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Wednesday, Sept 11, 2013

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Fire crews were stretched to deal with a fire near Lake Hood.


Storm wreaks havoc BY SUE NEWMAN AND MICHELLE NELSON Fire crews across Mid Canterbury scrambled to deal with falling trees and multiple fires as gale force winds hit yesterday afternoon. From about 2pm on crews from Ashburton, Mayfield, Hinds, Rakaia, Methven and Willowby ran from one call to the next, with almost all being wind-fanned vegetation blazes, most sparked by fallen power lines. Ashburton fire chief Alan Burgess said the focus of the district’s firefighting efforts remained on a scrub fire near an historic homestead off Stranges Road near the extension to Lake Hood. Previously they had attended an incident where a tree fell across a car on State Highway 1

at Hinds as well as a range of scrub fires. One of the more significant fire events was a blaze in trees on Emmersons Road, Lowcliffe, Mr Burgess said. “The Lake Hood fire, however, remains our biggest concern because of the housing down there. We’ve had everything out and really had to make up in a hurry with some of our gear for a while, but we’re back under control now,” he said. Ashburton’s three fire units and its tanker were at the Lake Hood blaze for several hours and a fourth unit was put back into commission to boost firefighting power. At the peak of the blaze the Methven and Willowby units were also on site. Methven fire teams were also busy on their own patch and spent most of the day racing

from one call to the next. For the Mt Somers crew, felled trees, dry vegetation and fallen power lines proved a heady mix, with fires igniting in the Mt Somers area during the morning and Staveley and Highbank later in the afternoon. The Mayfield crew was also busy with trees falling along State Highway 72 and with a fire in a hedge along Fontaines Road late in the afternoon By early evening Rakaia was the only station with units available after teams returned from helping out at fires at Dunsandel and Mead. Crews were dispatched to help Methven with a vegetation fire in the Barrhill area on River Road. Winds died down briefly about 5.30pm, offering some respite to firefighters, however they picked up again.

A Guardian photographer and reporter had a close call on Coldstream Road when a tree fell across the road, narrowly missing a tractor that had just passed underneath. A school bus had also driven past the spot seconds earlier. PHOTO KIRSTY CLAY 100913-KC-102



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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

5 BITES 1 Batman, Captain America rescue cat



Elderly man caught with dope crop

Five things that may interest you


Who says superheroes aren’t real? When a West Virginia home caught fire, trapping a kitten inside, it was Batman and Captain America who came to the rescue. John Buckland, dressed as Batman, and Troy Marcum, dressed as Captain America, saw smoke at a house nearby when they were entertaining children as part of their business. They ran to the house along with another bystander, kicked in the door. Buckland, a former firefighter, says he crawled into the front room and felt something furry. He grabbed the animal, ran outside and gave it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.


Stubbs on the mend Stubbs, the honorary feline mayor of an Alaska town, has recovered enough from severe injuries sustained in a dog mauling to be released from the animal hospital. The 16-year-old cat’s owner, Lauri Stec said he’s doing okay, but is still in a lot of pain and on a pain patch. She said for at least a few days, Stubbs will be cared for at a house connected to the back of the store and away from the hubbub. He’ll have to be quiet for a couple months. Stec plans to move him back to the store in a few days.



A 73-year-old man has been arrested after police seized 200 cannabis seedlings and plants from his Northern Territory home in Tennant Creek. Police found about 190 small cannabis seedlings, 10 mature plants and a large quantity of cannabis seeds. A police spokesperson could not comment on whether the man was known to officers or if they were tipped off about the stash. The man has been charged with cultivating a commercial quantity of cannabis and possessing cannabis seeds, and will appear in court at a later date.

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5 Drunk in charge of horse

Handbag loans

University of Colorado police have arrested a 45-year-old man suspected of going on a drunken horseback ride through the city of Boulder. A police spokesman said witnesses saw the man hit his horse and then wander into traffic. Patrick Neal Schumacher of Colorado Springs faces several charges, including animal cruelty and riding under the influence of alcohol. Officers say he told them he was travelling to his brother’s wedding in Utah, and that he had to make the 950-kilometre journey by horse because he lost his driver’s licence.

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Composting workshop: Eco Education Centre (alongside Mastagard Recycling Shed), Ashburton. Now’s the time to think about growing fruit and vegetables in your garden, and as anyone will tell you, the key to good growth is good compost. By paying a visit to the Eco Education Centre, you’ll see how to use fewer rubbish bags and make great compost by using



all your old food waste. Call 0800 627 824 or email to find out more. On the couch - Stargazing, BBC Knowledge, 8.35pm Earth: Dara O’Briain and Brian Cox explain how it’s possible to chart the history of the universe by looking light years out into space. Out of Town - A History of Silence - A Memoir, The

“And we service all the heatpumps that we sell”

Arts Centre of Christchurch. This memoir by acclaimed novelist Lloyd Jones comes from first-hand observations of post-earthquake Christchurch and the many personal histories that were destroyed and reshaped. The devastation stimulated disquieting thoughts of his childhood and his lack of a sense of past. Admission: $15. starts: 7.30pm At the movies - Giselle –




The Movie: Regent Cinema, 10am. Director Toa Fraser brings The Royal New Zealand Ballet to the big screen, capturing their acclaimed production of the two-act classic Giselle. Featuring a musical score by the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra. Got an event you want to tell us about? Email us at



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News Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ashburton Guardian


‘Clumsy’ decile ratings could be axed

By Myles HuMe


A move that could lead the Ministry of Education to ditch school decile ratings has fired up debate among Mid Canterbury principals. Some fear the district’s more disadvantaged schools could miss out, while others say equal funding spread across all schools would be fairer. Yesterday, a spokesperson for Education Minister Hekia Parata told the Guardian the Ministry of Education had been asked “to explore options” to an alternative of the “clumsy” declie rating system. A school’s decile rating indicates the extent to which it draws its students from low socio-economic communities, with lower decile schools receiving more Government funding than those of a higher decile. Tinwald School principal Peter Livingstone said the current decile funding system relied on the fact parents at higher decile schools contributed more. However, through his experience as a principal at low and higher decile schools he said the reality was “there is not a significant difference”, meaning the decile funding system “created inequality among schools”. He felt equal funding for each pupil would be fairer. “Just do it straight up and say each child is worth this much ... (however) the lower decile schools will be up in arms because they believe they will lose funding,” he said. Andrew Leverton is the principal at Netherby School, rated a decile three – the lowest in Mid Canterbury.



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Peter Livingstone

He felt if funding was spread evenly, the lower decile schools would miss out, and higher decile schools would be more likely to benefit. “We have a really active home and school group but you know in higher decile communities maybe there are people who can draw on their business or business contacts, but in lower decile communities that is less obvious,” he said. Methven Primary principal Chris Murphy agreed with Ms Parata’s comments, saying it was well-known there were significantly disadvantaged children in high decile schools that had been masked by the rating. “Our parents are traditionally asset rich, but their ability to financially contribute is not massive. We are no better or greater than a medium to low decile school,” the decile nine rural school principal said. Although he believed some urban Ashburton schools were serving different communities, Mr Murphy did say it was interesting there were a range of deciles in an area that is the size of a suburb in Auckland. The ministry is expected to report back in the next couple of months.

Photo susan sandys

Hair ready for opening night National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Art students have been growing their hair, both on their faces and their scalps, in preparation for their production Hair this weekend. Pictured are Jordan Nicholson who plays Jeanie and Charlotte Thomas who plays Dionne. Assistant stage manager Tim Bain said rehearsals this week




at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre were going well. “Stephen (director Stephen Robertson) is so creative and everyone in this is so creative. It’s just become this lovely collaboration of ideas.” About 40 cast members had hundreds of costumes at their disposal and some wigs, but mostly they were putting their

own hair on display in the explosive rock musical. “When they found out they were doing Hair, they started growing it. You can’t do a show called Hair without their hair,” Mr Bain said. Hair will stage at the event centre on Friday 7.30pm, Saturday 2pm and 7.30pm and Sunday 2pm.

News 4

Ashburton Guardian

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Mid Canterbury firefighters work to contain a blaze on a Stranges Road farm backing on to Lake Hood last night.

Photo kirsty clay 100913-kc-118

Winds fan blaze into an inferno By Myles HuMe

Mid Canterbury firefighters last night battled a blaze on a farm backing on to Lake Hood, putting nearby residents on high alert. Ashburton Volunteer Fire Brigade station officer Murray Cairns said about 6.30pm the

fire had been contained and firefighters would work well into the night to dampen down hotspots. He said appliances from Ashburton, Hinds, Rangitata, Methven Lauriston and Mayfield attended the blaze on a Stranges Road farm that backed on to Lake Hood, which saw

a hedge light up as gale force winds fanned the blaze and carried embers into other parts of the area. The fire threatened a home on the property, as flames spread across the hedge and leapt up to seven metres high. Mr Cairns said it was vital to contain the hedge fire first so

embers did not fly to other parts of the farm and ignite new fires. He said firefighting resources were spread thinly due to other fire incidents in Mid Canterbury, adding to the difficulty to contain the fire. Senior Sergeant Grant Russell, of Ashburton, was monitoring the blaze in case it

threatened any nearby homes in the Lake Hood area. He said last night no one was evacuated and he left the scene about 6.45pm. Mr Cairns said firefighters were still yet to determine what caused the blaze, but said he would have a better idea this morning.

Police divert traffic off State Highway One in Hinds while fire crews clear trees off the road. Photo kirsty clay 100913-kc-068

The driver of this car had a lucky escape after a tree came down on it during yesterday afternoon’s gale force winds. Fire crews from Hinds and Ashburton responded to clear the road. Photo kirsty clay 100913-kc-074

Yesterday’s storm caused a fair amount of damage in Ashburton yesterday, with trees brought down by gale force winds. Photo kirsty clay 100913-kc-136

Firefighters from Willowby and Hinds battled to control a blaze on Emersons Road in the Lowcliffe area, which engulfed a gorse fence and hay bales stacked behind it. Photo kirsty clay 100913-kc-090

News Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ashburton Guardian 5


Chainsaw called on to clear road Dozens of motorists who made it to appointments on time yesterday afternoon can thank Rodger Withell and his trusty chainsaw. As high winds battered the Ashburton District, trees and power lines were felled, occasionally blocking roads and creating backlogs of traffic. At about 3pm the gale force winds proved too much for a tree on a roadside reserve south of the Ashburton River bridge. It was uprooted, falling across one lane of State Highway One causing traffic to bank up in both directions. Mr Withell had been on a delivery run to Lake Hood and found himself caught up in a long queue of traffic. He spotted the problem, called 111 and was told someone would get their as quickly as they could. And then he realised he had the solution to the problem in his truck – a chainsaw. “So I got out, started up the saw, cut it up and pulled away and that got the traffic flowing again,” he said. His efforts prompted a lycra clad cyclist and a contractor to lend a hand. “That was great, it only took 15 minutes to clear it away. It was quite safe then, just a lot of s… blowing around.”

Kiwi ingenuity and a good chainsaw to the rescue, good Samaritans clear away a fallen tree on the southern approach to the Ashburton River bridge. Photo Kirsty Clay 100913-KC-077

Methven hammered By SuSan SandyS

Just too dangerous to fix power outages Large areas of the Ashburton District were without power last night after high winds felled trees, blew over poles and broke power lines. EA Networks crews were out in force from early afternoon after the big blow hit the district . But the conditions were so dangerous that it was difficult to start repair work, operations manager Ken Stirling said. Hardest hit areas were Coldstream, Carew, Methven, Chertsey and Elgin but calls came from around the district and there were many individual properties

without power because of fallen trees, Mr Stirling said. With the wind still hammering parts of the district as darkness fell, he anticipated there would be many consumers without power overnight. Most of the repair work would have to wait until this morning he said because of the danger to lines staff from wind blown lines and falling trees. “We’re doing our best to isolate patches and to get power on where we can, but certainly, if it keeps blowing it will be just too dangerous.”

Strong winds roared in Methven last night, toppling trees, damaging buildings and stretching the town’s fire service. The Methven Volunteer Fire Brigade had 12 call-outs to fires between midday and 7.30pm, and last night were fighting a fire at Valetta Westerfield where trees were on fire threatening a house. Firefighters were also at a scrub fire at Pudding Hill. Deputy chief Gary Blackwell said the brigade had recieved many additional calls from people concerned about tin flying from roofs and fallen power poles, however he recommended for the latter they phoned the power authority directly. It was unsafe to get on a ladder and repair roofs at this stage. “Batten down everything and hang on,” he said as the wind continued to

Bins were tied down on the service station forecourt as attendants shut up shop for their own and customers’ safety.

roar and lights in residents’ homes flickered. At his home a tunnel house had been flattened, and he had also lost a fence. Methven’s Mobil service station closed in the afternoon as attendants tied down rubbish bins, while Mt Hutt Ski Area’s town building had a roller door blown in and sheets of steel ripped from its rear wall. A subject evening at Mount Hutt College had to be cancelled. Mt Hutt manager James McKenzie said custodians were laying low inside on the skifield, where winds hit a new record of 259.1 kilometres per hour over the summit. He expected there would be damage on the skifield once it could be assessed today. “At those sort of wind speeds it’s likely. It’s bad enough in Methven let alone up the mountain,” Mr McKenzie said. Power went out in residential areas of Methven at 8pm.

Strong wind closed Methven’s service station yesterday. Photos susan sandys

News 6

Ashburton Guardian

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Parents back college over ERO By MyleS HuMe

Ashburton College parents say they are confident the college will address issues pointed out in a recent Education Review Office report, following a community meeting on Monday night. Ashburton College held a community meeting, giving parents and caregivers the opportunity to ask questions about an Education Review Office (ERO) report which found staff did not trust or have confidence in the leadership group, impacting on staff morale, and

also highlighted the need to lift NCEA achievement. The Guardian was politely asked not to attend the meeting. Board of Trustees chairman David Rush said it was low-key, with the board giving reassurance to parents “the college has got it under control and is working through things”. The Hakatere Marae’s Brian Clarke and Michelle Brett, who has a child at the college, said they attended to find out more about the college’s plans to address issues raised in the report. “One of the areas that were identified was Maori achieve-

ment at Ashburton College was lower than non-Maori achievement, and its non-Maori achievement is lower than similar schools nationally. I wanted to listen and perhaps offer help and support to address these issues,” Mr Clarke said. “The first part of addressing these issues is to develop an action plan, one that is workable for the community as well, and I think that will eventually work,” he said. Mrs Brett said it was important families and the community provided support. Another parent who attended,

but did not want to be named, left the meeting “undecided” about where the college was heading, and said it was vital a clear action plan was created. The ERO report acknowledged the college had made progress in issues highlighted in its previous report, but now needed to seek external support to address staffing morale problems. Mr Rush was keen to assure parents the board had “100 per cent confidence” in college staff and said the college would “pull through to get the outcome we want”.


In brief Armed hold-up A Whangarei takeaway shop worker was hit on the head with a hammer by robbers who made off with cash from the till. Police said three men entered the shop on William Jones Drive, Otangarei, about 8.30pm on Monday armed with a pistol, hammer and knife. They demanded cash and of the robbers jumped over the counter and hit a shop worker on the head with a hammer. The men then snatched cash from the till and fled on foot. - APNZ

Kicked boy stable The 12-year-old boy who suffered critical injuries after being kicked in the head by a horse remains in a stable condition at Waikato Hospital. The boy had been leading a horse with his grandfather at Tauranga Racecourse on Sunday when he suffered serious head injuries. He was taken to Tauranga Hospital but flown to Waikato later that day in a critical condition. Yesterday, he remained in a ward in a stable condition. - APNZ

Hit and run charges A Hastings man has admitted being the driver involved in a hit and run which left a 5-year-old boy in hospital with severe injuries. Joshua Manukapei Watson, 27, pleaded guilty to a charge of failing to stop or ascertain injury when he appeared at Hastings District Court yesterday. Watson was driving in Flaxmere on August 13 when he struck Kayzah-Shae Wairama, who was playing on his bike. He was remanded on bail for sentencing on October 23. - APNZ

Dead woman named Hawera police have named the woman killed in a collision between a school bus and a car on Monday afternoon. Larissa Amelie Sirch, 20, from Germany, was the driver of the car involved in the crash and died at the scene. Police said Miss Sirch had been working in New Zealand in the Taranaki area. A 6-year-old girl injured in the fatal crash is in a serious but stable condition at Wellington Hospital. - APNZ

Blackmail charge Lauriston Road farmer Bruce Turpie is disgusted at the black grass biosecurity breach which could potentially drive him out of cropping. Photo SuSan SandyS 100913-SS-001

Farmer fearful of black grass infestation By SuSan SandyS Black grass could potentially drive Bruce Turpie away from arable farming. The Lauriston Road farmer is disgusted at a biosecurity breach which led to seed from the pest plant escaping into farmland between Ashburton and Methven. “It’s one of the worst weeds in the world,” Mr Turpie said. He should know, he farmed in the United Kingdom 25 years ago and had first-hand experience with trying to keep the weed out of crops by herbicide application, an expensive pro-

cess. “It was worse than wild oats because you couldn’t get every last seed out of the soil again,” he said. “There’s certainly a risk, it’s just a matter of who’s going to be vigilant enough to spot it, especially when it’s over such a wide area of the roadside.” He believed it was “deplorable” that the seed had been imported into New Zealand in the first place, and then transported between the two towns in an unsecure manner. Mr Turpie was worried enough about the seed getting onto his land, and then became even more worried yesterday

after finding out from PGG Wrightson that the truck transporting the seed had driven directly past his farm, along the corner of Line Road and Lauriston Road. He said black grass seed contamination in grass seed crops could see export prices for grass seed drop, and that could potentially see Mr Turpie convert more of his land to dairying. Currently three-quarters of his 412 hectare farm is arable. Mr Turpie said it was now a wait and see game until November to see if Mid Canterbury farmers spotted any of the black grass growing on their

farms. He believed it was not only farms in the direct area of the spill which were potentially affected, but others as well, as birds could transport the seed. The Ministry for Primary Industries issued a fact sheet to affected farmers this week, telling them they could assist with surveillance by keeping an eye out for any sign of the pest. Germination is most likely to take place from September through to April. Black grass can go from germination to full maturity within 100 days, so any black grass would be most visible from November onwards.

A 61-year-old Wanganui man has been charged with blackmail following a complaint laid by Wanganui mayoral hopeful Michael Laws. Police Sergeant Drew Allison said the man was arrested on Monday and would appear in the Wanganui District Court tomorrow. Mr Laws had said he received a threatening letter last week demanding he pull out of the mayoral race “before decent people deal to you”.

Tractor takes out pole A tractor and cultivator knocked down a concrete power pole, bringing down high-voltage powerlines and cutting power to hundreds of Wairarapa customers yesterday. Masterton Fire Service senior station officer Paul Thompson said the driver of the John Deere 7530 tractor towing a cultivator behind it hit a concrete power pole on Upper Manaia Rd about 11.30am, bringing down powerlines which were left strewn across rural fences on both sides of the road.

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News 8

Ashburton Guardian

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Police crackdown on passing By Myles huMe

Mid Canterbury motorists passing stationary school buses at more than 70km/h will have their licence suspended and face the courts, police say. The warning comes as Ashburton police crack down on the little-known law that motorists cannot exceed 20km/h either way past a school bus that is dropping off or picking up pupils. Mid-South Canterbury Highway Patrol Sergeant Steve Burgerhout said police were planning a new operation to start on October 14, that will reinforce a campaign which

has seen flashing 20km/h LED lights installed on either ends of Pearson’s Coachlines school buses. “If you are driving over 50km/h of a temporary speed limit your licence will be suspended for 28 days, and exceeding the speed limit by this much is not an infringement, it’s a court offence,” Mr Burgerhout said. “The legislation is there for a reason, and yes there may have been a misunderstanding (about the rule) but a sign showing 20km/h on the front and back of a bus really leaves no reason.” If a motorist is found exceed-

ing the limit by up to 49km/h, they will be served and infringement notice by police and fined. “We want to see people making an effort to significantly reduce their speed, and to reduce the risk to kids.” Mr Burgerhout said police were still in the process of finalising the details of the operation and yet to decide “how big a stick we want to wield”. But he did say police would be obtaining bus routes from Pearson’s Coachlines and target various locations where they can check the speeds of Mid Canterbury motorists around school buses. Mr Burgerhout hoped drivers

SCHOOL BUS SPEED FACTS ■ 40% of Mid Canterbury drivers don’t slow down to 20km/h past school buses ■ 35% did not even know the law ■ 23 children killed in last 25 years around school buses ■ 47 have been seriously injured would remain vigilant around school buses even after the campaign ends.


Bathing in glory with dream job By susan sanDys

Specialist hot springs development consultant James White of Methven (left) is travelling the world, with Peninsula Hot Springs founder Charles Davidson, to immerse himself in an exciting research project. Photo susAN sANDYs 100913hotPooLs


PAINTING PROFESSIONALS Contact us today on: Richard: 027 279 8952

Office: 308 9039

Travelling the world to research hot springs sounds like the best job ever, and James White of Methven certainly is not complaining. Mr White scored a role as the lead consultant for the Global Best Practice in Hot Springs Industry Project as an off-shoot to the Methven hot pools research project, for which he was employed as a consultant by Grow Mid Canterbury. As such the Christchurch-born Master of Business Administration graduate gets to travel the world, and bathe in plenty of hot springs along the way. “Sometimes,” he said of how often he gets to experience hot pools first-hand. “You have to immerse in the experience to understand it and document the benefits.” However, it was not all just about recreation, and in fact involved plenty of hardcore research, interviews, and investigation of facts and figures. “It has to be both academically and commercially robust,” Mr White said. The research project would ultimately result in a document larger than the thesis he wrote for his masters. “It’s an exciting project, we are really at the forefront of seeing what opportunities are available in the industry,” he said. The two-year research project has been funded by a private hot pools operator and potential operators in Australia, as well as Grow Rotorua, which is wanting to develop hot pools opportunities. “There’s a huge opportunity for hot pools bathing anywhere, it connects people across generations. It has tremendous health benefits, particularly around stress relief and just relaxing, connecting with friends, connecting with family.” Mr White is undertaking the project with Charles Davidson, the co-founder of Australia’s first commercial hot springs bathing facility. In March the pair travelled to Japan and China to visit the world’s largest hot springs complex, and this week were to attend an Australasian spa conference to present an update on the research project. Next week he was to go to America and Canada to visit hot springs and hot springs leaders, then to India to the Global Spa and Wellness Summit before visiting hot springs in the country, while early next year he would visit hot springs throughout Europe and the Middle East.

In brief Assault Ashburton police are making inquiries into an assault on Tancred Street early Monday morning.

Driving disqualified An Ashburton motorist had their car impounded after they were caught driving while forbidden on Monday. He will appear in Ashburton District Court at the next sitting day.

Burglary Meat from a freezer and a chainsaw were stolen from a Cambridge Street address on Monday. It was alleged the thieves entered the garage and made off with the items. Inquiries are continuing.

Robocup results The Ashburton Intermediate robotics team claimed 7th and 11th place in their respective categories at the National Robocup championships. The team earned the right to head to Auckland for the national competition after winning the Robocup Junior competition at Selwyn House school in Christchurch last month. They produced robots in their materials technology class, which could follow a black line, identify a silver can and push it.

Chess champs tough Four Longbeach School youngsters had a tough day when they took on the best young chess players in the country yesterday. Ethan Walsh, 10, Dante Vannini, 9, Mia Pearson, 10, and Rosie Gray, 9, flew to Auckland on Monday, where they yesterday competed in the Junior National Chess Championships. Longbeach School principal Neil Simons said the team finished 20th out of 21 teams, but he was proud of his pupils who took out the Mid-South Canterbury competition early last month. No individual results were available last night.

Head-on collision A man is dead and a woman injured after a head-on collision on the Kapiti Coast yesterday. The crash between a four-wheeldrive and a car happened on State Highway 1 near Paekakariki about 1pm, Inspector Ken Climo of central police communications said. A man in his late 20s died at the scene, while a woman in her 50s suffered moderate face and chest injuries. Mr Climo said the crash happened just north of where a wire barrier dividing the two lanes of traffic ended. - APNZ

Second China ban Products from a second Oamaru meat abattoir are being prevented from entering China. Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) acting director-general Scott Gallacher told the Otago Daily Times the ministry had on August 10 suspended Lean Meats Ltd’s certification to export to China due to a labelling issue - just two days after 240 seasonal workers at the Alliance Group’s Pukeuri plant were suspended in the wake of that plant’s loss of certification in July. - APNZ

News Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ashburton Guardian 9

Inquiry into rape claim By John Maslin Whanganui CIB is investigating the alleged rape of a young woman at a Wanganui motel in the early hours of Sunday morning. Detective Senior Sergeant Neil Forlong said: “We are in

the very early days of our investigation and we do not yet have all the information including the number of alleged offenders involved. “We have a number of statements to take and one of our priorities is getting this completed so we can piece together

what has happened.” Ten officers are working on the investigation and a scene examination has now been completed at the motel. Police are not prepared to release any further details at this stage, Mr Forlong said. - APNZ


Eleven-year-old Tristan Pang of Ficino School, Mt Eden, has done a science project on the new light-proof Anchor milk bottles compared to the normal semi-transparent bottles.

Light-proof bottles fail boy’s acid test By nicholas Jones

Bianca MacDonald and Daniel Newton with a treasured photo album, one of the few personal possessions they saved from a fire that last week destroyed their home. Photo tetsuro MitoMo 030913-tM-032

Fire family trapped in limbo By sue newMan

For Daniel Newton and Bianca MacDonald, it’s a long road back from last week’s house fire that cost them their rental home and all their possessions. One week down the track the couple are struggling to get their lives back on track; struggling to find some kind of normal in a world where they are homeless and possessionless. Daniel is back at work, Bianca at polytech and baby Shelby is at pre-school. That’s where normal ends. They’re living with Daniel’s sister and while that’s a great stop-gap it’s not ideal long term – or even short term, he said.

She’s been fantastic, he said, but two families in one house isn’t easy. Sleeping on a couch is better than sleeping on the street, but the five-week wait until they can move into their new rental home is going to be tough for everyone, Daniel said. Life might be tough, but Daniel and Bianca are not complaining. They say they’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity of the community in providing them with clothing and household goods. “People have been really helpful but we’re having to ask people to hold onto things until we move into our flat because we’ve got nowhere to store things,” he said. They feel they’re marking

time. Day to day they’re ticking over, grateful for the donations of clothing and personal items that have made life post-fire just a little easier. In an ideal world they’d love a furnished house they could rent until their flat becomes vacant. In the real world they know that’s an impossible dream, Daniel said. Their Cambridge Street renter was razed after a pot of oil overheated on the stove and sparked a fire. Daniel was home when the fire broke out but managed to salvage very few of their possessions. The house was owned by Julianne Taylor and while it was insured, the couple’s household effects were not.

An 11-year-old who is off to university next year has won an award for a science project that put claims behind Fonterra’s new light-proof milk bottles to the test. Auckland student Tristan Pang is among the whizz-kids who were recognised on Monday at the Niwa Auckland City Science and Technology Fair. The Ficino School pupil will sit the Cambridge university entrance mathematics exam next month and will study the subject at the University of Auckland next year. In his project, “Triple Layer Milk Bottle - is it effective?”, Tristan carried out three lots of testing on the new triple-layer Anchor bottles for taste, light and acidity. The first two received positive results, but he said “something funny” occurred during acidic testing when the milk was left outside - milk in the triple layer bottle degraded faster. Fonterra launched the triplelayer Anchor bottle in March, saying it protects milk from light and keeps it fresher and tasting better for longer. Tristan’s project has been praised by University of Auckland and Fonterra scientists, and he now plans to carry out further repetitions of the experiment. Fonterra scientist and brands innovation manager Olaf van Daalen said the work was of a very high calibre. However, Mr Van Daalen said the co-operative’s own testing had shown the rate of temperature change in the old and new bottles was exactly the same. “Even a very small difference in the starting condition of the

milk will make a big difference to how quickly it degrades. “Tristan acknowledges this himself in his report, noting that bacteria may have entered the bottle when he opened the cap for pH testing.” Professor Conrad Perera of the University of Auckland’s School of Chemical Studies said the experiment would need to be repeated a number of times to draw any conclusions. It was possible the bottles were not properly sterilised, and if that was the case it would explain the difference in acidity. “The budding scientist needs to be congratulated and encouraged for his enthusiasm and enterprise ... we hope he will think of doing food science when he is ready to enter the university.” Tristan previously featured in the Herald when, as a 10-yearold, he top-scored in an international Cambridge mathematics exam usually sat by students in Year 11. He plans to eventually work in the science research field, most likely in quantum physics or medicine. He is still in Year 7, meaning his Cambridge studies - he will sit Year 11-level physics and English exams this year too are mostly done outside school hours. Thomas Pang, Tristan’s father, said his son had always taught himself advanced lessons, so much so that they sometimes had to rein him in. “Initially he wanted to do [university entrance] physics this year, but we actually stopped him - we don’t want to blow his little brain.” Tristan’s and other winning entries will be displayed at Motat this week. - APNZ

News Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ashburton Guardian 9

Inquiry into rape claim By John Maslin Whanganui CIB is investigating the alleged rape of a young woman at a Wanganui motel in the early hours of Sunday morning. Detective Senior Sergeant Neil Forlong said: “We are in

the very early days of our investigation and we do not yet have all the information including the number of alleged offenders involved. “We have a number of statements to take and one of our priorities is getting this completed so we can piece together

what has happened.” Ten officers are working on the investigation and a scene examination has now been completed at the motel. Police are not prepared to release any further details at this stage, Mr Forlong said. - APNZ


Eleven-year-old Tristan Pang of Ficino School, Mt Eden, has done a science project on the new light-proof Anchor milk bottles compared to the normal semi-transparent bottles.

Light-proof bottles fail boy’s acid test By nicholas Jones

Bianca MacDonald and Daniel Newton with a treasured photo album, one of the few personal possessions they saved from a fire that last week destroyed their home. Photo tetsuro MitoMo 030913-tM-032

Fire family trapped in limbo By sue newMan

For Daniel Newton and Bianca MacDonald, it’s a long road back from last week’s house fire that cost them their rental home and all their possessions. One week down the track the couple are struggling to get their lives back on track; struggling to find some kind of normal in a world where they are homeless and possessionless. Daniel is back at work, Bianca at polytech and baby Shelby is at pre-school. That’s where normal ends. They’re living with Daniel’s sister and while that’s a great stop-gap it’s not ideal long term – or even short term, he said.

She’s been fantastic, he said, but two families in one house isn’t easy. Sleeping on a couch is better than sleeping on the street, but the five-week wait until they can move into their new rental home is going to be tough for everyone, Daniel said. Life might be tough, but Daniel and Bianca are not complaining. They say they’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity of the community in providing them with clothing and household goods. “People have been really helpful but we’re having to ask people to hold onto things until we move into our flat because we’ve got nowhere to store things,” he said. They feel they’re marking

time. Day to day they’re ticking over, grateful for the donations of clothing and personal items that have made life post-fire just a little easier. In an ideal world they’d love a furnished house they could rent until their flat becomes vacant. In the real world they know that’s an impossible dream, Daniel said. Their Cambridge Street renter was razed after a pot of oil overheated on the stove and sparked a fire. Daniel was home when the fire broke out but managed to salvage very few of their possessions. The house was owned by Julianne Taylor and while it was insured, the couple’s household effects were not.

Bic to call time on New Zealand pens Bic is considering moving its New Zealand manufacturing operation overseas. An announcement from the Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing union yesterday said the company was holding a one-week consultation period with staff about the move. It was expected about 19 jobs at Bic’s Auckland site would be gone by early next year, the

EPMU said in a statement. The union’s manufacturing industry organiser Louisa Jones said the proposed closure would have a huge impact on staff, many of whom have worked for the company for decades. “Most workers at Bic are longserving and they have been incredibly loyal and dedicated, so this is a real shock for them. “It’s going to be very hard to

find similar work given the state the manufacturing sector is in. Over the past four years, 40,000 manufacturing jobs have disappeared and we know from experience that many of these workers have ended up in low paid, insecure service jobs.” Ms Jones said the union would do everything to make sure Bic could live up to its responsibilities as an employer. - APNZ

An 11-year-old who is off to university next year has won an award for a science project that put claims behind Fonterra’s new light-proof milk bottles to the test. Auckland student Tristan Pang is among the whizz-kids who were recognised on Monday at the Niwa Auckland City Science and Technology Fair. The Ficino School pupil will sit the Cambridge university entrance mathematics exam next month and will study the subject at the University of Auckland next year. In his project, “Triple Layer Milk Bottle - is it effective?”, Tristan carried out three lots of testing on the new triple-layer Anchor bottles for taste, light and acidity. The first two received positive results, but he said “something funny” occurred during acidic testing when the milk was left outside - milk in the triple layer bottle degraded faster. Fonterra launched the triplelayer Anchor bottle in March, saying it protects milk from light and keeps it fresher and tasting better for longer. Tristan’s project has been praised by University of Auckland and Fonterra scientists, and he now plans to carry out further repetitions of the experiment. Fonterra scientist and brands innovation manager Olaf van Daalen said the work was of a very high calibre. However, Mr Van Daalen said the co-operative’s own testing had shown the rate of temperature change in the old and new bottles was exactly the same. “Even a very small difference in the starting condition of the

milk will make a big difference to how quickly it degrades. “Tristan acknowledges this himself in his report, noting that bacteria may have entered the bottle when he opened the cap for pH testing.” Professor Conrad Perera of the University of Auckland’s School of Chemical Studies said the experiment would need to be repeated a number of times to draw any conclusions. It was possible the bottles were not properly sterilised, and if that was the case it would explain the difference in acidity. “The budding scientist needs to be congratulated and encouraged for his enthusiasm and enterprise ... we hope he will think of doing food science when he is ready to enter the university.” Tristan previously featured in the Herald when, as a 10-yearold, he top-scored in an international Cambridge mathematics exam usually sat by students in Year 11. He plans to eventually work in the science research field, most likely in quantum physics or medicine. He is still in Year 7, meaning his Cambridge studies - he will sit Year 11-level physics and English exams this year too are mostly done outside school hours. Thomas Pang, Tristan’s father, said his son had always taught himself advanced lessons, so much so that they sometimes had to rein him in. “Initially he wanted to do [university entrance] physics this year, but we actually stopped him - we don’t want to blow his little brain.” Tristan’s and other winning entries will be displayed at Motat this week. - APNZ

Opinion 10

Ashburton Guardian

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


A day to remember Coen Lammers EDITOR


eptember 11. That simple date represents a lot more than just an historic day. The date has become the synonym for the moment when the world lost some of its innocence. The day will be remembered for the suffering of the American people at the hands of Al Qaeda terrorists, but it also triggered unimaginable suffering and death in many countries around the world. The anniversary of that fateful day, 12 years ago, has come at an interesting point when another United States president is considering an incursion into a Muslim country. The Syrian situation is different from the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan because the US is targeting a brutal regime instead of a terrorist network. In an ironic twist, any American intervention would actually assist their old enemy, as Al Qaeda plays a major part in the rebellion against president Bashar al-Assad. Both presidents, Barack Obama and Bashar al-Assad, went on US television yesterday to explain why the US should, or should not, bomb Syria. President Obama has been keen to punish the Syrian regime for the gas attack on its own civilian population, while Assad warned the American people that any attack would have repercussions. The international community has been united in condemning the poison attack but Russia and China have so far blocked any intervention. And they may be right. Dropping a load of bombs on Syria is unlikely to unsettle the current regime and in fact could hurt the traumatised population even more, directly or indirectly. The American people are weary of wars in the Middle East, and even when it helps to unsettle dictators like Muammar Ghadaffi in Libya, it often just creates a vacuum for radical Muslim elements and others to start a new battle for power. The Syrian situation, like Iraq and Afghanistan, is complex and simply unleashing American military power will not provide long term answers. The reluctance of traditional allies like New Zealand and Britain to support to any military intervention shows the international community prefers a different solution.



Front page photo I was really shocked to see a front page photo of a hand holding a large kitchen knife in a stabbing position to advertise the story of a woman who stabbed her partner in the Guardian that day. This is too graphic and is really just sensationalism. You aren’t competing with magazines. Please don’t lower the bar in your attempt to re-invent the “new-look” Guardian. I want to encourage my children to get into the newspaper but I don’t want them reading or seeing sensationalism. There’s enough of that in all the other trashy magazines. The new-look Guardian otherwise is pretty good and seems to be working well. I’m really enjoying the opinions etc from various other locals. Thank you. Cheryl Brunke


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by David Fletcher


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Stockwater race divides farmers The future of the Barrhill-Rakaia stockwater race has divided farmers through whose property it runs. One group wants it closed while the other wants the race to remain open. The Ashburton District Council has a policy of closing stockwater races and voted to close this race in 2010, but later changed its mind and the race remained open. Those who pushed for the race’s closure last week made another pitch to the council for its closure, claiming compensation for damage it has caused on their properties. From the other side of the debate, farmer Tim Seay puts the case of the race remaining open.


he spokesman for the group of property owners who took legal action to stop the closure of the Barrhill Rakaia stockwater race in 2010, Tim Seay of Holmeslee, Rakaia, says he is astounded the six Barrhill farmers who wanted the race closed are now asking the Ashburton District Council to compensate them for perceived losses resulting from the nuisance created from the race on their properties. The race has been on their properties for over 100 years and he did not think ratepayers in Ashburton would wish to see the council spend their rates in this manner. Mr Seay said the group of six Barrhill farmers have exaggerated the erosion problems caused by the race on their properties ever since they have wanted the race closed starting back in 2005. He also said that it appears, from Mr Argyle’s statement on their behalf at the recent council public forum, that the Barrhill farmers’ group are still confused about what happened in 2010 when the council rescinded their decision to close the whole of the race. The council did not do this as a result of pressure from any one person but instead as a result of a legal challenge by the overwhelming majority of property owners on the

Some farmers were faced with costs of up to $40,000

race who did not want the race closed. This group comprised all the farmers and lifestyle properties from the Barrhill farmers’ properties all the way down to Bakers Road in the Rakaia Settlement. In addition, it included residents of the Barrhill Village. Each of the 30 members of the group contributed on a proportional basis to the very considerable legal expenses involved in the preparation of the application to the High Court in Christchurch for a judicial review of the council’s decision to close the race. Two days before legal proceedings were due to be filed in the court the council decided to rescind its decision. Prior to their decision to close the race the council had carried out a statutory consultation process as required by the Local Government Act but initially a lot of property owners did not complete and return their survey forms so the council extended the closing date for the return of the forms. After receiving further replies the council decided to close the race despite a majority wanting it to remain open. There was nothing murky about this

as claimed by Mr Argyle nor was it illegal for the council to later rescind their decision as a result of our group’s legal challenge. It appears from the Guardian’s article that Mr Argyle did not mention the fact that in 2011 the council commenced to process another application for closure and opened yet another statutory consultation process. This time the survey results clearly showed a majority of property owners still wanted the race to remain open. The council went to a lot of trouble to set up a working group with two representatives from each of the opposing groups to investigate all aspects of the race and look at various options that were available to meet the wishes of the group of Barrhill farmers. A lot of work at meetings was put into this by both sides as well as the council and my understanding is that it was decided the most likely option to solve the problem for the Barrhill farmers was to divert their section of the race so that it came down the Back Track to Mitcham Road. However eventually this proposal must have come to nothing.

The council was only prepared to meet some of the costs and presumably the Barrhill farmers were not prepared to meet their share. At this point the process appears to have been taken no further and the council never wrote to property owners advising them of the final outcome of the consultation process. This is disappointing after all the work that was put in by our representatives. Mr Argyle is reported to have ended by stating that those property owners wanting the race retained had alternative water supply sources. This is completely untrue. Virtually all of the property owners wanting the race to be retained were faced with huge costs to develop alternative stock water sources. As part of the preparation work for filing proceedings in the High Court I had to accurately calculate this cost for each of these property owners and the overall cost at the time came to at least $540,000. This was an average cost per property of almost $ 20,000. Some farmers were faced with costs of up to $ 40,000 and a lot of the lifestyle properties in Rakaia $ 30,000. This is the reason why the majority of property owners wanted to retain the race. Mr Seay said stockwater races are community facilities that are maintained for the benefit of all property owners.

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Mid Canterbury the diverse district W

hen travelling and spending time in other towns around the country, I take the opportunity to mix with the locals and dig a little deeper finding out what supports these towns, and where the main income streams flow from, into these towns. Many areas only have a handful of farming types or industries that support them, and often a town’s success can be very cyclical. Here in Ashburton and Mid Canterbury we are very fortunate and often overlook the business diversity that helps make our district such a success.

Stuart Cross

Our farming operations include some of the highest performing dairy farms in the country, helped with the assistance of “irrigation”. The industries that these dairy units utilise include engineers, builders, electricians, computer technicians and many other services that provide a lot of employment in our district; along

with our large meat processing companies who collectively inject millions of dollars in to the district’s economy. Mid Canterbury is very fortunate to have some of the larger scale seed companies do business in our region. Their innovative approach to research and development has enabled them to create strong domestic and international markets. We are the world’s largest supplier of carrot seed, and have companies set up to extract oil from our seed producers. These companies have great stories to tell of determination that beats the odds

by remaining focussed on their goals. Our district is also home to many vegetable processing operations of which produce is exported. All this innovation and vision I believe, sets a positive platform for Ashburton and Mid Canterbury to move forward from well into the future. The Ashburton Business Association’s membership is very diverse also, where once our membership was very retailbased, now we have a wide base of members, reflecting the diversity of our district, and the importance of a Business Association assisting with busi-

ness growth and opportunities. I would encourage us all to think for a moment, what if Mid Canterbury only had one or two primary industries? What would our district look like? Let’s celebrate our district’s innovators and can do attitude. The ABA calendar this month shows our annual Boulevard Day where the green is lined with stalls and retailers out to kick start spring with a bargain. Mark this great day on your calendar now – Monday 23rd September 2013 Stuart Cross is chairman of the Ashburton Business Association

Business 12 Ashburton Guardian

Wednesday, September 11, 2013



Second farming hub Fonterra says it will set up a second farming hub in Shanxi Province in China. The Ying County hub will comprise five 3000-cow farms and is expected to be in production in the second half of next year. It was the next step in the company’s strategy to produce one billion litres of milk in China by 2020, Fonterra said yesterday. The development adds to the co-operative dairy giant’s five-farm hub in Hebei Province. “This is a key part of our strategy to become a more integrated dairy business in China and to contribute to the growth and development of the local Chinese dairy industry. “Having secured the right location in the Shanxi province we are now able to approach potential strategic partners,” Fonterra Greater China and India president

Kelvin Wickham said. Fonterra would employ more than 500 people in Ying County, of which around 75 per cent would be locals. “The second hub builds on our existing investment in Hebei Province and will help us to meet customer and consumer demand for high quality fresh milk in China,” Wickham said. “Raw milk supply growth in China has been around 2 per cent over the past three years but demand is growing at around 6 to 8 per cent. So there are significant opportunities for Fonterra to help bridge this supply gap by growing our own domestic milk supply in China and continuing to import our high quality finished dairy products,” he said. When fully operational, Fonterra’s two hubs would together produce up to 300 million litres of milk per year. - APNZ

Guardian Shares & Investments

Ashburton’s Michael Hill Jeweller store manager Linda Cooley is assisted by The Palms’ Michael Hill store manager Simon Cox in loading boxes upon boxes of jewels into the new Ashburton store yesterday. Photo Kirsty Clay 100913-KC-026

Almost open for business

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Hundreds of diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, pearls, aquamarines, and gold and silver, are being unpacked at the new Ashburton Michael Hill Jeweller store today. They are all being placed onto shelves at the shop, which is due to open tomorrow in the newly-built Holmeslee Square on East Street. Store manager Linda Cooley

and staff, assisted by The Palms Michael Hill Jeweller store manager Simon Cox, have been busy this week preparing the store for opening. Ms Cooley has spent the past year training in store management at the Queenstown Michael Hill Jeweller shop, and said she is keen on bringing the new store to Ashburton. She had seen in-store marriage proposals, and couples coming in

to the shop after getting engaged just the evening before. “The experience for the customer and the staff is so exciting, the staff get just as excited as the customer. It’s really an honour to be part of such an important part of the customer’s life,” she said. “Every customer is special, whether it is for a pair of freshwater pearl earrings or an engagement ring.”

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1700 govt workers to relocate to central Chch

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About 1700 workers from 20 government departments and agencies will relocate to central Christchurch within three years. Prime Minister John Key announced the move, to take place in 2016, in a speech to the Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce yesterday. “This will help support the recovery of the central business district, and offers a long-term solution for government office accommodation in the city.” Government departments have been dispersed around Christchurch in temporary accommodation since the CBD was all but closed after the February 2011 earthquake. Mr Key said the departments

and agencies would be relocated to four new buildings in the CBD’s new retail precinct. The offices will occupy about 24,000 square metres in the buildings, which would comply fully with the building code. Mr Key said lease negotiations with the buildings’ developers were ongoing so he could not go into more detail. The Government has been advised the move would cost an extra $90 million over 20 years, or an average of $5.6m a year from 2016-17. Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee said the Government was committed to the revitalisation of Christchurch.

State Services Minister Jonathan Coleman said the move would be a catalyst for more economic activity in the CBD, whether it was retail or associated businesses. The Government’s property management centre, which initiated the accommodation project, had been working with the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority to meet the priorities and challenges of the rebuild. Dr Coleman said it would provide greater certainty for the public service in Christchurch and the community it serves. “This is a long-term solution for government office accommodation in Christchurch.” - APNZ


Wednesday, September 11, 2013



In brief

Four guilty of gang rape An Indian court has convicted four men of the gang rape and murder of a physiotherapy student on board a moving bus in a crime that sickened the nation. Judge Yogesh Khanna said the men, who could now face the death penalty, were guilty of murdering a “helpless victim” as he announced that sentencing arguments will be held today. “I convict all of the accused,” Khanna said yesterday. “They have been found guilty of gang rape, unnatural offences, destruction of evidence ... and for committing the murder of the helpless victim.” The four - Mukesh Singh, Akshay Thakur, Pawan Gupta and Vinay Sharma - had all pleaded not guilty to the charges, which included murder, gang rape and theft. The victim’s parents, who wept in court as the verdict was announced, have led the calls for them to be hanged, saying that they could only have closure once the four were executed. Their 23-year-old daughter, who cannot be named for legal reasons, died of her injuries on December 29 in a Singapore hospital. Amid emotional scenes outside the courtroom, the lawyer of Mukesh Singh said that his client would launch an immediate appeal. “My client was simply driving the bus. He confessed fairly that he was driving the bus but he did not know what went on inside,” V.K. Anand told reporters. “We will appeal this verdict in the High Court in a month’s time. But we will see what happens tomorrow after arguments and the quantum of punishment.” Mukesh Singh’s mother fell

Ashburton Guardian

Support for Russia China has backed a Russian plan to head off threatened punitive US air strikes on Syria by destroying the regime’s chemical weapons. “We welcome and support the Russian side’s suggestion,” foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei told reporters at a regular briefing in Beijing yesterday. “As long as the suggestion is conducive to easing the current tension in Syria, solving the Syria issue politically and safeguarding peace and stability of Syria and the region, the international community should give it positive consideration,” he added. - AFP

Push for drug ban Months after Sydney schoolboy Henry Kwan leapt to his death, the NSW government wants to put an end to legal highs by outlawing synthetic psychoactive substances. But critics say the ban will simply fuel manufacturers to push the boundaries by creating more unknown and riskier drugs. Under the bill introduced to the NSW parliament yesterday, penalties for those nabbed manufacturing or supplying synthetic drugs include up to two years imprisonment and more than $2000, while someone caught possessing them could face up to a year in jail and more than $2000 in fines. - AAP

Bombing kills soldiers

An Indian policemen closes the gate of a court after a van, carrying four men accused in the fatal gang rape of a young woman last year, entered the premises in New Delhi. ap photo

to Anand’s feet and broke down in tears outside the courtroom. The lawyer and her husband both tried to pick her up. A.P. Singh, the lawyer for Akshay Thakur and Vinay Sharma, said both his clients would also appeal. “We will now go to the High Court with our appeal. “This is a political conviction,” he told a scrum of reporters. Any subsequent appeal by the defendants is likely to take

years in India’s notoriously slow legal system. A juvenile has already been sentenced to three years in a correctional facility, while a fifth adult defendant, bus driver Ram Singh, was found hanging in his prison cell in March while awaiting trial. “We will not accept anything below the death penalty,” the victim’s father told AFP from his home in southwestern Delhi in an interview last week. “If all four are sentenced to

death, I can’t imagine anything being better than that... We will get closure.” During the trial, the prosecution produced DNA evidence, the victim’s dying testimony and statements from a male companion who was beaten up during the attack. The attack sparked weeks of sometimes violent street protests across India with seething public anger about sex crimes against women. - AFP


British women getting the bikini blues By Julia Carlisle Even Megan Gale (left)admits she hates trying on bikinis at this time of year. “It’s never fun, with that horrible lighting (in the changing room). Women don’t like that whole trying on swimwear process.” Let’s be honest, Gale couldn’t possibly have the same angst as the majority of women - that feeling of stripping off in a changing room and being faced with a white, flabby, hairy body that has to be squeezed into a

swimming costume. But with the warm weather tapping at our doors there’s no denying that summer, and beach season, is on its way. Some women hate wearing swimwear so much, it determines their holiday destination. A new British survey found women shun holiday hotspots because of the state of their bodies. Younger women are more fearful than older ones about how they might look on the beach, the poll by travel British agency found in its survey of 2182

British women aged 18 and over. Of these, 21 per cent said they ruled out beach holidays due to a lack of body confidence, with two-fifths of these reluctant travellers aged 18 to 25. But Gale, the 180cm oliveskin beauty, who also has her own line of swimwear, Isola by Megan Gale, is happy to share some tricks and tips to her fellow females on how to get their bodies in shape for the summer season. “I do encourage drinking a lot of water and then up your exercise regime.” - AAP

A twin bomb blast has struck a school in insurgency-plagued southern Thailand, officials say, killing two soldiers and injuring one student in a new setback to peace efforts. Education workers and the troops who guard them are a top target for Muslim mili-tants who have waged a nine-year campaign of violence that has left thousands of people dead. Authorities said that militants behind yesterday’s attack planted a first bomb to lure soldiers and then detonated a second device. - AFP

Iran staying nuclear Iran “will not give up one iota” of its nuclear rights, Iranian President Hassan Rowhani has said in a speech to clerics, Mehr news agency reports. “Our government will not give up one iota of its absolute rights” on the nuclear issue, Rowhani said yesterday. - AFP


SAY ‘NO’ TO HAY FEVER! Protect yourself from spring allergies. Come and see us now! MONDAY - FRIDAY 9AM - 6PM & SATURDAY 9.30AM - 12 NOON Countdown Complex, East Street Ph 3086733

Simply living 14

Ashburton Guardian

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Spice up your fritters BY GRETCHEN MCKAY


echnically, cauliflower fritters with corianderginger sauce is a side

dish. But my daughters gobbled up so many of these beerbattered Indian-spiced fritters that they declared it “dinner”. Served with rice and salad, it would indeed make a terrific vegetarian entree. Look for firm cauliflower with compact florets and crisp, fresh leaves with no signs of yellowing or wilting. Avoid cauliflower with small brown specks on the florets; they are a sign of ageing.

Cauliflower fritters 1½ C all-purpose flour, plus more as needed 1 T turmeric 1 T ground ginger 1 T canola oil, plus 6 cups for frying (divided) 1½ bottles beer, at room temperature 1 large head cauliflower, stemmed, broken into bitesized pieces, washed and thoroughly dried 1 T smoked paprika

Water, for thinning For sauce: 1 T freshly grated ginger 1 T olive oil 1 to 2 t coriander seeds 1 small bunch cilantro leaves, snipped ■ Prepare sauce: Put all ingredients in bowl and combine. ■ Prepare fritters: In a medium bowl, sift together the flour, turmeric and ground ginger. Add 1 tablespoon of canola oil and whisk in the beer. Set aside in a warm place because it will puff up slightly. ■ Put cauliflower in a medium bowl and use a small strainer to sprinkle it with an even layer of paprika. Toss to coat. ■ In a large pot over medium

heat, add remaining 6 cups of oil and heat to 350 degrees. ■ Stir batter slightly. Put a couple of pieces of cauliflower on a slotted spoon and submerge into batter. It should coat the pieces lightly. (If batter is too thick, add a little water; if it’s too thin, add more sifted flour.) ■ Cook 1 piece of cauliflower to check for seasoning. Drain excess batter and lower cauliflower bite into the oil. It should bubble slightly and cauliflower will gradually rise to the surface. Fry until golden brown; drain on paper towels. Season with salt. ■ Fry in small batches and drain on paper towels. Transfer to serving bowl. Garnish with sauce and serve. - SHN

Have you been caught?


espite much publicity it appears as if there are still some elderly people being captured into a scamming trap. Some believe that it is just a “computer thing’ and don’t recognise the dangers. This is not the case as scamming can occur through the mail and even over the telephone. A simple definition of scamming is that it is a scheme designed to defraud or swindle by tricking anyone who can be attracted to the possibility of becoming rich. A recent television programme revealed that millions of dollars are being scammed out of pensioners each year through fake lotteries. In one case a 79-year-old man lost $20,000 after he sent cheques to the scammers to claim his prize while another man received 169 lottery scam letters in just one day. One of our major banks is so concerned about this issue that they have appointed a fraud co-ordinator to try and track down the perpetrators. Evidence has shown that the scams ask for anything between $10 to $90 which is supposedly a processing fee to release funds that the victim has

Jeanette Tarbotton SERVING THE AGEING

‘won’ and once your name gets into their systems you get inundated with this mail. The best way to deal with this is to write RETURN TO SENDER on the envelope and put it in the post. Evidence has shown that these schemes can come from all over the world, even from reputable countries. It is well known that in many cases there is a criminal element involved. If you should happen to open one of these unsolicited letters don’t act on your own. Ask a family member or someone you can trust whether it is genuine. Dont get trapped into smart so called attractive offers, they will always be too good to be true. Age Concern will follow up any incidents that come to our notice. There are a lot of good things happening around us, don’t let the despicable things take over.

DINING -To finish, the humble rhubarb is given an extreme make over and we show what an incredible and versatile product it is.

When writing this menu I have used a lot of classic dishes and given them a modern twist . Looking at what is available locally, what is in season, what our clients want and what the trends are. Executive Chef, Paul Condrons, picks off the new menu at Clearwater Restaurant are;

-For the main course the Aoraki salmon with a duo of potato and horseradish butter – this dish has subtle flavours and textures that enhance this beautiful fish .

-To begin duck confit which is marinated with vanilla cinnamon and confit for 6 hours and served with tamarillo poached in a delicious mulled wine – this dish is inspired by the winter months with all the flavours and aromas you would associate with the season.

Here at the Clearwater we want to showcase fresh. Local. Vibrant.





FREE on Sundays

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ashburton Guardian 15

Why not give pork mince a go W

hen a meal is needed and time is short, mince is often the meat of first choice – cheap and quick to cook. And usually the mince you reach for is beef, but why not branch out and try pork mince for a change. Make sure you buy 100 per cent pure NZ Pork and you can’t go wrong. You’ll know that product is pure meat. Mince as an ingredient is pretty interchangeable, so what tastes good with beef will usually taste just as good if pork is substituted and you ring a couple of changes with herbs and spices.

Trim pork mince balls 500g 100% NZ Trim Pork mince ½ t crushed garlic 2 t freshly chopped parsley 1 T freshly chopped coriander Zest of 1 lemon 1 T Worcester sauce ■ Combine mince, parsley, garlic, coriander, lemon zest and sauce ■ Shape and roll into small individual balls ■ Spray a little oil on the surface of a hot electric fry pan. ■ Add the balls and cook for about 6 - 8 minutes. ■ Turn often to cook the balls through quickly and evenly. Serve with pasta and past sauce

Baked penne with pork and herbs 450g dry penne pasta 1½ T olive oil 1 onion, sliced 1 t fresh rosemary, minced 4 cloves garlic, chopped 450g beef mince 450g pork mince 500g jar pasta sauce salt to taste 200g grated cheese ¾ C sour cream ¾ C cottage cheese 170g mozzarella cheese, grated 2 T freshly grated Parmesan cheese ■ Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. ■ Cook pasta in boiling water for 8 to 10 minutes or until al dente; drain. ■ Heat olive oil in large, heavy frypan over medium heat. ■ Cook onion in oil until tender. Stir in rosemary and garlic. Transfer to a small bowl. ■ Place beef mince and pork mince in the frypan. ■ Cook over medium-high heat until evenly brown. ■ Stir in the onion mixture and the pasta sauce. ■ Season with salt. Reduce heat to low and simmer for 10 minutes. ■ Preheat oven to 180 degrees ■ Grease a 20x30cm baking dish. ■ In the prepared dish, layer 1/2 of the cooked pasta, ■ Top with half the grated cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese ■ Add a little less than 1/2 of the meat mixture. ■ Layer the rest of the pasta, mozzarella cheese, remaining meat mixture and Parmesan cheese. ■ Bake in the preheated oven for 20 to 30 minutes or until heated through and cheeses are melted.

Spicy pork burgers with guacamole 2 T sunflower oil 2 cloves garlic 1 small onion 2 red or green chillies 1 t ground coriander 1 t ground cumin a small bunch of coriander 500g pork mince 1 small egg salt and black pepper 1 lemon or lime 1 large avocado To serve: corn chips or soft tortillas

■ Remove from oven and stand in pan for 5 minutes ■ Gently lift meatloaf from pan onto a board and slice. Serve with salad or vegetables.

■ Heat 2 teaspoons oil in a small frying pan. ■ Peel and crush 1 clove garlic, peel and finely chop the onion. ■ Add to the pan and fry until the onion is soft. ■ Finely chop the chillies, including the seeds. ■ Put half aside for the guacamole and add the remainder to the onion. ■ Stir in the ground coriander and cumin and fry gently for 3 minutes more until soft ■ Roughly chop enough fresh coriander to give 2 tablespoons and add half to the reserved chillies. Put the rest of the chopped coriander into a large bowl ■ Add the fried onion mixture, pork, egg, salt and black pepper. ■ Finely grate the rind of the lemon or lime into the bowl ■ Stir the mixture, which should be slightly soft. ■ Heat the remaining oil in a large frying pan. ■ Divide the mixture into four and pat each piece into a fairly flat burger. ■ Fry over moderate heat for 5–6 minutes on each side, until cooked through. ■ Guacomole: ■ Squeeze the juice from half the lemon or lime ■ Put it into a bowl with the reserved chopped chillies. ■ Peel the remaining garlic clove and crush it in. ■ Halve and stone the avocado, and scoop the flesh into the bowl. ■ Season, then mash together well. ■ Drain the burgers on paper towels. ■ Serve on individual plates with the guacamole and corn chips or soft tortillas.

Pork meatloaf with apples oil spray 1 medium onion, finely chopped 1 celery stalk, finely chopped 1 garlic clove, minced 500g lean pork mince 1 t ground sage ¼ t ground cloves 1 t Worcestershire sauce 1 egg, lightly beaten 1/3 C Panko breadcrumbs 1 large Granny Smith apple, peeled, cored and finely sliced salt and pepper ■ Heat oven to 180°C ■ Spray loaf pan and line with baking paper ■ Heat a small frying pan and spray lightly with oil. ■ Add onion, celery and garlic with a pinch of salt and cook until translucent. ■ Cool slightly. ■ Mix all ingredients, except apples, together in a large bowl until well combined. ■ Press mixture into prepared pan and line top with sliced apples. ■ Season with salt and pepper and bake for 45 minutes until cooked through.

Friday 20th September








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Your place


Ashburton Guardian

Wednesday, September 11, 2013




Test yourself with the Guardian’s weekday quiz

Yesterday’s top 5 stories on

1 – Which of the following is most true about Ashburton? a. It’s at a higher altitude to Christchurch b. It’s at a lower altitude than Christchurch c. It’s at a lower latitude than Christchurch

1. Gales cut power, spark fires 2. Celtic tops a perfect season (+Video) 3. Rakaia residents raging 4. Community ‘feels powerless’ 5. Hayley back at work

2 - What does ‘tamariki’ mean in Maori? a. Young man b. Children c. Tribe


3 - When was the first Christian crusade against Muslims in Palestine? a. 1076 b. 1095 c. 1107 4 - About how many colours can be distinguished by the human eye? a. 100 thousand b. one million c. 10 million

Featured today:


Strong winds Lions anniversary Hedge fire and many more

5 - Colin Craig’s political party is called the...? a. Progressive Party b. One Nation Party c. Conservative Party 6 - The area of Vatican City is roughly how big? a. 0.5 square kilometres b. 1 square kilometre c. 2 square kilometres 7 - The name of the President of Syria is... a. Bashar al-Mohammed b. Bashar al-Assad c. Bashar al-Hussein 8 - How many Mt Hutt College students were trapped on Mt Hutt for an evening after the access road was closed? a. 230 b. 250 c. 270




3 9






1 9



Foggy sentinels


Ashburton Cemetery as seen and photographed by Aileen Brake of the Ashburton Photographic Society one foggy morning in July while attending a monthly field trip. This area of the cemetery provides interesting lighting in early morning for images.

5 9 3 1 6 4 7 8 2

SEND US YOUR PHOTOS Your Place is the place to display the photos of your sports team, your pets, your school events, or just something ordinary from the present or days gone by. Please send your photos to with the words YOUR PLACE in the subject line and we will run it in the Guardian or our website

7 6 8 5 9 2 1 3 4

4 2 1 3 8 7 9 5 6

3 4 6 9 2 5 8 1 7

1 7 2 6 3 8 4 9 5

8 5 9 4 7 1 2 6 3

6 3 7 2 1 9 5 4 8

9 8 4 7 5 6 3 2 1

2 1 5 8 4 3 6 7 9


Answers: 1a. 2b. 3b. 4c. 5c. 6a. 7b. 8c.

Baked fish with parsley crust and couscous

■ Place couscous in a bowl and pour over boiling water, cover and set aside. ■ Mix together the yoghurt and vinegar and refrigerate. ■ Mix the diced bread with canola oil and toast on a tray in the oven

8 1

Go to to check out the new photo galleries.

QUICK MEAL 1 C couscous ¾ C boiling water ¾ C unsweetened, low-fat yoghurt 2 T white vinegar 2 C stale wholegrain bread, diced 2 T canola oil ½ C red onion, finely diced 120g baby spinach 1½ C stale wholegrain bread, diced 1½ C parsley, roughly chopped 1 t lemon zest 2 t lemon juice 2 t canola oil 600g fish fillet

1 8 6


7 6 5 8 1

2 1 6 1

8 7

■ When couscous has absorbed all of the water and cooled down, break it up with a fork. ■ When ready to serve, mix together the cooked couscous, yoghurt dressing, diced onion, baby spinach and toasted bread croutons. ■ Fish ■ Heat oven to 200°C. ■ Place diced bread, parsley, lemon zest, lemon juice and canola

oil in a food processor ■ Blend to coarse crumbs. ■ Place fish fillets on a baking tray. ■ Spread parsley and bread crumbs on top of fish, coating both sides, and lightly press them down. ■ Bake in oven for approximately 10-15 minutes until the fish is just cooked through.

Recipe courtesy

5 1

4 7 3


6 7 9 5 2


Solutions for today in tomorrow’s Your Place page.

3 9 4 1 7 6 5 8 2

Sport 18

Ashburton Guardian

In brief Tana in trouble Counties Manukau head coach Tana Umaga is being investigated for misconduct by New Zealand Rugby. NZ Rugby confirmed yesterday that it had initiated a misconduct process with the former All Black over a discussion Umaga allegedly had with match officials following Counties Manukau’s 20 - 22 loss to Auckland at Eden Park last Wednesday. Media comments allegedly made by Umaga after the match will also be examined. - HOL

Jane back from injury Cory Jane was an unexpected presence at All Blacks training yesterday and says he hopes to make a comeback from his knee reconstruction next month. Jane is back running after seriously injuring his knee in a pre-season match for the Hurricanes in January, an injury which ruled him out of the Super Rugby competition. He hopes to take the field for Wellington against Auckland on October 5, with the All Blacks’ end of year tour a major goal. - APNZ

Messam shoo-in at 6 There is a battle brewing for the All Blacks’ No 6 jersey but the selection for Saturday will be a relatively easy one for Steve Hansen and co - Liam Messam should start ahead of Steven Luatua. Luatua has done well in his three Rugby Championship tests but the coaches aren’t about to get ahead of themselves. He impressed when starting against Australia in Sydney when getting the nod late in the week due to Messam’s hamstring injury. Messam’s ex-perience will be crucial against a Springboks team confident they have the game plan and firepower to beat an All Blacks outfit without the skill and leadership of captain Richie McCaw. - APNZ

‘Tough not to play’ Richie McCaw says it will be tough not to play in “one of the biggest test matches of the year” because of a knee injury which has forced him out of the Auckland match. The All Black captain walked with a limp at a rugby event yesterday and his knee was obviously quite painful as he kneeled to have a photograph taken. McCaw tore a medial ligament in his left knee after prop Charlie Faumuina fell on the flanker’s leg in a tackle during the test against Argentina in Hamilton at the weekend. The injury has ruled him out of the test against the All Blacks’ old foe, South Africa, this weekend. - APNZ

Steyn thinking ahead Springbok sharpshooter Morne Steyn has rolled back into some better form this season as his plans formed to dovetail his test career with a new life at Stade Francais in Paris. The 29-year-old has played with more freedom this year as the Springboks have ploughed a formidable run of nine successive test wins since they last lost, 32-16, to the All Blacks in Soweto last October. A number of Springboks lwere making their way into test rugby and discovering the different rhythms at that level of the game. “The time we have been together now, we are more experienced and confident,”Steyn said. - NZH

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Carter welcomes the return of Nonu BY PATRICK MCKENDRY Ma’a Nonu’s future in New Zealand rugby remains uncertain, but Dan Carter believes the second-five’s reliable presence outside him will be a key factor for the All Blacks against the Springboks at Eden Park. Nonu will return to the No12 jersey on Saturday, renewing a partnership with Carter which has served the All Blacks so well in the past. Both will be subjected to plenty of pressure from a buoyant Springboks team following recent injury problems. A broken hand and a strained calf have limited Carter’s test appearances to two this year and he was seen limping at the team’s Auckland hotel following training yesterday. Nonu was absent from the victory over Argentina at Waikato Stadium last weekend after being given extra time to rest a sore ankle, and is priming himself to make a big impact on his return. Francis Saili played at second-five against the Pumas, recovering well from an early error - a dropped Carter pass which gifted the visitors a converted try to earn praise from his team-mates and coach Steve Hansen. But Carter yesterday acknowledged the combination had its teething problems and there was no substitute for Nonu’s power and experience. Nonu may have made himself unpopular at the Hurricanes, Blues and Highlanders over the past three years, but the 31-year-old, who has played 81

tests, remains a potent force on the big stage. “It was pretty challenging last week,” said Carter. “I was pretty proud of Francis, I thought he made the most of his opportunities and he had a great debut, but I guess it was tough not playing alongside him before. “There were a few mistimings with that combination so having Ma’a there, he’s been in good form for the All Blacks all year and he’ll be looking to continue that. He’s excited to play as well - having to sit back and watch l a s t

weekend would have been frustrating for him and he’s looking for a big game this weekend.” Nonu’s ability to break the line has always been a constant for the All Blacks and his developing kicking game which was displayed most effectively against France in Christchurch in June could also be a factor in what could be an armwrestle against the Boks.

For Carter, there is no doubt about Nonu’s abilities. “He’s just one of those reliable guys to get you over the gain line whenever you need it. When you need the ball going forward he’s a bit of a go-to man. His footwork, his strength, are real attributes ... his experience as well. “He’s played in a lot of big matches in his career so in an occasion like this he’s nice and

relaxed and thinking clearly as well.” Carter added that the Springboks’ developing attacking edge had added a new level to their game. “Their backs are scoring good tries, their outside backs are making good breaks, so they’re a bit more of an allround package, whereas in the past they’ve been a bit one dimensional.” - APNZ

Whitelock the go-to man BY ANTON CRUMP The responsibilities of controlling a raging South African setpiece on Saturday night at Eden Park will fall on experienced All Black lock Sam Whitelock’s shoulders. Whitelock said the All Blacks can’t let the Boks dominate the set-piece as they did against Australia in their match last weekend. “The set-piece focus for them is huge. If we can nullify that you go

a long way towards taking the physicality out of their game.” Whitelock will call on all of his 44 tests-worth of experience when taking on Eben Etzebeth and Flip van der Merwe, who were all over the Australians in the Brisbane test and will likely be selected when the Springboks name their team for Saturday today. Despite only having 38 test caps between them, the Bok locking combination were impressive. “We need to adapt to any pressure they put on our lineout,”

Whitelock said. “We’ve been working hard on our processes and getting that structure [in the lineout] dead right. “This year they’ve started to maul a bit more so we’ve got to be ready to nullify it.” South Africa will also target the All Blacks at the scrum, which, under the new laws, has a slightly different emphasis than in the past. “It’s the dominant scrum that normally comes out on top with these new rules,” Whitelock said. - NZH

Sport Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ashburton Guardian 19

In brief


Midcourt weak link? Her side does not assemble until today but Silver Ferns coach Waimarama Taumaunu already has a clear idea of where they will need to lift their game. The Silver Ferns play Australia in Invercargill on Sunday in the first of five games during the next month. Preparation begins in Invercargill today and Taumaunu is of the firm opinion Australia will target the Silver Ferns midcourt as a potential weak link. Former Australian goal shoot Vicki Wilson has already made an impact in her new role as Silver Ferns assistant coach. - ODT

Return to Bathurst

Emirates Team New Zealand rounds the first mark during the fourth race of the America’s Cup against Oracle on Monday. PHOTO AP

Inspired guesswork required on Aotearoa BY PAUL LEWIS It’s the time of educated guesswork, when all that technology and science combine with good old-fashioned intuition. There were signs on Monday that the Kiwis might have got it a little wrong. Not only did skipper Dean Barker surrender the advantage in both starts to Oracle Team USA skipper Jimmy Spithill, their boat and crew work in Race 4 seemed a little less convincing than previously. The best guess is that the

New Zealanders misread things. The winds were forecast to be light but, by Race 4, were gusting over the 23-knot wind limit. San Francisco is not an easy climate to read even when you know that the wind will build during the day. Even worse, decisions have to be made by 8pm the day before - so their weather forecasting has to be spot on. What may have happened is that they moded their boat for lighter airs, making it faster but maybe less stable. Then, when the wind blew,

Oracle took advantage. That theory is borne out by the fact that the wind blew hardest during the third leg of Race 4, the upwind leg. That was when Aotearoa, dominant upwind in the previous three races, faltered. Oracle actually won that leg, extending their lead from 5s to 16s. At one stage, the Kiwis attempted to foil upwind to add a burst of speed; it turned out to be a symbol of their inability to catch the American boat with the bows rearing up as either the foils weren’t set quite

right and/or the wind caught the bows. Today’s weather forecast is for stronger winds - 18-20 knots on an incoming tide. So Team New Zealand again have a ticklish decision to make in configuring the boat for a range of winds from 10 knots to 23. Best guess for today and for the Cup match as a whole is that Team NZ do have a faster boat - but perhaps not by much and perhaps they have re-jigged the boat so much that they are not as adept in stronger winds as once they were. - HOS



■ Cycling

Development Cyclists Development Cyclists Monthly, Season, Ribbons & Overall points Ribbons, B. Grade 1st, Caitlin Titheridge 116pts, 2nd. Oliver Davidson 38pts. 3rd. James Skinner 34pts. C. grade 1st Ryan Jackson 120pts. 2nd. Ethan Titheridge 72pts. 3rd. Luke Skinner 30pts. D. Grade Maddie Lowry 118pts. 2nd Madison Clark 110pts. Monthly Points. B. Grade Caitlin Titheridge 256pts. 2nd. Oliver Davidson 210pts. 3rd. James Skinner 176pts. C. Grade. 1st Ryan Jackson 270pts. 2nd. Ethan Titheridge 224pts. 3rd. Luke Skinner 145pts. 4th. Connie Davidson 72pts. D. Grade 1st Madison Clark 258pts. 2nd. Maddie lowry 255pts. Overall Points for the Season. A Grade 1st Bailey Kershaw 128pts. 2nd Kees Donaldson  102pts. 3rd Jessie Banks 96pts. 4th Ben Sutton 72pts.  B. Grade 1st. Caitlin Tithgeridge 565 pts. 2nd. James Skinner 282pts. 3rd. Josh Kershaw 275pts. 4th Oliver Davidson 258pts. C. Grade 1st. Ryan Jackson 563pts. 2nd Ethan Titheridge 453pts. 3rd Luke Skinner 267pts. 4th Connie Davidson. D. Grade Maddie Lowry 511pts. 2nd. Madi-

son Clark 459pts. Tower Trophy Points. 1st Caitlin Titheridge 565 pts. 2nd Ryan Jackson 563pts. 3rd. Maddie Lowry 511pts. 4th Madison Clark 459pts. 5th Ethan Titheridge 453pts. 6th James Skinner 282pts. 7th Josh Kershaw  275pts. 8th luke Skinner 267pts. 9th Oliver Davidson 258pts. 10th Bailey Kershaw 128pts. 11th Kees Donaldson 102pts. 12th Jessie Banks 96pts. 13th Connie Davidson 72pts. 13th= Ben  Sutton 72pts. 14th Bailey O’Donnell 60pts. 15th Abe O’Donnell 58pts. 16th. Josh Donaldson 38pts. Cups A. Grade “Rakaia Sports” Bailey Kershaw. B. Grade “The James Cup” Caitlin Titheridge. C. Grade “L.C. Bushell Cup “ Ryan Jackson. D. Grade “ T.C.C. Cycling Points”.  ”U17 Girls Trophy”  Caitlin Titheridge

Mid Canterbury Social Wheelers September 7 Distance 14km 33 starters 1st Liz Wylie C.T 32.51. H.T. 5.40m R.T. 27m 11s. 2nd Brian Goodwin, C.T. 32.52. H.T. 5.40m. R.T. 27m 12s. 3rd Nicole Herd C.T. 33.08. H.T. 45s. R.T. 32m 23s. 4th. Caitlin Titheridge C.T. 33.30. H.T. 5.40m. R.T. 27m 50s. 5th Drew Titheridge C.T. 33.37. H.T. 5.40m. R.T. 27m 57s. 6th Janette Hooper C.T. 33.37. H.T. 5.40m. R.T. 27m 57s. 7th Martin Hyde C.T. 34.13. H.T. 9.50m. R.T. 24m 23s. 8th. Peter Wood C.T. 34.14. H.T. 9.50m. R.T. 24m 24s. 9th

Janis Crawford C.T. 34.14. H.T. 9.50m. R.T. 24m 24s. 10th Paul Hands C.T. 34.14. H.T. 9.50m. R.T. 24m 24s. 11th. Nahan Tew C.T.34.33. H.T. 14.35m. R.T. 19m 58s F/T. 12th. Steven Hands C.T. 34.33. H.T. 14.35m. R.T. 19m 58s. 2f/t. 13th. Michael Templeton C.T. 34.34. H.T. 14.35m. R.T. 19m 59s 3f/t. 14th. Russell Ward C.T 34.34. H.T. 14.35m. R.T. 19m 59s. 15th. Scott Albon  C.T. 34.34. H.T.14.35m. R.T. 19m 59s. 16th. Sam Cullimore C.T. 34.35. H.T. 12.40m R.T. 21m 55s. 17th. Bruce McClelland C.T. 34.35. H.T. 11.00m. R.T. 23m 35s. 18th. Mark Smitheram C.T. 34.35. H.T. 11.00m. R.T. 23m 35s. 19th Rob Hooper C.T.34.35. H.T. 12.40m. R.T. 21m 55s. 20th Kristine Marriott C.T. 34.37. H.T. 12.40m. R.T. 21m 57s. 21st Robert Grice C.T. 34.37. H.T. 12.40m. R.T. 21m 57s. 22nd Tonee Hurley C.T. 34.38. H.T. 12.40m. 21m 58s. 23rd Richard Kirwan C.T.34.35. H.T. 12.40m. R.T. 22m 05s. 24th. John Uden C.T. 34.45. H.T. 12.40m. R.T. 22m 05s. 25th. Matthew Ellis C.T. 34.46. H.T. 11.00m. R.T. 23m 46s. 26th. Kevin Hurley C.T. 34.46. H.T. 11.00m. R.T. 23m 46s. 27th Tania Tocher C.T. 34.56. H.T. 45s. R.T. 34m 11s. 28th. Harry Chatterton C.T. 34.56. H.T. Go. R.T. 34m 56s. 29th David Sullivan C.T. 35.16. H.T. 9.50m. R.t. 25m 26s. 30th Maria Fowler C.T. 35.48. H.T. 9.50m. R.T. 25m 58s. 31st Lucy Kirwan C.T. 35.48. H.T. 9.50m R.T. 25m 58s. 32nd Bruce Albon C.T. 36.29. H.T. 11.00m. R.T. 25m 29s. 33rd Brian Ellis

C.T. 38.07. H.T. 9.50m. R.T. 28m 17s.

■ Golf Ashburton Golf Club Women’s Section September 10 Rnd 3 Truman Trophy Fiona Williamson – 28, Catherine Trott, Nicki Gill, Wendy Suttie, Wendy Parr -30. Nearest Pins: No 4 Sue Simpson, No 8 House of Travel Ashburton: Vicki Moore, No.12 Lynn’s Small Salon: Wendy Parr No. 14 Todds of Ashburton: Heather Robertson, 2nd Shot to Green: Heather Trott Twos: Vicki Moore – No 8, Wendy Parr – No 12. Nine Hole Section September 5 Stroke Round 1st – Sue Letham – Net 34.

■ Volleyball Ashburton Volleyball Robbie’s Bar & Bistro Volleyball September 9 Atomics v AshColl 1-2, Silver fern Farm v Team Mega 1-2, Set play v Misfits 3-0, Scared Hitless v Social Quads 0-3, 4 Play v S & Giggles 1-2, Wondars v Team Havoc 0-3. Robbie’s Bar & Bistro Player of the day goes to Alan from Atomics.

The man who famously branded angry Holden and Ford fans “a pack of arseholes” at Bathurst more than 20 years ago expects the favour to be returned when Nissan makes its Mount Panorama comeback next month. “I’ll say when they’re going around, there’ll be a few people calling out the thing that I said,” a smiling Jim Richards said yesterday. Richards created history when he and Mark Skaife drove Nissan’s Skyline GT-R - nicknamed the Godzilla - to backto-back Bathurst 1000 victories in 1991 and 1992. - AAP

Genia on the bench? He’s considered by many to be the best halfback in world rugby, but stand-in Wallabies skipper Will Genia could find himself on the pine in Saturday night’s Test against Argentina in Perth. Rugby analyst and former Wallaby Greg Martin claims he has inside knowledge that Genia will be dumped from the starting line-up against the Pumas, with No.8 Ben Mowen to take over the captaincy. Genia’s axing would thrust Brumbies scrumhalf Nic White into the starting side. But more importantly, it would signal that no one is safe as new coach Ewen McKenzie attempts to find the winning formula to fix his misfiring outfit. - AAP

Experience key for Manly September is Manly time, and as they gear up for a ninth straight NRL finals campaign, the Sea Eagles believe playoff experience could prove the difference in the race for the title. Along with Melbourne the pre-eminent force of the last decade, the Sea Eagles maintain they are serious premiership contenders thanks to a ‘been there, done that’ philosophy. “We know what’s expected and each individual and we know what has to be done to win a game,” Anthony Watmough said of the Sea Eagles’ finals experience. “We had a slip-up on the weekend but we really like to come into these things and take it up another level.” - AAP

Armstrong keeps medal The International Olympic Committee is still waiting for the return of disgraced American cyclist Lance Armstrong’s bronze medal from the 2000 Games in Sydney, eight months after asking for it back. The IOC had written to Armstrong in January to ask him to hand back the medal, but head of the IOC’s judicial commission Thomas Bach admitted that while the cyclist had accepted the punishment, he had yet to honour his promise to return the medal. - AFP

Racing 20 Ashburton Guardian

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

In brief


Buffering impresses

Photo finish

Top sprinter Buffering has delighted trainer Robert Heathcote with a dominant jump-out win at Doomben yesterday. Heathcote said Buffering won his heat by more than 10 lengths, recording a time that was more than four seconds faster than the next quickest for the session. Buffering will head to Melbourne in a fortnight where he will resume in the Group One A J Moir Stakes (1200m) at Moonee Valley on September 27. - AAP

Golden Rose a starter Cluster has already overcome a major Golden Rose obstacle by getting a start in Saturday’s $1 million race, much to the relief of his trainer and punters. One of two runners for the Anthony Cummings stable, Cluster has been backed from $201 to his $9 quote after yesterday’s barrier draw where he came up with gate seven of 17. With the rail in the true position at Rosehill, the 1400m start can accommodate 18 runners, something Cummings was pleased to learn over the weekend. After a luckless fifth in the Run To The Rose it looked as if Cluster would miss the cut. - AAP

The finish of the first on the card at the Ashburton Trotting Club’s workouts yesterday couldn’t have had a tighter finish with honours going to the Alex Hastie trained and driven Anton Oliver a head clear of Tiger Tara and Gerard O’Reilly with John Dunn and Donegal Guest a neck further back. Photo Kirsty Clay 100913-KC-058

M2 Waikato RC gallops

Blustery conditions and an unseasonably warm spring day didn’t hamper the performance of runners in race one at yesterday’s Ashburton Trotting Club’s workouts; they ran the 2400m in a smoking hot 2.59.6. A small field of just five lined up behind the mobile in race one, with Dexter Dunn and Tiger Tara taking the lead and Anton Oliver settling in the trail. Rome’s Burning grabbed the lead first time round and the field settled to run in Indian file until the 800m mark, when Tiger Tara laid down a serious challenge. As they turned for home Rome’s Burning looked to have plenty left in the tank but couldn’t hold out strong challenges from Anton Oliver, Tiger Tara and Donegal Guest who made a strong run after running at the back of the field for most of the distance. Anton Oliver might have been the oldest horse in the field at eight, but the I am a Fool-Money Back gelding demonstrated that he still has plenty of racing left.

Today at Te Rapa raceway

Waikato RC Venue: Te Rapa Meeting Date: 11 Sep 2013 NZ Meeting number: 2 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8 Trebles: 2, 3 and 4; 6, 7 and 8 1 12.40pm BNZ PARTNERS FAREWELL TO DAVE RATING 65 1400 $7000, Rating 65 Benchmark*, 1400m 1 53423 Freedom (1) 59 ........................ K Joyce (a4) 2 3231 Cast King d (8) 58.5 ........................ R Jones 3 58791 Galaxy Road dm (12) 58.5 ..............S Collett 4 2153x Hanamichi (10) 57.5......................O Bosson 5 9x860 Happy Man td (6) 57.5 .................... C Grylls 6 42441 Orinto td (13) 57 .........................M Cameron 7 57139 Scorching (11) 57............................ K Myers 8 37103 Contrada t (4) 56.5 ...................K Leung (a3) 9 46193 Imagunakepa (9) 56.5 ............. P Turner (a1) 10 522x1 Tokomutu Judge dm (5) 56 ........M Sweeney 11 43984 Oui t (2) 55.5 ...............................T Thornton 12 89x55 Hey Bruce (3) 54.5 .......................... N Harris 13 59x07 So Bling m (7) 54.5 .................... M Dee (a3) 2 1.15pm TOM & DON’S TRIBUTE TO DUNSTAN DAVE MAIDEN 1400 $7000, MDN, 1400m 1 72525 Cee Tee Are (1) 58.5 ................ A Taylor (a3) 2 4738x Manny (4) 58.5 ..............................O Bosson 3 06 Vanilla Lad (5) 58.5 .......................M McNab 4 7x Hearts’n’spades h (3) 58.5 .. M Dravitzki (a2) 5 Zah Off (7) 58.5...............................S Collett 6 99x33 All Of The Lights (14) 56.5 .............. K Myers 7 482 Boom Boom Brahma (15) 56.5 ....... C Grylls 8 92035 Strictly Limited (10) 56.5 ..........A Jones (a4) 9 76094 Mooretaine (12) 56.5..........................J Jago 10 77307 Suggest Gold (18) 56.5 ............. A Collett (a) 11 90 Stacked (6) 56.5 .................................M Hills 12 65x5 Kick Buttowski (11) 56............ A Forbes (a1) 13 King’s Rock (17) 56 ....................M Cameron


14 76 Pajaro (16) 56 ........................... M D Plessis 15 0x7 Emblem (9) 56 ...........................M Sweeney 16 0 Hidrifter (8) 56 ...........................J Oliver (a3) 17 84767 Chantilly Rose (13) 56.5 .............T Thornton 18 x7x0x Dandee Boy h (2) 58.5 -

19 23x33 Puccini 56 .................................... Scratched 20 9x31 Wolfwhistle 56 .............................. Scratched 21 4x4 Porotene Lollipop 56.5 ................. Scratched Emergencies: Chantilly Rose, Dandee Boy, Puccini, Wolfwhistle, Porotene Lollipop 3 1.50pm WELL DONE DAVID MAIDEN 1600 $7000, MDN, 1600m 1 343x3 Undertheradar (5) 58.5 ..............M Cameron 2 427x3 I’m All Yours (6) 58.5 ....................... C Grylls 3 426 April Joy b (1) 58.5 .............................J Jago 4 7703 Waitoa (7) 58.5................................ S Spratt 5 4x9 Mr Garcia (11) 58.5 .......................O Bosson 6 50 Hidden Key (10) 58.5 ................ M D Plessis 7 608 Dont Call (4) 58.5 ........................ C Dell (a1) 8 Firepower (14) 58.5 ...........................L Innes 9 32325 Keepit b (12) 56.5............................ N Harris 10 0x7 Align Of Flutes (3) 56.5 .................M McNab 11 8 Maybe Later (13) 56.5 ................. D Johnson 12 Nosecondprize (9) 56.5......................M Hills 13 8 Satay (2) 54.................................T Thornton 14 7 Carmen Sandiego (8) 54................. K Myers 4 2.25pm FRIENDS OF SMITHY’S RATING 75 1600 $8000, Rating 75 Benchmark, 1600m 1 5717x Deliciano (9) 59 ........................ B Grylls (a2) 2 x1001 Go Joeli dm (6) 58.5 .....................O Bosson 3 10x06 The Terminator d (10) 58.5 L Magorrian (a4) 4 31204 Secret Whisper dm (3) 58 .......... M Dee (a3) 5 034x8 Breaking Dawn td (4) 57.5 .............. N Harris 6 5272x Juggernaut Rock (8) 57 .............M Cameron 7 13685 Sir Amron mb (2) 56...........................J Jago Opie Bosson is down to ride Hanam- 8 9557x Mons Calpe (7) 55.5 .......................S Collett ichi in the first on the card at the Wai- 9 1Px72 Auspicious (5) 55 ........................T Thornton 10 710x5 Dubai Shuffle b (11) 55 ............. M D Plessis kato Racing Club’s meeting today.

11 90269 Are You Devious dm (12) 54.5 A Forbes (a1) 12 41018 Honeymoon dm (1) 54 .......................M Hills 5 3.00pm TE AKAU RACING SALUTES DAVE SMITH F&M MDN 1200 $12,000, MDN F&M, 1200m 1 3223x Pacific Choice 57.5 ...................... Scratched 2 62. Annameika (2) 57.5......................... C Grylls 3 28538 Shezastunna (4) 57.5.......... M Dravitzki (a2) 4 4x Azerbaijan (6) 57.5...................... D Johnson 5 5x Harvest b (8) 57.5 .......................T Thornton 6 In Style (1) 57.5.............................O Bosson 7 x980x Sing Like Ella (7) 57.5 ................ M Dee (a3) 8 3x Miss Foxwood (5) 55 ................. M D Plessis 9 Alchemy’s Flight (9) 55...............M Cameron 10 Matauri Bay (3) 55 .............................M Hills 6 3.35pm FAIRVIEW’S TRIBUTE TO SIR LUNCHALOT F&M MDN 1200 $12,000, MDN F&M, 1200m 1 33x Villars b (9) 57.5 ............................O Bosson 2 4x4 Porotene Lollipop (4) 57.5 ................S Doyle 3 39x0x Chocolat (1) 57.5 .......................M Sweeney 4 60x0. Miss Senna (7) 57.5 ...................M Cameron 5 x047x Enzo’s Mistress (5) 55..................... C Grylls 6 33x Designated Driver (8) 55 ................. K Myers 7 Lady Cumquat (6) 55 .........................M Hills 8 6x Miss Dell’Era (3) 55................... M D Plessis 9 Enhance (2) 55 .......................... M Dee (a3) 10 Imminent (10) 55 ..................... P Turner (a1) 7 4.10pm DAVE SMITH 1600 STEAKS RATING 65 $7000, Rating 65 Benchmark*, 1600m 1 15015 Pioneer dm (15) 59 .....................T Thornton 2 64816 Workmans td (4) 58 ................ P Turner (a1) 3 51208 A Soldiers Song m (5) 57.5 ................M Hills 4 87883 Molto Grato dm (7) 57.5 ...........K Leung (a3) 5 08693 Rainmaker d (12) 57.5 ............ R Smyth (a3)

6 41044 Wrecking Crew td (14) 57.5 ... A Forbes (a1) 7 1230x Bellazeel b (6) 57 ..........................O Bosson 8 x466x Illuminating b (11) 57 ...................... K Myers 9 2966x Prologue (9) 57 ............................... S Spratt 10 46250 Vitali (3) 57 ...................................... C Grylls 11 80561 Perfectly Clever m (13) 56 ................. D Hain 12 3x10. Lady Sayyida (17) 55.5 ..............M Cameron 13 63414 Seams Like Magic tdb (16) 55 ... M Dee (a3) 14 0x76x Colombian Praise (10) 54 ........... D Johnson 15 87472 Lady Of Troy d (8) 54................. A Collett (a) 16 x4067 Marain (1) 54............................ B Grylls (a2) 17 09000 Rivelatore (2) 54 Emergency: Rivelatore 8 4.45pm WEST COAST SI FAREWELL SMITHY SUPPORTERS R65 $7000, Rating 65 Benchmark*, 2100m 1 26806 Amity Dane m (7) 59 ..........................M Hills 2 0x253 Capo (3) 58 .......................................L Innes 3 34561 Sunset Pass (8) 58.....................M Cameron 4 68747 Carnival Queen mh (10) 56.5..... M Dee (a3) 5 40084 Keepercrossed dm (1) 56.5...........M McNab 6 21302 Solyn m (11) 56.5.................... P Turner (a1) 7 9551 Our Princess Zara m (13) 56 ......T Thornton 8 7023P Yangming t (4) 55.5 ......................... C Grylls 9 00P35 Atlantis (5) 54.5 ......................... M D Plessis 10 57445 Ballypiper (9) 54 ........................ A Collett (a) 11 00330 Kokanee Gold m (6) 54 ..............M Sweeney 12 00546 Rosenellis (2) 54 ...............................D Hain 13 40037 Trabaldy (12) 54 ....................... B Grylls (a2) Blinkers on: Suggest Gold (R2), Sir Amron (R4), Porotene Lollipop (R6), Illuminating, Vitali, Lady Sayyida, Lady Of Troy (R7) Blinkers off : Mons Calpe (R4), Sing Like Ella (R5) Winkers on : Kick Buttowski (R2) Winkers off : Suggest Gold (R2)

Wanganui dogs Today at Hatrick raceway

Wanganui Greyhound Racing Club Venue: Hatrick Race- 1 34467 Homebush Coral nwtd...............J McInerney Sheza Hum Dinga nwtd ............. G Holswich way Meeting Date: 11 Sep 2013 NZ Meeting number: 9 2 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; 3 44485 Big Job Jonesy nwtd ............J Woolston-Bell 35 Buster Boy nwtd ..........................J McArthur 11 and 12 Trebles : 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 4 5 74251 Billy Holmes nwtd G & .................... J Clarke 10, 11 and 12 1 12.09pm ABSOLUTELY ELECTRICAL C0 C0, 305m 6 6263 Backyard Queen nwtd ................ G Hodgson 7 7 Zee Brugge nwtd.......................J McInerney 1 684F6 Pats All Round nwtd ..........................J Black 8 Bit Coin nwtd ............................A Duganzich 2 7 Sprinkles nwtd...........................J McInerney 9 53865 Homebush Crash nwtd..............J McInerney 3 4 Chocdee Alice nwtd ..................J McInerney 8 Icahn nwtd...................................B Hodgson 4 Polar Snow White nwtd G & ............ J Clarke 10 5 3 Some Genes nwtd ....................J McInerney 4 1.07pm GARY ROSS DECORATOR C0 C0, 305m 1 52747 Another Stone nwtd ..................J McInerney 6 63752 Shiny Upsome nwtd .................A Duganzich 2 26 Phenomenal Lily nwtd ......................L Ahern 7 4 Bernie Raida nwtd.....................J McInerney 3 24 High Calibre nwtd....................... B Johnston 8 73 Actual Lily nwtd ................................L Ahern 4 8x533 Maddie Brand nwtd G & .....................Denby 9 66748 This Time Pedro nwtd U & ................Cottam 5 67647 Groovy Leo nwtd .......................J McInerney 10 76 Dutchess Queen nwtd.................J McArthur 2 12.29pm HARRISON HIRE MASTER C0 C0, 305m 6 44233 Miss Sara nwtd ................................G Quirk 7 7833 Homebush Zelda nwtd ..............J McInerney 1 Come On Mickey nwtd G & ............. J Clarke 8 4264 Fasa Man nwtd............................. M D Fryer 2 72633 All For One nwtd .......................J McInerney 9 66748 This Time Pedro nwtd U & ................Cottam 3 57357 Thunder Time nwtd G & ....................S Ross 4 Nominal Lily nwtd .............................L Ahern 10 7F8 Botany Dave nwtd .....................J McInerney 5 65252 Bit Perusa nwtd .........................J McInerney 5 1.24pm PALAMOUNTAINS C0 FINAL C0f, 520m 1 47243 Coyote Caught Ya nwtd ............E Duganzich 6 45458 Homebush Envy nwtd ...............J McInerney 2 63 Trojan Troy nwtd F &.......................Turnwald 7 26264 Cuts Deep nwtd ...........................P Blanche 3 472 Adda Boy Zeke nwtd B & ..............G Atwood 8 Chocdee Karen nwtd ................J McInerney 4 64712 Legal Aid 30.92 .............................. P Lowen 9 576 No No Romeo nwtd..........................G Quirk 5 564 Vinny Doon nwtd B & ....................G Atwood 10 44658 Boot The Cash nwtd U &...................Cottam 6 1 Sarah Campbell 30.93 ................B Hodgson 3 12.49pm J P PRINT PETONE C0 C0, 520m

7 4 Enhancer nwtd ............................B Hodgson 8 7622 Opie Bossman nwtd F & ................Turnwald 9 44255 Rockin’ Rod nwtd ........................... P Lowen 10 35 Buster Boy nwtd ..........................J McArthur 6 1.42pm MICKEY’S SUPER LIQUOR C1 C1, 305m 1 46162 Mighty Monica 18.16 ................ S Gommans 2 77634 White Legs nwtd .............................. C Clark 3 65444 Aschenputtel 17.83 ..........................G Quirk 4 21 Smart Cookie 18.23 ....................J McArthur 5 17133 Where’s Rican 17.94 .................J McInerney 6 61438 Sedgebrook Glory 18.23 .....................F Kite 7 185 Pump Action..........................................nwtd 8 31366 Individual Lily 18.25 .........................L Ahern 9 77886 Frizzle Frazzle nwtd .........................T Agent 10 16863 Petra Haka nwtd........................J McInerney 7 1.59pm WANGANUI SECURITY C1 C1, 305m 1 56456 Alpinador nwtd ..................................D Edlin 2 55731 Kiribati Girl 17.94 ..................... S Gommans 3 43746 Lavender Sal 17.85 ...................... P Denbee 4 16663 Genia Haka 18.02 .....................J McInerney 5 26542 Homebush Anabel 18.12 ................. C Clark 6 231F2 Lockett In Eddie 17.62 .....................L Ahern 7 33836 Sydenham Bubbles 17.51 G & ........ J Clarke 8 62377 Nina Be Good 18.04 ........................... L Bell 9 36538 Blair Ninety 17.97 G & .......................Denby 10 64585 Thrilling Halo nwtd ........................M Gowan 8 2.17pm THE ROCK 95.2FM C1 C1, 520m 1 76185 Spot On Maggie nwtd ..............A Duganzich

2 23318 All The Milk nwtd ..............................G Quirk 8 35356 Sue Sews Socks 30.65 ............ T Mischefski 3 53144 Ten Point One 30.80 ........................P Taylor 9 18844 Go With It nwtd.................................G Quirk 4 57882 Waimak Dave nwtd ...................J McInerney 10 86587 Monkey Queen 30.78 .........................W Kite 5 52273 Cognac Diamond nwtd G & ..............S Ross 11 3.10pm MORRIE GIBBONS SIGNS C1 C1, 305m 6 83523 Embee Dee nwtd ......................J McInerney 1 38523 Cawbourne Anna nwtd..............J McInerney 7 86448 Madam Norris nwtd ...........................J Tapiki 2 16436 Zamaddis Lass 18.24................... T Downey 8 73836 Belle Cadeau 30.76 ............................S Kite 3 22526 Homebush Lestat nwtd .............J McInerney 9 37456 Girly Dreamz 30.77 ..............................I Cox 4 21224 Exponential Lily 17.82 ......................L Ahern 10 35856 Another Another 30.62 ..............J McInerney 5 83226 Black Mercedes 17.85 ............. S Gommans 9 2.34pm CROMBIE LOCKWOOD LTD C1 C1, 305m 6 64434 Billy Brand nwtd ......................... B Johnston 1 67373 Chelsea’s Beauty 17.84 ............... T Downey 7 85486 Mr. Majestic nwtd ..............................J Black 2 62585 Face The Demon 18.24..................... R Hunt 8 63146 Showem Baby 17.86 ................A Duganzich 3 43548 Lucylicious nwtd ...............................M Black 9 74387 Opawa Black nwtd B &..................G Atwood 4 86734 Ramessee nwtd ............................M Gowan 10 x5566 Red Herring 17.90.......................J McArthur 5 44575 Mac Tan 18.07 B & ........................G Atwood 12 3.27pm CHRISTMAS @ THE RACE 6TH-13TH6 45633 Found Roman nwtd U & ....................Cottam 20TH DECEMBER C2 C2, 305m 7 75372 Homebush Julie 18.55 ............. S Gommans 1 32222 Hat Trick Chaos 17.73 ......................L Ahern 8 77488 Homebush Diamond 18.00 .......J McInerney 2 41437 Jolokia 17.89 ..................................R Murray 9 77276 King’s Mistress 18.14 ........................J Black 3 74217 Your On Fire 17.89 ..................... B Johnston 10 65368 Jager 17.94 G & .............................. J Clarke 4 52614 Opawa Patch nwtd ........................... C Clark 10 2.52pm KEENAN CONCRETE C1 C1, 520m 5 86441 Another Street 17.67 .................J McInerney 1 63464 Cluain Meala 30.91 .................... B Johnston 6 68372 Dasher Rum 17.69 ...........................R Waite 2 7111 Bev’s Viewpoint nwtd................A Duganzich 7 56123 Rich List ................................................nwtd 3 63285 Thirsty Kelvin nwtd ....................J McInerney 8 51763 Supreme Shelleen 17.78 ..........J McInerney 4 11667 Chevy Volt nwtd................................L Ahern 9 37431 Agent Jorge 17.77 U &......................Cottam 5 28527 Armistice Day 30.45 .........................G Quirk 10 48316 Gina Mac 17.71...........................J McArthur 6 8242F Homebush Sting nwtd ...............J McInerney LEGEND: fsdt - First Start Here nwd - No Win this Distance fstd 7 53242 Uno Charm nwtd .........................B Goodwin First Start This Distance 31 13 - Best Winning Time This Track



Wednesday, September 11, 2013 SITUATIONS VACANT


Assistant Herd Manager

Have you got at least one years dairy experience? Looking to change farms for a new challenge? Then consider this role to join our team at Blackford Farming Ltd on our 683 ha dairy farm, milking 2000 cows through 2x fully automated 60 bale rotary sheds, both with protrac, no irrigation, new housing and an attractive remuneration package and roster. 10 mins from Methven 40 mins to Ashburton and one hour to Christchurch. School bus at gate. Further AG ITO training encouraged. Must be eligible to work in NZ. Please send a CV to or call 021 543 292 to discuss further.

Guardian Classifieds

Ashburton Guardian



Territory Manager – South Island An opportunity has arisen for a motivated person to join our team as a Territory Manager. The role will involve providing sales, marketing and technical support and leadership on behalf of Adria Crop Protection throughout the South Island. This role requires a working knowledge and experience in the agchem market. The role will involve extensive travelling throughout the South Island, liasing with our distribution customers and assisting in the development of new and existing business opportunities across a range of agricultural and horticultural markets. The successful candidate will have excellent communication skills, with an ability to form strong personal relationships. You must be able to work independently, and be well motivated. Relevant qualifications are preferred although not essential. In return, you will be well remunerated and supported by our small team. This is an exciting opportunity which offers a great deal of diversity and variety, and will be personally challenging and rewarding in many ways.

Email your CV and a covering note to: before September 27. Should you wish to discuss this position further please contact: Len on 021 893 500. Adria Crop Protection P.O. Box 535 Kumeu Auckland 0841

307 7900

Tel: 09-412-9817 Fax: 09-412-9807

Truck Driver We require an experienced truck and trailer driver for carting shingle, track rock and silage.

Rafael Nadal greets Novak Djokovic at the net after winning the men’s singles final of the 2013 US Open yesterday. - AP PHOTO

Calendar slam not an option Rafael Nadal has ruled out an assault on a calendar year grand slam after claiming his 13th major title, outpowering arch-rival Novak Djokovic in a lungbusting US Open final. Nadal now moves into outright third place on the men’s grand slam tally, one behind Pete Sampras and four adrift of his great adversary Roger Federer. Nadal completed a career grand slam in New York in 2010, but winning all four majors in the same year has only been achieved by Don Budge (1938) and Rod Laver (1962 and 1969). “To win all four grand slams in one year I think today is impossible for anyone. That’s my feeling,” said Nadal, who now has eight French Opens, two Wimbledons, two US Opens and an Australian title amongst his 60 career crowns. “Today the best players are there all the time, so to win a tournament like this you have to win against Roger (Federer), against David (Ferrer), against Andy (Murray), against Novak. “These players are not losing in the early rounds, so that makes it impossible be 100 per cent in every tournament. So when your level is a little bit lower, you will lose against these players 100 per cent.” Yesterday’s 6-2 3-6 6-4 6-1 win capped a memorable year for Nadal, whose season only started in February after a seven-month injury layoff, an absence which saw him miss the 2012 US Open as well as the London Olympics and the Aus-

tralian Open this year. But he now has 10 titles since his comeback, a 60-3 match record and has won all 22 matches he has played on hard courts. That run saw him also win a record eighth French Open and five ATP Masters titles. His only blip was a shock first-round loss at Wimbledon, the tight two-week turnaround between Roland Garros and London proving an insurmountable challenge. “I never thought something like this could happen, so excited to be back on tour trying to be competitive. But I never thought about competing for all what I competed for this year,” he said. Despite being five years younger than Federer, Nadal insists that he is not even thinking about catching the Swiss star, whose declining powers were highlighted in New York by a fourth-round exit. “Let me enjoy today. For me, it is much more than what I ever thought, what I ever dreamed,” he explained. “I said that when I had few slams less, but it’s true. Only thing I can say is the same like I do every time. I’m going to keep working hard. “I’m going to keep doing my things to have more chances in the future to be competitive and to give me more chances to win the tournaments like this one. “So that’s what I’m going to try. Then you never know when that starts, when that finishes, but 13 is an amazing number.” - AFP/AAP

Curtain Consultant

You would ideally have: • A clean class 5 licence • The ability to work flexible hours • Experience operating diggers and graders would be an advantage

We currently have a position available in our busy flooring and window furnishing business for a full-time curtain consultant. Key tasks would include: • Measuring for curtains/blinds • Hanging curtains/blinds • Ordering fabric/blinds etc • Quoting and invoicing • Assisting customers

This is a permanent, full-time position based in Geraldine. Applicants for this position should have New Zealand residency or a valid New Zealand work permit.

The person we are looking for would have an enthusiastic and motivated personality who enjoys dealing with customers and working in a team environment. A natural ability for detail is essential. Some experience would be preferred however full training will be provided.

Please phone Blake on 0800 343 551

Please forward your application to: Curtain Vacancy Skip-2-It Flooring Xtra 24 Tarbottons Road Ashburton Or email

The Green Grocer Full Time

Wholesale Supervisor This position involves the running of our busy Wholesale department.

Ashburton College ‘Individual Excellence in a Supportive Learning Environment’

Monday - Friday, full drivers license required.


Also, Causal Positions available.

30 hours/week, 52 weeks/year, inclusive of holiday entitlements.

Please drop your CV into the shop.



For all your classified For all your requirements. classified requirements.

Phone the Guardian Phone the Guardian 307 7900 307 7900

We require a qualified senior hairstylist to join our busy, friendly and professional team on a part-time basis.

Phone Anna 03 308 8402

Guardian Classifieds 307 7900

Employment is under the conditions of the Support Staff in Schools’ Collective Agreement, Administration Scale, Grade B. The successful applicant will – • manage the day-to-day accounts, including monthly and end-of-year reconciliation functions of the College; • be self-managing, and able to work independently; • have relevant experience and a readiness to learn and work in a team; • have strong inter-personal skills and the ability to interact effectively with all stakeholders; • be flexible and show initiative. This position is vacant from 30 September. Commencement date will be negotiated with successful applicant. Applications close 5:00pm, Monday 16 September 2013. Enquiries/applications to:

Sheena Tyrrell, Management Administrator, Ashburton College, P O Box 204, Ashburton 7740. Email: Phone: 308 4193, ext 812, Fax: 308 2104

Got Got something to sell? something to sell? Having a garage sale?sale? Having a garage Call the todaytoday for for CallGuardian the Guardian youryour advertising requirements. advertising requirements. 307 7900 307 7900

Classifieds 22 Ashburton Guardian

Wednesday, September 11 , 2013 SITUATIONS VACANT


FORKLIFT OPERATOR DRIVE THRU PlaceMakers is the premier supplier of building materials to New Zealand’s construction markets with over 60 locations throughout New Zealand. We are part of Fletcher Building, a diversified global building industry company.

Rural Media Sales Consultant

PlaceMakers Ashburton are seeking to employ a hard working, outgoing sales person to join our busy team. Hours of work will include rostered weekends.

We have an exciting vacancy for an advertising sales consultant to join our team. If you thrive in a fast-paced, multiple-deadline environment and are ready to join a team of highly motivated, competitive and passionate sales professionals who develop effective marketing solutions for local rural based clients, then this position is for you. The primary focus of the Media Sales Consultant is to grow market share and revenue by growing the number of local active clients, with an emphasis also on retaining current clients. The successful Media Sales Consultant will be confident in his/her ability to effectively assess clients’ needs, generate and present innovative new and multi-media marketing strategies.

The ideal applicant will have previous experience in either the construction or building products industries, full class 1 licence, preferably with (OSH) forklift operator certificate. A happy youthful outgoing nature coupled with a good work ethic and sense of humour is essential. If this sounds like you and you would like to apply, call in for an application form or phone to have one sent out. John Cockburn PlaceMakers 115 Alford Forest Rd Ashburton Phone: 03 3089099

If you are interested in applying for this position then please apply in writing, with confidence, by 5pm, Friday, September 20, 2013, to:-


Spring Meeting Race Friday September 13 First race 12.15pm Competitive racing on the beautiful Ashburton course. Watch some potential spring stars begin their campaigns. Members bring your new loyalty card to get a free drink. Two course lunch $18 special. Firms - come and have your corporate lunch at the races this Friday between 12.30pm and 2.30pm. Have a fun afternoon out in the great on course facilities.


LANDSCAPE SUPPLIES • Bark • Oamaru stone • Rocks • Organic compost • Sand • Screened soil • Home deliveries available

Sales and Marketing Manager P O Box 77, Ashburton 7740 or email

Plus much more FREE loan trailer available! From a shovel load to a trailer load. Dobson Street West Ph: 307 8302 Hours: Mon-Fri: 7.30am - 5pm Sat: 7.30am - 12 noon

Mid Canterbury Cricket Association Inc Invite Applications for Coaches for Mid Canterbury Rep teams for the 2013/2104 season Coaches and Managers are required for Senior, Under 19, Under 17, Under 15, Primary, Year 7 and Year 5/6 teams. Applications to be submitted to the Board of Control by Monday, September 16 to

Guardian Classifieds 307 7900

Looking for a builder with a little more experience?

OFFICE MANAGER We are seeking a full time Office Manager with an affinity for the rural sector to manage our busy admin team. This position has plenty of responsibility and a variety of work, working with a small team you will be responsible for the smooth running of the contracting office. Must have previous experience running an office and managing staff. Proficiency in MYOB and Microsoft Office essential. We will offer an attractive remuneration package for the right candidate.

To apply for this exciting opportunity please send your CV and a brief summary of why you think you would be suitable for this role to Applications close Friday, September 20

Staff management and recruitment professionals. 975 8505

Accounts Receivable/Administration

 Housing  Commercial  Farm

We currently have a position available in our busy flooring and window furnishing business. Key tasks would include: • Accounts Receivable Invoicing • Preparing quotes • Ordering product • Booking in jobs • General clerical work The person we are looking for would have an enthusiastic personality and who enjoys dealing with customers and working in a team environment. A natural ability for detail is essential. Some computer and/or retail experience would be preferred however full training will be provided. This position is full-time Monday to Friday and also some Saturday mornings. Please forward your application to: AR Vacancy Skip-2-It Flooring Xtra 24 Tarbottons Road Ashburton Or email

Guardian Classifieds 307 7900

Contact Des anytime for an obligation free quote.

Ph 03 308 9936 or 0274 323 258

Dairy Farm Assistant Required Full time Our busy dairy farm located 10kms north of Rakaia has a new position available for a dairy farm assistant. The successful applicant will: · Have a minimum experience of two years experience as a dairy farm assistant · Hold a current New Zealand driver licence · Have a good understanding of English · Be eligible to work in New Zealand There will be random drug tests. Please phone Jono on 027 337 1759 or email if you would like to apply for this position


Wednesday, September 11, 2013






ASHBURTON Hastings McLeod Ltd Licensed REAA 2008

Telephone 03 307 9176



This is a top private home featuring four bedrooms. Open plan kitchen, dining and living with separate lounge area. Ensuite and walkin wardrobe off master bedroom. Double garage. VIEW Thursday 12 Sep 12.30 1.30pm DEADLINE PRIVATE TREATY Friday 20th September 2013 at 4.00pm





Notice of AGM The 29th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Ashburton Art Gallery Inc will be held at the Ashburton Art Gallery on Thursday, September 19 2013 at 5.30pm. All welcome. Entry via back door of Gallery/Museum building. Ashburton Art Gallery, Baring Square East, Ashburton.

Guardian Classifieds 307 7900

4 TINT-A-WINDOW solar protective films, UV block, fade, heat and glare control, privacy and safety films for glass. FREE quotes - 20 years local service. Bill Breukelaar - phone 0800 368 468.

For all subscriber enquiries, missed delivery, new subscriptions, temporary stops, call our subscriber hotline 0800 274 287 0800 ASHBURTON

We know so many wonderful people all looking for their special partner, we are sure to know someone great for you! Call today, meet as soon as tonight!

Ph 0800 856 640 Matchmaker since 1989



TRADES, SERVICES SUN CONTROL WINDOW TINTING. Professional window tinting of cars, homes & offices. Quality films for privacy, UV (fading), heat, safety & security. Phone Craig Rogers your ONLY local applicator. 307 6347. Member of Master Tinters NZ

Ashburton County Greyhound Racing Club Inc.

Annual General Meeting Sunday, September 29 6.30pm At ACGRC Clubrooms Chertsey Domain ASHBURTON Society of Arts. Winter Show. Short St Studio. On now until September 21. 17 members exhibiting. Open Mon, Wed, Sat, 10am - 2pm. Enquiries, Ph 308 4533.

RURAL TRADING POST LIVESTOCK, PETS NEED FEED? Maize silage contracts available for the coming season. Please ring Bruce Lilley on 027 55 33 085 to discuss your requirements:

Great tree work business for sale

At Bridges Matchmakers

BUYER of unwanted animals. Cattle, bobby calves, horse and all farm animals. We also sell pet food. Call Nick’s Pet Food 0272 101 621, A/H 03 322 7626.



Saturday 21st September, 2013 7.30pm Ashburton Trust Event Centre Tickets from TicketDirect ( or Ashburton Trust Event Centre (307 2010) Adults $25 Seniors and Students $20 Guest Soloists: Lois Johnston and Oliver Sewell Musical Director Sylvia Watson Accompanist Deborah Sloper



GLASSWARE for everyday Coachlines or those “little bit posh occasions”. Grosvenors Programme elegant range of glassware has just arrived. Ranging ◊ “Sound of Music” from $24.99 - $34.99, this Theatre Royal, affordable range includes Timaru, Sunday 15th wine, champagne flutes, September @ 2pm tumblers and beer pilsners. Come see us at Kitchen ◊ Ten Tenors Kapers The Arcade. CBS Arena, Christchurch Monday 7th October KWILA DECKING Super @ 8pm spring special available Aug/Sept. Out it goes $6/m ◊ Culverden Christmas Fete 90 x 19, $11/m 140 x 19 (incl Thursday 31st October GST) while stocks last (cash/chq/eftpos ONLY) For bookings Adams Sawmill, Malcolm McDowell Road - Ph 308phone 3595.

CALF milk wanted, TOYOTA Raum 1998, approx Mayfield/Hinds area. Please 91,000km, automatic, tidy phone 027 498 8659. SEPTEMBER is Spode condition, $4000 ono. Ph 03 Month at The China Shop. 308 0226. GRAZING Share your favourite soup recipe with us when you WHEEL alignments at great prices. Maximise the life LAMB grazing wanted for make any purchase of Spode of your tyres with an September / October. Ideally and you go into the draw to alignment from Neumanns grass, top money paid for top win the lovely soup tureen Tyre Services Ltd, 197 Wills feed. Phone Mitch 027 313 and ladle. We are in The Arcade. 1320 or 302 1787. Street. Phone 308-6737.

308 7646

FOR SALE CONTAINERS for sale or hire, ex shipping: general and insulated. Sidelifter available for delivery. Wilson Bulk Transport, Phone 308-7772.

Excellent existing client base Exciting and stimulating industry » Shelter removal » Controlled topping » Logging » Land clearing Call Ernie to find out more 027 480 2554

ACCOMMODATION, RENTAL TO LET - 2 bedroom town house, double garage, in quiet Netherby area. $270 p/w (no dogs). Ph 03 323 9099 evenings.

ADULT ENTERTAINMENT ASIAN NEW, 24 year, size 6, sexy, classy, busty, the best quality. Please phone Diane 021 0264 7179. CINDERELLA, available everyday, genuine calls only, no texting please. Phone 021 0233 9259.

CARAVANS, TRAILERS 4 SALE 1974 Zephyr 460, 4 Berth, new awning $8000.00. Phone 03 308 0350 or 027 438 1411.

FOR SALE WEDDING SEASON is here! Do you need help to find that perfect gift? At The China Shop we have a fantastic selection of dinnerware, cutlery, glassware, crystal and much more. Come in and our friendly staff will help you. We are in The Arcade.

Daily Events Wednesday

Baptist Church, Cnr Cass and Havelock Streets. 8.30am 9.45am ASHBURTON STROLLERS CLUB. MID CANTERBURY LADIES PROBUS. An easy day touring. All welcome, Barrhill Monthly meeting. Doris Linton Lounge, R.S.A. area. Meet at the courthouse. Phone Jenny Cox Street. 308 6862. 10.00am 9.00am - 4.00pm ASHBURTON BUDGET ADVISORY SERVICE ASHBURTON EMBROIDERERS GUILD. Inspired to stitch - local embroiderer’s INC. exhibition. Ashburton Art Gallery, Baring For free budget advice and workshop Square East. enquiries. Phone 307-0496. 60 Cass Street, ST STEPHENS ANGLICAN CHURCH. Consultancy House. Holy Communion, Park Street. 9.30am WAIREKA CROQUET CLUB. SPORT MID CANTERBURY. Walking group. Meet outside the Community Tasmanian Doubles. Waireka Croquet Club, the Domain, Philip Street. Pool, Walnut Ave at 10.00am - 3.00pm 9.30am - 1.00pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. ASHBURTON BAPTIST CHURCH. Classic aircraft on display including DC3. Second time around op shop. Ashburton Ashburton Airport, Seafield Road.

10.00am - 4.00pm ASHBURTON DISTRICT FAMILY HISTORY GROUP. Open for research, non members welcome. Upstairs in the old Polytech building, 254 Cameron Street. 10.00am - 7.00pm ASHBURTON ART GALLERY AND MUSEUM. Open, all welcome. Baring Square East. 10.30am ASHBURTON LADIES PROBUS. Coffee morning. Cafe Central, Tancred Street. 10.45am M.S.A. TAI CHI CLUB. Exercises for people with limited mobility. M.S.A. Social hall, Havelock Street. 11.30am ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Mid week service and lunch. 48 Allens Road, Allenton.

12.50pm WAIREKA CROQUET CLUB. Association Croquet. Waireka Croquet Club, the Domain, Philip Street. 1.15pm TINWALD 500 CLUB CARDS. Come join in and play cards, all welcome. Tinwald hall, Graham Street. 1.30pm WAIREKA CROQUET CLUB. Golf Croquet. Waireka Croquet Club, the Domain, Philip Street. 7.00pm GLENYS’ DANCE GROUP. Sequence dancing, Pipe Band hall, Creek Road. 7.00pm - 9.30pm MID CANTERBURY LINE DANCERS. Learn to line dance 7pm, followed by beginner/intermediate (8pm - 9pm). Phone

307 -7138 a/h. Tinwald hall, Graham Street. 7.30pm ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Real women walking group. Leaves from 48 Allens Road, Allenton. ASHBURTON SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCE CLUB. Dancing, music, fitness and fun. Buffalo hall, Cox Street. ASHBURTON BRANCH HEART FOUNDATION. Social evening for volunteers and others at St John rooms. Thelma Bell of Newcomers Networks is guest speaker. 7.30pm - 9.30pm ASHBURTON PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY. Audio visuals with Carol. Senior Centre, Cameron Street.


10.00am ASHBURTON EMBROIDERER’S GUILD. Inspired to stitch - local embroiderers exhibition. Ashburton Art Gallery, Baring Square East. 10.00am METHVEN HERITAGE CENTRE. New Zealand Alpine and Agriculture Encounter, interactive fun for all ages. Art Exhibition, Russell Clark’s Gold Rush Panels. Main Street, Methven. 10.30am MID CANTERBURY NEW COMERS NETWORK.

New comers coffee morning group. McDonald’s Ashburton. 10.45am M.S.A. TAI CHI CLUB. Qigong exercises, newcomers welcome. M.S.A. Social hall, Havelock Street. 12.50pm M.S.A. PETANQUE. Petanque has started, everyone welcome, Racecourse Road. 1.00pm - 3.00pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM, Classic aircraft on display including DC 3. Ashburton airport, Seafield Road.

2.00pm ASHBURTON INDOOR BOWLS. Play bowls at the Indoor bowling stadium, 31 McNally Street. 7.30pm GLENYS’ DANCE GROUP. Old time/sequence dancing, learn to dance. All welcome. Pipe Band hall, Creek Road. 8.00pm METHVEN HOUSE. Public meeting, “Is there a future for Methven House?” Mt Hutt Memorial Hall, Methven.

9.00am - 4.00pm ASHBURTON BUDGET ADVISORY SERVICE INC. For free budget advice and workshop enquiries. Phone 307-0496. 60 Cass Street, Consultancy House. 9.30am M.S.A. TAI CHI CLUB. Beginners class, newcomers welcome. M.S.A. Social hall, Havelock Street. 9.30am - 11.30am MID CANTERBURY BADMINTON CLUB.

Daytime section, new players very welcome. Sports hall, Tancred Street. 9.30am - 12.30pm ASHBURTON TOY LIBRARY. Open today. Methodist Church hall, Baring Square East. 9.30am - 1.00pm ASHBURTON BAPTIST CHURCH. Second time round op shop. Ashburton Baptist Church, cnr Cass and Havelock Street. 10.00am ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Fit Kidz. 48 Allens Road. Allenton.



LOC AL BODY ELECTIONS Local government elections are your chance to have a say in who will make decisions on behalf of our community on matters that affect us all. This includes things like the local environment, rates, parking, rubbish and parks. Have you enrolled to vote? Voting papers will be posted to all electors between Friday 20 September and Wednesday 25 September. The voting period will commence on Friday 20 September and all voting papers must be received by the Electoral Officer no later than 12 noon Saturday 12 October 2013. If you have not enrolled, you can still do so, but will need to cast a special vote.



On This Week

Applications are now open for the Creative Communities New Zealand for funding towards arts and cultural projects in the Ashburton District.



Ashburton District Council gives public notice of a road closure for the purpose of allowing the Ashburton Car Club to hold a Standing Quarter Mile Sprint meeting (with the exception of emergency vehicles).

Art Gallery Heritage Centre Funding Committee Wednesday 11 September, 1.30pm

Further information and application forms are available from the Council website. Applications close at 5.00pm, Monday 30 September 2013.

TENDER C622 SEALED ROAD REHABILITATION TINWALD WESTERFIELD MAYFIELD ROAD Tenders are invited for the undertaking of Sealed Road Rehabilitation to two sections of Tinwald Westerfield Mayfield Road within Ashburton District, totalling approximately 5.2km. The work involves minor drainage improvements, access upgrading, construction of an unbound granular overlay and application of a first coat chip seal. Tender documents are available from the Ashburton District Council, P O Box 94, 5 Baring Square West, Ashburton Phone (03) 307 7700, Fax (03) 308 1836.

Closure Location WILLOWBY WINSLOW ROAD from Longbeach Rd intersection to 500m SE of the intersection with State Highway 1 Period of Closure From 9.30 am to 6.00 pm on Saturday 14 September 2013 Postponement Date 21 September 2013 This notice of closure is made under Paragraph 11 (e) of the Tenth Schedule of the Local Government Act 1974. It will be an offence under the above regulations for any person otherwise than under authority of an authorised permit to use the roads / streets for ordinary vehicular traffic during the period of closure.

Group Manager Service Delivery

Tenders close with the Chief Executive, Ashburton District Council, P O Box 94, 5 Baring Square West, Ashburton, at 4.00 pm on Tuesday, 24th September 2013.


NEIL McCANN Group Manager Service Delivery

Ashburton District Council currently has vacancies for: • • •

Council Funded Agencies Reports Tuesday 17 September, 1pm Environmental Services Committee Thursday 19 September, 1.30pm Operations Committee Thursday 19 September, 3.30pm

Career Opportunities Customer Service Officer Information Systems Development Officer


All inquiries should be directed to Gavin Green, Rural Contracts Engineer.

Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.

Ashburton Hakatere River Trail Committee Thursday 12 September, 5.15pm

Information Management Specialist

Tenders Contract C622 Sealed Road Rehabilitation Tinwald Westerfield Mayfield Road

Customer Service Officer Information Systems Development Officer Information Management Specialist

To learn more about these opportunities, visit www.

For more information, visit www.




Monday - Wednesday 8.30am - 5.00pm Thursday 9.00am - 5.00pm Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm

Monday - Friday 9.00am - 8.00pm Saturday 10.00am - 1.00pm Sunday 1.00 pm - 4.00pm

Monday - Friday 8.00am - 5.00pm Saturday 9.00am - 5.00pm Sunday 1.00pm - 5.00pm

PO Box 94, Ashburton 7740


P (03) 307 7700

Puzzles Wednesday, September 11, 2013 CRYPTIC ACROSS 1. Plant later to be found with a horseshoe? (9) 5. Where to back up to the top of the bar for a drink (3) 7. One not to be confused: it has mathematical significance (4) 8. It leaves visitor among advertisements for such as counsel (8) 10. With which artist may face his canvas (8) 11. Scotsman who has swallowed nothing may behave in a vacant way (4) 13. The wrong news about the party one makes provision for (6) 15. A bit thin on top? There may be a good deal beneath it! (6) 18. Part of a hat so full it’s up to the top (4) 19. In a vehicle with runners, the breeze tricked one (8) 22. No mortal infant, the one one sponsors? (8) 23. It has its force on the Beaufort scale (4) 24. The first person, one is told, to watch (3) 25. Printed one fewer ‘Woman’ instead, being stopped (9)







8 10 11 12


14 15 16 17


19 20


DOWN 1. Heartless pup in form of relic to halt one’s progress (7) 2. After a while one is withdrawn from trade given up (5) 3. Admit one to holy orders and/ or one form (6) 4. Prepare to sail to Rio, me? Finishes off! (4) 5. To incite one may turn out to be all right inside (7) 6. He works in a ship: sub? No, that’s different (5) 9. To expand at fifty may sound threatening (5)


9 - 21 September

12. Sound weak, but pretend to attack (5) 14. Misled when about to turn crank: it will get less and less (7) 16. What Vesta may have is a leader of the far left (7) 17. A number that, self-multiplied, would be gross (6) 18. Sort of bead that may convey a call (5) 20. To be allowed to hold a fellow without a head was not upright (5) 21. Take in water vessel (4)


YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS CRYPTIC Across 1. Modish 4. Stroll 9. Include 10. Icing 11. Skip 12. Pink 13. Get 15. Ever 16. Less 19. Owl 21. Echo 22. Plea 24. Opera 25. Perfect 26. Rasher 27. Vestry Down 1. Maids of honour 2. Decline 3. Slug 5. Thick-set 6. Owing 7. Light infantry 8. Begin 14. Generate 17. Solvent 18. Shape 20. Leers 23. Tree



Ashburton Guardian


QUICK Across: 1. Legible 5. Rider 8. Pieces of eight 9. Ems 10. Equitable 12. Rotate 13. Forest 15. Field trip 16. Kid 18. State of the art 20. Dumbo 21. Reputed Down: 1. Lapse 2. Grease the palm 3. Brevetted 4. Exodus 5. Rue 6. Dog’s breakfast 7. Retreat 11. Troopship 12. Refused 14. Prefer 17. Dated 19. Ego

QUICK ACROSS 6. Unclear (7) 7. An impressive display (5) 9. Fire residue (3) 10. Seclusion (9) 12. Represented (11) 15. Bearing one’s initials (11) 17. For no result or gain (9) 19. Timid (3) 21. Severe (5) 22. Mythical creature (7)

DOWN 1. Overweight (5) 2. Play a part (3) 3. Weapons (4) 4. Made happy (9) 5. Coaxed (7) 8. Ski race (6) 11. Remove dead skin (9) 13. Sculptor’s stone (6) 14. Proper (7) 16. Map (5) 18. Descended (4) 20. Star performer (3)


Drop in and see how we help thousands of women lose weight as easy as 1, 2, 3

222 Havelock Street, Telephone 308 4085

CurvesAshburtonNZ - CurvesAshburtonNZ

SUDOKU Fill the grid so that every column, every row and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.


YOUR STARS by Forecasters

ARIES (MAR 21 – APR 20) Venus’ return to your financial sector as powerful forces come together has the money gods out in force, making this a day to take your power back. TAURUS (APR 20 – MAY 21) Venus turns her attention to your relationships as some phenomenal conditions fall into place, with a chance to make a commitment. GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 22) Despite the fact you have reached a game changing point of the year on the work front, maintaining a balance between work and play is a must. CANCER (JUNE 22 – JULY 24) Despite the fact that life is becoming more serious and there are a lot of things on the go, Venus’ return to your romantic sector is a game changer. LEO (JULY 24 – AUG 23) As you move into some defining days on the home front, work/life balance issues are not only likely to surface but become a lot more important today. VIRGO (AUG 23 – SEP 23) It’s important that you don’t over think things, holding onto the desires and expectations Venus leaves you with when she leaves your income sector. LIBRA (SEP 23 – OCT 23) As Venus leaves your sign hold onto the desires and expectations she leaves you with, using them as a template for your new solar year. SCORPIO (OCT 23 – NOV 24) At a point in the year when you could have been asking what the future might hold you’re able to turn this around, asking instead what you want it to hold. SAGITTARIUS (NOV 24 – DEC 21) Venus shifts your heart’s focus to a more reflective part of your chart, bringing a desire for moments when you can retreat and hear yourself think. CAPRICORN (DEC 21 – JAN 20) It’s important to hold onto Venus’ desires and expectations, for this is what will keep you on track over the long months ahead. AQUARIUS (JAN 20 – FEB 19) As your professional desires, expectations and the laws of attraction kick in don’t be surprised if what you’ve been working towards changes shape. PISCES (FEB 19 – MAR 20) As Venus leaves your financial sector, hold onto the financial desires and expectations that will keep you on track over the coming months.

phone 0900 85000

grandchildren. Messages to C/- 9 Main Street, Fairlie 7925. Donations to the Ashburton Men’s Probus would be appreciated and may be left at the service. A service of celebration for Douglas will be held at Our Chapel, Cnr East and Cox Streets, Ashburton on THURSDAY, September 12, commencing atWednesday, 2.00pm. Sept 11, 2013 26 Ashburton Guardian GOULD, John Followed Martin by cremation. Andrew – Funeral Services Paterson’s On Saturday, September 7, at FDANZ Ashburton Christchurch DEATHS DEATHS Hospital, as the FUNERAL result of a brain aneurysm. POPE,36William years. Sydney Dearly loved FURNISHERS BARWOOD, Douglas, (Reg Aged (Syd) – son of Tricia and MASTER precious No 11509, Corporal 10th PassedPhillips. away onIt September Steve broke our MONUMENTAL MASON Railway Construction) – 1, 2013, 85thbutyear. to in losehisyou, we On September 9, 2013. hearts Lovedyou father law E.B. CARTER LTD areand at father peaceinwith Passed away peacefully at know of Stephen and Pam, Trina For all your memorial Ashburton Hospital. Aged 97 our Lord. Don, Jane and Skip, requirements years. Much loved husband and “Deathand leaves heartache Paul,a and the late New headstones and designs of the late Mavis Edna, Debra no oneAcan heal, loved grandad Renovations, brother of Dot Wilson Christopher. love leaves agrandad. memory A Additional inscriptions, (Christchurch). Father and and nogreat one can steal.” Cleaning and Concrete work father in law of Bill and Rae memorial service for Syd has been held,toonRD8, September 7, Carried out by qualified Ashburton (Hamilton), Karen and Messages 2013, at Waimate. tradesmen. Richard Hammon 7778. 620 East Street Ashburton (Christchurch), Stuart and Ph/Fax 308 5369 Michele (Fairlie), and Lester Please note all late death or 0274 357 974 (Temuka). Loved ‘Poppa’ notices or notices sent of Georgina; Shannon, side ordinary office hours NZMMMA Member Candece, Jamiee and Clint; must be emailed to: Tracey, Lisa, and eight great grandchildren. Messages to to ensure publication. C/- 9 Main Street, Fairlie During office hours notices 7925. Donations to the may also be sent to: Ashburton Men’s Probus would be appreciated and may be left at the service. A Any queries service of celebration for please contact Douglas will be held at Our 0800 Chapel, Cnr East and Cox ASHBURTON Streets, Ashburton on (0800-274-287). THURSDAY, September 12, commencing at 2.00pm. FUNERALS Followed by cremation. Phone Eddie anytime


Family Notices

GOULD, Martin John POPE, Sydney AndrewWilliam – (Syd) – On Saturday, September 7, at Passed awayHospital, on September Christchurch as the 1, 2013, his 85th year. result of ain brain aneurysm. Loved father and father law Aged 36 years. Dearly inloved of Stephen precious sonandof Pam, Tricia Trina and and JaneIt and SteveDon, Phillips. brokeSkip, our Debra Paul,you, and the hearts and to lose but late we Christopher. A loved grandad know you are at peace with and great grandad. A our Lord. memorial service for Syd has “Death leaves a heartache7, been held, on September noWaimate. one can heal, 2013, at love leaves a memory no one can steal.” Messages to RD8, Ashburton 7778.

308 9051 or 021 267 5563

Members are requested to attend the funeral service of their late comrade Douglas Barwood, Reg No 11509. Please assemble at the Chapel, Paterson’s Funeral Services, cnr East & Cox Streets, on Thursday, September 12, 2013 at 1.45pm. Medals may be worn. Malcolm Hanson President










Ra n


less than 30 fine

30 to 59 fog

isolated snow thunder flurries

sleet thunder

Canterbury Plains




60 plus



Mainly fine with variable high cloud, any rain near the foothills north of Christchurch clearing. Northwesterlies, severe gale gusting 120 km/h in exposed places north of the Rakaia, easing during the morning.


showers rain rain showers fine fine fine thunder fine rain fine fine drizzle drizzle showers

Geneva Hobart Hong Kong Honolulu Islamabad Jakarta Johannesburg Kuala Lumpur London Los Angeles Madrid Melbourne Moscow Nadi New Delhi

17 17 27 18 32 30 33 33 15 29 33 40 17 16 16


m am 3 3


9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


Thursday 9 noon 3







fine showers showers fine showers drizzle fine showers rain fine fine showers fine fine thunder

10 4 27 24 22 23 11 25 12 15 16 9 8 20 24

17 10 31 29 33 33 28 33 19 21 27 15 17 28 33

FZL: About 1000m

New York Paris Perth Rarotonga Rome San Francisco Seoul Singapore Stockholm Sydney Taipei Tel Aviv Tokyo Washington Zurich

rain fine thunder rain thunder showers rain thunder fine fine drizzle fine cloudy showers fine

9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


9 pm

7:50 2:05 8:16 2:32 8:49 3:05 9:18 3:32 9:50 4:08 10:21 The times shown are for the Ashburton River mouth. For the Rangitata river mouth subtract 16 minutes and for the Rakaia river mouth subtract 6 minutes.


Good fishing Rise 9:33 am



The Ashburton Guardian continues to profile all the good things and people in this continues district. to profile all the good The Ashburton Guardian things people in this But weand need your help todistrict. find our unsung heroes, places and events. But we need your help to find our unsung heroes, places and Please answer the following questions to be considered for events.

the Magnificent Mid Canterbury series and mail (PO Box 77) Please answer the following questions be info. considered for or email withtothis

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mainly fine


mainly fine




mainly fine


mainly fine

First quarter

13 Sep 5:10 am ©Copyright OceanFun Publishing Ltd.

Rise 6:41 am Set 6:18 pm


Good fishing

Rise 6:39 am Set 6:19 pm


Good fishing

Set 12:33 am Rise 10:22 am

Set 1:35 am Rise 11:18 am

19 Sep 11:14 pm

27 Sep 3:57 pm

Full moon

Last quarter

Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa

For the very latest weather information, including Weather Warnings, visit

33 19 18 25 24 22 24 31 21 24 32 33 30 34 15

River Levels

14 12 13 12 11 7 8 6 9 4 2 5 2



Selwyn Whitecliffs (NIWA) at 1:00 pm, yesterday

Rakaia Fighting Hill (NIWA) at 1:45 pm, yesterday 109.8 Nth Ashburton at 3:00 pm, yesterday


Sth Ashburton at 9:30 am, yesterday


Rangitata Klondyke at 2:00 pm, yesterday


Waitaki Kurow at 3:00 pm, yesterday


Source: Environment Canterbury

Canterbury Readings




24 10 13 19 17 16 20 25 11 13 26 23 22 20 11

19 18 21 19 15 16 18 15 19 19 12 17 13

Palmerston North rain

Long fine spells, morning frosts. Light winds at low levels, westerlies about the tops easing.


overnight max low


FZL: Gradually lowering to 1600m

Forecasts for today

9 10 24 11 15 18 21 27 3 24 22 33 14 10 10

Rise 6:43 am Set 6:17 pm


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Thundery rain easing but heavy and thundery again in the evening. Snow lowering to 1500m by day and 1200m at night. Becoming fine further E. Wind at 1000m: NW gale 65 km/h, but gusting 120 km/h N of the Rakaia, at first. Wind at 2000m: Severe gale NW 130 km/h easing to 90 km/h from the S.

Tides, Sun, Moon and Fishing




NZ Today

Canterbury High Country





An active trough, prececed by a very strong northwest flow, moves north over the North Island tomorrow, and becomes slow moving in the north on Friday. Lighter westerlies spread over New Zealand behind the trough. On Saturday, a cooler southerly flow spreads north over the country as the trough moves off to the east.

mainly isolated cloudy drizzle drizzle few showers fine showers clearing showers

World Weather

NZ Situation

Wind km/h

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Midnight Tonight



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OFFICE AND CHAPEL Corner East and Cox Streets, Ashburton For 24 hour service, phone 307 7433




Fine or becoming fine, morning frosts. Light winds.



FRIDAY Fine apart from a few showers. Call the Guardian Long fine spells, morning frosts. Light winds. Wind at 1000m: Strong or gale NW for all your gradually dying away. SATURDAY Wind at 2000m: Gale or severe gale NW classified Cold southerlies and showers developing in easing to 50 km/h, and tending W at night. the morning, then becoming fine south of requirements. Banks Peninsula and southerlies abating. FRIDAY 307 7900

Any queries please contact 0800 ASHBURTON (0800-274-287).







Mainly fine with light winds, but northwesterlies for a time.


SATURDAY: A period of cold southerlies and showers. MAX

bur to

Please note all late death notices or notices sent outside ordinary office hours must be emailed to:

If you could change one thing in Mid @AshGuardian what would Canterbury, it be?





FRIDAY: Long fine spells, morning frosts. Light winds.





TOMORROW: Fine with light winds.




TODAY: Fine, variable high cloud. Northwesterlies.




Ashburton Forecast

Wa i m a ka r i r i



Map for today

Specially designed headstones to reflect the individual personality

Paterson’s Funeral Services FDANZ Ashburton



Ashburton Airport Temperature °C At 4pm 19.7 20.4 Max to 4pm 7.3 Minimum 2.4 Grass minimum Rainfall mm 0.0 16hr to 4pm September to date 12.4 Avg Sep to date 17 2013 to date 627.8 478 Avg year to date Wind km/h W 20 At 4pm Strongest gust W 67 Time of gust 2:56pm

© Copyright Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited 2013

to 4pm yesterday


Christchurch Airport

Timaru Airport

16.3 19.0 8.7 –

19.2 19.9 2.5 -2.1

16.8 22.4 4.4 –

0.0 17.0 – 1198.5 –

0.0 14.8 15 507.0 457

0.0 5.6 14 397.0 342

NW 39 – –

NW 31 NW 48 3:51pm

NW 70 NW 109 2:19pm

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Television Wednesday, September 11, 2013


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©TVNZ 2013

6am L Breakfast America’s Cup Special Breakfast presents live coverage of races five and six of the America’s Cup match from San Francisco Bay. 10am Good Morning 11am House Gift Three interior-design experts visit an ordinary home and compete to find a house gift that will win a permanent place in the heart of the household. Noon One News 0 12:30 Emmerdale PGR 0 1:30 Come Dine With Me Australia PGR 3 2pm Four Weddings USA 3 3pm Dickinson’s Real Deal 3:55 Te Karere 2 0 4:25 Masterchef Australia 3 0 5:25 Millionaire – Hot Seat 0 6pm One News 0 7pm Seven Sharp 0 7:30 Fair Go 0 8pm Family Recipes 0 8:30 N Nothing Trivial Mac, Catherine, Brian, Emma and Michelle are back for another round, but a lot has happened. Are Mac and Catherine still an item? Will Emma forgive Brian? 0 9:30 Scandal PGR 0 10:30 One News Tonight 0

6am Creflo Dollar 6:30 Buzzy Bee And Friends 3 0 6:35 Tiki Tour 0 7am Fish Hooks 3 0 7:25 Kung Fu Panda 3 0 7:55 Transformers Prime 3 0 8:15 Franklin 3 0 8:40 Mike The Knight 3 0 8:50 Fireman Sam 3 0 9am Infomercials 10:30 Neighbours 3 0 11am Home And Away 3 0 11:30 Shortland Street 3 0 Noon Two And A Half Men PGR 3 0 1pm Jeremy Kyle PGR 2pm My Kitchen Rules PGR 3 0 3:20 Angry Birds Toons 3 0 3:30 Back At The Barnyard 3 0 4pm Kickin’ It 0 4:30 The Erin Simpson Show 4:59 Horace In Slow Motion 3 5pm America’s Funniest Home Videos 3 0 5:30 Home And Away 0 6pm Friends 3 0 6:30 Neighbours 0 7pm Shortland Street Vasa takes the plunge; Dallas causes chaos; Bella recreates the past. 0 7:30 Two and a Half Men PGR 0 8pm The Neighbors PGR 0 8:30 The Big Bang Theory PGR 3 0 9pm Cougar Town PGR 0 9:30 Devious Maids AO 0 10:25 Supernatural AO 0

11pm Unforgettable AO 3 0 11:55 Sailing – America’s Cup (Highlights) Races five and six from San Francisco Bay. 1:05 Infomercials 5:35 Te Karere 3 2 0

11:25 Happily Divorced PGR 0 11:55 Work It AO 12:20 F NY Med AO 3 1:25 Infomercials 2:25 Off The Map AO 3 0 3:20 Haven AO 3 0 4:05 Anderson Live PGR 5:05 The Erin Simpson Show 3 5:30 Infomercials

CHOICE TV 6am Benny Hinn 6:30 Sarah Beeny’s Selling Houses 7:30 The Stagers 8am My Kitchen 8:30 Better Homes And Gardens 9:30 Yard Crashers 10am House Wreck Rescue 11am Auction Hunters PG 11:30 Buying And Selling With The Property Brothers 12:30 Sarah Beeny’s Selling Houses 1:30 Days Of Our Lives PGR 2:30 Wild At Heart PGR 3:30 Attrell’s Antiques Apprentices 4pm Food Safari 4:30 The Cook And The Chef 5pm Candice Tells All 5:30 Celebrity DIY 6pm My Kitchen 6:30 Bath Crashers 7pm American Restoration 7:30 Where The Wild Men Are 8:30 Mark Berg’s Fishing Addiction 9:30 The Boat That Guy Built 10pm Autospeed 10:30 Fairytales A0 11pm World On Wheels 11:30 Wild At Heart PGR


12:30 Benny Hinn 1am Attrell’s Antiques Apprentices 1:30 American Restoration 2am The Cook And The Chef 2:30 Food Safari 3am Mark Berg’s Fishing Addiction 4am My Kitchen 4:30 Bath Crashers 5am The Boat That Guy Built 5:30 Autospeed



6am 3 News – Firstline 8:30 Infomercials 10:30 The Shopping Channel 11:30 The Office Noon 3 News 12:30 Everybody Loves Raymond 30 1pm Dr Phil AO 2pm The Dr Oz Show PGR 3pm Million-Dollar Listing NY PGR 4pm Rachael Ray Hilary Duff is Rachael’s guest; Dr Ian Smith discusses potential dangers at the playground. 5pm Entertainment Tonight 5:25 Jamie’s 15-Minute Meals 3 Jamie cooks grilled steak, ratatouille and saffron rice, blackened chicken, and San Francisco quinoa salad. 0 6pm 3 News

6am Sesame Street 3 6:55 Pingu 3 7am Sticky TV 3 7:30 Avatar – The Last Airbender 3 7:55 Casper Scare School 3 8:25 Chuggington Badge Quest 8:35 Raa Raa The Noisy Lion 3 8:45 Ready, Steady, Wiggles 8:55 Bob The Builder 9:05 Thomas And Friends 9:15 Peppa Pig 3 9:25 Tree Fu Tom 9:50 Humf 3 10am Infomercials 2pm Sesame Street 3 2:55 Peppa Pig 3 3pm Sticky TV 4:30 Four Live 6pm Everybody Hates Chris 3 6:30 Futurama 3

7pm Campbell Live 7:30 The Block NZ PGR The competition to finish the children’s bedroom heats up, leading to mixed reactions from the judges; a controversial choice is made. 0 8:35 3rd Degree Presents The Vote 9:30 Breakout Kings AO 0 10:30 Nightline

7pm The Simpsons PGR 3 0 7:30 Glee 3 8:30 Grimm AO Nick and Hank team with an Albuquerque detective to solve a recent rash of child abductions. 9:30 American Horror Story – Asylum AO Lana finds herself pregnant and wants an abortion; Sister Jude is framed for murder. 10:25 The Event AO 3

11:10 NCIS AO 3 When a marine is murdered while on a dinner cruise, the team works with the Coast Guard Investigative Service to solve the crime. 0 12:10 Infomercials 5am Joyce Meyer 5:30 Infomercials

11:20 Entertainment Tonight 11:50 Infomercials


6am Bowls – Australian Indoor Championships Men’s Singles – Semi-final Two. From Toowoomba, Queensland. 8am Tennis – US Open (Replay) Men’s Singles Final. From the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, New York. 10am Re:Union (Replay) 11am Golf Central Noon Golf – PGA Champions Tour (Highlights) Montreal Championship. 1pm Rugby League – NSW Cup (Replay) Wentworthville v Illawarra. 3pm Rugby League – Holden Cup (Replay) Sea Eagles U20 v Panthers U20. 5pm M7 Multisport TV Cape Epic Mountain Bike Event. 5:30 M7 Multisport TV Patagonian Expedition Race. 6pm Re:Union (Replay) 7pm Rugby – ITM Cup Week 7:30 L Rugby – ITM Cup Taranaki v Hawke’s Bay. From Yarrow Stadium in New Plymouth. 9:30 Golf World A weekly review of golf tournaments around the globe. 10pm Golf – European PGA Tour (Highlights) Omega European Masters – Round Four. From Crans-sur-Sierre Golf Club in Crans Montana, Switzerland.

11pm The Late Show With David Letterman A late-night comedy and talk show. Midnight Home Shopping 1:30 The Crowd Goes Wild 3 An irreverent daily sports and entertainment show. 2am Home Shopping

11pm Sky Sport – What’s On 11:28 Cricket – Yorkshire Bank 40 (Highlights) 11:58 Cricket – International (Highlights) 12:58 L Cricket – International England v Australia – Third One-Day International. 4:35 The Crowd Goes Wild 5:10 L Cricket – International


SKY SPORT 2 6:30 Ako 3 7pm Te Kaea 3 2 7:30 Te Tepu Kaumatua share their wisdom on current affairs and news from a Maori perspective. (English subtitles). 2 8pm Poutiriao 8:30 Kowhao Rau 9:30 Whare Taonga 10pm Oruorua 10:30 Native Affairs 3 11:30 Te Kaea 3 2 Midnight Closedown


6am NYPD Blue MVLS 6:50 The Simpsons PG 7:15 Hardcore Pawn PG 7:40 America’s Funniest Home Videos PG 8:05 Whose Line Is It Anyway? PG 8:30 My Name Is Earl PG 8:55 24 MVLS 9:45 Law And Order MV 10:35 CSI – Miami MV 11:25 CSI MV 12:15 SVU MV 1:05 NYPD Blue MVLS 1:55 Whose Line Is It Anyway? PG 2:20 My Name Is Earl PG 2:45 24 MVLS 3:35 Raw MC 6:35 The Simpsons PG 7pm Hardcore Pawn PG 7:30 CSI – Miami MV 8:30 NCIS MV 9:30 SVU MV 10:30 Law And Order MV 11:30 CSI – Miami MV

6am Destroyed In Seconds PG 6:30 Dirty Jobs PG Tower Top Hand. 7:30 Rich And Will’s Top 10 Shootouts M 8:30 Deadliest Catch PG 9:30 Mythbusters PG Hindenburg Mystery. 10:30 Bullet Points PG America’s First War On Communism. 11:30 Sons Of Guns M 12:30 Fatal Encounters M 1:30 Poisoned Passions M 2:30 Car v Wild PG 3:30 American Guns M 4:30 Deadliest Catch PG 5:30 Mythbusters PG Underwater Car. 6:30 Deadliest Catch – The Bait PG 7:30 Deadliest Catch PG 8:30 Sons Of Guns M 9:30 American Guns M 10:30 Scorned – Love Kills M 11:30 Who The (Bleep) Did I Marry? M

12:30 24 MVLS 1:20 America’s Funniest Home Videos PG 1:45 My Name Is Earl PG 2:10 NYPD Blue MVLS 3:05 NCIS MV 3:55 SVU MV 4:45 24 MVLS 5:35 Whose Line Is It Anyway? PG

Midnight I Married A Mobster M 12:30 American Guns M 1:30 Deadliest Catch PG 2:30 Sons Of Guns M 3:30 American Guns M 4:30 Ghost Lab PG 5:30 Auction Kings PG



Nothing Trivial

8:30pm on TV One

SKY MOVIES 6:35 True Justice – Lethal Justice MV 2011 Action. Steven Seagal. 8:05 Turn The Beat Around PGL 2010 Drama. Romina D’Ugo, David Giuntoli. 9:35 Demoted MLS 2011 Comedy. Michael Vartan, Sean Astin. 11:10 Immortals 16V 2011 Action. Henry Cavill, Mickey Rourke. 1pm A Very Harold And Kumar Christmas 16VLS 2011 Comedy. John Cho, Kal Penn. 2:30 Biography – Robert Downey Jr PG 2007 Documentary. 3:20 True Justice – Brotherhood MV 2011 Action. Steven Seagal. 4:50 Dylan Dog – Dead Of Night MV 2010 Comedy. 6:40 Big Miracle PGL 2012 Drama. 8:30 The Sapphires PGVLS 2012 Comedy. 10:15 Footloose MVS 2011 Comedy.


12:10 30 Minutes Or Less 16VS 2011 Comedy. 1:30 Devil’s Den 16VL 2006 Horror. 2:55 True Justice – Brotherhood MV 2011 Action. 4:25 Devil’s Den 16VL 2006 Horror. 5:50 Big Miracle PGL 2012 Drama.

Jamie's 15-Minute Meals 5:25pm on TV3

MOVIES GREATS 8am Biography – Nicole Kidman PG 8:50 Eragon MV 2006 Action. Ed Speleers, Jeremy Irons. 10:35 Pleasantville ML 1998 Drama. Tobey Maguire, Reese Witherspoon. 12:40 The Sweetest Thing 16LS 2002 Romantic Comedy. Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate, Selma Blair. 2:05 The Da Vinci Code MV 2006 Drama. Tom Hanks, Audrey Tatou, Ian McKellen, Paul Bettany. 4:30 Wimbledon MLS 2004 Romantic Comedy. Kirsten Dunst, Paul Bettany, Sam Neill. 6:10 The Guardian ML 2006 Action. Kevin Costner, Ashton Kutcher. 8:30 Face/Off 18V 1997 Action. John Travolta, Nicolas Cage. 10:50 Gangs Of New York 16VLS 2002 Historical Drama. Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Day-Lewis, Cameron Diaz.


1:35 Wimbledon MLS 2004 Romantic Comedy. Kirsten Dunst, Paul Bettany, Sam Neill. 3:10 Face/Off 18V 1997 Action. 5:25 The Guardian ML 2006 Action.

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6:30 The Crowd Goes Wild 3 An irreverent daily sports and entertainment show. 7am Deal Or No Deal 3 Game show hosted by Andrew O’Keefe that gives contestants the opportunity to win up to $200,000. 7:30 Home Shopping Noon The Doctors PGR A talk show focusing on tough medical questions in an open forum. 12:55 The Jeff Probst Show 1:50 Inside The Human Body PGR 3 3pm Millionaire – Hot Seat 3 3:30 Getaway 3 4pm The Late Show With David Letterman 3 5pm Deal Or No Deal 3 5:30 Prime News 6pm Deal Or No Deal 6:30 Millionaire – Hot Seat 7pm The Crowd Goes Wild 7:30 Mythbusters PGR 8:30 Under the Dome AO While the residents of Chester’s Mill face the uncertainty of life in the Dome, panic is heightened when a house catches fire and the fire department is on the other side. 9:30 Shearing Gang PGR 10pm Bondi Rescue PGR 10:30 The Crowd Goes Wild 3

MAORI TV 10am Korero Mai 3 2 11am Toku Reo 3 Noon Korero Mai 3 2 1pm Toku Reo 3 2pm Korero Mai 3 2 3pm Warrant Of Fitness 3 3:30 Rolie Polie Olie 3 2 4pm Miharo 3 2 4:30 Pukana 2 5pm Toi Whakaari 3 2 5:30 Te Kaea 2 6pm Nga Pari Karangaranga O Te Motu 3

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6am Motorsport – FIA World Rally Championship Rally Australia Preview. 6:30 Golf Central 7:30 Rugby – International (Replay) Australia v South Africa. From Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane. 9:30 Cycling – La Vuelta Race (Highlights) Stage 16. Graus to Sallent de Gallego. 10am AFL Weekly Highlights (Highlights) 11am Rugby – International (Replay) New Zealand v Argentina. From Waikato Stadium in Hamilton. 1pm Rugby – International (Replay) Australia v South Africa. From Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane. 3pm Re:Union (Replay) 4pm Tennis – US Open (Replay) Men’s Singles Final. From the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, New York. 6pm Sky Sport – What’s On 6:30 Motorsport – FIA World Rally Championship Rally Australia Preview. 7pm Feed The Backs (Replay) 8pm All Access Mayweather v Canelo. 8:30 L Deaker On Sport 9:30 NRL 360 10:30 Gridiron – Lingerie Football League Baltimore Charm v Jacksonville Breeze. From the Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida.


Midnight Feed The Backs 1am NRL 360 2am Rugby League – NRL (Replay) Dragons v Warriors. From WIN Stadium in Carlton. 4am Rugby League – NRL (Replay) Storm v Titans. From AAMI Park in Melbourne. | Compiled by



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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Rafael Nadal claimed his second US Open title and 13th Grand Slam crown yesterday when he defeated world number one Novak Djokovic, 6-2 3-6 6-4 6-1 in a lung-busting final. Nadal, 27, added the 2013 trophy to his 2010 triumph, when he completed a career grand slam, and capped a year that has seen him claim 10 titles and stretch his season record to 60 wins and just three losses. Yesterday’s win also earned him a total of $US3.6 million ($A3.92m), which takes his career earnings through the $US60m ($A65.37m) mark, and also edged him closer to Roger Federer’s record of 17 majors and put him one behind Pete Sampras.

Mallorcan matador



Whitelock the Guesswork on go-to man Team NZ tactics P18


Ashburton Guardian, Wednesday, September 11, 2013  

Ashburton Guardian