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Tuesday, Oct 22, 2013

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Dogs maul prize guinea pigs BY SUE NEWMAN


Two dogs on a killing spree have destroyed years of work for guinea pig breeder Sandra Smith. On Sunday night the dogs entered the Smiths’ property, overturned cages and savaged 18 guinea pigs, a rabbit and a hen. A devastated Mrs Smith was left counting the loss in breeding stock and in bloodlines that the kill had wiped out. “We didn’t hear anything but our neighbours said they heard something at two o’clock and got up and chased the dogs away. They said they heard biting and scratching on cages,” Mrs Smith said. Yesterday morning she spotted a large dog on her section and when she and her husband went out to check their animals they discovered the carnage. They saw two dogs. Mrs Smith described one as a brindle mastiff and the other as a red pitbull. “They both looked pretty fierce.

“One rushed into a cage and Russell shut it in. We called dog control and they’ve got them both. “One of them had registration tags and they’ve been traced back to Orr Street,” she said. This is the second time in three weeks that the Smiths have lost animals to dogs. Last time the overnight raid cost them about 14 hens. Their section is not fenced, but fencing would cost thousands of dollars the Smiths do not have. “We’ve tried to work out our options, but you have to ask what these dogs are doing running around loose at night. “I’m an advocate for responsible dog ownership


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and the owners of these dogs should be held accountable.” The couple have lived at their address since 1976 and while they’ve had problems with dogs before, Sunday night’s attack was the worst they’d experienced, Mrs Smith said. “We’re angry and we won’t give up. It’s a matter of what we do next, how we plan. This has made our lives a bit more complicated. Unfortunately, if these dogs go down the road, there will be more.” Ashburton District Council environmental monitoring manager Rick Catchpowle confirmed

With roots stretching back to 1875, Heartland has a proud history of supporting small-to-medium sized businesses, farms and families in Canterbury. It’s great to offer the people of Ashburton a local banking option that is 100% for New Zealand.

the council’s dog control contractor had been called to the William Street address. Two dogs, a pitbull and a bull mastiff cross, had been linked to the attack and had been impounded, Mr Catchpowle said. “As investigations are ongoing I do not want to pre-determine the outcome at this stage as a number of factors need to be confirmed before any decision can be made. We take these matters seriously and will be conducting a full investigation,” he said. Below: Sandra Smith faces a heartbreaking task, cleaning up after marauding dogs killed a large number of her guinea pigs on Sunday night. PHOTO TETSURO MITOMO 211013-TM-120

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Five things that may interest you



‘Onesie’ joyride brings trouble

A French backpacker has been arrested in Western Australia after her boyfriend was spotted riding on the bonnet of their car dressed in a dinosaur “onesie”, wearing a snorkel and smoking a cigarette. The bizarre sight confronted police in the northern coastal town of Broome at on Sunday morning. Police spotted the stationwagon as it travelled towards them at about 60km/h. A man in a onesie was lying on the bonnet of the car, facing the female driver. The 23-year-old female driver was later charged and the vehicle, in which the couple were believed to be living, was also seized under hoon legislation. – AAP

A shoe in




Beyonce has snapped up two pairs of shoes from a Kiwi designer to take back as a souvenir from her New Zealand concerts. The singer showed off the purchase – matching loafers for herself and daughter Blue Ivy – on her Instagram account yesterday morning. The shoes are from New Zealand designer Kathryn Wilson’s upcoming Winter 2014 collection. – APNZ


Chief re-buried The remains of famous Ngapuhi warrior chief Hone Heke have been re-buried in secret after concerns that the planned re-interment later this month could end in chaos. David Rankin, a kaumatua of Ngapuhi hapu Te Matarahurahu and descendant of Hone Heke, removed the 19th century warrior chief’s bones from a cave near Pakaraka, where they had lain since 1850. Mr Rankin said safety concerns for the planned re-interment – including talk of activists possibly trying to steal the bones – meant he buried them in secret near Kaikohe. – APNZ


Walking Dead inspires new convention TV series The Walking Dead has inspired a new convention, a podcast, and a one-man play. The podcast and Atlanta-based convention, Walker Stalker Con, are the creations of Eric Nordhoff and James Frazier. The two friends and fans of the AMC show were nicknamed Walker Stalkers after they made a road trip last year to the Georgia town of Senoia to watch the show being filmed and meet some of the actors. Nordhoff said Walker Stalker Con, scheduled for next month, will feature several actors from the show, including Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln and Robert “IronE” Singleton. – AP

Another ‘sea serpent’ washes up on US beach For the second time in less than a week, a “sea serpent” (left) has attracted gawkers on a Southern California beach. This time the rare, snakelike oarfish washed up at the weekend in Oceanside. The newspaper U-T San Diego reported that it measured nearly 4.3 metres long and attracted a crowd of up to 75 people. While it’s unusual to find the deep-water fish near shore, on October 14 a snorkeller off Catalina Island found a 5.5-metre-long oarfish and dragged it on to the beach with the help of a dozen other people. According to the Catalina Island Marine Institute, oarfish can grow to more than 15 metres. – AP

Magic Moments – A non-stop song and dance show with a cast of 28 and a nine-piece band. You will be singing along and tapping your feet to favourites from the 50s and 60s. Great local entertainment in support of the Ashburton Trust Event Centre. Show times: 1.30pm and 7.30pm. On the couch – India’s Supersize Kids, BBC Knowledge,

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8.30pm. What’s Your body hiding? Anita Rani explores the crisis of obesity in India. As the country’s economy grows and a middle class emerges, the national waistline is swelling too. Most at risk are children as the influence of fast food restaurants and coffee shops grows. Out of town – Nik Kershaw NZ Acoustic Tour, Dux Live, 363 Lincoln Road, Addington,

Christchurch. He’s back! UK legend Nik Kershaw performs one of his five NZ shows in Christchurch. Show starts: 8pm. On the horizon – Flight 4 Life, Lake Hood, November 23. Flight 4 Life is a kite day that aims to raise money for Westpac Rescue Helicopters Canterbury. There will be kites of all shapes and sizes, including animals, sea creatures and

other flying objects, some as long as 30m! There will also be Rokkaku battles (Japanese kite fighting) for the general public to try and kite building for kids so that everyone can fly a kite. Duration: 11am to 6pm.


Harris, Kaye Joan MacDonald, Athol Ivor McDougall, Ellie Moore, Leicester Farghar

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News Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ashburton Guardian



Ashburton could be split in two By Sue NewmaN

The Ashburton District could be carved in two when Representation Commission members pick up their pens and redraw New Zealand’s electoral boundaries. The post Census boundary review is underway, with preliminary boundaries to be released on November 21 and how those new lines will be drawn is anyone’s guess says Rangitata MP Jo Goodhew. Inevitably the edges of an electorate - Timaru, Pleasant Point, Methven and Rakaia,

Jo Goodhew

were at risk but change could also see the area between the Rakaia River and the Selwyn River become part of Rangitata, with Timaru and Pleasant Point moving into Waitaki.

Four central South Island electorates – Wigram, Selwyn, Rangitata and Waitaki now have populations that are significantly over the 5 per cent plus or minus tolerance of 60,000 people, while the four southern electorates are well below the 5 per cent threshold. “I know there are too many people in the Rangitata Electorate at the moment and I know they’ll look to put some into another electorate. I totally understand people don’t want a district split but it’s much less likely they’ll split a city than a district.” The commission had proved

it could split communities of interest when boundaries were last redrawn, splitting the Timaru Disrict between Rangitata and Waitaki, she said. “At one stage in the past Ashburton was split in half, but they do try to stick to geographic boundaries such as a river.” Last time boundaries were redrawn it was done from the south up and there was no indication which approach the commission would use this time, Mrs Goodhew said. “Regardless, we just have to accept we have too many people in this electorate; that’s the downside of growth.”

When the boundaries were redrawn after the 2006 Census, Mrs Goodhew said Rangitata was just within the 5 per cent tolerance level and it was anticipated the electorate’s population would decline. The opposite had happened. “Whatever happens, it can’t be as bad as last time. Then 40 per cent of the people I door knocked and 80 per cent of the territory changed.” For some MPs in marginal seats the redrawing of boundaries could impact on their political future, but Mrs Goodhew said she did not see this as likely in Rangitata.


Our big cat may have headed south By michelle NelSoN

Mid Canterbury’s elusive black panther may have moved south. Last week a delivery driver spotted what he described as a large cat-like animal feeding on road kill just outside the Fairlie township in the early hours of the morning. The description was remarkably similar to reports in a number of sightings of the pantherlike animal in Mid Canterbury – roughly the size of a labrador dog, with a round head and a distinctive long tale. Such sightings began trickling in in 1992 when the animal was spotted at the Ashburton River mouth. But the legend really took flight this century when Marcus Ewart and David Tutton reported seeing a large, black panther-like cat near Alford Forest; two years later the cat appeared again, this time witnessed by Peter and Toni May in the Ashburton Gorge. A month later, in October 2003, truck driver Chad Stewart was startled by a huge black cat in the Mayfield foothills. The same month the cat appeared again, this time near the Fairton meat works. Several sightings were reported in the Seafield and Pendarves areas in January 2004. In May 2005 Mark Brosnahan met the beast in the foothills

A delivery driver spotted a large cat-like animal feeding on road kill just outside Fairlie

area, and Nic Newman came face-to-face with the legendary black cat on the Mt Somers Walkway in June 2005. Brent Thomas happened across the cat at the Ashburton River Mouth in August 2006. More sightings in the Pendarves district followed. The last reported sighting came in August last year. Professional photographer Michael O’Neill captured an image of a large black animal slinking across the frozen surface of Lake Clearwater, providing the clearest photo yet. Further afield the cat was seen near Twizel in 1996, two years later a tawny coloured labradorsized cat appeared near Cromwell, and Southland residents reported seeing a bobcat-like animal in the Mataura area. Department of Conservation officials have consistently stated the animals are large feral cats; however those who have seen them first-hand have downcried this explanation.

Michael O’Neill captured this image of a large black animal slinking across the frozen surface of Lake Clearwater, providing the clearest evidence yet of the elusive black panther.

News 4

Ashburton Guardian

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Pora breached home leave By Brendan Manning and Patrice dougan The brother of a woman raped and murdered in 1992 said he is disappointed the man jailed for his sister’s murder was denied parole. In a decision released yesterday, the Parole Board said Teina Pora was declined parole after he was found to have breached his home leave conditions to visit a prostitute. Pora is now in his 21st year behind bars for the rape and murder of Susan Burdett in Papatoetoe, Auckland. Ms Burdett’s brother Jim Burdett said yesterday he read the Parole Board’s report and understood they operated to a strict set of rules.

Teina Pora

“I guess the rules said that he didn’t deserve parole because he didn’t stay within those rules, but it didn’t seem clear to me that he presented a danger to society.” Mr Burdett said he didn’t know Pora personally and wasn’t in a position to second guess the Parole Board.

“But I am disappointed in so far as I figured 20 years was long enough and I also don’t believe he did it.” The board said Pora had breached two of his home leave conditions during the period he visited the prostitute - going out without his sponsor and associating with a known criminal. It was his 12th bid for parole, and while the board said he has “done well in prison” in recent months, he had failed to show he could be trusted in the community. The board made clear Pora was “not sanctioned for having sex, but for his breach of known conditions and his evasion in his explanations”. Pora’s “lack of frankness and

honesty” was “disquieting”, the board said. They also noted there was concern about the media interest in Pora’s case, saying he had been recognised a number of times while out in the community during such leave periods. Pora’s lawyer Jonathan Krebs said his client was “really upset with himself that he was unable to resist the temptation” to visit a prostitute while out on home leave. “That incident occurred several months ago and since then he has had a lot of home leaves, at least four periods of 72 hours, with no further concerns. He’s also in a release to work programme in which he has received glowing reports,” Mr Krebs said. - APNZ

In brief CDHB quake payout Canterbury District Health Board has settled its earthquake-related insurance claim and will receive the full amount available under its policy of $320 million. Bruce Matheson, CDHB chairman, said it was a relief to have the claim settled, which the Insurance Council said equalled the biggest payout in New Zealand history. Two hundred buildings, including 14,000 out of 16,000 rooms in CDHB facilities, sustained damage during the Canterbury earthquakes. - APNZ

A taste of Africa A taste of Africa is coming to Ashburton tomorrow night when the district’s Newcomers Network holds an African Cultural Night. An evening featuring dancing, music and traditional African food will be held at the Walnut Avenue Hockey Pavilion and it’s open to anyone who wants share in a special cultural occasion. More information can be obtained from Daria on 0272208791

Locked in and out Firefighters had to smash a car window to rescue a baby after her father accidently locked her inside on Sunday. “It was a very hot day and a very dark car and there is a danger of dehydration,” a Mt Maunganui Fire Station spokesperson said. “But we worked quickly and got the baby out and it was absolutely fine. - APNZ

Fire at airport Napier airport was evacuated yesterday after a fire broke out in the lunch room just before 7am. National MP Chris Tremain tweeted about the incident and took a photo of the smoke coming from the building. - APNZ

Tractor rolls on man

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A 67-year-old Hawke’s Bay man was flown to hospital yesterday with chest and head injuries after a tractor rolled on him while he was replacing post at a vineyard at Crownthorpe. It was not yet known what had caused the tractor to roll as the accident occurred on flat ground. - APNZ

Attempted abduction Changing the face of parking in central Ashburton, James McCrae works on the installation of pay and display parking machines on East Street. Photo tetsuro MitoMo 181013-tM-029


Pay and display finally comes to town They’ve been on the Ashburton District Council’s radar for at least two years but finally pay and display machines have hit the pavement on East Street. Twelve machines have been installed along East Street, two on each side of the street in each block between Havelock and Moore Streets. They are being placed so as motorists will have to walk

no further than three parking spaces to insert their money and obtain a ticket to place on their vehicle’s dashboard. The new machines will not be operational until next month, council environmental monitoring manager Rick Catchpowle said, as technical aspects need to be finalised. The lead up to commissioning allows the units to be monitored for any faults while

at the same time making arrangements for new signage to be installed and for asphalting of each point, he said. “While we are currently not in a position to give exact dates, we envisage everything being in place and operational by early November and will be providing information on our website etc on how to operate the units as we lead up to commissioning them,” Mr Catch-

powle said. That doesn’t mean free parking however, as the new units have signs that indicate motorists must continue to use the stand-alone meters. The $115,000 the new meters are anticipated to cost will come from the council’s parking account. There will be additional costs for installation and for removal of the existing parking meters.

Police are waiting to interview a 4-year-old boy who was grabbed during a possible attempted abduction at the Christchurch Botanic Gardens on Saturday. The boy was climbing a tree about 2pm when a man in dark glasses grabbed his arm. Police said he would have stood out given he was wearing thick, heavy clothing on such a hot day. - APNZ

Death not suspicious The death of a woman whose body was found near a river in Blenheim on Saturday night is not suspicious, police say. Tasman district police communications manager Barbara Dunn said the body of the woman in her 20s was found next to the Taylor River about 7pm. The death had been referred to the coroner. - APNZ

News Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ashburton Guardian 5


Trip memorable for wrong reasons By GaBrielle Stuart

Ashburton volunteer firefighters were called out to the Hotel Ashburton just after 6.30pm yesterday, after a trailer load of peastraw caught alight while travelling down the Main South Road. A Waikato delivery driver was taking the load of peastraw back to the Hotel Ashburton, where he was staying overnight, when he noticed smoke coming out of the back of the trailer. “I had plenty of drivers trying to flag me down, but I thought my best bet was to get back to the hotel and hope they had a fire extinguisher, rather than stop on the side of the road and have nothing.” He bought the load from a local farmer, and suspected the fire would have started soon after he left the farm. He hoped the damage to the trailer would be repairable, but said the peastraw, which he originally intended to take back to Morrinsville for his garden, would have to be dumped. Firefighters were at the scene within minutes and quickly had the blaze under control.

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An overnight stay in Ashburton was a lot more dramatic than this Morrinsville man bargained for, after volunteer firefighters were called to put out a blaze in his trailer. Photo tetsuro MitoMo 211013-tM-00261


Taking home grown to all-new levels Magic Moments … Ashburton Event Centre … October 22, 1.30pm and 7.30pm and October 23, 7.30pm. Running time, two hours. If a show is a winner at its final dress rehearsal then it deserves to be a sell-out at every performance. And if ever a home grown show deserves total support it’s the Ashburton Event Centre’s big fundraiser, Magic Moments. This show takes home grown to new levels - not only does its cast come from Ashburton or have associations with Ashburton, it is written, directed and choreographed by three of Ashburton’s musical theatre stalwarts Margaret Jackson, Jenny Beach and Susan Spenser. And the trio and their cast have done themselves proud. This is old time music hall at its best. Vocally impressive with toe tapping dance routines and more than a few numbers that would be at home on a big city stage. Magic Moments takes a journey through the 1950s, 60s and 70s with a bit of license here and there for numbers from other eras. If you’re expecting rap, you won’t get it, but you will get rock, rhythm and rousing big numbers that balance

Raising money for a cause, cast members of the show Magic Moments (from left) Matt van Issel, Heath Walters, Brent Gray, Chris Woods and Dennis Mably. Photo elaine Vallender

nicely with some superb solos and touching moments. It’s to the directing trio’s credit that they secured a cast that included one ex-Ashburtonian now living on the Gold

Coast, Leanne Argyle, and several dancers and singers who now call Christchurch home. You’ll often find yourself singing along and just as often you’ll find your feet tapping out

a rhythm under your seat. This show is light-hearted musical entertainment at its best and you simply want to get up on stage and join in. It’s from an era when music

was music, when lyrics were simple and when singers sang so you could hear every word. It’s anything but staid, however, with some great dance routines and some big musical numbers that are sure crowd pleasers. If Magic Moments has a star it has to be Leanne Argyle particularly her big number All That Jazz, sung with a back up team of singers and dancers. Bethany McNally was also impressive in solo and in duet with Ann Woodham. The professionalism of these three singers, who have starred in countless performances with Ashburton’s Variety Theatre adds a special edge to the show. And it wasn’t just the girls who were the stars. Brent Gray with his backing boys in All Shook Up and with Heath Walters in Jail House Rock were standouts and for moments of quiet nostalgia you can’t beat Kevin Soster. This show is impressive for the depth of male musical talent. Magic Moments is musical nostalgia at its best, there’s something for every musical taste and it’s a happy mix of big numbers, simple songs and entertaining dance routines. Sue Newman

News 6

Ashburton Guardian

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

In brief Fined over fall A Turangi indoor rock climbing company has been fined $35,000 and ordered to pay reparation of $15,000 after a 15-year-old fell 15 metres, seriously injuring his legs. Vertical Assault Limited was sentenced yesterday over the October 2012 accident. - APNZ

Motorcyclist dies A 24-year-old motorcyclist injured in a crash in North Otago on Sunday afternoon has died in hospital. Christchurch man Cameron Alexander Blaze Johnson suffered serious injuries when he crashed near Bushey, north of Palmerston and was flown to Dunedin Hospital, police said. Mr Johnson died yesterday. - APNZ

Sheep cause crashes

Some of the raffles and prizes donated by local businesses for the Mid Canterbury Animal Shelter Fun Day this year. Photo Donna Wylie 081013-DW-157


A riot of pets, activities, prizes By GaBrielle Stuart

At the Mid Canterbury Animal Shelter Fun Day this year clowns will meet children and their pets at the gates, ushering them into a riot of ponies, dancers, fire engines, animals, activities, competitions and a mountain of prizes. It’s a dramatic change from the lead up to previous years, when the annual Animal Shelter fundraiser had often cost more than it had raised, president Dawn Norn said. But with a new organiser at the helm this year, she said that

plans for the annual fundraiser next month are looking more dramatic than ever before. “The last few years it has been a struggle, but this year we have the most amazing events co-ordinator ever, and she has managed to get the entire community excited. For the first year ever I’m not the slightest bit worried about it – I just can’t wait to turn up on the day and see what she’s made happen.” The pet fashion shows and costume competitions will be back at the Pet Day this year, as will the bouncy castles, facepainting and craft stalls – but


ANIMAL SHELTER FUN DAY Sunday, November 3 from 10am to 4pm at the Ashburton Racecourse. Entry is free. Pets encouraged. new activities this year will include latin and rock ’n’ roll dancing, party ponies, clowns and craft activities including pet rock painting. From raffles and prizes donated by local businesses to 10 year old volunteers leading

craft activities, organiser Tracey White said the whole community had pitched in to make the day a success this year. “People have just been awesome, and even just organising it all brings that inner kiddy out of you.” She hoped that numbers this year would be in the thousands. “There are people coming from the West Coast for it, and the aim is for everyone to go home this year with a prize.” She said that sites were still available for stalls, and anyone willing to volunteer their help before or on the day would be very much appreciated.


Compost in a bucket Sulphur fire a surprise To learn more about composting food waste in a bucket come along to the Eco Education Centre on Wednesday. Bokashi bucket composting is an easy method of composting food scraps right in your kitchen. All you need is a Bokashi bucket system and some Bokashi zing. Put your food scraps into the bucket, sprinkle with Bokashi zing, and put the lid on. The zing will ferment food scraps including meat so there is no smell or flies and your food scraps will soon be teaming with microbial life.

Once the bucket is full you can bury it in your vegetable garden. After a few weeks the trench you buried the contents of the bucket in will be teaming with tiger worms, full of fertility and ready for planting your summer vegetable garden. Wednesday’s demonstration will run from 1.20pm at the Eco Education Centre alongside the Mastagard Recycling Shed in the industrial area. For help with composting food scraps with bokashi call 0800627824 or email bholley@ or

A small sulphur fire at the Government Gardens in Rotorua was quickly dealt with by firefighters but the public are being urged to keep their eyes and noses open in case there are any more. Rotorua Fire Brigade senior station officer Cameron McEwan said it was the first sulphur fire he had seen for about three years. It happened around 1.40pm yesterday in an area to the left of Prince’s Gate. “A sulphur fire is when the ground gets so hot it ignites the sulphur and starts smouldering away,” Mr McEwan said. “It was starting to spread, if

they get bigger that can cause a problem.” He said the fire was dealt with in minutes but firefighters had to make sure the area around the fire was cooled down with water. “We get them all around, the sulphur flats, Tikitere, just where the water table gets low and the ground heats up. You would definitely know if [a thermal area] was burning. It’s a whole different smell, quite an acrid gas. You’ll also see the ground charring. It’s totally different to the normal geothermal look and smell. “If you do see a sulphur fire call 111 and we’ll come and sort it out.” - APNZ

Wandering sheep on State Highway 1 led to crashes involving a truck and two vehicles near Allanton in Otago yesterday morning. Emergency services were called to the scene south of Allanton just after 5am, following reports of wandering stock and a multiple vehicle crash. Sergeant Ed Baker said a truck driver had stopped his vehicle after finding sheep on the road, which has then led to two other vehicles being involved in pile-up. One man was taken to hospital. - APNZ

Failed to return home A motorcyclist was found dead yesterday after failing to return home from a motorcycle ride late on Saturday afternoon. After an extensive search the 54-year-old rider was located off West Coast Road, Makarau with the assistance of the Auckland-based Westpac Rescue Helicopter. Waitemata police said the Serious Crash Investigation Unit attended. Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust crew chief Herby Barnes said they were called to search for the missing motorcyclist and found him dead on arrival. - APNZ

Breeding breakthrough For the first time in 50 years the pitter-patter of tiny kiwi feet could soon be heard in the Marunui Conservation Reserve, situated near the Brynderwyn Hills. Only six months after 14 kiwi were released in the 423ha block of privately-owned native forest between Mangawhai and the Brynderwyn Hills, two male birds are sitting on eggs expected to hatch in November or December. - APNZ

Change a winner A group of Whangarei workmates are $500,000 better off after they won that amount between them on Lotto’s Winning Wheel spin on Saturday. Lyn and Rose, from the work group, who did not want their second names used, spun the Winning Wheel live on TV on Saturday on behalf of their work syndicate. When the Winning Wheel stopped it indicated that they had won a whopping $500,000 between them. Syndicate member Rose normally buys the ticket, but on this particular week she was on holiday and reminded Lyn to buy it, and she’s over-the-moon that she did. - APNZ

News Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ashburton Guardian 7


Kiwi team takes out Tasman clash Mid Canterbury youngsters who met former All Black Marc Ellis and Australian rugby league great Laurie Daley in Ashburton last week will be happy to know the Kiwis raced to victory in the ANZA Challenge to raise money for kids with disabilities. As the teams cycled through Ashburton Mr Ellis and Mr Daley pulled off the road to meet Mayor Angus McKay, before heading over to Ashburton In-

termediate. The gruelling 1300km transTasman battle saw sports stars and celebrities running, rowing and cycling around New Zealand raising funds for the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation. Racing started in Wellington last Tuesday, with teams paddling the equivalent distance of the Cook Strait on rowing machines. Fortunately for the New Zea-

land team, Olympic gold medalwinning rowing pair Nathan Cohen and Joseph Sullivan were on board. The contestants then took turns cycling from Nelson to Christchurch and then Christchurch to Dunedin. They flew to Hamilton on Friday from where they ran more than 100km to Auckland. The race culminated on Sunday with simultaneous runs in Sydney and Auckland.

Wallaby Wendell Sailor, Olympic cyclist Shane Kelly and Olympic champion rower Dan Noonan were also in the Aussie line-up. Mr Ellis said the event had been gruelling, but for an immensely worthy cause. “Getting kids to socialise is the key to forming relationships and sport’s a very good conduit for that. “I’ve got my arms and legs but some kids aren’t so fortunate so

we love what the Halberg Foundation stands for.” Halberg Disability Sport Foundation chief executive Geoff Burgess said the organisation saw sport as a great way to enhance the lives of people with disabilities. “That was Sir Murray Halberg’s aim so it’s wonderful to see elite athletes lining up and helping these people. “I just think that synergy is just tremendous.”


Music legend keen to return to Ashburton By GaBrielle Stuart

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Liam Kennedy-Clark backs New Zealand country music singer Al Hunter during his visit to Ashburton for the Mid Canterbury Country Music club day on Sunday. Photo tetsuro MitoMo 201013-tM-01356

a really nice guy, easy to talk to and a lot of fun to be up on stage with.” He said that he had been invited to perform with the singer in Hokitika early in the year, and while other commitments meant he had to turn down the offer he was very glad to get another chance. “I was really looking forward to meeting him.

“He’s been there and done a lot of things in the industry, so it was an honour to perform with him.” He said that if Mr Hunter invited him to join a show in Ashburton, he would be glad to perform with him again. The Ashburton show could coincide with the release of Al Hunter’s fourth album, which he expected to finish early next year.



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Sunday was country music legend Al Hunter’s first visit to Ashburton in more than 20 years, but it isn’t likely to be his last. More than 200 people gathered on Sunday for the Mid Canterbury Country Music club day, where he performed backed by some of Mid Canterbury’s own rising stars. After more than 50 years in the industry, the country music singer has played in many of the top venues around the country and has been backed by some incredible talent, including Dave Dobbyn. But although his stage at the MSA on Sunday was a relatively small one his audience were very appreciative, and he is already making plans to play in Ashburton again. Ashburton country musician Lanae Hill hosted the singer during his stay in the district, and said that he hoped to return to Ashburton early next year. “He had a blast here. He enjoyed himself and was made to feel welcome, and he’s thinking quite seriously about a return trip.” But after meeting many of Mid Canterbury’s country artists during his brief stay, she said that if he brought his own show to Ashburton he planned to do something a little different. “He’s hoping to invite local performers to join him up on stage to sing his songs; to put their own slant on them.” One of those young performers is likely to be Mid Canterbury’s Liam Kennedy-Clark, who led Mr Hunter’s backing band at the club day concert. The young singer spent several hours with the country legend over the weekend, both talking and playing together. “We talked a lot about music, and about his songwriting. He’s

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ashburton Guardian


Govt coughs up to keep team intact BY CLAIRE TREVETT

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce says there are no strings attached to the $5 million funding for Team NZ, which was largely to retain key members of the team until it decided whether to mount another challenge, which he expected to be by April or May next year. He said future funding if a challenge went ahead would probably be on a similar basis to last time in which the Government put in one-third of the total funding raised. That came to $36 million. Grant Dalton and Dean Barker had both directly told him they intended to stay on as part of the team. “Although they have also been very clear, both of them, that they shouldn’t have their positions as of right and that should always be tested over the next three or four years. But my understanding is that they both intend to stay part of the team.” Dalton had said on the day Oracle won the Cup that he did not expect to be involved in the next challenge. Mr Joyce said it was a tricky time as other syndicates started “sniffing around” and delaying would mean that other chal-

lengers got a head start in areas such as sponsorships. Mr Joyce said the $5 million would be written off if Team NZ did not mount a challenge, but the Government would look at further funding if it did go ahead. He said it was less than the $6.5 million Team NZ had wanted in short term funding, and it had agreed to try to make up the shortfall elsewhere. “The balance was around developing some of the technologies they wanted to at this stage, and we said that’s fine but see if you can find some other sponsorship for that.” He said it was up to Team NZ to work out potential sponsors and the Government would not have a veto over those, although it would be taken into account when the Government was deciding on any future funding if the challenge did go ahead. “It’s one of the things we’ll look at, as to whether we get sufficient branding for our investment, and that’s definitely one of the things we’ll want to assess. We’ll be looking for improvements as part of any investment, as well as every other sponsor would.” - APNZ

Mayfield Lions Club member Aubrey Aitken (from left) hands Ronald McDonald House South Island general manager Emma Jones an $11,000 cheque from money raised by the Mt Somers Bike Race earlier this year while Jeff Gray BMW’s Matthew Hodgson, Ronald McDonald House fundraising manager Meri Wynen and Mayfield Lions Club member Michael Rushton look on. PHOTO SUPPLIED


Bike race funds distributed BY MYLES HUME


Start a



with a wealth

of opportunities

A hefty cash injection from the Mid Canterbury community will go a long way to ensure the doors stay open to the South Island’s only Ronald McDonald House. The Mayfield Lions Club presented the home with an $11,000 cheque from money it raised from the Mt Somers Jeff Gray BMW Mountain Bike Race on April 21. The Ronald McDonald House South Island provides free accommodation and support for families of ill children who are in need of hospital treatment in Christchurch. Several Mid Canterbury families have stayed at the house. “Basically it costs us $500,000 to keep

the doors open each year so donations like this allow us to continue what we do,” Ronald McDonald House South Island fundraising manager Meri Wynen said. Ms Wynen said the cash would help pay the huge power and phone bills the house accumulates along with other running costs. Mayfield Lions Club committee member Michael Rushton said more than 700 competitors turned out to the mountain bike race, raising a total of $22,000 that they contributed to worthwhile charities. “For us it’s about returning profits to an organisation that helps the community in the Ashburton District,” Mr Rushton said.

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Accused in hospital, has to miss court date A woman arrested over an attack on two French tourists in Hawkes Bay at the weekend did not appear in court yesterday because she was in hospital. The 27-year-old Hastings woman was charged with assault with intent to rob and breaches of community work after the two tourists were attacked by their van in a Westshore carpark on Saturday night. She was due to appear in Napier District Court but had her appearance moved to Hastings District Court before it was decided she would not appear. Police said she was in hospital with a pre-existing condition and would be remanded in custody by consent, which

would be reviewed today. Police said the two tourists, both 22, were confronted by a man and woman who asked them for a lighter before a pistol and baseball bat were brandished. The male tourist was pistol-whipped in the attack. Neither of the tourists required medical attention, but were “extremely shaken up” by what had happened, police said. A Westshore resident came to the rescue of the couple, by calling the police and giving them a place to stay the night after they sounded the van’s horn to scare off their attackers. A man wanted over the assault has not yet been found. - APNZ

News Tuesday, October 22, 2013

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Returning to where it all happened By GaBrielle Stuart

For many of the former Ashburton High School pupils who gathered for a reunion on Sunday, the luncheon was not only a time to catch up with former schoolmates but a chance to visit childhood haunts for the first time in many years. The former pupils have gathered for annual reunions in Christchurch for more than 10 years, but organiser Russell Irvine said that this was the first time the reunion had been brought back to Ashburton. He said that from many classes there were just one or two people still living in Mid Canterbury, and among the 125 who gathered at the Ashburton Golf Club on Sunday were close to 40 who had travelled from outside the district to attend. The stage was opened up over the afternoon to anyone who wanted to reminisce about the school days. Mr Irvine said that there was plenty of laughter as a lot of new stories came out. “I think that most people, including myself, really enjoyed our time at the school.

View or purchase photos online

At 88, George Marrow was the oldest of the 125 former pupils who gathered to reminisce at an Ashburton High School reunion on Sunday. Photo tesuro MitoMo 201013-tM-01304

We had many very good teachers who we respected and enjoyed, the sports facilities


were very good, and we made friendships that have continued throughout the years.”

Next year they will gather to mark 50 years since the school was closed, and while plans for

the celebrations were still being organised they hoped to hold the event in Ashburton.


Senior naval officer Liam dismissed over affair inspired by annoying lights A married senior naval officer who was yesterday dismissed from the Defence Force after a 37-year career over an affair with a subordinate has not yet decided whether to appeal, his lawyer says. Commodore Kevin Keat, 55, was dismissed after being found guilty of five of eight charges at a court martial at Trentham, north of Wellington. The Defence Force said afterwards that he could appeal against the decision to the Court Martial Appeal Court within 21 days but, after yesterday’s hearing, Commodore Keat’s lawyer Michael Bott said he was yet to decide whether to. While sentencing Commodore Keat, Chief Judge Chris Hodson QC said he had been “deceitful” and showed no remorse. Commodore Keat’s other lawyer, Steven Taylor, had asked that he be allowed to remain in the navy until his contract expired next February and end his career with some dignity. But Judge Hodson said the

breach of trust had been so great it would be unfair to expect colleagues to work with him again. The woman at the centre of the trial said the commodore exercised power and control over her employment conditions when she tried to end their affair after several years. The commodore’s defence was that the complainant’s view was different from that of his own, and he insisted he ended the affair well before the woman claimed to have put a stop to it. The woman told 3 News last night that Commodore Keat had threatened her and her daughter. “I think my daughter and I have spent that much time on the phone, both in tears trying to support each other. Kevin has just painted me as such a horrible picture, a horrible picture, and that to me just reflects on what sort of true man he is,” she said. “He made me lie to my superiors. He made me feel like I was a prostitute. He made me feel like there was nothing left for me.” - APNZ

Liam Heaven’s annoyance over city lights ruining his view of the night sky inspired him to become one of the country’s top young writers. The Mt Somers-Springburn pupil was one of five winners in the 172-strong junior section of the Margaret Mahy Starlight Essay/Poetry Competition. With his essay, Liam, 10, wrote about the effects of light pollution and how easy it was to prevent. “Light pollution stops people from seeing the night sky and it can be hard for planes to land,” Liam said. Light caps and low sodium street lights could help reduce light pollution, he said. Liam was presented with a Galileo telescope, which he says works well in Mt Somers.

Photo suPPlied 181013 liaM heaven

Opinion 10

Ashburton Guardian

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


R18 shop owner not perturbed Coen Lammers EDITOR


arry Davies must have a thick skin. The owner of the now infamous Rakaia R18 shop that sells synthetic drugs appears unperturbed by the show of force from his own community against his business. On Friday night, the Rakaia community hall was packed to hear local MP Jo Goodhew explain and defend the Government policy for allowing interim licences to sell a limited number for synthetic highs on an interim basis, while they are being tested. She explained the Government aims to stop the trade from going underground and only allow mild products with limited effects to be sold legally. The Government allows 30odd products to be sold, which it considers low risk, while producers need to prove the products are safe, before they are considered for permanent approval. The people of Rakaia clearly feel like they are the guinea pigs of this unproven policy and while the products are being assessed, young people’s lives and that of their families are destroyed by the dangerous chemicals sold in their town. One mother from Leeston made a powerful submission in which she described how the legal highs had affected her son who had started stealing money to feed his addiction. Anyone claiming that these products are not addictive and dangerous ignores the overwhelming amount of similar anecdotal evidence. Mr Davies says he operates within the law and simply wants to make a living. The Minister of Health suggested that the council can force the shop out of Rakaia if it considers it too close to schools and early childhood centres, but this would probably just move the sales point to another part of the district. The Government has to be commended for trying to be creative around controlling the supply of these products, but the fact that many of the banned substances have already appeared on underground markets, implies that the policy is set to fail. While the success of strategy will take some time to come out, Rakaia people are not in the mood to sit on their hands and wait for the outcome.

YOUR VIEW R18 shop

Names on letters

How is it that whilst it is against the law for Mr Davies to advertise his business it seems acceptable for Neil Pluck, the Rakaia News, the Ashburton Guardian and the Courier to give excessive space to advertising the R18 Shop. When it first opened very few people in Rakaia knew of its existence. Thanks to media coverage all in Rakaia, most in Mid Canterbury, and many beyond know of this business. Excellent free advertising for someone not permitted to do so!! (Text message)

The fact that the editor can verify the source of anonymous mail is surely not the point. If people want to inflict their views on an audience the size of that reading the Guardian, they should have the decency to put their name to them. As far as I’m concerned, anything on a letters page that’s unattributed isn’t worth reading. Ian Jenkins



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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

When good farmers go bad

POLL RESULT Yesterday’s result Q: Will you be heading along to support Mid Canterbury in the Meads Cup rugby final against North Otago this Saturday?

Willy Leferink WILLYLEAKS


art of my volunteer job at Feds is handling some fairly tricky stuff from time to time and there’s none trickier when one of our guys let the side down. I mean of course when a dairy farmer takes the wrong fork in the road he/she rightly gets nabbed for it. I’ve heard heaps of stories that farming is like some secret society in that, nudge nudge, wink wink, we look after one another and look the other way. That view is rubbish. We have a great story to tell given water quality is trending in the right direction according to the Ministry for the Environment. There are plans in place to light the afterburners on what we do environmentally. I’ve also read that a group of scientists writing in Nature now say pastoral agriculture helps to create clouds. Given clouds reflect the sun’s energy and trap moisture, they help to keep the earth a temperate place to be so our cows, sheep, goats and crops may all be climate heroes. That’s effectively what one environmental professor at Auckland University wrote in the Herald. But you cannot shout from the rooftops about what we do well without owning up to what we don’t do so well. Most dairy farmers are honest and hard-working people committed to doing the right thing, but we’ve also got some roosters. In recent days, up in the Waikato and in South Auckland, two farmers copped $167,000 worth of fines between them. I’m sure some of our critics

Today’s online poll question Q: Do you believe the black panther exists?’ (Poll closes on Tuesday at 4pm)

CONTACTS Of course there are farmers who get it wrong, it’s just a shame that the majority of dairy farmers who are getting it right are being tarred with the same brush.

will be happier than a pig in mud at this news, but what these farmers did was wrong. They got caught and justice has been served and rightly so. Yet it also shows you how easy it is for one or two to undo the great work of most farmers. What disappoints me with these convictions is that there is plenty of industry support for farmers. What they did wrong has been well canvassed in the media over recent years and ignorance of the law is no excuse. My advice to farmers, wherever they are, is to talk with your local Feds team, DairyNZ and your dairy company if things are getting out of control. We will stick like glue to those who do the right thing, but we cannot turn a blind eye when the side is let down. Midweek, a Dominion Post reporter contacted me over a story about dairy compli-

ance inspections. He wanted to know if Federated Farmers preferred notified or random inspections. Clearly it is notified because we’ve all had that unexpected caller when you’re head down, tail up. It’s a real hassle having to drop everything, especially since farm compliance inspections are done under cost recovery; we pay over $200 for each inspection. That last point was strangely omitted from the article. Predictably Fish & Game led off comments in the Dominion Post saying ‘notified’ gives us a chance to clean up a mess or ‘hide stuff ’; but be real here. If you’ve had effluent ponding it doesn’t take much of a trained eye to spot it as breaches stand out like the proverbial on a dog. What I found distasteful was Fish & Game linking notified inspections to drink and drive checkpoints.

What about innocent till proven guiltily? Farms are occupational workplaces with notifiable hazards, so it makes sense inspections are booked in advance. Having an inspector knock on your door when you are about to start pest control or clear downed trees doesn’t get things off to a good start. ECan does not notify visits but won’t undertake an inspection on the day if the farm manager isn’t present. Prebooking seems a far smarter use of council and farmer time, but it is also a professional courtesy since we want to promote good management practice. While several convictions aren’t a flash look, there are almost 12,000 dairy farms that are on the right side of the law. Isn’t that the best place to be?

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Willy Leferink is Federated Farmers Dairy Chairperson

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


In brief Turtle poachers nabbed Thirteen Vietnamese fishermen have been arrested after being found in Philippine waters with a haul of protected sea turtles. The fishermen were caught off the western Philippine island of Palawan, in waters near the South China Sea where authorities say foreign poaching of endangered or protected species has become a major problem. “Upon initial inspection, it was found out that the said foreign fishing vessel is loaded with undetermined pieces of dead sea turtles,” said Benigno Caabay, a station officer at the Palawan police provincial headquarters, quoting an official report. - AFP

Principal a murderer? Police in eastern India have filed charges against a school principal and her husband for the July deaths of 23 pupils who consumed poisoned meals. Meena Devi and Arjun Rai were charged with various offences including murder, attempted murder and causing hurt by means of poison, police said yesterday. The deaths at the primary school in Bihar state’s Saran district caused outrage across the country. - DPA

Braced for hurricane Firefighters desperately putting in containment lines to help control a wildfire near the township of Bell, Australia, yesterday. ap photo

Bushfires flare up across NSW By ava Benny-Morrison Firefighters battling on scorched firegrounds across NSW will have 24 hours of kinder weather before severe conditions return to test the state tomorrow. Sixty-two fires were burning across the state yesterday with 17 uncontained and emergency warnings for residents of the Blue Mountains townships of Bilpin, Berambing and Springwood. Rural Fire Service (RFS) Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said the prospect of three fires in the Blue Mountains linking up to form a mega blaze may have been successfully

thwarted by extensive backburning yesterday. But Wednesday was shaping as “D-Day”, the RFS said. “The weather situation continues to firm up as being problematic over the next 48 hours with a continuance of similar conditions to today, albeit a marginal reduction of temperatures for tomorrow, before we see wind strengths dominate much of the fire affected areas,” Mr Fitzsimmons said. “But also more broadly right up through the Hunter and the Central Ranges Metropolitan and Illawarra regions, we can expect to see most of those areas with widespread severe fire danger ratings.”

Mr Fitzsimmons said there was the potential for extreme fire danger in the greater Sydney area. And, while the Springwood backburning may have gnoe some way toward averting a mega fire, there were still serious concerns the Mount Victoria and State Mine blazes will merge on the western edge of the mountains to form a massive fire. “Earlier projections were that it had every potential of all three fires joining together,” RFS Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said. “We can’t rule it out but hopefully at this stage, with everything that’s been going on

in the last 24 hours or so, we’ve lessened the likelihood of that occurring.” NSW remains in a state of emergency and premier Barry O’Farrell defended the powers emergency authorities have been handed to order evacuations. “We do know in these situations at times there are people who resist the request of emergency authorities to leave, that not only puts their lives at risk but also puts at risk the lives of emergency personnel,” he told ABC TV. “You do need to have these (powers), as draconian as they appear, to ensure that people obey the law at these times.” - AAP


Train bomb death toll ‘at least six’ By Maaz Khan A bomb has hit a passenger train in Pakistan’s restive southwest, killing at least six people and wounding more than 17. The device, apparently planted on the railway track, exploded when the train approached a station in Naseerabad, 250km southeast of Quetta, yesterday. “It was a bomb blast, the target was the passenger train. At least six people have been

killed,” provincial home secretary Asad Gilani told AFP, adding that more than 17 others were wounded in the blast. Zafar Shah Bukhari, a senior official in the area, confirmed the bomb attack and death toll. Bukhari said the Jaffar Express was travelling from Rawalpindi to Quetta. “We have taken the dead bodies and injured to the nearby hospital,” Bukhari said, adding that the condition of six of the

injured passengers was critical. The explosion derailed the train, Bukhari added. The identity of those killed in the attack was yet not clear but Gilani said some security personnel were travelling in the train. “All those killed were men but women and children were among the wounded,” Bukhari said. Police and other security personnel cordoned off the area after the blast. An intelligence

official told AFP bomb disposal experts were examining the site to determine the nature of the blast and check for any more devices. Bukhari said one of the compartments of the passenger train was badly damaged due to the intensity of the explosion. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the blast but in the past, the separatist Baluch Republican Army has claimed such attacks. - AFP

Hurricane Raymond is gaining power as it swirls toward Mexico’s already soaked southern Pacific coast. And with it comes the threat of heavy and possibly dangerous rains, forecasters warn, a month after Tropical Storm Manuel caused widespread damage with floods and mudslides. The US National Hurricane Center said yesterday the newly formed storm was likely to veer back out into the Pacific before reaching land but might pass close to shore. Even if it stayed offshore, the storm could drop heavy rain and cause life-threatening flash floods and mudslides along the south-central Mexican coast. - AP

Spying upsets France France is demanding explanations after a report that the US National Security Agency secretly recorded millions of phone calls made in the country. Interior Minister Manuel Valls yesterday described the revelations in Le Monde newspaper as “shocking”, in an interview with French radio Europe 1. The spy agency taped 70.3 million phone calls in France over a 30-day period between December 10 and January 8 this year, Le Monde reported in its online version, citing documents from former US security contractor Edward Snowden. - AFP

Radioactive leak Heavy rain at the Fukushima nuclear plant has caused a leak of radioactive water containing a cancer-causing isotope, possibly into the sea, its operator says. The revelation comes as a typhoon approaches Japan, threatening further downpours. It is the latest in a long line of setbacks at the site and further undermines agreements between operator Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) and the government, which limit the level of radioactive contamination in water that goes outside the plant. - AFP


“The long-term solutions involve making housing supply more responsive, cheaper, and freer of unnecessary hurdles,” Tuffley said. The lift in migration inflows has also become an additional factor for the Reserve Bank to consider when contending with the overvalued housing market, along with low housing supply and the impact of low interest rates stimulating borrowing appetites. ASB expects the Reserve Bank to start raising its official cash rate, in gradual steps, starting from March next year. New Zealand’s gross domestic product growth came to 2.7% in the June year. Statistics NZ’s September quarter release is due December 19. - APNZ

Add value with Lean principles


tepping back and taking stock of the way you operate your business can be a difficult exercise. It is not uncommon to follow processes that have been in place for many years for no other reason than that is the way you have always operated. There’s a good chance you are missing an opportunity to streamline and reduce inefficiencies. There is an approach called Lean, with the principles being adopted across a number of sectors to focus on the elimination of anything that doesn’t add value to customers. Lean principles have been around for decades and have been championed by organisations such as General Electric, Motorola with the original philosophy developed by Toyota. Although the roots of Lean come from industry production lines, the Lean principles can be applied in almost any environment where an endto-end operational process can

Matt Hannah


be defined, such as business processes, finance functions and internal systems. Processing of large volumes of transactions like benefits claims or tax returns lend themselves ideally to a Lean approach. Equally, Lean can be used to great effect in areas such as the processes which support the development of policy, call centre management, deploying resources and logistics. The real essence of Lean is in harnessing the passion and knowledge of front-line staff and empowering them to focus on ensuring as many activities as possible within an end-toend process support the delivery of value to the customer.

It is a customer centric approach and requires your business to nurture a culture where everyone is seeking ways to get rid of anything that does not add value, whether that be time, defects, waste or simply distances around a workplace. A lack of internal capability can be a significant challenge when a business embarks on a Lean transformation. Leveraging skilled resource to build the Lean programme, train staff in how to implement Lean and to facilitate staff through the early stages of transformation is valuable. Successful Lean transformations use external resource to create early momentum, but success should be driven by quickly becoming self-sufficient. The bottom line is that when you focus on adding value to your customer, you’re adding value to your business. Matt Hannah is a director for KPMG Private Enterprise

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land and Australia. “Recently, unemployment has been falling in New Zealand but rising in Australia, perhaps persuading more New Zealanders to stay here, coupled with a large increase in the number of New Zealand citizens deciding to return home,” he said. Canterbury is seeing a disproportionately sharp upswing in migration, which would help feed its needs for workers to support rebuilding activity there, he said. The acceleration in the country’s population growth is a broader challenge for the housing market. “Supply constraints in Auckland and Canterbury will continue to push up house prices in those regions,” he said.

New Zealand had its highest net gain of migrants in more than 10 years last month, as even fewer Kiwis left for Australia. Statistics New Zealand figures show New Zealand had a net gain - more arrivals than departures - of 2740 migrants in September, the highest since July 2003. The increase in recent months was due to both more arrivals and fewer departures, according to the International Travel and Migration report. A net loss of 800 migrants to Australia in September was the smallest since September 2003, as Australia continues to lose its attraction. The number of New Zealanders crossing the Ditch has been falling since December last year. In the year to September,

New Zealand had a net loss of 25,300 migrants to Australia, compared with 39,500 in the previous year. At the same time as fewer Kiwis were leaving to go to Australia, more migrants were heading back the other way, said ASB economist Daniel Smith. “We expect inflows will continue as the NZ labour market improves and Australia’s struggles to add jobs at a sufficient pace to keep up with population growth,” Smith said. “NZ’s labour market is likely to remain relatively healthy compared to those in Australia and Europe, which will continue to drive inwards migration.” Overall, New Zealand had a net gain of 15,200 migrants over the 12 months, compared with a net loss of 3300 in the previous year. - APNZ


According to ASB’s chief economist Nick Tuffley New Zealand’s economy is expected to rise by 3 per cent next year.

By Ben Chapman-Smith


We’re on track to reach 3% growth


Migrant net gain highest in 10 years



The New Zealand economy is on track to reach 3 per cent growth next year, according to ASB’s latest quarterly economic forecasts. ASB chief economist Nick Tuffley said post-earthquake rebuilding activity in Canterbury had been gaining traction, apart from a few fits and starts. Auckland was being buoyed by the housing market and was on the cusp of its own housebuilding pick-up, he said. Rural prospects were on a more solid footing following a severe drought early in the year. “Dairy incomes are set to rise over $4 billion this season. Meat prices have also recovered from the drought-induced dip earlier this year,” Tuffley said. “China’s growing appetite for red meat, as well as dairy, is an emerging positive to keep watch on,” he said. The large upswing in net migration inflows is an important change for the economy over the past year. In the year to August, the nation gained a net 12,848 migrants compared to the previous 12 months to August 2012, when New Zealand lost a net 4118 migrants. The main driver of the major turnaround in the nation’s migration flows is the movement of people between New Zea-

Ashburton Guardian

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


 NZX 50 index

4,802.56 +43.97 +0.92%

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3,768.97 +29.33 +0.78%

 NZX All index

5,130.37 +42.41 +0.83%

 Rises 59

 Falls 22


 S&P/ASX 200 index




At close of trading on October 21, 2013

 Dow Jones Indust.

15,399.65 +28.0 +0.18%

At close of trading on October 18, 2013

 FTSE 100 index

6,622.58 +46.42 +0.71% At close of trading on October 18, 2013

 Nikkei 225 index

14,693.57 +132.03 +0.91% At close of trading on October 21, 2013



 Gold


London – $US/ounce


 Silver



London – $US/ounce



 Copper London – $US/tonne





Source: BNZAs at 4pm October 21, 2013


Australia Canada China Euro Fiji Great Britain Japan Samoa South Africa Thailand United States

TT buy

0.8894 0.8881 5.5128 0.6336 1.5906 0.5345 84.97 2.0167 8.4843 26.78 0.8637

TT sell

0.8687 0.8597 4.8473 0.6103 1.4751 0.5179 81.70 1.7455 8.1781 25.53 0.8379

Disclaimer: NZX and MetService have endeavoured to ensure the correctness of the information; neither NZX, MetService related companies, nor this newspaper, nor any of their respective employees or agents make any representation as to its accuracy or reliability nor will they, to the extent permitted by law, be liable for any loss arising in any way from, or in connection with, errors or omissions in any information provided (including responsibility to any person by reason of negligence). Please note: All products and services are subject to change without notice.

Rural 14

Ashburton Guardian

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Clandeboye’s mozzarella plant to get $72m boost Fonterra has announced its plans to invest $72 million at its Clandeboye mozzarella plant as it further expands its global food service capabilities. The food service category includes full and quick service restaurants, institutions, hotels, airline catering facilities and other commercial kitchens. The investment is the final stage of a technology upgrade that will double the capacity of the Clandeboye plant in Canterbury to produce individual quick frozen (IQF) grated mozzarella. When fully implemented, this will increase Fonterra’s IQF mozzarella capacity across its two plants in New Zealand to over 50,000 MT per annum. Additional capacity is required to meet growing international demand, primarily in global fast food restaurant chains, supported by growth in regional fast food and fine dining restaurants. Clandeboye uses a manufacturing process that was developed by the Fonterra

Research and Development Centre. This world-leading patented technology means that frozen natural shredded mozzarella can be made straight from milk in one day, rather than two months taken by conventional mozzarella processes. This is a great example of the type of process and product technology development work being undertaken by Fonterra. Fonterra is driving further enhancement of this technology in partnership with the Ministry for Primary Industries, through the Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) initiative. Fonterra Director of Foodservice, René Dedoncker says that growth in the global food service category is being driven out of emerging Asian markets where the category is estimated to grow at around 13 per cent annually to 2016. “Demand for high-value dairy products like mozzarella is being fuelled by

changing dietary habits, particularly in Asia where there is a significant move toward more Westernised diets. “For example, there has been dramatic growth in the number of pizza restaurants in China where key customers such as Yum! (owners of the Pizza Hut brand) and Domino’s Pizza are undertaking aggressive expansion plans in new and existing markets.” Earnings potential in the food service category is well recognised by Fonterra. Mr Dedoncker says the food service category is one of seven strategic paths identified in the co-operative’s business strategy and it was one of the stand-out performers in Fonterra’s annual results released at the end of September. With demand for out-of-home meals increasing annually, Fonterra expects sales in this category to grow further. The Clandeboye plant upgrade will begin in mid-2014 and is due to be completed by September 2015.

Public opinion sought on animal welfare code The National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) is seeking public consultation on proposed changes to the Animal Welfare (Dairy Cattle) Code of Welfare 2010. NAWAC reviewed the code to address concerns about the long-term housing of dairy cattle. Key proposed amendments are around

off-pasture management systems. Dr John Hellström says that off-pasture management systems for dairy cattle, including purpose-built housing, are becoming increasingly common in New Zealand. “Farmers are already seeing the benefits of these systems in effluent management, feed intake monitoring, winter

shelter and pasture protection. However, facilities have to be designed and managed with the welfare of the animals in mind,” he said. NAWAC worked with dairying, science and veterinary experts on the proposed changes to ensure the animal welfare needs of cattle are met when farmers are considering these systems.

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AG CONTRAC TORS Fast and efficient service to Mid Canterbury

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Annual sale going from strength to strength Jersey bulls were in hot demand at PGG Wrightson’s annual bull sale at Tinwald last week, with a top price of $2350 reached. Vendors came from as far afield as St Andrews and Rolleston, with buyers all the way from Takaka and the West Coast. The annual bull sale started last year with 30 bulls on offer; this year 54 went under the hammer with most sold. The top-priced jerseys sold for between $2350 and $1750, the top animals supplied by Grantleigh Farm at St Andrews. Hereford bulls made from $2200 to $1900, while Galloway and Friesian bulls were less popular. PGG Wrightson hopes the annual sale will continue to grow and become entrenched on farmers’ calendars.

Left – Auctioneer Cameron Bray (left) and Neil Carter from PGG Wrightson look for action at last week’s annual bull sale. PHOTO TETSURO MITOMO 171013-TM-049

Muck Spreading


Large numbers of lambs are being processed in Australia. The slaughter in August was the highest ever for that month, and production for 2013 to date is up 5 per cent on last year. Australia consumes a greater proportion of its lamb domestically than NZ, but the majority of this additional production will be destined for export markets. One top of the extra production, exchange rate movements have also gone in Australian exporters’ favour. Against the US currency, the NZ dollar is now trading at fractionally higher levels than a year ago, while the Australian dollar has devalued by about 8 per cent over that time. This is making trading comparatively easier for Australia in all markets outside the EU, making it more difficult for NZ exporters to push for higher prices.


The US imported lean beef market is struggling to find its level. NZ 90CL cow meat traded US1c/lb lower over the past week, while 95CL bull meat lifted by US1c/lb. There definitely are concerns in the US market around domestic supply levels through into early next year, however lean beef prices aren’t rising, which shows the uncertainty that currently exists around demand levels. Offers of bull and cow meat out of NZ are now starting to increase, which could pressure import prices, especially if Australia continues to pump out beef. Australia is on track for a near-record monthly beef export total in October, with 100,000 tonnes a possibility. Shipments to its biggest market, Japan, remain very low but that’s being offset by strong volumes to the US and China.


The underlying strength of the log export market is continuing to support excellent returns for logs this year. Export prices have been steadily building over the course of the past 12 months, and domestic prices have been driven up by this export opportunity. In late September shipping rates increased for a short period and this combined with the strengthening New Zealand dollar has meant that returns on exports were back slightly this month. This was offset by gains made in the domestic market, brought on mostly by fourth quarter contracts being adjusted upwards from last quarter to close the gap that had opened between export and domestic log prices. Despite a flat period for export log prices, albeit at very high prices, exporters remain confident that the fourth quarter will result in increased demand and pricing in China. Currently inventories on ports are shrinking within China as consumption outpaces supply, and as China moves into its busiest construction season it is expected that supply levels from NZ will have to continue at the current record pace.

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Market Price Trends Week beginning october 21, 2013

L A M B ($) including 1 kg shorn Pelt this week 13.0kg YL SI 13.5kg YM SI 15.0kg YM SI 15.0kg YM NI 15.0kg YM Market Indicator 17.5kg YX SI 19.0kg YX SI 19.0kg YX NI 21.0kg YX SI 21.0kg YX NI 23.0kg YX SI

last 4 weeks 3 months week ago ago

1 year ago

46.66 67.00 86.00 86.60 60.35 99.58 107.35 110.14 117.71 121.79 119.97 46.66

46.11 66.43 85.37 86.60 61.52 98.84 106.55 110.14 116.83 121.79 119.01 46.66

44.34 64.31 83.01 84.82 60.28 96.10 103.57 107.89 113.53 119.30 115.40 46.66

38.78 58.13 76.14 77.23 62.26 88.08 94.87 98.26 103.91 108.66 104.86 46.66

48.15 68.71 87.66 84.94 61.47 101.51 109.43 107.73 120.00 119.13 124.41 46.66






1 Kg Shorn Pelt SI

2013/14 Low High

2012/13 ave

45.02 46.66 * 37.30 65.30 67.00 * 56.79 84.11 86.00 * 74.59 84.33 86.60 * 74.56 60.35 * 61.58 59.57 97.37 99.58 * 86.29 104.95 107.35 * 92.93 107.26 110.14 * 94.72 115.06 117.71 * 101.79 118.60 121.79 * 104.75 117.08 119.97 * 105.47 6.72 *

6.72 *


M U T T O N ($) Including 0.5kg pelt 21kg MX1







P2 Steer SI (296-320kg) NI P2 Steer Market Indicator

416 432 397

416 432 406

421 441 402

391 414 407

391 404 385

M Cow SI (160-195kg) NI M Cow Market Indicator

270 306 294

270 307 303

270 315 296

247 307 299

277 310 305

Bull SI (296-320kg) NI Bull Market Indicator

406 399 372

406 401 378

406 404 368

371 399 374

379 400 387




B E E F (c/ kg) 416 * 432 * 397 ** 270 * 306 * 294 ** 406 * 399 * 372 *

416 437 407 270 311 303 406 401 378


382 395 388 260 292 299 372 388 381

* * * *

Based on announced schedules with levies & charges deducted and published premiums included. For a valid comparison between the Islands, add $1.20 in Lamb and 7c/kg in Beef to the North Is values, because North Is Cos pay freight.

V E N I S O N ($/kg - gross) AP Hind 50kg AP Stag 60kg AP Stag 80kg

7.43 7.53 7.13

7.43 7.53 7.13

7.38 7.48 7.08

6.78 6.88 6.48

7.98 8.08 7.68

7.38 7.48 7.08

7.43 * 7.53 * 7.13 *

6.86 6.95 6.56

1400 1010 800 670 580 580 580 555 510

1340 980 850 725 545 545 535 525 510

1500 990 815 715 500 485 480 460 520

1325 1030 845 685 415 400 400 360 495

1285 910 790 670 * 500 475 473 450 495

1500 1010 850 740 580 580 580 555 520

1475 1047 848 714 440 399 386 372 501

400 418

375 418

433 415

468 432

338 408

473 443

419 423

4900 5370 6090 5250 13620

5190 5850 6270 5510 14300

4030 4210 4150 4880 11600

4820 5450 5370 6050 5800 6570 5770 5240 * 13190 * 14550

4258 4446 4502 4926 11572

W O O L Data: WSI Fine (21 microns) Medium (25 microns) Medium (27 microns) Medium (29 microns) Coarse (35 microns) Coarse (37 microns) Coarse (39 microns) 2nd Shear (37 microns-85mm) Lamb (31 micron-75mm)


* * * *

W H E A T ($NZ/Tonne) ASW (Aus standard White) NZ Free (12.5% protein)

DAIRY PRODUCT PRICES Butter (NZ$/tonne) Skim Milk powder Whole Milk Powder Cheddar Cheese Casein

4890 5420 6010 5240 13190

Prices are indicative only. They are compiled from an assessment of sales made worldwide on one-off basis in US $. Quota market sales and contracts are excluded. The prices are then converted to $NZ/t FOB at current exchange rates.



UK PM Lamb (p/kg) CIF US Bull (USc/lb) CIF US Cow (USc/lb) CIF Venison Bone-in leg (E/Kg)

PRICES 400 205 192 6.40

395 200 190 6.40

0.849 0.525 0.621 3.54

0.837 0.522 0.619 3.50

390 192 181 6.40

315 214 201 6.80

395 202 192 * 6.40 *

400 * 205 * 193 6.40 *

355 209 194 6.43

FINANCE US Dollar UK Pound Euro 2 Year Wholesale Rate (%)


D A T A (000)

Lamb SI Mutton SI Beef SI information provided by NZX Agrifax

52 9 3.4

0.790 0.819 0.519 0.510 0.603 0.627 3.22 2.56 (Estimates only) 54 141 50 19 15 10 4.2 23.7 3.9

0.776 0.501 0.586 2.76

0.863 0.561 0.659 3.60

17 5 0.0

508 134 26.7

Note: * denotes a new low/high for season.

0.810 0.511 0.629 2.76

Farm environment award winners Craige and Roz Mackenzie hosted a field day at their Greenvale Pastures last week. Photo tetsuro MitoMo


Mackenzies show them how it’s done Several hundred people visited the Methven farm of Craige and Roz Mackenzie last week, all keen to see how the awardwining pair went about their business. The Mackenzies won the 2013 national Ballance Farm Environment Award and hosted a field day with industry experts talking about farm technology, nutrient management, hybrid seeds and irrigation efficiency. The day included a tour of the Mackenzies’ 200ha intensive irrigated arable operation, Greenvale Pastures, where they grow a range of seeds including hybrid carrot, radish, chicory, wheat

ryegrass and fescue. The remaining 225ha is now part of their dairy enterprise, Three Springs Dairies. Judges in the farm environment awards were impressed by the farm’s strategic use of irrigation and dedication to water efficiency through the use of modern technology, including water measuring and soil-mapping devices. They also praised the couple’s communication and leadership skills, which were on display yesterday as visitors saw how they had used science and innovation to address modern-day farming challenges.


Meat reformers choose new leader Mid Canterbury sheep farmers supplying Silver Fern Farms are being asked to vote for Meat Industry Excellenceendorsed candidate Richard Young in the coming Silver Fern board election. Mr Young has resigned from MIE to stand for election; he has been replaced by Ohakune sheep and beef farmer John McCarthy as chairman. Mr McCarthy previously held the post of vice chairman of MIE and says he’s looking forward to the challenges ahead. “Richard is a very astute and capable bloke, he is utterly incorruptible. His focus is purely on enhancing value for farmers and I am sure he will continue to add real value at a time when the sheep and beef sector is crying out for genuine leadership,” Mr McCarthy said. “MIE will be endorsing candidates advocating change and industry reform. We urge Silver Fern Farms’ supplying shareholders to vote Richard on to the co-op board. Farmer engagement with co-ops is a key to a successful turna-

round strategy for the industry.” He said that MIE also owed Dan JexBlake a debt of gratitude for his hard work and energy in getting the group moving. Mr Jex-Blake has also stepped down from MIE’s executive committee to stand for the Silver Fern Farms board. “Sheep and beef farmers supplying Silver Fern Farms could have no better representative on the board of the coop than Dan,” said Mr McCarthy. “The industry needs commerciallysavvy, successful and hard working young farmers like Dan to step up, and we’re delighted he’s decided to stand for election.” Mr McCarthy said MIE had elected Alan Richardson as vice chairman in his place. Mr Jex-Blake’s place on the executive committee would be taken by Tim Coup. “We’re fortunate that MIE has a considerable depth of talent and our support base is growing,” Mr McCarthy said.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013



Yesterday’s top 5 stories on 1. Muddy good fun (+ Video) 2. Hammers leave it late 3. Hammers to host final 4. Town sends stern message 5. Guilty plea ‘no sudden decision’


2 8

1 8 4 3

Featured today:


snowboarding style lawn bowling and many more




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8 1




A slurpy kiss just for Isla Isla Miers (8) and Bubs the calf participated in the recent Lauriston School pet day.

SEND US YOUR PHOTOS Your Place is the place to display the photos of your sports team, your pets, your school events, or just something ordinary from the present or days gone by. Please send your photos to with the words YOUR PLACE in the subject line and we will run it in the Guardian or our website

6 9 4 3 2 7 8 1 5

5 1 3 6 9 8 7 4 2

2 8 7 5 4 1 3 9 6

3 2 9 1 8 6 5 7 4

7 4 6 2 5 3 9 8 1

1 5 8 4 7 9 2 6 3


8 3 5 7 1 4 6 2 9

4 7 2 9 6 5 1 3 8

9 6 1 8 3 2 4 5 7

Answers: 1b 2a 3c 4b 5c 6a 7c 8a


Lamb rumps with red lentil salad

7 8 5 9 5 1 8 2 3

4 Quality Mark lamb rump steaks ¾ C raw red lentils 1 small red capsicum 1 small yellow capsicum 3 tomatoes 1 Lebanese cucumber ¼ bunch parsley, chopped ¼ bunch mint, chopped ½ t cumin 1 red onion Zest and juice of 1 lemon 2 T olive oil Pepper

■ ■ ■ ■

boiling water for 3-4 minutes to retain texture and colour. Drain and place in cold water. Dice all vegetables and place in a bowl. Add lentils and chopped parsley and mint. Season with cumin, pepper,

lemon zest and juice ■ Stir to combine. ■ Serve this dish with grilled lime.

Recipe courtesy New Zealand Beef and Lamb


7 3 6

9 1 6


6 5 5 4 1 3 1 9 7

Solutions for today in tomorrow’s Your Place page.

3 1 2 7 6 9 8 4 5


7 9



■ Pre-heat a frypan and brush the steaks with olive oil. ■ Cook on one side until moisture appears, then turn and cook the other side. ■ Remove from heat and allow to rest, loosely covered with aluminium foil. ■ For the salad, cook lentils in



Test yourself with the Guardian’s weekday quiz

1 – Angus McKay was first elected Ashburton Mayor in...? a. 2009 b. 2010 c. 2011 2 – Which of the following is not an international stock exchange measure? a. The AsDac b. The Hang Seng c. The FTSE 3 - Madeleine McCann went missing in which country? a. Spain b. France c. Portugal 4 – Durga is a goddess in which religion? a. Buddhism b. Hinduism c. Sikhism 5 – The politician who served three times as New Zealand leader was...? a. Richard Seddon b. Sir John Hall c. Sir George Grey 6 – When was Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? a. 1990 b. 1992 c. 1994 7 – Where will the 2016 Olympics be held? a. Japan b. Dubai c. Brazil 8 - The Lowry Cup is contested in which sport? a. Bowls b. Tennis c. Badminton

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Heritage 18

Ashburton Guardian

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ashburton’s glass indu BY MICHAEL HANRAHAN


t’s not that many years ago that the humble empty longnecked brown beer bottle was worth good money. Children would collect them and sell them for a penny each and clubs and school committees held fundraising bottle drives. Today, they are hard to find, and if you do find one it’s not usually worth a lot, unless you can find one with the letters SCG on the base, then it’s worth keeping – or selling. SCG stands for Southern Cross Glass, the name of a company that established a glassworks on the northern outskirts of Ashburton in the 1920s. New Zealand at that time was spending £700,000 a year importing glass, so when a proposal was put to the Minister of Mines to grant a lease of the silica sand deposits near Mount Somers to the company, he readily gave his approval. Earlier in the 1920s William Tate of Christchurch had become aware of the silica sand deposits and promoted the idea of a locally based factory. He pursued his idea with energy, tests showing the sand was 99 per cent pure and in quantities greater than those relied on by English manufacturers, opening the prospect of an export market, while the company itself would be protected from competition by customs duties. The company initially purchased a 17-acre property at Winslow, west of the railway, but soon swapped it for five acres of plantation reserve on Bremners Road to the north of Ashburton for their factory. An adjoining site was to be laid out as a settlement for factory workers, many of whom it was thought would have to come from overseas in order to obtain the necessary expertise. The site was cleared of gum trees on March 19 1926, only one week after the company was formed. The stumps were blasted from the ground using gelignite. The factory was designed by Timaru architect E M Gabites and built by the well-known Ashburton firm, Smith Brothers Ltd. Mr Tate had a connection with the Australian Glass Manufacturers’ Company Ltd, and when preparing the Southern Cross prospectus in March 1928 used their figures from 1923 on as an indication of what could be achieved in New Zealand. An expert on glassworks and glassware, Mr H. Schnurpfeil of Karlsbad, then in Czechoslovakia, was employed to supply and install the specialised machinery. He arrived in Auckland on the Arawa in January 1928 and travelled straight to Ashburton. His report on the sand quality was favourable and he also liked the building, although felt it might not be

The letters SCG on the base of the bottle, proving it was made in Ashburton by Southern Cross Glass.

A large chunk up at the Ash

Above – The Ashburton Glassworks building, at the corner of Br Roads, about 1970 when it was being used for grain storage.

The Southern Cross Glass Company’s name plate from its office in Glassworks Road, originally known as Settlement Road because of the planned settlement for plant workers in the area.

suitable for making large plate glass sheets. The company commenced with a paid up capital of £125,000 with a further £125,000 on call. The original intention had been to install two glass plants, but a later decision to install a third

plant meant additional shares were available. In March 1930 it was announced production had started, following a series of teething problems, with the manager being Mr J. A. Dickenson and a staff of 13 skilled people, mainly

from Britain. The products to be manufactured included bottles for medicine, essences, beer, cordials and sauces, blue coloured bottles for poison and bottles for honey, jam and preserved meat, as well as electrical and household glassware. It appears the only plant installed initially was the one for this type of product. A number of items of this type were produced, but after two weeks the fire bricks in the furnace gave way. It appears that liquid glass in the furnace was run into a hole in the ground as large chunks of glass have been dug up in recent years. Rumours swirled around Ashburton for many years regarding the cause of the collapse. They mainly centred around suspicions of sabotage, but it appears the true causes were differences between the mainly English staff and the

German people supervising the machinery, with the added issue of most of the workers being unfamiliar with the machinery. Lengthy and expensive repairs to the furnace were carried out, but in the interim the Great Depression hit. The company was under-capitalised, and the depression meant orders were severely reduced. An extraordinary AGM was called on April 18, 1931, with the directors reporting that the technical problems had been solved but the financial burden was proving too heavy. They recommended that the company be wound up, but the shareholders did not take their advice, and the plant operated again. However, the 1933 AGM was told that orders had reduced to such an extent it was impossible to keep operating. They were producing a high standard of goods,

Heritage Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ashburton Guardian 19

stry hit by hard times

k of dark green glass dug hburton Glassworks site.

Above – 1926, and the site clearance has started. The architect and builder have their sign on the roadside. Left – A beer bottle made at the Ashburton Glassworks, this one made for Taranaki Breweries. Below – Construction of the building was well under way in 1927.

remners and Northpark

but customers were ordering 50 gross instead of the usual 500 gross. The warehouse was full with stock valued at £750, there was a small credit balance in the bank and the plant had been temporarily mothballed. The plant never reopened. By the time the economy recovered, war was imminent. In March 1938 it was hoped the Labour Government would assist re-open it with a grant but an inspection of the works by the DSIR produced an adverse report. Over the depression years the company had invested what assets it had in other securities, many in Southland, and Southland people were demanding greater representation on the board. The chairman said the company had sufficient assets to survive by standing still, and if a move from the south to re-open

the works was forced on them the board would resign. It could only reopen if a different type of glass, such as glass bricks, was produced. The 1938 AGM saw three additional directors appointed, representing southern interests. At the same meeting the future of the company was left to the directors to decide. The plant never re-opened. The land reverted to the Crown and the buildings were used during World War Two as a military camp, and later as a store by the navy. Troops training there referred to it as Crystal Palace because of its high glass roof. In 1926 it was reported it had been purchased by Fletcher Holdings who planned a plywood factory for the site, but that never eventuated. Then, in 1969, the Lands and Survey Department announced it intended to de-

velop the site as industrial land. However, the Ashburton Borough Council, which would be required to supply water, power, sewerage and railway sidings, felt the $83,000 cost was not justified and relinquished its interest. Since then the glassworks building has been used mainly for storage including, at one time, bulk grain. The height of the chimney has meant it now supports cellphone aerials. The glassworks building now has a category 1 listing with the Historic Places Trust and is listed in the heritage schedule of the Ashburton District Council’s District Plan. Historic Places Trust consider it to be one of the best and most original examples of a 1920s industrial building in New Zealand. In 2008 its American owners replaced the original asbestos roof with modern materials.

The man responsible for supplying and installing the glass making machinery, Mr Schnurpfeil from Czechoslovakia (left) and Mr Giese from Munich.

Sport 20 Ashburton Guardian

In brief

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Rain interrupts test

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Bangladesh closed the second session on day one on 228-5 at the Shere Bangla National Stadium in Dhaka yesterday after the wicket of Shakib Al Hasan (20) when he was trapped lbw by Sodhi. Earlier, Bangladesh made a promising start to the second test after they won the toss and elected to bat. Bangladesh opener Tamim Iqbal made the most of being dropped twice - on five by BJ Watling and on 10 by Brendon McCullum - as he anchored the home side’s effort with a superbly aggressive 95. Neil Wagner led the Black Caps bowing attack with 2-42, while Sodhi, Trent Boult and Corey Anderson each claimed one scalp before the rains came. - APNZ

Tua splits with trainer David Tua’s calf has healed and his weight is said to be falling by the day. The only potentially disquieting factor ahead of his heavyweight clash against Alexander Ustinov in four weeks is his split with trainer David Hedgcock. Hedgcock, a little Australian with a colourful past, returned home after Tua decided during his lay-off with his calf problem - which led to the postponement of his fight against Ustinov originally scheduled for August 31 - to part ways due to a personality clash. Instead, Tua’s friend and experienced trainer Henry Schuster will be in his corner for the fight against the 36-year-old Belarusian in Hamilton. - APNZ

Ryder plans return Troubled New Zealand batsman Jesse Ryder resumed his cricket career yesterday, targeting a return to the Black Caps after a tumultuous year that included a drugs ban and a near-fatal beating. Ryder linked up with his new domestic team Otago Volts for the first time after serving a six-month ban for testing positive to banned substances contained in a weight-loss supplement. He aims to play in the Volts’ season opener against his former team Wellington Firebirds next weekend, with the longer-term aim of returning to the New Zealand side for upcoming home series against the West Indies and India. - AFP

Colts spoil the party Quarterback Andrew Luck stole the show on a night when the Indianapolis Colts paid homage to their former hero Peyton Manning. Luck tossed three touchdown passes and ran for another in the Colts’ 39-33 win yesterday over the Denver Broncos in Manning’s return to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. The Colts released Manning, now aged 37, back in March, and the quarterback then joined the Denver Broncos. The game marked Manning’s return to Indianapolis for the first time since his departure. The Colts faithful cheered Manning as a tribute video was played when Denver came out of the tunnel. Manning waved and thanked the crowd following the conclusion of the video. Luck and Indianapolis’ rock solid defence spoiled Manning’s night and snapped the Broncos’ 17-game regular season winning streak. - AFP

Frances Smith on the start line for the Tinwald Cycling Club’s race on Sunday. She was named in the New Zealand junior track team for the Oceania Championship yesterday. Photo tetsuro MitoMo 201013-tM-01336

Frances joins an elite group By Jonathan Leask

Frances Smith has become the latest Mid Canterbury cyclist to represent New Zealand on the track. Smith,17, was named in the junior women’s endurance team yesterday to compete at the Oceania Championships in Invercargill in November. “I had known for about a week but it’s still pretty exciting. I’m pretty hyped,” Smith said. It will be the first time Smith will don the black lycra and race at an international meet but it was something she was aiming for all along. “I was aiming for that this

year. It was one of my big goals to make Oceanias.” Smith impressed at the national championships earlier this year winning the under 19 scratch race and was invited to a BikeNZ junior track camp in the recent school holidays, where she earned her place in the juniors’ team. “I won the scratch but I wasn’t happy with my pursuit so I was a bit nervous that it might count against me, but I came through.” She showed at the training camp, that was essentially a selection trial, that she had what it takes and now has taken a big step to become Mid Can-

terbury’s next track superstar, following in the footsteps of fellow female endurance rider Lauren Ellis who will race in the open women’s events at the Oceania championships. “Lauren is one of my big role models in cycling. “It’s quite cool how we have had so many successful riders from Mid-South Canterbury.” BikeNZ announced a 10-strong men’s team for next month’s opening UCI World Cup in Manchester along with 17 riders, with more to add, for the Oceania Championships in Invercargill. The men’s squad will head to Manchester and then also

contest the Oceania Championships with the addition of the women’s endurance (including Ellis) and sprint squads, who make their first appearance since the London Olympics as they look towards qualification for the Commonwealth Games. The men’s team leaves for the UK this week for next week’s World Cup before the Oceania squad undergoes a further training camp ahead of the UCI Tier One event on November 16-17 and Oceania Championships on 19-22 November. They are both at the SIT Zero Fees Velodrome in Invercargill.


Wozniacki overpowers teen in final Caroline Wozniacki claimed her first tennis title in a year at the Luxembourg Open yesterday as the top-seeded Dane defeated German teenager Annika Beck 6-2 6-2. Wozniacki’s triumph came on a weekend when boyfriend Rory McIlroy finished second in the Kolon Korean Open. And former world No.1 golfer McIlroy indicated the two are still very much an item, despite recent reports of a breakup, referring to her as “my girl”

in a tweet after her Luxembourg success. McIlroy sent out a tweet praising Wozniacki on the 21st title: “#21 #luxembourg #mygirl @CaroWozniacki”. Neither confirmed the rumoured split, and Wozniacki still uses a photo of herself and McIlroy as her Twitter profile picture. She tweeted after her win : “Thank you for all the support this week! Great to win a title this year! #21”.

Ninth-ranked Wozniacki, who beat Wimbledon runnerup Sabine Lisicki in the semi-finals, gave 57th-ranked Beck no opening in their first meeting. “This result in Luxembourg is going to give me a lot of confidence,” the 23-year-old. Wozniacki, an alternate for the season-ending WTA Championships which starts in Istanbul this week, had lost form with her best result this season being runner-up in Indian Wells. - AFP

Caroline Wozniacki: In hot form


Tuesday, October 22, 2013


In brief

Lefties show their true colours Left-hander Hilary Lovett watches the progress of her putt during the Ashburton Golf Club’s annual Left Handers Tournament on Sunday. A small but enthusiastic field of 24 southpaws from around the South Island, including Andrew Fenemore coming the furthest from Motueka, played the course which was finally blessed with a fine day after a few weeks of wild weather. In the end it was Ashburton’s Lovett with 43 stableford points finishing on top with Geoff Taggart of Pleasant Point, who also had 43 stablefords, in second on a count back from Ashburton’s Graham Taylor. Fourth was Gavin Giles from Mt Nessing on 40 and Paul May of Ashburton fifth with 39. It was a tournament for lefthanders only but they allowed a few right-handers to join on course led by Ashburton’s Shane Beaven with 38. Ashburton is now looking forward to hosting the Nationals Left Handed Tournament in April.

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Full roster for Phoenix

Photo tetsuro MitoMo 201013-tM-01321

Celebrations as Andros Townsend puts Spurs in front.

Valladolid 2 (Manucho 81, Ebert 84) Sevilla 2 (Bacca 2, Moreno 31) Betis 1 (Jorge Molina 41) Elche CF 2 (Manu 29, Fidel 33) Almeria 0 Rayo Vallecano 1 (Galvez 78) Granada CF 0 Getafe CF 2 (Murillo 47 og, Pedro Leon 55) Send-offs: (Diakhate 31 - Granada CF) Espanyol 1 (Courtois 54 og) Atletico Madrid 0 Osasuna 0 Barcelona 0 Valencia 1 (Pabon 90+3) Real Sociedad 2 (Griezmann 41, Pardo Gutierrez 59) Real Madrid 2 (Di Maria 46, C Ronaldo 90+1 pen) Malaga 0

French First Division Lyon 1 (Briand 90+1) Girondins Bordeaux 1 (Obraniak 62) Send-offs: (Lacazette 67 - Lyon) Saint-Etienne 3 (Clerc 7, Corgnet

The White Ferns have beaten the West Indies by nine runs in their Twenty20 match at Kensington Oval in Barbados yesterday to keep alive their aspirations of reaching the tri-series final. After opting to bat first, the White Ferns scrambled to 101-7 from their 20 overs, with Rachel Priest top-scoring with 26. In reply, a partnership worth 44 between Stefanie Taylor (24) and Juliana Nero (20) had the West Indies in good shape, but a collapse ensued and by the end of the innings the home side only made their way to 92-8. - APNZ

The Kiwis have demolished the Cook Islands 50-0 in their only warm-up game before the Rugby League World Cup. New Zealand hit the ground running in Doncaster, leading 24-0 at halftime with tries to Jason Nightingale, Elijah Taylor, Manu Vatuvei and Bryson Goodwin. Nightingale and Goodwin completed doubles in the second half as the Kiwis ran in nine tries. Hooker Issac Luke was awarded man of the match.- APNZ

Victory over Villa lifts Spurs to fifth

Spanish First Division

Ferns keep series alive

Kiwis win in a canter



Ashburton Guardian 21

Andros Townsend said he was fighting to keep his feet on the ground after completing a memorable 10 days by inspiring Tottenham Hotspur to victory at Aston Villa. In the space of a week, Townsend scored a stunning goal on his international debut, helped England qualify for the World Cup and then signed a new four-year contract with Tottenham. And fortune continued for the 22-year-old winger yesterday, when his first-half cross drifted into the net at Villa Park to give him his first goal for Spurs in the English Premier League. A 69th-minute strike from Roberto Soldado completed a 2-0 victory for Spurs to climb up to fifth on the table.

Townsend continued to torment the home side in the second half with his twisting runs and searching crosses and, after being named man of the match, he admitted he had been dizzied by recent events. “It’s been one of the best few weeks of my life,” Townsend said. “Obviously scoring for my country on debut is one of the highlights of my career, but a first Premier League goal for my hometown club is pretty special too. “The main thing for me is not to get carried away. “I just need to keep putting in performances for Spurs when I get the chance. “My goal was a cross. I’m not going to take credit for (meaning) it, but it put us on the way to a great three points.” - AFP

14, Gradel 72) Lorient 2 (Jouffre 38, Aboubakar 86) Sochaux 2 (Bakambu 56, Romeric Lopy 69) Monaco 2 (FerreiraCarrasco 5, 10) Montpellier 0 Lille 1 (Souare 4) Evian Thonon Gaillard FC1 (Benezet 25) Guingamp 2 (Giresse 74, Douniama 78) Ajaccio AC 0 Nantes 1 (Bedoya 87) Rennes 2 (Kadir 7, 50) Valenciennes 2 (Le Tallec 65, Da Silva 73) Paris Saint-Germain 4 (Ibrahimovic 10, 13, Cavani 62, 89pen) SC Bastia 0 Stade de Reims 1 (Oniangue 59) Toulouse 2 (Trejo 42, Braithwaite 87 pen) Nice 1 (Cvitanich 40) Marseille 0

VfB Stuttgart) Hertha Berlin 1 (Ramos 37) Borussia Monchengladbach0 Send-offs: (Stranzl 92 - Borussia Monchengladbach) Eintracht Frankfurt 1 (Kadlec 50) Nurnberg 1 Borussia Dortmund 1 (Reus 4 pen) Hannover 0 Bayern Munich 4 (Robben 50, Muller 52, 82pen, Mandzukic 69) Mainz 1 (Parker 44) Werder Bremen 0 Freiburg 0 Eintracht Braunschweig2 (Ademi 20, Bellarabi 59) Schalke 3 (Meyer 29, Goretzka 65, Neustadter 90+1) Hoffenheim 1 (Schipplock 88) Bayer Leverkusen 2 (Sam 26, Kiesling 70)

Bundesliga results

Aston Villa 0 Tottenham Hotspur 2 (Townsend 31, Soldado 69) West Ham 1 (Vaz Te 58) Manchester City 3 (Aguero 16, 51, Silva 80) Chelsea 4 (Hazard 33, 82, Eto’o 66, Oscar 78) Cardiff City 1 (Mutch 10) Arsenal 4 (Wilshere 18, Ozil 58, 88,

FC Augsburg 1 (Werner 10) Vfl Wolfsburg 2 (Arnold 35, Luiz Gustavo 42) Hamburg 3 (Lasogga 22, Beister 55, van der Vaart 67) VfB Stuttgart 3 (Maxim 3, Gentner 37, Djourou 64 og) Send-offs: (Rudiger 84 -

English Premier League

Ramsey 83) Norwich City 1 (Howson 70) Manchester United 1 (van Persie 26) Southampton 1 (Lallana 89) Swansea 4 (Bardsley 57 og, de Guzman 59, Bony 65 pen, Chico 80) Sunderland 0 Stoke City 0 West Bromwich Albion0 Everton 2 (Mirallas 8, Pienaar 57) Hull City 1 Newcastle United 2 Liverpool 2 (Gerrard 42 pen, Sturridge 72)

Scottish Premier League Inverness CT 1 (Warren 47) Partick Thistle 2 (Doolan 20, 83) Aberdeen 1 (Zola 54) Dundee Utd 0 St Mirren 4 (McLean 8, 76pen, McGowan 60, Thompson 89) St. Johnstone 3 (MacLean 17, Hasselbaink 61, Fallon 84) Kilmarnock 2 (Boyd 17, Irvine 71) Ross County 0 Motherwell 2 (Moore 68, Hutchinson 83) Hearts 1 (Stevenson 61) Hibernian 1 (Heffernan 18) Glasgow Celtic 1 (Forrest 77)

For the first time this season, Wellington Phoenix coach Ernie Merrick can look forward to a week where he can prepare with nearly all of his players on deck. Granted, 17-year-olds Alex Rufer and the newly-signed Matthew Ridenton are at the under-17 World Cup in the United Arab Emirates, but Merrick will be able to look around training at Newtown Park during the next few days and see a near-full complement of troops. All Whites Leo Bertos, Glen Moss, Jeremy Brockie and Andrew Durante weren’t sighted in the Phoenix camp for the past fortnight as they were away with the national side and missed the season-opening 2-1 loss to the Brisbane Roar. - APNZ

Crunch match for Arsenal Arsene Wenger believes Arsenal’s Champions League soccer doubleheader against Borussia Dortmund will be decisive in the race to qualify from Group F. Wenger’s side host last season’s runnersup tonight before heading to Dortmund for the return leg. The Gunners are top of their group following back-to-back wins over Marseille and Napoli. Wenger knows another three points will leave Arsenal in pole position to reach the knockout stages, but he is also well aware that Dortmund could deliver a major blow to his side’s qualification hopes. - AFP

Fiorentina stun Juve Giuseppe Rossi scored a hattrick for Fiorentina in a stunning come-from-behind 4-2 win over Juventus yesterday, which helped Roma maintain their five-point lead at the top of Italian soccer’s Serie A. Roma’s 2-0 defeat of Napoli on Friday opened up a five-point cushion over Rafael Benitez’s side and Juventus ahead of the latter’s visit to Florence. And despite Juventus holding a 2-0 halftime lead following a Carlos Tevez penalty and a strike from Paul Pogba, the champions crumbled during 14 second-half minutes. - AFP

Sport 22 Ashburton Guardian


■ American football NFL results Collated results after yesterday’s NFL games (home team in CAPS): INDIANAPOLIS COLTS 39 Denver Broncos 33 PITTSBURGH STEELERS 19 Baltimore Ravens 16 GREEN BAY PACKERS 31 Cleveland Browns 13 KANSAS CITY CHIEFS 17 Houston Texans 16 San Francisco 49ers 31 TENNESSEE TITANS 17 ATLANTA FALCONS 31 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 23 WASHINGTON REDSKINS 45 Chicago Bears 41 Dallas Cowboys 17 PHILADELPHIA EAGLES 3 NEW YORK JETS 30 New England Patriots 27 AET Buffalo Bills 23 MIAMI DOLPHINS 21 CAROLINA PANTHERS 30 St. Louis Rams 15 Cincinnati Bengals 27 DETROIT LIONS 24 San Diego Chargers 24 JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS 6

■ Bowls Ashburton Bowling Club Toyota Friday Triples October 18 1st Gavin Eder, Winstone Lee and John Bell 3 wins, 20 ends 40 points; 2nd Craig Carter, Alan Smith and Hugh Weir 3 wins 16 ends 23 points; 3rd  Charlie Leech, Mike Quinn and Pip Kiddey  3 wins 15 ends 31 points; 4th  George Crack, Ian Blackwood and Barry O’Sullivan  2 wins 1 draw 14 end 25 points; 5th Neil Atkinson, Joan Dutton and Bob Johnston 2 wins 15 ends 30 points.

■ Bridge

Ashburton Bridge Club October 18 Monday Evening – B and C Ladder N/S 1 H Blee and L Leadley, 2 J Browne and J Lovett, 3 H Briggs and P Scott. E/W   1 G Brown and D Fisher,  2  A Clelland and P Wise, 3 M Francis and M Jones Tuesday Evening – Ron Sutherland Trophy N/S 1 S Rosevear and M Stowell, 2 J Fechney and R Kyle,  3= J de Jong and R McLaughlin and J Knight and B Smith. E/W 1 A Sim and A Wright, 2 M de Jong and B Turton, 3  P Fergus and M Small Wednesday Afternoon -   2 Rnd Duplicate 1 M Buckland and M Stowell, 2  S Rosevear and J Fechney,  3=  B McIlraith and T Downward And J Irwin and B Macaulay. Thursday Evening – Charity Night This year the club supported The Ashburton Community Conservation Trust for their native planting area on the Harris Reserve land, and a full room contributed $700 to the fund through table fees and a large raffle table. N/S  Senior Pair winners were Bev Smith and John Knight. E/W Senior Pair winners were Arthur Maude and Maree Moore. N/S Junior and Intermediate Pair winners were Jill Browne and Jeanette Lovett. E/W Junior and Intermediated Pair winners were Gay Branthwaite and Hilda Blee.

■ Croquet Croquet South Canterbury Tournament October 19

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 20-24 Bisque Association Croquet B. Wickenden 1 (Awamoa Gardens, Oamaru) A. Anderson 2 (Awamoa Gardens, Oamaru) 10-12 Bisque Golf Croquet J. Rollinson 1 (Waireka, Ashburton) O. Crossan 2 (Aorangi, Timaru)

■ Golf

Aorangi South Canterbury Golf Women’s Champion of Champions and New Zealand wide Gross Stableford Rosebowl October 17 Gross Stableford Rosebowl: Geraldine 102 Timaru 89 St. Andrews 87 Gleniti 86 Rakaia 86 North Otago 84 Tinwald 82 Pru Sanders Rosebowl Nett: North Otago 455 Gleniti 459 Waimate 465 Rakaia 473 St. Andrews 474 Timaru 474 Tinwald 478 Champion of Champions Silver Champion 36 hole Gross Ginny Boldeston Geraldine 157 r/up Lynda Brown Timaru/St. Andrews 168. 36 hole Nett Diane Taylor Temuka 150 Karen Devlin North Otago 150 Bronze Champion 36 hole Gross Pipa Tulisi Geraldine 190 r/up Julie Braithwaite Waimatae 196. 36 Hole Nett Eileen Ruffell North Otago 146 r/up Pam Niles Gleniti 154 Bronze r/up 36 hole nett only Joan Bryan Gleniti 151 r/up Jenny Hawke Waimate 152 50th Anniversary Tray Best 18 hole Nett a.m. or p.m. Barbara O’Connell Gleniti 69 Two’s Jane Pangborn Rakaia Gail O’Duffy Methven Jenny Hawke Waimate Cath Boothroyd Pleasant Point. Nearest the Pin No 4 Drawn card Jule Allan Pleasant Point No 6 Joan Bryan Gleniti No 15 Pam Niles Gleniti.

Ashburton County Lady Veterans Golf Club Played a combined Men and Ladies Stableford: October 18 Ladies: 1st I Divers and V Fleming 69, 2nd D Bell and L Glassey 64. 3rd J Helmore and P Bell 61 on cb. Nearest Pin No. 7: E Smith. Men: 1st P Pratt and G Cartney 69. 2s: P Pratt.

Ashburton Golf Club October 19 Winners of the Watson Cup were: Len Hunt & Merv Green In the Newton Trophy the winners were: Kevin Smith & Terry O’Reilly In the Stableford round held for other players results were: Peter Morgan 46, P.K. Ngutu 44, Brian Edmonston 43, Ray Suttie 41, Derek Shaw 41, Gordon Crawford 40, Tony Bennett 40, T. Tuakeu 40, Bill Doak 40, Adrian Hopwood 40, T. Sa 40, Hillary Lovett 40, Ken Clucas 39, By count back from lots. Nearest Pins: Robbies Bar & Bistro: Hillery Lovett Braided Rivers: Ryan Cockburn, Rothburys Insurance: Chris Lovelock, Netherby Meats: Adrian Hopwood, Robilliards (Nearest pin #18): Richard Leith Charming Thai Restaurant (Longest Putt #9). Peter Pratt. Twos: Garth Madden, Adrian Hopwood, Chris Lovelock, Kevin Smith, Robbie Bell. Birdie Jackpot: #4; Nett Eagles: # 2

Ashburton Golf Club Nelson Building Society Friday night teams October 18 Top Team – Fairlie Flyers 95 – Tom Simmons, Ted Connell, Ken Robinson, Paul Sankey. Ladies: Lovely Ladies 86.5; Periwinkles 1 85. Men: Bulldogs 91.5, Pakeke Bros 90.5, XCockies 86, Bobbies 82, Highlanders 81.5. Mixed: Just the Hounds 88, Gabites Swingers 86.5, Ingold Builders 85. Top Man – Tom Simmons 34; Top Lady – Sharon Carlson, Gaye Lane 31.5. Nearest the Pins: Templeton Motors - Robin Bennett; Paul May Motors – Bev Chinn; Mac & Maggies Ann-Marie Blair; BP Ashburton – Madeleine Stoddart. Gabites Lucky Player – John Lovett; BP Lucky Player – Mike Hanham. Two’s – Dave Hewitt, Bev Chinn, Chris Lovelock.

Methven Golf October 19 Team stableford Winners 118 points, Les Linton Gary Kermode Mike Harris Phil Lalor 2nd 117 points, Alister Maxwell Keith Middleton Tim Robinson Piers Rolton 3rd 111 points, Geoff Kelk Howard Duncan Phil Elliott Mark Scrivenor 4th 102 points, Doug Hamilton Athol McAlpine Jan Lane Ian Davies. Twos, Stu Wilson Greg Snelling K J McCloy Alister Maxwell Phil Lalor Peter Doake. Next Saturday, Tri-Nations, If we get enough Aussies. Next Monday - Labour Day - Melva Low Family Trophy, Mixed American Foursome, Own Partner. Single Person Draw 1pm start

Tinwald Golf Club October 20 Stroke – 50 and over Tournament 50-59: Cameron Miller 70, Lindsay Jackson 71. 60-69 Gross: Bruce Collins 89. Net: Brian Sivier 69. 70 Plus: Ray Wards 66. Women: 50-59; Elizabeth Collins 69. 6069: Sally Cain 68, Sue Newman 71. Two’s: Sue Newman, Chris Hart.

Tinwald Golf Club October 19 Stroke - Senior: Shane Moore 68. Intermediate: Bill Mason 67, Ray Kirdy 69,Gavin Smith 70 b/l. Junior: Wayne Ross 68,c/b Dave Horrell 68, Graham Hortin 69, Selwyn Munro 69. Women (Stableford) Jo Peacock 39, Sue Newman 38. Nearest the pin: Tinwald Liquorland # 2; Selwyn Munro. Gluyas Ford # 6; Jo Peacock. Stirling Sports # 12; Malcolm Fechney. Ideal Electrical Supplies # 16; Gavin Smith. Two’s: John Smitheram, Gavin Smith, Malcolm Fechney, Jo Peacock. Net Eagle; # 10, Sally Lane.

Tinwald Golf Club Twilight - October 17 Stableford:Men 0-6: Paul Boon 23, John Smitheram 21, Michael Thomas 20, Bryan McFarlane 19, Josh Smith 19 b/l. 7-10: Richard Hewson 23, Neil Rayner 22, Ray Kirdy 21, Ray Wards 20, Tony Sheppard 20, Pete Marshall 20. 11 plus: Keith Bonnington 21, Kieron Gray 21, Graham McCormick 21, Richie Watson 20, Craig Paulin 18 b/l. Women 0-16: Joan Undy 19, Amanda Gray 19. 17 plus: Marg Pawsey 21, Sally Cain 21, Betty O’Neill 20, Lesley Glassey 20. Nearest the pin. #6 Jon McAuliffe. # 16 John Smitheram. Two’s: Wayne Lloyd, Bill Mason, John Smitheram. Classic Hits longest drive: Amanda Gray.

■ Pigeon racing Ashburton Racing Pigeon Club October 19 Waipukurua Single Bird 4 Flyers – 4 Birds Winners Flying Time: 7 hours, 06 minutes & 11 seconds 1st M. Davidson 1308.120m.p.m; 2nd L. Quinn

1285.333m.p.m; 3rd: R. Cornwall 1174.275m.p.m; 4th: N. Alexander 791.033m.p.m; 5th: R. Cornwall 1280.040m.p.m; 6th: R. Cornwall 1191.010m.p.m; 7th: N. Alexander 791.033m.p.m

Ashburton Racing Pigeon Club October 19 Waipukurua Flock 5 Flyers – 20 Birds. Winners Flying Time: 7 hrs, 01 minutes 38 sec 1st L. Quinn 1321.102 m.p.m; 2nd L. Quinn 1321.048 m.p.m; 3rd M. Davidson 1308.120 m.p.m; 4th M. Davidson 1307.660 m.p.m; 5th R. Cornwall 1280.040 m.p.m; 6th R. Cornwall 1191.010 m.p.m; 7th: N. Alexander 791.033m.p.m

■ Shooting Ashburton District Rifle Club First of three club Championship days, 2013 season at 300, 500 and 600 yards. October 20 Darian Miller 49.4, 49.5, 50.3, 148.12, Peter Newman 48.5, 49.5, 49.3, 146.13, John Snowden 49.6, 49.5, 45.2, 143.13, John Miller 49.3, 49.7, 43.2, 141.12, Brian Hawksby 47.2, 47.2, 47.3, 141.7, Coby Snowden 43.3, 47.1, 46.2, 136.6, John Fleming 43.2, 47.5, 43.1, 133.8, Murray Cook 42.1, 46.2, 41.3, 129.6, Kelvin Plamondon 40.0, 40.1, 38.1, 118.2, and F class Marshall Eagles 51, 42, 17, 110.

■ Softball Mid Canterbury Softball TBall Longbeach Strikers 21-20 Hinds; Ashburton Christian School Flyers 17-15 Longbeach Stars; Netherby Strikers 17-15 Wakanui Whackers; Hampstead Blue 1414 Allenton Yellow Sox; Allenton Blue Sox 23-21 Rakaia Royals; Borough Black 17-10 Allenton Red Sox; Borough Red 20-15 Tinwald Dolphins U11 Little League Rakaia Redsox 27-2 Tinwald Blacksox; Netherby Blacksox 20-0 Allenton Whitesox; Metalcorp Hampstead Allstars 7-0. U13 Little League Cardinals 13-7 Fairfield Juniors; Pirates 24-9 Seniors - Renegades 8-6 Rusty Demons; Fairfield Marines 4-2 Rusty Demons; Nosh Cafe Hampstead Hawks 21-6 Rebels. 

■ Touch Collegiate Touch October 18 - Can’t Touch This 5 v Laser Sparks 2; Parametta Seals 4 v Mooja 5; The Untouchables 5 v HeAPaz 4; Prestige 6 v Farques 6; Team Xtreme 0 v Ladhaz 7; High Raters won by default v Cereal Business


■ Bowls

MSA Outdoor Bowling Club Skips entered Friday half day triples 25th October 12.30pm start whites to be worn. R. Neilson, R. Cockburn, R. Mitchell, C. Leech, R. Thomas, A. Smith, W. Lee, A. McDonald, A. Waddell, G Taylor, J. Ryk, B. Williams, T. Watson, B. Harrison, A. Mackenzie B. Brassell

Methven Bowling Club Skips entered in Edna Low ½ day 4/6 Saturday 27 M Smallridge, G Taylor, S Holdon, B Lynn,

C Leech, B Marsh, C Carter, W Suttie Hinds G Pagey, B Harper, G Clarke, D Callghan, R Thomas, T Taylor For any inquiries ph B Harper 308 7623 or Wendy Blackwell 3028834

■ Golf Ashburton Golf Club October 26 A mixed teams stableford will be played Starting Time: Morning 8.00am; Afternoon Report at 11.30 for an 12noon start. Saturday Starters: Morning Murray Wackrow and Graham Taylor; Afternoon Brian Nuttall and Mike Holmes. Results Paddy Bradford and Brian Nuttall. October 28 Another mixed day with the Centennial Trophy being played for in a stableford competition. Report at 11.30 for a 12 noon start

Tinwald Golf Club Stroke – Centennial Trophy October 19 - Draw for the Isadora Trophy for chosen partner 4BBB will be at the club house for 8am and 12.30 pm start. The morning players will have a clubhouse draw for an 8 am start. Players are asked to report 15 minutes prior to tee off times. Starters; am, B Collins. pm. B Collins Cards; Committee. House Duty: House Committee

■ Softball Mid Canterbury Softball Saturday Junior Softball October 26 Tball 9am T1 Hampstead Yellow v Allenton Blue Sox; T2 BNZ Rakaia Royals v Allenton Red Sox; T5 Borough Black v Tinwald Dolphins; T6 Borough Red v St Josephs Tigers 10.30am T1 Longbeach Strikers v Ashburton Christian School Flyers; T2 Longbeach Stars v Netherby Strikers; T5 Wakanui Whackers v Allenton Yellowsox; T6 Hampstead Blue v Hinds U11 Little League 9am D1 Tinwald Blacksox v Metalcorp Hampstead Allstars (umpire TBA); D2 Allenton Whitesox v JFM Rakaia Redsox (Mark Ellis to umpire); D4 Allenton Blacksox v Cubs (umpire TBA); Netherby Blacksox (Bye) U13 Little League 9am D3 Fairfield Juniors v Bluejays (Dan Flanagan to umpire) 10.30am D1 Cardinals v Pirates (umpire TBA); D4 Bridgestone Rakaia Ravens v Ashburton City Tigers (umpire TBA)

■ Touch Collegiate Touch October 25 Ground 1 6.15pm Mooja vs Laser Sparks (Ladhaz); 6.45pm High Raters vs Farques (Parametta Seals); 7.15pm Parametta Seals vs Cereal Business (Can’t Touch This) Ground 2 6.15pm Can’t Touch This vs Prestige (High Raters); 6.45pm The Untouchables vs Ladhaz (Cereal Business); 7.15pm Team Xtreme vs HeAPaz (Laser Sparks)




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Xanadu heading for Myer Trainer Ken Kelso has revealed high-class mare Xanadu will push on to the Group 1 Myer Classic (1600m) at Flemington on November 2, despite a careerworst performance when finishing last in the Tristarc Stakes at Caulfield behind Red Tracer on Saturday.


“I was bitterly disappointed with the run initially, Kelso said. “We had her thoroughly checked out by the vet and she’s pulled up well. The reports are she’s as free as a bird and hasn’t jarred up at all. “It was her first time at Caulfield and the ground was very

hard late in the day, which has been well documented. “She was also in season on the morning of the race.” Xanadu had previously been an impressive winner of the Gr.1 Windsor Park Plate at Hastings, beating Mufhasa, Nashville and Final Touch.

Christchurch dogs Today at Addington Raceway

Christchurch Greyhound Racing Club Venue: Addington Race- 8 34 Rattle Ya Dags nwtd ..........................J Dunn 10 28787 Wandy Millah 17.63.....................D Kingston way Meeting Date: 22 Oct 2013 NZ Meeting number: 9 Dou- 9 67566 Harper’s Bizarre nwtd....................... B Dann 9 2.29pm CLARKSON SIGN STUDIO DASH C1, 295m bles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; 11 and 12 10 7788 Spilt Wine nwtd .........................J McInerney 1 73854 Claremont Diva 17.73 ...................... B Dann Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 10, 11 and 12 5 1.17pm CAROL’S TAB DASH FINAL C1f, 295m 2 86723 Teevee Gidget 17.88 .........................M Flipp 1 12.05pm (NZT) SUPER PETS SPRINT C1, 295m 1 12211 Fireman’s Legacy 17.41 ....................J Dunn 3 45266 Okuku Bobo 17.47 C & ...................... Fagan 1 68234 Hear Hare Here 17.60 P & .................Doody 2 14231 Emily Patrick 17.55 ...........................J Dunn 4 32883 Okotoks 17.65 M & ............................. Smith 2 21746 Abogado 17.32..................................M Flipp 3 24211 Billy West 17.46 .....................M K Dempsey 5 52P14 Hill of Grace 17.70 .......................... M Grant 3 73512 Red Eye Max 18.01 .................. R Cockburn 4 31121 Rusty Knife 17.32 W & ...................... Nissen 6 55877 Mustang Magz 17.60 ........................M Flipp 4 46487 Harper Mehl nwtd S & .....................B Evans 5 14371 Cawbourne Porshe 17.44 W & .......... Nissen 7 48474 Mulberry Brook 17.59................... K Cassidy 5 64885 Fanta’s Fever 17.43 C &..................... Fagan 6 64121 La Fontaine 17.36 .............................J Dunn 8 488x5 Opawa Summer nwtd S J & ...... R Cockburn 6 65443 Nitro Express nwtd ....................... L Waretini 7 56221 Ketut 17.46 ...................................C Roberts 9 36777 Chase The Stars 17.88 M & ................ Smith 7 47547 Sarah’s Domain nwtd ................J McInerney 8 42482 Flirt With Me 17.64 M & ....................Jopson 10 58688 Liquorice Whip nwtd ..................J McInerney 8 88256 Twister Al 17.43........................... J McMillan 9 66752 Blue Gale Rise 17.36 ....................... B Dann 9 36777 Chase The Stars 17.88 M & ................ Smith 10 73512 Red Eye Max 18.01 .................. R Cockburn 10 2.48pm COASTER’S TAVERN STAKES C2, 520m 10 86888 All Against Me 17.47 .........................P Scott 6 1.35pm MEL & RYAN JUST MARRIED DASH C1, 295m 1 21657 Waimak Dave 32.07 ..................J McInerney 2 21234 Opawa Albie 30.65 .......................C Roberts 2 12.23pm SHIRLEY VET CLINIC SPRINT C0, 295m 1 68465 Pandora Doll 17.81 ................M K Dempsey 3 43567 Chill Out Ralph 31.14 L & .................. Wales 2 65323 Rite Round Range 17.72 ..........A Bradshaw 1 72 Cawbourne State nwtd W & .............. Nissen 4 24167 Starburst Benny 31.67 .................... M Grant 3 22236 Smash Rumour 17.42 ..................... M Grant 2 85 Hayley’s Choice nwtd ........................J Dunn 5 56F43 Girl Racer 30.42 H & ...........................Taylor 4 7864F Homebush Awesome 18.04 ......J McInerney 3 5722F Marbella nwtd....................................M Flipp 6 76485 Wandy Pam nwtd ........................D Kingston 5 53678 Pep’s Pot nwtd C &............................. Fagan 4 46637 Uno Nosey nwtd J & ..............................May 7 88331 Thrilling Jonah 31.00....................... M Grant 6 48288 McJopson nwtd S & ........................B Evans 5 58755 Fantas Fiction nwtd C & ..................... Fagan 8 15256 Thrilling Sound 30.68 S & ...............B Evans 7 53614 Unique Tilly 17.72 ............................ B Dann 6 34778 Black Barracuda nwtd S J &...... R Cockburn 9 71776 Line Honours 30.94........................G Cleeve 8 82446 Cala Rapita 17.87 .............................M Flipp 10 11878 Idol Girl 30.51 L & .............................. Wales 7 4 Max Steel nwtd .................................M Flipp 9 36777 Chase The Stars 17.88 M & ................ Smith 8 86 Churchill Chaser nwtd ...................... B Dann 9 67566 Harper’s Bizarre nwtd....................... B Dann 10 28787 Wandy Millah 17.63.....................D Kingston 11 3.06pm CTV SPRINT C1, 295m 1 64413 Valldemossa 17.62............................M Flipp 10 67768 Homebush Celia nwtd ...............J McInerney 7 1.53pm AMBER CLEANING STAKES C1, 520m 2 67564 Keramus Girl 17.63 ........................G Cleeve 3 12.41pm RACINGDOGS.CO.NZ STAKES C1, 520m 1 58776 Thirsty Kelvin nwtd ....................J McInerney 3 86376 Mulberry Hunter nwtd................... K Cassidy 2 4F565 Stich Up 30.81 S &..........................B Evans 1 64326 Express Male nwtd............................M Flipp 4 32267 Ellie Waves nwtd C & ......................... Fagan 3 5765F Opawa Cassidy 31.13 L &.................. Wales 2 86665 Candy Belle 31.34 S & ....................B Evans 5 555x2 Ziggy War Paint 17.64 ............... R Cockburn 4 67863 Sha Char 30.60 S J & ............... R Cockburn 3 31572 Cawbourne Polly 30.87 ................... M Grant 6 72568 Yapster Jewel 17.55 M &..................... Smith 5 67642 Dream Academy nwtd W & ............... Nissen 4 66643 Party Rock 31.30 S &......................B Evans 7 32145 Bublin Jed 17.65 ...............................M Flipp 6 23342 Bizarro 31.16 S & ............................B Evans 5 11254 Casino Black 31.02 ....................H Anderton 8 67558 Massage Only nwtd ....................D Kingston 7 6765x Shalana Star 30.71 ...........................J Dunn 6 66373 Joyville nwtd ..............................J McInerney 9 36777 Chase The Stars 17.88 M & ................ Smith 8 11778 Jibbajabba Jewel 31.02................C Roberts 7 44658 Nom De Plume 31.19................R Blackburn 9 87686 Secret Sarah 31.03 S & ..................B Evans 10 58688 Liquorice Whip nwtd ..................J McInerney 8 54433 Know Solution 30.99 .................... L Waretini 10 26787 Ohoka Taylor 31.28 ......................A Waretini 12 3.24pm SPEIGHT’S DASH C1, 295m 9 87686 Secret Sarah 31.03 S & ..................B Evans 1 75667 Star Gun nwtd J & ..................................May 8 2.11pm BARRON’S SUPPLIES SPRINT C1, 295m 10 88778 Opawa Chill 31.17 L & ....................... Wales 2 73873 Teevee Kimba 17.65 .........................M Flipp 1 65127 Em Are Dee 17.88 ............................M Flipp 4 1.00pm ANGLER’S ARMS TAVERN DASH C0, 295m 2 62517 Figlia 17.59 H & ..................................Taylor 3 65666 All Too Hard nwtd ......................J McInerney 4 11713 Cawbourne Beau 17.49 .................. M Grant 1 3 Totally Toasted nwtd ..........................J Dunn 3 36688 Upsala Jewel 17.91 S & ..................B Evans 5 82137 Mr. Jimmy nwtd A & ...........................Seque 2 47821 Gorilla On Drums 17.61 J & ...................May 4 531 Smashin’ Time 17.54....................... M Grant 6 38775 Lachie’s Lad 17.44 ...........................B Shaw 3 8 Tepirita Knox nwtd ............................B Shaw 5 33653 Jet To Mars 17.70 M & ........................ Smith 7 46555 Out Back Bill 17.69 ................M K Dempsey 4 66886 Drip Dry Ocean nwtd S J & ....... R Cockburn 6 652x8 Cause Why nwtd W & ....................... Nissen 8 73444 Mamalulu 17.65 C & .......................... Fagan 5 8 Dino Dan nwtd ..................................M Flipp 7 66752 Blue Gale Rise 17.36 ....................... B Dann 9 36777 Chase The Stars 17.88 M & ................ Smith 6 32435 Sum Are Fun nwtd ............................M Flipp 8 646F7 Homebush Nos nwtd.................J McInerney 10 88888 Homebush Colt 17.63 ................D Stapleton 7 365 String Theory nwtd ........................... B Dann 9 36777 Chase The Stars 17.88 M & ................ Smith


Ashburton Guardian 23

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Otago dogs

Today at Forbury Park Raceway

Otago Greyhound Racing Club Venue: Forbury Park Race- 7 63424 Opawa Chris nwtd L & ....................... Wales way Meeting Date: 22 Oct NZ Meeting number: 10 Doubles: 8 4 Opawa Lucky nwtd L & ...................... Wales 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; 11 and 12 9 6 Holivia Lass nwtd M &.......................Jopson Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 10, 11 and 12 10 76 Leanne’s Pick nwtd L & ...................... Wales 1 12.14pm OTAGO’S OCTOBER MAIDEN SPRINT 5 1.26pm FORBURY SPORTS BAR STAKES HEATS HEATS C0q, 310m C1q, 545m 1 32778 Zulu Deb nwtd ..............................C Roberts 1 15782 Pukeko Raptor 33.19 .....................B Healey 2 28536 Bit Perusa nwtd .........................J McInerney 2 54553 Know Taste nwtd ............................G Cleeve 3 66864 Sheldon Baxter nwtd .................J McInerney 3 511 Mr. Barry nwtd .................................J Goode 4 2 Archie’s Comet nwtd M & ..................Jopson 4 71442 Opawa Natty nwtd L & ....................... Wales 5 25457 Charlie’s Pal nwtd .....................J McInerney 5 82182 Opawa Carlos 33.70 L & .................... Wales 6 4666 Tepirita Zita nwtd B & ....................... T Shaw 6 56663 What I Like nwtd .......................J McInerney 7 San Sebastian nwtd ...........................J Allen 7 36448 Calm Spirit 33.00 ...............................J Allen 8 82 Cee Ach Gee nwtd ...........................B Shaw 8 28835 Scotsome Power nwtd M & ...............Jopson 9 5 Flip Flippa nwtd L & ........................... Wales 9 45278 Opawa Jean nwtd L & ........................ Wales 10 Glenelg Girl nwtd M & .......................Jopson 10 44658 Nom De Plume nwtd .................R Blackburn 2 12.32pm OTAGO’S OCTOBER MAIDEN SPRINT 6 1.45pm JOHN CEE’S BIRTHDAY HEATS C1q, 310m HEATS C0q, 310m 1 52312 Sandi Claws 18.42 ............................S Keen 1 1 Opawa Idol nwtd J & .......................D Fahey 2 121x1 Star Dreamer 18.61 C & .................... Fagan 2 42446 Master At Arms nwtd......................J Guthrie 3 25413 Slingo nwtd ............................... M Robinson 3 26462 Tepirita Snoop nwtd .........................B Shaw 4 76874 Another Street 18.79 .................J McInerney 4 63233 Zee Brugge nwtd.......................J McInerney 5 25664 Black Trigger 19.04 P &................. B Conner 5 8387 Homebush Magic nwtd .............J McInerney 6 52453 Hazza’s Lad 18.91 .....................D Stapleton 6 4 Red Hot Fury nwtd M &.....................Jopson 7 67512 Chocdee Alice nwtd ..................J McInerney 7 44353 Joey’s Secret nwtd .....................D Stapleton 8 72182 Thiago 18.88 ..............................D Stapleton 8 5 Quedrago nwtd C & ........................... Fagan 9 76746 Aykroyd nwtd..............................D Stapleton 9 1 Adroit nwtd A & ..................................Seque 10 48757 Son of Grace nwtd ....................R Blackburn 10 77 Yeah Definitely nwtd .................. M Robinson 7 2.02pm JOHN CEE’S BIRTHDAY HEATS C1q, 310m

9 42365 Noggin 32.74......................................J Allen 10 58778 Shadow Wolf 33.17 ........................J Guthrie 9 2.38pm FORBURY SPORTS BAR STAKES HEATS C1q, 545m 1 75236 Know Future nwtd ..........................G Cleeve 2 88654 Sheeza Flower 33.18 ...................... R Breen 3 46645 Gay Thorley nwtd ......................J McInerney 4 44324 Opawa Tania nwtd L & ....................... Wales 5 37437 Moon And Sea 34.08 .........................J Allen 6 53344 Opawa Pearl nwtd L & ....................... Wales 7 71535 Pukeko Express 34.14 ...................B Healey 8 111 Deanne’s Fantasy nwtd J &.............D Fahey 9 11466 Tanto’s Whisper 33.68 ....................J Guthrie 10 5765F Opawa Cassidy nwtd L & ................... Wales 10 2.56pm ROOFING SOLUTIONS STAKES C2, 545m 1 26144 Rocky Baxter nwtd ....................J McInerney 2 77541 Sea Spray Doris 32.71 ................B Freeman 3 77763 Noisy Leo nwtd .........................J McInerney 4 16546 Opawa Bomb 32.88 L & ..................... Wales 5 16143 Pukeko Prowler nwtd .....................B Healey 6 76315 Gypsy Hunter 33.39 ...................D Stapleton 7 51784 Lochinvar Camaro nwtd ...............C Roberts 8 61763 Blushing Belle nwtd L & ..................... Wales 9 52226 Rob’s Mate 32.55 M &...........................J Hill 10 72663 Opawa Paul nwtd L &......................... Wales 11 3.13pm PRYDE ENGINEERING DASH C5, 310m 1 27483 Homebush Mayhem 18.41 ........J McInerney 2 31443 Trans Tasman nwtd ...................R Blackburn 3 12.50pm PRESIDENT’S MAIDEN MIDDLE DIS- 1 35122 Opawa Hog nwtd L & ......................... Wales 3 56518 Botany Prancer nwtd.................J McInerney TANCE HEATS C0q, 545m 2 31122 Fleur Du Liys nwtd ....................R Blackburn 4 44614 Ramrada 18.73 ............................C Roberts 1 58748 Blossom Cherie nwtd ................J McInerney 3 76684 Dyna Frier 18.62 ........................D Stapleton 5 278x2 Deanne’s Magic nwtd .......................B Shaw 2 86837 Court The Belle nwtd L & ................... Wales 4 56581 Payment Due nwtd .....................D Stapleton 6 22111 Ronrose Hill 18.46 M & .........................J Hill 3 85334 Shez Keen nwtd ................................S Keen 5 63823 Wunzee nwtd ............................J McInerney 7 22881 Iona Haka 18.48........................J McInerney 4 62453 Know Judge nwtd ...........................G Cleeve 6 22212 Vienna 18.81 ..............................D Stapleton 8 15118 Princely Dollar 18.37 .................J McInerney 5 2 Runaway Taxi nwtd M & ....................Jopson 7 74484 Conaloo nwtd ............................ M Robinson 9 53188 Homebush Churro 18.80 ...........J McInerney 6 45255 Opawa Lauren nwtd L &..................... Wales 8 65534 Quiet Snort nwtd ................................J Allen 10 14357 Elki 18.50 .....................................M Roberts 7 2 Opawa Laz nwtd J & .......................D Fahey 9 23385 Car Bootle 18.50 ....................... M Robinson 12 3.33pm JOHN CEE’S BIRTHDAY HEATS C1q, 310m 8 2 Andrea nwtd A & ................................Seque 10 47687 Katie Ate It nwtd ........................ M Robinson 1 1121 Pedro Force nwtd J & ......................D Fahey 9 8 Finance Tommo nwtd L &................... Wales 8 2.20pm FORBURY SPORTS BAR STAKES HEATS 2 1113 Keramus nwtd ................................G Cleeve 10 55877 Smoochy Jewel nwtd ...................C Roberts C1q, 545m 3 35554 Quattro nwtd ............................. M Robinson 4 1.08pm PRESIDENT’S MAIDEN MIDDLE DISTANCE 1 22262 Air Flow nwtd ............................ M Robinson 4 48883 Merely A Dream 18.95 ...............D Stapleton HEATS C0q, 545m 2 48625 False Notion 33.08 J & ....................D Fahey 5 61582 Gracy Racer nwtd C & ....................... Fagan 1 23233 Wee Terra nwtd C & ........................... Fagan 3 53117 Homebush Coral nwtd...............J McInerney 6 75862 New Ingilltab 18.94 P &................. B Conner 2 1 Karen’s Magic nwtd A & .....................Seque 4 873x8 Opawa Hally nwtd L & ........................ Wales 7 54715 Bowman nwtd ............................D Stapleton 3 74275 Homebush Titan nwtd ...............J McInerney 5 35574 Team Dream nwtd C & ....................... Fagan 8 12654 Sprinkles nwtd...........................J McInerney 4 73534 Know Rights nwtd ..........................G Cleeve 6 2331x Opawa Andrea nwtd L & .................... Wales Emergencies; 5 5 Speedy Swede nwtd L & .................... Wales 7 25443 Opawa Peekay 32.90 L &................... Wales 9 41388 Opawa Cuddles nwtd L &................... Wales 6 21 Opawa Sam nwtd J &......................D Fahey 8 66724 Autumn Spirit 33.63 ...........................J Allen 10 37755 Word For Word nwtd ..................D Stapleton

Stable spreads Guineas hopes Stablemates Atlante and Sakhee’s Soldier will be islands apart next Saturday before joining forces to give Murray Baker and Andrew Forsman a two-pronged classic attack. Atlante to have his dress rehearsal for the Gr.1 Sothys New Zealand 2000 Guineas at Riccarton this weekend while Sakhee’s Soldier will be in action at Trentham. Forsman said both threeyear-olds had trained on well since their last-start wins, but good tracks were crucial to their continued progress. “Atlante has improved a lot and he’s going to thrive on racing and really come on. He’s ready for a mile now and a good hit-out on Saturday will be perfect.” The Fastnet Rock colt broke his maiden at his third start at Avondale this month and will step up to Listed company on Saturday in the Holloway Builders Canterbury Stakes.

Trainer Murray Baker

Sakhee’s Soldier was a runaway winner at his Te Awamutu debut and is likely to head to Trentham this weekend. “It’s weather dependant, but at this stage he’ll go down for the Wellington Guineas,” Forsman said. “We’ve been a bit frustrated like everybody else, but they are both on the right track now. “If Sakhee’s Soldier gets decent ground at Trentham I think he’ll be right in it.” – NZ Racing Desk

Daily Events Your opportunity to tell Mid Canterbury of your next event or meeting Daily Events is a FREE DAILY LISTING of MID CANTERBURY EVENTS to be held in the immediate future by non-commercial organisations. To arrange for events to be published in Daily Events, clip this form, fill in the applicable details and hand in to our ground floor office on Burnett Street or post to: Ashburton Guardian, P.O. Box 77, Ashburton 7740, to reach us no later than 12 noon, 3 (three) working days prior to the first publication. CONDITIONS: 1. Telephoned information NOT accepted. 2. Forms MUST be signed by an authorised representative of the organisation concerned. 3. A separate form MUST be submitted for each future event and may be lodged with the Guardian as far in advance as desired. For example: A club which meets monthly may submit, say, 12 separate forms simultaneously – one pertaining to each meeting scheduled over the following 12 months. 4. The organisation acknowledges that no responsibility for errors or omissions will be accepted by the Guardian Company.

BLOCK LETTERS PLEASE Day of event. .................................................................................................................... Date of event .................................................................................................................... Starting time .................................................................................................................... Name of organisation...................................................................................................... ........................................................................................................................................... Nature of event (Use maximum of 6 words) ........................................................................................................................................... ........................................................................................................................................... Venue ................................................................................................................................ ...........................................................................................................................................

Not for publication I hereby authorise publication of the above information on behalf of the organisation concerned. Name ................................................................................................................................. (Block letters) Address ............................................................................................................................. Contact phs .............................................(day) ...................................................(evenings) Signature ...................................................................................................................................


Our news, online, all the time.

Classifieds 24 Ashburton Guardian TRADES, SERVICES

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


DRAWBAR PINS- Large SALE OF LIQUOR ACT 1989 selection from $10 each + GST at McMullan PUBLIC NOTICE Enterprises, 126 Dobson CECS Acquisitions Ltd has Street 308 2059. ATS made application to the suppliers. District Licensing Agency at Ashburton for the grant (or PLOUGH SHARES large renewal) of an Off License in range McMullan Enterprises respect of the premises 126 Dobson Street 308 2059. situated at 22 Laings Road ATS Suppliers No5RD Ashburton and known CERAMIC tiles - tile quality as CharRees Vineyard. guaranteed - Tile Warehouse RAFFLES The general nature of the selection available at business conducted (or to be Redmonds Furnishing and under the licence Flooring, Burnett Street. Raffle Results conducted) is- Wine sales. The days on which and the Ashburton Alpine hours during which liquor is SUN CONTROL WINDOW Garden Club (or is intended to be) sold TINTING. Professional under the licence are: window tinting of cars, homes 1st 246 Skinner Monday - Sunday (inclusive) & offices. Quality films for 2nd 341 Rhona 9am to 11pm privacy, UV (fading), heat, Hanrahan safety & security. Phone The application may be 3rd 174 E. Worsfold Craig Rogers your ONLY inspected during ordinary local applicator. 307 6347. office hours at the office of Winners Notified. Member of Master Tinters the Ashburton District NZ. Licensing Agency at 5 Baring Square West, Ashburton. Any person who is entitled to object and who wished to object to the grant of the Brought to you by Kitchen Kapers. application may, not later than 15 working days after the date of the first Emily Hodzelmans publication of this notice, file Happy 4th Birthday a notice in writing of the objection with: sweetheart. The Secretary Have a fun day! Ashburton District Lots of love Mum, Dad, Licensing Agency P O Box 94 and Cohen. ASHBURTON This is the first publication of this notice. 4 TINT-A-WINDOW solar protective films, UV block, fade, heat and glare control, privacy and safety films for glass. FREE quotes - 20 years local service. Bill Breukelaar - phone 0800 368 468.

Birthday Greetings

Emily Hodzelmans Happy 4th Birthday. Love Granny, Grandpops, Great Gran and all the family.


Tinwald Golf Club

Edible food glitter

$13 per pottle

Adding extra sparkle to Christmas & birthdays

Jayten Limited has made application to the District Licensing Agency at Ashburton for the renewal of an On License in respect of the premises situated at 149 Wills St Countdown Complex, Ashburton and known as Taste Cafe. The general nature of the business conducted (or to be conducted) under the licence is- Cafe/Restaurant. The days on which and the hours during which liquor is (or is intended to be) sold under the licence are: Monday - Sunday 7am to 1am the following day. The application may be inspected during ordinary office hours at the office of the Ashburton District Licensing Agency at 5 Baring Square West, Ashburton. Any person who is entitled to object and who wished to object to the grant of the application may, not later than 15 working days after the date of the first publication of this notice, file a notice in writing of the objection with: The Secretary Ashburton District Licensing Agency P O Box 94 ASHBURTON This is the first publication of this notice.

MEETINGS, EVENTS Tinwald Rugby Club

AGM Tuesday, November 5 7.30pm

1st - Ysobel Amalfitano 2nd - Beth

Guardian Job Vacancies

The Arcade, Ashburton 03 308 8287

Call the Guardian for all your classified requirements. 307 7900



Fundraiser Raffle

Birthday Greetings are free for those aged 12 and under only. Free birthday greetings must be received at least two working days before date of insertion otherwise there is no guarantee that it will appear on the day requested. Photos will be available at our ground floor office for collection after notice has appeared in the paper.

Disco Dust


HASTINGS MCLEOD LTD Hastings McLeod Ltd Licensed REAA 2008


There is lots to like about this stylish 3 bedroom home. Sunny, warm and inviting. The lovely lounge has feature fireplace, floor heat pump and window seat to view the beautiful gardens.

VIEW Wednesday 23 Oct 5.00 6.00pm DEADLINE PRIVATE TREATY (unless sold prior) Wednesday 6th November 2013 at 2.00pm 3 1



GORGEOUS Ecoya Candles. Ecoya natural, soy fragranced candles are available from Kitchen Kapers, The Arcade. Candles that look and smell amazing in scents such as french pear, sweetpea and jasmine, lotus flower and more!


SPLOSH Hanging standing letters. Great decoration for any room, use white for a simplistic look, or add you own creativity with paint, ribbons, photos to give more personalised touch! Only $12.50 at Kitchen Kapers. You are only limited by your imagination!


ANGEL, tall, busty attractive. In/out calls phone 021 029 97405.

All Welcome to Attend

NEW NEW - Absolutely hot Asian, fun, sexy body, busty DD. Good looking, excellent time guaranteed. Ph 021 0256 4691.

WOULD the person that borrowed my possum trap and never returned it, please return to D Hayes Kitchener St. Urgently required.


At The Tinwald Rugby Clubroom, Maronan Road


Telephone 03 307 9176

Guardian Classifieds 307 7900


$1.99 ea

Asparagus Easy peel Mandarins Avocado Short Cucumber

2 for $5 $2.99 bag 2 for $2 $1.99 ea

Specials available from 22/10 - 29/10

OPEN 7 DAYS Road The Green Grocer Main SouthTinwald

Fresh Fruit & Vege


Call Toni & Peter May on 03 308 8893 to find out more! 151 Alford Forest Rd, Ashburton

Daily Events Tuesday 9.30am ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Walking group meets outside church, 48 Allens Road, Allenton.

Coffee morning, all welcome. NOSH Cafe, Ashford Village, West Street.

10.45am M.S.A. TAI CHI CLUB. Maintenance class and exercises. M.S.A, Social hall, Havelock Street.

Westpac Bank, 122 Tancred Street.

“500” R.S.A. Cox Street.

12.50pm M.S.A. PETANQUE. Come and try Petanque, everyone welcome. Racecourse Road.

7.30pm THE ASHBURTON BREAST CANCER SUPPORT GROUP. Meeting with guest speaker, all welcome, enquiries to Faye 308-1852. The Mackenzie Centre, Kermode Street.

10.00am WAIREKA CROQUET CLUB. Golf croquet singles, the domain, Philip Street, 11.00am - 3.00pm TE HUB. Ashburton. 1.00pm - 3.00pm 9.30am Seeds, seedlings, workshops, Enviro centre. 35 ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. 10.00am M.S.A. TAI CHI CLUB. Dobson Street West, Biograins building. Classic aircraft on display including DC 3. METHVEN HERITAGE CENTRE. Stretching exercise for all abilities. M.S.A. Ashburton airport, Seafield Road. 12noon - 3.00pm New Zealand and Agriculture Encounter, Social hall, Havelock Street. ASHBURTON JUSTICE OF THE PEACE interactive fun for all ages. Art Exhibition, 1.30pm 10.00am ASSOCIATION (INC). Momentum by Angela Mole. Main Street, R.S.A. CARDS ASHBURTON NEWCOMERS SOCIAL GROUP. Methven. Signing centre. Community house, rear of

Wednesday 9.00am - 4.00pm ASHBURTON BUDGET ADVISORY SERVICE INC. For free budget advice and workshop enquiries. Phone 307-0496. 60 Cass Street, Consultancy House. 9.30am SPORT MID CANTERBURY. Walking group. Meet outside the Community Pool, Walnut Avenue.

ASHBURTON BAPTIST CHURCH. Second time around op shop. Ashburton Baptist Church, Cnr Cass and Havelock Streets. 9.45am ASHBURTON LADIES PROBUS. Monthly social meeting. Doris Linton Lounge, R.S.A. Cox Street. 10.00am ST STEPHENS ANGLICAN CHURCH. Holy Communion, Park Street.

9.30am ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Walking group meets outside church, 48 Allens Road, Allenton.

10.00am WAIREKA CROQUET CLUB. Tasmanian Doubles. Waireka Croquet Club, the Domain, Philip Street.

9.30am - 1.00pm


GIRLS ASSOCIATION. Geraldine visit, lace museum and lunch. 10.00am METHVEN HERITAGE CENTRE. New Zealand and Agriculture Encounter, interactive fun for all ages. Art exhibition by Angela Mole, Main Street, Methven. 10.00am - 3.00pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. Classic aircraft on display including DC3. Ashburton Airport, Seafield Road. 10.00am - 4.00pm ASHBURTON DISTRICT FAMILY HISTORY GROUP. Open for research, non members welcome. 254 Cameron Street, please phone 308-4115 or 307-2253 re access to the building.

10.00am - 7.00pm ASHBURTON ART GALLERY AND MUSEUM. Open, all welcome. Baring Square East.

7.30pm - 9.30pm MID CANTERBURY BADMINTON. Great fun, everyone welcome, racquets provided. Sports hall, 35 Tancred Stree

GLENYS’ DANCE GROUP. Sequence dancing, Pipe Band hall, Creek Road.

10.45am M.S.A. TAI CHI CLUB. Exercises for people with limited mobility. M.S.A. Social Hall, Havelock Street.

7.00pm - 9.30pm MID CANTERBURY LINE DANCERS. Learn to line dance 7pm, followed by beginner/intermediate (8pm - 9pm). Phone 307 -7138 a/h. Tinwald hall, Graham Street.

12.50pm WAIREKA CROQUET CLUB. Association Croquet. Waireka Croquet Club, the Domain, Philip Street.

7.30pm ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Real women walking group. Leaves from 48 Allens Road, Allenton.

1.30pm WAIREKA CROQUET CLUB. Golf Croquet. Waireka Croquet Club, the Domain, Philip Street.

7.30pm ASHBURTON PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY. Annual General Meeting, Anderson set of 3. Senior Centre, Cameron Street.


Puzzles Tuesday, October 22, 2013 CRYPTIC ACROSS 1. Sitting for portrait and pretending to be someone different (6) 4. Pour out as a vapour that’s about right (6) 9. Sarcastically censured Edward for holding parent’s sister (7) 10. Scolds causing Academician a setback (5) 11. Form unsuited to painting? (4) 12. There’s nothing to pay to let one go (4) 13. Sort of whisky every estaminet must hold (3) 15. Sheepish-sounding, the trees (4) 16. Opinion of six with the contents of 15 (4) 19. It’s a bit of a farce – a rounded bit (3) 21. Having a leg broken may be quite a blow (4) 22. One looking into the future is of some weight in India (4) 24. ‘They sell the pasture now to buy the ––’(K Henry IV) (5) 25. Straining rivet, leave – rotten feeling! (7) 26. Like the taste of a musical ornament (6) 27. Portions of cheese one packs in tight (6)












13 14




DOWN 1. It’s evident: hide the glossy material (6,7) 2. Thoroughly undo? That’s awkward in a secretive setting (7) 3. It’s crazy that such fruits should be bolted (4) 5. Trim and cure somehow to find it in the curry (8) 6. Write it up and go in (5) 7. Lads doing errands are put out by green mosses (9,4) 8. Very much love to curtail Red after some fuss (5) 14. Moves self-confidently to

whisk raw egg in craft (8) 17. Very little sound from bell as one is working on bed (7) 18. Mechanism controlled by another, except for about a pound (5) 20. It may produce a reef of gold in California (5) 23. Accurately adjusted? That’s right (4)





YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS CRYPTIC Across 1. Swarming 7. Delta 8. Trivial 9. Suspend 10. Lead 12. New-mown 14. Riddled 17. Fret 18. Shatter 21. Elegant 22. Lucid 23. Starless Down 1. Settle 2. Agitated 3. Main 4. Nelson 5. Blue 6. Garden 7. Disowns 11. Related 13. Overtake 14. Rashly 15. Direct 16. States 19. Arch 20. Pear



Ashburton Guardian

QUICK Across 1. Dims 3. Spell out 9. Candour 10. Naive 11. Inarticulate 13. Exhume 15. Chosen 17. Faint-hearted 20. Edict 21. Entreat 22. Heredity 23. Feud Down 1. Deceives 2. Mania 4. Piracy 5. Lonely hearts 6. Opiates 7. Ties 8. Contaminated 12. Unedited 14. Heavier 16. Threat 18. Theme 19. Mesh


QUICK ACROSS 1. State (7) 5. Conceals (5) 8. Highly regarded (4-7-2) 9. Part of an aeon (3) 10. Conversation (9) 12. Swells (6) 13. Criminals (6) 15. Approaches (5,4) 16. Oxygen (3) 18. Quibbling over details (13) 20. Horse-drawn cart (5) 21. News (7)

DOWN 1. Drench (5) 2. Cooperating (13) 3. Poison remedies (9) 4. Self-regard (6) 5. Embrace (3) 6. Worsening (13) 7. Endures (7) 11. Praised more than is deserved (9) 12. Poor display (3,4) 14. Religious fanatic (6) 17. Rants (5) 19. Transgress (3)


office spot......all you need for the office 605 East Street, Ashburton Ph: (03) 308 1868

Hayley and Carol, the experts to help you with all your stationery needs. ALL PUZZLES © THE PUZZLE COMPANY

SUDOKU Fill the grid so that every column, every row and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.


YOUR STARS by Forecasters

ARIES (MAR 21 – APR 20) The Sun’s final day in your relationship sector brings a need to make your relationships a priority, keeping your eyes open and head out of the sand. TAURUS (APR 20 – MAY 21) The conditions are ideal for your professional relationships, especially when it comes to getting back around the table to restart talks. GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 22) With the Sun spending his last full day in a playful part of your chart, there is a need and a chance to find a balance between work and play. CANCER (JUNE 22 – JULY 24) Mercury’s first full day in retrograde motion increases the danger of misunderstandings, especially if you assume others are mind readers. LEO (JULY 24 – AUG 23) See through any communication issues on the home front, recognising where you need to slow down and make communication a priority. VIRGO (AUG 23 – SEP 23) On both the income and professional fronts there’s a reminder that things are very rarely black and white, with some compromise required. LIBRA (SEP 23 – OCT 23) With Mars still seven weeks away from your sign, keep things up in the air, wrapping up your birthday month with a preliminary or flexible game plan. SCORPIO (OCT 23 – NOV 24) The Moon’s return to your financial sector today may create some financial tension but the wakeup calls this provides are important and timely. SAGITTARIUS (NOV 24 – DEC 21) The Sun’s final day in your sector of friendship, teamwork and networking requires that you remain plugged in and available as much as possible. CAPRICORN (DEC 21 – JAN 20) Keep your professional finger on the pulse and ear to the ground, especially when it comes to knowing when to push on and when to hold back. AQUARIUS (JAN 20 – FEB 19) Your biggest challenge, not only today but over the coming weeks, is how to keep your professional hat on while nurturing a sense of adventure. PISCES (FEB 19 – MAR 20) After the weekend’s lunar eclipse brought both income and financial matters to a head, this is the perfect time to start taking your power back.

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Family Notices 26 Ashburton Guardian DEATHS

HARRIS, Kaye Joan – (of Methven) On October 19, 2013 passed peacefully in her sleep aged 51 years. Dearly loved partner and soulmate of Cedric, loved mum of Rachel and Codie, and loved and treasured nana of Dalyn, Brittney-Kaye (BK), and Madisyn-Jo. Loved daughter of Ian and the late Sylvia, loved sister of Leonie and Darryl, Wayne (deceased) and Denzel, a loved aunty to Jaydn, Craig and Samantha. In Kaye’s memory you are invited to bring a single garden flower to place on her casket. Messages to the family of the late Kaye Harris C/- 19 London Street, Christchurch 8013. A service to celebrate Kaye’s life will be held in the John Rhind Chapel, entrance from London and Whitmore Streets on THURSDAY, October 24 at 1.00pm John Rhind Funeral Directors FDANZ Ph 379 9920 MACDONALD, Athol Ivor – On October 20, 2013 at Ashburton. Loved husband of the late Joyce. Loved father and father in law of the late Aaron, Warren and Di Kellett, Karen and Tom Taukamo, and Les and Rose Kellett. Loved granddad of all his grandchildren and great grandchildren. Messages to PO Box 472, Ashburton 7740. A funeral service to celebrate Athol’s life will be held at the Church of the Holy Name, Sealy Street Ashburton, on THURSDAY, October 24, commencing at 10.30am. Followed by interment at the Ashburton New Lawn Cemetery. Paterson’s Funeral Services FDANZ Ashburton




MOORE, Leicester Farghar – On October 18, 2013, peacefully at Holmwood Rest Home, Rangiora, aged 81 years. Dearly loved husband of Noeline, much loved father and father-in-law of Alistair and Trudie, Christopher and Colleen, Richard and Danna, and Winston, proud grandfather of Sian, Rhiannon; Rosalita, Whitney; Lily, Hannah, and Jasmine. Special thanks to the staff at Christchurch Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital and Holmwood, Rangiora. Messages may be sent to the family of the late Leicester Moore, c/- PO Box 39001, Christchurch 8545. A service to Celebrate Leicester’s life will be held in the Trinity Methodist Church, 176 King Street, Rangiora, on WEDNESDAY, October 23, at 1.00pm, followed by a private Cremation. Lamb & Hayward Ltd North Canterbury FDANZ Phone 03 313 1430

MOORE, Leicester Farghar – Loved brother and brother-inlaw of Mervyn (deceased) and Janet, and the late Hazel, the late Wallace and Margaret, and the late Margaret and Calder Butterick, and the late Gladys and Earle Cameron, Gavin and the late Audrey Letham, Esma and Doug Rowe (Queensland), and Cheryl and Les, and the late Selwyn Giles.

For all your memorial requirements New headstones and designs Renovations, Additional inscriptions, Cleaning and Concrete work Carried out by qualified tradesmen.

620 East Street Ashburton Ph/Fax 308 5369 or 0274 357 974 NZMMMA Member

Ra n

Ph 307 7433

Love Liz and Patrice and families.

Call the Guardian for all your classified requirements. 307 7900






Midnight Tonight


Data provided by NIWA


NZ Situation

Wind km/h fine

mainly isolated cloudy drizzle drizzle few showers fine showers clearing showers 30 to 59


isolated snow thunder flurries

sleet thunder

Canterbury Plains TODAY



60 plus

FZL: Rising to 2400m

Mainly fine with increasing high cloud. However, about the foothills morning and evening cloud with drizzle. Wind at 1000m: Light at first, N developing in the evening. Wind at 2000m: Light, but strong N developing by evening.



Heavy thundery rain about the Divide, scattered lighter falls further east. NW, rising to severe gale in exposed places. fine fine fine rain fine rain thunder thunder rain fine rain rain fine thunder fine

11 8 24 23 16 24 11 24 15 15 13 12 -2 22 17

New York Paris Perth Rarotonga Rome San Francisco Seoul Singapore Stockholm Sydney Taipei Tel Aviv Tokyo Washington Zurich

19 18 29 28 30 31 25 33 18 24 16 19 2 28 32

showers showers fine rain fine fine fine thunder showers showers drizzle fine cloudy rain fine

m am 3 3


9 noon 3


9 pm am 3



9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


9 pm


12:29 6:49 12:58 7:07 1:18 7:37 1:47 7:57 2:08 8:27 2:38 8:50 The times shown are for the Ashburton River mouth. For the Rangitata river mouth subtract 16 minutes and for the Rakaia river mouth subtract 6 minutes.

Good fishing



mainly fine


mainly fine

Rise 6:28 am Set 8:07 pm


Good fishing Set 9:00 am

New moon

4 Nov

1:52 am

Rise 6:26 am Set 8:09 pm

Good fishing


Rise 12:11 am Set 9:48 am

First quarter

10 Nov 6:59 pm

Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa

For the very latest weather information, including Weather Warnings, visit

19 22 24 27 26 22 22 32 12 29 23 31 23 18 19












hail possible


mainly fine





River Levels

Phone 307 6466 Mobile 0274 508 191 13 Robinson Street, (old Spray Marks site) Riverside Industrial Estate, Ashburton

14 12 12 11 9 7 7 6 4 3 2 7 6



Selwyn Whitecliffs (NIWA) at 2:00 pm, yesterday

Rakaia Fighting Hill (NIWA) at 12:00 pm, yesterday 361.4 Nth Ashburton at 2:00 pm, yesterday


Sth Ashburton at 9:30 am, yesterday


Rangitata Klondyke at 11:45 am, yesterday


Waitaki Kurow at 9:00 am, yesterday


Source: Environment Canterbury

Ashburton Airport Temperature °C At 4pm 20.1 23.4 Max to 4pm 11.3 Minimum 4.2 Grass minimum Rainfall mm 0.0 16hr to 4pm October to date 56.6 Avg Oct to date 40 2013 to date 713.0 553 Avg year to date Wind km/h NW 35 At 4pm Strongest gust NW 59 Time of gust 2:13pm

© Copyright Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited 2013

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19 18 22 19 16 18 22 15 17 15 17 16 13

Palmerston North cloudy

Canterbury Readings




10 14 9 20 16 11 10 25 1 19 21 20 18 5 12

overnight max low


Forecasts for today Geneva Hobart Hong Kong Honolulu Islamabad Jakarta Johannesburg Kuala Lumpur London Los Angeles Madrid Melbourne Moscow Nadi New Delhi

21 21 28 20 29 29 29 32 28 29 34 32 17 15 20

Tides, Sun, Moon and Fishing Tuesday

NZ Today

FZL: 2400m lowering to 1600m by nightfall


Mainly fine, a few spots of morning rain. Strong NW, gale in places, easing later.

12 23 11 17 21 18 25 11 24 25 24 9 11 11


Heavy rain about the divide easing to a few showers from the south during the morning. Scattered rain elsewhere, clearing in the afternoon. Snow lowering to 2000m. Wind at 1000m: NW, gusting 120 km/h in exposed places, easing early morning. Wind at 2000m: Severe gale W 120 km/h, gradually easing to 50 km/h at night.

Cloudy morning and evening with patchy drizzle, fine spells in the afternoon. Fresh northeasterlies developing.

drizzle rain cloudy fine showers fine fine showers rain thunder fine fine showers cloudy


Canterbury High Country

Scattered early rain clears, but remaining rather cloudy. Afternoon showers developing, some heavy and possibly thundery with hail about and south of Timaru. Light S developing in the morning.

Amsterdam Bangkok Berlin Brisbane Cairns Cairo Calcutta Canberra Colombo Darwin Dubai Dublin Edinburgh Frankfurt


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A ridge lies across New Zealand tomorrow, but weakens over the South Island as a low with associated fronts and strong northerly flow ahead approaches the country from the Tasman Sea. The fronts are expected to cross the South Island during Thursday and early Friday, and the North Island later on Friday, followed by strong westerlies on Saturday.

less than 30

©Copyright OceanFun Publishing Ltd.

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Last quarter



10: 15 – 4: 15

27 Oct 12:42 pm



Set 8:15 am Rise 11:20 pm

Tr McGre evor Hurley gor R eal Es tate


PROTECTION REQUIRED Even on cloudy days


“The Ashburton Guardian has been the first port of call for all our advertising needs. They provide a professional, prompt service with all design and artwork needs taken care of when necessary, meaning we gain the full benefits of effective marketing”




Rise 6:30 am Set 8:06 pm

First port of call


FRIDAY: Mainly fine, spots morning rain. Strong northwester.



IN MEMORIAM Having a Garage Sale?



Patersons SATURDAY Funeral Services Fine with northwesterlies. and Ashburton World Weather Crematorium Ltd Adelaide showers 14 Office and Chapel Corner East & Cox Streets, Ashburton





THURSDAY: Fine, high cloud. Strong or gale northwesterlies.


bur to


Any queries please contact 0800 ASHBURTON (0800-274-287).

ROULSTON, Doug – It’s been 5 years dad since you left. Loved and remembered every day.



Mainly fine with high cloud. Northerlies, rising to gale in exposed places for a time.

Canterbury owned, locally operated






TOMORROW: Some drizzle morning and evening. Fresh NE.








MORAWETZ, Alison Marie – (11/10/2013) Tom and Carmen would like to take this opportunity to thank all those people who attended Alison’s memorial in person, those who sent such meaningful cards of remembrance, and those who have through their actions expressed their respect. There are too many to thank individually, so please take this general expression of our gratitude as a personal one. Thank you also to all those people who made Alison’s remembrance sp special to us, in particular Paterson’s Funeral Service and an enormous debt of gratitude to Maggie McKeown for her eulogy. We would also like to make a special thank you to those so graciously provided flowers and baking.

TODAY: Morning rain clearing, then afternoon showers. SW.




Ashburton Forecast

Wa i m a ka r i r i


Map for today


MACDONALD, Athol Ivor – On October 20, 2013. Dearly loved father and grandfather Please note all late death of Karen and Tom, Tamati and Renée, Abbey and Leroy, notices or notices sent outside ordinary office hours Emma and Richard, and must be emailed to: great grandfather of Mikaere, Arana, and Katarena. to ensure publication. “Will be sadly missed.” During office hours notices may also be sent to:

McDOUGALL, Ellie – On October 20, 2013, aged 91 years. Dearly loved mother and mother-in-law of Beverley and the late Alister Hormann. Loved nana of Deborah, Nicola. David and Tania and great nana to Kayla, Alissa, James and Emma; Kobe, Lachlan and Cameron; Hunter and Heath; Olivia, Ryley, Ella and Jacob.



Tuesday, October 22, 2013




to 4pm yesterday


Christchurch Airport

Timaru Airport

14.9 17.7 13.4 –

18.5 22.0 6.2 4.1

22.8 24.0 8.9 –

0.0 158.1 – 1476.6 –

0.0 51.4 33 580.0 521

0.0 32.2 37 448.4 407

N 26 – –

NW 28 NW 50 3:51pm

SE 6 W 30 5:59am

Compiled by

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Television Tuesday, October 22, 2013 TV ONE

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12:30 Benny Hinn 1am Better Homes And Gardens 2am House Wreck Rescue 3am How To Haggle For A House Finance guru George HarriganBrown uses his expertise to try to get the best deal for house hunters. 4am Celebrity Juice AO 4:30 Wildlife Warriors 5am Heaven’s Kitchen At Large Handy hints and even a few secrets to get the most from organic food.

7pm Campbell Live 7:30 The Block NZ PGR The teams continue landscaping their second outdoor space, and must create The World’s Best Ever Playhouse. 0 8:40 Best of Grand Designs 3 0 9:40 Hawaii Five-0 AO 0 10:40 Nightline

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6am Football – Arsenal TV Arsenal v Norwich City. From Emirates Stadium, London. 9am Football – Fifa U17 World Cup (Replay) New Zealand v Italy. From Ras Al-Khaimah, UAE. 11am Rugby – ITM Cup (Replay) Premiership Semi-final One – Wellington v Counties Manukau. From Westpac Stadium, Wellington. 1pm Rugby – International (Replay) New Zealand v Australia. 3pm Football League Show 3:30 Rugby League – National U17 (Replay) Final – Counties Manukau Stingrays v Akarana Falcons. 5:30 Rugby League – National Premiership (Replay) Final – Counties Manukau Stingrays v Akarana Falcons. From Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland. 7:30 Red Bull Chronicles A magazine style programme featuring extreme sport action. 8pm Rugby – ITM Cup Week A roundup of all the action, plus expert analysis, news, player profiles and feature stories. 8:30 L Re:Union 9:30 Feed the Backs Host James McOnie takes a comical look into sport. 10:30 The Crowd Goes Wild

11:35 Excused AO Dating show in which singles looking for love try to win dates before being eliminated from contention. Midnight Infomercials

11:10 The Late Show With David Letterman A late-night comedy and talk show. 12:05 Home Shopping 1:35 The Crowd Goes Wild 3 2:05 Home Shopping

11pm Rugby League – International (Replay) New Zealand v Cook Islands. 1am Rugby – International (Replay) 3am Cricket – International (Highlights) 4am Rugby – ITM Cup (Highlights) 4:30 Rugby – ITM Cup (Highlights) 5am Feed The Backs

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1:20 The Pretender PG 2:10 NYPD Blue MVLS 3:05 CSI MV 3:55 SVU MV 4:45 The Pretender PG 5:35 America’s Funniest Home Videos PG

SKY SPORT 2 6:30 Ako 3 7pm Te Kaea 3 2 7:30 Journey To The West 8:30 The Tall Man AO On Palm Island, in the far north of Australia, one morning Cameron Doomadgee swore at a policeman, and 45 minutes later lay dead in a watchhouse cell. 10pm Both Worlds AO 10:30 Tagata Pasifika 11pm Te Kaea 3 2 11:30 Closedown


The River

10:30pm on TV2


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6:25 Biography – Billy Crystal PG 7:15 Everything She Ever Wanted Part 1 MVS 2009 Drama. 8:45 Behemoth MV 2011 Sci-fi. Ed Quinn, Pascale Hutton. 10:15 Wrath Of The Titans MV 2012 Action. Sam Worthington. 11:55 Good Deeds MLS 2012 Drama. Tyler Perry, Thandie Newton. 1:45 The Making Of Snow White And The Huntsman MV 2:05 To The Mat PGV 2011 Comedy. Ricky Schroder. 3:40 Abduction MVL 2011 Action Thriller. Taylor Lautner, Lily Collins. 5:25 Fun Size MLS 2012 Comedy. Victoria Justice, Thomas Mann. 6:55 The Marine 3 – Homefront 16VL 2013 Action. Mike Mizanin. 8:30 Ted 16LS 2012 Comedy. Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis. 10:20 Final Destination 5 16V 2011 Horror. Nicholas D'Agosto. 11:55 Roadkill 16V 2010 Sci-fi. Eliza Bennett, Stephen Rea.

12:30 American Guns M 1:30 Car v Wild PG 2:30 Naked And Afraid PG 3:30 Dirty Jobs PG 4:30 Colony PG 5:30 Time Warp PG

1:25 The Marine 3 – Homefront 16VL 2013 Action. Mike Mizanin. 3am Roadkill 16V 2010 Sci-fi. 4:30 One Angry Juror PG 2010 Drama. Jessica Capshaw.



Street Fighter

8:30pm on Prime

MOVIES GREATS 7:15 Ladder 49 MC 2004 Action. Joaquin Phoenix, John Travolta, Robert Patrick. 9:10 Click MLS 2006 Comedy. Christopher Walken, Adam Sandler. 11am Little Miss Sunshine ML 2006 Comedy. Toni Collette, Greg Kinnear, Alan Arkin, Steve Carrell. 12:45 Levity MVLS 2002 Crime. Billy Bob Thornton, Morgan Freeman. 2:25 Ladder 49 MC 2004 Action. Joaquin Phoenix, John Travolta, Robert Patrick. 4:20 Backdraft PGL 1991 Thriller. Kurt Russell, William Baldwin. 6:35 Shanghai Knights MV 2003 Action. Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson. 8:30 Along Came A Spider MV 2001 Thriller. Morgan Freeman, Monica Potter. 10:15 Remember Me MVLS 2010 Drama. Robert Pattinson, Emilie De Raven, Pierce Brosnan.


12:10 Biography – Matt Dillon PG 1am Backdraft PGL 1991 Thriller. 3:15 Shanghai Knights MV 2003 Action. Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson. 5:05 Along Came A Spider MV 2001 Thriller. Morgan Freeman, Monica Potter.

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MAORI TV 10am Korero Mai 3 2 11am Toku Reo 3 Noon Korero Mai 3 2 1pm Toku Reo 3 2pm Korero Mai 3 2 3pm Kete Aronui 3:30 Guardians Of The Legend 3 4pm Pukoro 2 4:30 Pukana 2 5pm F Toi Whakaari 3 2 5:30 Te Kaea 2 6pm Nga Pari Karangaranga O Te Motu 3

Ashburton Guardian 27

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6am Rugby League – National Premiership (Replay) Final – Counties Manukau Stingrays v Akarana Falcons. 8am Cricket – International Bangladesh v New Zealand – Test Two, Day One. Coverage of the last two hours of play from Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur. 10am Motorsport – Rally Nation (Highlights) Rally Wairarapa. 11am Football – Spurs TV Aston Villa v Tottenham Hotspur. 2pm Motorcycling – British Superbikes Championship (Highlights) Brands Hatch – Round 12. 2:30 Motorcycling – Superbike World Championship (Highlights) Circuit de Jerez. 3pm Arena Access 3:30 Sky Sport – What’s On 3:55 Cricket – International (Highlights) Bangladesh v New Zealand – Test Two, Day One. 4:25 L Cricket – International Bangladesh v New Zealand – Test Two, Day Two. Coverage of the morning session from Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur. 6:35 The Dirt 7:05 L Cricket – International Bangladesh v New Zealand – Test Two, Day Two. Coverage of the afternoon session from Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur.


Midnight Golf Central 1am Feed The Backs 2am Rugby League – National Premiership (Replay) Final – Counties Manukau Stingrays v Akarana Falcons. 4am Boxing – Fight Night Kim v Fernandes. From Singapore Indoor Stadium, Kallang, Singapore. | Compiled by

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


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American Danny Davis gets some seriously big air on the Mt Hutt super pipe yesterday. Australian Ben Bright and Mt Hutt created a spring training camp and some of the world’s top snowboarders have turned up to train for the Sochi Olympics. “We are a bit off the beaten track from a freestyle perspective but we are delighted to be able to host this,” Mt Hutt Ski Area general manager James McKenzie said. A specially erected half-pipe was assembled after the close of the season and was scheduled to be ready for use on Saturday but the weather gods had other ideas making yesterday the first day of action.

Big air on Mt Hutt



Ellis, Smith make Oceania team BY JONATHAN LEASK


Getting back on the track was, as the saying goes, just like riding a bike for Hinds cyclist Lauren Ellis. Ellis was named in the New Zealand team which will be contesting the Oceania Championships in November, as was local youngster Frances Smith in the junior women’s team, and spent the last week in a BikeNZ

track camp in Invercargill. “It’s been good to get back on and have a ride around the track. It’s been a while,” Ellis said. The 10 days in Invercargill are the longest Ellis has spent on the track since the London Olympics, with the national championships in January and a five-day tier one event in Adelaide in July the only time she’s ridden the hardwood. “It’s been really good to be

able to train together with the other girls. “The other events weren’t really teams, they were more individual so it’s good to get back into the team environment.” The focus of the camp was getting the endurance girls accustomed to the new team pursuit, a 4-rider 4km race. “The focus of the camp was team pursuit work, and it was the first time we have done it

since London with the event changing to 4km it’s a new dynamic for us to work on. “It’s still pretty much the same event, but just having an extra person and extra recover it changes it slightly. After the lengthy gap in training together, the team still clicked on the first lap. “I was surprised how well we rode to start with. “The first few days the chang-

es aren’t quite right and the lines aren’t the best but we soon cleaned it up.” The team will reassemble in the lead up to a tier one event prior to the Oceania champs when Ellis and company will get another chance to fine-tune before their first real racing on the track in over a year. Frances Smith joins Ellis in elite group - page 20

Tua splits with Memorable time ‘colourful’ trainer for Townsend P20


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