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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

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Local drug users split over ban “ BY MYLES HUME


Mid Canterbury legal high users fear they will have to approach drug dealers once the products are banned next week. The Guardian spoke to several customers at the R18 Adult Thingz store in Rakaia, which will be forced to withdraw all synthetic cannabis products within two weeks after associate health minister Peter Dunne revealed plans to ban all synthetic drugs until they can be proven low-risk. An Ashburton construction worker, who smokes synthetic cannabis for relaxation and to evade workplace drug tests, lamented the move after recently visiting Hamilton where the council had created a bylaw to restrict the sale location of the products. “I went there last week and it’s already gone underground, after closing the shops there are guys just selling it out of tinnie houses and unfortunately the (Mongrel) Mob have got their hands on it,” he said.

... unfortunately the (Mongrel) Mob have got their hands on it

“I just think they should keep it at an adult shop, we are all adults and we can make our own choices.” Business appeared steady for the Adult Thingz store on Monday morning, where news of the imminent ban was on the lips of many adult customers, some who held respectable jobs. They had their preferred brands out of the 22 products Adult Thingz sold for $25 each, with some purchasing multiple packets before they ran out. A local woman, who would only go by the name Shelley because she did not want her employer to know, backed the Government’s move because synthetic cannabis gave her insomnia and she had seen withdrawals affect the moods of young people. She said she smoked synthetic

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cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes, and because it was easily accessible, unlike “less harmful” cannabis. If the shop no longer sold products, Shelly said she would revert to smoking cannabis, but admitted associating with drug dealers was at times intimidating. Another local man, who also did not want to be named, believed the products should still be sold under strict guidelines, but wanted more clarity around what ingredients were in synthetic cannabis.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Five things that may interest you

Scott Cam wins Gold Logie The Block’s jovial presenter Scott Cam has taken out the coveted Gold Logie for most popular TV personality. Cam, who heads the popular Nine Network home renovation reality show, edged out double Silver Logie winner Asher Keddie, funny man Andy Lee, The Project’s Carrie Bickmore, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries star Essie Davis and Stephen Peacocke from Home and Away. “I kissed Kylie Minogue, that’s pretty cool,” Cam said when he stepped up to the mike to accept the gong from the singer. “It’s unbelievable, it’s 11 o’clock at the Logies and I’m still sober.”



Re-branded Classic Hits breaks loose The Hits launched its new breakfast show yesterday morning with hosts Polly Gillespie and Grant Kereama. The hosts have moved to the revamped station, previously called Classic Hits, after hosting breakfast on ZM for about 20 years. The launch show featured a competition to win a trip to see Coldplay in Los Angeles, and an interview with movie star Matthew McConaughey. Gillespie’s interview with McConaughey focused on his role in movie Dallas Buyer’s Club and television show True Detective. The style of the show has changed little from breakfast on ZM, and their chatter was often directed towards listeners “who have come with us”. Gillespie and Kereama have been replaced at ZM by Carl “Fletch” Fletcher, Vaughan Smith and Megan Sellers.


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Kiwi cheerleaders beat Americans

4 New Zealand has beaten America at its own game in the world cheerleading championships in Florida. New Zealand cheerleaders have won two international titles at the World Championships in the United States. The wins are a first for New Zealand, which has sent teams to the competition since 2005. Two of the All Star Cheerleaders’ top squads – an all-girl team and a mixed team – took first place in their elite divisions in the International Cheer Union competition. More than 30,000 cheerleaders from 70 countries took part in the championships in Florida.

Biker hunts for teeth on busy highway A motorcyclist brought traffic to a standstill on one of Madrid’s busiest highways after he pulled over to look for his false teeth, which flew out of his mouth when he sneezed, according to local media reports. Two municipal police officers approached the motorcyclist and ordered him to resume his journey for his own safety and that of other drivers on the capital’s M-30 highway, Europa Press reported. It wasn’t known if the man found his dentures.


Gere mistaken for beggar A French tourist has offered her pizza to a man rummaging through rubbish in the streets of New York, not realising it was Richard Gere making a movie. Karine Valnais Gombeau, a 42-year-old Parisian, spotted the actor, a cap pulled down over his ears, sifting through rubbish as she came out of a pizzeria. Without blinking, Gere, 64 asked her what was in the bag she offered him. She told him pizza and sorry it was cold. “He said, ‘Thank you so much. God bless you’,” she said.

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News Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ashburton Guardian


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Deluge drenches the district Driving around Ashburton yesterday involved more than dodging traffic with the town’s stormwater system unable to cope with torrential rain. Water channels, already clogged with autumn leaves meant water flowed across most streets. PHOTO DONNA WYLIE 280414-DW-156



Staff at CMP Canterbury had an unexpected holiday yesterday after management closed the plant because of flooding. With Seafield Road underwater a decision was made to cancel the afternoon shift and to send other staff home early, Anzco recruitment officer Sharon McDonald said. “It was just too dangerous for staff; Seafield Road was like a river,” she said. The rain might have eased by late afternoon but fearing an overnight deluge, staff were busy placing sand bags around the plant, fearing another downpour would see water flowing into the buildings. More than 40mm of rain fell across the district from early morning yesterday with temperatures plummeting to just over nine degrees. The Metservice forecast rain to return over night with another 17mm

likely to fall. Power supplies were cut in the Coldstream and Carew-Montalto areas for short periods and a clash of two lines feeding power to Ashburton saw most of the urban area in darkness for a brief time during the afternoon. The worst of the storm was felt by the clean up teams who dealt with gutters clogged with autumn leaves and with spoutings that could no longer cope with the deluge. Braided Rivers’ central courtyard was one of the rain’s victims, with the louvered roof proving no match for overflowing gutters. Storm water is a frequent visitor at the Ashburton Public Library and yesterday was no exception. Buckets were out to catch ceiling leaks but this time round book stocks were spared the worst of the deluge, district librarian Jill Watson said. “There was a good deal of

water first thing this morning around the desk area, but thankfully it didn’t ruin any PCs.” Roads around the district were awash, but none were closed other than crossings on the Hinds River that were designed to blow out in times of high river flows, Ashburton District Council contracts manager Brian Fauth said. Environment Canterbury’s river data showed there were significant flow spikes in all of the district’s rivers. Even those who lined up to appear in Ashburton Court yesterday weren’t spared the effects of the big wet, with the men’s toilet off limits because of flooding and those in the holding cells forced to endure a wet wait. On farms, while the driving rain had not caused major flooding problems, water was ponding on paddocks already waterlogged from significant rainfall over recent weeks.

Safety first. CMP’s site services supervisor Gary Donaldson puts out the flood warning signs along an awash Seafield Road. PHOTO DONNA WYLIE 280414-DW-464

Heavy rain again took its toll on the Ashburton Library. Brothers Layton Carr, 8 (left) and Jacob, 5, were keen to check out the rising levels in the buckets. PHOTO DONNA WYLIE 280414-DW-393

News 4

Ashburton Guardian

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Ban will stop ‘normalisation’ By Myles HuMe

tight laws last year over what stores can sell the products, and which products could be sold. However, controversial owner of the Rakaia R18 store Adult Thingz Garry Davies says “it will be business as usual” as he plans to introduce new products that he claims will be legal and have a similar effect. Mr Pluck said the Adult Thingz store was harming users, some who may not understand the risks. “Having these shops near a

A ban on legal highs will stop the “normalisation” of the product, according to one of the biggest opponents to Mid Canterbury’s sole legal high retailer. Rakaia Community Association chairman Neil Pluck is applauding the Government’s plan to ban all 41 interim approved synthetic drugs until they can be proven to be low-risk. It is an apparent U-turn by the government which imposed

hairdresser, the fish and chip shop and a family tavern, it sends a subliminal message to New Zealanders that these drugs, which can really knock you around, are okay,” Mr Pluck said. He said the shop had been “worrying and stressful” for many Rakaia residents and he would be disappointed if Mr Davies introduced more substances. However, Mr Davies told the Guardian he had plans to sell

a new “speed-like” substance, which he believed would not fall under psychoactive substances and misuse of drugs laws. He would be selling some of his 22 available products at a reduced price before the ban sets in. “Having no legal supply of the current products will drive it underground, I’ve already been told by people they are going to do this. “What worries me is it’s going to get into the hands of kids

again, I’m concerned it’s going to be laced with other things in it again.” The Ministry of Health said the Psychoactive Substances Act regulates psychoactive substances. Any psychoactive substance which is not an approved interim product cannot be legally sold by a retailer. Beyond these defined psychoactive substances, other drugs may also be scheduled as illegal under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

We got it wrong - Goodhew

Ban delights mayor

By sue NewMaN

By sue NewMaN

The decision to legalise sales of synthetic cannabis might not have been a winner on every front but it did succeed in reducing the range of products and number of sales outlets says Rangitata MP Jo Goodhew. When Parliament voted 119-1 to allow sales, that vote saw the number of products legally available drop from more than 300 and the number of sales points decline from between 3000 and 4000 to just 119 nationwide. “It’s fair to say there’s now been a lot of concern over the last 41 products and they’ll now be banned until they can be proven low risk – at least some MPs have been honest enough to say we made a mistake.” It would take time before testing processes were established and products were able to be either cleared or permanently banned, she said. “This isn’t a magic bullet but it’s the right thing to do right now. We agreed to the original law for what we believed were the right reasons; as it’s turned out we were wrong and we needed to do more.” Before a product was cleared for sale, the Government needed to be convinced that it was low risk, however there was a lot of water to go under the bridge yet and it was likely synthetic cannabis would be off the market for some time, Mrs Goodhew said.

Parliament’s decision to pull synthetic cannabis from shop shelves across New Zealand has delighted Ashburton mayor Angus McKay. He’s been a strong critic of the Government’s decision to allow the product to be sold while testing on consumer safety was undertaken. And he’s been critical of the Government’s decision to make the rules but push control onto the community and local authorities. Councils around New Zealand had begun writing local approved products policies (LAPP) to spell out where synthetic cannabis could be sold on their patch, but they were doing this without any significant guidelines being provided by Government. Mr McKay believed that control of synthetic cannabis sales should not be pushed down to a local level, that decisions on the issue should be made by the Government. The decision to pull all products from sale until each is tested to prove whether or not is safe, has seen commonsense introduced into the issue, he said. In terms of the council’s LAPP, Mr McKay said he assumed work on this would proceed to ensure a policy that dictated where sales points could be established was prepared against the day the first of the 41 withdrawn products was cleared for sale. “This is a health issue for the whole country; it’s a national health problem and this is where it should be at. Taking all products off the market until it’s proven they’re safe was always the way to go.” Before products were given the green light, Mr McKay said he hoped local authorities would be given solid guidelines for developing their own regulations around the national laws.



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The Adult Thingz Rakaia shop has been the only outlet that can sell legal highs between Hornby and Timaru.

Detox - going into the unknown By ToNi williaMs


Mid Canterbury’s drug rehabilitation service faces the unknown when the Government ban the sale of unproven synthetic cannabis products next month. The ban was scheduled to be passed under urgent legislation in Parliament on May 8. Ashburton Community Alcohol and Drug Service (Acads) general manager Chris Clark said it was unknown how many users the ban would affect, or just how those people would suffer if they went through detox. “We don’t know potentially what (symptoms) we are talking about.” The effects of going cold turkey meant some people would need help detoxifying but Ms Clark did not expect an influx of people would seek help at once. “We will certainly be talking with the team and preparing to assist those who do go into detox.” “It’s a bit of an unknown at the moment but we will certainly be doing our best to help anybody who is needing assistance.” “If they stop using completely they are going to go into detox but because the symptoms are all different there is no generic thing that I can say that will help people.” She said the ban was a step in the right

■ ■ ■ ■

Dial 111 in a medical emergency. Acads 307 1270 Alcohol Drug Helpline 0800 787 797 Healthline 0800 611 116

direction, but restrictions on their sale until each item on sale was proven to be low risk, should have been in place from the start. “Personally, I’m pleased they have taken this step because I felt right from the start no product should be on sale unless it was proved to be safe … we have seen some things where people don’t even know what they are using. “It’s been a bit of a disaster really and should have been (more restricted) from the start.” Ms Clark anticipated people might stockpile products but was optimistic it was not going to last forever and would reduce supply. She urged people to be aware of family members and those around them who looked like they were going into detox or having problems to get in touch with their GP and Acads. Or if people were at all concerned they should seek urgent help and call an ambulance.

News Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ashburton Guardian 5


In brief

Canonisation ‘worthy recognition’

Medical call The Ashburton Volunteer Fire Brigade rushed to a medical incident about 11.45am yesterday on Cameron Street. Firefighters were there for an hour and a half.

By Toni Williams

Mid Canterbury Catholics are celebrating the canonisation of former Popes John XXIII and John Paul II as “exceptional holy men” worthy of imitation and veneration. Ashburton Holy Name parish priest Father Geoff Gray said it was an esteemed recognition by the church and a declaration that “we can know with the certainty of faith” they were in heaven. “It’s an important step for the church and it’s an official statement that these holy people have fulfilled their faith and hope in life, and are with God in eternal life and are worthy of veneration. “They were exceptional Christians and exceptional human beings in terms of their goodness and their love for God and neighbour, which we call holiness.” Father Gray said the use of words such as ‘canonisation’ and ‘saint’ derived from Latin words used in holy teachings. The word saint – from the Latin word sanct, or sanctus, meant holy, and to be canonised – derived from the Latin word canon, meant list of saints. The two deceased Popes were recognised by the Catholic Church at a highly public service in St Peter’s Square, Rome on Sunday. It was conducted by Pope Francis, attended by global leaders and watched by mil-

Drink driving Two people were charged with drink driving in Ashburton on Saturday. The first motorist was found to be driving with an alleged breath excess breath alcohol limit of 647mcg/l on West Street. That was before another driver was caught with a 928mcg/l reading – more than twice the adult limit - on Moore Street about 2.45am. They will appear in Ashburton District Court.

Domestic disputes Ashburton police attended two domestic-related disputes during the weekend. The first was on Friday about 10.30am, followed by another about 12pm Saturday.

Theft arrest An Ashburton man was arrested by police after attempting to steal parts off a vehicle on Grey Street about 8.45pm on Friday. He will appear in the Ashburton District Court.

Pope Francis (right), embraces his predecessor Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, during a ceremony in St. Peter’s Square. Pope Francis has declared his two predecessors John XXIII and John Paul II saints in an unprecedented canonisation ceremony. photo Ap

NEW ZEALAND NOMINEE The New Zealand Catholic Church has been waiting for the canonisation of Mother Suzanne Aubert since her canonisation process was started in the 1980s. The French born woman came to New Zealand as a missionary. She was the founder of The Sisters of Compassion and worked

to help the poor, orphans, widows and others in need during the last century. She also worked with Maori and was fluent in Maori and English language. Mother Aubert would be New Zealand’s first saint if her canonisation succeeds.

lions of people around the world. Retired Pope Benedict XVI was also in attendance. There were some 800,000

people estimated to be in Rome for the event. Father Gray said people who lead holy lives were worthy of

Salute fit for a mini-superhero By PeTer de Graaf A Christchurch superhero famous for helping quake-hit citizens has struck up a super-powered friendship with a sick 5-year-old Northlander. Flat Man made his name in the wake of the 2011 earthquakes by delivering food parcels to student flats and struggling families. The homegrown hero had no idea, however, that he was also bringing happiness to a little boy in the Far North. Phoenix Matthews, from Kaikohe, has had chronic eczema since he was 1 year old. He is cared for by his grandmother, Gayelene Tupara, who said the condition made his skin unbearably itchy. When scratched his skin bled and blistered. “It’s cruel. I wouldn’t wish it on an animal, let alone a child.” Phoenix has a strict regime of skin creams and is almost entirely wrapped in bandages during flare-ups, but it’s the emotional effects that worry his mother, Janie Witehira. “He notices when adults pull their kids away or when other children stare. He started to cover his face in social situations,” she said. Mrs Tupara said Phoenix was 2 when he took to wearing superhero costumes. His face bandages became part of his superhero identity, something to wear

with pride rather than shame. And when Phoenix saw Flat Man on TV he felt an instant bond. “He said, ‘He’s a superhero, and he looks just like me’. It made him proud of who he is, and he started telling everyone who would listen that his name was Flat Man.” When one of Phoenix’s home tutors contacted Flat Man to tell him about his young fan, he launched a fundraising drive to treat Phoenix and his grandmother to a “superhero’s day out”. On March 25 they were flown to Christchurch on an all-expenses-paid trip and when they landed a crowd of superheroes was waiting with gifts and banners. “Then the tears really flowed. I felt the love of those people,” Mrs Tupara said. They had morning tea with Mayor Lianne Dalziel, a tour of the Antarctic Centre and a ride on the Christchurch Gondola. Flat Man and Phoenix spent hours at Hagley Park playground. For Mrs Tupara seeing the earthquakes’ devastation first hand was even more touching: “They’ve lost so much, but they can still reach out to a little boy in the Far North.” Mrs Tupara said Flat Man was now planning a trip to Northland to see Phoenix again. - APNZ

imitation and veneration. They were not worshipped but were held in special esteem. “The two popes were exceptionally holy men who had a tremendous influence on the church and on the world, so that was one reason why they have been canonised.” The work and sheer popularity of John Paul II saw him canonised earlier than waiting the usual five year period after death but “they were exceptional holy men, they were worthy of the title because of their relationship with God,” said Father Gray.

Missing man found The mental health patient who escaped from a Porirua hospital on Sunday has been found, exhausted. Kieran John Doody, 29, was located by members of the public at about 7pm last evening wandering on walking tracks near Colonial Knob, Porirua, police said. He was in an exhausted condition and was being assessed by medical staff. No further details were available. Mr Doody escaped from the grounds of Ratonga Rua Hospital while on an escorted walk on Sunday. - APNZ


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News 6

Ashburton Guardian

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Ashburton event now in its 24th year By myleS Hume

Whether it be a wheelchair, mobility scooter, a plane or a vintage car – they all have one thing in common and that’s wheels. Ashburton will, for the 24th time, be celebrating the annual Wheels Week, seeing 24 events fill a 16-day programme. The eight-strong organising committee, including (from left) Maree Allan, Avis Kingsland and Ross Butterick, has been planning this year’s event since October and say it has gone from strength to strength despite being a self-funded event. “It’s looking like its coming together really well, so now we will just hope the weather pulls through for us,” committee member Maree Allan said at last night’s launch at the Devon Tavern. The Wheels Week programme sees separate organisations bring their own events to life, with the committee co-ordinating the overall event which is unique to Ashburton. This year’s programme will begin with the popular Ashburton vintage car swap meet on Saturday, and throughout the fortnight will feature the RSA mobility scooter race and street sprints before being rounded off by the street parade and the big toys for big boys event, among many other activities. Wheels Week will end on Sunday May 18. The full schedule can be found at www.

Photo Myles huMe 280414-Mh-019



VISITORS WELCOME Monday to Friday from 10am - 4pm Please meet Tony at the Lochlea Lifestyle Resort Lodge off Charlesworth Drive Come along with your friends and family for an unconditional guided tour by Resort Manager, Tony Sands.

TONY SANDS - Resort Manager To organise a personal tour contact Tony on 0800 2727 837

Entrance off Racecourse Rd or Hanrahan St, Ashburton Phone 03 307 9080 Email

NZTA case study holds up lights’ implementation By Sue NewmaN sue.n@theguardian

Don’t hold your breath if you’re waiting for traffic lights along State Highway One in Tinwald, Ashburton District Council contracts manager Brian Fauth says. While the council has been pushing the case for lights at a Tinwald intersection, the final answer lies with the New Zealand Transport Agency, Mr Fauth told a meeting of the council’s service delivery committee last week. “They’re putting together the business case but there’s no suggestion of any traffic lights or any proposal at this point.” Instead, the transport agency was compiling a business case study that looked at all traffic problems around the stretch of state highway running through Tinwald. There was no set date for this study to be completed, he said. That wasn’t good enough for mayor Angus McKay. “We should be writing to NZTA and asking them when they will be enlightening the public of Ashburton.”

Ashburton Mayor Angus McKay wants NZTA to set a date for study to be completed.

The council signed off on an agreement in September for the transport agency to prepare a business case for improving traffic flows along the state highway in Tinwald. Moving the project to the investigation phase received full support from the district councillors, many of whom had been pushing for several years for the installation of traffic lights in Tinwald.

News Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ashburton Guardian 7


Woman charged over man’s death By KurT Bayer Friends and neighbours of a 22-year-old woman charged with murdering a man inside a Christchurch house on Sunday night have been shocked by the death. The woman was granted name suppression when she appeared from custody at Christchurch District Court yesterday. Judge Philippa Cunningham also granted the victim name suppression as he was yet to be formally identified and next of

kin have not been informed. Defence counsel Elizabeth Bulger raised psychiatric concerns but no reports were called for yesterday. The accused was remanded in custody without plea to appear at the High Court in Christchurch on May 16. Police launched a homicide investigation into the death on Sunday after a body was found at a house in Earnslaw Crescent, Bryndwr. Neighbours say police knocked on the door of the

house about 4pm on Sunday. It was no surprise to see police at the address, people in the quiet suburban street said. But they were shocked to see officers carrying hand guns and many more soon descending on the house. One elderly Earnslaw Crescent resident was shocked by the events. “It’s hard to believe.” A friend of the murder accused, who did not wish to be named, said: “I didn’t see this coming - not at all. I’m really

surprised. “She was a nice girl.” Detective Inspector Greg Murton said inquiries into the death were continuing. A scene examination at Earnslaw Crescent was launched yesterday morning and is ongoing. A large blue tent had been erected in a neighbour’s yard where ESR forensic staff are working from, while a police caravan was outside the state house where the dead body remained. The body was expected to

be removed from the scene last night, police said, with a postmortem examination likely to start today. The identity of the victim has not yet been confirmed. It is likely he won’t be named until after the post-mortem examination is completed and next of kin have been notified. Police are continuing to speak to witnesses and associates. An area canvass began last evening, with police officers talking to neighbours. - APNZ

Council inundated with building consents

■ TRANZ ALPINE SCOOTER SAFARI View or purchase photos online

By sue neWman

Clive Chapman, Ruth Coppard and Trevor Coppard are fundraising for the Tranz Alpine Scooter Safari in their flying pink pig outfits. Photo tetsuro MitoMo 170414-tM-057

Fun way to do some fundraising By Toni Williams

It’s three flying pink pigs on their moving machines … well, it’s Clive Chapman, and husband and wife duo Trevor and Ruth Coppard all dressed up for the Tranz Alpine Scooter Safari fundraiser next month. The three had teamed up to take part in the biennial event to raise money for the Cancer Society. However in the lead up to the rally, they plan a warm-up ride to coincide with Ashburton Wheels week parade on May 18. It was for any interested riders on 50cc machines or those with a small capacity engine. Mr Chapman said it was open to anyone, not just Scooter Sa-

fari riders. A donation toward the Cancer Society would be appreciated. “Riders are invited to take part in the street parade at 10.30am and then meet up at Gluyas Motors carpark on Kermode Street,” he said. The ride would head out through Greenstreet, to the Staveley Store for lunch/coffee and return by the Methven highway. “Fancy dress was optional and fun,” said Mr Chapman. People interested can telephone Mr Chapman on 027 4210123 for any more information. When the trio tackle the Scooter Safari they would join up to 250 riders, decked out in all their finest, doing the trek

from Christchurch across the great Alpine divide to Hokitika – all on a 50cc scooter or moped. The fundraiser also raised awareness for the survivors and families of those with cancer. And, like the trio, a lot of people just wanted to help make a difference. Mr Chapman said it was not a race and not for the fainthearted. “It is designed to be the coldest, longest, hardest most gruelling and uncomfortable test of endurance on a city scooter to raise money and awareness for cancer sufferers.” It was not Mr Chapman’s first time entered; he was a participant in 2012 with the Coppards as support crew.

DONATIONS Donations for the riders in the Tranz Alpine Scooter Safari can be made online. ■ Clive Chapman2014 ■ RuthCoppard ■ TrevorCoppard

But this time Mr and Mrs Coppard were keen to jump on their own scooters. Mr Chapman will ride a red 1975 Honda C50, Mrs Coppard a baby blue 1980 Honda C50 and Mr Coppard a red 50cc Suzuki.

During the first three months of this year 50 building consents were issued for new homes in the Ashburton District, with a total value of $21.6 million. For the first three months of the year, 387 consents worth more than $30 million were issued and those high numbers were putting the council’s building department under significant pressure, said environmental services group manager Jane Donaldson. “We’ve got a record number of consents in the system at the moment, 114 and we’re two staff down,” she said. In spite of staff shortages, by using contractors her team had kept consent processing times well within the required 20 days. Two additional staff have been employed to bridge the gap and contractors would continue to be used as needed, Ms Donaldson said. In March 133 consents were received, well up on the 116 received in March last year. In spite of running low on staff, the council is still processing consents for the Christchurch City Council. To date it has received 25 consents and processed 23 of these.

Jane Donaldson

News 8

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ashburton Guardian


Touching ‘inappropriate’ By Kurt Bayer Four women will take the stand this week to say that a male mall masseur’s touching went “beyond acceptable bounds”. Cunbin Zhang, 59, denies rubbing breasts, touching pubic areas, inner and upper thighs, pulling nipples and touching women’s bottoms. At the start of his Christchurch District Court jury trial yesterday, and with the assistance of a Mandarin language interpreter, he pleaded not guilty to 17 charges.

Prosecutor Anselm Williams told the jury that Zhang had been employed as a part-time masseur for two Chinese therapeutic massage parlours. Four female victims came forward after massages went “beyond acceptable bounds”. “They say it was indecent,” Mr Williams said. Zhang, the Crown says, had no formal training and appeared to have limited experience. He was given some training and made aware of what was appropriate areas to touch and what was off-limits.

The alleged offending was first brought to police attention by a woman who went for a massage on December 7, 2012. While lying face down, Zhang started by rubbing her back, before she claims he pulled her knickers off. The stunned woman said she “froze”. The Crown claims he then “pulled her buttocks apart”. He repeatedly massaged her legs and tried to pull them apart, she said. When he touched her breasts, she asked him not to but he just

got more oil and touched her pubic area, the court heard. “She told him, ‘No, no, no’. He grabbed one of her breasts and tried to massage it,” Mr Williams said. After the incident, she went to police who put out a public statement asking if anyone else had concerns with a massage they had recently had, to come forward. Three more women came forward and relayed similar stories. The trial, before Judge Stephen O’Driscoll continues. - APNZ



Partner stole kids’ medications Jason Ross Ford sent a text message telling his partner he was breaking up with her, before stealing her young children’s medication and leaving them home alone. Yesterday the Ashburton District Court heard that Ford had spent the night of October 19 at his then-partner’s home in Pareora babysitting her two children, while she stayed with a friend in Timaru. The following morning she returned home after receiving the text message from Ford, to find the children alone. Both children are affected by attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but when the complainant went to get

their medication, she discovered it was missing. When spoken to by police Ford admitted taking the medications, but said he didn’t know why he had done it. He initially claimed to have given it to a friend. However, Judge Joanna Maze said Ford had consumed the medication himself. She said the real impact on the victim was the loss of the medication, which was required immediately at the time for the children’s wellbeing. Judge Maze sentenced Ford to 60 hours of community work and ordered him to make reparations of $80 within 28 days.

Blowout brings end to chase A Hampstead youth who drove at speeds in excess of 180km/h to avoid police, was only stopped when a tyre on his vehicle blew out, the Ashburton District Court was told yesterday. Twenty-year-old Brandon Lee Farr-Wilson appeared for sentencing before Judge Joanna Maze for sentencing on charges dangerous driving, failing to stop for police and driving while forbidden. Judge Maze said each charge

made the others worse. She noted that Farr-Wilson had passed other vehicles at high speeds, including a combine harvester, and a cyclist was forced to take evasive action. Farr-Wilson was convicted and discharged on the driving while forbidden and failing to stop charges, and sentenced to three months’ community detention and disqualified from driving for nine months on the lead charge of dangerous driving.

Niall Joseph Finnegan, 18, of Tinwald admitted a charge of drink driving with an excess breath alcohol level of 209 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath (EBA 209mcg/l) when the legal limit for drivers under 20 is 150mcg/l. Finnegan, an Irish national,

was unaware of New Zealand’s law pertaining to under-20 year olds. He was convicted, disqualified from driving for three months and ordered to pay court costs of $130. Hinemoa Carroll, a single mother of Ashburton, admitted drink driving with a blood alcohol level of 136 micrograms of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood. Carroll, who had a previous

Back in custody Michael Steven Marshall was returned to custody, pending an application for electronically monitored bail, following his appearance in the Ashburton District Court yesterday. The 38-year-old brick-layer from Ashburton, faces charges of intentionally setting fire to a dwelling, knowing that danger to life was likely, drink driving and driving while disqualified. His next appearance will be by video link in the Christchurch District Court on May 19.

Broke cellphone Cody Nathan John Tihama, a single father of Ashburton, was ordered to pay $350 in reparations for deliberately breaking a cellphone.

Suspended driving Lloyd William Roy Williams, of Ashburton, admitted a charge of driving while suspended. He was convicted, disqualified from driving for six months and fined $150.

Assault charge

The cars as they came to rest after the crash on Good Friday.

Crash victim named By Myles HuMe

Police have named the elderly woman who died in Christchurch Hospital following a head-on crash in Ashburton on Good Friday. She was 79-year-old Janet Ethel MacFarlane, of Redwoodtown, Marlborough, who was in Ashburton on April 18 with her husband when they were involved in a head-on collision on Smallbone Drive about 12.30pm. Police have not yet been able to confirm whether her death was directly related to injuries from the crash, or whether other medical factors may have

contributed. Initial inquiries indicate the driver of an oncoming vehicle crossed the centre line into the path of the car in which Mrs MacFarlane was a passenger. Two other female passengers were admitted to hospital. One has since been discharged, while the other was transferred to Christchurch Hospital with a broken leg and is in a comfortable condition. The driver of the other vehicle was also transferred to Christchurch Hospital where he remains in a comfortable condition. A police investigation into the crash is continuing.

Four drivers admit drink-driving charges The following people appeared before Judge Joanna Maze in the Ashburton District Court yesterday.

In brief

conviction for drink driving in 2011, was convicted and disqualified from driving for six months, fined $400 and ordered to undertake six months’ supervision. She must also obtain and use a zero alcohol licence for three years when she gets her licence back. Brian Steven McAllister, of Tinwald, admitted drink driving with an excess blood alcohol level of 131 micrograms

per 100 millilitres of blood on March 1. McAllister, who has eight previous drink-driving convictions, was convicted and remanded on bail to reappear for sentencing on June 10. Shane Bogtong Tolentino, 42, a dairy farmer of Mayfield, admitted drink driving (EBA 563mcg/l). He was disqualified from driving for six months, fined $400 and ordered to pay court costs of $130.

Ashley Bruce Spooner, 26, of Ashburton, appeared for sentence on a charge of assault. Spooner and two others went to the complainant’s home to confront her. While Spooner did not instigate the assault he joined in, punching the victim in the head and arms. She was left with swelling, bruises and contusions. Spooner was sentenced to 40 hours of community work, and six months of supervision, to include counselling to address his violent offending.

Parole breach Desmond Kapi Marshall, 46, of Ashburton appeared on a charge of breaching parole. Marshall was released from prison on the condition he resided at a residential drug treatment facility to undertake treatment and counselling. Marshall was convicted and ordered to come back before the court if called within six months.

Child sex charges A 57-year-old teacher is standing trial in the High Court at Whangarei on charges including rape, assault and sexual violation. Taite Hemi Kupa faces five counts of assault on a child under 16, one charge of assault on a female and four charges of sexual violation by rape on girls under 16. He is also facing seven charges of sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection and one attempted sexual violation by rape. - APNZ

Robbery charges Two men have been charged over a spate of aggravated robberies in Auckland over the last 10 days. The first robbery was at Mobil on Apirana Ave, on Good Friday. The second was Mobil on Mt Wellington Rd on 23 April and the third at Caltex in Penrose on 24 April. Two men, aged 21 and 22, were arrested following the fourth and fifth robberies which occurred at Mobil and Country Fried Chicken Store on Massey Rd, early Sunday. They will appear in Manukau District Court today. - APNZ

News Tuesday, April 29, 2014


In brief

Dog attacks off to bad start By Sue NewmaN

It has been rough start to the year in the Ashburton District for the number of dog attacks, both on people and on other dogs. In January the Ashburton District Council’s dog control officers were called to three dog attacks, one on another dog, one on stock and one on a person. Two of the dogs involved were classified as menacing and

the owners fined under the dog control act. February saw five reports of dog attacks, three on people and two on other dogs. Three of those cases are still under investigation. In one incident of a dog attacking a person, the dog was classified as menacing and the owner fined. In another, the dog owner was fined. An incident of a dog attacking another dog in March is also still under investigation.

Council environmental management manager Rick Catchpowle said the dog control contractors had noticed an increase in wandering dogs over the past few months, with 14 complaints logged over Easter alone. “The main issue seems to be occurring in the evenings when people are just letting their dogs out and not calling them back until some time during the night,” he said. Investigations following at-

tacks could often take some time to wrap up if statements were required from a number of witnesses, Mr Catchpowle said. Over the past three months 60 dogs were impounded. Most were reunited with their owners, with just one being euthanised and seven rehomed. Across the district 6977 dogs are currently on the council’s register, 96.14 per cent of the known dogs in the district.


Bakehouse move opens new opportunities By Sue NewmaN

Torrential rain might have been hammering at the windows, but Matt Harvey was too busy to notice the weather when he started work in the small hours of yesterday morning. After a weekend spent relocating his bakehouse from the Ashburton Arcade to Creek Road, Mr Harvey was happy to be head down in dough yesterday morning. And in spite of the big wet, his new customers were happy to dodge the puddles and check out the shop. Plans by Arcade owner Barry Redmond to rebuild the central shopping precinct were the catalyst for Mr Harvey’s bakehouse relocation. While the Arcade revamp might be some time off, because moving a bakery took careful planning, he decided to be proactive and make the move early. “I drove past the shop, called the owner and six months later we’re open for business. Unlike a lot of businesses you can’t just relocate ovens overnight. It has to be well planned,” he said. He’s now baking from the Creek Road site, running a café

Same bakehouse, new location, Matt Harvey has relocated his kitchen from the Ashburton Arcade and now runs a second café and shop from Creek Road. Photo Donna Wylie 280414-246

and takeaway shop in the suburbs while he continues to run his café and takeaway lunch spot in town. It’s a bit of a juggling act, but with a good management team in place, he’s keeping his fin-

gers crossed it will be smooth sailing. Mr Harvey hoped the second outlet would attract a new range of customers. It has. “Already this morning I’ve seen a whole bunch of people

we’ve never seen in town.” For his central town customers, there will be no change. The food will be exactly the same, the only thing that will be missing will be the smell of bread baking in the Arcade.

Two men dead after 600m plunge Police are still investigating the cause which led to the death of two men after their vehicle plunged 600 metres off a dangerous rural road south of Hastings. Police were alerted to the crash yesterday morning after a farm worker came across the wrecked vehicle on a farm property on Burma Rd, off SH2 near the small settlement

Rain to continue Rain will continue to lash the country today but the sun will return just in time for the weekend, forecasters say. Dramatic weather was expected to dominate the North Island overnight with thunderstorms along the west coast. But by Wednesday the low pressure system would start to move out to the east, analyst Philip Duncan said. “Clearing skies push into parts of the South Island with the sun returning.” By the end of the week, the weather will have calmed, maybe bringing some cloud and fog patches as the wind dies down, he said. - APNZ

Depression help A video game that teaches young people how to cope with depression and anxiety has been released online, and has the backing of pop star Stan Walker and Blues’ rugby coach Sir John Kirwan. Sparx, an online e-therapy tool developed by the University of Auckland, was launched yesterday by Prime Minister John Key. The tool, an initiative of the Prime Minister’s Youth Mental Health Project, has been in development for several years and undergone clinical trials with teens. The trails showed it was effective in helping people aged 12 to 19 with mild to moderate depression and anxiety, said Auckland University head of psychological medicine, Associate Professor Sally Merry, who led the development team. -APNZ

Two implants funded


By HarriSoN CHriStiaN

Ashburton Guardian 9

of Te Hauke. The Hastings fire service rescue team also attended. Eastern District communications manager Kris McGehan said the car had rolled about 600m. Police believed the crash had happened on Sunday night and no other vehicles were involved. Hastings road policing supervisor sergeant Kevin Stewart said the Honda had gone off Burma Rd, which runs off

SH2, and down a hill into the paddock below before it came to rest on its side. A 40-year-old male driver was found dead in the vehicle and a 52-year-old male frontseat passenger had been thrown from the vehicle and was found dead some metres from the car. The farm worker assisted police in moving the bodies of the deceased with a quad bike and trailer. The deceased were believed

to be local and “possibly Hastings-based”. Mr Stewart didn’t believe speed was a factor. It was too early to know whether alcohol was a factor, Mr Stewart said. The crash was on an unsealed part of Burma Road and ran alongside steep farmland. “It’s a gravel road, really dangerous; it’s not used a lot and if you don’t have your wits about you chances of survival are not good at all.” - APNZ

The Government announcement yesterday to fund a second cochlear implant for under 18-yearolds will save each affected family up to $50,000, the National Foundation for the Deaf says. Children and young people with profound hearing loss would now have both implants funded rather than just one, Health Minister Tony Ryall said. “Budget 2014 is providing an extra $6.3 million over four years for a bilateral cochlear implants programme for children.” Under the current policy, children with severe to profound hearing loss in both ears receive one funded cochlear implant. The new funding would mean that from July 1 those children would receive two implants. - APNZ

Cave Creek 20th Some sort of service will be held next year, to mark the 20th anniversary of the disaster that claimed 14 young lives. Thirteen students from Tai Poutini Polytechnic and a Department of Conservation officer died on Friday, April 28, 1995 when the viewing platform they and three others were standing on fell 30m into a rocky gully at Cave Creek, just north of Punakaiki. - APNZ

Woman hit by train A woman has been injured by a train in Henderson. The incident happened at 3.45pm yesterday. St John Ambulance said the woman was not using a pedestrian crossing when she was clipped by the train opposite the local fire station. She was taken to Auckland City Hospital in a serious condition. - APNZ

Opinion 10

Ashburton Guardian

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Legal high? Not anymore Coen Lammers EDITOR


he sudden Government decision to ban all legal synthetic highs seems just as rushed and ill-informed as the original Psychoactive Substances Act that allowed the products to be sold in the first place. The fact that the announcement was hurried to pre-empt a similar policy declaration by the Labour Party could have some major consequences over the next two weeks as punters will start to stockpile and retailers are likely to have a fire sale. It is astonishing that Associate Minister of Health Peter Dunne did not even try to hide the political cynicism of the rushed decision, where scoring points seems more important than actually helping our community. While ignoring this bad taste, Mid Canterbury and, especially Rakaia, will welcome the decision to remove this poison from the shelves, but nobody will be under any illusion that synthetic cannabis will simply disappear. The Government has to be commended for looking for innovative solutions to control these products, but the original Psychoactive Substances Act was a naïve and dangerous attempt to put boundaries around this market. Allowing these products to be sold before they had been properly tested, without any firm deadlines, was bound to create problems. The impact of these chemicals has been evident in communities, hospitals and police stations around the country, but it seemed to have taken a visit by the minister to a R18 shop in Naenae with journalist John Campbell to open his eyes. Drug use is a complex issue that needs considered and holistic solutions, instead of knee-jerk reactions to win favour with the voting public. Mr Dunne will always be stuck between a rock and hard place, choosing between the undesirable scenario of legal sales and the danger of pushing the products in the criminal underworld. The reality is that some people in Mid Canterbury want to get high and there is little any Government can do about that. Banning the products will at least make it harder for younger people to source these drugs and send a clear message that our society does not want synthetic cannabis.

YOUR VIEW Anzac Day We went to the dawn parade to pay our respects to our servicemen and women, on a beautiful dawn morning, with many people gathered together for the service. In 10-15 minutes it was all over! Surely we can do better for this important day. The anthem and hymn were played with no-one to lead the singing (amongst us there must be someone able to volunteer) no order of service sheet so we couldn’t join in. Maybe a marching band, in place of the servicemen no longer able to march. Please don’t let this service and what it represents become a poor second to the civic ceremony. The numbers attending are growing each year; please hold their interest to continue this trend. J. Neilson




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by David Fletcher

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Opinion Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dairy industry’s other big vote Willy Leferink WILLYLEAKS


his year will see a general election, but you have to wonder if three-year cycles are sufficient. Let’s face it, year one is learning the ropes and doing what you promised. Year two is fine tuning what you’ve done or running a mile from what you’ve done, meanwhile, year three is all about getting reelected. Many systems have four- or even five-year cycles and DairyNZ’s impending vote on its $61 million industry good levy fits into the five-year cycle. It isn’t appreciated by many who bemoan the lack of research and development in New Zealand, that every time my girls come in for milking, 3.6 cents in every kilogram of milksolids they produce goes towards R&D. This money is collected by the milk processors and passed to our industry good body, DairyNZ. It undertakes a whole host of research activities that no farmer could ever hope to do individually. DairyNZ further leverages what it gets from us farmers in larger programmes like the Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Consortium and through the Primary Growth Partnership (PGP). When the total payout looks like being well north of $8 per kilogram of milksolids, 3.6 cents may not sound very much but it adds up to a heap of money. We all know the dairy industry has been great for New Zealand and DairyNZ deserves plaudits for helping to keep us well ahead of the dairy pack. The dairy industry’s success, in turn, has helped to swell DairyNZ’s levy income; in the past six seasons it has grown from $47 million to now be around $61 million. Out of each $100 spent by DairyNZ, $28 goes on research and development. The fact R&D is not always instant worries DairyNZ regional team manager Craig McBeth, who told 3News, “A lot of it does take place in quite con-

The DairyNZ Board is supported by a management team led by chief executive Dr Tim Mackle. photo supplied

second largest spending area. Yet a “yes” vote is not a sure-fire bet. While I do not think for a second that farmers will vote down DairyNZ’s levy proposal, our sheep wool colleagues did just that four years ago over the wool levy. It may have shocked government, but it didn’t shock farmers. The wool levy was funding

centrated work that does take a long time to deliver results, and then communicating those results is a challenge. So farmers do appreciate it, but it is hard to tell the story consistently all the time so they see the full value of it.” Do not worry Craig because most farmers support R&D and using our levies to fund biosecurity, which is DairyNZ’s


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stuff that farmers did not see as relevant or useful. Wool was also plummeting in value and that bred disenchantment. Ironically, since the levy was axed, the performance of wool as a commodity seems to have lifted relative to falling flock numbers. The wool guys are now looking at a business case for a new and improved wool levy, but this will be one focused on delivering real money inside the farm gate. With DairyNZ’s voting papers now in the post, what happened with the wool levy should send a clear message to DairyNZ about focusing on what farmers need and cutting its cloth to fit. DairyNZ told 3News that “the levy will stay at 3.6 cents for at least two years, and it would consult with farmers if that were to be changed”. I would suggest to DairyNZ that if dairy prices keep going the way they are, then any change ought to be down. As our farm productivity lifts, thanks in part to DairyNZ, it gets a stake in what is a virtuous cycle. The fact is DairyNZ complements Federated Farmers. We’re membership funded and independent, meaning we can get down and dirty politically. DairyNZ’s levy income comes from the Commodities Levies Act let alone from things like the PGP. This limits their political hand and, I’ll be frank here, being politically active provincially and nationally, is fundamental to being a successful advocate. Federated Farmers is not afraid to take heat by backing farming, proven with HortNZ on Horizons One Plan. Federated Farmers is also one of the appellants on Environment Canterbury’s Land & Water Plan while the others are Fish and Game, Ngai Tahu, Genesis Energy, Trustpower and the Rangitata Diversion Race company. As the voting papers land I am hoping to see DairyNZ stay in business. Perhaps a good place to start is having fewer chefs in the policy and advocacy kitchen, but giving those chefs much better-funded ingredients instead. Willy Leferink is Federated Farmers Dairy Chairperson



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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


In brief Sworn in again Algeria’s president has taken his oath of office for a fourth term from his wheelchair following his election win earlier this month. Abdelaziz Bouteflika, 77, seemed in better health than in past public appearances, but his voice was still weak as he recited the oath of office. Bouteflika suffered a stroke last year. The president, in power since 1999, received more than 81 per cent of the vote in the April 17 election in this key North African energy producer. Turnout at the election was 51 per cent. - AP

Tanker confrontation Greenpeace International is sending out a ship to protest a tanker bringing the first oil produced at a new Russian offshore platform in the Arctic Circle to Rotterdam. The environmental group said it has sent the Rainbow Warrior III to meet the Mikhail Ulyanov, a tanker chartered by Russia’s statecontrolled oil company, Gazprom OAO. Greenpeace spokesman Ben Ayliffe would not comment on what kind of protest is planned. “The tanker is currently heading south into the North Sea as it makes for Rotterdam, so we expect the two ships to meet at some stage in the coming days,” he said. - AP

Iraq attacks kill 21 A soldier of the Ukrainian army guards their checkpoint near village of Malinovka, 20 kilometres from Slovyansk. Insurgents in Slovyansk have taken a number of people hostage, including journalists and pro-Ukraine activists. photo Ap

City’s mayor shot in back The mayor of Ukraine’s second-largest city was shot in the back and pro-Russia insurgents seized yet another government building as tensions rose in eastern Ukraine ahead of a new round of US sanctions. Armed insurgents tacitly backed by Moscow are seeking more autonomy in the region from the interim government in Kiev. In a bid to ratchet up the pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin, President Barack Obama has promised

to levy new sanctions on Russian individuals and companies in retaliation for Moscow’s alleged provocations in eastern Ukraine. Hennady Kernes, the mayor of Kharkiv, was shot in the back Monday morning, his office said. Kernes was said to be undergoing surgery and “doctors are fighting for his life,” according to the city hall. Officials have not commented on the circumstances of the shooting and it was not clear who was behind it. Kernes was

a staunch opponent of the proWest Maidan movement that toppled President Viktor Yanukovych in February and was widely viewed as the organiser of activists sent to Kiev from eastern Ukraine to harass those demonstrators. But he has since softened his stance toward the new Kiev government and insisted that he does not support the proRussia insurgents or any annexation of Ukrainian territory. Kharkiv is in eastern Ukraine

where pro-Russian gunmen have seized government buildings, set up roadblocks or staged protests to demand greater autonomy or outright annexation by Russia. Ukraine’s acting government and the West have accused Russia of orchestrating the unrest, which they fear Moscow could use as a pretext for an invasion. Last month, Russia annexed Crimea weeks after seizing control of the Black Sea peninsula. - AP


Missing plane’s search area to be expanded Australia’s prime minister said yesterday that the underwater search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet will be expanded. Prime Minister Tony Abbott told reporters in Canberra that the US Navy’s Bluefin 21 has finished scouring the initial search area far off the Australian west coast and has not yet found anything. “It is now 52 days since Malaysia Airlines Fight MH370

disappeared and I’m here to inform you that the search will be entering a new phase,” Abbott said at a news conference. Radar and satellite data show the jet carrying 239 passengers and crew veered far off course on March 8 for unknown reasons during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Analysis indicates it would have run out of fuel in the remote section of ocean where the search has been focused.

Not one piece of debris has been recovered since the massive multinational hunt began. The Bluefin’s original search area was a circle with a 10-kilometre radius, 4.5 kilometres deep around a spot where signals consistent with airplane black boxes were heard on April 8. “I want the families to know, I want the world to know, that Australia will not shirk its responsibilities in this area. We

will do everything we humanly can ... to solve this mystery,” Abbott said. “We will not let people down and while the search will be moving to a new phase in coming weeks, it certainly is not ending.” Australian head of the search effort, Angus Houston, said: “We haven’t found anything anywhere that has any connection to MH370.” - AP

Militants in Iraq unleashed attacks against polling stations as soldiers and security forces cast ballots two days ahead of parliamentary selections, killing at least 21 people, officials said. The wave of attacks was an apparent attempt to derail the balloting process and to discourage the rest of the country’s 22 million registered voters from going to polls on Wednesday in the first nationwide elections since the 2011 withdrawal of US forces. The early balloting for police and soldiers is meant to free up the 1 million-strong military and security forces for Wednesday, so they can protect polling stations and voters. - AP

Geldof inquest A British coroner will open an inquest this week into the death of Peaches Geldof and may reveal details of what killed the 25-yearold celebrity. Kent County Council says a brief inquest hearing will be held Thursday. The council said in a statement that a senior police officer will read a statement and the coroner will release the results of a post-mortem investigation. The model and TV personality, daughter of Live Aid organiser Bob Geldof, was found dead at her home south of London on April 7. An initial autopsy was inconclusive and toxicology tests have been carried out. - AP

Obama pledges help President Barack Obama is sending his deepest condolences to those affected by a deadly tornado that ripped through Arkansas. Obama says he wants everyone affected to know that the federal government is on the ground to help. He says the Federal Emergency Management Agency will work with local officials. “Your country will be there to help you recover, rebuild, as long as it takes.” - AP


Ashburton Guardian

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


In brief

Trust must be earned sion of up to 12 per cent with the average commission around 6 per cent. Shares in companies which provide the products plunged in the wake of the news amid talk the change would result in people splurging the money on houses, cars and holidays following on the back of the Australian experience. Australia has no established annuity market despite having a compulsory superannuation savings scheme. According to The Guardian (http:// research by Australian investment management firm

Challenger in 2012 found 32 per cent of Australians spent their super on buying a home, paying off a mortgage or home improvements. A further 19 per cent used it to buy or pay off a car and 14 per cent paid for a holiday with it. Hunt said there had been a loss of faith in the retirement savings system in the UK. But the market response had been “if only they were smarter [people] would understand it was good for them.” Hunt said from a regulatory perspective he would like to see a shift in behaviour from providers. “I need to see some high trust products and models that restore public trust.” More than two million people are signed up to KiwiSaver with the pool of money expected to hit a combined $20bn this year. - NZH

New Zealand’s listed dairy companies, Synlait Milk, a2 Milk Co and Fonterra Shareholders’ Fund, probably won’t face much disruption from tighter rules on infant formula in China, the nation’s biggest market for milk products, investors say. A2, whose Platinum infant formula is manufactured at Synlait’s Canterbury plant, led the three dairy companies lower on the NZX yesterday, after saying it is monitoring and responding to China’s new requirements. - APNZ

Compiled by

Derek Handley: “It’s just not good enough and it’s a waste of talent.” odt photo

was also to “rescue” someone from “corporate doomsdom”, he said. “The traditional narrative of very smart people is not to go and work in the non-profit world or solve social problems - it’s to get sucked into the machine of, you know, big business and start becoming a cog and then eventually a wheel. “Our brightest most passionate and inspired people need to embrace the issues that we have and they need to do more than just go to work. “It’s just not good enough and it’s a waste of talent.” Handley said that he hoped to have a person in place by the end of June. - NZH

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77 80 78 –6 4,882.3 208 208.5 208.5 –1 4,223.7 3771 3775 3771 +36 17.55 91.5 92 91.5 – 6,555.0 390 391 391 –6 2,103.1 173 176 174 –5 968.59 550 557 557 –16 1,504.2 442 448 445 –4 150.59 156 156.5 156 – 693.0 897 900 897 +4 281.39 395 396 395 –10 2,638.9 976 979 976 – 1,190.1 613 615 615 –4 623.98 480 481 481 –14 418.84 98.5 99 98.5 –0.5 1,334.9 68 68.5 68 –1 6,159.3 86 87 86 –2 1,272.9 223 224 224 –3 2,163.6 364 365 364 –6 304.32 113.5 114 114 – 1,236.3 1315 1319 1315 –5 206.91 117 118.5 118 –2 2,936.3 395 399 396 –8 1,263.7 132 133 133 +1 170.1 228.5 229 228.5 –1.5 1,118.8 343 345 343 –6 517.52 76.5 77 76.5 –0.5 1,358.0 124 125 124 –1 741.61 272 277 274 +9 189.03 104 105 104 –2 1,026.0 1405 1418 1410 –9 24.5 100.5 101 101 +0.5 656.33 128.5 129 129 – 648.76 308 310 310 +2 57.45 829 830 830 – 817.25 165 174 170 –5 2,705.4 653 654 654 +4 1,559.5 406 408 406 –7 1,042.7 295 300 300 –5 172.49 338 339 339 +3 830.17 264 267 266.5 +5 9,052.9 159 160 159 –6 1,249.6 389 390 390 –1 1,443.1 659 660 660 –5 200.2 250 253 250 +1 177.0 132 134 133.5 –0.5 65.43 333 336 335 – 184.36 3850 3880 3880 +40 131.2 3025 3030 3025 –165 206.7 386 389 389 –5 965.7

NZX 50 index last 4 weeks 5170 5138 5106 5074 5042 5010

 NZX 50 index



24/4 28/4

NZX 50 constituents


By HamisH FleTcHer


Source: NZX


Wanted: Right hand man

tion could target early on is lifting youth-engagement and voter-participation in the upcoming election. Handley said he was transferring around 4 or 5 million Snakk Media shares to serve as the foundation’s seed capital. As well as attracting someone for the role, Handley hoped the campaign would drive a conversation about what people did at work and their wider contribution to the world. “At the moment, you either work for a not-for-profit or you work in business, or you are working in business and you do some volunteering on the side, it’s not integrated.” Part of Handley’s campaign

Little impact

Guardian Shares & Investments


Kiwi tech entrepreneur Derek Handley is on the hunt for a “right-hand” in New Zealand to manage investments and launch ventures that help drive and fund a new foundation aimed at tackling social issues. New York-based Handley behind mobile marketing business The Hyperfactory and, more recently, NZAX-listed Snakk Media - launched a campaign yesterday asking for New Zealand’s “best and brightest” to apply to work with him as a “chief operator” in this country. “What I decided over summer was that I can’t maintain the momentum across the different things I want to do [in NZ] by myself,” he said. This “chief operator” will be responsible for managing investments, identifying entrepreneurial opportunities and also help to set up a charitable foundation, which will direct the proceeds of these ventures toward solving social issues. “It’s a real, genuine hybrid role ... so when you go to work every day you’ve got a set of responsibilities that no one normally has, which is to make wealth, make money, create entrepreneurial opportunities that help drive or fund or fuel issues that the foundation is tackling as well,” he said. One of the issues this founda-

Jade Software, the Christchurchbased software developer, returned $14.9 million to shareholders via a buyback after struggling to find compelling new opportunities after the initial public offer of former subsidiary Wynyard Group. The company’s coffers were swelled by the July float of Wynyard, with net cash rising to $30.7 million as at Dec. 31, from $7.6 million a year earlier, according to its annual report, filed with the Companies Office. Jade bought back 24.4 million shares at 61 cents apiece on February 21, about 55 per cent of the shares on issue. - APNZ


New Zealand’s KiwiSaver industry needs to win the public’s trust before it can expect people to hand over their retirement savings in exchange for a regular income, according to a top man at New Zealand’s financial market regulator. Adam Hunt, head of strategic intelligence for the Financial Markets Authority, told attendees at a retirement policy conference, there needed to be a change in behaviour from providers before an annuity market could be considered in New Zealand. Annuities allow people to use their retirement nest egg to buy an insurance contract which can give them a regular income until they die. They are seen as a solution to people living longer amid fears they will run out of money in old age.

At the moment individuals can choose what they do with their KiwiSaver savings once they are eligible to take the money out - usually around 65 years old. But there has been debate around whether people should be trusted to spend their money wisely or be forced to use part or all of their savings to buy an annuity. Hunt pointed to overseas experiences which had not all been positive. “In the US there is an uproar because annuities aren’t working very well.” Since the United States set up its annuity system in 1991 there have been 62 major failures of providers, he said. “It doesn’t reinforce faith in the market.” The schemes are also seen as expensive because those who sell them often get a commis-

Shareholders happy


By Tamsyn Parker



 NZX 20 index

3,985.57 –30.54 –0.76%

 NZX All index



 Rises 37


 Falls 59


 S&P/ASX 200 index




At close of trading on April 24, 2014

 Dow Jones Indust.

16,361.46 –140.19 –0.85%

At close of trading on April 25, 2014

 FTSE 100 index

6,685.69 –17.31 –0.26% At close of trading on April 25, 2014

 Nikkei 225 index

14,288.23 –141.03 –0.98%

At close of trading on April 28, 2014



 Gold


London – $US/ounce


 Silver


London – $US/ounce







 Copper London – $US/tonne NZ DOLLAR

Source: BNZ


As at 4pm April 28, 2014

Australia Canada China Euro Fiji Great Britain Japan Samoa South Africa Thailand United States

TT buy

0.9359 0.9618 5.7072 0.6326 1.6257 0.5191 89.45 2.0238 9.3302 28.08 0.8718

TT sell

0.9098 0.9313 5.0187 0.6094 1.5071 0.503 86.02 1.7528 8.9979 26.79 0.8459

Disclaimer: NZX and MetService have endeavoured to ensure the correctness of the information; neither NZX, MetService related companies, nor this newspaper, nor any of their respective employees or agents make any representation as to its accuracy or reliability nor will they, to the extent permitted by law, be liable for any loss arising in any way from, or in connection with, errors or omissions in any information provided (including responsibility to any person by reason of negligence). Please note: All products and services are subject to change without notice.

Rural 14

Ashburton Guardian

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Barn farm throws up plenty By Sue NewmaN

When Willy Leferink bought a 215-hectare dryland sheep farm at Mitcham, planning to turn it into a high-producing dairy farm, he hit a solid, brick wall. Environment Canterbury wasn’t having a bar of a dairy conversion. The property came with irrigation consents in place, but these couldn’t be activated because of tough rules around nutrient discharge. That might have meant a lower buying price, but it also meant huge obstacles to overcome before conversion could be achieved, Mr Leferink said. “We found we couldn’t grow anything except sheep, so I asked ECan what would happen if we ran all of our cows inside. Even if we did this for half the time we’d capture enough nutrients to be under the limit.” ECan was cautious, but Mr Leferink forged ahead and began looking at barn options. ECan signed the consent off and he found himself on a path to build cow barns. Along the way his vision, his ideas and any preconceptions he may have had were turned upside down “This is not a silver bullet and it’s not for everyone. We learned so much and today we do things very differently to a year ago,” he said. One year ago the Mitcham farm was little more than a bare, dry block. Today it houses two free-stall barns with 940 individual beds, dry cow and calving facilities and a 60-bale rotary shed with a high level of automation.

The farm is owned by an equity partnership and employs eight fulltime staff, with milking spread over eight- or nine-hour days. “This was a means to an end for us. We wanted to show what could be done under the new land and water plan. This is an example of farming to meet and beat the rules,” he said. Development of the barn farm has been rapid. The company was formed in January 2013, work started on March 1 and the first cows were milked on May 19. The barns received their first residents on June 30 and by August the second barn was completed and cows were calving indoors. “We had four key components when we were setting up – it had to be environmentally sound, it had to be a nice work environment, animal welfare had to be a high priority and the whole thing had to be profitable.” One year down the track, Mr Leferink believes that, thanks to top efforts by staff, the business has met all four criteria. Along the way he has constantly been surprised by the benefits that come with cow barns in terms of production and animal health. He’s battled through some high risks, including environmental constraints, high expense, public perception, bureaucratic red tape and said making barn farming work is all about establishing good management systems for a new farming concept. The barn conversion hasn’t come cheaply. While a normal conversion to dairying carries a tag of between $10,000 and

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Above – Home for some of the 900 cows on Willy Leferink’s Pannett Dairies farm is a barn, rather th

$12,000 a hectare, barn conversion runs to between $25,000 and $30,000 per hectare. And that will stretch any bank manager’s lending parameters, Mr Leferink said. While the Pannett Dairies cows spend a good part of their lives indoors, they still spend part of their lactation cycle in the outdoors. Most are keen to get back under cover, however, he said. “Life in the barn is so easy on the cows, you open the door and the cows don’t want to go outside. They’ll go out for a run and come back in.” The easy life means he’s likely to get four or five inseminations per cow. Calving runs year round at the rate of 90 to 100 animals

per month. Barns also mean he can buy cows out of season. Irrigation is done through an IQ system which records where every nutrient on the farm is distributed. “This is all mapped so effluent and water go exactly where we want.” The two barns were built by Rakaia Engineering. They are top of the line, but the investment has been worth it because the design ensures a good airflow and natural temperature control. There is no fan-forced ventilation and temperature ranges between 15 and 18°C. Inside the barns there is no smell. Floors are scraped daily, food is cleared and restocked each morning and effluent is dealt

with through a state-of-the -art separation and distribution system. In terms of nitrogen, barn cows produce significantly less in their urine than cows eating and living on grass. Balanced feed produced far less nitrogen, Mr Leferink said. Feed is one of the operation’s biggest costs. The cows’ diet is designed by a nutritionist and while most feed is bought in, the plan is to grow as much as possible on site in the future. His cows are fed a total mixed ration with this laid out on concrete to prevent waste. He does not feed in the milking shed. In terms of health issues, there are none, except for a little more

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ashburton Guardian 15

of challenges and rewards

230414-sN-054 Photos sue NewmaN 230414-sN-050

Above – Milking over, the cows return to the barn and eat their fill before retiring to their cow stalls to rest. Below – What’s not to love about living in a cow barn when a back scratcher comes with a warm bed and an endless supply of food.

han a paddock.

hoof care and the need to mix vitamin D into feed during the winter to compensate for lost sunlight. Mr Leferink is budgeting conservatively, on a payout next year of $4.68. He’s not running any risks, however, and keeps about nine months’ worth of feed stored on site, but if the feed is cheap and there’s money in the bank he’ll up his stocks. Running a cow barn farm is about systems, systems and more systems, and it’s also about achieving a good work–life balance for everyone involved – including the cows, he said. “Our cows never run out of feed, they go to their own beds and choose their own neighbours.

These cows are the happiest cows in the country; our staff know they cannot even lift a stick at a cow. There is no animal abuse. We even went to three times a day milking because the cows were standing there wanting to be milked.” In terms of educating cows to barn life and to turning up to be milked when they felt the need, it took about three days; educating staff about the new system took much longer. “Would we do this again? Yes, it’s been beyond expectations. This is one way we can keep farming into the future, The catch is though, you can’t pay top dollars for land and then put this system on top of it. This is not for all

farmers. The skill base needed is very high and I take my hat off to what my staff have done in a year.” For arable or sheep farmers, barns created an opportunity to convert a portion of their farm to dairy and continue their normal farming practices on the rem a i n d e r, Mr Leferink said. “This has been an amazing journey. It’s been capital hungry, but it’s going well.”



ew Shade and Motor Trimming Shade and Motor Trimming !

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John Webster Phone: 03 307 7307 Mobile: 027 362 8231

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Rural 16

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Selling, buying or investing in rural properties?


Call the rural team at Ray White today for advice. Mid Canterbury Real Estate Ltd Licensed Sales Person (REAA 2008)

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Jarrod Ross 027 259 4644

96 Tancred Street, Ashburton | Phone (03) 307 8317 |

Market Price Trends Week beginning April 28, 2014

L A M B ($) Including 1 kg Shorn Pelt this week 13.0kg YL SI 13.5kg YM SI 15.0kg YM SI 15.0kg YM NI 15.0kg YM Market Indicator 17.5kg YX SI 19.0kg YX SI 19.0kg YX NI 21.0kg YX SI 21.0kg YX NI 23.0kg YX SI

last 4 weeks 3 months week ago ago

1 year ago

40.89 61.03 79.38 81.08 65.65 91.89 99.02 103.45 108.52 114.39 109.93 40.89

40.21 60.26 76.59 79.30 65.50 90.92 97.97 101.20 107.37 111.91 108.67 40.89

40.21 60.08 76.41 78.57 64.12 90.74 97.79 100.27 107.19 110.88 108.49 40.89

41.09 61.09 78.78 81.99 61.59 93.49 100.76 104.30 110.47 115.33 110.14 40.89

29.55 48.24 65.20 66.81 55.59 75.39 81.13 85.07 88.78 94.08 97.02 40.89






1 Kg Shorn Pelt SI

2013/14 Low High 40.21 60.08 76.41 78.57 60.35 90.74 97.79 100.27 107.19 110.88 108.49 6.72 *

2012/13 ave

48.89 37.30 69.41 56.79 88.66 74.59 92.79 74.56 65.65 * 59.57 102.67 86.29 110.70 92.93 117.98 94.72 121.41 101.79 130.45 104.75 124.02 105.47 6.72 *


M U T T O N ($) Including 0.5kg pelt 21kg MX1







P2 Steer SI (296-320kg) NI P2 Steer Market Indicator

376 403 397

371 388 397

374 388 399

396 412 399

351 387 371

M Cow SI (160-195kg) NI M Cow Market Indicator

232 284 311

235 270 309

235 263 326

262 292 304

Bull SI (296-320kg) NI Bull Market Indicator

364 383 390

364 363 389

366 365 402

391 387 375




B E E F (c/ kg) 416 437 414 * 270 311 328 *

382 395 388

232 267 290

371 388 394 * 232 * 263 294 *

341 383 374

364 * 363 372

406 401 403

372 388 381

260 292 299

Based on announced schedules with levies & charges deducted and published premiums included. For a valid comparison between the Islands, add $1.20 in Lamb and 7c/kg in Beef to the North Is values, because North Is Cos pay freight.

V E N I S O N ($/kg - gross) AP Hind 50kg AP Stag 60kg AP Stag 80kg

6.11 6.20 5.81

6.11 6.20 5.81

6.11 6.20 5.81

6.13 6.23 5.83

6.38 6.48 6.08

6.11 * 6.20 * 5.81 *

7.43 7.53 7.13

6.86 6.95 6.56

1380 865 780 725 510 490 500 490 480

1380 865 780 710 485 470 470 475 500

1380 890 765 710 508 508 508 505 534

1500 1075 865 745 435 395 380 375 470

1285 865 * 765 670 475 450 450 450 480 *

1500 1010 850 740 630 625 625 600 534

1475 1047 848 714 440 399 386 372 501

426 433

427 421

393 422.5

433 412

338 408

473 443

415 422

5270 5530 5590 5940 13090

5420 6030 6030 6030 13980

5640 6340 7110 5290 12340

4580 4880 4870 5240 13090

5800 6270 6570 6390 14550

4258 4446 4502 4926 11572

W O O L Data: WSI Fine (21 microns) Medium (25 microns) Medium (27 microns) Medium (29 microns) Coarse (35 microns) Coarse (37 microns) Coarse (39 microns) 2nd Shear (37 microns-85mm) Lamb (31 micron-75mm)

W H E A T ($NZ/Tonne) ASW (Aus standard White) NZ Free (12.5% protein)

DAIRY PRODUCT PRICES Butter (NZ$/tonne) Skim Milk powder Whole Milk Powder Cheddar Cheese Casein

4590 4890 4880 5460 13360

Prices are indicative only. They are compiled from an assessment of sales made worldwide on one-off basis in US $. Quota market sales and contracts are excluded. The prices are then converted to $NZ/t FOB at current exchange rates.



UK PM Lamb (p/kg) CIF US Bull (USc/lb) CIF US Cow (USc/lb) CIF Venison Bone-in leg (E/Kg)

PRICES 480 219 205 6.40

460 223 212 6.40

0.861 0.513 0.623 4.02

0.867 0.522 0.631 4.01

435 205 198 6.40

360 214 195 6.40

395 202 192 6.40 *

480 * 225 214 6.40 *

355 209 194 6.43

FINANCE US Dollar UK Pound Euro 2 Year Wholesale Rate (%)


D A T A (000)

Lamb SI Mutton SI Beef SI Information provided by NZX Agrifax

450 70 20.8

0.830 0.850 0.499 0.547 0.606 0.650 3.82 2.81 (Estimates only) 452 365 497 83 103 61 15.8 13.7 21.7

0.776 0.497 0.586 2.76 22 9 0.0

0.863 0.561 0.659 3.85 490 163 20.8 *

Note: * denotes a new low/high for season.

0.809 0.511 0.630 2.74


The March meeting of the Hinds WI was held recently at the Hinds Community Centre, with a good attendance of members. Lorraine Baughan’s sister, Marilyn, visited from Sydney. Valmai McKenzie chaired this meeting in the absence of Rosa Bennett. Betty Wilson, secretary, read out a piece from the 1971 Hub called Mother Shipton’s Prophecies. It was great to have Gwen Mattingley join the meeting following her recent spells in hospital. The thought for the day was: Don’t worry if your job is small and rewards seem small, remember that the mighty oak was once a nut like you. A number of members celebrating recent birthdays were able to choose a gift from a bulging birthday box. Annual competitions, comprising floral arrangements, blooms and vegetables made a very nice display. After the business part of the meeting, we progressed to the annual meeting. Betty Wilson presented her annual report which was followed by a brief presidential report. Ruth demonstrated that the financial position was in good standing; our auditor in turn promised another chocolate cake. Election of officers took place: President, Rosa Bennett STA; vice president, Valmai McKenzie; secretary, Betty Wilson; treasurer, Ruth Sheppard; and committee: Mesdames, Christine Lowe, Jenny Sinclair, and Annette Simister.

Hostess convener, Shirley Millar; birthday box convener, Janice Bota. Numerous other positions were filled. Presentation of trophies for the annual competitions (in part) were as follows: Douglas Cup for Flowers: Jo Wilson, 1; Teal Cup for Cooking: Ruth Sheppard, 1; Thimble for Craft: Valmai McKenzie, 1; Bronze Vase for Vegetables went to Shirley, Valmai, Ruth and Rona who all gained an equal number of points. Cottage picture: (Most Entries) Jo and Rona

Don’t worry if your job is small and rewards seem small, remember that the mighty oak was once a nut like you

McConnell 1 equal; Hanna Cup for most points: Jo Wilson, 1. Jo Wilson donated a piece of smoked salmon for the raffle which was won by Marilyn who sadly, couldn’t take it back to Australia. It was put on that night’s menu. Hostesses, Elizabeth Bell and Annette Simister provided a delicious afternoon tea.


With steady demand for lamb as the NZ season starts to slow down through winter, overseas pricing for key frozen items continues to firm. The main frozen CKT leg cuts have now sold for about £4.80/ kg. Demand has so far been strong enough to negate the buildup of inventories post Easter. It appears that there may finally be some upwards trends in pricing for middle cuts of the lamb carcase, with lamb on a few more restaurant menus in the US. Strong demand from China for whole and half lamb carcases and six-way cuts are now supporting demand for the middle sections of the carcase as there are less individual middle sections available to sell. Overall, the prices received for product to China is now helping to support prices paid elsewhere in key markets such as the US and EU.


NZ exporters and overseas buyers alike are keeping a close watch on Australia to gauge the impact that the rain over the past month will have on beef production. To date, slaughter rates have barely slowed but there are telltale signs of the rain’s influence, with saleyard and schedule prices moving sharply higher lately. That suggests supply is tightening, and it’s predicted that this will soon start to show in processing numbers and subsequently export volumes. Many months of high production have meant markets in general are well stocked with frozen product, so for many cuts it’s unlikely there’ll be an immediate impact on

prices if supply does drop away. However, the market for chilled beef could benefit earlier because stock would likely run low sooner due to its shorter shelf life.


Dairy prices have mostly steadied over the past week. The Agrifax prices for milk powders, butter and cheese are unchanged from the previous week. Anhydrous milkfat (AMF) prices decreased by 3 per cent. The weighted average price across all commodities dipped by less than 1 per cent, settling at US$4600/t for the past week. There has been good rainfall across NZ in the past month. The NZX Pasture Growth Index (PGI), which indicates pasture growth potential, has improved significantly especially in the North Island. Soil moisture levels in Waikato have been far below the national average for most of 2014, but have been at or above the national average for the past two weeks. The majority of farms across NZ look set to have sufficient soil moisture levels to build up pasture cover before winter. Changes in the weather have not been completely positive, with dairy farmers along the West Coast of the South Island have suffered disruptions due to the recent storm. Disruptions to electricity supplies and road closures have made it a challenge to milk cows and get the milk to the factory. It is estimated that half of the 400 farmers supplying Westland Milk Products have been affected by the storm.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Yesterday’s top 5 stories on 1. Heavy rain lashes Mid Canterbury 2. Truck tyre smashes into home 3. Death sees toll climb 4. Lincoln downs Celtic in thriller 5. Heavy rain for district


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Benson’s letting everyone know who’s boss It looks like jack russell Benson is getting cranky at his neighbour and setting some boundaries. PHOTO TETSURO MITOMO 150214-TM-142

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4 9 1 7YESTERDAY’S 6 5 8 2 3 ANSWERS

6 3 1 5 9 8 2 7 4



4 9 8 7 2 1 3 6 5

5 2 7 3 4 6 9 1 8

8 7 9 2 3 4 1 5 6

1 6 5 8 7 9 4 3 2

3 4 2 6 1 5 8 9 7

9 5 6 1 8 2 7 4 3

7 8 4 9 5 3 6 2 1

2 1 3 4 6 7 5 8 9


ANSWERS 1. Patching 2. Beatrice 3. South Australia 4. Codes 5. State of the Union 6. Coronation Street 7. Netherlands 8. Anita Cosgrove

Cow and gate tart

■ Preheat oven to 180°C and grease a loose-bottomed flan or cake tin. ■ In a frying-pan brown bacon,

Featured today: Baker on the move District hit by a deluge Swimmers off to nationals and many more

QUICK MEAL 250g Quality Mark beef mince 2–3 rashers bacon, roughly chopped 1 onion, finely chopped 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped ½ C polenta 1C flour 1t salt 1C breadcrumbs (made from day-old or lightly toasted bread) 1C grated Parmesan 500ml milk 3 large eggs ½ C pitted black olives, roughly chopped ½ C sun-dried tomatoes, roughly sliced large handful fresh basil, roughly chopped large handful fresh parsley, roughly chopped



Test yourself with the Guardian’s weekday quiz

1 – Which street does not connect with McDonald Street? a. Porter b. Patching c. Princes 2 – Who of the following is not a child of Prince Edward? a. Louise b. James c. Beatrice 3 – Port Augusta is in which Australian State? a. Victoria b. New South Wales c. South Australia 4 – Cryptography is the study of … a. graveyards b. gas presence c. codes 5 – What speech does a US president give every January? a. The Gettysburg Address b. The Inauguration Speech c. The State of the Union speech 6 – Liz McDonald, Peter Barlow and Dennis Tanner are characters in which TV show? a. East Enders b. Coronation Street c. The Only Way is Essex 7 – Which country used the guilder for currency before joining the EU? a. Netherlands b. Belgium c. Luxembourg 8 – Which woman was not convicted of murder in NZ? a. Minnie Dean b. Pauline Parker c. Anita Cosgrove

Ashburton Guardian

then add onion and garlic and cook until translucent. Add minced beef. Break up any very large pieces, but keep the odd crispy lump or two to add texture to the end result. Once meat mixture is browned, remove from heat and set aside. ■ In a separate bowl mix polenta, flour, salt, breadcrumbs and Parmesan together. In another bowl mix milk, eggs and a splash of olive oil then add wet mixture to the dry to form a wet batter. ■ Add cooled beef and bacon mixture to batter, together with olives, tomatoes and herbs.

7 3

Combine well. Turn mixture out into the flan tin and ensure it is evenly spread. ■ Bake for 50–60 minutes or until tart is a golden colour. ■ Serve in wedges with tomato sauce or relish on the side. A fresh rocket salad drizzled with balsamic syrup or vinegar works well with this tart.

Recipe courtesy of NZ Beef + Lamb An extract from Minced with photography by Alan Gillard.

1 4 2 8 9 9 6 8 2 6 4 5 3 8 6 1 5

2 7

5 7 4 9 2

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Heritage 18 Ashburton Guardian

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Brothers in arms – part two Continuing from last week’s article about Frank Cecil Wotten, this week Viv Hanson looks at the story of Frank’s brother, William Thomas.


alled up by ballot on June 6, 1917, William Thomas Wotten began his military training at Trentham on August 20, attached to the First Otago Infantry Regiment. 63081 Private Wotten returned home on final leave September 21, returning to camp October 1, and embarked for overseas from Wellington, November 21, 1917. From this date it has only been possible to trace William’s movements from entries in his diary, which was located amongst his belongings – the keeping of a diary with daily reports of his movements would most certainly not have been permitted during World War Two. Reaching the Panama Canal December 12 the troopship went through the Pacific Locks the same day passing through the Atlantic Locks the next day on to Colon where coal was taken on. The ship moved on to Chesapeake Bay where coal was taken on at Newport. Welcome shore leave was granted at Newport and after a stopover at Halifax the troops arrived at Liverpool January 7, 1918. It was noted in William’s pay book that he received “extra duties pay” at one of the coaling stops. Arriving at Sling Military Camp 4am, January 9, 1918, William did have some leave and visited Stonehenge on January 20, went to Tidworth on February 17, Shipton March 10 and on his “draft leave” in March went to Birmingham and stayed at Tenbury and Kiddminster. Other than mention of guard duty and a visit from another local lad, Charlie Stone, no other mention is made of his stay at Sling until his departure for Folkestone March 20, 1918. William left England aboard the Princess Victoria and arrived at Boulogne March 23, arriving at Abeele March 26 where he met up with Ted March and Tom Reid. There are very few entries until mention of village pickets and digging trenches on April 12. Through to April 30 all entries were either “In reserve trenches, in second line or in front line” and on that date he was moved to camp at Coigneux for a “spell in tents”. On May 6 he moved to reserve lines at Hebuterne, shifting to support lines (with fatigues) near the front line living in “bivvies” until transfer to Brigade Camp, June 10. While at Brigade Camp he

Above – This card, complete with a photo of the temporary grave marker of William Wotten, was sent by the War Office in London to his family at Ashton, near Ashburton, as notification their son had been killed in action. Left – William Thomas Wotten, died of wounds, September 5, 1918.

met up with J. Parsons, C. Morse, J. Whearty, J. Pender, J. Davidson, C. Soal and W. Maw – quite a contingent of local lads – and

attended divisional sports on June 23 and Divisional Band Contest on June 27.

Between then and July 2 he had various shifts to reserve and support lines to outposts and front line before transferring to Lewis Gun School at Vauchelles on July 28. He took his Lewis training seriously as there are four pages of meticulously written notes at the rear of his diary. From Bayencourt after completing Lewis training William moved to the front line on August 21 when his diary, in very laboured handwriting, reads, August 25: “Went over the top got wounded in chest by shell and also both hands and chin”. August 28: “Shifted to Base CCS (Casualty Clearing Station) had piece of shell taken out of chest”, and the final entry in someone else’s hand September 5, 1918: “Died of wounds.” Telegrams and letters of condolences from Ministry of Defence and The Matron of No.9

Lakeside USA General Hospital arrived September 7 and amongst his war service medals was a letter and “Death Penny” from H. M. King George V. 63081 William Wottan was interred at St Sever Cemetery, Rouen, France, with full military honours on September 6, 1918.

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In brief Natalie makes SI squad View or purchase photos online

Mid Canterbury rower Natalie Bocock featured in the South Island Under 18 rowing team that beat the North Island during the annual meet at Lake Karapiro, Cambridge, last week. The teen, originally from Willowby, attends St Margaret’s College and was selected to join the South Island squad. Bocock won both her U18 eights races, but lost her fours event.

Parker to fight Minto Joseph Parker’s next opponent is the man who essentially ended Shane Cameron’s career. Bruising American Brian Minto will meet Parker in Auckland on July 5 at a yet-to-be-determined venue. Minto, ranked 12th in the world by the WBO, beat Cameron by TKO in December when the Kiwi was unable to continue after the seventh round due to cuts above his eyes. Cameron hasn’t fought since he lost to Minto and seems unlikely to don the gloves again. Minto, 39, is a rough fighter, known for leading with the head and not being opposed to using elbows, which will be a big test for Parker to stay away from. - APNZ

Moving on from SBW

Ashburton swimmers (from left) Matthew Harford, Aimee Elliott, Caitlin Johnstone, Lucy Clough and Matthew Clough will be competing at the New Zealand Age Group Championships in Wellington starting today. Photo Donna Wylie 240414-DW-134

Hard yards about to pay off By Myles HuMe

Five Ashburton swimmers are beginning their national age group championships with high hopes in Wellington today. Matthew Harford, Aimee Elliott, Caitlin Johnstone, and Lucy and Matthew Clough flew north yesterday where they will collectively compete in 41 events over five days of competition in what is the marquee event on the junior swimming calendar. Ashburton swim coach Shane

Jones expected the team to match it with the top up-andcoming 13- to 18-year-olds at the Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre, with Harford and Johnstone featuring among the top qualifiers in their respective events. “We are pretty highly ranked across the board with most of our swimmers. “Matt has top qualified in a few events so we’re looking forward to seeing how he goes and Caitlin is pretty well ranked in the breaststroke event.

“And the other guys are inside the top 10 in many of their events so we are placed well. It will be about getting through their heats and into the final and that’s where anything can happen.” The squad has been training up to eight times a week since January for the national championships, and were selected to represent Ashburton after meeting national qualifying standards. The New Zealand Age Group Championships is one of the

country’s largest swim meets with this year’s event seeing 664 swimmers compared with last year’s 611. Action today will include Harford and Matthew Clough competing in the 400m individual medley and 100m freestyle, while Lucy Clough will star in the 400m freestyle and 100m breaststroke. Johnstone will be in the 100m breaststroke heats and 50m freestyle, and Elliott will race in the 50m freestyle. Racing will continue through until Saturday.


Podium finish for Currie in Jervis Bay Mid Canterbury’s Braden Currie has finished third in the inaugural XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship in Jervis Bay, New South Wales on Saturday. The back-to-back Coast to Coast winner crossed the line with a time of 2 hours 23 minutes and 46 seconds, finishing behind runner up Courtney Atkinson and eventual winner Dan Hugo, of South Africa. By the bike-to-run transition Hugo had roughly six minutes

on Currie, Bradley Weiss, and Atkinson. Atkinson showed off some fleet foot speed by picking off everyone in front of him, but it was Hugo who ran the fastest run split of the day. “When I heard I was six minutes down I didn’t think I could bridge that no matter how well I ran, but I heard that Benny (Allen) was two minutes up so starting thinking about winning the XTERRA Australia title and pushed,” said Atkin-

son, who finished three minutes, 48 seconds behind Hugo for second place. Currie, who finished 5th at the XTERRA Worlds last year, stayed with Atkinson for about 8km “but just couldn’t hang in there at the end.” It was a strong effort after only competing in an adventure race in China last weekend. Right - Braden Currie in winning form in the Coast to Coast.

Pulling no punches, New Zealand coach Stephen Kearney says he’s moved on from rugby-bound Sonny Bill Williams and that Jared Waerea-Hargreaves doesn’t warrant inclusion either in the Kiwis’ depleted line-up for Friday’s transTasman rugby league Test. Kearney defended the selectors’ big call to overlook Waerea-Hargreaves, widely considered among the best props in the world, and refused to “waste energy” talking about Williams and other stars like his Roosters team-mates Shaun Kenny-Dowall and Frank Paul Nuuausala not in the squad. - AAP

Brumbies’ big test The Brumbies are relishing the prospect of putting their Super Rugby title credentials to what they see as the ultimate test ending a 14-year drought in Christchurch. Despite winning two titles of their own, they haven’t beaten the seven-time champion Crusaders in New Zealand since 2000. Saturday’s clash at AMI Stadium looms as a massive assignment with the Cantabrians surging back to form with three straight wins and All Blacks skipper Richie McCaw poised to return from injury. But the Brumbies see it as an exciting gauge of their ability after toppling the Chiefs 41-23 in Friday’s grand final rematch. - AAP

Cronk ‘unfazed’ Daly Cherry-Evans may be in career-best form but Cooper Cronk insists he deserves to keep his Australian halfback spot in front of the Manly playmaker. Cherry-Evans produced a virtuoso performance in the Sea Eagles’ 54-18 humiliation of Canberra on Sunday, setting up six of his side’s seven first-half tries to open up a 42-0 lead after 34 minutes at Brookvale Oval. Despite his outstanding display it was only enough to earn him a spot on the bench for Friday’s Test against New Zealand with longtime incumbent Cronk preferred by selectors despite some indifferent displays for Melbourne. - AAP

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In brief

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Suarez ‘best player’ View or purchase photos online

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has won England’s Professional Footballers’ Association’s Player of the Year award. Suarez has been chosen by his fellow topflight professionals in England as the outstanding player in the Premier League after spearheading Liverpool’s title bid. The 27-yearold Suarez has scored 30 league goals in 31 appearances. - AFP

Ferdinand ‘embarrassed’ Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has admitted that he is “embarrassed” by their humble seventh place in the Premier League. United sacked manager David Moyes last week after just 10 months in charge and with the team unable to qualify for the Champions League next season. “I haven’t looked at the league table for ages because it is embarrassing,” Ferdinand said. “I don’t want to see where we are. We are where we are. We have to take some form of responsibility and we do.” United will be under the guidance of caretaker coach Ryan Giggs for the rest of the season. His reign started on a promising note with a 4-0 win over Norwich on Saturday. - AFP

Barca get it done Barcelona maintained their slight La Liga title hopes as they came from 2-0 down to beat Villarreal 3-2 on an emotionally-charged night at El Madrigal when players and fans remembered Tito Vilanova. However, Atletico Madrid remain in the driving seat for their first title in 18 years as they ground out a 1-0 win away to Valencia. The Catalans paid their respects to former coach Vilanova with a minute’s silence before the game, but a miserable week looked set to end with a sixth league defeat as Cani and Manu Trigueros gave Villarreal a solid lead. However, own goals from Gabriel and Mateo Musacchio brought Barca level before Lionel Messi grabbed the winner eight minutes from time. - AFP

Roar vow to attack Fortune favoured them in their semi-final and the Brisbane Roar will again be “brave” in Sunday’s A-League decider against Western Sydney Wanderers. Roar goalkeeper Michael Theo, the competition’s most successful player, has declared the premiers will attack the Wanderers from the outset at Suncorp Stadium to claim a third championship in four seasons. Theo, aiming to extend his personal record to five titles in eight years, said there was no chance Brisbane would take a cautious approach to the big occasion. “I don’t see us going into our shell because it’s a grand final,” he said. - AAP

Euro hopes boosted Torino, Lazio and Verona have secured crucial wins to make sure the fight for Europa League places will go to the wire in the remaining three games of the Serie A season. After Omar El Kaddouri’s 15th minute opener in Turin yesterday, striker Ciro Immobile stretched his league-leading tally to 21 goals for the season on 56 minutes to secure a 2-0 win. - AFP

Mid Canterbury striker Victor Ikini was the sole goal-scorer for his side’s division one Mainland Football match against Cashmere Technical at the Ashburton Domain on Saturday, when Mid Canterbury lost 3-1. Photo Donna Wylie 260414-DW-177

Defensive lapses prove costly By Myles HuMe

Mid Canterbury coach Graham Hannon is rueing poor defence after his side’s 3-1 loss in round four of the division one Mainland Football competition on Saturday. Seeking a last-minute equaliser, the Mid Canterbury men’s football side could not manage another goal at the Ashburton

Domain as it went down in its third defeat of the season to Cashmere Technical. Coach Hannon said two weak first half goals put his team on the back foot from the start and it was always going to be difficult to gain the lead, compounded by the absence of key players Jack Roberts and Luciano. However, a goal in the second half to striker Victor Ikini put

Mid Canterbury back in contention for a late surge with the score at 1-2. “In the last 10 minutes we were pushing hard for an equaliser, but unfortunately they caught us out on a counter-attack and scored in the last five minutes to make it 3-1,” Hannon said. “It was a pretty even game, we let in two pretty slack goals, one

that was a goalkeeping error and the other was bad defending, which really made it hard.” The side was looking to go back-to-back after notching up its first victory which was a 5-2 away win over FC Twenty11 last week. This week Mid Canterbury will hope to bounce back and claim their first win at home when they host Waimak United.

Mourinho revels in Liverpool loss By ToM WilliaMs Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has taunted Liverpool about their ineffective tactics after his side handed Manchester City the initiative in the Premier League title race with victory at Anfield. Chelsea’s 2-0 success yesterday effectively means that City can claim the title by winning their three remaining games. Manuel Pellegrini’s team trail Liverpool, the leaders, by three

points, but they have a match in hand - at home to struggling Aston Villa - and an eight-goal advantage in terms of goal difference. Liverpool had been on a run of 11 straight wins prior to facing Chelsea, but the visitors’ spoiling tactics successfully prevented the hosts from building momentum, quietening the Anfield crowd. Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers, who previously worked beneath Mourinho at

Chelsea, expressed frustration at his old mentor’s tactics, describing them as “defensive” and “not difficult to coach”. The home side laboured in front of goal, however, with Chelsea’s stand-in goalkeeper, former Socceroo Mark Schwarzer, only called upon to make two saves of note, and Mourinho boasted that his side had kept Liverpool at bay with ease. Although Chelsea are now only two points from the summit with two games to play,

Mourinho declared that they have “no chance” of pipping Liverpool and City to the title. His immediate focus will now be on Wednesday’s Champions League semi-final second leg at home to Atletico Madrid, with the tie in the balance. Chelsea will be without injured goalkeeper Petr Cech, but Mourinho says that captain and centre-back John Terry has a chance of playing despite hobbling out of the first leg with a foot injury. - AFP


RESULTS ■ Basketball NBA playoffs Collated results from the National Basketball Association opening-round playoffs yesterday (all series best-of-seven): Eastern Conference at Washington Washington Wizards 98 Chicago Bulls 89 (Washington Wizards leads series 3-1) At Brooklyn: Toronto Raptors 87 Brooklyn Nets 79 (Brooklyn Nets 2 Toronto Raptors 2) Western Conference at Oakland Golden State Warriors 118 L.A. Clippers 97 (Golden State Warriors 2 L.A. Clippers 2) At Portland: Portland Trail Blazers 123 Houston Rockets 120(OT) Portland Blazers leads series 3-1)

■ Bowls Methven Bowling Club Trophy winners Ladies Singles Melva Middleton; Runner up Ruth Smith; Pairs Melva Middleton and Wendy Suttie; Triples Maureen Sullivan, Raiona Isherwood and Melva Middleton; Fours Maureen Sullivan, Raiona Isherwood, Melva Middleton and Wendy Suttie. Junior Ladies Singles Glenda Ryan; Pairs Di Callaghan and Lyn Fensom; Most improved player Lyn Fensom; Nora Stephens Trophy Lois Allred and Mary Stone; Ngaere Dalton Tray Lois Allred and Barbara Gawn; Margaret Callaghan Tray Shirley Pagey, Ruth Fitzgerald and Dawn Elliot Men’s Singles Simon Fleetwood; Runner up Brent Mayson; Pairs Craig Carter and Simon Fleetwood; Triples Craig Carter, Simon Fleetwood and Jeff Nowell; Fours David Isherwood, Bruce Harper, Gene Pagey and Eric Maw; Colts Singles Rob Fensom; Colt Pairs Rob Fensom and Jim Lattimore; Junior Singles Jim Lattimore; Junior Pairs Ivan Syme and Andy Gorman; Junior Triples Ivan Syme, Rob Fensom and Jeff Limbrick; Junior Fours Ivan Syme Roger Callaghan Noel Bilby and Jeff Limbrick; Most Improved Player Alan Smith; Ken Waterreus Trophy Adrian Kemp, Bruce Harper and Bruce Redmond; Timpson Trophy Craig Carter and Bruce Harper; Harry Maw Farmers Trophy Craig Carter Greg Shearer and Keith Hood; Neville Goodwin Trophy David Callaghan; Morris Carter Trophy Team Steel Works; Hart Married couples Trophy Alan and Erna Smith; Jack and Jill; Mary Stone and Ivan Syme; Hart Mixed Trophy Wendy Blackwell and Neil Owen Saturday Allenton Todd Cup 4th Melva Middleton, Bruce Harper, Wendy Suttie and Eric Maw

■ Cycling Development Cyclists 3km Teams Relay April 27 Winning team: Briar Clark, Madison Clark, Josh Kershaw & Caitlin Titheridge 31m 45s. 2nd. Team Emma Lowry, Maddie Lowry, Ryan Jackson, Bailey Kershaw 32m 45s. 3rd Sharlotte Russell, Harrison Russell, Luke Skinner, James Skinner, 33m 46s. Second and third races for the day were handicap, Young Young Dev 3km. 1st. Harrison Russell F/T. 7m 31s. 2nd. Maddie Lowry 2f/t. 7m 37s. 3rd. Madison Clark 3f/t. 7m 37s. 4th. Emma Lowry 13m 54s. 5th. Briar Clark 11m 53s. 6th. Sharlotte Russell. Older Dev. 14km. 1st. Bailey Kershaw F/T. 26m 11s. 2nd Caitlin Titheridge 3f/t. 26m 50s. 3rd. James  Skinner 2f/t. 26m 20s. 4th. Josh Kershaw 26m 52s. 5th Ryan Jackson 28m 17s. 6th. Luke Skinner 35m 00s.

Mid Canterbury Social Wheelers 14km Out and Home – Fords Road April 26 1st Matheson Colquhoun CT. 26m 21s. HT. Go. RT. 26m 21s. 2nd Janette Hooper CT. 26m 26s. HT. Go. RT. 26m 26s. 3rd Nicola Loach CT. 26m 46s. HT. Go. RT. 26m 46s. 4th Paul Houston CT. 27.02. HT. 1.30m. RT. 25m 32s. 5th Bill Hood CT. 27m 12s. HT. 1.30m. Rt. 25m 42s. 6th Liz Wylie CT. 27m 12s. HT. 1.30m. RT. 25m 42s. 7th Pam Harcourt CT. 27m 24s. HT. 3.00m. RT. 24m 24s. 8th Caroline Askin CT. 27m 24s. HT. 3.00m. Rt. 24m 24s. 9th. Lucy Kirwan CT. 27m 24s.

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Twos; John Smitheram, Michael Thomas, Paul Boon (2), Neil Rayner, Steve Kircher, Trevor Emery. Net eagles: # 7 not struck. Winning pairs in the Findlay Cup were; Paul Hefford and Neil Rayner, Brian Rouse and Nigel Duncan, Richie Watson and Bryan McFarlane (default), Kerry Whiting and John Smitheram, Murray Beach and Dave Allan, Roger Bruce and Lyndon Moore, Paul Boon and Cameron Miller.

HT. 3.00m. RT. 3.00m. RT. 24m 24s. 10th. Amanda Colquhoun CT. 27m 39s. HT. Go. RT. 27m 39s. 11th Doug Lowry CT. 28m 33s HT. 5.00m. RT. 23m 33s. 12th. Dave Shurrock CT. 28m 37s. HT. 5.00m. RT. 23m 37s. 13th Michael Clark CT. 28m 41s. HT. Go. RT. 28m 41s. 14th Andrew Colquhoun CT.29m 51s. HT.3.00m. RT. 26m 51s. 15th Richard Kirwan F/T. CT. 29m 55s. HT. 8.30m. RT. 21m 25s. 16th. Rob Hooper 2f/t. CT. 29m 55s. HT. 8m 30s. RT. 21m 25s. 17th Kimberly Marshasll CT.29m 55s. HT. 7.30m. RT. 22m 25s. 18th Ross Templeton 3f/t. CT. 29m 57s. HT. 8.30m. RT. 21m 27s. 19th Mike Hanson CT. 30m 01s. Ht. 7.30m. RT. 22m 31s. 20th Bruce McClelland CT. 31m 27s. HT. 7.30m. RT. 23m 57s.

Tinwald Golf Club Women’s Results April 24 1st Ailsa Jary 1st Stones Trophy 1st Twilighters: M Bennett 91 11 80 D Lowe 96 15 81 J Van derHeide 100 18 82 D Bell 102 20 82. Nearest Pins No 6 Stables Restaurant D Bell No 2 2nd Shot Dairy Business Centre M Bennett No 12 Hair by Mac and Maggies B O’Neill No 16 2nd Shot Out Door Adventure B O’Neill 9 Hole Women J Cartwright

■ Golf Ashburton Golf Club April 25 Winners of the annual battle of the sexes for the Baker Trophy were the men with an average stableford score of 30.06. Top woman with 35 points was Allison Hewson and the top man was Bruce Day with 33 points. Other good scores were Rodger Irvine 33 and Sake 33. Nearest the Pins (sponsored by Charming Thai): #8 Peter MacAulay. #14 Greig Sparrow. Twos: Jeff Hewitt (2), Peter MacAulay. April 26: From the semi-final matches the finalists for the Club Championships were found: Senior Daniel Green and Owen Miller; Intermediate Steve Stratford and Ron Carlson; Junior A Tim Newton and John Dudley; Junior B Bruce Ferriman and Ken Clucas. Par round results: Brian Nuttall 75-7=68 +4, Miti Daniel +2; Robbie Bell and Tony Gimblett +1; Ray Lambert square; Jamie Stone and Brian Wilson -1; Gavin Johnston, Evan Waters and Bob Grant -2 by c/b. Nearest The Pins: Robbies Bar & Bistro: Brian Nuttall, Braided Rivers: Robbie Bell, Rothburys Insurance: Ron Carlson, Netherby Meats: Terry Molloy, Charming Thai Restaurant (Longest Putt #9) Gordon Crawford. Twos: John Dudley, Ron Carlson, Terry Molloy, Brian Wilson, Robbie Bell, Brian Nuttall, Owen Miller and Miti Daniel.

Mayfield Golf Club Anzac Day Winners: RSA Men: Ian Beach; Red Cross Cup Ladies: Jan Clucas; Ted Richards Shell Case: Army 79.25, Ian Beach, Jan Clucas, Jack Allan, Don Ingold Nearest Pins: No 2: Not Struck; No 11: Donny Lake; No 15: Not Struck; No 14: Jack Allan; 2nd Shot No 9 & 18: Tony Neilson.

Mayfield Golf Club April 26 Ruapuna: Kerry Read beat Terry Kingsbury; Allan Dixon beat Donny Lake District Team: Mayfield 34.8 Stableford 0-15: Logan Tasker 38, Allan Dixon 37; 16-36 Ian Beach 37, Bill Allan 36, John Low 36 Nearest Pin: Aon Insurance Brokers No 2: Richards Spicer; John McAuliffe Bayleys Real Estate No 11: John Low; Marilyn Cross Property Brokers No 5: Not Struck; ANZ Bank No 14: Allan Dixon; ATS 2nd Shot No 9 and No 18: Allan Dixon Twos: Tony Neilson, Gordon Duthie. Ash Vegas Player of the Day: Logan Tasker 79-9-70. Nett Eagle No 4: Not Struck Next Week: 3rd Handicap – 2nd putting; 4th Kerr – Draw Fourball pairs starting 10th April.

Mayfield Golf Club 9 Hole Division April 24 Best Nett and Putting Ladies 1st S Graham 66:26:40; Men 1st R Thompson 55:15:40 and 15 putts Nearest Pins: Greg Sim Builders and Excavators – L MacKenzie, Mayfield Transport Ltd – G Jacobson

Mayfield Golf Club Mid-Week Stableford Competition April 23: Wayne Blair 42 stableford points; Steve Schmack 39; Steve King 39; Roger Lake 38; Gordon Duthie 38; Richard Spicer 37; Sam Schmack 36; Jack Allan 36. Nearest Pin 5 & 14: Wayne Veesey Twos: Jack Allan, Roger Lake and Steve King. Ruapuna Match: Kerry  Read beat Andrew Lake.

Methven Ladies Golf April 23 African Stableford and Sarah Maw Tania Wilson and Nola Hydes 58 Stbfd Arabica Best Nett Angela Mow-

Ashburton Guardian 21

■ Ice hockey NHL playoffs Collated results from the NHL Quarterfinal(all series best-of-seven): Western Conference at Dallas: Anaheim Ducks 5 Dallas Stars 4(OT) (Anaheim Ducks wins series 4-2) At Chicago: Chicago Blackhawks 5 St. Louis Blues 1 (Chicago Blackhawks wins series 4-2) Eastern Conference at New York: New York Rangers 4 Philadelphia Flyers 2 (New York Rangers leads series 3-2)

■ Pigeon racing Ashburton Racing Pigeon Club

Washington Wizards forward Trevor Booker, right, shoots over Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah (13) during the second half of Game 4 of an opening-round NBA basketball playoff series in Washington yesterday. The Wizards defeated the Bulls 98-89. ap photo

bray 89-17-72, 37; Robin Maw 94-2074, 35 Nearest To Pins # 4 Bronze B Club Voucher Sandra Ilton; # 6 Silver Methven Supervalue Not Struck; # 13 Open Methven Four Square Fay Redfern; # 17 Methven Travel Tania Wilson; # 6 Saturday Methven Pharmacy Not Struck Two’s and Nett Eagles Mary Stone, Sandra Marr, Jane Helmore

Methven Men’s Golf April 26 1st Round Duff and Harry Maw Senior Keith Middleton 78-11-67; Intermediate Bernie Walsh 82-16-66; Junior A Mark Gorman 85-22-63; Junior B Gary Kermode 98-29-69 Other good scores 68, Rob Watson 70, Graham Gunn, Dayle Lucas, Mike Gray, Ian Lucas, Eric Mecleam. Mike Harris. 71, Alister Maxwell, Dave Gorman, Athol McAlpine, Phil Lalor, KJ McCloy. 72, C.J. Middleton, Mark Scrivenor. 73 Gavin Santy, John O’Duffy. 74 Marty Hickman, Grant Hargreaves, Richard Maw. Twos; Mark Gorman, Frank Sandys, Dayle Lucas, Athol McAlpine. Topnotch 4 square Supermarket Best nett, Mark Gorman 63; Arabica Café 2nd nett Bernie Walsh; Club Voucher Best Gross, Dayle Lucas 75 Closest Pins: Aqua Restaurant # 4 Phil Elliott; Hunters Wines #6 Athol McAlpine; Ski Time #13 Frank Sandys; The Green Parrot #17 Dayle Lucas; Methven Travel 2nd shot #14 Phil Elliott (Eagle) Stone Salver & Smith Trophy Winners Stone Salver Tania and Stuart Wilson 70; Runners Up Sally and Bernie Walsh 67; 3rd Erna and Alan Smith 55; 4th Heather and Gavin Santy 54, Vicky and Les Topping, Naomi and Bob Fairfull Smith Trophy Winners Jane Helmore and Alistair Maxwell 64; Runners Up Jan Lane and Ben Rutter 61; 3rd Hiromi Ikehata and Barry Wackwitz 59; 4th Jenny Senior and CJ Middleton 51; Single person Ben Rutter 79-10-69 Next Saturday; 2nd Rounds Duff & Harry Maw, match play. 1st Middleton. Bar duty K Middleton/S Warein

10 M Hickman/D Molloy 17 J Rooney/J Johnson

Rakaia Ladies Golf April 23, Connelly Cup, Extra Medal Sally Smith 76, Sandra Quinn 78, Diane Vanderweg 78, Val Bell 79, Bronwyn Oakley 79. 9 Holers: Best Gross Trophy Marg Lloyd 58. Railway Tavern 2nd shot No. 3 Lorraine Stagg; Rakaia Seed Cleaning 2nd Shot No. 6 Sally Smith; Nearest Pin No. 8 not struck; Chertsey Spraying Nearest Pin No. 15 Diane Vanderweg; S. Quinn 2nd Shot No. 17 Bronwyn Oakley

Tinwald Golf Club April 20 Jubilee trophies- Stroke Men: Roger Bruce net 60, Kevin Greenaway 69, Regan Stills 70, Steve Anderson 71, Wayne Lloyd 72. Women: Debbie Boon 76, Joyce VanderHeide 76. Twos: Roger Bruce, Brock Peddie, Regan Stills. Net eagles: # 13 Jacqui Beardsley. April 25 Anzac Trophy and Salver – American Foursome Men: Trophy; Michael Thomas and Regan Stills 68, Greg Hubbard and Mark Banks 68.5, Tony Clarke and Robin Simms 68.5. Mixed: Neil Rayner and Wendy Stevenson 66.5, Chris and Pat Bell 72.5. Two’s; Bryan McFarlane and Alan Anderson, Neil Rayner and Wendy Stevenson, Michael Thomas and Regan Stills. April 26 Par: 0-18; Brent Smith 5 up, c/b Michael Thomas 5 up, Wayne Smith 2 up, Barry Jury 2 up, Shane Webster 1 up, Geg Hubbard 1 up. 19 plus; Tony McAndrew 4 up, Dave Horrell 1 dn, dave Rush 1 dn. Women 4BBB; Barb MacGregor and Leen Bell 68 Nearest the pin: Tinwald Liqourland # 2; Richard Thompson. Gluyas Ford # 6; Snow Pierce. Bedrock Bar and Stonegrill # 12; Bruce Collins. Ideal Electrical Supplies # 16; Steve Kircher.

Kaikoura Flock April 26 Winners Flying Time 2 hours 36 minutes 24 seconds  1st T. Drummond 1500.735 mpm 2nd R. Cornwall 1477.675 mpm 3rd M. Davidson 1475.293 4th L Davidson 1474.497 mpm 5th L Wilson 1473.760 mpm 6th L Quinn 1463.088 mpm 7th N Martin 1323.127 Kaikoura Triple Crown 2nd Leg 1st R Cornwall 1475.623 mpm 2nd L Quinn 1463.245 3rd L Quinn 1462.932 mpm 4th L Davidson 1459.700 mpm 5th L Quinn 1453.155 mpm 6th L Wilson 1452.617 mpm 7th L Quinn 1429.663 mpm 8th L Quinn 1428.765 mpm 9th M Davidson 1415.718 mpm 10th L Davidson 1414.255 mpm 11th L Wilson 1394.667 mpm 12th M Davidson 1328.508 mpm 13th R Cornwall 1007.672 mpm

■ Rugby Mid Canterbury Rugby April 22 Ashburton College 43 v Shirley Boys High 5, Mid Canterbury Rugby April 23 Mid Canterbury XV 13 v Kanto (East Japan RFU) 7, Mid Canterbury Rugby April 26 Senior Division 1 - Luisetti Combined Competition – Round 3 Section One: REL Rakaia 31 v Darfield 14, Ashley 34 v Oxford 3, Southbridge 57 v Devon Tavern Hampstead 10, Kaiapoi 21 v Prebbleton 22 Section Two: West Melton 37 v Saracens 34, Ohoka 3 v Glenmark 29, Darryl Phillips Celtic 15 v Lincoln 18, Waihora 33 v Claas Harvest Centre Southern 10, Bye: Burn/Duns/Irwell Senior B – Michael Duff Memorial Trophy – Round 6 Allenton Grieve Construction 5 v Hampstead 78, Celtic Kelly’s Cafe & Bar 22 v Collegiate Eclipse Services 24, Rakaia Murray Hood Baling 25 v Mt Somers 7, Tinwald 43 v Methven R and R Haulage 25, Bye: Southern Tinwald Tavern Colts: West Melton 20 v Springston 17, Banks Peninsula 10 v Kirwee 12, Celtic Euro Agri 33 v Lincoln 27, Waihora 36 v Prebbleton 22, Darfield 22 v Rolleston 22, Under 18: Kaiapoi 22 v Hurunui 22, Rangiora HS 41 v Malvern Combined 32, Springston/Southbridge 47 v Tinwald/ Celtic 26, Waihora 20 v Oxford /Woodend 14, Bye: Meth/Allen/Rak Under 16: Kaiapoi 59 v Ashley 17, Oxford 32 v Woodend/Ohoka 22, Rolleston 43 v Malvern Combined 41, Lincoln 40 v Waihora 19, Prebbleton 10 v West Melton 43, Harlequins 17 v Celtic Harnett Contracting 41.

Sport 22 Ashburton Guardian

DRAWS ■ Golf Ashburton Golf Club May 3: The first of three rounds for the Brandon Cup will be played (stableford). Starting Time: Morning 8.00am; Afternoon Report at 11.15 for an 11.45 start. Saturday Starters: Morning Stewart Dunlop; Afternoon Rodney O’Neill and Adrian Hopwood. Results Grant Russell and Vince Carr. May 4: The finals of the Club Championships will be played starting from approximately 8.30am (draw to be published later in the week).

■ Hockey Mid Canterbury Hockey May 2 Kiwi Sticks (4th Grade) Duty Club: Hampstead 4.30pm: Wakanui Black v Wakanui White (Simon Mealings/E Connelly-White) Methven v Hampstead (H. Davies/D Bennett) 5.20pm: Collgeians Green Machines v Collegians Netherby Meats (J Aschen/M.Baker) Allenton v Wakanui Blue (D Baker/R. Bradley) 1st Grade Women 6.20 pm:Rakaia v Collegiate (Methven/ Collegians 1st gr W ) 7.30 pm: Methven v Collegians (Rakaia/Collegiate 1st gr W) bye: Hampstead May 3 Small Sticks Hockey - Duty Club: Hampstead Mini Sticks (5th Grade) (Coaches to Umpire): 9.30am: Hampstead Blue v Hampstead Gold ;Collegians skip 2 It v Rakaia Blue; Wakanui Black v Allenton Eagles 10.20am:Allenton Hawkes v Wakanui Blue; Collegians Turfinators v Methven Black; Collegians D & E v Methven White; Bye: Rakaia Black Fun Sticks (6th Grade) 11.30am: Allenton Aces v Wakanui Whackers; Wakanui Wildcats v Wakanui Wasps; Tinwald Longbeach v Allenton Magic; Rakaia v Extras; Methven v Hampstead Senior Women: Ashburton 2.00pm: Hampstead 1 v St Andrews (Rasek Ganda/Carl O’Neill) Senior Men: Tinwald v Wakanui Blue (Deferred to Tuesday 6th) Bye: Wakanui Black Senior Women: Timaru 1.00pm: Hampstead/Collegians v Geraldine May 4 1st Grade Men 4.00pm: Methven v Wakanui (Collegians 1st gr M/Wakanui Blue SM) 5.15pm: Collegians v Ashburton College (Tinwald SM/Waknui 1st gr M) Bye: Tinwald May 5 2nd Grade Girls 4.30pm: Methven v Hampstead Blue (G. Scott/A. Kelland) 5.30pm: Hampstead Gold v Collegians (Stephen Mealings/Hampstead SW) 2nd Grade Boys 6.30pm: Allenton v Wakanui (Wakanui black SM/R. Law) 7.30pm: Methven v Hampstead (Methven 1st gr Men x 2) May 6: Kwik Sticks (3rd Grade Mixed) 4.00pm: Hampstead v Collegians (Stephen Mealings/C. Cannon) 5.00pm: Methven Black v Wakanui (J. Regaldo/R. Bradley) 6.00pm Allenton v Methven White (Simon Reid/S. Uden) Senior Men: Ashburton 8.00pm: Tinwald v Wakanui blue (Umpires TBA)

■ Netball Paper Plus Mid Canterbury Netball Junior, May 3 Heartland Court: 9.00am: Hampstead A v St Joseph’s Gold: S Beveridge, H O’Rourke; 9.30am: St Joseph’s Gold v Southern Taylor Groundspreading Ltd, S Beveridge, H O’Rourke; 10.00am: Tinwald South A v Methven Shearmac A, E Hurley, C Meadows; 10.30am: Allenton C v Tinwald South A, E Hurley, C Meadows; 11.00am: Methven Winslow v Tinwald School B, O McKenzie, M Dudley; 11.30am: Tinwald School B v Hampstead School B, Olivia McKenzie, M Dudley. Neumanns Tyre Services Ltd Court: 9.00am: Hampstead School C v Borough Red, Coaches; 9.30am: St Joseph’s Pink v Tinwald School C, Coaches; 10.00am: Hampstead School C v Netherby Nip-

Tuesday, April 29, 2014 pers, Coaches; 10.30am: Tinwald School C v Longbeach C, Coaches; 11.00am: Longbeach C v Allenton Sting, Coaches; 11.30am: Borough Black v Netherby Nippers, Coaches. Colourplus Court: 9.00am: Allenton Sting v St Joseph’s Pink, Coaches; 9.30am: Borough Red v St Joseph’s Silver, Coaches; 10.00am: St Joseph’s Silver v Methven Hammer Hardware, Coaches: 10.30am: Methven Hammer Hardware v Fairton, Coaches; 11.00am: Borough Black v Southern Mayfield Transport, Coaches; 11.30am: Fairton v Southern Mayfield Transport, Coaches. Subway Court: 9.00am: Wakanui v Allenton Hurricanes, P Jones, A Strawbridge; 9.30am: Wakanui v Southern Mayfield Service Centre, V Eaton, A Dunn; 10.00am Allenton Hurricanes v Allenton Magic, T Kelland, J Donnelly; 10.30am: Allenton Magic v Southern Mayfield Service Centre, T Kelland, J Donnelly. AMI Insurance Court: 9.00am: Allenton Mystics v Borough A, H Harnett, M Muckle; 9.30am: Borough A v Allenton Crusaders, H Harnett, M Muckle; 10.00am: Southern Hayden McKenzie Contracting v St Joseph’s Blue, S Anderson, G Naylor; 10.30am: Tinwald South B v Allenton Crusaders, S Anderson, N Johnson; 11.00am: Netherby Diamonds, Longbeach B, T Allan, Leigh Harrison; 11.30am: Borough C v Netherby Diamonds, T Allan, Leigh Harrison. Todds of Ashburton Court: 9.00am: St Joseph’s Blue v Tinwald South B, G Naylor, E McDowell; 9.30am: Allenton Mystics v Southern Hayden McKenzie Contracting, D McArthur, M McIntyre; 10.00am: Longbeach A v Methven Trucking B, S Harkness, G Adams; 10.30am Methven Trucking B v Hampstead B, S Harkness, D Watson; 11.00am: Rakaia A v Hampstead School B, Nikita Clemens, Lucy Harrison; 11.30am: Rakaia A v Longbeach B, N Clemens, Lucy Harrison. Stirling Sports Court: 9.00am: Longbeach A v Borough Gold, S Vessey, M Love; 9.30am: St Joseph’s Red v Hampstead B, M Love, N Waddell; 10.00am: Borough Gold v Hampstead School A, H McDougall, S Tahuri; 10.30am: Hampstead School A v St Joseph’s Red, G Adams, S Tahuri. Guardian Red Court: 9.00am: Allenton Tactix v Borough Green, S Bell, T Thompson; 9.30am: Allenton Tactix v Tinwald School A, E McDowell, M Gibson; 10.00am: Borough Green v Southern Hyde Bros Spraying, D Watson, L Alves; 10.30am: Tinwald School A v Methven Professionals, C Harnett, L Walsh; 11.00am: Southern Hyde Bros Spraying v Netherby Magic, M Schmack, E Yeatman; 11.30am: Netherby Magic v Methven Professionals, M Schmack, E Yeatman. Ashburton Guardian Blue Court: 9.00am: Allenton A v Allenton B, V Pluck, E Riordon; 9.30am: Hampstead A v Allenton B, V Pluck, E Riordon; 10.00am: Southern Taylor Groundspreading v Allenton C, N Johnson (TS), S Bueta; 10.30am: Allenton A v Methven Shearmac A, H McDougal, S Bueta; 11.00am: St Joseph’s Orange v Borough C, P Bradley-Doig, O Wilson; 11.30am: Methven Winslow v St Joseph’s Orange, P Bradley-Doig, O Wilson. Club Duty: Longbeach/Kate Parkin; Canteen: Hannah Stocker; Umpire: Lyn Hart/ Wendy Hopwood; Junior Committee: Cassy Verney

Junior netballers will be back on court on Saturday after the school holidays. PHOTO TETSURO MITOMO 050414-TM-035

Worsfold, G Kennedy; 1.30pm: Celtic U18 v Methven South Pacific Seeds U18B, M Wereta, B Ross; 2.30pm College U16A v United KFC B, O Cunneen, K Withell Todds of Ashburton Court: 12.30pm: College U16B v Southern Livestock Exchange Ltd, V Shaw, S Copland; 2.30pm: Bedrock Bar & Stonegrill Allenton B v Hampstead Hotel Ashburton U17, M Stapleton, G Kelly; 3.30pm: College U15A v Methven LH Farming Co U15A, M Evans, A McDonald Stirling Sports Court: 1.30pm: Allenton C v Hampstead Hotel Ashburton U15, S Leadley, H Roulston; 3.30pm Celtic F v Methven Blue Pub Black, E McDowell, A Rollinson Guardian Red Court: 12.30pm: Celtic U15 v College U15B, T Barry, S Stark; 2.30pm: Methven The Lodge U15B v College Blue, S Bueta, H Lloyd Ashburton Guardian Blue Court: 12.30pm: Hampstead Hotel Ashburton Hotties v United KFC Colonels Chicks, E Kelly T T Wylie; 1.30pm: Allenton Social v Mt Somers Social M Cromie, H Spence; 3.30pm Celtic Dragons v Hakatere Marae, A Durry, M Buller Club Duty: Collegiate/Anna Walsh; Canteen: Colleen Harraway; Umpire: L Donald; Management: Ange Chudleigh

Heartland Mid Canterbury Netball

■ Rugby

Senior, May 3 Heartland Court: 12.30pm: College B v Hampstead Hotel Ashburton A, V McArthur, C Tappin; 2.30pm: Celtic Vetent A v College Configure Express A, W Hopwood, G Kennedy; 3.30pm: United KFC A v Methven Wareings A, C Corbett, S Hopwood. Neumanns Tyre Services Ltd Court: 12.30pm: Celtic B v Rakaia A, E Scott, W Hopwood; 2.30pm: Celtic C v Wilson Bulk Transport Allenton A, A Chudleigh, B Williams; 3.30pm: Smith & Church Collegiate A v Methven Euro Agri B, D McNab, A Bell. Colourplus Court: 1.30pm: College Y10A v College Y10B, K Graham, L Muckle; 2.30pm: College U18 v Methven Brown Pub White, K Robinson, E J Farr; 3.30pm: Hampstead Hotel Ashburton B v College U17, K Bell, C Samson. Subway Court: 12.30pm: Celtic E v Methven R & R Haulage U18A, Ashley Johnson, D McNab; 2.30pm: College Y9A v Hampstead Hotel Ashburton Gold, J Baillie, J Philips; 3.30pm: Celtic D v Tinwald South Black, D Phillip, G Boon AMI Insurance Court: 12.30pm: College Y9B v Hampstead Hotel Ashburton C, S

Mid Canterbury Rugby May 1: Senior B – Michael Duff Memorial Trophy Southern Tinwald Tavern v Mt Somers, Hinds 1, 7pm, P Everest

Mid Canterbury Rugby

May 3 Senior Division 1 - Luisetti Combined Competition – Round 1 Section One REL Rakaia v Kaiapoi, Rak 1, 2.45pm, M Gallaghar, G Shaw, P Everest; Darfield v Oxford, Sheffield 1, 2.30pm, K Opele, C Parker, S O’Reilly; PWL Methven v Ashley, Meth 1, 2.45pm, A Hotop, P McKnight, D Maruera; Devon Tavern Hampstead v Prebbleton, Hamp 1, 2.45pm, T Pearce, G Clement, P Hunt; Bye: Southbridge Section Two Burn/Duns/Irw v Darryl Phillips Motors Celtic, Duns 1, 1, 2.45pm, M Gameson, P Cooper, S Prendergast; Glenmark v Lincoln, Chev 1, 2.45pm, J Lammers, A Stead, G Mathews; Saracens v Ohoka, Sthbrook 1, 2.45pm, K Pottinger, G Inch, B Egerton; Waihora v West Melton, Tai Tapu 1, 2.45pm, G Cate, P Turnbull, G White; Bye: Claas Harvest Centre Southern

Senior B – Michael Duff Memorial Trophy Hampstead v Celtic Kelly’s Cafe & Bar, Hamp 1, 1pm, D McGibbon; Methven R and R Haulage v Allenton Grieve Construction, Meth 1, 1pm, P McKnight ; Rakaia Murray Hood Baling V Collegiate Eclipse Services, Rak 1, 1pm, P Everest; Bye: Tinwald Press Cup Ashburton College v St Andrews, Allenton 1, 12pm, G Shaw, J Greenslade, A Greenslade Ellesmere/Mid Canterbury - Colts Kirwee v Lincoln to be played on Wednesday 30 April, Lincoln, 7pm, G Peddie; Springston v Banks Peninsula, Spring 2, 1.30pm, G Robinson; Waihora v West Melton, Tai Tapu 21, 1pm, P Turnbull; Darfield v Prebbleton, Dar 1, 1.30pm, M Quinlivan; Rolleston v Celtic Euro Agri, Roll 1, 1pm, D Moore Ellesmere/Mid Canterbury/North Canterbury - Under 18 Hurunui v Springston/Southbridge, Culv 1, 2pm, C Rowe; Oxford/Woodend v Tinwald/Celtic, Ox Oval, 2pm, D Taylor; Rangiora HS v Waihora, Rang HS, 2pm, G Dunseath; Malvern Combined v Meth/Allen/Rak, Sheff 2, 2pm, A Brosnahan; Bye: Kaiapoi Ellesmere/Mid Canterbury/North Canterbury - Under 16 West Melton v Woodend/Ohoka, West Melt 2, 1.30pm, H Cook; Harlequins v Lincoln, Meth 2, 1.15pm, D Maruera; Oxford v Malvern Combined, Sheff 2, 12.30pm, C Love; Kaiapoi v Prebbleton, Kai 1, 2.30pm, R Lane; Celtic Harnett Contracting v Waihora, Celt 1, 1.15pm, G Clement; Ashley v Rolleston, Lob 4, 2.15pm, L Silcock Under 14.5 (Jock Ross Centurion Shield) Allenton v Celtic Fowler Homes, Allen 1, 1.30pm, P Hunt; Methven Seed Cleaning v Southern BR Jones Contracting, Meth 3, 1.30pm, P Hill, Bye: Hampstead MC Mechanical Under 13 (Murray Roulston Centurion Shield) Hampstead Unique Solutions v Celtic Lysaght Glass, Hamp 1, 11.45am, Club Ass; Methven Snowfed Builders v Southern Hinds Cartage, Meth 3, 12.15pm, Club Ass; Bye: Tinwald H&L Jones Excavation Under 11 1/2 (John Smitheram Shield) Hampstead Dave Jackson Painting v Celtic Ashburton Online, Hamp 2, 1.15pm, Club Ass; Methven Mt Hutt Station v Southern HCT, Meth 2, 12pm, Club Ass; Methven Allenton Physio v Allenton, Meth 1, 12pm, Club Ass; Rakaia Synlait Farms v Tinwald Barry Whittaker Con-

tracting, Rakaia 2, 1.15pm Club Ass Under 10 - Associate Referee Required Collegiate Cranfield Glass v Celtic Blacklows W, Collegiate 2, 1.30pm; Hampstead Lifestyle Motorhomes v Celtic Blacklows G, Hampstead 3, 1.30pm; Methven Mt Hutt Station v; Southern/Tinwald Riverlea Contracting, Methven 4, 11.30am; Rakaia Synlait Farms v Southern Hyde Bros Spraying, Rakaia 4, 12.30pm, Bye: Allenton Under 9 - Associate Referee Required Allenton G v Allenton M, Allenton 2, 1.15pm; Collegiate Ashburton Painters & Decorators v Tinwald Moore Mechanical, Collegiate 2, 12.30pm; Methven B v Southern All Farm Engineeering, Methven 4, 12.30pm; Methven W v Southern Cow Care Hooftrimming, Methven 4, 1.30pm; Bye: Celtic McCrea Painters & Decorators Under 8 - Associate Referee Required Collegiate Countdown v Tinwald Skip 2 It, Collegiate 1, 1.15pm; Hampstead Subway v Methven Laundry, Hampstead 3, 12.30pm; Methven MC Freight v Southern Agspread, Methven 5, 1.45pm; Rakaia Synlait Farms v Celtic The Finishing Company, Rakaia 4, 1.30pm; Bye: Allenton Under 7 – Associate Referee Required Collegiate Regent Cinema v Southern Hayden McKenzie Contracting, Coll 1, 12.30pm; Hampstead Metalcorp v Tinwald Ian Howden Spraying, Hamp 2, 12.30pm; Methven MC Freight v Southern Coleman Ag, Meth 5, 1pm; Rakaia Synlait Farms B v Celtic Summerfield Builders G, Rak 3, 1.30pm; Rakaia Synlait Farms W v Celtic Summerfield Builders G, Rak 3, 1.30pm; Bye: Allenton Under 6 – Associate Referee Required Collegiate McDonalds v Allenton G, Coll 1, 12.30pm; Hampstead Netherby 4 Square v Allenton M, Hamp 2, 12.30pm; Methven B v Celtic Anderson Joinery W, Meth 5, 12.15pm; Methven W v Celtic Anderson Joinery G, Meth 5, 11.30am; Rakaia Synlait Farms B v Tinwald Canvas, Rak 3, 12.30pm; Rakaia Synlait Farms W v Southern Progressive Livestock Rak 3, 12.30pm

Mid Canterbury Rugby May 7 Senior B – Michael Duff Memorial Trophy Celtic Kelly’s Cafe & Bar v Mt Somers, Celtic 1, 7.15pm, K Pottinger; Collegiate Eclipse Services v Tinwald, Hampstead 1, 7.15pm, M Bell; Methven R and R Haulage v Southern; Tinwald Tavern, Methven 7.15pm, M Gallaghar; Rakaia Murray Hood Baling v Allenton Grieve Construction, Rakaia 2, 7.15pm, K Opele; Bye: Hampstead


Ashburton Guardian 23

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


O’Sullivan pays tribute to record-breaker PHOTO RACE IMAGES SOUTH

Champion jockey Lance O’Sullivan has paid tribute to David Walsh, who on Sunday broke his record for most wins in New Zealand, describing him as “the ultimate professional”. Walsh won two races at Blenheim, including the Marlborough Cup on the Kevin Myers-trained Willy Duggan, to equal then eclipse O’Sullivan’s record of 2359 New Zealand wins. Hall of Fame jockey O’Sullivan, who retired in 2003 aged 40, was quick to phone Walsh and congratulate him on his feat. “I got hold of Walshy as he was driving home after the races. It was a bad line and it took a while for him to work out who I was but he appreciated me calling to congratulate him,” O’Sullivan said.


“The one thing I said to David was ‘enjoy the moment’ because it’s a great milestone. “I rode against David for many years and he’s always been a great competitor. He was always the ultimate professional. He was always hungry to win and a really good jockey with it.” A feature of Walsh’s career has been his longevity. He won his first race aboard Three Sevens at Timaru in December 1974 and brought up his 2360th more than 39 years later, aged 54. O’Sullivan said he had no regrets about his record being beaten. “Someone said to me last night ‘it must be a sad day for you’ but I didn’t feel sad or disappointed in the slightest,” O’Sullivan said. “It’s been a long time since I set that record and I was just rapt for Walshy. I’m delighted for him, probably just how Bill Skelton was for me when I broke his record.” - APNZ

Off to Queensland Cambridge trainer Tony Pike has Gr. 1 Queensland Oaks aspirations for talented fillies Rock Diva and Sancerre. The pair galloped between races at Te Rapa on Saturday, pleasing Pike as they prepared for Queensland assignments this weekend. Pike has entered both fillies for the A$125,000 Gold Coast Bracelet but wasn’t confident that O’Reilly filly Sancerre would make the field. “I was really pleased with the gallop of both horses. Sancerre is still a bit new and she was looking around a bit at the infield indicator board but she was still strong past the post,” Pike said. “Both have pulled up nice and clean and they will fly to Brisbane on Thursday”. - APNZ

Zurella retired to stud Group One performer Zurella has been retired to The Oaks Stud after an unplaced run in Saturday’s Gr. 2 Travis Stakes at Te Rapa. However, a third placing in the same race has earned another The Oaks Stud mare a reprieve, with next month’s Gr. 3 Rotorua Cup now looming as the last hurrah for Skysoblue. Zurella won five of her 28 starts, earning more than $486,000 in stakes and proving herself competitive with the best of her sex on both sides of the Tasman.- APNZ

Christchurch dogs Today at Addington raceway

1 2158 Opawa Gavin 30.92 L & ..................... Wales 5 41124 Ohoka Hope 17.70 ....................... L Waretini 2 11 Gold Vipa nwtd S & .........................B Evans 6 13845 Cawbourne Cruze nwtd .................. M Grant 3 52664 Miss Selfies 30.93 .....................J McInerney 7 167 Lola Baxter 17.73 ......................J McInerney 4 24166 Voussoir 30.78 H & .............................Taylor 8 41748 Editorial 17.56 ...........................R Blackburn 1 12.01pm CHRISTCHURCH CASINO SPRINT C1, 295m 9 35657 Que Tee Pix 17.54 M & .....................Jopson 5 45277 Opawa Pearl 30.98 L & ...................... Wales 6 56523 Cawbourne Tip 30.99 ...................C Roberts 10 48x68 Go Nola 17.55 ................................G Cleeve 1 57413 Bluey Ruffero 17.60 M & ..................... Smith 2 42655 Goldstar Bomber nwtd S & .............B Evans 4 12.55pm DAVE ROBBIE PHOTOGRAPHER STAKES 7 33225 Cover To Cover 30.75.................D Stapleton 8 32782 Runaway Taxi 30.60 M &...................Jopson 3 83612 Cawbourne Flow nwtd .................M Roberts C1, 520m 9 73568 Scotsome Power 30.99 M &..............Jopson 4 12347 Another Cover 17.57 .................J McInerney 1 52464 Opawa Paul 30.64 L & ....................... Wales 5 54663 Sea Spray Boris nwtd..................B Freeman 2 54484 Casino Black 31.02 ....................H Anderton 10 15476 True Blue Style 31.03 .............M K Dempsey 6 x7687 Fulla Torque 17.55 .................... R Cockburn 3 52324 Know Security 30.64 ......................G Cleeve 7 1.50pm KOLORFUL KANVAS DASH C1, 295m 7 38454 Nitro Express 17.59 ..................... L Waretini 1 34517 Churchill Chaser 17.58 .................... B Dann 4 72418 Goldstar Rosie nwtd S & .................B Evans 8 1262 Corporate Image 17.77 .............R Blackburn 2 74413 Word For Word 17.58 .................D Stapleton 5 82833 Mr. Johnny 31.10.............................J Goode 9 41688 Camray 17.38.............................D Stapleton 3 33216 Time Slayer 17.66 M &........................ Smith 6 44175 Trumped Up nwtd M & ......................Jopson 10 45856 Opawa Laz 17.61 L &......................... Wales 4 84888 Twister Al 17.43........................... J McMillan 7 77164 Homebush Zelda 30.93.............J McInerney 5 162F2 Red Hot Fury 17.59 M & ...................Jopson 8 16 Opawa Margorie 30.82 L & ................ Wales 2 12.20pm LITTLE BROWN JUG DASH C1, 295m 6 48345 Ziggy War Paint 17.64 ............... R Cockburn 9 73568 Scotsome Power 30.99 M &..............Jopson 1 1x Momma Rae 17.24 ...........................M Flipp 7 37725 Flying Swan nwtd ......................J McInerney 2 8x425 Wellywood 17.60 W & ....................... Nissen 10 77646 Opawa Lucky 30.89 L & ..................... Wales 8 66863 Sheeza Flower 17.71 ................A Bradshaw 3 21137 Not So Cute 17.58 .....................D Stapleton 5 1.12pm CTV SPRINT C1, 295m 9 82578 Bublin Jed 17.65 ...............................M Flipp 4 68347 Wandy Millah 17.63.....................D Kingston 1 71778 Homebush Radar nwtd .............J McInerney 10 18575 Goldstar Jeanie 17.53 S & ..............B Evans 5 x7816 Chocdee Karen nwtd ................J McInerney 2 64731 No Leaf Clover 17.46 W &................. Nissen 6 15718 Inka Supreme nwtd ......................... M Grant 3 34682 Billy Muggins 17.49 .......................... B Dann 8 2.10pm SHIRLEY VET CLINIC STAKES C1, 520m 7 17783 Plagiarism 17.65 .......................R Blackburn 1 86886 Massage Only 31.09 ...................D Kingston 4 54112 Ditched 17.61 H & ...............................Taylor 8 78267 Token Stu 17.75 ................................ J Rush 2 x8x73 Opawa Hally 30.96 L & ...................... Wales 5 73676 Archie’s Comet 17.45 M & ................Jopson 9 66475 Hazza’s Got Swag nwtd M &............... Smith 3 13526 Blushing Belle 30.63 L & .................... Wales 6 76362 Kenny’s Comet 17.56 M &................... Smith 10 48647 Maximum Jewel nwtd S & ...............B Evans 4 52776 Wagon Wheel 30.58 M & ..................Jopson 7 56446 Pedro Force 17.33 S & ....................B Evans 3 12.37pm RACINGDOGS.CO.NZ SPRINT C1, 295m 8 38418 Thiago 17.70 ..............................D Stapleton 5 36163 Louisa’s Girl 31.32 ........................... B Dann 6 52765 Stich Up 30.81 S &..........................B Evans 1 12674 Chokehold 17.38 ........................D Stapleton 9 82578 Bublin Jed 17.65 ...............................M Flipp 7 62543 Kaino 30.75 H & ..................................Taylor 2 54264 Advanced Pedro 17.76 S & .............B Evans 10 76866 New York Affair 18.08 .......................A Joyce 8 65731 Opawa Shaiden 30.74 L & ................. Wales 3 63434 Big Muddy 17.63 M &.......................... Smith 4 1x58F Three Knots 17.51 ..................... D T Barnes 6 1.31pm ANGLER’S ARMS TAVERN STKS C1, 520m 9 73568 Scotsome Power 30.99 M &..............Jopson Christchurch Greyhound Racing Club Venue: Addington Raceway Meeting Date: 29 Apr 2014 NZ Meeting number: 9 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; 11 and 12 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 10, 11 and 12


10 67474 Know Solution 30.99 .................... L Waretini

9 2.28pm JOHNNY MIDNIGHT STUD SPRINT C1, 295m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

42584 Hill of Grace 17.70 .......................... M Grant 63473 Charles Fredrick 17.82 ...............D Stapleton 46548 Que Tee Chicks 17.32 M & ...............Jopson 83753 Mustang Magz 17.60 ........................M Flipp 687x7 Another Fantasy nwtd ...............J McInerney 16243 Only Got Time 17.55 .................R Blackburn 42126 Memphis Girl 17.73 S & ..................B Evans 1522F Look At Lucy 17.56 M & ...................... Smith 41688 Camray 17.38.............................D Stapleton 37x78 Keramus Girl 17.63 ........................G Cleeve 10 2.51pm SUPER PETS STAKES FINAL C1f, 520m 1 31122 Cawbourne Axe 30.62 W & ............... Nissen 2 12561 Karen’s Magic 30.69 .....................R Adcock 3 67352 Flip Flippa 31.10 L & .......................... Wales 4 44362 Cawbourne Monaro 30.61 W & ......... Nissen 5 184x1 Opawa Sam 30.70 L & ....................... Wales 6 1321 Know Danger 30.81 .......................G Cleeve 7 75881 Botany Comet 30.01 .................J McInerney 8 x4311 Know Ambition 30.53 .....................G Cleeve Emergencies: 9 32782 Runaway Taxi 30.60 M &...................Jopson 10 82833 Mr. Johnny 31.10.............................J Goode 11 3.11pm ISLINGTON TAVERN DASH C1, 295m 1 21614 Business Review 17.63 .............R Blackburn 2 51475 Summer Love 17.53 .........................A Joyce 3 63131 Ohoka Coby 17.42 ....................... L Waretini 4 21155 Mr. November 17.86 ...................D Stapleton 5 68342 Wonkey Donkey 17.76 ..............A Bradshaw 6 57276 Cala Rapita 17.87 .............................M Flipp

7 8 9 10

788x8 Chase The Stars 17.88 M & ................ Smith 87432 Homebush Haven 17.44 ...........J McInerney 35657 Que Tee Pix 17.54 M & .....................Jopson 86638 Zulu Bro nwtd .............................D Stapleton 12 3.27pm SPEIGHT’S SPRINT C1, 295m 1 65225 Bizarro 17.59 S & ............................B Evans 2 85643 Duco To Duco 17.73..........................M Flipp 3 48564 Mop Head 17.76 ........................ D T Barnes 4 73117 Belfast Jane 17.42 H & .......................Taylor 5 54553 Phat Pants 17.66 M & .......................Jopson 6 26148 Smash Magic 17.89 ........................ M Grant 7 63263 Another Rule 17.75 ...................J McInerney 8 32648 Lincoln Flyer nwtd ......................D Stapleton Emergencies: 9 66475 Hazza’s Got Swag nwtd M &............... Smith 10 6x865 Line Honours nwtd .........................G Cleeve SELECTIONS

Race 1: Corporate Image, Cawbourne Flow, Another Cover Race 2: Momma Rae, Not So Cute, Plagiarism, Wellywood Race 3: Chokehold, Ohoka Hope, Lola Baxter, Advanced Pedro Race 4: Know Security, Opawa Margorie, Mr. Johnny, Opawa Paul Race 5: No Leaf Clover, Ditched, Pedro Force, Billy Muggins Race 6: Gold Vipa, Opawa Gavin, Cawbourne Tip, Cover To Cover Race 7: Flying Swan, Time Slayer, Red Hot Fury, Churchill Chaser Race 8: Opawa Shaiden, Blushing Belle, Opawa Hally, Kaino Race 9: Hill of Grace, Only Got Time, Memphis Girl, Look At Lucy Race 10: Know Ambition, Karen’s Magic, Cawbourne Axe Race 11: Ohoka Coby, Business Review, Wonkey Donkey Race 12: Belfast Jane, Bizarro, Duco To Duco, Another Rule LEGEND: fsdt - First Start Here nwd - No Win this Distance fstd - First Start This Distance 31 13 - Best Winning Time This Track

Otago dogs

Today at Forbury Park Raceway

1 4 Opawa Michelle nwtd L &................... Wales 2 73748 Master At Arms nwtd......................J Guthrie 3 77266 Goldstar Bridie nwtd S & .................B Evans 4 24634 Goldstar Junior nwtd S & ................B Evans 1 12.10pm (NZT) BRIAN BAGLEY DRIVER LICENS- 5 22 Soumillon nwtd..................................J Dunn 6 3822 Opawa Jackie nwtd L &...................... Wales ING SPRINT C0, 310m 7 35444 Goldstar Chyna nwtd S & ................B Evans 1 2 Harpic nwtd .......................................J Dunn 8 86858 I’m A Chook nwtd P & ................... B Conner 2 6685 Toast Time nwtd .........................D Stapleton 9 24766 Casy’s Raida nwtd .....................D Stapleton 3 87x Millie’s Boy nwtd ..........................R Hamilton 4 3x Octane Time nwtd ........................... R Breen 10 62685 Ozarks Daughter nwtd ...................J Guthrie 5 26312 Finance Tommo nwtd L &................... Wales 4 1.03pm SPEEDPRINT SHOP STAKES C1, 545m 6 62723 Tony’s Choice nwtd ....................D Stapleton 1 88244 Noggin 32.74......................................J Allen 7 52387 Homebush Saxon nwtd .............J McInerney 2 82846 Calm Spirit 33.00 ...............................J Allen 8 487 Hareeba Time nwtd ....................D Stapleton 3 48774 Opawa Marg 32.53.......................C Roberts 9 64334 Goldstar Mario nwtd S & .................B Evans 4 35385 Chill Out Ralph 32.31 L & .................. Wales 10 84363 Watch Out Traps nwtd ................D Stapleton 5 31882 Shez Keen 34.07...............................S Keen 2 12.28pm WWW.GREYHOUNDSASPETS.ORG.NZ 6 54446 Gracy Racer nwtd C & ....................... Fagan 7 62225 Cawbourne Aries nwtd .................C Roberts C1, 310m 8 88537 Pukeko Prowler nwtd .....................B Healey 1 45114 Bo’s Business 18.88........................ M Grant 9 56846 Sailors Collar nwtd .........................J Guthrie 2 42611 Opawa Tom nwtd L & ......................... Wales 10 36457 Opawa Cassidy nwtd L & ................... Wales 3 13314 Cawbourne Onyx 18.76 .................. M Grant 4 44863 Smash Amego nwtd ........................ M Grant 5 1.20pm BROCKLEBANKS DRY CLEANERS STAKES 5 27134 Winne Willow 18.90 M & .......................J Hill C2, 545m 6 22222 Vienna 18.60 ..............................D Stapleton 1 72326 Homebush Coral nwtd...............J McInerney 7 25874 Opawa Hog 18.41 L & ........................ Wales 2 63122 Pukeko Thunder 32.80 ...................B Healey 8 55513 Admiral Adam 19.41 P &............... B Conner 3 85616 Wandy On In 33.05 .....................D Kingston 9 71164 Thrilling James nwtd P & .............. B Conner 4 x2611 Abound 33.55................................R Adcock 10 87574 Mitchell Dean nwtd M & ........................J Hill 5 87752 Waimak Dave nwtd ...................J McInerney 3 12.46pm ROOFING SOLUTIONS STAKES C0, 545m 6 41153 Cawbourne Floyd 33.36 .................. M Grant Otago Greyhound Racing Club Venue: Forbury Park Raceway Meeting Date: 29 April 2014 NZ Meeting number: 10 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; 11 and 12 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 10, 11 and 12

In brief

7 46352 Opawa Bart 32.87 .............................B Eade 8 11281 Ambilight 32.69 J & .........................D Fahey 9 34442 Carat’s Prince nwtd J & ...................D Fahey 10 42152 Token Kay nwtd J &.........................D Fahey 6 1.41pm HAPPY BIRTHDAY MURRAY HILL SPRINT C2, 310m 1 65856 Stock Taker nwtd ............................. R Breen 2 57371 Cec Divine nwtd .............................G Cleeve 3 81778 Joey’s Secret nwtd .....................D Stapleton 4 68811 Jasper Haka nwtd .....................J McInerney 5 64851 Smash Amy 18.86........................... M Grant 6 44424 Rattle Ya Dags 19.05.........................J Dunn 7 82356 Sam’s Flyin Norm nwtd ..............D Stapleton 8 71621 Another Another nwtd ...............J McInerney 9 43337 Starburst Benny 18.51 .................... M Grant 10 62346 Mamalulu 18.86 C & .......................... Fagan 7 2.01pm KEYOSK SERVICE BAR SPRINT C3, 310m 1 77884 Sprinkles nwtd...........................J McInerney 2 58486 John Dory 18.72........................J McInerney 3 18427 Lynny Southcombe nwtd ...........J McInerney 4 58135 Cawbourne Plunge 18.72 .........J McInerney 5 34836 Motley Man 18.55 .............................J Dunn 6 31142 Botany Jessie 18.58..................J McInerney 7 27718 Rob’s Mate 18.49 M &...........................J Hill 8 37675 Yaldhurst Edward 18.88 ............J McInerney 9 64265 Cawbourne Chief 18.41 .................. M Grant 10 41777 Marmalade Skies 18.92 ....................J Dunn 8 2.18pm OTAGO PETFOODS STAKES C3/4, 545m 1 67563 Deanne’s Fantasy 32.58 J & ...........D Fahey

2 31457 Criniti’s 32.49 ....................................J Dunn 3 75262 Game Girl nwtd .............................R Adcock 4 88878 Goldstar Bella nwtd S & ..................B Evans 5 66188 Opawa Style 32.98 L & ...................... Wales 6 35214 Opawa Bomb 32.88 L & ..................... Wales 7 75232 Wild Grove 33.09 .........................C Roberts 8 76566 Take No Prisoner 33.41 .................G Cleeve 9 73677 Opawa Bro 32.73 L & ......................... Wales 10 165x8 False Notion 32.58 J & ....................D Fahey 9 2.42pm GREEN ISLAND BARBER DUNEDIN CUP C5f, 545m 1 22247 Know Attempt 32.40.......................G Cleeve 2 26421 Opawa No Ear 32.69 L & ................... Wales 3 14121 Jinjarango 32.41 J & .......................D Fahey 4 31346 No Undies Sundy 32.35 ............J McInerney 5 F2163 Opawa Casper 32.50 L & ................... Wales 6 73724 Thrilling Marty nwtd P & ................ B Conner 7 13154 Cawbourne Philip 32.44 ............J McInerney 8 43221 Homebush Chopper 32.18 ........J McInerney 9 75358 Travelling Joe 32.71 ..................J McInerney 10 31457 Criniti’s 32.49 ....................................J Dunn 10 3.00pm ST KILDA VETERINARY CENTRE STKS C3, 545m 1 37138 Cawbourne Abbi 33.03 ................C Roberts 2 67172 Grunt Rodgers 33.30 ................J McInerney 3 82546 Opawa Zara nwtd J &......................D Fahey 4 37274 Homebush Violet 33.51 .............J McInerney 5 64653 Starburst Terry nwtd ........................ M Grant 6 21161 Opawa Andrea 32.85 L & ................... Wales

7 8 9 10

88664 Fear Go 32.92 ................................G Cleeve 23133 Idol Girl 32.81 J & ...........................D Fahey 73747 Jibbajabba Jewel 33.38................C Roberts 43857 Homebush Iris 32.33 .................J McInerney 11 3.18pm ROOFING SOLUTIONS SPRINT C4, 310m 1 4F111 Tepirita Charger 18.55 ......................J Dunn 2 34222 Ate Pizza nwtd ..................................J Dunn 3 18635 As Far As 18.68 .........................D Stapleton 4 44617 Elki 18.50 .....................................C Roberts 5 7388x Taieri Plains 18.36 C &....................... Fagan 6 76321 Another Jewel 18.85 .................J McInerney 7 28325 Red Carpet nwtd ............................G Cleeve 8 85628 Wandy Chick 18.38 ........................G Cleeve Emergencies: 9 35334 Know Lies nwtd ..............................G Cleeve 10 35535 Botany Prancer nwtd .................J McInerney 12 3.37pm RACING AGAIN TUESDAY MAY 13 C5, 310m 1 68617 Iona Haka 18.48........................J McInerney 2 22715 Noble Fantasy 18.66 S & ................B Evans 3 74433 Dillmanstown 18.63...........................J Dunn 4 22142 Keramus 18.51 ...............................G Cleeve 5 76221 Little Midnight nwtd ....................D Stapleton 6 284x1 Finn McMissile 18.33 ......................L Philips 7 83132 Quedrago 18.53 C & .......................... Fagan 8 34511 Pearl’s Boy 18.55 ...........................G Cleeve 9 36444 Oscar Tuivasa 18.10........................L Philips 10 56374 Two Ways 18.48 S & .......................B Evans LEGEND: fsdt - First Start Here nwd - No Win this Distance fstd - First Start This Distance 31 13 - Best Winning Time This Track

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BLOCK LETTERS PLEASE Day of event. .................................................................................................................... Date of event .................................................................................................................... Starting time .................................................................................................................... Name of organisation...................................................................................................... ........................................................................................................................................... Nature of event (Use maximum of 6 words) ........................................................................................................................................... ........................................................................................................................................... Venue ................................................................................................................................ ...........................................................................................................................................

Not for publication I hereby authorise publication of the above information on behalf of the organisation concerned. Name ................................................................................................................................. (Block letters) Address ............................................................................................................................. Contact phs .............................................(day) ...................................................(evenings) Signature ...................................................................................................................................


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9.30am ST DAVID’S WALKING GROUP. Meet outside church, 48 Allens Road, Allenton. 9.30am - 12.30pm ASHBURTON METHODIST PARISH. Goodwill shop open for the sale of preloved clothing. Tinwald Methodist Church, Cnr Archibald and Jane Streets, Tinwald. 9.30am - 12noon ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH.

Wednesday 9.30am - 1.30pm ASHBURTON BAPTIST CHURCH. Second time round op shop. Baptist Church, Cnr Cass and Havelock Streets. 10.00am ST STEPHEN’S ANGLICAN CHURCH. Holy Communion, Park Street.

Guardian Classifieds


Monday-Friday 8am – 5.30pm Saturday 10am – 1pm

307 7900

Children’s Holiday programme 5-12 year olds. $2.50 per day, on all week. 48 Allen’s Road, Allenton. 9.30am - 3.00pm ASHBURTON EMBROIDERERS GUILD. Young embroiderers class. Upstairs at Ashfords, West Street. 10.00am METHVEN HERITAGE CENTRE. New Zealand and Agriculture Encounter, interactive fun for all ages. Main Street, Methven.

10.00am - 4.00pm ASHBURTON DISTRICT FAMILY HISTORY GROUP. Open for research, upstairs. All welcome. 254 Cameron Street. 1.15pm TINWALD “500” CARDS. Come and play cards, all welcome. Tinwald Hall, Graham Street.

12.00noon - 3.00pm ASHBURTON JUSTICE OF THE PEACE ASSOCIATION (INC). Signing centre in Community House, at the rear of Westpac Bank, 122 Tancred Street. 12.50pm M.S.A. PETANQUE. Come and try Petanque, everyone welcome. M.S.A. Sports, Racecourse Road. 1.00pm - 3.00pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. Classic aircraft on display including DC 3.

Ashburton airport, Seafield Road. 1.30pm R.S.A. CARD SECTION. 500, Ashburton R.S.A. Cox Street. 7.30pm ASHBURTON ASTRONOMY GROUP. Meet at Menorlue, Ashburton College, Walnut Avenue. 7.30pm - 9.30pm MID CANTERBURY BADMINTON. Great fun, everyone welcome. Racquets can be hired. Sports hall, Tancred Street.

7.00pm GLENYS’ DANCE GROUP. Sequence dancing, Pipe Band Hall, Creek Road.

Learn to line dance 7pm, beginner/ intermediate (8pm - 9pm). Instructor Annette 307-7138a/h. Tinwald hall, Graham Street.

7.00pm ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Real women walking group. 48 Allens Road, Allenton.

7.30pm ASHBURTON SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCE CLUB. Dancing, music, fitness and fun. Buffalo Lodge Hall, Cox Street.


Puzzles Tuesday, April 29, 2014 CRYPTIC


ACROSS 1. Existence of tin, yet to be got out of it (6) 4. Small stones for burial place at foot of hill (6) 9. Arousing charged feelings if it’s me I vote for (7) 10. Brief period of complete freedom for cast (5) 11. Pipe bath starts eroding (4) 12. We have an entry that will be on the decrease (4) 13. Deep personal reaction by which to extract what’s essential (3) 15. Diplomat loses nothing but his chagrin at others’ fortune (4) 16. Get together into the main body (4) 19. Decline to put the fuel back (3) 21. Entranced at being given part like this (4) 22. Molten material going from Los Angeles to Virginia (4) 24. A moulding of little volume going in circles (5) 25. Phone, and be granted a lock of hair (7) 26. The mouth risks distortion round end of grimace (6) 27. Five tyres set out in room attached to church (6)



















YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS CRYPTIC Across 1. Dumpling 7. Royal 8. Fortune 9. Deflect 10. Nark 12. Drifted 14. Sheriff 17. Bear 18. Portion 21. Diluted 22. Level 23. Pretence Down 1. Define 2. Margrave 3. Lout 4. Needed 5. Tyke 6. Plated 7. Ruffian 11. Trivial 13. Threaten 14. Supply 15. Fender 16. Grudge 19. Rove 20. Plot QUICK Across 1. Circus 5. Ice axe 9. Terror 10. Furore 11. Stun 12. Linguist 14. Dances 16. Rushed 19. Leapfrog 21. Nick 22. Yachts 23. Eroded 24. Desist 25. System Down 2. Inertia 3. Chronic 4. Sore loser 6. Clung 7. Abolish 8. Erected 13. No regrets 14. Delayed 15. Nuances 17. Sinuous 18. Excrete 20. Fetes



21 22

DOWN 1. With which one starts to get the charge (8,5) 2. It may bother one to undo our belt (7) 3. Don’t stop to consider how skinny it is (4) 5. Soldier with gun found if lame perhaps in the Navy (8) 6. In competition with New York, give endless variety (5) 7. Sort of troops who fly in thing tar turns to (5,8) 8. Having gone wild as part of safer alternative (5)


14. Unceasingly get over mere adjustment (8) 17. Red wound-mark allowed to show (7) 18. Do without a duplicate kept for emergencies (5) 20. Marginal note gives it a polished look (5) 23. Former NCO turned to first ensign (4)


QUICK ACROSS 1. Most excellent (4) 8. Basic (10) 9. Garments (8) 10. Formerly (4) 12. Strongly dislikes (6) 14. Proportions (6) 15. Worn away (6) 17. Junior naval rank (6) 18. Russian ruler (4) 19. Speed (8) 21. Fire starter (10) 22. Advance slowly (4)

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Fill the grid so that every column, every row and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.

DOWN 2. Arrivals ahead of schedule (5,5) 3. Canvas dwelling (4) 4. Commences (6) 5. Mendicant (6) 6. Laws (8) 7. Song of praise (4) 11. Lengthening (10) 13. Quality of being stubborn (8) 16. Invent (6) 17. Cream pastry (6) 18. Weighty book (4) 20. Partially-burned coal (4)


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YOUR STARS by Forecasters

ARIES (MAR 21 – APR 20) Take time to draw from the past but also draw a new line in the sand, as the money gods open the door to new opportunities. TAURUS (APR 20 – MAY 21) If you know who you are and where you’re going, every choice or decision you’ll make moving forward will become much easier. GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 22) Today’s New Moon puts weight on preparing for the journey ahead and as a solar eclipse this puts weight on the future, which is calling for your attention. CANCER (JUNE 22 – JULY 24) There is a survivors mentality kicking in, one where you realise now that the storm has passed, what is and isn’t important and what you have neglected. LEO (JULY 24 – AUG 23) Trust first impressions, with your professional instincts sensing that this is an opportunity for a fresh start and new beginnings. VIRGO (AUG 23 – SEP 23) This is a chance to both embrace a sense of adventure and wanderlust and to appreciate that it’s all about the journey. LIBRA (SEP 23 – OCT 23) While you have the Sun’s transparency and Mercury’s smart head for money to back you up, your first reactions need to be trusted. SCORPIO (OCT 23 – NOV 24) Today’s New Moon, a solar eclipse that has the power to draw a major new line in the sand, makes this a day for new beginnings. SAGITTARIUS (NOV 24 – DEC 21) There is a need to have your work hat on from the get go today, with the Moon returning to your work sector just hours before today’s New Moon. CAPRICORN (DEC 21 – JAN 20) You are one of the signs that copped the full brunt of this month’s challenges, so it’s not surprising that the stars are already working to make up for this. AQUARIUS (JAN 20 – FEB 19) This is a chance to make a fresh start and a commitment to both home and family matters and the basics of life that need your commitment. PISCES (FEB 19 – MAR 20) Today marks the point where, in what is an important time of year for communication you’re able to bring everything together and make a fresh start.

phone 0900 85000


Family Notices 26 Ashburton Guardian DEATHS BURNEY, Ivan Sidney – (Peacefully) on Sunday, April 27, 2014 after a determined battle at Hospice Southland, aged 68 years. Dearly loved husband and best friend of Dot for the past 46 years. Loved and respected father and father-in-law of Russell and Karen (Perth); Tracey and Peter Stuart (Makarewa). Proud granddad of Kaleb, Emily, Hayden, Adrian; Katelin and Brayden. Loved son of the late Sid and Lucy Burney. Loved brother and brother-in-law of Joan and Ivan, Shirley and Gordon. Brother-in-law of Leonard Stone; Chris Stone; Kathie and Jim McConnochie; Geoff and Carol Stone and Jimmy and MJ Stone. Loved uncle of all his nieces and nephews. “He has let go of his current project and now moved onto the next project” A service to celebrate Ivan’s life will be held in the Avenal Park Chapel, 75 Fox Street, Invercargill on FRIDAY, May 2 at 1.30pm. In lieu of flowers, donations to Hospice Southland would be appreciated and may be left at the service. Messages to 56 Arthur Street, Winton. Avenal Park Funeral Home FDANZ

LILL, Brian Edward – On April 26, 2014 at Coldstream Hospital, Ashburton. Aged 88 years. Married for 64 years to Dorothy (deceased). Loved father of Ian and Chris, Ross and Barbara, Susan, Bransby and Thecla, and Irene. Special granddad to Rachel, and Becky (deceased); Thomas, Marianne, Clara, John and Frances; Guy, Emma, and Peach Jackson; Joseph, David, Adam, and Ryan; Sarah, Tom, and Matt Perkins; and great granddad to his 12 great grandchildren. Thank you to Coldstream, Tinwald Medical Centre and Ashburton Public Hospital Staff. Donations to Ward 3 Patients Comfort Fund would be much appreciated and may be left at the service. Messages to P.O. Box 472, Ashburton 7740. A service to celebrate Brian’s life will be held at St Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Oxford Street, Ashburton TODAY Tuesday, commencing at 1.30pm, followed by private cremation at Ashburton. Paterson’s Funeral Services, FDANZ Ashburton

LILL, Brian Edward – On 26 April 2014 at Coldstream Hospital, Ashburton. Dearly loved son of the late Wilfred and Edith Lill. Brother and brother in law to Mabel and Les (deceased) Moore, Gordon and Joan Lill, Marie and Burson Nuttall, Nell and Norman Davison (all deceased), Janet Moore, Duncan Smith (deceased), Mervyn Moore (deceased), Margaret (deceased) and Raymond Chalmers. Respected Uncle Brian to all nieces and nephews.

Please note all late death notices or notices sent outside ordinary office hours must be emailed to:



Patersons Funeral Services and Ashburton Crematorium Ltd Office and Chapel Corner East & Cox Streets, Ashburton

Ph 307 7433

Any queries please contact 0800 ASHBURTON (0800-274-287).

E.B. CARTER LTD For all your memorial requirements New headstones and designs Renovations, Additional inscriptions, Cleaning and Concrete work Carried out by qualified tradesmen.

620 East Street Ashburton Ph/Fax 308 5369 or 0274 357 974 NZMMMA Member

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Ra n












FRIDAY: Cloud gradually clearing. Northeast dying.



bur to


THURSDAY: Fine morning frost, evening cloud. NE developing.





TOMORROW: Fine, morning frost. Light winds.




TODAY: Rain easing afternoon. Strong southwest eases late.




Ashburton Forecast

Wa i m a ka r i r i


Map for today

4 2 4 7

Midnight Tonight






11: 45 – 12: 55 AM


PROTECTION REQUIRED Even on cloudy days Data provided by NIWA


NZ Situation

Wind km/h less than 30 fine

30 to 59 fog

isolated snow thunder flurries

sleet thunder

Canterbury Plains




60 plus


TODAYFZL: About 1600m, rising to 2000m in the south

Rain, with heavy falls and snow down to 800 metres, clearing in the south in the afternoon and easing elsewhere. Wind at 1000m: SE 50 km/h dying out. Wind at 2000m: Gale SE 65 km/h, easing to 40 km/h.

TOMORROW Mainly fine with morning frosts and light winds, but a few morning showers and southwesterlies in the north.

TOMORROWFZL: Rising to 2200m in N; 2800m in S

Fine. Wind at 1000m: Light. Wind at 2000m: S 30 km/h.

THURSDAY Fine with morning frosts. Northeasterlies developing, bringing evening cloud.


Fine, increasing high cloud. NW developing.



Cloud gradually clearing and northeasterlies dying out.

Cloud gradually clearing and strong northwesterlies easing.



Mainly fine. Light winds.

World Weather

Adelaide Amsterdam Bangkok Berlin Brisbane Cairns Cairo Calcutta Canberra Colombo Darwin Dubai Dublin Edinburgh Frankfurt

rain drizzle rain cloudy showers showers fine thunder showers rain thunder fine fine cloudy cloudy

Mainly fine. Light winds.

Geneva Hobart Hong Kong Honolulu Islamabad Jakarta Johannesburg Kuala Lumpur London Los Angeles Madrid Melbourne Moscow Nadi New Delhi

21 18 35 21 26 30 31 40 21 31 33 38 15 14 18

showers rain cloudy showers fine rain fine showers rain fine fine rain fine thunder fine

7 11 22 21 21 24 7 24 9 16 10 16 7 20 23

New York Paris Perth Rarotonga Rome San Francisco Seoul Singapore Stockholm Sydney Taipei Tel Aviv Tokyo Washington Zurich

16 20 25 28 36 33 22 33 18 33 23 20 20 31 39

showers showers fine rain rain fine rain thunder fine fine drizzle fine drizzle rain showers


Tuesday 9 noon 3


9 pm am 3



9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


9 pm








few showers

9:32 3:50 10:03 4:12 10:20 4:39 10:51 5:00 11:08 5:28 11:40 The times shown are for the Ashburton River mouth. For the Rangitata river mouth subtract 16 minutes and for the Rakaia river mouth subtract 6 minutes.

Bad fishing

Rise 6:56 am Set 5:36 pm

New moon

29 Apr 6:16 pm ©Copyright OceanFun Publishing Ltd.

Rise 7:23 am Set 5:36 pm


Bad fishing

Rise 7:25 am Set 5:35 pm

Bad fishing


Rise 8:02 am Set 6:15 pm

First quarter

7 May

3:17 pm

Rise 9:03 am Set 6:58 pm

Full moon

15 May 7:17 am

Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa

For the very latest weather information, including Weather Warnings, visit

12 17 20 27 16 26 20 33 14 25 24 27 20 17 15




mainly fine


rain later






rain clearing


mainly fine


showers clear


showers clear

River Levels

Great range of pavers also available Phone 307 6466 Mobile 0274 508 191 13 Robinson Street, (old Spray Marks site) Riverside Industrial Estate, Ashburton



Selwyn Whitecliffs (NIWA) at 3:00 pm, yesterday

Rakaia Fighting Hill (NIWA) at 12:00 pm, yesterday 223.0 Nth Ashburton at 3:00 pm, yesterday


Sth Ashburton at 3:15 pm, yesterday


Rangitata Klondyke at 3:00 pm, yesterday

97.2 280.1

Waitaki Kurow at 3:00 pm, yesterday Source: Environment Canterbury

Ashburton Airport Temperature °C At 4pm 10.4 10.5 Max to 4pm 4.4 Minimum 0.2 Grass minimum Rainfall mm 44.6 16hr to 4pm April to date 167.4 Avg Apr to date 47 2014 to date 347.6 215 Avg year to date Wind km/h S 20 At 4pm Strongest gust N 52 Time of gust 12:42pm

© Copyright Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited 2014

307 7900

19 10 17 2 17 7 16 5 14 10 18 4 15 2 15 5 11 6 13 0 12 3 12 6 12 3

Palmerston North thunder

Canterbury Readings




9 8 7 21 9 11 12 25 8 15 18 17 14 6 9

overnight max low


Forecasts for today

15 8 28 10 17 22 18 28 7 25 24 26 5 8 10

Tides, Sun, Moon and Fishing m am 3 3

NZ Today

Canterbury High Country

Rain, with heavy falls in the north, easing during the afternoon and clearing south of Ashburton. Strong southwesterlies, easing late in the day.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A ridge moves eastwards across New Zealand tomorrow and Thursday. The ridge remains over the North Island on Friday, while a front weakens as it moves over the South Island, followed by another ridge.

mainly isolated cloudy drizzle drizzle few showers fine showers clearing showers

Rise 7:22 am Set 5:38 pm

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MUNRO, Mary Andrews Small (Molly) – On April 27, 2014 at Ashburton Hospital. Aged 92. Dearly loved wife of the late Duncan. Loved mother and mother in law of Gael and CAIRNS, Roy Oliver – Peter. Loved nanna of Kim 29-04-2013. and Gavin Lack, Darryl and Although we are apart now Anna Oldham and Simon and You’re always in our hearts, Rebecca (Bec) Oldham and In every single thing we do, doting great nanna Mary of You play the biggest part. Theo, Lachlan, Henry, and When we have Henrietta May. Loved aunty to make decisions Molly of Glen Freer (Noosa). And we don’t know Messages to P O Box 472, what to do, Ashburton 7740. A special Our thoughts, we find thank you to Chrissy and Will go right back to you. Denise and the team of We think of how carers who helped Mary to you’d handle it stay in her own home. A And try to work it out, Service to celebrate Mary’s It’s at times like this life will be held at St Andrew’s we’ll really miss Presbyterian Church, Having you about. Havelock Street, Ashburton on WEDNESDAY, April 30 Not only for this reason commencing at 2.00pm. When things are going bad, Followed by private cremation There’s a million at Ashburton. different reasons Paterson’s Funeral Why we miss you Dad. Services FDANZ Ashburton Sadly missed by all your family.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014




to 4pm yesterday


Christchurch Airport

Timaru Airport

7.8 8.8 4.1 –

8.3 12.3 4.9 1.5

9.4 11.5 6.3 –

48.6 248.3 – 693.9 –

14.2 116.8 46 304.0 186

18.4 93.4 31 164.2 164

SW 24 – –

E 11 W 35 5:03am

S 31 SW 85 2:08pm

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6am Breakfast 9am Good Morning 10am Ellen 3 11am Selling Houses Australia 0 Noon One News 0 12:30 Emmerdale PGR Cain and Ross continue to deceive the Home Farm guests; Amy tries to justify herself to the social worker; Edna voices her concerns over Ashley. 0 1pm Coronation Street PGR 3 Eva gets her revenge on Nick and Kylie; Sunita must cope as Stella and Karl come over for dinner; Tyrone learns something new about Kirsty. 0 1:30 Come Dine With Me UK PGR 3 2pm May The Best House Win 3 3pm Dickinson’s Real Deal 3:55 Te Karere 2 0 4:25 Ellen 5:25 Millionaire – Hot Seat 0 6pm One News 0 7pm Seven Sharp 0 7:30 Women in Blue PGR Two men are pulled over by Constable Zoe Eginton and the Armed Offenders Squad; Constable Patsy Hall deals with a midnight mooner. 0 8pm Water Patrol PGR 0 8:30 Britain’s Got Talent 0 9:45 Hoarding – Buried Alive PGR 0 10:45 One News Tonight 0

6am Creflo Dollar 6:30 Special Agent Oso 3 0 6:53 Angry Birds Toons 3 0 6:55 Grizzly Tales 3 0 7:20 SpongeBob SquarePants 3 0 7:50 Beyblades Metal Masters 3 0 8:15 Jake And The Neverland Pirates 3 0 8:40 Mike The Knight 3 0 8:50 Fireman Sam 3 0 9am Infomercials 10:30 8 Simple Rules 3 0 11am Neighbours 3 0 11:30 Home And Away 3 0 Noon Shortland Street PGR 3 0 12:30 Mike And Molly PGR 3 0 1pm Jeremy Kyle PGR 2pm Bethenny 3pm When You Wish To Be A Star 0 3:29 Horace In Slow Motion 3 3:30 Robot And Monster 3 0 4pm Mako Mermaids 3 0 4:30 The 4:30 Show 5pm America’s Funniest Home Videos 3 0 5:30 Home And Away 0 6pm The New Adventures Of Old Christine 3 0 6:30 Neighbours 0 7pm Shortland Street PGR Vinnie speeds towards his operation; Leanne falls out of favour with Kylie; Boyd’s new invention is a cracker. 0 7:30 Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne PGR 0 8pm Cops Uncut PGR 0 8:30 Step Dave 0 9:30 Revenge 0 10:30 Scandal AO 0

6am 3 News – Firstline 8:30 Infomercials 10:30 The Shopping Channel 11:30 The Nanny 3 0 Noon 3 News 12:30 Dr Phil PGR 3 A teenager accuses her father of causing her to have a miscarriage when she was seven-months pregnant, while he claims medical records prove she was never pregnant. 1:30 The Dr Oz Show PGR 3 2:30 Rachael Ray 3 3:30 The Queen Latifah Show Interviews with Matthew McConaughey and Regina Hall; the Beach Boys perform. 4:30 Entertainment Tonight 5pm The Block – Sky High The terraces and fix-up rooms are opened for inspection. 6pm 3 News 7pm Campbell Live 7:30 Grand Designs Revisited PGR Six years ago, Lucie and Nat began to build an affordable eco home in Woodbridge. Kevin McCloud returns to find out whether the house has become part of the landscape. 0 8:30 NCIS AO 0 9:30 NCIS – LA AO 0 10:30 The Paul Henry Show

11:15 Major Crimes AO 0 12:10 Coppers AO 3 0 1:10 Te Karere 3 2 0 1:45 Infomercials 5:35 Te Karere 3 2 0

11:30 Body Of Proof AO 0 12:25 Embarrassing Bodies AO 3 0 1:20 Infomercials 2:25 Rizzoli And Isles AO 3 0 3:10 Secret Life Of The American Teenager PGR 3 3:55 Jeremy Kyle USA AO 3 4:40 The 4:30 Show 3 5:05 Neighbours 3 0 5:30 Infomercials

11pm The Good Wife AO Alicia and Will represent an Internet start-up in a case that involves a search engine that may be manipulating results. Midnight Infomercials 5am Joyce Meyer 5:30 Infomercials

CHOICE TV 6am Benny Hinn 6:30 Heaven’s Kitchen Cookbook Recipes using organic produce. 7am A Great Welsh Adventure With Griff Rhys Jones. 8am Million Dollar Contractor 8:30 Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors 9am Lonely Planet – Year Of Adventures 10am House Wreck Rescue 11am Baggage Battles 11:30 Back Of House Noon Bath Crashers 12:30 A Great Welsh Adventure With Griff Rhys Jones 1:30 You Deserve This House 2:20 Race To Dakar PGR Motorbike fanatic, English TV adventurer, travel writer and actor Charley Boorman participates in the Dakar Rally. 3:30 Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors 4pm The London Market 5pm Better Homes And Gardens 6pm Million Dollar Contractor 6:30 House Crashers 7pm Auction Hunters PG 7:30 My Dream Home 8:30 My Dream Derelict Home With Simon O’Brien. 9:30 Sarah Beeny’s Selling Houses 10:30 Barter Kings 11:30 You Deserve This House


12:30 Benny Hinn 1am Better Homes And Gardens 2am My Dream Home 3am Sarah Beeny’s Selling Houses 3:30 Barter Kings 4:30 Auction Hunters 5am Million Dollar Contractor

FOUR 6am Sesame Street 3 6:55 Pingu 3 7am Sticky TV 3 7:30 The Wild Thornberrys 3 0 7:55 Rugrats 3 8:25 Chuggington 8:35 Ready, Steady, Wiggles 3 8:45 Bananas In Pyjamas 3 9am Bob The Builder 3 9:10 Thomas And Friends 3 9:20 Peppa Pig 3 9:30 Wonder Pets 3 9:55 Infomercials 2pm Sesame Street 3 2:55 Peppa Pig 3 3pm Sticky TV 4:30 Four Live 6pm Malcolm In The Middle 0 6:30 Just Shoot Me! 0

7pm The Simpsons 0 7:30 Family Guy PGR 8pm The Cleveland Show PGR 8:30 M American Pie AO 3 1999 Comedy. At a highschool party, four friends find that losing their virginity is more difficult than they had thought. Jason Biggs, Shannon Elizabeth, Chris Klein. 0 10:30 90210 PGR 11:25 Entertainment Tonight 11:50 Infomercials


THE BOX 6am SVU MV 6:50 The Simpsons PG 7:15 Hardcore Pawn PGL 7:40 America’s Funniest Home Videos PG 0 8:05 Monk PGV 8:55 Criminal Intent MV 9:45 Law And Order MV 10:35 CSI – Miami MV 11:25 Ice Road Truckers PGS 12:15 CSI – New York MV 1:05 Whose Line Is It Anyway? PG 1:30 Criminal Intent MV 2:20 SVU MV 3:10 Monk PGV 4pm Hardcore Pawn PGL 4:30 The Simpsons PG 5pm Criminal Intent MV 6pm America’s Funniest Home Videos PG 0 6:30 The Simpsons PG 7pm Hardcore Pawn PGL 7:30 CSI – Miami MV 8:30 Falling Skies MV 9:30 New Jack City 18V 11:30 CSI – Miami MV


12:25 Monk PGV 1:15 Whose Line Is It Anyway? PG 1:40 SVU MV 2:30 Falling Skies MV 3:20 New Jack City 18V 5:10 Whose Line Is It Anyway? PG 5:35 America’s Funniest Home Videos PG


6:30 The Crowd Goes Wild 3 An irreverent daily sports and entertainment show. 7am Deal Or No Deal 3 7:30 Home Shopping Noon The Doctors PGR 1pm The Test PGR Celebrities and viewers answer moral questions. 2pm A Gypsy Life For Me PGR 3 In a field in the middle of Essex, at the Light and Life Christian Convention, crowds gather to celebrate God; the final heat of the travellers’ talent show gets underway. 3pm Harry’s Practice 3 3:30 The Crowd Goes Wild 3 4pm The Late Show With David Letterman 3 5pm Deal Or No Deal 3 5:30 Prime News 6pm Deal Or No Deal 6:30 Millionaire – Hot Seat 3 7pm The Crowd Goes Wild An irreverent daily sports and entertainment show. 7:30 60 Minutes PGR 3 8:30 M Dark Blue AO 3 2002 Thriller. A homicide investigation triggers a series of events that will cause a corrupt Los Angeles police officer to question his tactics. Kurt Russell, Scott Speedman.

6am #SkyRugby 6:30 Rugby – Super Rugby (Replay) Blues v Waratahs. From Eden Park in Auckland. 8:30 Random Rugby TV 8:45 Cricket – IPL (Replay) Royal Challengers Bangalore v Kings XI Punjab. From Dubai International Cricket Stadium in Dubai. 12:15 Random Rugby TV 12:30 Aussie Rules – AFL (Replay) Richmond v Hawthorn. From Melbourne Cricket Ground. 3:30 Rugby League – NSW Cup (Replay) Cronulla Sharks v Penrith Panthers. 5:30 Jetsprinting – NZ Championships Round Two. From Mt Maunganui. 6pm Rugby – Super Rugby (Replay) Brumbies v Chiefs. From Canberra Stadium in Canberra. 8pm #SkyRugby Hosted by former All Black Jeff Wilson. 8:30 Rugby Nation Hosted by Tony Johnson. 9:30 Golf Focus 10:30 Motorsport – Nascar Nationwide Series (Highlights) Toyotacare 250. From Richmond International Speedway in Richmond, Virginia.

11:05 The Crowd Goes Wild 3 An irreverent daily sports and entertainment show. 11:35 The Late Show With David Letterman 12:35 Home Shopping 1:30 The Crowd Goes Wild 3 2am Home Shopping

11:30 Motorsport – Nascar Sprint Cup Series (Highlights) 12:30 Motorsport – V8 Supercars Championship (Highlights) 1am Motorsport – V8 Supercars Championship (Highlights) 1:50 Cricket – IPL (Highlights) 2:20 L Cricket – IPL

MAORI TV 10am Korero Mai 3 11am Toku Reo 3 Noon Korero Mai 3 1pm Toku Reo 3 2pm Ako 3 2 3pm Kai Time On The Road 3 3:30 Rolie Polie Olie 3 2 4pm Miharo 2 4:30 Pukana 2 5pm Toi Whakaari 2 5:30 Te Kaea 2 6pm Nga Pari Karangaranga o te Motu 3

Ashburton Guardian 27

SKY SPORT 2 6:30 Ako 3 2 7pm Te Kaea 3 2 7:30 Iwi Anthems 3 8pm Fusion Feasts 8:30 M Touching The Void AO 2003 Drama. Brendan Mackey, Nicholas Aaron. 10:25 Focus 10:55 Tagata Pasifika 11:25 Te Kaea 3 2 11:55 Closedown


Dark Blue

8:30pm on Prime


6:30 Deadliest Catch PG The Last Lap. 7:30 Man v Wild PG Georgia, Eastern Europe. 8:30 MythBusters PG Steam Cannon. 9:30 MythBusters PG 10:30 Magic Of Science PG 11am Deadly Dilemmas M 11:30 Fatal Encounters M 12:30 Dates From Hell M 1pm Dates From Hell M 1:30 I’d Kill For You M 2:30 Auction Hunters PG 3pm Auction Hunters PG 3:30 Bering Sea Gold – Under The Ice PG 4:30 Deadliest Catch PG 5:30 MythBusters PG 6:30 Bering Sea Gold PG 7:30 Manhunt PG 8:30 Mighty Planes PG 9:30 Dixie Mafia PG 10:30 Game Of Pawns PG 11pm Dead Of Night M

7am The Purge 16VL 2013 Horror Thriller. Ethan Hawke, Lena Headey. 8:25 The Making Of Fast And Furious 6 PG 8:50 The Code MVLS 2009 Crime. Morgan Freeman, Antonio Banderas. 10:35 A Haunted House 16SC 2013 Comedy. Marlon Wayans, Essence Atkins. Noon The Last Stand 16VL 2013 Action. 1:45 The Purge 16VL 2013 Horror Thriller. 3:10 The Making Of Fast And Furious 6 PG 3:35 The Code MVLS 2009 Crime. 5:20 Tell Tale 16VLS 2011 Thriller. 6:55 Resident Evil – Retribution 16V 2012 Action. 8:30 Back In The Day 16LS 2014 Comedy. 10:10 White House Down MVL 2013 Action.

Midnight True Crime With Aphrodite Jones M 1am I Married A Mobster M 1:30 I Married A Mobster M 2am Call 911 M 2:30 Man v Wild PG 3:30 Deadliest Catch PG 4:30 Howe And Howe Tech PG 5:30 Man v Wild PG

12:20 Biography – Bill Murray PG 2009 Documentary. 1:10 Tell Tale 16VLS 2011 Thriller. 2:40 Resident Evil – Retribution 16V 2012 Action. 4:15 Back In The Day 16LS 2014 Comedy. 5:55 Biography – Bill Murray PG 2009 Documentary.



6am Triathlon – ITU World Series (Replay) Elite Women’s Race. 8am Triathlon – ITU World Series (Replay) Elite Men’s Race. 10am Darts – Premier League (Replay) 1pm Football – A-League (Replay) Semi-final One – Western Sydney Wanderers v Central Coast Mariners. 3pm Football – A-League (Replay) Semi-final Two – Brisbane Roar v American Pie Melbourne Victory. 8:30pm on FOUR 5pm All Access Mayweather v Maidana. MOVIES GREATS 5:30 #SkyRugby 6pm College Netball (Replay) 6:45 Fool’s Gold MV 2008 Adventure. Matthew McConaughey, South Island Play-off – St Margaret’s v Southland Girls. Kate Hudson. 8:35 PS I Love You 7pm Netball Zone MS 2007 Drama. Hilary Swank, 7:30 Football – A-League Gerard Butler, Lisa Kudrow. (Highlights) Semi-final One – 10:40 Run, Fat Boy, Run ML 2007 Western Sydney Wanderers v Central Comedy. Simon Pegg, Hank Azaria, Coast Mariners. Thandie Newton. 12:20 Alien 16V 1979 Sci-fi Thriller. 8pm Football – A-League (Highlights) Semi-final Two – Tom Skerritt, Sigourney Weaver. Brisbane Roar v Melbourne Victory. 2:15 Fatal Attraction 16V 1987 8:30 Fight Night Sergey Kovalev v Thriller. Michael Douglas, Glenn Cedric Agnew. Close. 4:15 Spider-Man 2 MV 2004 Action. 10:30 Road To The Fifa World Cup Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst. 11pm Rugby – Super Rugby 6:30 Pretty Woman PGL 1990 (Highlights) Blues v Waratahs. Romance. Richard Gere, Julia 11:30 Rugby – Super Rugby Roberts. (Highlights) Brumbies v Chiefs. 8:30 The Fast And The Furious MVL 2001 Action. Vin Diesel, Paul WEDNESDAY Walker, Jordana Brewster. Midnight Netball – ANZ 10:15 National Treasure 2 – Book Championship (Highlights) NSW Of Secrets PGV 2007 Adventure. Swifts v Southern Steel. 12:30 Nicolas Cage, Diane Kruger. Netball – ANZ Championship (Highlights) Central Pulse WEDNESDAY v Melbourne Vixens. 1am 12:15 Aliens MVL 1986 Sci-fi. Netball – ANZ Championship Sigourney Weaver, Michael Biehn. (Highlights) 1:30 Netball – ANZ 2:30 Fatal Attraction 16V 1987 Championship (Highlights) 2am Thriller. Michael Douglas, Glenn Close. 4:30 Spider-Man 2 MV 2004 Rugby League – NRL (Replay) 4am Rugby League – NRL (Replay) Action.

0 Closed captions; 3 Repeat; 2 Maori Language. RATINGS: 16 Approved for persons 16 years or over; 18 Approved for persons 18 years or over; AO Adults only; C Content may offend; L Language may offend; M Suitable for mature audiences; PG/PGR Parental guidance recommended for young viewers; S Sexual content may offend; V Contains violence. Local Radio: NewsTalk ZB 873AM/98.1FM FM Classic Hits ZEFM 92.5; Port FM Local 94.9, 98.9 and 106.1

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28 Ashburton Guardian

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Lydia Ko poses with her trophy on the 18th green of the Lake Merced Golf Club after winning the Swinging Skirts LPGA Classic golf tournament yesterday in Daly City, California. Ko won the event after shooting a 3-under-par 69 to finish at 12-under-par. AP PHOTO

Lydia ‘unflappable’ in Classic win Poised and unflappable, New Zealand teenager Lydia Ko birdied the final hole for her third LPGA Tour victory and first as a professional, holding off Stacy Lewis and Jenny Shin yesterday in the inaugural Swinging Skirts LPGA Classic. It went down to the final shots, and the teen made a 6-foot birdie putt moments before Lewis knocked in a 4-footer of her own to finish one stroke back. “At the 18th hole I knew how loud the claps were and that I needed to get close and give my-

self a birdie chance,” Ko said. After beginning the day a stroke behind Lewis, Ko birdied three of her final four holes on the front nine on the way to a 3-under 69 and 12-under 276 total at Lake Merced in California. Ko earned $270,000, celebrating on the 18th green three days after celebrating her 17th birthday at the first tee box with the gallery singing “Happy Birthday.” Ko will move up two spots to No. 2 in the next world ranking. She won the Canadian Wom-

Parker to clash with Minto P19

en’s Open as an amateur the last two years and took the Swinging Skirts World Ladies Masters in December in Thailand in her second start as a professional. She has six victories in pro events, also winning in Australia and New Zealand. Lewis will head to her home state of Texas next week looking to build on a disappointing near miss in which she struggled all day with her short game. “I knew she wasn’t going away. Lydia played great,” Lewis said.

“Every time I hit a shot in there, she answered.” Shin, still looking for her first tour win after her best finish this year, finished at 10-under 278 with a 68 over the 6,507-yard course. Playing together for the fourth straight day, neither Ko nor Lewis hit any dazzling shots early. Ko’s second of three bogeys came on the 417-yard, par-4 seventh, in which her tee shot hit a tree and then dropped in the rough.

Lewis’ 10-foot birdie putt on No. 9 lipped out. Ko pulled into a first-place tie at 10 under as they made the turn on a picture-perfect spring day. “The front nine, I did everything I wanted to do, the putts just didn’t go in,” Lewis said. “I expected her to do exactly what she did today. ... She hit every shot she needed to make from 13 on in.” Michelle Wie, who won last week in her home state of Hawaii, was ninth at 2 under. - AP

Mourinho revels in Liverpool loss P20

Ag 29 april, 2014  

Ashburton Guardian, Tuesday, April 29, 2014

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