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Pinedale Open homes in Rakaia Lodge and and Methven Apartments MORE+$445,000 DETAILS INSIDE GST if any to the pricing square

Call OJ - new listing Exclusive 0800 12 14 14

Friday, May 17, 2013

e Open Hom




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117 11:30am, 11:00 to $239,000 ay/Sunday View Saturd 0127 8317 Avenue /AHB2 (03) 307 rwashburton 0212 720 202 Mike Grant mike.grant@

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17, 201

Martin Dodson text 021 74 33 94

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Home delivered from

Methven Real Estate Ltd

90c Casual $1.20

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with decking. fenced Three bedro slider onto aping and well grounds. with ranch landsc private carpet, red and interiors, etc. . Shelte garage e-school Double ing Centr on Shopp ce to Allent Handy distan the best. - here’s the rest Compare $275,000 7 Andrew Street Offers over .30pm, For Sale ay12.00-12 0124 Saturd View /AHB2 955 rwashburton ard 0273 897 Cindy cindy.haywa

19 King -1.00pm, For Sale ay 12.30 0013 View /AHB2 544 0212 212 rwashburton m Wilson Margaret margaret.wil



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Urban t ConsultanWilson Margaret 2544 021 221

Rural t Consultan tt Roger Burde 4214 021 224

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Ashbur Street,

Urban t Consultan ard Cindy Hayw 7955 027 389

Urban t Consultan Kim Miller 8627 027 236

Urban t Consultan Mike Grant 0202 021 272


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sell! Priced to ie Street 11A Mack 1:30pm, $330,000 y 1:00 to 8317 0083 (03) 307 View /AHB2 201 528 rwashburton rald 0272 Fitzge Shirley rald@raywh shirley.fitzge

Urban t Consultan h Mars Mandy 4418 021 239







Urban t Consultan McCully Annette 2328 027 438





Manager Jill Quaid 6755 027 437

$275,000 rd Street PBN over 89 Dunfo tiation m-1.30pm, By Nego ay 1.00p 0027 View /AHB2 rwashburton 0212 720 202 Mike Grant mike.grant@

Urban t Consultan Milne Chrissy 6606 027 290

Urban t ConsultanFeiss Margaret 009 021 751

Urban t Consultan rald Fitzge Shirley 1528 027 220


Property Manager Monaghan Veronica 6948 027 697

Property Manager r Annie Dwye 3388 027 287

(03) 307



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Real Est



By Sue Newman The days of discussing Ashburton’s art gallery and museum behind closed doors are over, says district councillor Ken Cutforth. On the agenda for yesterday’s Ashburton District Council meeting was an in-committee item on the Ashburton Art Gallery and Heritage Centre. Mr Cutforth was quick to request the item move on to the open agenda.

“I see it says commercial sensitivity. I don’t see it is commercially sensitive, it’s more politically sensitive. I see no reason to have this discussed in-committee.” Councillor Stuart Wilson was quick to offer his support saying public discussion of the project was long overdue. “The public’s perception of the way we handled the art gallery museum project was unfortunate. Now is our chance to take ratepayers along with us.

“If we go into committee to have this discussion on funding there will be innuendoes that we’re doing something under-handed, and we’re not,” he said. That meant art gallery representatives Anne Carr and Bernard Davidson had to make a pitch for the money needed to cover fixtures and fittings for the new complex to the public gallery. Mrs Carr said her committee was fed up with being questioned and challenged about what was needed

in the new gallery and with having to make to make compromises. “Council suggested we jot down our wish-list. It was $605,000 and we’ve revised that over two years to $467,000. The gallery has had to compromise on its wish-list and it saddens me that our quite young curators are constantly being questioned by people who have no idea what they do,” she said. “We’re adamant that what’s on our revised list is not extravagant or not needed on day one.”

Mr Davidson took a swipe at the designwork of the gallery saying some of the costings gallery staff had been required to provide to the council had been because of inadequate architectural design planning. To hammer out what was actually needed, the council decided to establish a funding committee to oversee the funding and acquisition of furniture and fixtures for the complex. Council property manager John

Cast keep up gruelling audition schedule By Susan Sandys “Tickly throats” have plagued a couple of the Miss Saigon cast members as they gear up for the show’s opening night in one week. But more serious bugs have kept well away, despite the gruelling rehearsal schedule cast members are on. Director David Williams said he was pleased his cast and crew had kept healthy. “Flu hasn’t hit us, no-one has broken a leg. One or two of the cast have had tickly throats and that’s it.” Good food and plenty of sleep were priorities with members having been given dietary notes on what to eat at rehearsals. Fast food was discouraged, as was going to the pub after rehearsals. “We used to go to the pub after rehearsals many years ago, but we sort of discourage that now because they are better home in bed than boozing all night,” Mr Williams said. There are 30 adults and 18 children in the show, and rehearsals have been 6pm to 10pm on weeknights. There will be a full day on Sunday before another week of big nights before the show opens on Friday. Keeping healthy has been a priority for lead actors Matt van den Yssel, 22, and Jas Andrada, 17, who play Chris and Kim. Jas is a busy Year 13 pupil at Ashburton College, while Matt works full-time at Smith and Church. They each have big days before going to rehearsals, and usually go to bed at midnight, with it taking some time

to “wind down” afterwards. “You are doing such emotional scenes, it’s hard to sort of just relax,” Matt said. It is more important than for most cast members that the pair stay healthy, as if one of them catches something the other would be likely to get it as well. This is because the pair have to kiss each other several times throughout each show. They are both enjoying their roles and have gotten over the initial awkwardness they encountered after first meeting and having to lock lips at audition call-backs. Most of their on-stage passionate moments are unscripted, and are instead simply part of their brief to show intimacy towards each other. Matt and Jas both have partners which have been with them since before the start of rehearsals, and they said they were not worried about the close relationship the pair had to show. “There’s no actual feelings behind it, I’m not Matt kissing Jas, I’m Chris kissing Kim,” Matt said. Jas admitted it had been awkward to start with, but she was now enjoying throwing herself into her role. “It’s more we do it because that’s how the characters feel,” she said. Meanwhile, ticket sales for Miss Saigon are going well, and have almost sold out for opening night. The show is the highest budget show, at $147,000, the Variety Theatre of Ashburton has ever done. It will stage at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre to May 31, and include a Sunday matinee.

Rooney said the gallery couldn’t expect to open with all spaces occupied and all furniture in place on day one. “It’s built with a functional life of 30 years and it would be a disaster if from day one we filled every space in the building.” When it came to common space such as staff rooms and reception, that had always been intended, Mr Rooney said. “We need to see this in everything we do in terms of maximising the

efficiency of an operation. There will always be compromise in buildings where there are multi functions.” The total cost estimate for fixtures, fittings and exhibition display space is $990,000. About $670,000 of this has already been confirmed, leaving about $300,000 to be secured. The council’s funding committee will be chaired by councillor Don McLeod and will include councillors Jac Sparks, John Leadley and Alan Totty.

Christchurch to get extra $2b to rebuild By Isaac Davison The Government has allocated $900 million of new money from the asset sales programme as part of the $2 billion increase in funding for the rebuild of quake-damaged Christchurch. Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee confirmed the Budget would increase funding for the city’s recovery from $13b to $15b. “This Government has recognised the substantial financial support Christchurch needs, not just to get back on its feet, but to position itself on the world stage as a great, small city where people want to live, visit and invest,” Mr

HOW IT’S SPLIT Christchurch recovery - $900m for hospitals, universities, justice and emergency services - $303m for Christchurch central city - $200m for land zoning, CERA costs, education initiatives - $642 for health and education projects

Brownlee said. This $2b increase over five years included $642m of funding from existing balance sheets. The total cost of the rebuild was revised earlier this year from $30b to $40b. The new funding included $924m from the Future Investment Fund, which held the earnings from the Government’s asset sales programme. The money from the partial float would go towards the redevelopment of Christchurch and Burwood hospitals, and would also help fund tertiary institutions in the city and the justice and emergency service precinct. The Government has set aside $300m for the central city, which Mr Brownlee said would help redevelop Christchurch into a world class city. “Plans are well under way for how the city will look in the years to come. This funding is about enabling that to happen.” Of the $15.2b the Crown has contributed to the rebuild, $7.6b has come from the Earthquake Commission and other Crown entities. Direct Government support has paid for the remainder. The total cost of the rebuild was equivalent to 20 per cent of New Zealand’s GDP. - APNZ English stays on track, P5

Ready to make snow By Susan Sandys

Photo Kirsty Clay 1505130-C-173

Miss Saigon’s Matt van den Yssel and Jas Andrada have got over their initial awkwardness when it comes to onstage intimacy.

Mt Hutt Ski Area is gunning towards being the first ski area in New Zealand to go on-line with snow-making this winter. Manager James McKenzie said yesterday that snowmaking staff were ready and raring to go, they just needed temperatures to drop. This was expected to happen on Monday. Temperatures needed to be from between zero to minus four degrees, depending on humidity. “We might get on-line on Monday night,” Mr McKenzie said. And unlike most Mid Cantabrians who will be hoping for the mercury to rise after a cold evening, Mt Hutt snowmaking staff will want conditions to stay chilly. “We love it when it gets cold, our

snowmakers are all primed up and ready to go, the prospect of maybe being the first ski area to go online in New Zealand is good,” Mr McKenzie said. Monday’s cold temperatures were expected to come with snow showers on the mountain, which could bring about five centimetres to the ski area’s current 30 centimetre base. And when it came to man-made snow, the ski area would like to have pumped out an extra 10 centimetres on main trails within 24 hours. The ski area’s snowmakers can pump out 60 million litres of snow over 30 hectares per day. The ski area has its own water reservoir on the mountain, and this was enough to keep the snowmakers going for four days straight. Mt Hutt is to open on June 15.

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FUNERAL FURNISHERS A leader in providing Prompt, Personal 24hour Service PATERSONS FUNERAL SERVICES AND ASHBURTON CREMATORIUM LTD (Ashburton’s local firm) Office and Chapel Corner East and Cox Streets, Ashburton When the need arises PHONE 308-8474



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620 East Street, Ashburton Ph/Fax 308 5369 or 0274 357 974 NZMMMA Member

GPS tracking plan for abusers By Michelle Nelson South Canterbury Women’s Refuge manager Dawn Rangi-Smith is backing a call to electronically monitor serial domestic violence offenders. Yesterday Corrections Minister Anne Tolley proposed law changes enabling police to keep 24-hour tabs on high-risk domestic assault offenders, along the same lines as sex offenders are tracked. Her suggestion came after Christchurch man Nikki Roper was found guilty of murdering his exgirlfriend Alexsis Tovizi only days after he was released from jail in

December 2010, despite a protection order being in place. Roper had already served two prison terms for assaulting Ms Tovizi, whose name has been added to a growing list of women killed by partners or former partners who were subject to protection orders or prison release conditions. Other recent cases include Auckland teen Christie Marceau, killed by Akshay Anand Chand in December 2011. Chand was on bail for kidnapping and assaulting her a month earlier, and Vanessa Pickering from Christchurch, who was murdered by Malcolm Chaston while he was on bail for assaulting another

woman in 2010. Mrs Rangi-Smith said these high profile cases represented the very tip of the iceberg, and many protected women continued to suffer domestic abuse at the hands recidivist offenders. “It’s high time courts started taking protection order breaches seriously, in a lot of cases the offenders just get a slap on the wrist – it’s laughable really, if there are no consequences what is there to stop them?” she said. “We know better than anybody protection orders are only a piece of paper, but they are all the victim has to protect them. “In all these cases (domestic murders) there is

a long history of offending, these offenders have usually been before a court nine or 10 times with that partner or another – it’s still not being taken seriously enough.” Under 24-hour GPS monitoring, which came into effect last June, Corrections is alerted if a tracked offender enters a designated exclusion zone. It must be imposed by the Parole Board or sentencing judge, and currently applies only to high-risk and child sex offenders. Ms Tolley has instructed officials to investigate how this could be extended under current legislation to cover domestic violence offenders. Last year the Ashburton District

Court dealt with more than 50 breaches of protection orders. In one case the offender had 14 previous breaches, during which his “terrified” partner was subject to extreme violence, before he was sentenced to prison. He had previously been before the court for ignoring protection orders taken out by a previous partner. Mrs Rangi-Smith, whose service covers Mid Canterbury, said introducing electronic monitoring would be a good start better protecting women. There are currently 40 offenders subject to GPS tracking, and the system has already proved its worth.

TOP 5 ONLINE Yesterday’s top five stories on: www.

1. Rewa rewards the punters 2. ‘They should be hung drawn and quartered’ 3. Inner town firms moving 4. Mid Canterbury Sports Awards 2013 5. Mid Canty tops in irrigation

POLL RESULT Yesterday’s result Q: Should Ashburton Council bail out Methven Heritage Centre?

Asbestos found Asbestos piping has been found buried at the QEII Stadium demolition site in Christchurch. The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) said while some asbestos was noted in the original plans, and addressed in the demolition, the discovery was unexpected. The small amount of piping was in the form of broken pipe pieces, and may have been offcuts of the original pipes buried when the complex was built in the 1970s. Some areas of the site near the piping, will be closed as a precaution to allow testing. This is to ensure no potentially affected debris has been inadvertently moved, and if so, can be contained, CERA said. Results of the testing will be known next week. - apnZ

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Photo Kirsty Clay 160513-KC-003 Photo supplied

Scholarship winner Kate Wootton of Ashburton with Freemasons Grand Secretary Laurence Milton.

Scholarship to help Kate’s mission Kate Wootton, of Ashburton, is a young woman on a mission — finding solutions to environmental problems resulting from climate change. And a $6000 Freemasons university scholarship will help her on the way. With her outstanding academic record and superb quantitative and mathematical skills, Ms Wootton swapped engineering for ecology and is studying for a Master of Science at the University of Canterbury. On Wednesday she was presented with the scholarship by fellow Mid Cantabrian and Canterbury university student Sam Johnson, on behalf of Freemasons New Zealand at Parliament’s Legislative Council Chamber. Ms Wootton was one of 34 top students from around the country to receive scholarships totalling almost quarter of a million dollars. On completion of her masters, Ms Wootton will do a PhD overseas, after which she plans a research career focused on climate change

and what can be done to mitigate its effects. The outdoors and environment are her passions, furthered through an exchange year at the University of British Colombia in Canada and as a Young Explorer with Mike Horn’s Pangaea Young Explorers’ Program. Freemasons Grand Master Selwyn Cooper said he was thrilled that Mr Johnson had agreed to speak to the gathering of scholarship recipients, their families and guests about the formation of The Student Volunteer Army and the opportunities that had since followed. “We provide these scholarships because we believe firmly in education, the opportunity it offers and the value it delivers society-wide. The only qualification for entry is that the students have consistent A-grades and that they be active volunteers in their communities. “We confidently expect our scholarship recipients to grow into our leaders of tomorrow,” said Mr Cooper.

EA Networks Centre fundraising committee chairman Chris Robertson (left) and Angus McKay with Mid Canterbury primary school pupils who raised more than $5000 for the sporting complex.

Schools raise funds for stadium By Myles Hume Mid Canterbury schools have banded together to push the EA Networks Centre $5248.47 closer to construction. Fifteen schools from across the district held a mufti day on the last day of term one, looking to raise money through donations and sausage sizzles. Yesterday, representatives from each of the donat-

ing schools gathered in the Ashburton District Council chambers to deliver their individual sums to EA Networks Centre fundraising committee chairman Chris Robertson, who was grateful to receive $5248.47 collectively. The total is set to swell, with Ashburton Intermediate, Carew Peel Forest, Hinds, Mt SomersSpringburn and Mayfield Schools yesterday confirming they will hold mufti days this

term to raise money for the sporting complex. “This stadium is for you guys, I want to watch the St Joseph’s Titans take on the Methven at basketball, I want to be watching your county swimming sports there,” Mr Robertson said. “It’s outstanding, phenomenal what you have done.” The Ashburton District Council has put $25 million towards the project, leaving the public $5m to fundraise for the

Art show entries flood in Entry forms are coming in “thick and fast” for the Ashburton Society of Arts 49th Annual Exhibition as today’s deadline looms. Society president Lyndsay McCosker said artists generally left it to the last minute to enter, and she was currently being inundated with forms. “It’s going well, we have lots of entries coming in.” “There’s lots of regulars and a few new ones.” She expected about 500 entries altogether, with the majority from

project. The current tally sits at $4.75m, leaving $250,000 more for schools, businesses and everyday Mid Cantabrians to raise. The complex will be fit with four swimming pools, full sized basketball and netball courts, two hydroslides, among a host of other exciting features. The council is set to confirm the tender for the main construction on June 27, with the hope the complex will be fit for use in two years.



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– Schools at council – And so many more! by David Fletcher

Mid Canterbury artists, but also from artists further afield in areas such as Temuka, Timaru and Christchurch. Last year there were 506 entries altogether representing about 150 artists, and she expected a similar number this year. The exhibition would have its opening and prize presentations on June 10. The exhibition, which will be at the Ashburton Art Gallery and feature works for sale, will run June 11 to June 23.

Now you’re living There are now three completed villas ready for occupation

The villa will be open to the public on the following days:


For more information on this weekend’s open home or the Lochlea Lifestyle Resort, contact resort manager Tony Sands, on 0800 27 27 837.

The resort now has its first residents happily settled in the complex. There are now three more villas completed, consisting of three and two bedrooms. These are available for public viewing this Saturday and Sunday. Become a part of the Lochlea Lifestyle resort, where the emphasis is on living in comfort within a safe and friendly environment. The first of its kind in Ashburton, the lifestyle resort will be a gated community, offering residents safety and peace of mind, while also providing retirement options for varying levels of independence and exclusive usage of the resort’s communal facilities. Upon completion Lochlea Lifestyle Resort, set on 6.2ha in a desirable Allenton location, will

Story by Amanda Wright

comprise of 107 villas, made up of both two and three bedroom options. The two bedroom villas come in three different size options, and have a single garage; however where possible an additional garage space can be added. The three bedroom villas come with a double garage. The resort will soon begin construction of an 80 bed hospital, which will offer both aged care and dementia facilities. Lochlea Lifestyle Resort will also feature a large resort lodge (Lochlea Lodge), which will provide many outdoor and indoor recreational facilities for guests to enjoy. Anticipated for completion in September, the lodge will feature a bromide swimming pool and spa, a gymnasium,

administration and medical facilities, community vegetable gardens and more. A van will also be operating from the resort to take guests on shopping trips into Ashburton and on other fun excursions. The Lodge should open in September of this year and with additional villas available for occupation at this time. The three bedroom villa provides modern, spacious and sunny open-style living. The master bedroom has an ensuite, giving the villa 2 bathrooms. The modern kitchen is a cooking enthusiast’s dream, with granite-style bench-top, modern appliances and space to entertain. The villa has glorious indoor / outdoor flow, opening out to a trellised patio. Set within a desirable Allenton

location, this villa ticks all the boxes. The size in total is just under 160 square metres, a similar size to a large town house. The resort manager Tony Sands will be on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding villas and Lochlea Lifestyle resort options. Expressions of interest in securing your future home are welcome. No need to wait until your home is sold or on the market, speak to Tony today to discuss how Lochlea can make your future lifestyle a reality. Remember there is one three bedroom villa and three two bedroom villas ready for occupation so don’t miss your chance to become a member of the Lochlea Lifestyle resort community.

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, May 17, 2013


By Sue Newman The first draft figures from the Ashburton Trust’s trading year have been run and chief executive Giles Beal is smiling. Sales are still climbing and while they’re not matching the dramatic recovery shown over the past two years when the trust climbed back from a trading slump, they’re still continuing to grow, Mr Beal said. Over a two-year period the trust has turned its finances around, going from significant trading losses to posting strong trading figures. And while the early growth rate was difficult to sustain, Mr Beal said the trust was committed to sales growth each year. The Hotel Ashburton was one area where sales did not continue to climb. “It was a pretty tough winter last year, particularly in the conference and function area. June to August is normally pretty good but we didn’t get the business we expected. This year, however, our bookings look good,” he said. Off-licence sales had been flat for some time and that seemed to be the trend nationally in the industry, Mr Beal said. “We’re up against it with supermarkets as this is a very price sensitive market with skinny margins. There’s a lot more competition around now with off-licences and while it’s a big part of our

business it’s a very mature market. We’ve got a number of sites and we’re not really looking to do anything new in this area.” One change the trust made during the year was to release its catering monopoly on the Ashburton Trust Event Centre. As part of its naming rights deal the trust also had catering and bar rights at the venue but this did not suit the needs of all users. The big improvers last year for the trust were Devon Tavern, Somerset Grocer and Braided Rivers. Looking ahead, the trust’s strategy for the year revolved around gaining greater efficiencies, he said. “We’ve really done the cranking up of sales and now we’re trying to do things smarter. We’ve done well but we’ve still got more to do.” Mr Beal said it was unlikely the trust would develop any new sites this trading year. It would, however, continue with its renovation and upgrading programme of existing sites. More than $600,000 will be spent at the Hotel Ashburton during the winter to upgrade function rooms. This comes on top of a big investment in ultra fast broadband that now gives the hotel the largest video conferencing capacity in the South Island – 2000 simultaneous users. This would be a key strategy in driving growth in the hotel’s conference and function business, Mr Beal said.

Historic church’s future in balance By Susan Sandys Baring Square Methodist Church parishioners will next week start grappling with the issue of whether to demolish or strengthen the earthquake-damaged building. Property officer Allan Tweed said parishioners would meet at their premises alongside the historic church on Wednesday evening. They would discuss the future of the early 20th century building, particularly in light of the dwindling nature of the church’s congregation. Mr Tweed said there were generally about 40 to 50 people at the weekly service each Sunday, and a smaller modern worship space next to the church had proven the perfect size. The historic church seated about 250. The meeting would be the start of a longer process, and it would give the opportunity for parishion-

ers to get information and start thinking about the issue. “The future of our church is in the balance, it’s quite a major decision that’s ahead of us, not unlike the Christchurch Cathedral,” Mr Tweed said. The meeting would be for parishioners only, despite the fact the building’s future would be likely to be of public interest due to it being a landmark in the town centre. Meetings involving the public could be held further down the track, he said. The church was expecting an insurance payout “sooner rather than later”. It was unknown at this stage how much that would be, and it had been decided to go ahead with the meeting next week even though that figure may not be available by then. “We just need to start talking really, and investigating that question, where to from here.”

Free winter bus service for Methven By Sue Newman A public transport service is about to arrive in Methven and it won’t cost its users a cent. The service is the brainchild of businessman David Dynes and he anticipates it will be welcomed by locals and visitors. The bus service would open up Methven to families, not just for dining after a day on Mt Hutt but also for things such as grocery

shopping or going to ski hire, Mr Dynes said. “Right now there’s no way for people to get around town, particularly if they don’t have a car. Now you’ll find a family will come and stay for seven nights at one lodge and the only restaurant they can go to is one that’s near the lodge because they have small children.” Mr Dynes said the bus could be used by locals too if they wanted a lift into town. It wouldn’t, however, be available for late night drop-offs.

The last run will be made at 9pm but that would meet the needs of the main market, families, he said. “People say you don’t have to walk far in Methven, but when it’s cold, the nights close in early and your kids are tired after a day’s skiing, any kind of walk is too much.” He’s looking for sponsorship from other Methven businesses and users can make a gold coin donation. The service is likely to cost about $20,000 to run for the season.

When Methven introduced the ‘kids 10 and under ski, stay and eat for free’ deal last winter, it had been an instant winnner; the free bus service added one more bonus deal to that package, Mr Dynes said. The bus will run on a loop around Methven’s accommodation businesses, restaurants and the town centre, every 30 minutes between 5pm and 9pm. The service will operate from the opening of Mt Hutt until closing day.


Some tips for the weekend

Saturday: • Asterix exhibition Asterix exhibition at Heather Sarin’s home, 102 Allens Road, 10am to 4pm Friday to Sunday this week and next.

Trust sales are still climbing


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• Quarter mile sprints For car enthusiasts that think their car is so fast, they can come and prove it legally, The Ashburton Car Club holds its Darryl Phillips Motor Company standing ¼ mile sprints on Winslow-Willowby Road. Documentation and scrutineering at 9.30am. 11am start.


Hayden Dove, 9, served up duck and other exotic cuisine at Methven primary’s own wildfoods festival.

Photo Tetsuro Mitomo 160513-TM-016

• Variety Concert Age Concern Ashburton will be holding a variety concert featuring X Factor star Liam Kennedy-Clark from 2pm. It will be held at the Seniors’ Centre, with tickets costing $5.

Students produce own wildfoods By Myles Hume You would be forgiven if you had mistaken Methven Primary for the local butchery yesterday. The school’s senior pupils held their own rendition of the Hokitika Wildfoods Fesitval in its hall, as the school raised $450 to go towards preserving the wetlands of Mid Canterbury.

Venison, duck, tahr and even crayfish were among the wild meats available, along with platters of ewes’ brains and huhugrubs for the more adventurous diners. The school’s wildfoods festival was sparked by its pupils, led by Stuart Cooke, after they visited Russell Langdon’s Westerfield wetlands property and found a wild cat with dead pukeko birds

surrounding it. The youngsters decided to raise the $80 cost to buy a cat trap for Mr Langdon, however they raised significantly more than that, putting other funds towards native plants to support a wetlands project and other aspects of Mid Canterbury’s plant and wildlife. The wildfoods festival saw pupils bring money to school where they could buy the exotic

dishes, which were donated by Methven parents, many of whom are keen hunters. Methven Primary principal Chris Murphy said the day was fitting for many of the pupils who were researching introduced species in class. He said it also taught the pupils aspects of enterprise, fundraising, and food safety and preparation.

Rakaia’s new doctor to commute By Sam Morton Rakaia’s next temporary doctor will commute from Christchurch daily, despite after-hours cover making up a significant part of the role. Traditionally, GPs in the town have lived in Rakaia or nearby – in order to provide round-the-clock assistance in an emergency. However, Dr Rob Wolf, shifting from Chesapeake in America, has signalled he will live in Christchurch with his wife, who has employment at Canterbury University. The duty of after-hours care will be negotiated with Dr Wolf on his arrival, but Rakaia Medical Centre

practice manager Sue England insists the centre will still provide after-hours medical assistance. The centre currently shares the after-hours duty with the Methven Medical Centre and the practice rural nurse specialist is also rostered on as cover. Mrs England said while the Rakaia Medical Centre Trust offered assistance with accommodation, Dr Wolf opted to live in Avonhead, where his wife and two children will be based. It is understood Dr Wolf and his wife are shifting to Canterbury with their two children. “His (Dr Wolf’s) wife will be working too, so ultimately it’s what works for them best and the arrangement

still meets all the requirements of the role, so there won’t be any issue with Dr Wolf commuting,” she said. The rural practice has often struggled to retain doctors in the town due to the heavy demand for after-hours care and lucrative opportunities in other cities or overseas. This year, since the departure of popular GP Jean-Marc de Maroussem, the practice has been covered by several locum doctors and on-call staff – but the centre’s hunt for a full-time applicant is constantly ongoing. Mrs England said the trust was looking forward to welcoming Dr Wolf, who has signed a contract through to June next year.

“Rob is a very experienced rural GP who comes highly recommended,” Mrs England said. “Staff and trustees have met him through Skype and were most impressed with his friendly and warm manner. “His only request to date is frequent access to really good coffee,” she said. Dr Wolf will provide cover for 11 months as the centre’s daily fulltime GP. Meanwhile, the full-time position is turning heads internationally and the trust is closely monitoring and following up on promising applicants. Dr Wolf arrives in July to take over from fellow American Dr Peters.

• Duathlon round one The Ashburton Duathlon Series returns in 2013 with race one of the four race series at the Ashburton Racecourse offering a short and long course. Registration from 8.30am to 9.30am with the race under way from 10am.

Out of town: • Crusaders action Rakaia man Tim Perry will line up for the Blues against the Crusaders at Christchurch’s AMI Stadium on Saturday, kicking off at 7.30pm.

On the couch: • Warriors v Panthers The Warriors look to salvage their season against the Penrith Panthers on Saturday night. The game kicks off at 9.30pm on SKY Sport 2.

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Protection orders lacking any real teeth T

he death of Alexsis Tovizi is another stark reminder that our system of protection orders is lacking real teeth. The Christchurch woman has joined a long tragic list of females killed by men on protection orders. The killer, Nikki Roper, had twice been jailed before for assaulting the young woman including trying to strangle her. This case come hot on the heels of the conviction of Jeremy McLaughlin who killed Jade

OUR VIEW Bayliss while her mother Tina had a protection order in place against him. Protection orders are often not worth the paper that they are written on, as authorities are unable or unwilling to police and punish offenders effectively, virtually leaving the victims to defend themselves, literally. Thankfully, corrections Minister Anne Tolley has now started making some

encouraging noises around better tracking of serious domestic violence offenders. The Corrections Department already has systems in place to track high-risk sexual offenders but now the minister wants to investigate the possibility of extending this to domestic violence offenders. With the current technology it should not be difficult for an alarm to go off in the

Coen Lammers editor

local police station when an electronic tracking device gets within 500 meters of the places or people they are not allowed to see. Minister Tolley has reacted to

the murder of Alexsis Tovizi and other similar cases where former tormentors turn into killers, but the concept of making the protection orders more effective should be taken further. Ms Tolley’s suggestions would only cover those offenders who are on the books of the Correction Department, but Justice Minister Judith Collins should also become part of this conversation to start looking after every person with a protection order. Judges do not hand these

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By Andrew Koubaridis

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A glance through our files shows that only the very worst offenders are jailed but most walk away with some community service or a small fine. It offers little protection or confidence to the victims who can only live in fear of the next visit. Police are limited in what they can do, but the Government desperately needs to send a signal to victims and offenders that they are taking these protection orders seriously.

Bryan Guy urges his son’s killer to confess



orders out easily so there must be sufficient grounds to suspect real and imminent danger to certain individuals. Sadly though, the Ashburton Court, like every other in the country, witnesses a regular stream of mostly men who simply ignore the orders and continue to torment their victims. In the past 12 months, women and Mid Canterbury have been threatened in person, by phone or text, assaulted and raped by men on protection orders.

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Few details about death Police had not released the name of the 53-year-old man who died in a workplace accident in Napier on Wednesday as of late yesterday. A police spokesperson said they were still trying to contact some members of the family. The man, one of a team of contractors working inside the

old Farmer’s building, died after being struck on the head by a steel beam. The accident happened about 3.45pm and the man died at the scene. The site was closed off immediately after the accident and remained closed yesterday. The accident is now under

Gold beats wheelchair in plane seat clash By Steve Deane A flight from Auckland was delayed when one of Air NZ’s “gold elite” passengers refused to give up her front-row seat to accommodate a wheelchair-bound woman. Tanya Black, a 39-year-old television producer who broke her back after falling down a flight of stairs five years ago, says she was left humiliated when the woman kicked up a fuss, refusing to sit in two rows back for the hour-long flight to Wellington on Wednesday morning. Airline staff had seated Ms Black at 1A, the first seat on the plane where there is more leg room, because an “aisle chair” needed to transport her back to the third row was not immediately available. The narrow, wheeled chair is used to move disabled people on planes. When the other woman boarded the plane, accompanied by whom Ms Black thought were her husband, two teenage sons and daughter, an air hostess asked her to sit in Ms Black’s original seat. She refused, apparently telling a stewardess her frequent flyer status entitled her to sit in 1A. Air New Zealand’s website states that Gold Elite Airpoints members are among the first in line for any available premium seating. The flight was delayed while airline staff found an aisle chair so Ms Black could be shifted back two rows. The woman did not ask the two teenage boys, who were seated next to her in the front row, to move in her place. “My colleague and I were quite gobsmacked, really, that somebody could be so callous and uncaring - believe that their Gold Elite status gave them the right to treat somebody with a disability with such disdain,” Ms Black said. She had travelled extensively for her work - making television programmes about how disabled people face challenges - and had never experienced such discrimination. “I’ve heard stories of discrimination all over but I have never experienced, or even heard of anyone experiencing, something so blatantly ignorant and rude,” she said. “I felt humiliated. For anybody with a disability to be humiliated, I just, you know, it

Paraplegic Tanya Black destroyed my faith in humanity for the day.” Airline staff pleaded with the woman - who Ms Black described as a “well turned out” 40-something blonde - to change her mind. “I saw the air hostess lean in and I know she would have been telling her that I am disabled and they didn’t have an aisle chair. This woman said ‘I don’t care’.” Ms Black also heard the woman mention her Gold Elite status. “I don’t know who she was,” Ms Black said. “She seemed to think she was somebody. All that time she just stood there. The air hostess asked her a couple of times to reconsider because it was delaying the flight. She was like ‘nope’. “I was just so embarrassed. I felt sorry for her kids, actually.” The fact she was travelling to Wellington for meetings about the TVNZ-screened programme Attitude, which chronicles the challenges faced by disabled people, was ironic, Ms Black said. “Our whole thing is by showing how disabled people are getting out there and living their lives we can change perceptions around disabled people.” An Air New Zealand official said it was satisfied its staff did all they could to “accommodate the needs of both customers”. The airline confirmed the flight was delayed by eight minutes because of a boarding issue and getting Ms Black seated. There was no issue with the availability of aisle chairs and the problem experienced on flight NZ247 did not occur often. - APNZ

investigation by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. A spokesperson said officers had visited the site and the intensive investigation now under way could take several months. “There is nothing more we can say at this stage until it is completed.” -APNZ

Kiwis not on board By Anna Leask The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade says it is unlikely any New Zealanders were among the tourists on a plane that crashed yesterday in Nepal. The plane crashed while attempting to land at the mountain airstrip of Jomsom, located some 200 kilometres northwest of Kathmandu yesterday. It was not clear if there were any casualties and the identity and nationalities of the passengers on board is unknown. The area is popular with foreign trekkers visiting the Mount Annapurna area and Hindu pilgrims visiting the revered Muktinath temple. An MFAT spokesman said the New Zealand High Commission in New Dehli was following up on reports of the crash. -APNZ

Scott Guy’s devastated father has made a plea to his son’s killer to give themselves up, nearly a year after a family member was acquitted of the murder. Bryan Guy still wants the question of who murdered his son answered, saying he doesn’t want the case to drag on for years without being solved. “Most definitely of course, of course, we hope someone will be held accountable - sooner rather than later.” Police have promised to investigate any new lead, and private investigators are working on the case. But Mr Guy believes there is only one thing that would bring a case that has riveted Kiwis to an end. “One day somebody’s conscience might make them say something, I guess. But that might be wishful thinking ...” Ewen Macdonald, 32, was found not guilty of 31-year-old Scott Guy’s murder in July last year. He is serving a prison sentence for arson and vandalism he committed against Scott Guy and his wife, Kylee, and for poaching and killing the calves of another farmer. He was married to Scott’s sister, Anna. Scott Guy was his best man at his wedding, he and the slain man were business partners and after Scott was murdered Macdonald was one of the pallbearers. Prosecutors alleged a jealous feud between the pair escalated to a pre-dawn shooting, but the jury acquitted Macdonald after a near-month long trial. Although Bryan Guy is relieved the court case is over, a feeling of frustration remains because the family are no closer to knowing who was waiting for Scott at the end of his driveway on July 8, 2010. “There are still unanswered questions. The main one is, who killed Scott? Everyone has got an opinion but proving it - the proof is the unanswered question.” In the months since the trial ended public fascination with the case has remained high. Anna Guy, Ewen Macdonald’s former wife, has moved to Auckland and has featured on magazine covers and on a television current affairs show as she

Bryan Guy still wants the question of who murdered his son answered, saying he doesn’t want the case to drag on for years without being solved. tries to forge a media career. Kylee Guy is living in Hawkes Bay with her two boys. She has enlisted the help of private investigators to uncover new evidence and re-open her husband’s murder inquiry. Bryan Guy and his wife Jo have tried to focus on their children and grandchildren’s futures, and not to dwell on the past. “I guess the main focus has been trying to restart our lives, particularly for our children. There have been a lot of changes happen in the last 10 months.” Nikki Guy, Scott’s other sister, is married and will have a baby this year, and his brother Callum Guy has left New Zealand and is living in Queensland with his fiancee. When the trial ended, inquiry head Inspector Sue Schwalger said police had “put all the evidence together and put the best available evidence before the jury”. She said no stone was left unturned, adding: “We will investigate any other information that comes to light.” Police have refused to comment about the case, and their continuing involvement in it, unless questions are submitted under the Official Information Act. - APNZ

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ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, May 17, 2013


English stays on track By Adam Bennett Finance Minister Bill English has stayed on the track set in previous years in yesterday’s Budget, reconfirming the return to surplus in two years while taking steps to reduce the risk of a housing bubble. Social housing is a big element of the Budget. There will be tenancy reviews for all state house tenants, with up to 3000 tenants to be moved on within four years. However, many of those tenants are expected to find homes in the non-government community housing sector. The Budget includes $900 million in new spending, up from the $800 million previously indicated. However, as Mr English said in a pre-Budget speech, his firm hold on the Government’s purse strings continues for the next few years and he has trimmed the forecast increases for future spending That helps his 2014-2015 Budget surplus which is now forecast to be $75 million rather than $66 mil-

lion previously indicated. That’s achieved in spite of cutting ACC levies that year by $300 million. However, achieving surplus is helped by cutting the forecast allowance for new spending by $200 million. Mr English said the cuts to ACC levies - enabled by the Government’s work to rebuild the scheme’s long term sustainability - would continue, with a further cut in 2015/16 taking savings for workers and employers to $1 billion a year. Housing measures feature strongly, with Mr English saying the Government would introduce legislation today to enable the housing accord announced last week with Auckland Council. The legislation will allow for similar

agreements with other councils to fast-track the consenting process for new subdivisions. But while last week’s agreement with Auckland appeared to be a fairly amicable affair, Mr English revealed the Government would reserve the right to take more dramatic action. The new legislation will allow the Government to establish “special housing areas” and issue consents itself. Meanwhile, to tackle the risk to the wider economy posed by fast rising house prices and a possible crash, Mr English confirmed that he’d signed an agreement with Reserve Bank Governor Graeme Wheeler to give him new tools to curb increases in housing debt if required. Measures agreed included restrictions on high loan to value ratio loans and increases in the amount of money banks must hold in reserve as a buffer during credit booms. The Budget also includes a series of social housing initiatives including the introduction of reviewable tenancies for all state

house tenants, with 3000 tenants expected to be moved out by 2017. However, the Budget extends income related rents to be community housing providers. Meanwhile, Mr English confirmed hydro-giant Meridian Energy, the country’s largest power company would be the next to be partially privatised under the mixed ownership model. Valued at about $6.5 billion, 49 per cent of Meridian’s shares will be sold by October. The Budget allocates $1.5 billion of money raised from the sale of Meridian and Mighty River to capital expenditure projects on top of the $569 million committed last year. The largest share this year $426 million - goes toward the redevelopment of Christchurch hospitals, which Mr English said would be the single biggest building project ever for New Zealand’s health system. A further $94 million goes to the KiwiRail turnaround plan, $50 million goes to speed up the deployment of technology in

By Claire Trevett All state house tenants will have their tenancies reviewed and be forced to move on once their circumstances change under changes made in the Budget - a step expected to result in 3000 tenants moving out of state houses by 2017. In other housing changes, the Budget also provides $26.6 million for non-government social housing groups to take a greater role in providing housing to those in most need - including becoming eligible for tenants to get government income-related rent subsidies. Currently only Housing NZ tenants qualify for the subsidies. The most controversial aspect of the changes is likely to be the tenant reviews. Finance Minister Bill English said although state housing was required for those most in need, “it can become a trap for those whose circumstances could improve”. “We want to ensure people are in the most appropriate houses for them. We will be looking at when tenants’ circumstances change and when they no longer have higher needs and will help to move them into other housing.” He said that there were some tenants who could afford to rent in the private market if suitable accommodation could be found. Housing Minister Nick Smith said currently about 10,200 state house tenants were subjected for tenancy reviews, which currently apply to tenancies signed after July 2011. The new policy will increase that to another 53,200 tenants who had signed prior to that cut-off and the reviews will begin in 2014. Housing New Zealand has estimated that the reviews will result in about 1,000 tenants moving out of state houses in 2015/16 and a further

2000 in 2016/17. The Budget has allocated $46.8 million to extend the tenancy reviews to all Housing Corporation tenants, and it is expected to cost the Government $35.4 million a year from 2016/17 as tenants who move on are replaced by tenants with higher needs who qualify for higher rent subsidies. Dr Smith said the reviews would be undertaken “with common sense”. “This will mean people can rent state houses when they have high housing needs, and for as long as those needs persist. They will then be given support to move into alternative housing when their situation improves and they are in a position to take that step to independence.” Dr Smith said the reforms in social housing marked a “significant shift from a policy of state housing to a more diverse social housing sector.” “These reforms will open the door for community housing providers to house thousands more people, with the Government funding this on the same basis as Housing NZ.” The Ministry of Social Development will also take over from Housing NZ in assessing people’s housing needs - a step Social Development Minister Paula Bennett said would allow people’s needs to be considered along with social and income support. Dr Smith said that community housing providers often did a better job than the state in meeting the need of families. “New Zealand is out of step internationally with the state dominating social housing provision. There are real social gains from integrating housing provision with services to support people with disabilities, mental health issues, drug and alcohol problems and family dysfunction.” - APNZ

By Claire Trevett

photo AP

Finance Minister Bill English delivers his annual budget to reporters and analysts in Wellington. In his budget address, English outlined plans to return the country to surplus by the year beginning July 2014.


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THE GOVERNMENT’S BOOKS * A $75m surplus in two years’ time after years of Budget deficits. * The rebuilding of Christchurch to swallow up $900m of $1.7 billion proceeds from partial float of Mighty River Power. * Slightly more money for new Government spending initiatives this year than originally flagged, but slightly less for next year’s Budget than signalled previously. * Resumption of Government contributions to New Zealand Superannuation Fund delayed for two years until 2020.

Low income help



* Urgent legislation to cut through red tape and speed house-building in areas where homes are least affordable - and not just in Auckland. A * memorandum of understanding with Reserve Bank for measures to curb accelerating house prices and avoid fuelling boombust cycles in wider economy. * Big reductions in ACC levies - but businesses and households will have to wait for one or two years before the reductions take effect. * Meridian Energy confirmed as next state company to undergo partial privatisation. * $100 million package to help businesses to operate internationally. * Tenancy reviews to be extended to all occupants of state houses. * Government to use bulk purchasing power to buy cheaper whiteware for beneficiaries. * Start-up companies making losses able to claim refunds, tax losses on research and development.

THE ECONOMY * Economic growth to average two to three per cent over next four years. * Unemployment forecast to fall from 6.7 per cent in 2012 to 5.2 per cent in 2017. * Interest rates to rise slowly, with rates on 90-day bank bills moving up from current 2.7 per cent to 4.8 per cent in 2017. * Wages to grow by two to three per cent a year over next four years.




schools, and $80 million to irrigation projects. Mr English also announced that contributions to the New Zealand Superannuation or “Cullen” Fund would be delayed. Contributions were to be resumed when the Government’s books returned to a healthy surplus - in the 20182019 year - but that will now happen two years later in 2020/21. The Budget also tightens the screws on those with outstanding student loans, introducing a new ability to arrest the worst offenders at the border. Mr English said the Budget builds on the Government’s Business Growth Agenda with a $100 million a year “internationally focused growth package”. The largest part of that is a $200 million increase over four years for science, innovation, and research. That money goes to expand current research and development grants and a new repayable grant to fledgling businesses to help them become “investment ready”. - APNZ

All state house tenancies to be reviewed







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The Government is to look at setting up a ‘warrant of fitness’ for rental houses and reduce reliance on loan sharks by piloting a scheme to provide low- or no-interest loans for people on low incomes. The two measures are part of a raft of Budget initiatives aimed at helping those in poverty. The micro-financing scheme was recommended by an Advisory Panel on Child Poverty which said that in homes where debt was a problem there was less money for basic needs of children such as food, clothing, heating, transport and schooling. Social Development Minister Paula Bennett said debt could create hardship for people, and the Government was investigating partnering up with community groups and financial organisations such as banks to get access to affordable loans. It was expected to make further decisions by September. Other measures aimed at addressing poverty include $100 million for insulating homes of those on low incomes, and a whiteware programme under which beneficiaries could buy new whiteware from approved providers with Social Development repayable grants, rather than buying second-hand. There will also be a trial of a ‘Warrant of Fitness’ programme to assess the health and warmth of rental housing, which will initially be run on state houses. The assessment standards would be developed by a forum of those in the sector, including councils, private rental groups, and tenant advocates. Housing Minister Nick Smith said it would initially apply to the 69,000 state houses, but it was intended to extend it to all social housing pro-

viders, in particular homes where the Government was paying rent subsidies. He said it complemented the insulation scheme: all Housing NZ properties were expected to be insulated by the end of this year. A Warrant of Fitness for rental properties was picked up as Labour Party policy after it was recommended by the Advisory Group on Child Poverty. The Maori Party had listed the initiatives in its support agreement with National and formed a Ministerial Committee on poverty which was headed by Deputy Prime Minister Bill English. Mr English said although spending increases had been ‘modest,’ it was also targeted, and poverty reduction and vulnerable children were one of the Government’s priorities. While there was no Budget announcement on funding for food in schools, Mr English said the Government was looking at the issue and was expected to make an announcement in a few weeks. The Government has also allocated $35m for extended family members, such as grandparents, who are caring for children. NZ First MP Tracey Martin has a members’ bill to extend allowances which foster parents qualify for, such as a clothing allowance, and for those who care for extended family members. The Government is expected to support that bill when it comes before Parliament. Ms Bennett said more than 12,000 children were being cared for by family other than their parents, often because of the death of a parent or a family breakdown. She acknowledged that if not for those carers, the children would be in state care. She had also set up a ministerial reference group to advise on how such carers could be better supported. -APNZ


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9 9 $139

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ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, May 17, 2013


Damages ’owing’ College chief executive Selena Fox told APNZ that TV3 had done none of those things, and she had not heard from them since she declined to comment on TV3’s Hibberd story two years ago. TV3 declined to comment yesterday about possible remedies to the college. Hibberd was found guilty of five charges of forging documents and three of obtaining by deception after a jury trial at the Auckland District Court in March. Judge Wade insisted that the Campbell Live story be played to the court room at Hibberd’s sentencing yesterday. During the interview, Hibberd wept as she told the reporter how much she loved her job. “I would never, ever do anything,” she said in response to a question about the legitimacy of her qualifications. The programme ended with several documents, purporting to be correspondence from the college, being shown on screen. But in truth Hibberd had failed an assignment twice when she decided to forge her qualification, rather than sit the test for a third time. She told her employer at Clevedon Kidz Early Childhood Centre that she had passed and even made up a fake diploma and cover letters.

By Edward Gay A teaching authority says it is yet to receive a damages payment from TV3, despite a District Court judge’s conclusion that the broadcaster has a “moral obligation” to do so. Judge Roy Wade slammed TV3’s Campbell Live programme after they aired a story about early childhood teacher Tracy Hibberd, who was then being investigated for forging her qualifications. During the item, John Campbell referred to Hibberd’s diploma and said “it looks legit to us”. Judge Wade said the story damaged the reputation of the NZ Tertiary College which had spent over $32,000 investigating the case. He said Hibberd’s own lawyer described the photocopied documents as appearing “artificial and amateurish”. “... It does seem to me to be a case where journalists have rushed into judgement without ascertaining first of all the basic facts in the matter.” Judge Wade said TV3 had a “moral obligation” to set the record straight, apologise and make payments to the college for its financial loss.

• Serious lacerations A Filipino crewman working aboard a logging ship at Port of Tauranga suffered serious lacerations after a crane-operated winch wire struck him across his chest and neck yesterday morning. The 42-year-old was working onboard the Nordic Visby about 5.30am operating a winch, when an apparent mechanical fault resulted in the winch wire catching him across his body. The man was taken to Tauranga Hospital and was in intensive care. -APNZ

Judge Wade said the fake diploma included a gold embossed star that had been cut out of another certificate. He said a cursory look would have revealed it was fake because there was no sign of embossing on the back. The fake qualification meant she was promoted to team leader and got a pay rise. Crown prosecutor Mark Williams said Hibberd went on national tv and blamed the college. “She was lying to the nation”. Hibberd’s lawyer Lorraine Smith said her client is still protesting her innocence, and had low self-esteem and had learning difficulties. “She felt battered and bruised by the education system.” In sentencing, Judge Wade said Hibberd had tried to shift the blame to two of her former colleagues, but evidence at trial showed she was the only one with access to the building when her fake qualifications were created. ‘You know you did it, I know you did it and the jury who convicted you knows you did it.” Judge Wade had started with a jail term but took Hibberd’s previous good record into account and reduced her sentence to home detention. - APNZ

• Heater explodes A Gisborne family got a nasty fright when a column oil heater in a bedroom exploded, showering sparks and hot oil, and sending clouds of smoke through their home. Teresa Taylor said they heard a loud bang shortly after switching the heater on. “The heater had exploded in the middle and hot oil was blown all over the walls.” The Countdownpurchased Home Collectionbrand heater was bought two years ago.

• Scary scenes

Missing man’s car found at forest Search teams will keep looking for missing man Leslie Wright overnight, with reinforcements joining the search this morning. Mr Wright’s car was found on a forestry road near Barryville on Wednesday night, allowing searchers to focus their efforts, Sergeant Phil Bell of Waikato Search and Rescue Squad said. “Up till then we were looking for his vehicle somewhere between Kawhia on the North Island’s West Coast and Waihi towards the East Coast. “But all that changed with the vehicle being located, and we have about 50

police and Land Search and Rescue volunteers involved in what is quite a major search operation.” The search has involved dogs, a visual tracking team, a police helicopter and ground search teams. “We put the Police Eagle helicopter to search waterways, clear areas, swamps and other open ground while a scent tracking dog used from first light was replaced about 4pm with a second specialist dog,” Mr Bell said. “We’ve also had a visual tracking team following footprints from where the car was found but so far we’ve not been able

to locate Mr Wright.” Mr Bell said the area being searched had flat terrain with quite close bush and a thick canopy, which had previously caught out people who are unable to see the sky to navigate. Family of Mr Wright, 63, were at the search base yesterday helping with the search. “Both they and police hold concerns for his wellbeing given he hasn’t been seen for the best part of four days.” Mr Wright, from Buller, was last seen on Monday in Te Kuiti where he had been staying at a holiday park. -APNZ

Photo by Kirsty Clay 150513-kc-110

A toe-tapping good time


Sharemarket s 4,646.33 +0.48 +0.01%

4700 4625 4550



May 15

May 9

May 2


Apr 24


Apr 17


NZX 50





NZX 10 s




+0.08 +0.002%

-56.85 -0.182%

NZX 15 t

NZX All s



+1.09 +0.022%

-12.43 -0.143%

BIGGEST 10 RISES Share name


Allied Work force Ecoya limited fisher&paykel Health pyne Gould lyttelton port Tourism Holdings Vital Healthcare Kingfish Kirkcaldie & Stains Diligent


+.20 +.05 +.13 +.01 +.10 +.02 +.035 +.03 +.05 +.16

BIGGEST 10 fAllS %



+6.25 +5.88 +4.83 +3.84 +3.84 +3.38 +2.47 +2.40 +2.22 +2.19

foleyfamilyWines ltd -.08 pharmacybrands -.08 Millennm&Copthrn -.03 Goodman fielder -.04 Bathurst Res ltd ord -.01 Rubicon -.01 Warehouse Group -.14 Westpac -1.25 oceanaGold Corp (NS) -.07 Northland port -.07


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-5.92 -5.55 -4.28 -4.25 -3.70 -3.44 -3.25 -3.17 -2.89 -2.34

Top 10 TuRNoVER

fletcher Building 27,135,150.54 Sky Network TV 24,287,258.72 Telecom NZ 21,015,017.00 fisher&paykel Health 10,588,020.55 Ryman Healthcare 5,549,947.05 SKYCITYEntGrp (NS) 4,092,658.57 Auckland Intl Airpt 2,975,768.33 Infratil 1,273,833.66 Contact Energy 1,058,863.48 Kiwi Income 1,021,067.21


Mighty River Telecom NZ Trade Me Group ltd Sky Network TV fisher&paykel Health fletcher Building Chorus limited pGG Wrightson Argosy DNZ prop fund

14,833,551 7,948,569 4,655,991 4,402,151 3,857,455 3,144,048 1,621,787 1,435,024 1,376,234 1,106,905


SILVER ($US per ounce)



+12.50 +0.897%


-0.06 -0.26%

COPPER ($US per tonne)

OIL ($US per barrel)



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CURRENCIES Buying and selling rates on the NZ$ yesterday (indicative only):



Australia, Dollar 0.8294 0.8301 Britain, Pound 0.5386 0.5391 Canada, Dollar 0.8346 0.8356 Euro 0.6349 0.6353 Fiji, Dollar 1.4759 1.5012 Japan, Yen 83.9500 84.0300


Fonterra sets final price at $7.92 Fonterra says it has set $7.92 as its final price for the economic right of each share that farmer shareholders can sell during the current supply offer for Trading Among Farmers. The price was calculated using the average daily traded price on the NZX for Fonterra units between May 2 and May 15. General manager – trading among farmers – Aaron Jenkins, said farmer-shareholders have a further week to confirm if they wish to participate in the supply offer before it closes on May 23.

+10.50 +0.091%


Samoa, Tala 1.8210 1.8985 South Africa, Rand 7.5697 7.6009 Thailand, Baht 24.3400 24.3800 Tonga, Pa’anga 1.3677 1.4277 US, Dollar 0.8186 0.8191 Vanuatu, Vatu 75.3450 77.6602

Iris Taylor and Rose Stead entertained members of the Park Street Day Centre, in a toe-tapping good time on Wednesday. Eleven organists delivered renditions of many old favourites to a full house, while the audience hummed, clapped and tapped along in time to the beat.

Shocked teenagers have been fainting this week when shown graphic crash images at a road safety education forum. Stories, photos and videos illustrating the impact of Hawke’s Bay road crashes are so graphic at least a dozen students a day fail to sit through details presented at this year’s Youth Alcohol Expo. “Yesterday we had 12 people faint when we gave these presentations and another seven in the afternoon,” MC and police Constable Simon Pain told students this week. -APNZ

The outcome of the offer will be announced on May 27. Farmer shareholders who participate in the offer will receive payment for any economic rights to “wet” shares that they sell by June 6. “Wet” shares are shares that Fonterra’s farmers must buy to gain the right to supply, or to increase their supply, to the cooperative. The Fonterra units, which listed on the NZX last November, traded on Wednesday at $7.99 each.  – APNZ

Anchor sales up by 10% By Abby Gillies Sales of Anchor milk have risen more than 10 per cent since the company launched its controversial light-proof bottles just over a month ago, the company says. On shelves since April 8, the 100 per cent light-proof was described by Fonterra as the company’s “biggest innovation yet”. The triple-layer bottle prevents light exposure which affected the taste of milk, meaning milk tasted as good on the last day of its 15-day shelf life as on day one, Fonterra said. Since its launch, supermarket sales of Anchor milk had increased by 10 to 12 per cent and supermarket consumer testing revealed more than 80 per cent

of 40,000 people preferred the taste compared to milk from a standard bottle, said group marketing manager Craig Irwin. “We’re really pleased. That’s even higher than we anticipated pre-launch, where early testing suggested 70 per cent would prefer the taste,” he said. The increase meant the brand’s market share was up from 13 to 14 per cent, which was a “significant shift” in the annual milk market of 200 million litres sold in supermarkets, said Mr Irwin. “Consumers behaviours are so established in the category that people kind of shop milk on autopilot ... so to change that behaviour is quite significant”. Consumer feedback had been largely positive with many people noticing a difference in freshness and taste, he said.  – APNZ

photo ap

Workers take down the insignia from the headquarters of Cyprus’ now defunct second-largest bank Laiki in capital Nicosia, Cyprus, yesterday.

Funds approved for Cyprus bail-out The IMF’s executive board has approved a $1.3 billion loan for Cyprus as part of a larger bailout package meant to avert a debt default. The IMF, one of the “troika” of international lenders behind the bail-out, said yesterday it had agreed to provide a three-

year loan of $1.33 billion for the small Mediterranean country, its contribution to a 10 billion euro ($13.3 billion) total bail-out. The approval allows an immediate payout of $110.7 million. The IMF said the loan was “intended to stabilise the country’s financial system ... and sup-

port the recovery of economic activity.” Cyprus had to meet certain conditions to obtain the funds which included forcing depositors to take major losses on savings over 100,000 euros in the country’s two biggest lenders.  – AP

IMF’s Lagarde warns of rising income gap hurt International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde has decried rising income disparity, noting its harmful effect on global economic growth. Lagarde, in a speech on poverty reduction in Washington, said the top 0.5 per cent of the global population holds more than 35 per cent of the wealth. “This has not gone unnoticed: the Arab Spring and ‘Occupy movement’, though very different, were motivated in part by discontent with these trends,” the IMF managing director said, according to the pre-

pared text. In the United States, where the Occupy Wall Street movement began in 2011, the richest 1.0 per cent of the population holds 18 per cent of all pre-tax income, compared with a share of 8.0 per cent 25 years ago, she said. “Rising income inequality is a growing concern for policymakers around the world,” she said, adding that the IMF had begun to look more closely at the issue and its effect on the global economy. Lagarde, speaking at the annu-

al meeting of the Bretton Woods Committee, said economic stability was crucial to poverty reduction. She noted the global lender had sharply increased resources available to low-income countries and continued to charge zero interest on all concessional lending. But, Lagarde said, growth in the global economy needed to be paired with income equity to promote stability, calling for “expanding the pie” and “making sure it is distributed more fairly”. The IMF in recent months has

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criticised austerity programmes and spending reductions undertaken by governments seeking to close fiscal deficits, saying they should be balanced with growth measures. Policies that can help spread the wealth more fairly include reducing tax exemptions, fighting tax evasion and increasing social spending to reduce poverty, Lagarde said. An OECD report released this week said the global economic crisis had significantly widened the income gap in the world’s leading – AFP economies. 


Christine Lagarde

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ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, May 17, 2013



Wave of bombings in Iraq kills at least 33 A car bomb exploded near a bus station in Baghdad’s main Shiite district yesterday, the deadliest in a series of explosions that killed at least 33 people nationwide, officials said. The bloodshed came amid growing tensions between the Shiite-led government and minority Sunnis following a deadly security crackdown on a Sunni protest camp in the country’s north. Violence has ebbed sharply in Iraq, but a spike in attacks has raised fears about a return of the sectarian bloodshed

that pushed the country to the brink of civil war in 2006-2007. Majority Shiites control the levers of power in post-Saddam Hussein Iraq. Wishing to rebuild the nation rather than revert to open warfare, they have largely restrained their militias over the past five years or so as Sunni extremist groups such as al-Qaida have targeted them with occasional large-scale attacks. An increase attacks against Sunni mosques has fed concerns about a return to retaliatory warfare. The day

began violently when an explosives-laden car parked in the centre of the ethnically divided city of Kirkuk, killing three civilians and wounding eight. An hour later, another parked car bomb exploded in the same area, killing two children and their parents as they were travelling in a car nearby, the city’s deputy police chief Major General Torhan Abdul-Rahman Youssef said. Civilians joined forces with rescuers and policemen in searching for survivors in a partially dam-

aged house after the first explosion. A wailing man was repeatedly trying to make his way through to the house, but he was prevented by the crowds. After the second attack, firefighters struggled to extinguish the blaze that engulfed the car with at least three charred bodies of a woman and two children visible. Kirkuk is home to a mix of Arabs, Kurds and Turkomen, who all have competing claims to the oil-rich area. The Kurds want to

incorporate it into their self-rule region in Iraq’s north, but Arabs and Turkomen are opposed. Hours later, several bombs struck within a 90-minute time frame as Iraqis were heading home from work or doing errands in mainly Shiite areas of Baghdad. The deadliest was in the sprawling slum of Sadr City, an area that saw some of the fiercest fighting between Americans and Shiite militias during the peak of sectarian bloodshed. Police and hospital officials

said a car bomb exploded near a crowded bus stop in the area, killing at least seven people and wounding 20. The blast also damaged several shops and cars in the area, which was sealed off by police. A car bomb also struck firefighters minutes after they arrived on the scene to extinguish a burning car in the mainly Shiite Kazimiyah district in northern Baghdad, killing two and wounding nine others. Amajad Hussein owns a cloth-

• Girl drowns

Dr gets third life sentence A US abortion doctor was sentenced yesterday to a third life term for killing an aborted baby that he described as so big it could “walk to the bus”. The case has made Dr Kermit Gosnell a flashpoint in the nation’s bitter debate over legalised abortion. Gosnell was convicted this week of first-degree murder in the deaths of three babies born alive then stabbed with scissors. He was given two life sentences Wednesday in a deal with prosecutors that spared him a potential death sentence. He is not eligible for parole. The third sentence was handed down yesterday for the baby known as Baby A, whose teen mother had been nearly 30 weeks pregnant, prosecution witnesses estimated after studying cellphone photos taken by astonished staffers.

A six-year-old girl drowned when a small boat crammed with immigrants trying to enter Greece illegally sank off an eastern Aegean Sea islet. Greece’s Merchant Marine Ministry says 21 people, mainly Syrians, were rescued after the vessel foundered for unknown reasons yesterday off Farmakonissi. The nationality of the drowned child was not available. Uninhabited Farmakonissi, just off the Turkish coast, is regularly used by human trafficking rings to drop off people who pay them handsomely to be clandestinely taken into Greece.  – AP

“That baby will live with me forever. And when they found him guilty of Baby A, it just brought such joy to me,” said prosecutor Joanne Pescatore. The 72-year-old Gosnell was also sentenced to 2½ to five years in prison for the 2009 overdose death of a patient who was repeatedly sedated by his untrained medical assistants. Firefighters spent more an hour trying to get the comatose woman’s stretcher through the byzantine clinic and out a padlocked side door. Prosecutors argued that Gosnell killed late-term babies born alive by severing their spines and taught several staff members the technique. Nine former clinic workers were convicted, and four others pleaded guilty to murder. Gosnell was acquitted in the deaths of four other infants. – AP

• Oh deer

Obama fires tax man An angry President Barack Obama has sacked the acting head of the US Internal Revenue Service over a fast-moving scandal sparked when officials unfairly targeted conservative groups. Obama said Treasury Secretary Jack Lew had asked for and received the resignation of tax agency chief Steven Miller and promised a new system of checks and safeguards to make sure the episode was not repeated. “Given the controversy surrounding this audit, it’s important to institute new leadership that can help restore confidence going forward,” Obama said. The president, who has dismissed Republican attempts to link him to the scandal at the independent IRS agency, also pledged to work directly with Congress as it carries out its oversight duties in the matter. Obama said that evidence of abuses in the tax agency, revealed by a report by a government watchdog released on Wednesday, were

inexcusable. “Americans have a right to be angry about it, and I am angry about it,” Obama said at the White House, after meeting top Treasury Department officials. “I will not tolerate this kind of behaviour in any agency, but especially in the IRS,” he said. Scandal erupted when it emerged that officials studying tax exempt status applications singled out groups with names including phrases like “Tea Party” or “Patriots”, which could thus be expected to be fiercely opposed to Obama. Republican congressman Darrell Issa told CNN that Obama had taken a “good first step” and promised a robust congressional probe into the scandal. “The president will find very willing partners on Capitol Hill,” he said. “I think in this case, we very much take him at his word that he wants to be open and transparent, in fixing the system and putting – AFP new controls in place.” 

photo ap

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio poses for photographers during a photo call for The Great Gatsby at the 66th international film festival, in Cannes, southern France, yesterday.

DiCaprio, Spielberg open a stormy Cannes The Cannes Film Festival got off to a blockbuster, if stormy start, as Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby opened on a soggy French Riviera. Amid heavy rain, dancing flappers flocked down the Cannes red carpet yesterday (NZ time), bringing a touch of the Jazz Age to the Croisette. Gatsby stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire helped give the festival’s opening day a strong dose of star power.


ARIES (Mar 21st Apr 20th) Your word skills will take on a silkier vibe in the next three weeks as Venus passes through the vibrant energies of Gemini. Getting together with the important people in your life and sharing the good things can certainly bring great pleasure. You might decide to organize a barbecue or host a party and can do these wonderfully well.

At the opening ceremony, DiCaprio, joined by his Gatsby co-star, Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan, declared the 66th Cannes officially begun. Over the next 12 days, dozens of the world’s most artistically ambitious films will premiere on Cannes’ global stage. But Thursday was a day for blockbusters – both the big-budget Gatsby and Hollywood’s most accomplished director of spectacle: Steven Spielberg.

Spielberg is serving as jury president at this year’s Cannes. His presence here is a rarity (he’s had films at Cannes before, including E.T. and Sugarland Express, but never had a movie in competition), and he was received like a visiting head of state, a king of cinema. The Lincoln director received a standing ovation at the opening ceremony and was serenaded with a performance of Miss Celie’s Blues from his 1985 film, The Color Purple. He heads

photo ap

Kali, a polar bear cub orphaned when its mother was killed by a hunter in north-west Alaska. The cub arrived at the Buffalo Zoo in Buffalo, New York, yesterday.

A final video of Richard Swanson shows him smiling and happy to be at the ocean as he prepared to dribble a ball along Oregon’s coastal road on a planned 16,000km walk to the World Cup in Brazil. It was the same coastal road where he was fatally hit by a pickup truck, just an hour after posting the video on Facebook. Swanson’s trek began in Seattle on May 1. It ended on Wednesday near Lincoln City, Oregon when he was struck by a pickup truck on Oregon’s busy US Highway 101 just a few days short of his 43rd birthday. He planned to dribble a football all the way to Brazil in time for the 2014 World Cup for a charity. When he arrived Tuesday in Lincoln City, about 145km southwest of Portland, it was the first

the jury that will decide the prestigious Palme d’Or, given to one of the 20 competing films, with entries ranging from the Coen brothers (Llewyn Davis), Alexander Payne (Nebraska) and Steven Soderbergh (Behind the Candelabra). This year’s jury is an intimidating, starry bunch, including Nicole Kidman, Ang Lee and Christoph Waltz. “Everyone sits in judgment of us,” Spielberg said. “So it’s our – AP turn.” 

time he had seen the also try to utilise any of Pacific on his trip. the trails that run along On Wednesday, he the coast, just trying to posted a video on his get off the beaten path, Facebook page showthere’s a lot of cars and ing him walking along just (try) not get run the beach, kicking a over,” he said. football. According to Lincoln He said he was lookCity police, Swanson ing forward to getting was declared dead at a out on to US 101 and hospital. The driver has heading south with the Richard Swanson not been charged and football. is co-operating with the “Very exciting moment today,” investigation. Swanson said. “I’m going to be on Swanson spent Tuesday the ocean for thousands of miles. in Lincoln City, where he was This is my first taste of it and I’m able to soak in a hot tub, and very excited about this.” eat a gourmet breakfast, Kristi In an earlier interview with Schwesinger, a Seattle interior Seattle TV channel Q13 FOX designer and close friend of his, News, Swanson joked that he said on Wednesday. He posted hoped he wouldn’t be run over on photos and stories on a Facebook the coastal road. page, chronicling his journey. “I’ll be on Highway 101, but I’ll  – AP

GEMINI (May 22nd Jun 21st) Someone may drop a major hint in your direction today and it may be that they’d like to get to know you a whole lot better. Then again, if you have been mulling over your options in the romantic sphere, the extra magic that Venus moving into Gemini will bestow upon you can see you become more optimistic and outgoing.

CANCER (Jun 22nd - Jul 23rd) Mercury and the Sun are very close together in the part of your solar horoscope that influences your long-term future. This combination can see you make some enlightened choices because it adds energy to your thinking. Unfortunately, it can also see you make hasty ones too. So, with this in mind, carefully weigh up your options.

LEO (Jul 24th - Aug 23rd) You could attract the limelight today and this could see you receive some plaudits. If you have been feeling the pressure of your responsibilities, you may be pleasantly surprised by who speaks out for you or gives you discreet support. The chances are that you may have more fans and be more appreciated than you had realised.

VIRGO (Aug 24th Sep 23rd) If you are someone with a natural love of gleaning information, you can find yourself proactive today, perhaps searching for insights online or in your local library, or extending connections further afield. This would also be a good day to check out academic or training course possibilities. Curiosity can certainly be an asset.

A Gold Coast motorcyclist is fighting for his life after he hit a koala, and walked on to the road to help it. Police say the 29-year-old took off his helmet before he walked on to the road to check on the hurt animal and was hit by a car. The incident happened on Wednesday at the Guineas Creek Road at Tallebudgera. The man was taken to the Gold Coast Hospital in a critical condition.  – AAP

• 6 dead in collapse Six people have died and more than 30 others have been injured after a building collapsed in north-eastern Rwanda, police say, as they called off rescue efforts a day after the accident. “Six people working on the site died as the result of the building collapse,” Rwanda’s police. – AFP

• Solar flares fly The Sun has unleashed three potent solar flares in just under 24 hours, marking the most intense activity yet this year and causing limited interruptions to high-frequency radio communications. One of them was classified as an X3.2 flare, with X-class flares being the most intense type, the US space agency said. “This is the strongest X-class flare of 2013 so far, surpassing in strength the two X-class flares that occurred earlier in the 24-hour period,” NASA said.  – AFP

“It’s why more people are choosing McGregors”


TAURUS (Apr 21st May 21st) Your love of the good things in life is set to be accentuated now, and whether your personal preference for these comes through shopping at your local mall, natural products, or those which are more exclusive, it doesn’t really matter. The trick is not to let any upsurge in your income get spent too quickly, for there is a chance of this now.

A deer has taken a ride on a Pennsylvania bus. The Johnstown Tribune-Democrat newspaper reports the whitetailed deer crashed through the windshield of a public bus being driven yesterday evening in Johnstown, about 105km east of Pittsburgh. The deer hopped around frantically near the driver before jumping on empty seats and running in circles in the aisle. Authorities say the driver stopped the bus and opened the door and the deer got off. County transportation spokesman Josh Yoder says it “just walked off the bus”.  – AP

• Koala helper hurt

Ball dribbler killed on highway

New home for polar bear orphan It may have been the most anticipated package ever delivered to the zoo in Buffalo, New York: an orphaned polar bear cub that arrived yesterday from Alaska and will spend the summer with another cub born six months ago. Kali arrived at Buffalo Niagara International Airport yesterday ending a 14-hour trip that was set in motion in March when a hunter in Alaska realised an adult female bear he’d killed was nursing. He followed the tracks back to the den, crawled down inside, found a cub, pulled it out, put it in his coveralls ... then got hold of US Fish and Wildlife.  – AP

ing store and witnessed the blast. “We ran from the place after the explosion, but we returned to see wounded firefighters on the ground and at least one fire engine in flames,” he said. “Once again, the innocent people are paying the price for the security failures in this country.” At least six other bombings occurred in rapid succession near other bus stops or outdoor markets across the Iraqi capital, killing 15 people and wounding nearly 50 people.  – AP

Phone Enquiries: 308 6173 Online Enquiries:

LIBRA (Sep 24th Oct 23rd) You may need to probe some information and then ask some pertinent questions. However, if this is so, the arrival of Venus in your sister Air sign of Gemini today suggests that the best way to do this is diplomatically. If you do try to pin down someone’s position they could prove elusive, so its better to tease what you want out of them.

SCORPIO (Oct 24th - Nov 22nd) The most passionate side of your nature is set to be aroused in the next three weeks. This could see more intensity creep into your love life but today, ironically, you are asked to retain both an air of detachment and an ability to stand back from events and not get too caught up in emotion. Talk with a trusted confidant if need be.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23rd - Dec 21st) The next three weeks can be fabulous for restoring harmony and balance into your relationships - that is of course, if any are currently out of kilter. Even if none are, this can be a fab time to forge new alliances, to build co-operation, and also to become more conscious of the needs of those people you interact with closely.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22nd - Jan 20th) Muster as much mental dexterity as possible today. The faster you are on the uptake, the better you can do. This can see you multi-task and be inventive, and not short of applying your great sense of fun either. In fact, by making people laugh you can make some serious points in a way which will make them much more receptive.

AQUARIUS (Jan 21st - Feb 19th) Venus glides into a fab zone for your sign today, opening up the proverbial window of opportunity as far as your love and social lives are concerned. If you have felt more like spending time at home, even alone in solitude, this is a reminder not to forsake the other part of your nature which is more gregarious and outgoing.


PISCES (Feb 20th Mar 20th) Words can come easily today. But as much as this may give you extra zip and vivacity, equally, you may say something in a split second that you may later regret. If you are meeting anyone who tends to have a more sensitive side to their nature, just be mindful of how easy it is to say the wrong thing. You may talk to a sibling too today.


ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, May 17, 2013


The Mid Canterbury Sports Awards will honour the region’s top sporting achievers from the last year at the Hotel Ashburton tonight. Former New Zealand league international and professional boxer Monty Betham will be the guest speaker at the function hosted by TV presenter Charlotte Bellis. Here are the nominees for the outstanding junior and senior sportsperson.


Lana Donaldson - Water-skiing

Sandra Keith - Lawn bowls

Donaldson represented New Zealand at the Asia-Australasia-Oceania Open Championships in Korea where she collected silver in the open women’s slalom - which was New Zealand’s only medal and helped the team finish third overall. At the Oz-Kiwi Challenge she won silver in the women’s under 21 slalom. At the New Zealand National Championships she won bronze in the open women’s slalom and bronze overall in the under 21s after a silver in slalom and bronze in trick. She holds all three South Island records in under 21s.

John Snowden - Fullbore target shooting

Keith started the summer taking out the World Champion of Champions Women’s Singles in Cyprus. At the New Zealand National Championships she won the New Zealand pairs title alongside Dunsandel club-mate Serena Matthews but was unable to defend her singles title and lost the four finals. Her strong summer earned selection into the New Zealand Black Jacks and she made her debut in the Trans-Tasman Test Series. Keith was also a member of the Canterbury representative squad, helping the women take out the National Inter-centre championships.

Snowden won the prestigious Ballinger Belt at the New Zealand National Queen’s championship at Trentham, becoming the first Ashburton shooter to do so after 20 years of trying. He was the wind coach for the victorious New Zealand team in the match against Australia and won the god medal in the Oceania Fullbore individual shoot. Snowden also won the Ballinger aggregate trophy having the best scores over the past three years, the National A grade trophy after finishing top in the Ballinger qualifying and the long ranges trophy.


Wesley Baratcart- Pistol Shooting Baratcart represented New Zealand at the 2012 World Cowboy Action Shooting Championships in America as a junior. He was the top junior in the Wild Bunch Class and set a world speed record. He also competed in the New Zealand Championships becoming the junior champion while also winning the cowboy class event against the open shooters. He was also the South Island junior champion.

Daniel Flanagan - Softball Flanagan was selected for both the Canterbury and Southland under 15 squads and ended up playing for Southland at the South Island tournament in Dunedin. He pitched 42 straight innings over three days and also had the second best batting average. He also coaches a little league team and umpires in the local open grade.

Frances Smith - Cycling Smith represented Mid-South Canterbury at the New Zealand Track Cycing Championships in Invercargill where she was the winner of the under 19 girls’ 7.5km scratch race before getting to ride with Lauren Ellis in the team pursuit. At the Age Group Track Cycling Championships she was fifth in the omnium and was a regular performer in the Tinwald Cycling Club road and track racing.

Baillie Perriton - Motorsport In his first season racing at the national level Perriton finished runner-up in the New Zealand 250 Production Road Race Championship finishing behind the Australian champion. He was the only New Zealand rider to win one of the 15 races. During the five race series the 15-year-old broke existing lap records and bet a former New Zealand champions. In the King of Ruapuna race series he was the 250 production champion.

Joseph Brown - Swimming Brown represented the Ashburton Swim team at the New Zealand Short Course, New Zealand Age Group and the New Zealand Open Championships which doubled as the world championship trials. He had a third at the short course, two thirds at the age group championships and was a B finalist at the Open championships. At the South Island Secondary School’s he claimed a hattrick of second placings.

Sam Cullimore - Cycling Cullimore represented Mid-South Canterbury at the New Zealand Age Group Championships in Invercargill. As a member of the under 17 3000m team pursuit he won a bronze medal after beating Canterbury. At the South Island Championships he was third in the 500m time trial, 2000m scratch race and the 750m derby to earn an overall bronze medal.

George Donaldson - Waterskiing Donaldson was selected to represent New Zealand at the Oz-Kiwi Challenge where he won silver in the slalom and was third overall in the under 14 boys’. At the New Zealand national championships in April 2012 he medalled in all three disciplines to be second overall and he won silver overall again after coming second in the slalom and jump in March.

Hugh Donaldson - Waterskiing Donaldson was selected to represent New Zealand at the Oz-Kiwi Challenge where he won a silver medal in the under 14 boys’ jump. At the New Zealand National Championships in April 2012 he won gold in tricks and jump to win gold overall and repeated the feat in march this year. Donaldson also is the South Island recorder holder in junior boys’ tricks.

Alex Hooper - Cycling Hooper was named in the New Zealand junior Track Cycling team that is preparing for the UCI World juniors but already represented the team when he competed in the Oceania Track Cycling Championships in Adelaide, with a fourth in the under 19 1km time trial. At the New Zealand Track Championships he won the under 19 individual pursuit and the kilo time trial as well as a third in the team sprint.

Caitlin Johnstone - Swimming Johnstone represented the Ashburton Swim Team at the New Zealand Age Group Championships and the New Zealand Open Championships. She had five top 10 finishes at the Age group championships with a second in the 50m breaststroke. At the South Islands she had two silver medals and at the South Island Secondary Schools she won two titles and had three other top five finishes.

Braden Kell - Shooting Kell was one of only two junior men selected to represent New Zealand at the Australian Youth Olympics where he shot a personal best score in the Air Pistol shooting to come in 13th. He was the 2012 South Island Junior Men’s champion and the Canterbury Junior Men’s champion.

Grace Sommerville - Swimming Sommerville’s top achievement was competing in the Junior Pan Pacific Championships in Hawaii where she finished fourth in the 10km open water swim. She also represented New Zealand in the New South Wales Open Water Championships where she won both the 10km and 5km in her age group and went to the Australian Youth Olympics coming sixth in the 800m freestyle. Sommerville also holds four New Zealand age group titles.

Mikhayla-Rose Stroganov Athletics Stroganov won bronze in the 400m at the New Zealand Secondary School athletics championship going under 60 seconds for the first time, clocking 58.69. She won the 400m at the South Island Secondary Schools in Invercargill to qualify for the nationals again. She won the 400m and 800m at the Aoraki Championships, gold in the 400m at the Colgate Games and was second in the 400m and 800m at the Canterbury Championships.

Kate Hayman - Rowing Hayman won silver in the under 17 girls’ single at the Maadi Cup. Heading into the Maadi Cup she was unbeaten in the single winning at the Otago, Canterbury, South Island Club and South Island Secondary School regattas. After her silver at Maadi she was named in the South Islands Under 18s. She also won the Phillipa Baker Excellence in Sculling award from the Canterbury Rowing Association.

Ashleigh Leonard - Tennis Leonard competed in the New Zealand 16s girls’ tournament in Ashburton where she finished runner-up in the plate singles. She represented Mid Canterbury in junior and senior levels, being a member of the successful challenger grade winning girls’ team. She won the Ashburton Junior Open 16s singles and the South Canterbury Spring Open singles and doubles as well as being a runner-up in the singles and doubles winner at the Canterbury Junior Championships.

Lucy Clough - Swimming Clough represented the Ashburton Swim Team at the New Zealand Short Course and Age Group Championships. She won a national age group title in the 800m freestyle and had three top five finishes at the short course championships. She won bronze in the 16 year old girls’ New Zealand Secondary Schools Open Water Championship. At the South Island Secondary Schools, Clough won gold and four silver.

Emily Hickman - Basketball Hickman was selected for the New Zealand under 16 Koru Tour to Albury and captained her side at the tournament and was selected to take part in the New Zealand under 16 girls’ trials. She led the Mid Canterbury under 15 girls team that came fifth at the South Island Premiership and played in the Ashburton College Junior Girls team that won the South Islands tournament.

Jake O’Grady - Swimming O’Grady represented the Ashburton Swim Team at the New Zealand Open Championships where he placed seventh in the 800m freestyle, which doubled as the world championship trials. He claimed a South Island title in the 1500m and three Canterbury titles.

Alin Onicas - Athletics Onicas won his age group at the Canterbury Championships coming first in the shot put, discus and long jump as well as a second in the 100m and third in the 200m. He was then selected to compete for Canterbury at the National Interprovincials. At the Colgate Games he won the discus and shot put and was second in the 200m. He also set the new Ashburton College discus record beating a long standing record by 1.93m.

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, May 17, 2013

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Mateo stays a Warrior until 2016 By Michael Brown


Happy Birthday


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A sharp lift in the number of players testing positive to recreational drugs has prompted the AFL to revamp its illicit drugs policy. A record number of 26 positive tests for illicit drugs were recorded in 2012, with two of them concerning a player testing positive for a second time. All but one of the positives were for stimulants such as cocaine, ecstasy and methamphetamines, with cocaine topping the list. A similar number of players preempted a potential positive test by self-reporting illicit drugs use, but they were not included in the figures. AFL chief executive Andrew Demetriou admitted the number of

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2011, having played in all 61 games. His re-signing comes on the back of last week’s announcement winger Manu Vatuvei had penned a new two-year deal with the club and the capture of second-rower Jayson Bukuya from Cronulla on a two-year contract.

“It’s a good sign to have Feleti secured for another three years and to have Jayson coming over as well,� Warriors general manager football operations Dean Bell said. “We know there are challenges securing players out of Australia at times but Feleti and Jayson have

shown there are players who are really keen to come to our club and be a part of the great things we have to offer. The Warriors are still chasing Wigan and England fullback Sam Tomkins, who is regarded as the best player in the UK Super - APNZ League.

positives was disappointing. “There was a significant and concerning increase in detections last year,� said Demetriou. “We saw 26 failed tests compared with six the year before. “The increase is obviously disappointing but it reinforces the need for us to be vigilant and for a medical model that tests players all year around and allows for early intervention.� The 1979 tests taken last year was higher than in any of the previous seven years of the policy. It produced a huge increase from the six positives from 1489 tests recorded in 2011.

“We’re pleased that we did significantly more target testing,â€? said Demetriou. “We’re also pleased that the medical officers also targeted recovery sessions. We’re also aware there has been a significant increase in the availability of illicit drugs across the community. “What the policy has allowed us to do is identify more players who have had other problems and allowed the medical officers to intervene and shift behaviour.â€? A further increase in target testing was one of several proposed amendments to the policy announced on yesterday. Other changes included: • Players will now only be able to

self-report illicit drug use once in their AFL career, closing a potential loophole. • There will be an increase in hair testing during the off-season, when there is an increased risk of illicit drug use. • Clubs will be able to request target testing of their players. Collingwood chief executive Gary Pert believed it would fall to club CEOs to contact the AFL medical officers if they had concerns regarding the behaviour of individual players. Late last year, Pert warned of “volcanic behaviourâ€? by some footballers during the off-season.  - AAP

Benji sticks with Tigers?

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Feleti Mateo has opted to stay with the Warriors.

26 positive tests for drugs in AFL


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Feleti Mateo has signed a new three-year deal with the Warriors that will see the second-rower remain at the club until the end of 2016. The 29-year-old, who plays his 150th NRL game against Penrith on Saturday night, had been off contract at the end of the season and had been in lengthy talks with the club about staying. He had also been a target of the Dragons, who have plenty of cash to spend after having offloaded five-eighth Jamie Soward to the Panthers, but has decided to recommit to the Warriors. He said it wasn’t an easy, especially as his wife is expecting the couple’s first child in September, and had talked about his desire to return to Australia to be closer to family. “There were other offers but there’s so much more I want to achieve with the team and the coaching staff at the Warriors,� he said. “Making the move to this club has helped me to develop as a player and I know there’s a lot more room for improvement, too. I’ve also grown as a person since joining the club. “My wife Michelle and I have our first baby due in September and that made the decision extremely difficult but I’m really excited about our future here. “We’ve got a great group of players and there’s loads of tremendous young talent coming through. I’d also like to play a leadership role in their development. “I like what [coach] Matt [Elliott] has put in place, the staff he has around him and the plans he has. This is a great club and I want to make a big contribution to our future.� Mateo has been an ever-present in the Warriors side since his arrival in

Superstar Benji Marshall

Wests Tigers coach Mick Potter has made it clear he wants superstar Benji Marshall to remain at the NRL club and he is confident the superstar wants to stay despite talk of a rift between the pair. Potter made the sensational call to dump Marshall to the bench earlier this week for tonight’s clash with competition leaders South Sydney at ANZ Stadium. Marshall will be off contract at the end of next year and his management team are believed to be in talks

with the Tigers over a reported $4 million extension that would keep him at the club until the end of the 2017. “I think Benji wants to ultimately stay at the Tigers for the rest of his career,� Potter said. “I want him to and I think quite a lot of other people do as well.� The 28-year-old’s demotion prompted speculation Marshall and Potter had had a falling out and that could jeopardise the five-eighth’s chances of remaining at the club.

“Benji wasn’t happy. A player of his calibre, you don’t expect to be happy with being on the bench. I don’t expect for him to be there too long,� Potter said. “We’re certainly not best of friends this week at the moment. “But I’m comfortable with that. I don’t have to be best friends with the players.� The Tigers have lost a club record-equalling six consecutive games going into the clash with the Rabbitohs. - AAP

Miami Heat beat Ferdinand calls time on England career Bulls to advance to NBA semi-finals The Miami Heat advanced to the NBA semi-finals by capping a fourgame winning streak with a 94-91 victory over the Chicago Bulls yesterday despite blowing an 18-point lead. LeBron James led with 23 points and eight assists, Dwyane Wade played through a nagging knee injury to finish with 18 points and six assists and Chris Bosh had 12 points and seven rebounds for the Heat. James also had seven rebounds for the Heat who reached their third straight Eastern Conference final series. Miami won four straight games against the under-manned Bulls after dropping the opener at home. “We knew right from the very beginning of this series that we would have to earn everything and that proved to be true,� said Miami coach Erik Spoelstra. The injury-plagued Bulls had two chances in the final seconds to tie it, but Nate Robinson and Jimmy Butler both missed from beyond the arc. Carlos Boozer finished with a gamehigh 26 points and 14 rebounds while Robinson had 21 points and Butler 19 for the Bulls, who played the entire series without Derrick Rose, Luol Deng and Kirk Hinrich. The have been decimated by injuries. Derrick Rose hasn’t played since

he tore his ACL in the first playoff game last season. Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau blamed the loss on the injuries. “Right now, health,� he said when asked what the difference in the series was. “That’s the biggest thing. But they are a great team and you have to give them credit. “They are not going to beat themselves. You have to beat them. You have to play well for 48 minutes.� Thibodeau said he had no regrets about not trying to bring Rose back for the series. “If we were going to make a mistake, we wanted to make the mistake on the side of caution,� he said. Miami’s Wade has been plagued by knee troubles of late and only managed six points in game four. He rebounded on Wednesday going seven-of-13 from the field and a perfect four-of-four from the foul line in the win. “He finds a way to make big time plays. It’s great to see him respond like that,� Spoelstra said. The Heat will face the Indiana Pacers or the New York Knicks in the semis. The Pacers lead that series 3-1 with game five set for Thursday at Madison Square Garden.  - AFP

Rio Ferdinand announced yesterday that he was calling time on his England career to concentrate on his club duties at Manchester United. The 34-year-old centre-half won 81 caps in an international career that took him to three World Cups. Ferdinand had informed England manager Roy Hodgson of his decision, and said in a statement: “After a great deal of thought, I have decided the time is right for me to retire from international football. “At the age of 34, I feel it is right for me to stand aside and let the younger players come through, which allows me to concentrate on my club career. “The team looks in great shape and there is an influx of young, talented players coming through the ranks which bodes well for the future.� Ferdinand became England’s youngest ever defender when he made his debut against Cameroon at Wembley in 1997, a week after his 19th birthday. The south Londoner has not played for England since featuring against Switzerland in June 2011. He was surprisingly recalled into the national squad in March by Hodgson after almost two years out of the England fold but then declined the opportunity, instead travelling to Qatar as a television pundit citing fitness concerns.

Rio Ferdinand That decision was widely interpreted as a snub to Hodgson, who had left him out of the Euro 2012 squad. Hodgson said: “It is important to pay tribute to someone of Rio’s stature and the achievements he had in a senior international career with England over 14 years at the highest level. “To have captained his country, to play at three World Cups and indeed score in one of those, marks him out amongst a very special group of players.� - AFP



ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, May 17, 2013

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Quick Crossword


Quick Crossword

No 12,188



6. Meantime (7) 7. Cellar (5) 9. Drive (5) 10. Extort (7) 12. Condition (11) 14. Desolate (11) Lord’s Cricket Ground is owned by the Marylebone Cricket Club. The famous venue celebrates its bicentennial next(7) year. 18. Congealed 19. Flood (5) 21. Confidence (5) 22. Associate (7)

1. Foe (5) 2. Reiterate (6) 3. Immerse (3) 4. Attic (6) 5. Voter (7) 8. Elucidate (7) 11. Orator (7) 13. Question (7) 15. Naturist (6) 16. Reveal (6) 17. Begin (5) 20. Swab (3) marked by a match between MCC MCC will open its doors to local TO PUZZLE No 12,187 Women and Rest of the World SOLUTIONS Women. people and invite them in to see It will be the first time an MCC behind the scenes and partake Across: 1 Frolicsome; 7 Rouse; 8 Damages; 10in a Women’s side has played on the Main of activities at Lord’s. Unending; 11 Pair;range 13 Pedant; 15 Soften; 17 Also; 18 Ground at Lord’s. wonderful Ground and Restrict; 21 Traduce; “Lord’s 22 Raise;is23a Unmannerly. On Sunday June 22, 2014, MCC we want to share it with as many Down:to1comFluke; 2people Overdone; 3 Indent; 4 Some; 5 of as possible on the occasion will also play Hertfordshire Migrant; 6 Triumphant; 9 Strengthen; 12 Torturer; 14 memorate the first match played at its 200th birthday,” MCC President Disdain; 16 Demean; 19 Icily; 20 Pupa. Mike Griffith said.  - AFP Lord’s exactly 200 years earlier.

MCC to celebrate Lord’s bicentenary

Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) will celebrate the Bicentenary of Lord’s next year with two showpiece matches against the Rest of the World. MCC, which owns the famous Lord’s Ground in north London, yesterday revealed they will play the star-studded 50-overs fixture on a

yet to be confirmed date in 2014. When the MCC celebrated its own Bicentenary in 1987, the world’s best players gathered for a one-off five-day fixture which included the likes of Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, Imran Khan, Allan Border and Malcolm Marshall. The Lord’s Bicentenary will also be

1. 3. 9. 10. 11. 13. 15. 17. 20. 21. 22. 23.

Resound (4) Tolerable (8) Shrouded (7) Insect (5) Sweat (12) Death (6) Terror (6) Interval (12) Surpass (5) Expert (7) Hearth (8) Poke (4)

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No 12,189

DOWN 1. 2. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 12. 14. 16. 18. 19.

Adventure (8) Flutter (5) Last (6) Connection (12) Lady’s private room (7) Pitcher (4) Ludicrous (12) Streaked (8) Check (7) Entertained (6) Deduce (5) Animal (4)

SOLUTIONS TO PUZZLE No 12,188 Across: 6 Interim; 7 Vault; 9 Impel; 10 Extract; 12 Stipulation; 14 Uninhabited; 18 Curdled; 19 Spate; 21 Trust; 22 Consort. Down: 1 Enemy; 2 Repeat; 3 Dip; 4 Garret; 5 Elector; 8 Explain; 11 Speaker; 13 Enquiry; 15 Nudist; 16 Expose; 17 Start; 20 Mop.

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tV1 6.00 9.00 10.00 11.00 11.30 12.00 12.30 1.30 2.00




3.55 4.25 5.25

Breakfast. Good Morning. Ellen. (R) Coach Trip. (PGR, T) House Guest. (G, R) ONE News. (T) Emmerdale. (PGR, T) Come Dine With Me. (PGR) Cookery School. (G, R, T) Chef Richard Corrigan has taken on the challenge of improving Britain’s cooks. Dickinson’s Real Deal. (G) David Dickinson proves that one man’s trash really is another man’s treasure. Te Karere. (T) Ellen. Millionaire Hot Seat. (G, T) Hosted by Eddie McGuire.

6.00 ONE News. (T) 7.00 Seven Sharp. (T) 7.30 Coronation Street. (PGR, T) 8.30 Location, Location, Location. (G, T) 9.30 Restoration Man. (T) The castle and stately home that used to belong to James Denning’s family have been given to the National Trust, so James has decided to convert the stunning, and only recently abandoned, Oast House. 10.35 ONE News Tonight. (T) 11.05 Friday Night Dinner. 11.35 Episodes. (AO, R) 12.15 Hawthorne. (AO, R) 1.10 Te Karere. (R, T) 1.35 Infomercials.

Nathan Bartlett Travel Consultant

Anna Schmack Travel Consultant


Aimee Mangin Travel Consultant




3 News. Infomercials. (G) The Shopping Channel. Everybody Loves Raymond. (G, R) 3 News. Home And Away. (G, R) Dr Phil. (AO) The Dr Oz Show. (PGR) The Real Housewives Of New York City. (PGR) Social events spin out of control when Ramona finds herself seemingly at the center of showdowns, including Heather’s fund-raiser and Carole’s book party. Rachael Ray. (G) Entertainment Tonight. (G) Home And Away. (G) Connie reports that money was transferred to her from the Angelo’s bank account.

6.00 Home Shopping. (G) 6.30 The Crowd Goes Wild. (G, R) 7.00 Deal Or No Deal. (G, R) 7.30 Home Shopping. (G) 12.00 The Doctors. (PGR) 1.00 The Jeff Probst Show. (G) 2.00 Mythbusters. (PGR, R) Adam and Jamie literally play with fire, and Kari, Grant and Tory are playing with fireworks. 3.05 Better Homes And Gardens. (G, R) Ideas and practical guides to improvement projects for your home and garden, plus recipes and entertaining solutions. 4.00 The Late Show With David Letterman. (G, R) 5.00 Deal Or No Deal. (G, R) 5.30 Prime News.

3 News. Campbell Live. Modern Family. (PGR, R) The New Normal. (PGR. Graham Norton Show. (AO) On Graham’s sofa this week are Chris Pine, Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch and Kim Cattrall. 9.30 Ben & Steve: World Famous In. (AO) Joined by Urzila Carlson and Guy Williams, Ben and Steve travel Williams to the Waikato to find out what makes the Tron the Tron. 10.35 Nightline. 11.15 The Big Game. (PGR)

6.00 Deal Or No Deal. (G) 6.30 Millionaire: Hot Seat. 7.00 The Crowd Goes Wild. For the latest in sport join Andrew Mulligan, Mark Richardson and the team for some unrivalled knowledge. 7.30 American Idol. (Final, G) Fast-tracked from the US, Ryan Seacrest announces the winner of the 2013 series of American Idol as voted by the public. 10.30 The Crowd Goes Wild. (G, R) 11.00 The Late Show With David Letterman. (G)

6.00 Creflo Dollar. 6.25 Buzzy Bee And Friends. (G, R, T) 6.35 Tiki Tour. (G, R, T) 7.00 Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack. (G, R, T) 7.25 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated. (G, R, T) 7.50 Beyblades Metal Masters. (G, T) 8.20 Dinosaur Train. (G, R, T) 8.30 Mike The Knight. (G, R, T) 8.40 Fireman Sam. (G, R, T) 8.50 Bird Bath. (G, R, T) 9.00 Infomercials. 10.30 Neighbours. (G, R, T) 11.00 Shortland Street. (PGR, R, T) 11.30 Spin City. (PGR, R, T) 12.00 Desperate Housewives. (AO, R, T) 1.00 Jeremy Kyle. (PGR) 2.00 Anderson Live. 3.00 Mr Men. (G, R, T) 3.05 Disney Jungle Junction. (G, R, T) 3.30 Spongebob Squarepants. (G, R, T) 4.00 Austin & Ally. (T) 4.30 The Erin Simpson Show. 5.00 Horace In Slow Motion. (G, R) 5.01 America’s Funniest Home Videos. (G, R, T) 5.30 8 Simple Rules. (G, R, T)

6.00 8.30 10.30 11.30

6.00 Friends. (G, R, T) 6.30 Neighbours. (T) 7.00 Shortland Street. (PGR, T) Bella and Zlata go halves, Sarah and Josh slug it out, and Jared blows his chances with Vasa. 7.30 The Voice Australia. (T) The blind auditions continue as competition heats up between the judges. 9.10 Killer Karaoke. (PGR, T) 10.05 Fast And Loose. (Final, AO, R, T) 10.45 The Bachelorette. (PGR, T)

6.00 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.30

12.40 Two And A Half Men. (PGR, R, T) 1.35 Infomercials. 2.40 The Voice. (G, R, T) 4.15 I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. (PGR, R) 5.05 The Erin Simpson Show. (R) 5.35 Let’s Get Inventin’. (G, R, T)

Maxine Chisnall Travel Consultant

12.00 12.30 1.00 2.00 3.00

4.00 5.00 5.30

12.15 Mental. (AO, R) 1.10 NCIS: Los Angeles. (AO, R) 1.55 Infomercials. (G)

© Central Press

6.30 Futurama. (G, R) The gang acts out the final episode of Single Female Lawyer to appease invading aliens who missed it due to technical difficulties caused by Fry in 1999. 7.00 The Simpsons. (G, R) The kids take on the adults of Springfield when they are falsely accused of vandalising their own school. 7.30 American Ninja Warrior. (G) Based on the hit Japanese series Sasuke,

Miami Vice

Four, 8.30pm, M Features Michael Mann’s high-gloss 21st-century cinematic revision of his iconic ’80s TV creation abandons the cheesy, pastel-tinged imagery of the series for a darker, Collaterallike vision of Miami. Ice-cool stars Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx (below) assume the respective roles of ace undercover detectives Crockett and Tubbs, whose latest assignment involves nabbing a notorious Colombian drug lord (Luis Tosar).

12.00 Pearl Jam Twenty. (AO, R) 2.20 Home Shopping. (G) 2.50 The Crowd Goes Wild. (G, R) 3.20 Home Shopping. (G)

FOUR 6.00 Sesame Street. (R) 6.55 Pingu. (G, R) 7.00 Sticky TV. (G, R) 7.30 Beyblade: Metal Fury. (G) 7.55 George Of The Jungle. (G, R) 8.20 Care Bears. (G, R) 8.45 HUMF. (G) 8.50 Bob The Builder. (G, R) 9.00 Thomas & Friends. (G, R) 9.10 Peppa Pig. (G, R) 9.15 Peppa Pig. (G, R) 9.20 Wonder Pets. (G, R) 9.45 Tickety Toc. (G) 9.55 Infomercials. (G) 2.00 Sesame Street. (G) 2.55 Peppa Pig. (G, R) 3.00 Sticky TV. (G) 4.30 FOUR Live. (G) 6.00 Everybody Hates Chris. (G, R)

At House of Travel, we’re travellers too! We live and breathe travel and can recommend an adventure to suit your budget and travel desires. All of our friendly travel consultants are passionate about exploring the world, and are well practiced at it! We will ensure you have the time of your life.

this series sees 10 American athletes compete through elaborate obstacle courses for the chance to go to Japan to face the course from the original series. 8.30 FILM: Miami Vice. (2006, AO, R) Jamie Foxx, Colin Farrell, Gong Li. When an informer, his family and two FBI agents are killed by an international gang of drug dealers, two Miami detectives are assigned to work undercover to find those responsible. 11.10 Covert Affairs. (AO) Eyal and his boss need help from the CIA to track down a Mossad asset. 12.05 Entertainment Tonight. (G) 12.35 Infomercials. (G)

sky sPORt 1 6.00 ANZ Golf World. 6.30 Inside The PGA Tour. 7.00 Golf. US PGA Tour. HP Byron Nelson Championship. Round One. Live. 10.00 Golf. European PGA Tour. Volvo World Match Play Championship. Day One. Highlights. 10.30 Golf. SK Telecom Open. Round One. Highlights. 11.30 Re: Union. 12.30 Toyota Grassroots Rugby. 1.30 Cricket. England v New Zealand. First Test. Day One. Highlights. 2.00 Rugby League. NRL Premiership. Eels v Broncos. Replay. 4.00 Inside The PGA Tour. 4.30 Netball. ANZ Championship. Canterbury Tactix v Queensland Firebirds. From CBS Arena, Christchurch. Replay. 6.00 ICC Cricket 360. 6.30 Cricket. England v New Zealand. First Test. Day One. Highlights. 7.00 Rugby. Hurricanes v Chiefs. From Westpac Stadium, Wellington. Live. 9.35 Rugby. Rebels v Stormers. From AAMI Park, Melbourne. Live. 11.40 Rugby. Force v Sharks. From nib Stadium, Perth. Live. 1.45 Rugby. Hurricanes v Chiefs. From Westpac Stadium, Wellington. Replay. 4.00 Rugby League. NRL Premiership. Rabbitohs v Wests Tigers. Replay.

the bOx 6.00 NYPD Blue. (M) 6.50 The Simpsons. (PG) 7.15 Pawn Stars. (PG) 7.40 America’s Funniest Home Videos. (PG) 8.05 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (PG) 8.30 Cash Cab USA. (PG) 8.55 24. (M) 9.50 Law & Order. (M) 10.40 NCIS. (PG) 11.30 Criminal Intent. (M) 12.20 Fear Factor. (M) 1.15 NYPD Blue. (M) 2.10 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (PG) 2.35 Cash Cab USA. (PG) 3.05 24. (M) 4.00 Pawn Stars. (PG) 4.30 The Simpsons. (PG) 5.00 Law & Order. (M) 6.00 America’s Funniest Home Videos. (PG) 6.30 The Simpsons. (PG) 7.00 Pawn Stars. (PG) 7.30 Raw. (M) Kick start your weekend with the latest wrestling action. 10.30 Law & Order. (M) 11.30 Lie To Me. (M) 12.30 24. (M) 1.20 America’s Funniest Home Videos. (PG) 1.45 Cash Cab USA. (PG) 2.10 NYPD Blue. (M) 3.05 Fear Factor. (M) 3.55 Lie To Me. (M) 4.45 24. (M) 5.35 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (PG)

sky sPORt 2 6.00 Darts. Premier League. London. Live. 9.30 Toyota Grassroots Rugby. 10.30 Cricket. IPL. Kings XI Punjab v Delhi Daredevils. Replay. 2.00 Soccer. English Premier League. Highlights. 3.00 Soccer. English Premier League. Highlights. 4.00 Darts. Premier League. London. Replay. 7.30 NRL Footy Show. 9.30 Rugby League. NRL Premiership. Rabbitohs v Wests Tigers. From ANZ Stadium, New South Wales. Live. 11.30 Golf. European PGA Tour. Volvo World Match Play Championship. Day Two. Live. 3.00 Darts. Premier League. London. Replay.

196 East Street Ashburton Phone (03) 307 8760

sky MOVIes 1

MOVIe GReats

7.25 The Adventures Of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn. (2011, PG) 9.10 Crazy Stupid Love. (2011, M) 11.10 Snow White And The Huntsman. (2012, M) Kristen Stewart. 1.15 Footloose. (2011, M) Kenny Wormald, Julianne Hough. 3.10 The Smurfs. (2011, G) Hank Azaria, Neil Patrick Harris. 4.55 Water For Elephants. (2011, M) Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson. 6.55 Katy Perry: Part Of Me. (2012, PG). A backstage pass, front row seat and intimate look at the fun, glamorous, heart-breaking and magical life of Katy Perry on and off-stage. 8.30 X-Men: First Class. (2011, M) James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender. Before Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr took the names Professor X and Magneto, they were two young men working together to prevent nuclear Armageddon. 10.45 Bad Teacher. (2011, 16) Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake. 12.20 Colombiana. (2011, 16) Zoe Saldana, Michael Vartan. 2.10 Biography: Gwyneth Paltrow. (2008, PG). 3.00 Bad Teacher. (2011, 16) Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake. 4.35 Goodnight For Justice 3: Queen Of Hearts. (2012, PG) Luke Perry.

6.25 Wedding Crashers. (2005, M) Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn. 8.25 Fantastic Four. (2005, PG) Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba. 10.15 Apollo 13. (1995, PG) Tom Hanks, Ed Harris. 12.35 Lethal Weapon 3. (1992, M) Mel Gibson, Danny Glover. 2.35 Wedding Crashers. (2005, M) Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn. 4.35 Mr: Brooks. (2007, 16) Kevin Costner, Demi Moore. 6.35 Speed. (1994, M) Sandra Bullock, Keanu Reeves. An L.A. Bomb Squad specialist must prevent a bomb exploding aboard a city bus by keeping its speed above 50 mph. 1994. 8.30 Keeping The Faith. (2000, M) Edward Norton, Ben Stiller. Best friends since childhood, a Rabbi, a priest and a beautiful woman reunite, but neither of the men can pursue the woman because of his beliefs. 2000. 10.40 State Of Play. (2009, M) Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck. 12.45 Biography: Christian Slater. (2010, PG). 1.35 Mr: Brooks. (2007, 16) Kevin Costner, Demi Moore. 3.35 Speed. (1994, M) Sandra Bullock, Keanu Reeves. 5.30 Keeping The Faith. (2000, M) Edward Norton, Ben Stiller.

DIsCOVeRy 6.00 6.30 7.30 8.30 9.30 10.30 11.30 12.30 1.30 2.00 2.30 3.30 4.30 6.30 7.30 8.00 8.30


9.30 10.30 11.30 12.30 5.30

Auction Hunters. (PG) Dirty Jobs. (PG) Outlaw Empires. (M) Deadliest Catch. (PG) Mythbusters. (PG) Bering Sea Gold. (PG) Dirty Jobs Down Under. (PG) Disappeared. (M) Who The (Bleep). (M) Evil, I. (M) Gold Rush: The Dirt. (PG) Gold Rush. (PG) Deadliest Catch. (PG) Mythbusters. (PG) Auction Kings. (PG) Auction Hunters. (PG) American Digger. (PG) The Bowels Of Brooklyn. American Savage hunts for 19th century privy sites and items lost or tossed into them that are now worth big bucks. Property Wars. (PG) Timber! Scott and Doug’s rivalry comes to a head, leading Doug to overpay for a house. But will Scott’s swagger and sleuthing net him a win? Ed and Steve make a bold bid. Nightmare Next Door. (M) Disappeared. (M) Crimes That Shook The World. (M) Outlaw Empires. (M) Everything You Need To Know. (PG)

KEY: T Teletext R Repeat S Stereo P Premiere F Final RATINGS: G General exhibition PG Parental guidance recommended M Suitable for mature audiences AO Adults only 16 Approved for persons 16 and over 18 Approved for persons 18 and over c Content may offend l Language may offend s Sexual content may offend v contains violence

shINe 6.00 Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV 6.30 Quick Study 7.00 Hermie and Friends 7.30 Paws and Tales 8.00 OK TV 8.30 Connection Point 9.00 Hour of Power 10.00 Beauty and the Beast 10.30 Kiwis Can Fly 11.00 Beyond Adventure 11.30 Born To Be Free 12.00 Connection Point 12.30 Enjoying Everyday Life 1.00 The 700 Club 1.30 Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV 2.00 Nzone Focus 2.30 Beyond Adventure 3.00 Hermie and Friends 3.30 Paws and Tales 4.00 OK TV 4.30 Life FM presents 5.30 Nzone Focus 6.00 Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV 6.30 Destined to Reign 7.00 The 700 Club 7.30 Nzone Now 7.45 Basic 8.00 Noble Exchange 8.30 FEATURE: Through a Lens Darkly 9.30 FEATURE: As We Forgive 10.30 “Love, Marriage and Stinking” 11.00 Just Thinking 11.30 Not a Fan 12.00 Noble Exchange 12.30 Little Film Big Heart 1.00 FEATURE: Through a Lens Darkly 2.00 FEATURE: As We Forgive 3.00 Wisdom for Difficult Times 3.30 Beyond Adventure 4.00 Born To Be Free 4.30 Nzone Focus 5.00 Roots and Reflections 5.30 Little Film Big Heart

LOCAL RADIO: AM Newstalk ZB 873; FM Classic Hits ZEFM 92.5; FOX FM 94.9, 98.9 AND 95.7


fields&fORM 7

MORRisOns sAddleRy hcp tROt



cARltOn Mid lORd MAyOR’s cup $115,000, Group 3 WFA, 1600m

$9000, 2 to 6 wins discretionary, 2600m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

25884 54250 27903 22510 26739 02151 41006 34921 18029 2014x


Speedy Earl Fr (1) Kyle Cameron (Fernside) Trick Star Fr (2) Terry McMillan (Ashburton) The Blazing Conman Fr (3) Marty Larter (West Melton) Eyrewell Pegasus Fr (4) Margo Nyhan (Burnham) Sarah Palin Fr (5) Margo Nyhan (Burnham) Sarah Lindenny Fr (u1) Colin Harrison (Ashburton) Vacanza Fr (u2) Bruce Hutton (Greendale) Releven Dream 10 (1) Jamie Gameson (Burnham) Pretty Sunday 10 (u1) Phil Burrows (Fernside) Uncas 40 (u1) Bevan Heron (Rangiora)

k Cameron T McMillan C D Thornley P Davis S Golding (J) C Harrison B Hutton B orange G Smith B Thomas (J)

cOuplAnd’s bAkeRies hcp pAce


$9000, 2 to 7 wins discretionary, 2600m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

90597 21178 77888 60931 60006 61625 33322 05225 05251 x7867 07465 0x020 22454 52174

Special Bella Fr (1) Carl Markham (Methven) C Markham Graduate Under Fire Fr (2) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) J Dunn Tango Lady Fr (3) Murray Lawrence (Waikouaiti) P Davis Stingray Fr (4) D & C Butt (Woodend Beach) B Butt Roxy Bromac 10 (1) Paul Young (Maronan) J Young (J) Woodlea Legend 10 (2) Thomas Twidle (Rangiora) D Dunn Kid Galahad 10 (3) Laurence Hanrahan (Ashburton) R May Paradise City 10 (4) Barry Ward (West Melton) M Williamson (J) Givethejobtobarnsy 10 (5) John Versteeg (Irwell) J Versteeg Fiery Rascal 10 (6) Bruce Negus (Waikouaiti) B Williamson (J) Just Rose 20 (1) Anderson/Hoffman (Westwood Beach) T Williams Piper Heidsieck 20 (2) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) G Smith Best Deal yet 40 (1) Mark Purdon (Rolleston) B orange Better To Be Bad 40 (u1) Steven Ashton (Portobello) R Holmes


pgg WRightsOn pAce


$9000, 3yo+ 2 to 4 wins mobile, 2000m. 1 2 3 4 5 6

01003 649x6 32857 12178 x1136 18979

indian Arrow Fr (1) John Patterson (Waimate) Presidential Honour Fr (2) Deidre Brown (Waimate) Here’s Shifty Fr (3) Josh Kennett (Waimate) Blazin N Cullen Fr (4) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) Franco Nelson Fr (5) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) Hairy Maclary Fr (u1) Peter Holmes (Templeton)


tAieRi pRint tROt

J Patterson D Dunn C kennett J Dunn C D Thornley J A (J,Cl)


$8000, 3yo+ 1 to 2 wins, 2600m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14


74865 414x0 09842 16x01 217x3 00800 86301 909x0 08402 60013 2088x 58031 00x48 098x7

Tyron Lochie Fr (1) Patrick O’Reilly (Huntingdon) P o’Reilly Juneamy Castleton Fr (2) Mark Jones (Burnham) P Davis Southland Reflector Fr (3) Craig Buchan (Mosgiel) C Buchan Latheronwheel Fr (4) Nathan Williamson (Ryal Bush) N Williamson Pricilla P Fr (5) Gavin Smith (Leithfield Beach) G Smith Dutchess Fr (6) Rick Burnett (Leeston) J Anderson (J) Joltin Joe Demagio Fr (7) Michael Heenan (Methven) G o’Reilly High Distinction Fr (8) Alistair Lowe (Tinwald) A Lowe Sundons Comet Fr (9) Michael Cunningham (West Melton) S McNally Rebma Fr (10) Ken Ford (West Melton) A Tomlinson Flyin Courage Fr (11) Bruce Negus (Waikouaiti) M Williamson (J) My Mums Astar Fr (12) Terry McMillan (Ashburton) T McMillan Hubie Hudson Fr (u1) Cran Dalgety (West Melton) D Dunn Orse M Jogmar Fr (u2) Steve Trotter (Takaka) S Trotter

pgg WRightsOn stAndARdbRed pAce 4.20 $8000, 2yo+ 1 win mobile, 2000m.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

850x0 4P143 90000 69590 46213 3355x 16130 066x3 40847 60201 54818 35121 97871

Melva June Fr (1) Patrick O’Reilly (Huntingdon) Memorable Fr (2) Cran Dalgety (West Melton) Share The Joy Fr (3) Graeme Telfer (Timaru) Loose Cannon Fr (4) John Patterson (Waimate) Backup Fr (5) Mark Purdon (Rolleston) Miss Milwaukee Fr (6) Warren Bartlett (Oamaru) Quick As i Can Fr (7) Bruce Negus (Waikouaiti) Lauramegan Fr (8) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) Vienna Eyre Fr (9) Phil Anderson (Weedons) Canndew Fr (21) Margo Nyhan (Burnham) Chanelle Bromac Fr (22) Cran Dalgety (West Melton) Angus T Jones Fr (23) T & G Chmiel (Leeston) Woodlea Wager Fr (u1) Thomas Twidle (Rangiora)

L o’Reilly D Dunn G Telfer J Patterson B orange M Williamson (J) J W Cox J Dunn C DeFilippi P Davis J Trainor (J) T Chmiel R May

Australian races doomben Jetbet 3


TAB doubles 1-2, 4-5, 7-8. Trebles 2-3-4, 6-7-8. Quaddie 5-6-7-8. Place6 3-8.

Weather/track/Rail Overcast/Slow (7)/Out 1.5m from the 900m to the 375m, then true for the remainder.


bulMeRs dAlRellO stAkes


$100,000, 2yo C&Gs Listed SW, 1200m 1 2s6 Sir Moments (4) 56.5 Steven O’Dea (Eagle Farm) 2 242 Casino Belle (11) 56.5 John Thompson (Gold Coast) 3 12 One Grey d (1) 56.5 B R Guy (Gold Coast) 4 18 Skytastic dw (5) 56.5 Ms G Heinrich (Gold Coast) 5 79s Abu Ben Adam (2) 56.5 P Duff (Deagon) 6 Not So Sober (3) 56.5 Desleigh Forster (Eagle Farm) 7 381s0 Architect w (6) 56.5 David Lawlor (Eagle Farm) 8 13 Chosen idol (10) 56.5 Paul Messara (Scone) 9 455s5 El Toranado b (9) 56.5 Ms M Thexton (Gold Coast) 10 24s7 Outstrip (7) 56.5 B Herne (Eagle Farm) 11 8s70 Kayno (8) 56.5 N J Doyle (Gold Coast)


M Cahill C Munce J Byrne M Rodd B Stewart P Hammersley J Byrne G Colless R Mc Mahon N Hall T Bell

cellARbRAtiOns lAncAsteR stAkes 2.45 $100,000, 2yo Fillies Listed SW, 1200m

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

113s4 2s13 221 86125 23s86 13s20 5s10 4s724 41 61 2 4 89 6s06


Missy Longstocking cb (7) 56.5 L F Birchley (Eagle Farm) D Browne Vienna Queen tw (4) 56.5 T J Gollan (Eagle Farm) C Munce Navelina (10) 56.5 Darren Bell (Deagon) e Wilkinson Little Miss Smiley c (2) 56.5 John Thompson (Randwick) T Bell Register (3) 56.5 Heath Conners (Geelong) L Nolen She’s A Danica (9) 56.5 R L Heathcote (Eagle Farm) R Wiggins Enquare cw (5) 56.5 Jason McLachlan (Sunshine Coast) Justin P Stanley Splendora (13) 56.5 M J Dunn (Murwillumbah) G Colless Hallside Rose d (8) 56.5 D L Heinemann (Sunshine Coast) J Byrne Helen’s Angel w (12) 56.5 Ms H Page (Gold Coast) Ms T Harrison (a) Shiraz Attack (6) 56.5 Ms G Heinrich (Gold Coast) M Rodd Mesmereyeser (11) 56.5 G A Ryan (Rosehill) M Cahill Forelock (14) 56.5 J P Morrisey (Gold Coast) L Cassidy Gallery Of Stars (1) 56.5 R L Cameron (Eagle Farm) A Spinks

chAnnel seven hcp


$50,000, F&M, 1110m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

38194 1s800 — — 13s90 19522 40s43 161s0 90s80 07s24 39s55 21623 91224 s421s

Funtantes tw (12) 59.5 R L Heathcote (Eagle Farm) Ms P Schmidt (a2) Liesele tc (5) 56 L F Birchley (Eagle Farm) D Browne Sharnee Rose SCRATCHED Bellantina SCRATCHED Dream’n’ignite c (6) 54 Desleigh Forster (Eagle Farm) M Cahill Pure Purrfection t (4) 54 T J Gollan (Eagle Farm) R Wiggins Comahni wn (1) 54 R R Wilson (Sunshine Coast) T Bell Miss Bradbury t (2) 54 K M Schweida (Eagle Farm) Ms T Harrison (a1.5) Off And Laughing wn (8) 54 John Thompson (Gold Coast) J Byrne Fanciful (7) 54 Steven O’Dea (Eagle Farm) C Munce Around The World tc (9) 54 J A Hanna (Toowoomba) M Hellyer Ervbefel tw (3) 54 Ms R Feil (Ipswich) R Mc Mahon The Right One (11) 54 B S Baldwin (Eagle Farm) Beach Babe t (10) 54 M J Dunn (Murwillumbah) G Colless

Doomben Selections Race 1: SiR MOMENTS, SkYTASTiC, CHoSeN iDoL Race 2: MiSSy LONGSTOCKiNG, ReGiSTeR, MeSMeReYeSeR Race 3: FUNTANTES, LieSeLe, DReAM'N'iGNiTe Race 4: TRANSPORTER, ePiC, SoLzHeNiTSYN Race 5: DEAR DEMi, exPReSS PoWeR, CATALoNiA Race 6: ACADEMUS, SizzLiNG, AL ANeeD Race 7: FORETELLER, LiGHTS oF HeAVeN, HiPPoPuS Race 8: SEE THE WORLD, RiVeR LAD, FiRe uP FiFi


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

00s00 6s307 996s0 10s00 37s00 44426 72113 s9449 7741s 72111 s6140 17s27


Voila ici w (7) 59 P G Moody (Rosehill) L Nolen Solzhenitsyn tcd (12) 59 R L Heathcote (Eagle Farm) M Rodd Shamardashing tcw (1) 59 John Thompson (Gold Coast) T Bell Biggles (6) 59 N J Doyle (Gold Coast) G Cooksley Danagaze tc (5) 59 L J Mayfield-Smith (Eagle Farm) A Spinks What Happenedhenry tw (8) 59 K M Schweida (Eagle Farm) G Colless Transporter cdw (11) 59 John Thompson (Gold Coast) M Cahill Hour Of Peril tcdw (10) 59 John Thompson (Gold Coast) R Wiggins ibicenco (9) 59 P G Moody (Caulfield) B Rawiller Epic tcw (3) 59 K M Schweida (Eagle Farm) R Mc Mahon Onetimeatbandcamp td (4) 59 John Thompson (Gold Coast) J Byrne zennista dw (2) 57 Ms L Latta (Awapuni) J Riddell

hidden dRAgOn the ROses


$175,000, 3yo Fillies Group 3 SW, 2000m 1 31052 Dear Demi w (20) 56.5 C E Conners (Warwick Farm) 2 s5246 Kazanluk n (15) 56.5 Anthony Freedman (Flemington) 3 14322 Soapy Star wn (18) 56.5 K A Lees (Broadmeadow) 4 42121 Express Power (5) 56.5 K A Lees (Broadmeadow) 5 s7143 Gondokoro (8) 56.5 P G Carey (Mornington) 6 25617 Fantisha w (10) 56.5 Steven O’Dea (Eagle Farm) 7 2s245 Waterford (9) 56.5 A W Pike (Cambridge (Nz) 8 4s090 Antarctic Dream t (12) 56.5 Bruce Hill (Gold Coast) 9 17125 Catalonia (11) 56.5 L M Treloar (Sunshine Coast) 10 64111 Just As Cosmic (17) 56.5 Steven Wilson (Rosehill) 11 1s283 zombie Dancer n (19) 56.5 G Eurell (Cranbourne) 12 s2110 Vaquera w (6) 56.5 Ms G Waterhouse (Eagle Farm) 13 55100 Never Despair w (2) 56.5 J P Caught (Eagle Farm) 14 12s11 Magic in Motion (14) 56.5 R L Heathcote (Eagle Farm) 15 s4039 Germayne Lass t (4) 56.5 Desleigh Forster (Eagle Farm) 16 22724 Dolphus (1) 56.5 A J Edmonds (Gold Coast) EMERGENCiES 17 80101 Phantom Caller t (21) 56.5 P J Balzen (Gold Coast) 18 s6200 Offense tw (13) 56.5 John Thompson (Gold Coast) 19 1s111 Princess Cinders (3) 56.5 M G Nolan (Toowoomba) 20 s3231 Varanasi (7) 56.5 John Thompson (Gold Coast) 21 12486 Fiesty Belle (16) 56.5 John Thompson (Gold Coast)


fRed best clAssic

L Nolen D Browne N Hall J Cassidy R Mc Leod T Bell L innes P Hammersley M Cahill Y ichikawa (a) B evans M Rodd R Mc Mahon G Colless R Wiggins C Munce B Stewart J Byrne J Byrne


$125,000, 3yo Group 3 SW, 1350m 1 122s5 Sizzling twb (1) 57 K C Wood (Eagle Farm) 2 341s0 Saluter (6) 57 Jason McLachlan (Sunshine Coast) 3 357s0 Luke’s Luck (8) 57 K M Schweida (Eagle Farm) 4 141s1 Academus (9) 57 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) 5 70s01 Jimando (14) 57 Tony McEvoy (Angaston) 6 615s3 Dances On Stars d (20) 57 G A Ryan (Rosehill) 7 s0157 Eximius w (13) 57 M G Price (Caulfield) 8 s1125 Complicate b (17) 57 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) 9 11314 Platinum Kingdom w (7) 57 Ms L Latta (Awapuni (Nz) 10 268s6 Platinum State (19) 57 B R Guy (Gold Coast) 11 0s412 Boban c (5) 57 C J Waller (Rosehill) 12 410s5 Lucky Hussler tcwb (2) 57 Kent Fleming (Gold Coast) 13 526s2 Al Aneed (12) 57 M G Price (Caulfield) 14 — Noogoora Burr 15 531s4 General Exhibit t (15) 57 Ms H Page (Gold Coast) 16 s2893 Medusa’s Miss (16) 55 Kevin Moses (Randwick) EMERGENCiES 17 113s Lilliburlero b (11) 55 David Payne (Rosehill) 18 522s6 Oasis Rose (10) 55 G A Rogerson (Tuhikaramea) 19 2523s General Groove n (3) 57 L J Corstens (Kyneton) 20 s1131 Peron c (4) 55 John Thompson (Gold Coast) 21 40112 Cheapskater b (18) 57 C A Howell (Rockhampton)


kiRks dOOMben cup

C Munce D Browne G Colless M Rodd N Hall M Walker B Rawiller R Mc Mahon J Riddell J Byrne L innes Matthew Palmer L Cassidy SCRATCHED Ms T Harrison (a) L Nolen T Bell J Cassidy S Baster M Cahill


$500,000, Group 1 WFA, 2000m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

s0047 33756 89s58 17152 15s04 50s73 6s495 3s902 s0211 s5485 s0342 s3506 41511 11251

Manighar dw (9) 59 P G Moody (Rosehill) Danleigh wn (6) 59 C J Waller (Rosehill) Ginga Dude dwn (3) 59 G B Boyd (Kaipaki) Foreteller dw (4) 59 C J Waller (Rosehill) Lamasery d (14) 59 David Vandyke (Warwick Farm) zabeelionaire d (7) 59 L J Corstens (Kyneton) Lightinthenite dwn (13) 59 J A O’Shea (Randwick) Beaten Up d (1) 59 C J Waller (Rosehill) Lights Of Heaven dwn (5) 57 P G Moody (Caulfield) Secret Admirer (12) 57 G M Begg (Randwick) Fibrillation w (8) 57 T R Martin (Rosehill) zurella d (10) 57 S F Ritchie (Gold Coast) Pimms Time dw (11) 57 E G Lowry (Hasting) Hippopus w (2) 56.5 Ms G Waterhouse (Flemington)


dARley bRc spRint

B Rawiller M Walker L Cassidy J Cassidy G Colless S Baster N Hall L innes L Nolen M Rodd M Cahill J Riddell D Browne C Munce


$125,000, Quality Group 3, 1350m 1 2s610 Hot Snitzel w (12) 59 G A Ryan (Rosehill) M Cahill 2 63511 Famous Seamus w (3) 58.5 N Mayfield-Smith (Hawkesbury) G Colless 3 0s216 Ready To Rip tw (16) 58 P G Moody (Caulfield) L Nolen 4 41132 River Lad w (4) 57.5 Natalie McCall (Sunshine Coast) e Wilkinson 5 237s6 Phelan Ready w (10) 57 Jason McLachlan (Sunshine Coast) D Browne 6 s7133 See The World w (7) 57 Joseph Pride (Warwick Farm) N Hall 7 435s5 Startsmeup c (20) 57 J, D & C Meagher (Eagle Farm) R Mc Mahon 8 — Fontelina SCRATCHED 9 790s0 Green Birdie (17) 56.5 Darlene Duryea (Beaudesert) M Walker 10 9s428 Smokin’ Joey (11) 56.5 M G Price (Caulfield) L Cassidy 11 7s0s5 Belltone cdw (6) 56 K C Wood (Eagle Farm) C Munce 12 12848 Steel zip cw (13) 56 P Duff (Deagon) B Stewart 13 09865 Justanexcuse w (2) 55 Ms L Latta (Awapuni) L innes 14 3s9s4 Listen Son d (1) 55 T J Gollan (Eagle Farm) M Rodd 15 251s7 Morning Captain tcw (15) 55 Ms K Doughty (Gold Coast) J Byrne 16 14s63 Fire Up Fifi tcdw (5) 54 R L Heathcote (Eagle Farm) R Wiggins EMERGENCiES 17 1s594 Mahisara wb (18) 54.5 Paul Messara (Scone) J Cassidy 18 30s70 Latin News w (21) 54 B J Dais (Eagle Farm) 19 0s000 King Saul (9) 54 K M Schweida (Eagle Farm) S Baster 20 s9012 War Ends tc (8) 54 A J Edmonds (Gold Coast) 21 646s5 Meet George tcw (19) 54 B J Smith (Eagle Farm)

Australian races flemington Jetbet 6


Overcast/Dead (4)/Out 3m.

2013 tROA/luxbet WinteR chAMp. 4.22 $80,000, open Heat, 1400m 161s4 218s5 3707s 134s8 1226s 61483 11650 0548s 360s0 03464 0s002 070s6 65s87 526s2 52311 3s732


Hawks Bay tw (8) 60.5 N J Dyer (Kyneton) D Lane Streets Away dw (9) 58.5 D K Weir (Wangoom) G Boss Extra zero ch (13) 56.5 D A Hayes (Flemington) C Schofield (a) Constant Force (14) 55 B & S Wilde (Warrnambool) B Melham Another Prelate dw (10) 54 Q J Scott (Warrnambool) C Robertson Goldslick tdw (1) 54 M C Kent (Cranbourne) C Newitt Le Remas dw (15) 54 B J McKnight (Maldon) Ms C Puls Ulundi tw (3) 54 Shea Eden (Corinella) Ms k Mallyon (a) Agrippa cdwh (7) 54 J D Sadler (Flemington) J Winks Dayita tdw (6) 54 P G Moody (Caulfield) J Duffy (a) Hollowlea cwn (5) 54 T & K O’Sullivan (Stawell) Ms L Meech Upbeat w (12) 54 A J Cummings (Caulfield) V Duric Luckyi’mbarefoot dwb (11) 54 M J Williams (Warrnambool) C Symons Lethal Arrow dw (16) 54 J A McLean (Yangery) D Yendall Loot ‘n’ Run dw (2) 54 Jason Warren (Mornington) D Dunn El Divine dw (4) 54 D K Weir (Ballarat) G Boss

AndReW RAMsden stks


$150,000, Listed, 3200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

3s458 64721 s7808 92113 42221 43314 27430 46230

Wells dwb (5) 54 Ms K Durden (Geelong) Bono Vox h (10) 54 D A Hayes (Flemington) Brungle Cry dw (13) 54 R W Smerdon (Caulfield) Compound h (12) 54 Saab Hasan (Flemington) Taxi Joe (1) 54 J T Conlan (Mornington) Cottonwood Sky dwh (9) 54 R F Cameron (Flemington) Knucklemanna w (14) 54 B I Stanaway (Torquay) Pretty Adamant w (16) 54 B J Turner (Pakenham) Hackett’s Heart (8) 54 P G Carey (Mornington) Love Or Gold dw (11) 54 B & S Wilde (Warrnambool) Retlaw Lad w (4) 54 D T McCabe (Branxholme)


King Diamond t (6) 60 J A McLean (Yangery) Escado w (17) 57 M W Laurie (Mornington) Stand To Gain dw (19) 56 R K Challis (Kyneton) Gotta Take Care dwn (2) 55.5 D K Weir (Ballarat) Thubiaan twh (7) 55.5 C J Waller (Flemington) Unchain My Heart thn (3) 54.5 D A Hayes (Flemington) Altonio w (15) 54 P G Carey (Mornington) Val Mondo (18) 54 Aaron Purcell (Warrnambool)

J Mott B Melham C Robertson D Yendall C Newitt D Dunn J Winks A Mallyon


the stRAight six


$120,000, Listed, 1200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

s0684 s00s0 s8529 2267s 98s22 s48s6 06192 2854s 10s17 22063 2850s 5s602 2723s 16117 2660s 420s3

Title dw (1) 60 Joseph Pride (Warwick Farm) D Dunn Shellscrape dw (14) 59 Ms N Burke (Cranbourne) B Melham Utah Saints td (10) 56.5 Brent Stanley (Kyneton) N Stanley Testascana tdwhn (12) 56 M J Cerchi (Flemington) R Plumb That’s The One tdwb (9) 54.5 C & C Alderson (Cranbourne) G Boss Gybe dwh (5) 54 D A Hayes (Flemington) C Schofield (a) Shandream d (11) 54 R D Collett (Pukekohe Park) V Duric By The Way tdw (6) 54 M W Lewis (Ballarat) J Benbow Petman db (16) 54 John Hyam (Morphettville) T Baker Dash For Viz tdw (2) 54 R D Griffiths (Cranbourne) C Newitt Rememba Howe dw (15) 54 G M Walker (Mornington) D Yendall Mister Milton (13) 54 Norman Waymouth (Mornington) D Lane Johannapine w (4) 54 M C Webb (Cranbourne) C Symons Perfectly Stunning t (3) 54 P G Carey (Mornington) J Winks Balzeus dw (8) 54 T & K O’Sullivan (Stawell) Ms L Meech Bellissimo w (7) 54 A J Cummings (Caulfield) J Duffy (a)


henRy bOlte hcp


$80,000, Rating 89, 1700m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

46955 7s702 72602 02315 11621 00s85 12111 0s008 3s322 4s427 7s762 07034 91s82 20s64 456s2

Eraset tchn (15) 60 D T O’Brien (Flemington) C Newitt Oak Heart tw (3) 58 D K Weir (Warrnambool) J Mott Gail tcwn (12) 57.5 R D Griffiths (Cranbourne) G Boss Lordoftheparrots dwh (11) 56.5 M D Moroney (Flemington) T Sadler (a2) Me Hungi dw (10) 56.5 G A Daffy (Camperdown) C Robertson Budai wh (6) 56 D A Hayes (Flemington) C Schofield (a1.5) Tigerland (1) 55.5 M W Laurie (Mornington) B Melham Royal Mail tdn (9) 55 D L Howard (Cranbourne) D Yendall Fulgur wbh (14) 54 C J Waller (Flemington) C Symons Alrouz wn (13) 54 D C Harrison (Cranbourne) D Dunn Nordic Duke wh (7) 54 M D Moroney (Flemington) A Mallyon Full Hand (4) 54 B O Cox (Wodonga) Ms L Meech First Course (5) 54 K M Keys (Cranbourne) J Duffy (a2) Bashan w (2) 54 S A Dwyer (Bendigo) J Hill Rapidus h (8) 54 J B Cummings (Flemington) P Mertens

Australian races scone Jetbet 12

Quaddie 5-6-7-8. Place6 3-8.

Weather/track/Rail Fine/Good (3)/True.


yARRAMAn pk-luskin stAR stAkes 4.40 $140,000, Quality Listed, 1300m

1 s2366 Decision Time b (10) 60.5 C E Conners (Warwick Farm) 2 12192 Skytrain dwn (11) 60 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) 3 51122 Riva De Lago cdw (3) 58.5 C J Waller (Rosehill) 4 138s0 Bold Glance w (6) 58 N L Hilton (Broadmeadow) 5 s7750 Fontelina (14) 58 A J Cummings (Randwick) 6 4875s Sniper’s Bullet dw (8) 57.5 T J Bartley (Wyong) 7 215s0 Star Of Octagonal tw (9) 57.5 T S Howlett (Cessnock) 8 10s40 instinction h (4) 55.5 Paul Messara (Scone) 9 44830 Said Com dw (17) 54.5 C J Waller (Rosehill) 10 s00s9 Liveandletdie (2) 54 Bjorn Baker (Warwick Farm) 11 0s871 Hidden Warrior (16) 54 P M Perry (Broadmeadow) 12 14031 Agister dw (13) 54 A J Denham (Wyong) 13 38s1s The Offer w (1) 54 Ms G Waterhouse (Randwick) 14 15319 Fedde dw (5) 54 G M Begg (Randwick) 15 24473 Bereft dw (7) 54 D I Atkins (Broadmeadow) 16 2s142 Double Halo twh (12) 54 Luke Griffith (Scone) EMERGENCy 17 060s0 Mr Armstrong dw (15) 54 John Thompson (Gold Coast)


dARley dARk JeWel clAssic

N Rawiller k Mc evoy J Bowman J Ford P Robl G Buckley R Thompson B Shinn J Mc Donald B Avdulla N Berry C Reith T Clark G Schofield Ms k o’Hara G Ryan A Gibbons


$200,000, F&M Quality Listed, 1400m 1 s7324 Miss Stellabelle wn (5) 58 Ms G Waterhouse (Randwick) N Rawiller 2 9s608 Shannara c (2) 57 Peter Snowden (Agnes Banks/Hawkesbu) k Mc evoy 3 2s079 Soft Sand wh (6) 56 Paul Messara (Scone) B Shinn 4 6450s Angel Of Mercy db (15) 54.5 G A Ryan (Rosehill) T Clark 5 5s452 Arctic Flight w (13) 54 A J Cummings (Randwick) P Robl 6 7s411 City Of Song dn (12) 54 Bjorn Baker (Warwick Farm) B Avdulla 7 116s3 Pipette dw (10) 54 C J Waller (Rosehill) G Schofield 8 554s9 Hoss Amor dw (19) 54 J A O’Shea (Randwick) J Mc Donald 9 65s09 Forfeiture w (11) 54 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) C Reith 10 s6566 New Beginning dw (9) 54 John Thompson (Randwick) A Gibbons 11 510s0 Holy Moly dw (4) 54 J G Sargent (Warwick Farm) N Berry 12 s6414 Plucky Belle dw (7) 54 P G Moody (Caulfield) J Parr 13 5s561 Cradle Me d (3) 54 David Pfieffer (Warwick Farm) S Clipperton (a) 14 25112 Whitesails dw (16) 54 B J Dodson (Coffs Harbour) M Bennett 15 00s30 Potions dw (18) 54 John Thompson (Flemington) Ms k o’Hara 16 13786 Aneto w (17) 54 M, W & J Hawkes (Flemington) J Ford EMERGENCiES 17 10067 Who’s Ready w (1) 54 A G Scorse (Broadmeadow) 18 1s467 Elfina d (8) 54 M, W & J Hawkes (Rosehill) 19 32446 Myamira tdh (14) 54 R P Northam (Scone)

inglis guineAs


1 2s048 Lunar Rise d (7) 56.5 J B Cummings (Randwick) J Bowman 2 62553 Ashokan w (6) 56.5 Ms G Waterhouse (Randwick) N Rawiller 3 41220 Ninth Legion db (4) 56.5 M, W & J Hawkes (Rosehill) J Mc Donald 4 25373 Taxmeifyoucan w (18) 56.5 G D Hickman (Warwick Farm) B Shinn 5 31067 Holy Toledo dw (13) 56.5 R J Macrae (Toowoomba) J Parr 6 35s84 Red Excitement (5) 56.5 G A Ryan (Rosehill) J Ford 7 01162 Hirad d (8) 56.5 M G Price (Caulfield) T Clark 8 6s524 Harlequin’s Gold (16) 56.5 L F Birchley (Eagle Farm) 9 19391 Wine ‘n’ Dine (19) 56.5 G M Begg (Randwick) k Mc evoy 10 41173 Aghamore tb (1) 56.5 T S Howlett (Cessnock) N Berry 11 7s111 Single Spirit dw (12) 56.5 M R Stitt (Taree) R Thompson 12 s5187 Flying Snitzel dw (2) 54.5 G A Ryan (Rosehill) C Reith 13 46818 Chez Harmony dw (9) 54.5 David Payne (Rosehill) 14 111 Missy Cummings d (3) 54.5 A J Cummings (Randwick) P Robl 15 s1098 impetuous (11) 54.5 C E Conners (Warwick Farm) B Avdulla 16 1s774 Cristal Beauty wh (15) 54.5 P H Bloomfield (Scone) A Gibbons EMERGENCiES 17 9s071 Gladius d (20) 54.5 Matthew Dale (Canberra) 18 1s1 Chewychop w (17) 56.5 D P Smith (Broadmeadow) G Schofield 19 1s281 Piamimi dh (14) 54.5 Greg Bennett (Scone) Ms C Van Der Werf (a) 20 12219 Pro Consul tbh (10) 56.5 Greg Bennett (Scone) G Buckley



pRydes eAsifeed ORtensiA stks


$140,000, Quality Listed, 1100m 1 10s00 Ortensia dwh (4) 62 Paul Messara (Scone) 2 5s56s Mic Mac dh (17) 61 Paul Messara (Scone) 3 0s400 Satin Shoes d (18) 55.5 C E Conners (Warwick Farm) 4 9s504 Border Rebel tcdw (5) 55 Ms S Grills (Tamworth) 5 0286s zaratone dwn (11) 54.5 Bjorn Baker (Warwick Farm) 6 638s2 Anise d (8) 54 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) 7 0s406 Emotional Circus cd (3) 54 K A Lees (Broadmeadow) 8 6s40s Motspur cd (2) 54 K A Lees (Broadmeadow) 9 00s20 Metallurgical w (19) 54 John Thompson (Gold Coast) 10 1s800 Liesele d (10) 54 L F Birchley (Eagle Farm) 11 18s14 Sharnee Rose db (6) 54 K A Lees (Broadmeadow) 12 38599 Jest Crewsin’ dw (9) 54 Ms J Bowen (Muswellbrook) 13 28s23 i Get Around dwb (1) 54 P M Perry (Broadmeadow) 14 18567 Sutton Queen dwh (16) 54 Luke Griffith (Scone) 15 7s501 Texan Lad tdhn (15) 54 Luke Griffith (Scone) 16 79505 Kirinata w (7) 54 P M Perry (Broadmeadow) EMERGENCiES 17 61460 Mickelberg w (13) 54 G Portelli (Warwick Farm) 18 — Riva De Lago 19 724s1 Fireball tw (12) 54 Ms J Bowen (Muswellbrook)

Caulfield Selections

Scone Selections



N Rawiller G Schofield B Shinn R Thompson B Avdulla k Mc evoy C Reith J Ford A Gibbons J Mc Donald G Buckley N Berry P Robl G Ryan T Clark SCRATCHED



wairio races winton JetBet 6


TAB doubles 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8. Trebles 2-3-4, 6-7-8. Place6 3-8. Quaddie 5-6-7-8.

4 x7624 Motorboat Mike bh (11) 57.5 Sophie Price (Winton) 5 40433 Honora Flynn d (4) 57 Sean Bellew (Ascot Park) 6 x8200 Touchdown m (2) 56.5 Graham Eade (Riverton) 7 06482 Richard Trimbole (1) 55.5 Noel Graham (Wingatui) 8 67866 Prenuptial d (9) 55 B & S Anderton (Wingatui) 9 60470 Gannicus m (12) 55 Kerry King (Riverton) 10 29197 Dame La Jane (6) 54.5 Stephen Washington (Ascot Park) 11 05x55 The Arrow Keeper (7) 54 Steve Anderton (Wingatui) 12 09000 Volonte d (8) 54 Tommy Beckett (Ascot Park) EMERGENCY 13 985x7 Aqualine (3) 55 Michael Pitman (Riccarton)


J Bullard K Williams T Moseley C Barnes (a3) S Muniandy C Johnson R Black (a3) T Direen (a2) A Frye (a3)

manawatu JetBet 5

Overcast/Dead (4)/True.

gear Changes


TAB doubles 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10. Trebles 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 8-9-10. Hoof Pads (Front) off: Stand Up (R4) Standard Bit on: Vindication (R1) Lugging Bit off: Vindication (R1) Blinkers off: Place6 5-10. Keltic Kitty, Jacksanfives (R1); Astralight (R7) Blinkers on: All Quaddie 7-8-9-10. Spice (R5) Side Winkers off: All Spice (R5) Side Winkers on: 1 silVester Clark HandiCap trot Gannicus (R8) Nasal Strip on: Emma Savanna (R1) Shadow $7000, 3yo+ 1 to 5 wins discretionary, 2500m. Roll on: Gannicus (R8) Tongue Tie on: Legal Aid (R2)

Cooke Howlison isuzu


$7000, mdn, 1200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

6x053 Indiana Jones (7) 58.5 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) 8630x Vindication (3) 58.5 Alex Freeman (Wingatui) Beegeeyt (5) 58.5 Steve Anderton (Wingatui) 20x Keltic Kitty (4) 56.5 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) 54383 Langton Katie (2) 56.5 Steve Anderton (Wingatui) 96537 Emma Savanna (1) 56.5 Sally McKay (Ascot Park) 97x05 Jacksanfives (6) 56.5 Terry Kennedy (Wingatui)


J Bullard J Morris S Muniandy A Denby (a2) D Prastiyou (a3) C Barnes (a3) C Johnson

soutHern Vet Centre


$7000, mdn, 1600m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

760 360x6 x6452 x3246 69x54 7x645 x9506 74797


Lochwood (4) 58.5 Sean Cameron (Waiuku) Our Superstar (6) 58.5 B & S Anderton (Wingatui) See You At Divas (5) 56.5 Sally McKay (Ascot Park) I’m A Taart b (1) 56.5 Sally McKay (Ascot Park) Conceal (8) 56.5 Terry Kennedy (Wingatui) Legal Aid (2) 56.5 Kerry King (Riverton) Dana Pascalle (7) 56.5 Mac Henry (Woodlands) Down Here Up There (3) 56.5 Murray Hamilton (Omakau)

R Bishop S Muniandy A Frye (a3) T Direen (a2) J Bullard C Johnson R Black (a3) R Doherty (a1)

nigHtCaps ContraCting


$15000, open, 1400m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

40330 216x9 55115 24781 80911 02533 50562


Comanche Gold dm (2) 59 Graham Eade (Riverton) Fiddler’s Green dmh (1) 56 Len Casey (Winton) Conscious Mistake dm (7) 55 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) Sandfly dm (5) 55 Sally McKay (Ascot Park) Heza Kool Kat dm (4) 54.5 Kelvin Tyler (Riverton) Sucre td (3) 54 Sean Bellew (Ascot Park) Stormpatrol tdm (6) 54 Michael Pitman (Riccarton)

T Moseley T Direen (a2) B Pitman (a1) C Barnes (a3) R Black (a3) C Johnson A Denby (a2)

aB lime/adVanCe agriCulture


$8000, rating 65 benchmark*, 1200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

12552 09921 63026 39715 0x773 63487 26305 857x2 70447 48006 760x0


I’m Maveric db (10) 59 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) Tuatap d (3) 58 Kerry King (Riverton) Stand Up dm (11) 57 Sean Bellew (Ascot Park) Valencia’s Image d (9) 57 Paul Richards (Wingatui) Navigator d (8) 57 J & J Gordon (Ascot Park) Wiseguy d (6) 56.5 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) Mind Reader dm (2) 55.5 Graham Tippett (Isla Bank) Lucky Nemo dm (5) 55.5 Patterson/Horrell (Gore) Krissies Choice (4) 54 Graham Eade (Riverton) Marechal (7) 54 Sean Bellew (Ascot Park) Zolatoi dm (1) 54 Murray Hamilton (Omakau)

J Bullard C Johnson J Morris D Prastiyou (a3) R Bishop B Pitman (a1) S Muniandy K Williams T Moseley T Direen (a2) R Doherty (a1)

Homestead Villa motel


$10000, rating 75 benchmark, 1200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11


67410 45640 03796 5456x 31740 0x024 380x9 x1215 620x6 15668 810x0

The Jester d (1) 63.5 Dennis Bros (Woodlands) A Tempelman (a3) All Spice dm (2) 60 John McKay (Gore) A Frye (a3) Redfern d (4) 58.5 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) B Pitman (a1) On The Take tdm (9) 58 Jo-Anne Dalton (Ascot Park) C Barnes (a3) Party Cat d (6) 57.5 Murray Hamilton (Omakau) J Chong (a3) Citycenta b (8) 55.5 Kerry King (Riverton) L McKay (a3) Bethune Billy m (3) 55.5 J & J Gordon (Ascot Park) T Moseley Ruby Red db (11) 54.5 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) A Denby (a2) Ishigold d (10) 54 Murray Hamilton (Omakau) C Johnson Stravinskaya d (7) 54 John McKay (Gore) K Williams Ustibecasual dm (5) 54 Victoria Bonham-Hoskin (Alexandra) R Black (a3)

preston russell law wairio Cup 3.00 $15000, open, 2000m

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

09056 44053 406x0 23391 30261 56144 16561 00588


Inferno td (5) 59 B & S Anderton (Wingatui) King Prawn th (2) 55 John Phillips (Winton) Danz A Rook dmh (1) 54.5 Valerie Christophers (Winton) Ima Dude tm (8) 54.5 Kelly Thompson (Ascot Park) Esprit D’Or d (7) 54 Tommy Beckett (Ascot Park) Saragarhi d (4) 54 Kelvin Tyler (Riverton) Irish Wit d (3) 54 Sally McKay (Ascot Park) Ballyrina d (6) 54 Murray Hamilton (Omakau)

S Muniandy K Williams R Bishop T Moseley A Frye (a3) R Black (a3) C Johnson R Doherty (a1)

soutHernwide real estate


$10000, rating 75 benchmark, 1600m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


5x688 050x8 — 13413 17409 26x80 54855 88773 19190 85708 40x87 70078

Al Askan d (9) 58.5 Mac Henry (Woodlands) J Morris Voodoo Vixen dm (2) 57.5 Graham Tippett (Isla Bank) S Muniandy Treat SCRATCHED Norah d (8) 56 B & S Anderton (Wingatui) T Direen (a2) Werio dm (11) 55.5 Sean Cameron (Waiuku) T Moseley Astralight tdmh (4) 55 Sophie Price (Winton) R Bishop Luv Da Bling t (6) 54 Kerry King (Riverton) C Johnson Split Decision t (5) 54 N & B Blatch (Tapanui) C Barnes (a3) The Dewdrop (1) 54 Dennis Bros (Woodlands) A Tempelman (a3) She’z A Prima Donna h (10) 54 Ross Clark (Winton) R Doherty Chocolate Cake mh (3) 54 Leda Beck (Winton) K Williams Tickle My Fancy (7) 54 Stephen Blair-Edie (Riverton) J Chong (a3)

pgg wrigHtson


$8000, rating 65 benchmark*, 1600m 1 x4551 What A Find d (13) 59 Murray Hamilton (Omakau) 2 74970 Golden Tower tm (10) 58 Stephen Blair-Edie (Riverton) 3 x2341 Willie Roydon (5) 58 Jim Curran (Ascot Park)


R Doherty (a1) H Y Cheng (a4) J Morris

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

00907 x21P4 85741 14097 80860 37077 18274 x2303 20803 94657 00744 35846 90210


Tumundal Fr (1) Terry Briskie (Dannevirke) Joseph H Fr (2) Stephen Argue (Pukekohe) Foray Fr (3) Mathew Hickey (Woodville) Zimple Fr (4) Andrew & Lyn Neal (Cambridge) Palais Royal Fr (U1) Keith Chittenden (Manutahi) Pretty To Watch Fr (U2) Bryan Macey (Matangi) Miss Middleton 10 (1) Graham Neill (Spring Creek) Rare Opportunity 10 (2) Rogerson/Blanchard (Hamilton) Rarangi Jewel 20 (1) Graham Neill (Spring Creek) Bon Ton Cherie 20 (2) Keith Chittenden (Manutahi) Sweetcheeks 20 (U1) Stephen Doody (Palmerston North) Mo Hahn 30 (1) Dean Hunter (Blenheim) Foxtrot Jack 30 (U1) Jay Abernethy (Papakura)

inspired impaCt paCe 04100 x8490 52597 35020 P0006 x0060 80294 x4422 85805 36625 08883


JC Jock Fr (1) Jim Mair (Eltham) Vertical Four Fr (2) Jim Curtin (Templeton) Riverboat Gracie Fr (3) Brent Weaver (Waterlea Raceway) Sobek Fr (4) Brent Weaver (Waterlea Raceway) Major Hotty Fr (5) Eddie Phelan (Manakau) Wheres Battler Fr (6) Terry Briskie (Dannevirke) Lively Eastburn Fr (7) Jasmine Tanner (Palmerston North) Bettor Cullen Fr (21) Rogerson/Blanchard (Hamilton) Eagle Eyes Fr (22) Willy Fleming (Hawera) Guilty Verdict Fr (23) Andrew & Lyn Neal (Cambridge) Jack Bates Fr (24) Fred Mitchell (Stratford)

outBaCk trading paCe


J Stormont S Argue A Poutama (J) L Neal K Chittenden B Mangos J I Dickie (J) D Butcher J Curtin S Phelan S Doody P Ferguson J Abernethy

6.29 J I Dickie (J) J Curtin P Ferguson B Weaver S Phelan B Mangos A Poutama (J) D Butcher K More A Neal J Abernethy


Gotta Go Sassy’s Jet Fr (1) Greg Payne (West Melton) J Curtin Galleons Warrior Fr (2) Tony Herlihy (Papakura) J I Dickie (J) Karitane Whisper Fr (3) Wendy Devenport (Otaki) P Butcher Monets Daughter Fr (4) Stephen Doody (Palmerston North) A Poutama (J) Huckleberry Finn Fr (5) Pat & Mike O’Brien (Waterlea) P Ferguson Hey Knowitall Fr (6) David Jones (Stratford) J Abernethy Saucy El Fr (7) Geoff Small (Patumahoe) D Butcher Bettors Card Fr (21) Telfer/Garlick (Papakura) S Phelan 08006 Director Dan Fr (22) Brent Weaver (Waterlea Raceway) B Weaver

39946 750x9 55562 62356 67400 58933


media works paCe


$7000, 3yo+ 2 to 6 wins mobile, 2000m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

2646x 13P21 61323 37454 15613 — 66543 x5244 57210 46756 39516 5321x


Donegal’s Guest Fr (1) Tim Butt (West Melton) Donostia Fr (2) Peter Scaife (Foxton) Norvic Nightowl Fr (3) Sean McCaffrey (Cambridge) Rimutoto Prince Fr (4) Jim Mair (Eltham) Flyin Louie Fr (5) Graeme Hall (Richmond) Outrageous Delight Tijuana Bromac Fr (6) Anne-Marie Best (Fairhall) Donegal Chokin Fr (21) Cran Dalgety (West Melton) Beckinsale Fr (22) Pat & Mike O’Brien (Waterlea) Dougie Maguire Fr (23) Geoff Small (Patumahoe) Three Jewels Fr (24) Andrew & Lyn Neal (Cambridge) Murphy Maguire Fr (25) Geoff Small (Patumahoe)

J Curtin P Butcher J Stormont J I Dickie (J) A Poutama (J) SCRATCHED S Phelan B Mangos P Ferguson S Lawson (J) A Neal D Butcher

ni Country Cups Final


$25000, 3 to 9 wins special pace, 2500m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

84720 83849 90555 48615 L3635 55206 28823 67841 — 23626 91371 — 20110


Brydon Delight Fr (1) Tony Grayling (Pukekohe) Kippenberger Fr (2) John Dickie (Cambridge Raceway) Kilarney Guy Fr (3) Peter Scaife (Foxton) Mister Dann Fr (4) Peter Scaife (Foxton) Underwood Road Fr (5) Hollis/Robertson (Pukekohe) Tyler Maguire 10 (1) David Marshall (Cambridge) Stormy Breeze 10 (2) Anthony Smith (Waterlea Raceway) Suu Kyi 10 (3) Jim Curtin (Templeton) Dougie Maguire Vegas Delight 10 (U1) Mangos/Cullen (Pukekohe) Shardon’s Operator 20 (1) Geoff Small (Patumahoe) Delight Brigade Jessies Cullen 30 (1) Peter Ferguson (Cambridge)

t market FresH paCe

S Abernethy (J) J I Dickie (J) S Phelan P Butcher L Hollis J Stormont J Abernethy J Curtin SCRATCHED B Mangos D Butcher SCRATCHED P Ferguson


$6000, 2yo+ f&m non winners mobile, 2000m. 1 05059 Stagefright Fr (1) Terry Briskie (Dannevirke) B Mangos 2 29962 Allisforgiven Fr (2) Jasmine Tanner (Palmerston North) A Poutama (J) 3 45 Ess Ess Fr (3) Andrew & Lyn Neal (Cambridge) L Neal 4 82 Valencay Fr (4) Geoff Small (Patumahoe) S Lawson (J) 5 3570x Donna Belle Fr (5) Tom Fox & Brian Johnson (Richmond Park) P Ferguson SCRATCHED 6 — Desikay 7 Toscana Bromac Fr (6) Anne-Marie Best (Fairhall) S Phelan 8 6730 Just Kris Fr (21) Greg Payne (West Melton) J Curtin 9 Perfectionist Fr (22) Gareth Dixon (Clevedon) J Abernethy


Harding liVestoCk paCe


$6000, 3yo+ non winners mobile, 2500m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

x3302 22643 59898 82 — 63472 69050

Wyatt Earp Fr (1) Scott Dickson (Hunterville) Fine Courage Fr (2) Graeme Hall (Richmond) Ohau Flash Fr (3) Eddie Phelan (Manakau) Valencay Fr (4) Geoff Small (Patumahoe) Valentino Rossi Aces N Eights Fr (5) Fred Mitchell (Stratford) Dralion Fr (6) Andrew & Lyn Neal (Cambridge)



Trophy Hunter Fr (21) Jasmine Tanner (Palmerston North) Arden’s Ambrose Fr (22) Phil Fleming (Stratford) Donna Belle Triumphant Knight Fr (23) Stephen Argue (Pukekohe) Ideal Time Fr (24) Eddie Phelan (Manakau) Bobby Brown Fr (U1) Terry Briskie (Dannevirke)

A Poutama (J) P Ferguson SCRATCHED S Argue J I Dickie (J) B Mangos

export meat wareHouse paCe


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

36331 — 5603x 16847 09374 48316 09996 10x97 87739 93310

Harlow Franco Fr (1) Jim Curtin (Templeton) Lookbacknsmile B B ‘s Magic Fr (2) Murray Gibbs (Levin) Ride In A Porche Fr (3) Stephen Doody (Palmerston North) Sister Courage Fr (4) Jay Abernethy (Papakura) Hilltop Hustler Fr (5) Andrew Jamieson (Pukekohe) Garndor Fr (6) Peter Scaife (Foxton) Art I Special Fr (21) Rogerson/Blanchard (Hamilton) Bad Dancer Fr (22) Brent Weaver (Waterlea Raceway) Golden Bloom Fr (23) Trevor Harris (Bulls)

J Curtin SCRATCHED B Mangos S Phelan J Abernethy J I Dickie (J) P Butcher D Butcher B Weaver S Lawson (J)

allan mCneill paCe


$5500, claimers mobile, 2000m.

$6000, 2yo+ non winners mobile, 2000m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

07965 0x80x — 37457 9 80090


$6500, 3yo+ 1 win mobile, 2500m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

8 9 10 11 12 13

$6500, 3yo+ 1 win mobile, 2000m.

manawatu harness





3" "$*/ "$*/ $*/((6*%& 6*%

P Mertens C Schofield (a) J Hill C Symons G Boss J Noonan R Wheeler B Werner D Lane V Duric T Sadler (a)

$500,000, 3yo SW, 1400m


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

9s723 11231 00121 23133 s5465 79834 15188 15446 53842 34s41 47707


Quaddie 5-6-7-8. Place6 3-8.


9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, May 17, 2013

S Dickson B Weaver S Phelan S Lawson (J) SCRATCHED J Abernethy P Baker

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

95048 — 56840 50266 54666 13895 10842 57673 01227


Thomas Hamilton Fr (1) Peter Scaife (Foxton) Stars Star Strawbs Fire Chip Fr (2) Paul Scott (Waterlea Raceway) Broadway Fr (3) Phil Fleming (Stratford) Mahogany Fr (4) Jay Abernethy (Papakura) Thats Bettor Fr (5) Brent Weaver (Waterlea Raceway) Winstone P Fr (6) Mangos/Cullen (Pukekohe) Latte Lass Fr (21) Mathew Hickey (Woodville) Thrill Factor Fr (22) Peter Scaife (Foxton)

P Butcher SCRATCHED J Curtin P Ferguson J Abernethy B Weaver B Mangos A Poutama (J) D Butcher

Visique naylor palmer HCp trot 10.25 $6000, 3yo+ up to 1 win special, 2500m.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

63802 22439 40050 50x 88007 52444 07558 93735

Latent Fr (1) Peter Scaife (Foxton) Door Slammer Fr (2) John Robinson (Ohaupo) Jomo Fr (3) John Robinson (Ohaupo) Sunshield Fr (4) Tom Fox & Brian Johnson (Richmond Park) Kane Alexander Fr (5) Geoff Small (Patumahoe) Earl Mountbatten Fr (6) Terry Briskie (Dannevirke) Megs First Fr (7) Ray Collins (Kapuni) John Joseph 30 (1) Willy Fleming (Hawera) Two Wishes 30 (2) Keith Chittenden (Manutahi)

S Phelan P Butcher J Robinson L Neal D Butcher B Mangos K Chittenden K More J Abernethy

nz metro harness addington JetBet 8


TAB doubles 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12. Trebles 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9, 10-11-12. Pick6 7-12 $40,000. Place6 7-12. Quaddie 9-10-11-12.


CHristCHurCH Casino trot


$12500, ffa mobile, 2600m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

2x355 2014x x63x1 18869 31155 83016 10711


Master Lavros Fr (1) Mark Jones (Burnham) Uncas Fr (2) Bevan Heron (Rangiora) Jaccka Justy Fr (3) Jonny Cox (Westwood Beach) Global Invasion Fr (4) Ray Jenkins (West Melton) Phil’s Gift Fr (5) Murray Tapper (Levels) Clover Don Fr (6) C & J DeFilippi (Lincoln) Stig Fr (7) Paul Nairn (Leeston)

M Jones B Thomas (J) J W Cox A Lethaby N Williamson C DeFilippi A Butt

lamB & Hayward paCe


$10000, 3yo+ f&m 1 to 3 wins mobile, 1950m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

60124 — 53x11 62432 35220 8x614 30360 47x24 97545 39136 10611 51471 86516


Mashika Fr (1) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) Universal Rule Mac Bubbles Fr (2) Cran Dalgety (West Melton) Queen’s Advocate Fr (3) Malcolm Shinn (West Melton) Justalittlebettor Fr (4) D & C Butt (Woodend Beach) Little Tess Fr (5) T & G Chmiel (Leeston) Flying Anvil Fr (6) Cran Dalgety (West Melton) Castellina Lover Fr (7) Steve Dolan (Russley) Magna Fr (8) J & J Geddes (Norwood) Delightful Song Fr (21) Neil Edge (Weedons) Lurah Fr (22) Robbie Holmes (Leithfield Beach) Nokomai Fr (23) Tony Herlihy (Papakura) Hot Toddy Fr (24) Ken Barron (West Melton)

J Dunn SCRATCHED D Dunn B orange B Butt T Chmiel M Jones L McCarthy J geddes M McKendry R Holmes T Herlihy K Barron

JeFF dermott painting HCp trot


$12500, 3 or more wins discretionary, 2600m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

29811 34921 18029 — 12332 65528 39234 52153 94PP1 463P4 51350 25410 18869


Bobby Breen Fr (1) Kyle Austin (Weedons) Releven Dream Fr (2) Jamie Gameson (Burnham) Pretty Sunday Fr (U1) Phil Burrows (Fernside) Kowhai Whiz Dixie Commando 10 (2) J & J Geddes (Greenpark) Theycallmesam 10 (U1) Wakelin/Noble (Oxford) Fire In The Night 10 (U2) Bruce Hutton (Greendale) Trip’s On Me 10 (U3) Carl Middleton (Highbank) Blackjacky 20 (1) Peter Bagrie (Ohoka) Sunny Kash 20 (2) Derek & Adele Jones (Rolleston) Jess Jaccka 20 (3) Jonny Cox (Westwood Beach) Irish Whisper 30 (1) Tony Herlihy (Papakura) Global Invasion 30 (2) Ray Jenkins (West Melton)

J Dunn B orange g Smith SCRATCHED J geddes P Wakelin C DeFilippi L o’Reilly D Dunn C D Thornley J W Cox T Herlihy A Lethaby

marriotts CHartered aCC. paCe


$10000, 3yo+ 1 win mobile, 1950m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

7468x 83763 12326 — 62145 3x281 100x9 03232 50774 88053 01372

Vanilla Rose Fr (1) Mark Fuller (Weedons) Comenche Fr (2) Peter Robertson (Templeton) McPocket Fr (3) Mark Jones (Burnham) The Empire’s Sister Hi Jinx Fr (4) T & G Chmiel (Leeston) Berlusconi Fr (5) Mark Purdon (Rolleston) Champagne Driller Fr (6) Regan Todd (Burnham) Lumos Fr (7) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) Gliding Charm Fr (8) Doug Gillespie (Geraldine) Universal Rule Fr (21) John Howe (West Melton) Flyalong Falcon Fr (22) John Parsons (Balcairn)


B orange C D Thornley M Jones SCRATCHED T Chmiel M Purdon R Todd (J) J Dunn K Barron S McNally S ottley (J)


ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, May 17, 2013

fields&fORM 5

PascOes The JewelleRs Pace


$10000, 4yo+ 1 to 2 wins mobile, 2600m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

57723 13667 — 30880 75392 5130 — 10041 72121 0182 90546 22169 P9862 — — 77721


Bushrod Fr (1) Jim Curtin (Templeton) Cullens Spirit Fr (2) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) The Empire’s Sister Call Me Danny Fr (3) Robin Thornley (Templeton) Maddison Hill Fr (4) Chris Chalmers (Halswell) Daughtry Bromac Fr (5) John Hay (Ashburton) K C Pedro Good Girl Becqui Fr (6) Phil Burrows (Fernside) Uncle Trevor Fr (7) Gavin Cook (Ladbrooks) Maravu Twilight Fr (21) Ross Rennie (Rangiora) Sailing On Fr (22) Andrew Stuart (Rangiora) Tiana Franco Fr (23) Daniel Reardon (Yaldhurst) Unique Chance Fr (24) P & L Jones (West Melton) Fiery Lustre Franco Nattai Fortunately Fr (25) Ken Ford (West Melton)

C D Thornley D Dunn SCRATCHED G O’Reilly T Chmiel J Hay SCRATCHED B Thomas (J) S Ottley (J) R Holmes M Jones T Herlihy R May SCRATCHED SCRATCHED A Tomlinson

TRevinOs winTeR cuP hcP Pace


$17500, 5 or more wins spec, 3200m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

01211 11759 67730 33353 35432 41623 15548 12131 36411 62252 — 94232 64154


Field Officer Fr (1) Peter Bagrie (Ohoka) Hurricane Bromac Fr (2) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) Radar Fr (3) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) Live Lea Fr (4) Grant McStay (Redwood) Ellmer Hanover Fr (5) Brendon Hill (Kaiapoi) Southwind Arden 10 (1) Mark Purdon (Rolleston) Samuel James 10 (2) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) Ballindooley 10 (3) Anderson/Hoffman (Westwood Beach) Minnie Moose 10 (4) Mark Purdon (Pukekohe) Jason Rulz 10 (5) G & N Hope (Woodend Beach) Smiling Star Franco Ledger 20 (1) Hamish Hunter (Ryal Bush) Fly Like An Eagle 20 (U1) Mark Purdon (Rolleston)

D Dunn J Dunn T Williams G O’Reilly M Jones T Herlihy G Smith J W Cox B Orange R May SCRATCHED C DeFilippi M Purdon

MORTlOck MccORMack law Pace


$10000, 3yo+ 1 win, 2600m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

34052 50P90 576x3 x8714 31636 00817 34051 0x360 2761 33385 16472 00585 86671


Ajaye Fr (1) D & C Butt (Woodend Beach) B Butt The Empire’s Sister Fr (2) Robbie Rowland (Yaldhurst) C D Thornley Fiery Lustre Fr (3) Ivan Court (Ladbrooks) M Jones Fifth Edition Fr (4) Cran Dalgety (West Melton) D Dunn Homeforabubbly Fr (5) Jonny Cox (Westwood Beach) J W Cox Free Bird Fr (6) Barry Ward (West Melton) M Williamson (J) Lindennys Buttercup Fr (7) C & J DeFilippi (Lincoln) C DeFilippi Macho Comacho Fr (8) T & G Chmiel (Leeston) T Chmiel Loch In C Fr (9) Geoffrey Kelk (Winchmore) G O’Reilly Major Moment Fr (10) Phil Burrows (Fernside) G Smith Franco Tiago Fr (11) Ben Waldron (Ashburton) R May Massimo Fr (12) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) J Dunn Riverboat Diamond Fr (13) John McDermott (Prebbleton) R Holmes

canTeRbuRy bReedeRs nZ Oaks


$100000, 3yo fillies mobile pace, group I, 2600m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

12150 11211 11033 41516 61332 13219 15144 22412 13217 21113 58128 21235 17481


Kabet Fr (1) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) Adore Me Fr (2) Mark Purdon (Rolleston) Kate De Goldie Fr (3) Robbie Holmes (Leithfield Beach) Helena Jet Fr (4) G & N Hope (Woodend Beach) Tandias Bromac Fr (5) Ken Barron (West Melton) Splendour Fr (6) Macfarlane/Sharpe (Patumahoe) Rozelski Fr (7) Mark Purdon (Rolleston) Whisper Jet Fr (8) Mark Purdon (Rolleston) Safedra Fr (9) Cran Dalgety (West Melton) Delightful Christian Fr (21) Brian Hughes (Ardmore) Seven Point One Fr (22) Phil Burrows (Fernside) Gold Elite Fr (23) Geoff Small (Patumahoe) Spirit Of Art Fr (24) Mark Purdon (Pukekohe)

T Williams M Purdon R Holmes R May K Barron T Macfarlane B Orange T Herlihy D Dunn M McKendry B Thomas (J) Z Butcher (J) C DeFilippi

avOn ciTy fORd Pace


$12500, 3yo+ 3 to 4 wins mobile, 1950m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


02255 07x11 41211 22213 — 25249 05225 31211 22434 18979

Canardly Lover Fr (1) Hamish Hunter (Ryal Bush) Lulli Midfrew Fr (2) Phil Burrows (Fernside) Bit Of A Legend Fr (3) Cran Dalgety (West Melton) Mighty Flying Mac Fr (4) Cran Dalgety (West Melton) O Baby Chechnya Fr (5) Nigel McGrath (Weedons) Paradise City Fr (6) Barry Ward (West Melton) Carpenters Daughter Fr (7) Gareth Dixon (Clevedon) Mossdale Conner Fr (8) G & N Hope (Woodend Beach) Hairy Maclary Fr (U1) Peter Holmes (Templeton)

S Ottley (J) B Thomas (J) D Dunn K Barron SCRATCHED N McGrath M Williamson (J) C D Thornley R May R Holmes

GaRRaRds siRes sTakes seRies final 9.50 $180000, 2yo c&g mobile pace, group I, 1950m.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

4147 42332 35225 52060 13432 22151 32390 11113 31144 85210 859 22 16146 54915 0871


Zacharia Fr (1) Mark Purdon (Rolleston) Tiger Tara Fr (2) Geoff Dunn (West Melton) Maxim Fr (3) Barry Purdon (Clevedon) Explosive Art Fr (4) Graham Court (West Melton) Sky Major Fr (5) Barry Purdon (Clevedon) Isaiah Fr (6) Mark Purdon (Rolleston) Return To Sender Fr (7) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) Allblack Stride Fr (8) Belinda McCarthy (New South Wales) Regulus Fr (21) Cran Dalgety (West Melton) Ubettabelieveit Fr (22) Ray Green (Huapai) Highview Highlander Fr (23) Brad Mowbray (Russley) Someardensomewhere Fr (24) Mark Purdon (Rolleston) Cyclone Prince Fr (25) Gareth Dixon (Clevedon) Racer Fr (26) Sean McCaffrey (Cambridge) Whozideawasthis Fr (27) Paul Kerr (Ohoka)

B Orange G O’Reilly Z Butcher (J) C D Thornley T Herlihy M Purdon J Dunn L McCarthy D Dunn M McKendry C DeFilippi M Jones T Mitchell R May M Kerr (J)

walkeR davey TROT


$10000, 3yo+ 1 to 2 wins mobile, 1950m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


713 21553 31144 27903 09875 43647 22010 20210 25884 70407 72160 01712

Foreverman Fr (1) Robbie Holmes (Leithfield Beach) Doctor Bones Fr (2) Barry Ford (Kaikoura) Quite A Moment Fr (3) G & N Hope (Woodend Beach) The Blazing Conman Fr (4) Marty Larter (West Melton) Sunny Jewel Fr (5) Wakelin/Noble (Oxford) Tart N Tights Fr (6) Mike Austin (West Melton) Sol Invictus Fr (7) Michael House (West Melton) William Lance Fr (8) Bevan Heron (Rangiora) Speedy Earl Fr (9) Kyle Cameron (Fernside) Evander D Go Fr (21) Neil Burton (Ashburton) No Potato Fr (22) Kevin Townley (Russley) The Bog Fr (U1) Nigel McGrath (Weedons)

R Holmes J Dunn R May C D Thornley P Wakelin B Orange C DeFilippi B Thomas (J) K Cameron M Purdon D Dunn N McGrath

blue sTaR Taxis Pace


$8000, 3yo+ non winners, 2600m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Bobbi Fr (1) Bob Forrester (West Melton) 53604 Jeans Mattjesty Fr (2) G & N Hope (Woodend Beach) Karanga Sweetp Fr (3) Bob Forrester (West Melton) 77064 Little Mo Fr (4) Ken Ford (West Melton) 522 Cavallo Volante Fr (5) Mark Jones (Burnham) 76523 Stairway To Heaven Fr (6) Barry Ward (West Melton) 30309 Sky Ruler Fr (7) Robbie Holmes (Leithfield Beach) 74550 Christians Wonder Fr (8) Phil Burrows (Fernside) 37822 Morven Lad Fr (9) Murray Alfeld (Weedons) 83643 Be Me Fr (U1) Ben Waldron (Ashburton)

D Dunn R May C D Thornley A Tomlinson M Jones B Thomas (J) R Holmes G Smith C DeFilippi B Orange

waikato races Te Rapa JeTbeT 2


TAB doubles 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9. Trebles 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9. Pick6 4-9 $50,000. Place6 4-9. Quaddie 6-7-8-9.

weather/Track/Rail Overcast/Dead (6)/Out 8m.


Gear changes

dunsTan bReed & GROw PReMieR 12.00 $20000, 3yo sw+p, 1200m

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

00x0x 11750 296x8 13x x0030 10492 07x04 54816 924 35641 60x1 1346x 18 4160x


cROMbie lOckwOOd PReMieR hcP 12.33 12381 3140x 6x2 1x 456x3 3 4 4x 84x42 2 2903 5


Gateway d (9) 59.5 Stephen McKee (Ardmore) Dancer’s Tale m (13) 58 Baker/Forsman (Cambridge) young Warrior (10) 57 Lee Somervell (Cambridge) Shebang (6) 56.5 K & B Hawtin (Te Awamutu) Dugan d (11) 56.5 John Sargent (Matamata) First Class (3) 56.5 Jenna Mahoney (Clevedon) Babilloni (1) 56 Stephen Autridge (Matamata) Suarez h (2) 56 David Greene (Te Rapa) Four Of Diamonds (4) 56 Anne Herbert (Cambridge) Sacred Park (8) 56 Pike/Donoghue (Cambridge) Frances (7) 55 Busuttin/Young (Cambridge) Peria Princess (12) 55 Autridge/Goodwin (Matamata) True Spirit (5) 54.5 John Wheeler (New Plymouth) Brandy b (14) 54 Fursdon/Sliz (Matamata)

S Spratt O Bosson J Jago A Forbes (a1) C Dell (a1) S Dye T Thornton B Hutton (a3) D Walsh M D Plessis M Hills R Jones M Dravitzki (a2) M Sweeney

dunsTan feeds waikaTO huRdle


$40000, open hurdle, pjr, 3200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

15x82 x7431 566x9 99897 5x212 9x566 6x773 4x654 001x5 70x71 32180 x4146


El Marino m (9) 67 Peter Stewart (Matangi) Evathreestep tm (4) 67 K & B Hawtin (Te Awamutu) Karlos tdm (11) 66.5 S & R McGlade (Cambridge) Arose m (10) 65.5 Ray Gavin (Pukekohe) Sea King m (7) 65 Kevin Myers (Wanganui) Shakeitup m (6) 65 Roustoby/McIlroy (Cambridge) Riviera Star m (3) 65 John Wheeler (New Plymouth) Supercharged m (2) 65 V & W Hillis (Matamata) Dancing Diamond m (5) 65 Harvey Wilson (Waverley) The Strutter tm (1) 65 Dick Stevenson (Waipu) Classic Kanga m (12) 65 K & L Rae (Ruakaka) Radinka m (8) 65 G & D Rogerson (Hamilton)

A Kuru C Thornton S Houston G Walsh J Rathbone P Ormsby C Perrett C Singer I Lupton S Phelan M Cropp (a) R Cully

faiRview MOTORs PReMieR hcP


$40000, open, 2100m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

060x9 0x890 10x99 57256 3x709 30x84 13531 01743 x7453


High Kin tdmh (1) 59 David Greene (Te Rapa) O Bosson Intransigent dm (2) 57 Kirsty Lawrence (Waipukurau) D Walsh Carbonado m (4) 56 David Murray (Cambridge) S Spratt Dancing Chief td (7) 54.5 Gregory Graham (Byerley Pk Karaka) R Norvall Payback d (5) 54.5 Nick Duin (Pukekohe) M Hills Little Alfie Brown td (6) 54 Peter Blick (Cambridge) L Satherley Revelator d (9) 53.5 Moroney/Ormsby (Matamata) M D Plessis Bouvier d (8) 53 G & M Sanders (Te Awamutu) M Wenn Pan Dulce t (3) 53 Jamie Graham (Ardmore Lodge) A Forbes (a)

PORRiTT sand waikaTO sTeePle


$40000, open steeple, pjr, 4000m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

3Fx56 1x771 11x71 73x25 2x763 4Fx62 78054 2x041 Fx1x8


Cape Kinaveral tdm (7) 69 G & D Rogerson (Hamilton) Morpheus tdm (2) 65.5 G & D Rogerson (Hamilton) No Quota tdm (4) 65 Paul Nelson (Hastings) Zagata dm (9) 65 G & D Rogerson (Hamilton) Rosetown Joe m (8) 65 Warren Lund (Pokuru) Izzyosler mb (5) 65 John Wheeler (New Plymouth) Mr Mor dm (1) 65 E & JJ Rayner (Wanganui) Old Redfeather td (6) 65 Darrell Hollinshead (Te Awamutu) Rioch dm (3) 65 Kevin Myers (Wanganui)

S Phelan R Cully C Studd C Thornton C Perrett I Lupton S Houston P Ormsby J Rathbone

leGacy lOdGe PReMieR handicaP


$40000, open, 1400m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

104x1 22406 03675 090x0 68704 5208x 049x4 000x0 40x87 63951 24111 09850


I Am Sam dm (10) 59.5 Bryce Revell (New Plymouth) Alegrio tdm (4) 58 Richard Collett (Pukekohe) Shootoff m (11) 58 G & D Rogerson (Hamilton) Military Move (1) 57 Shaune Ritchie (Cambridge) Sir Lovesalot td (8) 55.5 D & D Logan (Ruakaka) Atom Cat dm (5) 55 Graham Richardson (Matamata) Khemosabi tdm (12) 55 Paul Gordon (Cambridge) Worthing tdm (9) 55 Gary Alton (Cambridge) Spare A Fortune dm (6) 54.5 Glenn Old (Matamata) Taurus dm (3) 54.5 E & JJ Rayner (Wanganui) Iamishwara td (2) 53 Antony Kaye (Awapuni) Kitt Ann Miss (7) 53 K & B Hawtin (Te Awamutu)

M Dravitzki (a2) D Turner (a3) T Thornton J Jago O Bosson K Chiong (a4) D Walsh M McNab P Turner (a1) M Hills M D Plessis S Spratt

waRRen sTORM lifebROkeRs


$20000, sp cond, 1400m

Tab $10,000 TuRbO Quaddie: Race 5: Addington, 7.18pm Race 4: Manawatu, 7.28pm Race 6: Addington, 7.48pm Race 5: Manawatu, 7.58pm Waikato Selections Race 1: KASHMIR, BeST COMMAND, THeDePOT Race 2: DANCER’S TALE, GATeWAy, SACReD PARK Race 3: EVATHREESTEP, SeA KING, eL MARINO Race 4: REVELATOR, HIGH KIN, BOUvIeR Race 5: MORPHEUS, NO QUOTA, RIOCH Race 6: SIR LOVESALOT, IAMISHWARA, I AM SAM Race 7: HAOLI, SONATA, FOxSPUR Race 8: DAy WALKER, eLUSIve GOLD, PINZAARA Race 9: MOLTO GRATO, UNBeKNOWN, PRICeLeSS

1 60x41 Centavada dm (4) 58 Glynn Brick (Matamata) 2 35x31 Golden Downs d (13) 58 Nigel Tiley (Pukekohe) 3 227x3 Haoli (8) 57 Richard Collett (Pukekohe) 4 — Another Edition 5 25x47 Raivac (9) 57 Frank Drummond (Te Awamutu) 6 2 Foxspur (6) 57 Pike/Donoghue (Cambridge) 7 3 Carrigaholt King (11) 57 Wright/Howlett (Glen Massey) 8 04 Djokovic (1) 57 Richard Otto (Te Awamutu) 9 4 Fever (15) 57 Karyn McQuade (Matamata) 10 x5644 Tutanekai (12) 57 Guy Smith (Taupo) 11 4x216 Ason m (5) 56 Craig Phelan (Rotorua) 12 61 Ignishun m (16) 56 Anne Herbert (Cambridge) 13 477x1 Mt Eden d (10) 56 Stephen McKee (Ardmore) 14 73x41 Sonata (2) 56 Ross McCarroll (Cambridge) 15 532 Giardini (3) 55 Andrew Scott (Matamata) 16 26x75 Gisela b (17) 55 Margaret Falconer (Cambridge) EMERGENCIES 17 47x56 Reckon I’m Ready (14) 57 K & B Hawtin (Te Awamutu) 18 Tarloshan (7) 55 Janenne Dalley (Cambridge)


T Thornton M Hills O Bosson SCRATCHED M Wenn M D Plessis D Hain M Sweeney P Turner (a1) S Dye M McNab C Dell (a1) S Spratt A Forbes (a1) M Dravitzki (a2) B Hutton (a3)

PGG wRiGhTsOn GRain PReMieR

D Walsh v Gatu (a4)


$25000, rating 75 benchmark, 1400m 1 2 3 4 5

45319 22342 2955x 04280 44815

M Wenn

lalleMand nZ PReMieR

1 237x2 Priceless m (15) 60.5 Ross McCarroll (Cambridge) 2 49712 Molto Grato dm (10) 59 Robert Priscott (Te Awamutu) 3 22853 Diamond Pete h (7) 58.5 Graeme Hughes (Te Rapa) 4 60x51 Mr Rimfire d (16) 58.5 Patsy Riley (Pukekohe) 5 46201 Smedley m (14) 58.5 Dick Stevenson (Waipu) 6 44x61 Tremain td (17) 58.5 Moira Murdoch (Waiuku) 7 69102 Shaky t (6) 58 G & M Sanders (Te Awamutu) 8 44x54 Vitali (12) 58 Andrew Scott (Matamata) 9 4x202 Mistaar b (8) 57 Baker/Forsman (Cambridge) 10 52094 Palmers Pride (1) 57 Mike Breslin (Awapuni) 11 3182 Soltina (13) 57 Stephen McKee (Ardmore) 12 23032 Belorussiya (11) 56.5 Stephen Autridge (Matamata) 13 56261 Big Lucy td (4) 56.5 Sandy Dravitzki (New Plymouth) 14 576x0 Ellie’O td (5) 56 John Sargent (Matamata) 15 00x61 Fair Fleet dm (2) 56 Lee Somervell (Cambridge) 16 33x65 Unbeknown (3) 56 Lisa Anderson (Te Aroha) EMERGENCIES 17 — Legal Advice 18 315x7 Imagine t (9) 55.5 Moroney/Ormsby (Matamata) 19 — Our Essence 20 06433 Stingray (21) 57 Jan Walker (Te Awamutu) 21 824x9 Lucky Tonight dm (18) 57 Shelley Houston (Cambridge) 22 52x70 First Response (19) 55 Stephen McKee (Ardmore)

Move Faster dm (9) 58.5 Rudy Liefting (Pukekohe) D Nolan Casino Park d (5) 58.5 Ross McCarroll (Cambridge) A Forbes (a1) Freedom (3) 57.5 Stephen McKee (Ardmore) S Spratt Thedepot d (8) 57.5 Lowry/Cullen (Hastings) M D Plessis Artifact m (11) 57.5 Erana Shattock (Te Aroha) K Leung (a3) Liberating d (4) 56.5 D & C Bothwell (Stratford) M Dravitzki (a2) Magic Belle d (12) 56.5 Stephen Ralph (Pukekohe) M Sweeney Lady de Chine d (6) 56.5 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) M McNab Holy Affair (14) 56 Lee Somervell (Cambridge) J Jago Aluka dm (13) 55.5 Ernie Griffiths (Te Aroha) T Thornton Kashmir d (7) 55.5 Roger James (Cambridge) D Walsh Best Command mb (10) 55.5 Pike/Donoghue (Cambridge) Equatorial Dancer b (2) 55.5 Andrew Scott (Matamata) R Jones Hollywood Angel t (1) 55.5 Busuttin/Young (Cambridge) O Bosson

$20000, 2yo, 1200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

M McNab O Bosson v Gatu (a4) T Thornton M Dravitzki (a2) M Sweeney SCRATCHED R Jones S Dye A Forbes (a1) M D Plessis


$20000, rating 65 benchmark*, 1600m

Approved Plates on: Mr Mor (R5) Standard Bit off: Brandy (R2) Lugging Bit on: Brandy (R2); Mr Mor (R5); Priceless (R8); Priceless (R9) Lugging Bit off: Brandy (R2) Norton Bit off: Priceless (R8); Priceless (R9) Blinkers off: Casino Park (R1); Goyescas (R8) Blinkers on: Bob Valdez (R8) Side Winkers on: Casino Park (R1); Payback (R4); Unbeknown (R9) Nose Band on: Equatorial Dancer (R1) Nose Band off: Brandy (R2) Tongue Tie on: Equatorial Dancer (R1); Sir Lovesalot (R6)


6 63338 Fort Lincoln (18) 58.5 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) 7 1x122 Elusive Gold mb (2) 58 Baker/Forsman (Cambridge) 8 02396 Bob Valdez td (15) 57.5 Chris Wood (Cambridge) 9 341x5 Buckles m (17) 57.5 Sally Marshall (Cambridge) 10 30367 Fastnfree td (20) 57 Bill Pomare (Rotorua) 11 66142 Day Walker td (5) 56.5 G & M Sanders (Te Awamutu) 12 — Our Jackpot 13 13147 Otto The Great d (19) 56 D & D Logan (Ruakaka) 14 7121x Goyescas d (1) 55.5 Jason Bridgman (Matamata) 15 570x0 Justagem d (14) 55 Moira Murdoch (Waiuku) 16 31071 Mangaroa Mini d (6) 55 Thomas/Mirabelli (Cambridge) EMERGENCIES 17 780x0 Ruby Lips (9) 54 Richard Coxon (Matamata) 18 105x5 Mapmaker d (16) 54 Paul & Kris Shailer (Matamata) 19 212x4 Lady Chapel (13) 54 K & B Hawtin (Te Awamutu) 20 47125 Memory t (10) 54 K & B Hawtin (Te Awamutu) 21 x9704 Gold Hunter m (8) 54.5 John Revell (Te Aroha) 22 237x2 Priceless dm (21) 55.5 Ross McCarroll (Cambridge)

Heart Of Darkness td (7) 59 Stephen Marsh (Cambridge) B Hutton (a3) Pinzaara d (12) 59 Stephen McKee (Ardmore) D Turner (a3) Arnold dm (11) 59 Graham Richardson (Matamata) K Chiong (a4) Tango Terrific td (4) 59 Lucock/Gillespie (Byerley Pk Karaka) D Walsh Baldovino tdm (3) 58.5 G & D Rogerson (Hamilton) M Hills

B Hutton (a3) D Turner (a3) D Walsh D Nolan T Thornton A Forbes (a1) M Sweeney P Turner (a1) M D Plessis M Wenn S Spratt M Hills M Dravitzki (a2) C Dell (a1) J Jago O Bosson SCRATCHED SCRATCHED

Tab $40,000 TuRbO Quaddie: Race 7: Awapuni, 3.06pm Race 7: Te Rapa, 3.26pm Race 8: Awapuni, 3.41pm Race 8: Te Rapa, 4.01pm


weather/Track/Rail Fine/Dead (5)/Out 5m.

TOd seeds/TuRfsTaR


$12500, mdn, 1200m 1 335x2 Golden Bay h (11) 58.5 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) 2 832x4 Revenge (7) 58.5 John Sargent (Matamata) 3 3350x Super Sonic (6) 58.5 Lowry/Cullen (Hastings) 4 3x Untold h (2) 58.5 Nicky Goss (Awapuni) 5 2349x Werribee (13) 58.5 Adrian Bull (Hunterville) 6 x206x Milanion (9) 58.5 Charles Haigh 7 Briza (1) 58.5 Stacey Dougan (Opaki) 8 Cacophony (4) 58.5 Craig Thornton (Cambridge) 9 Fist (10) 58.5 Sandie Cookson (Foxton) 10 — Pewter 11 3273 Disco Inferno h (14) 56.5 Stephen Gillies (Awapuni) 12 02 Atozed h (5) 56.5 Grant Searle (Awapuni) 13 5x0x Inazuma h (8) 56.5 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) 14 Lorraine (3) 56.5 Juleen Guilford (Wanganui) EMERGENCy 15 x999x Adios h (12) 58.5 Lisa Latta (Awapuni)


K Myers L Allpress R Myers R Hutchings (a) M Dee (a3) K Smith D Bradley H Tinsley J Parkes SCRATCHED B Lammas R Hannam B Grylls (a2) M Hudson (a3)

sOuTheRn RanGiTikei veT seRv.


$12500, 2yo, 1200m 1 3168x That’s Where It Is h (1) 58 Paul & Kris Shailer (Awapuni) K Myers 2 1 Goodn’targ dm (3) 57 G & D Rogerson (Hamilton) R Hutchings (a) 3 456x3 Dugan (11) 57 John Sargent (Matamata) H Tinsley 4 67x Mossimo (4) 56.5 Andrew Campbell (Opaki) v Johnston 5 Fully Fashioned h (7) 56.5 Grant Searle (Awapuni) R Myers 6 38442 Rosado (8) 55.5 Lisa O’Shea (Cambridge) B Grylls (a2) 7 7x3 Celtic Woman (6) 55 John Wheeler (New Plymouth) M Dee (a3) 8 935 Redline h (9) 54.5 Stephen Gillies (Awapuni) B Lammas 9 576 Darting (10) 54.5 V & W Hillis (Matamata) J Parkes 10 — Serene Star SCRATCHED 11 Annievegas h (5) 54.5 Grant Searle (Awapuni) R Hannam 12 Carrington Park (2) 54.5 Aaron Bidlake (Tauherenikau) D Walker


ManGOihe lOGGinG


$12500, mdn, 1600m 1 542 Chopper h (5) 58.5 Mike Breslin (Awapuni) 2 3 Beautiful Man (21) 58.5 Lowry/Cullen (Hastings) 3 23847 Earl Spencer (18) 58.5 Raymond Connors (Wanganui) 4 3 Vettriano h (3) 58.5 Talia Taylor (Awapuni) 5 257x0 Mac An Athair (8) 58.5 James Wallace (Opaki) 6 99208 Xibit (20) 58.5 Richard French (Foxton) 7 470 Premeaux h (9) 58.5 Jeff Lynds (Awapuni) 8 8x686 Authentic Rascal h (19) 58.5 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) 9 Paddy McGuire (11) 58.5 Adrian Bull (Hunterville) 10 3x623 Savabelle (6) 56.5 Haworth/Dixon (Foxton) 11 x6452 Attivaree h (2) 56.5 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) 12 89702 Diamond Sutra (1) 56.5 Wayne Morris (Otaki) 13 73x56 Kayzed (16) 56.5 Shane Brown (Woodville) 14 56x74 Maeve Davone (13) 56.5 John Sargent (Matamata) 15 47094 Miss Professional (7) 56.5 Tracey Preston (otaki) 16 9x8 All Ginga (10) 56.5 Don Fuge (Tauherenikau) EMERGENCIES 17 876x0 Stormy River h (4) 56.5 Gary Vile (Awapuni) 18 00797 My Magician h (12) 58.5 Gary Vile (Awapuni) 19 8x90 Party Girl (22) 56.5 Haworth/Dixon (Foxton) 20 0878 The Green Gherkin (15) 56.5 Dave Clisby (otaki) 21 409x8 Boosting Eleanor (14) 56.5 Lowry/Cullen (Hastings) 22 64700 Shining Pearl h (17) 56.5 Grant Searle (Awapuni)


R Myers M Tanaka T Russell B Lammas M Dee (a3) K Smith D Bradley L Whelan (a1) H Tinsley K Myers R Hannam J Parkes L Allpress K Kalychurun (a3) D Walker

v Johnston

s d lOuRie livesTOck handicaP 0x960 7135x 50028 26120 9850x 21937 1223x 67257 81718

Flemington tdh (4) 59 Lucy Tanner (Awapuni) Our Destiny dmb (12) 59 Craig Thornton (Cambridge) Borrack tmb (10) 58.5 Adrian Bull (Hunterville) Our Alchemist m (5) 57.5 Kevin Myers (Wanganui) Fazza tdmh (3) 57 Jeff Lynds (Awapuni) Sadlers Rock h (1) 57 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) Waitaha Toa tdmh (7) 56.5 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) Belfast Lad tdm (9) 55 P & T Ebbett (Waipukurau) Wyban Angel tdh (13) 54.5 Stephen Gillies (Awapuni)


l Allpress R hannam m tanaka R hutchings (a)

tuRkingtOn fORestRy HAndicAP


$12500, rating 65 benchmark*, 2100m 1 5f08x derby dan dmh (18) 59 Mark Oulaghan (Awapuni) l Whelan (a1) 2 112Px cracka crown tmbh (9) 58.5 Stephen Gillies (Awapuni) R myers 3 8x668 le Brun th (10) 58 James Taylor (Awapuni) J shackleton (a3) 4 0913 thats How we roll (19) 58 Moroney/Ormsby (Matamata) J Parkes 5 85223 affaire d’Honneur (12) 57.5 G & D Rogerson (Hamilton) R hutchings (a) 6 32633 the Beaut t (3) 57.5 Paul Moseley (Hawera) m dee (a3) 7 51733 Miss lincoln h (5) 57 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) h tinsley 8 10x colt Forty Five (17) 57 Fraser Auret (Marton) k myers 9 02x04 Mr ideal m (14) 56.5 Raymond Connors (Wanganui) t Russell 10 06x51 Sunday’s news (4) 56 John Bary (Hastings) m tanaka 11 976x0 kipkeino t (13) 56 Lucy de Lautour (Waipukurau) b grylls (a2) 12 03374 Slack the diver d (8) 55.5 Howard Johnson (Foxton) k smith 13 76672 the Bachelor h (1) 55 Gary Vile (Awapuni) R hannam 14 23855 Bella vi h (7) 54.5 Jeff Lynds (Awapuni) b lammas 15 05x00 astucious (15) 54 Kevin Gray (Palm.North) l Allpress eMerGencieS 16 07x02 Birchino tmh (16) 54 Gary Vile (Awapuni) 17 0x450 trickjah tm (11) 54 Ron Balcombe (Marton) 18 46023 Jabez (2) 55.5 James Phillips (Tauherenikau) d Walker 19 380x9 Get the Message m (6) 55 Howie Mathews (Otaki)


Jb WARe HAndicAP


$15000, rating 75 benchmark, 1200m 1 44235 torricella (17) 59 G & D Rogerson (Hamilton) 2 55x01 Musuko king tdm (2) 58 Howie Mathews (Otaki) 3 200x1 coastal express d (6) 57.5 Karen Zimmerman (Otaki) 4 x117x Jojo dm (12) 57.5 Anna Clement (Hawera) 5 3403x Snow excuse dm (14) 57.5 Ralph Manning (Cambridge) 6 35464 don’tlikemonday dm (10) 57 Grant Laursen (Foxton) 7 60776 that’sourexcuse tdh (3) 57 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) 8 1187x coastal Mist dm (5) 56.5 Heather Weller (Foxton) 9 335x1 She’s Slinky dmh (13) 56.5 Greg Lambert (Awapuni) 10 82201 polly Flinders tdmh (8) 56 Stephen Gillies (Awapuni) 11 155x2 Mighty Matt tdh (9) 56 Mike Breslin (Awapuni) 12 2116x delirium db (7) 55.5 Paul & Kris Shailer (Matamata) 13 4049x princess lincoln tdmh (16) 55.5 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) 14 2x534 Marotiri Miss td (4) 54.5 Richard French (Foxton) eMerGencieS 15 070x7 unbelieveabelle dh (15) 54 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) 16 2x384 liberator h (11) 55 Grant Searle (Awapuni) 17 1689x the Great white tmh (1) 54 Tracey Newton (Awapuni)

R hutchings (a) h tinsley l Allpress R hannam l Whelan (a1) R myers k smith d Walker d bradley b lammas m dee (a3) k myers b grylls (a2) J Parkes

Ab equiPMent HAndicAP


1 64555 killa Question dm (16) 59 Paul & Kris Shailer (Matamata) b grylls (a2) 2 0x564 Slah tdmh (12) 59 Gary Vile (Awapuni) R hannam 3 4x003 tradtri td (2) 59 Ted Laxon (Hastings) J Parkes 4 31 crafty lad dh (21) 58 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) k myers 5 6551 elated tdm (9) 58 Diane Woolhouse (otaki) J shackleton (a3) 6 x251x kenneth (3) 58 Karen Zimmerman (Otaki) l Allpress 7 1 poneke dh (11) 58 Robert Grant (Awapuni) m tanaka 8 41x03 webby (8) 58 Raymond Connors (Wanganui) t Russell 9 8x531 wiggle t (5) 58 Grant Laursen (Foxton) b lammas 10 22169 pinocchio Boy (1) 57.5 Marty Johnson (Woodville) t baker (a4) 11 30431 the Mailman dmh (20) 57.5 Gary Vile (Awapuni) k smith 12 1695x our Gazza dh (15) 57 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) d bradley 13 75351 tansava d (14) 56.5 Lowry/Cullen (Hastings) h tinsley 14 13x75 rabiosa d (13) 56.5 John Sargent (Matamata) R hutchings (a) 15 4371 koorrabye (4) 56 Adrian Bull (Hunterville) m dee (a3) 16 079x3 Southern Secret h (7) 55 Greg Lambert (Awapuni) R myers eMerGencieS 17 x064x Blame Me tm (10) 56.5 Gerald Innes (Opaki) 18 10x9x vicki anne (17) 54 Fraser Auret (Marton) 19 4309x Stuertzer mh (18) 54 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) 20 98767 dragon Beauty h (19) 54 Gary Vile (Awapuni) 21 74085 Seducer tdbh (6) 55.5 Tony Bambry (Awapuni)


JAMes bull RAngitikei gOld cuP


M Dee (a3) K Myers L Whelan (a1) D Walker D Bradley J Parkes K Smith B Lammas R Myers


$50000, open, listed, 1600m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

17x16 x4444 07325 18220 x5003 0x603 35824 3x046 60x10 05x88 24210 x4743 80x79 246x4


Jack’s point tdmbh (10) 59 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) amberio dm (2) 58.5 Karen Zimmerman (Otaki) postmans daughter d (12) 58.5 Don Walker (Pukekohe) Made My point d (11) 58 John Sargent (Matamata) art Beat dm (7) 56.5 V & W Hillis (Matamata) innovation dmb (1) 55.5 Ralph Manning (Cambridge) Mungo Jerry d (3) 55.5 Adrian Bull (Hunterville) dubai Belle tdmh (4) 55 Tony Bambry (Awapuni) thorn prince dm (6) 55 Fraser Auret (Marton) Superturf tdmh (8) 54.5 Greg Lambert (Awapuni) california tdh (14) 54 Jeff Lynds (Awapuni) the knight dmb (5) 54 John Bary (Hastings) Sacha tmh (13) 53 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) Golden Miss dmh (9) 53 Mark Oulaghan (Awapuni)

WAteRfORce HAndicAP

V Johnston h tinsley R hutchings (a) R myers b lammas J Parkes k myers R hannam l Allpress l Whelan (a) d Walker m tanaka d bradley


$15000, rating 75 benchmark, 1600m 1 2x634 cody cat (11) 58.5 John Sargent (Matamata) h tinsley 2 2106x i’m Back Jack dm (6) 58 E C Andrew (Feilding) k smith 3 44905 powelka tdmh (7) 57.5 Stephen Gillies (Awapuni) J shackleton (a3) 4 43x90 commett (16) 56.5 John Bary (Hastings) m tanaka 5 76431 dr paul m (18) 56.5 Sylvia Kay (otaki) R hannam 6 1287x i’m not ticklish mh (15) 56.5 Tracey Newton (Awapuni) R hutchings (a) 7 10879 Stella Bella tdh (12) 56 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) k myers 8 92191 Mibachelorboy tdmh (14) 56 Gary Vile (Awapuni) J Parkes 9 80259 reuben thorn mh (8) 56 Grant Searle (Awapuni) d bradley 10 93x44 let’s Go Fratelli d (10) 55.5 Gerald Innes (Opaki) m dee (a3) 11 1321x Goldmist tdm (3) 55.5 Raymond Connors (Wanganui) t Russell 12 1x231 pirinitete dh (2) 55 Gail Temperton (Awapuni) b grylls (a2) 13 1x537 park princess td (1) 54 Fraser Auret (Marton) l Allpress 14 307x4 Good one Glady tdmbh (5) 54 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) R myers 15 26770 prepared d (4) 54 Howie Mathews (Otaki) b lammas 16 09x40 centarose d (17) 54 Ted Laxon (Hastings) d Walker eMerGencieS 17 0x564 Slah tdmh (9) 55 Gary Vile (Awapuni) 18 74085 Seducer tbh (13) 54 Tony Bambry (Awapuni)

invercargill harness Ascot Park Jetbet 7


TAB doubles 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12. Trebles 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9, 10-11-12. Place6 7-12. Quaddie 9-10-11-12.


$15000, rating 85 benchmark, 2100m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


ormond road dh (6) 54 Tony Bambry (Awapuni) Selwyn (2) 54 Sylvia Kay (otaki) conquistador dh (11) 54 Jeff Lynds (Awapuni) Jabez (8) 54 James Phillips (Tauherenikau)

$12500, rating 65 benchmark*, 1400m

TAB doubles 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9. Trebles 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9. Place6 4-9. Quaddie 6-7-8-9.


47x85 0x512 82Px6 46023


Rangitikei races awapuni JeTbeT 4

fields&fORM 10 11 12 13

AOn/VeRO HcP tROt 66x58 0x0 56282 24409 0P747 38 504 d4607 00P0P 79706 15000


Sundon invasion fr (1) Gary McEwan (Wyndham) g mcewan Forest Galleon fr (2) Christopher Couzens (Mataura) A Armour countessa Galleon fr (3) Neil Munro (West Melton) t Williams chevy corvette fr (u1) Cox/McGrannachan (Winton) J W Cox cool Son fr (u2) Baynes/Swain (Knapdale) R swain Mr Majestic fr (u3) Alan Clark (Mosgiel) A Clark cum laude fr (u4) Chris Walsh (Invercargill) b barclay our Budd fr (u5) Allan Beck (Winton) A beck alley way 30 (1) Neville Skinner (Winton) m Williamson (J) trade Me now 30 (2) Brian Norman (Tahakopa) d dunn Gentle Georgia 30 (3) Leith & Tim Robertson (Makarewa) t Robertson (J) Given 30 (u1) Nathan Williamson (Ryal Bush) n Williamson

Invercargill Selections Race 1: Given, Alley WAy, Cum lAude Race 2: Buck StopS Here, VillAge Club, extRA PoCket Race 3: GoodneSS GraciouS Me, beAudiene Clemintyne, mCARdle meg Race 4: aScot Boy, loVe in the dARk, JuliAnA belle Race 5: Face value, Johns Anne, u dReAm Race 6: Jaccka opie, luminesCe, tommy’s song Race 7: ZacH BroMac, king CARACtACus, oneAtAtime Race 8: HiGHview MacuSHla, tACt ChARlotte, ARmA CouRAge Race 9: el diaBlo, sonAtinA, in the kitty Race 10: aweSuM teddy, Chief thundeRCloud, blACk iCe Race 11: lucca Franco, shezAbAll, RoyAl imPRession Race 12: kinG oF StratHField, miss PegAsus, Whitney

Willys flOORing PAce


$5000, 3yo+ non winners mobile, 2700m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

0000x last Man out fr (1) Clark Barron (Rakauhauka) 85092 Buck Stops Here fr (2) Des Baynes (Winton) one out of Four fr (3) Russell Ferguson (Edendale) 645x adriatic coast fr (4) Baynes/Swain (Knapdale) 86000 Fortyseven cruiser fr (5) Alister Kyle (Winton) 43079 real Faith fr (6) Nathan Williamson (Ryal Bush) 6995x extra pocket fr (7) Brent McIntyre (Riversdale) 0 Belle delight fr (8) Andrew Armour (Invercargill) 70073 roxy rox fr (9) Brian Norman (Tahakopa) 32332 village club fr (21) Tim White (Winton) 93060 lucky Getaway fr (22) Murray G Brown (Invercargill) 05x00 Matai Bryan fr (23) Alex Milne (Edendale) 780 Strategic Miss fr (24) Brent Shirley (Invercargill) 00505 Go the Stags fr (25) Tom Kilkelly (Tisbury) virtual lady fr (26) Wayne Adams (Invercargill) 7987x Matai Maddi fr (27) Alex Milne (Edendale) 90357 Seldom Getit fr (28) Steve Lock (Invercargill)


b mclellan C ferguson (J) R swain A kyle n Williamson J W Cox A Armour d dunn b barclay m Williamson (J) b shirley k barclay t Williams A milne s lock

queens PARk gOlf sHOP PAce


$6500, 2yo+ f&m non winners mobile, 2200m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

594 vc’s Honour fr (1) Brian Norman (Tahakopa) b norman leigh Major fr (2) Brendon McLellan (Wyndham) 26643 Mcardle Meg fr (3) Peter Hunter (Ryal Bush) P hunter 0045 the Jinja ninja fr (4) Alan Clark (Mosgiel) A Clark k barclay 98743 lady Suffragette fr (5) Tom Kilkelly (Tisbury) x0700 Jaspers Belle fr (6) Curly Thomas (Invercargill) g thomas 8Px0 whynotedna fr (7) G & C Lee (Wyndham) g lee 50x0 Five angels fr (8) Craig Laurenson (Edendale) ice Maiden fr (9) Andrew Armour (Invercargill) A Armour 28x3 chers Bettor Babe fr (21) Murray G Brown (Invercargill) n Williamson 02x23 Beaudiene clemintyne fr (22) Murray G Brown (Invercargill) d dunn 357 vera’s delight fr (23) Brendon McLellan (Wyndham) b mclellan 05404 Megie May fr (24) Malcolm Hunter (Glenham) C ferguson (J) 7007 Bromac del Mar fr (25) Clark Barron (Rakauhauka) C barron 23405 Goodness Gracious Me fr (26) Steven McRae (Halswell) C d thornley


bidVest PAce


$8000, 4yo+ non winners mobile, 2200m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

55494 30242 679 P9890 87969 856x3 62204 33628 88342


Surprise party fr (1) R & K Price (Winton) nottingham JJ fr (2) George Orr (Nottingham Park) cherokee Bromac fr (3) Jason Hope (Invercargill) advance Supreme fr (4) Russell Korostchuk (Wyndham) Just a Jak up fr (5) Doug McLachlan (Myross Bush) acting up fr (6) Mervyn Todd (Charlton) love in the dark fr (7) Kirk Larsen (Branxholme) ascot Boy fr (8) Curly Thomas (Invercargill) chapel lane fr (9) Kirk Larsen (Branxholme) Juliana Belle fr (21) Bill Keeler (Roxburgh)

n Williamson R swain m Williamson (J) d dunn s Walkinshaw b barclay A beck g thomas k larsen A Armour

MuRRAy gRAy MeMORiAl HcP tROt 12.20 $5000, 3yo+ up to 1 win special, 2700m.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

79 nasa control fr (1) Leith & Tim Robertson (Makarewa) x000x lucie de Gerolstein fr (2) Jonny Cox (Westwood Beach) alexandra leaving fr (3) Phil Williamson (Oamaru) 93964 infusion fr (4) Owen Lawrence (Invercargill) 03745 Speedy Success fr (5) Alan Clark (Mosgiel) 00x Far too Busy fr (u1) Craig Laurenson (Edendale) conall cernach fr (u2) Curly Thomas (Invercargill) 0006x u dream fr (u3) Steven McRae (Halswell) 20068 Face value 30 (1) Craig Buchan (Mosgiel) 9869x Johns anne 30 (2) Murray G Brown (Invercargill) 88009 Sudon Speed 30 (u1) Gary Davis (Ryal Bush) 28P70 whendaboysliteup 30 (u2) Eddie Murphy (Waikouaiti) 08706 yelande 30 (u3) Alister Kyle (Winton)


t Robertson (J) J W Cox m Williamson (J) A Armour A Clark n Williamson g thomas C d thornley C buchan d dunn s Walkinshaw C barron A kyle

nigHt n dAy RAcing syndicAte PAce 12.55 $5000, 2yo+ 1 win mobile, 2200m.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

49937 48557 8700x 05810 122 19088 38165 9x709 82221 38431 60020 17x90 23x51 60988


deano robyn fr (1) Hamish Hunter (Ryal Bush) P hunter Bub’s Hanover fr (2) Alan Paisley (Longbush) C barron Sixonenine fr (3) Hamish Hunter (Ryal Bush) s Walkinshaw Shadoogie fr (4) Ross Hope (Rimu) m Williamson (J) luminesce fr (5) Wayne Adams (Invercargill) t Williams kentucky Girl fr (6) Brent Shirley (Invercargill) n Williamson Jaccka opie fr (7) Brett Gray (Ryal Bush) b barclay islegetem fr (8) Alex Milne (Edendale) A milne Barrow Street fr (9) Allan Beck (Winton) A beck last issue fr (21) Kirk Larsen (Branxholme) k larsen Halfmoon Bay fr (22) Keiron Dance (Forbury Park) d dunn kaylea Bolter fr (23) Bill Keeler (Roxburgh) A Armour tommy’s Song fr (24) Anderson/Hoffman (Westwood Beach) J W Cox Julia Jones fr (25) Mervyn Todd (Charlton) R swain

buRgess MAsOnRy ltd PAce


$6500, 3yo non winners mobile, 2200m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17


80 Johnny vegas fr (1) Murray G Brown (Invercargill) P5006 Franco Synergy fr (2) Kirk Larsen (Branxholme) 0000x last Man out fr (3) Clark Barron (Rakauhauka) aran abbey fr (4) Michael Williams (Invercargill) 7 don’t die working fr (5) R & J McEwan (Branxholme) 02305 Bettor watch Me fr (6) Ian Jamieson (Winton) 66734 travelling Man fr (7) Cran Dalgety (West Melton) 86000 Fortyseven cruiser fr (8) Alister Kyle (Winton) Still Shakin fr (9) Clark Barron (Rakauhauka) 299 aveross Brachole fr (21) Alister Black (Invercargill) 837 Sammy the Bull fr (22) Brendon McLellan (Wyndham) 9x Zach Bromac fr (23) Kirk Larsen (Branxholme) oneatatime fr (24) Steven McRae (Halswell) 88525 arising easton fr (25) Brian Norman (Tahakopa) 05x00 Matai Bryan fr (26) Alex Milne (Edendale) 5 king caractacus fr (27) R & K Price (Winton) 90578 overezy fr (28) Hamish Hunter (Ryal Bush)

m Williamson (J) P hunter A Armour g thomas b barclay d dunn A kyle C barron A beck b mclellan k larsen C d thornley b norman A milne n Williamson s Walkinshaw

sOutHeRn gOlden giRls seRies PAce 2.05 $7500, 4yo+ mares up to 1 win mobile heat, 1700m.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

27332 12000 321 006x0 37764 23199 02162 32746 68004 40123


tact charlotte fr (1) Trevor Proctor (Winton) d larkins the Fickle Finger fr (2) Tony Stratford (Invercargill) d dunn Flyin armalight fr (3) Anderson/Hoffman (Westwood Beach) J W Cox Shiney princess fr (4) Steve Lock (Invercargill) s lock knapdale lady fr (5) Baynes/Swain (Knapdale) R swain ahorsewithnoname fr (6) Brent Shirley (Invercargill) n Williamson arma courage fr (7) Anderson/Hoffman (Westwood Beach) t Williams roxy rocket fr (8) Shane Walkinshaw (Makarewa) s Walkinshaw ardlussa eliza fr (9) Russell Ferguson (Edendale) C ferguson (J) Highview Macushla fr (21) Ian Wilson (Winton) A beck

fibReglAss innOVAtiOns PAce


$8000, 3yo+ 1 win mobile, 2200m.

$5000, 2yo+ up to 1 win special, 2700m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


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s Walkinshaw A beck C ferguson (J) b mclellan m Williamson (J) d dunn t Williams k larsen

WilsOn cOntRActing ltd PAce


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g thomas b barclay n Williamson g lee C ferguson (J) A beck C barron k barclay J W Cox C d thornley d dunn m Williamson (J) R swain b shirley A Armour

sOutHeRn gOlden giRls seRies PAce 3.50 $7500, 4yo+ mares 2 to 4 wins mobile heat, 1700m.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

1951x 31217 65636 84516 02443 24247 57888

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A Armour C d thornley A beck b Williamson (J) m Williamson (J) b barclay n Williamson

8 38511 Bedtime fr (8) Andrew Armour (Invercargill) 9 16228 Shezaball fr (9) Wayne Adams (Invercargill)


d dunn t Williams

club sOutHlAnd HcP tROt


$7000, 1 or more wins special, 2700m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

04235 07046 36534 68136 24242 46121 P0089 20313 237x7 33143 88x88 33745 84200

rapid Sequence fr (1) Clark Barron (Rakauhauka) C barron Starlight invasion 10 (1) Doug McLachlan (Myross Bush) s Walkinshaw John Henry Galleon 10 (2) Chris Gerken (Fleming) A Armour Moon countess 20 (1) G & C Lee (Wyndham) g lee whitney 20 (2) Billy Heads (Gore) d dunn So king 20 (3) Brian Norman (Tahakopa) b norman anothersuperstar 20 (4) Alan Shaw (Tapanui) A beck Galaxy Hunter 20 (u1) Nathan Williamson (Ryal Bush) n Williamson Guadeloupe 30 (1) Colin Harvey (Brighton) m Williamson (J) Miss pegasus 30 (2) Phil Williamson (Oamaru) b Williamson (J) Suncrusher 30 (u1) Craig Laurenson (Edendale) b mclellan king of Strathfield 40 (1) Neil Munro (West Melton) t Williams the Fiery Ginga 40 (2) Alan Clark (Mosgiel) A Clark

Oamaru harness Oamaru Jetbet 8


TAB doubles 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-11. Trebles 1-2-3, 5-6-7, 9-10-11. Place6 6-11. Quaddie 8-9-10-11.


PORt fM PAce


$7000, 3yo+ non winners, 2600m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

90x80 88906 6x P0 x0043 990 6 40x3 58506 77064 6x3P0 00700


Franco Quixote fr (1) Steven McRae (Halswell) C d thornley doctors point fr (2) Bruce Negus (Waikouaiti) m Williamson (J) denis fr (3) Margo Nyhan (Burnham) P davis double chocolate fr (4) Robbie Holmes (Leithfield Beach) R holmes ardwells key fr (5) Ron Paterson (Tinwald) g o’Reilly Supreme Genes fr (6) David Heffernan (Oamaru) n Williamson imaginary life fr (7) Colin Harrison (Ashburton) C harrison Mymatebruce fr (8) Ross Wilson (Oamaru Raceway) b Williamson (J) Franco Sanchez fr (9) Terry McMillan (Ashburton) t mcmillan top Brass fr (10) Wendy Stevenson (Ashburton) d dunn Franco tyrone fr (11) Daniel Reardon (Yaldhurst) C defilippi days of passion fr (12) Muriwai Watene (Phar Lap Raceway) t healy little Mo fr (13) Ken Ford (West Melton) A tomlinson kirstys luck fr (14) Katie Cox (Springston) k Cox (J) Manchester tom fr (15) Mick Prendergast (Hyde) m Prendergast



$7000, 3yo+ non winners, 2000m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

0673 contiki fr (1) Nigel Chalmers (Waikouaiti) 03745 Speedy Success fr (2) Alan Clark (Mosgiel) easy option fr (3) Nathan Williamson (Ryal Bush) 55057 Gorilla playboy fr (4) Colin McKay (Oamaru) 52432 charlie kaos fr (5) Ken Ford (West Melton) 85285 Sea Spray ronnie fr (6) Warren Stapleton (Rakaia) 400Px trouble ado fr (7) Michael Heenan (Methven) 44x30 time For Success fr (8) Michael Ward (West Melton) 40054 davey’s Gift fr (9) Michael Ward (West Melton) 58035 Mantorp fr (10) Stephen Kennedy (Hororata) 7 kincaslough fr (11) Craig Edmonds (Motukarara) 040x9 Midfrew Medusa fr (12) Phil Burrows (Fernside) — Sunbloc 82052 Sappy’s Brite Star fr (13) Craig Buchan (Mosgiel) 6x000 Mob Star fr (u1) Terry McMillan (Ashburton) 6x785 Gunsight pass fr (u2) James Ramsay (Avonhead) 0 roaming fr (u3) Gary Shand (Washdyke)


d dunn n Williamson m Williamson (J) A tomlinson C markham m heenan R may C Ward (J) C defilippi J dunn b thomas (J) SCRATCHED C buchan t mcmillan k Cox (J) g shand

lis MARA PAce


$7000, 3yo+ non winners mobile, 2000m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

000 0 8x 000x0 26248 x4392 — 0x 65258 24x44 50300 0x835 68396 0x


k c Survivor fr (1) Stewart McEvoy (Winslow) J Anderson (J) Mr Melsu fr (2) Robbie Holmes (Leithfield Beach) R holmes try or die fr (3) Gerard O’Reilly (Rakaia) g o’Reilly royal city fr (4) Maxine Green (Winslow) d dunn History Maker fr (5) James Weir (Kaiapoi) R Close (J) Mccracken fr (6) Geoff Dunn (West Melton) J dunn pay Me operative SCRATCHED cheyenne warrior fr (7) Craig Kennedy (Cust) R may Just a Marvel fr (8) Ian Munro (Otematata) b Williamson (J) captain thunderjet fr (21) D & C Butt (Woodend Beach) b butt twitch fr (22) John McDermott (Prebbleton) C d thornley Blanco fr (23) Murray Tapper (Levels) m Williamson (J) Shamrocks Boy fr (24) Gregory Prendergast (Ashburton) t Chmiel Burmese ruby fr (25) Andrew Faulks (Waikouaiti) b orange

sOutHeRn Wines PAce


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narissa Franco fr (1) Dean Taylor (Ladbrooks) pay Me operative fr (2) Paul Kerr (Ohoka) uralla Sue fr (3) Leo O’Reilly (Rakaia) cracklin rosie fr (4) D & C Butt (Woodend Beach) Hot lips Brogden fr (5) Kyle Cameron (Fernside) curve fr (6) Mark Jones (Burnham) dream Gal fr (7) Phil Anderson (Weedons) perissa fr (8) Andrew Stuart (Rangiora) tarport princess fr (9) James Weir (Kaiapoi) Mach Highspeed fr (21) Alistair Lowe (Tinwald) toppathepark fr (22) Craig Kennedy (Cust) Miss ali Mach fr (23) Paul Kerr (Ohoka) Mahendra fr (24) Steven McRae (Halswell) 30330 dana dynasty fr (25) Tracey Healy (Phar Lap Raceway) 24798 0xP7 3223 2P00x 00x0 6200P 32727 29076 0500x 0 43486 8

C defilippi P kerr l o’Reilly b butt k Cameron R todd (J) b orange t Chmiel R Close (J) A lowe R may m kerr (J) C d thornley t healy

fAt sAlly’s Pub & RestAuRAnt PAce 1.10 $8000, 3yo+ 1 win, 2600m.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

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Firebreak fr (1) John McDermott (Prebbleton) Supreme estella fr (2) Rick Burnett (Leeston) opting options fr (3) Robbie Holmes (Leithfield Beach) its nukes fr (4) Phil Burrows (Fernside) redmaro fr (5) Gavin Cook (Ladbrooks) kellyrox fr (6) Andrew Stuart (Rangiora) race cafe fr (7) Mark Jones (Burnham) the lutts fr (8) Gavin Cook (Ladbrooks) rolias fr (9) Warren Stapleton (Rakaia) Graceandtemika fr (21) Bruce Negus (Waikouaiti) Hudson Sully fr (22) Bruce Negus (Waikouaiti) Xmas in new york fr (23) Steve Allen (Oamaru) arden’s attack fr (24) Raymond Reekie (Charing Cross) Barberino fr (25) Bruce Negus (Waikouaiti)

J mcdermott R burnett A White b White g Cook g bull A edge s blake m stratford J R bennett s murtha g Johns R Reekie d Paterson

Oamaru Selections Race 1: top BraSS, suPReme genes, fRAnCo Quixote Race 2: contiki, ChARlie kAos, mAntoRP Race 3: Mccracken, Just A mARVel, blAnCo Race 4: dreaM Gal, uRAllA sue, dAnA dynAsty Race 5: tyron’S Falcon ella, smokin ChiCk, one And only Race 6: tHe luttS, its nukes, xmAs in neW yoRk Race 7: SaraH lindenny, the blAzing ConmAn, ReleVen dReAm Race 8: StinGray, kid gAlAhAd, giVetheJobtobARnsy Race 9: BlaZin n cullen, fRAnCo nelson, indiAn ARRoW Race 10: latHeronwHeel, PRiCillA P, RebmA Race 11: anGuS t JoneS, miss milWAukee, bACkuP

note: due to late acceptances we are unable to publish Sunday's Manawatu harness fields.


ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, May 17, 2013


Enterprise needed for Celtic assault By Jonathan Leask Celtic needs to do what no other team has been able to do to stay on track for a top four finish in the Combined Country Cup rugby competition tomorrow. Celtic host the unbeaten section two leaders Ashley in the penultimate round, needing to end the northerners’ winning streak to enhance their own playoff chances. Celtic claimed their fifth win last weekend grinding out a 12-5 win over Glenmark after their attack stalled. The celts hammered away at the Glenmark defence for what coach Dave McCrea described as “a good 25 minutes” without being able to get across but two tries from lineout drives were enough for the win. However, McCrea admitted his side would need “to show a bit more enterprise” if they were to challenge Ashley who have strung together seven straight wins to lead the section, scoring 34 points against the Glenmark defence in round six but also conceding 29 in their closest result to date. Ashley sits on top on 33 points with Lincoln on 30 after their first loss to

Waihora who are third on 23. By virtue of a worse points differential, Celtic are fourth on 23 and have Glenmark on their tails on 20. Hampstead’s loss to Ashley last weekend ended their chances of the top four but they can play the spoiler hosting Waihora. Southern snapped a six-game losing streak in thrashing Prebbleton 43-7 and will be confident of making it back-to-back wins when they head to Ohoka, who are without a win, are yet to score double figures in a match and have only scored two tries. Over in section one, Rakaia is assured of a playoff berth after they ended Oxford’s unbeaten season but they are now looking to lock in home field advantage, heading to take on the struggling Kaiapoi. Defending champions Southbridge top section one on 28 with Rakaia on 25, and Oxford third on 23, with Rakaia able to move into the lead with a win as Southbridge have the bye this weekend. Methven made it back-to-back wins but will have a big test if they are to make it three heading to Rangiora to take on Saracens, who have been a surprise package and sit in fourth, 10 points clear of fifth placed Burnham.

The Ashburton Barbarians look to defend an unbeaten home record against the Shirley Hawks in Canterbury division one rugby league at Collegiate South tomorrow. The Barbarians were battered 16-46 by the Sydenham Swans last weekend but haven’t been beaten at home with back-to-back wins, there only two wins, over the Marist Saints 44-20 and the Timaru Warriors 38-24 prior to the loss to the Swans.

• Footballers back

Photo Kirsty Clay 040513-KC-101

Top guns Players stake claim for Rotterdam meet up in first round The premier grand final re-match kickstarts the new Mid Canterbury Senior A netball season tomorrow. Defending premiers Methven A meet Celtic A in a 2013 final rematch in the opening round. The pair start their campaign, as they did last year, toward this year’s showpiece with a round one showdown as they begin the seven-week quest to qualify for the top-six premier grade. Celtic A and Methven A have been the top two in the past two seasons and traded wins during the regular season and have a premier final win apiece. Celtic A come in on the back of an impressive grading that saw them come out of the three rounds as the only unbeaten team, and will be keen to start the season with a win over the side that took the premier title off them last year. Methven A had a mixed grading. No matter their grading form, all eight teams start the season afresh in round one. The round starts with Hampstead A taking on surprise package College B before the heavyweight clash. The two sides met in the third and final round of grading last weekend where Hampstead A powered to a 21-10 win in the 20 minutes game. The third match has Hampstead B look to prove their top flight promotion against College A, a side that handled them in grading 16-9. Closing out the round is Rakaia A making their return to the top flight after a year’s absence against United A.

New Zealand will approach their weekend double header against Korea in a good frame of mind after a much improved performance in the second test against Korea at Rangitoto College yesterday. The scoreline was identical to the opening contest in the six-game series on Tuesday, but there the similarities ended. There were periods of slick interpassing, several chances were created and, unlike the first game, when the Koreans would have felt a bit stiff not to get the win, world No 6 New

Zealand shaded this match against their eighth-ranked opponents. Put at least part of that lift down to getting familiar again with each other’s play, not having been together for several weeks. “We learnt quite a bit from the first game,” New Zealand coach Colin Batch said. “I thought that was a below par performance for where we want to get to. We have made a big step.” New Zealand took the lead after 13 minutes from a penalty corner, through Andy Hayward’s strong shot low past the goalkeeper’s right hand.

Korea were level 12 minutes before halftime, when Nam Yong Lee - who also scored Korea’s goal on Tuesday - deftly flicked in a ball driven into the circle through a sea of defenders. New Zealand goalkeeper Hamish McGregor made several important blocks, as did his counterpart Myung Ho Lee. Attackers Hugo Inglis and Stephen Jenness were a handful for the Korean defence, while striker Isaac Staples did get the ball into the Korean net in the second half, but it was ruled out through the cross being too high.

Staples and James Coughlan couldn’t capitalise on chances from close range while Dae Yeol Lee slapped a great opening across the face of the New Zealand goal. The background to this series is the selection of the New Zealand team for their world league 3 tournament in Rotterdam next month. There are 23 players in the squad. Eighteen will make the trip. The incentive for players to impress is obvious. Korea’s under 21 women’s team beat New Zealand A 4-2 in the curtain raiser.  - APNZ

Watson in heated IPL Mayweather is highest paid sportsman in US clash with Pollard Shane Watson lost his cool in the Indian Premier League yesterday as his Rajasthan Royals missed a chance to go top of the table. Set 167 to win by the Mumbai Indians at Wankhede Stadium, tempers flared when Watson came to the crease at No.5 with the score at 3-26. Before he had even faced a ball, Mumbai’s West Indian allrounder Kieron Pollard - no shrinking violet during last season’s Big Bash in Australia - started taunting Watson. The pair had a running battle over five overs that prompted Watson to complain to umpire Asad Rauf and opposition captain Rohit Sharma. The 31-year-old managed just 19 from 16 balls before he skied left-arm spinner Pragyan Ojha’s delivery to Pollard, who gleefully gave Watson a big send-off.

Unbeaten boxer Floyd Sports Illustrated reckMayweather tops Sports oned Mayweather would Illustrated’s list of highearn $US90m in 2013. est-paid pro sportsmen Tiger Woods, who was No.1 on the Fortunate 50 for the second straight year, according to the list every year from 2004-11, released by the magazine. falls to his lowest ranking Mayweather stretched ever at number five with his perfect record to 44-0 estimated earnings this with a 12-round unaniyear of $US40.8m. mous decision over Robert LeBron James, the Guerrero on May 4, the Miami Heat superstar first fight in his new who was recently named megadeal with Showtime NBA Most Valuable Player Floyd Mayweather television that guarantees for the fourth time in his him at least $US32 million per fight career, is second on the list with projected earnings of $US56.5m. James over six bouts. The fight for Mayweather’s World becomes the first player in a team Boxing Council welterweight world sport to be in the top two since former title was the champion’s first since NBA star Shaquille O’Neal in 2004. James’s $US39 million in endorseserving a jail term for domestic vioments were more than any other US lence last year. - AAP In compiling its Fortunate 50 list, sports figure in 2013. 

Pollard and Watson continued the banter near the boundary rope and eventually the Australian stormed off to the dressing rooms to cool off. Rajasthan, who have already qualified for next week’s semi-finals, fell 14 runs short despite Victorian veteran Brad Hodge’s late flourish of 39 from 27 balls. Tasmanian leftarm medium-pacer James Faulkner took 2-32 for the Royals and helped Watson (2-30) restrict Mumbai. Viewed as a key factor in Australia’s hopes of regaining the Ashes this year if fit to play as an allrounder, Watson has got through an albeit light bowling workload in the IPL. A calf strain forced him to play as a specialist batsman in the recent Test series in India, and he has managed just under 32 overs with 56 days before the first Test.  - AAP

Double round tests turf champions By Jonathan Leask

Photo Tetsuro Mitomo 110513-tm-525

Wakanui Black’s James Tavendale traps the ball for teammate and former Black Stick Ryan Wilson who has been in goal scoring form, scoring a hattrick against Excelsior last weekend.

Defending champions Wakanui Black have the chance to move to the top of the table with a double header at home in the Mid South Canterbury senior hockey competition this weekend. Black host Timaru Boys’ tomorrow and then play their deferred match against Tainui on Sunday. Two wins would jettison them to the top of the table. Northern Hearts top the standings after six wins and a loss to Black on 29 points, with Wakanui Blue in second with four wins, two draws and a loss on 25 with Black third on 25 with their five win, one draw record. Black opened their title defence with a rusty 2-1 win over Timaru Boys’ but over a month later, Black is hitting their stride coming off an emphatic 11-0 win over Excelsior. It wasn’t their best display but they showed their class in the closing stages hitting home five goals in the final 10 minutes after being frustrated with a lack of clinical finishing.

The vastly experienced side may not be able to keep pace with the fit-and-fast school boys but have the wily skills and nous to starve the visitors, a tactic they have employed with great success so far. After tackling Timaru Boys’, Black back-up on Sunday with another pesky challenger in Tainui who come in off back-to-back wins over the bottom two sides. Wakanui Blue are also at home on Saturday up against Cambridge where they will be out to do better than the 1-all draw in round one. Tinwald are in Timaru for a third straight game but hoping for a different result third time around. their last two trips have yielded 4-1 defeats but they are confident of claiming their first real win of the season against fellow strugglers Excelsior, who gave them their first win by default in round the first round. Hampstead also head south to Timaru to play Craighead in the women’s competition looking for an unprecedented third straight win after beating Timaru Girls’ 1-0 and Pleasant Point 4-1 in the last two weeks.

Pamment ND coach James Pamment has been appointed Northern Districts cricket coach, replacing Grant Bradburn who stepped down from the role last month. Pamment was Bradburn’s assistant coach last season and his promotion adds to an interesting CV. He was a batsman for Auckland for several years in the 1990s and has been a New Zealand Under-19 assistant coach, Northern Districts and Bay of Plenty high performance manager, coached Northern Districts A for five seasons and has also worked with the Black Caps, particularly in fielding. Pamment has also been heavily involved in football and was Waikato FC co-coach for the first two seasons of the NZFC. “I’m really looking forward to the responsibility that comes with this opportunity,” Pamment said. “I feel it’s a natural step for me. I bedded down some important experience in the four years that I spent working as a high performance coach here.”  - APNZ

Email leak may be bad for Wallabies: Foley By Justin Chadwick Western Force coach Michael Foley fears the email leak that has rocked the Australian Rugby Union could be a distraction for players ahead of the series against the British and Irish Lions. The coaches of Australia’s Super Rugby sides were left fuming after an email they received from Wallabies mentor Robbie Deans containing their collective Test selections was leaked

to a media organisation. NSW coach Michael Cheika reportedly didn’t take part in the exercise, but the other four coaches all put forward their nominated 23-man Wallabies squads to Deans. The email Deans sent back containing their collective selections was the one that got leaked. It remains a mystery who leaked the email, but Foley said the biggest loser out of the ordeal could be the players who are fighting for Test selection. Star Reds flyhalf Quade Cooper and

The Ashburton Duathlon Series gets underway with race one at the Ashburton Racecourse on Sunday. The series holds both long and short courses for individuals or teams. The distances are first a run/walk on a mix of surfaces, grass, and sealed, on a lap of the 1.25km circuit; the bike ride is 11km in the short course with 25km in the long course of flat easy road biking with the last run/walk an easy one or two laps of circuit depending on the short or long course. The last race of the series, on September 8, will double as the Canterbury Duathlon Champs. Race one starts at 10am.

• Barbarians defend

RIGHT: Celtic’s Tukulua Tolu has had a nose for the try line this season which Celtic will be hoping continues in their crucial clash with Ashley.

By Jonathan Leask

• Duathlon series under way

rugby convert Israel Folau failed to make the coaches’ squad, but it didn’t take into account their form over the past few weeks. The actual Wallabies squad for the Lions series will be named on Sunday. “I feel more for the players that have to read that sort of thing in the media and then try and second guess things when all they should be thinking about right now is how they’re going to play,” Foley said. “I’ve been on the other side of the

fence as a player aspiring to try and make a Lions series, which is a once in a lifetime chance. “I think this sort of media speculation on the eve of the squad being announced could be a potential distraction. “I hope it’s not for the players, because the play across Australia this year has been significantly better than what it was last year.” Foley said the leak wouldn’t deter him from sharing his thoughts with the Australian Rugby Union in the future.

“I think the dialogue between the national head coach and the head coaches of the states should be open,” Foley said. “That dialogue is extremely important and wouldn’t make me reluctant in the future. Robbie sent us an email the other night apologising for the fact that he had been made aware that it was going to be publicised the next day. “We just move on. I don’t know if a witch hunt helps anybody, but I would like to know where it came from.”  - AAP

After their weekend off, the Mid Canterbury seniors will be looking to keep their unbeaten home record intact against Hornby in Mainland Football division one tomorrow. After an opening round away loss mid Canterbury has been unbeaten with two wins at home and two away draws heading into the clash with the winless Hornby United. In division four Mid Canterbury Eastern host Universities B and Methven International are away to Hornby United in division five. The Mid Canterbury Youth XI are home to Amberley in the under 18 club division one. On Sunday the Mid Canterbury Masters host Waimak and the Mid Canterbury Women are also at home to FC Twenty11.

• College XV heads south The Ashburton College 1st XV head to Timaru to tackle Roncalli College in their first away game of the Crusader Secondary School rugby competition tomorrow. With a win and a loss from their opening two home games, beating Nayland 41-9 last weekend, College heads into a crucial clash in terms of their top four aspirations. Roncalli had a three-point win over Timaru boys’ before being well-beaten by Marlborough 41-20, who beat college 31-20 in week one.

• Honda returns to F1 Japanese automaker Honda has announced it will return to Formula One in 2015 as an engine supplier to British team McLaren in a bid to revive their championship-winning partnership. Honda president Takanobu Ito said “McLaren-Honda” will aim to become “number one” in the elite racing world. “Honda is a company that has grown by participating in and winning races,” he told a Tokyo media conference. McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh said at the joint press event their “legendary Formula One partnership” would restart. “McLaren and Honda are about to embark on a new and extremely exciting adventure together,” he said.  - AAP

• ODI series condensed Australia’s five-match series of one-day internationals against England will be condensed into a 15-day period in January 2014, Cricket Australia (CA) announced yesterday. The ODI series against England begins in Melbourne on January 12 and the last game is on January 26 in Adelaide. Australia will also host three Twenty20 clashes with England on January 29, January 31 and February 2 in Hobart, Melbourne and Sydney (ANZ Stadium). Australia’s five-Test Ashes series, as previously announced last year, starts on November 21 in Brisbane and concludes with the Sydney Test on January 3-7. - AAP

• Lampard sticking to Chelsea? Frank Lampard suggested he might be close to agreeing on a new contract with Chelsea after the London club recorded a dramatic 2-1 win over Benfica in Amsterdam yestersday to win soccer’s Europa League. Lampard’s contract expires at the end of the campaign, but the 34-year-old has enjoyed a fine season and recently became Chelsea’s all-time scorer after registering his 202nd and 203rd goals for the club. Recent reports in the British media have suggested he is close to extending his contract and, after Branislav Ivanovic’s stoppage-time goal gave Chelsea victory at Amsterdam Arena, he expressed hope that that would be the case.“I really hope so and things are looking good. The club have been brilliant,” he said.  - AAP



ANZ NETBAll ulTIMATE FAN PACK If you’re one of New Zealand’s ultimate netball fans and planning to watch as much of the ANZ Championship as possible, this pack will give you more support for the game you love. The Ashburton Guardian is giving away two ultimate fan packs full of ANZ netball gear. Each includes a netball signed by the Canterbury Tactix, a drink bottle, drawstring bag, cap, cheer sticks and a stress ball to squeeze during those tense match moments. If you would like to win, go to the competition post on our Facebook page and tell us “I love netball because . . . . “

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ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, May 17, 2013


Lee-Lo expecting banter from Chiefs By Daniel Richardson By the time Hurricanes’ centre Reynold Lee-Lo laces up his boots tonight he will have already received some banter from a couple of members of the Chiefs. Lee-Lo has been given the unenviable task of filling the large void left by Conrad Smith, who continues to be sidelined with concussion, and there will be a few familiar faces across Westpac Stadium for Lee-Lo when the Hurricanes host the Chiefs this evening. The 27-year-old plays for Counties Manukau in the ITM Cup and he said on Wednesday he expected his phone to go off a couple of times this week with text messages from his provincial team-mates who play for the Chiefs. “There’s two of them,” Lee-Lo smiled. “Augustine Pulu and Bundee Aki; especially Bundee. “I’ll see what happens, I’ll probably get a text before the game or something. Or I will text them.” As for what Lee-Lo would retort with, he laughed at the prospect of firing back and said his response would be measured.

The Hurricanes are in a must-win situation as they try to keep their Super 15 playoff hopes alive.

“All the best; good luck. See you out there.” Pre-match jawing aside, the Chiefs will be given a first-hand example of what they have missed out on in Lee-Lo who falls within the Chiefs catchment area but couldn’t pick up a contract with Dave Rennie’s side. Lee-Lo was a wider training group member with the Chiefs in 2011 but when the Hurricanes came calling last year he jumped at the chance to play at the next level and relocated. Lee-Lo said he also received some advice from Counties coach Tana Umaga, a man who made a name for himself in the Hurricanes backline from 1996-2007, before he departed. “I remember before I left he said ‘don’t just go down there for the fun of it. Go down there and prove yourself, try and get in to the team and have fun’.” It’s certainly been a fun ride for Lee-Lo who played six games from the bench before his maiden start in last week’s 39-34 win over the Cheetahs in Bloemfontein and tonight he will get a chance to show the home fans what he can do. He was kept pretty quiet by the Cheetahs last week but he is a

dangerous runner and reliable on defence. Hurricanes first-five Beauden Barrett said the softly-spoke Lee-Lo appears to save his words for once the whistle has blown. “He’s not too bad on the field, he’s probably louder on the field than off the field,” Barrett said. Barrett was at his best last week as his kicking game directed the Hurricanes around the park with accuracy but he won’t find as much open real estate at the Cake Tin tonight as the Chiefs will put more bodies at the back to field his long punts. One of the more noticeable things about Barrett in the past two weeks has been his taped-up head, which will feature again tonight as he continues to recover from a cut on his left eyebrow courtesy of a stray boot from Bulls hooker Chiliboy Ralepelle. “Not ideal to get run over by him,” Barrett laughed. “It’s a wide cut but not too deep, so they could glue it up.” Tonight’s game shapes as another must-win for the ninth-placed Hurricanes as they try to keep their playoff hopes alive. - APNZ

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Blues v Crusaders: Rivalry goes full circle By Patrick McKendry How important is mindset, mentality, head space - whatever you want to call it - in rugby? Almost everything, according to former All Blacks coach Wayne Smith. Certainly, it was a key factor in the Crusaders winning their first title in 1998 after finishing dead last in 1996. One of the first things new coach Smith did when taking over the reigns at the Crusaders in their first successful season was to sign a group of Aucklanders. Smith said it was all about changing his players’ “inferiority complex” when it came to the blue and whites. “It became really apparent talking to them was that there was an inferiority complex there,” Smith told me last year. “The Crusaders got last [in 1996] and even from guys who would become really good players, they had this feeling that they shouldn’t be on the same rugby field as the Auckland boys. “It gave me an idea that we needed to get some of the Auckland boys from that NPC team. We needed to contract them because most of them had never lost. I thought if we got some guys who had never lost in our environment and our guys saw they were at least as good

Photo by Joseph Johnson

There will be no love lost when the Blues play the Crusaders on Saturday night - Ali Williams proves the point.

as them and probably better in terms of their commitment and their desire then it might flip that whole attitude around. So that’s what we did.” Smith signed Kevin Nepia, James Kerr, John Akurangi and Waisake Sotutu. It had an immediate effect. “You could see our guys thinking ‘I work as least as hard as these guys physically, I understand the game as well, yet they’re hugely successful with Auckland and we’re losing here’ and I think that made huge difference to our pysche and the confidence of our guys.” The rivalry between the two franchises could be said to have come full circle earlier this year when the Blues thrashed the Crusaders five tries to none at Eden Park. It was a stunning result, even allowing for the Crusaders’ traditional slow start. Last season the Crusaders put 50 points on the Blues in Christchurch, although that was under former coach Pat Lam. Can Sir John Kirwan’s men put that horror behind them? Their results and the enthusiasm of youth within their squad this season suggest they can, but whether the Crusaders, with No8 Kieran Read back, allow them to remains to be seen. The Crusaders looked ominous against the Brumbies in Canberra before their bye last weekend, but haven’t put two good performances together against quality

opposition this season. Four key young players from the Blues - Steven Luatua, Charles Piutau, Francis Saili and Frank Halai - have made the All Blacks wider training squad. How will that affect their preparation? With next month’s internationals looming, the All Blacks-laden Crusaders will be feeling the pressure to perform too. The other factor is the pressure on the Crusaders to maintain their momentum towards the play-offs or face a scrap in the remaining rounds. Mindset, mentality, head space, as ever, will be key. The game will be a special occasion for Andy Ellis as he mark’s his 100th Super Rugby cap. Ellis started his Super Rugby career in 2006 and has since clocked up eight seasons with the Crusaders. The Crusaders side: 1. Wyatt Crockett, 2. Corey Flynn, 3. Owen Franks, 4. Luke Romano, 5. Sam Whitelock, 6. George Whitelock , 7. Matt Todd, 8. Kieran Read (c), 9. Andy Ellis, 10. Dan Carter, 11. Zac Guildford, 12. Ryan Crotty , 13. Robbie Fruean, 14. Tom Marshall, 15. Tom Taylor. Reserves: 16. Ben Funnell, 17. Joe Moody, 18. Dominic Bird, 19. Luke Whitelock, 20. Willi Heinz, 21. Adam Whitelock, 22. Israel Dagg.  - APNZ

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Perry returns to face Crusaders Lining up alongside the Blues’ big guns to take on the might of the Crusaders, Perry knows he has an opportunity to put his hand up for more starts in the back end of the competition. “The coaches said this is a big chance. “I need to scrum well and keep going in my other aspects of the game and I could get a few more starts coming my way so it will be a big test.” After a few trips home from Auckland already this season, tomorrow is a rugby homecoming for him and he will have some form of support in the parochial Crusaders crowd. “I think my parents are coming and they have a bit of a crew going along to watch but I’m not too sure on who they’ll be supporting.” Perry and his Blues cohorts have so far strung together a solid season to sit fourth overall and second in the New Zealand conference, but will come in as “underdogs” but that is what they have been all season. It has been nine years since the Blues last defeated the Crusaders in Christchurch, and Kirwan said it was time to put an end to that disappointing record. “They deserve everything they’ve had,” Kirwan said of the Crusaders. “They’ve been a fantastic franchise and have led the way for many of us and now it’s time for us to get down there and earn some respect back and to do that we need to play for 80 minutes and be in a real battle. “For me it’s a Test match and that’s how it should be. I can’t wait, I’m really excited and the players are excited too. We’re underdogs, going down there with everything against us - it doesn’t get any better than that.”

By Jonathan Leask Mid Canterbury’s Tim Perry is making a homecoming of sorts after being retained in the Blues starting line-up for tomorrow night’s Super Rugby clash with the Crusaders in Christchurch. Perry, the former Mid Canterbury representative and son of All Black Grant Perry, made his debut against the mighty Bulls forwards in round four but has been named to play his biggest game yet in his debut season. “It’s the biggest game I’ve probably been involved in,” Perry said. It will be Perry’s fourth cap for the Blues, backing up from last weekend’s 80-minute performance in the Blues’ 36-32 win over the Rebels. “It felt quite good last week. The lungs were gasping a bit a couple of times but it wasn’t too bad. “I was hoping to get a run this weekend.” He got his wish as the super rugby rookie prop has been retained in the starting XV and lines up with 102 test veteran Keven Mealamu, who returns at hooker after overcoming a calf strain, while Culum Retallick and Luke Braid are also in the powerful forward pack named by Blues coach Sir John Kirwan. However, the Crusaders have also called in the cavalry. Kieran Read returns to the starting line-up and will lead the side after seven weeks on the side-line, but the Crusaders much vaunted scrum - led by an all-All Black front row of Wyatt Crockett, Corey Flynn and Owen Franks, will be the big test for Perry. “It will be a big challenge and a good opportunity. I haven’t scrummed against Franksy and that before so should be good.”

From the sideline Test yourself with the Guardian’s weekday quiz

What is this person famous for?

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Today’s sports trivia question In 1991, which All Black kicked a 50 metre field goal against Argentina?

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Tim Perry returns to his home patch tomorrow night to play against the Crusaders.

Aussie sharpshooter joins Silver Ferns crew The appointment of Australian shooting legend Vicki Wilson to one of the top posts in New Zealand netball has once again raised concerns over the depth in our coaching stocks. Yesterday’s announcement that the former Australian captain will be Silver Ferns coach Waimarama Taumaunu’s assistant for the next two years came as a major surprise, raising eyebrows on both sides of the Tasman. When the position was advertised last month, Taumaunu said an overseas applicant would be considered, but it was unlikely they would possess one of the

Aussie shooter Vicki Wilson will be crossing the Tasman.

team in their quest to defend their Commonwealth Games title next year and win the 2015 world championships in Sydney. Netball New Zealand chief executive Raelene Castle said Wilson’s appointment has been well received by senior members of the Silver Ferns, who were consulted during the process. “It was very important we had the buy-in from the players, [Kopua] spoke to the leadership team and there was a unanimous belief that Vicki will bring a point of difference that will be very valuable in the Silver Ferns environment.” But Castle acknowledged there might be some backlash from local coaches, who have already

complained coaching pathways at ANZ Championship level have been blocked by former national coaches Leigh Gibbs (Tactix) and Ruth Aitken (Mystics). Castle said the decision to appoint an Australian coach was hotly debated among the panel, but in the end they had to go for the strongest applicant.” As a former Australian Diamonds captain, Wilson is one of netball’s most successful players with three World Championship gold medals and one Commonwealth Games gold medal to her credit. The 48-yearold played for the Australian national netball side for 15 years and was awarded the Order of Australia Medal in 1992. - AAP

Send your caption to Best of the week will be published in Saturday’s Guardian Today’s answers: Mystery person: Lindsey Jacobellis famously missed an Olympic gold snowboarding medal in 2006 when showing off on her way to the line, and Tanja Frieden rushed past her with inches to go, then she crashed in the same situation in 2010. Quote: Basketball coach Al McGuire Trivia question: Kieran Crowley

key prerequisites for the job - a passion to help the Silver Ferns become world champions. But nevertheless in the search for her new sidekick Taumaunu contacted several of her overseas contacts and “pointed out” that the position was up for grabs. She said she was not overly optimistic that Wilson would apply, but the fact she did proved “she wanted to be here”. “I was not prepared to chase anyone, whoever applied had to want the job,” said Taumaunu. Taumaunu said the honest and forthright Wilson won over the interview panel, which included Silver Ferns captain Casey Kopua, with her passionate belief she could add real value to the

By Dana Johannsen


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Cloud increasing, and scattered rain developing during the afternoon. Light winds.

Cloud increasing, and scattered rain developing from late morning. Wind at 1000m: NW 45 km/h, dying away in the afternoon. Wind at 2000m: NW 60 km/h, easing to NE 30 km/h in the afternoon.

NZ Today








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Wind less than km/h 30


MONDAY: A few showers, turning to rain. Southerlies developing.



Canterbury High Country


SUNDAY: Cloudy periods, with a few showers. Northeast winds.



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TODAY: Occasional rain developing in the afternoon. Light winds. TOMORROW: Cloudy with a few showers. Light winds.



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morning min max

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A broad complex area of low pressure lies slow-moving over much of New Zealand through until Monday. A front moves onto the far south on Monday bringing a strong southerly change.


A few showers, turning to rain. Southerlies developing.

TUESDAY Occasional rain. Southerlies.


FZL: About 2400m

FZL: 2300m

Early rain easing to a few showers, and areas of low cloud and mist. Snow above 2100 metres. Wind at 1000m: N breezes. Wind at 2000m: NW 40 km/h.

SUNDAY Rain about the divide, with snow lowering to 1800m. A few showers elsewhere, with areas of low cloud and mist. NW, fresh about higher ground.

MONDAY Rain developing, bringing snow down to 1400 metres. NW dying out and SE developing.

TUESDAY Occasional rain. Southeasterlies.

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River Levels


Rakaia Fighting Hill (NIWA) at 1:45 pm, yesterday Nth Ashburton at 3:00 pm, yesterday Sth Ashburton at 3:15 pm, yesterday Rangitata Klondyke at 3:00 pm, yesterday

116.2 5.85 7.16 47.0

Source: Environment Canterbury

Canterbury Readings

to 4pm yesterday


Ashburton Airport

min grass 16 hour May 2013 min to date to date





67.8 296.8

NE 22

Christchurch Airport 14.7




29.2 165.8

NE 30

Timaru Airport



9.8 164.4

N 22

Temperatures °C









14.7 13.9

Rainfall mm









Tides, Sun, Moon and Fishing m am 3 3



9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


Saturday 9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


Wind km/h

max gust

Sunday 9 noon 3


9 pm

2 1 0


9:11 3:15 9:30 3:49 10:00 4:04 10:20 4:38 10:47 4:54 11:09 The times shown are for the Ashburton River mouth. For the Rangitata river mouth subtract 16 minutes and for the Rakaia river mouth subtract 6 minutes.

Rise 7:43 am Set 5:15 pm Bad

Bad fishing

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Bad fishing

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Rise 1:06 pm

First quarter 18 May 4:36 pm ©Copyright OceanFun Publishing Ltd.

Full moon 25 May 4:27 pm

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7:00 am


Ashburton Guardian, Friday, May 17, 2013

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