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Thursday, March 21, 2013


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Online bullying a worrying presence

Mad grab as Marmageddon comes to end

By Myles Hume

Photo Tetsuro Mitomo 200313-tm-003

Margaret Livingstone, an early shopper at New World, celebrates scoring her share of the first Marmite to hit the shelves for more than a year.

By Sue Newman They came with dozens of reasons and excuses but with just one purpose – to get their hands on a jar of Marmite. When the Marmite drought broke in Ashburton yesterday, desperate addicts were out early. Some hit the stores at 5am and regardless of opening time, all stores unlocked the doors to queues of shoppers. In orderly streams the Marmite hunters filed past the hottest shelves in town, furtively collecting their single jar and filing out through the checkout with a sheepish grin. At New World those waiting were salivating at the thought of their first taste of Marmite in many months. There were mums with teenagers in tow, oldies wiping sleep

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from their eyes, people on their way to work already planning Marmite on toast for morning tea and others who were standing silently, quietly desperate. Two mums were buying a jar to send to children overseas, another was shopping for her daughter who was in hospital and couldn’t join in the supermarket dash. And some were planning a return trip later in the day to make sure they had enough Marmite in the pantry to tide their family over the next anticipated drought.

For Vivian Christey a Marmite sandwich would now be her welcome home treat for her boyfriend in the army. “I’m going to send him a note with a Marmite smear on it and just three words – I Have Marmite.” Many fans were horrified to find they could only buy one jar but all said a light swipe across buttered bread was better than nothing. Over the long waiting months, few had made the switch to alternative yeast spreads. Instead most

had detoured through a range of jams, honey and peanut butter. Shania Harrison-Lee was shopping on her way to school with her nana. She’s the only person in her house who eats Marmite and she was planning Marmite on toast as an after school snack. Ashburton’s large supermarkets, New World and Countdown, counted their stocks in hundreds of jars and staff, clad in I Survived Marmageddon t-shirts, were keeping their fingers crossed stocks would last until the end of the week. Many of the district’s smaller stores, however, were out of stock within a couple of hours. Marilyn Walker at Netherby Four Square sold her first jar at 5am and her last at 7am but that didn’t stop the phone calls and queries from customers still looking for a Marmite fix. It was the same story at Hecs

at Allenton, and while Tinwald Supervalue still had stock at mid-day, staff anticipated empty shelves by closing time. Methven’s Top Notch Foodstore was out of stocks by 8am and across the road the Supervalue store was watching stock march of its shelf throughout the day. Rakaia had an early start on the Marmite stampede. Stocks arrived, were shelved and sold on Friday. Staff were surprised by the product’s early arrival and customers were surprised – and delighted – when they could start their weekend with Marmite on toast. When yesterday’s Marmite dash ended, so too did the hopes of those who missed out. It’s unlikely more supplies will hit Ashburton for at least six weeks. Marmite and cheese bangers a hit, P5

Dog owners in court after Methven attack Introducing the


The owners of two marauding Sharon van Duinen each face five dogs that attacked five people in counts relating to the attacks on Methven last month appeared in the February 8 when two large-breed Dynamic design, intuitive technology and advanced Ashburton District Court this week. mastiff performance – start more thancross a car. dogs escaped from Graham Leslie van Duinen and their owners’ property.

Two children were attacked, and a teenager who came to the children’s rescue. The dogs then turned on a tourist and a council ranger was the final

victim in the frenzy. The van Duinens have each been charged with owning a collie-bull mastiff cross that caused endangerment, and four charges of owning a

dog which attacked people. They were remanded without plea to reappear on April 29, to allow police time to speak to the victims of the attacks.

Parents need to tighten the reins on their teens to stamp out the worrying presence of cyber bullying, a principal says. Ashburton College has seen a spate of cyber bullying in recent weeks, with a group of teenage girls unleashing digital attacks over social media. The overflow of personal fallouts has spilt online, where the young teens have posted their opinions of others on Facebook for all to see, allowing others to chip in with comments. Ashburton College principal Grant McMillan said the posts had created a platform for pupils to feud, which was being transferred into school time. Mr McMillan has been vocal in his quest to address the issue of cyber bullying before it is too late, throwing his support behind a clause in the Education Amendment Bill which would hand school staff the power to reveal cyber bullying on electronic devices. But to prevent it from spiralling out of control, Mr McMillan believed it started at home. “I advise that parents make sure they are friends with their children on Facebook, make sure you can see what they are saying,” he said. “I think parents need to be a little more involved, particularly if your son or daughter was looking to be part of this stuff or has managed to get caught up in it.” Cyber bullying is under the microscope with law makers proposing to make it a criminal offence for people aged over 14. Under consideration is a Communications Tribunal, which would hear disputes over cyber bullying and enforce apologies, and make people reveal their identities or the removal of comments. Mr McMillan said cyber bullying was still in its early stages and criminalising it was only logical. He could see it becoming worse, with new social media allowing teenagers to comment anonymously or new forms which put a photo or an opinion into cyber space before it is quickly pulled down. “I imagine the next generation is going to look at how we used



social media. They will look at it like how we look at people walking in front of cars with flags in the olden days. They will think, ‘how primitive was that?’,” he said. University of Canterbury student Rose Carson is studying for a masters degree in psychology. She is part way through a study, looking to see if there was a relationship between parenting styles and cyber bullying via cellphone by conducting anonymous surveys in schools and with parents. “There’s isn’t much information out there in New Zealand but it is becoming more of an issue in quite a few schools, which is why we are trying to understand it better,” she said. Ms Carson said there were steps parents could take to reduce their child’s chances of falling victim or becoming a bully. “It really depends on the family, but I think monitoring what kids are doing with their phones, who they are communicating with and asking how things are at school (would help). These things promote healthy relationships and discussion about morals of what’s good and what’s not,” she said.

Photo Kirsty Clay 200313-KC-009

Parents should become friends with their children on social networking sites to deter them from cyber bullying.

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ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, March 21, 2013


ANNOUNCEMENTS DEATHS JONES, Irene Phyllis – On March 20, 2013. Peacefully at Tuarangi Home, Ashburton. Aged 86 years. Dearly loved wife of the late Glyn. Much loved mother and mother in law of Evan and Carmel (Auckland), David and Karen (Ashburton), and Megan and David Adams (Hastings). Much loved gran of Aaron and Vicky, Blair and Rachel, Rhys and Josie, Rose and Jeremy, Emma, Ryan, the late Scott, and Natalie and special great gran of Zoe and Millie. Messages to the Jones Family, C/- P O Box 472, Ashburton 7740. A service for Irene will be held at Our Chapel Cnr East & Cox Streets, Ashburton on SATURDAY, March 23, commencing at 1.30pm. Followed by private cremation. Paterson’s Funeral Services FDANZ Ashburton Please note all late death notices or notices sent outside ordinary office hours must be emailed to:

to ensure publication. During office hours notices may also be sent to:

Any queries please contact 0800 ASHBURTON (0800-274-287).

FUNERAL FURNISHERS A leader in providing Prompt, Personal 24hour Service PATERSONS FUNERAL SERVICES AND ASHBURTON CREMATORIUM LTD (Ashburton’s local firm) Office and Chapel Corner East and Cox Streets, Ashburton When the need arises PHONE 308-8474



For all your memorial requirements New headstones and designs Renovations, Additional inscriptions, Cleaning and Concrete work Carried out by qualified tradesmen.

620 East Street, Ashburton Ph/Fax 308 5369 or 0274 357 974 NZMMMA Member



March 21, 1953 St Luke’s Church Manchester St Congratulations and best wishes from all your family.

Skatepark spruce up Ashburton’s Skatepark is in for a spruce up this weekend thanks to a team from the Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints. And no one could be happier about that unexpected work bonus than the Ashburton District Council. The skatepark has become a thorn in its side because of its constantly littered state and the church clean up would provide an opportunity for a new beginning for that part of town, council regulatory manager Richard Wade said. The clean-up blitz will be followed by a get-tough approach from the council on enforcing the liquor ban and littering laws at the park. The skaters, however, weren’t to blame for all of the mess at the park, he said. “We suspect it’s not just the kids, it’s people coming from the pub and buying food who’re using the area and leaving their rubbish behind and some are flouting the liquor ban law too.� It was time the skatepark gained a new image and a new rubbish-free look, he said. “It’s great that we’ve got this church group wanting to be involved as part of their community projects. Bishop Pongia is very enthusiastic about this.� The council was keen to see more events run at the park but to do that it needed to bring sponsors on board, Mr Wade said.

Setting the Down record straight Yesterday Pope Francis went out of his way to kiss a man with a disability and instantly this man went sky rocketing up in my estimations. Since his election, Pope Francis has broken with convention and shown bucket-loads of empathy for the everyday Joe and Josephine Blogs. Empathy and understanding are often missing when it comes to everyday life and going about your business as the parent of a child with a disability. On a daily basis we are subjected to jokes about special needs, the term ‘retard’ being thrown about and people screwing up their faces and making noises like they cannot communicate (durrrrrrrr). Whilst I realise these are lighthearted gestures often done by people at themselves, these gestures are still derogatory. Anyone that knows me knows that I am not Mr ‘thou shall not’, the police state enforcer. I enjoy a good laugh, am straight up, call it as I see it and play sport pretty hard. However, I have bucket-loads of empathy and understanding for people who are less fortunate. Just over five years ago Luke was born in Hastings Hospital and for the first 36 hours we were totally unaware that Luke had Down syndrome. This was a complete shock at the time but we have just got on with life and see Luke for Luke and don’t treat him any differently. I love my Luke just as much as my other two children and I wouldn’t change a thing. My point of this is to raise awareness because people don’t understand what they don’t know.

Today marks World Down Syndrome Day, a time to raise awareness about people living with the disability. Longbeach School principal and father NEIL SIMONS has faced tough questions over his son Luke, who has Down syndrome, and he wants to set the record straight. So: • When people say “oh they are all are so lovingâ€?, tell that to his sister who feels the wrath of his frustration when she annoys him. • When people say “I know a Down syndromeâ€?. Down syndrome is not a separate species, they are people who have a condition. I have asthma but I am not known as the ‘Asthma’ who works at Longbeach School. It is important to acknowledge the person first - Luke is an active boy who likes regular boy stuff and he has Down syndrome. • When people say “oh didn’t you have the test?â€? We are really offended because it infers to us that Luke should have been terminated. • People with Down syndrome do have features in common, but they also closely resemble their parents and family. • Many characteristics are attributed to Down syndrome but any one person will only have some of them - each person is an individual, with a unique appearance, personality and set of abilities. • The extent to which a child shows the physical characteristics of the syndrome is no indication of his or her intellectual capacity. • Down syndrome was first described in detail by an English doctor, John Langdon Down, in





• •

Police in Waikato are hunting for a man with a history of carrying firearms and knives who has breached his parole. They warned Cameron Lee Ashby, 34, was dangerous and should not be approached. Hamilton Sergeant Robert Isaac said Ashby had amassed a “disturbingly violent criminal history� since 2000. -APNZ

• Tsunami warning A tsunami triggered by a massive earthquake along the southern section of the Kermadec Trench could kill up to 900 Papamoa people and cause $54 million of damage to buildings, a new report warns. The losses relate to a worst-case scenario, 13m-high tsunami with a 50-minute arrival time. -APNZ

• Suppression lapses

Photo Tetsuro Mitomo 200313-TM-029

Luke Simons, 5, who has Down syndrome, plays at Allenton Kindergarten.

Couple ‘just kind of grew together’ By Sue Newman When Alan and Fay Hunt met they say they �just kind of grew together.� Both were in the Royal New Zealand Airforce, based at Wigram, both worked in the same department and whenever they met, she had to stand to attention and salute. The formality soon disappeared as their relationship grew. “Ours wasn’t love at first sight though, the fall over kind of thing. We just grew together,� Fay said And as they celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary today, there’s plenty of evidence that their love has grown very strong roots. There’s an obvious affection and a strong friendship between the pair. If it hadn’t been for Fay’s sense of adventure they may never have met. She’d served in the British Army and 18 months after discharge was working in a hospital in Oxford, England. “Mum saw a newspaper cutting saying that girls were wanted in New Zealand to work in the airforce. I applied and before I knew it I was on a ship, a slow boat to China, coming out to New Zealand.� As a team of 99 (one became ill and was off-loaded in Malta) young Englishwomen she arrived in New Zealand and began work at Wigram Airforce Base in the stores department on a two-year contract. Alan had been based in Fiji but had returned home and was also working on the base. Fate stepped in. They met and later married. She was 23 and he was 29, old for marriage by the standards of the day, Fay said. Finding somewhere to live was difficult but like many newly married couples they eventually bought a small home with a large mortgage. Buying that home was the catalyst for Alan leaving the airforce. Home and family became more important than accepting postings around the country and he turned to work in aviation, this time as a civilian. They raised two girls, Lorraine and Alison and eventually decided to strike out in a new direction, buying a corner dairy. “That was a lot of fun. We had it for three years and really enjoyed it but there were no long hours like they do now,� Fay said. With retirement looming they decided to downsize their home. It hit the market on Friday, had sold by Monday and on Wednesday of that week they were in Ashburton visiting Alan’s

A Whangarei cat owner, whose cat’s leg was amputated after being shot with a pellet gun, fears someone is on a shooting crusade and targeting animals. Natasha Still’s 10-year-old cat Fred failed to return to their Maunu home on March 4 but was found a day later in discomfort. Vet X-rays revealed he had been shot by a slug gun. -APNZ

• Man dangerous

1866. It is a congenital condition which randomly affects about one in 1000 babies born throughout the world, male and female alike. Down syndrome is caused by an extra copy of chromosome 21 inside each of the body’s cells. It is a chromosomal accident, not caused by anything the parents may have done before or during pregnancy. Down syndrome is a life-long condition that causes delays in learning and development. It cannot be cured but problems can be eased if people with Down syndrome have the right help and if other people have a positive accepting attitude. You either have it or not - there are not degrees of Down syndrome - just individual abilities which may have been affected by other complications. It can occur in any family of any race, culture or religion and is never anyone’s fault. In New Zealand, one baby in about 1000 is born with Down syndrome; that is one or more babies with Down syndrome born every week. People with Down syndrome are individuals and vary in their abilities and achievements. They are contributing members of society. Changing attitudes towards Down Syndrome, P4

• Animals targeted

Funding for freshwater biodiversity protection More than $45,000 is still available to support local biodiversity programmes in the upper Rakaia and Rangitata catchments and landowners and groups are being invited to submit proposals. The Canterbury Water regional committee is administrating the fund, which is part of a larger biodiversity funding programme, specifically intended to support local freshwater biodiversity values in the upper Rakaia and Rangitata catchments, above the gorges. Environment Canterbury senior biodiversity advisor Frances Schmechel said the funding will support on-the-ground actions. “The regional committee has already provided close to $200,000 for fencing and weed control since 2011 to support projects which focus on protecting freshwater values in Canterbury, and we are looking for more worthy initiatives to support as part of implementing the regional flagship programmes,� Ms Schemechel said. “We are looking for projects that will protect the ecosystem health of freshwater habitats such as wetland and spring-fed streams, and initiatives that protect native fish and mahinga kai sites.� Examples of biodiversity protection projects could include: Wetland fencing and weed control, fencing riparian vegetation and waterways (especially spring-fed) to protect it from stock, and fencing streams important to native fish. For more information contact Ms Schmechel by emailing or phoning 0800 324 636.

Name suppression has lapsed for a man accused of murdering a Kawerau man in January. Thomas Edward Ray, 31, appeared in the Whakatane District Court yesterday and entered no plea to a charge of murdering 23-year-old Kawerau man Gareth Lardelli Kaipara. Bail was denied and he was further remanded in custody until next month. -APNZ

• Second chance A pilot programme at Hawke’s Bay Regional Prison is saving dogs earmarked to be put down and giving them a “second chanceâ€? at life. They are taken from their own death row and into the care of prisoners, who train the pets for six weeks before they are put up for adoption. -APNZ

• Compensation A resthome worker who hid behind a door when discovered with a gardener in a dead resident’s studio has been awarded more than $6000 in lost wages and compensation after she was dismissed. The Employment Relations Authority heard that Deborah Hoff, who worked as a senior caregiver at the Wood Retirement Village in Nelson between 2002 and May 2011, engaged in displays of affection, including kissing and cuddling, with the man while at work. -APNZ

• Anger costly Anger and a desire for vengeance, combined with alcohol, probably led a Mosgiel man to light fires causing $100,000 damage to his former partner’s home and belongings last Christmas Day, Dunedin District Court has heard. Andrew Chiles Grant, 38, earlier admitted setting fire to the lounge curtains and a towel in the house he had previously shared with his partner and their two children. -apnz

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Alan and Fay Hunt, celebrating 60 years of marriage. aunt and looking for a new home that would fit their purse. That was in 1986. Today they are still loving life in their sunny bungalow that looks out over an immaculately kept garden. Coming to Ashburton was a great decision, they said. They laugh a lot and both say that’s one of the keys to a long and happy marriage. “One of the reasons I married him was because he had a real sense of humour. We were quite

More arrests Two more people have been arrested over the seizure of a kilogram of methamphetamine which had been on a flight from Dubai. The drug was allegedly found last Friday evening when Customs discovered it in the suitcase of a 25-year-old man who had arrived on an Emirates flight from Dubai. The flight had originated in Mexico. Two unemployed Auckland residents were arrested in central Auckland early yesterday. A 23-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman were due to appear in the Manukau District Court charged with Importing and Possession of a Class A drug for supply. - apnz

different, still are, but we like a lot of things in common and we have a laugh,� Fay said. They share a love of gardening, reading and music and Alan says that while his days as a band leader are well over, he still loves nothing better than listening to good music. “We do everything together, there’s no option,� Alan laughed. “We’ve always been happy. Yes we’ve had disagreements but we always sort them out. Everyone


A Sentimental Journey in Song photo Tetsuro Mitomo 200313-TM-051

has funny habits.� Looking back at the journey her life has taken since she set sail from England in 1951, Fay said she has never regretted a single moment of her decision to come to New Zealand. “I’ve always felt I fitted in here.� They plan to celebrate their diamond wedding milestone quietly with family and friends, but the big thing they say they’ll celebrate is being together and having good health. by David Fletcher

Enjoy this wonderful journey as JON DOYLE & KEN BENNETT, pianist/vocals take you on an extravagant musical song feast and have you calling out for more!!! Come and enjoy a broad spectrum of the most memorable, romantic and endearing songs of the 20th century. Sat April 6, 2pm Tickets: Adults $20, Senior/Child $18, Group of 10 $15 (incl fees)

Why not make it a “Double Date� with double the music but half the price? A Sentimental Journey in Song & Sons of Sinatra Tickets only $32 for two shows

Sons of Sinatra A high-energy musical tribute. You’ll hear the best jazz vocal superstars perfromed by Las Vegas-trained vocalist James Tait Jamieson (from hot club sandwich) and an incredible 7-piece band led by Dr Rodger Fox. Burnin’ swing numbers, sexy salsa grooves, beautiful ballads, authentic Las Vegas humour! This show has it all!!! Sun April 14, 2pm Concert 2pm Tickets: Adults $25, Senior $20, Group of 10 $19 (incl fees) Tickets are available from our Ticket Direct office at the Event Centre or online

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, March 21, 2013


We’ve got lowest lines charges in country By Sue Newman and APNZ Power prices have increased by more than $120 per household in the past year, but consumers in the Ashburton District are paying the lowest lines charges in the country. EA Networks chief executive Gordon Guthrie said the lines company aimed to remain in the lowest quarter in terms of lines charges, but was delighted it had come in with the lowest ranking. There were many factors that came into play in keeping lines charges low, he said. The district’s lines network was relatively new because of strong growth in connections in recent years and while that expansion came at a cost it meant maintenance costs were also lower. And as well as low lines charges, members also benefitted by deferred discounts we pay out,Mr Guthrie said. The electricity rankings came in the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s quarterly domestic electricity price survey. It shows a weighted average nationwide increase of $121.32 in power prices per household in the year to February. Ashburton’s weighted average increase across all electricity suppliers was right on the national average, $120. The price rises varied widely by region, with power costs at the top and the bottom of the country increasing the most. The average household power price in Southland increased by $194.22 while in Northland it increased by $176.72. Dunedin had the lowest overall price increase of $79.49, while Christchurch was the main centre with the biggest price shock, with an increase of $150.16. Auckland’s average power price went up by $127.73, Tauranga’s by $138.85 and Wellington’s by $101.45. Line charge increases were the highest in Northland and lowest in



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the eastern Bay of Plenty and mid Canterbury. Trustpower is the largest supplier in the Ashburton District with 41 per cent of the market, Meridian, 32 per cent, Contact Energy, 10 per cent, Genesis Energy, 8 per cent and Mercury, 5 per cent. In terms of retail rates per kilowatt, Ashburton consumers pay about the national average – Trustpower 28.46 cents, Contact Energy, 27.7 cents, Genesis Energy, 25.33 cents, Just Energy, 25.09 cents, Mercury Energy, 25.67 cents and Meridian Energy, 24.31 cents. The highest retail rate of 38.81 cents per kilowatt was charged by Contact Energy in south, east and north Otago, while the lowest of 22.48 cents was charged by Payless Energy in Dunedin. Online electricity retailer Powershop chief executive Ari Sargent said greater investment in upgrading the national grid meant higher costs along the supply chain and ultimately for households. But New Zealand was still “middle of the pack” compared with other countries in terms of electricity prices per kilowatt-hour. Consumption levels were high by international standards, however, which was driving up bills. “It comes down in large part to our climate and building standards. If we really want to cut our bills down, we need to focus on reducing consumption through more cost effective heating and better insulation.”


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www. 1. Tough day at the office 2. ‘Perfect’ mother and son (video) 3. Change the only constant for 39 years 4. Dog owners charged over Methven attack 5. Teen on trial for murder

POLL result Yesterday’s result Q: Should the government persevere with Novopay?

Photo Supplied

Carew Peel Forest pupils (right) Margaux Finlayson and Amelia McKeown, both 8, hold a 150 metre long eel tapestry outside Parliament on Tuesday with Geraldine High School pupil Taylor Gallagher.

Pupils stand up for the longfin eels By Myles Hume They made their voices heard to the country’s decision-makers, but that won’t be the end in Carew Peel Forest School’s quest to save the longfin eel. The school’s Enviroschool club were back behind their desks yesterday after delivering a personal message to the Government over their concerns for the unstable future of the longfin eel. “We wanted to show the Government that we care for the longfin eel, and we are not just going to stand there and wait for

it to be extinct then speak up, we want to speak up now,” Carew Peel Forest School pupil Jamie Roberts, 10, said. Eight current pupils and three past pupils made the trip to the capital city, joining more than 200 others to march a 150 metre travelling tapestry and deliver a petition to Parliament, pushing for a moratorium on commercial fishing of the New Zealand-native longfin eel. Led by artist and educator Stephanie Bowman, the Carew Peel Forest contingent held their two metre section of the tapestry in the cold, dreary weather,

also representing Enviroschools Ashburton Borough and Waimataitai School, from Timaru. Fellow pupil Pieta Prouting, 9, said their voices reached further than the corridors of the Beehive. “Heaps of people started joining in, it was much longer than I thought it would be and lots of people asked us what we were doing, and I told them we were trying to ban commercial fishing of the longfin eel,” she said yesterday. Although they could not sign the petition themselves, the youngsters believed each stitch weaved on the tapestry repre-

sented another signature, on top of the 6766 other people that had already shown their support. Carew Peel Forest teacher and the Enivroschool club co-ordinator Jayne Rayner said it would not be the end of the school’s effort to raise awareness about the need to maintain freshwater conservation. “We have taken action and it is important that the children know the processes to have their voices heard,” she said. The school will stay in contact with scientists and fellowsupporters, hoping to spread the message far and wide.

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Hobbit sparks increased tourist numbers By Myles Hume Tourism in Mid Canterbury’s spectacular foothills is continuing to feed off the success of Peter Jackson’s blockbuster films. Used as a backdrop in the multi award-winning The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Mid Canterbury’s Mt Potts High Country Station and Mt Sunday area have been a hot-spot for tourists, looking to get a peek at the isolated and untouched landscape for the past decade. Business has been strong for Mark Gilbert, the operator of full day Alpine Safari tours in the Canterbury High Country, but Peter Jackson’s latest blockbuster, The Hobbit: An Unexpected

Journey, has had further spin-offs for the young entrepreneur. With the Hobbit being released in November, bookings have leapt 17 per cent compared with March last year. The rise in bookings also coincides with more tourists returning to Canterbury after business dried up soon after the earthquakes. “We have definitely seen more interest lately, we are seeing a lot of people coming through that were motivated by The Hobbit,” Mr Gilbert said. Although Mid Canterbury played no part in The Hobbit, the movie has a close connection, being the prequel to The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Mr Gilbert said Tourism New

Zealand had done a great job in promoting the whole country as Middle Earth, following yesterday’s revelation that there had been a 16 per cent spike in US tourists coming to New Zealand this year. Tourism New Zealand said it showed promotion of The Hobbit film was working, with the US market being tough to crack. Experience Mid Canterbury general manager Nigel Birt said January this year had had the third highest number of international visitors since 2000. Although international guest nights in January 2013 were down 20 per cent compared with last year’s record highs in Mid Canterbury, it was still above the

average guest nights tally by 16.7 per cent, at 7185. Mr Birt said it was hard to gauge the direct impact The Hobbit had on Mid Canterbury but expected tourist numbers would continue to grow in the future. “I feel that the hobbit has stimulated travel to New Zealand in the short term, however it is only one of the many campaigns operating in international markets currently to boost results,” Mr Birt said. “We are lucky to have a Lord of the Rings film location to promote, and The Hobbit will continue to stimulate international travel to this district in years to come as a result. It’s one part of the greater puzzle from a tourism promotion perspective.”


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ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, March 21, 2013


Changing attitudes towards Down syndrome D

own syndrome is not a big deal. That is the basic message on World Down Syndrome Day. The 21st day of the third month of the year is picked for the annual global awareness day because Down syndrome is caused by an extra copy of the 21st chromosome. New Zealand has been leading the way among other nations in changing its attitude towards people with Down syndrome and welcoming them into their schools and workplaces. Sadly that is not the case in some other countries, where children with Down syndrome

OUR VIEW are still locked away, or worse, disposed of at birth. Roughly one in 1000 people will be born with Down syndrome across all ethnic groups. Unlike some of the preconceptions, people with Down syndrome are able to do just about everything ordinary folk are able to. Their development may be delayed, but like other people, each person with Down syndrome has specific talents and can learn to do just about

anything, as long as they are given a bit more time when needed. As regular readers of this column will know, our oldest daughter Bella has Down syndrome. For some in our wider family, her birth felt like a life sentence, but because I had grown up with an uncle with Down syndrome, I was fortunately aware that it was not the end of the world. People with Down syndrome can live an extremely fulfilling life and as our society has become

Coen Lammers editor

more supportive in developing their skills, those people have become more independent. They go to normal schools, finish high school, find jobs, and some even get married. Like every other person in our community, each one is an individual with different skills

and weaknesses. Far too often people with Down syndrome are tagged as a standard personality. Common remarks like “they are so friendly” or “they are so musical’’ may be innocent, but are slightly ignorant and can even be hurtful to some families. There is no “they”. One person with Down syndrome will be smarter than others, some may be more physical compared to their friend who prefers reading books. People with Down syndrome are all individuals, with their own character traits and quirks, and my daughter is most definitely

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Murder ‘completely ridiculous’ by James Ihaka and Anna Leask


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how far her abilities can take her. For Bella this dream is working in a restaurant alongside a great chef and surrounded by yummy food. Of course, Bella has and will face many tough challenges and meet people who fail to see her as an individual, patronise her or get hysterical like the screaming Korean teenage girls on the beach in Bali who had never seen someone with Down syndrome. Hopefully, awareness campaigns like today will help more Kiwis discover that she is just like any other girl, who happens to have Down syndrome.

Injured bus driver saves students

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not “so friendly” when she has to tidy up her room or empty the dishwasher. Bella is now in Year 6 at school, loves reading books and doing arts, but struggles a bit with maths. She rides her bike to school, is addicted to swimming and recently competed in the zone finals. She also plays football and loves hanging out with her girlfriends. We expect Bella to grow up, finish high school, find a job and hopefully live an independent life. It may not all come to fruition, but there is no reason a person with Down syndrome can’t aim for their dreams and find out

The family of a roadworker gunned down on an isolated South Waikato road were last night grieving for a cheeky, lovely and gentle man. George Charles Taiaroa, 67 - a husband, father and grandfather - was shot dead while holding a stop-go sign on Tram Rd in the Kinleith Forest area about 3.20pm on Tuesday, after allowing a logging truck to cross a bridge. Police were last night hunting Mr Taiaroa’s killer as his whanau and close friends gathered in Hamilton to wait for the return of his body. He is survived by his wife, Dr Helen Taiaroa, their four children and four grandchildren. Family friend Mereana Selby said Mr Taiaroa’s death was “completely ridiculous” and his family were trying to get their heads around the situation and the shock of him being shot in cold blood. A family statement said: “This

is an unexpected and shocking event for everyone concerned. The family would like to acknowledge the overwhelming support they have received,” she said. “He was a loving father, husband and grandfather.” Mr Taiaroa, who was living in Hamilton, was from Otaki and owned a house there with his wife. He had links to the Ngati Raukawa people of Otaki. Mr Taiaroa’s body remained at the scene until late yesterday, when it was taken for a post-mortem. He is expected to be taken to Ngatokowaru Marae in Levin tomorrow for his tangi. Witnesses reportedly saw Mr Taiaroa falling to the ground immediately after the incident as a blue four-wheel-drive vehicle, believed to be a Jeep Cherokee, rushed away from the scene. A motorist tried to tend to his wounds but he died at the scene. Last night a staff member of the Otaki RSA said colleagues and relatives held a karakia for him upon hearing the news of his death. On a Facebook page, one man

called Mr Taiaroa’s killer “f***en gutless”. “ ... you just killed the nicest gentle man I’ve ever known. RIP George, you didn’t deserve that bro,” he said. “He was a crane driver at HEBs ... sad thing is, he shoulda [sic] been retired, but just loved his job.” Mr Taiaroa had worked with road construction crews for HEB Construction and had been staying off and on at the Pukeko and Bull Tavern on SH1, a stone’s throw from the $34 million Atiamuru Bridge project. A local woman said he liked a steak, a beer and a good laugh. “He was pretty cheeky, a chirpy, lovely man who always had a smile and a word to say,” she said. “We were supposed to meet up for a beer on Saturday and then this happened, it’s awful, just so tragic.” Detective Inspector Tim Anderson said it was too early to establish what motive, if any, there was in the attack, which he described as “isolated”.

Man rescued twice? George Taiaroa He said police were following up on a number of vehicles which could have been involved and wanted people who were in the Atiamuri area and its surrounds on Tuesday to report to police any vehicle seen speeding or driving erratically between 2.30pm and 4pm. - APNZ

Govt struggling to sign off on earthquake-prone building policy By Sue Newman While the Ashburton District Council has been proactive in signing off its new earthquakeprone buildings policy, the Government is battling to get its national policy past the first consultation gate. Ashburton’s policy was signed off in May last year. It spells out the degree to which a building must comply with the building code and what actions its owner must take over the next five to 10 years to removed any earthquake proneness. How this is accomplished is up to the building owner and can be done by strengthening or demolition. The Government’s new earthquake-prone building policy, which requires owners of

earthquake-prone buildings to strengthen them or knock them down, has just been through a three-month consultation period. The Government’s proposed policy is similar to the council policy. It states that all buildings should be assessed within five years and, if earthquake prone, they would have to be strengthened or demolished within 10 years. It has been swamped by public feedback – 529 submissions from organisations and individuals. It was expected that the new proposal would go to committee in the middle of 2013 but this date is now up in the air. Council building services manager Mark Fields said that the council’s policy would continue in effect until new guidelines or

directions were provided by the Government. While some buildings around the Ashburton District had been demolished, Mr Fields said the council had not required any of those demolitions to take place because of earthquake prone status. “Any demolitions that have taken place have been the owner’s decision and have been generally been an economic or moral decision. In making decisions regarding the use of buildings that are earthquake prone the council has followed the recommendations of the engineer providing the building’s evaluation.” Building and Construction Minister Maurice Williamson has said that the huge public response to the Government’s proposed policy indicated parts

A group of children say they are grateful to their elderly school bus driver who managed to pull over safely even though he was bleeding from the stomach after a metal pole flew through the windscreen. Sam Fyfe, who is in his 70s, was expected to undergo surgery in Auckland Hospital today after the incident on a busy road in Whangarei after school on Monday. Mr Fyfe was hit with a 2kg piece of scaffolding which fell from a truck on Onerahi Rd and flew through the windscreen of the full school bus. Despite being seriously injured, Mr Fyfe pulled the bus over to the side of the road and stopped without any of his 38 passengers or other road users being hurt. Whangarei Girls’ High School student Caitlyn Burrell, 12, was sitting directly behind Mr Fyfe on the NorthBus-operated school bus. “I didn’t see much but this truck was passing us and it looked like [the driver] was holding a pole out the window,” she said. The window separating her from the driver smashed and she banged her head as she ducked to avoid glass spraying into her face. “I guess it just came through the windscreen and hit the bus driver. I thought we would roll down a bank but he pulled over to the side.” She said the impact to the driver had been “like a punch to the stomach with a 2kg pole” and she was amazed he had managed to stop safely. “I asked him if it was hard for him to breathe and he said ‘yes’.” Caitlyn placed a shirt over Mr Fyfe’s bleeding stomach and called an ambulance. Another student had a panic attack and couldn’t move or speak. Puke Hau, 13, rushed outside to wave down passing vehicles to help with the chaotic situation. “Heaps of people were scream-

ing,” she said. Another bus stopped and the driver came to their aid while another girl, 14-year-old Sam Calver, also did her bit to help. “It was scary. Me and my friends were closer to the back and we were just talking and then we heard a smash,” Sam said. “Glass went flying all around the front area and we didn’t exactly know what happened at first. Caitlyn was on the phone talking to the ambulance and she was kind of freaking out a little bit so I took the phone off her and started talking to the ambulance.” The police officers in charge of the case could not be reached for comment yesterday but Shane McMahon, chief executive of NZBus which owns NorthBus, said the driver of the truck had not stopped and was yet to be located. It was not known whether they were aware of the incident. Mr McMahon said he could not speak highly enough of the driver he described as “a humble hero”. “He’s done a fantastic job bringing the bus to a halt. You don’t want to think about what might have happened if it hadn’t been for this fellow’s presence of mind,” Mr McMahon said. When he visited Mr Fyfe in hospitalon Tuesday, his first concern was “whether the kids on the bus were all okay,” Mr McMahon said. He asked his boss to pass on his thanks to the Whangarei Boys’ High and Girls’ High School passengers who took care of him before other help and then a St John ambulance arrived. The driver’s actions had prevented a terrible accident, Mr McMahon said. “These guys are experienced and there’s no substitute for that. They also develop a bond with those students they see every day, and the way those kids reacted in this case reflects that.” The company had sent its own thanks through the schools, praising the students’ actions. - APNZ

of that policy might change. “I have stressed throughout the consultation period that these proposals are just a starting point.” He has suggested that the general view might come down on the side that said five and 10 years was just too tight a timeframe, he said. Concerns have also been raised about grant exemptions for historic places and buildings, and changes in the policy would reflect this. The proposal was unlike other Government initiatives that were “set in stone”, Mr Williamson said. “I can give an absolute watertight assurance we still don’t know where we’re going to land on this stuff, and the public are the ones who are going to take us to whatever landing strip this is going to be.”

By John Lewis and Debbie Porteous It appears the 54-year-old man saved from his burning Dunedin flat on Monday night may have been rescued twice, by different people. Glen Rd mother of four, Sarah Tregonning was credited with reaching through the door of Graeme Pittaway’s burning flat in Mornington and pulling him to safety. But a passing motorist, Peter Dunn, has since come forward to say he was the one who saved the man. Mr Dunn said smoke was pouring from the flat and the man appeared to be just standing in the middle of his lounge. He said he encouraged Mr Pittaway to come out to his deck and down on to the grassed area, before checking other flats to make sure everyone was out. Mr Dunn said he noticed Mrs Tregonning standing with the man on the lawn soon after, but did not believe she had saved the man as she claimed. He said she just stood outside and “barked” orders. Yesterday, Mrs Tregonning said she stood by her version of events. By the time she got to Mr Pittaway’s door, the flames had taken hold and he was standing in the doorway. She reached in and pulled him out. The man kept trying to go back inside to find his cat, and people in the area had to stop him. She never saw Mr Dunn, but details had emerged since the fire that he had arrived before she did. She did not dispute Mr Dunn’s actions. “When I got there, the man was still standing just inside the door, so perhaps he went back inside after the other guy had taken

him out. From what I’ve heard, it sounds like he’s been saved twice.” Mrs Tregonning said it had been a traumatising experience, not withstanding the criticism she had received from people in the “Dunn Camp”. “I’ve not asked for any of this. It was the neighbours who pointed me out to media and the police. “If that’s the way he sees it, let him have the kudos. It’s getting out of hand. I never wanted the kudos. “The big picture is, it was a community effort. It’s not down to one person. The main thing is, [Mr Pittaway] wasn’t injured or killed.” Southern Region fire safety officer Barry Gibson said his investigations had revealed Mr Dunn was first on the scene, and he had coaxed Mr Pittaway out on to the deck of the flat. “I believe he [Mr Pittaway] has tried to go back in. He was still on the balcony when Sarah arrived, and with all the smoke, she may have thought she was reaching through the door to pull him out, but it was actually a trellis near the door. “Sometimes adrenaline runs and it’s not always clear what you’ve done. “They both did a good job and their efforts were admirable,” he said. A Dunedin City Council spokeswoman said four tenants were affected by the fire. Mr Pittaway was treated at Dunedin Hospital for smoke inhalation. He received support from the Patients and Community Trust (PACT), which would rehouse him. She said the council had insurance and the intention was to rebuild the damaged unit. The council owns about 960 units in Dunedin. In 15 years, staff estimated there had been about five fires in council units. - APNZ

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, March 21, 2013


Welfare changes come step closer By Isaac Davison Sweeping changes to the welfare system came closer to passing into law despite losing the support of New Zealand First and official advice that the changes would lead to a decline in poor families’ health. After a fiery, personal debate in which Opposition members accused former beneficiary and Social Development Minister Paula Bennett of “kicking away the ladder”, the reforms passed their second reading 61 votes to 60. New Zealand First reversed its previous support for the bill. MP Asenati Lole-Taylor said New Zealand First supported the intention of moving more beneficiaries into work but questioned whether the reforms were fair or effective. The Social Security Amendment Bill would reduce the number of benefit categories and put greater emphasis on finding work, cut benefits for people who failed or refused pre-employment drug tests, and cut welfare for people who turned down a job or had an outstanding arrest warrant. The legislation would also create new social obligations by requiring beneficiaries with dependent children to take all possible steps to enrol under-5-year-olds in early childhood care and a health clinic. Ms Bennett said that despite “hand-wringing” by the Opposition and claims of beneficiary bashing, National campaigned on the changes in 2011 and was overwhelmingly supported by New Zealanders. She said: “This Government does

not see people on welfare as victims but as individuals who with the right support can, in most cases, have a better life in work and off welfare. “For those who simply cannot work due to severe illness or disability, we will continue to support them with dignity.” Responding to arguments that a stronger job market - not punitive measures - were required to help beneficiaries, she pointed to her party’s assistance to employers such as the 90-day trial period and proposed youth wage. But Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei pointed to Ministry of Health advice, released under the Official Information Act, which warned ministers that the economic benefits of the changes could be undermined by health impacts. Families who were sanctioned were likely to defer healthcare and increasingly show up in emergency departments instead of primary care. The ministry also warned that making Well Child checks compulsory for beneficiaries’ children could change the relationship between families and health providers and make the system less effective. The debate in the House was often heated, with Labour social development spokeswoman Jacinda Ardern attacking Ms Bennett for cutting benefits she once relied on. The minister had earlier told MPs she had “never forgotten where she came from”. She was also told off by the Speaker for again calling her opposite number, Ms Ardern, “sweetie”. - APNZ

By Sue Newman

When it comes to making a novelty sausage, butcher Mike Hanson hates to admit he’s been inspired by a couple of Aussies. But that’s what happened when he decided to celebrate the return of Marmite. He knew the yeasty product worked well with cheese and he reckoned it would work well when combined with some top quality meat in a good Kiwi banger. A couple of Aussie mates who were fellow butchers, had come calling. They made a Vegemite and cheese sausage at home so decided to pick their brains. “I knew there wouldn’t be too much to it, just some good beef and pork and onions and some high heat melting cheese. It wasn’t going to be hard.” Early yesterday morning Mr Hanson grabbed a jar of Marmite from the supermarket next door and began mixing. His staff were skeptical. Some suggested it might be a waste of good Marmite, but the end result was an absolute winner. “We cooked a few up for smoko and they’re fantastic. Everyone loved them. If one of the big boys like Hellers made these they could send them all over the world,” he said. Yes, they were made as a novelty product, but if they prove a hit with customers, Mr Hanson said the Marmite and cheese banger might find its way onto his permanent sausage making menu. There might be just one thing standing in the way of mass production of the sausage, however, and that’s a lack of Marmite. His supplier was out of stocks by 7am and that means what was made yesterday is all there is for now. An informal taste test run on the Marmite and cheese sausage rated it an absolute winner in the Guardian newsroom – an 11 out of 10 success. It might look like your runof-the-mill banger, but one bite and there’s a certain zing on the tougue that just one thing can create – Marmite.

Former world squash champion Dame Susan Devoy has been named the new Race Relations Commissioner. Dame Susan will begin a fiveyear term in April, replacing Joris de Bres who has served two terms. The Justice Ministry advertised for a candidate twice before appointing Dame Susan. Justice Minister Judith Collins said Dame Susan would bring sound governance experience and mature judgement to the role. “Her communication and relationship management skills, coupled with experience working with diverse groups, are key areas of strength. I am confident she will be a sensible and intelligent voice for race relations issues. Dame Susan is on the board of the Sustainability Council of New Zealand and a former member and chairwoman of the Halberg Trust. She served as a board member of the Auckland District Health Board from 2000-2003, is a trustee of Tauranga Energy Consumer Trust and the chairwoman of the BNZ partners in the Bay of Plenty. The commission is an independent Crown entity which works with government and civil society to promote respect for human rights, encourage harmonious race relations and equal employment opportunities, and to resolve complaints about discrimination and related issues. - APNZ

Photo Tetsuro Mitomo 200313-tm-012

Making the most of Marmite - Mike Hanson with his Marmite and cheese sausages, created to celebrate the return of the yeast spread to the Kiwi table.

It’s believed he had just stepped out of the vehicle when it was hit by a small truck travelling south. He was confirmed dead at the scene by ambulance staff. Police said no further details of the crash were available and the victims

identity had not yet been released. Nobody else was believed to be injured, although the driver of the truck was taken to hospital by ambulance for assessment. The driver of the car was taken to hospital by a family member for assessment. - APNZ

Tamihere at centre of loan row By Edward Gay Labour Party hopeful John Tamihere is embroiled in court action over a personal loan of $500,000 he took out for his west Auckland home. The loan was the subject of legal arguments at the High Court at Auckland yesterday between lawyers for Mr Tamihere and property development company West Harbour Holdings Ltd (WHHL). The court heard how Mr Tamihere loaned his former friend and property developer, and WHHL director, Brent Ivil $210,000 in 2007. The following year, the RadioLive talkshow host took out a loan of $500,000 so he could buy his home on Onemana Rd in the waterside suburb of Te Atatu. When it came time to repay the loan, Mr Tamihere said he owed only $290,000

Devoy Marmite and cheese bangers a hit new race relations boss

Passenger killed by passing truck A man was killed yesterday afternoon when he was hit by a passing truck while getting out of a car. Police said the man was a passenger in a car that had pulled over to the side of Pound Rd, in the Yaldhurst area outside of Christchurch around 12.10pm.


because he was off-setting the $210,000 that Mr Ivil owed him. WHHL lawyer David Smyth said there is no dispute that Mr Tamihere owes at least $290,000 and he has put the money in a solicitor’s account. “It is an undisputed loan which is still outstanding.” WHHL, now in liquidation, is seeking a summary judgement on the case in the hope that a trial can be avoided. But it gets complicated because WHHL says its $500,000 loan to Mr Tamihere had nothing to do with Mr Tamihere’s $210,000 loan to Mr Ivil. Details of how the $500,000 was raised were also revealed in court. Mr Smyth said Mr Tamihere is the CEO of Waipareira Investments who held the mortgage over property owned by WHHL. He said it is alleged Mr Tamihere had

the mortgage discharged. The next day WHHL sold the property and loaned Tamihere $500,000. That was disputed by Mr Tamihere’s lawyer Timothy Allan. He said Mr Ivil had told Mr Tamihere that he was “out the backdoor to the tune of $290,000” and threatened to take the allegation to Winston Peters and former Act Party leader Rodney Hide. “That is nothing short of a little bit of blackmail,” Mr Allan said. He said Mr Ivil and Mr Tamihere had once been good friends and had used their respective companies to loan money to each other. Mr Allan said it was not clear who was owed the $500,000 and several parties over the years, including Mr Ivil, have made claims on it. Justice Pamela Andrews has reserved her decision. - APNZ

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Dame Susan Devoy

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Survivors recount deadly bus blast By Aminu Abubakar Wounded survivors have described the terrifying scene of a suicide attack at a Nigerian bus station that killed at least 41 people, the latest violence to hit the restive north. Monday’s attack saw two suicide bombers ram their car into a bus station in Kano, Nigeria’s second largest city, setting off a huge explosion that hit five buses, police spokesman Magaji Majia told AFP. A rescue official said late on Tuesday the attack left 41 people dead, while Majia said 65 were injured. Witnesses described hearing multiple blasts and seeing wounded victims in bloodied clothes flee the area as authorities cordoned off the scene. “I was boarding the bus to Lagos when I heard a huge explosion,” Abdulaziz BabanLamma, a 47-year-old trader, told AFP from his hospital bed. The blast left him with severe injuries to his

abdomen and other survivors ran to assist him when they saw his condition, he said. He later underwent emergency surgery. Emmanuel Bassey, a 37-year-old bus company employee with burns across his body, said the bombers slammed into one of the buses at high speed. President Goodluck Jonathan condemned the attack and said his government would continue “its unrelenting war against terrorists.” But the government has so far shown little ability to halt violence linked to an insurgency by the Islamist extremist group Boko Haram. The bus station targeted on Monday primarily services passengers heading to the mostly Christian south of Nigeria. It was also attacked in January last year in a blast that wounded several people. Authorities have not said who was behind the bombing and there has been no claim of responsibility, but it was similar to previous attacks by Boko Haram. - AFP

Briton injured fleeing men A female British tourist suffered leg injuries after she jumped out of a hotel window over fears of a sex attack in the Indian city of Agra, home to the Taj Mahal, police say. The victim, who was not named but was in her early 30s, was admitted to hospital by police after she leapt from the first floor when two men tried to enter her room in the Hotel Agra Mahal at around 4 am on Tuesday. The incident came just days after a Swiss cyclist was gang-raped by a group of villagers on Friday night while on a cycling trip with her husband that was meant to include a stopover in Agra. That attack refocused attention on the country’s poor record on safety for women, after thousands took to the streets in nationwide protests following the fatal gang-rape of

Green groups slam food bowl plan

an Indian student on a bus in New Delhi in December. The hotel guest “got frightened so she ran to the other end of the room and jumped out of the window”, said Pawan Kumar, superintendent of police in Agra. Another officer who took the victim to hospital said she had earlier rejected the hotel manager’s persistent overtures offering a massage. He then returned with a second man and attempted to open the door to her room with a key, said the officer, Swaranjeet, who uses only one name. Meanwhile, India’s lower house has approved a bill toughening punishments for rapists and other sexual offenders that was introduced following the fatal gang-rape of a student that sparked national outrage. - AP

AP Photo/dpa, Kay Nietfeld

A jogger braves the cold temperatures and the snow in shorts in Berlin, Germany, yesterday. Unfriendly winter weather continues in northern and eastern Germany.

Western Europe stuck in snow jam Frankfurt airport closed, a quarter of flights out of Paris were cancelled, Belgium suffered record traffic jams and high-speed trains were stuck in stations — all because of a sudden dump of oddly late snowfall on Western Europe. Less prepared for the kind of heavy snow that regularly hits northern and eastern neighbors, France, Britain and Belgium struggled Tuesday to keep moving amid the frosty, blustery conditions.

4325 4250

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of flights out of Charles de Gaulle Airport canceled, and 20 per cent of flights out of Orly Airport. Office buildings in the French capital were only partly full. The French train network SNCF urged commuters in the Paris region to stay home. Instead of enjoying the onset of spring, Belgium had a record 1600km of traffic jams during morning rush hour as snowdrifts turned roads slippery and reduced vision. A strong wind made conditions even tougher.


Sharemarket NZX 50

Frankfurt airport, Europe’s third busiest, closed after recording about 12cm of snow. More than 100 flights had already been cancelled and many others were delayed. Stefan Schulte, a spokesman for airport operator Fraport AG, told the dpa news agency that he hoped operations could resume in the afternoon when the snow was expected to let up. Paris airport screens flashed with red warnings after the French civil aviation authority ordered 25 per cent

A Queensland government plan for large-scale farming on Cape York will fail and could threaten a World Heritage push, green groups say. The Newman government will relax land clearing laws to support the development of high-value agricultural areas across the state, including in the gulf country. The changes come as the federal government considers whether to nominate Cape York for a World Heritage listing. Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney says amendments to Labor’s clearing laws will support his government’s pledge to double Queensland’s food production by 2040. He says it will mean new jobs for the state, including on the cape where agricultural activities are essentially confined to cattle grazing. Mango orchards, grain growing and other “high value agricultural” operations have been earmarked, but it won’t be open slather, Mr Seeney said. The government said Labor’s land clearing laws had frustrated the activities of landholders, and threatened productivity. The changes will include a move to new self-assessment codes, to free landholders from red tape around routine activities such as weed and pest management, fodder harvesting and thinning. Natural Resources and Mines Minister Andrew Cripps said it wasn’t a green light for indiscriminate land clearing. “Inappropriate vegetation management practices can still be readily detected.” - AP






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Dorchester pacific -.02 Warehouse Group -.19 Tourism Holdings -.02 Burgerfuel Worldwide -.05 Guocoleisure -.02 Moa Grp ltd ord Shrs -.03 AMp -.15 ApN News&Media -.01 Briscoe Group -.05 oceanaGold Corp (NS) -.06


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6,927,194 5,037,444 2,928,602 2,833,658 1,689,493 1,596,331 1,419,256 1,214,998 1,044,524 1,017,631


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By Cassandra Mason


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fletcher Building 43,584,823.56 Telecom NZ 15,719,821.34 Sky Network TV 15,536,073.42 Auckland Intl Airpt 8,142,173.39 Contact Energy 4,070,188.02 SKYCITYEntGrp (NS) 2,953,159.56 fisher&paykelHlthcre 2,683,777.64 Ryman Healthcare 1,813,228.91 Kiwi Income 832,623.97 Infratil 370,380.44

Businesses Sky announces channel change back plan to upskill directors


Samoa, Tala 1.7911 1.9052 South Africa, Rand 7.6029 7.6124 Thailand, Baht 23.9900 24.0700 Tonga, Pa’anga 1.3586 1.4404 US, Dollar 0.8215 0.8219 Vanuatu, Vatu 74.9692 78.9846

Auckland International Airport and Warehouse Group are backing a scheme to deepen the pool of directors in New Zealand and upskill a new generation of business people. Under the Future Directors scheme, which is to be administered by the NZ Institute of Directors, young professionals will be placed on the boards of public companies for 12 months. While they won’t participate in decision making, they will be involved in board discussion, according to the Shareholders’ Association, which is backing the project. Those chosen won’t be offered any permanent work by the companies at the end of the 12 months. Auckland Airport has placed Genesis Energy’s general manager of strategy and business technology, Sheridan Broadbent, on its board under the scheme, the airport company said yesterday. Joan Withers deputy chairwoman of Auckland Airport told Fairfax Media last September that young people “are under-represented” in the boardroom. “They have great, fresh ideas and the way that our Stephen Tindall education system is turning them out, they are lateral thinkers, entrepreneurial and quite bold.” The programme has been driven by Warehouse founder Stephen Tindall, Vector chairman Michael Stiassny and the Shareholders’ Association. “Directors frequently begin their careers in smaller organisations where the support and best practice governance framework may be less developed,” Stiassny said. The new scheme will address that weakness. Shareholders’ Association director Des Hunt said the association has long expressed concerns about the size of pool of qualified people able to take on senior governance positions. Participants will be assigned a director mentor and attend board and subcommittee meetings. They are required to commit to confidentiality, insider trading and other relevant policies and protocols and may be excluded from some meetings. - APNZ


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Sky is changing its channel numbering.

Drought lowers dairy volumes By Kristen Paterson The volume of dairy products offered in the latest GlobalDairyTrade auction fell to the lowest level in almost two years as drought in the North Island curbed milk production. Fonterra Cooperative Group indicated to the market in late January that the volume of product being placed on the GDT was likely to decline over the coming months as it neared the end of the season, said Gary Romano, managing director NZ Milk Products. “The drought has impacted this further,” Romano told APNZ’s BusinessDesk. Total milk production for the season could


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If you have your Sky channels memorised, you’re going to have to start again. Sky has announced it will be changing its channel numbering on May 1 in a move to group channels by genre. It said the numbering would make space for new channel launches and special events. “A change like this is a significant one and the decision to make these changes was not taken lightly,” Sky chief executive John Fellet said. “We appreciate just how familiar Sky customers tend to be with our channel numbering. However, the change is born out of a fantastic growth story, we’ve introduced more than 10 new channels since the last change to channel numbering in 2007 and we have firm plans to continue introducing compelling new channels.” Sky would advise customers of the changes soon. Some of the key changes will include: * General Entertainment and Lifestyle channels will extend to button 29 * Movies will start at channel 30 and will be expanded to 20 channels * Sport starts at channel 50 and will be expanded to 20 channels * Allowance for ‘Pop Up’ channels within Sport and Movies * Factual and news will start at channel 70 * Family and Music will start at channel 100 * Sky Box Office Movies (SBO) will start at channel 121 with 3 channels also available on channels 40, 41 and 42 More details can be found at from April 1.  - APNZ

drop for the first time in five years to be 2 per cent lower than last year’s total, said Westpac agri-economist Nathan Perry. “As recently as last month we were still expecting total production to be slightly up on last year, but since then the drought has pushed milk production off a cliff,” Perry said. “It all depends when the rains come.” Only 15,994 tonnes of dairy products were sold at the latest GDT auction, from a maximum available supply of 16,320 tonnes. That’s the lowest volume offered and sold since the May 17, 2011 auction, according to GDT data. Sales volumes have steadily fallen for three months, taking a nosedive in March as warm

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weather turned to drought across the North Island, drying up dairy production. The volume in the latest sale is down from 21,922 tonnes sold on March 5 and 33,467 tonnes on February 19. In the December 4, 2012, auction 52,596 tonnes were sold. BNZ economist Doug Steel says the low volume of production due to the drought is creating a sharp tightening in supply, leading to a big squeeze and higher prices. “Prices going up are going to the dampen demand,” Steel told BusinessDesk. “People are going to be consuming less milk but that’s because there is going to be less to consume,” Steel says.  - APNZ

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ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, March 21, 2013


Polish miners rescued after quake hits pit Nineteen miners were pulled alive and well from a copper mine in southern Poland yesterday after a small earthquake trapped them 600 meters below the surface late the previous night. It took seven hours to tunnel through collapsed rock to reach the miners who were working at the Rudna copper mine in southern Poland when a small tremor trapped them there at 10:09 pm on Tuesday. Two were treated for minor injuries, while the others, shaken up and covered with grime after a grueling night, were on their way home. Families of the miners, who gathered near the mine, cheered when the mine’s operator, KGHM, announced that all 19 were found alive and were slowly being taken out through a hole dug by the rescuers. “This was the biggest accident in KGHM history,” Chief Executive Herbert Wirth told news agencies. “Never in our history has it happened that 19 miners were trapped

with no contact.” The Rudna mine is about 400km southwest of the Polish capital. Officials with KGHM had previously said there were 18 miners trapped in the pit. After the quake on Tuesday, workers on the surface lost contact for several hours with the trapped miners because communication lines into the shafts had been severed. The mine is in the Silesia region, near Poland’s borders with Germany and the Czech Republic. It has been in operation since 1974. State-controlled KGHM is Europe’s second-biggest copper producer. Poland has large numbers of mines, mostly in the heavily industrialized Silesia region. In 2006, a gas explosion at a coal mine in the region killed 23 miners. At least 21 workers were killed after a mine accident in China earlier this month. A gas outburst took place at the Machang Coal Mine in China’s Guizhou Province when of 83 miners were working unerground; 58 of them were able to escape.  - AP

• Easter show Cows are being brushed, performances are being finetuned and the final touches to stalls are being made as Sydney’s Royal Easter Show prepares to throw open its gates today. “This year is the 190th show since the first show was opened in Parramatta and this year we’ve continued the tradition, innovation and recognition of excellence that makes the show so special.”  - AP

• Poachers kill 89 A group of poachers has massacred 89 elephants in one night near the town of Ganba in southern Chad, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) says. Some 50 Arabic-speaking poachers on horseback carried out the mass killing of the elephants, including 33 pregnant females and 15 calves last week, the WWF said, citing local officials.  - AP

• Coffee helps

AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)

Protesters hold up their hands as they protest outside the parliament in capital Nicosia, Cyprus. A vote on a bailout package for Cyprus that includes an immediate tax on all savings accounts has been postponed. Yiannakis Omirou, the speaker of Parliament, said the delay was needed to give the government time to amend the deal reached over the weekend that prompted an outcry from those who thought their money was safe. In order to get euro 10 billion ($13 billion) in bailout loans from international creditors, Cyprus agreed to take a percentage of all deposits — including ordinary citizens’ savings — an unprecedented step in Europe’s 3 ½-year debt crisis.

Brazil landslides Mum tells of meat cleaver attack claim at least 24 lives At least 24 people have been killed by landslides spawned by heavy rains in a mountainous area near the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, authorities say. Another 18 people have been injured and 1466 were forced to leave their homes or were left homeless following the heavy downpour that began late on Sunday in and around Petropolis, 68km north of Rio de Janeiro. The bodies of two boys and one girl who had been unaccounted for were found on Tuesday in a stream, firefighters say. Earlier, a local official said two rescue workers were among the dead. Nearly 250 soldiers and Civil Defence officials have been mobilised to assist residents of the area

where 21 districts are either under water or hit by landslides. Up to 390 millimetres of rain fell in some Petropolis districts in the space of 24 hours, when only 270 millimetres were anticipated for all of March. Rio state governor Sergio Cabral called on residents to leave high risk areas and to seek refuge in shelters provided by city authorities as the heavy rain continued. Petropolis Mayor Rubens Bomtempo urged residents to stay indoors and warned of the possibility of more landslides. Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, who attended Tuesday’s installment of Pope Francis in Rome, offered federal help to deal with the impact of the deluge. - AP


The mother of a young man hacked to death with meat cleavers during a violent Sydney home invasion has told a court how one of his killers laughed as she begged them to kill her instead. Tracey Burgess wept and was visibly shaking in the stand as she told the Supreme Court in Sydney yesterday how her 25-yearold son, Kesley Burgess, was “slaughtered” in front of her at their Lurnea home on July 1, 2010. She was giving evidence at the trial of Mahdi Mir, 22, Mohammad Karimi, 25, and John Khoury, 32, who have pleaded not guilty to murdering Mr Burgess, as well as several other charges including armed robbery. The crown has alleged the men were members of a gang called The United Brotherhood, which carried out a number of home invasions in an effort to take over a drug territory. The court has heard Mir was one of four

men who entered the Burgess home armed with meat cleavers while Karimi waited outside. The crown has alleged Khoury helped plan the attack and supplied weapons, making him part of a joint criminal enterprise to carry out home invasions. Ms Burgess told the court she saw four men “barging” into her home. “My little dog came out barking. He’s protective,” she said. “They kicked him until they knocked him out.” Ms Burgess said she ran up the hall before she was stopped by one of the men who grabbed her nightdress and demanded drugs and money. “I tried to tell him there wasn’t any,” she said. The man then swung his meat cleaver at Ms Burgess, cutting her hand, before her son ran out of his room and pushed her back into his bedroom, out of harm’s way. The court has previously heard Kesley

Burgess grabbed a sword and yelled at the men to “get out, get out”, while his girlfriend, Kristal McLachlan, tried to call triple zero. When Ms Burgess went back into the lounge, she said she “saw three of them standing over (Kesley) chopping through him”. “I screamed ... and I begged them to kill me, kill me, not him. Kill me,” she said. “One of them looked at me and half laughed.” The men left after Ms Burgess threw them a tin containing enough marijuana to roll three joints, taking two of her handbags with them, the court heard. Ms Burgess said she rushed to her son’s side and tried to help him. “I went to lift his leg up and his foot stayed on the floor. “He was a grey colour. He was black under the eyes.” As her son was put into an ambulance, Ms Burgess said, “He looked up at me and said, ‘I’m going to pass out mum. I love you’.” - AP

Truckies who use caffeine to stay awake are much less likely to have a crash, even though they often get less sleep and drive longer distances, new research has found. Conducted over three years to 2011 and involving more than 1000 drivers in NSW and Western Australia, the study found that those who used caffeine to stay awake were 63 per cent likely to crash than drivers who didn’t use caffeine. Lead author Lisa Sharwood, from the George Institute for Global Health, said the significant protection against crash risk had important implications for the improvement of fatigue management.  - AP

• Power restored Technicians have restored power to all cooling systems at the reactors of Japan’s tsunami-hit Fukushima nuclear plant, the operating company says, after a blackout sparked a new crisis. Equipment in pools used to cool used fuel became fully operational yesterday some 30 hours after the blackout, Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) said. Used nuclear fuel becomes dangerous if its temperature is allowed to rise uncontrollably and can cause a meltdown.  - AAP





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Labs locked as fungus checked By Kurt Bayer The Government is investigating a potential outbreak of genetically modified fungus at Lincoln University. Two secured laboratories and a greenhouse have been locked down as the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) checks the biological scare. Lincoln University researchers informed MPI and the Environmental Protection Agency on March 7 that it had evidence to suggest a fungus (Beauveria bassiana) supplied for research was potentially a strain modified genetically to include a marker so it could be traced in plants. The fungus had been believed to have been a “wild strain” that is already present in the environment and so was being researched outside approved genetically modified (GM) containment facilities. Work undertaken by the researchers indicated that the fungus had already been genetically modified. After the alarm was raised, containment procedures were put in place. Experts are testing whether the fungus is genetically modified and, if so, the extent of its presence

outside approved GM containment facilities. “The university and MPI take potential breaches of containment very seriously and the investigation into how it occurred will be thorough,” university vice-chancellor Stefanie Rixecker said. “Although there is no evidence to suggest the genetic modifications made to the fungus in question have increased any health risk to humans or animals, there is a clear process that we must follow to ensure containment and that the same breach cannot happen again.” The fungus was being researched on campus property in glass houses and laboratories with restricted access. MPI and the university say they are confident that all of the known samples and plant materials containing the fungus are now contained. The fungus Beauveria bassiana occurs naturally in soils throughout the world, including New Zealand, and infects a wide range of insect species. It is used as a biological insecticide to control a number of insect pests. The scare should be a “massive wake-up call” to New Zealand’s environmental regulators, the Green Party said. - APNZ

Farmers focus on winter schedule

Beef and Lamb’s Tom Fraser (left) and Mt Somers farmer Robert Schikker plan the field day agenda.

Photo 150313-tm-040

Psa-hit town rebounds Te Puke has launches a new marketing strategy to attract business investment and international visitors as it hits back at the savage blows of Psa. The town is promoting its fertile soils and favourable climate, and kicking back at the perception of a struggling town, under the slogan “Te Puke Goodness Grows Here”. Te Puke’s business community decided the town’s challenges - most notably the devastating effect of Psa on the local kiwifruit industry, but also the looming completion of the Tauranga Eastern Link which will rob the town of much needed through traffic - will not define its future. The town’s Economic Development Group is behind the plan designed to rebrand Te Puke in a positive light, including a 44-page glossy magazine, business and tourism promotional material, an interactive website, and international trade trips. Group managing director Mark Boyle said the strategy was developed in response to Psa’s negative impact on Te Puke’s economy. “The thing that’s really impacted [Te Puke] the most is uncertainty because people don’t really know what’s going to happen, and so a lot of this is actually about getting past some of that uncertainty. “We realised that we needed to tell a story about who we are, how we got here and where we’re going, identify what the opportunities were and start to get some collateral and focus and input into things that really matter - so it’s really inspired by Psa.” Five thousand copies of a magazine telling the story of Te Puke’s growth, highlighting its strengths and promot-

Te Puke is hoping to attract new agricultural investment. ing its opportunities, will be distributed domestically and internationally. Two thousand magazine copies will be sent to selected investor and industry groups overseas to try to attract investment into the Rangiuru Business Park, a 250-hectare industrial zoned area about 6km from Te Puke. The park’s boundaries overlap with the planned trajectory of the $455 million Tauranga Eastern Link, due to be finished in 2015. The toll road will divert a lot of traffic away from Te Puke but will make the Rangiuru Business Park a lot more attractive to businesses, Mr Boyle says. “I think the road is a bit of a wake-up for the town but at the same time a hell

of an opportunity at Rangiuru.” Plans to reinvigorate the town centre are also part of the strategy, as is a brochure promoting Te Puke’s tourism attractions, which travel information company Jasons will distribute. In April, Te Puke will be marketed as a destination for the first time at the TRENZ tourism trade fair in Auckland, and promotional material for the Rangiuru Business Park will be printed and distributed. A group of agri-investors from India will be hosted by the Economic Development Group at the end of April and a delegation from Te Puke will promote the town to investors and tourism operators in China in June.

In conjunction with

WE CAN HELP YOU GROW MORE GRASS For under $85.00/ha* we can apply 27 units of Nitrogen plus ProGibb onto your freshly grazed pasture

Mark Love

excavation contractor – Rakaia Portable shingle screening and crushing Shingle & top soil supply 20 ton excavator for development and site work. Grader, tip trucks, vibrating roller for hire Servicing Rakaia for over 20 years General excavation Dairy lime

Contact Mark 302 7428 or 027 433 2261

Scientific evidence has suggested that applying Liquid Nitrogen with ProGibb onto newly grazed pasture will give an immediate lift to dry matter production. Timing is also ideal to combine Porina Control within this application (additional costs involved). Molloy Agriculture Ltd stocks all these products at very competitive prices.

For more details and pricing call Office 302 8098 David Mangin on 0274 802 216 Gary Rackham on 0274 362 459

Mid Canterbury farmers are being invited to the Mt Somers farm of Robert and Kath Schikker next week to talk about preparing for the winter ahead. The field day on Tuesday is being run in conjunction with Beef and Lamb New Zealand and has the general theme “setting up for winter”. The Schikkers will cover what they are doing in the lead up to the cold season and their plans for beef and dairy winter grazing. It is 10 years since their property was one of Beef and Lamb’s monitor farms for the area and they will also talk about developments in the time that has passed. Vet Adrian Campbell will talk farmers through stock condition, health and what needs consideration pre tupping. Fertiliser rep Nicky O’Neil will cover brassicas and the best nitrogen use through winter. The field day starts at 1.30pm and will wind up with a bbq at 4pm.

• Women’s Institute reports Hinds The first meeting for 2013 began for Hinds with a visit to the home of Greg and Wendy Sim, whose daughter, Natasha has a workshop and studio at the back of their property on Hinds Lismore Road. A good number of members met there a 1.30pm Wednesday 27 to have a look at the stained glass windows and pictures, blown glass dishes and other articles, jewellery and works of art using metals such as copper. Natasha gave a talk on how her artistic journey began; as a small child, she was always interested in what her father was making in his workshop. Her interest in art at college developed further, when she gained work as a glazier. Then, she saw the endless possibilities to be gained with playing around with glass and metals, particularly old discarded things which she recycles into something quite unique. The pendants she makes are most attractive and eye catching. A vote of thanks was extended by the president, Mrs Lorraine Baughan along with the gift of a fruit tray. Members then made their way to the Davison Room for a meeting. A minutes silence was observed on the death in England of Dorrie Brooker, a former link correspondent who died after living well over a century; Jo Wilson read out the eulogy which had been sent out to our WI along with Dorrie’s Service sheet. A roster for the Kidney Kids raffle sales for Wednesday 6th March was drawn up, delegates for the Annual meeting of Mid Canterbury Federation, and a report given by Rosa Bennett on the Founders Day Service and afternoon entertainment at Barrhill organised by Mid Canterbury Federation and which was declared a great success, over 120 people attended on the day. Next month is our Annual Meeting and we hope to see a lot of hands up for the jobs, both big and small.

Netherby February being the Birthday Month, 21 members visited the Violino Music farm, which was very interesting with the large display of articles and games for all ages. President Adrienne Hodson chaired the meeting outside in venyes play area. Members were reminded of the Founder’s Day Service to be held at Barrhill, also thanked members who helped with meals on wheels and flowers for the hospital. As the next meeting is the AGM nominations were discussed for Officers for the coming year. The raffle was won by Daphne Sheehan. Two birthdays were also celebrated during the month. After the meeting members tried out some of the games that were there, then went home after a most enjoyable day.

Tinwald Not a very good start to our coming year, weather wise, members and a guest gathered at the Tinwald Domain for a picnic lunch. President Joy Keen welcomed everyone. six members will attend Founders Day Service and Lunch at Barrhill on February 21. Judy crocheted 3 Peggy Square Blankets for 3 ex-members residing in rest homes. Our raffle donation will be a Baby Theme, which Judy arranged. Members will sell tickets on February 28 and March 13 outside Supervalue. Meals on Wheels were delivered twice this year so far by members. Birthday Greetings were accorded to two members dipping into our Birthday Box. An informal chat saw our meeting at 2.30pm.

Westpark The February Meeting of Westpark WI was held at St Pauls Church Lounge, 16 members attended. Roll Call - Tea and Coffee for Cancer Society were collected. Members were reminded about the catering at the Federation AGM. Several members were going to Barrhill for the Founders Day Service. The Officers for the year were elected President - Mary Simpson, Secretary - Yvonne Lister, Treasurer - Linda Voyce, Committee - Margaret Thorpe, Jeanette van der Nagel, Ellie Leak. Members were thanked for doing Meals on Wheels and flowers for the hospital. Raffles were won by Rona Hayward and Linda Voyce.

Willowby-Eiffelton For our February meeting, Willowby-Eiffelton members took a drive around the delightful winning gardens of Ashburton. These give so much pleasure to others as well as the owners. Roll Call - “What I can see from my Kitchen Window” and the Motto was “Love comforts like sunshine after rain”.

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, March 21, 2013




• March 22 – Poems For A Penny at the Ashburton Art Gallery, 7pm, $15. • March 23-24 – Made to Move, the Royal New Zealand Ballet. A spirited comedy set in a Bavarian beer hall, created by artistic director Ethan Stiefel. • To March 31 - Mt Hutt artist Marilyn Meadows exhibiting at Methven Heritage Centre. • April 4 – Terrace Downs art gallery exhibition A Piece of You And Me opening, featuring works from Tanya McCabe and Joanne Webber. • April 5 - Final entry Date for Mid and South Canterbury 16 - 19 year old artists to enter the ZONTA YOUTH ART AWARDS. Opening night April 12. Entry forms at the Ashburton Art Gallery. • To April 7 - A Micronaut in the Wide World - The Imaginative Life and Times of Graham Percy at the Ashburton Art Gallery. • April 13 - Ashburton Musical Club recital by international artists, Rebecca Steel on flute, Bruce Greenfield on piano. Sinclair Centre, admission by programme at the door, adults $10, members $5 and students free. • April 14 – Sons of Sinatra, a high energy musical


• • • • •

tribute to the young lions of jazz singing, who uphold the vocal traditions set down by the one and only Frank Sinatra. April 24 – Regent Cinema screening for Ashburton Film Society. Intouchables, 5.45pm. April 28 – Talking of Katherine Mansfield at the Ashburton College auditorium at 4pm. May 3 - The Nutcracker, Moscow Ballet La Classique. Ballet skills, lavish costumes and magnificent sets, this show has it all. May 5 – Roger Hall’s Taking Off. A sensitive comedy that trails four Kiwi girls on their big OE. At the Ashburton Trust Event Centre. Ashburton Society of Arts weekly art and printmaking group Wednesdays 10am to 2pm, life drawing group first Monday of the month 10am to midday, mixed media art group Mondays 10am to 2pm, Saturday painting group 10am to 2pm.

If you have an event coming up and you think it might be suited to the Arts Diary, please let us know by contacting Susan Sandys on 307-7961 or susan.s@

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@ the Forsyth barr stadium in dunedin on saturday, april 6 If you would like to win tickets, go to Ashburton Guardian Facebook page.

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Hongi by Tanya McCabe.

Photo supplied

Vibrant colours within many layers North Island artist Tanya McCabe will bring vibrancy and colour to Terrace Downs next week when the exhibition, A Piece Of You And Me, opens. Ms McCabe will be exhibiting alongside professional Canterbury artist Joanne

Webber at the exhibition, which will run from April 4 to May 2. Ms McCabe has a background in graphic design, and her work has multiple layers of translucent colours. She won a competition in 2011 to create

a jigsaw picture for Holsom. Ms Webber has exhibited throughout New Zealand and in New York, and her works are in collections internationally. Her current focus is on New Zealand based themes and ideas.

GOODIE GIVEAWAY Each week the Ashburton Guardian gives readers a chance to win DVDs courtesy of Roadshow Entertainment. Winners will be announced in this column the following week, so keep looking! If you see your name in the winner’s box, come into the Guardian and tell our lovely staff at reception you’re a DVD winner. ID may be required. Winners have two months to claim their prize.


documentary on peer-topeer bullying in schools across America. Over 13 million American kids will be bullied this year, making it the most common form of violence experienced by young people in the nation. The new documentary film Bully, directed by Sundance and Emmy-award winning filmmaker, Lee Hirsch, brings human scale to this startling statistic, offering an intimate, unflinching look at how bullying has touched five kids and their families.

Club hosts top pianist, flautist The Ashburton Musical Club will host a concert on April 13 starring professional flautist Rebecca Steel and one of New Zealand’s finest pianists Bruce Greenfield. President Janice Allen said the club was honoured to have such great talent confirmed for the concert, to be held at the Sinclair Centre at 7.30pm. Bruce Greenfield is one of New Zealand’s finest accompanists and vocal coaches. He was artistic administrator of Wellington City Opera from 1996 to 1999, and is currently principal repetiteur and head of music staff for the NBR New Zealand Opera. He has worked work as a coach and accompanist to leading New Zealand singers including Dame Malvina Major, Barry Mora, Sir Donald MacIntyre, Christopher Doig, Margaret Medlyn, Richard Greager, Keith Lewis, Rodney Macann, Benjamin Makisi, Jenny Wollerman, Jonathan Lemalu, Aivale Cole, Phillip Rhodes and Paul Whelan. As accompanist at masterclasses he has worked with visiting artists such as Dame Sarah Walker, Sir Donald MacIntyre, Tom Krause, Luciano Pavarotti, Grace Bumbry, and most recently with Elizabeth Connell. Rebecca Steel began her professional career



ARIES (Mar 21st Apr 20th) Your impulsive and assertive approach today may be softened by the Moon in Cancer encouraging you to empathize with other people’s feelings. Homely issues may be on your mind along with plans to make personal progress. However, on this generally lively day, conversations may be filled with fun and useful information. It may be hard to sit still.

with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra at the age of 16 before taking a up position with Sydney’s Opera and Ballet Orchestra. She travelled to London to further her studies, and on returning to New Zealand took up the position of principal flute in the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra and lecturer in flute at the University of Canterbury. When invited to play in the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and the Wellington Regional Orchestra she moved to Wellington for three years followed by a return to London for a year to play with the Philharmonia. In 1998 she returned to Sydney where she freelanced with the major orchestras and chamber ensembles including Musica Viva’s Wind Quintet, The Chambermaids, and developed a teaching practice in schools in Sydney and the University of New South Wales. In April 2011 Ms Steel returned to Wellington where she has played with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, the Vector Orchestra and The Royal New Zealand Air Force Band. She appears regularly on the concert stage as a soloist with her favourite pianists and colleagues in New Zealand and Australia.


TAURUS (Apr 21st May 21st) An optimistic outlook on life may encourage you to make new and exciting plans for the future. Though you may not be in a position to start just yet, simply thinking about them may get you feeling very excited and enthusiastic. Your financial situation continues to look upbeat. Make the most of this time to pay off debts and perhaps save a little.

Winners of Threesome DVDs are: Michael Coote, Rose Trudgeon, Sanae Hydes Rebecca Steel

“It’s why more people are choosing McGregors”


GEMINI (May 22nd Jun 21st) It’s a great day for broadening your social horizons, strengthening ties and seeing where certain friendships might lead. You’re not so much in a romantic mood as determined to forge new connections that might lead to exciting and fulfilling projects or relationships. Today’s Moon may encourage you to think more deeply about financial security.

CANCER (Jun 22nd - Jul 23rd) The Moon in your sign may mean you’re more concerned about yourself today and your own personal needs and desires. With a major focus on your career zone urging you to forge ahead and make new professional connections, don’t waste this opportunity to fulfil some of your primary goals. Try not to let a persistent mood stop you in your tracks.

LEO (Jul 24th - Aug 23rd) A dream may have significance and could even encourage you to change your course of action, especially if it has a warning or encouraging tone. Flights of fancy and desires to get away may still bring feelings of restlessness. You may find it hard to settle on any one thing but it may be necessary to do so if you want to make real progress.

If you would like to go into the draw to win a copy of Bully DVD, write your name, address and the DVD’s title on the back of an envelope and send to: Goodie Giveaway, PO Box 77, Ashburton. Alternatively you can email with the above details. Entries must be received no later than 9am, the following Wednesday. ONLY ONE ENTRY PER HOUSEHOLD PLEASE

VIRGO (Aug 24th Sep 23rd) There’s a lot of energy in the air and it may feel like turmoil for part of the time. Deeper emotions fuelled by buried issues may be causing a commotion. If your self-confidence is challenged then it may help to speak to your partner or perhaps arrange lunch with a friend so you can talk over problems at a leisurely pace. Get support today if you need it.

Phone Enquiries: 308 6173 Online Enquiries:

LIBRA (Sep 24th Oct 23rd) You may be busy reaching out to friends today, having conversations, making plans and offering suggestions. Though some social plans may meet with opposition, your ability to co-operate and negotiate may mean you find a much better alternative as a compromise. If your partner seems tetchy, they may need space to go do their own thing.

SCORPIO (Oct 24th - Nov 22nd) Today could be full of surprises, with plenty of hard work and perhaps situations with colleagues who may be disgruntled or have a chip on their shoulder. Under the current dynamic influence it may be up to you to take the lead and be the author of your own success. Take whatever steps necessary to change a situation for the better.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23rd - Dec 21st) Intimacy and entertainment may go handin-hand as someone finds you adventurous, loving and inspirational. A budding romance could easily move to the next level as impulsive forces encourage you to flow with your feelings no matter how careful you’re trying to be. You may also be in the frame of mind to take something of a risk or a gamble!

CAPRICORN (Dec 22nd - Jan 20th) You may have reason to be in a good mood, provided you don’t demand perfection. Your efforts may produce more than satisfactory results even if you are feeling restless. At home, events could disrupt the flow of the day. However, your mind may be working overtime. Perhaps you’re thinking about how you can earn money working from home.

AQUARIUS (Jan 21st - Feb 19th) Friends, including local folk and relatives, may have lots to say and useful information to share. However, they can’t help you if you don’t ask. It may be an idea to let others know about goals and plans, and what you might need to accomplish them. Watch out for a tendency to come on too strong. Is it really necessary to go to extremes?


PISCES (Feb 20th Mar 20th) Try to stop worrying about credit card expenses or money already spent as hassles over any financial concerns might absorb energy that could be used more productively for other things. You may want to splash out but it may not be the best time to make a dent in your wish list or to be extravagant. Try window-shopping instead.


ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, March 21, 2013

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Rowers progress to semis By Jonathan Leask

Weekend Guide

March 23

C I S U M Lte LIVEL Contrm to la l l i p taoturtdaay, March 23 - 8.30 S

Board of Trustees Elections Nominations Nominations are invited for the election of three (3) parent representatives to the Board of Trustees. A nomination form and a notice calling for nominations will be posted to all eligible voters. Additional nomination forms can be obtained from the school office. Nominations close at noon on Wednesday, 17 April, 2013 and may be accompanied by a signed candidate’s statement. The voting roll is open for inspection at the school and can be viewed during normal school hours. There will also be a list of candidates’ names, as they come to hand, for inspection at the school. The poll closes at noon on Wednesday, 1 May, 2013 Signed Maree Isherwood Returning Officer

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Bellav Ltd has made application to the District Licensing Agency at Ashburton for the grant (or renewal) of an On Licence in respect of the premises situated at 65 Tancred Street, Ashburton, and known as Twelve. The general nature of the business conducted (or to be conducted) under the licence is- Tavern, Restaurant The days on which and the hours during which liquor is (or is intended to be) sold under the licence are: 7.00am to 3.00am Monday to Sunday The application may be inspected during ordinary office hours at the office of the Ashburton District Licensing Agency at 5 Baring Square West, Ashburton. Any person who is entitled to object and who wished to object to the grant of the application may, not later than 10 working days after the date of the first publication of this notice, file a notice in writing of the objection with: The Secretary Ashburton District Licensing Agency P O Box 94 ASHBURTON This is the first publication of this notice.

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The application may be inspected during ordinary office hours at the office of the Ashburton District Licensing Agency at 5 Baring Square West, Ashburton. Any person who is entitled to object and who wished to object to the grant of the application may, not later than 10 working days after the date of the first publication of this notice, file a notice in writing of the objection with: The Secretary Ashburton District Licensing Agency P O Box 94 ASHBURTON 7740 This is the second publication of this notice. The first publication was made on Thursday, March 14, 2013.

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The Maadi Cup has semi-finals today with a number of Ashburton College boats looking to progress to their A finals. Racing at the Maadi, the National Secondary School championships, was disrupted yesterday but it was another good day for the Ashburton College squad on Lake Karapiro. “It was pretty good with the right results where we aimed to get them and only the one blip on the radar,� Ashburton College coach Steve Beveridge said. The racing delayed for a time but there was no stopping Kate Hayman

yesterday. Hayman remained unbeaten in the single boat this season, sculling her way to a comfortable 10 second win in her under 17 quarterfinal and Hayman is up again in the under 18 and 17 single semi-finals. Hayman will also line up with Georgia Lysaght in the under 16 girls’ double semi-finals today. The day had started on a bright note with the boys’ under 18 quad coming second in their repechage to advance to the semi-finals. Then things got rough with the wind picking up and putting a halt to proceedings. After waiting out the whitecap water, the novice boys’ under 18

double of Sean McCormack and Benji Barry were seventh in their quarter-final and then Lachie Davidson and Mark Tait came in eighth in theirs as both bowed out, but will still race in the lower grade finals, a new addition to the competition this year. Matthew Beveridge and Matthew Rae also came home first in their quarter-final to move onto today’s semi-final. “They powered home over the last 500 for a good win and they got out of the boat pretty happy,� coach Steve Beveridge said. Matthew Beveridge didn’t have long to celebrate, getting back on the water inside 20 minutes and

came in second in his under 16 single to progress to a second semifinal today. His third semi-final will be the under 18 lightweight double with Adam Hodge. The only blip on the radar was the girls’ under 16 quad of Jemma Rotch, Jess Jary, Georgia Lysaght and Olivia Fleming, and cox Matthew Parker, who came in a disappointing seventh in their quarterfinal, and will now look to make amends in the coxed four repechage today. The finals begin tomorrow with half of the A finals and the rest of the programme to be completed on Saturday.

Third world record for Pascoe Two more Paralympic world records and a further world qualifying performance highlighted the fourth night of finals at the State New Zealand Swimming Championships in Auckland yesterday. Sophie Pascoe bagged her third world record of the week with victory in the 50m freestyle while fellow Paralympics gold medallist Mary Fisher smashed the 200m butterfly world mark yesterday morning, also her third of the meet at the West Wave Aquatic Centre in Henderson. Wellington Olympian Gareth Kean won the 50m title under the FINA A time for July’s World Championships to go with his qualifying performance in the 100m backstroke. This brings the qualifiers for the world championships to five swimmers in 10 events. Two young swimmers, Mitchell Donaldson and Samantha Lee pushed their claims for selection under the Rio Olympic development prospects. This allows for FINA B qualifying times to be considered when there is no FINA A qualifier, and the swimmer is born from 1990 and with a time in the world’s top 50 for 2012. Pascoe, 20, was delighted to snare the 50m freestyle world mark, which is an Olympic event where she won the silver medal in London behind Canadian rival Summer Mortimer. She clocked 28.01 to go under the world mark by 0.2s. Fisher, 20, from Wellington’s Capital Club, took more than 10 seconds off the world record in the 200m butterfly. She clocked 2:50.93 to smash the previous mark which stood at 3:01.10. Fisher said she had concentrated on butterfly following the Paralympics which has set her up for her world record blitz this week. “It’s good now that our world championships are aligned to the FINA world championships that means we can come here to qualify,� Fisher said. Kean solidified his place on the world championship team with a second qualifying swim in the 50m backstroke. He was just 0.2s outside the national record held by Daniel Bell and was pleased to add another event to his schedule in Barcelona. “It’s given me an opportunity to swim another race at world champs so I’m pleased about that because I like to continuously push myself throughout the competition and keep the systems going,� Kean said. The Commonwealth Games silver medallist spent several weeks at a high altitude camp in Sierra Nevada in February working on his fitness levels so was happy with his sprinting performance ahead of his specialist 200m event. Lee, 20, clocked a significant personal best of 2:12.58 to win the 200m butterfly in emphatic fashion and was more than a second under the FINA B standard, while Donaldson from Whangaparaoa won the 200m individual medley in 2:01.60 which was also a big personal best under the FINA B standard. In other final swims last night Becky Dooley (Jasi) edged out Natasha Lloyd (North Canterbury) by 1/100th of a second to win the 50m breaststroke and 13-year-old Hawkes Bay swimmer Bobbi Gichard added the 50m backstroke title to the 100m backstroke she won earlier in the meet. Hayley Palmer defended her 50m freestyle title in 25.56 which was just outside the qualifying standard, pipping clubmate Samantha Richter by 3/100ths of a second, while fellow Olympian Matt Stanley (North Shore) got up to win the 100m freestyle in 50.31 ahead of sprinter Cameron Simpson (Templeton) to add to his win in the 200m freestyle. - APNZ

SCOREBOARD Results Bowls MSA Half Day March 15 1st G. Eder, W. Lee, M. Eder 3 wins, 17 ends, 28 points; 2nd M. Grice, K. Lynn, N. Atkinson 2½ wins, 15 ends, 29 points; 3rd A. Hill, A. Smith, D. Callaghan 2½ wins, 14 ends, 30 points. Results of Raffle: 1st Ron Thomas, 2nd B. Harrison, 3rd Hank

Golf Mayfield Ladies Golf Nancy McCormick Foursome,36 holes March 19 Margaret Read and Marilyn Cross 169 c/b Joan Stocker and Pam Morrison 169 Lal Mulligan and Juliet McLeod 169.5 ALT nearest the pin 5&14, Judy Webb and Adrienne Hoping Marilyn Cross/ Hasting McLeod/Property Brokers 2nd shot 2&11, 0-30 Pam Morrison and Joan Stocker. 31-40+ Alison Vessey and Helen Rapsay.

Tinwald Golf Club Tuesday Ladies Nancy McCormick 36 Holes March 19 The Morning winners Elaine Pierce & Phil Ellis with net 80.5. The Afternoon winners Diane Lowe & Marilyn Bennett with net 73. The overall winners of the Nancy McCormick 36 Holes were Barbara MacGregor & Jacquie Beardsley with a total of 143 points.

Ashburton County Vets Mystery Bus Trip:

Coby Snowden (left) and Darian Miller.

photo supplied

Local pair off to champs Two Ashburton women will be breaking new ground later this month when they travel to South Africa to compete in a tri-nations fullbore shooting championship. Coby Snowden and Darian Miller will join five other Kiwis as members of the New Zealand contingent in its first outing in the Southern International Challenge. The event is held every three years, but New Zealand has previously not been able to field a team because of the small number of female shooters. Snowden and Miller are the only South Islanders in the side. The team was announced 12 months ago and while its members are scattered around the country, Snowden said they had come to know

one another well through team practices and competing in national events. At most events women compete alongside men and the opportunity to be part of an all-women’s team to shoot against their counterparts from South Africa and Australia was too good to pass up, she said. The team leaves New Zealand on Good Friday, with the competitions starting on April 4. As well as the tri-nation matches at the Gen de Wit Rifle Range in Bloemfontein, the New Zealand shooters will compete as individuals in the 77th South African Open Bisley championships. Miller’s husband John will travel with the team and will also compete in the individual open competition.

Whitelocks create history By Nick Tolerton Crusader Luke Whitelock is used to joining some – and now all – of his brothers on the field from the bench but is determined to become a starting player this season. When he came on as substitute in last week’s impressive win over the Bulls it created history to have all four brothers on the field together for the first time in a Super Rugby match. And with cousin Ben Funnell out there, too, one family contributed a third of the team for part of the match. The four brothers all started a pre-season match last year but until Saturday night had not been on the field together in a competition game, with Luke

March 15 Stableford Round: Bev Blair 39, Kath Shaw 38, Trish Clarke 38, Val Fleming 37, Maree Moore 36 & Di Bell 36.

Draws Golf

Ashburton Golf Club Midweek Women March 26 Rnd 2 Tucker Trophy, Rnd 1 Bermaline Cup Report 8:30am for 9am multiple start Please check your starting tee before unloading golf gear Notices in the clubhouse after play Draw Steward: Leigh Wackrow – 308 3790 Starters: Bev Turton, Trish Cates No 1 Tee 1st off A Grant, A Hunt, B Cameron 2nd off B Turton, T Cates, B White No 2 Tee P Bell, R Bennett, G Lane No 7 Tee 1st off J Mitchell, M Bean, H Trott 2nd off L Wackrow, J McArthur, M Watson No 9 Tee H Argyle, E Porter, E Langford No 10 Tee 1st off W Parr, K McRae, C Ness 2nd off D McConnochie, K Green, J Hetrick No 11 Tee 1st off M Urquhart, R Fail, F Matsinger 2nd off S Elliot, D Engelbrecht, R Evans No 14 Tee S Lemon, J Montgomery, H Benke No 15 Tee D Hinton, K Shaw, J McKeown No 16 Tee 1st off F Williamson, J Williams, K Robb 2nd off V Moore, S Simpson, B Gregory No 18 Tee 1st off J Guilford, B Martin, B Watkins 2nd off J Welch, H Robertson, J Dunlop Nine Hole Men and Women’s Section 28 March Rnd 2 Marion Marshall, stroke Sue Bunt, stroke

often replacing George. Luke Whitelock said he didn’t realise they’d created history until someone mentioned it to him later that night. It was special particularly with their parents down from Manawatu for the game as well, and with Funnell also on the field “grandad is pretty chuffed,� he said. The 22-year-old has come on as sub in each match this season after making 10 appearances last year in his debut season. “I want to make the most of it and keep those other guys honest and try and keep pushing for a starting spot,� he said. Becoming a starting player, dominating and being really involved and contributing to the team were his goals this season, he said.  - STA

9:15am report Nine Hole convenors – Carolyn King 308 7022 and Carol O’Reilly 308 8758 30 March Easter Saturday, mixed greensome pairs ,Keig Cup (family pairing), Coasters Cup (any pairing) Club Captain – Alison Grant 302 4635.

Tinwald Golf Club March 23 Captain versus President match play. Captains team 1st No 1 Tee 12.30, B Collins, T Clarke, P Hefford, G Rennie, 12.36, P Marshall, K Bishop, R Harris, W Mason 12.42, G Smith, C Hart, L Jackson, D Osborn No 10 Tee 12.30, Justin Smith, P Boon, J Smitheram, D Gill 12.36, S Kennedy, R Simms, A Pierce, C Miller 12.42, O Everest, B Shanks, R Shearer, M Fechney No 13 Tee 12.30, J VanderHeide, W Stevenson, E Collins, J Beardsley 12.36, A Moore, C Whiting, D Green, R Goodman No 7 Tee 12.36, R Bruce, R Meiklejohn, N Rayner, R Wards. Starters; am, P Roulston, pm, G Smith, D Osborn. Cards; Committee House Duty: R Meiklejohn. Tuesday Ladies March 26 Aotearoa Cup: Coronation Medal: Vets Trophy (70) Srixon Ball Starters: B. Harris & P. Ellis. Cards: K. McAuliffe & C. Shanks. Tea Duties: AM V. Johnston PM I Divers & S. MeeNo.1: 9.00am. M. Bennett, D. Lowe, C. Linney: 9.05 am J. VanderHeide, K. McAuliffe, D. Bell: No.4: 9.00am. A. Dawn, M. Colville, S. Durry:. No. 7: 9.00am. V. Prendergast, J. Smith. C. Shanks:. 9.05am. R. Kinvig, M. Smith, M. Kennedy, J. Undy: No.10. 9.00am: D. Mitchell, P. Templeton, D. Sharplin, P. McLauchlan: 9.05am. P. Ellis. S. Vucetich , M. Moore. B. Harris: No. 13.9.00am. P. Bishop, L. Glassey, B. Cochrane:. 9.05am. T. O’Connell, V. Cartney, L. Bird: 9.10am. I. Divers, E. Pierce, B. Jackson. 9 Holers: Sue Bunt Salver 20.2 Srixon Ball, or Stroke Round No. 1: 9.10am. J. Johns, V. Johston, G. Whipp,: 9.15am. J. Cartwright, R.O’Brien, P. Gibson. 9.20am. N. Costin, K. Young, J. Hill.

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, March 21, 2013



Zurella to make quantum leap in Coolmore Classic in, Zurella will run in the $600,000 race for fillies and mares but Ritchie is reserving judgment about the task confronting the four-year-old. Zurella will arrive in Sydney today with a last-start Group One New Zealand placing alongside her name. But whether that is good enough

By Warwick Barr Coping with a transition from Group One racing in New Zealand to the same level in Australia is trainer Shaune Ritchie’s main concern for Zurella going into Coolmore Classic at Rosehill. After a carefully managed lead-

to translate into Australian success remains to be seen. “There is no doubt she is up to Group One level in New Zealand but going to a Group One mares’ race over there, I’m looking forward to seeing how good she is or isn’t,” Ritchie said from his New Zealand stable. Ritchie deliberately kept Zurella

in New Zealand to complete her Coolmore preparation. For a mare that has made an unwanted name for herself because of her pre-race antics, Ritchie doesn’t want to complicate her mind in unfamiliar surroundings. “She’s a cantankerous mare,” he said. “She’s put on a few episodes

in the birdcage in the past. “We thought the best way to go about it was to do all her fast work here and then take her over and not let her get too acclimatised.” Zurella was denied by the camera in last season’s Group One New Zealand Oaks and Ritchie says her value as a Zabeel broodmare will soar with a Coolmore placing.

6 50 Snip In Time h (5) 58....................K Williams 7 795x9 Gurus Response h (6) 56.5....C Barnes (a3) 8 7 Down Here Up There (1) 56.5. J Chong (a3) 9 906x0 Elegant Insights h (2) 56.5.. D Prastiyou (a4) 10 0 Observe 56.5................................ Scratched 11 05 Alyssa Belle h (7) 56............. R Doherty (a2) 12 6 Astravi (4) 56............................ R Black (a3) 13 6 Kays Unite (10) 56............................P Taylor 14 Zac’s Girl h (13) 56.......................T Moseley RACE 4 1.30pm JUMPIN JAVA MAIDEN 1200 $7000, MDN, 1200m 1 02224 Fiatt (11) 58.5.....................K C Walters (a1) 2 76x Tornaveen (7) 58.5................ R Doherty (a2) 3 89024 Croydon (10) 58................................P Taylor 4 8x542 Zoe Brook h (5) 56.5....................C Johnson 5 7 The Kaapkay (1) 56.5......A Tempelman (a3) 6 3. The Bubbly One (3) 56.................K Williams 7 50555 Langton Katie h (6) 56.................B Lammas 8 Cassandra’s Dream h (9) 56...C Barnes (a3) 9 8700. Gallant Satin h (2) 56.................. A Frye (a3) 10 Miss Three Stars h (4) 56.............T Moseley 11 Sazoom h (8) 56................. D Prastiyou (a4) RACE 5 2.05pm MOSGIEL MOBIL 1200 RATING 65 $7000, Rating 65 Benchmark*, 1200m 1 6500x Storm In h (10) 59....................... B Lammas 2 1 Secret Guru 58............................. Scratched 3 x281x Touchdown m (7) 58.........................P Taylor 4 6x392 Black Berry Punch m (8) 57.5.K C Walters (a1) 5 05868 Remembrance d (11) 57......... B Pitman (a1) 6 6159 Red Bull h (1) 56.5........................K Williams 7 53850 Hernandez tdh (5) 56...................... J Bullard 8 93400 Mr Kirk d (4) 56...............................R Bishop 9 25339 Valencia’s Image dh (2) 55.D Prastiyou (a4) 10 8600x Drumhill dh (3) 55 11 05030 Our Jackman (12) 54.5........... P Shaikh (a4)

12 34950 Ima Geegee m (6) 54...................T Moseley 13 64426 Doris Brook h (9) 54....................C Johnson RACE 6 2.40pm THE RACECOURSE FUNCTION CENTRE 1600 RATING 65 $7000, Rating 65 Benchmark*, 1600m 1 x046x Young Bachelor d (1) 58.5..............R Bishop 2 72412 Back Burner b (11) 58..................T Moseley 3 83708 St Bernard tdh (8) 57.5................B Lammas 4 63513 Norah dh (5) 57.................... R Doherty (a2) 5 21900 Porotene Sky (10) 56.5............... A Frye (a3) 6 54597 Gervasio d (6) 56.5................. B Pitman (a1) 7 x774x Keep It Tight m (2) 56...................K Williams 8 86068 Tunza Vitality tdh (9) 55...... D Prastiyou (a4) 9 04442 Kasbah Keeper (3) 54.5........... J Chong (a3) 10 009x0 Richard Trimbole h (7) 54.5....C Barnes (a3) 11 686x7 Welshtown m (4) 54.5..................C Johnson RACE 7 3.15pm CLUTHA LICENSING TRUST 1600 RATING 65 $7000, Rating 65 Benchmark*, 1600m 1 15965 Phil Wenneck dm (4) 59.............. B Lammas 2 7010. Ubetcha h (2) 57.5..................C Barnes (a3) 3 00801 I’m Vital (7) 57...............................T Moseley 4 00x36 Pamina t (11) 56.5...................... A Frye (a3) 5 60729 Spoilt Princess (9) 56.5....................P Taylor 6 64905 Savanur tdm (3) 56.5....................K Williams 7 30144 Varvara b (1) 56........................ R Black (a3) 8 89729 Puddle Alley th (6) 55......... D Prastiyou (a4) 9 77x82 Patty Hearst (8) 54................ R Doherty (a2) 10 60x07 Emily Trimbole th (5) 54............... C Johnson 11 70007 Shatarka (10) 54.............................R Bishop RACE 8 3.50pm MOSGIEL NEW WORLD 1600 RATING 85 $8000, Rating 85 Benchmark, 1600m 1 1187x All About Alf tm (3) 59.................... J Bullard 2 x2903 Coat Of Arms d (11) 59........ R Doherty (a2) 3 8x213 Electronic Motion dmb (2) 57.5.....K Williams 4 23212 Robbie Rooster (4) 57........K C Walters (a1) 5 54054 Aluminium Bikerack td (6) 55.. B Pitman (a1)

“A strongly run 1500 metres in a freshened state should suit her,” Ritchie said. In-form mare Steps In Time heads a wide Coolmore market at $5.50 but she is being challenged in betting by Group One-winning three-year-olds Norzita ($6) and Dear Demi ($7). - AAP TURF

Temple Way WhatBristol chances BS99taking? 7HD are you Tel: 0117 934 3621

Central Press Features Ltd

Otago RC fields, form and riders Fields for Otago RC meeting at Wingatui today. NZ Meeting number: 6. Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10. Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 8, 9 and 10 RACE 1 11.50am (NZT) MARK ISAACS FARRIER 2YO HANDICAP 1100 $7000, 2YO HCP, 1100m 1 41. El Doute d (2) 58.........................C Johnson 2 5. All Things Nice (1) 56...................K Williams 3 5. Gee Wiz Gerry (7) 56..................... J Bullard 4 8 Chipmunk (5) 55.5........................T Moseley 5 4 Jip Jop Shop (3) 54................C Barnes (a3) 6 7x35 Rachel Rafter (6) 54.......................R Bishop 7 La Croupier (4) 54.................. B Pitman (a1) RACE 2 12.20pm FOX EQUESTRIAN SERVICES MAIDEN 2200 $7000, MDN, 2200m 1 x7023 Oor Wullie (12) 58.5............K C Walters (a1) 2 95534 Loose Goose (3) 58.5...................T Moseley 3 88064 Tom Dooley (7) 58.5....................C Johnson 4 03036 Forgotten Hero (2) 58.5..................R Bishop 5 77x94 Kapua Jock h (6) 58.5.................... J Bullard 6 037 Sabhraj (1) 58.5.................... R Doherty (a2) 7 x9P5x Aboynamedsue (4) 58.5............. A Frye (a3) 8 569x6 Day Centre (9) 58.5................. J Chong (a3) 9 85x62 Dame La Jane (10) 56.5........... R Black (a3) 10 62665 Halo May (13) 56.5......................B Lammas 11 46657 Voodoo Beach (11) 56.5............ C Lunn (a3) 12 x4706 Showcase h (8) 56.5.....................K Williams 13 47372 Structure h (14) 56..................C Barnes (a3) 14 04402 Tullibardine h (5) 56..........................P Taylor RACE 3 12.55pm HORRELL FARRIER LTD MAIDEN 1400 $7000, MDN, 1400m 1 04204 Presley (3) 58.5...........................C Johnson 2 74. My Reason h (11) 58.5................... J Bullard 3 30490 Trundler (8) 58.5......................... A Frye (a3) 4 00x Something Good (9) 58.5...K C Walters (a1) 5 37394 Owe The Ransom (12) 58...........B Lammas

“She is also closely related to Lonhro’s family so if she could run one, two or three in a Coolmore that would be perfect,” he said. Zurella is one of the outsiders in first Coolmore markets but she was effective at Group Three level during the Melbourne spring with her win in the Let’s Elope when resuming.

6 11314 Chapel Star tbh (9) 55.................C Johnson 7 x5878 Heza Kool Kat dm (1) 54.5....... R Black (a3) 8 55510 Ginty’s Choice tdh (5) 54.............B Lammas 9 88040 Amigo dm (8) 54...............................P Taylor 10 56009 Briga tmh (10) 54....................C Barnes (a3) 11 54062 Livana d (7) 54............................ A Frye (a3) RACE 9 4.25pm MITRE 10 MOSGIEL 1200 RATING 75 $8000, Rating 75 Benchmark, 1200m 1 20467 The Jester d (3) 62.5.......A Tempelman (a3) 2 x6685 Conscious Mistake tdm (7) 60.B Pitman (a1) 3 5658x Peter Porter tdm (2) 60......... R Doherty (a2) 4 55931 Party Cat d (5) 59.................... J Chong (a3) 5 25262 Moirai d (4) 57.5............................. J Bullard 6 27x37 Golden Globe d (6) 57.5..............C Johnson 7 46156 Stravinskaya d (1) 54.5...........C Barnes (a3) 8 31974 Mikabella td (8) 54........................K Williams RACE 10 4.55pm CLAAS HARVEST CENTRE 2200 RATING 75 $8000, Rating 75 Benchmark, 2200m 1 60517 The Boys tdh (3) 59................C Barnes (a3) 2 21244 Kina Win b (5) 57.5......................C Johnson 3 11524 Saragarhi tb (8) 57.5................. R Black (a3) 4 15652 Esprit D’Or (2) 56.5......................B Lammas 5 72x29 Wagonwheel bh (4) 55..................T Moseley 6 77731 Gold Leaf th (7) 54.5.........................P Taylor 7 09061 Blue ‘N’ Gold th (1) 54...................K Williams 8 46306 Deceptive tm (6) 54.............. R Doherty (a2) 9 43430 Likeitlikethat (9) 54.................. B Pitman (a1) Blinkers on : Hernandez (R5), Young Bachelor (R6), Savanur, Puddle Alley (R7), The Jester (R9), Kina Win (R10) Blinkers off : Snip In Time, Kays Unite (R3), The Kaapkay (R4), Stravinskaya (R9) Winkers on : Rachel Rafter (R1), Gallant Satin (R4), Pamina (R7), Stravinskaya (R9) Winkers off : Hernandez (R5), Young Bachelor (R6), Savanur, Puddle Alley (R7), Kina Win (R10)

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Chch greyhound fields and form Fields for Christchurch Greyhound Racing Club meeting at Addington Raceway today. NZ Meeting number: 10. Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; 11 and 12. Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 10, 11 and 12 RACE 1, 4.00pm (NZT) SUPER PETS SPRINT C3, 295m 1 58442 Anytime Will Do 17.48...............J McInerney 2 64373 Cawbourne Flippa 17.35................... M Flipp 3 13152 Wandy Grant 17.19........................ G Cleeve 4 73631 Georgie Wong 17.26..........................J Rush 5 27667 Visual Illusion 17.38....................... G Cleeve 6 58568 Thunda Thighs 17.30.................J McInerney 7 13154 Will Excite 17.57........................... L Waretini 8 16433 Reddy Boy 17.43.............................. B Dann 9 14737 Waimak Dave 17.60...................J McInerney 10 41858 Aversion 17.66 H &..............................Taylor RACE 2, 4.18pm (NZT) ACTIVE ELECTRICAL CHRISTCHURCH DASH C4, 295m 1 42454 Know Attention 17.10..................... G Cleeve 2 33215 Radiator Springs 17.39 W &.............. Nissen 3 52125 Know Jealousy 17.29..................... G Cleeve 4 86886 Jumpin’ Julia 17.36....................J McInerney 5 61672 Campaigner 17.34 H &........................Taylor 6 71377 Wandy Pam nwtd.........................D Kingston 7 52353 Blickling Bridge 17.54 J &.......................May 8 64675 Cawbourne Reeah (c3) 17.44...J McInerney 9 83385 Another Colt 17.35.....................J McInerney 10 34584 Decado (c3) 17.52 C &.................D Roberts RACE 3, 4.40pm (NZT) THURSDAY PLACE PICK DASH C3, 295m 1 65x Wunya nwtd W &............................... Nissen 2 52624 Knox 17.44........................................ B Dann 3 61584 Lynny Southcombe 17.45..........J McInerney 4 31358 Banbit 17.47......................................B Shaw 5 74772 Homebush Craig 17.29..............J McInerney 6 15113 Know Favours 17.37...................... G Cleeve 7 38786 Okuku Lilly 17.51............................ R Casey 8 67848 But It’s Great 17.55....................J McInerney


tV1 6.00 9.00 10.00 11.00 12.00 12.30

1.30 2.00

3.00 3.55 4.25 5.25


6.00 7.00 7.30 8.30

9.05 9.45


10.10 10.50 11.25

Breakfast. Good Morning. Ellen. (G, R) Cowboy Builders. ONE News. (T) Emmerdale. (T) Zak and Samson try to keep warm, Nicola tells Laurel she’s at the end of her tether, and everyone tries to come to terms with the garage fire. Come Dine With Me. Cookery School. (G, R) Chef Richard Corrigan has taken on the challenge of improving Britain’s cooks. Dickinson’s Real Deal. Te Karere. (T) Ellen. Millionaire Hot Seat. (T) ONE News. (T) Seven Sharp. (T) Coronation Street. (T) Miranda. (PGR, R, T) Miranda tries to create a romantic moment with Gary by joining an evening class to learn French. Mrs Brown’s Boys. (AO, T) The Catherine Tate Show. (AO, T) RETURN Claire can’t get drunk enough to find James attractive. ONE News Tonight. (T) Tagata Pasifika. Fatal Attractions. (AO, R, T)

12.30 Diplomatic Immunity. (R, R, T) 1.00 Te Karere. (R, T) 1.25 BBC World. 1.30 Asia Business Report. 1.45 Sport Today. 2.00 BBC News. 2.30 Asia Business Report. 2.45 Sport Today. 3.00 BBC News. 3.30 Asia Business Report. 3.45 Sport Today. 4.00 BBC News. 4.30 One Day In Seoul. 5.00 BBC News. 5.05 Voice Of Victory. 5.30 Business Report. 5.35 Te Karere. (T)

9 574F4 Smash Dora 17.53........................... M Grant 10 53757 Another Coffee 17.41.................J McInerney RACE 4, 5.01pm (NZT) BUY SELL & EXCHANGE STAKES C2, 520m 1 66667 Big Token 31.03.........................J McInerney 2 31323 Another Star nwtd......................J McInerney 3 35356 Sretror 30.69 J &.............................D Fahey 4 22711 Opawa Casper (c3) 31.27 L &............ Wales 5 32751 Homebush Chopper(c3) 30.80..J McInerney 6 41437 Cawbourne Philip 30.34.............J McInerney 7 72677 Billy Muggins nwtd............................ B Dann 8 61244 Mick and Paddy 30.34 W &............... Nissen 9 58687 Parole To Excel 30.70................J McInerney 10 25888 Botany Comet 30.68..................J McInerney RACE 5, 5.25pm (NZT) SKY HIGH SCAFFOLDING SPRINT C5, 295m 1 26563 Princely Dollar 17.41..................J McInerney 2 11173 Life’s A Laugh 17.39..................R Blackburn 3 23715 Another Gon 17.17....................J McInerney 4 51628 Cawbourne Catch 17.17................... M Flipp 5 865x3 Prairie Puzzle 17.36 M &...............PT Binnie 6 24132 Pretty Good 16.94 J &.....................D Fahey 7 71474 Cool Jordie 17.27..............................S Whall 8 44214 Callahan 17.26............................. M Roberts 9 77266 Gazza’s Pride 17.24......................... M Flipp 10 24755 Homebush Sarge 17.41.............J McInerney RACE 6, 5.55pm (NZT) COASTER’S TAVERN STAKES C2/3, 520m 1 31341 Opawa No Ear 30.18 J &.................D Fahey 2 13125 Indi’s Grace 30.92............................ M Grant 3 43172 Opawa Swede 30.53 J &.................D Fahey 4 86217 Bigtime Kelina nwtd..........................B Shaw 5 12651 Stolen Money 17.97....................... G Cleeve 6 38275 Rambunctious 30.63..................A Bradshaw 7 31561 Thrilling Jonah nwtd......................... M Grant 8 51133 Wayleggo 30.33 J &.........................D Fahey 9 84648 Barnaby Bale 30.84 C &...............D Roberts


10 58687 Parole To Excel (c2) 30.70.........J McInerney RACE 7, 6.16pm GARRARD’S HORSE & HOUND SPRINT C5, 295m 1 48364 Attire 17.14 A &..................................Seque 2 51672 Homebush Mayhem 17.38.........J McInerney 3 13324 Wazza Freebie 17.30 H &....................Taylor 4 12816 Jackson Cat 17.21............................ B Dann 5 62741 Matti Oah 17.08.........................J McInerney 6 68211 Ocotillo 17.03 J &............................D Fahey 7 24632 Drysdale 17.17.....................................A Lee 8 37282 Fireman’s Escort 17.28.................. G Cleeve 9 77266 Gazza’s Pride 17.24......................... M Flipp 10 7x366 Red Label Penny 17.46.............J McInerney RACE 8, 6.46pm I PAVE CONCRETE DISTANCE FEATURE SPECAd, 645m 1 45431 Know Revenge (c1) nwtd............... G Cleeve 2 21674 Know Peril (c1) 38.37.................... G Cleeve 3 63856 Know Fun (c1) 39.28.................... L Waretini 4 14243 Bob’s Eye (c1) 39.57..................J McInerney 5 87523 Alisaray (c0) nwtd......................... L Waretini 6 14217 Opawa Peekay (c1) nwtd L &............. Wales 7 84542 Know Honour (c0) nwtd................. G Cleeve 8 65265 Kombucha (c1) 38.89..................... G Cleeve 9 25888 Botany Comet (c0) nwtd............J McInerney 10 65612 Unshaken (c0) nwtd J &..................D Fahey RACE 9, 7.16pm N Z RACING SERIES SPRINT FINAL NZRSf, 295m 1 42611 Homebush Edith (c5) 17.21.......J McInerney 2 22371 Pearl’s Boy (c5) 17.19.................... G Cleeve 3 37641 Know Thought (c5) 17.10.............. G Cleeve 4 41122 Go Housie (c5) 17.44.................... G Cleeve 5 64181 Fireman’s Salute(c5) 17.14............ G Cleeve 6 64421 Okuku Ollie (c4) 17.29.................... R Casey 7 12121 Know Advantage (c5) 17.13.......... G Cleeve 8 31121 Dixie Lee (c5) 17.00..................R Blackburn 9 24632 Drysdale (c5) 17.17.............................A Lee 10 61672 Campaigner (c4) 17.34 H &.................Taylor


6.00 Creflo Dollar. 6.30 Hi-5. (G, R, T) 7.00 Pinky And Perky. (R, T) 7.25 Back At The Barnyard. (G, R, T) 7.55 Ben 10: Omniverse. (T) 8.20 Dinosaur Train. (G, R, T) 8.30 Guess How Much I Love You. (T) 8.45 Fireman Sam. (G, R, T) 8.55 Bird Bath. (G, R, T) 9.00 Infomercials. 10.30 Neighbours. (G, R, T) 11.00 Shortland Street. (PGR, R, T) 11.30 Spin City. (R, T) 12.00 Desperate Housewives. (AO, R, T) 1.00 Jeremy Kyle. 2.00 Anderson Live. 3.00 Everything’s Rosie. 3.15 Mike The Knight. 3.30 Back At The Barnyard. (G, R, T) 4.00 H2o Just Add Water. (G, R, T) 4.30 The Erin Simpson Show. 5.00 Horace In Slow Motion. (G, R) 5.01 America’s Funniest Home Videos. (G, R, T) 5.30 8 Simple Rules. (G, R, T)

6.00 8.30 10.30 11.30

6.00 Friends. (G, R, T) 6.30 Neighbours. (G, T) Chris and Kyle are still reeling after learning about Scotty and Georgia’s engagement. 7.00 Shortland Street. (PGR, T) Brooke sets her sights high, Bella finds a kindred spirit, and Rachel struggles with trust issues. 7.30 Police Ten 7. (T) 8.00 Highway Patrol. (T) 8.30 Once Upon A Time. (AO, T) 9.30 20/20. (T) 10.30 Vampire Diaries. (AO, T) 11.30 Police Ten 7. (R, T)

6.00 7.00 7.30 8.30

12.00 Chase. (T) 1.00 Crash Course. (PGR, R, T) 1.30 Infomercials. 2.30 Rizzoli & Isles. (AO, R, T) 3.15 Secret Life Of The American Teenager. (PGR, R) 4.15 Emmerdale. (PGR, R, T) 5.05 The Erin Simpson Show. (R) 5.30 Infomercials.

12.00 12.30 1.00 2.00 3.00 4.00 5.00 5.30


10.30 11.10 11.40


3 News: Firstline. Infomercials. (G) The Shopping Channel. Everybody Loves Raymond. (G, R, T) 3 News. Home And Away. (G, R, T) Dr Phil. (AO) The Dr Oz Show. (PGR) The Biggest Loser Australia. (G) Rachael Ray. (G) Entertainment Tonight. (G) Home And Away. (G, T) April and Dex are both struggling at Uni, Liam sends the money he has stolen from Angelo’s to his daughter, Gina confronts Tilda’s mother.

6.00 Home Shopping. (G) 6.30 The Crowd Goes Wild. (G, R) 7.00 Deal Or No Deal. (G, R) 7.30 Home Shopping. (G) 12.00 The Doctors. (G) 1.00 The Jeff Probst Show. (G) 2.05 All Saints. (PGR, R) Frank is in danger of losing his perspective on Katerina, and Declan’s rejection of any medical before his stunt leads Jo to confront her own fears. 3.00 Stargate Universe. (PGR, R) 4.00 The Late Show With David Letterman. (G, R) 5.00 Deal Or No Deal. (G, R) 5.30 Prime News.

3 News. Campbell Live. Grand Designs. (PGR, T) Bones. (AO, T) When a professional ballroom dancer is killed before her audition for a realityTV dance competition, Brennan and Booth pose as potential contestants to hunt for suspects. Project Runway. (PGR, T) The designers visit Radio City Music Hall and create costumes for the legendary Rockettes. Nightline. ANZ Golf World. Saving Grace. (AO)

6.00 Deal Or No Deal. (G) Game show hosted by Andrew O’Keefe. 6.30 Millionaire: Hot Seat. (G) Hosted by Eddie McGuire. 7.00 The Crowd Goes Wild. 7.30 Rick Stein’s Spain. (G) Rick attends a paella festival in Valencia. 8.30 Vegas. (AO) Lamb suspects Savino of a kidnapping but the mobster has other things on his mind. 9.30 Strike Back. (AO) 10.30 The Crowd Goes Wild. (G, R) 11.05 The Late Show With David Letterman. (G)

12.40 Infomercials. (G) 5.00 Joyce Meyer. 5.30 Infomercials. (G)

12.00 Home Shopping. (G) 1.30 The Crowd Goes Wild. (G, R) 2.00 Home Shopping. (G)

FOUR 6.00 Sesame Street. (G, R) 6.55 Pingu. (G, R) 7.00 Sticky TV. (G, R) 7.30 Avatar: The Last Airbender. (G) 7.55 George Of The Jungle. (G) 8.20 Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot. (G) 8.45 HUMF. (G) 8.50 Bob The Builder. (G, R) 9.00 Thomas & Friends. (G, R) 9.10 Peppa Pig. (G, R) 9.15 Peppa Pig. (G, R) 9.20 Barney And Friends. (G, R) 9.45 Raa Raa The Noisy Lion. (G, R) 9.55 Infomercials. (G) 2.00 Sesame Street. (G) 2.55 Peppa Pig. (G, R) 3.00 Sticky TV. (G)

4.30 FOUR Live. (G) 6.00 Everybody Hates Chris. (G, R) 6.30 Futurama. (G, R) 7.00 The Simpsons. (G, R) 7.30 Family Guy. (PGR, R) 8.00 American Dad. (PGR) In a spoof of the play ‘August: Osage County’, family secrets are revealed when Stan’s jailbird dad is invited to Stan’s birthday party. 8.30 The Cleveland Show. (PR)

9.00 9.30 10.00 10.30 11.30 11.55

Cleveland’s mum, Cookie, runs away with George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars after Freight Train misses their anniversary party. Bob’s Burgers. (PGR) Linda frets that Louise doesn’t like her and, to Louise’s chagrin, forces her to attend a Mother-Daughter seminar to beef up their relationship. South Park. (AO) Cops. (AO, R) Skins. (AO, R) Entertainment Tonight. (G) Infomercials.

RACE 10, 7.46pm KOLORFUL KANVAS STAKES C5, 520m 1 36224 Take No Prisoner 30.42................. G Cleeve 2 43531 Brooklyn Hope 30.29 J &.................D Fahey 3 25124 Know Class 30.12.......................... G Cleeve 4 75371 No Undies Sundy 30.39.............J McInerney 5 11365 Russell Hart 30.31.....................J McInerney 6 53354 Geoff The Ref 30.65 A &....................Seque 7 12512 Not A Know 30.33.........................A Waretini 8 83443 Jinjarango 30.18 J &........................D Fahey 9 35465 Moriarty 30.80...................................B Shaw 10 11666 Know Chaos 30.65........................ G Cleeve RACE 11, 8.10pm SHIRLEY VET CLINIC DASH C5, 295m 1 17533 Know Escape 17.05....................... G Cleeve 2 75253 Adini 17.16.................................... L Waretini 3 21536 Cawbourne Moff 17.00..............J McInerney 4 11322 Zebidiah 17.02 J &...........................D Fahey 5 36147 Butterbean 17.35 M &....................PT Binnie 6 44221 Etched In Stone 17.25...............R Blackburn 7 82576 Nova’s Fortune 17.27.................J McInerney 8 68614 Excuse Please 17.35................... J McMillan 9 43576 Another Breeze 17.27................J McInerney 10 13886 Fiery Flower 17.48............................ B Dann RACE 12, 8.38pm SPEIGHT’S SPRINT C4, 295m 1 68435 Homebush Helen 17.18.............J McInerney 2 54625 Theokoles 17.51........................R Blackburn 3 8x453 Know Trust 17.23........................... G Cleeve 4 12372 Fair Movin 17.33............................... M Flipp 5 x6454 Nippa Mary 17.09......................J McInerney 6 65678 Hot Shot Lawyer 17.48 H &.................Taylor 7 36354 Wandy Chick 17.36........................ G Cleeve 8 82211 Gitcha Easy 17.34 W &...................... Nissen 9 62486 Enable 17.45 H &.................................Taylor 10 63757 Cawbourne Dusty 17.51.................. M Grant LEGEND: fsdt - First Start Here nwd - No Win this Distance fstd - First Start This Distance 31 13 - Best Winning Time This Track


Edge Of Darkness

Movie Greats, 8.30pm/4.10am Mel Gibson (below) gets back to his tough-guy roots in this gritty actionthriller from Casino Royale director Martin Campbell about a Boston cop, Thomas Craven (Gibson), whose is left angry, broken-hearted and after retribution after his activist daughter Emma (Bojana Novakovic) comes home to visit only to be gunned down on his doorstep.

ACROSS 1. Pageantry (4) 8. Sensible (10) 9. Manacle (8) 10. Fastener (4) 12. Entertain (6) 14. Cure (6) 15. Powerful (6) 17. Madness (6) 18. Conspiracy (4) 19. Saintliness (8) 21. Annalist (10) 22. Rarefied (4)

sky sPORt 1

7. Moody (13) 8. Largish (8) 9. Sea-eagle (4) 10. Intermediate (6) 12. Interior (6) 14. Persist in (6) 16. Exertion (6) 18. Mistake (4) 20. Dependence (8) 22. Eternally (13)

SOLUTIONS TO PUZZLE No 12,147 Across: 7 Elite; 8 Elevate; 9 Traffic; 10 Amiss; 12 Importance; 15 Negligence; 18 Drift; 19 Tornado; 21 Hostile; 22 Alien. Down: 1 Restrained; 2 Vital; 3 Pelf; 4 Re-echo; 5 Pedantic; 6 Patient; 11 Spellbound; 13 Maintain; 14 Against; 16 Esteem; 17 Rapid; 20 Real.

the bOx 6.00 NYPD Blue. (M) 6.50 The Simpsons. (PG) 7.15 Pawn Stars. (PG) 7.40 America’s Funniest Home Videos. (PG) 8.05 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (PG) 8.30 Cash Cab USA. (PG) 8.55 24. (M) 9.50 Law & Order. (M) 10.40 NCIS. (PG) 11.35 NCIS: LA. (M) 12.25 Terriers. (M) 1.15 NYPD Blue. (M) 2.10 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (PG) 2.35 Cash Cab. (PG) 3.05 24. (M) 4.00 Pawn Stars. (PG) 4.30 The Simpsons. (PG) 5.00 Law & Order. (M) 6.00 America’s Funniest Home Videos. (PG) 6.30 The Simpsons. (PG) 7.00 Pawn Stars. (PG) 7.30 NCIS. (PG) 8.30 Criminal Intent. (M) 9.30 Criminal Intent. (M) 10.30 Law & Order. (M) 11.30 NCIS. (PG) 12.30 24. (M) 1.20 America’s Funniest Home Videos. (PG) 1.45 Cash Cab USA. (PG) 2.10 NYPD Blue. (M) 3.05 Criminal Intent. (M) 3.55 Criminal Intent. (M) 4.45 24. (M) 5.35 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (PG)

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6.00 Rugby. Investec Super Rugby. Kings v Chiefs. Replay. 8.00 Rugby. Investec Super Rugby. Crusaders v Bulls. Replay. 10.00 Rugby League. NRL. Titans v Raiders. Replay. 12.00 Golf. European PGA Tour. Avantha Masters Round Four. Highlights. 1.00 Golf. US PGA Tour. Tampa Bay Championship. Round Four. Highlights. 2.00 Golf. Champions Tour Toshiba Classic. Highlights. 3.00 Rugby League. NRL. Eels v Bulldogs. Replay. 5.00 Golf. Thailand Open. Highlights. 6.00 Inside The PGA Tour. 6.30 Deaker On Sport. 7.30 Swimming. State NZ Ocean Series. From Mt Maunganui 8.00 Crowd Goes Wild. 8.30 Soccer. A-League. Perth Glory v Wellington Phoenix. Highlights. 9.30 Rugby. Investec Super Rugby. Crusaders v Bulls. Highlights. 10.30 Multisport. Adidas Terrex Adventure. 11.30 Swimming. State NZ Ocean Series. From Mt Maunganui 12.00 Soccer. English Premier League. Aston Villa v Queens Park Rangers. Replay. 2.00 Rugby. Investec Super Rugby. Waratahs v Cheetahs. Replay. 4.00 Rugby. Investec Super Rugby. Highlanders v Hurricanes. Replay.


DOWN 2. Decorative (10) 3. Poke (4) 4. Ripen (6) 5. Money-chest (6) 6. Guard (8) 7. Assist (4) 11. Sign (10) 13. Choosing (8) 16. Tittle-tattle (6) 17. Solitary (6) 18. Tool (4) 20. Grass (4)

sky sPORt 2 6.00 Crowd Goes Wild. 6.30 Soccer. A-League. Perth Glory v Wellington Phoenix. Highlights. 7.30 Deaker On Sport. 8.30 Basketball. NBL. Townsville Crocodiles v Melbourne Tigers. Replay. 10.30 Tenpin Bowling. Weber Cup. Highlights. 11.30 Reunion. 12.30 Deaker On Sport. 1.30 SKY Sport What’s On. 2.00 Soccer. English Premier League. Tottenham Hotspur v Fulham. Replay. 4.00 Soccer. English Premier League. Everton v Manchester City. Replay. 6.00 Swimming. State New Zealand Open Championships. Day Four. From West Wave Aquatic Centre, Auckland. Highlights. 7.00 Total Rugby. 7.30 Multisport. Adidas Terrex Adventure. 8.30 The Ultimate Fighter: Aussie v UK. 9.30 Fight Night On SKY. 11.30 The Ultimate Fighter 17. 12.30 Motorsport. FIA Formula One Championship. Australian Grand Prix. From Albert Park, Melbourne. Highlights. 2.00 Soccer. A-League. Melbourne Heart v Western Sydney. Replay. 4.00 Soccer. English Premier League. Swansea City v Arsenal. Replay.

DOWN 1. Zenith (8) 2. Disseminate (6) 3. Dingy (4) 4. Idiot (8) 5. Except (6) 6. Daybreak (4) 11. Outside (8) 13. Immediately (8) 15. Meaning (6) 17. Parade (6) 19. Adore (4) 21. Tardy (4)


Across: 1 Pomp; 8 Reasonable; 9 Handcuff; 10 Clip Regale; 14 Remedy; 15 Strong; 17 Lunacy; 18 Plot Sanctity; 21 Chronicler; 22 Fine. Down: 2 Ornamental; 3 Prod; 4 Mature; 5 Coffe Watchman; 7 Help; 11 Indication; 13 Adoption Gossip; 17 Lonely; 18 Pick; 20 Turf.

sky MOVIes 1

MOVIe GReats

6.35 Knockout. (2011, PG) Steve Austin, Daniel Magder. 8.10 Margin Call. (2011, M) Kevin Spacey, Stanley Tucci. 10.00 The Debt. (2010, 16) Helen Mirren. 11.55 Big Miracle. (2012, PG) Drew Barrymore, John Krasinski. 1.45 Possessed By Evil. (2011, M) Rebecca Romijn, David Cubitt. 3.15 Foster. (2011, PG) Toni Collete, Ioan Gruffudd. 4.45 Tamara Drewe. (2010, M) Gemma Arterton, Luke Evans. 6.35 Unknown. (2011, M) Liam Neeson, Diane Kruger. A man awakens from a coma to discover that someone has taken his identity and even his wife does not recognise him. With the help of a young woman, he sets out to prove who he is. 8.30 21 Jump Street. (2012, 16) Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum. A pair of underachieving cops is sent back to a local high school to blend in and bring down a synthetic drug ring. 10.25 The Rite. (2011, M) Anthony Hopkins, Colin O’Donoghue. 12.15 True Justice 2: Dead Drop. (2012, 16) Steven Seagal. 1.45 The Thirst. (2006, 18) Clare Kramer. 3.15 Possessed By Evil. (2011, M) 4.45 Foster. (2011, PG) Toni Collete, Ioan Gruffudd.

6.20 Face/Off. (1997, 18) John Travolta, Nicolas Cage. 8.35 Biography. Goldie Hawn. (2007, PG). 9.25 Saw 3. (2006, 18) Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith. 11.20 Raising Arizona. (1987, PG) Nicolas Cage, Holly Hunter. 12.55 The Skeleton Key. (2005, M) Kate Hudson, Gena Rowlands. 2.40 Face/Off. (1997, 18) John Travolta, Nicolas Cage. 4.55 Pitch Black. (2000, M) Vin Diesel, Cole Hauser. 6.45 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. (2005, 16) Robert Downey Jr. A thief trying to be an actor impersonating a detective crosses paths with his high school dream girl, an actress who needs his help. 8.30 Edge Of Darkness. (2010, 16) Mel Gibson, Ray Winstone. A man, with nothing to lose, is led to the edge of darkness on his quest to find his daughter’s murderer. 10.30 The Guardian. (2006, M) Kevin Costner. 12.45 Pitch Black. (2000, M) Vin Diesel, Cole Hauser. 2.30 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. (2005, 16) Robert Downey Jr. 4.10 Edge Of Darkness. (2010, 16) Mel Gibson, Ray Winstone.

DIsCOVeRy 6.30 7.30 8.30 9.30 10.30 11.30 12.30 1.30 2.30 3.30 4.30 5.30 6.30


8.30 9.30 10.30 11.30 12.30 1.30 2.30 3.30 4.30 5.30

Driven To Extremes. (PG) Moonshiners. (M) Deadliest Catch. (PG) MythBusters. (PG) Dual Survival. (PG) Alaska: The Last Frontier. (PG) Fatal Encounters. (M) I (Almost) Got Away With It. (M) Moonshiners. (M) Moonshiners. (M) Deadliest Catch. (PG) MythBusters. (PG) Who Survived? (PG) Two hikers stuck in the wild are pushed to the limits of human endurance. Only one man will make it out alive… but which one? Gold Rush. (PG) Road to Gold. Todd and his crew finally get to test the new Turbo Trommel. Dave pushes his crew to double their last clean out. Parker brings in dynamite to blast a boulder. Amish Mafia. (M) Fire From The Lord. Outlaw Empires. (M) South Boston Irish Mob. Fatal Encounters. (M) Disappeared. (M) I Shouldn’t Be Alive. (PG) Moonshiners. (M) Who Survived? (PG) Amish Mafia. (M) Outlaw Empires. (M) Fatal Encounters. (M)

KEY: T Teletext R Repeat S Stereo P Premiere F Final RATINGS: G General exhibition PG Parental guidance recommended M Suitable for mature audiences AO Adults only 16 Approved for persons 16 and over 18 Approved for persons 18 and over c Content may offend l Language may offend s Sexual content may offend v contains violence

shINe 6.00 Unlocking the Bible 6.30 Derek Prince 7.00 Bedbug Bible Gang 7.30 From Aardvark to Zucchini 8.00 Buzz and Poppy 8.30 Running With Fire 9.00 The Family Series 9.30 Precious Word of Truth 10.00 Give Me An Answer 10.30 Your Best Life: Phil Pringle 11.00 Beyond the Search 11.30 Journey into the Amazon 12.00 Running With Fire 12.30 Enjoying Everyday Life 1.00 The 700 Club 1.30 Give Me An Answer 2.00 The Easter Experience 2.30 Facing the Canon 3.00 Bedbug Bible Gang 3.30 From Aardvark to Zucchini 4.00 Buzz and Poppy 4.30 TheDRIVEtv 5.00 Life FM presents 5.30 Beyond the Search. 6.00 Your Best Life: Phil Pringle. 6.30 Destined to Reign. 7.00 The 700 Club. 7.30 Why Dig That Up? 8.00 Give Me An Answer. 8.30 Nzone Focus. 9.00 Facing the Canon. 9.30 The One to One Show. 10.00 Running With Fire. 10.30 The 700 Club. 11.00 Hearts Wide Open. 11.30 Give Me An Answer. 12.00 Beyond the Search 12.30 Derek Prince 1.00 Unlocking the Bible 1.30 From Heartache to Hope 2.00 Life with Paul de Jong 2.30 Your Best Life: Phil Pringle 3.00 Give Me An Answer 3.30 Nzone Focus 4.00 Facing the Canon 4.30 From Heartache to Hope 5.00 Running With Fire 5.30 Hearts Wide Open.

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ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, March 21, 2013


Allenton Bowling Club With only three weeks until closing day there is still some important stuff going down on the bowling scene. Huge congratulations to the Canterbury Country team of Sandra Holdom, Wendy Watson, Cait Bassett, Diane Vanderwig (Rakaia) and Rayne Nicolls (Nth Canterbury) for winning the Lex Kimber Trophy at Oamaru March 16/17. Diane Gutberlet is one proud manager and our club can be justly proud also for producing three of the five member team. Rayne played singles while Sandra skipped the rest in the fours and on day two Wendy and Cait combined very well in the pairs and Sandra successfully skipped the rest in the triples. Top effort to you all. Also from our club the chosen ones to represent Mid-Canterbury v Ellesmere March 12 were Dawn Bruce, Shirley Doig, Sandra Holdom, Janet Kingsbury, Anne Reid, Judy Ryk and Wendy Watson. Congratulations girls on contributing to a Mid-Canterbury victory. Well done Sandra Holdom, Pete Whinham and Bruce White selected for the over 65’s Town v Country March 20. Thursday and Saturday club days continue to tick along and will shortly convert to winter Tuesday roll ups - everyone welcome. Congratulations Dawn Bruce, Shirley Doig and Lyn Manning for winning the ladies drawn triples March 19. Good luck to Dawn Bruce and Mathew Bassett who are our representatives in the centre champion of champions junior singles this weekend. Go Allenton!

Ashburton Bowling Club We are drawing to the closing of the season with Closing Day and Presentation night being Saturday March 23. We play for the Bird Cup at 1.30. Teams of triples will be made up as you arrive, please don’t be late, wear your whites and stay in them for presentation of trophies. Drinks from 5.30; meal at 6pm. The cost is $8 and payable to the Social committee. You do not have to bring any food. Hoorah!!! A day without cooking. The men will be doing the dishes afterwards, another hoorah!!  There are lots of winners so come and support them and enjoy the hot meal. The Ladies have represented the club with great success at sub centre level, bringing  home  the Hefford Shield, Sevens and Premier trophy.  Well done ladies.  They will be presented at the sub centre evening later.    All members have also been invited to attend the final day of bowls at Tinwald Saturday April 6 at 1.30pm. Please wear your whites for a photo of all attending.  We are sorry to see this is the last play for Tinwald. Next week Cashmere Club will be visiting Ashburton Club on Tuesday March 26. Morning tea at 10am, then play bowls.  Please bring your own lunch and also a lovely plate of goodies for afternoon tea. Cashmere always put on a great spread and we would like to return the compliment.  Don’ let us down.  Names on the board to play, at least 24 will be needed. The Annual Meeting and Election of Officers is also coming up May 26 and notices of motion must be received by the Secretary at least a month prior.  Nomination forms are on the board for election of officers. We are grateful for all the help received during the season by all the committees both match and tournament, and ground staff and greens staff.  The greens are our most precious thing and they need lots of care and attention to keep them at their top level. The greens will be open for another week following closing day.  Cards and Mahjong will begin Monday April 8 at 1.30, cost is still $2 to cover a/tea and power costs.  All are welcome. To all those not well we wish you a speedy recovery and hope you winter well and keep the flu bugs away.  Roll on season 2013/2014.

Ashburton Celtic Netball Club Welcome everyone back to the 2013 season! Most importantly to start a big thank you to our sponsors. Without you we would not be able to run the club. VetEnt, Robbie’s Bar and Bistro, Bus and Truck Bodywork Ltd, Summerfield Builders, Summerfield Plumbers, CRT, Ashburton New World, Ashburton Signs and Graphics, Robillards Showtime Jewellers. Celtic netball has started out the season with a fantastic turnout at trials. It was a huge task for our selectors with a lot of new faces and after 3 weeks they had finally managed to name the VetEnt Celtic A team. Congratulations to Amanda Ward, Gina Taylor, Ashley Bradley, Rachel MacGregor, Debbie Summerfield, Hayley Murphy, Liv McDonald and Emma Doyle. We look forward to seeing you in action in the coming months. A huge thank you to Di and Mary Jean who helped select. Congrats to the rest of the girls who have made it into teams, as a result we have eight strong teams this year which can only bring bigger and better things to the club. It’s great to see the teams have started training, there’s not too many weeks left and we’ll be into the grading!

Ashburton Celtic Rugby Club Trainings have commenced on Tuesday and Thursday nights for senior, senior B’s, colts and U18’s. Dave McCrea (0274753002) and Brian McCormick are senior coaches, Pete Gowans (0273683999) for B’s, Paul Summerfield Colts (0274346815) and Don Summerfield U18’s (0274353231). Ring the above if you want to play at one of the top performing clubs in the district. The Darryl Phillips Motor Company seniors had their final trail game on Sunday against a very good MacKenzie Country side and lost 27/5. It was tough game and Celtic had to battle hard to keep possession. Neil Thompson playing hooker had another strong game and came away with player of the day which he was happy to receive on St Paddy’s day as he being the only Irishman in the team. So now the seniors are ready to focus on the 1st competition game against Darfield on Tuesday April 2, with a 7pm kick-off at Celtic to be followed with another tough game against Lincoln the following Saturday at Lincoln. The South Steel senior b’s also had a game with MacKenzie and came away with a 33/0 win which was good for the boys as pre-season games are a rarity for them. The senior b competition starts on April 6 so it’s time for players to start making an appearance on Thursday nights at 6.30pm. The JAB “milo breakfast cereal day” was held on Saturday and was a huge turnout with over 100 people. With numerous activities to do it’s fair to say that the water slide and the two diggers that the children got a turn to operate were the hits of the day. Thanks to everyone that helped organize and set-up on the day, and also a special mention to Warren McKenzie for spending all day on the diggers with the kids. The Rippa Rugby on Tuesday nights has been going for 3 weeks now and just gets more popular every year. On March 31 we have an U13 game with a touring Napier Marist team. The season kicks off in April with the 7-aside tournament on the 6th at Allenton and the competition starts on April 13. For any enquiries about the JAB contact Darion Gray, 0276880647 or 3071446.

Ashvegas Country Club Tinwald was the venue for last Sunday’s club day which was played using the “four ball best ball” format and saw the combination of Alan Argyle and Tim Johnson come out on top. The pair, according to Tim, combined brilliantly and finished their round

with a score of 61 which was good enough to claim victory by a shot over the pairing of Jamie Binnie and Jeremy Reuben who had a 62. The best individual score of the day was recorded by Daz Young who shot a personal best 78 to have a net 65 while Jamie and veteran, Richy Watson both had net 68’s. Robin Simms and Daz had 2’s. The Saturday saw the visit of the Kurow Golf Club who put the trophy on the line against the Ash Vegas golfers who were playing in the Tinwald Saturday club day. Kurow have held this trophy since the beginning and while the scoring between the two sides was pretty even on the day a score of 55 stableford points (net 53) by one of the Kurow burglars was enough to see them retain the trophy once again. Club day this Sunday is scheduled to be held at Mayfield at the normal tee off time of 10am. It is understood that Terry has a rather interesting stableford format for the day’s competition which involves golfers not being allowed to finish playing until they have achieved 36 points. Could be a long day for some.

Clearwater Aquatic Club The club held their Club Champs last weekend. We had a great turn out with a lot of new members and first time competitors. A wakeboarding competition and a new division created for kids on two skis proved very successful. The conditions were perfect, skies opened up to sunshine and flat water. Penny Emery had a successful day taking out the Champions of Champions trophy for best all round skier. She also claim the Senior Women’s Slalom and tricks with Kellie Forrester second and Nicky Thompson third. The senior women’s two division for slalom was won by Helen Young. Grace Thompson was first in the Girls Slalom with Molly Nicoll second. Emma Anderson had an impressive Slalom run to take home the trophy for junior girls slalom and junior girls’ tricks with Kristy Hunter-Letham second. Emma also claimed the trophy for most improved skier. The Junior Boys section was won by Hamish Hunter-Letham in his first competition and Alissa Anderson won the womens 1 division. Showing everyone how it was done was Marty Green who won the Senior Men’s Division with two buoys on the 16 metre line, Dougal Anderson second and Ted Nicoll Third. In the Sub Junior section Bradley Shearer first, Kaden Forrester second and Bae McNicoll third. The Open Wakeboard Competition was won by Penny Emery with Helen Young and Andy Shearer tied for second.

College Cricket Club This week we start of with a couple of reminders, firstly the End of Season Prize giving is to be held this Saturday (23 March) at the Walnut Avenue pavilion at conclusion of 1st XI game - please come along from 3.30pm onwards. There was talk of some friendly 20/20 games but this is still to be confirmed. There will be presentations for Most Improved, Best Batting and Bowling Averages for 3rd grade, 1st XI Girls and 1st XI Boys (2012) teams. All players, parents, supporters and coaches are welcome. Secondly, it would be much appreciated if all third grade players could get their surveys in. With none of the College teams featuring in the final, Green was given the day off and the winless Gold took on Red. Details are a bit sketchy but it sounds like Gold batted first and were dismissed for 116 in the 21st over, thanks mainly to Patrick Sandrey who smashed his way to 50 while Luke Tod, Jamie Stockdale and Todd Gray picked up two wickets each and Dylan Shore grabbed three. Sam Turner, Tod and Gray also managed to hold some catches. Red were cruising and needed 20 runs to win with six wickets remaining but with Andrew Jopson getting three wickets in one over and Dylan trying to smack Zach for six first ball by standing out of his crease

only to get bowled for a golden duck, Red collapsed to be all out for 113 in the 25th over. Red’s best were Jamie Stockdale with 38 and Daffyd Philp’s 24. Harry Ferguson snared three wickets while Logan Havis had the misfortune of the ball following him around, dropping two catches.

Creative Fibre Ashburton The March meeting was held at the Allenton Rugby Rooms on Monday. About 30 attended. It was noted that one of our members Betty Young was 98 years young and still active. We had a visitor from Mayfield and she may join up with us. Several of our members are recovering from operations  or not well. The Patsy Z courses will be held on Saturday April 6 – Wool Spinners Tune Up and the Sunday course is High Tech Fibres. Places for these courses are still available and have to be paid for by March 29. A few of our members are going to the National Festival in Porirua after Easter. A cupboard has been promised so that we can access the library books from our meetings. Members are encouraged to prepare work for the Open Day on June 10 with many exciting events and prizes. We are able to set up a display at the public library on May 27 and this will extend for four weeks. This is to show what we do and encourage new members. Anne gave us a demonstration on cotton spinning as she had attended a course at Ashfords and this was very interesting. She showed us how it was done on a small spindle as they do in India. The show and tell table had a set of four finely woven table mats, four pairs of adult socks in multicoloured wool, crocheted knee rug, a crocheted baby jacket and bootees, a natural colour-blended wool bed rug, a knitted tabard in grey natural wool and two finely crocheted cotton table mats.

Grey Power Ashburton Inc On Monday March 18 president Joy Jaine welcomed about 50 members to the monthly general meeting of Grey Power Ashburton. Apologies were received from Ruth and Peter Thomas; and Les Vincent, these were accepted. Joy reminded members that subs are due at the end of March, and asked if there were any members who were available to assist with the delivery of our newsletters. Joy then introduced our speaker for the afternoon; Linton Wilson who is a Health and Disability Advocate. The Health and Disability Advocacy service was set up after the Cartwright Enquiry which revealed several flaws in how patients were dealt with by health professionals in New Zealand. It operates independently from the DHB’s and any health providing service. A code of rights has been created and posters setting out this code are openly displayed at most health providers. This code covers patient rights to; respect; fair treatment; dignity; independence; communication; full information; support and the right to complain. A health advocate will assist in laying complaints and resolving situations that may arise in hospitals, rest homes, general practice and any with other health provider. Health and disability advocates are located an all main centres around New Zealand. Linton outlined various cases and situations he had helped with during his work with the service and also answered several interesting question posed by the audience. To contact Linton one can call him on 0800 555 050; this is the number for the Christchurch office. Sheila Graham passed a vote of thanks and presented Linton with a fruit tray. The raffle was drawn and prizes distributed, including a special Easter prize donated by the President. The meeting closed at 2.50pm and afternoon tea was enjoyed by all.

Next meeting will be Monday April 15 where the speaker will be Brent Ennor who is the developer for the Terrace View Retirement Village.

Methven Bowling Club Last week at Rakaia A Hill, R Isherwood, B Gawn 3 wins 2nd well done. On Tuesday our rep girls S Pagey, M Sullivan, B Gawn, M Stone, M Middleton, R Isherwood, R Smith helped Mid Canterbury have a good win over the girls from Ellesmere great effort. At the LVA Temuka Tournament B Mayson, B Harper, M Smallridge (Allenton) I Syme 2 wins; G Eddington, W Blackwell, N Skerten (Rak), A Hill 1 win. On Friday at the MSA Triples A Hill, A Smith, D Callaghan 3 wins 2nd well done; R Thomas, E Maw, I Syme 1 win. At the weekend our mens championship fours team of A Hill, D Callaghan, I Syme, A Smith (sub) went to Christchurch to compete in the Centre Champion Fours where they lost their first game to Elmwood in a close game that could have gone either way. Great effort guys and good bowling from our Juniors. On Sunday our team of A Holmes, J Lattimore, N Bilby won the Junior Triples Tournament at Allenton. Wonderful bowling guys you are a credit to the club well done. Happy bowling everyone.

Mid Canterbury Hockey Mid Canterbury Hockey would like to invite the wider Mid Canterbury community along with the hockey community to the first senior competition games being played in Ashburton this Saturday (March 23). These are some of the first games to be played on our new turf, it’s an exciting time for hockey and we encourage everyone to come along and support our teams. The first game starts at 2pm on Saturday with the Tinwald Senior Men playing Excelsior, the is the only Men’s game in Ashburton with both Wakanui Blue and Black team’s playing in Timaru. Following the senior men is our only Senior Women’s team, Hampstead playing Timaru Girls High School at 3.30pm. Come down and support our local teams, it will most certainly be a great afternoon to start off the hockey season.

Mid Canterbury Ladies Probus Club The Annual General Meeting of the Mid Canterbury Ladies Probus Club was held recently. After the National Anthem was sung, members stood in silence to remember Helen Lowe who passed away recently. President Colleen welcomed a visitor to the meeting and reminded members that next year will be our 25th anniversary. Colleen then read her Annual Report and advised there are 130 members. The last year had been very busy with many activities. The new President Jean was installed, and the new committee members were welcomed. A presentation was made to the five committee members who are retiring they were – Jean, Joy, Maxine, Annette and Val. Karen thanked Colleen and the committee for their work over the last year. The receipts and payments for the year ended 31 December 2012 was read and accepted, and the raffle was drawn. After morning tea Alison Donald told of her involvement with the St John Shuttle Service. She retired from work in 2011 and then was accepted as a volunteer by St John. She had two days training, and 24 volunteers were accepted. The transit van holds 11 people and is fully fitted out. It goes to Christchurch Monday to Friday and can take nine patients, with the driver and an assistant. People have appointments at hospitals, specialists, eye clinics and medical professionals. People ring St John for this service, which usually leaves Ashburton at 9am. December was a busy month. There is no cost but a donation can be given. Alison is on the roster as an assistant twice a month. The service has been going for 12 months. Alison was thanked for her informative talk.

Jean Aiken then told of her visit to Tasmania where she was welcomed to a Probus Club. They have a Floral Exchange Day and celebrate birthdays. They have a Makers Workshop, with paper making and a craft display area. She found groceries to be expensive in Tasmania and did not like the deadly snakes. She had also visited a Probus Club in Invercargill, this was a mixed group. The meeting concluded with the Thought For The day – “If we can’t make you smile your skin is too tight.”

Nor’westers Muso’s Club February Jam - Part 1 Hi all, the weather turned up trumps again for our second outdoor jam, in two months, and again it was a corker. Eddie kicked off the afternoon with a big set of 12 classic covers, including Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Rae Vaughan, Neil Diamond, Steppenwolf, Ry Cooder, J J Cale, & Stray Cats and as usual all done down to a T. Well done Eddie. Mark Soster was back next with his trusty acoustic guitar and terrific vocals and entertained the masses with some favourites including Mother from Pink Floyd, The Wanderer from Johnny Cash (actually penned by U2 ) and a masterful Tangled Up In Blue from the master himself Bob Dylan, great stuff Mark. Next up a new band to the club was Syattica consisting of Tim on guitar, Tobias on bass/vocals and Dremayne on drums/vocals. These fellas rocked!! Black Night, Rebel Yell, Stairway To Heaven, Rocky Mountain Way, I Drink Alone, A Kiwi Classic from Dragon - Rain, and finished up with a blinder from Lynard Skynard-Freebird. This set really got the crowd interested, make sure you guys return, I think this performance was just a teaser!! Paul was up next, on his nice lefty acoustic guitar and as usual sang and played a very slick and polished set including Drift Away from Dobie Gray , Bill Wither’s - Ain’t No Sunshine, Give Me One Reason from Tracey Chapman, a couple of Jimmy Barnes numbers, and finished off with a nice Jack & Diane from John Cougar, well done mate. Simon (sausage man) Blissett was on the barbie again and cooking up a treat for all the hungry punters, so well done to you and also a big thanks to our terrific sound man Les McIntyre, as usual, professional as ever, well done Les. Part Two of this epic tale of magical musical madness will conclude next week. Also due to Easter Sunday being the last Sunday of the month, we will not be having a March Jam, so the next Jam will be held on Sunday April 28, as usual in Fenney’s Bar at The Devon Hotel. See you all there.

Tinwald Outdoor Bowling Club Our very last tournament was held last week with a full green, The winners were D Gutberlet, G Kelley and O Collins 3 wins 18 ends 28 points Second G Eder, C Andrew and R Wade 3 wins 17 ends 36 points, Third R Harrison, J Bennett and R Smitheram 3 wins 13 ends 24 points. Fourth W Lee, M Barnes and W Herriott 2 wins 15 ends 28 points. We sincerely thank Sims Bakery for their sponsorship of the tournament and all fellow bowlers who have entered our tournaments over the past years. The raffles were won by G Whipp, J May, J Moore, J Ryk, E Scoon, C Leach, R Wade, J Bell and M Quinn, our thanks to Margaret Eder for great selection and presentation of raffle prizes, our thanks also to Richard from Value Plus Processing for donating the meat trays for the raffle. Our Charley Good drawn pairs was won by Gavin Eder and Shirley Maw runners up John Bell and Reg Diamond, Handicap Singles winner Wendy Herriott over Shirley Maw on an extra end. M.S.A. Triples, congratulations to the winners G Eder, W Lee and M Eder. Hampstead Histon Triples G Eder, W Lee and J Rooke 1 win. Next week we will be playing our last in-house tournament for the Mona Love memorial tray.

YoUr sUPPort is NEEDED! Chris robertson Fundraising Chairman EA Networks Centre


he Public Supporters Campaign has been underway one week and it’s all go! We have 13 weeks remaining to raise the further $475,000 needed to reach the community target of $5 million. Our Business, Retail and Rural Funding Teams continue to approach businesses and farmers, and our Community Team with

the BNZ are in full gear with the Public Supporters Campaign. There are so many neat stories that are already occurring. On the first day last week an older gentleman was the first person to stop into the BNZ and make a $250 donation, and went away pleased and proud to wear his EA Networks Centre polo shirt. Another gentleman donated $1,000 and the only thing he wanted was his name on a seat. And the early response has been fantastic - by the end of the first

2 days we already had $3,510 donated at the BNZ! The Community Team is also working with all schools to run a District-wide mufti day on Friday

19 April. Everyone’s support is needed. So fill out your Public Supporters Pack form and post in or drop off at the BNZ today.

Chris Wylie, BNZ Senior Partner Mid and South Canterbury; Robyn Casey, BNZ Store Manager, Mid Canterbury; Chris Robertson, EA Networks Centre Fundraising Chairman; and Sally Milner, EA Networks Centre Public Supporters Campaign.

BNZ – The home of The puBlic supporTers campaigN


ot only has the BNZ shown its support for the EA Networks Centre as a Gold Partner, but the BNZ in East Street is the home of the public supporters campaign. Says BNZ Store Manager for Mid Canterbury, Robyn Casey


“When asked, our team was only too pleased to help out. And out front we have the EA Networks Centre DVD running, which shows the fly-through with the latest facility design”. BNZ Ashburton has long supported families in the

Ashburton area with the bank supporting the Multi-Cultural bite and the recent children’s day, the Long Beach Coastal Challenge, A&P Shows and the Ace Tennis Programme. The team at BNZ Ashburton also provide support to

Plunket’s baby budget which helps families plan their finances following the birth of a child. If you would like to choose one of the Public Supporter Packs or make a donation, please visit the BNZ in East Street.

wEEkLY PrizE DrAw For ALL PUbLiC sUPPortErs AND doNaTioNs oN classic hiTs 92.5fm

he Classic Hits Team are running a weekly prize draw every Thursday

morning on air for all Public Supporters. Everyone who makes a donation goes in

the draw to win exciting prizes to use at the new EA Networks Centre. Don’t

delay, fill out your form or stop in at the BNZ and donate today!

bUsiNEss sUPPort ALso stiLL NEEDED

If your business is able to support the EA Networks Centre, please contact either Fiona at Myers Business Solutions on 307-6355 (day time) or Janette on 027-308-0020

EA NEtworks CENtrE is Now oN FACEbook If you would like to share in the latest developments for the EA Networks Centre, you can now find the Centre on Facebook. Check out the latest news at

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, March 21, 2013


Breakers’ streak counts for nothing By Steven Holloway The Breakers’ exceptional regular season draws to a close this weekend but coach Andre Lemanis is wary that their 16-game consecutive win-streak could easily count for nothing. The Breakers face the Wildcats in a dead-rubber season finale in Perth tomorrow night (midnight NZ time) before hosting their first playoff semifinal at Vector Arena next Thursday against a yetto-be decided opponent. The rivalry between the Breakers (24-3) and the second-placed Wildcats (21-6) has developed into a fiery one, and neither side will be willing to budge or concede a psychological edge with a potential grand final meeting in the near future. Lemanis said there was no better preparation for the playoffs than playing Perth in Perth and rejected the idea of resting any of his frontline players for the long trip. “The rhythm of playing is important,” Lemanis said. “We’ve just played three games in eight days and I thought we got better through each game during that period. So to

sit people out in this game I don’t think is smart for us.” Lemanis said the Breakers never reflect on their run – which has equalled the second-best win streak in Australian NBL history – and instead focused on the importance of getting better every day and with every game. “Everyone’s talking already as if both Perth and the Breakers have made the grand final. There’s still a semi to get through, and at that stage your regular season record gets thrown out. “It’s who can win two out of three games and that’s where our focus needs to go as soon as we’re done with this Perth game. Then what was done in the regular season counts for nothing.” Lemanis will have the full services of forward Mika Vukona, who has recovered from a minor ankle tweak last week but import Will Hudson will not travel. He trained for the first time today after injuring his knee in February. Hudson is making good progress and will remain in Auckland to undergo intensive training in an effort to have him fit for the playoffs. The American is excited at the

• Godzone race The third chapter of New Zealand’s Godzone Adventure Race will be hosted by Kaikoura in 2014. The announcement was made after the official conclusion of the second Godzone race, which went from Mount Cook to Queenstown last week, and featured Methven’s Glen Currie. Currie has competed in, and completed, both chapters of the Godzone, writing a blog on his latest exploits which can be viewed at

prospect of getting back out on the court after a tough rehabilitation process. “When I first got injured, I didn’t know if I would have a chance to get back by the end of the season or even playoffs,” Hudson said. “Just the constant grind of doing three [sessions a day] with rehab, lifting and pool workouts in the afternoons. It’s been tough, but now I’m so excited. It’s just made me hungrier. “I have to trust myself again. It’s no longer an issue with the ligaments. It’s now all about the scar tissue so I just have to push through the pain.” Hudson played a huge role for the Breakers before his injury and his intensity and drive often gave them another gear. In his absence Alex Pledger stepped up and excelled and has been acknowledged by winning consecutive ANBL Player of the Week awards for the last two weeks. For Breakers fans, life is good. They recently celebrated the team’s third consecutive minor premiership title and haven’t tasted defeat in more than 100 days. Hopefully though, the best is still to come. - APNZ

• Erakovic crashes New Zealand tennis No 1 Marina Erakovic has quickly come back down to Earth following her breakthrough win in Memphis at the end of last month. Erakovic has had backto-back first-round losses in her two tournaments since winning her first WTA tournament, the latest coming at the rich WTA event in Miami where she was beaten 6-1 4-6 6-4 by Irina-Camelia Begu of Romania. Erakovic will play Begu again, with the pair due to meet in the doubles when Erakovic will team up with British partner Heather Watson.  - Newstalk ZB

• Winning start Defending champions Auckland United got off to a winning start on the first day of the New Zealand men’s club softball championship in Christchurch, beating Demons 12-2 in their tournament opener. In an early upset, Christchurch’s Halswell Hornets toppled former champions Mt Roskill Ramblers 2-1. - APNZ

200 apply for Phoenix job Mara’s name at the highest levels in Europe,” Dome said. Applications for the role close tomorrow, with a shortlist to be established and interviews next month. ‘We are keen to complete the process in the next six weeks or so we can move on, but we are also very focussed on finding the right person for the job and will take the time necessary to do this,” Dome said. - APNZ

Flicking the magic switch E

very Super rugby coach in the land must be poring over video of the Crusaders v Bulls game last weekend, trying to find the exact moment (and there was one) when the home side turned from a stuttering, ball-dropping group of frustrated individuals on the rugby padddock into a smooth, well-oiled machine that could easily put away a very good opposition. What is the magic ingredient that can suddenly get all those manoeuvres that work so brilliantly on the training field to gel in game-time, when the pressure from a pack of huge South Africans has been strangling the life out of your team? On Saturday the Crusaders’ scrum was rock solid, didn’t move an inch on their own ball, and surely the forwards must have been getting a bit tetchy about the top-quality ball being frittered away. I can recall a similar situation a few years ago on the Showgrounds oval; a dominant forward pack delivering excellent ball that was going nowhere, until an exasperated skipper stood up and bawled: “C’mon backs, DO SOMETHING with it!!” There were no histrionics on Saturday, just patience from a team that knew they had the skills, they just weren’t clicking. Robbie Fruean epitomised the whole deal; head in hands after another botched attack, but suddenly one stuck, a try resulted, and the magic box had been opened. Whatever that magic ingredient is, if Toddy can bottle it and dish up a serving to the men in red and black just before every game, then the Crusaders will definitely be back where they belong, at the top of the Super rugby tree, when the captain steps up to accept the big prize at AMI Stadium early in August. To the cricket, and at the beginning of this tour who would have thought the Black Caps would be in with a sniff of winning a test series against England, number two in the world, as they head into the match at Eden Park starting tomorrow. With two draws so far (or one moral victory each, if you’re into what-might-have-beens) it’s all on, and both skippers are talking up their chances big-time. In theory, the powerful England batting line-up should score a truckload of runs, too many for our sometimes-very-good lineup to counter, but its a funny old game and anything can happen. It’s a pity we have to listen to

Steve Devereux MY SHOUT

Simon Doull as the linchpin of the commentary team; he’s obviously been selected as SKY’s main cricket man for the future, but there’s an awful lot of work to do before he gets anywhere near the class of his co-commentators. Perhaps its early days, but he’s been on a few tours now, and his over-earnest appraisals of what’s going on in front of him have rankled for a while, its like watching re-runs of the first months of John Campbell Live. But whereas Campbell has developed into New Zealand’s best current affairs commentator, ‘Doully’ isn’t making a lot of progress; like Ian Jones in the rugby crowd, he may well have an in-depth knowledge of his subject, but doesn’t get it across as well as his teammates. ‘Doully’ must have a somewhat elevated opinion of where he was in his playing days. One day recently was talking with the likes of Sir Ian Botham and David Lloyd about some of the big names from days long gone the camera guys had picked out in the sellout crowd at the Basin, and musing as to whether commentators in the future would be looking back at them in the same fashion; I don’t think ‘Doully’ is going to figure all that much in anybody’s historical ramblings about the game’s better players. When the subject of some of those cricketing greats’ habits and superstitions came up, a cocommentator asked ‘Doully’ if he had any of those instantly recognisable foibles in his playing days. After a significant pause, ‘Doully’ answered in a low, sibilant whisper to the waiting millions: “No, not really.” Riveting stuff. Then he called the groundsmen ‘grumpy’ on the last day at the Basin, as they were rushing out to do their thing when the rains came; how on earth did he come to that conclusion from up in the comm box? Anyway, despite that one constant minor annoyance, I’m sure Smithy, Mark Richardson and all the rest of the excellent comments team will be bringing us an absorbing last-of-the-summer cricket match over the next (hopefully!) five days.

• Nugent ‘resigned’

shouldn’t be forgotten

Alehana Mara hasn’t given up hope of forcing his way into the Warriors’ No 9 jersey and would desperately love to play in May’s NRL match against the Bulldogs in his hometown of Wellington. With regular rake Nathan Friend’s return to the pitch still up in the air because of a shoulder injury, the Warriors opted to play back-rower Elijah Taylor at hooker in the opening two rounds of the NRL season with mixed success. Pita Godinet has provided energy from the bench out of dummy-half during the first two outings - both losses - and the Warriors recently pursued Travis Waddell before he was signed by the Newcastle Knights. The wash-up of it all is Warriors’ coach Matt Elliott is yet to settle on a No 9 and, although Taylor was named to meet the Sharks across the Tasman this Sunday, Mara hopes he’s not far away from being given an opportunity. - APNZ

Fighting it out on the basketball court Tori Watson of the Jellybeanz looks to put up a shot under pressure from Fantastic 7 defender Georgia Tuck in last night’s third week of the social mid-week college basketball league. A new competition established this year, the league is split into junior and senior boys’ and girls’ grades with over 50 children on court, including a junior team from Methven. The teams are a mix of social and serious basketballers all getting some on-court action ahead of the South Canterbury competition in May, school exchanges and the upcoming representative season.

Kahui in line for return All Blacks utility Richard Kahui could be in line to make his longawaited return to top-level rugby. He has been bracketed to start on the bench for the Chiefs in their match against the Highlanders in Hamilton tomorrow. Kahui has been sidelined since injuring a shoulder in the middle of last year when he was led from the Suncorp Stadium pitch in a match the Chiefs lost to the Reds. He’s now had four shoulder operations in six years and it was a factor in his decision to sign recently to play for Toshiba in Japan. The 27-year-old has been bracketed with Patrick Osborne on the bench. Romana Graham and

Fritz Lee are also bracketed in the reserves. Chiefs coach Dave Rennie has made several changes to the side that beat the Kings 35-24 last weekend, mindful of the fact they have a short turnaround since returning from South Africa on Monday. It will be the second meeting with the Highlanders this season, with the Chiefs running out 41-27 winners in Dunedin in their first match as they look to defend their Super Rugby title. Co-captain Craig Clarke will sit out the match out as a precaution after receiving a slight knock to the head last week and will be replaced by Michael Fitzgerald.

Nick Crosswell will start in the No 8 jersey with Ross Filipo out for 8-10 weeks with a knee injury and Pauliasi Manu starts at prop and Ben Afeaki moves to the bench. “We are expecting a similar battle to our first game against the Highlanders,” Rennie said. “It was physical and fast and this week will be nothing less. “It will be a special game as we will be honouring Liam Messam for becoming the first person to have played 100 matches for the Chiefs.” Messam brought up the milestone against the Kings but this will be the first time he has played in Hamilton since. - APNZ

Photo Kirsty Graham 200313-KC-016

Nearly 200 CVs have already crossed the desk of Wellington Phoenix general manager David Dome as the club’s search for a new head coach continues. With applications arriving daily from all over the world and from as far afield as North America and Europe, Dome was encouraged by the prospects. “We have received interest from some very high calibre applicants, including some who have coached


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Swimming Australia insists head coach Leigh Nugent voluntarily stepped aside, rather than being forced to walk the plank. Nugent’s resignation is the latest development in the fallout from swimming’s London Olympics disaster. Swimming Australia (SA) chairman Barclay Nettlefold said Nugent was exhausted, but wanted to stay involved in the organisation. The body will appoint an interim head coach for next month’s Australian titles in Adelaide before filling the role permanently. “He’s exhausted from the process he’s been through over the last four years and he just needs to regroup,” Nettlefold said. Asked if the tumultuous events during and after the London Games had taken their toll on Nugent, Nettlefold said: “the last four to six months have been very heavy.” Nettlefold added it was “categorically wrong” to say Nugent was sacked. The plan is for Nugent to switch to mentoring coaches. “Leigh has more experience in swimming than most people in the world,” Nettlefold said. - AAP

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ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, March 21, 2013


Local shooters off to champs P11 | BREAKERS’ streak counts for nothing P13

Reid to lead All Whites

From the sideline Test yourself with the Guardian’s weekday quiz

What is this person famous for?

By Michael Brown Winston Reid has been anointed as Ryan Nelsen’s successor and will be handed the captain’s armband for tomorrow night’s World Cup qualifier against New Caledonia. It’s understood coach Ricki Herbert met Reid on Wednesday night when the All Whites gathered in Dunedin and asked the West Ham defender to captain the side for the foreseeable future. “It’s a tremendous honour and privilege to captain your country and I’m humbled by the opportunity,” Reid said following the All Whites’ first training session in Dunedin. Nelsen recently retired from all football to take over as Toronto FC coach, ending a successful era highlighted by New Zealand’s unbeaten run at the 2010 World Cup. Wellington Phoenix captain Andrew Durante was seen as an option to take over but he is still to get official clearance to play for New Zealand, as was Ipswich defender Tommy Smith. Smith captained the side in the absence of both Nelsen and Reid for last year’s failed Oceania Nations Cup campaign in the Solomon Islands and has been named vice-captain. Reid has taken over from Nelsen as New Zealand’s highest-profile player and has captained West Ham in both the Premier League and FA Cup in recent weeks. It’s that responsibility which appears to have swayed Herbert’s mind. “We’ve thought long and hard about this decision,” Herbert said. “Winston plays and at a high level week in and week out and has captained his side in that environment, just as Ryan Nelsen did previously. “For a young man to have that level of responsibility speaks volumes of his character, especially when you look at his peers in similar roles within the Premier League.” It will be interesting to see how often Reid plays for the All Whites and he has already been the centre of a club-vs-country tug-of-war. He has played only 14 internationals since making his debut

Who said it? “You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get.” Photo Crispin Anderlini

Debutant New Zealand Black Jack Sandra Keith analyses the lay of the green during her triples match against Australia yesterday.

Today’s sports trivia question

Keith rolls up for Black Jacks By Jonathan Leask

against Australia in the build-up to the 2010 World Cup and has missed 11 of the last 18 All Whites games. Last year West Ham manager Sam Allardyce was unhappy about his call-up to the All Whites to play two World Cup qualifiers against Tahiti when carrying an injury and Reid also opted out of the Olympics squad to focus on West Ham pre-season training. Reid became an instant hit with New Zealand football fans when he famously scored his only goal in injury time in the All Whites’ opening match at the World Cup to snatch a dramatic 1-1 draw with Slovakia. He previously played for Denmark at youth level before switching allegiance to the country of his birth. NZF are still waiting for a more definitive ruling from Fifa on Durante’s eligibility. Fifa initially said they thought Durante was eligible but it was up to NZF to decide whether to play him or not. It’s unlikely he will be risked against New Caledonia if NZF don’t hear from Fifa before Friday because they risk having a win overturned if he is found ineligible. - APNZ

blow in the triples beating Mandy Boyd, Lisa White and Keith 14-7. “We hadn’t played together before so I don’t know if we were nervous or what it was but we were just flat in the triples. “We came right in the afternoon and played well to have it 10-10 but just didn’t come away with it but it bodes well for the next match.” The combination clicked much better in their second match only to be edged out by the Australians

11-10, with Australia taking the first open women’s test match 10-2. Overall across the six games, under 18, development and open men’s and women’s, Australia won five of the six matches on day one to win the first test, with the New Zealand men’s development team the only victors. Keith gets her second crack at the Aussies today, looking to level the series before tomorrow’s third and final test.

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NZ has test victory in their sights By David Leggat Talk to the New Zealand players and there’s an undeniable sense that they feel they are within touching distance of what would be a notable test victory at Eden Park. That is not to say they’re getting ahead of themselves for the final contest of England’s tour; just a belief that they’re right in the contest, provided they tick all the relevant boxes. Middle-order batsmen Ross Taylor and Dean Brownlie emphasised the point that New Zealand will need to be assertive and at the top of their game against the No 2-ranked test team starting tomorrow. Outside their camp few gave them a chance of being all square going to the last match of

the ANZ international series. The weather has helped that, but they are anticipating England gathering themselves for a final push to show there is a reason for the gulf in rankings – No 2 against No 8. “You see they’ve got good players and you love playing against the best in the world,” Brownlie said. “If anything you stand up and want to do well. I don’t think you go out feeling it’s like that [two vs eight].” Brownlie and Taylor were in Hobart 15 months ago when the New Zealanders, led by Taylor, achieved a remarkable seven-run win over Australia. Brownlie wasn’t about to get ahead of himself by comparing what a win at Eden Park would mean set alongside Hobart. But both admitted to a sense of excitement at the challenge ahead.

“It’s a position we haven’t been in for a while and we’re playing some good cricket,” Taylor said. “We’ve still got five days of tough, competitive cricket, and if we play to our potential we’re a chance.” The chance of getting through a day ahead of the test without the conversation turning to the Eden Park pitch was always slim. A person with strong knowledge of the recent history of Eden Park strips yesterday opined that there could be two days’ worth of conditions to have seamers licking their lips before becoming a good batting pitch. Brownlie likes bounce, which brings into play horizontal bat shots and suits his game. Taylor is happier with his ball striking than he was when England’s tour began. His 2h

10min spent over an unbeaten 41 in New Zealand’s second innings with Kane Williamson served him well and shut the door on England’s ambitions at the Basin Reserve. “I’m probably more happy with my state of mind. “I always enjoy batting with Kane, he’s got a good level head on him and it’s exciting to see him develop as a player.” Have England been a touch complacent? They were, after all, expected to dominate the series, certainly more so than in the shorter forms given the disparity in rankings. “Each team goes through different phases,” Taylor said. “A few of their test players went home [from India] and this is probably not the easiest place to come and play test cricket.”  - APNZ

Send your caption to Best of the week will be published in Saturday’s Guardian Today’s answers: Mystery person: Fullback or wing for the Leicester Tigers, Geordan Murphy also found time in the last decade to turn out 74 times for Ireland, and includes the 2009 Grand Slam in his CV. He has also played for the Lions and the Barbarians. Quote: Michael Phelps Trivia question: Lincoln Hurring

Winston Reid

Sandra Keith rolled up for the first time as a New Zealand Black Jack in the opening day of the trans-Tasman test against Australia’s Jackaroos at the Howick Bowling Club in Auckland yesterday. Keith has played, and won, some big tournaments in the past two seasons but the nerves kicked it when she stepped out

on the green to roll up as a New Zealand representative for the first time. “It was pretty cool but the nerves kicked in when I was walking out. I guess because of the special occasion,” Keith said. “I played alright but I probably could have played better.” It was a big moment for Keith but didn’t turn out to be the dream debut, as Australia’s Karen Murphy, Lynsey Armitage and Natasha Van Eldik struck the first

Who had to keep his composure as a commentator as his son won gold at the Edmonton Commonwealth Games?

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