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Drug fumes lead to search for cannabis By Michelle Nelson and APNZ A person overcome by cannabis fumes triggered a major police operation in Rakaia on Wednesday evening. A 25 and 26-year-old were charged with cannabis cultivation after they were arrested about 5.30pm on Wednesday at a Mackie Street address. Sergeant Janine Bowden, of Ashburton, said Southern Police Communications were alerted after receiving a call from a person who had recently visited the house and felt unwell. “Due to concerns regarding what had caused the person to feel unwell, precautions were taken prior to entering the address to speak to the occupants,” she said. Police officers from Christchurch, Timaru, Selwyn and the Ashburton district attended the scene. The strong smell was identified as cannabis, and a search of the property uncovered a cultivating operation. Evidence and exhibits were collected and removed from the scene. Ambulance officers treated the person affected by the fumes, but did so around the corner on

Elizabeth Avenue, away from the contaminated area. It is not known whether further treatment was required. Police enquiries are continuing. Meanwhile, an electrician has said a home-grown cannabis operation in Carterton was the most dangerous wiring he’d seen in 40 years. Unemployed Craig Stewart Mclachlan pleaded guilty to cultivating cannabis and the theft of power when he appeared in the Masterton District Court this week. Mclachlan, 39, had set up a cannabis grow room, complete with heat lamps and fans, in the Carterton house and rewired the power meter, to gain free electricity for the room. By doing so, he put the homeowner and neighbours at risk of fire, said Judge Bill Hastings. An electrician used by police examined the meter and said it was the most dangerous wiring he had come across in his 40 years’ experience and a major fire risk. Police said Mclachlan had been stealing power for about two years, which coincided with a change in the electricity provider to Tiny Mighty Power in 2011.

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Old farm implements given new lease on life Whether you were in the market for a mobile pig sty, a yacht named Grunter, or a box of rusty bolts - the Tinwald saleyards was the place to be yesterday. Punters were out in force at the PGG

Wrightson 48th annual implement sale, some looking to snap up a bargain while others were there to watch the action and catch up with old friends. And there was plenty of choice.

The lineup included all the usual farm equipment; tractors and implements, fencing gear, generators and so forth – lined up with all manner of sundry items vendors were keen to realise for cash.

PGG Wrighton auctioneer Greg Cooke said more lots went under the hammer this year, and the 330 registered buyers was also an increase on recent years. He also reported a good clearance.

Skate park plans need public input By Susan Sandys Kidzmethven members are excited this week to release an ambitious skate park plan for the ski town, and are seeking feedback. The Methven Skate Park is to be constructed on Ashburton District Council-leased land adjoining the Methven Railway Reserve on Main Street. But just when it will be constructed and how much it will cost are all questions for the future, says the group which has been driving the project for the past five years. Kidzmethven representatives Liz McMillan, Sally-Ann Kircher and Tania Sheridan are pleased to have got to the stage of releasing plans, drawn by Australian design

company Playce. They have been able to do this thanks to community donations which have been steadily coming in over the years, totalling $25,000, money which should also cover getting the project to the resource consent stage. The skate park - for skateboarders, scooter riders and BMXers - is to comprise three spaces - a skate plaza or park, a modular moveable skate area and a bowl. Kidzmethven have displayed plans at the Methven i-SITE, and want feedback from the public as to whether stage one should have plaza or park style features. People can submit their preference at the i-SITE, or go to the Kidzmethven Facebook page. Mrs Kircher said the skate park would be of an urban design, com-

plementing the town, and would be an attractive social space. “It’s a good social space for the kids, somewhere kids can take ownership and have their place, their bit of town that’s theirs.” The location, on land owned by Chorus and leased by the council, was central, well lit, had a good street frontage and was close to public toilets. Ms McMillan was pleased to see the project reach plan stage. “And it should be easier to fundraise now because people can see the plans instead of just talking about it.” Since its inception, Kidzmethven has been involved in other projects such as creating a bike park in the town and improving and extending the railway reserve playground.

LEFT: Concept drawings of Methven’s planned urban skate park.

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School stuck with big water bill

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By Myles Hume The Ashburton District Council has refused to write off a water meter charge totalling more than $6000 for Allenton School. And the school’s principal Graham Smith says he is “appalled and disappointed” with the decision. The school wrote to the council after it found itself with a $6246.70 bill for using more than 16,000

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Tourists robbed A British couple have been left with nothing but the clothes on their backs after their campervan was broken into just a week after landing in New Zealand. Nicola Forsyth, 28, and Tom Hiscock, 33, were visiting Te Papa in Wellington when thieves broke into their van, parked nearby, and stole all their belongings. Everything was taken, including their backpacks with all their clothes and toiletries.

litres of water between September 2010 and December 2011. Mr Smith asked if the council would write off the charge because there were leaks on the school property caused by earthquakes, and the school did not use a large portion of that water. In 2010, Allenton School had a $10,379 bill written off by the council, and another totalling $1200 in 2011. At yesterday’s finance and community services committee meeting

it was decided the council would not write off a third water meter charge. Councillor Don McLeod said he sympathised with Allenton School, once being a principal himself at Mount Hutt College. He said he understood how “schools struggled to make ends meet”, but felt it was an issue that should be dealt with by the Ministry of Education. Fellow councillor John Leadley pointed to council policy that stated

organisations and entities could only have extensive water usage written off once to encourage early remedial work. “We have a precedent and if we break it on this occasion we could end up in all kinds of trouble,” he said. However, the committee later voted in favour a motion put forward by councillor Robin Kilworth, which would allow Allenton School to pay the bill off in installments and they would help them work

with the Ministry of Education. In its letter to the council, Allenton School stated it was a charitable organisation and the bill would impact on the way it delivered education to its pupils. Mr Smith said he was disappointed after the school carried out a substantial amount of work to fix the problem, spending more than $3000. He said the school usually used between 500-700 litres of water per quarter.

Technology on show at Helen Keller Day Last drinks Ashburton’s David Wilson is encouraging those with declining eyesight or hearing, and their families, to attend the annual Helen Keller Day later this month. Mr Wilson is chairperson of the Canterbury branch of the Royal New Zealand Foundation for the Blind, and as a sufferer of Ushers syndrome has both blindness and deafness. He thought it was particularly important that those who were beginning to lose their eyesight, such as elderly, made sure they did what they could to maintain and enhance their hearing, as they would have to rely on that more. “I really want people to get in early before it’s too late to learn,” Mr Wilson said. His eyesight was declining and he not only had hearing aids, but also other devices which helped him greatly. He said the Helen Keller Day would have many such devices and new technologies on show. There would be guest speakers, and a “boil up” offered for lunch. He believed the day would be of great value to blindness and deafness sufferers and their families, and it was often the families which such conditions affected the most. “It’s really a family issue, it takes so much of their time,” Mr Wilsons said. Mr Wilson will be attending with guide dog Gavin, who is his regular companion around Ashburton. The Helen Keller Day will be held in Christchurch on June 27, beginning at 10.30am at Bristol Street, Papanui. Those wanting more information can phone Mr Wilson on 308-6991. RIGHT: Royal New Zealand Foundation for the Blind Canterbury branch chairman David Wilson and his guide dog Gavin in their home town of Ashburton.

Photo Susan Sandys

Trade waste by-law under review When the Ashburton District Council’s trade waste by-law was introduced it created an uproar in Ashburton with most business owners seeing it as just another revenue collecting tool. The by-law is designed to ensure businesses who discharge waste into the town waste water system are on a register and if they’re discharging at a greater rate than a residential property, they pay a fee to do so. Most business owners objected and some refused to pay the fee. Many said they were already complying with a raft of environmental regulations that ensured they treated any contaminant materials on-site or disposed of them off-site. The council has now reviewed the bylaw and yesterday representatives of the Ashburton Business Association and the Riverside Industrial Estate

Vicious dog seized by officers Greymouth dog control officers had two opportunities to seize an unregistered bull mastiff before it viciously attacked a Runanga pensioner. The dog, Nui, was impounded after it tore 82-year-old Jimmy Hambley’s arm down to the bone. But it was stolen from the Greymouth pound 10 days ago in a “cunning” daytime jail-break while someone kept the dog officer distracted. It now turns out the Grey District Council had been told the dog was vicious after a contractor was frightened by it during a visit to the Runanga property two months before the attack. He told the Greymouth Star yesterday it had “tried to eat me”. He complained to the council dog control section, after finding Nui tied to a bed. “It was so strong that it was dragging the bed behind it and barking when I went to the Runanga address,” the contractor said. “That dog was the most vicious dog I have ever seen in my life and I told my colleagues not to go to the address; it’s a dangerous dog and should have been shot.”  - APNZ

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1. Night of stealing ends in court 2. Accused has outburst before court 3. $8.7m rebuild for hospital 4. Newcomers’ Network takes the prize 5. Guardian’s compact future

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for historic ale house

By Susan Sandys

By Sue Newman


spoke at a submissions hearing on the changes they wanted to see introduced. Business association board member Kieron Breakwell said business owners were concerned at inconsistencies in the current by-law that saw businesses that had already spent a large amount of money complying with discharge rules forced to pay the same as those who were flouting the by-law. The business association wanted the council to run a tiered system where compliant businesses or those who had no discharge did not pay, but abusers did. The other option could be for trade waste to be levied across the general rate, he said. The business association did not object to trade waste fees but it wanted these to be applied in a commonsense way that ensured compliant businesses and those with no waste were not penalized. “What we’re saying is the by law is not targeting the right people. The abusers

should pay and that’s not happening at the moment. And a lot who are paying do nothing more than have kitchen wash up and toilet facilities and yet they pay the same as the guy who’s pouring stuff down his drain.” He said there needed to be consistency and common sense in the way inspections were carried out. Councillor John Leadley who chaired the hearing panel, said the trade waste by law was designed to protect their waste water infrastructure. “A few years ago council had to replace 300 to 400 meters of sewer line in Tinwald because of what was coming out of one business. The general rate payer had to pay for that as there was no way of recouping costs.” With a $20 million investment in Ashburton’s waste water disposal system, Mr Leadley said the council could not afford to have this compromised by having damaging material dumped into the network.

Under the revised by-law, asset manager Andrew Guthrie said, a complying business could be exempt from any fees. It would still be on a register and subject to spot inspections, but compliance would ensure fees were waived. The revised by-law would be applied differently. An education programme could also be developed, Mr Guthrie said. “When the revised by-law is applied, more people will drop out and will have no charges but more will drop into the conditional bracket too. It won’t be done by just a business type, it will be the individual, this will be site specific.” For the Riverside businesses, spokesman Don Hooper said an education programme was needed. Most were confused about the difference between pan tax and trade waste fees and most did not have the time to read complex documents, he said. “They need more training and they need concise information.”

Thredbo is threadbare; ski NZ

People turning up to say farewell to Dunedin’s historic Captain Cook Tavern tonight are being warned to stay out of trouble or risk “ruining it for everyone else” and causing the pub to close early. The student watering hole is set to close its doors tonight and with no-one stepping in to take over the lease it could remain closed for good. The owners of Cook Brothers Bars, which runs the historic pub, have been working with police and the Dunedin City Council to make sure everything runs smoothly tonight, but are prepared to close the pub early - as they did on Saturday - if things look like getting out of hand. “We are only prepared to operate [tonight] if everyone’s under control. “Certainly, everybody arriving at once will probably lead to a similar scenario to last week, because you can’t go from running a pub that had very few people coming through to suddenly one where half the city visits,” owner Richard McLeod said. If people turned up and “played the fool” they risked “ruining it for everyone else” and forcing the owners to close the pub early, he said. “The encouragement would be just to expect that you can have a couple of beers, but just do it over the course of the day, as opposed to everyone arriving at once,” he said. Acting Inspector Mel Aitken said Dunedin police were prepared for the last night at the Cook. “Dunedin police are aware that tomorrow night is the Captain Cook Tavern’s last business night and are staffed accordingly.”

Jobs are on the line at Westport’s Cape Foulwind Cement Works. Holcim (New Zealand) told staff yesterday it was about to begin a review of the works’ staffing structure. “With the current business challenges we’re all facing, we’re reviewing our staffing structure at the plant and quarry over the next six weeks or so,” Holcim general manager, cement, Ross Pickworth, told The Westport News. “We expect to have a plan together at the end of July and we’ll be consulting with staff on our plans after that.” Holcim was in a challenging market and had to look at cutting its costs, he said. He confirmed job cuts were a possibility, but could not say how many might go. “It’s a time of uncertainty for staff and I really would prefer to avoid speculating on what the outcome may be,” he said. “But we do need to operate the business as effectively as we can within the current environment.” The works employs about 110 in the plant and quarry and about 10 drivers.  - APNZ

Aggressive, opportunist and cheeky. Those are three words aptly used to describe Experience Mid Canterbury’s latest online marketing campaign. Targeted at Australian skiers, the electronic campaign through Facebook shows a web cam picture of Thredbo in New South Wales, alongside a picture of a snowcovered Mt Hutt. They were snaps in time, both taken at the skifields as they geared up for their opening dates, and showed that Thredbo was threadbare when it came to snow. Experience Mid Canterbury general manager Nigel Birt agreed it was aggressive marketing, and opportunist. “It’s cheeky, but why would you not,” he said. The campaign was run for 12 hours late last week, and featured on the news feeds of Facebook members, who have an interest in skiing, in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. It was viewed by 12,600 people in less than one day, and cost Experience Mid Canterbury just $44. “Everything you do on-line you can track, you can see what results you are getting instantly,” Mr Birt said.

A growing population means Ashburton needs to keep a close eye on its accommodation options for older people, says mayor Angus McKay. At yesterday’s meeting of the Ashburton District Council’s finance and community services committee he suggested that the long waiting lists for units in its elderly person’s housing units indicated the council should be looking at increasing its housing stocks. “It was a special housing corporation loan that got us into this so should we take this up with the powers that be to see if we can get more homes built in this town,” he said. While waiting lists appeared to be long, council property manager John Rooney said not everyone on that list would meet the council’s qualifying criteria. This includes thresholds for assets, income and cash.

tomorrow, with an impressive upper mountain base of 70 centimetres and lower mountain base of 50 centimetres. Meanwhile, Experience Mid Canterbury data for the district’s accommodation guest nights show a drop of 12.54 per cent for April compared to the same month last year. This is believed to be due to Easter having fallen in April last year. Mr Birt said discussions with accommodators had shown generally similar guest numbers to last year for April, “or just a hint down”.

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Housing for the elderly By Sue Newman

The campaign will run again in a week or two’s time. “You can get quite a bit of leverage out of reminding people that Mt Hutt is open,” Mr Birt said. “If we feel it’s worked, and if those same conditions are there, it’s good keeping it fresh in people’s minds that New Zealand is open for skiing, we have good snow, book your holiday now, and kids ski for free.” Thredbo web cams late yesterday showed the ski area was open, but with very little snow, reflecting a slow start to the ski season in Australia. Mt Hutt opens for the season

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Jobs at risk?

By Susan Sandys

Mt Hutt has lots of snow for opening tomorrow.

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The funding that was available when the council entered the elderly housing business had been pulled and the council needed to be careful if it went looking for Government assistance to build more units, Mr Rooney said. “We need to be careful where we head with this. We went into negotiations with Housing New Zealand a few years ago to access a fund for elderly housing but as quid pro quo they wanted all social housing in the district to come under one umbrella that we’d administer and share the costs with them.” The council’s view then was that if Housing New Zealand stock in the district was up to the same standards as the council’s housing stock the council might be interested but it wouldn’t want to pick up housing stock that needed a lot of work to come up to standard, he said. “I’m not saying there’s no room for negotiation, we just need to be aware of the pitfalls,” Mr Rooney said. by David Fletcher

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, June 14, 2013



ON WHAT’S Drive to stamp out teen bullying

Some tips for the weekend

By Myles Hume Online attacks and a worrying culture of brawling among teenage girls will be part of a focus to crack down on bullying in Mid Canterbury. Safer Ashburton District is set to roll out a community action programme to address bullying in the Ashburton District, looking to provide resources and support the work of schools in dealing with the harmful behaviour. The local organisation recently finished a two-month scoping

document funded by the Ministry of Social Development looking at bullying in the Ashburton District, surveying 176 people aged eight to 20. Safer Ashburton youth consultant co-ordinator Sophie Jones headed the first investigations of its kind in Mid Canterbury, and quizzed local youngsters about what forms of bullying were present, why people were bullied, how bad it was and what could be done about it. “Some of the trends we found was that social media was a common place for bullying, with lots of people spreading

rumours, talking about people publically with or without their knowledge,” Ms Jones said., a social media site that encourages users to write anonymous comments, was also of high concern, with some people “putting themselves out there” in a dangerous manner. “Physical bullying is still a big one, and there’s been an increase in young women brawling, that’s something that’s been identified recently,” Ms Jones said. The year nine year-group also emerged as one of the worst for bullying, as they tried to estab-

lish their place in the school, Ms Jones said. She said the next step was to spend the next 10 months looking to reduce bullying and how to deal with it, with the input of an advisory board made up of local youth who would report to the co-ordinator of the programme, yet to be appointed. “I think it’s important to see what’s happening locally and actually talk to young people. A lot of the time decisions and resources are made by adults and that doesn’t always work,” Ms Jones said. Although it was too early to say

what projects would be put in place for the bullying reduction programme, teens had already put ideas forward. A Facebook resource booklet or smart phone app educating users on privacy settings and appropriate use, a pop up “asking people if they really want to post something” online, as well as a mentoring programme with appropriate training, were all ideas of local youth. Safer Ashburton District general manager Kevin Clifford said they would look to support schools in dealing with bullying. “No, it doesn’t mean schools

aren’t coping at all, in the school environment schools have their programmes, but teens spend most of their time out of the school environment, it’s just getting that consistent messaging across.” Ashburton College principal Grant McMillan said he was supportive of the programme, and praised the community organisation for tackling the issue head on. “The more the community lines up alongside teachers and parents the better, because it means we are working on this together,” he said.

Hepatitis A vaccinations pass 100 More than 100 people have been vaccinated against hepatitis A after an outbreak in Ashburton. Dr Ramon Pink, Canterbury Medical Officer of Health, said yesterday’s clinic was held after a child from a kindergarten was diagnosed with the illness. The preschooler belongs to an Ashburton family with four confirmed cases. A fifth person, with close links to the family, has also been confirmed as having the illness. Vaccinations were provided to every child who attends the kindergarten, relatives at risk, and staff. Friends who have been in contact with the family were also offered the vaccine. Early symptoms of hepatitis A infection can be mistaken for the flu, and some people, especially children, may have no symptoms at all. It can result in a mild illness lasting a few weeks, or a severe illness lasting several months, with symptoms including fever, jaundice, anorexia, nausea, abdominal discomfort, malaise, and dark urine. “Hepatitis A is transmitted by not washing your hands properly after using the toilet, which makes hand washing key to preventing the spread of viruses and other bugs,” Dr Pink said. “Preschools can be a high risk environment for the spread of hepatitis A, particularly where there is nappy changing. “It’s so important that people wash and dry their hands thoroughly, particularly after toileting, and before and after eating or preparing food. It only takes a minute but can make a huge difference to your health.” It is the second vaccination clinic in Ashburton in as many months - 60 people were vaccinated after another outbreak in May. In April more than 150 people associated with a preschool in Linwood, Christchurch, were provided with the vaccination.  - APNZ

Museum helps Shortly after hosting a successful “Canterbury Quakes” touring exhibition, the Otago Museum is donating $10,000 to help with the restoration and storage of earthquake-damaged heritage artefacts in Canterbury. The funding will help support the work of the Canterbury Cultural Collections Recovery Centre, which has been established in a new extension building at the Air Force Museum in Wigram, Christchurch. The building is being used temporarily to provide secure premises for Canterbury heritage artefacts, some of international significance.  - APNZ

Saturday: • College v Lincoln The Ashburton College 1st XV chase history, looking to make the top eight of the Crusaders Secondary School rugby competition for the first time if they can beat Lincoln High School. Midday kick-off at the Allenton rugby grounds. • Finals footy Rakaia host two-time champions Lincoln in the Combined Country Cup rugby semi-finals at the Rakaia Domain, 2.45pm kick-off. • Full house hockey All four senior sides play at home in the Mid-South Canterbury Hockey competition on Saturday. the Hampstead ladies kick things off at 12.30pm against Timaru Girls followed by Wakanui Black up against Cambridge at 2.30pm, Tinwald take on Northern Hearts at 4pm and at 5.30pm Wakanui Blue meet Excelsior. • Mt Hutt Ski Area opens for the 2013 ski season.

Sunday: • The Colour of Light An Art Exhibition by Jen Dearborn and Susie Millichamp, The Colour of Light, is on at the Methven Heritage Centre, open to the public. • Monthly music meet The Mid Canterbury Country Music Clubs’ monthly Club Day starts at 2pm at the Ashburton Club and MSA. Everyone welcome to come along and enjoy a great afternoon of entertainment.

Out of town:

Photo Kirsty Clay 120613-KC-029

• All Blacks at AMI The All Blacks opened the three test series against France with a 23-13 win at Eden Park and will lock to lock up a series win in Christchurch at AMI Stadium (Addington) with kick-off at 7.35pm.

Ashburton highland dancers (from left) Lucy Moore, 10, Megan Harrison, 9, Britney Moore, 12, Brianna Sloper, 8, and Charlotte Sloper, 10, show the spoils of a weekend of dancing success. The five competed in Christchurch and all won Canterbury West Coast centre championships, while Britney also won a South Island under 16 championship, even though she is only 12.

Foreign students earn credits in English By Myles Hume An encouraging number of students who have English as a second language are showing interest in a ground-breaking course soon to start at Aoraki Polytechnic. The polytechnic’s Timaru campus will be the first education provider in the country where students can study towards what will be six nationally recognised English qualifications, starting next month. Acting chief executive Alex Cabrera said they initially intended to start the course in May, but decided it would fit

better starting in the second semester, coinciding with the beginning of other courses. He said there had been significant interest in the course, which will set a precedent for schools and other language education providers around the country. “We are encouraged by the enquiries we have received for the new English qualifications, particularly from migrant workers,” he said. Aoraki Polytechnic English language programme co-ordinator Craig Courtis has worked for two years to set up the New Zealand Certificate in Language at the polytechnic.

In April, he said there were about 300 different qualifications available to English language students in New Zealand, which made it difficult for students and employers to compare the effectiveness of the programmes. However, across the country, that would soon be cut back to Mr Courtis’ six New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) recognised qualifications. Aoraki Polytechnic’s Timaru campus will be the first to implement the standards, which would be available to Ashburtonions who could catch the polytechnic’s daily bus to Timaru. The qualifications would be avail-

able to both international students and those living in New Zealand as residents or who recently moved to the country, for whom English is not their first language. Because they are also NZQA standard it means domestic students have access to student loans and allowances, something that was not available in the past. Mr Courtis was also asked to by NZQA to work with other institutions across the country as a “consistency assessor”, meaning he will assess moderating materials and programmes to ensure it is the same across the board.

On the couch: • Warriors on a roll The New Zealand Warriors are on a roll after picking up three consecutive wins for the first time since July 2011 and have a genuine chance to make it four straight wins before the bye round against the high-flying Roosters. Live on Sunday on SKY Sport 2 from 8.30pm.     



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Where do our kids learn to be bullies? T

he subject of bullying has raised its ugly head again on our pages this week. It is disturbing to learn that the incidence of both in terms of social media and physical attacks is a rising trend in Mid Canterbury – but we are part of a worldwide trend. In New Zealand and across the globe children have taken their lives as a result of such victimisation. It is only a matter of time before such a tragedy happens on our own doorstep.

OUR VIEW While their teenage antagonists may feel vindicated in leading these missions, and may not understand the longterm implications of their actions – most of them will eventually become parents. How will they explain their actions to their children? Will they front up and admit to hounding another human being to death?

Even those who survive are usually irreversibly scarred by the experience. Thankfully I escaped bullying at school, but then the schoolage Nelson whanau numbered at least 20 in my high school days; and we were clannish enough to protect each other – pick on one of us and you had the rest of us to deal with. We did however scrap within our tight-knit

Michelle Nelson CHIEF REPORTER

family, but once again there was a safety net. By and large my beloved Granddad Jock let us sort it out, and had a saying we all grew up with; “fight ya buggers fight

– and ya buy your own bloody clothes” – but he kept a close eye on us and waded in when necessary. The consequence was usually a long, hard day in the sheep yards ear tagging ewe hoggets, grubbing thistles or slashing gorse. During “smoko” breaks Granddad Jock, with the obligatory thermos of tea, and Granny’s warm scones, sat with us and explained the basic rules of treating each other well; that we all have faults – but it’s not

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YOUR VIEW Hakatere We have just read, with some concern, a comment made in the Guardian (June 11) regarding the relocation of Hakatere baches. “Provision was made for land to be made available for the relocation of the six huts on the water front if further erosion made their positions dangerous.” This is a quote by a publication (Hakatere – The First 100 Years, which was prepared by a local historian with help from past and present members of the Hakatere Hutholders Society and representatives from the previous owners of the land, the Acclimatisation Society. There is absolutely no doubt it was intended that should erosion on the sea frontage put the baches in any danger there would be land designated in the camp for the replacement or rebuild according to the wishes of the affected occupants. Heather Menzies and Daphne Allison

Noise control

EMAIL US editor@ theguardian. We welcome your text messages, but: • Name supplied preferable. • We reserve the right to publish at our discretion. • Messages do not represent the opinion of the Guardian.

We also welcome your letters, but: • We reserve the right to abridge, edit or not publish letters. • Correspondents are not permitted to use pen names, and for verification must provide address and contact number (neither for publication). • Letters should be no more than 300 words.

accent of someone who has no option but to man a call centre or attribute driving behaviour to a certain racial group, think about it. We are a diverse and multicultural society – no matter how far back we trace our ancestry in this county, we all belong. No matter what our sexual orientation or beliefs are we have a right to fair treatment. The only way to confront this disturbing trend is to look at our own behaviour.

Soldiers praised, despite friendly fire incident



for us to judge. And I’m sure if he found out any one of us had bullied kids at school the outcome would have been the same – because he valued the rights of all; a fair and equal barney was okay – but bullying was not. Do parents and grandparents do that today? I recognise times have changed – but where are these kids learning this behaviour? Bigotry is learnt in homes – next time you comment on the

Considering we live in one of the most PC countries in the world and have a lot of sad sack whingers living here it really came as no surprise a security firm turned up to our daughter’s, and her friend’s combined 16th birthday party on Saturday night,

to serve an excessive noise direction! Yes, it was an outside party in a tent and yes, the music was loud - but 11.15pm on a Saturday, give me a break! And get a life! Could understand if it was 3am or 4am and a regular occurrence but a one-off party and before midnight, pretty sad to complain. Close neighbours were advised of the party and finishing time. While I’m aware it is the base beat that annoys people and does travel at night, we had 11 adults supervising, and those taking a break from gate duty and supervising were inside chatting and watching sport quite comfortably. So to whoever complained (if you were a neighbour I hadn`t advised) instead of wasting council and security staff time you could have rung our house, I’m really pretty easy to get on with, and then you would have been informed the party was to finish at 1am and I would have kept volume down.  Sorry if you missed a couple of hours sleep one night of your life! Doug Coley

Hospital If these trusts hadn’t come to the party, with money for the hospital, would it have closed under the Tory government? Thanks should be given to the trusts for

helping get the trusts for helping get the hospital going again! Sandy Gibson (Text message)

Violence I find it very disappointing that in this day and age that domestic violence is still not taken seriously. Violence is violence regardless if it is in the home or on the street. (Text message)

Buy local Buying local I read in the dining out new winter menu in today’s paper that Clearwater restaurant has a local new winter menu does this mean that all their produce etc is purchased locally? (Text message)

Protest All the greens are good for is protesting. Murray Smallridge (Text message)

Air pollution If Ecan’s air monitoring equipment cannot tell the difference between dust and smoke (or was it stubble fires) why do people have to replace perfectly good fires based on these readings?

(Text message) My burn off was far smokier than normal, I take more care now - yeah right! Sue (Text message)

Council When are certain people going to get over the fact that we, the voters didn’t want him on the council! Why would anyone want to go to a boring meeting? Let them get on with it, be it day or night, or when it suits elected councillors, why do they have to be and other’s beck and call? Sandy (Text message)

Courts Page 2 of yesterday’s Guardian: A man threatening people with a savage dog and only a slap on the wrist! What’s wrong with the judge and our judicial system! Would be a different story if the criminals you let off so lightly started committing crime in your affluent neighbourhood I’m sure. Get tougher in criminals! You could be the next victim of crime. (Text message)

Fraudster seeks early release Convicted $17 million fraudster Michael Swann was told at a parole hearing yesterday “there was light at the end of the tunnel”. The comment came from panel convener Judge David Saunders at the end of a New Zealand Parole Board hearing held at a Christchurch prison. “Thank you very much,” Swann, who was flanked by a Department of Corrections guard and his lawyer Tony Ellis, told the board at the hearing’s conclusion. Swann, who defrauded the Otago District Health Board of $16,902,000, looks set to be released on parole to work for a health company, on the proviso his accommodation is found suitable. The board asked for Swann’s proposed release address be approved by the Department of

Corrections, with the hearing adjourned until next month. Earlier, the board heard from a supporter of Swann that his engineering/biotech company, which makes products for health issues such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, could use his skills. “I am really looking forward to working with him,” the Christchurch businessman said. That same supporter was confirmed as the man who penned an earlier letter to a previous board threatening legal action if Swann was not given a favourable outcome. While that letter led to a delay in Swann’s parole hearing, Judge Saunders confirmed “none of us have read the letter”. Swann, dressed in a brown fisherman knit jersey, blue

jeans and black shoes, appeared nervous throughout the hearing, speaking only when spoken to and focusing his attention on the panel seated across from him. The panel noted his previous offending, his obligations to the community, the difficulties he would have in repaying society, but also noted “you have to get on with your life”. Mr Ellis said that the Christchurch-based job offer was “an opportunity for my client to put something back into the community”. Swann was sentenced in the High Court at Dunedin in March 2009 to nine and a-half years jail with a minimum nonparole period of four years and six months, after being found guilty of defrauding the health board. The parole board noted that

his job offer complemented the engineering work “you have been doing in person” at the prison. However, the board was concerned the offer for accommodation also came from his prospective employer. The board noted it preferred a different arrangement and inquired about an offer from another Christchurch-based support person, who was not present at the hearing. Swann replied the support person was not present because of the presence of the media, but confirmed his offer, and gave the phone number of his supporter to the board. “You must have rung it a few times,” Judge Saunders noted. Swann also confirmed he would be loaned a vehicle, or a bicycle, to travel to work.  - APNZ

New Zealand soldiers serving in Afghanistan during the biggest battle for kiwi troops since Vietnam have been praised by an inquiry into the incident, despite two troops being injured in friendly fire. In an unprecedented move, the Defence Force yesterday released a video showing footage of the firefight and New Zealand troops being shot at by Afghan insurgents. The Court of Inquiry also considered a separate attack on troops nearly two weeks later, after which a live grenade and ammunition were sent home with the remains of a New Zealand soldier. The Army condemned the incident and said it was “unacceptable”. The inquiry released its findings into incidents on August 4 and August 19 last year, in which five New Zealand soldiers died in attacks by Afghan insurgents. Six soldiers were injured during the first incident at Baghak, with two most likely hit by friendly fire, the inquiry found. It said friendly fire incidents were understandable but not inevitable against the “fog of war” backdrop. “It must be noted that the response and actions of those involved on the day, under such intense insurgent fire, nonetheless overall demonstrated the finest qualities of soldiering.” The inquiry said it was an “intense and particularly chaotic” firefight. Lance Corporals Pralli Durrer and Rory Malone were killed by insurgent bullets during that incident when the Provisional Reconstruction Team (PRT) went to the aid of ambushed Afghan colleagues.

Earlier, the families of the two soldiers were shown the footage of the firefight. Jack Durrer, the grandfather of Lance Corporal Durrer, said the footage, taken by a camera attached to the helmet of one of the troops, helped them understand what happened that day. “Once we saw those pictures, and all the firing that was done, and the noise, it was something that brought it all to life for us.” The video shows clearly the harsh terrain the soldiers were fighting in and the advantage the insurgents had over the allies by positioning themselves high on rocky cliffs and shooting down to the Afghan National Directorate of Security (NDS) and the PRT. Defence Minister Jonathan Coleman said New Zealand soldiers being injured by friendly fire in Afghanistan was “unfortunate” but “always a risk during complex combat situations”. He commended the “courage and professionalism” of soldiers involved in the battle. The second incident considered by the inquiry was the attack on New Zealand soldiers when a humvee ran over an improvised explosive device, killing Lance Corporal Jacinda Baker, Private Richard Harris and Corporal Luke Tamatea. Chief of Army Major General Dave Gawn said all three died instantly when their vehicle was destroyed by the explosive made up of “50 pounds” of homemade explosives. The bodies were flown to Christchurch on different flights where, during a pathology examination, a live grenade and two 9mm rounds were found on one of the bodies. The injuries sustained by the soldiers were so traumatic that the fist-sized grenade was not discovered, despite uniforms being patted down.  - APNZ

Status no matter People who have a heart attack in Wellington are almost twice as likely to survive if it happens in public rather than at home, new research has found. The study, funded by the University of Otago, also found nothing to suggest the victim’s chances of being helped by a passerby depended on their socioeconomic status, contrary to the findings of studies overseas. The research, published in the New Zealand Medical Journal today, suggests more should be done to improve the response times of ambulances to homes in the capital where a person has

suffered from a cardiac arrest. The study examined 413 cardiac arrests in Wellington over three years ending on June 30, 2010. It found 19.8 per cent of people who had a cardiac arrest in public survived, compared with 10.7 per cent who had one at home. Dr Andrew Swain, medical director of Wellington Free Ambulance and one of the researchers, said he was “very pleased” with the finding that socioeconomic status did not affect the survival rate. “There are pockets of deprivation in the Wellington region ... patients in those areas are getting - APNZ an equitable service.” 

Family safe after smoke alarm sounds A mum and her 10-year-old son escaped a house fire when they leapt out of the window of their burning bedroom with their pet dog in Hastings on Wednesday. Vanessa Abraham-Smith and her son, Cullen, were sleeping when they awoke to the sound of a smoke alarm at about 4.28am, finding a room filled with smoke and flames climbing the walls. “I thought I had left the TV on because it was quite light. We were really disorientated but then I could hear the crackling and feel the heat,” she said. The Havelock North Primary School teacher had then made a mad dash for the nearest window with Cullen and dog Chaz. “We went for the window. The door had been cut off by the fire. He [Cullen] went out and then I threw him the dog and jumped after them,” she said. “I said to

him, ‘Whatever you see and whatever you hear don’t come back inside’.” She then went through the back door of the house to rescue her 12 year-old daughter and two other sons who were in a sleepout, before ringing the fire brigade with the phone she grabbed from the house on the way out. She said a pillow that had fallen on to an extension cord during the night had caused the blaze after it caught fire. “I thought I had turned my electric blanket off but in fact I had it on one,” she said. “If we had been overcome with smoke no one would have got out.” The family praised Hastings firefighters who extinguished the fire quickly resulting in most of the damage being confined to the bedroom. She said the smoke alarm had saved their lives. - HBT

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, June 14, 2013


Pensioners work to beat rising costs By Matthew Backhouse A staggering one in five pensioners is still working - a figure fuelled by finance company collapses, divorce and the high cost of living, experts say. Statistics NZ labour force figures show 118,100 people aged over 65 were in paid employment in the first quarter of the year, or 20 per cent of all New Zealanders over the retirement age. That’s double the rate in Britain, where almost one in 10 over-65s are still in work, and the fourth highest rate in the OECD. The numbers have been on the rise for 25 years, with the proportion of workers over 65 trebling from 6.4 per cent in 1986 to 17.1 per cent in 2006. The trend looks set to continue, with Statistics NZ projecting 30 per cent of all pensioners will be working by the mid-2020s. Malcolm Menzies, research manager for the Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income, said the trend was mostly driven by universal superannuation, which is paid to all people over 65, regardless of their employment or financial status. He said there were many reasons to stay in work. “Some people need to stay on because they want to use those extra few years to build up their retirement savings. “We think that some people have lost ground through the finance company crashes, and they’re trying to make it up again. “And some people just like their jobs.”

Mr Menzies said divorce and separation could also be driver. “People who divorce in the last 10 years before retirement have significantly worse financial outcomes - that might be another reason why people carry on working.” He said many working pensioners simply stayed in the same job, because employers could be reluctant to take on older workers. Those who did find new jobs tended to get part-time work. Grey Power national president Roy Reid said the rising cost of living was behind the trend. “The costs of rates, electricity and food keep increasing. Superannuation is not keeping up with it, and for people to maintain their lifestyle, they have to find additional income.” Mr Reid said not all workers over 65 were doing it because they had to. “Some of them enjoy even parttime work because it helps keep them fit and healthy and alive. But on the other hand, there are lot of people who, because of heavy manual work all their lives, are incapable of work.” Mr Reid called for superannuation payments to keep up with living costs. Alpha Recruitment managing director Colin Mathieson said about half his over-65 temping clients were still working because they had to, including several who were divorced, separated or widowed. But others simply enjoyed it. Mr Mathieson said one woman had wanted to be a nurse when she was younger, but never got the chance. She was now temping as a ward clerk at a hospital. - APNZ


UNLESS SOLD PRIOR 23 AND 25 ELIZABETH STREET, ASHBURTON TOTAL LAND AREA 2028m2 23 ELIZABETH STREET, 1014sqm fee simple 25 ELIZABETH STREET, 1014sqm fee simple This rare opportunity to purchase this prime site opposite the Ashburton Hospital and a few minutes walk to the Ashburton Domain and town centre. 45% building site coverage makes this an attractive development proposition. Close to the Ashburton Domain, Ashburton College and Ashburton Borough school. Both properties are to be sold as one parcel. Closure of offers 2.30pm 19 June 2013 (unless prior sold) Acceptance of offers 5pm 24 June 2013. Offers delivered to: Argyle Welsh Finnigan Legal House 160 Havelock Street Ashburton attn: A D Argyle Inspection by appointment only Conditions of Sale available by contacting Tony Sands 027 27 27 837 AH 03 302 6887 Trademe reference #597479542



String trio strike chord

Photo Tetsuro Mitomo 090613-TM_058

String trio Tres Cordes perform at the Sinclair Centre at an Ashburton Musical Club event on Sunday, as part of their first national tour. Members Cathy Irons, Vyvyan Yendoll and Tomas Hurnik played violin, viola and cello to an appreciative audience. Tres Cordes string trio has been performing together since 2007, and are all members of the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra. The trio has a passion for chamber music which they have shared with audiences around South Island. They have also broadcast live on CTV and had their music, including their first CD String Trio Sapphires, feature on Plains FM and Radio New Zealand Concert. Members of the group have performed as part of a string quartet in Tokyo at the New Zealand Embassy. Member Cathy Irons said she and her two fellow Tres Cordes members planned to continue playing with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, and were also hoping to explore more opportunities to play as a trio. “I enjoy the intimacy of playing with a small group of people. The orchestra is a big show of power and incredible sound – a bit like a party. When just the three of us play it’s more like a conversation,” she said.

Jetstar’s 4 Birthday Sale th

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Situated in the popular suburb of Allenton Ashburton is this appealing three bedroom home. The property is well situated for the sun. Separate kitchen with open plan dining and living and separate lounge. A conservatory forms part of the living area which overlooks a private garden setting. Security system. Heating options include heat pump and gas fire. Two car garaging with an additional garage door that allows access to the rear of the property.

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ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, June 14, 2013


Labour MPs in corporate box Labour has confirmed four of its MPs were hosted in SkyCity’s corporate box at Eden Park for the All Blacks versus France test last weekend. Phil Goff, Annette King, Kris Faafoi and Clayton Cosgrove accepted SkyCity’s invitation. Their leader David Shearer declined, but turned up for 10 minutes anyway. Prime Minister John Key said the Labour MPs had displayed “deep hypocrisy” after accusing the Government of being too close to SkyCity over the casino company’s plans to build a $400 million convention centre in Auckland in return for concessions on gambling laws. “These guys have been running around parading as if they’re holier than thou, telling everybody how terrible SkyCity is and how the sky was going to cave in because a convention centre was being built and the moment we turn our back they are taking their sausage rolls and free

• Farmer fined A farmer has been fined $2800 for ill-treating a dairy cow with cancer at his Waikato farm. Anthony John Hall was sentenced in the Morrinsville District Court on Wednesday after earlier pleading to guilty to one charge laid by the Ministry for Primary Industries under the Animal Welfare Act. He was also ordered to pay court costs of $132.89. The cow had an advanced case of bovine ocular squamous cell carcinoma, commonly known as “cancer eye”. It should have received veterinary treatment well before the advanced stages of the condition and had suffered unreasonable and unnecessary pain and distress as a result, - APNZ MPI said. 

beers in their box watching the All Blacks play,” he said yesterday. “I think they have been caught out, I think they are very embarrassed by the fact that they have been deeply hypocritical and I think New Zealanders will judge them very badly for this.” Mr Key said if Labour was true to what it was saying, the MPs wouldn’t support SkyCity in any way. “They have got to have a consistent position. If Greenpeace had a box at an All Blacks game, I wouldn’t be attending.” Mr Key believed “without a doubt” that Labour would take a donation from SkyCity at the next election. Justice Minister Judith Collins said she would be very happy to be invited to the SkyCity box. “But then, I’m not a hypocrite like (Labour). I think they’re a bunch of hypocrites and actually they should stop slagging off SkyCity and being very happy to take their hospitality.

• Man shoots screen A Central Hawkes Bay man pointed a loaded shotgun at his partner’s eight-year-old son to get him off the computer before firing a round into the screen, a court has heard. Geoffrey John Buckley, 35, went on trial yesterday in Napier District Court facing three charges of reckless use of a firearm. The Crown alleges that Buckley, 35, pointed the loaded gun at his partner’s son to try to stop him using the computer. He then fired a round into the screen. The boy was eight at the time. The two other charges relate to incidents in which he allegedly fired a rifle which narrowly missed his partner’s head and shot his partner in the leg - APNZ with an airgun. 

Milford tunnel no threat to heritage bid Support staff praised for hard work

Photo Tetsuro Mitomo 120613-TM-006

Allenton School support staff were recognised for their hard work as part of a nationwide day of appreciation on Wednesday.

Construction of the Milford Dart tunnel is not a deal breaker for the area’s World Heritage status with Unesco, Conservation Minister Nick Smith said yesterday. Correspondence between the Department of Conservation and Unesco’s World Heritage Centre, obtained by Glenorchy’s Stop the Tunnel group, shows the international body has been monitoring the tunnel proposal and the Fiordland Link monorail proposal. Dr Smith told the Otago Daily Times yesterday the World Heritage factor was only one of a number of considerations and “the most important is actually the National Parks Act”. “The Stop the Tunnel group would be mistaken in assuming that the World Heritage status is a deal

breaker over the tunnel in that the far larger tunnel associated with the Meridian power station was installed ... without any effect on the World Heritage status,” he said. In October 2012, Unesco recommended an environmental impact assessment which considered the site’s outstanding universal values to be done before the proposal proceeded any further. Doc media adviser Reuben Williams confirmed a draft environmental report was sent in February “indicating we were going to carry out more projects” or impact studies against “World Heritage criteria”. Dr Smith insisted “there’s been a thorough environmental impact assessment done of the project” and since October 2012 many reports had been done.  - APNZ



OPEN HOME 12.45 - 1.30PM SAT 15TH JUNE • • • • •

3 Double Bedrooms and one Bathroom Open plan dining and living areas Heat pump and diesel fire Tandem garaging Just minutes walk to town

Contact Tony Sands Business: 03 307 9080 Mobile: 027 27 27 837 After Hours: 03 302 6887

By Myles Hume To say the least, Annmarie McCloy’s job has been somewhat challenging during the past 10 months. As Allenton School’s executive officer, she has joined fellow colleague Daphne Hinton and principal Graham Smith, trawling through dozens of Novopay errors that even continued to cause headaches yesterday. But as she dealt with the latest round of errors, it was time for people like Mrs McCloy and

The Post Primary Teachers Association has filed a class action against Acting Secretary for Education Peter Hughes over the Novopay fiasco at the High Court in Wellington. The union signalled in February that it would take legal action on behalf of many of its 18,000 members who had been unpaid or underpaid as a result of the flawed payroll system. The action is against Mr Hughes because the union argues he has failed in his statu-

ARIES (Mar 21st Apr 20th) Venus remains in a tense square with Uranus but the opposition to Pluto, which has been testing this week, is lessening. This aspect could see you battling with a need to have security on one hand with a desire to have more freedom on the other. This is a classic ‘the grass is greener on the other side of the fence’ scenario.

TAURUS (Apr 21st May 21st) You might find yourself doing something out of character. At the bottom of this could be a craving for excitement and a dislike of always having a tight repetitive structure in your life. This could be true of your romantic situation too. For Taurus people there is comfort in these things, just at present they could seem less attractive.


GEMINI (May 22nd Jun 21st) Uranus is the key player in the heavens today. In one alliance with Mars, it could see some exciting possibilities open up for you, perhaps out of the blue, and possibly plans for the weekend. You might thrive on excitement and newness. Yet Venus is affected less positively and one hope may have some extra expense linked to it.

• Woman starves dog

“Some teacher aides work with children who have high needs and a lot of them don’t have job security, if that child moves away tomorrow then their job may go because each child is funded by the ministry,” Mrs Leverton said. Mrs McCloy said Novopay errors seemed to be easing, but it had been “challenging”. “It’s been very time-consuming and stressful at times but it’s slowly getting better, there are less technical glitches and it’s easier to get through to them now.”

A woman whose unfed dog became was so frail its bones were “clearly visible” has been banned from owning dogs for five years. South Auckland woman Robin Olive pleaded guilty in Manukau District Court to illtreatment of a dog in her care and was sentenced to 100 hours of community work and disqualified from owning a dog, the SPCA said. The SPCA was tipped off in December that a white female whippet bull terrier cross named Lady was tied up at Olive’s home in Takanini. The dog weighed only 12.5kg and a vet concluded the dog’s condition was the result of “inadequate feeding for many days, if not weeks”, the - APNZ SPCA said. 

tory duty to pay teachers. The PPTA will be represented by Michael Reed QC and Paul Morten, who represented David Bain and recently won a damages case for Sir Bob Jones. President Angela Roberts said it was a union’s core business to fight for members’ pay. “Security of pay for people who work in schools is seen as so important it is protected by three laws - the Wages Protection Act and the Education Act and the Employment Relations Act.”

She said the main relief sought was a statutory declaration, but sources said a claim for monetary remedies would be part of the case. The High Court proceedings are in addition to the individual cases taken on behalf of members. The union was able to resolve 100 pay grievances for members prior to a case being heard by the Employment Relations Authority. A spokeswoman for PPTA said in most cases the ministry set-

• Teacher forges will

tled before it reached the ERA, or needed negotiation or mediation. Four cases had gone to the ERA. Two of those had been settled successfully but details of the settlement have not been released. The union claimed the case against Mr Hughes was a separate matter and would not disclose how much it would cost its members. The Ministry of Education did not respond to questions about - APNZ the PPTA case.

Better care is campaign’s focus A new patient safety scheme will encourage healthcare workers to learn from their mistakes, rather than cover them up, says Associate Health Minister and Rangitata MP Jo Goodhew. The Open for Better Care campaign focuses on four areas where patient harm can be reduced in the healthcare sector, including falls, surgery, healthcare associated infections and medication safety. Mrs Goodhew said there was a certain level of harm that occurs within the health sector, high-


has encountered. The school’s special educational needs coordinator Gaye Leverton organised the small gathering. “The support staff play a vital role in our school and we couldn’t function without them, no person is more important than anyone else in the school.” She said support staff often “bore the brunt” of Novopay pay woes due to their fluctuating hours, and often received average pay with little job security.

Class action filed over Novopay

By Ben Irwin


her fellow support staff members to take a break from what can sometimes be the forgotten work that makes schools tick. The school held a morning tea as part of a nationwide day to appreciate the role of support staff on Tuesday, including teacher aides, the caretaker, librarian and two office staff that make up almost half of Allenton’s 36-strong staffing roster. Mrs McCloy was also gifted a ‘Novopay Survival Pack’ full of goodies in appreciation for the mountains of pay blunders she

lighted by recent abuse cases in the North Island, and the campaign was about reducing that harm. “It’s about providing the public of New Zealand with the comfort that they will have a health system they can rely on,” she said. Healthcare workers had showed a “real commitment” to improving patient safety and care, she said. “I’ve been impressed with the absolute willingness of healthcare professionals to help.” “The industry is seizing on any opportunity to participate in programmes that make a difference,” Mrs Goodhew said.

Mrs Goodhew was also encouraged by the support shown for the campaign by local health authorities, including the Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB). Stella Ward, Canterbury and West Coast DHB’s Executive Director of Allied Health, commended the Open for Better Care campaign and said it was committed to the goal of zero patient harm. “It will help raise awareness of the main causes of patient harm and I am confident that the initiatives that arise from it will help reduce harm to the people in our area,” she said. Mrs Ward said the CDHB had

LEO (Jul 24th - Aug 23rd) Friends who are bold, irreverent and unafraid of going against the norm can be like a breath of fresh air for you at this time. Yet if you are someone who tends to stick to what you know and is more cautious in your approach, this may challenge you too. There can also be surprises around the romantic sphere. Don’t take a partner for granted.

VIRGO (Aug 24th Sep 23rd) You may be in the mood to go off the well-trodden path and be a lot more daring, especially around professional or financial interests. Mars can give you greater drive and purposefulness, and if you can tap into this in its angle with Uranus, it’s all to go for. A friend, however, can prove changeable or fickle today.

LIBRA (Sep 24th Oct 23rd) You and a friend may hatch a plan to get away from it all this weekend. If you are lucky enough to be in a lively love relationship it could prove great fun to do something completely spontaneous together. This may see you head off to a beauty spot, the coast, or if you can afford it, for a weekend away or even jet off overseas.

• Power up 84%

already made gains in delivering safer care in all four of the areas targeted in the campaign, but more could always be done. “We need to keep up the momentum to achieve ongoing and lasting improvements,” Mrs Ward said. Rosebank Resthome and Hospital manager Sue Prowse said it already operated under open disclosure policies but was supportive of any programme that promotes open dialogue and improves patients care. “It’s important to be transparent about it,” she said. The Open for Better Care campaign will run until mid-2015.

The Southland District Council is preparing to soften the impact of electricity price hikes on Stewart Island after outrage from residents, businesspeople and holiday home owners. Consumers on the island’s tiny diesel-generator electricity network were facing an 84 per cent increase in monthly connection fees, from $52.74 to $96.98, coupled with reduction of 5c per unit in usage charges. Many took exception to the hike in connection fees; 29 individuals or families wrote to the council last month saying it was too much, especially for the elderly and young families. One said annual electricity costs at his holiday - APNZ house would double. 

“It’s why more people are choosing McGregors”


CANCER (Jun 22nd - Jul 23rd) You might hear from someone you haven’t heard from for a long time. It can be great to touch base and this could even be a professional re-connection. Then again, your memories and past experiences can be important. However, in the here and now a boss or someone from a different age group can have an unsettling impact.

A primary teacher will have to sell her family home to repay the nephew she cheated out of a $400,000 inheritance. Ena Croft, 48, was sentenced to 12 months supervision and ordered to repay reparations of $120,000 that she spent on herself. She had earlier pleaded guilty to charges relating to forging a will. Her brother - Jim Croft - drowned in 2008 and left more than $426,000 in life insurance to his son Chanse Tautari. But instead of the money going to Mr Tautari, Croft faked a will and, along with affadavits, filed them in court.  - APNZ

Phone Enquiries: 308 6173 Online Enquiries:

SCORPIO (Oct 24th - Nov 22nd) If you feel hamstrung around key expenses such as mortgage, rent, insurance policies etcetera, there may be a way through this but it may demand some time and effort on your part. Be determined to unearth greater options. A solution may not readily emerge but with some patience you could find something to your benefit.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23rd - Dec 21st) A love of freedom is one of the traits most associated with Sagittarius. It doesn’t mean you don’t understand your responsibilities, just that having your personal space helps you to breathe and function properly as an individual. Look to reassert this need at this time. True, someone may prove clingy and not like it, but...

CAPRICORN (Dec 22nd - Jan 20th) A close emotional or family relationship could still be concerning you, or perhaps your own needs around balancing individual interests and pursuits against the demands of others is key. Yet what you can do today is show tremendous drive to change something practical on the domestic front. This may see you take on a DIY project.

AQUARIUS (Jan 21st - Feb 19th) Your ruler Uranus joins with Mars to give you awesome willpower. This combination can bring out the reforming side of your nature: the part that can see you future-minded, forward-thinking and unafraid of what other people think. However, there may be one person today who needs to be handled in a more traditional manner.


PISCES (Feb 20th Mar 20th) Be go-getting when it comes to resources. Imagination can see you snaffle some bargains, recycle unwanted items or generally have a declutter. You may be attracted to unusual plants for your garden or doing something novel to the physical structure of your abode. Tonight, though, someone can totally baffle you.

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, June 14, 2013


US snooping foiled ‘dozens’ of attacks Secret US surveillance has thwarted dozens of potential attacks, the head of the National Security Agency says as he defends his agency after leaks revealed hidden programs. “It’s classified, but it’s dozens of terrorist events that these have helped prevent,” NSA chief General Keith Alexander told MPs as he was questioned on the

importance of internet and phone surveillance efforts. Following an uproar over the disclosure about NSA-led programs to monitor internet and phone data, Alexander said: “I want this debate out there. “I think what we are doing to protect Americans is the right thing,” he said. “Our agency takes great pride

in protecting our nation and civil liberties ... this is what our nation expects our government to do.” Alexander said the attacks foiled included “dozens for both here and abroad, in disrupting or contributing to the disruption of terrorist attacks”. Appearing at a congressional hearing, Alexander said his agency was working to provide more

data to politicians and the public. “I want the American people to know that we’re being transparent in here,” he said. He maintained that the agency needs “reasonable articulable suspicion” before it gets a warrant to look more closely at data. Alexander said that when the NSA seeks specific phone data, “that it is auditable by the (con-


gressional) committees, by the courts, by the administration.” Asked whether NSA could determine what people are looking for on the search engine Google, he said: “Yes we could. You could get a court order ... to do any kind of search in this area, you would need a court order.” Alexander said part of the mission of the NSA and the Cyber

• Book sells for $2m

Command he heads is to protect so-called critical infrastructure, which includes power grids, water systems and computer networks which support them. “On a scale of one to 10, with 10 being strongly defended, our critical infrastructure’s preparedness to withstand a destructive cyber attack is about a three based on my experience.”  – AFP

Mandela ‘responding better’

A 540-year-old copy of Virgil’s Opera has been sold for more about $NZ2 million at auction. Printed on vellum with hand-painted decorations, Christie’s said the second edition of the work was produced in 1470 – less than a year after printing began in Venice. The last copy was sold in 1920, which Christie’s said indicates its rarity. Margaret Ford, from the auction house, said: “The newly discovered Virgil has joined the exclusive club of books sold for over £1 – PA million. 

• Berry having a boy

Nelson Mandela is responding better to treatment on his fifth day in hospital, South African President Jacob Zuma has told parliament. “I am happy to report that Madiba is responding better to treatment from this morning,” Zuma told a scheduled budget hearing yesterday, using the antiapartheid icon’s clan name. “We are very happy with the progress that he is now making, following a difficult last few days.” Mandela, 94, was admitted to hospital at the weekend for a recurring lung infection and has since been described only as being in a “serious but stable” condition. His apparent failure to respond to days of intensive treatment had prompted widespread concerns about his condition. Zuma, speaking 49 years after Mandela was sentenced to life in prison, paid tribute to his predecessor and the others who were imprisoned that day as heroes of South African democracy. “Because of their sacrifices and the foundation that was laid for a free and democratic South Africa, our country is a much better place to live in now than it was before 1994, even though we still have so much work to do.” Zuma also thanked people around the world for their prayers. “We appreciate the messages of support from all over the world. It is an honour for us as South Africans to share Madiba with the international community.” “We are so proud to call him our own.”  – AFP

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez will welcome a son, the French actor has confirmed. The 47-year -old Martinez and the 46-year-old American actress announced they were expecting a child earlier this year, with Martinez now revealing what country their boy will grow up in. “My son will be an American, but I remain French,” Martinez told People magazine at the opening night of the ChampsElysees Film Festival in Paris.  – CM

LEFT: One of two window washers rescued from a collapsed scaffolding on the side of the 183-metre Hearst building in midtown Manhattan steps through an opening in a glass to safety in New York yesterday.

• Cold Chisel working

BELOW: The Hearst Tower (centre).

Cold Chisel are back at work working on something new in the studio, but aren’t giving too much away. The legendary Aussie band posted a message on Facebook announcing their return to the studio, that said: “Cold Chisel are messing around in the studio? Just writing and demoing? See what happens.” Cold Chisel’s last album No Plans in 2012 was their first studio album since The Last Wave Of Summer 14 years earlier. – Noise11 

photos ap

• West stays off show

Window washers trapped near top of skyscraper Two maintenance workers left dangling from a collapsed scaffold near the top of a New York City skyscraper have been rescued. The men were stuck Wednesday afternoon at the Hearst building in Manhattan. Fire department officials say other workers cut open windows on the 44th floor and

Turkey PM proposes referendum to end protest

Open Home

Charlesworth Drive, Ashburton

Are birdsong apps harming birds? Mobile phones have become an unexpected threat to birds because apps mimicking their song divert them from the business of nesting. Dorset Wildlife Trust in southern England is launching an online campaign to raise awareness after several incidents on the Brownsea Island nature reserve in Poole Harbour. Visitors to the nature reserve

have used apps imitating the unusual “churring” call of the nightjar to attract the birds so they can be photographed more easily. The trust is advising photographers not to use bird apps on all of its 42 reserves and signs have been put up on Brownsea Island to remind visitors. The nightjar is rare but enjoys a refuge on Brownsea Island








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The Terminator is back. Arnold Schwarzenegger says he will receive a script for Terminator five next week, with filming expected to begin in January or February next year. Speaking at a function in Perth on Wednesday night, Schwarzenegger said he also expected to receive the script for the sequel to Twins, called Triplets, in the next couple of weeks. Schwarzenegger said it was a film he “really wanted to do badly”.  – AAP





Contact 03-307-9080 Free phone 0800-2727-837 After hours: 03-302-6887 Email:


SKU: 8376675

Sat 15 June at 10am-12pm Sun 16 June at 10am-12pm

Enquiries to Tony Sands, Resort Manager

mon. “I’m sure visitors would be devastated if they realised the possible disturbance they were causing to wildlife.” The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds’ Tony Whitehead said repeatedly playing recordings of birdsongs or calls could divert a territorial bird from important duties, such as feeding its young. – AP 

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Three new villas to view

where it is protected under the UK Wildlife and Countryside Act which makes it an offence to intentionally disturb any nesting bird. In addition, Brownsea Island has special protection area status for the habitats it provides for birds. Chris Thain, reserve manager on Brownsea Island, said the apps were becoming quite com-

TH-L50B6Z 50” FULL HD 1080P LED TV

(entry via Lochlea Estate, racecourse rd)

Lochlea Lifestyle Resort

• Terminator is back


“We think that after this gesture of goodwill people will decide to go home.” A campaign to save Gezi Park’s trees from being razed to make way for a replica of Ottoman-era military barracks was met with a heavy-handed police response on May 31. The crackdown sparked a countrywide outpouring of anger against Erdogan, seen as increasingly authoritarian. Hundreds have since been camping out in Gezi Park, the symbolic heart of the protest movement. Police have not interfered with the tent city that has sprung up there, but on Wednesday they stormed Taksim Square, firing tear-gas and water cannon at tens of thousands of demonstrators, some of whom hurled back fireworks and molotov – AFP cocktails. 

pulled the men inside. The metal scaffold appeared to have buckled in the middle. The men were on either side, communicating with firefighters on the roof of the 46-story building for about an hour and a half before they were rescued. The Hearst Tower is the world headquarters of the Hearst Corp.  – AP


Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan says he will consider holding a referendum on plans to redevelop an Istanbul park that have sparked nationwide protests, in his first major concession in nearly two weeks of anti-government unrest. The gesture came as thousands gathered in the city’s Taksim Square yesterday, next to Gezi Park, for a 13th evening of demonstrations. The mood was subdued and peaceful, in stark contrast to the previous night when protesters fought running battles with riot police. “We might put it to a referendum ... In democracies only the will of the people counts,” said Huseyin Celik, a spokesman for Erdogan’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) after talks between Erdogan and protest leaders.

Kanye West refused to be filmed for Kim Kardashian’s reality TV show because of the backlash he suffered when the couple’s relationship was first thrust into the spotlight. The rapper is currently expecting a baby with his socialite girlfriend, but he has been noticeably absent from her various fly-on-the-wall reality shows in recent months. West has now opened up about his decision to step away from his partner’s projects, revealing he was hit with harsh criticism for going public with his relationship on – WENN TV. 


PAEDICREST PLUSH QUEENSIZE MATTRESS & BASE Popular with those looking for a great value quality bed, the Paedicrest Plush combines the durable Truflex heat tempered spring unit with multiple eco-friendly Dreamfoam comfort layers and a luxurious pillow-top resulting in a restful nights sleep. LESS THAN $10 PER WEEK


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Syria chopper Aussie abruptly ends Cuba to Florida swim raid gets Lebanon warning Lebanon’s army has warned it will hit back against any new attacks from Syria after a helicopter gunship struck an eastern town, ratcheting up tensions amid US-British talks on the conflict. In Washington DC, Secretary of State John Kerry and his British counterpart William Hague met a day after US President Barack Obama asked his security team to “look at all options” to help the Syrian opposition. A Syrian helicopter gunship fired two rockets at the centre of Arsal, a Lebanese town populated mostly by Sunni Muslims, wounding one person, Lebanon’s army said. In a rare warning against Syrian President Bashar alAssad’s regime, it said Lebanese troops “took the necessary defensive measures to respond immediately to any similar violations”. Hague told a joint news conference that Britain and its allies must be “prepared to do more” to save lives in Syria, calling the conflict “the most urgent crisis anywhere in the world today” and a grave regional threat. Kerry insisted the goal of diplomatic efforts was to reach a

political solution and transition of power that “gives the Syrian people the chance to have a new beginning where they choose their future leadership”. “We have said that we will do everything we can, that we are able to do, to help the opposition achieve that goal and to reach a point where that can be implemented, and that’s what we trying to do,” he said. Lebanon’s President Michel Sleiman called the Arsal attack “a violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty” and said Beirut has the right to take steps to defend itself. Most residents of Arsal, in the hills just 12km from the border with Syria, support the Sunniled uprising against the Assad regime. The majority of Syria’s population is Sunni but it has been ruled by more than 40 years by the Assad clan from the Alawite community, an offshoot of Shi’ite Islam. Hours after the helicopter attack, four rockets fired from Syria hit a Shi’ite-majority area of eastern Lebanon, a security official said without elaborating on casualties or damage.  – AFP

Australian swimmer Chloe McCardel starts her swim to Florida from Havana, Cuba, yesterday. 

North Korea slams South for scrapped talks North Korea has blamed South Korean arrogance and deceit for the collapse of planned talks between the two rivals. And it has warned that prospects for any future dialogue have been severely damaged. The two Koreas had initially agreed to hold their first highlevel talks in six years in Seoul on this week, but they were

called off at the last minute following a dispute over protocol. The initiative had been seen as a step forward after months of soaring military tensions, but its collapse has instead resulted in a sizeable backwards stride. Even the one positive development – the restoration of an inter-government hotline – seemed in doubt, with the North

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NZX 10 t



-66.76 -1.418%

-35.06 -0.116%

NZX 15 t

NZX All t



-45.56 -0.958%

-112.59 -1.356%

BIGGEST 10 RISES Share name


pyne Gould Westpac Burgerfuel Worldwide ANZ Nuplex Industries NZX limited pacific Edge Moa Grp ltd ord Shrs Kingfish Infratil


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+15.38 +2.59 +2.58 +2.46 +2.41 +2.22 +1.78 +1.70 +1.65 +1.59

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ApN News&Media Hallenstein Glasson Dorchester pacific Kirkcaldie & Stains Hendrsn far East SlI Systems ltd ords pharmacybrands Telecom NZ Mighty River pGG Wrightson


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-24.39 -7.47 -6.89 -6.66 -5.79 -4.97 -3.78 -3.57 -3.41 -3.33

Top 10 TuRNoVER

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Telecom NZ Sky Network TV fletcher Building SKYCITYEntGrp (NS) Ryman Healthcare Kiwi Income fishr&paykl Health Auckland Intl Airpt Infratil Contact Energy

Reserve Bank governor Graeme Wheeler said he’s likely to keep the official cash rate at 2.5 per cent through 2013, repeating his view that the kiwi dollar is overvalued and that he stands ready to intervene again if needed. The central bank affirmed its expectation the key interest rate will stay on hold this year, while saying it’s prepared to hike rates if rising house prices spur another property bubble, or cut rates if the kiwi dollar continues to appreciate. “Despite having fallen over the past few weeks, the New Zealand dollar remains overvalued and continues to be a headwind for the tradables sector, restricting export earnings and encouraging demand for imports,” Wheeler said. “If we see the opportunity to undertake intervention then we will take it.” Wheeler has to steer monetary policy in a world where inflationary pressures are weak and New Zealand’s economy is a relative outperformer. Raising interest rates could re-ignite a kiwi dollar that the bank has used its own funds to weaken in recent months, though it would also take some of the steam out of a housing market driven by supply shortages in Auckland and Christchurch that threatens to stoke inflation. “As previously noted, the Reserve Bank does not want to see financial or price stability compromised by housing demand getting too far ahead of the

Jun 13

Jun 7

May 31

May 24

By Paul McBeth


59,177,455.80 26,742,294.23 13,490,092.39 11,565,252.51 6,219,516.39 1,859,992.42 1,636,454.07 1,309,214.31 901,248.95 824,313.34

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27,041,556 4,658,522 3,648,026 3,158,312 2,757,290 2,726,857 2,424,734 1,695,250 1,669,595 1,656,456


SILVER ($US per ounce)



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COPPER ($US per tonne)

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-843.94 -6.351%



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CURRENCIES Buying and selling rates on the NZ$ yesterday (indicative only):

Buy Australia, Dollar Britain, Pound Canada, Dollar Euro Fiji, Dollar Japan, Yen

0.8370 0.5066 0.8099 0.5934 1.4401 74.7200

Sell 0.8380 0.5071 0.8108 0.5939 1.4651 74.7700



Samoa, Tala 1.7888 1.8685 South Africa, Rand 7.9691 8.0125 Thailand, Baht 24.5000 24.5600 Tonga, Pa’anga 1.3456 1.4303 US, Dollar 0.7935 0.7941 Vanuatu, Vatu 74.4858 76.1939

Terry’s hot deal

even if official talks are opened in the future.” The agreement to meet had looked vulnerable from the outset, requiring 17 hours of negotiation on Sunday that ended with no real consensus on the agenda. The nail in the coffin was a dispute over who would represent each side.  – AFP

Graeme Wheeler

Nick Smith

supply response,” Wheeler said. The New Zealand dollar fell half a US cent after the decision as traders deemed Wheeler’s comments to be less hawkish than expected. Wheeler pushed back expectations for economic growth, didn’t bring forward the track for interest rate hikes and reiterated earlier comments that the local currency is overvalued and the central bank is prepared to intervene. “They were relatively dovish overall. It’s not upbeat about the New Zealand economy,” said Sam Tuck, senior manager FX at ANZ New Zealand. “There was a perception that maybe he was going to be a little bit more focused

on housing.” The New Zealand dollar fell as low as 79.27 US cents, from 79.83 cents immediately before the 9am statement. It recently traded at 79.50 cents. The TWI fell as low as 73.78 from 74.26, and was recently at 73.93. “Monetary policy has been in a bind for some time, trapped between rising house prices and the high exchange rate,” Dominick Stephens, Westpac Banking Corp chief economist for New Zealand, said in his MPS preview. The central bank lifted its projections for the trade-weighted index by about 200 basis points over the forecast horizon, seeing it at an average 77.5 in

the June quarter of this year, falling to 73.1 by March 2016. In its March forecast, the Reserve Bank saw the TWI at 75.5 in the June quarter, falling to 71.2 in early 2016. Wheeler said annual inflation is expect to rise towards the mid-point of the central bank’s target 1 per cent to 3 per cent band, even as the currency keeps a lid on imported prices. Consumer prices rose at an annual pace of 0.9 per cent in the first three months of the year, the third quarter in a row where it’s been below the central bank’s target of between 1 per cent and 3 per cent. The central bank forecasts the annual consumer price index to return to the band in September of this year, rising above 2 per cent in June 2015, when interest rates are tipped to start increasing as domestic demand spurs inflationary pressures. The central bank expects the 90-day bank bill, often seen as a proxy for the OCR, to start rising in June next year, with a slightly steeper curve starting in 2015, before reaching 4.2 per cent in March 2016. It had previously projected the rate unchanged until June next year, before accelerating in 2015 and rising to 4 per cent in 2016. Before the announcement, traders priced in 36 basis points of increases in the coming year, according to the Overnight Index Swap curve. The Reserve Bank sees house price inflation is continuing to build, with prices up 9 per cent in the three months ended April 30 from the same period a year earlier. While that’s expected to

rise modestly through the rest of this year before abating in 2014, it’s still a key risk for the regulator. The bank’s projections assume it hasn’t used its new macro-prudential tools. Housing Minister Nick Smith yesterday said government plans to free up housing supply aims to trim “super profits” from land banking, which is making property unaffordable in Auckland. Real Estate Institute figures yesterday showed national stratified house prices have climbed 8.7 per cent in the year ended May 31, with the number of sales up 7.1 per cent from a year earlier. Wheeler said the economy is being driven by increasing consumption and the Canterbury rebuild gathering pace, and is getting further impetus from residential construction in Auckland. The bank trimmed 0.5 per cent from its forecast for gross domestic product this year as the impact of the drought comes to bare. It sees annual growth of 2.8 per cent in March 2014, accelerating to 3.3 per cent in the March 2015 year and 3.1 per cent the following year. That compares to the Treasury’s budget forecast of 2.4 per cent in 2014 before rising to 3 per cent and 2.6 per cent the following two years. New Zealand’s OCR has been on hold for a record 19 meetings since Wheeler’s predecessor, Alan Bollard, sliced half a percentage point in March 2011 as insurance against the impacts of the Canterbury earthquake that levelled the country’s second-biggest city.  – APNZ

Hallenstein forecasts 12% drop Dairy sector debt triples



then torpedo them,” he said in a statement yesterday carried by the official Korean Central News Agency, accusing the South of “arrogant obstructions and deliberate disturbance”. “This impolite and immoral provocative behaviour made us think once again whether it will be possible to properly discuss matters or improve relations

RBNZ to keep cash rate on hold this year


May 17


t 4,401.91 -40.21 -0.905%



refusing to answer calls from the South since Wednesday. “The South side had no intent to hold dialogue from the beginning,” said a spokesman for the North’s Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea, the state body that handles inter-Korean issues. “It only sought to create an obstacle to the talks, delay and


Sharemarket NZX 50

photo ap

Australian endurance swimmer Chloe McCardel ended her attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida after 11 hours in the water when she was stung by a jellyfish yesterday. It was the fifth failure involving three women swimmers who have tried to make the marathon swim since 2011. Jellyfish stings and strong currents have been the main impediments. Her support team released a statement saying that McCardel stopped her effort to become the first person to swim across the Straits of Florida nonstop without a shark cage “due to a severe debilitating jellyfish sting”. It said she had been taken on to one of her support vessels and was sailing to Key West. She would need 24 hours to recuperate, it said. Bob Olin, skipper of the primary support boat, the Sunluver, said McCardel had suffered multiple stings. “She got nailed all over her body – back, legs and arms. Nailed multiple times, all at the same time,” he said by satellite phone. He said the team tried to treat her wounds while she remained in the water, but had to take her on board a boat because she was suffering “excruciating pain.”  – AP

Hallenstein Glasson Holdings, the clothing chain, said full-year profit may drop as much as 12 percent after a slow start to winter hurt returns from its Glasson stores in Australia, where rivals have cut prices aggressively. Profit may be $18.5 to $19.5 million in the 12 months ending August 1, from $21 million a year earlier, the Auckland-based retailer said in a statement. The forecast confirms the company’s concerns at its first-half results in March, when it said record warm temperatures and intense competition had made it difficult to gain traction on winter clothing sales in the first seven weeks of the new season. “A late start to winter has meant earnings for the current winter season

will not match last year,” chief executive Graeme Popplewell said in today’s statement. “Whilst menswear business Hallenstein Brothers had continued to benefit from its repositioning in the market and from innovative marketing, Glassons has found itself operating in an environment characterised by aggressive discounting and price based promotion.” Popplewell said this was particularly evident in Australia, where larger rivals “in volume fashion womenswear have commenced winter clearance earlier than usual which is a sign trading isn’t up to expectations.” “As a result there is now considerable pressure on margin for the balance of the winter season,” he said. Shares of Hallenstein last traded at $5.35 on the NZX and have gained 35

percent in the past year. The stock is rated ‘hold’ based on the consensus of five analysts polled by Reuters, with a median price target of $5.40. The drop in profit compared to 2012 is exaggerated by a one-time insurance gain of $1.9 million in the second half of last year, the company said. The company’s Storm chain has continued to trade to expectations, it said. “Because we maintain close control over our stock levels we do not expect to close the season with excess stocks, and the balance sheet will retain its strong position,” Popplewell said. “On that basis the total dividend stream for the year can remain unchanged although that will need to be subject to close scrutiny if earnings continue – APNZ to deteriorate.” 

By Jamie Gray New Zealand’s dairy sector debt nearly tripled over the past decade to $30.5 billion in 2012 and some farmers will have difficulty servicing their loans in the year ahead, despite the prospect of a higher milk price, the Ministry for Primary Industries said. The debt is spread unevenly among farmers, with about half held by just 10 per cent of dairy farmers, the ministry said in its latest Situation and Outlook report. Given the rapid growth in dairying over the past decade, the ministry said it was not surprising that its level of debt had also increased. The dairy sector’s demand for debt financing over the past decade was due to a number of factors, one of which was

the requirement to fund a large number of capital-intensive dairy conversions. “While there is a strong correlation between the increase in debt and dairying land during the six-year period ending June 2009 – the period of strongest debt growth – the 15.5 per cent annual average growth in debt during this period was only associated with a 2 per cent increase in dairy land per annum,” the ministry said. A significant proportion of the debt accumulated during this period could be attributed to price inflation for dairy land, which averaged 12 per cent a year. Because demand for such land exceeded available supply, much of the debt was reflected in higher land prices. “This has left a significant number of dairy farmers vulnerable to a fall in the milk price or a decline in land prices,” the ministry said.  – APNZ


BOckingFOrD sTrETcHED cAnvAs

212 East Street • Ashburton • 03 308 8309

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, June 14, 2013


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Cash flow positive in Mid Canterbury

Price: $769,000 + gst if any (lease and business for sale) Agent details OJ Dodson, Professionals, Methven Real Estate Ltd REAA 2008 Licensed Phone: 0800 121 919 or 021 74 33 94 Website:

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This Qualmark 4 star PLUS rated quality motel on the Hwy1, North side of Ashburton is well placed for the surging Canterbury economy. At only 4 years young –this presents a brilliant business buying opportunity. Bella Vista are a very well run and marketed chain throughout New Zealand. Providing competitive corporate rates for national and local businesses. The tourist market is also surging ahead in this area. The Ashburton Bella Vista is a favourite with tourists and business people. Designed with quality, comfort and style. Benefiting from in room Broadband, Sky tv, business desks, and meeting facilities. 1 hour from Christchurch Airport and close to Methven and Mt Hutt ski area. Great books, good returns and strong 31 year lease still to run.

Methven Real Estate Ltd MREINZ Licensed Real Estate Agents | 127 Main Street, Methven | (03) 303 9093

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OJ – Martin Dodson

Rural Property Consultant 0800-121-919

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ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, June 14, 2013

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Ideally, to get the best potential from your yard, a landscape designer should be consulted to maximise the attractiveness and value that your improvements can yield.

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Fully tenanted and in a high profile location on the NEW LISTING NEW LISTING has the diversity of popular Tancred Street this property OFFERS OVER $299,000 FRESH NEW DECOR T... two tenants who have been in place for several years. Engineers report available to prospective purchasers. Currently returning $29,750 plus GST per annum. An ideal chance to get into the popular Ashburton commercial sector. Deadline Sale closing Tuesday 2nd July 2013. NEW LISTING View By Appointment




OPEN HOME Hastings McLeod Ltd Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008

esearch conducted earlier this year by property agents in Auckland has shown that an attractive exterior landscape has the potential to add more than ten percent additional value onto the worth of your home, and increase its selling potential by up to fifty percent. No matter what corner of the globe your castle is located, if the exterior looks like the war-torn battlefields of Normandy during World War two, then you have some work to do before nailing the ‘For Sale’ sign to the fence.

VIEW Saturday 22 Dec 11.00 - 11.30am








WEB ID AU28267 EASTSIDE 125 William Street This freshly redecorated three bedroom home is close in on the eastside of Ashburton, handy to the post office, Countdown, park and central Ashburton. All three bedrooms are spacious and sunny and have large built in wardrobes.

From the material selections to the planting scheme, even the smallest choices form integral elements of the project, resulting in a carefully considered and crafted balance of hardscape and softscape elements which will work together to get the most out of every space.


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However the costs involved with buying and selling houses can already be substantial, so if it is just not currently in your budget to hire a professional, there are a few things you can do yourself to increase the attractiveness of your property. It’s easy to spend far too much creating an idyllic lawn and garden, but a little ingenuity and some hard work will go a long way to keeping some green in your wallet, as well as in the garden. The first thing you should do to avoid a costly mistake is to improve the quality and appearance of the soil in your garden. Nothing will grow in dry, cracked clay, so turn the soil, add some good quality compost, nutrients and some rich black soil to ensure that what you plant will actually grow. No-one likes the thought or look of weeds, so after the soil is taken care of, plan to cover it up with weed-matting and then an attractive covering such as bark, wood-chip or stones. Check your bulk landscape supplier for the best deals on a trailer load of this product. Whatever medium you choose, make sure you stick to it throughout the property for a sophisticated look, and consider utilising it in other areas, such as a path or planter boxes. Paving stones are easy to make from pour-it-yourself concrete, and can look especially attractive when set amongst river stones along a path.

For a rustic look that will add a bit of history to your landscape, consider asking for some of the rubble left from demolition sites. The shards of brick and stone can add beautiful contrast to your project, for little or no cost. Large chunks of brick or rock can be placed in gardens to fill spaces and give a natural feel to the space. If you have gaps in your garden that drastically need filling, before forking out on new plants, talk to friends and family with fantastic gardens and see if any of them are happy to give you clippings of their plants, or they may be re-planting and happy to give away a few treasures. Local council’s often give away flowers when re-planting the public gardens, so give them a call and keep an eye out in the newspaper for when this will next be happening. The grass is always greener on the other side. Essentially this is what a new home owner is looking for, a better lifestyle. And what better way to accentuate how fresh and attractive your home is than with lush green grass. Fertilize and treat the grass so that you have a nice green lawn, and buy lawn seed to fill out any thin spots to make the overall yard look more appealing. With a gorgeous blooming garden, lush green grass and interesting contrasts through carefully placed rocks and timber, a few weekend improvements can create a lasting first impression on your prospective buyer.

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Check out our open homes at

Open Homes





145 McMurdo Street Saturday 10.00am - 10.30am • Four bedroom character bungalow • Updated throughout, new logfire

Offers over $250,000 • New iron roof and spouting • Private corner section

View at AS061212

Use your smart phone to scan me for more details

5 Kerr Street Saturday 10.45am - 11.15am


42 Grey Street Saturday 10.45am - 11.15am • Three double bedrooms • Front townhouse

View at AS250313

View at AS080413





• Renovated throughout, cosy and inviting • First home or investment • Superb spacious outdoor living • Quiet cul-de-sac, close to town Use your smart phone to scan me for more details

n Pe

e Om

c An

16 Johnstone Street Saturday 11.00am - 11.30am

• Conservatory with sunny outlook • Close to shops


• Endless options • Development for two townhouses • Rent out house and develop the back • Build your dream home

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View at AS030613

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58 William St Auction on Site Wed 19 June 2013 at 1pm Saturday 11.00am - 11.45am (unless sold prior)

3/356 Havelock Street Saturday 11.30am - 12 noon

• Powered outbuildings • Great location

• Two bedroom townhouse • Modern and double glazed

• Warm and inviting character bungalow • Easy care section, low maintenance

• Three bedrooms • New kitchen, bathroom and ensuite View at AS020513

View at AS070413

Use your smart phone to scan me for more details

Offers over $349,000 • Renovated throughout • Fabulous Allenton location

84 Oxford Street Saturday 12.30pm - 1.15pm

Offers Over $358,000

• Four bedrooms, open plan living • Updated, new bathroom

• Renovated four bedroom family home • Modern kitchen, new bathroom • 923 sqm section, off street parking • Close to schools, shops, amenities View at ASAS020613

Use your smart phone to scan me for more details

• Priced from $190,000 • 842 sqm to 1606 sqm • Lake views and canal views • Come and discuss your options View at AS080313-AS220313

Lake Hood Stage 8 Sunday 16 June 2013 12.30pm - 3.30pm

Use your smart phone to scan me for more details

Use your smart phone to scan me for more details

URBAN Mick Hydes 0274-37-9696

URBAN Debbie Boon 0274-484-006

112 - 114 Tancred Street, Ashburton

Offers over $309,000 • Separate lounge, new logfire • Private large section

View at AS100413

Use your smart phone to scan me for more details

Property Management


SU N 38 Reid Crescent Sunday 11.00am - 11.30am

• Very central location • Freehold property of 344 sqm

72 Alford Forest Road Saturday 11.30am - 12.15pm


Use your smart phone to scan me for more details


View at AS070513

Offers over $330,000

URBAN Roberta Rutledge 027-228-7843

URBAN Helena Ratten 0274-577-998

Leo Ratten PA to Helena Ratten 03 308-6497

URBAN Jill Leonard 0274-982-500

For all your property management requirements please contact the Harcourts Property Management Team.

Alana Lwin

RURAL/LIFESTYLE Dave Thomson 027-6011-426

RENTAL MANAGER Michelle Hydes 027-77-66-497

Michelle Hydes

RENTAL MANAGER Alana Lwin 0274-736-825

BUSINESS OWNER Phillip Kenny 0274-753-669

Phone 03 308-6497

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, June 14, 2013

covering Mid Canterbury...


Mortgage rates

5.40 % 6.25





2 years

Who determines the price?


2 years






any vendors tell their agent to discourage purchasers who say the price of their property is “too high” from carrying out an inspection.

2 years

This makes sense, they think, as letting purchasers whose price range is a bit lower inspect the property is just asking to the price down. Is this true?


It is very common for vendors to price their property to include room for negotiation. But on top of this, it is equally common for many vendors to be unrealistic in their expectation of the price their property will achieve. If purchasers who see the property at the asking price consistently give feedback that their price is too high for what the property consists of, vendors would do well to take note, to the extent of encouraging purchasers in a lower price range to inspect and give their opinion as to ‘value for money’.

guided by market forces. Vendors who insist on an arbitrarily set figure often have the opposite effect from what they intended. Firstly if agents think a vendors expectations are more than the market will bear, there is a risk that they will think it is not worth putting too much effort into the sale, because the vendor will never accept the offers they are likely to get.

Secondly, if the figure the vendor has in mind is not the true ‘market value’, the property is unlikely to sell at that price. By telling the agent to discourage purchasers who are not prepared to “go that high”, the vendor risks missing out on a sale, in amongst the purchasers that are turned away may be one who, in the heat of negotiations, would have paid the most. Just as vendors sometimes come down further than they initially intend to in order to sell their property, so many purchasers The ‘price-it-high-and-see-what-youactually extend themselves more than their get’ approach may work in a rising market first stated price range in order to secure where there are a lot of buyers competing a property they really love. Most vendors for every property, but the more the market will be using the proceeds of one sale to slows down, the more important it is to be fund another, so a lesser price on the sale


2 years

5.45 % 5.45 %


2 years

of their original property in a low market will be echoed by an equally ‘good buy’ for themselves when they make their own next purchase.

Mark Allred

It would be a delightful world if vendors could simply refuse to sell until the price the want for their property is reached, in the real world, this often works in a hot or rising market, but almost never in a cooling market, unless the property is unique and highly sort after.

Property Consultant Professionals Methven

‘Market forces are a bit like the weather - they go in cycles and it’s no good wishing for summer prices when the winter snow is thick on the ground. The most disappointed purchaser is usually the one who ignores the falling leaves of an autumn market and insists on summer prices. When the snow finally falls and the property is stale, such vendors often sell for less than they should have when they finally quit the property at market winter prices. Take advantage of our expect local knowledge and let us provide you with a free market appraisal for your property, Call your local Professionals office today.


2 years *as advertised at the time of printing

Proud supporters of the Heart Foundation of New Zealand! We donate from every property SOLD!



That’s what it cost for our no-obligation appraisals to see what your property is

• Sought after townhouse • Very sunny position • Internal access • Conservatory • Vendors seeking offers $PBN - BiR $280,000 - $310,000

WORtH Phone 308-6173

OPeN HOMe: Saturday, June 15, 2013 10-10.30am

• Simply stunning! • Triple brick exterior wall, copper gutters. • Underfloor heating, wood burner (compliant) • Superior landscaping, workshop,greenhouse, sheds

OPeN HOMe: Saturday, June 15, 2013 11-11.45am

• Three bedrooms • Three car gaging plus sleepout • Renovated and updated • Westside cul-de-sac

$PBN - BiR $235,000 - $249,000

$PBN - BiR $359,000 - $369,000 Set Sale: June 27, 2013 (unless sold prior)

OPeN HOMe: Saturday, June 15, 2013 11-11.45am

199 Walnut ave Residential

NeW LiStiNg

Residential • Add your stamp • Three double bedrooms • Updated kitchen • Updated bathroom • 655m2 section, great rental

• Gorgeous cottage • Two double bedrooms • Beautifully presented • Small compact section

• Four bedrooms • Updated kitchen and bathroom • Double garage plus single storage shed • Large 1012m2 section

$PBN - BiR $390,000 - $425,000 Set Sale: June 27, 2013 (unless sold prior)

15 Hefford Pl Residential

NeW LiStiNg

• Motivated vendor wants sold • Large family living room • Double garage, plenty of offstreet parking • Updated bathroom • Deck overlooking back yard.

OPeN HOMe: Saturday, June 15, 2013 10.30-11am

18 anne St Residential

36 Creek Rd Residential

NeW LiStiNg

314 tancred St Residential

57a Havelock St Residential

NeW LiStiNg

$PBN - BiR $175,000 - $189,000

$PBN - BiR $199,000 - $209,000

$PBN - BiR $310,000 - $325,000

OPeN HOMe: Saturday, June 15, 2013 12-12.30pm

OPeN HOMe: Saturday, June 15, 2013 1-1.30pm

allenton Residential

Unit 22 Brinkley St Beyond Compare Residential • Distinguished up class living • Private jetty • All the bells and whistles • Three open plan living areas • Perfect indoor/outdoor flow $780,000


Viewing By appointment

Brinkley Resort • Investment/ holiday home • Gorgeous three bedroom apartment • Fully furnished • Investment (and a 90 day occupy)

• Beautiful character • Three bedrooms • Open living space and office • Updated kitchen and bathroom • Great home, viewing a must

PBN - gSt if any

Open to offers

Ashburton’s largest property management company • Four property managers • Five security checks • Zero tolerance rent arrears • Owner login facility • Three management options Phone 308-6173

Viewing By appointment

Viewing By appointment

Viewing By appointment

ReNtaL PROPeRtieS WaNteD

SOLD - SOLD - SOLD “It’s why more people are choosing us”

Free appraisals: Rental help: Karen Groves

Stephen Watson

Janine Reinecke

Sue Prendergast


Eliza Waszczak





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Rentals Ashburton

Rentals Ashburton

Rentals Ashburton


Rentals Ashburton

308 6173

308 6173

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027 543 5799

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ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, June 14, 2013

covering Mid Canterbury...

Open Home

Open Home

Ashburton CHEAPEST by far in town!!!!


From now until 13 June the opportunity exists to purchase the CHEAPEST home around. Whether it be your future home, investment or opportunity to build at a later date. Currently the home is rented at $240 per week.



318 Havelock Street

Modernised with Pizazz!

* 2 double bedrooms * Double glazing * Heatpump plus under carpet heating * 1.5 car garaging with internal access * Right in the heart of Ashburton

High level of internal improvement on this fine three bedroom family home. No expense spared, with tinted double glazed aluminium joinery windows - tiled kitchen floors, double wall oven, black granite bench tops and beech kitchen suite. Spacious tiled dining area. Tiled bathroom with spa bath and shower cubicle. Comfortable lounge with heat pump plus heat transfer system. Underfloor and ceiling insulation. Presentation is second to none.

For Sale $318,000 View Saturday 10:00 to 10:30am, 318 Havelock street /AHB20156 Kim Miller 0272 368 627 (03) 307 8317

PBN over $340,000 View Saturday 10:00am - 10:30am, 24 Farm Road /AHB20129 Mike Grant 0212 720 202 (03) 307 8317

* 2 bedroom * Large tandem garage * Corner site (access off Wakanui Rd & Eton St) * Current tenant paying - $240 per week For Sale $155,000 View Saturday 9:15 - 9:45am, 9 Wakanui Road /AHB20155 Kim Miller 0272 368 627 (03) 307 8317 LICENSED (REAA 2008)


Open Home


Open Home

Open Home




Serious Seller!

Happy on Hollands

Good to Go

Are you looking for peace & quiet , well then you can’t go past this location. Expansive four bedroom home on 2023m2 section. Completely revamped interior, 3 luxurious tiled bathrooms, breath-taking country kitchen with granite bench top, separate spacious lounge room for entertaining with log burner. Also library/office. House has imported PVC double glazing throughout. Large 6m x 12m garage. Just move in and relax.

Not too big but not too small, this cracking lifestyle property is a must view. Great family four bedroom home with an extensive list of chattels included in the sale; one of which is an out door spa pool. Enough land to put some goal posts up and kick the ball around.

* 3 Bedrooms * Double internal access garage * Private outdoor entertaining * Good off street parking

For Sale $649,000 View Saturday 10:15 - 11:00am, 143 Hobbs Road /AHB20115 Margaret Feiss 021 751 009

For Sale AUCTION View Saturday 10:30 to 11:15am, 27 Hollands Road /AHB20166 Jarrod Ross 0212 494 644 (03) 307 8317

Auction to be held onsite on the 6th July 2013, 11am (Unless Sold Prior)



Open Home

For Sale $360,000 View Saturday 10:45 to 11:15am, 22 Grove Street /AHB20147 Kim Miller 0272 368 627 (03) 307 8317 LICENSED (REAA


Open Home


Open Home

Ashburton 121 William Street

Open Home


What a Winner An immaculate two bedroom unit waiting for someone to love it. Sliding doors opening out to a private sheltered lawn area. Freshly painted, carpet is in mint condition. A generous single garage with electric door. Warm sunny and private.

For Sale

A tidy three bedroom home on a pet friendly, family sized section. With compliant inbuilt log fire in the lounge area. Good sized kitchen opening to the rear of the section.

Call now for your appointment to view

A spacious single garage plus workshop compliments this tidy package. Certainly one to view to be appreciate.

It’s a winner!

$236,000 View by appointment Margaret Wilson 0212 212 544 (03) 307 8317




Easy Care, Easy Living

What a Cracker !

Get started...

This tidy townhouse is just one block from the CBD.

Solid family home, looking for a new owner. Could that person be you? Great garaging with open bay wood shed. This property is in very good condition and presents a Tremendous first home opportunity - You would be hard pressed to find better in the price range. Don’t wait for the SOLD sign - Call now !

For Sale $219,000 View Saturday 11:00 - 11:30am, 8 Dunford Street /AHB20172 Mike Grant 0212 720 202 (03) 307 8317

$275,000 View Saturday 11:30 to 12:00pm, 11 Galbraith Street /AHB20121 Kim Miller 0272 368 627 (03) 307 8317

Large living area, two double bedrooms with good storage. Galley kitchen with abundance of cupboards and dining area. Large bathroom with shower and vanity also housing the laundry. House is insulated and heated with a heatpump ad nightstore. Single garage and easy care grounds completes the package. For Sale $238,000 View Saturday 11:00 to 11:30pm, 2/265 Moore Street /AHB20087 Chrissy Milne 0272 906 606 LICENSED (REAA 2008)


Open Home



Open Home

Open Home

Open Home

Open Home







Freshly Painted and Looking Good!

Gotta Get a Cottage!

Deadline sale - closing 4pm Friday 21 June, 2013

Quiet and Peaceful

Get Started


Situated in one of the best locations in Methven in a quiet street & near a park. Well constructed with extra strengthening, this three bedroom home is situated on a 863 m2 section. Spacious tiled kitchen, warm & sunny dining with separate lounge room with heat pump & double glazing throughout. Bathroom plus ensuite. Internal double garage. Just recently plastered and painted. All the hard work has been done here !!!

When cute and tidy matters most!

Two storied home in Allenton. Extremely close to the shopping centre, Argyle Park, pre & primary schools. The home has many special qualities with the addition of new carpet, 3 new heat pumps, gas fire, & recently modernised kitchen. The downstairs bathroom has the wow factor and the forth bedroom now showing as the second living space. The home offers that indoor/outdoor flow we all crave. Call me today, it would be my pleasure to show you this beautiful family home.

Beautifully presented, double glazed, spacious family home. Three double bedrooms, master with ensuite. Large family dining. Good sized lounge with heatpump. Separate bathroom with bath and shower. Features a delightful Archgolla .Landscaping has been laid out for easy care s. Garden shed, steel framed, lined, power point and lighting, workbench and aluminium shelves. Fully fenced. Double garage.

A tidy spacious three bedroom wooden bungalow in a great west side location.

Lucky this very smart three bedroom brand new house is completed ready for you to move in and be snuggly for the winter.

Small easy care section with a park just over the fence. This warm home with compliant log fire has had a fresh exterior paint and with some interior modernisation.

Very smart timeless decor throughout. Set nicely for all day sunshine.

For Sale Negotiable View Saturday 11:30 - 12:00, 6 Lochhead Crescent /AHB20102 Margaret Feiss 021 751 009

A versatile cottage, so clean and tidy, it’s sure to impress. Well presented on a spacious corner site with two road entrances. These very low maintenance properties are highly sought after.

For Sale PBN over $210,000 View Saturday 12:00pm - 12.30pm, 90 Cridland Street /AHB20061 Mike Grant 0212 720 202 LICENSED (REAA


Manager Jill Quaid 027 437 6755


Rural Consultant/Auctioneer Jarrod Ross 021 249 4644

BIR $465,000 - $485,000 View Saturday 12:15 to 12:45pm , 5 Glassey Drive /AHB20143 Kim Miller 0272 368 627 (03) 307 8317

Rural Consultant Roger Burdett 021 224 4214

Urban Consultant Margaret Wilson 021 221 2544

Urban Consultant Annette McCully 027 438 2328

For Sale Offers over $415,000 View Saturday 1:00 - 1:30pm, 142 Dunford Street /AHB20016 Mike Grant 0212 720 202 LICENSED (REAA


Urban Consultant Richard Quaid 027 454 4745

For Sale Offers over $225,000 View Saturday 1:00 to 1:30pm, 107 Creek Road /AHB20075 Kim Miller 0272 368 627 LICENSED (REAA


Urban Consultant Mike Grant 021 272 0202

Lucky for you - just call to view! A great starter with potential aplenty.

Urban Consultant Kim Miller 027 236 8627


Urban Consultant Cindy Hayward 027 389 7955

Urban Consultant Mandy Marsh 021 239 4418

$470,000 - $485,000 View Sunday 11:30 - 12:30pm, 368 Burnett Street /AHB20182 Margaret Wilson 0212 212 544 (03) 307 8317

Urban Consultant Chrissy Milne 027 290 6606


Urban Consultant Margaret Feiss 021 751 009

Urban Consultant Shirley Fitzgerald 027 220 1528

Property Manager Veronica Monaghan 027 697 6948

Property Manager Annie Dwyer 027 287 3388

96 Tancred Street, Ashburton

Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited

Phone (03) 307 8317

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, June 14, 2013



Lake Hood

final notice

Waterton Point These unique peninsula residential sections are selling fast and offer fantastic living with the choice of a waterfront or a canal section. Priced to sell!

Methven Real Estate Ltd MREINZ Licensed Real Estate Agents

Act now and create the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.






For Sale From $190,000 View Sun 16 June 2-3.30pm

Vendor Wants Sold - 88ha

• Area subject to final survey • Early possession available • All in winter oats and rape • Excellent Wakanui soils • Two tenanted houses • Situated 14km from Ashburton • Scope for further development ID: ASH2375950

Maronan Road

Mike Preston

Deadline Private Treaty closing 3pm, 19 June 2013 (Prior offers considered)



M 027 430 7041 B 03 307 7377

9 Cameron Street, POA

It is an exquisite example of cozy, comfortable, character living. With three bedrooms, sleepout/office, modernised kitchen and bathroom plus new double garage there is space for all the family. Fully insulated. Desirable outdoor entertaining includes large paved courtyard on a spacious 1012m² section. Motivated vendors say present all offers. This is a must for the astute buyer. SET SALE CLOSING 26th June unless sold prior. WHALAN AND PARTNERS LTD, BAYLEYS, LICENSED UNDER THE REA ACT 2008.

Colin Gilbert B 03 307 8710 M 027 434 3478 E

Open Home, Sunday 16th June, 12 noon-12.45pm

PGG Wrightson Real Estate Limited, Real Estate Agent, REAA 2008



47 This easy care 395m2 section has great Cambridge use of space. 3 good sized bedrooms and open plan Street, large lounge, dining and kitchen, has lots $235,000 to offer. The heat pump is warm efficient heating. 2 toilets and 1 bathroom. Off street parking 11/2 garage and woodshed. Plenty of room for the veggie garden and a secure yard area. Open Home, Saturday 15th June, 10am-11am

Renovating your kitchen? Then choose the experts at Kitchen Express

606 East Street Ashburton 307 7131 | 127 Main Street, Methven | (03) 303 3093

Selwyn Allred Principal 0274-388-493

Phone Eden on 307-7963

Mark & Rachel Allred Property Consultants 0274-909-991 Mark 0272-429-799 Rachel

OJ – Martin Dodson Rural Property Consultant 0800-121-919

Amanda Pannett Office Administrator 303-3093

Rosa Harper Property Manager/ Property Consultant 0274-655-387







Brick Beauty on Bathurst

The Benefits are Obvious...

Executive living


Like Living on the Edge?

Take Time Out...

Rarely available in the Allenton location is a very tidy three bedroom red brick home of such immaculate presentation as this. The sunny living area is separate from a large kitchen and large dining area so there’s room to have your own space. Three great sized bedrooms and storage is plentiful. Large single garage with work/storage area plus a carport and plenty of off street parking. Don’t be the one to miss out.

the moment you step inside. Compliant logfire with feature brick wall, heat transfer system, Rimu kitchen, o/p kitch/din/liv, 3 Bedrms, sep laundry, sep WC. Bath and shower.

In a sought after location. A prime example of location location location. A prime example of immaculate presentation and tasteful decor. A prime example of easy living lifestyle with no compromises. Don’t delay call today for your appointment to view.

This often admired stunning three bedroom, two bathroom home has to be visited to appreciate the many features.

Want to build your own houses and live on site? Then 102 Bridge Street is for you. Recently rezoned, this prime acre of land is now subdividable. Provisional survey plan has already been drawn up as well as making three new sections out of this, you also get the beautiful four bedroom great family home with super outdoor entertainment area.

...and enjoy the seaside.

$310,000 View by appointment, 4 Bathurst Street /AHB20009 Margaret Wilson 0212 212 544 (03) 307 8317

For Sale BIR $330,000 - $349,000 View By Appointmnet, 53 Thomson Street /AHB20012 Cindy Hayward 0273 897 955

$595,000 View By Appointment, 102 Bridge Street /AHB20074 Jarrod Ross 0212 494 644 (03) 307 8317

$75,000 View By Appointment, 17 Lower Hakatere /AHB20149 Annette McCully 0274 382 328 (03) 307 8317

Hobby/sleepout, & shed. Tandem garaging safe and private for children, pets or simply adults who desire to hide away from the world


Location, location - West Side, corner section, opposite park area. Garden and outdoor living areas are WOW.

For Sale $465,000 View By Appointment, 9 Somerset Grove /AHB20140 Margaret Wilson 0212 212 544 (03) 307 8317 LICENSED (REAA

For Sale $465,000 View By Appointment, 40 Nursery Drive /AHB20062 Margaret Wilson 0212 212 544 (03) 307 8317 LICENSED (REAA


If you want time out or a family holiday this bach has it all. You could sleep from one to ten. All appliances supplied. Ideal for sport, fishing, tennis, walking, bingo etc. Phone connected. All bedding, cutlery, plates etc, TV, fridge and stove all included.















For Sale

Grand Living At It’s Best

Ready to build on


Ready and Waiting

Northwest Facing

Want a passive income!!! You need to look at this 20 ha block so handy to town.Lease the land and collect the money every month or work the land yourself.Enjoy the stunning views the wonderful family home offers.So many options to choose from. Check it out now.

Character, Charm, Location.

Quiet cul de sac.

Only 4 sections left in Stage One of this superb subdivision.

This place has it all with a recent new coat of paint, viewing will impress. With its 6 bedrooms & games room there is plenty of personal space for the whole family. Sitting on 4 hectares with a wonderful collection of old oak trees, magnolias, camellias and rhododendrons.

Beautifully landscaped entrance with a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom plan available.

1012 m2 section (approx) Allenton area. Clean site, services and vehicle access at gate. Well and pump plus fenced on three sides. Primo location for primary schools and only a wander to college.

For Sale $995,000 View By Appointment, 274 Winslow Westerfield Road /AHB20131 Jarrod Ross 0212 494 644 (03) 307 8317

$1,040,000 View by appointment, 212 Beach Road /AHB20057 Jarrod Ross 0212 494 644 (03) 307 8317

$99,000 View by appointment, 22a Chalmers Avenue /AHB20072 Annette McCully 0274 382 328 (03) 307 8317



Manager Jill Quaid 027 437 6755

Rural Consultant Auctioneer Jarrod Ross 021 249 4644

Last section available in subdivision

Rural Consultant Roger Burdett 021 224 4214


Urban Consultant Margaret Wilson 021 221 2544

Urban Consultant Annette McCully 027 438 2328

$249,000 View by appointment, 7 Woodham Drive /AHB20142 Margaret Wilson 0212 212 544 (03) 307 8317

Urban Consultant Mike Grant 021 272 0202

Urban Consultant Kim Miller 027 236 8627

96 Tancred Street, Ashburton

Access to water but this section doesn’t border the canal. Secure now, decide your plans and commence your build in the Spring.

$230,000 View by appointment, # Tarbottons Road /AHB20073 Jarrod Ross 0212 494 644 (03) 307 8317

$155,000 View by appointment, 27 Ludlow Drive /AHB20035 Cindy Hayward 0273 897 955 (03) 307 8317

Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited


Urban Consultant Cindy Hayward 027 389 7955

Urban Consultant Mandy Marsh 021 239 4418

1129m2 section on favoured Ludlow Drive.

Now is the time to build your dream home.


Urban Consultant Richard Quaid 027 454 4745

Mailboxes are ready for your name to go on them and power, water and fibre optic cable is to the boundary.


Urban Consultant Chrissy Milne 027 290 6606

Urban Consultant Margaret Feiss 021 751 009

Urban Consultant Shirley Fitzgerald 027 220 1528

Property Manager Veronica Monaghan 027 697 6948

Property Manager Annie Dwyer 027 287 3388

Phone (03) 307 8317


ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, June 14, 2013

covering Mid Canterbury... ASHBURTON Hastings McLeod Ltd Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008

217 West Street ASHBURTON Telephone 03 307 9176






WEB ID AU27284C EASTSIDE $478,500 5 Goldrich Drive This home has been built for you, four VIEW Saturday 15 Jun 10.00 - 10.30am bedrooms with two bathrooms, walk-in wardrobe, shower, vanity and toilet in 4 ensuite. In the main bathroom - shower, vanity, bath and separate toilet. Big open plan living area with separate lounge. The home is double glassed and fully 2 insulated right down to the garage door.


WEB ID AU28742B EASTSIDE $495,000 23 and 25 Manse Street A unique chance to purchase a spacious VIEW Saturday 15 Jun 10.00 - 10.30am three bedroom home with open plan living area capturing plenty of sun, 3 double garaging together with a large range of excellent sheds and other garaging. Buy the house, buy the sheds or buy both! Set on two titles with a total 1 land area of 3317sqm. Numerous extras including well and three phase power.



EASTSIDE 2 Rapley Street Roomy three bedroom townhouse currently under construction. Steel frames, Golden Home built with warranties in place. Sunny living area, ensuite off master bedroom, attached garage with internal access.

WEB ID AU31038 EASTSIDE $262,000 42 Peter Street This really lovely standalone two bedroom VIEW Saturday 15 Jun 10.00 - 10.45am townhouse basks in all day sun and in a superb position close to all amenities. 2 Separate kitchen/dining with pantry and loads of storage throughout. Internal access garage and all walking distance to town. Immaculate easy care garden. It's 1 all here.




EASTSIDE $485,000 8 Manse Place VIEW Saturday 15 Jun 10.45 - 11.15am This is a well-built home by a quality VIEW Saturday 15 Jun 10.45 - 11.15am builder. Three good sized bedrooms with ensuite off master bedroom. Shower bath 3 3 and vanity in main bathroom. Bigger than normal kitchen with a super large living and dining area.








WEB ID AU30985


WEB ID AL30954 ASHBURTON OFFERS OVER $470,000 182 Beach Road Seldom do properties on Beach Road VIEW Saturday 15 Jun 10.30 - 11.15am become available. This 2 hectare lifestyle block has come on the market with great 3 reluctance. Only approximately 2kms from town and located in one of Mid Canterbury's prime lifestyle and farming areas this unit has heaps to offer the 1 lucky purchaser looking for the 'good life'.



Hastings McLeod Ltd Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008






WEB ID AU31033

WESTSIDE 93 Cameron Street Great time to purchase this four year old front townhouse on the west side. Walking distance to domain, churches, shops and hospital. Three bedrooms, great sized sunny open plan living area and bathroom with wet floor shower. Two toilets. Internal access from double garage. Fully fenced and landscaped. Inspection will impress.



WESTSIDE OFFERS OVER $265,000 53 Middle Road VIEW Saturday 15 Jun 11.00 - 11.45am Inject a bit of your own style into this VIEW Saturday 15 Jun 11.30 character villa and the rewards will be 12.00pm yours. Great three bedroom home, good 3 3 sized open plan living areas, large bathroom and log burner for warmth. Great landscaped section with established trees. Terrific Allenton location close to 1 1 schools, kindergarten and shops.


217 West Street 2 ASHBURTON Telephone 03 307 9176 2


WEB ID AU30834


ASHBURTON Hastings McLeod Ltd Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008

217 West Street ASHBURTON Telephone 03 307 9176


WESTSIDE 10A James Street If it's privacy you want we have it here. This is a three bedroom townhouse with two bathrooms, open plan kitchen, dining and living areas. Double garage with internal access. Insulation in walls and ceilings, double glassed with a heat pump for warmth. Easycare section.


DEADLINE SALE VIEW Saturday 15 Jun 12.00 12.30pm



EASTSIDE 14 Willow Street Come and view this tidy three bedroom home. Open plan living area catches plenty of sun, modernised kitchen is roomy and spacious. Just the place to start out or buy as an investment home.


Tender closing Tuesday 11th June at 4pm - unless sold prior.



TINWALD $260,000 37 Thomson Street This magnificent villa will impress with View By Appointment quality finishing and modernisation throughout. Recently refurbished to the 3 highest standard is to the benefit of the new owners for years to come. Beautifully landscaped grounds with established gardens. 1


WEB ID AU31031

EASTSIDE 30 Princes Street Tidy three bedroom home on small easy care 421sqm section close to East Street. Good tidy tenant in place paying $280 per week and keen to stay on. New log burner, cylinder and nice kitchen with Butlers pantry.

VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 10.00 - 10.45am

SALE 5/3

WEB ID AU29231

WESTSIDE $218,000 18 Woodham Drive The time is right to purchase this two View By Appointment bedroom townhouse with good sized living area and nice modern kitchen. The home has insulation in the ceiling3 and walls, double glazing and single garage. Front townhouse on a secure and fully landscaped section. 1 VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 10.00 - 10.45am

3 1 1





WESTSIDE 132 Harrison Street Larger family home in the heat of Allenton. Three bedroom plus office or fourth bedroom. Updated kitchen and open plan living plus an extra lounge plenty of room for everyone. Family sized section too, with double garage and workshop room. Your children can walk to school from here. A great family home. Call now to view.

OPEN HOME WEB ID AU28705 TINWALD 92 McMurdo Street Relax and enjoy sunshine and privacy at VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 11.15 "your new townhouse". This well 12.00pm presented two bedroom (possibly three), two bathroom townhouse is landscaped and waiting for you NOW! Internal access double garage, loads of storage, HRV, smart kitchen with very generous open plan living, and a well fenced outdoor area.

$349,000 2


$498,000 WEB ID AU27284A EASTSIDE 5 Goldrich Drive Construction has been completed on this beautifully finished home featuring four bedrooms with ensuite off the master and walkin wardrobe. Open plan living/dining/kitchen. Separate lounge. Fully insulated and double glazed. VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 11.00 - 11.45am




WEB ID AU29095 WESTSIDE $665,000 WESTSIDE 11 Farm Road 74 Harrison Street Recently kitchen and Please to offer for sale this four bedroom View By upgraded Appointment bathroom are the beginnings of a home. A bonus is the office and large remodelled home. The major expense games room with bathroom and spare items have been completed and now 4 room, all self contained. Two living areas plus dining room off kitchen area. Large there is an opportunity to make your spa bath in main bathroom plus an personal mark. This is a superbly ensuite off the master bedroom. Separate located family home. 3 laundry, double garage with internal VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 11.00 - 11.30am access and easy care section.


WEB ID AU29237


WEB ID AU30673

WEB ID AU29247 TINWALD $365,000 WESTSIDE 36 Thomson Street 123 Cameron Street A lovely home situated in the Beautifully positioned on the corner, this View Bycharacter Appointment heart of town. This stunning home colonial style home will give you the oozes character with beautiful timber 'warm fuzzies'. Immaculate inside and joinery, polished rimu floors and led 3 out and placed to catch all day sun. The veranda is great in summer or winter, an light windows. A sunny quarter acre ideal place to sit and relax. Lovely modern section providing for a private retreat. kitchen, neutral paintwork throughout. Enjoy the benefits of central living. 1 The carpets replaced last year. VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 11.45 - 12.30pm





Jenny Gray URBAN DDI 03 307 9185 027 452 2888

Mark Williams 3 URBAN 2 DDI 03 307 9196 2 027 442 2281


WEB ID AU27246A EASTSIDE $305,000 EASTSIDE 93 Chalmers Avenue 14 Magnolia Place All brand new and in the new This is a great well thought out View By Appointment Braebrook subdivision, come and have townhouse. Three bedrooms, good sized open plan kitchen, dining and living area. a look at this 4 bedroom home 3 including ensuite and walk-in wardrobe Bathroom has shower, bath and vanity. Cosy with a heat pump for warmth, in master bedroom. Open plan double glazed with bats in the ceiling and kitchen/dining/living plus another walls. Good sized garage with internal separate lounge. Computer nook. 1 access. Inspection by appointment only. VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 12.00 - 12.45pm





Clark McLeod URBAN DDI 03 307 9183 027 432 2194

Gareth Cox 2 RAKAIA/RURAL 1 DDI 03 307 9176 021 250 97141

4 2 2


$225,000 WEB ID AU28695

WESTSIDE 11 Windsor Street Fantastic opportunity to get into the property market with your first home or rental property. Two large bedrooms , two living areas, heat pump, log fire, updated bathroom, cosy hobbies room all with fantastic Allenton location. With so much to offer, this is a 'must see' home.

Murray Young URBAN DDI 03 307 9187 027 434 0942


WEB ID AU30505

WEB ID AU28999

VIEW Sunday 24 Feb 1.30 - 2.30pm

Karen McRae URBAN DDI 03 307 9189 OPEN HOME 027 436 4146





WESTSIDE 20 Pages Road Nestled in this lovely very tidy treed and shrubbed garden is this very sunny three bedroom home with a generous open plan lounge area. Two generous bedrooms and bathroom upstairs. Full bathroom and master bedroom downstairs. Be sure to view.

VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 12.15 - 1.00pm

Ray Knight 3 URBAN 1 DDI 03 307 9184 027 434 0139 1



EASTSIDE 81 Bridge Street Be it first home or rental this is a winner! Great three bedroom home with cosy Ecan approved log burner. Separate kitchen, living room and laundry. Garage and various sheds. Well fenced for children and pets. A happy tenant presently in place.

Marilyn Cross URBAN DDI 03 307 9186 027 435 6311



Hamish Niles URBAN DDI 03 307 9182 OPEN HOME 027 435 6265


OFFERS OVER $299,000

WEB ID AU30748



OFFERS OVER $268,000





1 1

1 2


VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 10.45 - 11.15am

VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 10.30 - 11.15am


VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 10.00 - 10.30am

WEB ID AU29076 TINWALD 34 Catherine Street First time offered for sale. Nicely set for the sun. Kitchen dining living area with separate (large) lounge, two heat pumps and HRV system help make this a warm home in winter and cool in the summer. Large double garage with auto door and ample outbuildings.

ASHBURTON 5 Keenans Road 1 hectare in popular location. Vendor fattens cattle and has good orchard and gardens and is self sufficient. Unique four bedroom home set in attractive grounds. A big plus is the outbuildings including large lock up workshop and two bay pole shed. Opportunity for good living and lifestyle.

VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 10.15 - 11.00am


Deadline Sale closing Thursday 28th February 2013. 1


WEB ID AL28409

EASTSIDE 125 William Street This freshly redecorated three bedroom home is close in on the eastside of Ashburton, handy to the post office, Countdown, park and central Ashburton. All three bedrooms are spacious and sunny and have large built in wardrobes.

WEB ID AU29219 EASTSIDE $325,000 6/42 Aitken Street Hard By to find are easy care units like this, View Appointment close to town with single garage. Two bedrooms, good sized living areas. Rateable Value $140,000. Very tidy. 4




TINWALD 36A Johnstone Street A townhouse with just a bit extra giving a good indoor outdoor flow. Two double bedrooms, open plan living area, attached garage with internal access. Attractively presented and currently tenanted.

Paul Cunneen RURAL DDI 03 307 9190 027 432 3382

Chris Murdoch RURAL DDI 03 307 9191 027 434 2545

Rodger Letham 2 RURAL 1 DDI 03 307 9192 027 433 3436 1

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covering Mid Canterbury... Bring your garden to life with


An excellent finish... is all about how you start

Flooring consulting



We do a lot of things well... House and land package in Braebrook. Turn the key $494,000.00


Talk to a sales consultant today!

Want new flooring for your home?

Roger Martin specialises in: • Garden design and planting schemes • Plant sourcing and placing service • Garden maintenance • Lawn care • Rose/fruit tree/seasonal pruning

Bathroom under tile water proofing system available. Wooden flooring Huge selection of tiles

Phone today and talk to Rochelle for advice.

Call Roger Martin today for your on-site garden consultation.

The Finishing Company 03 307 8870 or 0274 444 856


81 West Street, Ashburton - Phone: 308 5119

Paint, Plaster (Rockcote), Factory Spray Lacquer, Specialist Coatings/Textures (Resin & Stone Floors)

Trees need sorting on your property?

Phone 03 308 7052

Ph/Fax: 308 8138 | Mobile: 021 244 7052 2 Reid Crescent, Ashburton

Get your supplies at the Toolshed!

• Property valuations Ian -Dwelling, Regis land, a.N. insurance B.Co




• Pruning • Felling • Hedge trimming • Branch chipping (up to 12”)

• Powerline clearance • Stumpgrinding • Dismantling

Property management experts

All your tree services!

0800 559 255


Our sole focus is property management


Zero tolerance to rent arrears and damage


Minimal tenant problems with our unique letting system and long term lease focus


Secure online access to statements and inspection reports


Ipad inspections

Great range of tools and brand options for the tradesman and handyman . . . come and see our range today!

Four Seasons Treecare Ltd Your ProPertY in saFe hands

Call Ian your real estate valuation Ian McBride REGISTERED VALUER A.N.Z.I.V. S.P.I.N.Z. B.Com (Agr.), V.F.M.

Free Phone 0800 111 252 or call Matt on 021 160 4565

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159 HaRRisoN st, asH Phon Mobile Email: ianmcbri McBride today for

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If you’re reading this advert then so are your potential clients.

SECOND HAND HOMEWARE For the best second hand almost anything in Ashburton Allenton Dealers is the place. For style without the price tag visit us for everything from Lounge suites to lamp shades.

I have international workers and holiday makers wanting and waiting for a home for short and long term stays in the Ashburton and surrounding areas!

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Saturday 9.30am - 1pm

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Furniture moving


Harbour Town Lift Chair

From $1499 Carpets / Tiles / Beds / Furniture / Curtains / Blindss

• Locally owned and operated

For options and prices call RD8 Contracting on 021-170-3715

To advertise in this directory, please phone Desme on 027 468 8186

Now $4999

• Truck holds a massive 38 m3


03 308 3280 82 Harrison Street Ashburton

Adam Suite was $7599

• Farm worker and Gypsy Day discount

East Street to Burnett St, Ashburton Ph today 308 5269


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145 McMurdo St 10am-10.30am 42 Grey St 10.45am-11.15am 5 Kerr St 10.45am-11.15am 58 William St 11am-11.45am 11.30am-12 noon 3/356 Havelock St 72 Alford Forest Rd 11.30am-12.15pm 84 Oxford St 12.30pm-1.15pm


38 Reid Cres 11am-11.30am

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9 Wakanui Rd 9.15am-9.45am 318 Havelock St 10am-10.30am 24 Farm Rd 10am-10.30am 143 Hobbs Rd 10.15am-11am 27 Hollands Rd 10.30-11.15am 22 Grove St 10.45-11.15am 8 Dunford St, Rakaia 11am-11.30am 2/265 Moore St 11am-11.30am 11 Galbraith St 11.30am-12 noon 6 Lochhead Cres 11.30am-12 noon 5 Glassey Dr 12.15-12.45pm 90 Cridland St 12 noon-12.30pm 142 Dunford St, Rakaia 1pm-1.30pm 107 Creek Rd 1pm-1.30pm



57A Havelock St 10am-10.30am 314 Tanred St 10.30am-11am 36 Creek Rd 11am-11.45am 15 Hefford Pl 11am-11.45am 12 noon-12.30pm 18 Anne St 199 Walnut Ave 1pm-1.30pm


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New incentives to watch telly Just gorged on an entire series of Game of Thrones? Then you deserve a reward. Microsoft plans to give special awards to viewers in return for watching television programmes and advertisements on its new Xbox One games console. A patent application lodged by the US computer giant reveals that it wants to incentivise TV viewing by offering rewards to everyone who watches video content on its devices. The concept, an extension of the achievements Xbox 360 players can unlock by completing in-game tasks, could lead to viewers receiving free Microsoft products in return for watching TV. But the awards scheme would also require a monitoring system to track every programme and advert watched by its users and confirm that they actively engaged with rewardable content. The Microsoft patent states that TV watching tends to be a passive experience. To increase interactive viewing and encourage a user to watch one or more particular items of video content, awards and achievements may be tied to those items, the document logged with the US Patent and

Trademark Office says. Producers, distributors and advertisers of the video content may set viewing goals and award a viewer who has reached the goals. The reward could be virtual, in the form of unlocking extra points or content in a game; coupons for an advertised product or service; or an actual product. Viewers who watch an entire series could be rewarded with free downloads of a future show or a new game. What if a viewer simply leaves their device in play mode then moves away? The patent suggests that the rewards system could be made compatible with Microsoft’s Kinect sensor. The viewing behaviour could include an action performable by the viewer and detectable by one or more sensors, such as a depth camera. A sensor could detect whether a viewer’s eyes were really on the screen. The patent also mentions a system configured to track the viewing behaviour of one or more viewers that can compile one or more userspecific reports on the behaviour, and send the user-specific reports

to a remote device to determine whether the user-viewing goal has been met. Microsoft believes its patent - which it calls Awards and Achievements Across TV Ecosystem - will find favour with advertisers struggling to target viewers who can now speed through commercial breaks at high speed using digital catch-up services. However, Jeremy Toeman of Dijit Media, a start-up company that aims to transform the way people discover TV programmes, says Microsoft’s plan fails to grasp the motivation behind the viewing experience. The accomplishment of finishing Game of Thrones is that you watched it, you enjoyed it and you gave up 13 hours of your life to have that enjoyment, says Toeman. I haven’t seen any success yet from any TV rewards programme. What the industry doesn’t get is that watching the show is the reward. The patent doesn’t state which platform the rewards system would operate through, but it is believed that the new Xbox One and 360 consoles are the likeliest targets.  - The Independent

Eye-tech future It doesn’t matter that Apple tantalises with the promise of an iWatch or Apple shoes. Or that people are working on T-shirts that can hold an electric charge to power tablets and mobile phones. It doesn’t matter because the next wave of wearable tech is already here, it’s extremely cool, and it’s only going to get cooler. From Samsung Galaxy phones that measure your heart rate and Body Mass Index to Google Glass on the fashion runways of New York City, the digital devices formerly carried in pocket or purse are becoming a part of personal style. The internet was abuzz with speculation this year when word leaked that Apple was at work on something akin to Dick Tracy’s twoway wristwatch. Or not. When Steve Jobs threw away the stylus to prove that handheld tech doesn’t require anything more than lifting a finger, that was revolutionary. In the case of the “iWatch,� as some have dubbed it, the speculation sounds a bit doubtful it will be anything special. So, we’ll see. Not so, however, in the case of Google Glass, which has been building buzz since last year. Celebrities and everyday folk have been given the chance to try these red-hot tech specs. Models on the

• Bark • Oamaru stone • Rocks • Organic compost • Sand • Screened soil • Home deliveries available Plus much more FREE loan trailer available! From a shovel load to a trailer load. Dobson Street West Ph: 307 8302

runway at Diane von Furstenberg’s spring/summer show in September were decked out in the glasses, which are sleek and shiny and come in a variety of colours. The specs allow wearers to experience augmented reality, to “see� computerised projections in the real world around them. They will also allow photos to be taken with a blink of an eye or emails to be read with physical motions or spoken word. At least one politician, Gary G. Howell of the West Virginia state house of delegates, has introduced a bill to amend laws that already limit functions such as texting while driving: no driving while wear- AAP ing Google Glass.


A LOVELY new Asian. Hot and sexy and very friendly. Sensual massage. Phone Amy 021 100 3539. COME in and warm up with our new lady, Mila. A hot, busty red head. Also, the lovely Crystal is back. Ph 021-565-126.

NOTICE OF MEETING JUNE 2013 Further to the meetings advertised for June 2013, notice is given that the Council meeting to be held on Thursday 27 June 2013 at Matthew Fraser House, 5 Sir William Pickering Drive, Burnside, Christchurch will now commence at 9.00am. The agenda will be available at the meeting and online at Pages/default.aspx two days prior to each meeting. Bill Bayfield CHIEF EXECUTIVE

Ashburton Christian School Board of Trustees Election 2013 For 4 Parent Representatives DECLARATION OF PARENT REPRESENTATIVE ELECTION RESULTS Parent Representatives LE ROUX, Jake STOWELL, Joyce BUTLER, Margaret DUKE, Louise WEAVER, Alister BENNET, Michael John INVALID VOTES

Votes 34 32 30 30 16 14 0

I therefore declare the following duly elected: Margaret Butler, Louise Duke, Jake Le Roux and Joyce Stowell.

Wayne Jamieson NEW - ladies in your town, Returning Officer aged 30-60yrs seeking Ashburton Christian School companionship or intimate liaisons. Anonymity for everyone assured. Listen GARAGE SALES to a recording on 028 255 27060 then contact Kate for preview of 8AM12noon. Must sell everything! Clothes, I’m in ChCh and will travel furniture, housewares, knick to Nth Canterbury districts knacks. 8 Moore Street. Wed, Thurs, Fri, Monday 17 Saturday, June 15. If Nelson. Ph 027-437-8345. raining, postponed to Saturday, June 22.

FOR SALE for sale or hire, ex shipping: general and insulated. Sidelifter available for delivery. – Wilson Bulk Transport, Phone 308-7772. CONTAINERS

DEADLINES - Ashburton GARAGE Sale. Dunford Guardian Classifieds Street, Rakaia. 8am close at 5.00pm every Saturday, June 15. General week day, the day prior SATURDAY. 8.30am start. household items and toddler to insertion. Phone 03All cheap. 54 Suffolk Street. toys. 307-7965.




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prepaid mobile with a credit card.


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FIREWOOD, dry hot burning Macrocarpa / Old Man Pine hot mix, 6cu m $450, 50/50 mix. Ph/text 027 958 0053.

BUYER of unwanted animals. Cattle, bobby calves, horse and all farm animals. We also sell pet food. Call Nick’s Pet Food 0272-101-621 A/H 03-322KWILA DECKING - 7626. Available in 90x19 and 140x19 with large choice of CALF SHED BEDDING lengths available. Stocking Premium woodmulch all your timber requirements chipped from our slabwood. for under your deck as well - Guaranteed 100% untreated Adams Sawmill, Malcolm wood/bark NO McDowell Road, Ph 308 3595 CONTAMINATION OR - Eftpos/credit card. DEMOLITION POP UP STORE.... Famous MATERIALS. Sawdust also homeware brands. For one available - Adams Sawmill, week only. Up to 70% of Malcolm McDowell Road. Ph famous homeware brands. 308 3595. Starting Monday, June 10. 10am til 4pm week days,  Saturday 10am til 1pm. In The Arcade, Burnett St. Limited stock. Get in quick. DON'T BE PALE at the School Ball. 25% off all VersaSpa Spray Tans for the School Ball. Configure Express 307 7030.

Guardian Classifieds

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New Houses for Sale 25A & B Philip Street

Viewing by appointment. Price by Negotiation. Trade me listing number 579766413

For further enquiries, please phone 027 448 3405

TODAY FRIDAY JUNE 14 9.00am. ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Real women circuit training the hall. 48 Allens Road, Allenton. 9.00am. ST ANDREWS ANGLICAN CHURCH. Drop in centre, St Andrews Anglican Church Hall, cnr Thomson and Jane Street, Tinwald. 1.00pm - 3.00pm. ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. Classic aircraft on display. Ashburton Airport, Seafield Road. 1.30pm. R.S.A. Euchre. R.S.A. Cox Street, Ashburton. 2.00pm. CAVENDISH CLUB. Drama circle, sketch and readings. 31 Tancred Street.




LARGE office room with adjoining reception area available for lease. Ground floor and central location. Phone Julie 027 688 4334.

TOYOTA Corolla liftback 1988, 1600cc, five speed manual, very tidy condition, recent cam belt and winter service, WOF, rego, runs well. $2,500. Ph 303 7290 or 027 348 6855.

MEADOW hay. Handy to Ashburton. $5 bale. Phone 027-555-1123 or 308 5204.


SATURDAY, JUNE 15 9.30am - 12.30pm. ASHBURTON TOY LIBRARY. Open today. Methodist Church Hall, Baring Square East. 10.00am - 12.00pm. ASHBURTON VINTAGE CAR CLUB. Museum and parts shed open. 86 Maronan Road, Tinwald. 10.00am - 3.00pm. ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM, Classic aircraft on display including DC3. Ashburton Airport, Seafield Road. 1.30pm. MID CANTERBURY SOCIAL WHEELERS. 14km road race. Register from 1pm. Fords Road, near the sale yards.

1991 FORD Courier, single cab, flatdeck, two wheel drive, 2.2 diesel. New warrant, very tidy. $3,200. Ph 303-6048. 1991 ISUZU Rodeo, 4 wheel drive, diesel. Four new tyres. Sold with new WOF and rego. $4,000. Ph 027-4313265.

READYMADE calf shelters hen houses - pump sheds. Sturdy well built sheds made to last. Choice of colours and sizes as we make to order. Your readymade shed SPECIAL specialists Adams ANNOUNCEMENTS Sawmilling, Malcolm McDowell Road, Ph 3083EXCELLENT fundraising 595. Mon-Fri 7am-5.30pm, opportunity - free to hire. Sat 8am-12noon. Community fundraising BBQ situated at Mitre 10 Mega. Visit our customer service counter today to book and for details. – Phone 3085119.

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021 892 425

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ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, June 14, 2013

Christchurch greyhound Christchurch Greyhound Racing Club Venue: Addington Raceway Meeting Date: 14 Jun 2013 NZ Meeting number : 9 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; 11 and 12 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 10, 11 and 12 1 12.12pm (NZT) CHRISTCHURCHGREYHOUNDS.CO.NZ SPRINT C0, 295m 1 53542 Mamalulu nwtd C &............................ Fagan 2 6 La Fontaine nwtd...............................J Dunn 3 58735 Massage Only nwtd.....................D Kingston 4 66 Go Nola nwtd................................. G Cleeve 5 33725 Teevee Gidget nwtd.......................... M Flipp 6 64442 Homebush Sting nwtd................J McInerney 7 Blue Gale Rise nwtd J &.........................May 8 45472 Groovy Leo nwtd........................J McInerney 9 36557 Witch Wood Rose nwtd J &....................May 10 586 Hot Tea nwtd..............................A Bradshaw 2 12.30pm HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYNDA WHITE C0, 295m 1 62834 Another Stone nwtd...................J McInerney 2 5 Beadman nwtd...................................J Dunn 3 5246 Mega Girl nwtd A &.............................Seque 4 8788 Nopee nwtd................................J McInerney 5 Mildred Lillian nwtd........................... M Flipp 6 25322 Know Pity nwtd.............................. G Cleeve 7 Black Barracuda nwtd J &......................May 8 76755 Fantas Fiction nwtd..........................S Fagan 9 36557 Witch Wood Rose nwtd J &....................May 10 77767 Pandora Doll nwtd...................M K Dempsey 3 12.47pm COALGATE TAVERN SPRINT C0, 295m 1 33846 Girl Pride nwtd A &.............................Seque 2 Cec Divine nwtd............................. G Cleeve 3 5 Drip Dry Ocean nwtd J &........................May 4 66728 Okuku Muppet nwtd C &..................... Fagan 5 56737 Charlie’s Pal nwtd......................J McInerney 6 x8427 Homebush Churro nwtd.............J McInerney

7 Summer Love nwtd J &...........................May 8 7352 Starburst Benny nwtd...................... M Grant 9 36557 Witch Wood Rose nwtd J &....................May 10 777 Sum Are Fun nwtd............................ M Flipp 4 1.05pm GARRARD’S HORSE HOUND STAKES C0, 520m 1 5 Lacey nwtd M &.................................Jopson 2 24333 Cawbourne Polly nwtd..................... M Grant 3 47535 Choose To Love nwtd M &.................Jopson 4 743 Opawa Leanne nwtd L &.................... Wales 5 75286 Opawa Jay nwtd L &........................... Wales 6 86376 Scotsome Power nwtd M &................Jopson 7 Blushing Belle nwtd L &...................... Wales 8 67 Wongway Georgie nwtd.....................J Rush 9 Court The Belle nwtd L &................... Wales 10 47766 Know Solution nwtd....................... G Cleeve 5 1.22pm CLARKSON SIGN STUDIO SPRINT C0, 295m 1 8 Vienna nwtd...............................R Blackburn 2 77524 Chase The Stars nwtd M &.................. Smith 3 46453 Another Another nwtd................J McInerney 4 Bowman nwtd....................................J Dunn 5 86758 Flirt With Me nwtd M &......................Jopson 6 45364 Uno Nosey nwtd J &...............................May 7 Gorilla On Drums nwtd J &.....................May 8 T48T2 Genia Haka nwtd............J McInerney 9 36557 Witch Wood Rose nwtd J &....................May 10 36668 Pep’s Pot nwtd.................................S Fagan 6 1.40pm SUPER PETS MAIDEN FINAL C0f, 520m 1 6116 Opawa Jean 30.79 L &....................... Wales 2 74353 Wagon Wheel nwtd M &....................Jopson 3 111 Opawa Stretch 30.33 J &.................D Fahey 4 82 Opawa Hally nwtd L &........................ Wales 5 22 Mr. Jimmy nwtd A &............................Seque 6 3 Opawa Natty nwtd L &........................ Wales 7 2211 Cognac Diamond 30.84 J &.............D Fahey 8 5424 Opawa Anne nwtd L &........................ Wales 9 24333 Cawbourne Polly nwtd..................... M Grant 10 743 Opawa Leanne nwtd L &.................... Wales 7 1.57pm HURUNUI HOTEL SPRINT C2, 295m 1 21115 True Classic 17.40 W &..................... Nissen 2 78474 Smash Dora 17.53........................... M Grant

Temple Way LOOKING fields,Central formPress Features Ltd Bristol FOR A

3 63353 Cawbourne Flippa 17.35................... M Flipp 4 31881 Homebush Cruden nwtd............J McInerney 5 36576 Home Truth 17.32.......................... G Cleeve 6 51312 Gotta Go Ace 17.48...................R Blackburn 7 27241 Kenny’s Comet 17.56 M &................... Smith 8 58383 Okuku Bobo 17.47.......................... R Casey 9 288x5 Fireman’s Rocket nwtd.................. G Cleeve 10 86566 Rule Judge Judy 17.59 J &.....................May 8 2.15pm CHRIS & LISA EARL DASH C2, 295m 1 6x752 Lachie’s Lad 17.62.............................J Dunn 2 27554 Jed Norton 17.36........................... G Cleeve 3 37332 Starburst Blanch 17.40.................... M Grant 4 82775 Nitro Mabel 17.49 H &.........................Taylor 5 23157 Fly Canary Fly nwtd...................J McInerney 6 73277 Okuku Lilly 17.51............................ R Casey 7 66541 Know Skill 17.67............................ G Cleeve 8 11274 Jack’s A Jewel 17.35 C &.............D Roberts 9 288x5 Fireman’s Rocket nwtd.................. G Cleeve 10 45875 Tom Finn 17.42................................. B Dann 9 2.33pm ASHBURTON GRC PUNTERS CONTEST SUNDAY 23 JUNE C1, 520m 1 46212 Rob’s Mate nwtd M &............................ J Hill 2 66868 Ohoka Sandy 31.24...................... L Waretini 3 31367 Goldstar Bella 30.58 S &.................B Evans 4 41235 Chill Out Ralph 31.14 J &................D Fahey 5 68222 Thirsty Kelvin nwtd.....................J McInerney 6 26715 Paddy Baxter nwtd.....................J McInerney 7 25281 Gypsy Hunter 30.85 W &................... Nissen 8 43228 Bizarro nwtd S &..............................B Evans 9 54453 Hear Hare Here nwtd P &...................Doody 10 52663 Zed Kay Man nwtd.......................D Kingston 10 2.50pm BILL’S BAR & BISTRO DASH C2, 295m 1 56251 Tepirita Charger 17.47......................B Shaw 2 14345 Phil Wart 17.59................................ M Grant 3 56361 Uno Flash 17.42 L &........................... Wales 4 72512 Wandy Gaylene 17.30................... G Cleeve 5 64641 Bigtime Yahoo 17.59 P &....................Doody 6 18771 Jet To Mars 17.70 M &......................... Smith 7 65243 Cawbourne Reeah 17.44...........J McInerney 8 42555 Okuku Wee Man 17.55 C &................ Fagan

9 288x5 Fireman’s Rocket nwtd.................. G Cleeve 10 87477 Billy Muggins 17.49........................... B Dann 11 3.08pm DAVE ROBBIE PHOTOGRAPHER STAKES C1/2, 520m 1 34473 Opulent 30.74 A &..............................Seque 2 47466 Opawa Peekay 31.48 L &................... Wales 3 42457 Another Star nwtd......................J McInerney 4 11422 Ohoka Frenchi 30.69.................... L Waretini 5 42323 Rambunctious 30.63..................A Bradshaw 6 11374 Shalana Star 30.71............................J Dunn 7 41244 Opawa Wally nwtd L &........................ Wales 8 14632 Criniti’s nwtd.......................................J Dunn 9 77536 Dittman 31.01....................................J Dunn 10 54453 Hear Hare Here nwtd P &...................Doody 12 3.25pm SPEIGHT’S SPRINT C2, 295m 1 53211 Know Charity 17.40....................... G Cleeve 2 54637 Aversion 17.66 H &..............................Taylor 3 34711 Don’t Call Me 17.54.......................... B Dann 4 867x8 Chipewyan 17.54 M &.......................... Smith 5 27371 Twister Al 17.43........................... J McMillan 6 54311 Avec Lamour 17.63....................A Bradshaw 7 31158 Cawbourne Renee nwtd C &........D Roberts 8 53454 Wunya nwtd...............................J McInerney 9 288x5 Fireman’s Rocket nwtd.................. G Cleeve 10 5775x Wandy Chloe nwtd........................... M Grant SELECTIONS Race 1: Mamalulu, La Fontaine, Teevee Gidget, Homebush Sting Race 2: Know Pity, Mega Girl, Mildred Lillian, Another Stone Race 3: Cec Divine, Starburst Benny, Homebush Churro, Girl Pride Race 4: Blushing Belle, Cawbourne Polly, Opawa Leanne Race 5: Genia Haka, Chase The Stars, Bowman, Gorilla On Drums Race 6: Opawa Stretch, Cognac Diamond, Mr. Jimmy, Opawa Jean Race 7: True Classic, Gotta Go Ace, Home Truth, Cawbourne Flippa Race 8: Starburst Blanch, Jack’s A Jewel, Lachie’s Lad, Jed Norton Race 9: Rob’s Mate, Goldstar Bella, Chill Out Ralph, Gypsy Hunter Race 10: Tepirita Charger, Uno Flash, Wandy Gaylene, Cawbourne Reeah Race 11: Shalana Star, Ohoka Frenchi, Opulent, Opawa Wally Race 12: Cawbourne Renee, Know Charity, Don’t Call Me

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BS99 7HD Tel: 0117 934 3621


69 Tancred Street, Ashburton• 03 308-9612 • 021-225-4355

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Wanganui greyhound fields, form Wanganui Greyhound Racing Club Venue: Hatrick Raceway Meeting Date: 14 Jun 2013 NZ Meeting number: 10 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; 11 and 12 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 10, 11 and 12 1 4.53pm ABSOLUTELY ELECTRICAL C2/3 C2/3, 305m 1 52615 All The Rage 17.75 U &.............. McCracken 2 66375 Gone Awol 17.74.......................J McInerney 3 4366x Par nwtd.......................................A Turnwald 4 31238 Surf Quake 17.56 U &................ McCracken 5 36321 Sir Richie (c4) nwtd..........................L Ahern 6 33726 But It’s Great 17.78....................J McInerney 7 63576 Agent Victor 17.97............... J Woolston-Bell 8 87877 Another Becky 17.83.................J McInerney 9 66778 Speedy Leeshelle 17.54............J McInerney 10 23415 Jimmy Jurante (c2) 17.80..........J McInerney 2 5.10pm HARRISON HIRE MASTER C1/2 C1/2, 520m 1 11224 Bumpa Sticker 30.40........................L Ahern 2 44676 Upahut Cindy 30.33.................... B Hodgson 3 43477 Fergie’s Belle 30.33.........................S Maher 4 65516 Big Token nwtd...........................J McInerney 5 11243 What’s Up Gee 30.30.......................L Ahern 6 24821 Lincoln Flyer (c3) nwtd......................G Quirk 7 66356 Ramessee 30.52............................M Gowan 8 76878 Chelsea’s Beauty nwtd................. T Downey 9 77126 Homebush Lestat (c1) 30.47.....J McInerney 10 35465 Cawbourne Anna (c1) nwtd.......J McInerney 3 5.35pm (NZT) J P PRINT (PETONE) C2/3 C2/3, 305m 1 17418 Homebush Buffy 17.51..............J McInerney 2 62846 What A Peanut 18.01.................J McInerney 3 64776 Gem’s Conquest 17.86.....................G Quirk 4 11226 Matilda’s Babe 17.53...................J McArthur 5 45427 Another Lady 17.52...................J McInerney 6 51711 Kezz 17.56...............................T McCracken 7 71114 Jill Sprite 17.85 U &.................... McCracken

8 77775 Cawbourne Steffi 17.56....... J Woolston-Bell 9 66778 Speedy Leeshelle(c2) 17.54......J McInerney 10 41113 Little Rascal (c2) 17.54.....................L Ahern 4 6.05pm (NZT) GUTHRIE BOWRON C1/2 C1/2, 520m 1 44366 Kango Klink 30.46..........................B Mitchell 2 61727 Another Fantasy 30.26...............J McInerney 3 81473 Kylie’s Belle 30.28............................S Maher 4 63683 Eric’s Song 30.31........................ B Johnston 5 13677 Raveon 30.42.................................M Gowan 6 32566 Thrilling Ava 30.51...........................B Marsh 7 31716 Uno Heidi 30.19................................L Ahern 8 87636 Chelseas Babe nwtd..................... T Downey 9 77126 Homebush Lestat (c1) 30.47.....J McInerney 10 57468 Opawa Stu (c1) nwtd........................G Quirk 5 6.35pm GARY ROSS DECORATOR C4 C4, 305m 1 28272 Homebush Domino 17.63..........J McInerney 2 13143 Cosmic Fury 17.52...........................L Ahern 3 23147 Aussie Haka 17.56 U &.............. McCracken 4 22117 Shanghai Sam 17.53........................L Ahern 5 58431 Slangevar 17.61.................................D Little 6 37854 Kinetic Rio 17.52 K &.........................Phillips 7 17545 Ate Pizza 17.41 F &........................Turnwald 8 63746 Safe And Secure 17.82............... B Johnston 9 62484 Trinity Boy 17.73 D L &....................L Wright 10 43775 Excessive Speed 17.88...................M Olden 6 7.05pm WANGANUI SECURITY C3 FINAL C3f, 305m 1 67242 Mr. Big Stuff nwtd..............................G Quirk 2 11623 Just A Boy 17.32 K &.........................Phillips 3 87334 Radiator Springs nwtd......................G Quirk 4 x5671 Moon Warrower (c4) 17.79............... J Tapiki 5 75111 Where’s Chicken (c4) 17.56 F &.....Turnwald 6 41172 Tawny Port 17.37 F &.....................Turnwald 7 46484 George Baxter 17.63.................J McInerney 8 33853 Bound By Pride 17.52.......................G Quirk

9 52615 All The Rage 17.75 U &.............. McCracken 10 82272 Opawa Swede (c4) 30.44 J &..........D Fahey 10 14835 Mr. Majestic nwtd...............................J Black 10 8.43pm KEENAN CONCRETE C5 C5, 520m 7 7.35pm MICKEY’S SUPER LIQUOR C4 C4, 520m 1 56226 Lachlan’s Cash nwtd...................D Schofield ACROSS DOWN 1 14143 Nonu Nonu Boom 30.37...................L Ahern 2 24237 Bella Dior nwtd. ..........................J McInerney 2 72765 Bigtime Latte 30.21...........................L Ahern 3 54357 Should Be Carlos 30.21.............J 2. Conclude (3) McInerney 1. Recklessness (11) 3 74625 Another Breeze 30.03................J McInerney 4 36768 Secret Sprite (c4) nwtd F &............Turnwald 3. Bully Trivial (5) .......... G Hodgson 9. Strange 4 77531 Thanks Charlie 30.30.................J McInerney (3) 5 54864 Backyard (c4) 29.85. 5 21521 Fancy Jill 30.19...........................D Schofield 6 12214 Fancy4. Tip Branch 30.10..........................D out (6) Schofield 10. Clock (9) 6 31683 Mick Mania 30.04........................G Hodgson 7 14786 Moulin Blue nwtd F &......................Turnwald 5.30.26. Characteristic (7) Ahern 11. Vacant 7 73574 Know Attempt nwtd........................ G Cleeve(5) 8 11512 El Jetta ...................................L 8 26624 Seven Iron 30.20 F &......................Turnwald 9 72687 Chainsaw Pete 30.25.......................B Marsh 6. Mistake (9) 13. Concentrated (7) 9 62484 Trinity Boy 30.36 D L &....................L Wright 10 18378 Sammy James 30.08........................L Ahern 7. Home life (11) C5 C5, 305m 14. Dread (6) 11 9.12pm PALAMOUNTAINS 10 427x6 Bigtime Karen 30.12.........................L Ahern NUTRITION 8 7.54pm BROAD ROOFING C5 C5,16. 305m 1 71628 Homebush Lignite 17.59. ...........J McInerney 8. Sewing (11) Infestation (6) 1 71388 Cheetah Woods 17.28...............J McInerney 2 83127 Rosemore Osti 17.23........................L Ahern Descent (9) 18. Admit (7) 3 53333 Darlek12. 2 15852 Homebush Boris 17.74..............J McInerney Khan 17.36......................G M Clarke 3 83342 Leadfoot Lenny 17.46..........................L Udy (5) 4 72113 Cosmic Pearl nwtd......................D Schofield 15. Superintend (7) 19. Change 4 41122 Call Me Ralph 17.38...................G M Clarke 5 63376 Waterbug 17.68...................................L Udy 17.Coffee Diversion (6) McInerney 20. Interchange (9) 5 76156 Belkara 17.66...................................M Olden 6 61688 Another 17.55.................J 6 72821 Stiff 17.33 F &.................................Turnwald 7 46211 Bee 19. RabbitVigilant 17.38..............................L Ahern (5) 21. Fairy (3) 7 66375 Kissin Kate 17.36...................K Sutch-Jones 8 83111 Run Lacey Run 17.41 F &..............Turnwald 21.17.57. Self...........................J (3) 22. Festival 8 28188 Uno Allegro 17.56.............................L Ahern (11) 9 58681 Enflame McInerney 9 58681 Enflame 17.57............................J McInerney 10 72687 Chainsaw Pete 17.72.......................B Marsh 10 78367 Llamedos 17.58................................G Quirk SOLUTIONS TO PUZZLE No 12,207 12 9.42pm THE ROCK 95.2FM C5 C5, 305m 9 8.12pm NZ BREEDERS STAKES FINAL R/A R/Af, 520m 1 53435 Iona Haka 0.00..........................J McInerney Across: 1 Side; 3 Goodwill; 9 Adorned; 10 Set-to; 11Hunt 1 21351 Thrilling Sonic (c3) 30.21................. K Walsh 2 36563 Flying Flynn 17.62.............................D 2 63261 Hello Ello (c3) 29.93................... B Johnston 13 Spirit; 3 6122F Hypotential 17.47. .............................G Quirk Discouraging; 15 Demean; 17 Unfathomable; 3 43112 Speed Legend (c4) 29.46........... B Hodgson 4 74267 Vicki’s Quest23 17.65..............................L Udy 20 Rabbi; 21 Venture; 22 Greenery; Bent. 4 16612 Homebush Violet (c4) 29.99......J McInerney 5 64311 Avert 17.54 U &.......................... McCracken Down: 1 Slapdash; 2 Dross; 4 Orders; 5 Disagreement; 5 13421 Alamein Jah (c2) 30.26 K &...............Phillips 6 23211 Eruza 17.50......................................L Ahern 6 Intense; 7 Look; 87 Intoxication; 12 Interest; 14 Ignoble; 6 55251 Red Crystal (c3) 30.16................ B Hodgson 82583 Princely Dollar 17.87..................J McInerney 16 Shiver; 18 Brute; 8 19 Drag. Diger 17.62.........................G Hodgson 7 17811 Homebush Chopper(c5) 30.50..J McInerney 26325 Wee 8 31131 Know Class (c5) 29.86................... G Cleeve 9 58681 Enflame 17.57............................J McInerney 9 51528 Another Colt (c3) 30.77.............J McInerney 10 55388 Bob’s Your Uncle nwtd.......................R Hunt

ACROSS 4. Outfit (7) 8. Allow (6) 9. Hate (7) 10. Bond (6) 11. Joined (6) 12. Limit (8) 18. Cruel (8) 20. Meal (6) 21. Surpass (6) 22. Merciful (7) 23. Madhouse (6) 24. Heavy (7)

DOWN 1. Ghost (7) 2. Vow (7) 3. Transgressor (6) 5. Functioned (8) 6. Upset (6) 7. Caused to err (6) 13. Intuition (8) 14. Barren (7) 15. Thrift (7) 16. Placid (6) 17. Adage (6) 19. Hardened (6)

SOLUTIONS TO PUZZLE No 12,208 Across: 1 Desperation; 9 Odd; 10 Timepiece; 11 Empty; 13 Focused; 14 Terror; 16 Plague; 18 Concede; 19 Alter; 20 Transpose; 21 Elf; 22 Celebration. Down: 2 End; 3 Petty; 4 Ramify; 5 Typical; 6 Oversight; 7 Domesticity; 8 Needlecraft; 12 Parentage; 15 Oversee; 17 Detour; 19 Alert; 21 Ego.

River Cruise Evening – Wednesday 26th June Your chance to hear about the wonderful experiences of river cruising in Europe, Egypt, Asia & USA. Mark from Avalon Waterways will share his knowledge on this fantastic way to travel. Having just returned from Europe, Maxine Whiting has also travelled on a river cruise and looks forward to sharing her first hand knowledge with you. We will also be touching on our Escorted South Australia Tour which includes a 4 night cruise on the Murray River.

196 East Street Ashburton Phone (03) 307 8760

To reserve your space at this evening please call us on (03) 307 8760



6.00 9.00 10.00 11.00 11.30 12.00 12.30


2.00 3.00 3.55 4.25




Breakfast. Good Morning. Ellen. (G, R) Coach Trip. (G, T) House Guest. (G, R) ONE News. (T) Emmerdale. (PGR, T) Alex is awkward, Dan apologises, and Lisa’s worried about Zak. Come Dine With Me. (G) A daily lifestyle show that sees five very different people competing to be named the ultimate dinner party host. Four Weddings USA. (R) Ellen. Te Karere. (T) MasterChef: The Professionals. (T) Two teams of three contestant chefs each prepare a three course meal for 120 guests. Millionaire Hot Seat. (T)

6.00 ONE News. (T) 7.00 Seven Sharp. (T) 7.30 Coronation Street. (PGR, T) 8.30 Location Location Location. (G, T) From a pair of newlyweds looking to buy a first family home, to a couple bringing their whole family together, this search takes Phil and Kirstie to Devon. 9.30 Hotel Inspector. (PGR, T) Alex Polizzi travels to the Caspian, in Ealing Broadway, West London. 10.30 ONE News Tonight. (T) 11.00 Spy. (PGR) 11.30 Episodes. (AO, R) 12.05 Harry’s Law. (AO, R, T) 1.05 Te Karere. (R, T) 1.35 Infomercials.



6.00 Creflo Dollar. 6.30 Buzzy Bee And Friends. (G, R, T) 6.35 Tiki Tour. (G, R, T) 7.00 Grizzly Tales. (G, R, T) 7.25 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated. (G, R, T) 7.50 Pokemon: Black and White. (G, T) 8.15 Franklin. (G, R, T) 8.40 Mike The Knight. (G, R, T) 8.50 Fireman Sam. (G, T) 9.00 Infomercials. 10.30 Neighbours. (G, R, T) 11.00 Shortland Street. (PGR, R, T) 11.30 Spin City. (PGR, R, T) 12.00 Hart Of Dixie. (G, R, T) 1.00 Jeremy Kyle. (AO) 3.00 Mr Men. (G, R, T) 3.05 Doc McStuffins. (G, T) 3.30 Spongebob Squarepants. (G, R, T) 4.00 Good Luck Charlie. (G, R, T) 4.30 The Erin Simpson Show. 5.00 Horace In Slow Motion. (G, R) 5.01 America’s Funniest Home Videos. (G, R, T) 5.30 Hope And Faith. (G, R, T) 6.00 Friends. (G, R, T) 6.30 Neighbours. (G, T) 7.00 Shortland Street. (T) Josh promises to protect Harper, Vasa represses her motherly instincts, and Brooke does wrong to do right. 7.30 The Voice Australia. (G, T) The judges ask their team members to compete against each other by singing a rendition of the same song. 9.10 Killer Karaoke. (Final, PGR, T) 10.10 Distraction USA. (AO, R) 10.35 The Bachelorette. (PGR, T) 12.30 Two And A Half Men. (PGR, R, T) 1.25 Infomercials. 2.25 The Voice. (G, R, T) 4.00 I’m A Celebrity. Get Me Out Of Here! (PGR, R) 5.10 The Erin Simpson Show. (R) 5.35 Let’s Get Inventin’. (G, R, T)

6.00 8.30 10.30 11.30 12.00 12.30 1.00 2.00 3.00

4.00 5.00 5.30

3 News: Firstline. Infomercials. (G) The Shopping Channel. Everybody Loves Raymond. (G, R, T) 3 News. Home And Away. (R, T) Dr Phil. (AO) The Dr Oz Show. (PGR) Top Chef: Just Desserts. (PGR, R) The 11 remaining contestants must whip up sweet delectables from cocktails, but one chef’s actions sour the others. Rachael Ray. (G) Entertainment Tonight. Home And Away. (G, T) Bianca helps Rosie talk to her foster mum about her pregnancy, John and Marilyn become friends again, Adam makes Brax choose between Ricky and Tamara.

6.00 3 News. 7.00 Campbell Live. 7.30 Modern Family. (PGR, R, T) 8.00 The New Normal. (PGR) 8.30 Graham Norton Show. (AO) Among the guests on Graham’s sofa this week are actress and singer Jennifer Lopez and the star of Peep Show, comedian David Mitchell. 9.30 7 Days. (AO) 10.00 Jono And Ben At Ten. (AO) 10.35 Nightline. 11.15 The Big Game. (PGR) 12.15 The Big C. (AO) 1.25 NCIS: Los Angeles. (AO, R, T) 2.25 Infomercials. (G)

PRIMe 6.00 Home Shopping. (G) 6.30 The Crowd Goes Wild. (G, R) 7.00 Deal Or No Deal. (G, R) 7.30 Home Shopping. (G) 12.00 The Doctors. (PGR) 1.00 The Jeff Probst Show. 2.05 America’s Got Talent. (G, R) We’re back in Hollywood for the fourth and final week of eliminations before the semifinals. 3.05 Better Homes And Gardens. (G, R) Ideas and practical guides to improvement projects for your home and garden, plus recipes and entertaining solutions. 4.00 The Late Show With David Letterman. (G, R) 5.00 Deal Or No Deal. (G, R) Game show hosted by Andrew O’Keefe. 5.30 Prime News.

6.30 Futurama. (G, R) A woman from Fry’s past unthaws in the year 3000, but when she feels out of place, she and Fry journey a thousand years into the future. 7.00 The Simpsons. (PGR, R) When Homer runs into money problems, Reverend Lovejoy sends him on some missionary work in the South Pacific. 7.30 American Ninja Warrior. (G) Based


FOUR, 8.30pm © Central Press Features

Deal Or No Deal. (G) Millionaire: Hot Seat. The Crowd Goes Wild. Secret Millionaire UK. A Gypsy Life For Me. (PGR) Two diva-like judges trapped together on a long car ride and some upset corporate sponsors means that the talent show is in for a rough ride. 9.35 Beauty And The Beast. (PGR) Gabe reveals information which gives Cat hope they can find a cure for Vincent. 10.30 The Crowd Goes Wild. (G, R) 11.05 David Letterman. (G)

A not-so-jolly green giant cuts a menacing yet strangely endearing figure in Ang Lee’s respectful treatment of the time-honoured Marvel superhero. Star Eric Bana has a firm grip on Bruce Banner, the afflicted scientist whose overdose on gamma radiation causes him to turn into a brutish giant when angered. Serviced by ILM’s dazzling effects and a clever script rooted in psychological drama, Brokeback Mountain director Lee preserves the brains and brawn of the comic book, but jettisons the camp.

6.00 6.30 7.00 7.30 8.30

12.00 Home Shopping. (G) 1.30 The Crowd Goes Wild. (G, R) 2.00 Home Shopping. (G)

FOUR 6.00 Sesame Street. (R) 6.55 Pingu. (R) 7.00 Sticky TV. (R) 7.30 Scaredy Squirrel. (R) 7.55 Hey Arnold! (R) 8.20 Strawberry Shortcake. (R) 8.45 HUMF. 8.50 Bob The Builder. (G, R) 9.00 Thomas & Friends. (R) 9.10 Peppa Pig. (G, R) 9.15 Peppa Pig. (G, R) 9.20 Barney And Friends. (G, R) 9.50 Tickety Toc. (G, R) 10.00 Infomercials. (G) 2.00 Sesame Street. (G, R) 2.55 Peppa Pig. (G, R) 3.00 Sticky TV. (G) 4.30 FOUR Live. (G) 6.00 Everybody Hates Chris. (G, R)


on the hit Japanese series Sasuke, this series sees 10 American athletes compete through elaborate obstacle courses for the chance to go to Japan to face the course from the original series. 8.30 FILM: Hulk. (2003, AO, R) Eric Bana, Jennifer Connelly. A mishandled experiment causes a geneticist to become an angry green giant when put under emotional stress. 11.10 Covert Affairs. (Final, AO) Annie goes to Amsterdam to rescue a spy who was taken hostage. 12.00 Infomercials. (G) 12.05 Entertainment Tonight. (G) 12.30 Infomercials. (G)

sky sPORt 1 11.00 Inside The PGA Tour. 11.30 Golf. PGA Tour Of Canada. Times Colonist Island Savings Open. 12.00 Toyota Grassroots Rugby. 1.00 Netball. ANZ Championship. Northern Mystics v WBOP Magic. From The Trusts Arena, Auckland. Replay. 2.30 Netball. ANZ Championship. West Coast Fever v Queensland Firebirds. From Challenge Stadium, Perth. Replay. 4.00 Hockey. FIH World League. Round Three. Black Sticks v India. Replay. 5.30 Rugby. 1st XV Rugby. Wellington College v St Pat’s Silverstream. Replay. 7.30 Rugby. British And Irish Lions Tour. Queensland Reds v British & Irish Lions. Replay. 9.30 Rugby League. NRL Premiership. Sea Eagles v Bulldogs. Live. 11.30 Rugby League. NRL Premiership. Dragons v Cowboys. Replay. 1.30 Fight Night on SKY. Lamont Peterson v Lucas Matthysse. 3.30 The Ultimate Fighter. 4.30 Inside The PGA Tour. 5.00 Golf. US Open. Round Two. Live.

the bOx 6.00 NYPD Blue. (M) 6.50 The Simpsons. (PG) 7.15 Hardcore Pawn. (PG) 7.40 America’s Funniest Home Videos. (PG) 8.05 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (PG) 8.30 Cash Cab USA. (PG) 8.55 24. (M) 9.50 Law & Order. (M) 10.40 NCIS. (PG) 11.30 Criminal Intent. (M) 12.20 Fear Factor. (M) 1.15 NYPD Blue. (M) 2.10 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (PG) 2.35 Cash Cab USA. (PG) 3.05 24. (M) 4.00 Hardcore Pawn. (PG) 4.30 The Simpsons. (PG) 5.00 Law & Order. (M) 6.00 America’s Funniest Home Videos. (PG) 6.30 The Simpsons. (PG) 7.00 Hardcore Pawn. (PG) 7.30 NCIS. (PG) 8.30 CSI: New York. (M) 9.30 CSI: New York. (M) 10.30 Law & Order. (M) 11.30 NCIS. (PG) 12.30 24. (M) 1.20 America’s Funniest Home Videos. (PG) 1.45 Cash Cab USA. (PG) 2.10 NYPD Blue. (M) 3.05 Fear Factor. (M) 3.55 CSI: New York. (M) 4.45 24. (M) 5.35 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (PG)

sky sPORt 2 6.00 Netball. ANZ Championship. Northern Mystics v WBOP Magic. Highlights. 6.30 Toyota Grassroots Rugby. 7.30 UFC On Fuel. 9.30 Netball. ANZ Championship. Northern Mystics v WBOP Magic. Replay. 11.00 Rugby. Steinlager Series. All Blacks v France. Replay. 1.00 Cricket. ICC Champions Trophy. Australia v Black Caps. Highlights. 2.00 Golf. US Open. Round One. Highlights. 3.00 Rugby. Steinlager Series. All Blacks v France. Replay. 5.00 Toyota Grassroots Rugby. 6.00 Cricket. ICC Champions Trophy. England v Sri Lanka. From The Oval, London. Highlights. 7.00 ICC Cricket 360. ICC Cricket 360 provides the latest cricket news and recent cricket action From Twenty20, One-day and Test cricket, as well as off. field interviews and features. 7.30 NRL Footy Show. 9.30 Rugby League. NRL Premiership. Dragons v Cowboys. Live. 11.30 Rugby League. NRL Premiership. Sea Eagles v Bulldogs. Replay. 1.30 Golf. US Open. Round One. Highlights. 2.00 Hockey. FIH World League. Round Three. Germany v Black Sticks. Replay. 3.35 The Crowd Goes Wild. 4.00 Rugby League. NRL Premiership. Dragons v Cowboys. Replay.

sky MOVIes 1

MOVIe GReats

6.15 7.50 9.15 10.45 12.25

8.00 The Hills Have Eyes. (2006, 18) 9.45 Meet Joe Black. (1998, M) Brad Pitt. 12.40 Conan The Barbarian. (1982, M) Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Earl Jones. 2.45 Out Of Sight. (1998, M) George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez. 4.45 Two Weeks Notice. (2002, PG) Sandra Bullock, Hugh Grant. 6.25 Pleasantville. (1998, M) Tobey Maguire, Reese Witherspoon. A 90s’ brother and sister find themselves in the sterile, innocent world of a 50s’ TV show, upsetting the apparently perfect town. 1998. 8.30 National Treasure 2: Book Of Secrets. (2007, PG) Nicolas Cage. Benjamin Gates investigates the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and searches for the missing pages from assassin John Wilkes Booth’s diary. 2007. 10.35 Happy Gilmore. (1996, M) Adam Sandler, Christopher McDonald. 12.10 Out Of Sight. (1998, M) George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez. 2.10 Two Weeks Notice. (2002, PG) Sandra Bullock, Hugh Grant. 3.50 National Treasure 2: Book Of Secrets. (2007, PG) Nicolas Cage. 5.50 Pleasantville. (1998, M) Tobey Maguire, Reese Witherspoon.

2.50 3.40 5.10 6.45


10.10 11.40 1.30 3.15 4.45

Father Of Invention. (2010, PG) Paranormal Activity 3. (2011, M) True Justice 2: Blood Alley. (2012, 16) Step Up Revolution. (2012, PG) The Hunger Games. (2012, M) Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson. Biography: Clive Owen. (2008, PG). Murder On Her Mind. (2008, PG) Annabeth Gish. Young Adult. (2011, M) Charlize Theron, Patrick Wilson. Ted. (2012, 16) Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis. A grown man must deal with his foul-mouthed teddy bear who came to life as a result of a childhood wish and has refused to leave his side ever since. The Double. (2011, M) Richard Gere, Topher Grace. A retired CIA operative is paired with a rookie FBI agent to unravel the mystery of a senator’s murder, with all signs pointing to a Soviet assassin. 13. (2010, 16) Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, Ray Winstone. Scream 4. (2011, 16) Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox. Ted. (2012, 16) Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis. 13. (2010, 16) Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, Ray Winstone. Perfectly Prudence. (2010, PG)

DIsCOVeRy 6.00 6.30 7.30 8.30 9.30 10.30 11.00 11.30 12.30 1.30 2.00 2.30 3.30 4.30 5.30 6.30 7.30 8.00 8.30

9.00 9.30 10.30 11.30 12.30 4.30 5.30

Auction Hunters. (PG) Dirty Jobs. (PG) Combat Countdown. (PG) Gold Rush. (PG) Mythbusters. (PG) Auction Hunters. (PG) Auction Hunters. (PG) Ice Cold Gold. (PG) Disappeared. (M) Who The (Bleep). (M) Evil, I. (M) Bering Sea Gold: Under The Ice. (PG) Inside The Gangsters’ Code. (M) Gold Rush. (PG) Mythbusters. (PG) Mythbusters. (PG) Auction Kings. (PG) Auction Hunters. (PG) American Digger. (PG) Mob Money. American Savage heads for Al Capone’s home turf, hunting artifacts from Chicago’s gangland past. But hostile homeowners, angry cops, and a challenging underground dig stand in the way. Auction Hunters. (PG) Nightmare Next Door. (M) Disappeared. (M) Crimes That Shook The World. (M) Combat Countdown. (PG) Inside The Gangsters’ Code. (M) Time Warp. (PG)

KEY: T Teletext R Repeat S Stereo P Premiere F Final RATINGS: G General exhibition PG Parental guidance recommended M Suitable for mature audiences AO Adults only 16 Approved for persons 16 and over 18 Approved for persons 18 and over c Content may offend l Language may offend s Sexual content may offend v contains violence

shINe 6.00 Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV 6.30 Quick Study 7.00 The Lads TV 7.30 Booga Booga Land 8.00 OK TV 8.30 Connection Point 9.00 Hour of Power 10.00 Beauty and the Beast 10.30 Kiwis Can Fly 11.00 Beyond Adventure 11.30 Born To Be Free 12.00 Connection Point 12.30 Enjoying Everyday Life 1.00 The 700 Club 1.30 Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV 2.00 Nzone Focus 2.30 Beyond Adventure 3.00 The Lads TV 3.30 Booga Booga Land 4.00 OK TV 4.30 Life FM presents 5.30 Nzone Focus 6.00 Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV 6.30 Destined to Reign 7.00 The 700 Club 7.30 Nzone Now 7.45 Christianity Explored 8.00 Noble Exchange 8.30 MOVIE: The Trial 10.30 “Love, Marriage and Stinking” 11.00 Just Thinking 11.30 H2O: A Journey of Faith 12.00 Noble Exchange 12.30 Little Film Big Heart 1.00 MOVIE: The Trial 3.00 Wisdom for Difficult Times 3.30 Beyond Adventure 4.00 Born To Be Free 4.30 Nzone Focus 5.00 Roots and Reflections 5.30 Little Film Big Heart

LOCAL RADIO: AM Newstalk ZB 873; FM Classic Hits ZEFM 92.5; FOX FM 94.9, 98.9 AND 95.7


fields&fORM 2

slickpix HAndicAp


$80,000, open, 1200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

7219s 058s1 53029 8s97s 15s47 43235 39s32 08560

sea lord cdn (6) 61 S V Brown (Flemington) ms K nisbet (a3) mr make Believe tdw (1) 58 P G Moody (Caulfield) J duffy (a2) Zedi Knight cdwn (3) 57.5 B J McCarthy (Caulfield) b Rawiller lord Pyrus w (5) 55.5 Ms J Mawer (Cranbourne) ms s Wynne overtake dw (4) 54.5 Luke Oliver (Caulfield) l nolen dee Bee nine dw (7) 54 Will Clarken (Morphettville) ms J beriman (a3) tackleberry d (2) 54 Ms Allison Sheehan (Cranbourne) d moor livigno d (8) 54 S Fliedner (Bendigo) b melham


bOscAstle HAndicAp


$80,000, 3yo Fillies, 1200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

9s389 21311 1753s 22s1s 7s876 67652 s0003 17706 220s3 24s1 12003 3s694 2


Bloomingdale miss w (9) 59.5 R W Smerdon (Caulfield) ms J beriman (a3) truffle tw (7) 59 D K Weir (Ballarat) J duffy (a2) summer gem d (11) 57.5 M C Kent (Cranbourne) b Rawiller strada’s diamond (3) 55.5 B F Cavanough (Albury) b clark Kolonga (4) 55 M Ellerton & S Zahra (Flemington) l nolen nadeem lass (2) 55 R D Griffiths (Cranbourne) m Rodd return Journey (6) 55 A W Noonan (Mornington) d thornton (a2) Easy to look at tn (5) 54.5 A G Sawden (Drysdale) ms K nisbet (a3) nella fantasia bn (1) 54.5 J F Moloney (Caulfield) g boss mark’s matilda d (13) 54 N A Blackiston (Flemington) m Walker titania star dw (8) 54 M Ellerton & S Zahra (Flemington) d lane city Hall d (10) 54 T & K O’Sullivan (Stawell) J maskiell regnbue (12) 54 G Eurell (Cranbourne) ms K mallyon (a2)

AdApt AustRAliA HAndicAp


$80,000, 3yo & up F&m benchmark 89, 1600m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

21074 s6505 33411 s0211 16232 530s5 6s902 5s089 6s023 1215s 4s586

roccin Jo cwn (11) 58 D W O’Leary (Normanville) rock Princess dw (9) 57.5 C F Hyland (Cranbourne) aliberani dw (1) 56 P G Moody (Caulfield) moreau d (5) 54 D Binaisse (Mornington) mumbeilly dwb (3) 54 P G Moody (Caulfield) spin the Bottle dw (10) 54 C Maher (Caulfield) outdoor (7) 54 Anthony Freedman (Flemington) warwarick (4) 54 B I Stanaway (Torquay) gold Bridian dw (8) 54 B & S Wilde (Warrnambool) thorny chick db (6) 54 C & C Alderson (Cranbourne) treasury notes dw (2) 54 R D Griffiths (Cranbourne)


d thornton (a2) b Knobel (a2) l nolen l currie J duffy (a2) ms m payne J Winks c parish d yendall b melham ms J beriman (a3)

dOMinAnt HAndicAp


$100,000, 3yo, 1500m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

42182 44467 113s5 s7842 6s122 11741 4311 61215 701 33010

Hunger (5) 60 M G Price (Caulfield) underestimation twn (4) 59 D R Lawson (Flemington) Quick snitzel t (2) 58.5 P G Moody (Caulfield) ava’s delight (10) 57 D K Weir (Ballarat) Batman (1) 56.5 K T Myers (Wanganui (Nz) minute repeater (6) 56.5 Tegan Keys (Seven Mile Beach) ossenhagen (9) 56 J D Sadler (Flemington) secret stratagem w (8) 55 Brent Stanley (Kyneton) rand al thor w (3) 54 K J Bodey (Cranbourne) Befitting d (7) 54 R G Hore-Lacy (Caulfield)


b Knobel (a2) v duric l nolen d lane s Arnold J maskiell b melham n stanley d gauci c newitt

dOMinAnt HAndicAp


$80,000, open, 1500m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

0340s 1500s 90s70 658s0 10110 3s301 s8751 944s6 s1560 13721 4s0s0 15183


sea galleon tw (1) 59.5 C & C Alderson (Cranbourne) ms K mallyon (a2) Hanks tn (6) 58.5 P G Moody (Caulfield) l nolen spacecraft tcwn (7) 57.5 D A Hayes (Flemington) ms K nisbet (a3) grey monarch (8) 56.5 R J Meunier (Pakenham) ms t Rodder felidea (11) 55.5 L J Corstens (Kyneton) m Rodd del Palio w (4) 55 C & C Alderson (Cranbourne) d lane luckyi’mbarefoot dw (2) 54.5 M J Williams (Warrnambool) d yendall Purettan (10) 54 J Leek Jnr (Cranbourne) c newitt nice and neat dw (5) 54 B J McCarthy (Caulfield) g boss digitalism tw (3) 54 J D Sadler (Flemington) b melham tenno tdwn (9) 54 M C Kent (Cranbourne) v duric to cry for wn (12) 54 Timothy Grace (Benalla) d gauci

pRintHOuse GRApHics HAndicAp


$100,000, open, 2040m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

520s6 786s0 12203 4s805 6s552 14043 30804 27011 03811 98340 62582

mr o’ceirin dw (9) 59.5 C Maher (Caulfield) g boss sahara sun d (7) 59.5 C Maher (Caulfield) J mott auld Burns d (3) 57 D A Hayes (Flemington) ms K nisbet (a3) constant force cd (6) 56.5 B & S Wilde (Warrnambool) d yendall de fine lago tdw (4) 56 A J Vasil (Caulfield) J hill secessio dw (11) 54 C J Waller (Flemington) c newitt westsouthwest dw (8) 54 R W Smerdon (Caulfield) ms J beriman (a3) alrouz tcdwn (2) 54 D C Harrison (Cranbourne) J mc neil (a3) smarty mac (1) 54 J A McLean (Yangery) d lane cottonwood sky w (10) 54 R F Cameron (Flemington) m Walker darwin dw (5) 54 Mark Jackson (Bendigo) J duffy (a2)


spORtinGbet HAndicAp


$80,000, 4yo & up mares, 1200m 1 50528 classy chloe d (9) 58 J E Hickmott (Murray Bridge) 2 0s091 royal Bender dw (4) 58 D K Weir (Ballarat) 3 2236s capital commander dw (5) 57.5 N J Olive (Canberra) 4 s2781 Queen delight tw (12) 55 D C Harrison (Cranbourne) 5 8s330 anabaa’s legacy cd (11) 54 D Binaisse (Mornington) 6 44129 counted dw (1) 54 C & C Alderson (Cranbourne) 7 81448 delegance tdwn (3) 54 R F Cameron (Flemington) 8 66s45 draw forward cdn (6) 54 R R Jolly (Morphettville) 9 216s8 ferocious one d (2) 54 D S Archard (Echuca) 10 6698s go Katrina d (10) 54 B F Cavanough (Albury) 11 23s82 Johannapine w (14) 54 M C Webb (Cranbourne) 12 — lady searcy 13 3655s mosse diva (7) 54 D A Hayes (Flemington) 14 20413 songbird lane dw (13) 54 R G Symons (Bendigo) EmErgEnciEs 15 18919 oh to Be rich dw (16) 54 Ms C Kyle (Tatura) 16 7s303 oh teary me dw (8) 54 R K Carnes (Ballarat)

s Arnold d lane m Rodd J Winks l currie b melham m Walker l nolen d gauci b clark b Knobel (a) SCRATCHED g boss ms J beriman (a) J lyon

Race 1: PrincE Harada, i'm ReAdy FoR this, the QUARteRbAcK Race 2: sEa lord, mR mAKe believe, oveRtAKe Race 3: trufflE, bloomingdAle miss, sUmmeR gem Race 4: mumBEilly, moReAU, AlibeRAni Race 5: HungEr, ossenhAgen, QUicK snitzel Race 6: fElidEa, del pAlio, lUcKyi'mbAReFoot Race 7: dE finE lago, secessio, mR o'ceiRin Race 8: classy cHloE, cApitAl commAndeR, delegAnce

Australian races sAtuRdAy

TAB doubles 1-2, 4-5, 7-8. Trebles 2-3-4, 6-7-8. Quaddie 5-6-7-8. Place6 3-8.

Fine/Slow (7)/Out 6m.

yOuR lOcAl GReenGROceR plAte


$85,000, 2yo sW, 1500m 1 2 3

15 amovatio h (7) 56 C J Waller (Rosehill) 83 ryker (1) 56 Ms G Waterhouse (Randwick) 3 Koroibete h (4) 56 G A Ryan (Rosehill)

fResHWORld HAndicAp


$85,000, 3yo benchmark 77, 1200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

s4115 37s28 71s31 54322 14s70 s2940 221s0 35s15 611 34s26 37063


oompa loompa cdwbh (4) 59 C J Waller (Rosehill) relaxed and Happy dwh (10) 59 C J Waller (Rosehill) Emblems cdw (9) 58 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) Knoydart (7) 58 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) centrepet twh (11) 55.5 G A Ryan (Rosehill) maury d (2) 54.5 John Thompson (Gold Coast) al nova dw (1) 54 R N Godbolt (Port Macquarie) destiny rising h (6) 54 B A Gentle (Rosehill) turbulent Jet dh (3) 54 L W Curtis (Rosehill) red dynamite dh (8) 54 T R Martin (Rosehill) shawano (5) 54 A J Cummings (Randwick)

J bowman n Rawiller K mc evoy c Reith b shinn n berry t clark J collett g schofield y ichikawa (a3) p Robl

cHAMps cAfe HAndicAp


$85,000, 3yo benchmark 76, 1500m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

16212 69427 s5615 61s26 21402 35s10 13 s2318 31s34 39172 s0490 s7359 41127 2s153


mighty lucky (1) 59 F T Cowell (Gosford) gullible tbhn (12) 57 C J Waller (Rosehill) Hunter Jack whn (6) 56.5 T R Martin (Rosehill) smart moochi t (11) 55.5 J C Coyle (Warwick Farm) crusader general w (3) 55 K R Dryden (Canberra) Queen’s Elect wh (4) 54 David Payne (Rosehill) darciwood bh (7) 54 M, W & J Hawkes (Rosehill) loophole h (5) 54 C J Waller (Rosehill) masahiko d (9) 54 Ms G Waterhouse (Randwick) wine ‘n’ dine b (13) 54 G M Begg (Randwick) steep w (8) 54 John Thompson (Gold Coast) duet (10) 54 J B Cummings (Randwick) under the lights h (2) 54 G A Ryan (Rosehill) more than money (14) 54 M T Eggleston (Gold Coast)

lui ciccO MeMORiAl HAndicAp

n thomas J bowman n Rawiller ms K o’hara g schofield J collett s guymer (a2) K mc evoy t clark c Reith n berry p Robl l grace (a3) l Rolls


$85,000, 3yo & up F&m benchmark 82, 1400m 1 07s70 combat Kitty d (8) 59 Matthew Smith (Warwick Farm) n Rawiller 2 s0908 forfeiture w (5) 59 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) K mc evoy 3 6s336 forarainyday w (4) 58.5 G H Walter (Warwick Farm) b shinn 4 7s0s0 gliding (1) 58.5 J B Cummings (Randwick) t clark 5 56172 cradle me d (10) 58 David Pfieffer (Warwick Farm) p Robl 6 43s68 Happy Hussy cb (12) 58 David Vandyke (Warwick Farm) J parr 7 24s03 titbit th (2) 56.5 C J Waller (Rosehill) J bowman 8 346s5 Berrimilla wbh (7) 56 C J Waller (Rosehill) J collett 9 — caprossa SCRATCHED 10 13423 glad you called w (16) 55.5 John Nisbet (Canberra) l grace (a3) 11 46056 mickelberg w (3) 55.5 G Portelli (Warwick Farm) n berry 12 90027 delzera dw (13) 55 G H Walter (Warwick Farm) R Quinn 13 s2467 next the universe (9) 55 K A Lees (Broadmeadow) c Reith EmErgEnciEs 14 7s871 miss ready tdw (11) 55 Luke Pepper (Moruya) ms K o’hara 15 52s30 magnolia lane dw (19) 54.5 M C Conners (Warwick Farm) 16 12s53 Houston Benefactor d (14) 54 R J Quinton (Randwick) s clipperton (a1.5) 17 78609 aneto wh (6) 54 M, W & J Hawkes (Rosehill) 18 46144 Quizzed dh (17) 54 David Payne (Rosehill) ms c van der Werf (a3) 19 69427 gullible tbhn (15) 55.5 C J Waller (Rosehill) g schofield


sydney MARkets ltd Hcp


$85,000, 3yo & up, 1400m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


2600s 38s00 15s06 2239s s47s2 83053 86s40 206s8 40s04 s5310 60s07 06100

Kontiki Park cdw (5) 60.5 Ms G Waterhouse (Randwick) n Rawiller Bold glance dw (8) 59.5 N L Hilton (Broadmeadow) ms c van der Werf (a3) star of octagonal tdw (12) 59 T S Howlett (Cessnock) l grace (a3) reuben Percival tw (10) 58.5 Ms G Waterhouse (Randwick) A hyeronimus nocturnelle tcdwh (9) 57 C J Waller (Rosehill) g schofield said com twbh (4) 56 C J Waller (Rosehill) J bowman Zaratone twn (6) 55.5 Bjorn Baker (Warwick Farm) ms K o’hara tromso th (3) 55 C J Waller (Rosehill) J collett motspur tc (7) 54 K A Lees (Broadmeadow) t clark new day rising c (11) 54 David Pfieffer (Warwick Farm) p Robl mr armstrong w (1) 54 John Thompson (Gold Coast) c Reith calvo tdh (2) 54 L W Curtis (Rosehill) n berry

n & A fRuit distRibutORs HAndicAp 5.15 $85,000, 3yo & up benchmark 85, 1100m

1 00s99 liveandletdie (17) 62 Bjorn Baker (Warwick Farm) y ichikawa (a3) 2 13151 floral insight dw (10) 61.5 J Delaney (Taree) ms c van der Werf (a3) 3 03700 irish Jig tw (3) 60 J C McNair (Gosford) J Kissick (a3) 4 62357 Hurrara cdw (14) 58.5 G L Frazer (Hawkesbury) n Rawiller 5 85990 Jest crewsin’ dw (15) 58.5 Ms J Bowen (Muswellbrook) J hull (a3) 6 12s16 gasquet dwn (12) 58 Joseph Pride (Warwick Farm) c Reith 7 1218s Kilwinning option d (16) 57.5 Joseph Pride (Warwick Farm) b shinn 8 1563s Velrosso tcbh (9) 57.5 C J Waller (Rosehill) J collett 9 1321s sessions t (7) 56.5 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) K mc evoy 10 1124s golden sunshine cdw (4) 56 Rick Worthington (Warwick Farm) p Robl 11 5s221 agent dh (2) 55.5 M, W & J Hawkes (Rosehill) J bowman 12 23552 Excellent Point d (6) 55.5 D P Smith (Broadmeadow) l grace (a3) 13 1552s not a dancer db (8) 54.5 Matthew Dale (Canberra) n berry 14 18s40 anevay dn (5) 54 G M Begg (Randwick) ms K o’hara EmErgEnciEs 15 6s212 inside Job db (18) 55 David Pfieffer (Warwick Farm) s clipperton (a1.5) 16 50570 Kirinata tw (11) 54.5 P M Perry (Broadmeadow) t clark 17 31514 Bardiya w (13) 54 Ms G Markwell (Kembla Grange) g schofield 18 50508 mighty obvious cdw (1) 54 J C McNair (Gosford)


GAypAk/united fRuit Hcp


1 93s11 disciple twh (15) 60 C J Waller (Rosehill) J Kissick (a3) 2 7s009 mcclintock w (17) 58 Mark De Montfort (Warwick Farm) ms J taylor (a3) 3 14845 Earnest Ernest w (10) 57.5 Joseph Pride (Warwick Farm) J collett 4 4s122 fireball wb (13) 57 Ms J Bowen (Muswellbrook) b shinn 5 22659 australian star tw (18) 56.5 J C McNair (Gosford) l grace (a3) 6 44730 Bereft dw (4) 56.5 D I Atkins (Broadmeadow) s clipperton (a1.5) 7 11311 Peron d (16) 56 John Thompson (Gold Coast) c Reith 8 67s00 Key west twh (5) 56 C J Waller (Rosehill) J bowman 9 68120 Vilakazi street w (9) 55.5 K R Dryden (Canberra) ms W costin (a3) 10 33s97 infinite Energy wh (14) 55.5 P G Moody (Rosehill) J parr 11 67s11 nothing like luca w (8) 55.5 J A O’Shea (Randwick) n Rawiller 12 106s5 sastruga td (2) 54 Peter Snowden (Agnes Banks/Hawkesbu) K mc evoy EmErgEnciEs 13 59s94 the great snowman dw (7) 54 Ms G Waterhouse (Randwick) g schofield 14 3955s triple six w (12) 54 David Pfieffer (Warwick Farm) 15 54422 one more grand tw (6) 54 N E Layt (Queanbeyan) 16 s147s Jamaican warrior wn (3) 54 M, W & J Hawkes (Flemington) 17 80s80 Prince Braeman tw (1) 54 P M Perry (Broadmeadow) 18 40s04 motspur t (11) 61 K A Lees (Broadmeadow) y ichikawa (a3)


sydney bAnAnA WHOlesAleRs Hcp 6.25 $85,000, 3yo & up, 2000m

Weather/track/Rail 1


$85,000, 3yo & up benchmark 85, 1350m

Moonee Valley Selections

Rosehill Jetbet 5

4 4s755 outstrip (6) 56 B Herne (Eagle Farm) c Reith 5 5s2 Pit Boss (3) 56 Tony McEvoy (Hawkesbury) t clark 6 s8244 artistic lass h (9) 54 David Payne (Rosehill) ms c van der Werf (a3) 7 242 Estonian Princess (2) 54 Scott Aspery (Warwick Farm) n berry 8 3333 Vivid bh (5) 54 G A Ryan (Rosehill) K mc evoy 9 73 amaliehaven h (8) 54 David Payne (Rosehill) J collett

J bowman g schofield n Rawiller

1 1s878 firebolt twh (8) 59 C J Waller (Rosehill) J bowman 2 0s085 cantonese tcdw (2) 58 Bjorn Baker (Warwick Farm) J parr 3 s3903 illo dh (4) 58 C J Waller (Rosehill) g schofield 4 s3732 merlin mustang tw (17) 56.5 M P Tubman (Kembla Grange) R Quinn 5 2s000 macknuckle tdw (6) 56 K R Dryden (Canberra) J Kissick (a3) 6 s6442 destiny’s Kiss dwn (10) 54 Joseph Pride (Warwick Farm) c Reith 7 27539 Kaypers twb (15) 54 Greg Bennett (Scone) J collett 8 80s56 don carlos dw (7) 54 M D Moroney (Randwick) s clipperton (a1.5) 9 00s60 savvy dancer w (5) 54 M D Moroney (Randwick) ms K o’hara 10 50s07 yulalona tdw (14) 54 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) K mc evoy 11 s0s64 maximus gladiator w (13) 54 David Vandyke (Warwick Farm) p Robl 12 341s0 ghost Protocol w (12) 54 P M Perry (Broadmeadow) n berry 13 701s0 rule Book dw (11) 54 Ms G Waterhouse (Randwick) t clark 14 3s146 diamond Jim whn (9) 54 David Payne (Rosehill) ms c van der Werf (a3) EmErgEnciEs 15 14645 agent Bauer dw (16) 54 Ms G Markwell (Kembla Grange) l grace (a3) 16 151s0 Platinum Jack n (1) 54 S I Singleton (Hawkesbury) 17 4s312 Paraggi (3) 53 S A Dwyer (Bendigo)

Rosehill Selections

Belmont Park Selections

Race 1: Estonian PrincEss, AmAliehAven, KoRoibete Race 2: Knoydart, RelAxed And hAppy, emblems Race 3: darciwood, smARt moochi, moRe thAn money Race 4: BErrimilla, cRAdle me, next the UniveRse Race 5: said com, noctURnelle, KontiKi pARK Race 6: sEssions, velRosso, hURRARA Race 7: BErEft, FiRebAll, inFinite eneRgy Race 8: dEstiny's Kiss, illo, FiRebolt

Race 1: not a singlE droP, QUoKKA, totes AmAze Race 2: miss HallowEEn, get FAth, islAnd pAgo Race 3: madam JEwEl, Resetgold, sKy mAgic Race 4: i sEE lucK, secRet RUleR, mARmAA Race 5: BalEEn in mE, geigeR Rio, gRey chevAl Race 6: galaxy PrincE, monUmentAl, FlAg oFFiceR Race 7: rangEr, KincAple, KeRRiFic Race 8: swEEt sErEnity, ten Aces, blAcK mAgic miss



TAB doubles 1-2, 4-5, 7-8. Trebles 2-3-4, 6-7-8. Quaddie 5-6-7-8.

Weather/track/Rail Fine/Good (3)/Out 3m.


Westspeed HAndicAp


$50,000, 3yo Rating 64+, 1200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

590s8 219s1 s321s 2118s 716s4 6545s 31 322s4 714


Jestpatim t (4) 58 D R Harrison (Lark Hill) magnifisio cd (8) 58 J P Taylor (Bullsbrook) not a single drop t (1) 56 M L Lane (Bunbury) closing time d (7) 55.5 S J Miller (Lark Hill) nazotic d (6) 55.5 S J Wolfe (Albany) Profound Effect c (2) 55.5 P H Humann (Ascot) Quokka t (9) 55 Brett Pope (Pinjarra) totes amaze (3) 55 C H Webster (Ascot) Zonte d (5) 54 D R Harrison (Lark Hill)

p carbery c parnham (a3) W pike s meeres s mc gruddy d staeck m pateman (a2) t turner s o’donnell

Westspeed HAndicAp


$50,000, 2yo Rating 58+, 1200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

1 Quickwittedcharlie t (6) 58 Vaughn Sigley (Lark Hill) — airglow 6 gunnery sergeant (13) 56 F R Kersley (Ascot) max almighty (8) 56 Tiarnna Robertson (Ascot) 2s2 miss Halloween (5) 56 D L Morton (Ascot) Paddy’s flat (11) 56 S R Bates (Ascot) 4s45 rio samba (2) 56 N D Parnham (Ascot) 6s saint Bernardini (15) 56 C Wright (Ascot) Vital Edition (9) 56 Ben Pearce (Lark Hill) Zarantz (14) 56 S R Bates (Ascot) Empire falls (4) 55 F R Kersley (Ascot) 3 get fath (12) 55 Shane Quilty (Ascot) 5s4 island Pago (3) 55 N D Parnham (Ascot) Kings advantage (7) 55 M J Grant (Ascot) 8 rodinia (10) 55 D L Morton (Ascot)


ms R Forrest (a2) SCRATCHED d staeck s o’donnell W pike b parnham c parnham (a3) t turner p Knuckey p carbery b paterson (a2) J mallyon (a1.5) s parnham J Whiting J noske



$40,000, 3yo & up F&m benchmark 60+, 1200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

238s7 00s48 05558 4s510 923s7 300s8 81101 779s3 9s122 50844


sky magic tc (9) 60 E A Martinovich (Ascot) ms J noske (a3) comtesse la gran d (3) 59.5 W J Bradshaw (Bunbury) ms K yuill cool corona cd (7) 59 L Smith (Casuarina) J Azzopardi (a3) madam Jewel t (10) 58.5 D L Morton (Ascot) J mallyon (a1.5) resetgold d (4) 58.5 J P Taylor (Bullsbrook) c parnham (a3) festival star tc (6) 57.5 A D Mathews (Muchea) p carbery Planet claire t (8) 57 Ms H Harding (Esperance) e creighton counter offer t (2) 54 C H Webster (Ascot) t turner granadilla miss dw (5) 54 Jarrad Humphries (Lark Hill) s mc gruddy internationalist (1) 54 D L McAuliffe (Ascot) ms R Forrest (a2)

Ozbet.cOM.Au HAndicAp


$40,000, 3yo & up c,h&g’s benchmark 60+, 1200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

s746s s179s 789s2 0s921 s8310 06114 23s03 98532 5s4s9 41241 200s8


galoubay t (2) 61 S R Plumb (Ascot) tricky syd tc (10) 60.5 Shane Quilty (Ascot) marmaa (3) 60 N D Parnham (Ascot) secret ruler tc (5) 60 F R Kersley (Ascot) times are changing cw (8) 60 Don Daniels (Ascot) i see luck d (7) 59 S J Wolfe (Albany) mister Panon t (9) 59 J P Taylor (Bullsbrook) Virtual trader c (11) 59 Brett Pope (Pinjarra) Pure Hustle (4) 58 J T Warwick (Myalup) sealynx cd (6) 58 S R Bates (Ascot) El rijes (1) 56 D T McAuliffe (Ascot)

tAbtOucH.MObi HAndicAp

ms J noske (a3) J mallyon (a1.5) c parnham (a3) d staeck ms n Faithfull (a3) s mc gruddy J Azzopardi (a3) m pateman (a2) s o’donnell p Knuckey J noske


$47,500, 3yo & up benchmark 72+, 1000m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

5258s 3453s 88s80 01321 s1461 0s419 ls274 s112s 0644s 11221 4015s


acorns dw (11) 61 Ms K Casey (Ascot) Blacksmith tc (5) 61 D E Skipworth (Lark Hill) megem’s Boy cdw (7) 59 S R Bates (Ascot) military secret tcdwn (10) 58 T M Andrews (Ascot) donnyonetime cd (1) 57.5 Ms H Harding (Esperance) Black felix c (4) 57 S J Miller (Lark Hill) geiger rio c (3) 56 D R Harrison (Lark Hill) grey cheval tcdb (9) 56 Simon Miller (Ascot) Pillow time tcdw (6) 55 Ms M P Hunter (Casuarina) Baleen in me cd (2) 54 S J Rowe (Ascot) Pininci d (8) 54 D R Harrison (Lark Hill)


b paterson (a2) A mitchell (a3) ms n Faithfull (a3) s mc gruddy c parnham (a3) s meeres s o’donnell p carbery m pateman (a2) b parnham t turner


$47,500, 3yo & up benchmark 66+, 2000m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

34621 66834 42321 35s53 44s33 s2064 00439 83840 00206 27113 8s047 7s354


flag officer t (3) 59.5 P H Jordan (Ascot) Verdello Blue tc (5) 59 R E Roney (Ascot) monumental t (7) 58 Grant Williams (Karnup) lethal Jones (4) 57.5 Lou & Dion Luciani (Ascot) galaxy Prince b (8) 57 Grant Williams (Karnup) accrual n (12) 56.5 T M Andrews (Ascot) cohort tc (11) 56 S J Rowe (Ascot) light that smile d (1) 55.5 Jeff Noske (Ascot) ocean cracker tcw (10) 55.5 M Storer (Lark Hill) confianza t (2) 55 F R Kersley (Ascot) danamoss (9) 54 A D Mathews (Muchea) stay lady stay t (6) 54 J C Byrne (Ascot)

HypeRiOn stAkes

R hill (a1.5) m pateman (a2) c parnham (a3) J Whiting W pike s mc gruddy s o’donnell ms J noske (a3) b paterson (a2) d staeck p carbery t turner


$125,000, 2yo & up group 3 WFA, 1600m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

70s35 00s90 37s23 02151 219s0 65348 7920s 7s962 s4250 3s370 12115 43214 64177 33250 41424 20336


Playing god td (13) 59 N D Parnham (Ascot) god Has spoken t (15) 59 N D Parnham (Ascot) ranger tdb (3) 59 Grant Williams (Karnup) Kerrific tcdw (7) 59 B Watkins & G Hitchcock (Bunbury) Bridgestone td (16) 59 N D Parnham (Ascot) our ol’ fella tw (12) 59 S J Wolfe (Albany) Kincaple tdwb (14) 59 A G Durrant (Lark Hill) Belora td (2) 59 D L Morton (Ascot) amelias dancer tcd (5) 59 Lou & Dion Luciani (Ascot) global flirt tc (9) 59 J T Warwick (Myalup) Black tycoon d (8) 59 J T Warwick (Myalup) the underworld tc (10) 59 Chris Gangemi (Ascot) destroy t (11) 59 Jeff Noske (Ascot) dreamaway d (4) 57 Grant Williams (Karnup) moonlight Bay (1) 57 Grant Williams (Karnup) miss tipsy topsy tcd (6) 57 S R Bates (Ascot)


s parnham b parnham W pike g smith p carbery s mc gruddy d staeck J noske p harvey m pateman (a) t turner c mc callum p King l camilleri s o’donnell J Whiting


$47,500, 3yo & up benchmark 72+, 1300m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

270s1 7s8s0 8s825 2498s 555s8 530s4 13519 1s977 s1629 1114s 3837s 20s81 32121 38333 45s35

ten aces tc (3) 59.5 J P Taylor (Bullsbrook) A mitchell (a3) will to win tw (15) 58 J T Warwick (Myalup) m pateman (a2) terminado tcd (11) 57.5 D F Wilson (Upper Swan) ms n Faithfull (a3) the corporation t (2) 57.5 T M Andrews (Ascot) J mallyon (a1.5) Big Josh d (10) 57 D L Morton (Ascot) J noske sweet serenity tc (5) 57 T M Andrews (Ascot) W pike let’s lighten up tcd (4) 56.5 V A Brockman (Lark Hill) R hill (a1.5) Beltane n (1) 56 S J Miller (Lark Hill) s meeres ancient spell td (12) 55.5 S J Wolfe (Albany) s mc gruddy ningaloo Blitz t (6) 54.5 D L Morton (Ascot) c mc callum star Buck d (7) 54.5 Sonya Price (Ascot) J Whiting Zero to sixty td (9) 54.5 N D Parnham (Ascot) b parnham Black magic miss tc (8) 54 N D Parnham (Ascot) s parnham p Knuckey final cut (13) 54 B O’Malley (Ascot) iconoclast (14) 54 Ms J Erkelens (Ascot)



3" "$*/ "$*/ $*/((6*%& 6*%

Australian races belmont park Jetbet 11

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, June 14, 2013



south canterbury races


washdyke jetBet 6


gear changes Lugging Bit on: Aqualine (R8) Tongue Control Bit off: Latin Saint (R1) Blinkers - 1 cup N/S off: Wannabeawallabetoo (R3) Ear Covers off: Bokkie Bokkie (R5) Nose Band on: Grey Tom (R1) Shadow Roll on: Ganache (R3)


$7000, mdn, 1200m


d’cash dash

J Wong (a4) C Johnson K Williams J Morris B Lammas A Frye (a2) S Muniandy R Black (a3) S Wynne (a3) T Moseley C Barnes (a3) J Bullard


2709x 45143 22132 55221 104x3 73357 07760 218x1 3750x 0x664 x450x 2x365

Orlov m (6) 62 Danny Frye (Balcairn) Miss El Bee Dee tdmb (1) 59 Russell McKay (Ashburton) Black Berry Punch dm (2) 58 Pam Robson (Riccarton) I’m Maveric d (11) 57.5 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) Patrice td (12) 57 Neil Coulbeck (Leithfield) Golden Globe d (9) 56.5 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) That’sourexcuse d (10) 55.5 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) Katriffic d (4) 55 T & M Stokes (Rangiora) Bursting Stone (7) 55 Mike McCann (Riccarton) Ishigold d (8) 54 Murray Hamilton (Omakau) Katie Jay dh (3) 54 Michael Daly (Washdyke) Davone Code d (5) 54 Steven Woodsford (Rangiora)

12.38 A Frye (a2) A McKay (a3) D Bothamley J Bullard C Johnson T Moseley B Lammas P Taylor S Muniandy J Chong (a3) C Barnes (a3) K Williams

central si owners & trainers assn. 1.13 $7000, rating 65 benchmark*, 1200m

1 53124 Summer’s Boy b (13) 59 Peter Rudkin (Riccarton) 2 1 Coup Flyer dm (4) 58 Terri Rae (Riccarton) 3 x773L Navigator d (9) 57 J & J Gordon (Ascot Park) 4 2007x Wannabeawallabetoo td (3) 57 Malcolm Price (Sefton) 5 812 Barberry Roze td (12) 56.5 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) 6 51043 Lincoln’s Girl td (1) 56 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) 7 x7440 Wedgie tdm (5) 56 John O’Flanagan (Riccarton) 8 0x50x Ganache (7) 54 Aaron Taylor (Riccarton) 9 10x07 Spark it Up tdm (2) 54 Steven Kellow (Avonhead) 10 — Nancy Myles 11 9508x Kevildo m (8) 54 Victoria Bonham-Hoskin (Alexandra) 12 44706 Lightning Lucy d (10) 54 T & M Stokes (Waikuku) EMERGENCY — Zolatoi 13


equine Veterinary serVices

S Wynne (a3) J Bullard T Moseley K Williams A Denby (a1) B Lammas C Johnson A Frye (a2) R Black (a3) SCRATCHED J Chong (a3) P Taylor SCRATCHED


$8000, rating 75 benchmark, 1600m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

27016 38327 0x121 40944 97253 931x6 78411 008x9 05888


Prince Ransom d (7) 59 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) Ishipal td (2) 56.5 Lisa Latta (Riccarton) Happy Days td (1) 56 Mike McCann (Riccarton) Werio dm (5) 56 Sean Cameron (Waiuku) Bethune Billy dm (6) 55.5 J & J Gordon (Ascot Park) Harry Hill m (3) 55.5 B & S Anderton (Wingatui) Tallyho Tui tm (8) 54.5 Sarah Haisma (Rangiora) Camo td (4) 54 Bruce Smith (Amberley) Ballyrina d (9) 54 Murray Hamilton (Omakau)

washdyke wonders

J Bullard B Lammas S Muniandy T Moseley P Taylor J Morris A Denby (a1) C Johnson J Chong (a3)


$7000, rating 65 benchmark*, 1600m 1 51069 Sorley Boy (15) 59 John O’Flanagan (Riccarton) 2 515x3 Ask My Wife m (3) 58 Danny Crozier (Riccarton) 3 3597x Braemar (2) 58 Michael Daly (Washdyke) 4 0x661 Gold ‘N Cash m (13) 58 Emily Wilson (Ashburton) 5 30x18 Ganador (4) 57.5 Steven Woodsford (Rangiora) 6 6x103 El Bee Dee dm (16) 57 Russell McKay (Ashburton) 7 26942 Astrogal (14) 56.5 Jan Hay (Ashburton) 8 29835 Pamina t (7) 56.5 Kevin & Pam Hughes (Riccarton) 9 68231 Hidden Identity dm (9) 56 Russell McKay (Ashburton) 10 17330 Miss Lincoln d (10) 56 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) EMERGENCIES 11 21794 Falena (1) 55 Neil Coulbeck (Leithfield) 12 000x8 Valley Diamond m (6) 55 Nicky Lloyd (Riccarton) 13 5588x Kokiid tdm (5) 56 Malcolm Price (Sefton) 14 71006 Really Rusty (11) 56 Brett Inglis (Timaru) 15 056x8 Bokkie Bokkie m (12) 54 Lisa Latta (Riccarton) 16 5x709 Gee Gee Girl (8) 54 Terrill Charles (Ashburton)


lion BeVerages

T Moseley J Morris S Muniandy P Taylor J Bullard K Williams A Frye (a2) A McKay (a3) B Lammas C Johnson


$8000, rating 85 benchmark, 2100m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

5x376 27151 51607 49554 88361 44336 80909

Aronsay tdmh (1) 61.5 Michael Daly (Washdyke) Stormy Rain tdh (4) 61 Michael Daly (Washdyke) Lisa Love dm (7) 59.5 Kathryn Thomson (Rangiora) Fiorano dmb (2) 58 Neil Coulbeck (Leithfield) Al Askan m (5) 57 Mac Henry (Woodlands) Saragarhi (3) 55.5 Kelvin Tyler (Riverton) Nolawood d (6) 54 Peter Rudkin (Riccarton)


35543 65244 95435 0x795 002x6 96074 08596


direct security serVices hcP trot 7.47 $12000, 4 or more wins + claimer special, 2700m.

Evidence (4) 58.5 Brian Gliddon (Prebbleton) Forgotten Hero (6) 58.5 Malcolm Price (Sefton) Flying Sportsman (5) 58.5 M & W Coles (Timaru) Lone Wolf (7) 58.5 Thelma Foley (Phar Lap) Hawkesbury (3) 56.5 Kevin & Pam Hughes (Riccarton) Pforperfect (2) 56.5 Barbara Harris (Woodend Beach) Raggio Speranza (1) 56.5 Joy Dense (Omoto)

T Moseley C Johnson A Frye (a2) P Taylor B Lammas J Morris S Muniandy

once uPon a tiMe


1 83612 Adidazler td (4) 59 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) 2 81x03 Saint Ryan (2) 58 Champion/Murphy (Ashburton) 3 170x6 Chasuble tm (3) 57.5 Brian Court (Broadfield) 4 18x75 Jayar t (12) 57.5 Ross Beckett (Yaldhurst) 5 76x60 Missceo tdm (10) 57 Kevin & Pam Hughes (Riccarton) 6 05378 Prince Flight (6) 56 Ross Beckett (Yaldhurst) 7 5x775 Aqualine (13) 55.5 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) 8 68437 China Bo Bo (9) 55.5 Terrill Charles (Ashburton) 9 x0753 Sheezaruler d (1) 55 Chris Harris (Riccarton) 10 7x067 Fly My Pretty (11) 54 Sarah Haisma (Rangiora) 11 37749 Old Gold (5) 54 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) 12 87796 Arctic Fox (8) 54 Mark Harris (Tuahiwi) EMERGENCY 13 32x0P Perfect Excuse (7) 55.5 Jean Schluter (Rangiora)

C Barnes (a3) A Frye (a2) S Wynne (a3) C Johnson J Morris R Black (a3) J Wong (a4)

J Bullard A Frye (a2) K Wong (a4) T Moseley J Wong (a4) P Taylor R Black (a3) B Lammas A Denby (a1) C Johnson S Muniandy K Williams

auckland harness alexandra Park jetBet 5




Tina Brydon Fr (1) Tony Grayling (Pukekohe) Silence Is Golden Fr (2) David Shorter (Pukekohe) Puhinui Survivor Fr (3) Tony Herlihy (Papakura) Belle Arising Saharazona Fr (4) Mike Berger (Cambridge) Vengeance Fr (5) Stephen Argue (Pukekohe) Dolly Dagger Fr (6) Paulette Screen (Pukekohe) Charming Desire Love My Way Fr (21) Rod Bowker (Kumeu) Lincolns Megastar Fr (22) Ray Green (Huapai) 880x8 Lite G N T Fr (U1) Mike Nicholas (Waiuku)

94044 57234 245x3 — 26322 23392 73726 —

T Grayling Z Butcher (J) T Herlihy SCRATCHED P Butcher S Argue T Mitchell SCRATCHED T Macfarlane M McKendry M Nicholas

Fonterra handicaP trot


$11000, 3yo+ 1 to 2 wins discretionary, 2200m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

02417 70466 80x40 97716 1803D 0x05D 9000x 37939 05615 75772


Imsmartenough Fr (1) Rod Bowker (Kumeu) Speedy Gonzalez Fr (2) James Stormont (Pukekohe) Sundon’s Mountain Fr (3) Gareth Dixon (Clevedon) Cascadia Fr (4) John Dickie (Cambridge Raceway) Saffron Castleton Fr (U1) Warren Taylor (Morrinsville) Itsnowornever Fr (U2) Susan Branch (Cambridge Raceway) Bet Online Fr (U3) Arna Donnelly (Cambridge) Letz Hope 10 (1) Ken Sefonte (Kumeu) Ace Moment 10 (2) Wallis/Hackett (Waiuku) Equulei 10 (3) Adrienne Matthews (Pukekohe)

M McKendry J Stormont T Herlihy J W Dickie Z Butcher (J) N Chilcott A Donnelly B Mangos T Macfarlane J Abernethy

woodlands stud Pace


$11000, 3yo f&m 1 to 2 wins mobile, 2200m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

88P22 1 13685 451 01 45332 50230 87x11 27473 — 46432 47143 54227


Annie Morva Fr (1) Jeff Crouth (Pukekohe) American Angel Fr (2) Jeremy Young (Ardmore) Heart Of Jessie Fr (3) Maurice McKendry (Pukekohe) Ideal Flybye Fr (4) Tony Grayling (Pukekohe) On A Promise Fr (5) D & C McGowan (Pukekohe) Maloo Fr (6) Mike Berger (Cambridge) Ultimate Delight Fr (7) Mangos/Cullen (Pukekohe) River Polka Fr (8) Tony Herlihy (Papakura) Cullies Delight Fr (21) Todd Mitchell (Tauwhare) Silent Night Shardon’s Pearl Fr (22) Geoff Small (Patumahoe) Nokomai Fr (23) Tony Herlihy (Papakura) Maheer Magic Fr (24) Peter Miller (Waiuku)

Z Butcher (J) J Stormont M McKendry S Phelan T Macfarlane P Butcher B Mangos T Herlihy G Robb SCRATCHED S Lawson (J) J I Dickie (J) R Holmes

s n j archer Pace


$11000, 2yo+ 1 to 2 wins mobile, 2200m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

— 70444 21491 50510 03102 275P1 16336 13535 612 185 11613 57748 11147


Winter Warrior Ida Tiger Fr (1) Gareth Dixon (Clevedon) Destined To Take Fr (2) Barry Purdon (Clevedon) Bronze Ecstasy Fr (3) John Dickie (Cambridge Raceway) Thomas McBride Fr (4) Andrew & Lyn Neal (Cambridge) Vapour Fr (5) Peter Fraser (Cambridge) Hudy Haxwell Fr (6) Derek Balle (Pukekohe) Western Union Fr (7) Derek Balle (Pukekohe) Destination Moon Fr (21) Steven Reid (Pukekohe) Peruvian Pasos Fr (22) Jason & Scott Lethaby (West Melton) Master Charlie Fr (23) Derek Balle (Pukekohe) Pacific Rapture Fr (24) Jay Abernethy (Papakura) Cillas Boy Fr (25) Brian Hughes (Ardmore)

siMs PaciFic Metals Pace

SCRATCHED T Mitchell Z Butcher (J) S Lawson (J) A Neal S Phelan M McKendry P Butcher J I Dickie (J) S Lethaby B Mangos J Abernethy T Herlihy


$11000, 3 to 4 wins mobile, 2200m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

42233 33444 09180 49437 93444 575x6 12242 55511 65693 30710 77697 56753

Naenae Tabman Fr (1) Arna Donnelly (Cambridge) Lucky John Fr (2) Mike Berger (Cambridge) Viewfield Apache Fr (3) David Kaa (Cambridge) Kippenberger Fr (4) John Dickie (Cambridge Raceway) Bettor Romance Fr (5) Barry Purdon (Clevedon) Callie O’Malley Fr (6) Derek Balle (Pukekohe) Outrageous Delight Fr (7) Geoff Small (Patumahoe) Stunin Banner Fr (8) Rogerson/Blanchard (Hamilton) Hot And Saucy Fr (21) Mike Berger (Cambridge) Meet Me In Mayfair Fr (22) Geoff Small (Patumahoe) Busy Being Fabulous Fr (23) Mike Berger (Cambridge) Dougie Maguire Fr (24) Geoff Small (Patumahoe)



Meyer Lansky Fr (1) Jill Coppins (Morrinsville) Blackjacky 15 (1) Peter Bagrie (Ohoka) Manchester Lass 15 (2) Wallis/Hackett (Waiuku) Moment Of Truth 15 (U1) Derek Balle (Pukekohe) Commander Galleon 15 (U2) Steven Reid (Pukekohe) Irish Whisper 25 (1) Tony Herlihy (Papakura) Boizel 25 (2) Tony Grayling (Pukekohe) Charlemagne 35 (1) Colin Butler (Cambridge Raceway) Sno’s Big Boy 35 (2) Wallis/Hackett (Waiuku)

G Robb Z Butcher (J) T Mitchell B Mangos S Reid T Herlihy M McKendry P Butcher J I Dickie (J)

2013 auckland tc winter cuP


$20000, 3yo+ 3 or more wins special hcp pace, 2700m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11


41432 — 21146 38777 20137 1151x 31171 16890 72x33 1x224 67123

Poker Brat Fr (1) Tony Herlihy (Papakura) Norvic Nightowl Precious Rose Fr (2) Barry Purdon (Clevedon) Secret Desire Fr (3) Telfer/Garlick (Papakura) Brydon Delight Fr (4) Tony Grayling (Pukekohe) Besotted Fr (5) Ray Green (Huapai) Spirit And Desire 10 (1) Matthew Collins (Bombay) Three Jewels 10 (2) Andrew & Lyn Neal (Cambridge) Ideal Scott 10 (3) Brian Hughes (Ardmore) Murphy Maguire 20 (U1) Geoff Small (Patumahoe) Easy On The Eye 35 (1) Steven Reid (Pukekohe)

T Herlihy SCRATCHED Z Butcher (J) S Phelan T Grayling M McKendry J I Dickie (J) A Neal T Macfarlane S Lawson (J) T Mitchell

whales harness hotline hcP trot 8.53

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

0x107 05248 37P34 09706 13 0x816 12851 41641 08354 28546

Sunshield Fr (1) Tom Fox & Brian Johnson (Richmond Park) Our Super Ram Fr (2) Peter Young (Parawai) Burt Munro Fr (3) David Branch (Alexandra Park) Dauntless Fr (U1) Ted Edwards (Mangere) Leanne’s Boy Fr (U2) Paul Green (Morrinsville) Cool Tari Fr (U3) Wallis/Hackett (Waiuku) Jasinsky 10 (1) Luk Chin (Tamahere) Our Dainty Lady 10 (2) James Stormont (Pukekohe) Ella’s Speed 10 (3) Jill Coppins (Morrinsville) Surreal Moment 10 (4) Rob Lawson (Newstead)

rosslands Pace

L Neal P Young T Macfarlane B Mangos T Herlihy M McKendry L Chin J Stormont G Robb S Lawson (J)


$10000, 3yo+ non winners mobile, 2200m.

Majestic horseFloats Pace


59745 PP121 46213 03441 10320 41067 6x163 08011 98322


$10000, 2yo+ f&m non winners mobile, 2200m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

$11000, 1 to 2 wins discretionary, 2200m.

TAB doubles 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12. Trebles 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9, 10-11-12. Place6 7-12. Quaddie 9-10-11-12.

A McKay (a3)

$8000, rating 75 benchmark, 1200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


$7000, rating 65 benchmark*, 2100m

Fine/Heavy (10)/Out 5m.

1 96x54 Ironworker (6) 58.5 Mike McCann (Riccarton) 2 0x77x King Filou (4) 58.5 Bruce Smith (Amberley) 3 05x Latin Saint (5) 58.5 Jan Hay (Ashburton) 4 Ontario (2) 58.5 Danny Frye (Balcairn) 5 6550x Mr Wiz (11) 58.5 Lisa Latta (Riccarton) 6 23 Halobethyname b (18) 56.5 T & M Stokes (Waikuku) 7 0x0x5 Itswotido (14) 56.5 Mike McCann (Riccarton) 8 80650 Hoover (8) 56.5 Geoff Collis (Reefton) 9 9x5x9 Ice Angel (17) 56.5 Sharon Robertson (Riccarton) 10 Chairos (13) 56.5 Lisa Latta (Riccarton) 11 Desert Girl h (16) 56.5 Michael Daly (Washdyke) 12 Vaporetto (10) 56.5 Jan Hay (Ashburton) EMERGENCIES Gartartan Lad (7) 58.5 Cheri Trembath (Ashburton) 13 14 Bellaleah (3) 56.5 Ross Beckett (Yaldhurst) 15 Moonofklairessa (1) 56.5 Bruce Smith (Amberley) 16 9x Pindar (15) 58.5 Danny Frye (Balcairn) 17 00x Grey Tom (12) 58.5 Kevin & Pam Hughes (Riccarton) 18 80x8 Madam (9) 56.5 Chris Harris (Riccarton)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7



Port FM Maiden

sPeights stayers Maiden $7000, mdn, 2100m

TAB doubles 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8. Trebles 2-3-4, 6-7-8. Place6 3-8. Quaddie 5-6-7-8.



A Donnelly G Robb S McMullan (J) J I Dickie (J) Z Butcher (J) M McKendry S Lawson (J) T Herlihy T Mitchell S Phelan P Butcher G Small

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


96663 Classy Ambition Fr (1) Paulette Screen (Pukekohe) 87204 Smoken Roman Fr (2) Tim Hall (Morrinsville) 7 Got To Be Good Fr (3) Mike Berger (Cambridge) G J Seelstar Fr (4) Ival Brownlee (Pokeno) — Apollo Thirteen x0574 Running Ball Fr (5) Mike Nicholas (Waiuku) 08x0 Orthez Fr (6) Ken Webber (Papamoa) 34232 Spook Fr (7) Gareth Dixon (Clevedon) 7P90x Smokin Bopper Fr (21) Richard Brosnan (Ardmore) P006x Aereus Maximus Fr (22) Steven Reid (Pukekohe)

T Mitchell Z Butcher (J) P Butcher J I Dickie (J) SCRATCHED M Nicholas G Robb A Veint (J) S Phelan S Lawson (J)

Mid winter XMas @ aleX Park Pace 9.53 $7000, claimers mobile, 1700m.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

87592 86032 57054 42435 58221 74583 58652 91423


Jonny Wilkinson Fr (1) Peter Scaife (Foxton) Motu Just In Time Fr (2) Tony Shaw (Morrinsville) Painted Black Fr (3) Jay Abernethy (Papakura) Winstone P Fr (4) Mangos/Cullen (Pukekohe) Kilarney Guy Fr (5) Tim Vince (Epsom) Mighty Creation Fr (6) Tim Vince (Epsom) Carlos Fr (7) Peter Ferguson (Cambridge) Howzat Fr (8) Kevin Judson (Waiuku)

Z Butcher (J) P Butcher J Abernethy B Mangos J I Dickie (J) T Herlihy T Mitchell S Lawson (J)

the aleX Bar & eatery trot


$10000, 3yo+ non winners, 2700m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

49x37 92866 402 47422 77893 25932 64035 70337 4 04 06 —


Brookby Prince Fr (1) Tony Grayling (Pukekohe) Brydon Spur Fr (2) Tony Grayling (Pukekohe) Torbjorn Fr (3) Richard Brosnan (Ardmore) Springfield Legacy Fr (4) David Mann (Takanini) Celeris Fr (5) Chris Gillies (Monavale) Empire Earl Fr (6) Errol Downey (Kumeu) Viking Girl Fr (7) Greg Dempsey (Kumeu) McConway Fr (8) Colin Butler (Cambridge Raceway) Te Kouka Breeze Fr (9) Mike Nicholas (Waiuku) Jimbo Johnson Fr (U1) Derek Balle (Pukekohe) Sumba Fr (U2) Wallis/Hackett (Waiuku) King Of Cool

T Grayling M McKendry S Phelan J Abernethy G Robb R Downey (J) Z Butcher (J) P Butcher M Nicholas D Balle T Mitchell SCRATCHED

nZ yearling series n.h.t Final


$30000, 2yo mobile pace, listed, 1700m. 1 2 3 4 5

1 Chattanoogachoochoo Fr (1) G & N Hope (Woodend Beach) T Herlihy Electrical Storm Fr (2) Ray Green (Huapai) R Downey (J) 87 Can’t Get Enough Fr (3) C & J DeFilippi (Lincoln) M McKendry Run To Hide Fr (4) Jason & Scott Lethaby (West Melton) S Lethaby Satori Fr (5) Robbie Holmes (Leithfield Beach) R Holmes

nZ Metro harness addington jetBet 8


TAB doubles 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10. Trebles 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 8-9-10. Pick6 5-10 $100,000. Place6 5-10. Quaddie 7-8-9-10.


hydroFlow golden girls Pace ht 5.55 $8000, 4yo+ mares 2 to 4 wins mobile, 2000m.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


1x619 88838 00740 04187 x7217 12346 x2433 x1153

Nine Mile Maiden Fr (1) Robbie Holmes (Leithfield Beach) Maiden Rome Fr (2) Robert Earle (Charing Cross) Belmont Fire Fr (3) Donna Williamson (Washdyke) Good Girl Becqui Fr (4) Phil Burrows (Fernside) Vanilla Rose Fr (5) Mark Fuller (Weedons) Oursjean Fr (6) Robbie Holmes (Leithfield Beach) Castellina Lover Fr (7) Steve Dolan (Russley) Lulli Midfrew Fr (8) Phil Burrows (Fernside)

Marriotts c/a Pace

R Close (J) K Barron T Chmiel A Butt B orange A Poutama (J) D Dunn B Thomas (J)


$10000, 3yo+ 1 win mobile, 2600m. 1 43472 Ruby Banner Fr (1) Ken Barron (West Melton) 2 93594 Davy Lindenny Fr (2) David Thompson (Kaiapoi) 3 43333 Memorable Fr (3) Cran Dalgety (West Melton)


K Barron S Thompson M Jones


ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, June 14, 2013

fields&fORM 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

86204 49037 43222 41298 10668 18540 81700 0529x 60x12

Unique Chance Fr (4) P & L Jones (West Melton) Vertical Four Fr (5) Jim Curtin (Templeton) Queen’s Advocate Fr (6) Malcolm Shinn (West Melton) Whisper Jet Fr (7) Mark Purdon (Rolleston) Donegal Cam’s Card Fr (8) Cran Dalgety (West Melton) Chanelle Bromac Fr (9) Cran Dalgety (West Melton) Free Bird Fr (21) Barry Ward (West Melton) Beau Vite Fr (22) Mark Purdon (Pukekohe) Super Cullen Fr (23) Graham Court (West Melton)


C DeFilippi J Curtin T Chmiel M Purdon D Dunn J Trainor (J) M Williamson (J) B Orange R May

Cavell leitCh PaCe


$8000, 3yo+ non winners, 2600m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


Private Jones SCRATCHED Midnight Mayhem Fr (1) John Howe (West Melton) T Chmiel Monkey Puzzle Fr (2) Margo Nyhan (Burnham) P Davis Classiebee Fr (3) Mark Jones (Burnham) M Jones Cavalli Woman Fr (4) Michael Cations (Spencerville) M Cations Top Brass Fr (5) Wendy Stevenson (Ashburton) D Dunn Thats My Money Honey Fr (6) Brian Zampese (West Melton) J Dunn Twitch Fr (7) John McDermott (Prebbleton) C D Thornley Caesagold Fr (8) Michael Palermo (Templeton) A Butt Stans Day Fr (9) Stan Moore (Rangiora) R Close (J) 2x37x Instead Of Fr (10) Graham Court (West Melton) R May 82233 Morven Lad Fr (11) Murray Alfeld (Weedons) C DeFilippi — 5345x 6x 400x4 46x x3324 0x 00085 50740

haMPtOns itM Building CntR tROt 7.26 $10000, 3 or more wins discretionary hcp, 2600m.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

— 84327 — 06281 92344 — 2123x 3x141 20012


Ignite Amy’s Invasion Fr (2) Mattias Hjalmarsson (West Melton) Paint The Moon Vacanza Fr (U1) Bruce Hutton (Greendale) Fire In The Night Fr (U2) Bruce Hutton (Greendale) Releven Dream Mamselle 10 (U1) P & L Jones (West Melton) Jaccka Justy 35 (U1) Jonny Cox (Westwood Beach) The Fiery Ginga 45 (1) Alan Clark (Mosgiel)


aingeR tOMlin C/a hCP PaCe


$10000, 3yo+ 1 to 2 wins discretionary, 2600m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

351 1x 0x835 05254 — 59758 x1114 72311 37x11 19x33 48166


K C Monet Fr (1) Grahame Scurr (Broadfield) Gotta Go Yanky Fr (2) Mark Purdon (Rolleston) Between The Lines Fr (3) Graham Court (West Melton) Ajaye Fr (4) D & C Butt (Woodend Beach) Unique Chance Special Bella Fr (6) Carl Markham (Methven) Mac Bubbles 10 (1) Cran Dalgety (West Melton) Bushrod 10 (2) Jim Curtin (Templeton) Sonatina 10 (3) Cran Dalgety (West Melton) Kiwi Mondeo 10 (4) Cran Dalgety (West Melton) Spirit Of Art 10 (5) Mark Purdon (Pukekohe)

K Barron M Purdon R May B Butt SCRATCHED C Markham D Dunn J Curtin M Jones J Trainor (J) B Orange

ClaRk BOyCe lawyeRs PaCe


$8000, 2yo+ f&m non winners mobile, 2000m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

7 043 00x32 6048x 02x88 00085 36754 40600 xP780 00x88 24373 07647

Highview Ember Fr (1) Robbie Holmes (Leithfield Beach) Starry Delight Fr (2) Kerry Hadfield (Greenpark) Cracklin Rosie Fr (3) D & C Butt (Woodend Beach) Comeback Anna Fr (4) Kent Neilson (Spencerville) Jadaki Fr (5) Graham Court (West Melton) Twitch Fr (6) John McDermott (Prebbleton) Limitation Fr (7) Brent Borcoskie (Sefton) Dendera Fr (8) Tim Butt (West Melton) Pay Me Operative Fr (9) Paul Kerr (Ohoka) Bettor By Design Fr (21) Alistair Sutherland (Rakaia) Tricky Girl Fr (22) Gavin Smith (Leithfield Beach) Perissa Fr (23) Andrew Stuart (Rangiora) Laura’s Legend Fr (24) Bruce Hutton (Greendale)


C DeFilippi K Hadfield B Butt M Cations R May D Dunn B Borcoskie A Butt M Kerr (J) G O’Reilly G Smith S O’Brien J Curtin

seaRells C/a PaCe


$12500, 3 to 8 wins mobile, 2600m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

39x13 22595 13239 54116 8Px69 48067 6487x


Pemberton Shard Fr (1) Brad Mowbray (Russley) Paradise City Fr (2) Barry Ward (West Melton) Jackaroo Bromac Fr (3) Wayne Higgs (Redwood) Phantom Grin Fr (4) Matt Brinsdon (Gore) Flyover Fr (5) John McDermott (Prebbleton) Samuel James Fr (6) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) Mach Banner Fr (7) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach)

R May M Williamson (J) M Jones D Dunn C D Thornley G Smith J Dunn

the tyRe geneRal hCP tROt


$7000, 4yo+ 1 to 4 wins discretionary jnr drivers, 2600m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

500x7 — 30184 69x93 0x901 x0070 37421 60536 64542 73781 01033 00011 1P176


Solar Sam Fr (1) Robin Thornley (Templeton) K Cox (J) Charlie Kaos SCRATCHED Joltin Joe Demagio Fr (2) Michael Heenan (Methven) B Williamson (J) Johns Anne Fr (3) Phil Williamson (Oamaru) M Williamson (J) Midfrew Medusa Fr (4) Phil Burrows (Fernside) B Thomas (J) Eight Double Eight Fr (U1) Bruce Graham (Charing Cross) S Hickman (J) Rebma 10 (1) Ken Ford (West Melton) S Golding (J) No Potato 10 (2) Kevin Townley (Russley) J Trainor (J) Paint The Moon 10 (3) Murray Edmonds (Motukarara) R Close (J) Ignite 10 (4) Murray Edmonds (Motukarara) J Anderson (J) Sol Invictus 10 (U1) Michael House (West Melton) S Ottley (J) Given 20 (U1) Nathan Williamson (Ryal Bush) R McIlwrick (J) Releven Dream 30 (1) Jamie Gameson (Burnham) B Munro (J)

teltRaC COMMuniCatiOns PaCe


$5000, 6yo+ 2 to 3 wins mobile, 2600m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

750x9 64525 00435 19500 30264 88060 22136 36080 9x738 95301

Native Geminthenight Fr (1) Austin Thornton (Ashley) Westburn Courage Fr (2) Michael Heenan (Methven) Ataahua Tiki Fr (3) Stephen McNally (Motukarara) Fortunately Fr (4) Ken Ford (West Melton) Supreme Sign Fr (5) John Bennett (Greenpark) Call Me Danny Fr (6) Robin Thornley (Templeton) Forum Fr (7) McCormick/Kentish (Ashburton) Cardinal Huff Fr (8) Katie Cox (Springston) Su El Fr (9) McCormick/Kentish (Ashburton) Xmas In New York Fr (21) Steve Allen (Oamaru)



R Close (J) R May S McNally A Tomlinson T Chmiel G O’Reilly B Thomas (J) K Cox (J) L McCormick M Williamson (J)


$8000, 2yo+ c&g non winners mobile, 2000m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

0x000 Royal City Fr (1) Maxine Green (Winslow) 27x35 Leading The Way Fr (2) Kerry Hadfield (Greenpark) — Private Jones Strike On Command Fr (3) Mark Jones (Burnham) 48858 History Maker Fr (4) James Weir (Kaiapoi) 60x0 Tan Son Nhut Fr (5) Neil Ure (Sandy Knolls) 88x79 Light The Fuse Fr (6) Ben Waldron (Ashburton) Major Sam Fr (7) Mark Jones (Burnham) 049x4 Graywackee Star Fr (8) Regan Todd (Burnham) x5853 Crying Out Loud Fr (21) Merv Neill (Rangiora) 0689x Mach Cullen Fr (22) Bruce Hutton (Greendale) 40x2 Jackson Jones Fr (23) Graham Court (West Melton)

M Williamson (J) K Hadfield SCRATCHED M Jones R Close (J) J Anderson (J) C D Thornley A Butt B Orange M Neill B Hutton R May

awapuni JetBet 4


TAB doubles 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8. Trebles 2-3-4, 6-7-8. Place6 3-8. Quaddie 5-6-7-8.


iPl PlywOOd/euRO CO. steel


x223x 5x243 3x32 8502 x60x2 8x20 97x04 6x 00x 70732 803 070x4

Pencuri h (3) 58.5 J & N Wood (Otaki) C Johnson Golden Bay bh (5) 58.5 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) K Myers Untold (2) 58.5 Nicky Goss (Awapuni) D Bradley Blame de Angels (16) 58.5 Gerald Innes (Opaki) D Turner (a3) Meo (8) 58.5 Gavin Semmens (Opaki) D Walker Loot ‘N’ Lust b (6) 58.5 Craig Thornton (Cambridge) D Walsh Golden Gloves (1) 58.5 Colin Cromarty (Waverley) B Lammas Beebee Star (17) 58.5 Jack Scott (Foxton) J Shackleton (a3) Lucky Jazz h (11) 58.5 Christensen/East (Awapuni) M Tanaka Andalou (4) 56.5 P & T Ebbett (Waipukurau) R Hannam Single Mission (10) 56.5 Paul Belsham (Wanganui) K Smith Dance In The Park h (15) 56.5 Tony Bambry (Awapuni) S Collett

Oamaru harness

Overcast/Heavy (11)/True.

Fine/Heavy (11)/Out 8m.

gear Changes

gear Changes

Standard Bit off: Arizona Jazz (R8) Tongue Control Bit off: Caught Out (R5) Boots off: Honey (R5) Shadow Roll on: The Great White (R2) Tongue Tie on: Mr Ideal (R7)

Bar Plates (Front) off: Uncle Shayne (R7) Norton Bit on: Blue Streak (R3) Tongue Control Bit on: Master Ip (R7) Pacifiers off: The Shackler (R4) Bandages on: Perfect Flow (R3) Cheek Burrs on: Imagunakepa (R5) Nose Band off: Blue Streak (R3)

13 2904 Star Emerald h (14) 56.5 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) 14 8 Adrienne (7) 56.5 Kevin Gray (Palm.North) 15 9x879 All Ginga (13) 56.5 Don Fuge (Tauherenikau) 16 Coastal Heights h (12) 56.5 Mike Breslin (Awapuni) 17 09x96 Royal Hussy (9) 56.5 Ilone Kelly (New Plymouth)


B Grylls (a2) T Russell R Myers C Perrett

winstOne wallBOaRds handiCaP 12.45 $12500, rating 65 benchmark*, 1400m

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

55182 623x6 2x6x4 57x51 310 257x0 x3621 934x9 — 41x78 83916 58x05 7x00x


Elated tdm (12) 59 Diane Woolhouse (Levin) McRae dm (2) 59 Noel Coombe (Woodville) Sports Coat mh (7) 58.5 Mark Oulaghan (Awapuni) Talk The Torque tmh (3) 58.5 Trina Riddell (Awapuni) Crafty Lad dh (6) 57.5 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) Chair Up h (9) 56.5 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) La Bella Sands h (5) 56.5 Mark Oulaghan (Awapuni) Dinksta th (11) 56.5 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) The Great White Little Butterfly d (1) 56 Craig Thornton (Cambridge) Miss Clawdy (4) 56 Lionel Greig (Otaki) Share The Blame m (8) 55.5 Gerald Innes (Opaki) Selamat m (10) 55 J & N Wood (Otaki)

M Dravitzki (a2) D Walker H Tinsley D Bradley B Lammas R Hannam B Grylls (a2) K Myers SCRATCHED R Myers D Walsh D Turner (a3) C Johnson

lJ hOOkeR Manawatu steePle


$40000, open stp, 4400m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7


x5638 1x810 F6x65 2L0x1 x62F6 04154 Px953

Cape Kinaveral m (7) 69 G & D Rogerson (Hamilton) Rioch m (3) 67 Kevin Myers (Wanganui) Solid Steal m (2) 67 Paul Nelson (Hastings) Sanuye mh (1) 65 Mark Oulaghan (Awapuni) Izzyosler tm (5) 65 John Wheeler (New Plymouth) Old Redfeather (6) 65 Darrell Hollinshead (Te Awamutu) Victory Morgan tm (4) 65 Shane Brown (Woodville)

M Mitchell J Rathbone S Houston H Curran I Lupton P Ormsby S Phelan

OffiCe PROduCts dePOt handiCaP 1.55 $25000, open hcp, 1400m

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

9x487 x8710 x7917 690x1 3x162 21752 x8986 53492


Khemosabi dm (8) 59 Paul Gordon (Cambridge) K Smith Bragato dm (2) 58.5 Richard Joostens (Otaki) D Turner (a3) Sacha tdmh (5) 57.5 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) B Grylls (a2) Go Danny tdmh (6) 57.5 Grant Searle (Awapuni) H Tinsley Daiello dmh (3) 56.5 Roydon Bergerson (Awapuni) D Bradley Neo tdmb (4) 56.5 Baker/Forsman (Cambridge) R Myers Kalgoorlie Bomber dm (7) 55.5 Frank Stammers (Tauherenikau) v Johnston Marotiri Miss t (1) 54 Richard French (Foxton) K Myers

Manawatu itM awaPuni huRdle


$40000, open hdl, 2900m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

49x70 3x547 21215 x0401 62112 226x6 121x5 16x63 Px658 158x4

Wotabuzz mh (9) 69 Mark Oulaghan (Awapuni) Waitaha Toa tdmh (1) 68 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) Sea King m (2) 66.5 Kevin Myers (Wanganui) Thatz David tdm (7) 65.5 Anne Davies (Wanganui) Zenocoin m (8) 65.5 G & D Rogerson (Hamilton) Honey m (6) 65 Kevin Myers (Wanganui) Answer m (5) 65 D M O’Leary (Marton) Stainley m (10) 65 Joanne Moss (Gisborne) Caught Out m (3) 65 Leanne Elliot (Otaki) Goosebumps m (4) 65 J W Bridgman (Matamata)


H Curran C Singer J Rathbone G Walsh M Mitchell K veenendaal P Ormsby I Lupton S Houston S Phelan

COuRtesy fORd handiCaP


$25000, open hcp, 2100m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

0x761 25711 1500x 90535 28x82 x9606 52451 73622 x0231


King Victor tm (9) 59 Anna Clement (Hawera) Belfast Lad tdm (7) 58 P & T Ebbett (Waipukurau) Just A Shout tdm (2) 56.5 Tess Shepherd (Waipukurau) Intransigent tdm (6) 55.5 Kirsty Lawrence (Waipukurau) Chapinta tdm (1) 55 Craig Thornton (Cambridge) Flemington tdh (4) 55 Lucy Tanner (Awapuni) Ormond Road dmh (8) 54 Tony Bambry (Awapuni) Ngario (5) 54 Sylvia Kay (Levin) Birchino tdmh (3) 54 Gary Vile (Awapuni)

v Johnston B Lammas K Smith D Walsh K Myers D Walker R Myers B Grylls (a) R Hannam

JaMes haRdie/PaslOde handiCaP


$12500, rating 65 benchmark*, 2100m 1 04223 Mr Ideal m (7) 59 Raymond Connors (Wanganui) 2 63216 Field Daze mb (17) 58.5 Simon Wilson (Waipukurau) 3 07751 King Of Rock (18) 58.5 Steve Ellis (Waipukurau) 4 7x061 Mac An Athair (5) 58.5 James Wallace (Opaki) 5 0x3x5 Kings Deep d (10) 58 Paul Nelson (Hastings) 6 6x042 Kipkeino t (13) 57.5 Lucy de Lautour (Waipukurau) 7 10481 Astana m (11) 57 John Wheeler (New Plymouth) 8 58156 Post Online mb (16) 57 Paul Nelson (Hastings) 9 9x227 St Ransom h (4) 57 Gary Vile (Awapuni) 10 x5601 Carinya m (15) 56.5 D M O’Leary (Marton) 11 x0328 Sea Eagle (2) 56.5 Kylie Little (Opaki) 12 08023 Jamomiti dh (1) 56 Grant Searle (Awapuni) 13 60775 Maude m (6) 55.5 Paul Belsham (Wanganui) 14 x0444 Drift h (14) 55.5 Aimee Thomas (Awapuni) 15 6x037 Disdain m (9) 54.5 Kirsty Lawrence (Waipukurau) 16 0x034 Reasons Unknown h (8) 54.5 Mark Oulaghan (Awapuni) EMERGENCIES 17 66720 The Bachelor h (3) 54.5 Gary Vile (Awapuni) 18 33409 General Lincoln h (12) 54.5 Lisa Latta (Awapuni)


T Russell B Lammas H Tinsley M Tanaka C Johnson B Grylls (a2) R Myers S Collett R Hannam A Morgan (a3) D Bradley K Smith K Myers D Walker D Walsh M Dravitzki (a2) v Johnston

nelsOn Pine industRies handiCaP 4.15 $15000, rating 75 benchmark, 1600m

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

024x1 41011 70214 6x811 53121 7x451 85215 16056 02590 7279x 56432 — 20133 473D3 x88x7

Destiny Cove dm (2) 60.5 Katrina Alexander (Waipukurau) A Morgan (a3) Footloose tdm (1) 59 Laura Knight (Palmerston North) K Myers City Chic tmh (14) 57 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) D Bradley Brad Thorn mh (7) 57 Mike Breslin (Awapuni) R Myers Wiggle tdm (11) 57 Grant Laursen (Foxton) D Turner (a3) Good One Glady tdmh (4) 56 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) B Grylls (a2) Mash d (6) 56 Kevin Gray (Palm.North) K Smith Abraham Lincoln tdh (13) 55.5 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) S Collett Reuben Thorn mh (10) 55.5 Grant Searle (Awapuni) D Walker Ripdiddler m (12) 55.5 Christine Eagle (Foxton) C Johnson Slah tdmh (9) 55.5 Gary Vile (Awapuni) R Hannam Darby Shaw SCRATCHED Polly Flinders tmbh (5) 55 Stephen Gillies (Awapuni) B Lammas Arizona Jazz d (3) 55 James Cropp (Taupo) D Walsh Get Flash (8) 54 Rachael Frost (Otaki) v Johnston


ellerslie JetBet 2

0x513 12487 89031 9x801 6x215 30x00 x0440 0x264


Mr Rimfire d (7) 58.5 Patsy Riley (Pukekohe) Molto Grato dm (10) 58 Robert Priscott (Te Awamutu) Top Choice dm (8) 58 S Clotworthy (Byerley Pk Karaka) Katinka m (9) 56 Stephen Ralph (Pukekohe) She’s Insatiable m (1) 56 John Sargent (Matamata) Pure Platinum tdm (2) 55 D & D Logan (Ruakaka) Postage dm (6) 55 Louise McGregor (Te Aroha) Sneaky Shan (5) 55 Tony Rae (Te Rapa)

RentOkil initial handiCaP

Oamaru Jetbet 8

Derek Nolan Matthew Cameron Mark Du Plessis Mark Sweeney Opie Bosson Michelle Wenn Phillip Turner (a1) Aimee Taylor (a3)


$25000, open hcp, 1200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

11610 9118x 20x12 0949x 657x3 x7872 84x00 33316 0x104


Maximum Height tm (2) 59 Antony Fuller (Tauranga) Trudy Thornton Rusty Devil tdm (6) 57.5 Philip Johnson (Avondale) Opie Bosson Guevara dm (5) 57 Scott Wenn (Te Aroha) Michelle Wenn Sweet Suitor tdm (7) 55.5 G & D Rogerson (Hamilton) Rory Hutchings (a) Danrose dm (4) 54 Mark Brosnan (Matamata) Mark Du Plessis Ginja Ninja tdm (1) 54 Ben Foote (Cambridge) Sam Spratt Heydental Tourist tdm (3) 54 K & B Hawtin (Te Awamutu) Aimee Taylor (a3) Takeover dm (8) 54 Don Dwyer (Pukekohe) Brendan Hutton (a3) Pogue dmb (9) 54 Graeme Cameron (Te Rapa) Matthew Cameron

sOutheRn hOsPitality


$12500, rating 65 benchmark*, 1200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

37066 12 92419 343x1 86x1 483x3 3x153 1500x 4103x 71982 384x4 1580x 08x06 508x7


Monkey Rock m (2) 59 Chris McNab (Cambridge) Michael McNab One Cool Message d (1) 59 Stephen Ralph (Pukekohe) Opie Bosson Holy Affair dm (9) 58 Lee Somervell (Cambridge) Danielle Johnson Perfect Flow dm (11) 58 Busuttin/Young (Cambridge) Rory Hutchings (a) Fluoro Lite dm (5) 56.5 S Clotworthy (Byerley Pk Karaka) Brendan Hutton (a3) Just Ideal dm (10) 56 Thomas/Mirabelli (Cambridge) Sam Spratt Living The Dream db (6) 56 Graham Richardson (Matamata) Craig Grylls Blue Streak d (4) 56 Natalie Tanner (Muriwai Beach) Mark Hills Dragonkeeper dmb (13) 55.5 Shaune Ritchie (Cambridge) Mark Du Plessis Going Places (3) 55.5 Stephen Curtis (Te Awamutu) viktoria Gatu (a3) Oui d (14) 55.5 Terry Wenn (Cambridge) Michelle Wenn Rosie’s Revenge tdm (12) 55 Ron Gussey (Avondale) Matthew Cameron Oscarsgold dm (7) 54.5 Margaret Brake (Te Awamutu) Mark Sweeney Brondan (8) 54 R & D Lang (Cambridge) Ming Cheung (a4)

BROdeRiCk PRint


$15000, rating 85 benchmark, 1400m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

909x9 0x427 988x0 05x6x 25x80 013x4 59x53 05x04 16542 x0447


Essential (5) 59 John Sargent (Matamata) Christopher Dell (a1) Donna Diva tdm (4) 57.5 Rudy Liefting (Pukekohe) Matthew Cameron Pycok Flyer dm (10) 57.5 Stephen Marsh (Woodville) Brendan Hutton (a3) Asgoodasitgets tm (8) 57 Todd Mitchell (Cambridge) Michael McNab The Shackler td (1) 56.5 Michael Dromgool (Te Aroha) Rogan Norvall Whistling Straits t (6) 56.5 D & D Logan (Ruakaka) Mark Hills Abeautifulred td (7) 56 G & D Rogerson (Hamilton) Rory Hutchings (a) Defenciti dm (9) 55.5 Peter Fleming (New Plymouth) Trudy Thornton Designacat d (3) 54 Richard Collett (Pukekohe) Mark Du Plessis Magic Belle t (2) 54 Stephen Ralph (Pukekohe) Mark Sweeney

shaMROCk gROuP Maiden


$12500, mdn, 1400m 1 95223 Borrett Boy (16) 58.5 Chris McNab (Cambridge) Michael McNab 2 7x362 Cornelius (8) 58.5 Ben Foote (Cambridge) Matthew Cameron 3 97522 King Panamera (9) 58.5 David Medcalfe (Takanini) Rowena Smyth (a3) 4 527x3 Landlord (10) 58.5 Allan Sharrock (New Plymouth) Opie Bosson 5 36259 Bitethebullet (7) 58.5 Kevin Morton (Waiuku) Derek Nolan 6 275x5 Royalty (3) 58.5 Stephen McKee (Ardmore) Sam Spratt 7 Full On Jacks (11) 58.5 D & D Logan (Ruakaka) Trudy Thornton 8 57 Reeperbahn (14) 58.5 Ralph Manning (Cambridge) Mark Du Plessis 9 — Undertheinfluence SCRATCHED 10 252 Okay Annie (18) 56.5 K & B Hawtin (Te Awamutu) Rory Hutchings (a) 11 53 Copa Verde (2) 56.5 Jamie Graham (Ardmore Lodge) Danielle Johnson 12 3289x Rusta (5) 56.5 Daniel Flavell (Ardmore Lodge) Aimee Taylor (a3) 13 75x63 Stella (4) 56.5 S Clotworthy (Byerley Pk Karaka) Brendan Hutton (a3) 14 8456x Permesso (13) 56.5 K & G Opie (Te Aroha) Phillip Turner (a1) 15 0x06 I Dream Of Jeannie (15) 56.5 Davina Waddell (Avondale) Michelle Wenn 16 — Red Storm SCRATCHED EMERGENCIES 17 7 Coolibah (12) 58.5 Lesley Munro (Pukekohe) Mark Sweeney 18 0 Music (1) 56.5 G & D Rogerson (Hamilton) Craig Grylls 19 0 Miss Citron (19) 56.5 G & T Shaw (Waiuku) 20 977x0 Rich N’ Roses (17) 56.5 Caroline Pomare (Ardmore Lodge) 21 x97x8 Imagunakepa (6) 56.5 Glenn Old (Matamata)


sCOt thRust handiCaP


$25000, open hcp, 1600m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

6x523 08x54 0x046 0x331 0x480 x8705 0x354 72039 57x64 50x61 700x7 85x91 9x945


John Gray tdm (13) 59 Antony Fuller (Tauranga) Trudy Thornton Atom Cat tdm (6) 57 Graham Richardson (Matamata) Craig Grylls Worthing tdm (7) 56 Gary Alton (Cambridge) Mark Sweeney Old Drumble tdm (2) 55.5 Ralph Manning (Cambridge) Rory Hutchings (a) Matost tdm (9) 55.5 Mark Phillips (Te Rapa) Michelle Wenn Spare A Fortune dm (12) 55.5 Gary Hennessy (Matamata) Reese Jones Mackadoo dmb (5) 54.5 Baker/Forsman (Cambridge) Sam Spratt Gurus Spirit tdm (8) 54 Richard Coxon (Matamata) Phillip Turner (a) Thrive m (1) 54 J W Bridgman (Matamata) Matthew Cameron Magna Carta tdm (11) 54 D & D Logan (Ruakaka) Mark Hills Taking The Mickey tdm (4) 54 Pike/Donoghue (Cambridge) Rogan Norvall Seed Of Speed tdm (3) 54 D & D Logan (Ruakaka) Mark Du Plessis Cool Cruising tdm (10) 54 John Sargent (Matamata) Danielle Johnson

neatMeat high steaks


$15000, rating 75 benchmark, 1600m 1 2 3 4 5 6

038x4 9x016 45374 2x993 1x567 42493

7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

50x04 77x81 08x02 x2946 316x6 3x642 816x1 65x02 x1648

Natsinga tdm (13) 60.5 Lance Noble (Matamata) Silver Wong (a4) Danza Lad m (7) 58 Rudy Liefting (Pukekohe) Derek Nolan Pan Dulce d (1) 57 Jamie Graham (Ardmore Lodge) Phillip Turner (a1) Barstorm m (15) 56.5 Ilone Kelly (New Plymouth) Shannon Doyle Buckles tdm (2) 56.5 Sally Marshall (Cambridge) Rogan Norvall Swiper The Fox tdb (9) 56.5 Leo Molloy (Byerley Pk Karaka) Brendan Hutton (a3) Uncle Shayne dm (6) 56.5 D & D Logan (Ruakaka) Rory Hutchings (a) Regalo Reaal dm (4) 56 S Clotworthy (Byerley Pk Karaka) Opie Bosson Chill Bill d (10) 55.5 Baker/Forsman (Cambridge) Matthew Cameron He’s Dan d (12) 55.5 Glynn Brick (Matamata) Mark Hills Master Ip d (3) 55.5 D & D Logan (Ruakaka) Trudy Thornton Rainmaker td (14) 55.5 Jenna Mahoney (Clevedon) Sam Spratt Glitzabeel dm (11) 55 Mark Brosnan (Matamata) Mark Du Plessis Let’s Be A Star m (5) 54 John Sargent (Matamata) Craig Grylls Mareka Miss dm (8) 54 Gareth McRae (Pukekohe) Mark Sweeney

auCkland CO-OP taxis


$15000, rating 85 benchmark, 2200m


TAB doubles 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8. Trebles 2-3-4, 6-7-8. Pick6 3-8 $200,000. Place6 3-8. Quaddie 5-6-7-8.


3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


auckland races

$12500, mdn, 1400m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

auckland weather/track/Rail

Manawatu weather/track/Rail

Manawatu Selections

Manawatu races


Bidvest Mile

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

23x22 10713 966x7 16116 25634 300x4 6x293 x7131 240x9 x0836 0x965 0x562 05x06

Pump Up The Volume tm (11) 59 Ralph Manning (Cambridge) Opie Bosson Montetra tm (12) 58 Jenna Mahoney (Clevedon) Sam Spratt Brompton tdm (9) 56.5 Gary Alton (Cambridge) Michael McNab Lucky Charm tdm (6) 56.5 Tracy Lomas (Cambridge) Reese Jones Dancing Chief td (5) 56 Gregory Graham (Byerley Pk Karaka) Rogan Norvall The Missing Link tdm (13) 54.5 Brad Peterson (Matamata) Ming Cheung (a4) Chapchick mb (2) 54 Shaune Ritchie (Cambridge) Matthew Cameron The Strutter tdm (10) 54 Dick Stevenson (Waipu) Danielle Johnson Xalted (4) 54 Moroney/Ormsby (Matamata) Trudy Thornton Flavour Flav tdmb (1) 54 Wright/Howlett (Glen Massey) Daniel Hain Te Kingi m (8) 54 R & Y Peake (Cambridge) Mark Hills Toby Cee (7) 54 Dick Stevenson (Waipu) Brendan Hutton (a3) Cash Kingdom m (3) 54 Bev Ritchie (Pukekohe)

Auckland Selections


$12500, rating 65 benchmark*, 1600m 1 60x33 Saved By The Bell tdm (3) 59 George Merkulov (Muriwai Beach) Craig Grylls 2 20x71 Beverley Beck tdm (4) 58.5 Antony Fuller (Tauranga) Rogan Norvall




TAB doubles 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-11. Trebles 1-2-3, 5-6-7, 9-10-11. Place6 6-11. Quaddie 8-9-10-11.


lis MaRa Pace

MOnaRchy tROt


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

500x 46x 0000 340 90654 0x00 22900 42736 xp780 40347 58279 83535


damon runyon fr (1) Jim Curtin (Templeton) cavalli Woman fr (2) Michael Cations (Spencerville) k c Survivor fr (3) Stewart McEvoy (Winslow) tartan trilogy fr (4) G & J Knight (Roxburgh) denis fr (5) Margo Nyhan (Burnham) Burmese ruby fr (6) Andrew Faulks (Waikouaiti) elbeau fr (7) David Mitchell (Timaru) Juliana Belle fr (8) Bill Keeler (Roxburgh) pay me operative fr (9) Paul Kerr (Ohoka) Jack hammer fr (21) Terry May (Methven) Just a marvel fr (22) Ian Munro (Otematata) Blanco fr (23) Murray Tapper (Levels) lady molly fr (U1) T & G Chmiel (Leeston)

03553 mantorp fr (1) Stephen Kennedy (Hororata) danny cool fr (2) Phil Williamson (Oamaru) m the Silver fox fr (3) Phil Williamson (Oamaru) B 37530 city courage fr (4) Ginger Woodhouse (Omakau Raceway) 80 regal light fr (5) Gavin Smith (Leithfield Beach) 20222 Sappy’s Brite Star fr (6) Craig Buchan (Mosgiel) Breeny’s Smile fr (7) Noel Taylor (Kohika) 40993 gold harmony fr (8) Ken Barron (West Melton) 04 Brite n early fr (9) Wakelin/Noble (Oxford) 000x diggerboy fr (10) Carl Markham (Methven) Justakiwilass fr (11) T & G Chmiel (Leeston) 0p832 xmas Joy Belle fr (12) Fred Morris (Yaldhurst) 20906 left right andcentre fr (13) Phil Williamson (Oamaru) 0x899 glenferrie Sunbird fr (14) Mark Jones (Burnham) Seymour fr (U1) Warren Bartlett (Oamaru) 6x242 u dream fr (U2) Steven McRae (Halswell) 000 roaming fr (U3) Gary Shand (Washdyke)


g o’Reilly Williamson (j) Williamson (j)

sOutheRn Wines Pace

g Smith c Buchan D Dunn k Barron p Wakelin c markham t chmiel S mcnally n Williamson B orange R may c D thornley g Shand


$7000, 3yo+ non winners, 2600m. 1 86x2 roofcraft fr (1) John Hay (Ashburton) 2 Buono amici fr (2) Alan Russell (Yaldhurst) 3 4 fellas r trouble fr (3) Michael Heenan (Methven) 4 99023 imaginary life fr (4) Colin Harrison (Ashburton) 5 9 mymatebruce fr (5) Ross Wilson (Oamaru Raceway) 6 0x00 Burmese ruby fr (6) Andrew Faulks (Waikouaiti) 7 — cavalli Woman 8 8p08x Burning desire fr (7) Gavin Smith (Leithfield Beach) 9 Stans day fr (8) Stan Moore (Rangiora) 10 6x monkey puzzle fr (9) Margo Nyhan (Burnham) 11 Son of caesar fr (10) David Harris (Herbert)


j hay S Smolenski m heenan c harrison B Williamson (j) B orange SCRATCHED L Lester (j) m hjalmarsson p Davis W Low

GReateR canteRbuRy seRies tROt 12.28 $7500, 4yo+ mares up to 1 win mobile, 2000m.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

0x000 47379 73648 02000 0x531 6x65x 17909 x3494 022px 93500 000x0


Queen mary fr (1) David McCormick (Ashburton) L mccormick reach for the Sun fr (2) Craig & Jan Hamilton (Greendale) B orange contiki fr (3) Nigel Chalmers (Waikouaiti) j mackinnon (j) last love fr (4) Andrew Stuart (Rangiora) R todd (j) lucie de gerolstein fr (5) Jonny Cox (Westwood Beach) j W cox anonymiss fr (6) Gerard O’Reilly (Rakaia) g o’Reilly miri fr (7) Bruce Negus (Waikouaiti) D Dunn pricilla p fr (8) Gavin Smith (Leithfield Beach) g Smith Bet’s Best fr (9) Nathan Williamson (Ryal Bush) n Williamson freefall fr (21) Brent Borcoskie (Sefton) B Borcoskie Barneys girl fr (U1) Michael Cations (Spencerville) m cations

bishOPdale & bush inn Pace


$5000, 4yo+ 1 to 3 wins +claimers mobile, 2600m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

70x0p 00x38 9x008 76317 88838 26242 06777 86704 7729x 01466 2509x 88734 44730 10595


firebreak fr (1) John McDermott (Prebbleton) Selester fr (2) Bruce Hutton (Greendale) up Wheels fr (3) Lynda Beagley (Ladbrooks) rock of tara fr (4) G & J Knight (Roxburgh) maiden rome fr (5) Robert Earle (Charing Cross) race cafe fr (6) Mark Jones (Burnham) arden’s attack fr (7) Raymond Reekie (Charing Cross) rolias fr (8) Warren Stapleton (Rakaia) Wot the owl fr (9) Paul Young (Maronan) hudson Sully fr (21) Bruce Negus (Waikouaiti) cullen’s mercy fr (22) Raymond Reekie (Charing Cross) graceandtemika fr (23) Bruce Negus (Waikouaiti) valhalla fr (24) G & J Knight (Roxburgh) the lutts fr (25) Fred Morris (Yaldhurst)

j mcDermott S Blake L Beagley j enright R earle a edge R Burnett D paterson R Sissons S murtha R Reekie g anderson g cook D thompson

PGG WRiGhtsOn Pace


$8000, 4yo+ 1 to 2 wins mobile jnr drivers, 2000m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

5x056 72552 52097 08p49 17654 6020x 56508 66770 20197 70835 25861 54976 57x95 25907


miss milwaukee fr (1) Warren Bartlett (Oamaru) flyalong falcon fr (2) John Parsons (Balcairn) Stylish Babe fr (3) John McDermott (Prebbleton) drum major fr (4) Chris Chalmers (Halswell) its nukes fr (5) Phil Burrows (Fernside) anvil gav fr (6) Gavin Smith (Leithfield Beach) Star of courage fr (7) Michael Heenan (Methven) cullens Spirit fr (8) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) canndew fr (9) Margo Nyhan (Burnham) infrequently fr (21) Bruce Negus (Waikouaiti) thatshowie roll fr (22) Michael Howard (Motukarara) not Sure fr (23) G & J Knight (Roxburgh) Bronze hero fr (24) G & J Knight (Roxburgh) liveordash fr (25) Kate Robertson (Oamaru)

j mackinnon j trainor m kerr S hickman R close R todd j young m purvis a veint B Williamson j thomas a poutama m Williamson R mcIlwrick

MORRisOns saddleRy hcP tROt

(j) (j) (j) (j) (j) (j) (j) (j) (j) (j) (j) (j) (j) (j)


$9000, 2 or more wins discretionary, 2600m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

09x08 51084 45x0x 45212 84327 13363 15151 20012


ourronnie fr (1) Wakelin/Noble (Oxford) p Wakelin eyrewell pegasus fr (2) Margo Nyhan (Burnham) p Davis Jag’s invasion fr (3) Phil Williamson (Oamaru) m Williamson (j) John henry galleon fr (4) Chris Gerken (Fleming) a armour amy’s invasion 10 (1) Mattias Hjalmarsson (West Melton) D Dunn galaxy hunter 10 (U1) Nathan Williamson (Ryal Bush) n Williamson Sarah lindenny 10 (U2) Colin Harrison (Ashburton) c harrison the fiery ginga 55 (1) Alan Clark (Mosgiel) a clark

cOuPland’s bakeRies hcP Pace


$9000, 3yo+ 2 to 7 wins discretionary, 2600m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

59758 80458 33631 58561 066x9 80904 8x370 00670 67022 54116 17436


Special Bella fr (1) Carl Markham (Methven) tango lady fr (2) Murray Lawrence (Waikouaiti) tyron’s falcon ella fr (3) Patrick O’Reilly (Huntingdon) massimo fr (4) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) fair dinkum Bromac fr (5) John Hay (Ashburton) four needed 10 (1) Dave Anderson (Prebbleton) citylight 10 (2) Nathan Williamson (Ryal Bush) roxy Bromac 10 (3) Paul Young (Maronan) fiery rascal 10 (4) Bruce Negus (Waikouaiti) phantom grin 40 (1) Matt Brinsdon (Gore) Better to Be Bad 40 (U1) Steven Ashton (Portobello)

c markham R may g o’Reilly j Dunn j hay S mcnally n Williamson j young (j) m Williamson (j) D Dunn B orange

PGG WRiGhtsOn st'bRed tROt


$8000, 3yo+ 1 win, 2600m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

17 17 71 06880 42330 x0200 93500 1 06446 7x800

alexandra leaving fr (1) Phil Williamson (Oamaru) m Williamson (j) the Wonkey donkey fr (2) Nathan Williamson (Ryal Bush) n Williamson kincaslough fr (3) Craig Edmonds (Motukarara) j Dunn face value fr (4) Craig Buchan (Mosgiel) t chmiel Southland reflector fr (5) Craig Buchan (Mosgiel) c Buchan Juneamy castleton fr (6) Mark Jones (Burnham) m jones freefall fr (7) Brent Borcoskie (Sefton) B Borcoskie Sure Sign fr (8) Nathan Williamson (Ryal Bush) R mcIlwrick (j) Whendaboysliteup fr (U1) Eddie Murphy (Waikouaiti) j W cox Spin doctor fr (U2) Bruce Negus (Waikouaiti) D Dunn

Oamaru Selections Race 1: Sappy’S Brite Star, U DReam, mantoRp Race 2: roofcraft, ImagInaRy LIfe, StanS Day Race 3: Bet’S BeSt, anonymISS, LUcIe De geRoLSteIn Race 4: race cafe, Wot the oWL, hUDSon SULLy Race 5: flyalong falcon, ItS nUkeS, DRUm majoR Race 6: Jag’S invaSion, SaRah LInDenny, the fIeRy gInga Race 7: phantom grin, Roxy BRomac, BetteR to Be BaD Race 8: alexandra leaving, jUneamy caStLeton, kIncaSLoUgh Race 9: Jack hammer, DenIS, eLBeaU Race 10: falcon ruler, IDeaL aRDen, StRaDoWan Race 11: maximan, LooSe cannon, LIttLe mISS SUnShIne


yaluMba handicaP

j curtin m cations S mcevoy m Williamson (j) p Davis B orange D Dunn a armour m kerr (j) R may B Williamson (j) n Williamson t chmiel


$8000, 3yo+ 1 win, 2600m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

76186 35746 50200 21x 63549 31261 x4476 70x0p 74445 51795 66824 90x1

loch in c fr (1) Geoffrey Kelk (Winchmore) ideal arden fr (2) Bruce Hutton (Greendale) double line fr (3) Geoffrey Kelk (Winchmore) falcon ruler fr (4) Andrew Faulks (Waikouaiti) christy Breanna fr (5) Nathan Williamson (Ryal Bush) Supreme genes fr (6) David Heffernan (Oamaru) live life Betta fr (7) T & G Chmiel (Leeston) firebreak fr (8) John McDermott (Prebbleton) alliwantforxmas fr (9) John Hay (Ashburton) one and only fr (10) Warren Stapleton (Rakaia) Stradowan fr (11) T & G Chmiel (Leeston) ready for takeoff fr (12) Mark Jones (Burnham)


g o’Reilly j curtin B orange p Davis n Williamson m kerr (j) t chmiel R holmes j hay m Williamson (j)

PORt fM Pace

S Stewart (j)


$9000, 2 to 3 wins mobile, 2000m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

31990 00740 90412 21154 74197 06777 81573 066x9 8904x 08120

neve franco fr (1) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) j Dunn Belmont fire fr (2) Donna Williamson (Washdyke) D Dunn loose cannon fr (3) John Patterson (Waimate) j patterson maximan fr (4) Jim Curtin (Templeton) j curtin here’s Shifty fr (5) Josh Kennett (Waimate) c kennett franco revel fr (6) T & G Chmiel (Leeston) t chmiel taieri Wings fr (7) Chris Gerken (Fleming) a armour fair dinkum Bromac fr (8) John Hay (Ashburton) j hay Jaspers Blue Jean fr (9) Eion Latimer (Oamaru) p Davis little miss Sunshine fr (21) Robbie Holmes (Leithfield Beach) R holmes

australian races ipswich Jetbet 3


Fine/Heavy (10)/True.

XXXX GOld GRanGe Plate


$50,000, 2yo, 1100m 1 3115 agitate dwb (16) 59 K M Schweida (Eagle Farm) g colless 2 1s434 dalton (1) 58.5 M, W & J Hawkes (Rosehill) m cahill 3 14441 nude Secrets t (14) 57.5 G R Duncan (Sunshine Coast) e Wilkinson 4 5101 Stylish dragon tw (11) 57.5 Gregory Cornish (Beaudesert) L cassidy 5 3223s aquator (5) 57 P J Balzen (Gold Coast) p hammersley 6 s0803 architect w (17) 57 David Lawlor (Eagle Farm) a Spinks 7 12 real favulous (8) 56.5 Donald Baker (Toowoomba) k matheson (a2) 8 1 tisani tomso (9) 56.5 K R Kemp (Toowoomba) n tomizawa 9 2 chariot of gold (12) 55.5 L F Birchley (Eagle Farm) SCRATCHED 10 — our editor 11 051 titanomagnetite w (3) 55.5 Ms H Page (Gold Coast) a pattillo 12 102 rosenet cb (7) 54.5 Bruce Hill (Gold Coast) c munce 13 Brown Water (4) 54 J P Morrisey (Gold Coast) a allen (a2) 14 8s0 caiden’s command (6) 54 Jason McLachlan (Sunshine Coast) t Bell 15 37s5 Jitterbug b (15) 54 A E Bailey (Gold Coast) B avdulla emergencieS 16 8s7 pine island (13) 54 Bruce Hill (Gold Coast) 17 98 Busy h (2) 54 G S Livermore (Ipswich)

OPtus iPsWich Mile


$50,000, Benchmark 85, 1666m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

12417 42673 19561 56321 0s503 17337 7s456 s0240 44422 63031 13312 41906


pellegrini w (4) 59 R L Heathcote (Eagle Farm) R Wiggins What happenedhenry tw (7) 58.5 K M Schweida (Eagle Farm) g colless tisani Boy dw (10) 58 K R Kemp (Toowoomba) c munce mr Slick w (2) 56.5 David Scanes (Gold Coast) t treichel Sons of god w (3) 56 R L Heathcote (Eagle Farm) m cahill Blow a kiss d (8) 55.5 M G Nolan (Toowoomba) k matheson (a2) Jack’s Back d (11) 55 K R Kemp (Toowoomba) purfectress tw (5) 55 N J Doyle (Gold Coast) g cooksley flying home wb (6) 54 B S Baldwin (Eagle Farm) j Byrne casse Sqarette d (9) 54 L F Birchley (Eagle Farm) L cassidy requirement w (1) 54 D J Hansen (Sunshine Coast) p hammersley vital organ d (12) 54 L F Birchley (Eagle Farm)

Ray White iPsWich dash


$50,000, class 6 SW, 1100m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


52095 112s2 63152 017s4 4440s 1s21s 43153 s2940 s7354 3s144 47s62 95222


sky Gai WateRhOuse classic


$100,000, f&m Quality Listed, 1350m 1 95s09 Whateverwhenever tdw (7) 59 L F Birchley (Eagle Farm) 2 2s527 Bound to Blush b (5) 57 J A O’Shea (Randwick) 3 078s5 classics dw (1) 57 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) 4 s1462 Sharnee rose (17) 57 K A Lees (Broadmeadow) 5 23001 Skating on ice t (3) 57 L D Kelly (Gold Coast) 6 s0300 punch on d (2) 56.5 P J Balzen (Gold Coast) 7 41144 city of Song n (16) 56 Bjorn Baker (Warwick Farm) 8 4s320 hidden kisses dw (8) 55.5 R L Heathcote (Eagle Farm) 9 s4810 doubtfilly w (14) 55 S W Kendrick (Sunshine Coast) 10 4s617 cuddlesome w (15) 54.5 L G Ross (Eagle Farm) 11 11311 peron d (6) 54 John Thompson (Gold Coast) 12 24s51 ametsis d (13) 54 R F Cameron (Flemington) 13 — cradle me 14 s3001 Zamboni w (10) 54 P A Hulbert (Eagle Farm) 15 s2467 next the universe (11) 54 K A Lees (Broadmeadow) 16 976s9 love for ransom w (9) 54 G Eurell (Cranbourne) emergencieS 17 3955s triple Six w (4) 54 David Pfieffer (Warwick Farm) 18 s4566 glove w (12) 54 G R Pollock (Sunshine Coast)

j Bowditch c munce L cassidy g colless j Bowditch p hammersley B avdulla B Stewart R mc mahon a allen (a) m cahill L Innes SCRATCHED p holmes j Byrne R Wiggins t Bell

channel 7 iPsWich cuP


$200,000, Quality Listed, 2150m



1 54433 keep it moist td (17) 60.5 Ms J Aitkenhead (Eagle Farm) g cooksley 2 7s271 mishani Warrior (16) 59.5 L G Ross (Eagle Farm) a allen (a2) 3 890s0 preacher Boy tcw (9) 59.5 S K Iverson (Toowoomba) t Bell 4 77910 diet cwb (7) 58.5 Louise White (Sunshine Coast) L cassidy 5 66982 ausworld w (8) 58 T B Thomas (Sunshine Coast) j Byrne 6 53842 run With me c (1) 57.5 T M Whittington (Gold Coast) B Stewart 7 009s7 Sea marvista dw (13) 57.5 G R Duncan (Sunshine Coast) e Wilkinson 8 1s053 miss Bradbury td (15) 57 K M Schweida (Eagle Farm) m cahill 9 — triple Six SCRATCHED 10 s5575 around the World (6) 56.5 J A Hanna (Toowoomba) m hellyer 11 6s561 empress me (12) 56.5 Steven O’Dea (Eagle Farm) ms p Schmidt (a2) 12 2s411 lord lion heart (19) 56.5 Donald Baker (Toowoomba) k matheson (a2) 13 14s14 rouvray wn (20) 56 P H Duncan (Sunshine Coast) R mc mahon 14 62360 ervbefel twh (3) 55 Ms R Feil (Ipswich) a pattillo 15 14796 Quarterly w (4) 55 Chris Jordan (Eagle Farm) B avdulla 16 s1313 finnigan’s folly (11) 54 L F Birchley (Eagle Farm) c munce emergencieS 17 s2352 caballo rapido w (21) 54 David Murphy (Eagle Farm) 18 s1613 loves the Show (18) 54 J R Wheeler (Mornington) 19 70s15 heart of many (14) 54 B S Baldwin (Eagle Farm) 20 8s767 Belle verde c (10) 54 B S Baldwin (Eagle Farm) 21 s4240 freerocker w (2) 54 Ian Savins (Casino)


TAB doubles 1-2, 5-6, 8-9. Trebles 3-4-5, 7-8-9. Quaddie 6-7-8-9. Place6 4-9.



$50,000, Benchmark 75, 1350m

fat sally’s Pub & R'Rant Pace

$7000, 3yo+ non winners, 2600m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17


$7000, 3yo+ non winners mobile, 2000m.

Sequalo gold dwb (6) 59 Trudy Freeman (Toowoomba) k yoshida Bahsa dbn (5) 57.5 T J Sears (Toowoomba) g cooksley Bymonashee dw (12) 57.5 B J Smith (Eagle Farm) e Wilkinson mount kosciuszko tdwh (3) 57.5 B J Costello (Ipswich) ms p Schmidt (a2) mr orient w (7) 57.5 P J Balzen (Gold Coast) a allen (a2) cape kidnappers dw (9) 56 K M Schweida (Eagle Farm) R mc mahon alcancia dw (4) 55.5 B J Lockwood (Eagle Farm) m cahill maury d (1) 54.5 John Thompson (Gold Coast) t Bell royal Shout w (2) 54.5 T J Sears (Toowoomba) p hammersley State of Wealth dw (11) 54.5 G R Pollock (Sunshine Coast) L cassidy nuptse d (10) 54 B R Guy (Gold Coast) c munce pure purrfection (8) 54 T J Gollan (Eagle Farm) R Wiggins

Queensland tiMes PROv. cuP

1 s0073 voila ici w (19) 60 P G Moody (Rosehill) 2 9s580 ginga dude wn (14) 58.5 G B Boyd (Kaipaki) 3 s7306 Zabeelionaire (6) 57 L J Corstens (Kyneton) 4 9s507 rialya wn (12) 55 Lloyd Kennewell (Morphettville) 5 84244 topping wb (13) 54 T J Gollan (Eagle Farm) 6 43411 Bang on (20) 54 T J Gollan (Eagle Farm) 7 60s92 high kin wb (16) 54 D G Greene (Te Rapa) 8 s5028 muirfield w (9) 54 M D Moroney (Flemington) 9 00660 Warrior Within tw (17) 54 Bruce Hill (Gold Coast) 10 37108 gold cape (7) 54 J R Wheeler (New Plymouth (Nz) 11 67952 Za magic w (8) 54 B J Smith (Eagle Farm) 12 12564 Secret garden twb (15) 54 P A Nolan Jnr (Toowoomba) 13 41310 master avatar wn (2) 54 G R Duncan (Sunshine Coast) 14 25s71 planetarium wn (1) 54 G A Ryan (Rosehill) 15 12550 dazzle us w (10) 54 Bruce Hill (Gold Coast) 16 s7088 anagold cdw (3) 54 B R Guy (Gold Coast) emergencieS 17 01063 i gotta feeling w (5) 54 J R Wheeler (Mornington) 18 69876 tuskegee hawk cw (18) 54 L M Treloar (Sunshine Coast) 19 4s602 dodging eddie d (11) 54 M G Nolan (Toowoomba) 20 30274 Buffett w (4) 54 Bruce Hill (Gold Coast)


L Innes e Wilkinson p hammersley m hellyer R Wiggins m cahill t Bell B avdulla c munce a pattillo

city Of iPsWich eye lineR stakes 5.40 $175,000, Quality Listed, 1350m

1 2s522 conservatorium (4) 59 G D Kennewell (Morphettville) j Bowditch 2 37s69 phelan ready w (13) 58.5 Jason McLachlan (Sunshine Coast) g colless 3 33785 Jetset lad w (15) 56.5 J R Wheeler (Mornington) R mc mahon 4 59420 mahisara wb (20) 56.5 Paul Messara (Scone) c munce 5 1s746 morning captain dw (12) 56.5 Ms K Doughty (Gold Coast) j Byrne 6 14s52 gundy Son dw (14) 56 R L Heathcote (Eagle Farm) R Wiggins 7 84880 Steel Zip dw (16) 56 P Duff (Deagon) B Stewart 8 s8838 celtic dancer dw (9) 54.5 N J Doyle (Gold Coast) g cooksley 9 0s000 too many reds wn (2) 54.5 T J Gollan (Eagle Farm) L cassidy 10 6s563 meet george dw (17) 54 B J Smith (Eagle Farm) e Wilkinson 11 23s10 Benny’s Buttons dw (8) 54 K C Wood (Eagle Farm) m cahill 12 83462 doubtful Jack wn (6) 54 K M Schweida (Eagle Farm) ms p Schmidt (a) 13 0s208 metallurgical w (7) 54 John Thompson (Gold Coast) L Innes 14 s5310 new day rising (5) 54 David Pfieffer (Warwick Farm) t Bell 15 5s302 dances on Stars d (1) 54 G A Ryan (Rosehill) B avdulla 16 s0009 Baqaba dw (10) 54 S P Tregea (Toowoomba) m hellyer emergencieS 17 60s07 mr armstrong w (19) 54 John Thompson (Gold Coast) 18 12417 pellegrini w (18) 54 R L Heathcote (Eagle Farm) 19 07s66 easy running w (3) 54 Desleigh Forster (Eagle Farm) p hammersley 20 11312 tax evader w (11) 54 J P Caught (Eagle Farm)


schWePPes t. l. cOOney handicaP 6.15 $50,000, 3yo, 1350m

1 7s002 luke’s luck (4) 59 K M Schweida (Eagle Farm) 2 128s8 ferment (20) 58 John Thompson (Gold Coast) 3 — general exhibit 4 25081 narcissus (10) 55.5 L M Treloar (Sunshine Coast) 5 s170s caliente (6) 54 Bruce Hill (Gold Coast) 6 13110 my Shabella w (18) 54 Bruce Hill (Gold Coast) 7 51031 pretty gully wn (2) 54 S W Kendrick (Sunshine Coast) 8 s1101 casino card tw (12) 54 L G Ross (Eagle Farm) 9 33609 hold me tight dw (13) 54 B S Baldwin (Eagle Farm) 10 86s39 indubious b (19) 54 L M Treloar (Sunshine Coast) 11 23s13 general groove wn (9) 54 L J Corstens (Kyneton) 12 s1020 Stolen kisses (15) 54 Ms M Thexton (Gold Coast) 13 1s212 Star Sammy b (7) 54 L J Mayfield-Smith (Eagle Farm) 14 414s1 ellawisdom w (1) 54 T B Thomas (Sunshine Coast) 15 125s2 lock’s legend t (16) 54 B S Baldwin (Eagle Farm) 16 49s80 grayson Square (14) 54 B K Wakefield (Eagle Farm) emergencieS 17 55153 red hot dazzler tw (8) 54 Darren Bell (Deagon) 18 41083 proof of life wn (17) 54 T J Gollan (Eagle Farm) 19 18s51 Bingo Bobby w (5) 54 Ms S Pepper (Lismore) 20 51292 Swingin’ dazzler tw (3) 54 T J Gollan (Eagle Farm) 21 27s11 Strike order (11) 54 M G Nolan (Toowoomba)

k matheson (a2) m cahill SCRATCHED p hammersley t Bell a allen (a2) R Wiggins j Byrne L Innes B avdulla g cooksley


$50,000, Special conditions, 2150m

australian races

1 51651 freton w (18) 58 T D Hall (Muswellbrook) ms p Schmidt (a2) 2 21326 markout w (19) 57.5 P J Richardson (Oakey) c munce 3 60230 Borehole tw (16) 54.5 David Lawlor (Eagle Farm) a Spinks SCRATCHED 4 — Sovereign Spider 5 08511 handsome dane dw (7) 54 Owen Glue (Lismore) B avdulla 6 00771 noble Jester c (2) 54 N J Doyle (Gold Coast) t Bell 7 13512 majestic Sound cw (14) 54 David Scanes (Gold Coast) t treichel 8 7s594 random orbit cw (20) 54 M G Nolan (Toowoomba) k matheson (a2) 9 26283 how fairdinkum w (8) 54 B J Smith (Eagle Farm) p hammersley 10 74442 Without reproach (1) 54 Roslyn Pratt (Eagle Farm) R Wiggins 11 31346 cuban cw (5) 54 G R Schwenke (Warwick) a pattillo 12 70636 tellintaimz (9) 54 K R Kemp (Toowoomba) a allen (a2) 13 51452 fifth column cw (3) 54 G A Betros (Oakey) ms S Bogenhuber 14 22456 general explorer wn (17) 54 Ms M Thexton (Gold Coast) 15 s8033 king of the forest d (15) 54 G R Duncan (Sunshine Coast) e Wilkinson 16 37234 rundle heights (6) 54 Ms K Purdy (Gold Coast) g cooksley emergencieS 17 00378 Blissful honour w (13) 54 Ian Savins (Casino) j Byrne 18 67056 Slick lago (10) 54 Tony Crane (Beaudesert) 19 s0461 Back to abilene cw (4) 54 R L Lyford (Beaudesert) L cassidy 20 s7905 Sandy’s dragon th (11) 54 Ms D Steinbeck (Ipswich)

TAB doubles 1-2, 4-5, 7-8. Trebles 2-3-4, 6-7-8. Quaddie 5-6-7-8. Place6 3-8.

Ipswich Selections


Race 1: dalton, tItanomagnetIte, StyLISh DRagon Race 2: What happenedhenry, fLyIng home, pURfectReSS Race 3: alcancia, cape kIDnappeRS, BymonaShee Race 4: handSome dane, majeStIc SoUnD, maRkoUt Race 5: triple Six, mISS BRaDBURy, eRvBefeL Race 6: peron, Love foR RanSom, BoUnD to BLUSh Race 7: Secret garden, hIgh kIn, pLanetaRIUm Race 8: danceS on StarS, jetSet LaD, moRnIng captaIn Race 9: ellaWiSdom, geneRaL gRoove, caLIente

g colless g cooksley R mc mahon j Byrne L cassidy

Moonee valley Jetbet 6


Weather/track/Rail Overcast/Slow (7)/True.

alteRnate RailWay handicaP


$80,000, 2yo, 1200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

countersnip dw (5) 58 M G Price (Caulfield) i’m ready for this d (7) 58 J E & C Ledger (Wangaratta) prince harada w (8) 58 A J Vasil (Caulfield) Boer b (4) 57.5 Peter Snowden (Flemington) the Quarterback (3) 57.5 R D Griffiths (Cranbourne) 21 our miss Bossy w (6) 57 P Stokes (Morphettville) 11s2 frolicked dbn (2) 56.5 G J McCulloch (Whitemore) 0s river pageant (9) 56.5 M G Price (Caulfield) little falls (1) 55.5 Paul Rocke (Mornington) 1 1 1 42

c newitt D Lane S arnold j mott m Rodd a patterson B knobel (a2) g Boss j Duffy (a2)

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, June 14, 2013


Ronchi still gets the nod Those returns appear to make his selection to open at international level more of a punt. Ahead of his New Zealand oneday debut at Lord’s (Ronchi already had four ODI and three T20 caps with Australia) he admitted Adam Gilchrist, who he grew up watching at the Perth Cricket Club, was the cricketer he most sought to emulate as an opening batsman/ wicketkeeper. The problem comes with getting the combination right. No one else in the Champions Trophy tournament has done it, apart from Matthew Wade stepping into the role on Wednesday where he made 29 as a late replacement for David Warner. Kumar Sangakkara bats at No. 3 for Sri Lanka but came in second ball against New Zealand. McCullum is keeping the faith. “Ronch is disappointed he hasn’t got that one big score yet but his keeping has been outstanding. “He’s a valuable member of the team and an experienced player,” the skipper said. “His role at the top of the order is to get us away to a quick start. “Sometimes when you’re playing high risk cricket you get out cheaply. “We’re confident Luke will come good shortly. When he does he’s going to tear a team apart. “We’re confident he’s got a big part to play in the coming games.” McCullum is right about Ronchi’s wicketkeeping. He has taken seven catches, made a stumping, assisted with run outs

By Andrew Alderson New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum has endorsed Luke Ronchi as the country’s one-day opener and wicketkeeper despite three failures and two starts with the bat across the England series and Champions Trophy. Ronchi has struggled with balls on or just outside off stump. He has been dismissed in that area in four of his five innings. He has scored 45 runs at an average of nine for New Zealand over the last fortnight, the bulk of which came in 22 off 17 balls in the loss to England at Nottingham. Video analysis homework enables teams to pinpoint areas of weakness. Ronchi’s mandate to get cracking in limited overs has made him vulnerable and will continue to do so with the prospect of facing James Anderson, Stuart Broad and Steven Finn again in Cardiff on Sunday. Ronchi’s licence to play freely at the top of the order could be transferred to No 6 or No 7 where he could be of value in the last 10 overs. The decision for Ronchi to open is curious because it seems to have little statistical logic. In first-class matches last season he scored 807 runs at 62.07 in the Wellington middle order. In T20s he also batted further down. In the Ford Trophy one-dayers he opened four times for scores of 0, 16, 76 and one. He also made 36 coming in at No 3 during the second over of another match.

• Big game for seniors The Mid Canterbury seniors host FC Twenty11 in an important clash in Mainland Football division one tomorrow. The division one ladder is congested with three teams on top with 16 points and the next four teams only within five with Mid Canterbury in seventh. A win keeps them on pace but a loss could see them fall behind. In division four Mid Canterbury Eastern are away to Universities B and Methven International are also away to Selwyn in division five while the top-of-the-table Mid Canterbury Masters host their nearest rivals Western. The Youth XI are away to Cashmere Technical 18A in 18th grade division one. Then on Sunday the Mid Canterbury women host Amberley as they look to continue their strong season that has the second in division two.

and conceded one bye in 244.1 overs of ODIs in England. The simple solution could be to switch Ronchi and James Franklin. Franklin is a player with experience facing the new white ball in England’s domestic competitions. Coach Mike Hesson has already indicated Franklin is the squad’s back-up opener, and potentially forms a disruptive left-hand/righthand combination with Martin Guptill. Evidence from 2010 might swing the decision in Franklin’s favour. He had an excellent return opening or batting at first-drop for Gloucestershire. In the 40-over competition, he averaged 73 - making a couple of hundreds and fifties with a strike rate of 92. In the T20 matches, he averaged 39.16 but stepped the strike rate up to 130. A highlight was 90 from 50 balls against Sussex Similarly for Essex last season, he faced the new ball in the majority of his 10 T20 innings. He averaged 27.55 with a top score of 78 and a strike rate of 111. Former coach John Wright flirted with the idea of Franklin opening in limited overs, but he’s only done it twice at international level, both last year in T20s when he made 60 from 37 balls against Zimbabwe and 35 from 36 against Bangladesh.  - APNZ Right: Luke Ronchi - Has the confidence of Black Caps’ skipper Brendon McCullum.

• Tour heads for hills The 2013 Tour de Suisse met the halfway point yesterday with Ashburton cyclist Hayden Roulston and the rest of the peloton heading for the mountains. Roulston came in with the lead bunch in 67th in yesterday’s 176.4km stage 5 from Buochs to Leuggern where Alexander Kristoff [Katusha] took his chance in the sprint to win. There was no change on the top of the GC with Mathias Frank (BMC) still leading by 23 seconds to Roman Kreuziger (Saxo-Tinkoff). Radioshack Leopard top rider is Maxime Monfort 3 minutes off the leader in 20th, with Andy Schleck 67th and Roulston 71st, 22:29 behind. Overnight the sixth stage got them part way to the mountains with a 186.1km stage before stage 7 takes them to the high mountains near La Punt tonight.

• Going cross country Four runners from Mid Canterbury will contest the National Secondary School Cross Country Championships at the Halswell Quarry in Christchurch. Ashburton College will be represented by Emma Waite and Cameron Jopson with Mt Hutt College having Assina Dalglish and Aimee Elliott both attending.

WEEKEND SPORTS FORM RUGBY - June Internationals Form


Latest match

P W L D Last met

Win Value ASAP Ratings Trend Match Day Form % odds margin 17/06/11 08/06/13

17:00:00 Saturday, 15 June 2013 Tokyo (12 months form)

Japan outscored Wales 2-1 over the line. Broadhurst skinned them off the openside, a constant threat at the breakdown, and with Tanaka's snipe around the fringes they'll take it close again if they can keep the set pieces limited. For all that they faded under their own heat and you'd suspect first up was their chance, now 0-5 hosting Wales, two of those in Tokyo. Wales got home via Biggar's boot and that should have at least blown the inexperienced nerves, but a second tier squad makes them a risk to sting Japan by a big number.

25 12



L 18-22 v Wales





18 - 22 57% $4.20



W 22-18 v Japan




0 08/06/13 50% $1.25 W by 14

19:35:00 Saturday, 15 June 2013 AMI Stadium (12 months form)


▌ Japan ▌ Wales

France fronted with power and platform on Eden Park and with a heap of Top 14 finalists to choose from here they can make this difficult, Fofana and Fritz both gliders who'll prove a handful again. They've mercurial players one through 23 but need to roll a 1-7 record in Christchurch to send it to a decider. A second quarter burst set the All Blacks for a 10 point victory in Auckland where if anything a fellow called Barnes (the ref) assisted the scrum. They need a step up from the pack not the least Read and Cane with A Smith, B Smit, Nonu and Ranger their best last out.

41 29


New Zealand W 23-13 v France France








1 08/06/13 44% $3.50

L 13-23 v NZ

23 - 13 82% $1.40 W by 13

00:15:00 Saturday, 16 June 2013 Nelspruit (12 months form)


▌ NZ ▌ France

Italy are a shocker on the travel, regularly down a few gears south of the equator, but this is neutral turf for both and they're a chance to slow it down and rumble straight through the middle. Samoa looked the seasoned pro against Scotland and they'll try to storm right through Italy via Tuilagi, Leiua, and Williams all 100kg plus and quick. They'd need to find parity in front first, the Italians usually able to put the skids on most in the tight. If they're prepared to build into they might run it to the bank later and improve a 3-1 record all grounds.

7 4



L 10-44 v SA






W 27-17 v Scotland




0 28/11/09 67% $1.90 W by 2

24 - 6

33% $2.15

02:00:00 Sunday, 16 June 2013 Buenos Aires (12 months form)


▌ Italy ▌ Samoa

Without 21 regulars the Pumas were cooked pre off hosting England unable to halt the pack runners and leaking big out wide. They're 3-5 all time hosting, the ratio actually worse in Buenos Aires, and their chance probably lies with the visitor expecting a casual stroll. Despite the Lions tour England put miles more experience on the ground in Salta. The scrum set it sapping the Argie strength and Burns dash out of 10 is a new bonus. They should improve on a 3-0 record since '09 taking to the South American heat.

26 19



L 3-32 v England







W 32-3 v Argentina




0 08/06/13 70% $1.40 W by 11

3 - 32 38% $3.50

03:15:00 Sunday, 16 June 2013 Nelspruit (12 months form)


▌ Argentina ▌ England

The under strength Scots showed like juniors against Samoa. You could drive a truck through the gaps and they'll stay winless in SA since they got the first 100 years ago. Hosting rugby nations ranked between eight and 12 the Quad series is set up for the Boks. Even if they blood a few debs, whoever arrives will play the same blueprint; a bruising tight five, loosies that flatten any fringe runners, and a halves pairing that go safety first. It might not work in August but it'll do just fine here and at 4-1 since '06 and 5-0 all time hosting, a gap less than 20 would surprise.

27 17


South Africa

W 44-10 v Italy






L 17-27 v Samoa




0 17/11/12 22% $5.50

21 - 10 56% $1.20 W by 21


▌ SA ▌ Scotland

2013 NRL Championship - Round 14 Form


Latest match

P W L D Last met

Win Value ASAP Ratings Trend Match Day Form % odds margin 31/08/11 10/06/13

21:35:00 Friday, 14 June 2013 WIN Stadium

The Cowboys are off the front that at least laid a platform for JT recent seasons, only T Sims making 100 last out. It wouldn't surprise to see them find form here but the numbers say no. Perhaps Stanley took it to the line a little more positively than Soward may have when the Dragons visited Newcastle and standout moments from Dugan got them the points. You wouldn't count on it week to week. They're two losses straight to the Boys including the last here but if the defence holds they might have enough.

24 16



W 14-8 v Knights


5 8


22 - 32

38% $1.75 W by 5



L 26-36 v Bulldogs


4 9

0 20/08/12 31% $2.40

21:35:00 Friday, 14 June 2013 Brookvale Oval


▌ Dragons ▌ Cowboys

Visiting a Boys side which had few ideas how to protect a lead, the Bulldogs eventually got the idea themselves that free points were on offer and the likes of Hodkinson, Reynolds, and Barba ensured they were banked. Even T Williams may have realised you've got to go and find it, albeit he'd be a risk in this environ. Manly are in something of a rut after dropping their bundle in Auckland and they'd need to put everything away here. If B Stewart laces up it might spark them to improve a 4-2 record since 2011 including the reverse earlier this year.

28 20



L 16-18 v Warriors



4 1



W 36-26 v Cowboys 13


6 0 05/04/13 54%$3.10

20 - 6

58% $1.50 W by 9

19:30:00 Saturday, 15 June 2013 Canberra Stadium


▌ Eagles ▌ Bulldogs

After winning matches they had no right to Penrith dropped one they should have done in a canter hosting the depleted Tigers. They lack the zip out wide to mask the shortcomings in front and with their youth exposed on the high beam last out, their hope is the hot and cold form of the host. The Raiders went almost error free to make the break 24-0 hosting the Broncos and with Campese up to pace they might impose on Penrith inexperience. Still, they're 1-2 with the visitor in Canberra since '09 and you'd be forgiven for chucking all your coins up.

19 10



W 30-18 v Broncos 12


6 0



L 18-20 v Tigers


7 0 10/03/13 42% $2.40


10 - 32

50% $1.75 W by 5

21:30:00 Saturday, 15 June 2013 Toyota Stadium


▌ Raiders ▌ Panthers

21 10


Sharks Eels

L 6-38 v Storm


L 24-38 v Roosters


6 3

6 9


6 - 13

50% $1.20 W by 18

0 06/04/13 25% $5.50

16:00:00 Sunday, 16 June 2013 Cairns Stadium


▌ Sharks ▌ Eels 07/04/12

The Eels 14 point loss hosting the Roosters didn't reflect the effort, in fact if they weren't so dim at the stoppages they might have carried it. With coach Stuart's reported axings will come the 'rebuild' word or in another parlance, 'coach get out of jail free card'. Although Fifita matched his Origin form, Lewis didn't and without Gallen the Sharks bigs got rolled by Storm. You'd expect those two to step up here (the latter no doubt keen to forget the embarrassingly farcical attempt to show Origin as a scrap), and its four years since the Eels succeeded at 09/03/13 Shark Park.

27 18



W 25-18 v Knights

12 10 2


Gold Coast

W 31-14 v Cowboys 12




22 - 18

83% $1.25 W by 15

0 05/08/12 58% $4.20

17:00:00 Sunday, 16 June 2013 AAMI Park


▌ Souths ▌ Titans 07/04/12


32 22



W 38-6 v Sharks






L 8-14 v Dragons




0 30/03/12 46% $3.50

34 - 22

75% $1.40 W by 13

20:30:00 Sunday, 16 June 2013 Allianz Stadium


▌ Storm ▌ Knights 07/04/12 30 17


Roosters Warriors

W 38-24 v Eels W 18-16 v Eagles

12 13

9 5

3 8

0 0

16 - 14

75% $1.25 W by 17

16/03/13 38% $4.20

21:00:00 Monday, 17 June 2013 Suncorp Stadium


▌ Roosters ▌ Warriors

20 12



L 18-30 v Raiders




0 20 - 10

38% $1.40 W by 11


W 20-18 v Panthers 12



0 27/04/13 33% $3.50


▌ Broncos ▌ Tigers 07/04/12


The Titans would need a season best but the bye came ideally for their big grunters off Origin and in Zillman, Sezer (deadly in front), Srama, and Kelly (probably the sharpest in the league off the mark right now) they've a developing spine that brings zip and spirit. Compound the attention span improvements in Idris and Taylor, and you wouldn't be surprised to see them drop a major side anytime soon. Whether that's here will depend on how they put the shuts on Burgess bros and Inglis, notwithstanding Souths hasn't allowed more than 14 their last six. The Knights runners are an ordinary look on the back foot and are missing Gidley in those situations. They're able to pull a rabbit but their big outings have generally come hosting bottom half sides. Storm looked as sharp as they've been for a while last week. Cronk had the Sharks in disarray off the boot and they'll test the Knights fliers similarly at the corners. They're not quite as easy to follow lately, but are five straight in this, the last four here by an average of 21, and its '04 since the Knights got swabbed in Melbourne. After knocking off Manly at home the Warriors are three straight and 5-8. The big four prop rotation will be charged with evening up the Roosters in front here allowing a leg up for Johnson to bring Hurrell and Vatuvei into play. Its an ask and at 1-5 the road you'd want to see more yet. The Roosters probably established their creds too easy visiting the Eels via big territory out of the first half sets and it made them want it without earning it. Still at 5-2 hosting and 3-1 over the Warriors since 2011, 2-0 at the SFS that period, they should be good for this.

Wests arrived at Penrith down over ten first graders including the skip Farah, lost strike winger Koroibete mid match, but proved desire (and Woods, 202 and 46 tackles) will carry you a long way to go two straight. It'll come unstuck against the top teams but fortunately for them Brisbane isn't one of those right now. There's a ring of uncertainty about them, neither planned nor effective going to the zone, Dodds try in garbage time visiting the Raiders masking on the board a complete lack of threat. They're five losses the last six well off the form that has them 09/03/13 7-1 in this since '07.

Source: The All Sports and Prices Index (ASAP Index). Key: ‘Value Odds’ are the odds needed to gain value by the ‘ASAP Ratings.’ After each game teams record a rating based on points differential and other factors. The graph tracks the rating. The gap indicates the likely future margin before home advantage and other factors.


Clash of the netball titans By Jonathan Leask With three wins each from the opening three rounds United A and Celtic A go head-to-head in a top-of-the table clash in senior A netball tomorrow. Celtic have swept aside Methven A and the two College sides, while United A has taken care of Rakaia A and the two Hampstead sides. United are building on a strong finish to their 2012 season where they were a dark horse on their way to being beaten semi-finalists. They have picked up where they left off, but face their biggest test yet in tomorrow’s fourth round.

Celtic’s unbeaten streak stretches back through the three weeks of grading and are yet to taste defeat post the 2012 premier final, but they will be wary of the threat that United pose. As well as the blockbuster the other three matches are also important stepping stones for sides looking to finish in the top six at the end of the Senior A round robin to then feature in the premier grade. College A open the round against Rakaia A with one win each so far after both accounting for Hampstead B. College A will be the favourites for this one, and they will be looking for a complete four-quarter perfor-

mance after they faded following a strong start against Methven A last week. The other two potential top four sides then meet with Hampstead A up against Methven A. The defending premiers have recorded back-to-back wins following the opening round loss to Celtic, while Hampstead A bounced back from a 11-21 loss to United A to convincingly beat Rakaia A 41-19 and get back on track for the key clash. Following the two unbeaten sides squaring off, the round concludes with a battle of the B teams as the winless College B and Hampstead B look for their first victory.

Full house on the turf By Jonathan Leask The Ashburton hockey turf has a busy afternoon in store with all four senior teams at home in the Mid-South Canterbury competition tomorrow. The Hampstead women start things off chasing a fourth win of the season against Timaru Girls’, having already accounted for Timaru Girls twice. Wakanui Black then takes the

turf looking cement top spot and continue their unbeaten season against Cambridge. Black are coming off a double header win weekend but will be wary of Cambridge after they scraped home with a 1-0 earlier this season. Tinwald are hoping to tighten up on defence when they clash with Northern Hearts after they were well beaten 10-4 loss to Black last weekend. Tinwald had been struggling

to find the back of the net but manufactured four goals, having only had eight from their previous eight games, but this week will look to start keeping sides from finding the back of their net with such regularity having conceded 58 in nine games, of which one was a win by default. Wakanui Blue play the last game taking on Excelsior and will be after another bonus point win to keep pace with Hearts and Black at the top-of-the-table.

Winning run continues A flawless third set has seen Marina Erakovic advance into the third round of the AEGON Classic in Birmingham following victory over world number 22 Ekaterina Makarova yesterday. The world number 71 took the opening set in a tie break before Makarova, the tournament second seed, bounced back to force the match into a deciding third set. Erakovic then took control to win 7-6 (6), 3-6, 6-0 in a little under two hours to reach the third round at the $US220,000 grass court event. Erakovic was up and down on her serve with 13 double faults, while recording eight aces, however she was able to convert six out of nine break points on Makarova’s serve. “She definitely is tricky and she plays well on all surfaces so this was really a very good win for me. I managed to stay aggressive and I kept going after my shots and it paid off,” Erakovic said. Erakovic will face 2010 French Open champion Francesca Schiavone for a spot in the quarter-finals. She yesterday advanced to the doubles quarter-finals with Cara Black following a straight sets victory over Lisa Raymond and Laura Robson. - HOL

• Lawson skips South Two Ashburton bowlers have been selected to play for the South Island against the North Island in the annual interisland match for the Kevin Eddy Memorial Trophy in Rotorua on August 17. This year the South Island squad will be touring the North Island culminating with the 33rd North versus South clash with the teams were announced at the National Indoor Bowls Championships yesterday morning. Michael Lawson has been named to skip the South Island men’s triples that includes fellow Ashburton bowler Mathew Bassett and his pairs partner Stephen Preddy, (South Otago). A third Ashburton bowler will be on the tour but Martin Nordqvist won’t be rolling up as manager. Meanwhile at the nationals Rosemary Bennett, Russell Ellis and Lawson will all be in the action today as members of one of the 99 triples that qualified for post section play. The nationals wrap up with the post section play in the fours tomorrow.

• Black Sticks injured Black Sticks Shea McAleese and Stacey Michelsen have been ruled out of their respective World League semi-finals in Rotterdam due to injury. McAleese will travel home early next week after breaking his big toe in the men’s final training session before their opening game against Netherlands this morning. McAleese has been ruled out of hockey for six weeks, and his spot in the team of 18 will be filled by Capital striker Jacob - APNZ Smith. 

• Mixed messages Melbourne coach Craig Bellamy says the NRL judiciary is sending out mixed messages about players fighting. Roosters back-rower Boyd Cordner walked free this week despite launching a flurry of punches at Parramatta’s Matt Ryan. This came a week after NSW State of Origin skipper Paul Gallen was banned for one week for his brutal combination landed on Queensland’s Nate Myles. “I think it looks like there is some mixed messages there and hopefully, in the future, everything will be a lot clearer and we’ll see what’s allowable and what’s not,” said Bellamy. - AAP

• Rain a worry for Scott

Marina Erakovic: Knocked out the tournament second seed yesterday.

Adam Scott’s quest to win back-to-back golf major championships could be stalled by the weather, with a severe thunderstorm threatening to interrupt the opening round of the US Open. Heavy rain and wind is forecast going into the first round, which could prevent players from completing their rounds today. Scott is paired with Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, and is vying to be the first Australian to win back-to-back majors.- AAP


ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, June 14, 2013


1st XV on right track By Jonathan Leask History beckons for the Ashburton College 1st XV. The college has a chance to crack the top eight of the Crusader Secondary School rugby competition for the first time tomorrow, but standing in their way is Lincoln High School. Lincoln were a bogey team for College since they re-entered the competition in 2010 but last year they broke the hoodoo with an emphatic 34-10 away from home. “They had been a bit of a bogey team but we put them away last year and will be aiming to do the same again,” college coach Shane Enright said. College currently sit fifth in the Northern-Southern section where Marlborough Boys’ on top on 27 points with Nelson on 21, and still have to play Nayland in a deferred match, the only two teams guaranteed a top four finish. Roncalli are on 18 and head to Blenheim to meet Waimea, and Timaru Boys’ are one point ahead of College on 16 and head to Nelson to meet Nelson Boys’. For College to make an unprecedented trip to the top eight they need a bonus point win over Lincoln, and their fate lies in Nelson maintaining an unbeaten run. That part of the equation is out of their hands, with the main focus for College picking up five points tomorrow. “We have a chance but it’s all in our own hands.

“We have to get that win and then score four tries as well. It will be a big ask but we can do it. “We’ve really come long in the last three weeks and grown as a team rather than as individuals, and if we can play as a team we’ll be competitive for the 70 minutes.” The side has played well in patches this season with Enright saying the odd “bad decision” has cost them, getting caught playing in their own half too often, but they have worked hard to address that. “That’s been worked on to make sure we are making the right decision inside our own 22 and hopefully that’s cemented in and will carry on [tomorrow].” Enright took on the head coach role of the 1st XV in 2011 and set a five year plan, with year three to crack the top eight and be the top co-ed school, and reiterated those goals at the start of the season. Tomorrow they can tick one of those goals off if it all goes to plan. “Three years ago I said it would take three years to crack the top eight, and here we are with a good chance to do it. “As for goal two to push to be the top co-ed school, Roncalli are ahead of us and will probably make it but we just have to make sure Roncalli don’t get too far ahead of us on points as they carry through in the second round.” They still have to tick off goal one, and are hoping to get a good crowd in for the midday kick-off at the Allenton rugby grounds as they try to make history.

Photo Kirsty Clay 130613-KC-024

Ashburton College 1st XV coach Shane Enright giving some final directives ahead of their crunch clash with Lincoln in the Crusader Secondary School rugby competition tomorrow.

Rakaia facing finals specialists By Jonathan Leask Rakaia are one win away from the Combined Country Cup rugby final, but have to beat the most experienced of finalists tomorrow to get there. Rakaia make their first appearance in the semi-finals hosting Lincoln, a side abound with finals experience. “Lincoln are the specialists at finals time,” Rakaia coach Wayne Foxcroft said. “We might not have as much but with the experience we do have we can keep focused on what’s just another day at the office and we need to do the job.” Since the Combined Country Cup expansion to include North Canterbury in 2007 Lincoln has been a semi-finalist every year, winning the title twice. They were the inaugural winners beating Leeston 14-6 before being runner-up to Glenmark twice. A third straight loss to Glenmark in the 2010 semi-finals was then followed by a second title in 2011, beating Methven in the final, before another grand final defeat last year,

this time at the hands of Southbridge. Rakaia only re-joined the senior ranks in 2008, and their only prior combined finals experience before this season was a 35-0 drubbing by Darfield in the 2011 quarterfinals, where they went on to win the Watters Cup. “I’ve been involved in plenty of finals but that’s not the case for a majority of our players, and sometimes the occasion can get to a player. “A final is all about the top four inches and turning up ready to play and If we can’t get motivated for this one then we won’t make the final and don’t deserve too. “They have a big opportunity.” That “opportunity” is to be the first Mid Canterbury side to finish on top of the 19- team wider Canterbury competition, with Lincoln playing the spoiler twice to Methven in the last two years. Rakaia has only dropped the one match all this season, a 17-10 loss to Southbridge, on their way to finishing on top of section one, and they produced a convincing performance in last weekend

quarter-finals to beat Waihora 28-8. “We just want to carry on where we left off last week against Waihora - who beat Lincoln this season. “If we can keep that form and even step up another level we’ll be a good chance.” Lincoln dropped two of their final three round robin fixtures but know how to get the job done in a final atmosphere, showing that with an empathic 40-17 quarter-final win over Oxford. “Lincoln have always been forward orientated. Smash-bang around the fringes until it’s on out wide but I have heard they might have changed their game plan a bit. “It won’t worry us. “We’ll just play what’s in front of us and worry about getting our game plan right.” In the other semi-final the defending champions Southbridge meet the surprise package Saracens, who upset the previously unbeaten Ashley last weekend. Southbridge will head in as the favourites but have been well off their best in their last two outings following a 75-11 demolition of West Melton, while when the sides met

in pool play on May 4 Southbridge only scraped home 27-20. The other 17 sides have consolation matches and there is only form ahead of the local competitions to play for. Coming off their hard fought quarter-final loss to Southbridge, Celtic have to pick themselves up for a long haul to Ashley in the fifth-eighth playoffs. Celtic went close to claiming an upset over Southbridge, ultimately falling 16-29, while Ashley was on the end of a shock 19-27 loss to Saracens, their first loss of the season but knocking them out of cup contention. Celtic and Ashley already clashed this season with Ashley getting up for a 13-3 win on May 18. Methven also have a rematch in the trophy section coming up against the Burnham side that beat them 37-17 in round three, while Glenmark host Darfield. In the plate Hampstead host Dunsandel-Irwell and Southern are at home to Kaiapoi. Photo Tetsuro Mitomo 080613-TM-153 Prebbleton and West Melton effectively play off to avoid the wooden Rakaia’s Ron Manu puts in some big defence during their quarter-final win spoon in the plaque section. over Waihora and his side will be called on to do more of the same tomorrow.

Warburton ready to step up By Darren Walton Underdone and under pressure, British and Irish Lions captain Sam Warburton is desperate to seize the moment and end all arguments with a dominant display against the NSW Waratahs on Saturday. Lions coach Warren Gatland yesterday named his strongest team of the tour for the Allianz Stadium encounter and all eyes will be on the skipper and openside flanker as he looks to shore up a starting spot for Saturday week’s first Test against the Wallabies. After missing the tour-opener against the Barbarians and then the Western Force match with a knee injury, Warburton returned against the Queensland Reds but has thus

far been outshone by fellow flankers Sean O’Brien, Justin Tipuric and Dan Lydiate. Calls are growing louder in both hemispheres for Gatland to overlook his Welsh favourite and reward form players, as he has promised since leaving Britain last month. With Gatland selecting the vast majority of players expected to be in his first Test line-up, Warburton still has the inside running but must deliver against the Waratahs. “There’s still a lot to prove,” the tour captain said yesterday. “There’s still a couple of games to go (before the Test team is picked) and players will definitely try and take this opportunity on Saturday.” Gatland readily acknowledges he can’t squeeze eight back-rowers into three against the Wallabies

SCOREBOARD Results Cycling

Tour of Switzerland Results from Stage 5 of Tour of Switzerland, a 178-km ride from Buochs to Leuggern. Stage: 1. Alexander Kristoff (NOR/KAT) 4hr8min29sec 2. Peter Sagan (SVK/CAN) same time 3. Arnaud Demare (FRA/FDJ) s.t. 4. Matti Breschel (DEN/TST) s.t. 5. Heinrich Haussler (AUS/IAM) s.t. 6. Matthew Goss (AUS/OGE) s.t. 7. Davide Cimolai (ITA/LAM) s.t. 8. Jacopo Guarnieri (ITA/AST) s.t. 9. Boy van Poppel (NED/VCD) s.t. 10. Daryl Impey (RSA/OGE) s.t. Overall Standings 1. Mathias Frank (SUI/BMC) 15hr56min30sec 2. Roman Kreuziger (CZE/TST) 23 3. Rui Costa (POR/MOV) 35

4. Thibaut Pinot (FRA/FDJ) 57 5. Bauke Mollema (NED/BLA) 1:08 6. Daniel Martin (IRL/GRS) 1:23 7. Tanel Kangert (EST/AST) 1:26 8. Jean Christophe Peraud (FRA) 1:28 9. Tejay Van Garderen (USA) 1:39 10. Cameron Meyer (AUS/OGE) 1:42

Squash Celtic Squash Club Results from this week’s round of the Celtic Squash Club’s winter league competition: Chris Thompson beat Aaron Leckenby 3-1, Billy Nolan beat Mick Hooper 3-1, Jane Lowe lost to James Hunn 0-3, Mark Shera lost to Rebecca Abernethy 0-3, Pete Blacklow beat Cath Blackow 3-2, John McDonnell beat Paul Cousins 3-2. James McCloy beat Adam Clement 3-0, Chrissie Stratford beat Chauntel Kentish 3-0, Ron Carlson beat Chris Thompson 3-0. Jeff Davies lost to Jock O’Connor 0-3, Phil Andrew lost to Marie Kennedy 1-3, Jock O’Connor beat Petr Holub 3-1.

blindside flanker Tom and says selectors won’t Croft and in-form Irish decide on their Test side until after Tuesday night’s No.8 Jamie Heaslip. tussle with the Brumbies “I know Dan and Toby in Canberra. and am very familiar with “I can tell you we are far that trio, but I’m really from made up our mind looking forward to playon the loose forwards and ing with Tom and Jamie,” there’s a huge amount Warburton said. “Tom, lineout-wise, is awesome in of options and combinatraining and Jamie’s feet tions,” he said. in attack have been great “They’re all fit at the Sam Warburton with the ball-carrying.” moment and all of them The Lions pack to joust with the have done really well, so that’s going to be one headache and the Waratahs also features fellow likely next couple of games will determine Test starters in locks Alun Wyn Jones that.” and Paul O’Connell and prop Adam After teaming with compatriots Jones. The backline boasts lock-in Welsh Lydiate and Toby Faletau against the Reds, Warburton this weekend stars Leigh Halfpenny, Jamie Roberts gets the chance to impress in a and Mike Phillips plus Irish fiveback-row combination with English eighth Jonny Sexton.  - AAP

Tennis Queen’s Championship Collated results from Queen’s Championship yesterday (prefix denotes seeding). Men, Round 2 Benjamin Becker (GER) bt 12-Lukas Rosol (CZE) 7-6(2) 7-5. 5-Marin Cilic (CRO) bt Ivan Dodig (CRO) 6-3 6-4. Kenny De Schepper (FRA) bt Rohan Bopanna (IND) 6-4 6-3. 16-Grega Zemlja (SLO) bt Sergiy Stakhovsky (UKR) 7-5 6-4. 2-Tomas Berdych (CZE) bt Thiemo de Bakker (NED) 6-1 6-4. Daniel Evans (GBR) bt 13-Jarkko Nieminen (FIN) 6-4 6-7(6) 6-4. 7-Alexandr Dolgopolov (UKR) bt Santiago Giraldo (COL) 6-3 4-6 6-4. Lleyton Hewitt (AUS) bt 10-Grigor Dimitrov (BUL) 6-4 6-3. Marinko Matosevic (AUS) bt Michael Llodra (FRA) .

Birmingham Classic Collated results from Birmingham Classic yesterday (prefix denotes seeding). Women, Round 2 1-Kirsten Flipkens (BEL) bt Ajla Tomljanovic (CRO) 4-6 6-4 7-5. Marina Erakovic (NZL) bt 2-Ekaterina Makarova (RUS) 7-6(6) 3-6 6-0. 15-Francesca Schiavone (ITA) bt Nadiya Kichenok (UKR) 7-6(4) 6-2. 16-Magdalena Rybarikova (SVK) bt Mathilde Johansson (FRA) 7-5 6-7(4) 6-4. 5-Sabine Lisicki (GER) bt Kristyna Pliskova (CZE) 6-4 6-2. Mirjana Lucic-Baroni (CRO) bt 9-Yanina Wickmayer (BEL) 6-4 6-0. 12-Kristina Mladenovic (FRA) bt Johanna Konta (GBR) 6-4 6-1. Daniela Hantuchova (SVK) bt 7-Laura Robson (GBR) 6-3 6-4. 13-Bojana Jovanovski (SRB) bt Andrea Hlavackova (CZE) 4-6 6-1 6-4. Maria Sanchez (USA) bt Alison Van Uytvanck (BEL) 7-6(3) 6-3. Alla Kudryavtseva (RUS) bt 14-Heather Watson (GBR) 6-4 6-3. 3-Sorana Cirstea (ROU) bt Tsvetana Pironkova (BUL) 6-4 6-4.

Warner-Root scuffle becomes a big deal By Andrew Alderson The David Warner-Joe Root skirmish has provided a peach of a story for a hungry British sports press machine to chomp into ahead of the Ashes. A relatively tame Antipodean Champions Trophy encounter between Australia and New Zealand turned into a fascinating observational opportunity as each juicy, salacious detail was savoured. Scribes sat hunched in clandestine corners with phones wedged between shoulder and ear as pens frantically scrawled information from no doubt impeccably-placed sources. It was the perfect storm required for the Ashes 2013 build-up. Not only was an Australian player swinging his fist on the booze; he’d also delivered the blow on an English player currently enjoying a press honeymoon on the back of prodigious form. The incident has been a catalyst towards building nationalist fervour in defending the series’ terracotta urn.Ashes anticipation was whipped into a further frenzy. Predictably, The Sun led the way on the headline front with “Ashes to Bashes” before getting the word “PUNCHING” in capital letters into their intro; a reference to the alleged glancing blow landed by Warner on Root’s chin in Birmingham’s Walkabout pub at 2am following England’s Champions Trophy victory at Edgbaston last weekend. Fellow tabloid, The Daily Mirror pushed for “EXCLUSIVE” status (again in capitals) with their angle

“England star Joe Root attacked by Australia batsman David Warner in bar fight over WIG”. The story went on to say: “Warner grabbed a fake hairpiece Root was wearing on a night out, before striking the Yorkshireman across the face in front of stunned onlookers.” According to their sources the punch took on more impact, “sending him flying backwards”. The Twittersphere was full of gags relating to Warner’s recent poor form along the lines of trying to punch Root but still only getting a nick. The Telegraph dug further into the yarn, alleging Root had been wearing the green and gold wig in a manner deemed to be impersonating South African Muslim cricketer Hashim Amla. The broadsheet added more background, stating: “The England players were enjoying their first night off since May 12 and it is understood there had been no interaction between the two groups until the flare-up. Warner was pulled away by team-mate Clint McKay and the small group of England players there, including Stuart Broad and Chris Woakes, immediately left.” Warner last month came under fire for a Twitter tirade directed at two cricket journalists after a story about corruption and fixing in the Indian Premier League was illustrated with a picture of him. After posting a tweet laden with expletives aimed at journalist Robert Craddock, Warner took issue with Craddock’s News Limited colleague Malcolm Conn in abusive tweets that sparked an exchange. He was fined A$5,750. - HOS

• Mowen a Wallaby? Uncapped Brumbies captain Ben Mowen and the reactivated Hugh McMeniman are battling for the contentious No.6 jersey in the Wallabies pack after Dave Dennis was sent back to the NSW Waratahs yesterday. Dennis, who played in 14 of Australia’s 15 Tests last year, will front up against the British and Irish Lions on Saturday night after an Australian Rugby Union (ARU) policy backflip but now looks out of the race to start in the first Test. Despite the ARU originally controversially ruling the Wallabies’ initial 25-man squad would be quarantined from playing Lions tour games, the NSW skipper and teammate Rob Horne have been released to line up for the Waratahs at Allianz Stadium. Although the Wallabies say Dennis and Horne remain in Test selection contention, the signs aren’t positive for the Waratah duo. - AAP

• Inglis supports Taylor Greg Inglis has urged Dave Taylor to realise his immense talent and power his way back into the Queensland State of Origin side. Inglis will come up against his mercurial former South Sydney teammate in Cairns on Sunday for the first time since he joined the Gold Coast. The giant back-rower has shown signs in recent weeks that he’s edging back to his best form having been stood down by the Titans in April for breaching team rules. Inglis played alongside Taylor in the opening two games of last year’s Origin series before the 24-year-old was axed by coach Mal Meninga after an errorriddled display in the game two - AAP defeat in Sydney.

• Week-long V8 party V8 Supercars is hoping a week-long festival celebration can secure the future of the Gold Coast 600 event. October’s race on the streets of Surfers Paradise could well be the last with reports the Queensland government is set to cut its $6m funding. The event began in 1991 as part of the IndyCar world series and drew hundreds of thousands of visitors at its peak in early-2000s. But since the last IndyCar race in 2008, and a disastrous no-show by the A1 GP series, the event has failed to regain those heights as a stand-alone V8 Supercars round. With the event injecting up to $45m into the Gold Coast economy, V8 Supercars chief operating officer Shane Howard is hoping a carnival-style atmosphere can secure a new deal to keep it alive. “We want to make this year’s event the biggest party ever,” he said. - AAP

• Day won’t be psyched Jason Day has admitted he psyched himself out of his golden chance to win the Masters and vows to heed the lesson should he contend at the US Open on Sunday. Day headed to the 16th tee at Augusta National with a two-stroke lead after three consecutive birdies and looked set to be the hero of a nation, a role now reserved for champion Adam Scott, before he bogeyed the 16th and 17th to finish third. - AAP

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday June 14, 2013


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Rust ‘won’t be tolerated’ Steve Hansen’s loyalty is one of the qualities which makes his players like him so much. But the former policeman has another side too, and his bad cop routine is likely to be reprised if he doesn’t get the required improvement from the All Blacks against France in Christchurch on Saturday. The 23-13 victory over the French at Eden Park was a typical first-up performance from the All Blacks. It was a bit rusty, but the French played their part too. Hansen said as much afterwards but added he wanted improvements, and has given his starting XV the chance to make amends. There are strings attached. One of the best examples of his ruthlessness was his treatment of Julian Savea last year. The then 21-year-old made his test debut against Ireland in the first test at Eden Park, scored a hat-trick and hardly put a foot wrong. A week later, in the cold of a midwinter’s night in Christchurch which forced supporters to scrape ice off their car windscreens afterwards, he struggled a bit. He wasn’t as sure under the high ball as the Irish switched to a more pragmatic game plan and almost notched their first victory over the All Blacks as a result. It wasn’t a convincing performance but the play didn’t go his way and, besides, the conditions weren’t conducive to his running game. The consequence? He was dropped for the third test in Hamilton, with Hosea Gear getting

Test yourself with the Guardian’s weekday quiz

bruiser, currently a bench player, will remain for the Rugby Championship and is adding to the pressure already on Dagg. “Rene knows what his role is and obviously he would like to start and To see more or at some stage he probably will,” purchase photos Hansen said. “But it’s all about the team first and individuals second.“ At the moment for the team his role is to come off the bench and to do that really well.” As Hansen illustrated last year, those roles can quickly change. Meanwhile the All Blacks may be forced into a late reshuffle of their starting XV after Brodie Retallick limped off the training paddock late yesterday afternoon with a damaged hamstring. The seriousness of the injury is not yet known and the 22-year-old is likely to be given maximum time to come right given the paucity of experienced locks in the side. If Retallick is ruled out, Hurricanes player Jeremy Thrush will be promoted from the bench to make his test debut. The bigger problem will be with replacing Thrush as Luke Romano and Romano are the only fit locks in the squad. All Blacks coach Steve Hansen confirmed earlier in the day that Sam Whitelock is on track to be fit for next week after breaking his finger while playing for the Crusaders. It’s possible he could be risked but a more likely option is Steven Luatua coming on to the bench. Loose forward Luatua, in the All Blacks environment for the first time, has extensive experience at lock photo joseph johnson despite having played all this season at blindside for the Blues. - APNZ Rene Ranger may be heading to Montpellier, but is still a vital part of the All Blacks machine.

a chance which he took well, claiming the No11 jersey for the next two Rugby Championship tests against Australia. Who could be in line for the same treatment a year later? Once again Israel Dagg is in the spotlight. Yesterday, Hansen defended Dagg’s performance against the French in Auckland and he was right to because the 25-year-old didn’t have a bad game, but the spark of the last few years is missing. “I think Izzy is playing as well as last year minus those magic touches and it doesn’t matter who you are, you can’t be magic all the time. “What we want from Israel is his core job done well and he’s done that,” Hansen said, adding that Dagg was one of the best fullbacks in the world at taking the high ball. “The magic bits will come when the moment for him to be able to do that is available and the French didn’t give him any. “If you do your research you would say ‘right, when he catches it we need to knock him over’ and that’s what they did.” The problem for Dagg is that Ben Smith isn’t bad at taking the high ball either, and the in-form Highlander must surely go close to claiming the No15 jersey next week even if Dagg performs his core roles on Saturday. With Smith and Rene Ranger in such compelling form it’s time for a bit more than that. While the All Blacks coach acknowledged Ranger was likely to take up his contract with Montpellier this year - reports have suggested it will cost him 300,000 euros to break his deal with the French club - the Blues

By Patrick McKendry

From the sideline What is this person famous for?

Who said it? “Fans don’t boo nobodies.”

Today’s sports trivia question Which All Black brothers opposed each other in the 1999 World Cup pool match between Samoa and Japan?

Give us your caption ...

Whincup set to sizzle in Darwin heat Left: Jamie Whincup is chasing more points towards his fifth V8 Supercars series crown when the circus heads to Darwin this weekend.

his chase for a fifth series crown when the 28-driver field battle the Hidden Valley circuit and the Top End winter. Temperatures of around 33C are forecast for the four practice sessions today before sitting around 31C over Saturday and Sunday. While Whincup handled the searing heat best in the V8 Supercars’ United States debut in Austin last month, his team is still concerned about tyre management in Darwin. “Tyre wear is key and the people who are on top of that benefit most,” said Red Bull Racing team principal Adrian Burgess.

“We’ve got a much better understanding now of both tyre compounds and hopefully that bears fruit again in the Darwin round.” The racing teams can only use hard tyres on Saturday in the 60/60 format - a 120km race split into two halves and the second kickstarted with a double file rolling restart after a 15-minute break. In Sunday’s two 100km, 35-lap races hard and soft tyres must be used. Whincup, who warned of tyres effectively melting in the searing Darwin sun, has taken the chequered flag in races over three of

the last four years at the 2.9km track. But veteran Russell Ingall is the driver who is on the verge of an impressive milestone in car racing. The 49-year-old will start his 225th Australian Touring Car/V8 Supercars event in the Northern Territory, drawing him level with John Bowe for the record of most career starts. Ingall won the inaugural V8 Supercars event at Hidden Valley back in 1998, and Bowe will be on hand as he’s competing in the Touring Car Masters category in his Ford Mustang.  - AAP

Today’s answers: Mystery person: Mahlatse Ralepelle is better known as ‘Chiliboy’, and plays for the Bulls in the Super 15. He became the first black and the youngest player to captain the national team. Quote: Reggie Jackson Trivia question: Stephen and Graeme Bachop

Melting tyres are one of Jamie Whincup’s few concerns as he looks to further apply the blowtorch to his V8 Supercars rivals in Darwin this weekend. After a relatively slow start to the season, the 30-year-old is feeling more at ease in his Holden Commodore VF and won three of the four races at the last round in Texas. Whincup now has the chance to extend his championship lead in

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MONDAY: Periods of rain. Easterlies.

Midnight Tonight

a less than 30


SUNDAY: Periods of rain. Easterlies developing.







Canterbury High Country


TOMORROW: Cloud increasing, late rain. Light winds.



Canterbury Plains

TODAY: Mostly cloudy, early drizzle. Northeast develop.




Ashburton Forecast

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rain cloudy fine fine fine fine fine fine cloudy cloudy fine fine fine

12 7 7 5 9 4 2 5 3 2 2 5 1

TOMORROW Cloud increasing, scattered late rain. Light winds.



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Early drizzle patches. Fine spells increasing in the afternoon, with northeast breezes. Becoming cloudy again about the coast by evening.

Periods of rain. Easterlies developing.


NZ Situation Periods of rain. Easterlies, strong at times. A ridge moves off to the east of New Zealand tomorrow, and a moist northeast flow spreads over much of the country ahead of a large com- TUESDAY plex trough advancing across the Tasman Sea. Rain easing to showers. Easterlies dying out.


FZL: About 1600m

Cloud or fog, clearing from most places late morning, but persisting in some valleys. Wind at 1000m: Light. Wind at 2000m: Light.


FZL: Rising to 2200m

Thickening high cloud, and scattered rain developing. Wind at 1000m: Light. Wind at 2000m: E developing.

SUNDAY Periods of rain, snow lowering to about 1600 metres. Gusty southeasterlies at low levels, easterlies becoming strong or gale about the tops.

MONDAY Periods of rain, falling as snow at higher levels. Southeasterlies at low levels, easterlies about the tops easing.

TUESDAY Rain and snow easing to occasional showers. Light winds at low levels, easterlies about the tops dying away.

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showers showers rain cloudy fine fine fine drizzle drizzle showers fine fine showers showers cloudy fine showers showers fine rain drizzle fine cloudy rain fine fine showers fine fine fine rain fine showers rain fine fine cloudy fine rain showers drizzle fine drizzle rain fine

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River Levels


Rakaia Fighting Hill (NIWA) at 1:45 pm, yesterday Nth Ashburton at 3:00 pm, yesterday Sth Ashburton at 3:15 pm, yesterday Rangitata Klondyke at 3:00 pm, yesterday

132.0 5.87 12.7 56.9

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Canterbury Readings

Temperatures °C


to 4pm yesterday Ashburton Airport

9.9 -0.2






Christchurch Airport 10.6 Timaru Airport










38.4 370.2

N 19


16.0 223.0

S 22


21.6 215.8

NW 13



9 pm am 3


Saturday 9

max gust








Tides, Sun, Moon and Fishing m am 3 3

Wind km/h

-4.2 -1.8


11.1 -0.1


Rainfall mm

min grass 16 hour Jun 2013 min to date to date




9 pm am 3


Sunday 9




9 pm

2 1 0


7:39 1:46 7:59 2:17 8:27 2:34 8:46 3:06 9:16 3:23 The times shown are for the Ashburton River mouth. For the Rangitata river mouth subtract 16 minutes and for the Rakaia river mouth subtract 6 minutes.

Rise 8:05 am Set 5:01 pm Fair

Fair fishing

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Fair fishing

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First quarter 17 Jun

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Last quarter 30 Jun

Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa

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Ashburton Guardian June 14 2013  

Ashburton Guardian

Ashburton Guardian June 14 2013  

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