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Monday, April 15, 2013


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Delays frustrate local students POLL QUESTION

One Mid Canterbury student is still living with her grandmother while others have spent weeks without receiving a cent due to frustrating StudyLink delays. It has reached breaking point for local students studying in other parts of the country, who have expressed their angst to the Guardian about long delays over the telephone, confusion and frustration with StudyLink, who provide loans or financial support in the way of allowances for students going through tertiary education. StudyLink says it acknowledges the frustration, and is undertaking analysis to avoid similar problems next year. It has been particularly difficult for former Ashburton College pupil Georgie Negus-Nelson who moved to Christchurch this year to study nursing at the Christchurch Polytechnic Institution of Technology (CPIT). Originally moving in with her grandmother, Ms Negus-Nelson hoped to find rental accommodation shortly after moving to the city but has been unable to because she has no idea if or when she will receive her student allowance. After sending in her application more than a month ago and starting her course in February, she wants answers. “It’s been a month and I haven’t heard anything from them, it’s been really hard to get hold of them on the phone and when I do they just tell me it’s a busy time of year,” Ms Negus-Nelson said. “I’m meant to be paying board to my grandmother, and I’m really lucky she doesn’t mind, but I do feel ridiculous bludging off my grandmother.” To keep herself afloat, the 21-year-old has also been putting in more hours with her casual catering job, and although it has not affected her study yet, she is concerned it could when the workload increases. The Guardian contacted the Ministry of Social Development to find out what was causing the delay. Late Friday, the head of StudyLink Susan Kosmala emailed the Guardian, saying Ms NegusNelson’s application would be finalised that night and she would be back paid for the weeks she missed


Should the Government put more money into the student allowance system??

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to have your say.

out on. “This year StudyLink has received an influx of late applications for student support. This has led to delays, in some cases, in finalising student support payments,” Ms Kosmala said. Alasdair Tarry left Ashburton College at the end of last year, and is now studying architecture at Victoria University in Wellington. He encountered problems with StudyLink when he applied for a loan for living costs which can see students receive up to $170 a week which they would have to later pay back. Thinking it was finalised, Mr Tarry realised he was not being paid about four weeks into his course. “I actually called them up and said ‘hey I’m not getting my money’ and they told me I needed to send in my bank details, but as it turned out they already had my details and all they had to do was press the okay button.” One other former Ashburton College pupil, who did not want to be named, said he waited up to seven weeks before receiving his first student allowance payment, and had sent the same documentation in several times because StudyLink said they had not received them. Ms Kosmala said the majority of student loans had been finalised and StudyLink was “refocusing” staff and resources to process the remaining applications. “Reasons for delays include that we may be waiting for a student to provide us with the right information, or all the information required to support their application,” Ms Kosmala said. With the processing of applications beginning in October, StudyLink advised students not to delay applying for loans and allowances in the future.

Photo Tetsuro Mitomo 140413-TM-072

A Muddy Good Run participant soaks up the fun during the 5km course in Rakaia.

It’s a mud bath in Rakaia

By Myles Hume

Check out our video By Sam Morton “I’m still breathing”. It was that comment from an Ashburton competitor that best summed up yesterday’s inaugural Muddy Good Run event, held in perfect conditions in Rakaia. About 600 people crawled through sticky mud, piled in to crumbling water pits surrounded by barbed wire, clambered in skips, jumped hay bales and horse jumps, negotiated their way across steep terrain and swam across the Rakaia River. The Rakaia Volunteer Fire Service were on hand to hose competitors down during and after the race, as mud-covered competitors strode to the finish. It was a mammoth effort for most, some donning costumes for the five or 10km extravaganza, others just out there for a “Muddy Good Run”. Cold pies greeted some finishing participants, as they crawled their way through a ground net and lunged for the finish line

Photo Tetsuro Mitomo 140413-TM-484

The Muddy Pigs team of Devon Reymgoud, Ben Reymgoud, Annie Martis and Bryce Morrison get right into the spirit, crawling to the finish line for a cold pie. – clearly in sight after five gruelling kilometres. “It was a massive course man, just amazing fun ... I can’t wait for next year,” said Robert Ridden of Ashburton. “I’m still breathing, so I’m pretty happy with that,” he gasped. About 1000 spectators turned out at the Rakaia Domain to support their friends, families and work colleagues, cheering them over the line and further egging them on. “This was one of the best events I think I’ve ever done to be honest ... just something for everyone out there and the organisers were right, it was one hell of a challenge,” Christchurch resident Kahn Simon said. Despite a couple of minor mishaps involv-

ing some competitors veering off in the wrong direction and a few others getting lost, event organiser John Moore was emphatic about the event’s success. “It’s just been incredible, the turnout was great, everyone was smiling, laughing and most of them really got into the spirit of things,” Mr Moore said. “There were a couple of minor things we will put some focus on and tidy up for the next run, but overall nothing too much to worry about and of course, the day was all about fun. “No-one really cared if they had won or not and it was brilliant to see so many people turn out to support their people on the course and support the retailers on site.

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Overall I’m rapt,” he said. Mr Moore was also grateful for the support of Terry and Monica O’Neill who allowed organisers to dig up their land and turn their paddocks into one huge mud bath. As the sun beamed down and Rakaia’s volunteer firefighters continued to hose competitors down, a fun slide was offered to all children to help raise money for the local fire crew to head to the Auckland Sky Tower and further raise funds for children living with leukaemia. If you missed out this time, event organisers have decided to host another Muddy Good Run in October – hoping to build on the success of yesterday’s event. • More photos P8

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ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Monday, April 15, 2013


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Welfare cut to 525 people More than $5 million in welfare has been immediately cut to 525 people who were discovered to be unfairly claiming a benefit, the Government said yesterday. The major savings in welfare costs may result in charges against some people as Government staff begin trying to retrieve the unfairly claimed money. The hundreds of cases were only discovered last month as a result of expanded information sharing between Inland Revenue and the Ministry of Social Development. As a result, the 525 people wrong-

announced in February are already paying dividends.” The expanded information sharing would result in regular monthly checks for all beneficiaries, Mr Burrows said. “Beneficiaries know that when they start work, they must advise Work and Income of their changed circumstances. “The expanded information sharing between Inland Revenue and MSD means that those people who are dishonest and don’t declare that they are earning income, will be caught.”

Check out our video

By Russell Blackstock

By Sam Morton Some of the country’s most skilful cutting horses vied for national honours at the weekend, as the national championships unfolded in Tinwald. Dozens of riders took to the arena to battle their way through as one of six finalists and get a shot to compete for national glory. Held at Keri Worrall’s Arena, on Johnstone Street, riders were judged on their ability to separate a cow away from its herd and keep it away for a short period of time. In the event, the horse and rider select and separate the animal from a small group. The cow then tries to return to its herd, while the horse tries to keep the cow from going back. A judge awards points to the cutter ranging from 60 to 80, with 70 being considered average. Event announcer Myra Severinsen said she was pleased with the way the event had panned out over the two days, pointing out cutting was still considered a backyard hobby by most participants. “Overseas in places like America, the sport has become very professional and there are riders over there actually making their living from cutting,” Ms Severinsen said. “(But) here In New Zealand, it’s very much a backyard hobby and we all help each other out to get better and to get on and move ahead with our sport.” As the weekend drew to a close and the prizegiving ceremony wrapped up about 2pm yesterday, competitors gathered together and celebrated with a sit-down meal at a local restaurant. The national championships alternated between the two islands each year. The event will return to the South Island in 2015.

Photo Tetsuro Mitomo 140413-TM-635

Harold Morrisey in action with his horse, Kings Playboy, at the Tinwald arena yesterday.

Teachers protest Govt’s education plans By Sam Morton

Photo Kirsty Clay 130413-KC-012

Teachers chanted “Stand up, fight back, public education is under attack”, as part of a nationwide protest on Saturday.

Girl hurt in road crash By Amy Shanks A young girl escaped serious injury after riding her push scooter into the path of an oncoming car yesterday. The 6-year-old was admitted to Hawke’s Bay Hospital with moderate injuries, where she remained in a stable condition last night. It is believed she was heading along Onga Onga Road in Waipawa about 11am, when she left the

pathway and rode directly in front of the vehicle. “She has been very lucky,” Hawke’s Bay Road Policing Sergeant Clint Adamson said. “The driver did everything possible to slow down. It was in a 100km/h zone so they must not have been going too fast.” In Napier, police attended another near miss, after a truck and trailer unit failed to give way to a car going through the Georges Rd-Latham Street roundabout at 11.30am. - APNZ

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett said there were now 29,000 fewer New Zealanders receiving benefits since the last quarter, the lowest number of beneficiaries at this time of year since 2009. She said more than 17,600 people went off the unemployment, domestic purposes and sickness benefits and into work in the last quarter. There are now 310,146 people on benefits, including 92,550 sole parents on DPB, 58,208 on sickness benefits and 48,756 on unemployment benefits. - APNZ

Warning on car meth labs NZMMMA Member

War hero Willie Apiata has got his call-up to battle this Anzac Day. Apiata, VC, will share a last supper with the national rugby league team before they take to the field for Friday’s Anzac test in Canberra. New Zealand’s only living Victoria Cross holder will be honoured at a prematch ceremony alongside five Australian soldiers who hold the George Cross or the Victoria Cross. But before that Apiata will join the Kiwis for their meal on Thursday night – a pre-match ritual that is usually closed to everyone but players and management. Said assistant coach Tony Iro: “Willie Apiata will be a guest of the team at the final dinner.” - APNZ

in a statement. The ministry will be making attempts to recover the money and Mr Burrows said cases where there was deliberate fraud would result in prosecution. It is the second significant breakthrough for the department after two people were last week arrested in relation to a suspected $375,000 welfare scam. “With expanded information sharing possible now, major savings are being achieved,” Mr Burrows said. “The Government is determined to clamp down on welfare fraud and I’m pleased to see the measures

Skills tested at NZ cutting horse champs

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Apiata guest of Kiwis

fully claiming benefits have had their payments stopped immediately. Associate Social Development Minister Chester Borrows said ministry staff were in the process of contacting those people, who had been earning above the income threshold and failed to disclose “their full circumstances”. He said the 525 claimants had been receiving benefits costing $5.6 million a year. “That’s money they were not entitled to and I’m glad we’ve been able to put a stop to it,” Mr Burrows said


Mid Canterbury teachers took to the streets yet again to voice their frustrations and opposition against the Government’s flawed plans for the education sector. About 20 teachers stood on East Street chanting “Stand up, fight back, public education is under attack”, as cars drove by, tooting to show their support. The protest, staged by NZEI Te Riu Roa right across the country, was held to express the concern surrounding “damaging policies” the Government look set to implement. Branch president Janine Barker said the action was about showing the extent of deep concern in the community, particularly throughout Mid Canterbury. “Our Government is intent on following education policies that have seen student achievement drop, not grow, in other countries. The GERM (Global Education Reform Movement) agenda of introducing competition, charter schools, privatisation, standardised learning, performance pay and school league tables in an unsuccessful experiment,” Ms Barker said. “Already we’ve seen the rushed and flawed implementation of National Standards, the botched Novopay, the hasty mergers and closures of schools in Christchurch, the introduction of charter schools and the imposition of league tables.” Ms Barker said the Government had shown no signs of listening and hoped the protests would encourage them to take notice. “It’s time to focus on quality teaching, building trust and collegiality between schools and the policy makers. “It’s about supporting every child to learn in the way that best suits them,” Ms Barker said. About 50,000 NZEI members nationwide took part in the protest on Saturday.

Police and specialists are warning of the rising use of stolen vehicles as mobile meth labs, which are sometimes returned to unsuspecting owners after being contaminated. One horrified businesswoman had her stolen BMW car returned worthless after it was used for a drug-making operation. The $28,000 silver sedan was taken from her home at Farm Cove, Pakuranga, in October. It was recovered in December during a police operation in West Auckland and she is still negotiating an insurance settlement. The married mother of three, who asked not to be named, had the car examined after police advised her thieves might have manufactured methamphetamine, or P, in the boot. Tests revealed dangerously high levels of methamphetamine, which are more commonly found in houses converted into labs. “The car was a real mess and I was suspicious about a terrible stench inside,” the BMW owner said. “I wasn’t surprised when results came back showing strong traces of methamphetamine. I had the car decontaminated the best I could but there is no way I would get back in it or use it to transport my children.” Her insurer had taken possession of the car after Turners Auctions told her it had no resale value. “This has been very stressful. I want to warn other people to be very careful when buying second-hand or [when they] have had their car stolen and returned,” she said. Todd Hunter, chief executive of Turners, said all contaminated vehicles received by police went to a wreaking yard. Waikato forensic consultant Todd Sheppard, who tested the BMW, suspected many toxic vehicles were on the road. Dozens of vehicles have been seized by police since new proceeds-of-crime rules were introduced three years ago. In 2010, 44 cars, vans and 4WD vehicles worth an estimated $852,000 were seized. Most seizures had involved drugs. Assistant Police Commissioner Allan Boreham said the use of cars as P labs was rising. “Labs have become much more compact as the criminals have worked out ways to do it, and still hide it. “It’s now not uncommon for our staff to find a complete lab set up in the back of a boot that can be quickly set up in a location,” he told the Herald on Sunday. Boreham said police were increasingly dealing with seized vehicles that could pose a danger. - APNZ

111 diary Incidents attended to by the Ashburton Police and Mid Canterbury volunteer fire brigades recently. Check out, for up-to-the-minute updates on every fire callout in the district during the week.

• Minor prang Ashburton police attended to a minor car crash yesterday, just after 12.30pm, on State Highway 1. The officer reported nobody was injured in the collision, south of Chertsey, as one police officer at the scene spent time clearing smashed glass and debris from the site. No further details were available yesterday, but no other emergency service personnel were at the scene.

• Mixed weekend It proved to be a quiet weekend for most of the district’s fire brigades, with the last call being attended to by the Rakaia brigade in Chertsey on Friday night, as of 7pm yesterday. The Ashburton brigade were also called to a false alarm on Racecourse Road later that night. The Pendarves crew were kept occupied at the Wheat and Wheels Rally in Wakanui, hosting an exhibit, alongside the historic council-owned fire engine. The Rakaia crew were also busy hosing Muddy Good Run competitors and fundraising for a trip to the Auckland Sky Tower, to further raise funds for children living with leukemia.

• Cordon lifted New areas of the Christchurch CBD have been reopened with the cordon lifted on all of Manchester Street for the first time in more than two years. The cordon was on Saturday night lifted to open up the entire street as part of the east rebuild zone, the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority says. Reconfiguring the cordon is “part of the continuing efforts to lift restrictions on the CBD as and when possible”, the authority said. The cordon on the entire rebuild zone is expected to be lifted by the - APNZ end of June. 

• Dress for sale Award-winning actor Keisha Castle-Hughes is selling her wedding dress. The one-off pure silk and linen dress, finished with chantilly lace and fine beads, has a reserve price of $4750 on the Reinvented Bride website. Castle-Hughes’ husband, DJ Jonathan Morrison, 25, said the sale would help with their new life in Los Angeles. They also wanted another couple to enjoy the dress. - APNZ

• Lotto results Official Lotto results for draw number 1349 drawn on Saturday. Winning numbers (in ascending order): 6, 7, 16, 24, 37, 38. Bonus number: 20. Powerball winning number: 8. Strike: 7, 37, 24,16.

by David Fletcher

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1. Wedding preoccupies Wakanui 2. Banged up, but business calls 3. Run registrations flood in 4. Interest in CEO role 5. Ben takes a break

POLL RESULT Yesterday’s result Q: Should Ashburton Council switch to wheelie bins for refuse collections?

Overlooking the Wheat and Wheels Rally in Wakanui at the weekend.

Photo Tetsuro Mitomo 130413-TM-046

By Sam Morton Thousands of people flocked to Wakanui at the weekend to catch a rare glimpse of the finest vintage machinery the South Island has to offer. Steam-driven tractors, vintage water pumps, logging trucks, historic fire engines and many other exhibits kept the crowds smiling as the proud owners slowly paraded their machines in the main ring at Peter Butterick’s Wakanui farm. Families, farmers and vintage machinery enthusiasts gathered to watch the action, eating ice-

cream, hot chips, sausages and soaking up the sun, sitting on hay bales. It was an event that has been two years in the making and Wheat and Wheels Rally president Peter McMullan, of the Mid Canterbury Vintage Machinery Club, was thrilled by its success. Mr McMullan estimated more than 5000 people had passed through the gates over the twoday event, marking the club’s 30th anniversary in style. “People from far and wide have travelled to the rally, which has been fantastic to see. We have been blessed with two brilliant days of weather and the sup-

port from exhibitors, sponsors, the crowds and the enthusiasm from our organising committee has been absolutely phenomenal,” Mr McMullan said. “It’s been quite some time put in to planning this event and it’s so nice to look out there today and see all the plans and hard work come to fruition . . . I’m extremely happy with the way it has gone.” Classic cars, vintage harvest machinery, hundreds of tractors and plenty of demonstrations gave the visitors plenty to ponder – with machinery dating back to the early 1900s – and still operating like new. Exhibitor Trevor Begg, who

is also a member of the Mid Canterbury Vintage Machinery Club, has been interested in vintage farm machinery for decades. Mr Begg grew up on a farm and over the years has learnt how to operate most of the machinery, becoming a proud owner and enjoying the maintenance of them as a hobby. “There have been some great crowds through here over the weekend and it’s so nice to be here and be a part of it,” Mr Begg said. “Ever since I was a boy, I have been interested in this sort of stuff and to me it’s just fascinating learning the history and

keeping the things ticking over smoothly. “There has been some wonderful exhibits here ... it really has been a treat for all,” he said. Judging by queues at the food stalls, the dozens of burly blokes enjoying a pint at one of several bar leaners and the thousands of smiles across faces, it’s easy to see the event was a steaming success. The two-day rally was held throughout the weekend and Mr McMullan said a percentage of the rally proceeds would go to the Ronald McDonald House charity, among others. • More photos P9

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Photo Tetsuro Mitomo 130413-TM-131

People enjoyed the displays in the main ring yesterday as a number of demonstrations were held.

Photo Tetsuro Mitomo 130413-TM-003

– Muddy Good Run – Cutting horse finals – And so many more!

Families travelled from far and wide to enjoy the sights on display in Wakanui at the Wheat and Wheels Rally.

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Drug use deep-rooted in our society D

rugs continue to be a problem in Mid Canterbury and it has started affecting the employment market. The New Zealand Drug Testing Agency last week revealed that one in 15 people who were tested in the district failed a drugs test, which seems extremely high. Naturally this does not mean that one in 15 workers is using drugs in Ashburton as not every industry requires a drugs test. The percentage may be even higher but at least in those

OUR VIEW industries, those under the influence of illegal substances would not be of any danger to themselves or others. Heavy industry or any sector that uses machinery though are getting much more proactive on the issue and this zero-tolerance approach is starting to hurt those who simply cannot put down their joints. Some have argued that they have the occasional, recreational

puff and that it does not impair their work or their skills. Aside from the fact that drug use of any kind is still illegal, some ignorant employees simply do not realise how long the substances stay in your system and may cost you your job. Canterbury Meat Packers is one of the companies in Ashburton with a stringent drug testing regime and recruitment manager Sharon McDonald

Coen Lammers editor

told the Guardian that she was baffled how during certain recruitment drives in the North Island up to 60 per cent will fail a drugs test. This figure is a shocking

reminder how deep-rooted drug use is in this country, whether it is with cocaine, methamphetamine or the B and C-class drugs like marijuana. Users of soft drugs kid themselves that it has no impact on their lives or their performance. Employers are right to clamp down on anyone having substance residues in their system to send a strong signal to their workforce. The rules are clear and anyone working for a company

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YOUR VIEW Interesting buildings It is hardly an old town. even before the earthquake the interesting old buildings were vanishing along West and East Street as for residential properties. For example, one Billy Thomas house is an uncommon character house with four neighbouring character houses moved elsewhere to be replaced with new, and less interesting. (Text message)


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South Korea I am a New Zealander who has lived in South Korea for two years. Before scared New Zealanders allow John Key to jump in America’s back pocket, they should be aware that the average South Korean has little to no fear of North Korea. Why? 1 Because they know that North Korea has an infrastructure only slightly above that of the third world. 2 The average South Korean does not fear the North because there are currently 30,000 US troops stationed here (and have been for 60 years) along with the most state of the art arms and war machinery in the world. South Korea also has a large and well equipped military of its own. 3 The South has received threats from the North since the Korean War ended almost 60 years ago. The type of rhetoric currently making news is not at all unusual. New Zealand should support the UN peace making processes between South and North Korea – not the USA’s archaic bomb first, talk later approach that they have demonstrated already too many times around the world. James Whitehead

Medical centre Sam Morton Reporter ph 307 7969

Jonathan Leask Sports reporter ph 307 7956

I agree with Earl. Main road, infirm clients, negotiating access, holding up traffic. Doesn’t sound good to me. CRASH! (Text message) *



Surely if the new medical centre is supposed

to cater for everyone it should be located somewhere more central. Why not use the soon to be empty museum/ art gallery? Jo (Text message)

Citizens’ association Good riddance to the so-called citizens’ association. They didn’t speak for me, didn’t want them to either! They want to keep the town old and boring like it is now. S Gibson (Text message)

Hospital kitchen Re hospital kitchen jobs. Perhaps you should get your facts right before put them on the front page. We work for Medirest who are a Compass group and they are making the frozen meals in Christchurch already so it will cost us our jobs. (Text message)

John Key Blinded by the right. Your online poll re: Should Teflon John Key be held responsible for the troubles of the Govt he is responsible for? Sixty-seven per cent said he shouldn’t. What the !!! He sacked both Kate Wilkinson for the failings of the Dept of Labour and the ever reliable Nick Smith for the ACC Bronwyn Pullar debacle.That 67 per cent think teflon John is not responsible for the comedy of errors within his own department is naïve. Kevin Hurley (Text message)

Council At least the council was voted for! Rawlinson and co were not voted into any power! 16 Clark St (Text message)

Inspector investigated We welcome your text messages, but: • Name supplied preferable. • We reserve the right to publish at our discretion. • Messages do not represent the opinion of the Guardian.

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This discussion however is an entirely different issue and has nothing to do with drugs in the workplace. If cannabis would be legalised in New Zealand, which is unlikely to happen soon, drug testing at work would have to increase, because dope-impaired workers should not be in the workplace. Many users struggle to break from the addictive substance but they will have to make a choice between looking after their family and looking after their bad habit.

New Zealand: No-spying zone


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using heavy machinery should be confident that the person next to them is not going to do something stupid that could cost either of them a limb, or their life, just because the colleague had a joint before coming to work. Because cannabis use is so widespread in New Zealand, many feel that the police should stop wasting their time and that Parliament should legalise this drug, like in the Netherlands and some states within the United States.

One of Auckland’s top police officers is being investigated by fellow police. Inspector Richard Wilkie, the Manurewa area commander, is under investigation after an alleged assault. Counties Manukau district commander John Tims confirmed a criminal and employment investigation is underway relating to an incident on April 2. “The incident involved an offduty police officer from Counties Manukau District. The incident is being independently investigated by a senior police officer from outside Counties Manukau district,” he said. “The police officer concerned has been put on alternative duties until

the investigation has concluded,” he said. It is understood Wilkie was put on administrative duties after the allegation emerged. Wilkie has hired a top defence lawyer and refused to discuss claims on Saturday. He referred all inquiries to lawyer Richard Earwaker. Earwaker was also reluctant to say anything. “I am not prepared to comment on anything on his behalf on rumours or anonymous information.” Wilkie’s wife Ann is also a detective with Counties Manukau Police based at the Multi Agency Centre which investigates child abuse and adult sexual assault. The couple have three children and Richard Wilkie is a parent representative on the board of trustees - APNZ at Macleans College. 

It may come as a surprise to many to learn that one of the several privileges and pleasures available to inhabitants - or permanent residents - of Aotearoa, New Zealand, for the past 10 years, at least, has been legal immunity from the attentions of the Government Communications Security Bureau or, as better known, the GCSB. Its operatives “shalt not spy” on us. Nefarious. Thus, should we have so wished, we have been free to indulge in nefarious activities of all kinds - some of them perhaps to the benefit of a “foreign power” - without let or hindrance or the fear of the sound of heavy boots outside and a rap on the door in the middle of the night. I doubt whether many Kiwis are aware of this on-going State indulgence or would have made much use of it if they had been but is it really a comfort to the law abiders to know that there could be others “out there” less well disposed to the essence of our way of life who by “fair means or foul” - usually the latter - could set about changing it, unworried by any inconvenient consequences. In other words, “The Land of the Long White Cloud” - complete with silver lining - has been a potential haven for those with their own agendas and ambitions unlikely to be appreciated by the rest of us. Hoo-ha. Hence the hoo-ha over the larger-than-life itself, Mr Dotcom, enthusiastically investigated, incarcerated and confiscated by the police, working under the GCSB umbrella, when he was first suspected of illegal dealings elsewhere, namely the United States. He turned out, as we are all now only too well aware, to be a New Zealand resident which gave him “spy-free” status and the right to be left alone to his own devices. Now, a report - inevitably “leaked” before its official publication date - compiled by Cabinet Secretary Ms Rebecca Kitteridge tells us another eighty-eight cases of GCSB “spying” - less prominent than the Dotcom shenanigans, perhaps - could be “legally questionable”. As good Kiwis - with valid passports - including eye colour details - to prove their proud identity the sleuths should, apparently, have been no-where near them. Compensation of thousands of taxpayers’ dollars would seem to be the next pre-ordained step to which will, no doubt, be added the prohibitive costs of squadrons of eager lawyers swarming round the pot. Law change. In what some may think to be a long overdue response to this Gilbert and Sullivan situation whereby the law of the land must refrain from the apprehension of suspected villains, Mr Key, from somewhere near the Great Wall of China,


where the deliberately ill-timed “leak” found him, has promised to “make changes” and “clear up misunderstandings”. Good luck to him, I say. The present unhappy situation can only be called a laugh-free joke. A licence to offend, indeed. Memory. In view of our PM’s now legendary memory selectivity, with which comes a veritable stream of not so “senior moments”, I trust there will be, standing within cooee of him, an aide who will commit to paper these up-coming and welcome changes. There must be no dispute next week - or next year - as to what our current helmsman actually said. PM’s role in appointment of GCSB director. Another controversial “issue”, thanks to Mr Key’s “recollection uncertainty” concerns the unstraightforward appointment of Mr Ian Fletcher as the new(ish) director of the GCSB. Variously described as a childhood friend of Mr Key, the son of a friend of his mother or “I knew his brother better”, Mr Fletcher, with a distinguished career record behind him, was, it is claimed, shoulder-tapped by the PM to take the job. Naturally, the PM couldn’t recall making telephonic contact at any time of day or night but Mr Fletcher could. Subsequently, he went through all the hoops required for such a posting, ticking all the boxes and filling all the squares along the way. Other candidates were said not to be up to it so Mr Fletcher was soon declared the best man to take over the largely dysfunctional organization and bring some much-needed order and cohesion to it. That he was not “a military man” seems to have stuck in the craw of some of the previous holders of the office. However, as cyberspace spying (CSS) seems now to be the favoured method of undermining the enemy and extracting the deepest of deeply-held secrets, a past record of martial derring-do would seem unnecessary. Regardless of what actual degree of friendship Messrs Key and Fletcher enjoyed in their earlier years, Mr Fletcher’s CV is impressive. It includes, inter alia, a spell as private secretary to the British Cabinet secretary, a successful stint as a British Civil Servant and then time as Director-General of the Queensland Ministry of Employment and Economic Development. It seems we were lucky to get him.





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Chinese language in local classrooms? By Myles Hume Mid Canterbury secondary schools will be teaching Chinese in the next two years, a university professor believes. However, the district’s college principals say there would be a lot of hoops to jump through before Chinese became a popular language for local high school pupils. University of Canterbury Director of Confucius Institute associate professor Adam Lam said Chinese was a quickly becoming a popular language in South Island schools, with the number of schools teaching the language increasing from five to 24 in four years. Both Ashburton and Mount Hutt colleges do not teach Chinese, but

Mr Lam predicts it will be a language taught in the classroom in the not so distant future. “I would not be surprised if one school in Timaru or Ashburton did not have Chinese as a language choice in two or three years,” Mr Lam, of Chinese decent, said. “The pattern we have seen in Christchurch and the surrounding areas show this.” Mr Lam’s claims also come off the back of comments by Prime Minister John Key during his visit to China last week, who said Mandarin should be a language seriously considered by high school pupils. With Mid Canterbury’s strong farming sectors, Mr Lam said it would make sense to teach Chinese in local schools, implementing it at Years 9 and 10

before making it an NCEA subject. “Chinese is quite important for New Zealand because China is our second largest trading partner and soon it will be number one in a year or two,” Mr Lam said. “We deal with China a lot and it will be much more of a benefit to know their language.” Ashburton College principal Grant McMillan did not rule out the possibility, but said Chinese would need to meet pupil demand and it would have to be well supported. “There’s always a willingness for schools to try teach and do the things the community wants done, that’s the way the New Zealand education system is designed. “But it doesn’t just magically happen, they may well be right but

we have Japanese and German but to support this you need 120 to 140 students.” Mr McMillan said a shortage of Chinese teachers would also pose an issue, saying not everyone was fit for teaching even though they may know the language well. However, Mr Lam said he knew of at least five people in Christchurch who could teach Chinese. Mount Hutt College principal John Schreurs said it would be harder for a smaller school like his, which needed to attract pupils to subjects to keep them afloat. “I think languages are under valued by a lot of people, I certainly know when someone is fluent in two languages they go on to learn others,” Mr Schreurs said.

Bank gives out forged notes By Bevan Hurley

Photo Susan Sandys

Methven welcomes in the Thai New Year Ashburton Mayor Angus McKay cuts a ribbon to open a festival in Methven yesterday to welcome in the Thai New Year, observed by organiser Lam Gorman. The festival, held at Mrs Gorman’s Thai Chilli restaurant, was attended by members of Mid Canterbury’s Thai community, Thai students visiting Methven, as well as dozens of Methven residents. Mr McKay spoke about Mid Canterbury’s growing ethnic diversity, as reflected by increasing citizenship ceremonies and growing numbers attending Ashburton’s annual Multicultural Bite. “It is so pleasing for myself and many people in the district that they choose to become citizens and we will have a new New Zealand in years to come,” Mr McKay said. Organiser Eddie Gorman said the Thai New Year was a huge occasion in his wife’s home country each year, and Bangkok emptied out as city residents went home to rural areas to celebrate with their families. “You can actually drive there and feel safe, it’s quite unusual for Bangkok,” Mr Gorman said.

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Wills St

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Dexter cattle in the spotlight Wakanui residents Russell Ellis and Jackie Wright opened their farm at the weekend, as part of a nationwide open day showcasing Dexter cattle. Mr Ellis (far right) is seen explaining the breed to Mervyn and Claire Tutty on Saturday. Over 6000 head of cattle have been registered in New Zealand and the Dexter Cattle Society has over 400 active members. The society aims to drive the development of the breed and regularly promotes the breed.

Thomas family reveal shell test By Joanne Carroll Arthur Allan Thomas’ brother carried out his own forensic tests to discredit the evidence that convicted his brother. This week, Ray Thomas has revealed he planted shell cases in the Crewe garden – replicating the actions of detectives investigating the case. He proved buried shell cases would discolour compared with the shiny case presented to the court. Arthur Allan Thomas was twice convicted over the deaths of Harvey and Jeannette Crewe in 1970, and then pardoned. A Royal Commission of Inquiry found a shell case from Thomas’ gun had been planted in the Crewe garden by police officers.

The killings left baby Rochelle, 18 months, abandoned in her cot. Now in her 40s, she has asked police to review the case. The Thomas family spoke out last week about detectives Bruce Hutton and Len Johnston after Deputy Commissioner Mike Bush told mourners at Hutton’s funeral that Hutton had “integrity beyond reproach”. Ray Thomas said the shell cases had been found in the garden four months and 10 days after the murders, but he knew they couldn’t have been in the ground that long. “In June 1971, my middle brother, Richie, Bob Hills, Dad and I went to the Crewe property and planted shell cases under the cover of darkness. “On our return after about

An Invitation Monday 15 April

3pm - 5pm at Redmonds Furniture and Flooring, Ashburton Prospective parents are invited to talk individually with Senior Master, Mr Neil Porter about boarding and education at Christ’s College.

7pm - 8.30pm at Braided Rivers Restaurant and Bar, Ashburton An opportunity for current, prospective and recent past parents to meet together over drinks and nibbles, hosted by Mr Simon Leese, Headmaster.

Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm Sat 9.30am - 12 noon Wises Pharmacy

Photo Tetsuro Mitomo 130413-TM-133

four months and 10 days we retrieved the shell cases and I had them photographed and sent to Wellington. We did another lot in June 1999 ... both lots look very different to the exhibit.” Ray Thomas and his brothers believe another Pukekawa man is the killer. “He had the only other rifle in the district and that’s where the axle that was found with the bodies was last seen. He also had a motive. He cut the wrong hay paddock in the 1970 summer. Harvey Crewe would not pay him. He wasn’t fingerprinted and his rifle was not excluded.” The police review of the original investigation is nearing completion. - APNZ


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Countdown Complex

One of New Zealand’s biggest banks has scrambled to assess its security systems after handing out hundreds of dollars in counterfeit money. An ANZ customer was given bogus Canadian currency by the Remuera branch to take on holiday. The woman – who asked not to be named – learned she was carrying the illegal notes when a restaurant refused to take one of her $100 bills. She went to a Canadian bank where the remaining $220 was confiscated for being counterfeit. “The bank said they had never seen a forgery look so professional,” she said. The woman said it would take her a while to get over the experience. “It was just the embarrassment and humiliation of presenting currency in a queue of people waiting to pay their restaurant bills and having staff say to me, ‘I’m sorry these don’t look genuine.’ They were really polite and apologetic.” The woman was told counterfeits of United States, Australian, British and European notes were less likely to slip into bank systems because they were more recognisable Banks use high-speed note-processing machines to authenticate bank notes. However, ANZ could not explain how the fakes had slipped through. An ANZ spokesman said the bank apologised to the customer and refunded her money. “We have since made additional checks and reviewed processes to minimise the chance of this happening again. “We cannot give details for security reasons but we have taken measures to minimise

the chance of this happening again.” The spokesman said inhouse checks regularly identified fake notes and removed them from circulation. The Banking Ombudsman’s office, which deals with complaints about banks, was not aware of any cases where bogus foreign currency had been issued by a bank, and a police spokeswoman said there had been no complaints. Bank of Canada assistant director of compliance Michael Duncan said the amount of counterfeit Canadian notes had decreased in recent years. Last year, 44,975 counterfeit notes with a value of $1.5 million were picked up. This compared with 552,980 counterfeit notes in 2004. The number of counterfeit bank notes for New Zealand currency is low by international standards, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand said. In the 2012 financial year there were 134 counterfeit notes found – about one note per million in circulation. The previous year there were 450 counterfeits discovered, the highest figure in a decade. The Reserve Bank is upgrading its bank-note security features and plans to release a new series of notes next year. New Zealand Banker’s Association chief executive Kirk Hope advised affected customers to hold on to the note if possible, and return it to the bank which issued the money. If the note is seized, people should ask for a receipt proving the loss and take it back to a New Zealand bank for a refund. The latest crime statistics suggest counterfeiting is decreasing overall, with the number of reported offences down from 393 in 2011 to 353 last year. - APNZ



Countdown Complex, 308 6733 6733 Countdown Complex,East East Street. Street. Ph Ph 308

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Crash highlights Lion Air risks By Arlina Arshad The dramatic crash of a Lion Air plane into the sea off Bali has raised fears Indonesia’s fastest-growing carrier may be putting passenger safety at risk with its huge expansion plans, analysts say. Experts also warned Saturday’s crash, in which all 108 on board survived but the Boeing jet split in two, highlighted a “ticking time bomb” under the country’s aviation sector with a lack of experienced crew to meet fast-growing demand. A little-known carrier launched 13 years ago with just one plane, Lion Air has struck two of the world’s largest aircraft orders worth a staggering $US46 billion ($A43.84 billion). The company is betting big on the formidable expansion of air transport in Indonesia, which is experiencing passenger growth of around 20 per cent every year. But Saturday’s crash has heightened fears the plans are over-ambitious for an airline that already has a poor reputation, suffered a string of accidents, and is banned from EU and US skies over safety fears. The Boeing 737-800 missed the runway entirely as it came in to land at Denpasar’s Ngurah Rai International Airport, slamming into the water and splitting in two, causing dozens of injuries but no fatalities. Officials have given no indication as yet what may have caused the plane, which was brand-new and

delivered to Lion Air just last month, to ditch. There were 101 passengers and seven crew on board. On Saturday, investigators said they had located one of the plane’s black boxes and were questioning the pilot. Daniel Tsang, an analyst at Hong Kong-based consultancy Aspire Aviation, questioned Lion Air’s “exponential” growth. “When an airline is too focused on growth and puts an emphasis on cutting costs, safety could be compromised,” he said. Tom Ballantyne, chief correspondent of Orient Aviation magazine, said there were always dangers with rapid expansion. “Airlines have to be very careful when they grow so quickly, and Lion Air has to make absolutely sure that their safety systems are ... improved as quickly as the growth of the fleet.” Lion Air suffered a string of accidents between 2004 and 2006. The worst was in December 2004, when at least 26 people died after one of its passenger planes skidded off the runway after landing and crashing in heavy rain in the central Indonesian city of Solo. It has been randomly drug testing its crews since several pilots were arrested in recent years for possession and consumption of crystal meth. No one from Lion Air could be ap photo reached yesterday to comment on whether the crash would affect their The wreckage of a crashed Lion Air plane sits on the water near the airport in Bali, Indonesia. The plane overshot a runway on the Indonesian expansion strategy. - AFP resort island of Bali at the weekend and crashed into the sea.

Bomb blast on bus kills nine in Pakistan A bomb blast on a bus in Peshawar has killed at least nine people, in the latest attack to hit Pakistan’s troubled northwest ahead of historic polls next month. The explosion occurred just hours after militants blew up the election offices of an independent candidate in the North Wazirstan tribal district fuelling concerns that violence will mar general elections on May 11. “At least nine passengers have

been killed and seven injured. Bomb disposal officials told me that it was a timed device,” Fazal Wahid, a senior police official said. Another officer, Imran Shahid said police were investigating the possibility a suicide bomber was involved in the attack which occurred as the was bus passing through the city’s Matani suburb. There was no immediate claim for responsibility, but Peshawar is regularly targeted by the Pakistani

Taliban who have waged an insurgency against the state since 2007. An intelligence official in the city said the attack may be a reaction to a fresh military push in the Tirah valley of the Khyber tribal district, where the army has been fighting Taliban and Lashkar-e-Islam militants. Military officials said heavy fighting between Pakistani troops and militants has killed 23 soldiers and 110 militants in Khyber this week.

Khyber straddles the NATO supply line into Afghanistan, used by US-led troops to evacuate military equipment ahead of their 2014 withdrawal. Officials say securing Khyber is key to protecting security in Peshawar, ahead of elections which will mark the country’s first democratic transition of power after a civilian government has served a full term in office. Abdul Haq, a senior bomb disposal expert told AFP that four to

five kilograms of highly explosive material was used. The bomb destroyed three shops and a motorcycle, police and witnesses said. “I was going to buy some milk when a huge blast took place. It was so powerful that it threw me back in my shop,” Asad Khan, an 18-year-old shopkeeper in the market told AFP from his hospital bed. Khan sustained injuries in his right shoulder and legs.

Anwar Ali, a passenger in the bus said the blast overturned the vehicle. “I was sitting in the front seat when a powerful wave struck me and my head hit the front wind screen. I don’t know what happened after that,” Ali told AFP. In an earlier incident, militants blew up the election office of Kamran Khan, a former legislator from North Waziristan who supported the outgoing government led by the Pakistan People’s - AFP Party. No one was hurt.

• Quake hits PNG A strong 6.7-magnitude earthquake has struck off Papua New Guinea, the US Geological Survey (USGS) reported, but a tsunami warning was not issued. The quake hit 98 kilometres west of Panguna, a town on Bougainville Island, at a depth of 75 kilometres, the USGS said.  - AFP

• 33 dead in crash At least 33 people have died and 10 others injured after a bus plunged 200 metres down a ravine in northern Peru. The bus with the Horna company veered off a mountain road near the town of Otuzco some 570km north of Lima on Saturday. Authorities blamed the region’s treacherous, winding roads, the poor condition of the vehicle and driver error for the accident. Road accidents are common in the Peruvian Andes due to poorly maintained roads, inconsistent vehicle maintenance, and the propensity of overworked bus drivers to - AFP speed. 

• Thatcher protest Hundreds of opponents of Margaret Thatcher have filled London’s Trafalgar Square for a rain-soaked celebration of the former British prime minister’s death last week. Former coal miners involved in the year-long strike against the Iron Lady’s government in the 1980s joined far-left activists and students to drink to her demise. An effigy of the former Conservative leader was carried through the crowd beneath Nelson’s Column. There was a strong police presence for the demonstration, after trouble erupted at several impromptu street celebrations following Thatcher’s death from a stroke on Monday at the age of 87. But the atmosphere was more street carnival than riot, with people of all ages dancing, playing tambourines, blowing whistles and horns. Five people were arrested on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly or for inflicting grievous bodily harm, police said. - AFP

Putting news into schools with thanks to the Ashburton business community


Dorie School has had a very busy Term 1 with plenty of action. Here is a selection of some of the activities we have been involved in.

Students in Kereru give the thumbs up for the new Mackbook Air laptops and iPad Minis that were purchased recently.

The school library is a popular place to be. Juniors from Piwakawaka are selecting their favourite books.

The whole school took part in our annual triathlon. We swam our fastest, biked our hardest and ran until we almost dropped, but we all make it. It was a fantastic day.

We are lucky to have a music tutor come to school to teach some of us the guitar and the drums.

The weather has been great this term and we have enjoyed our time outside playing at lunch.

The seniors in Toroa went to Spencer Park for camp in the second week. We did lots of activities at the beach and in the forest. Here we are learning to make bivouacs and some of us tried huhu grubs too!



ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Monday, April 15, 2013


The mud and the glory . . . More than 600 competitors took to the Muddy Good Run course in Rakaia yesterday, negotiating their way through steep mud pits, over hay-bales and other delaying obstacles. Guardian photographer Tetsuro Mitomo donned his gumboots and headed straight for the action. 140413-TM-489

140413-TM-216 140413-TM-046






To see more or purchase photos go to




Wheat & Wheels Wanted


ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Monday, April 15, 2013

Board of Trustees Election

the right person for the job

Nominations are invited for the election of five parent representatives to the board of trustees. A nomination form and a notice calling for nominations will be posted to all eligible voters. Additional nomination forms can be obtained from the school office. Nominations close at noon on 16th May 2013 and may be accompanied by a signed candidate’s statement. The voting roll is open for inspection at the school and can be viewed during normal school hours. There will also be a list of candidates’ names, as they come to hand, for inspection at the school. Voting closes at noon on 30th May 2013. Christine Osborne, Returning Officer

Thousands of people travelled from far and wide to feast their eyes on a haven of vintage machinery in Wakanui over the weekend. Guardian photographer Tetsuro Mitomo was on hand to capture some of the action at Peter Butterick’s farm, as the Wheat & Wheels Rally got underway.

Ashburton Borough School "Labor Omnia Vincit"

incorporating Lagmhor School

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Board of Trustees Election Nominations are invited for the election of five parent representatives to the board of trustees. A nomination form and a notice calling for nominations will be posted to all eligible voters. Additional nomination forms can be obtained from the school office. Nominations close at noon on 16th May 2013 (which is 14 days before the election date) and may be accompanied by a signed candidate’s statement. The voting roll is open for inspection at the school and can be viewed during normal school hours. There will also be a list of candidates’ names, as they come to hand, for inspection at the school. Voting closes at noon on 30th May 2013. Virginia Gould, Returning Officer


Matt Van Grondelle drives “Douglas� the tractor, which proved popular with the younger children.

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Mitchell and Joseph Digby Happy Birthday to our gorgeous wee boys. Have fun being 3. Love from Daddy, Mummy and Hannah. xoxoxo

Happy Birthday

Birthday Greetings are free for those aged 12 and under only. Free birthday greetings must be received at least two working days before date of insertion otherwise there is no guarantee that it will appear on the day requested. Photos will be available at our ground floor office for collection after notice has appeared in the paper.

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Mid Canteruby Badminton Club Night Time section

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Annual General Meeting Tuesday, April 16, 2013 at 8pm Sports Hall, Tancred Street.

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PUBLIC NOTICES Sale of Liquor Act 1989

Public Notice

Hinds Wayside Inn Limited has made application to the District Licensing Agency at Ashburton for the grant (or renewal) of an On Licence and Off Licence in respect of the premises situated at 99 Peters Street, Hinds and known as Hinds Wayside Inn. The general nature of the business conducted (or to be conducted) under the licence is- Tavern and bottle store. The days on which and the hours during which liquor is (or is intended to be) sold under the licence are: ON LICENCE: 11.00am to 3.00am the following day, Monday to Sunday. OFF LICENCE: Across-the-bar: Monday to Sunday, 11.00am to 12.00 midnight. Bottle store: Monday to Sunday, 11.00am to 11.00pm. The application may be inspected during ordinary office hours at the office of the Ashburton District Licensing Agency at 5 Baring Square West, Ashburton. Any person who is entitled to object and who wished to object to the grant of the application may, not later than 10 working days after the date of the first publication of this notice, file a notice in writing of the objection with: The Secretary Ashburton District Licensing Agency P O Box 94 ASHBURTON This is the first publication of this notice.

Guardian Classifieds phone 307 7900

9.00am. ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Real women circuit training in the hall. 48 Allens Road. 9.00am - 4.00pm. ASHBURTON BUDGET ADVISORY SERVICE INC. For free budget advice and workshop enquiries. Phone 307-0496. 60 Cass Street, Consultancy House. 9.30am. CREATIVE FIBRE ASHBURTON. Open day preparation. Allenton Rugby Rooms, Melrose Road. 9.30am - 10.30am. AGE CONCERN ASHBURTON. Ladies exercise classes start today. Senior Centre, Cameron Street. 10.00am . ASHBURTON COUNTY VETERANS GOLF ASSOCIATION. Tournament, Tinwald-Monday; Methven-Tuesday; Rakaia-Wednesday; AshburtonFriday. 10.00am. CARDIAC COMPANIONS . Fortnightly meeting, exercises and occasional speakers. Buffalo Lodge hall, Cox Street. 10.30am. ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Play group in lounge, 48 Allens Road. Allenton. 10.30am - 11.30am. AGE CONCERN ASHBURTON. Men’s exercise classes start today. Senior Centre, Cameron Street. 1.00pm - 3.00pm. ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM, Classic aircraft on display including DC3. Seafield Road. 2.00pm. GREY POWER. Monthly meeting with speaker. Senior Centre, Cameron Street. 6.00pm. ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Real women circuit training in hall, 48 Allens Road. Allenton. 7.30pm. CATHOLIC WOMENS LEAGUE. Euchre in the Parish centre, Cnr Burnett and Winter Streets. 7.30pm. TINWALD INDOOR BOWLING CLUB. Bowlers welcome. Tinwald Hall, Graham Street. 7.30pm. ASHBURTON ELECTRONIC ORGAN AND KEYBOARD CLUB. Club night concert. Visitors welcome, Senior Centre, Cameron Street.

Ian and Ron Hydes enjoy their afternoon at the Wheat & Wheels Rally.

Geoff and Peter Ireland check out the historic Caterpillar machine.



TUESDAY APRIL 16 9.30am. ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Walking group meets outside church. 48 Allens Road. 9.30am. M.S.A. T’AI CHI CLUB. Beginners class, new comers welcome. M.S.A. Social hall, Havelock Street. 10.45. M.S.A. T’AI CHI CLUB. Maintenance class and exercises. M.S.A. Social hall, Havelock Street. 12noon - 3pm. ASHBURTON JUSTICE OF THE PEACE ASSOCIATION (INC). Signing centre. Community House, rear of Westpac Bank, 122 Tancred Street. 1.00pm - 3.00pm. ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM, Classic aircraft on display including DC3. Ashburton Airport, Seafield Rd. 1.30pm. WESTPARK W.I. Miss Daisy driving. St Paul’s Church Lounge. 65 Oxford Street. 1.30pm. R.S.A. Cards “500� R.S.A. Cox Street. 7.30pm. FOREST AND BIRD. A.G.M. also birding on St Kilda and the Farne Islands. Sinclair Centre, Park St. 7.30pm - 9.30pm. MID CANTERBURY BADMINTON. Great fun, everyone welcome, racquets provided. Sports hall, 35 Tancred Street.

Rakaia’s Gordon Carter exhibits the Fordson County Crawler, dating back to 1956.


Ashburton College Newsletter


ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Monday, April 15, 2013

Issue 06, April 15, 2013

‘Individual Excellence in a Supportive Learning Environment’

Message from the Principal ‘Individual Excellence in a Supportive Learning Environment’ Kia ora and Greetings.

International The last few weeks at College have had an international feel about them as we have hosted a group of students from our sister school in Germany, Pascal Gymnasium (an academically streamed and focused secondary school) who were with us for a short time; as well as the Thai students who are with us for several weeks. Exchanges like this have a number of advantages. These range from benefits for students’ learning, such as for our students studying German to be able to practise the conversational language with another young person; to the ability of our students to interact with other young people from a different country and to learn about different ways of seeing the world and differing cultural mores and perspectives. A huge thank you to all of the students, staff members, parents, caregivers and community members who have been, and are currently involved in, hosting our visitors.


academic success and achievements in NCEA. Whilst there are many facets to the College, our core function is teaching and learning. Essentially, regardless of everything else, we only succeed when our students succeed. We have set high standards for students to achieve a Performance Award or an Academic Blue Award - a minimum of 50 credits achieved at the Merit or Excellence Level for a Performance Award, and 30 credits or more at Excellence Level for an Academic Blue. This ‘hurdle’ remains fixed, and it is really pleasing to note that over recent years more and more students are achieving these levels. It was therefore a real delight and privilege last week to be part of our assemblies where we recognised our students with these awards, and also recognised our Top Scholars for NCEA Level 1 and Level 2 for 2012. The successful students are listed further through this newsletter. Congratulations to all students who were recognised for their work and success, and a special congratulations to their parents and caregivers for their support, no doubt at times putting in at least as much effort and stress into the learning as their child did!

One of the highlights of the year for me is when we recognise individual students for their

Cheers Grant McMillan Principal

Staff - Farewells At the end of this term Ashburton College farewells a number of staff with regret, but also with best wishes and appreciation for all that each has offered to the students, staff and College community in their time with us, across a number of areas.

Pauline Mulrooney Has been a valued part of our library staff team for the past ten years and will

be missed for her efficiencies, commitment and knowledge. Pauline leaves us for a career change and new directions.

Lori Rusbatch

Heidi Edgeler



Festival of the Spoken Word

Academic Blues and Performance Awards The Awards are based on students’ previous year’s NCEA Results. The Top Scholar students at each year level have achieved the greatest number of Excellence Credits and also receive a Colours Badge.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 16 April, 7:00pm, College Auditorium

Top Scholars

Come and hear our talented students performing serious and humorous sketches, monologues, and group presentations. This is also a House Competition. Tickets: $5:00, available at the College Office from Thursday 11 April.

Mt Hutt Ski Pass - Application Forms (for students) close this Friday NZSki is pleased to again offer our students a special deal on season passes for 2013. Application Forms are now available for collection from the College Office, Student Counter. For Secondary School students/Year 9 and above: $150.00 (Mt Hutt Pass). The last day for payment at the College is Friday 19 April 2013 (final day of term). (Applications will not be able to be accepted after this date).

Transition Department News Liaison Visits:

Various tertiary institutions and community groups visit the College during our Year 13 Forum on Tuesdays, to share information with students about courses and programmes they offer. Year 12 students are welcome to attend also, but need to register their names at the Transition Office before the visit. The following visits are scheduled for the next few weeks: Registrar of Electors – 16 April Aoraki Polytechnic Otago University – 07 May Otago Polytechnic Christchurch Polytechnic (CPIT) – 14 May Lincoln University Victoria University – Wednesday 20 May, 11.25am

– 21 May – 28 May – 04 June

Jess Wilson

Head of Faculty, Science, Jess finishes at the end of this term on maternity leave and she is wished well for the time ahead.

Information Ashburton College Board of Trustees Interested people are encouraged to stand for the Board of Trustees or to nominate someone for the position. The College has a progressive, focused Board of Trustees which looks forward to welcoming new members. Because the Board has adopted the ‘staggered election’ process at each eighteen month election three parent representatives are called for. This election also includes nominations and voting for a Staff Representative. Further information will be advertised, and full information posted to all on the roll, but key dates are: • Tuesday 23 April • Noon, Thursday 16 May • By Tuesday 21 May • Thursday 30 May • Wednesday 05 June • Thursday 06 June

Information calling for nominations will be posted to all on the roll. Nominations close. Voting papers distributed, if a vote is required. Election Date - Voting day. Votes counted/Results declared. Board takes office.

For any process information please contact the Returning Officer, Sheena Tyrrell, 308 4193, ext 812. For information on being a Board Member please talk to any Board Member or contact Sheena Tyrrell who can put you in touch with a Board Member.

From the Canterbury District Health Board Free Influenza Vaccinations For Under 18s The District Health Board advises that ‘in 2013 and for the next two years at least, the Canterbury Health System is offering free flu vaccinations in Canterbury for youth aged under 18. It is important to vaccinate under 18s because influenza spreads quickly through pre-school and school communities and because children under 5 are particularly vulnerable’. We in Canterbury care about the vulnerable people in our community and so this year, our message is “protection for others starts with you”.

Parent/Caregiver-Teacher Interviews Year 11, Monday 20 May Year 11 Interviews are being held on Monday 20 May, at the Hotel Ashburton. Where possible parents/caregivers are asked to book interview times on-line, through the School-Links website: The on-line booking facility will be open from Wednesday 08 May until noon on Monday 20 May. What do you do if you don’t have internet access? Please phone the College Office to book interview times with the staff, or your child can ask their teachers at College to allocate an interview time, in each subject. ‘How To’ Book On-Line: If you have 1. forgotten your password: If you know your User Name, your password can be reset through School-Links. Type in your User Name and enter. Click on ‘forgotten your password’ and follow the steps. 2. forgotten both your User Name and your Password: Please contact the College Office – 308 4193, ext 861. 3. for further guidance on how to book, once signed in, go to ‘Events’ tab and find ‘Help on Booking Parents/Teacher Interviews’. Interview Length of Time: • Each Interview slot is for 5 minutes so please be aware of this when booking and book only the one 5 minute slot with each teacher. If you need to speak with a teacher for longer please arrange a separate appointment time with them so that we can help you without holding other families up. • Please try to leave a gap between some interview times so you are not rushed.

Level 1

Caitlin Adlam, Ashleigh Bell, Matthew Boote, (Pictured right) Sophie Congdon, Chelsea Corbett, Madeleine Awatea Timothy Davidson, Brittney Davis, Alesha East, Heni Ede, receives his Blues Harry Ferguson, Laurent Fifield, Olivia Fleming, Award from Grant Hayley Gimblett, Leah Gorman, Brooke Harnett, McMillan, Principal, Ashley Jane Harrison, Laura Harrison, Kate Hollings, with Greg Jones, Stacey Hopwood, Beth Jopson, Charlotte Leopold, Head of Senior Danielle McNab, Savanna Millar McArthur, Duxley School, looking on. Mui, Amber O’Rourke, Devam Pandya, Zac Plumb, Imogen Reid, Carl Reyes, Ari Settle, Jamie Smitheram, Julia Tarbotton, Kate Taylor, Awatea Timothy, Manuela Totolici, Adam Tupper, Brendan Whalley.

Level 2

These students have achieved a total of 50 or more Excellence and Merit Credits.

A bus will leave from the College at 5:00am and return at 9:00pm. Information and permission forms were made available last week, and need to be returned, with bus fare, to the College Office by the end of this week (Friday 19 April).

Careers Expo - CBS Arena, Christchurch on 16-18 May:

Information and permission forms are available to Year 12 and Year 13 students from today, Monday 15 April.

Teacher of Mathematics. Tom commenced with the College at the beginning of 2012, and has enjoyed his time with us – as we have him - but is moving with family back to the United States.

These students have achieved 30 or more Excellence Credits.

The day provides an opportunity for students to tour Halls of Residence, explore the campuses and sit in on various lectures.

Teacher of Science has resigned to take up a new position at Motueka High School. Heidi first commenced at Ashburton College at the start of 2006. Amongst her willing contributions Heidi has also very successfully driven Ashburton College’s recycling capabilities, while many students have learnt the art of Rock Climbing due to the opportunities she provided.

Tom Gilson

Blues Recipients

This trip is for Year 13 students looking to attend University of Otago or Otago Polytechnic next year.

Dunedin Tertiary Information Day – Monday 13 May:

This event provides an excellent opportunity to visit many tertiary providers in the one place.

Has given much to the College in his role over recent years as Kapa Haka Tutor at Ashburton College. The College and students have benefitted much from his contributions.

Victoria Squires Level 2

Joshua Aberhart, Nicole Adams, Jasmine Andrada, Rebecca Armstrong, Caitlyn Bassett, Jacob Beeman, Kelly Body, Ellen Dakers, Logan Donald, Maisie Fleming, Melissa Gooseman, Grace Goulter, Joshua Heney, Laura Kell, Monica Leadley, Mark Mably, Emily Moore, Savanna Ornsby, Jessica Pelayo, Stephanie Porter, Faliesha Pound, Savanna Sewell, Victoria Squires, Ryan Strijbis, Dominika Van, Hannah Waters.

Lori has been a valued Teacher Aide with the Community Entry Programme, since February 2005 and will be much missed by students and staff for her positive and effective contributions.

Richard Leef

Adam Tupper Level 1

While open to the public over the three days, the College is running buses up on Thursday 16 May, to attend between 5.30-7.00pm.

University of Canterbury Information Day- Friday 26 April

This information day is at the Christchurch campus (first week of the student holiday break). Got to for timetable and maps.

College Uniform Clothing Shop Good quality, second-hand uniform clothing is available for purchase at the College Clothing Shop. The next Clothing Shop open date is this Thursday, 18 April. Please come to the Main Entrance of the College where we can direct you to the shop. The first open date for Term 2 will be Thursday 16 May and thereafter on the first and third Thursday of each month, from 10:00am – 1:00pm. Winter College Uniform Supplies Welcomed We continue to welcome second-hand uniform items, especially winter clothing. If you can help us with these this would be much appreciated. Items can be delivered to the College Office. We do ask that the clothing is cleaned, ready for sale. Clothing can be either donated, or offered for sale (80% return of sale to you).

Performance Awards Level 1

Jake Badger, Brittany Butler, Alex Dorreen, Thomas Dudley, Matthew Gill, Kate Green, Ryan Hampton, Lucy Harrison, Andrew Hawthorne, Nicole Johnson, Mary Kitchen, Nicolaas Klever, Sonya Leadley, Macey Kaye Linwood, Mitchell Lovett, Benjamin Lysaght, Brittany McCloy, Ben McFadden, Taylor Miller, Jemma Rotch, Caleb Tuck, Michael Ward, Connor Wilson, James Woods, Jesse Woods, Hannah Wright.

Level 2

Aidan Achten, Ross Allott, Matthew Arnold, Campbell Bedward-Chapman, Hannah Cairns, Bradley Chisnall, Brooke Clark, Georgia Clark, Amanda Fleming, Phoebe Ganda, Cameron Havis, Adam Hodge, Olivia Kennedy, Amelia Lane, Danyelle Lusty, Abbey Marshall, Jack Meyrick, Carys Morgans, Paul Nittmann, Nick Ralston, Ella Robertson, Alanna Rush, Chantal Steiner-Garner, Jackie Tait, John Tarry, Erica Turnbull.

Meet our Junior Student Leaders At both Year 9 and Year 10 levels Student Councils operate, with each class voting for their representative. Included in their roles are planning activities, and particularly so at the end of the year; meeting and supporting new students in their year level; liaising between their class and year level Tutors; being available for occasional College representation at events and contributing ideas to further develop the College for students. The College greatly appreciates the input of its student leaders and thanks these students for being prepared to take responsibility.

Year 10 Council Members (Pictured right, back row, left to right): Olivia Barclay, Gabrielle Stringer, Lauren Rattray, Katie Hill, Jed New, Jacob Gould, Tom Norton, William Brett. (Front row, left to right): Maddison Gourley, Missy Fawcett, Mikayla Heney, Libby Clark-Higson, Aiden Hobson, Ben Knights, TJ Sparks, Lewis Potts.

Year 9 Council Members (Pictured left, back row, left to right): Emma Simonsen, Grace Wills, Sophie Vessey, Aaron Hemi, Jazz Tupe, Ardee Freedom, James Prendergast. (Front row, left to right): Liam Henderson, Mikhaela O’Connell, Sophie Beckley, Sean Achten, Jacob Tocher-Morgan, Sophie Ketley, Neave WyberBell, George Chapman, Cameron Jopson.

Ashburton College Library - Te Whare Pukapuka Matauranga Ashburton College’s Library is a centre committed to supporting teaching and learning. Our website is available to visit, 24/7, for help with research, homework help and reading lists:

Ashburton College AshDance 2013

Events Cultural: Universal Cultural Exchange - Thailand Group On the 15 March Ashburton College welcomed twenty students and one teacher from an organisation called Universal Cultural Exchange in Thailand. These students and their teacher have been placed into very caring homestay families in the community. To support them during their days at College each student also has an Ashburton College student as their buddy. The students are with us for nine weeks and have a very comprehensive itinerary for this period of time. Their first week involved half-day ESOL lessons and orientation to the College and New Zealand. The following weeks include five one-day trips, including their recent visit to the University of Canterbury and the Antarctic Centre (pictured right and below left). The students will also take part in cooking classes, Kiwi Sports and a farm visit. The students are a fantastic group of young people and we are very pleased to be welcoming them to Ashburton College. (Pictured right): Thai Students perform for the audience at AshDance.

Curriculum Related : New Zealand Ballet Workshop On 26 March thirteen Year 10 to Year 13 students participated in a two hour Dance Workshop facilitated by the Royal New Zealand Ballet. The Workshop was offered in conjunction with the latest tour called ‘Made to Move’ which was performed at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre the weekend before the Workshop. Hannah Kaye, Dance Educator with the Ballet Company, ran the group through a variety of activities. Students enjoyed the practical aspects of the workshop as well as the question and answer session at the end. Students were taught the core ballet positions, which built on to a sequence of movements. These movements developed into learning a group piece from the ‘Made to Move’ choreography. The Workshop was concluded by the students devising their own movements to a piece of spoken word, rather than music. The students responded to the pace and intonation of the language in small groups, before performing to the wider group. Feedback from the students was very positive and it would be great to offer the opportunity again later in the year when the ballet tours the classic ‘Swan Lake’. The Workshop was challenging both physically and creatively.

By College Journalism Student Maria Totolici

(Pictured right): Performers come together at the end of the evening for a Group Dance The fourth annual Ashburton College AshDance took place this year on Tuesday 25 March at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre. AshDance is a chance for the students of Ashburton College to impress the community with their dancing and performing talents as they take the spotlight with their twists and turns. AshDance was the College’s first event on the cultural calendar and this year saw fourteen acts with forty students performing on the evening to an impressive crowd of over 300 people. Adjudicating the evening were the two judges: Justine Hanrahan, a dancing teacher, and Mark Cherry, a performer. Head Boy, Kane Olsen, and Head Girl, Fifi Fakapelea MC’d the event and amused the audience with their encouraging statements and entertaining dancing. The night’s big winner was Jess Dray, placing first for her and fellow dancer Fergielyn Catayoc’s stunning hip-hop performance of ‘My Chick Bad’. Second place went to Jess again with her elegant solo dance ‘Born To Die’. Third equal place was given to Iakopo Iakopo and Jasem Sooaemalelagi for their skilful and entertaining ‘Harlem Shake Remix’ and Jess Dray and Jessie Thomson with a flowing jazz dance ‘Tough Lover’. This year saw the return of the People’s Choice Award; this allows the members of the audience to vote for their favourite act to receive a prize for their impressive dancing on the evening. This year’s People’s Choice Award went to The Filipino group ‘Syntax Error’ with their crowd-pleasing remix of ‘Tipsy, Dance Again and International Love’. The exciting evening of dance was mainly organised by Claire Robertshaw (Head of Arts Faculty) with the help of Lyndal Lane (Arts Co-ordinator). Further help from volunteering teachers completed the evening and contributed to the overall level of entertainment for the night. “AshDance is a great opportunity for students at College as it shows a wide variety of dancing and interests from the students and it is different from the rest of the College’s productions in the way that it is more open-ended than the rest”, said Miss Robertshaw. “This was only our second time having AshDance in the Event Centre (it being previously held in the College Auditorium) and it would be great to see many students participating next year”.

Overall Results Were: 1st Place: 2nd Place: 3rd Equal:

Jess Dray, Fergielyn Catayoc - My Chick Bad Jess Dray - Born to Die JJ - Harlem Shake Remix: Iakopo Iakopo & Jasem Sooaemalelagi; The Jess’s Group: Jess Dray and Jessie Thomson - Tough Lover Most Versatile Dancer: Jess Dray, for her Choreography, and her three different styles of dance, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Jazz, which she did to a very high level and gave a strong performance. People’s Choice Award: Syntax Error - Remix Tipsy, Dance Again and International Love Angela Naui, Shane Lee, Erianne Santos, C.J. Reyes, Marc Christian Teves, Hannah Jerao, Ginaefer Teves, Mary Barlaan & Nel Belza. Very Highly Commended: Unknown - Remix: Hosea Abera, Jamahl Abera, Johnson Manihera-Hohaia, Te Aranga Manihera-Hohaia. (Pictured, from left to right): Fergielyn Catayoc, Jess Dray; Jess Dray (Photo courtesy of Roger Farr (ATEC)) and ‘Unknown’ performing a Remix.

Ashburton College Newsletter

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Monday, April 15, 2013


‘Individual Excellence in a Supportive Learning Environment’

Issue 06, April 15, 2013

Congratulations Aoraki Secondary Schools’ Swimming Championships, Timaru

Race Unity Speech Competition A Passion For Racial Unity, by Journalism Student Michaela Broomhall “I dream of the Aotearoa where we are able to stand together, side by side. Be proud of the clothes on our backs, the values in our veins, the ancestors that stand behind us and the future that is awaiting us” - Finau Fakapelea, Head Girl, Ashburton College 2013. Wednesday 27 March saw three participants, Finau (Fifi) Fakapelea, (17), Ashleigh CarmichaelMcBride (16) and Fergielyn Catayoc (15), from Ashburton College compete in the Racial Unity Speech Competition. All three expressed their views on this year’s theme “My Dream For Aotearoa, New Zealand”. For Ashleigh and “Fifi,” it was their first time being involved in the competition. Ashleigh commented that she “was very nervous, but I enjoyed meeting new people.” The Racial Unity Speech is held in support of the Race Relations Day, held on 21 March, a day that is celebrated around the world with the aim of ending racial discrimination. The competition is a nationwide event and challenges school students in Years 11, 12 and 13 to consider various aspects of race relations. The Racial Unity Speech Award offers the winners $15,000 to share with their school. The annual competition is being held in twelve regions throughout New Zealand, including four in the South Island. Each of the College students had a different outlook on the main theme. Fifi and Fergielyn expressed their opinion of acceptance using their own personal insight, while Ashleigh composed her view on equality and linked her speech to a story her grandfather told her, as well as her own personal experiences. The three College students presented their speeches well, showing their passion for equality and acceptance in our society. All students were very clear that acceptance of differences and celebrating different cultures was the key to a strong, vibrant, multi-cultural community like Ashburton.

Held in Timaru on 27 March Ashburton College was represented by thirty one swimmers who, individually and in relay teams, featured prominently.

Key Results Were: Girls’ 14 Years and Under Lucy Clough 1st 100m Individual Medley (1:12.14); 200m Freestyle (2:13.80); 100m Backstroke (1:17.07); 100m Butterfly (1:14.68). Winner 14 years and Under Girls’ Championship (pictured below left with Joe Brown) Sophie Beckley 2nd 100m Individual Medley; 100m Breaststroke; 100m Freestyle. Sarah Whyte 3rd 50m Butterfly 200m Medley Relay (Katelyn Grey, Relay Teams 1st Sophie Beckley, Lucy Clough, Sarah Whyte) 1st 200m Freestyle Relay (Sophie Beckley, Sarah Whyte, Katelyn Grey, Lucy Clough) Boys’ 14 Years and Under George Howden 1st Jayden Reid 3rd Kohan Henwood 3rd 2nd Relay Teams 2nd

50m Breaststroke (39.38); 3rd 50m Butterfly. 50m Freestyle. 50m Breaststroke. 200m Medley Relay (James Prendergast, George Howden, Flynn Beeman, Jayden Reid). 200m Freestyle Relay (George Howden, Kohan Henwood, Jayden Reid, Flynn Beeman).

Clare Naden, Teacher of English and an Equestrian, advises that on Wednesday 3 April a team of keen riders competed in the Canterbury Inter-Schools’ Dressage Competition at Mclean’s Island, Christchurch.

Girls’ 15 Years and Over Caitlin Johnstone 1st 100m Individual Medley (1:11.57); 100m Breaststroke (1:18.57); 2nd 100m Butterfly Runner up 15 Years and Over Girls’ Championship Danyelle Lusty 1st 50m Breaststroke (38.20); 3rd 100m Backstroke. Sonya Whyte 1st 50m Freestyle (32.08); 3rd – 50m Butterfly. Phoebe Ganda 1st 50m Backstroke. Brittney Davis 2nd 100m Backstroke. Brittany Butler 3rd 100 Breaststroke. Relay teams 1st 200m Medley Relay (Brittney Davis, Danyelle Lusty, Caitlin Johnstone, Phoebe Ganda). 1st 200m Freestyle Relay (Caitlin Johnstone, Phoebe Ganda, Brittany Butler, Danyelle Lusty).

Twenty four teams took part from as far afield as Hurunui and Marlborough. Having not entered this event for a couple of years we were lucky enough to be able to send a relatively new and untried team.

Boys’ 15 Years and Over Joseph Brown 1st

Out of the eleven participants competing in Timaru, Fergielyn Catayoc placed highest of the College competitors, claiming third overall. (Pictured right, left to right): Fergielyn Catayoc, Finau Fakapelea, Ashleigh Carmichael-McBride preparing for the annual Racial Unity Speech.

Canterbury Inter-Schools’ Dressage Competition

The Ashburton College team consisted of: (pictured, left to right) - Laura Harrison on Miro Tralee, Megan Harrison on Timunga Skylark, Katie Read on Pepee, Becky Mavor on Amber Rose, with Clare Naden (front). Each rider rode two tests. After a tentative start Becky and her new pony did a great job in their afternoon test producing some lovely canter work and upping their morning score by 14%. Megan and Skylark rode consistently and Laura scored well in the higher level tests taking her horse though some challenging movements. Katie and Pepee were outstanding at Level 2 producing fluent tests which scored over 71% and certainly gave Rangi Ruru Girls’ School a run for their money. Although the team did not place in the top six, they were a credit to the College in both the way they performed and conducted themselves. The team showed a huge amount of potential and even the gruelling southerly wind did not dampen their spirits.

Aoraki Secondary Schools’ Golf Croquet Tournament Played at Timaru’s West End Croquet Club Ashburton College had five teams entered, attaining some excellent results from a number of beginner grade players who have only started playing this year. College’s advanced teams competed extremely well all day coming out with top results.

Jake O’Grady Nick Ralston Relay teams

100m Individual Medley (1:01.96); 100m Backstroke (1:03.48); 100m Breaststroke (1:10.63); 100m Butterfly (1:01.88). Winner 15 Years and Over Boys’ Championship (pictured above right) 1st 200m Freestyle (2:04.40); 100m Freestyle (57.15); 2nd 100m Individual Medley; 3rd 100m Butterfly Runner up 15 Years and Over Boys’ Championship 3rd 50m Backstroke 2nd 200m Medley Relay (Joseph Brown, Leander Kolb, Jake O’Grady, Nick Ralston). 2nd 200m Freestyle Relay (Jake O’Grady, Joseph Brown, Nick Ralston, Leander Kolb).

Ashburton College won the Top Girls’ School Relay Trophy and were Runners-up for the Boys’ Trophy. (Pictured right): Girls’ Relay Teams which won the Top Schools’ Relay Trophy for Girls after winning every relay in both the 14 and Under and 15 and Over Age Groups. Back row (left to right): Caitlin Johnstone, Brittany Butler, Danyelle Lusty, Phoebe Ganda, Brittney Davis, Sarah Whyte. Front row (left to right): Lucy Clough, Sophie Beckley, Katelyn Grey.

Andrew Hawthorne, Adam Greaney, Ryan Hampton and Harry Ferguson. Laurent Fifield, Caleb Tuck, Brendan Whalley and Sophie Congdon.

5th 2nd 3rd

Alicia Calles, Christal Brosnahan and Kelsey Campbell. Aron Martizano, Jesse Stewart, Kate Whiting and Emily Calles. Nathan Olsen, Sarah Campbell and Nick Campbell.

Team 3: Team 4: Team 5:

Ashburton College was represented, with very good results, by eleven athletes at these Championships at Surrey Park, Invercargill on 6 and 7 April. Represented in fifteen finals (top eight finish in the South Island) some key placings resulted:

Two Titles Were Gained – by: Alifeleti Pelesikoti Mikhayla Stroganov

Under 15 Boys’ Javelin at a distance of 46.17 (a Personal Best by 8 metres!) Under 15 Girls’ 400m in 59.24.

Second Placing Alin Onicas

Under 14 Boys’ 100m (12.38).

Third Placings Alifeleti Pelesikoti Edze Bierema

Under 15 Boys’ Shot Put - 13.19m (Personal Best) Under 16 Boys’ 400m - 53.48 (Personal Best)

Fourth Placing Sala Bueta Greer Hooper

Under 14 Girls’ Shot Put - 10.34m (Personal Best) Under 16 Girls’ Discus - 31.49m

Forthcoming Events April 16

17 17-18 18 19

May 06 07 07-11 08 09 10 11-12 12 13 14

Lincoln University Dairy Farm Visit, Year 12 AGR – Lincoln University Taiaha Group, Support Methven Primary School to Hakatere Marae Attitude Presentations, all year levels, during College day Year 13 Forum – Registrar of Electors Festival of the Spoken Word, Auditorium, 7:00pm Samoan Students, Fia Fia Night, Celebrating Pasifika Success, Christchurch Year 12 Geography Field Trip, Mt Cook Lincoln University Dairy Farm Visit, Year 12 AGR – Lincoln University College Uniform Clothing Shop open, 10:00am – 1:00pm In-College Anzac Service, Period 4 Final Day, Term 1 First Day, Term 2 Year 13 Forum – Otago University Liaison Spirit of Adventure - Selected Year 10 students, Auckland Year 12 AGR Crutching Course Year 12 AGR Crutching Course New Zealand Secondary Schools’ Eley Shooting SISS Squash Championships, Invercargill Aoraki Girls’ Football Tournament Otago Tertiary Day (Year 13 students), Dunedin College Cross-Country, Periods 3 and 4 Aoraki Secondary Schools’ Squash Tournament, Timaru CPIT, Christchurch Polytechnic visit, Year 13 Forum Board of Trustees Meeting, 7:00pm, Menorlue

Remaining Parent/Caregiver/Teacher Interviews – Hotel Ashburton, 6:00pm – 9:00pm Year 11 Year 12 and 13

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Term One: Term Two: Monday 06 May Term Three: Monday 29 July Term Four: Monday 14 October

(Pictured below, left to right): Sophie Beckley, Brittany Butler and Sam Cleland (far right)..

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From eleven teams in the Beginners’ Grade Team 4 placed 2nd; Team 5 3rd and Team 3 5th while, from the nine Advanced Grade teams, Ashburton College placed 1st (Team 1) and 2nd (Team 2). Team members were: 1st Team 1: 2nd Team 2:

South Island Secondary Schools’ Athletics Championships

Friday 31 May (prior to Queen’s Birthday Weekend) Thursday 14 November (prior to Christchurch Show Weekend)

Inter-Provincial Golf Croquet Tournament Selection National Secondary School Champions Andrew Hawthorne and Adam Greaney were selected to represent South Canterbury in this Tournament against Otago during the weekend just past. Only eight players are chosen for this event. Results will be available for our next newsletter.

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ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Monday, April 15, 2013


Reborn Nigeria train trip tells nation’s history photos associated press

Nigeria reopened its train line to the north on December 21, marking the end of a $166 million project to rebuild portions of the abandoned line washed out years earlier. The rebirth of the lines constitutes a major economic relief to the poor who want to travel in a country where most earn less than $1 a day.


he whistle sounds across the arid plains of scrub brush and exposed rocky cliffs. It blares through the narrow, crowded corridors of city market stalls, piles of clothes and hot red peppers lying a mere arm’s length away from the vibrating metal track. Its rattling coaches draw stares as children run toward it, waving, as it leaves Lagos, Nigeria’s massive southwestern city, on the long trip north to Kano. But in the north, boys wearing tattered soccer jerseys herding cattle watch impassively, with machetes and long-barrelled guns over their shoulders. The train is back in Nigeria, and the 35-hour trip along its 1125 kilometre route offers a glimpse of the nation’s history and landscapes, while also allowing travellers to see its ethnic and religious diversity first-hand. As a resident of Nigeria for more than three years, I can say the trip also offers a bit of the daily, careening madness of life in Africa’s most populous nation, a place where few have access to electricity, armed police demand money at checkpoints and nothing ever seems to go

In Nigeria where airline tickets remain out of the reach of most and journeys over the nation’s crumbling road network can be dangerous the only real alternative is train travel. Jon Gambrell hopped aboard the Ooni of Ife train in Lagos recently and headed to Kano. according to plan. Nigeria reopened its train line to the north on December 21, marking the end of a $166 million project to rebuild portions of the abandoned line washed out years earlier. Before the restoration, it had been a decade since the last Lagos-to-Kano run, and train service elsewhere had deteriorated to a crawl. The state-owned China Civil Engineering Construction Corp. rebuilt the southern portion of the line, while a Nigerian company handled the rest. The rebirth of the lines constitutes a major economic relief to the poor who want to travel in a country where most earn less than $1 a day. Airline tickets remain out of reach for many, and journeys over the nation’s crumbling road network can be dangerous. The cheapest train ticket available costs only $13.

But while the route is newly restored, much of the infrastructure is old. “I want them to improve more, because most of the things you see, they are outdated,” shouted Bello Adebayo, 50, seated in a clacking, worn passenger car made decades ago. “But due to the pressure of the masses, we have to manage it. ... No one will complain. It’s okay, for now.” On the Friday morning of my own trip, the cavernous lobby of the train line’s Lagos terminus filled with travellers. Young Muslim girls in hijab sat and waited amid colourful plastic bags filled with belongings. Men carried their belongings on their heads, including one precariously balancing suitcases and a motorcycle. Many of those travelling north on the train, called the Ooni of Ife,

Children sit on board an Ooni of Ife train to Kano, Nigeria.



ARIES (Mar 21st Apr 20th) Venus moves into one of its two home zones today, the zodiac sign of Venus. This can be very positive for your finances Aries, and with Mercury entering your sign only yesterday, this combination can help you to start to make progress with plans that have seemed slow or have kept unravelling. Now you are on the front foot and new income can arrive.


TAURUS (Apr 21st May 21st) If you have been going through a period of uncertainty or introspection around your love life or a close relationship, past or present, it should get easier from today to see what you really want. However, maybe you also need to have a bit more of a think about what you already know. Either way, if you’re single, Cupid can come calling in the next few weeks.

appeared to be Muslims returning home. While Nigeria is predominantly divided into a Christian south and a Muslim north, the two faiths live together largely peacefully and inter-marry in sprawling Lagos. All of Nigeria’s more than 250 ethnic groups can be found on the city’s busy streets, hustling out a living otherwise not possible in their home regions. However, radical Islamic extremists have been carrying out a bloody guerrilla fight with Nigeria’s weak central government in the north for more than two years now. Foreigners also have become a new target of extremists, often killed while in captivity. That’s why a team of Nigeria federal police officers carrying Kalashnikov assault rifles boarded the train with the passengers. They would accompany it all the way to Kano. On this trip, people crammed into the second-class cabin, spilling out into the aisles in stifling heat. But passengers weren’t the main reason British colonialists built the narrow-track lines at the start of the 1900s. Instead, they wanted it to carry tin mined from the central city of Jos, peanuts harvested across the north, and other commodities to Lagos, then the colonial capital. The restored line follows that route, bypassing Abuja, the Nigerian capital since 1991, in a wide swing west. After Nigeria’s independence in 1960, the trains became notorious for carrying the slaughtered dead of Nigeria’s Igbo people to their southeast homes after riots in the north. The nation’s 1960s civil war followed, killing some 1 million people. As corruption fuelled by oil money gripped the country, the railroad began its slow, decades-long collapse. The nation paid millions of dollars to Romanians, Indians and later the Chinese to manage promised improvements that never came, but their fingerprints remain. The mauve-coloured sleeper car I slept in with my two Associated Press colleagues had been built in China, the light switch panels bearing Chinese characters. As the train stopped at one point in the

A train driver on the Ooni of Ife train to Kano, in Lagos, Nigeria. dense bush of Nigeria’s south-west, stamps on the rail underneath said it was forged in England in 1958. A worker at a stop in Minna pointed to an old steam engine alongside the track and said Indians taught him how to drive it. Facilities and infrastructure leave much to be desired. The old cars and sometimes ageing rails offer some bumpy travel and even a few moments of panic when a particularly hard strike comes. Muslim passengers lack space to pray, rushing down off the train at stops to lay their prayer mats on the gravel. The bathrooms for the first-class and second-class cabins are rudimentary at best: steel floor with a hole that drops waste onto the rushing track below. In our sleeper car, our private steel toilet came with a 25-litre plastic jug of water for flushing. Simply trying to walk into the second-class coach proved difficult, as luggage and people lay sprawled everywhere. The first-class cabin had the equivalent of a live disc jockey playing Nigerian pop songs at times, while locally made Nollywood movies screeched from a flat-screen television. Inside the bar car, 75-year-old Sanya Olu sat on a plastic lawn chair, her head resting wearily on her fist. She had bought a ticket for

CANCER (Jun 22nd - Jul 23rd) Although you may have been responding to demands, or have been in the spotlight or busy with professional affairs, the move of Venus does encourage you to have some fun too, and perhaps even where appropriate, mix business with pleasure. No-one can doubt your determination to get ahead, but graciousness may be as important as your drive.

LEO (Jul 24th - Aug 23rd) The finer things in life may appeal to you at the best of times. After all, you’re zodiacal royalty and need to project a regal air. Such fineries may take on even more importance over the next twenty-eight days, when updating your wardrobe or power dressing for key appointments can work wonders. A classy overseas break can also tempt.

VIRGO (Aug 24th Sep 23rd) You may have been asking some searching questions, or if someone has been playing hard to get and failing to give you the answers that you want, you may decide a charm offensive is the next best thing. Stay eagle-eyed because as you flatter them they may well let an important piece of information slip that can give their game away.

way to the austere green road signs of the Muslim north, Arabic and English reading: “There is but one God: Allah”. Reaching Kaduna, police officers took positions looking out of the train, Kalashnikovs at their side. The train raced through the military bases of nearby Jaji, the West Point of Nigeria, where a suicide car bombing by Islamic extremists in November killed at least 30 people and wounded another 45. Soldiers in heavy green flak jackets and helmets manned a roadblock on the highway running alongside the train track. Night fell again. The dusty plains of northern Nigeria raced by, with police officers shining flashlights out into the darkness. Occasionally, a light would wink on in the distance. By the time the train finally stopped in Kano, exactly 34 hours, 57 minutes and six seconds had passed since we lurched out of Lagos. A direct airline flight between the two cities typically takes an hour and a half. Travelling the route through the all-encompassing darkness of Nigeria’s countryside let the stars shine brighter than I’ve seen them in years in the city. Under that canopy of a thousand pinpoints of brightness, the trains rumble on. -AP

“It’s why more people are choosing McGregors”


GEMINI (May 22nd Jun 21st) If a friend has seemed distant, aloof, preoccupied or out of circulation, you can find yourself on a mission to discover why. This may see you call or email them directly, but if that doesn’t work, reach out through mutual friends. This may reveal that unbeknown to you they’ve changed telephone numbers or that they’ve been dealing with personal matters.

first-class, but it had been oversold, she said. So instead, she spent her trip in the chair she’d brought, en route to Kaduna to verify her status as a pensioner. “They have just started and see how it is congested; it is full,” Olu said. As night began to fall, the inside lighting went out. My colleagues and I returned to our sleeper car to also find the air conditioner broken. We sweated in our beds in the dark, waking up at first light to see the lush green forests and cassava farm fields of the south fade overnight into field after field of yam farms, each planting rising like a burial in the dusty soil. Straw storerooms stood nearby, with mud-walled villages in the distance. The train rushed past abandoned stations and stopped briefly at those in service, where villagers rose at all hours to greet passengers with shouts of “Pure water!” They sold the water in plastic bags. We rumbled on, past the rock formations and hills of Nigeria’s central belt. Alongside the track, I saw more than a dozen abandoned, derailed train cars, axles littering the hills like the bones of metal beasts as the sun beat down. In passing cities and towns, billboards featuring smiling evangelists at Christian churches slowly gave

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LIBRA (Sep 24th Oct 23rd) Your ruler Venus, which gives you your rather svelte energies, moves into a very deep and passionate area. This could see a tie that has been chatty and flirtatious move to the next level of intimacy. Mercury can now give you much more helpful feedback which may even be outstanding. You can end today feeling quite pleased.

SCORPIO (Oct 24th - Nov 22nd) How much is there to be gained by reaching out to others and trying to meet them halfway? If you have a stubborn side to your nature you may need to ask if this is perpetuating something that could be quickly resolved if you gave it a chance. True, this may take a certain humility, but if you do this right, it can seem that you’re the bigger person.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23rd - Dec 21st) Mercury has relocated into a much more outgoing and engaging part of your solar horoscope after what has been an extended time passing through the watery energies of Pisces. Now you can find your thinking going up several gears and also feel bubblier and more inclined to share a joke. Yet guard against speaking out without thinking first.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22nd - Jan 20th) An introduction through a close friend or family member could have ramifications for your love life. The evidence may come today but equally could emerge over the next four weeks. People who are caring, community-spirited or even other parents can all be those with whom you find yourself interacting more and forging closer bonds. Be open to this.

AQUARIUS (Jan 21st - Feb 19th) Solace can be gained through spending time with the people or in the places you are particularly comfortable with. Familiarity can warm your senses. However, you’ll probably still want plenty of interaction too, for your love of brightminded conversation is boosted by Mercury now. You may even decide to cycle more in the next few weeks.


PISCES (Feb 20th Mar 20th) A money issue that has seemed to go round and round in circles is solvable but may take some cute communications. This could be anything from a subtle hint to writing a formal letter but the more you disguise any ire with diplomacy, the better. You might even find yourself writing to a newspaper to make a point about a key local issue.


ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Monday, April 15, 2013

Way Check Temple out tomorrow’s Bristol paper for the latest news BS99 7HD sector. from the rural

Today’s Avondale RC fields, form, Centralriders Press Features Ltd Avondale JC Venue: Avondale Meeting Date: 15 Apr 2013 NZ Meeting number : 2 Doubles : 2 and 3; 4 and 5; 6 and 7 Trebles : 1, 2 and 3; 5, 6 and 7 1 1.10pm (NZT) PRECINCT REALTY MREINZ 1200 $8000, 2YO HCP, 1200m 1 2x End Of The World b (4) 58 2 Ernie (7) 57......................................D Walsh 3 First Class (3) 57....................... A Collett (a) 4 Flying Captain (8) 57................. M D Plessis 5 34. Hera b (1) 55.5.......................... M Cameron 6 Beck And Call (6) 55.......................... M Hills 7 Suggestive Smile (5) 55...............D Johnson 8 9 Sade (2) 54.5.................................... L Innes 2 1.45pm SHIRLEY MOORE-JONES MEMORIAL $8000, 2YO HCP, 1200m 1 Blue Wolf (9) 57..........................M Coleman 2 5x Hit The Lign b (3) 57......................... L Innes 3 5 Vukona (8) 57...................... R Hutchings (a) 4 Another Emperor (5) 57......................J Jago 5 Zahconi (2) 57................................M Tanaka 6 8x7 Donnie Brasco (1) 56.5.................... S Spratt 7 4584x Frances (6) 55.5......................... M Cameron 8 84 Abbey Rose (4) 55.......................T Thornton 9 Lushoto (7) 55..............................D Johnson 3 2.20pm J D MOORE 1200 $7000, MDN, 1200m 1 0 Djokovic (4) 58.5.........................M Sweeney 2 405 Theodore (13) 58............................. M Wenn 3 One Cool Message 58.................. Scratched 4 Royal Tiger (12) 58.................... M Cameron 5 253x Living The Dream b (5) 56.5...... M D Plessis 6 2430x Irish Blues (6) 56.5.......................... S Spratt 7 046x8 Miss Meena 56.5.......................... Scratched 8 25238 Wealth Lady (7) 56........................... L Innes 9 x485x Pentarose (10) 56.............................. M Hills 10 5 Britannia 56................................... Scratched 11 96x Clubs Choice (3) 56.....................T Thornton

12 9x6 Miss Clevedon (9) 56..................M Coleman 13 Emilys Own (11) 56..................... D Johnson 14 Queen’s Chapel (2) 56............... A Collett (a) 15 x3966 King Panamera (8) 58.5....... R Hutchings (a) 16 33 Vice Versa b (1) 56........................M McNab Emergencies: King Panamera, Vice Versa 4 2.55pm ROSEBANK BUSINESS ASSOCIATION 1600

$8000, MDN CG&E, 1600m 1 63373 Take Charge (5) 58.5.......................D Walsh 2 5. Different Drummer (1) 58.5.........M Coleman 3 2222 Ambitious Champion b (2) 58.... M Cameron 4 63322 Jigger Inn (8) 58........................ M D Plessis 5 36 Aerospace (6) 58.........................C Dell (a2) 6 675x6 The Hotz b (10) 58............................ L Innes 7 5 Reeperbahn (7) 58............... R Hutchings (a) 8 Sergios (4) 58.................................. S Spratt 9 Catch On (9) 58...........................T Thornton 10 78x Culto La Vida (3) 58.....................D Johnson 5 3.30pm FOSTERS SIGNS 1600 $7000, MDN F&M, 1600m 1 76225 Timely Magic 57.5......................... Scratched 2 34584 Kept In Style b (3) 57.5................ D Johnson 3 8x854 Robben Island (9) 57.5...............M Sweeney 4 06x65 Curtain Call (2) 57.5.................. A Collett (a) 5 000x5 Annie Bellota (1) 57.5....................M Tanaka 6 x5950 Smuckers (4) 57.5.............................. M Hills 7 93334 Duchessofcambridge (8) 57.............. L Innes 8 6x62 Duquesa b (6) 57....................... M D Plessis 9 42 Orinto (7) 57............................... M Cameron 10 405x5 Inis Rose (5) 57..........................M Coleman 6 4.03pm WESTERN LEADER 1400 $7000, Rating 65 Benchmark*, 1400m 1 120x Riedel d (1) 59........................... M Cameron 2 x966x Opal Creek d (5) 58.5..................C Dell (a2) 3 43883 Big Rocket 58............................... Scratched 4 33107 Mangaroa Mini d (6) 57.5...........M Coleman 5 0059x Roddick (7) 57.5.........................M Sweeney 6 85321 Pipedreams d (2) 56.5.................D Johnson 7 42230 Belorussiya (10) 56.5....................... R Jones 8 0x633 Boomchuckalucka 56.5................. Scratched 9 516. Clara Jane d (3) 56........................... L Innes 10 30933 Kalevala db (11) 56.................... M D Plessis 11 x800x Princess Holly 55.5....................... Scratched 12 04957 Ebony Dream (8) 55.5.................T Thornton

13 73583 Centre Point d (9) 55....................... S Spratt 14 31505 Saffron d (4) 54.5...................... K Joyce (a4) 15 98707 Aimees Gold 54............................ Scratched 7 4.38pm GOODWIN PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 1200 $8000, Rating 75 Benchmark, 1200m 1 27632 Nine Pin (5) 59.................................. L Innes 2 6x744 Baldovino dm (12) 58........... R Hutchings (a) 3 512x1 Bucks Back td (13) 57.5.............M Coleman 4 23200 Billie Jean King td (10) 57...........T Thornton 5 32181 Bronte Walk d (2) 57................. K Joyce (a4) 6 490x8 Caipirinha 56.5.............................. Scratched 7 31657 Peridot d (11) 56.5..................... M D Plessis 8 1x9x9 Roman Ruler tdm (7) 56.5......... A Collett (a) 9 11257 Cassie May d (14) 56........... M Cheung (a4) 10 578x9 Gold Hunter dm (4) 55.5..................S Collett 11 x156x Darci’s Gold d (8) 55.................. M Cameron 12 6528x Ma Belle Ami (9) 55.........................D Walsh 13 5206x Clareen (1) 54.5...........................D Johnson 14 840x5 Ready Steady 54.5....................... Scratched 15 71700 Deecruz d (6) 54.............................. S Spratt 16 37333 Takeover 54.................................. Scratched 17 8426x Charlie Farley 54........................... Scratched 18 367x3 Chivvy dmb (3) 57.5 Emergencies: Deecruz, Takeover, Charlie Farley, Chivvy Blinkers on : Hit The Lign (R2), Irish Blues, Miss Clevedon (R3), Different Drummer (R4) Blinkers off : King Panamera (R3), Kept In Style (R5) Pacifiers off : King Panamera (R3) SELECTIONS Race 1: End Of The World, Hera, Ernie, First Class, Beck And Call Race 2: Blue Wolf, Hit The Lign, Frances, Donnie Brasco, Zahconi Race 3: Royal Tiger, Living The Dream, Vice Versa, Irish Blues Race 4: Ambitious Champion, Jigger Inn, The Hotz, Take Charge Race 5: Orinto, Duquesa, Inis Rose, Duchessofcambridge Race 6: Riedel, Clara Jane, Kalevala, Belorussiya Race 7: Bronte Walk, Bucks Back, Baldovino, Darci’s Gold

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Matthew Cameron rides Hera in the first on the card at the Avondale Jockey Club’s meeting at Avondale today


No 12,164

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No 12,165

Palmerston North greyhounds

Palmerston North Greyhounds Venue: Manawatu Raceway Meeting Date: 15 Apr 2013 NZ Meeting number : 9 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; 11 and 12 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 10, 11 and 12 1 12.02pm (NZT) AWAPUNI SPRINT C0 C0, 375m 1 826 Cosmic Zoom nwtd...........................L Ahern 2 221 Shanghai Sam (c1) nwtd..................L Ahern 3 34467 Sydenham Jade nwtd.................G M Clarke 4 26344 Cluain Meala nwtd...................... B Johnston 5 43561 Inner Beauty (c1) nwtd............... B Johnston 6 443P4 Homebush Smoke nwtd............ S Gommans 7 37222 Flying Blake nwtd................................. L Bell 8 42245 Sydenham Opal nwtd.................G M Clarke 9 83373 Tepirita Jazil nwtd........................ C D Brider 10 2 Uno Heidi nwtd.................................L Ahern 2 12.21pm WOODVILLE SPRINT C1 C1, 375m 1 74635 Lavender Sal 22.30....................... P Denbee 2 36658 Dogged Dan nwtd..............................R Hunt 3 84572 Home Brewer 22.37.......................A Speight 4 75x56 Dasher Rum 21.81............................R Waite 5 44521 Kezz (c2) 22.06........................T McCracken 6 81522 Aykroyd nwtd S &..............................Bonnett 7 78235 Red Hot Dutch nwtd................... S Drysdale 8 26x12 Stock Taker 21.40.............................L Ahern 9 45647 Easy Silence nwtd.....................J McInerney 10 55768 Kate Rose nwtd........................... C D Brider 3 12.41pm J P PRINT PETONE C1 C1, 375m 1 46527 Dyna Brownlow nwtd C &.............D Roberts 2 36645 Hazza’s Got Swag 22.50 S &...........Bonnett 3 47634 Cawbourne Tobes nwtd.............J McInerney 4 66547 Mission Drive 22.13.........................M Olden 5 27635 Missy Macabre nwtd......................A Speight 6 65448 Kapai Max nwtd.......................T McCracken 7 122 Where’s Carlos nwtd.........................L Ahern 8 52137 Fastback King nwtd........................... A Clark 9 45647 Easy Silence nwtd.....................J McInerney 10 47476 Marjanshar 22.12................... R M Bannister 4 1.00pm MANAWATU RACEWAY STAKES C1 C1, 457m



tV2 6.00 Creflo Dollar. 6.30 Tiki Tour. (G, R, T) 6.55 Pinky And Perky. (G, R, T) 7.25 Disney Club. (G, R, T) 7.50 Beyblades Metal Masters. (G, T) 8.20 Dinosaur Train. (G, R, T) 8.30 Guess How Much I Love You. (G, T) 8.40 Fireman Sam. (G, R, T) 8.50 Bird Bath. (G, R, T) 9.00 Infomercials. 10.30 Neighbours. (G, R, T) 11.00 Shortland Street. (PGR, R, T) 11.30 Spin City. (PGR, R, T) 12.00 Desperate Housewives. (AO, R, T) 1.00 Jeremy Kyle. (PGR) 2.00 Anderson Live. 3.00 Mr Men. (G, R) 3.05 Everything’s Rosie. (G) 3.15 Mike The Knight. (G, T) 3.30 Kung Fu Panda. (T) 4.00 H2o Just Add Water. (R, T) 4.30 The Erin Simpson Show. 5.00 Horace In Slow Motion. (G, R) 5.01 America’s Funniest Home Videos. (G, R, T) 5.30 8 Simple Rules. (R, T)

ONE News. (T) Seven Sharp. (T) Border Security. (G, T) The Force. (PGR, T) Criminal Minds. (T) While Reid copes with a loss in his personal life, the rest of the BAU travels to San Francisco to investigate victims discovered in the Mission District. The Following. (T) After discovering Claire’s location, Joe sends two followers to capture her. ONE News Tonight. (T) Damages. (AO) The Suspects. (AO, R, T)

6.00 Friends. (G, R, T) 6.30 Neighbours. (G, T) 7.00 Shortland Street. (PGR, T) 7.30 My Kitchen Rules. (T) 8.40 The Big Bang Theory. (R, T) Sheldon misses his chance to meet comic book legend Stan Lee when he winds up in traffic court after getting a ticket because of Penny. 9.40 Kitchen Nightmares. (AO, T) 10.40 Necessary Roughness. (AO, T) 11.35 Hot In Cleveland. (PGR, R, T)

12.55 Te Karere. (R, T) 1.35 Infomercials. 5.05 Believer’s Voice Of Victory. 5.35 Te Karere. (R, T)

12.30 Off The Map. (AO, R, T) 1.30 Infomercials. 2.30 Greek. (PGR, R) 3.20 Make It Or Break It. (G, R) 4.05 Jeremy Kyle. (G, R) 5.05 The Erin Simpson Show. (R) 5.30 Infomercials.


6.00 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.30



10.25 10.55 11.55

6 75823 Homebush Lignite nwtd.............J McInerney 11 3.41pm FOXTON STAKES C2/3 C2/3, 457m 7 84737 Chelsea’s Beauty 21.75................ T Downey 1 67361 Mick Mania 26.10........................G Hodgson 8 61452 Bound By Pride 21.66.......................G Quirk 2 87334 Ode To Liberty 26.42........................R Waite 9 15677 Homebush Alex 21.64................J McInerney 3 66776 Missing Melody 25.98.......................G Quirk 10 67478 Glenaddis Boy 21.75 G &...................Denby 4 31753 Bigtime Latte 26.65...........................L Ahern 8 2.28pm FEILDING DASH C3 HT2 C3q, 375m 5 42644 Upahut Cindy 26.47.................... B Hodgson 1 147x7 Thrilling Terror 21.78.........................G Quirk 6 31231 Red Crystal nwtd........................ B Hodgson ACROSS DOWN 2 1436x Monty Dosh nwtd F &.....................Turnwald 7 75666 Kango Klink 26.47..........................B Mitchell 3 18774 Juke Box Boy 21.69................. L MacDonald 8 64848 Barnaby Bale nwtd(3) C &................D Roberts 2. Tune 1. Sailor (9) 4 43827 Decado 0.00 C &..........................D Roberts Emergencies: 3.Belle Snarl (5) 8. Possess 5 38436 Chelseas Babe 22.02................... T Downey (3) 9 13112 Fergie’s (c2) nwtd...................S Maher 6 53112 Starla 21.67...............................J McInerney (c2) 26.24.........................M Olden 10 43423 Deceiver 4. Craving (6) 9. Hypothesis (11) 7 15188 Diggin’ On You 21.90................... B Johnston 12 4.09pm ASHURST STAKES C4/5 C4/5, 457m 5.(c4)Reprint (7) 11. Alights 8 67344 Fire Boy Baxter 21.55................J McInerney(7) 1 34525 El Jetta 26.41............................L Ahern 9 15677 Homebush Alex 21.64................J McInerney 2 35756 Dyna 6. Diego (c3) 25.95 C(11) &..........D Roberts Consider 12. Guide (5) 10 66776 Missing Melody nwtd........................G Quirk 3 5226F Gordon Bale nwtd C &..................D Roberts 7.Cairo Mediate 13.C4True (6) 9 2.48pm WWW.RACINGDOGS.CO.NZ C4, 375m (c4) nwtd.(9) ....................D Little 4 72163 Thrilling 1 81114 Llamedos 21.71................................G IronProminent 26.31 F &......................Turnwald 5 16672 Seven (11) 15. PlaceQuirk of worship (6) 10. 2 76715 Emma Marie 21.77....................... T Downey 6 43337 Sam I Am 26.33...........................A Turnwald 11. Fitful (9) 17. Collier (5) 3 34742 George Baxter 21.91.................J McInerney 7 54161 Tepirita Rita 25.94........................A Turnwald 4 45242 Moody Man 21.73..............................D Edlin(7) 8 6268x Sugar Roberts Plum nwtd C &...................D 14. Shorten (7) 18. Atrocity 5 34231 Magic You (c5) nwtd C &..............D Roberts 9 78888 Come On Rodge (c4) nwtd B &.... G Atwood 16. Money-chest (6) 20. Unconcerned (11) 6 35322 Uno Allegro 21.74.............................L Ahern SELECTIONS 7 81246 Run Junior Run 21.97..................A Turnwald (3) Race 1: Shanghai19. (5) Flying Blake, Cluain Meala 22. Hostelry Sam, Topic Cosmic Zoom, 8 72415 Gem’s Conquest 21.62.....................G Quirk Race 2: Stock Taker, Kezz, Aykroyd, Lavender Sal, Home Brewer 21. Zero (3) 23. Sincerely (9) 9 52864 Excessive Speed nwtd...............J McInerney Race 3: Where’s Carlos, Dyna Brownlow, Cawbourne Tobes 10 78285 Krussian 21.59...................................D Edlin Race 4: Sir Richie (c2), Cover To Cover, Bulet Tooth Tony TO PUZZLE No 12,163 10 3.08pm SHANNON SPRINT C5 C5, 375mSOLUTIONS Race 5: Uno Green, Cawbourne Burn, Shaga Banga Bang 1 11275 Chemically Free 21.56.....................M Olden Race 6: Armour, Max’s Lad, Little Midnight, Cawbourne Across: 7 Nearly; 8 Lumber; 10 Operate; 11 Rouse; 12Brooke 2 45113 Call Me Ralph 21.72...................G M Clarke Race 7: Trinity Boy (c4), Cawbourne Plunge(c4), Bolt Rama Clue; 13 Noise; 3 21121 Daddy Lowe 21.17............................L Ahern 17 Equip; 18 Wish; 22 Prize; 23 Unusual; Race 8: Starla, Thrilling Terror, Juke Box Boy, Monty Dosh 4 26522 Ramrada nwtd C &.......................D Roberts 24 Ablaze; 25 Glance. Race 9: Moody Man, Magic You (c5), Uno Allegro, George Baxter 5 85116 Darlek Khan 21.42......................G M Clarke Down: 1 Invoice; 2Race Careful; Cloak; 4 Sunrise; 5 About; 10: Daddy3Lowe, Ramrada, Call Me Ralph, Chemically Free 6 31743 Bob’s Your Uncle 21.68......................R Hunt 6 Creep;Quirk 9 Melodious; 14 Mania, Squeeze; 15Bigtime Piquant; Race 11: Mick Red Crystal, Latte, Ode16 To Liberty 7 44115 Finger Pop 21.56..............................G RaceSilly; 12: Tepirita Rita, Sugar Plum, Gordon Bale, Seven Iron Shelter;MacAuley 19 Appal; 20 21 Quell. 8 63184 Little Blackspot 21.27.................D LEGEND: fsdt - First Start Here nwd - No Win this Distance fstd 9 52636 Wise Crack Lad 21.76.....................M Olden First Start This Distance 31 13 - Best Winning Time This Track 10 26453 Iona Haka nwtd..........................J McInerney


Breakfast. Good Morning. . Ellen. (G, R) Cowboy Builders. (G) ONE News. (T) Emmerdale. (PGR, T) Dan moves his things, Laurel’s in a flap, and Lisa and Sam are concerned. Come Dine With Me. (PGR) A daily lifestyle show that sees five very different people competing to be named the ultimate dinner party host. Cookery School. (G, R) Dickinson’s Real Deal. Te Karere. (T) Ellen. Millionaire Hot Seat.

6.00 9.00 10.00 11.00 12.00 12.30

2.00 3.00 3.55 4.25 5.25


1 42856 Homebush Layla nwtd.............. S Gommans 2 43627 Homebush Lestat nwtd..............J McInerney 3 55524 Bulet Tooth Tony 26.48......................R Waite 4 43223 Cover To Cover 26.87 S &................Bonnett 5 55548 Thrilling Cloud nwtd.................T McCracken 6 35653 Cawbourne Anna nwtd..............J McInerney 7 1111 Sir Richie (c2) 26.26.........................L Ahern 8 41655 Time For What nwtd..................... M Roberts 9 64466 Big Girl Welshy nwtd..................J McInerney 10 47476 Marjanshar nwtd.................... R M Bannister 5 1.19pm PETER SINCLAIR PHOTO FINISH C1 C1, 375m 1 27545 Flayosc 22.37 2 158x Cawbourne Burn nwtd................. M Roberts 3 21132 Uno Green 21.74.............................S Maher 4 75522 Genial nwtd............................ R M Bannister 5 45353 Merely A Dream nwtd S &................Bonnett 6 23273 Shaga Banga Bang 22.08 G &...........Denby 7 66843 Nina Be Good nwtd............. J Woolston-Bell 8 51546 Tenkay Down nwtd...................... S Drysdale 9 45647 Easy Silence nwtd.....................J McInerney 10 56684 Rebel Joe 22.41................................ A Clark 6 1.37pm MARTON DASH C2 C2, 375m 1 43172 Armour nwtd.....................................G Quirk 2 21356 Max’s Lad 21.88 S &.........................Bonnett 3 x674x Jolokia nwtd.................................R J Murray 4 68511 Fulla Torque 21.60 C &.................D Roberts 5 46571 New Order 21.80 S &.......................Bonnett 6 61164 Little Midnight nwtd S &....................Bonnett 7 15851 Cawbourne Brooke 21.94..........J McInerney 8 74265 Sheeza Meesha nwtd G &..................Denby 9 66635 Cawbourne Stars nwtd...................... D Little 10 58871 Homebush Colt nwtd.................J McInerney 7 1.56pm CLOVERLEA DASH C3 HT 1 C3q, 375m 1 12421 Bolt Rama 21.56 S &........................Bonnett 2 2F118 Smidged 22.03..................................G Quirk 3 62436 Parra Sparra 21.70....................J McInerney 4 35561 Trinity Boy (c4) nwtd F &.................Turnwald 5 32631 Cawbourne Plunge(c4) nwtd.....J McInerney

6.00 8.30 10.30 11.30 12.00 12.30 1.00 2.00 3.00

4.30 5.30

3 News: Firstline. Infomercials. (G) The Shopping Channel. Everybody Loves Raymond. (G, R, T) 3 News. Home And Away. (R, T) Dr Phil. (AO) The Dr Oz Show. (PGR) The Biggest Loser Australia. (G) Twelve overweight contestants battle the bulge to lose the most weight. Rachael Ray. (G) Home And Away. (G, T) Spencer wants Maddy to leave the Bay and go back home with him, Casey gets back his job at the gym, and Chris hits on Indi.

6.00 3 News. . 7.00 Campbell Live. 7.30 Drug Bust. (PGR, T) The Manurewa CIB makes plans to bust a methamphetamine cooking operation. 8.30 Grand Designs Australia. (PGR, R, T) Civil Engineer, Bernie Ryan takes on the construction of a new house himself. 9.40 The Blue Rose. (Final, AO, T) The Blue Roses seek the evidence they need to find Rose’s killer - their mission: protect the innocent, expose the guilty, save the bunny. 10.45 Nightline. 11.25 The Americans. (AO) 12.25 How To Spot A Cult. (MA) 1.25 Infomercials. (G) 5.00 Joyce Meyer. 5.30 City Impact Church.


The Artist 6.00 Home Shopping. (G) 6.30 The Crowd Goes Wild. Sky Movies, 8.35pm (G, R) The last time a completely black7.00 Deal Or No Deal. (G, R) and-white film won the Academy 7.30 Home Shopping. (G) award for Best Picture was in 1960 12.00 The Doctors. (G) 1.00 The Jeff Probst Show. and it wasn’t also a, mostly, silent (G) film. The Artist is also notable for 2.05 Man Vs Wild. (PGR, R) having the first ever French actor Bear parachutes into the to win the award for Best Actor in Southern Patagonian Ice Field and negotiates his Jean Dujardin (below with Bérénice way out of a crevasse. Bejo), making it probably the most 3.00 Sea Patrol. (PGR, R) The awarded French film in history. © Central heroic rescue ofPress a young Features A silent film star falls for a young couple from a disabled dancer on the set of his latest film, yacht becomes a tragic mystery. however their careers take vastly 4.00 The Late Show With different courses. David Letterman. (G, R) 5.00 Deal Or No Deal. (G, R) 5.30 Prime News. 6.00 6.30 7.00 7.30

8.30 9.35 10.35 11.10

Deal Or No Deal. (G) Millionaire: Hot Seat. The Crowd Goes Wild. Colour Of War: The American Story. (PGR) After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour in December 1941, American society is changed forever as they become involved in WWII. The Great British Bake Off. (G) 60 Minutes. (G) The Crowd Goes Wild. (G, R) The Late Show With David Letterman. (G)

12.05 Home Shopping. (G) 1.35 The Crowd Goes Wild. (G, R) 2.05 Home Shopping. (G)

FOUR 6.00 Sesame Street. (G, R) 7.00 Sticky TV. (G, R) 7.30 Avatar. (G) 8.00 George Of The Jungle. (G, R) 8.20 Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot. (G, R) 8.45 HUMF. (G) 8.50 Bob The Builder. (G, R) 9.00 Thomas & Friends. (G, R) 9.10 Peppa Pig. (G, R) 9.15 Peppa Pig. (G, R) 9.20 Wonder Pets. (G, R) 9.45 Tickety Toc. (G) 9.55 Infomercials. (G) 2.00 Sesame Street. (G, R) 2.55 Peppa Pig. (G, R) 3.00 Sticky TV. (G) 4.30 FOUR Live. (G) 6.00 Everybody Hates Chris. (G, R)

6.30 Futurama. (G, R) 7.00 The Simpsons. (G, R) 7.30 How I Met Your Mother. (PGR, R) When Ted goes on a date without researching the girl on the Internet, the gang interferes. 8.00 All New New Girl. (PGR) 8.30 Up All Night. (PGR) 9.00 Whitney. (PGR) R.J. and Alex gear up to relive their old motorcycle glory days.


9.30 The Mindy Project. (PGR) Mindy cooks Thanksgiving dinner at Gwen’s house, but is surprised that the guest list includes Dennis, her former blind date. 10.00 Community. (PGR, R) Everyone’s a suspect when Annie’s favourite pen goes missing, so the group lock themselves in until the thief is found. 10.25 Alphas. (AO) A hostage situation brings the team back together in the second season premiere. 11.25 Entertainment Tonight. (G) 11.50 Infomercials. (G) 12.00 Entertainment Tonight. (G) 12.30 Infomercials. (G)

sky sPORt 1 6.00 Golf. The Masters. Round Four. Live. 11.00 Rugby. Super Rugby. Force v Crusaders. Highlights. 12.00 Rugby. Super Rugby. Blues v Hurricanes. Highlights. 1.00 Soccer. English Premier League. Arsenal v Norwich City. Highlights. 2.00 Soccer. English Premier League. Stoke City v Manchester United. Highlights. 3.00 40/20. 4.00 SKY ARENA Access. 4.30 Rugby. Super Rugby. Force v Crusaders. From nib Stadium, Perth. Highlights. 5.30 Netball. College Series. Tu Toa v New Plymouth Girls. Replay. 6.30 Netball. College Series. Marian v St Margarets. From CBS Arena, Christchurch. Delayed. 7.30 Netball. ANZ Championship. Canterbury Tactix v Northern Mystics. From CBS Arena, Christchurch. Live. 9.30 Netball. ANZ Championship. NSW Swifts v Queensland Firebirds. Live. 11.30 The Crowd Goes Wild. 12.00 Football. AFL. Collingwood v Hawthorn. Delayed. 3.00 Soccer. English Premier League. Newcastle United v Sunderland. Replay. 5.00 Soccer. English Premier League. Stoke City v Manchester United. Highlights.

ACROSS 7. Wireless (5) 8. Decayed (7) 9. Dirty (7) 10. Pause (3-2) 12. Presence (10) 15. Fascinated (10) 18. Stories (5) 19. Translation (7) 21. Couch (7) 22. Buffoon (5)

DOWN 1. Dishonest (10) 2. Decree (5) 3. Only (4) 4. Swagger (6) 5. Drive out (8) 6. Satisfied (7) 11. Very distinguished (3-7) 13. Annoying (8) 14. Usefulness (7) 16. Affectionate (6) 17. Unimportant (5) 20. Boulder (4)

SOLUTIONS TO PUZZLE No 12,164 Across: 1 Navigator; 8 Own; 9 Proposition; 11 Settles; 12 Steer; 13 Actual; 15 Temple; 17 Miner; 18 Outrage; 20 Indifferent; 22 Inn; 23 Earnestly. Down: 2 Air; 3 Growl; 4 Thirsty; 5 Reissue; 6 Contemplate; 7 Intercede; 10 Outstanding; 11 Spasmodic; 14 Abridge; 16 Coffer; 19 Theme; 21 Nil.

the bOx 6.00 NYPD Blue. (M) 6.50 The Simpsons. (PG) 7.15 Pawn Stars. (PG) 7.40 America’s Funniest Home Videos. (PG) 8.05 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (PG) 8.30 Cash Cab USA. (PG) 8.55 24. (M) 9.50 Law & Order. (M) 10.45 Main Event. (M) 11.35 Smackdown. (M) 1.15 NYPD Blue. (M) 2.10 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (PG) 2.35 Cash Cab. (PG) 3.05 24. (M) 4.00 Pawn Stars. (PG) 4.30 The Simpsons. (PG) 5.00 Law & Order. (M) 6.00 America’s Funniest Home Videos. (PG) 6.30 The Simpsons. (PG) 7.00 Pawn Stars. (PG) 7.30 NCIS. (PG) 8.30 CSI: New York. (M) The team discovers that a double homicide is related to an investigation by a pair of journalist bloggers into fraud by a company that makes gold bullion. 10.30 Law & Order. (M) 11.30 NCIS. (PG) 12.30 24. (M) 1.20 America’s Funniest Home Videos. (PG) 1.45 Cash Cab USA. (PG) 2.10 NYPD Blue. (M) 3.05 CSI: New York. (M) 4.45 24. (M) 5.35 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (PG)

sky sPORt 2 6.00 Rugby. Super Rugby. Blues v Hurricanes. Replay. 8.00 Investec Super Rugby Review. 9.00 Soccer. English Premier League. Aston Villa v Fulham. Replay. 11.00 Motorsport. FIA Formula One Championship. Chinese Grand Prix. Replay. 1.30 Small Blacks TV. 2.00 Golf. The Masters. Round Four. Highlights. 3.00 Cricket. Indian Premier League. Kolkata Knight Riders v Sunrisers Hyderabad. Highlights. 4.00 Cricket. Indian Premier League. Rajasthan Royals v Kings XI Punjab. Highlights. 5.00 40/20. 6.00 Premier League Review. 7.00 Golf. The Masters. Round Four. Highlights. 8.00 The Crowd Goes Wild. 8.30 The Ultimate Fighter. 11.30 Investec Super Rugby Review. 12.30 Netball. ANZ Championship. Canterbury Tactix v Northern Mystics. Replay. 2.00 Motorsport. NASCAR Nationwide Series. Highlights. 3.00 Motorsport. NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. NRA 500. Highlights. 4.00 Rugby League. NRL Premiership. Rabbitohs v Storm. Replay.

sky MOVIes 1

MOVIe GReats

6.15 The Three Musketeers. (2011, M) 8.05 Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night. (2010, M) . 9.55 Total Recall. (2012, M) Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel. 11.55 Bridesmaids. (2011, 16) Kristen Wiig, Rose Byrne. 2.00 Sky Special: Iron Man 3 Premiere With Dominic Bowden. (2013, PG). 2.20 Smitty. (2012, PG) Peter Fonda, Mira Sorvino. 3.55 Teenage Bank Heist. (2012, M) Abbie Cobb, Maeve Quinlan. 5.25 The Artist. (2011, M) Jean Dujardin, BÈrÈnice Bejo. 7.05 30 Minutes Or Less. (2011, 16) Jesse Eisenberg, Danny McBride. Two fledgling criminals kidnap a pizza delivery guy, strap a bomb to his chest, and inform him that he has just hours to rob a bank or else! 8.30 The Eagle. (2011, M) Channing Tatum, Donald Sutherland. In Roman-ruled Britain, a young Roman soldier endeavours to honour his father’s memory by finding his lost legion’s golden emblem. 10.25 The Lincoln Lawyer. (2011, M) Matthew McConaughey, Marisa Tomei. 12.25 Street Kings 2: Motor City. (2011, 16) Ray Liotta. 2.00 All Souls Day. (2005, 16) 3.30 Teenage Bank Heist. (2012, M) 5.00 Smitty. (2012, PG)

7.15 Proof Of Life. (2000, M) 9.30 Eragon. (2006, M) Ed Speleers, Jeremy Irons. 11.15 Nanny McPhee. (2005, PG) Emma Thompson, Colin Firth. 12.55 Working Girl. (1988, PG) Melanie Griffith, Harrison Ford. 2.45 Predator. (1987, M) Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse Ventura. 4.30 Ocean’s 13. (2007, PG) George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Al Pacino. 6.35 Lethal Weapon 2. (1989, M) Danny Glover, Mel Gibson. Riggs and Murtaugh are on the trail of South African diplomats who are using their immunity to engage in criminal activity. 1989. 8.30 Schindler’s List. (1993, M) Liam Neeson. Multi-Oscar®-winning classic based on the true story of Austrian industrialist Oskar Schindler, who saved his Jewish factory workers in World War II Poland. 1993. 11.45 Fun With Dick And Jane. (2005, M) Jim Carrey, Tea Leoni. 1.15 Ocean’s 13. (2007, PG) George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Al Pacino. 3.15 Lethal Weapon 2. (1989, M) Danny Glover, Mel Gibson. 5.10 Schindler’s List. (1993, M) Liam Neeson.

DIsCOVeRy 6.00 6.30 7.30 8.30 9.30 10.30 11.30 12.00 12.30 1.30 2.30 3.00 3.30 4.30 5.30 6.30 7.30 8.00 8.30

9.30 10.30 11.30 12.30 1.30 2.00 2.30 3.30 4.30 5.30

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ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Monday, April 14, 2013


By Kris Shannon Dillon Boucher ended his playing career with yet another trophy but there is one more prize he has his heart set on - a Halberg award. The retiring Boucher was a key part of the Breakers’ crunch-time lineup in their nail-biting victory over Perth on Saturday morning (NZT), earning his fourth Australian NBL ring to go with nine championships in the New Zealand national league. But the 37-year-old is already eyeing up another accolade, one he believes the Breakers richly deserve. Boucher and his team-mates, incredibly, have failed to earn a single Halberg nomination the last two seasons, despite becoming the first Kiwi side to win an Australian competition, and backing it up the following year. Now they’ve made it three in a row - to join the 2003-05 Sydney Kings as the only club to achieve the feat - and Boucher thinks it’s about time the Breakers are recognised at New Zealand’s national sporting awards. He’s not just after a nomination, though - he wants the main prize. “One title’s hard to win, two’s bloody hard, three’s near impossible,” he said. “For a team in New Zealand to win an Aussie comp for three years in a row, it speaks volumes about not only the players on this team but this organisation. “There’s no Olympics [this year], there’s no World Cup. “There’s really no reason why we shouldn’t clean up at the Halbergs.” It’s hard to argue with that assessment, considering the dominating

Dillon Boucher: Added his fourth NBL championship ring on Saturday manner in which the Breakers went back-to-back-to-back. After setting a club-best regular season record of 24-4 - including the league’s second-longest win streak of 16 games - the Breakers then went on to sweep both rounds of the playoffs and clinched the title on the home court of their greatest rivals. Boucher is right about timing, too, with previous championships perhaps lost in the afterglow of the Rugby World Cup and London Olympics. But with the rest of the calendar relatively bereft of major international competitions, this may be the Breakers’ year. “We’ve done a pretty special thing that no other New Zealand sports team have been able to do,” Boucher said.

“The New Zealand public has got behind us and supported us, so it’s time for those people that make the decisions to take a look at us and realise what we’re doing is pretty special.” While the Breakers must be considered favourites for team of the year, Andrej Lemanis would have also had a strong case for coach of the year after guiding his side to 28 wins from 32 games, but eligibility criteria prevents the Australian’s nomination. If common sense does prevail and the Breakers are at least invited to the February ceremony, it would only add to the glorious conclusion to a glittering career Boucher has already experienced. “When Paulie [Henare] got the send-off that he so richly deserved and we sent him out on a high, I was very envious,” Boucher said. “I never knew that this team was going to be able to produce a performance like this to send me out the same way. “I’m so proud of this team, so proud of this organisation and I couldn’t be happier.” Boucher’s satisfaction was added to by Daryl Corletto, who had promised the veteran he would get the ball in Boucher’s hands as the clock wound down. That enabled Boucher to hurl it high into the rafters for the last act of his playing career - though that was not his first choice. “I wanted to dropkick it in the stands but I didn’t want to get a technical foul, so I just threw it in the air. “For [Corletto] to give me the match ball to be able to throw it like that was pretty special.”  - APNZ

Boucher eyes up Halbergs

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Photo Tetsuro Mitomo 130413-TM-156

Craighead’s Julia Rolleston pursues Hampstead’s Shannon Thompson-Laing during their women’s division one match at the Ashburton hockey turf on Saturday.

Local teams fade down the stretch By Jonathan Leask Tinwald and Hampstead were taken to school in the latest round of the Mid-South Canterbury hockey competition on Saturday. The two Wakanui sides had the weekend off for a wedding, letting the Tinwald men and Hampstead women have a shot at the limelight playing in Ashburton, but both were outlasted by secondary school sides. Tinwald and Hampstead were well in contention at half time but as time wore on they both faded. Coming off a harsh 13-0 lesson Tinwald made a strong start but

as the match wore on they were worn down by Timaru Boys’ to go down 5-2. It was an all action first 10 minutes as Thomas White put Tinwald on the board before Timaru boys rattled three goals in quick succession to take the lead. A big score was on the cards, however the floodgates weren’t opened with both teams tightening up on defence until Daniel Snowball was able to add the hosts’ second for a 2-3 halftime score line. The second half shaped as a stalemate with Timaru Boys’ holding their one goal advantage and Tinwald pressing hard on attack, and working well on defence.

As the clock wound down Tinwald tired and the schoolboys struck twice to take a 5-2 win. “We hung in there and had a few chances but couldn’t bang them in the back of the net. “In the end we ran out of steam again and they scored two late goals,” Tinwald coach Ian Snowball said. “It was a big improvement on last week and the team is starting to gel and play some good hockey, so there are positive signs that were headed in the right direction.” Hampstead were next on the Ashburton turf and suffered a similar fate. Craighead opened the scoring in

the match before Sophie Morrow slotted a double to put Hampstead out in front 2-1, only for Craighead to level up the scores before halftime. From there it was all Craighead as the younger, fitter schoolgirls ran away with the game adding a further two goals to win 4-2 as Hampstead faded. “We competed with and it was quite even for most of the game but the telling factor was fitness which is disappointing,” Hampstead’s Rebecca McCloy said. “It was a good game and we are pleased with the way we played but they just kept going and running while we slowed down.”

The Mid Canterbury senior football side marked their first home match of the season with their first win, beating Christchurch United 4-2 on Saturday. Coach of the division one side Peter Roberts said it was a thrilling encounter at the Ashburton Domain, which had the hosts up 3-0 at halftime and having to withhold a strong comeback by the Christchurch side in the final quarter. Greg Feutz led the way for Mid Canterbury with two goals in a man of the match performance. The green and golds made a solid start to the game and created early chances, Diego Ignacio going close after being put through by Feutz. The home team then took the lead in the 15th minute when Ricky Barbosa delivered a free kick into the area and Adam George applied the finishing touch. Feutz got on the score sheet soon after when he ran through and comfortably beat the keeper before he was involved in the third goal playing a neat through ball to the on-running Barbosa, who calmly slid the ball past the advancing keeper for their 3-0 halftime lead. The second half also started well and the hosts were soon 4-0 in front when Feutz latched onto a defensive error and added the fourth goal, and his second. Substitutes Graham Hannon, Edze Bierema and Maxi Soler came on to add some fresh legs but the

Victory to mark season’s first home match Warriors near rock bottom By Daniel Richardson

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Photo Tetsuro Mitomo 130413-TM-212

Mid Canterbury’s Adam George brings the ball under control on his way to scoring the opening goal in the senior side’s 4-2 win over Christchurch United on Saturday. visitors came back strongly in the final quarter to score two goals and make for a tense finish. However, the home team hung on for three well-deserved points. In other Mainland competition matches, Methven International bounced back from a 9-2 first round loss to beat Parklands 2-1 in division five while Mid Canterbury Eastern

lost to FC Twenty11 Falcons 0-3 in division four. The 18th division one side was beaten 4-0 by FC Twenty 11 but the division three side beat Waimak 6-2 with the Mid Canterbury Masters crushing Christchurch United 8-0. There were also wins for a majority of the lower grades with 15th grade having a 7-0 romp over St

Bedes B, the 14th grade got up over Coastal Spirit White 2-1, the 13th beat Selwyn 8-0, the 12th beat Selwyn 4-2, the 11th beat Ferrymead Bays Eagles 7-1 and the 10th beat Halswell United Harvards 7-1. The 14th grade girls’ lost to Cashmere Tech 1-2 while the Mid Canterbury women beat Hornby 6-1 yesterday.


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Basketball NBA results

NBA results yesterday (home team in CAPS): CHARLOTTE BOBCATS 95 Milwaukee Bucks ORLANDO MAGIC 88 Boston Celtics MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES 87 L.A. Clippers MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES 105 Phoenix Suns


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Only points differential is keeping the Warriors from occupying last place in the NRL after six rounds. After going down 20-16 to the Raiders in Canberra on Saturday night Matt Elliott’s men are 15th, and have only a slightly better for and against differential of minus 60 than the Bulldogs (-69) who are at the foot of the ladder. It was hard to fault the Warriors’ commitment but they just didn’t have enough possession during the second half in the Australian capital, as a returning Terry Campese orchestrated Canberra’s comeback win. The Warriors lost centre Dane Nielsen to a rib injury during the game which caused a backline reshuffle, while they were also shorn of forwards Jacob Lillyman and Elijah Taylor and utility Pita Godinet. Elliott praised his side’s defensive effort but in the end they just had to work too hard for too long without the ball. When giant Canberra Raiders winger Edrick Lee flew through the air in the 76th minute to latch on to a pinpoint Campese kick to score it sealed the Warriors’ fate as Canberra pulled off their second come-from-behind win in as many weeks. “I thought Campo’s poise ended

85 120 91 93

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Results from the ITM 400 Auckland, the third round of the series, at Pukekohe Park Raceway (circuit 2.91km) yesterday: Race 4 (35 laps - 100km) 1. Jason Bright (Holden) 37mins39.1958sec 2. Garth Tander (Holden) 37:44.4948 3. Jamie Whincup (Holden) 37:45.5441 4. Fabian Coulthard (Holden) 37:45.8454 5. Will Davison (Ford) 37:46.5102 6. James Courtney (Holden) 37:49.2043 7. Alex Davison (Ford) 37:49.3147 8. David Reynolds (Ford) 37:49.9782 9. Craig Lowndes (Holden) 37:54.2984 10. James Moffat (Nissan) 37:57.5711 11. Shane Van Gisbergen (Holden) 38:03.5690 Race 3 (35 laps - 100km) 1. Will Davison (Ford) 44mins42.6509sec 2. Shane Van Gisbergen (Holden) 44:43.2537 3. Fabian Coulthard (Holden) 44:43.4649 4. Craig Lowndes (Holden) 44:43.6852 5. Garth Tander (Holden) 44:44.0079

Rugby Super Rugby, Round 9 BRUMBIES 30 (George Smith, Henry Speight, Joseph

Warriors skipper Simon Mannering

up being the difference,” Elliott said of the five-eighth. “I felt pretty confident about our D. “They didn’t look like penetrating it then they scored one try after they had four or five sets in a row. “Unfortunately the errors that we made were individual skill and two really poor decisions on shift plays to try and promote the ball and it doesn’t matter how courageous you are but when you’re down by 50 plays in a half - I don’t know if I’ve experienced that before - not in modern-day rugby league are you going to come close to winning.” The Warriors were impressive through the first 50 minutes as a double to wing Manu Vatuvei and a try to Ben Henry, who was only included when Lillyman and Taylor were scratched, saw them hold a 16-4 lead early in the second spell. But when Lee grabbed his first four-pointer in the 53rd minute, things begun to unravel for the

Tomane tries Christian Lealiifano 3 cons Lealiifano 2, Nic White pens) bt HIGHLANDERS 19 (Aaron Smith try Hayden Parker con 4 pens) at Forsyth Barr Stadium. Referee: Chris Pollock. QUEENSLAND REDS 31 (Rod Davies 2, Quade Cooper, Jake Schatz tries Cooper 4 cons pen) bt CHIEFS 23 (Bundee Aki, Patrick Osborne tries Gareth Anscombe 2 cons 3 pens) at Waikato Stadium. Referee: Steve R. Walsh. BLUES 28 (Frank Halai, Tom McCartney, James Parsons, Charles Piutau tries Chris Noakes 4 cons) bt HURRICANES 6 (Beauden Barrett pen Tusi Pisi drop goal) at Eden Park. Referee: Jaco Peyper. SOUTHERN KINGS 30 (Ronald Cooke, Wimpie van der Walt, Shaun Venter tries Demetri Catrakilis 3 cons 2 pens drop goal) bt MELBOURNE REBELS 27 (Mitch Inman, Angus Roberts, Ged Robinson tries James O’Connor 3 cons 2 pens) at AAMI Park. Referee: Andrew Lees. Crowd: 10,416. WESTERN FORCE 16 (Sam Norton-Knight try Jayden Hayward con 3 pens) bt CRUSADERS 14 (Luke Romano try Tyler Bleyendaal 3 pens) at nib Stadium. Ref: Jonathan Kaplan. Crowd: 16,758. STORMERS 22 (Juan De Jongh try Joe Pietersen con 5 pens) bt SHARKS 15 (Patrick Lambie 5 pens) at Newlands Rugby Stadium. Referee: Craig Joubert. BULLS 26 (Jano Vermaak, Callie Visagie tries Morne Steyn 2 cons 4 pens) bt CHEETAHS 20 (Trevor Nyakane try Burton Francis 4, Francois Brummer pens) at Loftus Versfeld. Standings after Rd 9 Brumbies 8 6 1 1 221 137 84 3 33 Chiefs 7 5 0 2 220 144 76 5 29 7 5 0 2 172 115 57 2 26 Sharks Queensland Reds 8 6 0 2 172 159 13 3 31 Blues 7 4 0 3 189 140 49 7 27 Cheetahs 8 5 0 3 187 195 -8 3 23 Bulls 7 4 0 3 172 171 1 3 23 Hurricanes 7 4 0 3 177 186 -9 3 23 Crusaders 7 3 0 4 189 153 36 6 22 NSW Waratahs 7 3 0 4 162 200 -38 1 21 Stormers 7 3 0 4 154 153 1 4 20 Western Force 8 2 0 6 146 186 -40 3 15 Southern Kings 7 2 1 4 166 222 -56 1 15 Melbourne Rebels 8 2 0 6 162 258 -96 3 15 Highlanders 7 0 0 7 142 212 -70 2 6

Warriors as Campese started to stamp his mark on the contest. The former New South Wales No 6 has been dogged by knee and groin injuries for the past two years but showed touches of his class in the latter stages of the game after he joined the fray via the interchange bench after half an hour. Following Lee’s first try, Sam Williams crossed just after the hour mark as Jarrod Croker’s conversion brought the score back to 16-14 as the Warriors tried to hold on their slender lead. But when Campese connected with Lee with only a few minutes left the result was settled. Warriors captain Simon Mannering, who racked up 40 tackles for the visitors, said they were eventually worn down by a relentless Raiders outfit. “It was just too much on our own line and one set too many.” Mannering’s tackle count was only topped by hooker Nathan Friend who made 61, while Todd Lowrie was also busy as he made 39 tackles. Young centre Ngani Laumape led the Warriors in metres gained with 137 as he continues to make a bright start to his career. Canberra Raiders 20 (Edrick Lee 2, Sandor Earl, Sam Williams tries; Jarrod Croker 2 goals) Warriors 16 (Manu Vatuvei 2, Ben Henry tries; Shaun Johnson 2 goals). HT: 4-10  - APNZ

Rugby league NRL results standings Rod 6 BRISBANE 12 (J Hoffman 2 L Maranta tries) bt NORTH QUEENSLAND 10 (A Graham C Greenshields tries J Thurston goal) at Suncorp Stadium. SYDNEY ROOSTERS 38 (S Williams 2 M Jennings J Maloney D Mortimer R Tuivasa-Sheck tries J Maloney 7 goals) bt BULLDOGS 0 at Allianz Stadium. Referee: Gavin Morris, Ben Cummins. Crowd: 22,552. NEWCASTLE 8 (J McManus try K Gidley 2 goals) bt PENRITH 6 (S Manu try L Walsh goal) at Hunter Stadium. CANBERRA 20 (E Lee 2 S Earl S Williams tries J Croker 2 goals) bt WARRIORS 16 (M Vatuvei 2 B Henry tries S Johnson 2 goals) at Canberra Stadium. Referee: Chris James, Adam Devcich. Crowd: 9,699. MELBOURNE 17 (M Fonua K Proctor G Widdop tries C Smith 2 goals C Cronk field goal) bt SOUTH SYDNEY 10 (A Everingham G Inglis tries A Reynolds goal) at ANZ Stadium. Referee: Shayne Hayne, Alan Shortall. Crowd: 32,671. MANLY 25 (D Cherry-Evans P Hiku J Horo S Matai T Symonds tries J Lyon 2 goals D Cherry-Evans field goal) bt CRONULLA 18 (N Stapleton 2 S Mills tries M Gordon 2 C Townsend goals) at Brookvale Oval. Standings P W D L B PF PA PD Pts 1 Melbourne 6 6 0 0 0 159 86 73 12 2 Manly 6 5 0 1 0 139 54 85 10 3 South Sydney 6 5 0 1 0 137 105 32 10 4 Sydney Roosters 6 4 0 2 0 144 66 78 8 5 Newcastle 6 4 0 2 0 128 85 43 8 6 *Gold Coast 5 3 0 2 0 102 68 34 6 7 Brisbane 6 3 0 3 0 106 90 16 6 8 Canberra 6 3 0 3 0 96 151 -55 6 9 Cronulla 6 2 0 4 0 88 91 -3 4 10 North Queensland 6 2 0 4 0 98 110 -12 4 11 *Parramatta 5 2 0 3 0 87 117 -30 4 12 *St George Illawarra 5 2 0 3 0 77 110 -33 4 13 *Wests Tigers 5 2 0 3 0 81 130 -49 4 14 Penrith 6 1 0 5 0 98 148 -50 2 15 Warriors 6 1 0 5 0 86 146 -60 2 16 Bulldogs 6 1 0 5 0 68 137 -69 2

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Romano’s try came about after Corey Flynn, another Crusader to perform to expectations, made a Luke Romano could have had a marauding run down the left wing hat-trick in his side’s defeat to the before Adam Whitelock popped a Western Force but he would have pass infield for the lock to lunge settled for playing like “a proper over the line. Crusaders team”. The Crusaders showed better Romano scored the Crusaders’ application in attack in the second only try in the 16-14 loss in Perth spell and strung a few phases early yesterday morning, a result together, though their backs were which consigned the Christchurch- still found wanting. based team to fourth place in the The forward pack were almost New Zealand conference and eighth rewarded for their efforts when overall. Romano burrowed near the line but, The All Black was one of the having already been denied in the standout locks of the first half after a forward weekend - not that pass in the build-up, you would have known Romano again fell foul immediately following of the video official the game, when he “It was on the line cut a dejected figure but with everyone pilslumped in a chair on ing in there it’s hard the sidelines. for the TV to see,” he Romano had reason said. “Sometimes they to feel aggrieved. go your way and someDespite his best times they don’t. efforts, the Crusaders “We were in that for never really got going the whole second half. against a resolute Force A few calls didn’t go team, and failed to turn Tryscorer Luke Romano our way with those into points a sustained two tries but you can’t period of pressure in the final 20 blame that.” minutes. Nor were the Crusaders blaming In addition to his try, Romano their preparation. excelled in his ball-handling and The stopover in Western Australia was one of the few Crusaders to on the way home from South Africa make a good account of themselves is always a difficult ask, but Romano in a loss which saw the seven-time said his side’s full attention was on champions return home from a the opposition, not the long-awaited three-match tour with just one win. flight home. But Romano took no pleasure “It’s been shown before that they from his personal performance, teams at the bottom of the table can instead ruing two potential victories tip up the top dogs. We go into every - against the Sharks and Force - that game treating it like it’s a top-dog got away. team and the Force showed that “The last two games have been they’re a quality team.” there for us to win and we haven’t The Crusaders will again be wary been able to finish them off,” he said. of the winless Highlanders when “It’s been our own mistakes which they host the Southern men on have been letting us down - that’s Saturday night, though they will the sad thing about it. be targeting five points to get their “We’re going to have to really pull stuttering campaign back on track. our thumb now and head home and “They’re really desperate for a win, start playing like a proper Crusaders so they’re going to come out all guns team.” blazing,” Romano said. They certainly fell well short of “They’re going to know that we’re that mark yesterday, allowing a a bit vulnerable after two losses, fired-up Force to make a fast start so we’re going to have to go back and heading to the sheds lucky to home, regroup and go out and put be within eight after a disjointed our stamp back on the competition.” first half.  - APNZ

• Blues on right track

Crusaders let a close one slip

The tough part for the Blues is still in the distance, nine games on the trot including a trip to South Africa. But they sit second in their Super 15 conference behind the Chiefs, with bye points to pick up this week. The Blues’ convincing 28-6 repeat win against the Hurricanes was a massive lift for the inexperienced group as they showed their coaches and themselves they had the character for this series. No one doubted their skills. But questions hovered about their substance and whether they had the grit needed for both the immediate and long-haul projects. Blues fans will be happy that encouraging responses are increasing. - APNZ

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• Tuivasa-Sheck named Sydney Roosters winger Roger Tuivasa-Sheck has been named in the 19-strong Kiwis’ squad and could make his international debut in the Anzac test against Australia in Canberra on Friday night. The 19-year-old is the only possible debutant in the side named by coach Steve Kearney and the youngster has been in dangerous form for the Roosters this year, including scoring a hat-trick against the Parramatta Eels in round four. Tuivasa-Sheck’s Roosters’ teammate Sonny Bill Williams has been ruled out due to a knee injury, while Benji Marshall hasn’t been selected either due - APNZ to a toe problem.

By Kris Shannon

• Black Sticks victors Photo Tetsuro Mitomo 130413-TM

Celtic’s Sam Hurley covers across to tackle Hampstead’s Manase Nonu during the Combined Country Cup third round clash at Celtic on Saturday.

Trophy won in war of attrition By Jonathan Leask Celtic claimed the Max Gilbert Challenge Trophy with a 6-3 win over Hampstead to be the only Mid Canterbury winner in round three of the Combined Country Cup rugby competition on Saturday. Celtic landed two penalties to Hampstead’s one in an absolute arm wrestle in section two. Southern remains without a win going down 39-8 to Ashley in Mayfield while Lincoln hammered Ohoka 53-0, Waihora held off Darfield 16-5 and Glenmark put Prebbleton away 25-8. Over in section one Rakaia were beaten by defending champions Southbridge 17-10 and Methven were battered by Burnham 37-17. Saracens scored their first win beating Dunsandel-Irwell 43-24 and Oxford edged out West Melton 26-22.

Celtic v Hampstead Celtic and Hampstead went blowfor-blow for 80 minutes, with one accurate kick the difference in the finish. It was tight and tense but Celtic landed two penalties to Hampstead’s one, with each side having the run of play for a half each. The first 40 minutes of the arm wrestle had Hampstead emerge with their nose in front 3-0 after a successful Josh Nonu penalty, while Celtic missed three shots at goal. In the second half it was Celtic’s turn and they were able to finally land one off the boot of Sean Strange, and they followed it up with a second penalty from Nathan Wolf, while returning the favour of keeping Hampstead scoreless for 40 minutes. “In the first half they played smart rugby and kept us in our own half,” Celtic coach Dave McCrea said. “In the second half things went the other way and we went close to scoring a few times but couldn’t quite get over the line, but kicked

a second penalty to take the lead with about 18 minutes to go. “After that it was just dogged defence from both teams.” It was only one kick in it but McCrea was rapt to take the win and prise the Max Gilbert Trophy off Hampstead. “It’s good to be the team coming in on the right side of a close one for a change.” In the close ones it’s easy to look back at moments that could have changed the outcome, but Hampstead had plenty to choose from. “Discipline was the key and it let us down constantly,” Hampstead manager Nicki Woods said. “We got down their end a few times but discipline dropped off every time to ruin it and we gave the ball back to them.” Hampstead came away with a consolation bonus point but also a few injury concerns, including Sefo Makaui who was carted off by ambulance but was cleared of any serious injury, and Celtic had a few walking wounded of their own after the bruising battle.

Southern v Ashley Southern conceded 36 points to the unbeaten Ashley in the second half to suffer their third straight defeat. The only way to describe it for Southern coach Nathan Hellyer was the game of two halves cliché, but it is a perfectly accurate way to describe it. “We had the running of the game to be up at half time, and then we lost the kick off at the start of the second half and didn’t really see the ball again,” Hellyer said. Southern’s Lee Armstrong scored a try after 20 minutes and landed a penalty for the host to lead 8-3, and looked to be on track for their first win. Armstrong should have made it 11-3, but Southern opted for the quick tap and produced a wayward pass on half-time.

Points table PW Southbridge 3 3 Rakaia 3 2 2 2 Oxford West Melton 3 1 3 1 Saracens 3 1 Burnham Kaiapoi 2 1 Dunsandel/Irwell 3 1 Methven 2 0

L 0 1 0 2 2 2 1 2 2

Ashley 3 3 0 3 3 0 Lincoln 3 2 1 Glenmark Waihora 3 2 1 Celtic 3 2 1 Darfield 3 1 2 Hampstead 3 1 2 Prebbleton 3 1 2 Southern 3 0 3 3 0 3 Ohoka

BP 2 3 1 3 2 2 1 1 0

F/A Pts 90 14 19 11 12 9 -6 7 2 6 -27 6 1 5 -32 5 -59 0

3 124 15 3 87 15 2 50 10 1 15 9 0 2 8 2 3 6 1 -22 5 0 -67 4 2 -39 2 0 -153 0

After the strong first half Southern “disintegrated” and the second 40 minutes was all Ashley as the visitors found their feet and piled on 36 unanswered points. “They just held onto the ball and took it to us. “We were left trying to defend as they had the ball for probably 35 minutes all up.”

Rakaia v Southbridge Rakaia’s unbeaten start to the season was stopped in its tracks by defending champions Southbridge 17-10. Rakaia fought hard but two flashes of brilliance from Fijian flyer Peni Manumanunilwa were the difference between the two sides. Dwayne Burrows had a big day on defence shutting Southbridge fullback Willie McGoon down, and flanker Jackson Donnelly got through a mountain of work on both sides of the ball, but it wasn’t enough for Rakaia to remain unbeaten. Rakaia scored first through halfback Cawte Whiting but Manu-

manunilwa, who played sevens for Mid Canterbury last year, produced a strong tackle-busting run to level the scores. Southbridge captain Shannon Donald converted and later added a penalty to have Southbridge ahead 10-5 at halftime. After the break Manumanunilwa recreated his first half heroics to score under the posts and Southbridge moved out to a 17-5 lead. Rakaia buckled down again, taking the game to Southbridge while shutting down their potent attack, and were finally rewarded with lock Tevita Vi scoring Rakaia’s second try with two minutes to play.

Burnham v Methven An error-ridden second half saw Methven beaten by Burnham 37-17. Methven made the ideal start putting flanker Mitch Sim in for the opening try with Davey Maw converting. Burnham replied with back-toback penalties before scoring two tries to go ahead 16-7 at halftime. Former Rakaia Mid Canterbury prop Haka Tichborne proved a menace at the breakdown, disrupting the visitors’ efforts and bagging a first half try. The second half started well for Methven as Stephen Blackwell, who celebrated his 100th game a week earlier, muscled over the line. Maw converted and soon added a penalty to put Methven in front 17-16, but the wheels came off as the mistakes set in and Burnham was able to punish them, producing two tries and three penalties to claim their first win of the season 37-17. “We got sucked into playing scrappy rugby and made too many mistakes to get anything going,” Methven coach Dale Palmer said. The injury toll mounted again with Methven finishing off the match with lock Matt Gorman forced out onto the wing and Palmer having to pull on the boots in midfield.

Emotional victory for Bright By Michael Brown

Photo Tetsuro Mitomo 120413-TM-069

Challenger champs Mid Canterbury’s Stacey Hopwood prepares to serve during the Canterbury Challenger tennis competition division one final at the Ashburton Trust Tennis Centre on Friday night. It was a delayed end to the season-long, Canterbury-wide competition but one worth waiting for as the Mid Canterbury girls’ were crowned Challenger champions beating North Canterbury 4-2. Ashleigh Leonard, Christal Brosnahan and Larissa Allan all won their singles matches while Leonard and Hopwood combined for a win in the doubles to take the title in the first season Mid Canterbury has entered into the competition.


Last weekend Sienna Richards told her mum Charlotte she wanted Jason Bright to win the ITM 400 Auckland so she could present the trophy that bears her father’s name to the driver who means the most to her. Yesterday at the Pukekohe Park Raceway, the five-year-old got her wish. Bright won the fourth and final race of the V8 Supercars to cement his place as this weekend’s best driver overall and collect the Jason Richards Memorial Trophy from Charlotte and Sienna. It was an emotional moment and there were plenty of teary eyes throughout the pits and in the stands. He also received a card made by Sienna - she was going to present it to whoever won - who took great pleasure in writing out ‘Brighty’ in bold, blue ink. Bright was teammates with Richards when he was diagnosed with cancer in 2010. He took over the No 8 BOC livery from the Nelson-born Richards and

Jason Bright: Concentration levels on high for yesterday’s Supercars victory

was supposed to hand it back to him when he got better. Richards, who won one V8 Supercars race and three times finished on the podium at Bathurst, died 16 months ago, aged 35. “It was a fairytale ending,” Charlotte said. “Sienna had got her hopes and sights set on Brighty winning, as we all did. Magic, Magic. I couldn’t have asked for a better result.” Charlotte told Bright about Sienna’s wishes last weekend after

racing in Tasmania. “Talk about putting the pressure on,” he said. But he put enough on himself. He spent countless hours with his Brad Jones Racing team trying to work out the best setup for the bumpy Pukekohe setup because, of all the rounds of the V8 Supercars this year, this was the one he wanted to win the most. He even had the JR Star signwritten on his car for the weekend. “All I have thought about this

weekend was winning that trophy,” he said. “All the team thought about ... very special. “Car 8 wanted to win this race. “The whole team wanted to take that trophy back to [team headquarters at] Albury. I was awake last night thinking about it. “Yesterday when I got tagged by James Courtney I reckon [Richards] jumped in the car and saved that one for me, too, because there was no way I was going to save that one.” Garth Tander finished second ahead of James Whincup, who had an up-and-down weekend but felt the right car and driver had won yesterday. “This is one of the great motorsport stories that has unfolded this weekend,” Whincup said. “Nothing was stopping Car 8 today. Jason was a great bloke and I’m sure he will have a massive smile on his face to see Brighty cross the line.” Bright joked team owner Brad Jones would get out the wallet and shout the team McDonald’s. “I think it will be a pretty good night,” he said. “Everyone will raise a glass to JR.” - APNZ

The Black Sticks women’s team have finished the first Four Nations in emphatic style after defeating Korea 3-0 in the final at the ITM Hockey Centre in Whangarei yesterday. The Kiwis saved their best performance at the tournament for last, excelling on both attack and defence. It was a fast start from both sides but New Zealand took control late in the first half and scored two goals in quick succession thanks to Sian Fremaux and Katie Glynn to go into halftime up 2-0. The momentum stayed with the Black Sticks in the second half, with Fremaux putting the icing on the cake with her second goal of the game to seal the win. “It was our best performance by far in all of our four games. Our ability to control play was pretty good and we dominated large periods. Every player had a good game today,” said coach - APNZ Mark Hager said.

• Streakers ‘idiots’ Multiple pitch invasions in the final minutes of the thrilling Western Force defeat of the Crusaders in Perth have been described as “unacceptable” by Sanzar’s Greg Peters. Peters wants answers after six men invaded the pitch in the final 10 minutes of the Force’s 16-14 upset of the Crusaders watched by a crowd of 16,500 at nib Stadium. According to a witness, one was dressed in a banana costume. Other streakers ran on to the field just as the Crusaders had won a turnover and were launching a counterattack with a five-on-two advantage with four minutes remaining. Crusader Ryan Crotty tackled one individual, with scrum coach and former All Black Dave Hewett dumping another. “From our point of view it’s extremely disappointing and unacceptable behaviour from a small group of idiots in what was otherwise a very good - APNZ crowd,” Peters said.

• Manly ‘contenders’ Manly coach Geoff Toovey hailed the Sea Eagles’ re-emergence as genuine premiership contenders over the opening rounds of the NRL season after their 25-18 win over Cronulla at Brookvale Oval yesterday. Written off in some circles before the season start due to an aging team list, the Sea Eagles have stamped themselves alongside South Sydney and Sydney Roosters as contenders to Melbourne’s crown over the first quarter of the regular season. Manly have recorded five wins and one loss after the opening six rounds and sit second on the NRL ladder behind the undefeated Storm. Toovey took over at Manly last season after Des Hasler’s acrimonious departure and got the team within one win of the grand final. - AAP

• FA Cup dream over Australian Shane Lowry’s FA Cup dream ended as Wigan defeated second-tier Millwall 2-0 at a rain-soaked Wembley to reach next month’s final. In a semifinal marred by crowd violence, goals in either half from Shaun Maloney and Callum McManaman secured Wigan’s first FA Cup final appearance. Wigan now await the winners of the other semi between Man City and holders Chelsea, as they look forward to a second major domestic final after a one-sided loss to Manchester United in the 2006 League Cup. “I can’t wait for the final,” Wigan’s Emmerson Boyce said. “We knew it was always going to be tough. They could have scored, but it was a professional performance.”-AAP


ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Monday, April 15, 2013




Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso won an incident-packed Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai yesterday, well ahead of the Lotus of Kimi Raikkonen and Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton. The reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel came home fourth after adopting a different tyre strategy, while his Red Bull team-mate Mark Webber failed to finish. Webber broke the front wing of his Red Bull and damaged the car’s rear right wheel after hitting Toro Rosso’s Jean-Eric Vergne 17 laps into yesterday’s 56-lap race. He was on his way back to the pits when the broken wheel fell off and rolled across the track at Shanghai International Circuit.

From the sideline

Alonso wins Chinese GP for Ferrari

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It follows a horror weekend for the Australian, who started the race from pit lane after his team decided to change his gearbox and make other modifications. Webber was originally meant to start from the back of the grid, having been excluded from qualifying on Saturday after a technical error left his car with not enough fuel for a sample. Fellow Australian Daniel Ricciardo recorded his best-ever finish in F1, crossing the line in seventh spot to claim four championship points. Ricciardo’s best result with Torro Rosso had been ninth, which he recorded four times last year.  - AFP

Who said it? “You’re not going to have Tennessee to kick around anymore.” Photo Tetsuro Mitomo 130413-TM-140

College A’s Danyelle Lusty reaches to intercept the pass intended for Celtic A’s Hayley Murphy.

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Usual suspects lead the charge By Jonathan Leask

photo ap

Fernando Alonso on his way to winning the Chinese GP yesterday.

The Mid Canterbury netball season got under way with the first round of grading on Saturday. In the senior ranks the usual suspects reared their heads on the first day, but there were a few surprises. There were a few question marks raised across a triangulate result

that had United A edged by College B 12-10 only for United A to then stun the defending premiers Methven A 12-9 in their first match before Methven A came back out and comfortably accounted for College B 19-11. Last year’s runners-up Celtic A had a stronger start to the season, recording wins over Hampstead B 23-10 and College A 13-7. The College A girls bounced back

to outscore Methven B 20-10. Rakaia handed Methven B their second loss of the day 21-17 and then beat Hampstead B 19-15. Hampstead A hammered Celtic B 32-6 and recorded a 12-8 win over Collegiate A, who had earlier also proved too strong for Celtic B 16-10. After the first round of grading Celtic A, Hampstead A and Rakaia Blue lead the charge as

When Craig Spearman hit 341 for Gloucester, which cricket legend’s record did he surpass?

the 11 teams fight for the eight positions in Senior A netball, with the unsuccessful trio destined for Senior B. Collegiate A, College B, Methven A and United A each had one win while Celtic B, Hampstead B and Methven B lost both their matches, but have two weeks left to push their case for the top competition. Full results and this week’s draw in Tuesdays Guardian.

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Aussies dreaming of Augusta victory Adam Scott, Jason Day and Marc Leishman hold the weight of a nation on their backs after remaining well placed to bring Australia its first green jacket at The Masters today. Scott was yesterday sitting just a shot behind leaders Brandt Snedeker and Angel Cabrera in third place while Day and Leishman are just two back heading into the final round. American Snedeker and 2009 Masters champion Cabrera of Argentina posted three-under rounds of 69 to jump to sevenunder for the tournament. Scott also fired a 69 to be at six-under while Leishman man-

Adam Scott: One shot off the lead

aged a 72 and Day dropped back successive three-putt bogeys on his final two holes for a 73 to sit at five-under-par. Matt Kuchar (69) is sixth alone at four-under while South African Tim Clark (67) and world No.1 Tiger Woods (70) share seventh at three-under, four shots off the pace. Woods was assessed a two-stroke penalty before the third round began for a improper drop in the second round. Since Jim Ferrier debuted in the 1940 Masters tournament, 41 Australian golfers have had at least one crack at the title but all to no avail. On eight occasions, Australians have been bridesmaids, most recently just two years ago when

Day and Scott tied for second after seeing their clubhouse lead bested by Charl Schwartzel’s four closing birdies. On that occasion, Scott and Day played together in the penultimate group. This time Leishman will be with Scott while Day will be third to last with Kuchar. “We’ve got an another great chance,” Scott said when asked about Australia’s duck. “A couple of us had a look at it a couple years ago, and three of us right there knocking on the door tomorrow so there’s no better time to ever have to deal with that question again than if you go out and play good tomorrow. “Aussies are proud sporting people, and we’d love to put another

notch in our belt, just like any great sporting country. “This is one thing that one of us would like to do tomorrow for sure.” Standing in the way is Snedeker, who won the season-long FedEx Cup in 2012 and started 2013 in hot fashion, finishing second twice and winning at Pebble Beach before a rib injury stalled his process. “I’ve spent 32 years of my life getting ready for tomorrow and it’s all been a learning process and I am completely, 100 per cent sure that I’m ready to handle no matter what happens tomorrow,” Snedeker said. “I’m going to be disappointed if I don’t win, period. “I’m not here to get a good finish. I’m not here to finish top five.

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Monday, 15 April 2013





Wa i m a k a r i r i


Map for today















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NZ Today


Increasing high cloud. Light winds inland, northeasterlies about the coast.

Increasing high cloud. Wind at 1000m: NW breezes. Wind at 2000m: NW 30 km/h.


30 to 59

Auckland Hamilton Napier Palmerston North Wellington Nelson Blenheim Greymouth Christchurch Timaru Queenstown Dunedin Invercargill

60 plus

morning min max

rain rain cloudy cloudy cloudy cloudy cloudy showers cloudy cloudy cloudy fine rain

17 15 13 13 13 12 8 10 7 7 9 10 9

21 22 23 22 19 21 23 18 23 23 20 22 17

FZL: 3000m








Rain developing in the afternoon, northeasterlies turning southeast.

Rain developing in the morning. Wind at 1000m: Light. Wind at 2000m: N 30 km/h.



Rain turning to showers, southerlies.

Rain, easing. Light winds at low levels, southwest breezes developing about the tops.

Midnight Tonight


Wind less than km/h 30


THURSDAY: Showers. Southerlies dying out.



Canterbury High Country

WEDNESDAY: Rain then showers. Southerlies.



Canterbury Plains

TODAY: Increasing high cloud. Light winds.

TOMORROW: Rain developing afternoon. Northeast turns southeast.




Today’s answers:

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“I’m here to win and that’s all I’m going to be focused on tomorrow. “I realise what I have to do and I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that that happens.” Cabrera, who won in a threeway playoff in 2009 as the world No.69, now has the chance to break his own record as the lowestranked player in history to win the Masters. “Tomorrow it’s more about execution and about patience,” said the world No.269. “I don’t think it’s a big advantage that I’ve won before. It’s more about patience. “In 2009, I was nervous, anxious but now I’m very comfortable. “I know what I’ve got to do tomorrow to be able to get the win.”  - AAP

Mystery person: Luke Watson is a controversial figure in South African rugby, he once said had had to stop himself from vomiting when he wore the Springbok jersey; but he has joined the Kings in this year’s Super 15 and they have scored a couple of unlikely wins. Quote: Coach Derek Dooley, before going 0-7 and getting himself fired Trivia question: W. G. Grace

By Ben Everill

THURSDAY Showers, southerlies dying out. NZ Situation A deep low in the Tasman sea moves over the country tomorrow, preceded by a northerly flow, and followed by a southerly flow as it moves away FRIDAY to the east on Wednesday. A weak ridge lies over the North Island on Thursday, while a broad trough One or two showers, southeasterly breezes. moves onto the southern South Island.

FZL: Above 3000m

THURSDAY A few showers, light winds at low levels, westerlies developing about the tops.

FRIDAY A few showers, light winds.

World Today Adelaide Amsterdam Bangkok Berlin Brisbane Cairns Cairo Calcutta Canberra Colombo Darwin Dubai Dublin Edinburgh Frankfurt Geneva Hobart Hong Kong Honolulu Islamabad Jakarta Johannesburg Kuala Lumpur London Los Angeles Madrid Melbourne Moscow Nadi New Delhi New York Paris Perth Rarotonga Rome San Francisco Seoul Singapore Stockholm Sydney Taipei Tel Aviv Tokyo Washington Zurich

showers drizzle rain fine showers showers fine thunder rain rain fine fine showers fine cloudy fine fine fine rain showers rain fine showers rain rain fine showers fine thunder fine fine drizzle cloudy showers fine fine cloudy fine rain showers cloudy fine fine fine fine

13 12 26 9 17 22 15 24 8 26 23 24 8 9 10 7 8 20 21 18 25 12 26 10 12 12 13 3 23 23 7 12 18 22 10 9 2 25 1 17 17 13 14 9 7

21 17 30 22 28 30 29 36 23 31 33 36 12 11 23 22 16 25 27 31 33 25 34 15 15 24 19 13 32 36 15 18 27 29 19 17 12 33 9 25 25 24 21 24 24

River Levels


Rakaia Fighting Hill (NIWA) at 1:45 pm, yesterday Nth Ashburton at 3:00 pm, yesterday Sth Ashburton at 3:15 pm, yesterday Rangitata Klondyke at 3:00 pm, yesterday

95.7 2.75 5.27 40.0

Source: Environment Canterbury

Canterbury Readings

to 4pm yesterday


Ashburton Airport

min grass 16 hour Apr 2013 min to date to date


Temperatures °C

Rainfall mm

Wind km/h

max gust

1.7 -1.8


47.6 183.2

NE 28

Christchurch Airport 18.5




5.2 82.8

E 35

Timaru Airport



15.2 121.4

SE 15



















Tides, Sun, Moon and Fishing m am 3 3


Monday 9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


Tuesday 9 noon 3


9 pm am 3



9 noon 3


9 pm

7:14 1:24 7:42 1:54 8:07 2:15 8:33 2:48 9:03 3:08 The times shown are for the Ashburton River mouth. For the Rangitata river mouth subtract 16 minutes and for the Rakaia river mouth subtract 6 minutes.


2 1 0


Rise 7:06 am Set 5:59 pm Good

Good fishing Rise 11:26 am Set 8:57 pm

First quarter 19 Apr 12:33 am ©Copyright OceanFun Publishing Ltd.

Rise 7:07 am Set 5:57 pm Fair

Fair fishing Rise 12:13 pm Set 9:48 pm

Full moon 26 Apr

7:59 am

Rise 7:08 am Set 5:56 pm Bad

Bad fishing Rise 12:55 pm Set 10:42 pm

Last quarter 2 May 11:16 pm

Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa


Ashburton Guardian April 15 2013

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