades AO (Starting Today) 3

6am NRL Footy Show 8am Rugby League – State Of Origin (Replay) Queensland v New South Wales – Game One. 10am Cricket – International (Highlights) 10:30 Sterlo 11:30 Football League Show Noon Road To The Fifa World Cup 12:30 Tennis – French Open (Highlights) 1:30 Cricket – International (Highlights) 2pm Arena Access 2:30 The Ultimate Fighter 3:30 Grassroots Rugby 4:30 Golf – European Tour (Highlights) 5pm Golf – US PGA Tour (Highlights) 5:30 Motorcycling – Isle Of Man 6:30 #SkyRugby – Engage 7pm The Crowd Goes Wild 7pm L Rugby – Super Rugby 7:30 Restoration Home Crusaders v Force. 8:30 Bones AO From AMI stadium in 9:30 True Stories – Piers Christchurch. Morgan on Vegas AO 9:35 L Rugby – Super Rugby Piers Morgan goes to bed Reds v Highlanders. with Paris Hilton and gambles From Suncorp Stadium in with Sylvester Stallone, Brisbane. but discovers a darker side behind the neon lights of Las Vegas. 10:30 The Crowd Goes Wild 3

11:25 Entertainment Tonight 11:50 Infomercials

11pm The Late Show With David Letterman A late-night comedy and talk show. Midnight Home Shopping 1:30 The Crowd Goes Wild 3 An irreverent daily sports and entertainment show. 2am Home Shopping

6:30 The Crowd Goes Wild 3 7am Deal Or No Deal 3 7:30 Home Shopping Noon The Doctors PGR 1pm The Test PGR Celebrities and viewers answer moral questions. 1:55 Secret War PGR 3 3pm History Under The Hammer 3 3:30 The Crowd Goes Wild 3 4pm The Late Show With David Letterman 3 5pm Deal Or No Deal 3 5:30 Prime News 6pm Deal Or No Deal 6:30 Hugh’s Three Good Things 3 Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and his guest chefs create dishes using squid.

MAORI TV 10am Korero Mai 3 11am Toku Reo 3 Noon Korero Mai 3 1pm Toku Reo 3 2pm Ako 3 2 3pm Kai Time On The Road 3 3:30 Maggie And The Ferocious Beast 3 2 4pm Miharo 2 4:30 Waka Ama Sprints 3 5pm Toi Whakaari 3 5:30 Te Kaea 2 6pm Nga Pari Karangaranga o te

THE BOX 6am Law And Order MV 6:50 The Simpsons PG 7:15 Parking Wars PGL 7:40 America’s Funniest Home Videos PG 8:05 Survivor – Borneo PG 8:55 Criminal Intent MV 9:45 SVU MV 10:35 CSI – Miami MV 11:25 Da Vinci’s Demons 18VLS 12:20 Criminal Minds 16VS 1:10 Whose Line Is It Anyway? PG 1:35 Criminal Intent MV 2:25 Law And Order MV 3:15 Survivor – Borneo PG 4:05 Parking Wars PGL 4:30 The Simpsons PG 5pm Criminal Intent MV 6pm America’s Funniest Home Videos PG 6:30 The Simpsons PG 7pm Parking Wars PGL 7:30 CSI – Miami MV 8:30 CSI MV 9:30 Falling Skies MV 10:30 SVU MV 11:30 CSI – Miami MV


12:30 Survivor – Borneo PG 1:20 Whose Line Is It Anyway? PG 1:45 Law And Order MV 2:35 SVU MV 3:25 CSI MV 4:15 Falling Skies MV 5:10 Whose Line Is It Anyway? PG 5:35 America’s Funniest Home Videos PG

Ashburton Guardian 23

Midnight Rugby – Super Rugby (Replay) Crusaders v Force. From AMI Stadium in Christchurch. 2:15 L Cricket – IPL Qualifier Two – Kings XI Punjab v Chennai Super Kings. From Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, India.

SKY SPORT 2 Motu Nga Reo o te Tairawhiti. 6:30 Ako 3 2 7pm Te Kaea 3 2 7:30 Iwi Anthems 3 Tainui. 8pm City Slickers’ Rodeo Whatu learns to take control of his horse; the city slickers get into trouble with Papa Clarry. 8:30 Homai Te Pakipaki 9:30 Code 10:30 Tribe 11pm Te Kaea 3 2 11:30 Closedown

DISCOVERY 6am Factory Made PG Trombones/ Drive-Through Windows/Bottled Water/Baseball Bats. 6:30 Deadliest Catch PG 7:30 Man v Wild PG Mount Kilauea. 8:30 MythBusters PG Birds in a Truck. 8:30 Bering Sea Gold PG The Final Showdown. 11am Amish Mafia M Doppel Leben. Noon Who The (Bleep) Did I Marry? M 12:30 Disappeared M 1:30 Nightmare Next Door M 1:30 Nightmare Next Door M 3:30 Alaska – The Last Frontier M 4:30 Deadliest Catch PG 5:30 MythBusters PG 6:30 MythBusters PG 7:30 Magic Of Science PG 8pm Deadly Dilemmas M 8:30 Treehouse Masters PG 9:30 Dirty Jobs Down Under PG 10:30 Auction Hunters PG 11pm I (Almost) Got Away With It M


Midnight Blood, Lies And Alibis M 1am Deadly Devotion M 2am Deadliest Catch PG 3am Deadliest Catch PG 4am Deadliest Catch PG 5am MythBusters PG

True Stories – Piers Morgan on Vegas, 9:30pm on Prime

MOVIES PREMIERE 7:45 The Making Of Fast And Furious 6 PG 8:10 The Expatriate MV 2012 Thriller. Aaron Eckhart, Olga Kurylenko. 9:55 Revenge For Jolly 16VLS 2012 Comedy. Brian Petsos, Kristen Wiig. 11:20 Deadfall 16VLS 2012 Crime. Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde. 12:55 The Lone Ranger MV 2013 Western. Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer. 3:25 The Expatriate MV 2012 Thriller. Aaron Eckhart, Olga Kurylenko. 5:10 Finding A Family PG 2011 Drama. Jared Abrahamson, Kim Delaney. 6:40 2 Guns 16VL 2013 Action. Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg. 8:30 Alex Cross MVS 2012 Action. Tyler Perry, Edward Burns. 10:15 This Is 40 16LS 2012 Comedy. Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann.


12:25 Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter 16V 2012 Action. Benjamin Walker, Dominic Cooper. 2:10 2 Guns 16VL 2013 Action. Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg. 4am This Is 40 16LS 2012 Comedy. Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann.

Bad Ass

8:30pm on FOUR

MOVIES GREATS 7:35 Me, Myself And Irene MC 2000 Comedy. Jim Carrey, Renee Zellweger, Chris Cooper. 9:30 There’s Something About Mary 16LS 1998 Romantic Comedy. Cameron Diaz, Matt Dillon, Ben Stiller. 11:25 Eastern Promises 18VS 2007 Drama. Naomi Watts, Viggo Mortensen. 1:05 Remember Me MVLS 2010 Drama. Robert Pattinson, Emilie De Raven, Pierce Brosnan. 3pm Me, Myself And Irene MC 2000 Comedy. Jim Carrey, Renee Zellweger, Chris Cooper. 4:55 Hairspray PGS 2007 Comedy Musical. Nikki Blonsky, John Travolta. 6:55 The Importance Of Being Earnest 2002 Comedy. 8:30 Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead 16VLS 2007 Crime Drama. 10:25 The Lord Of The Rings – The Fellowship Of The Ring PGV 2001 Fantasy.

6am Inside The PGA Tour 6:30 L Golf – US PGA Tour Memorial Tournament – Round One. From Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio. 10:30 Golf Central 11am Golf – European Tour (Highlights) Nordea Masters – Round One. From Malmo, Sweden. 11:30 Cricket – International (Highlights) England v Sri Lanka – Third One-Day International. Noon NRL Footy Show 2pm Rugby League – State Of Origin (Replay) Queensland v New South Wales – Game One. 4pm Sky Sport – What’s On 4:30 Tennis – French Open (Highlights) Day Five. 5:30 Canoeing – Sprint World Cup (Highlights) 6pm #SkySpeed 6:30 Sterlo An in-depth look at each of the NRL games from the weekend. 7:30 NRL Footy Show 9:30 L Rugby League – NRL Panthers v Eels. From Sportingbet Stadium in Penrith.


Midnight Football – International (Highlights) New Zealand v South Africa. 12:30 L Cycling – Giro D’Italia Stage 19. A 26.8km individual time trial from Bassano del Grappa to Crespano del Grappa. 3:30 Rugby – Super Rugby (Highlights) Reds v Highlanders. 4am Rugby – Super Rugby (Highlights) Crusaders v Force. 4:30 Rugby League – NRL SATURDAY 1:20 The Lord Of The Rings – The (Highlights) Panthers v Eels. Two Towers MV 2002 Fantasy. 4:15 5am Surfing – ASP Men’s World Championship Tour (Highlights) Before The Devil Knows You’re Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach. Dead 16VLS 2007 Crime Drama.

0 Closed captions; 3 Repeat; 2 Maori Language. RATINGS: 16 Approved for persons 16 years or over; 18 Approved for persons 18 years or over; AO Adults only; C Content may offend; L Language may offend; M Suitable for mature audiences; PG/PGR Parental guidance recommended for young viewers; S Sexual content may offend; V Contains violence. Local Radio: NewsTalk ZB 873AM/98.1FM FM Classic Hits ZEFM 92.5; Port FM Local 94.9, 98.9 and 106.1

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24 Ashburton Guardian

Friday, May 30, 2014

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STANDINGS Section One Methven Rakaia Southbridge Darfield Ashley Prebbleton Hampstead Kaiapoi Oxford

30 30 26 22 18 13 7 6 5

Section two Waihora Lincoln Glenmark Burn-Duns Celtic West Melton Saracens Southern Ohoka

33 26 22 20 17 15 13 6 2

Co-coach Phil Prendergast (white hood) overlooks proceedings at practice last night as Celtic prepared for their crunch match in the final round of the Combined Country Cup rugby competition tomorrow. PHOTO TETSURO MITOMO 290514-TM-097

Celts up for crunch match BY JONATHAN LEASK


Celtic is focusing on their performance and not the playoff scenarios in the Combined Country Cup rugby competition. Heading to Rangiora to meet Saracens in the ninth and final round, Celtic need to win and score four tries doing so if they are to make the playoffs, but coach Warren Mackenzie is putting more emphasis on how they play. “If we put in a good performance it should take care of it-

self,” Mackenzie said. “You don’t want to fall into the trap of trying too hard and achieving nothing. “Our focus is on improving our performance, as we have been a bit lacking in the last few outings and put ourselves in this position. Now we have to front up and get ourselves out of it.” In section two, Waihora have top spot locked down to enjoy the bye and Lincoln are likely to hold onto second place when they meet West Melton. Third placed Glenmark host

College girls still winning P17

Burnham-Dunsandel who enter the weekend in fourth, but the Celts will be backing Glenmark and hoping they can do the business against Saracens. That business is winning and scoring four tries in the process to overtake Burnham-Dunsandel if they lose, or it could be enough to draw level with Glenmark if they lose, a side they beat earlier in the season, to lay claim to fourth. But as Mackenzie said they are going out to play well and get the win first and foremost.

One thing that has proved costly has been goal kicking, and after several options have been tried, new recruit Alex So’oialo will be given both the kicking duties and the number 10 jersey for the crucial match. Southern are out of the running with only the one win to date, but are hoping to double their tally at home to cellardwellers Ohoka. In section one Rakaia and Methven are both set to feature in the playoffs but, like Celtic, they will chase a bonus point

win with home field advantage in the finals on offer. They are currently tied on 30 points, and as they drew in round one points differential will be the tiebreaker if both achieve their goal of collecting five points. Defending champions Southbridge are in third and host fourth placed Darfield, with Ashley potentially able to clinch fourth with a bonus point win over Kaiapoi if Darfield were to lose by more than seven. Hampstead have the bye.

King on bench for Reds clash P18

Ag 30 may, 2014  

Ashburton Guardian, May 30, 2014

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