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Saturday, May 12, 2018

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Today it is difficult to imagine a time where a young boy could be torn from his family and thrust into the harsh world of a boys’ home, simply because his mother no longer wanted him. That happened to Allan and for the first time he’s had the courage to share his story.

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News 2 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, May 12, 2018

They see me rollin’ BY KATIE TODD


Tinwald School students rolled into class on all variety of rides yesterday during their very own Wheels Week celebrations. The school held a BYO Wheels Day yesterday and spent their break times whizzing around on bikes, roller-skates, scooters and carts. Principal Peter Livingstone said he and a student even brought model steam engines to school. The student council held a competition for the best bedazzled bike and scooter at morning tea, and the school day ended with a dirt bike and kart race around the school field. Left – Charlie Howden, Sophie Chapman and Charlie Wilson enjoyed a Friday afternoon tearing up the Tinwald School field on their bikes. PHOTO KATIE TODD 110518-KT-0184


Allergy scare prompts warning BY KATIE TODD


Twenty-one-year-old Nathan Olsen was relaxing at home with his grandmother last week when a box of Crunchy Nut cereal nearly took his life. Now the peanut-allergy sufferer’s family want greater public awareness about anaphylaxis and the speed at which it can take hold. Olsen’s grandmother, Jocelyn Hansen, said it is only due to the prompt, “amazing” response of St John Ambulance paramedics and Ashburton Hospital that her grandson escaped death last week. She said her housekeepers had left behind a Tupperware container of Crunchy Nut cereal which looked exactly like cornflakes, but

actually contained pieces of peanuts. Olsen unsuspectingly poured a bowl and nibbled on a few, but abruptly realised something was wrong. “He came to me and said, ‘Nan, there’s a lump in my throat’, and he was holding the bowl of cereal,” Hansen said. “I could see it spreading around his face and neck … it happened so quickly.” Hansen dialled emergency services and an ambulance was called for Olsen, whose reaction was so severe he began to enter a coma. Paramedics managed to stop the allergic reaction and bring Olsen back to health with two initial rounds of adrenaline followed

by steroids and fluids. Olsen’s mother, Andrea Matthews, said Olsen was very lucky as the incident was the first major reaction since his severe allergy was discovered 21 years ago. She described the hospital experience as “pretty scary”. Olsen does not know what peanuts taste like or exactly how much exposure can trigger a reaction, but knows he has just 30-45 minutes to get help if a reaction occurs. Matthews has always believed that her son should take full responsibility of his allergy, but said others can help by knowing the signs of a reaction and what to do if things go wrong. The symptoms of anaphylaxis

can include facial swelling, difficulty breathing, a sudden drop in blood pressure and/or collapse. If someone is seen experiencing these symptoms, the best course of action is to ask if the person has an Epipen (or any other automatic adrenaline injection device), use it immediately and call an ambulance, Matthews said. Professional medical help is always needed as well as the Epipen, because it only provides enough adrenaline to temporarily halt the reaction. Matthews said throughout Olsen’s childhood and schooling at Ashburton College she had worked hard to teach him what peanuts look like, to drill into him that he couldn’t ever share school

lunches and to encourage him “not to be scared about asking” if he thinks something might contain peanuts. “We never took all the peanuts out of the house, because I wanted to educate him,” she said. Now that Olsen works for an earthmoving company in isolated areas, he has to be particularly careful in managing his allergy, she said. Hansen said with more food allergies than ever among children, it can be easy to see past serious, life-threatening conditions like peanut allergies. “But if someone had ever brought a peanut butter sandwich to school and swapped with him, my grandson would be dead.”


Saturday, May 12, 2018

Ashburton Guardian


Costumes for a cause By Katie todd

Phoenix Preschool showed their support for Ronald McDonald House on Thursday with an array of colourful costumes. The preschool held a book character dress-up day to fundraise for the charity. Although Phoenix Preschool already organise regular fundraising ventures for themselves in order to run, teacher Diana Harrison said they wanted to do something to support others. Ronald McDonald House had been used by some of the preschool’s families, she said, providing them with “amazing” support and care. Meanwhile, children at the preschool have been reading and sharing stories and book character day brought the fiction to life. Doctors, dinosaurs, cowboys and dogs were among those playing and exploring in the preschool yesterday. “It’s always a fun time dressing up,” said Harrison. This week is the Annual Appeal week for Ronald McDonald House, which provides free accommodation and support to families of sick children in need of hospital care. Ronald McDonald Houses operate in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, with the latter caring for around 1000 families each year. McDonald’s Ashburton is also raising money for the charity by selling tickets to a fundraising movie on May 27.

Book characters stepped out of the pages and into the Phoenix Preschool playground on Thursday. PHOTO KATIE TODD 100518-KT-0132

Give bridge priority – engineer By Sue NewmaN

Build a second urban bridge and vehicle congestion through Ashburton will be gone, a traffic engineer says. The bridge is one of three elements that would solve traffic problems, but it is the one that would have the most significant impact, Ashburton District Council roading engineer Brian Fauth said. Once the bridge was in use it would likely remove the need for traffic lights in Tinwald and possibly at Walnut Avenue, he said.

Traffic lights in Tinwald and a double set at Walnut Avenue would help ease congestion, but it was the bridge that needs to be treated with urgency, Fauth said. And the bridge could be the district’s only option now both sets of traffic lights have been left out of the NZ Transport Agency’s draft investment proposal. This now includes only projects that fit the Government Policy Statement (GPS) that puts road safety work at the top of the list. While lights in Tinwald had been talked about for years, they had never made it on to the agen-

cy’s list, Fauth said. Walnut Avenue, however, had been on the drawing board for years and there had been ongoing debate between the council and the agency over who paid for what. The agency would pay for State Highway 1 lights, but argued the council should pay for the second set at East Street. “We’ve always said it’s not a joint project. If it went ahead we believed it should go ahead as a full NZTA project because each element relies on the other.” The council’s view was that

money should go into building the second bridge rather than on lights at Walnut Avenue. If they were installed as part of that project that would be fine, Fauth said. “I see the bridge as the ultimate answer. The bridge is key. Traffic from the east side of Tinwald would use this bridge and could then access Ashburton or cross town through a number of intersection options with lights.” The bridge was the option the council had been pushing, but at the end of the day, it appeared the agency was not keen to progress

any of the traffic management options. “Put the bridge in and the problem would be solved.” Walnut Avenue lights were planned and the project costed at $3.6 million for completion in 2011-2012. Since then the project has stalled and now has fallen off the agency’s long-term plan. The council has built the second bridge into its long-term plan and its first option is for this to be funded 80 per cent by the transport agency and 20 per cent through rates.

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News 4

Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Growing conditions bring out quality, says winning farmer BY COLIN WILLISCROFT


Good growing conditions were reflected in some high quality entries in this year’s Mayfield A&P Association winterfeed competition. Association president Martin Fleming, who won the kale section of the competition, said a warm summer, coupled with good rainfall, meant winter crops in the area were looking good. He was pleased with the level of interest in the competition – 20 farmers entered 29 crops – and the support from local businesses. Fleming planted around 140ha of kale on his property, along with fodderbeet, oats and new grass. The kale will help feed the 2000 dairy cows wintering on his Lismore Mayfield Road farm from next month. Fleming said he entered the competition every year and found it interesting to be able to benchmark his crops against other farmers. It was also a great day out and an opportunity to catch up with other farmers. The overall winner of the Mayfield competition was Moonshine Farms – Winfield (Shane Edwards), with Johnny Bell runnerup. Both for their fodderbeet. Best other crop was Fleming for his Regal kale, while Mark Greenslade won the rape section, Andrew Mackenzie won the oats and autumn saved grass sections, Ian Ludemann the swedes and Andrew Spencer the autumn sown grass.

The winner of the Dennis Corbett Memorial Cup, for a crop that caught the judges’ eye but didn’t win a major prize, was James Wright, while the RBC (Ben) Johnson Memorial Cup for

the best crop of dryland kale went to Johnny Bell. Mayfield is hosting this year’s winterfeed competition district final on May 24, which will bring together the Mayfield winners

with those from the Ashburton A&P Association, which held its competition earlier this week, and Methven association, which is due to hold its competition next week.

Above – Mayfield A&P Association president Martin Fleming in his award-winning kale crop. PHOTO COLIN WILLISCROFT 100518-CW-004

Ashburton leading plastic bag charge BY SUE NEWMAN


Mitre 10 will be leading the way locally as national retail groups begin introducing a ban on single use plastic bags. Both plastic bags and bin liners will no longer be available in Mitre 10 stores from July 1, and that will require a significant mind shift for customers.

Countdown was the first of the national chains to take a stand on plastic bags, opting to remove these from 10 supermarkets from May 21, with the remainder of its stores set to ditch the bags by the end of the year. Neither of Ashburton’s two Countdown stores are among those ceasing to use bags from next week.

Shoppers at Ashburton and the country’s 127 other Mitre 10 stores will have to think a little differently when they shop from July 1, general manager marketing Jules Lloyd-Jones said. The change would be significant for customers and would require different thinking, but the decision was a socially responsible one, she said.

“As the country’s biggest home improvement retailer we take our duty to be socially responsible seriously and always strive to do the right thing by our customers, communities and the environment.” The company acknowledged shopping without plastic bags would take some adjustment for customers but many had already

established a plastic bag-free routine. In the lead up to the disappearance of plastic bags, Lloyd-Jones said staff would be talking to customers so the change would come with no surprises. Owner operators of the country’s 128 Mitre 10 stores were completely behind the plastic bag ban, she said.

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News Saturday, May 12, 2018

Ashburton Guardian


Housing market on winter go-slow By Sue NewmaN

Ashburton’s real estate market might be in slow down, but that’s nothing to be alarmed about, it’s simply a typical early winter market, a real estate commentator says. Real Estate New Zealand regional director Jim Davis said that a quieter market was being experienced across Canterbury, not just in Ashburton, but that there was still good interest from potential buyers. They were just having to work harder to put deals together, he said. “We are still seeing good inquiry across all price brackets, but especially in the lower end. With the market tracking on and with new rules for investors, there is more stock at the lower end to choose from,” he said. A substantial section of the market, currently was first home buyers who were taking advantage of

wider choice, Davis said. Looking ahead over the winter months, the smaller attendances at open homes was expected to continue and he predicts the winter market will put pressure on prices from savvy buyers. “There is no expectation of change in Canterbury’s steady market,” he said. Properties were taking 34 days on average to sell, the same as the 10 year average, but the current inventory was now at 20 weeks’ worth of properties, about three weeks more than April last year. Ashburton’s median sales price in April was $332,000 up 5.4 per cent on March but down marginally on April last year. During the month 48 houses changed hands, up on March (40) and up on April last year (43). For all of Canterbury the median price was down 1 per cent on April last year.

A new safety measure is now in place at the northern approach to the Rakaia rail overbridge to alert motorists to hidden queues that may be building up on the Rakaia River Bridge approach. PHOTO SUPPLIED

Mayfield School to sport Warning, traffic queues ahead new outdoor classroom By Sue NewmaN

By Katie todd

There’ll be no shortage of fresh air in Mayfield School’s unique new learning space. After dreaming up a scheme to build an outdoor classroom, the school has won up to 500 native trees from environmental conservation organisation Trees That Count. The competition, held in February, called upon schools and community groups to submit their ideas for a winter planting project and Mayfield School’s “tree-mendous outdoor classroom” proved a winning concept.

The plans got the go-ahead this month to the excitement of the school – in particular Room 4 teacher Anna Veaux, who organised the entry to the competition. Principal Richard Kidd said a fair amount of work will be done in the coming weeks to build the classroom, which will serve as a project for community members and school families to partake in. Volunteers to help plant trees, lay bark chips and rocks and install an irrigation system would be greatly appreciated. It is hoped the classroom will be enjoyed by generations of Mayfield students to come.

A new safety measure is currently being installed on the Rakaia rail overbridge on State Highway 1. The bridge and the nearby Rakaia River bridge have been the scene of many crashes and traffic delays and the NZ Transport Agency is installing a Hidden Queue sign to alert motorists if there are traffic delays ahead. The rail overbridge and the much longer, nearby Rakaia River bridge, are key links on the highway and a crash on either can create delays and lengthy detours, says Transport Agency System Manager Pete Connors. If either bridge is blocked be-

cause of a crash or because one lane is blocked because wide load vehicles are on the bridges there will be queues of vehicles, often hidden to motorists travelling south on the overbridge, Connors said. “Queued vehicles on the Christchurch (north) side of the Rakaia River bridge cannot be seen by drivers heading south due to the angle and shape of the overbridge and its high concrete sides. This can lead to a dangerous situation where nose-to-tail crashes occur.” The most recent of these was in December when a truck jackknifed closing the highway for about 12 hours, Both the main bridge and the overbridge are relatively nar-


row, with little room for error by drivers of larger vehicles, he said. “Given the detour route via the Rakaia Gorge is 96km, adding well over an hour to the journey, we are keen to minimise these events.” Given the agricultural nature of the area it was not uncommon for large, slow vehicles to be using the bridge and they inevitably delayed traffic causing long queues to build, Connors said. The first electronic hidden queue sign is currently being installed. It will be activated by slow, southbound vehicles approaching the river bridge. The signs cost around $40,000 and operate on solar power.

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News 6

Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, May 12, 2018


Big weekend for Lagmhor School By Katie todd

One of the district’s smallest rural schools is playing host to big festivities this weekend. Celebrations for Lagmhor School’s 100th birthday kicked off yesterday, bringing together 175 members of the school community. Alumni and associates from locations across the North Island, South Island, overseas – and even 250 metres down the road from Lagmhor School have congregated for a weekend spent reuniting and reminiscing. For Jarrod Ross, chief organiser of the event, this weekend is the culmination of nearly a year’s planning, preparations and advertising. “People are looking forward to seeing each other and catching up – and that’s what it’s all about really,” he said. A meet and greet was held last night, and today crowds will descend on the school for lunch. The main event held will be held at Hotel Ashburton tonight, then a church service will be held tomorrow. Attendees have all received a 100th anniversary book about the history of the school. Lagmhor School operates out of two classrooms on a rural site located roughly 9km inland from Tinwald, and caters for students in year 0-6. Faced with closure under a government policy it merged with Ashburton Borough School in 2001 and now operates as a satellite school. Among those attending this weekend is the school’s oldest living pupil, Janet Woods (93). Right – Last year’s Lagmhor School population with the oldest living pupil Janet Woods. PHOTO ASHBURTON GUARDIAN


Time running out for input Submissions on the Ashburton District Council’s long term plan close at 5pm on Monday and when they close residents will have lost an opportunity to have a say on what happens in the district over the next 10 years. How the council plans to spend rates money over those years is spelled out in its Our Place document. Key areas of expenditure include roading, the sec-

ond urban bridge, drinking water, the economy and the EA Networks Centre. Mayor Donna Favel says the document, the draft long term plan is the council’s vision for the future. “It sets out what projects, services and activities we will provide and how they will be paid for, so it’s crucial that the community has a voice

and tells us what they think of the proposals,” she said. After submissions close they will be collated and councillors will, later this month, listen to submitters who wish to speak and share their thoughts.. Once hearings are completed councillors will discuss the plan again and the final document will be adopted by the council next month.

Gangster knocked on wrong door A Nomads gang member has been jailed for more than two years after randomly turning up at an off-duty policeman’s home and subjecting him to a brutal assault. Norton Lindsay Adams, a 26-year-old patched gang member, showed up at the policeman’s Charteris Bay home on Banks Peninsula with two others one night last July. One, who cannot be named for legal reasons, allegedly knocked on the policeman’s door and when he answered, claimed to be a police officer from Christchurch. The constable said he also was a police officer and asked to see their ID. The person asked him to do the same. When he did so, they tried to grab the police ID, the summary of facts says. When the officer told them to leave the property, they refused.

The policeman started to make an arrest and a scuffle broke out. Adams then came running towards the victim and punched him twice in the face, breaking his glasses. The force of the punches caused the victim to stagger backwards towards his door. Adams then stomped on the victim’s right bare foot before he managed to get inside, slam shut the door, and phone 111. Police soon found Adams driving erratically and pulled him over. They found a pump-action shotgun inside the vehicle. The victim suffered a bleeding nose, fat lip, scratching on his arms, tenderness to his right arm and a swollen left knee and right foot. Judge Jane Farish jailed Adams yesterday for two years, seven months. - NZME

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News Saturday, May 12, 2018

Ashburton Guardian

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Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, May 12, 2018

An alcoholic mother, three years in boys’ homes, abuse and beatings. Ashburton man *Allan’s childhood was hell. He talks about those years, in the ’70s, with reporter Sue Newman, about the act of survival and the people who gave him hope in the darkness.


hile some children spend their lives surrounded by love, Allan’s memories of his early years are memories of violence. His mother was an alcoholic who took pleasure in beating her fourth child with whatever was handy. The words he heard most often were “you shouldn’t have been born”. Allan still can’t understand why he was the one singled out as the child who bore the brunt of her anger. “My mum broke a broom handle on my back and she tried to kill me with a knife. Basically she beat the crap out of me,” Allan said. His mother also took her anger out on her husband and Allan remembers seeing his dad receive the occasionally beating. He looks back and says he felt completely isolated by his harsh treatment. In those days kids just put up and shut up, teachers weren’t trained to watch out for kids who might have a tough life at home and family conferences and social worker intervention was rare. Gradually the constant beatings eroded Allan’s self confidence and he started to rebel. And that, he said, was never going to have a good outcome in his family. His mother saw that rebellion as an opportunity to rid herself of the

child she hated and he was sent to live in a boys’ home. In those days there were no family conferences, no discussions, no consultation with child psychologists or social workers. No-one questioned a mother when she said her child was out of control. “My mother reckoned she couldn’t handle me, but it wasn’t that, it was because I used to run away to nana’s all the time. Is it any wonder? Mum would sit down with a half gallon of sherry at night and then she’d get all abusive.” And for Allan that meant he was forced to leave his siblings and the two people who meant the world to him, his dad and his nana. “My dad was my best friend and it was my nana really who saved my life; I was the apple of my nana’s eye,” he said At 13 Allan started a new and terrifying chapter of his life in Christchurch’s Stanmore Road boys’ home. That brought a new kind of hell. “I was forced to grow up overnight, it was a matter of survival and I spent a lot of time thinking about running away. There were no fences, no gates so I eventually absconded and spent three days living in the Port Hills. Thank God it was summertime.” He finally gave himself up, but found he had become the police scapegoat for a raft of petty crimes

Weekend focus Saturday, May 12, 2018

that had occurred in the area. He was locked in a cell, questioned and when he didn’t give the answers the police wanted, he was slapped or punched in the kidneys. A return to Stanmore Road brought more beatings and then a relocation to Dunedin to Lookout Point Boys’ Home. “That was my punishment.” Lookout Point was a tough place for a young teen to live. There were harsh rules and a clear outcome if you didn’t keep them – a beating. Allan felt he had been abandoned by his family and that he’d become part of a system where the only thing that mattered was getting through each day without being beaten. “There was one man there, a mean little prick. He’d draw on your arms and legs with ballpoint pen and if you didn’t shower it off you got a hiding with a belt buckle.” The boys dreamed of escaping, but with his Stanmore Road experience fresh in his memory, Allan did his best to convince them that the outcome if they were caught would be horrific and he knew from his previous escape, that another would have meant Invercargill and borstal. “One boy did try to escape though and when they caught him, they beat him to within an

inch of his life.” He recalls one of the carers who treated the boys as human beings. His stay was short, the system and the harsh regime broke him. “They treated us like scum. I got hidings and yes, there was sexual abuse in there, boys got raped by wardens.” Allan recalls receiving shock treatment that the wardens said would calm him down. It did the opposite. He fought each time and remembers needles bending as they were forced into his arms. He also remembers being locked in solitary confinement in the dark with a bedpan. The only time he saw daylight was when food was brought to him. “They tried to break our spirit by beating us. It was archaic. Like the 18th century and they got away with it. “No-one said, this shouldn’t be happening. No-one asked why.” Many of the boys he shared those years with ended up in prison; he knows of one who committed murder. The boys worked and they worked hard. Allan was in charge of the boilers and that meant a 4am start. Going to high school became an escape, an opportunity to experience something close to a normal life. Life at Lookout Point was tough,

but for Allan it ended, when without warning he was picked up and taken hundreds of miles away to a foster home. The home was back in the town where his family lived. And that brought new problems. Suddenly he was face-to-face at school with siblings he hadn’t seen for some time. “No-one explained anything to me and I wasn’t allowed to go back to my family. I look back and think about those times, they couldn’t do now what they did to us back then. I honestly don’t remember it all; I know I’ve blotted a lot of stuff out.” That foster home was only a temporary stop and he was soon moved further north to a second family. That opened the door to a new kind of hell. He became a scapegoat in those foster homes for anything other children did. “I got the blame and I got the hiding. That foster family would lock me out and I’d have to sleep in the washhouse with the dirty nappies. They didn’t care, they were getting paid.” Allan knew he was locked into the system until he turned 16 and he looks back and says those four years from 13 to 16 were hell. They scarred him for life. The one bright spot in all those years was a social worker in Blenheim.

“I went into welfare and said if they didn’t get me out I’d kill someone. She listened and they put me in some singlemen’s quarters. Thank God I got someone understanding to talk to. That was the one plea for help that someone listened to in all those years.” During those years he had virtually no contact with his family and while his father was distraught because his son was taken away from home, he simply accepted that Allan’s mother called the shots and went along with what was happening. He was too afraid to argue. Over the years Allan has had counselling; he’s not sure whether it helped and for a long time he was bitter about the way he was treated. And he was angry. Deep inside he knew that bitterness and that burning anger would destroy him, knew he had to change if he was to have a chance at a halfway decent life. The words LOVE are carved across his knuckles. Why love and not hate? Allan says, even at his lowest he knew that hate would destroy him, knew that he had to dig deep inside to find a way through the bitterness and anger. When he looked at those simple, four letters, they became the beacon of light that allowed him to move on, to move forward and to put those years of hell behind hm.

Ashburton Guardian


He didn’t speak to his mother for about 30 years. They’ve now reconnected, but it’s at best a very fragile relationship. His scars are psychological and he wears others on his back, but he says he doesn’t spend a lot of time dwelling on the past. “My life’s been shit in a lot of ways, but you have to get over things and move on. I feel I’ve missed out on my family when I was growing up. I really didn’t have a childhood; from 13 to 16 I was in a boys’ home or a foster home.” He knows the government is trying to track down boys who were badly treated by the care system at that time, but wonders whether there are some things that are best left in the past. When he thinks about his youth, Allan said he knows that most young people today would have absolutely no understanding of how powerless young people were, how they could be removed from their families, how they were never really talked to or listened to. “It’s a very different world today and yet, it really wasn’t that long ago. I just want today’s kids to understand how good they really have it today.” * Allan is not his real name. It has been changed to protect his identity.

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Saturday, May 12, 2018

TEST YOURSELF Test yourself with the Guardian’s weekday quiz 1 - What part of the human body might suffer from tinnitus? a. Knees b. Ears c. Fingers 2 - A billhook is a traditional forestry tool which combines...? a. An axe and a knife b. A knife and a hammer c. A hammer and a saw 3 - Which symbol on a computer keyboard takes its name from the Greek meaning little star? a. Ampersand b. Asterisk c. Tilde 4 - Which company used the slogan Where do you want to go today? a. Air New Zealand b. Microsoft c. Noel Leeming 5 - What colour is orange blossom? a. Orange b. Pink c. White 6 - What is a three-dimensional figure with eight faces? a. Octohedron b. Octoploid c. Octopod 7 - For how many years of marriage would you celebrate a pearl wedding anniversary? a. 20 b. 30 c. 40 8 - Which country invented the kilt? a. Ireland b. Scotland c. India

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Answers: 1. Ears 2. An axe and a knife 3. Asterisk 4. Microsoft 5. White 6. Octohedron 7. 30 8. Ireland. ■ Place the lamb leg fat-side up on a clean chopping board and pat dry with a paper towel. Using a sharp knife, make a series

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mortar and pestle and mix well. ■ Submerge sliced spring onions in a bowl filled with lots of ice and water to make them curl up. Add 1 bunch of mint leaves. Leave in the fridge covered, for at least an hour. Drain and rest on paper towels. ■ To make a rich gravy, discard the fat from the lamb roasting dish, leaving the meat juices. Combine the flour with 1/2 C water and add to the roasting dish, with remaining meat juices, on the stove top over a medium heat. Add chicken stock, stirring all the time with a wooden spoon, for about 5-10 minutes until thickened. Make sure you scrape all the caramelised meat juices and onion off the bottom to add flavour. ■ Place the rested lamb on a platter or board and spread with the fresh mint topping. Garnish with the spring onions and mint. Arrange the onions around the lamb. Serve with the gravy, roast potatoes and your choice of a salad or vegetables. By B+L and courtesy of www.

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7 1 2 6 4 7 YESTERDAY’S

A locomotive passing under Ashburton’s historic foot bridge across the railway lines.

of shallow cuts into the lamb, a few centimetres apart. Combine 5 cloves of garlic, mustard, anchovy fillets, rosemary, marjoram, lemon zest, butter, lemon juice and 3T of oil together and spread over the lamb, rubbing it into the cuts. Wrap the lamb in cling film and refrigerate, preferably overnight or for at least 2 hours. ■ Remove the marinated lamb from the fridge 30 minutes before cooking. Preheat the oven to 180°C. Place the lamb in a roasting dish fat side up and season. Transfer to the oven and bake uncovered for 25-30 minutes per 500g for medium. Baste occasionally. With 1 hour remaining, add the onions to the roasting dish. Turn them over once while cooking. Remove from the oven, transfer the lamb and onions to a warm plate and cover loosely with foil. Leave to rest for 20-30 minutes. ■ Combine crème fraiche, 1 bunch of mint leaves, the tarragon, remaining clove of garlic, tablespoon of oil and the white wine vinegar in a food processor or


3 7 1 9

‘Ch ch ch ch ch, choo choooooooooooooooo’

Marinated roast lamb with fresh mint topping Serves 6-8 1 Quality Mark whole lamb leg, bone in 1 bag French (or pickling) onions, peeled 2C chicken stock (for the gravy) 1/4 C flour (for the gravy) 6 cloves garlic, crushed (5 for marinade, 1 for topping) 2T Dijon mustard 3 anchovy fillets, finely chopped 1/2 C fresh rosemary, finely chopped 2T dried marjoram 2T lemon juice and zest 2T butter, softened 4T oil (3 for marinade, 1 for topping) 3/4 C crème fraiche 25g fresh mint leaves, very finely chopped, plus more for garnish 25g fresh tarragon, very finely chopped (optional) 1T white wine vinegar 2 spring onions (green ends only), cut into very thin strips approx. 8cm long


8 4 6 5 2 7 1 9 3

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Saturday, May 12, 2018


We can help

The Hospice Mid Canterbury story


hey’re still a newcomer to the scene, but Hospice Mid Canterbury has achieved a lot in a short time within the community. With a base of around 75 volunteers, who work both in the community and the recently established second-hand shop they are continuing to grow and expand as the demand for their services intensifies. What initially began as just a discussion back in 2013 and then officially became operational in 2015 is continuing to develop today as the organisation provides countless services to the local community. They are now frequently providing services such as; sitting (to give carers a break), transport (eg. to doctor’s appointments), counselling, biography writing (life stories), massage, reiki and reflexology. All services are free for clients and their families. While their focus is very much on the client, Hospice Mid Canterbury also puts a strong emphasis on helping their family, particularly caregivers, who often need assistance and support while caring for their loved one and also after the

death of the person.Anyone with a life-limiting condition can be referred to hospice. A life-limiting illness means that the person will, in time, die from the condition. Illnesses include, among others, dementia, heart failure, kidney failure, motor neurone disease, COPD, and of course cancer. With no funding and a strong reliance on the generosity of the community and grants, Hospice Mid Canterbury also opened a second-hand shop last year to help raise funds. There’s no end in sight either with Hospice Mid Canterbury looking to continue to grow their services and support an increasing number of Mid Canterbury people dealing with end of life. When the funds allow, they intend to establishing their own service base which will allow them to set up a peaceful, supportive environment for people to come to for information and support. Having a base will also enable them to commence day programmes for activities and companionship, with the focus being very much on living well rather than dying. This will be useful both for clients and their caregivers.


Experience, Knowledge Quality Experience, Knowledge andand Quality

Hospice Mid Canterbury provides support for those with a life-limiting illness as well as those who are looking after them. All services are free and support continues from diagnosis throughout the person’s journey. Hospice Mid Canterbury does not provide clinical care. We complement existing services by providing services such as transport, sitting, recording life stories, counselling, mas-

sage, reiki and reflexology. We support people with all lifelimiting conditions, no matter what age. Our services are available throughout the Ashburton District between the Rakaia and Rangitata rivers. If you want to make a referral for someone you care about or just want to know more, please contact us on 03 307-8387 during office hours.

Contact details Manager .............................Christine Wilson Phone ..................................03 307 8387 Mobile .................................027 227 8387 Email Website hospicemidcanterbury Office...................................Community House 44 Cass Street Ashburton 7700

We are proud to support Hospice Mid Canterbury

Experience, Knowledge and Quality

to have responsible for building the Ashburton Events Centre udProud to have beenbeen responsible for building the Ashburton Events Centre


Experience, Knowledge and Quality

Proud to support Hospice Mid Canterbury

Proud to have been responsible for building the Ashburton Events Centre

For first aid training, medical alarms, ambulance volunteering, health shuttle bookings, St John supporter scheme and youth programme

Phone Ashburton St John

03 308 7132 Caring in our community Canterbury owned, and remaining locally operated. Proud to support Hospice Mid Canterbury For 24 hour service, phone 307 7433

A division of BUSCK Prestressed Concrete Ltd

Bremners Road, Ashburton

Phone 308A division 9039ofABUSCK division of BUSCK Prestressed Prestressed Concrete LtdConcrete Ltd

Bremners Ashburton Phone 308 mners Road,Road, Ashburton Phone 308 9039 Bremners Rd, Ashburton Phone 308 9039

Paterson’s Chapel and Crematorium Cnr East and Cox Streets, Ashburton

HOSPICE AWARENESS WEEK May 14-20 Saturday, May 12, 2018


Ashburton Guardian


The hospice shop Tracey Fuller has been the manager of the Hospice Mid Canterbury shop since it opened in July 2017 but she still doesn’t feel as if she’s going to work when she starts her day there. “It honestly doesn’t feel like work. It’s such a privilege to work here,” she said. People have noted the warm and positive atmosphere in the shop, something that Tracey consciously fosters. “It’s part of our Hospice culture – caring, respect and compassion – and it applies to everyone who works or visits here.” The community have been very generous in offering goods for sale. Great care is taken with clothes which are cleaned and steamed ready for sale. Tracey is particularly proud of her Designer Clothes section which has well known labels like Icebreaker, Trelise Cooper and Storm. She did note that she is always on the lookout for homewares such as ornaments, photo frames and crockery. Central to the success of the shop are the volunteers, who commit their time and energy to doing everything from serving to doing displays and preparing goods for sale.

Hospice shop manager Tracey Fuller (right) with volunteer Margaret putting together a display. On average, Hospice Mid Canterbury volunteers are doing 190 hours a month in the shop. Tracey’s biggest learning curve has been putting goods for sale on Facebook but it’s one she has

enjoyed and it allows the shop to sell more goods to raise money for Hospice Mid Canterbury. All profits go straight back into the Mid Canterbury community.

Your Local Insurance Experts Peter McAuliffe | 021 288 8303 69 Tancred Street, Ashburton 7700 Ph 03 308 9612 |

Rothbury is proud to support Hospice Mid Canterbury

Supporting Kiwis since 1950

Proudly working with Gold Coast Gold Coast Hospice Mid Canterbury. Our TURTLE BEACH RESORT TURTLE BEACH RESORT

This is one of the best family resorts on the coast, with an n-house cinema, arcade games room, playgrounds, tennis court, mini putt golf, awesome pools, a water park and a cool kids club ‘Club Turtle’.



Package includes:




This is one of the best family resorts on the coast, with an in-house cinema, arcade games room, playgrounds, tennis pick! court, mini putt golf,Our awesome pools, a water park and a cool kids club ‘Club Turtle’. This is one of the best family resorts on the coast, with an Package includes: from tennis in-house cinema, arcade games room, playgrounds, pick! • 7 nights accommodation court, mini putt golf, awesome pools, a water park and a • 1 free Club Turtle Kids Club session per child, cool kids club ‘Club Turtle’.

Family pick!

Gold Coast

from • 7 nights accommodation • 1 free Club Turtle Kids Club session per child, aged 4-12 years registered in the apartment • Unlimited Putt Putt & tennis





Package includes:


aged 4-12 years registered in the apartment • Unlimited Putt Putt & tennis

• 7 nights accommodation based on 2 adults 2 children • 1 free Club Turtle Kids Club & session per family child, share in a 2 bedroom apartment. Flights are additional. aged 4-12 years registered in the apartment More travel dates and options are available, please talk to your House of Travel • Unlimited Putt Putt & tennis consultant for more details. based on 2 adults & 2 children family share in a 2 bedroom apartment. based on 2 adults & 2 children family share in a 2 bedroom apartment. Flights are additional. Flights are additional. The and bestoptions holidays createdplease together. More travel dates areare available, talk to your House of Travel More travel dates and options are available, please talk to your House of Travel consultant for consultant 1 9more 6 E Adetails. S T S T R E E T I 0 3 3 0 7 8 76 0 I A S H B U R T O N @ H O T.C O. N Z for more details.


gether. 76 0 I


CONDITIONS: Valid for new bookings only to 15 May 17 or until sold out • Full payment is required within 14 days of reservation being made and no later than 5 pm 15 May 17 • All travel must be commenced and completed as specified • Some surcharges, closeouts, and accommodation restrictions apply. Price may vary depending on availability. Bedding configurations may vary on twin or family share options • Airfares are not included and are an additional cost • Advertised prices are per person share twin or family share (based on 2 adults & 2 children 2-11yrs) based on payment by cash or cheque. Credit card fees will apply • andNcancellation fees apply ratings are based on House of Travel ratings and are a guide only to the overall quality of the property • Accommodation is subject to availability • Please ask your House of Travel consultant for full details. HOT code: TBAKL0517 A S HAmendment BURTO @ H O T.C O.•NAccommodation Z

rl until mustsold be commenced out • Full payment and completed is required as within specified 14 •days Some of reservation surcharges,being closeouts, madeand andaccommodation no later than 5 pm restrictions 15 May apply. 17 • All Price travel maymust be commenced and completed as specified • Some surcharges, closeouts, and accommodation restrictions apply. Price may yare vary twin onortwin family or family share share (basedoptions on 2 adults • Airfares & 2 children are not included 2-11yrs)and based areon anpayment additionalbycost cash• or Advertised cheque. Credit prices card are per feesperson will apply share• twin or family share (based on 2 adults & 2 children 2-11yrs) based on payment by cash or cheque. Credit card fees will apply • nctratings to availability are based • Please on House ask your of Travel House ratings of Travel and consultant are a guideforonly fulltodetails. the overall HOT quality code: TBAKL0517 of the property • Accommodation is subject to availability • Please ask your House of Travel consultant for full details. HOT code: TBAKL0517


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Saturday, May 12, 2018


Hospice Mid Canterbury services ISSUE 3 MARCH 2017

Hospice News Rebecca Perkins Massage therapist

Providing home support and counselling.


Home support

Our team of volunteers are available to provide whatever support is needed, such as companionship, sitting to provide a break for the carer, transport to appointments, shopping and pet care.


Our counselling service provides support for both clients and caregivers. Living with a life-limiting illness is difficult, and our counsellors can provide emotional and psychological support as well as strategies for coping with and managing this time. We provide pastoral care as well as bereavement support. Testimonials: “My husband very much benefited talking to a counsellor and opening up where he couldn’t talk to me … The feeling we are not alone in this journey is very reassuring.”

Massage helps to relieve the stress, tension and anxiety associated with dealing with life-limiting illness. Our therapist Rebecca offers a variety of relaxation techniques including myofascial release, Swedish and aromatherapy massage. Lymphoedema massage is also available for those who require it. Our therapist comes into the home with a massage table. Gentle pressure is applied to parts of the body which may hold tension. We offer massage therapy to both clients and caregivers. Testimonials: “You have provided me with the only treatment I have ever really gotten relief from.” “You have helped me very much. Thanks. Massage helped me to relax.”

Jo Thomas ISSUE 3 Reiki therapist

MARCH 2017

Hospice News Reiki

Reiki is a holistic therapy promoting relaxation, balance and the ability to feel better within ourselves. (The word reiki means “rays of energy”). It works with the energy of the body like acupuncture and tai chi. It is recommended as a series of treatments, with sessions usually taking up to an hour. These are given where the client feels most comfortable, fully-clothed, in a recliner, bed or on a massage table. The therapist will place energised warm hands over certain points on the body – there is no pressure or manipulation. Reiki gives relief from anxiety, pain, grief and assists with the other challenges of life-limiting illness. It is safe to use alongside conventional medicine and can be helpful right to the end of life. Treatments are confidential and are also available to support carers. Testimonials: “Reiki has helped me find a calmness and peace, giving me renewed inner strength to focus on what I need to do next. It helps me feel more centred and balanced.” “A really positive caring therapy.”

Rose Matthews Reflexology therapist


Reflexology is a natural therapy, where gentle pressure is applied to the feet, hands or ears. Reflexology encourages relaxation and may relieve tension, stress and pain.


Our biography service provides people with an opportunity to reflect on their life and create a record of their memories and stories for themselves and their families. Other written documents such as letters can also be prepared by biography writers. A biographer will come into the home, usually once a week, for an hour, to record the client’s stories and then type them up. Some biographies are completed in a few weeks, while others take longer. Photos can be included in the document and provide a valuable record for the family. “We all have a story to tell, and our experience with Hospice Mid Canterbury has been very positive for ourselves and our family.”

In the last 12 months, our contractors and volunteers have given over 1200 hours of service to clients and their families (plus 1690 shop hours):












22 HOURS “ Designs for the Past, Present, and the Future”

erbury | Issue 3 2017 | P:

ashburton storage facilities Ph: 0274 36 26 36

“For your peace of mind in self storage units”

Ph : 0274 36 26 36

HOSPICE AWARENESS WEEK May 14-20 Saturday, May 12, 2018


Books and resources

Hospice Mid Canterbury has books available for adults and children dealing with illness, the end-of-life journey and grief.

Ashburton Guardian


Lecture series proves popular Hospice Mid Canterbury hosts the 2018 Palliative Care Lecture series at Rosebank Residential Care Community Lounge (access from Walnut Avenue or Queen’s Drive) on the first Thursday of every month from 7.30 to 8.30am through to December. The lectures are designed for health professionals and other stakeholders and individuals with an interest in palliative care. The lectures are delivered via teleconference and the schedule for the whole of this year can be found at (see under education and training tab). May’s lecture was on the benefits of physical activity for people with advanced forms of cancer, presented by physiotherapist Lou James, founder and trustee of PINC and STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation Trust. June’s lecture (June 7) is on complex pain management – the old and the new, presented by Dr Ross Drake (consultant), Paediatric Palliative Care and Complex Pain Service and Starship Hospital, Auckland. On July 5, Professor John Swinton (professor in practical theology and pastoral care from the University of Aberdeen) will be looking at spiritual care for those

Lou James

Dr Ross Drake

with dementia. On August 2, Dr Chris Jackson (consultant medical oncologist), Mercy Cancer Care, Mercy Hospital, Dunedin and Senior Lecturer, Otago School of Medicine, Dunedin, will be discussing oncology

Prof John Swinton

– new immune therapies and low toxicity cancer therapies that is making it harder to tell when to quit. A light breakfast is provided, sponsored by Rosebank and Harvey’s Bakehouse.

Dr Chris Jackson

The series has been well attended this and last year. If you are interested, please email for your details to be added to the mailing list. You will receive an invitation and flyer each month.


Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, May 12, 2018


Volunteers – the heart of Hospice Mid Maxine Whiting

Rodger Bradford Rodger was asked to join Hospice Mid Canterbury to assist with fundraising. “It came at a time when I was retiring from fulltime business and it appealed, being an organisation that was helping others,” Rodger said. He was then asked to become a trustee in 2015 to contribute a business perspective to the organisation. “I have a lot of contacts in the community and those contacts helped establish the Hospice Shop. My business experience has also helped in further refining hospice operations”. Seeing his mother and other relatives at the end of their lives has shaped his attitude to end of life care. “My ideas have also been influenced by Atul Gawande’s Being Mortal – it’s a book that really makes you think about living well until you die and all the things that are needed for that to happen”. Since Rodger’s involvement with

hospice, he’s been surprised how many people there are in the community who could use hospice services. “There are a lot more people out there needing help than you think,” he said. Bradford Holdings are a major Hospice Mid Canterbury sponsor at this time.

Maxine, who is the owner/operator of House of Travel Ashburton, has served on the funding committee of Hospice Mid Canterbury for three years. For more than a decade House of Travel stores throughout New Zealand have supported their local hospices in many ways so when Hospice Mid Canterbury was launched, Maxine was pleased to be able to contribute at a local level. “I just love the philosophy of hospice and enjoy giving back to the community. “Up until recently it has been very hard to contribute to the hospice movement locally by way of the House of Travel connection but now I can with the advent of Hospice Mid Canterbury and that’s really great. “Running successful fundraising events is the most rewarding part for me and a really special highlight was the fundraising concert we did with Simon O’Neill, an


event that was enjoyed by many people. I believe the concert well and truly put Hospice Mid Canterbury on the map in Mid Canterbury. It was so rewarding to raise so much money and the support from the businesses in our community was amazing.”

A volunteering stint followed by a year-long governance and leadership programme, along with personal experience, were the catalysts to give me the passion and determination to investigate how we could find more ways to support MidCanterbury people dealing with end-of-life. From initial discussions in 2013, it has been a rollercoaster ride consisting of many challenges, but these have been far outweighed by the satisfaction of seeing an increasing number of people benefiting from the compassion and extra support that hospice offers. I am a trustee and am also filling the role of general manager in a voluntary capacity. I feel incredibly privileged to work alongside the amazing team of people who have come together in various roles to

that focuses on ‘living every ion at nis ga or an in ed olv inv Being It’s nice to be able to do voluntary There are a lot more people out there needing help than you think ... the support from the businesses in our community was ice sp ho of y amazing ph so ilo ph e th e I just lov Spending time with people and listening to the I was very impr ir stories is a real privilege Dale Earnslaw

Tony Todd I first became involved with Hospice Mid Canterbury when I was invited to help set up the Hospice Shop on Tancred Street that is now up and running successfully. Since then Marg Lilley and I have been invited to become Hospice Mid Canterbury ambassadors. Our role will be to approach businesses and individuals and invite them to become sponsors and supporters of Hospice Mid Canterbury so that the hospice can continue its good work in Mid Canterbury. Marg and I consider this role to be quite long-term and we are motivated to get out in the community and solicit your support. There is no doubt that as we progress though life all of us will be

Dale has been a volunteer for Hospice Mid Canterbury since 2016. Prior to that he did volunteer work for the Friends of Ashburton Hospital. The shift to becoming a companion for hospice was an easy one. “I really enjoy making people happy at a pretty sad time in their lives. Not only does it lift their spirits, but it lifts mine as well.” Dale often takes clients out for coffee or a drive, just so that they can have a change of scene. He feels strongly about the need to support those facing terminal illness, including dementia. He has developed some firm friendships with clients and finds the work really rewarding.

“ My Promise

Jo M Jo joined the fundraising committee in 2017 to help organise the Simon O’Neill Night of the Southern Stars fundraising concert and has continued working on subsequent fundraising efforts, big and small. As the sole owner and funeral director at Memory Funerals, Jo enjoys working as part of a team for hospice events. “It’s nice to be able to do voluntary work that gives back to the community and very rewarding to know that our efforts help support those with a life-limiting illness and their families.”

touched by the service that Hospice Mid Canterbury offers.

is to help you arrange or plan a funeral with care, respect, clarity and reassurance

We proudly support the Mid Canterbury Hospice Jo Metcalf

18-22 Moore Street, Ashburton Free Phone 0800 263 6679 Mobile 027 637 1229

E.B. Carter Ltd.

Is proudly supporting the Mid Canterbury Hospice.

Richard and Maxine are proud supporters of the Mid Canterbury Hospice

440 East Street, Ashburton and 600 East Street, Ashburton 03 308 2441

HOSPICE AWARENESS WEEK May 14-20 Saturday, May 12, 2018


Ashburton Guardian



play their part in helping others. Being involved in an organisation that focuses on ‘living every moment’ is very special.

I have been volunteering since I was a teenager. During time in Christchurch I volunteered at both the Hospice and Hospital at Nurse Maude once a week and have been involved with Hospice Mid Canterbury since its inception. Once a month I assist with the Hospice Breakfast for the medical profession lectures. These are video presentations linking all hospices throughout New Zealand with a professional speaker, followed by a question and answer opportunity. Other activities include transporting people to/from appointments, relieving carers for a break by sitting with the patient, popping in to see people to give them some companionship and a break in their daily routine. The knowledge that you can make a difference to someone’s quality of life, be it through com-

panionship, reading, outings or just giving the carer a break and having an empathy with those who are finding life a struggle is personally very rewarding and sometimes challenging to your own perceptions. I recommend it.

Jenny Sanders I’ve been involved with the hospice movement for about nine years. I started as a volunteer at the Mary Potter Hospice in Wellington where I wrote biographies and helped in the in-patient unit. My involvement with hospice began after my aunty died when I was inspired by the help she got from hospice and the difference it made to her life. After I moved to Methven I helped to edit biographies with the Nurse Maude biography team in Christchurch and when Hospice Mid Canterbury was launched I volunteered to help locally. Currently a member of the Hospice Mid Canterbury biography team, I help people to record their life stories. Spending time with people and listening to their stories is a real privilege.

Recalling and telling their life story has been a very positive experience for most of the people I have worked with and I’m happy that I can be there to listen and help them record their stories.

moment’ is very special ... is personally very rewarding

y work that gives back to the comm


I really enjoy making people happy at a pretty sad time in their lives ice I just love the philosophy of hosp

ressed with the dignity, respite and comfort hospice care was able to afford them and their familie



June Barrett


Rod Fox Rod is the manager of the Ashburton branch of the NBS (Nelson Building Society). He has been a banker for more than 42 years at both national and international levels. Rod joined Hospice Mid Canterbury’s fundraising committee following a long association with the hospice movement that began more than 20 years ago. “I first became involved with the hospice cause in 1992 as a member of the fundraising committee for the Waipuna Hospice in Tauranga. I chose to do so because of experiences I had with friends and family members who were in the last stages of their lives. “I was very impressed with the dignity, respite and comfort hos-

pice care was able to afford them and their families.”

Philippa Yates I have been volunteering with Hospice Mid Canterbury as an assessor since May last year. I am a registered nurse with 33 years experience, mostly in the aged care sector. I joined Hospice Mid Canterbury because I am passionate about palliative care, believing that it is about living and making the most of every day – “quality of life, not quantity”. In my role as an assessor I am often the first contact with people who can benefit from our services. In my role I have met many wonderful, inspiring people who have life-limiting illnesses and I feel very privileged to share their journeys.

Hospice volunteers Volunteers are the life-blood of our organisation. We rely on a large team of around 80 volunteers to support clients and their families, as well as operate the Hospice Shop which provides funds for Hospice Mid Canterbury services. Our assessors, who have a background as health professionals, are generally the first point of contact when people become hospice clients and play a crucial role in ensuring the clients and caregivers know about the range of services and support available to them. Once the needs of the client and the family have been identi-

Some of the funding committee. fied, volunteers are assigned to a variety of roles, including companionship to clients as well as sitting to give carers a break. They can provide transport, for example, to doctor’s ap-

pointments and pet care such as dog walking. A team of biographers is available to write clients’ life stories, creating a valuable record for clients and their families.

Assessors group volunteers. Regular education sessions are held to keep volunteers up to date. Our funding committee, made up of volunteers, works hard to raise money for Hospice

services. Events such as the 2017 concert Night of the Southern Stars with Simon O’Neill and the recent Agribusiness dinner are just two of their many fundraising efforts.

Opinion 18

Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, May 12, 2018


Say no and save the planet I

t might make shopping a bit more difficult, but the ban on single use plastic bags is a ban that’s been long overdue. It only took one of the big players in the retail industry to signal it was getting serious about the issue and others were bound to follow. Now we have Countdown, New World and Mitre 10 signalling bags will be gone by the end of the year, sooner for some of those businesses. Others will follow suit. And that collective commercial effort is what will ensure the success of this latest attempt to reduce our use of the bags that spend a short time in circulation, but several human life times clogging up landfill sites and polluting water ways.

Saying no to plastic bags is long overdue. They’re a habit we have to break. There’s even an organisation that’s been established to push the cause, Bags Not, a grassroots drive to stop Kiwis using those bags. It’s come up with some startling statistics – each year every individual uses around 350 bags; as a country we use 1.6 billion each year, enough to smother the entire country twice over.

The group’s campaign aims to get every Kiwi to say no to plastic bags at the counter. It’s a big ask, but it’s one where we can all play a part, but it’s only by breaking the plastic bag ban cause down into manageable parts that the campaign will succeed, by making it the job of every individual to say NO. It’s one of those ‘lots of little efforts makes a huge difference’ kind of campaigns. The big box retailers and supermarkets have shown there is a will to change. They’re driving us towards that change from the top. Yes, it means a change in thinking, but once you get your head around the fact that a plastic bag is not an essential modern day accessory, you’re part

-way there. People carried goods in things long before plastic bags were invented. Making a difference starts with every single one of us saying NO when we’re asked if we want our goods in a bag. The great thing is, this is a campaign that comes without pain and without cost and it doesn’t take much of an effort either. Plastic bags have become just another part of our shopping experience, they make it easy to pick stuff up and take it home. No longer using them will mean being prepared with something else to do the job if there’s more stuff than you can carry in your hand or handbag – a box, a paper bag, or one of those handy little long life bags that pack away to nothing and can live in the bot-

tom of your handbag. Whatever you use, make sure it can be used again and again. Yes, plastic bags have their uses – lining rubbish bins, picking up the dog’s droppings, storing stuff. Change your habits, use something else and send the bags you do have stored away off to the soft plastics recycling centre. Some supermarkets have collection bins for just this purpose. It’s not often we have an opportunity to be part of a national solution to a national problem, one where we can actually make a difference. With single use plastic bags we do. They’re the poster child for harmful plastics and it’s our job to destroy that poster child by saying no.

hours. In 2003, the Texas House ground to a standstill after 51 Democratic lawmakers left the state in a dispute over a Republican congressional redistricting plan. (The Democrats returned four days later from Oklahoma, having succeeded in killing the bill.) Ten years ago: A devastating 7.9 magnitude earthquake in China’s Sichuan province left more than 87,000 people dead or missing. Irena Sendler, credited with saving some 2500 Jewish

children from the Holocaust, died in Warsaw, Poland, at age 98. Five years ago: Pope Francis gave the Catholic Church new saints, including hundreds of 15th-century martyrs who were beheaded for refusing to convert to Islam, as he led his first canonisation ceremony before tens of thousands of people in St. Peter’s Square. Nineteen people were wounded in a gang-related shooting during a Mother’s Day parade in New Orleans. One year ago: Dozens of

countries were hit with a huge cyberextortion attack that locked up computers and held users’ files for ransom at a multitude of hospitals, companies and government agencies. Today’s birthdays: Composer Burt Bacharach is 90. Actress Millie Perkins is 80. Rhythm-andblues singer Jayotis Washington is 77. Actress Linda Dano is 75. Actress Lindsay Crouse is 70. Singer-musician Steve Winwood is 70. Actor Gabriel Byrne is 68. Actor Bruce Boxleitner is 68. Rock musician Eric Singer

(KISS) is 60. Actor Ving Rhames is 59. Rock musician Billy Duffy is 57. Actor Emilio Estevez is 56. Actress April Grace is 56. Actress Vanessa A. Williams is 55. Actor Stephen Baldwin is 52. Actress Malin Akerman is 40. Actor Jason Biggs is 40. Actor Rami Malek is 37. Actress-singer Clare Bowen is 34. Actress Emily VanCamp is 32. Actor Malcolm David Kelley is 26. Actor Sullivan Sweeten is 23. Thought for today: “Dissent is not sacred; the right of dissent is.” — Thurman Arnold, American lawyer (1891-1969).

Sue Newman


TODAY IN HISTORY Today is Saturday, May 12, the 132nd day of 2018. There are 233 days left in the year. Today’s highlights in history: On May 12, 1943, during World War Two, Axis forces in North Africa surrendered. The two-week Trident Conference, headed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, opened in Washington. On this date: In 1012, Pope Sergius IV died, ending a nearly three-year papacy; he was succeeded by Pope Benedict VIII. In 1932, the body of Charles Lindbergh Jnr, the 20-month-old kidnapped son of Charles and Anne Lindbergh, was found in a wooded area near Hopewell, New Jersey. In 1937, Britain’s King George VI was crowned at Westminster Abbey; his wife, Elizabeth, was crowned as queen consort. In 1949, the Soviet Union lifted the Berlin Blockade, which the Western powers had succeeded in circumventing with their Berlin Airlift. In 1967, Are You Experienced, the debut album of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, was released in Britain by Track Records. Procol Harum’s debut single A Whiter Shade of Pale was released in the United Kingdom on the Deram label. In 1978, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said that hurricanes would no longer be given only female names. In 1982, in Fatima, Portugal, security guards overpowered a Spanish priest armed with a bayonet who attacked Pope John Paul II. (In 2008, the pope’s longtime private secretary revealed that the pontiff was slightly wounded in the assault.) In 1997, Australian Susie Maroney became the first woman to swim from Cuba to Florida, covering the 118-mile distance in 24 1/2


Labour can’t satisfy all the hungry kids By Josie Pagani

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abour’s election campaign six months ago was defined by two issues that will confront each other next week when it announces its first Budget. First, the Prime Minister’s commitment that child poverty was her motivation for being in politics, which harnessed public impatience with inequality. Poverty and poor housing were the most commonly recited issues in public opinion surveys. Expectations are very high and the Government’s credibility depends on game-changing initiatives as the centrepiece of the Budget. But then the Government staked its reputation on another election commitment – no new taxes. Not the pledge I would have made. After nine years in opposition, the work should have been done to campaign on a defensible tax and spend package that reduced income tax and introduced a tax on unearned wealth, treating all income the same. But it’s a promise locked in political iron now. Set aside mostly partisan bickering over whether or not road user charges or GST on Amazon purchases count as “new taxes” because these issues are relatively fiddling. The tax debate that matters is about redistribution and the proportion of our economy that is transferred through the tax system to reduce inequality or at least reduce poverty. Given the double-whammy pledges not to introduce new taxes and also to run surpluses, the Government’s only options to reduce inequality are to reprioritise spending, use its capital rather than its “grocery” budget, and to be bold in reforming social spending. We have already heard that about $700 million of spending has been re-allocated, which sounds like a lot but against an annual spend on social welfare and superannuation of more than $30 billion it’s too puny to go far. That’s why a very large investment in new housing and infrastructure is the logical priority for social investment. To simplify a little, when you spend $100 to build a house you also create an asset worth $100, and so your surplus remains the same. The Government can invest heavily in house building or infrastructure

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Saturday, May 12, 2018

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The Government simply won’t have enough money to re-cut the pie to ensure all the hungry kids get enough of a slice. without blowing its fiscal limits, and doing so achieves substantial social gains for the people housed. The Government potentially also racks up wins in reduced rent-subsidies for landlords, and in job creation because house building is one of the most employment-positive things we can do. But while a huge Governmentled housing project can make a life-changing difference for a lot of people, the Government on its own can’t come close to building enough. That’s because the crisis in housing affordability ultimately works as a rough indicator of inequality. When huge numbers of us can’t afford to own a house, and many families can’t even afford to rent, then too small a portion of our economy must be going to incomes. Let me put that the other way around: our economy produces enough wealth to build enough houses, so if many families can’t afford housing they are not getting an adequate share of the economy. We don’t have a housing problem. We have a wage problem. The Council of Trade Unions has pointed out that working people’s share of the economy has fallen from around half 30 years ago to barely 40 per cent

today, a difference in wage packets of $20 billion a year, which is worth $6000 to $10,000 a year to an average family. That is wealth our economy produces each year, but is no longer going to working people. The Government can’t fix wages in its budget. Only significant changes in the way wages are agreed between working people and employers will increase returns to work compared to returns to capital. Awkwardly, expectations of wage increases in the public sector are high, which further reduces the Government’s room to supplement wages through initiatives like KiwiSaver and Working For Families. Not much cash is going to be left for the hard up and those kids in poverty. The obvious and moral choice is to make social spending more effective. The Labour-led Government should be prepared to learn from some of National’s ideas around devolving the delivery of care and social spending to local communities. As we have seen in Maori development (with some spectacular results), and mental health care (with mixed results), devolving responsibility to communities empowers them to solve their own problems. The last National Govern-


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ment took ownership of the very “Labour” concept of subsidiarity, where decision-making and resources are handed over to communities who understand their problems better than anyone in Wellington. Labour needs to reclaim devolution. After 30 years of attempts to more efficiently target social spending, poverty traps, unfairness and generational inequality call for change. What most people receiving social assistance need is more money in the right place. The Government simply won’t have enough money to re-cut the pie to ensure all the hungry kids get enough of a slice. Devolution of services and targeting funds would mean more effective use of existing spending. If facebook can work out which kitten videos you want to see, then the Government’s data should be able to work out who needs the most support. - NZME Josie Pagani is a former Labour Party candidate. The views, opinions, positions or strategies expressed by the author and those providing comments are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, positions or strategies of the Ashburton Guardian Co Ltd or any employee thereof

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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Spotify cuts R Kelly

President Donald Trump, accompanied by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (back), shakes hands with former North Korean detainees Kim Dong Chul, with Kim Hak Song, upon their arrival, yesterday at Andrews Air Force Base. PHOTO AP

Spotify has removed R. Kelly’s music from its playlists, citing its new policy on hate content and hateful conduct. A spokesperson said yesterday that Kelly’s music is no longer available on the streaming service’s owned and operated playlists and algorithmic recommendations. His music will still be available, but Spotify will not promote it. Kelly’s representative didn’t immediately respond to an email seeking comment. The new policy defines hateful conduct as “something that is especially harmful or hateful,” such as violence against children and sexual violence.


Trump, Kim set a date US President Donald Trump says his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will occur June 12 in Singapore, a high-stakes step in his bid to curb the rogue nation’s nuclear weapons programme. Trump made the announcement via Twitter just hours after welcoming home three Americans held captive for more than a year in North Korea. “The highly anticipated meeting between Kim Jong Un and myself will take place in Singapore on June 12th,” Trump wrote in his tweet. “We

will both try to make it a very special moment for World Peace!” Trump had floated other possible locations, including the demilitarised zone between North Korea and South Korea, where Kim met last month with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, which he said held the potential for being a “great celebration”. But White House aides have been eying Singapore, a tiny island nation of 5.6 million that boasts one of the most advanced economies in Southeast Asia.

Singapore maintains diplomatic relations with North Korea, which has an embassy and ambassador in the country. Singapore’s ambassador based in Beijing also is responsible for Pyongyang. “Singapore is an ideal location for this summit,” said David Adelman, an attorney at ReedSmith who served as US ambassador to the nation from 2010 to 2013 under former president Barack Obama. “Really since its founding, Singapore has carefully cultivated a reputation where East meets West,” he said.

“They take great pride in being a friend to all. And they’ve done a great job doing so.” The country has been the site of other high-profile summits. It plays host to an annual regional security conference, called the Shangri-La Dialogue, which usually draws the US defence secretary and top officials from China and other nations. In 2015, Chinese President Xi Jinping and then-Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou met in Singapore, the first meeting between the leaders of those two countries in seven years. - AP


Killers of students dissolved 12 victims in acid A drug cartel’s assassins who killed three film students apparently mistaken for members of a rival gang and dissolved their bodies in acid did the same thing to nine other people, authorities said. Interior Secretary Alfonso Navarrete said investigators had detected DNA from 12 separate people in residual fats found at a location where one of the killers confessed to having dissolved bodies in sulfuric acid. Navarrete did not say whether any of the DNA profiles matched those of the three film students who were abducted March 19 on the outskirts of the western city of Guadalajara. He did say that three of four suspects in the students’ abduction and killing had been arrested. The three students were unwittingly working on a film project for school at a house that was apparently being watched

In this file photo, a protester holds up a piece of cardboard marked with a -3, in reference to the three film students killed by drug cartel assassins, in Mexico City. by members of the Jalisco New Generation drug cartel. The house had once been used by a rival drug gang, and the Jalisco cartel apparently suspected the students were part of that gang. One suspect said the cartel killed the students after interro-

gating them and then dissolved their bodies. The DNA findings lent more credence to the tale told by a young rapper who said he had been employed by the cartel to dissolve bodies. That suspect, Christian Omar

Palma Gutierrez, is a 24-yearold rapper who built a YouTube channel with more than a halfmillion views based on songs describing an anguished, violent life of drugs and crime. Palma Gutierrez confessed to working for the Jalisco New Generation cartel, Mexico’s fastest-growing and most violent gang, as what the gang calls a “cook”. By his account, for 3000 pesos a week, he dumped bodies head-first into acid baths set up in water tanks in the yard of a cartel safe house. He would come back after two days – after the acid had done its work – and open drain valves to release the fluid into the storm drain, and remove remaining sludge to dump it in fields. However, some sludge remained in the bottom of the tanks, and that is apparently where investigators found the DNA. - AP

‘Pulling back the curtains’ Lorde has assured fans she’s “more than okay” after her mysterious social media activity made them concerned. The Kiwi pop star deleted almost all of her Twitter and Instagram posts over the past week, leaving just three messages up on each account. It came after a social media storm erupted over her controversial post that featured a picture of a bathtub and some Whitney Houston lyrics. Fans of the late singer, who died in a bathtub, accused Lorde of being insensitive, and she apologised. But after fans spoke out in concern over the deleted posts, Lorde was forced to speak up on a fan’s Instagram account. She explained she was “pulling back the curtain again”.

There’s life after koalas Relax, John Oliver fans. He’s not really quitting. It was all a joke. The host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight said he’d achieved all he’d wanted for the show by having an Australian animal hospital’s special ward to treat a chlamydia outbreak among koalas named for him. “Goodbye, forever, everyone,” he said as stagehands broke up the set around him. “I regret nothing. I regret nothing. My work here is done.” That inspired a wave of social media posts among fans wondering if he was serious. No. It’s a comedy show, after all. HBO said he was scheduled to be back on the air next week.


Saturday, May 12, 2018


Dam bursts, homes swept away Villagers said it started with a loud rumble, then houses collapsed one by one under an approaching wall of water. “We took our children and rushed to higher ground,” farmer Joseph Maina told The Associated Press. Their home was submerged and their crops were washed away but unlike dozens of others, they survived. At least 44 were dead and another 40 were missing after a dam swollen by weeks of seasonal rains burst in Kenya’s Rift Valley, sweeping away hundreds of homes and sending people fleeing, officials said. At least 20 of the dead were children. “Many people are missing. It is a disaster,” said Rongai town police chief Joseph Kioko. The bursting of the Patel Dam in Solai, Nakuru County, was the deadliest single incident yet in the seasonal rains that have killed more than 170 people in Kenya since March. The floods hit as the East African nation was recovering from a severe drought that affected half of the country. Almost an entire village was swept away by silt and water from the burst dam, said Gideon Kibunja, the county police chief in charge of criminal investigations. Officials said homes over a radius of nearly 2 kilometres were submerged. Forty people have been re-

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In brief Dogs die as punishment The ex-wife of an Oklahoma man facing animal cruelty charges after allegedly killing his teenage daughter’s two dogs to punish her for not doing the dishes said yesterday both of the couple’s children were stunned by the incident. “They are devastated and in shock that their dad would hurt them that way,” said Danielle Depee. “Both my kids never thought he would do what he did.” Her former husband, Jeffrey Don Edwards, was charged on Wednesday. “My kids believe he deserves the punishment he gets,” Depee said. “They want nothing to do with their father.” - AP

US’s oldest person dies

People gather in front of the broken banks of the Patel dam near Solai, in Kenya’s Rift Valley. PHOTO AP

ported missing, Regional Commissioner Mwongo Chimwanga said, while about 40 others were rescued from the mud and taken to local hospitals. The area has seven dams used by a commercial farm, said Keffa Mageni, an official with an advocacy group that helps to resettle displaced people. With the heavy seasonal rains the dams do not have an outlet, he said.

“There are two other dams which are leaking,” one resident, Stephen Nganga, said. He asked the government to investigate them for the residents’ safety. Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi, visiting the scene, said the government had launched investigations to determine the stability of the other dams. Nakuru County Governor Lee Kinyanjui said water from one

of the other dams will be discharged to avoid a disaster and that a village near that dam will be evacuated. More than 225,000 people in Kenya have been displaced from their homes since March, according to the government. Military helicopters and personnel in the past week have been deployed to rescue people marooned by the flooding. - AP



New leader shows that 92 isn’t really so old

Ebola outbreak claims first life

The longtime strongman was born when silent films still packed movie theatres and Adolf Hitler was still a fringe politician. It was 1926, and his homeland was known as British Malaya. Now Mahathir Mohamad is 92 years old. He is also Malaysia’s newest prime minister. It’s been 37 years since he first had the job, and 15 since he retired from it. All of that raises an obvious question: How old is too old to run a country? Mahathir, for one, insists he has time left. “I am, of course, quite old. No, I am very old,” he said in an April interview. “But I can still function.” He’s right about that. Mahathir has had two coronary bypass surgeries, but still has a reasonably full head of hair. He has a forceful presence, a love of political brawling, and a fondness for jokes. He could easily pass for someone 20 years younger. He doesn’t hide his age. “Young leaders do not have sufficient background,” he said in the interview. “And not many people with experience have survived. I have survived.” He looks young – or at least far younger than he is – and he acts young. The mental and physical frailties that batter many people in their 70s seem to have left Mahathir alone. In part that could be personal discipline. Mahathir was a doctor before becoming a politician, and he regularly recites his rules for keeping young: don’t eat too much, exercise and read.

Mahathir Mohamad smiles during a press conference in Kuala Lumpur. There was also a strain of nostalgia that ran through Malaysia’s election campaign. Mahathir was an authoritarian ruler, muzzling the media and making the judiciary a tool of the government, but he also transformed Malaysia into a modern nation with a comparatively strong economy. “We are concerned about his health and not his capability,” said M.K. Lum, a bank employee and Mahathir supporter. “If he has received the people’s mandate and he is willing, why not?” Mahathir emphasised his age in campaign videos that tugged at voters’ heartstrings. “I am already old,” he said to a young girl in one video, tears brimming in his eyes. “I haven’t much time left. I have to do some work to rebuild our country; perhaps because of mistakes I, myself, made in the past.” - AP

Congo’s minister of health yesterday announced the first death since a new ebola outbreak was declared in the country, as well as nine other cases of people sickened by a haemorrhagic fever that is suspected as Ebola. Health officials declared an ebola outbreak in the country’s northwest on Tuesday after lab tests confirmed the deadly virus in two cases from the town of Bikoro in the Equateur province. Officials from the World Health Organisation and other international health agencies are in the area to help contain the outbreak’s spread. Seven people with a haemorrhagic fever, including two confirmed cases of ebola, were hospitalised in Bikoro as of Thursday, according to Health Minister Oly Ilunga. The death happened overnight at a hospital in nearby Ikoko Impenge hospital that also reported four new suspected cases of ebola, Ilunga said. Ilunga said the patient who died was a nurse. Three other nurses also were being treated for a haemorrhagic fever, he said. The minister clarified that testing still must be done in nine cases, and equipment to conduct rapid testing on the patients has been dispatched. “This situation worries us and requires a very immediate and energetic response,” he said at a news conference. The two ebola cases were confirmed as the Zaire strain after officials in the capital, Kinshasa, were alerted early this month to the deaths of 17 people from a haemorrhagic fever and travelled to the Bikoro area to perform tests. - AP

A 114-year-old Pennsylvania woman who was the oldest person in the United States has died, according to a funeral home. The Robert D Heath Funeral Home in Mount Union said that Delphine Gibson died earlier this week. Lessie Brown, of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, 113, is now believed to be the oldest American, according to the Gerontology Research Group in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Gibson, who had been living at a Huntingdon nursing home since 2004, when she was 100, attributed her long life to good food, her faith in God and her church. - AP

Seven found dead Four children are among seven people found dead at a rural property south of Perth. West Australian Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said officers were called to the property in the Margaret River area at about 5.15am yesterday, and described the deaths as a “significant tragedy”. “Police are currently responding to what I can only describe as a horrific incident,” he told reporters in Perth. He said two bodies were located outside a building, while five were found inside. Two firearms were located at the scene. Perth homicide detectives are helping local police in the investigation. - AAP

Asked to leave Guatemala has asked Sweden and Venezuela to remove their ambassadors from the Central American country, accusing them of interfering in its internal affairs. A government press release said Guatemala wants Swedish ambassador Anders Kompass and Venezuelan diplomat Elena Alicia Salcedo to depart. Kompass is a well-known diplomat and human rights defender. A few days earlier he had announced Sweden’s financial support for a United Nations-sponsored commission investigating corruption in Guatemala. - AP

Five killed in blast Police say an explosion at a hotel has killed five people from one family and wounded two other people in northwest Pakistan. Peshawar city police chief Qazi Jamilur Rehman said a fire followed the explosion but was extinguished by firefighters. Guests were evacuated from the hotel in the Bilal Town neighbourhood. The explosion and fire occurred on the fourth floor of the hotel. - AP

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Saturday, May 12, 2018


Estate agent slept at home for sale An Auckland real estate salesman busted spending the night at an apartment set for auction the next day has been found guilty of disgraceful conduct. “Do I just grab my stuff and run,” he texted his colleague after being discovered. “I’m in the bathroom hiding. “Do you reckon I could say I know the owners or something. Or run?” Former Bayleys real estate agent Geoffrey Mairs was photographed leaving the Mission Bay property on the morning of the auction in February 2017 after the owner’s mother noticed someone had been sleeping in one of the bedrooms. The apartment had been staged with furniture for the auction, including two blow-up mattresses piled on top of each other to appear like a bed. But the woman and her friend immediately noticed the mattresses had been disturbed when they entered the bedroom, according to a Real Estate Agents Disciplinary Tribunal judgment

dated April 27. The woman’s friend also thought she could hear someone in the shower.

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The pair then went outside and called another Bayley’s agent to ask if someone had been allowed to sleep in the apartment.

The owner’s mother then “heard the door to the apartment open and a man came out”, the judgment said. The woman quickly photographed Mairs as he exited the home and spoke to him about returning the apartment keys. Mairs claimed he was due to show someone around the property that morning, before he returned to grab his things from the apartment and left the keys on a wall. The woman phoned police, who later located Mairs outside the cinema at the Mission Bay shops. Mairs later claimed the agent in charge of the Mission Bay property, David Anderson, had given him the apartment’s keys the previous night and allowed him to sleep in it. But Anderson denied this, saying he had been home with his wife. The next morning Anderson said he received two missed calls and four texts, according to the judgment.

The tribunal found the texts indicated Mairs had likely accessed the apartment without Anderson’s knowledge. Mairs had hoped to have the charge of disgraceful conduct against him dismissed, but the tribunal upheld the charge and said it would take 21 days to consider a penalty. Mairs accessed “the property for his private advantage and in a way which was plainly un-authorised”, the judgment said. “This was serious misconduct which in our view would be regarded by reasonable agents of good standing and members of the public as being disgraceful.” Bayleys group licensee Tony Bayley said the company contacted the property owner the moment it heard of “Mair’s [sic] inappropriate behaviour”. The company “took all steps possible to remedy Mairs’ indiscretion, then immediately notified the REA of the incident,” he said. Mairs resigned from the agency immediately. - NZME

Case of mystery bullion in Queen Street safe heads to court A dispute over the ownership of hundreds of thousands of dollars in gold and silver found in the safe of collapsed Queen Street firm Forex Brokers is heading to the High Court. Liquidators believe that the firm, which failed last April and owes creditors $13m, had been insolvent for at least four years prior to its collapse due at least in part to speculative foreign exchange trading. The Serious Fraud Office has been investigating the company, and its sole director and shareholder Russell Maher, since June. Liquidators Christopher McCullagh and Stephen Lawrence said in their third report released yesterday that they had recovered a “quantity of gold and silver bullion” from the company’s premises, but ownership of it had been claimed by an unnamed

third party. It is understood the precious metals – worth hundreds of thousands of dollars – were found inside a locked safe in the company’s office. Liquidators said this third party had provided insufficient evidence to establish ownership, and an application had been made to the High Court in Auckland to resolve the dispute. McCullagh and Lawrence said a review of the company’s books had found long-running problems. “In our view the company has

been insolvent since at least 1 April 2013. We have established that during the past four years prior to liquidation the company has been incurring significant losses,” liquidators said. “We believe that these losses were due to inefficient business arrangements, insufficient profit margins, speculative foreign exchange trading and payment of business expenses.” The reports notes 96 unsecured creditors were claiming $12.8m, but with the poor state of the company’s finances they did “not anticipate there will be sufficient funds recovered to make a distribution of significant value”. A large number of Forex Brokers were importers – particularly motor-vehicle traders – who relied on the company to pay overseas suppliers. - NZME


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Contractors fired by text and emojis Some of the former contractors to a Fletcher Building-owned concreting business in Australia were given the sack via a text message, signed off with emojis. Queensland’s Daily Mercury understands about some workers were told by a Rocla supervisor that their services were no longer required on Wednesday, after the company had laid off five workers, stood down 12 casuals, and cut 10 positions several months ago. Workers contracted out to

Rocla claim they were informed of the news by labour-hire company CHAMP Resources hours after an initial text message. “Alright boys, u may have heard already u may have not, but Rocla prestress is no more [sic],” the message read. Rocla, an Australian concrete company, is owned by Fletcher Building. Bruce Nicholson, general manager of Rocla Pipelines, said: “On Wednesday Rocla announced 11 staff would be stood

down on full pay due to changing workflows. This news was not announced by text and the text referred to did not come from Rocla. We are working to redeploy Rocla staff or explore alternatives that would see their welfare come first,” Nicholson said. A Rocla worker, who asked not to be named, said rumblings began about three weeks ago when a contracting engineer asked for the paperwork needed to certify the concrete pylons being built were up to official standards. - NZME

Saturday, May 12, 2018


Ashburton Guardian 23

College A’s Poppy Kilworth looks to get the ball in to her shooters under pressure from Southern A’s Anna Tonks during College’s win over Southern A on Thursday night. PHOTO ERIN TASKER 100518-ET-0011

Southern feels the axe BY ERIN TASKER


Southern A will drop out of Mid Canterbury Netball’s ACL premier one competition at the end of the first round, after falling to a 38-27 loss to Ashburton College A on Thursday night. The loss means Southern are winless with only one match remaining in the first round and even a win in that last match wouldn’t be enough to save them from automatic relegation which awaits the bottom placed team at the end of the round. They will be relegated to premier two, while the top team from premier two will automatically be promoted to premier one. New club Mt Somers look destined to be that team, moving up after maintaining their unbeaten start to their inaugural season with a fine 31-25 win over nearest

rivals Celtic B on Thursday night. It was a night of big match-ups all round, with Celtic A and Methven A also facing off in premier one in what was a repeat of last year’s final, which Celtic A won. It was Celtic who came out on top this time around too, ensuring their unbeaten start to the competition continued with a strong 37-20 win. The other match of the round between United A and Hampstead A was expected to be tight, but United pulled away to a fourgoal lead at quarter time and had extended that to 16-10 at half time. A strong third quarter extended United’s lead and by full time it was 38-23. United A coach Claire Smitheram said goal shoot Olivia McLennan had a top game, helped by impressive feeding by Alice Hamill and Jazzlyn Leonard, while

goal keep Anna Edzes made life difficult for Hampstead’s shoots. “She took so much ball off Hampstead. “Their shooters can be pretty accurate and our defence certainly made quite an impression there,” Smitheram said. “I thought it was going to be a very tight game and in fact it could’ve gone either way, but I was really proud of that performance, the whole team really stepped up.” Smitheram said that she was in the fortunate position this season of struggling to decide on her starting line-up until close to game-time, such was the depth of United’s squad. Hampstead A coach Janene McDowell the game got away from her side quickly. She made a few changes but every time they started making some headway, United A pulled away again.

McDowell said her side struggled to get the ball into the shooting circle, and when they did, had trouble converting the points. In the final matches of round one before the automatic relegation and promotion, Hampstead A will play Celtic A, Methven A play Southern A and Ashburton College A play United A. In premier two Mt Somers will look to finish their first round unbeaten with a win over Ashburton College B, while Celtic B will need a big win over Southern B to challenge Mt Somers for that premier one spot. At the other end of the table three teams – Southern, Rakaia and Celtic C – are tied on four points, meaning who will drop down a grade will depend on Thursday night’s matches. Rakaia A and Celtic C play in the other last match of the round.

Sport 24 Ashburton Guardian

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The need for


By Erin TaskEr


hen Tawny Wagstaff is hurtling down the side of a snowy peak at upwards of 200km/h his mind is completely on the job at hand. It has to be. One slight wrong adjustment or unexpectedly big bump on the slope can spell disaster. For Wagstaff, a 39-year-old stonemason from Methven, going as fast as he possibly can on a pair of skis is what he’s all about and, fortunately, he’s come through his first couple of seasons as a competitive ski racer unscathed and ready for more. He knows he’s got the ability to top 240km/h, and how much further he can go only time will tell, but he’s got the world record of 254km/h in his sights. Having competed his mandatory season in the S2 category in Canada two New Zealand summers ago to qualify for the top S1 category, Wagstaff jetted off to Europe in January for three months on the world speed skiing circuit and his first shot at the Speed Masters, held on the fastest speed skiing slope in France. He had big goals. “I always aim to win, and then see where you get. “You can’t aim for anything less because if you do you’ll find yourself further down the pack,” Wagstaff said. On the track in France a skier could hit 200km/h within seven seconds of starting. Wagstaff set off hoping to hit top speeds of up to 240km/h, and managed 219km/h on the first day of the Speed Masters before the weather packed in. Heavy snow fell that night and by the time they got skiing again a few days later, the trail just wasn’t capable of big speeds. The early runs were the best they were going to get and the guy who did 250km/h last year only hit 233km/h this year, Wagstaff said. Wagstaff finished happy with his 219km/h, but knew he had more in him. “My personal best before that was about 201km/h that I got really early in the season on the same track in a World Cup race. “I got that 219km/h and reckon that next day would’ve been a 240km/h day.” Still, he finished the World Cup series in an impressive sixth place.

Some speed skiers could ply their trade for 10 years and only just manage 200km/h, so Wagstaff knew he was lucky. His natural ability has served him well. Wagstaff has always been at home on the snow. He first put on a pair of skis at around the age of five and never looked back. There wasn’t much he hadn’t done when it came to snow sports, but he only discovered speed skiing a couple of years ago. After a season spent simply going as fast as he possibly could at Mt Hutt, flying down slopes at up to 130 or 140km/h, he realised he was a natural. He started looking into it further and found out there were national and world records, and discovered the world cup circuit. The fields he’s competed in weren’t huge. There was about 40 people in the S1 and

S2 categories, he said. “There’s only about 40 people in the world that want to throw themselves down a mountain,” Wagstaff joked. But that’s effectively what speed skiing was. The feeling you got from it was hard to explain, but Wagstaff said most people knew that feeling of putting their hand out the window at 100km/h. Now imagine that car was travelling at 200km/h. That hand was like a speed skier, battling air pressure and bumps and trying to keep his shape as much as possible. It was all about aerodynamics. Wagstaff and his fellow racers needed to be as streamlined as possible. They wore rubber suits, specially designed helmets, and leg fairings – streamlined shapes fitted around thei legs.

I always aim to win, and then see where you get

Their skis were almost 2.4 metres long. Big speeds could mean big crashes, but the injuries weren’t necessarily as severe as some may think, due to the suits they wear being slippery. They were designed to slide instead of grab, if a skier did go down. Fortunately, Wagstaff was yet to test that theory. “I’ve probably done 100 runs over 150kmh/h over the season. I had one run at 170 where I was close to crashing, but I do a lot of one ski training and that pretty much saved me,” he said. Speed skiing didn’t come cheap. With the gear, the travel and the cost of living on the road, Wagstaff estimated his latest trip cost around $30,000. He had some help – Intercoll paid for his flights, Peter May helped with some of his gear, and Mt Hutt has been awesome, he said – but generally funding and sponsorship weren’t easy to come by so he footed most of the cost himself. There was a little bit of prize money on offer on the circuit, but that wasn’t huge. For Wagstaff, he does what he does for the love of it. He has dreams. The world record might be a way off yet, but the New Zealand record currently sits at 176km/h, and Wagstaff is confident he can break that. It could even be done at Mt Hutt; staff groomed up a trail for him at the end of last season and while the speed wasn’t measured, he felt he’d got to 160 or 180km/h. “I reckon that’s got potential for 200. “I could do 180km/h here this season,” he said. Surprisingly, there’s not a huge difference in the feeling you get once you hit the big speeds, Wagstaff said. “Once you’re over 180 or 190km/h you don’t really notice the speed so much. You do notice it’s bumpier and there’s maybe a bit more air pressure to push in to,” he said. He hopes things are set to get a whole lot bumpier too, with hopes of heading back to Europe for another season in the S1 class early next year, and dreams of hitting that 250km/h mark. He knows it won’t be easy – only five or six people have ever done it – but Wagstaff’s determined.


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In brief

Shaking misconceptions An 0-7 record to start the season isn’t the ideal situation to be faced with, but Hampstead coach Shaun Bovey prefers to look at the positive progress that’s been made as opposed to the obvious negatives. The term transitional in the rugby scene is an all to common one – but Hampstead 2018 is at the extreme level of the word due to the fact they’re not only looking at plenty of new faces in their squad, they’re also trying to adopt a whole new culture to shake the preconceived opinion about them. And while the results certainly haven’t gone their way, the feedback to the club is worth celebrating. “We’ve had opposing teams commending us for the way we have approached games and for the fight that we have put in,” Bovey said. “We are also hearing good things from referees, whereas in the past I think there might have been a bit of a fear there about officiating in matches involving Hampstead.” Time is always going to be this side’s best friend and Bovey

Ashburton Guardian 25

is conscious that people will be looking at their result line and naturally assuming that it’s the same old Hampstead as it’s always been. But Bovey is keen to shake that misconception. “This side is making massive improvements as the season goes, I couldn’t be prouder of them. We are fighting right to the bitter end and giving it our everything knowing that in time the results will eventually come. “And as a whole we are changing the way the club is, we want our games to be family friendly occasions where people can come along and enjoy a great game of rugby.” There is one problem at the moment though – and it’s one completely out of the control of Bovey. Mycoplasma bovis is having a major impact on player availability with the meat works going at full steam to try and keep up with the demand of having entire herds culled. “We are really struggling this week, but we’ve called some guys in and look set to be able to put together a really strong forward

pack, so hopefully we can be competitive. “There’s no real end in sight at the moment for it though, we thought when the second chain shut down for the season we’d be ok, but this has come in off the heels of it and is having an impact. But these are the things we have to deal with and we refuse to let it get to us.” Today Hampstead face Glenmark – a tough opponent who are sure to push them, but the big focus is on their final two matches of the Combined Country Rugby competition against West Melton and Ashley. “They are both games we have

an eye on and both games we should be competitive in and we see them as a really good stepping stone towards the Watters’ Cup. “And if we keep showing the improvement that we are seeing now, we might surprise a few later in the season I think.” Today’s major clash is a huge local derby between old foes, Rakaia and Methven, at the Rakaia Domain. After a narrow victory last week, Rakaia will be keen to push for a top two spot in their section while Methven will be looking to build on their momentum from a big win last weekend. Southern have a big challenge too against Darfield out at Hinds. The Southern lads have a chance at pushing for a semi-final spot if they can pull off a win against the strong Darfield side. Celtic face a tough ask as they look to continue their outstanding season when they take on Waihora at Celtic this afternoon. The green and white machine has been ticking along very nicely this season and Shane Enright will require one big push from his lads today to knock off a potential championship winning side.

Crusaders wary of Tahs The Crusaders are scotching suggestions Super Rugby has turned into a two-horse race with the Hurricanes, and are even wary of a late Australian revival. The eighttime champions are short-priced favourites to stretch New Zealand’s trans-Tasman winning streak to 39 games when they host the NSW Waratahs on Saturday. A 55-10 mauling of the Rebels suggests the Crusaders are hitting their straps. - AAP

Smiths on sideline Queensland’s Smith twins have incurred the wrath of coach Brad Thorn, who has dropped them for the clash with the Sunwolves as punishment for skipping training commitments. JP and Ruan Smith have been bench weapons this year for the Reds but the South African-born pair haven’t been considered for selection by Thorn for Saturday’s Tokyo match. - AAP

New-look Chiefs All Blacks duo Brodie Retallick and Nathan Harris have returned to replenish the Chiefs’ starting forwards pack for their clash against the Stormers in Cape Town. The pair have been called back into the starting group which has seen a reshuffle in the pack. Impressive lock Tyler Ardron will move to the No.8 jersey. - NZME

Sport 26 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, May 12, 2018

In brief


Wall takes top award A legend was unveiled, and sporting stars crowned at the Mid Canterbury Sports Awards last night at the Hotel Ashburton. A good crowd turned up for the Sport Mid Canterbury evening, with the sports of rowing and shooting featuring prominently throughout the night’s proceedings. Rowing superstar, Veronica Wall emerged on top of a hotly contested Senior Sportsperson of the Year award, fending off the strong challenges of John Snowden, Lucinda Askin and Devaun Thompson to claim the prize – a year after winning the Junior Sportsperson of the Year Award. Wall’s meteoric rise in rowing continued over the past 12 months, including more Maadi Cup success with her dominant display in the single sculls culminating in her rowing the fastest time in a single sculls race in the world – and her selection into a national side, a sure-fire stepping stone toward the elite team in the future. Young shooting prodigy, Lanelle Millar McArthur was awarded the title of Junior Sportsperson of the Year for an incredible 12 months staring down the barrel. Millar McArthur has been in devastating form in the past year winning not just age group events, but also open events against both men and women to see her sitting right up the top of the tree in terms of her ability across the country. The Junior title was a tight-knit affair with runner-up prizes given to rowing’s Mollie Gibson for her outstanding season on the water and multisport star Matthew Clough. Rowing took out the Junior Sports Team of the Year award with the Ashburton College Girls’ Coxed Quadruple Sculls of Wall, Gibson, Lara Biggs, Emma Stagg and Harriet Leverton taking home the trophy. Although Wall was entered in the senior category, she was allowed to be a part of the junior sports team award due to the fact she was competing as part of a school team. The Methven Men’s Fours Bowls team won the Senior Sports Team of the Year for their effort of getting through to the national final. Shooting’s Steve McArthur took a tight race for Coach of the Year while Jacob Gray and Kevin Opele took home the respective Official of the Year Awards. Matthew Clough and Brea Roderick won the Sporting All rounder titles for their efforts in multisport events. The Special Olympics Swimming team went home with awards too as the winners of the Athlete’s With A Disability division, the team comprised of Emma Woods, Trevor Nish, Peter Testa. A new category this year was the Masters Award for achievement in Masters events.

Super league ‘inevitable’ Arsene Wenger believes it is inevitable that a European super league will soon be introduced – and that the Premier League will suffer as a result. The outgoing Arsenal boss feels Europe’s elite clubs will fight for the introduction of a continental, weekend league to curtail the success of the English top flight. Wenger, 68, will leave the Emirates Stadium after a reign lasting almost 22 years when the season ends away to Huddersfield. But the Frenchman is predicting a massive overhaul of football in the near future, with Premier League fixtures relegated to midweek slots. - PAA

Man United stays second Manchester United secured the point they needed to finish second in the Premier League with a dull 0-0 draw at West Ham United yesterday. There were few chances in a tepid first half, though Alexis Sanchez forced a good save from West Ham keeper Adrian. Manchester United, 19 points behind champions Manchester City, moved four points clear of third-placed Tottenham Hotspur with one game left, and will play Chelsea in the FA Cup final on May 19. - DPA Lanelle Millar McArthur – Junior Sports Person of the Year.

The Methven Men’s Fours took the Senior Team of the Year title.

Above: Veronica Wall carried on her stellar rowing career last year.

Croquet’s Sue Lamb, a South Island and New Zealand champion took out the award. Michael Baker, Daniel Baker, Erin Connelly-Whyte, Helen Harnett, Rachel Law and Sally Rhodes were all recognised for their efforts as volunteers. One of the real highlights of the night was the induction of

Right: Stacey McKircher (nee Carr) pictured in her Black Sticks days.


former national hockey player, Stacey McKircher (nee Carr) as a Mid Canterbury sporting legend for her services to the region through her time at the top level of her sport. Sport Mid Canterbury’s Jan Cochrane said that the idea to introduce the Legends Awards, which saw a banner unveiled was an easy one. “It’s a nice way to recognise those who have been hugely successful and done this region proud,” she said. The other major award for the night, the coveted Robilliard Trophy was awarded to Phil Crozier for his years of service and dedication to the sport of tennis in Mid Canterbury. An active senior A Grade player still, Crozier has given plenty of his time over the years to the continued growth of the sport and the judging panel was unanimous in their decision to make him the 2018 recipient.

Chelsea charged Chelsea have been charged by the English Football Association after players and coaches surrounded referee Lee Mason at half-time during their 1-1 Premier League draw with Huddersfield. The Blues were angered when Mason awarded the hosts a corner but then blew for half-time before it was taken by Willian. Captain Cesar Azpilicueta, midfielder Cesc Fabregas and defender Antonio Rudiger led the protests. Rudiger had to be dragged away by assistant coach Carlo Cudicini. - PA

Villa eye return Socceroos skipper Mile Jedinak and Aston Villa begin their quest for a return to the English Premier League this weekend when they face Middlesbrough at the Riverside Stadium. Villa, who finished fourth in the Championship table, face Boro, who were fifth, in the first of a two-legged play-off semi-final. One of the giants of the English game, Villa are looking to get back into the top-flight two years after their ignominious relegation. - AAP

Sir Alex out of IC English football legend Sir Alex Ferguson is out of intensive care after undergoing emergency surgery for a brain haemorrhage. Manchester United have announced Ferguson, 76, will continue his rehabilitation as an inpatient at Salford Royal Hospital. The Scot retired as United manager in May 2013 after winning 38 trophies during 26 years in charge. “His family have been overwhelmed by the level of support,” the club added. The family continue to request “vital” privacy as Ferguson enters the next stage of his recovery. The most successful manager in the history of the British game, Ferguson’s trophy haul at Old Trafford included 13 Premier League titles, two Champions League crowns, five FA Cups and four League Cups. - AAP


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Ashburton Guardian 27

Old dogs and the new pups By Eric Thompson


Sheldon Kneale on his way to a second place finish overall in the 2017-18 Drift South Pro Drift Series Championship. PHOTO SUPPLIED


Hooked on adrenalin By Erin TaskEr

For the second year running Sheldon Kneale has finished the Drift South Pro Drift Series Championship as the bridesmaid. But the Ashburton driver is happy with another runner-up finish. For him it’s not so much about winning, as it is about having fun doing what he loves. Drifting is a motorsport where two cars partake in a battle. They each have a turn as a lead car and a chase car. When they’re the lead car they’re following a line set out by judges, and the chase car’s job is to mimic that and try and keep as close as possible without hitting the lead car. With both cars’ wheels constantly spinning and sending up thick clouds of smoke as they speed around the track, the chase car driver has the toughest job as they’re often driving blind, while three judges keep an eagle eye on both drivers’ progress. Sometimes called skid racing, the cars are doing just that – skidding around the track. Kneale said you are effectively out of control due to the loss of traction, but so long as you know what you’re doing, you are in control. “It’s a lot easier than it sounds,” Kneale said. Kneale’s second overall from a field of 45 in only his second season competing at that level

of drifting comes just four years after he first discovered the sport. “This season was my second in the pro class. “Before that I was competing but that was solo pass runs and they were judging us,” Kneale said. “From a mountain biking and skateboarding background, the flow from that going to a car was quite simple, but I really came across it thanks to YouTube and friends who were into cars at the time. “The only sort of driving I had

“It was my boy racer car so to speak. “I bought it and was using it to drive around in. “It was my weekend car, my nice car, and then I got talked into a drift school and went there and the guys who were teaching on the day were surprised by how well I picked it all up,” Kneale said. He did 14 track days in his first year at the age of 19 and was hooked. The Drift South Pro Drift Series Championship is contested over

I’m there to have fun and I’ve got a couple of trophies to look back on when I’m older

done was driving on the road, I’d never done anything like this before. “But the way that I look at it is the flow from riding a mountain bike down hills and around corners and over jumps is very similar to the cars. “It just sort of came naturally to me.” Kneale’s car is a Nissan Silvia. Drifting cars are usually manual rear-wheel drives and Kneale’s Silvia was his road car before he found the sport.

five rounds around the South Island. For the past two years Dan Currie has been the driver to beat and with a bigger budget and a better car, Kneale and his fellow competitors knew they’d be hard pressed to beat him again. A strong final round saw Kneale finish second for the round, and then had to run a final battle to see who would finish second overall with Josh Mitchell, which Kneale took out. Two seasons done, Kneale said

the DINZ Series – a New Zealand series with a pro class and a pro sport class which has rounds in both the South and North Islands – is his next goal. For now though, he’s taking a break, with plans of doing some travelling before coming back with an upgraded car which he hopes will make him even more competitive. There’s drifting series in both America and Ireland that one day he’d love to have a crack at, but it’s a dream that won’t come cheap. With the upkeep of a car and travel, drifting isn’t a cheap sport, and there’s no big prize money packets up for grabs in the racing Kneale does, but that’s not why he does it. “It’s never been about money. “For me it’s more the experience. “I’ve always been into adrenaline sports so that’s sort of why I do it, for the buzz and the environment you’re around,” Kneale said. “If there was (prizemoney) that would just be a bonus. I’m there to have fun and I’ve got a couple of trophies to look back on when I’m older.” Mid Cantabrians will get a chance to see drifting for themselves tomorrow, with Kneale scheduled to perform a drifting demonstration during the Ashburton Car Club’s annual Street Sprints which are running both today and tomorrow at the Riverside Industrial Park.

ell, well, well. I didn’t think Supercars racing could get any better than the opening rounds of the season. More the fool me. Kiwi Scott McLaughlin and longtime V8 stalwart Craig Lowndes proved last Sunday that fiction is stranger than fact. McLaughlin set a record by winning a race from P19 on the grid and in doing so eclipsed the previous Barbagallo record held by Peter Brock. I realise by winning the race McLaughlin got the lion’s share of the accolades, but how about Lowndes coming from the back row to finish on the podium? You can lay all that races’ excitement, drama and heart-inthe-mouth racing at the door of the new qualifying format. Not only has it shaken the grid up for the races afterwards, it’s also allowed some drivers who may not have in the past been at the pointy end to have a crack. And, if the high-profile teams don’t get it right, it’s to the back of classroom for you. If you haven’t seen that race yet, find a rerun and get ready for the ride of your life. McLaughlin and Lowndes passed more cars between them than you’ll see in two Formula One seasons. Speaking of the freight train event, the next follow the leader race is this weekend in Spain. Not much to say really other than it’ll be a two-carriage exhibition between a Mercedes and a Ferrari. One thing I do hope though, is that Kiwi Brendon Hartley can get going and at least have a bit of a battle mid-field, rather than picking up the scraps at the back of the field. Here’s hoping he can at least double his points tally. IndyCar racer Scott Dixon is at Indianapolis this weekend for round five of his championship. He sits seventh 51 points off the lead. It’s unusual to see the fourtime series winner struggle this much at the start of a season, and he had better get a move on if he wants to be in contention for a fifth title later this year. I’ll be following the rest of the season to see whether experience will eventually topple speed and bravado. It would appear we have a budding Hartley or McLaughlin on our hands. Young Kiwi Liam Lawson cleaned up in Formula Ford here in New Zealand, took off for Australia and raced Formula Four finishing second in the championship and is now giving it to a bunch of young European hotshots. He’s racing in the German F4 series where Richie Stanaway and Marcus Armstrong made a name for themselves. He has now notched up three podiums in his first six races. Kenny Smith is a man who knows talent when he sees it, having nurtured Dixon and Hartley as well as many others and he reckons Lawson is the real deal. - NZME

Racing 28 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Southern Icon back on track A first-up trip south signals a welcome return to the racetrack for speedy Matamata galloper Southern Icon. A winner of eight of his 30 starts for Matamata trainer Alan Tait, the six-year-old gelding will tackle the


BNT Group Open 1200m at New Plymouth today in his first race since injury curtailed a summer campaign. “He knocked his leg a while back. It could have been really serious, but we’ve just looked after

Mark Hills rides Southern Icon

Today at Central Southland Raceway

1 13 Humble Ladd (1) fr ...................P Williamson 2 30763 Whatasista (2) fr........................M Hurrell (J) 3 37590 Nottingham K Two (3) fr .................H Hunter 4 92478 Grace O’Malley (4) fr ...................... P Hunter 5 34334 Scarlett Lane (5) fr .................... C Purvis (J) 6 22315 Miss Bamboocha (6) fr ..................... A Milne 7 09006 Barham Belle (7) fr ...............S Tomlinson (J) 8 13622 Zoned Scarlett (8) fr .............M Anderson (J) 9 80546 Ambro Ameigo (9) fr..................M Parker (J) 10 30209 Moniburns (10) fr........................... B Barclay 11 0x896 Topnotch Eagle (11) fr....................K Larsen 12 070x9 The Badger (U1) fr ......................... K Franks 13 L49x7 Sin Bin (U2) fr................C Faithful (J) 4 12.47 TIM VINCE SUPPORTING JNR DRIVERS MOBILE PACE $9000, 4yo+ up to & including r55, with cond. mob. pace jun.d, mobile, 2400m 1 07344 Canardly Remember (1) fr ........M Hurrell (J) 2 26086 Kagee VC (2) fr .........................E Barron (J) 3 64463 Gotta Good Looker (3) fr ..... K McNaught (J) 4 23190 Elva Jaccka (4) fr .................M Anderson (J) 5 30207 The Bull Pen (5) fr .....................M Parker (J) 6 74078 My Georgie Boy (6) fr ...........S Tomlinson (J) 7 83504 Misty Memory (7) fr ................... C Purvis (J) 5 1.19 MARSHALL INDUSTRIES/FARM MACHINERY MOBILE PACE $8000, 3yo+ r50 to r53 mob. pace,2400m 1 20002 Loma Jaccka (1) fr ........................ B Barclay 3 12.17pm MURRAY GRAY MEMORIAL TROT $9000, 2 53463 Franco Huntington (2) fr ......... S Walkinshaw 3 9x180 Go Getta (3) fr ............................R McIlwrick 3yo+ up to & including r55 trot, stand, 2400m

4 76774 Ideal Breeze (4) fr .............................A Beck 5 2051 Dangerous (5) fr ............................... D Dunn 5 18935 Magnetic Watch (5) fr ....................B Orange 6 44794 Broadway Banner (6) fr ........... M Williamson 6 29420 Ansett Flight (6) fr .......................... P Hunter 7 42415 Alfie Romeo (7) fr ..............................A Beck 7 6831P Whata Razzle Dazzle (7) fr ..... M Williamson 8 2x21 Black Ops (8) fr .............................B Orange 8 01146 Tact Maggie (8) fr .................S Tomlinson (J) 9 74715 Ideal For Sure (21) fr ............S Tomlinson (J) 9 09P15 Eastwood Chieftain (21) fr ........M Hurrell (J) 8 3.08pm DRAINAGE & EXCAVATION SERVICES MO10 42321 Easton Foxglove (22) fr .................... D Dunn BILE PACE $9000, 3yo+ r54 to r61 mob. pace, 2400m 6 1.54pm PGG WRIGHTSON MOBILE PACE $9000, 1 90155 Grace Burns (1) fr ................S Tomlinson (J) non-winners 3yo+ mr40 to mr46 mob. pace, 2400m 2 34663 Ossessione (2) fr......................B Williamson 1 59348 Bettors Atom (1) fr................S Tomlinson (J) 3 28430 Errol Finn (3) fr ..............................B Orange 2 20869 I’mallaboutthebase (2) fr ............C Ferguson 4 0x338 Rockaball (4) fr.............................. B Barclay 3 60677 Shindal (3) fr .............................M Hurrell (J) 5 44238 Jody Direen (5) fr .................M Anderson (J) 4 00406 Razcal Alley (4) fr ................... S Walkinshaw 6 15528 Bettor Enforce (6) fr...........................A Beck 5 0085 Doubt Me Not (5) fr ..................B Williamson 7 63408 Southbound Train (7) fr ...................R Swain 6 69300 Fleur Galleon (6) fr .................. M Williamson 8 28841 Alta Shelby (8) fr .............................. D Dunn 7 66440 Theodora Hope (7) fr ........................A Beck 9 84504 Tiziano (21) fr .......................... M Williamson 8 23266 Bettor Rock Again fr ..................... Scratched 9 3.45pm GALLAGHER ANIMAL MANAGEMENT MO9 00 Rakagem (21) fr ............................B Orange BILE PACE $12,000, r64 to r83 mob. pace, 2400m 10 60002 Complete Package (22) fr ............. B Barclay 1 01210 Mach’s Back (1) fr .........................B Orange 11 83073 Betstars Blue Jean (23) fr ................ D Dunn 2 33418 Bontz fr......................................... Scratched 12 89079 Pete’s Dash (24) fr ..........................S Clarke 3 19574 Zealand Star (2) fr ...........................R Swain 7 2.33m RYAL BUSH TRANSPORT LTD NUGGET FI- 4 05194 Gotta Minute (3) fr .......................B McLellan NAL (MBL PACE) $12,000, 3yo+ up to & including r55 5 8x21x Fiddlethefool (4) fr .....................M Hurrell (J) 6 40151 Maidonthebeach (5) fr ............. M Williamson mob. pace, mobile, 2400m 7 70409 Young Conqueror (6) fr.................. B Barclay 1 2 Cool Scooter (1) fr......................C Ferguson 8 47211 Run Boy Run (7) fr ...............M Anderson (J) 2 5431 Vintage Cheddar (2) fr .............B Williamson 9 79221 Especial (21) fr ................................. D Dunn 3 1 Flash Party (3) fr ........................... B Barclay 4 19 Dunrobin (4) fr ...........................M Hurrell (J) 10 4.26pm ADVANCE AGRICTULTURE LTD MOBILE

PACE $9000, non-winners 2yo+ mr47 to mr50 mob. pace, mobile, 2400m 1 0 Schweinsteiger (1) fr ......................H Hunter 2 03 Stunin Joe (2) fr ............................. P Hunter 3 Ava Golden Trio (3) fr ........................A Beck 4 89 Somebeachtodreamof (4) fr .... M Williamson 5 333 I’m Trouble (5) fr .........................R McIlwrick 6 090x3 Running On Empty (6) fr .............B McLellan 7 3658x Mahksman (7) fr ............................... D Dunn 8 Linc N Elle (8) fr ...................M Anderson (J) 9 04 Ranga Roc (U1) fr .........................B Orange 10 Miss V C (U2) fr............................. B Barclay SELECTIONS

Race 1: Superfast Ninja, Riteur, Tolkien, Thunder Buddy Race 2: Iwanadancewitsumbody, Repartee, Cast A Shadow Race 3: Humble Ladd, Sin Bin, Zoned Scarlett, Ambro Ameigo Race 4: Gotta Good Looker, Misty Memory, The Bull Pen Race 5: Tact Maggie, Eastwood Chieftain, Franco Huntington Race 6: Complete Package, Shindall, I’mallaboutthebase Race 7: Flash Party, Dangerous, Vintage Cheddar, Black Ops Race 8: Alta Shelby, Jody Direen, Southbound Train, Rockaball Race 9: Especial, Mach’s Back, Run Boy Run, Zealand Star Race 10: Mahksman, Ranga Roc, Stunin Joe, I’m Trouble LEGEND: X - Spell from racing of at least 3 months P - Retired (or pulled up) from race L - Driver unseated U1 - Unruly beginner {C} - Concession driver {} - Claiming concession driver which allows horse to start one class down

Rotorua gallops Today at Rotorua Raceway

Racing Rotorua Venue: Rotorua Meeting Date: 12 May 2018 NZ Meeting number: 2 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8 Trebles: 2, 3 and 4; 6, 7 and 8 1 12.10pm BURTON CONSTRUCTION 3YO $25,000, 3YO SW+P, 1400m 1 34x71 Karisto d (9) 58.5 ............................J Riddell 2 37064 Haussmann dm (2) 58.5 ...............M McNab 3 331 Comeback d (3) 57.5 .................R Elliot (a1) 4 8x315 Lala Land d (7) 57.5 ........................S Collett 5 1 White Shield t (5) 57.5 ................ D Johnson 6 4x310 Whenharrymetsaddle d (1) 57.5 ..... T Harris 7 47x65 Inca Warrior m (6) 57.5 .................. A Calder 8 43733 Ladynadel tb (4) 56.5 .................M Cameron 9 45152 Tia Celeste d (8) 55.5 ..........T Newman (a4) 2 12.40pm TAUMARUNUI CUP 28 JULY 1560 $30,000, Rating 85 Benchmark, 1560m 1 6x064 Admiral m (2) 60 ....................J Fawcett (a2) 2 3489x Jochen Rindt tm (6) 59.5.............T Thornton 3 x5306 Athena Baby (9) 56.5 .......................S Rusof 4 57x78 Leeds m (8) 56.5 ..............S Weatherley (a1) 5 3147x Banbury Lad m (7) 56 ...............T Wenn (a3) 6 590x2 Grand Rio tm (4) 56 ...................M Cameron 7 7x848 The Kipling Girl (3) 54 .....................S Collett 8 75236 Santiago t (5) 54 ......................... D Johnson 9 28121 Ambitious Winner (1) 54................M McNab 3 1.15 CRAIG THOM MEMORIAL 1215 $22,500, Rating 65 Benchmark*, 1215m 1 3213x Cossastock (5) 59.5 ........................M Vance 2 47x25 Ottavio tm (8) 59.5 .....................R Elliot (a1) 3 6x1 Beale Street 59 ............................ Scratched 4 64540 Breezon (14) 59 ............................O Bosson 5 30x27 Direct Capital (4) 58.5 .....................J Riddell


over the rail onto the inside track and then jumped over the next rail onto the two-year-old grass and knocked his fetlock quite badly. “It’s been a slow road back, but his X-rays are really good so it’s all go for his return.” - NZME

Winton harness

Winton Harness Racing Club Inc Venue: Central Southland Raceway Meeting Date: 12 May 2018 NZ Meeting number: 7 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 8, 9 and 10 1 11.27am WINTON NEW WORLD SUPERMARKET MBL TROT $9000, non-winners 2yo+ mob. , 2400m 1 79 Super Fast Pat (1) fr ...................... B Barclay 2 8202 Superfast Ninja (2) fr .....................B Orange 3 259 Tolkien (3) fr ...................................K Larsen 4 54427 Pegasus Hanover (4) fr ..............R McIlwrick 5 800 Wee Man Trouble (5) fr..................... D Dunn 6 3 Riteur (6) fr .............................. M Williamson 7 070 Our Emirate (7) fr .....................B Williamson 8 07060 About Last Night (8) fr ............... H Clarke (J) 9 84004 Thunder Buddy (21) fr .......................A Beck 2 11.52am LAMB & CATTLE GRAZIERS MBL PACE $8000, 3yo+ r40 to r49 mob. pace, 2400m 1 30443 Ideal Conquest (1) fr ..................... B Barclay 2 87694 Man I’m Good (2) fr ............................ A Kyle 3 63699 Repartee (3) fr ..................................A Beck 4 35790 Martin McGuinness (4) fr ........ M Williamson 5 30009 Bold Ruler (5) fr.............................. P Hunter 6 05200 Double Rainbow (6) fr ...................... D Dunn 7 96664 Iwanadancewitsumbody (7) fr ........K Larsen 8 59251 Cast A Shadow (8) fr.................M Hurrell (J)


him and given him time,” said Tait’s wife Galene, who shares ownership in the sprinter with Mike Collinson. “He’s always been a bit of a demon. We were starting to gallop him one morning and he jumped

6 74533 Wonder Woman tdb (9) 58 ...............S Rusof 7 0550x Sapphire Sky tm (15) 57 .................S Collett 8 31334 Walkin’ By (17) 57 ........................... T Harris 9 6x315 Zappeur t (11) 57 ........................ D Johnson 10 2079x Charli Rose m (10) 56.5 .............M Cameron 11 5880x Hungry Eyes m (2) 56.5 .................. S Spratt 12 678x9 Liquid Inspiration tmb (16) 56.5 D Danis (a3) 13 5150x Santa Monica td (3) 56.5................... D Hain 14 0137x Icing On The Cake m (18) 56 ......C Lammas 15 x036x Raspberry Sweet m (6) 56 ............M McNab 16 0x540 Conjuring (13) 56 17 750Px Elettra td (7) 56 18 1x09x Ironbark m (19) 57.5 19 x769x Electrode (12) 55 20 6x946 Milly Moo m (1) 54 Emergencies: Raspberry Sweet, Conjuring, Elettra, Ironbark, Electrode, Milly Moo 4 1.50pm VAN DYKS FURNISHING 2200 $22,500, Rating 65 Benchmark*, 2200m 1 76422 Epae Road td (2) 60.................... D Johnson 2 70691 He’s No Saint (14) 59 .......S Weatherley (a1) 3 930x2 Suliman m (13) 59.......................T Thornton 4 30461 Bugs Moran t (1) 58.5 ...................O Bosson 5 64531 Deejay Mac (6) 58.5 ......................M McNab 6 49763 Valante (11) 58.5.............................J Riddell 7 78x09 Iffitel m (12) 57.5 ........................M Cameron 8 36997 On Parole dm (3) 57.5.................... A Calder 9 55397 Divine Duke (4) 57.5 ...................C Lammas 10 10375 Raise The Phantom d (9) 57.5 ........S Collett 11 42744 Korakonui b (16) 57......................... T Harris 12 64556 Touch Of Silver (7) 57 ....................V Colgan 13 05x63 Unveiling (8) 56.5 ....................... L Satherley

14 667x6 Red Tsunami m (2) 54.5 ................... D Hain 15 0x291 Blackjack Man tdm (18) 56..............D Turner 16 45277 Irish Mist tdm (11) 56 17 48064 Storytime t (8) 54 ........................ D Johnson 18 07x06 Good Vibes tdm (4) 54 19 45161 O’Angel d (6) 57 7 3.38 ISCL ROTORUA STKS $70,000, WFA F&M, 1400m 1 29831 Miss Wilson d (3) 57.......................V Colgan 2 1343x Underthemoonlight dmb (11) 57 .C Lammas 3 5110x Nailed It tdm (6) 57 ............S Weatherley (a) 4 x0861 Galaxy Miss dm (4) 57 .............J Fawcett (a) 5 59x23 Deals In Heels tdmb (18) 57 ...........J Riddell 6 17318 Indecision m (10) 57 ...................T Thornton 7 61302 Tomelilla dm (17) 57........................ T Harris 8 32012 Sweepstake b (5) 57 ....................... S Spratt 9 31927 Rosa Carolina (14) 57 ................. D Johnson 10 50241 Bella Court d (7) 57.........................S Collett 11 41314 Flamingo db (13) 57 12 081x1 Rayas dm (15) 57............................D Turner 13 45161 O’Angel d (19) 57 ........................... A Calder 14 16x11 Power O’Hata (12) 55 ................M Cameron 15 05276 Odisha dm (2) 57 16 66352 Nothinglefttolose (9) 57 17 13259 Sound Works dm (16) 57 .................S Rusof 18 77513 Donna Anne Billy tdh (1) 57 19 31043 I See Red d (8) 57 Emergencies: Odisha, Nothinglefttolose, Sound Works, Donna Anne Billy, I See Red 8 4.18pm FAULKNER DRAINAGE 1400 $22,500, Rating 65 Benchmark*, 1400m 1 31623 Soroc dm (12) 60 ............................M Vance 2 43176 Trudeau d (3) 60.........................M Cameron

3 1 Paisley Park dm (6) 59.5 .................S Collett 4 88x13 No Loitering d (10) 59 .............. D Danis (a3) 5 6x145 O’He Can (1) 59 .............................. T Harris 6 328x8 Quantum (17) 59 ....................B Morgenrood 7 22x18 Simply Optimistic b (9) 58.5 .......G Cooksley 8 38733 Impulsive Habit tm (8) 58 ................ S Spratt 9 3529x Master Genie dm (16) 58 ............C Lammas 10 44062 Belle Fascino d (5) 57 ................. D Johnson 11 23x62 Ticket To Ride dm (19) 57 .............. A Calder 12 x3993 Artic Storm (11) 57........ K Chowdhoory (a4) 13 0017x Miss Rippy t (15) 56.5 ......S Weatherley (a1) 14 27x38 Kool Connection m (4) 56 ................S Rusof 15 22480 Honkietonk Tiger (13) 57 16 0080x Masu d (7) 56 17 60975 Star Ella (2) 54 18 1 White Shield t (18) 59 19 4x310 Whenharrymetsaddle d (14) 58.5 20 40403 Maestro Max 56.5 ........................ Scratched Emergencies: Honkietonk Tiger, Masu, Star Ella, White Shield, Whenharrymetsaddle, Maestro Max Blinkers on: Lala Land (R1) Blinkers off: Walkin’ By (R3), Ticket To Ride (R8) Winkers on: Haussmann (R1)

2 49x0x Southern Icon dm (6) 58.5 .................M Hills 1 24x9x Grinner bh (13) 58.5.................. W Pinn (a4) 3 46x64 Salamanca tdm (7) 57.5............. Z Moki (a3) 2 5x963 Taazman (2) 58.5 ........................T Abel (a4) 4 1776x Art Deco tdmh (2) 54 ................ W Pinn (a4) 3 x58x4 Hezhightensile h (12) 58.5 ... T Johnson (a2) 5 32753 Ballybay (4) 54 ........................... A Shin (a4) 4 30 Resurgence (14) 58.5 .................... S McKay 6 72026 Lewis Caroll td (1) 54 ..................... S McKay 5 7 Calvados (1) 58.5 ....................... Z Moki (a3) 7 x0256 Lucyinrio (8) 54 .............................D Bradley 6 0x442 Our Charli’s Angel (9) 56.5......... A Shin (a4) 8 358x9 Rosewood tdm (9) 54 ....................L Allpress 7 09x43 Replica (11) 56.5............................ J Parkes 9 60x81 Kitaya dm (5) 54 ........................ R Scott (a4) 8 37x54 Lorde Have Mercy bh (10) 56.5 ....L Allpress 9 935x5 Old Countess m (4) 56.5 ........... T Miles (a4) 7 3.59pm ENERGY CITY FORD OPEN $35,000, OPEN 10 0x956 Blue Rata Anna (3) 56.5 ...............M Tanaka HANDICAP, 1800m 11 86x Our Matriarch h (7) 56.5.....................M Hills 1 61311 Overtheriver (3) 62 ....................... Z Moki (a) 12 Acacia (8) 56.5 ..............................D Bradley 2 458x3 Assign dm (8) 60.5 ......................... J Parkes 13 089. Acantabelle (5) 56.5 ............ C O’Beirne (a3) 3 66x76 Duffers Creek dm (6) 56.5...... S MacNab (a) 14 9 She Dares (6) 56.5................... K McCulloch 4 013x0 Danza Lad tm (10) 54 ....................... T Allan 5 2.44 DENIS WHEELER EARTHMOVING 1600 $25,000, 5 220x0 Doiknowyou m (9) 54 ............. T Johnson (a) Rating 75 Benchmark, 1600m 6 58016 Strolling Vagabond m (2) 54..........D Bradley 1 17x11 Capucine (5) 59 ............................. J Parkes 7 87x67 Waipipi Lad mb (7) 54 .............. K McCulloch 2 221x3 Time Bomb tdmh (1) 59 ........... K McCulloch 8 500x8 Mangaroa Flo Jo tdm (1) 54..........L Allpress 3 157x8 Jessiegee d (9) 58.5 .............. K Cowan (a3) 9 850x4 Effectav tdh (4) 54 .........................M Tanaka 4 5534x Big Ben dm (10) 58.5 ................. Z Moki (a3) 10 6846x In A Minute m (5) 54 ...................... S McKay 5 x1035 Fortius m (2) 58..................................M Hills 8 4.39 SEATON PARK 1800 $22,500, Rating 65 Bench6 716x9 Wagner dm (3) 58 ............................. T Allan mark*, 1800m 7 27093 Ali Baba d (4) 57 ............................S McKay 1 0x549 Animator mb (14) 60 ............ T Johnson (a2) 8 1416x Century Miss mb (8) 56 2 087x5 Wazuzu dm (10) 60 .............. S MacNab (a2) 9 2799x Hard To Be Humble dmh (7) 56.....M Tanaka 3 1P13x Bad Boy Brown m (4) 59.5 .. C O’Beirne (a3) 10 1316x Princess Dillon t (6) 56 ..................L Allpress 4 49173 Banstead (18) 59 ...........................S McKay 6 3.19pm BNT GROUP OPEN $35,000, OPEN HANDI- 5 65570 Call Me Irish tdm (5) 59.......... K Cowan (a3) CAP, 1200m 6 x2521 Abacus (3) 58.5.............................. J Parkes 1 120x4 Taurus tdm (3) 60 ........................... J Parkes 7 02326 Luen Yat Miracle 58.5 ................... Scratched

8 6512 Duellicious h (12) 58 .....................D Bradley 9 8x356 Regal Winks (17) 57.5...................L Allpress 10 1x9x4 Mistress Porotene tdmh (6) 57 ......M Tanaka 11 46957 Whipped m (16) 57 .................... Z Moki (a3) 12 5776x Borninasandpit m (11) 56.5 13 13594 Cottoneva th (2) 56.5 ................. A Shin (a4) 14 42974 Wafer b (7) 56.5 .................................M Hills 15 08918 Battle Kat th (9) 56 ................... K McCulloch 16 6x043 Dontbreakmyheart m (1) 58 17 08092 En Suite 55.5 ............................... Scratched 18 147x5 Aongatete Express (8) 57.5 19 Px733 Newstead tmh (15) 57 20 03477 Commander m (13) 56 Emergencies: Battle Kat, Dontbreakmyheart, En Suite, Aongatete Express, Newstead, Commander Blinkers on: Sheriffs Daughter (R2), Alphastar (R3), Rosewood (R6), Regal Winks (R8) Blinkers off: Derecho (R1), Kaliper (R2), Acantabelle (R4), Art Deco (R6), Strolling Vagabond (R7), Animator, Cottoneva (R8) Winkers on: Derecho (R1), Art Deco (R6), Cinkers off: Fashion Sense (R3), Lucyinrio (R6)

14 34988 Wilijonmcbride (15) 56.5 ............R Elliot (a1) 15 442x8 That’s How It Goes dm (10) 55 .T Wenn (a3) 16 87x80 Remind Me Again m (5) 55 ............. A Jones 5 2.25pm CAMPBELL INFRASTRUCTURE ROTORUA CUP $75,000, OPNE HANDICAP, 2200m 1 24012 China Star (2) 60......................... R Hannam 2 78161 Highlad dm (5) 60 ...........................J Riddell 3 21054 Show The World d (8) 59.5 ........M Cameron 4 43611 Blue Breeze dm (6) 58 .................... S Spratt 5 70779 Gentil Tonton tdm (12) 56.5S Weatherley (a) 6 43123 Hunta Pence (3) 56 .........................S Collett 7 22121 Richie McHorse d (7) 56 ............. D Johnson 8 38x14 Youwantmore dm (10) 55 ............... A Calder 9 x0905 Adriatic Pearl m (11) 54.5 ...........T Thornton 10 46131 Joe Cargo (1) 53 .........................C Lammas 11 47x21 Storming The Tower tdm (9) 53 ....... A Jones 12 70x93 Peso tm (4) 53 6 3.00pm RYDGES HOTEL ROTORUA 1400 $25,000, Rating 75 Benchmark, 1400m 1 7x669 Temple Tiger dm (19) 60 ........J Fawcett (a2) 2 641x9 Opera Knight d (16) 58.5 ..............O Bosson 3 154x8 Pacquiao tdm (3) 58.5 .....................J Riddell 4 211x0 Trueman tdm (10) 58.5................C Lammas 5 52x46 Manhattan Flame dm (7) 58............ T Harris 6 30075 Shadows d (14) 57.5 ...........A Schwerin (a3) 7 1120x True Enough t (13) 56.5 .............M Cameron 8 367x6 Itsagem dm (9) 55 ........................... S Spratt 9 13259 Sound Works dm (17) 55 .................S Rusof 10 x2143 Aileen Grace b (15) 54.5 ..S Weatherley (a1) 11 72448 Classic Touch (1) 54.5................. R Hannam 12 77513 Donna Anne Billy tdh (5) 54.5 .....T Thornton 13 31043 I See Red d (12) 54.5......................S Collett


Race 1: Karisto, Ladynadel, Haussmann, White Shield Race 2: Ambitious Winner, Grand Rio, Admiral, Santiago, Leeds Race 3: Cossastock, Wonder Woman, Zappeur, Charli Rose Race 4: Epae Road, He’s No Saint, Deejay Mac, On Parole Race 5: Richie McHorse, Highlad, Blue Breeze, Youwantmore Race 6: Sound Works, Aileen Grace, Shadows, Donna Anne Billy Race 7: Miss Wilson, Deals In Heels, Flamingo, Power O’Hata Race 8: Paisley Park, Soroc, Simply Optimistic, No Loitering

Taranaki gallops Today at New Plymouth Raceway

Taranaki RC Venue: New Plymouth Meeting Date 12 May 2018 NZ Meeting number: 4 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8 Trebles: 2, 3 and 4; 6, 7 and 8 1 12.25pm NZB INSURANCE PEARL SERIES MAIDEN RACE $10,000, MDN 2YO, 1200m 1 2 Sagunto (10) 57.5 ..........................S McKay 2 Sterling Moss (7) 57.5 ...................D Bradley 3 6 Ripnroll 57.5 ................................. Scratched 4 Lx0 Derecho (3) 57.5 ........... S MacNab (a2) 5 0 Gamebreaker (2) 57.5 .......... T Johnson (a2) 6 Wicklow h (8) 57.5...............................C Dell 7 26x Luvlucy (5) 55.5 ............................M Tanaka 8 33. London Express h (4) 55.5........ W Pinn (a4) 9 52 Not Usual June (1) 55.5 ................. J Parkes 10 2. Tutta La Classe h (11) 55.5 ...........L Allpress 11 Glide Queen (9) 55.5 .........................M Hills 12 Aya Sofya (6) 55.5 ................... K McCulloch 2 12.57pm HIREPOOL MAIDEN $10,000, MDN, 1200m 1 0924x Sure He Can b (4) 58.5 .................. S McKay 2 57498 Quaff h (7) 58.5 ......................... W Pinn (a4) 3 The Helix (12) 58.5 ............................M Hills 4 Playing Up (14) 58.5 5 Zeefa Zed h (5) 58.5 ...................... J Parkes 6 4446x Miss Bumblebee (1) 56.5 ..............L Allpress 7 354x Kaliper h (11) 56.5 ........................D Bradley 8 09745 Parka’s Lady (6) 56.5 ..........................C Dell 9 367x Goodnight Irene (8) 56.5 ........... T Miles (a4) 10 6 Te Toro Pearl (2) 56.5 ............... K McCulloch 11 78x67 Capblamo h (10) 56.5 ................ Z Moki (a3)

12 72786 Midnight Poetry (9) 56.5 ................M Tanaka 13 307x6 Reilly Central (13) 56.5 .......... K Cowan (a3) 14 6x0 Sheriffs Daughter (3) 56.5.... T Johnson (a2) 3 1.33pm THE KIWI BUTCHER 1200 $22,500, Rating 65 Benchmark*, 1200m 1 51732 Confessional d (14) 60.5 ............ A Shin (a4) 2 0x601 Simply Impeccable dm (9) 59 3 2521x Field Of Fire h (17) 58.5 ................L Allpress 4 2107x Son Of Surf d (19) 58 ........... S MacNab (a2) 5 460x7 Summer Dale dm (13) 58.................. T Allan 6 x309x Turncoat tdh (8) 58 7 22240 Morweka d (6) 57.5 .............. M Kareem (a4) 8 451x Belle Tem h (20) 57 ................... W Pinn (a4) 9 61x92 Magicella d (18) 57 .......................M Tanaka 10 33471 Crafty Crim d (3) 56.5 11 190x Alphastar d (16) 56 ........................ S McKay 12 3810x Enjoy The Ride tdm (7) 56 ....... K McCulloch 13 0100x Fashion Sense t (10) 56 ......... K Cowan (a3) 14 416x Royal Empress dh (15) 56 ............. J Parkes 15 1x09x Ironbark dm (5) 57.5 16 x769x Electrode (12) 55 17 x590x Cotes De Bourg dm (11) 56.5 18 40x97 Jet Charged m (1) 54 19 00868 Brother One m (4) 55 20 3213x Cossastock (2) 59.5 Emergencies: Ironbark, Electrode, Cotes De Bourg, Jet Charged, Brother One, Cossastock 4 2.07 EVENTS TARANAKI MAIDEN $10,000, MDN, 1600m


Race 1: Tutta La Classe, Sterling Moss, Sagunto, Luvlucy Race 2: Miss Bumblebee, Kaliper, The Helix, Midnight Poetry Race 3: Magicella, Confessional, Crafty Crim, Belle Tem Race 4: Our Charli’s Angel, She Dares, Grinner, Taazman Race 5: Capucine, Jessiegee, Time Bomb, Big Ben, Fortius Race 6: Southern Icon, Salamanca, Lewis Caroll, Taurus Race 7: Assign, Duffers Creek, Strolling Vagabond, Waipipi Lad Race 8: Wafer, Wazuzu, Banstead, Abacus

Sunday racing


Timaru harness Tomorrow at Phar Lap Raceway

Timaru HRC Venue: Phar Lap Raceway Meeting Date: 13 May 2018 NZ Meeting number: 8 Doubles: 2 and 3; 4 and 5; 6 and 7; 8 and 9; 10 and 11 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 5, 6 and 7; 9, 10 and 11 1 11.10am SUPREME EQUINE FEEDS MOBILE PACE $7500, 4yo+ r40 to r55 mob. pace, mobile, 2600m 1 00000 Living Legend (1) fr .....................M Stratford 2 48690 Bettor Backim (2) fr ...........................P Cook 3 08x00 Opawa Mach (3) fr ...........................B White 4 03678 Flamboyant (4) fr ..............................W Frost 5 9x808 Myboylolliepop (5) fr ......................... G Cook 6 73721 Pat Campbell (6) fr ......................... C Negus 7 45008 Eja Patron (7) fr ........................ T Woodward 8 25384 Royal Jester (8) fr..............................A Edge 9 71900 Trailer Park Girl (9) fr ......................S Murtha 10 P7137 Dying To See You (21) fr.................. N Taylor 11 61533 Going To California (22) fr ............. B Wilmott 12 1560x Den’s Legacy (23) fr ................... D Paterson 2 11.35 ALL RACES $3000 BONUS FIRST4S & MORE FM TROT $7500, non-winners 2yo+ trot, stand, 2600m 1 x5753 Cosmic Sun (1) fr ............................. D Dunn 2 46x32 Peggy Nova (2) fr ......................... J Wheeler 3 9x Taimate Angus (3) fr.................. L McKay (J) 4 40374 Lovey Dovey Moment (4) fr ........ D Keast (J) 5 0404 Orlando Magic (5) fr .........................S Ottley 6 5x4 Some Time (6) fr .............................. J Smith 7 5 Folly’s Trouble (7) fr ............................ R May 8 85676 Christmas Babe (8) fr ....................... A Clark 9 Px Pastrana (9) fr ..............................K Hadfield 10 Star Dude (10) fr ........................... T Trathen 11 00x80 One Yankee Son (11) fr .................L O’Reilly 12 09887 Noble Mistress (12) fr ...................M Perriton 13 x000x Little Miss (13) fr .........................T Jellyman 14 66424 Rites Of Zhou (U1) fr...........................K Cox 15 00922 Red Harbour (U2) fr ................ C D Thornley 3 12.00pm SOUTHFUELS BULK FUEL SPECIALISTS MOBILE PACE $7500, up to mr48 mob. pace, 2000m 1 50654 Trompeur (1) fr 2 8 Bhakti (2) fr .............................. J Kennett (J) 3 66022 Firstjoy (3) fr ..................................B Orange 4 7x300 Matau Gem (4) fr.............................. D Dunn 5 39456 Silent Shadow (5) fr ............... J Morrison (J) 6 74986 Gear Change fr ............................ Scratched 7 040x0 Onedin Express (6) fr ...........M Anderson (J) 8 0800x Don’t Tell Ange (7) fr ........................S Ottley


Ashburton Guardian 29

Saturday, May 12, 2018

9 90090 Miranda Cullen (8) fr ...................T Jellyman 10 43785 She’s Outstanding (21) fr ........ C D Thornley 11 06x7 Supreme Lincoln (22) fr ............... S McNally 12 06 Night Lights (23) fr ........................R Holmes 13 0x07 Tribeca (24) fr ............................M Purvis (J) 14 0x245 Reklaw’s Gem (25) fr .......................R Close 15 67386 With The Band (26) fr ....................L O’Reilly 16 884x9 The Kingpin (27) fr ...........................T Healy Emergencies: Trompeur, Gear Change 4 12.25 LASER ELECTRICAL TIMARU MOBILE PACE $8500, 3yo+ r53 to r60 mob. pace, 2000m 1 351P3 Tall Poppy (1) fr ................................S Ottley 2 1902 Bringitonhome (2) fr ......................... D Dunn 3 52741 Better Decision (3) fr .....................B Orange 4 09476 Mr Midnight (4) fr........................M Lewis (J) 5 11785 Nota Bene Denario (5) fr ................T Chmiel 6 17927 Highland Reign (6) fr ............... S O’Reilly (J) 7 15323 Leading The Way (7) fr ....................... R May 8 63505 Martin John (8) fr .............................R Close 9 27660 Westar Sam (9) fr .................M Anderson (J) 5 12.55pm FLAIR (INC) GIRLS ‘N GIGS PACE $8000, 4yo+ r40 to r55 pace inv.d, stand, 2600m 1 4x887 Terrier (1) fr ........................... O Thornley (J) 2 x9595 Sheez Good (2) fr .....................A Tomlinson 3 x9000 Sweet Marylou (3) fr.........................S Ottley 4 07852 Queen Of Glory (4) fr ..........................K Cox 5 97768 Aveross Ferrari (5) fr ........................J Young 6 65408 Jay FM (6) fr .........................S Tomlinson (J) 7 40492 The Go To Man (7) fr ..................M Lewis (J) 8 20030 Stompem (8) fr ..................................... I Lee 9 78952 Take After Me (9) fr ....................... G Chmiel 10 58859 Corena Lea (10) fr......................... K Butt (J) 11 04900 Classie Regal (11) fr .................. L Lester (J) 12 61020 Gotta Future (12) fr ...................... A Lethaby 13 8x600 Out Of Aces (13) fr .................... C Purvis (J) 14 90400 Texas Ruler (14) fr................... S O’Reilly (J) 15 314x9 Lucky Luciano (U1) fr ................ L McKay (J) 6 1.24pm NIGHT ‘N DAY PARK TROT $8000, 3yo+ r40 to r50 trot, stand, 2000m 1 88009 Elvis P (1) fr .................................M Perriton 2 98095 Westy Boyz (2) fr........................B Munro (J) 3 00060 Breaking Bad (3) fr ........................... D Dunn 4 D7064 Geena’s Girl (4) fr .................S Ottley 5 02100 Ideal Invasion (5) fr ............................ R May 6 7890x Wot Up (6) fr................................. S McNally

7 8 9 10 11 12 13

57085 Ali Lindenny (7) fr .................... C D Thornley 70984 My Eyre (8) fr ...................................P Davis 23438 Leo’s Gift (9) fr ............................. G O’Reilly 62860 Don’t Look Back (10) fr ........... M Williamson 00000 Tehoro Tease (11) fr ......................R Holmes 00797 Superfast Maggie (U1) fr ......... A Stewart (J) 66399 Insignificant (U2) fr ...........................J Curtin 7 2.02pm L.J. HOOKER GROUP PACE $7500, nonwinners 2yo+ pace, stand, 2000m 1 My Patronus (1) fr ......................M Lewis (J) 2 53655 Westburn Yield (2) fr .....................R Holmes 3 9x0 All Money (3) fr ............................. S McNally 4 736 Bound To Be Bettor (4) fr 5 3532 Kendra (5) fr ....................................... R May 6 45258 Bronx Village (6) fr .......................... G Smith 7 0 Star Paige (7) fr ................................S Ottley 8 84909 Master Milano (8) fr .......................... D Dunn 9 30646 That Alexander Guy (9) fr..............L O’Reilly 10 66750 Tin Roof Blues (10) fr ................ C McDowell 11 44734 Sounds Bettor (11) fr.....................K O’Reilly 12 Xmas Bay (12) fr .......................... G O’Reilly 13 7x9x8 Moytura (13) fr..................................J Curtin 14 Magical Macca (14) fr ............ J Morrison (J) 15 00000 Franco Hatton (15) fr 16 2 Tinker Tailor (16) fr ........................B Orange 17 0 Amira fr ........................................ Scratched 18 0P9P Ain’t Nothing Bettor (17) fr ...... C D Thornley Emergencies: Bound To Be Bettor, Franco Hatton, Ain’t Nothing Bettor 8 2.37 BROSNAN TRANSPORT MOBILE PACE $8000, 4yo+ r40 to r52 mob. pace inv.d, mobile, 2600m 1 97087 Ildivo (1) fr ............................... S O’Reilly (J) 2 00608 Bird Of Paradise (2) fr ........... O Thornley (J) 3 98079 Aveross Brachole (3) fr .......................K Cox 4 05461 It’s A Deal (4) fr ............................ A Lethaby 5 00000 Living Legend (5) fr ....................M Lewis (J) 6 00506 Kiel (6) fr ..........................................J Young 7 33966 Regal Suzy (7) fr ....................... L McKay (J) 8 01665 Machs Mareta (8) fr...................A Tomlinson 9 96830 Game Changer (9) fr .................. L Lester (J) 10 94000 Clarendon Falcon (21) fr ...................... I Lee 11 91210 Honour The Bet (22) fr .............. C Purvis (J) 12 27900 Sky City King (23) fr .............S Tomlinson (J) 13 34700 Alexy (24) fr ................................... K Butt (J) 14 x5676 Debnita Rose (25) fr.........................S Ottley

13 Reattore (24) fr............................. S McNally 14 60x33 Bella Veloce (25) fr .........................T Chmiel 15 Astrid Farnsworth fr...................... Scratched 16 0 Ideologist (26) fr ...............................J Curtin Emergencies: Gear Change, Trompeur

10 3.52 EQUINE VETERINARY SERVICES HANDICAP TROT $8500, r52 to r70 discrhcp trot, stand, 2000m 1 88785 Momentous (1) fr..............................S Ottley 2 2109 Ardee Trouble (2) fr ....................M Lewis (J) 3 05930 Jean Sebastien (3) fr..................C Markham 4 1x0x0 Fireman (4) fr ............................... G O’Reilly 5 6x486 Agatha Tyron (5) fr ........................P O’Reilly 6 5D149 Time For Diamonds (1) 10 ................. J Ford 7 45941 Westar Maggie (2) 10......................... R May 8 23540 She’s Allthe Craze 10................... Scratched 9 x175x Trick Star (3) 10............................ S McNally 10 47733 Stylish Duke (U1) 10 ............... M Williamson 11 40887 Red Hot Poker (1) 20 ....................... D Dunn

Samantha Ottley drives Cullenmore in the get-out stakes at Phar Lap Raceway in Timaru tomorrow.

9 3.12 RON BROWN JEWELLERS MBL PACE $7500, non-winners 2yo+ mr48 to mr50 mob. pace, 2000m 1 3 Kingslayer (1) fr .................................. R May 2 Its Official Babe (2) fr .............. M Williamson 3 543 Escalera (3) fr ................................. G Smith 4 55 The Crimson Prince (4) fr............T McMillan 5 74986 Gear Change fr ............................ Scratched 6 Gottagettabeer (5) fr .....................B Orange 7 340 Mossdale Art (6) fr ........................... D Dunn 8 9 Nans Choice fr ............................. Scratched 9 35583 Betterthankaty (7) fr .................. R Anderson 10 50654 Trompeur (21) fr ............................L O’Reilly 11 4033 Katamach (22) fr .......................... G O’Reilly 12 337 Demeter (23) fr....................................K Cox

11 4.27pm NEVELE R STUD MOBILE PACE $8000, 3yo+ r40 to r52 mob. pace, mobile, 2000m 1 96830 Game Changer (1) fr ........................P Davis 2 78765 Pegasus Kommander (2) fr ..............J Young 3 90099 Cullenmore (3) fr ..............................S Ottley 4 52686 Handsome Hero (4) fr .................. G O’Reilly 5 40264 Liberal Arden (5) fr .........................T Chmiel 6 608x0 Casino King (6) fr .................... M Williamson 7 30979 Machitelli (7) fr ............................. S McNally 8 8P578 Chitura (8) fr ............................ C D Thornley 9 07150 London Delight (9) fr ........................ D Dunn 10 58242 Johnny White (21) fr .............M Anderson (J) Pacifiers on: Ardee Trouble (R10) Pacifiers off: Don’t Tell Ange (R3)


Race 1: Pat Campbell, Trailer Park Girl, Going To California Race 2: Peggy Nova, Red Harbour, Cosmic Sun, Some Time Race 3: Firstjoy, Reklaw’s Gem, With The Band, Trompeur Race 4: Bringitonhome, Better Decision, Tall Poppy, Martin John Race 5: Lucky Luciano, Stompem, Queen Of Glory, Sheez Good Race 6: Leo’s Gift, My Eyre, Superfast Maggie, Ideal Invasion Race 7: Kendra, That Alexander Guy, Westburn Yield Race 8: Debnita Rose, Machs Mareta, Sky City King, Regal Suzy Race 9: Kingslayer, Mossdale Art, Katamach, Bella Veloce Race 10: Stylish Duke, Westar Maggie, Agatha Tyron Race 11: Johnny White, Chitura, London Delight, Cullenmore

Wairio gallops

Tomorrow at Ascot Park Raceway

Wairio JC Venue: Ascot Park Meeting Date: 13 May 2018 NZ Meeting number: 6 Doubles: 2 and 3; 4 and 5; 6 and 7; 8 and 9 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9 1 12.10pm CP WOOL & SOUTHERNWIDE REAL ESTATE HANDICAP $14,500, R75 Benchmark, 1200m 1 21318 Nightcap d (7) 61.5 ............... S Toolooa (a4) 2 25101 The Czar td (2) 58 .................. B Murray (a3) 3 3844x Absolute Gold d (5) 56 ...................S Wynne 4 68122 Friar Tuck td (6) 56 .................. G Jogoo (a1) 5 81251 Promising dm (3) 55....................K Kwo (a3) 6 79502 Taieri Gem tdm (1) 54.5 ........K Mudhoo (a1) 7 54320 All Dressed Up dmh (4) 54.. R Firdhaus (a3) 2 12.40pm AB LIME FORDES COMPLETE LIVESTOCK MAIDEN 1200M $10,000, MDN, 1200m 1 975 Haywood (13) 58.5 ..........................J Laking 2 8 Benlachie (9) 58.5 ........................K Williams 3 Dundee Flag (12) 58.5 .....................J Lowry 4 Sharp As (14) 58.5 ................K Mudhoo (a1) 5 Twilight Dancer (19) 58.5 ...............S Wynne 6 252x3 Free And Easy (3) 56.5 ................T Moseley 7 0x2 Hiho (5) 56.5 ................................... J Morris 8 08x02 Miss Catherine (8) 56.5.......R Beeharry (a4) 9 3 Picture Me Rollin h (10) 56.5 .. G Jogoo (a1) 10 8844 Tap Tap (4) 56.5 ........................... D Skerrett 11 87 Gallant Suzi h (17) 56.5 ..............L Callaway 12 x7x60 Macpac h (7) 56.5 ................. S Toolooa (a4) Samantha Wynne is down to ride 13 Xanthia (16) 56.5 ...................... S Muniandy Stokers Rock in the Wairio Plate 14 79x Ygritte (1) 56.5 ....................... B Murray (a3) Open Handicap tomorrow. 15 670x Always On Call (11) 56.5 .... R Firdhaus (a3) Emergencies: Always On Call, Never You Mind, Maks 16 0x60x Never You Mind (15) 58.5 Legend, Polly Parker, By Magic 17 0060x Maks Legend (18) 58.5 3 1.10 NIGHTCAPS CONTRACTING WAIRIO PLATE 18 98x87 Polly Parker (2) 56.5 $18,000, OPEN HANDICAP, 1400m 19 488x0 By Magic (6) 58.5 -

1 07801 Lochan Ora dm (2) 60 .................K Kwo (a3) 2 66711 Secret Power tdm (1) 60 ....... S Toolooa (a4) 3 x8509 Stokers Rock m (5) 56 ...................S Wynne 4 25325 Flying Sardine d (4) 55.5........ B Murray (a3) 5 79514 What’s Up Alf tdm (3) 54 .............L Callaway 6 5x175 Shine Bright (6) 54 .......................... J Morris 4 1.45pm TRAVELLERS REST TAVERN TRANSPORT SERVICES MDN $10,000, MDN, 1600m 1 84652 Midnite Kaos (9) 58.5 ...................T Moseley 2 73892 Our Boy Baz (12) 58.5 ........... B Murray (a3) 3 450x4 Beam Me Up Scotty h (1) 58.5.. S Muniandy 4 0x207 Chowder h (3) 58.5 ..........................J Lowry 5 00430 Fly Without Wings (10) 58.5 .A Bohorun (a4) 6 56365 Red Major (2) 58.5 ..........................J Laking 7 7x575 Rock Master h (4) 58.5 ..................S Wynne 8 x0066 Hold The Raddle (6) 58.5 ................ J Morris 9 09 Power Punch (11) 58.5 ...............L Callaway 10 908x9 Runningthegauntlet (5) 58.5 11 x0406 Peggy Stewart (8) 56.5 ...............K Kwo (a3) 12 x9900 Pyjamarama (7) 56.5 .......... R Firdhaus (a3) 5 2.19pm PGG WRIGHTSON & DT KING TRANSPORT HANDICAP $14,500, Rating 75 Benchmark, 1600m 1 x8x46 Lord Beaver mh (7) 59 ....................J Laking 2 80407 Willow t (4) 58.5 ...............................J Lowry 3 68333 Gold’nguru mb (10) 58 .............. S Muniandy 4 50215 Nesta d (1) 58 .............................L Callaway 5 28515 Galway Garry dm (5) 57.5...... B Murray (a3) 6 15595 Rock Solid dmh (3) 55.5 .......K Mudhoo (a1) 7 70x31 Higher Authority dm (9) 54 .............S Wynne 8 29531 The Style dm (6) 54 .....................T Moseley 9 60x06 Miss Norway (8) 54 ......................... J Morris 10 x0407 Squizzy dm (2) 54 .......................K Kwo (a3) 6 2.55pm MAJESTIC HORSE FLOAT & NTHERN STH-

LAND LIVESTOCK $10,000, MDN, 2110m 1 x0026 Wentworth (6) 58.5 ...................... D Skerrett 2 54700 Heel Be Jake (7) 58.5 ..................K Williams 3 70896 Nomen Ludi (5) 58.5 ......................S Wynne 4 30x07 Ringbolt (3) 58.5 ..........................T Moseley 5 6x045 Minue (8) 56.5 ..................... R Firdhaus (a3) 6 07 Choice du Jeu h (4) 56.5................. J Morris 7 00 Highly Royal (1) 56.5...................L Callaway 8 8x0x0 Raison D’etre (2) 56.5 .....................J Laking 7 3.35 ADVANCE AGRICULTURE MCCONACHIE SHEARING HCP $10,000, R65&JMPS Benchmark*, 2110m 1 11x24 Jackfrost m (1) 62 .................K Mudhoo (a1) 2 07312 Sir Ed t (4) 60 ..............................K Kwo (a3) 3 21x06 Gold Leaf m (12) 59.5 ......... R Firdhaus (a3) 4 31273 Mac Murdoch th (13) 58.5 ....... G Jogoo (a1) 5 2x909 Bullitt tm (2) 58 .................................J Lowry 6 40250 Madam De Soir t (3) 57.5...............S Wynne 7 0x014 Chica Rapida tm (15) 57 .............L Callaway 8 30950 Beethoven (5) 57..........................T Moseley 9 68425 Franconi h (10) 57 .....................B Hong (a4) 10 8x08L Gingerbread Man m (8) 57..............J Laking 11 5x772 Yipson mb (6) 56....................... S Muniandy 12 29106 Dowry Duty t (14) 55.5 .................K Williams 13 12x00 Go Go Gonzo m (9) 55 14 60346 All The Drama (7) 54 .............. B Murray (a3) 15 x0407 Squizzy m (11) 55 ........................... J Morris Emergency: Squizzy

4 65404 Timy Tyler tm (3) 54 ............... B Murray (a3) 5 15610 Shakti mh (8) 54...................... G Jogoo (a1) 6 74352 He Ain’t Heavy tm (1) 54 .............L Callaway 7 01451 Tilly Dunnage m (2) 54................K Kwo (a3) 8 42341 Wild Jack m (9) 54 ...............A Bohorun (a4) 9 65x55 King Nero m (5) 54.......................T Moseley 9 4.44pm HOMESTEAD VILLA MOTEL 1400 $10,000, Rating 65 Benchmark*, 1400m 1 24135 Waimate Bill d (1) 60 ............A Bohorun (a4) 2 55321 Yes You Did (8) 58.5 ..................B Hong (a4) 3 3x108 Olaf h (9) 58 .....................................J Lowry 4 00380 The Believer t (6) 57.5........... S Toolooa (a4) 5 5407x Prediction d (4) 56.5........................J Laking 6 987x8 Southern Cool dm (2) 56.5.. R Firdhaus (a3) 7 9x090 Civic Reception m (10) 56...........K Kwo (a3) 8 4088x The Kraken m (12) 56 ............... S Muniandy 9 x976x Doctor Eden m (5) 55.5...............L Callaway 10 08660 Van Gogh m (3) 55................. B Murray (a3) 11 8x904 Royal Dollar (11) 54 .......................S Wynne 12 80080 Velvet Rose m (7) 54....................T Moseley

9 7x865 Granny Magnet nwtd .................... H Mullane 10 61856 Jetsun Doll 31.31 ...........................G Wilson 9 3.43pm PUMP & ENGINEERING SERVICES SPRINT C4, 318m 1 64862 Alyeska 18.54 ...................................B Craik 2 886x1 Bushman’s Idol 18.70.................P Ferguson 3 28373 Mad Harry 18.47 .............................. S Clark 4 17775 Kapai Lana 18.57 R & .........................L Udy 5 1878x Mega Munchies 18.61 U &................Cottam 6 24128 Subzero Princess 18.57 .................C Henley 7 61764 Brotastic 18.57 ..................................B Craik 8 82878 Audrette 18.45...................................B Bond 9 64548 Belcroft Banker 18.15 ................H Laagland 10 88877 Ima Lucky Zarr 18.60 U & .................Cottam 10 4.01pm MT WELLINGTON TAB STAKES C4, 527m 1 17465 Zipping Ringo 30.47 R & .......................Hunt 2 51611 Gotcha Millie 30.80 ...................... H Mullane 3 25412 Uno Twenty Five 30.72 ................... G Farrell 4 13537 Kiwi Gal 30.59 U & ............................Cottam 5 56734 Zipping Vito 30.39 ......................D Schofield 6 61221 Pat Tama 30.60 ................................ S Clark 7 x5212 Zipping Chang nwtd ...................D Schofield 8 63465 Very Choosy nwtd ..........................P Henley Emergencies: 9 61186 Yooldome 30.59 .........................D Schofield 10 x5553 Soaring Hawke 30.57 .....................G J Hore 11 4.18 QUALIFIED PET SERVICES SPRINT C5, 318m 1 21333 Obstinatus 18.25 R & ..................N O’Regan 2 11888 Harry Brown 18.46 ....................... H Mullane 3 13324 Classy Impact 18.35 ....................... T Green 4 13514 I’m A Leo 18.46 ...........................L Laagland

5 6 7 8 9 10

Blinkers on: Haywood, Ygritte, Polly Parker (R2), Rock Master (R4) Blinkers off: Go Go Gonzo (R7) Winkers on: Gallant Suzi (R2), Olaf (R9) Winkers off: Haywood (R2), Rock Master (R4)


Race 1: Promising, Taieri Gem, Friar Tuck, The Czar, Nightcap Race 2: Free And Easy, Hiho, Picture Me Rollin, Tap Tap Race 3: Lochan Ora, Flying Sardine, Stokers Rock, What’s Up Alf Race 4: Midnite Kaos, Beam Me Up Scotty, Fly Without Wings 8 4.12pm PRESTON RUSSELL LAW WAIRIO CUP Race 5: Galway Garry, Nesta, Gold’nguru, Willow, Lord Beaver $25,000, OPEN HANDICAP, 2110m Race 6: Wentworth, Minue, Heel Be Jake, Raison D’etre 1 3x338 Irish Excuse tm (7) 60 ..................K Williams Race 7: Sir Ed, Jackfrost, Chica Rapida, All The Drama 2 59719 The Gordonian tmh (6) 58.....K Mudhoo (a1) Race 8: Irish Excuse, Zentangle, Timy Tyler, He Ain’t Heavy 3 40x31 Zentangle m (4) 55.........................S Wynne Race 9: Waimate Bill, Van Gogh, Prediction, Yes You Did

M9 Auckland dogs Tomorrow at Manukau Stadium

Auckland Greyhound Racing Club Venue: Manukau Sta- 3 8x772 Tilly Toodle nwtd............................... S Clark 1 74334 Red Dot Special nwtd .......................B Craik dium Meeting Date: 13 May 2018 NZ Meeting number: 4 2 14576 See Eye Aye 30.91 ...................... H Mullane 4 Talkabout Sophie nwtd ...................G J Hore 9 Doubles: 2 and 3; 4 and 5; 6 and 7; 8 and 9; 10 and 5 3 66287 Qadir Bale nwtd ......................... G Pomeroy Wairoa Arna nwtd ........................ H Mullane 11; 12 and 13 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 6 23222 C’est L’Amour nwtd ...........................B Craik 4 57556 Go Angel nwtd ............................... G Farrell 11, 12 and 13 5 51832 Talkabout Ziggy 30.95 R & ....................Hunt 7 64423 Crampton nwtd..............................A Cleaver 6 61438 Jetsun Swan nwtd ..........................G Wilson 8 Wairoa Spider nwtd ...................... H Mullane 1 1.17pm (NZT) HAPPY MOTHERS DAY C1, 318m 7 46284 Fushidara 31.29 .............................. L Martin 9 44841 Leezrom nwtd ...................................B Craik 1 25862 Amazing Contact 18.67.....................B Bond 8 63837 Zarzuella 31.28 ...............................S Codlin 55 Bigtime Ollie nwtd ........................ H Mullane 2 42676 Barwon Bandit 18.68..................D Schofield 10 9 36755 Twelve Gauge nwtd ..........................M Black 3 21533 Stay Rich nwtd M & .......................... J Smith 4 2.11pm THRILLING MAY STAKES C2, 527m 10 8x775 Wairoa Wolf nwtd ......................... H Mullane 1 45652 Opawa Loyal 31.12 .......................... S Clark 4 x5314 Mai Meng nwtd..................................B Craik 2 13254 Little Bit Silly 30.80.....................D Schofield 7 3.04 CAROL’S TAB CLENDON INN SPRINT C1/2, 318m 5 78388 Jetsun Bear 18.66 ..........................G Wilson 1 47487 On Demand 18.54............................M Black 3 31166 Atomic Missile 31.27 .................... H Mullane 6 53333 Just A Matthew 18.73.......................M Black 2 16741 Simple Request 18.58.......................B Bond 4 21337 Token Jasper 30.92 .......................... S Clark 7 52176 Atlas Shrugged 18.64 .................. H Mullane 3 74837 Jetsun Jamie 18.73 ........................G Wilson 5 46111 Blocker 30.81 R & .......................N O’Regan 8 58746 Warrior Tony nwtd U & ......................Cottam 4 38686 Was Just Saying 18.59 R &.................L Udy 6 55344 Secret Rory 30.98 .......................... G Farrell 9 787x8 Diva Pose 18.64 M & ....................... J Smith 5 65721 Bodyguard 18.66...............................B Craik 7 26221 Cosmic Barwon 30.92 ................D Schofield 10 46545 Scott No Value 18.51 S H & ..............G Hunt 6 23821 Princess Alea 18.94 .......................C Henley 8 21154 Fancy Fox nwtd ..........................D Schofield 2 1.37pm TROPHIES PLUS SPRINT C1/2, 318m 7 37321 Spider Phil 18.75 R &..................N O’Regan 9 86666 Little Moo 30.50 U & .........................Cottam 1 77166 Finkle Foot Fred 18.62 R & ...................Hunt 8 84655 Bigtime Sophie 18.62 ........................E Potts 2 7776x Bigtime Speedy 18.89 .................. H Mullane 10 55485 Salvarotti 30.70 ..........................D Schofield 3 51375 King Shaq 18.45 ............................. T Green 5 2.29pm GREYHOUNDS AS PETS SPRINT C4, 318m Emergencies: 9 F4478 Fantastic Zoe 18.51 ...................D Schofield 1 52443 Ekali 18.42 ..................................... G Farrell 4 12131 Kuridrani 18.71 ..............................A Cleaver 2 17461 Bad 18.41..........................................B Craik 10 52774 Drury 18.41 ...................................A Cleaver 5 48872 It’s Electric 18.61 ............................C Henley 3 56865 Wong Way 18.44 U & ........................Cottam 8 3.21pm CAPABLE LASS STAKES C1, 527m 6 88647 All Hail Caesar 18.58 U & .................Cottam 1 46425 Aussi Joshy nwtd ............................. S Clark 4 11788 Beat The Butcher 18.36 R & ...............L Udy 7 45735 It’s The Lovely nwtd ..........................M Black 2 21345 Jinja Liv 31.08 U & ............................Cottam 5 43417 Bitters 18.59 ..................................... S Clark 8 15245 Nasa 18.78........................................B Craik 3 68634 Bigtime Wayno 31.11 ................... H Mullane 6 82316 Elouera Mist 18.53 .....................P Ferguson 9 F4478 Fantastic Zoe 18.51 ...................D Schofield 4 58455 Bark De Triomphe 31.17 ...................B Craik 7 34445 Highland Laddie 18.32 ................. H Mullane 10 46451 Epic Force 18.63 .......................... H Mullane 3 1.54 DELI’S SPORTS BAR CLENDON INN STAKES 8 61576 Leroy Spirit 18.49 ............................S Codlin 5 57545 Home Bound nwtd .......................... T Green 6 32213 Thrilling Arnold 31.25 ......................S Codlin 9 88877 Ima Lucky Zarr 18.60 U & .................Cottam C0, 527m 7 46854 Barwon Storm 31.33 ..................D Schofield 1 78654 Riccitelli nwtd ................................A Cleaver 10 64548 Belcroft Banker 18.15 ................H Laagland 8 87657 Phuket Paul nwtd S H & ....................G Hunt 2 52365 Billy Bright nwtd .........................P Ferguson 6 2.47pm SHANDELL STAKES C1, 527m

31363 Hallo Star 18.23 R & ...........................L Udy 27F28 On Fleek 18.56 .................................B Craik 11261 Zipping Gabby 18.38 ..................P Ferguson 12222 Kiwi Boy 18.37 U & ...........................Cottam 17324 Formation 18.25 ................................B Craik 71256 Nitrology 18.26 ................................. S Clark 12 4.36pm HEWLETT ELECTRICAL SPRINT C3, 318m 1 87127 Unileven 18.45 ...........................D Schofield 2 8x872 Fantastic Lucy 18.22 ..................D Schofield 3 72477 Vee Marina nwtd U & ........................Cottam 4 58551 Ice Princess 18.75 ......................... G Farrell 5 87316 Nangar Panther 18.53 ................D Schofield 6 17142 Bright Boy 18.75 ...............................B Bond 7 37813 Barwon Annie nwtd ....................D Schofield 8 78x86 Bigtime Sneaky 18.63 .................. H Mullane Emergencies: 9 11213 Majik Mikado 18.64 ...........................B Craik 10 85236 Waerenga Star 18.63 U & .................Cottam 13 4.52pm JACK’S WHOLESALE MEATS C1, 318m 1 83324 Ken Wilde 18.53 ........................... H Mullane 2 81586 Bright Concept nwtd R &.....................L Udy 3 76634 Agistri 18.68 ................................... G Farrell 4 34421 Zipping Andre 18.67...................D Schofield 5 38477 Going Bananas nwtd........................M Black 6 17562 Parra Eels 18.97 R & ..................N O’Regan 7 68833 Fancy Gas 18.70 M & ...................... J Smith 8 25117 Hot Mayhem 18.69 U & .....................Cottam 9 42x58 Billy Bullet 18.68 ...........................H R Scott 10 75482 Mobility Scooter 18.81 .....................M Black LEGEND: fsdt - First Start Here nwd - No Win this Distance fstd - First Start This Distance 31 13 - Best Winning Time This Track

Racing 30 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, May 12, 2018

In brief


Barclay takes the benefit Brent Barclay is set to become Southland’s leading driver this season following the accident which has felled Nathan Williamson. Barclay and Williamson were locked in a very tight tussle a few weeks ago, but whereas Williamson has been sidelined with a broken foot, Barclay has pushed on with a double at the Invercargill meeting last week to take his tally to 35. Williamson has been left stranded on 33 wins and is likely to be off the scene for at least another month. Barclay has twice been Southland’s leading driver before, firstly back in 2003 when he scored a career best 51 wins, and before Clark Barron began a period of dominance. Barclay has eight drives in the nine races available to him at Ascot Park today and rates the

filly Flash Party in the Ryal Bush Transport Nugget Final as the best of them. She was impressive winning on debut at the Winton meeting three weeks ago for Nathan Williamson, coming from last a lap out to score in a 1.59-mile rate for 2400m mobile, and has a much better draw over the same trip this weekend. “When Nathan had some bad luck, John (co-trainer Price) was pretty quick to book me and I drove her at the Winton workouts for the first time a week ago,” said Barclay. “They went 3.01 home in 56 and 27 and I never pulled her out – she felt really nice. ”I’ve got a pretty good book of drives to be fair but I think she would have to be the best of them.” Flash Party is the third of three straight fillies bred by Price by

Brent Barclay American Ideal from the brilliantly-bred and well-performed Champagne Party, with the first of them being the top filly Democrat Party. Barclay has come up with ace draw for his first two drives and says both Super Fast Pat and Ide-

al Conquest “shouldn’t be too far away”. Trotting mare Moniburns “is probably a place chance at best” in the third event, but Loma Jaccka “is a good each way chance” in the fifth, again after drawing the pole. Complete Package “will need all favours” from a second-row draw in the sixth before Barclay takes the reins on Flash Party in the Nugget Final. “Rockaball is a speedy sort and if I can give him the right sort of run and have one crack at them, he can win. “Young Conqueror seems to have gone off the boil a bit and really hasn’t been the same horse since he got crook during Cup Week.” Barclay’s drives are rounded out by a first starter in Miss V C and “she is entitled to be a bit of a roughie”. - NZHN


Messara confident in racing’s future John Messara has been given the task of reviewing New Zealand’s racing industry and he is confident it has a bright future if his recommendations are implemented. The Arrowfield Stud chairman and former Racing Australia and Racing New South Wales chairman has a close association with New Zealand and he felt obligated to assist when approached by New Zealand’s Racing Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters.

“I received a letter (from Peters) saying we’d love you to come and do a high-level review, on behalf of the Government, of the industry and tell us what you think ought to be done to turn it around,” Messara said. “It was an offer I couldn’t resist from the point of view that I felt confident that I knew some of the things that could be done anyway. “They are part of the racing and breeding family, New Zealand. “I have owned a stud farm there in the past, 20 years ago I had a

holding in Ra Ora Stud. I have got a lot of friends there and a lot of my staff are Kiwis in Australia, so I thought I should do this for them.” He is currently in the initial stages of his review and is set to report back to Peters by the end of the season. A major bone of contention in New Zealand racing is the level of prize money and Messara believes this issue can be turned around quickly. “Look out Australia, New Zealand is back on the march.”- NZME

RACE 3 - PHAT DUCK BREW BAR AND KITCHEN MAIDEN 12, $10,000, 1200m 1-2 Bilbao (2) R Firdhaus 1 10-11 Omar (5) T Jonker 2 2-1 Sharp ‘N’ Silver (9) T Moseley 3 Scratched: Markwood, Miss Brahmos, Always On Call, Mathieu. Also (finish order): 5-4 Pinko Moon, 7-7 Sichuan Dragon, 4-5 Redford, 3-3 Let Her Rip Riley, 11-10 Vouch, 8-8 Diplomat, 12-12 El Campeador, 9-9 Tears In Heaven, 6-6 Whitney, 1414 Don’t Shuffle Me, 13-13 Dream Start. Hd, 3/4L, 1-1/2L. Time: 1:10.43. Win: $3.40. Places: $2.00, $7.40, $1.40. Quinella: $41.70. Tri: $293.60 (2,5,9). First4: $1753.90 (2,5,9,3). Double: $52.10 (5/2+), $106.80 (5/5). Treble: $234.10 (10+/5/2+). Sub: Bilbao (2). Tr: Andrew Carston, Riccarton. Breeding: 4 g Darci Brahma-In Spain (IRE). RACE 4 - HANLEY FORMULA AUTUMN SPRINT CHAMPIONS Q, $11,000, 1200m 2-2 Prince Oz (8) T Moseley 1 6-6 Flytime (7) K Mudhoo 2 3-3 Celtic Cross (2) R Firdhaus 3 All Started. Also (finishing order): 4-4 Mr Conductor, 1-1 Born A Royal, 5-5 Madam Bentley, 9-9 Bridget Town, 7-7 Tiebreaker, 8-8 Mal D’Mour. 1-3/4L, Nk, Nk. Time: 1:09.47. Win: $3.70. Places: $1.60, $3.20, $1.80. Quinella: $21.90. Trifecta: $154.20 (8,7,2). First4: $752.10 (8,7,2,6). Sub: Prince Oz (8). Trainer: Neill Ridley, Riccarton. Breeding: 6 g O’Reilly-Royal Princess. RACE 5 - NZB INSURANCE PEARL SERIES RACE MAIDEN, $12,000, 1600m

3-4 Patricia Rose (2) L Callaway 1 8-6 Ready To Rock (8) J Laking 2 2-2 Mowenna (1) G Jogoo 3 1-1 Mahana (3) S Weatherley 3 Scratched: Eyes Above, Eden Rose. Also (in finishing order): 7-7 Montserrat, 6-8 Smart Garden, 4-3 Pamir, 5-5 Fiendish, 14-14 Rockwithme, 12-12 Fivewayeight, 11-11 Mayfair Madam, 10-10 Live In Hope, 13-13 Kerrytowncharlotte, 9-9 Dylans Pride. Sht hd, Nk, Dead heat. Time: 1:37.24. Win: $6.60. Places: $2.60, $3.20, $1.00, $1.00. Quinella: $43.10. Trifecta: $196.70 (2,8,1), $212.10 (2,8,3). First4: $453.60 (2,8,1,3), $409.90 (2,8,3,1). Quaddie: $3392.40 (5/2+/8+/2). Double: $19.00 (8+/2), $14.50 (8+/8). Sub: Mahana (3). Tr: Pam Robson, Riccarton. Breeding: 4 m Mastercraftsman (IRE)-Vera de Bosset (AUS). RACE 6 - MATT SMITH CONSTRUCTION 1600M, $11,000, 1600m 1-1 Longford (5) J Lowry 1 5-6 She’s A Ripper (8) B Murray 2 8-8 Amun Ra (9) L Callaway 3 Scratched: Milk It. Also (in finishing order): 7-7 Showpin, 4-3 Whispering, 12-11 Sebring Dragon, 10-10 News Flash, 2-2 Long Harbour, 6-5 Why Me, 11-12 Barclay Creek, 3-4 Joby, 9-9 Miss Mia. 1-1/4L, Nse, 1/2 nk. Time: n/a. Win: $2.80. Places: $1.50, $2.90, $4.20. Quinella: $12.30. Trifecta: $245.60 (5,8,9). First4: $1471.10 (5,8,9,13). Treble: $86.00 (8+/2/5+). Sub: Longford (5). Tr: Les and Richard Didham, Riccarton. Breeding: 4 g Cecconi (AUS)-Shezablonde (AUS).

Sherrif is ticking all the boxes ahead of his tilt at today’s South Australian Derby (2500m) at Morphettville. “He’s travelled over really well, the horse is thriving,” Cambridge trainer Roger James said. “The further he has got into his preparation the better he’s handled it. This will be his last run for the campaign. He’s done everything in one preparation and it’s a big ask, but I am confident he is considerably above average. - NZME

Juddmonte progressing A well-related two-year-old is making all the right moves ahead of his debut. Juddmonte was a runaway winner of his 935m trial at Cambridge earlier this week for trainer Andrew Campbell. “He won pretty well and he’ll probably have one more trial before we look for a race for him,” he said. By Cape Blanco, the colt is out of a Danehill mare who is a three-quarter sister to the Group One winners Redoute’s Choice, Al Maher and Platinum Scissors. - NZME

Emperor rules at trials Ocean Emperor took another step toward a Singapore feature with a hit-out at Thursday’s Taupo trials. The Gary Hennessy-trained multiple Group winner sat outside the leader to the turn in his open 1200m heat and lengthened stride in the run home under a hands and heels ride from Shaun McKay to win by a head. “He is in amazing condition and we now have two weeks to fine tune him,” Hennessy said. - NZME

Auret family in form

John Messara

Results from yesterday’s Ashburton gallops The weather was overcast and the track dead4 for the Ashburton Races yesterday. RACE 1 - ASHBURTON RACING CLUB LIFE MEMBERS MDN, $10,000, 1400m 1-1 Monza Circuito (10) K Mudhoo 1 4-4 Platinum Raider (11) R Cuneen 2 3-3 Damanaka (1) J Lowry 3 Scratched: Highland Lady. Also (in finishing order): 9-8 Al Be Civics, 1111 Chorister, 6-6 Perfidia, 7-7 Van Halen, 10-9 Louvres, 2-2 Flash Gordon, 8-10 Whiskey In The Jar, 12-12 Capone In Charge, 5-5 Hadiya, 13-13 Onthesauce. 1-1/4L, 3/4L, 1/2L. Time: 1:23.27. Win: $2.40. Places: $1.20, $3.10, $2.40. Quinella: $12.90. Trifecta: $85.90 (10,11,1). First4: $558.70 (10,11,1,3). Sub: Monza Circuito (10). Trainer: Mike McCann, Riccarton. Breeding: 3 f Showcasing (GB)-Monzahra. RACE 2 - SIMS BAKERY MAIDEN 1400M, $10,000, 1400m 4-4 Riding High (5) C Barnes 1 6-6 Advent (9) D Bradley 2 1-1 Ataahuadreamsrfree (8) S Wynne 3 Scratched: Villeret, Known To Flirt. Also (in finishing order): 2-2 Ivan Kane, 1212 Skedaddle Skedoo, 7-8 Miss Diorella, 8-7 Galisini, 10-10 Eden Rose, 3-3 Itstolate, 11-11 What A Dream, 9-9 Jontys Ace, 5-5 Nakuru. 1/2 hd, 1/2 hd, 1/2 nk. Time: 1:22.20. Win: $15.80. Places: $3.10, $3.90, $1.30. Quinella: $156.30. Trifecta: $950.40 (5,9,8). First4: $3236.10 (5,9,8,1). Sub: Ataahuadreamsrfree (8). Trainer: B & S Anderton, Wingatui. Breeding: 4 g Raise The Flag (GB)-Enzed.

3YO in top order

RACE 7 - SUPREME EQUINE FEEDS 1400M, $10,000, 1400m 8-6 Mossomak (2) S Weatherley 1 2-1 Strowan (1) R Firdhaus 2 1-2 Cabernet (9) J Lowry 3 Scratched: Knight’s Princess, The Tetian Titan, Pinsharp, Zayzay, Justice Well, Bushido. Also (in finishing order): 10-9 Diorissimo, 6-7 Pat In Brackets, 13-13 Richie Rich, 4-4 Ahyum, 9-10 Edward, 3-3 Disruption, 7-8 Scarlet Princess, 5-5 Rosaeflora, 11-11 Jolt, 1212 Stitch, 14-14 Fugawi. Sht hd, 1/2L, Hd. Time: 1:23.05. Win: $21.50. Places: $4.10, $1.50, $1.70. Quinella: $29.30. Trifecta: $367.00 (2,1,9). First4: $2955.60 (2,1,9,12). Double: $44.70 (5+/2), $2.90 (5+/1). Sub: Cabernet (9). Tr: M & M Pitman, Yaldhurst, Riccarton Park. Breeding: 5 g Makfi (GB)-Lichen Moss (AUS). RACE 8 - NUFARM - KAISO INSECTICIDE MAIDEN 2100M, $10,000, 2100m 1-3 Coup Dreamwood (2) S Weatherley 1 11-11 Keyboard Warrior (8) T Moseley 2 2-2 Tatum (12) S Collett 3 Scratched: Raison D’etre. Also (in finishing order): 9-12 Royal Mistress, 7-6 Heza Duke, 4-4 War Hero, 8-8 Measured Twice, 12-9 Mavrick, 10-10 Painted Angel, 3-1 Patromia, 6-7 Mighty Mak, 13-13 Acedecee, 5-5 Producer, 14-14 Brat Pack. 3/4L, 3/4L, Nk. Time: 2:12.20. Win: $3.70. Places: $1.70, $8.90, $1.60. Quinella: $96.10. Trifecta: $983.90 (2,8,12). First4: $5267.60 (2,8,12,14). Sub: Coup Dreamwood (2). Tr: M & M Pitman, Yaldhurst, Riccarton Park. Breed: 3 c Dream Ahead (USA)-Trick Shot (AUS).

Under the Bridge hasn’t wasted any time in getting in on the family action. The Mettre En Jeu four-year-old won at Woodville on Thursday in his second appearance for co-breeder, part-owner and trainer Nigel Auret. The Wanganui horseman has enjoyed multiple stakes success with the gelding’s sister La Fille En Jeu, who is now spelling. Another brother is the Kevin Myers-trained Overtheriver, who will attempt to further his record in the Energy Ford Open at New Plymouth today. - NZME

Dijon off to Australia Multiple stakes-winning filly Dijon Bleu has been sold to Aussie interests. The daughter of Burgundy enjoyed a lucrative three-year-old campaign from Lisa Latta’s Awapuni stable before a leg injury forced her withdrawal from the group one New Zealand Oaks. “She’s been purchased by Kia-Ora Stud in New South Wales,” said bloodstock agent Paul Beamish, who brokered the deal. “She’s going to be an exciting breeding prospect.” - NZME

The Kiwi connection A New Zealand breeder-owner shared in the upset success of outsider Billesdon Brook in the English 1000 Guineas (1600m) last weekend. Greytown-based identity Richard Craddock was as surprised as anyone when the Richard Hannon-trained runner strolled home at odds of 66-1. “She’s a pretty good filly, but I only own two hairs of her,” he said. “A syndicate of friends, who all know the breeder (Bob McCreery), got interested and that’s how it came about.” - NZME



Saturday, May 12, 2018



In brief

Trophy stays in Ashburton The Ashburton Indoor Bowls representative season continued in a winning fashion on Thursday night with a dominant victory over their Ellesmere opponents. Playing for the John Bullock Memorial, the Ashburton side made sure that their domination of the trophy continued once again. Records show that they haven’t lost the annual fixture for the past 17 years, but it is believed it could almost that again back to when they last relented to their closest rivals. Ashburton won the fixture on Thursday night 57 game points to 27 after one round of fours, pairs and singles. The representative selectors always take the game as a good opportunity to look at some of their combinations ahead of naming their eight-person side for the Patterson Trophy, which this year is being played for in Ashburton. Thursday night’s win followed a victory and a loss in two representative fixtures on Sunday in Timaru. Playing for the Hight Trophy and Calder Shield, Ashburton claimed back the Hight Trophy after having lost it over the past two seasons while they lost the Calder Shield after a long day of play. Today a strong contingent of players will head to Christchurch to play in the coveted Women’s 10s at the Christchurch Indoor Bowls Stadium on Kearney’s Road.

The laidback Aussie Back-up hooker Karl Lawton’s energetic Warriors debut won him plenty of fans but it’s his knockabout Aussie slang that’s helped him win over his new teammates. Warriors players rushed in to celebrate with Lawton, after he came off the bench to score two tries in the second-half of last week’s win over Wests Tigers. The 22-year-old Titans recruit only joined the Auckland club a week before the season began on a two-year deal, but his laidback style and quirky catchphrases have generated plenty of laughs around Mt Smart. - NZME

Tedesco finding his feet James Tedesco admits his earlyseason form for the Roosters was disconcerting but reckons he and his team are back as an attacking force in the NRL. Tedesco will play his 100th first-grade match and his 10th for the Chooks when they confront the Warriors at what is forecast to be a wet Mt Smart Stadium today. The former Wests Tigers star produced arguably his best game of the season last week, something he put down to attacking structure tweaks introduced by Trent Robinson during an 11-day break. - AAP

Storm on high alert Melbourne Storm prop Christian Welch is wary of what an out-ofsorts Gold Coast side could produce in response to a shake-up from coach Garth Brennan. The Storm are overwhelming favourites to win the first match of the double-header at Suncorp today. And they may well have the bulk of the Brisbane crowd in their corner, given the presence of Cameron Smith, Billy Slater and Cameron Munster. The Titans stunned Melbourne to win the corresponding fixture last year. - AAP

Right – James Stewart sends down another bowl in Ashburton’s rep fixture with Ellesmere on Thursday night. PHOTO MATT MARKHAM 100518-MM-001

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Ashburton Guardian




Territory Sales Manager Canterbury and West Coast

With a motivated team across New Zealand, including Territory Sales Managers in key growing regions, Syngenta is working with growers and re-sellers to understand and provide innovative solutions to their needs. We bring together leading crop protection products with seed varieties and expert agronomic advice to help farmers grow better crops.

EA Networks, the trading name of Electricity Ashburton Limited, is a locally owned co-operative network company based in Mid-Canterbury. The company owns and operates the region’s electricity distribution and fibre optic communications networks and also operates a successful Field Services business that supports their networks and provides additional services to residents and businesses across the region and beyond. Being a co-operative business owned by its customers, EA Networks has strong ties to the community and are passionate about their business and region. They are focused on delivering safe and reliable network infrastructure that supports the community and the local economy.

This is an exciting growth period for Syngenta with the release of several new products. An extensive amount of local and international expertise is available to assist the Company’s clients and its employees. Due to the incumbent’s relocation to Syngenta Canada, we now have a vacancy for the role of Territory Sales Manager – Canterbury and West Coast. In this role, you will liaise with and support our retail partners, farmers and other industry stakeholders. Your responsibilities will include key account management and sales campaign implementation, as well as participation in industry events and farmer field days.

Due to the upcoming retirement of a long serving board member, EA Networks are seeking to appoint, as per their constitution requirements, a suitably skilled resident of the Mid-Canterbury region as a new Director. Applicants will bring proven governance experience to the role and a strong understanding of governance policies and processes. Electricity sector experience would be beneficial, however it is not a prerequisite for application. Candidates must possess a high level of intellect, well-developed commercial acumen and proven strategic thinking ability and be able to demonstrate how they have contributed to the strategic growth and long-term future planning of an existing business.

Competencies required to be successful in this role include: • An in-depth understanding of arable crop agronomy, including crop protection • Successful sales experience in an agricultural environment • Good retailer and farmer networks • Ability to operate autonomously and contribute to team plans and activities

The Board meets monthly (11 times a year) and this is a remunerated appointment. It is essential that candidates keen to be considered for this position are currently resident in the Mid-Canterbury region.

Syngenta is a people focused company, always aiming to recruit and retain the very best professionals in the crop protection industry. As a part of this strategy, the remuneration and benefits for the role are attractive.

Candidates can download further information and apply online at To apply by email, please attach your cover letter and CV and send to quoting 446336AG. Applications close on 27 May 2018. Emails will be electronically acknowledged and further correspondence may be by email. For more information please phone Nick Gee on 03 353 4354.

To learn more about this key role in strict confidence, please phone Deb Francis on 021 224 5000. Otherwise, forward your CV with covering letter via by Thursday 24 May.

We specialise in agri-business


Ashburton Guardian

Talleys is a successful and well known brand operating several plants throughout the South Island, as well as having many diversified interests in seafood, frozen vegetables, meat and dairy products.


We have a position available for an experienced Mechanic to operate both at our Fairton site workshop, and in the field during our vegetable harvesting season, ensuring our plant and vehicle fleet operates to maximum performance.

Wallace Group LP is recognised as a leader in the primary industry with major investments in service rendering, hides and skins processing and transport.

You'll be converse with working on new and well loved equipment, and some welding and engineering skills would be an advantage, as would a basic knowledge of hydraulics. You will have the ability and integrity to work unsupervised, as well as be part of a team.

The Company wishes to employ a person to fill the position of Rendering Operator within the Rendering Division, based at their Hororata Plant. This is a full time position, which entails Monday to Friday and Weekend shift work. A willingness to work 12 hour shifts and weekends is essential.

Our Ashburton Mechanical Workshop team supports field to factory operations, in terms of ensuring that our varied range of plant and vehicles are maintained and operated according to the highest standards. We also welcome applications from people with more of an engineering/fitting background.

The Fresh Name in the Freezer

The desired candidate would possess the following attributes but the successful candidate will be given full training to achieve the required skills: • Forklift licence • Loader licence • Be able to work unsupervised • Rendering experience would be preferred but not essential • A Mechanical or Engineering background also preferred but not essential The successful applicant will be subject to a pre-employment medical including drug and alcohol test. Applications close on June 8, 2018. Please apply in writing with curriculum vitae and references to: Gordon Henderson Wallace Group LP PO Box 11, Waitoa Email:

Please note, only applicants that are legally entitled to work in New Zealand will be considered for this position. If this position is of interest to you, please forward your CV to Mechanics Position, PO Box 244, Ashburton or email Guardian Situations Vacant

307 7900

All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Buying or selling a vehicle? Call the Guardian today for your motoring advertising requirements. 307 7900


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$25 $50 $75


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Saturday, May 12, 2018




Agronomist Ashburton We are looking for an Agronomist to work in the mid-Canterbury area, based in Ashburton.

Love Children? Want variety? Come and work for Headstart Early Learning Centre!

The company is involved in the processing of potatoes, peas and sweetcorn.

The Fresh Name in the Freezer

• Variety! • Great rate of pay! • Flexible hours! Located in Hinds, Headstart Early Learning Centre offers a full early childhood education to our local community. We are currently recruiting for passionate Early Childhood Education Teachers x 2 to work in our fabulous centre. Candidates must: • Have a New Zealand ECE teaching qualification or recognition of same and be registered with the New Zealand Teachers Council. • Have an absolute passion and dedication for working with babies, toddlers and preschoolers • Be available 5 days per week, between the hours of 8.30am and 5.30pm • Be flexible, reliable, enthusiastic and show initiative We can offer you: Amazing opportunities to help develop children’s learning • Variety! Take the word “boring” out of your working week • Supportive Professional Development to help you flourish, and assist in your development as a teacher • Great rate of pay Does this sound like you? If so, don’t waste any time and apply today! We also have vacancies for relieving teachers, no qualification needed for relieving teachers. To apply, please email Jo Luxton at all inquiries will be confidential.

Our field officers are responsible for delivering technical advice to contracted growers. This advice includes the application of fertiliser, agrichemicals and general husbandry of the contracted crops. You will be an outgoing and enthusiastic individual, with a degree or diploma in Agriculture or Horticulture and/or an appropriate level of field experience.



Call David Rush today on 03 307 1990 for expert REPAIRS LEVEL OF SERVICE advice and a free no obligation assessment. Level 2, 73 Burnett St, Ashburton |73Members of I.B.A.N.Z & Brokernet NZ Ltd. & NZBrokers Bookings essential Level 2, 73 St, Members of I.B.A.N.Zrisk Brokernet 2, 73 Burnett St, Ashburton | Members of NZBrokers Level 2, Ashburton Burnett St,|I.B.A.N.Z Ashburton |& Members of&I.B.A.N.Z Level Level 2, 73 Burnett St, Ashburton |Burnett Members of I.B.A.N.Z & Brokernet NZ Ltd. NZ Ltd. Level 2, 73 Burnett St,

We help save lives every day through the research and development of improved diagnosis, beer prediction and treatment of heart disease in our hospital and community.

We will offer you a competitive salary, including a vehicle and an opportunity to develop your career with a leading NZ company. To apply please send your CV and cover letter to or post to Field Manager, PO Box 244, Ashburton.

Find out how you can help by visiting:

A University of Otago Centre of Research Excellence

Today’s construction is tomorrow’s legacy



We Help Save Lives

   

73St, Burnett Ashburton Members I.B.A.N.Z & & Brokernet Ltd. LevelSt, 2, 73 St,|Ashburton Members of NZBrokers I.B.A.N.Z & NZ Brokernet 2, 73 Level Burnett Ashburton | Members of|of I.B.A.N.Z Level Level 2, 73 Burnett St,2, Ashburton |Burnett Members of I.B.A.N.Z & Brokernet NZ Ltd. NZ Ltd.

Level 2, 73 Burnett St, Ashburton | Members of I.B.A.N.Z & Brokernet NZ Ltd.

Housing Commercial Farm Renovations


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Level 2, 73 Burnett Ashburton Members|ofMembers I.B.A.N.Z & Ltd. LevelSt, 2, 73 St,|Ashburton of Brokernet I.B.A.N.Z & NZ Brokernet Level 2, Ashburton 73 Burnett St, Ashburton |Burnett Members of I.B.A.N.Z & Brokernet NZ Ltd. NZ Ltd. Main South Road, Tinwald, 03 307 90282, 73 Burnett St, Ashburton | Members of I.B.A.N.Z & Brokernet NZ Ltd. Level 73 Burnett St, Ashburton | Members Ashburton | Members of I.B.A.N.Z & Brokernet NZ Ltd.

Contact Des anytime for an obligation free quote on 03 308 9936 or 027 432 3258

of I.B.A.N.Z & NZBrokers


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Sat 12 May Sit Vacant Wed 16 May Sat 19 May Sat 12 May Trades & Services Wed 16 May Sat 19 May Sat 12 May Trades & Services Wed 16 May allSatyour 19 Mayplanting needs

$233.86 $192.50 $233.86 $521.18 $447.92 $free $176.88 $176.88 $free $15.00 $225.00

Looking for autumn planting? WIN a holiday in Fiji - how does that sound? Timaru Herald Perfect for TradeMe Seek

Ashburton Clinic

326 East Street Phone 03 307 8949

*Offer on the purchase of selected hearing aids, valid to 29th June 2018. T&Cs apply.

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PLEASE NOTE: that we have prepared this advertisement proof based o understanding of the instruc received. In approving the advertisement, it is client’s re to check the accuracy of bo advertisement, the media an position nominated. Cancellation of adverts boo media will incur a media ca fee of $50.


Ashburton Guardian

Reconnect with life and be in to win. Purchase hearing aids in May or June and we’ll put you in the draw to WIN a $5000 trip for 2 to Fiji*. Plus you’ll get free care for the life of your devices valued up to $3500!* Now that’s friends for life!

Closin check

Landscaping plants for all projects Ornamental & specimen trees Canterbury’s largest range of natives Hedging & topiaries Fruit & nut plants & truffle inoculated trees

your contact:

Open 7 days

Cnr SH1 & Robinsons Rd, Christchurch P: 0800 800 352

YOU On Sale Sanctuary Wrap $299 .90 Was $139.90 .90 .90 NOW $89

Giftware – Crafts & Hobby Supplies – Collectables & Revamped Furniture 128 Victoria Street, Ashburton | 03 308 2295 |

To advertise here contact Carmen on 021 836 543 or 03 307 7963

just arrived in-store!

YOU by Skechers


Open East Street, Ashburton Mon - Thu 9am - 5.30pm Phone 308 5771 Fri 9am - 6pm Sat 10am - 2pm, Sun 11am - 2pm



Saturday, May 12, 2018




ANNA, lovely attractive and busty with no tattoo’s, clean and straight. No texting. Enquiries welcome. Phone 021 044 0698. NEW to town. A gorgeous Asian, slim, size 8, busty, 40 DD, experienced, caring, good massage. Phone 021 257 1703.

The EA Networks Centre Main and Learners pools will be closed to the public during the below dates and times due to the Ashburton Splash Swim Meet being held:

EXERCYCLE - Wanted modern exercycle, must be in excellent condition. Telephone 027 6024 881. WANTED - Stone jars with names on, old egg beaters, Crown Lynn Swans and dinnerware. Gem irons, bone handled knives, old tools and clean out shed. Phone 0274 301 075 or 308 4870.

TRADES, SERVICES DENTURES. Dr Peter Rumping, retired dentist, continues to provide full dentures. Repairs to existing dentures also available. Phone 027 220 9997.

Situations Vacant

307 7900

• Saturday 19 May, 2018 1.00pm - 6.00pm • Sunday 20 May, 2018 8.00am - 5.00pm





ONE bedroom flat – Tidy, warm and cosy, new heat pump, good area, off street parking, $195 per week, no letting fee. Phone 021 821 466 after hours. TWO bedroom flat to rent, Hampstead area. Has standalone garage. $300.00 per week. Phone enquires to 027 337 1409 or 027 829 0182. WANTED to rent. House in Mayfield area. Please phone 0276 116 113.

Guardian Classifieds 307 7900


Ashburton Guardian


For all subscriber enquiries, missed deliveries, new subscriptions, temporary stops – text, call or email:

Text 021 271 3399 Phone 0800 274 287 Email circulation@



Steve Prescott - Sports Facility Manager

Phone 307-5830 Cnr East St & Walnut Ave, Ashburton

MEETINGS, EVENTS Ealing Library Hall Society AGM Sunday, May 27, 2018 Ealing Hall 7.30pm.


AKAROA - CHARMING, spacious holiday home, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, all electric heating. Sky, all mod cons, short walk to village. Phone Brian 307-8000 or 308-6180.

HEALTH & BEAUTY FOREVER Living has created 100% natural, cruelty-free, health, beauty and cleaning products for 40 years and is now available in Mid Canterbury. Contact your rep. Andrea, for a consultation today. Phone 021 085 31972.


LAMB grazing required. Phone Ian, 0272 302 188.


DRY - Seasoned firewood. Delivered Ashburton District $190 per cord. Call Rowan on 027 814 9836.

SHELLY - Health massage. FOR sale firewood dry blue Open 9am-9pm. Chinese gum, semi dry old man pine, GENERAL hire. Lawn- lady. Ashburton. Phone 022 3.6m². Phone 027 611 3334. mowers, chainsaws, concrete 684 1692. SCOOTER’S - new and breakers, trailers, and more. secondhand three and four All your DIY / party hire, call GRAZING wheel electric scooters and and see Ashburton U-Hire. 588 East Street. Open Mon- GRASS / fattening feed wheel chairs. Call Fred at Electric Fri 7.00 - 6.00pm; Sat 7.30am wanted for store lambs. Reddecliffe - 5.00pm; Sunday 8.30am - Phone Mitch, 027 313 1320. Mobility Ashburton today. Phone 308-3602 3.00pm. – Ph: 308 8061 GRAZING wanted for store lambs. Phone Steve 027 321 6060.


INTERIOR PLASTERING. For all your plastering and Gib stopping requirements. New builds, alterations etc. No job too small. Loyal Interior Plastering; phone 027 384 7118.




WHEEL alignments at great prices. Maximise the life of your tyres with an alignment from Neumanns Tyre Services Ltd, 197 Wills Street. Phone 308-6737.

BUYER of unwanted animals. Cattle, bobby calves, horse and all farm animals. We also sell pet food. Call Nick’s Pet Food 0272 101 621, A/H 03 348 9439.

SILVER brooch, made from four thrupenny pieces. Lost in or near RSA, Cox Street, Ashburton. Please phone 308 6453.


Real Esate 307 7900

GRAZING - Wanted sheep grazing for mob of 300 - 500 . Please call Roger 027 223 0406.

Daily Events SATURDAY 7.30am RUN AND WALK ASHBURTON. Rise and Shine Saturday runners meet at Frontrunner, 7.30am sharp. 28 Moore Street. 9.30am - 12.30pm THE ASHBURTON TOY LIBRARY

SUNDAY 8am ST STEPHEN’S ANGLICAN CHURCH. Holy Communion, Park Street. 8am ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Worship Service with Rev Henry Mbambo at 9.30am. 48 Allens Road, Allenton. 8.30am HOLY SPIRIT CHURCH. Mass, Holy Spirit Church, Thomson Street, Tinwald. 9.30am ASHBURTON METHODIST PARISH. Morning worship with Tevita Taufalele.

MONDAY 6am ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Sweaty Bettys circuit training in hall, 48 Allens Road. 10am MT HUTT MEMORIAL HALL. NZ Alpine and Agriculture Encounter, Art Gallery and hall of memories. 160 Main Street, Methven. 10am

May 12, 13 & 14, 2018

INC. Open for toy exchange, 106 Victoria Street in the Triangle. 10am MT HUTT MEMORIAL HALL. NZ Alpine and Agriculture Encounter, Art Gallery and hall of memories. 160 Main Street, Methven.

10am - 12pm ASHBURTON VINTAGE CAR CLUB. Museum and parts shed open. 86 Maronan Road, Tinwald. 10am - 3pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. A great selection of many aircraft from the past to the future. Ashburton

Airport, Seafield Road. 1pm RUN AND WALK ASHBURTON. Afternoon social meets - runners and walkers. Wakanui School Hall, leave from Ashburton Post Office, East Street, 1pm sharp. 1pm

MID CANTERBURY SOCIAL WHEELERS. 1pm registration, 1.30pm sharp start. Fords Road, Tinwald. 7.30pm ASHBURTON MUSICAL CLUB. May monthly concert “Pot Pourri”, Sinclair Centre, Park Street.

Baring Square East. 9.30am ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Worship service led by Rev Henry Mbambo, 48 Allen’s Road, Allenton. 10am ST PAUL’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Morning worship led by Rev David Coster at St James Tinwald, no service at St Paul’s today. 127 Thomson Street, Tinwald. 10am ST ANDREW’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Morning worship celebrating Mothers’ Day, Sinclair Centre, Park Street.

10am MT HUTT MEMORIAL HALL. NZ Alpine and Agriculture Encounter, Art Gallery and hall of memories. 160 Main Street, Methven. 10am ST ANDREW’S ANGLICAN CHURCH. Holy Communion, Thomson Street, Tinwald. 10am ST STEPHEN’S ANGLICAN CHURCH. Holy Communion, Park Street. 10am ASHBURTON BAPTIST CHURCH. Morning service, all welcome. 67 Cass

Street. 10.30am VICTORY BAPTIST CHURCH. Worship God and study his word. 131 Thomson Street, (Tinwald School hall). 10.30am GRACE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Worshipping God and transforming lives. 63 Princes Street, Netherby. 1pm - 3pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. A great selection of many aircraft from the past to the future. Ashburton airport, Seafield Road. 2pm ASHBURTON COUNTY SCOTTISH

SOCIETY. Ceilidh Concert featuring Bagpipes, local entertainment, Highland Dancing and more. Admission $5. Afternoon tea and raffles. Senior Centre, Cameron Street. 2pm - 3.30pm MID CANTERBURY TIMEBANK LEARNING EXCHANGE. Mothers’ Day jewellery making with Sarah Clifford. Register: https://www. 7pm VICTORY BAPTIST CHURCH. Worship God and study his word. 131 Thomson Street, (Tinwald School hall).

ASHBURTON SENIOR NET. Basics of computing, an introduction. Please bring own devices. Cost $2.M.S.A. Reading Room, Havelock Street. 10am - 3pm AGE CONCERN, 206 CLUB. Fun fill days for 60 years and older, for more information ring 308-6817. Cameron Street. (excludes public holidays).

12pm - 1pm ASHBURTON BAPTIST CHURCH. A Free lunch. Ashburton Baptist Church, entry off Cass Street. 1pm WAIREKA CROQUET CLUB. Weekly Mahjong, counting, come and enjoy! Waireka Croquet Club, The Domain, Philip Street. 1pm - 3pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM.

A great selection of many aircraft from the past to the future. Seafield Road. 1pm - 4pm ASHBURTON DISTRICT FAMILY HISTORY GROUP. Open for research. Heritage Centre, 327 West Street. 6pm BOOTCAMP. Catering for all levels of fitness. Walnut Avenue Pavilion. Contact Georgia 027

688 8686 or Aleisha 027 848 9309. 6pm ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Sweaty Bettys circuit training in hall, 48 Allens Road. 7.30pm CATHOLIC WOMENS LEAGUE. Euchre evening, new players welcome. Holy Name Pastoral Centre, Cnr Winter Street and Burnett Street. (every Monday, excludes public holidays).

Television 36 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Saturday, May 12, 2018 TVNZ 1

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6am Te Karere 3 2 6:30 Country Calendar Catch of the Day. 0 7am Rural Delivery 0 7:30 Infomercials 8:30 Faith In Action 9am Code 1 PGR 3 0 9:30 Tagata Pasifika 10am Tipping Point 11am Border Patrol PGR 3 0 11:30 Coronation Street 3 0 1:55 Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords 0 2:55 Design Junkies PGR 0 3:55 Dream Catchers 0 4:25 Radar Across The Pacific Te Radar explores the Polynesian culture of Hawaii, including the ancient martial art of Lua, kite flying, and the hula, and has a lesson from surfing star Buttons Kaluhiokalani. 0 4:55 The Celebrity Chase 0 6pm 1 News At 6pm 0

6am Paw Patrol 3 0 6:25 Thomas And Friends 0 6:45 Peppa Pig 0 6:55 Best Of Chuggington Collection 0 7:05 Penn Zero – PartTime Hero 3 0 7:30 Transformers – Robots In Disguise 0 7:50 The Legendaries 0 8:15 Pokemon Sun And Moon 0 8:40 We Bare Bears 0 9am Regular Show 3 0 9:10 Walk The Prank 0 9:35 Kirby Buckets Warped 0 10am Fresh 10:30 The Barefoot Bandits 0 11am Melissa And Joey 0 11:30 First Dates New Zealand 3 0 12:30 Survivor New Zealand PGR 0 2pm The 100 PGR 0 3pm Once Upon A Time PGR 0 4pm Dynamo – Magician Impossible 0 5pm America’s Funniest Home Videos 3 0 5:30 M The Fox And The Hound 1981 Animated Adventure. 0

6am Charles Stanley 6:30 The Project 3 News and entertainment show. 7:25 Infomercials 9:30 NewsHub Nation 0 10:30 Married At First Sight USA PGR 3 0 11:30 Dancing With The Stars 3 0 1pm Dancing With The Stars 3 2pm New Girl PGR 2:30 New Girl PGR 3pm The Goldbergs PGR 0 3:30 Come Dine With Me New Zealand 3 0 4pm F Arranged A dinner party unites some of the Arranged favourites to discuss their arranged marriage experience. 0 5pm Survivor – Ghost Island 0 6pm NewsHub Live At 6pm

6am Avatar – The Last Airbender 3 6:25 Ben 10 – Ultimate Alien 0 6:50 Kung Fu Panda – Legends Of Awesomeness 3 0 7:15 League Of Super Evil 3 0 7:40 Duck Dodgers 3 8:05 Max Steel 3 8:30 Henry Danger 3 8:55 The Thundermans 10am Robot Wars PGR 11am The Crowd Goes Wild Omnibus 3 12:30 NRL Try Time 1:30 Football – English Premier League (HLS) 2:30 Storage Hunters PGR 3pm IRT Deadliest Roads PGR 4pm Netball – ANZ Premiership (HLS) The first week of the ANZ Premiership. 5pm Fishing Classics 0 5:30 Prime News 6pm Antiques Roadshow 0

7pm Britain’s Got Talent As the auditions continue, Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, and David Walliams return to the judging panel. 0 8pm L Lotto 8:05 Britain’s Got Talent 0 8:20 The Hotel Inspector 0 9:20 F The Secret AO 0 10:20 Sunday Theatre – Venus And Mars AO 0

7pm M Madagascar 3 – Europe’s Most Wanted PGR 2012 Animated. 0 8:40 M The Guilt Trip AO 2012 Comedy Drama. 0 10:40 M Sahara AO 2005 Action Adventure. 0

7pm American Idol The top 14 perform for the judges and America. 0 8:50 American Idol The top 10 are revealed. 10:30 M Admission AO 3 2013 Comedy. An uptight university worker encounters a teenaged prodigy who may be her long-lost son. Tina Fey, Paul Rudd. 0

7pm Container Wars PGR Mo and the Israelis partner up on a container from Africa; events take a strange turn when an odd collection turns up. 7:30 MythBusters PGR 3 The penultimate episode of MythBusters. 8:35 World’s Greatest AO 0 9:35 Rugby – Super Rugby (DLY) Highlanders v Lions.

12:15 N Indian Summers AO In 1935, a terrorist attack against the British Viceroy of India puts Aafrin in the frame; Cynthia urges Ralph to make a play for the top job. 0 1:25 Emmerdale PGR 3 0 3:35 Infomercials 5:30 The Key Of David

1am Grey’s Anatomy AO 3 0 2:30 The Exorcist AO 3 0 3:10 Once Upon A Time PGR 3 0 4:40 Mike And Molly PGR 3 0 5:05 F Young And Hungry PGR 3 5:30 Beyond The Search

12:35 Infomercials 5am Hillsong 5:30 Charles Stanley

MOVIES PREMIERE 6:25 Café Society MVSC 2016 Comedy. Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart. 8am People Interview – Bryan Cranston 8:50 Ties That Bind M 2010 Thriller. Kristanna Loken, Warren Christie. 10:20 The Infiltrator 16VLSC 2016 Crime. The Fox and the Hound American Idol Bryan Cranston, Diane Kruger. 5:30pm on TVNZ 2 7pm on Three 12:25 Absolutely Fabulous – The Movie MLSC 2016 BRAVO SKY 5 Comedy. Jennifer Saunders, 6am Raw MVC 10am Beverly Hills Joanna Lumley. Pawn 3 10:25 Beverly 1:55 Café Society MVSC 2016 8:30 Smackdown MVC Hills Pawn 3 10:53 The Comedy. Jesse Eisenberg, 10:15 Main Event MVC Dish PGR 3 10:55 Say Yes Kristen Stewart. 3:30 The 11:10 Wild West Alaska M To The Dress Atlanta 3 Good Sister M 2014 Thriller. 12:05 Ice Road Truckers PG 11:20 Say Yes To The Dress Sonya Walger, Ben Bass. 12:55 Deep Undercover MVLC 4:55 Life 16VLC 2017 Thriller. Atlanta 3 11:45 Say Yes 1:25 The Amazing Race To The Dress Atlanta 3 Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal. 12:10 Say Yes To The Dress PG 2:20 Supernatural MVS 6:40 The Girl On The Atlanta 3 12:38 The Dish Train 16VLSC 2016 Thriller. 3:10 Arrow MVS 4pm Wild PGR 3 12:40 Back With The Emily Blunt, Justin Theroux. West Alaska M Ex PGR 3 1:45 How Do I 8:30 The Circle ML 2017 5pm The Amazing Race PG Look? 3 2:38 The Dish PGR 3 Drama. After a programmer 2:40 Million Dollar Decorators 6pm The Simpsons PG gets her dream job at a PGR 3:35 I Found The Gown 3 6:30 Supergirl MVS renowned technical company, 7:30 The Flash M 4:05 I Found The Gown 3 she discovers an agenda that 4:35 I Found The Gown 3 will affect all of humanity. 8:30 DC’s Legends Of 5:05 I Found The Gown 3 Emma Watson, Tom Hanks. Tomorrow M 5:40 Catfish 3 6:30 The 10:20 War For The Planet 9:30 Arrow MVS Getaway 7:30 Below Deck PGR Of The Apes MVC 2017 Action. 10:30 Supernatural MVS 8:28 The Dish PGR 3 Andy Serkis, Woody Harrelson. 11:30 Wild West Alaska M 8:30 Life Of Kylie PGR SUNDAY 9pm Life Of Kylie PGR SUNDAY 12:40 Wandering Eye M 2011 9:30 Southern Charm AO Thriller. Amanda Righetti, 12:30 Supergirl MVS 10:30 Mysteries And Scandals 1:25 The Flash M 2:15 DC’s Krista Bridges. 2:10 The PGR 3 11:30 How Do I Good Sister M 2014 Thriller. Legends Of Tomorrow Look? 3 Sonya Walger, Ben Bass. M 3:05 Arrow MVS SUNDAY 3:35 Life 16VLC 2017 Thriller. 3:55 Supernatural MVS 12:20 Infomercials 3 Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal. 4:45 Ice Road Truckers PG 5am Love It Or List It – 5:20 People Interview – Bryan Cranston 5:35 The Simpsons PG Vancouver 3

11:30 Rugby League – NRL (DLY) Warriors v Roosters. From Mt Smart Stadium. 1:20 Closedown

MOVIES GREATS 6:25 Gattaca MVL 1997 Sci-fi Thriller. Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman, Jude Law, Alan Arkin. 8:10 Red Riding Hood MVS 2011 Fantasy. Amanda Seyfried, Gary Oldman. 9:50 Dodgeball – A True Underdog Story MS 2004 Comedy. Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor, Rip Torn. 11:25 Warrior MVL 2011 Action. Tom Hardy, Nick Nolte. 1:45 Gattaca MVL 1997 Sci-fi Thriller. Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman, Jude Law, Alan Arkin. 3:30 Mirrors 16VL 2008 Thriller. Kiefer Sutherland, Paula Patton, Amy Smart. 5:20 The Losers MVL 2010 Action. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldana, Chris Evans. 6:55 Burn After Reading 16VLS 2008 Crime Comedy. George Clooney, Frances McDormand, Brad Pitt. 8:30 Tears Of The Sun 16VL 2003 Drama. A Navy Seal commander and his team must rescue a doctor from a jungle in war-torn Nigeria. Bruce Willis, Monica Bellucci. 10:35 O Brother, Where Art Thou? MV 2000 Comedy. John Turturro, George Clooney.


6:30 Takaro Tribe 3 6:40 Pukoro 2 7:10 Te Nu Tube 3 7:20 Nia’s Extraordinary Life 3 7:30 Polyfest Kapa Haka 3 7:40 Huritua 3 7:50 Smooth 8am Te Kaea 3 2 8:30 Morena 3 9am Celebrity Playlist 3 9:30 Kai Time On The Road 3 10am KaweKorero 3 12:30 Matau PGR 3 1pm Basketball – Secondary Schools’ Championships 3 2pm The Pits TV 3pm Waka Ama Sprints 3 4pm Get Your Fish On 3 4:30 Marae Kai Masters Special 3 5:30 Te Kaea 2 6pm Pukuhohe 3 6:30 Haka Nation 3 7pm Whanau Factor 3 7:30 Raw PGR 8:30 M Short Term 12 AO 2013 Drama. A supervisor at a group home for at-risk teens connects with a new resident while facing a personal crisis of her own. Brie Larson, Frantz Turner, John Gallagher jr. 10:15 Hunting Aotearoa AO 3 10:45 Te Kaea 3 2 11:15 Closedown

SKY SPORT 1 6am The Kiwi League Show A rugby league lifestyle show that follows New Zealanders plying their trade in the NRL and Super League. 6:30 Rugby League – NRL (HLS) Tigers v Cowboys. 7am Rugby League – NRL (HLS) Friday. 7:30 The World Rugby Show 8am Rugby – Super Rugby (RPL) Blues v Hurricanes. 10am The World Rugby Show 10:30 Haati Grassroots Rugby 11:30 Cricket – IPL (RPL) Rajasthan Royals v Chennai Super Kings. 3pm L Rugby – Super Rugby Sunwolves v Reds. 5pm L Rugby – Super Rugby Crusaders v Waratahs. From AMI Stadium, Christchurch. 7:15 L Rugby – Super Rugby Highlanders v Lions. From Forsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin. 9:40 L Rugby – Super Rugby Brumbies v Rebels. From GIO Stadium, Canberra.


Midnight Rugby – Super Rugby (HLS) Sunwolves v Reds. 12:30 Rugby – Super Rugby SUNDAY (HLS) Crusaders v Waratahs. 12:20 Along Came A Spider 1am L Rugby – Super MV 2001 Thriller. 2am People Rugby Stormers v Chiefs. Interview – Eddie Redmayne 3:10 L Rugby – Super 2:50 Mirrors 16VL 2008 Rugby Bulls v Sharks. Thriller. 4:40 Tears Of The 5:30 Rugby – Super Rugby (HLS) Brumbies v Rebels. Sun 16VL 2003 Drama.

0 Closed captions; 3 Repeat; 2 Maori Language; HLS Highlights; RPL Replay; DLY Delayed. CLASSIFICATIONS: 16/18 Approved for persons 16/18 years or over; AO Adults only; C Content may offend; L Language may offend; M Suitable for mature audiences; PG/PGR Parental guidance recommended for young viewers; S Sexual content may offend; V Contains violence. Local Radio: NewsTalk ZB 873AM/98.1FM FM Classic Hits ZEFM 92.5; Port FM Local 94.9, 98.9 and 106.1

6am American Pickers 7am A Place In The Sun – Summer Sun 8am Colin And Justin’s Cabin Pressure 8:30 Love Nature – Wild Things With Dominic Monaghan 9:30 James Martin’s French Adventure 10:30 Buying And Selling With The Property Brothers 11:30 American Pickers 12:30 Alan’s Garden Secrets 1:30 Big Fish Man 2:30 Sandcastles 3pm Storage Hoarders 4pm The Art Detectives Bendor and Jacky visit the Ulster Museum to see what have long been disregarded as copies of works by Peter Breughel the Younger, and a controversial painting once slashed with a knife. 5pm Auction Hunters 5:30 American Restoration 6:30 Operation Gold Rush 7:30 American Pickers 8:30 M Criminal Activities AO 2015 Crime. Presented with a get-richquick scheme, four friends find themselves embroiled with the Mafia and with an axe hanging over their heads. John Travolta, Dan Stevens. 10:20 The Auction House 11:20 The Art Detectives 12:20 Colin And Justin’s Cabin Pressure 12:50 American Restoration 1:50 M Criminal Activities AO 2015 Crime. John Travolta, Dan Stevens. 3:35 Colin And Justin’s Cabin Pressure 4am Operation Gold Rush 5am American Pickers



6am The Crowd Goes Wild The team presents the best of the day’s sports news. 6:30 #SkySpeed A review of recent motorsport highlights and the progress of New Zealanders on the world stage. 7am Darts – Premier League (RPL) From Aberdeen. 10am Cricket – IPL (HLS) Royals v Super Kings. 10:30 Rugby League – NRL (RPL) Knights v Panthers. From McDonald Jones Stadium. 12:30 Rugby League – NRL (RPL) Bulldogs v Eels. From ANZ Stadium, Sydney. 2:30 L Rugby League – NSW Cup Warriors v Magpies. 4:30 L Rugby League – NRL Warriors v Roosters. From Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland. 7:30 L Rugby League – NRL Storm v Titans. From Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane. 9:30 L Rugby League – NRL Sea Eagles v Broncos. From Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane.

6:35 MythBusters PG Ninjas 2. 7:30 How It’s Made PG 7:55 How It’s Made PG 8:20 Rocky Mountain Railroad PG Bridge Over Hel Creek. 9:10 Alaska – The Last Frontier M 10am The Perfect Murder M Murder Well Done. 10:50 Evil Lives Here M 11:40 New Zealand – Evolution Islands PG The Tuatara. 12:30 Street Science PG 12:55 Street Science PG Tension Demolition. 1:20 Diesel Brothers – Power Hour PG Sema. 2:10 Fast ‘n’ Loud PG Parked in the Keys. 3pm Rocky Mountain Railroad PG Avalanche. 3:50 What On Earth? PG Finding King Arthur. 4:45 What On Earth? PG 5:40 What On Earth? PG 6:35 Gold Rush PG King Kong. 7:30 Treehouse Masters PG The Bird Barn Treehouse. 8:30 Insane Pools – Off The Deep End PG For the Birds. 9:25 Alaska – The Last Frontier M 10:15 Auction Hunters PG Machine Gun Ton. 11:30 What On Earth? PG

Midnight L Golf – European Tour Rocco Forte Open – Round Three. From Verdura Golf Club in Sicily, Italy. 4:30 Rugby – Super Rugby (HLS) Highlanders v Lions. 5am L Motorsport – FIM Speedway World Cup

12:20 Finding Escobar’s Millions PG 1:10 MythBusters PG 2am How Do They Do It? PG 2:25 Alaska – The Last Frontier M 3:15 Treehouse Masters PG 4:05 Treehouse Masters PG 4:55 How It’s Made PG 5:20 How It’s Made PG 5:45 MythBusters PG



SUNDAY | Compiled by

Television Saturday, May 12, 2018

Ashburton Guardian 37

Sunday, May 13, 2018 TVNZ 1


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©TVNZ 2018



6am Rural Delivery 3 0 6:25 Fishy Business 0 6:50 Sunday 0 7:15 Dare To Dream 0 7:40 Tagata Pasifika 8:05 Praise Be 8:35 Waka Man 0 9am Q+A 0 10am Marae PGR 2 10:30 Waka Huia 11am Attitude 0 11:30 Fair Go 3 0 11:55 Coronation Street 3 0 12:55 Tiny House Nation 1:50 First Crossings PGR 0 2:55 Heavy Rescue 401 PGR 3:55 Chasing Monsters 4:55 The Celebrity Chase Eddie Edwards, Michelle Dewberry, Sarah Willingham, and Shaun Ryder set out to win money for charity by outwitting The Chaser. 0 6pm 1 News At 6pm 0 7pm Country Calendar Paradise Found. 0 7:30 Sunday 0 8pm Coast New Zealand 0 9pm F Bancroft AO Bancroft must reveal carefully-kept secrets about her past; what really happened to Laura Fraser, and why, is revealed. 0 10:05 Seven Types Of Ambiguity 0

6am Miles From Tomorrowland 3 0 6:25 Thomas And Friends 0 6:35 Peppa Pig 0 6:45 Best Of Chuggington Collection 0 6:55 Chuggington – Little Trainees 0 7am Alvinnn!!! And The Chipmunks 3 0 7:15 Tangled – The Series 0 7:35 Andi Mack 3 0 8am What Now 10am Shortland Street Omnibus PGR 0 Noon The Bachelor PGR 0 1:50 Regular Show PGR 0 2pm Mike And Molly PGR 0 2:30 Home And Away Omnibus 0 5pm The Simpsons When Homer allows the mafia to film a pornographic movie at the house, a disgusted Marge leaves the family and joins a doctor trying to save the lives of manatees. 0 5:30 F The Amazing Race 0 6:30 The Big Bang Theory 3 0 7pm Survivor New Zealand 0 8:30 M Captain America – The Winter Soldier PGR 2014 Action. Captain America and the Black Widow team up to fight a powerful yet shadowy enemy in present-day Washington DC. Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson. 0

6am Life TV 6:30 Brian Houston 7am Charles Stanley 8am Living Church Of God 8:30 Turning Point 9am R&R 9:30 The Hui 0 10am NewsHub Nation 3 0 11:05 Ocean Bounty 3 0 11:55 Entertainment Tonight Weekend PGR 1pm Motorsport – Pro Dirt Series 1:30 Motorsport – Formula E Street Racers 2pm Motorsport – MotoFest (HLS) 3pm Motorsport – World RallyCross (HLS) 4pm Motorsport – MotoGP (HLS) 5pm Ocean Bounty A look at Kaikoura post-earthquake through the eyes of those who live and work there, and view marine management. 0 6pm NewsHub Live At 6pm 7pm Dancing With The Stars 8:35 M Deadpool AO 2016 Action Adventure. A fasttalking mercenary with a morbid sense of humour is subjected to an experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers and a quest for revenge. Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, TJ Miller. 0 10:40 Chicago Med AO 3 0

11:15 When We Go To War AO Manaaki fights a recurring nightmare; John takes his guilt out on James; Richard finds an unlikely ally in Awa. 0 12:10 Q+A 3 Local political-affairs programme. 0 1:15 Attitude 3 0 1:45 Emmerdale PGR 3 0 3:35 Infomercials

11:05 Time After Time AO 0 Midnight M Scream 2 AO 1997 Horror. Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Courteney Cox. 2:10 Emerald City AO 3 0 3am Infomercials 3:30 Red Band Society PGR 3 4:15 Beyond The Search 3 4:45 Full House 3 0 5:10 The Muppets 3 0 5:30 Infomercials

11:35 Entertainment Tonight Weekend PGR Entertainment stories of the past week. 12:30 Infomercials



8:35pm on Three


Round Planet

6:30pm on Prime


6am Love It Or List It – Vancouver 3 9:10 I’m Having Their Baby 3 9:53 The Dish PGR 3 9:55 I’m Having Their Baby 3 10:45 Below Deck PGR 3 11:30 Million Dollar Decorators PGR 3 12:13 The Dish PGR 3 12:15 Mysteries And Scandals PGR 3 1:10 Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta 3 3:33 The Dish PGR 3 3:35 I’m Having Their Baby 3 4:35 Child Genius USA 5:30 Top Chef Jr 6:30 Catfish 7:30 Making A Model With Yolanda Hadid PGR 8:30 Back With The Ex PGR 9:35 Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry 10:38 The Dish PGR 3 10:40 Don’t Be Tardy AO 11:10 Don’t Be Tardy AO 11:35 Bethenny And Fredrik AO 3

6am Ghost Mine M 6:50 The Amazing Race PG 7:40 The Simpsons PG 8:10 Deep Undercover MVLC 8:40 Supernatural MVS 9:30 Chicago Justice MV 10:25 Supergirl MVS 11:15 The Flash M 12:10 DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow M 1:05 Arrow MVS 2pm Raw MVC 4:45 SmackDown MVL 6:30 Main Event MVC 7:30 Mountain Men PG Tom defends his home against a bear threat; Morgan makes a dangerous miscalculation on thin ice. 8:30 NCIS – LA MV 9:30 Chicago Justice MV 10:30 Longmire 16V 11:25 Raw MVC


1:55 SmackDown MVL 3:30 Main Event MVC 4:20 Longmire 16V 5:10 NCIS – LA MV

Midnight Bethenny And Fredrik AO 3 12:30 Infomercials 3


6:10 The Girl On The Train 16VLSC 2016 Thriller. Emily Blunt, Justin Theroux. 8am The Circle ML 2017 Drama. Emma Watson, Tom Hanks. 9:50 War For The Planet Of The Apes MVC 2017 Action. Andy Serkis, Woody Harrelson. 12:10 Wandering Eye M 2011 Thriller. Amanda Righetti, Krista Bridges. 1:40 Life 16VLC 2017 Thriller. Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal. 3:25 Perfect Plan M 2010 Thriller. Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant. 4:55 Don’t Think Twice MLC 2017 Comedy. KeeganMichael Key, Gillian Jacobs. 6:25 The Accountant 16VL 2016 Action. Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick. 8:30 Atomic Blonde 16VLSC 2017 Action. In her most dangerous mission yet, the crown jewel of the secret service is sent to Berlin to take down a spy ring. Charlize Theron, James McAvoy. 10:30 A Monster Calls PGV 2017 Drama. Lewis MacDougall, Sigourney Weaver.


12:20 Lap Dance 16LSC 2014 Drama. Ali Cobrin, Robert Hoffman. 2:05 Perfect Plan M 2010 Thriller. Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant. 3:40 The Accountant 16VL 2016 Action. Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick. 5:45 Atomic Blonde 16VLSC 2017 Action.



6am Religious Programming 10:30 Sport Box Noon Flog It! 1pm Haati Grassroots Rugby 2pm Mad About You PGR 2:30 Escape To The Continent 3 0 3:30 Antiques Road Trip 4:30 Rugby Nation 5:30 Prime News 6pm The Great British Bake Off – An Extra Slice The bakers tackle patisserie; an interview with the last baker to leave before the final. 6:30 Round Planet Episode celebrating the ugly and unconventional killers of the deep, from hospitable sea cucumbers to predatory starfish and lethal molluscs. 0

10am Sidewalk Karaoke PGR 3 10:30 Hangi Pit Masters 3 11am Native Affairs 3 11:30 The Puna 3 Noon Both Worlds 12:30 Toa Hunter Gatherer PGR 3 1pm Matau PGR 3 1:30 Haka At Home 3 2:30 On The Ladder 3 3pm My Party Song 3 4pm Touch Rugby – Junior Championships U16 boys, girls, and mixed and U18 boys, girls, and mixed. 4:30 Kai With Anne Thorpe 3 Anne prepares barbecued lamb, pork-bone broth, twice-cooked pork belly, and smoked mullet. 5pm Marae PGR 3 2 5:30 Te Kaea 2 6pm Aotearoa 3

6am Real Deal 6:30 Through The Bible With Les Feldick 7am Christ Embassy 7:30 Waterfront House Hunting 8am The Art Detectives 9am Sandcastles 9:30 Auction Hunters 10am Storage Hoarders 11am Operation Gold Rush Noon Real Deal 12:30 American Restoration 1:30 Inside King’s Cross 2:30 American Pickers 3:30 Walking Through History With Tony Robinson 4:30 The Hairy Bikers’ Comfort Food The Hairy Bikers cook some of their favourite comfort food. 5:30 Lone Star Restoration With his dog Romeo, Brent Hull and his team from Hull Historical set out to save America’s architectural history one project at time. 6:30 Get Out Alive

7pm Storage Wars – New York PGR 7:30 Russia With Simon Reeve The second leg of Simon’s journey across Russia begins in Siberia, taking him to Russia’s far south-west and the Caucasus Mountains. 0 8:30 Forensics New Zealand AO 0 9:30 60 Minutes PGR 10:30 Wayward Pines AO

7pm Game Of Bros PGR 3 7:30 SmackDown PGR 8:30 M Waru AO 2017 Drama. After the death of a child, eight Maori women must confront guilt, pride, and defeat, but will ultimately risk everything for the greater good of their community. 10:05 Ipukarea 3 10:35 Kairakau PGR

7:30 American Pickers 8:30 M Danny Collins 2014 Comedy. When an ageing rock star discovers a 40-yearold letter written to him by John Lennon, he decides to change his life for the better. Al Pacino, Christopher Plummer, Annette Bening. 10:40 Cold Water Cowboys

11:30 Football – English Premier League (HLS) 12:30 Closedown

11:05 Te Kaea 3 Maori Television’s daily news programme. 2 11:35 Closedown

11:40 Inside King’s Cross 12:40 The Hairy Bikers’ Comfort Food 1:30 Sandcastles 2am M Danny Collins 2014 Comedy. Al Pacino, Christopher Plummer, Annette Bening. 4am American Pickers 5am Lone Star Restoration



6am Rugby – Super Rugby (RPL) Crusaders v Waratahs. From AMI Stadium, Christchurch. 8am Rugby – Super Rugby (RPL) Highlanders v Lions. From Forsyth Barr Stadium. 10am Rugby – Super Rugby (RPL) Stormers v Chiefs. From DHL Newlands, Capetown. Noon Rugby League – NRL (RPL) Warriors v Roosters. 2pm L Netball – Beko League Marvels v Comets. 4pm L Netball – ANZ Premiership Mystics v Stars. From The Trusts Arena, Auckland. 6pm Rugby – Super Rugby (HLS) Stormers v Chiefs. 6:30 Rugby – Super Rugby (HLS) Bulls v Sharks. 7pm Rugby Nation 8pm L Rugby – International Western Force v Tonga. From nib Stadium, Perth. 10:05 Golf – PGA Tour (HLS) The Players Championship – Round Three. From TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. 10:35 InCycle 11:05 L Cycling – Giro MONDAY 12:25 Dark Shadows MVL 2012 D’Italia Stage Nine. From Pesco Sannita to Gran Comedy Horror. 2:15 The Sasso d’Italia. Best Exotic Marigold Hotel PGLS 2011 Comedy Drama. MONDAY 4:15 People Interview – 3:35 The World Rugby Show Nicole Kidman 5am Valkyrie 4am Rugby – Super Rugby MVL 2008 Drama. (RPL) Highlanders v Lions. 6:40 O Brother, Where Art Thou? MV 2000 Comedy. John Turturro, George Clooney. 8:25 The Losers MVL 2010 Action. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldana, Chris Evans. 10am Burn After Reading 16VLS 2008 Crime Comedy. George Clooney, Frances McDormand, Brad Pitt. 11:35 Along Came A Spider MV 2001 Thriller. Morgan Freeman, Monica Potter, Michael Wincott. 1:15 Tears Of The Sun 16VL 2003 Drama. Bruce Willis, Monica Bellucci. 3:15 O Brother, Where Art Thou? MV 2000 Comedy. John Turturro, George Clooney. 5pm The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel PGLS 2011 Comedy Drama. Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Penelope Wilton. 7pm Red Dog PGLS 2011 Comedy Drama. Josh Lucas, Rachael Taylor, Rohan Nichol. 8:30 Valkyrie MVL 2008 Drama. The true story of Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg and the plot, Operation Valkyrie, to eliminate Adolf Hitler. 10:35 Magic Mike 16LS 2012 Comedy Drama.

0 Closed captions; 3 Repeat; 2 Maori Language; HLS Highlights; RPL Replay; DLY Delayed. CLASSIFICATIONS: 16/18 Approved for persons 16/18 years or over; AO Adults only; C Content may offend; L Language may offend; M Suitable for mature audiences; PG/PGR Parental guidance recommended for young viewers; S Sexual content may offend; V Contains violence. Local Radio: NewsTalk ZB 873AM/98.1FM FM Classic Hits ZEFM 92.5; Port FM Local 94.9, 98.9 and 106.1

SKY SPORT 2 8am Motorsport – Formula One World Championship (RPL) Spanish Grand Prix – Qualifying. From the Circuit de BarcelonaCatalunya Track. 9:30 Soccer Saturday 11:30 Motorsport – FIM Superbike World Championship (HLS) Race One. Noon Rugby League – NRL (HLS) Friday. 12:30 Rugby League – NRL (HLS) Saturday. 1pm Rugby League – NRL (HLS) Warriors v Roosters. 1:40 L Rugby League – NSW Cup Bears v Panthers. 3:30 L Rugby League – NRL Rabbitohs v Dragons. 6pm L Rugby League – NRL Raiders v Sharks. From GIO Stadium, Canberra. 8pm Sunday Night With Matty Johns 9:15 L Motorsport – FIM Superbike World Championship Race Two. From the Italian round held at the Imola Track.


2am Football – UEFA Champions League Show (HLS) 2:30 Rugby League – NRL (HLS) Warriors v Roosters. 3am Rugby League – NRL (HLS) Friday. 3:30 Rugby League – NRL (HLS) Saturday. 4am Rugby League – Queensland Cup (RPL) Dolphins v Pride. 13May18

DISCOVERY 6:35 MythBusters PG Viral Hour. 7:30 How It’s Made PG 7:55 How It’s Made PG 8:20 Gold Rush PG King Kong. 9:10 Rocky Mountain Railroad PG Bridge Over Hel Creek. 10am Finding Escobar’s Millions PG The Good Life. 10:50 Moonshiners M High and Dry. 11:40 Alaska – The Last Frontier M 12:30 Edge Of Alaska PG Devil’s Bargain. 1:20 What On Earth? PG 2:10 Mighty Ships PG 3pm Mighty Ships PG 3:50 Mighty Ships PG 4:45 Mighty Ships PG 5:40 Mighty Ships PG 6:35 Mighty Ships PG 7:30 Rocky Mountain Railroad PG Deadly Washout. 8:30 New Zealand – Evolution Islands PG The Kiwi. 9:25 Railroad Australia PG 10:15 Aussie Gold Hunters PG 11:05 Gold Rush PG King Kong. 11:55 Gold Rush – Parker’s Trail PG Hypothermia.


12:45 MythBusters PG 1:35 How Do They Do It? PG 2am How Do They Do It? PG 2:25 Alaska – The Last Frontier M 3:15 Treehouse Masters PG 4:05 Treehouse Masters PG 4:55 How It’s Made PG 5:20 How It’s Made PG 5:45 MythBusters PG | Compiled by


Family Notices BIRTHS

WALKER, Ivan George – Passed away peacefully at Terrace View Retirement Village on May 5, 2018, aged 85 years. Loved husband of the late Rona Walker. Dearly loved father and father-in-law of Leonie and Cliff Fitness (Australia), Neil and Judith Walker (Coalgate), Sherilyn (Lyn) and Darryl Butterick (Ashburton). Much loved Grandad to all his grandchildren and great grandchildren. Much loved brother of Alex (deceased), Ron (deceased), Bill (deceased), Shona (deceased), Vera (deceased), Ian and Julia. Messages to the Walker family, C/- 3117 Coaltrack Road, RD 1, Coalgate 7673, Canterbury. The family would like to thank all the staff at Terrace View for their loving care of Ivan. In accordance with Ivan’s wishes a private cremation has been held.

JOHNSON - STRIJLAND – Bill and Nina welcome with love; River William Johnson. Born at home on Wednesday, May 2. 8lb 8oz. A little brother for Ethan, Elvis and Primrose. FARRAR, Michael Special thanks Peter to –our Aged 77, Midwives Annapassed Campbellaway and unexpectedly Rachel Hoskins.on May 9, FARRAR, Michael Peter – 2018, at his home in Temuka. Aged 77, son passed Much loved of Agnesaway and D EATHS unexpectedly on May 9, Alec. Loved brother of –the FARRAR, Michael Peter 2018, at his home in Temuka. late Robert and Hope Farrar, Aged 77, son passed away Much loved of AgnesSteel, and Elizabeth and Russell unexpectedly on May 9, Alec. Loved brother of the Richard and Lyn Farrar. 2018, at his and homeHope in Temuka. late Robert Farrar, Devoted Dad of Cheryl and Much lovedand sonRussell of AgnesSteel, and Elizabeth Adam, Loved Vicki and Chris, Alec. brother of and the Richard and Lyn Farrar. Shaun. Dearly loved late Robert andofHope Farrar, Devoted Dad Cheryl and grandfather of the late Elizabeth andand Russell Adam, Vicki Chris,Steel, and Cassandra, Brooke, Richard and Lyn Nerissa, Farrar. Shaun. Neville, Dearly loved Oakley; the late Devoted Dad of of Cheryl grandfather the and late Emily, Olivia;and Alyssa and Adam, Vicki Chris, and Cassandra, Brooke, Nerissa, Riley. Great grandfather of Shaun. Dearly the loved Oakley; Neville, late Riley. Loved uncle of all late his grandfather of Alyssa the Emily, Olivia; and nieces and Brooke, nephews. The Cassandra, Nerissa, Riley. grandfather of FuneralGreat Mass for Michael will Oakley; Neville, the late Riley. Loved uncle of all his be held at St Matthew’s Emily, Olivia; Alyssa The and nieces and Church,Great 108 nephews. Jeffreys Road, Riley. grandfather of Funeral Mass for MichaelMay will Bryndwr, on Thursday, Riley. Loved uncle of all his be held at1.00pm. St Matthew’s 17, 2018 at In lieu of nieces and The Church, donations 108 nephews. Jeffreys Please note all late death flowers, to St Road, John, Funeral Mass for Michael will Bryndwr, on Thursday, May notices or notices sent Temuka would be be held atat1.00pm. St Matthew’s 17, 2018 In lieu be of outside ordinary office hours appreciated and may Church, 108 Jeffreys Road, flowers, John, must be emailed to: made donations aton Thursday, the to St service. Bryndwr, May Temuka would be Messages to 9 Lismore 17, 2018 at 1.00pm. In lieu be of appreciated and Rmay to ensure publication. Mayfielddonations Road, DJohn, 5, flowers, made at7775.the to St service. Ashburton To place a notice during Temuka be Messages towould 9 Services Lismore Galbraith Funeral office hours please contact appreciated and R mayD be Mayfield Road, 5, FDANZ us on 03 307 7900 made Ashburtonat7775.the service. for more information Messages to 9 Services Lismore Galbraith Funeral Mayfield Road, FDANZ R D 5, Any queries Ashburton 7775. please contact GalbraithRobert Funeral Services MOORE, James, 0800 (Bob) – FDANZ ASHBURTON On May 9, 2018. Peacefully (0800-274-287) MOORE, Robert James, at Rosebank Resthome, (Bob) – Ashburton. Aged 87 years. On Mayloved 9, 2018. Peacefully Dearly husband of Joan MOORE, Robert James, at Rosebank Resthome, and loved father and father(Bob) – Ashburton. Aged 87 years. in-law of 9, Alastair and Madge On May 2018. Peacefully Dearly loved husband of Joan (UK) and Barbara (South at Rosebank Resthome, and loved fatherGrandad and fatherAfrica). Loved of Ashburton. Aged and 87 Madge years. in-law (UK), of Alastair Rob and Julia and Dearly loved Barbara husband of(South Joan (UK) and Canterbury owned, Donivan Wick (Auckland). and lovedLoved fatherGrandad and fatherAfrica). of Loved brother andand brother-inlocally operated in-law of Alastair Madge Rob (UK), and Julia and law of and the late George, and (UK) Barbara (South Donivan Wick (Auckland). Patersons Nancy and Nola Grandad and the late Africa). Loved of Loved brother and brother-inRod Aubrey. Aand loved Uncleand of Funeral Services Rob (UK), Julia law of the late George, and all his nieces and(Auckland). nephews. Donivan Nancy andWick NolaMoore and the late and Ashburton Messages to family, Loved brotherAand brother-inRod Aubrey. loved Uncle of PO Box 472,late Ashburton 7740. law of nieces the George, and Crematorium Ltd all his and nephews. A service to celebrate Bob’s Nancy and to NolaMoore and the late Messages family, life will be held at our Uncle Chapel, Office and Chapel Rod Aubrey. AAshburton loved of PO Box 472, 7740. cnr East and Cox Streets, Corner East & Cox all his nieces and nephews. A service to celebrate Bob’s Ashburton on MONDAY, May Messages to Moore family, Streets, Ashburton life will be held at our Chapel, 14, commencing at 2.00pm. PO 7740. cnr Box East472, andAshburton Cox Streets, Followed by private A service to Ashburton on celebrate MONDAY,Bob’s May cremation. life will be held at our Chapel, 14, commencing 2.00pm. Paterson’s FuneralatServices cnr East and byCox Streets, Followed FDANZ Ashburtonprivate Ashburton on MONDAY, May cremation. Ph 307 7433 14, commencing 2.00pm. Paterson’s FuneralatServices Followed by private FDANZ Ashburton cremation. Ph 307 7433

Ph 307 7433

Paterson’s Funeral Services ORR, FDANZ YvonneAshburton – On May Ph 11,307 2018, 7433peacefully










Ra n













Midnight Tonight





NZ Situation

Wind km/h less than 30 fine

30 to 59 fog

isolated snow thunder flurries

sleet thunder

Canterbury Plains




60 plus

NZ Today

Canterbury High Country



Overcast with showers and southerly winds. Showers becoming confined to the foothills early afternoon as winds change northeast, but remaining cloudy.

FZL: About 2600m

Scattered rain, turning to showers afternoon and clearing evening. Wind at 1000m: SW 45 km/h, changing NE 35 km/h in the afternoon. Wind at 2000m: S 50 km/h, changing N 40 km/h in the afternoon.



Rain spreading south from mid morning, then easing to showers north of Banks Peninsula in the evening. Low cloud developing about the coast in the evening as northeasterlies tend lighter easterly.

Rain spreading south morning, briefly heavy. Wind at 1000m: NE 40 km/h, dying out in the afternoon. Wind at 2000m: NE 50 km/h changing NW 60 km/h briefly, then dying.



Periods of rain. Easterlies.

FZL: About 2400m

Periods of rain. Easterlies.


Showers clearing. Northeasterlies.

Rain, clearing for a time. Winds tending N.



Rain developing, easing later. Southwest change.

World Weather

Adelaide Amsterdam Bangkok Berlin Brisbane Cairns Cairo Calcutta Canberra Colombo Darwin Delhi Dubai Dublin Edinburgh

cloudy thunder rain fine fine fine fine thunder showers thunder fine thunder fine fine fine

Rain, possibly heavy, easing later. Southwest change.

Frankfurt Geneva Hobart Hong Kong Honolulu Islamabad Jakarta Johannesburg Kuala Lumpur London Los Angeles Madrid Melbourne Moscow Nadi

11 8 26 11 9 21 20 26 1 25 21 26 26 2 7

fine thunder showers showers showers rain cloudy fine thunder rain drizzle fine showers fine fine

26 22 14 28 29 33 31 21 33 17 19 21 15 24 30

11 11 9 24 22 17 25 12 24 10 13 10 11 9 19

New York Paris Perth Rarotonga Rome San Francisco Seoul Singapore Stockholm Sydney Taipei Tel Aviv Tokyo Washington Zurich

showers rain fine showers rain fine rain thunder fine showers fine showers fine rain fine

Tides, Sun, Moon and Fishing m am 3 3


Saturday 9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


Sunday 9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


9 pm


12:57 7:08 1:16 7:28 1:40 7:48 1:59 8:11 2:23 8:30 2:44 8:57 The times shown are for the Ashburton River mouth. For the Rangitata river mouth subtract 16 minutes and for the Rakaia river mouth subtract 4 minutes.

Rise 7:37 am Set 5:21 pm


Managing Director

Fair fishing

Rise 3:16 am Set 3:52 pm

New moon

15 May 11:49 pm ©Copyright OceanFun Publishing Ltd.

Rise 7:38 am Set 5:19 pm


Good fishing

Rise 7:39 am Set 5:18 pm


Rise 4:22 am Set 4:21 pm

First quarter

Good fishing Rise 5:31 am Set 4:52 pm

Full moon

22 May 3:50 pm

30 May 2:21 am

Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa

For the very latest weather information, including Weather Warnings, visit






14 12 16 22 14 12 14 25 10 12 23 16 13 15 11

20 20 21 19 16 18 17 17 14 12 13 13 12

Palmerston North showers Wellington


















River Levels

16 14 13 11 10 9 8 8 7 5 4 6 1


2.50 nc

Selwyn Whitecliffs (NIWA) at 3:00 pm, yesterday

Rakaia Fighting Hill (NIWA) at 3:00 pm, yesterday 131.9 Nth Ashburton at 2:05 pm, yesterday


Sth Ashburton at 2:10 pm, yesterday


Rangitata Klondyke at 4:00 pm, yesterday


Waitaki Kurow at 3:04 pm, yesterday


Source: Environment Canterbury

Canterbury Readings




21 19 30 28 22 21 17 33 20 20 30 24 26 36 23

overnight max low


Forecasts for today

19 22 31 23 22 29 32 36 15 30 32 42 36 14 15

Saturday, 12 May 2018

A front becomes slow moving over the North Island while a ridge builds onto the South Island. Tomorrow, a deep low to the west of the country extends a front over central New Zealand. The front weakens on Monday as the low approaches the South Island, crossing the upper South Island during Tuesday followed by a narrow ridge.

mainly isolated cloudy drizzle drizzle few showers fine showers clearing showers


Brethren of Erewhon Lodge No 200 are called upon to attend the Funeral Service of the Late W Bro. R J Moore at Paterson’s Funeral Services Chapel, cnr East and Cox Streets, Ashburton on MONDAY, May 14, at 2.00pm. Brethren of sister Lodges are invited to attend. Wor. Master W Bro. Jeffrey Sostinto






TUESDAY: Showers clearing. Northeasterlies. MAX

bur to



BROOME, Pat – In loving memory of Pat who passed away one year ago today. Always loved and remembered, Trev, Debbie, Chrystal and Tiffany. HUNT, Henry – Henry’s family wish to sincerely thank all those who offered support at the time of his passing. Perhaps you sent a lovely card. Or sat quietly on a chair. Perhaps you sent some lovely flowers. If so we saw them there. Perhaps you spoke the kindest works. As any friend could say. Perhaps you were not there at all. But just thought of us that day. Robin and Iain, Gavin and Annette, Julie and John, Lynda and Simon, Colin and Chiyo, Pete and Lynne and Dave.





MONDAY: Periods of rain. Easterlies.





TOMORROW: Thick high cloud, then rain from early afternoon. NE.



BROOME, Patricia Violet (Pat) – In fond and loving memory of dear Pat who passed away one year ago. Sadly missed by all of our families and many relatives and friends, who all helped Pat while she had health problems. Your kindness is felt and is much appreciated. Robert Broome (Bob).

TODAY: Cloudy. Showers clearing afternoon and S tending NE.




Ashburton Forecast

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For all your memorial requirements Galbraith’s provide choice! at Nurse Maude Hospice, New headstones and designs We have a team of highly respected, professional funeral directors and Galbraith’s ORR, Yvonne – celebrants. We offer you complete funeral care including pre-arrangement, aged 72 years. Dearly loved Renovations, and your choice of venue, funeral celebrants and catering. On 11, 2018, provide choice! and May treasured wife peacefully of Lloyd. Additional inscriptions, We believe that every life is unique and every person’s funeral needs to at Nurse Maude Hospice, Much Yvonne loved – mother and reflect their individuality - ask us how we can be of assistance to you and ORR, Cleaning and Concrete work Call us on aged 72 years.of Dearly loved your family. mother-in-law Robbie and On May 11, 2018, peacefully Call us on 308 3980 Carried out by qualified and treasured wife of Lloyd. Lisa, Debbie and Graeme, 308 3980 or call in and visit our new premises at at Nurse Maude Hospice, Much loved mother and tradesmen. Suze and Rob. Loved and 246 Havelock Street aged 72 years.of Dearly loved mother-in-law Robbie and or call in and visit 620 East Street Ashburton nana of Renee, and Jamie. and treasured and wife of Lloyd. Lisa, SpecialDebbie thanks mother to DrGraeme, Margit our new premises at Ph/Fax 308 5369 Much loved and and Suze and Rob. Loved Eion McKinnon Rob Cope-Williams Muller, the nurses and carers or 0274 357 974 mother-in-law of Robbie and nana of Renee, and Jamie. 246 Havelock at Nurse Maude, for your love Lisa, Debbie and Graeme, Special thanks to Dr Margit NZMMMA Member careand ofRob.Yvonne. and Suze Street and Loved Muller, the nurses and carers Messages to the and Orr Jamie. family nana of Maude, Renee, at Nurse for your love c/PO 26112, Special thanksBox MargitOfficial Opening 18 Feb - 9am til 4pm and care ofto Dr Christchurch 8148. InYvonne. lieu of Muller, the nurses and carers Messages to the Orr flowers, donations canfamily be at Nurse Maude, for your love c/PO Box 26112, made to in and careNurse of Maude Christchurch 8148. InYvonne. lieu At of memory of Yvonne. Messages to the Orrcanfamily flowers, donations be Yvonne’s request a 26112, private c/PO Box Maude made to has Nurse in cremation takenInplace. A Christchurch 8148. lieu At of memory of Yvonne. memorial celebration will be flowers, donations can be Yvonne’s request a private held atto Hintons Vineyard made Nurse Maude in cremation taken place. A Functions has 750a memory of Venue, Yvonne. At memorial celebration will on be Wairakei Road Yvonne’s a private held at request Hintons Wednesday, May 16 Vineyard at 2pm.A cremation taken place. Functions hasVenue, 750a memorial Wairakei celebration Road will be on held at Hintons Wednesday, May 16 Vineyard at 2pm. Functions Venue, 750a Wairakei Road on Wednesday, May 16 at 2pm. Ashburton, Geraldine, Temuka & Surrounding Districts since 1905



Saturday, May 12, 2018



Ashburton Airport Temperature °C At 4pm 17.6 17.8 Max to 4pm 7.2 Minimum 3.2 Grass minimum Rainfall mm 0.0 16hr to 4pm May to date 1.0 Avg May to date 22 2018 to date 518.8 242 Avg year to date Wind km/h NE 9 At 4pm Strongest gust NE 37 Time of gust 2:25pm

Christchurch Airport

Timaru Airport

– 16.4 11.1 –

16.2 17.6 5.1 1.5

13.3 14.7 5.1 –

– – – – –

0.2 0.6 19 386.4 210

0.0 1.2 12 465.8 179

– –

E 26 E 43 2:42pm

SE 4 E 17 2:09pm

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© Copyright Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited 2018

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Puzzles and horoscopes Cryptic crossword

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Simon Shuker’s CodeCracker

Your Stars


WordWheel Insert the missing letter to complete an eight-letter word reading clockwise or anti-clockwise.

How many words of three or more letters, including plurals, can you make from the five letters, using each letter only once? No foreign words or words beginning with a capital are allowed. There is at least one fiveletter word.

Quick crossword 1










Previous solution: WHEELERS 11




Previous Cryptic solution

Across 1. Unhappy 5. Scrub 8. Laggard 9. Offer 10. Gradually 12. Erg 13. Rhino 17. Let 19. Stockings 21. Quaff 22. Changed 24. Expel 25. Retorts Down 1. Ullage 2. Haggard 3. Pea 4. Yodel 5. Storybook 8 4 15. Claque6 6. Rifle 7. Borage 11. Unrestful 14. Manager 4 23. Art2 16. Asides 18. Tramp 20. Oscar

TODAY’S GOALS: Good – 11 Excellent – 14 Amazing – 16

Previous Quick solution 9 14











ACROSS 1. Lubricate (6) 5. Attack (6) 9. Invitees (6) 10. Inform (6) 11. Small stream (4) 12. Poorer (5,3) 14. Become more distant (6) 16. Mythical woodland creatures (6) 19. Supervisor (8) 21. Dines (4) 22. Foolishness (6) 23. Rubber (6) 24. South African antelope (6) 25. Lovers’ meetings (6)


DOWN 2. Customary, usual (7) 3. Clear of blame (7) 4. In another place (9) 6. Gunfire (5) 7. Divorce payment (7) 8. Redundancies (7) 13. Bring back to life (9) 14. More spacious (7) 15. Fissure (7) 17. Treatment (7) 18. Move back (7) 20. Pervert (colloq) (5)



Previous solution: cero, ceros, cor, core, cores, corse, cos, ers, ore, ores, ors, rec, recs, res, roc, rocs, roe, roes, rose, score, sec, sore

7 3 1 6 2 1


1 8 7 6 2 4 5


1 6 4 5 7

6 6 2

7 4 2 4 9 1 2


4 8 6 1 9 4 2 5 7 3 7 7 9 4 8 3 5 2 1 6 1 2 5 3 7 6 1 4 9 8 9 9 3 7 1 2 6 8 5 4 3 1 4 2 5 8 3 7 6 9 2 6 8 5 4 9 7 3 2 1 6 5 7 6 3 1 4 9 8 2 8 4 2 9ofMembers 6 7 &8& 1 3 &5NZ Level 2, 73 Ashburton Members I.B.A.N.Z Brokernet Ltd. LevelSt, 2, 73 St,|Ashburton | of I.B.A.N.Z Brokernet 73 Burnett St,Burnett Ashburton | Members I.B.A.N.Z NZBrokers Level 2, 73 Burnett St, Ashburton |Burnett Members of of I.B.A.N.Z & Brokernet NZ Ltd. NZ Ltd. 5 3 1 8 2 5 9 6 4 7 Level 2, 73 Burnett St, Ashburton | Members of I.B.A.N.Z & Brokernet NZ Ltd.

4 3 6 3



5 9 8 4 7 6 2 1 3

3 2 6 5 8 1 9 7 4

1 3 2 8 6 7 5 4 9

8 6 5 2 4 9 7 3 1

7 4 9 1 5 3 8 6 2


Across 1. Last 3. Crackpot 9. Bear hug 10. Noose 1 6 11. Unparalleled 14. Ear 16. Sates 17. Ban 18.5Incompatible 8 24. Veil. 9 21. Emmet 22. Trotter 23. Bakeries Down 1. Labourer 2. Swamp 5 4. Rug 1 5. Conversation 9 4 6. Proverb 7. Tier 8. Sharpshooter 12. Let up 13. Integral 5 15. Run amok 19. Bathe 20. Kerb 22. Toe.2

Fill the grid so that every column, every row and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9

2 3 5 2 6 4 9 3 2 4 5 3 9 6 1 2 9 6 7 3 1 2


ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 19): You’ll witness works of whimsy and wonder, “Who has time for that?” Clearly, somebody who thought it was important enough. This will be oddly empowering to you. Your own whimsy is important, too, after all! TAURUS (Apr 20-May 20): The thing inside you that wants to dance will not stand by much longer. The call of the music will soon be too irresistible. So the question now is – partner or no partner? GEMINI (May 21-Jun 21): Think twice before you add anything because any addition will change the whole picture. There is no way around it. More moving parts means more complexity. CANCER (Jun 22-Jul 22): There are obvious problems with this path, but that doesn’t mean you’re on the wrong one. If you can figure out your path through supposed contradictions, you can help others do the same. LEO (Jul 23-Aug 22): You’re working on something significant, yet your approach is playful. You’re like a pen making spontaneous marks – doodling for fun and profit, working out the intricacies of life with your whimsy. VIRGO (Aug 23-Sep 22): People describe what’s happening with words that apply across all five senses. “Sharp” can apply to a musical note, a line that cuts through, a cheese that curls the tongue... and your mind in general today. LIBRA (Sep 23-Oct 23): You’ll leave one situation and enter a better one. After this, it’s going to be hard for you to think of anything as lost ever again. What’s lost is never gone, it’s someplace else. SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 21): All who wander are not lost, and all who meander are not wasting time. The sparks of imagination will count for something later. This is all adding up to something more tangible. SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21): When you help someone grow, you will learn things again, the way they learn things. Together you’ll move through the electric moment that bridges not knowing to knowing. CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19): If you’re embarrassed by what you did a few years back, that’s a sign of your growth. If you’re embarrassed by what you did a few weeks back, good! You’re now improving on a rapid scale. AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18): Enjoy the benefit of experience. You’ve learned what’s worth paying excited attention to and what’s not. You know how to handle things, so you can relax even while taking on more. PISCES (Feb 19-Mar 20): There are many things you could add to your practice in the name of getting good. But to get great will require you to go the opposite direction. Eliminate every extraneous element and isolate what works.

ACROSS 1. Happy communal outlook Tories, say, take with whisky (5,6) 7. Double act that sets me back before two (7) 9. Is it fit to be sunk? (4) 11. Line on board is given a classical form (5) 12. Save, one will leave it out (6) 14. About a son being taken in by board for being treacherous (11) 18. For some years a rotter has been in the river (6) 20. Five hundred are on the ice: one can take it in (5) 22. Particles charged so in the confusion (4) 23. Once again be uncertain of inner last retreat (7) 24. Henry had Don upset by this mark of manual labour (5-6) DOWN 2. Judge how Academician will get up to something snappy (7) 3. It may be drawn with the runners (4) 4. Girl who will escape from fire, nearly (5) 5. Tares donned by a lady bereft (5) 6. Loud, plucky old thing be blowed! (5) 8. Brassards giving the orchestra guns (8) 10. Deep and, around ten, it grew (8) 13. Shoot up the circus tent (3) 15. Lie about and be certain to get time off (7) 16. It might be mad first to confess to it (5) 17. How to proceed icily with the fish (5) 19. Unable to do a round song? (5) 21. Feature that leaves space underfoot (4)

Ashburton Guardian

6 5 7 3 9 4 1 2 8

2 8 4 6 1 5 3 9 7

9 1 3 7 2 8 4 5 6

9 3

3 8 2 3 1 5 8 9 6 PREVIOUS SOLUTIONS 1 7 9 7 3 8 4 5 2 52 6 1 4 9 4 5 2 6 7 1 9 8 3 7 9 6 9 1 3 7 8 2 4 5 3 8 6 1 9 2 7 8 5 1 4 6 3 3 894 7 6 2 5 19 1 5 1 6 39 4 37 7 28 2 8 7 9 5 6 1 94 3 2 4 7 2 6 5 1 9 4 3 7 8 5 3 8 8 7 9 5 3 6 1 2 4 2 1 3 6 7 5 8 9 4

4 5 8 1 3 9 6 2 7

7 6 9 4 8 2 3 1 5

9 8 5 7 2 6 1 4 3

1 4 2 3 9 8 7 5 6

3 7 6 5 4 1 2 8 9

5 2 4 8 6 7 9 3 1

8 3 7 9 1 4 5 6 2

6 9 1 2 5 3 4 7 8


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Ag 12 may, 2018  

Ashburton Guardian, Saturday, May 12, 2018

Ag 12 may, 2018  

Ashburton Guardian, Saturday, May 12, 2018