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Thursday, May 29, 2014

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‘Leave sex offender alone’ BY MYLES HUME


Neighbours of a convicted sex offender living in Ashburton have jumped to his defence, saying he has “had his treatment and the public should leave him alone”. The message follows a targeted mailbox drop in Hampstead this week warning of the man convicted of sexual offences against children under 12 and

sexual acts on animals. The information was obtained from a 2005 newspaper article on the Sensible Sentencing Trust website, but the flyer goes further by stating his address, vehicle number plate and labeling him the “Beast of Ashburton”. The Guardian visited the block of flats in Hampstead where the man was said to live, where a woman answered the

door and said the Guardian had no right to be on the property. However, neighbours said they had no problem with him living in the flat complex. “He’s done his time and treatment, he even told me himself he’s been to prison. People need to let him get on with his life,” a man, who did not want to be named, said. “I have lived here four years and never had a problem.”

Another neighbour said she was not concerned but “I keep my doors locked anyway”. Ashburton police said the man was closely monitored by probation services. Sensible Sentencing Trust spokesman Garth McVicar said he did not condone vigilante action, but current legislation meant communities felt the need to take the law into their own hands.

“The law is supposed to protect us from these offenders but it’s not doing that. We have a secret squirrel system and this is the outcome that you’re going to have.” Mr McVicar said the organisation has pushed for a public violent and sex offender register instead of it being internally used by government agencies. The Guardian has chosen not to name the offender.

Pre-schooler hit by car FULL STORY

An Ashburton three-year-old was rushed to hospital yesterday afternoon after being struck by a car being reversed out of a driveway.


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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Five things that may interest you

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‘Leggings are not pants’

The Arab emirate of Qatar has issued a decree telling tourists that leggings are not pants. The Gulf state has launched a modesty drive to make sure tourists understand what is and isn’t appropriate dress. And leggings fail to make the cut. The Reflect your respect campaign, managed by Qatar’s state-run Islamic Culture Centre, uses Twitter, Instagram and leaflets distributed in public places to inform visitors of basic modesty laws in preparation for the 2022 Football World Cup. “If you are in Qatar, you are one of us. Help us preserve Qatar’s culture and values. Please dress modestly in public places,” the leaflets explain. The word “modestly” has been starred on the leaflet and a footnote reads: “Leggings are not pants”. According to Qatar leggings are not appropriate dress because they are too tight and they can be translucent.




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Boys and booze; some things never change. The Guardian reported on this court case on May 29, 1908:

Piers Morgan ‘dacked’ by Harry Styles Notorious One Direction prankster Harry Styles embarrassed British newsman Piers Morgan by pulling down his shorts during a charity soccer game. The singer was joined by his bandmates Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan at the celebrity soccer tournament in Leicester, England on Tuesday. Morgan, Boyzone singer Ronan Keating and British comedian James Corden also took part in the match alongside former professional players. A short video has since emerged showing Styles running up behind Morgan and pulling his shorts down in front of the stadium crowd. Morgan swiftly hauls them back up and the singer runs off cheering.

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Timothy Hurley was charged with assaulting William Morcan by kicking him in the head. The offence occurred when Morcan demanded an apology for Hurley’s “insulting language” in the Chertsey hotel. When the defendant refused, Morcan struck him in the head; the defendant then knocked him down and kicked him three times.

Aussie charity blocks Kiwi Red Nose Day A New Zealand charity has lost its right to use the words “Red Nose Day”, after an Australian charity succeeded in a four-year court challenge to have the Kiwi trademark revoked. But Cure Kids, which raises money for research into child illnesses through Red Nose Day in New Zealand, vowed to appeal the decision and said the fundraising campaign would go ahead as normal this year. “We have owned the rights to Red Nose Day in New Zealand since 1989 and we continue to do so,” Cure Kids chief executive Vicki Lee said. “The Australians can do their own thing, in their own country. Prior to this challenge that is exactly what has always happened. We will appeal it to the High Court. “From my point of view, the public don’t want to see two charities arguing. It doesn’t look good for either charity, but we feel that we have to defend our New Zealand rights to this.”


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Thief with a sweet tooth It’s enough to make a candy junkie give up the sweet stuff forever. A self-declared chocolate addict has been sentenced to five months in one of Colombia’s harshest prisons for swiping $8 worth of candy bars. Luis Augusto Mora was caught stealing two boxes of locally-made Jumbo bars at a Bogota supermarket. After confessing, Mora was sentenced to La Picota prison, home to some of the country’s most hardened criminals and drug-traffickers. The tough punishment has caught the attention of President Juan Manuel Santos. In a radio interview yesterday he said that misdemeanors like Mora’s shouldn’t waste prosecutors’ time and effort. Meanwhile, prosecutors have distributed a statement saying the chocolate thief is expressing regret. Mora says he’ll “never again touch a chocolate in my life.”

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News Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ashburton Guardian



NZTA coughs up $497,000 for bridge By Myles HuMe

The New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA) has stumped up with $497,000 towards the controversial second Ashburton bridge project, proving ratepayers are not funding it alone, the council says. The funding is 57 per cent of the Ashburton District Council’s $875,000 it has spent on the project so far as councillors last week voted to adopt the recommendation of independent com-

missioners to go ahead with the land designation notice of requirement east of Tinwald. “This shows that NZTA is committed to working with council to provide effective infrastructure for the community,” council service delivery group manager Neil McCann said. However, many residents opposed to the project believe it is entirely a NZTA project and during annual plan deliberations this week the bridge debate flared again with councillors warning

the level of funding may change by the time it is constructed in 2026. Councillor Alasdair Urquhart urged caution, saying NZTA “did not have to pay a thing” if it did not want to in the future, while Darryl Nelson said it could be even higher than the current 57 per cent by the time it came to contraction. Although the total bill is edging close to $900,000, it does not include land the council has already purchased to make way

for the second Ashburton River bridge. The local authority has already purchased a Carters Terrace lifestyle block for $700,000 and is close to finalising another $1.3 million to spend on two other properties. The designation will protect the planned route for future construction and the council’s property department will continue to work with directly affected landowners willing to sell their property, Mr McCann said.

He said following last Thursday’s meeting to give the bridge route the green light, there was a 20-working-day period during which submitters could appeal to the Environment Court. Following that, the designation will be confirmed and the district plan formally changed. The council will then incorporate the remaining stages of the project in its next long-term plan. The resource consent process is planned to start in 2017.


Accident sparks police warning on driveways By Myles HuMe

An Ashburton perschooler was in hospital last night after being thrown from his bike when a Netherby resident failed to see him while reversing out of a driveway. Sergeant Bryan Ennis said the three-year-old boy was taken to Ashburton Hospital with suspected bruising to his legs after a car backing out of a Bridge Street property struck him on the footpath about 3pm. The young boy, who was wearing a helmet on his small bike with training wheels, was heading north with his mother walking alongside. Police spent the afternoon speaking with residents near the Netherby Four Square. The area is bustling with school pupils after 3pm, and Mr Ennis warned Ashburton residents they needed to check for pedestrians when exiting driveways. “Drivers need to be really careful backing out of their


■ ■

Four children have died as a result of being hit by vehicles in driveways since November. Every two weeks a child is hospitalised with serious injuries after being hit by a vehicle in a private driveway in NZ. A further five children are killed a year, on average, in the same way. Most children injured in driveway incidents are toddlers, aged about two years. - Source: APNZ

driveways and look out for people on the footpath,” Mr Ennis said. A man in the area said his mother witnessed the incident and was “shaken” by what had happened outside her front gate. Mr Ennis said it was too early to decide if police would charge the driver.

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Ashburton police speak to Netherby residents after a three-year-old boy riding a bike was struck by a car reversing out of a Bridge Street driveway. Photo Myles huMe 280514-Mh-006

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Ashburton Guardian

Thursday, May 29, 2014


In brief

Milk price decline ‘no surprise’ By Michelle NelsoN

With a dividend of 10 cent kg/MS on top, it takes the inflation adjusted total payout for a fully shared up farmer to $8.50 – just one cent below the all-time high recorded in 2007/8. “The forecasts were bullish and the haircut isn’t a surprise when the GlobalDairyTrade auction prices have dropped 22 per cent since the February peak,” Mr Leferink said. “But there’s no butter mountains, there’s no milk mountains, it just that supply and demand is very, very close at the moment.” As for the new season’s open-

A 17 per cent slide in Fonterra’s forecast dairy prices for the coming season comes as no surprise to Mid Canterbury farmers. Yesterday Fonterra signalled a farm-gate price of $7 a kilogram of milksolids next season, and pared back this season’s record forecast of $8.65 to $8.40kg/MS. “Yes this represents a haircut of 25 cents, but it will still be the second highest payout in Fonterra’s history,” Federated Farmers dairy chairperson, Willy Leferink said.

ing price of $7kg/MS, Mr Leferink said it was still a great payout in historic terms, and much better than the federation had anticipated. “There’s a big market out there and there is some competition, but there’s nothing lurking around the corner that says this is going to crash the party. “We are producing more and the competition is producing more than it historically used to, but there are no other big producers of milk powder in the world, and we are still the most efficient producers. “What’s holding people back in New Zealand is the dollar.

The single biggest influence on our payout will be whether or not the Americans stop printing money.” While the wet autumn had impacted on production for many, the Mid Canterbury dairy herd was in “good nick” to look after next season’s production, Mr Leferink said. “The winter feed crops are fantastic – there’s an excess of winter feed out there which is a surprise.” Next year’s cash payout, which includes the forecast farmgate price and the dividend payment for investors, will be announced in July.


Judges overwhelmed with number of entries By ToNi WilliaMs

The judging panel for the Ashburton College Smokefree signage competition had the hard task yesterday of finding the best student design from a whopping 153 entries. Community and Public Health smoking cessation practitioner Carly McDowell was overwhelmed by the number of entries. “We certainly didn’t expect this many,” she said. The competition was to find the best art work – in any form – to get made into signage for entranceways to the school grounds. Students could be as creative as they wanted. The main condition was it had to include the phrase ‘Smokefree grounds and buildings, at all times’ and be readable. The competition was judged by Cancer Society health promoter Mandy Casey, Community and Public Health’s Mrs

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Ashburton College Smokefree signage competition judges Mandy Casey, Carly McDowell and Dave Christensen start the task of finding the best student design from a record number of entries. Photo toni Williams 250514-tW-142

McDowell and Angela Leadley, and college Year 9 tutor Dave Christensen and deputy princi-

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message,” Mrs McDowell said. The winner will be announced on Friday.

Fisherman applauds Spring Creek salmon programme

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The Cancer Society is hosting a movie fundraiser next week at the Ashburton Regent Theatre. The movie The Fault In Our Stars is a drama romance about two teenagers who met at a cancer support group. The fundraiser is on Thursday, June 5, at 5.45pm. Tickets cost $20 and are available from the Cancer Society 307-7691.

Lost your boat? Are you missing your radio controlled boat? Then Ashburton Police might have it. A radio controlled boat has been handed in to police after being found in the Ashburton Domain. Anyone who thinks the boat might be theirs can identify it at the Ashburton Police Station.

Not guilty pleas A father and son have pleaded not-guilty to firearms charges laid over a west Auckland fatal shooting. Allen Lum, 41, and his son Trae Lum, 18, appeared in the Waitakere District Court yesterday a week after the incident in Luanda Drive, Ranui, that left Josh Roach dead and another 20-year-old in hospital. Tensions were high in the packed courtroom and Newstalk ZB reported the Lums’ appearance was greeted by angry outbursts from the public gallery. A shouting match between the families of those involved broke out, and the public gallery had to be cleared before the hearing could continue. The Lums will next appear in court in August. - APNZ

Woman faints in dock

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Ashburton fisherman Michael Lye is applauding a new Spring Creek privately-run salmon release programme. He has been fishing on the Ashburton River for 35 years. “It’s not as good as it used to be 25 years ago, but it’s the best I have seen it in

the last 15 to 20 years,” Mr Lye said. He and his family regularly fished at the river mouth, and this year saw and caught more fish than usual, which he attributed to the hundreds returning to Spring Creek. The Spring Creek programme is run by Greenstreet farmer Darryl Butterick. The creek meanders

through his farm, where he cultivates salmon stock and releases thousands into the creek each year. The programme has the support of Central South Island Fish and Game. “We are supportive of work that’s done legally, and it does have the prospect of restoring and enhancing runs,” manager Jay Graybill said.

A Napier woman facing drug and abduction charges collapsed in the dock yesterday before her daughter and security officers rushed to her aid. The 33-year-old woman appeared in the Napier District Court, wearing a neck brace and struggling to walk, before she fainted and collapsed as Judge Tony Adeane addressed the court after some confusion regarding her abduction charge. Her daughter, sitting in the public gallery at the time, ran towards the dock as did a police officer and court security staff. “She needs to go to hospital,” yelled the daughter. Judge Adeane calmly called for a brief adjournment as the woman was escorted out of the courtroom to receive medical treatment. - APNZ

Possum pies dispute A West Coast couple charged with making possum pies will mount their own legal defence next month. Peter and Justine Salter, who run the Bushman’s Centre tourist complex, south of Ross, appeared in the Greymouth District Court charged by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) with two counts of preparing possum meat in a way that was not in line with a proper risk management programme. When asked why Salter had not contacted a lawyer about the charges, he told the court he had a defence lined up, but would like the chance to mediate with the ministry. An MPI representative said if Salter put it in writing he could put the possibility of mediation to MPI. - APNZ

News Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ashburton Guardian 5


Late wife ‘a good mother, person’ By PaTrice Dougan Murdered Blessie Gotingco and her husband Antonio were childhood sweethearts, who lived next door to each other in their native Philippines. The pair had been married for 30 years, before the 56-year-old mother-of-three disappeared as she walked home from work on Saturday night. Her body was discovered in bush at the Birkdale-Glenfield cemetery two days later. Speaking to APNZ from the Gotingco family home in Birkdale yesterday, grief-stricken Antonio described his late wife as a “good person”. “She was a good mother, a very good wife, a good grandmother,” he said, adding the couple had been looking forward to celebrating their only grandchild’s first birthday next

month. “We’ve been married for 30 years, we’d been sweethearts. We were neighbours back in the Philippines – I obeyed God’s law saying, ‘Love thy neighbour’,” he joked. “I’ve known her since we were in primary school. She was a classmate of my sister.” His sister did not mind him marrying her friend because “she knew that Blessie was good wife material”, he said. With son Vincent and daughter Bea at his side yesterday, Antonio said despite the tragic circumstances of his wife’s death, the family still believed New Zealand was a safe place to live. “I’m sure a lot of people here in New Zealand were touched by the way my wife died, the manner that it was done, [but] I still believe that New Zealand is a safe country. “In fact, I keep on bragging

overseas that New Zealand is very much better in terms of safety and security than the Philippines. But it just happened to us,” he said. He praised the “very professional and very efficient” police who worked on Blessie’s case, who had kept the family well informed and updated. “The New Zealand police are probably the best in the world. We greatly appreciate the efforts of the police, they’re very professional, and they’re very efficient.” The family also wanted to thank the media and the public for their support and condolences, Antonio said. The family believed all the publicity surrounding Blessie’s disappearance had helped find her body and furthered the police investigation. “Probably the cry from my

family now is to give justice for my wife, in fact I think the whole country wants that,” Antonio said. His call was echoed by visitors to the house yesterday. “We were just disgusted by what happened and really did not expect that would happen,” family friend Maria Llorando said. “As friends of Blessie we just want to have justice; justice that the perpetrator will be put behind bars.” Another friend Maria Juezen was visibly upset leaving the family home, where she had been sharing stories of Blessie’s life. “We can’t just accept it happened to her,” she said, adding it had been a “very tough” few days. Two of Bea’s friends took flowers with them as they paid

their respects. “Her mum was a very nice woman. [Bea] would always talk about her and what a caring woman she was,” said Dora Patel. “They were very close. It wasn’t just a motherdaughter relationship.” The Gotingcos said they had received messages of support and condolence from all over New Zealand, from posts on social media sites to letters in the mailbox. Some had offered help, from making dinners to mowing the lawn. The family plans to acknowledge that community support by including a public ceremony as part of Blessie’s funeral arrangements, likely to be two or three days after a private family viewing and cremation. Family are flying in from the Philippines, the United States, Canada and Australia to attend the service. - APNZ


Local sign language tutor wins national award By Toni Williams

New Zealand sign language tutor Carol Smith has won a national teaching award after being nominated by her students. At the Deaf Aotearoa New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) in Action Awards, Mrs Smith beat seven other finalists to win the NZSL Teaching Award 2014. It was the second time the Ashburton woman had won the title. Mrs Smith learned sign language at home. Her mother was deaf and her father hard of hearing. “It’s a lovely recognition for my parents really and what they have given to me,” Mrs Smith said. She was recognised for her latest achievement at a ceremony this month in Wellington. She was presented the award by Victoria University research director of deaf studies Dr David McKee. Mrs Smith was honoured to accept the award from him; Dr McKee was her tutor when she studying for the Certificate in Deaf Studies. She graduated in 2005. NZSL student Nicky Horrell nominated Mrs Smith for the award because of her relaxed, fun approach to teaching. “She’s awesome, just an awesome sign language teacher. “She has the class eating out of her hands … you’re learning but don’t know you’re learning,” she said.

View or purchase photos online

New Zealand Sign Language student Nicky Horrell (left) celebrates tutor Carol Smith’s national teaching award.


Photo toni Williams 270514-tW-124

As part of their ongoing learning, the women had an informal coffee group of NZSL students who met at McDonald’s restaurant every second Tuesday to use and develop

their sign language skills. Anyone wanting to use or improve their sign language skills was welcome to attend. The next meeting was June 10, at 7pm.

Ashburton residents had embraced NZSL learning, according to Deaf Aotearoa social enterprise manager Becky Hadfield. The organisation was looking to hold a beginners’ class and welcomed inquiries about the six-week

course. There were also plans in the future for a follow-up course. Anyone interested in learning NZSL can contact becky.hadfield@

News 6

Ashburton Guardian

Thursday, May 29, 2014


In brief

Release ‘had best intentions’ By SuSan SandyS

Many Lake Clearwater hutholders support the illegal release of salmon into Lake Camp, and would help pay the court fees if those responsible were caught. That is according to one hutholder, Kevin Jackson. He said “whoever” released the salmon had the best of intentions, and they had most hutholders on their side. “If I walked around the (Lake Clearwater) huts with my hat in my hand, I will guarantee people would dig into their pockets,” Mr Jackson said. Central South Island Fish and Game has however la-

belled the potential gesture as “one irresponsible act on top of another”. Fish and Game is investigating the illegal release, after being alerted to the presence of chinook salmon in the lake. Officers believe the fish were released over one year ago, perhaps by renegade fishery facility volunteers. The Guardian has been told by an anonymous hutholder that two fellow hutholders undertook the release, wanting to improve fishing opportunities in the lake. Mr Jackson said he believed trout in the lake were in relatively low numbers, and he planted some of the blame for

this on Fish and Game itself. In 2007 Mr Jackson had wanted to re-align a shingle bank that trout were becoming stranded on as they returned from spawning in the tributary Bellamacan Stream. However, the simple job became buried in bureaucracy as a resource consent was required. He understood that to this day the work had still not been done, and trout continued to be stranded and die each spawning season. “I don’t think there could be good trout numbers there, if people are trying to put salmon in there,” Mr Jackson said. Central South Island Fish

and Game manager Jay Graybill said yesterday that Department of Conservation regulations prohibited the use of earthmoving equipment on the Bellamacan Stream, but Fish and Game had a standing consent to move shingle manually when it was required. “We do check on those areas as a matter of course but if we get some information then we will attempt to act on that information,” Mr Graybill said. He did not support the sentiment of some hutholders on the illegal release of salmon into Lake Camp. “I don’t understand the logic of any sportsman supporting an illegal act.”

Monorail decision due A decision on the controversial Fiordland monorail project is expected before the weekend. Proponents and opponents of the proposed $200 million project say a decision is imminent, after Conservation Minister Nick Smith spent the past week considering an independent financial viability report on the 43km Fiordland Link Experience. Save Fiordland chairman Bill Jarvie, of Te Anau, said yesterday a decision “is coming in the next two days”. “All the indications are that the minister will have only one response and that is to decline the application. This has been going on for two years and it shouldn’t have got to first base.” - APNZ

Dad attacks daughter A German man who attacked his 24-year-old daughter at Franz Josef Glacier after a confrontation over reversing their car has been fined $1000. Thomas Marschall, 55, and his daughter, both from Frankfurt, were travelling around New Zealand last month. The court heard his daughter attacked him first when she became angry that he was not helping her as she tried to reverse the car. Her father then assaulted her while she was on the ground outside the car. She needed four stitches to her lip and suffered a large contusion behind her ear. Lawyer Richard Bodle said Marschall was heavily intoxicated, as was his daughter. - APNZ

Car rolls; driver hurt A 45-year-old Hawke’s Bay man is in critical condition in Hawke’s Bay Hospital after his car rolled in Raukawa south of Hastings early yesterday. Police said he was the sole occupant of the car, which was found in a paddock on its side by a local resident who phoned police at 7.39am. “When we got there the person was out of the car but had serious injuries,” Eastern district acting Senior Sergeant Clint Adamson said. “We can’t ascertain how long he was there.” The car had rolled multiple times over a distance of about 50m, destroying a section of fencing with concrete strainer posts. - APNZ

Lorraine Cohen dies Nearing completion, the Ashburton Art Gallery and Heritage Centre will be hosting an open day on Monday. photo tetsuro mitomo 160514-tm-050


Open day to provide look behind the scenes By Erin TaSkEr

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a museum and art gallery? This weekend locals will get the chance to have a peek in all of the areas normally closed off to the public when the new Ashburton Art Gallery and Heritage Centre opens its doors for the first time on Monday. The building, which is nearing completion, will be opened

to the public for one day only, on Monday from 10am until 3pm with free tours of the building being led by gallery and museum staff and volunteers. The open day has been organised by the Inside the Box campaign and spokesman, Kevin Soster said it would be a great chance for locals to take a look at the new centre before all areas of the building were occupied and fully functional. “The public will be able to

view the back rooms of the centre, such as the storage and working areas of the building. These will be closed to the public when the building is completed and formally opened later this year, probably in October. It is likely to be the only chance locals will have to see all of these areas.” He said it would also be an opportunity for the public to support the Inside the Box fundraising campaign which is

seeking funding to kit out the exhibition, storage and work spaces within the centre. Information about how to contribute and what funding has already been raised will be available at the open day. Those wishing to take a peek through the building are reminded that the building is still awaiting completion and so sensible footwear is highly recommended, as many floor areas still have protective coverings in place.

The woman who was at the centre of an infamous international drug case, Lorraine Cohen, has died in Auckland. She died in hospital on Tuesday afternoon, one of her children confirmed yesterday. Cohen and her son Aaron were caught smuggling drugs in their underwear in Malaysia in 1985. Lorraine was sentenced to death and Aaron to life in prison in a high-profile case. “She died yesterday afternoon in hospital,” said her son, Troy Pericles. He did not want to comment further. A family friend said he did not know how Cohen died, just that she was in hospital at the time. Lorraine and her 18-year-old son Aaron gained worldwide notoriety when they were caught with heroin smuggled in their underwear while boarding a plane at Penang International Airport in Malaysia in 1985. Cohen was 42 at the time. She developed breast cancer while in prison and was hospitalised, but eventually recovered. - APNZ

News Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ashburton Guardian 7


Young family striving for a better life By SuSan SandyS

Life can be hard, says young Ashburton mum Jessica Hayman. The 20-year-old is a Netherby resident, which recent census data shows to be among Mid Canterbury’s most deprived suburbs. The rating does not surprise her and Ms Hayman said one just had to look around. There were houses which could do with a lick of paint and some garden maintenance. “Nobody has the money to be able to fix them up, I guess,” she said. Yesterday Ms Hayman was trying to get her three-year-old son Xavier to preschool, but as they walked he threw a tantrum and started for home, upset because he had not been able to take his scooter. “We walk everywhere,” Ms Hayman said. “My partner has a car but the car isn’t working at the moment, it just needs to get fixed.” Her partner, Jesse, a painter who is also 20, is picked up each week day by a workmate around 7am and does not return until 6pm. The family of three live in a two-bedroom villa, alongside a boarder in a sleepout. There is sometimes five people sleeping in the house itself as two brothers of Jesse’s, who work on nearby rural properties, stay overnight. Ms Hayman does not particularly like living in the suburb. She said there were too many break-ins and one at a neighbour’s recently was random, with just a six-pack, cigarettes and deodorant stolen. Additionally, cars sometimes sped up and down the street despite the fact there were many children living there. Ms Hayman, who had to give up school in Christchurch when

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Netherby resident Jessica Hayman, with son Xavier, is striving for a better life for her and her family. Photo tetsuro MitoMo 280514-tM-024

she became pregnant as a teenager, wanted to return to the city, while her partner wanted to try their luck in Australia. She had been a single parent for some time and while life was easier today, she still felt the weight of family life on her shoulders. “I’m still young and people expect so much from me to be a parent. I have got to set an example for Xavier and I guess it’s sometimes hard.” But as much as Ms Hayman and her young family fit the cash-poor, time-poor and spacepoor stereotype of deprivation, they look to their future more so than dwelling on their

difficult circumstances. After dropping her son at preschool, Ms Hayman takes a long stroll across town four days per week to Aoraki Polytechnic, where she is undertaking a Diploma in Applied Business. She and her partner are aiming to own their own home one day and perhaps provide Xavier with a brother or sister. They are determined to stick to their budget and have a family member helping them shop for groceries each week. And as much as there is little time together as a family, they take every moment they can to enjoy each other’s company. “It’s trying to be a family together,” Ms Hayman said.

DEPRIVATION AREAS The New Zealand Deprivation Index combines census data on nine dimensions of deprivation such as income, employment, qualifications, owned home, single parent family, access to a car, living space. A rating of 10 represents the most deprived areas, while one is the least. The most deprived areas of Mid Canterbury are Netherby and Ashburton Central East, which are rated eight, having fallen from seven after the last census in 2006.

Hampstead is rated seven, having risen from eight. Rakaia, Allenton West and Ashburton Central West are six, while the least deprived are Fairton on one and Methven, Plains Railway, Ashburton North, Ashburton East and Mt Somers on two. Within suburbs there are further breakdowns for the deprivation index. There are areas of Hampstead, Ashburton Central East, Netherby and Allenton West which rate as high as 10.


AgResearch’s decision ‘short-sighted’, ‘ridiculous’ By Sally Rae Agresearch’s decision to make Invermay-based senior scientist Dr Julie Everett-Hincks redundant has been slammed as “short-sighted” and “just ridiculous” by a Southland sheep breeder. “You’d wonder if they [AgResearch] have lost the plot,” Russell Welsh said when contacted yesterday. Dr Everett-Hincks, who has been heavily involved in a major research programme on lamb

survival, is understood to have already finished work at Invermay. An email sent to staff said the position had been made redundant due to a lack of demand for quantitative genetic skills in innovative farm systems. Mr Welsh, one of the farmers involved in the lamb survival project, described Dr EverettHincks’ redundancy as a “terrible situation”. He hoped there would be “such of a furore” over the loss of a scientist of her calibre

that AgResearch would “have a turnaround”. When asked for comment, an AgResearch spokesman said, as a rule, the agency did not comment on individual staff members. Dr Everett-Hincks has an agricultural science degree from Massey University, specialising in animal breeding and farm management systems, a master’s degree in animal breeding and wool production, and a PhD in animal science, for which she investigated lamb rearing

performance in highly fecund sheep. She was approached by AgResearch and asked to join the team at Invermay in 2003. In an interview with the Otago Daily Times in 2012, Dr Everett-Hincks said she had her “dream job” and what she enjoyed most was helping farmers. Mr Welsh said Dr EverettHincks was “one of the best people we have had in the field of science”. From a farming background, she had a “lovely rapport” with

farmers and an ability to talk to them, but she also had the science skills. She was dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic about her work, he said. The sheep industry needed to be “heading on the right direction” and there needed to be a focus on greater survival which, in turn, would improve profitability, he said. Former Invermay director Dr Jock Allison said one farmer he spoke to had likened her redundancy to being “a bit like dumping Richie McCaw”. - APNZ

News 8

Ashburton Guardian

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Grants go out to benefit Mid Canty By Toni Williams

Mid Canterbury schools, district sport and a medical centre are some grant recipients this week from The Community Trust of Mid & South Canterbury. In total the trust gave $435,785 to the dozen not-forprofit community groups in Mid and South Canterbury and 68 of the region’s schools.

Mid & South Canterbury primary and secondary schools were given $137,866. It was allocated to the 68 schools to alleviate hardship amongst students and was to be used at the discretion of the school principal. The amount each school received was between $500 and $11,016 – the value was determined by formula, according to

the roll size and decile rating. Also to receive money was Mid & South Canterbury offices of Sport Canterbury who got $15,000 towards sports development programmes in the region. The Rakaia Medical Centre received a donation of $11,597 towards the installation of a gas-driven emergency power generator. The Life Education Trust

Mid-South Canterbury received $9500 towards the digital IT upgrade of their mobile health education classroom. Alzheimers Canterbury received a donation of $6000 to provide services in the Ashburton District. Plunket Society Mid & South Canterbury (volunteer home visiting programme), YMCA South & Mid Canterbury (op-

erational costs) and MS & Parkinsons Society of Canterbury (for services in the Ashburton district) each received $5000. South Canterbury recipients were The High Country Medical Trust ($150,000), South Canterbury Drama League ($50,000), Family Support South Canterbury ($30,000), Geraldine School of Veg ($5,822) and Mt Nessing Golf Club ($5000).


A $500 boost for theatre company Big Little Theatre Company members earned $500 for their company in a recent Heartland competition and were presented with a cheque this week by Ashburton branch manager Andrew Wilson. Those entering the competition had to nominate a charity or organisation close to their hearts and Big Little members went the extra mile and wrote why they liked their company on a three-metre length of paper. This week they recalled the sentiments of their writings: “You actually get to be yourself and do whatever you want, and you don’t have people telling you what to do,” said 13-year-old Henry Daly. “I loved that I get to act and that it was super fun, and it gives me a chance of being an actor when I get older,” said nine-year-old Quinn Procter.

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Photo SuSan SandyS 270514-SS-135


Laila Harre tipped to be Internet Party’s leader By adam BenneTT Former Alliance Party MP Laila Harre is expected to be announced as the leader of Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party today. A well placed source indicated yester that speculation that Ms Harre had been appointed was accurate. Internet Party chief executive Vikram Kumar and Mana Party Leader Hone Harawira yesterday refused to comment

on who the leader would be, but Mr Harawira said it was a “‘high calibre” person, and Mr Kumar said it would be “a known” political figure. The appointment of a leader was a crucial step in sealing the electoral alliance between the Internet Party and Mana which was confirmed on Tuesday. At that time, Mr Harawira said “once it became clear who they were talking to in terms of the leader it made it easier for

us to continue the negotiations”. Ms Harre was a former Alliance MP and worked as advisor for the Green Party until recently. Now at CTU she is working on the Get Out and Vote campaign. Left wing blogger Martyn Bradbury who has worked on strategy for the Internet Party yesterday afternoon wrote: “The secret is out. Laila Harre will be the new leader of the Internet Party. So if this works

the way we hope it will, Hone Harawira, Laila Harre, Annette Sykes and John Minto will be in Parliament.” “Where’s all that left wing angst and screams of sell out now?” Internet Party chief executive Vikram Kumar said party “isn’t commenting on the leader at all up till 2pm tomorrow”. He said Mr Bradbury “has zero influence, advice or role with the Internet Party”.

National Government Minister Gerry Brownlee said Ms Harre had “destroyed” the Alliance, “largely by having differences of opinion about how left wing policy should be presented and I guess by being right out of step with then-leader Jim Anderton”. It was “highly unlikely” she would work well with the Internet Party. “I think the history is that it’s Laila’s way or no way”. - APNZ

News Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ashburton Guardian 9


Care costs ‘insurmountable’ By SuSan SandyS

Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) sufferer Nikki Tyrrell of Methven is fundraising for treatment in Australia, and ongoing medical costs. Friends of the former veterinarian student and keen classical cross-over singer, in her early 30s, have established a page on the Give A Little website, to which at least $600 had been donated by yesterday. “My medical costs are huge and ongoing and I am now at the point where fundraising is the only option, in order to help access the specialised testing and treatment that may help give me some form of life back,” Ms Tyrrell wrote to her supporters in a group email this week. “The walls of my ME prison have been closing in further and further over the past few years to where I am now 99.9 per cent

house-bound and almost completely bed-bound.” She said she only left the house when someone took her to doctors’ appointments in Methven, just a few hundred metres from her home, or to stay with her parents or grandparents in Ashburton. Within the house, she struggled to maintain the basics of daily living, managing a shower only every few days and often needing friends and family to prepare food for her. Medically she required “an entire change of tack to try to win back some quality of life”. Her family was hugely supportive but in the 16 years she had been ill, it had cost well over $100,000 for treatments and care. The cost was “so high and so continuous that it is insurmountable for one family to continue doing it alone”, she said.

She was spending $150 to $300 on gcMAF immuno-therapy injections and was to try a new IV treatment. There were a raft of tests needed urgently to help guide the next phase of treatment, and in the next week alone she needed nearly $800 for new bloodwork tests to be analysed overseas. This was on top of $500 for repairs and maintenance of a portable oxygen machine and over $800 for a new trial medication. The other priority was to access proper cardiac testing via an ME literate specialist in Australia. Anyone wishing to donate can visit cause/NikkiAndME Ms Tyrell also wants to share her journey via her Facebook page, pages/Nikkijo-Music-andME/348022178624629

Nikki Tyrrell

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Chat with our knowledgable training advisers to find out how the Diploma can help you and your business get ahead. First intake starts 16 June. Enrol now to secure your place.

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Thursday, May 29, 2014


Turn your phone off for a while Coen Lammers EDITOR


ometimes our lives seem to be controlled by our smartphones. A new movement to push back on the intrusion of the new technology in our lives has reached New Zealand. Many of us feel lost if we can’t check our text messages, Facebook updates or emails on a regular basis and some feel like starved drug addicts if they actually lose their phones or end up in a remote area without reception. Younger generations will find it hard to imagine a world where you are not online 24/7. In fact though, many are losing the basic social skills that previous generations learned while communicating the oldfashioned way, face-to-face or by landline. Aside from the impact on our children, mobile devices have invaded our homes and have pushed our workplace into our living rooms. This change has been slow but insidious and many employers expect their staff to be available at night and on weekends. And even on overseas holidays, some may find it hard to get away from the office. European research has shown that people with smartphones and tablets work up to 500 hours more each year than they used to. The French Government has recently started to reverse that trend by stopping employers from sending emails or text messages to their staff after hours. This may seem radical but simply reverts back to the working habits of pre-2000, when we all survived perfectly well without our Facebook updates. This week, a New Zealand farm worker drew national attention by simply getting rid of his smartphone. He worked out he wasted too much time at work checking his phone and is getting a lot more done and goes home a lot earlier. And that’s where he catches up with his Facebook friends in peace and quiet. The young man may be on to something, and maybe we should just turn our phones off a bit more and see what happens.

YOUR VIEW Second bridge

Rates increase

How come all councillors don’t declare their close family conflict of interest re the second bridge?

It was interesting reading yesterday morning’s paper and seeing the council playing Father Christmas with our rates. A 7 per cent increase is imminent when most people are struggling with 0 or 1 per cent wage increases and our councillors are giving away money to sob stories from various groups, many with overpaid leaders, often duplicating what is done by others. The council needs to get into the real world. They would be more cautious if the money was coming from their own pockets.

Leaflet drop I am personally disgusted at that leaflet put in mailboxes, completely unessessary. Melissa Gawn

Bigotry The opinion piece by FelicityStacey Clark in Saturday’s paper is one of bigotry itself and quite offensive and based on hearsay. Where is her evidence that in Ashburton racism is more widespread than in other places? I am sure it is just about the same as everywhere. My own experience is quite different and only positive. Robert Koller


Youth wishlist My teen years are way behind me, but mini golf and tenpin bowling sound like good activities for our town. Rose

by David Fletcher

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Opinion Thursday, May 29, 2014

Am I slow? Or is this just thick? Peter Livingstone OUT OF SCHOOL


here is a line from the musical Jesus Christ – Superstar when Jesus is exasperated with his disciples and turns to them and says: “I’m amazed men like you can be so shallow, thick and slow.” I wonder at times if that line applies to me? Here is an example where I feel like I don’t understand the formulation of education policy and its announcement. I have chosen this one because it comes with a price tag of $359 million dollars. Background info: In June 2012 our Minister of Education chaired the first Ministerial Cross Sector Forum on Raising Achievement comprising of 41 members (The forum is made up of representatives from primary and secondary schools, early learning and tertiary education sectors, area schools, unions, business, academics, and iwi and the Minister of Education). The members were very excited to be back in Room 3.4 of the Beehive. (How can you have 3.4 of a room? Does that mean they used 40 per cent of Room 3?) Anyway everyone was excited for three reasons:

■ ■ ■

Travel was paid for by the taxpayer Refreshments were available before and after the meeting, paid for by the taxpayer and; The minister wanted their co-operation! (Not since the Ponsonby Teacup had politicians been so cosy. Even John ‘I can’t remember nuffin about no donations’ Banks attended)

Bear with me – the background to this forum is important to my lack of understanding of policy announcements. The forum agreed upon its terms of reference and

principles of conduct. The first term of reference sums up the best reason why the forum is meeting – The purpose of the Ministerial Cross-Sector Forum is to contribute to the Government’s overall goal of improving quality in teaching, learning and leading, to raise student achievement across the education system, using the evidence of what works, so that every young person leaves school with the knowledge and skills they need. The aim is systemwide success for all. As stated they also agreed upon how they would

conduct themselves, including communications with the media. Point 12 of the conduct principles says this – Agree communications in relation to the forum before release to the media. Ok so that is the background. Leaders from lots of groups get together with the minister to thrash out ways to improve achievement and will make sure they know what is being communicated to the media. So here is the bit where I lose understanding. In January of this year our Prime Minister announced a $359 million dollar initiative called Investing in Educational Success or IES.

Now get this, it came as a total surprise to the forum because it was never discussed by them, never written by them and they didn’t know any announcement was being made. Imagine being the leader of the New Zealand Principals’ Federation and not knowing about this! So after 18 months of meetings and working under codes of conduct, the minister stands with the Prime Minister and announces this project worth $359 million over the next four years. I don’t have a problem with the contents of IES and I am looking forward to the detail that should be made public any day now. My issue is with the resources spent to put together a forum (some of these leaders travel great distances to be at meetings), the energies required by the members to consult with their own groups, and the time taken to thrash out ideas, all being a waste of time and effort. Why have a forum when you are going to come in and crush it with your own policy. Did or did not this political party campaign on greater transparency in parliament? Did or did not this political party campaign on greater accountability from the education sector? Nearly $360 million dollars would run my school for the next 448 years, including teacher salaries. It is a decent amount of money for this country to put into one policy. Yet the policy was formulated and announced completely outside of a highpowered group, assembled by the minister, to raise achievement. The same aim as the IES policy. Apparently that is how policy is formulated and announced in this country. I’m amazed I didn’t understand this before. I’m amazed men like me can be so shallow, thick and slow. Peter Livingstone is the principal of Tinwald School. The views expressed in this column are his and do not represent the views of his school, the Ashburton Guardian or the Mid Canterbury Principals’ Association.

Ashburton Guardian 11

POLL RESULT Yesterday’s result Q: Do you think people should be notified if there are sex offenders in their area? Yes 79%

No 21%

Today’s online poll question Q: Do you check for pedestrians when backing out of your driveway?

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Thursday, May 29, 2014


In brief Heroin antidote Thousands of New York City police are to be equipped with heroin antidote kits to address a surge in overdoses from the drug. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says 19,500 police officers will be armed with naloxone, a highly effective drug capable of reversing the effects of an opioid overdose. Police officers will also receive training in how to administer naloxone. - AFP

Beaten to death

Rescued patients are placed on the ground outside a hospital in Jangseong, South Korea, yesterday after a fire at the hospital annex housing elderly patients. AP Photo

Hospice blaze kills 21 A fire has swept through a South Korean hospice for elderly, infirm patients, killing 21 people in what police say appears to be an act of arson by an 81-year-old Alzheimer’s sufferer. Seven were injured in the blaze, which broke out shortly after midnight at the hospice in Jangseong county about 300km south of Seoul. The facility cared for close to 80 chronically ill, largely bedridden patients, including stroke victims and many in the

advanced stages of senility. It was the latest in a series of fatal incidents following last month’s ferry disaster that claimed the lives of around 250 schoolchildren. A police official in Jangseong said an 81-year-old man suffering from Alzheimer’s had been taken into custody after CCTV footage appeared to show him setting the fire in a storage room on the upper floor of the two-storey building early yesterday. Although the blaze was

brought under control within 30 minutes, many on the upper floor were unable to flee as the rooms filled with thick, acrid smoke. “Most of them died as the result of smoke inhalation,” a fire official said by telephone from Jangseong, One of three nurses on duty at the time died as she tried to douse the flames with a fire extinguisher. It was the second deadly blaze in two days after seven people were killed and 41 in-

jured in a fire at a bus terminal near Seoul on Monday. The country is still reeling from the trauma of the April 16 Sewol ferry tragedy, which killed around 300 people - most of them high school students. The 21 patient fatalities were among 34 people in wards on the upper floor, only seven of whom managed to escape the fire by themselves. Seven more were rescued by firefighters but were in a serious condition as a result of smoke inhalation. - AFP


US twitter clues lead to hidden cash Tweets are turning golden in San Francisco, thanks to an anonymous Twitter user hiding cash and then firing off clues as to where to find the loot. More than $US5000 ($NZ5900) has been given away by the person behind @ HiddenCash, and word out this week was that the practice in playful generosity was spreading south to the city of San Jose in the heart of Silicon Valley. The @hiddencash account had more than 97,000 followers as of yesterday, and the number was climbing as people learned that figuring out sometimes simple hints could lead to pay-offs. “Frankly, a little over-

whelmed with requests for media and cash,” a post at @ hiddencash said yesterday. “It hasn’t even been a week. Wow.” Time magazine identified @ hiddencash as someone who made a bundle in real estate and set out to “put smiles on people’s faces” by giving a bit back to folks not as well off. In the Time interview, the anonymous person behind @ hiddencash called on other ‘haves’ to be a bit more generous when it comes to giving back. The Twitter user also advised those less well off “not to look to @hiddencash or a lottery ticket to be your salvation.” Clues have led people to money stashed in places such

as Fisherman’s Wharf, The Palace of Fine Arts, and near the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. “New SF drop: find Mr Franklin along the ‘crookedest street’ (towards the bottom),” a clue yesterday said in an apparent reference to a one hundred dollar bill planted on Lombard Street. In a sign that the acts of random generosity are having ripple effects, people finding cash are ‘tweeting’ back about treating friends or co-workers to pizza, drinks, shares of the find, and more. A message at Twitter said to watch for clues to @hiddencash in the Silicon Valley city of San Jose today. - AFP

A three-months pregnant Pakistani woman has been beaten to death with bricks by members of her own family for marrying the man of her choice, police say. Farzana Iqbal, 25, was attacked outside the Lahore High Court by more than two dozen people including her brother and father, senior investigator yesterday. She had been due in court to defend her new husband against allegations made by her family that he had kidnapped her and forced her to marry him. “The brother first opened fire with a gun but missed. She tried to run away but fell down,” the investigator said. “The relatives caught her and then beat her to death with bricks.” - AFP

Victims mourned Thousands of students have attended a memorial service for the victims of a college shooting rampage, as the US university declared a day of mourning. Students made 10,000 ribbons for the service at the University of California at Santa Barbara, still reeling from last week’s killings by a mentally unstable 22-year-old, Eliot Rodger. Rodger stabbed his three room-mates to death before going on a shooting rampage which killed three more students. The 22-year-old, who took his own life after the killing spree in the town of Isla Vista, had previously convinced police he was not a threat to others. - AFP/PA

Baby born in jail A Christian Sudanese woman sentenced to hang for apostasy in a case that has sparked international outcry has given birth in jail, her husband says. “Until now I did not see them. They didn’t allow me to go in and see,” Daniel Wani said. Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag, 27, is being held at a women’s prison in Khartoum’s twin city of Omdurman. A Khartoumarea court sentenced her to death on May 15. Born to a Muslim father, she was convicted under the Islamic sharia law that has been in force in Sudan since 1983 and outlaws conversions on pain of death. She was also sentenced to 100 lashes for “adultery”. Under Sudan’s interpretation of sharia, a Muslim woman cannot marry a non-Muslim man and any such relationship is regarded as adulterous. - AFP

Jailed in Cambodia

Sergio Loza holds up an envelope that had cash hidden in it in San Francisco. AP Photo

A 41-year-old Australian woman has been sentenced to 23 years’ jail in Cambodia for attempting to smuggle of 2.2 kilograms of heroin to Australia last year. Ann Yoshe Taylor was sentenced yesterday by the Phnom Penh Municipal Court for attempting to traffic heroin. - AAP


Ashburton Guardian

Thursday, May 29, 2014



SFO quake rebuild intel probe flop

Former SFO head Adam Feeley said fraudulent activity around the Christchurch rebuild should be acted on quickly, rather than mopped up afterwards.


Compiled by


Rob Fyfe new chief executive Merino clothing manufacturer Icebreaker has announced Rob Fyfe, former Air New Zealand head, as its new chief executive. For the past nine months Rob has been executive chairman of the Icebreaker board. Icebreaker founder and current chief executive Jeremy Moon will hand over the helm of the company to Fyfe to take up the position of executive chairman and creative director. “The move is designed to capitalise on Rob’s extensive experience at the helm of a global

business and Jeremy’s visionary product and creative expertise,” the said company in a release. “I am really delighted we have secured Rob Fyfe as the new CEO of Icebreaker,” said Moon. “His proven strengths as a game-changing CEO will align perfectly with the global goals we’ve set forth as we move toward record growth in future years in an increasingly competitive landscape.” “It was a big decision for me to hand over our business to another CEO, but I’ve seen Rob’s

passion for what we are building at Icebreaker and I really admire his skills, especially with people. In the end, it was easy for me to put my total trust in Rob.” he said. Icebreaker has 19 branded retail stores and more than 400 employees worldwide. It says sales have tripled in the last six years with sales projected to exceed $200m this year - 80 per cent of these now in Europe and North America. - APNZ

Company CODE

a2 Milk Company ATM Air NZ AIR ANZ Banking Gr ANZ Argosy Prop ARG Auckland Intl Airpt AIA Chorus CNU Contact Energy CEN Diligent BM Services DIL DNZ Prop Fnd DNZ Ebos Gr EBO F&P Healthcare FPH Fletcher Bldg FBU Fonterra Shldrs Fnd FSF Freightways FRE Goodman Prop Tr GMT Guinness Peat Gr GPG Heartland NZ HNZ Infratil IFT Kathmandu Hldgs KMD Kiwi Prop Tr KIP Mainfreight MFT Meridian Energy MELCA Metlifecare MET Michael Hill Intl MHI Mighty River Power MRP Nuplex Ind NPX NZ Oil & Gas NZO NZX NZX Oceana Gold OGC Pacific Edge PEB Port Tauranga POT Precinct Properties PCT Prop For Ind PFI Restaurant Brands RBD Ryman Healthcare RYM Skellerup SKL Sky Network TV SKT Sky City SKC Steel & Tube STU Summerset Gr Hldgs SUM Telecom NZ TEL Tower TWR Trade Me TME TrustPower TPW Vector VCT Vital Hlth Prop Tr VHP Warehouse Gr WHS Westpac Banking WBC Xero XRO Z Energy ZEL

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80 217 3682 97 392 169.5 541 428 164 955 443 924 604 500 105.5 67.5 89 240 379 118 1415 122 437 131 224 346 78 132 270 90 1450 107.5 132 328 843 176 658 400 311 350 273 174.5 361 714 255 136 345 3760 3255 383

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Last Daily Volume sale move ’000s

80 216.5 3665 96.5 392 169.5 541 416 164 955 443 918 603 499 105 67 89 240 374 117.5 1400 122 436 130 223 344 77.5 132 270 89 1450 107.5 132 323 841 176 657 400 311 349 272.5 174 360 700 251 136 344 3760 3255 383

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NZX 50 index last 4 weeks 5240 5210 5180 5150 5120 5090


More airlines are getting rid of their first-class service with only a few carriers able to sustain top-end cabins, says a report. While Etihad and Emirates are planning new levels of luxury with mini-suites and Singapore Airlines is upgrading its planes, analysts say they are running counter to the trend. Etihad’s three-room suite with a living room, bedroom, bathroom and shower complete with a butler will reportedly cost close to $25,000 for a single, long-haul journey. But American Airlines has followed Brazil’s TAM Airlines in getting rid of its first-class seats in favour of upgraded

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By Grant Bradley

it will introduce within the next two years, chief executive Akbar Al Baker said this month. “I don’t think there will be a return to first-class travel,” Al Baker said. “The chunk of our premium occupation is business travel.” Air New Zealand opted to get rid of first class almost a decade ago. International Air Transport Association figures show the number of passengers in premium seats on international markets rose at 1.9 per cent, down on February’s rise of 4.1 per cent. CAPA figures show London to New York has the most firstclass seats, with 159 on average daily followed by London-Dubai with 121 seats daily. - APNZ


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More airlines abandon first class business-class cabins. According to CAPA Centre for Aviation, Lufthansa is also removing first class from several long-haul planes. “Airlines have cannibalised their first class with businessclass seats that become lie-flat. At the same time, first class is increasingly off-limits for all but the top echelons of executives (or the wealthy leisure travellers, although they look more for discounts, and frequent flyer redemptions, which give a low yield),” the report says. Qatar Airway says it will remove most first-class seats from its fleet and reserve them for its Airbus A380 as ultra-premium travel demand shrinks. The airline is working on a new “super business class” that

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Francis said. “Whether or not the idea was a good one, this probably reflects the SFO’s challenges in networking effectively with other agencies for results,” she said. “High levels of fraud and corruption are not yet apparent but it is early in the rebuild and offshore experience suggests they will occur. “It is incumbent on all agencies in the justice, economic security and trust in government sectors to be alert to these,” the report said. Francis said the Government’s priority of detecting fraud early in the Canterbury earthquake recovery was “needing development”. However, Francis said it was not the role of the SFO to take a proactive lead in this area. Serious Fraud Office director Julie Read says the agency lacks the expertise and resources needed to take a broad role in crime prevention. - APNZ


The Serious Fraud Office suggested a “more structured intelligence capability” to assess and respond to the risk of fraud, bribery and corruption during the Christchurch rebuild but was unable to get wider support for this, according to a Government review. When previous SFO chief executive Adam Feeley left the job he said fraudulent activity during the Christchurch rebuild should be acted on quickly rather than mopped up afterwards. A State Services Commission report released this week said the SFO had identified and worked with others to consider and respond to the risks of fraud, bribery and corruption in the Christchurch rebuild. “The SFO developed a business case but was unable to get system support for a more structured intelligence capability to analyse and respond to the risks acknowledged in the region,” lead reviewer Debbie

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Rural 14

Ashburton Guardian

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Today Guardian reporter Michelle Nelson looks at what farmers and industry representatives had to say at the Water Matters Forum, held in Geraldine on Sunday, where all five panellists agreed something had to be done to protect the our waterways.


Leferink: Farmers take the environment seriously Federated Farmers dairy chairperson Willy Leferink says farmers do take the environment seriously. In his role with the federation he said his aim was to form a better relationship between agriculture and the rest of the community and to get rid of the dirty dairying label. “Rather than using water, we utilise water,” he said. “Nobody has the right to foul their nest.” Sustainability has to account for the social, economic, environmental aspects of the business, he said To make an impact on the environment focus needs to be maintained on the social and economic impacts of any future decisions. Mr Leferink criticised Environment Canterbury’s thinking as backward, in terms of building a strong economic framework. He admitted mistakes had been made, but said there was no “deliberate attempt to damage the environment and urged communities, including farmers, to have their say in the future. “This is the time for farmers to get involved and have input into their own regulatory plans. “If you have a community that wants to solve this issue it will only happen by sitting around

Willy Leferink

the table. There was no deliberate intent to damage the environment He tentatively agreed there was a precedent for a moratorium on dairying expansion until the current problems could be resolved. “I don’t disagree – any future dairy farms should not be a burden. “I see this not in terms of the costs, but the single biggest opportunity for New Zealand. “Don’t entrench yourself because then you get polarised – it’s a complicated process and there’s no silver bullet.” Geraldine-based John Donkers runs a dairy farm consultancy

business, is part owner and manager of a number of irrigated farming operations and is a director of Central Plains Water Limited. In terms of water quality he said the issue was not dairying, but intensification and maintained that if we can get the balance right, New Zealand can “have it all”. “We rely on agriculture, but I’m not saying we maintain this at the expense of the environment.” He said Canterbury farmers needed water and irrigation offered choice of land use, however it needs to be managed differently. “Farmers are concerned about the impact of their activities on ground water.” We won’t see a colossal change in the next year or so – but they are committed to taking ownership of activities on their farms. “There are some farmers that don’t want to know about this, that’s where the big stick will come out – but 80 to 90 per cent of farmers know things are going to have to be different – and it’s going to be expensive. The Government is not setting input limits, as has been the case in Europe, but has set output limits for nutrients and farmers are

By Michelle NelsoN

buying into that obligation. The message is that it’s not business as usual. He said the subject of nutrient trading was complex. “Making those allocation decisions are really difficult and really important, but it’s a case of understanding what we are going to trade – especially on smaller catchments without huge markets.” Mr Donkers said it was futile blaming “the old guys” who have left the industry. “They were working within the rules of the day.” But the future required everyone to take ownership and put their views forward. “This community has not made the decision. This is just the beginning of the (Geraldine) conversation, and we need new blood involved. “I have clients who could pull back and still make money, but having the limits will be a wakeup call for some farmers “The problems we face are not insurmountable – they can be solved. With new technology and science we can have it all. The issue is the impact of intensification – we need everyone in the catchment to buy into planned management.

A new seven-year research study is under way to deliver dairy cows that are genetically more fertile. If successful, the study could deliver an estimated $500 million national increase in on-farm profit each year. The research study also aims to deliver new management tools to help farmers take advantage of the better genetic makeup. DairyNZ senior scientist and project leader Dr Chris Burke says the study requires a purpose-built herd of 700 holstein friesian heifer calves with low and high fertility attributes, created from carefully-selected contract matings in spring 2014. “More than 2800 contract matings will be required and we need the support of dairy farmers to ensure that we are able to achieve the required number of animals,” Dr Burke said. LIC and CRV Ambreed are supporting the establishment of this research herd, with LIC managing the contract


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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ashburton Guardian 15

year study looks at fertility mating programme. LIC will start contacting more than 1000 selected dairy farmers this week. Cow fertility is fundamental to dairy farm productivity, and the goal is to get as many cows as possible in-calf in the first six weeks.

Dr Alison Watters not only has an honours degree in agricultural science and a PhD, but is also a dairy farmer.

Dr Watters first female elected to LIC board A scientist and dairy farmer with extensive experience in governance, has been elected to the board of dairy farmer cooperative, LIC. LIC chairman Murray King said the board was delighted to welcome a candidate of Dr Alison Watters’ calibre. Dr Watters has an honours degree in agricultural science and a PhD from Massey University and, with her husband Andrew, owns a 630 crossbred dairy herd in the Wairarapa. She was director of Human Nutrition at Massey University between 2002 and 2005 before joining Fonterra as technical manager in 2006 and has, over the past 18 years, been involved in several governance roles. She is the first woman to be elected to the LIC board, and Mr King said the diversity this will bring is overdue and very welcome.

Dr Watters’ appointment was enabled by the retirement of long-standing LIC director, Bryan Guy. She said she was honoured to be representing the central region together with Taranakibased director, Steve Poole. “I am passionate about the primary industry and especially dairy. “I left Fonterra with the aim of consolidating my directorship career and hoping to move from voluntary not-for-profit governance to full commercial governance,” she said. “I was aware that there are many opportunities for commercial governance in New Zealand, but I really wanted to apply for one that had a primary industry focus, and I was delighted when the LIC opportunity arose.” The appointment takes effect from June 1, 2014.



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Photo Michelle NelsoN 220514-MN-007

Succession planning vital – consultant 4500














By Michelle NelsoN

27 micron


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skim milk John Redpath, from Coach Approach, talks about succession planning during the deer industry conference open day at Mt 440Hutt Station. 5000






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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Don’t put off succession planning, is the message John Redpath wants farmers to take onboard. Speaking at last week’s deer industry conference in Methven, Coach Approach consultant Mr Redpath said families needed to bring the elephant into the room and start talking openly. In many cases family farms have evolved from traditional husband and wife operations, to large-scale enterprises requiring additional skill sets to run profitably and sustainably. Identifying the options, and transitioning the next generation into managing the business is critical, Mr Redpath said. “If you were not here today, would your family know what was going to happen with the farm or what is going to happen?” He said succession planning was an ongoing process – ideally a continuous transfer of skills and wisdom. “It’s a





working plan. Often what has been set up is not sustainable further down the track,” he said. “But you need to make a start – you need to ask questions and get the answers. It’s very easy to put it back and put it back, but it could save family businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars and save family harmony as well.” Communication is the key, but it is a problem for some families and an independent arbitrator can be helpful, Mr Redpath said. “I’ve learned the value of collaboration. If you have people working in the business who think they can cover every facet, I would really question that. “You usually need to bring in other people in an advisory capacity and separate the business from the family. “Be clear about where you want to get to as a couple, as a family and as a business. The clearer you are the better decisions you will make.”

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Thursday, May 29, 2014


Yesterday’s top 5 stories on 1. Sex offender targeted 2. Plenty to debate at water forum 3. Rugby girls post cricket score 4. Crackdown on bullying taken to a new level 5. ‘Slaves’ put to work to earn their keep



This photo was taken by Jake Strachan, 12. Jake is a very keen fisherman and in the summer gets up at 5am to fish with his father and grandfather. He has also won a cup for the largest salmon during the fishing season a couple of summers ago. Photo sent in by proud grandmother Jenny Thompson.

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soft. Turn halfway through cooking. ■ Place kumara in a saucepan of cold salted water and boil for about 20 minutes or until soft. Drain and leave to steam in the hot saucepan for 2 minutes. Mash kumara, and add honey, butter and enough milk to get a creamy mash consistency. Season to taste. ■ Preheat grill and grill rump

steaks for about 4 minutes each side or until cooked as required. Alternatively, pan fry in a heavybased frying pan with a little oil. ■ Transfer to a plate, cover loosely with foil and rest for 5 minutes. ■ Slice steaks and serve with kumara mash, roast pumpkin and steamed green vegetables.

Recipe courtesy of

8 2 4 6 8 3 7 1

Smokefree competition County cross country and many more



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If you would like to go into the draw to win a copy of Step Dave DVD, write your name, address and the DVD’s title on the back of an envelope and send to:

ANSWERS 1. Chicago 2. Narendra 3. 1873 4. Baywatch 5. Hezbollah 6. Carbon dioxide 7. French Open 8. Peter Fraser Horseradish sauce and wholegrain mustard teamed with steamed green vegetables are great accompaniments to beef. Serves 4

■ Season steaks and set aside. ■ Preheat oven to 180°C. ■ Place pumpkin in roasting dish, season with salt, pepper and cumin. Drizzle with olive oil. ■ Bake in preheated oven for 4050 minutes, or until pumpkin is

Featured today:

Young Jake a keen fisherman

QUICK MEAL Roast cumin pumpkin, honeyed kumara mash and beef steak

4 beef rump steaks salt and pepper to season 1kg crown pumpkin, cut into even sized wedges 1t cumin seeds, roughly ground 3T vegetable oil 3 medium sized kumara, peeled and roughly chopped 2T manuka honey 1T butter milk as required 1T vegetable oil



Test yourself with the Guardian’s weekday quiz 1 – Variety theatre of Ashburton recently ran performances of … a. Madam Butterfly b. Les Miserables c. Chicago 2 – The first name of new Indian Prime Minister Modi is … a. Mohinda b. Ramindra c. Narendra 3 – Levi Strauss received a patent for riveted men’s trousers in which year? a. 1873 b. 1881 c. 1893 4 – Pamela Anderson made her name as an actress in which US TV series? a. Dallas b. Baywatch c. The Beverly Hillbillies 5 – Which is the correct spelling for the radical Islamist group? a. Hisbollah b. Hesbollah c. Hezbollah 6 – Dry ice is a form of frozen … a. Nitrogen b. Carbon Dioxide c. Nitrous Oxide 7 – Which is the only major tennis event Novak Djokovic has not won? a. Australian Open b. Wimbledon c. French Open 8 – Which NZ Prime Minister was a conscientious objector in World War One? a. Michael Savage b. Peter Fraser c. Keith Holyoake

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Motoring 18

Ashburton Guardian

Thursday, May 29, 2014



ow that wheels Week Plus is over for another year the organisers can take a well deserved break, but no doubt before they do they’ll have a little bit of finalising to do, which will include a debrief of the activities. Long story short Wheels Week Plus 2014 can go down in history as a great event, thanks to the efforts of the very hard working and dedicated group of enthusiasts who organised it. Thanks to you all for providing us with another memorial celebration of the wheel.



here will be a few motorbikes on the roads this weekend, some going to the annual Brass Monkey rally, some going on the Jokers Social Club Queen’s Birthday Ride. And not only will those bikes be worth seeing; they’ll be worth hearing too. And speaking of the Jokers Social Club, they will be staging their massively popular biennial Ashburton Bike Show again this year. This must-see display is scheduled for November 22. And looking a lot further ahead, in fact 12 months hence, Wheels Week will celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Regal Super Snipe ob T

hose of us - and there are thousands in this category - who have been fortunate enough to attend Ashburton College owe a great debt of gratitude to Ron Baker, who passed away recently. His recently published obituary and the tributes which have been paid to Ron have mentioned the incredible input he had in the not always easy negotiations which led to the combination of Hakatere College and Ashburton High School and the formation of Ashburton College. The two schools, which each had a well deserved reputation for providing their students with the best possible standard of education, were naturally mindful and proud of the traditions and history which had built up around them. But thanks to Ron and others a difficult task was accomplished, initially with the new school divided between two sites, but ultimately again because of the dedication of the people involved amalgamation on the present Walnut Avenue site was possible. A few years ago group of us spent an evening with Ron and Waveneley (Wave) Baker, and during that time we heard a whole lot about the events which led up to the formation of Ashburton College.

It’s a fascinating story, filled with some political manoeuvrings and intrigue which forms an integral part of the history of our town. While we were there Ron shared some of his life story, by showing us the family history book he had written and letting us see the records from his time as a navigator flying in Lancaster bombers during World War Two. One thing led to another, and talk got around to an interesting fact that leaked out during the first year of Ashburton College. It wasn’t some bit of political intrigue relating to the school and how it was formed or about where the new college would be built. Nor was it at all scandalous. Some would say it was even better than those possibilities! News got out that the new and first principal of Ashburton College, Dave Thurlow had ordered a new car. And not just any car, he was getting a Humber Super Snipe. Eventually this black beauty arrived. The Super Snipe was a big car and made it look quite sleek, luxurious and regal. Which it was! In fact the model was often used by Commonwealth governments for official transportation. I recall, my brother-in-law

David Shroff telling me the Government department in which he worked used them, but after a couple of mishaps someone in the department probably given his wonderful sense of humour my said brother in law renamed the cars Super Swipes. Anyway, getting back to the wonderful evening spent with the Bakers, Ron had a delightful tale to tell about the principal’s new car. While the School Board were enjoying supper the members asked Dave Thurlow the sort of questions we all ask about new cars, and he was happy to tell them about his brand new vehicle. But he ended by making an oft-heard comment about its all very well getting this nice new car, but now its been driven out of the showroom its probably only worth half what was paid for. Much to the delight and amusement of Ron Baker and others the Motor Trade representative on the Board had an instant retort – he reached into his pocket, pulled out and slapped down his chequebook and said “I’ll give you that for it”! Needless to say a deal wasn’t done, but its tales like that make motoring and any history interesting. There is something else about our evening with the Bakers

which none of us will forget – Wave produced one of the home made fruitcakes for which she was renowned. We went that evening to obtain a little bit of information about the formation of Ashburton College. We came away with a lot more, including great memories and a delightful motoring tale.

The magnificent Humber Super Snipe, as owned by Dave Thurlow, the very first principal of Ashburton College.


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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ashburton Guardian 19

In brief

bject of desire

Ricciardo on a high

Bernard Egan MOTORING

He knew he had the talent but Daniel Ricciardo says he never thought things would pan out so well this early in the Formula One season. The West Australian finished third in Sunday’s Monaco Grand Prix to claim his second successive podium alongside Mercedes duo Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton. The result has shot him up to a career-best fourth on the championship standings, overhauling teammate and fourtime title winner Sebastian Vettel for the first time. “It’s really nice to be up here,” said Ricciardo. - AAP

Team not for sale Flamboyant Malaysian millionaire Tony Fernandes says, contrary to press reports, he is not looking to sell his Caterham Formula One team. Fernandes, who also owns budget airline AirAsia and the English football club Queens Park Rangers, added that the group is looking to attract outside investment. Fernandes had felt compelled to issue the statement after it had been reported by Malaysia’s Edge financial daily that he planned to offload the group’s assets. - AFP

Talking cars

HUMBER SUPER SNIPE When Ashburton College Principal Dave Thurlow took delivery of his new Humber Super Snipe in mid-1965 he acquired a very sturdy car, powered by a three litre six cylinder motor. Like many automobile manufacturers the Humber Company began as bicycle makers. Cars were a natural progression, and a variety of models many with innovative

features followed. The Humber Company became part of the Rootes Group. Humber vehicles were produced for military use during both World Wars, serving with distinction. Some models were also used by the Police forces around the world. From humble beginnings the company concentrated on solid upmarket cars renowned for the quality of their workmanship.

Production of Super Snipe models began in 1938 and continued in a series of models until 1967, just two years after Dave Thurlow got his car, so his was amongst the last produced. Ultimately the Rootes Group became part of the Chrysler conglomerate and the last Super Snipes were built in Australia. Humber cars are no longer produced, but the name is still remembered as a symbol of quality and whenever they are seen they always attract attention.

Two words: talking cars. That’s what Ford wants on Australian roads thanks to their vehicleto-vehicle technology, aimed at reducing collisions by getting cars to communicate. “It’s essentially like a wireless communication,” spokesman Martin Gunsberg says. “For example, if a driver activates the emergency brakes, it can communicate to the car behind it, and the car behind it. Before that driver reacts, the vehicle can communicate it.” The company has fitted out two Ford Kugas with technology and plans to conduct a live demonstration in downtown Tapei at next week’s Computex conference. - AAP


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Motoring 20 Ashburton Guardian

Thursday, May 29, 2014


In brief

Challenge presents its challenges

Irish tough on texters Irish motorists caught texting on a hands-free mobile phone while driving will be hit with fines and penalty points from next year. Transport Minister Leo Varadkar plans to tighten up the law on mobile phone use, which currently applies only to hand-held devices. The lack of clarity under the current law means the rules are going to be tightened. Those who refuse to pay the initial fines face the prospect of being hit with fines of up to €1000. - II


Beggars only please Car window washers who cause a nuisance have been put out of action by Auckland Council’s new public safety and nuisance rules which came into force this week. Window washing is technically not banned, said council bylaws and compliance manager Max Wilde. “It’s just that the bylaw makes it illegal to wash or offer to wash a vehicle in an intimidating manner, cause a nuisance or cause obstruction to traffic. Window washers are also placing themselves in danger by working in the middle of busy oncoming traffic.” However, street beggars are able to carry on under the bylaw, providing they do it passively instead of using aggressive or intimidating behaviour. - NZH

Ruth Coppard is surrounded by fellow riders and their support crew at Lake Lyndon during the Trans Alpine Scooter Safari.

ocal rider Ruth Coppard is one of the many riders who completed the Tranz Alpine Scooter Safari last weekend, She says her Honda 50 performed well, although Ruth says after a 250km ride on a small bike she is aware of one or two muscles she had forgotten she had. Thanks to the participation of over 200 enthusiasts the biennial charity event has raised in excess of a whopping $185,000 for the Cancer Society. A road closure meant riders could only go as far as Cass rather than all the way to the West Coast, but the return journey covered the same distance as originally planned. Because of the weather and road conditions the ride was not without its challenges. Ruth says the wonderful camaraderie and seeing people in all sorts of stunning fancy dress riding a variety of bikes ranging from pristine examples to homemade bitzers made it a fantastic event.




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his week Lamborghini donated the Italian State Police a special version of its new Huracán super sports car, the Huracán LP 610-4 Polizia. Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, handed over the car to the head of the Italian State Police, Prefect Alessandro Pansa, in a ceremony in Rome at the “Museo delle Auto Storiche della Polizia

di Stato” or if you don’t speak Italian, the Museum of Historical Cars of the State Police. The new Huracán LP 610-4, which replaces the Gallardos used by the Italian police force since 2004 and 2008, features a 5.2 l V10 engine with 610 hp, and reaches a top speed over 202 mph. The new Lamborghini Huracán police car will begin service within the end of this year.

Club news Thursday, May 29, 2014 Celtic Squash Club It’s been a busy year already out at Celtic, with a few new faces adding plenty to the mix, and on the court some of those new faces are giving the established middle order cause to look over their shoulders. The squash club is certainly doing its bit to keep up with the great things ‘big brother’ is getting into downstairs, with the whole complex and all the grounds looking fantastic, thanks to the combined efforts of a whole lot of folks. A month ago we decided a big clean-up of our facility was overdue, and there was no shortage of volunteers (including lots of those new faces) at a couple of working bees. But somehow the enthusiasm overflowed, and one night the kitchen, instead of being painted, cleaned and tidied, finished up being completely gutted, and if your old kitchen has gone down to the dump, then you have no choice but to build a new one. So after a few nights of scrubbing, dusting, painting, mopping and re-arranging by a tireless band (on the last night we had more volunteers than we knew what to do with) we had the cleanest, shiniest clubrooms around - except that the kitchen was an empty shell. Enter Billy from Ashburton Joinery, and within 24 hours he had added the superb final touch, a great-looking and perfectly function kitchen. Huge thanks to everyone who did their bit over that time, the end result is well worth it. Members who have retired or are on the injured list should roll out on any Wednesday night to have a look-see. On court the competition has been hot already this season, and some of the games (Brendon-Craig, Mike-Pete) have been just brilliant, point-for-point for more than an hour; the ladder has been a hive of activity already. The Mid Canterbury Squash interclub competition is well under way, and so far three times our teams have had to go to countback of points (coming out the right side on all of them), such is the closeness of the contests in this superb ongoing tournament. Our own tournament isn’t far away (July 25-27), and this year it will be something special. It’s the 25th anniversary of the Ray McBeth Memorial, and ex-Celtic boy Craig Stratford has taken it upon himself to organise the Open grade, meaning it will be populated by players with an A in front of their name, from Auckland, Christchurch and Oamaru. It was Oamaru where Ray McBeth came from; he was a great friend of the Celtic club and many of our members from back then, and was instrumental in forging the strong ties between Celtic and Oamaru. We are also planning an anniversary dinner on the Saturday night (finals will be on Sunday), and if you want to enter the tournament, or register to come along to the dinner and get re-acquainted with folks from way back then, email Steve at Craig was down from Auckland a couple of weeks ago to do a Demo and Rules/ Discussion night, and that boy’s knowledge of and love for the game is just amazing; an illuminating and highly entertaining night for all who attended.

Ashburton Horticultural Society There was a good turnout of members to the final meeting of the season. Congratulations to Norm and Maureen McDowell on celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary recently! Following a time of fellowship and a pot luck tea, David Askin addressed the meeting with a short summary of the forthcoming 150th Ashburton Domain Celebration. Speaker for the evening was Ray Thompson who skilfully paints ordinary river stones and turn them into a colourful animal such as a cat or duck. Raffles were won by Dick Bennett, Maureen McDowell and Anne Gamblin. Premier Bloom was awarded to Norm McDowell for a white Streptocarpus house plant. Table Show Results as follows: Pat Tarbotton (6 firsts, 3 seconds, 2 thirds) Ken McLaren (6, 2, 1) Joy Jaine (4, 5, 0) Maureen Randall (2, 0, 2) Norm McDowell  (2, 0, 0) Shona Thom-

as (1, 2, 1) John Hoogweg (1, 0, 1) Surrey Lamont (0, 0, 1) Please note there will be no meetings during June and July. The next monthly meeting will be followed by the AGM on Monday 25 August 2014.

Ashburton Pakeke Lions Club The May meeting of the Pakeke Lions Club had a smaller than usual attendance of 64 members and partners with a number of apologies but this was not necessarily to the very cold evening. Following Grace and the meal 3rdnd VP Lion Peter O’Neil advised members of the request for helpers with the Ronald McDonald House appeal. He also gave an update on the restoration of the boat “Slick”. A new shed has been located and a team will be preparing the boat for the shift to its new home. Lion Peter thanked the members for all the volunteering to assist with street appeals during the year. A letter of special thanks was read from the Red Puppy Appeal organisers who had appreciated all the help they had received. Secretary Lion Barry Bluett circulated a clip board requesting names of Pakeke members who wished to attend Changeover Nights for other Lions’ Clubs within the area. An invitation to the Age Concern Concert on June 8 at the Senior’s Centre was extended. 1st VP Lion Bob Rogers thanked all those who had helped during wheels week and intimated that help will be required for a BBQ which will be held during a Cadbury’s event in the town. He was pleased to advise that all positions had been filled for the coming year. The guest speaker for the evening Ms Kathleen Stringer from the Ashburton Museum was introduced by 2nd VP Lion Ray Harraway. Ms Stringer firstly spoke on the massive exercise currently shifting of articles to Ashburton’s new state of the art Art Gallery and Heritage Centre. Precious historical data and articles will now have a home on one site in a safe and climate controlled environment. Preserving archival material is of particular interest to Ms Stringer as it not only preserves personal and community documents but also reflects the history of the local district. All material will be carefully identified, catalogued and documented for public information. There is no doubt that Ms Stringer has a passion and commitment to her work and we can look forward to having a wonderful user friendly facility in our town . Lion Milner Jacob suitably thanked her. Lion Arthur Pawsey competently deputised for Tail Twister Ron Paterson who is recuperating well from recent surgery. Next ladies craft day June 9 at Norma Galway’s. Evening closed with National Anthem

Ashburton Senior Citizens The monthly social afternoon was held on a miserable cold and wet afternoon in the Seniors Centre, Cameron Street on May 12. Hope once again played a lovely selection on the piano while the audience was being seated; Arthur Berry welcomed everyone and led the singing of “Happy Birthday” for all those with a recent birthday. Yvonne gave out two notices, one for Age Concern’s concert on June 8, cost $10, 2pm at the Seniors Centre and one for the Menz Shed’s open days on May 23 to 24 starting from 9am. For further information contact Brony at Cameron Courts. The programme started with Geordie and his piano accordion, who told brilliant jokes and played some lively tunes. John Davis then played Charmaine on his keyboard and a wonderful Bavarian tune which he had changed to waltz time. Arthur and Jim sang Dark Haired Marie, Arthur sang I’ll Walk Beside You and then Beyond the Sunset with Jim, Geordie returned to tell more hilarious jokes in between playing more lively tunes. John returned to play more of his repertoire of entertaining tunes including a selection of Viennese waltzes After the raffles were drawn Arthur and Jim sang I’m in the Mood for Love, Jealously, He’ll Have to Go and Now is the Hour. Yvonne thanked all the entertainers for providing such a lovely programme. Afternoon tea was then served. For Total Mobility please ring 3081237.

Ashburton Wahine Club The first Hui for the year was held on the

May 1. After the opening ceremony and welcome the curtains opened. The theme for the night was Four Seasons of the year. A reading was read called Four Seasons about the oak trees on Oak Grove and the changes that the trees have every year. The choir sang five songs during the programme, In the Good Old Summertime, Winter Wonderland, Frosty the Snowman, Tip Toe through the Tulips and I Love Paris in the Springtime. There were several sketches The Confessional, Memories, Doctor’s Results and The First Date. A member played the accordion playing the tunes Lullaby of the Leaves and Spring Song. Three readings were read, Olden Days, The Family Tree and The Holiday. It was a great night of entertainment enjoyed by all and finished with supper being served.

Ashburton Woodworkers Geoff Brown welcomed twenty one members to the 25th AGM. Geoff, in his presidential report, outlined the year’s highlights which included attaining charitable status and updating the constitution, long time member Ross Close moved to Ranfurly, discussion on forming a Menzshed, excellent demonstrators throughout the year, the success of six members of the club returning, from an interclub meeting in Christchurch, with the Tina Turner Trophy, and as always the club looks for suitable trees to use for their turning. Subs were to remain at $50. Election of Officers: Patron: Tom Dotta; President: Bryan Ching; Vice President: To be announced; Past President: Geoff Brown; Secretary/Treasurer: Wim Melchers; Committee members unchanged from last year: John Millichamp, Bruce Ferriman, Merv Peck, John Howe, and Frank Luxton; Supper convenor: Les Mattingley; Raffle convenor: Merv Peck. A vote of thanks to past president Geoff Brown for the considerable amount of work done over the past two years. Dave Busby then presented a Dell Stubb’s video on green turning a natural edged bowl, interesting that he used some rather unusual tools. Show and Tell table Items, from the Christchurch Fun Day meeting, on display were two bottles, two stoppers and two trays along with the Tina Turner Trophy. John Millichamp a large olivewood bowl he turned while in the USA seven years ago. Roger Scammell a checker board of assorted woods. Frank Luxton, a highly polished cherry saucer.

Creative Fibre Ashburton The Report for the May meeting of Creative Fibre Ashburton. The warm weather brought out a large number of members at the Allenton Rugby Club at 9.30am. After the business we noted that the Mystery Bus trip last month was a great success. We went to a quilter’s home first of all at Darfield then on to Darfield’s creative fibre group which was a surprise to members there. Richard Ashford was their guest speaker and that was an unexpected bonus. Then we returned homewards but stopped at Chertsey Book Barn and for many, this was a a delightful experience. Invited members of our group went to Timaru to their group’s special celebration. It as an informal but pleasant time. A report was given about The Dunedin Creative Fibre Exhibition and Shona was in charge of arranging the fashion parade, a very informal affair which took place in the Octagon at lunchtime. Our members who attended felt it was a very worthwhile event with its many classes. Next year’s festival is in Rotorua. No informal spinning in June as its Queen’s Birthday weekend. The area meeting on June 16 will  be held in our clubrooms so members are asked to bring work for a show and tell table and a plate for morning tea. SHOW AND TELL Baby wear: jacket and  2 rps of boottees 4 singlets. A toddlers cardigan and boottees 8 small knitted dolls, a purple adult jacket, hat, a red scarf in fine wool. natural coloured wool fawn jersey, sleeveless jersey knee rug in squares 3 prs fingerless mittens, perendale 12 ply hanks of wool, machine washable polworth

hanks, 2 coloured rugs with a diagonal pattern, 5 mohair rugs done in squares. Before the meeting closed for lunch, Julia Crosson came as a guest speaker and spoke enthusiastically about a gathering to take place on 28th June at the New Life Church. It’s called BACK TO BASICS where older members in the community can share knowledge with young people on many subjects. Watch this space. The meeting then finished with lunch and sharing.

Harrier Club Race On Saturday the Ashburton Harrier Club held a handicapped 5 km race in and around the Domain. A very warm day greeted competitors with the Domain providing a lot of welcome shelter from the nor west wind. Chrissie Stratford was the winner on handicap of the walking race, with Bill Hood 2nd and Dave Strong 3rd. Dave recorded the fastest time of 33 min 35 sec. Neill Lyons was the winner of the running section, with Alison Conway 2nd and Kerry Clough 3rd. Fastest time was Joe Ford in 18 min 35 sec. A number of children also ran 3 km as a lead up to their school cross country race this week with some good times being recorded.

RSA Women’s Section President Colleen Hands welcomed members and visitors on May 22. There was a good attendance. A minutes silence was observed for a deceased member. Apologies were received. Hope McIntosh played the piano while we sang the R.S.A. song. No birthdays this month. Sympathy was given to anyone who has lost a loved one. Sick members were wished a speedy recovery. The afternoon’s entertainment was introduced; thirteen members of the Electronic Organ Club singing group. Two of the members, in turn, Audrey Ritchie and Rose Stead accompanied the singers for several medleys. Janet Smith played selections on her keyboard on two occasions. Rose Stead had recorded two items on a pen drive which was plugged into Janet’s keyboard. This played while Rose in fact played a duet on the piano. Five members performed a sketch. As well as singing they showed great coordination with their actions. A lovely programme was really enjoyed by members. The entertainers were thanked for coming along. Raffles were won by Fay Johnston and Joan Scott. Competitions: 1 stem of chrysanthemum with multiple flowers: 1st Betty Weastell; 2nd Margaret Morgan; 3rd Alwyn Clulee. Thimble 1st Margaret Morgan, 2nd Pat Cannan, 3rd Marilyn Coley. The afternoon ended with hostesses serving afternoon tea.

Seniornet Ashburton Inc We have been very busy for the month of May, with numerous workshops & forums. We would appreciate it though, if when members have registered for a class and they find they cannot come, they ring or email us to let us know. Our tutors give their time willingly and it is very frustrating when they turn up prepared for a class and find some members who do not and have not rung or emailed to let them know. We understand sometimes it happens at the last moment, but a call later would be very much appreciated. We only have a small band of tutors and it would be detrimental to the future of Seniornet if all our tutors decided not to turn up. For the month of June we have: Question and answer afternoon: Thursday June 5 1.30pm in the Lounge at MSA. This will be a presentation by “Robin Burton on his trip to the Antarctic”. This should be an interesting and informative afternoon. Monday May 9 1.30pm A forum on “Alternative to Word”; Tuesday June 17 at 10am “Workshop on Excel”; Wednesday 18 June 7pm “Tablet/ipad/phone forum”; Monday 23 June 1.30pm “Backing up your Operating system & computer”. We have left a few days this month for members to ask for workshops or forums on what they would like to do. Please ring either: Jenny 308 8424 or Margaret 307 7498. We had a great question and answer afternoon this month with “Robert from Westpac” giving us a comprehensive presentation on all aspects of banking. Remembers if there is anything you want to know from Westpac, give Robert a call. He is willing to help you with any information you need. We sincerely thank

Ashburton Guardian


him for his presentation. We have two members, who have installed “Ubuntu Linux” on their computers and at our Q & A afternoon in August we will have a demonstration on this Operating System, so keep this in mind for the future.

Tinwald Garden Club Thirty members of the Tinwald Garden Club met for the May meeting in the Tinwald Memorial Hall and were welcomed by President Phylis Hydes who also greeted a visitor Judi Christie who has recently moved to Ashburton from the Hibiscus Coast. Members were reminded of the annual meeting on 26 June which will be preceded by a meal at the Print Shop. Paul and Kevin Woodhouse, our speakers for the afternoon were introduced to members and gave an account of how their nursery on Bridge Street began and has now grown to produce most vegetable plants and a fair selection of annual flower plants. Paul explained his interest in growing strawberries and all about the parent plants which he buys from Kati Kati in the North Island. These are potted up and sold. Paul recommended Tui strawberry mix be worked into the soil prior to planting and that new plants be planted every two years. Bev Reverley thanked Kevin and Paul and presented them with a fruit tray. Competition Results: Cut Flowers: Container of Cacti or succulents: 1st A. Scammell; 2nd A. Truman; 3rd P. Hydes 3 Pansies on Saucer: 1st H. Mitchell; 2nd B. Tarbotton Vase Chrysanthemums: 1st K. Ross; 2nd P. Hydes Stem Leucadendron: 1st A. Scammell Miniature Bloom: 1st B. Tarbotton; 2nd K. Ross; 3rd G. Quelch Miniature Rose: 1st B. Tarbotton; 2nd A. Truman; 3rd K. Ross Spike: 1st A. Truman; 2nd K. Ross; 3rd P. Hydes Cluster: 1st A. Scammell; 2nd K. Ross; 3rd P. Hydes Br. Flowering Shrub: 1st K. Ross; 2nd A. Scammell; 3rd G. Quelch Bloom any variety Rose: 1st G. Quelch; 2nd A. Scammell; 3rd V. Johnson Flower N.O.S.: 1st G. Quelch, 2nd A. Scammell; 3rd B. Tarbotton Vegetables: 1 Pumpkin: 1st H. Mitchell 3 Stalks Silver beet: 1st K. Ross Decorative “Welcome to winter” Beginners: K. Ross Intermediate: 1st S. Lamont; 2nd P. Hydes The Young/O’Keefe Trophy was won by A. Truman and the Daphne Cross Trophy by S. Lamont

Waireka Croquet Club Here we are facing the Winter with the whites well and truly packed away until September. Waireka held its AGM on May 12. Farewelling Sue Lamb as secretary and Annette King as club captain, leaving them free to enjoy their croquet – although Sue is assistant club captain the coming season. Both these members were thanked for their excellent work over the last few seasons – well done. These positions were filled by Audrey Leath (secretary) and Eva Kircher (club captain). Marion Marshall is still our President guiding the way and John Lobb treasurer keeping an eye on the purse strings. Mahjong and Euchre have commenced – Mahjong Monday and Thursdays and Euchre Wednesdays. These are being well supported and a great way to pass a winters afternoon. The Euchre is being run by a roster system this year which is working really well and makes life easier for members. Starting times for these activities are in the Daily Diary. Both our young talents were nominated for the sports awards. Edmund Fordyce in Ashburton and Logan McCorkindale in Timaru. Neither won an award but well done for being good enough to be nominated. The talent among the young is truly unbelievable and great to see them making use of the facilities and coaches available. Apart from the above not a lot else happening at Waireka. Work is due to commence on the greens to bring them up to standard for the next playing season – that seems a long way away as we face the coming winter. However as soon as we get through that we can welcome Spring so stay warm and well until then.

Sport 22 Ashburton Guardian

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Perry to start for Crusaders By Erin TaskEr

A week after scoring his first Super Rugby try, Tim Perry has again been given the nod to start in the front row for the Crusaders in this weekend’s clash with the Force. It will be the second week in a row the Mid Canterbury export has been picked to start for Todd Blackadder’s team, with fellow prop – and All Black - Wyatt Crockett again set to start from

the bench. The Crusaders have made just one change to their team to play the Force, with Kieran Read returning to play for the first time in six weeks. Read, who has fully recovered from both the concussion sustained in the Chiefs game and the cold that kept him out of contention last week, will captain the side and play at No 8. That sees Luke Whitelock move to the bench. There are no other changes to

the team that beat the Highlanders in a southern derby thriller last Saturday night. The match against the Force will be the Crusaders’ final home game before the June test window and coach Blackadder said the home crowd support was going to be more important than ever. “We are up against another very tough team this week and this win is so important for both of us. So we need to make the most of every advantage we’ve


got, and the home crowd is one of the big ones,” Blackadder said. “The Crusaders’ supporters at AMI Stadium this season have been outstanding and we are determined to show our appreciation with a great performance on Friday night.” Kick off at AMI Stadium is at 7.35pm and the prematch entertainment will include the Jordan Luck Tim Perry Band playing at 6.45pm.


College chases back-to-back wins Champion bowlers By JonaThan LEask

The Ashburton College 1st XV are after back-to-back wins on the road in the Crusaders Secondary Schools’ rugby competition on Saturday. College claimed their first win 28-24 over Burnside in Christchurch and chase number two when they take on Roncalli College in Timaru. Roncalli were rolled by Nelson 40-10, a team seven days earlier College had pushed a lot harder

than the 17-0 score line suggested. College made an early season trip to Roncalli last year and were beaten 18-0, but went on to beat Roncalli 30-3 in what was both the Crusader Secondary Schools’ plate semi-final and the co-ed final. Roncalli have one win and four losses to date, beating Rangiora 40-15 at home in round two. Round six started mid-week with the derby between Christchurch Boys’ and Christ’s College, the former continued their domination of the annual exchange.

The unbeaten CBHS, featuring Mod Canterbury ex-pat Jesse Houston, scored a bonus point 28-3 win making it 14 years since Christ’s last won the inter-school match in 2000 with a side that featured All Black James Ryan. Elsewhere in round five the 2013 final rematch takes place today between defending champions Marlborough and Nelson, Lincoln host St Thomas, Burnside are at home to St Bedes College, Timaru Boys’ take on Shirley in Timaru and St Andrews are away to Waimea.

Adams edges closer to NBA finals Oklahoma City dispatched San Antonio yesterday to level up the Western Conference Finals, leaving Steven Adams two wins away from playing for the NBA title. After falling into an 0-2 hole following the series’ first two games in Texas, the Thunder recorded a 105-92 victory and send the series back to San Antonio.

All Star Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook combined for 71 points in the comprehensive win, while no Spur scored more than 15 amid a suffocating defensive effort. Adams played another prominent role in limiting the Spurs, with the Thunder restricting the NBA’s leading scorers to an

average of 94.5 points in their two victories. The Kiwi played 26 minutes off the bench and finished with four points on twoof-three shooting from the floor. He also grabbed six defensive rebounds and recorded a block, walking a fouling tightrope to finish the game with five fouls to his name. - APNZ

out to reclaim title By JonaThan LEask

Past, present and potential future winners will contest the South Island Indoor Bowls Championships in Ashburton this weekend. Among 110 teams entered in the pairs on Saturday are last year’s champions, Ashburton’s Michael Lawson and South Otago’s Stephen Preddy. Lawson and Preddy head the field that includes former title holding combinations of Gary and Graham Low (Southland), and Eilleen and David Grant (South Otago) while previous pairs champions with different partners this year include Alan Tutbury (Canterbury), Grant Fortune (Southland) and Mel Spicer (Canterbury). The triples will take place on Sunday with 65 entries,

including 2013 champions Daniel French, Nicholas Sinclair and Daniel Sinclair (Otago) but 2010 winners, Lawson, Ken Mackenzie and Preddy, will be out to reclaim the title. Last year’s winners, Ashley Diamond, Grant Fortune, Brent Keen and Darryn Turner (Canterbury) are among the 50 teams entered in the fours to be played on Queen’s Birthday Monday. Entries are similar to when the event was last held in Ashburton in 2011, and because of the numbers two halls will be used for the championships. Qualifying for the pairs will be held at the Indoor Bowls Stadium on McNally Street and at the MSA Club on Burnett Street. Fours and triples will all be at McNally Street.

M10 Christchurch dogs Today at Addington Raceway

Fields for Christchurch Greyhound Racing Club meeting at Addington Raceway today. NZ Meeting number: 10. Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; 11 and 12. Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 10, 11 and 12. RACE 1, 4.08pm (NZT) SUPER PETS SPRINT C3, 295m 1 21615 Billy Muggins 17.49 .......................... B Dann 2 25114 Claremont Pizzaz 17.34 ................R Adcock 3 73665 Waimak Dave 17.60 ..................J McInerney 4 25411 Irish Blue 17.35 J & .........................D Fahey 5 52374 Jack’s A Jewel 17.35 ....................C Roberts 6 57733 Batiatus 17.34 ...........................R Blackburn 7 73614 Rite Round Range 17.72 ..........A Bradshaw 8 53378 Botany Dave nwtd .....................J McInerney 9 77466 Opawa Rufus 17.34 S &..................B Evans 10 43886 My Foolish Heart 17.52 H & ................Taylor RACE 2, 4.25pm (NZT) HURUNUI HOTEL DASH C4, 295m 1 36767 Princely Dollar 17.38 .................J McInerney 2 76454 Pick The Tip 17.07 .......................... D Voyce 3 x8651 Know Fault 17.24 ...........................G Cleeve 4 43537 Wandy Luck 17.44 .........................G Cleeve 5 56746 Noble Fantasy 17.30 S & ................B Evans 6 82178 Another Groom 17.49 ...............J McInerney 7 68771 Team Dream 17.44 C & ..................... Fagan 8 66621 Will Excite 17.33 .......................... L Waretini 9 76367 Star Dreamer 17.34 C & .................... Fagan 10 57555 Smash Rumour 17.26 ..................... M Grant

RACE 3, 4.43pm (NZT) THURSDAY PLACE PICK SPRINT C3, 295m 1 21112 Abound 17.36................................R Adcock 2 34587 Another Another nwtd ...............J McInerney 3 15425 Wee Terra 17.34 C & .......................... Fagan 4 88473 Mildred Lillian 17.35 ..........................M Flipp 5 31732 Maker’s Label 17.54 H & .....................Taylor 6 23764 Thanks Charlie nwtd .................J McInerney 7 12545 Cec Divine 17.49............................G Cleeve 8 16588 Homebush Craig 17.29 ...................... I Kaye 9 47873 Campaigner 17.15 ....................... L Waretini 10 74577 Blue Gale Rise 17.28 ....................... B Dann RACE 4, 5.01pm (NZT) KOLORFUL KANVAS SPRINT C5, 295m 1 63677 Opawa Rapid nwtd L & ...................... Wales 2 27117 Quedrago 17.25 C & .......................... Fagan 3 11124 Tepirita Charger 17.10 ......................J Dunn 4 74811 Cawbourne Queen 17.03 .............C Roberts 5 44125 Take No Prisoner 17.17 .................G Cleeve 6 42651 Drysdale 17.17 ....................................A Lee 7 51174 Iona Haka 17.33........................J McInerney 8 27112 Mr. Whippy 17.17 W & ....................... Nissen 9 5158x Spud Gun nwtd ............................... M Grant 10 17662 Trans Tasman 17.23 ..................R Blackburn RACE 5, 5.18pm (NZT) HAPPY 21ST TINDER TOMMO DASH C5, 295m 1 31888 Cawbourne Merc nwtd .................... M Grant 2 43172 Pearl’s Boy 17.19 ...........................G Cleeve 3 11224 Angel Noir 17.39 .............................. B Dann

4 52125 Oscar Tuivasa 17.23........................L Philips 5 23231 Cawbourne Jelly 17.19 W & .............. Nissen 6 62281 Hetfield 17.36 ...............................C Roberts 7 61333 Sophie’s Terra 17.10 C & ................... Fagan 8 61414 Lynny Southcombe 17.29 .........J McInerney 9 43673 Know Lies 17.37 ............................G Cleeve 10 58617 More Better 16.99 W &...................... Nissen RACE 6, 6.19pm (NZT) RACINGDOGS.CO.NZ STAKES C3, 520m 1 35528 Bigtime Kelina 30.36 M & ..................Jopson 2 45283 Grunt Rodgers nwtd ..................J McInerney 3 685F6 Cawbourne Polly 30.84 ................... M Grant 4 64255 Fear Go 30.48 ................................G Cleeve 5 37883 Botany Seaton 30.51 ................J McInerney 6 81527 Even Seven 30.46 W & ..................... Nissen 7 88756 Opawa Style 30.55 L & ...................... Wales 8 26223 Rambunctious 30.63 .................A Bradshaw 9 37476 Jibbajabba Jewel 30.46................C Roberts 10 x8628 False Notion 30.46 J & ....................D Fahey RACE 7, 6.50pm BILL’S BAR & BISTRO DISTANCE C2d, 645m 1 61264 Blushing Belle 39.00 L & .................... Wales 2 56552 Chill Out Ralph nwtd L & .................... Wales 3 32173 Deanne’s Fantasy 38.48 J & ...........D Fahey 4 26811 Opawa Stretch 38.90 J & ................D Fahey 5 64161 Opawa No Ear 38.51 L & ................... Wales 6 31777 Court The Belle 39.48 L &.................. Wales 7 52211 Opawa Tania 37.78 J & ...................D Fahey 8 35352 Jinja Power 38.06 J & .....................D Fahey

9 77778 Opawa Anne nwtd L & ....................... Wales RACE 8, 7.19pm THE MILLER BAR & CAFE STAKES C3, 520m 1 13137 My Squizzy 30.62..............................J Dunn 2 14673 Botany Comet 30.68 .................J McInerney 3 11242 Know Security 30.54 ......................G Cleeve 4 74522 Homebush Violet 30.41 .............J McInerney 5 15845 Cawbourne Floyd nwtd ................... M Grant 6 75484 Gee Cee Bee 30.43 ...................H Anderton 7 46168 Pindari 30.25 ................................C Roberts 8 75185 Opawa Stella 30.60 L & ..................... Wales 9 37476 Jibbajabba Jewel 30.46................C Roberts 10 x8628 False Notion 30.46 J & ....................D Fahey RACE 9, 7.50pm I PAVE CONCRETE STAKES C4, 520m 1 142x1 Dream Collector 30.50 J & ..............D Fahey 2 53624 Laudable 30.32 .............................R Adcock 3 48128 Stolen Money 30.24 .......................G Cleeve 4 71462 Opawa Zara 30.37 J & ....................D Fahey 5 58751 Travelling Joe 30.60 ..................J McInerney 6 8x7x7 Know Chaos 30.52.........................G Cleeve 7 31163 Starburst Terry 30.94....................... M Grant 8 14537 Opawa Bomb 30.67 L & ..................... Wales 9 54616 Take A Trick 30.62 .............................M Flipp 10 17526 Cawbourne Abbi 30.37 ................C Roberts RACE 10, 8.20pm FAIRDINKUM SHEDS STAKES C5, 520m 1 33122 Botany Kevin 30.56 ...................J McInerney 2 13247 Magic Emily 30.15 H &........................Taylor 3 45131 Russell Hart 30.03 ....................J McInerney

4 45561 Popstar Rocket 30.37 ........................M Flipp 5 12263 Cawbourne Philip 30.34 ............J McInerney 6 21545 Harlem Haka 30.51 ...................J McInerney 7 43348 No Undies Sundy 30.39 ............J McInerney 8 75462 Cawbourne War 30.22 .................C Roberts 9 76363 Know Attempt 30.20.......................G Cleeve 10 45354 What I Like 30.59 ......................J McInerney RACE 11, 8.50pm CTV DASH C5, 295m 1 34188 Cawbourne Tomcat 17.18 W &.......... Nissen 2 86741 Know Jealousy 17.29 .....................G Cleeve 3 14112 Sozin’s Comet 16.94 .................J McInerney 4 31186 Zebidiah 17.02 ..........................A Bradshaw 5 31236 Butterbean 17.29 M & .....................P Binnie 6 11315 Cracking Chain nwtd J & .................D Fahey 7 64232 Life’s A Laugh 17.17..................R Blackburn 8 26538 Roqette 17.10 ..............................C Roberts 9 3844F Jumpin’ Julia 17.30....................J McInerney 10 33288 Sting Me 17.12 ................................ M Grant RACE 12, 9.20pm SPEIGHT’S SPRINT C4, 295m 1 8116x Fireman’s Legacy 17.34 ....................J Dunn 2 65576 Swip And Tear 17.28 H & ....................Taylor 3 52663 Not A Know 17.22 ........................A Waretini 4 38588 Ketut 17.46 ...................................C Roberts 5 35475 Know Pride 17.26...........................G Cleeve 6 13723 Sprinkles 17.33 .........................J McInerney 7 11836 Botany Jessie 17.50..................J McInerney 8 32312 Mer De Noms 17.28 ..................R Blackburn 9 76367 Star Dreamer 17.34 C & .................... Fagan 10 87827 Wandy Jewel 17.39 .....................D Kingston


Thursday, May 29, 2014


Ashburton Guardian 23

In brief Rowing regatta

Bike Methven achieved a clean sweep at the recent BikeNZ 2014 Community Awards, based on its hosting of the Oceania Mountain Bike Championships earlier this year.

Clean sweep for Bike Methven By Erin TaskEr

Months of hard slog by the team at Bike Methven paid off when they achieved a clean sweep at the BikeNZ 2014 Community Awards. Held in Hamilton at the weekend, Bike Methven took home three awards based on its hosting of the Oceania Mountain Bike Championships earlier this year. The event won event of the year, club of the year went to

Bike Methven and Gravity Canterbury and the outstanding contribution of the year award went to Bike Methven’s Cam Bisset. Bisset said the individual award came as a surprise but he had held high hopes that the event might take out the event category, which it did, and he said it was great to get that appreciation from the sport’s governing body. “There was a good six months of lead-up work to do it, and that’s a couple thousand

volunteer hours, so it was a big effort,” he said. The Oceanias at the Mt Hutt bike park attracted 300 competitors across the downhill and cross country programmes, plus their entourages. Gravity Canterbury cohosted and looked after the logistics, which meant the event broke even, unlike the last one in Rotorua which made a $8000 loss, Bisset said. But it wasn’t about the money; mountain biking is a passion for all those involved, like Bis-

set. “It’s pretty much my other job, but it’s not really a job when it’s your passion,” Bisset said. The BikeNZ 2014 Community Awards saw awards handed out for all forms of cycling – mountain biking, road and track, BMX and schools’ cycling. In another win for the team behind the Oceania championships, Gravity Canterbury’s Adair Bruorton was declared mountain bike official of the year.

1087.503 mpm

house draw for an 8am start. Players are asked to report 15 minutes prior to tee off times. No 1 Tee.12.30, P Marshall, W Eddington, M Thomas, M Fechney.12.36, R Harris, R Kirdy, A Pawsey, 12.42, L Jackson, A Barrie. No 10 Tee.12.30, R Stills, N Rayner, B Kirdy, T McAndrew, 12.36, B McFarlane, B Collins, P Hefford, R Bruce. 12.42, C Whiting, B Shanks, D Green, O Everest. No 7 Tee.12.36, W Stevenson, S Lane, B Kirdy, Starters: am B Collins; pm L Jackson, A Barrie. Cards: P Marshall

SPORTS DRAWS AND RESULTS RESULTS ■ Golf Mayfield Ladies Golf LGU, 2nd, Skibo, 3rd Putting May 270-20 Glenys Carr 97-19-78, 2132 Jillian Lake 104-28-76, 33-40+ Juliet McLeod 119-44-75.Putting - Betty Wilson 27, Margaret Read 27, Adrienne Hopping 28.Marilyn Cross Hastings McLeod 2nd shot 2 & 11 - Betty Wilson 0-29, Alison Vessey 30+.ALT nearest pin 5 & 11 Betty Wilson.Player of the day Betty Wilson.

Tinwald Golf Club May 24 Stroke-Medal Senior: Regan Stills 68 c/b Nigel Heney 68, Steve Anderson 70, Brock Peddie 70, Dave Busch 71, Simon Ross 71. Intermediate: Warren Eddington 70, Brent Kirdy 72, Cameron Miller 74, Neil Rayner 74 b/l. Junior: Richard Thompson 71, Dave Allan 72, Tony McAndrew 73, Saki 73. Women: Maree Moore 70, Leen Bell 80. Nearest the pin: Tinwald Liqourland # 2; Wendy Stevenson. Gluyas Ford # 6; Simon Ross. Bedrock Bar and Stonegrill # 12; Terry Reynolds. Ideal Elec-

trical Supplies # 16; Warren Eddington. Two’s; Colin Johnstone, Wayne Lloyd, Wendy Stevenson, Kevin Greenaway, Neil Rayner, Matt Duncan. Net eagles: # 2 Matt Duncan. Women’s Division Stroke Round May 27 J Smith 76 L McClea 77 D Bell 80 V Prendergast 81 R Kinvig 83 S Vucetich 84 Nearest The Pins No 2 Dairy Business Centre C Linney No 6 Stables Restaurant C Linney No 16 Outdoor Adventure B Cochrane

■ Pigeon racing

Ashburton Racing Pigeon Club Kaikoura Flock Race      May 17 Winners Flying Time 3 hours  1 minute 37 seconds 1st R Cornwall  1268.167 mpm; 2nd T Drummond 1267.587 mpm; 3rd L Quinn 1267.123 mpm; 4th N Martin 1116.235 mpm   Kaikoura Pairs Cup May 17   1st R Cornwall  1267.992 mpm; 2nd L Quinn 1266.593 mpm; 3rd  T Drummond 1256.840 mpm; 4th  N Martin

■ Shooting Rifle shooting May 26 Ashburton v Seafield at Willowby. G Wright 93.2, Rodney  McDowell 98.1, Allan Mitchell 93.2, Greg Menzies 99.8 & 98.6 & 197.10, Bruce Dellow 89.1, Grant Glassey 91.3, Roger Harris. 96.2, Gabriella Zverinova 92.1 & 90.1, Laura MacKenzie 95.3, B Miley 86.1. Seafield  Robbie Hewitt 97.4, C Rickard 93.1, Neville Martin 90.1, Ross Duncan 92.1, John Duncan 91.2, Peter Wilson 84.1. Mayfield Phil Wilce 92.2, Robert Spencer 65, Andrew Donaldson 95.2, Gwen Wilce 64, Brent Austin 91.4, Carl Nordqvist 98.5, 97.6, John Fleming 97.5.  

DRAWS ■ Golf Tinwald Golf Club May 31 Stableford Draw for a stableford (Eagles Golfing Society) to be played on Saturday May 24th. Morning players will have a club-

Women’s Division Medal and Eagles Stablefords June 3 No 1 Tee 10am, P Smith, J Smith, R Kinvig; 10.05, J Undy, P McAndrew, C Linney; 10.10 B Cochrane, L Glassey, S Durry. No 7 Tee 10am, J Van der Heide, D Bell, P Bell; 10.05, M Colville, S Vucetich, A Dwan; No10 Tee 10am, B O’Neil, P Ellis, B Harris; 10.05, V Cartney, M Kennedy, D Wellman; 10.10, D Sharplin, J Bruhns, M Pawsey. No 13 Tee 10am, S Young, M Oakley, T O’Connell, B Jackson Bradford 9 Hole Women Par Round No 1 Tee 10.15, M Sherriff, J Cartwright, I Ross Starters J Bruhns, D Sharplin; Cards M Smith, D Lowe; Tea Duty AM, G Whipp; PM, B Jackson, B Harris

Ten women will represent the Ashburton Rowing Club at the South Island Masters rowing regatta at Lake Dunstan this weekend. There are four open rowers -Sue Green, Chris Bellringer, Charlotte Cox and Helen Hodgeand six novice rowers – Jos Everest, Sue Molyneux, Andrea Witty, Kim Hamill, Rose Kellett and Teresa Eden. The influx of novice rowers came after the club’s corporate eight regatta in November and club president Justin Wall has been coaching the rowers, holding two-hour morning sessions after the Ashburton College crews had finished rowing for the season so all of the boats would be available for use. Cox, Green and Eden will compete in the single scull while pairing up in the double are Cox and Hodge, Green and Bellringer, and Eden and Everest. There will also be two quad boats of Bellringer, Hamill, Molyneux, Witty, and Eden, Everest, Kellett, Green. The rowers will also have the opportunity to put their names forward to compete in eights with rowers from other clubs.

Rush assistant coach Former All Black Xavier Rush has been appointed as Auckland’s assistant coach. Rush, a former Auckland and Blues’ loose forward, will return after eight seasons playing for the Cardiff Blues. Following his playing retirement, Rush has been working as the club’s defence coach. “It is very exciting to be coming back home and working with Auckland Rugby,” said Rush. “I have many fond memories of my time in the blue and white jersey and can’t wait to get stuck in as a part of this coaching team.” Rush will assist Auckland head coach Paul Feeney. - APNZ

Kumwenda to stay Malawian sharp-shooter Mwai Kumwenda has re-signed with the Mainland Tactix for next season. The 1.83-metre tall goal shoot has impressed in this year’s ANZ Championship with her dynamic and flamboyant style, recording shooting statistics rivalling the top players in the league. Kumwenda has settled well in Christchurch and was keen to return for another season. Kumwenda is currently shooting at 91.5 per cent accuracy to be among the top four players in the league in her first season and averages almost 42 goals per match. - APNZ

Full Canes contract Hard-working Manawatu flanker Callum Gibbins has signed a fulltime contract with the Hurricanes for next season. The 25-year-old has spent the past two years in the club’s wider training group where he has carved out a reputation as being the fittest player in the squad, while he has also been a successful leader of the development team. Gibbins made his debut for Manawatu in 2009 and said it had always been a goal to become a full member of the Hurricanes. “I’m extremely happy to have signed with the Hurricanes. It’s an opportunity I’ve worked really hard for, and now that it has come, I’m pretty excited.” - APNZ

Classifieds 24 Ashburton Guardian

Thursday, May 29, 2014







*Excludes existing sale items

173 West Street, Ashburton


Beckley Coachlines Programme

◊ COURT THEATRE “A Midsummer Nights Dream” 07 June @ 2pm Christchurch

◊ OPERATUNITY “Modern Musicals” 30 June @ 11am Timaru

For bookings phone


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308 7646




18th July @ 7.30pm CBS Arena,

ASHBURTON 832 East St 03 307 9911

Phone 308-2309

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Guardian Motoring

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Guardian Classifieds 0800 432 633

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Public Notice

Section 101, Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 Public notice of application for on-licence, off-licence, or club licence (or application for variation of conditions of onlicence, off-licence, or club licence) Fresh One Ltd, The Mall, Methven, has made application to the District Licensing Committee at Ashburton for the renewal (or issue or variation of conditions) of an off licence in respect of the premises situated at The Mall, Methven known as Methven Super Value. The general nature of the business conducted (or to be conducted) under the licence is: Supermarket. The days on which and the hours during which alcohol is (or is intended to be) sold under the licence are: Monday to Sunday 7am 10pm (7 days). The application may be inspected during ordinary office hours at the office of the Ashburton District Licensing Committee at 5 Baring Square West, Ashburton. Any person who is entitled to object and who wished to object to the grant of the application may, not later than 15 working days after the date of the first publication of this notice, file a notice in writing of the objection with: The Secretary, Ashburton District Licensing Committee, PO Box 94, Ashburton District Council No objection to the issue of a licence may be made in relation to a matter other than a matter specified in Section 105 (1) of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. No objection to the renewal of a licence may be made in relation to a matter other than a matter specified in Section 131 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. This is the second publication of this notice. The first publication was made on Thursday, May 22, 2014.

For all subscriber enquiries, missed delivery, new subscriptions, temporary stops, call our subscriber hotline 0800 274 287 0800 ASHBURTON

Guardian Situations Vacant

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Guardian Classifieds

Guardian Classifieds

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Daily Events Thursday 9.30am M.S.A. TAI CHI. Beginners and maintenance class. M.S.A. Social hall, Havelock Street. 9.30am - 11.30am MID CANTERBURY BADMINTON. Great fun, everyone welcome. Racquets can be hired. Sports Hall, Tancred Street. 9.30am - 12.30pm ASHBURTON TOY LIBRARY.

Friday 9.00am ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Real women circuit training in hall. 48 Allen’s Road, Allenton.

Large variety of toys for hire. Methodist Church Hall, Baring Square East. 9.30am - 12.30pm ASHBURTON METHODIST PARISH. Goodwill shop, sale of pre-loved clothing. Tinwald Methodist Church. Cnr Archibald and Jane Streets, Tinwald. 9.30am - 1.30pm ASHBURTON BAPTIST CHURCH. Second time round op shop. Baptist Church, Cnr Cass and Havelock Streets. 9.30am - 11.30am ST ANDREW’S ANGLICAN CHURCH TINWALD. Drop in for a cuppa and chat. Cnr Jane and Thomson Street, Tinwald.

10.00am ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Fit Kidz, 48 Allens Road, Allenton. SORRY, CANCELLED TODAY. 10.00am METHVEN HERITAGE CENTRE. New Zealand Alpine and Agriculture Encounter, interactive fun for all ages. Main Street, Methven. 10.30am RAKAIA REAL WOMEN. Real women circuit training in the hall, St 10.00am METHVEN HERITAGE CENTRE. New Zealand Alpine and Agriculture Encounter, interactive fun for all ages. Main Street, Methven.

Andrews Church, Bridge Street, Rakaia. 12.50pm M.S.A. PETANQUE. Come and try Petanque, everyone welcome. Racecourse Road. 1.00pm - 3.00pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. Classic aircraft on display including DC 3. Ashburton airport, Seafield Road. 1.00pm SCOTTISH SOCIETY INDOOR BOWLS. 1.00pm - 3.00pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. Classic aircraft on display. Ashburton Airport, Seafield Road. 1.30pm R.S.A. CARD SECTION. Euchre, Ashburton R.S.A. Cox Street.

Bowls afternoon, all players welcome. Balmoral hall, Cameron Street. 1.15pm WAIREKA CROQUET CLUB. Mahjong - no counting, beginners welcome. Waireka Croquet Club, Philip Street, the Domain. 7.30pm GLENYS’ DANCE GROUP. Old time / sequence dancing. Learn to dance, all welcome. Pipe Band Hall, Creek Road. 2.00pm CAVENDISH CLUB. Arts and craft circle with guest speaker Yvonne Matthews. 31 Tancred Street.

Puzzles Thursday, May 29, 2014 CRYPTIC


ACROSS 1. In which to sit and preside (5) 4. Plaice’s battering is out of the ordinary (7) 8. Systematic account of Morgan to hop around in (9) 9. One’s destiny may be put up for auction (3) 10. Went in for the wrong tree, in conclusion (7) 12. At one time the unit contained carbon (4) 14. A drape cut in a right odd fashion (7) 17. Not where one should be serving law-breaker with nothing (1,1,1,1) 18. The insignia of royalty being a large cigar (7) 20. It is not well viewed among millionaires (3) 21. Throw down gauntlet with church and allege North is taken in (9) 23. It never stops at the terminus, the French ship (7) 24. After failing exam try again, but take time off around one (5)







11 12 13



15 17

18 20



22 23


YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS CRYPTIC Across 2. Maker 5. Lime 7. Open 8. Arguable 9. Armorial 11. Harm 12. Conflagration 15. Pair 17. Prophets 19. Astonish 21. Fact 22. Byre 23. Yield Down 1. Esparto 2. Man 3. Khaki 4. Regular 5. Lea 6. Molar 10. Offer 11. Hatch 13. Amplify 14. Optical 16. Assay 18. Ochre 20. Ore 21. Fed




QUICK Across 6. Enough 7. Tedium 10. Payment 11. Tress 12. Neat 13. Sleep 16. Worth 17. Cove 20. Ingot 21. Ovation 22. Extras 23. Sudoku Down 1. Response time 2. Copycat 3. Agree 4. Weather 5. Ripen 8. Misdemeanour 9. Stilettos 14. Boatman 15. Horizon 18. Agate 19. Vague


DOWN 1. Serving as a memorial to come: motive, arm-twisting (13) 2. Related by males who get an A in composition (6) 3. Spartan as our orgies may be, but without energy (8) 4. Sere, parched, arid: beginners take waters here (3) 5. Verbal repetition for City district house (4) 6. Is to put ashore where there’s water all round (6) 7. Settle ten-part collection and they will confer privilege (7-6)

11. Put one off Tone on quitting in Red revolution (5) 13. Is not more than one, which is peculiar (8) 15. Cooked, using fuel in part of the garden (6) 16. About to start kneading open tarts with the sides (6) 19. Some land, a hundred square metres round top of common (4) 22. Animal featured in The Glass Menagerie (3)


The Great Indoors Sale! % Y




Ashburton Guardian

QUICK ACROSS 1. To customer’s specifications (6-5) 8. Greed (7) 9. Haggard (5) 10. Originate from (4) 11. Extend (7) 12. Furrow (3) 13. Quote (4) 15. Stopper (4) 17. Slice (3) 19. Female singer (7) 20. Molecule (4) 23. Residence (5) 24. Room (7) 25. Wipe out (11)

DOWN 1. Subsection of a document (6) 2. Deluge (5) 3. Leave out (4) 4. Bosom (6) 5. Roundabout (8) 6. Double-crosser (7) 7. Enthusiastic (4,2) 12. High state of readiness (3,5) 14. Make better (7) 16. Attack (6) 17. Agree (6) 18. Appear (6) 21. Leg bone (5) 22. Rice wine (4)





Wednesday, May 28 - Saturday, May 31

SUDOKU Fill the grid so that every column, every row and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.


212 East Street • Ashburton • 03 308 8309 ALL PUZZLES © THE PUZZLE COMPANY


YOUR STARS by Forecasters

ARIES (MAR 21 – APR 20) Venus’ departure from your sign brings the process of bringing your new solar year up to speed, with your heart having the final say. TAURUS (APR 20 – MAY 21) Venus’ return to your sign finally gives your heart a say in where this new solar year will lead you, after your birthday month has already wrapped up. GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 22) Today is a day of contrasts, for just as a New Moon asks that you commit to your new solar year, you have a chance to take a trip down memory lane. CANCER (JUNE 22 – JULY 24) The past, present and future come together today, giving you an intuitive sense of where you’ve been and where you’re going. LEO (JULY 24 – AUG 23) Venus’ return to your career sector kicks off some of the best professional weeks of the year, with professional networking important from the get go. VIRGO (AUG 23 – SEP 23) As important as it is to keep your head in the game and trust your professional instincts, a sense of adventure can’t be ignored. LIBRA (SEP 23 – OCT 23) Sensing your professional star is on the rise is even more reason to embrace a sense of adventure that today’s New Moon is evoking. SCORPIO (OCT 23 – NOV 24) Today’s New Moon brings you to a point in your financial year where you need to be ready to take a stand, with an opportunity for a fresh start. SAGITTARIUS (NOV 24 – DEC 21) Today’s New Moon shifts the focus to your relationships, with a chance to ensure the communication lines are open from the get go. CAPRICORN (DEC 21 – JAN 20) Just 9 days after Mars turned direct in your career sector a professional turnaround gets a massive push thanks to today’s New Moon. AQUARIUS (JAN 20 – FEB 19) Just as things are starting to gain some serious momentum on the work front, today’s New Moon reminds you that life can’t be all work and no play. PISCES (FEB 19 – MAR 20) Because home and family matters won’t receive a lot of cosmic support this year it’s important to seize today’s opportunity for new beginnings.

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30 to 59 fog

isolated snow thunder flurries

sleet thunder

Canterbury Plains TODAY

FZL: Lowering to 800m


Adelaide Amsterdam Bangkok Berlin Brisbane Cairns Cairo Calcutta Canberra Colombo Darwin Dubai Dublin Edinburgh Frankfurt

FZL: Rising to 1800m

Fine with frosts. Wind at 1000m: Light. Wind at 2000m: SW 30 km/h.


Fine with frosts. Light winds, southwest tops.


fine showers fine cloudy showers showers fine thunder fine rain fine fine showers cloudy drizzle

Fine with frosts. Light winds, southwest tops.

Geneva Hobart Hong Kong Honolulu Islamabad Jakarta Johannesburg Kuala Lumpur London Los Angeles Madrid Melbourne Moscow Nadi Delhi

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Tides, Sun, Moon and Fishing m am 3 3


Thursday 9 noon 3


9 pm am 3



9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


9 pm



9:57 4:19 10:29 4:36 10:43 5:04 11:14 5:21 11:29 5:49 The times shown are for the Ashburton River mouth. For the Rangitata river mouth subtract 16 minutes and for the Rakaia river mouth subtract 6 minutes.

Rise 7:54 am Set 5:06 pm







Good fishing Rise 7:50 am Set 5:37 pm

New moon

29 May 6:42 am ©Copyright OceanFun Publishing Ltd.

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Rise 7:56 am Set 5:05 pm

Good fishing


Rise 8:44 am Set 6:27 pm

First quarter

6 Jun

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Good fishing Rise 9:32 am Set 7:20 pm

Full moon

13 Jun 4:13 pm

Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa

For the very latest weather information, including Weather Warnings, visit

18 13 16 9 19 8 17 7 16 8 16 6 18 5 15 4 18 2 17 -1 13 -5 15 4 15 4

Palmerston North showers Wellington





few showers













River Levels


3.07 nc

Selwyn Whitecliffs (NIWA) at 2:00 pm, yesterday

Rakaia Fighting Hill (NIWA) at 3:00 pm, yesterday 170.5 Nth Ashburton at 3:00 pm, yesterday


Sth Ashburton at 3:15 pm, yesterday


Rangitata Klondyke at 3:00 pm, yesterday


Waitaki Kurow at 3:00 pm, yesterday


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Thursday, 29 May 2014

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Ashburton Airport Temperature °C At 4pm 11.8 15.4 Max to 4pm 2.4 Minimum -1.7 Grass minimum Rainfall mm 0.0 16hr to 4pm May to date 35.6 Avg May to date 56 2014 to date 416.0 276 Avg year to date Wind km/h N 11 At 4pm Strongest gust N 44 Time of gust 1:25pm

to 4pm yesterday


Christchurch Airport

Timaru Airport

15.5 16.9 9.5 –

10.4 14.9 -2.1 -4.1

10.8 10.8 1.0 –

0.0 86.2 – 818.2 –

0.2 43.6 47 482.6 238

0.0 31.0 30 208.2 198

NW 7 – –

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Fine with frosts. Light winds.


Fine with frosts. Light winds.

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Rain, heavier and more persistent about the divide with possible thunderstorms, turning to showers during the morning, with snow down to 500m, clearing late in the day. Wind at 1000m: Severe gale NW, 110 km/h in exposed valleys, easing during the morning, and dying out from afternoon. Wind at 2000m: Severe gale NW 110 km/h easing during the morning, then tending W 40 km/h.

Showers developing south of Christchurch in the morning, spreading further north in the afternoon, with snow lowering to 500 metres. Showers clearing at night. A strong cold southwest change spreads northwards during the morning and afternoon, gale about the coast, easing at night.

Fine with frosts. Light winds.

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Canterbury High Country




A trough over the North Island moves north tomorrow, while a ridge builds further south. The ridge lies over much of the country through until Monday, while the trough maintains moist easterlies over northern New Zealand.

mainly isolated cloudy drizzle drizzle few showers fine showers clearing showers

Fine with frosts. Light winds.



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SUNDAY: Fine, morning frost. Light winds.




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SATURDAY: Fine, morning frost. LIght winds.





TOMORROW: Fine, morning frost. Light winds.








TODAY: Strong cold southerly change near midday with showers.




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Wa i m a ka r i r i


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Thursday, May 29, 2014





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6am Breakfast 9am Good Morning 10am Ellen 3 11am Selling Houses Australia Extreme Bill, a real-estate agent in Beachmere, cannot work out why his neglected and overpriced units will not sell. Noon One News 0 12:30 Emmerdale Rishi is perplexed; Laurel has regrets; Dan is touched. 0 1pm Coronation Street PGR 3 0 1:30 Come Dine With Me UK PGR 3 2pm May The Best House Win USA 3pm Dickinson’s Real Deal 3:55 Te Karere 2 0 4:25 Ellen 5:25 Millionaire – Hot Seat 0 6pm One News 0

6am Creflo Dollar 6:30 Wiki The Kiwi 3 0 6:35 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 3 0 7am Phineas And Ferb 3 0 7:25 SpongeBob SquarePants 3 0 7:50 Ben 10 – Omniverse 3 0 8:15 Dinosaur Train 3 0 8:25 Fireman Sam 3 0 8:35 Mike The Knight 3 0 8:50 Fireman Sam 3 0 9am Infomercials 10:30 8 Simple Rules 3 0 11am Neighbours 3 0 11:30 Home And Away 3 0 Noon Shortland Street PGR 3 0 12:30 Cougar Town PGR 3 0 1pm Jeremy Kyle AO 2pm Bethenny 3pm According To Jim 0 3:30 Angry Birds Toons 3 0 3:35 Rated A For Awesome 3 0 3:59 Horace In Slow Motion 3 4pm I’m In The Band 0 4:30 The 4:30 Show 5pm America’s Funniest Home Videos 3 0 5:30 Home And Away 0 6pm Friends 3 0 6:30 Neighbours 0

7pm Seven Sharp 0 7:30 F Inside Claridge’s 0 8:40 Big Fat Gypsy Weddings – The Luck of the Irish AO The Joyce family gets into trouble on St Patrick’s Day; 16-year-old Lully plans for her Irish wedding; baby Alice’s christening is followed by a raucous celebration. 0 9:40 Best Bits 0 10:10 F Citizen Khan PGR 0 10:45 One News Tonight 0

7pm Shortland Street Vasa finds resistance futile; Toby is surprised at what he finds; Vinnie gets more than he bargained for. 0 7:30 Police Ten 7 The police pull over a car full of drugs, and a driver who cannot stay out of trouble. 0 8pm Highway Patrol PGR 0 8:30 Arrow AO 0 9:30 20/20 0 10:30 The Originals AO

11:15 World’s Strictest Parents AO 3 0 12:25 Threesome AO 3 0 12:55 Going Going Gone 3 1:20 Te Karere 3 2 0 1:45 Infomercials 5:35 Te Karere 3 2 0

11:30 Police Ten 7 3 0 Midnight The Protector AO 3 12:50 RBT 3 0 1:15 Infomercials 2:20 Detroit 1-8-7 AO 3 3:05 Necessary Roughness PGR 3 0 3:55 Jeremy Kyle USA PGR 4:40 The 4:30 Show 3 5:05 Neighbours 3 0 5:30 Infomercials





6am Sesame Street 3 6:55 Pingu 3 7am Sticky TV 3 7:30 All Grown Up 3 7:55 Rugrats 3 8:20 Chuggington 8:30 Ready, Steady, Wiggles 3 8:45 Ben And Holly’s Little Kingdom 3 8:55 Bob The Builder 3 9:05 Thomas And Friends 3 9:15 Peppa Pig 3 9:25 Barney And Friends 3 9:50 Infomercials 2pm Sesame Street 3 2:55 Peppa Pig 3 3pm Sticky TV Featuring – Ella the Elephant and Beyblade. 4:30 Four Live 6pm Malcolm In The Middle 0 6:30 Just Shoot Me! 3 0 7pm The Simpsons 3 0 7:30 Family Guy PGR 8pm American Dad PGR 8:30 Bob’s Burgers PGR 9pm Family Guy AO 9:30 Californication AO 10:05 House of Lies AO Marty and Jeannie pit rival grocery clients against one another, but things do not go quite as planned. 10:40 Nurse Jackie AO

6:30 The Crowd Goes Wild 3 7am Deal Or No Deal 3 7:30 Home Shopping Noon The Doctors PGR 1pm The Test PGR Celebrities and viewers answer moral questions. 1:55 Back Benches PGR 3 Wallace Chapman and Damian Christie are back for more pub politics. 3pm History Under The Hammer 3 3:30 The Crowd Goes Wild 3 4pm The Late Show With David Letterman 3 5pm Deal Or No Deal 3 5:30 Prime News 6pm Deal Or No Deal 6:30 Hugh’s Three Good Things 3 Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and his guest chefs create dishes using mackerel. 7pm The Crowd Goes Wild 7:30 Best of Top Gear PGR 3 8:30 N Idris Elba – King of Speed PGR 9:30 F Reign AO When the King’s madness escalates, Mary and Francis take action, and their choices could change the course of history, but a terror in the woods could cost them everything. 10:30 Trollied AO

9am Rugby – Super Rugby (Highlights) Blues v Sharks. 9:30 Rugby – Super Rugby (Highlights) Highlanders v Crusaders. 10am Netball – ANZ Championship (Highlights) 10:30 Golf World 11am Rugby League – State Of Origin (Highlights) 11:30 Surfing – ASP Men’s World Championship Tour (Highlights) 12:30 Tennis – French Open (Highlights) 1:30 Netball – ANZ Championship (Replay) 3pm The Ultimate Fighter 4pm Golf Central 5pm Tennis – French Open (Highlights) 6pm Football League Show 6:30 Rugby League – State Of Origin (Highlights) 7pm Total Rugby Reflecting on the best of rugby union around the world. 7:30 Grassroots Rugby Showcasing premier and senior club rugby matches from around New Zealand, as well as social grades and junior rugby. 8:30 #SkyRugby – Engage 9pm L Golf – European Tour Nordea Masters – Round One. From Malmo, Sweden.

11pm Golf World 11:30 Blue Bloods AO 3 Frank is the target of an assassination attempt; Danny tries to discover if the attack was random, or if someone is seeking revenge against his father. 0 12:30 Infomercials

11:45 Entertainment Tonight 12:10 Infomercials

11pm The Late Show With David Letterman A late-night comedy and talk show. Midnight Home Shopping 1:30 The Crowd Goes Wild 3 An irreverent daily sports and entertainment show. 2am Home Shopping

11pm Fox Sports News 11:30 #SkySpeed Midnight Motorcycling – Isle Of Man 1am L Golf – European Tour Nordea Masters – Round One. From Malmo, Sweden. 4am Inside The PGA Tour 4:30 Fox Sports News 5am The Ultimate Fighter


6am Benny Hinn 6:30 IFish 7:30 Candice Tells All 8am Bid America 8:30 Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors 9am My Kitchen 9:30 Bath Crashers 10am The Cook And The Chef 10:30 Candice Tells All 11am American Restoration 11:30 IFish 12:30 Bullproof PGR 1:30 TBC 2pm Carter Can 2:25 Ray Mears’ Bushcraft 3:30 Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors 4pm Ask The Butcher 4:30 Secret Meat Business 5pm Holmes Makes It Right 6pm Bid America 6:30 Yard Crashers 7pm Lost And Sold 7:30 Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook 8:05 Sophie In The Souk 8:40 Tom Kerridge’s Proper Pub Food 9:20 River Cottage Treatment 10:30 Web Therapy 11pm Lost And Sold 11:30 Saturday Cookbook


TV THREE 6am 3 News – Firstline 8:30 Infomercials 10:30 The Shopping Channel 11:25 The Nanny 3 0 Noon 3 News 12:30 Dr Phil AO A woman seeks help for her teenage niece’s anger problems and violent behaviour. 1:30 The Dr Oz Show PGR Actress and Real Housewife NeNe Leakes talks with Dr Oz about the health scare that changed her life. 2:30 Rachael Ray Rachael hangs out with Beth Stern. 3:30 The Queen Latifah Show Dallas star Linda Gray; a performance by Rico Love. 4:30 Entertainment Tonight 5pm The Biggest Loser Australia 3 6pm 3 News 7pm Campbell Live 7:30 House Rules PGR After yesterday’s demolition job, Lisa and Adam’s Melbourne home is a shell of its former self. 0 8:40 CSI AO The team hunts a cannibalistic killer, and discovers he is not alone. 0 9:35 My Tattoo Addiction AO 0 10:30 The Paul Henry Show

12:30 Benny Hinn 1am Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors 1:30 Web Therapy PGR 2am Ask The Butcher 2:30 Secret Meat Business 3am Sophie In The Souk 3:30 Holmes Makes It Right 4:30 Yard Crashers 5am Dream Jobs 5:30 Tom Kerridge’s Proper Pub Food

10am Korero Mai 3 11am Toku Reo 3 Noon Korero Mai 3 1pm Toku Reo 3 2pm Ako 3 2 3pm Kai Time On The Road 3 3:30 Maggie And The Ferocious Beast 3 2 4pm Miharo 2 4:30 Waka Ama Sprints 5pm Toi Whakaari 3 5:30 Te Kaea 2 6pm Nga Pari Karangaranga o te Motu


SKY SPORT 2 6:30 Ako 3 2 7pm Te Kaea 3 2 7:30 Iwi Anthems 3 8pm Get Your Fish On PGR In Kerikeri, the local aunties challenge the two teams to turn their fine catch into fine dining. 8:30 Code 9:30 Hunting Aotearoa AO 10pm The Big Hit 10:30 Hardcase PGR 3 11pm Te Kaea 3 2 11:30 Closedown

Big Fat Gypsy Weddings – The Reign Luck of the Irish, 8:40pm on TV One 9:30pm on Prime



6am Survivor – Borneo PG 7:40 Survivor – Borneo PG 8:30 Survivor – Australian Outback PG 9:45 Law And Order MV 10:35 CSI – Miami MV 11:25 NCIS PGV 12:15 Hawaii Five-0 MVC 1:05 Whose Line Is It Anyway? PG 1:30 Most Shocking M 2:20 Law And Order MV 3:10 Survivor – Borneo PG 4pm Parking Wars PGL 4:30 The Simpsons PG 5pm Criminal Intent MV 6pm America’s Funniest Home Videos PG 6:30 The Simpsons PG 7pm Parking Wars PGL 7:30 CSI – Miami MV 8:30 Da Vinci’s Demons 18VLS 9:30 Criminal Minds 16VS 10:30 SVU MV 11:30 CSI – Miami MV

6am Factory Made PG 6:30 Deadliest Catch PG 7:30 Man v Wild PG Alaskan Mountain Range. 8:30 MythBusters PG Voice Flame Extinguisher. 9:30 Yukon Men M Wolf Invasion. 10:30 Yukon Men M Deadly Crossing. 11:30 Deadly Affairs M 12:30 Nightmare Next Door M 1:30 Southern Fried Homicide M 2:30 Bear Grylls – Extreme Survival M 3pm Bear Grylls – Extreme Survival M 3:30 Alaska – The Last Frontier M 4:30 Deadliest Catch PG 5:30 MythBusters PG 6:30 Gold Rush PG 7:30 Gold Rush PG 8:30 Bering Sea Gold PG 10pm Amish Mafia M 11pm Nightmare Next Door M

12:30 Survivor – Borneo PG 1:20 Whose Line Is It Anyway? PG 1:45 Law And Order MV 2:35 SVU MV 3:25 Da Vinci’s Demons 18VLS 4:20 Criminal Minds 16VS 5:10 Whose Line Is It Anyway? PG 5:35 America’s Funniest Home Videos PG

Midnight Disappeared M 1am Who The (Bleep) Did I Marry? M 1:30 Who The (Bleep) Did I Marry? M 2am Bering Sea Gold PG 3am Deadliest Catch PG 4am Brew Masters PG 5am Bering Sea Gold PG



6:55 The Making Of The Bourne Legacy MV 7:25 Skyfall MV 2012 Action. Daniel Craig, Judi Dench. 9:45 The Marine 3 – Homefront 16VL 2013 Action. Mike Mizanin, Neal McDonough. 11:15 Trouble With The Curve ML 2012 Drama. Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams. 1:05 Stand Up Guys 16VLS 2012 Comedy. Christopher Walken, Al Pacino. 2:40 The Making Of The Bourne Legacy MV 3:05 Skyfall MV 2012 Action. Daniel Craig, Judi Dench. 5:30 Revenge For Jolly 16VLS 2012 Comedy. Brian Petsos, Kristen Wiig. 6:55 Deadfall 16VLS 2012 Crime. Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde. 8:30 The Lone Ranger MV 2013 Western. Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer. 11pm The Expatriate MV 2012 Thriller. Aaron Eckhart, Olga Kurylenko.


12:45 Evil Dead 18VL 2013 Horror. 2:15 Revenge For Jolly 16VLS 2012 Comedy. 3:40 Deadfall 16VLS 2012 Crime. 5:15 The Lone Ranger MV 2013 Western.

MOVIES GREATS 7:05 Vantage Point MVL 2008 Action. Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox, Sigourney Weaver. 8:35 The Bucket List ML 2007 Comedy. Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman. 10:10 Rush Hour MV 1998 Action. Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan. 11:45 Enough 16V 2002 Thriller. Jennifer Lopez, Juliette Lewis, Noah Wyle. 1:40 Vantage Point MVL 2008 Action. Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox, Sigourney Weaver. 3:10 Remember Me MVLS 2010 Drama. 5pm Me, Myself And Irene MC 2000 Comedy. 6:55 Cherry Falls 16VS 2000 Horror Thriller. 8:30 There’s Something About Mary 16LS 1998 Romantic Comedy. 10:30 Eastern Promises 18VS 2007 Drama.


12:10 Directors – Bryan Singer PG 12:40 Cherry Falls 16VS 2000 Horror Thriller. 2:10 There’s Something About Mary 16LS 1998 Romantic Comedy. 4:05 Eastern Promises 18VS 2007 Drama. 5:45 Remember Me MVLS 2010 Drama.

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6:30 Cricket – IPL (Delayed) Qualifier One – Kings XI Punjab v Kolkata Knight Riders. From M A Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai. 10am Rugby – Super Rugby (Highlights) Hurricanes v Chiefs. 10:30 Cycling – Giro D’Italia (Highlights) Stage 17. 11am Road To The Fifa World Cup A build-up to Rio de Janeiro, exploring the teams, cities and stadiums that will take part in the 2014 Fifa World Cup. 11:30 Cycling – Giro D’Italia (Highlights) Stage 17. Noon L Ice Hockey – NHL Chicago Blackhawks v Los Angeles Kings. From United Center, Chicago. 3pm Golf – Feherty 4pm Golf – The Haney Project With Ray Romano. Special guests include Andy Garcia and Adam Sandler. 5pm Golf – Playing Lessons Rickie Fowler. 5:30 Inside The PGA Tour 6pm Cycling – Tour Of California (Highlights) 7pm Rugby – Land Rover 1st XV (Replay) St Kentigern College v Kings College. 9pm Rugby League – State Of Origin (Highlights) Queensland v New South Wales – Game One. From Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane. 9:30 Sterlo An in-depth look at each of the NRL games from the weekend. 10:30 NRL Footy Show


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Powering to the line Matheson Colquhoun powers his way towards the finish line during the Mid Canterbury schools’ county cross country yesterday. Fine but windy conditions met the children from around the district taking part in the event at the Ashburton A&P Showgrounds. The top six in each of the age groups – Year 5 and 6 and Year 7 and 8 – will go through to the Canterbury event. Years 5 and 6 competed over 2km and Years 7 and 8 over 3km.



Game one victory to NSW Queensland 8 New South Wales 12

New South Wales took a giant stride towards ending Queensland’s eight-year reign as State of Origin champions last night by claiming a stunning game one victory at Suncorp Stadium. Fullback Jarryd Hayne was instrumental in his side’s win their first in Brisbane since 2005 - with the Parramatta custodian setting up the Blues’ first try to right wing Brett Morris, and scoring their second through sheer individual brilliance. The scene is now set for Laurie Daley’s side to return to ANZ Stadium for the return game on June 18 with the chance to wrap the series up in front of

their long-suffering fans. Queensland had started the match positively and opened the scoring in just the fourth minute through left wing Darius Boyd, but they failed to go on with the job and dropped their intensity to see New South Wales take a 10-4 lead into halftime. The Maroons, for so long renowned for their composure and Houdini-like ability to get out of trouble, looked rattled and distracted by perceived refereeing injustices, while the relentless Blues attack just kept coming. The second half saw the Blues edge further in front with a cheap Trent Hodkinson penalty in front of the posts, but the Maroons lifted to see Boyd

run in his second try to leave them four adrift as the game approached the final quarter. Inspired Maroons attack was matched by desperate Blues defence throughout the final stages, but uncharacteristic errors from Queensland’s senior men allowed the Blues to cling on and complete one of the biggest boil-overs in Origin history. Earlier, Queensland’s strong start had pointed to a familiar pattern, but the home side’s luck changed dramatically moments later, when halfback Cooper Cronk was forced from the field with an arm injury. His replacement Daly CherryEvans was a willing competitor but his combination with Thurston failed to fire, while Hodkin-

son, Josh Reynolds and Hayne dictated much of the Blues’ plans. Heavy involvement from Hayne ensured the Blues did not retreat into their shells after Boyd’s first score and effective kicking allowed them to apply attacking pressure over three repeat sets. After several threatening touches, it was Hayne’s explosive pace that allowed him to put Josh Morris away down the right edge before he passed inside to send in his brother to level things up. Ill-discipline then hurt the Maroons’ cause with a last-tackle penalty giving Hodkinson a shot at goal to edge his side in front.

Five-eighth Reynolds typified the southerners’ aggressive approach when he was involved in a dangerous cartwheel tackle on Queensland wing Brent Tate. Queensland’s frustrations grew further on the back of two more errors, which allowed the visitors to extend their lead when Hayne wrestled past the defence to plant the ball down and make it 10-6 seven minutes from the break. Hayne continued to put his hand up after the break, and whether it was defusing towering bombs, cutting through the defence, or assisting his halves with long clearing kicks, he did it all in a complete and first-rate individual display befitting of the 100th Origin clash. - APNZ

Adams edges closer to finals

Perry to start for Crusaders



Ag 29 may, 2014  

Ashburton Guardian, Thursday, May 29, 2014