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Friday, January 24, 2014

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Submitters say no to bridge plans




JANUARY 24 2014

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When 95 per cent of submitters say no, the Ashburton District Council has to sit up and listen says Bridge Action group spokesperson Diane Rawlinson. The council called for submissions on its land acquisition plans for a second bridge across the Ashburton River. The response, which saw 336 submissions received, with just 17 of those in support of the chosen route, was overwhelming, Ms Rawlinson said. “This demonstrates very clearly the depth of the community’s feeling; we’re very pleased

with this result.” The second bridge route will take traffic along Chalmers Avenue and across the river to a new road in Tinwald’s east on rural land. The council lodged an application to designate land along the route to protect it from further private development, although the bridge is unlikely to be built for at least 10 years. While it was heartening to have such a strong response, Ms Rawlinson said the acid test would come when submitters make their case before independent commissioners barrister John Milligan and traffic engineer Andrew Carr.

“I realise the number of submissions won’t make the difference, it’s how the submitters discuss and present their arguments to the commissioners. Quality data will be important. Submitters will have to be able to justify what they put in their submissions,” she said. Of the 336 submissions, 101 submitters want to appear before the commissioners. The hearings will run from March 10 possibly until March 12, with a planners’ report summarising the submissions, available on February 24. The Bridge Action Group was formed to fight the council’s first

route choice on Grove Street and worked with a barrister to file a comprehensive submission, Ms Rawlinson said. “We’ve done ours in bullet points but we’ll be expanding on that at the hearings and we could have several speakers as well as our barrister,” she said. In addition to being part of the action group submission, many group members filed their own submissions. “The numbers have spoken very loudly. “This is our last big drive, but win or lose at this point it still has to happen; there’s a long way to go yet.”


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Friday, January 24, 2014

Five things that may interest you



Brand backs topless ban British funnyman Russell Brand has thrown his support behind a campaign to ban pictures of topless women from UK newspapers. The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star is supporting the No More Page 3 drive, named after the infamous third page feature in Britain’s The Sun, which has included snaps of semi-naked models since 1970. Brand has revealed he was introduced to the campaign by his writer/activist girlfriend Jemima Khan and posted a picture of himself holding a T-shirt emblazoned with the group’s slogan on his Twitter page, adding: “Finally, through the love of a good woman, teenage, sexist me was slain. No more Page 3 ... Thank Jemima Khan for the wake up call.”



$10 bet leads to $300,000 windfall A $10 bet at the TAB has scored a $300,000 windfall for a Dunedin man who says he’s too old to spend his winnings. Retired mail delivery man Len Glassford watched in disbelief from his couch as a rank outsider named Jagald placed third in the last race at Trentham on Saturday. The 73-year-old had earlier placed $10 on a Triple Trio bet, making him a return of $30,000 for each dollar he wagered. Mr Glassford said he still couldn’t believe he had won until Monday despite long phone calls from family members to verify what happened and his seeing the six-figure sum appear in his TAB account within half an hour of the race.

There’s a bunny in Mandela’s ear A new, 9m sculpture of Nelson Mandela (below) is billed as the biggest statue of the South African leader. It also has a tiny, barely visible quirk: a sculpted rabbit tucked inside one of the bronze ears. South African officials want the miniature bunny removed from the statue, which was unveiled outside the government complex in Pretoria, the capital, on December 16, a day after Mandela’s funeral. The department of arts and culture said it didn’t know the two sculptors, Andre Prinsloo and Ruhan Janse van Vuuren, had added a rabbit, said to be a discreet signature on their work.The bronze rabbit, sitting on its haunches with one floppy ear, is about half the height of the ear canal. “It doesn’t belong there,” said Mogomotsi Mogodiri, a department spokesman. “The statue represents what everyone in South Africa is proud of.” His department said in a statement that there are discussions on “how best to retain the integrity of the sculpture without causing any damage or disfigurement.”

For those who love to share It’s a tale of two toilets. When BBC reporter Steve Rosenberg went to use the bathroom at the cross-country skiing and biathlon centre for next month’s Winter Olympics in Sochi, he found two toilets but only one stall. His tweeted picture instantly became a national joke. Although toilets like that are not common in Russia, social media users posted some pictures of other toilets side by side. One said this was standard at Russian soccer stadiums. Russians jested that the toilets in Sochi were designed for a “tandem”, the name used to describe the duo of President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.


Whale plight linked to quake The man who controversially said he could predict the Canterbury earthquakes is now linking the Eketahuna quake with a recent series of whale strandings at Farewell Spit. Ken Ring, the self-proclaimed long-range weather forecaster, gained infamy after the Canterbury earthquakes by claiming he could predict aftershocks by analysing lunar cycles. In recent days he has taken to Twitter to show his support for a theory linking whale strandings and underwater seismic activity to on-land earthquakes. On Tuesday, Mr Ring tweeted to his 4500 followers: “Farewell Spit is the EXACT same latitude as Eketahuna. We say whales strand due to underwater earthquakes. Strandings = earthquake warnings”. However, Science Media Centre manager Peter Griffin labelled the theory “pseudoscience” and said it was a “long bow to draw to suggest one thing triggers the other”.


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News Friday, January 24, 2014

Ashburton Guardian



Traffic lights move a step closer By Sue NewmaN

Traffic log-jams on West Street will soon belong in the past, with land about to be acquired for traffic lights at Walnut Avenue. The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has plans to scrap the existing roundabouts at both the East and West Street intersections with Walnut Avenue, replacing these with traffic lights. As part of that work it has notified its intention to alter the designation of several pieces of land at both intersections. The public can have a say on the plans as part of the community consultation process. A total of nine pieces of land will be required for the installation of the lights. Four of these are owned by the Ashburton District Council, two by KiwiRail, one by the Crown and two by the owners of the BP Service Station. While the work is considered to be two separate projects, Ashburton mayor Angus McKay said the council decided the two had to be carried out in tandem for either to work efficiently. Last year the council gave its approval for the two intersection plans after deleting free left-hand turns at both sets of lights. “We were concerned about the safety of college and intermediate school students. “The left turns are now with the lights so there’s complete protection for pedestrians,” he said. With the land designation now notified, Mr McKay said he hoped the project would proceed without too many delays. “My major concern now is wanting the work completed as soon as possible, but we have to go through the process.”

Work on the State Highway One lights will be fully funded by NZTA but ratepayers will have to foot the bill for about 44 per cent of the East Street traffic safety work as this is rated as a local road, receiving only a 56 per cent subsidy. As part of the traffic light project, the entrance to Ashburton Domain from the state highway will be changed. The council put up four options and asked for public comment. The best supported was a new entrance off Walnut Avenue. A survey of domain users has also been undertaken. Council group manager, service delivery Neil McCann said the new entrance route would be decided as part of a development plan for the domain. The existing West Street access may be retained for left turning traffic only.

Above - The changes that will be required to install traffic lights at the intersections of East and West streets on Walnut Avenue. Below - The roundabout at the West Street Walnut Avenue intersection can be a bottleneck at peak traffic times.

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Friday, January 24, 2014


McKay against mid-term election By suE nEwman

Ashburton mayor Angus McKay and Christchurch’s Lianne Dalziel could be going head-tohead over the return of elected members to Environment Canterbury (ECan). While Ms Dalziel is calling for a mid-term election Mr McKay believes the appointed commissioners should remain in place until the 2016 general election. Support for a mid-term election is growing, but Mr McKay,

who is a former ECan councillor, believes the Ashburton District is well served by the current commissioner-led regime. “The rationale behind the call for a mid-term election is a return to democracy but in my opinion we now have more democracy in water issues than ever before because of the zonal committees. Locals have more say than ever.” When commissioners were appointed to run ECcan the option of fighting environmental issues out in the Environment Court was removed. Challenges

HNZ rejects dog eviction claims Housing New Zealand has rejected claims it has a new plan to evict dogs from state homes. The organisation moved to clarify its position after the SPCA issued a statement yesterday saying the proposal could be “catastrophic” for the animals and community. The Otago Daily Times reported this week that according to documents it obtained through the Official Information Act, HNZ wants dogs to live at state houses only “in exceptional circumstances”. The organisation considered dogs a “barrier to independence” that made it difficult for tenants to “move on”, the documents said. The SPCA said yesterday the policy seemed like an overreaction to what was a minor problem, with only 37 reported incidents among an estimated 40,000 dogs. However, HNZ spokeswoman Jackie Pivac said the organisation didn’t have a new dog policy. “While we discourage tenants from having dogs, we do make exceptions and aim to be as reasonable as possible. We’ve talked to the SPCA and reassured them about this.” HNZ said that, like many other landlords, generally it didn’t allow dogs in its properties. “We have always been upfront with our tenants about this.” - APNZ


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could only be made to the High Court. With that option removed, Mr McKay said money and lawyers could no longer carry the day; it meant people had to be involved at ground level in decision making. This was a perfect example of democracy in action, he said. “The powers of ECan are the key and at the moment they’re allowing local decision making. Yes, democracy must rule but we’re getting more local say at the moment.” An example of that was nu-

trient levels discussions in the Hinds water zone. People were becoming involved because they realised a recommendation from the zonal committee would be acted on, Mr McKay said. “They know they have to sort it out on the ground. The hard work is done at the community level.” Central Government involvement in the running of ECan also meant the region benefitted by a greater inflow of money for environmental restoration projects, Mr McKay said.

Prime Minister John Key has signalled that a decision on a timeframe for the first ECan election is likely soon but he has not indicated whether the organisation will be led solely by elected members as in the past or by a mix of elected and appointed officials. Mr McKay favours a mix of appointed and elected members at the 2016 election, but with the weight in favour of elected members. This concept is also supported by the mayors of Kaikoura and Waimakariri.


Wind keeps firefighters on their toes By Erin TaskEr

Ashburton’s volunteer fire brigade was called to the same place twice yesterday, on two separate occasions. They were called to the side of Melcombe Street, between the road and the railway line, at 1.15am and 12.30pm to deal with two fires in grass. Ashburton Volunteer Fire Brigade chief fire officer Alan Burgess said what caused the first fire was yet to be determined, but the second one was believed to have been a reignition in yesterday’s wind. It was one of two reignitions dealt with by Mid Canterbury firefighters yesterday, with Hinds volunteer rural fire force also called out just minutes before Ashburton’s lunchtime call-out. They went to Robert Street, in the township, where embers from a controlled burn had got into some long grass. But Hinds fire chief Dave Kingsbury said it wasn’t actually all bad because it got rid of long, dry grass, which was unwanted at this time of the year when the fire risk was climbing. “It probably did more good than bad,” he said. Once it burned, it wouldn’t burn again, he said. It was Hinds’ second callout in 24 hours, with firefighters also called to a McDougalls Road property at about 7.30pm on Wednesday night where trees bordering the Lismore property were on fire. Mr Kingsbury said a cross arm on a power pole appeared to have started smouldering

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Ashburton Volunteer Fire Brigade members John Webster (left) and Mark Ellis tend to a fire in grass on the side of Melcombe Street yesterday. Photo Donna Wylie 230114-DW-040

Right: Firefighters work to extinguish a blaze in a line of trees on McDougalls Road on Wednesday evening. Photo anna MacPherson

and had sent sparks into the row of trees across the road. Firefighters had the fire under control quickly. It’s believed power was cut to some properties in the area as a result of the fire, which fortunately happened before the wind strengthened.

News Friday, January 24, 2014

In brief Two hurt in collision Two people were seriously hurt when a light truck and car collided north of Wairoa yesterday morning, blocking State Highway 2. The crash happened about 8.50am. The ECT rescue helicopter from Gisborne and the Lowe Corporation helicopter from Hastings airlifted the injured to hospital. - APNZ

Cyclist seriously hurt A 14-year-old boy suffered serious head and leg injuries after his bike and a car collided in Carterton yesterday afternoon. A police spokesman said the incident occurred on Park Rd about 12.25pm. The boy had come off his bike in the collision. He was flown to hospital by rescue helicopter. The serious crash unit was investigating. - APNZ

Car, train collide A woman was seriously injured when her car and a train collided yesterday. A St John Ambulance spokesman said emergency services were alerted to the incident on Swamp Creek Rd, north of Reefton, about 1.30pm. A woman in her 50s, who was thought to have been the car’s only occupant, suffered multiple serious injuries. - APNZ

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High dollar hits businesses By SuSan SandyS

Mid Canterbury export businesses are facing a tough time in the face of a skyrocketing New Zealand dollar. The kiwi is trading at around 83 US cents, and around 94 cents Australian. Phil Gatehouse of RX Plastics said it made the export situation “fairly tough”. “The biggest issue is the volatility, it’s quite slow to recapture lost margins as markets fluctuate up and down,” Mr Gatehouse said. He was grateful RX sold only about 10 per cent of its product overseas, mainly to North

America and Australia. “We haven’t lost any business but possibly haven’t grown as quickly as we might have expected, that’s the challenge,” Mr Gatehouse said. Chris Green at Midland Seed said the dollar was “extremely high” and it did not look like it would fall in the near future. If New Zealand’s official cash rate (OCR) and interest rates rose, people would spend less, making the dollar even firmer. “We are stuck with it,” he said. The company exported most of its product. In higher value crops the company aimed to sell in the Kiwi currency, meaning the customer took the risk

of a rising exchange rate, but in commodity crops where every thing was done in US dollars or Euros, it was necessary to raise prices. “It can mean you sell less, but on the other hand if the commodity is really wanted they will pay for it,” Mr Green said. New Zealand Sock Company owner Euan Sparrow counts himself lucky that his business has a good balance of exports and imports. Yes, the strong dollar is hurting his Australian business but in terms of his markets in the United States and Europe, the strength of the New Zealand dollar also means favourable buying terms.

“It balances out against the products we bring in from overseas. I’m buying more machines at the moment and it makes them cheaper so we’re on the winning end there.” On the winning side of the high dollar were travellers, with Ashburton House of Travel representative Maxine Whiting saying she expected Mid Cantabrians would take advantage of the improved exchange rates when it came to planning their holidays for this year. “In the next couple of weeks they (customers) might start to make comment on it, the exchange rate is definitely very good,” Mrs Whiting said.


Missing boy found A 14-year-old boy who had been missing for two weeks has been found safe and well in Christchurch. Chinyanta (Chi Chi) Mfwembe had not been in contact with family members since leaving his family home in Sydenham on January 7. Christchurch police said the boy was located safe and well on Wednesday afternoon in the Cashmere area, after information was received from a member of the public. - APNZ

Suspicious fire A suspicious fire was reported about 5.45am yesterday at two flats opposite the Linwood Bowling Club in Christchurch. Southern fire communications shift manager Karl Patterson said a specialist fire investigator was due to inspect the site yesterday. The flats were believed to be unoccupied and there were no reports of injures. - APNZ

Big development By this time next year, the first buildings could be going up in Wanaka’s single-biggest commercial and residential development. After more than 10 years of planning, Willowridge managing director Allan Dippie is set to crank up civil construction work this year on his 112ha Three Parks development south of the Wanaka Golf Course. - APNZ

NZ tallest tree taller New Zealand’s most imposing resident is branching out. The Australian mountain ash at Orokonui Ecosanctuary, which is recognised as the tallest tree in New Zealand, has grown half a metre. The Eucalpytus regnans was recently re-measured at 81.26m by United States researchers, using survey lasers and the sine method. It was last measured at 80.5m in 2012. - APNZ

Forty years on Trevor Cochrane and fellow competitors from the 1974 Christchurch Commonwealth Games will come together to celebrate. Photo Erin taskEr 230114-Et-005

Gathering to mark 40th anniversary By Erin TaSkEr

Forty years ago, Trevor Cochrane walked out on to the track at Christchurch’s QEII Stadium for the opening ceremony of the 1974 Commonwealth Games. Mr Cochrane was an athlete with a busy schedule ahead of him. He was to compete in the 100m, 200m, 4x100m relay and the 4x400m relay. For the then 22-year-old, it was the highlight of his athletics career and 10 days which saw him come within 0.56 of a second of a Commonwealth Games bronze medal. It seems just like yesterday, but today marks 40 years to the

day from the opening ceremony of the Christchurch Commonwealth Games. Mr Cochrane said the Games captured the support, interest and enthusiasm of not just Cantabrians, but the entire nation. “You have got to remember that this was the first major multi-international sports event since the Munich Olympic Games,” Mr Cochane said. The world was stunned then with the assassination of 11 Israeli athletes and officials by members of the Black September Organisation, a Palestinian terrorist organisation that highjacked the Olympic village. The Christchurch games became known as the “friendly

games”; proof to the world that a major sporting event attracting a wide international audience could function without political interference. Tonight in Christchurch, many of the athletes, officials and support staff that made the Christchurch games a success will gather in Christchurch for the 40th anniversary celebration. Mr Cochrane and wife Jan will be among them. “Time just marches by. It will be interesting to see people again that I haven’t seen since the last reunion; to see who turns up and how people have changed,” Mr Cochrane said. “And as I understand it, they think this will be the last one, which will be sad. It would be

nice to call another one at 50, but of course someone would have to organise it.” Among those attending will be Dick Tayler, who came from behind to win the 10,000 metres in spectacular and unexpected fashion on day one of the games. It’s a memory that still brings a tear to Mr Cochrane’s eye as he recalls watching the final few hundred metres of a race which captured the imagination of a nation. For more on Mr Cochrane’s memories from the 1974 Christchurch Commonwealth Games, see tomorrow’s Guardian.

News 6

Ashburton Guardian

Friday, January 24, 2014



Govt revamp welcomed by principals By Erin TaskEr

Changes to education leadership announced are being welcomed in Mid Canterbury, but one principal warns the devil could be in the detail. The leadership overhaul sees the Government creating new roles including ‘executive principals’ and ‘expert teachers’. Mid Canterbury Principals’ Association chairman Neil Simons said he liked what he saw at first glance yesterday, and anything that lifted achievement in schools had to be good. “On the surface it looks like a great initiative. There’s no doubt that education leaders sharing ideas and best practice is invaluable,” Mr Simons said. “We’re already seeing bits of that happening in Mid Canterbury because we already work together, but not to the extent of this. “The devil could be in the detail. We really need to make sure there is a robust selection process. There’s a saying it takes a village to raise a child and it is

a team effort.” He also questioned how the success would be measured, because there was a lot in education that could not be measured by data. “But there’s no doubt that sharing best practice is the best way to go ahead.” Information he received said the Ministry of Education had listened to those in the education sector, but Mr Simons said the changes were news to him. “I need to see more detail before I’m 100 per cent sold. “Call me a sceptic but there’s things that you have got to work through,” he said. “But if they are going to support initiatives where people work together that’s great.” The changes were part of a broader education package of policies announced by Prime Minister John Key in a state of the nation-style speech in Auckland yesterday. The Government will spend an extra $359 million over the next four years and create four new management roles – executive principals, expert teachers, lead teachers and change principals.

Using talents in best place By nicholas JonEs

and those in their area. The Government anticiThe Government will pates around 5000 will be spend an extra $359 milneeded. lion over the next four Expert teachers will years to support teachers work with executive prinand principals, which will cipals and include experts create four new managein areas like maths and sciment roles in schools – exence. ecutive principals, expert The role will be on a teachers, lead teachers and two-year fixed-term basis, change principals. and their own school will “These new roles will receive funding to backfill recognise and use talent John Key their role for the two days where it’s needed most and a week they will be workwill be implemented from next year,” ing with other schools. Mr Key said in state of the nation-style Mr Key told the West Auckland busispeech in Auckland yesterday. ness audience that New Zealand’s eduThe four positions will not be put in cation system needed to be improved, place at every school. and the new changes outlined by the Executive principals will provide lead- National Government were designed to ership across a community of schools, lift student achievement. and be paid an additional allowance of “We want the best teachers and prin$40,000 a year. Each will work with an cipals to lead a step change in achieveaverage of 10 schools. ment and we are going to pay them Change principals will be employed more to get it,” he said. to lift achievement in schools that are His address comes after New Zealand’s struggling. About 20 of these positions poor performance in OECD league tawill be needed a year, and principals bles published in December, which led in this role will be given an additional to Labour’s education spokesman Chris $50,000 a year. Hipkins saying New Zealand’s scores Lead teachers will be “highly capa- were in “absolute freefall” and wideble” school teachers who will act as role spread debate about the direction of the models for those in their own school education system. - APNZ

Gerard Eskuche prepares food at the Chilean tent at the 2013 Multi Cultural Bite.

More stalls, more room, more food for 2014 bite By suE nEwman

It is possible in just one day, to eat your way around the world without ever leaving Ashburton. That will be the challenge for visitors to this year’s Multi Cultural Bite event on February 6, when foodstalls manned by people from 26 different nations set up for business on Ashburton’s East Street. Last year 13,000 people attended the district’s signature event and this year organisers are planning for an even bigger crowd, extending the site area to ease the congestion that marked last year’s event, organiser Sue van den Heuvel said. The festival stalls will be spread along East Street from Havelock to Wills Street on just the clocktower side only this year to allow more space for queues and to free up the green area for picnicking. “By doing this it will make the event way more chilled out,” she said. In terms of stall numbers this was

likely to be higher than 26 because there were some countries with more than one group taking part, she said. This year there are several newcomers including two takes on Kiwi food – New Zealand Kiwiana and Aotearoa Maori. Other first timers include Poland, Peru and the United Kingdom. Planning for big numbers also means ensuring there is sufficient food available for the full time of the festival, Mrs van den Heuvel said. “In the past we’ve said cater for 500 servings per stall, but now we’re saying cater for a minimum of 750. We’re putting a lot of effort into educating people that they need to be well prepared.” The festival is also rich on entertainment with performances running throughout the day, showcasing songs and dance from a wide range of countries. Masterchef finalist 2012 Jax Hamilton will MC the festival and will select the winning food stall. The Multi Cultural Bite festival will be held on East Street on February 6 from 11am to 3pm.

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Friday, January 24, 2014


Kiwi couple living the circus dream By Toni Williams

North Islanders Jan and Kevin Burnell did what many would only dream of – they ran off and joined the circus. But it’s not like they sold up the house and moved out. They moored up the boat and jumped ship – on to land. They now live in a caravan that is larger than the size of their cabin and open the door to a different view every couple of weeks. From Opua, in the Bay of Islands, Jan and Kevin are normally flitting their way around New Zealand on board their Beneteau 350 yacht. It is a small yacht by world sailing standards but they’ve called it home for years. Kevin used to work for the Auckland City Council and Jan at Auckland University. But illness made them re-evaluate their corporate lifestyles and they have spent the past four years having full summers on water. Kevin has a skipper’s licence and when they were not cruising offshore New Zealand, they were crewing around the world. The opportunity to run off with the circus came when a friend requested their help. It was just as they were planning their next winter voyage. Since their time on land, they joke they are the palest they have ever been. The endless summer tan has long gone. The couple did a six-week trial working with the circus to help out the friend. Six weeks has turned into eight months touring with the close knit Zirka Circus “family” and they love it. Jan does media liaison, administration and box office duties, while Kevin is in charge of fleet management and driving the big rigs.

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Kevin and Jan Burnell have rediscovered their youthfulness after running off and joining the circus.

The Zirka Circus arrived in Ashburton this week. They have changed the lifestyle of living in a cabin for one of living in a caravan, and international waters for an international crew in the Zirka Circus. The performers are all Chinese nationals aged between 13 and 22 years old. “The grandkids don’t understand us,” they joke. The performers’ youthfulness has rubbed off on Jan and Kevin and doing things they would not normally do like showing the performers the fun of water sliding, and themselves learn-

ing to juggle and perform magic tricks. Jan has also been included on stage – sitting in a giant pot and tossed in the air during the performance of illusionist/ magician/juggler Lili Ge. But as Jan was chosen from the audience, even she did not know to expect that. “We have learned to have fun again with these young performers. They work together and play together, they are professionals, really amazing.” “It’s been wonderful to get to know these kids.” “Their dedication, professionalism and work ethic … they are

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really nice young people.” Jan says it is their first time travelling the South Island and it has been a great experience. It has been an otherwise unachievable way of travelling the country, she said. Since being in the south, they have caught up with friends and family. And while they miss their boat, still moored up in the Bay of Islands, they are looking forward to continuing with the North Island leg of the circus tour. They want family and friends to see and meet the wonderful people they are working with.

Photo Donna Wylie 230114-DW-024

Unofficially, they have become the Kiwi grandparents of the circus and have taken it on board to try and do activities at each town with the performers. “We have fallen into the Kiwi grandparent role.” They make a point of visiting the I-Site in each town to get maps and find out what local activities are on offer; at the Ashburton Domain the troupe have enjoyed the flying fox and the mouse wheel. The circus is on in the Ashburton Domain until Sunday with the final performance at 1pm.




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News 10 Ashburton Guardian

Friday, January 24, 2014


Drunk driver ‘off to rehab’ By Jimmy Ellingham

A woman accused of drinkdriving almost four times over the limit with two small children in the car will likely plead guilty. Kylie Jean Antunovich, 29, entered no plea to an excess breath-alcohol charge when she appeared in the Auckland

District Court yesterday, but her lawyer Martin Hislop indicated she would admit the charge. She will reappear next month. Until then, Mr Hislop said Antunovich was going “into a facility” for rehabilitation. Antunovich was tested about 6.30pm on December 30 after

a concerned motorist followed her to a property on Barrett Rd, Riverhead and called police. The motorist told officers there were two young children in the car. Antunovich’s alleged breathalcohol level was 1568 micrograms. The legal limit is 400mcg.

A source has told the New Zealand Herald that Antunovich said at the time she had consumed half a litre of vodka shortly before driving. Waitemata road policing manager Inspector Mark Fergus has said Antunovich was “seen to be swerving into other lanes and driving off the shoulder of the road”. - APNZ


Giving local feet the best possible care By Toni Williams

Shirley Quaid and Alan Hammond can no longer bend over to trim their toenails and they are not alone. Podiatry clinics in Mid Canterbury are increasingly popular with scheduled appointments often fully booked and people waiting on lists. The Mid Canterbury volunteer foot clinics run in Ashburton, Rakaia and Methven. They offer foot care for people not flexible enough to bend down and treat their own feet. Mr Hammond, a regular since April 2011, said the volunteers were “very friendly”. “There is nothing like a good soaking,” he said of the foot spa. “And when they do the massage it feels like you are walking on air, when going home.” Mrs Quaid has been attended the clinic for the past 12 months. No longer able to bend down, she appreciated the service that was just the cost of a donation. “This is wonderful. The girls are all so nice, the staff are wonderful.” Registered Nurse Julie Hollings was a volunteer nail cutter at St David’s Union Church Community Foot Clinic, in Ashburton. She has been helping out at the sessions since they started in 2010. The church clinic runs every six weeks with 21 session times available – but they were often fully booked ahead. The clients were referred often by word of mouth or through friends. Mrs Hollings said clients had a 10 minute foot spa to soften and wash their feet, followed by a cut and file – the toes were also inspected and any old skin removed. The final stage of the process was a relaxing foot massage. It was followed with a cup of tea and a chat. It was a very social event,

In brief Poison suspected A dog has died of suspected poisoning near the South Beach industrial area at Greymouth, three months after four other canines survived a mysterious poisoning in the same area. Veterinarians and the SPCA are mystified by what is happening, leading to speculation someone may have laid rabbit poison. Nine-year-old huntaway Max died overnight on Tuesday after ingesting a toxic substance. - APNZ

Cyclist injured in fall A 9-year-old boy riding without a helmet on Auckland’s One Tree Hill fell into the crater, suffering suspected head, back and neck injuries. The boy was riding with a friend around a remote part of the volcanic crater, when he fell awkwardly about 3pm yesterday. St John responded and called in Fire Service support to help carry the boy to the ambulance, about 400 metres away. Onehunga senior station officer Chris Power said the boy had cuts to his face and appeared to have back and neck injuries. - APNZ

Chickens killed

Above - Volunteers Joy Nicholas (left) and Margaret Drummond take hold and massage, in the final stage of Community Foot Clinic treatments. Photo toni Williams 210114-tW-014

Right - Alan Hammond sits back and relaxes with a trim at the Podiatry Clinic. Photo toni Williams 210114-tW-017

said Mrs Hollings. The three regular nail cutters were all trained registered nurses, or under the supervision of the nurses, and gave freely of their time. Mrs Hollings said there was often discussion between cutters and the clients about medications regarding blood thinning, and skin moisturising. “Keeping the skin supple (moisturised) keeps it stronger and helps to prevent age-related skin tears.” Mrs Hollings said people with diabetes were not treated at the clinic due to their specialty podiatry needs. “They need special feet treatment, with altered sensation issues.” Mrs Hollings said standby cutters were needed, if any RNs had some time to volunteer.

Staff at an early childhood centre in Wanganui are shocked that someone broke in and killed three chickens, hiding the bodies in the children’s play trough. Ashtyn Englebretson discovered the bantam chickens missing just after 7am yesterday while doing the daily safety check of the outside play area at Funhouse Learning Centre on St Hill St. There was blood on the concrete and feathers all around the chicken coop, which had been smashed open with a brick. “Mrs Englebretson, a team leader at the centre, said “it was a sick, sick thing to do at a children’s care centre”. - APNZ

Homicide collection Goodwill continues to flow in for the grieving community of St Leonards in Dunedin. A bank account for Katharine Webb, whose children Bradley, 9, and Ellen, 6, Livingstone were shot dead by their father last week topped $12,000 yesterday. Staff from St Leonards School, which the children attended, opened the account following the shootings and principal Jo Wilson said donations had reached $12,082 by yesterday afternoon. An auction organised by school alumni will go live next Wednesday on Trade Me. A service for the children will be held at the school at 2pm tomorrow. - APNZ

Religious appeal A second parent has complained to the Human Rights Commission about an Auckland primary school’s religious instruction classes. Roy Warren, whose 5-year-old-son goes to St Heliers School, laid a complaint after the school refused to stop its halfhour religious classes. Mr Warren’s complaint has gone to mediation, with the first session held by the Human Rights Commission yesterday. A second parent at St Heliers School had now laid a complaint about the religious instruction programme. - APNZ

Opinion 12

Ashburton Guardian

Friday, January 24, 2014


The price of power Coen Lammers EDITOR

It’s good to be the king.” Actor Mel Brooks made this phrase famous in his comedy the History of the World some years back, portraying French King Louis XIV, who enjoyed the spoils of the crown, while desperately trying to hang on to power. The remarkable backflip by John Key this week about a potential coalition with Winston Peters reminded me of Mel Brooks’ famous line. The Prime Minister clearly wants to stay in power, even if he has to swallow a dead rat and allow New Zealand First back at the cabinet table. Mr Key gained a lot of credit by ruling New Zealand First out as a possible coalition partner before the 2008 and 2011 elections. At the time, he obviously had little time for the party. With the decline of the Maori Party, the uncertain future of both the ACT Party and United Future, Mr Key is running out of options to prop up a third term with a National-led Government. Suddenly, Mr Peters is no longer persona non-grata, and National is even considering a deal to help the Conservative Party get an electorate seat, like they did with John Banks and ACT in Epsom. Some National voters may feel uncomfortable with horse trading with extreme and unpredictable political forces. Labour leader David Cunliffe has described Mr Key’s comments as the “dance of the desperate”, but he will have his own problems closing ranks with the Greens after he announced that Labour disagreed with their anti-deep sea drilling campaign. The MPs’ first week back has set the scene for a fascinating election race. Mr Key fired a major shot yesterday with new education initiatives and swing voters will be interested to hear what Mr Cunliffe has to say in his first major speech on Monday. SOLD SO LD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD

YOUR VIEW Chalmers Avenue Re letter January 22 on Chalmers Avenue. The writer has every reason to be concerned about the multi-tonne trucks speeding down Chalmers Avenue. It should not only concern the police but our decision-makers in council who are hell- bent on putting a bridge at the end of the avenue, which will only


make the problem worse. I read this week that “permits for the heavier 53-tonne high performance motor vehicles (trucks?) for Canterbury, in the past year well over doubled from the previous year”. “These trucks (53 tonnes) were now travelling on most roads in our district...” In Mid Canterbury “heavy traffic volumes had increased over the past six years and

showed no sign of slowing down over the next 10 to 15 years”. The numbers of trucks using the roads in New Zealand are expected to increase significantly over the next 20 years and to get “longer and heavier”. It will be more than young school children at risk with these vehicles thundering through the residential areas of our town. Will the present and past councillors voting in favour of

this decision be willing to take responsibility when it happens? How could they? Why would they? P. Darrell

Weedy gardens On the subject of weedy gardens first prize should go to the Ashburton Community Pool which reflects a bad image for this town.

by David Fletcher



Phone Enquiries: Online appraisal enquiries: 308 6173 Online Rental enquires:


World Friday, January 24, 2014


Police officers drag a protester during clashes in central Kiev, Ukraine. Photo AP

of security forces. Meanwhile tens of thousands thousands yesterday evening filled Independence Square in Kiev which was the main protest hub for the last two months, hoping their sheer numbers would deter further action. Yanukovych also met yesteray with opposition leaders,

including former world boxing champion Vitali Klitschko in a meeting that went on for several hours. Klitschko told the crowds on Independence Square after the talks that Ukrainian protesters will go “on the attack” if Yanukovych does not swiftly offer concessions. “If Yanukovych does not

make concessions, then tomorrow we will go on the attack,” Klitschko said, adding the president could resolve the situation without bloodshed by giving way to the chief demand of early elections. Amid growing international concern, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton yesterday urged “an immediate end” to the escalating violence. European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso also warned the authorities that the EU executive authority would assess “possible actions” against the Ukrainian authorities. The United States also revoked the visas of several Ukrainian nationals linked to violence against protesters in November and December last year, the US embassy said in a statement. But Russia, which has regarded Ukraine’s pro-EU protest movement with suspicion from the start, took a different view and blamed the opposition and West for the clashes. “Ukraine’s legitimate authorities face outside interference in its internal affairs,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin told the Interfax news agency, referring to EU and US statements. - AFP


Texas executes man A Mexican national has been executed in Texas for killing a Houston police officer, despite pleas and diplomatic pressure from the Mexican government and the US State Department to halt the punishment. Edgar Tamayo, 46, received a lethal injection for the January 1994 fatal shooting of Officer Guy Gaddis, 24. Asked by a warden if he had a final statement, he mumbled “no” and shook his head. As the lethal dose of pentobarbital began taking effect, he took a few breaths and then made one slightly audible snore before all movement stopped. The execution, the first this year in the nation’s most active death penalty state, was delayed more than three hours while the US Supreme Court considered lastditch appeals. - AP

Cup venue ready Brazilian organisers have completed another World Cup stadium. Yet there was little reason to celebrate yesterday amid doubts about when or even if the remaining five venues will be ready in time for football’s showcase tournament in June. The Arena das Dunas in the northeastern city of Natal was inaugurated in a ceremony attended by FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, who took a symbolic first kick in front of a few thousand people. Brazil’s World Cup organising committee admitted FIFA might have to consider reshuffling the tournament’s matches, which would be an embarrassment for the country and disastrous for football’s governing body as more than 1 million game tickets have already been sold. - AP

Rare triplets born A California woman has given birth to identical triplets, instantly doubling the size of her family. April Dooley’s three sons were born in roughly 4-minute intervals on January 13, at a combined weight of 14 pounds, 9 ounces (6.6 kilograms). She named them Patrick, Owen and Liam. Dooley, 42, said she burst into tears when she looked at her first ultrasound and learned she was carrying a trio-to-be. She and her husband, Brad, wanted their 5-year-old daughter Kaitlyn to have a companion at their home in Long Beach. They weren’t expecting their family to grow so precipitously. - AP

Dream railway turns 10 It took two million sleepers, 90 bridges and 1420 kilometres of track for a 155-year-old dream to come true. On January 15, 2004, a goods train left Adelaide on the first transcontinental railway linking Darwin with the southern states. Two weeks later the iconic Ghan train made the same journey, terminating in Darwin for the first time. First suggested by a Melbourne businessman J. Roberston in 1858, it took more than a century for his dream to become a reality. Former deputy prime minister Tim Fischer remembers


In brief

Five dead in Kiev protests Ukrainian police and protesters have engaged in ferocious clashes in the centre of Kiev, leaving five activists dead in the first fatalities in two months of anti-government protests. An area in the centre of the capital was turned into a virtual war zone as protesters hurled stones and Molotov cocktails at police and the security forces responded with tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets. The opposition movement’s medical service said that five of its activists had been killed and four of them reported found with gunshot wounds. Prosecutors have so far confirmed two deaths. The bloody clashes marked a new peak in tensions after two months of protests over the government’s failure to sign a deal for closer integration with the European Union under Russian pressure. Ukrainian opposition leaders said the next 24 hours would be crucial as they waited to hear from President Viktor Yanukovych if he would accept concessions to halt the bloodshed. The epicentre of the clashes was Grushevsky Street in the city centre which has been the scene of three days of street battles between thousands of protesters and similar numbers

Ashburton Guardian

how momentous the occasion was. “It was an enormous privilege to be here 10 years ago and ride on the first freight train from Adelaide to Darwin,” he told AAP at a ceremony to mark the anniversary in Darwin. “BBC TV were aboard, and others from around the world, they all recognised it was an enormous engineering feat to build this railway across the continent.” Many saw the $1.2 billion line as a white elephant when it opened, but Mr Fischer said it’s been a national building project. He said there’s been a huge

expansion of container freight, with thousands of trucks being taken off the roads, mining proposals are flooding in simply because the track exists and there’s been 1500 runnings of the Ghan, which has been a boon for tourism. The railway’s owner and operator, Genesee & Wyoming Australia (GWA), sees the line as crucial for the territory. “Absolutely, this is a core piece of infrastructure for connecting northern Australia with the south,” GWA managing director Greg Pauline told AAP. “It’s already very important for freight and unlocking mineral resources, and it will be-

come more and more important as Asian demand for Australian food grows.” The railway has withstood many uniquely territorian disasters - floods and cyclones washing trains off the tracks, fast-growing tropical vegetation blocking the line and numerous accidents with road trains. But despite all those setbacks the line has endured through the decade. The railway seems to be a survivor, and as long as it is, the 1.8km long goods trains will continue to snake through the dry heart of Australia. - AAP

Bill Cosby back NBC is confirming that Bill Cosby is developing a possible new sitcom he would star in. The deal brings the 76-year-old entertainer together with a writing staff to create a script for a comedy that casts Cosby as the patriarch of a multigenerational family. An NBC spokesman said that, as yet, there is no series order, nor even a deal to produce a pilot episode. Cosby’s greatest TV triumph began at NBC three decades ago, when The Cosby Show launched in September 1984. It ran for eight seasons. Less successful was Cosby, another sitcom that aired on CBS for four seasons starting in 1996. - AAP

Business 14 Ashburton Guardian

Friday, January 24, 2014


Growers fret over fruit fly incursion By Matthew theunissen New Zealand’s horticulture industry faces an anxious wait to see whether there is a breeding population of a highly-destructive Queensland fruit flies in Northland. A single male fly was found in a surveillance trap in Whangarei on Wednesday, prompting the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) to impose restrictions on the movement of fruit and vegetables from an area of the city. MPI has also increased its surveillance programme to see if there are more flies in the area. Horticulture New Zealand president Julian Raine said the industry was collectively holding its breath while it waited to see if any more flies turned up in traps. “This is an anxious time for all growers and the whole horticulture industry,” she said. “We are watching the response efforts very closely and providing support and advice to the ministry where we can.” The flies posed a two-fold risk to New Zealand’s $4 billion horticulture industry: the destruction caused by the pest and the

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4842 4778 4714 4650

threat, but as we sit here the systems have worked and we now have to go through a process to see if there’s any further threat lying in front of us.” MPI has sent field teams to Parihaka, near the Whangarei’s port, and will set up additional traps to determine whether any other flies have entered the area. “MPI is working closely with international partners and the horticultural industry to minimise the risk to New Zealand growers and exporters,” it said in a statement. “The ministry will have a controlled area in place, which will likely restrict the movement of fruit and vegetables out of the defined area.” The discovery is the fourth time the fly has been detected in New Zealand, the most recent being in 2012. The Queensland fruit fly is considered to be Australia’s most serious insect pest for fruit and vegetable crops, and if it established locally, would pose “serious consequences for New Zealand’s horticultural industry,” according to the ministry’s website. - APNZ


NZ consumer confidence high



133.38 1,906.7 110.44 195.09 402.9 856.5 92.97 79.03 111.23 753.86 618.74 2,563.3 379.44 44.54 352.66 734.75 36.0 299.9 199.02 256.91 7,313.7 13.9 4,938.2 96.32 29.37 803.96 34.13 290.13 126.33 187.03 21.33 330.36 177.33 31.15 240.38 278.96 665.2 699.3 62.01 959.7 4,184.5 88.02 830.21 8.822 227.26 107.83 185.19 110.79 70.23 234.25


– +0.5 –37 – –4.5 –0.5 –2 –4 –0.5 +1 –3 –3 +4 –1 –1 – –10 –1 –3 –15 –1 –32 +1 –4 – – – –1 – –10 –10 –1 +1 –1 –12 +2 –4 –7 – –7 –0.5 +3 –4 –1 –2 –0.5 –18 –18 –60 –6



93 170.5 3290 93 362 144 524 465 153 975 409 913 580 470 97 63 335 86 228 330 110 1290 99.5 421 144 202 344 78 126 201 1410 98.5 128 285 805 175 576 382 312 358 239 176 409 660 252 126.5 354 3375 4259 380

NZX 50 index last 4 weeks


93 171 3300 93 362 144 525 469 153.5 975 411 914 584 470 97 63.5 340 86 230 330 110 1290 101 422 144 202 348 78 127 209 1410 99 129 288 805 175 582 389 313 358 239.5 176 410 663 258 129 355 3375 4285 380

Last Daily Volume sale move ’000s


A2 Corp ATM 91 170.5 Air NZ AIR 3280 ANZ Banking Gr ANZ 92 Argosy Prop Tr ARG 361 Auckland Intl Apt AIA 143.5 Chorus CNU 519 Contact Energy CEN Diligent BM Services DIL 465 153 DNZ Prop Fund DNZ 972 Ebos Gr EBO 409 F&P Healthcare FPH 913 Fletcher Building FBU Fonterra Sh’ders Fund FSF 580 468 Freightways FRE 96.5 Goodman Prop Tr GMT 63 Guinness Peat Gr GPG Hallenstein Glasson HLG 335 85 Heartland NZ HNZ 228 Infratil IFT 325 Kathmandu Hldgs KMD 109.5 Kiwi Prop Tr KIP 1282 Mainfreight MFT 99.5 Meridian Energy MELCA 421 Metlifecare MET 142 Michael Hill Intl MHI Mighty River Power MRP 201 344 Nuplex Ind NPX 77.5 NZ Oil & Gas NZO 126 NZX NZX 201 Oceana Gold OGC 1405 Port Tauranga POT 98.5 Precinct Properties PCT 128 Prop For Ind PFI 285 Restaurant Brands RBD 800 Ryman Healthcare RYM 173 Skellerup SKL 575 Sky Network TV SKT 382 Sky City SKC 312 Steel & Tube STU Summerset Gr Hldgs SUM 357 239 Telecom NZ TEL 172 Tower TWR 409 Trade Me TME 660 TrustPower TPW 252 Vector VCT 126 Vital Hlth Prop Tr VHP 354 Warehouse Gr WHS 3330 Westpac Banking WBC 4200 Xero XRO 375 Z Energy ZEL

Sell price


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Company CODE

At close of trading on Thursday, January 23, 2014


NZX 50 constituents

on-going cost of attempting to control it; and the cost of potentially losing trading partners. Kiwifruit Vine Health chairman Peter Ombler said the Queensland fruit fly was a widely-acknowledged threat to the fruit industry. “But at the moment it’s a single male fruit fly which does not constitute a breeding population so that’s a much more preferable situation. “However, we’re not out of the woods yet,” he said. “As of today, the current situation shows that the surveillance and trapping programme is working and that’s a good thing. It nonetheless reminds us that we run risks every day in the biosecurity arena.” Mr Ombler said it was too early to say what the trade implications could be as a result of the discovery. “There are obviously more likely to be trade implications for some countries [if a breeding population is discovered], but for other countries it could be a nonissue,” he said. “Yes we’re concerned, no question about that because it is a

 NZX 50 index

4,911.08 –39.26 –0.79%

 NZX 20 index




 NZX All index



 Rises 33


 Falls 63


 S&P/ASX 200 index




At close of trading on January 23, 2014

 Dow Jones Indust.

16,373.34 –41.1 –0.25%

At close of trading on January 22, 2014

 FTSE 100 index




At close of trading on January 22, 2014

 Nikkei 225 index

15,695.89 –125.07 –0.79%

At close of trading on January 23, 2014



 Gold


London – $US/ounce


 Silver



London – $US/ounce





 Copper London – $US/tonne



Source: BNZ As at 4pm January 23, 2014


Australia Canada China Euro Fiji Great Britain Japan Samoa South Africa Thailand United States

TT buy

0.9542 0.937 5.3364 0.6237 1.6144 0.5085 88.42 1.9833 9.1517 27.68 0.8424

TT sell

0.9272 0.907 4.6912 0.6006 1.4981 0.4925 85.01 1.7147 8.824 26.41 0.8171

Disclaimer: NZX and MetService have endeavoured to ensure the correctness of the information; neither NZX, MetService related companies, nor this newspaper, nor any of their respective employees or agents make any representation as to its accuracy or reliability nor will they, to the extent permitted by law, be liable for any loss arising in any way from, or in connection with, errors or omissions in any information provided (including responsibility to any person by reason of negligence). Please note: All products and services are subject to change without notice.

New Zealand consumers are the most upbeat they’ve been since the double-dip recession which began before the 2008 global financial crisis, underpinning the prospects for strong economic growth this year. The ANZ Roy Morgan consumer confidence index rose 6.4 points to 135.8, the highest level since January 2007. A net 50 per cent of the 1737 people surveyed said now is a good time to buy a big ticket item, up from a net 39 per cent in December. The current conditions index rose 6.3 points to 130.1 and the future conditions index climbed 6.5 points to 139.7. “We’re left with an impression of elevated levels of consumer optimism,” ANZ New Zealand chief economic Cameron Bagrie said in his report. “That’s a good sign for some post-Christmas cheer across the retail sector now that the silly season and traditional bout of December euphoria has passed.” The upbeat survey is the latest in a series of reports showing New Zealand is likely to experience strong growth this year, and ANZ’s Bagrie said if the growth indicators are correct, “the economy will surge in 2014” at a pace of about 3.5 per cent. A net 11 per cent of respond-

ents said they were financially better off now than a year ago compared to 9 per cent in December, and a net 41 per cent expect to better off in a year’s time, up from 37 per cent. A net 39 per cent of respondents anticipate better economic conditions over the coming year, up from 27 per cent in December, and a net 40 per cent predict continuous good times over the next

five years, from a net 35 per cent. Inflation expectations eased in the survey, with respondents expecting 3.3 per cent annual increases in prices over the next two years, compared to 3.8 per cent in December. House prices are expected to rise 4.2 per cent a year for the next two years, down from 4.4 per cent. - BusinessDesk

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Friday, January 24, 2014


Yesterday’s top 5 stories on 1. Old girl set to make her final flight 2. Ashburton jobless hits 5-year high 3. Determined Dean sheds 113kg 4. Real estate agents expected to exit site in droves 5. Get lost in Fairton’s maze


Fun times for Farmers Co-op staff New Zealand Farmers Coop football team (Ashburton branch) taken in 1946. All members were Farmers Co-op staff. Each year home and away games were played against the head office team from Christchurch and a great social day was held.

The female staff formed a basketball team and would join the footballers with great hopes of having the head office basketballers ready to do battle. Sheilagh Blyth sent this photo in and she said they were great days. “I remember them well. They were so much fun.”

Team (back, from left): D. McDonnell, D. McLauchlan, P. Connell, C. Horsburgh, M. Chilton, R. Brunton and L. Hunston. Middle: J. Horsburgh and N. Fox. Front: E. Hume, D. Shaw, J. Coffey, V. Lithgow, W. Lindsay, L. Cornwall and R. McLauchlan. Coach manager: Name unknown.

Highland dancing class This photo of a Highland dancing class ran in the Guardian recently and Colleen Lindsay rang to let us know that the photo was taken around 1923 or 1924. She knows because the girl (front left) is a relative of hers called Mary Thompson (nee Houston) fresh from Scotland.

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ANSWERS 1. Four 2. Saturn 3. Military pennant 4. Day-Lewis 5. Twelve 6. True 7. Te Ati Awa 8. Third


Corn fritters with feta and bacon 1C flour 1t baking powder 1/2 C Homebrand milk 2 eggs, beaten 400g Homebrand canned sweetcorn 4 rashers bacon, diced 100g feta, crumbled coarsely 3T feta, crumbled coarsely 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped 1/2 t salt Olive oil 125g sour cream 2T sweet chilli sauce 1/2 bag salad greens 2 tomatoes 1 avocado ■ Preheat the oven to 200°C. ■ Put the flour, baking powder, milk and eggs into a bowl and beat until smooth. Add the sweetcorn to the batter with the bacon, feta, coriander, garlic and salt. Mix well. ■ Fry large spoonfuls in mod-



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6 2

2 erately hot olive oil until well browned on each side. Place the corn cakes on paper towels, on an ovenproof tray and put in oven for 5 minutes. ■ Mix the sour cream and sweet chilli sauce together. Serve the

corn fritters with the sour cream sweet chilli sauce and a green salad with tomatoes and avocado.

Recipe courtesy of Countdown


6 4



7 9 1 4 2 5 6 1 8 7



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Technology 16 Ashburton Guardian

Friday, January 24, 2014


The incredible Mac turns 30 Decades before changing the world with iPhones and iPads, Apple transformed home computing with the Macintosh. The friendly desktop machine referred to as the “Mac” and, importantly, the ability to control it by clicking on icons with a “mouse”, opened computing to non-geeks in much the way that touchscreens later allowed almost anyone get instantly comfortable with smartphones or tablets. The Macintosh computer, introduced 30 years ago, was at the core of a legendary rivalry between late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and Microsoft mastermind Bill Gates. Thousands of Apple faithful are expected for a birthday party this weekend in a performing arts centre in Silicon Valley, not far from the company’s headquarters in the city of Cupertino. “The Mac was a quantum leap forward,” early Apple employee Randy Wigginton told AFP. “We didn’t invent everything, but we did make everything very accessible and smooth,” he continued. “It was the first computer people would play with and say: ‘That’s cool’.” Before the January 24, 1984 unveiling of the Mac with its “graphical user interface”, computers were workplace machines commanded with text typed in what seemed like a foreign language to those who were not software programmers. Credit for inventing the computer mouse in the 1960s went to Stanford Research Institute’s Doug Engelbart, who died last year at 88. “The Mac’s impact was to bring the graphical user interface to ‘the rest of us’, as Apple used to say,” Dag Spicer, chief content officer of the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley, told AFP.

Apple’s Mac has come a long way from this early version.

“The Mac GUI was picked up by Microsoft, who named it Windows.” The man remembered today as a marketing magician was a terrified 27-year-old when he stepped on stage to unveil the Mac, then-chief executive John Sculley said of Jobs in a post at the tech news website CNET. “He rehearsed over and over every gesture, word, and facial expression,” Sculley said. “Yet, when he was out there on stage, he made it all look so spontaneous.” Apple spotlighted the arrival of the Mac with a television commercial portraying a bold blow struck against an Orwellian computer culture. The “1984” commercial directed by Ridley Scott aired in

an expensive time slot during a US Super Bowl football championship in a “huge shot” at IBM, Daniel Kottke of the original Mac team told AFP. “In the Apple board room, there were strong feelings that it was not appropriate; there was a big battle,” Kottke said. “Fortunately, Steve Jobs and his reality distortion field won the day and it left a strong memory for everyone who saw it.” There was a drive to keep the Mac price within reach of consumers in a market where computers costing $10,000 or more were typical. While clicking an on-screen icon to open a file appeared simple, memory and processing demands were huge for the computing power of that time.

“Every time you move that mouse, you are re-drawing the screen,” Kottke said. “It is almost like video.” The original vision of launching a Macintosh with 64 kilobytes of RAM and a $1000 price gave way to introducing one with 128 kilobytes of RAM at $2500. “Steve really was crazy about details,” Wigginton said. “He wanted everything to be just right. Compared to the IBM PC of those days, it is just gorgeous.” Macintosh also arrived with a new feature called “drop-down menus”. “The Macintosh brought a new level of accessibility for personal computing to a hub much business business hub business hub wider market in Canterbury the same way Canterbury Canterbury

Every Everysmartphone smartphonecomes comeswith with Telecom TelecomR203 R203 Telecom R203 maps maps set set up up ready ready to to go. go. Every smartphone comes with maps set up ready to go.

the iPad did 25 years later,” Kottke said. Mac prowess at page layouts and photo editing won the devotion of artistic types. The release of “hypercard” is credited with inspiring fanatical loyalty to Macs. “It was the idea that you could create a page on your screen and create links to other pages,” Kottke said. “You could have all your computers networked to share data; it was like a private internet.” Macs sold decently out of the gate, but Windows machines hit with a low-price advantage for budget-minded buyers. Microsoft released the first version of Windows in late 1985. The ensuing rivalry is the stuff of Silicon Valley legend and coffee shop smack talk. “I think Steve Jobs cultivated a sense of Windows versus Mac,” Kottke said. “Steve Jobs was always taking swipes at Microsoft, but it really heated up when Microsoft released Windows. He would say they copied us.” Microsoft took the lead in the home computer market by concentrating on software while partners cranked out Windowspowered machines at prices that undercut the Mac. “Really, Apple could well have gone out of business in the late 1990s,” Kottke said. “That would not have surprised people.” The rivalry between Microsoft and Apple has yielded to the mobile age, with Google and its Android operating system targeted as the new nemesis as lifestyles centre on smartphones and tablet computers. The original boxy Macintosh with a mouth-like slit below the screen for “floppy” data disks has evolved into a line that boasts slim, powerful laptops and a cylindrical Mac Pro desktop model. - AFP





1.1.Select 1.Select Select maps maps maps 2.2.It2.Itwill Itwillwill show show you your your area area show youyou your area and find find your your location. location. andand find your location. 3.3.You 3.YouYou can then then select select where where cancan then select where you want want totogo. togo.go.You can also also youyou want YouYou cancan also say ififyou if you are driving, driving, walkin walkin saysay you areare driving, walkin ororby orbyby bus. bus. bus. ItItwill Itwillwill bring bring upupup suggestions, suggestions, bring suggestions, select select the one you want. want. select thethe oneone youyou want.




4.4.It4.Itwill Itwillwill then then give give you the then give youyou thethe routes routes available available and time time routes available andand time frame frame totoget togetget there. there. frame there. 5.5.It5.Itwill Itwillwill then then give give you turn turn then give youyou turn bybyby turn turn instructions, instructions, (depend(dependturn instructions, (depending ononon make make and model, model, inging make andand model, some some ofofthese ofthese these may may bebebe voice voice some may voice activated) activated) activated) 6.6.It6.Itwill Itwillwill then then tell you when when then telltell youyou when you have have reached reached your your youyou have reached your destination. destination. destination.

$39 $39 plan plan comes comes with with 150 150 minutes minutes 600 600 texts texts and and $39 plan comes with 150 minutes 600 texts and 750mb 750mb of data. data. 750mb ofof data. Terms Terms and and Conditions Conditions Apply. Apply. Terms and Conditions Apply.

SONY XPERIA Z1 Unlimited calling Unlimited Text FREE 3GB data ON THE $139 PLAN RRP $999

Big, Big,clear clearbuttons buttons Big, clear buttons Easy-to-read Easy-to-readscreen screen Easy-to-read screen Compatible Compatiblewith withhearing hearingaids aids Compatible with hearing aids Speed Speeddial dialfor forfamily familyand andfriends friends Speed dial for family and friends


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business businesshub hub business hub Canterbury Canterbury Canterbury

(03)308 3080308 0308 (03) 308 0308 Proudly Proudlybrought broughtto youby byyour yourlocal localTelecom Telecomstore, store,East EastStreet Street (03) Proudly brought totoyou you by your local Telecom store, East Street







d M9 12:05 PM


Christchurch Greyhounds Today at Addington Raceway


$1100, c0, 295m PX # REC Greyhound Fastest time Trainer

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

46345 Black Barracuda nwtd 5248 Cherry Crusher nwtd 25 Editorial nwtd 68687 Zee Brugge nwtd No Leaf Clover nwtd Another Cover nwtd 25465 Homebush Pepper nwtd 77354 Ohoka Faith nwtd Gwendoline Stela nwtd She’s Smashing nwtd

A Joyce M&J Hill R Blackburn J McInerney Weir&Nissen J McInerney J McInerney L Waretini S&B Evans M Flipp

4 5 6 4 7 1 8 9 10

47888 Know Rights nwtd 84426 Speedy Swede nwtd 43555 Cawbourne Axe nwtd 25372 Jasper Haka nwtd 52421 Ambilight nwtd 37757 Goldstar Bomber nwtd 653 Kalani Baxter nwtd

1:02 PM


G Cleeve Lane&Wales Weir&Nissen J McInerney J&D Fahey S&B Evans J McInerney


1 85587 Pedro Force 17.33 1 J&D Fahey 2 21663 Harper’s Bizarre 17.49 B Dann 3 3 21415 Cawbourne Tomcat 17.45 Weir&Nissen 4 58786 Gone Awol 17.24 J McInerney RITCHIES COACHLINES SPRINT 2 5 1 Plagiarism 17.65 R Blackburn 12:25 PM $1100, c0, 295m 4 6 32354 Maker’s Label 17.54  Hart&Taylor 2 1 Momma Rae nwtd M Flipp M Flipp 1 2 2 Ohoka Coby nwtd L Waretini 7 26568 Express Male nwtd B Dann 3 Rockwood Archie nwtd McCook&Jopson 8 27727 Witch Wood Rose 17.71 9 24533 Bizarro 17.59  S&B Evans 4 4 Lemon Fish nwtd J McInerney 10 55547 Nitro Express 17.87  L Waretini 5 Another Groom nwtd J McInerney 3 6 Run For Sophie nwtd Weir&Nissen DAVE ROBBIE PHOTOGRAPHER DASH 1:19 PM $1100, c0, 295m 7 42284 Homebush Haven nwtd J McInerney A Joyce 8 Ditched nwtd Hart&Taylor 1 3462F Summer Love nwtd J McInerney 9 Another Rule nwtd J McInerney 2 55656 Homebush Saxon nwtd 1 3 Lemaquis Willow nwtd M&J Hill 10 4563 Gladys Emmanuel nwtd M&J Hill 2 4 Another Hunter nwtd J McInerney YELLA MUSTARD AT STUD STAKES 12:44 PM Another Plane nwtd J McInerney $1800, c0, 520m 5 1 7 Opawa Shaiden nwtd Lane&Wales 6 6 Culvie Boy nwtd J Holdem 2 2 22423 Runaway Taxi nwtd 3 7 264 Wonkey Donkey nwtd A Bradshaw McCook&Jopson 4 8 3 Judith Mary nwtd 3 3 45243 Miss Selfies nwtd C Roberts J McInerney




g M2

January 24, 2014

9 10

Budgie Fudging nwtd 3857 Ohoka Too Soon nwtd







Today at Rotorua


1 3 4 2 3 1 4 2 5

6 Eksuude (2) 57.5 JPender T Thornton Buffalo Hunter (1) 57.5 CPomare C Grylls 9 El Potro (5) 57.5 CPhelan1 S Collett 2 Thrill (3) 55.5 K&BKelso M Du Plessis Untold Secret (4) 55.5 LAndersonM Cameron


14 1:45 PM OPT 213

January 24, 2014

7 Irresistabelle (4) 55 MMurdoch T Thornton



10 A 11 B 12 4 13 D 14


1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9, 10-11-12 9-10-11-12 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

2 35156 Cawbourne Tip 30.99 C Roberts 3 78748 Opawa Chill 31.17 Lane&Wales $1900, c1, 520m 4 31X38 Opawa Andrea 30.53 Lane&Wales 1 1 3X241 Opawa Zara 30.79 J&D Fahey 1 5 2124 Token Kay nwtd J&D Fahey 2 55828 Court The Belle 31.46 Lane&Wales 6 65575 Casino Black 31.02 H Anderton 4 3 45622 Toddy’s A Flyer nwtd C Roberts 3 7 63126 Mr. Barry 30.86 J Goode 2 4 13133 Magic Emily 30.37 Hart&Taylor 4 8 41324 Nom De Plume 30.78 R Blackburn 5 X5758 Silvia Sue 30.93 A Bradshaw 9 84654 Gogo Rioli 30.51 J Dunn 6 75745 Opawa Dosh 30.90 Lane&Wales 10 55714 Broken Pedro nwtd S&B Evans 7 47785 Opawa Jean 30.73 Lane&Wales PRETTY GOOD AT STUD SPRINT 3 8 37631 Totally Toasted nwtd J Dunn 2:29 PM $1400, c2, 295m 9 56334 Know Solution 30.99 L Waretini 1 58247 Blickling Bridge 17.53 A Joyce 10 87877 Wandy On In 30.79 D Kingston 1 2 81411 Quedrago 17.37 Casey&Fagan 2 3 15181 Angelic Star 17.33 J Dunn ANGLER’S ARMS TAVERN DASH 1:54 PM $1200, c1, 295m 4 5X878 Mum’s Prodigy 17.58 P Scott 1 42187 Churchill Chaser 17.63 B Dann 5 58483 Hooray For Hazel 17.56 Mitchell&Smith 2 2 22354 Opawa Idol 17.35 Lane&Wales 3 6 14442 Bad Week 17.56 J McInerney 3 66784 Twister Al 17.43 J McMillan 7 25856 Benny’s Angel 17.46 J McInerney 4 21348 Punch On Jaime 17.67 J McInerney 4 8 33352 Rite Round Range 17.72 A Bradshaw 5 54143 Go Bridie 17.30 G Cleeve 9 11656 Girl Pride 17.73 R Adcock 1 6 16212 Blue Hobo 17.40 J Dunn 10 31574 Know Skill 17.67 G Cleeve 4 7 22233 Kenny’s Comet 17.56 Mitchell&Smith SHIRLEY VET CLINIC STAKES 3 8 15413 Cawbourne Pilfer 17.38 Weir&Nissen 2:47 PM $1900, c1, 520m 9 77768 New York Affair 18.08 A Joyce 1 67884 Opawa Carlos nwtd Lane&Wales 10 38233 Harper Mehl nwtd S&B Evans 2 46452 Thrilling Sound 30.68 S&B Evans 2 3 88712 Jibbajabba Jewel 30.55 C Roberts GARRARD’S HORSE AND HOUND STAKES 2:12 PM 3 4 25772 Mr. Johnny 31.13 J Goode $1900, c1, 520m 2 1 71431 Caesar Chance nwtd 4 5 44262 Opawa Tania 31.10 B&T Shaw Lane&Wales 1:37 PM

Racing Rotorua

12:35 PM OPT 211

Hart&Taylor L Waretini


90574 Stage Door (14) 56 G&DRogerson R Hutchings (a) 905 I’ma Countrygirl (2) 56 PLock A Collett (a) 9 Quintastics (3) 56 O'Sullivan/Scott 906X6 Electric Fizz (9) 57.5 AWright 2232 Velocious Satin (5) 56 Busuttin/Young 7 Irresistabelle (11) 56 MMurdoch


1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 2-3-4, 6-7-8 5-6-7-8 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

 3 Sino Heights SCRATCHED 4 4 7X42 Buckwild (10) 57 Moroney/Ormsby J Jago 1 261. Solas (3) 59 KMyers L Whelan (a1) 5 5 Falcon (8) 57 JBell R Jones 1 2 318X2 Who Said (2) 59 SRitchie O Bosson 6 32 Single Glance (1) 56.5 DWalker1L Satherley 3 05671 Back On Song (8) 56.5 G&DRogerson 7 Furano (5) 56.5 ACrisp T Thornton  R Hutchings (a) 8 987X Strawberry Swing (3) 56.5 TTaylor D Hain 2 4 47X94 Dancer’s Tale (7) 56 Baker/Forsman VISTAMAX-LED SUPER SCREENS R65 9 62 Funhouse (4) 55 GRichardson M Du Plessis 2:55 PM  M Du Plessis $12,000, R65 bmk F&M*, 1560m 4 5 5X552 Iffley Road (5) 55.5 GThomas M Cameron OPT 215 CLASSIC HITS WITH PAUL &RACHEL FOR 1:10 PM 3 10 3 China Tea (6) 55 O'Sullivan/Scott K Myers C Grylls BREAKFAST $7000, mdn, 1400m 6 08X34. Brokash (4) 55.5 R&DLang OPT 212 M McNab 1 X9221 Stoneleigh (8) 59 SAutridge 11 Far Enuff (7) 55 SMarsh D Johnson 4 2 390X2 I’ve Got Faith (5) 58 LAnderson R Jones 1 58X24 Bachata (5) 58.5 K&BHawtin D Johnson 7 71737 Rich Billie Marsh (1) 55.5 BPomare1 3 X0815 Eszencia (1) 57.5 G Alton  M Cameron PM ATKINSON & DONALDSON PLUMBING R75 4:05 2 86365 Jack Flash (6) 58.5 JPender O Bosson  S Collett $8000, R75 benchmark, 1400m 3 8 3218 Panna Cotta (6) 54.5 SMarsh D Johnson 1 4 0X439 Blooming Hell (3) 57.5 RSherwin L Satherley OPT 217 3 89X0 Sino Heights (1) 58.5 WCarter R Jones K Myers 5 25071 Lasting Touch (2) 57.5 DAnakiR Hutchings (a) 1 00393 Gendarme (3) 59 RManning 4 5X7 Kindaleica (10) 57 KMcQuade S Collett 2:20 PM TOWNLEY TRENCHING & ELECTRICAL F&M 2 X3161 Fiftyshadesofgrey (8) 56.5 O'Sullivan/Scott 3 6 36727 Miss Mossman (6) 57 Sargent/Allen 2 5 89. Intuitive (12) 57 GSanders M Sweeney OPT 214 MDN $12,000, mdn f&m, 1560m M Du Plessis  D Johnson  3 6 Oscarlito (7) 57 LO'Shea C Grylls 1 0X020. Sonic Rocket (12) 57.5 McVean/Browne 2 7 94063 Rosado (7) 56.5 LO'Shea B Grylls (a2) 3 44129 Poppas Delight (9) 56.5 WHillis B Grylls (a2) D Johnson 4 7 0X8 Tycoon Class (2) 57 BWallace M Du Plessis  2 4 X4217 Pachenko (5) 56 KFursdon M Coleman K Myers 8 576X4 Kitty Russell (4) 56.5 KMyers L Whelan (a1)  8 My Fiancee SCRATCHED 2 89X40 Anyx (6) 57.5 GRichardson 3 5 1X771 Rapid Gain (6) 56 JBridgman M Cameron 9 74X55 Sky Hi Baby (9) 55.5 Autridge/Goodwin 3 54500. I’m Ruby (1) 57.5 S Manning  S Collett 9 007X5 Resume (8) 56.5 Autridge/GoodwinB Grylls (a2) 4 6 601X5 Austin Road (2) 55.5 ODuffy  S Collett D Johnson 10 887X Prefontaine (3) 56.5 KMyers L Whelan (a1) 4 056 Lil Miss Waitoki (8) 57.5 LNoble R Jones 1 7 26535 Kaleidoscope (4) 55.5 O'Sullivan/ScottC Grylls 1 5 2X343 Joanna (10) 56 RMcCarroll M Du Plessis 3:30 PM OSBORNES FUNERAL HOME MDN 1200 1 11 2232 Velocious Satin (9) 55 Busuttin/Young Swiper The Fox SCRATCHED $8000, mdn, 1200m  8 3 6 23544 Covered ’N Bay (7) 56 KMcQuade C Grylls OPT 216  M Cameron  12 2 1 423X2 Ramarro (9) 58.5 PLock Devotion SCRATCHED 7 R Hutchings (a) 9 0X051 Miss Construe (7) 54 RManning M Sweeney 52 Apache Fireworks (4) 56 MBrosnan 10 363X6 Ransoms Gold (10) 54 LAnderson R Jones  T Thornton 13 6. Victoryshallbemine (11) 55 GRichardson 1 2 5 Care Free Marauder (2) 58.5 GAlton 2 8 0502 Capinsky (13) 56 Baker/Forsman M Cameron  M Wenn  R Hutchings (a) M McNab 11 67006 Cat Woman (1) 54 SCullen PX # REC Horse (Barrier) kg Trainer


$7000, R65 benchmark*, 1200m






h M5

5:43 PM 501


Auckland Harness Today at Alexandra Park


$8000, 4yo+ c1-c2 jun.d, 2200m PX # REC Horse (Start pos) Trainer Driver OPT

1 4949X Miss Sophie (1) BHughes S McMullan (J) 3 4 2 0X216 Imajollywally (2) SHunt S Abernethy (J) 3 22543 Real Tidy (3) DBlakemore M Blakemore (J) 1 4 1545X First Home (4) Telfer/Garlick A Veint (J) 5 71286 Mach’s Gem (5) SPhillips D Branch (J) 2 6 34X28 Who Dares Wins (6) Andrew&LynNeal

A Poutama (J) 7 99X37 Bronze Ecstasy (7) John&JoshuaDickie  F Schumacher (J)  


3 8X330 Elisaveta (3) Rogerson/Blanchard P Ferguson 4 17263 Imhisdaughter (4) RGreen 1 R Downey 5 22238 Maddys Star (5) TGrayling M McKendry 2 6 46X33 Vibe (6) THerlihy J I Dickie 7 87X87 Cut The Cards (7) SCornwall S Cornwall Yankee Brandy (8) CWebber C Webber 8 63846 Barrier  9 92276 Ideal Party (21) RStechmann D Ferguson (J) 3 10 0X333 Rockn Ruby (22) Mangos/Cullen B Mangos 4 11 62 Liberty Styx (23) THerlihy T Herlihy 7:07 PM 504



$10,000, c1-c2 & others w. cond., 1609m

1 28226 Kilkeel Lady (1) CButler 4 Z Butcher 2 35225 Shardon’s Pearl (2) KJudson J Stormont 3 3 3571 Voluntad (3) John&JoshuaDickie J I Dickie  4 Ravna Gora SCRATCHED 5 267X8 Dixey Styx (4) Cooney/Hopkins T Herlihy 6 48140 Lyn’s Delight (5) Wallis/Hackett T Mitchell HAPPY 90TH BIRTHDAY OWEN FINLAY TROT 6:06 PM 1 7 32153 Maloo (6) MBerger P Butcher OPT 502 $11,500, c1-c2 discrhcp, 2700m 8 3FX71 American Angel (7) J Young  M McKendry 1 62508 Bruno Paillard (1) TGrayling S Phelan  Barrier 2 2 44623 Sastre (2) Wallis/Hackett T Herlihy  9 Chillysjustastrutter SCRATCHED 3 89782 Kissme Earl (3) IBrownlee I Brownlee 10 509X3 Heart Of Jessie (21) Reid/McMullanS Lawson 4 4 22394 Torbjorn (4) RBrosnan P Ferguson 11 35514 Hunua Honey (22) Hollis/Robertson L Hollis 1 5 84232 Zimple (5) Andrew&LynNeal L Neal 2 12 25X12 Gold Elite (23) GSmall D Butcher 6 27482 Kip Keino (6) RBrosnan R Brosnan 13 80665 On A Promise (u1) D&CMcGowan 7 43870 Springfield Legacy (7) DMannS Abernethy (J)  T Macfarlane 8 39900 Ginger Bertha (8) PAlabaster J Stormont GOTTA GO CULLEN YOUNG GUNS SERIES 7:37 PM 9 674X0 Cascadia (9) John&JoshuaDickie J I Dickie OPT 505 HT3 MBL PACE $25,000, 2yo F, 1700m 3 10 648X2 Mollyz Luck (u1) SMcCaffrey M McKendry 2 1 Ladytoro (1) SBoyd D Butcher 11 405XP Revenue Maker (u2) D&CMcGowan 3 2 Machulbeatchu (2) Macfarlane/Sharpe  8 9 10 11 12

Flanyattice SCRATCHED 98392 Lislass (21) JYoung N Purdon (J) 32910 Valentino Rossi (22) RDouglas T Cameron (J) 67330 Brydon Delight (23) TGrayling S Grayling (J) 52129 Howzat (24) KJudson B Butcher (J)



6:35 PM OPT 503

1 2


T Macfarlane

3 1 $10,000, 3yo+ f&m c0, 2200m 4 4 5 Wynberg Sally (1) JStormont J Stormont Cheers Kathy (2) Telfer/Garlick S Phelan 6 PASCOES THE JEWELLERS MOBILE PACE

J Stormont Glenisla (3) THerlihy T Herlihy Mystical Pocket (4) Mangos/CullenB Mangos Cyclone Kate (5) GDixon T Mitchell Bubbaloobah (6) DKaa P Butcher

 7 8   9 10 11 12 8:02 PM 506


January 24, 2014 Lethal Star SCRATCHED A Chance To Dream (7) Macfarlane/Sharpe T Macfarlane


Piece Of My Heart (21) Telfer/GarlickS Phelan Nicky Maguire (22) THerlihy J I Dickie Unforgiving (23) Reid/McMullan S Lawson Bettor Ace (24) DKaa Z Butcher


$11,500, c2-c3 +claim. discrhcp, 2700m

1 3573X Our Dainty Lady (1) JStormont J Stormont 4 2 18070 McConway (2) CButler D Butcher 3 58406 Meander With Pegasus (3) AGoryl

J Abernethy

4 55X14 Wingsonhai (4) ADonnelly 3 A Donnelly 5  Letz Hope SCRATCHED 6 4741D Saffron Castleton (u1) WTaylor Z Butcher 7 5447X Silver Whisp (u2) TEdwards B Mangos 8 455X0 Dauntless (u3) TEdwards B Edwards 9 86635 Moment Of Truth (u4) KSefonte P Ferguson 1 10 221P3 Be Seein Ya (1) D&CMcGowan T Macfarlane 2 11 01192 Yelande (2) THerlihy T Herlihy 12 10230 Bet Online (u1) ADonnelly N Chilcott


1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9, 10-11-12 9-10-11-12 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 7-12 $40,000

Compiled by

Track Information Weather: Partly cloudy

6 76884 Opawa Pearl 30.98 1 7 25314 Doleuze 30.36 8 58537 Scotsome Power 30.99 9 23346 Out Back Bill nwtd 10 6425X Dream Academy nwtd 3:05 PM

1 4 3 2 3 2 4 5 6 7 1 8 9 10


Lane&Wales J Dunn McCook&Jopson M K Dempsey B Shaw

HURUNUI HOTEL STAKES $2200, c2, 520m

34777 Mega Girl 30.55 85337 Lochinvar Camaro 30.40 23552 Rocky Baxter nwtd 13346 Sahara Storm 30.41 31787 Jinja Pop 30.47 65887 Opawa Midnight 30.66 51535 Okuku Dreamer 30.29 11484 Kaino 30.75 44663 Ohoka Frenchi 30.69 75637 Opawa Paul 30.64

3:23 PM


R Adcock C Roberts J McInerney M Flipp A Bradshaw S&B Evans Casey&Fagan Hart&Taylor L Waretini Lane&Wales


$1400, c2, 295m

1 21311 Hanna The Spanna 17.27 1 J Dunn 2 2 12164 Abogado 17.32 M Flipp 3 75467 My Little Oah 17.35 J McInerney 4 8X845 Avec Lamour 17.58 A Bradshaw 4 5 52723 Botany Pete nwtd J McInerney 3 6 44235 Phat Pants 17.66 McCook&Jopson 7 86565 Be Prepared 17.35 B Dann 8 53637 Wandy Destiny 17.54 G Cleeve 9 54626 Excuse Please 17.35 J McMillan 10 85752 Waimak Dave 17.60 J McInerney Track Information Type: Grass; Expected: Dead; Direction: Left-handed; Length: 1600m; Straight: 300m; Rail: Out 2m; Weather: Fine 4:40 PM 218



LOWE SCHOLLUM & JONES MDN 1950 $8000, mdn, 1950m

1 42455 Zephyros (5) 58.5 MMurdoch B Grylls (a2) 4 2 X2064 Jigger Inn (7) 58.5 Collett/McRaeM Du Plessis 3 X0025 Tutanekai (4) 58.5 GSmith T Thornton 4 54X99 Mutt Williams (12) 58.5 PBrosnanA Collett (a) 5 X7546 Zulu Boy (17) 58.5 Sargent/Allen K Myers 6 9 Preminger (16) 58.5 AMacaulay M Sweeney 3 7 562 The Show (10) 57 GAlton M McNab  8 Bastille SCRATCHED 9 084 Seasons Boom (9) 57 KMcQuade C Grylls 2 10 9 All Okay (3) 57 SMarsh R Jones 11 6 Fast Eddie Slevin (11) 57 SRitchieM Cameron 12 X0662 Hidden Secret (6) 56.5 O'Sullivan/Scott

R Hutchings (a)

13 64X86 Media World (14) 56.5 SMarsh 1 14 0 Tamperance (13) 56.5 AMeikle R Norvall  15 The Talisman SCRATCHED B 16 09 Tomtom (8) 58.5 WCarter C 17 00X87 Serenanova (15) 56.5 SHouse D 18 5 Biding Time (1) 57 KMyers E 19 0X8 Tycoon Class (2) 57 BWallace Track Information Type: All weather; Direction: Righthanded; Length: 1006m; Weather: Fine

3 Ideal Diamante (3) THerlihy T Herlihy 4 4 866X2 Brooks Desire (4) SMcCaffrey J Stormont 2 11 81138 High Society Gal (22) GSmall D Butcher 3 5 6X720 Destination Moon (5) Reid/McMullanJ I Dickie 12 17107 Red Sky Night (23) THerlihy T Cameron (J) 2 6 9X2 Jetcraft (6) MMcKendry M McKendry 13 13160 Going To California (24) BPurdon B Purdon 1 7 525X2 Raffaello (7) Reid/McMullan T Mitchell  Barrier 14 33744 Lisdelight (25) RRichardson N Chilcott  8 G J Seelstar SCRATCHED HYDROFLOW DISTRIBUTORS HCP TROT 9 6579 Somebeach N Clovelly (21) Macfarlane/ 8:52 PM OPT



$13,000, c4-oc spechcp, 2700m

1 24151 Duchess Diedre (1) THerlihy 1 T Herlihy 2 76626 Kowhai Whiz (2) D&CMcGowanT Macfarlane 3 60X00 Not Likely (3) RBrosnan R Brosnan 4 8X746 Oto Invasion (1) SMcCaffrey S Phelan 5 PX057 Commander Galleon (u1) Reid/McMullan 

6 4 3 7 2 8

P Ferguson 56436 Dr Hook (1) PNairn J MacKinnon (J,Cl) 99471 Flying Isa (1) John&JoshuaDickie J I Dickie 00213 Sovereignty (2) SMcCaffrey M McKendry

9:22 PM 509


CUP FESTIVAL 28 FEB & 7 MARCH MBL PACE 9 AUCKLAND $13,000, c4-c7, 2200m

1 34376 Randalstown (1) THall P Butcher 1 2 64363 Five Card Draw (2) BPurdon Z Butcher 2 3 3223X Ohoka Punter (3) THerlihy T Herlihy N Chilcott SPONSOR A RACE AT ALEXANDRA PARK MOB PACE 4 44641 Windinherhair (4) SPhillips 8:27 PM OPT 507 $11,500, 3yo+, c1 & others w. cond., 2200m 5 12187 Mista Mara (5) DKaa D Butcher 1 1 4124X Roger Ramjet (1) Reid/McMullan P Ferguson 6 3X435 Averil’s Quest (6) RMacKenzie J Stormont 3 2 12502 Asuka (2) BPurdon J I Dickie 4 7 11584 Tiago Bromac (7) Reid/McMullan P Ferguson 3 2488X Wynberg Terror (3) JStormont J Stormont 3 8 55453 Lets Elope (8) Cooney/Hopkins M McKendry  Barrier 4 56909 Speak Up (4) GNoakes G Noakes Kiwi Ideal SCRATCHED 4 5 02156 Gold Dust Woman (5) BPurdon Z Butcher  9 6 4147 Ideal Alice (6) THerlihy T Herlihy 10 X1121 Stunin Banner (21) Rogerson/Blanchard B Mangos 7 8X107 Sikora (7) Hollis/Robertson L Hollis  FLY WITH IRT MOBILE PACE 9:52 PM 8 43316 Lost In Bangkok (8) G Dixon  T Mitchell  Barrier $10,000, 3yo+ c0, 2200m OPT 510 9  Ravna Gora SCRATCHED 1 68545 Elliot Daniel (1) RBrosnan R Brosnan 10 33187 Party Boy (21) Rogerson/Blanchard B Mangos 2 60500 Smooth Delight (2) BPurdon Z Butcher




10:22 PM OPT 511


T Macfarlane


1 45553 Jomo (1) JRobinson J Robinson 4 2 83 First Vintage (2) TEdwards B Edwards  3 Ventimiglia SCRATCHED 4 06524 A Night In Paris (3) SBranch N Chilcott 1 5 88X22 Spud Murphy (4) VFacoory S Phelan 3 6 76X27 Noodles (5) D&CMcGowan T Macfarlane 7 Acougarzsun (6) Rogerson/Blanchard

V Blanchard (J)

8 X7D42 Creamee (7) John&JoshuaDickie J W Dickie 2 9 53335 Earl Of Shebar (8) IMoody M McKendry 10 X8569 Sundonna (9) GDempsey R Downey 11 002D8 Il Pirata (u1) RPaynter R Paynter 12 X0200 Brian Elsu (u2) RHughes D Butcher 13 06496 Sun Of Anarchy (u3) JCole J Cole 10:52 PM OPT 512


$11,500, 3yo+ c1-c3, 2200m

4 1 5X211 Lancewood Lizzie (1) D&CMcGowan 

2 11318 Ideal Belle (2) BPurdon 3 3 24162 Medley Moose (3) RGreen 4 27XD5 The Bucket List (4) GSmall 5 11237 Bettor Offer (5) BPurdon 2 6 X2231 Maxim (6) BPurdon 1 Sky Major (7) BPurdon 7 X4442 Barrier 

T Macfarlane T Herlihy R Downey D Butcher S Lawson Z Butcher B Purdon

h M7 1






Invercargill Harness Tomorrow at Ascot Park Raceway

 8 00323 Gold Harmony (6) KBarron 1  C Barron 4  9 50X64 Goodboy Tiger (7) BNegus C Negus $10,000, 3yo c&g c0-c1, 2200m  Harlindon SCRATCHED PX # REC Horse (Start pos) Trainer Driver   10 2 11 X2198 Golden Gate (u1) JRyan J Ryan   1 Rattling Thunder (1) ABlack A Beck  A Beck   2 2 Take After Me (2) GScott R Holmes  12 D1580 Our Budd (u2) ABeck 3 13 02P31 Cum Laude (u3) CWalsh B Barclay 3  3 133 Bettor Buy It (3) DBaynes T Williams    4 33717 Franco Joaquin (4) TKilkelly N Williamson 1:15 PM KINA CRAIG STUD MOBILE PACE $10000,   5 32721 Phoenix Warrior (5) TBarron B Barclay OPT 704 3yo+ c0 mob. pace, 2200m 1  6 51X11 Ranfurly Rulz (6) G&NHope R May R Swain 4  7 31625 Groomsman (7) HHunter H Hunter   1 63690 Black George (1) MMcAuley   2 55525 Holm Three (2) HHunter H Hunter 2  8 X6501 Meticulous (8) Purdon/Rasmussen  M Purdon     3 42505 Jetrange (3) BShirley N Williamson Barrier 1  4 4052 Secret Lotion (4) Purdon/RasmussenM Purdon CRUICKSHANK PRYDE 2YO MOBILE PACE  12:10 PM 2  5 5X22 Royal Counsel (5) G&CLee G Lee OPT 702 $10,000, 2yo, 2200m   6 6434 Combien (6) MKerr M Kerr   1 Girls Nite Out (1) PEllis R May   7 277 Ballycastle (7) GGibson-Smith B Barclay 3  2 First Flight In (2) PDevery A Armour  3  McCovey Cove (8) TBarron R May  8 33 Barrier 4  3 Stagger Lee (3) AStuart B Orange  2  4 Pulp Fiction (4) TStratford T Williams   9 85553 Acting Up (21) MTodd M Williamson 1  5 Alta Ronaldo (5) Purdon/RasmussenM Purdon  4 10 62833 Last Man Out (22) CBarron C Barron   6 Until Further Notice (6) MSwain J Dunn  11 Come On Jaccka (23) WAdams T Williams   7 My Mate Ozz (7) MSwain S Walkinshaw 89.2 MORE FM HANDICAP TROT   Tuapeka Glory (8) KLarsen K Larsen 1:50 PM  8 Barrier $10,000, c1-c2 spechcp, 2700m OPT 705 K Larsen 12:40 PM MCMILLAN FEEDS @ KINA CRAIG STUD HCP TROT   1 5X037 Yaldy Boyz (1) PEllis G Lee OPT 703 $8000, 3yo+ c0-c1 spechcp, 2700m   2 21360 Moment Of Sun (2) G&CLee   1 642 The Earth Moved (1) NEdge K Barclay   3 098X7 French Desire (3) AMalcolmsonA Malcolmson 2  4 32408 Bert Powell (4) CEdmonds J Dunn  2  Winfield Monarch SCRATCHED  T Williams   3 95334 Waitoto Express (1) SCampbell T Williams   5 D100 Jocy Jaccka (u1) BGray   4 X210P Rocky Six (2) CDalgety J Dunn   6 84PP2 Sunny Vacation (u2) KTownley N Williamson   5 P0888 City Courage (3) GWoodhouseB Williamson (J)   7 X5057 Whendaboysliteup (u3) EMurphy J W Cox   6 60701 Apollo Mission (4) SLock M Williamson 1  8 49902 Royal Squeeze (1) TStratford M Williamson   9 0170P Monorail (2) RJenkins R Jenkins   7 4X360 The Wonkey Donkey (5) NWilliamson 3 10 06416 Mr Mayfly (3) RWilson C Barron  N Williamson  11:40 AM OPT 701






g M6

12:52 PM 601


41. Coup Caprio (5) 59 Champion/Murphy1 S Wynne (a3)  2  2 X22X7 Choice Snitzel (4) 58 P&KO'Malley  C Barnes (a2)   3 Coffee (3) 58 MPitman A Morgan (a3)   4 3X56X Force Majeure (2) 57 LSFaber1R Black (a2) 3  5 71579. Redline (8) 57 SGillies D Walsh   6 0X584 Harper Rose (6) 56 Kevin&PamHughes  A Frye (a1)   7 84. La Croupier (1) 56 PScholes 4  8 X577X Zeina (7) 56 T&LPrendergast J Wong (a3)

1:27 PM 602



$10,000, mdn, 1200m

86432 Plays Until Dark (10) 58.5 DHutton  R Doherty (a1)   2 9X236. Dhaulagiri (9) 58.5 JO'Flanagan J Wong (a3)   3 3734X Home Made Halo (11) 58.5 L&RDidham  J Morris   4 0X084 Seasoned Gem (1) 58.5 GEatwellL McGregor   5 Mr Beaumaris (2) 58.5 M&MBrown  D Bothamley 2  6 3X473 Dowra (7) 57 NRidley S Wynne (a3)   7 4X20X The Matriarch (8) 56.5 L&RDidham J Bates 3  8 X6568. Picture Perfect (5) 56.5 ILee1M Cropp (a2)   9 37 Cinderella (6) 55 KHampton T Moseley 4 10 45X0. Jip Jop Shop (4) 55 DFrye T Direen (a1)  11 Zuleika SCRATCHED  12 0X9 Perfect Jazz (3) 55 RMcKay1 D Walsh

1  1

2:02 PM 603



$17,500, R75 bmk, 1200m

  1 32076. The Hand Of Faith (9) 60.5 LSFaber1

h M8

R Black (a2)



$10,000, 3yo+ c1, 2200m

K Barron

2:33 PM

1  1 


NZ SAFETY LTD MOBILE PACE $5000, 4yo+ c1, 2000m

02902 Native Geminthenight (1) AThornton B Thomas (J)




3yo+ c1-c2 spechcp, 2700m

  1 69514 Bettabe Perfect (1) ABeck A Beck   2 30025 Taieri Wings (1) CGerken B Barclay 1  3 2131 Jaccka Lonny (2) BGray B Orange   4 X3110 Ernesto Bertarelli (3) MGBrown A Armour 2  5 71223 Bio Marinus (4) Purdon/Rasmussen M Purdon 3  6 25782 Theo Bos (5) MSwain S Walkinshaw 4  7 X7033 Missy Mach (6) MDenton J W Cox   8 80X61 Farmer Dons (7) AMilne C Barron   9 11323 Deano Robyn (8) HHunter H Hunter

M Purdon


 4 Experiment SCRATCHED 4  5 X9121 Kincaslough (u1) CEdmonds J Dunn  6  Yankee One SCRATCHED   7 04027 Jag’s Invasion (1) PWilliamsonM Williamson 2  8 33562 The Fiery Ginga (2) AClark A Clark 1  9 34012 Springbank Sam (1) PWilliamson

  1 45915 Tact Charlotte (1) TProctor B Barclay   2 52137 Flushing Meadows (2) G&CLee G Lee   3 40015 Iron Duke (3) WAdams T Williams 4  4 6X441 Nod d’Or (4) MGBrown J Dunn   5 24314 Betabeeasy (5) PEllis R May 2  6 82442 Ultra Shok (6) TStratford M Williamson N Williamson   7 0L910 Mach Varno (7) DMcLachlan S Walkinshaw  ASCOT PARK HOTEL INVERCARGILL CUP HCP PACE 4:47 PM   8 40460 Knapdale Lady (8) R Swain  R Swain   (G3) $40,000, c6-oc spechcp, 3200m OPT 710 Barrier 3  9 21277 Macardo (21) MGBrown B Williamson (J) 3  1 11141 Saveapatrol (1) MJones B Orange  10 X1317 Its Ollies Excuse (22) CBarron C Barron   2 348X3 River Black (2) DTaylor C Barron


January 25, 2014


Sunday at Motukarara Raceway


60047 So You Think (1) BWard


January 26, 2014

 2 09780 Lockey (2) CMcDowell A C McDowell   3 90950 Tinted Field (3) SClarke H Clarke (J)   4 6680X Donegal Cam’s Card (4) G&NHope R May   5 0X505 Smokin Chick (5) DTaylor K Cox (J)   6 70360 Szybka Brat (6) GTelfer G Telfer   7 84100 Sublime Lustre (7) BRochford S Ottley (J) 4  8 25355 Thorn In My Side (8) PRobertson C D Thornley 2  Sailing On (9) AStuart T Chmiel  9 24684 Barrier  D 10 00899 Chargedownking (21) FBaigent R Curtin 3 11 92027 Firebreak (22) G&NHope R Close (J)  12 47060 Drover’s Eyre (23) MBrown R Holmes  13 70449 Midfrew Tarpediem (24) WLakeC Markham C 14 86970 Tiana Franco (25) DReardon  15 37126 Spriggs Bromac (26) KBarron K Barron B 16 60098 Up Wheels (27) LBeagley G O'Reilly  17 66558 Greshees Angel (28) GTelfer M Williamson  18 86239 Black Ice (29) KO'Dea S McNally 3:08 PM

  1   2   3   4 4  5   6 3  7 1  8    9   10  11  12 2 13

6 ARMITAGE WILLIAMS CONSTRUCTION MOB PACE $5000, c2-c4 w. cond. +claim., 2000m

14950 Brute Ute Anvil (1) JBromley J Curtin 75162 Franco Envoy (2) CThornley C R Thornley 85808 K C Pedro (3) AHastie A Hastie 50425 Franco Revel (4) T&GChmiel T Chmiel 23606 Roxy Bromac (5) PYoung J Young (J) 28P07 Comenche (6) RDunn J Dunn 22401 Simon Sivad (7) DTaylor K Cox (J) 50413 Flyover (8) JMcDermott C D Thornley 13642 Montecrengle (9) G&JKnight M Williamson Barrier

37078 Maiden Rome (21) REarle S Golding (J) Lively Shard SCRATCHED 17870 Debs Pal (22) PBurrows B Thomas (J) 12892 Supreme Gem (23) JMcDermott M Jones

3:35 PM


Track Information Type: All weather; Direction: Left-handed; Length: 1029m; Weather: Cloudy

2  3  11 76X23 Harry Mac (23) NWilliamson N Williamson   4 1 12 43581 Nota Lada (24) Purdon/Rasmussen B Orange 4  5  13 21318 I Smart (25) BShirley B Shirley  1  6   7 MCKNIGHT & BROWN HCP PACE $10,000, 3:37 PM


Banks Peninsula Harness


1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9, 10-11-12 9-10-11-12 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

 1 09226 Aveross Brachole (1) ABlack 2  A Beck   2 74240 McArdle’s Ledger (2) HHunter H Hunter 1  3 48 Nureyev (3) MGBrown A Armour   4 080 Malouda (4) MGriffin T Williams   5 28386 Big Bad John (5) TKilkelly R May   6 32359 Sammy The Bull (6) BMcLellan B McLellan 3  Gerald (7) BNegus M Williamson  7 7X74 Barrier   8 Dannys Legacy SCRATCHED   9 666 Fukushima (21) NWilliamson N Williamson 4:12 PM BRENDAN FRANKS FARRIER HCP TROT 4 10 35580 Lights Out (22) KLarsen K Larsen OPT 709 $11,000, c3-oc spechcp, 2700m  11 58X0X Ascot Boy (23) CThomas G Thomas   1 33405 Moon Countess (1) G&CLee G Lee  12 46640 Data Base (24) HHunter S Walkinshaw   2 11438 Alley Way (2) NSkinner C Barron 3  3 97254 Superbowlcheerleader (3) Purdon/ PGG WRIGHTSON MOBILE PACE  3:00 PM





$10,000, 3yo+ c0, 2200m





 2 50765 Toma Valea (4) 60.5 T&MStokesM Cropp (a2) 3:12 PM 1  VALACHI DOWNS SELLING AT KARAKA PREMIER   3 3190X Keepa Tramp (10) 59.5 SCunningham R65 $15,000, R65 bmk*, 1600m OPT 605  S Wynne (a3)   1 759X7 Mighty Ruler (6) 59 TCharles1 D Walsh 4  4 86344 Miss El Bee Dee (11) 58.5 RMcKay1   2 7X898 Tough Nut (7) 59 RBeckett T Moseley A McKay (a3)  3  5 50151 Ironworker (5) 58 MMcCann K Walters   3 51925 Victory Gold (12) 58.5 TCharles1R Black (a2)   6 9X627. Natkingcole (1) 58 RMcKay1 L McKay (a3)   4 6566X Ryan John (5) 57.5 Champion/Murphy1 S Wynne (a3)    7 6X309. Themoneyzmine (7) 55.5 J&KParsons   5 33X18 Evidence (13) 57 BGliddon K Walters  M Wenn   8 625X8 Halo Buster (6) 55.5 SWoodsford J Bates   6 98X70. Sorley Boy (10) 57 JO'Flanagan J Bullard R Doherty (a1)   9 26524 Cracker (2) 54.5 J&KParsons A Frye (a1) 2  7 10575. Delleud (9) 56.5 DHutton 2 10 19X51. Keltic Kitty (8) 54 MPitman A Morgan (a3)   8 30721 Crystal Fox (16) 56 EWilson1 V Johnston J Bates  11 07373 El Dorado Sun (3) 54 KThomson K Williams   9 42417 Belt Up (8) 55.5 DCrozier 1 10 9X424 Revolutionary (1) 55.5 JHay1 K Williams 4 11 5X043 Stradbroke City (2) 55.5 DFrye M Cropp (a2) LINDAUER MAIDEN  2:37 PM 3 12 X9271. Zhanim (4) 54.5 SWoodsford OPT 604 $10,000, mdn, 1600m  A Frye (a1)   13 X8050 Sir Daniel (3) 54.5 RMcKay1 A McKay (a3) 2  1 09332 Royalty (13) 58.5 T&LPrendergast A Frye (a1) 1   2 X6372 My Rules (2) 58.5 Kennedy/Furlong J Bullard   14 08728 Willow Park (14) 54 Champion/Murphy J Wong (a3)   3 80236 Prince Eden (15) 58.5 DFrye R Doherty (a1)  15 X4984. Evancho (11) 54 JHay1 T Direen (a1)   4 734X8 Private Lincoln (9) 58.5 LLatta D Bothamley  16 983X8. Lord Yarborough (15) 54 FHurst S Muniandy  5 Via Dolorosa SCRATCHED CHRISTCHURCH CASINO DUNEDIN GOLD   6 98X0 Aslak (10) 58.5 LRobinson S Muniandy 3:47 PM CUP TRIAL $25,000, opn hcp, 2100m OPT 606   7 Metro Lover (3) 58.5 BCourt D Walsh 1  1 08271 Captain Todd (10) 59 T&MStokesM Cropp (a)   8 X4600. Red Coat (5) 58.5 SCunningham T Moseley 2  2 47982 Dickens (9) 58 PRudkin R Bishop 1  9 22X43 Chatter (12) 56.5 T&MStokes M Cropp (a2) 3  3 07713. Santos (3) 57.5 J&KParsons M Wenn  10 823. Kaapfleur (7) 56.5 CHarris R Bishop   4 37936 Aronsay (1) 55.5 MDaly T Direen (a)  11 50X63 Manuia (4) 56.5 MMcCann J Wong (a3) 4  5 19432 Voodoo (4) 55 MMcCann J Wong (a)  12 75834 Pentarose (6) 56.5 K&LRae J Bates   6 57181 Confederate (2) 54.5 Kennedy/Furlong 3 13 50943. Southern Pride (1) 56.5 JHay1 K Williams  V Johnston 4 14 0X094 Are You Mine (14) 56.5 SHewitt J Morris   7 10222 Black Stockings (6) 54 SWoodsford J Bates   8 82626 Fiorano (5) 54 NCoulbeck  15 0 Kerrydale (11) 56.5 BMiddlewood J Morris  16 90X09 Tandiwe (8) 56.5 DMcConchie C Barnes (a2)   9 25551 Lamaze (7) 54 CTrembath1 S Wynne (a)

CLEMENCE DRILLING TROT   2 90300 Hot Lips Brogden (2) KCameron K Cameron 12:15 PM $6500, 3yo+ c0, 2170m   3 6X263 Endeavour Arizona (3) GO'Reilly G O'Reilly 3  4 Gracey Lacey (4) MEdmonds M Edmonds PX # REC Horse (Start pos) Trainer Driver  K Cox (J)   1 P3073 Young Stranger (1) TGrant C R Thornley   5 7 Flyin Sue (5) DTaylor Three Sands (6) AStuart M Jones B 2 09X66 See Ya (2) L&JSmith J Smith   6 1  7 845 Art Critic (7) Purdon/Rasmussen B Orange 1  3 Easy Empress (3) DAnderson S McNally  A Veint (J) 4  4 2 Star Filly (4) TMcMillan T McMillan   8 6768X Go Da Jag (8) T&GChmiel Pembrook Belle (9) NMcGrath C 5 0 Belle Bones (5) Wakelin/Noble P Wakelin    9 X2555 Barrier  A 6 0568 Lauren (6) ALowe A Lowe G Archer   7 54 Thanksfor Stopin (7) MHoward T Chmiel A 10 7 Swiss Lass (21) DLove 4 11 48324 Albuquerque (22) GPearson G Pearson   8 0X095 Desolation Row (8) KBarron K Barron  12 57 Younoyouwantmee (23) DTaylor J Curtin 3  9 0204 Kerryn Kylie (9) KFord A Tomlinson 2 13 282 Towie Zoe (24) LO'Reilly L O'Reilly  10 45244 Starview Soul (10) NPerkins N Perkins   14 00X5 Desperado (25) MNyhan P Davis  11 33266 Total Exposure (11) DNyhan D Nyhan  15 795 Miss Judgeford (26) MLarter C D Thornley  12 5456 Momentous (12) JVersteeg J Versteeg  13 70482 Jean Sebastien (13) CMarkhamJ Markham (J) DAKINS RENT-A-LOO MOBILE PACE  14 525 Ode To Success (14) PKerr M Kerr 1:58 PM $6500, 3yo+ c0, 2000m  15 Poppa Don (15) BGraham G Archer  3  1 Caesar’s Quest (1) JMcDermott C D Thornley  16 Commander Del (16) FFletcher S Smolenski   2 72984 Blytheburn (2) BKerr C DeFilippi 2 17 9X Classy Chassis (u1) JCurtin J Curtin   3 Red River Lochee (3) MEdmondsM Edmonds 2  4 57X48 My Lifesign (4) KWilliams K Williams TAYLOR STABLES PACE 12:48 PM Ling Rowl (5) RHarneiss R Harneiss $6500, 3yo+ c0, 2170m   5   1 009X0 Keystone (1) GLaing G Laing   6 95252 Shamrocks Boy (6) T&GChmiel T Chmiel 3  2 49826 Red Under Fire (2) KBarron K Barron C 7 708X7 Fiery Rock (7) JSheenan John Doe (8) WStapleton G O'Reilly   3 935 Franco Tyson (3) MLarter J Anderson (J)    8 79584 Barrier    4 0832 Maldini (4) PHolmes C D Thornley   9 Young Mister Grace SCRATCHED 1  5 4 Defy (5) GO'Reilly G O'Reilly  10 80403 Tough Enough (21) MPash M Pash   6 70X0 Willywinit (6) JSheenan J Sheenan  1 11 23428 Mach Of The Man (22) Purdon/Rasmussen   7 49006 Artistic Lover (7) RHolmes R Holmes  B Orange 4  8 34442 Lacroix Franco (8) MNyhan S Golding (J)  12 66655 Cheyenne Warrior (23) CKennedy K Barron   9 38733 Sounds Like Us (9) MNyhan P Davis   13 Swiss Lass SCRATCHED 2 10 469 Vega Sicilia (10) G&NHope R May  4 14 3X543 Monkey Puzzle (24) MNyhan P Davis  11 X0068 Fifteen C (11) WWilliams C McDowell  A 15 0 Sir Redwood (25) BMorris J Sheenan  12 6X093 Panic Slowly (12) JBurrows J Keast  16 4970 Mystic Illusion (26) CMcDowell C McDowell  13 08005 Zoerotten (13) RThornley S Ottley (J)  17 0P027 Arizona Eyre (27) MBrown R Holmes  14 Jubilant Franco (14) BKerr J Curtin 1:23 PM

2:25 PM 706


Tomorrow at Ashburton

1  1


33363 Starlight Invasion (4) DMcLachlan  S Walkinshaw  12 76046 John Henry Galleon (5) CGerken A Armour  13 53710 Makarewa Jake (6) TBarron B Barclay 4 14 32710 Pyramid Monarch (7) PWilliamson  B Williamson (J)

Canterbury Racing

$15,000, 2&3yo set weight, 1200m PX # REC Horse (Barrier) kg Trainer Jockey OPT

January 25, 2014





2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9 6-7-8-9 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9


5:22 PM OPT 711


5:57 PM OPT 712


$11,000, 3yo+ c2-c3, 2200m

  1 10940 Aveross Rustler (1) AFaulks J W Cox 4  2 17161 Happy Heidi (2) JHowe J Dunn 1  3 22121 Char Do Neigh (3) AMcVicar B Barclay 2  4 X1P12 Arising Easton (4) Purdon/RasmussenB Orange   5 99072 El Diablo (5) RWilson M Williamson   6 0567P Alta Capone (6) NEdge K Barclay 3  7 111P4 The Wrath Of Robyn (7) TCrossC Ferguson (J)   Canardly Lover (8) HHunter H Hunter  8 11236 Barrier    9 34114 The Empire’s Sister (21) KMcRae R Swain  10 40084 Billy The Bus (22) MSwain C Barron  11 34450 The Lutts (23) NBuchan N Buchan $11,000, 4yo+ M c0-c5, 1700m

  1 23332 Rosie Lindenny (1) TStratford M Williamson   2 X6717 Ella Fitzgerald (2) NEdge K Barclay 4  3 54021 Third Avenue (3) WAdams T Williams   4 52019 The Tisbury Terror (4) TKilkelly R May   5 15296 Chers Bettor Babe (5) MGBrown A Armour 3  6 X6113 Stradowan (6) T&GChmiel B Orange 1  7 1X151 Whisper Jet (7) Purdon/Rasmussen M Purdon 2  Still Laughin (8) CBarron C Barron  8 61123 Barrier    9 61610 Platinum Princess (21) Cox/HoffmanJ W Cox  10 X5237 Christy Breanna (22) TBarron N Williamson Track Information Type: Grass; Expected: Good; Direction: Left-handed; Length: 1876m; Straight: 382m; Rail: True; Weather: Partly cloudy

72538 Please Release Me (8) 54 BInglis A Frye (a)

4:22 PM OPT 607

01212 Arden Rooney (3) Purdon/RasmussenM Purdon 73458 Beach Bunny (u1) BHill J Dunn 64147 Franco Ledger (1) HHunter H Hunter 21181 Terror To Love (2) G&PCourt R May 87245 Four Starzzz Flash (3) KChapman M Williamson


$17,500, R75 benchmark, 1600m

  9 8X140 Ghostinthemachine (11) 53.5 DHutton 

R Doherty (a)

J Morris

 10 46X86 Howbaddouneedit (13) 53 T&MStokes

 1 059X6. Parnell Prince (9) 63.5 NCoulbeck A Frye (a1)  11 46X33 Flash Hapi (6) 53 K&LRae 4  T Moseley 1  2 10141 Asaint Sheaint (8) 59.5 T&LPrendergast  12 30656. Semper Plus (15) 53 J&KParsons  C Barnes (a2)   3 15835 No Emotion (11) 59.5 MPitman A Morgan (a3)  13 X2227 Irish Bay (8) 53 T&LPrendergast K Williams  14 46115 Terelle (1) 53 T&LPrendergast S Wynne (a) 2  4 80072 Pennys From Heaven (3) 59 GTrusttum  15 Gold 'N Cash SCRATCHED  S Wynne (a3)  3  5 5X214. Bragging Rights (2) 56 SBellew J Bates  16 5X321 Hit The Bit (10) 53 TCharles1 R Black (a)   6 96638 Vanilla (1) 56 MPitman R Cuneen (a4)   7 8X107 Carniva Boy (6) 55.5 TCharles1 R Black (a2) 5:32 PM RACECOURSE HOTEL & MOTOR LODGE R65 $15,000, R65 bmk*, 1200m   8 73064 El Bee Dee (10) 55.5 RMcKay1 K Williams OPT 609   9 58X11 Bella Vi (12) 55 T&MStokes M Cropp (a2)   1 129X2 Latin Saint (4) 59 JHay1 K Williams  10  2  Commanding Oak SCRATCHED  Wedgie SCRATCHED  11 14417. Sheezaruler (7) 54.5 CHarris R Bishop   3 X0354 Western Warrior (9) 59 DFrye A Frye (a1) J Wong (a3)  12 36474 Annabel Rose (5) 54 J&KParsons M Wenn   4 81X24 Delzzup (13) 57.5 NRidley  13 42518 Mayflower (4) 54 K&LRae T Moseley   5 36033 Do Uno Whoiam (10) 57.5 JBurrowsK Walters   6 X2218 Great Dancer (11) 57.5 NRidley K Wong (a4) SPEIGHT’S TIMARU STAKES  4:57 PM 1  7 3715X Mahbeer (14) 57.5 MPitman A Morgan (a3) OPT 608 $50,000, opn hcp, 1400m   8 X3922 Delirium (12) 57 DCrozier J Bullard 3  1 93614 El Chico (4) 59 MPitman J Bullard 3  4  2 7X947. Pinsgold (12) 56.5 NCoulbeck C Barnes (a)  9 3695X Gold Rock (1) 57 Champion/MurphyS1 Wynne (a3) 4 10 08441 Ask Me (5) 56 MPitman 2  3 11X12 Sucre (3) 56 SBellew D Walsh J Bates  2 11 1X434. Da Best Coup (8) 56 TRae J Morris   4 85425 Dr Dee Bee (7) 56 JHay1 T Direen (a)  Sand'ior SCRATCHED   5 93011. Our Premonition (14) 55 Kevin&PamHughes   12  A Frye (a)  13 X9266 Rio Rose (7) 55.5 Nicky&RochelleLloydR Bishop   6 68512 Conscious Mistake (5) 55 MPitmanD Walsh  14 48087 Vite Celebre (2) 55.5 IStewart T Moseley   7 42431 Paraketo (2) 54.5 J&KParsons M Wenn A 15 00204 Mt Difficulty (3) 56 LLatta V Johnston 1  8 16322 Surreal Storm (9) 54 LLatta V Johnston  B 16 36059 Question (6) 54 KBrosnahan




1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 8-9-10 7-8-9-10 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Track Information Type: Grass; Direction: Left-handed; Length: 1811m; Weather: Rain

 3 01588 Classic Vogue (3) GSmith A T Bagrie (J) 4  4 74213 Spunky Monkey (4) GSmith B Thomas (J) 3  5 22719 Light Up Boss (5) RDunn J Thomas (J)   6 32818 Franco Tyrone (6) DReardon L Lester (J)   7 4455X Alliwantforxmas (7) JHay I Lee (J)   8 32367 Shadow Rider (8) FShrives J Anderson (J)   9 60X35 Revell Yell (9) SAdlam S Ottley (J) 2 10 X5374 Justalittlebettor (10) D&CButtD Stratford (J)  11 52617 Planet Princess (11) KBarron S Golding (J) 1 12 72782 Mighty Peruvian (12) G&NHope R Close (J)  13 22264 Lilac Desire (13) DTaylor K Cox (J) B 14 7X666 Better Klik (14) GDunn S Stewart (J)  15 70920 Riverboat Princess (15) LSmart N Purdon (J)  16 58846 Westburn Creed (16) BRochford B Munro (J) C 17 88966 Delgado (17) GSmith  18 00636 Elbeau (u1) DMitchell J Harrington (J) 4:05 PM



$7500, 3yo+ c1-c3 discrhcp, 2810m

  1 X9025 Wishes Star (1) TSoal G O'Reilly   2 45133 Brite N Early (2) Wakelin/Noble P Wakelin   3 0P703 Danke (3) MEdmonds S McNally 2  4 13062 Spell (4) P&LJones S Ottley (J)   5 71036 Opawa Speed (5) KCameron K Cameron   6 02078 Continental Halo (6) MEdmonds M Edmonds 4  7 37484 Armed Force (7) PAnderson R May   8 25442 Sarah Palin (8) MNyhan P Davis   9 6X0X0 Peterhof (u1) BGraham G Archer  10 00690 Thanksforplaying (u2) GMills C McDowell  11 61900 Kowhai Sunrise (u3) MJones M Jones  12 13915 Fireman (1) PToomey J Curtin  13 08637 Native’s Brite Spark (u1) AThornton 

R Close (J)

 14 12727 Sundons Comet (1) MCunninghamC DeFilippi  15 17963 Eyrewell Pegasus (2) MNyhan S Golding (J) PAUL RENWICK JOINERY PACE  3 16 X1001 Juneamy Castleton (3) MJones B Orange $7500, 4yo+ c1 jun.d, 2170m  17 00787 Left Right Andcentre (u1) PWilliamson

  1 65X32 All For D B (1) AHutton A Veint (J)  M Williamson D 2 78809 Billythehuntedone (2) C&JDeFilippi  18 1712X One Over Da Moon (u2) PNairn 1  D Butt

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4:35 PM

 1 4    2   3 3  4   5 1  6   7   8   9  10  11  12  13  14 2 15  16



$8500, c2-c4 discrhcp, 2810m

34210 Match Point (1) DTaylor K Barron 46107 Optimo Denario (2) CDalgety 91754 Special Bella (3) CMarkham C Markham 30511 Tyron’s Falcon Ella (4) PO'Reilly G O'Reilly 50073 Loose Cannon (5) JPatterson J Patterson 43443 Onlyforyou (6) CDalgety D Dunn 67000 Tubbys Sister (7) DSwanston R May 70969 The Burning Question (8) GSmith G Smith 37180 Ideal Arden (1) BHutton J Anderson (J) 42918 Robyn’s Raider (2) RDunn J Dunn 68530 Sonnetsson (3) MNyhan P Davis 26341 Classiebee (4) MJones B Orange 60154 Dynamic Party (u1) T&GChmiel T Chmiel 86766 Eyre County (1) MBrown R Holmes 52272 Cam Before The Storm (2) TButt K Butt (J) 00539 Greenburn Creek (3) TButt D Butt

5:00 PM


BLUE STAR TAXIS MOBILE PACE $7500, 3yo+ c1, 2000m

  1 4418X Incredible Anvil (1) GSmith J Dunn  2  Bettys Icon SCRATCHED 1  3 11X24 Chattanoogachoochoo (2) G&NHopeR May   4 37326 Call Me Danny (3) RThornley G O'Reilly   5 82745 The Flying Scotsman (4) NMcGrath N McGrath

  6 D10 Naughty Maravu (5) GSmith G Smith  7  Thats My Money Honey SCRATCHED   8 57355 Indian Arrow (6) JPatterson J Patterson   Sell A Bit (7) BWhite S McNally  9 20241 Barrier   10 25731 Franco Salisbury (21) RHolmes T Woodward 3 11 11495 Star Of Dionysis (22) JCurtin J Curtin  12 77563 Baileys Desire (23) DTaylor R Todd  13 07036 Marilyn Golightly (24) AGarters B Orange D 14 9X000 Unique Chance (25) RHolmes R Holmes 2 15 17023 New Deal (26) DThompson C DeFilippi  16 51634 Provocative Prince (27) DMitchell D Dunn 4 17 55242 Ohoka Benson (28) G&NHope R Close (J)  18 53537 Fortunately (29) KFord A Tomlinson Compiled by


Friday, January 24, 2014


Ashburton Guardian 19

In brief Tennis resumes

Rhys wraps it up

Returning a shot during last night’s sunset doubles competition at the Ashburton Trust Tennis Centre was Rhys Cromie. The weekly Thursday night competition is now into its second round but got off to a slight false start when it returned for the New Year last week, with late rain forcing the cancellation of the second round of games. Strong entries again this year have seen the competition spread over three men’s divisions and a women’s division. Play in the second round will wrap up on February 20. Photo Donna Wylie


Race for Pritchard Shield heats up By Jonathan LeasK

Lauriston have one hand on senior cricket’s Pritchard Shield heading into tomorrow’s penultimate round. However, last weekend the form guide went out the window as the top three teams were all toppled, making the

race for the shield much more interesting. Lauriston are out in front on 16 with Methven one-win back on 13 and the other four teams are tied on 10, meaning another week of upsets could see an intriguing final weekend unfold. The ball is in Lauriston’s court as they host Coldstream with a win keeping them in the

box seat for the silverware. The Tech Stags upset the competition leaders last week but could do them a favour this weekend if they can knock over Methven - who were well-beaten by Allenton last week. Coming off back-to-back defeats the defending champion Tech Sharks meet Allenton needing a win and results to go

their way to have any chance of reclaiming the shield next weekend when they take on Lauriston in the final round. This week the Sharks have a chance to reclaim some silverware, the Bevan Stroud Memorial Challenge Trophy, which they lost to Methven two weeks ago but Allenton claimed it off Methven last weekend.


Breakers barely grab vital victory By Kris shannon The Breakers began a crucial stretch in the season in the best possible fashion last night, dispatching the Wollongong Hawks 106-101 for a vital victory. After splitting a four-game road swing over the holiday season, the Breakers revelled in home comforts to claw out a win as nail-biting as it was needed. The next fortnight should determine whether the champs’ title defence will lie in tatters or whether they will live to fight another day, with last night the start of three pivotal fixtures. Sydney will visit Vector

Arena next Thursday before the Breakers head to the Kings the following week - a doubleheader which must be swept if the Breakers are to sneak in the back door of the playoffs. The Kings’ fourth spot is the only finals berth realistically available to the defending champions and last night’s win over Wollongong set the stage for the pair of must-win games against the side they knocked out of last season’s semifinals. Still sitting in the bottom half of the table with a 7-11 record, the Breakers at least showed they possessed the tenacity needed for the fight to follow. It was never easy against a

Hawks team the Breakers beat twice earlier in the campaign, with the margin in single figures for much of the contest and some clutch shooting required to end up in front. That was rather appropriate considering the Breakers made 56 per cent from the floor throughout the contest and drained a phenomenal 15 of 26 attempts from beyond the arc. Those 15 were split evenly between five players, as Kerron Johnson led the way and finished with 21 points. Gary Wilkinson (20) and Tom Abercrombie (20) weren’t far behind, while commentator Casey Frank continued his comeback with six points, five

boards and three assists. The Hawks led much of the opening quarter as Oscar Forman once again illustrated his fondness for playing the Breakers, scoring eight early points and dominating on the glass. But the home side never allowed the deficit to grow larger than two possessions, eventually holding a four-point advantage at the first break. That advantage could have been much more significant midway through the second but for the efforts of Kevin Tiggs. The Wollongong import had 12 consecutive points for his side and enabled the Hawks to remain in touch despite their hosts’ hot shooting. - APNZ

Open grade tennis hits the courts of the Ashburton Trust Tennis Centre again tomorrow. The first round of 2014 sees play resume with Dorie looking to continue on with its hot pre-Christmas form. Dorie is unbeaten this season and this weekend they take on a Hinds team which has been breathing down their necks all season. In the day’s other open grade match Hampstead will take on Tinwald, while Allenton has the bye.

$1m golf tournament One million dollars will be up for grabs at the New Zealand Women’s Open in Christchurch next week. The tournament, which will be staged from January 31 to February 2 at the Clearwater Golf Club, and will see the return of World No 4 Lydia Ko as she looks to defend her title, will also include a hole-in-one competition for a huge payday. Four of the five previous champions of the event Lindsey Wright (Australia), Kristie Smith (Australia), Laura Davies (England) and Gwladys Nocera (France) - will have a chance to win $1 million in the competition. The leading player in the championship after 36 holes will also be invited to compete in the competition. The shootout will be staged on the 18th hole.

Rare Willis outing Nick Willis will follow up his sub four-minute mile in Wanganui on Monday evening with a rare outing over 800m at the Capital Classic meeting at Newtown Park in Wellington tonight. The 2008 Olympic Games 1500m silver medallist has a best time over 800m of 1:45.54 set in Belgium more than nine years ago. He last raced an 800m in February last year in Palmerston North where he ran 1:49.04. Willis will be up against the New Zealand champion for the last two years Brad Mathas who recorded a personal best of 1:49.17 in Australia last weekend.

Holland ousted Pre-tournament favourites the Netherlands were squeezed out of the Super Six stage of the cricket World Cup qualifying tournament in thrilling fashion at Lincoln yesterday. The Dutch reached 265 for five against Kenya, with Wesley Barresi hitting 137 not out. However, they lacked serious hustle late on, and from 188 for three, in their last 10 overs made just 77. It came back to haunt them as Kenya, who needed to get the target in 36.1 overs to leapfrog the Netherlands on net run rate and take third place in group B, made it in 35.4 overs. - APNZ

Van Hattum gone When Frank van Hattum stepped down from his role as New Zealand Football chairman this week, the organisation lost their third senior official in seven months. After almost six years at the head of the game, Van Hattum cited increased work commitments in his day job at BP as a reason for joining former All Whites coach Ricki Herbert and former chief executive Grant McKavanagh on the sidelines. It’s a great loss of intellectual property but also a good opportunity for new leaders.



EXCELLENT fundraising opportunity - free to hire. Community fundraising BBQ situated at Mitre 10 Mega. Visit our customer service counter today to book and for details. – Phone 308-5119.


Plus much more

FREE loan trailer available! From a shovel load to a trailer load. Dobson Street West Ph: 307 8302 Hours: Mon-Fri: 7.30am - 5pm Sat: 7.30am - 12 noon


Art Teacher Assistant


• Bark • Oamaru stone • Rocks • Organic compost • Sand • Screened soil • Home deliveries available






SUN CONTROL WINDOW TINTING. Professional window tinting of cars, homes & offices. Quality films for privacy, UV (fading), heat, safety & security. Phone Craig Rogers your ONLY local applicator 307 6347 or 0800TINTER. Member of Master Tinters NZ.

A position is available for a creative, enthusiastic person to assist the Art Specialist Teacher 21 hours per week If you think this position suits you, please reply with your CV detailing current experience to the Principal:



Friday, January 24, 2014


20 Ashburton Guardian

Email: Or deliver to: The Principal Ashburton Intermediate School 144 Cass Street Ashburton Applications close Wednesday 29 January 2014



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Babysitter Wanted. One hour approx from 7.30am before school in our home. Car and full license required to take 6yo girl to school. Mon-Fri every second week only. Other hours on casual basis. Pay negotiable. Jessica 027 404 4484.


Ashburton 19 King Street

TOYOTA Vitz 1999 well ideal ladies FIRST HOME - FIRST CHOICE This lovely two home 0800 274bedroom 287 brickmaintained, car, 101,000kms, automatic. with sunroom is a fine example of an investors starter of first home 0800 ASHBURTON $5,000 ono. Phone 308 5280.

Place your job ads with our experienced team

buyers. Large double garage - fenced section ideal for children or keeping pets. So close to school and easy access to main road. Don’t be disappointed.

Deadline 2pm prior publication day

Birthday Greetings

MEETINGS, EVENTS Ashburton Pottery Society

Annual General Meeting Monday, February 10 At 7.30pm At Clubrooms 2 All A Welcome 1F2I 26 Nixon Street, Tinwald


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Appealing Home - Secure Section - Close to School

This three bedroom home has an open plan kitchen/living area with french doors out to a sunny terrace.

LOST - Ladies reading Double garage plus large storage area on a well fenced section must add glasses, back with gold trim. appeal for buyers. Brought to you by KitchenAuction Kapers. Ashburton Domain. Near Price On Application View by appointment swimming pool. 021 204 1434.

Gabbie TindallAshburton Office 03 307 8317 IVESTOCK , P2008) ETS LICENSED (REAA Mid Canterbury Real EstateLLimited Happy 7th Birthday Gabbie. BUYER of unwanted animals. Cattle, bobby calves, Lots of love Mum, Dad, horse and all farm animals. Riley and Baxter. xxx We also sell pet food. Call Nick’s Pet Food 0272 101 621, A/H 03 322 7626.

Josh Jones Happy 12th Birthday Josh. Have a great day! Love from Mum, Dad, Jack and Molly.


For Sale $283,500 View by appointment

Ashburton 6 Bullock Street 1 3 Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 3 Garaging Galore Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008) If you need garaging then you must view this updated family home with new kitchen, updated bathroom, excellent insulation and great indoor/outdoor flow. Not often available. Call us NOW. For Sale : $349,000 T 03 307 8317 E 96 Tancred Street, Ashburton 7700

View Sat 11:00 - 11:30am 027 37 6755 richard.

ALL HOUSEHOLD garage Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited Licensed REAA (2008) and gardening items must go. Fine china, glasses, sofa, chairs, books, T.V.s, cabinets, lawnmower, Ashburton Ashburton $99,000 Ashburton Ashburton mechanical gear and more. 1012 m2 section (approx) Allenton area. 793 metre square (more or less) Potential for investment or build your own new home. 1872m2 G ARAGE S ALES F OR S ALE FOR SALE ACCOMMODATION, Sign out Wills Street West, Clean site, services and vehicle access at gate. Rectangular section next to the park on Cambridge street. (more or less freehold land. Application to District Council for 4 Great investment property as it is close to the town and you are not from 9am Saturday. HUGE clothing sale, size 8Josh Jones Well and pump plus fenced on three sides. CV $101,000 subdivision, subject to resource consent. paying over the top for your section. ADAMS SAWMILLING. Open allotment ARE YOU ABOUT TO RENTAL 16. 33 Reid Crescent. every Saturday morning 8am- Owner Primo 12th locationBirthday for primary schools states "he will consider all offers" Happy Josh. and only a wander to college. TRAVEL? At The China Shop HOUSE to Rent. 3 bedroom, Saturday, January 25, This attractive section is worth a look. GARAGE Sale. Eton Street, 12noon for all your DIY home For we Sale have passport holders, 2 bathroom house for rent. Have the best day. $249,000 10.30am - 1.00pm. Saturday, January 25. Sign $110,000 handyman fencing & View luggage tags and71pocket View by appointment, 7 Woodham Drive / View by appointment, 48a Cambridge Street by appointment, Cambridge Street / View by appointment, 22a Chalmers Avenue West Side. Short or long Love from Nana, Grandad out 9am. Household items, /AHB20138 landscaping projects around AHB20076 AHB20142 /AHB20072 umbrellas to make life easy term. References required. LICENSED (REAA 2008) LICENSED (REAA 2008) (REAARange 2008) (REAA 2008) Guardian rimu French doors, Adjustothe home LICENSED - Great & while you travel. Then when $380 per LICENSED and Uncle Brent. week. Available form dressmakers model, 80 Prices - Malcolm you arrive home a fantastic immediately. Ph 027 602 Classifieds Great paving stones and many McDowell Road, Ph 308- selection of photo frames to 1169. 307 7900 3595. other items. frame those memories. In the Taite Bishop Arcade. ADULT

307 7900

Daily Events

Happy 1st Birthday baby boy. Hope you enjoyed your special day on Sunday. Love Mum, Dad, April and Chase. xx


1.00pm - 3.00pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. Classic aircraft on display including DC3. Seafield Road.

9.30am - 11.30am ST ANDREW’S ANGLICANAshburton CHURCH, Netherby Netherby Taite Bishop TINWALD. 1960’s dwelling, tile roof, 718m2 section. Updated kitchen with a Not often we get our hands on such a great site. Located amongst Tranquil living at Carters Estate has many added benefits. 2000m2 Happy 1st Birthday wee 1.00pm - 7.00pm sunny dining area. Modernized bathroom with a corner shower good quality homes in a private lane and so handy to local sections with post/rail fences,key pad access to your property. Drop in for a cuppa and chat. Cnr Jane man. TINWALD SWIMMING unit. Two double, one single bedroom. Lounge with wood burner shopping. Potential for two townhouses (Subject to local planning Tennis court and pavilion, two hole chip and putt,POOL. manicured and Thomson Street, TINWALD. Love from uncles, enjoys the afternoon sun. Close to Primary school, pre-school, bylaws andyour consents). grounds. Plenty of space and privacy. Close to centre, Outdoor pool open in Shopping the Tinwald 10.00am Intermediate a short walk away. Shopping Centre is close by. Medical centre, Primary school, and stroll to College. aunti es and cousins. Domain, Maronan Road. $187,000 For Sale Offers over $125,000 $450,000 METHVEN HERITAGE CENTRE. View by appointment, 9d Bridge Street / View by appointment, 2 Davis Crescent / View by appointment, 28a Carters Road / 1.30pm AHB20081 AHB20165 AHB20185 New Zealand and Agriculture Encounter, LICENSED (REAA 2008) LICENSED (REAA 2008) R.S.A. CARD SECTION. LICENSED (REAA 2008) interactive fun for all ages. Main Street, Birthday Greetings are free for those aged 12 and Euchre, Ashburton R.S.A. Cox Street. Methven. under only. Free birthday greetings must be received

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Due to a change in circumstances this section needs a new owner NOW. Concept house plans included in sale price. Be part of this beautiful sub-division now. Golfers take note..Golf Course very close by! $240,000 View by appointment, Lot 24 Tarbottons Road (Kelburn estate) /AHB20199

Guardian Motoring LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Rural Consultant


Main Street, Methven. 10.00am - 1.00pm ASHBURTON CRAFT MARKET. Saturday’s in the West Street Car park.

9.00am - 12.00noon ASHBURTON DISTRICT FARMERS MARKET. Weekly farm fresh produce, plants, coffee, food and more. North end of the West Street car park. 9.30am - 12.30pm


10.00am - 3.00pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. Classic aircraft on display including DC3. Ashburton Airport, Seafield Road.

1.00pm 7.00pm ASHBURTON TOYallLIBRARY. This exciting new release of 22 unique peninsula lots provides The new release of five 3Ha and- 4Ha properties marks Stage 7a of the incredible amenity of this landmark community. thisMethodist landmark development. Each of the lifestyle blocks, in TINWALD SWIMMING POOLranging . Large variety of toys for hire. With sections from 843m2 to 1606m2 you can create the size from 3.22 to 4.17Outdoor hectares, offer stunningpool panoramic swimming open. views Tinwald Church hall, Baring Square East. waterfront yourAshburton family has dreamed of, for far less than and a unique connection to the Lake Hood lifestyle resort. Discover Thelifestyle Arcade, Domain, Maronan Road. you’d expect.03 308 8287 the best of both worlds. 10.00am METHVEN HERITAGE CENTRE.

Stage 8 - Lake Hood New /AHB20040 Stage 7a - Lake Hood /AHB20055 Zealand Alpine and Agriculture

307 7900 Rural



Encounter, interactive fun for all ages.




ARE YOUR MUGS OLD AND CHIPPED? Replace them with new ones from The China Shop. We have a fantastic selection of patterns and sizes. You will find us in The Arcade Burnett Street.

ENTERTAINMENT 35 YEAR old bi male. Feminine body. Phone 022 021 4220. AMBER. NEW, sexy, toned, tanned, versatile brunette. Ph 022 397 4656.

Allenton CONTAINERS for sale or BIANCA. Fun, private, incall Lower priced sites are few andand far between. hire, ex shipping: general Flat building platform. insulated. Sidelifter available service. Size 8, 22 years old. Rear site provides good privacy. for delivery. Phone 027 302 6270. Wilson Bulk Transport, Phone CALL Zoe. Available every Owners invite offers! 308-7772. $95,000 day. No texting. Discretion View by appointment, 39 Clark Street / assured. Ph 021 0233 9259. AHB20039 DO YOU struggle to get the LICENSED (REAA 2008) lid of your jars? Kitchen LET ME spice your night up Kapers in The Arcade has the with a bit of Ginger Spice. thing for you!! Come get your Busty + fun outcalls only, Jarkey today for only $10.99, available everyday. Ph 020 position against the rim of the 403 12315. jar and gently lift to release ONE week only. Destiny vacuum. blue eyed blonde playmate, size 8. All your wildest SINGLE bed and mattress - dreams will come true. 027 $100. Simpson Saturn 885 2142. thermowave oven - $250 ono. Mixer taps - $20. Panasonic PHEBE. Slim, busty. Coming phone with two handsets - Saturday till late for race day. $25. All in good condition. Don’t miss out!. Ph 021 175 Ashburton Phone 308 3431. 1129m2 section on favoured Ludlow2760. Drive. Access to water (although this section is not water’s edge), boating, paintballslicer. and fine dining. WIRE swimming, cutting cheese It’s all here! cheese slicer is Westmark DEADLINES - Ashburton Formulate plans now for high a spring build! made in your Germany from Guardian Classifieds close $155,000 quality cast aluminium, with a View by appointment, 27 Ludlow Drive / day, at 5.00pm every week special food safe coating. the day prior to insertion. AHB20035


LICENSED (REAA 2008) Only $34.99, from Kitchen Phone 03 307 7965. Kapers.



Puzzles Friday, January 24, 2014 CRYPTIC


ACROSS 1. One was inquisitive, so had nothing to send out (5) 4. Reacts badly with talc initially, so disperse it (7) 8. Station drops what is a big comedown in Africa (8,5) 10. Clean it out using acid with carbon in it (5) 11. Nasty looking guy turns when about fifty (4) 12. An extra one may be seen in distribution of dew (4) 16. It is big enough for one to try without a top (5) 17. Dismissed when on one’s feet, lay heartlessly but prominently (13) 19. Lumbered with the last of the eggs that went bad (7) 20. One under age may yet produce this sort of key (5)







8 9 11 12 13




19 20

21 22

13. Sort of colour to stick on top of the line (6) 14. Hurried around at home but found it thorny (6) 15. He is not a pronoun? It’s a gas! (6) 18. From this shoot tops of greens, unless nipped (3)




DOWN 1. They may be involved in maritime operations (5,8) 2. Read it as printed for one in South Carolina (3) 3. Fluid accumulation in body will fall, say, without a heart (6) 4. ‘Barnacle Bill’ as rendered by RA with oils (6) 5. Provide off-turn in a road (6) 6. Might take vital adjustment if so loquacious (9) 7. Man on the bench may book instrumentalist (7,6) 9. Got together and received payment (9)


CRYPTIC Across 1. Wharf 4. Scribes 8. Nominated 9. War 10. Crucial 12. Hi-fi 14. Therapy 17. Ally 18. Diocese 20. Dog 21. Portfolio 23. Retired 24. Limit Down 1. Wing-Commander 2. Armour 3. Fanlight 4. Set 5. Ride 6. Bewail 7. Straighten out 11. Lured 13. Spoonful 15. Flight 16. Vellum 19. Spar 22. Rod



Ashburton Guardian

QUICK Across 1. A sweet tooth 8. Cover-up 9. Eight 10. Push 11. Frigate 12. Oaf 13. Clap 15. Nude 17. Sat 19. Gondola 20. Able 23. Acute 24. Asinine 25. Retribution Down 1. Accept 2. Waves 3. Errs 4. Tip-off 5. Obedient 6. Haggard 7. Hatred 12. Opponent 14. Languor 16. Aghast 17. Salami 18. Demean 21. Blini 22. Lieu

QUICK ACROSS 1. Restrained (4,4) 7. Terminate (5) 8. Bandages (9) 9. Flow out (3) 10. Skidded (4) 11. Not harmful (6) 13. All the way to the finish (4,2,3,4) 15. Title of Roman emperors (6) 16. Colours (4) 18. Be mistaken (3) 20. Spun (9) 21. Darkness (5) 22. Bills (8)

DOWN 1. Praise and honour (5) 2. Advance screening (7) 3. Perform in street (4) 4. Full attention (13) 5. Senior member of a group (5) 6. Bristles (7) 7. Aims (7) 12. Belief that there is no god (7) 13. Separate (7) 14. Blissful (7) 15. Hooked staff (5) 17. Edges (5) 19. Reject (4)




in Pa pe r Pl u s, M ak

SUDOKU Fill the grid so that every column, every row and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.

212 East Street • Ashburton • 03 308 8309


YOUR STARS by Forecasters

ARIES (MAR 21 – APR 20) With communication lines open, the laws of synchronicity in effect a new sense of relationship confidence is already developing. TAURUS (APR 20 – MAY 21) Intellect, passion and intuition come together today to reveal just how many professional options you have, along with a call to action. GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 22) Today’s stars open your mind to a sense of adventure, bringing a reminder that life and matters of the heart, is all about the journey. CANCER (JUNE 22 – JULY 24) There is a new sense of confidence in the air today when it comes to money matters and especially when it comes to financial matters on the home front. LEO (JULY 24 – AUG 23) You’ll find it easy to talk through issues, negotiate compromises and to ensure you’re not excluding those whose support you and you need the most. VIRGO (AUG 23 – SEP 23) An alliance between Mercury in your work sector and Mars in your income sector brings intellect and passion together on both income and work fronts. LIBRA (SEP 23 – OCT 23) Today represents a real turnaround, as you find the confidence to not only find your voice but throw yourself into your romantic and creative passions. SCORPIO (OCT 23 – NOV 24) For as the Moon returns for his first visit to your sign for the year you have a chance to gain some valuable insight, with a chance to test the waters. SAGITTARIUS (NOV 24 – DEC 21) An intuitive read on people and situations allows you to read between the lines, with your hunches able to put you in the right place at the right time. CAPRICORN (DEC 21 – JAN 20) With your professional instincts sharp, an alliance between income and career forces reveals just how many options you have. AQUARIUS (JAN 20 – FEB 19) As intellectual savvy, a passion for adventure and a hunger for life’s richer experiences come together excuses have nowhere to hide. PISCES (FEB 19 – MAR 20) Today’s stars give you an intellectually savvy sixth sense that is sharp when it comes to what excites you and your passions.

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Family Notices 22 Ashburton Guardian DEATHS

SCARTH, Kelvin James (Drifter) – On January 20, 2014 peacefully at Ashburton Hospital (after a short illness). Dearly loved husband of Jill, much loved dad of Lisa, and Shane, loved father in law of Amber. Loving grandad of Jeremy, Candice, Ryan, and Brandon, and great grandad of Ashlee, Riley, Jessika, and Declan. Aged 67 years. Always in our hearts Messages to P.O. Box 653, Ashburton 7740. Special thanks to Dr Holdaway and staff for their love and care of Kelvin. In lieu of flowers donations to Cancer Society would be appreciated. The celebration of Kelvin’s life will be held in Brantwood Chapel, Trotts Gardens, Racecourse Road THIS DAY, FRIDAY, January 24 at 2pm.

Please note all late death notices or notices sent outside ordinary office hours must be emailed to:


E.B. CARTER LTD For all your memorial requirements New headstones and designs Renovations, Additional inscriptions, Cleaning and Concrete work Carried out by qualified tradesmen.

620 East Street Ashburton Ph/Fax 308 5369 or 0274 357 974 NZMMMA Member

Any queries please contact 0800 ASHBURTON (0800-274-287).




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Ra n










MONDAY: Occasional showers, clearing. Southerly change. MAX

bur to




Midnight Tonight






9: 35 – 5: 50 AM


PROTECTION REQUIRED Seek shade, reapply sunscreen Data provided by NIWA


NZ Situation

Wind km/h less than 30 fine

30 to 59 fog

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isolated snow thunder flurries

sleet thunder

Canterbury Plains


60 plus



FZL: Gradually rising to 3000m


Fine, apart from morning and evening cloud. Northeasterlies, fresh about the coast.

FZL: Above 3000m



Rain, with heavy falls in the west. Snow level lowering to 2000m. Gale or severe gale NW turning lighter SW later.

Scattered showers, clearing. Winds changing southerly then dying out later.



Mainly fine with light winds.

World Weather showers cloudy fine cloudy showers rain fine fine rain showers thunder fine rain rain cloudy

Rain clearing, becoming fine. Winds dying. Geneva Hobart Hong Kong Honolulu Islamabad Jakarta Johannesburg Kuala Lumpur London Los Angeles Madrid Melbourne Moscow Nadi New Delhi

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showers showers fine fine fine rain thunder thunder rain fog fine rain fine thunder fog

1 5 13 25 14 19 15 24 5 20 23 26 17 30 24 33 0 11 10 25 1 11 19 24 -19 -14 24 32 10 19

New York Paris Perth Rarotonga Rome San Francisco Seoul Singapore Stockholm Sydney Taipei Tel Aviv Tokyo Washington Zurich

fine fine fine showers rain fine cloudy windy fine rain fine fine fine fine snow

Tides, Sun, Moon and Fishing 6


9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


Saturday 9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


9 pm


Guardian Great Mileage


10:40 4:56 11:07 5:21 11:36 5:49 12:03 6:19 12:32 6:43 The times shown are for the Ashburton River mouth. For the Rangitata river mouth subtract 16 minutes and for the Rakaia river mouth subtract 6 minutes.

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mainly fine






few showers

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Good fishing

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24 Jan 6:21 pm

31 Jan 10:40 am

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7 Feb

Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa

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-7 7 33 30 10 19 8 30 -3 27 21 20 12 -4 3

8:24 am

River Levels



Nth Ashburton at 2:00 pm, yesterday


Sth Ashburton at 12:15 pm, yesterday


Rangitata Klondyke at 2:00 pm, yesterday

83.6 415.4 nc

Waitaki Kurow at 9:00 am, yesterday Source: Environment Canterbury

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12 8 14 9 14 10 10 9 10 10 8 11 8

Rakaia Fighting Hill (NIWA) at 12:00 pm, yesterday 201.2

Ashburton Airport Temperature °C At 4pm 21.0 23.6 Max to 4pm 9.7 Minimum 1.6 Grass minimum Rainfall mm 0.0 16hr to 4pm January to date 6.4 Avg Jan to date 43 2014 to date 6.4 43 Avg year to date Wind km/h SW 37 At 4pm Strongest gust NW 83 Time of gust 1:18pm

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23 24 25 21 20 23 26 17 21 19 20 17 16

Selwyn Whitecliffs (NIWA) at 1:00 pm, yesterday

Canterbury Readings





Forecasts for today

20 0 14 -7 23 24 12 14 12 22 24 15 6 1 2

overnight max low

Palmerston North mainly fine

Cloud increasing, late rain about the divide. Wind at 1000m: NW, gusting 90 km/h in exposed places in the evening. Wind at 2000m: NW 40 km/h, rising to severe gale 90 km/h in the evening.


m am 3 3

NZ Today

Any remaining showers about the divide clearing early morning and becoming fine. High cloud developing in the evening. Wind at 1000m: W 55 km/h easing to NW 25 km/h in the evening. Wind at 2000m: W 55 km/h easing to 30 km/h in the evening.

Fine, but becoming cloudy during the evening with patchy drizzle about the foothills. Southeast breezes developing around midday and turning northeast during the evening.

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Friday, 24 January 2014

A ridge over much of the country retreats to the east tomorrow and northerlies strengthen as a low approaches from the west. The low moves onto the South Island on Sunday. Another ridge is expected over the South Island on Monday and Tuesday, while a southeast flow spreads over the North Island.

mainly isolated cloudy drizzle drizzle few showers fine showers clearing showers

Periods of rain. Northerlies, strong in exposed places.






SUNDAY: Periods of rain. Fresh northerlies.




TOMORROW: Fine apart from morning and evening cloud. NE.








TODAY: Fine but becoming cloudy evening. SE develops midday.



Map for today

Ashburton Forecast

Wa i m a ka r i r i


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Friday, January 24, 2014




to 4pm yesterday


Christchurch Airport

Timaru Airport

20.8 21.5 10.0 –

21.5 23.9 9.4 4.0

19.8 23.9 5.8 –

0.0 77.6 – 77.6 –

0.0 9.0 32 9.0 32

0.0 14.8 34 14.8 34

W 26 – –

W 24 NW 59 2:44pm

S 28 W 56 10:41am

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Karyn Cox

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Television Friday, January 24, 2014 TV ONE

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6am Breakfast 9am Infomercials 9:30 The Chase 3 0 10:30 Ellen 3 11:30 Infomercials Noon One News 0 12:30 Emmerdale PGR Katie takes flowers to Victoria cottage; Brenda extends an olive branch. 0 1pm Coronation Street PGR 3 Carla is looking for Peter, while he is at the police station making a confession. 0 1:30 F House Guest 3 2pm Come Dine With Me 3 0 3pm The Renovation Game 3 4pm Te Karere 2 0 4:30 Ellen 5:30 Piha Rescue A husband is missing in front of Lion Rock; a body is spotted floating in the rip. 6pm One News 0 7pm Border Security 3 0 7:30 Coronation Street PGR Peter appears in court; Kylie and Brian’s feud continues; Sunita sees Karl taking money from the till. 0 9:30 Come Dine with Me 0 10:30 One News Tonight 0

11pm Alan Carr – Chatty Man AO 3 Alan Carr’s guest is Kim Kardashian. 0 Midnight Prime Suspect AO 3 0 12:55 Te Karere 3 2 0 1:35 Infomercials

CHOICE TV 6am Benny Hinn 6:30 Cheese Slices 7:30 Tales From River Cottage 8am Belfast Zoo 8:30 Travel Unravelled 9am Turkish Delights With Allegra McEvedy. 9:30 Yard Crashers 10am Carter Can 10:30 Dream Build Compilation 11am 20th Century Roadshow 11:30 Tales From River Cottage Noon Paul And Nick’s Big Food Trip 12:30 Being Erica PGR 1:30 Angling Adventures 2:30 Ask The Butcher 3pm Destination Flavour 3:30 Travel Unravelled 4pm Ainsley’s Barbecue Bible 4:30 Destination Flavour 5pm Fantasy Homes By The Sea With Jenni Falconer. 6pm Belfast Zoo 6:30 House Crashers 7pm 20th Century Roadshow 7:30 Kirstie’s Fill Your House For Free Kirstie Allsopp helps people transform their homes with furniture that’s been sourced for free. 8:30 Better Homes And Gardens 9:30 Life In A Cottage Garden 10pm Get Growing 10:45 Home By Novogratz 11:10 20th Century Roadshow 11:30 Gator Boys


12:35 Benny Hinn 1am Storage Hoarders 2am Kirstie’s Fill Your House For Free 3am Fantasy Homes By The Sea 4am Belfast Zoo 4:30 House Crashers 5am Blokes AO 5:30 Ainsley’s Barbecue Bible


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6am Creflo Dollar 6:30 Handy Manny 3 0 6:53 Angry Birds Toons 3 0 6:55 Phineas And Ferb 3 0 7:20 Back At The Barnyard 3 0 7:45 Pokemon – Sinnoh League Victors 3 0 8:15 F Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide 3 0 8:35 F Zeke And Luther 0 9am Infomercials 10:30 F The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air 3 0 11am Neighbours 3 0 11:30 Gary Unmarried PGR 0 Noon Shortland Street PGR 3 0 12:30 Scrubs PGR 3 0 1pm F I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here PGR 2pm Bethenny 3pm Hope And Faith 3 0 3:30 Angry Birds Toons 3 0 3:35 The Penguins Of Madagascar 3 0 4:05 Shake It Up 3 0 4:30 8 Simple Rules 3 0 5pm America’s Funniest Home Videos 3 0 5:30 Friends 3 0 6pm The New Adventures Of Old Christine 3 0 6:30 Neighbours 0 7pm Shortland Street 0 7:30 The Bachelor Australia 0 8:35 M The Island AO 2005 Sci-fi Thriller. Two residents escape after they discover they are actually harvested beings, being kept along with others in a utopian facility. Ewan McGregor, Scarlett Johansson. 0

6am 3 News – Firstline 8:30 Infomercials 10:30 The Shopping Channel 11:30 Entertainment Tonight 3 Noon 3 News 12:30 90210 PGR 3 The gang prepares for graduation, but Naomi may not graduate because of a choice she makes. 1:30 The Dr Oz Show Whose Line Is It Anyway? stars Wayne Brady and Colin Mochrie join host Aisha Tyler in a few quick-fire games; Wayne Brady flexes his singing talents. 2:30 Rachael Ray 3:30 F What’s Really In Our Food? 3 0 4pm F The Real Hustle NZ 3 4:30 Grand Designs Australia 3 0 5:30 Big Brother Australia Highlights of life in the house. 6pm 3 News 7pm F Bondi Vet PGR The Australian Reptile Park operations manager sends Chris on a frightening mission in far north Queensland. 7:30 The Block – All Stars PGR Mark and Duncan want to give up; Mark cries. 0 8:30 Beauty and the Geek Australia PGR 10:05 Would I Lie to You? UK AO 10:45 3 News

11:30 Live At The Apollo AO 0 12:30 Dating In The Dark Australia AO 3 1:30 Infomercials 2:35 Supernatural AO 3 0 4:05 Nikita AO 3 0 4:50 Neighbours 3 0 5:15 Zeke And Luther 3 0 5:35 Good Luck Charlie 3 0

11:25 SVU AO 3 An actress’s sexual assault is mistaken for a performance by a theatre audience. 0 12:20 CSI – Miami AO 3 An eccentric genius is assassinated with an unusual weapon. 0 1:20 Infomercials


6am Sesame Street 3 6:55 Pingu 3 7am Avatar – The Last Airbender 3 7:25 Rugrats 3 8:20 Chuggington Badge Quest 3 8:30 Care Bears 3 8:50 Bananas In Pyjamas 3 9am Bob The Builder 3 9:10 Thomas And Friends 3 9:20 Peppa Pig 3 9:30 Barney And Friends 3 10am Infomercials 2pm Sesame Street 3 2:55 Peppa Pig 3 3:05 Pingu 3 3:10 Ben And Holly’s Little Kingdom 3 3:25 Go, Diego, Go! 3 3:50 Beyblade – Shogun Steel 3 4:15 Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 – Fused 3 4:40 Max Steel 3 5:05 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 5:35 Redakai 3 6pm Malcolm In The Middle 0 6:30 Just Shoot Me! PGR 0 7pm The Simpsons PGR Homer becomes the leader of a secret club, but his power is undermined by a spiritual emptiness. 0 7:30 American Ninja Warrior 3 8:30 M Universal Soldier AO 3 1992 Action. Genetically engineered super soldiers start to go out of control. Jean Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren. 10:40 Rove LA AO 3 11:45 Entertainment Tonight 12:10 Infomercials


6:30 The Crowd Goes Wild 3 An irreverent daily sports and entertainment show. 7am Deal Or No Deal 3 Game show hosted by Andrew O’Keefe that gives contestants the opportunity to win up to $200,000. 7:30 Home Shopping Noon The Doctors 1pm The Jeff Probst Show 2pm America’s Got Talent PGR 3 2:55 The Crowd Goes Wild 3 3:25 Nigella Express 3 Nigella shows how to get great food on the table fast. 4pm The Late Show With David Letterman 3 5pm Deal Or No Deal 3 5:30 Prime News 6pm Deal Or No Deal 6:30 Millionaire – Hot Seat Hosted by Eddie McGuire. 7pm The Crowd Goes Wild 7:30 American Idol 8:30 N Bones PGR Pelant’s threats still hang over Booth and Brennan’s relationship; the Jeffersonian team delves into a new case. 9:30 Undercover Boss UK PGR 10:30 Best of QI PGR 3

8:30 The Crowd Goes Wild 9am L Golf – US PGA Tour Farmers Insurance Open – Round One. From Torrey Pines in La Jolla, California. 1pm Golf – European Tour (Highlights) Qatar Masters – Round Two. 1:30 Golf – LPGA Tour (Highlights) Bahamas LPGA Classic – Round One. 2pm Triathlon – Ironman 70.3 Championship (Highlights) 3pm Ice Hockey – NHL (Replay) Edmonton Oilers v Vancouver Canucks. 5pm Golf – US PGA Tour (Highlights) Farmers Insurance Open – Round One. From Torrey Pines in La Jolla, California. 5:30 Basketball – NBL (Replay) New Zealand Breakers v Wollongong Hawks. 7:30 Golf – LPGA Tour (Highlights) Bahamas LPGA Classic – Round One. 8pm Motorsport – Toyota Racing Series (Highlights) Timaru, Round Two. 9pm Basketball – NBL (Highlights) NZ Breakers v Wollongong Hawks. 9:30 The Crowd Goes Wild 10pm L Football – A-League Brisbane Roar v Wellington Phoenix.

11:10 The Late Show With David Letterman A late-night comedy and talk show. 12:05 Home Shopping 1:35 The Crowd Goes Wild 3 An irreverent daily sports and entertainment show. 2:05 Home Shopping

Midnight Basketball – NBL (Delayed) 2am Fight Night 4am Football – A-League (Highlights) 4:30 Cricket – International (Highlights) 5:30 L Golf – LPGA Tour Bahamas LPGA Classic – Round Two. From Ocean Club Golf Course, Paradise Island, Bahamas.

MAORI TV 10am Korero Mai 3 11am F Toku Reo 3 Noon Korero Mai 3 1pm Toku Reo 3 2pm Ako 3 2 3pm Maara Kai 3 3:30 Cyberchase 3 2 4pm Miharo 3 2 4:30 Pukana Ka Pao 3 5pm Toi Whakaari 3 2 5:30 Te Kaea 2 6pm Nga Pari Karangaranga O Te Motu 3

THE BOX 6am NYPD Blue MVLS 6:50 The Simpsons PG 7:15 Pawn Stars PG 7:40 America’s Funniest Home Videos PG 8:05 The Pretender PG 8:55 CSI MV 9:45 Law And Order MV 10:35 CSI – Miami MV 11:25 Criminal Minds 16VS 12:15 CSI MV 1:05 America’s Funniest Home Videos PG 1:30 CSI MV 2:20 NYPD Blue MVLS 3:10 The Pretender PG 4pm Pawn Stars PG 4:30 The Simpsons PG 5pm CSI MV 6pm America’s Funniest Home Videos PG 6:30 The Simpsons PG 7pm Pawn Stars PG 7:30 CSI – Miami MV 8:30 SVU MV 9:30 SVU MV 10:30 Law And Order MV 11:30 CSI – Miami MV


12:30 The Pretender PG 1:20 NYPD Blue MVLS 2:10 Law And Order MV 3:05 SVU MV 3:55 SVU MV 4:45 The Pretender PG 5:35 America’s Funniest Home Videos PG

SKY SPORT 2 6:30 Ako 3 2 7pm Te Kaea 3 2 7:30 Tribe 8pm Hardcase PGR 3 Bloopers clip show presented by comedians Andre King and Tevita Manukia. 8:30 Kanikani Mai 3 9:30 Iwi Anthems Te Waka Huia. 10pm Oruorua 3 10:30 Project Matauranga 3 11pm Te Kaea 3 2 11:30 Closedown


Midnight Auction Hunters PG 12:30 Swamp Murders M 1:30 Backyard Oil PG 2am Destroyed In Seconds PG 2:30 Alaska – The Last Frontier PG 3:30 Deadliest Catch PG 4:30 Deadliest Catch PG 5:30 Mythbusters PG

6:50 Hollow Man 16VS 2000 Horror. Elisabeth Shue, Kevin Bacon. 8:40 Lara Croft – Tomb Raider MV 2001 Action Adventure. Angelina Jolie, Jon Voight. 10:20 The Making Of It’s Complicated M 10:35 Mystic River 16VL 2003 Drama. Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Kevin Bacon. 12:50 Hollow Man 16VS 2000 Horror. Elisabeth Shue, Kevin Bacon. 2:45 Entrapment MV 1999 Thriller. Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta-Jones. 4:40 Lara Croft Tomb Raider – The Cradle Of Life MV 2003 Action. Angelina Jolie, Gerard Butler. 6:40 Shanghai Noon PGV 2000 Action Western. 8:30 Underworld – Rise Of The Lycans 16V 2009 Action. 10:05 Couples Retreat MS 2009 Comedy. Midnight Entrapment MV 1999 Thriller. 1:50 Lara Croft Tomb Raider – The Cradle Of Life MV 2003 Action. 3:45 Underworld – Rise Of The Lycans 16V 2009 Action. 5:15 Shanghai Noon PGV 2000 Action Western.

12:30 Fox Sports News 1am Football – A-League (Replay) Brisbane Roar v Wellington Phoenix. 3am UFC – Road To The Octagon Benson Henderson v Josh Thomson. 4am Basketball – NBL (Replay) Perth Wildcats v Melbourne Tigers.

Universal Soldier

12:30pm on TV3

8:30pm on FOUR


6am Destroyed In Seconds PG 6:30 Sons Of Guns M 7:30 Man v Wild PG 8:30 Mythbusters PGR 9:30 Yukon Men PG 10:30 Amish Mafia M 11:30 Who The (Bleep) … M Noon Who The (Bleep) … M 12:30 Disappeared M 1:30 Fatal Encounters M 2:30 Gold Rush PG 3:30 Sons Of Guns M 4:30 Deadliest Catch PG 5:30 Mythbusters PGR 6:30 Mythbusters PG 7:30 River Monsters – Year Of Beasts PG 8:30 Off The Hook – Extreme Catches PG 9pm Off The Hook – Extreme Catches PG 9:30 Deadliest Catch PG 10:30 Jungle Hooks – India PG 11pm Off The Hook – Extreme Catches PG 11:30 Auction Hunters PG



6am Cycling – Tour Down Under (Highlights) Stage Three. From Norwood to Campbelltown, South Australia. 6:30 Pool – World Masters 7:30 Cricket – T20 Big Bash League (Replay) Hobart Hurricanes v Brisbane Heat. From Blundstone Arena in Hobart. 11am Basketball – NBL (Highlights) New Zealand Breakers v Wollongong Hawks. From North Shore Events Centre in Auckland. 11:30 Sky Sport – What’s On Noon Tennis – Australian Open (Highlights) Day 11 – Day Session. From Melbourne Park. 1pm Tennis – Australian Open (Highlights) Day 11 – Night Session. From Melbourne Park. 2pm Netball – International (Highlights) England A v New Zealand. 2:30 Cricket – T20 Big Bash League (Highlights) Hobart Hurricanes v Brisbane Heat. 3pm Inside Cricket 4pm L Cricket – International Australia v England – Fourth OneDay International, First Innings. From Western Australia Cricket Association Ground, Perth. 7:55 The Cricket Show 8:25 L Cricket – International Australia v England – Fourth OneDay International, Second Innings. From Western Australia Cricket Association Ground, Perth.

6:15 A Good Day To Die Hard MVL 2013 Action. Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney. 7:50 Welcome To The Punch 16VLS 2013 Crime. James McAvoy, Mark Strong. 9:30 Haywire MVL 2011 Action. Gina Carano, Ewan McGregor. 11:05 The Rum Diary MVLS 2011 Drama. Johnny Depp. 1:05 A Good Day To Die Hard MVL 2013 Action. Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney. 2:45 Welcome To The Punch 16VLS 2013 Crime. James McAvoy, Mark Strong. 4:25 Margin Call ML 2011 Drama. Kevin Spacey, Stanley Tucci. 6:10 The Avengers MV 2012 Action. Robert Downey jr, Chris Evans. 8:30 Red Dawn MVL 2012 Action. Chris Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson. 10:05 Evil Dead 18VL 2013 Horror. Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez. 11:35 Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde MV 2008 Drama.


1:05 Margin Call ML 2011 Drama. 2:50 Evil Dead 18VL 2013 Horror. 4:20 The Avengers MV 2012 Action.



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Friday, January 24, 2014



Dominika Cibulkova of Slovakia celebrates her 6-1, 6-2 win over Agnieszka Radwanska of Poland in their semi-final match at the Australian Open tennis championship in Melbourne yesterday. Cibulkova will play Li Na, of China, in the final on Saturday. AP PHOTO


No luck for Jackman’s sevens side BY JONATHAN LEASK


Mark Jackman and the New Zealand Sevens side have had an unsettled build-up before staring down the pool of death at the Las Vegas Sevens this weekend. Injuries and unavailability have rattled the side ahead of the fourth leg of the series in America where the current series leaders are set to face rivals

Fiji and Australia in pool play. The troubled build-up began in training camp when they lost influential playmaker, Tomasi Cama, who suffered a calf injury, with Ben Lam and Declan O’Donnell also unavailable due to injury. Then the newcomer, 19-yearold Aucklander Akira Ioane, was unable to obtain the required travel documents in time for the team’s flight to Las Vegas and had to withdraw, replaced by

Manawatu’s George Tilsley. The bad news for the defending series champions didn’t end there, with Sherwin Stowers and Joe Webber ruled out with injury. Luckily coach Gordon Tietjiens has depth to rely on, bringing in the experienced Waisake Naholo and David Raikuna into the side. The loss of Cama is the biggest blow with Gillies Kaka and Jackman taking over the play-

Walsh back on home track P17-18

maker role for the weekend. Jackman was recalled to the national side after playing the opening tournament on the Gold Coast, which New Zealand won, before being overlooked for the Dubai and South African legs. As well as the run of luck, history is also against the All Blacks Sevens, having not won in Las Vegas in the four years at the Sam Boyd Stadium, losing in the cup final three times includ-

ing last year to South Africa. New Zealand currently leads the series on 58 points from South Africa (56) with Dubai champions Fiji third (48) and Australia (34) fifth behind England (40). The tournament kicks-off tomorrow (NZ time) with the Kiwis playing Australia and Scotland before completing pool play against Fiji on day two and heading into the playoffs, with the final to be played on Monday.

Sunset doubles heats up P19

Ag 24 january 2014  

Ashburton Guardian, Friday, January 24, 2014

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