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Saturday, Sept 8, 2018

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News 2 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, September 8, 2018


Migrant worker uncertainty By Katie Todd

Rangitata MP Andrew Falloon claims the Immigration Minister is thumbing his nose at Mid Canterbury by refusing to release the Government’s plans for access to skilled migrants. Falloon has spoken out about the “huge headaches for local employers,” created by uncertainty in future immigration rules – but Labour list member MP Jo Luxton, based in Rangitata, says this government’s approach will ensure a better working system. Falloon said Iain Lees-Galloway promised in March that there would be a new immigration package by the end of the year. “But end of the year is rapidly approaching and we haven’t seen even a hint of what that new package will be,” he said. “How can [employers] plan for the next year with any certainty when they don’t know if they’ll be able to recruit or even retain staff that have already made Mid Canterbury home?” He said it was unbelievable that a year has passed since the election where the Labour Party promised to reduce inward net

Rangitata MP Andrew Falloon migration by 20,000 to 30,000 a year, in which time they’ve “done nothing at all” about migration settings. Galloway was all talk in Opposition and no action in Government, he said. “The Minister went out of his way to help Auckland by creating a new visa to let even more mi-

Labour list MP Jo Luxton

grants move there to work in construction, but he won’t give the same certainty to Mid Canterbury and the industries here that are crying out for new workers. Why should Auckland receive special treatment while we get ignored?” But Luxton said Falloon needs to remember that it was under

the National-led government that farm workers and farm managers were removed from the skill shortage list, making it harder for regions like Canterbury to get the necessary workers it needs. She said her government had an ambitious programme to make sure the immigration sys-

tem actually works better for New Zealand, after nine years of a one-size-fits-all approach. “The previous government failed to address the urgent need to fill labour and skill shortages in the regions, and to invest in the infrastructure required to sustain rapid population growth in Auckland.” Work is progressing well on the development of a comprehensive package of immigration measures designed to help the regions get the labour and skilled migrants it needs, she said, and will be made public in due course. She said employers in our region will be able to get the people they need through a better targeted, more flexible and responsive immigration system. “We have been busy in the immigration space, introducing new measures to help the construction industry get the labour it needs to build the housing and infrastructure we need all over New Zealand, as well as lifting our international education offering by better targeting post-study work rights. This includes provisions to help regional providers transition toward new models.”


Failure to trim trees could result in prosecution By Sue Newman

Repeatedly ignoring letters from the Ashburton District Council could see a handful of farmers hit with a hefty fine for failing to top trees that are shading roads. For several years the council has been working with landowners with trees that have been shading roads, creating dangerous driving conditions during the winter, to either cut back the trees or

remove them entirely. The project was anticipated to run over three or four years to ensure those landowners had sufficient time to carry out the work, council roading manager Brian Fauth said. Most of those contacted had responded to those letters and had let the council know how and when they would deal with the problem, but five have refused to take any action, he said.

Those five had not contacted the council in spite of repeated efforts by council staff to talk to them. “We have written again and we now have a time frame where, if they don’t do something this time, we’ll be forced to take legal action.” Legal action was something the council didn’t take lightly, but when people continued to thumb their noses at requests from staff,

it could not be ignored, Fauth said. The issue was one of public safety as the trees shaded roads from sun and that meant in the winter they became an icy hazard for motorists, he said. “We didn’t want it to get to this stage, but if it continues to be an issue we will prosecute and there will be a fine.” Over the past three years the council has spent more than

$400,000 spreading grit on roads that were considered unsafe because of ice As trees shading those roads have been topped or removed, the amount spent each year has dropped, from $188,387 in the winter of 2016 to $90,190 this year. The Ashburton Gorge Road has carried the greatest share of that cost, about $77,000 followed by Hinds Arundel Road, $33,000 and Thompsons Track $19,500.

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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Ashburton Guardian


Our education system does hold its own BY KATIE TODD


A 67,000 kilometre journey to 28 schools in nine countries has led a Mid Canterbury principal to one major conclusion. Education in New Zealand might be a turbulent place at the moment, Methven Primary School Principal Chris Murphy says – but you’ve got to take your hat off to the Ministry of Education and the government for forging the path to a “pretty incredible” system. Murphy was one of three primary school staff members from around New Zealand selected to embark on a fully-funded, 10 week, educational trip to the US, UK and Europe, and he returned earlier this term with new found pride in the way Kiwi schools work. The prestigious Woolf Fisher Scholarship saw him observing education in a range of overseas locations and attending an eightday leadership course at the Harvard School of Education. At the beginning of his journey, Murphy and his family spent time backpacking through Cambodia, where he supports a number of social enterprises. He said it was grounding to see the stark contrast in their education system, which he feels is underscored by huge amounts of inequity. Teachers there have minimal training, and classrooms are unbearably hot. There’s talk about rising up to become a first world country, but how they could achieve that without basic health, law and order, and education, he said he could not understand. “It left me questioning a lot of what I thought about education. I left there quite dejected,” he said. His following trip to Edinburgh

provided him with a much more heart-warming experience, however. Murphy visited the only other Methven Primary School in the world, in a small rural town not dissimilar from Mid Canterbury’s Methven itself. He passed on a personally crafted taonga by local sculptor Brent Holley and was in turn presented with a tartan tie by their Lord Mayor. He hopes the two Methven Primary schools will continue to stay connected in the future. Then, after a sojourn to France, Morocco and Italy, Murphy visited schools in Helsinki. “Finland is largely seen as the pinnacle of education,” he explained – yet he couldn’t see a massive difference from the New Zealand system, apart from an absence of some of the social issues. What makes the Finnish system work so well, Murphy was told, is trust: between school and government, parents and schools, parents and students. Teachers there are not paid extremely well, but the profession is extremely respected – attracting high numbers of applicants to positions. But in the US, Murphy saw the opposite – a Brooklyn school guarded with six armed policemen and a distinct lack of community connection, and a New Jersey School somewhat constrained by red tape and bureaucracy. The brief, competency, and vision focused New Zealand curriculum and ideas like a threeway conference were completely foreign to them, he explained. While US schools and their fantastic staff are producing some amazing science and technology initiatives, leaders and entrepreneurs, he said he felt pleased to be in the New Zealand system.

The final leg of his journey took Murphy to the Harvard School of Education, where he attended lectures alongside 160 teachers from 17 countries and 17 states of the US. The focus group with whom he worked, and has now found lifelong friends, included teachers from Dubai, Tibet, Palestine, Australia and Alabama. Murphy said he has returned home aware of the universal truth that anywhere you go kids are kids, and kids want to learn. Teachers right around the world are doing their best to make that happen, he said. “But I’m really proud of the things we’ve achieved at Methven Primary School, proud of the New Zealand education system and proud of our network of schools, within the two communities of education. “We don’t fly our flag as much as we should. We are incredible.”

Above – Methven Primary School Principal Chris Murphy is back at his desk with refreshed pride in New Zealand, after an eye-opening educational journey around the world. Below – Chris outside Harvard University where he attended lectures at the Harvard School of Education. PHOTOS SUPPLIED


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News 4

Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Alcohol-free challenge a winner By Sue NewmaN

It’s not until you say you’re not drinking that you realise just how firmly entrenched alcohol is in Kiwis’ lives, says deputy mayor Neil Brown. He was part of a six-person team from the Ashburton District Council, signing on to a workplace health pilot that challenged each member to give up alcohol for a month. The challenge was designed by Ashburton Community Alcohol and Drug Service (Acads) health promoter Tania Scott and is being hailed as a huge success by participants and its organiser. Brown was keen to sign on, saying it was a good chance to focus on his health. The challenge of giving up alcohol was easy; finding something that wouldn’t turn him into a diabetic wasn’t. “It was a real challenge getting a non-alcoholic drink at a bar that wasn’t filled with sugar,” he said. He settled for a mix of ginger beer and soda, but while he was happy with his choice, his drinking buddies were not and he found himself under quite heavy peer pressure to have a beer. “In the first week or so I’d go to the pub and they’d be having a round and they’d say, ‘have one, just one won’t hurt. No-one will know’, but I told them I’d know,” he said. The next week the pressure had stopped, but there were still comments and it wasn’t until the final

Kelly Bisset, Ashburton District Council property officer and deputy mayor Neil Brown, at the start of a 28-day alcohol-free challenge, that both successfully completed. PHOTO ASHBURTON GUARDIAN

week they simply ordered his ginger beer mix without comment. Brown said he knew his changed drinking habits were accepted when the odd friend suggested the change could be one they’d try too. Did he feel better? Not noticeably and his weight didn’t change, but his appetite did – for healthy food. The alcohol-free stint also pro-

vided an opportunity to have a wellness check with his doctor and that showed that some readings were a little better than in the past. “Other than that I did notice my wallet was a bit fatter at the end of the week,” he said. Council property officer Kelly Bisset said it was far easier than she thought to swap her glass of wine for a glass of ginger beer in

a wine glass. The downside, she said, was that sweet food suddenly became far more appealing. Making the switch wasn’t as easy for her friends, however, as there were often comments made about her not drinking alcohol. One of the upsides was having weekends where she was energised and out of bed early each day.

With the challenge completed, Bisset didn’t return to her daily wine habits. It took a while before she had her first alcoholic drink. The results of 28 days without alcohol ranged from weight loss and improved sleep, to a general feeling of better health, Scott said. “This was about challenging yourself in any way you wanted to but you had to be alcohol-free. We gave people physical challenges too and another challenge was to have a cold shower,” Scott said. The cold shower was about building mental toughness, determination and grit through doing something that was a little uncomfortable, but that wasn’t painful. Many of the results lined up with what was expected, but there was definitely an element of challenge in dealing with other people’s reaction to the test team giving up alcohol, she said. Group members met six times during the challenge for support and to discuss how they were tracking with the challenge. While it was not about stopping drinking completely, the challenge was about taking a pause and understanding how much you drank and why. With the pilot completed, Scott is keen to roll the challenge out into the community and is now looking for other workplaces with staff who’re keen to join up. The programme is also available to individuals through a Facebook page:

Good news for terminally ill Kiwi dad just before big trip By emma RuSSell With two days before a terminally ill New Zealand father will travel to the US for the biggest appointment of his life the family is celebrating a hint of good news. A spot has opened up for Kurt Brunton, 41, to join the lifesaving clinical trial as early as September 16, given he gets the green light at his consultation in Boston on Wednesday (Thursday NZ time), news the family received

Thursday night. “If he is able to get on the trial it means less costs than the FDAapproved drug and he can start right away which is so important to us as time is of the essence,” Brunton’s wife Janelle BruntonRennie told the Herald yesterday morning. Brunton, a Remuera software accountant, has been battling an aggressive form of blood cancer since January. Three weeks ago his condition

escalated dramatically, spreading to five tumours around his body. His doctor had begun prepping him for palliative care as no further treatment was available in New Zealand. But a ground-breaking immunotherapy treatment in Boston could save his life – but it comes at a steep price. Thousands of New Zealanders have been donating to Brunton’s Givealittle page in the past week with the hope of raising up to $1.5

million to cover the steep overseas treatment cost. Nearly $180,000 has been raised, as of yesterday morning. Brunton-Rennie, 35, said the past week had been “very nervewracking” for the family but they were determined to stay positive. Another Aucklander, David Downs, 47, was the first ever international patient to get the treatment – known as CAR-T – and was now cancer-free. Downs has been helping Brun-

ton in his fight for survival. Brunton will either qualify for the CAR-T clinical trial or the Federal Drug Agency approved CAR-T treatment called Yescarte. The trial costs between $500,000 to $1m, while Yescarte starts at $1.2m. The immune cells – known as the T cells – are taken out and are genetically engineered into “killer cells” before being inserted back into the blood. – NZME

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News Saturday, September 8, 2018

Ashburton Guardian


Accurate data needed on district’s overnighters By Sue NewmaN

Four new mountain bikes have been donated to youth supported by youth justice worker Brad Raukawa.


When bikes can make a difference in lives By Katie todd

What might it take to challenge preconceptions about Ashburton youth and to contribute to a safer community? For youth justice worker Brad Raukawa, the answer lies in a slightly unusual solution: four brand new mountain bikes. Mid Canterbury Mountain Bike Club, Skinners Bikes and Paul Wylie Cyclorama have donated four bikes to the youth who Raukawa supports through youth justice and Safer Ashburton Youth Support programme. The idea is to show youth why

they are valuable to the community, Raukawa said, and it’s proved a roaring success. “Some people haven’t really been told they are valuable and always [resort] to not caring … and that’s why they don’t care about others or property,” he said. “But the cycle has to restart somewhere and making a safer community is about the community showing value to young people.” He said the idea emerged after Mid Canterbury Mountain Bike Club president James Reid and he were discussing what a fantastic resource Ashburton had in the

skills park and river trail. Reid was looking for volunteers to help work on the track and Raukawa felt that many more youth could be using and enjoying the area. They figured if the youth had access to good bikes, they could be inspired to partake in both. The bikes are now being utilised close to five days a week – sometimes three times in a day, Raukawa said. Jenny Reid, who runs a youth physical training programme called Cactus, is also making the most of the bikes. “Being on a new flash bike can

make you feel pretty good about life for a moment, seriously,” Raukawa said. “Just to ride a new bike can make you forget life’s issues for a moment.” He said he had never experienced being on a new bike and he was 34 years old. He hopes that more people will see that to make a safer community, it takes a unified community. “I can guarantee if we all had a passion and value system that could see young people as world changers and valuable citizens, we would grow a unified, safer and caring community,” he said.

Until statistics are available for every kind of visitor accommodation, it will be impossible to gain a full picture of the true value of overnight tourists, says Experience Mid Canterbury manager Bruce Moffat. In his quarterly report to the Ashburton District Council on the growth of visitor numbers in the district, Moffat said those numbers only reflected hotels and motels. Holiday parks, camping grounds and Airbnb numbers were not included, and that, he said, only told half the story “We’re trying to get MBE and Statistics New Zealand to understand how important it is to get the whole sector data, not just part of it,” he said. Airbnb was growing and it was now a significant player in visitor accommodation, but any data was only anecdotal, Moffat said. During the winter it seemed like every second property was advertising itself as an Airbnb and that had created some issues in terms of ensuring the accommodation provided was as described, he said. “We’ve had some challenges around this, some significant complaints about places that were charging 75 per cent more than commercial operators for some pretty average accommodation.” His hands were tied when it came to complaints from this sector as the issue had to be dealt with through the Airbnb organisation, Moffat said. Even without holiday parks and Airbnb, visitor spending in the district was significantly up over the past year by $6 million. Councillor Peter Reveley suggested that accurate accommodation data for all sectors was important for the council to help with future planning in terms of facilities such as camping areas on reserve land and public toilets.

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News 6

Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Garden club members prepare for 50th BY SUSAN SANDYS


Methven Garden Club members have more than just bulbs bursting into flower to look forward to this spring. This month they will celebrate 50 years since the club’s foundation. President Nellie Frame said the club was still going strong all these decades later, but there had been many changes. Today there were no longer competitions, and members were more likely to be boarding a bus to seek inspiration from Canterbury’s surrounding gardens. Today members range in age from in their 40s to 90s, with an average age of about 70. In the club’s early days, many members were young mums, who would come along to the afternoon meetings with their children. Those meetings themselves featured competitions, such as for decorative arrangements, flower of the month, vegetable of the month and best flower in your garden. A programme was printed for each meeting, on which the married women of the club were referred to as Mrs, followed by their husband’s initial and surname. Annual subscriptions are today $10, not having increased greatly in real dollar terms from $1 in the


foundation year of 1968. The club staged an annual town garden competition up until about five years ago. Today members still enjoy picking up gardening tips from each other. The club has about 50 members, and is hoping to attract more. Newest member Gennie Whittaker said it had been fantastic to meet new people in Methven through the group. “It’s a great social outlet, but you learn something at the same time.” Longtime member Fran Brown said one of the advantages she loved was seeing how other people cared for their gardens. “There’s a lot of knowledge in

there too, you learn so much from the other members,” Brown said. “It just inspires you seeing the other gardens.” Four of the club’s founding members are planning to attend the 50th anniversary celebrations. They are original president Anne Anderson, patron Audrey Lilley, Mary Stone and Valmai Wilson. Trophies, photos and other memorabilia will feature at the celebrations, to be held September 20, 11am, at Methven Resort.

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Top left – Methven Garden Club members, including (from left) Gennie Whittaker, Bridget Thompson, president Nellie Frame, Kehi Jufer and Fran Brown. Above – Members of the Methven Garden Club in 1968 (front row, from left) Anne Anderson, Daphne Cross, Dulcie Watson, patroness Mrs Jackman, Mary Stone and Marjorie Holmes, (back row) Sheilagh Templeton, Shirley Watson, Mrs Scoon, Edna Holmes, Audrey Lilley, Ruth Barlass, Linda Petrie, Sylvia Callaghan, Lucy Branch, Valmai Wilson and Alma Goodwin. Left – This programme was from the first meeting in 1968.

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News 8

Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Dunedin teacher targeted boys at Catholic school By Chris Morris A Catholic school in Dunedin has been accused of a historic coverup, after a teacher who sexually abused pupils for more than a decade took his own life when finally confronted, victims say. Three men – all former pupils at St Paul’s High School – have told ODT Insight the teacher, Ian Thompson, targeted pupils at the school throughout the 1970s and into the 1980s. Two of his victims, Paul Klemick and Michael Haggie, agreed to go public about their experiences with Thompson, amid suggestions he abused at least 16 boys from the school. “I think he was a predator,” Haggie said. “He just preyed on young boys who were very innocent.” Haggie said he was abused daily by Thompson throughout his senior years at the school, beginning in 1971 when he was 15. Klemick said his abuse started soon after he arrived as a 12-year-old in 1979 and continued throughout his four years at the school. Both men said Thompson targeted other boys too and Klemick said he was once forced to perform sex acts on another boy while Thompson watched. And, when Klemick finally confronted Thompson, the teacher,

Ian Thompson fearing his secret would be revealed, took his own life, Klemick said. The school – which has since been replaced by the Catholic coeducational Kavanagh College – was at the time run by the Christian Brothers, a Catholic religious order. In the days following his death on January 15, 1985, staff at the school were told to keep quiet about any suggestion of suicide. A former St Paul’s staff member, speaking on condition of anonymity, said there had been “considerable” unease among staff about

the behaviour of Thompson and the nature of his death. “I was there when the principal told all staff to say that the death was not a suicide,” the former teacher said. Instead, Thompson’s death was presented as a heart attack at the time and he was farewelled at a big funeral at St Joseph’s Cathedral, the victims said. A brief coroner’s report from June 1985, obtained by ODT Insight yesterday, confirmed Thompson’s death was self-inflicted. Haggie believed some of the Christian Brothers at the school suspected Thompson, “but they never came up with an accusation”. That left Thompson free to behave as if it was “open season”. “He just saw he could get away with whatever.” Klemick said Thompson also kept nude photographs of his victims in a box at his home, including some of Klemick. But, when Klemick let himself in after learning of Thompson’s death, he found the pictures were gone and the rest of the house was uncharacteristically tidy. When he relayed his concerns to another teacher at the school, he was told not to say anything to police, he said. Haggie said events took an-


If it’s an emergency and you feel that you or someone else is at risk, call 111. If you’ve ever experienced sexual assault or abuse and need to talk to someone call the confidential crisis helpline on: 0800 227-233 (08002B SAFE). Alternatively contact your local police station If you have been abused, remember it’s not your fault.

other turn when it later emerged Thompson had left his home and possessions to another former pupil from the school. The school and the Christian Brothers order which founded it were already in the spotlight after ODT Insight last month revealed more details of offending in Dunedin. That included the activities of the paedophile priest Fr Magnus Murray and fresh allegations of abuse against Br Desmond Fay and a second Christian Brother, who cannot yet be named. All three men were employed by the Christian Brothers to teach either at St Paul’s or the Christian Brothers Junior School in the 1960s or 1970s, before Thompson joined St Paul’s. Dunedin Bishop the Most Rev Michael Dooley told ODT Insight the diocese had no record of com-

plaints relating to Thompson, but he was “shocked and deeply saddened” by the allegations. The school’s board of governors was responsible for employing Thompson, but the alleged offences should be investigated, Bishop Dooley said. Kavanagh College principal Tracy O’Brien said he had not been approached by anyone with allegations of historic offending by Thompson, or anyone else at St Paul’s High School. “To the best of my knowledge neither has any staff or board member during my tenure,” he said. O’Brien said he supported Bishop Dooley’s recent public apology for the impact of historic sexual abuse and the church’s handling of it and would “continue to look to the bishop’s leadership on any historical matters”. – NZME

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Saturday, September 8, 2018

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Answers: 1. Waitaki 2. Sussex 3. Canadian 4. Tax evasion 5. Lithium 6. Split Enz 7. Boston 8. A weapon.

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St Joseph’s went yellow for Daffodil Day recently and looking particularly smart are (from left) George Robinson, Konrad Artz and George Bennett. PHOTO SUPPLIED

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Beef stroganoff Serves 4 400g Quality Mark beef rump 1t paprika Zest of 1 lemon 2T oil 1 red onion, finely sliced 2 cloves garlic, crushed 250g mixed mushrooms, wiped and sliced, if large 1/2 C beef stock 1/2 C crème fraiche or natural unsweetened yoghurt Cooked rice 3T finely chopped fresh parsley Zest of lemon ■ Cut beef rump into 5cm x 1cm strips and toss in the paprika and lemon zest. Set aside. ■ Heat oil in a large frying pan over

a medium heat and add the beef rump strips and cook quickly on both sides. Remove from the pan on to a plate. Reduce heat to low and add onion and garlic and cook until the onion is soft. Increase heat to medium and add the mushrooms and cook until the mushrooms are lightly golden. ■ Pour in the stock and cook until hot, then return rump strips to pan briefly – no more than one minute. Season and stir through the creme fraiche or yoghurt. ■ Serve hot with cooked rice and sprinkled with the chopped parsley and lemon zest. Recipe courtesy of Beef + Lamb New Zealand

PlunketLine 6 7 2Plunket 1 3is New5 Zealand's 8 9 largest 4 provider of support services for 0800 933 922 the development, health and wellbeing of children under 5. 1 9 4 2 7 8 6 5 3 MID CANTERBURY PLUNKET Plunket works together with families and communities, to ensure  Mayfield  Methven 3 5 8the4best9start6for every 1 2child.7Whānau āwhina – caring for families.  Ashburton  Rakaia  Hinds  Mt Somers 5 8 1 6 4 2 3 7 9 Ashburton Plunket Centre, 222 Cameron Street, Ashburton | 03 308 5272 | Open Mon-Fri 9am-12pm for feeding and changing babies or for info 2 6 7 9 5 3 4 8 1 9 4 3 8 1 7 2 6 5

Weekend focus 10

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Saturday, September 8, 2018

It’s a chook’s life Not many people can count their neighbours in the thousands, but that’s life for Tinwald’s Smith family. Reporter Sue Newman talks to Phylis, Gavin and Justin Smith about chicken raising, free-range egg farming and making a living in the poultry industry.


hen it comes to chooks there’s not much the Smith family doesn’t

know. Since 2009 their family has included chooks by the thousands and over the past nine months those feathered family members have expanded to include the smallest members of the poultry world, day-old chicks. Phylis and Gavin Smith started out in the poultry game in a small way, with just 20 free-range chooks and a small free-range egg market. Today son Justin is part of the team and they count their feathered family in 2600-plus layers and up to 9000 babies, ranging from one-

day-olds through to 16 weeks. Raising pullets is a new venture for the Smiths and it’s a business that’s growing rapidly. Every six weeks a new delivery of 1100 day-old chicks arrives at the Smith farm and over the following weeks those babies will be carefully raised to become point of lay pullets, ready to go to new, freerange farm homes. The chickens are raised under contract to other poultry farmers, but while they’re part of the Smith farm they’re treated like royalty. It’s labour-intensive work, Gavin said, with chickens requiring a different diet and different treatment at each stage of growth.

“There’s some real challenges, such as making sure the temperature of their shed is just right. There’s a lot of pre-planning and they’re pretty full-on for the first two weeks,” he said. As they grow the risks drop and the chickens become easier to raise, but there’s no rest when you have thousands of birds needing to be fed, watered, have their runs cleaned and then be relocated to a different shed every two or three weeks. And that doesn’t count filling in as surrogate mother hen, helping the chicks from the age of four weeks learn behaviours that will be essential to their survival in the big

world, such as understanding they need to sleep when it’s dark and to avoiding panic behaviours that could lead to smothering. The mothering task is carried out by Justin, who says he enjoys every aspect of chicken raising. He’s also built the new sheds that house the baby chicks. Currently his chicken family includes 1100 six-day-old chicks, and other similar-sized groups at four, eight, 12 weeks and ready to go at 16 weeks. Each group changes sheds when it reaches one of those age milestones. To ensure every order is filled to the correct number, extra chickens are ordered from the hatchery

Weekend focus Saturday, September 8, 2018

Ashburton Guardian

Left – Justin Smith with his flock of week-old chickens. All other photos: The growth cycle from babyhood to teenager to a pullet ready to move to a new home and become a laying hen, is rapid. Some of the flock raised on Phylis, Gavin and Justin Smith’s Tinwald poultry farm. PHOTOS SUE NEWMAN

and if numbers are higher than required, there is always a line-up of ready buyers for surplus pullets. Gavin’s a strong believer in spending time with the chickens, opting for hand feeding rather than using fully automated systems. “It means we can walk among the chickens each day and can keep an eye on any that might be in trouble and it’s also part of getting them used to people,” he said. Some might treat their chickens as just a giant flock, but the Smiths admit even with such large numbers, there are always definite personalities among the birds. The day-old chickens arrive at

Christchurch International Airport, in boxes of 100 and while they can survive 72 hours without food or water, Gavin said he’s always keen to get them settled into their new home as quickly as possible. “Unloading them is like unloading bumblebees.” Raising chickens doesn’t stop at 5pm and it doesn’t stop at the weekend, it’s a 24-hour, seven-daya-week job. “It’s very labour intensive. You have to make sure you use the right feed and the results will be right. Our goal is to have a consistent line of pullets across the board that are up to weight. When a hen reaches its right body weight it’ll

start to lay,” he said. The thousands of chickens they raise include their own replacement birds, but they could be any bird; it’s just luck of the draw which chicken is drafted into which box at the end of its childhood, Gavin said. “We treat every hen like it’s ours.” Moving day means entering the sheds, turning out the lights and rounding up the required number of chooks. Now they’ve nailed the system, 1000 birds can be loaded in less than 25 minutes. “Originally we tried to do this with the lights on and it was a nightmare.” The demand for pullets is high

and orders are placed six or more months out. “We’re booked up until Christmas now with chickens and for us, getting day-old chickens is our biggest headache. Some of the big orders are booked 12 months in advance.” When they leave to begin their lives as layers, they’ll also have their first experience of the outdoors and it often takes two or three weeks before some will venture from barn to paddock, he said. The Smiths’ feathered empire might appear large, but they plan to increase the number of pullets they raise.


Opinion Ashburton Guardian


Saturday, September 8, 2018


Seat challenge a costly exercise


o, it would seem we will be waiting a little longer to find out just how many people will be sitting around the Ashburton District Council table after next October’s local body elections. Three people have taken their fight to see the status quo of 12 remain next October by lodging an appeal with the Local Government Commission which will see a final decision not determined until well into next year. Whatever the outcome of that appeal, there’s probably not much to fear about Ashburton. As has been written before, the thought that nine councillors won’t be able to do the same service to the community as the

current number of 12 seems more a matter of opinion than a matter of fact and, judging by the submissions and subsequent conversation in the public arena, there’s a strong feel it will create a much stronger councillor bench. Either decision will be just fine for this district and that only 34 people made a submission on the proposal suggests that the majority of people out there

were more than happy to go with whatever the council, as a whole, decided by majority. So, the question needs to be asked then – should such a small percentage of our population be able to effectively bring a voted decision to a standstill while an appeal takes place? We’re talking three appellants in a district with a population of over 34,000 people. Hardly the screaming masses of the community, is it? Yes, everyone is entitled to an opinion and it’s great that there is a process that a community can follow if they don’t agree with a decision made at a local government level but, surely there should have to be some more

thought given before things get serious enough to see a decision derailed for nine months while a decision is made. I also found it interesting that three appeals were lodged because only one person from the public managed to make it to the meeting at which the representation level was decided. There were in fact, two people in the public gallery, but the person writing this column was the other and they were only there in an observation role. Not one of the nine people who opposed the proposal through the submission process wished to have their voice heard at this meeting, but three of those have decided they’ll

also try their written luck at the national level. Full credit to them for standing up for what they believe in but forgive me if I think the process seems a little flawed and heavily in favour of time, money and resource wasting. And that’s presuming too, that we won’t even get to the hearing stage, which would eventuate in even more time and money spent, for a decision that was voted on by a majority ruling around the council table. Which is, forgive me if I’m wrong, the very reason we elect these people to the council in the first place – to make decisions on behalf of the community they represent.

Five years ago: NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Jealous, credited with boosting finances at the nation’s largest civil rights organisation and helping to stabilise it, announced plans to step down at year’s end. The International Olympic Committee voted wrestling back onto the programme for the 2020 and 2024 Games. One year ago: Hurricane Irma regained Category 5 status, battering Cuba with 160-mph winds and taking aim on the

Miami area. In one of the country’s largest evacuations, officials in Florida told more than 5 million people to leave their homes ahead of the hurricane. Singer Troy Gentry, half of the country music duo Montgomery Gentry, died in a helicopter crash in Medford, New Jersey; pilot James Robinson was also killed. Today’s birthdays: Ventriloquist Willie Tyler is 78. Actor Alan Feinstein is 77. Pop singer Sal Valentino is 76. Author Ann Beattie is 71. Cajun singer

Zachary Richard is 68. Musician Will Lee is 66. Actress Heather Thomas is 61. Singer Aimee Mann is 58. Pop musician David Steele is 58. Actor Thomas Kretschmann is 56. Rhythm-andblues singer Marc Gordon is 54. Gospel singer Darlene Zschech is 53. Alternative country singer Neko Case is 48. TV personality Brooke Burke-Charvet is 47. Actor Martin Freeman is 47. Actor David Arquette is 47. TV-radio personality Kennedy is 46. Rock musician Richard

Hughes is 43. Actor Larenz Tate is 43. Actor Nathan Corddry is 41. Rhythm-and-blues singer Pink is 39. Singer-songwriter Eric Hutchinson is 38. Actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas is 37. Rapper Wiz Khalifa is 31. Actor Gaten Matarazzo is 16. Thought for today: “Fools act on imagination without knowledge, pedants act on knowledge without imagination.” — Alfred North Whitehead, English philosopher and mathematician (1861-1947). – AP

Matt Markham


TODAY IN HISTORY Today is Saturday, September 8, the 251st day of 2018. There are 114 days left in the year. Today’s highlight in history: On Sept. 8, 1974, President Gerald R Ford granted a “full, free, and absolute pardon” to former President Richard Nixon covering his entire term in office. On this date: In 1504, Michelangelo’s towering marble statue of David was unveiled to the public in Italy. In 1565, a Spanish expedition established the first permanent European settlement in North America at present-day St Augustine, Florida. In 1664, the Dutch surrendered New Amsterdam to the British, who renamed it New York. In 1892, an early version of The Pledge of Allegiance, written by Francis Bellamy, appeared in The Youth’s Companion. It went: “I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”. In 1900, Galveston, Texas, was struck by a hurricane that killed an estimated 8000 people. In 1930, the comic strip Blondie, created by Chic Young, was first published. In 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared a “limited national emergency” in response to the outbreak of war in Europe. In 1941, the 900-day Siege of Leningrad by German forces began during World War Two. In 1951, a peace treaty with Japan was signed by 49 nations in San Francisco. In 1994, USAir Flight 427, a Boeing 737, crashed into a ravine as it was approaching Pittsburgh International Airport, killing all 132 people on board. Ten years ago: In a pointed but mostly symbolic expression of displeasure with Moscow, President George W. Bush cancelled a once-celebrated civilian nuclear co-operation deal with Russia.


Saturday, September 8, 2018

Teacher pay issues solved here


n light of the sausage roll shattering teachers’ strike I decided to investigate pay issues for teachers in other countries. I came across a New York Times article from the 6th of September that highlighted American teachers having to have a second job to make ends meet. In fact according to the Times, 16 per cent of teachers have a second job to supplement their income. So that got me thinking, what other jobs could teachers be good at? Here you go Ashburton, sit back with a lukewarm coffee and an overpriced piece of lolly cake and think about what else teachers could do. Number 1 Movie theatre assistant Teachers would be brilliant at this! Their ability to keep everyone in line before going in, is second to none. Not only that, they could have a quick parentteacher conference with the parents they know in the line. Of course once the movie starts, who but a teacher would make sure everyone sits up straight, watches and listens without talking, and when finished, gets them to clean up the room before they are allowed to go play. Number 2. Fast food restaurant playground supervisor Move over pimply, moody adolescent miscreant – watch a teacher take charge of that grease infused slide and snot coated ball pit. Yip, a teacher would nail this job. Having a teacher on duty

vacated tables ensuring the remnants of that rogan josh are sloppily wiped off before you put down your tray of engorged blueberry muffins and soy milk chai lattes. Number 4 Civil construction job distributor Do you have to manage civil construction and dread morning meetings where you assign the crew their daily tasks? Well, fear not, bring on board a teacher before they begin teaching each day and watch the magic happen. A teacher would call your unruly drivers, operators and loaders to order quicker than a pizza delivery on a Tuesday night. Instantly there would be a sense of dictatorial calm as the teacher uses a task board to make sure Two Pie Tony doesn’t have the grader all day and not let anyone else use it. They would put their foot down when Old Man Jacko says his arthritic ears are playing up and he can’t drive the hotmix roller and even allow everyone to have morning news before they started. This takes care of Hotshot Harry who always goes on about what he did on the weekend, when in reality he lives with his mum and has only had one girlfriend (who was actually a second cousin jacked up by his mum but he doesn’t know that). Number 5 Pothole identification expert Now we all know teachers are the best at finding errors in other people’s work, and we all know that councils are brilliant at only realising there is a pothole once

Peter Livingstone OUT OF SCHOOL

would ensure every child gets a turn and no bunch of pre-pubetorial drongos come barging in and climb the wrong way up the twirly-whirly slide. A teacher would ensure no French fries and sweet and sour sauce ever gets left behind in the big tube with the bubble window. Of course they would also spot when a pre-schooler needs to be evacuated before there is what’s known as a Code Brown incident. Number 3 Shopping mall food court duty teacher Don’t you hate it when you have driven to Christchurch to go shopping at a big mall, struggled to find a park and finally managed to get inside at lunch time and then get to the food court and can’t get a seat? No worries, my precious provincial pet, put an underpaid teacher on duty and you will get that coveted table by the toilets. Duty teachers would keep those loud-talking townie tosspots eating, and free-up tables as soon as they were done. With their Ministry of Education whistle and sponsored hivis, they would patrol the sticky fake slate tiles of the food court. Even better they could direct the team of jaded cleaners to

it grows to the size of a small Caribbean island so why not marry the two up. Operating out of the Eyesore Site on East Street, a teacher could work there after hours, plotting on a map where the potholes are. They could spend their weekends in one of those 4WD postie bikes zooming around identifying where they are. This would be easy to do because, if they are swallowed up by the road as they are driving or, smash their front suspension, then obviously they have found one. With their built-in ability to cast a critical eye over any type of completed work they could then review the performance of the road crew and ask them to do it again in their lunch time if it is not up to National Standard. So, fear not underpaid, overworked minion of the masses, there is another job for you after you have exhausted yourself trying to make a difference in the classroom. Secondary employment awaits you along with secondary tax, because, let’s face it, aren’t you just another whining, left wing, sandal wearing, cardy loving, taxpayer teat-sucking teacher who should be happy with what you have got? Peter Livingstone is the principal of Tinwald School. The views expressed in this column are his and do not represent the views of his school, the Ashburton Guardian or the Mid Canterbury Principals’ Association.

YOUR VIEW Industrial relations As a small business employing one person we are very concerned about the bill that is going through Parliament at the moment. When Helen Clark was in Parliament she strengthened the Health and Safety laws, along with Jim Anderton, her deputy prime minister, who also strengthened the privacy laws. The bill that is being discussed in parliament at the moment, will




8 $ 15 $ 22 $

With two employees, the second one could make themselves a union official, taking off whatever time they wanted for union business with the employer having to pay for them to do this. Most of today’s voters did not live through the 50s, 60s and 70s, when unions ruled most of the western countries, where bully boy tactics and anarchy ruled. I feel if this bill goes through it will be back to the days of them and us! Since the demise of the power

allow a union official the right to enter your shop, cafe, farm etc without any prior notice, subsequently, if they were to have an accident without being informed of the hazards, they would be able to sue you. As an employer thinking of taking on another employee, we would have to inform the unions of their name, address, email etc (so much for Jim Anderton’s Privacy Act!) so they could come on to the property to make them the join the union.


Domino’s Ashburton


of the unions most western countries now enjoy a higher standard of living. It is very noticeable that the unelected Labour MP who resides in the area and has been keen, through articles in your paper, in telling us how good the present government is, seems very reluctant on telling the voters about this change. A concerned small business owner Name withheld at the discretion of the Editor.







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Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, September 8, 2018


Candidate stabbed at rally Jair Bolsonaro, a leading presidential candidate whose heated rhetoric has electrified some voters and angered others in a deeply polarised Brazil, was stabbed at a campaign event and suffered serious abdominal injuries. Brazilian police said the suspected attacker was in custody. Dr Luiz Henrique Borsato said that the right-wing candidate was in serious but stable condition and would remain in intensive care. The first round of Brazil’s presidential election is October 7. The doctor said the two-hour procedure stopped serious internal bleeding and repaired most of the damage from the knifing. The candidate will need further surgery within months for a part of his intestines that was temporarily fixed with a colostomy, the surgeon said. “We can’t say when he will be able to leave hospital,” Borsato said. “But in the first hours after the surgery his recovery has been very satisfactory.” Numerous videos on social media showed Bolsonaro, who has promised to crack down on crime in Latin America’s largest nation, being stabbed with a knife to the lower part of his stomach while campaigning in Juiz de Fora, a city about 200

Presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro is taken on the shoulders of a supporter moments before being stabbed during a campaign rally. PHOTO AP kilometres north of Rio de Janeiro. At the moment of the attack, Bolsonaro was on the shoulders of a supporter, looking out at the crowd and giving a thumbs up with his left hand. After the attack, he is seen flinching and then goes out of view. Other videos show supporters carrying him to a car and hitting a man who was apparently the suspect. Bolsonaro, a former army captain, is second in the polls to jailed ex-President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who has been

barred from running but continues to appeal. Despite being a congressman since 1991, Bolsonaro is running as an outsider ready to upend the establishment by cracking down on corruption in politics and reducing crime, in part by giving police a freer hand to shoot and kill while on duty. While Bolsonaro has a strong following, he is also a deeply polarising figure. He has been fined, and even faced charges, for derogatory statements toward women, blacks and gays.

He speaks nostalgically about the country’s 1964-1985 military dictatorship and has promised to fill his government with current and former military leaders. Earlier this week, Bolsonaro said during a campaign event that he would like to shoot corrupt members of the leftist Workers’ Party, which made da Silva its candidate. The comment prompted an immediate rebuke from the attorney general, who asked Bolsonaro to explain that comment. His vice presidential running mate, Hamilton Mourao, is a retired general who blamed leftists for the knife attack. Other presidential candidates quickly denounced the stabbing and many of them decided to suspend their campaign events Friday. The attack comes at a time of increasingly heated rhetoric, and sometimes violence, related to campaigns and candidates. It wasn’t immediately clear how the attack on Bolsonaro might reshape a presidential race very much up in the air with the front-runner, da Silva, in jail. In many ways, the incident feeds Bolsonaro’s narrative that Brazil is in chaos and needs a strong hand to steady it. – AP

Giraffe attack injures mother and son young mum and her son because it felt under threat when they surprised her. It is believed Mr and Mrs Williams are both scientists who work on the game reserve. UK-born Sam called for emergency help and a medical rescue team raced to the scene to try and help. But they were both so badly hurt in such a life threatening condition they were transferred to a local airfield to await two helicopter air ambulances from Johannesburg. Finn was the first to be airlifted by chopper to hospital in Johannesburg and his mother then followed shortly in the second helicopter.

Both mother and son were said to be in a stable but critical condition. The manager of Blyde Wildlife Estate Riaan Cilliers confirmed the incident. Cilliers confirmed that the giraffe in question has a two-month-old calf, which may have had an influence on her behaviour. Both husband and wife are scientists with post PhD experience in animal-related fields. Williams said in a press statement that he regarded the incident as an “unfortunate act of nature” where the giraffe saw his wife and son as a threat to her young one. Earlier this year a cameraman on the British TV show

Wild at Heart was killed by a giraffe as he filmed at the Glen Africa game reserve in Broederstroom in North West Province. South African filmmaker Carlos Carvalho, 47, was knocked 16 feet through the air when the giraffe slammed into him with his neck and died of his injuries later in hospital. The giraffe that killed him called Gerald is said to have attacked others in the past. Giraffes grow up to 6m and can weigh over a tonne and are the world’s tallest mammal and males become aggressive in mating season and females when protecting their young. – NZME


There’s no doubt Jim Carrey will win hearts as troubled children’s entertainer Mr Pickles in Michel Gondry’s Kidding. The show, about how Mr Pickles is trying to keep his personal troubles from seeping into his kindly public image, marks the Canadian comic’s first regular TV spot since he made the leap from the stand-up stage to ensemble sketch series In Living Color in 1990. The genius of Jim in full flight is his unpredictability, whether making us laugh or wiping away the tears. In Kidding, we get the best of both. It’s the cumulation of a brilliant career in one show.

Twitter bans Alex Jones

British Airways probes customer data theft British Airways has notified the police after the theft of customer data from its website and mobile app. The airline said the personal and financial details of customers who made bookings on its website or app from 10.58pm local time on August 21 until 9.45pm on September 5 had

Burt Reynolds, the handsome film and television star known for his acclaimed performances in Deliverance and Boogie Nights, commercial hits such as Smokey and the Bandit and for an active off-screen love life which included relationships with Loni Anderson and Sally Field, has died at age 82. His death was confirmed by his agent Todd Eisner. In a statement, his niece, Nancy Lee Hess, called his death “totally unexpected,” although she acknowledged he had health issues. “He was tough. Anyone who breaks their tail bone on a river and finishes the movie is tough. And that’s who he was”.

Carrey returns to TV


The wife and young son of a British scientist are fighting for their lives in hospital after being viciously attacked by a giraffe at a wildlife reserve in South Africa. Terrified Katy Williams, 35, and son Finn, 3, were left close to death near their home on the Blyde Wildlife Estate near Hoedspruit after the terrifying encounter. Husband Sam Williams was returning home from work and saw his US-born wife and son under attack and was able to chase off the giraffe and save their lives. The giraffe which had a two-month-old calf with it is believed to have attacked the

Burt Reynolds dies

been compromised. Around 380,000 payment cards were compromised. BA said the stolen data did not include travel or passport details, adding that it was investigating the security breach as a matter of urgency. The company said the breach had been resolved and the web-

site was now working normally. Alex Cruz, British Airways’ chairman and chief executive, said “We are deeply sorry for the disruption that this criminal activity has caused. We take the protection of our customers’ data very seriously.” The company said it is communicating with affected cus-

tomers and advised anyone who believed they may have been affected to contact their banks or credit card providers. Britain’s National Crime Agency said: “We are aware of reports of a data breach affecting British Airways and are working with partners to assess the best course of action.” – PA

Twitter is permanently banning US rightwing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his Infowars show for abusive behaviour. The company said Jones won’t be able to create new accounts on Twitter or take over any existing ones. Twitter said Jones posted a video that violates the company’s policy against abusive behaviour. The video in question showed Jones shouting at and berating CNN journalist Oliver Darcy for some 10 minutes in between two congressional hearings focused on social media. Jones had about 900,000 followers on Twitter.


Saturday, September 8, 2018


Quake search intensifies Rescuers are struggling to dig out survivors believed to have been buried after a powerful earthquake set off massive landslides on Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido. Rescue and search operations intensified to find 26 people in the town of Atsuma, where Thursday’s magnitude-6.7 quake triggered landslides that crushed houses and roads. At least 16 people were killed and more than 300 injured in the quake, according to central and local government officials. More than 6400 spent the night in temporary evacuation centres as about 100 aftershocks continued to shake the region. Meteorological agency official Toshiyuki Matsumori warned that strong quakes could strike the affected areas again within the next six days.

Left – Japan’s Ground SelfDefense Force personnel with police dogs prepare to search for missing persons at the site of a landslide triggered by a powerful earthquake in Atsuma, Hokkaido, northern Japan. PHOTO AP

Government spokesman Yoshihide Suga also warned of fresh landslides as heavy rain is forecast for some regions of Hok-

kaido over the weekend. The quake caused a blackout across the whole island, resulting in nearly three million house-

holds losing electricity and affecting hospitals, businesses and traffic lights. On Friday, more than 1.5 million households remained without power and Industry Minister Hiroshige Seko said it could take up to a week to be fully restored. The quake came days after Japan was left reeling from the most powerful storm to hit the country in 25 years. Typhoon Jebi battered the western part of the country on Tuesday, killing 11 people and injuring hundreds. – DPA


Kremlin denies involvement in UK poisoning The Kremlin says Russia is not investigating the two men that Britain has named as suspects in the nerve agent attack on a Russian ex-spy. Britain announced charges in absentia against two alleged Russian agents, Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov. British Prime Minister Theresa May has accused the Russian government of orchestrating the March attack on ex-Russian spy

Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in the English city of Salisbury. The Skripals became gravely ill but survived. Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for President Vladimir Putin, said that May’s accusations were “unacceptable” and that “no one in the Russian leadership” had anything to do with the poisoning. Peskov said Russia “has no reasons” to investigate the two

Air hand dryers unsanitary Jet air hand dryers in hospital toilets spread more germs than disposable paper towels and should not be used, scientists have advised. Writing in the Journal of Hospital Infection, researchers argued that official guidance about how to prevent bacterial contamination in hospital buildings needs to be strengthened. A study carried out in three hospitals found contamination – including by faecal and antibiotic-resistant bacteria – was “significantly higher” in toilets on the days that jet air dryers were in use compared to paper towels. Scientists said the problem lies in people not washing their hands properly – meaning microbes get blown off by jet air dryers and spread around the room. They said official Department of Health guidance is that air dryers can be placed in toilets in the public areas of a hospital, but not in clinical areas – but this is not because of the risks they pose for cross contamination, but because they are noisy. Mark Wilcox, professor of medical microbiology at the University of Leeds, said the guidance needs to focus on the infection risks given the new evidence. The study looked at bacterial

spread in a real world setting – in two toilets in each of three hospitals. Each of the toilets had paper towel dispensers and jet air dryers, but only one of these was in use on any given day. On each day, over 12 weeks, levels of bacterial contamination in the toilets were measured, allowing comparisons to be made when either paper towels or jet air dryers were in use. Samples were taken from the floors, air and surfaces in each of the toilets. The main target bacteria were Enterobacteria, which cause a wide range of infections including gastroenteritis, pneumonia and septicaemia, and enterococci – bacteria that can cause difficulty when treating infections. They also looked for Staphylococcus aureus, which is responsible for a range of conditions, from minor skin and wound infections to life-threatening septicaemia. Across the three hospitals, bacterial counts were significantly higher in the toilets on the days that jet air dryers were in use. The study is the largest of its type to investigate whether the way people dry their hands has an impact on the spread of bacteria. – PA

individuals charged because Britain has not asked for legal assistance on the case. Britain’s security minister, meanwhile, says Russian President Vladimir Putin bears ultimate responsibility for the Novichok nerve agent attack. Ben Wallace told the BBC that Putin and his government “controls, funds and directs the military intelligence” unit known as the GRU that Britain believes

used Novichok to try to kill exSkripal and his daughter Yulia. Britain plans to press its case against Russia in the UN Security Council. Many Western countries have already imposed sanctions on Russia because of the attack. Walls said the GRU is directly linked to Russia’s Defence Ministry, the Kremlin and Putin’s office. – AP


Court to investigate Myanmar allegations Judges at the International Criminal Court have ruled that the court has jurisdiction to investigate widespread allegations that Myanmar forces drove hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims from their homes. The decision opens up the possibility of crimes against Rohingya people being prosecuted at the Hague-based court, even though Myanmar is not a member of the court. The court said that prosecutor Fatou Bensouda must take the jurisdiction ruling into account “as she continues with her preliminary examination concerning the crimes allegedly committed against the Rohingya people”. It added that the probe, which aims to establish whether there is sufficient evidence to launch a full-blown investigation, “must be concluded within a reasonable time”. Richard Dicker, internation-

al justice director for Human Rights Watch, said it is “a crucial step for accountability for crimes against the Rohingya and will rock a lot of boats”. There have been widespread reports of atrocities committed against the Rohingya minority in Myanmar. Last week, investigators working for the UN’s top human rights body said Myanmar military leaders should be prosecuted for genocide against Rohingya Muslims, taking the unusual step of identifying by naming six of those it claims were behind systematic crimes targeting the ethnic minority. Thursday’s ruling also said that the court can exercise jurisdiction over other crimes, “such as the crimes against humanity of persecution and/or other inhumane acts”. Myanmar has declined to file a formal response to the court as it considers the jurisdiction issue. – AP

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In brief Popular Oscar canned The idea to hand out a popular film Oscar has been shelved for now following widespread backlash, but film academy president John Bailey says that the new category was well-intentioned in its efforts to reflect a changing industry and misunderstood by its critics. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said that it will further study plans for the category. Bailey said he was surprised by the negative reaction to the new category and feels that people did not understand its goal to give recognition to the kinds of films that are being made today. - AP

Column dispute US President Donald Trump’s vice president and secretary of state have both said they did not write an anonymous column in the New York Times that asserted that many senior officials are part of “a quiet resistance” within the administration. The opinion column has prompted the Republican president to blast the anonymous writer and the news outlet, and further fuelled accusations by critics that Trump was unstable and unfit for the presidency. The opinion piece sparked a guessing game in Washington about whether the author worked within the White House or a government agency, and raised questions of whether other officials may come forward, step down or be fired. – AP

Four dead in shooting A gunman has opened fire inside a bank in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, killing at least three people and wounding others before being shot and killed by police. The shooter began firing inside a loading dock at the Fifth Third Bank near Fountain Square, police said, before entering the lobby where he exchanged fire with law enforcement officers. “He was actively shooting innocent victims, it appears, and our officers were able to kill him and stop the threat very quickly,” Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley told a news conference. The city’s police chief, Eliot Isaac, said he could not confirm local media reports that the gunman was a disgruntled employee of the bank, and said he had no information that the victims were targeted. – AP

Cranes grounded Safety notices will be issued for 80 cranes across Melbourne after a man died and another was critically injured in an incident on a Melbourne worksite. The two men were submerged in concrete when a tub fell from a crane on a building site on Whitehorse Road at Box Hill on Thursday afternoon. A third man was treated for minor injuries in the incident that has left the crane driver, colleagues and those who rushed to help traumatised. The incident involved Clarke Cranes, the same company involved in a crane collapse in June. A union spokesman said the company would be issued with safety notices halting the operation of cranes across 80 sites until they’ve all been inspected. Seven people have died on Victorian construction sites this year. – AAP

Business 16 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, September 8, 2018


The political move for which taxpayers must stay vigilant By Matthew hooton Labour moved quickly on Wednesday to distance itself from yet another proposal to fleece the taxpayer for its election campaign, but rust never sleeps. Nor has Winston Peters – the true power in the Government – yet opined on the Appropriations Review Committee’s recommendation to shovel another $13 million of taxpayers’ money to political parties, most to Labour, the Greens and NZ First. One of Labour’s deepest beliefs is that the present election-funding system works against it. Currently, parties rely mainly on their own fundraising and their advertising spending is capped. There is no cap on spending on policy development and public engagement, including market research. Labour has long argued that this benefits National, which tends to have a higher party membership if Labour’s union affiliates aren’t counted. Despite New Zealand companies and multinationals usually having policies against political

Winston Peters donations, Labour also asserts that the corporate sector unfairly lines National’s pockets. Labour’s long-term goal is clearly taxpayer funding of political parties, as in Sweden and Norway, where established parties receive government grants to spend on whatever they like. The problem is that New Zealanders resist paying for election propaganda, forcing Labour Governments to move by stealth. In the 1980s, Labour radically expanded taxpayer funding for electorate activity. When it knew the 1990 election was lost, it decided the Opposition leader should have access to VIP cars. In the 2000s, Labour massively

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–26 –5 –27 +0.5 +1 –2 +1 +5 +3 – +11 – –1 +5 – –10 –1 +1 +1.5 – –6 – +1 +1.5 – +3 +1 +1 –2 –1 +1.5 +3 –17 +40 – +3 +1 –4 –6 +1.5 –3 –11 +25 –25 –3 –3 –2 +0.5 +1 –3

905.0 571.8 3.81 548.2 256.6 1.1m 1.2m 29.80 449.5 36.17 883.8 2.3m 285.3 80.36 379.3 533.2 1.4m 207.2 786.2 18.23 44.24 2.7m 27.29 693.7 2.9m 129.2 85.00 90.68 91.95 723.8 312.8 66.76 121.5 344.7 3.29 29.08 82.39 1.0m 606.2 3.1m 386.2 133.5 93.61 231.5 301.7 59.06 178.1 782.8 18.15 126.7

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increased the number of Beehive “ministerial advisers”, which in practice put Labour activists on taxpayer salaries to operate from the very centre of power. The rot spread to the supposedly neutral public service. In 2006, a little-known Labour activist called Clare Curran wrote a paper called Language Matters, proposing the National Party be publicly positioned as “enemies of the people”. The Beehive then helicoptered her into the Environment Ministry to run climate-change PR. In the ensuing scandal, the ministry’s chief executive resigned. Even more infamously, Labour unlawfully helped itself to $800,000 of taxpayers’ cash for its 2005 election campaign, including for its pledge card. Michael Cullen then introduced the Appropriation (Parliamentary Expenditure Validation) Bill 2006 to declare the spending to have been lawful after all. In parallel, Annette King rammed through the Electoral Finance Act 2007 that in practice made it illegal for organisations like business groups or unions to

effectively oppose government policies in election year. So egregious were King’s attacks on democratic norms that the Herald took the highly unusual step of actively campaigning against them. King is again at the centre of the latest fuss as the Labour representative on the Appropriations Review Committee, along with former National MP Eric Roy, and a former Treasury official. The proposal this time was for the Beehive to get about 30 more political staff, supposedly to help with constituency work. As employees of Parliamentary Service, these staff would not have been subject to the Official Information Act. The 30-odd taxpayer-funded activists would in reality be fulltime campaign workers. List MPs would have received a funding boost to hire new staff, who would also have worked outside the Official Information Act. With the Government having 34 list MPs and the Opposition just 15, 70 per cent of this money would have flowed to Labour, the Greens and NZ First. Unbelievably, King and her col-

leagues also proposed that Labour and National be permanently funded as if their support is always 38 per cent or above, despite Labour winning just 37 per cent of the vote even in 2017. The proposal would have kept Labour’s taxpayer funding artificially high throughout its last nine years in opposition, given it won only 34 per cent in 2008, 27 per cent in 2011 and 25 per cent in 2014. For NZ First and the Greens, King and her colleagues proposed they be funded as if their party vote is at least 8 per cent. The overall effect would have been to scam the taxpayer to line the campaign war chests of the three parties in the governing triad. Labour may have moved quickly to avoid negative publicity this week, declaring the proposals “dead in the water”, but its historic record suggests it will find another way to raid the Treasury. Taxpayers must remain vigilant. Matthew Hooton is managing director of PR and corporate affairs firm Exceltium

Govt urged to tweak KiwiSaver By Paul McBeth The Financial Services Council is urging the Government to add sweeteners and raise minimum contributions to KiwiSaver if it’s serious about ensuring New Zealanders enjoy a well-funded retirement. The industry lobby for fund managers and insurers outlined four recommendations in a report seeking to bridge the $218 average weekly shortfall someone will need in retirement to live comfortably. At the top of the list was increasing the minimum employee and employer contribution to 4 per cent each, something 70 per cent of respondents in accompanying research would support. The paper also recommends a review of default fund allocations, “further tax or other simple incentives” to encourage savings, and a decoupling from the retirement age. “The recommendations are ambitious and it’s heartening to see the Government is making

Grant Robertson moves to address some of these issues. It’s a great start,” FSC chief executive Richard Klipin said. “We believe they are achievable and they will provide a blueprint for closing New Zealand’s future savings gap.” Finance Minister Grant Robertson last month told the NZ Shareholders’ Association he’s targeting the missing million people not in KiwiSaver in an upcoming review of default providers, while the Retirement Commissioner will also

investigate KiwiSaver fees and investment practices in the 2019 review of retirement income policies. The FSC report also recommends cross-party work on a superannuation strategy to “ensure that the most vulnerable in our society are protected”. New Zealand’s pension age and universal entitlements are a highly political issue, with independent reviews and Treasury advising an increase in the age as a means to address rising life expectancies and the associated increase in health costs. The final recommendation is to make it easier for people to access advice and switch between providers. Financial Markets Authority research has found few people get personalised advice for their KiwiSaver investments and has provided an exemption for automated digital advice, known as robo-advice, ahead of a legislative change to the adviser regime. – NZME

As at 4pm Sep 7, 2018

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Wholesale trade on the rise again By Paul McBeth New Zealand’s wholesale trade expanded for a 10th straight quarter, with strong sales for fruit exporters underpinning the gain.

Seasonally adjusted sales rose 2.6 per cent in the three months ended June 30, accelerating from a 0.3 per cent pace of expansion in March, Statistics New Zealand said. An 11 per cent increase in

fruit exports through the month helped drive 3 per cent growth in wholesale sales of grocery, liquor and tobacco products, the biggest sub-group in the series. – NZME

Saturday, September 8, 2018

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The New Zealand women’s eight crew, including Mayfield’s Emma Dyke (bottom right) is in Bulgaria for the World Rowing Championships, starting tomorrow. PHOTO SUPPLED

Dyke has gold in her sights BY ERIN TASKER


Mayfield rower Emma Dyke has gold in her sights in Bulgaria. Dyke is part of the New Zealand Rowing team that will take part in the 2018 World Rowing Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, from September 9 to 16. She’s part of the women’s eight crew that has had a pretty good year so far, and they’re hoping to finish on top of the world in Bulgaria. Dyke said the women’s eight crew’s build up to the regatta

had been good. “We are holding good speed and travelling really well here, we have no issues. “I guess our hopes, after coming away from World Cup III with the gold, is to try and race our best race which will hopefully lead to the result that we want.” Dyke and her New Zealand team-mates have been training in Bulgaria for over a week, on a small 2km course. “Which pretty much looks like a giant bath tub,” Dyke said. As other countries slowly

floated in, the boat park started to get super busy, with the regatta countdown on. The regatta was set to take place in Plovdiv’s Maritza River Water Sports Centre, with rowers vying for the coveted title of world champion in 14 Olympic, six international and nine pararowing boat classes. More than 900 athletes from 62 nations will be competing. While FISA allowed countries to send multiple crews to individual events at World Rowing Cup regattas, countries were

limited to one entry per event for World Rowing Championships. New Zealand champion Robbie Manson secured New Zealand’s men’s single scull seat through an impressive performance at World Cup III, where he beat his countryman and former world champ Mahe Drysdale. After missing out on representing New Zealand in the men’s single scull, eight-time former national single sculls champion and two-time Olym-

pic champion Drysdale would represent New Zealand in the men’s quad. The full crew consisted of Lewis Hollows, Cameron Crampton, Drysdale and Nathan Flannery. After taking silver and gold at World Rowing Cup II and III respectively, the New Zealand women’s eight had remained unchanged with Kelsey Bevan, Kelsi Walters, Dyke, Beth Ross, Jackie Gowler, Lucy Spoors, Kelsi Parker and Ella Greenslade set to row for gold along with coxswain Sam Bosworth.

Sport 18

Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, September 8, 2018


Williams, Osaka in US Open final Serena Williams was a bit shaky at the start of her US Open semifinal. For all of six minutes. That’s how long it took her to drop the opening two games. Williams spent the next hour playing flawlessly, particularly up at the net, grabbing 12 of 13 games to beat No. 19 seed Anastasija Sevastova of Latvia 6-3, 6-0 and reach her ninth final at Flushing Meadows and 31st at all Grand Slam tournaments. “I’ve been working hard on my volleys. I have won a few doubles championships, so I know how to volley,” Williams said with a laugh, before adding this punch line: “I just usually come in only to shake hands.” With one more victory, Williams will earn her seventh US Open championship and her 24th major singles trophy, equalling Margaret Court for the most in tennis history. Williams already owns the mark for the most in the half-century professional era; Court won some of hers against amateur competition. On Sunday, Williams will face No. 20 seed Naomi Osaka, a 20-year-old who is the first Japanese woman to reach a Grand

Dwayne Prendergast M 021 220 0591

Serena Williams serves to Anastasija Sevastova, of Latvia, during the semi-finals of the US Open tennis tournament in New York. PHOTO AP Slam final. Osaka saved all 13 break points she faced and defeated 2017 runner-up Madison Keys 6-2, 6-4. Asked during her on-court in-

Michele Strange M 027 491 5266

terview how she managed to stave off all of those break chances, Osaka replied with a laugh, “This is going to sound really bad, but I was just thinking, ‘I really want to

Adam Blake M 021 195 0346

Jennian Homes Canterbury North Ashburton Display Home - 8 Whiteoak Grove, Ashburton Open: Wednesday 1pm-3pm, Thursday 4pm-6pm and Sunday 12-3pm

play Serena’.” Why? “Because she’s Serena,” Osaka said. “Like, what do you mean?” Williams had lost in the semi-

finals in her previous two trips to New York – against Roberta Vinci in 2015 while bidding for a calendar-year Grand Slam, and against Karolina Pliskova in 2016. A year ago, Williams missed the US Open because she gave birth to her daughter, Olympia, during the tournament. She then dealt with complications related to blood clots. The American returned to the tour in February and to Grand Slam action at the French Open in May, when she had to withdraw from the field with an injured chest muscle. At her second major back, Wimbledon, she was the runner-up. Now comes a chance to take a title and become, a few weeks shy of turning 37, the oldest woman to win a Slam in singles. “It’s honestly really incredible. A year ago, I was fighting for, literally, my life at the hospital after I had the baby,” Williams said, her voice wavering. “So every day I step out on this court, I am so grateful that I have an opportunity to play this sport, you know? So no matter what happens in any match – semis, finals – I just feel like I’ve already won.” - AP


Saturday, September 8, 2018

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In brief Pocock ruled out The Wallabies have been hit with another blow before tonight’s test against the Springboks, with star No. 8 David Pocock being ruled out because of a concerning neck injury. Pocock was unable to recover from ongoing neck soreness and stiffness he suffered during the Wallabies’ second Bledisloe Cup loss against the All Blacks. The exact nature or extent of Pocock’s neck issues were not revealed, but he was not able to participate in contact drills in training this week. Former Crusader Pete Samu will replace the injured star in the Wallabies’ starting lineup. - NZME

McCartney’s season over Pole vault star Eliza McCartney’s season is over. The North Shore athlete suffered a painful heel injury during a Diamond League meet in Birmingham last month, which ruled her out of two subsequent events, including the Diamond League final in Zurich. However she had been hoping to get one more competition in this year, the Continental Cup teams event starting in Ostrava, in the Czech Republic. McCartney is in Ostrava, did some training work but was unable to complete a vault and has withdrawn. - NZME

Career ‘ends here’

Boys on a winning roll

Nathan Cleary was cheering for Simon Mannering last time the Warriors made the NRL finals, but seven years on the Penrith young gun plans on sending him into retirement in tonight’s sudden death clash at ANZ Stadium in Sydney. Cleary was just 13 years old and living in Auckland when his dad, Ivan, coached the Warriors through their remarkable run to the 2011 grand final. Like his father, Nathan remains an unabashed fan of Mannering, and while he admits it would be sad to see the 32-year-old Warriors back rower’s career end after 301 appearances, he confesses that’s exactly what the Panthers intend on doing at Homebush. - NZME

By Erin TaskEr

Bilous wins bronze

Ashburton College’s Phoenix Andrew looks for the hoop during the Schick Southern Cup tournament at Ashburton’s EA Networks Centre yesterday. PHOTO MATT MARKHAM 070918-ET-002


Ashburton College’s senior boys backed up their opening win at the Schick Southern Cup secondary schools’ basketball tournament with a massive victory in their second game. Playing at Ashburton’s EA Networks Centre, the Ashburton boys beat Cashmere High School in the tournament opener on Thursday morning before taking on Dunedin’s Logan Park High School later in the day and winning 121-32. Quin Ritchie top-scored for the Ashburton boys with 40 – including eight three-pointers – while Marc Juntilla scored 22 and Abel Wilson scored 20. Yesterday they took on Kavanagh College and took another strong win, 99-34. Coach Brian Kerr said his side had expected a tighter game than the night before and wanted to make sure their headspace was right. “It was, as Ashburton College were very clinical, as their press was again effective and the finishing on the fast breaks were good,” Kerr said. Ashburton raced out to a 31–5

lead after the first quarter and that was pretty much game over. The final three quarters were about ensuring they kept their structures in place, which they did adequately, Kerr said. Ritchie and Juntilla top scored with 21 points, with Sam Pearce adding 20. Today was the tournament’s final day, with the boys’ and girls’ finals set to be played at the same time – 3.30pm – with the boys’ final on court one and the girls’ final on court three. This week has been secondary schools’ tournament week, with sporting tournaments being held around the country. The Ashburton College girls’ basketball team were down in Invercargill at their zone four premiership, and they were eyeing up a 10th place finish heading into their final match against Timaru Girls’ High School (TGHS) today. Yesterday morning they fell to a heavy loss to the tournament’s top seeds, St Hilda’s, 84-51. St Hilda’s were missing a few players during pool play due to some being in Dunedin at the South Island Secondary Schools’ Netball Championships, but they re-

turned to ensure their team was full strength by yesterday, and were now a force to be reckoned with, the coach of the Ashburton girls Mark Douglas said. The Ashburton girls were set to take on Nayland College last night before the tournament wrapped up today with their game against TGHS. They were set to finish somewhere between 10th and 12th spot and Douglas said the tournament had been a great learning curve for a young, inexperienced side. In Timaru, at the Audrey Timlin tournament, the Ashburton College girls’ first XI hockey team headed into a round robin with the bottom three teams yesterday to finish their tournament. They started their day with a narrow loss to Otago Girls’ High School (OGHS). OGHS scored first before Ashburton got one back through Kate Donald just before halftime to make it 1-all at the break. Marika Mellisa scored early in the second half to put Ashburton ahead, but OGHS fought hard and scored a further two goals off penalty corners to win 3-2. In their final game against

James Hargest – a school they’d beaten the day before – they finished on a high with a 3-2 win thanks to a second half fightback. James Hargest led 2-0 at the break but Ashburton College sprung into life in the second and two goals to Donald and another to Kate O’Reilly saw them take the win. In Invercargill, Ashburton College’s boys’ football first XI finished their tournament on Thursday in 10th place out of 21 teams, and later in the day Nick Eden was awarded the tournament’s most valuable player award, as chosen by opposition coaches. In Ashburton, the Chris Arthur hockey tournament for girls’ second XIs wrapped up yesterday with St Margaret’s beating St Cuthbert’s in the final 2-1. While most teams were finishing up at their tournaments, Ashburton College and Mount Hutt College’s golf croquet teams were just getting ready to start. They were at the New Zealand Secondary Schools’ Golf Croquet Championships which were being held at Waikanae and Paraparaumu today and tomorrow.

Wanaka freeskier Finn Bilous has won New Zealand’s second Winter Games medal, nabbing bronze in the World Cup Big Air event at Cardrona yesterday. Bilous, 19, was close to silver too, overtaken only by the last jump of the competition by his Canadian friend Evan McEachran. But “he’s my good mate so it doesn’t really matter,” Bilous quipped. Andri Ragettli of Switzerland won the title with a combined score of 182.0 from the best two of his three jumps. Bilous was lying second with 180.20, including a sizzling 93.6 with his first jump, until McEachran sneaked past. - NZME

Hubbard back training Laurel Hubbard is back and lifting weights again, preparing for the national championships in Papatoetoe this month. Hubbard, best known as the country’s first transgender international athlete, suffered a potentially career-ending injury, essentially wrecking her left elbow at the Commonwealth Games last April. However surgery, plus a strong desire to get back into the sport, has the 40-year-old back on the platform. - NZME

Sport 20 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, September 8, 2018


West Coast clash a must-win By Erin TaskEr

Mid Canterbury head into today’s round three Heartland Championship rugby clash with West Coast knowing that they can’t afford to drop another game. The side beat Horowhenua-Kapiti in round one but lost to North Otago last weekend in round two, courtesy of a try right on full time, dealing an early blow to the side’s goal of a top four finish in this year’s competition. Coach Sean Carter said it was vital his side gets back on track with a win against West Coast today. “No team within the competition can afford to drop games back-to-back and the goal is still very much well and alive, and achievable. “Everyone believes that and has trust and faith in what we are doing,” Carter said. The last time Mid Canterbury played West Coast was in last year’s Lochore Cup final, which Mid Canterbury won in spectacular fashion after they lost players to a red card and a yellow card in the opening few minutes. “I was a spectator then, but they played exceptionally well to be 13 men for a good 10 minutes at the start and then to play with only 14 and have such a tremendous win was fantastic,” Carter said. This season’s Heartland Championship was shaping up to be a cracker, with tight results across the board so far. Last weekend, while Mid Canterbury was being beaten by a final minute try against North Otago, West Coast were being beaten by one of the competition’s most consistent teams, Wanganui. But they scored 21 points in that loss to the defending champions and that indicated they were going to be tough, Carter said. “And they came from behind in the first half and put on four re-

Mid Canterbury’s Seta Koroitamana moves from seven to number eight for today’s clash against West Coast. PHOTO ERIN TASKER 010918-ET-0270

ally good tries in the second half against Thames Valley in the first round,” Carter said. After two rounds, King Country topped the table on 10 points, with Wanganui and North Otago second on nine. They were the only teams to win both of their first two matches. Despite the loss to North Otago, Mid Canterbury was next on the ladder with Horowhenua-Kapiti, thanks to three bonus points from the first two games. With the competition shaping up to be tight, bonus points and points differentials could be vital

come the business end. When his side took to the field against West Coast today, Carter wanted to see improvement from the North Otago performance. He felt his side pushed too many 50/50 passes in that game and teams like North Otago and West Coast were good at living off scraps, so they couldn’t afford to give them opportunities. Carter said as a coach it wasn’t about scripting the full 80 minutes. He, and co-coaches Jason Rickard and Dale Palmer, wanted to give their players starts at the set

Getting to know . . . Andrew Letham Who is your rugby idol? Andrew Mehrtens If you could invite any five people in the world to dinner, who would they be? Michael Jordan, Barack Obama, Shane Warne, Billy Connelly and Vince Vaughn. What do you eat for breakfast on the day of a big game? Porridge.

piece and let them take ownership after that, giving them room to express themselves. “Everyone is prepared to throw the ball around and everyone is prepared to chance their arm and sometimes that’s a good thing,” Carter said. “It’s awesome to see them having the ability and the desire to attack from anywhere, but sometimes you need to be mindful that if you do go ahead, it’s the mental aptitude again. “It’s closing out the game instead of necessarily going for another try.”

Leading try scorers Mid Canterbury’s leading try scorers after two rounds Dan Fransen –2 Timoci Nabakeke –2 Tom Heywood –1 Eric Duff –1 Seta Koroitamana –1 Brian Matoramusha –1 Isireli Masiwini –1

Leading points scorers Mid Canterbury’s leading points scorers after two rounds Andrew Letham – 12 Jarred Percival – 10 Dan Fransen – 10

It was about harnessing the flair. “The key of our game plan is to try and play at pace and for the guys to express themselves, because we do have speed but we don’t have size,” Carter said. That wasn’t a bad thing though. “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” Mid Canterbury would take on West Coast at the Ashburton A&P Showgrounds this afternoon at 2.30pm, with the curtainraiser between Mid Canterbury A and Cantabrians Under-20 at 12.45pm.

Mid Canterbury The Mid Canterbury starting line-up for today is: 1 Tom Heywood 2 Jackson Donlan 3 Matt Groom 4 Tom Blyth 5 Eric Duff 6 Angus Lindsay 7 Jesse Houston 8 Seta Koroitamana 9 Will Mackenzie 10 Jarred Percival 11 Brian Matoramusha 12 Andrew Letham 13 Tom Hanham-Carter 14 Hugh Griffiths 15 Dan Fransen Replacements: 16 Angus McKenzie 17 Adam Williamson 18 Matt Bentley 19 Aron Einarsson/Shepherd Mhembere 20 Tyler Blackburn 21 Isireli Masiwini/Timoci Nabakeke 22 Nathan McCloy


Saturday, September 8, 2018

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Houston, we have a solution By Erin TaskEr

Mid Canterbury’s most successful recent sevens export will make an unexpected Heartland Championship debut today against the West Coast. Jesse Houston – a New Zealand sevens contracted player – had been called in to the Mid Canterbury rugby squad as an import following a calf injury to another of the side’s imports, Aron Einarsson, and would run on to the field wearing the number seven jersey. When Mid Canterbury’s squad for the 2018 competition was named Houston wasn’t in the mix, but he was on the team’s radar, coach Sean Carter said. Carter said Houston had approached him earlier in the season to express an interest in playing for Mid Canterbury, but he suffered a hamstring injury in his Lincoln University side’s club semi-final. When Einarsson was injured in Mid Canterbury’s loss to North Otago last weekend, Houston and Carter talked about the possibility of the 21-year-old coming into the mix. He’d played in the backline for Lincoln University, but he was a versatile player and Carter saw him in the loose forwards. “We had a good conversation and he was really comfortable with that, and that his hamstring has come right,” Carter said. Houston joined the team for training this week and, a quick learner, had picked up the side’s

Last season Jesse Houston was playing sevens for his country, and today he’ll make his debut for his home union, Mid Canterbury, in rugby’s Heartland Championship. PHOTO SUPPLIED patterns in no time. “There is no expectation, there is no pressure, he’s just one of the 22 collectively working together for the common goal,” Carter

said. Houston was called into the New Zealand Sevens side last year for the Paris and London legs of the World Rugby Sevens Series.

“He’s a ranging sort of young lad and he’s very disciplined and sets very high expectations of himself,” Carter said. “He’s got a very good under-

standing of the modern game so his perception and his ability to read the play and see what’s going to take place two or three phases down the track is probably his strongest attribute.” Carter said he was a hard ball runner with a knack for picking the right lines. The inclusion of Houston was the biggest change in the Mid Canterbury line up for today’s game. He would start at seven, with Seta Koroitamana moving to eight. In the front row Matt Groom would also start in place of Sam Cottam, who’d had tonsillitis this week, with Adam Williamson coming on to the bench as prop cover. Carter said Williamson – who played for Southern – had initially made himself unavailable for selection this year. But with propping stocks running low, Carter approached him earlier in the week and he agreed to come back and help out, and had been named on the bench for today’s game.

Try a deserved reward for tenacious team man By Erin TaskEr

As Tom Heywood crashed across for a try in the corner for Mid Canterbury against North Otago on Saturday, he had a smile plastered on his face. As a prop, he doesn’t score many tries, and that one – at a crucial time in the game – was his first in rugby’s Heartland Championship. It was just reward for one of the side’s hardest workers, a player who coach Sean Carter described as a tenacious team man. Unfortunately for Heywood and his team-mates, they went on to lose last weekend’s match against North Otago in the final minute of play, and they are determined to make amends today when they take on West Coast, knowing that two losses so early in the competition put them well behind the eight ball. Heywood, 21, is into his second year as part of the Mid Canterbury Heartland squad. Last year he was one of the new kids on the block and didn’t really know what to expect. But this season, with 10 caps to his name at the start of the season, Heywood is one of the more experienced players in a squad that features a number of new

Tom Heywood scored his first try for Mid Canterbury in their Heartland Championship game against North Otago last weekend. PHOTO ERIN TASKER 010918-ET-0307 players in 2018. For Heywood, his senior Mid Canterbury career started with a bang. He played in Mid Can-

terbury’s first match of last year against Ellesmere, but his first big outing for the team was the Ranfurly Shield challenge against

Canterbury in the lead-up to the Heartland Championship’s start. But he’d handled the step-up well and gone on to be a firm fix-

ture in the Mid Canterbury squad. Coach Carter first came into contact with Heywood at the Rakaia club, where he was pulled up into the senior squad from the colts to fill a hole, and never looked back. “As he moves forward he’s going to be an outstanding frontrower, because he’s still developing physically and developing his game mentally,” Carter said. He said props didn’t really mature in the position until they were 26 or 27. “When you consider how old he is, he’s going to be a handful when he gets to that age,” Carter said. Whether he’ll get his name in the try-scorer’s column more times this season, Heywood was just taking things as they came. He not generally known as a tryscoring prop and said Saturday’s five-pointer was more a case of being in the right place – out wide – at the right time. “I probably shouldn’t have been out there. And I didn’t have to do too much, Seta (Koroitamana) did most of the work,” Heywood said. His main focus was getting the job done for his team, starting with helping to lay a good platform with his fellow forwards for what he hoped would be a win against the West Coast today.

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Rangiora harness Tomorrow at Rangiora Raceway

Rangiora Harness Racing Club Inc Venue: Rangiora (All weather) Meeting Date: 09 Sep 2018 NZ Meeting number: 8 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8 Trebles: 2, 3 and 4; 6, 7 and 8 1 12.14pm (NZT) BISHOPDALE & BUSH INN TAB’S AMATEURS MBL PACE $7500, 4yo+ r40-r55, up-r69., mobile, 2600m 1 050x9 Senorita Margarita (1) fr ....................A Edge 2 05477 Bettor Backim (2) fr ..........................W Frost 3 0089x Zulu Courage (3) fr....................... P Wallace 4 00400 Living Legend (4) fr .....................M Stratford 5 25386 Alexy (5) fr ...................................... C Negus 6 98704 Eja Patron (6) fr ..........................D Stapleton 7 43870 Rainy River (7) fr ...................... T Woodward 8 31955 Machs Mareta (8) fr....................... B Wilmott 9 5D734 Myboylolliepop (U1) fr .......................P Cook 2 12.45pm FERNSIDE TROT $8000, non-winners, stand, 2600m 1 9x698 Opawa Majestic (1) fr ...................I Cameron 2 80335 Midnight Memories (2) fr ........... M Edmonds 3 P820 Magic Galleon (3) fr .................. C McDowell 4 22548 Pastrana (4) fr ..............................K Hadfield 5 85375 Noble Mistress (5) fr .....................M Perriton 6 43645 Sunrise Spur (6) fr........................J Versteeg 7 350x0 Kiitos (7) fr.................................... S McNally 8 50090 Cabella Noir (U1) fr ..........................R Close


Saturday, September 8, 2018

3 1.17pm PLOUGH HOTEL TRAINERS’ CHAMPS 2018/2019 PACE $8500, r40-r50, stand, 2600m 1 0400x Airpark Flyer (1) fr ................... M Williamson 2 50730 Awaytocullect (2) fr ................ O Thornley (J) 3 7x416 Magic Blaze (3) fr ................... J Morrison (J) 4 2498x Bohannan (4) fr .............................R Holmes 5 05930 Out Of Aces (5) fr ............................B Munro 6 75x80 Top Brass (6) fr ............................T Williams 7 x7927 Beau Vista (7) fr ........................... A Lethaby 8 08037 Chaaat (8) fr ............................ L McCormick 9 x2450 Mordecai (9) fr......................K Tomlinson (J) 10 x7750 Pine Cone (10) fr........................ K Cameron 4 1.52pm STAND UP FOR STANDARDBREDS TROT $8000, non-winners 3yo+, stand, 2600m 1 348 Rogie Falls (1) fr........................... S McNally 2 340 Cuckoos Nest (2) fr ..........................S Ottley 3 Px254 Fekitoa (3) fr ................................T McMillan 4 Listen Easy (4) fr ........................B Zampese 5 3 Majestic Mannequin (5) fr ................R Close 6 Jazzy Trouble (6) fr .......................M Heenan 7 Kapai (7) fr ..........................................B Butt 8 Maudarchy (8) fr .............................T Chmiel 9 46458 Thatgirltrouble (9) fr ........................... R May 5 2.29pm LEVELHEAD INSULATION PASSING LANE MOBILE PACE $8000, non-winners., mobile, 2600m 1 Adam Patron (1) fr.............................. R May

2 7259x Betterthanspraying (2) fr ................T Chmiel 3 39583 Fynn Frost (3) fr ......................... K Cameron 4 00 Lincoln Alba (4) fr ......................M Hurrell (J) 5 98x7P Buildinganempire (5) fr............ M Williamson 6 65340 Santanna Lad (6) fr ..........................S Ottley 7 79x5 Magicol Ideal (7) fr ......................C DeFilippi 8 796 Galleons Connoisseur (8) fr ....... D Keast (J) 9 22P He’s A Ladies Man (U1) fr ...............B Munro 10 59052 Mockingjay (U2) fr ............................J Young 6 3.09pm ASHLEY TROT $8500, r40-r46,r47-r50 w/c, stand, 2600m 1 00439 Tehoro Tease (1) fr ........................R Holmes 2 90806 Motu Great Sensation (2) fr ...... B Borcoskie 3 6x270 I’ldoitmyway (3) fr ................... J Morrison (J) 4 x889x The Rev (4) fr ............................M Hurrell (J) 5 5x334 Stellar Success (5) fr.................... G O’Reilly 6 38480 Wot Up (6) fr................................. S McNally 7 70x08 Belmont’s Greatest (7) fr .................... R May 8 084x2 Majestic De Fence (8) fr .......... C D Thornley 9 7580x Lisa Marie P (9) fr ........................M Perriton 10 66605 Holly Trouble (10) fr .......................L O’Reilly 11 16639 Future Queen (11) fr ........................S Ottley 12 667Px Lady Beatrix Bourbon (U1) fr .......T Williams 13 558x5 Takenoprisoners (U2) fr .......... M Williamson 7 3.49pm HORNBY WORKING MENS CLUB PACE $8000, non-winners 3yo+, stand, 2000m

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

9 Shecandance (1) fr ............................ R May 800x Paddy Me (2) fr ...........................C DeFilippi Itz Major Look (3) fr ..........................S Ottley 0 Phoenix Arizona (4) fr ......................J Curtin 07597 Don’t Tell Ange (5) fr .................M Hurrell (J) Valzona (6) fr ........................... M Williamson The Dude (7) fr....................................B Butt 44373 Sounds Bettor (8) fr.......................K O’Reilly 22672 Rafa Novak (9) fr .............................B Munro Huey Lewis (10) fr ........................T Williams 32265 A Better Dancer (11) fr ................ B Hope (J) 0842x Pembrook Blue (12) fr ............. S O’Reilly (J) 5 Gold Ledger (13) fr.................. C D Thornley 009x Xmas Bay (U1) fr.........................T McMillan 8 4.27pm RANGIORA HRC XMAS @ THE RACES 16TH DEC MBL PACE $9000, 3yo+ r40-r55., mobile, 2000m 1 90908 Awesome Rush (1) fr ................M Hurrell (J) 2 89830 Big Smoke (2) fr ............................R Holmes 3 00045 Bettor Trenz (3) fr .............................R Close 4 91098 Yankee Diva (4) fr.................... C D Thornley 5 0Px32 Christian Lady (5) fr .............S Tomlinson (J) 6 70x85 Frankie Jones (6) fr ............................ R May 7 2030x Mysistersastar (7) fr .........................S Ottley 8 1660P Aveross Ferrari (8) fr .................D O’Connell 9 1 Kingmaker (9) fr ...................... M Williamson

10 17948 Jack Pack (21) fr ..........................T Williams 11 71800 B Mac C (22) fr.............................. K Butt (J) Pacifiers off : Noble Mistress (R2) LEGEND: X - Spell from racing of at least 3 months P - Retired (or pulled up) from race L - Driver unseated U1 - Unruly beginner {C} - Concession driver {} - Claiming concession driver which allows horse to start one class down SELECTIONS: Race 1: Machs Mareta, Myboylolliepop, Eja Patron, Alexy Race 2: Midnight Memories, Sunrise Spur, Magic Galleon, Pastrana Race 3: Beau Vista, Mordecai, Out Of Aces, Awaytocullect Race 4: Majestic Mannequin, Fekitoa, Rogie Falls, Cuckoos Nest Race 5: Adam Patron, Fynn Frost, Mockingjay, He’s A Ladies Man Race 6: Stellar Success, Tehoro Tease, Motu Great Sensation, Future Queen Race 7: Itz Major Look, The Dude, Shecandance, A Better Dancer Race 8: Kingmaker, Christian Lady, Jack Pack, Frankie Jones

Auckland gallops Tomorrow at Te Aroha raceway

Auckland Racing Club Venue: Te Aroha Meeting Date: 09 September 2018 NZ Meeting number: 2 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 8, 9 and 10 1 11.50am (NZT) COCA-COLA STEEPLECHASE $20,000, 0-1 WIN STP, 3500m 1 512F4 Notabadrooster 68.5 .................... Scratched 2 P4P21 Caballo Noir tdm (7) 68.5 .................B Small 3 52534 Lacustre mb (10) 68.5 ....................... A Kuru 4 74832 Kokanee Gold tm (6) 67 ..................M Cropp 5 24206 Istimagic mbh (2) 67 ............M Roustoby (3) 6 75378 Windermere Lad m (3) 67 .............. S Fannin 7 75P04 Justnametheprice (8) 67 .........L Douglas (3) 8 57445 Fast Catch tm (4) 67 .......................... E Farr 9 4 Don Denario (1) 67 ........................ L Horner 10 43177 Suffice To Say tm (9) 67 ............... M Mitchell 11 06901 Magic Wonder tdm (5) 66.5....B Lammas (2) 2 12.25pm DIET COKE STEEPLECHASE $20,000, 0-1 WIN STP, 3500m 1 2P562 That’s How It Goes tm (6) 68.5B Lammas (2) 2 27415 The Arabian Duke m (1) 68.5 ............ A Kuru 3 32146 Zamora tdm (4) 68.5 ...................... L Horner 4 9606P Highly Likely tm (5) 68.5 ................ S Fannin 5 42554 Zedace m (8) 67..............................G Walsh 6 42376 Delacroix m (3) 67..........................S Phelan 7 6L780 Crikey Cron m (7) 67 ...............L Douglas (3) 8 40074 Ray’s Legacy (10) 67 ................... T Moki (3) 9 0x64P Jealous Boy (2) 67 ...............M Roustoby (3) 10 85660 Commander m (9) 67 ................... M Mitchell 3 1.00pm HYLAND RACE COLOURS MAIDEN HURDLE $20,000, MDN HDL, 3100m 1 30072 Wilijonmcbride (12) 68 ................. M Mitchell 2 25652 Zartan m (7) 68 ....................M Roustoby (3) 3 62899 Georgethefifth m (2) 68 ...................M Cropp 4 F9053 Arite Guru m (9) 68 .........................G Walsh 5 15838 Master Poet tm (18) 68 .................. L Horner

M9 Auckland Greyhound Racing Club Venue: Manukau Stadium Meeting Date: 09 Sep 2018 NZ Meeting number: 9 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; 11 and 12; 13 and 14 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 5, 6 and 7; 8, 9 and 10; 12, 13 and 14 1 1.09pm (NZT) TROPHIES PLUS SPRINT C1, 318m 1 55837 Doug Deep 18.65 R & .........................L Udy 2 26664 Jinja Liv nwtd U & .............................Cottam 3 85577 Tilly’s Silly nwtd R & ............................L Udy 4 44714 Botany Esmay 18.72 .......................P Green 5 83668 Agistri 18.68 S & ...............................G Hunt 6 x35x3 Tuipuloto 19.02..............................A Cleaver 7 73544 Blocker 18.81 R & .......................N O’Regan 8 74218 Bigtime Ollie nwtd ........................ H Mullane 9 78743 Diva Pose 18.64 M & ....................... J Smith 10 82656 Jetsun Doll nwtd.............................G Wilson 2 1.27pm SPEEDMAPS ON TAB MOBILE APP SPRINT C0, 318m 1 x6358 Jetsun Angel nwtd..........................G Wilson 2 341 Thrilling Ivy nwtd ............................. K Walsh 3 38446 Spark ‘Em Up nwtd .........................S Codlin 4 8 Drop Me Off nwtd ............................ T Green 5 66337 Riccitelli nwtd ................................A Cleaver 6 3F867 Hua Hua nwtd ................................ G Farrell 7 3524 Always Dreaming nwtd................... G Farrell 8 36542 Banjo Hope nwtd A & ......................Williams 9 25565 Pukekohe Smurf nwtd .......................H Scott 10 45777 Tribal Conquest nwtd R & ...................L Udy 3 1.44pm HEWLETT ELECTRICAL SERIES FINAL C2f, 318m 1 62452 Epic Force 18.63 .......................... H Mullane 2 13333 C’est L’Amour 18.77 ..........................B Craik 3 88613 Secret Babe nwtd W & ....................T Steele 4 52244 Yella Ella 18.79 R &.............................L Udy 5 25485 Nangar Magic nwtd ...........................B Craik 6 87371 Scott The Looks 18.76 U & ...............Cottam 7 43481 Bigtime Speedy 18.89 .................. H Mullane 8 36627 Statman Dave 18.76 ..................H Laagland 9 12775 Fancy Chap 18.65 ..........................C Henley 10 17555 Luke Skywalker 19.07 .................... L A Hunt

6 86483 Zedsational (8) 68 ..................... M Vance (3) 82 Benchmark, 1200m 1 x5322 Resurrect tdm (5) 60 ...................C Lammas 7 55855 Tell Me More (13) 68 ..............B Lammas (2) 2 5x662 Mighty Me tdm (6) 56 ..................T Thornton 8 5P647 Defer m (4) 68 ................................ S Fannin 3 0x61x Beauty Way (2) 55......................M Coleman 9 89P75 Triumph (5) 68 ..................................B Small 4 22511 Mutechi tdm (1) 54 .....................R Elliot (a1) 10 9x9P0 All In Rock (17) 68 ..................L Douglas (3) 5 54930 Az Given dm (3) 54 .................. D Danis (a3) 11 15406 Captain Orange m (15) 68 ................ A Kuru 6 89476 Good Vibes m (4) 54 ..................A Sims (a3) 12 56106 Delegate m (16) 68 ...........................R Cully 13 55502 Raisedinasandpit tm (10) 66 .............. E Farr 6 2.50pm JRA TROPHY $40,000, OPN HCP, 1400m 1 6320x Tiptronic td (6) 60 14 05476 Into The Mystic m (3) 66 .....E Nicholas (am) 2 26756 Admiral tm (2) 58.5 ................J Fawcett (a2) 15 6114L El Luchador m (6) 68 .....................S Phelan 3 9437x Our King Sway dm (1) 58.5 ...... D Danis (a3) 16 55787 Unpainted (1) 66 .................. S MacNab (a3) 4 61945 Galaxy Miss dmb (7) 57 .............. D Johnson 17 70660 Prize Lad 68 ................................. Scratched 5 44343 Waipipi Lad dm (3) 55.5 .................. S Spratt 18 86096 Big ‘N’ Rich (11) 68 ...................... T Moki (3) 6 80x12 Hello M’Lady m (5) 53.5 ..............C Lammas 19 xP0PP Result Merchant (14) 68 Emergencies: El Luchador, Unpainted, Prize Lad, Big ‘N’ 7 x5911 Wrangler dmh (4) 53 .......................S Collett 7 3.30pm IRVINES GREAT NORTHERN STEEPLERich, Result Merchant 4 1.35pm SCHWEPPES GREAT NORTHERN HUR- CHASE $125,000, OPN STP, 6300m 1 511F3 Thenamesbond tm (5) 69................M Cropp DLE $125,000, OPN HDL, 4200m 2 3L511 Shamal m (3) 68 ......................... B Lammas 1 P1569 Zedeedudadeeko m (14) 69...... M Roustoby 3 63223 Chocolate Fish b (6) 65..................S Phelan 2 25361 Kipkeino m (5) 68 ...........................S Phelan 4 F1211 Perry Mason tm (4) 65 ...................... A Kuru 3 12211 Jackfrost dm (4) 67.5 .................. B Lammas 5 79595 Tizza Secret m (9) 65..................... S Fannin 4 39P96 Wee Biskit m (7) 66 .........................M Cropp 6 LL757 Stagehand tm (7) 65 .............B Small 5 15122 Laekeeper tmb (13) 66....................... E Farr 7 16812 Old Countess tm (1) 65 ................ M Mitchell 6 84453 Second Innings tm (15) 65 ................ A Kuru 8 46135 Speedy Jax m (8) 65 .........................R Cully 7 3L5L3 El Corby tm (3) 65 ...........................G Walsh 9 34474 Top Choice m (2) 65........................... E Farr 8 x6026 Lucky Tonight tm (9) 65 .....................R Cully 8 4.10pm TUCKERS RIDGE PIES 1600 $30,000, Rat9 x0710 Clapathunda tm (11) 65 10 88123 Banbury Lad tmb (10) 65 ....................C Dell ing 82 Benchmark, 1600m 1 12817 Storming The Tower dm (6) 59 .......V Colgan 11 L5944 Hesalljazz tm (12) 65 ........ L Douglas 2 35214 Zanyetta db (9) 57.5 ...................M Coleman 12 76051 Gallante tm (1) 65 ........................ M Mitchell 3 11435 Roger That m (5) 57.5 .................T Thornton 13 74501 Letmeby tm (8) 65 ............................B Small 4 x2211 Suliman m (1) 55.5..........................S Collett 14 22223 Henry Tudor m (16) 65 ................... L Horner 5 11163 Switch In Time dmb (8) 55 .........M Cameron 15 3F513 Borninasandpit tm (2) 65................ S Fannin 6 x3631 My Gift tdm (7) 54 .......................... S McKay 16 F9053 Arite Guru m (6) 65 7 45146 Deluxe Edition dm (2) 54........... R Scott (a4) Emergencies: Borninasandpit, Arite Guru 5 2.10pm BLUE BUBBLE TAXIS 1200 $30,000, Rating 8 49831 Senassy dm (4) 54 ............................ T Allan

9 x4192 Aston Park dm (3) 54 ...................... S Spratt

wins opn - open r80 - rating $25,000, Rating 72 Benchmark, 1400m 3yo - nominated age 3yo & up - nominated age 1 8x113 Call Me Bob dm (8) 59.5 ........ K Cowan (a3) and up 2 04060 Kensington m (3) 59.5 .......... S MacNab (a2) 3yo f - nominated age and type 3 & 4yos - combined 3 x7654 Staccato m (5) 59.5............. T Yanagida (a4) age groups 4 18401 Just For Kicks dm (6) 59 ................ S McKay c&g - colts and geldings 5 31513 Mount Midoriyama tdm (1) 58 ...........L Innes cg&e - colts, geldings and entires 6 22016 So Much Mour m (9) 58 .................. S Spratt e&g - entires and geldings f&m - fillies and mares 7 41021 Vincentius tdmh (2) 58 ............. D Danis (a3) hwt - high weight sw - set weight 8 9137x Lady Shabeel d (7) 56.................C Lammas swp - set weights and penalties 9 21842 Moet Molly tdmh (4) 54 ...................S Collett spa - set weights, penalties and allowances 10 5.15pm AUCKLAND CO-OP TAXIS 1600 $22,500, wfa - weight for age wlt - welter weight Rating 65 Benchmark*, 1600m wfp - weight for age with penalties and allowances 1 20014 Kirkintilloch dmb (6) 60 ................... S Spratt 2 74163 Tweedledee dmb (1) 59.5 ... T Yanagida (a4) SELECTIONS: 3 2212 English Gambler dmb (4) 59 .........J Waddell Race 1: Caballo Noir, Magic Wonder, Lacustre, Kokanee 4 32642 Leica Warrior dmh (9) 58.5 ....J Fawcett (a2) Gold 5 20753 Sun Genes m (2) 58.5......................B Grylls Race 2: The Arabian Duke, That’s How It Goes, Delac6 409x5 Uabasso (10) 58 .........................T Thornton roix, Zamora, Zedace 7 92138 Pierian Spring mb (11) 58 ..........R Elliot (a1) Race 3: El Luchador, Zartan, Arite Guru, Wilijonmcbride, 8 82904 Wagner tdm (7) 58 .......................... R Jones Master Poet 9 93795 Artiste dm (5) 57.5 ..........................S Collett Race 4: Zedeedudadeeko, Jackfrost, Second Innings, 10 5321 So Wicked d (3) 57 ...................... D Johnson Clapathunda, Gallante 11 80x04 Time Alone d (8) 56.5 ..................... J Nason Race 5: Mutechi, Resurrect, Mighty Me, Az Given, 12 64877 Critics Choice 55 .......................... Scratched Beauty Way Race 6: Hello M’Lady, Our King Sway, Waipipi Lad, AdWinkers on : Justnametheprice (R1), Resurrect (R5) miral, Tiptronic LEGEND: Race 7: Shamal, Chocolate Fish, Perry Mason, Old Runner Form Countess, Thenamesbond b - Beaten favourite at last start Race 8: Switch In Time, Suliman, My Gift, Aston Park, c - Won at this distance on this course Zanyetta d - Won at this distance on another course Race 9: Call Me Bob, Mount Midoriyama, Vincentius, h - Home track m - Won in heavy going Moet Molly, Staccato t - Won at track X - Spell of three months Race 10: English Gambler, So Wicked, Artiste, Leica Race Information hcp - handicap mdn - maiden nmw - no metropolitan Warrior, Kirkintilloch


Auckland dogs Tomorrow at Manukau Stadium 4 2.02pm GREYHOUNDS AS PETS SPRINT C2, 318m

1 61118 It’s Pawsible 18.85 ..........................P Green 2 23221 Drury 18.41 ...................................A Cleaver 3 86436 Clover Victoria nwtd ........................S Codlin 4 42628 Jetsun Jamie 18.72 ........................G Wilson 5 26441 Barwon Bandit 18.68 S & ..................G Hunt 6 77877 Ima Lucky Zarr 18.60 U & .................Cottam 7 84731 Bigtime Winnie 18.90 A & ...............Williams 8 38786 Jinja Roman 18.95 W & ..................T Steele 9 14575 Guru’s Choice 18.80 A &.................Williams 10 11577 Rocky’s To Much 18.73 A & ............Williams 5 2.21pm CAROL’S TAB CLENDON INN SPRINT C4, 318m 1 86688 Audrette 18.45...................................B Bond 2 5F675 Pat Tama nwtd.................................. S Clark 3 76732 Fantastic Lucy 18.22 ......................C Henley 4 18127 Dyna Ulysses 18.79 ........................R Roper 5 47251 Leroy Spirit 18.49 ............................S Codlin 6 11644 Nangar Dream 18.56 ........................B Craik 7 x6515 Tumbalaioo 18.45.......................P Ferguson 8 65364 Mobility Scooter 18.81 .....................M Black 9 34785 Bushman’s Idol 18.70.................P Ferguson 10 21777 Blitz ‘Em Rene 18.41 U &..................Cottam 6 2.39pm STITCHES UPHOLSTERY STAKES C2, 527m 1 11111 Thrilling Talk 30.81 .......................... K Walsh 2 73648 Tullabung Googar 30.64 .............P Ferguson 3 56718 Oscar Tron 30.50 S & ........................G Hunt 4 74121 Jetsun Swan 30.83 ........................G Wilson 5 35663 Draxler 30.83 ................................. G Farrell 6 48447 Idol Ajay 30.90 W &.........................T Steele 7 82512 Beltom 30.42 .....................................B Craik 8 71232 Jinja Might 30.62 U & ........................Cottam 9 18668 Forever And Ever 31.24 A & ...........Williams 7 2.59pm GRNZ AWARDS & CONFERENCE 13/10 SPRINT C1, 318m 1 42747 Cawbourne Mack nwtd A &.............Williams 2 56717 Mighty Mezz 18.87 R & ...............N O’Regan 3 26734 Jetsun Bear 18.66 ..........................G Wilson 4 32226 King Shaq 18.45 ............................. T Green

5 6 7 8 9 10

21111 Sassy Lil Lassy 18.58 ...........M E Schneider 12775 Fancy Chap 18.65 ..........................C Henley 75772 It’s The Lovely 18.87 ........................M Black 77766 Unconscionable 18.61 R & .................L Udy 67884 Scott No Value 18.51 S &..................G Hunt 85485 Parra Eels 18.97 R & ..................N O’Regan 8 3.19pm DELI’S SPORTS BAR CLENDON INN SPRINT C3, 318m 1 35335 Nangar Panther 18.53 ....................C Henley 2 85268 Vee Marina 18.78 U & .......................Cottam 3 41826 Ken Wilde 18.53 ........................... H Mullane 4 26243 Subzero Princess 18.57 .................C Henley 5 12145 Hows Your Mum 18.62 ....................S Codlin 6 86217 Kuridrani 18.71 ..............................A Cleaver 7 1321x Majik Mikado 18.64 ...........................B Craik 8 62463 Mad Harry 18.47 .............................S Codlin 9 11265 Gotcha Millie 18.65 ...................... H Mullane 10 32663 Ekali 18.42 ..................................... G Farrell 9 3.42pm $20,000 GUARANTEED PICK6 STAKES C2, 527m 1 23161 Jinja Twist 30.62 W & ......................T Steele 2 46462 Talkabout Izzy 30.56 .......................... D Ray 3 16314 Jinja Bailey 30.65 U & .......................Cottam 4 48656 Over Indulgence 30.98 ...................P Henley 5 42447 Salvarotti 30.70 .................................B Craik 6 53528 Vince Fawn nwtd .............................S Codlin 7 73721 Token Jasper 30.92 .......................... S Clark 8 86814 Deception Diva 30.81 W & ..............T Steele 9 18668 Forever And Ever 31.24 A & ...........Williams 10 3.59pm GREYHOUND FUNCTION CENTRE STAKES C1, 527m 1 24457 Electric Dee Eye 30.71 ...................P Green 2 64757 Pretty and Pink 30.74................... H Mullane 3 55x27 Granny Magnet nwtd .................... H Mullane 4 54351 Billy Bright nwtd .........................P Ferguson 5 65753 Bigtime Welldone 30.65 R & .......N O’Regan 6 76521 Opawa Loyal 31.12 .......................... S Clark 7 86577 Dermott Brown nwtd A &.................Williams 8 85677 Finkle Foot Hero 31.27....................... D Ray 9 4887x Hitch A Ride nwtd ........................... T Green


4.19pm MT WELLINGTON TAB STAKES C3/4, 527m 1 11764 Soaring Hawke 30.57 .................P Ferguson 2 52851 Our Sambo 30.87.......................M Mathews 3 54231 Kiwi Gal 30.59 U & ............................Cottam 4 67357 El Narco 30.69 ................................P Green 5 77146 Opawa Jimbo 30.47 W & ................T Steele 6 23111 Looking Sassy nwtd ........................ K Walsh 7 1x215 Reality Check nwtd ......................... K Walsh 8 65741 Global Conquest 30.27 W &............T Steele 9 76x64 Snoop Junior nwtd ....................... D R Laing 10 68516 Good Job 30.66 ..............................P Green 12 4.36pm PUMP & ENGINEERING SERVICES LTD STAKES C1, 527m 1 4322F Bigtime Donny nwtd ..................... H Mullane 2 77856 Star Mechanic nwtd ....................... L A Hunt 3 68823 Jack No Lag 30.89 ......................... Y Castro 4 78646 Secret Lily 30.79 W &......................T Steele 5 78458 Bigtime Tyson nwtd R & ..............N O’Regan 6 24657 Talkabout Ziggy 30.95 ........................ D Ray 7 28324 Jetsun Stampede 31.39 .................G Wilson 8 5F567 Jin Jin nwtd .................................... G Farrell 9 4887x Hitch A Ride nwtd ........................... T Green 13 4.57pm QUALIFIED PET SERVICES SPRINT C5, 318m 1 64147 Raging Demon 18.26 R & ...................L Udy 2 27136 Brotastic 18.57 ..................................B Craik 3 35426 Classy Impact 18.35 ....................... T Green 4 3117F Just As Gentle 18.50..................M Mathews 5 25418 Retired Mouse 18.71....................... T Green 6 1151x Danny Dee 18.15 ............................ K Walsh 7 11461 Kiwi Boy 18.19 U & ...........................Cottam 8 43563 Alex Attack 18.38 U & .......................Cottam 9 5148x I’m A Leo 18.46 ...........................L Laagland 10 43158 Invasion 18.33 .............................. D R Laing 14 5.16pm JACK’S WHOLESALE MEATS SPRINT C1, 318m 1 24566 Snippy Pippi nwtd R &.........................L Udy 2 22F35 Bigtime Dean nwtd A & ...................Williams 3 63383 Just A Matthew 18.73.......................M Black

4 21 Irinka Stono 18.80 R & ................N O’Regan 5 25878 Bigtime Sophie 18.62 ........................E Potts 6 47622 Crackle 19.08 ................................. L A Hunt 7 68578 Spider Phil 18.75 R &..................N O’Regan 8 26236 Stay Rich 18.75 M & ........................ J Smith 9 34844 Simple Request 18.58.......................B Bond 10 14746 Jetsun Shadow 19.34 ....................G Wilson LEGEND: fsdt - First Start Here nwd - No Win this Distance fstd - First Start This Distance 31 13 - Best Winning Time This Track SELECTIONS: Race 1: Tuipuloto, Diva Pose, Botany Esmay, Blocker, Doug Deep Race 2: Thrilling Ivy, Riccitelli, Always Dreaming, Banjo Hope, Hua Hua Race 3: Epic Force, C’est L’Amour, Scott The Looks, Bigtime Speedy, Statman Dave Race 4: Barwon Bandit, It’s Pawsible, Drury, Ima Lucky Zarr, Clover Victoria Race 5: Fantastic Lucy, Nangar Dream, Pat Tama, Dyna Ulysses, Leroy Spirit Race 6: Thrilling Talk, Oscar Tron, Beltom, Tullabung Googar, Jinja Might Race 7: Sassy Lil Lassy, King Shaq, It’s The Lovely, Mighty Mezz, Jetsun Bear Race 8: Majik Mikado, Subzero Princess, Nangar Panther, Ken Wilde, Mad Harry Race 9: Jinja Twist, Over Indulgence, Token Jasper, Jinja Bailey, Deception Diva Race 10: Opawa Loyal, Electric Dee Eye, Pretty and Pink, Granny Magnet, Billy Bright Race 11: Soaring Hawke, Looking Sassy, Opawa Jimbo, Kiwi Gal, Reality Check Race 12: Jack No Lag, Bigtime Donny, Talkabout Ziggy, Secret Lily, Jetsun Stampede Race 13: Kiwi Boy, Danny Dee, Classy Impact, Retired Mouse, Alex Attack Race 14: Stay Rich, Just A Matthew, Irinka Stono, Simple Request, Spider Phil

Trades & Services To place a Trades & Services ad, call 307-7900 or email





For your rural, residential and commercial property maintenance, contact us.


• Landscape and garden renovations • Ride-on lawn mowing • Gardening • Hedge trimming • Clean-ups

electriCOOL Ltd Phone Paul Crequer, your local authorised Daikin dealer for a free quote on all domestic and commercial systems phone 0274 362 362 or 308 4573.

Don & Sue Cooper 027 339 6350 or a/h 03 308 9257

ARE YOU ON THE MOVE? • Ashburton based locksmiths • Keys, door locks, padlocks • Window stays and latches • Sliding/bifold door rollers • WE REPAIR ALL



167 104



NEED A SHED? 115 Alford Forest Road, Ashburton 7700 - Ph (03) 308 9099

TOGETHER, WE’RE BUILDING NEW ZEALAND An official Community Partner of the Crusaders


Need new spouting, fascia and downpipes? Give Ben a call for a free quote. All jobs guaranteed. Enquire about our leaf and snow guard product. Manufacturers and installers of continuous spouting, fascia and downpipes. Ben Kruger • Phone 308 4380 or 027 390 1027 • email: •

MOBILE MOWER SERVICING • Rotary Mowers • Ride-on Mowers • Water Blasters • Small Motor Repairs

New Pure Water System Enjoy spot and streak free windows!

• Reel Mowers • Chainsaws • Rotary Hoes • Generators Book your high windows in today

Stan Keeley, Owner

Ph 307 0002 - Mobile 021 88 34 36

Continuous Spouting

“we clean to a standard, not a price”

• regular full house cleans • one off spring cleans • farm houses • builders cleans • floor buffing

• All staff are police vetted •Able to travel out of town

03 307 2656 |

Keeping your property protected with a security camera system from Masterguard Protect your biggest asset with a home security camera package from Masterguard Call me today for a free, no obligation quote

Hartley Curd phone 0800 788 393 or 021 328 301 57 Dobson Street, Ashburton.

OCAL 100% L

Reuben Carr 0800 relocate (0800 735 622)

WE TAKE THE HASSLE OUT OF MOVING From packing, clean-up, storage and moving your whole household to delivering a recent large purchase, we do it all. Call today for a quote. Free quotes in Mid Canterbury


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Traditional Chinese Medicine Specialists in:

Thomas Lin founded TCM-Christchurch Chinese Medical Centre in 1996, seen and treated over 20,000 patients.

• • • • • •

Acupuncture Chinese Herbs Acupressure Moxibustion Cupping Pain treatment

• • • • • •

Arthritis Insomnia Weight loss, Stopping smoking Sports injuries Much more

TCM Chinese Medical Centre


47 Alford Forest Road, Ashburton Ph: 0800 826 285 or 03 343 1668 |

Treatment Providers


We service and repair all makes and models of sewing machines and overlockers RRP: $2,599

Open 7 Days | P 03 307 6277 | Main South Road, Tinwald |

Plants for all projects - Landscaping Plants - Ornamental & Specimen trees - Native plants for all purposes - Hedging plants & Topiaries - Fruit & Nut plants.



LIMITED TIME AND LIMITED STOCK Open East Street, Ashburton Mon - Thu 9am - 5.30pm Phone 308 5771 Fri 9am - 6pm Sat 10am - 2pm, Sun 11am - 2pm

Counsellor Struan Duthie M.Ed (Counselling), BA., LTh., Dip. PS., Dip. Ed., M.N.Z.A.C.


1002 Robinsons Road, Chch - 0800 800 352 -

Hearing for life At House of Hearing you’ll get peace of mind with

Stress, grief, relationships, depression, life changes, loneliness

our Total Care Package*. Purchase a pair of hearing aids and receive free follow up care, wax removal and servicing for up to six years - Valued at $3,500!

30 years experience, affordable fees, private rooms. Evening appointments available. Ph 021 2120 672 for an appointment

Phone to book a free hearing test and trial today.

Ashburton 03 307 8949 * Terms and conditions apply.

To advertise here contact Carmen on 021 836 543 or 03 307 7963

Happy Birthday

For just $10!* Book your birthday greeting, including a photo, for just $10! Ten words only.* (Under 12 children’s birthday greetings remain FREE)

Phone 03 307 7900 Email: Level 3, Somerset House, 161 Burnett Street

*Terms and conditions apply.


Saturday, September 8, 2018



Civil Engineer / Estimator

GDC is a mid-sized diverse contracting company established in the Ashburton District for over 20 years. The type of work we do includes: • Underground electrical conversions • Land development • A variety of Rural work • Demolition • General Contracting • Horizontal Directional Drilling (subsidiary company DDC) • UDS – Utility Detection Service, using ground penetrating radar Greg Donaldson is the “hands on” Managing Director being supported by a management team of 7 and workforce of approximately 30 staff. For further information on the company, please see our website – The person we are looking for to join our diverse management team will have the following skills and attributes: • Be a team player who can communicate effectively and relate to a wide variety of staff and clients. • Have a positive attitude, able to work well under pressure and meet deadlines. • Have a strong emphasis on Health & Safety, compliance, be able to operate electronic systems such as Microsoft Project and be able to review and enhance existing systems. • Project management of various projects to ensure they come in on budget and on time. • Understanding of NZS 3910 : Conditions of Contract.



Experienced Auto Electrician Greg Donaldson Contracting Ltd (GDC) are looking to employ a person to fill the role of Civil Engineer / Estimator based in Tinwald, Ashburton. This position is becoming available due to the impending retirement of our current Engineer. A vehicle and phone will be supplied and Health Insurance offered after 90 days.

Ashburton Guardian

We require an experienced Automotive Electrician with a great set of skills to work in a well-established business with a strong focus on customer service. The job involves at lot of field service work and a work vehicle is supplied. You should be able to work both in a team or individually The successful applicant must have: • A current NZ Drivers Licence • Experience in Air Conditioning on all vehicles • The flexibility to adapt to changing workloads and be flexible to work outside usual office hours. • At least 3 years hands on experience with auto electrical and all aspects of vehicle diagnosis and diagnostics equipment. You will have good knowledge of automotive electrical parts for repairs and service process. • Time Management and organisational skills • Self-motivation and the ability to motivate, train and lead others • A ‘can do’ attitude The successful applicant will appreciate the importance of customer service and will be required to talk to customers and provide options for repair and feedback on the vehicles. You will be going above and beyond to ensure a quality service and giving our clients a full satisfaction. Applicants for this position should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa. If this sounds like you please ring: Tony Houston on 0274 552 272 or send your CV to:

Contract and Compliance Manager

Greg Donaldson Contracting Ltd (GDC) are looking to employ a person to fill the role of Contract and Compliance Manager based in Tinwald, Ashburton. This position is becoming available as one of our staff are re-locating outside the District. A vehicle and phone will be supplied and Health Insurance offered after 90 days. GDC is a mid-sized diverse contracting company established in the Ashburton District for over 20 years. The type of work we do includes: • Underground electrical conversions • Land development • A variety of Rural work • Demolition • General Contracting • Horizontal Directional Drilling (subsidiary company DDC) • UDS – Utility Detection Service, using ground penetrating radar Greg Donaldson is the “hands on” Managing Director being supported by a management team of 7 and workforce of approximately 30 staff. For further information on the company, please see our website – The person we are looking for to join our diverse management team will have the following skills and attributes: • Be a team player who can communicate effectively and relate to a wide variety of staff and clients. • Have a positive attitude, able to work well under pressure and meet deadlines. • Have a strong emphasis on Health & Safety and compliance, utilising existing systems to ensure projects are managed safely and within GDC policies. • Have a strong understanding of operational aspects within the civil construction industry including reading plans, quantifying and project management. • Be able to relate well to staff, clients and suppliers. • Have good time management skills and the sense of urgency required to achieve time frames. This position may suit a person with a trade background in construction who wants to “step up” into a management role.

Minimum qualifications required are: 1. NZCE or Diploma in Engineering (Civil) 2. 10+ years’ experience 3. STMS or willingness to obtain

The following experience is required: • General civil contracting work • Tendering jobs • STMS or willingness to obtain • Have some experience of Health & Safety Systems

A pre-employment drug and alcohol test will be required.

A pre-employment drug and alcohol test will be required.

All applicants must be NZ Citizens or prove that you are able to work in NZ.

All applicants must be NZ Citizens or prove that you are able to work in NZ

If you wish to receive a full job description, please email your request to:

If you wish to receive a full job description, please email your request to:

Please send your cover letter and CV to:

Please send your cover letter and CV to:

Applications close Friday, September 14, 2018.

Applications close Friday, September 14, 2018.

Moore Street Medical Centre, Moore Street, Ashburton, will be the duty practice for Saturday until 8am Sunday. Consultations will be by appointment only. To make a booking please phone 0800 700 155.

Weekend Services

DIAL 111 in the event of a Medical or Accident Emergency

Lifeline - Toll-Free: 0800 353 353. Wises Pharmacy, Countdown Complex, East Street, will Healthline is a free health advice. It operates 24 hours a be open from 9am - 1pm Saturday, from 10am - 1pm Sunday OMMUNITY ERVICES day, seven days a week. The toll-free number to call is 0800 and from 5pm - 7pm both days. Art Gallery 611 116. Healthline is staffed by registered nurses who are Ashburton Rest Homes 327 West Street, Ashburton, phone 308 1133. trained to assess health problems and offer advice over the COLDSTREAM HOUSE, CAMERON COURTS and Open daily: 10am – 4pm - Wednesday: 10am – 7pm phone. The service is free and confidential. PRINCES COURT all have DAILY, unrestricted visiting. Ashburton Museum 327 West Street, Ashburton, phone 307 7890. DUTY DOCTORS Emergency Dentist Open daily: 10am – 4pm For all urgent medical calls phone 0800 700 155 at any If you do not have or cannot contact your regular dentist, time. IN EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY PHONE 111. please phone 027 683 0679 for the name of the rostered Ashburton Public Library Havelock Street. Ph 308 7192. Saturday: 10am - 1pm. This service is for emergency medical care only. Please weekend dentist in Christchurch. Hours 9am - 5pm, Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. Sunday: 1pm - 4pm. bring your Community Services Card. All non New Zealanders should bring their passport with them, New EA Networks Centre - Pools ELPLINE ERVICES Zealanders should bring some form of ID. 20 River Terrace - Phone 03 308 4020. WEEKEND HOURS: Tinwald Medical Centre, Archibald Street, Ashburton, will Alcoholics Anonymous Sat & Sun 7am - 7pm. Public Holidays 10am - 5pm. Call 0800 AA WORKS (0800 229 6757) be the duty practice for Saturday until 8am Sunday. Clinic Mail Closing Times will be held from 10am to 12 noon and from 6pm to 7pm. No or visit for more information. ASHBURTON MAIL CENTRE appointment necessary. Phone 0800 700 155. Mental Health - Call free on 0800 222 955. STANDARD POST: Mon - Fri 6pm Sealy Street Medical, Sealy Street, Ashburton, will be the Ask for the Crisis Team. POST DELIVERY CENTRES duty practice for Sunday until 8am Monday. Consultations Safe Care - 24 hr Rape and Sexual Allenton & Tinwald: Mon - Fri 5pm will be by appointment only. Please phone 0800 700 155 for Assault Crisis Support. Ph: 03 364 8791 Methven & Rakaia: Mon - Fri 4.30pm an appointment. ASHBURTON’S STREET RECEIVERS Victims Support Group Methven & Rakaia Area Business Area: Mon - Fri 5pm 24 hr - Freephone 0800 VICTIM (0800 842 846) For weekend and emergency services please phone 302 Direct dials to a volunteer. Residential Area: Mon - Fri 1pm 8105 for details on how to access the after-hours service Ashburton Office - 307 8409 week-days, 9am - 2pm Information Centres each weekend. outside of these hours leave a message. Methven - Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays 10am until







Alcohol Drug Help Line

Call us free on (0800 787 797). Lines open 10am - 10pm seven days.

3pm. Phone 302-8955 or

Bus Departures

Reservations & timetables, 24-hour service. Freephone for reservations: 0800 802 802. BUSES - Southbound: 9.30am, 3.20pm. Northbound: 12.30pm, 5.10pm.

ANIMAL SERVICES Dog, Stock & Noise Control

Ashburton District Council 03 307 7700 - 24h service.

Animal Welfare Centre

All enquiries - phone 308 4432 or 027 3329286.

Mid Canterbury Animal Shelter Contact - President 021 1356 969.


CANTERBURY VETS - Ph 03 307 0686, West Street Clinic, West Street, Ashburton. Saturday clinic: 9am - 12 noon. Weekend emergencies: Steve Williams. ASHBURTON VETS - Ph 0276 838 000, 149 Cameron Street, Ashburton: Duty vet: Ben Hallenstein. Full emergency service all weekend. VET ENT RIVERSIDE - Ph 03 308 2321, 1 Smallbone Drive, Ashburton. Saturday clinic: 9am - 12 noon. Weekend 24-hour emergencies. VETLIFE ASHBURTON - Ph 03 307 5195, Cnr East Street and Seafield Road, Ashburton. Saturday clinic: 9am - 12 noon. Weekend 24-hour emergencies.

Vet Ent and Vet Life operate a joint after-hours SMALL animal emergency service. To use this service please phone your vet as usual.

Classifieds 26 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, September 8, 2018




Part Time Administration Position

Veterinary Nurse Full Time Position Ashburton Clinic

9.00am to 3.00pm We are looking for an enthusiastic and conscientious person to assist our busy administration department. This position includes a large amount of data entry as well as some order taking by phone so would require someone with good communication skills and a pleasant disposition. The applicant must be customer focused, have a very strong eye for detail and be accurate with a high level of computer skills. Knowledge of Microsoft Office is essential. Apply in own handwriting to: The Administration Manager PO Box 104, Ashburton 7740

An opportunity has become available for a Veterinary Nurse to replace our ‘nursing superstar’ Emma, who is off to travel the world. We seek a confident, qualified and experienced vet nurse to join our companion animal team in Ashburton. We are a busy clinic so require our nurses to be able work at a quick pace, be calm under pressure, and have great time management.

Forklift Operators Talley's is a successful and well known brand, operating several plants throughout the South Island, as well as having many diversified interests in seafood, frozen vegetables, meat and dairy products. We currently have vacancies at our Fairton plant, located 10 minutes drive from Ashburton. We are experiencing a period of growth and need 24/7 cover in our Coldstores. We have opportunities for Forklift Operators to join our growing team. These roles have a fantastic roster of 4-on-4-off, which is not rotating, so you work either day or night shifts. Since introducing the new roster system the working environment within the Coldstore has changed to a more organised environment, that allows a better work/life balance. Reporting to the Coldstore Manager, you will be expected to: • be capable in using warehousing software • work automotive shuttle operations • be a great team player • participate in an evolving team.

You must be able to work well within a team, as well as independently. We require our nurses to be competent in all aspects of veterinary nursing, including hospital care, surgery anaesthetics, blood collection, placing catheters, and reception duties. Our clinic is fully equipped with in-house blood testing, digital x-ray, dental machine and ultrasound. If you share our passion for delivering outstanding pet healthcare and great customer service, then we would love to hear from you. Please email your application and CV to: Practice Manager Canterbury Vets Ltd 363 West Street, Ashburton Or email: Applications close Wednesday, September 12, 2018.

Full on-site training will be provided, with many opportunities for growth. Forklift experience and OSH certificate is essential. Talley’s operate a drug free environment, so candidates will be required to under-go pre-employment and random drug screening. Only applicants with the right to work in New Zealand need to apply. Staring rate is $20.00 plus allowances. Remuneration has room for growth as you progress within our organisation. If this position sounds like something you are interested in, email a copy of your CV with a cover letter and current working visa to

Full time (40 hours) Mitre 10 MEGA Ashburton has a vacancy for a person in their Inwards Goods department. This position is full time Monday to Friday (will include an occasional rostered Saturday). The role will include computerised entry of stock and other Inwards Goods duties.

The successful applicant will need the following skills: Full time position • Be physically fit available on an • Be motivated and work at a fast pace irrigated 565ha •date Able to use a computer URL Closing crop and store lamb Rachel _______________________________ With: _______________________________ Date:_______________________________ • Attention x x to detail tested:near checked: operation • Reliable Methven. Digger Operator • Ability to work in a team. Must have some past Greg Donaldson Contracting Ltd (GDC) are looking to employ a person to If you think you are the person we are cropping experience,revisions: fill the role of Digger Operator based in Tinwald, Ashburton. A phone will be a clean driver’s 1 2 3 4 5 for, please email your CV and looking supplied and Health Insurance offered after 90 days. $50 $75 licence and your own$0 $0 $25covering letter to: GDC is a mid-sized diverse contracting company established in the Ashburton transport. A good level District for over 20 years. The type of work we do includes: of English is essential PLEASE NOTE: 1 • Underground electrical conversions and you must in that we havebe prepared this • Land development NZ and have a valid advertisement proof based on our format: full colour 4 understanding • A variety of Rural work work visa. of the instructions received. In approving the n run date position sort cost (excl gst) References • Demolition areit is client’s responsibility advertisement, Contracting required. to check the accuracy of both the Guardian •• General Sat 8 Sept Sit Vacant $1148.04 Horizontal Directional Drilling (subsidiary company DDC) advertisement, the media and the Accommodation Sat 15Service, Sept using ground penetrating radar $1148.04 • UDS – Utility Detection position nominated. is available. Pay $85.00by a of adverts booked with Greg Donaldson is the “hands on” Managing Director being supported ratesCancellation are negotiable mediato willrelevant incur a media cancellation management team of 7 and workforce of approximately 30 staff. according fee of $50. Office Administrator/PA experience. For further information on the company, please see our website – Garador Mid Canterbury Ltd has a position Phone 022 304 5116 yourinformation. contact: Rachel available for an Office Administrator/PA. for further The person we are looking for to join our diverse team will: Between 30-40 hours a week. • Be a team player who can communicate effectively and relate to a wide variety The successful applicant will be organising the of staff and clients. For all subscriber day-to-day running of the office/showroom along • Have a positive attitude, able to work well under pressure and meet deadlines. enquiries, missed with taking door orders, phone bookings and • Have a strong emphasis on Health & Safety. phone enquiries. • Be able to relate well to staff and clients. deliveries, new They will also need to have previous paye, Gst, • Have good time management and communication skills. subscriptions, temporary wages/payroll experience. • Complete time sheets and other documentation in a timely manner. stops – text, call or email: Xero experience preferred but not essential. The following experience is required: • 4-6 ton excavators / trucks Must be honest, reliable and trustworthy. • WTR Applicants for this position must have NZ • Class 2-4 minimum heavy truck licence residency or a valid NZ work permit. • Trenching Applications close: September 14, 2018. • Services Send CV’s and enquiries to: • General civil contracting work • Have some experience of Health & Safety Systems


A pre-employment drug and alcohol test will be required. All applicants must be NZ Citizens or prove that you are able to work in NZ Please send your cover letter and CV to: Applications close Friday, September 14, 2018.

Text 021 271 3399 Phone 0800 274 287 Email circulation@












Phone 308 4079

Inwards Goods

Arable Farm Worker

rtising proof

Locally owned Locally owned and operated and operated

Buying or selling a vehicle? Call the Guardian today for your motoring advertising 307 7900 requirements.

Registered Nurse

We are looking to recruit an experienced Registered Nurse with NZ experience and a current APC, who is passionate about providing excellent quality care to our residents here at Terrace View Retirement Village. Reporting to the Nurse Manager this role works with our caregivers to deliver clinical care in a warm and caring manner to our residents. The person we are looking for will have demonstrated their empathy and experience in working with older people, have excellent communication skills, good documentation skills, InterRai trained, sense of humour and enjoy working as part of multi-disciplinary team focused on excellent delivery of care. Applicants for this position must have NZ residency or a valid NZ work permit. For a job description email: Applications close September 20, 2018. To apply email your CV and covering letter to:

Driving mentors required. Do you have » A full NZ drivers licence » A great sense of humour » A couple of hours spare each week » Are over 25 The Mid Canterbury Rural Drivers Licensing Scheme is looking for volunteer driving mentors to help our migrant rural women to learn to drive. This will be the best job you will have which you don’t get paid for (and will be far less stressful than teaching your own kids to drive ). And… our students provide the car! Interested? Please contact: Wendy Hewitt, Safer Ashburton District phone 027 611 3301. This project is a partnership between the Mid Canterbury Rural Support Trust and Safer Ashburton District.

Needing a new staff member?

Call the Guardian today for your situation vacant advertising requirements. 307 7900


Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, September 8, 2018





Do You Need Financial Help for Tertiary Study or Your Apprenticeship? Advance Ashburton Community Foundation has scholarships available NOW.

– Grazing Tender


The Ashburton District Council, on behalf of the Mount Somers Reserve Board, seeks tenders to graze the land described below; Tramway Road, Mount Somers - Area 36.5 ha approximately - Legal Description: Part Reserve 2639


A Five (5) Year grazing licence is proposed, commencing on 1 October 2018. Tenders can submitted by completing the appropriate documentation available from Council reception at 5 Baring Square West, Ashburton, by phoning Council on 03 307 7700 or by emailing Tenders are to be submitted in an envelope labeled ‘Mt Somers Reserve Licence to Occupy’ by 4pm, Thursday 20 September 2018 with the Council. Tenders for the sections to close with; The Chief Executive Officer Ashburton District Council PO Box 94 Ashburton 7700 Highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Officer for enquiries: Kelly Bisset, Property Officer

The Ashburton District Council seeks expressions of interest for leasing the land described below; Acton Road, Rakaia • Area 40ha • Legal Description: Lot 1 DP 513941


ASHBURTON Law - Peter Ragg - Contact anytime for Estates, property matters etc., phone 027 281 4686. COMPUTER PROBLEMS?? For professional computer repair plus local laser engraving service. See Kelvin at KJB Systems, 4 Ascot Place, phone 308 8989. Proudly serving Ashburton for 30 years. Same day service if possible. Supergold discount card welcomed. DENTURES. Dr Peter Rumping, retired dentist, continues to provide full dentures. Repairs to existing dentures also available. Phone 027 220 9997.

Information and expressions can be registered by contacting the Commercial Team at or on 03 307 7840 before 4pm, 1 October 2018. Officer for enquiries: Michelle Hydes –Property Officer.




QUALITY seed potatoes Agria and Nadine. $2.50 per kg. 81 Elizabeth Street. Please order. Phone 308 3195 or 027 531 9103.

WHEEL alignments at great prices. Maximise the life of your tyres with an alignment from Neumanns Tyre Services Ltd, 197 Wills Street. Phone 308-6737.

BUYER of unwanted animals. Cattle, bobby calves, horse and all farm animals. We also sell pet food. Call Nick’s Pet Food 0272 101 621, A/H 03 348 9439. to apply.

LET OR LEASE Shed for lease at rear of working factory • 240sqm • Gantry Crane • Access to forklift available • Large roller door and single person door access For more info call Nigel 027 22 22 940

ST PAUL’S, Oxford Street, HEALTH & BEAUTY HOLIDAY Ashburton. Garage sale / SHELLY, Health massage. White Elephant stall at the ACCOMMODATION 9am to 9pm. Chinese girl, Spring fair, Saturday, AKAROA - CHARMING, Ashburton. Phone 022 684 September 8, 9am - 11am. spacious holiday home, 3 1692. Something for everyone. bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, all electric heating. Sky, all mod cons, short walk to village. Phone Brian 307-8000 or 308-6180.

307 7900

Daily Events

SCOOTERS - new and secondhand three and four wheel electric scooters and wheel chairs. Call Fred Reddecliffe at Electric Mobility Ashburton today. Phone 308-3602 TANDEM horse float for sale. Good condition, new jockey wheel and floor. $1500. Phone 027 634 5606.


BRAZILIAN, hot blonde lady, 35, size 8, delicious body, sensual massage - full GRAZING service. First time clients LAMB grazing required. welcome. phone 027 524 Grass preferred, other feeds 2184. considered. Phone Ian 0272 302 188. STELLA - Asian lady, very sexy body, 34DD, busty, size LAMB grazing wanted, prefer 8, three days only. In/out grass or clover. Phone Mitch calls. Phone 021 046 4314. 027 3131 320.


Guardian Classifieds



TO RENT - Three bedroom family home, central location, log fire and dishwasher, large double garage and large fenced section. $360 per week. Phone 0274 385 222.

TWO bedroom sunny townhouse to let. Off street parking. Single garage. $290 per week. Available after September 21. Phone 0274 73St, Burnett Ashburton Members I.B.A.N.Z & & Brokernet Ltd. NZ 333 LevelSt, 2, 73 St,|Ashburton Members of NZBrokers I.B.A.N.Z & NZ Brokernet Ltd. 567 or after hours 03 302 2, 73 Level Burnett Ashburton | Members of|of I.B.A.N.Z Level Level 2, 73 Burnett St,2, Ashburton |Burnett Members of I.B.A.N.Z & Brokernet NZ Ltd. 0088. Level 2, 73 Burnett St, Ashburton | Members of I.B.A.N.Z & Brokernet NZ Ltd.

September 8, 9 & 10, 2018


THE ASHBURTON TOY LIBRARY INC. Open for toy exchange, 106 Victoria Street in the Triangle. 10am MT HUTT MEMORIAL HALL. NZ Alpine and Agriculture Encounter, Art Gallery and hall of memories. 160 Main Street, Methven. 10am - 12pm ASHBURTON VINTAGE CAR CLUB.

Museum and parts shed open. 86 Maronan Road, Tinwald. 10am - 3pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. A great selection of many aircraft from the past to the future. Ashburton Airport, Seafield Road. 10.30am ASHBURTON EMBROIDERS GUILD. Stitch and chat. Senior Centre, Cameron Street.

12.45pm WAIREKA CROQUET CLUB. Opening day, new players welcome. Members a plate please. Sales table. Waireka Croquet Club, Philip Street. 1pm MID CANTERBURY SOCIAL WHEELERS. 1pm registration, 1.30pm sharp start. Fords Road, Tinwald. 1.30pm

RUN AND WALK ASHBURTON. Afternoon Meet - Runners and Walkers. Ashburton Domain Oval Pavilion (entrance off Philip Street). Visit our facebook page for more details. 7.30pm ASHBURTON MUSICAL CLUB. Concert “Spring Tunes” visitors welcome, $5 at the door. Sinclair Centre, Park Street.


9.30am ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Youth service led by Rev Henry Mbambo, 48 Allens Road, Allenton. 10am ST PAUL’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Morning worship and communion, at St James Tinwald led by Rev Helen Wallis. 127 Thomson Street, Tinwald. No service at St Paul’s today. 10am MT HUTT MEMORIAL HALL. NZ Alpine and Agriculture Encounter,

Art Gallery and Hall of Memories. 160 Main Street, Methven. 10am ST ANDREW’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Morning worship and Holy Communion, all welcome, Sinclair Centre, Park Street. 10am ST ANDREW’S ANGLICAN CHURCH. Holy Communion, Thomson Street, Tinwald. 10am

ST STEPHEN’S ANGLICAN CHURCH. Holy Communion, Park Street. 10am ASHBURTON BAPTIST CHURCH. Morning service, all welcome. 67 Cass Street. 10.30am VICTORY BAPTIST CHURCH. Worship God and study his word. 131 Thomson Street, (Tinwald School hall). 10.30am GRACE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Worshipping God and transforming

lives. 63 Princes Street, Netherby. 1pm - 3pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. A great selection of many aircraft from the past to the future. Ashburton airport, Seafield Road. 7pm VICTORY BAPTIST CHURCH. Worship God and study his word. 131 Thomson Street, (Tinwald School hall).


10am - 3pm AGE CONCERN, 206 CLUB. Fun fill days for 60 years and older, for more information ring 308-6817. Cameron Street. (excludes public holidays). 12pm - 1pm ASHBURTON BAPTIST CHURCH. A Free lunch. Ashburton Baptist Church, Cass Street.

1pm - 3pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. A great selection of many aircraft from the past to the future. Seafield Road. 1pm - 4pm ASHBURTON DISTRICT FAMILY HISTORY GROUP. Open for research. Heritage Centre, 327 West Street. 1.30pm

ASHBURTON SENIORNET. Follow up on spreadsheets. Bring your laptop/tablet etc, we will give assistance and help with spreadsheets etc. $2. MSA Reading Room, Havelock Street. 6pm BOOTCAMP. Catering for all levels of fitness. Walnut Avenue Pavilion. Contact Georgia 0276888686 or Aleisha 0278489309.

6pm ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Sweaty Bettys circuit training in hall, 48 Allens Road. 7.30pm CATHOLIC WOMENS LEAGUE. Euchre evening, new players welcome. Holy Name Pastoral Centre, Cnr Winter Street and Burnett Street. (every Monday, excludes public holidays).

7.30am RUN AND WALK ASHBURTON. Rise and Shine Saturday runners meet at Frontrunner, 7.30am sharp. 28 Moore Street. 9am - 11pm ST PAUL’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Come to the fair. 65 Oxford Street. 9.30am - 12.30pm

8am ST STEPHEN’S ANGLICAN CHURCH. Holy Communion, Park Street. 8.30am HOLY SPIRIT CHURCH. Mass, Holy Spirit Church, Thomson Street, Tinwald. 9.30am ASHBURTON METHODIST PARISH. Morning worship with Tevita Taufalele. Baring Square East.

6am ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Sweaty Bettys circuit training in hall, 48 Allens Road. 10am MT HUTT MEMORIAL HALL. NZ Alpine and Agriculture Encounter, Art Gallery and hall of memories. 160 Main Street, Methven.

Television 28 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Saturday, September 8, 2018 TVNZ 1

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©TVNZ 2018

6am Te Karere 3 2 6:30 Country Calendar 3 Prime Retail. 0 7am Taste Of A Traveller 3 0 7:30 Infomercials 9am Code 1 PGR 3 0 9:30 Tagata Pasifika 10am Tipping Point 11am Spellbound 0 Noon 800 Words PGR 3 0 12:55 Sun, Sea, And Brides To Be 1:55 N Ugly House To Lovely House 0 2:55 Winter Games (HLS) 3:55 Karena And Kasey’s Kitchen Diplomacy 3 0 4:25 Rachel Hunter’s Tour Of Beauty 3 0 5pm The Chase 0 6pm 1 News At 6pm 0

6am PJ Masks 0 6:25 Thomas And Friends 0 6:35 Darwin And Newts 0 6:45 Best Of Chuggington Collection 0 6:55 Jamie’s Got Tentacles 3 0 7:05 The Amazing World Of Gumball 3 0 7:30 Blazing Team 3 7:55 Adventure Time 3 0 8:15 Pokemon Sun And Moon 3 0 8:40 We Bare Bears 3 0 9:05 Regular Show 0 9:15 Walk The Prank 3 0 9:35 Bizaardvark 3 0 10am Fresh 10:30 The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air 3 0 11am F Kevin From Work PGR 3 Noon Love Connection 3 0 12:55 Tricked 1:55 The 100 PGR 0 2:50 You’re Back In The Room Australia 0 3:55 F Powerless 0 4:25 America’s Funniest Home Videos 3 0 4:55 The Crystal Maze 0 6pm The Middle 0 6:30 The Big Bang Theory 3 0

7pm MasterChef Australia 0 8pm L Lotto 8:05 MasterChef Australia Continued. 0 8:40 The Hotel Inspector PGR 0 9:40 Deep State AO Leyla investigates links between Iran and the US; Max is driven back to the Pyrenees, where matters come to a head. 0 10:45 Victoria PGR 3 0 12:40 The Astronaut Wives’ Club AO 3 Astronaut John Glenn runs for the Ohio senate; a personal matter threatens Alan Shepherd’s career. 0 1:35 Coronation Street Catch-Up PGR 3 0 3:35 Infomercials

7pm M Eight Below PGR 2006 Drama. Stranded in Antarctica, eight sled dogs must learn to survive together while their guide mounts a seemingly impossible rescue mission. 0 9:05 M The Wedding Singer AO 1998 Comedy. 0

11pm M High Fidelity AO 2000 Romantic Comedy. A music addict with a fear of commitment must deal with a mid-life crisis. 0 1:05 M Obvious Child AO 2014 Comedy Drama. 0 2:35 F Once Upon A Time PGR 3 0 3:20 Grey’s Anatomy AO 3 0 4:45 Baby Daddy 3 0 5:30 Infomercials

7pm on TVNZ 2

BRAVO 10am Beverly Hills Pawn 3 10:28 The Dish PGR 3 10:30 Dress To Impress 3 11:30 The Profit 3 12:28 The Dish PGR 3 12:30 Glam Masters PGR 3 1:45 Hoarders 3 2:38 The Dish PGR 3 2:40 Million Dollar Listing NY 3 3:40 Catfish 3 4:35 Catfish 3 5:35 Catfish 3 6:30 Tori And Dean – Storibook Weddings 7:30 Below Deck PGR Captain Lee questions the crew to find out the cause of the galley fire, and the inquiry leads to a contentious dismissal. 8:30 My Crazy Ex AO 9:30 Growing Up Supermodel PGR 10:28 The Dish PGR 3 10:30 Disappearance Of Crystal Rodgers 3 11:30 Hoarders 3


12:20 Infomercials 3 5am Million Dollar Listing NY 3


6:30 Takaro Tribe 3 6:40 Pukoro 2 7:10 Pipi Ma 3 7:20 Nia’s Extraordinary Life 3 7:25 Te Mana Kuratahi – Primary Schools’ Kapa Haka 7:50 Smooth 3 8am Te Kaea 3 2 8:30 Project Whenua 3 9am Both Worlds 3 9:30 Kitchen Kura 3 10am Kawekorero 3 12:30 Get Your Fish On 3 1pm Basketball – Secondary Schools’ National Championships 3 2pm The Pits TV 3pm M From Up On Poppy Hill PGR 2011 Animated Family. Voices of Sarah Bolger, Chris Noth, Anton Yelchin. 5pm Road To The Nats 3 5:30 Te Kaea 2 6pm Nga Pari Karangaranga O Te Motu 6:30 Whaikorero 3 7pm Ahorangi Next Generation 3 7:30 Raw PGR 8:30 M Carlito’s Way AO 1993 Drama. A Puerto Rican former convict pledges to stay away from violence and drugs in an attempt at a better life outside of NYC. Al Pacino, Sean Penn, Penelope Ann Miller.

6am Down East Dickering 7am American Pickers 8am Walking With The Great Apes 8:30 Love Nature – 10 Puppies And Us 9:30 Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course 10:30 American Restoration 11am Shed And Buried 11:30 Down East Dickering 12:30 Flying Across Britain With Arthur Williams 1:30 Robson Green – Extreme Fisherman 2:30 A Great British Adventure With Griff Rhys Jones 3pm Better Homes And Gardens 4pm Shed And Buried 4:30 James Martin’s American Adventure 5:30 Money For Nothing 6:30 Guy Martin – Last Flight Of The Vulcan Bomber 7:30 American Pickers 8:30 M The Runner AO 2015 Drama. After the BP oil spill, an idealist but flawed politician is caught up in a scandal that threatens his plans to help the people of Louisiana. Nicolas Cage, Sarah Paulson, Peter Fonda. 10:40 Iron Chef America

11pm America’s Got Talent PGR A compilation of the best and most entertaining auditions. 0 12:50 Infomercials 5am Hillsong 5:30 Charles Stanley

11pm The People v OJ Simpson – 11:05 Te Kaea 3 Maori Television’s American Crime Story AO 3 daily news programme. 2 Johnnie Cochran’s energy transforms 11:35 Closedown the case; the prosecution and defence seek the assistance of jury research experts, with surprising results. 12:05 Rugby League – NRL (DLY) Panthers v Warriors. From ANZ Stadium, Sydney. 1:55 Closedown

11:30 Money For Nothing 12:30 Auction Hunters 1am Guy Martin – Last Flight Of The Vulcan Bomber 2am M The Runner AO 2015 Drama. Nicolas Cage, Sarah Paulson, Peter Fonda. 4am Iron Chef America 5am American Pickers

6:35 T2 Trainspotting 16VLSC 2017 Crime. Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller. 8:30 Dora’s Peace 16VL 2016 Thriller. Khabonina Qubeka, Danny Keogh. 9:55 Holiday Joy PG 2017 Comedy. Bailee Madison, French Stewart. Beverly Hills Cop II 11:25 La La Land ML 8:55pm on Three 2016 Musical Comedy. Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling. SKY 5 1:30 T2 Trainspotting 16VLSC 6am Raw MVC 2017 Crime. Ewan McGregor, 8:30 Smackdown MVC Jonny Lee Miller. 10:15 Main Event MVC 3:30 Passengers MC 2016 11:10 Container Wars PG Sci-fi. Jennifer Lawrence, 12:05 Storage Wars – Texas PG Chris Pratt. 5:25 Killing 12:30 Meet The Hockers PG Hasselhoff 16LSC 2017 12:55 Deep Undercover MVLC Comedy. Ken Jeong, 1:25 The Amazing Race PG Jim Jefferies, David Hasselhoff. 2:20 Salvation MV 6:45 Life 16VLC 2017 Thriller. 3:10 American Grit PG 4pm Container Wars PG Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal. 5pm The Amazing Race PG 8:30 Home Again ML 2017 6pm The Simpsons PG Comedy. After a recent 6:30 The Simpsons PG separation, a woman moves 7pm Last Man Standing PG back to her home town for 7:30 Modern Family PG a fresh start with her family, 8pm Modern Family PG but an unlikely romance 8:30 American Grit PG begins to cause complications. 9:30 Meet The Hockers PG 10pm Storage Wars – Texas PG Reese Witherspoon, Michael Sheen. 10:30 Container Wars PG 11pm Container Wars PG 10:10 Star Wars – The 11:30 The Amazing Race PG Last Jedi MV 2017 Action. Daisy Ridley, Mark Hamill. SUNDAY

12:30 Timecop MV 1:25 Modern Family PG 1:50 Modern Family PG 2:15 American Grit PG 3:05 Storage Wars – Texas PG 3:30 Meet The Hockers PG 3:55 Last Man Standing PG 4:20 Container Wars PG 5:10 The Simpsons PG 5:35 The Simpsons PG


6am Codename – Kids Next Door 3 6:25 Duck Dodgers 3 6:50 Kid v Kat 3 7:15 The Fairly Odd Parents 3 7:40 Danger Mouse 8:05 Sanjay And Craig 3 8:30 Nicky, Ricky, Dicky And Dawn 3 9am Victorious 3 10am Robot Wars PGR 11am Rugby – Farah Palmer Cup (HLS) 11:30 The Crowd Goes Wild PGR Noon Football – English Premier League (HLS) 1pm NRL Try Time 2pm Celebrity Antiques Road Trip 3pm Rugby – Mitre 10 Cup (RPL) 5pm Addicted To Fishing Nicky goes to fish at Exmouth in Western Australia, where she teams up with keen fisherwoman Hayley Dellar. 5:30 Prime News 6pm Antiques Roadshow 0 7pm Container Wars PGR 3 7:30 Secret Life Of Dogs Exploration of the place dogs have in cultures around the world. 0 8:30 Rugby – The Championship (DLY) All Blacks v Argentina. From Trafalgar Park in Nelson. 0


Eight Below


6am Charles Stanley 6:30 The Project 3 7:25 Infomercials 9:30 NewsHub Nation 0 10:30 Survivor – Kaoh Rong (Starting Today) 3 Eighteen castaways arrive on the island of Kaoh Rong in Cambodia and are divided into three tribes according to brains, brawn and beauty. 11:55 Wedding Town 3 12:25 Marae DIY 1:25 The Block NZ PGR 3 0 2:55 The Block NZ PGR 3 0 3:55 The Block NZ PGR 3 0 5pm The Block NZ PGR 3 Claire reaches breaking point when she realises the exterior of their house has been painted the wrong colour. 0 6pm NewsHub Live At 6pm 7pm America’s Got Talent PGR 0 8:55 M Beverly Hills Cop II AO 3 1987 Action Comedy. Axel Foley returns to Beverly Hills after a series of strange robberies. Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold, Paul Reiser. 0


12:40 Love In Paradise PG 2015 Comedy. Luke Perry, Emmanuelle Vaugier. 2:05 Killing Hasselhoff 16LSC 2017 Comedy. 3:25 Life 16VLC 2017 Thriller. 5:10 Passengers MC 2016 Sci-fi.

MOVIES GREATS 6:30 American Pie 3 – The Wedding 16LS 2003 Comedy. Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan. 8:05 Gran Torino 16VL 2009 Crime. Clint Eastwood, Bee Vang. 10am Zookeeper PGL 2011 Comedy. Kevin James, Rosario Dawson. 11:40 Gone Baby Gone 16VL 2007 Crime. Casey Affleck, Morgan Freeman, Ed Harris. 1:30 The Bourne Ultimatum MV 2007 Action. Matt Damon, Joan Allen, Julia Stiles. 3:25 Mirrors 16VL 2008 Thriller. Kiefer Sutherland, Paula Patton, Amy Smart. 5:15 Superbad 16LSC 2007 Comedy. Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan, Emma Stone. 7:05 Chronicle MV 2012 Sci-fi. Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell. 8:30 Johnny English Reborn PGVL 2011 Comedy. MI7’s top spy returns from hiding to face a group of international assassins before they eliminate a world leader and cause global chaos. Rowan Atkinson. 10:15 Contraband 16VLC 2012 Crime. Mark Wahlberg, Kate Beckinsale, Ben Foster.


12:05 The Vow PGLS 2012 Romance. Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum. 1:50 The Making Of Battleship MV 2:20 Mirrors 16VL 2008 Thriller. Kiefer Sutherland, Paula Patton, Amy Smart. 4:10 Superbad 16LSC 2007 Comedy. Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan, Emma Stone.



6am Golf – PGA Tour (RPL) BMW Championship – Round Two. From Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. 10am Golf – European Tour (HLS) Omega European Masters – Round Two. From Crans-sur-Sierre Golf Club in Crans Montana, Switzerland. 10:30 Sports News 11am The Dart Show Noon Rugby – Gallagher Premiership (RPL) Northampton Saints v Harlequins. From Franklin’s Gardens. 2pm L Rugby – Mitre 10 Cup Southland v Counties Manukau. From Rugby Park, Invercargill. 4:15 L Rugby – Mitre 10 Cup Hawke’s Bay v Bay of Plenty. From McLean Park, Napier. 6:30 L Rugby – The Championship All Blacks v Argentina. From Trafalgar Park, Nelson. 10:30 L Golf – European Tour Omega European Masters – Round Three. From Crans-sur-Sierre Golf Club in Crans Montana, Switzerland.

6am The Professor’s Farewell Tour 6:30 L Rugby League – Super League Super 8s – Hull FC v Castleford Tigers. 9am The Kiwi League Show 9:30 Rugby League – NRL (RPL) Qualifying Final – Storm v Rabbitohs. 11:30 The Professor’s Farewell Tour Noon Rugby League – National Secondary School (RPL) Development Final. 1:15 Rugby League – National Secondary School (RPL) Premier Final. 2:30 Golf Central 3:30 Golf – European Tour (HLS) Omega European Masters – Round Two. 4pm Preseason With The Warriors 5pm L Rugby League – Women’s NRL Roosters v Warriors. 6:30 L Rugby League – NRL Qualifying Final – Panthers v Warriors. From ANZ Stadium, Sydney. 9:40 L Rugby League – NRL Elimination Final – Roosters v Sharks. From Allianz Stadium, Sydney.

3am Inside The PGA Tour 3:30 Golf – PGA Tour (HLS) Round Two – BMW Championship. 4am L Golf – PGA Tour Round Three – BMW Championship.

12:30 L Cycling – La Vuelta Stage 14 – Cistierna to Les Praeres de Nava. 4:15 L Rugby League – Super League Catalan v St Helens.


0 Closed captions; 3 Repeat; 2 Maori Language; HLS Highlights; RPL Replay; DLY Delayed. CLASSIFICATIONS: 16/18 Approved for persons 16/18 years or over; AO Adults only; C Content may offend; L Language may offend; M Suitable for mature audiences; PG/PGR Parental guidance recommended for young viewers; S Sexual content may offend; V Contains violence. Local Radio: NewsTalk ZB 873AM/98.1FM FM Classic Hits ZEFM 92.5; Port FM Local 94.9, 98.9 and 106.1



DISCOVERY 6:35 MythBusters PG No Pain, No Gain. 7:30 How It’s Made PG 7:55 How It’s Made PG 8:20 Deadliest Catch PG Bering Sea Triangle. 9:10 Murder Chose Me M 10am Web Of Lies M Playing Doctor. 10:50 People Magazine Investigates M Blood in the Sand. 11:40 Weather Gone Viral M Run for Your Life. 12:30 What On Earth? PG Nazi Stonehenge. 1:20 Garage Rehab – Revisited PG Return to Westside Hotrods. 2:10 Misfit Garage PG Crushed Gto and Chopped 1941 Ford 2/2. 3pm Cooper’s Treasure PG 3:50 Treehouse Masters PG The Bird Barn Treehouse. 4:45 Treehouse Masters PG Grace Vanderwaal’s Got Treehouse. 5:40 Treehouse Masters PG Alaskan Mountain Treehouse. 6:35 MythBusters PG Battle Bots. 7:30 Treehouse Masters PG 9:25 Deadliest Catch PG 10:15 China At High-Speed 11:05 Naked And Afraid XL M 11:55 MythBusters PG


12:45 MythBusters PG 1:35 How Do They Do It? PG 2am How Do They Do It? PG 2:25 Homestead Rescue PG 3:15 Treehouse Masters PG 4:05 Treehouse Masters PG 4:55 How It’s Made PG 5:20 How It’s Made PG 5:45 MythBusters PG | Compiled by

Television Saturday, September 8, 2018

Ashburton Guardian 29

Sunday, September 9, 2018 TVNZ 1


©TVNZ 2018

6am This Town 3 0 6:50 Instant Gardener 0 7:40 Tagata Pasifika 3 8:05 Praise Be 8:35 Topp Country 3 0 9:10 N Grand Slam Fishing 0 10am Marae PGR 2 10:30 Waka Huia 11am Attitude 0 11:30 Fair Go 3 0 11:55 Sunday 0 12:55 Outback Truckers PGR 3 0 1:55 F The DNA Detectives 3 0 2:55 Winter Games (HLS) 3:55 People On Bikes 3 0 4:25 Fishing And Adventure Fiordland 2. The boys set out to tick off the remaining challenge species – threekg crayfish, shallow-water hapuku, two-kg blue cod, and a southern bluefin tuna. 4:55 The Celebrity Chase 0 6pm 1 News At 6pm 0 7pm Country Calendar Manuka Man. A beekeeper plants manuka trees so he can harvest top-quality honey from his bush blocks near Gisborne to supplement the income from his citrus orchard. 0 7:30 Sunday 0 8:30 The Curious Mind 0 9:30 Q+A 0 10:40 N Romper Stomper AO 0 11:50 The Missing AO 3 Julien returns to Paris to visit Sophie Giroux’s father, but Remy is not pleased to see him; when another trauma hits the Webster family, it looks set to divide them for good. 0 1:05 Attitude 3 0 1:35 Coronation Street Catch-Up PGR 3 0 3:35 Infomercials

Country Calendar 7pm on TVNZ 1

BRAVO 6am Million Dollar Listing NY 3 6:45 Million Dollar Listing NY 3 7:35 Million Dollar Listing NY 3 8:20 Million Dollar Listing NY 3 9:10 Hoarders 3 9:58 The Dish PGR 3 10am Hoarders 3 10:50 Tori And Dean – Storibook Weddings 3 11:40 Catfish 3 12:28 The Dish PGR 3 12:30 Disappearance Of Crystal Rodgers 3 1:30 The Profit 3 2:30 The Profit 3 3:33 The Dish PGR 3 3:35 Hoarders 3 4:35 Catfish 3 5:30 Catfish 3 6:30 Catfish 7:30 Britain’s Next Top Model 8:30 M Shout PGR 1991 Romantic Drama. In 1950s Texas, a visionary music teacher introduces his students to the liberating beat of rock ‘n’ roll. 10:33 The Dish PGR 3 10:35 Second Wives’ Club PGR 11:30 Million Dollar Listing NY PGR 3 12:20 Infomercials 3

©TVNZ 2018

6am Miles From Tomorrowland 3 0 6:25 Thomas And Friends 0 6:35 Darwin And Newts 0 6:45 Best Of Chuggington Collection 0 6:55 Chuggington – Little Trainees 3 0 7am Alvinnn!!! And The Chipmunks 3 0 7:10 Tangled – The Series 3 0 7:35 Andi Mack 3 0 8am What Now 10am Shortland Street Omnibus PGR 0 Noon Ugly Betty 3 0 1pm Kevin (Probably) Saves The World 2pm BlackIsh 0 2:30 Home And Away Omnibus 0 5pm The Simpsons 0 5:30 American Housewife 3 0 6pm The Middle 0 6:30 The Big Bang Theory 3 0

7pm Shortland Street PGR 0 8pm M Red Riding Hood PGR 2011 Fantasy. In a medieval village haunted by a werewolf, a girl falls for an orphaned woodcutter, much to her family’s displeasure. 0 10pm M Sausage Party AO 2016 Animated Comedy. 0

11:40 M Haunting In Connecticut 2 – Ghosts Of Georgia AO 2013 Horror. 0 1:20 Shortland Street PGR 3 0 2:10 Infomercials 2:45 The Lie Detective AO 3 0 3:30 Hotel Hell AO 3 0 4:15 Infomercials 4:45 Full House 3 0 5:05 Step By Step 3 5:30 Infomercials

Sausage Party

10pm on TVNZ 2

SKY 5 6am Hot Set M 6:50 The Amazing Race PG 7:40 The Simpsons PG 8:10 The Simpsons PG 8:40 Modern Family PG 9:05 Modern Family PG 9:30 Last Man Standing PG 9:55 Storage Wars – Texas PG 10:25 Meet The Hockers PG Season 1 finale. 10:50 Deep Undercover MVLC 11:15 Hot Set M 12:10 Scorpion MV 1:05 American Grit PG 2pm Raw MVC 4:45 SmackDown MVL 6:30 Main Event MVC 7:30 Scorpion MV 8:30 NCIS – New Orleans MV 9:30 NCIS – New Orleans MV 10:30 Longmire 16V 11:25 Longmire 16V

MONDAY 12:15 Raw MVC 2:45 SmackDown MVL 4:20 NCIS – New Orleans MV 5:10 NCIS – New Orleans MV



6am Life TV 6:30 Brian Houston 7am Charles Stanley 8am Life TV 3 8:30 Turning Point 9am R&R 9:30 The Hui 0 9:55 NewsHub Nation 3 0 10:55 Both Worlds PGR 0 11:15 Wedding Town 3 11:40 Gone Fishin’ 3 Noon Entertainment Tonight Weekend PGR 1pm Motorsport – The Grid 1:30 Motorsport – IndyCar Series (HLS) 2:45 Motorsport – Red Bull Air Race (HLS) 4pm Motorsport – Monster Jam (HLS) Racing and Freestyle. From Tampa. 5pm Big Angry Fish 0 6pm NewsHub Live At 6pm

7pm The Block NZ PGR 0 8:30 M Fast And Furious 6 AO 3 2013 Action. Hobbs has Dom and Brian reassemble their crew to take down a mastermind who commands an organisation of mercenary drivers. Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson. 0 11pm Blue Bloods AO Danny receives a message from a possible serial killer; Erin considers applying to become a judge; a mayoral candidate is suspicious of Frank. 0 Midnight Chicago Med AO 12:55 Infomercials


6am Religious Programming 10:30 Sport Box The best of the past week’s sports from New Zealand and around the world. Noon MasterChef Junior USA PGR 3 0 1pm Mainfreight Rugby 2pm Judge Judy PGR 2:30 Flog It! 3:30 Antiques Road Trip 3 4:30 Rugby Nation 5:30 Prime News 6pm The Great Escapers A straight-talking hairdresser from London wants to become Costa Blanca’s new stylist; a father and daughter spend a summer running a water-sports business in Spain.


10am Sidewalk Karaoke PGR 3 10:30 Pete And Pio PGR 3 11am Native Affairs 3 11:30 He Kakano 3 Noon The Ring Inz PGR 3 12:30 What’s Up With The Tumoanas? PGR 3 1pm Moving Out 3 1:30 Marae DIY 3 2:30 NBA2K 3:30 Haati Grassroots Rugby 4:30 F Waka Ama Sprints 3 5pm Marae PGR 3 2 5:30 Te Kaea 2 6pm Te Waipounamu Waipounamu travels to meet Omaka Marae manager and cultural advisor, Kiley Nepia, who shares his passion for Ma¯ori tourism and the revitalisation of the Maori language in his community.

7pm Storage Wars PGR 7pm Toa Hunter Gatherer PGR 3 7:30 The Truth About Carbs 7:30 SmackDown PGR PGR 0 8:30 M I, Daniel Blake AO 8:30 Uncharted With Sam Neill 2016 Drama. A middle-aged PGR Sam Neill continues to carpenter who requires trace Captain Cook’s initial welfare is joined by a voyage through the Pacific, single mother in similar learning of the impact the circumstances. Dave Johns, explorer had on the Maori Hayley Squires. inhabitants. 0 10:30 Kairakau PGR 9:35 60 Minutes PGR 10:30 Fear The Walking Dead AO 0 11:30 Horror Homes PGR 3 11pm Te Kaea 3 Maori Television’s Ted Grayson is used to road-traffic daily news programme. 2 accidents taking place near his house 11:30 Closedown in South Yorkshire, but nothing could prepare him for the day a car crashed into his kitchen. 12:30 Closedown



7:05 Love In Paradise PG 2015 Comedy. Luke Perry, Emmanuelle Vaugier. 8:30 Home Again ML 2017 Comedy. Reese Witherspoon, Michael Sheen. 10:05 Star Wars – The Last Jedi MV 2017 Action. Daisy Ridley, Mark Hamill. 12:35 Killing Hasselhoff 16LSC 2017 Comedy. Ken Jeong, Jim Jefferies, David Hasselhoff. 1:55 Life 16VLC 2017 Thriller. Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal. 3:40 The Last Poker Game MSC 2017 Comedy Drama. Martin Landau, Paul Sorvino. 5:10 Friend Request 16VC 2017 Horror. Alycia DebnamCarey, William Moseley. 6:40 Why Him? 16VLS 2016 Comedy. Bryan Cranston, James Franco. 8:30 Murder On The Orient Express MC 2017 Crime. Renowned detective Hercule Poirot attempts to solve the shocking murder of a wealthy businessman. Adapted from Agatha Christie’s best-selling novel. Kenneth Branagh, Johnny Depp. 10:25 Fifty Shades Darker 18LS 2017 Drama. Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan. MONDAY 12:20 Dead Draw MVL 2016 Thriller. Gil Bellows, Bitsie Tulloch. 1:55 Friend Request 16VC 2017 Horror. 3:25 Fifty Shades Darker 18LS 2017 Drama. 5:25 Why Him? 16VLS 2016 Comedy.

6am Chronicle MV 2012 Scifi. Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell. 7:25 The Making Of Battleship MV 7:55 Johnny English Reborn PGVL 2011 Comedy. Rowan Atkinson. 9:35 Contraband 16VLC 2012 Crime. Mark Wahlberg, Kate Beckinsale, Ben Foster. 11:25 The Vow PGLS 2012 Romance. Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum. 1:10 Superbad 16LSC 2007 Comedy. Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan, Emma Stone. 3pm The Ring 16C 2002 Horror. Naomi Watts, Martin Henderson, Brian Cox. 4:55 The Change-Up 16LS 2011 Comedy. Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds, Olivia Wilde. 6:45 Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter 16V 2012 Horror. Benjamin Walker, Rufus Sewell, Dominic Cooper. 8:30 Alan Partridge – Alpha Papa MVL 2013 Comedy. Radio host Alan Partridge has a chance to boost his sagging career by serving as liaison between the police and his former co-host, Pat, who has taken hostages at their radio station. 10:05 22 Jump Street MVLS 2014 Comedy. 11:55 Battleship MVL 2012 Action Adventure. MONDAY 2:05 The Ring 16C 2002 Horror. 4am The Change-Up 16LS 2011 Comedy. 5:50 22 Jump Street MVLS 2014 Comedy.

SKY SPORT 1 10am Golf – European Tour (HLS) Omega European Masters – Round Three. 10:30 Athletics – IAAF Continental Cup (HLS) Day One. 11:30 L Rugby – Heartland Horowhenua Kapiti v South Canterbury. 1:30 Rugby – The Championship (HLS) All Blacks v Argentina. 2pm L Rugby – Mitre 10 Cup Wellington v North Harbour. 4:15 L Rugby – Mitre 10 Cup Taranaki v Waikato. 6:30 Rugby – The Championship (HLS) Australia v South Africa. 7pm Rugby – The Championship (HLS) All Blacks v Argentina. 7:30 Rugby – Mitre 10 Cup (HLS) Friday. 8pm Rugby – Mitre 10 Cup (HLS) Saturday. 8:45 L Motorcycling – MotoGP Gran Premio Di Rimini. 10:30 Rugby League – NRL (RPL) Elimination Final – Panthers v Warriors. MONDAY 12:30 L Golf – European Tour Omega European Masters – Round Three. 3am Rugby League – NRL (HLS) Elimination Final – Broncos v Dragons. 3:30 Golf – PGA Tour (HLS) BMW Championship – Round Three. 4am L Golf – PGA Tour BMW Championship – Round Four.

0 Closed captions; 3 Repeat; 2 Maori Language; HLS Highlights; RPL Replay; DLY Delayed. CLASSIFICATIONS: 16/18 Approved for persons 16/18 years or over; AO Adults only; C Content may offend; L Language may offend; M Suitable for mature audiences; PG/PGR Parental guidance recommended for young viewers; S Sexual content may offend; V Contains violence. Local Radio: NewsTalk ZB 873AM/98.1FM FM Classic Hits ZEFM 92.5; Port FM Local 94.9, 98.9 and 106.1

6am Money Barn 6:30 Through The Bible With Les Feldick 7am Christ Embassy 7:30 Serve It Like Sarah 8am Iron Chef America 9am Walking With The Great Apes 9:30 Shed And Buried 10am James Martin’s American Adventure 11am Money For Nothing Noon Guy Martin – Last Flight Of The Vulcan Bomber 1pm Shed And Buried 1:30 The Story Of Egypt 2:30 Flippin’ RVs 3:30 Penguins On A Plane – Great Animal Moves 4:30 Hairy Bikers’ Mediterranean Adventure The bikers are in Southern Spain, travelling from Valencia to Torremolinos in the footsteps of the Moors, eating their way through southern Spanish cuisine. 5:30 Building The Dream 6:30 Flipping Bangers 7:30 American Pickers 8:30 M Phantom AO 2013 History Thriller. The haunted captain of a Soviet submarine holds the fate of the world in his hands. Forced to leave his family behind, he is charged with leading a covert mission. Ed Harris, Julian Adams, David Duchovny. 10:30 Primal Survivor AO 11:30 Hairy Bikers’ Mediterranean Adventure 12:30 Flipping Bangers 1:30 Money Barn 2am M Phantom AO 2013 History Thriller. Ed Harris, Julian Adams, David Duchovny. 4am American Pickers 5am Building The Dream

SKY SPORT 2 6:30 Rugby League – Super League (DLY) Salford v Toronto. 9am Rugby League – NRL (RPL) Qualifying Final – Roosters v Sharks. 11am Rugby League – NRL (RPL) Elimination Final – Panthers v Warriors. 1pm Daily International News Bulletin 1:30 Golf – PGA Tour (HLS) BMW Championship – Round Three. 2pm Golf Central 3pm Rugby League – NRL (HLS) Penrith v Warriors. 3:30 L Rugby League – Women’s NRL Broncos v Dragons. 5:15 L Rugby League – NRL Elimination Final – Broncos v Dragons. 8pm Sunday Night With Matty Johns Matty Johns is joined by former players and guests to wrap up the round’s NRL action. 9pm Controversy Corner The latest controversies from the NRL are tackled. 9:30 L Rugby League – NSW Cup Semi-final – Bulldogs v Roos. From Jubilee Oval, Sydney. 11:30 Rugby League – NRL (HLS) Roosters v Sharks.


12:20 L Athletics – IAAF Continental Cup Day One. 4:30 Rugby – The Championship (HLS) All Blacks v Argentina. 5am Athletics – IAAF Continental Cup (HLS) Day One. 9Sep18

DISCOVERY 6:35 MythBusters PG 102 Uses for Duct Tape. 7:30 How It’s Made PG 7:55 How It’s Made PG 8:20 Blowing Up History PG 9:10 Weather Gone Viral M Run for Your Life. 10am MythBusters PG Invisible Assassins. 10:50 Aussie Gold Hunters PG 11:40 Bering Sea Gold PG 12:30 Cooper’s Treasure PG 1:20 Deadliest Catch PG Bering Sea Triangle. 2:10 Robson Green’s Australian Adventure PG South Australia. 3pm Robson Green’s Australian Adventure PG Northern Territory. 3:50 Robson Green’s Australian Adventure PG Western Australia. 4:45 Robson Green’s Australian Adventure PG Queensland. 5:40 Sydney Harbour Patrol PG 6:35 Sydney Harbour Patrol PG 7:30 Blowing Up History PG 8:30 Weather Gone Viral M Shock and Awe. 9:25 Hell Roads PG 10:15 Naked And Afraid XL M 11:05 Megatrains PG 11:55 Deadliest Catch PG


12:45 MythBusters PG 1:35 How Do They Do It? PG 2am How Do They Do It? PG 2:25 Homestead Rescue PG 3:15 Treehouse Masters PG 4:05 Treehouse Masters PG 4:55 How It’s Made PG 5:20 How It’s Made PG 5:45 MythBusters PG | Compiled by


Family Notices DEATHS

STORRIE, Edward Lionel (Allan) RNZAF443370 NZA652899 – Aged 92 years old. Passed away peacefully at Wensley House, Richmond on Saturday, August 25. Loved husband, father and grandfather. At Allan’s request a private cremation has been held. THOMSON, Mervyn Leonard (Merv) – Passed away peacefully at Terrace View Retirement Village, Ashburton on Tuesday, August 28, 2018, aged 90. Dearly loved husband of the late Phyl. Loved father and father-in-law of Gary, Lyn, Robin (Tom) and Jacky, and Brent and Joan. Loved Grandad and great Grandad of all his grandchildren. A special thanks to the wonderful staff at Terrace View for their care of Merv. A memorial service for Merv will be held at our Chapel, cnr East and Cox Streets, Ashburton on TUESDAY, September 11, commencing at 11.00am.

Please note all late death notices or notices sent outside ordinary office hours must be emailed to:





Canterbury owned, locally operated

Patersons Funeral Services and Ashburton Crematorium Ltd Office and Chapel Corner East & Cox Streets, Ashburton




620 East Street Ashburton Ph/Fax 308 5369 or 0274 357 974 NZMMMA Member

to ensure publication. To place a notice during office hours please contact us on 03 307 7900 for more information Any queries please contact 0800 ASHBURTON (0800-274-287)





Ra n

A University of Otago Centre of Research Excellence





1 2 3

Midnight Tonight




NZ Situation

Wind km/h less than 30 fine

30 to 59 fog

isolated snow thunder flurries

sleet thunder




Saturday, 8 September 2018

A deep low to the east of the country directs a strong southerly flow over the North Island, while a ridge lies over the South Island. A trough approaches New Zealand from the Tasman Sea tomorrow. Another low moves over the far north during Monday. On Tuesday, this low moves away to the east and a broad ridge spreads onto the country.

mainly isolated cloudy drizzle drizzle few showers fine showers clearing showers

60 plus

Canterbury Plains

Canterbury High Country



Patchy morning cloud, then fine until cloud returns in the evening. Northeast breezes.

NZ Today

overnight max low








Morning cloud, then long fine spells until cloud returns in the evening. Wind at 1000m: Light. Wind at 2000m: Light.

Fine with morning frosts. Light winds.







Mainly fine, but cloud gradually increasing. Light winds.

Fine apart from some areas of morning low cloud. Wind at 1000m: Light. Wind at 2000m: Light.







Cloudy with a few showers at first, then becoming fine. Southerly breezes.

Cloud increasing from the south, with scattered rain developing later. Light winds.









Areas of morning cloud, then fine. Northerlies developing.

Cloudy with a few early showers, becoming fine in the afternoon. Southwesterlies.





fine drizzle rain fine thunder fine fine thunder fine fine fine drizzle fine fine cloudy

FZL: About 2000m

Frankfurt Geneva Hobart Hong Kong Honolulu Islamabad Jakarta Johannesburg Kuala Lumpur London Los Angeles Madrid Melbourne Moscow Nadi

7 10 25 10 15 18 25 26 4 25 22 27 30 9 10

fine fine fine drizzle showers fine fine showers rain rain fine rain fine fine fine

22 25 17 29 32 34 29 19 34 18 33 26 17 25 30

9 11 5 25 24 23 25 10 24 10 20 17 6 13 19

New York Paris Perth Rarotonga Rome San Francisco Seoul Singapore Stockholm Sydney Taipei Tel Aviv Tokyo Washington Zurich

rain fine showers fine cloudy fine fine thunder fine showers rain showers fine rain fine

m am 3 3


Saturday 9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


Sunday 9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


9 pm



7:58 2:20 8:31 2:41 8:51 3:12 9:22 3:33 9:45 4:03 The times shown are for the Ashburton River mouth. For the Rangitata river mouth subtract 16 minutes and for the Rakaia river mouth subtract 4 minutes.

Rise 6:49 am Set 6:13 pm


Good fishing Rise 5:54 am Set 4:08 pm

10 Sep 6:03 am ©Copyright OceanFun Publishing Ltd.

Rise 6:47 am Set 6:14 pm


Bad fishing


Bad fishing

Rise 7:10 am Set 6:39 pm

First quarter

Full moon

17 Sep 11:16 am

25 Sep 2:54 pm

Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa

For the very latest weather information, including Weather Warnings, visit


Rise 6:45 am Set 6:15 pm

Rise 6:35 am Set 5:24 pm

18 11 11 22 18 13 16 24 13 13 24 22 25 21 13

River Levels

8 3 6 3 7 2 -1 3 0 1 0 5 2



Selwyn Whitecliffs (NIWA) at 3:00 pm, yesterday

Rakaia Fighting Hill (NIWA) at 3:00 pm, yesterday 100.2 Nth Ashburton at 2:05 pm, yesterday


Sth Ashburton at 2:05 pm, yesterday


Rangitata Klondyke at 4:00 pm, yesterday


Waitaki Kurow at 3:05 pm, yesterday


Source: Environment Canterbury

Canterbury Readings




24 23 20 27 29 20 28 30 19 18 30 32 33 27 23

17 17 14 13 11 14 13 13 11 11 14 11 13

Palmerston North fine

FZL: About 2000m

Forecasts for today

18 19 31 22 25 30 36 33 15 30 33 33 42 18 16

New moon



Tides, Sun, Moon and Fishing

Find out how you can help by visiting:



World Weather

We help save lives every day through the research and development of improved diagnosis, beer prediction and treatment of heart disease in our hospital and community.



TUESDAY: Cloudy with a few showers at first, becoming fine. SW. MAX

bur to



Adelaide Amsterdam Bangkok Berlin Brisbane Cairns Cairo Calcutta Canberra Colombo Darwin Delhi Dubai Dublin Edinburgh

We Help Save Lives





MONDAY: Mainly fine, but cloud increasing later. Light winds.





TOMORROW: A frosty start to a fine day. Light winds.



EDMONDSTON, Brian – Audrey, Philippa, Stephen, Jane, Mark and their families wish to thank all the relatives and friends who have remembered and supported them in many ways after the loss of Brian, a much loved husband, father, father-in-law, grandfather and great grandfather. Your attendance at his funeral, your letters, cards, flowers, visits, phone calls and baking have been much appreciated. Special thanks to the Motor Neuron Disease Society and professionals for their help and advice in recent months, to Rev Henry Mbambo and others from St David’s Church, for Brian’s memorable funeral service, to St John’s Ambulance staff and the local medical and hospital professionals who have shown such care and understanding at this time.

For all your memorial requirements New headstones and designs Renovations, Additional inscriptions, Cleaning and Concrete work Carried out by qualified tradesmen.




TODAY: Some morning cloud, then fine. Light winds.




Ashburton Forecast

Wa i m a ka r i r i


Map for today

Saturday, September 8, 2018



Ashburton Airport Temperature °C At 4pm 9.4 11.0 Max to 4pm -3.7 Minimum -8.8 Grass minimum Rainfall mm 0.2 16hr to 4pm September to date 26.4 Avg Sep to date 12 2018 to date 677.0 473 Avg year to date Wind km/h E 15 At 4pm Strongest gust E 26 Time of gust 1:13pm

Christchurch Airport

Timaru Airport

8.8 9.3 -1.3 –

9.3 10.3 -3.4 -6.7

9.0 9.8 -3.7 –

– – – – –

0.0 31.8 11 609.8 453

0.0 7.0 10 559.6 338

E 15 – –

E 17 NE 31 3:27pm

E 15 E 26 1:38pm

Compiled by

© Copyright Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited 2018

My Promise

to 4pm yesterday


30 Ashburton Guardian



is to help you arrange or plan a funeral with care, respect, clarity and reassurance 18-22 Moore Street, Ashburton Free Phone 0800 263 6679 Mobile 027 637 1229

Jo Metcalf


Puzzles and horoscopes Cryptic crossword

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Simon Shuker’s CodeCracker

Your Stars


WordWheel Insert the missing letter to complete an eight-letter word reading clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Quick crossword 1




How many words of three or more letters, including plurals, can you make from the five letters, using each letter only once? No foreign words or words beginning with a capital are allowed. There is at least one fiveletter word.


6 7



Previous solution: PURSUITS 10



Previous Cryptic solution

Across 1. Hover 4. Handbag 8. Catchment area 10. Spell 11. Gust 12. Pupa 16. Exact 17. Kangaroo court 19. Trellis 20. Swear Down 1. Hacking jacket 2. VAT 3. Rehash 4. Heeded 3 4 9. Insolence 9 5. Nettle 6. Barbecued 7. Granddaughter 9 18. Use 2 3 13. Befall 14. Famous 15. Stocks

TODAY’S GOALS: Good – 10 Excellent – 14 Amazing – 17

Previous Quick solution 8

12 13





20 21



ACROSS 1. Open to discussion (10) 7. Scent (5) 8. Derisive (7) 10. Believable (8) 11. Sense (4) 13. Myth (6) 15. Elevated (6) 17. Amphibian (4) 18. Coexist harmoniously (3,5) 21. Avoiding (7) 22. Relating to sheep (5) 23. Under consideration or discussion (2,3,5)

DOWN 1. Rope trap (5) 2. Incline (8) 3. Place to worship a god (6) 4. Curve (4) 5. Hangs around (7) 6. Worked out (10) 9. Woman who marries for money (4,6) 12. Underground burial area (8) 14. Delight (7) 16. Altitude (6) 19. Yellow-green colour (5) 20. Wealthy (4)

2 7

2 7 6 8 1 5 1 9

8 1 3

Previous solution: doe, dole, dop, dope, eld, led, lode, lop, lope, loped, ode, old, olde, olé, pled, plod, pod, pol, pole, poled.


Fill the grid so that every column, every row and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9



9 8 6 4 5

4 1 2 4 3 1 3 5 7



8 5 3 4 9 7 8 8 5 9 6 4 5 9 6 4 8 3 2 3 7 6 9 8 3 2 2 8


1 5 1 7 4 3 6 2 9 8 8 3 2 4 7 9 8 5 6 1 3 9 6 8 1 5 2 7 3 4 7 8 7 1 3 4 9 6 2 5 5 6 5 9 2 8 1 4 7 3 9 2 4 3 5 6 7 1 8 9 4 7 9 5 8 2 4 3 1 6 6 4 8 2 6 1 3 9 5 7 Level 2, 73 Ashburton Members I.B.A.N.Z & Brokernet Ltd. LevelSt, 2, 73 St,|Ashburton |ofMembers of I.B.A.N.Z & NZ Brokernet NZ Ltd. 73 Burnett St,Burnett Ashburton | Members of I.B.A.N.Z & NZBrokers Level 2, 73 Burnett St, Ashburton |Burnett Members of I.B.A.N.Z & Brokernet NZ Ltd. 2 1 3 6 9 7 5 8 4 2 Level 2, 73 Burnett St, Ashburton | Members of I.B.A.N.Z & Brokernet NZ Ltd.


2 5 4 8 6 1 3 7 9

7 6 9 2 3 4 1 8 5

3 2 1 5 4 8 7 9 6

6 4 5 9 7 3 2 1 8

8 9 7 6 1 2 5 4 3



Across 7. Automatically 8. Eyesight 9. Less 10. Snares 7 out 19. Knew 2 3 12. Orphan 14. Has 15. Lychee 17. Opt 2 1 21. Proceeds 23. Understanding Down 1. Buoyancy 2. Wowser 3.1Tang 4.9 Virtuoso 5 5. Gallop 6. Plus 11. Sheepish 13. Abundant 16. Hawser 5 8 2 18. Trendy 20. None 22. Oval

15 16


ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 19): A special friendship is gathering momentum. Not only is it bigger than the sum of its parts but also it’s as though the relationship is an entity with a life all its own, independent and distinct of the two of you. TAURUS (Apr 20-May 20): What matters to you personally matters in the larger scheme, too. How could it not? You’re an integral part of this web of life. You may not see or feel that all of the time, but never stop believing it. GEMINI (May 21-Jun 21): Moods come and go, but the product of them often lingers. Symbols of good times and bad may be scattered around your psyche and/or your house. If you can proactively manage them, you’ll be better off. CANCER (Jun 22-Jul 22): Friends will offend and disappoint. This is practically a hallmark of friendship, as a certain level of intimacy is needed for this to occur. The good will far outweigh the bad if you stick with it. LEO (Jul 23-Aug 22): There are power-ups that come in the form of uplifting people, bright and shining situations, inspiring media and tools that energise you or give you special powers. Seize the opportunities; they will be plentiful. VIRGO (Aug 23-Sep 22): Subtle power conflicts will be at play, so pay attention. It’s all in the face. If anyone can smooth things over with charm, you’re the one to do it. You’ll ease tensions before they get out of hand. LIBRA (Sep 23-Oct 23): If you’re not sure whether you can do it, you’re smart. The crisis of confidence only happens to people who live in the real world, observe their surroundings and assess risks. A realistic view will pay off. SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 21): There are those who will use a situation for all its worth and then move along when something better comes. Loyalty is important. Weigh your next move carefully. SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21): You’re a self-creation, but not entirely, of course. And that line you’ll walk between forming yourself and adapting yourself will be the main interest of the day. CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19): You’ll be surrounded by comfortable, accepting, fun-loving people, and you’ll feel free to be yourself. Later, the hard-nosed types come in with their lofty expectations, and that will be a gift of a different kind. AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18): You won’t just join the conversation; you’ll give yourself over to it and let it lift you like a magic carpet into worlds unknown. Ask a good question, open your ears, and get ready to be carried away. PISCES (Feb 19-Mar 20): It is sometimes necessary to be critical of the world, though too much analysing can cut you off from the natural, giddy, carefree joy that is your gift today.

ACROSS 1. Jugglery needed to race Saint tomorrow in France (11) 8. Despondency at the partial darkness (5) 9. Can be heard to aid blue recovery (7) 10. Letters distributed in support of the board (7) 11. Gold piece found in celestial path (5) 12. Say lie is compounded without difficulty (6) 14. Pressure line is nothing to preclude (6) 18. 66 feet of linkage (5) 19. Entirely surround one with the love pen can describe (7) 21. Moral he might draw from top of sleeve (7) 23. Like a king to feast one endlessly (5) 24. Venomous pit-viper an elk treats in this manner (11) DOWN 1. He gets what’s left to eat with glee maybe (7) 2. They raise plants that get bigger with bitter vetch (7) 3. Terms of reference might merit reconsideration (5) 4. Coating of tooth gives me lean pickings (6) 5. Hard way to get around us without nitrogen (7) 6. The point of turning a tea-cake over (3) 7. Celsius temperature will not be fair (5) 13. It restarts play in Union with tune oil is needed for (4-3) 15. Sort of sausage Italians make from long boa (7) 16. Get reels up in order to drive off (7) 17. Quash physical education in no false setting (6) 18. Utterly stupid to give credit to such a silly fellow (5) 20. UVR is in a form that may make one ill (5) 22. Russian commune consisting almost entirely of mud (3)

Ashburton Guardian

9 3 2 4 8 7 6 5 1

5 7 8 1 2 6 9 3 4

4 1 6 3 9 5 8 2 7

8 5 5 3 PREVIOUS SOLUTIONS 2 4 3 6 4 1 8 9 5 2 68 7 9 7 2 6 9 8 3 4 1 5 1 8 5 2 7 4 9 6 3 7 3 6 5 9 7 4 6 2 1 3 8 8 2 2 3 8 5 1 7 6 9 4 4 3 8 5 47 2 9 186 9 2 6 553 8 4 11 7 2 9 7 4 9 3 2 6 8 5 1 3 211 7 7 5 9 3 4 6 8 6 2 7 1 5 8 9 4 3

9 3 4 2 7 6 8 5 1

1 8 5 4 3 9 7 2 6

3 1 8 9 4 5 2 6 7

7 4 2 6 8 3 5 1 9

5 9 6 7 1 2 4 3 8

8 7 3 5 6 4 1 9 2

2 5 1 3 9 7 6 8 4

4 6 9 8 2 1 3 7 5


1 2 6 4 5 1 9 8 9 7


The evolution of the internet has not killed off print. Including it in your marketing mix gives your campaign credibility.

Adding online to your media marketing mix has a positive impact on your campaign, giving you better return on your investment.

More than 90% of New Zealanders own a smartphone. Its importance in the marketing mix is undeniable.


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Ashburton Guardian, Saturday, September 8, 2018  
Ashburton Guardian, Saturday, September 8, 2018