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Thursday, April 11, 2013


Meat industry shake up By Michelle Nelson A new group formed to shake up the country’s flagging meat industry wants all players to attend a meeting in Christchurch next week. Meat Industry Excellence was launched following a meeting of 1000 farmers in Gore last month. The group is seeking a mandate from farmers to work with meat companies to consolidate the industry. West Otago farmer Richard Young has been elected as chairman of the seven-person executive committee. “We are all active sheep and beef farmers who are totally committed to improving the returns for all farmers, who rely on our red meat industry, “ Mr Young said. “Our initial focus is to gain a national mandate from farmers for industry change with meetings planned throughout New Zealand.” Mt Somers farmer Blair Gallagher, the local spokesperson for the MEI group, said it was important to involve all players in the industry, including farmers, bankers, transport companies and mercantile firms. He said service industries working in the red meat sector needed to attend because they were also reliant on strong sheep, beef and venison sectors for their livelihoods. One of the group’s key objectives was to have 80 per cent red meat processed and marketed by one “coalition of the willing” structure. “We need to get the two big processing co-operatives (Silver Fern Farms and Alliance) and at least one other major player involved in discussions,” Mr Gallagher said. “Whatever entity we end up with we’ve got to have farmer commitment, probably on a contractual basis – to support the companies. “This will require a change in farmer behaviour to drive the structure through.” Mr Gallagher said the initiative also applied to dairy farmers – who now supply a significant amount of manufacturing beef into the industry. He said it was imperative that the structure was in place for next season when an anticipated global shortage of 100 million lambs, was set to prime another procurement war. While this might create short term gains for farmers it would be at the expense of processors. Under the committee’s proposal the restructuring would be funded by all participants. The meeting will be held at the Wigram Aviation Museum in Christchurch on April 17 at 2pm. Keynote speakers will include Professor Keith Woodford from Lincoln University, Hamish Gower, from Massey University, John Brackenridge from Merino New Zealand and Mr Young.

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Couple recall horror of the Wahine disaster By Myles Hume When Gill Kingsbury awoke early yesterday morning she had to ask her husband Lyn what the date was. Hearing it was April 10 the Kingsburys carried on, making their way into the kitchen where they flicked on the television and opened the newspaper, taking in the pictures and headlines that informed them on the day’s happenings. It was at that moment they remembered it was the anniversary of the darkest day of their lives. The Ashburton couple were passengers aboard the Wahine, the boat responsible for taking the lives of 53 people and New Zealand’s worst maritime disaster on April 10, 1968. Among the fortunate passengers to survive the collision with Wellington Harbour’s Barrett Reef, they still remember the stormy seas, the panic, the death. But 45 years on, the day itself is what Mrs Kingsbury describes as “a distant memory”.

Mt Somers farmer Blair Gallagher is confident a new initiative will deliver better returns for the meat industry.

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“Today, it does not really mean that much to us now, if I didn’t read the paper I don’t think I would have remembered Wahine,” Mrs Kingsbury said. The significance of the day might not be the same for the Kingsburys, but dig a little deeper and the details of the disaster stick vividly in their minds. Mrs Kingsbury can remember trying to reach the rocky shore on Wellington’s Pencarrow Coast in the life raft. Moments before she was going to leap, the boat tipped, tangling her in the webbing. She eventually freed herself and made it to safety. The sticking point for Mr Kingsbury was when they had to jump in one of the last life boats, which almost went under the bow of a tug boat. In recent years, the Kingsburys have visited schools and held public talks about the traumatic day, but yesterday in their Allenton home it was just another day for the retired couple. A day the Kingsburys have moved on from, but will never forget.

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Ashburton Hospital’s meals already outsourced By Sam Morton and APNZ Ashburton Hospital is unlikely to be affected by nationwide kitchen closures, as the bulk of the work is already outsourced. Yesterday, the Government announced plans to axe all hospital kitchens across New Zealand, in a bid to cut costs and make savings within the public health service.

However, although the initiative comes at some loss to 1300 people who stand to lose their jobs under the proposed changes, Ashburton Hospital will remain unaffected. The Guardian understands the Canterbury District Health Board currently outsources the kitchen work to Compass, which carries out a daily service at the local hospital, under branch business Medirest.

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49 sections priced from $167,500 to $220,000. These sections are in demand with over half already sold

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At present, only a third of hospitals made their own meals and delivered them to the wards on-site under instruction from their district health board. The remaining hospitals outsource the work to business like Compass and Spotless Services. The kitchen closures, which will affect 50 kitchens, have been proposed by Crown company Health Benefits Limited (HBL).

It is understood HBL also plan to move to one provider who will produce and supply the food for the entire public health system through one production kitchen in Auckland and another in Christchurch. The idea will see a multi-national consortium operating the kitchens and making the meals, before they are delivered chilled to hospitals, whose staff will then reheat and deliver them to patients.

The process will no longer involve the DHBs, but will still be controlled by the contractor. Under the proposal, it is still unclear if the consortium will be responsible for hiring staff to reheat the food at the hospital, but a further announcement is expected later next week. Ashburton Hospital general manager Garth Bateup could not be contacted for comment.

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Wahine survivors Gill and Lyn Kingsbury, of Ashburton, reflect on the disaster that claimed 53 lives, marking one of the country’s worst maritime disasters 45 years ago.

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Construction of the Lochlea Lifestyle Resort has commenced which is adjacent to the Lochlea Estate. The Lifestyle Resort will provide a range of indoor and outdoor activities and both Duplex and Stand-alone Villas and Aged Care Units. A fully equipped hospital is also planned. This will be Ashburton’s first complete lifestyle resort – covering each stage of the rest of your life.

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Tony Sands, Resort Manager

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ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, April 11, 2013


ANNOUNCEMENTS DEATHS MIDDLETON, Errol Claude Gilham – On April 10, 2013, peacefully at Ashburton Hospital. Dearly loved husband of Julie. Loved father and father in law of David, Alan and Debbie, Christine and Shaun, and Craig. Much loved granddad and great granddad. Loved brother of Doreen, the late Lyell, and Lorraine. Messages to 9 Alington Street, Methven. A service to celebrate Errol’s life will be held at All Saints Anglican Church, Methven on FRIDAY, April 12, commencing at 11.00am. Followed by Interment at the Methven Cemetery. “Loved by everyone who was lucky enough to call him a friend.” Paterson’s Funeral Services FDANZ Ashburton Please note all late death notices or notices sent outside ordinary office hours must be emailed to:

to ensure publication. During office hours notices may also be sent to:

Any queries please contact 0800 ASHBURTON (0800-274-287).

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Injunction The High Court has ordered confidential information accidentally sent from the Earthquake Commission to an insurance advocate and an online blogger should remain secret - at least for now. A spreadsheet with details of about 98,000 claims was emailed to Bryan Staples of Earthquake Services last month and has also been leaked to a blogger who has threatened to publish the information. The EQC has won an extension of its original injunction to stop the information spreading further, with High Court Justice David Collins yesterday ruling the leaked document should remain private for the time being. -APNZ

Plenty of ECE openings available By Myles Hume Mid Canterbury beneficiaries who fear there may not be space for their children in early childhood education have been told not to panic by local providers. The third and final reading of the controversial Social Security Amendment Bill passed through Parliament late Tuesday, which will introduce a raft of changes to the welfare system – poised to come into effect in July. YMCA Ashburton manager Avis Page said one of the most concerning changes beneficiaries in Mid Canterbury would face is the obligation to enrol children in early childhood education (ECE). Under the reforms, beneficiaries will also face a 50 per cent cut in their benefit if they fail or refuse to take a drug test, have an outstanding arrest warrant, do not take their children for health checks or refuse to take a job without good reason. If a person continues to dodge their obligations they could lose their entire benefit. However, Ms Page said ECE was of high concern to some local beneficiaries. Many early childhood centres spoken

to by the Guardian two weeks ago said they had no vacancies with some parents having to wait up to six months until a spot would be available. Ms Page said it could pose an issue for about a third of her clients, most who have children that are not enrolled in early childhood education centres. “We have some with children, but have made arrangements with grandma or granddad, not many are put in early childhood. A Government subsidy allows parents to send children aged three to five for 20 free hours of childcare per week. “A shortage of centres would be a big issue and one would hope that there would be a criteria there that weighs up the need for them to be in early childhood education until there are vacancies.” Although many early childhood education centres were full, Playcentre Association treasurer Kate Williams said it had “heaps of spaces” available. But Ms Williams said the association was sometimes faced reluctant parents, who “shied away” from helping out as part of the criteria when enrolling their children. “But that shouldn’t be a problem (for beneficiaries), because they have the time, it’s usually the time commitment

that’s the issue,” Ms Williams said. She said it would be an advantage for beneficiaries to use the association, being part of their child’s upbringing and education. Ashburton Kindergarten Association manager Barbara Kirk said there were minimal vacancies at local kindergartens, but they were starting to take in children aged under three and “would adjust to make space if there was a need”. She said children at the kindergartens were eligible for 20 free hours of childcare per week, and the association put another 10 free hours on top of that. Ashburton Baptist Learning Centre manager Lorraine Bennet said although it was important for children to experience social interaction and routine before starting school, the reforms took the rights away from beneficiaries. “There are some parents who like to home school their children and I don’t think we should take away the right for parents who want to have their children at home. “I think with beneficiaries, the Government tends to lump them all together.” The reforms are set to come into effect on July 15.

Beneficiaries ‘will have to face reforms reality’ By Myles Hume Reforms to the welfare system are the reality that beneficiaries have to face whether they like it or not, YMCA Ashburton manager Avis Page says. The swooping changes also include an overhaul of benefit categories. Ms Page said many of the clients at the YMCA were unhappy with the reforms yesterday, but the stricter rules were about being part of society. “I think it’s a good thing, it prepares you for life, and you have to do what expected of you from the powers that be. “It’s like paying your taxes and if you don’t do that something worse will happen, so if you are

lucky enough to be given a benefit, which gives you assistance to get from one situation to the next, then you should follow the rules.” With seasonal work well under way, the YMCA has lost nine clients recently who have all found employment, while 10 remain at the centre. Ms Page believed some of the reforms, set to start on July 15, could deter beneficiaries from dabbling in drugs and other anti-social behaviour, putting them on the straight and narrow to employment. “They sometimes get a bit agitated if they can’t pay their rent or buy their groceries ... so hopefully it will deter them and they will take full responsibility,” she said.

Glowing ERO report for Ashburton Intermediate By Myles Hume Ashburton Intermediate has been given an A grade review by the education system’s watchdogs. In November last year, independent assessors from the Education Review Office (ERO) visited the school on its triennial basis, with principal Gavin Cooper saying at the time initial reports were “looking positive”. Recently, ERO published a review of its findings on the district’s only intermediate school. “We were pretty pleased with it, I think it just reflects the hard work we have done on so many fronts and the direction we are heading,” Mr Cooper said. The report praised the intermediate’s strong leadership, particularly Mr Cooper and his assistant principal for the way the school was run. It pointed to the school’s focus on literacy and numeracy, and its work with pupils with specific needs whose “progress was rigorously monitored”. “Positive and affirming relationships with teachers help students to engage in their learning. The school values are evident in interactions between students and teachers, and between students,” the report said. The assessors also found the school curriculum provided strong guidelines and expectations for learning and teaching. Mr Cooper said it was a tense time for schools when ERO assessors carried out their reviews. “It used to be really intensive for staff when they were in their classrooms, now it’s quite intensive on principals and the deputy principal and those who manage the curriculum. “You have to plan out two days of seminars to prove you are doing a good job, having all the data to show them and pointing them in the right direction to look for that information.”

• Electrocution risk Vandals risked killing children or themselves when they tampered with an electricity cabinet outside a Hastings’ primary school, the electricity provider says. The vandals removed bolts from the Unison Networks’ cabinet outside Camberley School on Saturday, leaving the box open with wires and fuses exposed. -APNZ

• Man killed in blaze The person who died in a house fire on Tuesday night has been confirmed as a man. The blaze that killed the man, believed to be a local aged in his 50s, left another in a critical condition. Emergency services were called about 6.45pm to Dalmeny Street. A body was found inside the house and another man, 47, was taken to Waikato Hospital where he remained yesterday in intensive care in a critical condition. -APNZ

• Large grass fire Fir efighters fr om Ohakune, Waiouru and Rangiwahia backed by a helicopter with monsoon bucket battled a grass fire near Taihape yesterday. The fire started just before midday on Mt Stewart at Taihape, adjacent to Mataroa Rd/State Highway 1 but had taken hold in local replanted indigenous trees and shrubs. The Taihape Kindergarten was evacuated at 12.30pm. -APNZ

• Guilty assault plea A Runanga woman who attacked her partner with a DVD player has pleaded guilty to assault, saying she was getting through a period of depression. Amy Louisa Gothard, 30, had an argument with her partner on February 6, escalating into a physical fight. She kicked down his bedroom door and swung a DVD player at him repeatedly, leaving a gash on his forearm and bruises on his body. She was sentenced yesterday to nine months’ supervision for the assault and three months’ community detention for a breach of community work. -APNZ

• Anthrax hoax

Ashburton Intermediate principal Gavin Cooper is pleased with a recent Education Review Office report of his school. With it being Mr Cooper’s third ERO review while in charge of the intermediate since 2005, he has seen a gradual improvement after he was told to implement an action plan when he took over the school which “needed a fair bit of work”. Amid the praise, ERO also point-

ed to areas that needed improving. Implementing more technology into the classroom and putting more emphasis on seeking information and feedback from pupils were among the recommendations. “Developing a model for students’ learning that integrates

thinking and inquiry strategies with the key competencies from the New Zealand Curriculum and the school’s values,” the report also recommended to help pupils become independent learners. However, Mr Cooper said the school was already making those adjustments this year, and were

Photo Kirsty Clay 090413-KC-044

always looking to “blend” technology into pupils’ learning. “We want to do something that is applicable to us, we are looking at an approach that’s good for everyone in the school,” Mr Cooper said. ERO said the school was well placed to sustain and improve its performance.

A hoax anthrax threat made to an inner-city Auckland hotel yesterday afternoon is being investigated by police. A malicious phone call was made to the Grand Chancellor Hotel about 3.30pm, police said in a statement. Emergency services isolated the scene and it was soon confirmed there was no danger to any guests or members of the public. Police said they were investigating the call but would not comment further. A hotel spokesman said it was the second such incident in as many weeks, with a bomb threat last week suspected of being made by the same person. It was not known who was responsible. - APNZ

ERO assessors to College busy gathering Body still unidentified return to college data on Novopay errors By Myles Hume Assessors from the Education Review Office (ERO) will be wandering the Ashburton College campus next week. The ERO has confirmed it will be visiting the college on Monday and Tuesday, with a follow-up visit on Thursday with principal Grant McMillan and Board of Trustees chairman David Rush. Mr McMillan said the assessors were undertaking a routine followup visit to the college. “They just want to touch base with what we are doing,” he said. The college has put new steps in place over recent years and has also been carrying out some trial work for the Ministry of Education. Ashburton College’s latest review was published in January 2011,

when the assessors looked into the recent appointment of Mr McMillan and other structural changes around the college. “Teachers and other staff are starting to use practices that help students take responsibility for managing their behaviour,” the report said at the time. “The board and principal are strongly focused on the need for change and improvement in the governance and management of the college. “There is a need to improve the gathering, analysis and use of student achievement data in order to set targets for achievement and to identify students in need of support.” The visit is also reinforced by ERO’s promise “to carry out another review over a period of one-to-two years” under its future action’ section.

US crash help offered American agencies have offered support to New Zealand investigators establishing what caused the plane crash that killed 2degrees chief executive Eric Hertz and his wife Kathy. The mangled wreckage of their Beechcraft Baron aircraft, which plunged into the ocean near Kawhia, Waikato late last month, has been brought to land and secured at

the naval base at Devonport in Auckland. Civil Aviation Authority spokesman Mike Richards said investigators were faced with “the difficult task” of combing through the mangled wreck. They will examine the wiring, instruments, fuel lines and all other available parts “to find a cause or causes of this awful accident”. - APNZ

By Myles Hume

When the Government comes calling, Ashburton College is ensuring it will be ready to hand over recordings of the growing mountain of Novopay errors staff and the college have faced. The college has identified four areas where it will go back and collect data on the errors caused by the shoddy payroll system. Principal Grant McMillan said the college was looking to carry out the gruelling task of collecting information in regards to college account errors, individual staff pay errors, consequential errors such as tax and superannuation deductions on top of mistakes which affect employees but are not linked to


the payroll, such as qualifications, and sick and annual leave balances. The college has worked hard to correct Novopay errors in the past, saving 40 staff from not being paid at all earlier this year as well as identifying other errors which have been stopped in last ditch efforts by Ministry of Education staff. “We know at some stage there is going to be a new bit of software, and we know they won’t be able to migrate the data from Novopay because it is just so corrupt, we are just doing what’s logical, what else can you do?” Mr McMillan said. The college has put a plan in place and was “in its early stages”, starting to collect information on errors at the college

level and individual staff level. “The biggest thing that is needed is we need the information off individuals’ pay slips, and sometimes what’s told will be in the account is different than what’s in there, so we’re just trying to collect that baseline data. “These are the most difficult to identify and also have the most likelihood of causing future distress ... but we are also trying to repair the plane while it’s flying.” Mr McMillan said he had spoken to other principals in Christchurch and Timaru about collecting the data, and said it was quickly becoming a priority. “At some stage they are going to ask us to supply this information, it might be two weeks or two months, but it will happen.”

Police still don’t know the age, gender or cause of death of a person whose body was found after a house fire in an abandoned earthquakedamaged Christchurch home overnight Tuesday. Investigators are also still unsure whether the fire was deliberately lit. The body was yesterday removed from the Petersborough St flat, which was destroyed by fire about 8.20pm on Tuesday. The home was so badly damaged that police had to cut away part of the wall of the upper floor to access the area where the body was found.

There was no indication anyone else was in the house at the time of the fire but investigators have not been able to rule it out. “It is far too early to speculate on the cause of death and on the cause of the fire or whether it was accidental or deliberate,” Detective Senior Sergeant John Gallagher said. “Our priority has been the safe recovery of the body of the deceased from the scene. This has now been achieved and will assist in advancing our investigation into the identity of the deceased and the cause of the blaze.” -APNZ

by David Fletcher

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ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, April 11, 2013


Plans afoot to attract Chinese tourists By Sue Newman As Prime Minister John Key looks to boost the number of Chinese tourists coming to New Zealand, Ashburton is working on its own strategies to snare a share of that lucrative market. The Ashburton District Council has established strong ties with the city of Puyang in the Henan province through both the Ashburton District Council and Grow Mid Canterbury. Mr Key used his visit to Shanghai this week to spearhead a co-ordinated drive to increase the number of Chinese tourists coming to New Zealand. Chinese visitor numbers increased 38 per cent over the past year and 100 per cent this February compared to one year ago. While Ashburton and Puyang have had ties at mayoral level for several years, Grow Mid Canterbury CEO Rob Brawley that building business ties was a much slower process. “With the Chinese you have to build relationships first before you do business. We’re trying to lay solid foundations and a strong base, but we are working through business opportunities.” And that relationship had to be built by the council first because

the Chinese liked to deal mayor to mayor, he said. Mayor Angus McKay said the mayor’s office was the channel through which economic deals would develop and to this end he maintains a close association with the Chinese Consulate office in Christchurch. He said he was aware that a group of Ashburton businesses were interested in exploring trade options with China and if, in his role as mayor he could open any doors, that’s what he would do, Mr McKay said. “I believe there is a possible trade delegation looking at going to China but to the best of my knowledge this will not be a council subsidised trip, it won’t be at the ratepayers’ expense I understand.” A trade and civic mission to China had been under discussion for some time but for it to be worthwhile, any visit had to be well set and very focused; it had to be a mission with a real business purpose, not a holiday, Mr Brawley said. “For businesses, the biggest challenge is the scale. Their demand is huge and there’s a range of things they’re interested in, particularly food and beverages.” There was also strong demand from the Chinese in the area of offshore education, Mr Brawley said.

Interest in CEO role The selection process is underway to appoint a new chief executive officer for the Ashburton District Council. When incumbent Brian Lester’s contract came up for renewal last year the councillors and mayor had two options – extend this for two years and then advertise the position at the end of those two years as they were required to do by law, or to advertise now. They chose the latter option but Mr Lester responded by saying he did not intend to try and win his position back through the application process. He indicated he would stay in the job until his contract expired at the end of September. The council employed a human resources professional to help with the search for Mr Lester’s replacement and mayor Angus McKay

said they had received “a considerable” number of applications. These came from people within the local government sector and from people with private sector experience, he said. “We are in the selection process now and hope to have an appointment made by the middle of this calendar year.” No start date had been determined for the new appointee but Mr McKay said the new chief executive would take up the job at the end of Mr Lester’s contract and that would be before the next local body elections in October. The position was a pivotal one for the council and the chief executive is the only person the councillors and mayor employ. Other council staff are employed by the chief executive.

Raw milk available at farm gate

TOP 5 ONLINE Yesterday’s top five stories on: www.

By Sue Newman Ashburton consumers now have a new choice when it comes to buying milk. No longer is that choice just blue top, pale blue top, gold top or green, there’s now a new player in the market – raw milk, sold at the farm gate. Raw milk sales are not new but they’re new to Ashburton. The mini-cottage industry is the brainchild of mum Mandy Shearer. “I did a bit of research and found that there was good demand around New Zealand but there didn’t seem to be anyone selling it in Ashburton,” she said. Mandy and husband Ben have a dairy herd of 1200 cows at Greenstreet and with the raw product flooding into the vats morning and night, siphoning off a few litres to sell each day at the gate was easy. The rules around raw milk sales are tough – no more than five litres per customer per day and it must be bought from the farm. But with two pre-schoolers and another baby due in June, Mandy said the home business fitted her lifestyle perfectly. “The kids are my top priority but I admit I was missing work. For a few years I was an executive assistant in London and I missed the business side of things.” Her business is just two weeks old but already Mandy has been surprised by the demand. “A lot of people say they’ve been looking for something like this for ages.” While Mandy keeps containers of milk in the fridge for ‘drive in buyers,’ customers are often taken to the dairy shed where their containers are filled from the vat while they wait. Already she has built up a small customer base of regulars, but said many people call in after seeing her sign at the gate. “We’re lucky, we’re pretty close to town and people don’t mind driving the 10 minutes out to get their milk. This was a bit of a leap of faith. I just put a sign out at the gate and a couple of small ads in the paper. I’m really surprised at the feedback I’m getting.” While critics might say unpasteurised milk was not healthy, Mandy said there were many who said the opposite. “It’s all about freedom of choice. There’s nothing funny about the milk. It’s definitely got a different taste, it tastes fresher, it’s as full cream as you can get and it’s great for baking.” Raw milk has a good shelf life in the fridge – seven to 10 days. Looking ahead, she’s not ruling out expanding her business to include products made with raw milk, but that’s well into the future. Now it’s a no-cost business; every dollar earned is profit, but that might change.


1. Communication divide widens 2. Car in flames after crash 3. First pro win for Daniel 4. Dairy reputations enhanced 5. Crash driver ‘unscathed’

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Giving consumers options, Mandy Shearer with Henry, 4 and Jack 19 months, is creating a new business selling raw milk at the farm gate. “Ben’s letting me off the hook paying for the milk – for now. And if it does take off then I’ll start my own separate company for it,” she said. Since the 1950s, New Zealand’s commercial milk supply has been pasteurised

– treated with heat to kill bacteria but growing numbers of consumers are wanting their food in a natural state, and that includes milk. There have been regular calls for farm gate milk sales to be made illegal but last year the

Government agreed to continue to allow farm gate sales and said that the amount that could be purchased was likely to increase in the future. There have also been requests for raw milk sales to be available off-farm.

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ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, April 11, 2013


GCSB storm erupts and the PM’s in China P

rime Minister John Key must be pleased he is 10,000km away in China. The storm around the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) has turned into a tornado after the leak and subsequent early release of the report into the muchcriticised spy agency. Many believe the release of the report has been timed perfectly with the Prime Minister out of the country but his office has strenuously denied this suggestion. The report makes fascinating

OUR VIEW reading and suggests a culture of incompetence that allowed a host of illegal actions by the agency. Most concerning is the illegal surveillance of 88 New Zealanders including the famous Kim Dotcom case as part of a messy arrangement with the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) and police. The report has revealed that the illegal surveillance goes back more than a decade, including the Helen Clark-era so the Labour Party will

tread carefully before throwing too many stones. All parties concerned seem to agree that the core of GCSB’s problems is the act that provides the legal framework for the bureau. The Act states that the GCSB cannot spy on New Zealand citizens or residents, but Crown Law experts have been struggling with the grey area when other agencies like the police or SIS ask for their assistance.

Coen Lammers editor

The police may have had a legal warrant to eavesdrop on suspicious individuals but neither they nor the GCSB seemed to have been aware that the bureau should not have got involved. If police or the SIS had the

technological capabilities to undertake this surveillance themselves there would not be any case to answer but it seems extremely inefficient to equip two organisations with the expensive gear instead of providing a stronger, more specific legal framework for them to co-operate in. The GCSB was set up to protect New Zealand from overseas threats, physically or online, as part of an international intelligence framework. In our increasingly interconnected global society, the

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organisations and better protect the rights of New Zealanders. It appears that the Prime Minister may have known a bit more about the bureau’s shortcomings than he initially admitted and it remains to be seen how much his Government will be affected by the political fall-out. As part of a legal review, Parliament and Crown Law need to examine whether a parliamentary or an independent committee with legal expertise is needed to support the Prime Minister in monitoring and guiding this secretive, yet vital organisation.

Key denies misleading over GCSB’s illegal spying



lines between internal and external threats have become blurred as New Zealand citizens have become part of international networks, whether it involves drugs, human trafficking, copyright infringements or more sinister activities. This is where the lines between GCSB, SIS and police have become unclear. In fact the Dotcom raid which triggered this whole saga could prove to be a blessing instead of just an embarrassment. New legislation is desperately needed to provide a clearer framework for our security

YOUR VIEW GCSB Act is just fine A short review of the GCSB Act 2003, available on the government website points to two things. Firstly, there is no confusion at all in the Act, and secondly it repeatedly emphasises that on no account whatsoever is the GCSB authorised to spy on New Zealanders. It’s a foreign intelligence agency; fullstop. There is indeed a section which allows, not the courts, but the GSCB Minister alone, to issue an extraordinary warrant, but even he cannot authorise spying on New Zealanders. It’s in black and white. Of the 88 domestic spying cases identified, we know the PM as GSCB minister authorised none of them.

Even had the PM issued warrants to spy on Kiwis, they still would have been illegal under the act. There is no need to ‘fix’ the Act, it is the GSCB that needs fixing, but not by turning around and making it suddenly legal for our CIA to spy on Kiwis. We also need to be especially sensitive to political interference in the process or have we forgotten the lessons of Watergate? Even the Yanks don’t allow domestic spying. We live in a democracy, not a police state. Messy at times, but generations of our forbears shed blood to achieve it. With Anzac day looming, how can we sincerely stand up and honor that sacrifice and in the next breath throw it away? Some things are just more important than being efficient. Peter Tashkoff

Major drug bust in NI More than 20,000 cannabis plants have been seized and 99 people arrested in a major drug bust in the Bay of Plenty. Detectives have executed 169 search warrants across the district in the last month, uncovering more than 700 plants at one address. Some of those arrested have been charged with being linked to organised crime groups and the large-scale production and distribution of illicit drugs. The raids also uncovered other drugs, cash, firearms and stolen property. One warrant in Taneatua revealed 1200 grams of products valued at $50,000 that had the capacity to produce up to $337,000 worth of methamphetamine. More than $40,000 cash was also located in the Taneatua raid, along with methamphetamine, LSD tablets, a firearm and ammunition. Police said the hot and dry weather “may have provided good conditions for cannabis growers this year but it

hasn’t prevented police ... from raining on their parade”. Detective Senior Sergeant Lindsay Pilbrow said the operation saved about $52 million in social harm, the estimated financial cost of the cannabis trade on health, education, employment and social welfare. “There is no debate to be had: drugs are a major social issue, especially in regard to our youth,” Mr Pilbrow said. “Smashing tinnie houses and removing other opportunities to cause social harm is going to have an effect. “Several of the warrants we carried out during this operation were linked to organised criminal groups involved in large-scale production, distribution and sale of illicit drugs and the slightest dent in operations can have a major impact on their trade.” He urged anyone with information about illicit drugs to contact Crime Stoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111. -APNZ

Prime Minister John Key has denied misleading the public by not telling Parliament of potentially illegal spying by the GCSB two months after GCSB director Ian Fletcher told him of the problem. Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Kitteridge’s report on the Government Communications and Security Bureau yesterday revealed that questions were last year raised over 88 instances over the last decade of GCSB surveillance on behalf of the SIS and Police . Mr Key on Tuesday said Mr Fletcher first raised the issue with him in July last year. However, Labour Leader David Shearer pounced on Mr Key’s comment, saying the Prime Minister had claimed for months “that he knew nothing about illegal spying until September 2012”. “John Key is treating New Zealanders with contempt by being loose with the truth.” But speaking to New Zealand reporters in China yesterday Mr Key said Tuesday’s comment was “absolutely correct”. “I’d never had advice up to that (September) point that they’ve acted illegally. “What was raised with me in July was that the InspectorGeneral had raised a question about how the GCSB Act might work in relation to the SIS Act. What he said was he wanted to go away and do further work on that. “The advice I had from both GCSB and SIS legal team was that they believed, and I might add continue to believe, that the work that they were doing was absolutely legally correct.” Mr Key said Mr Fletcher’s July

advice was “like a long range weather forecast”. “It might tell you that there’s a high or low out there, it doesn’t tell you it’s raining in Wellington.” Mr Key said he’d asked the chief executive of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet to speak to State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie and provide him with advice about an inquiry into the leak of Ms Kitteridge’s report and a decision whether to proceed would be made next week. Yesterday in Parliament, Green Party co-leader Russel Norman suggested the Government itself was the source of the leak as part of a “communications strategy” intended to divert attention away from questions around the process used to appoint GCSB director Ian Fletcher. However, speaking on behalf of Mr Key, Deputy Prime Minister Bill English rubbished Dr Norman’s suggestion as “ridiculous”. Mr Key said his Government will seek to change the law around the GCSB to ensure it is able to resume its assistance to the SIS and police by spying on New Zealanders without concerns about the lawfulness of that work. That assistance is currently on hold until the law is changed. However Labour and the Greens say the law should only be changed after an independent inquiry into New Zealand’s intelligence agencies. Dr Norman said Mr Key appeared set on rewarding the GCSB for its “illegal behaviour over the last decade”. “Changing the law to allow the GCSB to spy on New Zealanders would be out of step with other jurisdictions that separate domestic and international spying,” he said. -APNZ


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Clearing the air over council-citizens’ entanglement By Ken Leadley Congratulations and thank you for affording such good space in your paper to the Council/ Ashburton Citizens’ Association (ACA) entanglement; — but, there are two very distinct matters being aired and confused that need clear delineation. It is time to deal in unbridled reality and bared truth; and, having been the association’s intended spokesperson at the April 4 meeting I do so in full and clear knowledge of this confusion. At the centre of difference is the association’s reasoned letter to the mayor requesting council ask one of its councillor appointees not to attend further meetings of the association. It must be said, the association has valued and appreciated its dealings with councillor Favel but found the other councillor to be overbearing and counterproductive. The group’s letter of reason re the other councillor concluded that “we have therefore decided it best she not attend further meetings”. Since that communiqué, two letters and a council agenda item (March 12, 21 and April 2) have

Ken Leadley been circulated. All three bearing resemblances as having been orchestrated by a common author. For his part, Brian Lester as first respondent to the association, (he responded to the letter directed to the mayor) in his opening sentence said and I quote, “I will not be looking to debate the content,” effectively closing the communication line first up. The mayor, in turn, reiterated much of Mr Lester’s script and concluded by advising; (I quote) “It is apparent that your association’s

objectives are that of a political lobby group and will not always accept council processes or outcomes. This purpose is one that it is not appropriate for council to have appointees on. This will be addressed.” This, (beside Mr Lester’s similar final comment) instituted a new motion for the council meeting; withdrawal of council representation to the Citizens’ Association. A new and retrograde concept based on council management formulating “assumed” (Mr Lester’s word) thesis of presumption and perception. Further to those letters, in what is now not an uncommon occurrence, the association president responded to a March 12 short notice request and met with the mayor and CEO to discuss concerns. While some aspects of the association’s letter were challenged, when pressed, on pertinent aspects of concern the mayor said he wasn’t prepared to discuss it. A further shut down of dialogue. It is my view the association; (a) — responded willingly to the opportunity of dialogue, and, (b) — was then short changed in covering off points of difference. The association having accepted the first step in “a meeting

between council and your members to cover these further.” The president’s written report of that meeting reports, “they were not prepared to discuss the councillor concerned or hear anything about her manner in our meetings.” Then on Tuesday, April 4, due to council management’s agenda background in negative bias toward the ACA, it was, on advisement of committee collective thinking that the group would make representation to the full council meeting through the “Public Participation Forum.” In an act of negative democracy the mayor declined, this led to unbalanced, undemocratic influences on councillors’ deliberations and a further prejudiced misconception of the ACA. In this Tuesday’s Guardian Mr Lester states: “The public forum is there to express a point of view, not to make a political issue of it.” While the association would agree totally with that, he has had no précis of the association’s proposed presentation to measure or malign us and reach such a determination. Our purpose was and still is to solely optimise the potential of democracy in giving councillors a balanced/correct overview. Again on Wednesday he labels

the group, (this time “ginger”), speaks of its minutes and continues to ignore the fundamentals of its constitution, namely that “the objects of the association are to promote and foster policies that protect the interests of citizens and in particular but not by way of limitation to ensure:(a) that decisions of local and regional significance are made in an open, honest and transparent manner. (b) that issues which affect citizens across the Ashburton area attract appropriate media attention and attract high public participation. (c) that local governance in the Ashburton area gives due weight and consideration to the opinions and aspirations of citizens.” In Tuesday’s paper the editor’s “overview” correctly identifies that “whenever things get a bit sticky, the council bosses revert to their old instincts”. Touché. He also, but unfortunately incorrectly states the association asks for both councillors Kilworth and Favel to be replaced. That is not so. It must be said, the association actually favours continuing council representation at its meetings, (albeit confined to the constraints

of the constitution) the group too, has no issues with, and has never asked for councillor Favel as an appointee to be removed. The plurality of the negative “spin” in the council agenda backgrounder and subsequent passing of the recommendation not only unfairly smears her contribution to the association and that to her community but has also seen subsequent unfortunate misrepresentation in the media. At the end of the day the Ashburton Citizens’ Association is what it is; “a body whose primary focus is at all times to pursue the best interests of local Ashburton ratepayers, and to foster open honest democracy”. It is too, true to its constitution in seeking “to foster a good relationship between the association, council, and staff”. In what started as a simple request to the mayor for discontinuing one appointment to enhance the above ethos has escalated into a major and public misrepresentation and beat up in a desire for a divorce by the CEO whose costly time is being frivolously expended in seeking to shoot the messenger and ignore the message. Ken Leadley is a committee member of the Ashburton Citizens’ Association.

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, April 11, 2013


NZ scores poorly in UNICEF children’s report By Matthew Theunissen New Zealand has one of the highest rates of children not in any form of education, training or employment in the developed world, and scored relatively poorly in other measures of child wellbeing in a UNICEF report, released yesterday. Report Card 11, which looks at the state of children in the world’s most advanced economies, found there did not appear to be a strong relationship between a country’s GDP and overall child wellbeing, and New Zealand fell behind poorer nations in many of the measures. The country at the top of the overall table for child wellbeing was the Netherlands, with Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland placed next. Romania was at the bottom of the table. New Zealand had about 300,000 young people aged 15 - 19 not in any form of education, training or employment, leaving the country near the bottom of the table. It also had one of the highest teenage fertility rates, and was in the bottom half for child poverty, higher education and child health and safety. New Zealand did not feature in the overall rankings table due to a lack of data. UNICEF New Zealand national strategic manager Barbara Lambourn said the report showed there was much progress yet to be made on the wellbeing of our youngest citizens. “A country’s GDP is not strongly related to children’s wellbeing. A government’s choice to have policies which enhance and support child wellbeing is much more significant.” In New Zealand, there is some positive news around the improvement of child immunisation rates, with 92 per cent of children now fully immunised, up from 78 per cent in 2007. In addition, New Zealand children up to the age of 15 performed well in reading, maths, science and literacy, ranking 4th out of 33 countries. Immunisation Advisory Centre director Nikki Turner credited the the improvement in immunisation rates to the commitment of all levels of government and the setting of national targets. “However, we know from our own data that much more needs to be done to ensure Maori and Pasifika children benefit from this increased priority for children. Similarly, in terms of education we are concerned about Maori and Pasifika children being left behind in a growing tail of educational under-achievement.”

Paedophile faces preventive detention Accused’s The Crown is seeking preventive detention for a former deputy principal who is being branded one of the country’s worst ever paedophiles. Former school teacher James Robertson Parker has been remanded to the High Court at Whangarei for sentencing on 74 convictions of sexual offending against boys. Parker entered guilty pleas to the first tranche of 49 charges late last year, and yesterday admitted another 25 when he appeared before Judge Greg Davis in the Kaitaia District Court - saying “guilty’’ 25 times as the charges were individually read out.

Each of those charges - five of sexual violation, 14 of performing an indecent act and six of indecent assault, 15 of them laid representatively - was read to him. Counsel Alex Witten-Hannah told the court that his client accepted that referral to the High Court for sentence would be appropriate. He also accepted that Parker should be formally given a first warning under the `three strikes’ legislation, although he was adamant that he would never offend again. Judge Davis said he would decline jurisdiction on the basis that he believed a sentence of preventive detention should be considered given the number

of offences - committed against 20 victims - the period of time the offending spanned, the trust Parker had strived to gain from his young victims, their families and the community, and the degree of grooming that the judge believed had been involved. Parker will appear in the High Court at Whangarei on May 2, for call-over. Outside the court Mr WittenHannah said the Crown was seeking the harshest possible sentence, preventive detention, for his client. That was akin to locking the cell door and throwing away the key. “What then would be the penalty for the brutal and violent offend-

er?’’ he asked. “Remember the old saying in England when sheep stealing was a hanging offence; ‘Might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb’.’’ Parliament had resolved that such complex cases as this required the experience and expertise of a High Court judge to undertake sentencing, Mr WittenHannah said. A High Court judge could be expected to have the ability to differentiate between a violent offender who used brutality to achieve his ends and an offender such as Parker, who took advantage of trusting boys without any force or intimidation whatsoever. - APNZ

NZ RANKINGS How New Zealand compared to the world’s other rich countries: Ranked 32 out of 34 countries for young people who are not in any form of education, training or employment, above only Bulgaria and Spain. Ranked 21 out of 35 countries for levels of child poverty, above Italy and Canada but below the UK and Australia. Ranked 25 out of 34 countries for young people (aged 15-19 years) who are participating in higher education, ahead of Australia and the UK but below Spain and Greece. Ranked 31 out of 35 countries for teenage fertility rates. Ranked 25 out of 35 countries for child health and safety (includes infant mortality and low birth weight, national immunisation levels and death rate of children and young people). Child welfare organisation Every Child Counts said the report highlighted that when governments chose to prioritise children and ensure that public policy met their needs, child wellbeing was significantly improved. “The Netherlands sits at the top of the OECD for child wellbeing, with Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland just behind. Every Child Counts’ research has found that an underlying factor enabling children to thrive in the Netherlands is the social and political consensus that parenting and children are important. That consensus translates into policy and practice that effectively support families,” manager Deborah Morris-Travers said. “The data released today shows that when governments set targets and invest in meeting them, significant progress can be made to improve child health and wellbeing. The improvements in New Zealand’s immunisation rates are a good demonstration of this.” Ms Morris-Travers said New Zealand’s failure to adequately monitor and measure child wellbeing - resulting in being excluded from some of the league tables signalled that children’s needs were not yet afforded the priority and investment required to ensure that every child thrives. -APNZ

photo supplied

Arthur Allan Thomas speaks at a press conference at the Pukekawa Town Hall in response to a eulogy made by Deputy Police Commissioner Mike Bush for former Police inspector Bruce Hutton.

Police inquiry a ‘cover up’ – Thomas By Natalie Akoorie Arthur Allan Thomas has condemned a soon-to-be-released police inquiry into the Crewe murders as a mockery and a “cover up” following the police’s defence of the man who led the original investigation. At a rare public appearance yesterday Mr Thomas, who was twice convicted and then pardoned in the murders of Jeanette and Harvey Crewe in 1970, said police were “protecting their own. It’s a shame that we have the system of cover up,” Mr Thomas told

the media and members of the public at Pukekawa Hall. He was flanked by daughter Bridgette and brothers Ray and Des, who called the press conference to respond to comments made by Mike Bush during a eulogy at former Detective Inspector Bruce Hutton’s funeral last week. Deputy Commissioner Bush said Mr Hutton was known as having “integrity beyond reproach” and spoke of the “tragedy” of accusations made against him. Mr Thomas accused Mr Hutton of criminalising the New Zealand police force, and said the former officer and his colleague Len

Johnston were corrupt. “That Bush wants to go back and read the evidence. He should do that and not open his bloody mouth,” Mr Thomas said. The 75-year-old said he wanted police to find the real killer and apologise to him, but he did not believe either would happen. “It’s blatant cover up. They have to admit that they fabricated evidence and apologise to me in writing.” Des Thomas said the court of appeal upheld the finding that Mr Hutton and Mr Johnston planted a gun shell casing to frame his brother, and police needed

to accept it. The family want an independent investigation into the murders. Neither Mr Hutton, who died last month aged 83, nor Detective Sergeant Johnston, who died in 1978, were investigated by police over the allegations of wrongdoing or held to account. The Solicitor-General at the time said there was not enough information to lay charges against them. In late March, police said the review was “ongoing”but a source close to the investigation said the findings would be released “very, very soon”. - APNZ

Mine report rules out accountability By Morgan Tait Despite “systematic failures” and “inactions” that contributed to the Pike River Mine disaster, no one at the old Department of Labour or Ministry of Economic Development will be held accountable, families of the 29 miners killed in the 2010 mine explosion have been told. Officials from the former government departments, now replaced

by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), met families in Greymouth last night to discuss a report into who, if anyone, employed by the departments that regulated health and safety and issued mining permits should be held accountable for the disaster. Names of the 29 miners killed were listed on the second page of the 68-page report, ordered by MBIE chief executive David Smol.

The independent report was conducted by Deputy Chief Executive of Corporate and Governance at the Ministry of Social Development, David Shanks and Clifton Chambers barrister Jane Meares. It ruled that despite a “lighthanded and perfunctory” approach to health and safety regulation at the mine, an employment investigation was not warranted. Mr Smol said the breadth of

failures outlined in the report was “sobering”. “The investigation found there were actions or more often inactions on the part of officials in both agencies that may have contributed to the tragedy,” he said. “But they did not find evidence of carelessness, incompetence or breach of policy on the part of any staff including managers that would merit an employment investigation.” -APNZ

murder fantasies By Kurt Bayer

Gavin Gosnell fantasised about killing a child in foster care just to say he had done it, a former partner told his murder trial yesterday. Gavin John Gosnell, 28, denies murdering 15-year-old Christchurch schoolboy Hayden Miles after a brutal and prolonged beating on August 22, 2011. He says he never meant to kill him, and that he should be convicted of manslaughter. The High Court trial in Christchurch has this week heard graphic details of Hayden being beaten to death before being sawn into 12 pieces and dumped in two nearby graveyards while his organs were buried in the backyard. On the third day, an ex-partner of Gosnell claimed he’d repeatedly told her that he wanted to kill someone. The woman, who has name suppression, said Gosnell wanted to target “someone who wouldn’t be missed by their family, like a child in CYF (Child, Youth and Family) care”. She didn’t take him seriously as he would always laugh it off. “I didn’t believe he would ever actually do it ... I thought it was tough guy talk,” she told the court. On one occasion, the alleged murderer even told the woman that he had killed someone but later said he’d made it up. The witness, speaking from behind a screen, also said Gosnell had wanted to use her as bait for a potential victim. “He didn’t think anybody would just go with him - he wanted me to be a lure,” she said. Gosnell also claimed he wanted to drive around and pick up a hitchhiker and take them back to the house before raping and torturing them. Under cross-examination by defence counsel Craig Ruane, she admitted the claims often came while they were watching “CSI-like” programmes, or real-life documentaries about serial killers. She referred to them being like ‘Bonnie and Clyde’, but admitted she didn’t know who the Depression-era bank robbers were. Mr Ruane says the comments were made in the context of watching TV shows or series, like he was providing a commentary. “When they were closing in on the perpetrator, he would comment, ‘I wouldn’t do it like that’.... or ‘I’d do it this way and wouldn’t get caught’.” She accepted that may have been the case, but claimed he’d also said such things when they weren’t watching TV. Yesterday the trial heard a statement from Hayden’s mother who said he was a “difficult” child whose behavioural issues saw put him into foster care before he was killed. It also heard from a witness who lived in the same four-flat Cashel St block as Gosnell who told of a bizarre conversation he’d had with the alleged murderer. The man moved in a week or so before Hayden was killed and recalled a night when they were drinking Vodka Cruisers in his flat and chatting. “And out of the blue he asked me if I’ve ever stayed in the same room with someone who has killed somebody. I replied yes, I’ve been in prison. He started laughing and went on to another conversation,” said the witness, who has name suppression. He couldn’t recall if Gosnell had been serious. The trial, before Justice Lester Chisholm and a jury of six men and six women, continues. - apnz

‘Beast of Blenheim’ to stay behind bars Sex offender Stewart Murray Wilson will remain behind bars for breaking his parole conditions and contacting a cousin of one of his victims, the Parole Board has ruled. In their written decision, released yesterday, the board said Wilson posed an undue risk to the community and should be recalled to prison. After serving an 18-year prison sentence for a series of sex offences, the so-called Beast of Blenheim was controversially released on August 29 last year to live, under strict supervision, in a house on the grounds of Whanganui Prison. On February 21, he was put back behind bars pending an application from the Department of Corrections that he be recalled to prison on the grounds that he posed an undue risk to the safety of the community and had breached his release conditions. Wilson had made a phone call to the cousin of one of his victims who had sent him a shirt for Christmas as well as Christmas decorations and an unsigned card.

In November, Wilson signed a letter directing him not to associate with the woman. However, on February 17, the woman received a phone call from Wilson that lasted over four minutes, in which Wilson thanked her for her Christmas parcel. He also told her he had another phone the Corrections Department did not know about. In other conversations between the pair, the woman said Wilson had told her he “always had $1000 in his back pocket, and how it was easy for him to break his bracelet off and run away”. He said he would take her to Australia. Wilson denied making comments about running away and said anything that he said about going to Australia was meant as a joke. It was not known how long Wilson would be in prison for, but his final release date is December 1, 2015. He would be seen by the board again in accordance with the statutory cycle of parole hearings. The board said it would make no further comment. - apnz


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US student in stabbing frenzy A student went on a building-to-building stabbing attack at a Texas community college yesterday, wounding at least 14 people before being subdued and arrested, authorities said. The attack at about 11.20am on the Lone Star Community College System campus sent at least 12 people to area hospitals, including four people taken by helicopter, according to volunteer fire department spokesman Robert Rasa. He said several people refused treatment at the scene and all the wounds were consistent with stabbing. Diante Cotton, 20, said he was sitting in a cafeteria with some friends when a girl clutching her neck walked in, yelling, “He’s stabbing people! He’s stabbing people!” Cotton said he could not see the girl’s injuries, but when he and his friends went outside, they saw a half-dozen people with injuries to their faces and necks being loaded into ambulances and medical helicopters.

• Cold case trial Three Queensland men linked to an unsolved double murder almost 40 years ago are to face court for the first time this week. They are the only survivors of a group of five persons of interest linked to the killing of Sydney nurses Lorraine Wilson and Wendy Evans. Ms Wilson, 20, and Ms Evans, 18, disappeared while hitchhiking in Queensland in October 1974. Their skeletal remains were found two years later in bush, at Murphys Creek, near Toowoomba. Both women’s ankles had been bound with venetian blind cord and their skulls had been fractured multiple times. - AP

Sheriff Adrian Garcia said officers responded to the campus after receiving a call about a male “on the loose” stabbing people. He said it was not immediately clear what type of weapon was used. “Some of the details in the call slip did indicate that students or faculty were actively responding to work to subdue this individual,” Garcia said, describing the man as being about 21 years old and enrolled at the college. “So we’re proud of those folks, but we’re glad no one else is injured any more severely than they are.” Lone Star officials initially urged people on campus, about 40km northwest of downtown Houston, to take shelter and be on alert for a second suspect. But the sheriff’s department said a short time later that authorities believed just one person was responsible. “It was the same suspect going from building to building,” department spokesman Thomas Gilliland.  - APNZ

• Daughter dies

Photo AP

Serbian ‘monster’ kills 13 A Serbian war veteran who shot dead 13 people - including his son, his mother and a two-year-old child - went from house to house in a “monstrous” spree, police say. It was the worst such incident in two decades in Serbia, where the government announced a day of national mourning. The 60-year-old, identified by police as Ljubisa Bogdanovic, shot most of his victims in the head as they slept before trying to kill himself and his wife. Both were seriously wounded along with a third person, who later died in hospital, Serbian police chief Milorad Veljovic told reporters at the scene, calling the crime “monstrous”.

He said the dead - six men, six women and the child - include Bogdanovic’s mother and his 42-year-old son. “Twelve people were killed on the spot while the 13th died in hospital,” said Veljovic. Earlier, Veljovic said the motive for the killings was not clear, but said the suspect lost his job last year and fought as a Serb soldier in the war in Croatia in 1992. According to the victims’ neighbours the murdered child was a boy. Most of the victims were Bogdanovic’s relatives. The motive for the attack in the village of Velika Ivanca, about 50 kilometres south of Belgrade, was not clear.  - AFP

Vehicles in the city of Shonbeh make their way along structures destroyed by an earthquake which struck southern Iran.

37 dead after quake in Iran A 6.1 magnitude earthquake killed at least 37 and injured hundreds more in a sparsely populated area in southern Iran yesterday, Iranian officials said, adding that it did not damage a nuclear plant in the region. The report said the earthquake struck the town of Kaki some 96km southeast of Bushehr, a town on the Persian Gulf that is home of Iran’s first nuclear power plant, built with Russian help. “No damage was done to Bushehr power plant,” Bushehr provincial governor Fereidoun Hasanvand told state TV. He said 37 people had died so far and 850

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An Australian woman who drowned her two young sons in a bathtub in Canada has arrived back in Australia. Alysson McConnell, 34, flew into Sydney Airport yesterday morning on an Air Canada flight out of Vancouver with her mother Helen Meager. She refused to answer reporters’ questions as she and a female companion pushed a luggage trolley to the airport car park, with blank stares and “no comment” the only response.  - AAP

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was not seeking additional information. The International Atomic Energy Agency statement indicated that it was satisfied there was little danger. Officials say that rescue teams have been deployed to Shonbeh. Three helicopters were sent to survey the damaged area before sunset, said Mohammad Mozaffar, the head of Iran’s Red Crescent rescue department. Kaki resident Mondani Hosseini told The Associated Press that people had run out into the streets out of fear. Dozens of aftershocks have been reported since the earthquake.  - AP

• Baby killer back


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were injured, including 100 who were hospitalised. The plant’s chief, Mahmoud Jafari, confirmed the site’s condition to semiofficial Mehr news agency, saying that it is resistant to earthquakes of up to magnitude eight. Water and electricity were cut to many residents, said Ebrahim Darvishi, governor of the worst-hit district Shonbeh. The UN’s nuclear watchdog agency said on its website that it had been informed by Iran that there was no damage to the plant and no radioactive release and, based on its analysis of the earthquake,

A grieving Canadian mother said her daughter hanged herself after she never recovered from an alleged rape by four teenage boys that left her deeply depressed and bullied in her community. Leah Parsons said she took her 17-yearold daughter, Rehtaeh, off life-support Sunday after she hanged herself last week. She said one boy took a photo of the alleged assault in 2011, and her daughter was subjected to bullying after it went viral.  - AP






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CURRENCIES Buying and selling rates on the NZ$ yesterday (indicative only):



Australia, Dollar 0.8118 0.8126 Britain, Pound 0.5565 0.5569 Canada, Dollar 0.8670 0.8678 Euro 0.6520 0.6524 Fiji, Dollar 1.4910 1.5155 Japan, Yen 84.5800 84.6400



Samoa, Tala 1.8498 1.9491 South Africa, Rand 7.6255 7.6303 Thailand, Baht 24.7500 24.8100 Tonga, Pa’anga 1.4039 1.4875 US, Dollar 0.8534 0.8535 Vanuatu, Vatu 76.3704 82.1772

By Hannah Norton Feline guests at at Northland cattery have a little more than catnip and toy mice to play with - they play with tablets. Using the touchscreen mobile one-piece computer tablets, they swipe at virtual birds and lasers. Deloraine Cattery owner Rachael Seymour says she got the idea when cat food brand Friskies advertised its game on television. She logged on to YouTube and found that cats playing with tablets is a popular phenomenon, so a few weeks ago she purchased a few for the cattery guests. “The Friskies game seems to be the most popular,” she said, which involves the cats pawing at flying birds which then explode into a puff of feathers. “Although one of the cats was more interested in actually trying to find the birds around the room,” she says. You can view the videos of the cats playing with the tablets on Deloraine Cattery’s Facebook page. Rachael doesn’t just use her tablet for fun and games; she has also used it to take videos showing how to use her pet admin system step-by-step, just in case someone else needs to take over temporarily because she can’t be there. “And from the tablet I can just email it straight to them.” Rachael is not alone in using tablets in business. A recent survey found Northland businesses were the highest users of tablets in New Zealand, with 35 per cent using the technology. The survey involved more than 1000 Kiwi businesses, and was commissioned by The Warehouse and Warehouse Stationery as part of their Biz Rewards programme. Another local business who uses tablets in their business is the AE Fun Park in Maungakaramea. Owner Chris Angus says AE has six tablets which they use to collect customer data and

Tablet games for cats are increasingly popular. for waiver-signing. “When the customer gets here they sign in or up using the tablets as a kiosk ... replacing the old paper system and gives options to receive marketing updates.” But as is the case for Deloraine, the tablets are multi-functional.

“The tablets are also used as access cameras in the park to keep a eye on things away from the office, cars coming and going, the amount of people and what they are doing on activities that are out of the office’s view.”  - APNZ

Retail spending on electronic cards drops off New Zealand retail spending on electronic cards fell in March, snapping five months of gains, as Easter trimmed two trading days and kiwis spent less on durable goods and clothing. Retail spending on credit, debit and charge cards fell 0.5 per cent, seasonally adjusted, last month, according to Statistics New Zealand. Excluding fuel and vehicles, core retail spending fell 0.8 per cent in March. Good Friday and Easter Sunday atypically fell in March this year, forcing most retailers to close their doors on those days. Easter fell before April for the first time since 2008. Spending on durable goods declined 1.8 per cent and spending on clothing dropped

6.2 per cent. By contrast, spending on fuel and hospitality rose 1.4 per cent. Actual transactions in core retail sales were up 2.8 per cent from the same month in 2012. Total card spending rose 1.2 per cent. There were 112 million transactions last month, with an average value of $52, amounting to $5.8 million in unadjusted terms. The figures come after Paymark, which processes 75 per cent of the nation’s electronic transactions, this week reported that seasonally adjusted ex-fuel spending fell 1 per cent in March from February, the first month-on-month decline since September Retail spending fell in March. 2012.

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Wednesday 10th to Saturday 13th April


Mumbai jobs on offer, $500 per month Immigration New Zealand is advertising for staff to work at its Mumbai branch office - for a little more than $500 a month. The agency says the salary range is determined using data from job evaluation and market surveys of comparable positions within India. But an Indian immigration adviser said the wages offered were “way below average” for government agency staff and left the system “open to corruption”. “These Indian immigration officers are working alongside Kiwi colleagues who earn four, five times more than them,” said the adviser, who did not want to be named. “When you pay staff slave wages, you can expect them to be tempted by gifts and bribes.” There have been no allegations of corruption at the Mumbai branch since it opened in 2011. But in 2010, a visa officer in New Delhi was sacked as a result of internal investigations, and another officer was alleged to have demanded a bribe of $282,000 to process the visas for a group of 47 Indians. Immigration NZ said it had four New Zealanders seconded to India, either as branch or risk managers, but would not give details of their wages or allowances. The agency had three New Zealanders employed as “locally engaged staff” in Mumbai, who received the same wages and worked under the same employment conditions as the Indian staff. Acting general manager Marie Sullivan said the support officer role was an administrative one, where responsibilities include allocating incoming applications, processing mail and answering general inquiries. “The salary offered is commensurate with living expenses in Mumbai ... the person will be hired as a locally engaged staff under the employment laws of India.” Ms Sullivan said the agency had a dedicated internal investigations unit to investigate any allegations raised, and would take appropriate action if these were substantiated. “Immigration has very clear standards that we expect our staff to meet. Appropriate action is taken against anyone who fails to meet those standards,” she said. Immigration adviser Tuariki Delamere said corruption and bribery was endemic where staff were paid low wages. “So when one of those officers is approached by someone offering to pay a bribe, often several thousand dollars, it is a no-brainer decision for the officer.”  - APNZ

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Land degradation cuts farm output Loss of land through desertification and drought costs up to five per cent of world agricultural gross domestic product (AGDP), or $US450 billion a year, says a study presented at a UN conference. An area roughly three times the size of Switzerland is lost through soil degradation annually, it says, as 870 million people suffer from chronic hunger. Between four and 12 per cent of Africa’s AGDP is lost due to degraded land annually, and in Guatemala the figure is 24 per cent, the report says. In Uzbekistan, food yields have dropped by 20-30 per cent due to deteriorated land, while in East Africa nearly 3.7 million people need food assistance as a result of the drought of 2011, it says. The study, a summary of published research, was presented on Tuesday

at the opening of a four-day conference in Bonn of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD). It is the most detailed exploration of the economic cost of degraded and desertified land since 1992, the UNCCD said. At that time, the direct annual cost was estimated at $US42 billion. “For current estimates, the best guess is $US450 billion per year as a result of land degradation, drought and desertification and loss in fertile soil,” said Walter Ammann, head of Global Risk Forum Davos, which promotes debate on issues of world risk. “For example, Bangladesh is losing two per cent of its fertile soil on an annual basis,” he said. “If you calculate this on a linear basis, then in 50 years’ time, Bangladesh will have no fertile soil available.”

Flu outbreak sparks food fears Will vineyards eventually replace dairy farms in Mid Canterbury?

Photo Linda Clarke 160409-LC-003

Warming likely boost to vineyards By Jamie Morton Climate change is forecast to make huge tracts of land ripe for grape-growing in New Zealand while threatening vineyards in some of the world’s most celebrated wine regions. A major study by Chilean and Californian researchers gauging the effects of climate change against global wine production over the next four decades found New Zealand’s potential growing area could rise by 168 per cent. New Zealand’s climate is forecast to warm by at least 1C by 2050, while the average rate for the world has been put at more than 2C. The study found that within this period, areas suitable for growing grapes could shrink by as much as 73 per cent in parts of the globe. While wine producing locations such as

California and the Mediterranean stood to lose vine-friendly land, new areas would open up in New Zealand, western North America and Northern Europe. The paper identified potential expansion and opportunity in Canterbury, Marlborough coastal areas, inland of Wanganui and west from Martinborough to Masterton. Scientists say climate change could also change the way our wines taste - and bring a shift to new varieties that perform better in warmer weather. “Some zinfandel, out of California, is grown in Hawkes Bay, but very little - if the temperature got a bit warmer, it might become an option in other areas,” said New Zealand Winegrowers chief executive Philip Gregan. “There are literally hundreds of grape varieties around the world that could grow in New Zealand.”

With a value of $1.2 billion, wine is our eighth largest goods export. The industry was already expected to grow, bringing hundreds of millions more dollars in market opportunity, he said. “The ability for the industry to expand quite considerably is there and it may well be enhanced through climate change. “There are two questions - what is the effect of the spring and autumn troughs, and can you get the grapes ripe before the autumn rains arrive?” Research by AUT had shown the effects of climate change were inconsistent across wine regions and varieties. In the extreme north and south, an increase in temperatures appeared to have influenced regional vintage ratings favourably in white wine varieties but not in red vintages. Eco-friendly winemaker Peter Yealands expected Marlborough would expand further southward into currently cooler areas.

China’s bird flu outbreak is “devastating” poultry sales, an industry group says, as the H7N9 virus which has killed seven people triggered a new food safety scare. Since China announced over a week ago that H7N9 avian influenza had been found in humans for the first time, the number of people

infected has risen to 24, almost half of them in the eastern city of Shanghai. Chinese authorities say they do not know how the virus is spreading, though it is believed the infection is passing from birds to humans. The World Health Organisation has said there is no evidence H7N9 is passing from person to person.

His Yealands Estate winery, in the Awatere Valley, was in a prime position to benefit from warming as temperatures there were half a degree cooler than the Wairau Valley, the region’s main growing area. But while climate change presented a boon for grape growers, there were downsides for other industries, said Victoria University climate scientist Associate Professor James Renwick. Stonefruit and pipfruit orchards could be deprived of the winter chilling needed for their seasonal cycle of growth. “So for a lot of New Zealand, I’m sure those kind of crops won’t be suitable,” Dr Renwick said. “We may become more of a wine and grape-growing nation, and certainly, more subtropical-type crops may be more suitable, especially in the North Island.” Other potential negatives included more floods and cyclones, sea level rises, and more plant and insect pests.  - APNZ

• Rural Women reports

Provincial Region two recently held the regional conference in Ashburton; there was a good attendance with our national president Liz Evans addressing the meeting. The chairman of Access Homehealth John Ayling spoke directly to members about Access, the commercial environment in which Access operates, and the ways in which members can continue to support their company. The after-lunch speaker was Libby Robins who is the director of the Family Help Trust. The trust provides child abuse prevention services for highrisk families in Christchurch. It confronts the causes of family dysfunction and provides families with the skills they need to improve their lives and those of their children. RWNZ has been closely following the recent White Paper on Vulnerable Children. Lincoln Fields Days is always a great place to meet and speak to rural women, and a stand was made available for us to promote ourselves. It was a busy three days, but wonderful exposure. Mid Canterbury Provincial will be celebrating our 80th year, on April 12 at the Sinclair Centre. Any past members who have not been contacted and would like to attend please phone Ngaire Brown or myself. Bev Bagrie Provincial President

Seafield Seafield branch’s March meeting saw all but three members attending. Branch president, Louise Clucas, led the meeting with the day’s motto, “The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.” Members discussed the forthcoming South Island Fieldays, RWNZ regional gathering, Mid Canterbury Provincial 80th Jubilee, and the community project to review a 2009 Research Report into the needs and issues of migrants coming into the district. A roster for drivers for Meals on Wheels was also confirmed. Our guest speaker for the afternoon was Leonie Rouse from Penmar Lavender Farm at Arundel. Leonie was an excellent speaker telling us about how she and her husband came to set up the lavender farm, develop their business, and the lovely range of lavender products they now sell. It was really interesting to learn about how the lavender is grown and the oil extracted, as well

Our next meeting to be held April 4 as the different properties and uses of lavender, eg perfumes, cleaner, air freshener, antiseptic, at Marilyn Gallantry’s, 7-30pm. relaxant, healer, garden bug killer, and even a food flavouring in muffins, fudge, biscuits, and Anama ice-cream. Members then had the opportunity to The story of how a young man’s purchase some of Leonie’s products and several are planning to one day visit Penmar and see the ambition to fly was not realised till later in life was told to Anama Rural farm and lavender shop. Women at their March meeting in a hangar on Rangitata Terrace Road. Winchmore Arch King had wanted to learn to fly Lovely floral bouquets were created at our recent when he was younger but his father branch meeting. Our guest speaker for the even- would not pay for the lessons. Recuperating from a hip operation ing Maxine Urquhart gave members a real treat with her creative talent of making a bouquet from in his later years Arch had the time scarves, recycled paper and other accessories. to study and pass his pilot’s exam What started as just a small craft idea has and has also qualified to take as blossomed into a small business that Maxine many as five passengers anywhere runs from her home. A number of members took in New Zealand. the opportunity to purchase a bouquet for some Keeping up with medicals for himlucky recipient. self and checks on his plane is an There were a good number of members present expensive business with Civil Aviation for the branch meeting and a number of business items were dealt with. Meals on Wheels delivery on April 10, arrangements for Winchmore Branch’s 80th Anniversary on June 19, Women Walk the World April 14, and Provincial 80th Anniversary April 12. The branch decided to donate an amount to the EA Networks Stadium Project which all members agreed will be a great asset to all in Mid Canterbury.

Mark Love

Lynnford Members met at Hinds, where Tash Sim from Throwin Shapes Glass welcomed us to her studio on Hinds Lismore Road, her stained glass windows, pictures, blown glass dishes and jewellery. Tash told us about her journey, from a small child she was always interested in what her father was making. From there endless possibilities have arisen from her ambition, her interest in art at college developed further when she became work as a glazier. Members enjoyed seeing what Tash has achieved, purchasing gifts, and admiring what she collects, waiting for the opportune moment to produce her next piece that bring much success at the next art competition. Members then travelled to Longbeach Road, where Jill and Roslyn made us very welcome with a lovely afternoon tea, while a short meeting took place. Members were reminded of Meals and Wheels on Monday April 8.

likely to drop in to inspect the business. Wife Norma King keeps in touch while Arch is flying and knows his location at any time. Members were reminded of Meals on Wheels deliveries on April 9 and 80th birthday celebrations on April 12. The Canterbury regional gathering on March 15 was busy and informative. The chairman of Access Homehealth, John Ayling spoke to members about the commercial environment in which Access operates and ways in which members can continue to support their company. In a prelude to the speech competition at national conference in Christchurch in June Glenys presented her speech with the theme “I Have a Dream”. Our best wishes to Glenys.

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Darryl Burrowes - Owner/Operator M: 0274 333 563 P: 03 308 5293


ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, April 11, 2013


Light, colour, aquatics for Sydney Harbour Aquatic theatre using lights, colours and special effects will be part of this year’s Vivid Sydney festival, with Darling Harbour as the backdrop. In its fifth year, the after-dark festival of music, light and ideas will for the first time include the Darling Harbour precinct in its 18-day programme. Creative adviser Ignatius Jones said Darling Harbour was the perfect backdrop for the water theatre of internationally acclaimed French company Aquatique Show International. “Vivid Sydney is about making art available outside of museums and putting it in places where people can touch it, smell it, feel it and enjoy it,” Mr Jones said on Tuesday. “We’re excited about having Aquatique here this year. The water theatre they have created is a unique

Photo Susan Sandys 050413-SS_002

Ashburton’s Kaye Ellis has written a poem about the town’s earthquake-affected appearance.

Ashburton poet captures town’s quake makeover By Susan Sandys Ashburton’s earthquake-affected face is one that has a tooth missing here and there. And it is that gappy appearance which has inspired a poem by Ashburton writer Kaye Ellis. “Ashburton needs a dentist,/There’s gaps all over town/Some propped with temp-ry filler,/Some still breaking down.” She said she had been inspired to write the poem when a friend from earthquake-shattered Christchurch visited, and could not believe the effect the earthquakes had had on

Ashburton. “Wide-eyed she looked around…/ ‘I thought you guys had missed the quakes,/ What’s happened to your town?’” she recounts in the poem. The Ashburton grandmother has been writing poetry and prose ever since she was a child. She has lived in Mid Canterbury for 39 years and in Ashburton for about 13 years. She has worked in broadcasting throughout her career and was at 3ZE in Ashburton for many years, before Port FM as operations manager until she was made redundant 18 months ago. Mrs Ellis said she had since had time to dedicate more time to her

writing. She had written a lot of poetry following the birth of her first child, but then after her second and third children arrived she became too busy. She had written the Ashburton poem just a few weeks ago, as well as another about the town’s new art gallery project, entitled “The Day The Art Gallery Became A Dirty Word” which decries the negative public attention the controversial project has received. “I think poetry over the years has reflected what’s been going on in the poet’s community as well as what’s going on in their minds,” Mrs Ellis said. This is her poem, Ashburton Needs A Dentist.

Ashburton Needs A Dentist Ashburton needs a dentist, There’s gaps all over town Some propped with temp’ry filler, Some still breaking down. There’s some lovely bridgework on Burnett, And a cavity or two … Go for a walk or stand and stare … Every day there’s something new. Clomp through the tunnel or pick your way Past those inevitable cones … Orange blobs of “no-go-ness” That mark broken building’s bones.



ARIES (Mar 21st Apr 20th) Your determination and fearlessness are qualities that you may want to focus on today. These are the ones that will help you get over inertia or that can’t-be-bothered feeling. If making a move on a plan seems one step too far today, then summon the energy to blast through complacency. Once you get going there’ll be no turning back Aries.


TAURUS (Apr 21st May 21st) If a pessimistic mood takes hold earlier in the day then don’t worry or be deterred as the outlook may suddenly brighten as the day goes on and show great promise. Put a few irons in the fire and see what transpires. Make a call or two, or extend the hand of friendship to someone you meet. Interesting things are in the offing - encourage them along.

LEO (Jul 24th - Aug 23rd) Responsible and energetic, you can make this a day for accomplishments. There may be challenges associated with work and home balance but you’re not in a lazy space. Use a creative approach and try different tactics for success. A trip might be just what you need to take your mind off weighty issues like health or even family matters. Make time to relax!

Each week the Ashburton Guardian gives readers a chance to win DVDs courtesy of Roadshow Entertainment. Winners will be announced in this column the following week, so keep looking! If you see your name in the winner’s box, come into the Guardian and tell our lovely staff at reception you’re a DVD winner. ID may be required. Winners have two months to claim their prize.

Well some of it’s the earthquakes, And some’s neglectfulness. Some of it is pure bad luck … And legislation did the rest.

• April 12 – Zonta Youth Art Awards Exhibition prize giving, 6pm. • April 12 – Methven Heritage Centre Brush Strokes exhibition by local artists opens. • April 13 – Zonta Youth Art Awards Exhibition opens and runs until May 5. • April 13 - Ashburton Musical Club recital by international artists, Rebecca Steel on flute, Bruce Greenfield on piano. Sinclair Centre, admission by programme at the door, adults $10, members $5 and students free. • April 13 – Fish Like A Drink, an evening with Joe Bennett. More to follow soon. • April 14 – Sons of Sinatra, a high energy musical tribute to the young lions of jazz singing, who uphold the vocal traditions set down by the one and only Frank Sinatra. • April 15 – Artist talk 12pm with Michael Greaves, at his Ashburton Art Gallery exhibition I Am Brave Yet I Fear My Own Breath. • April 23 and 24 – Ashburton Art Gallery school holiday activity, learning about Anzac Day in a fun and interactive way. • April 24 – Regent Cinema screening for

CANCER (Jun 22nd - Jul 23rd) Work and career efforts are given a boost by the Moon in Taurus, which encourages networking and socializing with colleagues and the befriending of new associates. If the discussion turns to projects or the chance to partake in a deal, don’t immediately cool to the idea. Why not turn it over in your mind for a day or two and then see how you feel?


A friend came down from Christchurch … Wide-eyed she looked around … “I thought you guys had missed the quakes, What’s happened to your town?”


DIARY • • • • • •

Ashburton Film Society. Intouchables, 5.45pm. April 28 – Talking of Katherine Mansfield at the Ashburton College auditorium at 4pm. To April 30 – Selwyn Gallery exhibition from glass artist Robyn Douglas and textile artist Ruth Walcoff. April 30 and May 1 – Ashburton Art Gallery school holiday activity, painting onto gallery hallway. May 2 – Arts On Tour’s Haggis Sandwich at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre starting 7.30pm. May 3 - The Nutcracker, Moscow Ballet La Classique. Ballet skills, lavish costumes and magnificent sets, this show has it all. May 5 – Roger Hall’s Taking Off. A sensitive comedy that trails four Kiwi girls on their big OE. At the Ashburton Trust Event Centre. Ashburton Society of Arts weekly art and printmaking group Wednesdays 10am to 2pm, life drawing group first Monday of the month 10am to midday, mixed media art group Mondays 10am to 2pm, Saturday painting group 10am to 2pm.

VIRGO (Aug 24th Sep 23rd) You seem to be focused and proactive today. You certainly know what you want. However, your partner may have misgivings about following your lead, especially if it involves a risk with money. You could take a chance at the lottery as luck may be on your side but it certainly wouldn’t be wise to gamble more than you can afford to lose.

LIBRA (Sep 24th Oct 23rd) Take care of matters close to your heart first of all. If a domestic or career setback occurs, don’t feel you have to carry all the weight. Talk things over with friends or colleagues and together you may come up with some zesty ideas. It might help to get away from problems and let your partner call the shots, which they can be keen to do anyway.

a r m a n d v e r y funny, Citizen Khan follows the trials and tribulations of self-appointed Muslim community leader Mr Khan and his long-suffering family. Mr Khan is a small man with big dreams and strident opinions. Like many of us he’s struggling to make ends meet-but he’s proud of his thriftiness – witness his 1979 suit and ancient yellow Mercedes. Things would be so much easier if everyone listened to him and followed his lead.

Winners of Hunter’s Gold DVDs are: Ruth Ivison, Ponty Proctor, Julie Crawford

If you would like to go into the draw to win a copy of Citizen Khan DVD, write your name, address and the DVD’s title on the back of an envelope and send to: Goodie Giveaway, PO Box 77, Ashburton. Alternatively you can email with the above details. Entries must be received no later than 9am, the following Wednesday. ONLY ONE ENTRY PER HOUSEHOLD PLEASE

“It’s why more people are choosing McGregors”


GEMINI (May 22nd Jun 21st) It can be a fun and dynamic day, when friends and romance may play a part. Chances are you’ll be up for excitement and something different. A phone call makes a nice connection, especially if it’s someone you’re interested in for either business or romance. Although you may not be happy with all the news you hear, most should give you a buzz.

The Sydney Opera House lit up for the 2012 lights festival.

There’s a hole half-filled on East Street, The grey amalgam’s going in, And in Cass Street there’s a gap as wide As a six-year-old child’s grin



aspect of the art of light.” Aquatique’s show will feature choreographed light and water shows, dancing water fountains and interactive water screen projections. This includes a 20-metre “magic wall” of illuminated water jets along the foreshore and light installations on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. NSW Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner described the show as a major coup for Sydney. “Vivid Sydney’s reputation, internationally, just continues to grow and is a major success story for Sydney and NSW,” he said. “Bringing it to Darling Harbour in this special way will give visitors an amazing and unique Australian experience.” Mr Stoner said Vivid Sydney would bring $10 million of revenue. It takes place between May 24 and June 10.  - AAP

Phone Enquiries: 308 6173 Online Enquiries:

SCORPIO (Oct 24th - Nov 22nd) It’s another day with good work potential. Apply yourself and see what happens. Business affairs prosper, as do relationships in general, especially under the auspices of the Taurus Moon. Romantic partnerships still show promise and conversation may highlight someone’s gentle wit and special qualities. If you’re intrigued, you may be keen to meet again.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23rd - Dec 21st) It’s one of those days when you may feel like following what your heart tells you. You can write your own agenda as far as far-off places, romance and creative pursuits go. The Moon in Taurus may highlight health issues, especially if you’ve been very sociable. Time spent relaxing and recharging your batteries may be an investment.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22nd - Jan 20th) This could be a good day for home and financial interests, whether separately or in combination. Whatever you do, opt for ideas that seem modern and progressive. It certainly seems to be time for a shakeup. Resisting change may be futile. Clinging to the past may only keep you stuck, whereas embracing new ideas could be audacious but free you up.

AQUARIUS (Jan 21st - Feb 19th) This could be a lucky day, especially if you’re willing to speak out and share an idea, reach out to someone or take a risk on saying it like it is. The more you give out, the more you could generate goodwill that may bring an extension of today’s generosity and support. However, if someone is not receptive, you may need to rethink your strategy.


PISCES (Feb 20th Mar 20th) Although you may be perplexed about a friendship or budding romance, you’ll be able to see more clearly if you can look at things realistically instead of clouding the issue with unrealistic expectations. The Moon in Taurus suggests a gentle chat in a convivial setting that might help to reverse any difficult feelings and enable you to get back on track.



Beckley Coachlines Programme

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â—Š The Seven Irish Tenors, 15th May, Theatre Royal, Timaru â—Š Disney on Ice 26th MAy, CBS Arena. Christchurch. â—Š The Glen Miller Orchestra, 22nd June, CBS Arena, Christchurch

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1.00pm - 3.00pm. ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM, Classic aircraft on display including DC 3. Ashburton Airport, Seafield Road. 1.00pm - 4.00pm. ASHBURTON EMBROIDERERS GUILD. Stitch and chat, visitors welcome, Senior Centre, Cameron Street. 7.30pm. GLENYS’ DANCE GROUP. Old time/sequence dancing. learn to dance. All welcome. Pipe band hall, creek Road.

TOMORROW FRIDAY APRIL 12 10.00am. 50+. An interesting speaker. Senior Centre, 206 Cameron Street. 10.00am. ASHBURTON COUNTY VETERANS GOLF ASSOCIATION. Members have been invited to join the Lady Vets Friday event at the Ashburton Golf Club. 1.00pm - 3.00pm. ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. Classic aircraft on display. Ashburton Airport, Seafield Road. 1.30pm. R.S.A. Euchre. R.S.A. Cox Street, Ashburton. 2.00pm. CAVENDISH CLUB. Drama Circle, sketches and readings. 31 Tancred Street. 6.00pm. ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Real women circuit training in hall. 48 Allens Road, Allenton.

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Veni Happy birthday Veni. Hope you have a special day. Love from Mummy, Daddy and Ashton. xxx


Happy Birthday Veni. Love you to the moon and back, from Poppa, Nanny, Great Nana, Great Grandy, Aunty Emma and Ava.

Kaitlyn Happy 12th Birthday Kaitlyn. Hope you have a awesome day! Lots of love Mum, Dad, Courtney and Blair. XX

Kaitlyn Happy 12th birthday Kaitlyn. Lots of Love Nana, Ray and Pop. xox

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ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, April 11, 2013



Abercrombie eyes America By Kris Shannon One win away from a third straight championship, the Breakers’ potential quest for an unprecedented fourth could be hindered by a pair of players attempting to make it in America. Cedric Jackson seems destined to head back to the bright lights of the NBA and, at the very least, he will again be playing in the NBA Summer League in July. But Jackson may not be the only one. Tom Abercrombie hasn’t ruled out having a crack at realising his NBA dream, with his agent already hinting at what opportunities may arise for the swingman. Abercrombie’s season could be over following tomorrow night’s grand final game two in Perth, where a victory would see the Breakers join the 2003-05 Sydney Kings as the only side to earn

‘I’m just going to take a little time to recover and get everything right, then see what kind of opportunities come up’ - Tom Abercrombie

a hattrick of titles. After that, the 25-year-old plans to rest his troublesome ankle with a wellearned vacation in Hawaii. But whether he then makes a trip to the Mainland remains to be seen. “I’m open to whatever comes up but I haven’t spoken to my agent one iota about [the NBA Summer League] yet,� Abercrombie said. “He’s told me there are some things that’ll probably come up but I’ve told him that we’ll wait till after the season’s done before we talk about that.�

NBA teams typically hold camps in June before the Summer League – a competition which allows rookies and hopefuls the chance to try out for the big show – begins the next month. That schedule would give Abercrombie ample opportunity to recover from the rigors of the season and ensure the ankle injury he sustained in last year’s playoffs can finally be fully overcome. The joint has recovered to the point where it doesn’t impede him in games, but it is still short of 100 per cent and only a period with the feet up will see

that number attained. For that reason, Abercrombie is also skipping the New Zealand NBL, knowing that back-toback competitions would inhibit his health. “It’s crucial that you find some point during the year to let the body recover,� he said. “I’ve still got a few lingering things from over the season, so you need to find some time off. “I’m just going to take a little time to recover and get everything right, then see what kind of opportunities come up.� Before the beaches of Waikiki comes a clash in the wild west of Australia with the desperate Wildcats. Playing to prevent the Breakers from ending their season for a third year running, Perth will enjoy the friendly confines of home where they are unbeaten in 14 games. Abercrombie thinks Perth Arena, filled with 12,000 feral fans, will make the

Cats a different prospect from the team which shot a woeful six of 34 attempts from beyond the arc in game one. “Their backs are against the wall and they’re playing for their lives,� he said. “They’ll back themselves to shoot the ball a bit better at home in their own gym. “It’s up to us to try to bring that same defensive intensity and force them into taking tough shots. That’s when they start missing.� If Perth keep missing, the series is unlikely to return to Auckland for game three next Thursday. Even if it means missing out on cutting down the nets in front of a home crowd, Abercrombie was eager to end the season as soon as possible. “We’ve really risen to every challenge this year, and this is one we haven’t ticked off the list – winning over in Perth. We want to go over there and get the job done in two.� - APNZ

South Canterbury RC fields, form and riders Fields for South Canterbury RC meeting at Washdyke today. NZ Meeting number: 6 Doubles: 2 and 3; 4 and 5; 6 and 7; 8 and 9 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9 RACE 1 12.10pm (NZT) CENTRAL SI OWNERS & TRAINERS ASSN MILE MAIDEN $7000, MDN, 1600m 1 63535 Evidence (4) 58.5..........................T Moseley 2 88357 Pancho 58.5.................................. Scratched 3 x6099 Additup (13) 58.5.....................T Direen (a2) 4 Monte Cairo h (11) 58.5...............B Lammas 5 49077 Trundler (10) 58.5........................R Hannam 6 8090x Hydraulic (7) 58.............................. J Bullard 7 00x Lone Wolf (1) 58.............................R Bishop 8 Saola (3) 58........................K C Walters (a1) 9 0x63 Chatter (12) 56.5......................... A Frye (a3) 10 00x65 Honor And Cherish (2) 56.5..............P Taylor 11 9x9x9 Beyond Our Shores (8) 56.5........C Johnson 12 08 Puzzled (6) 56............................... L Allpress 13 68 Astravi (5) 56..........................C Barnes (a3) 14 7x9. French Lesson (9) 56.......... A Edmeads (a4) RACE 2 12.45pm PORT FM MAIDEN SPRINT $7000, MDN, 1200m 1 064x2 Why Wait b (8) 58.5...................J Wong (a4) 2 20290 Mediador (6) 58.5........................... J Bullard 3 40x Gold ‘N Cash (1) 58.5.........K C Walters (a1) 4 Fulloutrix (3) 58.5..........................T Moseley 5 68986 Hidden Identity (7) 56.5.......... A McKay (a4) 6 Mary La Belle (11) 56.5................... J Morris 7 36x7 Chapelle D’Or (5) 56................... A Frye (a3)

8 5 Lickwish (2) 56.............................. L Allpress 9 6x Da Best Coup b (9) 56.................B Lammas 10 58 Miss Fizz (4) 56......................C Barnes (a3) 11 807 Sazoom (12) 56................................P Taylor 12 Spinalin (10) 56............................R Hannam RACE 3 1.20pm WASHDYKE WONDERS DASH MAIDEN $7000, MDN, 1200m 1 0280x Hors D’Oeuvre (9) 58.5...........T Direen (a2) 2 Aslak (1) 58.5............................. C Lunn (a3) 3 4. Vida Blue (3) 58.................. A Edmeads (a4) 4 Empty Pockets (4) 58................D Bothamley 5 32645 Lincoln’s Girl (2) 56.5...................... J Bullard 6 2757x Traptheboyz (5) 56.5.........................P Taylor 7 540x Black Stockings (11) 56.5.............T Moseley 8 0x80 Hoover (10) 56.5......................... A Frye (a3) 9 800x6 I’lltelluwhatiwant (7) 56.5................. J Morris 10 47634 Waitin Awhile (8) 56...................... L Allpress 11 Ripple (12) 56..........................A Denby (a2) 12 National Velvet (13) 56.................R Hannam 13 Peggy Sue (6) 56.........................B Lammas RACE 4 1.55pm RACE IMAGES (CHCH) 1200 RATING 65 $7000, Rating 65 Benchmark*, 1200m 1 20351 Treviso d (4) 59..................... R Doherty (a2) 2 2560x Tricatchme td (12) 59...................... J Bullard 3 898x6 Bulwer Bay d (10) 58.5.......K C Walters (a1) 4 0715x Keepa Tramp td (5) 58.5...........D Bothamley 5 8318x God Send td (11) 57.5..................T Moseley 6 00x65 Ugo Boss (7) 57.5........................R Hannam

7 00x90 Voorsitter td (9) 57...................T Direen (a2) 8 08x7x Commander Cody (13) 56.......... A Frye (a3) 9 10x Spark it Up tdm (2) 55.5..............B Lammas 10 77382 Sir Luis (8) 55.5............................... J Morris 11 06x08 Castel Benito d (1) 55..............L McKay (a3) 12 20109 Sandy’s Girl (6) 54.5 13 44264 Doris Brook 54.............................. Scratched 14 44406 La Vie Onze d (3) 54...................C Johnson 15 807 Sazoom 54.................................... Scratched Emergency: Sazoom RACE 5 2.30pm SPEIGHT’S SPRINT RATING 75 $8000, Rating 75 Benchmark, 1200m 1 61165 Georgies Girl 59.5......................... Scratched 2 68555 Conscious Mistake dm (12) 59.A Denby (a2) 3 93174 Party Cat d (9) 58.5................. J Chong (a3) 4 32750 Anita Pea d (5) 57.5.................... A Frye (a3) 5 39221 Black Berry Punch dm (4) 57.K C Walters (a1) 6 02625 Light’s Up dm (2) 56.5.................... J Bullard 7 37374 Miss El Bee Dee td (11) 56.... A McKay (a4) 8 58681 Remembrance d (7) 55.5........ B Pitman (a1) 9 0570x Captorg dm (6) 55.5..................... L Allpress 10 x3131 Make It Happen d (1) 55.................R Bishop 11 1820x Fragrant (3) 54.5..........................C Johnson 12 31919 The Dewdrop d (10) 54....A Tempelman (a3) 13 12273 Good Excuse td (8) 54........ A Edmeads (a4) RACE 6 3.05pm L.J. HOOKER GROUP 1600 RATING 65 $12,000, Rating 65 Benchmark Fillies and Mares*, 1600m 1 13642 Esquina (5) 59..............................K Williams

2 35134 Norah db (8) 59.......................T Direen (a2) 3 24313 Willow Park (10) 59..................... A Frye (a3) 4 200x1 Happy Days (13) 58................ S Wynne (a3) 5 8210 Riverenza b (7) 57.5..................... L Allpress 6 72905 Sometime Later (14) 57.5..........J Wong (a4) 7 31477 Waiting t (4) 57.5............................ J Bullard 8 44466 Yazoom d (3) 57.5............... D Prastiyou (a3) 9 94100 Te Namu (2) 56.5..........................T Moseley 10 33526 Lezani b (6) 55.5..........................C Johnson 11 50756 Mary Burke (11) 55.5...................B Lammas 12 7x820 Patty Hearst (12) 55.5........... R Doherty (a2) 13 70400 Our Bella Rose (9) 55..................R Hannam 14 x75x7 Gee Gee Girl (15) 54..............C Barnes (a3) 15 90049 Pretty To Watch (1) 54......................P Taylor Emergency: Pretty To Watch RACE 7 3.40pm D’CASH MILE RATING 75 $8000, Rating 75 Benchmark, 1600m 1 187x7 All About Alf m (3) 63................J Wong (a4) 2 L8153 Natkingcole (11) 61.5...L McKay (a3) 3 12866 Oxborough Magic (8) 60...................P Taylor 4 69359 Faxed (13) 59.5............................B Lammas 5 74552 Treat d (2) 57.5............................... J Bullard 6 06221 Livana td (14) 57......................... A Frye (a3) 7 21214 The Gallant Girl (4) 55.5.. A Tempelman (a3) 8 33738 Ishipal td (9) 55.5.........................C Johnson 9 23914 Please Release Me d (7) 55.R Doherty (a2) 10 22618 Barbara Jennie (12) 54.5.............R Hannam 11 55100 Ginty’s Choice d (5) 54.5.........T Direen (a2)

12 17752 Big Energy dm (6) 54....................K Williams 13 10x38 Kerrytown Lady (10) 54..........C Barnes (a3) 14 00966 Briga m (1) 54............................ S Muniandy RACE 8 4.15pm PHAR LAP RACEWAY MAIDEN 2100 $7000, MDN, 2100m 1 9x84 Dire Straits (6) 58.5................ S Wynne (a3) 2 x5800 Red Bullet (4) 58.5..............K C Walters (a1) 3 56000 Tungata Zebiwe (5) 58.5....... R Doherty (a2) 4 0009 Flying Sportsman (2) 58...............T Moseley 5 26652 Halo May h (7) 56.5.....................B Lammas 6 33638 It’s Happen’en h (3) 56.5.... D Prastiyou (a3) 7 90580 Flying Daisy (1) 56.5....................C Johnson RACE 9 4.45pm EQUINE VETERINARY SERVICES STAYERS RATING 65 $7000, Rating 65 Benchmark*, 2100m 1 90083 Sir Daniel (4) 59...........................R Hannam 2 65521 Messines d (3) 58.5........................ J Bullard 3 04788 Adidazler d (6) 55.5.....................B Lammas 4 29x08 Frost Bite (5) 55.......................L McKay (a3) 5 29532 Puddle Alley b (2) 55........................P Taylor 6 75274 Sovereign Rose (8) 54.5............... L Allpress 7 03675 Red Magic (1) 54.5......................C Johnson 8 98589 Carlyon Bay (7) 54..................... S Muniandy Blinkers on : Beyond Our Shores, Puzzled, Astravi (R1), Tricatchme, Voorsitter, Sandy’s Girl (R4), Ishipal (R7) Blinkers off : Additup (R1), La Vie Onze (R4), Captorg (R5), Lezani (R6), Puddle Alley, Carlyon Bay (R9) Winkers on : Hors D’Oeuvre (R3) Winkers off : Gold ‘N Cash (R2), Sandy’s Girl (R4)

RACE 8, 2.04pm NZ DERBY HEAT 2 R/Aq, 457m 1 11715 Riddle Mate (c4) 25.72................... G Farrell 2 24455 Take No Prisoner(c4) nwtd............ G Cleeve 3 11121 Thrilling Logic (c3) 25.63.........K M W Walsh 4 24431 Bigtime Jet (c5) nwtd........................L Ahern 5 11231 Ciri Rioli (c5) 25.80 J &....................D Fahey 6 31233 Lockey’s Call (c2) nwtd............... R O’Regan 7 24531 Matrix (c5) nwtd.................................J Black 8 35774 Jay Cee Hurt (c3) nwtd...............G Calverley 9 16378 Opulent (c2) nwtd A &........................Seque 10 6x113 Eureka Izmir (c1) nwtd F &.............Turnwald RACE 9, 2.22pm NZ DERBY HEAT 3 R/Aq, 457m 1 26452 Borasco (c2) 26.01.......................... L Martin 2 65471 Makinen (c5) 25.97 W &..................T Steele 3 41233 Bee Rabbit (c4) nwtd........................L Ahern 4 71642 Threat (c5) nwtd J &........................D Fahey 5 15231 Spitfire Osti (c3) nwtd........................C Hore 6 33513 Cosmic Mack (c5) 25.71.............D Schofield 7 2F463 Flying Moe (c4) nwtd........................B Shaw 8 24225 Know Class (c5) nwtd.................... G Cleeve 9 16378 Opulent (c2) nwtd A &........................Seque 10 41121 Thrilling Marty (c1) 25.82.........K M W Walsh RACE 10, 2.40pm NZ DERBY HEAT 4 R/Aq, 457m 1 45161 Explosive Osti (c5) nwtd....................C Hore 2 13413 Opawa No Ear (c3) nwtd J &...........D Fahey 3 22641 Go Housie (c5) nwtd...................... G Cleeve 4 11411 Pedro’s First (c5) nwtd......................L Ahern 5 45221 Bugsy Bangles (c4) 25.79................B Shaw 6 21213 Thrilling Charly(c2) 25.91........K M W Walsh

7 13F11 Nonu Nonu Boom (c2) nwtd.............L Ahern 8 78483 Jetsun Playboy (c4) 26.03..............G Wilson 9 16378 Opulent (c2) nwtd A &........................Seque 10 14 Thrilling Sonic (c1) 25.88.........K M W Walsh RACE 11, 2.57pm NZ DERBY HEAT 5 R/Aq, 457m 1 11223 Charming Nev (c2) nwtd...................L Ahern 2 23135 Valain’s Flyer (c5) 25.61............. R O’Regan 3 66613 Know Chaos (c5) nwtd................... G Cleeve 4 22111 Speed Legend (c3) nwtd............ B Hodgson 5 11214 Charlie’s Choice(c3) nwtd A &............Seque 6 75137 Uno Lachlan (c5) nwtd................D Schofield 7 7156x Deanne’s Magic (c5) nwtd J &.........D Fahey 8 64445 Bornato (c4) 25.51..................... A Lawrence 9 72156 Thrilling Tremor(c2) 25.62........K M W Walsh 10 6x113 Eureka Izmir (c1) nwtd F &.............Turnwald RACE 12, 3.15pm NZ DERBY HEAT 6 R/Aq, 457m 1 32223 Drysdale (c5) nwtd...............................A Lee 2 43178 Doomed (c5) 25.84..........................P Green 3 51255 Not A Know (c5) nwtd...................A Waretini 4 52142 Beau Rivage (c3) 25.51 W &...........T Steele 5 81311 Moving Debree (c4) nwtd...................C Hore 6 33221 Bone Nerd (c2) 26.04.................. M Roberts 7 11111 Ostapchuk (c3) nwtd.........................L Ahern 8 21118 Opawa Swede (c4) nwtd J &...........D Fahey 9 72156 Thrilling Tremor(c2) 25.62........K M W Walsh 10 66x45 Hit Boost (c1) 26.04.....................T M Patton LEGEND: fsdt - First Start Here nwd - No Win this Distance fstd - First Start This Distance 31 13 - Best Winning Time This Track

Waikato greyhound fields and form Fields for Waikato And Districts Greyhound Racing Club meeting at Cambridge Raceway today. MNZ Meeting number: 9 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; 11 and 12 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 10, 11 and 12 RACE 1, 12.01pm (NZT) 0800 4 DOWN COW STAKES C0, 457m 1 63453 Trilise nwtd................................. A Lawrence 2 62565 Wheezy Appeal nwtd.......................P Green 3 43466 On The House nwtd............. H S L Laagland 4 64776 Alamein Eel nwtd.................................J Udy 5 23324 Tarapunga nwtd..........................D Schofield 6 423 Harajuku Baby nwtd.......................... B Craik 7 2x Way Too Crude nwtd F &................Turnwald 8 76 Ike Jones nwtd.......................K Sutch-Jones 9 58567 Amorea nwtd.............................. A Lawrence 10 78 Teegz nwtd................................. A Lawrence RACE 2, 12.19pm SERGIO @ STUD STAKES C1, 457m 1 52633 Thrilling Ninja 26.24..................... J C Gifford 2 14786 Bubble Ostee nwtd.......................... M Mann 3 52375 Clover Appeal nwtd..........................P Green 4 41145 Coal Sack 26.11........................ A Lawrence 5 18714 Ghost Writer 25.68.............................S Ross 6 6x113 Eureka Izmir nwtd F &....................Turnwald 7 14 Thrilling Sonic 25.88................K M W Walsh 8 73224 Very Chilly nwtd..........................M Mathews 9 55766 Jetsun Dream nwtd.........................G Wilson 10 58887 Judge To Excel nwtd........................... R Udy RACE 3, 12.36pm KIRSTIE.MCGRAIL@RAYWHITE.COM

C5, 375m 1 28542 Harvey Nichols 21.24........................ B Craik 2 65312 One Tough Cookie 20.94...................C Hore 3 72412 Cosmic Pearl 21.27....................D Schofield 4 52761 This Is Swip nwtd.............................. S Clark 5 23233 Making Debree 21.29........................C Hore 6 15443 Winsome Buster 21.22...............D Schofield 7 x2216 Thanks Mercedes 21.17................... S Clark 8 16116 Black Hombre 21.07......................... S Clark 9 62317 Captain Coutts 21.03........... H S L Laagland 10 77716 Opawa Sacha nwtd..................... B Littlejohn RACE 4, 12.54pm HAUTAPU VETERINARY CLINIC STAKES C1, 457m 1 35334 Little Teegan 26.12..................... A Lawrence 2 11 Fierce Star nwtd F &.......................Turnwald 3 33427 Major Tom nwtd........................... L Laagland 4 42126 Question Me nwtd..............................S Ross 5 47242 Urban Combat nwtd.......................P Cleaver 6 51F3 Charley Farley 25.88..............K Sutch-Jones 7 35884 Zagato 25.95.............................. A Lawrence 8 21324 Laudable nwtd A &..............................Seque 9 85445 Sydilicious nwtd.................................. R Udy 10 78877 Future Proof 26.06......................D Schofield RACE 5, 1.12pm AFFORDABLE PET ACCESSORIES STAKES C5, 457m 1 11131 Fancy Dasher 25.65....................D Schofield 2 54351 Kilara’s Fancy 25.69....................D Schofield 3 27113 Riley’s Mate 25.42............................ S Clark 4 24514 Thrilling Vegas 25.34...............K M W Walsh

5 23513 Thrilling Ransom 25.23............K M W Walsh 6 81F32 Fancy Idol nwtd........................K M W Walsh 7 16281 Cob Webber nwtd F &....................Turnwald 8 51486 Jetsun Flame 25.95........................G Wilson 9 5226F Gordon Bale nwtd C &..................D Roberts 10 42626 Thrilling Blitz 25.58........................... S Clark RACE 6, 1.29pm PALAMOUNTAINS NUTRITION STAKES C2/3, 457m 1 44667 Mr. Chino (c2) 25.64.................. A Lawrence 2 22655 Endorse 25.78............................D Schofield 3 54263 Platinum Playboy nwtd...................... S Clark 4 64488 Stat Me Up nwtd................................J Black 5 1F787 Ragazza Gamba 0.00................ A Lawrence 6 77756 Shark Bite nwtd................................. S Clark 7 81264 Agent Van Alden 26.23..................... B Craik 8 11111 Pink Bouquet (c2) 25.71.............D Schofield 9 72156 Thrilling Tremor(c2) 25.62........K M W Walsh 10 16378 Opulent (c2) nwtd A &........................Seque RACE 7, 1.47pm NZ DERBY HEAT 1 R/Aq, 457m 1 F1255 Calamity Free (c5) nwtd..............D Schofield 2 11567 Jetsun Blaze (c5) 26.17..................G Wilson 3 12484 Magico (c4) 25.91............................ L Martin 4 11111 Rene Ranger (c3) nwtd....................L Ahern 5 33426 Wayleggo (c3) nwtd J &...................D Fahey 6 57463 Lincoln Flyer (c2) 26.24.................... S Clark 7 78432 Rodriguez (c5) nwtd.............................A Lee 8 64175 Know Thought (c5) nwtd................ G Cleeve 9 72156 Thrilling Tremor(c2) 25.62........K M W Walsh 10 73224 Very Chilly (c1) nwtd...................M Mathews

Forbury Park TC fields, form and drivers Fields for Forbury Park Trotting Club Inc meeting at Forbury Park today. NZ Meeting number: 8 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 8, 9 and 10 RACE 1 6.05pm (NZT) WASHINGTON VC F&M MOBILE PACE $5000, 2yo+ f&m non winners mob. pace, mobile, 1700m 1 0 Go Da Jag (1) fr............................A Veint (J) 2 Major Talk (2) fr............................. M Kerr (J) 3 Amounis (3) fr.................................T Chmiel 4 8x0 AK Forty Seven (4) fr........................D Dunn 5 6 Just Kris (5) fr..............................G A Payne 6 80302 Arma Courage (6) fr...................... R Holmes 7 39068 Alexis Mary (7) fr.............................M Jones 8 98659 Three Black (8) fr..........................T Williams 9 Flyin Armalight (U1) fr......................J W Cox RACE 2 6.35pm BRYLIN BOYZ TROT $5000, 3yo+ non winners trot, stand, 2200m 1 x6040 No Go Slow Briton (1) fr.....................R May 2 680P6 Last Love (2) fr.................................M Jones 3 The Ritz (3) fr....................................P Davis 4 97826 Latent (4) fr.......................................D Dunn 5 00x00 Cheeky Charlie (5) fr...................... K Barron 6 Cum Laude fr................................ Scratched 7 9x Gorilla Playboy (6) fr...........M Williamson (J) 8 9 Shell Harbour (7) fr................M Prendergast 9 00537 Veecewah (8) fr................................. A Milne 10 87273 Yankee Horizon (9) fr.........................J Dunn 11 5x0 Sundon’s Shout (10) fr.....................J W Cox

12 84030 Feather Boyz (U1) fr.......................T Chmiel 13 400x5 Chevy Corvette (U2) fr............. N Williamson 14 x0036 Zoogin (U3) fr.................................K Barclay 15 396Px City Courage (U4) fr............ B Williamson (J) Emergency: Cum Laude RACE 3 7.05pm LIFE MEMBER ROBERT HOLMES MOBILE PACE $6000, 2yo+ non winners mob. pace, mobile, 2200m 1 82797 Rescarn (1) fr....................................D Dunn 2 0x Pay Me Operative (2) fr................. M Kerr (J) 3 4407P Midnight Poacher (3) fr.....................P Davis 4 x9787 Woodlea Wager (4) fr..........................R May 5 5 Kawatiri Dawn (5) fr.......................K Barclay 6 03064 Tuscaloosa (6) fr......................... S Ottley (J) 7 Scotlynn Mach (7) fr........................M Jones 8 902x8 Jadaki fr........................................ Scratched 9 03668 Shamrocks Boy (8) fr......................T Chmiel 10 Flyin Armalight fr........................... Scratched RACE 4 7.35pm DUNEDIN CITY FORD PACE $6000, 3yo+ non winners pace, stand, 2200m 1 The Kilmog (1) fr..............................J W Cox 2 085 She’s Got It (2) fr.......................M Purvis (J) 3 30026 Christy Breanna (3) fr.....................K Barron 4 0x Pushkin (4) fr...................................... B Butt 5 3700x Extreme Gift (5) fr.........................B Norman 6 x606x Kirstys Luck (6) fr........................... K Cox (J) 7 9000x Canndew (7) fr..................................P Davis 8 VC’s Honour (8) fr.............................D Dunn 9 55480 Kerry Abbey fr............................... Scratched 10 74009 Lucy Holmes (9) fr.............................J Dunn

11 85408 Bryleigh Star (10) fr................... J Trainor (J) 12 47570 Manchester Tom (11) fr..........M Prendergast 13 06608 Forgotten Runner (U1) fr.................. A Milne RACE 5 8.05pm LETTY FERGUSON MEMORIAL JNR DRIVERS HCP TROT $5000, 4yo+ 1 to 2 wins discrhcp trot jun.d, stand, 2700m 1 14902 Face Value (1) fr......................... R Close (J) 2 79231 Midnight Music (2) fr...................M Cross (J) 3 24735 Andrew Ryan (3) fr...................... S Ottley (J) 4 10800 Earls Buller Girl (4) fr...............B Thomas (J) 5 53426 Waitoto Express (5) fr................ J Trainor (J) 6 61387 Gentle Georgia (6) fr............T Robertson (J) 7 06402 Whendaboysliteup (U1) fr..... C Ferguson (J) 8 01626 Sarah Palin (1) 10.................... S Golding (J) 9 12414 Free Dreams (U1) 10..........M Williamson (J) 10 975P1 Armori (U2) 10.............................. M Kerr (J) 11 10212 Nickelson (U3) 10..................R McIlwrick (J) 12 70342 Galaxy Hunter (U4) 10........ B Williamson (J) RACE 6 8.30pm BIDVEST HANDICAP PACE $6500, 3yo+ 1 to 2 wins spechcp pace, stand, 2700m 1 10507 Farmer Dons (1) fr............................ A Milne 2 07759 Greshees Angel (2) fr........................J Dunn 3 40x95 Washington Express (3) fr..................R May 4 06571 Under Cover Art fr........................ Scratched 5 1 Highview Anwell (4) fr......................J W Cox 6 46055 Hudson Sully (5) fr................ C Ferguson (J) 7 38123 All For D B (6) fr.................. B Williamson (J) 8 37x75 Major Deed (1) 10.................... N Williamson 9 37420 J C Skipper (2) 10.............................D Dunn

10 78x34 Xmas In New York (3) 10....M Williamson (J) RACE 7 8.57pm SIGNPRINT 4&5YO CHAMPIONSHIP HCP PACE (GROUP 3) $25,000, 4-5yo 2 or more wins spechcp pace, stand, 2700m 1 57561 Woodlea Legend (1) fr........................R May 2 11120 Ardghal (1) 10.......................... N Williamson 3 51112 Ballindooley (2) 10...........................J W Cox 4 71216 Smiling Star (1) 20........................ R Holmes 5 16065 Pembrook’s Delight (2) 20..M Williamson (J) 6 44125 Better To Be Bad (U1) 20..............B Barclay 7 14942 Franco Ledger (1) 30..............S Walkinshaw RACE 8 9.25pm ACME METAL & DRUM MOBILE PACE $6000, 3yo+ 1 win mob. pace, mobile, 2200m 1 59700 Share The Joy (1) fr............M Williamson (J) 2 1650 Its Nukes (2) fr.........................B Thomas (J) 3 xP160 Halfmoon Bay (3) fr...........................P Davis 4 84599 Simon Sivad (4) fr.......................... K Cox (J) 5 40197 Maybe Flyin (5) fr.......................R Needham 6 3x162 Hi Jinx (6) fr....................................T Chmiel 7 22027 Marshal Dale (7) fr................... N Williamson 8 20913 Mach Kana (8) fr..............................J W Cox 9 23130 Kate Stephanie (9) fr......................K Barron 10 96460 Sara Holley (21) fr......................... R Holmes 11 9P780 In The Kitty (22) fr...................S Walkinshaw 12 21383 Shard N Awe (23) fr..........................D Dunn 13 18409 Gliding Rose fr.............................. Scratched RACE 9 9.55pm RICOH CLAIMERS MOBILE PACE $5000, claimers mob. pace, mobile, 2200m 1 07519 Occidental (1) fr............................ R Holmes

2 3154x Murfees Law (2) fr............................J W Cox 3 3775x Valhalla (3) fr............................ N Williamson 4 65584 Del Sur (4) fr....................... B Williamson (J) 5 8P803 Here’s Shifty (5) fr......................... C Kennett 6 51361 Cullen’s Finest (6) fr............M Williamson (J) 7 7469x Fiery Rascal (7) fr.............................D Dunn 8 PP132 Mullingar Mac (U1) fr....................T Williams RACE 10 10.25pm MAINLINE ELECTRICAL MOBILE PACE $7000, 3yo+ 2 to 3 wins mob. pace, mobile, 2200m 1 83527 Night Emberz (1) fr..........................J W Cox 2 45178 Expressionist (2) fr..............M Williamson (J) 3 46018 Supabet (3) fr................................ M Kerr (J) 4 7649x Presidential Honour (4) fr.................D Dunn 5 0000x Szybka Brat (5) fr..............................G Telfer 6 62901 Bevan Gray (6) fr.............................M Jones 7 30418 Pocket Salli (7) fr...................... N Williamson 8 5140x Kid Galahad (8) fr...............................R May 9 00667 Fastroundtown (9) fr...........................J Dunn 10 x9310 Franco Revel (21) fr........................T Chmiel Pacifiers off : Woodlea Wager (R3) LEGEND: X - Spell from racing of at least 3 months P - Retired (or pulled up) from race L - Driver unseated U1 - Unruly beginner {C} - Concession driver {} - Claiming concession driver which allows horse to start one class down

Christchurch greyhound fields and form Fields for Christchurch Greyhound Racing Club meeting at Addington Raceway today. NZ Meeting number: 10 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; 11 and 12 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 10, 11 and 12 RACE 1, 4.35pm (NZT) SUPER PETS SPRINT C3, 295m 1 25234 Wandy Grant 17.19........................ G Cleeve 2 21253 Pick The Tip 17.35........................... D Voyce 3 8767x Houston nwtd.............................J McInerney 4 37572 Another Coffee 17.41.................J McInerney 5 53556 Blickling Bridge 17.54 J &.......................May 6 37577 Cawbourne Dusty 17.51.................. M Grant 7 65x6 Wunya nwtd W &............................... Nissen 8 84828 But It’s Great 17.55....................J McInerney 9 4837x Where’s Robyn 17.46...................... M Grant 10 73766 Waimak Dave 17.60...................J McInerney RACE 2, 5.00pm (NZT) HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY DAVE VOYCE DASH C3, 295m 1 748x8 Obsessed 17.16 C &....................D Roberts 2 26247 Knox 17.44........................................ B Dann 3 35454 Wandy Chick 17.36........................ G Cleeve 4 75762 Another Jewel 17.32..................J McInerney 5 22515 Hilton Friday 17.55.....................J McInerney 6 73365 Cawbourne Flippa 17.35................... M Flipp 7 74528 Homebush Coco 17.84..............J McInerney 8 82756 Rambunctious 17.67..................A Bradshaw 9 4837x Where’s Robyn 17.46...................... M Grant 10 F1787 Make Your Point 17.42 W &............... Nissen RACE 3, 5.20pm (NZT) THURSDAY PLACE PICK SPRINT

C4, 295m 1 31145 Georgie Wong 17.26..........................J Rush 2 61267 Benny’s Angel 17.50..................J McInerney 3 56335 Know Jealousy 17.29..................... G Cleeve 4 35153 Starburst Josh 17.16........................ M Grant 5 76143 Smash Amy 17.30........................... M Grant 6 53666 Turbo Tundra 17.57.......................... M Grant 7 47556 Homebush Sarge 17.41.............J McInerney 8 88727 Wise Wonder 17.34 C &..................... Fagan 9 62545 Theokoles 17.51........................R Blackburn 10 73466 Austin Wana nwtd W &...................... Nissen RACE 4, 5.38pm (NZT) HAMPDEN TAVERN STAKES C3/4, 520m 1 44346 Oscar Tuivasa 30.77........................L Philips 2 55552 Finn McMissile 30.78.......................L Philips 3 52266 Cawbourne Kim 30.63...............J McInerney 4 73357 Wandy Pam nwtd.........................D Kingston 5 76446 Ultimate Dream 29.93...........................P Lin 6 72743 Know Which 30.25......................... G Cleeve 7 43525 Bob’s Eye 30.73.........................J McInerney 8 67484 Opawa Style 30.55 L &....................... Wales 9 76878 Maximum Jewel (c3) 30.46 C &....D Roberts 10 42411 Opawa Webby (c3) 30.51 L &............. Wales RACE 5, 5.55pm (NZT) THE MILLER BAR & CAFE DASH C3, 295m 1 x463x Elusive Deejay 17.65 A &...................Seque 2 41517 Ringa Ding 17.54.......................J McInerney 3 68878 Iceberg Rapper 17.48...................... M Grant 4 46445 New York Affair 18.08 J &.......................May 5 75462 Cawbourne Reeah 17.44...........J McInerney

6 77678 Jed Norton 17.36........................... G Cleeve 7 38317 My Little Oah nwtd.....................J McInerney 8 42684 Anytime Will Do 17.48...............J McInerney 9 4837x Where’s Robyn 17.46...................... M Grant 10 18584 Aversion 17.66 H &..............................Taylor RACE 6, 6.17pm (NZT) KOLORFUL KANVAS STAKES FINAL C3f, 520m 1 82431 Take A Trick 30.64............................. M Flipp 2 11372 Opawa Casper 31.27 L &................... Wales 3 41541 Jinja Power 30.52 J &......................D Fahey 4 23365 Alisaray 30.59........................ L J W Waretini 5 88657 Molly Paisley 30.47............................J Dunn 6 65151 Stolen Money (c4) 17.97................ G Cleeve 7 37165 Another Star nwtd......................J McInerney 8 11746 Hello Ello nwtd.................................. B Dann 9 56187 Thrilling Jonah nwtd......................... M Grant 10 64848 Barnaby Bale 30.84 C &...............D Roberts RACE 7, 6.48pm HURUNUI HOTEL SPRINT C4, 295m 1 31636 Starburst Hannah 17.56................... M Grant 2 22322 Dillmanstown 17.54............................J Dunn 3 7858x Nerd Corner 17.63........................... M Grant 4 84173 Lynny Southcombe 17.45..........J McInerney 5 15584 Fireman’s Salute 17.14.................. G Cleeve 6 11864 Homebush Chopper nwtd..........J McInerney 7 88673 Fiery Flower 17.48............................ B Dann 8 32681 Pure And Special 17.25................... M Grant 9 54264 Know Attention 17.10..................... G Cleeve 10 57346 Radiator Springs 17.39 W &.............. Nissen RACE 8, 7.17pm ISLINGTON TAVERN DISTANCE FEATURE

C0d, 645m 1 68788 Opawa Mohawk nwtd L &................... Wales 2 77647 Know Solution nwtd....................... G Cleeve 3 25236 Indi’s Grace nwtd............................. M Grant 4 88875 Botany Comet nwtd...................J McInerney 5 34356 Know Future nwtd.......................... G Cleeve 6 12244 Unshaken nwtd J &..........................D Fahey 7 15654 Goldstar Bella nwtd S &...................B Evans 8 42454 Know Honour nwtd........................ G Cleeve 9 68677 Pied Warrior nwtd........................ J McMillan RACE 9, 7.47pm ANGLER’S ARMS TAVERN STAKES C4/5, 520m 1 56321 Russell Hart 30.31.....................J McInerney 2 14323 Wild Grove 30.41 J &.......................D Fahey 3 43121 Jinjarango 29.93 J &........................D Fahey 4 18315 Raw Energy 30.04.....................J McInerney 5 38767 Another Dollar (c4) 30.27..........J McInerney 6 31321 Brooklyn Hope 30.17 J &.................D Fahey 7 x3667 Red Label Penny 30.69.............J McInerney 8 54737 Geoff The Ref 30.65 H &.....................Taylor 9 76463 Another Breeze 30.50................J McInerney 10 76878 Maximum Jewel (c3) 30.46 C &....D Roberts RACE 10, 8.15pm SPEIGHT’S SPRINT HEAT C5q, 295m 1 42122 Nippa Mary 17.09......................J McInerney 2 14743 Butterbean 17.35 M &....................PT Binnie 3 22112 Zebidiah 17.02 J &...........................D Fahey 4 17718 Matti Oah 17.08.........................J McInerney 5 73472 Life’s A Laugh 17.39..................R Blackburn 6 51654 Homebush Helen 17.18.............J McInerney

7 28264 Fireman’s Escort 17.28.................. G Cleeve 8 16366 Jackson Cat 17.21............................ B Dann 9 3558x Our Beowulf 17.15 S &.....................Bonnett 10 36447 Attire 17.14 A &..................................Seque RACE 11, 8.40pm SPEIGHT’S SPRINT HEAT C5q, 295m 1 11366 Homebush Edith 17.21..............J McInerney 2 42483 Callahan 17.26............................. M Roberts 3 88617 Jumpin’ Julia 17.30....................J McInerney 4 33275 Princely Dollar 17.41..................J McInerney 5 65x37 Prairie Puzzle 17.36 M &...............PT Binnie 6 21336 Etched In Stone 17.25...............R Blackburn 7 16F18 Gitcha Easy 17.34 W &...................... Nissen 8 21222 Know Advantage 17.13.................. G Cleeve 9 53671 Cawbourne Moff 17.00..............J McInerney 10 47468 Cool Jordie (c4) 17.27......................S Whall RACE 12, 9.08pm SPEIGHT’S SPRINT HEAT C5q, 295m 1 33253 Know Escape 17.05....................... G Cleeve 2 21111 Dixie Lee 17.00..........................R Blackburn 3 86146 Excuse Please 17.35................... J McMillan 4 42321 Wandy Paul 17.47............................ M Grant 5 11475 Just A Mate 17.29......................J McInerney 6 37154 Another Gon 17.17....................J McInerney 7 35264 Rosca 17.11...............................J McInerney 8 52538 Adini 17.16............................. L J W Waretini 9 53671 Cawbourne Moff 17.00..............J McInerney 10 38385 Elki 17.31..................................... M Roberts LEGEND: fsdt - First Start Here nwd - No Win this Distance fstd - First Start This Distance 31 13 - Best Winning Time This Track


ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, April 11, 2013


Allenton Bowling Club Congratulations to Graeme Bishop, Alex Crawford, Bob Holdom and Rowan Tonks on winning the Sandy Keith open fours for 2013. Sandra Keith was on hand to present the trophy and on receiving it Graeme very aptly made a fitting speech using all his youthful knowledge of the Keith family. Well done team. Number one green is undergoing its face lift. Not much botox required at all in fact the specialists had high praise for the condition of our carpet and its core foundation saying it was in remarkably good condition and should last for many years to come. With the correct sealing process being carried out we will have a tip top surface on which to play our winter bowls. Our usual band of willing helpers have been working very hard on this undertaking and special thanks to one Murray Anderson for his solid three hours on the end of the wheelbarrow and totally dressed for the occasion I believe! Our triples ladies lost to Dunsandel (overall winners) in their semi final of the centre champs last weekend. A good effort ladies and we still have hopes riding on Sandra Keith and Bruce White this weekend for the open singles, Graeme Bishop and Alex Crawford, Sandra Holdom and Annette Sargisson for the pairs the following weekend and Dawn Bruce and Mathew Bassett for the junior singles the weekend after that. Good luck to you all. A list is up for our Riccarton Park visit April 22 and Dawn is selling tickets for the sub centre prizegiving on May 3. Also Friday 3 12.30 sees the start of our winter fortnightly triples (inquiries to John Bennett 3085522) and Tuesday 7 weekly roll ups commence at 1pm (inquiries to Jan Hammond 3086266 or Trevor Johnson 3084365). Winter subs are available for $25. This saturday is our closing day, discs in by 1pm for a short game of bowls or croquet followed by the presentation of trophies. A corner to corner will be held for those interested and please bring a plate for finger food and drinks to end a relaxing afternoon. This is my last club news - someone else will keep you informed over the winter months so watch this space. Happy bowling one and all.

Ashburton Jogging and Walking Group The Ashburton Jogging and Walking Group are now in full swing for the winter season after holding their annual Easter Hop run and walk from the Ashburton Hotel at Easter. The next event will be held on Saturday April 13 at the Tinwald Domain Hot Rod Club rooms at 1.30pm and involves walking or jogging laps around the Tinwald Domain. Anyone interested in a jog or a walk is very welcome to come along. Inquiries to Joe Ford Ph 3088361.

Ashburton Petanque Club The official opening of the Petanque section of the Ashburton Club and MSA was on April 7. The president of the petanque section Lester Herron welcomed the Ashburton Club and MSA committee, invited guests and visitors. Thanks were given for the support of the MSA, for the work and help with achieving what they now have and the petanque section for their work. Also thanked were sponsors Paveco and Mitre 10 Mega for the umbrella. David Healey (MSA president) then gave a brief outline of how things happened. it was followed by the cutting of the ribbon by Healey and the declaration of the petanque section being officially open. Four members then proceeded with a demonstration of how to play and then the pistes were opened up to the guests and visitors to play with a club member as their partner. at the end of play the MSA committee put out a challenge to the petanque committee for a game, the result I think was taken as a draw. The afternoon culminated in afternoon tea in the club house.

Ashburton Savage Club



Ashburton Travel Club

Members and a visitor were welcomed by President Deb to the April meeting of the Ashburton Writers’ Group held recently. Diane read a quotation. An application has been made to the Creative Communities Grant for a grant for the Short Story and Poetry Contest. The Assignment for the meeting was “My Grandma’s Lap”. Members wrote of farm worker, knitting needles, car lap, Rosemary’s news, moonshining, watery lashes and so far away. Members were asked to vote on the best beginning for this assignment, which resulted in Kaye and Rae getting equal votes. The instant exercise was to write a story beginning with the words – My Lead Foot. Stories were about the light fantastic, pneumonia, adjustments, Magistrate’s advice, lead astray into trouble, not hereditary and shorter leg. The meeting concluded with the serving of afternoon tea, members gave lots of ideas for the next year’s assignments. The assignment for the May meeting is rather challenging, it is “The Littlest Pig”. Visitors are welcome to the meetings, please phone Rae at 308 8927.

Our meeting on March 20 was really well attended and had four visitors as well. Mini talks centered round Auckland, an earthquake tour, Picton and back on the Coastal train and a trip to Lawrence and to Wanaka. Our guest speaker for the evening was June Lindores, who took us “cruising”, not to a specific destination, but giving us an unsight into cruising in general.She spoke about the reasons she finds this a great way to travel, the main advantage being the fact that you only unpack once, and you can join in as little or as much as you like. You are given a security tag which is your room key and I.D. so no money is needed day - to -day on the ship.A safety drill is held on board before leaving port and a plan given of the ship,(though you can still get lost!)You have the choice of stateroom, one with a balcony,an ocean view ,a suite or a mini-flat.It is like a hotel room. You also have a choice of restaurants, any time, waited on or delivered. The evenings have great entertainment choices, from shows, movies, casino. bridge, a gym, spa,, wine tasting,photography classes,craft lessons, cooking, dancing and there is access to a library and the internet.A broadsheet is usually given daily, and information on activities and history of ports of call. A port lecture is also given, telling about the customs, money needed,language etc, so you can make up your mind about what you’d like to do in the time you have.Tours are organised from the ship, and guided. Side tours are paid for at the end. An advantage can also be the chance to visit family, and June was able to do this.She has been from Dover to Auckland and now wants to do the other half. One or two highlights were mentioned - an electrical storm experienced, a medical evacuation by helicopter so having to clear the decks, a hurricane causing a diverted route, but these are all experiences to take in your stride. We all felt we had learnt a lot and I’m sure some people will seriously think of travelling this way, so thank you indeed, June. Join us at St David’s at 7.30 on April 17, when we’ll be taken by Alison and Don Shearer along the Silk Road from Istanbul to Beijing. I can’t wait!

Ashburton Woodworkers Geoff Brown welcomed seventeen members to our March meeting at the Ashburton College and gave a brief report on our visit to the Rangiora woodworkers’ clubrooms and the Spark’s Museum. He welcomed Peter Renew to our club. Show and Tell section had eleven members exhibiting, involving; Dave Busby’s two small bowls, Fred Jackson small yellow bowl from a Beris stump and a hollow form fully enclosed, Bruce Ferriman two pedestal bowls of walnut and cherry. Our youngest member, Mighty Hesketh, displayed several knives he had made and explained how he went about making them. Adriaan Slooten made an impressive 500mm


6.00 ONE News. (T) 7.00 Seven Sharp. (T) 7.30 Coronation Street. (PGR, T) Leanne lies unconscious and Sean’s over the moon. 8.30 Miranda. (PGR, R, T) After attending a wedding, Miranda’s mother Penny decides to introduce Miranda to a suitable man. 9.05 Mrs Brown’s Boys. (AO, R, T) 9.45 The Catherine Tate Show. (AO, R, T) 10.20 ONE News Tonight. (T) 10.50 Tagata Pasifika. 11.25 Fatal Attractions. (AO, R, T)

6.00 Friends. (G, R, T) 6.30 Neighbours. (T) 7.00 Shortland Street. (PGR, T) Chris plays with fire, Wendy has to let go, and TK lays down the law. 7.30 Police Ten 7. (R, T) 8.00 Highway Patrol. (G, T) 8.30 Once Upon A Time. (PGR, T) Cora and Hook face off with Mary Margaret and Emma in a race to secure the compass, which will point its holder to the portal into Storybrooke. 9.30 20/20. (T) 10.30 Vampire Diaries. (AO, T) 11.30 Police Ten 7. (T)

12.00 12.30

1.30 2.00 3.00

12.30 Diplomatic Immunity. (PGR, R, T) 1.00 Te Karere. (R, T) 1.30 Infomercials. 5.05 Believer’s Voice Of Victory. 5.35 Te Karere. (T)

12.00 Chase Narco Part 1. (AO, T) 1.00 Crash Course. (PGR, R, T) 1.30 Infomercials. 2.30 Greek. (PGR, R) 3.20 Make It Or Break It. (G, R) 4.05 Jeremy Kyle. (G, R) 5.05 The Erin Simpson Show. (R) 5.30 Infomercials.

6.00 8.30 10.30 11.30


Ashvegas Country Club


12.40 Infomercials. (G) 5.00 Joyce Meyer. 5.30 Infomercials. (G)

Everybody Hates Chris. (G, R) 6.30 Futurama. (G, R) A battle for mutants’ rights pits Leela’s underground army against the surface people. Featuring an appearance by the band Devo. 7.00 The Simpsons. (G, R) The kids of Springfield enter in a pee-wee football competition and do well until Homer abuses the coach so much that he quits.

The Mid Canterbury seniors suffered an agonising 2-1 defeat to open their 2013 season conceding a goal in the 95th minute. The green and golds started well and dominated the first half. Greg Feutz and new signing Aaron Leckenby had early efforts on goal. They also won a series of free kicks with Ricky Barbosa and Guiseppe Vassalini testing the keeper. The visitors went in front just before half time when Austen Beats ran on to an Adam George long throw before smashing the ball into the corner to give the keeper no chance. The home team started the second half well and deserved their equaliser in the 75th minute from the penalty spot following a handball in the area. Substitutes Paul Nittman, Diego Ignacio and Hadley Fletcher were introduced but the hosts continued to dominate. It appeared as though the visitors were going to hang on for a point until the Woolston Technical centre back got on the end of a cross to dispatch a header past Sandro and secure the points. DOWN Earlier in the day the Division 1 youth team 1. Rebellious started their season with a 1-1(13) draw on the long 2. Surpass (5) trip to Amberley.


The Boat That Rocked Movie Greats, 6.15pm Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rhys Ifans, Emma Thompson and Bill Nighy climb aboard this ensemble comedy about an illegal radio station broadcasting from a ship in the North Sea in the 1960s, directed by Richard Curtis (Love Actually). Kenneth Branagh and Jack Davenport play the government suits determined to sink the kooky crew of die-hard disc-spinners.

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12.00 Classic Albums: Nirvana Nevermind. (AO, R) 1.00 Home Shopping. (G) 2.00 The Crowd Goes Wild. (G, R) 2.30 Home Shopping. (G)

FOUR 6.00 Sesame Street. (G, R) 6.55 Pingu. (G, R) 7.00 Sticky TV. (G, R) 7.30 Avatar: The Last Airbender. (G) 7.55 George Of The Jungle. (G) 8.20 Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot. (G, R) 8.45 HUMF. (G) 8.50 Bob The Builder. (G, R) 9.00 Thomas & Friends. (G, R) 9.10 Peppa Pig. (G, R) 9.15 Peppa Pig. (G, R) 9.20 Wonder Pets. (G, R) 9.45 Tickety Toc. (G) 9.55 Infomercials. (G) 2.00 Sesame Street. (G, R) 2.55 Peppa Pig. (G, R) 3.00 Sticky TV. (G) 4.30 FOUR Live. (G) 6.00

Waireka Croquet Club March: Association Croquet players have been very busy indeed with mixed results. Three reps Doris Dickinson, Marion Marshall and Bernice Laird travelled to Timaru to compete in the Silver Badge Competition. Bernice was successful in her quest and won the C grade silver badge. Then the yearly battle commenced between the three clubs – Allenton Methven and Waireka for the coveted Gala Cup – always a good tussle enjoyed by us all. Delighted to report Waireka won. We then held our Centennial Tournament on March 17 for association players, sponsored by Phillips Landscaping followed by our club dinner. Ten pairs competed and a very convivial day was held with Doris

7.30 Family Guy. (PGR, R) When his devout Catholic father comes to visit, Peter decides to form his own religion. 8.00 merican Dad. (PGR) Stan squares off against the vile Black Villain. 8.30 Cleveland Show. (PGR) 9.00 Bob’s Burgers. (AO) 9.30 South Park. (AO) 10.00 Cops. (AO, R) 10.30 Skins. (AO, R) Nick is desperately in love with Franky. 11.30 Entertainment Tonight. (G) 12.15 Infomercials. (G)

Dickinson and Raylene Phillips of Waireka winning the Centennial Goblets on a countback from our good friends from Allenton Lois Alexander and Ann Ross. Play was followed by a buffet meal with 40 attending. Next on the calendar was the annual competition between the three Mid Canterbury clubs for the best player from each grade and Waireka happy to report that Marion Marshall won the Hazel Leonard tray for the B Grade and Bernice Laird won the Morrissey Mallet for the C Grade. In amongst all this Gavin Wainscott was competing for the Gold Cup in Dunedin and managed to finish middle of the field. On Sunday 24 Waireka sent a team down for the Interclub teams event in Timaru and managed a third. Well done association players. Golf Croquet players have also been busy with Waireka Red Team winning the Primary grade Interclub trophy. Waireka also

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attended the annual tournament in Geraldine. Once again our club had a good win with Eva Kircher and Sue Lamb winning the trophy. Audrey Leath and Jeanette Lovett attended the Silver Badge Golf Croquet competitions in Timaru. No placings but plenty of experience gained. On Saturday March 23 a team of four represented our Club for the Golf Croquet Interclub Teams competition in Timaru and were pleased to be runnersup. However – the icing on the cake for the whole club is the success of our college team at Palmerston North. Adam Greaney and Andrew Hawthorne won the National Secondary Schools’ Golf Croquet tournament. We at Waireka are proud to have been associated with the College. Congratulations to all the winners and all who played be it Association or Golf Croquet –well done.

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No 12,163

Mid Canterbury Football

Hampstead Rugby & All Sports Club

6.00 Deal Or No Deal. (G) 6.30 Millionaire: Hot Seat. (G) Hosted by Eddie McGuire. 7.00 The Crowd Goes Wild. 7.30 Marco’s Great British Feast. (G) Marco picks gull’s eggs, travels to Jersey looking for mussels. 8.30 Doctor Who. (PGR) 9.35 Vegas. (PGR) When Rizzo hires a singer for the Savoy, Savino is horrified to see she is his ex-mistress. 10.35 The Crowd Goes Wild. (G, R) 11.05 The Late Show With David Letterman. (G)


No 12,162

Mid Canterbury Softball

6.00 3 News. 7.00 Campbell Live. 7.30 Grand Designs Revisited. (PGR, T) 8.30 Bones. (AO, T) 9.30 Project Runway. (PGR, T) In the wake of their hometown visits, the final designers land back in NYC to present three looks to the judges in their bid to score a coveted fashion-week spot. 10.30 Nightline. 11.10 ANZ Golf World. 11.40 Saving Grace. (AO) Butch’s reporter girlfriend hopes for a big national scoop.

4.00 5.00

Over the last few weeks the bowls season has been coming to an end with members playing in their last tournaments. Ashburton Triples E Maw, R Thomas, I Syme 3 wins 3rd; J Martin, D Callaghan, L McLimont 2 wins 5th; A Hill, A Smith, A Dent 2 wins; B Harper, W Blackwell, S Robinson 1 win. MSA Getaway Tournament C Carter, B White (Allenton) W Carter, W Blackwell 2 and a half wins; A Hill, M Middleton, M Stone, J Nowell 2 wins. Rakaia Fours E Maw, R Thomas, J Martin, I Syme 2 wins; D Isherwood, M Sullivan, R Isherwood, H Weir 2 wins; G Eddington, W Blackwell, S Robinson, B Harper 2 draws; A Hill, D Callaghan, G Blackwell, G Brooker. Congratulations to R Thomas & D Callaghan for winning the Timpson Trophy. Also congrats to C Carter and M Stone winning the Hart Trophy well done the four of you. Last Saturday our Ladies Championship Triples went to Christchurch Centre Triples where they played against Elmwood, after a close game and an extra end they went down by one great effort girls. At the Sandy Keith Memorial Fours at Hampstead four Wendys got together for the day making a Wendy’s team which we thought was pretty special. Wendy Watson (Allenton) Blackwell, Carter, Herriott (Tinwald). A great time and plenty of fun was had by the girls even though they lost three games on the last end they had a very memorable day. I’m sure it won’t be the last time they play together. A Hill, A McDonald, G Brooker, I Syme 1 win 1 draw. A reminder to members of our presentation night on Saturday April 27 at the clubrooms followed by a meal at Skitime names to be put on the blackboard or ring Ruth 3028325. Until next season winter well and keep safe and warm.

Many of our club golfers participated in the Tinwald Golf Club’s 2 day “3500” tournament last weekend and after the first day there appeared a reasonable possibility that the winners could come from amongst our group. Goldie and Legs were in fact leading at that stage with Tim Johnson and Cobey also up near the lead. Unfortunately, as so often happens on the 2nd day, the scoring was very average and while there were a number that featured in the prizes none were able to claim the top prize. Mike Thomas played well both days to take 3rd place overall with his partner, Goldie and Legs ACROSS did enough to hold on and claim 5th place and 1. Unmoving (5) Robin Simms and Steve Cowie also played well 4. Waiter (7) on the Sunday to finish in 11th. As expected there was a lot of8.discussion Hide (7)about 3. Bound (4) who carried who for the two days with Legs and (5) 9. Companies 4. Meat-pin (6) Steve, not surprisingly, complaining of extremely 10. Audacious (4) 5. Weaken (8) sore shoulders. out (8) 6. Accuse (7) Things are back to normal11. this Crossing weekend with (4) 7. Separation (13) The Mid Canterbury Under 13 boys’ team, the Sunday’s club day scheduled 13. to beCupid held at Rakaia the finals Scheme (4) ‘Pirates’ played 12. in Begin (8) of the Little League at the normal tee-off time of 14. 10am. Grand Prix13. competition held(7) in Christchurch 16. Close (8) Competitor over the weekend. 17. Allot (4) 15. Road (6) a slow start on the Saturday going down 20. Once more (5) toAfter 18. Select groupAlexandra, (5) Nelson and The Terrace, they 21. Scrutinise (7) came back19. Coarse filewithout (4) the nerves on the Sunday 22. Devon Beseech (7) and played two excellent games, winning against Raffles every Friday at the Tavern starting at 5pm. Great Meat23. prizes. FoldCome (5) on Riccarton 6-3 and a decisive win over Halswell 18-4, giving them a clear 3rd after the two days down and support your club and Rugby Sponsor. competition. Rugby’s turn to sell tickets. SOLUTIONS TO PUZZLE No 12,161 The team was: Housie every Tuesday night at the Hampstead Across: 3 Fluctuate; 8 Leer; 9 Submarine; Extend; 11 Dan Rob Flanagan (coach), 10 Michael Baker, Rugby Club Rooms on Bridge Street. Doors Scrap; 35 14 Houses. Irate; 15 Left; 16 Roost; Tang;Devon 20 Onset; open 6.30pm, housie starts 7.30pm. Flanagan (assist18 Coach), Coyle,21 Calasis Treat; Tern; 27 Intercept. Great prizes and raffles. Rugby’s turn24toLaunch; do shop. 25 Impartial; Hill, Tane 26 Edwin-Sharp, Troi Kingsford (assist Hampstead Gym is opened and1 available Coach), George Down: Alleviate; 2 Restraint; 4 Laud;Chapman, 5 Comic; 6Logan Unreal;Perkins, 7 FREE to any financial club Tank; member. Non club Daniel 12 Baker, Henry Chapman, Jacob 9 Sneer; 11 Shout; Personnel; 13 Stitching; 17Grey, members, the cost is $100 for the19 year, with a22 Antic; Jayden23 Collett, Hamish Sheate, Josh Eastwood. Total; Grease; Omen; 24 Lamp. $20 Bond on card. All members will get a swipe

6.00 Home Shopping. (G) 6.30 The Crowd Goes Wild. (G, R) 7.00 Deal Or No Deal. (G) 7.30 Home Shopping. (G) 12.00 The Doctors. (G) 1.00 The Jeff Probst Show. (G) 2.05 Man Vs Wild. (PGR, R) 3.00 Sea Patrol. (PGR, R) An outbreak of pearl poaching sees an inflatable vessel launched from the Hammersley hot on the trail of two Jet Ski gunning thieves. 4.00 The Late Show With David Letterman. (G, R) 5.00 Deal Or No Deal. (G, R) Game show. 5.30 Prime News.

1.00 2.00 2.55

Methven Bowling Club

Quick Crossword

3 News: Firstline. Infomercials. (G) The Shopping Channel. Everybody Loves Raymond. (G, R, T) 3 News. Home And Away. (G, R, T) Dr Phil. (AO) The Dr Oz Show. (PGR) The Biggest Loser Australia. (G) Rachael Ray. (G) Entertainment Tonight. (G) Home And Away. (G, T) Sid tells Dex and Sasha that Romeo is dying, Chris gets Spencer to leave with him, and Gina and John sign Jett’s adoption papers.

12.00 12.30

card for entry at any time of the day and night. For details, please phone Chris McCloy on 308-9807. Senior and Senior.B Draws are now out. If you would like a copy. E-Mail, jim.beam@slingshot. and I’ll e-mail you a copy.

Central Press Features Ashburton Writers’


6.00 Creflo Dollar. 6.30 Tiki Tour. (G, R, T) 6.55 Pinky And Perky. (G, R, T) 7.25 Back At The Barnyard. (G, R, T) 7.55 Beyblades Metal Masters. (G, T) 8.20 Dinosaur Train. (R, T) 8.35 Guess How Much I Love You. (T) 8.45 Fireman Sam. (R, T) 8.55 Bird Bath. (R, T) 9.00 Infomercials. 10.30 Neighbours. (G, R, T) 11.00 Shortland Street. (PGR, R, T) 11.30 Spin City. (PGR, R, T) 12.00 Desperate Housewives. (AO, R, T) 1.00 Jeremy Kyle. (AO) 2.00 Anderson Live. 3.00 Buzzy Bee. (G, T) 3.05 Everything’s Rosie. (G) 3.15 Mike The Knight. (G, T) 3.30 Back At The Barnyard. (G, R, T) 4.00 H2o. (G, R, T) 4.30 Erin Simpson. 5.00 Horace In Slow Motion. 5.01 America’s Funniest Home Videos. (G, R, T) 5.30 8 Simple Rules. (G, R, T)

3.55 4.25 5.25


diameter spalted beech platter and a small clock set in a cherry forked branch, Ross Close a elm and cherry bowl, Merv Peck a bowl with epoxy inlaid paua rim, John Millichamp a minute goblet to hold a teardrop of liquid, Peter Ireland a rimu inside/outside vase, Wim Melchers a small walnut lidded box, Geoff Brown a pedestal bowl with two different timbers, Les Mattingly a small bowl filled with many small Easter eggs. Dave Busby then demonstrated his vacuum chuck using a headstock with a hollow centre and various chucking devices to hold the almost finished bowl enabling the base or spigot to be removed without any chuck marks. Dave showed a variety of cardboard cylinders used with his chucking system. Dave encouraged members to make our own sanding discs using a bolt, washer, different rubber discs, including jandals, before fitting a velcro strip to hold the sandpaper with a corresponding velcro fitting. Simple, yet effective and much cheaper than a purchased one. Having several of these prepared sanding discs means less time changing grits and speeds along the finishing touches. Thanks for the demo Dave.

Breakfast. Good Morning. Ellen. (G, R) Cowboy Builders. (G) The presenters ride to the rescue of homeowners whose lives have been ruined by “cowboy builders”. ONE News. (T) Emmerdale. (PGR, T) Ashley’s deep in thought, Gennie’s unimpressed, and Chas is guilty. Come Dine With Me. (G) Cookery School. (G, R) Dickinson’s Real Deal. (G) Te Karere. (T) Ellen. (G, R) Millionaire Hot Seat. (G, T)

6.00 9.00 10.00 11.00


The 2013 season commenced on April 2 with the annual dinner held in the MSA Restaurant. Great Chief Bruce Wear welcomed approximately 40 members and guests including eleven members from neighbouring Savage Clubs. Following grace by Past Chief Jim Mitchell, a toast to the Ashburton Savage Club was proposed by Past Dominion President John Black. Past Chief Eric Ingram replied. Great Chief Bruce Wear introduced our guest speaker for the evening, David Howden. David presented a most informative talk regarding the establishment of the Mt Somers walkway which is now recognised world wide partly because of the publicity generated by “LonelyPlanet”. Being an extinct volcano Mt Somers provides magnificent buttresses, cliff and crags that make the area quite different to the the surrounding hills and plains. Culmination of the project was the placing of a Millennium Cairn on the summit of Mt Somers in 1999. Central feature of the Cairn is an engraved stone signifying Fire, Wind, Water and Air was blessed by Komata Archie Keepa. David punctuated his talk with his own poems and amusing anecdotes of happenings during the project. At the conclusion Past Chief Robin Petrie moved a hearty vote of thanks to Mr Howden for his excellent presentation.

sky sPORt 1 6.00 Soccer. English Premier League. Liverpool v West Ham. Highlights. 7.00 Golf. The Masters. Par 3 Contest. Live. 9.00 Netball. ANZ Championship. Melbourne Vixens v Canterbury Tactix. Replay. 10.30 Tennis. Davis Cup. Highlights. 11.30 ANZ Golf World. 12.00 Golf. Panasonic Open India. Highlights. 1.00 Golf Central. 2.00 Golf. The Masters. Par 3. Highlights. 3.00 Cricket. Indian Premier League. Kings XI Punjab v Chennai Super Kings. Replay. 6.30 Sky Sport What’s On. 7.00 Total Rugby. 7.30 Toyota Grassroots Rugby. 8.30 Golf. The Masters. Par 3. Highlights. 9.30 Motorsport. FIA World Rally Championship. Portugal Preview. 10.00 Motorsport. V8 Supercars. Tasmania Challenge Race Four. Replay. 11.00 Motorsport. V8 Supercars Championship. Tasmania Challenge Race Five. Replay. 12.00 Fight Night On SKY. 2.00 Rugby. Super Rugby. Hurricanes v Waratahs From Westpac Stadium, Wellington. Replay. 4.00 Motorsport. V8 Supercars. Tasmania Challenge Race Four. Replay. 5.00 Motorsport. V8 Supercars. Tasmania Challenge Race Five. Replay.

ACROSS 7. Almost (6) 8. Useless objects (6) 10. Work (7) 11. Stir (5) 12. Hint (4) 13. Sound (5) 17. Fit out (5) 18. Desire (4) 22. Award (5) 23. Rare (7) 24. Burning (6) 25. Brief look (6)

DOWN 1. Bill (7) 2. Cautious (7) 3. Mantle (5) 4. Dawn (7) 5. Concerning (5) 6. Steal (5) 9. Tuneful (9) 14. Press (7) 15. Appetising (7) 16. Refuge (7) 19. Disgust (5) 20. Foolish (5) 21. Suppress (5)

SOLUTIONS TO PUZZLE No 12,162 Across: 1 Inert; 4 Steward; 8 Secrete; 9 Firms; 10 Bold; 11 Deletion; 13 Eros; 14 Plan; 16 Intimate; 17 Mete; 20 Again; 21 Examine; 22 Entreat; 23 Pleat. Down: 1 Insubordinate; 2 Excel; 3 Tied; 4 Skewer; 5 Enfeeble; 6 Arraign; 7 Disengagement; 12 Commence; 13 Entrant; 15 Street; 18 Elite; 19 Rasp.

the bOx 6.00 NYPD Blue. (M) 6.50 The Simpsons. (PG) 7.15 Pawn Stars. (PG) 7.40 America’s Funniest Home Videos. (PG) 8.05 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (PG) 8.30 Cash Cab USA. (PG) 8.55 24. (M) 9.50 Law & Order. (M) 10.40 NCIS. (PG) 11.35 NCIS: LA. (M) 12.25 Terriers. (M) 1.15 NYPD Blue. (M) 2.10 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (PG) 2.35 Cash Cab. (PG) 3.05 24. (M) 4.00 Pawn Stars. (PG) 4.30 The Simpsons. (PG) 5.00 Law & Order. (M) 6.00 America’s Funniest Home Videos. 6.30 The Simpsons. (PG) 7.00 Pawn Stars. (PG) 7.30 NCIS. (PG) 8.30 Criminal Intent. (M) (Part 1) 9.30 Spartacus: War Of The Damned. (18) NZ PREMIERE. Spartacus continues to assemble a formidable army and outwit Rome’s finest commanders. 10.35 Law & Order. (M) 11.30 NCIS. (PG) 12.30 24. (M) 1.20 America’s Funniest Home Videos. 1.45 Cash Cab USA. (PG) 2.10 NYPD Blue. (M) 3.05 Criminal Intent. (M) 3.55 Spartacus: War Of The Damned. (18) 4.45 24. (M) 5.35 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (PG)

sky sPORt 2 6.00 Crowd Goes Wild. 6.30 Athletics. IAAF. World Cross Country Championships. 7.30 Deaker On Sport. 8.30 Rugby. Super Rugby. Hurricanes v Waratahs From Westpac Stadium, Wellington. Replay. 10.30 Tenpin Bowling. Weber Cup. Highlights. 11.30 Deaker On Sport. 12.30 Soccer. 1.30 NRL 360. 2.30 Rugby Zone. 3.00 Sky Sport What’s On. 3.30 Rugby. Super Rugby. Force v Rebels From nib Stadium, Perth. Replay. 5.30 Inside The PGA Tour. 6.00 ANZ Golf World. 6.30 Golf Central. 7.30 Multisport. Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge. 8.30 Athletics. ITU Triathlon World Championship. Highlights. 9.30 Sterlo. 10.30 NRL Footy Show. 12.30 Rugby League. NRL Premiership. Warriors v Rabbitohs. Highlights. 1.30 Rugby Zone. 2.00 Soccer. English Premier League. Stoke City v Aston Villa. Replay. 4.00 Soccer. English Premier League. West Bromwich Albion v Arsenal. Replay.

sky MOVIes 1

MOVIe GReats

6.55 Demoted. (2011, M) Michael Vartan, Sean Astin. 8.30 Immortals. (2011, 16) Henry Cavill, Mickey Rourke. 10.20 30 Minutes Or Less. (2011, 16) Jesse Eisenberg, Danny McBride. 11.45 My Week With Marilyn. (2011, M) Michelle Williams, Eddie Redmayne. 1.25 Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules. (2011, PG) Zachary Gordon, Devon Bostick. 3.05 Whiskey Business. (2012, PG) Pauly Shore, John Schneider. 4.30 Prom. (2011, PG) Aimee Teegarden, Thomas McDonell. 6.15 Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. (2011, M) Tom Cruise. The IMF is shut down when it’s implicated in the bombing of the Kremlin, causing Ethan Hunt and his new team to go rogue to clear their organization’s name. 8.30 The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. (2011, PG) Judi Dench, Bill Nighy. 10.35 The Artist. (2011, M) Jean Dujardin, BÈrÈnice Bejo. 12.15 The Last Exorcism. (2010, 16) Patrick Fabian, Ashley Bell. 1.45 Reel Love. (2011, PG) Burt Reynolds, LeAnn Rimes. 3.15 Prom. (2011, PG) Aimee Teegarden, Thomas McDonell. 5.00 Whiskey Business. (2012, PG) Pauly Shore, John Schneider.

6.55 Directors: Milos Forman. (2010, PG). 7.25 Boogeyman. (2005, M) Barry Watson, Emily Deschanel. 8.55 Circle Of Friends. (1995, M) Minnie Driver, Chris O’Donnell. 10.35 Seven. (1995, 18) Brad Pitt. 12.40 Assault On Precinct 13. (2005, 16) Ethan Hawke. 2.30 Big. (1988, PG) Tom Hanks, Elizabeth Perkins, Robert Loggia. 4.15 Courage Under Fire. (1996, M) Denzel Washington, Meg Ryan, Matt Damon. 6.15 The Boat That Rocked. (2009, M) Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Nighy. In the 1960s, a group of rogue DJs on a boat in the middle of the sea broke the law by playing rock records. 2009. 8.30 Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. (2001, M) Angelina Jolie, Jon Voight. Lara Croft comes to life in a movie where she races against time and villains to recover powerful ancient artifacts. 2001. 10.10 Hope Floats. (1998, M) Sandra Bullock, Harry Connick Jr. 12.05 Courage Under Fire. (1996, M) Denzel Washington, Meg Ryan, Matt Damon. 2.00 Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. (2001, M) Angelina Jolie, Jon Voight. 3.40 Hope Floats. (1998, M) Sandra Bullock, Harry Connick Jr. 5.35 Big. (1988, PG) Tom Hanks, Elizabeth Perkins, Robert Loggia.

DIsCOVeRy 6.00 6.30 7.30 8.30 9.30 10.30 11.30 12.30 1.30 2.30 3.30 4.30 5.30 6.30 7.30 8.30


10.30 11.30 12.30 1.30 2.30 3.30 4.30 5.30

Auction Hunters. (PG) Dirty Jobs. (PG) Swamp Loggers. (PG) Deadliest Catch. (PG) Mythbusters. (PG) Dual Survival. (PG) Moonshiners. (M) Scorned: Love Kills. (M) Inside The Gangster’s Code. (M) Jungle Gold. (PG) Swamp Loggers. (PG) Deadliest Catch. (PG) Mythbusters. (PG) Gold Rush: Behind The Scenes. (PG) Gold Rush. (PG) Dozer Wars. Amish Mafia. (M) Holy War. Levi’s crew splinters just as his war with Ohio boss Merlin escalates. Each member of Levi’s crew has to decide if they will leave or stand by Levi and fight. Outlaw Empires. (M) Italian Mafia. How the Gambino family became one of the most powerful crime syndicates, only to be taken down by one of their own. Fatal Encounters. (M) Disappeared. (M) Gold Rush: Behind The Scenes. (PG) Gold Rush. (PG) Amish Mafia. (M) Outlaw Empires. (M) Fatal Encounters. (M) Auction Kings. (PG)

KEY: T Teletext R Repeat S Stereo P Premiere F Final RATINGS: G General exhibition PG Parental guidance recommended M Suitable for mature audiences AO Adults only 16 Approved for persons 16 and over 18 Approved for persons 18 and over c Content may offend l Language may offend s Sexual content may offend v contains violence

shINe 6.00 Unlocking the Bible 6.30 Derek Prince 7.00 Bedbug Bible Gang 7.30 From Aardvark to Zucchini 8.00 Buzz and Poppy 8.30 Running With Fire 9.00 The Family Series 9.30 Precious Word of Truth 10.00 Give Me An Answer 10.30 Your Best Life: Phil Pringle 11.00 Beyond the Search 11.30 Journey into the Amazon 12.00 Running With Fire 12.30 Enjoying Everyday Life 1.00 The 700 Club 1.30 Give Me An Answer 2.00 Wisdom for Difficult Times 2.30 Facing the Canon 3.00 Bedbug Bible Gang 3.30 From Aardvark to Zucchini 4.00 Buzz and Poppy 4.30 Life FM presents 5.30 The Family Series 6.00 Your Best Life: Phil Pringle 6.30 Destined to Reign 7.00 The 700 Club 7.30 Love, Marriage and Stinking Thinking” 8.00 Give Me An Answer 8.30 Nzone Focus 9.00 Facing the Canon 9.30 Gods at War 10.00 Running With Fire 10.30 The 700 Club 11.00 Hearts Wide Open 11.30 Give Me An Answer 12.00 Beyond the Search 12.30 Derek Prince 1.00 Unlocking the Bible 1.30 Understanding Love 2.00 Life with Paul de Jong 2.30 Your Best Life: Phil Pringle 3.00 Give Me An Answer 3.30 Nzone Focus 4.00 Facing the Canon 4.30 The Family Series 5.00 Running With Fire 5.30 Hearts Wide Open.

LOCAL RADIO: AM Newstalk ZB 873; FM Classic Hits ZEFM 92.5; FOX FM 94.9, 98.9 AND 95.7


ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Thursday, April 11, 2013


Carter out for another three weeks By Patrick McKendry Absent for a fortnight due to parental leave, now All Blacks first-five Dan Carter faces another three weeks on the sidelines after straining a hamstring in training with the Crusaders. Carter had joined the Crusaders in Perth ahead of Saturday’s match against the Force after missing his

team’s last two matches in South Africa – a victory over the Stormers and defeat to the Sharks – but has been forced to travel back to Christchurch to rehabilitate his injury. It is a blow for the Crusaders, who have dropped to fourth on the New Zealand conference table and are desperate for competition points to haul themselves up the standings. The Crusaders are

eighth overall, five points behind the fourth-placed Reds, who face the Chiefs in Hamilton on Saturday. Tyler Bleyendaal, excellent against the Stormers but not as assured against the Sharks in Durban, will again wear the No10 jersey for the Crusaders. All Blacks coach Steve Hansen is likely to be casting a wary eye in the direction of Carter, someone he has described as a “red-flag player” due

to his increasing injuries, with the first of three tests against France only eight weeks away. Carter had hamstring and calf problems last year after his catastrophic groin injury during the 2011 World Cup. With Tom Taylor still nursing a knee injury, wider training group player Kieron Fonotia, a centre, is travelling to Perth as backup, coach Todd Blackadder said. Halfback Andy Ellis and second-five

Ryan Crotty have the ability to play first-five if Bleyendaal is injured. One piece of good news for Blackadder is the fact hooker Corey Flynn will be fit to play after he withdrew from the Sharks match because of a scratched eye. Blackadder would have targeted the Force match, and matches to follow at home against the Highlanders and Rebels as potential bonus point victories, but Carter’s

absence puts a new complexion on things. His game sense and calm authority, not to mention goalkicking, would have been invaluable as the Crusaders look to put their season back on track. Bleyendaal kicked four from eight last weekend, which included a missed penalty within easy range. No8 Kieran Read remains unavailable due to a toe injury.- APNZ

Ten years after he split with David Tua in acrimonious circumstances that resulted in a multimillion-dollar legal scrap, Kevin Barry is back working with New Zealand’s top heavyweight boxing prospect. Barry, an Olympic silver medallist in Los Angeles in 1984, will train Joseph Parker for his June fight against South African veteran Francois Botha. The pair will depart for Barry’s Las Vegas base on Sunday for an eight-week pre-fight camp. Barry managed Tua from 19922003, guiding him to an unsuccessful heavyweight title shot against Lennox Lewis in 2000. The pair fell out over the management of Tua’s finances, with a protracted legal battle leaving both parties with legal fees in the millions. With Parker’s promoters Duco also having Tua on their books, Barry and Tua are now effectively working for the same employer. Barry said he didn’t expect there to be any issues on either side. “I don’t think there’s even room for concern,” Barry said. “David has signed a one-fight deal with Duco.

Me working for Duco is no concern of David’s. He has enough to worry about getting himself ready for his fight in August.” No opponent has yet been named for Tua’s comeback fight, however the NZ Herald understands undefeated Cuban prospect Luis Ortiz is in line for that August bout. Tua is the godfather of Barry’s twin sons. However, Barry admitted the pair now had “no relationship whatsoever”. “It really didn’t end well and it was really sad. We had such an incredible journey together – 12 years of incredible success and incredible experiences. Sure, it ended really, really ugly. But David was a huge part of my life and part of my family. He was a godfather to my boys. We accomplished so much together.” The 53-year-old Barry now has a chance to play a formative role in Parker’s journey. A 21-year-old with a 4-0 professional record, Parker will stay at Barry’s house and train at Barry’s Boxing Gymnasium – which is owned and run by friends of the same name. The arrangement represents a return to fight training for Barry after he closed his own Las Vegas gym following ankle replacement surgery.  - APNZ

• Houwei knocked out

Photo Kirsty Clay 100413-KC-027

Contractor Chris Tonks (from left) of Greengauge lays out the Allenton Bowling Club’s artificial surface with Richard Smitheram pushing the mobile sewing machine with assistance from John van der Heide and Ken McLaren.


Van Dyk came out firing in an after-match interview. She had made some inflammatory comments as she came off the court, but it looked like they were ‘heat of the moment’ things, and she was going to tone it all down later. Not so! She launched into it with a passion, accusing Beckford-Chambers and Janz of ‘crossing the line’ into dirty play, and ‘getting away with murder’. Veteran Aussie coach Norma Plummer, her of the happy disposition so loved by New Zealand netball fans for so many years, says that she is singularly unimpressed by van Dyk’s outburst. Plummer claims that her defence did a marvellous job on van Dyk, shutting down her space and leaving her nowhere to go, and the champion shooter’s comments were simply those of a sad, frustrated player unable to get her own game going because of the claustrophobic attentions of the Fever defenders. Quite possibly there’s a grain of truth in that; Irene has never been noted for taking a step backward when it comes to push and shove, but is this the direction netball actually wants to go in? Sure there’s a lot of players who welcome the new physical, confrontational game, but there’s a place for that, and that’s on the rugby paddock or the basketball court. The umpires do have some recourse for foul play occurrences; first-up a penalty, followed a formal warning, and removing a player from the court becomes an option after that (remember Temepara George being yellowcarded in that world championship final against the Aussies? That was ten years ago . . .) Out of the latest incident came nothing. Just a warning for Irene, and no mention of the issue causing the problem at all. But the powers that be can clearly see what’s going on, and nothing is happening about it, so the inference is that indeed that’s the way the game will continue to go. And if you don’t like it, you have a choice as well, it’s called the OFF switch. But the all-powerful sponsors are betting that you’ll still be glued to the telly to see where the next big hit is coming from, and they’ll probably be right.

After 11 years of all-year-round use, the Allenton Bowling Club’s artificial green got a facelift yesterday. As the only all-weather bowling surface in the district it has had a lot of use since it was installed in 2002. “It was put in with a lifespan of seven years but this one has lasted 11,” said Neville McFadden, president in 2002. “It has been played on all year round in all-weather since then

and this year the club decided it was time to give it a spruce up.” The club held a working bee yesterday, with the help from the Australian turf contractors, to relay the artificial woven turf. The process involved pulling up the turf and essentially flipping it, so that the underlay layer is now on top and the layer than was on top now forms the underlay. “We also had to re-level the surface and make sure there weren’t any bumps or hollows before putting down a new coarse layer,” secretary of the Allenton

Sports Club Lester Tarbotton said. Once the turf has had a few days to settle that will be all the rest it will get until it’s due for its next revamp. As well as getting a lot of use on wet days in summer the Allenton winter series, open to members of all clubs, has proven so popular it has a lengthy waiting list. “It is pretty popular and easy to maintain. Someone just has to run the vacuum cleaner over it every now-and-again which takes about two-and-a-half hours,” Tarbotton said.

Mixed news for Warriors By Michael Brown A day after the Warriors trumpeted the fact they would be able to play their top four props for the first time since June last year, Jacob Lillyman is a big doubt for Saturday’s visit to Canberra. Lillyman missed last weekend’s 24-22 defeat to Souths with an ankle injury and didn’t come through training yesterday. The Warriors have been a little down on grunt up front this season and were looking forward to fielding Lillyman, Sam Rapira, Ben Matulino and Russell Packer

against the Raiders. Sebastine Ikahihifo, who is normally a second-rower, will come into the 17-man playing squad. Back-rower Elijah Taylor is also a major doubt with a rib injury but centre Dane Nielsen returns after missing the Souths game with a rib cartilage injury. Nielsen’s recovery means coach Matt Elliott has a difficult decision to make. He said Manu Vatuvei would occupy one wing berth meaning either Bill Tupou or Ngani Laumape would miss out despite the fact the pair have been two of the best for the Warriors recently.

SCOREBOARD Shooting Results

Coronation Smallbore Rifle Club

Bowls Allenton Bowling Club April 4 Club Pairs (Leads) 1st Des Thomas 3 wins. 2nd Maureen Knox 2 wins 1 loss +12 (Skips) 1st Alan McIntosh 2 wins 1 loss +9. 2nd Ken McLaren 2 wins 1 loss -6.

Golf Methven 9 hole Golf April 5 Bridget Thompson 63-27-36, 19 Stablefords; Joan Wright 63-26-37, 18 Stablefords; Alistair Goodwin 58-20-38, 18 Stablefords.

Tinwald Golf Club 3500 two day tournament April 6 and 7 Men: John Stara and Jeff Hurst 201 c/b Shane Green and Neil Connelly 201, Adam Marshall and Michael Thomas 205, Dan Small and Jeremy Small 205, Gordon Rennie and Alan Anderson 206, Paul Gray and Brett Tawera 207, Marty Hickman and Ben Rutter 207, Duncan Lye and Shane Moore 207, Kerry Venmore and Steve McCloy 209, Kerry Whiting and Shane Webster 209, Robin Simms and Steve Cowie 210, Bob Winter and Craig Allsop 211, Steve Kennedy and Andrew Barrie 212. Women: Pauline Bell and Jenny Senior 213, Di Bella nd Colleen Linney 220, Shirley Winter and Georgia Robin 222, Leen Bella and Marg Jones 223.

April 8 The first night of club aggregate produced some great results: Jake Crouchley top scored which also made him top junior. The top lady was Sandy Collett and Mark Stewart shot the first possible of the season albeit on his second card. Individual scores were: Jake Crouchley 99.6, James Smith 88.1, Erin McLaren 85.2, Savannah McArthur 95.2 & 93.2, Steve McArthur 99.5 & 98.5, Kate Taylor 83.0, Heather Ross 89.2, Sandy Collett 98.6, Nick Squires 93.1, Nina McKenzie 96.1 & 96.2, Dean Smith 96.5, Mark Stewart 99.5 & 100.5, Brian Hawksby 96.3, Bryan Hunter 96.2, Ian Dolden 94.2, Bill Rankin 96.2, T.J.Stewart 95.1, Arie Burgerhout 74.0, Kaye Burgerhout 78.1.

Mayfield Smallbore Rifle Shooting April 1 J Fleming 96.4, 98.4, C Nordqvist 98.5, M Fleming 99.4, P Fleming 89.2. April 8 P Fleming 90.3, 94.3, J Fleming 98.8, C Nordqvist 98.4, A Wakelin 96.3, M Fleming 99.9.

Draws Golf Ashburton Golf Club Midweek Women

“Manu will be playing so it’s down to Ngani or Bill,” Elliott said. “Their contributions over the last two weeks is making this a tough call. I haven’t made it yet. I need to think about that one.” Warriors side to play Canberra at Canberra Stadium on Saturday: Kevin Locke, Bill Tupou/Ngani Laumape, Dane Nielsen, Konrad Hurrell, Manu Vatuvei, Thomas Leuluai, Shaun Johnson, Sam Rapira, Nathan Friend, Russell Packer, Feleti Mateo, Simon Mannering (c), Todd Lowrie. Interchange: Ben Matulino, Pita Godinet, Ben Henry, Sebastine Ikahihifo. - APNZ

April 16 Draw Steward: Janice Dunlop – 3083910 Tuesday Starters: S. Lemon, J. Mckeown 1st round of Championships for all grades commences at 9.00. Report is 8.30. All matchplay will be advised prior. All other players report at 9.00 for a 9.30 disc draw start for a Stroke round. Nine Hole Men and Women’s Section April 18 Rnd 2 club champs - matchplay Nine Hole Convenors – Carolyn King 308 7022 and Carol O’Reilly 308 8758 April 13 - report 8.20 a.m. for 8.45 a.m. start All women players welcome to join weekend ladies

Tinwald Golf Club Medal and Championship qualifying April 13 No 1 Tee. 12.30, G Rennie, D Gill, B Smith, S Kennedy,12.36, Justin Smith, R Feutz, R Simms, R Harris,12.42, W Mason, G Smith, N Rayner, No 10 Tee. 12.30, P Hefford, A Pierce, C Miller, W Eddington,12.36, B Collins, T Clarke , P Marshall, D Cockburn. No 13 Tee. 12.30, L Jackson, R Bruce, B Henderson, R Meiklejohn.12.36, A Barrie, B Shanks, M Fechney, T McAndrew,12.42, C Whiting, A Moore, R Shearer, D Green. No 7 Tee.12.36, S Newman, H Spicer, W Stevenson, 12.42, J Beardsley, M Moore, J VanderHeide, Starters; am, G Smith, pm, G Smith, N Rayner. Cards; Committee.House Duty: House Committee. Tuesday Ladies April 16 L.G.U. & Club House Draw. Please report 9.00 am for Draw Starters: B.Cochrane & D.Lowe Cards: K. McAuliffe & S.Young Tea Duties: a.m. P.Gibson p.m .L. Glassey & M. Pawsey 9 Holers: Sue Bunt Salver 20.2 Srixon Ball, or Stroke Round

By Jonathan Leask

Steve Devereux

Hurricanes No 8 Victor Vito remains hobbled by a tight calf and won’t play in Saturday’s Super Rugby outing against the Blues at Eden Park. Vito missed last weekend’s 41-29 victory over the NSW Waratahs in Wellington and the toughtackling Faifili Levave played at the back of the scrum in Vito’s absence and will do so again this weekend. Ben Franks, who also missed last weekend’s win over the Waratahs due to a back problem, has been pencilled in to start against the Blues but Reg Goodes has been bracketed with the loosehead prop as a precaution. - APNZ

The Highlanders are in a hole. And, as far as Hosea Gear can see, there is only one direction to go – up. Gear, who has been in fine attacking form over the past few weeks, says he can see the light out of the gloom of a Highlanders season which has delivered six straight losses. “I try and look for the positive in every situation. And the only positive that we can get out of this situation is, it is really going to be a test of character,” he said. “There are only two ways you can go. You can either dig yourself out of the hole or you can dig yourself in even further. So for me, it is all about the challenges and trying to get through those challenges. We can only take it one game at a time and keep looking forward. We can only focus on the game, our game, and what we are trying to achieve.”  - APNZ

What happens Bowling club’s turf gets a facelift on court . . . W ith all the winter codes now in full swing, the Super 15 just about halfway through already, the All Blacks coach appointed to make sure we keep the Webb Ellis in the cabinet, the Warriors dealing another season of woe to their long-suffering fans, the Phoenix already long-finished their latest disastrous season, and the Breakers well on their way to establishing themselves as one of this country’s premier sports teams in recent times, surprisingly lots of the headlines are focused on netball. Well, maybe not surprisingly. In the last few seasons, with the onset of semi-professionalism and the associated need to raise the profile of the game to attract more sponsorship, there has been a massive increase in on-court physicality, in a game that once epitomised the non-contact. There were always the occasional incidents, usually well-publicised at the time, where players in big games might step over the line and actually bump into the opposition with intent, but generally games were won and lost entirely on which team possessed the better netball skills. Imagine if a player from 40 years ago was transported onto a big-match court (especially it seems when trans-Tasman contests are involved) and asked to cope with the crash-and-bash tactics, tactics that apparently are condoned if not encouraged on the training courts, that are now part and parcel of that once reasonably genteel game? One suspects they would quickly jump back into their time-travel machine and be whisked back to the safety of the sixties and seventies (ok, there would be one or two who would revel in the contest and would want to stay!). That crash and bash has been becoming more and more prevalent, but this year the bar seems to have been raised substantially. Last week Aussie enforcer Laura Geitz got in a superb blindside ‘hip-hit’ that sent Donna Wilkins sprawling, and Wilkins, with all due respect, isn’t the most petite netballer around. Wilkins’ coach Robyn Broughton described it as a ‘moral dilemma’, knowing that the rules don’t actually say a whole lot about blatant thuggery, but not wanting to bring retaliation into the game as a normal part of proceedings; not so much with the current top players in mind, but more the secondary school girls she also coaches. In the most recent round things escalated even more, with Irene van Dyk the target of some seriously over-enthusiastic attention from the West Coast Fever defenders for the entire duration of the game.

• Vito still out

• Highlanders in hole

Barry again training NZ’s top heavyweight prospect By Steve Deane


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Former junior world champion and the winner of last weekend’s Australian Open, Tian Houwei was knocked out in the first round of the men’s singles at the US$50,0000 New Zealand Badminton Open at the North Shore Event Centre yesterday. Houwei was beaten by tournament fifth seed and world No44 Anand Pawar from India 21-15 21-19 in 39 minutes, with the Chinese player looking slightly bemused at times as Pawar attacked the net and never gave him a chance to settle into his rhythm. Other early men’s first round winners were Korean 12th seed Ji Hoon Hong over kiwi Howard Chou 21-9 21-9 while Indonesian Sukamata Evert beat Auckland’s Samuel Ho 21-18 21-9. Seventh seed Wisnu Yuli Prasetyo from Indonesia took more than an hour to score a three-game victory over Malaysia’s Kwong Beng Chan. Day two will see world No19 and women’s top seed Hsiao Ma Pai (Chinese Taipei) take the court as part of a full schedule across the five main draws. In action will be five men’s doubles pairs ranked inside the top 20. - APNZ

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Abercrombie eyes america P9 | Carter out for another three weeks P11

we’ve got in our selection process over the next couple of years,” Hansen said. “So yes, there’s some guys we can pencil in but probably not as many as before because there’s more question marks around will they or won’t they.” Those veterans that Hansen is speaking of include Tony Woodcock, Andrew Hore, Keven Mealamu, Ali Williams, Richie McCaw, Dan Carter, Ma’a Nonu and Conrad Smith. Front-rowers Woodcock and Hore have looked off the pace with a struggling Highlanders outfit in the early stages of Super Rugby this year but Hansen said each player would be looked at individually. Hansen also referred to Williams and Piri Weepu who played poorly for a woeful Blues side last year but were still given their opportunity in the All Blacks given what they can bring to the side. With a three-test series against France looming in June, Hansen said making the big selection calls with an eye to the 2015 World Cup could come as early as this year. “I think we start making them now if that’s what we need to make. If the player’s form is suggesting it’s time then it’s time. But if there’s other reasons why his form’s not where we need it to be then you go back to the Piri Weepu, Ali Williams [situation] – we’ll support those players because we know that they can play at the highest level. They’ve got the mental capacity to be able to do the job that’s required and it’s not easy, otherwise everybody would be an All Black.” Playing the game may not be easy but Hansen’s task won’t be easy when he has to call some of his loyal players to inform them they’re no longer required to pull on the black jersey. Meanwhile, in other appointments, All Blacks manager Darren Shand also extended his contract with the NZRU through to the 2015 World Cup, while Dr Tony Page has been appointed to the role of All Blacks doctor, replacing Dr Deb Robinson who stepped down earlier this year after six years in the job. - APNZ

By Daniel Richardson Steve Hansen’s biggest challenge during the next two years will be deciding which of his ageing warriors he casts aside ahead of the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Winning Rugby Championship tests and matches in the June window during the next couple of seasons will matter little if he doesn’t pilot the All Blacks to success in the next World Cup final at Twickenham in October, 2015. Hansen officially had his two-year contract extension to coach the All Blacks confirmed at a press conference in Wellington yesterday and acknowledged the task at hand in terms of his experienced playing group. Rugby fans may also have the chance to see Sonny Bill Williams line up for the All Blacks again because Hansen said anyone currently playing overseas would be welcomed back and could earn selection for the 2015 World Cup if their form warranted it. Jerome Kaino is currently playing in Japan but Hansen said he expected to see the blindside flanker back in New Zealand at the end of his two-year deal. Kaino could make a late bid to be picked for the next global tournament. There’s simply no way that all of Hansen’s veterans will have the form and health to carry on to England in 2015 but deciding which ones to cut loose and when will prove a delicate balancing act. It takes a brave coach to drop a player who has given buckets of sweat and blood for a decade but it is part of the job. A couple of years before the last World Cup, Hansen’s predecessor Sir Graham Henry laid out his winning blueprint and said he had most of his squad written on his team sheet in advance but Hansen doesn’t believe he has such a luxury. “When you look at our squad now all those same people [from 2011] are still there, so that tells us they’ve got a bit older and a little bit wiser and where are they at? That’s one of the tough challenges



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What is this person famous for?

Who said it? “I had an awful first quarter but I picked it up. To all you single guys out there, it’s not how you start the date, it’s how you finish the date.”

Photo Kirsty Clay 100413-KC-024

MSA petanque president Lester Herron throws onto the new piste at the MSA Bowling Club.

In just over a year petanque has its own specialised home in Mid Canterbury. An Ashburton Petanque Club formed in March last year, playing their games on a stony path in the Ashburton Domain. Just over 12 months later they have their own fully functional site. A petanque player since 2006, Lester Herron moved to Ashburton last year and one of the first things he did was enquire about playing the sport in his new home town. “I went straight to the information centre to see where I could play,” said petanque club president Herron, who is also a New Zealand Petanque club umpire and coach. “They didn’t have one so I eventually got in touch with a few other keen players and got the ball rolling.” The club’s ranks quickly grew but playing on a pathway just wasn’t cutting it and by June they were on the hunt for a home. “I approached the MSA about taking us on and after a series of meetings they accepted and we started on the process of building a petanque site.” After being made an official section of the MSA in September they quickly got on to building the petanque club a home adjacent to the MSA Bowling Club. “It’s the ideal site for us and we’re really grateful. It would have taken over 10 years to get what we have now if we tried to do it alone.” In the space of 12 months they went from a stony section of path to having five pistes, the official term for the petanque playing area, at the MSA Bowling Club site which had an official opening on Sunday. The club which now boasts over 30 members will continue with their Tuesday and Thursday club days at 1pm and have also added Sunday to the programme to cater for players unable to make the midweek timeslots.

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TOMORROW: Scattered rain at times, then clearing. Brief S change.


SATURDAY: Sunny spells. Northeasterlies.

SUNDAY: Sunny spells. Northeasterlies.









Midnight Tonight


Wind less than km/h 30

NZ Today

30 to 59

Auckland Hamilton Napier Palmerston North Wellington Nelson Blenheim Greymouth Christchurch Timaru Queenstown Dunedin Invercargill

60 plus

13 9 8 11 15 12 10 12 10 8 8 10 9

Fine, morning frosts possible. High cloud increasing in the afternoon. Northerlies freshening.

TOMORROW Scattered brief rain clearing during the morning, followed by increasing fine spells. Southerlies developing during the morning, then dying away.

SATURDAY Fine apart from areas of coastal cloud. Northeasterlies about the coast, light winds inland.

morning min max

fine fine fine fine fine fine fine rain fine fine cloudy fine showers

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TODAY: Fine, increasing high cloud this afternoon. Northerlies.





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manager Andy Crook. “We take comments of this nature very seriously and going forward TTNL will take a strong stance against inappropriate or defamatory comments directed towards umpires, coaches and players.” Teams have also been reminded that there are processes available to them to provide feedback following matches through appropriate channels. - APNZ

Petanque finds home at MSA

Ashburton Forecast Wa i m a k a r i r i



ments that were contrary to the spirit of the competition. It was decided no player or franchise would be sanctioned for their comments, but issued a reminder to all 10 teams about their obligations to the league. “TTNL has identified several comments made by players and coaches in the opening rounds of the ANZ Championship that have pushed the boundaries,” said ANZ Championship general

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Thursday, 11 April 2013

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were “dirty” and “got away with murder”. The comments, which stirred up plenty of debate over whether the physicality in netball has gone too far, followed further complaints from other coaches and players in the league over inconsistencies in umpiring interpretations. In a statement released yesterday, the the Trans-Tasman Netball League (TTNL) said they had identified a number of com-

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Irene van Dyk has been let off with a warning from transTasman netball netball league officials after her controversial outburst over the aggressive approach of the West Coast Fever defence. ANZ Championship management met earlier this week to review van Dyk’s comments after the Magic’s 57-51 loss in Perth at the weekend, in which she suggested the Fever defence

Mystery person: Mahlatse “Chiliboy” Ralepelle has been around South African rugby for a while now, going through the age groups in the top grades and eventually being named the first black captain of the Springboks. Quote: Shaquille O’Neal Trivia question: Michael Jones played 55, Josh Kronfeld 54

Selection challenge for Hansen

Van Dyk won’t be punished for comments


NZ Situation

A ridge of high pressure lies over the North Island while north-westerlies strengthen over southern New Zealand ahead of an approaching cold front. The front moves onto the South Island this afternoon and decays as it moves northward over central and northern New Zealand tomorrow and Saturday, followed by a ridge.

Fine apart from areas of coastal cloud. Northeasterlies about the coast, light winds inland.


FZL: 2800m

Fine, some early morning frosts. Increasing high cloud in the afternoon with rain developing near the divide in the evening. Wind at 1000m: NW rising to 50 km/h, gusting 70 km/h in exposed valleys. Wind at 2000m: NW rising to gale 70 km/h in the morning.


FZL: About 3100m

Rain, more persistent with heavy falls near the divide, clearing during the morning, followed by increasing fine spells. Wind at 1000m: NW dying out during the morning. Wind at 2000m: Gale W gradually dying away.


Fine apart from areas of cloud near the divide. Light winds at low levels, westerlies about the tops.


Fine apart from areas of cloud near the divide. Northwesterlies developing at low levels and strengthening about the tops.


Cloudy periods. Light winds, northeast about Cloudy periods. NW dying out at low levels the coast. and tending northerly about the tops.

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fine rain rain drizzle showers rain fine fine fine showers fine fine drizzle drizzle drizzle showers showers drizzle showers fine rain rain thunder rain fine drizzle rain fine thunder fine rain rain fine showers cloudy showers rain thunder fine fine drizzle cloudy cloudy cloudy showers

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26 14 31 13 26 26 26 39 26 32 34 34 7 5 16 16 17 19 29 30 33 21 34 15 18 18 21 7 32 36 18 15 34 31 17 19 10 33 2 27 21 22 17 29 14

River Levels


Rakaia Fighting Hill (NIWA) at 1:45 pm, yesterday Nth Ashburton at 3:00 pm, yesterday Sth Ashburton at 3:30 pm, yesterday Rangitata Klondyke at 3:00 pm, yesterday

100.9 3.06 5.36 39.8

Source: Environment Canterbury

Canterbury Readings

to 4pm yesterday


Ashburton Airport

min grass 16 hour Apr 2013 min to date to date


Temperatures °C

Rainfall mm

Wind km/h

max gust

0.8 -4.2


47.4 183.0

NE 28

Christchurch Airport 14.9 -1.0 -3.1


5.2 82.8

NE 35

Timaru Airport


15.2 121.4

E 26




















Tides, Sun, Moon and Fishing m am 3 3


Thursday 9 noon 3


9 pm am 3



9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


Saturday 9 noon 3


9 pm

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10:17 4:34 10:45 4:54 11:01 5:19 11:30 5:38 11:46 6:05 The times shown are for the Ashburton River mouth. For the Rangitata river mouth subtract 16 minutes and for the Rakaia river mouth subtract 6 minutes.

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Ashburton Guardian, Thursday, April 11, 2013