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Thursday, February 14, 2013


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Parents not paying school donations

Say it with chrysanthemums By Sue Newman If you ask Ashburton’s florists they’ll tell you that romance is definitely alive and well in the district. Yesterday they were up to their elbows in flowers as they prepared for their busiest delivery day of the year today, Valentine’s Day, and it seems the spirit of love is alive and thriving for people of all ages. For many, Valentine’s Day means roses, but hobby horticulturalists Jo and Paul Castelow say they’re not the only flowers that can tell a love story. They believe their favourites, chrysanthemum, can tell that story equally as well – chrysanthemum flowers mean friendship but red chrysanthemum mean love. The couple are boutique growers of the long-lasting flower and this week they’ve been busy creating bouquets from their garden that will carry messages of love and friendship into homes around the Ashburton District. It’s their first Valentine’s Day in business, but for Mr Castelow, chrysanthemum growing is something of a return to his youth. “I did a horticulture degree at Lincoln and put myself through that by growing chrysanthemum. That was in 1966 and I worked for Mr Chrysanthemum, Leo Clark, I was his chief propagator.” That interest was put on ice for decades, but with the leisure hours that came with retirement, Mr Castelow said it was time to bring it back to life. “Jo’s got a real flair for colour and design so we’ve got a happy sort of arrangement now, I grow the flowers and she displays them.” The chrysanthemum has been one of the stock tools of trade for florists for decades and while other flowers have gone in and out of fashion, it, like roses, has remained, he said. And it’s that marriage of roses and chrysanthemum that form the basis of many of the couple’s Valentine’s Day bouquets. They might be a non-traditional message of love, but what’s not to like about the chrysanthemum, Mr Castelow said. “They’re one of the longest lasting flowers, the plants flower from February to May and they come in so many varieties and colours – we’ve got about 30.” Today they have about an acre and a half planted in chrysanthemum but they’re keeping a tight rein on the size of their plot and how they sell their flowers. That’s usually at the gate, but this weekend they make their first appearance at Ashburton’s Farmers’ Market. “We want to keep this where we can look after it ourselves and where we can sell most of the flowers ourselves. You can expand but then you have the stress of being dependent on the market. “We believe in the farmers’ market concept and we’re looking forward to doing this and chatting to people.” Across town Allenton Florist owner Panadda Chittock and her team were working overtime creating bouquets, most of which included the eternally popular red rose. The run up to Valentine’s

Home delivered from

By Myles Hume Only 50 per cent of families at some Mid Canterbury schools are paying donations, prompting a call for parents to pitch in to help keep them afloat. The revelation came after schools in Hamilton stopped requesting donations because parents were not paying them, instead asking them to take part in a more hands-on way. Although Mid Canterbury parents gave a lot to local schools in terms of fundraising and voluntary work, many refused to contribute school donations which range from $40 to $80 a year. Both Methven and Netherby Schools said 50 to 60 per cent of families paid $40 school donations each year, while Tinwald School saw about 70 per cent. Netherby School principal Andrew Leverton said the reality meant his school budgeted for about half of families to give about $3000 to the school. He would like to see more, pointing out it equates to about

$1 a week in donations. “It’s not a free education really, there are always additional costs,” Mr Leverton said. Schools could legally ask for money if it was an out-of-curriculum cost, but could not force parents to pay donations. Methven Primary principal Chris Murphy said some parents were not aware of how much schools relied on parents’ donations. “I think some parents hold on to the belief that education is free, for others it is financial issues and some parents just forget,” he said. “We would love to get everyone donating but we don’t push very hard, it is not as if we send out reminders or anything,” he said. Mid Canterbury Principals’ Association president and Longbeach School principal Neil Simons said it “seems to be the same people carrying the can”. Longbeach School had an “activities fee” for trips and performances, among others, which was compulsory for parents to pay. “Schools wouldn’t be in the position they are without it (dona-

tions). You would start to lose some of the extras, it’s like the icing on the cake.” He said funding from the Ministry of Education was “fundamental for fundamental stuff” but was not enough to purchase quality equipment or to direct funding into specific areas of the school. Mother-of-six Nicci Glanville had five school-aged children and said she paid all donations on top of a fee that Allenton School imposed, for extra activities. Paying in excess of $600 in donations a year, she said it was difficult but it was “part and parcel” of sending a child to school. “If schools are wanting it (money) I think they have to change the naming from a donation to a fee. I know of people who are quite welloff but because it is a ‘donation’ they don’t consider paying it,” Mrs Glanville said. She recommended parents claim the tax back on donations at the end of the year if they were struggling financially. For families living week-to-week, Mr Simons said there were grants available.

Pope’s retirement plan stuns By Myles Hume

Photo Joseph Johnston 130213-jj-008

Roses are not the only flowers that can send a message of love on Valentine’s Day, say chrysanthemum growers Jo and Paul Castelow. Day started early, with flowers ordered three weeks ago and most delivered from Auckland or local suppliers on Tuesday. Mrs Chittock is a big supporter of local growers, saying the quality is always high and the flowers last much longer. “Last year we were very, very

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busy and it’s about the same this year. We have to put on extra staff for this day. Valentine’s Day is our busiest day because all the deliveries have to be made on just one day.” It was the same for Denise Hyde at Flowers and Balloons – all hands on deck and a long list

of orders to be delivered across town for most of today. If you’re wanting your message of love to be sent in the traditional way, you’ll need a $100 note plus for a dozen red roses, beautifully presented, delivered today to the object of your desire.

When Ashburton parish priest Father Geoff Gray awoke to his blaring radio on Tuesday morning, what he heard had him stumped. But as the news of Pope Benedict XVI’s sudden retirement sunk in, a quick jog of his memory meant it all fell into place for the Catholic priest. “It was a surprise but then I knew there had been hints of it a couple of years ago when the Pope mentioned the idea of a pope retiring if they were not up to the job,” Fr Gray said. Although he understood the reasons why, millions of Catholics across the world are slowly coming to grips with the shock retirement of Benedict, the first to give up the role in 600 years. Due to poor physical health, Benedict’s incumbent will be voted in by an appointed group of cardinals, the elected pope needing two thirds of vote to take the leading roll in Vatican City. “No, I don’t think it is sad, but I’ve got the feeling it’s an opportunity ... the church is at a stage of transition from an elderly pope to one where there is an expectation that he will be younger man,” Fr Gray said. Overseeing about 2500 Catholics in Ashburton, Fr Gray wanted to see a new approach to electing the

Photo Joseph Johnson 130213-JJ-015

Ashburton’s Holy Name Parish Priest Father Geoff Gray was surprised at the sudden resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. pope to match the changing face of the Catholic faith. “I would like to see him address worship, social action, the huge gap between rich and poor as there’s a lot of poverty issues and human suffering out there,” he said. “I think of him as an understanding figure in terms of the church and he has got great holiness, intelligence and is a great theologian. He was a man of his time.”

Build your dream home in the semi-rural area of Racecourse Road, Ashburton. Large majority of stage 1 sold out. For those interested in purchasing – lodge your interest quickly. Lochlea Estate is a new subdivision, situated just a few minutes’ drive from the Ashburton town centre. These sections offer a unique ambience of tranquillity and privacy with amazing views of the Southern Alps.

Construction of the Lochlea Lifestyle Resort has commenced which is adjacent to the Lochlea Estate. The Lifestyle Resort will provide a range of indoor and outdoor activities and both Duplex and Stand-alone Villas and Aged Care Units. A fully equipped hospital is also planned. This will be Ashburton’s first complete lifestyle resort – covering each stage of the rest of your life.

Phone 03 307 9080 Free phone 0800-2727-837 - After hours: 03-302-6887 - Email:

Tony Sands, Resort Manager

Meanwhile, the news has sparked conversation and surprise at Our Lady of the Snows, where principal Tony Lamb said the Catholic school was looking to use a range of resources next week to educate the pupils about “such a rare event”. “It’s very important for Catholic schools to learn about this because ultimately the Pope sets the direction of how special character schools deliver,” Mr Lamb said.

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ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, February 14, 2013



DEATHS BAIRD, Gladys Marion – Passed away on February 13, 2013 at Talbot Park, Timaru in the company of her son and daughter. Many thanks to the staff at Timaru Public Hospital and Talbot Park for their many kindnesses over the past two years. A service for Gladys will be held at St Peters Church, Otipua Road, Timaru on FRIDAY, February 15, at 1.30pm, followed by private cremation. Messages to 32 Hertford Street, Timaru. Betts Funeral Services FDANZ Please note all late death notices or notices sent outside ordinary office hours must be emailed to:

to ensure publication. During office hours notices may also be sent to:

Any queries please contact 0800 ASHBURTON (0800-274-287).

FUNERAL FURNISHERS A leader in providing Prompt, Personal 24hour Service PATERSONS FUNERAL SERVICES AND ASHBURTON CREMATORIUM LTD (Ashburton’s local firm) Office and Chapel Corner East and Cox Streets, Ashburton When the need arises PHONE 308-8474



For all your memorial requirements New headstones and designs Renovations, Additional inscriptions, Cleaning and Concrete work Carried out by qualified tradesmen.

620 East Street, Ashburton Ph/Fax 308 5369 or 0274 357 974 NZMMMA Member

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Maths teachers proactive here By Myles Hume Mid Canterbury parents should not be concerned about a damning report stating schools were not up to scratch when it came to teaching maths, a leading principal says. Mid Canterbury Principals’ Association president Neil Simons’ comments come following a report from the Education Review Office (ERO), stating schools could make a “considerable difference” in the achievement of mathematics if they adjusted their teaching to suit the needs of their pupils. The office has found schools often knew where they needed to

Scholarship results released

improve their teaching in maths, however almost 50 per cent of a 240 school sample did not make appropriate adjustments. Mr Simons said the majority of Mid Canterbury schools were proactive when it came to making changes to patch over holes in school curriculums. “I can’t say exactly, but my understanding is that Mid Canterbury schools are in a strong position,” he said. “I think here we are very good at adapting to the needs of children in our schools.” Other schools spoken to by the Guardian said they held regular meetings with staff to determine what areas needed improvement,

one principal stating maths was “always a work in progress”. Tinwald School Peter Livingstone said his school had adopted the Numeracy Project, a system which honed in on times tables and simple maths. He said over the years teachers had noticed how time-consuming it had become so the school decided to streamline it to make room for other aspects such as measurement and geometry. Methven School ran a “booster programme” for children who were not meeting the required level for their age. Principal Chris Murphy said it was a need noticed by school staff, and the extra work put in to cater

for those falling behind had lifted the achievement levels of those particular children and the school as a whole. “Last year we were chuffed with our results, we had 90 per cent at or above the national standard, which great to hear after all the hard work we had put in,” he said. Mr Livingstone questioned why schools would not adjust their curriculum when they had the power to do so. “I don’t know why you wouldn’t (make adjustments) to tell you the truth, I think if you are simply delivering a curriculum then you might as well give them a text book with all the correct terms in it,” Mr Livingstone said.

Carol loses locks for a good cause

photo donna wylie

Close shave: Hairdresser Julie Sharp wields the clippers as Carol Smith loses her locks for a good cause.

Incidents attended to by the Ashburton Police and Mid Canterbury volunteer fire brigades recently. Check out, for up-to-the-minute updates on every fire callout in the district during the week.

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter was called into action at Lake Hood last night, following reports a man had fallen off a biscuit, about 7.30pm. The chopper returned to Christchurch within the hour and it is understood the man was complaining of chest injuries. A witness at the scene, dining at The Lake House restaurant said the man appeared to be conscious and was talking to emergency services. He was later flown to Christchurch Hospital. No further details were available. Check guardianonline., for further updates through the day.

• Fire ban ignored

By Michelle Nelson

By Myles Hume Four of the district’s brightest sparks were revealed yesterday. NCEA Scholarship exam results were released online to almost 8000 hopefuls, with 2344 of those landing a financial grant to kick-start out-ofschool life. Ashburton College had four year 13 recipients in the form of Heather Holdaway (Art History and Photography), Allasdair Tarry (Graphics), Clara Watson (Classical Studies) and Jackson Hood (Photography), who all received $500. At least 20 pupils usually sat the exams at the college The highly regarded exams are usually sat by each year at the college, and this year’s success had principal Grant McMillan proud. “It’s pretty neat isn’t it, I’m really pleased for the student, families and teachers,” he said. “They all put in a significant amount of extra work, and by the looks of it, one in five have been granted a scholarship.” Mr McMillan said pupils continued to push themselves towards Merit and Excellence endorsements, and the scholarship pupils were a perfect example of that. Meanwhile, Mount Hutt College did not have any pupils land a NCEA scholarship. Although some were close to the grade, principal John Schreurs said it was disappointing not to have a recipient. NCEA said 10 students achieved $10,000 premier awards while 54 gained $5000 outstanding scholarships. Almost $3.7 million was handed out in scholarships for further study for the next three years.

Mr Simons hoped the ERO report was “robust” and was not based on observations made by office officials when they visited schools. “They took it from 240 schools, so we don’t know if they are the worst performing schools or the best,” he said. He said it has become harder for schools to keep on top of curriculum improvements since the Ministry of Education slashed funding for professional development, pointing out Longbeach School will pay an expert $1200 to fly down and spend a day with staff in the coming weeks. “There was a time when schools used to work closely with universities for free,” he said.

111 diary

Carol Smith had a close shave this week, when she lost her locks for a complete stranger. Touched by the plight of 31-year-old Kimberley Humphries, who is battling acute lymphoblastic lymphoma, a form of blood cancer, Mrs Smith decided to help out by raising money. On Tuesday evening she lined up at Louisa’s Gym to have her head shaved for the cause, and has so far banked more than $400. She was prompted to help Mrs Humphries after meeting her parents, who had both shaved their heads in support. “I don’t know Kimberley but I was really moved by her story,” she said. “It was nice to do something to help someone else.” Mrs Smith started the ball rolling with thousands of people across the country preparing for the Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand’s (LBC’s) Shave for a Cure campaign. Every day six people are diagnosed with blood cancers - leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma and related blood conditions, and many suffer hair loss through treatments. The theme for this year’s Shave for a Cure is the ‘Shave Duel’ where participants are being asked to challenge their friends, colleagues, school mates or rival businesses to raise the most money for LBC. Huffer has also come to the party, and designed a stylish Shave T-shirt, based on the duel theme. These will be given to the first 450 participants that raise $500 for LBC. LBC receives no government funding and relies on Shave for a Cure to keep its services free of charge to patients.  These include patient support, support and funding for research, providing education and information and advocating on behalf of patients. Shave Week runs from March 4-10.  Participants can register and establish individual fundraising pages at www.

A Far North fire boss has had a gutsful of “stupid people” ignoring a total fire ban and putting lives and property at risk, with 37 fire callouts in the district so far this year, including two this week. Kaitaia chief fire officer Colin Kitchen said that despite a total fire ban, some people were ignoring the ban. - APNZ

• Assault sentence A young businesswoman assaulted a nightclub doorman after he refused her entry to the club. Nicole Patricia Harvey, 22, pleaded guilty in the District Court on Tuesday to assaulting the doorman, assaulting a police officer and resisting police. She was sentenced to nine months’ supervision. - APNZ

• Name suppressed A man allegedly linked to an international paedophile ring revealed by police last week has been remanded on bail without plea. The unemployed 27-yearold appeared in the Oamaru District Court on Wednesday facing 41 charges. He is due to reappear on April 17. - APNZ

• Trial over sinking A Bluff woman charged over the sinking of the fishing boat Easy Rider last year will go on trial later this year. Eight people drowned when the Easy Rider sank in Foveaux Strait. Gloria Davis, sole director of Easy Rider owner and the widow of the boat’s skipper has denied charges laid by Maritime New Zealand. -APNZ

Red zone houses not heading here Motorhome extravaganza set to be a record breaker By Sue Newman

Houses might be leaving Christchurch’s red zones on the back of trucks bound for sections in other parts of the South Island, but they’re not coming to Ashburton. Yesterday another house made its way through Ashburton destined for a southern town, but no houses have yet been settled on Ashburton sections. The relocators might be willing and the Ashburton District Council has committed to making the relocation process simple but it appears there are no sections available. Last year the council attempted to lift a relocated home covenant on land it owns off Albert Street, but after consultation with adjoining home owners, abandoned the project when it found people living in the area were afraid the relocated homes would devalue their properties. Likewise, developer Mitch van der Krogt had the land available but owners of adjoining sections were not keen to have a relocated house as a neighbour. And that’s a shame, Mr van der Krogt said, because the houses being moved off red-zoned land were new, high quality homes with very little earthquake damage. “I had three different groups that approached me, but they all

By Sue Newman

Photo Joseph Johnston 130213-JJ-004

Another home on its way from a red zoned Christchurch section to a new life in a new town. ended up putting it in the too hard basket. It was an opportunity for someone that’s gone by the way.” One of the big players in home relocations, CeresNZ, was ready and willing to work with Ashburton developers on relocations, but had struggled to find available land,

marketing executive Bernie de Veres said. “We’ve been buying land in North Canterbury and moving homes there and if we could find lots in Ashburton we’d be there immediately,” he said. While people might be put off

because of the image of an old bungalow relocated into a new subdivision, that was light years away from what was happening, Mr de Veres said. “These are now homes and there are some beautiful homes among them.”

Dog attack owners may face prosecution By Sam Morton It is not yet known if the owners of two dogs who savagely attacked five people in Methven will be prosecuted. Ashburton District Council regulatory services manager Richard Wade, who is heading the investigation, said yesterday it was too soon to elaborate on any final outcomes.

However, prosecution was certainly an option, he said. Yesterday, Mr Wade met with the Methven Police to finalise his investigation and signalled he had spoken to everyone involved, including the dog owners, who failed to secure the dogs. Since the attack last Friday, which involved two young children, a teenager, a tourist and a dog control officer, the two large breed dogs have been destroyed.

Under relevant dog control legislation, Mr Wade said he has six months to decide if a prosecution case is necessary, but agreed it was unlikely to take that long to decide. “Whatever I decide needs to be in the public’s best interest and at this stage, it’s just too early to say what is going to happen or the direction this investigation will go. “I can certainly tell you prosecution is an option, but right at this moment

no decisions have been made,” he said. Meanwhile, the 67-year-old Canadian tourist is in Melbourne recovering from her brutal attack requiring 25 stitches and incurring more than $600 of medical costs. Sandy Armitage and her husband had previously enjoyed their threeweek tour of New Zealand, before their holiday was marred by the savage attack at the lodge they were staying at.

If you’re looking for a campervan or caravan, then Murray Meadows is the man you need to know. He’s not a salesman, though, he’s simply a motorhome enthusiast who came up with the idea of putting buyers and sellers in the same paddock and letting them do deals. That was 11 years ago and today the Ashburton Motorhome Extravaganza is big business and it’s getting bigger. When the gates open on this year’s event at the Ashburton Showgrounds, Mr Meadows reckons it will be opening on a record breaker. The event has become the ultimate answer for people looking for a home on wheels. Some are prepared to spend up large for an alternative to a stationary permanent home, others just want something for holidays, but either way, Mr Meadows said, it’s likely to be on sale in Ashburton this weekend. In year one there were fewer than 100 sellers; this weekend the number will climb well over 300. Add to that the 150 vans that will be camped on-site for


the weekend and hundreds of trade stalls and it’s easy to see why the event attracts buyers and sellers from around the country.

Already our bookings are way up on the same time last year and this one will be as good, if not better, than the best we’ve had

“It’s on a lot of calendars for ever now it seems.” With three days still to run, Mr Meadows said he’s still fielding calls from people wanting site space and he’s starting to field calls from potential buyers wanting to know what’s on offer. But as it is every year, it’s usually not until the day that he knows just who will be there and selling what.

“Already our bookings are way up on the same time last year and this one will be as good, if not better, than the best we’ve had,” he said. What he does know is that there will be plenty of bargains to be had. While deals are often done after the event wraps up, Mr Meadows said he’s had plenty of indications from sellers that they’ll be looking to sell on the day and that they’ll meet the market. “I’m amazed by some of the bargains I’ve heard will be on offer,” he said. A new trend this year was the number of people who were swapping campervans for caravans. He’s a campervan fan but said he accepts there are as many benefits for one as there are for the other. As well as trade stalls selling every imaginable gadget and extra for motorhomes and caravans, virtually every company selling new vans has booked a site too, Mr Meadows said. Ashburton’s Motorhome Extravaganza will be held at the Ashburton Showgrounds from 9am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday. by David Fletcher

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, February 14, 2013


Dementia bed shortage over By Sam Morton Mid Canterbury appears to have reversed the desperate shortage of dementia beds and is well poised to tackle the district’s inevitable grey wave. Since 2009, health experts have been warning about the dangerous shortage of beds for dementia patients in the district’s rest homes, but with a 50 per cent increase in beds, it seems Mid Canterbury has rose to the occasion. In the last three years, Mid Canterbury has gone from hous-

ing 18 rest-home level dementia beds to a significant 45, in a bid to meet the serious demand facing the district. However, providing enough beds is one issue – educating people about the impact of dementia is another. A Government campaign launched yesterday sets out to do exactly that, and with Alzheimers New Zealand managing the national drive – dementia will be difficult to ignore. Associate Minister of Health Jo Goodhew said the campaign was about raising awareness and encouraging potential patients to

seek professional advice at an early stage. “When residents have been admitted for dementia, they’re a long way down the track and what we’re saying is, right from the word go, we want them to understand what it might be and encourage them to get help,” Ms Goodhew said. Ms Goodhew praised Mid Canterbury for acknowledging the serious challenge in the future and was encouraged to see the increase of dementia beds, both locally and nationally. “I think there has been a fabulous response to the issue locally. Only one District Health Board in

New Zealand is at full occupancy and that’s South Canterbury. The country is certainly responding to this issue well,” she said. “I don’t believe this campaign will change the demand for beds at all, since 2008 there has been a 24 per cent increase in beds from 2759 to 2423. Instead, what I hope is, it will increase the demand for advice and support services and that can only ever be a good thing.” Princes Court Dementia Care manager Chris Lill, who converted the former rest home into a 35 bed dementia facility last year, believed the shortage was no longer a crisis in Ashburton.

The beds added to the 10 existing beds at Tuarangi Home, administered by the Canterbury District Health Board. “It’s only in the last few years that we have noticed a major problem in our district, but prior to that there was enough beds here to cope with the demand,” Mrs Lill said. “As people are living longer, the risk to develop dementia has grown and therefore we recognised a need for the future, which I believe we have now met . . . currently there is no shortage. “Since we changed our business model last year, we haven’t ever been full, although we have only

really had one empty bed at any time, so we’re not talking plenty. (But) I think as a district we have done very well to match the demand and that shouldn’t be any different going forward,” she said. The campaign, which has been funded for $250,000, will result in a noticeable increase of TV commercials and print advertising in the hope to reduce the stigma associated with dementia. It appears the focus has switched from needing beds to raising awareness around the early signs of dementia. *For more information, visit;


• Burns victim dies A Northland woman has died in hospital after she was severely burnt in a gas explosion. Nineteen-year-old Lesley Anita Wehi Jack, died in Middlemore Hospital about 7.20pm on Tuesday night surrounded by her family. Little more than 24 hours earlier she had returned to her Ruakaka home in Tamure Drive, where a gas explosion ignited the two-bedroom house she had moved into on Waitangi Day. -APNZ

POLL result Yesterday’s result Q: Is John Key’s decision to take asylum seekers from Australia right?

Today’s online poll question Q: Are you planning to get yourself a flu vaccination? To vote in this poll go to:


Poll closes at 4pm

PHOTO gallery Photo Joseph Johnson 130213-JJ-024

New Zealand welcomes 20 new residents Two families, three couples and three individual Ashburton residents were among those who officially pledged their allegiance to New Zealand yesterday. The first citizenship ceremony

of the year took place in its usual manner at the Ashburton District Council’s council chambers as friends, family and councillors looked on as the 20 residents swore on oath or

by affirmation. The residents were given a native tree and a book detailing the history of the Ashburton District as a welcome gesture. The new citizens were then

invited to have afternoon tea with the district councillors and encouraged to mingle. The new citizens are: Stuart and Sally Annand, Philip Brazier (British), Roberto Jr. Casipit

(Filipino), Edward Talalupe, Siueva Vaaelua, Denise, Vaaelua, Penina Vaaelua, Cecillia Vaaelua, Marnel Vaeelua and Lupeautino Vaeelua (Samoan), Laszlo Csizmadia (Hungarian), Francisc

and Georgeta Mohai (Romanian), Luke Upfold, Sharon Upfold, Seth Upfold, Callum Upfold and Timothy Upfold (South African) and Michelle Smith-Copland (British Irish).

Major inroads made into air pollution reduction These are currently available until June for both insulation and log fire installation. To be eligible for the log fire subsidy a property must meet an insulation standard. Education is the number one tool in the council’s armoury when it comes to encouraging people to make the switch to clean heating, he said. “We’ll be doing a lot of talks again this year. We’re now finding there is a real awareness that replacing old log burners is not just a legal requirement, that it’s being driven

their log burner installation providing their home insulation was up to scratch, he said. A subsidy is also available for insulation. On top of that, home owners can have a free assessment carried out to determine their home’s insulation requirements and to look at other issues that could be improved to ensure heat was retained. “Our big message to people is to get this done while there is still subsidy money there. You know you’re going to do it eventually, but now’s the time while the money is there.”


This is a strictly limited offer and must finish Friday 28th February

Heat pump/Air conditioning unit




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by the need to have clean air.” By taking an educative rather than a punitive approach to people who had not come on board the clean air project, Mr Wade said the council was winning far more hearts than it had with the early approach where possible prosecution was used as the incentive to change. “People don’t want to be dictated to. They want information, they want to be informed and then they’ll make the right choice.” With a clean heat subsidy home owners could get up to $1300 off



switch to new heating units has been huge, Mr Wade said, but he believes there are still many who have not yet made that move. In 2011 the council issued 396 permits for the installation of fires into existing homes and last year 474 were issued. And while not all of those related to log fire replacement units, the majority would have been, he said. One of the biggest incentives to make an early switch to clean heating units is the availability of Clean Heat subsidies, Mr Wade said.




Ashburton is making ground in the war against air pollution from home fires, but there is still a long way to go before that war is won, says Ashburton District Council regulatory manager Richard Wade. National clean air regulations require all towns and cities in New Zealand to meet new standards by 2020. This means there can be no more than one breach of pollution limits in a year. An interim bench

mark is no more than three by 2016. And Ashburton is well down the track towards achieving that, with just seven black marks last year, down from 15 in 2011, Mr Wade said. With Environment Canterbury, the council is working with the community to clean up pollution from home fires and part of that effort involves a requirement for all log fires older than 15 years to be replaced with clean burning models. Over the past two years the number of home owners making the

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Appli a

By Sue Newman


Ashburton Business Association Awards 2012


ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, February 14, 2013



Sports success provides a headache By Coen Lammers



he panel deciding the sports person of the year in Mid Canterbury must be having a few headaches. While this year’s selection will be a tough one with the likes of world champion bowler Sandra Keith and New Zealand Cup winner Ricky May in the mix amongst others, next year’s award is already shaping up to an impossible choice. It is often remarked that Mid Canterbury natives are punching far above their weight but this year our athletes are even outdoing themselves. Braden Currie’s dominant victory in the Coast to Coast was a success to enjoy for the entire district. The Methven multi-sport athlete may not have the race experience and support that many of his competitors have, but he makes up for that with an incredible dose of raw talent. Currie’s win did not happen overnight and he has had more challenges than others holding him back from fulfilling his potential. Thanks to his wonderfully supportive wife, Currie was able to put aside some of his domestic responsibilities and the results have been terrific. Winning the Coast to Coast will hopefully open the door to more lucrative events abroad and with his undoubted talent he is highly likely to pay back his family’s support

Thank you to all the local organisations and community groups who all got in behind to support MCB 2013. You should all be congratulated on all your hard work and dedication. Well done to you all for a marvellous achievement. This is a great asset to Ashburton. Look forward to

Minister with responsibility for Novopay Steven Joyce has announced $5 million will be put aside for the Novopay remedial plan. Cabinet has agreed to put aside the money. The funding will cover work on bug fixes and boosting the numbers of call centre and data processing staff. Formal notices of a breach of contract and key performance indicators have been issued to Talent2. “The final responsibility for the remediation costs - whether Talent2, the Ministry of Education, or other parties - will be determined later, and the ministry continues to reserve its contractual position,” said Mr Joyce. He said it was unlikely there would be any abatement in problems in pay period 24, next week. Mr Joyce would not say how many formal notices had been

Steven Joyce issued to the Australian company but said more would be. The final responsibility for the remediation costs would be decided later, he said. Mr Joyce said he didn’t have

full confidence in the documents he received from the Ministry of Education on the last pay round and had commissioned PricewaterhouseCooper to look into the information. PwC is reviewing both Talent2’s and the ministry’s records and providing an audit of the last pay round - pay period 23 - and the total number of issues with it. “The reason I put PWC in to do that mechanical exercise reviewing pay period 23 is actually I’m not confident the information at this point gives a sufficiently clear picture of pay period 23.” “I am fully capable to sending things back if I’m not comfortable,” said Mr Joyce. My Joyce said schools could brace themselves for more issues with the next pay round. “In regards to pay period 23 last week, as you are aware there were many significant issues with the Ministry of Education had to date

129 direct payments to school staff.” He yesterday also released the terms of reference for the technical review and the draft terms of reference for a ministerial inquiry The technical review is expected to report back to the minister by February 28 and the ministerial inquiry by the end of May. Mr Joyce gave assurances that schools that had been left out of pocket would be reimbursed but would not say when and if they would receive full compensation. He would not give a clear idea of when the 255 invoices from schools totalling $1.197 million would be dealt with. “The schools have said this is where we’re out of pocket and we want to send an invoice but the invoices themselves don’t have any actual status but the issue of providing some form of extra support to schools, or compensating them for the issues that have been


Carol Simth

Shave off fundraiser Thank you to all who supported Kimberley Humphries and her family during the shave off fundraiser. Your generosity was much appreciated. Carol Smith

Letters We welcome your letters, although: • We reserve the right to abridge, edit or not publish letters. • Correspondents are not permitted to use pen names, and for verification must provide address and contact number (neither for publication). • Letters should be no more than 300 words. Address correspondence to The Editor, Box 77, Ashburton, or e-mail

raised is something that is on the table - we’ve said it is something that will be on the table and something we will look at,” he said. Labour’s acting education spokesman Chris Hipkins blamed Education Minister Hekia Parata for the Government having to put up $5 million to fix the payroll system. “Steven Joyce has ridden into town with the Government chequebook in a belated attempt to cleanup the Government’s Novopay nightmare. He’s chucking $5 million at Novopay bug fixes, the call centre and data processing.” “It’s a shame he couldn’t find any money for extra support for all the schools that are millions of dollars out of pocket as a result of dealing with the fallout from Novopay. But good luck to him. I genuinely hope Mr Joyce’s remediation plan works, for the sake of our schools, teachers, parents and pupils,” said Mr Hipkins. - APNZ

Facility criticised

with winner’s cheques. Despite his historic victory the Methven lad is no shoein for the 2014 Sportsperson trophy. Competition is stiff from across the sporting spectrum. Sandra Keith won another national bowls title and with her elevation to the national team more titles could be in the pipeline. John Snowden recently claimed the coveted Ballinger Belt after years of trying to win shooting’s most famous prize. But how to compare this historic accomplishment against the other stand-outs? That of course includes Hayden Roulston who has become a regular fixture in the district’s awards night. His national cycling title on the road against the strongest domestic field ever assembled must give him a decent shot at the top award. And don’t forget Lauren Ellis’s recent national track title in the points race. Mid Canterbury sports fans are truly blessed this year and amazingly all this success has happened in the first six weeks of 2013. It must be something in the water. We can only guess what else is in store for our athletes and their fans. One thing is for sure, next year’s awards panel will have an impossible and ungrateful job of selecting a winner.

YOUR VIEW Multicultural Bite

Joyce puts Talent2 on notice

By Matthew Theunissen

Club’s transactions under investigation By Vaughan Elder An $85,000 payment made by the Otago Bowling Club to a company of which its former president was a director is among more than a dozen transactions under investigation by liquidators. The club was placed into liquidation in the High Court at Dunedin on Monday as part of an investigation into the distribution of proceeds from the sale of its club and ground last year. The registrar of incorporated societies initiated the investigation after receiving a complaint about the sale of the club last June. The first report by liquidator Trevor Laing and Associates said

the club and grounds were sold for $350,898.77 in March 2011. The report said the registrar of incorporated societies had “serious concerns” about payments made from the proceeds of the sale, including $85,000 paid to Southern Pearl Ltd, of which former club president Lester Nash was a director until it was struck off the New Zealand Companies Office Register last year. The payment was made as a result of an “undated and unsigned agreement” giving the company a 10-year licence to take spring water from the club’s grounds from 2007. The licence was surrendered at the time of sale, with a payment made after a valuation of the remaining water rights. The registrar also had con-

cerns over individual payments of $16,552 to 10 club members and the payment of a “similar amount” to four club office bearers. The report also said the registrar found there were “serious shortcomings” in the administration of the club. “Matters of concern identified include a lack of properly kept records, such as minutes, leading to a conclusion that important transactions of the society [club] may not have been properly authorised,” the report said. Mr Laing said his first priority was to recover the money if the transactions were made improperly. He had the power to interview under oath club officers and anyone connected with the club.

Shop owners shot with slug gun in robbery

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He hoped for “co-operation in the first instance”, but could refer matters to the police if he uncovered criminal activity. Bowls New Zealand region six community development officer Pete Thomson said earlier this week he was “very confident” the liquidator would get to the bottom of what occurred. It was his understanding all the proceeds from the sale were split among club members, which was against the club’s constitution. “It’s pretty black and white what should have happened. “The constitution said all money should have been distributed to a sporting body or back to the community,” he said. A former member of the club declined to comment yesterday. - APNZ

The Deputy Health and Disability Commissioner has criticised a facility for intellectually impaired people after a carer dragged a resident across the floor by her arms and legs, causing carpet burns and welts to her back. Neither the carer nor the facility are named in Deputy Commissioner Tania Thomas’ report. According to the report, the woman had an intellectual impairment, autism, epilepsy and was limited in her ability to communicate. The incident in January 2010 started when the woman refused to have a shower and the male carer was asked to help get her to the bathroom. Another carer said she saw the man dragging the woman out of her room by her feet and then by her arms. Management observed three welts between her shoulder blades and four areas of carpet burn. At the time of the incident the carer had been in a relationship with the facility’s manager which the manager admitted had complicated matters. The manager did not inform the facility’s board about the incident which, Ms Thomas said, was necessary in order to avoid the appearance of bias. Nor did she inform the woman’s family. Ms Thomas further found the manager did not have adequate recruitment processes, orientation and staff training in place. She said that the carer had no previous experience in dealing with people with intellectual impairments and that his actions were “unkind and disrespectful”. Ms Thomas also criticised the facility’s board, the Mary Moodie Family Trust Board Incorporated, for its “inadequate” policies, which were sometimes ambiguous. The board was also “vicariously liable” for the manager’s failures to take reasonable steps to ensure the woman’s behaviour management plan was appropriate. Ms Thomas recommended that the offending parties apologise to the woman’s family and that the board make a number of changes including implementing a staff orientation and training programme. - APNZ

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The owners of an Indian takeaway shop were shot by a slug-gun wielding robber, who was tripped by a customer as he tried to flee the scene. Police were called to the shop on Great North Rd in Glendene just after 10.40pm yesterday, and the alleged offender was caught and arrested in the area shortly after. Detective Inspector Bruce Scott said the shop was owned by a couple who were about to close up for the night. The alleged robber burst in, pointed the slug gun at the woman and demanded cash. He then shot her twice. Hearing the commotion, the husband came out from the back of

the shop and handed over the cash register. “The alleged offender shot him as well. He shot at his head, but the guy put his arm up and it hit there instead,” Mr Scott told the Herald. “He [the offender] took off but was tripped by a customer, and he dropped the gun.” The wife called 111 and police were in the area so managed to get to the scene almost immediately. The alleged offender was apprehended soon after and will appear in the Waitakere District Court today on various charges relating to the incident. Police recovered all of the cash taken from the shop and returned it to the couple. Neither were seriously injured, but suffered painful welts where the slug gun pellets hit their skin. - APNZ

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, February 14, 2013


Apology for MP’s racist rant By Adam Bennett NZ First MP Richard Prosser’s bid to make a personal statement in Parliament yesterday afternoon about his inflammatory comments about Muslims was been blocked as calls for his resignation or sacking gathered pace. Mr Prosser sought to make the statement after apologising “unreservedly” for the comments in which he suggested young Muslim men from “Wogistan” should be banned from flying on Western airlines. Mr Prosser avoided Parliament yesterday as the controversy over the comments built but was in the debating chamber this afternoon where he sought permission to make a personal statement. Mana Party Leader Hone Harawira objected, preventing Mr Prosser from making his statement. Immediately afterwards the Green Party moved that Parliament affirmed “that all New Zealanders, regardless of their religious faith or ethnicity, should be treated equally before the law and that the rights and dignity of all people, in particular of Muslims should be upheld”. The motion was passed unanimously. Just before entering the chamber this afternoon, Green Party Co-Leader Metiria Turei said Mr Prosser should be sacked by New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters for the comments. Prime Minister John Key said that given the comments were clearly premeditated, he doubted the sincerity of Mr Prosser’s apology.

Labour’s foreign affairs spokesman Phil Goff has also called on Mr Prosser to resign or be sacked. President of the Federation of Islamist Associations of New Zealand Anwar Ghani said while the federation accepted Mr Prosser’s apology and his future in politics was ultimately up to Mr Peters, the NZ First MP should leave Parliament. The Human Rights Commission said it had received six complaints about Mr Prosser’s column. Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres described it as “ignorant, inaccurate and bigoted”. “While Mr Prosser has sort of apologised...we’d suggest that there are still questions for journalist standards for Investigate Magazine and political standards that New Zealand First should consider. “People who are concerned should, in the first instance direct their concerns to the New Zealand First party and to Investigate Magazine,” he said. If people were unhappy with that response, they could take their complaint to the Press Council, Mr de Bres said. Mr Harawira said later that he opposed Mr Prosser’s request to make a personal statement to the House because “if he has an apology to make for his offensive remarks to the Muslim community, then he can make his way to the nearest mosque and ask forgiveness there,” he said. “I do not accept that he should be able to make such remarks and then simply wash away his venom via an unchallenged explanation in the House,” Mr Harawira said. - APNZ

Contractor fined $25,000 An earthworks contractor has been fined $25,000 for illegally clearing thousands of metres of protected native bush and a gecko habitat on Waiheke Island. Brian Saward was fined by the Environment Court for illegally clearing 8610m of land near Carson’s Road in late 2011. The earthworks were brought to Auckland Council’s attention in January last year. Enforcement officers ordered a halt to the work and conducted an investigation into the destruction.

Council resource consents manager Heather Harris said the action of the council, and the decision of the Environment Court, illustrated their commitment to protecting Auckland’s environment and the significance of the penalties that might result from illegal works. People wishing to undertake earthworks, or bush/tree works, in the Auckland Region were encouraged to contact the council before undertaking any work to find out whether consent is required, Ms Harris said. - apnz

A Ministry of Justice crackdown on fines and reparations has reduced the amount owed to the taxpayer to its lowest level in eight years. Figures released by Courts Minister Chester Borrows shows $224 million was collected last year, bringing the amount owed to $576 million - the lowest level since November 2004. Fines and reparations peaked at $807 million in 2008/09, and the reduced loan book was due to a targeted collections effort by the

Ministry of Justice, he said. “The message we are sending to people that owe fines is to contact the ministry and arrange to take care of them,” Mr Borrows said. The preference was for people to make payment arrangements rather than enforcement options, “but if people repeatedly fail to meet their obligations they can expect to hear from the ministry”. He also had a message for those who had left the country owning fines. “The Ministry of Justice continues to work with people who leave New Zealand owing fines. I encourage

They might sit on opposite sides of Parliament, but Prime Minister John Key and Labour MP Jacinda Adern both have one thing in common - they’re both pretty sexy, according to a new poll. Mr Key has topped the sexiest male politician for the fourth year running, followed closely by Tauranga MP Simon Bridges, a Valentine’s Day survey by condom manufacturer Durex has found. In the poll of more than 800 people, 30 per cent voted for Mr Key, with Mr Bridges grabbing second place with 28 per cent. And proving there really is something about a silver fox,

other survey highlights * 71 per cent of people would prefer to receive an “exciting” Valentine’s Day gift, rather than the traditional flowers, chocolates or dinner out; * Vibe rings are the most requested sex toy (27.6 per cent), followed by vibrators New Zealand First leader Winston Peters was voted third sexiest male politician with 11 per cent. Ms Ardern topped the sexiest female politician for the third

year running, with 34 per cent of respondents choosing her over close rival Youth Minister and Auckland Central MP Nikki Kaye on 25 per cent.

est male media personality was TVNZ journalist Jack Tame, followed by Seven Sharp’s Jesse Mulligan and veteran broadcaster John Campbell. All Black Dan Carter and former Black Sticks wife Honor once again were voted the hottest couple, with 43 per cent backing. Mau and her partner Karleen Edmonds came in second with 25 per cent of the vote. The survey also looked at how New Zealanders intended to spice things up this Valentine’s Day, with 83 per cent of respondents saying they expected to stay in with their partner. - APNZ

By Grant Bradley

Photo supplied

Altrusa International of Ashburton president Val Prendergast (left) presents the bursary to Isobel Ferguson, watched by club member Helen Hooper, convenor of the bursary committee.

Bursary a good kick-start to studies Isobel Ferguson is heading off to Otago University with $1000, thanks to Altrusa International of Ashburton. She was awarded the club’s health studies bursary to kick-

start her first year health studies this month, with the aim of being accepted for medical school next year. At this stage, Isobel’s long term aim is to specialise in

youth mental health. The service club has awarded an annual bursary for study expenses since 1986. In the early years it was valued at $400 and was for nurs-

ing students but in recent years it has increased in value to $1000 and is now open to anyone from the Ashburton district who is studying in the health field.

Driver found 60m from rolled 4WD A man was seriously hurt when he was thrown 60 metres from his crashed four wheeldrive. The 38-year-old Carterton man was the only occupant of the vehicle which crashed through a fence into a paddock then rolled

anyone who owes a fine to the New Zealand courts and is overseas to make contact with the ministry and make arrangements to pay what they owe,” he said yesterday. Earlier this month officials stopped two people at the border owing fines more than $25,000, with both needing to pay their fines before being allowed to travel again. The proportion of fines overdue has reduced from 58 per cent five years ago to 43.2 per cent last year. The value of imposed fines also fell, down 5 per cent compared with $251 million in 2011. Since last year credit agen-

DNA sample after an alleged reported sighting of Madeleine in New Zealand, almost six years after she went missing during a family holiday in Portugal at the age of three. There have been several other reported sightings of Madeleine in the Queenstown region in recent years and police said DNA sampling was a conclusive way to establish the identity of the New Zealand girl. New Zealand police said the DNA requested by Scotland Yard was given voluntarily. - APNZ

(23.7 per cent) and condoms (12.2 per cent); * Just over 80 per cent said they used sexual enhancements in the bedroom * Nearly a third admitted to having had sex in the workplace.

Labour’s Annette King came in third with almost 11 per cent of the vote. The Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Gerry Brownlee was considered the most likely to be in need of performance enhancers in the bedroom, while Mr Key was considered to be the most likely to be spotted with a sex toy in his back pocket. TV3’s Samantha Hayes was voted the country’s sexiest female media personality, with 22 per cent, ahead of Seven Sharp host Ali Mau, with 19 per cent and Toni Street on 11 per cent. New entrant this year for sexi-

Contact to cut 100 jobs

in Wairarapa on Tuesday night. He was found unconscious about 60m from where the vehicle came to rest. The last few riders of a group taking part in a road race were heading toward Martinborough and heard a noise behind them.

cies were able to assess a person’s outstanding fines and reparations when assessing their ability to buy goods on credit or hire purchase. Between February and December there had been more than 369,000 requests for credit checks of outstanding fines, with $14.9 million worth of fines matched to those applying for credit and $6.9 million collected. In addition, data-sharing with Inland Revenue and the Ministry of Social Development helped locate those who had an outstanding debt, resulting in $63.75 million collected last year. - APNZ

DNA test confirms CLOSING SALE New Zealand girl not DOWN @ Rockabye Baby Madeleine McCann UP British police say a DNA test has confirmed a New Zealand girl who looks strikingly like Madeleine McCann is not the missing youngster. A spokeswoman for London’s Metropolitan Police told APNZ yesterday that the requested sample from the Queenstown girl had been tested. “Following a DNA submission we are now satisfied the girl identified in New Zealand is not Madeleine McCann,” the spokeswoman said. British police had requested the

Key, Adern voted sexiest politicians

Fines deficit at eight-year low By Hamish McNeilly


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It wasn’t until the cyclists came by on the second lap of the race that they realised it was a crash. Carterton fire chief Wayne Robinson said firefighters helped ambulance officers to stabilise the man before he was flown to

Wellington. Yesterday afternoon the man was described as being in a serious condition. It is believed the driver had returned from living in Australia and had been living with family in Carterton. - APNZ

Contact Energy plans to cut more than 100 jobs as part of a $40 million cost saving drive. The company says its big power station building programme is almost over and electricity demand remains weak. A spokesman said the company aimed to cut 10 per cent of its 1100-strong workforce by the end of the financial year on June 30. Jobs would be cut across the board at the business, New Zealand’s biggest listed electricity company which is majority owned by Australia’s Origin Energy. The plans were outlined to 65 managers by chief executive Dennis Barnes at a meeting on Tuesday. “There’s no particular area we’re looking at efficiencies across the organisation so we can remain competitive,” the spokesman said. Contact has its headquarters in Wellington and power stations in Auckland, Taranaki, Taupo and Clyde in Central Otago. “We’re not going to making any cuts that jeopardise maintenance or safety,” the spokesman said. Figures show demand for electricity has been weak during the past year and there are few prospects of an increase. Electricity Authority statistics show two-year contracts for wholesale power are down 26 per cent on current prices. The fall results from softening industrial demand for electricity following the drop of production at the Tiwai Pt aluminium smelter and the closure of part of Norske Skogg’s Kawerau pulp and paper mill. There is also weak residential and commercial demand for power. The looming job cuts at Contact follow this month’s announcements that 192 jobs at Summit Wool Spinners in Oamaru will be lost and about 200 workers at Mainzeal will be laid off in the wake of the construction firm’s receivership. - APNZ

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ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, February 14, 2013


Body in rubble of burned cabin The extraordinary manhunt for the former Los Angeles police officer suspected of three murders converged yesterday on a mountain cabin where authorities believe he barricaded himself inside, engaged in a shootout that killed a deputy and then never emerged as the home went up in flames. A single gunshot was heard from within, and a charred body was found inside. If the man inside proves to be Christopher Dorner, the search for the most wanted man in America over the last week would have ended the way he had expected — death, with the police pursuing him. Thousands of officers had been on the hunt for the former Navy reservist since police said he launched a campaign to exact revenge against the Los Angeles Police Department for his firing. They say he threatened to bring “warfare” to officers and their families, spreading fear and setting off a search for him across the Southwest and Mexico. “Enough is enough. It’s time for you to turn yourself in. It’s time to stop the bloodshed,” LAPD

Commander Andrew Smith said at a news conference held outside police headquarters in Los Angeles, a starkly different atmosphere than last week when officials briefed the news media under tight security with Dorner on the loose. A short time after Smith spoke, smoke began to rise from the cabin in the snow-covered woods near Big Bear Lake, a resort town about 128km east of Los Angeles. Flames then engulfed the building — images that were broadcast on live television around the world. TV helicopters showed the fire burning freely with no apparent effort to extinguish it. “We have reason to believe that it is him,” said San Bernardino County sheriff’s spokeswoman Cynthia Bachman, adding that she didn’t know how the fire started. She noted there was gunfire between the person in the cabin and officers around the home before the blaze began. Until yesterday, authorities didn’t know whether Dorner was still near Big Bear Lake, where they found his burned-out pickup last week. Deputies got a report of a sto-

len pickup truck, authorities said. The owner of the vehicle taken described the suspect as looking similar to Dorner. A warden for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife travelling down Highway 38 recognised a man who fit Dorner’s description travelling in the opposite direction. The officer pursued the vehicle and there was a shooting in which the wildlife vehicle was hit numerous times and the suspect escaped on foot. After holing up in the cabin, there was a second gunbattle with San Bernardino County deputies, two of whom were shot. One died and the other was expected to live after undergoing surgery. “We’re heartbroken,” Big Bear Lake Mayor Jay Obernolte said of the deputy’s death and the wounding of his colleague. “Words can’t express how grateful we are for the sacrifice those men have made in defense of the community and our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families.” The man believed to be Dorner Photo AP never came out of the cabin, and a single shot was heard inside before Police stand at a road block just north of Yucaipa, California, as a gunfight between police and the cabin was engulfed in flames. fugitive ex-Los Angeles cop Christopher Dorner takes place further up the highway.

US troops to leave Afghanistan Meat better than cigarettes President Barack Obama has announced that 34,000 troops would be pulled out of Afghanistan in the next year, and vowed that by the end of 2014 the US war in the country would be over. “After a decade of grinding war, our brave men and women in uniform are coming home,” Obama said in his State of the Union address yesterday, winning applause and a standing ovation from legislators. The long-awaited move effectively halves the size of the cur-

rent 66,000-strong US force in Afghanistan, ahead of a final withdrawal of most foreign combat troops by the end of 2014. “We can say with confidence that America will complete its mission in Afghanistan, and achieve our objective of defeating the core of al-Qaeda,” Obama said in praising the sacrifices made since the 2001 US-led invasion of Afghanistan toppled its Taliban rulers. “I can announce that over the next year, another 34,000 American troops will come home

from Afghanistan. This drawdown will continue. And by the end of next year, our war in Afghanistan will be over.” There were no immediate details of how quickly the drawdown would take place. But a senior Pentagon official said it would be tied to the fighting season in Afghanistan, which runs into the fall. “The commanders will have discretion on pace and focus will be (on) keeping as many forces in play until after the fighting season,” the official said.  - AAP

Doctors dismiss an animal rights group’s claim that eating meat is just as dangerous to human health as smoking. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is calling on the Queensland government to sue meat and dairy firms, as it has said it might tobacco firms, over the health costs their products cause. PETA says that like cigarettes, meat and dairy products have been linked to heart disease and cancer, as well as obesity and diabetes. When asked if PETA thought cigarettes were just as dangerous to human health as eating meat, a spokeswoman told AAP: “I

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-280.16 -0.889%

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+6.84 +0.086%

BIGGEST 10 RISES Share name


pharmacybrands Bathurst Res ltd ord JpMorgan Japan Westpac Kathmandu Auckland Intl Airpt Vital Healthcare NZ oil & Gas Delegat’s Group Guocoleisure


+.07 +.02 +.10 +.76 +.04 +.05 +.02 +.015 +.05 +.01

BIGGEST 10 fAllS %



Rakon Mykris ltd ord Goodman fielder Scott Technology Summrst Grp Hldltd Cavalier Corp pGG Wrightson Tower Comvita Briscoe Group


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+5.46 +4.44 +3.04 +2.21 +1.80 +1.75 +1.60 +1.58 +1.57 +1.44

-.12 -.04 -.05 -.14 -.07 -.05 -.01 -.04 -.08 -.05


-31.57 -13.33 -5.61 -4.92 -2.68 -2.67 -2.17 -2.08 -2.00 -1.98

Top 10 TuRNoVER

fletcher Building 37,583,908.86 Telecom NZ 11,716,847.27 SKYCITYEntGrp (NS) 10,763,361.46 Auckland Intl Airpt 4,379,248.06 fisher&paykelHlthcre 3,901,292.75 Infratil 2,555,739.83 Contact Energy 1,569,938.10 Sky Network TV 1,010,662.99 Kiwi Income 788,165.64 Ryman Healthcare 712,198.25


Rakon Telecom NZ fletcher Building SKYCITYEntGrp (NS) Chorus limited fisher&paykelHlthcre Argosy Auckland Intl Airpt pyne Gould HeartlandNZ lTD ords

7,866,759 5,117,563 4,218,245 2,705,559 1,971,418 1,657,191 1,529,432 1,513,339 1,457,913 1,087,487


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CURRENCIES Buying and selling rates on the NZ$ yesterday (indicative only):



Australia, Dollar 0.8133 0.8143 Britain, Pound 0.5364 0.5368 Canada, Dollar 0.8429 0.8435 Euro 0.6257 0.6262 Fiji, Dollar 1.4819 1.5062 Japan, Yen 78.2700 78.3600

• Women lower expectations Women who outnumber men in poor communities are likelier to have babies at a younger age as competition drives them to lower their expectations of the opposite sex. The findings from a study released on Wednesday are a useful tool for understanding unwanted teen pregnancies, its authors believe. Researchers at Britain’s University of Portsmouth compared birth rates, gender ratios and the socio-economic background in more than 2500 English wards, or urban neighbourhoods, each with about 8000 residents. In poor neighbourhoods where men were the minority, women had children earlier, the investigators found. But in more affluent neighbourhoods where men were similarly outnumbered, women focussed on education and career, later becoming the group with the higher birth rate in their 30s.

• Abattoir worker crushed A Victorian abattoir has been fined $350,000 following the death of a worker crushed while cleaning a machine used to restrain cattle for slaughter. Abraham Yak, 32, is believed to have inadvertently hit the controls on a rotating knocking box while bending into the machine to retrieve a cleaning wipe. He was crushed by the box, which is used to restrain animals before they are stunned and killed. Mr Yak died in hospital nine days after the accident. A County Court jury yesterday found Gippsland-based Tabro Meat Pty Ltd of failing to provide a safe system of work and failing to provide information, instruction, training or supervision to Mr Yak in November 2010. - AFP

Kiwi sets up exclusive kids’ club


Jan 16


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Scientists have reported on the bizarre sex life of a sea slug that discards its penis after copulation and then grows a new one. “No other animal is known to repeatedly copulate using such ‘disposable penes’,” according to Japanese biologists writing in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters, describing the behaviour as “extremely peculiar”. Dubbed Chromodoris reticulata in Latin, the red-and-white slug - technically a shell-less mollusc - inhabits warm waters in Southeast Asia. The critter needs 24 hours between couplings to unroll an internally coiled and compressed juvenile penis to replace the used, external bit, the scientists found.


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think that would be a fair call.” “Oh dear,” Australian Medical Association president Dr Steve Hambleton said upon hearing the claim. “That’s a sensationalist comment, a throwaway line that should also be thrown away.” He said tobacco was the only product that was likely to kill the consumer when used as the manufacturer intended, and meat didn’t fall into the same category. A zoologist looking at humans would find meat was part of the correct diet, he said. “You can survive without it, but our physiology and anatomy, the way we are constructed, is to be omnivores.” - AAP

• Slug grows new penis

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By Kieran Campbell Maggie Bolger never intended for her members’ club for kids to be pretentious. The former Hamilton girl who went to London on her OE and never returned after falling in love, is blazing a trail for English parents looking for somewhere exclusive for their children to play. Mrs Bolger’s frustrations as a young mum wanting somewhere other than McDonald’s to enjoy a coffee, play with her children and meet other parents spurred the ambition for what are now being dubbed exclusive members’ clubs for tots and their families. Her club, Maggie and Rose, in the affluent inner London suburb of Kensington, is a “home away from home” for families who can afford to go. It opened six years ago with activities to bring families together to spend “quality time” with their children and has spurred other members’ clubs for kids, one charging 4000 pounds a child, to open across the city. “Because I’m a Kiwi I didn’t intend for it to be this pretentious private members’ club, which the press in England make it out to be,” Mrs Bolger said.

“When I started it no one was doing anything like it at all. “I designed it to be like a family home ... where you could go and meet people.” Ms Bolger admitted she had some celebrity clients but she didn’t want to talk about them because “it’s not about those parents, it’s about the kids”. “Don’t get me wrong, we do have very wealthy clients. [But] there are people who have money who don’t want to be about money, so we’re a bit more understated,” she said. “We have a play lounge which is like someone’s living room ... and you kind of have to connect [with other people].” She gave up studying a BA at Victoria University in Wellington to move to London where she modelled “horribly” and waited on tables. It wasn’t until becoming a mum 12 years ago that she found her calling in life. The mother-of-four said Maggie and Rose was spurred from wanting somewhere nice for parents to take their children, in the same way people without children could choose a nice restaurant. “I didn’t like being treated like a second-class citizen just because I’d become a mother and so I created something,” she said. The business has continued to grow

and she has raised the 1.5 million pounds needed to open a second Maggie and Rose in Chiswick in April. Mrs Bolger said the annual cost of 585 pounds per family to attend Maggie and Rose was intended to be affordable. “I didn’t marry a banker, I married for love not money, [so] it had to be something that we could afford,” she said. “I found as a parent I wasn’t going to buy designer jeans ... to be able to do something nice with your kids. “It’s a limited period that you have your kids young, so I tried to price it so it’s affordable. “It’s not cheap. Property and staff and everything [to keep the business running] is expensive. “It can’t be something that is cheap and accessible to everybody. Unfortunately you have to pay for it, just like you have to pay for a nice restaurant, you know you’re going to pay a bit more.” Mrs Bolger said while there would always be wealthy clients, “it’s not about them, it’s about the kids”. “And for us it’s always about the children,” she said. “Even if you have some of the most high-profile [parents] in the world that come it is still all about the child.”  - APNZ

Seven Sharp loses viewers By John Drinnan Campbell Live beat the TV One 7pm show Seven Sharp overall audience on Tuesday night for the first time since Campbell Live began in 2005. It is also the first time TV3 has beaten TV One in the 7pm weekday slot since TV3 began in November 1989. Seven Sharp took another hit in the ratings on Tuesday night after a short recovery in Monday’s show, according to overnight ratings from Nielsen TAM. The overnight ratings are significant, with Seven Sharp last night providing the most accomplished performance so far. Fewer people would have seen the signs of improvement on the show. The audience for people aged over five years is an indicator of the total audience, which is dominated by TV One. Last night’s ratings illustrate the danger that older Seven Sharp’s viewers - carried over by its predecessor, Close Up - are migrating to Campbell Live. The ratings figures from Nielsen TAM fig-

Judge leaves fraud case By Hamish Fletcher

Seven Sharp presenters Greg Boyed, Alison Mau and Jessie Mulligan. ures for Tuesday back up indications it is not reaching the younger viewers it is targeting with its focus on social media. Campbell Live had 352,600 viewers compared to 296,700 for Seven Sharp on Tuesday. It is the smallest audience for Seven Sharp since it began on February 4. In the demographic for people aged 25-54 - the target demographic for TV3 and TV One - Campbell Live had 127,600 viewers compared to 99,100 for Seven Sharp. The TVNZ head of news and current affairs Ross Dagan, the architect for the show, has said it is too early to judge ratings.

A High Court judge has stepped down from hearing the case of three men associated with the collapsed firm Dominion Finance after revelations she was a partner at a law firm at the same time as one of the defendants. In a ruling yesterday Justice Pamela Andrews - who had been hearing the trial for one and a half days - said she could not continue to try the case. The judge’s decision comes after John Billington - the QC of accused Dominion Finance chief executive Paul Cropp - made an application that a mistrial be declared or Justice Andrews recuse herself from hearing the case. This followed disclosures that Dominion Finance director Robert Barry Whale and Justice Andrews were both partners of law firm

Kensington Swan at the same time. Whale was a partner of the firm in Auckland between 1996 and 2001, while Justice Andrews became a partner of Kensington Swan in the late 1988 and a consultant from 2002 operating out of Wellington. “From a ‘public perception point of view’ the fact remains that Your Honour is sitting on judgement on a person in respect of whom you had a partnership relationship and whose interests are in conflict with the Crown and his co-defendants,” Billington submitted to the judge. “A partnership is a legal relationship based on trust and fidelity,” he said. Billington was supported in this application by Mike Lloyd, a lawyer for an accused Dominion executive with name suppression. Justice Andrews said she had no recollection of Whale as a part-


ner at the firm, and had no personal connection with him. “I have concluded that I should take a cautious approach. Notwithstanding that the legal partnership ceased in 2001. Any legal partnership requires between the parties trust and good faith. For that reason I have concluded that I should not continue [with the case],” Justice Andrews ruled. The judge made an order for a new trial, which is now due to begin next Monday in the High Court at Auckland. The three accused in the trial have pleaded not guilty to theft by a person with a special relationship. According to Serious Fraud Office, which is bringing the case, the men entered into a number of related-party transactions and knowingly breached requirements of the debenture trust deeds of Dominion Finance and sister company North South Finance. - APNZ

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, February 14, 2013



Export ‘scandal’ yet to make news By Bruce Wills, National President of Federated Farmers The New Zealand wool industry is currently weak and fragmented to the point of being dysfunctional,” writes Sandra Faulkner in her just released Nuffield Farming Scholarship report. These words could come from the lips of many a strong wool grower.  Wool was once New Zealand’s most valuable and visible export.  It was up until recently what dairying has become today. How things have changed with it down to less than two per cent of all exports. If this implosion was a deficient payroll system Campbell Live would be all over it like a rash.  If it was asset sales, then I imagine Morning Report and shows like 60-Minutes, Q+A, Sunday and The Nation, let alone the newspapers, would provide scrutiny. The absence of any national discussion about meat, but especially wool, speaks volumes about what our media chooses to cover and what drives our economy.  With job creation so vital why is sheep meat and strong wool the proverbial C- student, the one with all the potential “but must try harder”.  I am not talking about Merino and Mohair where there is growing organisation and collegiality similar to the dairy industry.  The problem child of New Zealand farming is sheep meat but more precisely strong wool; what consumers mostly know as carpet among other products. You may have the impression that Photo Joseph Johnson 130212-jj-007 the Decline and Fall of Wool has been Buyers look over pens of ewes about to go under the hammer at the Ashburton two tooth and adult ewe fair at the Tinwald saleyards yesterday. The sale was followed by the Ashburton glacial but its rapid unwinding is stunningly recent.  A&P Association ram fair. As late as October 2004, exports of meat, hides and wool still outpointed dairy and casein.  In percentages back then, meat generated 93 per cent of dairy’s export value with wool being 12.5 per cent.   Step forward to October 2012 and the relativity of meat to dairy was 45 per cent with projected demand for floorcoverings.  but a fair go for wool that is grown and Industries needed to work within govern- wool down to 5.8 per cent.  Exports By Michelle Nelson “According to CERA, some 200,000m2 of processed here.  If you want to help your ment to get wool fully into the rebuild; both of meat, hides and wool now generfloorcoverings are needed each quarter for fellow Kiwi on the farm or working in wool as a floor covering and as an insulation ate just over half of dairying’s $12.5 billion in exports.  A Mid Canterbury farmer wants to pull the Christchurch rebuild.  This demand processing, then specifying wool for the product. wool over the eyes of the people making exists right now and will last through to the home or office is the way to go. “If there are blockages then Federated decisions on the Christchurch rebuild. third quarter of 2014, when demand will “It is a lot better environmentally than Farmers wants to know so we can help • Tinwald sale Foothills farmer and Federated Farmers start to reduce,” Mrs Maxwell said. unblock them,” she said.  putting oil-based carpets down. The prices of prime lambs held even Meat and Fibre chairperson Jeanette “We also asked CERA if it had any forecasts “That is enough to line every square “Out of the tragedy of these earthquakes Maxwell said over two million square metres centimetre of a country the size of Monaco.  for insulation demand in the Christchurch we have an opportunity to show just how at the Tinwald saleyards this week, of floorcoverings will be needed for the “If the Christchurch rebuild does not rebuild, split by synthetic, glass fibre and versatile natural fibres like wool can be.  with a yarding of around 550 under Christchurch rebuild, and she is campaign- bring woollen floor coverings to the fore, natural fibre. Sadly, there does not seem Being a Cantabrian, I know Christchurch the hammer. The top price was $108, while light ing for woollen carpet. then how can we expect the rest of the world to be and that makes me wonder if wool will become one of the most dynamic and Federated Farmers asked the Canterbury to do the same? insulation is being overlooked.  progressive cities on earth - that is why we lambs fetched $60 a head. The averEarthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) the Mrs Maxwell said the Ministry for Primary are so keen to get Kiwi wool well inside it.” age was $92. “Farmers are not looking for a handout

Sheep leader pushes wool in rebuild

Farmers make progress Fire-hit owners on harvest; solid yields wait for wet spell The first wheat cultivar performance trials were harvested last week at FAR’s arable site at Chertsey. The wet spring contributed to high Ryland wheat yields ranging from 8.2 to 11.3 t/ha depending on sowing date and cultivar (feed and biscuit). There was a 1.8 t/ha yield advantage to wheat sown on March 21, compared to April 20, in trials sown next to each other. This yield increase is significantly larger than last season’s (1.0 t/ha). This season an additional replicate was sown with no fungicide applied. Since there was only one replicate no statistical comparisons can be made, however it does indicate cultivars that have more disease resistance. Sixteen feed and biscuit wheat cultivars were planted on dryland at the research site. Federated Farmers grain and seed chairman David Clark said the harvest was going pretty well, overall. “It’s been brilliant, getting some good runs of weather at the moment which means we can get some good work done.” He said farmers were reporting some fantastic quality, with yields a solid average.

Farmers are reporting good yields this harvest. “We are spending some reasonable days out in the paddock, the dew is coming in a bit earlier at night but still getting in some solid days.” ATS Seed manager Tim Dale, in his grain report this month, said the 2013 harvest around Mid Canterbury was progressing well with hot temperatures and almost perfect harvest weather for most crops. Early seed ryegrass yields have

been mixed with dryland crops suffering from hot December days. Irrigated crops have fared better but harvest yields to date indicate lower yields compared to last year. Some early ryegrass seed yields had been affected by strong winds, rain and some isolated hail, he said. A reasonable tonnage of winter barley has been harvested with yields of 5-6 t/ha dryland and 8-9 t/ha from irrigated crops.

Plants raided for horsemeat British authorities yesterday raided a slaughterhouse and a meat processing company suspected of selling horsemeat labelled as beef for kebabs and burgers, shutting them down temporarily and seizing all the meat found. It was the first time since the growing scandal broke across Europe that horsemeat being marketed as beef has been traced to suppliers in Britain, officials said, raising questions about how widespread the practice is. Millions of burgers and frozen meals have been recalled around Europe and many accusations have been made, but so far it’s not clear how horsemeat got introduced into so many beef products. French authorities have already pointed to an elaborate supply chain that involved Romanian butchers and Dutch and Cypriot traders that resulted in horsemeat disguised as beef being sold in meals like lasagna and moussaka to consumers around the continent. Britain’s Food Standards Agency said it suspended production at the Peter Boddy slaughterhouse in northern England’s Yorkshire and a company it allegedly supplied horse carcasses to, Farmbox Meats, in west Wales. The agency said it

was investigating how “meat products, purporting to be beef for kebabs and burgers, were sold when they were in fact horse.” “It is shocking that we actually found this practice going on within the UK,” Environment Secretary Owen Patterson said. Horsemeat is largely taboo in Britain and Ireland, though in France it is sold in specialty butcher shops. While no health effects have been reported, the scandal has unsettled consumers and made clear that unscrupulous dealers in the complicated network of meat wholesalers are benefiting from selling much cheaper horsemeat as beef. Peter Boddy, the owner of the slaughterhouse, said he would cooperate with police, while the BBC quoted a spokesman from Farmbox Meats as saying “there is nothing we have done here which is not totally permissible.” Food Standards Agency director Andrew Rhodes said the companies appeared to be involved in “blatant misleading of customers.” He declined to speculate on how long such alleged fraud may have gone on, saying only that officials have seized documents — including customer lists — from the two venues.  - AP

Some rain has finally fallen at Belinda Haynes’s fire-ravaged cattle station in outback Queensland. The cattle she didn’t lose in the fires late last year now have some grass to feed on and that’s sweet relief indeed. Ms Haynes spent a staggering $520,000 trucking in feed for her herd over 13 weeks after the fires destroyed every blade of grass on her 100,000-hectare Kutchera Station, northwest of Georgetown in Queensland’s north. The deaths of 500 cows and 200 calves in the fire disaster have added another $250,000 to the bill. As for equipment and infrastructure - including kilometres of fencing - she has no idea what that will cost to repair or replace. Given that damage is not covered by insurance, she’s having to make some difficult decisions about what to fix, and what to give up on for now. The fires that ravaged Kutchera Station from midOctober also destroyed grazing land on sprawling neighbouring properties, and many farmers are in the same situation. “Everyone has had a little bit of rain, but it’s burning off so

Mark Love

quickly now and we haven’t had any since,” she told AAP. “We’ve had six inches but should have had about 15 by now. Everyone is wondering where the hell our wet season is, and whether we’re going to get one. “If we don’t it’s going to be a horrible, horrible year. And even if we do, it’s going to be too late.” Ms Haynes and other fire-hit farmers are looking at a very long road to recovery. “It’ll take about 10 years to even look like getting the herd back to what it was,” she says. But she says support has been flowing from Rotary groups, the volunteer organisation Aussie Helpers, governments, and from a bushfire disaster appeal being run by Bendigo Bank. She says she watched with an overwhelming sense of empathy in recent weeks as farmers in other parts of the state were hit by devastating floods. “We live in a land of such extremes, going from one thing to the next. It’s a very very tough environment,” she says. Donations to the Bendigo Bank fire appeal can be made at any branch, or online at au/public/foundation/  - AAP

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It is perhaps the biggest missed opportunity for NZ Inc you have never heard about. Today, New Zealand would be $6.8 billion better off if meat and wool had somehow maintained 2004 relativities to dairy. Admittedly, I have put land-use intensification to one side but this sum is greater than the combined exports of crude oil, mechanical items, electrical exports, aluminium and even, iron and steel. Can anyone tell me how this has escaped wide media or political attention? To be fair, Labour and National Ministers for the Primary Industries have tried but this violent unwinding of meat and wool has not been an issue much outside the industry and the rural media.  It is why I am astonished the Wools of New Zealand proposal has received so little national news coverage or analysis.  On February 25, their offer to wool growers will close. Wools of New Zealand aims to raise $10 million from strong wool growers to pursue international marketing and sales opportunities. While $5 million may be enough to get it over the line, farmers in return will get a slice of the company and exposure to value-added wool beyond the farm gate.  In looking forward strong wool farmers like me have a big choice; without a wool levy we can either leave it to chance or take the ram by the horns. As a farmer I have put my money where my mouth is and shared up.  As a farmer I challenge my colleagues to also make a decision.  Speaking as the President of Federated Farmers, this is an individual decision in a desperately tough season financially and climatically.  We need to stand united and take our industry back.  We know wool is natural, renewable and nowadays, recyclable.  We also know wool has excellent fire protection and health properties.  What homeowners, architects and construction companies don’t seem to know is that it is a product which keeps sheep on farms and Kiwis in the type of jobs lost recently in Oamaru. 

A big yarding of 1520 prime ewes saw a slight fall in prices. The heaviest ewes made $80 and the lightest $35, with the average $65. A small number of store lambs also sold, fetching an average $46 a head. The top price was $57.


ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, February 14, 2013


Mihirangi: Loopers are taking over New Zealand’s Got Talent finalist Mihirangi performed in Ashburton recently as part of her 45-stage national tour. Reporter Sam Morton caught up with her after the show. Mihirangi only got in to loops by chance, but taking that chance has earned her the rightful title as the “Queen of Loops”. The Maori star was in Ashburton recently, performing as part of her 45-stage tour across New Zealand to celebrate the release of her second album, Somebody Shake the Tree. Hailing from Mokau, in the North Island – Mihirangi Fleming moved to Australia aged 16, with both her parents being professional musicians. From there, music became her passion and it soon became her life. Within just a week of picking up the knack of a guitar loop pedal, Mihirangi ditched her 12-piece band and took the leap into the unknown. She became a solo, independent recording artist – relying heavily on her unique style. “I literally spent a week in my room re-writing all my songs and mixing in all the loops. I’ve always been bought up in the music industry, but that moment, 10 years ago – was the turning point for me. “I made a demo and sent it away to a festival in Canada and they took a chance on me. I got on to the front page of a local paper and it all spiralled from there, really,” she said. Having enjoyed international success and performing at more than 50 international festivals, Mihirangi realised she hadn’t shared her music with her traditional and historic roots back home in New Zealand. That soon changed. Last year, Mihirangi propelled herself into the national spotlight with her awe-inspiring performances

Queen of Loops Mihirangi shared her unique style of music with Ashburton fans recently.

War work shows diggers’ inner hurt War artist Ben Quilty demanded a special sort of bravery from Australian soldiers in Afghanistan. The Archibald Prize winner was commissioned to paint a series of works after a three-week stint at Australian bases at Tarin Kowt, Kabul and Kandahar last year. Instead of showing troops in heroic battles or key battlefields in the Chora Valley, his brief was to reveal the impact of the Afghanistan conflict on the soldiers, Australian War Memorial (AWM) director Brendan Nelson says. “There’s a different type of courage that has been manifested here. They have revealed themselves,” Dr Nelson said. “In painting them, Ben asked each of them to remove their clothes. “They revealed themselves in every sense of the word.” Dr Nelson said Quilty’s works, some of which will be displayed in Sydney next week, followed a tradition of commissioned

Ben Quilty with his war works. pieces that depict Australian servicemen and women in war and peace. The self-confessed art philistine thought at first the portraits were unusual, but he saw their power in showing the emotional scars of war. “He’s got it, he’s nailed it,” he said. “They are not the traditional portraits that a lot of our military historians and service-


• February 21 - Paraguayan harp player Eduard Klassen in Ashburton for one concert, at 7pm at the Ashburton Baptist Church. • February 21 and 22 – In My Chair portrait painting at the Short Street Studio. • February 22-24 – The Lepidopterist, the butterfly collector. A dark funny theatre treat, combining circus feats and some really interesting facts about butterflies. At the Ashburton Trust Event Centre. • To February 24 – Heather Sarin exhibition Exuberance at the Ashburton Art Gallery. • March 3 – The Eastern, at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre. New Zealand’s hardest working country music band. • March 4 – JGeeks at Ashburton Trust Event Centre. • To March 5 - Ashburton artist, William Liebisch exhibiting at the Methven Heritage Centre.



ARIES (Mar 21st Apr 20th) Your luck seems to be in on this Valentine’s Day as the Moon in your sign boosts your chances of romantic success. You could be in an openly flirtatious mood. Along with this, you may have desires that you’re not telling anyone about. You may want to keep things quiet until you impress the right person. But can you, dear Aries, really be that secretive?


GEMINI (May 22nd Jun 21st) This could be a very special day for you, Gemini, as Jupiter in your sign means you’re feeling buoyant, upbeat and primed for lots of fun. You’ll be in your element, flirting and generally getting to know new people. Committed? The way things are looking this Valentine’s Day could be one to remember. Single? Someone may have a hidden and hot agenda!

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n this ensemble comedy, 10 Years follows a group of friends on the night of their high school reunion who still haven’t grown up. Channing Tatum is Jake: deeply in love with his girlfriend (Jenna Dewan-Tatum) and ready to propose – until he runs into his high school flame (Rosario Dawson). Jake’s friend Cully (Chris Pratt), married his cheerleader girlfriend (Ari Graynor) and has been looking forward to the reunion so he can finally apologize to all the classmates he bullied. Long time rivals Marty (Justin Long) and Garrity (Brian Geraghty) pick up right where they left off, vying to impress the hottest girl.

DIARY • March 14 – Floral Notes, at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre. A musical written by Geraldine Brophy about two best friends. • March 23-24 – Made to Move, the Royal New Zealand Ballet. A spirited comedy set in a Bavarian beer hall, created by artistic director Ethan Stiefel. • To April 7 - A Micronaut in the Wide World - The Imaginative Life and Times of Graham Percy at the Ashburton Art Gallery • May 3 - The Nutcracker, Moscow Ballet La Classique. Ballet skills, lavish costumes and magnificent sets, this show has it all. • May 5 – Roger Hall’s Taking Off. A sensitive comedy that trails four Kiwi girls on their big OE. At the Ashburton Trust Event Centre.

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TAURUS (Apr 21st May 21st) There seems to be a possibility for some hot romantic action today as powerful Mars aspects passionate Pluto. There may be no stopping you. Although chocolates or flowers may be nice, you may not need any of these to encourage you to get up close and personal. Something very special is in the air so take advantage while you can.

men and women will be looking for, but I certainly know that they are portraits they will understand.” Australians had paid a heavy price in Afghanistan, the former defence minister said. The works are part of an exhibition called Ben Quilty: After Afghanistan, opening at the National Art School Gallery, in Sydney’s Darlinghurst, on February 21. It will run until April before the works travel to regional areas, including Cairns and regional NSW. Dr Nelson wants them to return to Canberra to be part of an Afghanistan exhibition he wants open by the end of the year. “That will be an exhibition in which these men and women are telling their stories about what they have done our behalf, from the sharp-end fighting right through to the building of hospitals and schools,” he said. “I also want interviews to be presented with their families, wives, their girlfriends, their husbands and partners.” - AAP

on New Zealand’s Got Talent – narrowly missing out on the title to Blenheim songstress Clara van Wel. “My friends all said I should audition, but I was like nah . . . I’m a professional musician. When I actually stopped and reflected on that answer, I thought to myself how arrogant of me. “I realised there is nothing worse in life than thinking you are all that and that you have reached your peak . . . so I made myself audition and yeah, well the next thing you know, I’m standing up there in the final. “It was one amazing experience,” she said. Since then, she has set out touring the country and has managed to host sell-out concerts for most of her shows. However, less than 150 people turned out to the Ashburton Trust Event Centre on Sunday – but the Queen of Loops isn’t fazed. In fact, she says she will return again and put on a bigger and better show for the district. “The Ashburton crowd were great, the facility is amazing and the lighting dude was out of this world. It was a beautiful performance and it was a lot of fun sharing my music with everyone – we all had a lot of fun,” she said. Meanwhile, Mihirangi wants to lay claim to spurring a new generation of “loopers”. “I’m so going to own that, I think it is beautiful to think there are young children out there who have watched me and have started learning loops themselves. “Look out for us loopers, . . . we’re taking over,” she said.

CANCER (Jun 22nd - Jul 23rd) Committed? It’s a good thing you’re used to passion and intensity as this Valentine’s Day could bring plenty more. Be ready! Single? A fabulous aspect suggests you may not be alone for long, especially if you have someone in mind. Even if you try to hide the way you feel to the extent of seeming indifferent, it looks like Cupid could find you out anyway.

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LEO (Jul 24th - Aug 23rd) Dim the lights and put on some soft and sensual music. Today is Valentine’s Day and it seems you need to make the most of it. If you’re in a long-term relationship, a fabulous aspect between the Moon and Venus suggests you’ll have gifts to exchange and more besides. Single? Should you send that card to that special person? If not now, then when?

VIRGO (Aug 24th Sep 23rd) You could be one of the luckier signs on this Valentine’s Day, Virgo. Being rather understated you may not want to make a meal of your feelings. Presents may be simple, tasteful and possibly expensive. Whoever the recipient is, they will recognise quality when they see it. But there’s more, as you may decide to really take the plunge - and can succeed.


LIBRA (Sep 24th Oct 23rd) There’s plenty of fun to be had today, a day you usually treasure as being extra special. The Moon makes a sultry aspect to Venus, which suggests that you won’t be forgotten. Actually, you may be spoilt rotten in more ways than one. Whoever you’re with and wherever you go, the cosmos can shower you with plenty of wonderful experiences.

SCORPIO (Oct 24th - Nov 22nd) You aren’t usually the self-sacrificing type but you may find yourself willing to compromise your desires in order to be seen in a much better light by someone you fancy. You don’t often blush either, usually managing to keep your feelings under control, except for today, when it might all become too much but in a fun and romantic way.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23rd - Dec 21st) Rather than sticking to the traditional way of celebrating Valentine’s Day, you and your lover may have an idea for doing something completely different. It might involve something extreme, such as toasting your relationship with champagne while enjoying a hot air balloon ride. Solo? Someone at work may intrigue you but proceed cautiously.

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“It’s why more people are choosing McGregors”

CAPRICORN (Dec 22nd - Jan 20th) You may decide to serve up poetry with breakfast, written inside a tasteful card and delivered with a smile. There’s a very romantic and genteel side to your experience of Valentine’s Day, which may see you taking your sweetheart to a show or an exhibition, but there’s also a more interesting slant that suggests raw passion can emerge later on!

AQUARIUS (Jan 21st - Feb 19th) You may be in a bouncy and upbeat mood today as Valentine’s Day promises to be entertaining at least. The Moon in Aries reveals that you’ll be on hand to give friends advice, and your partner a glass of bubbly. However, who will give you help if you need it? Although you’re popular, you may need some tips concerning a budding romance.

PISCES (Feb 20th Mar 20th) It is up to you to be proactive in the romance stakes. As Valentine’s Day has arrived you have the perfect excuse to make your feelings known. If you have long been an admirer of a certain person, send a card and let them know. Long-term relationships should also benefit if you take the lead and encourage the opportunity to spend quality time together.

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, February 14, 2013

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The days on which and the hours during which liquor is (or is intended to be) sold under the licence are: Monday to Sunday: 7.00am to 3.00am the following day. The application may be inspected during ordinary office hours at the office of the Ashburton District Licensing Agency at 5 Baring Square West, Ashburton. Any person who is entitled to object and who wished to object to the grant of the application may, not later than 10 working days after the date of the first publication of this notice, file a notice in writing of the objection with: The Secretary Ashburton District Licensing Agency P O Box 94 ASHBURTON 7740 This is the first publication of this notice.


n I w S dELtaFebruary, 15 , Friday

cnr burnett & cass sts ashburton ph 03 307 2541

Whitcombe Brick & Block Experienced Brick & Block Layer Required for immediate start, must have good work ethics and be able to work unsupervised and independently. All enquiries to Jimmy 021 0265 2617

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03 307 7936 021 662 884

Birthday Greetings

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The Arcade, Ashburton 03 308 8287

Jett Jansen Happy 5th Birthday Jett! Have lots of fun at school. Lots of love Mum, Dad and Quinn. xxx William Joyce Happy 9th Birthday Willie. Lots of love and cuddles. Have a great day. Mum, Dad, Hannah-Mae and Minnie. oxxxxo

Millies Ltd, has made application to the District Licensing Agency at Ashburton for the grant of an On Licence in respect of the premises situated at 80 Tancred Street, Ashburton and known as Arcadia Restaurant and Bar. The general nature of the business conducted (or to be conducted) under the licence is- restaurant/bar/night club.

  ANGEL tall and phone 022-174-4102.


REAL ESTATE YOUR future home, advertised daily in the Real Estate section of Guardian classifieds.


STRAW sell yours in the ASIAN - new, sweet, spicy, Rural Trading Post section hot body. Busty 38DD. of the Guardian classifieds. – Friendly. Really good Phone 307-7900. massage. Ph 021-034-3980.

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ATTENTION DIY HOME HANDYMAN. Did you know we have the largest timber selection in town???? Pegs, boxing, posts, rails, palings, kwila decking - ADAMS SAWMILLING, Malcolm McDowell Road, Ph 3083595. Open Mon-Fri 7am5.30pm, Sat 8am-12 noon. EFTPOS available.

SITUATIONS WANTED EXPERIENCED tractor driver/machinery operator seeking work, harvesting, dry stock or dairy farming, Based at Winchmore. Please phone Cam 027-951-6346.


CASH for used goods, when you advertise in the Guardian Classifieds. Phone 307-7900.

CERAMIC Tiles - tile quality guaranteed - Tile Warehouse selection available at Redmonds Furnishing and Flooring, Burnett Street.

EURO Scrubby makes cleaning up fast and easy plus its SAFE FOR ALL SURFACES. Only $8 at Kitchen Kapers, in The Arcade.

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GRAZING William Joyce Happy 9th Birthday, have a great day. Lots of love, Nana and Grandad Mo. xxxx William Joyce Happy 9th Birthday “Buddy�, Have a great day. Lots of love Nana, Poppa, Uncle Matt, Aunty Be, Sophie and Nick. xxxxx

Happy Birthday


Birthday Greetings are free for those aged 12 and under only. Free birthday greetings must be received at least two working days before date of insertion otherwise there is no guarantee that it will appear on the day requested. Photos will be available at our ground floor office for collection after notice has appeared in the paper.

DAILY DIARY TODAY - THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14 9.00am. (9.30am start) . ASHBURTON COUNTY LADY VETERANS GOLF CLUB. Stableford. Mayfield Golf Club. 9.00am-4.00pm. ASHBURTON BUDGET ADVISORY SERVICE INC. For free budget advice and workshop enquiries. Phone 307-0496. 60 Cass Street Consultancy House. 9.30am. M.S.A. T’AI CHI CLUB. Beginners class, newcomers welcome. M.S.A. Social Hall, Havelock Street. 9.30am - 11.30pm. MID CANTERBURY BADMINTON CLUB. Daytime section, new players very welcome. Sports Hall, Tancred Street. 9.30am - 1.00pm. ASHBURTON BAPTIST CHURCH. Second time round op shop. Ashburton Baptist Church, Cnr Cass and Havelock Street. 10.00am. ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Fit Kidz, 48 Allens Rd.

10.00am - 3.00pm. ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM, museum open. Seafield Road. 10.45am. M.S.A. T’AI CHI CLUB. Qigong exercises, newcomers welcome. M.S.A. Social hall, Havelock Street.

GREEN grass advertised in the Guardian Classifieds.

HIRE SPECIALISED equipment not being used? Advertise it for rent/hire in the Guardian classifieds to make extra cash. Phone 307-7900.

LOST, FOUND ANIMALS or stock wandered? Place a classified in the Ashburton Guardian. Phone 307-7900.

MEETINGS, EVENTS LADYBANK Learning “Ukulele For Fun� group. All levels. Expressions of interest Phil 308-9161 or 021-0253-9746.

MOTORING WAGONS, buy or sell through the Ashburton Guardian classifieds. Phone 307-7900.

Deadline 2pm prior publication day

MOTORCYCLES FARM bikes, buy or sell in the Motorcycles section of Ashburton Guardian classifieds. Phone 307-7900. TRAIL bikes, buy or sell in the Motorcycles section of Ashburton Guardian Classifieds. Phone 307-7900.

7.30pm. GLENYS’ DANCE GROUP. Old time/sequence dancing. learn to dance. All welcome. Pipe band hall, creek Road.



BEAUTIFUL Ukraine ladies seek love and marriage. Kiwi agency with over 10 years experience. All ladies personally interviewed and genuine. Ph 022-568-3243

9.00am. ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Real Women circuit training in the hall. 48 Allens Road. 10.00am - 3.00pm. ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM, museum open. Seafield Road. 1.30pm. R.S.A. Euchre. R.S.A. Cox Street, Ashburton.

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t: 307 7900 f: 307 7981

The number Mid Canterbury is sold on! Guardian Classifieds

Phone 307 7900

Fields for Wairoa RC meeting at Wairoa today. NZ Meeting number : 3 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8 Trebles: 2, 3 and 4; 6, 7 and 8 RACE 1 1.10pm (NZT) ELDERS LIMITED/WAIROA CLUB STAYERS MAIDEN $8000, MDN, 1850m 1 93632 Google Me b (13) 58.5.....................D Walsh 2 43422 No Change b (6) 58.5..................B Lammas 3 3x Upnover (4) 58.5.............................D Walker 4 L40x4 Boss Jones 58.5................ Scratched 5 65. Grey Guru (10) 58.5...................... T Russell 6 8. Rome (5) 58.5............................. M Dee (a4) 7 Wotsittooyah (1) 58.5......................... M Hills 8 563 Lowe Flyer (2) 58.........................C Lammas 9 5438 Viceroy (9) 58..............................T Thornton 10 85555 Here’s De Consul (7) 58............... L Allpress 11 54355 Hanamichi (11) 56.5......................D Bradley 12 65x57 Miss Evergreen (8) 56.5...... R Hutchings (a) 13 464 Rosehip (15) 56............................. H Tinsley 14 50 Mayflower 56................................. Scratched 15 0 Gagarin (3) 58.5...............................R Myers 16 86800 Resume (14) 56.5........................C Dell (a2) 17 70x00 Sandrascal (12) 56.5 18 406x0 Corsicana 56................................. Scratched 19 03460 Sunlover 56.5................................ Scratched Emergencies: Gagarin, Resume, Sandrascal, Corsicana, Sunlover RACE 2 1.45pm VISTA MOTOR LODGE/SILVER FERN FARMS DASH R65 $8000, Rating 65 Benchmark*, 1200m 1 351 Zero Tua Hundred 59.................... Scratched 2 91797 Madam Kirk d (4) 58.5.................T Thornton 3 18x9x Ambitious Prince d (1) 58............C Lammas 4 07x78 Sherborne dm (12) 58.................C Dell (a2) 5 09x21 Coterie (7) 57.5................................D Walsh 6 44615 Turquoise d (8) 57.5.................... M Dee (a4) 7 661. Willing Spirit d (6) 57.5.............B Grylls (a3) 8 6x71. Intercity Girl (3) 57................... D Turner (a3) 9 6312 Rubysmyne b (2) 57.......................... M Hills 10 08138 Little Rocket d (5) 56.................... L Allpress 11 31079 Poppas Delight d (9) 56......... M McNab (a1) 12 90150 Parvati d (10) 55.................. R Hutchings (a) 13 82803 La Sommeliere (11) 54.5.................R Myers RACE 3 2.20pm WAIKARE HOTEL DASH MAIDEN $8000, MDN, 1200m 1 863x5 Oraka Prince (7) 58.5......................S Collett 2 Agent Eighty Six (11) 58.5...........L Callaway

10 54393 Our Delight (10) 55 11 x00x6 Charlie McBride (8) 55.................. L Allpress 12 8356x Post Online td (12) 54.5...............T Thornton 13 28075 Amanpulo (6) 54.................. R Hutchings (a) 14 7050x Bijoux m (4) 54..........................J Oliver (a4) 15 24x02 The Looker 59............................... Scratched Emergency: The Looker RACE 5 3.30pm WAIROA STUD BREEDERS FLYERS MAIDEN $8000, MDN, 1050m 1 07x Giveit To Jack (8) 58.5.....................D Walsh 2 The Right Choice (1) 58.5....... D Turner (a3) 3 848x Command (3) 58.................. R Hutchings (a) 4 8x Wiggle (7) 58...............................R Hannam 5 Master Chief (2) 58..........................R Myers 6 35337 Question 56.5............................... Scratched 7 3308x Archetto (12) 56.5......................J Oliver (a4) 8 809. Fashionelor (11) 56.5.................. V Johnston 9 34374 Agostini b (10) 56.......................... H Tinsley 10 Bella Artois (5) 56....................... M Dee (a4) 11 Diamonds Forever (9) 56.............. L Allpress 12 76 Miss Sing (6) 56.............................D Bradley 13 6676. Pit A Pat (4) 56............................L Callaway 14 x5008 See Thru 56.5............................... Scratched Emergency: See Thru Lisa Allpress RACE 6 4.05pm KENILWORTH PLUMBING DISTANCE R65 3 07x Giveit To Jack (9) 58.5 $8000, Rating 65 Benchmark*, 1850m 4 3436x Power Trip b (5) 58 1 30x84 Re Deel (11) 59....................... D Turner (a3) 5 48x0 Praiseworthy (3) 58.........................D Walker 2 251x6 Dashing Thunder (12) 58.............. L Allpress 6 Broadwalk (12) 58.......................... H Tinsley 3 8641x Webby (6) 58................................. T Russell 7 70x Faustino (13) 58................... R Hutchings (a) 4 72401 Saint Kitt (3) 57.5.........................L Callaway 8 Frankie Van Hatt (1) 58...................... M Hills 5 82420 West End m (13) 57.5..................R Hannam 9 Make Big (8) 58............................ L Allpress 6 45052 Sateka (10) 57.............................C Dell (a2) 10 x5008 See Thru (4) 56.5...........................D Bradley 7 92418 Even Better (5) 57.......................... H Tinsley 11 6 Eva Diva (10) 56..........................R Hannam 8 81307 Firekeeper (8) 57.........................C Lammas 12 76 Miss Sing (2) 56 9 9256x Zardetto b (2) 57..........................B Lammas 13 Queen Of Excuses (6) 56.........B Grylls (a3) 10 17544 Mint (9) 56.5.....................................R Myers RACE 4 2.55pm WAIROA BUSINESS SUPPORTERS 11 x8570 La Manzanilla m (7) 56........ R Hutchings (a) SPRINT R65 $8000, Rating 65 Benchmark*, 1450m 12 85537 Miss Marbella t (17) 56....................D Walsh 1 28225 Basildon Bond (9) 59.................. M Dee (a4) 13 03328 Ashley (14) 54.................................... M Hills 2 1760x Gijima td (7) 59..........................D Miller (a4) 14 508x7 Short Of Cents (16) 54.............B Grylls (a3) 3 15. On The Hill (14) 57.5..................... T Russell 15 66x80 Rivelatore (1) 54 4 04313 Peit Rox m (11) 56.5....................L Callaway 16 66670 Pinot Davone 54........................... Scratched 5 16260 King Piccolo (2) 56.5............. M McNab (a1) 17 008x9 Gilmour’s Girl (15) 54 6 4914x Chevremont (3) 56...........................S Collett 18 8356x Post Online t (4) 54.5 7 0561 Timetodance (1) 55.5.......................D Walsh Emergencies: Rivelatore, Pinot Davone, Gilmour’s Girl, 8 89175 Lady Marilyn (13) 55.5....................... M Hills Post Online 9 183x6 Cheryl Moana Marie (5) 55..........C Lammas RACE 7 4.40pm JUKEN NEW ZEALAND LIMITED CUP

TRIAL OPN HANDICAP $15,000, OPN HCP, 1850m 1 00352 Noble Warrior m (13) 59..............C Dell (a2) 2 15707 Crocodile Canyon m (1) 56.5...... M Dee (a4) 3 x2694 Borrack m (5) 54..............................R Myers 4 75360 Cottonwood Sky m (8) 54..............D Bradley 5 63714 Galshaan (6) 54...........................R Hannam 6 16020 Calgacus tdm (10) 54........................ M Hills 7 73005 San Pedro t (12) 54.........................S Collett 8 4x621 Asworthy m (14) 54..........................D Walsh 9 56154 Red Dragon (3) 54........................ L Allpress 10 30619 Cavestani m (2) 54.............. R Hutchings (a) 11 30871 Second Hope m (7) 54................T Thornton 12 96174 Werio m (9) 54.............................B Lammas 13 10164 Hermosa Novia b (15) 54...............D Walker 14 63546 Don’tlikemonday m (11) 54 15 45052 Sateka (4) 54 Emergency: Sateka RACE 8 5.15pm BROKERWEB SERVICES/BLACK&WHITE ACCNTING DASH MDN $8000, MDN, 1450m 1 7734x Rossendale Road (15) 58.5.............R Myers 2 5370x Party Horse (4) 58.5....................B Lammas 3 48. Earl Spencer (10) 58.5.................. T Russell 4 Dudehaka (11) 58.5.....................R Hannam 5 Lochwood (14) 58.5........................... M Hills 6 33 King’s Royal b (16) 58................... L Allpress 7 4 O’Mighty Thor (2) 58......................D Bradley 8 7. Sir Jack Remington (13) 58.............D Walsh 9 7x Sonny Ben (17) 58..........................D Walker 10 055x2 Tullumayo (12) 56.5.....................C Lammas 11 03460 Sunlover (5) 56.5........................ V Johnston 12 75 Tansava (1) 56.5............................ H Tinsley 13 9x58 Vedex (8) 56......................... R Hutchings (a) 14 Koorrabye (6) 56......................... M Dee (a4) 15 0 Gagarin 58.5................................. Scratched 16 60x Notsofallible (9) 58.5........................S Collett 17 577. Nova Scotia (7) 56.5 18 9x99. Adios (3) 58.................................L Callaway 19 48x0 Praiseworthy 58............................ Scratched Emergencies: Gagarin, Notsofallible, Nova Scotia, Adios, Praiseworthy Blinkers on : Resume, Sandrascal (R1), Oraka Prince, Praiseworthy (R3) Blinkers off : Faustino (R3), Amanpulo (R4), Pit A Pat (R5), Notsofallible, Adios (R8) Winkers on : Notsofallible (R8) Winkers off : Miss Sing (R3), Miss Sing (R5)

Waikato greyhound fields and form Fields for Waikato And Districts Greyhound Racing Club meeting at Cambridge Raceway today. NZ Meeting number: 10 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; 11 and 12 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 10, 11 and 12 RACE 1, 5.00pm (NZT) GARRARDS HORSE AND HOUND SPRINT C0, 375m 1 55566 Lady Louis nwtd..........................M Mathews 2 72882 Redsky nwtd R M &.......................... J Smith 3 78776 Alamein Eel nwtd.................................J Udy 4 3x563 Waiwhata Dream nwtd..................M J Lozell 5 67337 Hot Pal nwtd............................... W Toomath 6 6 Fiery Conquest nwtd................... W Toomath 7 777 On The House nwtd....................H Laagland 8 46 Ghost Writer nwtd..............................S Ross RACE 2, 5.25pm ALL SEW EMBROIDERY SERIES FINAL C0f, 457m 1 37555 Versatile Richie nwtd.......................... R Udy 2 32322 Tekau nwtd................................... C Ramsey 3 44245 Our Bernie nwtd............................H Mullane 4 352 Amorea nwtd.............................. A Lawrence 5 22 Thrilling Marty nwtd......................... K Walsh 6 427 Trilise nwtd................................. A Lawrence 7 4 Thrilling Logic nwtd.......................... K Walsh 8 68645 Circle of Life nwtd.......................R N Maisey 9 46 Ghost Writer nwtd..............................S Ross 10 45446 Sam Boy nwtd................................A Cleaver RACE 3, 5.45pm THE CLUBHOUSE SPORTS BAR SERIES HEAT 1 C1q, 375m 1 38676 Bam Bam nwtd...............................G Parker 2 22576 Rhyme In Melody nwtd......................J Black 3 17787 Frizzle Frazzle nwtd..........................T Agent 4 47583 Flyin’ Shifty nwtd R M &.................... J Smith 5 42434 Question Me nwtd..............................S Ross 6 67867 She’s Coming nwtd..................... R O’Regan 7 414 Thrilling Edge nwtd.......................... K Walsh 8 16552 Agent Van Alden nwtd...................... B Craik 9 57568 Exciting Girl 21.54............................ M Mann 10 77788 Piri nwtd............................................. L Bliek RACE 4, 6.05pm CAMBRIDGE MEGA MITRE 10 SPRINT C3, 375m 1 53431 Coleridge Ainsli 21.74....................... S Clark

2 12156 Living The Dream 21.27....................S Ross 3 77743 My Girl Cookie 21.46.................. R O’Regan 4 13221 Hajime 21.26..................................P Cleaver 5 11144 Matrix 21.18.......................................J Black 6 27163 El Jarrah 21.51.......................D V Meeuwen 7 37634 Caruba King 21.67.............................J Black 8 22778 Enough Is Enough 21.20............D Schofield 9 38545 Mr. Majestic 21.41..............................J Black 10 32656 Utah Bolt 21.75........................... G Pomeroy RACE 5, 6.25pm THE CLUBHOUSE SPORTS BAR SERIES HEAT 2 C1q, 375m 1 68577 Bingo Starr 21.12................................ J Foot 2 68338 Only Kate nwtd........................... R O’Regan 3 44767 Cullen’s Impact 21.50........................J Black 4 63777 Mystic nwtd....................................A Cleaver 5 43421 Spitfire Osti nwtd................................C Hore 6 32776 Neon Neutron nwtd.........................G Parker 7 21847 Bo Woo nwtd.................................... M Mann 8 76257 Amicus Curiae nwtd.......................... S Clark 9 47488 Lucylicious nwtd................................T Agent 10 76688 Paddy’s Virtuoso 22.02 R M &.......... J Smith RACE 6, 6.45pm THE CLUBHOUSE SPORTS BAR SERIES HEAT 3 C1q, 375m 1 112x Thrilling Might 21.75........................ K Walsh 2 12544 Big Bolt 21.65..................................T Green 3 32322 Very Chilly 21.75.........................M Mathews 4 76378 Ghost Chips nwtd....................... B Littlejohn 5 88447 Tata Safari 21.60............................... B Craik 6 57575 Sydilicious nwtd.................................. R Udy 7 2786F Limerick Lee nwtd.........................M J Lozell 8 77844 Ila Gladys 21.65..............................G Parker 9 8868x Tiger’s Idol 21.80....................D V Meeuwen 10 77788 Piri nwtd............................................. L Bliek RACE 7, 7.05pm FOND FOODS STAKES C1, 457m 1 37641 Coal Sack 26.11........................ A Lawrence 2 66178 Tapu Boy nwtd................................A Bowen 3 54724 Urban Combat nwtd.......................P Cleaver 4 67553 Edward Cullen 26.21........................ B Craik 5 31475 Wabi Sabi 26.50.............................. L Martin 6 27343 Newton Willow nwtd...............K Sutch-Jones 7 26136 Little Teegan 26.12..................... A Lawrence 8 65325 Mr. Lochlyn nwtd...........................M J Lozell 9 66648 Jetsun Dream nwtd.........................G Wilson

RACE 8, 7.25pm ALL SEW EMBROIDERY SPRINT C2, 375m 1 26364 Lilylicious nwtd..................................T Agent 2 65713 Bigtime Drifter nwtd.................... R O’Regan 3 18876 Boss Man Sloy nwtd....................... I George 4 37576 Where’s The Cat 21.60...............D Schofield 5 85156 Jetsun Coal nwtd............................G Wilson 6 33225 Viohlay nwtd......................................T Agent 7 54524 Crafty Graham nwtd...........................C Hore 8 88131 Belrani 21.57................................... G Farrell 9 35588 Kim Dotcom nwtd W &.....................T Steele 10 55576 Astonishing nwtd......................... R O’Regan RACE 9, 7.45pm PALAMOUNTAINS NUTRITION STAKES C2, 457m 1 31611 Riddle Mate 25.90........................... G Farrell 2 63224 Jackson Town 25.70.......................... S Clark 3 62442 Star Bound nwtd......................... G Pomeroy 4 26116 Borasco 26.01.................................. L Martin 5 73543 Zagato 25.95.............................. A Lawrence

6 54333 Thrilling Ninja 26.24..................... J C Gifford 7 11218 Bublin Gold 26.09............................. S Clark 8 37685 Winsome Flash 25.44.................D Schofield 9 51674 Realon Rumba nwtd................... R O’Regan 10 84747 Cafe Chic 25.65......................... A Lawrence RACE 10, 8.05pm GENERAL ENGRAVERS STAKES C4, 457m 1 54488 On Trey 25.72.............................D Schofield 2 15386 Lochinvar Onyx 25.53.................D Schofield 3 34646 Valain’s Flyer 25.61..................... R O’Regan 4 62243 Hot Pootie 25.83..................................J Udy 5 56245 Be Delicious nwtd............................. B Craik 6 52355 Thrilling Charge 25.97.....................S Payne 7 67762 Corby nwtd.................................. R O’Regan 8 44154 Cherry Tree Lane nwtd..................... B Craik 9 17888 Lektra Fantasy 25.57........................ S Clark 10 88558 Lochinvar Laredo 25.53..............D Schofield RACE 11, 8.25pm AFFORDABLE PET ACCESSORIES SPRINT C4, 375m 1 16676 Boy Spice 20.99......................... A Lawrence 2 64686 Dolly Scramble nwtd.......................G Parker 3 21382 Lafayette 21.60................................. B Craik 4 3813x Thanks Mercedes 21.17................... S Clark 5 51466 Don’t Know nwtd..................................J Udy 6 84736 Winsome Buster 21.22...............D Schofield 7 31186 Proverbial 21.15.................................S Ross 8 35447 Thrilling Issues 21.21........................ S Clark 9 41674 Peno Boy 21.50.................................J Black 10 13654 Predator Drone 21.35 W &..............T Steele RACE 12, 8.45pm VALENTINE’S DAY STAKES C5, 457m 1 36135 Knocka Knows All 25.65.................. K Walsh 2 32585 Thrilling Ransom 25.23.................... K Walsh 3 11126 Bornato 25.51............................ A Lawrence 4 22756 Cotswald Prince 25.70................ L Laagland 5 85347 Hustler 25.55..............................D Schofield 6 12386 Thrilling Sprat 25.82......................... K Walsh 7 12877 Jetsun Playboy 26.03......................G Wilson 8 23711 We’re So Lucky 25.62....................... B Craik 9 33757 Percentage Man nwtd................. L Laagland 10 74782 Lochinvar Elle 25.57...................D Schofield LEGEND: fsdt - First Start Here nwd - No Win this Distance fstd - First Start This Distance 31 13 - Best Winning Time This Track

NZ Metro fields, form and drivers Fields for NZ Metropolitan Trotting Club Inc meeting at Addington Raceway today. NZ Meeting number: 8 Doubles: 2 and 3; 4 and 5; 6 and 7; 8 and 9 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9 RACE 1 5.35pm (NZT) MAC’S GINGER BREW MOBILE TROT $7000, 3yo+ up to 1 win mob. trot, mobile, 1950m 1 70057 Dutchess (1) fr.......................J Anderson (J) 2 63333 Price Of Fame (2) fr....................... T Trathen 3 92165 Secret Sundaze (3) fr........................D Dunn 4 11435 Astral Traveller (4) fr............................ A Butt 5 40905 Major Domus (5) fr..........................K Barron 6 13835 Tart N Tights (6) fr..........................B Orange 7 x1905 Sundons Comet (7) fr.......................P Court 8 08x0x The Blazing Conman (8) fr...... C D Thornley 9 2291x Quite A Moment (9) fr.........................R May 10 55697 Latent (21) fr......................................J Dunn 11 23414 Juneamy Castleton (22) fr...............M Jones 12 45376 Clifden Clowers (23) fr........M Williamson (J) RACE 2 5.55pm DASH TICKETS 2YO MOBILE TROT $4000, 2yo mob. trot, mobile, 1950m 1 2 Trouble Rieu (1) fr.........................S McNally 2 Twentyten (2) fr..............................M Purdon 3 Shell Seeker (3) fr.............................D Dunn 4 Hot Pants (4) fr.......................N Rasmussen 5 3 Moment Of Love (5) fr................D Earnshaw RACE 3 6.15pm GARDEN CITY FLORIST MOBILE PACE $6000, 4yo+ mares non winners mob. pace, mobile, 1609m 1 98x52 Gliding Rose (1) fr.............................. D Butt

2 34746 City Courage (2) fr..............M Williamson (J) 3 43242 Tiana Franco (3) fr.........................B Orange 4 36762 Curve (4) fr............................... C D Thornley 5 494x0 Elegant Lustre (5) fr.....................C DeFilippi 6 3800x Good Girl Becqui (6) fr.............B Thomas (J) 7 82229 Limitation (21) fr.........................B Borcoskie 8 4 Moonlight Spirit (22) fr.................. S McNally RACE 4 6.35pm COCA COLA AMATIL MOBILE PACE $12,500, 5 to 7 wins mob. pace, mobile, 1950m 1 17185 Awesome Prospect (1) fr..................D Dunn 2 26488 Paradise City fr............................. Scratched 3 51766 Nancy Miles (2) fr...............................R May 4 614x6 Dream Out Loud (3) fr.....................M Jones 5 78233 Cast Off Courage (4) fr.................S McNally 6 43145 Magical Mel (5) fr...............................J Dunn 7 36332 Minnie Moose (6) fr.................N Rasmussen 8 00317 Kotare Yaakov (7) fr.......................... G Smith 9 03753 Fly Like An Eagle (8) fr..................M Purdon RACE 5 6.55pm TREVINOS RESTAURANT & BAR MOBILE PACE $7000, 3yo+ non winners mob. pace, mobile, 1950m 1 7 Whyamibettor (1) fr.........................K Barron 2 808x0 Sublime Lustre (2) fr........................M Jones 3 x6033 My Lifesign (3) fr...........................K Williams 4 Quick As I Can (4) fr......................M Purdon 5 80x Thatshowie Roll (5) fr.................... S McNally 6 112x1 Border Control (6) fr................N Rasmussen 7 27x5 Flickering Ember (7) fr..................... G Smith RACE 6 7.15pm PASCOES THE JEWELLERS MOBILE PACE $9000, 3yo+ 2 wins mob. pace, mobile, 1609m

1 x6560 Pacific Rapture (1) fr........................ G Smith 2 50170 Major Dave (2) fr...............................J Curtin 3 72518 Master Pip (3) fr.......................... S Ottley (J) 4 85401 Race Cafe (4) fr............................R Todd (J) 5 x4525 Woodlea Legend (5) fr........M Williamson (J) 6 3P415 Greenburn Creek (6) fr....................... A Butt 7 31290 Franco Harrison (21) fr.....................D Dunn 8 87501 Fat Prophet (22) fr.............................J Dunn 9 33237 Captain Webber (23) fr...................K Barron 10 26234 Suerte (24) fr...................................M Jones 11 x1112 Mossdale Conner (25) fr.....................R May Emergency: Pacific Rapture RACE 7 7.35pm MAGNESS BENROW SIRES STAKES SERIES 2YOF MBL PACE $18,000, 2yo fillies mob. pace, mobile, 1950m 1 2 Goodness Gracious Me (1) fr........B Orange 2 Venus Serena (2) fr 3 A Christian Act (3) fr.........................J Curtin 4 12 Raksdeal (4) fr................................C Barron 5 Corka Finn (5) fr.............................. G Smith 6 Culinary Delight (6) fr.......................... A Butt 7 1 Te Amo Bromac (7) fr.............N Rasmussen 8 May Be Magic (8) fr RACE 8 7.55pm SOUND SYSTEM SERVICES LTD MOBILE TROT $9000, 3yo+ 2 to 3 wins mob. trot, mobile, 1609m 1 20179 Trip’s On Me (1) fr......................C Middleton 2 42122 Yankee One (2) fr................M Williamson (J) 3 38239 Paint The Moon (3) fr....................S McNally 4 04233 Dixie Commando (4) fr..................J Geddes

5 17x61 All Shook Up (5) fr........................... G Smith 6 52517 Trick Star (6) fr.............................T McMillan 7 x1313 Sheemon (21) fr................................D Dunn 8 45250 Take For Granted (22) fr................. D Nyhan 9 P5060 Westmelton Willie (U1) fr...............B Orange RACE 9 8.15pm THE EDGE MOBILE PACE $8000, 3yo+ 1 to 2 wins mob. pace, mobile, 1950m 1 51125 Hannah Jaye (1) fr..........................K Barron 2 96x48 Sue Anna (2) fr...................................R May 3 08059 Advance Anvil (3) fr.................... S Ottley (J) 4 x807x Lulli Midfrew (4) fr B Thomas (J,...............Cl) 5 85752 Black Ice (5) fr.......................... C D Thornley 6 13333 Royal Mach (6) fr...........................B Orange 7 8975x Majestic Lustre (7) fr........................M Jones 8 25312 All Delight (8) fr.................................J Curtin 9 08165 Jaycees Belle (9) fr.......................M Cations 10 17538 Ally Grace (21) fr............................. G Smith 11 11 El Fuego (22) fr............................N McGrath 12 30201 Alta Mario (23) fr.................M Williamson (J) Pacifiers on : Lulli Midfrew (R9) LEGEND: X - Spell from racing of at least 3 months P - Retired (or pulled up) from race L - Driver unseated U1 - Unruly beginner {C} - Concession driver {} - Claiming concession driver which allows horse to start one class down

Christchurch greyhound fields, form Fields for Christchurch Greyhound Racing Club meeting at Addington Raceway today. NZ Meeting number: 9 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; 11 and 12 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 10, 11 and 12 RACE 1, 12.05pm (NZT) SUPER PETS SPRINT C2, 295m 1 61564 Aversion 17.66 H &..............................Taylor 2 73462 Another Jewel 17.32..................J McInerney 3 78534 Fearsome McKay 17.34 S &............B Evans 4 21312 Gitcha Easy 17.34 W &...................... Nissen 5 64172 Billy Muggins 17.49........................... B Dann 6 14868 Out By Five 17.64 M &......................Jopson 7 51248 Junior What 17.54............................. M Flipp 8 23276 My Little Oah nwtd.....................J McInerney 9 13388 Cawbourne Plunge nwtd............J McInerney 10 36637 Fulla Torque nwtd C &..................D Roberts RACE 2, 12.24pm (NZT) SHIRLEY VETERINARY CENTRE DASH C3, 295m 1 42673 Radiator Springs 17.39 W &.............. Nissen 2 44211 Campaigner 17.34 H &........................Taylor 3 22574 Sea Spray Tich 17.50..................... R Casey 4 62857 Wandy Destiny 17.54..................... G Cleeve 5 13636 Turbo Tundra nwtd........................... M Grant 6 76171 Another Colt (c4) 17.35.............J McInerney 7 77737 Pure And Special 17.25................... M Grant 8 32344 Tom Finn 17.42................................. B Dann 9 74685 Rule Judge Judy 17.59 J &.....................May 10 78786 Bigtime Allgo nwtd P &.......................Doody RACE 3, 12.42pm (NZT) THURSDAY PLACE PICK DASH C2, 295m 1 33377 Jimmy Cee 17.60.............................. M Flipp 2 12111 Lynny Southcombe 17.45..........J McInerney 3 13174 Life’s A Laugh 17.43..................R Blackburn 4 87438 Yapster Jewel 17.55 M &..................... Smith 5 24422 Know Honour nwtd........................ G Cleeve 6 15673 Georgie Wong 17.26..........................J Rush

7 43341 Homebush Coco (c3) 17.84.......J McInerney 8 78845 Dyna Brownlow nwtd C &.............D Roberts 9 13388 Cawbourne Plunge nwtd............J McInerney 10 77655 Star Gun nwtd J &..................................May RACE 4, 1.00pm (NZT) KOLORFUL KANVAS SPRINT C4, 295m 1 46626 Cawbourne Moff 17.00..............J McInerney 2 14837 Mini’s Fantasy nwtd A &......................Seque 3 43458 Decado 17.52 C &........................D Roberts 4 26577 Know Mistake 16.95...................... G Cleeve 5 18568 Excuse Please 17.35................... J McMillan 6 36312 Jackson Cat 17.21............................ B Dann 7 88445 Theokoles 17.51........................R Blackburn 8 44243 Anytime Will Do 17.48...............J McInerney 9 41776 Jed Norton 17.36........................... G Cleeve 10 58456 Just A Mate 17.51......................J McInerney RACE 5, 1.19pm (NZT) BUY SELL & EXCHANGE STAKES C2, 520m 1 31116 Opawa Jed 30.06 J &......................D Fahey 2 21364 Opawa Bart 30.78 L &........................ Wales 3 11523 Opawa Swede 30.53 J &.................D Fahey 4 47111 Opawa No Ear 30.41 J &.................D Fahey 5 73824 Take A Trick 30.64............................. M Flipp 6 72137 Cawbourne Heidi nwtd M &...............Jopson 7 61236 Another Star nwtd......................J McInerney 8 32744 Thrilling Sound 30.68 S &................B Evans 9 84764 Primitive nwtd.....................................J Dunn 10 46556 Dittman 31.01....................................J Dunn RACE 6, 1.37pm (NZT) I PAVE CONCRETE SPRINT C3, 295m 1 46836 Vitalize 17.65 J &....................................May 2 76134 Another Coffee 17.41.................J McInerney 3 25452 Knox 17.44........................................ B Dann 4 876x2 Fair Movin 17.33............................... M Flipp 5 15755 Thrilling Sadie (c2) nwtd.................. M Grant 6 68788 Okuku Skyhigh 17.44 C &.................. Fagan 7 74232 Wandy Paul 17.47............................ M Grant

8 78865 Molly Paisley nwtd......................... G Cleeve 9 6x886 Chipewyan 17.54 M &.......................... Smith 10 77677 Magic You nwtd C &......................D Roberts RACE 7, 1.54pm JET PETS DASH C4, 295m 1 12334 Cawbourne Spear 17.64............J McInerney 2 68167 Dyna Frier nwtd C &.....................D Roberts 3 37677 Tricky Harry nwtd.......................... L Waretini 4 36385 Hard Habits 17.34.......................... G Cleeve 5 65233 Wandy Chick 17.36........................ G Cleeve 6 27361 Benny’s Angel 17.50..................J McInerney 7 55682 Memphis Hotcakes 17.38................. M Flipp 8 66375 Homebush Edith 17.40..............J McInerney 9 58753 Know Rival 17.22........................... G Cleeve 10 45655 Smash Dora 17.53........................... M Grant RACE 8, 2.12pm BILL’S BAR & BISTRO STAKES C3, 520m 1 63452 Know Peril 30.62............................ G Cleeve 2 26238 Rambunctious 30.63..................A Bradshaw 3 84835 Wonnie Wonder 30.55 C &...........D Roberts 4 51532 Opawa Style 30.71 L &....................... Wales 5 13878 Gone Awol 30.80.......................J McInerney 6 58x23 Wandy Pam nwtd.........................D Kingston 7 31611 Wild Grove 30.41 J &.......................D Fahey 8 74416 Big Token 31.03.........................J McInerney 9 44567 Botany Comet 30.68..................J McInerney 10 67666 Opawa Midnight (c2) 30.66 S &.......B Evans RACE 9, 2.29pm RACINGDOGS.CO.NZ SPRINT C5, 295m 1 14855 Excessive Speed 17.79.............J McInerney 2 22276 Fireman’s Salute 17.14.................. G Cleeve 3 73775 Vampires Shadow 17.23 J &..................May 4 42455 Oscar Tuivasa 17.36........................L Philips 5 11247 Adini 17.16.................................... L Waretini 6 42373 Homebush Mayhem 17.38.........J McInerney 7 21111 Zebidiah 17.02 J &...........................D Fahey 8 52315 Butterbean 17.35 M &....................PT Binnie 9 62656 Cawbourne Dusty 17.51.................. M Grant 10 31856 Princely Dollar 17.41..................J McInerney RACE 10, 2.47pm CLARKSON SIGN STUDIO STAKES

C4, 520m 1 41332 Black Emily 30.67 L &......................... Wales 2 68575 Homebush Iris 30.66..................J McInerney 3 62221 Cawbourne Kim 30.63...............J McInerney 4 53481 Another Breeze (c5) 30.50.........J McInerney 5 42465 Know Spunk 30.25......................... G Cleeve 6 57551 Not A Know 30.82.........................A Waretini 7 27114 Barnaby Bale 30.84 C &...............D Roberts 8 F6727 Know Which 30.25......................... G Cleeve 9 75387 Okuku Dreamer 30.77 C &................. Fagan 10 75668 Alisaray 30.59............................... L Waretini RACE 11 3.05pm AMBER CLEANING SERVICES DASH C5, 295m 1 53165 Hot Shot Lawyer 17.48 H &.................Taylor 2 84386 Okuku Ollie 17.29........................... R Casey 3 57261 Gazza’s Pride 17.24......................... M Flipp 4 11242 Finn McMissile 17.28.......................L Philips 5 18723 Dixie Lee 17.00..........................R Blackburn 6 73153 Know Escape 17.05....................... G Cleeve 7 22461 Avert 17.35 A &...................................Seque 8 73516 Nova’s Fortune 17.27.................J McInerney 9 38624 Homebush Sarge 17.41.............J McInerney 10 71388 Fiery Flower 17.48............................ B Dann RACE 12 3.25pm SPEIGHT’S SPRINT C4, 295m 1 15627 Visual Illusion 17.38....................... G Cleeve 2 54132 Wazza Freebie 17.30 H &....................Taylor 3 41778 Homebush Craig 17.29..............J McInerney 4 53147 But It’s Great 17.55....................J McInerney 5 62452 Blickling Bridge 17.54 J &.......................May 6 17817 Thunda Thighs 17.30.................J McInerney 7 28555 Know Attention 17.10..................... G Cleeve 8 84752 As Far As 17.37........................... M Roberts 9 41776 Jed Norton 17.36........................... G Cleeve 10 34738 Okuku Lilly 17.51............................ R Casey LEGEND: fsdt - First Start Here nwd - No Win this Distance fstd - First Start This Distance 31 13 - Best Winning Time This Track


ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, February 14, 2013


Ashburton Writers’ Group

We were well entertained by a small group of ukulele players from Tinwald School, under the tutelage of Cheryl Livingstone. The club members were enthralled by the enthusiasm and ability of these children, who had only been learning for a short time, and we do thank them. Are you interested in joining this club? There are no requisites except an interest in travel, real or virtual. You do not need to have travelled yourself, and will not be expected to speak unless you wish to. Most speakers come from outside the club, usually local. We meet, February to November, in the St David’s Church lounge, Allens Road on the third Wednesday of each month, at 7.30pm. Meetings are very informal, no minutes read, a small amount of business to discuss, if any, and maybe a few club mini-talks if members want to inform us of anywhere they’ve travelled. Then the main speaker, for about an hour, sometimes with slides or photographic presentation, followed by tea and biscuits if you wish to linger. So, you could be tucked up in your bed by 9.30pm! The committee has organised up till August and we begin the year’s events on February 20, hearing from Diane Rawlinson. Diane has had various trips to South America, sometimes in conjunction with the Corriedale Breeders. This time, she will discuss her southern Chilean experiences, and across the straits of Magellan. We look forward to this with great anticipation, and hope you can join us next Wednesday.

Members and a visitor were welcomed by President Deb to the February meeting of the Ashburton Writers’ Group held recently. Rae read a quotation that had been sent by Margaret – “It is never too late to be what you might have been” by George Elliot The Assignment for the meeting was to write a romance story – Mills and Boon style. Members wrote of the dentist, Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog, Sydney bar, one small town, lonely life and increased heart rate. There were some general comments after the reading of the stories. Members agreed that it was a challenging assignment. The instant exercise was to write a story about a magazine picture. Members had several to choose from and wrote of wrapped ropes, dreary room, tour of duty, bland and depressing, foster child, family car, dagger of death and sports practice. The meeting concluded with the serving of afternoon tea. The assignment for the March meeting is to describe your worst fear. Visitors are welcome to the meetings, please phone Rae at 308 8927.

Ashburton Bowling Club A few club finals have been decided and club members have played well in representing the club in Sub Centre finals as well. The Junior singles was won at club level by Alan Miller defeating Dereck McKinnon 21-17, and then he went on to win the Sub Centre Junior Singles defeating K Lynn from Hinds.  Well done.  Roger was not so lucky going out in the 2nd round in the senior men’s play.   Ollie Collins played well to get to the finals but in a very close game went down to Dawn Bruce in the Ladies Junior Title.  Congrats to you all. Playing in the Milson Cup a club team filled 2nd place.  Colin Bird skip, Dereck McKinnon, Ian Blackwood and Merv Jones had 3 wins and 30 ends.  They defeated Roger’s team in the last game and put an end to their (Roger’s) bid for 4 wins.  Well done to a mostly Junior team. Keep an eye on these men they are worth following. Roger Gutberlet and team of Mike Quinn and Harold Kemp won the finals of the club triples against Murray Anderson, Jo Ryk and Doug Kinvig.  That gives Roger 4 titles in Club Championship events this year. The annual Bus trip took a lot of players away on their holiday to Oamaru so the Glassey Pairs were postponed due to insufficient entries. At Tinwald in the last Ladies Tournament for the Tinwald Club, Diane led a composite team of M Sullivan, M Middleton (from Methven) and Gillian Kelly to win 2nd place on Feb 1. Due to the high temps the last game was reduced to 8 ends. The Ladies played handicap singles  on Tuesday Feb 5 and placings were 1st Leonie Spargo, 2nd  Ollie Collins, 3rd Joyce Gray. Next club feature is drawn fours playing February 12. Names on Sheets please.   Would all Ladies please support the Stepping Out Triples Feb 18 with donations of Grocery items for the raffle. Notice on the board. To any members with sickness and health problems we wish you all a speedy recovery.  Please play sensibly in this hot weather and remember to drink lots of liquids and use sun block and wear your hat.

Ashburton Boxing The 2012 season was a real success with several highlights during the year. Christian Tikao was the star of the club with success in two provincial titles and a runner-up in his weight division at the national champs in Auckland. Another milestone was Megan Woolley being the first female to compete for Ashburton in a tournament. Added to this their were a number of lads to make their debut  and several others who are on the brink of stepping into the ring. It is expected that with the increase in interest we will need more assistance this season in the coaching ranks and anyone out there who has had any experience would be welcomed. Contacts Vince Leonard 3086723; Col Sheehan 3084058 or 0210 560 179.

Ashburton Travel Club Last year ended with our Christmas meeting/AGM, thoroughly enjoyed by a good group of members.


tV1 6.00 Breakfast. 9.00 Good Morning. (G) Jeanette Thomas brings you the latest fashion, celebrity guests, showbiz gossip, top chefs, music, Astar and Matai Smith. 10.00 Ellen. (G, R) 11.00 60 Minute Makeover. (G, R) An interior design series packed with surprise makeovers for deserving home-owners around Britain. 12.00 ONE News. (T) 12.30 Emmerdale. (PGR, T) 1.30 Come Dine With Me. (G, T) A daily lifestyle show. 2.00 Britain’s Best Dish. (G,




3.00 3.55 4.25 5.25

Dickinson’s Real Deal. Te Karere. (T) Ellen. Millionaire Hot Seat.

(G, T)

6.00 ONE News. (T) 7.00 Seven Sharp. (T) 7.30 Coronation Street. (T) Becky faces her darkest hour, John goes into hiding. 8.30 Agent Anna. (AO, T) Struggling to deal with her own marriage ending, Anna now has the nightmare of a depressed vendor who cannot get over his wife leaving with the dog. 9.00 Miranda. (PGR, T) 9.35 Mrs Brown’s Boys. (T) 10.15 Citizen Khan. (PGR, T) 10.50 ONE News Tonight. (T) 11.20 Tagata Pasifika. 11.55 Alcatraz. (AO, T) 12.55 Te Karere. (T) 1.20 BBC World – GMT With George Alagiah. (G) 2.00 Impact with Mishal Husain. 3.30 HARDtalk. 4.00 Global With Jon Sopel. (G) 5.05 Believer’s Voice Of Victory. 5.30 World Business Report. 5.35 Te Karere. (T)

Allenton Netball Club It is hard to believe that we are preparing for the 2013 netball season already – especially as the temperatures have been extremely hot – not really netball weather!! We have already held our Senior registrations but we are still looking for more players – if you missed our registration please contact either Kellie Johnson 0274 601 3357 or Amy McIntyre 307 0045 (evenings) if you are keen to play for a forward thinking club. Junior registrations for Years 2-6 are to be held at Allenton School on Wednesday 20 February at 3pm, Ashburton Intermediate school for years 7 & 8 on Wednesday 20 February at 12.45pm (on the court area near the office) and Ashburton Christian School on 15 February at 12.15pm for Senior registrations and 12.45pm for Junior registrations. We are hoping to field teams in the U/15 and U/17 age group so if you are interested or know someone who is we would like to hear from you. We have purchased new uniforms for our Senior A & B teams – new skirts have also been purchased for all the younger Junior teams so we should be looking very smart on the netball courts next season. Senior trials: Monday 18 & Wednesday February 20 6.30pm to 8.30pm both days. Junior trials: Years 2, 3, & 4; Sunday March 3 and Sunday March 10 at 10am-11am. Years 5 & 6; Sunday 3 March at 11.30am-12.30pm & Thursday 7 March 2013 at 5.30pm-7.00pm Year 6 only Sunday 10 March at 10.30am (if needed) Years 7 & 8 Sunday 3 March at 10.00am-11.30am; Tuesday 5 March at 5.30pm-7.00pm & Sunday 10 March at 10.00am-11.30am All our trials are held at our Courts on Melrose Road, at the top of Alford Forest Road. Contact person for: Junior Netball: Mandy Chivers 308 2618; Senior Netball: Kellie Johnson 0274 601 3357.

Seniornet Ashburton Our AGM was held on February 7. Officers: President, Margaret Eder; Vice-president, Jenny Proctor; past-president, Barry McLauchlan; secretary, Bett Wills; treasurer, Noma Kell; committee, Relda Prendergast, Colleen Houghton, Dawne Stockdill, Isobel Ross, Alister Brown, Lindsay Holland, Norman Early, Karl Voshaar, Ron Galletly. We are happy to have some new faces on the committee, as this gives us fresh ideas and that is always a big plus. Our library display is on between February 11 and February 24. Our Open Day is on: Wednesday February 20 at 1.30pm in the MSA Lounge. There will be displays of our workshops: eg beginners, saving, emails, photos, cards and an Ipad & tablet display. PCs Plus will be there for a five-minute consultation on your computer problem. Noel Leeming will show us Windows 8, as well as other items. Subscriptions can be paid on the day, if needed. We are fortunate also to have Grant Sidaway (CEO) of Seniornet New Zealand to be in attend-


ance, who will speak on a subject of his choice. We have always found him very informative and interesting, whatever he decides to speak about. Please note: Sign in as you arrive, because with Health & Safety regulations, we need your names, in case of an emergency and we have to evacuate.

Methven Bowling Club At the Motz Cup at Allenton on Waitangi day B Harper, W Blackwell, I Syme 3 wins 2nd. Rakaia Smallbone Triples on Thursday R Smith, W Blackwell, S Robinson 1 win; S Pagey G Pagey, A Gorman 1 win; B Gawn, R Isherwood, G Brooker 1 win; R Thomas, E Maw, A Holmes 1 win. On Friday at the MSA Triples G Brooker, A Dent, J Lattimore filled in a team and played good bowls for three junior players well done. Also on Friday we had two teams at the Rangiora Farmers Tournament E Maw, J Martin, G Pagey, A Smith 3 wins 4th; A Hill, J McCrory, I Syme, K Meiklejohn 2 wins 1 draw and I must say that not winning any prize money didn’t matter to some of this team as Jock won five raffles and Benny four, pretty good I reckon. On Sunday we had two teams competing at the champion of champions fours. The junior men’s team of I Syme, R Fensom, G Brooker, J Lattimore came up against Ashburton and after a close tussle went down by one 19 18, The women’s team of R Smith, W Blackwell, W Carter, D Gordon also lost in the first round to Tinwald also in the closest of games after 18 ends they were locked at 20 all with an extra end having to be played which they lost by one shot. A great effort by both teams and we are proud of you all. A special thanks to Doreen for filling in for us on the three days which were all very hot. Congratulations to all the winners on the day MSA in snr men; Allenton jnr men; Ashburton Jnr women and to those kids from Allenton W Watson, D Bruce, J Kinsbury, S Doig well done winning the snr women’s great effort. At Tinwald on Monday R Smith, W Blackwell, B Harper 2 wins 3rd. Happy bowling everyone.

Ashvegas Country Club

Mayfield was the venue for last weekend’s club day and saw a small field competing under the 4 ball best ball format. The best score for the day belonged to the pairing of Luke Spence and Trem who put together an excellent score of 56 to comfortably claim the top prize. Luke started his round like a man possessed and after parring the first 3 holes was, according to him, on target to break the course record set up there recently by Nigel. Unfortunately the wheels fell off badly as his round progressed and he finished up being a mere 25 shots away from the record by the finish. Logan Tasker and Legs took 2nd place with their score of 63 while individual honours for the day went to Trem with a net 67 and Logan with his 68. Logan also won the putting prize by lot from Goldie with 28 putts. This Sunday’s club day is scheduled to be held at Methven at the normal tee off time of 10.00am.


(G, R)

5.30 Home And Away. (G, T) John and Jett bond, the truth about Maddy and Spencer is revealed, and Sid asks his family to stop trying so hard to include him.

(G, R)

(G, R, T)

6.00 Friends. (G, R, T) 6.30 Neighbours. (T) Paul is irate to discover graffiti about him sprayed across a wall at Lassiters. 7.00 Shortland Street. (PGR, T) Kylie goes a step too far. 7.30 Police Ten 7. (R, T) 8.00 Highway Patrol. (T) 8.30 Once Upon A Time. (Final, PGR, T) The Seven Dwarves discover what happens when the townspeople try to leave Storybroke. 9.30 20/20. (T) 10.30 Vampire Diaries.

6.00 3 News. 7.00 Campbell Live. 7.30 Grand Designs. (PGR, T) Kevin meets Celia and Diana, who plan a stateof-the-art home that will be the world’s first computer-cut house. 8.30 Bones. (AO, T) A woman’s mutilated body is discovered in a city garbage can, and Booth offers Sweets a temporary place to live while he looks for a new apartment. 9.30 Project Runway.

(PGR, T)

(AO, T)

10.30 Nightline. 11.10 Nurse Jackie. (AO, R)

11.30 Police Ten 7. (T) 12.00 Chase. (T) 1.00 Crash Course. (G, T) 1.25 Infomercials. 2.30 Party Wars. (AO, R) 3.20 Secret Life Of The American Teenager. (PGR, R) 4.15 Emmerdale. (PGR, R, T) 5.05 The Erin Simpson Show. (R) 5.30 Infomercials.

12.15 Defying Gravity. (AO) 1.10 Infomercials. (G) 5.00 Joyce Meyer. 5.30 Infomercials. (G)

PRIMe 6.00 Home Shopping. (G) 6.30 The Crowd Goes Wild.

R) 2.55 Peppa Pig. (G, R) 3.00 Sticky TV. (G) 4.30 FOUR Live. (G) 6.00 Everybody Hates Chris. (G, R) 6.30 Futurama. (G, R) In celebration of Freedom Day, Dr. Zoidberg eats the Earth flag, for which he is sentenced to death. 7.00 The Simpsons. (G, R) The Simpsons apply for membership at a posh country club. 7.30 Family Guy. (PGR, R)

It was pleasing to see a good gathering of players take to the green for the playing of the “Muriel Hands Triples”. Some close encounters were witnessed with only a difference of 3 points scored between 1st and 4th. First place claimed by Robin Petrie(s) Lorraine Boud & Kath Muir, 2nd Joan Hardy (s) Charlie Cleghorn & Barry Stott, 3rd Shirley Taylor(s) Sid Harrison & Helen Dowdle 4th Dave Muir(s) Joyce Cleghorn & Henry Hunt.  Henry at 95 years of age still shows he has not forgotten how to play and is an inspiration to all.

John Argyle and Larry Neal pulled out all stops and did not let the Allenton deprive them of a victory. Congratulations Musketeers and extra congratulations by beating Hinds & Hampstead to become the Champion of Champions Men’s Four, the M.S.A. are elated at your win and so very proud. To have Fours Champions and Larry Neal Champion Colt.  Unfortunately Larry was given accolades last week but never went to print.  We are very proud of you Larry but sorry report not printed. Special mention from M.S.A.—to congratulate Allenton Senior Ladies on their nail biting match against Rakaia which went to an extra end, taking them to the final against Tinwald and actually claiming the Champion of Champion Title.   Congratulations—-well done. A wonderful weekend of entertaining bowls. Tea Duty February 19th—21st Margaret Watson   —- Joan Chapman

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No 12,123

Tinwald Outdoor Bowling Club

5.00 Deal Or No Deal. (G, R) Game show hosted by Andrew O’Keefe. 5.30 Prime News.

6.00 Deal Or No Deal. (G) 6.30 Millionaire: Hot Seat. (G) Hosted by Eddie McGuire. 7.00 The Crowd Goes Wild. 7.30 Best Of Top Gear.

12.40 Home Shopping. (G) 1.40 The Crowd Goes Wild. (G, R) 2.10 Home Shopping. (G)

8.00 American Dad. (PGR) 8.30 The Cleveland Show. (PGR) Donna reveals that she wants another baby. 9.00 Bob’s Burgers. (PGR) It’s Bob’s favourite holiday of all time, and this year he is determined to make it the most memorable Thanksgiving ever. 9.30 South Park. (AO, R) 10.00 Cops. (AO, R) 10.30 Celebrity Paranormal Project. (AO) 11.25 Entertainment Tonight. (G) 11.50 Infomercials. (G)

1. Face (11) 9. Land feature (7) 10. Proprietor (5) 11. Law (5) 12. Component (7) 13. Charted (6) 15. Wax cylinder (6) 18. Allegory (7) 20. Correspond (5) 22. Kayak (5) 23. Twister (7) 24. Reliable (11)

DOWN 2. Frequently (5) 3. Candidate (7) 4. Followed (6) 5. Clay brick (5) 6. Vie (7) 7. Wary (11) 8. Fraternity (11) 14. Associate (7) 16. Fan (7) 17. Confer (6) 19. Consecrate (5) 21. Educate (5)

SOLUTIONS TO PUZZLE No 12,122 Across: 1 Yearbook; 5 Rang; 9 Mass; 10 Reprisal; 11 Diary; 12 Capture; 13 Independently; 18 Terrific; 19 Gate; 20 Referee; 21 Havoc; 22 Mild; 23 Standing. Down: 2 Evasion; 3 Reserve; 4 Over-confident; 6 Assault; 7 Gallery; 8 Triple; 13 Interim; 14 Direful; 15 Pliers; 16 Niggard; 17 Let-down.

the bOx 6.00 NYPD Blue. (M) 6.50 The Simpsons. (PG) 7.15 Pawn Stars. (PG) 7.40 America’s Funniest Home Videos. (PG) 8.05 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (PG) 8.30 Cash Cab USA. (PG) 8.55 24. (M) 9.45 Law & Order. (M) 10.35 NCIS. (PG) 11.25 Romeo Must Die. (M) 1.30 NYPD Blue. (M) 2.20 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (PG) 2.45 Cash Cab USA. (PG) 3.10 24. (M) 4.00 Pawn Stars. (PG) 4.30 The Simpsons. (PG) 5.00 Law & Order. (M) 6.00 America’s Funniest Home Videos.


6.30 The Simpsons. (PG) 7.00 Pawn Stars. (PG) 7.30 NCIS. (PG) The NCIS team investigates the bizarre death of a female petty officer who is found brutally murdered in the bed of a dance club bartender. 8.30 Criminal Intent. (M) 10.30 Law & Order. (M) 11.30 NCIS. (PG) 12.30 24. (M) 1.20 America’s Funniest Home Videos.


1.45 2.10 3.00 4.45 5.35

(PGR, R)

8.30 The Supersizers Go. (PGR, R) Restaurant Critic Giles Coren and comedian Sue Perkins spend a week on a diet spanning the Regency Years and, with Rosemary Shrager cooking for them, they enjoy the full trappings of the landed gentry. 9.35 Prisoners’ Wives. (AO) 10.40 Halberg Awards. (G)



A History Of Violence

Movie Greats, 8.30pm (G, R) Canadian director David Cronenberg 7.00 Deal Or No Deal. (G, R) (The Fly) showcases a trio of 7.30 Home Shopping. (G) excellent performances. Viggo 12.00 The Doctors. (G) Mortensen (below) plays small1.00 The Jeff Probst Show. (G) town cafe owner Tom Stall, whose 1.55 All Saints. (AO, R) tranquil existence is shattered 2.50 Antiques Roadshow. (G, when two thugs attempt to rob his R) Fiona Bruce and the business. Tom’s speedy thinking experts greet thousands of visitors at Winchester results in both goons meeting a Cathedral, where swift demise and his new-found hero amongst the objects status excites both his wife (Maria featured is an absorbing Bello, below) and children. However, painting of an family that Features Tom’s celebrity brings unwanted ©Elizabethan Central Press hides secrets. visitors. Mortensen’s performance is 4.00 The Late Show With enthralling. David Letterman. (G, R)

FOUR 6.00 Sesame Street. (G, R) 6.55 Pingu. (G, R) 7.00 Sticky TV. (G, R) 7.30 Monsuno. (G, R) 7.55 The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. (G, R) 8.20 Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Bitty Adventures. (G, R) 8.45 Bananas In Pyjamas. (G, R) 8.55 Bob The Builder. (G, R) 9.05 Thomas & Friends. (G, R) 9.15 Peppa Pig. (G, R) 9.20 Peppa Pig. (G, R) 9.25 Barney And Friends. (G, R) 9.55 Raa Raa The Noisy Lion. (G) 10.05 Infomercials. (G) 2.00 Sesame Street. (G,

MSA Outdoor Bowling Club

Saturday the First Round of 2/3’s was played, and four M.S.A. Teams travelled to Christchurch Greens. Two to Richmond/Edgeware and Two to Papanui WM Club, Unfortunately only one team claimed any acclamation that was the team of Robin Petrie(s) Dave Muir & Kath Muir. Well done you three. Sunday was the “Big Bang” at Rakaia when the Fours Club Champions went to Rakaia to play Champions of Champions, in beautiful warm conditions, it was a day to remember with great bowls being played.  First up for the MSA were the Ladies Four of Joan Hardy (s) Joyce Cleghorn, Marie Harnett & Lorraine Boud.  Although with no disgrace this team lost to a very strong Allenton Team. Next rink was the battle of two very strong well balanced teams and like the Women MSA met the Allenton Men’s Champions, this game must have been ranked as one of the games of the day MSA Dave Muir (s) Guildford Lane,

Allenton Bowling Club   

1.00 Dr Phil. (AO) 2.00 The Dr Oz Show. (PGR) 3.00 The Biggest Loser Australia. (G) Twelve overweight contestants battle the bulge to lose the most weight. 4.00 Rachael Ray. (G) 5.00 Entertainment Tonight.

5.01 America’s Funniest Home Videos. (G, R, T) 5.30 8 Simple Rules.

No 12,122

Our Half Day Triples was held on Monday 11th Feb, 16 teams took to the green which was in excellent condition, with many favourable remarks being heard around the green, thanks to our greenkeeper Don Duff for his dedication. The results were 1st place B Mayson, M Smallridge and B Saussey, 3 wins 18 ends 33 points. Second R Herriott, R Stewart Two more titles in the champion of champion fours and M Richardson, 3 wins 17 ends 42 points. Third place R Smith, B Harper to add to our sub centre tally - well done everyone. Our senior men lost to MSA early in the piece and and W Blackwell, 2 wins 17 ends 29 points. Fourth J Bell, D Duff and J congratulations to the MSA team who went on to win the final quite convincingly. Our Junior Ladies Rooke, 2 wins 13 ends 24 points. Our grateful dipped out to Ashburton (Congrats Ashburton thanks to our our sponsors Patersons Funeral Time, our thanks also to Richard Ladies) but our Junior Men reversed things and Services and CafeDOWN ACROSS beat Ashburton in their final. Very good bowls of Value Plus Processing for supplying the meat 1. Annual (8)and trays for the raffles. 2. Avoidance Raffles were(7) won by N Atkinson, from Mathew Bassett, John Bruce, Alan Leis B white, Telephoned Aloofness (7) Monica B, Ding John Drayton who after a slow5.start caught up to (4)R Diamond, G3.McCosker, be 7 all then never looked back9.winning Bulk 25-7. (4) Our and Russell A.4. Bumptious (4-9) are finished with the men’s senior ladies (actually all juniors still) narrowly beat 10. Retaliation (8) Our Championships 6. Attack (7) Rakaia on an extra end to go on and take out the triples being won by G Eder, J Bell and C Rooke, 11. Journal (5) 7. Balcony (7) and B Stringer. runner up R Herriott, M Richardson final 22-10 against Tinwald. Congratulations Wendy Ladies triples Eder, G Whipp Watson, Dawn Bruce, Janet Kingsbury and(7) Shirley 12. Seize 8.MThreefold (6) and J Knudson runner up S 13. Maw,Provisional W Herriott and Doig - you girls have had an extremely 13. Solosuccessful (13) (7)J Rooke. Three members played in the Sub-Centre over season and its not over yet! 18. Excellent (8) 14. Horrible (7) Tuesday evening pairs have been completed and 80’stournament, Monica Barnes was in the second 19. Entrance (4) placed team. 15.Two Pincers teams (6) entered the Allenton it was a very close call for the aggregate with Robb Motz Cup, Don team (7) had 1 win, 1 loss and Coyle and Alex Crawford winning on countback 20. Umpire (7) 16. Duffs Skinflint teams also entered in the Ashburton from Murray Smallridge and Mike in second(5)1 draw, three17. 21.Lawson Devastation Anticlimax (3-4) place. Third place went to Graeme Bishop and Smallbone Triples, R Herriott 2 wins, M Eder 1 win. 22. Gentle (4) The Champion of Champions Fours was held on Jill May on countback from Sandra Keith and Lyn 23. 1st Status (8) the Rakaia green, our men’s team of R Herriott, C Tunnecliff. Results from 12th Feb:Lynn Curd & Noeline Woods 3 wins 19 ends 33 points. 2nd Len Andrew R Wade and and C Rooke lost to Hinds in SOLUTIONS PUZZLE Noteam 12,121 first round, the ladies of M Eder, G whipp, Luke & Ian Gallon 3 wins 18 ends 46 points. 3rd the TO Pete Whinham & Bruce Harper 3 wins 17 ends 39 J Rooke and J Chivers played Methven a very Across: 4 Bazaar; 9 Independently; 10 game resulting in a draw after regulation points. 4th Sandra Keith & Lyn Tunnecliff1 3Squeal; wins exciting Correct; 11 Teeth;ends 12 Magic; 14 the Ideal; 19 Our Tinwald won extra18 endPurge; by one shot, 17 ends 33 points. 21 Qualification; 22 Eleven; 23 Cheeky. meet Allenton in the final, Allenton were Progressive Pairs played 9thHarvest; Feb resulted as fol- ladies then the deserved winners by a substantial margin. Down: 1 Stitch; 3 Ample; 5 Alerted; 6 lows:- (Leads) 1st Neville Sangster 2 wins 1 draw2 Undercarriage; to all clubs won. 15 +7. 2nd Lawrence Fearn 2 wins drawsame +5 (Skips) At 1the time; 7Congratulations Rhythm; 8 Unity; 13 who Itemise; 1st Alan Leis 3 wins +24. 2nd Barry Hunt 316 wins +15 17In-House Opaque; Chain; Stingy;tournaments 20 be played, the Mona Love

3 News: Firstline. Infomercials. (G) The Shopping Channel. Everybody Loves Raymond. (G, R, T) 12.00 3 News. 12.30 Home And Away. (G, R,

(G, R, T)

The girls were back on the field at the weekend; they lost the toss and Roncalli College put them into bat. College made a slow start losing their first two wickets in the first two overs but managed to recover to make 91 all out. Top batter was Ashley Harrison who made a very good 40 before playing the ball on. The girls fought hard in the field and put in some very good fielding and managed to take five Roncalli wickets, however Roncalli played well and managed to reach their target in the 24th over. The pick of the bowling attack were Rebecca Clarke with 2/20 and Kieren Bell with 2/39. Green headed up the road to Lauriston, lost the toss and had first crack at bowling in sunny conditions. Unfortunately Lauriston had great partnerships and Green gifted them 32 extras which saw Lauriston post 155 for 9. Bowling for Green, Dylan Shore took three wickets while Captain Fantastic Andrew Jopson bowled 6 overs for 28 runs taking 6 wickets to get on the honours board (unfortunately he did not do so well with the bat!). Green were eventually all out for 109 and top batsman for the day was Brad Horrell who got 32, while Michael Burton got through to 24. Lauriston only gave Green 24 extras (but every bit helps). Great effort. Red took on Gold and here’s what happened (though it might not be gospel as Dave was at the tennis). Red batted first and put 148 on the board with Dafydd Philp top scoring with 52 (after being dropped on a duck). Josh Buchanan featured again with 16 and Harry Watson managed 6 (including a 4 that everyone heard about for a long time). Logan Havis and Patrick Sandrey both picked up two wickets. Gold’s reply only managed 111 with Reed Gibbons 27, Ryan Hampton 24, and Blair Snowball 21 all amongst the runs. Devam Pandya with 3/7, Watson’s 3/21 and Aron Martizano with 2/17 were the main wicket takers. Worth noting: Harry Watson was spanked for 19 in his first over but came back with three wickets in his second, Harry Ferguson managed to hit a moving car on Oak Grove when monstering a huge six and Kody Stuthridge’s attempted catch of a high ball ended with three loose teeth and a huge fat lip (which was a little annoying at the movies later).

Quick Crossword

6.00 8.30 10.30 11.30

4.00 H2o. (G, R, T) 4.30 The Erin Simpson Show. 5.00 Horace In Slow Motion.

College Cricket Club

Memorial Tray, Joanne Chapman Tray and our Charlie Good drawn pairs and the handicap singles, hopefully some of these games can be played in the evenings.

Central Press Features Ltd


6.00 Creflo Dollar. 6.30 Hi-5. (G, R, T) 7.00 Grizzly Tales. (G, R, T) 7.25 Back At The Barnyard. (G, R, T) 7.55 Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. (G, R, T) 8.20 Tiki Tour. (G, T) 8.45 Fireman Sam. (G, R, T) 8.55 Bird Bath. (G, R, T) 9.00 Infomercials. 10.30 Neighbours. (G, R, T) 11.00 Shortland Street. (PGR, R, T) 11.30 Spin City. (PGR, R, T) 12.00 Once Upon A Time. (PGR, R, T) 2.00 Anderson Live. 3.00 Buzzy Bee. (G) 3.05 Everything’s Rosie. (T) 3.20 Mike The Knight. (G, T) 3.30 Back At The Barnyard.

Maybe its the hot summer, I am not sure, but there seems to be a lot of players around suffering from red blotchy bites. Someone suggested they could be love bites and possibly the mozzies hibernate in white wood - work that one out!

sky sPORt 1 6.00 Soccer. English Premier League. Swansea City v Queens Park Rangers. Replay. 8.00 Soccer. English Premier League. Aston Villa v West Ham. Replay. 10.00 Golf. Champions Tour. Allianz Championship. Highlights. 11.00 Golf. US PGA Tour. At&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am Round Four. Highlights. 12.00 Cricket. Twenty20. Australia v West Indies. Replay. 3.30 Lawn Bowls. World Championships. Men’s Singles Second Semi-final. 5.30 Lawn Bowls. World Championships. Men’s Singles Final. 7.30 Crowd Goes Wild. 8.00 Halberg Awards. 10.30 Cricket. Second Twenty20. New Zealand v England. Replay. 2.00 Rugby Zone. 2.30 The Ultimate Fighter: Aussie v UK. 3.30 UFC Wired. 4.30 SKY ARENA Access. 5.00 Athletics. Toshiba Windsor Triathlon.

Cash Cab USA. (PG) NYPD Blue. (M) Criminal Intent. (M) 24. (M) Whose Line Is It Anyway? (PG)

sky sPORt 2 6.00 Crowd Goes Wild. 6.30 Cricket. Twenty20. Australia v West Indies. Replay. 10.00 Pool. World Cup. Second Quarter-final. 11.00 Pool. World Masters. Second Quarterfinal. 11.30 Crowd Goes Wild. 12.00 Soccer. English Premier League. Liverpool v West Bromwich. Replay. 2.00 Soccer. English Premier League. Manchester United v Everton. Replay. 4.00 Motorsport. FIA World Rally Championship. Sweden Day Event. Highlights. 5.00 Golf. US PGA Tour. At&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am Round Four. Highlights. 6.00 Premier League World. 6.30 Inside The PGA Tour. 7.00 Athletics. Toshiba Windsor Triathlon. 8.00 SKY Sport What’s On. 8.30 Crowd Goes Wild. 9.00 Dumbest Stuff On Wheels. 9.35 Rugby. Investec Super Rugby. Waratahs v Crusaders. Live. 11.40 Halberg Awards. 2.00 Rugby. Investec Super Rugby. Waratahs v Crusaders. Replay. 4.00 Soccer. English Premier League. Chelsea v Wigan. Replay.

sky MOVIes 1

MOVIe GReats

7.00 Biography: Adam Sandler. (PG). 7.50 The Pirates! Band Of Misfits. (2012, G) Hugh Grant, Salma Hayek. 9.20 The River Why. (2010, M) Zach Gilford, Amber Heard. 11.05 Scream 4. (2011, 16) Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox. 12.55 Transit. (2012, 16) Jim Caviezel. 2.25 She Drives Me Crazy. (2007, PG) Melinda Clarke, Krista Bridges. 3.55 Kung Fu Panda 2. (2011, PG) Jack Black, Angelina Jolie. 5.25 True Justice 2: Vengeance Is Mine. (2012, M) Steven Seagal. 6.55 Season Of The Witch. (2010, M) Nicolas Cage, Ron Pearlman. 14th century knights transport a suspected witch to a monastery, where monks deduce that her powers could be the source of the Black Plague. 8.30 American Reunion. (2012, 16) Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan. 10.25 Jane Eyre. (2011, M) Mia Wasikowska, Michael Fassbender. 12.25 I Sell The Dead. (2008, 16) Dominic Monaghan, Ron Perlman. 1.50 Directors: Mike Figgis. (2011, PG). 2.20 American Reunion. (2012, 16) Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan. 4.10 I Sell The Dead. (2008, 16) Dominic Monaghan, Ron Perlman. 5.35 She Drives Me Crazy. (2007, PG) Melinda Clarke, Krista Bridges.

7.05 The Chronicles Of Riddick. (2004, M) Vin Diesel, Judi Dench. 9.05 Dead Calm. (1989, M) Nicole Kidman, Sam Neill. 10.40 Into The Blue. (2005, M) Jessica Alba, Paul Walker. 12.30 The Ghost Writer. (2010, M) Ewan McGregor, Pierce Brosnan. 2.35 Underworld. (2003, 16) Kate Beckinsale. 4.35 Bad Company. (2002, 16) Chris Rock, Anthony Hopkins. 6.30 Metro. (1997, 16) Eddie Murphy. San Francisco’s top police hostage negotiator is about to get more than he ever bargained for when he goes head to head with murder, mayhem and love. 8.30 A History Of Violence. (2005, 18) Viggo Mortensen, Maria Bello. A man becomes a local hero through an act of violence, which sets off repercussions that will shake his family to their core. 10.10 Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. (2003, M) Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller. 11.45 Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. (1998, 18) Johnny Depp. 1.45 Making Of Safe House. (2012, M). 2.00 Underworld. (2003, 16) Kate Beckinsale. 4.00 Metro. (1997, 16) Eddie Murphy. 5.55 Bad Company. (2002, 16) Chris Rock, Anthony Hopkins.

DIsCOVeRy 6.30 7.30 8.30 9.30 10.30 11.30 12.30 1.30 2.30 3.30 4.30 5.30 6.30 7.30 8.30


10.30 11.30 12.30 1.30 2.30 3.30 4.30 5.30

Dirty Jobs. (PG) American Loggers. (PG) Deadliest Catch. (PG) Mythbusters. (PG) American Guns. (M) X-Ray: Yellowstone. (PG) Fatal Encounters. (M) I (Almost) Got Away With It. (M) Flying Wild Alaska. (PG) American Loggers. (PG) Deadliest Catch. (PG) Mythbusters. (PG) America’s Most Secret. (PG) Structures. Gold Rush. (PG) The Wrong Claim. Sons Of Guns. (M) Sub Gun Girls: Red Jacket takes on an iconic MG34 belt fed machine gun. Before he can get the rare machine gun to rock and roll, Flem first has to build a custom MK7 for a world champion sub-gunner. Yukon Men. (M) Man Up, Move Out: It’s finally spring in Tanana and Joey Zuray is ready to move out on his own. Charlie hunts a deadly black bear. Fatal Encounters. (M) Blood, Lies And Alibis. (M) I Shouldn’t Be Alive. (PG) American Loggers. (PG) America’s Most Secret. (PG) Sons Of Guns. (M) Yukon Men. (M) Fatal Encounters. (M)

KEY: T Teletext R Repeat S Stereo P Premiere F Final RATINGS: G General exhibition PG Parental guidance recommended M Suitable for mature audiences AO Adults only 16 Approved for persons 16 and over 18 Approved for persons 18 and over c Content may offend l Language may offend s Sexual content may offend v contains violence

shINe 6.00 Unlocking the Bible 6.30 Derek Prince 7.00 Bedbug Bible Gang 7.30 From Aardvark to Zucchini 8.00 Buzz and Poppy 8.30 Running With Fire 9.00 Battles Christians Face 9.30 Precious Word of Truth 10.00 Give Me An Answer 10.30 Your Best Life: Phil Pringle 11.00 Joni and Friends 11.30 Journey into the Amazon 12.00 Running With Fire 12.30 Enjoying Everyday Life 1.00 The 700 Club 1.30 Give Me An Answer 2.00 The Easter Experience 2.30 Facing the Canon 3.00 Bedbug Bible Gang 3.30 From Aardvark to Zucchini 4.00 Buzz and Poppy 4.30 TheDRIVEtv 5.00 Life FM presents 5.30 Joni and Friends. 6.00 Your Best Life: Phil Pringle 6.30 Destined to Reign 7.00 The 700 Club 7.30 Why Dig That Up? 8.00 Give Me An Answer 8.30 Nzone Focus 9.00 Facing the Canon 9.30 The One to One Show 10.00 Running With Fire 10.30 The 700 Club 11.00 Hearts Wide Open 11.30 Give Me An Answer 12.00 Joni and Friends 12.30 Derek Prince 1.00 Unlocking the Bible 1.30 From Heartache to Hope 2.00 Paul de Jong 2.30 Your Best Life: Phil Pringle 3.00 Give Me An Answer 3.30 Nzone Focus 4.00 Facing the Canon 4.30 From Heartache to Hope 5.00 Running With Fire 5.30 Hearts Wide Open.

LOCAL RADIO: AM Newstalk ZB 873; FM Classic Hits ZEFM 92.5; FOX FM 94.9, 98.9 AND 95.7


ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, February 14, 2013



Botha claims he was offered $150,000 to throw SBW fight South African boxer Francois Botha has claimed he was offered $150,000 to throw last Friday night’s fight against Sonny Bill Williams. Speaking from Durban, Botha told LiveSport radio yesterday he was picked up from his hotel on the Tuesday night before the fight and taken to a “very nice park” where he was asked to lose on purpose. “My cellphone was confiscated and given to the guy in the car,” Botha said. “I was being walked and during this walk I was made an offer of $150,000 to throw the fight. “I just said, ‘no, I can’t do this’.” Why Botha has left it until five days after the fight to make the serious claim is unclear, especially given the controversial nature of the contest. He claims he told a close friend about the alleged offer on his return to the hotel. “As I came into the hotel, he could clearly see that I am very upset. I tell him I need to see him and talk about this. “He said, ‘Fran, if you ever think about doing this I’m going to get on a plane and go back to South Africa because I don’t want to be part of this’. I told him straight, ‘Listen, I’m not doing this. I’m a Christian and I cannot do this’.” The allegation is the latest in an extraordinary series of events around the WBA

International heavyweight title fight, won on points by Williams. The fight was originally scheduled for 12 rounds but controversially cut down to 10 and there have also been claims the final round was 15 seconds short as Williams struggled to remain upright. Williams’ camp have said it was always scheduled for 10 rounds but Botha said he found out only late in the fight. Williams won clearly on points but was rocked late in the fight and many, including Botha, believe the New Zealander wouldn’t have been able to continue for two more rounds. Botha, who reportedly failed a drugs test on the eve of the fight, also claims he had another test on his arrival back in South Africa and it was clear. The Sydney Morning Herald reported the 44-year-old submitted a urine sample on Tuesday last week, and the test revealed the presence of phentermine, a banned stimulant. “I did my drugs test and the results are all clear.” Botha claims the drugs test was performed by a relative of Williams’ manager Khoder Nasser, which Nasser denies. Regardless, a WBA representative said it was unusual for a drugs test to be requested before a fight. Botha claimed Williams’ camp were

scared they would lose, and went to considerable lengths to ensure that didn’t happen. “I wasn’t supposed to win this fight right from the start,” he said. “This is a 44-yearold veteran kicking it to a 27-year-old. He added: “Everything was against me – the drug testing, 12 rounds and then down to 10. It’s like a race horse training every day for 2000 metres and all of a sudden they cut it down 500 metres and the horse is never going to win because it’s not used to it. “In this fight I was planning to finish strongly in [rounds] 11 and 12. “Khoder Nasser is very clever. When we started this thing about one year before Sonny Bill got his injuries, the fight was due to be in South Africa and was agreed for a 10-round bout. That was the old contract. “Later down the road, and when the fight was moved to Australia, I heard it was for the WBA International heavyweight title. I was happy. I didn’t need to sign a new contract because I had a contract with my promoter. I was very excited about it.” Now, however, Botha wants a rematch and is meeting with a WBA representative today to discuss his case. “I want this fight to be declared a no contest.” - APNZ

Ashburton College cruises to victory Tennis girls book place in SI tournament

Photo Supplied

By Jonathan Leask Ashburton College crushed Mount Hutt in the opening round of the Gillette Cup knock-out secondary schools’ cricket competition on Tuesday. Ashburton College came to the fore to put up a big total but it was not needed as Methven was humbled by 156 runs. No toss was required as Mount Hutt wanted to bowl and Ashburton wanted to bat, so a handshake sufficed. Mount Hutt struck early dismissing Harry Ferguson in the opening over but


Ashburton got off to a flying start as the hosts gave away extras, but managed to take regular wickets to have Ashburton 68/5 in the 14th over. Josh Gill batting at three held the innings together with 27 before another two quick wickets had Ashburton at 92/7 in the 21st over. The Ashburton tail then wagged with Aron Martizano making 21, Edze Bierema 18, Patrick Sandrey 20 and Scott Punselie 30 not out as they were dismissed for 195 in the 34th over. Rueben Early did most of the damage for the hosts taking 6/44 off his 9.5

overs, cleaning out the middle order to be on hat-trick and then taking the last three wickets of the innings, while Tyler Blackburn removed the openers and finished with 2/38. In reply Mount Hutt put up little resistance being rolled for 39 in the 16th over. Opener Tim Puckett made 14 as Mount Hutt were 21/3 at one stage before losing their final seven wickets for 18 runs. Martizano cleaned out the tail for figures of 3/10 off his two overs while Punselie was on hattrick in his 2/1 off two overs and Deon Biggs also took two wickets.

The cost of amateurism

f you were possessed of a prodigious sporting talent, a talent which (combined with an equally-prodigious work ethic and a superb management team behind you) allowed you to take out three professional tournaments in the space of a couple of years, an effort which would have boosted your bank account by more than half a million dollars, would you pass up the big bucks and say ‘No thanks, I’m an amateur’? Well, would you? Little Lydia Ko this week produced a stunning performance to take out the New Zealand Open, against opposition that included 34 LPGA players, among them three major winners, that’s to go with her victory in the Canadian Open, often referred to as the fifth women’s major, and the New South Wales Open earlier last year. Along with a string of placings in big tournaments, that would have netted her the tidy sum of $562,000. If she was a professional. Which she isn’t. So why not? The difference between amateur and pro golfers goes

way back, when in the 18th century golf was played by the rich for pleasure, and the ‘professionals’ were the guys who did the work; greenkeeping, caddying, coaching and generally running things, while the gentlemen did their thing on the course. That situation was exported to America, and nobody actually made their living playing the game until Walter Hagen arrived on the scene and won 11 majors in the 1920s and changed the landscape of the game considerably; the pros evolved into those who could pay the mortgage by playing the game. While the class distinction thing has all but disappeared, the amateur/professional gulf remains; this is one game where the lines are still definitively marked out. In most sports nowadays those lines are blurred completely; I’m sure there’s many an old All Black who shake their heads at the big money the current crop are on, after their years of scrimping and saving to go on tours, or just to play the game at all, and getting a pie and a jug at the end of it all.

The vast majority disappear without a trace, stunned by By Steve Devereux the intensity of life on golf’s big stage, and the unbelievMY SHOUT able effort required to get anywhere near the required level. But stratospheric as it may Where did all the money go be, it looks like our Lydia has made that jump. back then I wonder? Lydia Ko’s team has had a Anyway, there are about 60 very careful look at the whole million golfers in the world, business that golf is, the pitand the level of competition falls and dangers that many increases exponentially with have fallen to, and have choevery rise in the ranks; the pros are simply on a different sen to keep their charge from planet to the very best of the the pressures of professionalism; remembering that the amateurs. girl is still only 15 years old. The money-winning pros She will start the Australian make up a minuscule Open tomorrow in the amount of that grand total of esteemed company of world players. no. 1 Yani Tseng, and Hank Haney once said an amateur would need to prac- Michelle Wie, who was Ko’s childhood golfing heroine. tice every day for more than That means the golfing a year for at least 12 hours hierarchy has recognised a day, just to make it on to that Ko has arrived in the top the tour. leagues. In the States, there’s thouIt’s just a pity that the game sands of incredibly talented is behind the times in not youngsters who are going to allowing her to get some tanbe the ‘next big thing’, winning everything in their path, gible reward for her amazing feats to date. until they hit the reality of Happiest people in all this? pro golf. The players who finished secThat’s where they find the ond behind Lydia in her bigold saying is true: there’s gest triumphs; she gets the always someone better out glory, they get the cash. there.

The Mount Hutt College girls’ tennis team of (from left) Hannah Lloyd, Nicole Purdom, Rebecca Robinson and Sarah Ishikawa are South Island bound after taking out the Aoraki Secondary Schools’ Tournament in Timaru on Tuesday. The team claimed a 5-1 win over Timaru Girls’ High School, then drew 3-3 with Ashburton College’s Christal Brosnahan, Larissa Allen, Beth Muir and Shannon Crequer but came out on top in the countback, 33-28. In the final game they beat Roncalli College 4-2 to be the overall winners and book their place in the South Island tournament, which starts in Timaru on March 1.

SCOREBOARD Results Golf Ashburton Golf Club Women’s and nine hole section LGU, Medal, Rnd 1 Sunmeade Trophy, Rnd 1 H E Cook Trophy February 9 and 12 Silver: Nicky Gill, Maryanne Urquhart – 70 Bronze I: Maxine Carter, Hilary Lovett – 66 Bronze II: Alison Hunt – 67, Sheryl Reid – 68 Bronze III: Janice Ackerley – 65, Fairlie Matsinger – 68 on c/b from Kathryn Shaw. Nearest to the Pins: Gabites Ltd: Helen Hawksbym, House of Travel Ashburton: Fiona Williamson, Lynn’s small Salon: Daphne Hinton, Todds of Ashburton: Jenny Mitchell, 2nd Shot to Green: Judy McKeown. Twos: Fiona Williamson – No 8, Maryanne Urquhart – No 4. Nine Hole Golf Marion Marshall Trophy - Stroke February 7 1st Equal Wendy Smith 46–14 –32, Barbara Carter 48–16–32, 3rd Dorothy Knight 51–17–34, 4th Equal Val Ferrier 44–9–35, Carol O’Reilly 51–16–35. Carpet Court 2nd shot closest to pin: Hole 4 - Murray Lister Hole 14 – Annette King.

Mayfield Ladies Golf Opening Day (King Vase) February 12 Val Fleming 106-39-69; Pam Morrison 97-27-70 c/b; Pat Wilson 112-42-70 Lal Mulligan 100-29-71 Nearest the pin 5&14; Johnny Wright Marilyn Cross/Hasting McLeod/Property Brokers 2&11

0-30; Betty Wilson, 31-40+; Alison Vessey Player of the day; Val Fleming.


Tinwald Golf Club

Tinwald Golf Club

Tuesday Ladies Stroke round/ Burrowes Cup, Maree Moore & Mildred Williams February 12 Elaine Pierce Net 59, Ruth Kinvig 64, Marilyn Bennett 67, Di Bell  69 on C/B from Shirley Durry 69, Anne Dwan 70, Lesley Glassey 71 on c/b from Di Wellman 71 Nearest the Pins: No. 6   Stables Family Restaurant   Sally Cain, No 12  Hair by Mac & Maggie  – Shirley Young, No 2  Dairy Business Centre  - Di Bell, No. 16 2nd Shot – Outdoor Adventure – Marilyn Bennett. Two’s - Marilyn Bennett, Di Bell & Sally Cain 9 Hole Competition:  Combined Stableford (Drawn Partners) June Cartwright & Gwen Whipp 38, Pauline Boon & Deb Ellery 37.


Women’s February 19 9am start check in by 8.45am. Starters: M. Kennedy, D. Bell: Cards K. McAuliffe, D. Sharplin Tea Duties: N. Costin am. P. Bishop and D. Wellman pm Stroke/ 2nd Burrowes Cup: 2nd Maree Moore and 2nd Mildred Williams B3 No.1: 9.00: K. McAuliffe, C. Shanks, D. Sharplin 9.05: D. Lowe, P. Bell, S. Durry, 9.10: A. Dwan, M. Smith, P. McAndrew, 9.15: I. Divers, E. Pierce, B. Jackson No4: 9.00: C. Linney, V. Prendergast, D. Wellman, 9.05: J. VanderHeide, J. Peacock, L. Glassey, 9.10: M. Bennett, P. Smith, M. Moore No 10: 9.00: B. O’Neill, M. Colville, S. Vucetich, 9.05: J. Undy, P. McLauchlan, M. Pawsey, 9.10: T. O’Connell, P. Templeton, S. Young. No 13: 9.00: B. Cochrane, P. Bishop, L. Bird, 9.05: V. Cartney, M. Reddecliffe, S. Mee, 9.10. D. Bell, M. Kennedy, B. Harris, V Hampton 9 Holes: 1st Bell Trophy (Stroke) No 10. 9.15: P. Gibson, B. McBride, N. Costin, 9.20: J. Cartwright, J. Moorren, I Ross, No 17: 9.00 J. Johns, S. Williams, N. Burrowes, 9.05; K. Young, M. Sherriff, R. O’Brien, G. Whipp.

Ashburton Bowling Club


Draws Stepping Out Ladies Triples February 18 Morning tea 9am and play 9.30am. Skips entered: Diane Gutberlet, Tinwald 1, Tinwald 2, Noeline MacKenzie, Jo Dennis, Sandra Holdom, Shirley Taylor, Lyn Curd, Gloria Hawkins, Wendy Blackwell, Joan Dutton, Shona Scott, Koa Congdon. (Further entries accepted Ph Anne Gowan 03 3077 277 before Feb 16)

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Murphy fired up 2013 Super 15 for NZ season READER A fired up and refreshed Greg Murphy is eyeing up his first domestic New Zealand title for more than 17 years this season, in the V8 SuperTourers championship starting this weekend. The four-time Bathurst 1000 winner is fully fit and hopes to put the frustrations of 2012 behind him when he finished 28th in the V8 Supercars championship and missed several races due to the relapse of an old back injury after a crash at the Clipsal 500. Murphy was also released by Kelly Racing after two years with the outfit but had a better time of it in the inaugural V8 SuperTourers. Murphy won the first ever V8 SuperTourer race at Hampton Downs last year, finished second in the overall championship and won the V8 SuperTourer endurance series with Jack Perkins. “Being punted off in the last race at the last round within sight of the flag sort of got the whole team’s back up and they are fairly revved up to come out fighting right from the first green light at Hampton Downs next week,” Murphy said. “We were super-competitive at nearly every round last year so there’s no reason why we should not be right on the pace at Hampton Downs. We proved last year the team had a solid understanding of the car very early on and we did not have any reliability issues like some of the other teams. This season it’s all about putting that speed and consistency into a full campaign and showing these young guns there’s life in the old dog yet. It should be a bit of fun.” The 2013 field is bigger and in Murphy’s opinion better than that which began the V8 SuperTourer era a year ago. - APNZ

Mid Canterbury Tennis Open Grade February 16 at Ashburton Trust Tennis Centre A Reserve -12.15pm   Allenton Maroon v Tinwald; Methven White v Methven Purple; Hampstead Blue v Hinds/Longbeach; Hampstead Gold v Hinds/Mayfield; Allenton Gold bye A Grade - 1.30pm  Allenton v Methven; Fairton v Tinwald; Hampstead v Dorie


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ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, February 14, 2013


Guardian Murphy

fired up for nz season P11 |

Warriors name strong line-up Warriors coach Matthew Elliott will field close to his best side for the club’s second pre-season trial match against Penrith in Hamilton on Saturday and has given Elijah Taylor the chance to establish himself at hooker. Elliott fielded a young and inexperienced side in the 42-24 defeat to the Gold Coast last weekend but has rung the changes for the Panthers game. New signings Thomas Leuluai and Dane Nielsen both feature. Leuluai will start in the halves after last playing for the club in 2004 and Nielsen will make his first appearance for the Warriors since winning last year’s NRL title with Melbourne. Elliott has given Taylor the chance to claim the starting hooker’s job in the absence of regular No 9 Nathan Friend, who will miss the start of the season after having further shoulder surgery this Thursday. Taylor has spent time at hooker in a number of NRL games but is more accustomed to playing off the back of the scrum and was viewed as the natural replacement for Micheal Luck, who retired at the end of last season. Pita Godinet and Alehana Mara are other candidates to play at hooker. Shaun Johnson and Feleti Mateo, who played for the NRL All Stars, will also start, as will powerful propping duo Sam Rapira and 2013 Player of the Year Ben Matulino. “We always planned to run with our younger players against the Titans,” Elliott said. “It was a really productive trial for us, giving us a good chance to have a look at our depth. “As our only trial close to home, this match in Hamilton is a step up. We’re able to call on most of our senior players and we’re all looking forward to playing at Waikato Stadium in front of our members and fans. It’s great taking games to places around the country like Hamilton and we hope a huge



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claims he was offered $150,000 to throw fight P11

Kahui leaving NZ for Japan From the Chiefs midfielder Richard Kahui has put an end to the speculation and confirmed he is leaving New Zealand to play rugby in Japan. Kahui will head to Japan to play for the Toshiba club for two seasons at the end of this year’s Super rugby season. “I love being a Chief, but it is no secret that I have had my fair share injuries which have forced me to make some very hard decisions

about my future and make the most of the opportunities while I can,” Kahui said last night. Chiefs’ coach Dave Rennie said Kahui had played more than 50 games for the team and had been an outstanding member of the Chiefs family. “I have been really impressed with him as a man, as a player and as a leader within our group. He has an opportunity to set himself

up for his future and we are fully supportive of what he is doing and hope to get him back for 2015, Rennie said. Kahui has played 17 tests for the All Blacks since making his debut in 2008 and has scored 10 tries. The 27-year-old, who missed the international season last year after shoulder reconstruction – his fourth – is an outstanding test player at either centre or wing


and the All Blacks view him as a critical part of their armoury. The two-year Toshiba deal will enable him to return to New Zealand to play Super rugby in 2015 and possibly push for a World Cup place. The Chiefs head to Mangatainoka for a warm-up game against the Hurricanes on Saturday ahead of the first round of the Super rugby against the Highlanders in Dunedin on February 22. - APNZ

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Give us your caption ... Photo Joseph Johnson 130213-JJ-025

Age group football trials under way crowd turns out for it.” Apart from Friend, Jerome Ropati, who’s working his way back from knee surgery, Russell Packer (bicep) and the club’s other 2012 NRL grand final winner Todd Lowrie, who has returned home following the death of his grandfather. Sione Lousi is out for six months after rupturing the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee against the Titans. Warriors side to play Penrith at Waikato Stadium, Hamilton, on Saturday (4pm): Kevin Locke, Bill Tupou, Dane Nielsen, Konrad Hurrell, Manu Vatuvei, Thomas Leuluai, Shaun Johnson, Sam Rapira, Elijah Taylor, Ben Matulino, Ben Henry, Simon Mannering (c), Feleti Mateo. Interchange: Dominique Peyroux, Jacob Lillyman, Pita Godinet, Alehana Mara, Ngani Laumape, Carlos Tuimavave, Sam Lousi, Sebastine Ikahihifo, John Palavi, Glen Fisiiahi, Sio Siua Taukeiaho, Steve Rapira, Charlie Gubb. - APNZ

Ethan Gilmour, 9, despairs at conceding a goal during the 10th grade boys’ football trial last night. Mid Canterbury FC are holding their trials for the age group teams to play in the Christchurch competitions this season. The 12th, 13th and 14th grade boys kicked things off on Tuesday night at Argyle Park and the 10th and 11th grade boys followed suit last night. The 17th and 18th grade boys have their trials tonight with the girls’ teams getting their turn on Tuesday. The football season kicks off on April 6 for both the Mainland Christchurch and the local junior grade competitions.

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Weepu looking forward to first run of year Piri Weepu will make his first appearance of the year for the Blues tomorrow when they take on the Highlanders in Queenstown in their final pre-season hit-out. The World Cup-winning halfback, who struggled at the franchise last year due to his weight, has shown up in improved condition and said he was looking forward to pulling on the No9 jersey. “It’ll be good to go down there and

have a trot,” Weepu said. “I watched last week’s game and how quick the boys were playing so it’s going to be good, it’s really exciting.” Weepu said he was a lot more motivated to make a difference this year as one of the few experienced players in a young squad. “I’m pretty motivated to make sure I play a bigger role than last year,” he said. “I’ve done a lot of work outside

the camp to get myself in better nick than I was last year. I’ve been trying to maintain that and make sure that when I come into camp I’m not behind the boys. “I want to help out these younger boys a lot more, not just by saying it but by doing it as well. I guess it’s going to be a key role that I’m going to have to take on because the average age in the backline isn’t 27, it’s 21 or 22 so I need to pass

Today’s answers:

on my knowledge to anyone in the backline in terms of guidance and making them understand what it’s like to be a professional rugby player.” Blues head coach Sir John Kirwan said Weepu had been “outstanding” since joining the team. “He’s shown great leadership, great guidance of the young guys and great input into what we’re doing as a team.”  - APNZ

Mystery person: Taranaki head coach Colin Cooper was a longtime loose forward for that province before spending time on the Crusaders coaching staff, and then becoming head coach at the Hurricanes. Quote: AFL’s Terry Wallace Trivia question: Brian Lochore

Matthew Elliott

Your favourite dairy supply store can now be accessed anywhere you are. You can even place an order online. Discover it today. Guardian Weather

Thursday, 14 February 2013




Wa i m a k a r i r i


Map for today
















Compiled by

© Meteorological Service of NZ Limited 2013


For the very latest weather information, including Weather Warnings, visit



Fine with high cloud. Northwesterlies dying out in the morning.

Mainly fine, cloudy periods in the south. Wind at 1000m: W 30 km/h, dying out later. Wind at 2000m: W 40 km/h, easing later.

NZ Today








SUNDAY: Showers and southwesterlies developing early morning.

Midnight Tonight


Wind less than km/h 30


SATURDAY: Morning cloud, then fine. Light winds.



Canterbury High Country




Canterbury Plains

TODAY: Fine and sunny. Light winds. TOMORROW: A few showers developing in the morning. Light winds.



Ashburton Forecast 25


30 to 59

Auckland Hamilton Napier Palmerston North Wellington Nelson Blenheim Greymouth Christchurch Timaru Queenstown Dunedin Invercargill

60 plus

17 12 13 12 14 13 10 12 11 9 11 12 11

Fine at first, but showers developing during the morning, clearing late. Light winds inland, northeasterlies near the coast.


morning min max

fine fine fine fine fine fine fine showers fine fine fine cloudy rain

23 24 26 22 20 23 24 18 25 25 20 20 16

490 West Street, Ashburton, 03 307 6388

Morning cloud then fine. Light winds.


NZ Situation

An unsettled southwest flow over the country gradually eases during tomorrow and Saturday. A ridge moves onto the South Island on Sunday and onto the rest of the country on Monday.

Showers and southwesterlies developing early morning.



FZL: Rising to 3000m

FZL: About 2600m

Showers about the Divide, some spreading east at times. Wind at 1000m: W dying out. Wind at 2000m: W tend S.

SATURDAY Mostly fine, apart from a few morning showers about the Divide. Southerlies.

SUNDAY Becoming cloudy and isolated showers developing. Southerlies.


Fine or becoming fine. Southerlies dying out. Fine or becoming fine. Southerlies dying out.

World Today Adelaide Amsterdam Bangkok Berlin Brisbane Cairns Cairo Calcutta Canberra Colombo Darwin Dubai Dublin Edinburgh Frankfurt Geneva Hobart Hong Kong Honolulu Islamabad Jakarta Johannesburg Kuala Lumpur London Los Angeles Madrid Melbourne Moscow Nadi New Delhi New York Paris Perth Rarotonga Rome San Francisco Seoul Singapore Stockholm Sydney Taipei Tel Aviv Tokyo Washington Zurich

fine 19 snow -4 fine 23 cloudy -2 showers 21 showers 24 cloudy 12 fine 15 fine 11 rain 24 thunder 25 fine 21 showers 5 showers 1 fine -4 snow -9 fine 13 rain 15 showers 20 rain 6 rain 24 fine 15 rain 25 rain -3 fine 9 fine 1 fine 19 cloudy -4 showers 22 showers 9 rain -3 rain -2 cloudy 20 showers 24 rain 2 fine 8 fine -6 rain 24 cloudy -2 showers 19 showers 13 cloudy 11 cloudy 3 showers -1 fine -14

36 3 35 2 27 32 23 31 29 31 33 25 10 8 2 3 21 22 25 19 32 30 34 10 21 15 31 -3 32 25 7 6 29 29 13 18 4 31 0 25 26 23 10 12 0

River Levels


Rakaia Fighting Hill (NIWA) at 1:45 pm, yesterday Nth Ashburton at 2:00 pm, yesterday Sth Ashburton at 9:45 am, yesterday Rangitata Klondyke at 9:00 am, yesterday

120.3 5.44 7.32 54.3

Source: Environment Canterbury

Canterbury Readings

to 4pm yesterday


Ashburton Airport


Temperatures °C

Rainfall mm

min grass 16 hour Feb 2013 min to date to date

Wind km/h

max gust




22.6 94.4

S 39

Christchurch Airport 18.8 12.5



20.8 58.0

S 52


18.4 74.0

S 41

Average Average

Timaru Airport


















Tides, Sun, Moon and Fishing m am 3 3


Thursday 9 noon 3


9 pm am 3



9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


Saturday 9 noon 3


9 pm

2 1 0


7:41 1:52 8:08 2:18 8:32 2:45 9:02 3:11 9:27 3:40 The times shown are for the Ashburton River mouth. For the Rangitata river mouth subtract 16 minutes and for the Rakaia river mouth subtract 6 minutes.

Rise 6:50 am Set 8:43 pm


Bad fishing

Rise 11:01 am Set 10:17 pm

First quarter

18 Feb 9:32 am ©Copyright OceanFun Publishing Ltd.

Rise 6:52 am Set 8:42 pm


Bad fishing

Rise 12:05 pm Set 10:47 pm

Full moon

26 Feb 9:28 am


Rise 6:53 am Set 8:40 pm


Good fishing Rise 1:07 pm Set 11:20 pm

Last quarter

5 Mar 10:54 am

Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa


Ashburton Guardian, Thursday, February 14, 2013

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