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Monday, April 9, 2018

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Let’s get plogging!

Ashburton woman Bev Skates is calling for Ashburtonians to embrace “plogging” in a bid to tidy up our town.




Support for fewer councillors BY SUE NEWMAN


Methven outplayed P17

The numbers might not be huge, but the percentages tell the story of the community’s wishes when it comes to how many councillors are needed to run the Ashburton District Council. A council survey, which is the first step in the representation consultation process, has received 101 replies to date with 77 per cent of respondents favouring cutting councillor numbers. In December the majority of council-

lors and mayor Donna Favel agreed that councillor numbers should be reduced from 12 to nine. Three did not agree – Selwyn Price, Mark Malcolm and Thelma Bell. Their recommendation is that there should be nine councillors elected over three wards – five in the urban ward, and two each in the eastern and western wards. This would require a minor adjustment to ward boundaries. At Thursday’s council meeting when an update on the review process was

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given Price wanted the issue debated again, saying there was no mention in the survey that remuneration was based on population and that there were no options to state a preference for numbers other than status quo or nine. He also questioned the legality of the council’s statement that there would not be a Maori ward.





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House of Hearing

News 2 Ashburton Guardian

Monday, April 9, 2018



The thorny subject of climate change

Bid to clean up Ashburton

By Sue NewmaN Sue.n@theguardian

Ashburton’s district councillors might have refused to give their mayor the go-ahead to sign a local government climate change declaration, but some want the council to develop its own climate change policy. That policy would see it take an Ashburton-specific approach to managing the effects of climate change on the district. When the opportunity came in August to put Ashburton’s name on the local government declaration, Donna Favel was keen to sign; most of her councillors were not. At the time deputy mayor Neil Brown said the council needed more information, it needed to know what it was signing up for. He found plenty of support from other councillors but the mayor found an ally in Selwyn Price who said climate change was real, it wasn’t a hoax, it was happening and it was happening now. He urged the council to sign the declaration. They held off taking action, however until they’d discussed the issue further, gathered more information and debated options. On Thursday, at the urging of staff who said they needed specific directions in terms of policies, they agreed to look at developing a local policy. Several councillors still had reservations. With a Canterbury-wide climate change working group al-

ready looking at ways to mitigate the effects of climate change, Diane Rawlinson was concerned the council would simply spend time and money duplicating the work of this group. Peter Reveley suggested the council could be wasting its time making a policy when the government would do the job anyway. “We’re still waiting on clarification. If we’re making a policy do we have to make it very loose? If we sit on our hands for six months we could write something quite constructive,” he said. Deputy mayor Neil Brown didn’t mince words. A policy had to look at the big picture and write a policy that covered both the urban and rural sector, he said. “If we’re developing a policy I’d like to see in it how we’re going to stop climate change and the action this council is going to take to stop climate change. This is the crunch to it, how will we stop it?” The word should be mitigation not stopping climate change, Selwyn Price said. “None of us has the ability to stop the change, we’re far too far down the track for that to happen,” he said. By not signing the local government declaration, Ashburton had done its reputation serious harm, Price said. Councillors agreed to develop a policy that would ensure consistent, council-wide approach to climate change.

By Katie todd

Every morning at 8am, Netherby grandmother Bev Skates slips on her garden gloves, grabs a supermarket bag and walks up and down the streets collecting other people’s litter. She’s on a mission to tidy her community from the ground up, and now she’s had a bright idea to get others on board. “I love it here in Ashburton – but there’s one big concern, and that’s the litter. Right along Seafield Road and on West Street the gutters are full of cans, rubbish,” she said, “Ashburton is looking shabby… and what we need is to start plogging.” You read that correctly. Plogging, a peculiarly named trend which combines fitness and litter-picking, has swept Scandanavia and the UK and would be ideal for Ashburton, Skates said. The idea is simple and apt for anyone. Simply take a bag and a pair of gloves as you run, jog, stroll or walk the dog and pick up a little litter on the way – just like Skates does. “Anyone can do it… and should do it. Because we are all responsible and we all need to pull finger. When you make a change you see the difference.” Ideally, everyone would adopt their own patch or route around

It’s time for Ashburtonians to embrace “plogging” and get our town looking tidier, says local grandmother Bev Skates. PHOTO KATIE TODD 050418-KT-007

town which they look after. “Schools could get involved, people of all ages.” Skates said it was definitely a good feeling knowing the difference she’d made. In her patch, she had reduced from 10 bags full of rubbish, and was now down to about one a day. Passers-by at 8am toot and wave and say “you’re doing a good job”– but they could get on

board too, she said. She has contacted the Ashburton District Council and Keep New Zealand Beautiful to garner support for the idea, which she also pitches as a way to lure more visitors to Ashburton. “We’re trying to attract people to Ashburton – we need to start at the grassroots. “Ashburton needs to pull its socks up.”


Support for fewer councillors From P1 A poll could be demanded for a Maori ward at any time, council community relations manager Vincie Billante said, but that demand needed to be supported by 5 per cent of electors. In terms of remuneration, that was set by the Remuneration Authority not the council and the purpose of the current review

was to ensure people were adequately represented by councillor numbers, she said. Price had earlier challenged data provided by council staff that showed Ashburton had more councillors per head of population than most other local authorities. When looking at similar sized councils, of populations 25,000 or above, Ashburton is third in

the country for representation ratios. After the representation survey closes next week the council will recommend a proposal that will be publicly notified and open for submissions. This will take place in May. Any submissions will be considered in June and July. The Local Government Commission will make its determination by April 10.


now open!

Nomination forms are available from

• To be held Friday, May 11, 2018 at the Hotel Ashburton, from 6.30pm.

• Sport Canterbury, EA Networks Centre (front desk)

• Nominations close Friday, April 20, 2018.

• Ashburton Guardian, 161 Burnett Street, Ashburton

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Monday, April 9, 2018

Ashburton Guardian



Sylvia has a teddy bear for every occasion By Sue NewmaN

Sylvia Mann might be turning 90 in September, but that doesn’t mean she’s ready to give up her lifelong habit of collecting teddy bears. The Cameron Courts resident’s collection numbers more than 200 and some of those furry friends are also close to 90. When Sylvia moved into Cameron Courts the first things she packed were her bears. Some she’s loaned to friends and family members to caretake, but she’s adamant she knows where every one of those bears lives. Those bears represent a lifetime of collecting and they range in size, colour and style. Some are musical, some very fancy, a few are decorative but many are bears that have clearly been well loved. “Mum bought me my first teddy bear when I was very young and I just fell in love with them,” Sylvia said. Her bears are well cared for and her family and fellow residents know they touch them at their peril. “I’ve looked after them very carefully and if anyone hurt them I’d bash them. I enjoy my bears, I love them and I make clothes for them too,” she said. Clearly Sylvia’s bedroom is crowded when all the bears are in resi-

dence, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. “I dust them and I know if they’ve been touched. I go round every morning and check them all over.” She doesn’t play favourites, saying there’s always a bear for the moment and the mood. “Bears are like people, they’re only good when they want to be good.” As a child, her fledgling collection was destroyed in a fire that cost the Stevens family their home. After mourning the loss of her furry friends, the young girl was determined to build another collection, one that has not stopped growing. There will always be room in Sylvia’s life – and her bedroom – for another bear. Her husband Bill understood that sharing his wife with bears was a non-negotiable. “If they couldn’t be in my room, then I’d go out to where they were,” Sylvia said. Daughters Lynette and Bev, two of her seven children, have been charged with caretaking some of their mother’s collection but neither has taken up the bear collecting hobby. However, having a mum with a bear obsession, however, does make it easy to buy her Christmas and birthday presents, they said.

There’s sleeping room only in Sylvia Mann’s bedroom because she shares that space with more than 200 teddy bears. PHOTO SUE NEWMAN 060418-SN-006


Funding policies ticked off By Sue NewmaN

There was a win – of sorts – for users of Ashburton’s EA Networks Centre when Ashburton District councillors adopted their revised revenue and financing policy last week. The policy is reviewed every two years and a key issue in this year’s review was an attempt by councillors to move the centre’s funding onto a 50/50 cost share between users and ratepayers. This would

have pumped up fees in the stadium by 44 per cent and in the pool and gym by 9 per cent. More than 200 residents lodged objections to the proposal and councillors backed off, opting to make a phased change in funding over three years – 15 per cent in the first two years and 10 per cent in the third. Gym and multimemberships will rise by 9 per cent while pool fees will remain unchanged. Councillors also softened their


Dairy Saucer/Wedge/Sump and Drain Clearing.

stance on the rating change for Lake Hood. The area will be moved to an urban amenity rate area instead of a rural area, but this change will now be phased in over two years. It will mean a significant increase in rates for property owners. The council also adopted its development and financial contributions policy. Two key policies set out how council funds its services and activities as well as its approach to

Allen’s Ashburton offer a great service

funding the provision of new assets in the district as the community grows. Those policies were carefully considered before being adopted said mayor Donna Favel and their adoption followed robust community consultation. “More than 500 submissions were received during the consultation process and it was tremendous to see so many in our community having their voices heard on these important documents.

After considering a number of factors, including community feedback, some of the proposals in the draft Revenue and Financing Policy have been amended,” she said. The council had worked hard to make both of these policies as fair and equitable as possible, while meeting legislative and community needs, she said. “It is a delicate balancing act but we feel we have come to a good decision.”


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News 4

Ashburton Guardian

Monday, April 9, 2018


Stadium effort wraps up BY SUE NEWMAN


Ashburton Mayor Donna Favel receiving a cheque for $250,000 from Ashburton Stadium Trust chairman Maurice Myers, part of the community’s commitment to providing $5 million towards the EA Networks Centre build. PHOTO SUE NEWMAN 040418-SN-001

Your final ride? Your final ride?

For 13 years a small group of people have worked tirelessly to raise money for a project that today is universally hailed as an outstanding success. Those people are members of the Ashburton Stadium Trust and the project was the EA Networks Centre, but that huge effort is about to be wrapped up, the trust’s job is completed. And last week, trust chairman Maurice Myers carried out one of the group’s final tasks, handing over a cheque for $250,000 to the Ashburton District Council. The trust was formed in 2005 and charged with identifying a site for the district’s new sports stadium and pool complex and with raising $5 million of the anticipated $30 million plus it would take to build the facility. When the project was approved by council, it was made very clear that no work would start until the trust had reached its fundraising goal. It achieved that target and more through sponsorship, naming rights, grants and donations. Money has been progressively handed to the council and yesterday’s donation was likely to be the penultimate one. A final, much smaller payment would be made in June after all accounts were finalised, Myers said. Looking back at the fundraising years, Myers said they included some tough times during the global financial crises and that it was a credit to the community and their belief in the project that the fundraising target had been met. “Seventy to 80 per cent of the community wanted the recreational facility and they put their money where their mouth was.” With its job done, the trust had, had preliminary discussions about winding up, he said. For a period after the fundraising target had been met, the trust had looked at continuing to raise money for a facility such as a hydroslide in the complex, Myers said. “In the absence of that happening now there’s no real point in carrying on with the trust. We’re delighted with what’s been achieved.” The complex had exceeded expectations in terms of community use with waiting lists for some memberships and learn to swim space, he said. “If that’s not success I don’t know what is. And if a hydroslide had been put in, I have no doubt it would have been very successful and it would have been paid off by now, so that’s a wee bit of a regret.” The greater project would be completed when the sports field development around the stadium was completed – sooner rather than later, Myers said.

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In brief Carers course An information session for carers of people with life limiting illnesses to be held by Mid Canterbury Hospice is not open to the public. The session taken by Penney Kemp is part of the organisation’s Volunteer Education Programme, however, Penney will hold a course later in the year that carers outside the hospice network will be able to attend.

Murder charge A man has been charged with murder and aggravated burglary after a 27-year-old woman was found dead in her Merivale home on Saturday. The 54-year-old man will appear in Christchurch District Court today. Police told media they won’t name the dead woman until all family members have been informed. Detectives and forensic specialists are continuing to examine two scenes in Christchurch – one in Exeter Street, where the dead woman lived, and one in Breezes Road. - NZME

Snowfall warning The South Island passes can expect rain and snow in the coming days, according to MetService. In an advisory issued yesterday, MetService said a low was expected to cross the upper South Island last night and into today, which would bring cold southerlies and heavy snow. - NZME

New Greens co-leader The Green Party has announced Marama Davidson as its new female co-leader. Contenders Julie Anne Genter and Ms Davidson were both at the announcement yesterday in Auckland, along with co-leader James Shaw. Last August, Metiria Turei stood down as co-leader following scrutiny of her public admission to committing benefit fraud in the early 1990s. - NZME

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News 6

Ashburton Guardian

Monday, April 9, 2018


Is this the final leg of a glorious ride? By Andrew Alderson Are we about to witness the last major shot putting performance by Dame Valerie Adams? Only Adams will know if these Commonwealth Games are her final campaign, after she and husband Gabriel celebrated the birth of Kimoana, their first child, in October. Priorities have changed for the most dominant female shot putter of any era. The 33-year-old could be ready to set her horizons to other challenges. Chances are an exit strategy will be given serious thought. Time will be required to mull her options, so don’t expect a decision after this meet. A Richie McCaw-like departure seems more likely, once the spotlight has come off her compatriots’ feats on the Gold Coast. Adams first represented New Zealand at a Commonwealth Games as a 17-year-old in Manchester 2002, where she secured silver. A hat-trick of victories followed in Melbourne, Delhi and Glasgow. Only fellow thrower Val Young (1958, 1962 and 1966), shooter Stephen Petterson (1990, 1994 and 1998) and rugby sevens player Amasio Valence (1998, 2002 and 2006) have secured gold medals at three separate Games. The tantalising prospect lies ahead that Adams could secure a record fourth. But this will be one of the biggest challenges of her storied run. Adams had a caesarean section, and only started full training in January. If pedigree is a gauge, she should win a fifth medal in as

Valerie Adams

Home invasion There has been a home invasion in Hamilton during which a mother and child were assaulted. The mother was sexually assaulted and the child was physically assaulted, police say. An unknown man entered the home on Croall Crescent in St Andrews between 7am and 7.45am on Saturday, says Detective Senior Sergeant Dean Anderson. The man was described as Maori, aged in his mid-20s, with short hair and no facial hair and stocky shoulders. He was wearing a red t-shirt, black long pants and black shoes. - NZME

Parking officer attacked Wellington City Council is condemning an attack on one of its parking officers. The officer was knocked unconscious and suffered a fractured eye socket and broken nose in the attack while working outside Newtown School on Riddiford Street on Friday. The council’s acting chief executive Kane Patena says the officer has had surgery and a full recovery will take some time. The council understood police had made an arrest and the investigation was continuing. - NZME

Break-in investigation

many Games, but stern competition awaits. The best Commonwealth thrower this year is Jamaica’s Danniel Thomas-Dodd with a 19.22m put at the world indoor championships in Birmingham on March 2. The best heave outdoors is 18.60m from Trinidad and Tobago’s Cleopatra Borel in Santiago on February 7. Apart from an injury-plagued and rehabilitation-heavy 2015, the last year Adams failed to pass either of those marks was 2003. Yet her best mark this season is 18.48m, set in Auckland on

March 25. As any parent knows, this will be a different proposition now a daughter vies for her attention. “I didn’t know the job description that came with it, but bloody hell it’s hard,” Adams told the Herald in February. “I love every moment, but it makes training specific. I get in and get the job done because you know somebody else is waiting for you, which is more important than anything else that’s going on.” Nevertheless, Adams is assured by her preparation. “Competing at the Commonwealth

Games was always in the back of my mind, but it was a gamble. I didn’t know how I would be with the baby, how my body was going to be, or how I would sleep.” The sacrifice has not been hers alone. Noma Price might not win a gold medal, but she deserves one. Adams’ mother-in-law took a term’s leave from her job as a teacher aide at Sutton Park School in Mangere East to help look after her grand-daughter during work days. “I couldn’t have done it without mum,” Adams said. - NZME


Pressure on Ardern over children’s camps

Jacinda Ardern

In brief

National is urging Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to step in and save children’s camps in Otaki in the North Island and Roxburgh in the South Island. The call came from National’s spokesman for children Alfred Ngaro after Stand Children’s Services said it was proposing to close the camps with the loss of 63 jobs. Stand said it had not had a funding increase since 2009 and had been meeting operating shortfalls from reserves and the sale of unused land. Mr Ngaro said Ms Ardern had staked her political capital on ending child poverty and she needed to get involved. The organisation’s Children’s Health Camps were iconic and had been part of the New Zealand landscape for generations. They helped the children most in need and disadvantaged by poverty.

“It simply must not be left to fail,” he said. The National-led government invested an extra $1.5 million into Children’s Health Camps in 2009 to help maintain the camps as an essential trauma-focused treatment service. “National recognises the importance of these camps, which can provide a real highlight for kids who may have had a rough start to life. It’s also some vital timeout for the caregivers who look after them.” Stand said it would continue to operate its Intensive Family Wraparound services in the central and southern regions, but would stop providing the residential trauma focused treatment programme at the camps at the end of June. It hoped the camp closures would be a temporary measure and it would work with Oranga Tamariki and the Ministry of Education to rebuild services in both regions. - NZME

Police will be reviewing CCTV footage as they investigate the break-in at a monkey enclosure in Wellington Zoo. The zoo reported on Saturday that intruders had tried to snatch a squirrel monkey. Some of the monkeys had been harmed during the attempt with one sustaining a haematoma on its elbow. Yesterday, a Wellington Zoo spokesperson said the group of squirrel monkeys were settling well but that the team would be “keeping a very close eye on them”. The injuries were minor, he said. Chief executive of Wellington Zoo Trust Karen Fifield said the break-in looked premeditated because bolt cutters had been used to access the enclosure. She said the monkeys would have bitten the alleged offenders. - NZME

Fatal crash One person has died in a crash between a car and a truck in Clandeboye, north of Timaru. Police were called to the crash on Canal Road, near Badham Road, shortly before 1am yesterday. One person died at the scene, while two others were transported to Timaru Hospital via ambulance with critical and moderate injuries. Police are investigating the cause of the crash. - NZME

Birdman wharf jump Fine feathers got a soaking at the annual Birdman wharf jump as human-powered flying machines took a dip. Giant human seagulls, elaborate wooden flying machines and men with intricate patchwork feathers propelled themselves from the Murrays Bay wharf on Saturday. The festivallike competition at the bay, on Auckland’s North Shore, saw dozens try to win the top prize – to “fly” the furthest distance off the end of the wharf into the sea. The first Birdman event was in 1971 on the coast of Sussex, England as a fundraiser for the Royal Air Forces Association. - NZME


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37 carters terrace tinwald, ashburton 7700

Arts 8

Ashburton Guardian

Monday, April 9, 2018

ARTS DIARY ■ April 11: The Water Project exhibition opens at the Ashburton Art Gallery. ■ April 14: Ashburton Society of Arts oils workshop with Susie Millichamp at Short Street Studio (until April 15). ■ April 14: Ashburton Musical Club “Let the Music Begin” at the Sinclair Centre, Park St from 7.30pm. Visitors welcome, $5 at the door including supper. ■ April 15: Ashburton Society of Arts Autumn Show opens at the Short Street Studio (until May 13). ■ April 19: Olive Copperbottom – Arts on Tour NZ at Ashburton Trust Event Centre. ■ April 20 – 22: One Man, Two Guvnors at Ashburton Trust Event Centre. ■ April 27: Foster & Alan Golden Years at Ashburton Trust Event Centre. ■ May 4: Hopetoun Brown & the Genius of Finn Scholes at Ashburton Trust Event Centre. ■ May 5: Ashburton Society of Arts acrylics and mixed media class with Galena Kim at Short Street Studio. ■ May 18: Mamma Mia at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre (until May 26). ■ June 6: The Ten Tenors at Ashburton Trust Event Centre. ■ August 18: No Holds Bard at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre. ■ September 22: Adam McGrath & the Roaring Days at Ashburton Trust Event Centre. ■ October 10: The Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre.


Let us know what’s happening in the world of art and we’ll make sure your information goes into our Arts Diary

Sculptor Bing Dawe installing his work Downstream under Aoraki-Tuna with Barrier last week for the Water Project. Dawe has dedicated his work to the tireless work of Hinds man John Wilkie, who transports mature tuna to below the dams and tunariki (baby tuna) to above the dams on the Waitaki River. PHOTO SUPPLIED


Giving water a voice BY KATIE TODD


It took more than a year meticulously dissecting one of the most topical Canterbury issues, and it’s described by the Ashburton Art Gallery as their “biggest undertaking to date.” Now, after months in the pipeline and days of closed-door preparations, the gallery is ready to show the world The Water Project. Bringing together the differing ideas, disciplines and works of 13 notable New Zealand artists, the exhibition is designed to “give a voice to water – and open discussion about it”, said Ashburton Art Gallery’s Nicole Bourke. “It’s a conversation starter, and we think it will sit really well with the local community.”

The Water Project – occupying all three exhibition rooms of the gallery – presents varying medium of arts exploring the cultural, conceptual and imaginative qualities of rivers, lakes, wetlands and freshwater systems of Aotearoa. Eleven of the artists took part in a seminar and four-day exploratory trip in Canterbury last March, drawing inspiration from site visits and consultations with NIWA scientists, conservationists and iwi representatives. The works which resulted, and arrived at the gallery for installation last week, are “far reaching”, Bourke said. One artist who has opted to take a scientific approach is Bruce Foster from Wellington. His video installations show wa-

ter samples from lakes going under the microscope to reveal the bacteria content. Another artist, Christchurchborn Euan Macleod, imagines the “rain man” in paintings set above Ashburton District, and Wellington artist Kate Woods puts a twist on historic paintings of water bodies from Te Papa and Wellington artist Jacqui Colley draws palette inspiration from Waitake’s Maori Rock Drawings for her large scale pieces, set at the “intersection between human activity and nature”. “The Water Project is all about opening discussion – what better way to do that, than through the medium of art?” Bourke said. The Water Project will be on show for three months during which Bourke hopes it will evoke

a range of conversation and provide educational opportunities to children during the school holidays. “I really hope everyone will come and see it … and respond to it,” Bourke said. “Water is such a major issue and I think this will really highlight it.” The gallery hopes The Water Project will tour other parts of the country after, and invite waterrelated conversation from other regions. The Water Project will officially open on Wednesday night, and all thirteen contributing artists will deliver a free, public floor talk on Thursday morning at 10.30am. More information is available on the Ashburton Art Gallery website or at


Mid Canterbury Choir holding open night

Send your information to:

Katie Todd or phone 03 307-7971 @AshGuardian Subscribe at



Always yearned to sing with a choir? A chance to do so is coming next Monday night. Hot off the heels of their show with blues legend Paul Ubana Jones, the Mid Canterbury Choir

is holding an open night for anyone interested in joining their group. Choir Manager Carol Gunn said it is a chance “to find out if choral singing is for you”. “Just come along and you will share the music of a current

member to sing along for the evening,” she said. “We will be just starting our preparation for our Tribute to War Heroes concert on Sunday July 1 at 2pm at the Sinclair Centre, so there is a good chance you will know some of the songs,”

she said. The choir currently has around 60 members, and performs at local events throughout the year. Their open night will be held in the Bradford Room at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre, from 7.15pm on Monday, April 16.

Ashburton Guardian

Monday, April 9, 2018


Celebrating a major milestone May 8, 2008 is a date Roger Farr, Manager of the Ashburton Trust Event Centre, remembers with a mix of excitement and trepidation. This was the day that the keys to one of Ashburton’s newest assets was handed over by Project Manager Rodger Bradford to the General Manager, Roger Farr. “All of a sudden, I was responsible for the success of a project that had seen thousands of voluntary hours go into consulting the public and key stake holders, poring over design briefs to ensure that the venue was flexible in design while meeting a strict budget and most importantly securing the necessary funding to ensure a world class facility would be available for the community of Ashburton to enjoy both local productions and touring events for many years to come”. The Ashburton Trust Event Centre was born out of the necessity to replace the aged Regent Theatre that had occupied the current Event Centre site for many years and was in very bad repair. “It would not have survived the Christchurch earthquakes had it still been standing” commented Mr Farr. “The brickwork was

The cast of the Variety Theatre Ashburton production of Mamma Mia. crumbling, the dressing rooms leaked like a sieve and there were broken trusses in the roof”. Now 10 years on, the Ashburton Trust Event Centre is gearing up to celebrate their first milestone by staging the box office extravaganza Mamma Mia, and leading the production team will be director Roger Farr, with Richard Marrett from


theatre and was I believe, solely responsible for raising the bar on productions and showing Variety Theatre Ashburton (ex Ashburton Operatic Society) a more professional approach to achieving high quality productions,” said Mr Farr. “I remember working with Robert on many long nights, sitting in the old Regent Theatre wrapped in rugs trying to keep warm, while plotting the lights for a show, then rushing back to the Operatic Rooms and sitting with our feet in the oven, while having a hot drink to thaw out. It is a long way away from the facilities we enjoy today, but we made it work”. With a season opening date of the May 18 that includes ten performances, they are now into the hard yards with rehearsals that have been running since early February. “We have an amazing cast who are continually growing into their roles and the singing is outstanding with all the familiar Abba songs bringing back the memories of a few years back. I’m really looking forward to the Opening Gala Night on May 18, that will go off with a bang, literally. Advertising feature



taught him a great deal about all aspects of theatre, but also many other local performers. “Robert was a hard task master who expected excellence from everyone involved and he gained a lot of respect from the cast and crew for the standard of production he was able to achieve. He was very supportive of community

Christchurch as musical director and Madison Tew Keyworth from Australia as Choreographer. “It was one of those bucket list things you say you would like to do,” said Mr Farr, after having previously directed two shows some years back and after working alongside such talented directors as the likes of the late Mr Robert Young, who not only



proudly present the smash hit musical



Licensed exclusively by Music All performance materials s MUSIC AND LYRICS BY






Licensed exclusively by Music Theatre International (Australasia). All performance materials supplied by Hal Leonard Australia

ON STAGE 18 - 26 MAY 2018




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Monday, April 9, 2018


Snowden’s turn in the spotlight W

hile our Kiwi cyclists are gathering up Commonwealth Games medals at the Anna Mears Velodrome in Brisbane, just a minute’s drive away today will be Mid Canterbury’s own John Snowden in action at the Belmont Shooting Centre. The complex will host the fullbore, clay target, pistol and smallbore shooting events – in fact it’s the only shooting in Australia equipped to host all shooting disciplines within a single location. It was the venue for the 1982 Commonwealth Games shooting competition and it’s been given about $17 million in TLC to host the 19 shooting medal events. Snowden and his shooting mates are flying under the radar a bit and while they are expected to

bring home a couple of medals, it could easily be more. The 49-year-old will compete in the fullbore singles and pairs, with Brian Carter; the pairs get under way today 12 noon our time and continue tomorrow to decide the medals. The individual fullbore starts Wednesday, continues Thursday, with finals locked in for Saturday. Let’s hope TVNZ has made a note of that somewhere. While the sport probably

doesn’t expect shot by shot coverage, the broadcaster will surely be keeping tabs on the shooters’ progress and covering the finals stages. The Gold Coast event will be Snowden’s fourth Commonwealth Games – he already has a gold medal from the fullbore pairs in Delhi in 2010 and will be looking for another this week. He is in good form and has the backing of a club and district immensely proud of his achievements. It’s a sport that requires intense concentration, steady nerves, absolute accuracy and precision. Target shooting is one of the oldest organised sports and brings its history to the games – the fullbore events are called the Queen’s Prize individual and

pairs. This dates back to Queen Victoria, who offered a prize to encourage better marksmanship by troops in the post-Boer War era. The first long-range shooting match was held at Wimbledon in 1960 and other Commonwealth countries followed suit soon after. It was a popular sport in Australia and in the state of Queensland it was right up there with lacrosse and horseracing as the most popular sports. Early competitive matches were often conducted in the grounds of local hotels, with substantial prizes offered by patrons. No doubt there was some carnage. In New Zealand, Governor Gore Browne presented a belt in 1861 as a prize for the best shot in the country, to be decided at an an-

nual competition for militia and volunteers. The modern-day equivalent, the Ballinger Belt, recognises Arthur Ballinger, who won the national championship belt for the third time in 1907 and donated it back to the rifle association to be used as the main competition prize in perpetuity. Snowden won that belt in February; he is among only a few shooters to have won it more than once, the previous time in 2013. Snowden’s pairs partner Carter is also in that elite group, so here’s hoping the two are in the zone this week at Brisbane. There will be a whole lot of people keeping a keen eye on results, even if there’s nothing being livestreamed.

ville, Georgia, the site of the infamous Civil War prison camp. In 2003, jubilant Iraqis celebrated the collapse of Saddam Hussein’s regime, beheading a toppled statue of their longtime ruler in downtown Baghdad and embracing American troops as liberators. Ten years ago: The Olympic torch was rerouted away from thousands of demonstrators and spectators who had crowded San Francisco’s waterfront to witness the flame’s journey to the Beijing Games during its only North American stop.

Five years ago: Thirteen people were shot to death during a predawn, house-to-house rampage in the Serbian village of Velika Ivanca; authorities identified the gunman as a 60-year-old veteran of the Balkan wars who took his own life. One year ago: Dr David Dao, a passenger on a United Express flight about to take off for Louisville, Kentucky, was dragged off the plane by security officers at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport to make room for four airline employees; the incident was captured on

video that went viral. Today’s birthdays: Country singer Margo Smith is 76. Country singer Hal Ketchum is 65. Actor Dennis Quaid is 64. Comedian Jimmy Tingle is 63. Country musician Dave Innis (Restless Heart) is 59. Talk show host Joe Scarborough is 55. Actress-sports reporter Lisa Guerrero is 54. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is 54. Actor Mark Pellegrino is 53. AActress Cynthia Nixon is 52. Rock singer Kevin Martin (Candlebox) is 49. Actress Keshia Knight Pulliam is 39. Rock musician Albert

Hammond Jr. (The Strokes) is 38. Actor Charlie Hunnam is 38. Actorsinger Jesse McCartney is 31. Actress Kristen Stewart is 28. Actress Elle Fanning is 20. Thought for today: “The amount of satisfaction you get from life depends largely on your own ingenuity, self-sufficiency, and resourcefulness. People who wait around for life to supply their satisfaction usually find boredom instead.” — William C. Menninger, American scientist, physician, engineer (1899-1966).

Linda Clarke


TODAY IN HISTORY Today is Monday, April 9, the 99th day of 2018. There are 266 days left in the year. Today’s highlight in history: On April 9, 1968, funeral services, private and public, were held for Martin Luther King Jr. at the Ebenezer Baptist Church and Morehouse College in Atlanta, five days after the civil rights leader was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee. On this date:In 1682, French explorer Robert de La Salle claimed the Mississippi River Basin for France. In 1865, Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee surrendered his army to Union Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House in Virginia. In 1913, the first game was played at Ebbets Field, the newly built home of the Brooklyn Dodgers, who lost to the Philadelphia Phillies, 1-0. In 1942, during World War Two, some 75,000 Philippine and American defenders on Bataan surrendered to Japanese troops, who forced the prisoners into what became known as the Bataan Death March; thousands died or were killed en route. In 1959, NASA presented its first seven astronauts: Scott Carpenter, Gordon Cooper, John Glenn, Gus Grissom, Wally Schirra, Alan Shepard and Donald Slayton. Architect Frank Lloyd Wright, 91, died in Phoenix, Arizona. In 1979, officials declared an end to the crisis involving the Three Mile Island Unit 2 nuclear reactor in Pennsylvania, 12 days after a partial core meltdown. In 1983, the space shuttle Challenger ended its first mission with a safe landing at Edwards Air Force Base in California. In 1988, pro-Iranian Shiite (SHEE’eyet) Muslim hijackers who had seized a Kuwait Airways jetliner on April 5 killed one of their hostages as the plane sat on the ground in Larnaca, Cyprus. In 1998, the National Prisoner of War Museum opened in Anderson-


Ashburton Guardian 11

Monday, April 9, 2018

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An increase in international tourists driving on our roads have caused State Highway 1, particularly between Ashburton and Christchurch to become more congested, and that’s projected to continue.

Paying more for less T

here’s always a risk as a politician in citing numbers. There’s a well-known parable about lies, damned lies, and statistics, the basic message being that anyone can quote a statistic to suit their own story. We’ve seen a bit of that in the past week with discussion of the Coalition Government’s plans on transport spending. In an attempt not to pick a statistic to suit myself, I’ll give you all the numbers. In question time last week some colleagues and I asked Transport Minister Phil Twyford a series of questions about their changes to the National Land Transport Fund, funded by petrol taxes and road user charges. Mr Twyford accepted on Thursday that the changes the Government has proposed will see a cut to State Highway improvements of $5.35 billion over 10 years. His retort, and that of his colleagues, has been that instead they’re increasing funds available to regional roading improvements. He’s perfectly correct, they are. What he hasn’t been all that upfront about is what the in-

Andrew Falloon


crease is. It’s $385 million to $535 million over 10 years. With one hand he’s taking $5.35 billion from State Highway improvements, the vast bulk of which are in regional and rural areas, and with the other he’s giving back 10 per cent or less for regional roading. You’re doing well if you’ve made it this far, but here’s just one more number – 12 cents. That’s the proposed increase per litre in fuel tax that we’ll all pay. Most of us would accept a small increase in tax if we knew we were getting something in return, but what worries me most about these funding and tax changes, is where they plan to spend it. Our region has grown well in recent years. With a strong economy, our local farms and businesses have

succeeded, and as a result traffic on our highways is increasing. The growth of PrimePort to our South, and the expansion of the inland port at Rolleston to our North has seen more trucks on the road travelling between the two. International tourist numbers have doubled in the past 15 years, and more are now driving themselves rather than sticking to bus tours. All of those factors have caused State Highway 1, particularly between Ashburton and Christchurch to become more congested, more often, and that’s projected to continue. It’s impacting on safety. Every week I meet people in Ashburton who are no longer willing to drive through to Christchurch, too nervous about the number of trucks or drivers new to our roads. What used to be a straightforward one hour drive now regularly sees delays of twenty minutes, thirty minutes, or as we saw over Easter, much longer. Not only are those delays frustrating for passenger traffic, every delay is costing the Canterbury and South Island economies through higher freight fees

or missed deadlines. Those small delays, though, are dwarfed by the impact of a closure of the Rakaia Bridge. As we’ve seen from the Canterbury and Kaikoura earthquakes, to build resilience in the network, second crossings are needed over the Rakaia River and over the Ashburton River. Unfortunately the Government’s funding changes make projects like those, and four lanes through to Christchurch, nearly impossible. Instead the Labour-led Government are taking $5.35 billion out of regional and rural New Zealand and putting $5 billion into Auckland rail projects and cycleways. Instead of backing our regions, instead of investing in the engine room of the New Zealand economy, they’re once again putting all their eggs in the Auckland basket. The views, opinions, positions or strategies expressed by the author and those providing comments are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, positions or strategies of the Ashburton Guardian Co Ltd or any employee thereof

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Monday, April 9, 2018


Fire at Trump Tower

A raging fire that tore through a 50th-floor apartment at Trump Tower has killed a man and sent flames and thick, black smoke pouring from windows of the US president’s namesake skyscraper. New York Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said the cause of the weekend blaze was not yet known but the apartment was “virtually entirely on fire” when firefighters arrived. “It was a very difficult fire, as you can imagine,” Nigro said outside the building on 5th Avenue in midtown Manhattan. “The apartment is quite large.” Todd Brassner, 67, who was in the apartment, was taken to a hospital and died a short time later, the New York Police Department said. Four firefighters also suffered minor injuries. An investigation is ongoing. Shortly after news of the fire broke, Trump, who was in Washington, tweeted: “Fire at Trump Tower is out. Very confined (well built building). Firemen (and women) did a great job. THANK YOU!” Asked if that assessment was accurate, Nigro said, “It’s a well-built building. The upper floors, the residence floors, are not sprinklered.” Fire sprinklers were not required in New York City high-rises when Trump Tower was completed in 1983. Subsequent updates to the building code required commercial skyscrapers to install the sprinklers retroactively, but owners of older residential high-rises are not required to install sprinklers unless the building undergoes major renovations. Some fire-safety advocates pushed for a requirement that older apartment buildings be retrofitted with sprinklers when New York City passed a law requiring them


Prince Charles

Book gift for Charles

Firefighters work in front of Trump Tower in New York after battling a fire. PHOTO AP

in new residential high-rises in 1999, but officials in the administration of thenmayor Rudy Giuliani said that would be too expensive. Nigro noted that no member of the Trump family was in the 664-foot tower at the weekend. Trump’s family has an apartment on the top floors of the 58-storey building, but he has spent little time in New York since taking office. The headquarters of the Trump Organisation is on the 26th floor. Some residents said they didn’t get any notification from building management to evacuate.

Lalitha Masson, a 76-year-old resident, called it “a very, very terrifying experience”. Masson said that she did not receive any announcement about leaving, and that when she called the front desk no one answered. “When I saw the television, I thought we were finished,” said Masson, who lives on the 36th floor with her husband, Narinder, who is 79 and has Parkinson’s disease. “I called my oldest son and said goodbye to him because the way it looked everything was falling out of the window, and it reminded me of 9/11,” Masson said. - AP


Terror arrest at Gatwick Canada mourns after crash Counter-terror officers have arrested a 55-year-old man at London’s Gatwick Airport. The suspect was held on suspicion of encouraging terrorism and dissemination of terrorist publications after flying into the UK from Morocco, police said. London’s Scotland Yard police headquarters said he was arrested at the weekend and

A horrific bus crash in Canada involving the Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team has sent shockwaves through the National Hockey League. The crash on Friday afternoon killed at least 15 people, including the Broncos’ coach and team captain. The team comprises 16- to 20-year-olds and was headed to a playoff game in Saskatchewan when a semi-truck slammed into its bus. Dramatic images from the scene appeared to show the bus torn in two by the force of the impact. Debris was scattered on the highway, and a large tractor-trailer lay overturned on the pavement. The Humboldt Broncos are a close-knit team from the small city of Humboldt, Saskatchewan, which has a population of about 6000. Many gathered at the community centre at the hockey arena there after word of the horrific crash began to circulate. - AP

Prince Charles has been presented with a children’s book much loved by Australian and New Zealand kids ahead of the birth of his newest grandchild. Alycia Loane made the four-and-a-half hour journey from Townsville to Cairns to catch a glimpse of the heir to the throne as he arrived at church yesterday. The motherof-four handed a copy of author Pamela Allen’s, Who Sank The Boat?, to Charles as he greeted onlookers. Ms Loane said it was her children’s favourite book, so she wanted to pass it onto Prince George, Princess Charlotte and their new baby brother or sister due this month. - AAP

is in custody at a police station in south London. London’s Metropolitan Police said in a statement: “On Saturday April 7, detectives from the Met’s counter-terrorism command arrested a 55-year-old man on suspicion of encouragement of terrorism and dissemination of terrorist publications, contrary to the Terrorism Act 2006.” - PA

Russell Crowe

Crowe rakes in $3.7m Oscar-winner Russell Crowe has raked in more than $3.7 million after selling a range of artwork, jewellery and movie props at his ‘divorce auction’ in Sydney. The actor, whose sell-off coincided with his 54th birthday, made a surprise appearance at the event on Saturday night to see some of his fondest possessions go under the hammer. More than 85 per cent of the 226 items on offer were sold, including a violin used in the 2003 film Master and Commander which went for $135,000. - AAP


Accusations of chemical attack A Syrian rebel group has accused government forces of dropping a barrel bomb containing poisonous chemicals on civilians in Eastern Ghouta, and a medical relief organisation said 35 people had been killed in chemical attacks on the area. Syrian state media denied government forces had launched any chemical attack as soon as the reports began circulating and said rebels in the Eastern Ghouta town of Douma were in a state of collapse and spreading false news. The US State Department said reports of mass casualties from an alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma were “horrifying” and would, if confirmed, “demand an immediate response by the international community”. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 11 people had died in Douma as a re-

sult of suffocation caused by the smoke from conventional weapons being dropped by the government. It said a total of 70 people suffered breathing difficulties. Rami Abdulrahman, the Observatory director, said he could not confirm if chemical weapons had been used. Medical relief organisation Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) said a chlorine bomb hit Douma hospital, killing six people, and a second attack with “mixed agents” including nerve agents had hit a nearby building. Basel Termanini, the US-based vice president of SAMS, said the total death toll in the chemical attacks was 35. “We are contacting the UN and the US government and the European governments,” he said by telephone. Reuters could not independently verify the reports. - AAP


Baby gets perfect name Perth Zoo’s new baby giraffe has been named with the Swahili word for perfection, Kamili, beating hundreds of other suggestions submitted to an online competition. The four-week-old female calf is the child of Armani, the zoo’s breeding bull, and Kitoto, who was brought to Perth from Sydney’s Taronga Zoo in 2016 to help expand the genetics within the regional breeding programme. After spending time bonding with her parents, Kamili made her public debut late last month and is credited with a surge in visitors to the zoo. - AAP

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■ Combine coconut cream, rind and chocolate in small saucepan; stir over low heat until smooth. Transfer mixture to small bowl, cover; refrigerate 3 hours or overnight. ■ Working with a quarter of the chocolate mixture at a time (keeping remainder in the refrigerator), roll rounded teaspoons into balls; place on tray. Refrigerate truffles until firm. ■ Working quickly, roll truffles in coconut, return to tray; refrigerate until firm. Recipe courtesy of

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Spencer in the driver’s seat Spencer Cartwright, 23 months, gets behind the wheel of a tractor at the Plains Railway recently. PHOTO ROBYN HOOD 310318-RH-036

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Coconut truffles ½ C (125ml) canned coconut cream 2 t finely grated lemon rind 360g (11½ ounces) white eating chocolate, chopped coarsely 1¼ C (85g) shredded coconut


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Monday, April 9, 2018

Northland – the South

Being a South Islander, jaunting to Northland always feels like a glorified overseas holiday, bordering on a South Pacific mini-break. The weather and foliage is fabulously sub-tropical and the sun-kissed beaches are achingly gorgeous, writes Mike Yardley.

Left – Mount Manaia. Below left – Seaside homes around Whangarei heads. Below – Whale Bay. Right – Ocean Beach, Northland. Far right – Whangarei Heads.


n my latest fling up north, I set my sights on some of those supremely scenic short drives from Whangarei. Striking out from Onerahi, the Whangarei Heads Rd offers such a dramatic medley of sawtoothed mountains, beaches, walkways and craft galleries, strung along the peninsula’s pencil-thin road, wrapped around the indented northern shoreline of the harbour. Parua Bay is home to a venerable 110-year-old tavern, which began life as a dairy company, before being converted into topend hotel, seventy years ago. It’s a charming stop for refreshments and bites on the water’s edge. Every pocket-sized bay, like Munro, McLeod, McGregors and McKenzie reveals new watery vistas framed by gnarled pohutukawa trees on the foreshore, backed by handsomely maintained holiday cottages and quirky homes, rising up the volcanic slopes from the road. McLeod Bay is a family favourite for its sheltered swimming, nestled beneath the mighty presence of Mt Manaia. The quaint white wooden St James Church, gracing the foreshore since 1858, completes the picture. McGregors Bay is another family crowd-pleaser, with clear waters for snorkelling and fabulous rock pools to keep the kids enthralled. At the base of Mount Manaia, a plaque pays tribute to the district’s early European settlers, Scottish Highlanders, who as you might have guessed, gave their names to many of the area’s beaches. Towering above the harbour entrance, majestic Mt Manaia’s jagged peak, crowned with toothy pinnacles, dominates the skyline. It’s very reminiscent of those fang-like mountains that backdrop Rarotonga and Tahiti. Eager to scale Manaia, it’s a thousand steps up, on a vigorous but manageable one-hour climb through lush native forest to reach the summit and those sizzling 360° views.

Back on the road, I swing around Bream Head to Ocean Beach, a powerful Pacific sweep of big surf, bounded by hulking sand dunes. After the sweet tranquillity of those inner harbour coves, Ocean Beach seems all the more raw and wild. A memorial to commemorate the sinking of the only navy ship lost to enemy action in New Zealand waters during World War Two can be seen at the lookout. After marvelling over the Heads drive, I tracked back to Whangarei and headed north on the Twin Coast Discovery Highway for the Tutukaka Coast. Arguably the most famed of Whangarei’s short drives, the two hour-long glorious loop road roams past succulent orchards, historic drystone walls, undulating emerald farmland and formidable rock walls, before kissing the Pacific Ocean. The Tutukaka Coast’s necklace

of seaside villages revel in their seclusion, proud little communities heaving with creative types, small convivial pubs and out-ofthe-way restaurants showered in global accolades. Admiring the golden view of the pristine Ngunguru Sandspit was a highlight en-route to the Tutukaka Marina Village, which was heaving with excited hordes of tourists gearing up to set off to the Poor Knights Marine Reserve. The Rikoriko Cave and a spot of scuba-diving weren’t on my agenda, because I had a hot date with a big tree. But I did pop in for a quick pick-me-up at Schnappa Rock, an iconic Tutukaka haunt, with its thatch roof and Pacific decor. Heading north towards Matapouri, I made my way to the Tutukaka Forest Conservation Park, home to Tane Moana. Moana may not enjoy the rockstar billing of his big brother, Tane Mahuta, but Moana is a

treasure, a survivor – the largest kauri tree on Northland’s East Coast. Reaching nearly 30 metres in height with a stunning crown, and boasting a circumference of 11 metres, Tane Moana is believed to be about 170 years old. Moana will make you work for the pleasure of an audience. It’s a four-hour return walk through tracts of native bush, thick with birdlife. But a chance to commune with this East Coast giant made it a doddle. Apparently, previous generations of locals would gather enmasse beneath his wide shade, for a Christmas Day picnic lunch. I topped off my Tutukaka Coast sortie by soaking up the astonishing views of some of her northern beaches. Just north of Matapouri Bay is the crescent-shaped show-stopper of Whale Bay. Thickly fringed in native forest, ablaze in the

crimson flowers of pohutukawa, off-set by custard-coloured sand and translucent blue water, it is a celestial pocket of coastal splendour, accessed by a short walk through a grove of ancient puriri trees. After taking in the coastal charms north and east of Whangarei, I sauntered south for a quick rendezvous with Marsden Point, before surrendering to the seaside splendour of Bream Bay’s sprawling arc of white sandy beaches and laying over at pint-sized Waipu Cove. Steeped in Scottish heritage, the Waipu Museum lustily showcases the great migration of the town’s original 940 settlers via Nova Scotia, and Waipu still proudly hosts New Zealand’s biggest annual Highland Games. Grab a drink or a meal at The Cove Restaurant, overlooking the ivory sands and booming Pacific surf, as the sun sets on a great Northland day.

Travel Monday, April 9, 2018

Pacific of NZ

Above – Whangarei Heads. Below – Tane Moana.

Above – Ocean Beach. Below – A mural in honour of the Scottish settlers.

Level 2, 73 Ashburton Members I.B.A.N.Z & Brokernet Ltd. LevelSt, 2, 73 St,|Ashburton |ofMembers of I.B.A.N.Z & NZ Brokernet 73 Burnett St,Burnett Ashburton | Members I.B.A.N.Z NZBrokers Level 2, 73 Burnett St, Ashburton |Burnett Members of of I.B.A.N.Z & &Brokernet NZ Ltd. NZ Ltd.

Level 2, 73 Burnett St, Ashburton | Members of I.B.A.N.Z & Brokernet NZ Ltd.

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Sport 16

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Monday, April 9, 2018

Lowndes breaks V8 drought

Ashburton College players try to clear the ball from a ruck during their game against Waitaki Boys’ High School at the weekend. PHOTO LINDA CLARKE 070418-LC-0155


Promising start for AshColl Confidence is growing in the Ashburton College First XV camp after a good showing against Waitaki Boys’ High School on Saturday. The game was a friendly as both sides prepare for secondary school competitions starting early May and AshColl coach Blair O’Donnell said it was a good chance to test fitness and combinations. His side lost narrowly to Timaru Boys’ High School in an earlier

warmup game and against Waitaki Boys was right in the game until the final stanza, losing 3515. O’Donnell said the squad was a mix of experienced players and relative youngsters, who needed time to learn about the game at First XV level. The side was light on older players so there was an additional focus on building depth for future years. Among the players who earned

praise from the coach on Saturday were Year 13s James Forbes and birthday boy Elama Touli. O’Donnell said Forbes, who played at second five on Saturday, was a versatile and determined player who could fill any spot in the back line. Touli is more familiar at No 8 but played prop against Waitaki and stood out with several barnstorming runs. The tight forward is part of the Crusader Knights wider training

group and O’Donnell said he was an exciting prospect. The whole backline had talent to burn and he was looking forward to seeing them in action, he said. “This whole team is a great group of boys and we’ve been working on a new game plan. I’m impressed with their ability to learn and get the younger players up to speed.” AshColl starts its UC Championship campaign on May 5.

Supercars veteran Craig Lowndes has claimed a first win in two years as series leader Shane van Gisbergen fell from the clouds on a remarkable day’s racing at Symmons Plains in Tasmania. Lowndes ran an unblemished race in his Autobarn Racing Commodore, qualifying on pole and withstanding all challenges for a stunning win yesterday. The 43-year-old won ahead of Scott McLaughlin and Jamie Whincup in race with major ramifications for the 2018 championship. Van Gisbergen no longer leads the series after a throttle issue shuffled him back through the field for a 25th-placed finish. Fellow heavyweight Fabian Coulthard also suffered a major setback when he lost a wheel nut mid-race and was forced into an unscheduled pit stop before finishing 17th. But the day belonged to Lowndes, the crowd’s champion. He needed to overtake McLaughlin at the hairpin to regain the lead, lost when the young Kiwi undercut him at a pit stop. Lowndes delighted in jumping to the top step of the podium for the 106th time, saying he was relieved to end the longest drought of his career. “Last year was up and down and this year we wanted to be more consistent. We wanted to be on podiums,” he said. “We showed we can bounce back. “It’s been a long time coming and I can’t thank the team enough.” First-year full-time driver Jack Le Brocq (Holden) finished fifth, his best result in the sport. - AAP


Man United comeback delays City’s title celebrations Manchester City will have to wait to clinch the Premier League title after they let slip a two-goal lead in a 3-2 loss at home to Manchester United. City led 2-0 at halftime through goals from Vincent Kompany and Ilkay Guendogan and the home fans were already in party mode. But Paul Pogba scored twice within three minutes to pull United level and Chris Smalling snatched a winner on 69 minutes to put the City champagne back on ice.

City still lead United by 13 points with six games apiece to go but, after their midweek Champions League defeat by Liverpool, they will need to regroup before the second leg on Tuesday night. “We did absolutely everything in the first half but then for 10-15 minutes we conceded goals,” City manager Pep Guardiola said. “It is what it is. “We were not good enough in the end.” Kompany’s header and Guen-

dogan’s clever turn and finish had City’s fans jumping as their team led 2-0 after half an hour. But Pogba – who, City manager Pep Guardiola said this week, had been offered to him in January – pulled one back on 53 minutes and added a second two minutes later. City were stunned and things got worse when Smalling snatched the third, though the home side had good chances to score in the dying minutes. United manager Jose Mourinho

said the result would not affect the outcome of the Premier League. “Our challenge is to finish second but I want to congratulate City for the title because they are going to win and deservedly,” he said. “I think we are a bit better that what people think. The players are a bit better than what people think and I am a bit better than what people think.” Brighton & Hove Albion and Huddersfield moved away from the drop zone after a 1-1 draw.

At the bottom, West Bromwich Albion slipped another step closer to relegation after they drew 1-1 with Swansea City. Tottenham are fourth, but level on points with Liverpool after the Reds drew 0-0 at Everton. Crystal Palace remain one place above the bottom three after a 2-2 draw at Bournemouth. Seventh-placed Burnley came back to win 2-1 at Watford while Newcastle United won 2-1 at Leicester City to go 10th. - DPA






Monday, April 9, 2018

Ashburton Guardian 17

In brief Chiefs run down Blues The agony continues for the Blues as yet another frantic derby slipped through their fingers on Saturday night in Hamilton. They were unrecognisable from the shambolic outfit that were hammered by the Sharks seven days ago, but they weren’t quite able to make the full transformation from losers to winners. They came close. Within six minutes to beating the Chiefs for the first time in seven years, but once again, when they needed a killer play, or a bit of luck, anything really to get them home, it wasn’t there. - NZME

Brumbies’ attack clicks

Methven’s Davey Maw hoofs one downfield during their match against Prebbleton on Saturday.



Rakaia, Celtic rolling on Celtic earned another valuable bonus point in its four-try win over Glenmark Cheviot in the combined country rugby competition at the weekend. The bus that took the team and 12 supporters to Omihi on Saturday was buzzing on the trip home after Celtic posted a 31-10 win over the hosts. Coach Shane Enright said the bonus point was handy given Celtic had some of the stronger teams yet to play in their division. He said his side started well and a productive 25-minute spell in the first half had them up 21-5 at halftime. But the second half was a different story. “We knocked off for 30 minutes and gave away poor penalties. “But we defended well.” There was continuing work to do around play at the ruck but Enright was otherwise pleased. A fourth try in the dying min-

utes of the game landed Celtic a bonus point. They sit atop the Division One table with 15 points; Waihora, BDI and Lincoln are next on 10 points. He said there was a good vibe within the squad and the early wins were helping build confidence for the tougher games to come. Rakaia also kept its unbeaten run with a 24-18 win over Hurunui and now lead Division Two on 15 points, from Prebbleton on 14 and Darfield on 13. Methven, meanwhile, suffered a severe reality check when they were thumped by a slick Prebbleton unit. Things looked good when evergreen prop Simon Fleetwood crashed his way over to score the opening points of the game under the posts to give Methven a 7-0 lead. But that was their lot for most

of the first half, with Prebbleton playing some expansive rugby that saw them pushing the Methven defence to the brink, with plenty of holes on offer to take a gamble on. Methven did scramble well for most of the first half, despite watching tries tick up frequently, but Andy Pearce will have his work cut out this week to get things back on track with the final score 71-17. The loss leaves Methven in a precarious position on the points table where they sit in the middle of the pack in Division Two. Hampstead suffered a similar fate in their match with last season’s champions, Southbridge. After a tough opening two rounds, the blue and golds were outclassed by Southbridge – who ran away 88-10 winners. With a 0-3 record from the opening three matches, Shaun Bovey and Craig Dwyer’s men

will be keen to get focused on some potentially lesser opposition in the coming weeks. Southern were unable to make their first trip out to Mayfield for the season a victorious one losing to competition newcomers, Springston 50-15. After their narrow defeat to Prebbleton last week, it’s made for a tough start to the competition for last year’s Watters Cup winners who sit on the same points as Mid Canterbury bedfellows, Methven. Results – Division one: Springston beat Southern 50-15, Prebbleton beat Methven 71-17, Darfield beat Hornby 88-0, Oxford beat Rolleston 45-10, Rakaia beat Hurunui 24-18. Division two: Celtic beat Glenmark Cheviot 31-10, BDI beat Saracens 51-24, Lincoln beat Ashley 27-22, Southbridge beat Hampstead 8310, Waihora beat Ohoka 64-17.

Crusaders outclass Jaguares in Super Rugby The Crusaders showed why they’re regarded as the best travellers in Super Rugby with a 4014 defeat of the Jaguares in Buenos Aires. The visitors scored six tries to two, including doubles to wingers George Bridge and Manasa Mataele, while first five-eighth Mitch Hunt scored 13 points. The bonus-point win lifts the Crusaders to one point behind the Lions at the top of the overall standings through eight rounds. They narrowly lead the New

Zealand Conference but could be leapfrogged by the Hurricanes or Chiefs next week when sitting out with a bye. A third-straight win was the Crusaders’ eighth in a row at an offshore venue. The only team to have won a final overseas, including last year’s triumph in Johannesburg, the Crusaders have built their eight titles on an ability to travel. They were at it again yesterday following last week’s dogged win at the Lions.

Victory was established by a clinical first-half performance in which they were forced to make twice as many tackles as the Jaguares yet led 19-0. Bridge had a double inside the first 14 minutes, while Mataele was over soon before the break following a slick lineout move involving hooker Codie Taylor. Mataele was the game’s standout attacking figure, beating seven defenders and setting up two tries with his elusive running. Tries to outside backs Joaquin

Tuculet and Emiliano Boffelli gave some hope to the home crowd but Hunt, Ryan Crotty and Mataele all crossed to make it five wins from seven for the Crusaders. The Jaguares, coming off a bye following their memorable upset of the Lions, are still seeking their first win over Kiwi opponents. Five losses from seven mean they trail the South African Conference as they prepare for a road trip which begins against the Rebels next week. - NZME

Brumbies coach Dan McKellar says his team’s faith in their new attacking game style never wavered despite some discouraging early outcomes. The ACT team kept their Super Rugby Australian conference hopes alive on Saturday night by running in seven unanswered tries to smash the Queensland Reds 45-21. The A second defeat against the Reds this season would have seen their finals hopes all but dashed. But the Brumbies were able to score more tries in 80 minutes than they had in their three previous clashes combined, which included a victory over the Sharks. - AAP

Tahs crush Wolves The NSW Waratahs have seized control of the Australian conference with a defiant 50-29 Super Rugby victory over the Sunwolves in Tokyo. The Waratahs overcame a 15-3 penalty count in the home side’s favour to run seven tries to three and bag an all-important bonus point on Saturday at Prince Chichibu Memorial Stadium. Halfback Jake Gordon bagged a double while Wallabies five-eighth Bernard Foley continued his excellent form with the boot to slot eight from nine shots at goal for a 17-point personal haul. - AAP

Adams takes big shot There was cause for concern among Oklahoma City Thunder fans yesterday, when Steven Adams left the floor early against the Houston Rockets. With their play-off hopes on the line against the league-leading Rockets, the Thunder looked at risk of losing their big Kiwi early in the piece after he took a shot to the face from Houston’s Nene. Adams was able to return before the half-time break and helped the Thunder claim a vital 108-102 over the Western Conference’s No.1 seed. The win moves the Thunder just one away from securing a spot in the playoffs, with just two matches remaining. - NZME

Clarke to return? Former test captain Michael Clarke wants to make a cricket comeback to help Australia recover from the ball-tampering scandal. After two years in retirement, and with Australian skipper Steve Smith, opener David Warner and young gun Cameron Bancroft all serving suspensions, Clarke is offering his services free. “I would do anything to help the Australian cricket team,” he said. 37-year-old Clarke said: “Age is age. Is 17 too young? I’ve never cared about age. Brad Hogg played at 45. I’m as fit and healthy as I’ve ever been.” - AAP

Commonwealth Games 18

Ashburton Guardian

Monday, April 9, 2018

New record for Walsh Tom Walsh has regained his Commonwealth Games record with his first competitive throw on the Gold Coast. He heaved 22.45m in qualifying with his forefinger and middle finger taped on his left hand. “Only a handful of people have thrown further than that [in history] so I feel good. I’ll go to the dining room, have some food and have a sleep [before tonight].” The 26-year-old needed a minimum 19m throw, or to be in the top 12 to qualify. He was on his way home in a jiffy, his work done for the day. Walsh held the record with his first throw in qualifying at Glasgow. Gold medallist O’Dayne Richards took it off him in the final with a throw of 21.61m. Walsh is aiming to become the first New Zealand male to win a Commonwealth Games shot put title. Tonight he gets the chance to upgrade a 2014 silver to a 2018 gold. New Zealand has produced three women’s shot put champions at the event - Yvette Corlett (nee Williams), Valerie Young (nee Sloper) and Dame Valerie Adams. Among the men, Les Mills at Kingston in 1966, Courtney Ireland at Victoria in 1994 and Walsh have been runners-up. - NZME

An enforced six-month pole vault-free break has worked wonders for Olympic bronze medallist Eliza McCartney’s technique. The 21-year-old Aucklander’s trials and tribulations with a troublesome Achilles tendon have had an unexpected up-side, which McCartney hopes will reap dividends at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. McCartney will line up the women’s pole vault final on Friday as a firm favourite, and in a confident frame of mind after refining her technique while rehabilitating her Achilles. “It took a long time – well, it felt like a long time. “I had a good six months off vaulting altogether. “I didn’t pick up a pole for

Sam Webster has completed the sprint cycling double at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. The 26-year-old New Zealander beat Scotland’s Jack Carlin in the final of the men’s individual sprint at the velodrome in Brisbane, two days after winning team sprint gold with Eddie Dawkins and Ethan Mitchell. Webster achieved the same feat in Glasgow four years ago. The ride which won him gold was incredibly tight, with Webster holding on a fast-finishing Carlin to win by 0.005 seconds, and claim a 2-0 win in the three-race final. - NZME

Race walker Alana Barber has won silver in the women’s 20km race walk at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games after race leader Claire Tallent was disqualified. The Australian front-runner was disqualified just 2km from the finish after receiving her third red card. Compatriot Jemima Montag eased through to take gold in one hour 32 minutes 50 seconds, with Barber just over a minute behind. Earlier, fellow Kiwi Quentin Rew finished fifth in the men’s 20km race walk. - AAP

Pascoe collapses

Timaru’s Tom Walsh will be throwing for gold tonight.

structured defence befuddled the Kiwis and players such as captain Stacey Michelsen were unable to impose their skills often enough on the game. New Zealand play their fourth match tonight against fierce rivals Australia, and Hager said they may have been distracted by that. “Early on I thought we had enough chances,” Hager said.

“We played all right in the first quarter then we went away from everything we were trying to achieve. “We said don’t turn it into a game of two ends but we did. “Give credit to Canada, they put on some pressure and we had to make some good saves. I don’t think we started playing again until the last couple of minutes which is leaving it too late.

“I don’t know why we stopped (spreading the ball about) whether it was the frustration of not scoring goals or whatever. Good lessons. “We had to play away from their strengths and I don’t think we did that today.” Hager said the Kiwis would have to refocus for their game against Australia at the Gold Coast Hockey Centre. - NZME

McCartney raring to hit the runway By Cathy Walshe

Webster’s golden double

Barber grabs silver

Black Sticks stumble against Canada Disappointed Kiwi hockey coach Mark Hager says his team took their eyes off the ball against unfancied Canada. After a very promising start in their Commonwealth Games pool clash, New Zealand – who are ranked at four in the world – were held to a surprise nil-all draw by the 21st ranked Canadians. Canada’s strong and well-

In brief

that while time, which was really tough,” McCartney said. “You watch everybody vaulting and you sit there and think ‘I just want to pick a pole up and go and do it’. “It takes a bit of self-restraint to keep that under control.” That self-discipline has paid dividends, however, and McCartney’s approaching the Commonwealth Games with plenty of confidence. She’s recorded two of the top five vaults of the year at 4.70m and 4.75m, and cleared 4.90m last month at the Vertical Pursuit street pole vault competition in Auckland. While that clearance bettered her 4.82m New Zealand record, a slight downhill slant on the runway ruled it out of official consideration. It’s also a useful boost as she looks to counter a strong threat

from Englishwoman Holly Bradshaw, who’s also cleared 4.70m recently, and rising Australian star Nina Kennedy. McCartney said coach Jeremy McColl’s innovative approach to training and drills meant she was able to constantly work on her technique even though she was unable to actually vault. “I had time to work on things I needed to. “It paid off – my technique has come a long way since Rio.” The break has also intensified McCartney’s appreciation for competition and the freedom pole vaulting brings. “It’s a unique feeling – getting to run as fast as you can down the runway, then when the pole bends and you catch the timing right, the pole literally throws you into the air.” - AAP

Sophie Pascoe won gold, collapsed afterwards, may have broken her finger, and still satisfaction eluded her at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre. Talk about exceedingly high standards. Pascoe hit the deck and had to be helped to her feet by officials soon after clinching her 12th Paralympic and Commonwealth Games gold in the SM10 200m individual medley. She also damaged her finger on the turn which will be assessed further and may be broken. “The body obviously wasn’t responding afterwards. That’s bound to happen when you give it everything and your body is full of lactic acid,” Pascoe said of collapsing. - NZME

Patterson’s surprise exit Richie Patterson’s dream of claiming a third medal at his New Zealand record fourth Commonwealth Games came to a halt in the snatch phase of the 85kg weightlifting division. The 34-year-old entered the competition at 143kg on the Gold Coast, but failed each of his three attempts. Patterson cut a distraught figure in the corridor afterwards. He was consoled by wife Pip, who he coached to sixth in the 53kg division on Friday. - NZME

Bronze for triathletes

Eliza McCartney

New Zealand is widely known for ingenuity, for thinking outside the box. The mixed team relay lived up to that reputation at the Commonwealth Games with a shoe swifty proving pivotal in securing bronze, and breaking triathlon’s 12-year medal drought. Seven seconds separated the fourth-placed Canadians and New Zealand team comprising two veterans, Ryan Sissons and Andrea Hewitt, and two youngsters, Tayler Reid and Nicole van der Kaay. Had Sissons and Reid not worn running shoes instead of clip-ins on their bike legs to save precious time during transitions, that margin would have been much closer to the point they may have missed a medal. - NZME


Ashburton Guardian 19

Monday, April 9, 2018

In brief


Campaign not over yet La Fille En Jeu has bagged a southern stakes double and consideration will be given to giving the Wanganui mare an opportunity to complete a hat-trick. The free-going mare led all the way to win Saturday’s Listed Christchurch Casino Easter Cup (1600m) at Riccarton where two weeks ago she had claimed top honours in the Gr.3 South Island Breeders’ Stakes (1600m). “We always planned to try and get both races and we left her down here with Les and Richard Didham so it’s a big thanks to them,” said trainer Nigel Auret, who bred and races La Fille En Jeu with his wife Adaire. “There’s another race for her here in four weeks, which we might look at, but we will assess how she comes through this first.” The race in question is the


La Fille En Jeu stretches out to take the win at Riccarton. Listed Daphne Bannan Memorial Great Easter Stakes (1400m) on May 5. La Fille En Jeu, who is by Mettre En Jeu who stood at the

Aurets’ Letham Thoroughbreds operation until his recent passing, raced to a clear lead under jockey Lisa Allpress on Saturday. “Lisa said she gave her a kick

out of the gates and the mare took off and she was struggling to hold her,” Nigel Auret said. La Fille En Jeu was out on her own on straightening and she had enough in reserve to hold off Tommy Tucker, who had won the last two editions of the race, and King Pin. The other Listed feature on the Riccarton programme, the New Zealand Bloodstock Insurance Stakes (1600m), provided a thrilling finish. The Terri Rae-trained and Alysha Collett-ridden Respin prevailed by a nose from Beneficial with further noses back to Courte Zarindi and Greenpark Gem. A daughter of Power, Respin is raced by former top conditioner Jim Gibbs and his wife Ann and her black type success came off a previous maiden victory at Ashburton. - NZME

Terri Rae was quietly cursing her bad luck at Riccarton when she received a pleasant surprise. Rae was waiting in the fourth-placed stall in the birdcage, convinced her promising three-year-old filly Respin had been knocked out of the placings in a frantic finish to the NZB Insurance Stakes. Frustration turned to joy when the judge announced Respin in first by a bare nose over Beneficial. “I asked Alysha (Collett) when she came back in whether she thought she had won and she was convinced she had been swamped on the post as well.” - NZME

Highlad back to form Enigmatic stayer Highlad returned to winning form on Saturday with a heart-stopping victory in the J. Swap Te Aroha Cup (2200m). Rider Michael Coleman improved Highlad into a challenging position on the home corner before drawing clear with the well favoured Bizzwinkle as they set down to fight out the finish. Highlad eventually scored by a short head. - NZME

Christchurch dogs Today at Addington raceway

Christchurch Greyhound Racing Club at Addington Race- 1 514 Jinja Jake nwtd.................... A R J Tregurtha 6 73886 Idol Eve 17.43 .................................R Wales 10 68678 Opawa Minstrel nwtd....................... R Wales way Meeting Date: 09 Apr 2018 NZ Meeting number: 9 2 37545 Draxler 30.31 J & ............................D Fahey 7 3F652 Sozin’s Emperor 17.54 ..............J McInerney 11 3.03 SHIRLEY VET CLINIC STKS HT 4 C1q, 520m Doubles: 2 and 3; 4 and 5; 6 and 7; 8 and 9; 10 and 11; 12 3 37258 Majestic Action 30.00 S & ...............B Evans 8 75563 Goldstar Tu Puc 17.50 S & ..............B Evans 1 33344 Know Leave 30.90 .........................G Cleeve and 13; 14 and 15 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 4 47233 Lightning Crash nwtd ....................R Adcock 9 57767 Magic Velvet 17.64 ......................D Kingston 2 8x874 Forza nwtd ................................ M Robinson 10, 11 and 12; 13, 14 and 15 5 566x4 Opawa Pam nwtd ............................R Wales 10 26688 Feral Whanau 17.95 .....................M A Butler 3 16177 Eyrewell Martin 30.77 .................... H Cairns 6 52821 Dunk It 30.69 .................................... B Dann 1 12.08pm THE FITZ SPORTS BAR SPRINT C1, 295m 8 2.09pm KAISA EARTHWORKS PH 0272073323 4 33876 Goldstar Chief 30.85 S & ................B Evans 7 47645 Homebush Ragna 30.47 ...........J McInerney 1 58852 Lavarno 17.72 S & ..........................B Evans DASH C1, 295m 5 45766 Matariki 30.92 ..................................A Joyce 8 46465 Jealous Affair nwtd ....................... L Waretini 2 54278 Just James 17.43 .......................H Anderton 1 75865 Jinno Gino 17.51 ......................... J McMillan 6 33752 Allen Mack nwtd ...........................C Roberts 9 77488 Velvet Girl 30.55 ............................... B Dann 3 52114 Culvie Chairman 17.47 H & ................Taylor 2 22265 Goldstar Linkin 17.52 S & ...............B Evans 7 18173 Platonic Affair 30.83 ..................... L Waretini 4 11634 Goldstar Diesel 17.46 S &...............B Evans 5 1.18pm STEVE ANNGOW DRAPES & BLINDS PH 3 67358 Rockin’ Robyn nwtd......................... M Grant 8 88886 Opawa Sophie 30.52....................... R Wales 5 25137 Hi Ho Tonto 17.66 ...............................A Lee 0272719588 DASH C1, 295m 4 46211 Shanly Star 17.51 ..............................C Weir 9 77488 Velvet Girl 30.55 ............................... B Dann 6 55583 Sozin’s Roar 17.64 ....................J McInerney 1 57275 Homebush Ivana nwtd ..............J McInerney 5 65546 Cee Ash nwtd.................................G Cleeve 12 3.19pm ISLINGTON TAVERN DASH C1, 295m 7 66656 Zorba The Greek 17.26 ................... M Grant 2 84878 Minalinka 17.67 S & ........................B Evans 6 55444 Vasterbottenost 17.47 .........................A Lee 1 235x3 Fiery Jen 17.61 ................................ B Dann 8 34735 Snickerdoodle 17.48 ........................ B Dann 3 246x6 Hasta Luego Rama 17.51 ...............J Tanner 7 26575 Mr Black Magic nwtd S & ................B Evans 2 78565 Tilt 17.39 ...................................... L Waretini 9 57767 Magic Velvet 17.64 ......................D Kingston 4 34627 Feral Kaiaka 17.72 .......................M A Butler 8 36642 Homebush Pansy 17.69 ............J McInerney 3 45876 Kalonga 17.42 S & ..........................B Evans 10 68678 Opawa Minstrel nwtd....................... R Wales 5 35832 Idol Star 17.50.................................R Wales 9 67867 Opawa Val nwtd ..............................R Wales 4 85833 Opawa Sledge nwtd ........................ R Wales 2 12.25pm CAROL’S TAB CLENDON DASH C1, 295m 6 78574 Goldstar Bindi 17.89 S &.................B Evans 10 78588 Scissor Clip nwtd ........................B Freeman 5 64424 Goldstar Bryton nwtd S &................ B Evans 7 37887 Inky Lord 17.53 ............................S Hindson 9 2.27 SHIRLEY VET CLINIC STKS HT 3 C1q, 520m 1 56866 Goldstar Power 17.65 S &...............B Evans 6 1x74F Dyna Ulysses nwtd ......................C Roberts 8 53688 Epic Owen 17.53........................J M Jopson 2 F8837 Magic Tracey 17.42 ................... A Bradshaw 1 73777 My Bro Michael nwtd................. M Robinson 7 67442 Batty Who 17.73 M & .......................... Smith 9 85688 Goldstar Renee nwtd S & ...............B Evans 3 74668 Ana Dior 17.40 .............................C Roberts 2 1557 Jinja Ellie 31.40 ................................A Joyce 8 47458 Epic Style 17.65 .........................J M Jopson 10 45788 Billy Frost 17.61 ........................ M Dempsey 4 55465 Sweet As Brad 17.41 ................R Blackburn 3 78435 Opawa Shay 31.13..........................R Wales 9 57767 Magic Velvet 17.64 ......................D Kingston 5 38553 Dapper Danny 17.56 ................... J McMillan 6 1.36 SHIRLEY VET CLINIC STKS HT 2 C1q, 520m 4 736x3 Know Other 31.21 ..........................G Cleeve 10 78588 Scissor Clip nwtd ........................B Freeman 6 44751 Sierra Delta 17.45 S & ....................B Evans 1 83263 Twizel Storm 31.17.......................... M Grant 5 78752 Smash Rebel 30.58 ........................ M Grant 13 3.41pm AMBER CLEANING SERVICES C1, 295m 7 157 Dahteste 17.31................................. B Dann 2 47214 Black Eye Bill 31.05 .................. M Dempsey 6 55137 Goldstar Scooby 30.97 S & .............B Evans 1 81754 Mitcham Moody 17.37............... A Bradshaw 8 8x676 Smash Prince 17.66....................D Kingston 3 72677 Opawa Al 30.75...............................R Wales 7 68476 Extra Salsa nwtd S & ......................B Evans 2 56837 Sea Spray Elsa 17.47 .................B Freeman 9 67867 Opawa Val nwtd ..............................R Wales 4 3216 Go Brat 31.08..................................R Wales 8 14622 Cerrone Bale nwtd .......................C Roberts 3 56686 Idol Georgie 17.31 ............................ J Rush 10 87x8x Ghisella 17.56 S & .......................... B Evans 5 44425 Know Equal 31.03 ..........................G Cleeve 9 77488 Velvet Girl 30.55 ............................... B Dann 4 58571 Lord Protector 17.41 ........................ B Dann 6 84636 Goldstar Liberty 30.75 S & ..............B Evans 3 12.43pm MY BRO FABIO DISTANCE C1d, 645m 10 2.44 ANGLER’S ARMS TAVERN SPRINT C1, 295m 5 46232 Goldstar Scooter 17.52 S & ............B Evans 7 22371 Dyna Vernon 30.46 ......................C Roberts 1 86747 Goldstar Jagger 38.58 S &..............B Evans 1 83453 Koroibete 17.92 .................................J Dunn 6 78475 Mac Wagger 17.87 .................... M Dempsey 8 22862 Homebush Ellie 30.49 ...............J McInerney 2 36223 Goldstar Ashton 38.93 S & .............B Evans 2 28488 Bursar 17.40 ................................ K Cassidy 7 56428 Belfast Delanie 17.59 H & ...................Taylor 9 77488 Velvet Girl 30.55 ............................... B Dann 3 44746 Peekay Shout nwtd J & ...................D Fahey 8 24665 Venetia 17.53 ............................... K Cassidy 3 12578 Aroha 17.42 ..................................R Adcock 4 21424 Kia Tere 38.48 J & ...........................D Fahey 7 1.53 FOX FERRET@THE PALMS SPRINT C1, 295m 4 16522 Jinja Cody 17.65 .......................J McInerney 9 85688 Goldstar Renee nwtd S & ...............B Evans 5 62437 Goldstar Marvely 38.65 S & ............B Evans 1 87225 Smash Gator 17.79 ......................... M Grant 5 76326 Goldstar Sawyer 17.60 S & .............B Evans 10 26688 Feral Whanau 17.95 .....................M A Butler 6 14532 Translator 37.82 J & ........................D Fahey 2 32657 Verbena 17.52 .............................. K Cassidy 6 77333 Black Tori 17.49......................... A Bradshaw 14 3.57pm LITTLE BROWN JUG DASH C1, 295m 7 68778 Pirate’s Curse nwtd J & ...................D Fahey 3 7487x Leanne’s Way 17.81 ...................J M Jopson 7 28382 Distinctive Miss 17.60 ......................A Joyce 1 58736 Dime Diva 17.55..............................J Tanner 8 55545 Vicki Keeping nwtd J &....................D Fahey 4 21242 Native Scout 17.44 ........................... B Dann 8 58766 Culvie Yogi 17.38 H &..........................Taylor 2 54448 Tubby Kevie nwtd .........................C Roberts 5 62326 Smokey Action 17.49 S & ...............B Evans 9 85688 Goldstar Renee nwtd S & ...............B Evans 4 1.01 SHIRLEY VET CLINIC STKS HT 1 C1q, 520m 3 77232 My Ginger Kiss 17.80 S & ...............B Evans


Rae happy to be wrong

4 56534 Know Bias 17.75 ............................G Cleeve 5 37874 Little Snicko 17.54 .....................J McInerney 6 8857x Unfounded 17.43........................J M Jopson 7 34867 Goldstar Po nwtd S & ......................B Evans 8 47484 Coleridge Jim 17.60 M &..................... Smith Emergencies: 9 67867 Opawa Val nwtd ..............................R Wales 10 87x8x Ghisella 17.56 S & .......................... B Evans 15 4.18pm LIVAMOL DASH C1, 295m 1 47556 Poetik 17.59 S & .............................B Evans 2 23214 Call Me Flo 17.52 ..................... A Botherway 3 28783 Gordy Junior 17.51 ....................J M Jopson 4 71885 Tikao Jackie 17.63 M & ....................... Smith 5 58x63 Opawa Spirit nwtd ...........................R Wales 6 37354 Cold Affair 17.84 .......................... L Waretini 7 45748 Goldstar Spotty nwtd S & ................B Evans 8 27445 Homebush Hazel 17.52.............J McInerney 9 57767 Magic Velvet 17.64 ......................D Kingston 10 45788 Billy Frost 17.61 ........................ M Dempsey SELECTIONS

Race 1: Lavarno, Culvie Chairman, Snickerdoodle, Hi Ho Tonto Race 2: Dahteste, Ana Dior, Sierra Delta, Dapper Danny Race 3: Translator, Goldstar Ashton, Peekay Shout, Vicki Keeping Race 4: Lightning Crash, Draxler, Majestic Action, Opawa Pam Race 5: Idol Star, Minalinka, Feral Kaiaka, Goldstar Bindi Race 6: Dyna Vernon, Go Brat, Twizel Storm, Homebush Ellie Race 7: Native Scout, Verbena, Smokey Action, Sozin’s Emperor Race 8: Shanly Star, Goldstar Linkin, Rockin’ Robyn Race 9: Cerrone Bale, Opawa Shay, Goldstar Scooby Race 10: Koroibete, Jinja Cody, Aroha, Distinctive Miss Race 11: Eyrewell Martin, Allen Mack, Platonic Affair, Velvet Girl Race 12: Fiery Jen, Batty Who, Opawa Sledge, Goldstar Bryton Race 13: Mitcham Moody, Sea Spray Elsa, Belfast Delanie Race 14: My Ginger Kiss, Tubby Kevie, Little Snicko, Know Bias Race 15: Call Me Flo, Poetik, Opawa Spirit, Homebush Hazel LEGEND: fsdt - First Start Here nwd - No Win this Distance fstd - First Start This Distance 31 13 - Best Winning Time This Track

Palmerston North dogs Today at Manawatu Raceway

Palmerston North Greyhound Racing Club (2014) Incorpo- 6 41184 Bigtime Emma 21.86..........................L Cole rated Venue: Manawatu Raceway Meeting Date: 9 Apr 2018 7 61616 Bigtime Spark nwtd ............................L Cole NZ Meeting number: 3 Doubles: 2 and 3; 4 and 5; 6 and 7; 8 8 43232 Little Scamp 21.86 ....................... D Denbee and 9; 10 and 11; 12 and 13; 14 and 15 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 9 88173 Bigtime Kylie 21.56 ............................L Cole 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 10, 11 and 12; 13, 14 and 15 10 77x17 Bigtime OnFire 21.68 .........................L Cole 1 1.10pm (NZT) FORMPRO RATINGS FREE EVERY 4 2.02 AFFORDABLE PET ACCESSORIES C4, 375m MONDAY C0 C0, 375m 1 21688 Bigtime Bev 21.91 ..............................L Cole 1 73226 Indignant nwtd.............................A Turnwald 2 4617x Americano 21.54 G &............. S Fredrickson 2 72521 Bigtime Panther nwtd .........................L Cole 3 17677 Hard Merch 21.45 G & ........... S Fredrickson 3 47 Bigtime Lucy nwtd ..............................L Cole 4 11711 Opawa Lyon 21.72 ............................. N Udy 4 46x33 He’s A Sharkie nwtd ................. K Gommans 5 31777 Bigtime Jason 21.54 ..........................L Cole 5 44382 Cawbourne Rob nwtd .............. K Gommans 6 47511 Daisy Lara 21.49 ................................L Cole 6 54242 Bigtime Charlie nwtd ..................... M Gowan 7 21658 Sozin’s Noir nwtd ......................J McInerney 7 85343 Cawbourne Zayne nwtd J & ................D Bell 8 56731 Bigtime George 21.35 ........................L Cole 8 43552 Smiling Sid nwtd ..............................S Stone 9 28545 Hypocritical 21.46 ........................M Roberts 9 68258 Cawbourne Chops nwtd........... K Gommans 5 2.20pm USE PETRAVELLER.COM.AU C4/5, 375m 10 55553 Bigtime Maci nwtd ..............................L Cole 1 73178 NippaOfSambucca nwtd ...........J McInerney 2 1.27pm GREYHOUNDS AS PETS C2 C2, 375m 2 1336x Bigtime Thinker 21.52 ........................L Cole 1 11167 Bigtime Steve 21.56 ...........................L Cole 3 65242 Bigtime Blue 21.54 .............................L Cole 2 22137 Opehu Express 21.89 ......................R Waite 4 32414 Bigtime Blackie 21.07 ........................L Cole 3 31426 Winevara 21.59 ..........................B Goldsack 5 47221 Mila Mila 21.82 ............................A Turnwald 4 54145 Not Shackley nwtd ............................. N Udy 6 86177 Bear Inda Square 21.31 .....................L Cole 5 75541 Lucha 21.83 ......................................D Edlin 7 53521 Cawbourne Mezza 21.40 .............M Roberts 6 43443 Cawbourne Owen 21.69 .......... K Gommans 8 51316 Bigtime Sugar 21.38 ..........................L Cole 7 34353 Tiger Uppercut 21.84 .......................... L Bell 9 28545 Hypocritical 21.46 ........................M Roberts 8 44142 Thrilling Eddie 22.16 J & .....................D Bell 6 2.38pm PAUL CLARIDGE ELECTRICAL C2, 410m 9 38146 Cawbourne Looks 21.46 J & ...............D Bell 1 46324 Mahala Bay nwtd H &........................ Woods 10 16564 Opawa Harry 21.63 ...........................M Flipp 2 17482 Thrilling Stan nwtd ............................D Edlin 3 1.45pm J P PRINT, PETONE C3 C3, 375m 3 11573 Avedon Film nwtd..............................M Flipp 1 12731 Uno Eleven nwtd ................................ N Udy 4 86454 King’s Call nwtd................................R Waite 2 21617 Cawbourne Web 21.87 J & .................D Bell 5 2888x Midsomer Magic nwtd ..............E Duganzich 3 25144 Cawbourne Symsy 21.68 J &..............D Bell 6 33114 Bigtime Wendle nwtd .........................L Cole 4 23272 Kirkham Coby 21.54 .......................C Morris 7 14652 Bigtime Chloe nwtd ............................L Cole 5 13671 Three Amigos nwtd ......................M Roberts 8 31358 Bigtime Lady nwtd..............................L Cole

9 75278 Bigtime Joshy nwtd ............................L Cole 10 35482 Bigtime Talker 26.27 ...........................L Cole 10 15738 Making It Up 23.75 ..........................C Morris 10 3.49 STEVE THE AUCTIONEER DAVIS C2/3, 457m 7 2.55 PERSONAL PROTECTIVE SERVICES C1, 457m 1 44442 Bigtime Flyer 26.04 ............................L Cole 1 35364 Gunnar Blueblood 26.45 ...........J McInerney 2 66666 Bigtime Lily 25.91...............................L Cole 2 44458 Magic Latte 25.94 G & ........... S Fredrickson 3 45511 Bigtime Brucie 26.16 ..........................L Cole 3 35723 Cawbourne Assist nwtd ...............M Roberts 4 16857 Bigtime Liam 25.97 ............................L Cole 4 22523 Thrilling Rory nwtd ......................A Turnwald 5 74627 Bigtime Donny 25.78..........................L Cole 6 73317 Bigtime Monty 26.10 ..........................L Cole 5 22316 Barge Bale nwtd...........................M Roberts 7 21166 Eye Kno 26.34 H & ........................... Woods 6 25344 Mischief Viking 25.95 ......................... N Udy 8 13525 Bigtime Zack 26.25 ............................L Cole 7 86647 Bonus Lotto 26.72 ...........................L Doody 9 64555 Oity Allen nwtd .............................M Roberts 8 16265 Go Bliss nwtd ..................................... N Udy 9 35x83 Bigtime Sam 26.08 G & ......... S Fredrickson 10 21736 Mija Sydney nwtd ........................A Turnwald 10 55683 Toki Girl 26.45 .............................. D Denbee 11 4.07pm ADRIAN CLARK BLOODSTOCK CONSUL8 3.12pm IONLYFLYFIRSTCLASS.COM C1 C1, 457m TANT C4/5 C4/5, 457m 1 67571 Bigtime Vanessa 26.05 ......................L Cole 1 64236 Idol Jazz nwtd .................................... N Udy 2 28711 Five Eyes 26.09 ........................... D Denbee 2 28756 Yella Ella nwtd .............................A Turnwald 3 43152 Bigtime Forest 26.21 ..........................L Cole 3 44562 Opawa Mine nwtd .............................. N Udy 4 37742 Bigtime Doug 25.93 ...........................L Cole 4 54283 Bigtime Rosie 26.49 G &........ S Fredrickson 5 12185 Bigtime Power 26.15 G & ....... S Fredrickson 5 65652 Mister Ebby 26.09 .......................A Turnwald 6 18713 Arden Emgrand 26.17 .................A Turnwald 6 63471 All Black Star 26.45..................E Duganzich 7 25P33 Bigtime Eve 25.93 ..............................L Cole 7 77412 Cawbourne Zulu 26.61.................M Roberts 8 68671 Spare Some Time 25.95 ....................L Cole 8 57175 Go Mark nwtd..................................... N Udy 9 72376 Bigtime Rise 26.12 .............................L Cole 9 76823 Cawbourne Ridge 26.47 J & ...............D Bell 10 87545 Bigtime Redo 26.20 G & ........ S Fredrickson 12 4.27pm M&M MASTER BUTCHERS C4/5, 457m 9 3.27pm OUTBACK TRADING COMPANY C2, 457m 1 62243 Bigtime Caleb 26.04...........................L Cole 1 x3112 Argus Filch 26.14 ........................A Turnwald 2 14723 Bigtime Mia 26.09 ..............................L Cole 2 21111 Cawbourne Krusty 26.36 .............M Roberts 3 68144 Bigtime JayJay 26.05 .........................L Cole 3 11623 All About Space 26.04 .............E Duganzich 4 35123 Bigtime Levi 25.79..............................L Cole 4 77136 Bigtime Wild nwtd G & ........... S Fredrickson 5 44327 No Time Toulouse 26.19 ....................L Cole 5 72346 Bigtime Clyde 26.38 ...........................L Cole 6 16118 Bigtime Tears 25.87 ...........................L Cole 6 66316 Cawbourne Taber nwtd ................M Roberts 7 11136 Fusion Cronulla 25.81 .................A Turnwald 7 52211 Cawbourne Taylor 26.42 ..............M Roberts 8 15251 Bigtime Bucko 26.15 ..........................L Cole 8 16433 Ocean Gambler nwtd ..................A Turnwald 9 72376 Bigtime Rise 26.12 .............................L Cole 9 16475 Caveman Sam 25.88 ..................B Hodgson 13 4.42pm BROOKS TIMING C1 C1, 410m

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

18465 Opawa Bucks 23.59 .........................R Waite 36552 Rubbed Out nwtd ........................B Hodgson 45522 Idol Alan nwtd ...................................M Flipp 57423 Banshee Reel nwtd ..........................R Waite 57543 Gray Bale nwtd.............................M Roberts 71467 Bigtime Jacob nwtd ............................L Cole 1647 Bigtime Alldone nwtd .........................L Cole 72856 Cawbourne Serina nwtd............... T Downey 54477 Lissadell Marcus nwtd................... D Donlon 77554 Charlie Bo Bo nwtd .....................B Hodgson 14 5.06pm TAB FIXED ODDS C1 C1, 375m 1 42144 Hungry Machine nwtd .....................L Doody 2 x2441 Smash Charger nwtd .................... M Gowan 3 28325 White Comet 22.29 ....................... D Donlon 4 337FF Mark Be Good nwtd ........................C Morris 5 22784 Cawbourne Lick 21.86 J & ..................D Bell 6 76233 Culvie Den 21.81 ................................ L Bell 7 33623 Jelani 22.00.......................................D Edlin 8 73111 Bigtime Roll nwtd ...............................L Cole 9 55581 Mitsuta 21.83 ....................................D Edlin 10 47535 Celestial Action nwtd................ K Gommans 15 5.26 TAB SUPPORTS GREYHOUNDS C1, 375m 1 73441 Kinetic Shadow 22.15 ......................... L Bell 2 78571 Jinja Loren nwtd G R & ................... S Voyce 3 8x743 Umbreon Bale nwtd ........................L Doody 4 46115 Bigtime Autumn 21.90 ........................L Cole 5 22472 Thrilling Rocky nwtd J &......................D Bell 6 83222 Roketto nwtd .....................................D Edlin 7 12683 Bigtime Twinkle 21.99 ........................L Cole 8 43522 Azandei nwtd ....................................D Edlin 9 47627 Bigtime Kaea nwtd J & ........................D Bell 10 44825 Don’t Muzzle Me 21.50 ..............B Goldsack LEGEND: fsdt - First Start Here nwd - No Win this Distance fstd - First Start This Distance 31 13 - Best Winning Time This Track

Sport 20 Ashburton Guardian


Monday, April 9, 2018



Warriors make it five The Warriors have continued their stunning opening to the NRL season, quelling a North Queensland fightback to win 22-12 in Auckland. Down 18-0 late in the first half, the Cowboys clawed their way back to within eight points midway through the second spell before falling to their fourth defeat in a row. “It was a real tough contest out there,” Warriors coach Stephen Kearney said. “We came up against a very committed footy team and I think they had something like 95 per cent completion with about 10 or 15 minutes to go. “It took us a lot to get over the tryline, particularly in that second half.” The Warriors are 5-0 in the club’s best start to a campaign, staying with St George Illawarra as the competition’s only unbeaten teams. Unfancied by many pundits at the beginning of the 2018 season, they are firming as favourites to make their first finals appearance since 2011. They again demonstrated their new-found defensive resilience on Saturday night against last year’s grand finalists. They also had plenty of hardrunning from their outside backs, with David Fusitu’a, Peta Hiku, Solomone Kata and Ken Maumalo all racking up more than 120 metres,

Solomone Kata Maumalo leading the way with 159m. Fusitu’a grabbed two tries to take his season tally to seven. Halfback Shaun Johnson, who landed all five shots at goal, showed little effects of the groin injury that sidelined him from last weekend’s win over the Sydney Roosters. Cowboys coach Paul Green believed his side were improving, although he conceded they were lacking a bit of confidence. “We need to work a little bit harder but, again, there was an improvement there,” he said.

Daily Events MONDAY 6am ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Sweaty Bettys circuit training in hall, 48 Allens Road. 10am MT HUTT MEMORIAL HALL. NZ Alpine and Agriculture Encounter, Art Gallery and hall of memories. 160 Main Street, Methven. 10am - 3pm AGE CONCERN, 206 CLUB. Fun fill days for 60 years and older, for more information ring 308-6817.

TUESDAY 9.30am ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Walking group meets outside church. 48 Allens Road. 9.30am ASHBURTON COMBINED FRIENDSHIP CLUB. Meeting with guest speaker, visitors welcome. Senior Centre, Cameron Street. 10am M.S.A. TAI CHI. Exercises and Tai Chi for arthritis. M.S.A. Social Hall, Havelock Street. (excludes school and public holidays). 10am NEWCOMERS SOCIAL GROUP. Coffee morning for new people to the area. Nosh Cafe, Ashford Village, West St. 10am MT HUTT MEMORIAL HALL. NZ Alpine and Agriculture Encounter, Art Gallery and hall of memories. 160 Main Street, Methven.

“I thought throughout most of the second half, we were the better side.” But he said the Cowboys were undone by a couple of soft tries early. “Just the pressure we are putting on ourselves by conceding tries early is probably the worst part of it at the moment,” he said. In front of 25,600 fans, the Warriors scored after just five minutes through Maumalo’s leaping touchdown, before Fusitu’a followed up with a double on the other flank. Fusitu’a’s first came from a superb Johnson pass, before some slick passing set up his second. North Queensland finally scored close to halftime, with winger Kyle Feldt producing an acrobatic putdown. The Cowboys continued to ask questions through the second half, and fullback Ben Hampton eventually found the tryline in the 60th minute. Star half Johnathan Thurston, who had helped set up the try, landed his second sideline conversion to close the gap to eight. However, Johnson had the final say, kicking a late penalty goal. Meanwhile, Kiwi crowd favourite Benji Marshall showed he’s still a match winner in the early game of the Mt Smart double header. With the score deadlocked at 10-10, the 33-year-old playmaker coolly slotted the late field goal to ice a one-point win. - AAP

April 9 & 10, 2018 Cameron Street. (excludes public holidays). 12pm - 1pm ASHBURTON BAPTIST CHURCH. A Free lunch. Ashburton Baptist Church, entry off Cass Street. 1pm - 3pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. A great selection of many aircraft from the past to the future. Seafield Road. 1pm - 4pm ASHBURTON DISTRICT FAMILY HISTORY GROUP. Open for research. Heritage Centre, 327 West Street.

6pm BOOTCAMP. Catering for all levels of fitness. Walnut Avenue Pavilion. Contact Georgia 0276888686 or Aleisha 0278489309. 6pm ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Sweaty Bettys circuit training in hall, 48 Allens Road. 7.30pm CATHOLIC WOMENS LEAGUE. Euchre evening, new players welcome. Holy Name Pastoral Centre, Cnr Winter Street and Burnett Street. (every Monday, excludes public holidays).

10am - 3pm AGE CONCERN, 206 CLUB. Fun filled days for over 60years, for more information ring 308-6817. Cameron Street. 10.30am AGE CONCERN, SAYGO EXERCISES. METHVEN- Gentle exercises for muscle strength and balance in a friendly supportive environment. All Saints Church, 1 Chapman Street, Methven. 1pm ASHBURTON MSA PETANQUE CLUB. Social games, new members welcome. 115 Racecourse Road. 1pm R.S.A. INDOOR BOWLS. Weekly social indoor bowls. Linton Lounge, R.S.A. Cox Street. 1pm R.S.A. INDOOR BOWLS. Weekly social indoor bowls. Linton lounge, R.S.A. Cox Street. 1pm AGE CONCERN, SAYGO EXERCISES.

RAKAIA - Gentle exercises for muscle strength and balance in a friendly supportive environment. Presbyterian Church, Bridge Street, Rakaia. 1pm - 3pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. A great selection of many aircraft from the past to the future, Seafield Road . 6pm INTEGRATIVE YOGA. Weekly yoga classes. Senior Centre, Cameron Street. 6pm - 7.30pm RUN AND WALK ASHBURTON. Sprint Session, visit Run and Walk Ashburton facebook page for more details. Meet Walnut Avenue Pavilion, Ashburton Domain. 7pm - 9pm MID CANTERBURY BADMINTON CLUB. All ages and abilities welcome, racquets available. E A Network Centre Stadium, 20 River Terrace.

SUN CONTROL WINDOW TINTING. Quality window films for privacy, UV (fading), heat, safety and security. For cars, homes and offices. Phone Craig Rogers 307 6347 or 0800 TINTER. Facebook. Member of Master Tinters NZ.






WHEEL alignments at great prices. Maximise the life of your tyres with an alignment from Neumanns Tyre Services Ltd, 197 Wills Street. Phone 308-6737. GENERAL hire. Lawnmowers, chainsaws, concrete breakers, trailers, and more. All your DIY / party hire, call and see Ashburton U-Hire. 588 East Street. Open MonFri 7.00 - 6.00pm; Sat 7.30am - 5.00pm; Sunday 8.30am 3.00pm. – Ph: 308 8061

AMSOIL SYNTHETIC LUBRICANTS - All oils, greases, fuel additives, filters, antifreeze, car polish, V & L cleaner, tyre cleaner, rust bust, rain clear, engine cleaner and more. Call local distributor: Veehof phone 302 HEALTH & BEAUTY 2911. SHELLY – health massage. Open 9am - 9pm. Chinese PUBLIC NOTICES girl. Ashburton. Phone 022 684 1692. Ashburton Ostomy Society Inc

ANNALISE in town today. Please phone 021 0288 5241. NEW to town. Asian lady, sexy body, size 8. Good service. Friendly. One week only. In/out calls. Phone 021 046 4314. NEW to town. Beautiful Asian. Hot, slim, sexy, curvy, busty, DD. Friendly, playful. Good massage. Phone 021 024 39513.

Birthday Greetings

AGM Will be held at 2pm Wednesday, April 18 at The Savage Club rooms, cnr Cox and Williams Streets.

Charli Bird Happy 7th Birthday Sweetheart. All our love from Nana, Grandad and the family.

D Blincoe, President

Main South Road, Tinwald, Ashburton 03 307 9028

VIDEOS – Rediscover your special memories trapped in your VHS. Convert them onto a DVD at The Photo Shop, The Arcade. Phone 03 307 7595.

Birthday Greetings are free for those aged 12 and under only. Free birthday greetings must be received at least two working days before date of insertion otherwise there is no guarantee that it will appear on the day requested. Photos will be available at our level 3 office for collection after notice has appeared in the paper.

Advertise a Classified for only $10 Date Published .....................................................................................................

30 words for $10*

Tick box for your classification

015 - Accommodation / Rental 029 - Adult Entertainment 016 - Auction Sales 017 - Boats / Accessories 018 - Business Notices 019 - Business Wanted / Sell 021 - Caravans / Trailers 024 - Cinema 025 - Education 027 - Entertainment 030 - Finance 013 - Florists

032 - For Sale 034 - Gardening 038 - Grazing 080 - Health & Beauty 039 - Hire 040 - Holiday Accommodation 041 - Let or Lease 050 - Livestock / Pets 042 - Lost and Found 046 - Motoring 047 - Motorcycles 048 - Musical

049 - Personal 051 - Plants / Produce 057 - Rural Trading Post 059 - Situations Wanted 063 - Sport 064 - Sporting Notices 065 - Tenders 066 - Travel 067 - Trades / Services 070 - Wanted * T&C’s apply.

Not for publication

I hereby authorise publication of the above information on behalf of the organisation concerned. Name ................................................................................................................................. (Block letters)

Address ............................................................................................................................. Contact phs .............................................(day) ...................................................(evenings) Email ................................................................................................................................. Signature ...................................................................................................................................

Clip this form, fill in the applicable details and hand in to our LEVEL 3 office on Burnett Street.

Puzzles Puzzles and horoscopes

Cryptic crossword

Monday, April 9, 2018

Simon Shuker’s Code Cracker


Your Stars


Insert the missing letter to complete an eight-letter word reading clockwise or anti-clockwise.

How many words of three or more letters, including plurals, can you make from the five letters, using each letter only once? No foreign words or words beginning with a capital are allowed. There is at least one fiveletter word.

Quick crossword 1







8 9

Previous cryptic solution

Across 1. Hoodwinking 7. Precise 9. Over 11. Cadet 12. Plural 14. Permutation 18. Treaty 20. Meant 22. Ream 23. Earring 24. Centrifugal Down 2. Overdue 3. Idem 4. Never 8 5. Spice 6.7Grill 9 8. Intimate 10. Old-timer 13. Sty 2 15. Ocarina 16. Storm 17. Stage 19. Erase 21. Peri


TODAY’S GOALS: Good – 8 Excellent – 11 Amazing – 14

Previous solution: OVULATES 11


6 1 Across 1. Patriotism 7. Altar 3 8. Subdues 10. Disciple 7 18. Spaceman 3 11. Weir 13. Degree 15. Desert 17. Epic 21. Startle 22. Abuts 23. Dehydrated 1 2 3 Down 1. Paths 2. Termites 3. Insole 4. Tuba 5. Squeeze 7 Penchant 14.3Grimace 2 6. Candidness 9. Scrutinise 12. 1 16. Appear 19. Mound 20. Stay

15 16


18 9/4

Previous solution: age, ager, agree, are, areg, eager, eagre, ear, era, ere, erg, gar, gear, gee, rag, rage.

19 20


ACROSS 1. Whittle (4) 3. Becomes emotional (colloq) (6,2) 9. Dependent (7) 10. Exterior (5) 11. The art of building (12) 13. Beginner (6) 15. To this writing or document (6) 17. Uprising (12) 20. School punishment (5) 21. Funeral procession (7) 22. Depicts (8) 23. Molecule (4)



8 6

Previous quick solution

12 13



DOWN 1. Relates to (8) 2. Outdated object (5) 4. A batsman, in baseball (6) 5. Be aware of the facts (4,3,5) 6. Release (3,4) 7. Untainted (4) 8. Pleasure craft (5,7) 12. Ray of reflected light (8) 14. Wine seller (7) 16. Difficult (6) 18. Incompetent (5) 19. Applaud (4)

Fill the grid so that every column, every row and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.


6 1 4 5 2 9 7 8 1 9




4 5 3 7 1 7 6 3 6 6 2 5


3 6 5 4

7 2 6

4 4 8

9 3 8 6 4 2 7 5 1

4 2 6 1 5 7 8 3 9

6 5 7 3 2 9 1 4 8

3 1 9 4 8 6 5 7 2

2 8 4 7 1 5 9 6 3

8 9 5 2 7 3 6 1 4

7 4 3 8 6 1 2 9 5

1 6 2 5 9 4 3 8 7

9 6


1 8 7 1 9 3 1 3 9 2


5 7 1 9 3 8 4 2 6


4 7 1 2 8 9 3 5 6


ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 19): The stakes increase, both for failure and for success. It’s not a reason to back off. If anything, this is the moment to step up and take on even more responsibility. TAURUS (Apr 20-May 20): Asking for things takes courage. Sometimes you ask with your words, but more often you ask with your spirit, your expectations and your ideas about what you can handle and what you deserve. GEMINI (May 21-Jun 21): Tom Petty suggested that the waiting is the hardest part. But the pain of waiting is nothing next to the pain of regret. Remember this today when something is taking its sweet time to get to you. CANCER (Jun 22-Jul 22): Age isn’t everything, but it isn’t nothing, either. Your awareness of where you are chronologically will enrich you today. Whatever your age, you can do things you couldn’t at other times of life. Beautiful. LEO (Jul 23-Aug 22): Your imagination is your playground, where you stretch, toy around and get silly. Other times, such as today, imagination is your gym, where you work out the reps to get strong and ready to face a challenge. VIRGO (Aug 23-Sep 22): Your reality is coming into being with all the choices you are making today, plus some wildcards that get thrown into the mix. A prescient image will pop to mind tonight. LIBRA (Sep 23-Oct 23): Things that you thought were fixed – biology, laws, age-old rules – will be more malleable than you believed. Social and environmental factors will influence what you thought to be an unchangeable fact of life. SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 21): You’ve been the big fish in a small pond, and it felt pretty great. You’re not in that pond anymore, and there are actual sharks around. This is exciting and pretty great, too, but stay alert and swim fast. SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21): Meeting new people will release a flood of intuition in you pertaining to current and future endeavours. You’ll be able to apply these inexplicable insights over the next several days. CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19): The ones who sign up to help people don’t always realise what this will entail. They are not always equipped or responsible enough for the role. You realise this and try to fill in the gaps where you can. AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18): Some gifts are not intended as such. They earn their status as “gifts” only in the manner in which they are received. Today people will give gifts to you without knowing that’s what they are doing. PISCES (Feb 19-Mar 20): There’s no question this is precarious business. The risk-averse see the slip-and-fall inevitability of a slippery slope. The risk-inclined see a slalom run and the potential for glory and gold. What do you see?

ACROSS 7. Caption ‘Arrest’ incorrectly to defer things (13) 8. Drain go wrong? End of sink not making intricate tie (7,4) 12. Nakedness: its debt is death (6) 14. Quite a feast – it will make one grow larger (6) 16. Was inquisitive about cheer-leader having a sale ticket (6) 18. Show how amiss one feels it taking a restraint (6) 19. One whose spirit is moved to put pen to paper? (5,6) 23. Newspapers rue change to indicate where thumb may stop flow (8,5) DOWN 1. Ornamental fastening found under horse’s hoof (4) 2. Steep, bare place showing where one was hurt (4) 3. It ridicules folly as rite is sorted out (6) 4. Puts up with the accommodation for spectators (6) 5. Soon, or immediately who wrote it is not known (4) 6. Don’t make the correction in haste: think! (4) 9. Bird so upset at head of table is wealthy (7) 10. Bowling is expected – it’s late (7) 11. Nothing to do that is about five hundred pounds (4) 12. Part of the pancreas turns up at the back of the neck (4) 13. Eggs of a sort, deer of another sort (3) 15. Knock up the number of strokes allowed for the hole (3) 17. A circuitous route one may take, having toured around (6) 18. Exchange of goods will preclude a half of butter (6) 19. Pierce the triangular piece that’s let in (4) 20. Drying kiln as used in occupational therapy (4) 21. Graft was successful to sanction (4) 22. Having telephoned, gets a step up the ladder (4)

Ashburton Guardian

3 5 8 6 4 7 2 9 1

9 2 6 5 3 1 7 8 4

1 4 5 7 2 8 6 3 9

7 8 3 1 9 6 5 4 2

2 6 9 4 5 3 1 7 8

5 3 4 8 1 2 9 6 7

8 1 7 9 6 5 4 2 3

6 9 2 3 7 4 8 1 5


1 8 3 4

3 4 4 9 9 6 5 PREVIOUS 6 5SOLUTIONS 9 7 5 8 6 2 7 3 9 74 1 6 3 4 2 3 9 1 53 6 7 6 8 9 7 1 8 6 4 5 2 3 8 2 7 9 3 4 9 7 8 6 1 5 2 8 5 7 54 2 19 3 9 6 6 5 9 7 8 4 3 152 3 9 9 7 648 85 3 2 4 51 1 1 9 5 6 4 8 2 3 7 13 4 1 6 9 7 8 86 5 2 2

2 4 5 9 8 7 3 6 1

7 8 9 1 3 6 5 4 2

3 6 1 4 2 5 7 8 9

4 5 2 7 1 8 9 3 6

6 1 8 3 5 9 4 2 7

9 3 7 2 6 4 1 5 8

8 9 4 6 7 3 2 1 5

1 7 6 5 4 2 8 9 3

5 2 3 8 9 1 6 7 4


Family Notices 22 Ashburton Guardian DEATHS
















TOMORROW: Rain, heavy morning, easing afternoon. Strong SW.




TODAY: Overcast with a few showers, rain at night. SE.




Ashburton Forecast

Wa i m a ka r i r i



Map for today

Monday, April 9, 2018






WEDNESDAY: Showers, easing evening. Strong southerly easing.





MIDDLETON, Alan Joseph, THURSDAY: Cloudy periods, a few ASHBURTON Ra ka (Midd) – ia 12 showers. N breezes, SW later. On April 7, 2018 peacefully MAX 11 OVERNIGHT MIN 4 at home, Ashburton. Aged Ash bur to 55 years. Husband and best MID CANTERBURY Geraldine n FUNERAL SERVICES Midnight Tonight friend of Debbie and best mate and dad of Jason and Arlene, Ra n Galbraith’s provide choice! Paul and Tom, Emily and gitata We have a team of highly respected, professional funeral directors and Galbraith’s Jake, the late Ethan, and Pippi celebrants. We offer you complete funeral care including pre-arrangement, and your choice of venue, funeral celebrants and catering. dog. Best grandad of Eliza, provide choice! We believe that every life is unique and every person’s funeral needs to Phoebe, Ryleigh, Hunter, and TIMARU reflect their individuality - ask us how we can be of assistance to you and Call us on Sophie dog. Special thanks your family. 12 Call us on 308 3980 SUN PROTECTION ALERT to the District Nurses, Dr 308 and visit 3980 our new premises at Wootton, and the Palliativeor call in 246 Havelock Street or call in and visit Care Team. Messages to the :45 :15 AM PM Please note all late death Middleton Family, PO Box our new premises at PROTECTION REQUIRED notices or notices sent 472, Ashburton 7740. In lieu Eion McKinnon Rob Cope-Williams Even on cloudy days outside ordinary office hours of flowers donations to the Data provided by NIWA 246 Havelock must be emailed to: Cancer Society and Hospice Waimate Street Mid Canterbury would be Wind km/h Monday, 9 April 2018 NZ Situation to ensure publication. appreciated and may be leftOfficial Opening 18 Feb - 9am til 4pm less than 30 A ridge of high pressure over central New Zealand at the service. A service to FUNERAL To place a notice during fine mainly isolated cloudy drizzle drizzle few showers retreats to the northern Tasman Sea, while a couple of office hours please contact celebrate Alan’s life will be fine showers clearing showers held at the Ashburton Club FURNISHERS us on 03 307 7900 30 to 59 weakening fronts over the South Island move up onto and MSA, Havelock Streets, for more information MASTER the North Island. A cold strong southerly flow affects Ashburton on Thursday, fog isolated snow sleet thunder rain snow hail 60 plus Any queries New Zealand tomorrow as a complex low slowly April 12, commencing at MONUMENTAL MASON thunder flurries please contact 1.30pm. Followed by private moves over the North Island. E.B. CARTER LTD 0800 cremation at the Ashburton For all your memorial overnight ASHBURTON Crematorium. Canterbury Plains NZ Today Canterbury High Country max low requirements (0800-274-287)

FERGUSON, Noline Vilma – Loved wife of Jim, mother of Robyn and the late Stephanie, sister of Lucelle. Passed away March 27, 2018 at Terrace View Retirement Village, Tinwald. At Noline’s request a private cremation and burial has been held. Any correspondence to Robyn and Tony Robb and family, 20 Tonkin Place, Buckland RD2 Pukekohe, Auckland 2677.

Ashburton, Geraldine, Temuka & Surrounding Districts since 1905

10 – 2


Paterson’s Funeral Services FDANZ Ashburton Ph 307 7433

Canterbury owned, locally operated

Patersons Funeral Services and Ashburton Crematorium Ltd Office and Chapel Corner East & Cox Streets, Ashburton

Ph 307 7433

MIDDLETON, Alan Joseph – On April 7, 2018. Dearly loved son of Julie and the late Errol. Loved brother and brother-inlaw of David, Christine and Shaun Weaver, and Craig. Loved uncle of all his nieces and nephews. May the road rise to meet you May the wind be always at your back And until we meet again, meet again May God hold you in the palm of his hand

Managing Director

New headstones and designs Renovations, Additional inscriptions, Cleaning and Concrete work Carried out by qualified tradesmen.

620 East Street Ashburton Ph/Fax 308 5369 or 0274 357 974 NZMMMA Member


TODAYFZL: 2400m, lowering to 1400m, to 500m overnight

Extensive high cloud. Isolated showers until evening, then rain setting in with snow down to 1000m. Wind at 1000m: Light, but SE 45 km/h at night. Wind at 2000m: Mainly light, but SE gale 65 km/h at night.

Overcast. Showers turning to rain in the evening as southerlies tend strong southeast, with heavy falls about the foothills and snow to 400 metres.



Rain, possibly heavy with snow to 400m, then becoming scattered in the afternoon. Southwesterlies, strong about the coast.


Showers, some possibly heavy with snow down to 600 metres, easing in the evening. Strong or gale southerlies gradually easing.


Snow showers, clearing at night. Strong or gale southerlies easing.



Cloud increasing. Scattered rain first then a few showers. N, changing SW later.

Cloud increasing, scattered rain later with snow down to 1000m. Strong or gale NW.



Fine spells, a few coastal showers. SW.

World Weather

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fine fine fine fine fine showers fine thunder fine showers thunder fine fine fine cloudy

FZL: 500m, 300m for a time at first

Snow showers easing, and clearing south of Lewis Pass early afternoon. Wind at 1000m: SE 50 km/h at first, easing to S 40 km/h. Wind at 2000m: S gale 65 km/h.

Fine spells, a few showers possible. SW.

m am 3 3


9 noon 3


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17 8 22 7 18 24 16 25 10 25 26 20 25 6 6

fine cloudy showers fine showers thunder cloudy fine thunder rain fine rain fine fine thunder

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8 8 13 19 21 16 25 13 23 9 13 6 16 3 24

New York Paris Perth Rarotonga Rome San Francisco Seoul Singapore Stockholm Sydney Taipei Tel Aviv Tokyo Washington Zurich

9 pm am 3


Tuesday 9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


fine showers showers showers rain fine cloudy thunder rain fine cloudy showers fine cloudy showers

9 pm


We Help Save Lives

4:51 11:04 5:08 11:25 5:43 11:51 5:57 12:12 6:28 12:35 6:41 The times shown are for the Ashburton River mouth. For the Rangitata river mouth subtract 16 minutes and for the Rakaia river mouth subtract 4 minutes.

Rise 6:59 am Set 6:10 pm


We help save lives every day through the research and development of improved diagnosis, beer prediction and treatment of heart disease in our hospital and community.

Bad fishing

Set 2:41 pm

New moon

16 Apr 1:59 pm ©Copyright OceanFun Publishing Ltd.

A University of Otago Centre of Research Excellence


few showers



Rise 7:00 am Set 6:08 pm


Rise 7:01 am Set 6:06 pm

Bad fishing


Rise 12:25 am Set 3:20 pm

First quarter

23 Apr 9:47 am

8 18 24 30 18 19 15 34 5 31 26 22 20 10 19

0 11 16 25 11 10 3 24 -1 19 16 11 8 -2 8

Bad fishing

Rise 1:23 am Set 3:55 pm

Full moon

30 Apr 1:00 pm

Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa

For the very latest weather information, including Weather Warnings, visit

23 22 23 19 17 19 16 15 13 12 12 11 11

Palmerston North few showers Wellington


















River Levels

16 14 13 11 9 8 6 6 5 4 2 5 3



Selwyn Whitecliffs (NIWA) at 3:00 pm, yesterday

Rakaia Fighting Hill (NIWA) at 3:00 pm, yesterday 161.6 Nth Ashburton at 2:05 pm, yesterday


Sth Ashburton at 2:05 pm, yesterday


Rangitata Klondyke at 4:00 pm, yesterday


Waitaki Kurow at 3:05 pm, yesterday


Source: Environment Canterbury

Canterbury Readings




few showers

Forecasts for today

33 17 33 21 29 31 27 32 30 32 33 35 34 11 10

Tides, Sun, Moon and Fishing Monday


Ashburton Airport Temperature °C At 4pm 17.9 18.9 Max to 4pm 2.4 Minimum -1.8 Grass minimum Rainfall mm 0.2 16hr to 4pm April to date 4.8 Avg Apr to date 14 2018 to date 368.8 182 Avg year to date Wind km/h N 22 At 4pm Strongest gust N 35 Time of gust 2:54pm

to 4pm yesterday


Christchurch Airport

Timaru Airport

16.2 16.7 3.8 –

19.9 20.0 7.1 2.1

17.6 18.2 6.6 –

– – – – –

0.0 0.6 14 267.8 154

0.0 1.8 9 320.4 143

N 24 – –

N 22 NE 35 3:33pm

E6 E 20 3:03pm

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Television Monday, April 9, 2018


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6am Breakfast The Breakfast team presents news, interviews, weather, and information. 9am Commonwealth Games Today Chris Chang hosts coverage of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. 0 Noon Commonwealth Games Men’s 105kg weightlifting; men’s and women’s swimming heats. 0 2pm Commonwealth Games 0 3pm Commonwealth Games 0 4pm Te Karere 2 4:15 Commonwealth Games Including coverage of lawn bowls from earlier in the day. 0 5pm Commonwealth Games Women’s artistic gymnastics individual all-around competition. 0 6pm 1 News At 6pm 0 7pm Seven Sharp 0 7:30 L Commonwealth Games Men’s skeet shooting final; women’s 90kg+ weightlifting. Women's beach volleyball, NZ v Vanuatu; athletics track and field. Men's swimming 200m backstroke finals; athletics para javelin, men's 105kg weightlifting; women's swimming SB9 100m breaststroke final. Athletics track and field; shot put final; women's 10,000m final; men's and women's swimming finals and semi-finals. Men's 105+kg weightlifting; men's and women's swimming finals; men's and women's 100m athletics track and field finals. 0

11:30 L Commonwealth Games Men’s 105+kg weightlifting; men’s and women’s swimming finals; men’s and women’s 100m athletics track and field finals. 0 12:30 Commonwealth Games Tonight 0 2:30 Infomercials 5:45 Te Karere 3 2


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7pm Shortland Street PGR 0 7:30 Secret Dates PGR Single girl Emma is going on four dates with four different boys, but there is a twist. 0 8:30 Young Sheldon PGR 0 9pm F Will And Grace 0 9:30 The Walking Dead 0 10:30 Two And A Half Men PGR 3 0

11pm Mom PGR 3 0 11:30 How To Get Away With Murder AO 3 0 12:30 Desperate Housewives AO 3 0 1:15 Shortland Street PGR 3 0 1:40 Infomercials 2:45 Scandal AO 3 3:30 Jeremy Kyle PGR 3 4:15 Judge Rinder 5:05 Neighbours 3 0 5:30 Infomercials




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6am The AM Show 9am The Café 10am Infomercials 11:35 Entertainment Tonight 3 12:05 Dr Phil AO 1pm M Back To Love PGR 2017 Romantic Drama. Courtney Ford, Ryan Caltagirone, David Stanbra. 3pm Entertainment Tonight 3:30 Family Feud Australia 4pm NewsHub Live At 4pm 4:25 The Block Australia The contestants deliver the last room inside the houses, their guest bedrooms, and it seems the judges are quite impressed with them. 5:30 Modern Family 3 0 6pm NewsHub Live At 6pm 7pm The Project 7:30 All Star Family Feud – Sport v Music Portia Woodman, Steve Gurney, DJ Forbes, and Monty Betham compete for charity against Ladi 6, Jon Toogood, Kings, and Barnaby Weir. 0 8:30 F 9-1-1 AO 0 9:30 Holiday Horrors – Caught On Camera AO 3 0 10:30 NewsHub Late

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6:30 Takaro Tribe 3 6:40 Nga Papara Kapi 3 7:10 Team Umizoomi 7:40 Pukana 3 7:50 Paia 3 8am Grid 3 8:30 Pukuhohe 3 9am Swagger 9:30 Kai Time On The Road 3 10am Kai Ora 3 10:30 Celebrity Playlist 3 11am Te Araroa – Tales From The Trails 3 Noon School Of Training 3 12:30 Billy T James AO 3 1pm The GC PGR 3 1:30 Polyfest Kapa Haka 3 2pm Opaki 3 2:30 Nga Pari Karangaranga O Te Motu 3 3pm Takaro Tribe 3 3:10 Nga Papara Kapi 3 3:40 Team Umizoomi 3 4:10 Pukana 3 4:20 Paia 3 4:30 Te Iti Kahurangi – The Journey To Success 3 5pm Grid 3 5:30 Te Kaea 2 6pm Te Mana Kuratahi – Primary Schools’ Kapa Haka 6:30 Te Kaea 32 7pm KaweKorero 7:30 My Family Feast 3 8pm Native Affairs 8:30 The Vietnam War AO 9:30 Takahinga O Mua 3 10pm Aotearoa 3 10:30 Te Mana Kuratahi – Primary Schools’ Kapa Haka 3

6am The French Collection 7am Junk Gypsies 7:30 American Pickers 8:30 Sacred Wonders Of Britain 9:30 The Hairy Bikers’ Asian Adventure 10:30 Double Your House For Half The Money 11:30 Bear’s Mission With Rob Brydon 12:30 Sacred Wonders Of Britain 1:30 Art Of Scandinavia 2:30 American Pickers 3:30 Love Nature – Lords Of The Wild: Fighting For Survival 4:30 Hugh’s Three Good Things – Best Bites Hugh introduces a way of cooking that gives maximum taste and creativity with minimum fuss. 5pm Luke Nguyen’s Food Trail 5:30 American Pickers 6:30 Treasures Decoded 7:30 Dara And Ed – Road To Mandalay 8:30 Coastal Railways With Julie Walters 9:30 Travel Man – 48 Hours In 10pm Love London 10:30 American Pickers

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11:30 Hugh’s Three Good Things – Best Bites Midnight Luke Nguyen’s Food Trail 12:30 Junk Gypsies 1am Treasures Decoded 2am Love Nature – Lords Of The Wild: Fighting For Survival 3am Art Of Scandinavia 4am Dara And Ed – Road To Mandalay 5am Coastal Railways With Julie Walters

MOVIES PREMIERE 6:30 Hacksaw Ridge 16VC 2016 Drama. Andrew Garfield, Sam Worthington. 8:45 Transformers – The Last Knight MVL 2017 Action. Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel. 11:15 Sausage Party 16VLSC 2016 Animated Comedy. 9-1-1 Snitch Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, 8:30pm on Three 8:30pm on Prime Jonah Hill. 12:45 A Cure For Wellness 16VLSC 2017 Thriller. BRAVO SKY 5 Dane DeHaan, Jason Isaacs. 6am Last Man Standing 10am Say Yes To The 3:10 Central Intelligence PG 6:25 Modern Family Dress Atlanta 3 10:30 Say MVLS 2016 Comedy Action. PG 6:50 The Simpsons PG Yes To The Dress Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, 7:15 The Amazing Race PG Atlanta 3 10:58 The Danielle Nicolet. 4:55 Take 8:05 Pawn Stars PG 8:30 The Down 16VLSC 2016 Action Dish 3 11am David Force MC 8:55 Helicopter ER Drama. Jeremy Sumpter, Tutera – Celebrations M 9:45 NCIS PGV 10:40 SVU Phoebe Tonkin. 6:40 Hello, 3 11:50 Snapped PGR 3 My Name Is Frank MVLSC 2014 12:43 The Dish 3 12:45 The MV 11:35 Last Man Comedy. Garrett M Brown, Standing PG Noon Modern Real Housewives Of New Rachel DiPillo. 8:30 Live By York City PGR 1:40 Top Chef Family PG 12:30 NCIS – LA Night 16VLS 2016 Crime. The MV 1:25 Longmire 16V Jr 3 2:35 Worst To First son of a police officer becomes 2:15 NCIS PGV 3:05 The 3 3:35 How Do I Look? entrenched in the criminal Amazing Race PG 4pm The 4:30 Say Yes To The Dress underworld, battling with rival Simpsons PG Atlanta 3 gangs and the KKK. Based on 4:30 Last Man Standing PG 5pm Say Yes To The Dress the novel by Dennis Lehane. 5pm Modern Family PG Atlanta 3 Ben Affleck, Elle Fanning. 5:30 Helicopter ER M 5:30 Love It Or List It – 10:40 Kids In Love 16LS 6:30 The Force MC Vancouver 2017 Drama. Will Poulter, 7pm Pawn Stars PG 6:30 I Found The Gown Alma Jodorowsky. 7:30 MacGyver M 7pm I Found The Gown TUESDAY 8:30 Scorpion ML 7:30 Dress To Impress PGR 12:05 6 Plots MVLC 2012 9:30 NCIS PGV Three singletons attempt Thriller. Alice Darling, 10:30 SVU MV to win the affections of Ryan Corr. 1:30 Take 11:25 Helicopter ER M professional street dancer Down 16VLSC 2016 Action Aaron by choosing an outfit of TUESDAY Drama. Jeremy Sumpter, their choice for him to wear. 12:20 The Amazing Phoebe Tonkin. 3:15 Live 8:30 Relative Success With Race PG 1:20 Pawn Stars By Night 16VLS 2016 Crime. Tabatha PGR PG 1:50 Scorpion ML Ben Affleck, Elle Fanning. 9:30 Worst To First 2:40 MacGyver M 3:30 SVU 5:20 Nothing But Trailers 10:30 Intervention AO 3 MV 4:20 The Force MC MVLSC 5:35 Kids In Love 16LS 11:20 Snapped PGR 3 4:45 NCIS PGV 2017 Drama. Will Poulter, 12:10 Infomercials 3 Alma Jodorowsky. 5:35 The Simpsons PG

MOVIES GREATS 6:05 I Give It A Year MLS 2013 Romantic Comedy. Rose Byrne, Rafe Spall. 7:40 28 Days Later 16VL 2002 Sci-fi Horror. Christopher Eccleston, Brendan Gleeson, Cillian Murphy. 9:35 Chaos MVLS 2005 Action. Jason Statham, Ryan Phillippe, Wesley Snipes. 11:20 Hall Pass 16LS 2011 Comedy. Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis. 1:05 Pineapple Express 16VL 2008 Comedy. Seth Rogen. 2:55 The Secret Life Of Bees MV 2008 Drama. Queen Latifah, Dakota Fanning. 4:50 The Two Faces Of January MVL 2014 Thriller. Kirsten Dunst, Viggo Mortensen. 6:25 Sideways MLS 2004 Comedy. Paul Giamatti, Thomas Haden Church, Virginia Madsen. 8:30 Three Kings 16VL 1999 Action. In the aftermath of the Persian Gulf War, four soldiers set out to steal gold that was stolen from Kuwait, but they discover people who desperately need their help. George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Ice Cube. 10:30 The Rite MV 2011 Horror. Anthony Hopkins, Colin O’Donoghue.

SKY SPORT 1 6am Rugby – Super Rugby (RPL) Jaguares v Crusaders. 8am Fox Sports News 8:30 Football – A-League (RPL) Melbourne Victory v Phoenix. 10:30 Sky Sports News UK 11am Football – A-League (HLS) Melbourne Victory v Phoenix. 11:30 L Ice Hockey – NHL Florida Panthers v Boston Bruins. 2:30 Motorsport – Formula Two (RPL) Bahrain – Race Two. 3:30 Motorsport – MotoGP (HLS) Gran Premio Motul de La Argentina. 4pm Motorsport – Formula One (HLS) Bahrain Grand Prix. 4:30 Rugby Nation 5:30 L Rugby Sevens – Hong Kong Day Three. 7pm UFC Ultimate Knockouts 7:30 UFC Now 8:30 Rugby – Super Rugby (HLS) Jaguares v Crusaders. 9pm Rugby – Super Rugby (HLS) Chiefs v Blues. 9:30 Football – Aviva Premiership (HLS) Round 19. 10:30 Ice Hockey – NHL (RPL) Florida Panthers v Boston Bruins.


12:30 Rugby – Super Rugby (RPL) Lions v Stormers. 2:30 Rugby – Super Rugby (HLS) Sunwolves v Waratahs. 3am Rugby – TUESDAY Super Rugby (HLS) Chiefs v 12:20 Bad Santa 16VLS 2003 Blues. 3:30 Rugby – Super Comedy. Billy Bob Thornton. Rugby (HLS) Brumbies v 1:50 Sideways MLS 2004 Reds. 4am Motorsport – Comedy. Paul Giamatti, Nascar Xfinity Series (HLS) Thomas Haden Church, My Bariatric Solutions 300. Virginia Madsen. 3:55 Three 5am Motorsport – Nascar Kings 16VL 1999 Action. Cup Series (HLS) O’Reilly Auto 5:50 The Rite MV 2011 Horror. Parts 500.

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Monday, April 9, 2018


Hampstead defenders pack the goalmouth as Timaru Girls’ High School sets for a corner in their game at the Ashburton Hockey Turf on Saturday. PHOTO LINDA CLARKE 070418-LC-0175

Hampstead charges home Mid Canterbury’s senior women’s hockey teams started the season in the best way possible, when Hampstead beat Timaru Girls’ High School 7-3 and Hampstead/Collegians beat Craighead 2-1. Hampstead coach Rex Turnbull said it was a good first outing against the Timaru schoolgirls, especially as only four of the players on the turf yesterday had returned from 2017. The newcomers were players making their way back to the sport after a break,

graduating from school teams or moving back to the district to play. Turnbull said his side was up 2-1 at halftime after the schoolgirls found the back of the net as time was running out. Five goals in the second half simply overwhelmed the visitors. He said the game was a test of fitness and new combinations, with many players showing their versatility by playing in new positions. “But that is hockey now.

George gets a double P17

“You have defence and attack but ultimately you need to be doing the same thing.” He said there was some great passing into the circle as well as players running into space. While the commanding victory was a great way to start the season, Hampstead would be looking to perform consistently and make sure it was in the top four come semi-final time. The Hampstead/Collegians girls trav-

elled to Timaru to take on Craighead at Aoraki Turf, eventually coming away with the 2-1 win. The other two teams in the grade are Cambridge and Geraldine. The senior men’s competition also got under way at the weekend, with Mid Canterbury’s only team Wakanui having the bye. Both competitions will run through to August, with a finals day scheduled for August 25.

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Ag 09 april 2018  

Ashburton Guardian, Monday, April 9, 2018

Ag 09 april 2018  

Ashburton Guardian, Monday, April 9, 2018