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Thursday, June 13, 2013


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Newspaper’s future in compact format Monday July 29 will be a historic day for the Ashburton Guardian as we will convert our Monday-Friday editions from broadsheet to a compact format.  At the same time, we’ll be refreshing the entire paper with new content and a brighter look from Monday right through to the weekend. We’re doing this as a result of strong reader preference conveyed to us ever since your newspaper changed Saturday to compact over a decade ago. You might wonder why it’s taken us this long to complete the change. At the time the Guardian converted the week-

Coen Lammers editor

end paper to compact, we were once again the early trailblazer for daily newspapers in New Zealand, as we were with the launch of our subscription website last November. We knew the compact was the format of the future, but decided

to hold back changing the weekday editions largely because the remainder of the New Zealand newspaper industry stayed with the broadsheet format. A couple of years ago this began to change and in the past 12 months about half of New Zealand’s daily newspapers have moved to the smaller format, including the New Zealand Herald and several APN regional newspapers. This significant wave of change has been driven by extensive research showing that readers prefer the smaller page. On the Guardian, we’ve seen this

research which clearly shows that a strong majority of readers - in all markets - regard the compact format as “convenient, modern, fresh and more userfriendly”. The research indicates this is especially so with younger, female, more mobile readers. People interviewed as part of these research projects have said they find the compact easier to handle on the breakfast table, in bed, in a cafe or on a bus, or plane. But of course, the readers of the Weekend Guardian have known this for years. You may have noticed I’ve been

using the word compact rather than tabloid. This is deliberate. The Guardian will maintain its reputation for accuracy, balance and credibility. The smaller size does not imply that we are going down the path of sensational, lurid journalism which has caused such public disquiet in countries like the United Kingdom. As you will know from your Saturday paper, the same respected local journalists will be reporting on the same local issues in the same comprehensive and robust manner. I should also stress this is not

being done to save money on newsprint. While a compact page is half the size of a broadsheet page, there will be twice as many of them with no saving to us at all in paper. The format enables us to allocate more pages to different sections, add new sections and make more stories and photographs the focal point on a page. For advertisers, there is a key advantage in moving to a smaller page. There will be twice the number of opportunities for an advertisement to achieve page dominance. In other markets, advertisers have welcomed

the change. Advertising manager Desme Daniels and her staff are already discussing the changes with our clients and how it will affect them. Please email desme.d@theguardian. if you have any questions or ring the advertising department in the office on 307-7900. As we close in on launch date, July 29, I will provide regular updates on our plans. In the meantime please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can help with any questions you may have on or you can ring any of our staff in the Guardian office.

Rebuild pleases surgeon By Sue Newman Retired surgeon John McDonald has spent decades in the front line, fighting for the future of Ashburton Hospital. Today he’s a happy man. While he no longer works within the hospital system, he is a member of the district’s health committee and is still as passionate today about the hospital and its future as he was when he was one of the leaders of the Save the Hospital Crusade in 1994. Tuesday’s announcement of the $8.7 million redevelopment of the hospital was the best possible outcome, Mr McDonald said. “There’s been genuine consultation and what we’ve ended up with is what we could have expected with the changing way of doing things. I think it’s the best outcome we could have hoped for.” The two operating theatres that were in use before the Canterbury earthquakes will be replaced with one theatre and one endoscopy suite or procedure room. For years the CDHB had been working with Ashburton on a different way of delivering hospital services and that is what the redevelopment plan had achieved, he said. “This has all happened a lot quicker than I thought it would. When I first heard David Meates (CDHB chief executive) talk about the magnitude of what was buggered from the earthquake in Christchurch I thought we’d just get buried under the volume of work to be done, but this is going to be done in a very short time frame.” The commitment to spend $8.7

million at the hospital would bring huge peace of mind to the community, Mr McDonald said. “There was certainly concern among a lot of people that the earthquakes could have been an excuse to close the place. This was the fear but it hasn’t happened. There’s been a commitment to rebuild, to consult and to put in place what we need in Mid Canterbury.” He believes the option chosen for the Ashburton redevelopment was the best available, but it was also the most expensive. The deal came with a $1.5 million funding component from several Ashburton charitable trusts, through the Advance Ashburton Foundation. “That’s been key, the critical point in getting us the best option. I have no doubt the Advance Ashburton deal was the key that got us the best option.” For hospital chief executive Garth Bateup, confirmation that the hospital would be redeveloped signalled the beginning of a huge logistical planning exercise. With demolition of the theatre and outpatients blocks due to begin in August, some work had to be done to relocate some services and equipment ahead of this to ensure the hospital continued to run ‘business as usual’ he said. The fine detail of the theatre suite also had to be hammered out and this would take place over the next couple of weeks with staff, the site development team and architects. “What we come up with has to be functional so staff need to be involved and it has to be for the future. Everything we do now, where we’re placing the theatre

Photo Kirsty Clay 120613-kc-007

For decades the two-storey brick buildings on Elizabeth Street have been instantly recognised as the heart of Ashburton Hospital.

block ensures that in any future development the theatre won’t be compromised.” The redevelopment plans were part of a broader long term development plan for the hospital site, he said. The two blocks of the hospital to be demolished are the oldest remaining structures in the complex. While the theatre demolition wouldn’t be visible from the street, for many people losing the outpatients area fronting Elizabeth Street would remove a significant landmark, Mr Bateup said. The earthquake-affected buildings barely rate in terms of compliance with building standards – the operating theatre is assessed at 15 per cent and outpatients and therapy services at 11 per cent. Compliance needs to be at 67 per cent of the new building standards. •

Hospital plan, Page 5

Photo Kirsty Clay 310112-KG-082

Ashburton Hospital chief executive Garth Bateup (left) and Canterbury District Health Board chief executive David Meates check out the soon-to-be demolished operating theatre at Ashburton Hospital.


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ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, June 13, 2013


ANNOUNCEMENTS DEATHS Please note all late death notices or notices sent outside ordinary office hours must be emailed to:

to ensure publication. During office hours notices may also be sent to:

Any queries please contact 0800 ASHBURTON (0800-274-287).

IN MEMORIAM SEYMOUR, Philip Mark – January 17, 1986 - June 13, 2003. Well it has been 10 years Phil since I last saw you. I can not remember that day, but I think of you every day, my friend. Love from Hayden Esker.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS GOODWIN, Stanley Walter – Gwen and family would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone for their love and support following the recent sad loss of Stan. A much loved husband, dad, granddad, brother and uncle. Thank you for the flowers, cards, food, visits and phone calls. Your kindness was very much appreciated. Thank you to all who attended Stan’s service we were overwhelmed with the number who came to say their farewell. Special thanks to the staff of the Methven Medical Centre, Ashburton Hospital District Nurses, also the Lion’s members and the Eagle Golfers who formed the Guard of Honour, and the Reverend Mike Keith who conducted the service. We will always remember the love and support shown to us. Please accept this as our personal thank you to you all.

FUNERAL FURNISHERS A leader in providing Prompt, Personal 24hour Service PATERSONS FUNERAL SERVICES AND ASHBURTON CREMATORIUM LTD (Ashburton’s local firm) Office and Chapel Corner East and Cox Streets, Ashburton When the need arises PHONE 308-8474



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Liquor laws take party line By Sue Newman The uproar that’s greeted proposed changes to trading hours for Christchurch’s pubs, clubs and nightspots is unlikely to happen when Ashburton’s draft local alcohol policy (LAP) goes out for public comment, those involved in its development say. The difference, Ashburton District Council community planning manager Gavin Thomas says, is the community approach the council has taken to formulating that policy. “The key difference between the process we are using to develop our LAP and the processes used elsewhere is our use of a representative working group to recommend a draft policy to council. “We expect this approach will

ensure our draft policy will fully consider the range of views that are always going to present around an issue like alcohol licensing,” he said. That working group has representatives from council, police, medical officer of health and local licensees. The Christchurch City draft policy will force all bars outside a small inner city precinct close at 1am, while those in the city can remain open until 3am but with a one way door policy in place after 1am. That means you can leave a bar but you cannot enter. The 1am closing law is also proposed for Selwyn. When it comes to off-licence sales, Christchurch City is looking at a 9pm cut-off with Selwyn considering 10pm. In Ashburton one forum for stake-


Pauline Read Pleased your a family member. Xxx

Guardian Classifieds Phone 307 7900

a horses for courses approach that councils are able to take.” If Christchurch and Selwyn adopt their draft local alcohol policies unchanged, Ashburton Trust chief executive Giles Beal believes a new set of liquor related problems will be created. “It’s very easy to pick on licensed premises as the issue when really they are a controlled environment; most of the problems that occur are not on licensed premises. You can’t stop people drinking at home,” he said. For many young people who didn’t head to bars and clubs until late at night, early closing hours were likely to mean more would simply stay home and party in the suburbs, creating a new range of noise and social issues, Mr Beal said. “This has huge potential to create

even more problems. The new sale of liquor legislation has got a lot more teeth and there is the ability to punish poor operators. “Why take a blanket approach and penalise the good operators when the problems are with the few poor ones?” Ashburton’s alcohol problems were quite different to those experienced in Christchurch and the law change was put in place to ensure communities rather than legislators came up with the right set of laws to deal with local issues, he said. “Christchurch has some very nice bars that are well serviced and this will kill the hospitality industry and it will kill investment.” Ashburton’s draft LAP will be adopted by the council on October 3 with consultation beginning on October 7.

Slopes groomed for first day of ski season By Ben Irwin Everything is shaping up nicely for Mt Hutt ski area’s opening day on Saturday. After months off the slopes, skiers and boarders will be able to get their fix when the season officially opens this weekend. Mt Hutt Ski Area manager James McKenzie said everything pointed towards a successful opening day. “We’ve got good snow coverage, strong season pass sales,” Mr McKenzie said. “It looks pretty fantastic really.” The lower base of the mountain had 50cm of snow, while the upper base had 70cm. Mr McKenzie said Saturday’s weather forecast was encouraging for those looking to hit the slopes, with light winds and possible afternoon snowfalls predicted. Staff members had done a great job getting the mountain ready, he said. While most would have the day off tomorrow in preparation for opening day, others would work right up to Saturday. Snow groomers were particularly busy shifting large amounts of snow that had built up from recent storms, he said. An incident-free off-season had helped the preparation. “It was pretty plain sailing over the summer and into the new season,” he said. Mr McKenzie said seeing people enjoy what the mountain had to offer on open day was a special part of his job. “Opening our doors to our guests is the highlight really,’ he said. “We

• Out of control At 10am on Tuesday, a driver on the Arundel Rakaia Road lost control of a vehicle while towing a 29 foot caravan, and collided with a power pole. The caravan rolled and the vehicle was extensively damaged, but the driver was not injured.

• Through a fence At 7am on Monday a vehicle went through a fence at Thompsons Track Methven Highway intersection. No one was injured.

• Quad bike stolen A quad bike was stolen from a Cairnbrae Road, near Methven, on Saturday. Police found a burnt-out car nearby. Enquiries in this matter are continuing.

Ashburton people will have an opportunity to watch some of New Zealand’s best highland and national dancers in action later this month. The Ashburton Highland and National Dancing association will hold its annual competition on June 29 and this will feature several Canterbury-West Coast championship events. The championship event will be held at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre, starting at 8.30am.

• Knock on head

Good conditions up Mt Hutt have operators hoping for a successful opening day. want to deliver a really good opening day to our customers.” Opening day could not come sooner for the many Methven businesses that rely on the ski season.

Big Al’s Snowsports manager Richard Owen said the atmosphere in town was one of anticipation. “It’s exciting, especially when we’ve got snow,” he said. “It’s like

waiting for a gun to go off.” He said there was “definitely a few more people in town” this week, most notably a large number of Mt Hutt staff.

Trust members weigh options At least one name from the current crop of Ashburton Trust board members will be missing when local body elections are held in October. While Alister Lilley and Roger Paterson are both committed and Fay Watson is most likely to commit to seek re-election, long-serving member Stuart Leadley is out of the race. The remaining two members Gary Haskett and Alan Neumann have yet to decide. Current board chair, Mr Lilley said the past three years for the trust had been very positive in terms of its growth and its profitablilty. For the current board and management team that was

immensely rewarding, he said. Over those years the trust had gone from a struggling business to one that was doing very well. For the new board it would now be a question of where to go next. “We can’t stop now, if we don’t keep looking forward and growing we’ll basically just stagnate.” Roger Paterson said he had no hesitation in making a commitment to stand. “I very much want to be part of where the trust is going,” he said. While she’s yet to make a final decision, Fay Watson said she’s likely to seek re-election. “The trust has come a long way in the last three years and a lot of this is the

skills of the management team and it’s at the stage where the new businesses have matured too. There’s a good set of skills around the board table and professionally it’s good working in this atmosphere,” she said. With 12 years on the trust behind him Alan Neumann said he is seriously considering whether he wants to make another three-year commitment. “It’s going to be a hard call to walk away because enjoy it, it’s a fantastic industry and I like the trust model as far as giving back to the community. I guess I’m 50/50 at the moment.” For Gary Haskett the decision to seek re-election has to be balanced against the competing needs of his own business interests.

There had also been a noticeable increase in the number of customers getting their gear tuned up leading into the new season, Mr Owen said.

Mental health aid for drought-hit farmers Farmers affected by this year’s devastating drought will be given support to recognise mental health problems. The Ministry of Health will work with rural organisations in areas that were declared in drought earlier this year. The ministry will hold a series of workshops teaching people to recognise the signs of mental health problems, and to know how to respond. Associate Health Minister Jo Goodhew said working in very stressful and difficult circumstances can have a significant effect on a person’s mental

health, and those in the rural community can be vulnerable after such a large-scale event. “We know this has been an extremely trying time for many farmers and the impacts are likely to continue for some time, possibly even years. “For some farmers, getting through winter and early spring is going to be challenging for a range of reasons, including having to manage on-farm issues caused by drought, financial constraints, and ongoing uncertainty and stress.”  - APNZ

Leadley stands down after 15 years Elder abuse concerns By Sue Newman For Stuart Leadley, after years of serving on both the Ashburton Trust board and the board of what is now EA Networks (formerly Electricity Ashburton), it’s been a tough decision to step back and retire. But with his total commitment to both organisations running to more than 40 years, and a few health issues that can’t be ignored, he’s decided it’s time to spend time doing other things, uncommitted time to travel and following his racehorses. “I hold firmly to the belief that if you put your name up for the job you go to the meetings and you do your job properly and that makes a big hole in your life in terms of other things you might want to do,” he said. Mr Leadley has been on the shareholders’ committee of EA Networks since 1986 and is its current chairman and has been a member of the Ashburton Trust board since 1998. Over his 15 years with the trust, he said there had been many ups and downs, but for him the highlight of those years has been the Somerset House development. “This is set up as a separate trust and once it’s paid off it will be a marvelous

Incidents attended to by the Ashburton Police and Mid Canterbury volunteer fire brigades recently. Check out, for up-to-the-minute updates on every fire callout in the district during the week.

• Highland dancers

By Sue Newman

Bruce and Maisie Boothroyd (nee Watson) Married on June 13, 1953, at St Andrews Church, Ashburton Congratulations on your Diamond Wedding Anniversary with love from all your family.

holder representatives has been held with another likely. The council has also commissioned a telephone survey of residents and an on-line youth survey. It is still waiting on information from the Canterbury District Health Board and the police on the impacts of alcohol on local health and crime statistics. The working group will use all of this information to build its draft policy, Mr Thomas said. Local alcohol policies were not designed to be a one-size-fits-all law that was applied across all communities; they were about communities taking a local approach to devise a policy that met local needs and addressed local issues, he said. “This means it is unlikely our policy will be exactly the same as policies in other districts. It really is

111 diary

Stuart Leadley community funding mechanism. It’s a charitable trust in its own right so when the debt’s gone what it makes in a year, about $1 million, will be given to

the community each year.” The significant growth in the trust’s businesses over the past three years had been particularly rewarding for the board, Mr Leadley said. The trust today was a vastly different business from the trust he joined as a new board member, he said. He was a board member when the trust held the monopoly over liquor sales in the Ashburton District and was on the board when the trust lost out in a community poll seeking to end that monopoly. He said he looks back and believes that if the trust had done things differently in the past it may still have had that monopoly today. “When I first got on the trust it was almost gold plated - at the expense of rewarding its owners (the community) and it bit them somewhat. “I think if the trust had been rewarding its owners enough we wouldn’t have lost the vote – that’s not a criticism of the board then, it’s just the way things were.” While he wouldn’t be part of the next trust board, Mr Leadley said he would retain a strong interest in the trust and the hospitality industry. “You can’t have a passionate interest in something and then have it dissipate overnight.”

Growing concerns around the abuse and neglect of the elderly has prompted Ashburton’s aged care organisations to hold a public education session. Age Concern and Presbyterian Support have joined forces to bring two speakers to Ashburton on June 19. Kerry Howley will talk about the need to raise public awareness of the growing problem of elder abuse and neglect and Penny Arthur will talk about enduring power of attorney.


Age Concern nationally receives six or seven referrals every day from people who may be facing abuse or neglect. It is believed that elder abuse is significantly under reported. Elder abuse is defined as a single or repeated act, or lack of appropriate action, occurring within any relationship where there is an expectation of trust which causes harm or distress to an older person. Ashburton’s seminar will be held at the Seniors Centre on June 19 from 9.30am until noon.

Did you hear the one about the youngster suffering from percussion? Just ask Invercargill firefighters who came to the aid of a “young lass that fell foul of a tambourine” yesterday after the musical instrument became stuck on her head, a Fire Services spokesman said. “Suffering from percussion. I think the term was used.” A fire appliance was dispatched to Waverley Kindergarten at 11.30am to complete the rescue. “There wasn’t too much involved, just a little girl with a tambourine stuck on her - APNZ head.” 

• Queenstown out Jetstar is ditching services from Wellington to Queenstown as it focuses on peak-time services between Auckland and Christchurch. The budget airline earlier this year cut Wellington-Queenstown services from daily to four times a week and will end all flying on September 1. Jetstar said it would add five AucklandChristchurch services, partly to capitalise on extra demand from the rebuild of the earthquake damaged city. A spokesman for the airline said it remained committed to New Zealand in spite of the announcement and a cutback on flying on its entire network - APNZ over early winter. 

• Eco burials? The Grey District Council is considering the creation of an eco cemetery. The council discussed the issue at a meeting on Monday after a submission from the Natural Burial Organisation showed that Wellington, Otaki, New Plymouth, Nelson, Motueka and Whanganui already have natural cemeteries and 12 more will be created soon. Headstones are discouraged but grieving families can plant trees on plots. Because they are not embalmed, bodies in eco-cemeteries naturally decompose and to hasten the process, coffins are made of untreated timber and the graves are normally about 1m deep in the “active soil” layer. The council has no budget for - APNZ the initiative. 

by David Fletcher

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, June 13, 2013


Drug tests target synthetics By Myles Hume Synthetic drug testing is becoming more prominent in Mid Canterbury workplaces as employers look to stamp out workers using the harmful substances. Last year, the New Zealand Drug Detection Agency (NZDDA) conducted more than 8000 drug tests in Canterbury alone, and this year general manager Russell Scott said he had already noticed a “35 to 40 per cent” rise in employers looking to test their workers. Last October NZDDA introduced its first on-site urine test for synthetic drugs and can now detect 13 metabolites found in synthetic cannabis. He said several Mid Canterbury employers in the manufacturing, construction and farming sectors were already conducting synthetic cannabis tests on workers, who they believed were at-risk from drug impairment. “It just goes to show employers are becoming more aware of it and the need to have health and safety,” Mr Scott said. RX Plastics managing director Shaun Cawood said the company tried to keep ahead of the game with synthetic drug testing. “It’s a trend that’s emerging, and of course when that emerges in our community, it emerges in the workplace,” he said. “Drug testing in the workplace is all about identifying the high risk of impairment.” CMP Canterbury occupation health nurse Jackie Corby confirmed synthetic drug testing was carried out, but could not say if there had been any failed tests. Recently, Mr Scott heard of a Canterbury employee, high on

synthetic cannabis, climbing the outside of scaffolding to get to work. A Guardian investigation last month found two Ashburton retailers were selling legal highs. The Government had worked to ban certain products, however overseas manufacturers changed the molecules to make them legal to sell in New Zealand. Mr Scott said it was about keeping drug testing systems up to date with the wave of legal drugs hitting the shelves. But it was also made harder by the short timeframe synthetic drugs stayed in the system, believed to be about three days. “We are always trying to improve, if we don’t keep up we will fall well behind. “We’ve already found 13 metabolites that are currently present no one knew about, so it’s just a continuous job to find the stuff so we can keep the workplace safe.” He said there was a common perception drugs did not impair someone when they did not feel under the influence, “but they stay in the system a lot longer than one might think”. Mr Scott remained hopeful the Government would introduce legislation in August where manufacturers would have to prove the safety of their products. And if those products were legal and proven safe after legislation was introduced, NZDDA would continue to test for them “because they are mind altering”, Mr Scott said. Meanwhile, the NZ Lotteries Commission called on retailers who were selling legal highs and Lotto tickets, that they must pull the harmful substances from the shelves or they would take away their right to sell Lotto.

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SALE SALE SALE SALE Photo Kirsty Clay 110613-KC_008

Clown antics keep care kids happy

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Q: Do you know the speed limit when driving past a stationary school bus?

HEAT PUMP HEAT PUMP PGG store sells for $825,000 PRE WINTER

Ashburton youngster Jelena Unkovich, 3, is amused by Adam Allsorts the clown during PORSE in-home childcare’s Ashburton open day. More than 50 parents and children gathered at the Havelock Street headquarters where they were entertained on Tuesday morning by the clown while celebrating the childcare organisation’s contribution to the community. Community relationship co-ordinator Lizzy Redfern said she was pleased with the opening day, which also brought along a number of new faces.

By Sue Newman

A piece of Ashburton’s rural trading history changed hands yesterday when the PGG Wrightson building was sold under the auctioneer’s hammer. Tricroft Properties is the new owner of the building which covers about 2000 square metres in central Ashburton. The property was sold for $825,000 after bidding opened at $700,000. Sales agent Colin Gilbert said the number of bidders was disappointingly small, particularly when inner town sites of that size rarely came on the market. “There were a lot of advantages with the site and for us this is the end of an era,” Mr Gilbert said. The farm merchandising company is relocating its operation to a new base on West Street to a site previously occupied by RX Plastics. The Tancred Street building had been PGG’s home for more than 50 years. It has spread over the years to eventually include a building to the north, that housed once Osborne’s Garage.


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• 6.5% of tested Mid Canterbury workers failed drug tests last year • 8266 tested in Canterbury 2012 • 4301 tested in Canterbury 2011 • At least 35% increase in employers testing this year • Source: New Zealand Drug Detection Agency

1. Hunt on for CD HQ 2. Found with police jacket 3. Night of stealing ends in court 4. Hakatere baches difficult to move 5. Newcomers’ Network wins


K2: The facts





Photo Tetsuro Mitomo 120613-TM-013

Knocking down a piece of Ashburton’s history auctioneer Athol Earl, flanked by Colin Gilbert, Christine Carr and Robin Ford, calls the bids on the PGG Wrightson Tancred Street building during yesterday’s auction.


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Ashburton Business Association Awards 2012

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ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, June 13, 2013


Synthetic drugs are threat to communities E

vidence suggests synthetic drugs are probably more dangerous than the real deal, and an increasing number of Mid Canterbury employers have included chemicallymanufactured cannabis on their random drug test lists. Synthetic cannabis, such as K2, has been constantly in the headlines in recent months as Parliament rallies to ban the products. Teenagers appearing in the

OUR VIEW Ashburton District Court in the past few weeks have sighted their dependency on synthetic cannabis as the motivation behind their crime sprees, and we have reported on others who have been admitted to hospital following serious medical reactions. Last month in Australia, a teenager died after jumping off a

balcony under the influence of a synthetic substance; his mother and sister were unable to prevent the tragedy. The same scenario could turn up in Ashburton tomorrow – this is not something that happens “overseas”. It is happening here on our door step. In a recent incident a Canterbury employee under the influence of synthetic drugs,

Michelle Nelson CHIEF REPORTER

climbed exterior scaffolding to access his work place. It is no surprise then, that local employers are worried; the availability of drugs in the

community translates into drugimpaired workers. Not only are the users in danger – those who work alongside them are also at risk. The New Zealand Drug Detection Agency (NZDDA) has noted a 35 to 40 per cent increase in random drug testing this year; and we can only assume the availability of “legal high” products has contributed to this. Drug tests for these substances

News tips

By Sam Hurley

03 307-7957 reporters@

Fifty-three earthquakes have struck Hawke’s Bay in the past week, with the biggest measuring magnitude 4.5. GeoNet reported Wairoa had the strongest shake of the week on Monday at 12.34pm, when the 4.5 quake hit 15km south of the town and 19km deep. on Tuesday, Napier and Hastings felt a moderate tremor of 4.2 at 2.22pm, just 20km east of Napier and 14km deep. Hawke’s Bay residents commented about the earth moving on our Facebook page: “Yippers, just a quick sharp jolt here,” said Jules Cunningham, and Rach McQuade said “Bit of a jolt ... I hate them!”

After hours 021 585-592


03 307-7974 desme.d@

Classifieds 03 307-7900

0800 ASHBURTON 0800 274-287

By Kate Shuttleworth

Women facing IVF advised TEXT US 021 052-7511 to transfer only one embryo By Rebecca Quilliam and Kieran Campbell

EMAIL US editor@ theguardian. We welcome your text messages, but: • Name supplied preferable. • We reserve the right to publish at our discretion. • Messages do not represent the opinion of the Guardian.

We also welcome your letters, but: • We reserve the right to abridge, edit or not publish letters. • Correspondents are not permitted to use pen names, and for verification must provide address and contact number (neither for publication). • Letters should be no more than 300 words.

June 10 proved to be the most unstable day of the week with three shakes felt throughout the region, including the 4.5 tremor in Wairoa which followed a 2.9 shake earlier in the morning and a 2.6 that was 15km east of Napier. Last month 193 earthquakes rattled Hawke’s Bay, while last year GeoNet recorded 2053, six being greater than magnitude 4 on the Richter scale. Mana Party candidate Te Hamua Nikora said: “I was in Napier when it struck and it freaked me out. We all know that our country sits on fault lines and today was a reminder of that.” He said if there was ever a message to not allow fracking to take place, yesterday’s earthquake was it. “Why take the risk?” - APNZ

Hauiti joins Beehive

Missed paper


Lawyers have suggested employers need to review their drug and alcohol policies in response to the impending legislation. Some district councils have called for a territorial ban on the selling of these substances. This would be a good move to protect everybody, not only in the work place, but in schools and in the wider community – these drugs are a very real and dangerous threat to our future.

Dozens of quakes set bay rolling



only became available last October, and the NZDDA readily admits it’s a battle to keep ahead of the manufacturers – who have continued to dodge law changes with an increasing smorgasbord of ingredients keeping them ahead of legislation. The people who make and sell these products have no conscious; there is money to be made and they care not who is harmed in the process of raking it in.

Women facing the ordeal of IVF treatment are being urged to have only one embryo transfer at a time, after a report found the death rate for multiple births jumped in the six years to 2011. Doctors agree with the recommendation, but a fertility organisation said the deaths might have more to do with the age of the mother than the number of embryos transferred. The Perinatal and Maternal Mortality Review Committee (PMMRC) began analysing perinatal mortality data in 2007. Perinatal-related mortality is foetal deaths and early- and lateneonatal deaths from 20 weeks gestation up to 28 days after birth. Amongst its findings, PMMRC found the death rate for babies born in multiple births increased from 32 per 1000 births in 2007

to 53 per 1000 births in 2011. It recommended all women having assisted reproduction, such as IVF, be offered transfer of a single embryo, rather than two or more - to avoid multiple births. Fertility Associates group operations manager John Peek said New Zealand had one of the lowest multiple pregnancy rates in the world. The chances of putting two embryos into a woman resulted in a higher chance of multiple births, he said. “The older you are, the less chance you’ve got of getting pregnant at all. Therefore there is more attraction of putting two embryos back. “But the chance of getting twins is still quite low because the chance of getting pregnant at all is quite low,” Mr Peek said. With older mothers, the chances of one embryo splitting, resulting in identical twins, was also higher, he said. “They’re sharing a placenta

or they’re sharing something, so often one twin grows at the expense of the other.” Most doctors advised women to have only a single embryo transfer, but said women were making the decision at a highly emotional time and sometimes that superseded the advice of medical professionals. Dr Barry Lowe, the clinical director of Fertility Plus at National Women’s Health, said PMMRC had made an “excellent” recommendation, which was widely adopted in New Zealand. However, he said there were still “some people who choose not to follow our recommendations”. “They want to maximise their chances of having a family,” Dr Lowe said. “But the reality [of an increased chance of tragedy] is terrible.” Karen Buckingham, fertility specialist at Repromed in Auckland, said women who had unsuccessful IVF attempts in the past were often more eager to

have two or more embryos transferred. “We certainly have lots of discussions with patients about the reality ... whilst a lot would say ‘I’d love to have twins’. [We tell them having] twins is not the reality, they’re the success stories,” Dr Buckingham said. “What you don’t see are the multiple pregnancies that are lost ... [and] the terrible complications.” Nicola Bitossi, an executive assistant at support group Fertility New Zealand, said undergoing assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatment, which includes IVF, was “an extremely stressful experience and can be quite isolating”. “The treatment itself may follow several years of trying to conceive, and ART treatment offers some hope of fulfilling a dream of a family,” she said. Ms Bitossi said women faced tough decisions, and fertility clinics and infertility counsellors were experienced in assisting them. - APNZ

New National Party MP Claudette Hauiti delivered her maiden speech in Parliament last night, after she replaced Aaron Gilmore last month. Mr Gilmore went out in a blaze of controversy, but there was no sign of anything controversial in Ms Hauiti’s speech. She is openly gay, and said she has been ‘out’ her whole life. Her partner, Nadine Mau, who she refers to as her “wife” was in the public gallery. The couple have three children and a civil union, and plan to

marry next year. Ms Hauiti thanked her colleague, Labour MP for Manurewa Louisa Wall, for making that possible by introducing the Marriage Equality Bill. She also acknowledged her family. Ms Hauiti has been a National Party member since 2009 and is number 63 on the party’s list. She was a candidate for the Mangere seat in 2011. As a former journalist she said she was well aware of the scrutiny MPs come under. She was a broadcaster for many years, and recently made an award-winning documentary on women in gangs.  - APNZ

Adventure company admits lack of care An adventure company responsible for a rock-climbing expedition during which three people were swept to their deaths has pleaded guilty to failing to ensure their safety. The Taranaki Outdoor Pursuits and Education Centre (Topec) had been charged over the deaths of 42-year-old Bryce Jourdain and 17-year-old Spotswood College students Stephen KahukakaGedye and Joao Felipe Martins De Melo. The trio were swept out to sea on August 8 last year while climbing Paritutu Rock. Topec pleaded guilty yesterday in the New Plymouth District Court to the charges relating to failing to ensure the safety of its staff and the students from

Spotswood College in its care, Radio New Zealand reported. Spotswood College principal Mark Bowden said the mother of one of the boys killed was pleased with the guilty plea. “We’ve suspended our camps at Topec until we’ve been able to go through the outcome of the enquiry. I would like our kids to be involved in the outdoors ... ensuring that our young people are safe in the outdoors,” Mr Bowden told Radio New Zealand. The charges had been laid by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s health and safety group. Each charge carries a maximum fine of $250,000 and Topec is due to be back before court for sentencing on September 6, TV3 reported.  - APNZ

Dorie’s bell still rings 125 years on By Myles Hume Dorie School principal Anthony Doreen will celebrate a third significant milestone during his career as a Mid Canterbury principal. Mr Doreen will join past and present pupils to acknowledge Dorie School’s 125th anniversary later this year, marking a special occasion for the small rural school. After celebrating 125 years with Hinds School, and a centenary with Fairton School, both as principal, it will be the third time Mr Doreen has been involved in a major celebration. “It’s quite significant, especially for a small school, 125 years is definitely big for

the school,” he said. The school plans to host Rangitata MP Jo Goodhew and the Ashburton District mayor, whoever it may be, at the jubilee, along with a host of past and present pupils. Mr Doreen and other staff are currently organising a programme for the occasion. “We are now calling for any expressions of interest. “Anybody who has old photos and those sort of things we would love to have them, also old stories or anecdotes, things that happened behind the bike sheds, we’d love that.” Mr Doreen encouraged those who had a connection with the small rural school during its 125 years of existence to attend the celebration on Saturday, November 9.

RIGHT: Dorie School principal Anthony Doreen (left) looks over old photos from the school’s 125 years of existence, with pupils (from left) Hamish Sloper, 12, Tomas MonesCazon, 11, and Regan Botting, 12.

Photo Kirsty Clay 100613-KC_013

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, June 13, 2013



Ashburton student is uni babe of the day By Myles Hume An Ashburton student has appeared on a Facebook page encouraging University of Canterbury students to nominate their babe of the day. Former Ashburton College pupil and resident Lexie Leadley, 20, appeared on the Facebook page on Tuesday; the fun page looks to highlight “the talent around UC” complimented with a short description. The page is extremely popular with already more than 5000 likes, with the third year Bachelor of Commerce student attracting more than 300 likes herself. Ms Leadley told the Guardian

What’s on the cards for Ashburton Hospital? Red buildings: Outpatients, therapy services, the bed store and the old theatre complex will be demolished. A new theatre and procedure room will be built. Blue building (West ward block): Non clinical services will be moved to the East ward block.

Building will be seismically upgraded to at lest 67 per cent of building standards. The tiled roof will be replaced. Fire separation under the ground floor to be installed. Emergency lighting and alarm system to be improved. Improvements within the AAU area

will be made and the ward area will be refreshed. Yellow building (East ward block): Overnight patient services will be transferred to the West ward block. Seismic and fire upgrade will be carried out. Green building (incoming electrical

services switchroom). Work to be decided. What’s the time frame? Demolition phase completed by the end of August. Design phase completed by November. Total project completed by the end of December 2014.

Driver screamed ‘I’m sorry’ as van rolled The driver of a van which drifted and rolled four times, killing three American tourists, screamed “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry” as the vehicle flipped out of control, an inquest has heard. Roch Nicholas Jauberty, 21, Austin Perry Brashears, 21, and Daniela Rosanna Lekhno, 20, died at the scene of the crash on State Highway

46 at Rangipo, near Turangi, about 7.15am on May 12 last year. They were part of a group of Auckland-based Boston University students travelling from Taupo to walk the Tongariro Crossing. Giving evidence at a Rotorua inquest yesterday, Taupo Constable Tina Mitchell-Ellis read excerpts of a sworn police statement given by the

van’s driver, Stephen Houseman. He told police that as the vehicle drifted to the left, he had tried to straighten the steering wheel but the van flipped and rolled four times. “As we were flipping everyone was screaming but it was more like a rollercoaster scream,” Mr Houseman had stated. “I just kept on screaming ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry’. I did

not know what else to say.” The three students who died were thrown from the people carrier after Mr Houseman over corrected and the van crashed. A fourth passenger, Margaret (Meg) Theriault, suffered serious injuries. None of the four were wearing seatbelts. Mr Houseman and the three other passengers were wearing theirs. - APNZ

she was flattered after finding out her flatmates put her picture and name forward, but took it all in her stride. “It’s all a bit hard case, I was a little bit embarrassed to be singled out at first but it’s good to see there have been no negative responses,” she said. The blurb on Ms Leadley said she was “world famous in Ashburton for her flawless personality and stunning smile . . . Lexi’s the whole package (sic)”. Criticism has been leveled at Photo Supplied the page, similar to the one Ashburton’s own, Lexie University of Otago students had created, with some people deemLeadley, 20. ing it inappropriate. Ms Leadley said she was supportive of the page if the gatekeepers kept it yesterday positive “and a bit of fun”.

Teacher back in class after $27,000 fraud A teacher convicted of fraud after lying to Housing New Zealand over how much she earned, so she could get a $27,000 discount on her rent, will be allowed back in the classroom after a six-month suspension. The teacher, who has name suppression, was not struck off the teaching register for her two-year scam, despite teachers with similar indiscretions being banned. A new judgement out from the Teachers’ Council has explained why she will be allowed to teach again. Its Disciplinary Tribunal accepted that the woman was under extreme pressures at home when she lied to Housing New Zealand over her income so she could get cheaper rent. She had been caring for her own young son, a terminally-ill mother-in-law, an elderly, physically disabled aunt as well as her own 82-year-old mother. Things got even worse for the teacher when her mum - who moved in with her in 2006 after her husband, the teacher’s dad, died had an extension to her visa declined, and she was forced to move back to Samoa. In May 2011, the teacher’s school principal reported her to the Teachers’ Council over possible serious misconduct.

If you’ve thought about supporting the EA Networks Centre but haven’t yet, then we need your support.

We currently have $4,837,520 Before the Ashburton District Council meeting to consider the main construction tenders in early July we need to reach $5 million. If you would like to become a Business Supporter please phone Fiona at Myers Business Solutions, Phone on 307 6355 (day time) or Janette on 027 308 0020. If you would like to become a Public Supporter or make a donation, please stop in at the BNZ on East Street. We will need your donation by the end of June at the latest.

Chris Robertson Fundraising Chairman EA Networks Centre

Thank you Mid Canterbury for your amazing generosity

The following month, the teacher, through her union, the PPTA, informed the council of her convictions. In 2008 and 2009, she deliberately failed to declare all income earned by her so she could pay a lower rent than she was entitled to. She received a $27,000 discount. A district court judge sentenced her to 400 hours of community work and ordered her to pay the money back. Her union said she “felt under immense pressure about her family responsibilities, which can be huge for a Samoan woman”. “The most difficult of these for her were to do with her own mother’s inability to stay in New Zealand, which [the teacher] feels largely responsible for,” the union told the tribunal. “Her responsibility to help all three women lay very heavily on [the teacher], to the extent that she felt quite desperate about her financial ability to adequately provide for them. This was the root cause of her offending over the relevant period of time.” She is remorseful, apologetic and repentant, the union said, while she has already started paying back the money at $100 per fortnight, and is doing her community work.  - APNZ


ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, June 13, 2013


Violence as Turkish tolerance ends Riot police have stormed an Istanbul protest square, firing volleys of tear-gas at firework-hurling demonstrators after Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned he had “no more tolerance” for the mass demos against his Islamic-rooted government. Taksim Square turned into a battle scene as darkness fell, clouds of acrid smoke filling the square as police clashed with thousands of protesters chanting “Erdogan, resign!” and “Resistance!”, in a fresh escalation of 12 days of deadly nationwide unrest. Several small fires raged and AFP reporters saw at least a dozen injured. Police returned to Taksim, the epicentre of the protests, in the early morning for the first time since pulling out more than a week ago. Throughout yesterday, they fought hours-long battles with groups of demonstrators, some of whom hurled stones, fireworks and Molotov cocktails.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan Police also brought in bulldozers to clear barricades erected by demonstrators. In the capital Ankara, which has seen several nights of violence, crowds again took to the streets, angrily banging pots and pans. The early morning assault on Taksim Square surprised protesters, many of whom were dozing in nearby Gezi Park, because it came just hours after Prime Minister Erdogan said he would meet with protest leaders today, his first major concession since

the trouble began. But the premier made no mention of the olive branch yesterday and resumed his tough stance against the demonstrators who have put up the biggest challenge yet to his decade-long rule. “This episode is now over. We won’t show any more tolerance,” the premier told cheering MPs of his Justice and Development Party (AKP) in a speech broadcast live on television. The nationwide unrest first erupted after police cracked down heavily on May 31 on a campaign to save Gezi Park from redevelopment. The trouble spiralled into mass displays of anger against Erdogan, who is seen as increasingly authoritarian, tarnishing Turkey’s image as a model of Islamic democracy. Erdogan said yesterday that four people, including a policeman, had died in the unrest. Nearly 5000 people have been – AFP injured. 

• Blast off A Chinese spacecraft blasted off to begin the country’s fifth and longest manned space mission, taking three astronauts to an orbiting space lab from where they will give science lessons to youngsters. A Long March 2F rocket carrying the Shenzhou 10 astronaut capsule lifted off as scheduled yesterday from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre on the edge of the Gobi Desert. The spacecraft will transport the crew to the Tiangong 1, an experimental prototype for a much larger Chinese space station to be launched in 2020. They’ll be docked together for – AP 12 days. 

• Collapse kills 8

photo ap

Homeowners rush to protect property Lynd Fitzgerald sprays fire retardant around a house while a fire burns out of control in the background in Colorado Springs, Colorado, yesterday. The Black Forest Fire was one of at least three significant wildfires burning in Colorado amid gusty winds and record-breaking hot, dry weather.

Dispatch call describes Paris Jackson’s injuries Paramedics were dispatched to Paris Jackson’s home on a report that the 15-year-old had taken 20 Motrin pills and cut herself with a kitchen knife, audio of an emergency dispatch released yesterday shows. The Los Angeles County Fire Department released audio of a call describing the need for paramedics between one of its dis-

patchers and a sheriff’s department dispatcher who was relaying information from the home. Paris is the only daughter of pop superstar Michael Jackson and was hospitalised after the June 5 incident. The teen was described as conscious and breathing during the call, but no other details about her condition or what led to the

injuries were given on the call, which lasted approximately a minute. Perry Sanders Jr, a lawyer for her grandmother and guardian, has said Paris is physically fine and receiving appropriate medical treatment. He did not return a phone message seeking comment yesterday. Paris and her brothers, Prince

and Blanket, are plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed by their grandmother against concert giant AEG Live LLC. The negligent hiring suit alleges AEG and its top executives failed to properly investigate the doctor convicted of administering a lethal dose of the anesthetic propofol to Michael Jackson in 2009, and that AEG Live missed warning

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26,119,422.33 17,090,549.94 5,768,392.53 4,418,042.87 3,107,624.34 2,723,700.44 2,617,403.65 2,545,835.59 1,279,639.39 877,159.45

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Telecom NZ Mighty River Rubicon fletcher Building Bathurst Res ltd ord Air NZ pGG Wrightson Infratil Kiwi Income precinct prop NZ

Median house prices in Auckland, Canterbury/Westland and Nelson/ Marlborough rose to a record last month, in the best national sales for May in six years, according to the Real Estate Institute. The median price in Auckland rose to $565,000 last month from $555,000 in April, the biggest gain of any region. Auckland prices also rose 2 per cent to a new record high based on the REINZ Stratified Median Housing Price Index, the Reserve Bank’s preferred measure that strips out distortions in the data. The figures were released as both Housing Minister Nick Smith and Auckland Council appear before the parliament’s social services select committee, which is considering a bill that would free up land for housing in New Zealand’s biggest city, which currently lags behind demand and has fanned prices. “There are too

11,658,681 3,112,381 2,505,322 2,066,606 1,315,421 1,199,623 1,162,841 1,156,816 1,143,074 1,124,432


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Buying and selling rates on the NZ$ yesterday (indicative only):





Samoa, Tala 1.7807 1.8588 South Africa, Rand 7.8740 7.9079 Thailand, Baht 24.5700 24.6200 Tonga, Pa’anga 1.3395 1.4229 US, Dollar 0.7899 0.7900 Vanuatu, Vatu 74.1479 75.8005

Terry’s hot deal

few houses coming to market in the Auckland region, creating an imbalance between supply and demand and driving up house prices at both the regional and national level,” said REINZ chief executive Helen O’Sullivan. “The low level of new builds is well below trend, making little impact on the available stock of residential properties for sale.” The Reserve Bank is considering limits on high loan-to-value home mortgages among measures to take the heat out of the property market, which it says could pose a significant risk to country’s financial stability. Nationally, house sales rose 7.5 per cent in May from a year earlier to 7714, the highest for that month in six years, while the median house price rose 0.4 per cent from April to $392,000, a gain of 6.2 per cent from – APNZ May 2012.

NZ guest nights fall 10%

CURRENCIES Australia, Dollar 0.8345 0.8351 Britain, Pound 0.5042 0.5043 Canada, Dollar 0.8054 0.8058 Euro 0.5933 0.5934 Fiji, Dollar 1.4531 1.4777 Japan, Yen 76.3300 76.3700

consumables, which includes food and liquor retailing, and $10 million more in the hospitality sector. Statistics New Zealand spokesperson Blair Cardno said both fuel and consumables had posted a turnaround from April, when the industries fell 1.6 per cent and 2.2 per cent respectively. “Most of the remaining retail industries either had small rises or small falls in May,” he said. “Trends for the total and retail series both remain positive. The core retail trend is also positive, but the rate of increase has eased since late 2012.” Core retail spending - which excludes the motor vehicle-related industries increased 0.4 per cent to $3.55 billion

in May, once seasonal effects were accounted for. The value of electronic card spending in the retail industries – which includes core retail spending and motor vehicle-related industries – increased 0.5 per cent to $4.37 billion. Statistics NZ, whose figures capture around two third of the nation’s total retail sales, said there were 112 million transactions last month, with an average value of $51. Smith said the increase in retail card spending was in line with the bank’s expectations. “Electronic card transactions data continue to point to solid growth in retail spending.” He said three things should continue to support growth in retail spending;

an improvement in consumer confidence, a turnaround in net migration flows and house price increases. “Further increases in house prices have the potential to spur greater growth in consumption,” Smith said. Westpac senior economist Michael Gordon said the increase in card spending was larger than expected, “though not meaningfully so”. The bank had estimated a 0.3 per cent increase, based on an assumption that the early Easter this year had boosted the level of spending in April, and would consequently limit the rate of increase in May. “Consumer spending has continued to grow steadily this year, and like many other indicators, there’s been

no real evidence of knock-on effects from the drought earlier in the year,” Gordon said. Hospitality spending had risen by nearly 5 per cent in the last three months, which Gordon said reflected “a marked pick-up” in tourist arrivals over that time. Paymark, which processes about 75 per cent of all electronic transactions in the country, yesterday said total spending through its network rose 0.1 per cent from April to May. Takeaway outlets, cafs and restaurants benefited most from the increase, the company said. Paymark said card spending had grown 5.1 per cent in the past 12 months.  – APNZ

Canty, Auckland house prices set new records

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Top 10 TuRNoVER

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Telecom NZ fletcher Building Sky Network TV SKYCITYEntGrp (NS) Auckland Intl Airpt fishr&paykl Health Contact Energy Infratil Kiwi Income Ryman Healthcare

New Zealanders spent more using debit and credit cards last month, with the biggest increases in fuel, food and liquor, and hospitality spending. Statistics New Zealand figures showed the total value of card spending rose by 0.6 per cent between April and May, from $5.74 billion to $5.78 billion. The most significant jump came in fuel spending, which rose 3.8 per cent ($25 million) to $697 million. ASB economist Daniel Smith said the increase was probably due to a rise in petrol prices over the month. People spent $16 million more on

Jun 12

Jun 6

May 30

May 23

By Ben Chapman-Smith


The world’s oldest person and the oldest man ever to have lived has died of natural causes aged 116 years. Japan’s Jiroemon Kimura, who was born in 1897, died in hospital on Wednesday morning, Kyodo News said. Kimura, from Kyotango in Kyoto Prefecture, was recognised by Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest living person in December 2012 when a woman from the US died at 115. On the 28th day of that month he broke another record, when he became the oldest man ever verified to have lived when he reached 115 years and 253 – AFP days. 

New Zealanders spent more last month


May 16


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Paris Jackson

• Oldest man dies


Sharemarket NZX 50

signs about the entertainer’s failing health. The trial is in its seventh week, with AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips on the witness stand. Prince and Paris are listed as potential witnesses, although Sanders said last week there was no indication that stress from the trial had led to the teenager’s hospitalisation.  – AP

At least eight people were killed and five were injured when a building collapsed in the Indian city of Mumbai, police say. Part of the fivestorey building in the central area of Mahim fell down, a day after heavy rains lashed the city. “Three more bodies were recovered from the rubble during rescue operations Tuesday, raising the death toll to eight,” local police inspector Sagar Karade said yesterday.  – DPA

New Zealand guest nights spent in short-term commercial accommodation fell in April, mainly reflecting an earlier-than-usual Easter holiday, with stays in holiday parks tumbling from a five-year high in March. Total guest nights dropped 10 per cent in April, after climbing 8.6 per cent in a March month that

included three of the four days of the Easter long weekend, according to Statistics New Zealand. Warm dry weather in March followed by rains in April also contributed to the monthly reversal, as did school holidays falling partly in May this year. The government statistician’s trend series for national guest nights was flat.  – APNZ

Company ‘withheld financial information’ By Adam Bennett Solid Energy withheld financial information from Treasury when challenged on its business plans, in what an independent report says was a pattern of disrespect the company showed to officials monitoring its performance. Treasury on Tuesday released a review by accounting firm Deloitte of its monitoring of Solid Energy, which appears likely to be broken up and sold off after overextending itself and almost failing under the weight of $390 million in debt and low coal prices. Deloitte said it did not believe “the failure of Solid Energy has highlighted a material failure in Treasury’s monitoring processes”. However, the report goes on to raise questions “whether Treasury’s response was forceful enough or occurred soon enough given that the company provided cause for concern over an extended period”. Deloitte said several Treasury staff it interviewed “identified a sense of tension from the chair and chief executive particularly when challenged on more fundamental aspects of their

business and strategy”. While there was no single event requiring “fundamental action” with respect to chairman John Palmer and chief executive Don Elder, there was a series of small events which over time created “an impression of an entity that was not as respectful of Treasury’s role/responsibility as ministers would expect of an SOE”. The report gives a series of examples where Solid Energy showed “tardiness and efforts to push the boundaries of the monitoring process”. Deloitte was also given examples of the company’s “lack of respect for commercial expertise that set the scene for difficult interactions, particularly surrounding core issues with Solid Energy’s governance”. The first written evidence of this was in April 2011 when a Treasury analyst requested financial information underpinning Solid Energy’s evaluation of one of its projects. Deloitte understood Mr Palmer told Treasury the request was unprofessional and Solid Energy would not provide the information. “Following robust disagreement from Treasury, the chair instructed the

Solid Energy management team to provide the analysis. It is our understanding it was never provided.” The Deloitte report comes just a few weeks after Treasury released documents showing Mr Palmer fought against Treasury’s wish to have an independent adviser appointed to the company’s board last year as the state owned coal miner’s problems mounted. Deloitte’s report concludes that the removal of Mr Palmer and Dr Elder “may have been warranted”. However, it noted that for Treasury to initiate such action “would have required it to effectively form the view that it lacked confidence in a board and executive with a sound track record in a technically complex industry”. Labour’s State Owned Enterprises spokesman Clayton Cosgrove said the report reflected poorly on shareholding ministers Tony Ryall and Bill English who were “too slow to act and too weak to sack the board”. Mr Cosgrove has written to AuditorGeneral Lynn Provost asking her to reconsider her decision not to investigate events leading to Solid Energy’s near collapse.  – APNZ


BOckingFOrD sTrETcHED cAnvAs

212 East Street • Ashburton • 03 308 8309

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, June 13, 2013


Capturing the way light falls on the landscape By Susan Sandys “Half of Staveley is here,” remarked Jen Dearborn as she opened her first ever exhibition on Friday evening, at the Methven Heritage Centre. Ms Dearborn and fellow Staveley artist Susie Millichamp were pleased to see a large turn-out of invited guests at the opening of their joint exhibition The Colour of Light. While it was Ms Dearborn’s first exhibition, Ms Millichamp has been painting for the past 25 years and has exhibited in a number of galleries. She taught Ms Dearborn water colours, while Methven artist Karen Smith taught Ms Dearborn how to paint in oils. Ms Dearborn is well known in Mid Canterbury for supplying homemade sausage rolls. She started painting in 2009 when a change of career meant she had time to attend art classes. She said the paintings in The Colour of Light were the result of her trying to “capture the way the light falls on the landscape and the ever changing colours that appear in the sky, hills and water”. Ms Millichamp’s bright watercolours and oils on canvas in the exhibition feature many she painted on location in Italy. She also had a good start to the exhibition opening, when one of her paintings sold within the first five minutes. The Colour of Light will run to July 2.

photo susan sandys 090613-ss-01

Celebrating 10 years of song Poet laureate reappointed The nation’s poet laureate, Natasha Trethewey, has been appointed to a second one-year term. The Library of Congress was set to announce Trethewey’s reappointment on Monday. The Pulitzer Prize-winning poet met with members of the public over the past year and published a poetry collection in the northern autumn. In her second term, she will collaborate with senior

By Susan Sandys

Special guests the choir has performed with over the years include renowned vocal coach Judy Bellingham, noted concert pianist Richard Mapp and opera singer Dame Malvina Major. Membership sits at 60, representing a cross section of sopranos, altos, tenors and basses from the wider Mid Canterbury area – Ashburton, Methven, Geraldine, Rakaia and Leeston. For its 10th anniversary show it will be welcoming back singing, speech and drama teacher Angela Petrus as soprano soloist. Mrs Petrus lives in Ashburton with her husband and young family. She has performed in numerous operas, operettas, oratorios, concerts and recitals around New Zealand.


ARIES (Mar 21st Apr 20th) You may be in the mood to get something off the ground. However, impulsive action or speech could cause issues so proceed with caution. Any relationship troubles can be healed later when a romantic influence brings heartfelt feelings into play. The Moon in Leo suggests you may be all fired up to enjoy a special evening.

TAURUS (Apr 21st May 21st) Home and family matters may need attention as a new expense might have you feeling on edge. Someone you trust may be willing to listen, but be careful as a person in an authority position may not be totally honest. Spend the time you need to rethink your home situation or the direction you want a relationship to take.

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Among the choir’s ranks will be Luke Glendining, who is thrilled to be singing with the choir after just completing a successful role in Miss Saigon. Inaugural musical director Sylvia Watson remains on deck for the show, while the accompanist will be Deborah Sloper, following in the footsteps on inaugural accompanist Joan Wilkinson. “We look forward to sharing our celebration of 10 Years of Song with everyone in Mid Canterbury who have supported us over the past 10 years,” Mrs Gunn said. 10 Years of Song will stage at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre at 7pm on June 22. Tickets, $22 adults and $17 seniors and students, are available at the event centre or Ticket Direct.

• June 11 to June 28 – Public viewing of Ashburton Society of Arts 49th annual exhibition at Ashburton Art Gallery. Every day 10am to 4pm and evening viewing 4pm to 7pm. • June 13 – Hypnotist Dave Upfold at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre. A fundraiser for the Manio-O-Roto Kea Scouts. World renowned comedy stage hypnotist with one of the biggest crowd pulling reputations. Show 7pm, tickets $25 adults, children under 12 $15. • June 22 – Ten Years of Song by the Mid Canterbury Choir, concert at 7pm, Ashburton Trust Event Centre, tickets at event centre and on line at • June 26 – Ashburton Film Society evening The Reluctant Fundamentalist, 5.45pm at the Regent Cinema.

Winners of Parade’s End DVDs are: Letitia Thomson, Bev Blissett, Matt Harris

Natasha Trethewey

• July 6 - Rising Stars and Dame Malvina Major, 6pm at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre. Tickets $35 for adults and $20 for students. • July 14 – Ashburton Musical Club, 2pm, Song and Dance arranged by Margaret Hawkey and Jennie Pike. Sinclair Centre, visitors welcome $5, afternoon tea served. • Ashburton Society of Arts weekly art and printmaking group Wednesdays 10am to 2pm, life drawing group first Monday of the month 10am to midday, mixed media art group Mondays 10am to 2pm, Saturday painting group 10am to 2pm.

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If you have an event coming up and you think it might be suited to the Arts Diary, please let us know by contacting Susan Sandys on 307-7961 or While stocks last.last. While stocks


GEMINI (May 22nd Jun 21st) There is a social buzz going on for most of this day. Invites are likely and a request for a meal or a drink may be a real pleasure. Take care of a personal matter early in the day. You might have to make peace with a romantic interest before plans come together. You seem to be a bundle of energy. Change may worry you but exhilarate.

correspondent Jeffrey Brown on US network PBS and the NewsHour’s poetry series on reports about poetry and society from around the country. Her next term begins in September. The 47-year-old Trethewey is also poet laureate in her native Mississippi, where she is serving a four-year term. She won a Pulitzer Prize in 2007 for her collection – AP Native Guard.

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photo tetsuro mitomo

The Mid Canterbury Choir is gearing up for its 10th birthday celebration performance this month.



Will Montgomery (Nicolas Cage) is a master thief who after being doublecrossed in a heist gone awry is sent to prison for eight years. Upon his release he’s ready to leave his criminal past behind and try to rebuild a relationship with his estranged daughter Allison. The FBI and his old cohorts believe that he hid the loot from the last heist eight years ago, $10 million in bonds. To get his hands on it, his old partner Vincent kidnaps Allison and demands the entire $ 10 million as ransom.

RIGHT: Staveley artists Jen Dearborn (left) and Susie Millichamp toast the opening of The Colour of Light on Friday.

The Mid Canterbury Choir will celebrate its 10th birthday with a concert, 10 Years of Song, this month. Choir members are looking forward to singing favourites from the 50 concerts they have performed over the years, as well as adding some new numbers. Manager Carol Gunn said there would be both choir favourites and crowd favourites. They would range from the likes of Bach to contemporary music and include Beatles’ songs Yesterday and If I Fell, as well as Feeling the Spirit with Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho, and When the Saints Go Marching In. “The Mid Canterbury Choir was formed to wow the people of Mid Canterbury with some wonderful music, and that continues to be our goal today,” Mrs Gunn said. The choir met for the first time in 2002 for a day workshop of choral music, while its first performance was in 2003 when it sang two hymns for the televised show Praise Be. It went on to perform at a further four concerts that year, and has become a regular ever since leading up to Christmas when its lunchtime and teatime concerts bring festive cheer to Ashburton and Geraldine. It meets for weekly rehearsals and has developed a considerable repertoire in a wide range of music, drawn from music of the 15th Century to present day, both acappella and accompanied, sacred and secular, from classic to popular.



CANCER (Jun 22nd - Jul 23rd) People may appreciate you for your ideas so don’t keep them to yourself. It’s time to speak up as doing so can help you at work and in important relationships. Tonight has great fun potential so get plans on the go early. Your dreams may be particularly vivid and informative. Keep a notepad and pencil to write them down.

LEO (Jul 24th - Aug 23rd) This very personal day when the Moon is in your sign seems to be all about you. However, don’t get too inward looking. The stars are encouraging you to make your demands known as there is a greater than normal chance they may be satisfied. You feel energetic and ready to get on the move. Tonight, create a fun-based agenda.

VIRGO (Aug 24th Sep 23rd) You may find that careful analysis and smart thinking can extricate you from almost any awkward situation. Tonight, the fun planets make romantic conversation come alive. Don’t let pangs of jealousy coming from another person prevent you from enjoying yourself. An intuitive hunch regarding a financial matter may resolve an issue.

LIBRA (Sep 24th Oct 23rd) Fun and upbeat influences may be strong, while the desire to overdo it and live life large may be equally powerful. You may want to be up and about early as changing conditions may keep you on the go. Career-wise, communication may be an art form you would do well to incorporate into your strategy today. A social event may hold a surprise.

SCORPIO (Oct 24th - Nov 22nd) Exploring off the beaten track may help you to locate an item of interest or even a bargain. The pieces may fall into place for travel or other goals. Even if you don’t have the backing of people who count, you may still be determined to do what you’ve got to do. You can count on a friend to tell you what they really think Scorpio.

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SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23rd - Dec 21st) Others may have ideas and input that seem relevant to you and your plans. It’s a good time to co-operate, meet halfway and generally get involved. However, try not to get too busy or to promise more than you can deliver. The Moon in Leo may put thoughts of faraway places in your mind. Moving out of your comfort zone can excite in love.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22nd - Jan 20th) If you swing into action work-wise you’ll make positive gains. Look to link with a clever colleague and you could turn up ideas that can really wow. Don’t let a restless frame of mind prevent you from finishing an important chore or job though. Focus and you’ll have more free time. A social invite can make for an enjoyable evening.

AQUARIUS (Jan 21st - Feb 19th) Diet and exercise may be of interest, especially in the way they contribute to your health. Don’t sabotage your wellbeing by thinking thoughts that get you down. Derive strength from creating a disciplined approach to feeling fabulous and you’ll soon be on the right track. A powerful mutual attraction may also arise sometime today.


PISCES (Feb 20th Mar 20th) If you can’t give a domestic task your undivided attention then leave it for another day. Your plans may be bigger than your capacity to achieve them. It may be time to delegate some of the work to your partner, a family member or friend. Events may be likely to veer off in an expected direction, so it’s best to go with the flow.


ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, June 13, 2013


Global food in focus at National Fieldays Kiwi farmers’ expertise could help solve the problem of how to feed the world’s rapidly growing population in the years ahead, says the boss of agriculture show Fieldays. But for now, the organisers of this year’s event at Mystery Creek and its hundreds of exhibitors are hoping they will just show up and spend some cash when the gates open today. “Getting down to business in the global economy” is the theme at this year’s Fieldays, which is the biggest agricultural show of its type in the Southern Hemisphere. Representatives from nations including the United States, Chile, Colombia, China, India and Afghanistan are attending alongside more than 700 international visitors. Fieldays chief executive Jon Calder said the theme was relevant as the Government sets a goal of doubling the country’s agricultural exports by 2025. He said Kiwi farmers were likely to be at the forefront of addressing the task of feeding the world’s population, which is set to top nine billion by 2050. “We believe that New Zealand is well-positioned to provide not just protein to feed that population but to actually provide the technology, the systems and innovative solutions to what is effectively a global problem,” said Mr Calder. “Based on our current production rates we can only feed about 45 million ... so we are never going to be able

to produce enough food to feed the world but as one of the most forwardthinking and innovative agricultural economies in the world we think New Zealand is well-placed to help other countries improve their production.” Mr Calder said despite the summer drought he remained “cautiously optimistic” of good turnover at this year’s event. Organisers are hoping to top last year’s attendance when 128,000 people walked through the gates over the event’s four days. An economic impact report completed by the University of Waikato Management Research Centre in 2010 showed the event’s net benefit was $129 million to the Waikato economy and $529 million nationally. Fieldays will this year host more than 900 exhibitors and events such as Ag Art Wear and an Innovation Den where inventors get to pitch their products to a panel of investors and business leaders. Fieldays life member Sydney FraserJones, who until recently ran the event’s tractor pull competition, said Fieldays had grown hugely since it started at the Te Rapa racecourse 45 years ago. Now 93, Mr Fraser-Jones has vivid memories of the event through its history including in its second year when a topdressing plane nose-dived and crashed shortly after taking off on the racecourse.  – APNZ photo Christine Cornege

RIGHT: Chief executive officer Jon Calder pictured overlooking the fieldays that starts today at the 2013 Fieldays at Mystery Creek Events Centre. It is the 45th year of the fieldays.

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Biosecurity safeguards approved Meat industry reform Government officials are satisfied the sufficient biosecurity safeguards are in place within Malaysian and Indonesian palm kernel processing plants to protect New Zealand’s biosecurity. Federated Farmers had voiced their concerns about the contamination risk in palm kernel manufacturing the storage facilities. Palm Kernel Expeller (PKE) is used in supplementary feeding programmes by the dairy industry. Primary Industries minister Nathan Guy said officials have inspected a number of facilities in Malaysia and Indonesia, and overall found good systems in place. “The full reports will be

released soon and “However MPI and have concluded that Malaysian authoriany biosecurity risk ties will strengthen remains low,” Mr the legal requireGuy said. ments to provide He said every additional assurshipment was heat ance that PKE treated to kill any from unapproved facilities cannot be traces of foot and mouth disease, and exported to New was also fumigatZealand,” he said. Another option ed and inspected, under considerahowever there were tion is a new levy two areas of further Nathan Guy improvement idention PKE imports, or fied, including bird an increase to the and rodent control in some existing biosecurity levy to increase the level of inspection facilities. Mr Guy said MPI had not in these countries. Any such found any specific evidence that proposal would have to be PKE had been imported from consulted on and have industry support. non-approved facilities.

wi our

price freeze guarantee

gains traction The reform of New Zealand’s red meat sector, driven by Meat Industry Excellence (MIE), is gaining traction, following intensive meetings held in Christchurch and Wellington last week. “Having met with Beef+Lamb NZ chairman, Mike Petersen and Federated Farmers’ meat and fibre executive, there is recognition and support among farmers for a truly sustainable red meat sector,” MIE chairman Richard Young said. “MIE sees its role as shifting the gear for reform out of neutral. For an industry bedevilled by past infighting it is great to know that Federated Farmers and Beef+Lamb NZ want to work with us.” MIE representatives also meet with Primary Industries minister Nathan Guy. “We used that meeting to update the minister on our progress since we finished the last of five MIE meetings last month. Given aspirations to double the value of primary exports by 2025, we all know that red meat can more than play its part in helping to achieve that,” Mr Young said. “To ensure we are being bipartisan on a matter vital for New Zealand, we have also briefed the Shadow Minister for Primary Industries, the Hon Damien O Connor. MIE has refined its six objectives and developed a new mission statement which stems directly from meetings attended by more than 3000 farmers nationwide.  “This is an evolving process but to stop the boom–bust cycle our sector has exhibited we all need to be willing to change,” Mr Young said. “Accordingly, we will be making a series of key announcements over the next three weeks.”

Meat Industry Excellence mission statement “Reform the New Zealand meat

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industry to become the world’s premium supplier of red meat through a united processing and marketing structure controlled by suppliers.”

Objectives Establish a farmer controlled entity to acquire sufficient critical mass to optimise market returns for its stakeholders The new structure will recruit the best personnel and implement best practise and strategies Commitment of stock to specification will underpin the new structure Any required legislation to support the new structure will be sought All stake holders in the red meat sector to share the cost of restructuring All suppliers will be treated fairly and with full transparency.

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Rural Women reports Mid Canterbury Delegates have returned home from the national conference held last week in Christchurch, the theme The Future’s Bright, inspire a Generation. As we travelled through the city to see the magnitude of the task ahead, our challenge is to use the strong foundation that remains to inspire us to work together to create a brighter future. Rural Women NZ Water forum took place for the International Year of Water, speakers consisted of Dr Travis Horton from Canterbury University, Christina Robb Environment Canterbury, Green Party Eugenie Sage, Canterbury University Professor Jenny Webster-Brown and Federated Farmers Grain and Seed Chairman Ian Mackenzie – a very thoughtprovoking seminar. Our opening ceremony with Peri Drysdale, founder of Untouched World, our guest speaker, told her amazing story of how this venture came to fruition. It began in 1981 as Snowy Peak with $200 start-up capital and now in 2013 the business is a multi-million dollar enterprise under the name of Untouched World. The Enterprising Rural Women Award 2013 was also awarded, to Diane Coleman, of Treeline Native Nursery. John Perham, Crimestoppers chairman, and Dave Cliff, assistant commissioner road policing, said rural people need to move from being bystanders in the crime prevention process to being participants in helping police in every way we can to make our rural communities safe. By calling 0800 555-111 you can remain anonymous. While theft of fuel is by far the biggest problem, it is followed close by theft of vehicles or of items from a vehicle as an issue. Our new project was launched and will run from now until our AGM in November – it is Y Front Up for Prostate Cancer. We want to involve the wider public in this campaign, both from the prostate cancer awareness point of view, and to increase the funds that we will raise. Our Link meeting will be on June 14, in the Senior Centre, where a full programme has been arranged. Take care and enjoy the nice weather. Bev Bagrie Provincial president

Anama photo tetsuro mitomo 040613-tm-011

• Tinwald sale A large yarding of prime lambs went under the hammer at the Tinwald saleyards this week, with heavy lambs making up to $114. Medium weight lambs made betwen $75-90, and

light weights $60-72. Heavy prime ewes sold for between $80-105, medium ewes $65-78 and light ewes $40-57. A bigger yarding of store lambs also sold, they

were mainly from the south where feed conditions are tight. Top lines of crossbred lambs made $60-67, medium lambs $50-60 and light weights $25-47.

It’s the quiet season for Father Christmas so his wife Mary (not her real name) was able to tell Anama Rural Women about her life with this iconic gentleman. She makes his outfits, launders them, keeps his wig and whiskers in pristine condition, makes sure his white gloves are spotless and juggles his many engagements in the busy season. Members heard of his early days in

Ashburton when a shortage of local reindeer made it necessary for him and his helper to use a horse and cart until he progressed to more modern forms of transport such as a vintage car and a fire engine among others. Mary emphasised how important it was to keep the image of Father Christmas as authentic as possible for the generations of children who believe in the magic associated with making their Christmas wishes come true. Pat Bishell thanked Mary for the interesting insight she had given into the life of this famous character. The national conference in Christchurch was on members’ minds as they were asked to provide biscuits for delegates and others. Best wishes were extended to Glenis Nicol, one of our contestants in the speech contest at the conference. Because a number of members intended to go to the popular Fairlie meeting and also hosting the Link meeting the usual June branch meeting was cancelled.

Winchmore Branch members were transported to Guatemala by one of our members Carolyn Walkham, who had travelled there in early March with family and friends to attend the wedding of her son Thomas to a local lass. Henry, Carolyn’s son, ably assisted with a presentation of photos of the occasion and travels around the surrounding countryside. They both gave us a wonderful insight into life in a very different part of our world. President Trish Small gave a very comprehensive report as our delegate to the recent National Rural Women NZ conference held in Christchurch. There were many stimulating presentations and workshops over the three days which Trish shared with our branch. Rural Women have announced an initiative to raise money for Prostate Cancer Research with branches raising money with various activities this is to be called the Y Front Up campaign. Winchmore Branch will celebrate 80 years on June 19 and members and former members are urged to send in their replies to the invitation. Our annual quiz night will be held on Friday, July 5, those wishing to enter a team contact Marg Verrall.

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NOTICE OF MEETING JUNE 2013 Further to the meetings advertised for June 2013, notice is given that the Council meeting to be held on Thursday 27 June 2013 at Matthew Fraser House, 5 Sir William Pickering Drive, Burnside, Christchurch will now commence at 9.00am. The agenda will be available at the meeting and online at Pages/default.aspx two days prior to each meeting. Bill Bayfield CHIEF EXECUTIVE


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ASHBURTON BUDGET ADVISORY SERVICE INC. For free budget advice and workshop enquiries. Phone 307-0496. 60 Cass Street Consultancy House. 9.30am. M.S.A. TAI CHI CLUB. Beginners class, newcomers welcome. M.S.A. Social hall, Havelock Street. 9.30am - 11.30pm. MID CANTERBURY BADMINTON CLUB. Daytime section, new players very welcome. Sports Hall, Tancred Street. 9.30am - 12.30pm. ASHBURTON TOY LIBRARY. Open today. Methodist Church Hall, Baring Square East. 9.30am - 1.00pm. ASHBURTON BAPTIST CHURCH. Second time round op shop. Ashburton Baptist Church, Cnr Cass and Havelock Street. 10.00am. ST DAVID’S UNI0N CHURCH. Fit Kidz, 48 Allens Road, Allenton. 10.30am. MID CANTERBURY NEW COMERS NETWORK. New Comers coffee morning group. McDonald’s Ashburton. 10.45am. M.S.A. TAI CHI CLUB. Qigong exercises, newcomers welcome. M.S.A. Social hall, Havelock Street. 12.50pm. M.S.A. PETANQUE. Petanque has started, everyone welcome. Racecourse Road. 1.00pm. ASHBURTON SCOTTISH SOCIETY INDOOR BOWLS. Bowls afternoon new and old members welcome. Balmoral Hall, Cameron Street. 1.00pm - 3.00pm. ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM, Classic aircraft on display including DC 3. Ashburton Airport, Seafield Road. 1.00pm - 4.00pm. ASHBURTON EMBROIDERERS GUILD. Stitch and chat, Senior Centre, Cameron Street. 1.15pm. WAIREKA CROQUET CLUB. Mahjong - beginners welcome. Waireka Croquet Club, the Domain, Philip St. 7.30pm. GLENYS’ DANCE GROUP. Old time/sequence dancing. learn to dance. All welcome. Pipe band hall, Creek Road.

TOMORROW FRIDAY JUNE 14 9.00am. ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Real women circuit training the hall. 48 Allens Road, Allenton. 9.00am. ST ANDREWS ANGLICAN CHURCH. Drop in centre, St Andrews Anglican Church Hall, cnr Thomson and Jane Street, Tinwald. 1.00pm - 3.00pm. ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. Classic aircraft on display. Ashburton Airport, Seafield Road. 1.30pm. R.S.A. Euchre. R.S.A. Cox Street, Ashburton. 2.00pm. CAVENDISH CLUB. Drama circle, sketch and readings. 31 Tancred Street.


Wanganui JC fields, form and riders Fields for Wanganui JC meeting at Wanganui today. NZ Meeting number: 4 Doubles: 2 and 3; 4 and 5; 6 and 7; 8 and 9 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9 RACE 1 11.40am (NZT) BRISTOL CLAN MAIDEN HURDLES 3000 $7000, MDN HDL, 3000m 1 43x5x Tim (1) 68.......................................S Phelan 2 48L7x Lizac tmh (3) 68..........................N Quinn (3) 3 x2460 Hemingway tmh (7) 68....K Veenendaal (1.5) 4 11x59 Shotgun mh (5) 68......................J Rathbone 5 00x80 Brave Buccaneer (9) 68................... C Studd 6 68x90 Fraggle Rock (10) 68...................... C Singer 7 66x07 Rangatira (6) 68..............................C Perrett 8 55x34 Ready Eddie (2) 68................ H Curran (1.5) 9 93466 Regal Secret (11) 68....................... I Lupton 10 42093 Ishidanzin m (4) 66..........................G Walsh 11 00x Wee Biskit h (8) 66....................... P Ormsby RACE 2 12.10pm JOLT COFFEE HOUSE MIADEN HURDLES 3000 $7000, MDN HDL, 3000m 1 11x41 Mahanadi 68................................. Scratched 2 55x63 Authentic (7) 68..................... H Curran (1.5) 3 x0539 Hoover Boy tm (9) 68.......................G Walsh 4 x4636 Reynards Bro h (3) 68................J Rathbone 5 50764 Wilbur (1) 68................................... C Singer 6 40817 Herman Munster tmbh (6) 68.......... I Lupton 7 860x8 Atomic Road mh (2) 68...............N Quinn (3) 8 7x00x Firing Line m (8) 68...................... P Ormsby 9 05635 No Excuses m (4) 68....................... C Studd 10 10926 Edenbrae h (5) 66...........K Veenendaal (1.5) RACE 3 12.45pm THE WHANGAEHU ‘RIOCH’ O’LEARYS MAIDEN STEEPLES $7000, MDN STP, 4100m 1 4x734 Bally Heights tm (12) 68.................. C Studd 2 F23x5 Duminy mh (4) 68.................M Mitchell (1.5) 3 45x86 Binklebonk tm (5) 68.......K Veenendaal (1.5) 4 39x95 O’Connor mh (3) 68.........................G Walsh 5 388x0 Happy Go Lucky (1) 68.......... H Curran (1.5) 6 155x4 McCulley mh (10) 68........................ I Lupton 7 4374x Mister Deejay mh (2) 68............... P Ormsby 8 04x48 Palemo h (8) 68..........................J Rathbone 9 0x9 Doubled Up (6) 68..........................S Phelan 10 Px675 Waianakarua (11) 68...................... C Singer 11 67x07 Ohopee m (9) 66............................C Perrett 12 76613 The Rose tbh (7) 66 RACE 4 1.20pm GUDSELL CLAN MAIDEN 1200 $7000, MDN, 1200m 1 3 Corbyn b (12) 58.5.........................D Bradley 2 Foxcub (6) 58.5................................R Myers

3 By The Powers (13) 58.5................D Walker 4 0 Smartaz 58.5................................ Scratched 5 0x2 Lil Mer (9) 56.5.............................. T Russell 6 30x0x Shillyshally (4) 56.5...........................K Smith 7 4 Itsagem (5) 56.5.............................M Tanaka 8 63505 Platinum Provence (7) 56.5........... H Tinsley 9 0 Elusive Rosie (1) 56.5............ A Morgan (a3) 10 0 Grawin (11) 56.5..............................D Walsh 11 8x Pretty Please (3) 56.5...............B Grylls (a2) 12 8 Takemehomebabe (8) 56.5................ M Hills 13 The Rahtwo Rebel (2) 56.5.........B Lammas 14 8. Clio (14) 56.5...................................S Collett 15 07 Dal Cayambe (10) 58.5 16 8x9x6 Danced All Night 56.5................... Scratched Emergencies: Clio, Dal Cayambe, Danced All Night RACE 5 1.55pm B CONNORS FAMILY CLAN R85 1200 $8000, Rating 85 Benchmark, 1200m 1 228x2 Super Boy (2) 60.5............... M Dravitzki (a2) 2 2040x Guessing dm (7) 57.5.................... H Tinsley 3 4267x Our White Knight dmh (5) 57......... T Russell 4 0x731 Unbelieveabelle td (1) 54..........B Grylls (a2) 5 0211 Atozed dm (3) 54.........................B Lammas 6 668x6 Master Guru dm (4) 54....................S Collett 7 9x173 Rani Aurora dm (6) 54.....................R Myers RACE 6 2.30pm MACNAB CLAN R65 1200 $7000, Rating 65 Benchmark*, 1200m 1 40x12 Adventador db (6) 59..................... H Tinsley 2 1x737 Ropa Lane d (3) 57.5................B Grylls (a2) 3 1809x Cajun (8) 57...................................M Tanaka 4 78093 Turquoise d (7) 56............................D Walsh 5 4510x Gwynethanne (5) 55.5.....................R Myers 6 166x0 Gemma Lass d (10) 54.5..... M Dravitzki (a2) 7 1x00x Lacroix t (9) 54.5................................ M Hills 8 4670x Lakota (2) 54.5.............................B Lammas 9 x9007 Awahuri d (1) 54.............................D Walker 10 00 Lorraine h (4) 54..............................S Collett RACE 7 3.05pm TURAKINA CLAN MAIDEN 2060 $7000, MDN, 2060m 1 3350x Jules Verne (2) 58.5..........................S Doyle 2 1x71F No Quota tm (12) 58.5......... M Dravitzki (a2) 3 0x47 The Painter (4) 58.5................. D Turner (a3) 4 79746 My Magician (9) 58.5........................K Smith 5 5x887 Rapt In Gold (3) 58.5.......................D Walsh 6 9x7 Attaboy (13) 58.5............................... M Hills 7 40x07 Barmasai (8) 58.5.....................B Grylls (a2) 8 00087 Seferino (11) 58.5............................S Collett 9 09 Thewife’s Pocket (10) 58.5..............D Walker

Hayden Tinsley

10 3x700 Zedeedudadeeko (5) 58.5................. T Russell 11 56x22 Red Ruby b (1) 56.5...................... H Tinsley 12 77272 MacKenzie bh (7) 56.5.....................R Myers 13 97020 Diamond Sutra (15) 56.5.............B Lammas 14 86837 Beguiling (14) 56.5.........................D Bradley 15 00x46 Society Rose (6) 56.5....................M Tanaka RACE 8 3.40pm 94.4 THE SOUND RADIO STATION OF THE YEAR MAIDEN $7000, MDN, 1600m 1 052x0 Huarwee (15) 58.5......................... H Tinsley

2 79x03 Beaudastorm (14) 58.5.................. D Turner (a3) 3 0x354 Lotto 58.5...................................... Scratched 4 92083 Xibit (3) 58.5.....................................K Smith 5 68668 Authentic Rascal (2) 58.5.........B Grylls (a2) 6 0x The Oysterman (12) 58.5..............M Tanaka 7 263x3 Grace With Power (1) 56.5..............R Myers 8 63462 Kakahu Nell (10) 56.5......................S Collett 9 x6230 Savabelle (6) 56.5........................B Lammas 10 4 Skybird (8) 56.5...............................D Walsh

11 040x8 Flat White (11) 56.5........................... M Hills 12 45496 Go Beauty (13) 56.5.......................D Walker 13 99 I’m Bella (5) 56.5..............................S Doyle 14 26x68 Del Potro (7) 58.5.......................... T Russell 15 x2777 Missteeflying (9) 56.5 16 997 Finally Ready h (16) 58.5 17 8x908 Party Girl (4) 56.5 18 60x09 Lady Go Lightly 56.5..................... Scratched 19 8x00x Chimes 56.5.................................. Scratched Emergencies: Del Potro, Missteeflying, Finally Ready, Party Girl, Lady Go Lightly, Chimes RACE 9 4.15pm PALAMOUNTAINS NUTRITION R75 1360 $8000, Rating 75 Benchmark, 1360m 1 42650 Gendarme (9) 59........................... H Tinsley 2 x7226 Benny’s Sister m (5) 58...............B Lammas 3 46444 Don’tlikemonday tm (6) 57... M Dravitzki (a2) 4 7x867 Our Jackpot (2) 57................... D Turner (a3) 5 0x107 Coastal Express t (10) 56................R Myers 6 5x163 She’s Slinky m (1) 56.....................M Tanaka 7 7x875 Jojo 55.5....................................... Scratched 8 x3843 Liberator t (12) 55.5........................D Walker 9 0666x Alignadreams m (8) 55....................D Walsh 10 589x4 Faro Rubino tm (7) 55.......................K Smith 11 839x9 Minnaleo t (3) 54..............................S Collett 12 520x3 Gold Wedding (4) 54.................B Grylls (a2) 13 89x73 The Great White m (11) 54............ T Russell Pacifiers off : Gwynethanne (R6) LEGEND: Runner Form b - Beaten favourite at last start c - Won at this distance on this course d - Won at this distance on another course h - Home track m - Won in heavy going t - Won at track X - Spell of three months Race Information hcp - handicap mdn - maiden nmw - no metropolitan wins opn - open r80 - rating 3yo - nominated age 3yo & up - nominated age and up 3yo f - nominated age and type 3 & 4yos - combined age groups c&g - colts and geldings cg&e - colts, geldings and entires e&g - entires and geldings f&m - fillies and mares hwt - high weight sw - set weight swp - set weights and penalties spa - set weights, penalties and allowances wfa - weight for age wlt - welter weight wfp - weight for age with penalties and allowances

Forbury Park TC fields, form and drivers Fields for Forbury Park Trotting Club Inc meeting at Forbury Park today. NZ Meeting number: 8 Doubles: 2 and 3; 4 and 5; 6 and 7; 8 and 9; 10 and 11; 12 and 13 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 11, 12 and 13 RACE 1 5.01pm (NZT) MAINLINE ELECTRICAL MOBILE PACE $5500, 4yo+ non winners mob. pace, mobile, 2200m 1 58279 Just A Marvel (1) fr............. B Williamson (J) 2 x3804 Love In The Dark (2) fr....................K Larsen 3 92589 Buck Stops Here (3) fr................ B McLellan 4 0x788 Rumpole (4) fr....................................J Dunn 5 73025 Just Kris (5) fr..............................G A Payne 6 3 Devine Sign (6) fr..............................D Dunn 7 007 Just Another Dream (7) fr...M Williamson (J) RACE 2 5.35pm RICOH TROT $5500, 2yo+ non winners trot, stand, 2200m 1 Pegasus Dream (1) fr.............S Walkinshaw 2 37530 City Courage (2) fr.............. B Williamson (J) 3 73648 Contiki (3) fr...................................B Barclay 4 89605 Final Effort (4) fr.................................A Beck 5 63 Zhenya (5) fr.......................M Williamson (J) 6 20222 Sappy’s Brite Star (6) fr................ C Buchan 7 64357 Infusion (7) fr..................................A Armour 8 7 Castle Sun (8) fr............................... D Dunn 9 Susiesforgivinggirl (9) fr.....................J Dunn 10 084 Phil’s Folly (10) fr..................... N Williamson 11 000 Roaming (U1) fr..............................G Shand 12 00 Snow Boy (U2) fr............................... S Lock 13 00 Eltsunami (U3) fr..........................D Simpson RACE 3 6.05pm MOSGIEL MOTOR COURT CLAIMERS CHAMPS MOBILE PACE $5500, claimers mob. pace, mobile, 2200m 1 06777 Arden’s Attack (1) fr...........................J Dunn 2 84276 Del Sur (2) fr....................... B Williamson (J) 3 75869 Rome (3) fr.....................................K Barclay 4 9x534 Hi Gun (4) fr......................................D Dunn 5 11281 Cullen’s Finest (5) fr............M Williamson (J) 6 93335 Lake View (6) fr..............................A Armour 7 12134 Montecrengle (7) fr..........................J W Cox 8 29713 Mullingar Mac (U1) fr............... N Williamson RACE 4 6.35pm WASHINGTON VC JUNIOR DRIVERS PACE

Dexter Dunn $6000, 4yo+ 1 win pace jun.d, stand, 2700m 1 055x7 Sunny Two Shoes (1) fr......M Williamson (J) 2 70835 Infrequently (2) fr................ B Williamson (J) 3 49125 VC’s Honour (3) fr................. C Ferguson (J) 4 660x9 Kai Clutha Connexion (4) fr.J MacKinnon (J) 5 65022 Jaccka Opie (5) fr......................... M Kerr (J) 6 31090 Onslow Hanover (6) fr.................... K Cox (J) 7 25907 Liveordash (7) fr.....................R McIlwrick (J) 8 0x560 Sixonenine (8) fr........................ J Trainor (J) 9 9x03x Eddie Boy (U1) fr..................... S Golding (J) RACE 5 7.00pm TUAPEKA HARNESS RACING CLUB PACE

$5500, 3yo+ non winners pace, stand, 2200m 1 32462 Tact Charlotte (1) fr........................D Larkins 2 45x68 Adriatic Coast (2) fr..........................R Swain 3 5P One Last Breath (3) fr.............. S Golding (J) 4 59223 Arising Easton (4) fr..........................D Dunn 5 9 Mymatebruce (5) fr............. B Williamson (J) 6 78 The Roman Prince (6) fr..................J W Cox 7 06665 Franco Synergy (7) fr......................K Larsen 8 0P390 Strategic Miss (8) fr.................. N Williamson 9 Baileys On Ice (9) fr........................T Chmiel 10 90320 Just A Jak Up (U1) fr..............S Walkinshaw RACE 6 7.25pm ROXBURGH TROTTING CLUB MOBILE PACE $6500, 3yo+ 1 to 2 wins mob. pace, mobile, 2200m 1 92520 Donegal Starella (1) fr......................D Dunn 2 57956 Bub’s Hanover (2) fr................S Walkinshaw 3 90163 Simon Sivad (3) fr.......................... K Cox (J) 4 06011 Lucky Getaway (4) fr...........M Williamson (J) 5 7P412 Vera’s Delight (5) fr..................... B McLellan 6 10x68 Dalness (6) fr.....................................J Dunn 7 95936 Ahorsewithnoname (7) fr........... J Trainor (J) 8 20802 It’s Only Me (8) fr.............................J W Cox 9 6Px10 Tic Tac Bromac (9) fr.........................A Beck 10 8x934 Starlet Lavra (21) fr.........................T Chmiel RACE 7 7.50pm CENTRAL OTAGO TROTTING CLUB 3YO MOBILE PACE $5500, 3yo non winners mob. pace, mobile, 2200m 1 78x0 Extreme Vance fr.......................... Scratched 2 05806 Go Da Jag (1) fr............................A Veint (J) 3 6 Marjory Winifred (2) fr.........M Williamson (J) 4 8x332 Chers Bettor Babe (3) fr.......... N Williamson 5 x007P Whynotedna (4) fr............................... G Lee 6 24 Whatamitoyou (5) fr................S Walkinshaw 7 2 Northview Major (6) fr....................A Armour 8 5 Hez My Brother (7) fr....................T Williams 9 99P77 Aveross Brachole (8) fr......................A Beck 10 37085 Sammy The Bull (21) fr............... B McLellan RACE 8 8.20pm SOUTHERN GOLDEN GIRLS MOBILE PACE HEAT 5 $7500, 4yo+ mares mob. pace, mobile, 1700m 1 20x16 Caesars Gamble (1) fr.....................J W Cox 2 57008 Snazzy Jaccka fr........................... Scratched 3 99x34 Robyn’s Christian (2) fr............ N Williamson

4 975x3 Lady Brownhouse (3) fr............. J Trainor (J) 5 76420 Knapdale Lady (4) fr........................R Swain 6 21690 Tiana Franco (5) fr.............................J Dunn 7 21542 Ideal Tact (6) fr...............................D Larkins 8 46019 Roxy Rocket (7) fr...................S Walkinshaw 9 54976 Not Sure (21) fr...................M Williamson (J) 10 P0531 Curve (22) fr....................................T Chmiel 11 04833 Ardlussa Eliza (23) fr............ C Ferguson (J) RACE 9 8.45pm CENTRAL COURAGE SYNDICATE MOBILE PACE $7000, 3yo+ 2 to 3 wins mob. pace, mobile, 2200m 1 81316 In The Kitty (1) fr.....................S Walkinshaw 2 01466 Hudson Sully (2) fr.........................B Barclay 3 78434 Expressionist (3) fr..............M Williamson (J) 4 39236 Maddison Hill (4) fr.........................T Chmiel 5 79988 Jerry Fitz (5) fr...................... C Ferguson (J) 6 00x89 Sonny Albert (6) fr............................. S Lock 7 12852 For The Ladies (7) fr.........................D Dunn 8 x5111 Missy Mach (8) fr.............................J W Cox 9 78166 Elusive Flight (9) fr.............. B Williamson (J) 10 36000 Flying Anvil (21) fr J Trainor (J,.................Cl) 11 66770 Cullens Spirit (22) fr...........................J Dunn 12 23124 Highview Macushla (23) fr............ M Kerr (J) 13 x0x11 Franco Normandy (24) fr...................A Beck RACE 10 9.10pm GRANTS BRAES SCHOOL TROT $6000, 3yo+ 1 to 2 wins trot, stand, 2200m 1 42330 Southland Reflector (1) fr............. C Buchan 2 17909 Miri (2) fr......................................... A Faulks 3 9000x Maldarna (3) fr...............................A Armour 4 x0597 Flyin Courage (4) fr.............M Williamson (J) 5 23241 Chevy Corvette fr.......................... Scratched 6 04696 Starlight Invasion (5) fr............S Walkinshaw 7 609x0 Volume Control (6) fr..........................A Beck 8 70993 Earls Buller Girl (7) fr.................... N Buchan 9 90885 Goodboy Tiger (8) fr............ B Williamson (J) 10 06880 Face Value (9) fr.............................T Chmiel 11 0x531 Lucie de Gerolstein (10) fr...............J W Cox 12 0090P Sudon Speed (U1) fr................... B McLellan 13 01 Easy Option (U2) fr.................. N Williamson 14 06446 Whendaboysliteup (U3) fr..................J Dunn 15 7x800 Spin Doctor (U4) fr............................D Dunn Emergency: Miri

RACE 11 9.40pm SOUTHERN GOLDEN GIRLS MOBILE PACE HEAT 5 $7500, 4yo+ mares 2 to 4 wins mob. pace, mobile, 1700m 1 03363 Indian Arrow (1) fr....................... J Patterson 2 1x925 Zara P (2) fr...................................A Armour 3 88734 Graceandtemika (3) fr..................J Young (J) 4 43215 Sonia Ellen (4) fr.................M Williamson (J) 5 36534 Repeat After Me (5) fr........................A Beck 6 16672 Hot Toddy (6) fr........................ S Golding (J) 7 47854 Tact Hayleys Delight (7) fr..............B Barclay 8 51974 The Burning Question (8) fr...............J Dunn RACE 12 10.10pm ACME METAL & DRUM HANDICAP PACE $8500, 3 to 7 wins discrhcp pace, stand, 2700m 1 67022 Fiery Rascal (1) fr...............M Williamson (J) 2 13552 Ginger Spice (1) 10................... J Trainor (J) 3 556x7 Motu Speedy Star (2) 10.... B Williamson (J) 4 11121 Bedtime (1) 20..................................D Dunn 5 39678 The Receptionist (2) 20........... N Williamson 6 270x5 Vic N Art (U1) 20...............................J Dunn 7 28x83 River Black (1) 30...........................T Chmiel 8 17436 Better To Be Bad (U1) 30..............B Barclay RACE 13 10.40pm DUNEDIN CITY FORD MOBILE PACE $6500, 3yo+ 1 to 2 wins mob. pace, mobile, 2200m 1 50512 Belkmyster (1) fr...............................D Dunn 2 00098 The Fickle Finger (2) fr............ S Golding (J) 3 9x561 Zach Bromac (3) fr..........................K Larsen 4 66824 Stradowan (4) fr..............................T Chmiel 5 58P34 All For D B (5) fr.............................B Barclay 6 x3905 Chal Fire (6) fr.................................J W Cox 7 94615 Gotta Go Sassy’s Jet (7) fr..........G A Payne 8 00873 Alexy (8) fr.......................... B Williamson (J) 9 12662 Southern Delight (9) fr..................T Williams Pacifiers on : Eltsunami (R2), Sudon Speed (R10) Pacifiers off : Rumpole (R1), Spin Doctor (R10) LEGEND: X - Spell from racing of at least 3 months P - Retired (or pulled up) from race L - Driver unseated U1 - Unruly beginner {C} - Concession driver {} - Claiming concession driver which allows horse to start one class down

6 24276 Opawa Sacha nwtd..................... B Littlejohn 7 1438x Lochinvar Vicini nwtd..................D Schofield 8 44722 Cosmic Mack 21.18....................D Schofield 9 86258 Ruby Tron 21.18 H...................... L Laagland 10 63364 Crixus nwtd..................................... G Farrell RACE 9, 2.22pm ALL SEW EMBROIDERY STAKES C4, 457m 1 15757 Stellar Force 26.12........................P Cleaver 2 88787 Elly’s Girl nwtd............................ R O’Regan 3 73F78 Lochinvar Sonic nwtd..................D Schofield 4 52532 On Trey 25.72.............................D Schofield 5 82484 This Is Swip nwtd.............................. S Clark 6 36837 Riddle Mate 25.72........................... G Farrell 7 2F441 Indiana Izmir nwtd F &....................Turnwald 8 11142 Spitfire Osti 25.67..............................C Hore 9 46646 Lochinvar Laredo 25.53..............D Schofield RACE 10, 2.40pm AFFORDABLE PET ACCESSORIES SPRINT C2, 375m 1 7x527 Flash That 21.47......................... R O’Regan 2 21162 Tarapunga 21.22.........................D Schofield 3 25273 Peno Boy 21.50.................................J Black 4 38111 Cocky Appeal nwtd..........................P Green 5 78712 Coleridge Ainsli 21.74....................... S Clark 6 23355 Winsome Achiever 21.31...............A Speight 7 45362 Question Me 21.76............................S Ross 8 11623 Fierce Star 21.52 F &.....................Turnwald 9 67554 Where’s The Cat 21.38...............D Schofield 10 18487 Kiowa Whiz nwtd............................A Speight RACE 11, 2.57pm 0800 4 DOWN COW STAKES C5, 457m 1 74285 Magico 25.81................................... L Martin 2 48333 Toi Shan 25.64............................D Schofield 3 12112 Piggy Back 25.27.............................. S Clark 4 83381 Space Race 26.08............................ S Clark 5 45254 Hauko nwtd..................................... G Farrell 6 12423 Kiwi Girl 25.88....................................J Black 7 11112 Cob Webber 25.65 F &...................Turnwald 8 41326 Thrilling Vegas 25.34....................... K Walsh 9 32747 Cotswald Prince 25.70................ L Laagland

10 23444 Koko Whiz 25.49.........................D Schofield RACE 12, 3.15pm MTA GIFT VOUCHER SPRINT C5, 375m 1 48212 Calamity Free 21.14....................D Schofield 2 88437 Thrilling Issues 21.21........................ S Clark 3 7x627 Alabaster 21.10................................. B Craik 4 65825 Ladakh 21.37.................................. G Farrell 5 24611 Uno Lachlan 21.12......................D Schofield 6 11232 Explosive Osti 21.11..........................C Hore 7 14367 Ate Power 21.30 F &.......................Turnwald 8 31217 Black Hombre 21.07......................... S Clark 9 21154 Lord Will 21.09...................................C Hore 10 33184 Quick Cat 21.31..........................D Schofield RACE 13, 3.32pm CLUBHOUSE SPORTS BAR STAKES C1, 457m 1 31145 Hell Fire nwtd.......................................J Udy 2 3237F Charley Farley 25.88..............K Sutch-Jones 3 2x11 Way Too Crude 25.54 F &..............Turnwald 4 52353 Coal Sack 26.11........................ A Lawrence 5 43448 Flyin’ Shifty nwtd R M &.................... J Smith 6 22556 Another Burst nwtd.....................D Schofield 7 65765 Sapphire Phoenix nwtd.............S M Gardner 8 75525 Wabi Sabi 26.50.............................. L Martin 9 78766 Mr. Lochlyn nwtd...........................M J Lozell RACE 14, 3.50pm SERGIO @ STUD STAKES C1, 457m 1 26688 Sasha’s One nwtd............................. S Clark 2 76785 Madam Norris nwtd..........................T Green 3 43412 Trilise 26.22................................ A Lawrence 4 34544 Very Chilly nwtd..........................M Mathews 5 16314 Little Teegan 25.59..................... A Lawrence 6 87671 Value Plus nwtd..........................D Schofield 7 2214 Cawbourne Penny nwtd.....................C Hore 8 14554 Urban Combat nwtd.......................P Cleaver 9 78766 Mr. Lochlyn nwtd...........................M J Lozell LEGEND: fsdt - First Start Here nwd - No Win this Distance fstd - First Start This Distance 31 13 - Best Winning Time This Track

Waikato greyhound fields and form Fields for Waikato And Districts Greyhound Racing Club meeting at Cambridge Raceway today. NZ Meeting number: 9 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; 11 and 12; 13 and 14 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 5, 6 and 7; 8, 9 and 10; 12, 13 and 14 RACE 1, 12.02pm (NZT) KIRSTIE.MCGRAIL@RAYWHITE. COM SPRINT C0, 375m 1 56747 Ike Jones nwtd.......................K Sutch-Jones 2 57547 Skyhigh Levi nwtd...........................G Parker 3 6544F Warsteiner nwtd R M &..................... J Smith 4 72 Miss Paeroa nwtd....................... R O’Regan 5 75648 Brave Phoenix nwtd..................S M Gardner 6 24455 Gypsy Brad nwtd........................ R O’Regan 7 58666 Paige Me nwtd................................G Parker 8 F76 Uno Kim nwtd............................. R O’Regan 9 88 Erena’s Girl nwtd........................ W Toomath RACE 2, 12.19pm HAUTAPU VETERINARY CLINIC STAKES C0, 457m 1 Thrilling Brave nwtd......................... K Walsh 2 787 Teegz nwtd................................. A Lawrence 3 23534 Thrilling Olive nwtd.......................... K Walsh 4 76487 Madam Knocka nwtd R M &............. J Smith 5 28775 Obi Wan Kenobi nwtd............K Sutch-Jones 6 8 Hefeweizen nwtd.............................. T Green 7 You’re Lucky nwtd............................. B Craik 8 Kiss The Blarney nwtd...................... B Craik RACE 3, 12.37pm TE AWAMUTU SELF STORAGE SPRINT C3, 375m 1 88385 Diggin’ On You nwtd........................ I George 2 67344 Lochinvar Yasi 21.42...................D Schofield 3 22537 Cawbourne Bully nwtd.......................C Hore 4 26422 Lafayette 21.60................................. B Craik 5 25543 Lockey’s Call 21.30..................... R O’Regan 6 75573 Big Bolt 21.09..................................T Green 7 F1111 Short And Snappy 21.07...............P Cleaver

8 55262 Belrani 21.54................................... G Farrell 9 24475 Cherry Tree Lane 21.48.................... B Craik RACE 4, 12.54pm GREYHOUNDS NORTH MAIDEN DISTANCE C0d, 650m 1 35686 Ghost Writer nwtd..............................S Ross 2 83262 Pink Sock nwtd F &........................Turnwald 3 33725 Lochinvar Onyx nwtd..................D Schofield 4 46443 Zagato nwtd............................... A Lawrence 5 66265 Alpinador nwtd.................................. S Clark 6 87645 Sam I Am nwtd............................A Turnwald 7 56474 Ragazza Gamba nwtd............... A Lawrence 8 737x8 Bally Flys nwtd.................................. S Clark

9 787 Teegz nwtd................................. A Lawrence RACE 5, 1.12pm PALAMOUNTAINS NUTRITION STAKES C3, 457m 1 45756 Hot Pootie 25.83..................................J Udy 2 72434 Cawbourne Jock nwtd.......................C Hore 3 62155 Thrilling Tremor 25.62...................... K Walsh 4 34777 Twin Rivers 25.88....................... G Pomeroy 5 1F264 Thrilling Charly 25.63....................... K Walsh 6 11244 Rebel Kahn nwtd.............................. S Clark 7 16373 Thrilling Logic 25.63......................... K Walsh 8 75658 Jackson Town 25.64.......................... S Clark RACE 6, 1.29pm FOND FOODS LTD STAKES C2, 457m 1 33568 Endorse 25.78.......................... D Schofield 2 1211 Thrilling Butcha 25.81...................... K Walsh 3 86722 Bublin Gold 25.62............................. S Clark 4 83545 Hot Lass nwtd................................A Cleaver 5 24352 Borasco 26.01.................................. L Martin 6 53243 Edward Cullen 26.21........................ B Craik 7 81712 Positivity nwtd................................... B Craik 8 12311 Jembo 25.67..................................... S Clark RACE 7, 1.47pm GENERAL ENGRAVERS SPRINT C1, 375m 1 25242 Utah Bolt 21.75........................... G Pomeroy 2 36363 Bigtime Whizz nwtd..................... R O’Regan 3 81133 Boss Appeal 21.42...........................P Green 4 82868 Hit Da Nos 21.70................................ J Foot 5 x2161 It’s A Doll nwtd.............................A Turnwald 6 13542 Asia Ostee nwtd............................... M Mann 7 72453 Home Brewer nwtd........................A Speight 8 61877 Hot Pal 21.94.............................. W Toomath 9 24453 Time To Find nwtd...............................J Udy 10 84673 Opawa Crusher nwtd...........................J Udy RACE 8, 2.05pm YGOT BONUS SCHEME SPRINT C4, 375m 1 36431 Samson Dash 21.36......................... B Craik 2 24552 Flying Fabio 21.11.............................C Hore 3 21112 Thrilling Edge 21.09......................... K Walsh 4 85633 Harvey Nichols 21.24........................ B Craik 5 23672 Hajime 21.26..................................P Cleaver

Christchurch greyhound fields and form Fields for Christchurch Greyhound Racing Club meeting at Addington Raceway today. NZ Meeting number: 10 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; 11 and 12 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 10, 11 and 12 RACE 1, 4.25pm (NZT) SUPER PETS SPRINT C4, 295m 1 45775 Cawbourne Moff 17.00..............J McInerney 2 52563 Fireman’s Escort 17.28.................. G Cleeve 3 23321 Homebush Helen (c5) 17.18......J McInerney 4 7357x Business Plan nwtd...................R Blackburn 5 66736 Magic You nwtd C &......................D Roberts 6 34746 Adini 17.16.................................... L Waretini 7 87587 Jonny Jet nwtd...................................J Dunn 8 74513 Memphis Hotcakes 17.38................. M Flipp 9 12768 Blickling Bridge 17.53 J &.......................May 10 64878 Campaigner 17.34 H &........................Taylor RACE 2, 4.45pm (NZT) CTV SPRINT C3, 295m 1 68578 Dyna Frier 17.23 C &....................D Roberts 2 38218 Cawbourne Chief 17.39................... M Grant 3 43825 My Little Oah 17.35...................J McInerney 4 28767 Benny’s Angel 17.50..................J McInerney 5 12485 Ohoka Blue 17.49......................... L Waretini 6 31212 Know Pride 17.26.......................... G Cleeve 7 86133 Banbit 17.31......................................B Shaw 8 12283 Wandy Jewel 17.43......................D Kingston 9 47361 Botany Prancer (c4) 17.54.........J McInerney 10 63755 Starburst Hannah 17.56................... M Grant RACE 3, 5.10pm (NZT) THURSDAY PLACE PICK DASH C4,

295m 1 44466 Know Jealousy 17.29..................... G Cleeve 2 76444 Homebush Mayhem 17.38.........J McInerney 3 1F753 Opawa Legs 17.56 L &....................... Wales 4 34247 Knox 17.44........................................ B Dann 5 73487 Another Jewel 17.32..................J McInerney 6 28746 Gitcha Easy 17.25 W &...................... Nissen 7 26111 Cawbourne Queen 17.23 C &......D Roberts 8 26555 Life’s A Laugh 17.39..................R Blackburn 9 12768 Blickling Bridge 17.53 J &.......................May 10 76644 Homebush Edith 17.21..............J McInerney RACE 4, 5.26pm (NZT) KOLORFUL KANVAS DASH C3, 295m 1 35535 Obsessed 17.16 C &....................D Roberts 2 35787 Fiery Flower 17.48............................ B Dann 3 51528 Another Colt 17.35.....................J McInerney 4 72127 Starburst Clemmy nwtd................... M Grant 5 41863 Blonde Tori 17.48.......................A Bradshaw 6 11111 Trans Tasman 17.23...................R Blackburn 7 45541 Turbo Tundra 17.57.......................... M Grant 8 22416 Roxy Rascal 17.44 M &.....................Jopson 9 47361 Botany Prancer (c4) 17.54.........J McInerney 10 44574 Cool Jordie 17.27..............................S Whall RACE 5, 5.55pm (NZT) DAVID EMERSON CONSULTANCY STAKES C3/4, 520m 1 67854 Another Dollar 30.27..................J McInerney 2 F5238 Opawa Marg (c3) 30.39 L &............... Wales 3 36455 Flying Moe 30.56..............................B Shaw 4 76556 Wot Price Curly 30.73................J McInerney 5 55877 Take No Prisoner 30.42................. G Cleeve

6 23451 Mick and Paddy (c3) 30.34 W &........ Nissen 7 75614 Opawa Midnight 30.66 S &..............B Evans 8 11347 Pindari 30.32 J &.............................D Fahey 9 82618 Girl Racer (c3) 30.42 H &....................Taylor 10 54276 Opawa Style (c3) 30.55 L &................ Wales RACE 6, 6.25pm (NZT) SKY HIGH SCAFFOLDING SPRINT C5, 295m 1 6x111 More Better 17.09 W &...................... Nissen 2 23462 Pearl’s Boy 17.19........................... G Cleeve 3 16288 Cawbourne Catch 17.17................... M Flipp 4 33115 Dillmanstown 17.45............................J Dunn 5 31635 Jackson Cat 17.21............................ B Dann 6 47151 Ciri Rioli 17.18 J &...........................D Fahey 7 32434 Roqette 17.22 C &........................D Roberts 8 83318 Nippa Mary 17.09......................J McInerney 9 24174 Admire nwtd A &.................................Seque 10 63455 Nova’s Fortune 17.27.................J McInerney RACE 7, 6.50pm BUY SELL & EXCHANGE STAKES C3/4, 520m 1 33285 Adulterous nwtd C &.....................D Roberts 2 76446 Ultimate Dream 29.93...........................P Lin 3 52137 False Step 30.42................................J Dunn 4 16561 Cawbourne Philip(c5) 30.34......J McInerney 5 55374 Bob’s Eye 30.73.........................J McInerney 6 51534 Opawa No Ear 30.18 J &.................D Fahey 7 32622 Unshaken 30.48 J &........................D Fahey 8 11261 Kin Nikki 30.36.............................. L Waretini 9 34441 Opawa Bomb 30.67 L &..................... Wales 10 34858 Waterview Lass (c3) 30.66 C &.......... Fagan RACE 8, 7.15pm SHIRLEY VET CLINIC DISTANCE FEATURE

C0d, 645m 1 43736 Sahara Storm nwtd........................... M Flipp 2 22154 Cawbourne Kesha nwtd.............J McInerney 3 25777 Cawbourne Kim nwtd.................J McInerney 4 47557 Candy Belle nwtd S &......................B Evans 5 32343 Opawa Bro nwtd L &........................... Wales 6 55536 Know Future nwtd.......................... G Cleeve 7 57768 Opawa Sir nwtd S &........................B Evans 8 88778 Botany Comet nwtd...................J McInerney 9 77864 Know Taste nwtd............................ G Cleeve 10 86887 Opawa Jake nwtd L &......................... Wales RACE 9, 7.40pm ROBBIE’S BAR & BISTRO DASH C5, 295m 1 11333 Callahan 17.26............................. M Roberts 2 34326 Ocotillo 17.03 J &............................D Fahey 3 76136 Lynny Southcombe 17.29..........J McInerney 4 15117 Go Housie 17.09............................ G Cleeve 5 61524 Primitive 17.19...................................J Dunn 6 41242 Pick The Tip 17.11........................... D Voyce 7 11112 Sting Me 17.12................................. M Grant 8 26415 Tricky Harry nwtd J &..............................May 9 82177 Know Trust 17.23........................... G Cleeve 10 1665x Kyann 17.01 A &.................................Seque RACE 10, 8.05pm CAROL’S TAB STAKES C5, 520m 1 13174 Indi’s Grace 30.56............................ M Grant 2 62136 Magic Lass 30.43 C &..................D Roberts 3 34x13 Opawa Rapid 30.54 L &..................... Wales 4 34731 Gordon Bale 30.43 C &................D Roberts 5 11112 Raw Energy 29.96.....................J McInerney 6 12345 Brighton Bullet 30.01 J &.................D Fahey

7 54881 Brooklyn Hope 30.17 J &.................D Fahey 8 54573 Stolen Money 17.97....................... G Cleeve 9 37635 Wild Grove 30.41 C &...................D Roberts 10 36758 Geoff The Ref 30.65 H &.....................Taylor RACE 11, 8.35pm I PAVE CONCRETE DASH C5, 295m 1 58631 Elki 17.31..................................... M Roberts 2 13163 Sahara Rama nwtd A &......................Seque 3 6x431 Mr. Whippy 17.22 W &....................... Nissen 4 24321 Smash Amy 17.19........................... M Grant 5 86321 Homebush Sarge 17.35.............J McInerney 6 42427 Pretty Good 16.94 J &.....................D Fahey 7 24212 Know Advantage 17.04.................. G Cleeve 8 336F3 Etched In Stone 17.25...............R Blackburn 9 24174 Admire nwtd A &.................................Seque 10 35663 Wandy Chick 17.36........................ G Cleeve RACE 12, 8.55pm SPEIGHT’S SPRINT C4, 295m 1 57446 Gazza’s Pride 17.24......................... M Flipp 2 66877 Cawbourne Dusty 17.51.................. M Grant 3 62726 Runway Queen 17.41.................... G Cleeve 4 72625 Anytime Will Do 17.48...............J McInerney 5 56554 Excuse Please 17.35................... J McMillan 6 66342 Austin Wana nwtd W &...................... Nissen 7 25252 Sosan 17.43 C &..........................D Roberts 8 72212 Marmalade Skies 17.43.....................J Dunn 9 12768 Blickling Bridge 17.53 J &.......................May 10 76644 Homebush Edith 17.21..............J McInerney LEGEND: fsdt - First Start Here nwd - No Win this Distance fstd - First Start This Distance 31 13 - Best Winning Time This Track

SPORT CLUB NEWS Allenton Bowling Club On Sat and Sun the 8/9th June we had a very successful inaugural Kiddey Cup Tournament kindly sponsored by Dion and Pip Kiddey Painter and Decorator.   The play was Mixed Aussie Pairs run over the 2 days,  4 games on Sat and another 3 on the Sunday with the top 4 teams playing off for final placings.  It was won by The Old Mayor/Mare’s Murray Anderson and Wendy Watson going through unbeaten.   2nd: Graeme Bishop and Wendy Blackwell, 3rd:   Murray Smallridge and Maureen Sullivan and 4th: John and Dawn Bruce.  Congratulations to all.   The weekend was thoroughly enjoyed by all, with lots of laughter, good bowls, good friends and players. The bowling choir seemed to be on song with renditions of Love in a fowl house and The Old Grey Mare. Bring on the next one. Last Friday’s Triples were also played and enjoyed by all once more with GT’s Cruisers coming out on top.   Also don’t forget the Tuesday Roll Up even though the days have been a bit chilly to say the least and some hardy souls showing the way in enthusiasm for the game.    That’s all so keep em rolling.

Allenton Indoor Bowling Club Already we are halfway through our season and have been having good attendances at our weekly Club nights. Welcome to our new members this season, Roger, Robert, Noelene and Matthew. Great to have you all with us. Our Club Championships are underway, and recently we had our Fours Championships. This was won by Richard Smitheram, Noelene Woods, Trevor Johnson and Trevor Nish. Congratulations to you all. Last week it was the Triples Championship with the final being won by Bob Holdom, Carolyn Whyte and Shirley Doig. Once again, congratulations and well done to you all. Next up will be our Championship Pairs in a couple of week’s time. Several members have enjoyed playing in tournaments being run by other clubs at the Stadium and out at Carew. Our own Triples Tournament is being held at the Stadium on Thursday 13th June and with a large number of local players away at the Nationals in Rotorua, we are looking for more entries. We have two teams playing in the interclub competition with mixed results, but enjoyed by all taking part. Happy bowling everyone.

Allenton Rugby Club After being thrashed by Hampstead in the first round, the Allenton Senior Bs redeemed themselves with a 47-12 win over them on Saturday. Several players put their hand up for Player of the Day but that honour (picked by our own Alan Goldberg Argyle) went to PK Ngutu. Special mention must go to first five Nick, who has been playing great rugby, but earned Dick of the Day for his quick tap from a penalty, a nifty little run, nice chip kick through, then a skilful gather, only to run headlong into an opposing

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, June 13, 2013

Altrusa International of Ashburton Several members from Altrusa International of Ashburton recently attended the Annual Conference of Altrusa International District Fifteen (New Zealand), held at Nelson, at which we received the following Awards: Altrusa Fundrasing Project Award Certificate for our Christmas Tree of Remembrance (proceeds donated to local palliative care); 1st in the Margaret Maylor – Newsletter Award; 1st in the June Garth Memorial Governor’s Award for best performing Club; and 1st in the Letha H Brown Literacy Award for our AVAILLL Literacy Programme. The winning entry for the Letha H Brown Award will now go on to compete at International level in the United States. The Ashburton Altrusa Club also recently held their Changeover Dinner, at which the incoming President, Carol Haskett was installed for the next 12 months. Her Board will consist of 1st Vice President Suan Bowler; Recording Secretary Helen Hooper; Correspondence Secretary Pam Champness; Treasurer Joan Lawn; Jeanette Sinclair, Yvonne Letham and Carol Brown (Directors); Immediate Past President: Val Prendergast. In attendance was District Fifteen Governor Jenette Borrell, who presented Charter Members Nan James and Annette Lane with pins to mark forty years of membership. Our on-going projects Club will continue through the coming year - Magic Mums when we treat mothers of children with a disability to a weekend of pampering; September marks Literacy month when we participate in the Great Read at schools – we also donate and update AVAILLL programmes to schools; we support a child through Save the Children (annual donation); our Annual Health Sciences Bursary is open to local people; Books on Wheels is run in conjunction with the local Library – we deliver books fortnightly to people who are no longer able to visit the Library; at Christmas our Tree of Remembrance is well supported, with the proceeds going to Palliative Care; maintenance of our Stillborn Memorial at Ashburton cemetery; we assist with Meals on Wheels; a fortnightly baking roster is in place for the Cancer Society, to be distributed to cancer suffers’ families. Nine Ashburton Altrusans will attend the Altrusa International Convention in Rotorua 26th to 29th July 2013; this being only the second time it has been held in New Zealand since 1996.

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player and lose the ball. Our biggest impact player crashed over the line to score seconds after taking the field. Well done Buschy. The Allenton/Celtic U16s played Ohoka at Celtic and won 42-31. Another great game, these boys are playing well. Try scorers were Nick Beveridge, Connor Wilson and Kieran Hunt, who deservedly won Player of the Day with his 3 tries, 4 conversions and 3 penalties. The other player of the day was Matt Beveridge. A special thank you from the club goes to Mont Baker Carpet Court for supplying the vinyl for the toilets at the clubrooms, to Chris Johnson for laying it, to Norm and Debbie McIntyre for the painting and several other club members who helped. It’s a great improvement.


Club We were pleased to welcome Kimberley Wallace as our speaker in May. She has spent nine summers working in Antarctica, and gave us a great insight into working and coping in such cold conditions. Her responsibility was as Field Guide for geologists at Scott Base and at McMurdo and later for the Australians.  23 countries have stations there, with 4000 people working through summer, 100 in winter. Scott and McMurdo are 3km apart and are accessed through Christchurch. She showed pictures giving the differences between the sites, in personnel, jobs , buildings, temperature and history of access from Hercules to Starlifter, and how she travels to her present base at Casey or other Australian stations. Kimberley also talked about Haglands, quad bikes, IRBs, tractors and sleds. Her work entails health and safety lessons for the staff, risk management, fire safety, clothing, meals, dehydration, survival techniques etc. She talked about the work the geologists and other scientist do and showed some great accompanying photos. Antarctica contains 90% of the world’s ice,70% of our fresh water. It snows further north but is dry in the south. Entertainment consists of “makeup Mondays”, an annual rugby match, a Polar plunge, runs and marathons. Her talk finished with some stunning photos of Emperor and Adele penguins, elephant seals, petrels, albatrosses, and she is off again for yet another stint there. We certainly wish her well and thank her most sincerely for her enlightening talk. Join us on June 19 at St Davids at 7:30, to hear again from Kevin Crequer, tis time talking about Rarotonga. All are welcome.

Ashvegas Country Club Club day was held at Ashburton last Sunday with a small group participating in the day’s competition. The course was extremely heavy and made scoring extremely difficult with the best score for the day being recorded by Clarkie who finished his round with 35 stableford points after a round of 88. John Smitheram was next best with 32 points after his round of 79 while Clarkie also had a 2. The club’s premier day was held the previous weekend at Denfield and saw Terry Kingsbury come out on top in that with a score of 40 stableford points after an excellent round of 76. Veteran Richy Watson claimed 2nd place with 36 points after his round of 91. This Sunday’s club day is scheduled to be held at Tinwald at the usual tee off time of 10.00am.

Cavendish Club Library Circle Our speaker was Robyn Young, from Autism New Zealand. We were asked, what is autism? Most were aware of some form of autism, but there are many forms. Whilst there is no cure, most forms of autism can be managed. The objectives of the society are to promote and the early and accurate diagnosis of people with autism, to provide education and training for the carers, families and society at large. Robyn answered many questions and we all left with a greater understanding of ASD autism spectrum disorder.

Music Circle Friday 7th June the Music Circle led by June was delighted to have two very talented ladies from the Organ Club entertain. Iris Taylor and Rose Stead played a variety of old and well known songs which we could sing-a-long to. Rose also brought back memories of our piano playing days with her rendition of an old favourite Remembrance on piano with organ accompaniment. Bev thanked them both very much for a wonderful afternoon of entertainment and presented them with a gift.

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Tinwald Branch New Zealand Red Cross A general meeting was held June 4 at the Tinwald Hall. President Lynette Lovett welcomed 12 members and all said the Red Cross Principles. Five apologies were received and two for lateness. Matters arising from the Minutes included thanking members for their assistance for the Annual National Appeal. Comment was made of the enjoyable afternoon held for World Red Cross Day at which Branches in Mid Canterbury attended and took part in the Candle Lighting ceremony along with a wider explanation of the International Red Cross Principles. Discussion was held on the disbursement of Funds before the end of June, the end of the financial year. It was agreed that funds be allocated to four specific Red Cross programmes namely Refugee programme, International Aid Worker Programme, People Savers Programme ( First Aid Training for Primary schools ), Special Fund for Disabled International with remaining funds to the General Fund. A notice was given to see if anyone was interested in a First Response Training Day coming up. A discussion was held on the September meeting when the branch hosts members of the Foundation of the Blind. Members were reminded of the Tinwald Market Day at the Tinwald Hall on July 13th. It was noted that the former National President Penny Mason was awarded ONZM in the Queen’s Birthday honours and it was agreed that a congratulatory card be sent to her. Pat O’Brien is attending a Parliamentary event in honour of World Refugee Day on June 13th, in association with UNHCR and New Zealand Red Cross. Theme is “From conflict to peace Margaret Blair introduced the guest speaker Marianne Cohen, assistant curator of the Ashburton Museum. She spoke on the Collectors Corner at the Museum which was having its 26th Collectors display. Marianne asked how many present had collections of anything and went on to say that it usually turns out most of us has and that they portray something of a sentimental value and past history of the person and/or location or  a particular era. She gave an update of the progress of the new museum art gallery complex.  In 2015 the Museum is planning an exhibition on Gallipoli for its centenary. That year is also 100 years since Red Cross began in New Zealand as a branch of the British Red Cross. Next meeting is the AGM on Tuesday, July 16.


ACROSS 1. Recklessness (11) 9. Strange (3) 10. Clock (9) 11. Vacant (5) 13. Concentrated (7) 14. Dread (6) 16. Infestation (6) 18. Admit (7) 19. Change (5) 20. Interchange (9) 21. Fairy (3) 22. Festival (11)

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No 12,208

ACROSS 4. Outfit (7) 8. Allow (6) 9. Hate (7) 10. Bond (6) 11. Joined (6) 12. Limit (8) 18. Cruel (8) 20. Meal (6) 21. Surpass (6) 22. Merciful (7) 23. Madhouse (6) 24. Heavy (7)

DOWN 2. Conclude (3) 3. Trivial (5) 4. Branch out (6) 5. Characteristic (7) 6. Mistake (9) 7. Home life (11) 8. Sewing (11) 12. Descent (9) 15. Superintend (7) 17. Diversion (6) 19. Vigilant (5) 21. Self (3)


No 12,2

DOWN 1. Ghost (7) 2. Vow (7) 3. Transgressor (6) 5. Functioned (8) 6. Upset (6) 7. Caused to err (6 13. Intuition (8) 14. Barren (7) 15. Thrift (7) 16. Placid (6) 17. Adage (6) 19. Hardened (6)


Across: 1 Side; 3 Goodwill; 9 Adorned; 10 Set-to; 11 Discouraging; 13 Spirit; 15 Demean; 17 Unfathomable; 20 Rabbi; 21 Venture; 22 Greenery; 23 Bent. Down: 1 Slapdash; 2 Dross; 4 Orders; 5 Disagreement; 6 Intense; 7 Look; 8 Intoxication; 12 Interest; 14 Ignoble; 16 Shiver; 18 Brute; 19 Drag.

Across: 1 Desperation; 9 Odd; 10 Timepiece; 11 Em 13 Focused; 14 Terror; 16 Plague; 18 Concede; 19 A 20 Transpose; 21 Elf; 22 Celebration. Down: 2 End; 3 Petty; 4 Ramify; 5 Typical; 6 Overs 7 Domesticity; 8 Needlecraft; 12 Parentage; 15 Over 17 Detour; 19 Alert; 21 Ego.

NEW PREMISES CAMERON ST Around the corner from the Post Office



6.00 Creflo Dollar. 6.30 Buzzy Bee. (G, R, T) 6.35 Tiki Tour. (G, R, T) 7.00 Grizzly Tales. (G, R, T) 7.25 Scooby-Doo! (G, R, T) 7.50 Pokemon: Black and White. (G, T) 8.15 Franklin. (G, R, T) 8.40 Mike The Knight. (G, R, T) 8.50 Fireman Sam. (G, R, T) 9.00 Infomercials. 10.30 Neighbours. (G, R, T) 11.00 Shortland Street. (PGR, R, T) 11.30 Spin City. (PGR, R, T) 12.00 Hart Of Dixie. (PGR, R, T) 1.00 Jeremy Kyle. (PGR) 2.00 Jeremy Kyle USA. (PGR) 3.00 Mr Men. (G, R, T) 3.05 Doc McStuffins. (G, T) 3.30 Back At The Barnyard. (G, R, T) 4.00 Good Luck Charlie. (G, R, T) 4.30 The Erin Simpson Show. 5.00 Horace In Slow Motion. (G, R) 5.01 America’s Funniest Home Videos. (G, R, T) 5.30 Hope And Faith. (G, R, T)

6.00 ONE News. (T) 7.00 Seven Sharp. (T) 7.30 Coronation Street. (PGR, T) Frank and Carla’s party ends in tragedy, Lloyd digs his own grave, and Chris fails to protect Russ. 8.30 Miranda. (AO, R, T) 9.05 Mrs Brown’s Boys. (AO, R, T) 9.45 The Catherine Tate Show. (AO, R, T) Kathleen is delighted when her son reveals he is gay. 10.20 ONE News Tonight. (T) 10.50 Tagata Pasifika. 11.20 Infested. (PGR)

6.00 Friends. (G, R, T) 6.30 Neighbours. (G, T) 7.00 Shortland Street. (PGR, T) Kylie gets closer to Evan, and Josh is intrigued by his new buddy. 7.30 Police Ten 7. (PGR, T) 8.00 RBT. (G, T) 8.30 Once Upon A Time. (PGR, T) Mary Margaret goes off on her own in an attempt to come to grips with what she did, and stumbles upon August. 9.30 20/20. (T) 10.30 Vampire Diaries. (AO, T) Elena and Rebekah search for Katherine. 11.30 Police Ten 7. (PGR, R, T)






Breakfast. Good Morning. Ellen. (R) Coach Trip. (G, T) House Guest. (G, R) ONE News. (T) Emmerdale. (PGR, T) Come Dine With Me. (PGR) Four Weddings USA. (G, R) Four brides agree to be guests at one another’s weddings and judge which is best, but the stakes are high, as one bride walks away with a honeymoon prize. Ellen. (G) With guests Steve Carell, Dave Franco and One Republic. Te Karere. (T) MasterChef: The Professionals – Australia. (G, T) Millionaire Hot Seat. (G, T)

6.00 9.00 10.00 11.00 11.30 12.00 12.30 1.30

3.55 4.25



12.25 Diplomatic Immunity. (PGR, R, T) 12.55 Te Karere. (R, T) 1.40 Infomercials. 5.05 Believer’s Voice Of Victory. 5.35 Te Karere. (T)

12.00 Final Witness. (AO) 1.00 Crash Course. (R, T) 1.30 Infomercials. 2.30 No Ordinary Family. (R, T) 3.15 The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business. (R) 4.05 Anderson. (R) 5.05 Erin Simpson. (R) 5.30 Infomercials.

6.00 8.30 10.30 11.30 12.00 12.30 1.00 2.00 3.00

4.00 5.00 5.30

3 News: Firstline. Infomercials. (G) The Shopping Channel. Everybody Loves Raymond. (G, R, T) 3 News. Home And Away. (R, T) Dr Phil. (AO) The Dr Oz Show. (PGR) Top Chef: Just Desserts. (G, R) The 12 pastry chefs arrive in Los Angeles and whip up fare to impress chocolate master Jacques Torres. Rachael Ray. (G) Entertainment Tonight. (G) Home And Away. (G, T) Maddy is worried about Holly’s infatuation with Zac, Rosie reveals that her foster parents know nothing about her pregnancy, and Brax discovers the truth.

6.00 3 News. 7.00 Campbell Live. 7.30 Chelsea New Zealand’s Hottest Home Baker. (G) 8.30 Bones. (AO, T) The murder of a stockbroker who moonlighted as a male stripper is investigated. 9.30 Bones. (AO, R) A human carcass with a gunshot wound has literally melted into the dashboard of a charred truck. 10.30 Nightline. 11.10 ANZ Golf World. 11.40 Saving Grace. (AO) 12.40 Infomercials. (G) 5.00 Joyce Meyer. 5.30 Infomercials. (G)

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The Hunger Games Sky Movies 1, 8.30pm Based on the popular 2008 science fiction novel by American writer Suzanne Collins. Set in the future, teenager Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence, below) volunteers to take her younger sister’s place in Hunger Games. a brutal televised fight to the death involving teens in a totalitarian nation. Also stars Stanley Tucci, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson. An entertaining escapist fable from director Gary Ross (Seabiscuit, Pleasantville).

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9.30 10.00 10.30 11.25 11.55

acting as a parent chaperone on the school’s trip to the museum, Bob has a father-daughter bonding moment with Louise. South Park. (AO, R) Jimmy has trouble controlling his hormones right before the big talent show. Cops. (AO) American Horror Story. (AO, R) Constance enlists Violet’s assistance with Tate, and Ben helps a new patient confront his fears. Entertainment Tonight. (G) Infomercials. (G)

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ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, June 13, 2013


McCaw targets club return By Patrick McKendry The strangest thing Richie McCaw discovered during his break from the treadmill of almost neverending rugby over more than a decade are the aches and pains he suffered from not training. Like a professional cyclist who gets sore legs after a day or two away from the bike, McCaw’s body has become so fit and attuned to the crash and bash of the modern game that there was no instant boost once the boots were put away. Apart from his body not being stiff and sore on a Sunday from the damage incurred the night before, he didn’t feel too different at all. In fact, his back was beginning to ache and creak from the relative inactivity, something he was keen to put right by stepping up his running and cycling routines. “You don’t get the niggles you get from games playing week to week,” the 32-year-old said. “I took a bit of time out over Christmas when I didn’t do a lot, but you actually feel a little worse when you don’t do anything. From then on I kept

Richie McCaw Age: 32 Tests: 116 Test debut: 2001 v Ireland in Dublin Debut as All Blacks captain: 2004 v Wales in Cardiff aged 23 Super Rugby matches for Crusaders: 110 Provincial matches for Canterbury: 34 up a bit of running and biking and not too many days went past when I didn’t do something. Then you start to feel better. That’s the key, to keep things ticking over and it’s become a lot easier now. It’s amazing how your body adapts to being bashed around. I haven’t missed being stiff and sore on Sunday mornings but ... “People say it must be great, you must be feeling good, well, I don’t actually feel that different, I think it’s more ... that I’m not on the old rollercoaster each week.” Now he looks relaxed and refreshed in Christchurch as he

resumes his media duties after a long break from the game and spotlight which comes from being All Blacks captain. He looks fit too after an intensive six-week programme set by All Blacks trainer Nic Gill which has seen McCaw sometimes train twice a day. His last match was for the All Blacks in the defeat by England at Twickenham in December last year. Since then he has skied in Canada and France, travelled around the United States and Italy, and visited friends in the United Kingdom. On the way back to New Zealand he stopped over in Sri Lanka and

Richie McCaw Hong Kong. After being constrained for so long by the straitjacket of rugby routines and responsibilities, McCaw enjoyed the anonymity and flexibility his sabbatical provided. “I planned to do a bit of travelling with some mates in the States but then I was on the fly which was

nice,” he said. “To walk into a bar or restaurant and for no one to give you a second look was actually really nice. I really enjoyed that. That was the bit that was really refreshing - not to say it was bad or anything, but after a while the constant stuff here got on top of you. But you come back and you realise it’s not that big a deal at all, really. We’re pretty lucky in a country like this, people are pretty good.” McCaw’s next match is likely to be for his Christchurch club in three or four weeks’ time, a step back on the rollercoaster which he hopes takes in the next World Cup in England and Wales in 2015. “I’m in the sixth week of pretty full-on training. I’m starting to feel pretty good. Another five weeks of this and it will be an 11- or 12-week pre-season which I haven’t had for years. My aim is to be in better nick than I have in the past couple of years. “With my foot injury and so on I’ve always been rushed. I wanted to not only have a break but also have a chance to get myself in good shape, which I have done.

“At the start of 2008 when we had good time off after the World Cup, that was the last chance to get a good bit of running in and get a base there and in the gym. I’m been able to do that and work on game-specific stuff like my speed which normally gets put to the side because I have to get out and play.” McCaw was speaking yesterday after announcing a new personal deal with Adidas. He and Dan Carter extended their contracts with the company until 2016, although when asked if he still planned to be playing in three years’ time, McCaw said: “That’s a good question. Who knows? Maybe, maybe not.” When asked if his sabbatical would help him last until the next World Cup, he said: “I think I would have struggled had I not taken one. There’s no guarantees, though, for a whole lot of reasons and if it’s not the right thing, if I find in five or six months’ or a year’s time that it’s too tough, then I’ll have to reassess. But if I have this sort of excitement about playing and I’m doing it well then why not?” - APNZ

Christie finishes with lead bunch By Jonathan Leask Ashburton cyclist Jason Christie continued to ease his way back into competitive cycling with his new team on the Tour of Korea, coming in with the lead bunch on the fourth stage yesterday. Christie is competing on the eight-day tour barely a week after signing with the OCBC Singapore team. The New Zealander was among the 69 riders in the lead pack who were credited with the same time of 3:28:20 as stage winner Eric Young [Optum-Kelly Benefit Strategies]. Christie’s OCBC Singapore teammates Eric Sheppard and Thomas Rabou were also in the lead bunch to protect their positions in the top 10 of the race’s General Classification (GC). Rabou was credited with 42nd, Christie 45th and Sheppard 47th on the 156km leg. On Tuesday’s stage three

Mid Canty team enjoying unbeaten season By Jonathan Leask Mid Canterbury has nine age group teams that play in the Mainland Football competition encompassing the wider Canterbury region. One of those teams is the Mid Canterbury 13th grade side who are so far enjoying an unbeaten season in division two. The side has dominated the division, scoring 42 goals in their seven wins and conceding just five, but any thoughts of stepping up a division have already been answered. “After our first three games we

were top of the division but had played the three bottom teams and Mainland Football wanted to do a reshuffle of the divisions,” 13th grade coach Kerry Clough said. “We said no but they threw us up to division one for a weekend and we were beaten 18-1. “There is a huge difference between division one and division two.” After the tough taste of division one they were back in division two the following week, and have continued their winning ways. “Last year we were in division one and only won one game which is why we wanted to be in division two this year. Just to enjoy it more

and win some games, but they are playing really well, not just doing it easy. “We worked hard on our fitness and it’s showing as the second half has been where we are winning the games.” Their next assignment is FC Twenty 11B, with FC Twenty 11A the division one side they were convincingly beaten by. Mid Canterbury do have two teams contesting division one in their respective age groups. The Youth XI made a strong start to the season, winning four and drawing one of their 18th grade club division one matches to earn a place in the 18th grade division

one. They started the new division, a combination of the top four club and four school teams, promisingly with a 2-2 draw with FC Twenty 11 before a loss to Shirley Boys’ and a 1-1 draw with Amberley. The Mid Canterbury 14s are also enjoying a strong season in division one, having two wins and two draws in round one, and have started the second round by giving the newly promoted Christ’s College a 5-0 introduction. As well as the nine travelling sides, Mid Canterbury has a strong local junior competition with 14 teams playing 10th to 14th and 50 juniors in the developmental fun football each Saturday.

Black Caps’ games not for the faint of heart T

Marina Erakovic and partner Cara Black continue to find success in the doubles with a first-round victory at the Aegon Classic in Birmingham. Erakovic and Black eased into the quarter-finals with a straight sets 6-4 6-2 win over Lisa Raymond of the US and Briton Laura Robson and they will now face second seed Liezel Huber and Chan Hao-ching. The pair continued a fine run which has seen them reach two finals in the last month as well as advancing to the quarter-finals of the French Open. Erakovic also advanced in the singles and was to meet the tournament’s second seed Ekaterina Makarova last night.  - APNZ

• Clarke stays on

Photo Kirsty Clay 120613-KC-026

in black were absolutely labouring to overhaul a mere 130-odd runs that they had restricted Sri Lanka to. Low-scoring games can still produce high drama, if the wickets are falling, and they certainly were doing that with alarming regularity on Monday morning; there’s going to be quite a few unproductive employees around one or two places if they’re forced to wait up till 4am watching the aforementioned drama unfold in the games to come. The Black Caps had no more wickets in the bank, with a handful of runs still to get, and one of the best bowlers in the world still had an over to come; that’s not a situation that sends you confidently running to the TAB with a big handful of notes. It’s also a situation that ‘star’ commentator Simon Doull revelled in; he blamed it all on Kane

• Erakovic advances

The man who helped put New Zealand track sprint cycling on the map has been snapped up by the French Cycling Federation to lead their sprint programme up to the next Olympics in Rio in 2016. Justin Grace resigned from Bike New Zealand five weeks ago citing family reasons as well as issues around funding and support for the fledgling sprint programme. It was a role he was in for five years, and culminated in Simon van Velthooven’s bronze medal in the kieran at last year’s Olympics. He will now lead one of the powerhouses of track cycling who have targeted two world champions in the next three years along with two Olympic gold medals out of the six available in Rio.  - APNZ

Players (in pairs from front, left to right) Matthew Clough and Keegan Gentle, Daniel Hadfield and Kaleb Small, Brodie Smitheram and Richard Turpie, Oskar McLauchlan and Haxby Hefford, Cory Paul and Hamish Sheate of the Mid Canterbury 13th grade football side that are unbeaten in division two so far this season.

he current tournament our national cricketing representatives are participating in, the ICC Champions Trophy, is as per usual shaping up as a heart-stopper and a possible heart-breaker for that team’s long-suffering fan base. This is written before this morning’s clash with the Aussies, and anything could have happened there; our friends from across the ditch appear to be in a serious form slump, but how long has that ever lasted with those charged with wearing the baggy green? Going into this tourney the Black Caps were on a high after defeating the Poms on their home patch, no doubt a fine achievement, on the back of some super batting exploits from Martin Guptill, but previous form counts for nothing in a new competition, and in the first round the men

World No 1 amateur Lydia Ko has climbed four spots to 18th on the world golf rankings. That comes on the back of finishing tied for 17th at the LPGA Championship, which ended in New York on Monday. The 16-year-old from Gulf Harbour has played only 18 professional events since her debut at the New Zealand Open three years ago and is the biggest mover on the rankings in the last year, up 160 places. Ko is also well clear of the field in the world amateur rankings. She is on 2354.03 average points, more than 600 ahead of Australian Su-Hyun Oh (1700.00). Ko will play the Walmart NW Arkansas Championship starting on June 21 before her fifth major, the US Open at Seboneck Golf Club in New York from June 27-30. - APNZ

• France lures Grace

Sheppard and Rabou had continued their surge up the GC standings, each cracking the top 10 after outstanding performances. Sheppard rolled in with the lead pack in 22nd place and was credited with a time of 4:00:58, just five seconds behind stage winner Liu Hao of Max Success Sports, and Rabou crossed the line shortly after in 24th place, while Christie came in 60th on the 165km third stage. As a result, Sheppard vaulted from eighth to fifth in the GC and Rabou leapfrogged nine spots from 19th to 10th with both unchanged after yesterday’s stage four. Christie had dropped back eight places to be 51st out of the 112 riders on the tour but moved up to be 45th, 10:45 behind yellow jersey holder Team Hong Kong China’s Cheung Kinglok. The OCBC Singapore Pro Cycling Team remains in eighth place out of the 20 squads in the Team General Classification.

Ashburton cyclist Jason Christie during the fourth stage of the Tour of Korea.

• Ko climbs rankings

Williamson’s admittedly unwise call to review his lbw decision. At the time ‘Doully’ was scathing of the review call, fair enough, but he came back later with all guns blazing, verbally tearing Williamson to shreds, obviously after viewing the action from 20 different angles, in slowmo and super slow-mo, seemingly forgetting that Williamson didn’t have that luxury; all HE had was a Malinga-rocket bearing down on him at a million miles an hour, hitting him way, way above the knee-roll, and the support of a senior batsman at the other end in his call, a call which had to be made in a few seconds. It would be fair to say Doully is probably building the direct opposite of ‘rapport’ with the dressing room, a dressing room that you might have thought he could still remember quite well,

being an average Black Cap from not so long ago. Then there’s the other men in black, facing the unpredictable Msieur Le Frog in the first international series of the season, and again with no Richie and no Dan. We did get by without two of the best rugby players in the world, but it wasn’t flash; then again a quick glance at history reveals that the All Blacks are notorious slow starters, in fact usually its someone like Tonga some other lesser lights that are first up, so it really was a tough ask. We can only expect a vastly improved performance from the often dour, error-ridden show put on at Eden Park. If you kept watching rugby after the test on Saturday night, you would have seen an exhilarating match as the Queensland

Steve Devereux MY SHOUT

Reds, despite being a few good men down themselves, threw absolutely everything they had at the British and Irish Lions, in a massively entertaining of frantic-paced, high quality attack-atall-costs rugby. The difference? The All Blacks won, the Reds didn’t. By a comfortable distance. Oh, yeah. Still, it raised again a question that’s going to go down in Australian sporting history books, especially if the home

team loses; why isn’t Quade Cooper in the Wallabies line-up to face those same Lions? He ran the show on Saturday night, and that’s with limited resources, and no Will Genia providing his own superstar input to take some of the heat off Cooper, and it’s no wonder the Lions are purring at the non-selection. It’s a no-win situation for everyone (except the Lions); Robbie can’t back down after the things that were said, and the team will be poorer for the lack of a mercurial and unpredictable first five to drive his team around the paddock. Good things about the All Blacks’ display last weekend? Ben Smith. Definitely the new Israel Dagg. Oh, the old one’s still there? Who’s going to be on the bench when Cory Jane returns, I wonder?

The Melbourne Rebels have confirmed that Rob Clarke will stay on as CEO of the Super Rugby club until the end of the 2015 season. The former Brumbies boss and ARU chief operating officer returned to rugby in April this year as interim CEO, following the resignation of then Rebels CEO, Steve Boland. Rebels chairman Harold Mitchell said he was delighted that Clarke had agreed to commit to the role.  - AAP

• Tamou suspended NSW’s preparations for State of Origin two are in disarray following the suspension of prop James Tamou. Tamou was yesterday stood down from the interstate clash in Brisbane in a fortnight as well as North Queensland’s NRL clash with St George Illawarra tomorrow after being charged with high-range drink driving. Tamou will not only miss Origin II – in which NSW can seal their first Origin series win since 2005 – but also the $30,000 match payment that went with it as well as a hefty $20,000 fine to boot. Blues coach Laurie Daley was in shock at the news he would be without his starting front-rower and had yet to decide on a replacement. Former Blues regular Willie Mason will come into contention, while Daley confirmed he would check on the fitness of Penrith prop Tim Grant who missed Sunday’s loss to Wests Tigers with a broken hand.  - AAP

• Dawson to leave The Chiefs are on the lookout for a new chief executive after Gary Dawson announced his decision to leave at the end of the 2013 Super Rugby season after 13 years in the role. Dawson said it was always his intention to leave the Chiefs when they were in a strong position and believes now is the right time, given the franchise claimed their first Super Rugby title last year and made a record profit and are tracking well for another successful season in 2013. “My focus over the next few months will be on ensuring the Chiefs finish the 2013 season in the best possible position,” Dawson said. “We have fantastic, long term commercial partners who are incredibly loyal and supportive, and our fan base is growing ahead of expectations.” The Chiefs will begin their search for a replacement later this month before Dawson leaves in late August.  - APNZ

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, June 13, 2013


Warriors sign Townsend Cronulla halfback Chad Townsend will join the Warriors on a two-year contract for the 2014 and 2015 NRL seasons. Townsend, 22, who captained the Junior Kangaroos in 2011, had a glittering under-20 career with the Sharks before making his NRL debut two years ago. He was also courted by Melbourne, St George Illawarra and Penrith before deciding the Warriors presented the best career move for him. Townsend announced the move on his Facebook page yesterday afternoon and Warriors head coach Matthew Elliott said Townsend’s all-round playmaking qualities and his goal-kicking ability set him apart. “He’s going to be of tremendous value to us from next season,” Elliott said. “We’ve been watching him closely for some time and couldn’t be happier to have secured his services for the next two years.” Townsend said he welcomed the opportunity to join the Warriors. “It’s a huge move for me having spent all my life in the shire (Cronulla) but I was hugely

Chad Townsend impressed with the Warriors’ recruitment approach,” he said. “They did a fantastic job showing me what the club has to offer and also what a great place Auckland is to live in. “The Sharks have developed me

By Greg Heakes

New Zealand swimmer Lauren Boyle was one of three Kiwis who earned medals on the opening night of finals in the Mare Nostrum series in Barcelona yesterday. World short course champion Boyle finished second in the 800m freestyle, Gareth Kean was second in the 200m backstroke and Glenn Snyders placed third in the 100m breaststroke. Boyle was run down in the final 200m by double London Olympic medallist Garcia Belmonte of Spain in the final of the 800m freestyle. The New Zealander made a fast start in her first competitive swim since mArch’s national championships before Belmonte hit the front at the 600m mark, going on to win in 8:26.00 with Boyle two seconds behind. Wellington open water swimmer Emma Robinson finished eighth in the final. Boyle returned to the pool to finish fourth in the final of the 200m freestyle in 2:00.47. Kean showed plenty of pace in the 200m backstroke final, going through the halfway point in a slick 57.07 but was eventually nabbed in the final 50m by European champion Yanick Lebherz of Germany, who won in 1:59.02. The Wellington swimmer was half a second behind in second. Snyders qualified second fastest in the heats of the 100m breaststroke but had to settle for third in the final. London Olympic gold medallist Cameron van der Burgh (RSA) took out the final in 1:00.38 ahead of Pan American Games medallist Felipe Lima (BRA) and Snyders, who clocked 1:01.12, which was faster than his morning effort. The NZ team are competing in two of the three meets that make up the annual Mare Nostrum series in Barcelona. - APNZ

Gary Neal scored a play-off career-high 24 points and Danny Green had a game-high 27 points as the San Antonio Spurs stunned the Miami Heat 113-77 in game three of the NBA finals. The Spurs never trailed in the contest, seizing a 2-1 lead in the best-of-seven series as they gave the Heat a taste of their own medicine after Miami blew out San Antonio 103-84 in game two. “It shouldn’t be a surprise if these are the last two teams standing this season in the NBA finals,” Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said. “I don’t think either one of them is going to go down because they have a bad night.” Kawhi Leonard finished with 14 points, 12 rebounds and four steals as San Antonio’s supporting cast bounced back with vengeance to rout the Heat in front of a crowd of 18,581 at AT&T Center arena

By Michael Brown The New Zealand women’s football side are keen to beat Australia for the first time in nearly 20 years, but they have even more reason to beat their trans-Tasman rivals now they have performance targets to meet as a team receiving government funding. The Football Ferns take on Australia behind closed doors in Canberra today – it allows both coaches to make a large number of changes without worrying about the result – before a second, televised match in the Australian

9 Hole convenors – Carolyn King 308 7022 and Carol O’Reilly 308 8758 June 15 – report 11am for 11:15am start Club Captain – Alison Grant 302 4635


Tinwald Golf Club

Mid Canterbury Football June 15 14th grade, 9.15am: Westside v Methven, Methven. Westside Real v Eastern, Argyle Park. 12th grade, 9.30am: Methven v Ash United, Methven. 10th grade, 10am: Collegiate v Longbeach, Domain J3. Methven 2 v Rakaia, Domain J4. Westside v Methven 1, Domain J2. Fun Football and First Kicks at Ashburton Domain, starting 9.30am.

Starters: D. Mitchell & M. Bennett: Cards: M. Kennedy & I. Divers

Ashburton Golf Club Midweek Women June 18 Rnd 2 Smallbone Trophy Draw Steward: Leigh Wackrow 308 3790 Tuesday Starters: Fiona Williamson, Jenny Williams No 1 Tee 10.00 W Parr, R Fail, M Stoddart 10.06 H Lovett, H Robertson, F Matsinger 10.12 C Trott, E Porter, B Davidson 10.18 L Wackrow, B Cameron, W Suttie No 7 Tee 10.18 F Williamson, J Williams, J Dunlop 10.24 B Turton, K Green, B Gregory No 10 Tee 10.00, V Moore, S Lemon H Trott 10.06 J Welch, A Grant, A Hunt 10.12 M Urquhart, J Montgomery, E Langford Nine Hole Men and Women’s Section June 20 - Rnd 3 Heather Smith Trophy, Stableford - report 9:45am

yesterday. Green went seven-ofnine from three-point range for the Spurs, who went on two monster runs in the second half - a 23-8 surge to start the third quarter and a 13-0 run to begin the fourth. They outscored Miami 63-33 in the second half. “Those guys shot incredibly,” Spurs star Tim Duncan said of Green and Neal. “They gave us some breathing room when we needed it.” Duncan finished with 12 points and 14 rebounds and Manu Ginobili had six assists for the Spurs, who are trying to win their fifth NBA title and first since 2007 when they knocked out a young Cleveland Cavaliers team led by LeBron James – now starring with the Heat. Spurs also lost Tony Parker as he went to the dressing room in the third quarter with a hamstring injury. History is on the side of the Spurs as the game three winner in the NBA finals series that are split 1-1 has gone on to win the title 12 of the last 13 times.  - AFP

By David Leggat

Photo Supplied

Ashburton College set to win a line-out in an emphatic win over Ellesmere at the Canterbury Secondary Schools’ rugby day yesterday.

College settles for second By Jonathan Leask The Ashburton College 2nd XV lost the final of the Canterbury Secondary Schools’ rugby day at Burnside Park yesterday. Ashburton College were the only unbeaten side after pool play but lost the final in golden point overtime to St Thomas to settle for second, while the Mount Hutt College 1st XV came in fourth. Ashburton were slow out of

the blocks being held to a 0-0 draw with Rangiora first up in the 10-minutes each-way matches. They bounced back with an emphatic 34-0 thrashing of Ellesmere and then beat Geraldine 12-7 and Cashmere 17-5 to qualify for the final as the top team in their pool. In the final they came up against St Thomas, who had the one loss in their pool, and Ashburton dominated the final but couldn’t come up with any

points, held to a nil-all draw after 20 minutes. The game went down to golden point overtime and St Thomas came up with the winner. On the other side of the draw Mt Hutt had a 7-10 loss to eventual winners St Thomas but had a 10-7 win over Middleton Grange and a 10-0 win over Darfield. A nil-all draw with Kaiapoi resulted in them coming second in pool play and met Rangiora in the play-off for third where they went down 5-0.

Points will be on leading New Zealand rider Andrew Nicholson’s mind going into the four-star Luhmuhlen event starting in Germany tomorrow night (NZ time). The six-time Olympian is one of three of New Zealand’s London bronze medal-winning team at Luhmuhlen, south of Hamburg. Nicholson, who at 51 is in the best form of his long career, heads the FEI Classics standings, 13 points ahead of teammate and recent Badminton winner Jock Paget, who in turn is one point ahead of top British rider William Fox-Pitt. Nicholson is starting three horses, Qwanza, a 10-year-old mare in her second four-star start; Mr Cruise Control, who won the Chatsworth CIC three-star event recently and Rathmoyle King. Paget is riding Bullet Proof in his first four-star start, while Jonelle Richards has entered with her Olympic ride Flintstar. Luhmuhlen is one of five events on the Classics calendar. Just two remain this year, Luhmuhlen and Burghley in Lincolnshire in September. The Classics winner pockets US$150,000, with US$75,000 for second. Nicholson and Paget have been outstanding in this Classics season. Nicholson won at Pau in France last October on Nereo; Paget was second on Clifton Promise. Nicholson was first and third at Kentucky in April; Paget won Badminton in May, also on Promise, with Nicholson third on Nereo. Equestrian Sports New Zealand high performance director Sarah Harris is keen to see a continuation of four star dominance from the New Zealand riders. “That’s our main goal as we head towards the world champs in France next year,” she said. “The current form of our top riders clearly says we can do just that too.” Luhmuhlen has attracted entries from all over the world, including Australian, Belgium, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the United States. Around 56 are entered in the four-star competition. FEI standings: Andrew Nicholson (NZ) 40, Jock Paget (NZ) 27, William Fox-Pitt (Britain) 26, Michael Jung (Germany) 22, Craig Barrett (Australia) 15. - APNZ

Football Ferns have added incentive to beat Aussies



Nicholson looks to maintain lead at top of the table

but this is too good an opportunity to miss. I want to establish myself at NRL level and the Warriors will give me the best possible chance to do that.” Townsend has made 16 NRL appearances for Cronulla having played 55 times for the club in the under-20 competition scoring 332 points. He’ll have a Cronulla team-mate in Auckland next year with the Warriors recently signing Sharks back-rower Jayson Bukuya. While confirming Townsend’s signing yesterday, Warriors general manager of football operations Dean Bell said halfback Harry Siejka had been granted an early release from his contract, effective immediately. “Harry told us he’s been missing home and wants to return to Sydney,” he said. “It’s disappointing it hasn’t worked out for him here but he has been a model professional and we’d like to wish him all the best for the future.” Siejka has been a regular for the Auckland Vulcans in the New South Wales Cup this season. - APNZ

Spurs stun Heat to Medals take NBA finals lead for Kiwi swimmers


Tuesday Ladies June 18 2nd Kirsty Trophy (Own Partners) 1st Standfast (MP) 1st Jane Ross (B3)

Tea Duties: a.m J. Cartwright: P.m. D. Lowe & M. Moore No. 1: 10.00 a.m. Pat Bell, Dawn Sharplin, Karen King: 10.05 M. Smith, J. VanderHeide, C. Shanks: 10.10 P. Bishop, E. Pierce, V. Hampton: 10.15 P. Ellis, D. Mitchell, B. Jackson, T. O’Connell No. 4: 10.00 a.m. M. Kennedy, B. Harris. A. Dwan: 10.05. J. Undy, D. Bell, M. Colville: 10.10 C. Linney, .M. Moore. V. Prendergast: No. 10: 10.00 a.m. J. Smith, B. O”Neill, D. Wellman: No13. 10.00 a.m. I. Divers, P. McLauchlan , L. Glassey: 10.05 B. Cochrane, D. Lowe. M. Bennett 9 Hole:sStableford Round No10. 10.10 a.m. G. Whipp, N. Costin. K. Young No. 17: 10.00a.m. P. Gibson, B. McBride: 10.05 M. Sherriff, N. Burrows, J. Cartwright.

Rugby Mid Canterbury Rugby

capital on Sunday. They then take on Japan in Tosu next Thursday and High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ) will be taking a keen interest in the results. HPSNZ have identified women’s football as a campaign sport capable of medalling at the 2016 Olympics in Rio and allocated $800,000 in funding each year for two years. They will look to continue funding heading through to the 2015 World Cup and Olympics but only if the Football Ferns meet performance targets. They need to play at least 10

Town and Country Teams for the annual JAB fixture to be held on Sunday June 23 at Rakaia Town Under 6 Colligate – Isaiah Cuthers, Ryan Richan, Ryley Broker, Hampstead – Nikau Forsyth, Braydon Takairangi, Celtic – Louis Hastie, Riley Prendergast, Jan Steenkamp, Allenton – Jonathon Watson, Brody Duke, Kingston Clushaw. If available please contact Bevan Richan 021525916 or Phil Prendergast 0274327768. Town Under 7 Celtic: Oliver Hobbs, Fletcher Hobbs, Joseph Kilworth, Hampstead: Angel Spooer, Vili FifitaCollegiate: Jonty Ross, Harry Russell, Riley Reid, Allenton: Jaykob Argyle, Jaxon Smith. If unavailable please contact Dwayne Smith 0277216797 Town Under 8 Celtic: Lachlan Adams, Henry Thomas, Ryan Chambers, Hamish O’Reilly, Allenton: Gus Preston, Dontae Misa, Sam Milner, Jack Busch, Logan Johnson, Mason Duke, Ceb McMillian, Collegiate: Jesse Gourde, Casey Flett, Hampstead: Cohen Reid, Stephen Palivi. Training Wednesday 19th June 4pm @ Celtic, Coach Dale Thomas 0274372451 Town under 9 Allenton: Liam Fuller, Baily Gleeson, Millar Newlands, Celtic: Harry Dargue, Henry Hobbs, Zavier Dalton, Josh Brinsdon, Hampstead: Jamie Reid, Damoen Green, Izayiah Harris, Angus Stewart, Collegiate: Jackson Ross, Matherson Colquhoun , Wil Jemmett, Coaches Kyza Wineera 021566419 & Matt Wills 0211829003 Town Under 10 Celtic: Cameron Prendergast, Tuku Wehepaihana, Archie Schulter, Jed Wall, Hampstead: Lucan Taylor-Culshaw , Ritchie Fuluasou, Ethan Green, Caleb Ward, Otto Mareko, Isileli Ula, Allenton: Jack Gibson, Angus Jemmett,

internationals a year and at least four against top-10 sides and also ensure coaches are well resourced and players given the right support in the right environment, like access to things like facilities and physiotherapy. “It’s a massive boost for the team and programme because it means we can plan with surety for at least two years and get top fixtures for the team,” New Zealand Football high performance director Fred de Jong said. “We haven’t been able to do that in the past because we have never been quite sure we could afford to play the games. It has allowed

Conner Lyttle, Bradley Laing, Bailey Longtime. Coaches Vaughn Ward 0277681722 & Ross Gibson 0272299787 Town Under 11 Celtic: Harry Stapleton, Thomas Harris, Edwin Dargue, Caleb Chamberlain, Christian Thompson, Allenton: Roan Redpath, Isaac Bazley, Kalen Tait, Nick Rattray, George Rosevear, Lachie Stockdale, James Medlock Collegiate: Corey Adams, Jacob Gray, Troy Christie, Tim Harford Hampstead: Isaac Otene, Christopher Lay, Mac Kaitao, Kotiti Patea, Taurangi Te Are Daniel, Ben Jackson. Coaches: Spud Kerr 3084659 & Brent Gray 3085677Practices 3:30pm – 4:30pm Thursday 13 and 20 June at Collegiate Grounds, Smithfield Road. Town Under 12 Hampstead: Braxton Morrison, Joesph Te Are Daniel, Harrison Jackson, Tane Edwin Sharpe, Fotu Hala, Conner Perriton, Max Watson, Celtic: Cameron Wilson, Hamish Procter, Zane Cockburn, Thomas Scmack, Nick Fechney, Troy Wilson, Sam Bubb, Collegiate: Zenath Wiltshire, Ben Norton Allenton: Luke Skinner, Abe O’Donnell, Cole Beeman, Steve Bronker Training days will be Monday the 17th and Wednesday the 19th of june at the Hampstead Rugby Club at 5 30pm if you cant attend please let the coaches know. Regan Broker 0211000048 Ben Frederickson 0276877955 Town Under 13 Celtic: Charlie Stapleton, Jabe Settle, Connor Donaldson, Felix Harnett, William Todd, Flynn Ness, Elyh McKibbin, Hampstead: T Waaka, Richard Foaga, Allenton: Tennyson Reid, Henry Lane, Jayden Fuller, Dallas Scott, Mitchell Prendergast, Tom Bell, Tyler Wallis, Lachie Noonan, Bailey O’Donnell. Practice Tuesday’s 4.30pm 11th & 18th June Allenton Top Field, If unavailable contact Craig

us to talk to opposition teams and commit to games.” Australia are ninth in the world rankings and Japan third and the Football Ferns have already played the seventh-ranked English (lost 3-1) this year and are due to meet the US, who have topped the women’s rankings for five years, and Switzerland later this year. HPSNZ expect the Football Ferns to beat a top-10 side each year. New Zealand are presently ranked 20th in the women’s rankings – they have been in and around the early 20s for

Noonan 308 5975. Town Under 14.5 Jojo Rogan, Bailey King,,Bailey Kershaw, Milsy Stephens-Tahuri, Devon Coyle, Connor Breen, Robert Jenner, Mitchell Woolf, Mitchell East, Eru Tahuri, Jack Good, Alin Onicas, Kerry Clayden-Wade, Cameron Jopson, Western Bartlett, Te Aranga Hohaia, Ashton McArthur, Tane White, Matt Parker, Curtis Milne, Josh Reed, Piri Pia. Coaches Jock O’Connor 3080291 & Willie Tahuri 02102266565 Country Under 6 Tinwald: Arlyn Whittaker, Kayne Johnston, Tristan Gaffaney, Southern: Harry Carr, Finley Fulton, Rakaia: Mikayla Marshall, Luca Fletcher, Rosie Mones- Cazon, Methven: Blake Robinson, Pheonix Turnball. Coaches Brent Whitaker 027 270 5284 & Jamie Fletcher 0211280780 Country Under 7: TBC Country Under 8 Southern: Luke Slee, Aaron Jefferson, William Ryan, Jirvan Falwasser, Hugh Saunders, Sam Hinton, Thomas Taylor, Methven: Patrick Duff, Jack Irwin, Oskar Trafford, Jack Neal, Tinwald: Jack Middleton, Dale Burgess, Simon Moore, Jack Jones, Coach Mark Slee 027 6327 305 Country Under 9 Southern: Angus Hyde, James McLaren, Harry Schmack, William MacKenzie, Methven: Sam Cuttle, Ruben Brown, Jack Brown, Max Hellyer, Rakaia: Jack Wrigley, Jacod Wrigley, Tinwald: Ethan Hill, Cole Aitken, Training 4pm Tuesday 18th June @ Tinwald RFC, Coaches Marty Cuttle 0274347342 & Reece Wallington 0221084289 Country Under 10 Southern: Hugh Cameron, George Lill, Hamish Yeatman, Charlie Clemens, Thomas Wilson,

some time – and have targeted a medal in Rio. That might sound ambitious given the increasing quality of the women’s game but they finished eighth in the small field of only 12 teams in London (not all the best teams get through qualifying because of limited numbers) and have achieved results against good teams like France, Italy and England in the past. “Women’s football is an area we can make strides in and we should focus on,” de Jong said. “The impact we can make is so much more achievable than men’s football. It’s also a massive growth area in the sport and, if we

Tinwald: Jack Soal, Ben Middleton, James Brody, Rakaia: Angus Stewart, Josh Dunlea, Methven: Gus Casey-Solly, Ollie Pooler, Jake Ree, Alex Roderick, Reilly Duff training will be held at Methven Rugby Grounds on 16 June at 11am. Coaches Contact Philip Duff 027 5028461 or 3028461 if players unavailable. Country Under 11 Rakaia: Uluaki Manu, Amon Pongia, Alex Jones , Tom Simpson , Harley Burton , Jack Helem , Methven: Jared Hill, Sam Ree, Guy Smith, Ollie Hood, Ben Farrell, Sam Taylor, Southern: Samuel Wilson, James Martin, Hayden Davis, Brendon Fleming, Lachie Hyde, Tinwald: Lachlan Deuart, Ben Donald, Jackson Winstone, Sam Brown, Calais Hill. Coaches: Dave McLeod (mob 027 244 7124), Mike Davis (mob 027 214 3674) Practice at Tinwald Grounds on Thursday 20th June at 4:30pm. Country Under 12 Southern: Zion Lafia, TJ Hensley, Bryden Smith, Joseph Allen-Perkins, Marshell Bell, Angus Mears, Joel Talbot, Methven: Thomas Henderson, Russell Airken, Harry Lemon, Josh Harness, Archie Redfern, Ben Innis, Harry Hood, Marcus Bishop, Tinwald: Zac Bell, Christian Colquhaun, Thomas Middleton, Sam Pearce, Reece Watson, Rakaia: Jessie Blakemore, Reily Langley. Practise to be held thursday 20th june at 5pm at tinwald rugby grounds.if unavalible please phone steve pearce 02102928447 or brent middleton 0274412466. Country Under 13 Methven: Will Smith, Josh Ree, Josh Smith, Sam Vanleerdam, Lachie Mee, Laurie Carter, Tinwald: Liam McCormick, Elonie Tuakoi, Liviu Cojocaru, Vinnie Lawrence Southern: Patrick Henwood, George Roysmith, Glen McClea, Ryan Greenslade, Drew Chisnall, Scott Hay, Isaac Huddleston, James Watt, Mac Edwards, William Murdoch, Connor Hyde. Coach, Evan Chisnall 0274572381, Asst coachs Andrew Watt 0274820832, Richard McClea 0272987401, Steve

do well at the international level, we will see a real benefit of that right throughout the programme.” The Football Ferns haven’t beaten Australia since a 2-1 win in Port Moresby in 1994, although they probably should have done it in their 1-1 draw in Wollongong last year when Australia equalised in injury time. They will be without skipper Rebecca Smith, who has missed most of the German season with a knee injury, and Hayley Bowden for this week’s games. Defender Abbey Erceg will captain the side in Smith’s absence. - APNZ

Hay 0272815737 Country Under 14.5 Caleb Scott, Jake Waters, Makia Te Are, Josh Watton, Andrew Henderson, James T Morgan, Mark Wilson, Brett Puleaga, Joe Todhunter, Fraser Mckenzie, Ged New, Connor O’Grady, Michael Hampton, Logan Tibby, Dallas Mcleod, Josh Strange, Josh Pearce, Callum Graham, Ricus Van Zeyl, Cameron Butler, Lewis McDonald, Josh Gill. Practise Tuesday 18th June 5pm at Methven Rugby Club. If unavailable to play game on the Sunday 23rd June, please contact either Karl Henderson 0272474911 or Neville Prendergast 0274323264

Results Golf Tinwald Golf Club Tuesday Ladies Stroke Round June 11 Judith Smith net 75 on C/B from Diane Lowe 75, Marilyn Bennett 79, Maree Moore 79, Phylis Smith 79 Nearest The Pins: Sponsored by No. 6 – Stables Family Restaurant Judith Smith: No12. - Hair by Mac & Maggie Diane Lowe No. 2: 2nd Shot Diane Lowe: No. 16: 2nd Shot Outdoor Adventure – Mara Kennedy Two’s – Diane Lowe 9 Hole Ladies Bell Trophy Nellie Burrows net 41, Valda Johnston 44.


ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, June 13, 2013



Mccaw targets club return P12 | Christie finishes with lead bunch P12

Hansen puts heat on starting XV

From the sideline Test yourself with the Guardian’s weekday quiz

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form, yet confined to the bench again, and Ben Smith also putting in a sparkling performance last weekend on the right All Blacks coach Steve Hansen has put the wing, another ordinary performance from heat on his starting XV to make significant 25-year-old Dagg will surely see a change improvements in the second test against at New Plymouth next weekend. France in Christchurch on Saturday. Hooker Andrew Hore is selected on the As expected, Hansen has resisted the bench ahead of Keven Mealamu, with Dane urge to make big changes to the team which Coles retaining his starting spot. began the three-test series with a rusty The main area of concern for the All Blacks 23-13 victory over the French at Eden Park. last weekend was the breakdown. The ability Loosehead prop Tony Woodcock and of the French to win ball or slow possession halfback Piri Weepu return from injury but in this area meant Hansen’s men struggled only as far as the reserves bench. Wyatt to penetrate a connected defence. Crockett has been rewarded for his solid “Clearly, there has ... been a lot of work performance with his second start for the done on how we are going to approach the All Blacks in his home city. It will be his breakdown and I’m sure we will see an ninth start overall in his 12th test. improvement there,” Hansen said. “Overall, The Crusaders player made his test debut we have had a good week’s preparation. It’s at Lancaster Park against Italy in 2009 now about putting that preparation and and received compliments hard work into a performance from Hansen last weekend on the track that we can all after running himself into Loosehead prop be proud of. the ground against a forward “The French, however, may Tony Woodcock have pack unwilling to take a their own ideas about backwards step. and halfback Piri that and one pleasing aspect Woodcock replaces Ben from last week’s test is that Afeaki on the bench and for Weepu return from we have been left with no him it is a big opportunity injury but only uncertainty just how tough to wipe the slate clean on a this weekend’s test will be.” as far as the massively disappointing year. With temperatures in Moving from the Blues to Christchurch reserves bench night expectedonto Saturday the Highlanders, Woodcock be 6°C, has been forced to endure a compared with the sub-zero season low on form and high on injury. He temperatures of last year’s corresponding is returning from a hamstring strain and test against Ireland in the city, the condiabscess on his nose. tions should be better but the All Blacks Weepu replaces Tawera Kerr-Barlow on are likely to take the field with a stinging the bench after taking an extra week off fol- reminder from Hansen to bring some heat lowing his concussion while playing for the of their own. Blues in their defeat to the Highlanders in Captain Kieran Read will celebrate his Dunedin. The halfback was knocked out and 50th test, with resting skipper Richie McCaw carried from the field, yet passed his tests watching from the grandstand. last week and could have been considered All Blacks team to play France at AMI Stadium for the Eden Park test. in Christchurch on Saturday, kick-off 7.35pm is: Fullback Israel Dagg gets another chance Israel Dagg, Ben Smith, Conrad Smith, Ma’a but the spotlight will be on him on a pitch Nonu, Julian Savea, Aaron Cruden, Aaron Smith, on which he hasn’t enjoyed much fun this Kieran Read (c), Sam Cane, Liam Messam, year. Disappointing again for the Crusaders Brodie Retallick, Luke Romano, Owen Franks, in 2013 after a below-par 2012, Dagg has Dane Coles, Wyatt Crockett. Reserves: Andrew been backed by Hansen and Co but the Hore, Tony Woodcock, Ben Franks, Jeremy clock must be ticking. Thrush, Victor Vito, Piri Weepu, Beauden Barrett, With Rene Ranger in such damaging Rene Ranger. - APNZ By Patrick McKendry

Who said it?

Hayden Roulston leading the breakaway on the third stage of the Tour de Suisse.

Photo Supplied

Today’s sports trivia question

Roulston in the thick of the action Ashburton cyclist Hayden Roulston has been in the thick of the action in the Tour de Suisse as he looks to earn a place on the Tour de France. Roulston has been putting in the had yards in Switzerland for the RadioShack Leopard team for little personal reward but still producing some solid performances. On yesterday’s (NZ time) stage four he came in 79th in the bunch finish, Roulston leading in the team’s big gun riders Andy Schleck and Fabian Cancellara, however, it was Roulston’s efforts on the third stage that may have pushed him a step closer to a place on the Tour De France. On the 203.3km ride from Montreux to Meiringen that took almost five hours and featured three climbs, Roulston was positioned in the break that went after 70km of racing. Roulston got into a group of 18 that later reduced to nine, and stayed in the front group until 27km to go where he lost contact on the final climb and went back into the main field, coming in 63rd. “Jens [Voight] told me it was the worst type of break to be part of since it ended with a category one climb. I agree it was a super hard day,”

Roulston said after the third stage performance. “I wasn’t my best but not so bad either. We didn’t ride well together at the start, but with about 40-50km to go when the front group split from 18 to nine, we had some big guys in there.  “If it had been a flat stage we could have stayed away with those big engines. “ Being more of a sprinter his fade on the final climb wasn’t unexpected

‘It was cold on the descents. We could see our clouds of breath’ but the big effort he put in won’t have gone unnoticed, and was probably highlighted by the cold conditions. “It was cold on the descents. We could see our clouds of breath. I’m sure my clouds were bigger than everyone else’s.” After dishing up the advice to Roulston, Voight showed how it was done on the 161km fourth stage which was animated by a lengthy breakaway featuring Voight, Olivier Kaisen (Lotto

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How many times did Nathan Astle open in tests?

Belisol) and Robert Vrecer (EuskaltelEuskadi). The trio gained a maximum lead in excess of four minutes, but the odds were stacked against them as the road descended gradually in the final hour of racing. Voight’s intensity dropped Kaisen on the category two climb of Rengg with 41km to go, while Voigt and Vrecer retained a lead of almost a minute with 15km remaining. By that point, however, Vrecer was beginning to struggle, and Voight went clear alone 5km from home before he was swept up by the peloton and the sprinters then came to the fore with Arnaud Démare taking the win. Mathias Frank (BMC) kept the yellow leader’s jersey for a second day, keeping his advantage of 23 seconds to 2008 Tour of Switzerland winner Roman Kreuziger (Saxo-Tinkoff). Defending champion Rui Costa of Movistar is in third place on the classification. Roulston came in with the peloton to be 84th place in the general classification with Schleck in 77th and Voight 82 while the team’s lead rider, Fabian Cancellara, faded back to 135th after he finished almost two minutes out the back of the main bunch. Overnight they had the 176.4km stage five that began in Buochs and ended in Leuggern. 

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Send your caption to Best of the week will be published in Saturday’s Guardian Today’s answers: Mystery person: Steve Prefontaine was a champion middle and longdistance runner in the 1970s, holding many records, but unfortunately was killed in a car accident aged 24, a year before his big shot at the Olympics. Quote: Tommy Lasorda Trivia question: Once.

By Jonathan Leask

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SUNDAY: Periods of rain. Southerlies developing.

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fine 11 17 showers 6 16 fine 8 16 showers 9 15 cloudy 8 13 fine 4 16 fine 3 14 NZ Situation clearing 6 13 A trough moves off to the east of New Zealand fine -1 12 tomorrow, and a narrow ridge moves onto the fine -1 11 country. The ridge moves off to the east on Saturshowers 2 9 showers 5 10 day, as a moist northeast flow spreads over much showers 5 10 of the country ahead of a low pressure system.

High pollution days in Ashburton so far this year

Areas of morning fog, then fine. Becoming cloudy by evening, with drizzle patches south of Christchurch. Southwesterlies developing in the afternoon.

TOMORROW Mostly cloudy, with patchy light rain or drizzle at first. Southwesterlies dying out.


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SUNDAY Periods of rain, may turn to snow about higher ground. Southerlies developing.


FZL: Lowering to 1500m

Fine at first, apart from areas of low cloud or fog in some valleys. Becoming cloudy with patchy drizzle by evening. Snow flurries above 1300 metres. Wind at 1000m: NW dying out in the morning. Wind at 2000m: W dying out in the afternoon. .


FZL: About 1600m

Mostly cloudy, with areas of fog in the valleys. Wind at 1000m: Light. Wind at 2000m: Light.

SATURDAY Cloud increasing; scattered late rain. Light winds.

SUNDAY Periods of rain, may turn to snow at all levels later. Southeasterlies developing at low levels, easterlies strengthening about the tops.

Periods of rain, with the snow level lowering. MONDAY Occasional snow. Southeasterlies. Southerlies.

In winter, tiny particles called PM10 hang in our air and are harmful to our health. Most of winter PM10 in Canterbury is due to smoke from home heating. A daily PM10 reading over the national standard is considered a high pollution day.

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River Levels


Rakaia Fighting Hill (NIWA) at 1:45 pm, yesterday Nth Ashburton at 3:00 pm, yesterday Sth Ashburton at 3:15 pm, yesterday Rangitata Klondyke at 3:00 pm, yesterday

136.6 6.37 13.2 62.3

Source: Environment Canterbury


Canterbury Readings

to 4pm yesterday


Ashburton Airport

min grass 16 hour Jun 2013 min to date to date


0.7 -4.0


38.2 370.0

NW 17

Christchurch Airport 13.5

0.4 -0.2


16.0 223.0

E 17



21.6 215.8

W 17

Temperatures °C





Timaru Airport




Rainfall mm












Tides, Sun, Moon and Fishing m am 3 3


Thursday 9 noon 3


9 pm am 3



9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


Wind km/h

max gust

Saturday 9 noon 3


9 pm

2 1 0

12:44 6:52 1:00 7:14 1:30 7:39 1:46 7:59 2:17 8:27 2:34 8:46 The times shown are for the Ashburton River mouth. For the Rangitata river mouth subtract 16 minutes and for the Rakaia river mouth subtract 6 minutes.

Rise 8:05 am Set 5:01 pm Fair

Fair fishing Rise 10:39 am Set 9:20 pm

First quarter 17 Jun

5:25 am

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Rise 8:05 am Set 5:01 pm Fair

Fair fishing Rise 11:09 am Set 10:21 pm

Full moon 23 Jun 11:34 pm

Rise 8:06 am Set 5:01 pm Fair

Fair fishing Rise 11:36 am Set 11:21 pm

Last quarter 30 Jun

Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa

“My chimney was far smokier than normal. I take more care now.”

4:55 pm

Ashburton Guardian June 13 2013  
Ashburton Guardian June 13 2013  

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