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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

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Visa rules change hits local truckies BY SUE NEWMAN


Removing truck drivers from New Zealand’s immigration skills shortage list will cost Andrew Quigley half of his workforce. The Government has signalled it will remove truck driving from the skills shortage list and that will plunge the transport industry into chaos Mr Quigley said. “This is going to create a massive problem. There’s a hell of a shortage now. We’re three short for the coming season and for them to make it even harder to get staff, it’s going to create a real problem.” He employs drivers from England, Ireland and Scotland across his transport and contracting businesses. Without access to a pool of skilled immigrant labour he knows he’ll struggle to fill his labour pool. “This all comes back to growth in the industry, it’s unreal. There are not the staff around. These people are keen, they’re skilled and there are just not the people here to meet demand.”

Several of Mr Quigley’s staff spend six months working in New Zealand and six months in their home country; for him that’s a perfect employment situation. They arrived in New Zealand with the necessary licenses and were motivated to work, he said. Rural Transport manager Jim Crouchley described the change as “madness”. He struggles to fill vacancies locally and has Irish employment agencies with people who are highly skilled and keen to work in New Zealand. Refusing to match those skills with New Zealand’s job vacancies was crazy, Mr Crouchley said. “This will mean big problems for us. We need these guys in New Zealand; the experience is there and the jobs are here.” Estimates are that more than 400 overseas truck drivers will have to leave New Zealand. Immigration New Zealand says truck driving has been on the list for a number of years and the industry has had time to respond to the skills shortage by recruiting and training Kiwis.

Small shovel, big moment It’s a small shovel full of soil today but the earth that mayor Angus McKay is turning with Ashburton Stadium trust chair Maurice Myers and EA Networks board chair John Tavendale, signals the start of work on the Ashburton District’s $32 million stadium FULL STORY


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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

5 BITES 1 World’s oldest penguin

Five things that may interest you




Birdland zoo in England claims to have the oldest penguin in the world. Missy the King penguin is estimated to be 36 years old and lives at the zoo in Bourtonon-the-water in Gloucestershire. The 36 years old is equal to 108 human years, the TV3 website reports.



Police aid guitarist and girlfriend

Greymouth gone A new brand for the Grey District Council banishes the dreary word Greymouth to the history books. Instead, the district will be promoted as Mawhera, Heart of the West Coast, in a nod to the original name for the town site. The brand was adopted at the monthly council meeting last night. It is the product of numerous meetings of the council-led economic development liaison group, which decided that Greymouth had negative connotations.

Las Vegas police are investigating whether employees went too far for reportedly helping the guitarist of Guns N’ Roses execute a grand romantic gesture. Daren Jay “DJ” Ashba posted a photo on Instagram Saturday of himself and his girlfriend, Colombian actress and model Nathalia Henao, wearing helicopter headgear. He thanked the Las Vegas police department for “the most amazing” private helicopter tour over the city, saying it ended in a field at police headquarters, where he proposed amid roses and “a bottle of the bubble stuff.”

5 Cash with care

Top pole dancer A central North Island pole dancer is one of six vying for the top spot in the New Zealand Amateur Pole Performer national finals in Wellington on Saturday. Lauren Devlin, a 22-year-old dance teacher who won Taihape’s Got Talent last year, said dance had been part of her life since she was two. “I was very small and I danced all the time - and I mean all the time. No one could stop me.”

Men using street prostitutes in Christchurch have been advised to carry cash. In two recent cases prostitutes working in the city have accompanied their clients to money machines for payment and scored more than their stated fee, police said. Detective Sergeant Dorothy McPhail said the prostitutes “shouldersurfed” to learn their clients’ PINs while they were withdrawing money, then later stole their bank cards and helped themselves to a bonus fee.

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■ On The Couch: Mythbusters, Prime, 7.30pm. We’ve all seen how James Bond’s Aston Martin is capable of dispatching any number of weapons to kill off the baddies. Could a car work like that in the real world, however? Mythbusters find out. ■ Out of Town: Meditation and Buddhism,

Project Lyttelton, 54A Oxford Street, Christchurch. Join Buddhist nun Kelsang Luma for this weekly drop-in session where you can learn the simple skills required to meditate. The meditation is also followed by a talk on Buddhist wisdom. Classes are held on Wednesday evenings

from 7.30-9pm. Suggested donation per class: $10.00. ■ On the horizon: Opera Favourites - Mid Canterbury Choir, Ashburton Trust Event Centre, September 21. Enjoy excerpts from well-known operas including Carmen, William Tell, and La Traviata.

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News Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ashburton Guardian



Social agencies back abuse reforms By Myles HuMe

Placing heavy restrictions on people suspected of child abuse has divided Mid Canterbury social agencies. Social Development Minster Paula Bennett announced controversial proposed law changes yesterday to stub out New Zealand’s concerning child abuse problem, which saw more than 50 children die in the past five years because of extreme abuse. The changes include allowing High and District Court judges to impose restraining orders on people tried over serious offences against children, even if they are not convicted of the offence. South Canterbury Women’s

Refuge manager Dawn RangiSmith backed the move, saying “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”. “How did you come to get in the district court in the first place? There’s a lot of hoops to jump through before it gets there. I don’t think we should be holding anything back, no excuses and no loop holes – we need to start somewhere to deal with it.” However, Ashburton Presbyterian Support regional manager Jackie Girvan said the court would have to tread carefully, as people sometimes used the abuse card “maliciously”. She said it would particularly make men vulnerable to allega-

tions of child abuse. The proposed changes would also shift the onus on to extremely abusive parents to prove they can keep custody of their child, something that Ms RangiSmith strongly backs. Although it may place more pressure on agencies like Women’s Refuge - who run programmes to help with domestic violence - she said it would encourage parents to work hard to maintain custody of their child. “You prove to us that you can actually look after this child? We would say ‘tell me what you would do if you’re child is yelling and screaming, prove to me that you have a good strategy in place’,” she said.


Possible restrictions on suspected abusers Parents would have to prove themselves fit More rigorous screening for people working with children Better communication/reporting between five ministries

Agencies would then provide recommendations to Government departments about a parents’ ability, she said. Ms Bennett said the 376,000 people who work in industries that require vetting to work with children, including teachers, would be subject to more rigorous screening from police and other agencies.

Authorities in the Ministries of Police, Justice, Education, Health and Social Development will all have performance expectations on the reporting of child abuse, and look to better equip frontline staff to coordinate a child abuse case. The legislation will be introduced to Parliament later this month.


Solid base for new stadium By sue NewMaN

When a spade full of soil was turned over on a block of land off River Terrace yesterday, it signalled the beginning of what will become the largest community facility built in the Ashburton District. Yesterday mayor Angus McKay got down and dirty on the site of the EA Networks Centre, shovelling shingle in a gesture that indicated work on the district’s new aquatic centre and sports stadium is about to begin. The complex is anticipated to cost about $32 million, with $5 million plus of this raised from within the district by the Ashburton Stadium Trust. It will be constructed by Naylor Love with local company ACL contracting already completing ground work on the site. Levelling the site had consumed about 7000 cubic metres of shingle from the Lake Hood extension, ACL chief executive Gary Casey said. This work had been completed over Retired council democracy manager John Rollinson (left) checks out the the past month, with the base built up Photo Donna Wylie 130813-DW-090 and compacted in layers, to provide a early works with council CEO Brian Lester.




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solid platform for construction work, he said. Naylor Love site manager Peter Taylor anticipates his crew will begin work on the complex next week, laying foundations for the main body of the stadium and the pool complex. The stadium is due for completion in December next year and is scheduled to open in late January or early February, 2015. Mayor Angus McKay said he was confident the stadium would be completed on time – weather willing. “This is my dream child; this is good. There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re participating in the pool or watching action on court,” he said. The stadium will open with four indoor courts and a four pool complex. It will also have a gym, a sports house and a cafeteria. Provision has been made for the covered court area to be extended in the future and for a range of outdoor sports to eventually relocate to the site. It will be accessed off both River Terrace and Smallbone Drive.


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Ashburton Guardian

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Future grant pool to grow by $1m BY SUE NEWMAN


When the Ashburton Trustowned Somerset House is debt free, a pool of about $1 million will be available to the community in grants each year. Currently the trust returns money from its gaming machines through the Lion Foundation, but its longterm plan is to increase its funding ability

through rentals from Somerset House. Trust chief executive Giles Beal said this will increase progressively to $1 million as debt is repaid over the coming 12 years. “It’s a longterm asset that is great for the community and will allow us to give money through this charitable organisation.” The trust returns around 40 per cent of its gaming machine

profits through the Lion Foundation to charitable organisations around the Ashburton District but there is no requirement for licensing trusts to return any of their profits to their communities. In Ashburton, however, the trust does make a number of grants from its trading profits each year to organisations that do not meet the charities cri-

teria. “When the board makes those decisions, however, they always look at the needs of our businesses. “It’s a balancing act between maintaining our assets and donations that can’t be met through the Lion Foundation,” Mr Beal said. Examples of the trust making grants from its trading profits are its regular support of the

Mid Canterbury Rugby Union where the $27,000 it gives is used as a branding opportunity and similar branding opportunities that come through grants to facilities such as the EA Networks Centre and the Ashburton Trust Event Centre. Since its inception in 1950, the Ashburton Trust has given more than $14 million to the Ashburton community.


Working holiday just the ticket for builder James BY SUE NEWMAN


For Irish builder-come-truck driver James Hannon the opportunity to work in New Zealand was a Godsend. With unemployment running at an all-time high in Ireland, when he had the chance to apply for a visa to work in New Zealand, he grabbed it and applied for a working holiday visa. He’s been in New Zealand for two years and he’s spent thousands of dollars renewing visas so he can stay. Because he’s both a qualified builder and a truck driver he hopes he’ll escape the rewrite of the essential job skills list that will see hundreds of truckies sent home. Like his employer Andrew Quigley, Mr Hannon cannot understand why truck drivers are being axed from the Government’s skills shortage list. “I came here for six months and I’m still here. I applied for my visa and within five days I’d gone. I hopped on a plane, didn’t know where I was coming to and just got picked up at the airport.” New Zealand has too much work and too few people to do the jobs, Mr Hannon said, but

for overseas workers wanting to come and stay, visa renewals were an expensive nightmare. He’s keeping his fingers crossed that his building qualifications will ensure he stays, but he knows several of his mates might be on a plane home after the skills list changes in February. “It’s already tough and it’s going to get harder and harder.


It just seems crazy. Over half of our staff are from overseas because you just can’t get drivers here. It’s getting harder and harder to get into the country and there’s more and more work, there’s work to spare.” Several of his friends were back home in Ireland or Scotland driving for the northern hemisphere harvest and were planning to come back to New

Zealand for the summer. For them, the law change could be life changing, Mr Hannon said. “Doing this is hurting your economy. What we make, we spend here. We work hard and we spend our money here but that’s just not part of the consideration. There are dozens of us here (in Ashburton) and there’s still work to spare for truck and tractor drivers.”

Irish immigrant James Hannon is hoping the removal of truck driving as an essential job skill in New Zealand won’t mean he’s on the next plane home. PHOTO DONNA WYLIE 130813-DW-071

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ashburton Guardian 5


Pete’s new dog ears make life easier BY MICHELLE NELSON MICHELLE.N@THEGUARDIAN.CO.NZ

Pete White-Driver has a new set of ears –they are droopy and hairy, and came with four legs and a tail! This week the profoundly deaf Ashburton man became the first in Mid Canterbury to acquire a hearing dog companion. Fourteen-month-old Tui, a King Charles cavalier spaniel, travelled down from New Plymouth with Hearing Dogs New Zealand trainer Terry Darby. Mr Darby will spend the next few days working with Mr White-Driver and Tui. The charitable organisation matches dogs to people, according to their lifestyles and preferences of breeds and size. While the dogs cost $13,500 to train there is no cost to those needing their services. “We don’t have dogs sitting around waiting – we source them to fit the requirements of each person,” Mr Darby said. “Some people want big dogs, some medium and some small –

some have allergies to dog hair and want non-shedding dogs.” When Mr White-Driver and his wife Noeline had decided on a medium-sized dog, eightweek-old Tui was selected, but her training didn’t start until she was eight months old. Yesterday she was already on the job work, signalling the arrival of visitors at the door. Industrial deafness had taken its toll on Mr White-Driver’s hearing before Meniere’s disease struck two years ago wiping out his ability to hear at all. While he is booked to have cochlear implant surgery in a fortnight, he will not wear the device all the time. Hearing aids and implants can become uncomfortable and wearers often remove them when at home. “She will make my life much easier – I can’t hear the phone or anyone at the door, I can’t even hear smoke alarms,” Mr White-Driver said. “I could just sit here oblivious to everything.” When she hears a sound she

has been trained to respond to by gently scratching her companion to get his attention, then leads him to the source. Tui will accompany Mr White-Driver when he leaves the house and can legally enter shops and restaurants, and travel on public transport and planes. When out and about, she wears a yellow jacket with the words hearing dogs for deaf people printed

on it. In addition to letting people know Mr White-Driver is deaf, it helps initiate conversation, reducing the isolation often experienced by profoundly deaf people.


College looks for further improvement BY MYLES HUME


Ashburton College’s NCEA results are gradually improving, but its principal Grant McMillan admits they are not where he wants them to be. The college’s results were up against schools from across the country in a mass publication of NCEA data earlier this week, where Mid Canterbury’s biggest school failed to reach the national average and did not match with comparative schools. “I’m pleased we are making progress and improvements and I’m proud of what the staff are

doing to achieve that . . . we’re aware we are still not where we want to be and we are committed to getting there - the board have confirmed that with ERO as well,” he said. Ashburton College improved in all levels compared with its 2011 results. It saw a 74.2 per cent pass rate in Level 1 (up 0.6%), 78.3 per cent in Level 2 (up 0.4%) and 69.1 per cent in Level 3 (up 5.9%). However, that was below the national average and considerably lower than fellow decile 7 schools and Lincoln High

Ashburton College

National average

Decile 7 average

74.2% 78.3% 69.1%

78.3% 83.3% 75.9%

83.9% 86.8% 77.8%

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

School (decile 9) which the college compared itself with. “The goal is to get at or above those levels,” he said. Mr McMillan said “there were some statistical affects with some of the students on the roll” and high employment in Mid Canterbury meant some pupils left early to take up apprenticeships.

Statistics show the college has a diverse 1177 pupil population, with six per cent being Pacifica, 10 per cent Maori, and 77 per cent European/Pakeha. However, he said the college had made steady improvement with its high priority learners, including Pacifica and Maori pupils, and the year 13 cohort

Lincoln High School (Decile 9) 90.5% 94.7% 80.2% showed significant improvement. Mr McMillan said the results were important, but parents often based their decisions on school environments, available opportunities and proximity of schools. The college is expecting an Education Review Office (ERO) report in the next week.



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News 8

Ashburton Guardian

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


In brief Land compensation Compensation for homeowners whose properties are acquired for public works will be increased under changes announced today. The Public Works Act 1981 will be amended to make land acquisition and compensation fairer and more efficient, Land Information Minister Maurice Williamson said. Previously, when properties were acquired by the Government for significant public works such as motorways, homeowners were paid the market value, plus an additional $2000 solatium payment to compensate. Mr Williamson said the $2000 figure was set in 1975 and was now too low to fairly compensate landowners. The solatium payment will increase up to a maximum of $50,000 depending on the perceived level of disruption.

Police seek man who pulled imitation gun By Myles HuMe

Ashburton police want to identify a man they say pointed an imitation pistol at passersby near The Shed on July 28. Constable Nick Marshall, of Ashburton, said the Polynesian

male, believed to be about 20 years old and six feet tall, is understood to be responsible for an attempted robbery when he pointed the fake gun at people near the nightclub, asking them for money about 1am. In the security shot above, he

is in the centre of the frame, wearing a black shirt with white decoration and has his hands in his pockets. Mr Marshall said the man backed off short time later, and did not get away with any stolen items.

“Obviously everyone was a bit shaken up by this so we are just trying to identify this man.” Mr Marshall said anyone with information to identify the man could contact him at the Ashburton Police Station on (03) 3078400.



Mothers take PM to task

Stray cats get ID treatment

Prime Minister John Key used a visit to the National-held Waitaki electorate yesterday to push the Government’s good news line on issues such as economic growth and unemployment. But if he was expecting nothing more than tea and savoury scones when he met members of the Te Ara shared pathway group in Oamaru, he soon had those notions dispelled by 19-year-old single mum Alora Munro. Mr Key met six young mothers at the Orwell St Chapel as part of a whistle-stop tour of South Canterbury and North Otago, but was quickly embroiled in a discussion on the cost of food, rent, child care and the daily difficulties of being a parent. Miss Munro said although she had asked some hard questions of the Prime Minister, the discussion was not all a one-way street. “He seemed to be taking it on, but he asked a lot of the right questions too, I feel.” Miss Munro said young mums were not looking for a handout from the Government, but they did want it to provide “better stepping stones” so they could be the best possible parents. - APNZ

By GaBrielle stuart

Police have received several tipoffs concerning possible assets belonging to Michael Swann, as they continue to investigate the ownership of a luxury car stashed in a container. Last week a car - believed to be a Rolls Royce - was discovered following an attempt to move a shipping container from Port Otago’s Dunedin yard. Detective Senior Sergeant John Ferguson said police were still continuing with their inquiries, and it was too early to confirm whether the vehicle belonged to the convicted fraudster. “At the moment we are actively working through an investigation plan to determine the ownership of the vehicle,” he said.

Net scammers

Stray cats in Mid Canterbury beware, as new policies around the trapping and micro-chipping of strays are rolled out this week. The Mid Canterbury Animal Shelter discussed the policies in a public meeting on Monday at the Ashburton Senior Centre, and is wasting little time in putting them into action. Five cats are waiting to be the first to be micro-chipped this week, as part of a new scheme that will see all cats that come into the shelter chipped and added to a database before they are rehomed. It isn’t the only change, as cat traps have been purchased and are ready to be put into action in the Ashburton Domain and other areas where stray cats are causing a nuisance in the district. Mid Canterbury Animal Shelter president Dawn Norn said that the policy changes were small steps to address the growing problem of stray cats. “We’re hoping to see more and more local people come on board, because it is a community problem and it could become very serious if we don’t do something as a community as a whole.” One of the big issues discussed at the meeting was around the live capture of stray cats, and what to do with

Fraudster’s stash

New Zealanders lost more than $4.4 million to internet scams in the last year as cyber criminals became better organised, more resourceful and turned to blackmail. More than 10 victims lost $100,000 or more; one person was duped into handing over $1.1 million to a scammer. NetSafe is warning people to be suspicious of any unexpected emails promising large sums. In the past year, the largest losses recorded were to inheritance and government grant-type scams where the victim was persuaded to part with money before they could receive their windfall. More than $1.5 million was handed over in these schemes.

BB shooter in court

them once in captivity. “One solution is to catch, neuter and release the cats, but we can’t release a cat if it has Aids for example, and as it stands we can’t afford to run those tests.” The other option is to euthanise captured strays, but that brought its own challenges for the shelter as the often feral cats must be held for at

least five days before being euthanised. With vet bills for the centre already soaring to close to $1000 per month, she said that the shelter couldn’t fund a fix for the stray cat problem alone. The next public meeting on the policies will be held at the end of September, while a submission will be made to council after local body elections.

A Tauranga man has narrowly avoided jail after he admitted firing a BB pistol at a group of schoolchildren with pellets hitting an 11-year-old Mount Intermediate student in the ankle. Aaron Luke Wilton-Jones, 19, who earlier pleaded guilty to charges of unlawful possession of a firearm and assault with a firearm, was sentenced to three months’ home detention and 60 hours’ community work when he appeared in Tauranga District Court yesterday. The charges stem from Wilton-Jones’ actions on the afternoon of June 17. About 3.15pm while driving, Wilton-Jones and his alleged co-offender spotted groups of schoolchildren and each took turns shooting at them.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ashburton Guardian 9



Amos gang celebrate 65 years married

Most Kiwis content with their lot in life

By GaBRielle StuaRt

When Ian Amos met Molly at the age of sixteen, he thought she was a “very attractive young lady” - and more than half a century later he still looks at her the same way. They celebrate 65 years of marriage today, and he held her hand yesterday as they talked about the day they met. He was a budding hockey

player, she played basketball, and the two teams happened to share a bus on the long trip from Ashburton to Westport. Several hours of conversation over the drive led to trips to local dances, and in 1948 the two were married. That was only the beginning for the pair, who have since built three homes in the district, moved across the country and back, and brought up a

family that now numbers 23. Mrs Amos said that the key to their long and happy relationship was love, consideration and understanding. “We work together and we love one another.” Mr Amos said that it was both love for one another and for their family that kept them strong over the years. “There’s a lack of love that’s the problem today, people don’t

love each other and often don’t even love themselves. “None of our children need to belong to a gang, because we have the Amos gang. A very loving and caring gang, that one.” Although now scattered around the country and the world, the family gathered in Ashburton over the weekend to celebrate the anniversary with the couple.

Ian and Molly Amos’ grandchildren knew exactly how the pair would like their 65th wedding anniversary today celPhoto Gabrielle Stuart 130813-GS-001 ebrated, arranging bouquets and corsages for the pair.


Caregiver admits abusing toddler A Rotorua woman has admitted ill-treating a toddler in her care, including leaving him on a toilet for up to five hours and restricting his liquid intake to dangerous levels to prevent him from wetting his pants. Rosemary Anne Adams, 55, pleaded guilty in the Rotorua District Court this week to assaulting a child aged between 6 months and 2 years and 10 months old. She also admitted a charge of intentionally striking the toddler with her hands,

force-feeding him, leaving him on a toilet for excessive periods and restricting his fluid intake which was likely to cause injury, namely bruising to his body and failure of body organs - such conduct being a major departure from the standard of care to be reasonably expected. The offending occurred between May 2010 and February this year. According to the police summary of facts, the toddler’s mother gave her child to Adams

when he was about 6 weeks old as she was recovering from the birth. She then began working and Adams eventually became the child’s full-time caregiver. The police summary of facts said Adams would use a spoon to force food into the boy’s mouth then hold his mouth closed. She would then hit his cheek until he swallowed. Often this would cause him to choke. If the child didn’t swallow, she would hit him on his head or his legs. Adams would also hit him

around his head, legs or bottom yelling at him to stop crying, continuing to hit him until he stopped crying. Because the child would rebel at meal times, Adams asked other people who lived at her house to help, instructing them to hold the child while she forced the food in. Adams also encouraged the young girl to hold the child’s nose while he was being fed. Adams was remanded on bail for sentencing on October 29.

By ReBecca Quilliam Most New Zealanders say they live a contented life despite barely half of them saying they have enough or more than enough money to pay the bills, according to a new survey. Findings from Statistics New Zealand’s General Social Survey showed having good health, relationships, housing, and enough money strongly influenced how satisfied respondents were with their lives. Last year, one-in-five of the 8500 respondents said they had good health, enough money, good housing and didn’t feel lonely. Nearly all those people (98 per cent) were satisfied or very satisfied with their lives overall. On the other hand, 1 in 20 New Zealanders said they had neither good health nor enough money nor good housing, and said they had felt lonely in the past four weeks. Yet just over half (55 per cent) of those people were satisfied or very satisfied with their lives overall. Just over half the population (52 per cent) had enough money to pay for everyday items such as accommodation, food, clothing and other necessities, the survey found. Aucklanders were the least likely to say they had enough money. About 47 per cent of people living in the Auckland region said they had more than enough or enough money, compared with 58 per cent living in Wellington or Canterbury. The survey’s manager Philip Walker said despite that, the majority of respondents felt satisfied with their lives. “There’s more to life than just money,” he said. - APNZ


South African couple raise funds to fight fat case By KuRt BayeR A South African immigrant who faces deportation for being “too fat” has launched a public appeal to help raise cash to fight his rare case. Albert Buitenhuis, 50, and wife Marthie, 47, emigrated from Pretoria to Christchurch six years ago and quickly got full-time work in their respective catering professions at a

local restaurant. But since applying for permanent residency more than two years ago, Mr Buitenhuis’ 130kg bulk has held him back - despite losing 30kg in recent years. Immigration New Zealand (INZ) rejected the application on May 1, saying that because of his obesity, as well as having a knee injury, that he may place too big a strain on the health system.

INZ’s criteria decrees that an applicant’s body mass index (BMI) must be under 35, but Mr Buitenhuis’s BMI is 40, which makes him clinically obese. The couple appealed the decision, desperate to stay in their newfound homeland. Mr Buitenhuis said he was “stunned” by the decision. Now, the couple are awaiting a final decision from Associate Immigration Minister Nikki

Kaye on whether they have to go back home. But they worry that the costly battle to stay here will leave them financially crippled, even if they are allowed to stay. They’ve not been allowed to work since May 2, and were forced to leave their Christchurch home. Now they’ve started a Facebook campaign to try and fund their battle. - APNZ

Albert Buitenhuis

Opinion 10

Ashburton Guardian

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Adams just keeps on going Coen Lammers EDITOR


here is Valerie Adams going to stop? The 28-year-old Aucklander yesterday claimed her fourth world title in Moscow on top of her two Olympic and two Commonwealth titles, and has given no indication of slowing down. With shot putters often getting to their prime in their 30s, Adams is likely to be around for some time to come and has the potential to surpass Sir Peter Snell as our greatest athlete of all time. With the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro only three years away and Adams still only being 35 at the 2020 Games she has the potential to end her career with a staggering four Olympic titles, a handful of world titles and a few more Commonwealth titles. It may be hard for many to accept Valerie Adams as the most successful athlete ahead of the Sir Peter, who was New Zealand’s Athlete of the Century, as the shot put does not have the aura and fascination this country has with middle-distance running. Still, that does not take anything away from Adams’ performances and her longevity. The Aucklander has been competing with the world’s best since winning silver at the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester and has matured into the dominant force in world of shot put for nearly a decade. Sir Peter Snell won his three Olympic titles and two Commonwealth titles in a four-year span before he decided to pursue a career that actually generated an income, while Adams was born in an age where sport has become a prosperous, full-time career. It is hard to compare the two eras or the two athletes, but there is no discussion that both are the best of their generation. Adams’ legacy will go beyond her medals and also be about her longevity. While the public witnesses her moments of glory, we have little comprehension of the effort, motivation and determination it takes to get up every morning to fine-tune one famous throwing action for more than 12 years. You have to wonder how long she can sustain her motivation, but if she can, there will more to celebrate for New Zealand sporting fans.

YOUR VIEW Foootpath dangers Through your column I would like to mention that the simple task of walking on our footpaths can sometimes be not a so simple task. It is the Doggy Do’s that one has to manoeuvre around which of as late there seems to be more of. It usually is laid down neatly in the middle of the footpath so catches the unwary every time and necessitates the clearing of the soles of your shoes at walk’s end. Two is the overhanging trees of hedges, these must be a real curse to those whom navigate our footpaths. Does the council not have a general inspector looking out for these issues anymore? And finally, the actual condition of some of the footpaths

can make walking difficult; such as the edges of the patches on the patches subsiding to make good little ankle twisters. In other places where contractors have cut away hot mix ready to put in another patch and have not erected any warning barriers to also catch the unwary. The unwary will also need to watch for the Lichen on a damp day that seems to grow out of control on our footpaths and roads. J & D Bruce

Jumps deaths How many more horses must suffer and die before New Zealand officials join the rest of the civilised world and put an end to jumps racing? Two more horses are dead, having paid with their lives at Te

CRUMB by David Fletcher

Aroha on Friday. St Picasso fell after apparently bursting an artery and Ted’ll Do fractured his leg and was killed on the track. The race meeting’s steward notes list a litany of serious issues: Horses stumbled and fell, ran into each other and into fences, and landed awkwardly. One horse suffered a tendon injury and another came up lame. A rider was warned for excessive whipping. Forcing horses to run at break-neck speeds while attempting to jump over multiple hurdles practically guarantees breakdowns. Forget the finish line – this deadly pastime is all about the bottom line, and the horses are little more than disposable equipment. It’s 2013: The time to put an end to the carnage is long overdue.

Claire Fryer, Campaign Co-ordinator PETA Australia

Rubbished As an early morning walker I am always surprised and disgusted at the amount of rubbish in McDonald’s/Harvey Norman car park. Come on Maccas, how about putting more rubbish bins around the car park to encourage tidy Kiwis. Early morning walker (Text message)

In the dark Another week and the light in Suffolk Street still not fixed - do we have to wait another week? Sick of asking for it to be fixed! (Text message)


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Stock water a challenge for us all Angus McKay



fficient use of our precious water resources is essential for the continued sustainable development of our district and enhancement of our river. Travelling through the district, we can see what farmers are doing to use water more efficiently. Irrigation schemes are piping their networks to reduce water loss resulting in efficiencies that have enabled further irrigation development without the need to take more water from our rivers. The council has provided stock water services for over 130 years. With over 2400 kilometres of race network it is largest scheme in Canterbury. It provides water to 223,000ha of land and 1800 properties through a race network 2400km long. The water is used for stock and in many cases also for domestic use. This scheme has served our district well but questions are rightly being raised as to whether it can continue in its current form. We must find ways to ensure the scheme provides what we need in the 21st century and change is inevitable. Farmers’ needs are changing. With moves from dry stock to dairy and from race-fed border dyke irrigation to in-ground water and spray units many farmers find stock water races hinder their ability to farm efficiently. Many have applied to have races closed. Over the past 10 years more than 1000 kilometres of races have been closed. This has been great for the farmers who no longer need the water but is

causing problems of its own. As the network reduces so the number of properties paying for the network has reduced. This has increased the cost of providing the service to those still needing it. As the cost increases more farmers will decide they can do without the service. We need to find ways to deliver water to those who need it at a price they can afford. Our stock water network takes 4000 litres per second from the Ashburton River. Council needs to look at how it can use water more efficiently. The council has been looking at how it can play its part in the sustainable future of the district. Before we can look at any changes we need to understand what users of the stock water network require now and in the future. In 2012 council commissioned an investigation of our stock water scheme. The study found that stock consume 4 per cent of water taken and 5 per cent is used for domestic purposes. This means 90 per cent is either used for moving the water around or is lost through the race network. A survey of stock water users is a first step to determine current and future requirements. Survey forms were sent to over 2000 properties and 1530 responses received. Farmers were asked about their current use of the stock water service and whether they expect this to change in the future. This information is now being analysed to see what options for change are possible and which of these might be given priority. For some farmers, where inground water is simply not a viable option, the continuation of the stock water service is likely to be extremely important. Others may have alternatives that provide better outcomes for them as farmers and for the

Ashburton Guardian 11

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Today’s online poll question Q: Would you rely solely on NCEA results when choosing your child’s high schoool?

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We must find ways to ensure the stock water scheme provides what we need in the 21st century and change is inevitable. for other uses. Some unrequired district as a whole in terms of water must be returned to the the overall economic, social and Ashburton River so we can environmental benefits. enjoy a healthier river. Further In November council will water saved could be used to begin an ecological survey of increase irrigated land in the the stock water network to find district, increasing productivity, out how important the race network is to the district’s envi- providing jobs and improving economic returns. ronmental wellbeing. Over the This is a challenge the whole years the network has become district will need to come to home to range of fish, insects grips we will need to make and other life and we need to decisions that are best for our understand how important this current and future generations. is and what effects changes to the race network might have. Angus McKay is the We have enormous potential Mayor of the Ashburton to use this water in more efDistrict ficient ways and free up water

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Business 12 Ashburton Guardian

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Restrictions a step closer By Brian Fallow

restrictions on a three-month rolling basis. The Reserve Bank has moved a Deputy governor Grant step closer to curbing the low- Spencer said restrictions on equity housing loans that banks high loan-to-value ratio (LVR) can make. residential mortgages could It released its response yeshelp dampen excessive house terday to banks’ submissions price growth in periods when on technical issues the policy credit growth was boosting would create. housing demand beyond housThe changes envisaged are ing supply. minor. “In so doing they can reduce Banks would have a longer the risk of a rapid correction in transitional period of six house prices and the economic months, to reflect the fact that and financial instability that in some cases their existing would ensue.” pipeline of pre-approved loans, An “indicative” illustration which are commonly good for the Reserve Bank offers of six months, could make comhow the scheme would work is pliance within the first three that banks would be required months impossible without to limit the proportion of breaching those undertakings loans with LVRs over 80 per to would-be borrowers. cent (or deposits of less than Thereafter the larger banks 20 per cent ) to 12 per cent of will have to comply with the new lending and LVRs over 90

Guardian Shares & Investments NEW ZEALAND SHARE MARKET

70 135.5 515 3440 99 322 296 528 585 167 970 364 823 694 409 105 56 475 87 246 270 118 1030 319 129 227 308 86 136 212 1480 103.5 138 89 279 686 136 528 411 252 309 230 173 485 721 273 142 380 3595 1608

Last Daily Volume sale move ’000s

70 135.5 515 3350 99 320 294 523 580 167 970 363 822 693 408 104.5 56 475 86 245 266 117 1030 319 129 226 307 84 136 210 1450 103.5 137.5 86 273 685 136 527 410 252 308 229.5 173 485 721 272 142 380 3550 1605

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98.5 736.03 5.3 44.18 523.48 1,914.2 398.01 153.66 61.46 131.84 58.69 1,114.6 3,542.4 1,643.3 164.83 286.06 2,302.0 19.81 67.79 89.87 358.9 284.06 14.03 66.68 39.51 8,636.5 77.87 59.31 416.5 50.88 73.56 637.64 372.94 41.25 18.5 666.49 151.03 460.84 733.93 194.28 958.44 4,233.6 20.0 262.31 7.485 143.88 636.93 21.5 102.89 44.35

NZX 50 index last 4 weeks 4610 4590 4570 4550 4530 4510

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A2 Corp ATM 69 135 Air NZ AIR 511 AMP AMP 3350 ANZ Banking Gr ANZ 98.5 Argosy Prop Tr ARG 319 Auckland Intl Apt AIA 294 Chorus CNU 523 Contact Energy CEN Diligent BM Services DIL 580 166.5 DNZ Prop Fund DNZ 966 Ebos Gr EBO 363 F&P Healthcare FPH 821 Fletcher Building FBU Fonterra Sh’ders Fund FSF 692 408 Freightways FRE 104.5 Goodman Prop Tr GMT 55.5 Guinness Peat Gr GPG Hallenstein Glasson HLG 471 86 Heartland NZ HNZ 245 Infratil IFT 266 Kathmandu Hldgs KMD 117 Kiwi Prop Tr KIP 1015 Mainfreight MFT 318 Metlifecare MET 127 Michael Hill Intl MHI Mighty River Power MRP 226 307 Nuplex Ind NPX 84 NZ Oil & Gas NZO 135 NZX NZX 210 Oceana Gold OGC 1446 Port Tauranga POT 103 Precinct Properties PCT 137.5 Prop For Ind PFI 86 Pumpkin Patch PPL 273 Restaurant Brands RBD 685 Ryman Healthcare RYM 135 Skellerup SKL 526 Sky Network TV SKT 410 Sky City SKC 251 Steel & Tube STU Summerset Gr Hldgs SUM 308 229.5 Telecom NZ TEL 172 Tower TWR 481 Trade Me TME 711 TrustPower TPW 270 Vector VCT 141.5 Vital Hlth Prop Tr VHP 378 Warehouse Gr WHS 3550 Westpac Banking WBC 1605 Xero XRO

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ers must provide 10 per cent equity. The bank said it “does not rule out the possibility of targeting restrictions in the future if risks were found to be significantly concentrated in particular segments of the housing market, such as investors”. The Reserve Bank is sticking to its commitment to give the banks “at least two weeks” notice. Some say the new regime could come into effect as soon as September 1, a Sunday. Others believe the bank is more likely to introduce it at the time of its next financial stability report on November 13, on the grounds that it sees LVR restrictions primarily as a means of strengthening the resilience of the banking system. - NZH


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per cent to 5 per cent of new lending. As at March 30 a weighted average of 20.5 per cent of the big four banks’ residential loan book was at LVRs over 80 per cent, and 7.8 per cent was over 90 per cent, according to the banks’ disclosure statements. The Reserve Bank was noncommittal on whether it would go for a two-tiered approach but said its sense of the banks’ submissions was that it would be feasible. It remains opposed to more than a limited number of exemptions. One exemption, already foreshadowed, would be for Housing New Zealand’s Welcome Home mortgage insurance scheme. The Government plans a modest increase in the scheme’s funding but borrow-

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NZ security tech firms in global push By Paul McBeth New Zealand’s top technology security firms Gallagher, Tait Communications, Wynyard Group and Endace are trying a co-ordinated push into global markets as they share resources and draw on each other’s existing capabilities. The Security Technology Alliance will give the firms, who offer tech-based security products but don’t compete in the same markets, a way to bundle up their services in a one-stop shop for prospective customers, while also forging an identity in a sector that runs under the radar domestically, despite the four companies employing more than 2000 staff. “The STA is a focused and well-supported initiative aimed at expanding New Zealand’s security industry, capability and export earnings,” STA spokesman and Wynyard chief executive Craig Richardson said. “Our companies complement each other’s strengths and joining forces creates a compelling new global market proposition in this high growth market.” In doing so, the alliance aims to diversify New Zealand’s international brand away from the

primary products and food production. The country exports some $30.98 billion in primary goods a year, and sells some $537 million in computer and information services abroad. All four companies in the STA have had success in winning international customers, and the alliance’s initial focus will be on getting traction in the US, which has more than 18,000 different enforcement agencies from federal to state to local officials. Richardson says the US market’s importance is not just one of earnings potential, but also in accessing capital for the sector.

“The first thing we looked at for the US market, ‘is how do we approach it’?” Richardson said. That’s seen the STA open an office in Washington, DC and appoint former Department of Homeland Security assistant secretary to the Office for State and Local Law Enforcement Luois Quijas to spearhead the push into the US. Quijas will take a strategic role opening doors for the New Zealand firms, who are well-regarded in international security circles, and helping them coordinate their research and development on products that will be attractive to US agencies. - APNZ


Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Ashburton Guardian


In brief Rocket shot down The Israeli military says it has shot down a rocket launched toward the Red Sea resort town of Eilat, near the border with Egypt. The army says the rocket was intercepted and that there were no injuries. It didn’t provide more details and declined to comment on the origins of the projectile. The incident comes after days of heightened tension along the Egypt-Israel border.- AP

Factory in firing line

Suspected Islamic militants wearing army fatigues gunned down 44 people praying at this mosque in northeast photo Ap Nigeria.

44 gunned down in mosque By Haruna umar and micHelle Faul Suspected Islamic militants wearing army fatigues gunned down 44 people praying at a mosque in northeast Nigeria, while another 12 civilians died in an apparently simultaneous attack, security agents said. The attacks were the latest in a slew of violence blamed on religious extremists in this

West African oil producer, where the radical Boko Haram group, which wants to oust the government and impose Islamic law, poses the greatest security threat in years. It was not immediately clear why the Islamic Boko Haram would have killed worshipping Muslims, but the group has in the past attacked mosques whose clerics have spoken out against religious extremism.

Boko Haram also has attacked Christians outside churches and teachers and schoolchildren, as well as government and military targets. The mosque slayings occurred in Konduga town, 35 kilometres outside Maiduguri, the capital of Nigeria’s Borno state. A state security service agent and Usman Musa, a member of a civilian militia that works with the military, said they counted

the bodies at the mosque after the attack. Musa said four members of his group — known as the Civilian Joint Task Force —also were killed when they reached Konduga and encountered “fierce resistance from heavily armed terrorists.” Musa and the security service agent said the attackers wore military camouflage uniforms used by the Nigerian army. - AP



UK bans trash cans from tracking people By rapHael Satter

Beijing authorities are planning to demolish this bizarre rooftop villa embedded in rocks, trees and bushes that allegedly was built illegally atop a 26-storey apartment block in the capital.

Rocky outcrop illegal Beijing authorities are planning to demolish a bizarre rooftop villa embedded in rocks, trees and bushes that allegedly was built illegally atop a 26-storey apartment block in the capital. Haidian district urban management official Dai Jun said authorities will tear the structure down in 15 days unless the owner does so himself or presents evidence it was legally built. Dai said his office has yet to receive a response.

Newspaper reports said that neighbours have repeatedly complained about the fanciful villa that covers an area of 800 square metres. They said that it has damaged pipes and the building’s structural integrity and that the loud, late-night entertaining that goes on inside keeps them up at night. Reports said the structure belongs to a traditional Chinese medicine mogul. -AP

Officials demanded that an advertising firm stop using a network of high-tech trash cans to track people walking through London’s financial district. The Renew ad firm has been using technology embedded in the hulking receptacles to measure the Wi-Fi signals emitted by smartphones, and suggested that it would apply the concept of “cookies” — tracking files that follow Internet users across the Web — to the physical world. “We will cookie the street,” Renew Chief Executive Kaveh Memari said in June. But the City of London Corporation insisted that Renew pull the plug on the programme, which captures smartphones’ serial numbers and analyzes signal strength to follow people up and down the street. Renew didn’t immediately return a call seeking comment on whether it would comply with the authorities’ demand.

The trash cans join a host of everyday objects from televisions to toilets that are being manufactured with the ability to send and receive data, opening up new potential for interaction — and surveillance. It’s unclear how Renew had planned to use the data, which was gathered by its reinforced, shoulder-height pods stationed near St. Paul’s Cathedral and Liverpool Street Station. But if a company could see that a certain smartphone user spent 20 minutes in a McDonald’s every day, it could approach Burger King about airing an ad on the bin’s video display whenever that user walks by at lunchtime. Or it could target its commercials in real time by distinguishing between people who work in the area and visiting tourists. The prospect drew comparisons to the creepy “Good evening, John Anderton” ads from the film Minority Report. -AP

Sri Lanka’s president said he would either shut or relocate a factory alleged to have polluted drinking water amid intense criticism of his government’s handling of a protest against the facility in which the military killed three people. President Mahinda Rajapaksa told residents of Weliweriya that tests would be conducted to determine whether the factory is responsible for polluting the town’s water supply, the president’s office said in a statement. -AP

Damages sought The family of a British businessman who was murdered by the wife of an influential Chinese politician is seeking compensation from his killer, a lawyer said. Beijing attorney Li Xiaolin said lawyers representing Neil Heywood’s family had met with lawyers for Gu Kailai, the jailed wife of the former Communist Party leader in the megacity of Chongqing, to ask for compensation. -AP

Landslide kills 6 A landslide swept away part of a village in northeastern Nepal, killing at least six people, an official said. The landslide was triggered by heavy rainfall that struck Khimti village while people were sleeping. At least half a dozen houses were swept away, police official Dipendra Jayswal said. Six others who were injured have been rushed to a local hospital and are being treated. Rescuers are searching for one person reporting missing. -AP

Name change reaction A Tennessee judge’s decision to change a baby’s first name from Messiah to Martin is drawing strong reactions from people who believe the judge overstepped her powers and those who think parents’ creativity should have some limits. Thousands of people have commented online about the judge’s order since WBIRTV published its story over the weekend. Many of them said Child Support Magistrate Lu Ann Ballew went too far, but not all. -AP

Bodies flown to Lima The bodies of two men slain by security forces were flown to Lima for DNA tests that authorities believed would show they were two of the Shining Path rebels’ four leaders as officials claimed a major blow to the cocaine-funded insurgency. President Ollanta Humala tentatively identified them as “Comrade Gabriel,” or Marco Antonio Quispe Palomino, the youngest of three brothers from the Quispe Palomino clan that commands an estimated 500 fighters, and “Comrade Alipio” or Alejandro Borda Casafranca, the group’s military chief. -AP

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pumpkin - the long 2 T Olive Oil 1 Onion, diced 5 Eggs ½ C Cream 2 T chopped Italian Parsley sea salt and cracked pepper to taste.


n New Zealand we take it for granted that there will be fresh vegetables available year round. If we eat with the seasons then there’s usually a plentiful supply to ensure variety, but as winter winds down there’s inevitably a crunch point where winter veg are over and their spring replacement has yet to arrive. We’re almost there now.

And that means whatever is available is usually expensive. Pumpkin, however, seems to be the long distance stayer and while it might not be a cheap buy, it’s certainly versatile.

Pumpkin and feta bake 700g peeled, diced Pumpkin (about ½ medium-sized pumpkin) 2 medium Potatoes, peeled and diced

■ 100g Feta, crumbled, plus extra for garnish ■ Place the pumpkin and potato cubes in a saucepan of water ■ Simmer until they are just tender. Drain and set aside to cool. ■ Heat the oil in a pan over a medium heat and sauté the diced onion until it is soft and fragrant. Whisk together the eggs, cream and parsley in a bowl. ■ Season to taste. ■ In a large bowl, gently combine the pumpkin and potatoes, onion, egg mixture and crumbled feta. Pour into an ovenproof serving dish and dot over the extra feta. ■ Bake for 20-25 minutes until

the bake is puffed and golden. ■ Allow it to cool slightly before cutting.

Pumpkin and sweet potato curry 2 to 3 C medium sweet potato, chopped into chunks 3 to 4 C peeled pumpkin or squash, chopped into chunks 1/4 can thick coconut milk 2-3 whole kaffir lime leaves handful fresh coriander for garnish 1/3 to 1/2 can chickpeas Sauce: 3/4C can thick coconut milk 3 cloves garlic 1 thumb-size piece ginger, sliced 1 1/2t. ground coriander 2 t. ground cumin 1/2 t. turmeric 1/2 t. shrimp paste 1 fresh red chili, sliced 1/2 t. regular chili powder 1 1/2T lime juice 2 T. fish sauce 1 t sugar ■ Place all Curry Sauce ingredients together in a food

processor or blender. ■ Blitz well to create a fragrant Thai yellow curry sauce ■ Chop up your pumpkin/ squash and sweet potato. ■ Rub the bottom of a wok or medium-size pot with a little vegetable oil ■ Add curry sauceand 1/2 cup water, plus the lime leaves, stirring to incorporate. ■ Place curry sauce over medium-high heat and bring to a boil. ■ Add the pumpkin and sweet potato. ■ When curry is bubbling, reduce heat to medium, or medium-low heat Stir occasionally. ■ Cover the curry and allow to simmer 8-10 minutes, or until the vegetables are soft ■ Add chickpeas at the end, stirring them in and allowing them to simmer 1 minute before serving. ■ Season and add more sugar if you’d like your curry sweeter ormore lime juice or chilli ■ Transfer the curry into a serving dish ■ Drizzle over the remaining 1/4 can of coconut milk


O Columbus coffee are excited to announce that we are now registered with the Healthy Food Guide. Come and see our new selection of delicious healthy food options available, all of which have been approved by the Healthy Food Guide Along with our Gluten free products we are creating healthy options including muffins, stacks, tortilla wraps, soups, sandwiches, tasty salads, and even a Healthy Food Guide approved Chicken and Curry PIE!! We haven’t completely turned to counting calories though, we will still be serving all the local favourites you love!


Smoked salmon and crushed potato hash cake with baby spinach leaves, topped with a soft poached egg, hollandaise with locally grown herbs. $17.00





FREE on Sundays

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ashburton Guardian 15

distance stayer ■ Top with a final sprinkling of fresh coriander ■ Fresh-cut red chili can also be sprinkled over ■ Serve with rice

■ ■

Stuffed baked pumpkin 300 g beef mince 1T olive oil 2 red onions, chopped 1 clove garlic, finely chopped 1 red capsicum, deseeded and diced 400 g can diced tomatoes 2 T tomato paste 150 g firm blue cheese 2 t crushed chilli 400 g can red kidney beans 1 large pumpkin or squash ■ Preheat oven to 180°C. ■ Heat oil in a large pan and add onions, garlic and minced beef, stirring thoroughly to brown. ■ Add remaining ingredients (except pumpkin) and salt and pepper to taste ■ Simmer for a further 5 minutes. ■ Microwave whole pumpkin on high for 10 minutes to soften skin ■ This makes it easier to cut

■ ■

away the lid so you can scoop out the seeds. Fill pumpkin with chilli mince mixture Splash over a little olive oil before placing in a roasting dish. Pour a half cup of water around outside of pumpkin to keep it moist while cooking. Cover with tin foil and bake in the oven for 60 to 90 minutes until pumpkin is soft. Then remove tin foil and grill for 10 minutes to brown the top before serving.

Maple Syrup, Balsamic and Coriander Pumpkin 700g butternut pumpkin 1T butter 1½ T maple syrup ¼ cup loosely packed coriander leaves 1 t Balsamic vinegar ■ Peel and cut pumpkin into eight chunks. ■ Boil, steam or microwave until cooked and if necessary drain. ■ Heat butter and maple syrup in a non-stick pan.


Pumpkin and feta bake ■ When the syrup starts bubbling, add the pumpkin. ■ Coat all sides of pumpkin with sauce and cook until tender ■ Remove from the heat, sprinkle with coriander and drizzle with Balsamic vinegar.

Autumn Salad with Moroccan Roast Pumpkin and Honey Cumin Dressing



A creamy medley of seafood served with crispy ciabatta $14.50

■ Preheat the oven to 200°C.

■ Toss the pumpkin pieces in olive oil and Seasoning. ■ Place in a roasting pan and bake for 20 minutes or until the pumpkin is cooked and golden ■ Cool. ■ Whisk dressing ingredients until combined. ■ Toss the mesclun, spring onions and pumpkin in a bowl. ■ Pour the dressing over salad just before serving.

To advertise in this directory, please phone Desme on 027 468 8186


500g pumpkin, diced into 2cm cubes 2 T olive oil 2 T Moroccan seasoning 1 bunch spring onions, finely sliced mesclun salad leaves Honey Cumin Dressing 1/2C olive oil 1/4C white wine vinegar 1 T liquid honey 1 Cumin Seeds


Locally sourced prime steak with oven roasted mushrooms, sage and onion marmalade on toasted foccacia drizzled with hollandaise sauce $18.50



Tender grilled chicken, crispy bacon, house made sesame sweet dressing tossed through locally grown salad leaves. $16.00

Feeling like a good Thai curry?

Charming Thai Restaurant is an excellent and unique Thai restaurant in Ashburton. In our menu, you will find a variety of distinctive tastes, ranging from the north to the south and from the west to the east of Thailand.


Enjoy a FREE regular sized coffee.

See the latest Health Food Guide magazine for your voucher Mitre 10 Complex,

This multi award winning cafe is now open for dinner Wednesday to Saturday. With delicious new meals to warm your heart and soul and its relaxing atmosphere, Nosh Cafe is the perfect place to sit back and relax with family and friends.

Ashford Village Ashburton 03 307 0070

148 East Street, Phone (03) 308 5885

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The write way to health


ear diary, keeping you has had surprising benefits ... Experts believe that the benefits of keeping a diary go much further than helping track highs and lows. There are a number of health benefits to be had from writing expressively. There’s nothing like putting pen to paper to instil you with a sense of optimism, anticipation and excitement about your goals or aspirations. Writing something down always makes it more real, more concrete than merely thinking it. Benefits of a diary

A tidy desk is just one of the suggestions to unclutter your life.

Cut out the clutter


o you feel you have enough control over your life? Here are 10 great tips to help you streamline your life and gain control once again 1 Establish daily priorities Each day, establish a list of the things you have to do and then decide which are most important. Then do the most important things first. Also, ask yourself if everything on your list really needs doing and if it’s going to concern you too much if it doesn’t get done. Be ruthless about eliminating the unimportant things. 2 Streamline your life Look at how you spend your time over a typical week. You may find you spend too much of your life in the office, or doing the housework or a combination of both. If this is the case, determine what areas can be streamlined. Consider what you want to do with your time and be a bit more selfish about it. 3 Minimise and make use of your commuting time Too much time can be spent fighting your way to work - especially in traffic or with public transport services. Minimise the time it takes to get to work by leaving home and work earlier, thus avoiding rush-hour traffic. Make use of your journey time by listening to music or other CDs. If you are using public transport, use your journey as “catching up” time. 4 Share the load at home If you’re constantly being pulled in different directions by family members, then establish some firmer rules for how you spend your time. If you’re always the person

who does the driving around for everyone then let someone else take the strain for a change. Share the duties with your partner, a relative, a friend or a neighbour, so it’s not always you on call. 5 Consider different work options Depending on your job, you may be able to reduce a lot of wasted travel time by working from home. You may already spend a lot of time at home doing work-related tasks - and this could be a good reason to use when persuading your boss to let you operate in such a way. If possible, you could even think about switching to parttime work to give you more time for other things. 6 Declutter Declutter your surroundings to help you operate in the home and workplace in a more organised manner. Getting rid of clutter will save time - and when your surroundings are decluttered, your mind will have more chance to relax and focus. It’s certainly a great idea to get rid of things you never use or don’t need - and everything you do need should be given a permanent location so you know where to find it. 7 Cook more food and save it One thing we are guaranteed to have to do each day is eat. Takeaways may be the simple solution, but a more affordable and healthier option would be to use your time in the kitchen more wisely. If you cook something one night, consider making more than you need so you can freeze some of it for use on another occasion. 8 Know your limitations All too frequently we expect

too much of ourselves and try to take too much on board. Remember, no one can do everything - be realistic in your expectations of yourself. Also, avoid comparing your abilities with those of others, as some people will be just naturally better at doing certain things than you. Once you accept it’s not possible to do everything, then you’ll realise the only way round it is to get your family, friends and colleagues to help with tasks. 9 Consider running your own business If you feel the demands on you at work are far too much and you’re not getting the job satisfaction you’re seeking, consider working for yourself. It takes a brave person to set up their own business and, though initially it may involve you having to put in long hours, it may ultimately pay off and help you to get more control over your life. How much you put in and how much you get out of your business will largely be your choice - which means working for yourself is a great way of taking control of your life. 10 Be more decisive When there is an option, it pays to be decisive. At work there may be a task that needs to be allocated - and if it is something you want to or don’t want to take on, then say so. All too often people end up saddled with something they don’t want to do - or alternatively not doing something they did want to do - because they didn’t speak up at the time. Be decisive in your personal life, too. If you don’t make decisions, someone else will make them for you - and so you end up having to go along with something that you don’t want to do.

Professor James Pennebaker, from the University of Texas in Austin, has carried out numerous experiments on the health benefits of writing expressively (nope, we’re not talking about a chronological record of events ...). He has shown that regular writing can bolster the immune system, help you recover from traumatic events more successfully and ease stress and depression. In his research, people who had survived traumatic events and wrote about their experiences for 20 minutes a day, three to four times a week, visited the doctor half as much as those who didn’t write. The journal writers demonstrated a more vigorous antibody response to bacteria and viruses and produced less cortisol, a stress hormone. In another study – published in the Journal of the American Medical Association – sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis and asthma who wrote about life events they’d found highly stressful experienced a significant reduction in symptoms of their diseases. And it’s not all just about “feeling better”. Students who were asked to write about emotional topics in the journals showed improved grades in one research project, and absentee rates went down in a group of university staff members after they wrote about

their emotions and experiences. Experts believe this may be because sitting down and writing about the thoughts and emotions cramming your head force you to reflect on them and put them in some kind of order, so that you master the situation. Don’t dwell on the past But not all experts recommend dwelling on traumatic events. In fact, research at Glasgow Caledonian University found that people who were regular journal-keepers suffered more headaches, digestive problems and sleeplessness than non-writers – particularly those who consistently churned over their problems rather than opting for a single, cathartic outpouring. But there was no way of telling whether the journal-keepers simply had more traumas to cope with in the first place. And Pennebaker says, suppression of emotions, particularly negative ones, reduces the immune system response, while expressing them enhances it. Your own journal The key to successful dairy writing is to use it for your own needs. If you want to write about past hurts, disappointments or traumas, do so. If you’d rather write about the here and now, day-to-day dilemmas and frustrations, or your aspirations for the year ahead, do that. The beauty of a diary is that it is for you and you alone. Which brings us to the question, should you read your own diary? Some experts believe that reading through what you’ve written is useful, helping you to spot repetitive patterns of thought or behaviour, and helping you make sense of situations and put them in perspective. But others feel that merely committing the words to paper is what is important - not reflecting on them afterwards. Happy writing.

Experts believe that the benefits of keeping a diary go much further than helping track highs and lows.

Your place


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ashburton Guardian



Test yourself with the Guardian’s weekday quiz

1. What is the approximate population of China? 1,100,000,000 1,300,000,000 1,500,000,000 2. The ‘Ashburton Guardian’ newspaper is now described as a...? Broadsheet Berliner Compact

3. Which of the following is not a type of NZ rock? Greystone Schist Granite 4. What country lies between Honduras and Mexico? Belize Nicaragua Guatemala 5. What speed does air emerge from the body in an average sneeze? 50 kph 100 kph 160 kph 6. What is the correct spelling of the word describing ancient Egyptian writing? Hieroglyphics Heiroglyphics Hierogliphics

7. Kate and William, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, usually reside in...? Buckingham Palace Kensington Palace Windsor Castle 8. How far is it from Ashburton to Hinds? 18 kilometres 20 kilometres 22 kilometres

This picture by Peter MacGregor of the Ashburton Photographic Society was taken from the Ashburton overhead walk bridge on a winter’s night. The Photographic Society has regular meetings which include interesting speakers, tuition, competition and field trips. They meet the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, at 7.30pm at the Senior Centre on Cameron Street and welcome interested people to come and enjoy the comradeship of fellow photographers. For more information see the website for 2013 programme or call Margaret on 308 6002.

SEND US YOUR PHOTOS Your Place is the place to display the photos of your sports team, your pets, your school events, or just something ordinary from the present or days gone by. Please send your photos to with the words YOUR PLACE in the subject line and we will run it in the Guardian or our website

TOP 5 ONLINE Yesterday’s top 5 stories on ■ 1. College best of the co-eds ■ 2. Three more vie for council spot ■ 3. Invasion information sought ■ 4. This Fern’s still flying ■ 5. School bus driver resigns



Chicken Donburi 1 ½ cups sushi rice 3 C water 3 t canola oil 1 onion, halved and thinly sliced 75 g shiitake mushrooms, sliced 300 g chicken breast fillet, halved lengthways and thinly sliced 2 T soy sauce 2 tablespoons rice vinegar 1 t brown sugar 1 C chicken stock 5 eggs, lightly beaten snow peas, cut into long thin strips 2-3 green onions, finely shredded diagonally

■ Put the rice into a sieve and rinse under cold running water; drain. ■ Combine the rice and water in a heavy based saucepan. ■ Cover and bring to the boil, then reduce the heat to low and simmer, covered, for 15 minutes. Remove from the heat and stand, still covered, for 10 minutes. ■ Heat the canola oil in a

Go to to check out the new photo galleries.

Magnificent Mid Canterbury

deep frying pan or wok ■ Cook the onion and mushrooms over medium heat for 5 minutes, until soft and lightly golden. ■ Add the chicken and cook for 2 minutes. ■ Add the soy sauce, vinegar and sugar, stir to combine, then add the stock ■ Bring to a simmer. ■ ■ Pour the eggs over the

mixture, cover and cook for about 2 minutes, until just lightly set.

■ ■ To serve, divide the rice into deep bowls. ■ Spoon the chicken and egg mixture, with the broth. ■ Top with snow peas and green onions, and serve immediately. Recipe courtesy of www.

Join the celebration of Mid Canterbury and tell us what you like about your district. Contact us by email, mail, text or Facebook (see P11) and we would love to publish your views. (Please put Magnificent in the subject line).

1. 1,300,000,000 2. Compact 3. Greystone 4. Guatemala 5. 160 kph 6. Hieroglyphics 7. Kensington Palace 8. 18 kilometres

Sport 18

Ashburton Guardian

In brief Steel re-sign trio The Southern Steel have resigned three players for next year’s ANZ Championships, including New Zealand under-21 captain Storm Purvis. Purvis, fellow defender Phoenix Karaka and shooter Te Paea Selby-Rickit, who was last week named in Netball New Zealand’s accelerant squad, re-signed with the Steel for 2014. The trio join an experienced nucleus of players already confirmed by the franchise, including Silver Fern shooter Jodi Brown and Jamaican international Jhaniele Fowler. - APNZ

Other side of the fence Little about coaching has changed for Andrej Lemanis since he bade a tearful farewell to the North Shore just four months ago. He is leading another star-studded roster regularly bestowed with the tag of favourites, a group that aims to be destructive defensively while abiding by a familiar motto - “don’t be a dickhead”. But there are conspicuous differences as Lemanis prepares to return to the North Shore Events Centre when his Australian Boomers take on the Tall Blacks tomorrow night. Instead of unleashing Mika Vukona, the former Breakers coach will be attempting to arrest the influence of the New Zealand captain. - APNZ

Adams world champion Val Adams seldom lets the big occasion get the better of her. Such was the case at Luzhniki Stadium yester where she blitzed the field in the women’s shot put with a winning throw of 20.88m. Adams secured her fourth world championship title in the process, a record for any male or female shot putter. Adams’ joy was boundless. She even bear-hugged the suited chap presenting her medal, causing him to recalibrate his carefullytied double Windsor knot and unruffle his blazer. Tomorrow marks a year since Adams was promoted to Olympic champion, and the significance was not lost. “I think I went a little crazy on the dais,” Adams said. - APNZ

Injuries hit Doggies Their top four hopes dashed, Canterbury are now fighting to hold onto home-ground advantage in week one of the NRL finals in the face of a crippling injury toll. With star fullback Ben Barba (ankle) unlikely to play before the last round of the regular season, the Bulldogs have confirmed in-form Sam Kasiano and Greg Eastwood would be sidelined until the start of the finals series. Kasiano has knee ligament damage and Eastwood a hand injury, debilitating a forward pack which had just begun to rumble in the run home to playoffs. - AAP

Wallabies rate Cruden The Wallabies are drawing no cheer from injury to their longtime All Blacks nemesis Dan Carter, pointing out the good form of his expected replacement Aaron Cruden. But, unlike years past when New Zealand struggled for a quality back up to Carter, they now have depth at five eighth headed by 24-year-old Cruden, who has accumulated 22 Test caps. “I think Aaron Cruden will do a pretty good job,” said Adam Ashley-Cooper. - AAP

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Carter feeling the pinch BY DANIEL RICHARDSON AND PATRICK MCKENDRY Dan Carter has spoken of his frustration at being troubled by yet another calf injury, a problem which has become all too familiar for the All Blacks pivot and one that will rule him out of the first two Bledisloe Cup matches of the year. It will see the first-five miss this Saturday’s test against Australia in Sydney and the return encounter in Wellington a week later. The All Blacks have a week off following the two matches against the Wallabies. Their next Rugby Championship encounter is against Argentina in Hamilton on September 7, a match Carter will be hopeful of playing in. “It’s a bit frustrating, especially when the body feels good and then you have a wee setback like this,” Carter said yesterday. “So it’s always frustrating but the thing is I’ve had injuries like this before so I know what I have to do to get back playing and play as well as I know I can.” The 31-year-old, who recently announced he will take a sixmonth sabbatical from the game next year in order to freshen up for the All Blacks’ defence of the World Cup in 2015, said he hadn’t experienced any calf issues this season despite a recent

history of leg complaints. “They’ve been good all year to be honest. “So it’s the first time I’ve had a calf injury this year so it’s important that I just do the rehab so it’s not an ongoing thing for the rest of the year.” Carter missed a test against Argentina in September last year due to a calf problem, while a similar ailment also saw him miss the All Blacks’ encounter with Wales in November. All Blacks coach Steve Hansen labelled Carter as a “red flag athlete” last year due to his recurring leg problems, which have also included groin and hamstring issues. Carter felt tightness in the calf area after the All Blacks’ warm-up games in Lower Hutt on Friday and experienced more pain after training on Monday. A scan confirmed the injury. Missing the next two tests will further delay Carter in his pursuit of joining Richie McCaw, Mils Muliaina and Keven Mealamu as the only New Zealanders to have played 100 test matches. Carter is marooned on 95 appearances and has only played 10 tests since he was ruled out of the World Cup in 2011. “If you look at it that way I guess I’ve been nicking a few


through the slips in the nervous 90s,” he laughed. Chiefs first-five Aaron Cruden is likely to take Carter’s place at ANZ Stadium on Saturday night, with Hurricanes pivot Beauden Barrett on the bench as cover. Carter was likely to serve

as second-five cover in the squad given Ma’a Nonu has been hampered by an ankle problem but it appears there won’t be any major concerns there with Nonu coming through training unscathed yes- APNZ terday.


Messam on golden run Big win for Erakovic BY DANIEL RICHARDSON Liam Messam’s biggest challenge this weekend will be carrying his dominant Super Rugby form into the test arena. The Chiefs co-captain was inspirational for his side in the playoffs as they fought their way to a second consecutive Super Rugby crown this season. Messam scored a vital try in the grand final win over the Brumbies two weeks ago and is likely to be given the No 6 jersey for the All Blacks when they open the Rugby Championship against Australia in Sydney on Saturday night. Messam is a player who has been in and out of the All Blacks during the past couple of years but has cemented himself recently as Jerome Kaino’s heir apparent. The loose forward, who previously carved out a niche as a

sevens player, said the Chiefs’ success had laid the platform to perform well for the national side this year. “It does, especially confidencewise and footy’s all about confidence and a lot of boys are running around with a bit of confidence,” Messam said. “So hopefully it can fall in to that All Blacks jersey as well.” Following Kaino’s departure the search for a longterm blindside to fill that physical role has been a difficult task for the All Blacks selectors. Victor Vito and Messam have both been given opportunities but Vito’s failure to make the squad suggests Messam is the man of the moment. “My motto is I don’t let people convince me what I can and can’t do and I leave that up to me and I’ve been doing that for the last couple of years.” - APNZ

New Zealand tennis No 1 Marina Erakovic has claimed a noteworthy scalp in the first round of the WTA Premier Tournament in Cincinnati, beating world No 19 Carla Suarez Navarro in straight sets. Erakovic, 25, was able to defeat Suarez Navarro 6-3 6-4 in the first round despite having a first serve percentage of just 48 per cent. Erakovic, who is currently ranked No 77 in the world, overcame that inaccuracy to record her best result since accounting for top 20-ranked Dominika Cibulkova in the second of the French Open in May. The Kiwi now faces seventh-seeded Czech Petra Kvitova in the second round of the US$2,369,000 event. The pair have played twice previously with Kvitova winning on both occasions in Spain on clay in 2012 and in Spain on hardcourt in 2008. - APNZ


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Ashburton Guardian 19

In brief


Robertson qualifies New Zealand runner Zane Robertson has qualified for the last spot in the men’s 5000m final at the world track and field championships in Moscow. The Ethiopia-based athlete will now line up against track greats such as Brit Mo Farah and American Bernard Lagat at 4.45am on Saturday (New Zealand time). The 23-year-old posted a time of 13m 27.89s in the first heat to finish ninth. The time ranks third on New Zealand’s all-time 5000m list behind Adrian Blincoe and Dick Quax. - HOS

Ropati in squad Jerome Ropati is in the frame for a return to the Warriors side after having been included in an extended bench to face Penrith at Mt Smart Stadium on Sunday. The centre, who is off contract at the end of the season, played against the Storm and Titans in rounds seven and eight before injury hit again and has worked his way back into form with the Vulcans in recent weeks. He missed their last outing last weekend, instead travelling to Gosford to provide cover for the NRL side against Manly and has been included as 18th man against the Panthers. - APNZ

Fairway frontrunners The Tinwald number one women’s golf team reclaimed the Open Pennant Shield in a one-sided affair at the Timaru Golf Club on Monday. The team (from left) Di Bell, Judith Smith, Anne Dwan, Pat Bell, Mara Kennedy and Di Lowe combined to beat Pleasant Point 2 in the final 7-2, and claim the shield they last held in 2009. Dwan praised the effort of her team in the three-month-long competition, who took on teams from across the Aorangi region. PHOTO SUPPLIED

Aussies choke in Ashes lowlight BY BEN HORNE Michael Clarke doesn’t want to even think about the danger of leading the first Australian side to lose four Ashes Tests on British soil after a humiliating choke gifted England a third-straight series win. Clarke’s crestfallen team have now gone eight Tests without victory and are winless in their past six Ashes matches. Down 3-0 in the series, several changes are likely for the fifth Test at The

Results ■ Golf Aorangi South Canterbury

Oval next week, with Australia desperate to avoid going down in the record books as the worst team to tour England. Australia’s 74-run loss in the fourth Test yesterday left Clarke struggling for answers, other than to credit England’s man-ofthe-match Stuart Broad (6-50) for a devastating spell and admit his batting line-up wasn’t good enough to cope. Australia went from 0-109 after a brilliant opening stand from David Warner (71) and of Travel Ashburton: Abbie Hopwood, No.12 Lynn’s Small Salon: Wendy Parr No. 14 Todds of Ashburton: Helen Hawksby, 2nd Shot to Green: Wendy Suttie Nine Hole Section August 8, Foursome: 1st - Brian Tutty and Paul Rogers, 2nd – Kath Read and Ken Kingsland, 3rd – Sue Lamb and Lorraine Hanson

Women’s Open Pennant Final August 12 Pleasant Point 2 versus Tinwald 1 with Tinwald 1 coming out the winners by 7 games to 2 Tinwald names first Mid Canterbury Rugby Di Lowe lost to Diane Sutherland 3/1 Judith Smith beat Cath Boothroyd 5/4 Di Bell beat HeleAugust 10 na Love 2 up Anne Dwan lost to Chris Henkirson 1 Press Cup: Ashburton College 30 v Roncalli down Pat Bell beat Rosemary Rhodes 1 up Mara College 3, Kennedy beat Dorothy Southby 6/5 August 10 Fourball Lowe & Smith beat Sutherland & BooHeartland – Pre Season Game throyd 1 up Bell & Dwan beat Love & Henrikson The Trust Ashburton Mid Canterbury 33 v West 2/1 Bell & Kennedy beat Rhodes & Southby 4/3. Coast 21, August 11 Ashburton Golf Club Bruce Beckley Memorial Cup, Women’s Section Tinwald Liquorland 27 v Southern Tinwald TavAugust 6, Round 3 Bermaline Cup ern 0. Leigh Wackrow - 37, Pauline Bell - 36, Heather Trott, Vicki Moore - 34, Sally Lemon, Jenny Williams - 33. NRL Round 22 August 13 Town v Country; Country won 14 to 8 games MELBOURNE 26 (J Bromwich W Chambers J Nearest The Pins: No 4 Not Struck, No 8 House O’Neill S Waqa tries C Smith 5 goals) bt SOUTH

■ Rugby

■ Rugby league

Chris Rogers (49), to be all out for 224, with their final eight wickets falling for 56 runs. Clarke was part of the collapse and said he took the shattering defeat personally as he came to grips with the fact he could become the first Australian captain to oversee four Test defeats in a series in England. “I knew there had to be a statistic. I won’t even think about it,” said Clarke. “I have been part of a lot of records and a lot of them of late have not been great.” - AAP Stuart Broad: Devastating SYDNEY 8 (B Te’o try A Reynolds 2 goals) at AAMI Park. Referee: Matt Cecchin, Ben Cummins. Crowd: 21,244. PARRAMATTA 26 (V Toutai 2 J Mullaney J Paulo K Sio tries J Paulo 2 J Mullaney goals) bt WESTS TIGERS 22 (M Koroibete 2 D Nofoaluma T Simona tries B Marshall 3 goals) at Parramatta Stadium. Referee: Henry Perenara, Grant Atkins. Crowd: 12,013. SYDNEY ROOSTERS 28 (M Jennings 2 S Kenny-Dowall J Maloney D Tupou tries J Maloney 4 goals) bt CANBERRA 22 (B Ferguson 2 S Earl J Edwards tries J Croker 3 goals) at Allianz Stadium. Referee: Gavin Badger, Alan Shortall. Crowd: 13,223. NEWCASTLE 18 (D Gagai 2 T Roberts tries K Gidley 3 goals) bt CRONULLA 14 (A Fifita W Graham tries T Carney 3 goals) at Remondis Stadium. Referee: Shayne Hayne, Chris James. Crowd: 11,538. MANLY 27 (D Williams 3 B Stewart 2 tries J Lyon 3 goals D Cherry-Evans field goal) bt WARRIORS 12 (S Johnson N Laumape tries S Johnson 2 goals) at Bluetongue Stadium. Referee: Jared Maxwell, Brett Suttor. Crowd: 12,090. BRISBANE 26 (J Drew M Gillett A McCullough S Thaiday tries S Prince 5 goals) bt ST GEORGE ILLAWARRA 24 (A Quinlan 2 D Vidot 2 tries J Dugan 4 goals) at Suncorp Stadium. Referee: Ja-

son Robinson, Gavin Reynolds. Crowd: 31,199. NORTH QUEENSLAND 36 (R Thompson 3 K Feldt B Tate A Winterstein tries J Thurston 6 goals) bt PENRITH 4 (D Simmons try) at Centrebet Stadium. Referee: Gerard Sutton, Adam Gee. Crowd: 6,611. GOLD COAST 26 (K Gordon 3 D Mead tries A Sezer 5 goals) bt BULLDOGS 16 (T Hodkinson S Perrett J Reynolds tries T Hodkinson 2 goals) at ANZ Stadium. Referee: Adam Devcich, Luke Phillips. Crowd: 10,373. Standings P W 1 Sydney Roosters 20 16 2 South Sydney 20 15 3 Manly 20 13 4 Melbourne 20 13 5 Bulldogs 20 11 6 Cronulla 20 11 7 Newcastle 20 10 8 Gold Coast 20 10 9 Canberra 20 10 10 Warriors 20 9 11 Brisbane 20 8 12 N Queensland 20 8 13 Penrith 20 8 14 St G Illawarra 20 6 15 Wests Tigers 20 6 16 Parramatta 20 4

D L 0 4 0 5 1 6 1 6 0 9 0 9 1 9 0 10 0 10 0 11 1 11 0 12 0 12 0 14 0 14 0 16

B PF 2 516 2 494 2 488 2 471 2 436 2 358 2 432 2 416 2 362 2 387 2 366 2 378 2 387 2 302 2 298 2 278

PA PD Pts 237 279 36 312 182 34 276 212 31 309 162 31 389 47 26 371 -13 26 349 83 25 427 -11 24 472 -110 24 469 -82 22 400 -34 21 375 3 20 436 -49 20 438 -136 16 531 -233 16 578 -300 12

Westwood says sorry Lee Westwood has apologised for his foul-mouthed Twitter rant after the former world number one rounded on internet critics who slammed his performance in the final round of the US PGA Championship. Westwood carded a disappointing six-overpar 76, leaving him 13 shots behind winner Jason Dufner. The 40-year-old did not seem in the mood to take any criticism of his performance and career on Twitter, and when asked by one user to “learn how to putt”, he responded from his verified @WestwoodLee account by saying: “Will you get a life first”. Further tweets from the account included: “You minions need to live from the inside out rather than the outside in !”, “Just sick of negative a******** sat behind a keyboard with a pitiful life mate !thats all!” and “Like I give a F*** what the haters say! - AFP

Hodgson wants Rooney Wayne Rooney is an integral part of the England set-up, regardless of whether he is playing regular first-team club football, national manager Roy Hodgson said yesterday. The 27-year-old’s future at Manchester United remains uncertain, with the striker unsettled at Old Trafford and Chelsea having shown interest in the player. Hodgson conceded that he would prefer Rooney’s future to be decided, even if United manager David Moyes insisted that he was not for sale, but said he had encountered similar situations before. - AFP

Racing 20 Ashburton Guardian

In brief Stackhouse thriving Former Ashburton jockey Daniel Stackhouse continues to make every post a winner since relocating across the Tasman in mid-2011. Having forged a good association with champion trainer Peter Moody, Stackhouse enjoyed a fine 2012-13 season, finishing seventh on the Victorian jockeys premiership. “I had a really good season with 93 winners and also won five stakes races,” Stackhouse said. “It’s not a bad effort, considering there are more than 300 jockeys in Victoria alone and it is very competitive.”

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This Tango’s a real delight

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Amberio pleases at trials Karen Zimmerman was delighted with Amberio’s trial performance yesterday at Foxton where the mare took another step toward upcoming Group One assignments. “She ran second and went beautifully,” the Otaki trainer said. “Hayden (Tinsley) rode her and we’re very happy. She’ll go straight to the Makfi and the plan is to go through the series, although you have to take it one at a time.”

Tangos Delight showed she meant business when she turned out at Ashburton’s trainers and owners trials yesterday, leading the second qualifying pace of the day from the barrier and coming home in a tidy 3.10.08. The Bettors Delight-Tuapeka Tango four year old mare, trained by Phil Burrows was unchallenged over the 2400 metres. She quickly settled into the lead and in spite of the occa-

Samaready sizzles Caulfield trainer Mick Price was understandably buoyant after last year’s Blue Diamond winner Samaready trialled brilliantly this week. “She wasn’t asked to do a lot in the heavy going but she still won her trial by several lengths and went very nicely,” an upbeat Price said. “I was really happy with her,” Price said.

sional attempt by John Hay and Get Outta Eyre, the race was all hers. When they turned for home, driver Ineka Lee let the mare kick on and as she streaked past the post there was every indication she still had plenty of running left. Tangos Delight came home four lengths clear of Get Outta Eyre, running the last 800m in 58.8secs and the final 400 in 29.6 secs.


M2 Whangarei gallops Today at Ruakaka raceway

Whangarei RC Venue: Ruakaka Meeting Date: 14 Aug 2013 NZ Meeting number: 2 Doubles: 2 and 3; 4 and 5; 6 and 7 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 5, 6 and 7 1 12.53pm COWLEY’S HIRE CENTRE MAIDEN 2100 $7000, MDN, 2100m 1 33521 Google Me 58.5 ........................... Scratched 2 03542 Zephyros (6) 58.5 ....................B Hutton (a3) 3 65428 Duel Of Honour (4) 58.5.................. S Spratt 4 67585 The Last Star Way (3) 58.5 . R Hutchings (a) 5 09759 Tommy Riki (8) 58.5 ....................T Thornton 6 007 Big Picture h (2) 58.5 .......................P Taylor 7 9x000 Mister Troy (1) 58.5 ....................... R Norvall 8 0x090 Sugar Daddy 58.5 ........................ Scratched 9 08656 Riva Ballerina (7) 56.5 .................... C Grylls 10 0x096 Lucy Bee (5) 56.5...................... A Collett (a) 2 1.28pm THE NORTHERN ADVOCATE MAIDEN 1600 $7000, MDN, 1600m 1 04683 Another Edition (4) 58.5 ..............T Thornton 2 66935 Goin To The Chapel 58.5 ............. Scratched 3 5x507 Royalty (7) 58.5 .................................L Innes 4 65876 Aerospace (5) 58.5 ......................... C Grylls 5 959x0 Belfast Boy (3) 58.5..........................P Taylor 6 0 Solmate (1) 58.5 ................. R Hutchings (a) 7 770 Waitoa (2) 58.5.......................... M D Plessis 8 9709 Pixie (6) 56.5 ...................................S Collett 9 00x00 Te Atatu Princess (8) 56.5..................M Hills 3 2.03pm LION RED RATING 65 1200 $7000, Rating


65 Benchmark*, 1200m 1 1800x He’s Rock’N’Roll td (6) 59 ................P Taylor 2 54935 La Pinnicle dm (5) 56.5 ........... R Smyth (a3) 3 09316 Clubs Choice tdh (2) 56 ..............T Thornton 4 045x8 Fintorro dh (4) 56 ....................B Hutton (a3) 5 18. Baseer m (1) 55.5 .............................L Innes 6 22x70 Lady Marilyn d (9) 55 ................ M D Plessis 7 070x0 Riot Act tdh (10) 55 ......................... S Spratt 8 2634x Her Choice t (8) 54.............................M Hills 9 05476 Saffron t (3) 54 ................................ C Grylls 10 0730x Aimees Gold tdh (7) 54 ..............M Sweeney 4 2.38pm MORE FM NORTHLAND SATURDAY SPORTS DESK MAIDEN $8000, MDN, 1200m 1 924 El Primo (7) 58.5 ............................. C Grylls 2 2 Human Torch (2) 58.5 ............... M D Plessis 3 082 Keentorule (4) 58.5 ...................T Wenn (a4) 4 7503x Bel Ami (10) 58.5 ............................S Collett 5 47 Yeah Bro h (8) 58.5 ..........................P Taylor 6 x2624 Zest Princess h (16) 56.5 .......... A Collett (a) 7 Proud Life 56.5 ............................. Scratched 8 Vivi (14) 56.5 9 2. Beauty’s Beast (11) 56 ......................L Innes 10 L Affogato h (5) 56 ........................ R Norvall 11 04 Stella Vega (12) 54 12 5 Cedar Rose (15) 54 ....................T Thornton 13 Fairy Story (9) 54 ............................ S Spratt 14 Rusty Lace h (6) 54............................M Hills 15 7 Majarar h (13) 54 ....................B Hutton (a3)

16 807x Moonshine Hill (3) 58.5 17 3 Kentucky Son 56 .......................... Scratched 18 404x0 Leana Me (1) 56.5 Em: Majarar, Moonshine Hill, Kentucky Son, Leana Me 5 3.13pm FELL ENGINEERING RATING 85 1400 $8000, Rating 85 Benchmark, 1400m 1 50011 Baldovino tdm (2) 59 ........... R Hutchings (a) 2 08x13 D’Cash Man tdh (4) 59 .................... S Spratt 3 660xP Duckworth Lewis (3) 57 ....................L Innes 4 90697 Cong’er dm (7) 56.5 ........................ C Grylls 5 1802x Saint Columbu (1) 55.5 ......................M Hills 6 80476 The Shackler d (8) 55.5 .............M Sweeney 7 6405x Deane Martin (6) 54 .................. M D Plessis 8 118x6 Swap For Kash dm (5) 54 ...............S Collett 6 3.48pm JLT BLOODSTOCK RATING 65 1600 $7000, Rating 65 Benchmark*, 1600m 1 39858 Otto The Great dbh (6) 59 ......... M D Plessis 2 081 Mailly td (9) 58.5 ............................. S Spratt 3 30x25 Capo d (7) 58 ..........................B Hutton (a3) 4 0x568 Jungle Knight dh (1) 58 ......................M Hills 5 x5185 Hot Mustard m (4) 57.5 ............. A Collett (a) 6 95053 Silver City tm (2) 57.5.......................P Taylor 7 94101 Honeymoon dm (10) 57 ....................L Innes 8 08097 Centara dh (5) 54 ............................ C Grylls 9 8689x Charli Jay t (8) 54 ............................S Collett 10 0x078 Le Couguar (3) 54 .......................T Thornton 7 4.23pm A’FARE CATERERS MAIDEN 1400 $7000,

MDN, 1400m 1 23739 Hennessy Black (8) 58.5 ................. S Spratt 2 3x72 Piazzetta (3) 58.5 ..............................L Innes 3 9 Dragonstone (9) 58.5 ..................T Thornton 4 9x823 Madison Ave (12) 56.5 ............B Hutton (a3) 5 53765 Maiden Warrior (10) 56.5 ................ C Grylls 6 5x738 No Redemption h (5) 56.5................P Taylor 7 404x0 Leana Me (4) 56.5..................... A Collett (a) 8 048x0 Chucky’s Bride (2) 56.5 9 0 Carnelian Lights h (1) 56.5........L Robertson 10 Fog On The Tyne h (13) 56.5 11 0 Getustoit (14) 56.5 ..........................S Collett 12 x0590 Ransomlass (6) 56.5 ..................... R Norvall 13 Stacked h (7) 56.5 ..............................M Hills 14 2 Burnt Orange (11) 56 ................ M D Plessis Blinkers on: Aerospace (R2), Riot Act (R3), Yeah Bro (R4), The Shackler (R5), No Redemption (R7) Blinkers off : Belfast Boy (R2), He’s Rock’N’Roll (R3), Bel Ami (R4), Le Couguar (R6) Winkers on : Belfast Boy (R2) SELECTIONS Race 1: Zephyros, Duel Of Honour, Lucy Bee, Riva Ballerina Race 2: Another Edition, Royalty, Aerospace, Waitoa Race 3: He’s Rock’N’Roll, Baseer, Her Choice, Clubs Choice Race 4: Human Torch, Beauty’s Beast, El Primo, Cedar Rose Race 5: Baldovino, D’Cash Man, Deane Martin, Duckworth Lewis Race 6: Honeymoon, Capo, Otto The Great, Silver City, Mailly Race 7: Burnt Orange, Piazzetta, Madison Ave, Maiden Warrior

Trudy Thornton will try to kick off the day with a win on Tommy Riki in the first at the Ruakaka gallops today.

Wanganui dogs Today at Hatrick Raceway

Wanganui Greyhound Racing Club Venue: Hatrick Race- 3 34 Exponential Lily nwtd .......................L Ahern 9 56478 Intense Zoom nwtd .....................J McArthur 4 46441 Another Street 17.67 .................J McInerney way Meeting Date: 14 Aug 2013 NZ Meeting number: 9 4 56488 Homebush Coral nwtd...............J McInerney 10 67668 Homebush Envy nwtd ...............J McInerney 5 43654 Jager 17.94 G & .............................. J Clarke Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; 5 6 31686 Petra Haka nwtd........................J McInerney 6 Showem Baby nwtd .................A Duganzich 6 1.37pm MICKEY’S SUPER LIQUOR C1 C1, 305m 11 and 12 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 6 486 Breakthru nwtd ............................... I George 1 72846 Nina Be Good 18.04 ........................... L Bell 7 43432 Black Mercedes 17.85 ............. S Gommans 10, 11 and 12 7 587x Worry Wart nwtd ..................................I Cox 2 35626 Yeah Nah 17.89...................................L Udy 8 62354 Jolokia 17.89 ..................................R Murray 8 7F8 Botany Dave nwtd .....................J McInerney 3 52671 Where’s Rican 18.05 .................J McInerney 9 73571 Homebush Esme 17.69 ............J McInerney 1 12.03pm ABSOLUTELY ELECTRICAL C0, 305m 1 34357 Thunder Time nwtd G & ....................S Ross 9 78568 Crazy Katie nwtd ...................... S Gommans 4 22352 Lucylicious nwtd ...............................M Black 10 57846 Waiwhata Dream 17.73................ M J Lozell 2 24272 All For One nwtd .......................J McInerney 10 7866 Jasper Haka nwtd .....................J McInerney 5 32885 Liquorice Whip 18.05 ................J McInerney 9 2.30pm CROMBIE LOCKWOOD LTD C1 C1, 305m 6 82817 Tepirita Jazil 17.95 .......................... C Brider 1 88563 Paddy’s Virtuoso nwtd .................. H Mullane 3 6x845 Knocka Off Time nwtd G &.............. J Clarke 4 1.02pm GARY ROSS DECORATOR C1 C1, 520m 31 Zamaddis Lass 18.24................... T Downey 2 33346 Botany Jessie 17.91..................J McInerney 4 4 Fasa Man nwtd............................. M D Fryer 1 31136 Sydenham Jade 30.28 G & ............. J Clarke 7 5 8F556 One Ear Poised nwtd ............... S Gommans 2 47224 Thrilling Ava 30.51 ..........................B Marsh 8 22726 All Too Hard nwtd ......................J McInerney 3 7717 All The Milk 18.19.............................G Quirk 6 33753 Coyote Caught Ya nwtd ............E Duganzich 3 21524 Homebush Sting nwtd ...............J McInerney 9 85646 Riba Lorda 17.73 G & ..................... J Clarke 4 17251 Addicted 18.00 .................................L Ahern 18 Pump Action..........................................nwtd 5 67522 Flirt Academy 17.77 U & ............ McCracken 7 35443 Groovy Leo nwtd .......................J McInerney 4 61456 Opawa Jen nwtd .............................S Maher 10 8 7 Samy Louise nwtd....................... K Hanover 5 76656 Paddy Baxter nwtd ....................J McInerney 7 1.55pm KEENAN CONCRETE C1 C1, 520m 6 86543 Lavender Sal 17.85 ...................... P Denbee 9 88 Blue Sky Mine nwtd ....................... I George 6 37584 Our Bernie nwtd ........................... H Mullane 1 17577 Tepirita Tuiteka 30.74 ....................B Mitchell 7 47365 Blair Ninety 17.97 G & .......................Denby 10 87668 Ruthless nwtd .............................J McArthur 7 34532 Uno Charm nwtd ..............................L Ahern 2 86654 Opawa Patch nwtd ........................... C Clark 8 17748 Homebush Diamond 18.00 .......J McInerney Emergencies: 2 12.23pm HARRISON HIRE MASTER C0 C0, 520m 8 47567 Mr. Darci 30.35 A & ............................. J.Hall 3 43445 Rich List 30.77 1 67868 Hunted nwtd .............................. K B Benson 9 26587 Dolly Wind .............................................nwtd 4 73166 Cluain Meala 30.91 .................... B Johnston 9 85646 Riba Lorda 17.73 G & ..................... J Clarke 2 53622 Gucci Rush nwtd L & ......................... Morris 10 78658 Monkey Queen 30.78 .........................W Kite 5 17545 White Legs nwtd .......................J McInerney 10 x5684 Another Gunna 18.31................J McInerney 6 88x37 Girly Dreamz 30.77 ..............................I Cox 10 2.47pm HUNTLEY MEMORIAL FINAL C1f, 520m 3 3 Legal Aid nwtd ............................... P Lowen 5 1.20pm PALAMOUNTAINS NUTRITION C0, 305m 4 45547 Billy Holmes nwtd G & .................... J Clarke 1 8 Goman Ninnie nwtd ..................J McInerney 7 34345 Summer Tension 30.51 ............E Duganzich 1 6F271 Opawa Token 30.39 ........................S Maher 5 32F35 Versatile Richie nwtd ........................T Agent 2 32226 Sedgebrook Glory nwtd ......................F Kite 8 46525 Speedy Feet nwtd ..................... K B Benson 2 17522 Armistice Day 30.45 .........................G Quirk 6 87838 Westerly Wind nwtd ..................... M J Lozell 3 6838x Maddie Brand nwtd G & .....................Denby 9 84778 Baby James nwtd ......................J McInerney 3 34461 Queen Rowdy 30.43 ........................P Taylor 7 63 Ten Point One nwtd ..........................P Taylor 4 Iced Honey nwtd ............................ I George 10 68767 Mr. Lochlyn nwtd .......................... M J Lozell 4 25463 Sue Sews Socks 30.65 ............ T Mischefski 8 3 Nose White nwtd ......................A Duganzich 5 75238 Sheza What What .................................nwtd 8 2.12pm WANGANUI SECURITY C1 C1, 305m 5 76432 Darby Lane nwtd L & ......................... Morris 6 37567 Ho Ho Ho nwtd L & ............................ Morris 1 64366 Face The Demon 18.24..................... R Hunt 6 13522 Cognac Diamond nwtd G & ..............S Ross 3 12.43pm J P PRINT, PETONE C0 C0, 305m 8 Shiny Upsome nwtd .................A Duganzich 2 3F544 Bit Roso nwtd ............................... H Mullane 7 1321 Doll Parts 30.50 ..........................B Hodgson 1 58683 Go Russel Go nwtd .....................J McArthur 7 2 454 George nwtd ................................ M D Fryer 8 x65x5 Little Legs nwtd ................................P Taylor 3 44614 Mic Player 17.94 ............................ P Lowen 8 37773 Belle Cadeau 30.76 ............................S Kite

9 34532 Uno Charm nwtd ..............................L Ahern 10 76734 My Lil Lucifer 31.45 K & ....................Phillips 11 3.05pm MORRIE GIBBONS SIGNS C1 C1, 305m 1 44561 Aschenputtel 17.83 ..........................G Quirk 2 75475 Homebush Julie 18.55 ............. S Gommans 3 67351 Homebush Limbo 17.90 ............J McInerney 4 85361 Genia Haka 18.02 .....................J McInerney 5 83527 Your On Fire 17.89 ..................... B Johnston 6 36777 Jimmy Jurante 17.80 .................J McInerney 7 3835F Shaga Banga Bang 17.91 G &...........Denby 8 68x62 Homebush Greta 18.26................ H Mullane Emergencies: 9 73571 Homebush Esme 17.69 ............J McInerney 10 78728 Sydenham Sam 17.73 G & ............. J Clarke 12 3.23pm THE ROCK 95.2FM C1 C1, 305m 1 65213 Jumpin Sally nwtd .....................J McInerney 2 56338 Sydenham Bubbles 17.51 G & ........ J Clarke 3 57722 Homebush Anabel 18.12 ................. C Clark 4 27858 Working Waikato 17.75 ................. D Donlon 5 23265 Supreme Shelleen 17.78 ..........J McInerney 6 24254 Ya Laughin’ nwtd ...........................B Mitchell 7 13 Taikorea Lass 18.41 ..................... T Downey 8 54253 Cullen’s Impact 17.64.......................M Black Emergencies: 9 776F8 Homebush Awesome nwtd .......J McInerney 10 58557 Kiribati Girl 18.33 ..................... S Gommans LEGEND: fsdt - First Start Here nwd - No Win this Distance fstd First Start This Distance 31 13 - Best Winning Time This Track

Classifieds 21

Ashburton Guardian

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Branch Inventory Controller – Plumbing World Ashburton The role of Branch Inventory Controller is crucial to overall branch operations and our success. In our branch we are proud to say our stock is in good shape and we want it to stay that way. When you take on this role you’ll take ownership of inventory management, purchasing, report analysis and cyclic stocktakes. Known for your attention to detail and methodical nature, you have the ability to identify and investigate discrepancies and find solutions. With all this under control you will spend the other half of your day providing a great service to our trade customers, ensuring they come back for more. We are a tight knit team who get stuck in and do what’s required. To make this position your own, you will bring a real zest and fervour for customer service because at Plumbing World Ashburton we know what it takes to be a high performing team. This is a full time role with rostered Saturdays.

Call Jenny Porter on 0800 467 258 or email your CV to



Full-time position

Mitre 10 MEGA Ashburton has a vacancy to join our busy building supplies team. The position involves working in our building supplies department as a salesperson. This position is full time and will include rostered weekends. To be successful, applicants will have: • The ability to work well in a team environment • Experience or interest in Trade/DIY • Excellent communication and people skills • Accuracy • Reliability • Ability to use initiative The position offers great job satisfaction, support of the leading Trade and DIY retailer Mid Canterbury and the opportunity to join a team of staff who enjoy working together. In return we offer fantastic staff buying privileges and solid job security. Please email your CV along with a covering letter to: or post to Lyn Church, Human Resources, Mitre 10 MEGA, P.O. Box 35, Ashburton 7740 All applications remain confidential and close on Friday, August 22, 2013

t s

Unlock your potential as a Corrections Officer at Canterbury Prisons.

TERRITORY MANAGER Nufarm Limited is one of the world's leading crop protection companies, producing products that help farmers protect their crops against damage caused by weeds, pests and disease. We boast global operations in over 100 countries and employ over 3000 staff, all of whom make a vital contribution to our reputation of quality products, innovation and first class marketing and technical support. Locally, we have a strong NZ history, employing over 100 people and servicing all of the leading rural retailers. Owing to internal promotion a vacancy has arisen for a Territory Manager in Canterbury / North Canterbury & West Coast. This position reports to the South Island Sales Manager; and services the cropping, pastoral and seed treatment business in the region. The primary focus of this position is to manage and develop Nufarm’s business (through close liaison with regional management, distribution clients and endusers) with the ultimate goal of securing profitable sales of Nufarm products.

• Start a meaningful career • Extensive initial and on-going training and development • Starting salary of $46636 increasing to $48910 after training

u r

The role of a Corrections Officer is about influencing offenders to make the right choice, take the right action at the right time and support their pathway towards an offence free lifestyle.


In this job your contribution counts and you can have a positive effect on the lives of others. It’s more challenging, more interesting and more rewarding than you can imagine. Our Corrections Officers, both men and women, come from all walks of life and bring a wide range of attributes and life experiences with them. The key skills we are looking for are exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, the ability to lead through change, work well with others, demonstrate resilience, integrity and professionalism. You will have proven tenure in your previous roles, be computer literate and be able to work shifts (24/7). A full NZ driver licence with the ability to drive a manual vehicle is essential. Apply now!

The person we seek must be customer focused and action orientated. Tertiary qualification in an agricultural field is essential. Technical sales experience in horticultural crops is highly preferred.

Vacancy Number CSSR3683 Applications close Saturday, 31 August 2013

Nufarm's success has been built around the attitude of its people. We invest heavily in selecting and developing the right people to meet our customer's needs. The successful candidate will reinforce our values and will be rewarded with an attractive salary package.

At the Department of Corrections we are passionate about reducing re-offending and keeping communities safe. With Corrections you’ll be part of a highly supportive team that manages offenders in prison and in the community.

Confidential expressions of interest can be made to:

Ashburton Site Supervisor

Mastagard has an opportunity for a driven and dynamic manager to lead the team at the Ashburton Resource Recovery Park. The roll is responsible for day to day operations, staff management, communication with council and contractors along with detailed monthly reporting. The successful applicant with have management and logistics experience and minimum intermediate computer skills. A competitive salary package will be negotiated for the successful applicant. If this sounds like you then please forward your CV and covering letter to Jacob Stapleton at Phone: 021 860 711

Ed Fleetwood, National Sales Manager, Nufarm NZ, PO Box 22407, Otahuhu 1640, Auckland. e-mail: Applications close August 23rd

GROUND WORK SERVICES Experienced Machine Operator GROUND WORK SERVICES is a landscape construction business with a large rural and urban clientele. Due to an increasing workload, we require the assistance of an experienced Machine Operator - to drive a Skid Steer loader.


We are a small family run transport company based in Ashburton with a focus on servicing the building industry and rural sector. Due to an increased workload we require two new members to join our team. We are looking for a Class 5 Driver with the ability to turn their hand to any job required. Tip truck/crane truck experience would definitely be an advantage. Some shift work is required from time to time.

advertising proof


Applicants for this position are required to have: A Serviceman/Driver to do basic servicing and emergency • Tidy appearance REMINDER: Please check URL, closing date repairemail workaddress on ourand fleet and as a floating driver when • Good work ethic • Attention to detail needed. job: clients WN12492 size: 15x3 format: Colour • The ability to communicate well with You will need to be customer focused, have a sense of • HT licence humour and able to work unsupervised. In return we offer a publication run date position • Physical fitness Remuneration to be negotiated on experience. All enquiries will be treated in strict confidence. Please email your interest to Warren Mackenzie at or phone directly on 0272 502502.

Call the Guardian Callfor theallGuardian your classified for all your requirements. classified 307 7900

Driver / Serviceman

Got something to sell? Having a garage sale? Call the Guardian today for your advertising requirements. 307 7900

good hourly rate with overtime, tidy equipment and small team atmosphere to work in.

Please apply in your own hand writing with CV and references to; PO Box 237 ASHBURTON 7740

Guardian Classifieds 307 7900


prepared t on our und received. In approvin ent’s respo both the ad position no

Cancella media wi

your con


Classifieds 22 Ashburton Guardian

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fitter Turner/Machinist Robertson Manufacturing Ltd is a locally owned company situated in Hinds, manufacturing agricultural equipment. This person is to run our machine shop and produce machining for our manufacturing of agricultural equipment, mainly feedout equipment and fertiliser spreaders that we produce for New Zealand and export worldwide. To fill this position you must possess the following skills/attributes; • Tidy appearance • Time management skills • Good communication skills • Ability to work unsupervised • Good machining skills

Office Administrator » COF Mechanic » Fleet Serviceman

We are a medium sized irrigation business in Ashburton. We are well established in this community and continue to experience growth locally and nationally

Rooney Earthmoving is one of New Zealand’s leading privately owned civil contractors specialising in earthworks and civil projects. The organisation employs 215 staff and operates a significant fleet of heavy machinery in the South Island.

Please apply in writing with your CV to:

The Ashburton Branch of Rooney Earthmoving has a vacancy for a COF Mechanic and a Fleet Serviceman with work attributes including: • Skills that include previous experience working on road transport equipment • Motivated self starters who demonstrate initiative • Reliable and flexible with the ability to work unsupervised

The Manager Robertson Manufacturing Ltd PO Box 6 Hinds Or email

These are permanent positions reporting to the Ashburton Workshop Manager. The successful applicants will be based at the Ashburton workshop with a focus on mechanical work and general servicing.

Applications close August 20, 2013

Wages and conditions will be negotiated with the successful applicants.

This is a permanent full time position for an experienced fitter turner/machinist.

Applicants need to apply with references to: Alister Jopson, PO Box 403, Ashburton 7740 Phone: (03) 308 6011 Email:

Trainee Serviceman Due to a long serving employee leaving, we require someone who is willing to learn with the following attributes: • • • •

Mechanically minded Problem solving skills Positive attitude New Zealand drivers licence

All relevant training and support will be provided for the right candidate, ensuring they gain the skills and become a comprehensive serviceman.

Storeperson We require someone to assist with the day to day operation of our store. Applicant will have an eye for detail and be able to work independently. Previous store or irrigation experience would be an advantage.

For more details please contact Rainer Irrigation on 307 9049

The Fresh Name in the Freezer

Potato Seed Cutting Season Talley’s Group Ltd Ashburton is currently looking to employ individuals for the upcoming potato seed cutting season. This is expected to run from early September 2013, until early November 2013. A forklift licence would be beneficial but not necessary, as all training will be provided. Applicants should apply via email to or by phoning Thomas Stephens on 021 213 0247.

Applicants must have New Zealand residency or hold a valid work permit.

This role would best suit a person who has had experience in an office environment where they were challenged with a variety of tasks and could prioritise duties accordingly. We require a person who: • has experience with accounting packages (we use Accredo, but knowledge of this particular package is not a prerequisite) • has strong computer Literacy • has a common sense approach to office and admin routines • can work without supervision • has good communication and time management skills • is honest and reliable In order to be considered for this role we are looking for the following: • strong customer service skills • has strong MS Word and Excel skills • can manage GST reconciliation • is capable of preparing monthly, quarterly and annual budgets • has a good knowledge of accounting principles • has knowledge of foreign exchange dealings Previous work history and referees will be required. All applications should be made in writing before 23rd August 2013:

Distribution Supervisor A part time position is available for a reliable person to supervise a team of distributors delivering mailers into household letterboxes in Ashburton. You must have a reliable van or suitable delivery vehicle (larger than a station wagon), cell phone, internet access and the ability to use a computer. Due to the palletised delivery of product the applicant must have a delivery point that would be suitable for a large truck to access for delivery. The role requires delivery of product to distributors on a Monday and Friday. You will then be required to monitor the delivery of the product, doing audits, training and recruitment of distributors when required. Anticipated hours per week are 15 to 20 hours. You will be working for Reach Media, a national company 50% owned by NZ Post. Please apply to Steve on 027 246 0068 or

Pest Control Technician Trainee Wanted for established local business • Must have full drivers license • A pride of personal appearance and good people skills • Excellent wages

This position involves providing administration support in our office with flexible hours; however a full time position could be available.

Please apply in own writing, including resume, to: PO Box 6023, Ashburton, 7742 Applications close August 31, 2013

Got something to sell? Having a garage sale? Call the Guardian today for your advertising requirements. 307 7900 With: _______________________________ Date:_______________________________

Guardian Classifieds URL tested:

307Closing 7900 date x




Ray Mayne Ray Mayne Hose and Fittings Ltd

Finance Officer/Administrator Due to the retirement of a long standing employee Safer Ashburton is now looking to employ a new Finance Officer / Administrator. Safer Ashburton is a non-profit trust working in a number of areas providing services and programmes that support and strengthen individuals and families enabling them to make good choices. We have a reasonable turnover employing 20 staff across 13 project areas so require a capable individual with demonstrated attention to detail to oversee this level of accounts and payroll. If you have demonstrated experience in the following we would love to hear from you. 9 Payroll (we currently use ACE Payroll) 9 Producing monthly cost centre and consolidated financial statements 9 Producing annual financial statements for audit 9 Accrual accounting 9 Processing PAYE, GST, FBT and ACC 9 Banking, invoicing, payments, etc 9 Proficient in accounting and other related software packages. (We currently use Quantum) Given our work it is important to us that any potential candidate is a caring individual who supports and values the work we do and values and respects all people. We are looking for a real team player with a bright personality and a passion to support the work of our organisation. This position is for an average of 25 hours per week and will suit someone looking for permanent part time work in an office full of great people doing fantastic work. For an application pack please contact Safer Ashburton at: 20 William Street, Ashburton, Ph: 03 308 1395 Applications close Friday August 30, at 12 noon We offer a collegial, family friendly and flexible work environment.

Experienced Automotive Electrician AutoSparks is a team of 14 comprising of Auto Electrical, Mechanical and Hydraulics Due to an increase in work load we are looking for a Experienced Auto Electrician to join our team. The position is available for a skilled New Zealand trained technician to work within the company. Must be self motivated and be able to work unsupervised, have an up to date knowledge of a variety of vehicles and be willing to learn. Field work will be involved and you will be supplied a vehicle that is fully equipped with stock to do most jobs. The skills required for this role are: - Able to perform repairs and installations on all vehicles and machinery systems competently and confidently - Ability to correctly diagnose faults and failures - Have a ‘fix it once’ ethic - A current New Zealand drivers licence. We offer: - A competitive remuneration package. - Continuous training to expand your knowledge - Great career opportunities - Modern workshop with the latest scan tools - Good team environment - Assistance with relocation If you have a positive attitude, are proactive and highly organised, we would like to hear from you. Applicants for this position should have New Zealand residency or a valid New Zealand work visa. Please reply to: Autosparks Ltd 187 Alford Forest Road, Ashburton 7700 Ph: 03 307 2696 Or phone Tony Houston 0274 55 22 72 Kevin Pooke 0274 55 22 54


14 AUGUST 2013

LOC AL ELECTIONS NOMINATIONS CLOSE FRIDAY Nominations for candidates wishing to stand in this year’s local authority elections are open until noon on Friday 16 August. Election Day this year is 12 October. Local government elections are your chance to have a say in who will make decisions on behalf of our community on matters that affect us all. Prospective candidates are strongly urged to not leave lodging their nomination until the deadline at noon Friday 16 August. The need to correct an incomplete or inacurate nomination form may result in the nomination being invalid.



On This Week

Ashburton District Council gives public notice of a proposal to temporarily close roads to ordinary vehicle traffic to enable the holding of a community event - Ashburton Car Club “Quarter Mile Sprint”.

Council is now accepting applications for financial assistance for the following grant schemes:


Proposed road closure: WILLOWBY WINSLOW ROAD, from Longbeach Road intersection to 500m SE of the intersection with State Highway 1. Period of Closure: From 9.30 am until 6.00 pm on Saturday 14 September 2013. The postponement date is 21 September. Proposed closure is made under the Local Government Act 1974 - Schedule 10 (11 (e)). Any person objecting to the proposal should lodge notice of their objection and the grounds for their objection in writing by post or email to the Council by 4.00 pm Wednesday 21 August 2013. Ashburton District Council gives public notice of a proposal to temporarily close roads to ordinary vehicle traffic to enable the holding of a community event – CJM Events Limited “Muddy Good Run”. Proposed road closure: NORMANBY ROAD, from BAKERS ROAD to WEST TOWN BELT Period of Closure: From 9.30 am until 12.00 midday on Sunday, 20 October 2013. Proposed closure is made under the Transport (Vehicular Traffic Road Closure) regulations 1965. Any person objecting to the proposal should lodge notice of their objection and the grounds for their objection in writing by post or email to the Council by 4.00pm Friday 20 September 2013.

Annual Grant Scheme

School Holiday Programmes

Biodiversity Grant Scheme

Operations Committee Thursday 15 August, 1.30pm

$50,000 is available for distribution to community groups through the Annual Grants Scheme and $5,000 for the School Holiday Programme Scheme. All applications close 5pm, Wednesday 31 August 2013. For forms and more information, please go to the Council website or phone 307 7700.


Mayfield Rural Fire AGM Monday 19 August, 7.30pm

Career Opportunities Building Systems Administrator Management Accountant


Living Legends is planting 170,000 native trees throughout New Zealand, honouring our Rugby Legends and leaving a legacy of New Zealand’s hosting of Rugby World Cup 2011. Come and join our local Living Legends at a public planting: When: 9am to 12pm. Sunday 18 August Where: Harris Scientific Reserve on Lovetts Road, Winslow Refreshments will be available. To attend, please register at

RUR AL FIRE FORCE AGMS Annual General Meetings of the volunteer rural fire forces in the Ashburton District will take place from the beginning of August through until September 2013. Dates, times and locations of all AGM meetings can be found on the Council website.

None For more information, visit

T V TAKEBACK Residents have until Wednesday 21 August to drop off their old televisions at the Ashburton Resource Recovery Park with the subsidised fee of $5. The hours and location of the Ashburton Resource Recovery Park can be found on the Council website or the bottom of this page. Further information is available at




Monday - Wednesday 8.30am - 5pm Thursday 9am - 5pm Friday 8.30am - 5pm

Monday - Friday 9am - 8pm Saturday 10am - 1pm Sunday 1 pm - 4pm

Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm Saturday 9am - 5pm Sunday 1pm - 5pm

PO Box 94, Ashburton 7740


P (03) 307 7700

Classifieds 22 Ashburton Guardian

Birthday Greetings





Brought to you by Kitchen Kapers.

Kate Sheppard We hope you have a wonderful 2nd birthday. Love from Dad, Mum and James.

the right person for the job Place your job ads with our experienced team

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

ASHBURTON Hastings McLeod Ltd Licensed REAA 2008

Telephone 03 307 9176



EASTSIDE 59 Davis Crescent

Kate Sheppard Happy 2nd Birthday. Love from your grandparents and great grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins.

Solid 3 bedroom home but in need of redecorating throughout and some renovation. As is where is but will respond to some 'loving' RV $175,000. VIEW Thursday 15 Aug 12.30 1.15pm DEADLINE PRIVATE TREATY Thursday 22nd August 2013 at 4.00pm

Kate Sheppard Happy 2nd Birthday. Lots of love and hugs from Great Grandpa and Bev. xx

3 1



Deadline 2pm prior publication day

307 7900


Sophie Wilson Happy 7th Birthday Sophie. Love Mum, Dad, Olivia, Nicholas and Elliot. Sophie Louise Wilson Happy 7th Birthday Sophie, have a fabulous fun filled day. Love from your Grandparents & cousins. Birthday Greetings are free for those aged 12 and under only. Free birthday greetings must be received at least two working days before date of insertion otherwise there is no guarantee that it will appear on the day requested. Photos will be available at our ground floor office for collection after notice has appeared in the paper.

Creative Cupcake Classes

SUN Control Window Tinting. For professional window tinting of homes, offices and vehicles. UV (fading) privacy, glare and heat control. Phone your only local applicator, Craig Rogers 307-6347. Member of Master Tinters NZ.

SITUATIONS WANTED DAIRY position required from now through 2013/2014 season, with one or two bedroom accommodation. Ph 027 927 1428.

LIVESTOCK, PETS BUYER of unwanted animals. Cattle, bobby calves, horse and all farm animals. We also sell pet food. Call Nick’s Pet Food 0272 101 621, A/H 03 322 7626.

• Bark • Oamaru stone • Rocks • Organic compost • Sand • Screened soil • Home deliveries available

Plus much more FREE loan trailer available! From a shovel load to a trailer load. Dobson Street West Ph: 307 8302 Hours: Mon-Fri: 7.30am - 5pm Sat: 7.30am - 12 noon

For all subscriber enquiries, missed delivery, new subscriptions, temporary stops, call our subscriber hotline 0800 274 287 0800 ASHBURTON ADULT

Call ENTERTAINMENT Call the the Guardian Guardian for all your L ET OR L EASE for all your ASIAN, new, pretty, hot and SITUATIONS WANTED RURAL TRADING POST sexy. 25 years old, busty classified classified Call the Guardian WANTED - shed space short 36DD, long hair. Good ACCOUNTS and/or 70 ROUND bales lucerne requirements. term for classic fire engine, massage and good service. office admin partrequirements. silage. $100 per bale plus 1x9.5m bay. Ph Richard 027 Phone Jessie 022-324-8167. for all your time work wanted. GST. Ph 027 439 9322. 307 7900 539 9910. Experienced book307Guardian 7900 classified Call the keeper, evenings and Call the Guardian KATIE 19 years, size 8, slim MOTORING Call the Guardian requirements. weekends ok. Call GRAZING Call the Guardian for all your and sexy, professional and Call the Guardian for all your 027 443 5722 or 03 307 Call the Guardian private, hot and horny. Please for all your Callfor the Guardian all your 307 7900 7125. MAZDA 2011 SP25, 5 door classified for all your contact 027 826 6774. LAMB grazing wanted for classified for all your hatch, travelled only classified for all your classified Sep/Oct, top money paid for requirements. 28,000km. Auto, triptronic. All classified requirements. classified the bells and whistles. Colour: top feed. Numbers to suit. NEW to town, Allera, 24 year requirements. classified requirements. 307 7900 requirements. grey. As new condition. Still Ph Mitch 027 313 1320 or old Spanish beauty. Size 10. 307 7900 requirements. requirements. has 12 month warranty 302 1787. 307 7900 7900 Long, black hair. Sensual, 307 307 7900 remaining on new car passionate service. Available 307 7900 7900 307 warranty plus servicing during FOR SALE 5pm onwards. Ph 021 565

August 24 & 25

Call Kitchen Kapers for more information 308 8287

Guardian Classifieds 307 7900

The Arcade, Ashburton

this period. Great value $29,000. Phone 027-434CAKE DECORATING 1774. CLASSES. We are having classes, with Kirsten. August WHEEL alignments at great 24 and 25. Hands on and full prices. Maximise the life of fun and helpful hints. Call of your tyres with an or email us for more informaKitchen Kapers alignment from Neumanns tion. Tyre Services Ltd, 197 Wills 3088287, Street. Phone 308-6737.


FOR SALE CONTAINERS for sale or hire, ex shipping: general and insulated. Sidelifter available for delivery. Wilson Bulk Transport, Phone 308-7772.

Daily Events Wednesday 8.30am ASHBURTON STROLLERS CLUB. Teddington/Governors Bay. A good walk in the sea air. Leaving from the Courthouse at 8.30am. 9.00am - 4.00pm ASHBURTON BUDGET ADVISORY SERVICE INC. For free budget advice and workshop enquiries. Phone 307-0496. 60 Cass Street, Consultancy House. 9.30am SPORT MID CANTERBURY. Walking group. Meet outside the Community Pool, Walnut Ave at 9.30am.

Thursday 9.00am - 4.00pm ASHBURTON BUDGET ADVISORY SERVICE INC. For free budget advice and workshop enquiries. Phone 307-0496. 60 Cass Street, Consultancy House. 9.30am M.S.A. TAI CHI CLUB. Beginners class, newcomers welcome. M.S.A. Social hall, Havelock Street. 9.30am - 11.30am MID CANTERBURY BADMINTON CLUB.

9.30am - 1.00pm ASHBURTON BAPTIST CHURCH. Second time around op shop. Ashburton Baptist Church, Cnr Cass and Havelock Streets. 9.45am MID CANTERBURY LADIES PROBUS. Monthly meeting. Doris Linton lounge, R.S.A. Cox Street 10.00am ST STEPHENS ANGLICAN CHURCH. Holy Communion, Park Street. 10.00am - 3.00pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. Classic aircraft on display including DC3. Ashburton Airport, Seafield Road.

10.00am - 4.00pm ASHBURTON DISTRICT FAMILY HISTORY GROUP. Open for research, non members welcome. Upstairs in the old Polytech building, 254 Cameron Street. 10.00am - 7.00pm ASHBURTON ART GALLERY AND MUSEUM. Open, all welcome. Baring Square East. 10.30am ASHBURTON LADIES PROBUS. Coffee morning. Cafe Central, Tancred Street. 10.45am M.S.A. TAI CHI CLUB. Exercises for people with limited mobility. M.S.A. Social hall, Havelock Street. 12.30 - 2.30pm MASTAGARD EDUCATION.

Daytime section, new players very welcome. Sports hall, Tancred Street. 9.30am - 12.30pm ASHBURTON TOY LIBRARY. Open today. Methodist Church hall, Baring Square East. 9.30am - 1.00pm ASHBURTON BAPTIST CHURCH. Second time round op shop. Ashburton Baptist Church, cnr Cass and Havelock Street. 10.00am ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Fit Kidz. 48 Allens Road.

10.30am MID CANTERBURY NEW COMERS NETWORK. New comers coffee morning group. McDonald’s Ashburton. 10.45am M.S.A. TAI CHI CLUB. Qigong exercises, newcomers welcome. M.S.A. Social hall, Havelock Street. 12.30pm M.S.A. PETANQUE. Petanque has started, everyone welcome, Racecourse Road.

Worm juice for gardens and farms. Set up a worm farm. Eco Education Centre, next to Mastagard recycle shed. 1.15pm TINWALD 500 CLUB CARDS. Come join in and play cards, all welcome. Tinwald hall, Graham Street. 1.30pm WAIREKA CROQUET CLUB. Euchre, all welcome, Waireka Croquet Club, the Domain, Philip Street. 7.00pm GLENYS’ DANCE GROUP. Sequence dancing, Pipe Band hall, Creek Road. 7.00pm - 9.30pm MID CANTERBURY LINE DANCERS. Learn to line dance 7pm, followed by beginner/intermediate (8pm - 9pm). Phone 1.00pm ASHBURTON SCOTTISH SOCIETY INDOOR BOWLS. Bowls afternoon new and old members welcome, Balmoral hall, Cameron Street. 1.00pm - 3.00pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM Classic aircraft on display including DC 3. Ashburton airport, Seafield Road. 1.15pm WAIREKA CROQUET CLUB. Mahjong - beginners welcome. Waireka Croquet Club, the Domain, Philip Street.

307 -7138 a/h. Tinwald hall, Graham Street. 7.30pm ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Real women walking group. Leaves from 48 Allens Road, Allenton. 7.30pm ASHBURTON SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCE CLUB. Dancing, music, fitness and fun. Buffalo hall, Cox Street. 7.30pm ALLENTON INDOOR BOWLING CLUB. New members welcome. Allenton hall, Harrison Street. 7.30pm ASHBURTON PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY. Members night. Senior Citizen’s room.

2.00pm HINDS GARDEN CIRCLE. Look at retail items and afternoon tea. Lushingtons, Main Road, Tinwald 7.30pm GLENYS’ DANCE GROUP. Old time/sequence dancing, learn to dance. All welcome. Pipe Band hall, Creek Road. 7.30 - 9.30pm ASHBURTON EMBROIDERERS GUILD. Stitch and chat. Preparation for exhibition. Senior Centre.

Puzzles Wednesday, August 14, 2013 CRYPTIC


ACROSS 1. Clothes for an actor suited to women? (7) 5. The theme will appear if following cat’s comeback (5) 8. If old-fashioned, I get married to get lively (7) 9. Is this the eye to appreciate what’s exposed? (5) 10. Exclamation claiming dolour to be meritorious, it seems (4,5) 12. Someone evidently hiding indication of her maiden name (3) 13. What’s wrong with writing indefinite article on spinster (5) 17. Touch one for his attention and it will control the flow (3) 19. Adonis cut strangely by his keeper (9) 21. I fool around but indicate the page number (5) 22. Warm covering, but wager it’s thin inside (7) 24. At a pinch one may use it to douse the light (5) 25. Continuous way one will finish up depleted (7)






10 11 12


14 15 16 17


19 20


DOWN 1. It seems there’s a price to pay to go into the attack (6) 2. Wooers alternatively appearing in sets of clothes (7) 3. Duval heartily reveals the grape (3) 4. Fragrant gum the East produces with crushed lime (5) 5. Homo sapiens, if with toes broken, outlines party policy (9) 6. Nominal payment to know in the North (5) 7. How to make Frederick shortly do with what cattle eat (6)

11. Ricochet: a quick look to one side is bad (6,3) 14. Deceive the French with a small amount of water (7) 15. Materials one gorges (6) 16. Unties, putting it wrong way round, so gets it together (6) 18. Foreign dish one concocted with Paul (5) 20. Weapon responsible for destruction of bears (5) 23. Ampers take it for its abbreviated form (3)


YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS CRYPTIC Across 1. Cough 4. Ascetic 8. Ninon 9. Iranian 10. Elm 11. Usherette 12. Tidy 13. Peru 18. Obstinate 20. Pan 21. Evicted 22. Tosti 23. Slender 24. Pedal Down 1. Confectioners 2. Unnamed 3. Honour 4. Alight 5. Chairs 6. Twist 7. Consequential 14. Exposed 15. Listed 16. Larder 17. Peg-top 19. Spine

7 8



QUICK Across 1. Thirsts 5. Tibia 8. Chase rainbows 9. Sav 10. Alertness 12. Margin 13. Inches 15. Reelected 16. Aka 18. Untrustworthy 20. Style 21. Denudes Down 1. Ticks 2. Inadvertently 3. Step aside 4. Spared 5. Tin 6. Brokenhearted 7. Assists 11. Toned down 12. Murmurs 14. Stated 17. Abyss 19. Use

QUICK ACROSS 6. Hard worker (7) 7. Heathen (5) 9. Some, or all (3) 10. Drugged (9) 12. After tax earnings (4-4,3) 15. Having great beauty and splendour (11) 17. Tiny amount (9) 19. Deceive someone (3) 21. Feeling remorse (5) 22. Conceited person (7)

Down 1. Leaf from palm tree (5) 2. Toward the stern of a ship (3) 3. Misshapen (4) 4. Pre decimal coin (9) 5. Entrance (7) 8. Transfer data by computer (6) 11. Taking place (9) 13. Substance that induces vomiting (6) 14. Happen again (7) 16. Damp (5) 18. Falls behind (4) 20. Accommodation for swine (3)


eeks w 6 fitneUSsT s RJ FO


Ashburton Guardian


*Total cost for 6 weeks is $99. New members only. Not valid with any other offer. Fitness membership only, must commence between 10 August and 17 August 2013. Does not include Curves Complete or Curves Smart. Only at participating locations. 2013 Curves International, Inc.

SUDOKU Fill the grid so that every column, every row and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.

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YOUR STARS by Forecasters

ARIES (MAR 21 – APR 20) The Moon’s monthly visit to your financial sector will bring a valuable opportunity to tap into your financial instincts and get your bearings. TAURUS (APR 20 – MAY 21) As the Moon stirs your emotional responses Mars is able to give them a voice, creating a valuable chance to clear the air. GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 22) The Moon’s return to your work sector will always give you an advantage, giving you an intuitive read on what’s happening on the work front. CANCER (JUNE 22 – JULY 24) Just as you’re starting to recover from some tensions and pressures over the last few weeks, the Moon brings a reminder that life needs to be fun. LEO (JULY 24 – AUG 23) With your birthday month having just nine days to run, it’s time to start packing all your intentions and promises for the coming year into a plan of action. VIRGO (AUG 23 – SEP 23) As the Moon makes his only visit to your communication sector while the planet of love is in your sign, there is a chance to begin rebuilding. LIBRA (SEP 23 – OCT 23) As the Moon makes his monthly visit to your income sector, this will give you a nose for money and a better read on the conditions in play. SCORPIO (OCT 23 – NOV 24) When there is nothing to mark your progress and especially when it’s slow, it’s easy to think that you’re not making progress, when in fact you are. SAGITTARIUS (NOV 24 – DEC 21) This is a day for keeping your finger on the pulse and ear to the ground, with an intuitive and astute read on things, especially of your own mind. CAPRICORN (DEC 21 – JAN 20) It’s those unexpected or random encounters or situations that come unscripted that are likely to remind you just how much support you have. AQUARIUS (JAN 20 – FEB 19) As you start to see some signs of progress on the work front this will give you the confidence you need to keep pushing on, finding your second wind. PISCES (FEB 19 – MAR 20) As busy and urgent as things are, today’s lunar vibes bring a sense of adventure, wanderlust and curiosity that makes it hard to stay focused.

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CAMERON – Anna (nee Falloon) and Andy announce the safe arrival of Oskar Louis Cameron at Wellington on August 13. First grandchild of Shirley and John Falloon.

Sixty Fifth Wedding Anniversary

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Celebrating the occasion with twenty members of their family. With love from all the families.

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Ra n










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NZ Situation

less than 30 fine

30 to 59 fog

isolated snow thunder flurries

sleet thunder

Canterbury Plains TODAY

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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

60 plus

NZ Today

overnight max low




few showers



Fine weather. Northerlies developing in the afternoon.


few showers






mainly fine




mainly fine



mainly fine

Rain about the divide clearing. Patchy rain developing elsewhere in the afternoon. Winds turning northeast and becoming strong in exposed places.


few showers


few showers


few showers

Fine with high cloud. Southwesterlies.


World Weather

Darry Allen’ l Burrowes s Ashb urton


Showers about the divide, heavy and possibly thundery at first. Fine spells elsewhere. Wind at 1000m: Changing SW gusting 80km/h, then gradually easing. Wind at 2000m: NW gale 80 km/h changing SW in the morning, then gradually easing.

Adelaide Amsterdam Bangkok Berlin Brisbane Cairns Cairo Calcutta Canberra Colombo Darwin Dubai Dublin Edinburgh Frankfurt

showers fine rain cloudy showers fine fine thunder fine rain fine fine showers cloudy cloudy

FZL: 1400m, rising to 1800m in the evening

FZL: 2000m

Occasional rain about the divide, falling as snow above 1500 metres. Fine in the east with increasing high cloud. Wind at 1000m: NW 35 km/h. Wind at 2000m: W gale easing in the morning and turning NW 45 km/h.

Rain clearing. Winds turning northerly.

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A ridge moving over New Zealand tomorrow is followed by a low developing west of the country on Friday. This low should track across northern New Zealand on Saturday, allowing a ridge to spread over the South Island from the southeast. The ridge is expected to spread onto the North Island on Sunday.

mainly isolated cloudy drizzle drizzle few showers fine showers clearing showers

Occasional rain. Fresh easterlies.

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Midnight Tonight







Patchy rain developing in the afternoon. Northeasterlies, becoming fresh about the coast.




E.B. CARTER LTD For all your memorial requirements New headstones and designs Renovations, Additional inscriptions, Cleaning and Concrete work Carried out by qualified tradesmen.


SATURDAY: Occasional rain. Fresh easterlies. MAX

bur to


FRIDAY: Patchy rain developing. Northeasterlies.

Wind km/h



TOMORROW: Fine. Northerlies developing in the afternoon.



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TODAY: Fine, with high cloud. Southwesterlies easing.



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Wednesday, August 14, 2013




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fine showers showers fine rain rain fine showers fine fine fine showers rain showers thunder

12 7 25 23 23 23 6 25 12 17 20 11 16 20 26

24 13 29 29 28 32 25 33 24 26 35 16 26 29 32

New York Paris Perth Rarotonga Rome San Francisco Seoul Singapore Stockholm Sydney Taipei Tel Aviv Tokyo Washington Zurich

fine fine cloudy showers fine fine cloudy thunder rain fine rain fine fine fine fine

Tides, Sun, Moon and Fishing Wednesday

m am 3 3


9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


Thursday 9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


9 pm



9:08 3:22 9:34 3:50 10:07 4:23 10:36 4:49 11:07 5:25 11:36 The times shown are for the Ashburton River mouth. For the Rangitata river mouth subtract 16 minutes and for the Rakaia river mouth subtract 6 minutes.

Rise 7:30 am Set 5:46 pm


Good fishing

Rise 7:29 am Set 5:47 pm


Good fishing

Rise 7:27 am Set 5:48 pm


Good fishing

Set 12:29 am Rise 10:49 am

Set 1:36 am Rise 11:33 am

Set 2:41 am Rise 12:25 pm

14 Aug 10:58 pm

21 Aug 1:46 pm

28 Aug 9:37 pm

First quarter

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Full moon

Last quarter

Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa

For the very latest weather information, including Weather Warnings, visit

17 13 7 21 20 13 26 24 10 11 27 24 26 16 13

24 25 19 26 29 23 33 32 20 23 31 32 33 26 21

River Levels



Selwyn Whitecliffs (NIWA) at 3:00 pm, yesterday

Rakaia Fighting Hill (NIWA) at 1:45 pm, yesterday 101.7 Nth Ashburton at 3:00 pm, yesterday


Sth Ashburton at 3:30 pm, yesterday

7.86 nc

Rangitata Klondyke at 3:00 pm, yesterday


Waitaki Kurow at 3:00 pm, yesterday


Source: Environment Canterbury

Canterbury Readings




Palmerston North few showers

Forecasts for today

11 10 25 13 13 16 24 26 4 25 19 32 15 11 11

15 10 14 7 16 8 13 8 12 8 13 6 14 5 13 7 13 2 14 2 11 2 11 6 12 5

Ashburton Airport Temperature °C At 4pm 9.6 11.5 Max to 4pm -0.1 Minimum -4.4 Grass minimum Rainfall mm 0.0 16hr to 4pm August to date 9.2 Avg Aug to date 25 2013 to date 591.8 426 Avg year to date Wind km/h NE 26 At 4pm Strongest gust NE 46 Time of gust 1:37pm

© Copyright Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited 2013

to 4pm yesterday


Christchurch Airport

Timaru Airport

11.9 13.1 1.8 –

9.8 9.0 2.1 -1.4

9.4 11.2 3.8 –

0.0 16.8 – 1101.0 –

0.0 7.6 28 448.6 404

0.0 5.2 18 376.0 303

N 13 – –

E 24 E 41 2:37pm

S6 E 19 11:23am

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Television Wednesday, August 14, 2013 TV ONE

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7pm Seven Sharp 0 7:30 Fair Go 0 8pm Border Security A passenger arrives in Australia with a strange gift; a creature is discovered, which was considered an urban myth. 0 8:30 One Born Every Minute Katie has concerns about her baby’s birth; Nicole has complications. 0 9:30 Hoarding – Buried Alive 0 10:35 One News Tonight 0

Shortland Street PGR 0 Two and a Half Men PGR 0 The Neighbors 0 The Big Bang Theory PGR 3 0 9pm N Cougar Town PGR It is the first week of marriage for Grayson and Jules, but when Grayson does not know the rules, he soon pays the price. 0 9:30 Devious Maids AO 0 10:30 Supernatural AO 0

11:05 F Hit And Miss 12:05 Attitude 1:10 Te Karere 3 2 0 1:15 Infomercials 5:05 Believer’s Voice Of Victory 5:35 Te Karere 3 2 0

11:30 Are You There, Chelsea? Midnight Work It PGR 3 12:25 20/20 3 0 1:25 Infomercials 2:25 Private Practice AO 3 0 3:15 Jeremy Kyle PGR 3 4:05 Anderson Live 3 5:05 The Erin Simpson Show 3 5:30 Infomercials

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12:30 Benny Hinn 1am The Stagers 1:30 At Home With Julia AO 2am The Cook And The Chef 2:30 Food Safari 3am Mark Berg’s Fishing Addiction 4am What’s Really In Our Food? 4:30 Bath Crashers 5am The Boat That Guy Built 5:30 Autospeed




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12:30 24 MVLS 1:20 America’s Funniest Home Videos PG 1:45 Cash Cab USA PG 2:10 NYPD Blue MVLS 3:05 NCIS MV 3:55 SVU MV 4:45 24 MVLS 5:35 Whose Line Is It Anyway? PG

6am Re:Union (Replay) 7am Athletics – IAAF World Championships (Replay) Day Four, Evening Session. 10:30 The Crowd Goes Wild 11am Golf – PGA Championship (Highlights) Round Four. Noon Golf Central 1pm Cricket – International England v Australia – Fourth Test, Day Four – Last Two Hours. 3pm Rugby League – Holden Cup (Replay) Sea Eagles U20 v Warriors U20. 5pm Motorcycling – British Superbikes Championship (Highlights) Round Seven. 5:30 M7 Multisport TV The Doctor Surf Ski World Cup. 6pm M7 Multisport TV 6:30 Cycling – Arctic Tour Of Norway (Highlights) 7:30 Rugby – First XV (Replay) Mt Albert Grammar v King’s College. 9:30 Golf World A weekly review of golf tournaments around the globe. 10pm Basketball – Women’s FIBA Oceania Championship (Replay) Tall Ferns v Opals. From Vector Arena in Auckland. Midnight Basketball – Men’s FIBA Oceania Championship (Replay) Tall Blacks v Boomers. From Vector Arena in Auckland. 2am Rugby League – NRL (Replay) Roosters v Raiders. 4am Rugby League – NRL (Replay) Sharks v Knights.

SKY SPORT 2 6:30 Ako 3 7pm Te Kaea 3 2 7:30 Te Tepu Kaumatua share their wisdom on current affairs and news from a Maori perspective. (English subtitles). 2 8pm Poutiriao 8:30 F Marae DIY 9:30 Whare Taonga 10pm Oruorua 10:30 Native Affairs 3 11:30 Te Kaea 3 2 Midnight Closedown


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7:05 Directors – Randal Kleiser PG 2009 Documentary. 7:35 Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow PG 2011 Drama. KajErik Eriksen, Richard Thomas. 9:05 Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn Part 1 MVS 2011 Fantasy Drama. Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson. 11am Safe House MVL 2012 Action. Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds. 12:55 The Help M 2011 Drama. Emma Stone, Viola Davis. 3:20 Queen Sized PGL 2008 Drama. Nikki Blonsky. 4:50 One Day ML 2011 Drama. Anne Hathaway, Jim Sturgess. 6:40 A Dark Truth 16V 2012 Action. Andy Garcia, Eva Longoria. 8:30 Something Borrowed MLS 2011 Romantic Comedy. Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson. 10:30 Machine Gun Preacher 16VLS 2011 Action. Gerard Butler.

Midnight I Married A Mobster M Jekyll and Hyde. 12:30 Sons Of Guns M 1:30 Deadliest Catch PG 2:30 Sons Of Guns M 3:30 American Guns M 4:30 Flying Wild Alaska PG ERA Alaska Rises Again. 5:30 Auction Kings PG

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12:30 Biography – Ashton Kutcher PG 2007 Documentary. 1:20 Office Space ML 1998 Comedy. 2:50 Assault On Precinct 13 16VL 2005 Action. 4:40 The Beach 16VLS 2000 Thriller. 6:40 The Making Of Fast And Furious M 2009 6:55 The Long Kiss Goodnight 18VL 1996 Action.

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Sport 28 Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ashburton College’s Zwidi Lisala scoring one of her two tries against Craighead in the Aoraki Secondary Schools’ Girls’ Rugby Championship top four clash last week. PHOTO MARK MCDONALD

Desperate to shed bridesmaid tag BY JONATHAN LEASK


The Ashburton College girls’ 1st XV host Waitaki Girls’ High school in the second round of the Aoraki Secondary School Girls’ Rugby Championship today. After getting the better of fierce rivals Craighead

in last week’s first round of the top four, they square up against the only team that defeated them in the round robin as they work towards qualifying for the final. In the last two seasons the College girls have finished runners-up, losing the final to Craighead, but they started this

year’s top-four round robin with a win over the defending champions in Timaru last week. It was a heavily contested match between two perennial title contenders, with a high level of physicality from both teams. The hosts scored an early try but Ashburton managed to se-

cure the lead in the first half and maintained it until the final whistle for a 27-14 win, with Zwidi Lisala scoring two tries. They secured the crucial win but have lost Hannah Wright for the rest of the season after she dislocated her knee. However, the squad has built depth, tak-

ing on a number of year 9 and 10 students to fill in the gaps left by last year’s departed Year 13s. After being the bridesmaids in the last two seasons the College girls are eyeing up the elusive title, and a win over Waitaki will give them another big confidence boost.

Big scalp for Erakovic

Daniel thriving in Victoria



Ashburton Guardian, Wednesday, August 14, 2013  

Ashburton Guardian