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Thursday, March 8, 2018

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Girl power on the greens

Local house prices inch up




A shout-out to our gorgeous women Today we celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women by dedicating our entire news section to women.






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News 2 Ashburton Guardian

Thursday, March 8, 2018


Selwyn MP takes finance role National Party leader Simon Bridges has appointed Amy Adams as the party’s finance spokesperson and third-ranked MP in caucus. Bridges said he wanted to make the announcement ahead of his caucus reshuffle “to show the economy remains the National Party’s number one priority”. The talented, hardworking Adams was the best person for the job, following in the footsteps of the party’s previous successful finance ministers, Bill English and Steven Joyce. The Labour-NZ First-Green coalition government had inherited one of the fastest-growing economies in the developed world, however, now planned to impose more taxes and slow down the country’s growth, Bridges said. Adams put out a press release shortly after the announcement, saying she would fight hard against government policies that would slow New Zealand down. “New Zealand currently has one of the strongest economies in the western world. That’s not an accident. That’s a result of the hard work of New Zealanders backed by the strong economic plan of the previous National-led government,” Adams said. “New Zealand succeeds best when we are open and connected with the world. I’m looking forward to getting out and meeting with and listening to successful exporters and employers in the weeks ahead. “National will be advancing new economic and social policies ahead of the next election, but first we have to stop the threat posed by Labour’s economic mismanagement. “Many of the Labour-led Government’s planned policy changes will sacrifice our economic success and make it harder for New Zealand

Amy Adams is the new finance spokesperson for the National Party. PHOTO ASHBURTON GUARDIAN businesses to compete and succeed. “These changes are bad for all of us. Slower business growth means less investment, fewer job opportunities, and lower wages generally than would otherwise be the case. “Already businesses are less confident now than they were six months ago, despite the world economy steadily strengthening over this time.” Adams singled out Labour’s overseas investment changes, employment law changes and proposed new taxes as things that would ankle-tap the country’s medium-term economic performance. “In select committee, National MPs are constantly hearing how the Overseas Investment Bill will chill foreign investment. That’s bad

By Sue NewmaN

care centres provide the most wonderful of second homes, their staff the most wonderful of second mums, but at the end of the day, they’re not home and they’re not mum. New Zealand has been a leader in women’s rights in the past; it’s time we stepped up and became leaders again. Perhaps it is also a woman’s right to be a stay-at-home mum, perhaps it is time we started acknowledging and rewarding the most important job of all, raising great kids who will become great adults. To do that, women who choose to stay at home need to be paid a living wage. If we pay adults who choose not to or cannot work, then we should pay a parent (male or female) who elects to stay home to care for preschoolers as well. When that happens, women will truly have equal rights.

The 21st Century is a great time in history to be a woman. We take for granted our right to compete on equal footing with men in virtually every field of endeavour – except those where physical strength is required. That we can do so is simply accepted and most of us give little thought to the generations of women who came before us and who had the courage to fight for equality. Today is International Women’s Day. It’s been recognised by the United Nations since 1975, but its origins go back much further in time, to the first Women’s Day, held in New York in 1909. Today we are fortunate. We compete on an equal playing field with men for jobs, career advancement and in virtually every sphere of life – except one. We are the bearers of children. In that we are fortunate. We have the opportunity to create and nurture new lives. We have a power that men do not. We, the hand that rocks the cradle, truly do rule the world in a unique way – we caretake the future. Along with equality, however, have come some serious sacrifices. Yes, women today can do it all, have it all, but often the casualty is motherhood. Either this is bypassed or it’s cut short as young mums, pack up their babies, hand them to childcare centres and head back to work. Sometimes that return is career progression driven, sometimes it is simply financial, but for many it’s not about choice, it’s necessity. Sue Newman And yes most child-




for housing construction, bad for the regions and bad for our economy overall. “And now the Government’s Tax Working Group is clearly looking to design a more redistributive tax system that removes any incentives for New Zealanders to work hard and get ahead. “The Government needs to focus on the quality and quantity of their new spending. They are continuously ramping up expectations. I’ll be keeping a close eye on their approach to spending taxpayers’ money. “This Government needs to heed the lessons of success and stop trying to introduce policies that will only take us backwards and damage the economic security of all New Zealanders.” – NZME

We’re equal in every way, well almost

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Ashburton Guardian



The fight for equal rights By SuSan SandyS

Australian 60 Minutes reporter Charles Wooley was slammed on social media for being sexist and patronising after his interview with prime minister Jacinda Ardern. Everything is about context, however, and as Ardern herself was not offended, I tend to give him the benefit of the doubt. Nevertheless, it is difficult to think of those same questions being put to, and assumptions being made of, a male prime minister. And for me the interview harked back to another with one of our female prime ministers. In 2002 Helen Clark walked out of a television interview with an Australian Broadcasting Commission journalist who raised questions over her sexuality, and Paintergate involvement. The latter was a scandal which had erupted after she signed some works for a charity auction that she herself had not painted. There had been coverage in the media at the time, so the questions seemed fair enough. And with Clark being a childless woman who did not fit the feminine stereotype, the sexuality questions were not entirely surprising either, particularly coming from the chauvinistic capital of the world – Australia. I am myself an Australian, and proud to be so, however, that is one thing I am not proud of. Unfortunately on my visits to family in recent years I have observed the same old white male dinosaurs reading the evening news on television each night. They are seated alongside the latest update of their female counterparts, who look like they

Jacinda Ardern come from bimbos-ville. These women most likely have just as much journalistic credibility as their co-hosts, but it sends the obvious message to viewers that age is the enemy of a woman’s television career, and not a man’s. Female stereotypes exist in Australian advertisements to a large degree as well, and they are just as cringe-worthy – insulting to the intelligence of both the male and female proportions of the national population. New Zealand advertisements and news programmes seem to lack the same rigid conformity to stereotypes, and that would have to be one of the things I like about living in this country. Media portrayal of women is just one small part of the bigger picture of the perplexed issue of women’s rights, for which International Women’s Day was established. For me the day is about acknowledging women have come a long way in their fight for equal rights, but that there is still a long way to go.

Ashburton mayor Donna Favel (right) at the launch of the Celebration of Suffrage 125 with Governor-General Dame Patsy Reddy. PHOTO SUPPLIED

Equality is about an even playing field By Sue newman

Women might have had equal rights with men for many years in New Zealand, but it has taken 140 years for Ashburton to elect its first female mayor And today, on International Women’s Day, current mayor Donna Favel says it is important to reflect on how far New Zealand has moved to becoming a society where gender equality is now the norm. “We’re in a very fortunate place when we consider what our predecessors came from and the freedoms they had to fight for,” she said. And while it is important to remember how much the world had changed for women, it was

equally important to understand how this was still not the case for many women in many countries, Favel said. And even close to home there was still inequality particularly when it came to pay parity, she said. “It’s wonderful to see women given opportunities, but if we’re talking equality it’s not women wanting to be above men or winning over men, it’s about an even playing field, on where women and men have equal opportunities.” Closer to home, Favel said it was apparent in the number of women running businesses, working in the professions and in top jobs, that women were taking the opportunities

equality offered. As well as having its first female mayor, Ashburton has four female district councillors. That’s a long way from the days when women were said to be too emotional to be part of a council or where women were not welcome in council chambers because they would be a distraction to men. If women were allowed in the chamber, they had to be plain women, she said. Favel was in Wellington yesterday for the Celebration of Suffrage 125 launch which was attended by Governor-General Dame Patsy Reddy. Today and tomorrow she will be attending a meeting of rural and provincial mayors.

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News 4

Ashburton Guardian

Thursday, March 8, 2018


Girl power on the rise in shearing sheds By SuSan SandyS

Shearing is hard work, requiring stamina, staying power and upper body strength. But as with many a male-dominated industry, old attitudes are falling by the wayside and girl power is on the rise. It’s a trend embraced by Rakaia shearing contractor Grant Smith, who said up to five per cent of his staff at any one time will be female. Bringing that diversity to the workplace had the positive benefit of encouraging the male majority to shear better than ever, as they did not like to be outdone by women. “It keeps the young fellows honest, they have to bow down sometimes,” Smith said. With each shearer Smith makes assessments of what properties he sends them to based on ability, and he said he would often make sure he did not put some of his female shearers on properties with the big ewes that Canterbury was known for. “I’m not saying I go easy on them, they certainly have to do the hard stuff as well,” Smith said. Among those working in the shear-

ing shed with Smith at a Willowby farm this week was Terina Barrett. The 21-year-old rousie enjoys all of the many tasks which come with the role, such as wool handling, sorting and pressing. She is also a good shearer and helps out in this department when required. Her partner is Smith’s son, Alex, and the couple travel the world shearing. Barrett sheared a season in Ireland, and for two-and-half weeks in Italy, where she sheared 200 sheep on one day. “It’s pretty cool,” she said. “The sheep are a bit easier over in Italy, they are a lot smaller and there’s not much wool on them.” Working in shearing sheds in a maledominated industry did come with the usual chauvinistic banter when she first started about four years ago, but that had disappeared as her skill level had increased. She said what she loved most about her career was travelling and meeting new people. She has followed her parents’ footsteps in the industry. She grew up in Tuatapere near Invercargill, where her parents had their own shearing run.

Right – Terina Barrett of Rakaia travels the world working as a rousie (inset) and shearer. PHOTOS SUSAN SANDYS 050318-SS-006 050318-SS-007


Still room for more women


t would be all too easy to see International Women’s Day as a jovial ode to the double X chromosome and all it has done for Planet Earth. Sure, life without women wouldn’t just be physically impossible, but abominably boring without the formidable force of sisterhood, the impressive work of women in all fields across the board – and even the exciting inventions of beer, wi-fi, Harry Potter, windscreen wipers and

Katie Todd


chocolate chip cookies (true!). But as we raise a glass (of said beer) to the brilliant female beings of present and past, it’s also time to remember those who

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stuck up a great big middle finger to ugly injustices and battled through a violent crapstorm to achieve our present liberties. In the era this newspaper first went to print, it would have been unfathomable to have so many women playing an integral role in the editorial team. I ooze appreciation for those who stood up before me to expedite that change – especially knowing I would make an absolutely rubbish teacher,

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housewife or nurse. We women no longer feel bound to such stringent beauty standards, legal limits, wifely obligations, or discrimination, and we won’t be silent in the face of chauvinism or harassment. But today is also a time to recognise that we women still have work to do. There’s still mind shifts to make, little glass ceilings to smash. And if you have any doubt of

that, let me leave you with a fact from the depths of my desk. Behind my computer are three enlightening phone lists. On one, I can see that, as of last year, only five of Mid Canterbury’s 27 police were women. The next list tells a similar story – just five of 20 local school principals are women. And down at the Ashburton Fire and Emergency – only one volunteer is a woman. Just something to ponder.


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News Thursday, March 8, 2018

Ashburton Guardian


Care and compassion at life’s end BY SUE NEWMAN


Hospice Mid Canterbury might be just three years old, but it is touching a growing number of lives across the Ashburton District. From small beginnings, as the brainchild of trustee Jane Wright, the hospice has now grown to include a team of 80 volunteers, a small number of paid staff and a range of support services that are part of a caring network drawn together by manager of volunteer services Christine Wilson. The retired teacher began her involvement with the hospice as a biographer and has just taken up the leadership role. “I was ready for another challenge and this was a great opportunity because I already knew and loved the organisation; it has a real culture of caring.” Hospice Mid Canterbury is an associate hospice in that it does not provide clinical care. Anyone can make a referral to hospice, including family and self-referral, and while the organisation does not provide clinical care it works with the palliative team and social workers at Ashburton Hospital as well as with doctors and other social support groups. For volunteers and clients, Wilson is now the face of Mid Canter-

Hospice Mid Canterbury manager of volunteer services Christine Wilson (left) with promotions co-ordinator Diane Haslett. PHOTO SUE NEWMAN 070318-SN-006 bury Hospice and she says she’s taking over the manager’s role at a time when the organisation appears to be entering a significant growth phase. For her that means being contactable 24/7 as the service is client needs driven.

“The demand for our services is growing and over the past two months we’ve received a lot more referrals,” she said. And that growth in demand also means more volunteers are needed. Currently that pool sits at around 80, across carer relief,

transport, biography writing as well as staffing the hospice shop. Another pool of paid services are accessed to provide massage, counselling, reiki and reflexology. “We need more sitters and more people to provide companionship for clients to bring something of

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the outside world to them – and we’d love some more biographers, particularly males,” she said. Many who volunteer to work with hospice bring with them their own family experience with terminal illness and that helps reinforce the caring and empathetic environment, Wilson said. “With our volunteers there’s often a common thread. You know they’ve come to hospice because of something that’s happened in their lives.” Hospice is a philosophy of care that focuses on living well until you die and is available to anyone with a life-limiting illness, a condition from which they will die, she said. “We give people the tools to manage the dying process.” The care net of Mid Canterbury Hospice might be growing, but what will never change is its philosophy of treating its clients with care, compassion and respect, Wilson said. “It has always been, and will always be, all about the people; we’re an organisation where our strength is all about our volunteers.” Anyone wanting to access Hospice Mid Canterbury’s services or to offer to work as a volunteer can contact Wilson at Ashburton’s Community House.

News 6

Ashburton Guardian

Thursday, March 8, 2018

In brief Gym fee rise

Women unsung heroes of the construction industry Today is International Women’s Day and the Registered Master Builders’ Association is acknowledging the unsung and often unrecognised role women play in New Zealand’s construction industry. Women form the backbone of the building industry, RMBA Chief Executive David Kelly said. “Women are heavily involved in many of our members’ businesses. Often a woman runs the business so her partner can focus on the tools and this role is just as important as the physical construction side. Many successful building businesses are based on this partnership model, and we want to use this year’s International Women’s Day as an opportunity to recognise the vital role these women play.” The RMBA has had a number of female regional presidents including two who were elected by

Andrea Lee their peers within the industry to represent them. One of those is Ashburton woman RMBA Ashburton President Andrea Lee, who says it is important there is mutual respect

for the roles women and men play. “Women bring huge strength and a whole different process to the industry. On the business side, it is the behind-the-scenes efforts of women which makes businesses thrive,” she said. “Women are often amazing project managers and designers. They are excellent at client management, financial management, and considering how a home will function best for a family – they make a house a home.” RMBA West Coast President Linda Caldana runs a family construction business alongside her husband Robert. She is a qualified draftsperson and learning assessor. She oversees her team’s recruitment and training and says while a lot has changed for women during her 35 years in the industry, women are still not getting the recognition they deserve.

“It’s about getting the best person for the job, and women have a significant role to play,” she says. “Clients still ring and want to talk to my husband on a daily basis, when, in fact they need to talk to me.” More than 65,000 construction workers are needed over the next five years to keep up with demand and women are increasingly picking up the tools. Blenheim-based builder Olivia Ward encourages other women to consider stepping out of the office. “There’s a huge shortage of builders and especially women builders and I’d like to encourage other women to get into the trades,” she says. “I find it just as easy as anyone else on the building site. It’s all pretty equal really. Women can do just as good a job as men – if not better.

Local house prices inch up By Sue NewmaN

Jenny Gray market looking for lower priced homes on the back of tighter rules around rental property insulation and heating requirements. “They always made our market hum and we don’t have them at the moment so we’re reliant on first home buyers,” she said. First home buyers were generally in the market for homes up to

Bodies found Two bodies have been found at a Grey Lynn property in Auckland. It is understood the bodies were discovered at Dryden Lodge in Grey Lynn on Tuesday. Upon arrival police found two people dead at the scene and were working to establish what happened. A man posted on Facebook that a double homicide had taken place at a halfway house, the Dryden Lodge, where the man claims he stays. Further information was not expected until after the postmortem and formal identification process had been completed. –NZME

Dunedin man guilty

ble for increased activity by first home buyers. Mackenzie continues to be the South Island’s big mover, with a huge surge in values over the past year, up 23.5 per cent with 8.1 per cent growth over the past three months. Southland has also seen strong growth with values up 17.7 per cent year on year and 4.9 per cent over the past quarter. Invercargill values also rose 10.2 per cent year on year and 3.2 per cent over the past three months. Apart from Waitaki, Ashburton is now the most affordable place in Canterbury to buy a home. At $1.114 million, Queenstown Lakes remains the South Island’s most expensive. It joins nine other territorial authorities, all in the Auckland area, where the average house price is over $1 million. The most expensive place to buy is Auckland City, east, $1.566 million.

A Dunedin man has been found guilty of killing his best friend following a boozy argument at their home. After about three hours’ deliberation, the jury in the High Court at Dunedin unanimously found Jason Karl Blackler, 48, guilty of the manslaughter of Alan James Fahey. On October 25, 2016, the pair had a lengthy drinking session but the revelry spiralled into violence after the pair had washed down almost a whole bottle of Jagermeister with a box of beers. –NZME

Marine reserves The Government is eyeing new zones for marine protection off the South Island’s wild and scenic east coast. But an environment group says a large area home to penguins, dolphins and sea lions has been left out of the two potential sites – and prominent marine biologists have voiced their disappointment as well. The Fisheries Minister and Conservation Minister are considering two options for marine protected areas (MPAs). –NZME

Protection for

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Ashburton’s house prices showed little growth over the past 12 months, moving just 1.6 per cent, well below the national average of 6.5 per cent. The average current value of a home in the Ashburton District is now $350,500, up 1.4 per cent over the past three months and 25.2 per cent since the market peak in 2007. Ashburton’s real estate market might be slow but looking back over 36 years in the industry, Jenny Gray said that market has also had cycles of strong price growth followed by slow patches. “I’ve seen this happen a few times – 8 to 10 years ago it was like this – and I’m confident it’ll move again, it just takes time to find its level,” she said. Gray attributes the current slow down in prices and housing stock turnover to fewer investors in the

$350,000 and that meant owners of homes in the next price bracket might find properties were sitting and could need some price adjustment to meet the market, she said. “This is bringing our market back down. Not enough people are moving into the first home market and not enough people are moving up and that’s also keeping the top priced houses from moving too.” She believes that while prices might be relatively static with some properties struggling to find buyers, the market would inevitably kick start itself again. The latest QV house price index shows the market is recovering after a few sluggish months for most parts of New Zealand, with Christchurch the only main centre to watch values drop over the past year. Continuing low interest rates and an easing in the LVR restrictions are seen as responsi-

The new proposed fee regime for Ashburton’s EA Networks Centre will see fees rise for charge out rates in the stadium by 15 per cent each year for the next three years. Fees for the centre’s gym, however, will rise by 9 per cent for one year only, not for the next three years. Information on the proposed fee regime provided to the Guardian did not make the gym fee rise clear and the incorrect term was published.

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World Thursday, March 8, 2018

Ashburton Guardian


Australia, East Timor treaty Australia and East Timor signed a historic treaty drawing their maritime boundary, ending years of bitter wrangling over billions of dollars of oil and gas riches lying beneath the Timor Sea and opening a new chapter in relations. The agreement was doubly historic because it also marked the successful conclusion of the first-ever negotiations to settle maritime differences under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. Before a crowd of cameras, diplomats and officials, two copies of the treaty were signed by Australia’s foreign minister, Julie Bishop, and East Timor’s minister for delimitation of borders, Hermenegildo Augusto Cabral Pereira. Bishop told reporters that under the treaty revenue from exploiting the sea’s natural resources will be split either 8020 or 70-30, with the biggest share going to impoverished East Timor. Pereira said the revenue from the new agreement is crucial for East Timor, a half-island nation of 1.5 million people who are among the poorest in the world. He said 65 per cent, mostly

East Timorese Minister of State Agio Pereira (left) and Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop at the treaty signing. PHOTO AP young people, are looking for jobs. The dispute has dominated and soured relations since 2002, when East Timor emerged as a fledgling nation independent of Indonesia. The terms of the deal negotiated under the Conciliation Commission in the Netherlands, through the Permanent Court of Arbitration are expected to be made public shortly, Australian diplomats said.

East Timor achieving its ambition of a border midway between the two countries could encourage Indonesia to renegotiate its own much longer maritime boundary with Australia, agreed in 1971 under outdated international law. East Timor’s oil revenues, which finance more than 90 per cent of government spending, are rapidly dwindling due to the exhaustion of existing fields in its territory. The country’s $16

billion sovereign wealth fund could be empty within 10 years because the government’s annual withdrawals are exceeding its investment returns, according to La’o Hamutuk, an East Timorese research institute. Portugal, East Timor’s former colonial master, never had a border with Australia. Australia pressured East Timor into accepting a border compromise in a 2002 treaty to provide legal certainty for developers of the massive Greater Sunrise oil and gas field, an untapped resource in the Timor Sea worth tens of billions of dollars. Australia and East Timor signed a 2006 treaty on sharing of future Greater Sunrise revenue. But the relationship plumbed new depths when East Timor later accused Australian spies of bugging its Cabinet discussions to achieve an unfair negotiation advantage. Australia denied the allegation. Don Rothwell, an Australian National University professor of international law, said the new border could trigger a trilateral negotiation over an Indonesian claim for a share of Greater Sunrise. – AP

Barbie honours women A trailblazing film director. A snowboarding champion. A pioneering mathematician for NASA. An iconic artist. Barbie is marking International Women’s Day by honouring some of the inspiring women of the present and the past. The brand announced, a day before International Women’s Day, that it has chosen 17 modern-day and historic role models to honour with a doll in their likeness. The 14 new honourees of the brand’s Shero programme include Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins and Olympic gold medallist Chloe Kim. The brand’s new Inspiring Women series is honouring pioneering aviator Amelia Earhart; artist Frida Kahlo; and NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson.

Arctic finishes warmest winter on record Winter at the top of the world wimped out this year. The Arctic just finished its warmest winter on record. And sea ice hit record lows for this time of year, with plenty of open water where ocean water normally freezes into thick sheets of ice, new US weather data shows. Scientists say what’s happening is unprecedented, part of a global warming driven cycle that likely plays a role in strong, icy storms in Europe and the US northeast. It’s been so unusually warm that the land weather station closest to the North Pole spent more than 60 hours above

freezing in February. Before this year, scientists had seen the temperature there rise above freezing in February only twice before, and only ever so briefly. Last month’s record-hot temperatures at Cape Morris Jesup have been more like those in May, said Ruth Mottram, a climate scientist at the Danish Meteorological Institute. But it’s more than that one place. Across the Arctic Circle in Barrow, Alaska, February was 10°C warmer than normal and the entire winter averaged 7.8°C above normal. Of nearly three dozen different Arctic weather stations,

15 of them were at least 5.6°C above normal for the winter. Meteorologists consider December, January and February to be winter, and Arctic weather stations averaged 4.9°C warmer than normal for the season that just ended. In February, Arctic sea ice covered 13.9 million square kilometres, about 160,000 square kilometres smaller than last year’s record low, the ice data centre said. Sea ice is frozen ocean water that – in contrast to icebergs and glaciers – forms, grows and melts on the ocean. It is still growing, but “whatever we grow now is going to be thin

stuff” that easily melts in the summer, Mark Serreze, director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colorado said. While some natural weather fronts were involved, climate change is the overriding thing, the scientist said. In the winter, sea ice “acts as a lid to keep the warmth of the water at bay” but when there is less sea ice, more heat goes into the air, climatologist Brian Brettschneider said. “You end up with a vicious cycle of warm air preventing sea ice formation and lack of sea ice allowing warmth to escape into the air.” – AP

Oscar theft charge A 47-year-old man has been charged with stealing Frances McDormand’s Academy Award. Los Angeles County prosecutors said that Terry Bryant was charged with stealing the statuette McDormand won for best actress from the official Oscars after-party in Hollywood. Bryant could get three years in jail. Video captured by The Associated Press appears to show Bryant walking with the statuette out of the party, the Governors Ball. One photographer didn’t recognise him as an Oscar winner and followed and confronted him. Police say Bryant handed back the statuette without a struggle. It was soon returned to McDormand, and Bryant was arrested.

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Thursday, March 8, 2018


Let’s not let it take another 100 years Y

ou’ll notice something a little bit out of the ordinary with your Guardian today – and if the front page hasn’t already given it away then you’ll have to look again. Today is International Women’s Day and we thought what better way to celebrate and acknowledge it by filling as much of today’s paper with stories about women as possible. Without knowing it, we’ve probably achieved it before, but we put a strong emphasis today on ensuring the female voice was heard through our pages more than ever in an effort to recognise the significant contributions made to our community by women. I won’t pretend to know what it’s like to be a woman in this day and age. I dressed up as one once

about a decade ago for a stage show for six nights of production and that was about as close as I think it’s ever got. The first International Women’s Day celebrated over 100 years ago marked the ongoing struggle for a woman’s right to work, vote, hold public office and end gender discrimination. The original aim of the day was to strive to reach full gender equality for women in the world. Unfortunately, this has still not been achieved, with a pay gap

very much still in existence across the world and women are not still holding equal numbers in the business of politics. Statistics also show that around the world, women’s health, education and violence towards women is still worse than it is for men. Each year International Women’s Day has a theme and this year is for progress with the hashtag #PressforProgress, which points to the growing movement of support, activism and advocacy surrounding gender parity and sexism around the globe. The theme comes off the back of other movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp which have grown global momentum and the aim is to encourage people to continue to fight for equality. In some sense, we have come a

long way when you sit back and think about it. And here locally, the proof of progress is evident across the region. We have a female prime minister and also here we have our first-ever female mayor, serving her first term. Women hold significant roles within our community, right across the board from chief executives, to board chairpersons and principals and their voices are heard. So, yes, we have made progress. But is it enough? There’s a feeling out there that we could still be doing more. The recently started #metoo movement is encouraging women to have a voice when it comes to cases of violence and harassment – whether they be physical

or sexual – and more and more women are feeling empowered to take a stand against those who have taken advantage of them. No-one deserves to be subjected to such animalistic behaviour and being empowered to speak out is a really strong step forward. Today isn’t about flowers and chocolates to your significant other, or cards and a gift to your mum on Mother’s Day. It’s about being aware that while we live in a relatively strong co-existence, there is still a gap between women and men in our society and we need to recognise that. Studies suggest that it might take another 100 years before we reach full equality. But that’s ridiculous, we should not let it take that long.

a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, setting off a massive search. (To date, the fate of the jetliner and its occupants has yet to be determined.) Ten years ago: Barack Obama captured the Wyoming Democratic caucuses. Five years ago: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was lauded at his state funeral as a modern-day reincarnation of Latin American liberator Simon Bolivar and a disciple of Cuba’s Fidel Castro. One year ago: Hawaii became the

first state to sue to stop President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban (the state had previously sued over Trump’s initial travel ban, but that lawsuit was put on hold while other cases played out across the country). Many American women stayed home from work, joined rallies or wore red to demonstrate how vital they were to the US economy, as International Women’s Day was observed with a multitude of events around the world, including the Day Without a Woman in the US. Today’s birthdays: Actress Sue

Ane Langdon is 82. Songwriter Carole Bayer Sager is 74. Actor-director Micky Dolenz (The Monkees) is 73. Singermusician Randy Meisner is 72. Pop singer Peggy March is 70. Baseball Hall of Famer Jim Rice is 65. Jazz musician Billy Childs is 61. Singer Gary Numan is 60. Actor Aidan Quinn is 59. Country musician Jimmy Dormire is 58. Actress Camryn Manheim is 57. Actor Leon is 55. Rock singer Shawn Mullins (The Thorns) is 50. Neo-soul singer Van Hunt is 48. Actress Andrea Parker is 48.

Actor Boris Kodjoe is 45. Actor Freddie Prinze Jr. is 42. Actress Laura Main is 41. Actor James Van Der Beek is 41. Rhythm-and-blues singer Kameelah Williams (702) is 40. Actor Nick Zano is 40. Rock singer Tom Chaplin (Keane) is 39. Rock musician Andy Ross (OK Go) is 39. Actress Jessica Collins is 35. Thought for today: “In every person, even in such as appear most reckless, there is an inherent desire to attain balance.” — Jakob Wassermann, German author (1873-1934). – AP

Matt Markham


TODAY IN HISTORY Today is Thursday, March 8, the 67th day of 2018. There are 298 days left in the year. Today’s highlight in history: On March 8, 1965, the United States landed its first combat troops in South Vietnam as 3500 marines arrived to defend the US air base at Da Nang. On this date: In 1618, German astronomer Johannes Kepler devised his third law of planetary motion. In 1702, England’s Queen Anne acceded to the throne upon the death of King William III. In 1854, US Commodore Matthew C. Perry made his second landing in Japan; within a month, he concluded a treaty with the Japanese. In 1874, the 13th president of the United States, Millard Fillmore, died in Buffalo, New York, at age 74. In 1917, Russia’s February Revolution (referring to the Old Style calendar) began; the result was the abdication of the Russian monarchy in favour of a provisional government, which was overthrown later the same year by the Bolsheviks. The US Senate voted to limit filibusters by adopting the cloture rule. In 1979, technology firm Philips demonstrated a prototype compact disc player during a press conference in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. In 1983, in a speech to the National Association of Evangelicals convention in Orlando, Florida, President Ronald Reagan referred to the Soviet Union as an “evil empire”. In 1988, 17 soldiers were killed when two army helicopters from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, collided in mid-flight. In 1999, baseball Hall of Famer Joe DiMaggio died in Hollywood, Florida, at age 84. In 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, a Boeing 777 with 239 people on board, vanished during


Thursday, March 8, 2018

This Govt committed to fairness for women


oday we celebrate International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day has been celebrated since the early 1900s. It was started off by the Suffragettes when they fought for women to have the right to vote. This was the first step towards equality for women. International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on how far we have come and also to recognise how much further we need to go to reach gender parity. We can take heart and truly embrace the fact that this day is recognised and celebrated worldwide and belongs to us all.

Jo Luxton


It is a time to celebrate a coming together across the world, across all communities, to press for gender parity. This Government is committed to improving the lives of women in many ways. We have extended paid parental leave, allowing mothers the opportunity to spend more

time with their newborn babies without having to worry about their financial situation. We have created the Families Package which will undoubtedly help, not just women, but families in general by increasing the Family Tax Credits and raising the Working for Families abatement threshold and also by introducing a Best Start tax credit to help families with costs in a child’s early years. This Government is committed to working towards pay parity for women and making sure that women working in womendominated jobs get paid fairly, this is a priority.

It has now been 125 years since women won the right to vote and yet we are still having to fight for things like pay equity. New Zealand led the way by allowing women to vote and we can lead the way again by being focused and working hard to ensure women have gender parity. Jo Luxton is a Labour list MP. The views, opinions, positions or strategies expressed by the author and those providing comments are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, positions or strategies of the Ashburton Guardian Co Ltd or any employee thereof

Will Kiwis support our supporters? By Kate HawKesBy


nurse has come under fire from teachers after a Facebook post in which she defends nurses’ rights to better pay and conditions. She does this by making a small comparison to teachers, pointing out that where teachers are demanding a 14.5 per cent pay increase, nurses have been offered 2 per cent. She also highlights that where a teacher can strike and walk off the job without too much impact apart from inconveniencing people, nurses cannot. A nurse working in neonatal intensive care wouldn’t in their wildest dreams think of walking out on that, no matter how tired or underpaid they were. Why? Because it’s not in their DNA. I believe teachers are absolutely integral to the “village” we rely on to help raise our kids. A teacher can be life-changing, awe-inspiring, career-shaping and a pivotal part of a child’s life. They deserve every cent they earn and I am often awestruck at how much they do. And without drawing a direct comparison, which detracts from the good work both teachers and nurses do, nursing is more than a job. It’s caregiving. It’s a way of life. You are a nurse because you care, it’s certainly not an industry you go into for the perks and the money. It is relentless upgrading of skills and knowledge, often at

Ashburton Guardian


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YOUR VIEW Thank you On behalf of Ashburton Pakeke Lions Club I wish to thank the generous people of Ashburton for donating the amazing amount of goods for our Monster Charity Garage Sale held at the racecourse grandstand last Saturday, March 3. The response to our advertising and flyers was exceptional and attracted a large crowd of buyers to our annual event, as a result a sum in excess of $9000 will be donated to local charities in the Mid Canterbury area. Thanking you all sincerely. Ron Paterson Event controller

Parents’ concerns

your own expense, tiring shift work which often doesn’t end when the shift should, and very little of the fanfare and praise reserved for doctors and specialists. Health Minister David Clark has said he understands nurses’ and other health workers’ hopes for better salaries under the new Government, but the reality is that “not everyone’s expectations will be met”. Minister for Women Julie Anne Genter acknowledges that nurses and midwives are often underpaid and under-valued. This Government has been vocal about wanting to see a more sustainable health sector.

Well the old adage you get what you pay for is true – they’ll need to put their money where their mouth is. Here’s the other thing about teachers (and good on them) they’re well represented by very vocal unions, but we don’t seem to hear from nurses as much. That probably needs to change. But then there’s the public disconnect argument. Does getting more stroppy and vocal help or hinder your plight? The public, us, you and me, are often part of the problem. We want their services, but often have the mindset of could they just get on with it please. So in her Facebook post, this

nurse quite rightly asks, “will the public stand beside us?” Kristine Bartlett, recently named New Zealander of the Year, had her tireless work for women and pay equity rewarded in the aged care, caregiving sector. But it took time, grit and dogged determination. Every crusade needs a crusader, and I for one, hope that nurses are able to get the public on board with their crusade and give them the support they so richly deserve. – NZME Kate Hawkesby is the host of Early Edition on Newstalk ZB, Monday to Friday from 5am to 6am

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In his recent letter to the editor Peter Livingstone describes the content of my column as “gossip”. I strongly disagree with this label. The Minister of Education, Chris Hipkins, has announced a review of the education system and has indicated that boards of trustees are one of the elements that will be looked into because “they have brought a competitive element to the way schools are run”. In light of this statement many parents have unsurprisingly concluded that there may be changes to the boards of trustees system as a result of the review. My role as a local MP is to advocate for my community and my column was merely reflecting back the concerns that many parents have expressed to me. Mr Livingstone states that he is tired of education being used to score political points and this is exactly the point I was making in my column in calling for crossparty agreement on reforms in this area. Hon Amy Adams MP for Selwyn

Rural 10

Ashburton Guardian

Thursday, March 8, 2018


Dairy Women finalists named This year’s Fonterra Dairy Woman of the Year finalists are (from left) Rachel Baker, Tracey Collis and Loshni Manikam. PHOTO SUPPLIED



c/kg, YX Lamb 17.5kg 650

c/kg net, P2 Steer 295kg 600



450 400 350 2015






c/kg gross, AP Stag 55kg 1000

c/kg net, M2 Bull 320kg 600



900 500

800 700


600 2015







NZ$ / tonne 6,000

c/kg clean, coarse>35mu 600


5,000 500 4,000 400

3,000 2,000

300 2015







90 DAY BANK BILLS % pa 4.0

US$ 0.90 0.80 0.70


0.60 0.50







A dairy consultant, a district mayor and a leadership coach are finalists in the 2018 Fonterra Dairy Woman of the Year awards. Hawke’s Bay dairy consultant Rachel Baker, Tararua District Mayor Tracey Collis, and Southland dairy leadership coach Loshni Manikam are in the running for the coveted dairy award, which will be announced at an awards ceremony during Dairy Women’s Network’s conference in Rotorua on Thursday, March 22. Dairy Women’s Network CEO Zelda de Villiers said the three finalists highlight the wide scope of skills and expertise evident among women in New Zealand’s dairy industry. “The role of women in this industry is unique and un-paralleled, and we’re proud to recognise and celebrate their success,” de Villiers said. “The skills and experience Rachel, Tracey and Loshni bring to the dairy industry range from local government and leadership development through to board and governance expertise. “These women show an unwavering commitment to progressing the dairy industry internationally, yet still retain their links and involvement at a grass roots level in their home regions and communities.” Jo Finer, Fonterra’s general manager New Zealand Industry Affairs, said Fonterra is once again proud to support the Dairy Woman of the Year programme as it enters its eighth year of sponsorship. “No other award in New Zealand recognises and encourages specifically the capability and success of women in the dairy industry,” Finer said. “On behalf of Fonterra, my congratulations to Rachel, Tracey and Loshni. I have no doubt they will continue to excel in their leadership careers and I look forward to seeing their successes in the years to come.” The 2018 Fonterra Dairy Woman of the Year receives a scholarship prize of up to $20,000 to undertake a professional/business development programme. Ashburton Trading Society director and Fonterra shareholders councillor Jessie Chan-Dorman was named Dairy Woman of the Year last year.

New c some

Beef + Lamb New Zealand has launched a new campaign titled #IAMPROUD starring the four sporting ambassadors known as The Iron Maidens. The latest instalments see a marked shift away from the style of previous promotions fronted by Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s admired ambassadors, focusing on their values as athletes and – ultimately – as role-models. Sarah Walker (Iron Maiden since 2008), Lisa Carrington (2012), Sophie Pascoe (2012) and Eliza McCartney (2016) each star in their own, unique video that focuses on what is important to them about being an Iron Maiden and what it means. The themes that are highlighted through the series range from legacy, inspiration, overcoming adversity, food and nutrition right through to sustainability. Rod Slater, CEO of Beef + Lamb New Zealand is the person responsible for the con-


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Thursday, March 8, 2018

The glue that often holds rural families together W

Videos showing Iron Maidens (from left) Sophie Pascoe, Eliza McCartney, Lisa Carrington and Sarah Walker will be used during TVNZ’s Commonwealth Games coverage. PHOTO SUPPLIED

campaign stars Iron Maidens

a g s

t s s . , ) n n n s e -


Ashburton Guardian 11

ception of the Iron Maidens almost 15 years ago. “We’re incredibly proud of our latest series of videos starring the four Iron Maidens. Whilst I have loved every advertising campaign featuring the group for the promotion they have given New Zealand beef and lamb, #IAMPROUD is a campaign fit for 2018. He said the latest campaign showcases what unique, talented and articulate role models the Iron Maidens are. “If you are a young, aspiring Kiwi looking to make a difference, you could do a lot worse than holding one of these four, wonderful women up as an example to follow.” Walker is the longest serving current Iron Maiden who joined the roster alongside original ambassadors Sarah Ulmer and the Evers-Swindell twins, Caroline and Georgina. “I was blown away when Beef + Lamb New

Zealand approached me – I couldn’t believe it, you had these Kiwi legends Sarah Ulmer and the Evers-Swindell twins and then me, this BMX girl who was yet to medal. “The Iron Maiden girls are amazing not just because they are all very successful athletes but they are just really cool people and they are great human beings. We have this bond that is so natural and easy-going – we inspire each other to be the best we can be. It has become a legacy, a family of Kiwi women who remind us all to give 100 per cent.” Fans are encouraged to keep their eyes peeled during the upcoming 2018 Commonwealth Games where the videos will be featured as adverts as part of TVNZ’s coverage of the games. However, should anyone want an exclusive, early look at the videos, head to where they will be able to view all four full videos as well as plenty of recipe inspiration for beef and lamb dishes.

Nicky Norrie, who has omen have been working for the long played an Allens for more than a important role dozen years, and these in rural communities days is respected not but they are becoming just for her encycloincreasingly recognised Colin Williscroft paedic knowledge of as talented farmers and stock management and rural leaders in their care but also for her own right. dedication and hard Last year Rural Health work. It’s a situation repeated on farms Alliance of Aotearoa New Zealand chief around the country. executive Michelle Thompson described Then of course there’s Chris’ Federwomen as the glue that often holds rural ated Farmers colleague, West Coast dairy families together and it’s hard to argue farmer Katie Milne, who last year became with that. the first woman to be elected national However, they are also increasingly president of that organisation in its 119taking on a more hands-on role on-farm. year history. Not only is it becoming increasingly Anyone who’s met Milne will attest that common to find husbands and wives not only is she down to earth, the former (or de facto partners) side by side in the New Zealand dairy woman of the year paddock or cowshed, more and more knows her stuff when it comes to farmwomen are taking the lead in their farming, and she is showing real leadership ing partnerships. ability in Wellington. A field day late last year on Chris and Not that there should be any surprise Anne-Marie Allen’s Mid Canterbury in that. property saw Chris refer a number of It’s great to see that in what was once a questions specific to their farming operavery male-dominated world women are tion straight to Anne-Marie. proving to be at least as talented as their In fact when it comes down to it, much male counterparts. of the farm work and management at the Allens’ Annadale operation is in Colin Williscroft is the Ashburton the hands of women, with Anne-Marie Guardian’s rural reporter more than ably assisted by stock woman

Business 12 Ashburton Guardian

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Skills shortage may derail plan

Mark Farmer – relying on migrant labour won’t work, New Zealand needs to train far more local talent.

Guardian Shares & Investments NEW ZEALAND SHARE MARKET

1256 333 3013 103.5 121 625.5 317 393 740 525 1835 1325 649 581 754 235 133.5 185 307 140 228 134.5 2435 317 282.5 582 79 242 109 505 128.5 163.5 390 720 1040 740 460 230 393 339.5 170 636 749 599 434 520 333 211.5 3195 700

Daily Volume move ’000s

–19 +3 –58 +0.5 –1 –3.5 – +5 –10 +3 –5 –45 –12 –4 +5 +0.5 +0.2 +3 –3 +2 +6 +0.5 –9 –0.5 +1.5 –4 –2 – – –1 – –1.5 – +4 –10 –3 +1 +2 – – – –4 –1 +3 – –2 +4 –0.5 –65 +12

747.1 2.4m 16.81 482.2 74.68 678.2 – 331.9 41.00 763.7 89.81 886.0 7.0m 439.9 128.5 668.8 1.7m 338.3 783.1 440.1 44.58 1.4m 39.65 3.4m 1.8m 428.5 376.8 211.5 571.6 235.9 515.4 128.5 4.2m 99.76 475.7 18.31 136.3 2.5m 1.1m 3.5m 153.9 298.0 33.82 136.3 1.7m 18.73 118.5 157.0 32.13 457.2

8390 8316 8242 8168 8094 8020


1258 333 3040 103.5 121 627.5 – 393 740 529 1835 1345 650 582 754 235 134 186 310 140 229 135 2435 318 282.5 588 81 243 109 510 129 165 391 720 1045 742 460 235 393 341 171 640 749 599 440 521 334 211.5 3240 700

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1252 331.5 3000 102.5 120 625.5 – 389 700 524 1809 1321 645 581 752 233 133 184 307 139 224 134.5 2400 315 280 580 77 242 106 503 128 163.5 390 712 1030 720 459 227 391 339.5 169 636 743 598 434 517 330 210 3190 697

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a2 Milk Company ATM Air NZ AIR ANZ Banking Gr ANZ Argosy Prop ARG Arvida Gr ARV Auckland Intl Airpt AIA CBL Corp CBL Chorus CNU Comvita CVT Contact Energy CEN Ebos Gr EBO F&P Healthcare FPH Fletcher Building FBU Fonterra Share Fund FSF Freightways FRE Genesis Energy GNE Goodman Prop Tr GMT Heartland Bank HBL Infratil IFT Investore Property IPL Kathmandu Hldgs KMD Kiwi Property Gr KPG Mainfreight MFT Mercury NZ MCY Meridian Energy MEL Metlifecare MET Metro Perf Glass MPG NZ Refining NZR NZX NZX Port of Tauranga POT Precinct Properties PCT Prop for Industry PFI Pushpay Holdings PPH Restaurant Brands RBD Ryman Healthcare RYM Sanford SAN Scales Corp SCL Sky Network TV SKT Sky City SKC Spark SPK Stride Prop & Inv SPG Summerset Gr Hldgs SUM Synlait Milk SML Tourism Holdings THL Trade Me Gr TME TrustPower TPW Vector VCT Vital Hlth Prop Tr VHP Westpac Banking WBC Z Energy ZEL

Buy price

S&P/NZX 50 Index Gross


Company CODE

At close of trading on Wednesday, March 7, 2018


S&P/NZX 50 Index Gross constituents

q S&P/NZX 50 Gross

8,284.34 –43.32 –0.52%

q S&P/NZX 20 index

5,557.56 –38.16 –0.68%

q S&P/NZX All Gross

9,004.22 –42.87 –0.47%

p Rises 39 q Falls 64


q S&P/ASX 200 index




At close of trading on Mar 7, 2018

p Dow Jones Indust.




At close of trading on Mar 6, 2018

p FTSE 100 index




At close of trading on Mar 6, 2018

q Nikkei 225 index

21,270.2 –147.6 –0.69% At close of trading on Mar 7, 2018



p Gold


London – $US/ounce



p Silver London – $US/ounce







p Copper London – $US/tonne NZ DOLLAR

Source: BNZ


ple are leaving the industry each year than are coming in, a situation which will push up costs, delay vital building projects and increase the chance of shoddy work. “I believe New Zealand is going to experience massive volatility in terms of construction costs over the next few years. And that’s all down to the supply of labour.” Relying on migrant labour won’t work, he said, as there aren’t enough skilled overseas workers available. Instead, the industry needs to train far more local talent, creating attractive long-term career opportunities in the building sector. But that still won’t be enough. Farmer said there also needs to be a fundamental shift in the way the building sector works to make the industry more efficient with the workers it has. “Pre-manufactured value” is what Farmer calls it – increasing the amount of a house that is made in a factory or workshop and assembled on site. Traditionally, around 40 per cent of any house is pre-made – windows, doors, bricks etc. But a new UK Government affordable housing project, Homes England, will see that percentage rise to as

much as 65 per cent in some cases, Farmer said, including pre-made wall and floor systems, and even whole bathrooms or kitchen fitouts. “Prefab” has had an image problem for many years, but Farmer warns increasing the pre-manufactured value of New Zealand’s new homes is critical to solving our housing crisis. Corporate failure rather than Kiwis living in cars may push the local construction sector to reform. A slide in Farmer’s presentation reads: “If necessity is the mother of invention, discontent is the father of progress”. “Our industry listens to nothing. It could be sitting in the middle of the road, with a bus coming, and it won’t change until it’s too late,” he said. “But discontent is coming from within. Many contractors have lost money, or have made next to nothing in boom time. Big companies have gone under.” Fletcher Building recently announced a $273 million first-half loss after spectacular cost-blowouts on several major projects. Smaller companies have gone out of business altogether. - NZME

Trump adviser quits; markets slide

Compiled by

Source: NZX and Standard & Poors

The government’s flagship Kiwibuild programme is doomed to fail unless the construction sector can find a way of addressing the chronic skills shortage, says a leading adviser to the UK government. Mark Farmer, author of the hard-hitting 2016 report Modernise or die: Time to decide the industry’s future is visiting New Zealand this week to talk to business and government leaders. He argues worsening skills shortages in the construction sector will see house prices increasing and quality falling – even if the government solves other problems, like availability of land. The government has said its Kiwibuild programme will deliver 100,000 affordable houses over the next 10 years, half of them in Auckland. That’s not going to happen without a radical rethink of how the construction sector operates, Farmer said, particularly in terms of lifting productivity from existing workers. “Japan lost 30 per cent of its construction workforce in the last 14 years – that’s how bad it could get,” Farmer said. Even in New Zealand, far more builders and tradespeo-

As at 4pm March 7, 2018

Australia Canada China Euro Fiji Great Britain Japan Samoa South Africa Thailand United States

TT buy

0.949 0.9605 4.8949 0.6019 1.525 0.5347 78.84 1.9266 8.7191 23.17 0.7443

TT sell

0.9179 0.9256 4.2986 0.5762 1.4063 0.5162 75.56 1.6882 8.4008 22.06 0.7181

Disclaimer: NZX and MetService have endeavoured to ensure the correctness of the information; neither NZX, MetService related companies, nor this newspaper, nor any of their respective employees or agents make any representation as to its accuracy or reliability nor will they, to the extent permitted by law, be liable for any loss arising in any way from, or in connection with, errors or omissions in any information provided (including responsibility to any person by reason of negligence). Please note: All products and services are subject to change without notice.

Hope that US President Donald Trump will back down from policies that could start a trade war has faded with the resignation of Gary Cohn, the White House economic advisor most opposed to his tariff plan. Cohn, the director of the National Economic Council, had been the leading internal opponent to Trump’s planned tariffs on imports of steel and aluminium of 25 per cent and 10 per cent respectively. News of his departure caused the US dollar to fall and quickly killed off a two-day rally on equity markets. Australia’s S&P/ASX200 index, with its heavy weighting of metals mining companies, dropped almost half a per cent on the news. New Zealand’s NZX index reversed early gains, eventually closing down 0.5 per cent at 8,284.34. Japan’s Nikkei 225 was trading down 0.5 per cent to 21,314.49, while South Korea’s Kospi was up 0.1 per cent to 2,414.58. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index fell 0.4 per cent to 30,403.04 while the Shanghai Composite Index added 0.1 per cent to 3,294.66. Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 sank 1.1 per cent to 5,898.80. Markets rose Monday and Tuesday on optimism that Trump might be dissuaded from implementing tariffs that even his own Republican party has publically opposed. But yesterday, Trump reiterated that he will be imposing the tariffs, saying the policy would be administered in “a loving way” and the world would come to “like us better”. Bloomberg news reported sources saying that the steel tar-

Gary Cohn, chief economic advisor to President Trump, has resigned. iffs were just the start with the Whitehouse “considering clamping down on Chinese investments in the US and imposing tariffs on a broad range of its imports to punish Beijing for its alleged theft of intellectual property”. Local trade experts have warned that New Zealand’s export-led economy is at risk, even though direct sales of aluminium and steel to the US are only worth about $60 million. There are concerns that a trade war involving the US, China and the EU could quickly escalate and spill over into agricultural products. Westpac senior economist Anne Boniface warned that if “the US were to impose similar tariffs on dairy imports or agricultural imports more broadly, it would have a big impact on the agricultural sector”. While the risk of that looked low in the near-term there was “no doubt that the growing protectionist sentiment evident not

only in the US but also in other parts of the world (the UK’s vote in favour of Brexit is another example), signal an uncertain and challenging environment for New Zealand exporters”. Other trade experts have warned of the secondary risks if a trade war hits the economies of our major trading partners and dampens global demand. New Zealand International Business Forum executive director Stephen Jacobi said he believed the big issue was the extent to which the US could undermine the World Trade Organisation (WTO) dispute resolution processes. Even our numerous free-trade agreements, such as the China FTA and the CTPP, relied on the WTO to resolve disputes. So while those agreements might be expected to buy New Zealand some respite from a trade war, they could be undermined by the US actions. - NZME

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Thursday, March 8, 2018


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TAKEN SOME GREAT PHOTOS? Your Place is a great place to display the photos of your sports team, your pets, your school events, or just something ordinary from the present or days gone by. Please send your photos to with the words YOUR PLACE in the subject line and we will run it in the Guardian or on our website

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Watercress, orange and potato chicken salad


The peppery flavour of the watercress and rocket mixed with the sweet orange makes this a great tasting salad.


Serves 4 500g new or boiling potatoes, thickly sliced 2 handfuls watercress, or baby spinach or rocket salad leaves 1 orange, peeled and segmented 1-2 smoked or roast chicken breasts, thinly sliced 1/2 bunch spring onions, finely sliced 3T honey and mustard dressing ■ Place potatoes in a saucepan and cover with cold water. ■ Bring to the boil, cover and simmer for 5-6 minutes or until tender. Drain and cool. ■ Place watercress, orange segments, chicken and spring onions in a large serving dish.



■ Add potatoes, drizzle dressing and serve.


Recipe courtesy of

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3 6 8



Club news 14

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Ashburton County Lions

pics in the 1990’s and then she moved on to adventure racing. Today she lives in Lauriston and is involved farming and horse trekking and is helping tutor and train young people to enable them achieve their goals. Kathy was an inspiration to us all, to set our own goals, to pursue them and to help others along the way. The club approved donations to the

President Carolyn Nelson welcomed 43 members of the Ashburton County Lions Club to the meeting held at the Hotel Ashburton Hotel on February 28. The speaker was Kathy Lynch who spoke about her life as an elite athlete. This spanned many years from track cycling in the 1980’s through attending Commonwealth games and the Olym-

CLUB NEWS TERMS We love receiving your club news! However, to make it fair on everyone, we need a maximum of 300-500 words in your report. There are times where your stories may need to be abridged due to space restrictions also, but you can still see the full reports on Cholmondeley Home and for the support of another candidate to attend the Berwick Outdoor Experience. Plans are under way for the making of family hampers to be given to Birthright and the running of a Mother’s Day raffle to support Women’s Refuge. It was also announced that this year the main beneficiary of Stars in Your Eyes 2018 will be the Fire Fighters’ Welfare Fund. Zone Chairman Jan Stonyer addressed the meeting reporting on the recent convention held in Geraldine and reenforcing the value of our service to the community. Before the meeting closed there was some tail twisting fun and the drawing of the raffles.

Ashburton Horticultural Society President Trevor Gamblin welcomed members and visitors to our February Garden Competition presentation evening. Mayor Donna Favel presented the trophies and certificates to all the placegetters, this was followed by a slide show of all the gardens. Donna gave a brief overview of what is happening with the council. David Askin from Parks & Reserves spoke on the work in progress in the

domain and around the town. Two of the garden competition judges spoke on the high standard of gardens in the Ashburton area. Table Show results: Pat Tarbotton 5 firsts, 6 seconds, 6 third Shona Thomas 10, 5, 4 Rosemary Case 1, 1, 1 Brian Glassey 4, 3, 3 Cyril Keen 0, 0, 1 Maureen Randle 7, 4, 0 Joy Jaine 2, 6, 6 Surrey Lamont 1, 0, 0 Premier award went to Brian Glassey for 3 stems Dahlia Next meeting is on Monday March 26, 7.30pm at the Sports Pavilion, Walnut Avenue, guest speaker John Tavendale, The Blackcurrant Industry. New members and visitors most welcome.

Ashburton MSA  Travel Section  At the end of the year we had a trip to Riverstone near Oamaru with some spending time in the village and gardens,  and the majority going through the Riverstone castle with our tour guide being Dot Smith who is very enthusiastic about the whole venture.  It was a real treat and thoroughly enjoyed by all of us. 

We had to put off our trip planned for last month to Tekapo. We now plan to go to Terrace Station at Hororata on Wednesday, March 21. This historical homestead dates back to 1850 and promises to be a very interesting outing.  Any member of the MSA is welcome to come along and details can be found on our noticeboard.

Ashburton Rose Group Kathy welcomed nine members and we had apologies from four members. As the secretary was not present Margaret Eason kindly filled in for her. Cultural notes were discussed. January had the hottest days on record, keep deadheading. They are hardy plants but they shut down when conditions are extreme. Keep the watering up to them. Our guest speaker was April Breading who gave us eight points to grow successful roses. This was our first rose show for the year and there were many beautiful roses on show. Next month we will have a Floral Art evening and members are asked to bring flowers, greenery etc and oasis or something to anchor display, small flowers are needed to make a tussle mussle.


Heat ‘won’t be a problem’ pare them, while the dry Perth heat also lacks the humidity that is common in both Sydney and Brisbane. “It’s not actually too bad, it’s quite enjoyable,” Johnson said. “We trained around midday today and it’s definitely warm, but humidity has a big part to play in fatigue and feeling lethargic, and there hasn’t really been that here. “It’s been hot, no doubt about it, but we’ve had some pretty good weather back home at times too.” Warriors coach Stephen Kearney refuses to make an issue out of the hot weather publicly, but the players have been sighted wearing extra layers at training throughout the pre-season, and several industrial furnace heaters were brought inside to make their gym sessions more taxing. Johnson believed such methods were effective in helping the players to train harder, but was unsure if it would prepare them sufficiently for 80 minutes of

The Warriors deny the searing heat will be another factor to overcome as they look to break their Perth hoodoo in Saturday’s NRL season opener against South Sydney. The Kiwi outfit is winless in nine visits to the Western Australia capital since 1996 and the already difficult long-haul trip has been made more challenging with Perth’s late summer temperatures sitting around 37 degrees since their arrival on Monday. Both teams’ forwards are sure to feel the pinch towards the end of both halves, and that could potentially have a greater impact on the Rabbitohs, who boast one of the competition’s biggest packs featuring the likes of the Burgess brothers, Sam, Tom and George, and back-rower John Sutton. The weather is expected to cool to 32 degrees by kick-off at the new Optus Stadium, but Warriors halfback Shaun Johnson says Auckland’s hot and sticky summer weather has helped pre-

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football under the hot sun. “Yes and no, I’m not too sure,” he said. “I don’t think you can match

actual heat but we’ve had good weather back home and during that weather we threw on a few layers, long skins, and a couple

CEO resigns in wake of World Cup failure

Get Saturday’s


Shaun Johnson on a run during last year’s clash in Perth.

of contact jackets, and you sweat up and you do feel it. “Whether that’s going to be all we need for this weekend’s game, we’ll see.” Despite the hot weather, there are some benefits to the Warriors playing in Perth in round one rather than mid-season. With no match last weekend they were able to travel across the Tasman and begin acclimatising and adjusting to the fivehour time difference earlier than they have in previous years. “Usually we come here two or three days before but we’re here for the whole week this time,” he said. “We’re just trying to acclimatise as best we can, it’s pretty warm here, and with the time difference as well. “Maybe that’s something we’ve struggled with, who knows, but in terms of fitness and the preseason, it’s been a good one and the boys are excited to play.” - NZME

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New Zealand Rugby League (NZRL) Chair Reon Edwards confirmed the resignation of CEO Alex Hayton yesterday. Hayton had been tipped to resign, in the wake of the dissappointing World Cup campaign and the two month long review that followed it. “Alex has been a great servant to the game over the last decade and has seen through a number of major milestones in his time as both CFO and CEO,” said NZRL chairman Reon Edwards. “The discussions leading up to his decision to leave have been entirely amicable.” After 10 years’ service with NZRL, Hayton said he’s looking forward to a new challenge. “We’re starting a new World Cup cycle which coincides with our 2018-2021 stra-

Alex Hayton tegic plan focused on grassroots development. “The next CEO needs to be able to commit to the term of the cycle to see the plan through.”

While unable to comment on the upcoming Review Panel’s findings, Hayton said he was prepared to accept his responsibility in the team’s disappointing performances. The New Zealand Rugby League (NZRL) Board will release the recommendations from a comprehensive review of the Kiwis’ 2017 Rugby League World Cup campaign within the next fortnight. Edwards said a recruitment process would begin immediately. To ensure that the many opportunities in front of the NZRL continue to be progressed with Board oversight, upon Hayton’s departure the NZRL’s Deputy Chairman – experienced company CEO and director Hugh Martyn – will take up the role of Acting CEO on a part-time basis. - NZME


Thursday, March 8, 2018

Ashburton Guardian 15

In brief Newbies in Highlanders The Highlanders are set to officially welcome two new caps to their Super Rugby campaign when they take on the Stormers in Dunedin this Friday. Strong Fijian winger Tevita Nabura will make his debut when the opening whistle goes, replacing Tevita Li in the No.11 jersey, while loose forward Shannon Frizell is likely to make his debut after being named on the bench. - NZME

Mile meeting off Barely a week after confirming Olympic champion Matt Centrowitz for the Sir Peter Snell International Track Meeting in Whanganui, organisers have called the meeting off. A lack of New Zealand runners and the decision to host the meeting mid-week on March 21 appear to have been considerations. “After undertaking a risk assessment on the event due to a number of factors, it was considered that the midweek event would be better staged on a weekend,” said a statement from Russell Sears for organisers Sports Heritage Trust. - NZME

DRAWS John Plumtree’s head coaching tenure at the Hurricanes will commence with Jason Holland alongside him after the complementary pair signed on with franchise for the next three years.

■ Golf


March 10 - Weekend ladies LGU, RND 2 Bonnington Cup, Report 8.15 am Convenor S Bradford 0211590983, B Fechney 0211305366. March 13 - Mid-Week Ladies LGU, Coronation Cup, Biddy Newton Cup, qual., Report 8.30 am Starters L Small 0276319080, J Stoddart 0275536445 March 15 - Nine Hole Men and Women Marion Marshall Trophy – stroke, Report 9.15 am Convenor W Smith 3089207, E Langford 3081559. Club Captain Sally Lemon 0274054910.

Plumtree Canes new coach John Plumtree’s head coaching tenure at the Hurricanes will commence with Jason Holland alongside him after the complementary pair signed on with franchise for the next three years. Always a fait accompli, Plumtree’s succession to lead the Hurricanes next season was confirmed yesterday. Chris Boyd, set to join English club Northampton as director of rugby at the end of the season, and Plumtree have always been tight. Having previously worked together in Wellington and with the Sharks, they joined forces again at the Hurricanes in 2015. As their partnership grew, losing the final in their first year at the helm, they and those leading the franchise effectively agreed a handshake deal that meant Plumtree, the Hawera-born and

raised 52-year-old, would make the step up once Boyd departed. Plumtree is a no-nonsense character. He has instilled a hardened edge to the Hurricanes forward pack but also commitment and structure to their defence; the cornerstone of their maiden title in 2016 when they did not concede a try in three straight play-off games. Well-travelled, Plumtree began his professional coaching career in Wales with Swansea, moving to South Africa and enjoying a term in charge of Ireland’s forwards. He has more than done his time. Holland, who like Plumtree has signed until 2021, also joined the Hurricanes in 2015 after moving from Canterbury. He will be expected to assume attack and backline duties. The final mix of the coaching

staff for 2019 is yet to be confirmed, leaving question marks over the future of technical coach Richard Watt and scrum specialist Dan Cron. With Boyd leaving, the Hurricanes may feel another backline assistant is needed. “We’re fortunate that someone of Plum’s calibre has already been a key part of the Hurricanes environment,” Hurricanes chief executive Avan Lee said. “Having both him and Jason at the helm will certainly ensure some important continuity and familiarity, but more importantly, we know they are a formidable coaching combination. “We know that these appointments will be pretty popular with our fans. “This does mean that with both Plum and Jason working alongside Chris this year, we are in the best position for a smooth

transition to a new management team and new season in 2019. In the meantime, it is important to acknowledge that Chris has done a fantastic job in steering the ship and he continues to keep everyone focused on our current season.” New Zealand Rugby general manager of rugby Neil Sorensen gave his seal of approval to Plumtree’s appointment. “New Zealand Rugby is lucky to have a home-grown coach with such vast experience in a variety of high performance rugby environments,” Sorensen said. “The Hurricanes performances over the past three years has reflected Plum’s influence, especially his defensive expertise, and no doubt that will grow further as he takes the head coaching reins.” - NZME

Crusaders to play in World Series Rugby The Crusaders will play in a series Aussie billionaire Andrew Forrest has organised for axed Super Rugby club the Western Force this year. World Series Rugby will pit seven teams against the Force with the Crusaders slated to play on June 22 in Perth during the international window. Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Hong Kong, the Rebels and a Japanese team make the other opponents.

There are also dramatic new rules, including a try being worth 10 points and a time frame for scrums and lineouts. Former Wallabies great Michael Lynagh, who is serving as an adviser, believed an innovative revamp would make the game “faster and more exciting”. “We want to keep the ball in play and really reward the skills,” he said. “There is a real support and

groundswell to bring rugby to the forefront, where it was a little time ago. “If we have to change the game then let’s do that because it is a competitive environment here in Australia with all the other sports.” Force chief executive Nick Marvin confirmed negotiations were ongoing for the WSR to be televised on free to air television. - NZME

WSR MATCHES ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

May 4 v Fiji May 13 v Tonga June 9 v Rebels June 22 v Crusaders July 13 v Samoa August 10 v Hong Kong August 17 TBA

Ashburton Golf Club

RESULTS ■ Bowls Sub Centre Bowls Men’s Gala Cup: winner Hampstead, runner-up Allenton; Men’s Gala Plate: winner Rakaia; Men’s Challenge Cup: winner Allenton, runner-up: MSA; Men’s Challenge: plate winner Ashburton Women’s Premier Trophy: winner Allenton, runner-up Methven; Women’s Prestige Trophy: winner Allenton, runner-up Ashburton.

■ Golf Ashburton County Veterans Golf Association Stableford Round Grand Vue Golf Course 42 Stableford points was Geoff Patrick, 37 Dave Horrell, 36 Kevin Sisson and Dave Fisher, 33 Doug Bruce   Two’s: Kevin Sisson,  Graeme Munro, Dave Tilson, Dave Horrell with 2.

■ Pigeon racing Ashburton Pigeon Club First race for the 2018 young bird season, 124 birds were sent by six flyers to Kaikoura. 1st T Drummond 1190.137 metres per minute, 2nd L Davidson 1188.442, 3rd M Davidson 1188.338, 4th N Martin 1172.632, 5th N Alexander 1041.540

Sport 16

Ashburton Guardian

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Girls take to the greens The ladies took to the Methven bowling green yesterday for the Mary Stone Women’s Triples. Robyn Hood went along with her camera and captured some of the action.

Ollie Collins, Mary Stone and Raiona Isherwood.

Wendy Watson



Barbara Skilling Sandra Holdom


Rosemary Johnston and Jill Harris


Noeline McKenzie


Michelle Foster


Di Callaghan

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Ashburton Guardian 17


Adams headlines star-filled field Dame Valerie Adams will head a star-studded field of athletes who will compete at the New Zealand Track and Field Championships which begin in Hamilton on Friday. Adams, who will compete in her first competition since September 2016, will be out make it title number 15 in the women’s shot put. Victoria Owers has dominated the women’s shot put so far this season winning at both the Potts and Porritt Classic. Her best of 17.50m should ensure her a medal. Maddison Wesche who has a best of 16.45m from the recent Australian championships will be defending her title won last year with 15.04m. Meanwhile, Tom Walsh, straight from retaining his world indoor title, will be aiming for ninth straight shot put title and a fresh New Zealand resident record. Walsh holds the resident record at 21.80m and at the recent Porritt Classic meeting in Hamilton was out to 21.87m. Following on from his national record of 22.31m in Birmingham Walsh will also be aiming to erase Ryan Crousers all comers record of 22.15m. Right in behind Walsh for a place on the podium are Ryan Ballantyne and Nick Palmer. Siositina Hakeai, five times national discus champion, will continue her rivalry with Te Rina Keenan who won last year with 56.51m to Hakeai’s 55.04m. Lauren Bruce and Tatiana Kaumoana complete the top line-up in the discus. Julia Ratcliffe has returned from an injury and intensive rehab for the Commonwealth Games and should achieve her fourth hammer throw title. Nicole Bradley the defending champion and three times previous winner was out to 66.07m at

Dame Valerie Adams will be competing in her first competition since September 2016, when she competes at the New Zealand Track and Field Championships. the Potts Classic and will challenge Ratcliffe. Lauren Bruce second last year should secure a medal again. Tori Peeters, Laura Overton and Stephanie Wrathall will battle it out for the top placings in the javelin throw. Peeters won in 2012, 2014 and 2015 while Overton took the title in 2016. Kelsey Berryman should make it three years in a row in the long jump, Anna Thomson three years in a row in the triple jump and Olivia McTaggart will line up for her first senior pole vault title.

Keeley O’Hagan winner in 2015 should regain the high jump title. Like Walsh, Marshall Hall will be shooting for his ninth discus throw title, Matthew Bloxham and Australian based Warren Button will go head-to-head in the hammer throw. Bloxham winner for the past three years had only his second competition this year with a throw of 60.79m last Saturday and Button third in 2015 and runnerup to Bloxham in the past two years was out to a personal best of 60.86m at the recent Austral-

ian championships. Ben Langton Burnell should retain the javelin throw title from Alex Wood and Cam Robinson. Interestingly 16 times national champion Stuart Farquhar is not entered. Jesse Bryant will feel some pressure from three times previous champion Matthew Wyatt in his defence of the long jump title. Also competing are 2015 champion Jordan Peters, twice under 18 and twice under 20 champion Hamish Gill, five times previous champion Brent Newdick and Rogan Ross who had a recent per-

sonal best of 7.27m in Brisbane. Ebuka Okpala is expected to secure his third straight title in the triple jump. Trying to deny him will be Matt Walsh and Scott Thomson runner-up for the past four years. Hamish Kerr will be defending his high jump title against seven times champion Billy Crayford, Max Attwell and Sean Pay. Nick Southgate will be aiming for his sixth pole vault title. James Steyn, Ettiene Du Preez, Jack Henry and three times champion Brent Newdick should make for an interesting competition. World youth and junior championships representative and Oceania under 20 and senior shot put champion Maddison Wesche will also be defending her junior shot put title. Connor Bell will highlight the under 20 field events in the discus throw. He is entered in both the under 20 and under 18 events. This season Bell has set New Zealand records of 65.63m in the under 17 and under 18 and 57.03m with the 1.75kg discus in the under 19. His next target is the under 20 record of 58.80m held by Mark Robinson since 1979. Ryan Ballantyne is down for the shot put, Anthony Nobilo in the hammer throw, Cam Robinson in the javelin throw and Matt Walsh will contest the long and triple jumps. Kayla Goodwin who won the New Zealand under 18 heptathlon championship with a New Zealand under 17 record has entered the javelin throw, long and triple jumps and she is also in the under 20 triple jump. Jayden Williamson with a personal best high jump of 1.98m last month will be seeking the two metre barrier in the under 20 high jump. - NZME


Warner, de Kock facing charges following stairway fracas David Warner and Quinton de Kock have been charged with bringing cricket into disrepute over the staircase stoush that has overshadowed the Test series between Australia and South Africa. Warner has been issued with a level-two charge by the International Cricket Council for conduct that brings the game into disrepute, meaning he could be banned for a test if handed the most severe punishment, while de Kock has been slapped with a level-one infraction. The two sides are yet to announce whether they will appeal match referee Jeff Crowe’s assessment of the off-field scrap between Warner and de Kock that occurred at tea on day four of the first Test. Darren Lehmann has thrown his support behind Warner, declaring both Australia and South Africa will continue to push boundaries but personal sledging has no place on a cricket field. Australia travelled to Port Eliza-

South African Quinton de Kock have been charged after their stoush. beth on Tuesday with a 1-0 lead in the four-Test series and some unwanted baggage, created by Warner’s heated run-in with de Kock. Leaked footage of the acrimonious blow-up, which had unfolded at tea on day four of the first Test in Durban, shows Warner being restrained by teammates and it has ignited another war of words between the rivals. Former South African spinner

and Australian David Warner much publicised after-match Paul Harris went as far as saying Warner has “all the characteristics of a bully”. Steve Smith says Warner reacted to personal sledging from de Kock that had crossed the line. Australia’s captain refused to confirm what was said, but it’s understood it involved Warner’s wife Candice. South African skipper Faf du Plessis insists both sides were guilty of barking personal verbals

on the field, a claim disputed by Smith. Australia’s coach was reluctant to add fuel to the fire, but made it clear the saga hadn’t affected Warner’s standing as a leader. “We’re certainly supporting David. We want to play a way that gets us success and we’ve just got to make sure we don’t cross the line that’s the key,” Lehmann said. “There are things that cross the line and evokes emotion and you’ve got to deal with that behind closed doors and get better at that.” Both sides are going to push the boundaries. That’s part and parcel of Test match cricket. It’s a bloody tough game. “This series is going to be played very hard on the field by both sides, it looks like ... the way they want to play is fiercely competitive on the ground. As long as it doesn’t get personal, that’s probably the key.” Lehmann floated the prospect of Smith and du Plessis smoking the

peace pipe at some point before the second Test starts on Friday in Port Elizabeth. Crowe has already reminded both camps of the need to play within the spirit of the game and it wouldn’t be a surprise if he does the same before day one at St George’s Park. “I’m sure the captains will chat and the coaches will chat and we’ll get away to play the game,” Lehmann said. “The cricket is the most important thing.” Crowe has already finalised a punishment for one misbehaving Australian in Durban, fining Nathan Lyon 15 per cent of his match fee for his ‘ball drop’ send-off of AB de Villiers. “It was probably a bit cheeky. The great thing about it, he apologised to AB straight away. He sent him a text, spoke to him today and it’s dealt with,” Lehmann said. “That’s how it should be as grown men.” - AAP

Racing 18

Ashburton Guardian

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Newcomer on target for cup Life in New Zealand is agreeing with the well-travelled stayer Araldo Junior. He hasn’t missed a beat since arriving at the Matamata stable of trainers Michael Moroney and Pam Gerard to prepare for New Zealand’s premier distance test. Araldo Junior drew serious attention to his prospects in Saturday’s Gr.1 Barfoot & Thompson Auckland Cup (3200m) when he ran third in the Nathan’s Memorial (2400m) in his Kiwi debut last month. “I’m really happy with him and he’s settled in very well since coming over from Melbourne,” Gerard said. “He got home strongly last time out and his work since has been super.” Araldo Junior was a three-time winner up to 2800m in his native Germany before being purchased by clients of Moroney and from the Flemington arm of his operation the seven-yearold won a further three times, including the Listed Queensland Cup (3200m). The son of Medicean is also proven on all types of tracks, having been successful on good to soft going. The stable will also have anoth-


2YO set for CD feature Talented filly She’s A Thief will make her last appearance for the season at Awapuni later this month. “She’s heading there for the Sires’ Produce Stakes, we could have gone to Ellerslie for the Group One on Saturday but we want to give her a bit more time between runs,” co-trainer Pam Gerard said. “We initially thought she was just a two-yearold type, but she’s really grown and furnished so we can look forward to her as a three-yearold. In the meantime, she’ll have just the one more run this time in.”

Breeders’ Stakes target

Araldo Junior drew serious attention to his prospects when he ran third in the Nathan’s Memorial in his Kiwi debut last month. er genuine Group One contender at Ellerslie with Bocce taking aim at the Sistema Stakes (1200m). A brave third in the Karaka Million (1200m) after making the

pace, he lost his chance early on in the Gr.3 Harrison & Ford Slipper (1200m) at his most recent appearance. “He tripped and stumbled at

the start at Matamata and got a long way out of it, he had no chance after that but he’s done well since,” Gerard said. – NZ Racing Desk

Chocante’s focus fixed firmly on Brisbane The well-performed stayer Chocante is building up toward a return to the Queensland winter carnival. The son of Shocking won the Gr.2 Brisbane Cup (2200m) last year and a subsequent Sydney campaign resulted in third placings in the Gr.1 The Metropolitan (2400m) and the Gr.2 Chelmsford Stakes (1600m).

In brief

“He’s back up to three-quarter pace in his work and we’ll be looking toward Brisbane again with him,” trainer Stephen Marsh said. Chocante, who also won the Gr.3 Counties Cup (2100m) in 2016, hasn’t raced since he was unplaced in the Gr.1 Captain Cook Stakes (1600m) at Trentham in early December. Meanwhile, Group One-win-

ning stablemate Ugo Foscolo has been on the easy list after one run back in New Zealand. Following a frustrating stint in Sydney, he returned home but failed to flatter when tailing the field home when resuming at Matamata last month. “He pulled up with a few niggling issues, nothing that can’t be fixed though,” Marsh said.

“He’ll be ready for a run along at the end of the week and he’ll trial before he goes back to the races, but he won’t be doing too much this preparation.” Marsh prepared Ugo Foscolo to win five of his first six starts, including the Gr.1 New Zealand 2000 Guineas (1600m) before the son of Zacinto joined Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott.

Stephen Marsh has a black type plan for the smart filly Power Dream. “She’s back up to threequarter pace now and she’ll probably have one run and then into the Cambridge Breeders’ Stakes,” the Cambridge trainer said. Third behind the Group One performers Embellish and Ever Loyal on debut, she then broke her maiden and was turned out after finishing fifth at Tauranga in November. “She was immature and had a few niggling growing pains,” Marsh said.

Lizzie’s chances liked Jockey Matt Cameron understandably fancies his chances at Ellerslie on Saturday of consecutive Gr.1 Bonecrusher New Zealand Stakes (2000m) wins aboard the top mare Lizzie L’Amour. “I’m really happy with her, I galloped her on Tuesday and she went super,” he said. Trained by Murray Baker and Andrew Forsman, Lizzie L’Amour is in sparkling form with two wins, including the Gr.1 Herbie Dyke Stakes (2000m) and two placings from her last four appearances. - NZ Racing Desk

Forbury Park harness Today at Forbury Park Raceway

Forbury Park Trotting Club Inc Venue: Forbury Park Meeting Date: 08 March 2018 NZ Meeting number: 7 Doubles: 2 and 3; 4 and 5; 6 and 7; 8 and 9; 10 and 11 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 5, 6 and 7; 9, 10 and 11 1 5.27pm (NZT) FORBURY PARK BAR & BISTRO TROT $6250, non-winners 2yo+ trot, stand, 2200m 1 54 Christmas Babe (1) fr ......................A Clark 2 0807 Robbie Royale (2) fr ................... B Norman 3 05606 Pat The Monkey (3) fr ............J Morrison (J) 4 60085 The Power Broker (4) fr ........... E Barron (J) 5 043 Our Foxy Lady (5) fr ...............B Williamson 6 0 Wayward Roc (6) fr 7 00537 Miss Bamboocha (7) fr ....................A Milne 8 08x9 Magastey (8) fr .............................K Butt (J) 9 05360 Pegasus Hanover (9) fr ......... M Williamson 10 07809 Dream Of Pat (10) fr ................. R McIlwrick 11 Px470 Taimate Raffa (11) fr ..................... T Chmiel 12 47470 Zoned Scarlett (12) fr .................. B Orange 13 09942 Pat The Monarch (13) fr .........N Williamson 14 996 Edesia (14) fr .....................................C Butt 15 9x094 Katiki Lad (15) fr ............................. D Dunn 16 59708 Be Bee Lass (16) fr .....................C Buchan 17 59867 Cuddly Trouble (17) fr .................... R Swain 18 x0090 Pegasus Sunrise (U1) fr Emergencies: Wayward Roc, Magastey, Dream Of Pat, Pegasus Sunrise 2 5.52pm JUST ESSENCE CATERING PACE $6250, non-winners 3yo+ pace, stand, 2700m 1 9D0x Bettor Sensation fr...................... Scratched 2 4380x Dodgethebullet (1) fr....................... D Dunn 3 78667 Bring Back Buck (2) fr .....................A Milne 4 65207 Gear Change (3) fr ................ M Williamson 5 0x770 Millwood Charity (4) fr ...........J Morrison (J) 6 65066 Christie Marie (5) fr ...................... T Chmiel 7 05090 Maxwell Montez (6) fr .................. B Orange 8 00800 Akris (7) fr .........................................S Lock 9 54974 Walk Like A Man (8) fr ............N Williamson 10 84000 Scented Pockets (9) fr ............B Williamson 11 05902 Chain Reaction (10) fr ............... T McMillan 12 40243 Honour The Bet (11) fr..............C Ferguson 13 03600 Afro Dizzy Yak (U1) fr ..............M Hurrell (J) 14 45890 Particular (U2) fr ..................... C Faithful (J) 15 78 Bobbie’s Medley (U3) fr ................K Butt (J) Emergency: Millwood Charity 3 6.18pm SPEIGHTS MOBILE PACE $7500, r42 to r50 mob. pace, mobile, 2200m 1 00364 Classie Margaret (1) fr.............. R McIlwrick

2 82900 Honey Cullen (2) fr ....................... K Larsen 3 24006 Silver Dale (3) fr .................... M Williamson 4 7x708 Motu Speedy Star (4) fr ......S Tomlinson (J) 5 75713 No More Change (5) fr ........ J Campbell (J) 6 086P6 Locked Out Of Heaven (6) fr .............C Butt 7 52639 Calendar Girlz (7) fr ..................... B Orange 8 17780 It’s All Over Now (8) fr .............M Hurrell (J) 9 1099x Go Getta (21) fr .............................. D Dunn 10 97087 Ildivo fr ........................................ Scratched 11 80654 Jay FM fr..................................... Scratched 12 00089 Beaudiene Gambler (22) fr .M Anderson (J) 13 00989 Earthbound (23) fr ........................K Butt (J) 4 6.43pm NEXT RACE MEETING 22 MARCH 2018 MOBILE PACE $6250, non-winners 3yo+ mob. pace, mobile, 2200m 1 7P09x Whata Razzle Dazzle (1) fr ........ B Norman 2 45764 Mach O’Melley (2) fr .................... B Orange 3 89 Cruisin Reuben (3) fr ..........M Anderson (J) 4 4 Get It On (4) fr ................................ D Dunn 5 9 Official Cullen (5) fr....................... T Chmiel 6 6x080 Arizona Highway (6) fr ..................K Butt (J) 7 9500P Limoso (7) fr ............................. M Lewis (J) 8 0 Real Change (8) fr ....................C Ferguson 9 06 Armstrong (21) fr ................... M Williamson 10 0x0 Jamies Bad Boy (22) fr ................... J Curtin 11 407 Be Holme By Three (23) fr......N Williamson 12 00000 Fleur Galleon (24) fr 13 20878 The Doorman (25) fr...............B Williamson 14 2460x Rake (26) fr ........................S Tomlinson (J) 15 30838 Tact Denzel (27) fr ......................... R Swain 16 2x0x5 Days Of Change (U1) fr...........M Hurrell (J) Emergencies: Fleur Galleon, The Doorman 5 7.08pm PRESIDENTS FILLIES & MARES MOBILE PACE $6250, non-winners 3yo+ f&m mob. pace, mobile, 2200m 1 06043 Easton Foxglove (1) fr .................... D Dunn 2 000 Doves Su (2) fr .................................S Lock 3 Gotta B Awinner (3) fr ......................A Milne 4 0x770 Millwood Charity (4) fr 5 770 Theodora Hope (5) fr ..........K McNaught (J) 6 Depend On Washie (6) fr....M Anderson (J) 7 04896 Machs Mareta (7) fr ......................K Butt (J) 8 99x40 Reddington (8) fr ...................J Morrison (J) 9 80708 Iechyd Da (21) fr.....................B Williamson 10 04 Blarney Babe (22) fr ................M Hurrell (J) 11 00870 Hans Ideal (23) fr......................C Ferguson 12 54000 Bullys Princess (24) fr ..............B Munro (J)

13 37465 Excellent (25) fr ......................N Williamson 14 4750x Ideal Denario (26) fr ...........S Tomlinson (J) 15 85586 Katies Nightmare (27) fr ........ M Williamson 16 0x356 Firstjoy (28) fr .............................. B Orange Emergencies: Doves Su, Millwood Charity 6 7.33pm PICK 6 STARTS NOW HANDICAP TROT $8000, r50 to r70 discrhcp trot, stand, 2700m 1 3x795 Armori (1) fr .................................. G McLay 2 x990x Topnotch Eagle fr ....................... Scratched 3 65574 Lundqvist fr ................................. Scratched 4 00068 Castleton Tui fr............................ Scratched 5 x0073 Daiquiri (1) 10 .........................B Williamson 6 16x70 Its Elvis (U1) 10 ........................... B Orange 7 60080 I’ve Got This (U2) 10 ............... M Purvis (J) 8 32015 Jeddy R Ya Ready (1) 20 ........N Williamson 9 12942 Playboy’s Brother (2) 20 ................. D Dunn 10 66547 Stylish Duke (U1) 20 ............. M Williamson 7 7.58pm DUNEDIN HOLIDAY PARK & MOTELS JR DRIVERS TROT $7000, 4yo+ r40 to r55 trot jun.d, stand, 2200m 1 x990x Topnotch Eagle (1) fr 2 44036 Bono Hest (2) fr .....................J Morrison (J) 3 41905 Springbank Ella (3) fr..........M Anderson (J) 4 19070 Landora’s Lassie (4) fr ...............D Keast (J) 5 62500 Imran Khan (5) fr ..........................K Butt (J) 6 0x054 French Desire (6) fr ............. J Campbell (J) 7 3x795 Armori fr ..................................... Scratched 8 24600 Scarlett Lane (7) fr..............K McNaught (J) 9 90067 Cocktail Waiter (8) fr 10 99682 Moniburns (9) fr ....................... E Barron (J) 11 32236 Holdon Toyaspurs (10) fr ......... M Purvis (J) 12 0620x Say Your Pres (11) fr .......... S Tomlinson (J) 13 54030 Whatasista (U1) fr ...................M Hurrell (J) 14 64082 Fira (U2) fr ................................ M Lewis (J) 15 x90P4 Och Aye The Noo (U3) fr ......... L McKay (J) 16 00068 Castleton Tui fr............................ Scratched 17 20913 Gorilla Playboy (U4) fr .............. C Jones (J) 18 93642 Pres The Belle (U5) fr ...............B Munro (J) Emergencies: Topnotch Eagle, Armori, Cocktail Waiter, Castleton Tui 8 8.23pm BISTRO - TUESDAYS GOLD CARD 20% OFF MOBILE PACE $8000, 3yo+ r51 to r63 mob. pace, mobile, 2200m 1 0x710 Miss Big (1) fr ............................... T Chmiel 2 00810 Von Richthofen (2) fr...........M Anderson (J) 3 x4791 Tour Director (3) fr ..................N Williamson 4 19000 Raphoe (4) fr ................................K Butt (J)

5 30945 For The Corz (5) fr ................. M Williamson 6 45653 Bontz (6) fr................................... K Barclay 7 12779 Pay Me Visa (7) fr ........................ B Orange 8 50400 Robs Ideal (8) fr........................C Ferguson 9 73262 Motu Time To Shine (21) fr .....B Williamson 10 10947 Mr Midnight (22) fr .................... M Lewis (J) 11 6160x Melina Lowe (23) fr....................... K Larsen 12 14367 Gunpowder (24) fr .................... C Jones (J) 13 11330 Smooth Mara (25) fr ....................... D Dunn 9 8.48pm DUAL CODE AT WINGATUI 26/03 JR DRIVERS MBL PACE $7000, 4yo+ r40 to r55 mob. pace jun.d, mobile, 2200m 1 695x2 Double Rainbow (1) fr ............. E Barron (J) 2 08042 Power Surge (2) fr ........................K Butt (J) 3 59908 To Ri Alby (3) fr........................ M Purvis (J) 4 60017 Jakira (4) fr ............................... M Lewis (J) 5 80000 Alexy (5) fr 6 60809 Got A Beauty (6) fr .............K McNaught (J) 7 83919 Honour Scroll (7) fr ...................B Munro (J) 8 93754 The Director (8) fr ....................M Hurrell (J) 9 59895 Aveross Ferrari (21) fr ........M Anderson (J) 10 00068 Sky City King (22) fr ............ J Campbell (J) 11 56055 Chief Kapai (23) fr ...............B Laughton (J) 12 x8333 Port Hanover (24) fr ................. L McKay (J) 13 706L0 Tuherbs Two (25) fr .............S Tomlinson (J) 14 69570 Lorretta Franco (26) fr ...........J Morrison (J) 15 05507 Sportscaster (U1) fr ...................D Keast (J) Emergency: Alexy 10 9.14pm BISTRO - WEDNESDAYS 2 FOR 1 SCHNITZEL NIGHT PACE $7000, 3yo+ r40 to r55 pace, stand, 2200m 1 078P9 Allandale (1) fr .......................... R McIlwrick 2 00000 Boomer (2) fr ...........................M Hurrell (J) 3 40730 Martin McGuinness (3) fr........B Williamson 4 44531 Hedonist Franco (4) fr.................. B Orange 5 510 Arma Twospoons (5) fr .......... M Williamson 6 57390 Thaboyz Toy (6) fr ...............M Anderson (J) 7 9x000 The Edge Of Reason (7) fr ..B Laughton (J) 8 63119 Hurricane Banner (8) fr....... S Tomlinson (J) 9 x7000 Eastwood Chieftain (9) fr .......... M Lewis (J) 10 2P713 Dying To See You (10) fr ........J Morrison (J) 11 00600 Caesar Rocks (11) fr 12 12555 Rozzano (12) fr.........................C Ferguson 13 20940 Liberal Arden (13) fr ..................... T Chmiel 14 00000 Franco Nixon fr ........................... Scratched 15 08241 Editorial (14) fr ................................ D Dunn 16 36340 One Direction (15) fr ..................B McLellan

Emergencies: Caesar Rocks, Franco Nixon 9.39pm THE PARK & EVENT FUNCTION CENTRE MOBILE PACE $7000, r40 mob. pace, mobile, 2200m 1 00600 Caesar Rocks (1) fr .................. R McIlwrick 2 38470 Mickey Jay (2) fr .................S Tomlinson (J) 3 78097 Glenisthebettor (3) fr ....................K Butt (J) 4 65902 Nerve Of Steel (4) fr ................. M Lewis (J) 5 22077 Ellnbac (5) fr ..............................B McLellan 6 80900 Rostriever Victory (6) fr.......... M Williamson 7 65077 Passion Flower (7) fr ................... B Orange 8 0x060 Rahuri Badlands (8) fr ........K McNaught (J) 9 00000 Franco Nixon (21) fr..................C Ferguson 10 80000 Alexy (22) fr ............................. D O’Connell 11 50077 Happy Styx (23) fr .......................... D Dunn 12 6x805 Magnetic Watch (24) fr .................. R Swain Pacifiers off : Iechyd Da (R5) LEGEND: X - Spell from racing of at least 3 months P - Retired (or pulled up) from race L - Driver unseated U1 - Unruly beginner {C} - Concession driver {} - Claiming concession driver which allows horse to start one class down SELECTIONS: Race 1: Wayward Roc, Taimate Raffa, Our Foxy Lady, Robbie Royale Race 2: Walk Like A Man, Chain Reaction, Honour The Bet, Dodgethebullet Race 3: Calendar Girlz, Locked Out Of Heaven, Motu Speedy Star, No More Change Race 4: Get It On, Mach O’Melley, Be Holme By Three, Armstrong Race 5: Excellent, Katies Nightmare, Easton Foxglove, Firstjoy Race 6: Daiquiri, Its Elvis, Playboy’s Brother, Jeddy R Ya Ready Race 7: Pres The Belle, Say Your Pres, Holdon Toyaspurs, Springbank Ella Race 8: Smooth Mara, Robs Ideal, Bontz, Motu Time To Shine Race 9: Jakira, Power Surge, The Director, Double Rainbow Race 10: Editorial, Thaboyz Toy, Hurricane Banner, One Direction Race 11: Glenisthebettor, Mickey Jay, Magnetic Watch, Passion Flower



M9 Auckland Greyhound Racing Club Venue: Manukau Stadium Meeting Date: 08 March 2018 NZ Meeting number: 9 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; 11 and 12 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 10, 11 and 12 1 4.17pm (NZT) WELCOME TO THE MANUKAU SPORTSBOWL SPRINT C0, 318m 1 8658 Agbeze nwtd................................ A Cleaver 2 27552 Hot Mayhem nwtd U & .................... Cottam 3 83763 It’s All Me nwtd .................................G Hunt 4 Jellybean Junkie nwtd ................ R McPhee 5 47466 Crampton nwtd ............................ A Cleaver 6 Crackling Gal nwtd .........................T Green 7 48245 Fancy Chap nwtd ......................D Schofield 8 53234 Leezrom nwtd.................................. B Craik 9 68x7 Blitzem Gem nwtd P & .................J Cleaver 10 62588 Jetsun Bear nwtd ..........................G Wilson 2 4.38pm HEWLETT ELECTRICAL SPRINT C2, 318m 1 68368 Unprofound 18.53.............................E Potts 2 17384 Scott No Value 18.51 ........................G Hunt 3 12532 Epic Force 18.63 .........................H Mullane 4 68F44 Fantastic Zoe 18.51...................D Schofield 5 33555 Opawa Libby 18.55 W & .................T Steele 6 24582 Stranger Things 18.92 ..................... B Craik 7 48713 Allegro Cody 18.67 R & ....................... Hunt 8 67478 Amazing Contact 18.67 ................... B Bond 9 14876 Vanos 18.76 ................................H Mullane 10 66666 Nangar Panther 18.53 ...............D Schofield 3 4.58pm TROPHIES PLUS SPRINT C0, 318m 1 444 Red Dot Special nwtd...................... B Craik 2 Spark ‘Em Up nwtd........................ S Codlin 3 743 Jinja Lad nwtd ............................ R McPhee 4 78x Parra Eels nwtd R & .................. N O’Regan

M3 Otago Greyhound Racing Club Venue: Forbury Park Raceway Meeting Date: 08 March 2018 NZ Meeting number: 3 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; 11 and 12 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 10, 11 and 12. 1 12.27pm (NZT) OGRC MAIDEN SPRINT C0, 310m 1 67262 Koputai nwtd ...................................J Guthrie 2 37773 Cosmic Ryder nwtd....................J McInerney 3 75624 Goldstar Tasman nwtd S & ..............B Evans 4 7656 Pam Arising nwtd ........................J M Jopson 5 54758 Goldstar Alfie nwtd S & ....................B Evans 6 33384 Mounga nwtd .............................J McInerney 7 776 Sly Bet nwtd ................................J M Jopson 8 64651 Goldstar Diesel nwtd S & .................B Evans 9 36587 Four Twenty nwtd .......................J McInerney 10 687 Homebush Nevada nwtd ............J McInerney 2 12.45pm WWW.GREYHOUNDSASPETS.ORG.NZ C1, 310m 1 57644 Auros Advantage nwtd S & ..............B Evans 2 P5745 Homebush Kazzy nwtd ..............J McInerney 3 86424 Poetik nwtd S &................................B Evans 4 44312 Goldstar Jay Jay nwtd S & ...............B Evans 5 7x754 Cornali nwtd ................................J M Jopson 6 36124 Homebush Scorpio 18.71 ..........J McInerney 7 45331 Sozin’s Angel 18.93 ...................J McInerney 8 24323 Mitcham Faye nwtd ....................J McInerney 9 72136 Southern Fantasy 18.90..................B Healey 10 86746 Jealous Much 18.80...................J McInerney 3 1.02pm DAVE ROBBIE PHOTOGRAPHER STAKES C0, 545m 1 5 Archie’s Ranger nwtd ..................J M Jopson 2 Go Brat nwtd ....................................R Wales 3 76446 Magic Brodie nwtd ......................N Wanhalla 4 46655 Go Slick nwtd ...................................R Wales 5 34474 Glass Harpoon nwtd .......................J Guthrie


Thursday, March 8, 2018

Ashburton Guardian 19

Auckland dogs Today at Manukau Stadium 5 6 7 8 9 10

27635 Feed The Need nwtd P & .............J Cleaver 42735 Kuridrani nwtd ............................. A Cleaver Sweet Clover nwtd ...................... K Herbert 88x Riccitelli nwtd .............................. A Cleaver x558F Jetsun Singer nwtd........................G Wilson 677x8 Miss Bucket nwtd ........................ A Cleaver 4 5.21pm GREYHOUNDS AS PETS SPRINT C1, 318m 1 46712 Bright Boy nwtd ............................... B Bond 2 72226 Thrilling Riot nwtd U &..................... Cottam 3 35728 Spider Phil 18.98 R & ................ N O’Regan 4 5122x Tuipuloto 19.02 ............................ A Cleaver 5 34887 Twelve Gauge 19.10....................... M Black 6 54313 Bad 18.42 ........................................ B Craik 7 63154 Zipping Andre nwtd ...................D Schofield 8 88821 Doug Deep nwtd R & .........................L Udy 9 88366 Made Time 18.31 .......................... S Codlin 10 15555 King Shaq 18.45.............................T Green 5 5.41pm QUALIFIED PET SERVICES SPRINT C3, 318m 1 45236 Jinja Roman nwtd W & ...................T Steele 2 21132 Brotastic 18.57 ................................ B Craik 3 87714 On Demand 18.54 .......................... M Black 4 47228 Harry Brown nwtd........................H Mullane 5 11126 Suspicious Minds 18.67 .................. B Craik 6 78727 Raging Demon 18.26 R & ..................L Udy 7 34737 I’m A Leo 18.46 ......................... L Laagland 8 24133 Noah Who 18.51 .........................H Mullane 9 46146 Bigtime Dazzler nwtd .......................E Potts 10 72546 Hallo Star 18.23 R & ..........................L Udy 6 6.03pm CAROL’S TAB CLENDON INN SPRINT C3/4, 318m 1 23241 Jetsun Jamie 18.73 .......................G Wilson

51668 Waerenga Star 18.63 U & ............... Cottam 9 7.18pm GREYHOUNDS NORTH MAIDEN DIS57817 One Cool Chap 18.70 W & .............T Steele TANCE C0d, 603m 61351 Leroy Spirit 18.59 .......................... S Codlin 1 26124 Thrilling Raider nwtd ......................K Walsh 8x887 Unileven 18.45 ..........................D Schofield 2 35733 Stay Away Haydo nwtd ...................T Green 44323 Ekali 18.42 .................................... G Farrell 3 22131 Jinja Bailey nwtd U &....................... Cottam 81758 All Hail Caesar 18.58 U & ............... Cottam 4 31114 Amy Amy nwtd .............................. G Farrell F4232 Kiwi Boy 18.37 U &.......................... Cottam 5 47554 Barwon Babe nwtd ....................D Schofield 45678 Unbeknown 18.46 ............................E Potts 6 56658 Smash Mate nwtd ...................... R McPhee 86544 Shot Gun Harry 18.68 .................H Mullane 7 77477 Jetsun Stampede nwtd..................G Wilson 7 6.28pm PUMP & ENGINEERING SERVICES LTD 8 36513 San Tan Samson nwtd ...................T Green STAKES C1, 527m 9 75436 Finkle Foot Hero nwtd R & .................. Hunt 1 23751 Fancy Fox nwtd .........................D Schofield 10 7.44pm DIRK BALE STAKES C2, 527m 2 56783 See Eye Aye 31.07 ......................H Mullane 1 81458 Secret Lily 30.79 W & .....................T Steele 3 74533 Out Of Paper nwtd..........................T Green 2 42121 Electric Dee Eye 30.71 ...................P Green 4 22542 Atomic Missile nwtd .....................H Mullane 3 15224 Cameo Syd 30.79 ........................... B Craik 5 33886 Dyna Bevlin nwtd U &...................... Cottam 4 67168 Secret Rory 30.98 ......................... G Farrell 6 34462 Finkle Foot Fred 31.02 R & ................. Hunt 5 58414 Opawa Velocette 30.86 W & ...........T Steele 7 74532 Salvarotti 30.70 .........................D Schofield 6 76535 Untouchable 30.75 .........................P Green 8 52216 Gotcha Millie 30.86 .....................H Mullane 7 2F183 Cosmic Barwon 31.24 ...............D Schofield 9 31185 Jinja Might nwtd U & ....................... Cottam 8 74536 Yooldome 30.59.........................D Schofield 10 78848 Little Bit Silly 30.80 ....................D Schofield 9 11258 Bark De Triomphe 31.17.................. B Craik 8 6.53pm STITCHES UPHOLSTERY SPRINT C2, 10 78377 Hey Khali nwtd U & ......................... Cottam 318m 11 8.07pm ROSA TEE SPRINT C5, 318m 1 64414 Simple Request 18.58 ..................... B Bond 1 33853 On Fleek 18.65................................ B Craik 2 47185 Bigtime Moola 18.60 R & ...................L Udy 2 12141 Alyeska 18.54 .................................. B Craik 3 21762 Ken Wilde 18.53 ..........................H Mullane 3 42353 Classy Impact 18.35.......................T Green 4 43814 Scott Tied Up 18.63 U &.................. Cottam 4 46616 Timma Turtle 18.36......................H Mullane 5 36418 Mobility Scooter 18.81.................... M Black 5 85311 Beat The Butcher 18.36 R & ..............L Udy 6 81464 Red Dee 18.53 ...............................P Green 6 251x8 Ima Lucky Zarr 18.60 U & ............... Cottam 7 65767 Bodyguard 18.66 ............................. B Craik 7 51637 Wong Way 18.44 U & ...................... Cottam 8 13838 Wairoa Bonnie 18.61 ...................H Mullane 8 51632 Just One Smile 18.29 ...................... B Craik 9 66666 Nangar Panther 18.53 ...............D Schofield 9 43175 Kapai Lana 18.57 R & ........................L Udy 10 14876 Vanos 18.76 ................................H Mullane 10 13158 Formation 18.25 .............................. B Craik 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


1 76157 Surge Ahead nwtd R &.......................L Udy 2 28412 Snoopy’s Bro 18.81 R & ...................... Hunt 3 64523 Katcha Ninja 18.78 .......................... B Craik 4 57838 Scott The Looks 18.90 U & ............. Cottam 5 56741 Warrior Tony nwtd U &..................... Cottam 6 277x1 Marinara Girl 18.77 ..........................E Potts 7 35754 Drury 18.41 ................................. A Cleaver 8 55335 Barwon Bandit 18.74 .................D Schofield 9 43367 Hot Machine nwtd ..........................T Green 10 43466 Umaga Rama 18.59 ....................... M Black LEGEND: fsdt - First Start Here nwd - No Win this Distance fstd - First Start This Distance 31 13 - Best Winning Time This Track

SELECTIONS: Race 1: Crackling Gal, Fancy Chap, Hot Mayhem, Leezrom, Crampton Race 2: Fantastic Zoe, Unprofound, Epic Force, Allegro Cody, Opawa Libby Race 3: Red Dot Special, Feed The Need, Spark ‘Em Up, Jinja Lad, Kuridrani Race 4: Bad, Bright Boy, Tuipuloto, Thrilling Riot, Zipping Andre Race 5: Brotastic, Harry Brown, Jinja Roman, Suspicious Minds, On Demand Race 6: Kiwi Boy, Jetsun Jamie, Ekali, Unileven, Leroy Spirit Race 7: Atomic Missile, Out Of Paper, See Eye Aye, Salvarotti, Fancy Fox Race 8: Ken Wilde, Red Dee, Simple Request, Bodyguard, Scott Tied Up

Otago dogs

Today at Forbury Park Raceway 6 7 8 9 10

34353 Melting World nwtd .........................J Guthrie 77775 Dig Dig Dig nwtd .........................J M Jopson 78485 Springheel Jack nwtd ......................J Guthrie 7Tx52 Zara Zoe nwtd..................................R Wales 66 Sly Ken nwtd ....................................R Wales 4 1.21pm BROCKLEBANKS DRY CLEANERS STAKES C1, 545m 1 68166 Opawa Al nwtd .................................R Wales 2 66684 Extra Salsa 33.88 S &......................B Evans 3 63451 Darlek Ian 33.48 ........................J McInerney 4 17744 Homebush Ragna 33.00 ............J McInerney 5 37866 Dave’s Pick 33.37 ......................J McInerney 6 34623 Gotcha Rocky nwtd ....................J McInerney 7 66564 Heritage Watch 32.93 .....................J Guthrie 8 3F554 Avalanch City 32.24 ...................J McInerney 9 8757x Waimac nwtd .............................J McInerney 10 65777 Awesome Annie 32.70 .................B I Conner 5 1.38pm ALL FENCING SOLUTIONS SPRINT C1, 310m 1 31724 Mr Black Magic nwtd S & .................B Evans 2 55421 Sozin’s Fortune nwtd .................J McInerney 3 67523 Mitcham Reado 18.68................J McInerney 4 61536 Epic Owen nwtd ..........................J M Jopson 5 15844 Goldstar Scooter nwtd S & ..............B Evans 6 37724 Kalonga 19.08 S & ...........................B Evans 7 85531 Homebush Hazel 18.77 .............J McInerney 8 54245 Homebush Sloan 18.54 .............J McInerney 9 8x378 Little Snicko nwtd .......................J McInerney 10 26747 Ohoka Tess 19.11 ......................J McInerney 6 1.56pm ST KILDA VETERINARY CENTRE SPRINT C1, 310m 1 18674 Sierra Delta nwtd S & ......................B Evans 2 66142 Cosmic Jase 18.69 ....................J McInerney 3 32348 Goldstar Po nwtd S &.......................B Evans 4 56534 Epic Style nwtd ...........................J M Jopson

5 6 7 8 9 10

56363 Rambo 18.86 .................................R Adcock 78x64 Seeking Baxter 18.41 ................J McInerney 7x188 Homebush Marko nwtd ..............J McInerney 74432 Replica Casino nwtd .......................B Pringle 53352 Goldstar Linkin 18.60 S & ................B Evans 34487 Leo’s Son 18.60 .........................J McInerney 7 2.13pm BRIAN BAGLEY DRIVER LICENSING SPRINT C1, 310m 1 16636 Homebush Pansy nwtd ..............J McInerney 2 63156 Goldstar Power nwtd S & .................B Evans 3 77F17 My Ginger Kiss nwtd S & .................B Evans 4 56321 Stormy Sunday 18.77 ................J McInerney 5 67685 Another Message 18.56..............J M Jopson 6 77x13 Shoe Fly nwtd .............................J M Jopson 7 54347 Senorita Julie nwtd ....................J McInerney 8 73535 Jinja Cody nwtd .........................J McInerney 9 44252 Homebush Hundy 19.18 ............J McInerney 10 46847 Goldstar Tu Puc nwtd S & ................B Evans 8 2.30pm BRAMWELL SCAFFOLDING STAKES C1, 545m 1 77763 Majestic Action 32.85 S & ................B Evans 2 55353 Raylene nwtd .................................R Adcock 3 45522 Homebush Boden 33.32 ............J McInerney 4 84445 Dave’s Dot 32.89........................J McInerney 5 27756 Goldstar Whitey nwtd S & ................B Evans 6 87544 Black Dan nwtd ..........................J McInerney 7 38566 Cosmic Stu 33.20 ......................J McInerney 8 67675 No Tinkerbell 32.96 .........................J Guthrie 9 77661 Luciastar 32.67 ..........................J McInerney 10 87888 Bouncer Milos nwtd ...................J McInerney 9 2.47pm GREEN ISLAND BARBER STAKES C2/3, 545m 1 41311 Lord Louie 32.18 ............................R Adcock 2 27677 Must Be Rusty 33.00 .................J McInerney 3 23534 Opawa Plum nwtd ............................R Wales

4 5 6 7 8 9 10

44423 Shift The Blame 32.60 ...............J McInerney 13476 Valyrian Steel nwtd ....................J McInerney 57683 Storming Mack 33.03 ...................B I Conner 67285 Spring Sam 32.42 ......................J McInerney 24515 Homebush Fued 32.84 ..............J McInerney 887x6 Goldstar Spotty nwtd S &.................B Evans 67F58 Melan nwtd S &................................B Evans 10 3.05pm OTAGO DAILY TIMES SPRINT C2, 310m 1 12742 Epic Boom 18.95 ........................J M Jopson 2 21543 Sozin’s Emperor nwtd ................J McInerney 3 76415 Sozin’s Roar 18.87.....................J McInerney 4 13341 Disclaimer 18.53 ............................R Adcock 5 45515 Homebush Scribe 18.66 ............J McInerney 6 32624 Queen Kong nwtd ......................J McInerney 7 22311 Botany Whisper 18.64................J McInerney 8 43674 Botany Alan 18.98 .....................J McInerney 9 71278 Pip Baxter 18.85 ........................J McInerney 10 28276 Unverified 18.92 .........................J McInerney 11 3.22pm KEYOSK SERVICE BAR SPRINT C2/3, 310m 1 81516 Opawa Poppy 18.57.........................R Wales 2 45312 Opawa Binge 18.36 .........................R Wales 3 16447 Ohoka Alex 18.67 ..........................R Adcock 4 18838 Gotcha Majenta nwtd .................J McInerney 5 34163 Homebush Miles 18.73 ..............J McInerney 6 88627 Koputara 18.73 ...........................J M Jopson 7 66714 Flaming Sambuca 18.57 ............J McInerney 8 11145 Gotcha Penny 18.66 ..................J McInerney 9 37486 Homebush Austin 18.74.............J McInerney 10 78855 Chop Shop 19.09 .......................J McInerney 12 3.37pm RACING AGAIN TUESDAY 20TH MARCH C4/5, 310m 1 12814 Invincible Sue nwtd ........................R Adcock 2 18245 Homebush Rufus 18.42 .............J McInerney 3 52231 Opawa Sheldon 18.35 .....................R Wales

4 56533 Hey Jude nwtd ...........................J McInerney 5 88847 Sozin’s Blue 18.69 .....................J McInerney 6 61577 Zipping Jen 18.56 ........................B I Conner 7 73131 Zipping Clyde 18.45 .....................B I Conner 8 28158 Think Tank 18.57........................J McInerney LEGEND: fsdt - First Start Here nwd - No Win this Distance fstd - First Start This Distance 31 13 - Best Winning Time This Track

15 56070 Producer (2) 54 Emergencies: Sharp Elle, High In Demand, Producer 8 5.17pm RACECOURSE HOTEL & MOTOR LODGE $10,000, Rating 65 Benchmark*, 1400m 1 05368 Why Me tdh (5) 60 ........................B Hong (a3) 2 32951 Khorabella td (2) 57 .........................R Cuneen 3 80443 Don’t Be Cheeky mh (15) 57 4 45491 Elana Rose td (6) 56.5 ............ K Mudhoo (a1) 5 x4928 Acrylic mb (13) 56.5 ....................... T Moseley 6 9060x Bravo Supremo m (10) 56.5 .......T Jonker (a3) 7 90940 Bushido d (9) 56.5 ......................G Jogoo (a1) 8 0x673 Kenya (3) 56.5 ................................L Callaway 9 460x8 Longford (12) 56.5 ......................... J Lowry (a) 10 61792 Madam Swiss (11) 56........................ A Collett 11 54509 Lay Off d (4) 56 ................. T Comignaghi (a2) 12 46108 Dark Poppy d (8) 55.5 .......................S Wynne 13 59556 Show Lover (14) 54.5 .......................C Barnes 14 27546 Alakazam (1) 54 ................................ S Collett 15 80x69 Passamaquoddy t (7) 55 Emergency: Passamaquoddy Blinkers on : She’s A Ripper, Golden Valkyrie (R5), Speedy Jax, Producer (R6), Producer (R7), Bravo Supremo (R8) Blinkers off : Mimimac (R2), Fairlight (R4), Roullette (R5) Pacifiers off : Producer (R6), Producer (R7) LEGEND: Runner Form b - Beaten favourite at last start c - Won at this distance on this course d - Won at this distance on another course h - Home track m - Won in heavy going t - Won at track X - Spell of three months

Race Information hcp - handicap mdn - maiden nmw - no metropolitan wins opn - open r80 - rating 3yo - nominated age 3yo & up - nominated age and up 3yo f - nominated age and type 3 & 4yos - combined age groups c&g - colts and geldings cg&e - colts, geldings and entires e&g - entires and geldings f&m - fillies and mares hwt - high weight sw - set weight swp - set weights and penalties spa - set weights, penalties and allowances wfa - weight for age wlt - welter weight wfp - weight for age with penalties and allowances SELECTIONS: Race 1: Batman, Volcano, Laaffaire, Twoznotenough, Absolut Excelencia Race 2: Vinsanity, Vice Marshall, Lily Grecia, Ellerstina, Silvermist Race 3: Odalisque, Mahana, Ajay Tee, Bon Showvi, He’s Irish Race 4: Fairlight, Bonaparte, Sacred Desire, Rawmaterial, Final Say Race 5: Jin Lu, Tatum, Galisini, Louvres, Bal Harbour Race 6: Lady Bealey, Hot Fuss, What A Deeza, Parana, High In Demand Race 7: Pickup, Major Ish Choux, Anythingcouldhappn, Real Savvy, Taxihome Race 8: Madam Swiss, Longford, Don’t Be Cheeky, Why Me, Kenya

SELECTIONS: Race 1: Goldstar Diesel, Mounga, Cosmic Ryder, Koputai, Goldstar Tasman Race 2: Mitcham Faye, Homebush Scorpio, Sozin’s Angel, Goldstar Jay Jay, Auros Advantage Race 3: Go Brat, Archie’s Ranger, Go Slick, Melting World, Zara Zoe Race 4: Opawa Al, Homebush Ragna, Darlek Ian, Avalanch City, Extra Salsa Race 5: Homebush Sloan, Mitcham Reado, Mr Black Magic, Sozin’s Fortune, Homebush Hazel Race 6: Cosmic Jase, Seeking Baxter, Rambo, Goldstar Po, Sierra Delta Race 7: Shoe Fly, Jinja Cody, Stormy Sunday, My Ginger Kiss, Another Message Race 8: Majestic Action, Raylene, Homebush Boden, Dave’s Dot, Luciastar Race 9: Lord Louie, Must Be Rusty, Spring Sam, Homebush Fued, Shift The Blame Race 10: Disclaimer, Queen Kong, Botany Whisper, Epic Boom, Botany Alan Race 11: Opawa Poppy, Gotcha Penny, Opawa Binge, Ohoka Alex, Flaming Sambuca Race 12: Opawa Sheldon, Invincible Sue, Zipping Clyde, Homebush Rufus, Hey Jude

Riccarton gallops Today at Riccarton raceway

Canterbury Racing-Amberley Venue: Riccarton Park Meeting Date: 08 March 2018 NZ Meeting number: 6 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8 Trebles: 2, 3 and 4; 6, 7 and 8 1 1.12pm (NZT) GAVELHOUSE.COM HANDICAP $12,000, OPN HCP, 1400m 1 84140 Batman td (2) 63.5 ....................H Bennet (a3) 2 27661 Twoznotenough td (5) 59.5 ................ S Collett 3 33471 Absolut Excelencia tdm (1) 59.5K Mudhoo (a1) 4 27752 Volcano td (3) 56.5 ............................ A Collett 5 43764 Laaffaire tdm (4) 56 ........................ K Williams 2 1.47pm FASTTRACK INSURANCE $10,000, Rating 65 Benchmark*, 1000m 1 499x8 Velocci t (1) 59.5............................. T Moseley 2 7x792 Vice Marshall tdm (7) 58.5 ............ J Lowry (a) 3 x1802 Vinsanity th (6) 58.5 .................A Morgan (a1) 4 00432 Lily Grecia m (5) 56.5 ........................ S Collett 5 1560x Mimimac (2) 55............................... K Williams 6 20970 Ellerstina (8) 54.5 .......................T Jonker (a3) 7 x00x4 Silvermist (4) 54.5 ............................. A Collett 8 60x0x Lady Conraad (3) 54 ............... K Mudhoo (a1) 3 2.22pm CHRISTCHURCH CASINO MAIDEN $10,000, MDN, 1200m 1 7 He’s Irish (1) 58.5 .............................. A Collett 2 5x06. Lantau Island (11) 58 3 79x2. Bon Showvi (7) 56.5 ...................T Jonker (a3) 4 24702 Odalisque (4) 56.5......................G Jogoo (a1) 5 03504 Mahana h (5) 56.5 .............................S Wynne 6 000x6 Itstolate h (3) 56.5 .............................P Shaikh 7 2353x Ajay Tee (6) 56 ...............................L Callaway 8 x348x Holyfield (2) 56 -

9 x96x0 Sharp ‘N’ Silver (8) 56..................... T Moseley 10 Echoes Of Time (10) 56 .............. K Gundowry 11 4780. Magic Note h (9) 56.............. S Weatherley (a) 4 2.57pm KORU CARE CHARITY DINNER - 23 MARCH $11,000, Rating 75 Benchmark, 1200m 1 7714x Fairlight t (7) 64 ............................. K Kwo (a3) 2 61155 Bonaparte td (5) 61 ....................T Jonker (a3) 3 13271 Flytime td (2) 58.5 ................... K Mudhoo (a1) 4 1477x Rawmaterial tdm (6) 58 ......................J Laking 5 51527 Pippi Rea d (1) 56.5 .......... T Comignaghi (a2) 6 40x51 Final Say td (3) 56 ............................. S Collett 7 31362 Sacred Desire tdmb (8) 55 ................ A Collett 8 53110 Sammi Lou (9) 54...................... B Murray (a3) 9 21166 Sweet Chastity (4) 54 ..................... K Williams 5 3.32pm SPEIGHT’S MAIDEN $10,000, MDN, 1600m 1 3542 Jin Lu (14) 58.5 ............................. J Lowry (a) 2 38307 Leuluai (11) 58.5 ........................T Jonker (a3) 3 29. Bal Harbour (9) 58.5....................... T Moseley 4 344x0 Castle Hill (1) 58.5..............................J Laking 5 77347 Galisini (7) 58.5 ................................. A Collett 6 59654 Louvres (13) 58.5 ...................R Firdhaus (a2) 7 08360 Chorister (16) 58.5 .................. K Mudhoo (a1) 8 00 Baban (10) 58 ............................G Jogoo (a1) 9 96922 Tatum b (18) 56.5 .............................. S Collett 10 32550 Hard But Fair (6) 56.5 11 6x208 She’s A Ripper (5) 56.5 ............. B Murray (a3) 12 8x073 Ancient (15) 56.5 .............................R Cuneen 13 88803 Pamir (8) 56.5............................H Bennet (a3) 14 0 Cinto Bay (12) 56 .............................C Barnes 15 5x70 Golden Valkyrie (4) 58.5 16 88700 Coup Dreamwood h (2) 58 ... S Weatherley (a)

17 40x80 Bobtail (3) 56.5 18 000. Roullette (17) 58.5 Emergencies: Golden Valkyrie, Coup Dreamwood, Bobtail, Roullette 6 4.07pm SONIA & GARRY THOMPSON $11,000, Rating 75 Benchmark, 2000m 1 4326x What A Deeza d (9) 59.......................J Laking 2 42x56 Speedy Jax (1) 58.5 ...............R Firdhaus (a2) 3 44x81 Parana td (5) 57.5 ............................. A Collett 4 20033 Hot Fuss tm (8) 54............................C Barnes 5 54462 Lady Bealey (6) 54 ............................ S Collett 6 60056 Sharp Elle (4) 54 ............................ T Moseley 7 65Lx0 High In Demand (2) 54 8 77000 Travel Wise m (3) 54...................T Jonker (a3) 9 56070 Producer (7) 54 ................. T Comignaghi (a2) 7 4.42pm NZB SOUTH ISLAND SALE APRIL 20 $10,000, Rating 65 Benchmark*, 2000m 1 81 Federer Express t (10) 59 ................. A Collett 2 081 Vividredsky t (9) 58.5................... K Gundowry 3 49031 Ferocious td (13) 58.5 ............. K Mudhoo (a1) 4 26401 Taxihome td (11) 58.5.........................J Laking 5 48150 Opihi Jade d (6) 58 ............... S Weatherley (a) 6 82404 Pickup t (4) 57.5 ............................ J Lowry (a) 7 62275 Southern Dancer db (1) 57.5......G Jogoo (a1) 8 00900 Stonemason t (3) 57.5.................... T Moseley 9 5x155 Major Ish Choux (8) 56.5...................S Wynne 10 5618 Anythingcouldhappn (7) 56 ............... S Collett 11 75829 Hell Bound (5) 56 ........................... K Williams 12 72026 Real Savvy (15) 55.5 .......................R Cuneen 13 60056 Sharp Elle (12) 54 14 65Lx0 High In Demand (14) 55 -

“It’s an institution”

$10 entry, under 18 FREE First race starts at 12.30pm

Pack a picnic for a fantastic day out at the Boxing Day Races

Classifieds 20 Ashburton Guardian

Members, guests and affiliates all welcome. 231 Burnett Street, Ashburton

Fun and games for the kids and music by Nyree

Ph 308 7149 Courtesy van available.

December 22 @ 7.30

Immaculate Misconcep

Presented by and Anna Heffe in-cheek Chri Featuring musica The Waynebows 9 days, it mirro period of our firs Leah is heavily emotional and Watching over her like some sort of incompete is her eager yet chaotic estranged sister.

Thursday, March 8, 2018




To advertise in What’s On advertise in contact Emma



Jan 15 @ 7.30pm, Jan 16 @ 2p

TO BOOK: To What’s On 211a TO WillsBOOK: Street, Ashburton contact Carmen 03 307 7963 TO BOOK:

03 307 7936

211a Wills Street, Ashburton

211a Wills Street, Ashburton Phone 03 307 2010 www.

Phone 03 307 2010 FOR SHOW INFO: www. Phone 03 307 2010

British Invasion

Jo C Alice S the M Summ Schoo year. T year is and i from Elton John, The Rolling Stones, The Ki Lulu, Cilla Black and Dusty Springfield, alon from the musical Kinky Boots.



03 307 2010

211A WILLS ST, ASHBURTON, 7700 * Fees apply




Fri, 12.30pm Entry is FREE but limited seating. Get there early. Don’t miss out! For the last 5 years, Mike King, through the Key to Life Trust, has spoken to thousands of people about mental health and what we can all do to help each other out. Now, he’s bringing I AM HOPE, to the Ashburton Trust Event Centre as part of a nationwide tour of schools and community groups. The message is simple: any of us has the power to be the hope that someone needs when facing bullying, depression, low self-worth, anxiety or any other mental health issues.

Daily Events Thursday

9.30am - 11am BALMORAL HALL LINE DANCERS. Join our friendly group for fun exercise during term time. Balmoral Hall, Cameron Street. 9.30am - 11am MID CANTERBURY BADMINTON CLUB. All ages and abilities welcome, racquets available. E A Network Centre Stadium, 20 River Terrace. 10am MT HUTT MEMORIAL HALL. NZ Alpine and Agriculture Encounter, Art Gallery and hall of memories. 160 Main Street, Methven. 10am MANCHESTER UNITY ASHBURTON LODGE. Coffee Club - all welcome. Robert Harris, West Street. 10am ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Fit kidz for 0-5 year olds and caregivers. 48 Allens Road, Allenton.


6am BOOTCAMP. Catering for all levels of fitness. Walnut Avenue Pavilion. Contact Georgia 027 688 8686 or Aleisha 027 848 9309.

Kelvin Cruickshank Live

Rado and Raybon Save The World

Mike King Key to Life Trust

Ride That Train with MCC




Tue, 7.30pm

Thur, 7pm

Fri, 7.30pm

Tickets: Adult: $27* Student: $20* Door Sales: $30*

Tickets: (R16) $65*

Tickets: Adult: $28* Unwaged: $25* (seniors & students) Family: $81* (2 adults 2 children)

March 8 and 9, 2018

10.15am MSA TAI CHI. Beginners refresher and learning of Tai Chi for Arthritis. MSA Social hall, Havelock Street. (excluding school holidays). 10.45am MSA TAI CHI. Stretching exercises for all abilities. MSA Social hall, Havelock Street. (excludes school holidays). 11am AGE CONCERN, SAYGO EXERCISES. TINWALD - Gentle exercises for muscle strength and balance in a friendly supportive environment. Holy Spirit Catholic Church rooms, Thomson Street, Tinwald. 1pm AGE CONCERN, SAYGO EXERCISES. ALLENTON - Gentle exercises for muscle strength and balance in a friendly supportive environment. St Peters Anglican Church, Harrison Street, Allenton.

1pm AGE CONCERN, SAYGO EXERCISES. CENTRAL - Gentle exercises for muscle strength and balance in a friendly supportive environment. Buffalo Lodge rooms, Cox Street, Ashburton. 1pm - 3pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM A great selection of may aircraft from past to the future. Ashburton airport, Seafield Road. 1pm - 4pm ASHBURTON EMBROIDERS GUILD. Stitch and chat. Senior Centre, Cameron Street 1.30pm ASHBURTON MSA PETANQUE CLUB. Social games, everyone welcome. 115 Racecourse Road. 7pm ASHBURTON RSA DARTS. Players of all experience who are interested are urged to come along and have a go. RSA Cox Street.

6am ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Sweaty Bettys circuit training in the hall, 48 Allens Road, Allenton. 10am MT HUTT MEMORIAL HALL. NZ Alpine and Agriculture

Encounter, Art Gallery and hall of memories. 160 Main Street, Methven. 5pm - 7pm ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Kidz Club in the hall, 48 Allens Road, Allenton.

He astounded people with his incredible ability to communicate with spirit in the hit TV series Sensing Murder. Acclaimed medium Kelvin Cruickshank passes on messages to as many people as possible from their loved ones in the afterlife. – Spirit willing. This is a rare opportunity to see Kelvin working with spirit and maybe even hear from someone you have loved and lost. Come and experience his amazing gift for yourself.


Come to the Fair At St Stephen‛s Church, Park Street

Saturday, March 10, 9.30am Stalls for everyone • Cakes • Plants • Cards • Jams/Pickles • Books • Past Treasures • Handwork • Raffles • Devonshire Teas • Sausage Sizzle and many other stalls!

Come and join in the fun

The fair will be on, wet or fine. Advertisements kindly sponsored by Paterson‛s Funeral Services and Ashburton Guardian.

ADULT ENTERTAINMENT A FIRST time Asian. Slim, curvy, sexy body. Brunette, DD, playful with best massage. I will spoil you. Phone 020 4068 7352 - Jen. BUSTY and sensual. High heels, short skirt and long hair. Ready for your pleasure. Call Cindy for some special one on one attention. 020 4125 4423.


CLEAN and straight. Attractive and busty. 24/7. No texting. Sophia 021 044 0698.

Guardian Classifieds

The northern half of Lake Hood will be closed from 5.00pm on Friday, March 9 until 7.30pm on Saturday, March 10 for the Aoraki Dragon Boat Association’s 2018 South Island Dragon Boat Championships for school and adult teams. All welcome to come along to enjoy the spectacle of this free event. Food and drink vendors will be on site. For enquiries, contact: Ian Macbeth on 027 215 8307


307 7900


COMPUTER PROBLEMS ?? Prompt reliable Computer repairs and laser engraving. Contact Kelvin, KJB Systems Ltd, 4 Ascot Place, Ashburton. Phone 308 8989. Proudly serving locals for 30 TRADES, SERVICES years. Same day service if possible. SUPERGOLD CERAMIC tiles - tile quality discount card welcomed. guaranteed - Tile Warehouse selection available at For all subscriber Redmonds Furnishing and enquiries, missed Flooring, Burnett Street.

deliveries, new subscriptions, temporary stops – text, call or email:


Please email your photo and 30 words or less to

307 7900

Notice of partial closure of Lake Hood (March 9 – 10)

JAPANESE, one week only. Beautiful, 28 years old, slim, sexy model figure. Size 6. SHELLY – health massage. Gorgeous, elegant. Phone Open 9am - 9pm. Chinese girl. Ashburton. Phone 022 021 082 77382. 684 1692.


Paul has shared the stage and toured with the best: BB King, Bob Dylan, Norah Jones, Crowded House, Taj Mahal, Keb Mo, Tuck and Patti ... and for him, a new experience working with the Mid Canterbury Choir! He has delighted festival audiences at the Dublin Blues Festival, Byron Bay Blues Festival, Vancouver Island Folk Festival, Blues at Bridgetown and many others in Europe.


Show off your new arrival in our Welcome to the World adverts

It’s time to get in the garden...

Guardian Real Estate



Leading comedians Raybon Kan and Nick Rado team up to perform a two hour show in which stand-up gives way to Rado and Raybon solving questions posed by the audience. The first half is a stand-up set by each comedian. In the second half, they take the stage together and answer questions, throwing fuel on the burning issues as determined by the audience on the night.

Wholesale landscape supplies, direct to the public: • Bark • Screened soil • Oamaru stone • 100% Organic Compost • Rocks and boulders • Sand, Shingle and Stones • Concrete Delivery service available plus a FREE loan trailer.

Paul Ubana Jones

Main South Road, Tinwald, Ashburton 03 307 9028

Text 021 271 3399 Phone 0800 274 287 Email circulation@

All tic


Puzzles and horoscopes Cryptic crossword

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Simon Shuker’s Code Cracker



Insert the missing letter to complete an eight-letter word reading clockwise or anti-clockwise.

How many words of three or more letters, including plurals, can you make from the five letters, using each letter only once? No foreign words or words beginning with a capital are allowed. There is at least one fiveletter word.

Quick crossword 1











TODAY’S GOALS: Good – 7 Excellent – 10 Amazing – 12

Previous solution: TOXAEMIA



Previous solution: ape, apes, apse, apt, asp, ate, ats, east, eat, eats, est, eta, etas, pas, past, paste, pat, pate, pates, pats, pea, peas, peat, peats, pest, pet, pets, sap, sat, sate, sea, seat, sept, septa, set, seta, spa, spae, spat, spate, step, tap, tape, tapes, taps, tea, teas.

14 15






18 8/3


Sudoku 23

ACROSS 7. Infringements (13) 8. Dully (8) 9. Short written message (4) 10. Nine days of prayer (6) 12. Assert (6) 14. Drunkard (3) 15. Distributes (6) 17. Gesture (6) 19. Actors in a play (4) 21. Unequal sporting contest (8) 23. Judges incorrectly (13)

DOWN 1. Lively (8) 2. Look up to (6) 3. Self-satisfied (4) 4. Provides childcare (4-4) 5. Piles (6) 6. Legal document (4) 11. Gather (8) 13. Looks for (8) 16. Pull blanket free (6) 18. Leave (2,4) 20. Corrosive liquid (4) 22. Closed (4)

ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 19): Every five seconds a wave licks the cliffs. In a billion years there’s a sandy beach there instead. Don’t underestimate the power of soft but consistent force. TAURUS (Apr 20-May 20): Your choice of focus will make all of the difference. This will be reflected in your choice of topics. Stay away from rehashing old arguments, issues that have only two clear sides and problems that have no solutions. GEMINI (May 21-Jun 21): You see 3-10 options where the ordinary onlooker sees only one. The wonderful thing is you get to feel more and experience more because of this. It comes at a price... others may not understand you. CANCER (Jun 22-Jul 22): Words are the resources you need today. You’ll need words that make something unpleasant sound pleasant. You’ll also need words that are only understood by a select few. LEO (Jul 23-Aug 22): You’ll find that you appreciate relationships more because you understand the problems people have and how they solve them. The things that unfold today will add dimension to your understanding. VIRGO (Aug 23-Sep 22): What you read, view or listen to will matter. It will influence you and what others think of you too. Choose your entertainment as carefully as you would choose a meal in an expensive restaurant. LIBRA (Sep 23-Oct 23): Think the best of people. Maybe you’ll be wrong sometimes, but it’s a kinder way to be wrong. If you think the worst and you’re wrong, you’ll have to stew in your own cynicism: How unpleasant. SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 21): Emotional pleasure is only one aspect of enjoyment. The more you know about how it’s put together, the more you appreciate it. Turn up the intellectual awareness and the pleasure is turned up, too. SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21): Today you’re like a lawyer whose duty is to defend an innocent person. No matter how passionately you believe, unless you can prove your case with sound evidence, your client will be sunk. CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19): The times ahead will be rife with lucky misunderstandings, fortuitous mistakes and gloriously enjoyable inconveniences. Knowing this is true, you’ll approach with an open mind. AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18): As you look around today, you may decide you’re not like these people. But you do share a common thread. It’s unspoken, and you probably won’t speak of it anytime soon, but you’ll live in it. PISCES (Feb 19-Mar 20): Sharpening your critical thinking skills is an important part of becoming a more discriminating individual. There are rich rewards and no going back.

Previous cryptic solution Across 1. Dormitory 5. Cow 7. Oils 8. Stalwart 10. Partisan 11. Wish 13. Deceit 15. Hermit 18. Tort 19. Indicate 22. Agitated 23. Mist 24. Eel 25. Penitence Down 1. Dropped 2. Ruler 3. Outlay 4. Yolk 5. Cranium 9 3 6. Witch 9. Livid 12. Devil 14. Cordial 16. Theatre 4 Harp 5 9 17. Unseen 18. Trace 20. Avian 21. Previous quick solution 8 4 5 Across 1. Schnapps 7. Habit 8. Semblance 6 9. Yet 10. Yarn 1 8 11. Bypass 13. Compatibility 15. Select 16. Scab 18. Don 7 4 3 9 20. Spiritual 21. Cross 22. Aggrieve 8 2 Down 1. Sassy 2. Humdrum 3. Able 4. Penny-pinching3 5. Obeys 6. Stately 7. Hepatic 12. 5 Hapless 4 13. Conduct 14. Include 15. Snoop 17. Bulge 19. Tier

Fill the grid so that every column, every row and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.

7 8

6 5 9 8 1 9 8 3 2 5 3 4 3 6 9 7 6 1 7 5 9 8 8 1 4 7 6 1

4 7 9 2 8 6 4 2 9 2 5 4 6 3 6 3 9 5 9 9 8 2 8 3 4 6 7




7 8 5 4 2 1 3 9 6

6 3 5 1 4 7 9 8 2

4 6 5 9 1 8 3

9 8 4 3 5 2 7 1 6 1 7 2 6 3 8 5 9 4 5Ashburton 6 8 2 9 –4031 307 3 70593 3Timaru 4 9 7– 03 1 5688 6 7224 2 8 4 2 1 5 7 3 8 6 9 9 6 8 2 1 4 5 3 8 5 3 4 6 9 2 7 1

9 2 6 7 4 8 5 PREVIOUS SOLUTIONS 8 3 1 2 5 7 9 68 8 3 4 3 427 5 8 8 16 2 19 6 8 6 9 3 2 4 7 5 1 2 9 5 3 6 9 4 7 1 8 2 7 1 4 2 3 3 84 9 76 5 9 1 8 2 1 6 59 3 4 7 2 583 4 1 9 6 7 8 4 9 8 6 7 2 5 1 3 9 7 1 48 5 3 4 2 9 6 6 8 7 4 3 5 1 2 9

4 3 5 2 1 9 7 8 6

BUILDING OR RENOVATING A ROOF NEEDS 2 3 6 5 9 7 WE 1 4 HAVE 8 2 1 7 TO 9 8SUIT 6 3 YOUR 4 5 1 2 7 4 6 9 5

9 1 3 8 4 2 7

8 9 1 7 3 6 2

3 5 4 6 7 1 8

6 3 8 2 5 4 9

2 8 6 5 9 7 4

5 7 2 1 8 3 6

7 4 9 3 2 5 1


Your Stars

ACROSS 1. Chart showing how to grab harp another way (3-5) 4. It makes a sort of logic to have meat on the bone (4) 8. Objective one has in period before midday (3) 9. Cheek one might get from a bottle (5) 10. Whisper halved in spirit (3) 11. In grief sympathise with one for cold one might have had (7) 12. He got in the wrong set with those who are here (5) 13. Dispute over non-u country’s involvement (11) 17. Subsequently one dropped out of retail backing (5) 18. Beware of the man keeping watch (7) 20. Eau de no score (3) 21. If trade talk doesn’t begin, it’s a gas (5) 22. Mischievous child introduced one to politician (3) 23. With Chopin and George on the beach (4) 24. To prevent development of about fifty is curious (8) DOWN 1. Local office will get out and diversify (6) 2. The ordinary upright type of candle for a firework (5) 3. The feather of my aunt that’s in the garden (5) 5. Set of straps with snares put out after end of March (7) 6. Daily might take in miners’ leader and cosset him (6) 7. Paid in full, now it’s possible to become calm (6,4) 9. Biscuit a monk could be sad about (10) 14. Bird, or talon it produces (7) 15. Smooths wood of trees for aircraft (6) 16. One may bolt it as main element of one’s diet (6) 18. By chance come upon the answer to the clue (5) 19. Imputable due (5)

Ashburton Guardian

2 9 1 7 6 8 5 3 4

1 6 9 8 2 3 4 7 5

3 7 8 6 5 4 9 1 2

5 2 4 1 9 7 8 6 3

8 4 3 5 7 6 2 9 1

7 1 6 9 4 2 3 5 8

9 5 2 3 8 1 6 4 7

1 1

5 8 9 2

2 5 4 8 7


Family Notices 22 Ashburton Guardian DEATHS




to ensure publication. To place a notice during office hours please contact us on 03 307 7900 for more information

Canterbury owned, locally operated

Patersons Funeral Services and Ashburton Crematorium Ltd

Any queries please contact 0800 ASHBURTON (0800-274-287)

Office and Chapel Corner East & Cox Streets, Ashburton

Ph 307 7433




For all your memorial requirements New headstones and designs Renovations, Additional inscriptions, Cleaning and Concrete work Carried out by qualified tradesmen.

Ra n

Guardian Guardian ment Notice






Ray Thompson 85 today

Joe Greaney and Kama Kingsbury 20/01/2018





options you Please tick the notice. engagementPhoto or graphic $10

Data provided by NIWA

Photo Colour Graphic Sat Mon-Fri $40.50 All notices include


Colour Graphic


isolated snow thunder flurries

sleet thunder

Canterbury Plains


$49.50 GST Inclusiv

the option of a photo

or graphic


Sat Mon-Fri $40.50 All notices include


the option of a


Card Number Expiry Date Name Signature

Photo or graphic $10

Advertiser Address Phone Insertion Date Birthday greeting Surnames Message

Card Expiry Name ture Signa hic


AN – HARNETT - VAUGH thrilled Matthew and Zoe are arrival of the hic to announce Grap er their beautiful baby daughtber on Tuesday, Novem Hospital. ton 21 at Ashbur d. Thank you to all involve




orise this notice,

m am 3 3




Thursday 9 noon 3


birthday greetin two be received at least date working days before ise of insertion otherwtee Ashton Tolu there is no guaran on appear will it that 10 years old today requested. day our the le Happy birthday to Photos will be availabfor ed: sign son, we office ce, 3 grand level ous noti at our orise this gorge auth and of graphics on after notice hereby selection collecti a moon to the view toyou love in theover ed turn appearse . has Plea Poppa and Nanny back, paper.















Morning cloud about the foothills, otherwise fine. SW developing in the morning.

cloudy fine fine fine showers fine cloudy thunder rain showers fog rain fine snow thunder

10 2 12 2 22 15 20 13 24 19 22 7 30 25 26 17 34 25 9 4 23 10 14 5 29 15 -3 -11 31 23

New York Paris Perth Rarotonga Rome San Francisco Seoul Singapore Stockholm Sydney Taipei Tel Aviv Tokyo Washington Zurich

fine rain fine rain fog rain rain thunder snow cloudy drizzle fine rain showers cloudy



9 noon 3


Good fishing

Last quarter

10 Mar 12:21 am ©Copyright OceanFun Publishing Ltd.

*T&Cs apply

9 pm am 3


Saturday 9 noon 3


9 pm

Rise 7:22 am Set 8:04 pm

Good fishing


Set 2:31 pm

Fair fishing

Rise 12:22 am Set 3:26 pm

New moon

18 Mar 2:13 am

1 5 19 25 8 12 2 24 -1 20 13 15 2 -2 3

River Levels


Selwyn Whitecliffs (NIWA)

no data

First quarter

25 Mar 4:36 am

Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa

For the very latest weather information, including Weather Warnings, visit

17 14 15 13 13 11 10 12 11 11 9 11 9

Rakaia Fighting Hill (NIWA) at 2:00 pm, yesterday 285.7 nc Nth Ashburton at 2:10 pm, yesterday


Sth Ashburton at 2:10 pm, yesterday


Rangitata Klondyke at 2:10 pm, yesterday


Waitaki Kurow at 2:15 pm, yesterday


Source: Environment Canterbury

Canterbury Readings

Rise 7:21 am Set 8:05 pm


6 10 33 30 16 17 7 33 1 24 20 31 9 6 10

24 24 22 18 17 22 20 21 18 18 21 17 16

Palmerston North showers


Cloud increasing with a few showers about the divide. NW rising to gale or severe gale.

Frankfurt Geneva Hobart Hong Kong Honolulu Islamabad Jakarta Johannesburg Kuala Lumpur London Los Angeles Madrid Melbourne Moscow Nadi

19 2 26 1 20 23 20 22 9 25 26 14 18 0 2

9 pm am 3

Set 1:33 pm Rise 11:44 pm

Add a photo or a graphic for only $10 Contact us now to place your advert* Email or phone 307 7900.



10:00 4:07 10:27 4:35 10:57 5:03 11:22 5:35 11:52 5:58 The times shown are for the Ashburton River mouth. For the Rangitata river mouth subtract 16 minutes and for the Rakaia river mouth subtract 4 minutes.


of graphics to view a selection Please turn over




Rise 7:19 am Set 8:07 pm





Liam Robertson our Happy Birthday to big 7 year old!! Love from Mum, Dad xxx . and Abbey



FZL: Lowering to 2000m


Photo or graphic $10


Forecasts for today

33 8 33 9 27 29 35 34 25 32 34 31 29 8 6






fine rain showers drizzle showers thunder fine fine fine fine fine fine fine fine drizzle

overnight max low

Partly cloudy with a few showers. Wind at 1000m: SE 30 km/h developing. Wind at 2000m: S 40 km/h developing.


Adelaide Amsterdam Bangkok Berlin Brisbane Cairns Cairo Calcutta Canberra Colombo Darwin Delhi Dubai Dublin Edinburgh

Thursday, 8 March 2018

NZ Today

FZL: Above 3000m

Tides, Sun, Moon and Fishing

Smith 29th, 2002 Married March At St James Presbyerian Church, Tinwald. all your With love from family.

Birthday Greetings

Name Address Phone Insertion Date Greetings are SurnamesBirthday those aged 12 free for Free Details and under must

12 years and under

I/We hereby auth


60 plus

Mainly fine. SW tending NW later.

Jamie & Kim



Fine. Northeast breezes.

photo or graphic

– ANDREWS - SMITH have much Dave and Sarah cing their pleasure in announ to the ent, much parents, Max Number engagem delight of their ton and Diane, in Ashbur in Rangiora. Date and Phil and Hayley,


Mainly fine. Showers south of Lake Coleridge in the evening. Wind at 1000m: Light, but SE 40 km/h N of Lake Coleridge, dying out in the afternoon. Wind at 2000m: SE 40 km/h, easing to 30 km/h, dying out in the evening.

Fine spells, but cloud increasing in the evening. Isolated showers throughout the day. Southeasterlies developing morning.

GST Inclusive




Photo or graphic $10


Canterbury High Country

Partly cloudy. Northeasterlies tending northwest later.



Followed by the christening of n Peter LachlaPhoto Greaney


NZ Situation

Low pressure and associated fronts affect the central and upper North Island today. A cold front moves onto Southland late this evening as a ridge builds northwards over the South Island. The low over the North Island moves away to the east later tomorrow and the ridge over the South Island spreads onto the North Island Saturday.

mainly isolated cloudy drizzle drizzle few showers fine showers clearing showers


Photo or graphic $10

r choices.

Tick Boxes for you



Areas of morning cloud, then fine. Northeast breezes.

ersary Notices dding & Anniv Greetings, We


10:30 – 4:55

World Weather

Congratulations McKIMMIE – on your wedding. (née Dave and Sarah Today you become Mr along with very McCormick) & Mrs. ncebigyour brothers Oscar and enhaproud greeting, to family and nce your wish to use to Luv fromuse Freddie are thrilled but wish Love from tofriends. to enha earlyyou the ns announ the ceoptio all your family. William, e. Please ticksafe arrival of Gilbert notic ary 2017. vers 23, anni ber or Decem wedding born Huge Weighing 8lb 1oz. team . to r the choices you thanks forgoes Women’s ANNIVERSARIES Tick Boxes and Christchurch Bowden l, Hannah HAPPY 10TH PhotoHospita WEDDING and Anna Campbell. Graphic No: hic No:


PROTECTION REQUIRED Seek shade, reapply sunscreen






Partly cloudy with showers, becoming confined to the foothills in the evening. Fresh southerlies dying out in the evening.



Midnight Tonight

30 to 59

2018 Friday, January 19,

dian 38 Ashburton Guar





Celebrate your family notices for FREE in your only daily newspaper





Fa m ily N ot ices


less than 30

18-22 Moore Street, Ashburton Free Phone 0800 2 MEMORY Mobile 027 637 1229



SUNDAY: Fine. Northeast breezes.

Wind km/h

is to help you arrange or plan a funeral with care, respect, clarity and reassurance




bur to


SATURDAY: Areas of morning cloud, then fine. Northeast breezes.





620 East Street Ashburton Ph/Fax 308 5369 or 0274 357 974 NZMMMA Member

“ My Promise

Jo Metcalf






TOMORROW: Cloudy with a few showers, clearing late. Fresh S dying out.







TODAY: Fine spells with chance shower. SE developing morning.




Ashburton Forecast

Wa i m a ka r i r i


Map for today


Please note all late death notices or notices sent outside ordinary office hours must be emailed to:



Thursday, March 8, 2018




Ashburton Airport Temperature °C At 4pm 15.8 16.5 Max to 4pm 8.8 Minimum 6.8 Grass minimum Rainfall mm 0.0 16hr to 4pm March to date 19.4 Avg Mar to date 14 2018 to date 322.0 122 Avg year to date Wind km/h S6 At 4pm Strongest gust E 19 Time of gust 2:14pm

to 4pm yesterday


Christchurch Airport

Timaru Airport

13.8 14.3 9.2 –

15.2 17.8 10.7 9.5

17.1 17.4 6.7 –

– – – – –

0.2 10.8 13 246.6 96

0.0 27.6 10 294.0 100

SE 4 – –

S9 S 20 12:57pm

E7 N 17 3:10pm

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Television Thursday, March 8, 2018


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6am Breakfast The Breakfast team presents news, interviews, weather, and information. 9am The Ellen DeGeneres Show 3 Ellen DeGeneres brings her brand of humour to daytime talk. 0 10am Whanau Living 10:30 Four In A Bed 11am The Chase 0 Noon 1 News At Midday 0 12:30 Emmerdale PGR 0 1pm Guess This House 2pm The Ellen DeGeneres Show 30 3pm Tipping Point 3:55 Te Karere 2 4:25 The Extreme Cake Makers 3 A cake identical to a set of four legal volumes, and one the size and shape of a pony. 0 4:55 The Chase 0 6pm 1 News At 6pm 0 7pm Seven Sharp 0 7:30 Karena And Kasey’s Kitchen Diplomacy 0 8pm Topp Country 0 8:30 M Jean AO 2016 Biography Drama. 0 10:35 1 News Tonight 0

11:05 Insert Name Here PGR Sue Perkins presents a comedy panel show about famous people, past and present, who share the same name. 12:20 Undercover Boss USA 3 0 1:15 Te Karere 3 2 1:40 Infomercials 5:35 Te Karere 3 2


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6:30 Sesame Street 0 6:55 Peppa Pig 0 7am The Jungle Bunch To The Rescue! 3 0 7:25 Be Cool Scooby-Doo! 3 0 7:50 Beyblade Burst 3 8:15 Mickey And The Roadster Racers 0 8:35 Doc McStuffins – Toy Hospital 3 0 9am Infomercials 10:30 Neighbours 3 0 11am My Kitchen Rules 3 0 12:15 Jeremy Kyle 1:15 Judge Rinder PGR 2:15 Home Improvement 3 0 2:45 Home And Away 3 0 3:15 Shortland Street PGR 3 0 3:45 Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 0 4:05 Stuck In The Middle 0 4:30 Friends 3 0 5pm The Simpsons 3 0 5:30 Home And Away 0 6pm The Big Bang Theory PGR 3 0 6:30 Neighbours 0

6am The AM Show 9am The Café 10am Infomercials 11:30 Entertainment Tonight 3 Noon Family Feud Australia 3 12:30 Dr Phil AO 1:30 Married At First Sight Australia PGR 3 0 3pm Entertainment Tonight 3:30 Family Feud Australia 4pm NewsHub Live At 4pm 4:25 The Block Australia All the teams are busy working on their living and dining rooms when Scott visits to announce it is Challenge Day. 5:30 Modern Family 3 For Luke and Manny’s first school dance, the whole family joins in the fun. 0 6pm NewsHub Live At 6pm

7pm Shortland Street PGR 0 7:30 Police Ten 7 0 8pm The Big Ward 0 8:30 First Dates Australia 0 9:40 I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Australia 0 10:45 Two And A Half Men PGR 3 0

7pm The Project 7pm The Crowd Goes Wild 7:30 N Modern Family PGR 0 7:30 Death In Paradise PGR 3 8pm 9JKL PGR 0 When the president of 8:30 M Death Race AO 3 2008 Saint Marie’s local cricket Action. The world’s hunger club is found shot dead in for extreme sports and reality the middle of the cricket competitions becomes a ground, suspicion falls on his racing competition where the teammates. 0 contestants are murderous 8:35 Bull PGR prisoners. Jason Statham, 9:35 Madam Secretary PGR Joan Allen. 0 10:30 The Late Show With 10:35 NewsHub Late Stephen Colbert PGR

11:15 Police Ten 7 3 0 11:45 This Is Us PGR 3 0 12:35 Food Fighters 3 0 1:20 Shortland Street PGR 3 0 1:45 Infomercials 2:50 Scandal AO 3 4:20 Cougar Town PGR 3 0 5:05 Neighbours 3 0 5:30 Infomercials

11:05 Heroes Reborn AO 3 The world’s end approaches as Tommy faces his greatest challenge; Erica takes drastic measures to ensure her plan’s success. 0 Midnight Infomercials

MOVIES PREMIERE 6:05 Testament Of Youth MVC 2014 Biographical Drama. Alicia Vikander, Kit Harington. 8:15 Amanda And Jack Go Glamping 2017 Comedy. David Arquette, Amy Acker. 9:50 Maternal Secrets 2017 Thriller. Kate Mansi, Jean Bull Sean Stolzen. 11:15 The 8:30pm on TVNZ 1 8:35pm on Prime Daughter MLS 2016 Drama. Geoffrey Rush, Paul Schneider. BRAVO SKY 5 12:50 Unforgettable MLS 6am Last Man Standing 10am Say Yes To The 2017 Thriller. Katherine Heigl, PG 6:25 Modern Family Dress Atlanta 3 10:30 Say Rosario Dawson. PGL 6:50 The Simpsons Yes To The Dress Atlanta 2:30 Testament Of Youth PG 7:15 Border Security M 3 11am David Tutera – MVC 2014 Biographical 8:05 Pawn Stars PG 8:30 The Drama. Alicia Vikander, Celebrations 3 11:53 The Force MC 8:55 Helicopter ER Kit Harington. 4:40 Holiday Dish 3 11:55 Snapped M 9:45 NCIS PGV 10:40 SVU Joy PG 2017 Comedy. PGR 3 12:45 The Real – Special Victims Unit MV Bailee Madison, French Stewart. Housewives Of New York 11:35 Last Man Standing 6:10 Free State Of City PGR 1:43 The Dish 3 PG Noon Modern Family Jones 16VC 2016 Drama. 1:45 Vanderpump Rules 3 PGL 12:30 The Flash Matthew McConaughey, 2:40 The Real Housewives Keri Russell. 8:30 SpiderOf Beverly Hills 3 3:38 The M 1:25 Hawaii Five-0 MV 2:15 NCIS PGV 3:05 Border Man – Homecoming MV 2017 Dish 3 3:40 How Do I Look? Security M 4pm The Action. After his debut with the 4:35 Say Yes To The Dress Simpsons PG 4:30 Last Man Avengers, Peter Parker begins to Atlanta 3 Standing PG 5pm Modern navigate his life as high-school 5pm Say Yes To The Dress Family PGL 5:30 Helicopter teen and secret super-hero. Atlanta 3 ER M 6:30 The Force Tom Holland, Robert Downey jr, 5:30 Love It Or List It – MC 7pm Pawn Stars PG Michael Keaton. Vancouver 7:30 DC’s Legends Of 10:45 Denial MC 2017 6:30 David Tutera – Tomorrow M 8:30 CSI MV Biography Drama. Celebrations 9:30 NCIS PGV Rachel Weisz, Timothy Spall, 7:28 The Dish 3 10:30 SVU – Special Victims Tom Wilkinson. 7:30 Snapped PGR 3 Unit MV 11:25 Helicopter FRIDAY 8:30 60 Days In PGR ER M 12:35 Don’t Breathe 18VLSC Three participants remain in FRIDAY 2016 Horror. 2:05 People Clark County Jail; one of the 12:20 Border Security M Interview – Matthew women in F-Pod is released, 1:20 Pawn Stars PG 1:50 CSI McConaughey 3:05 Free leaving Tami upset. MV 2:40 DC’s Legends Of State Of Jones 16VC 2016 9:30 Babies Behind Bars Tomorrow M 3:30 SVU Drama. 5:25 Nothing But 10:30 Intervention AO 3 – Special Victims Unit MV Trailers MVLSC 5:55 Spider11:20 Snapped PGR 3 4:20 The Force MC 4:45 NCIS Man – Homecoming MV 2017 12:10 Infomercials 3 Action. PGV 5:35 The Simpsons PG

6am The Legend Of Korra 3 6:25 Ben 10 – Alien Force 6:50 Codename – Kids Next Door 7:15 Grojband 3 7:40 The Powerpuff Girls 8:05 Batman – Brave And The Bold 8:30 Nicky, Ricky, Dicky And Dawn 3 8:55 The Moe Show 0 9:20 The Crowd Goes Wild 9:50 Jeopardy 10:20 The Doctors PGR 11:15 Hot Bench 11:40 Antiques Road Trip 12:40 Elementary PGR 3 0 1:35 The Late Show With Stephen Colbert PGR 3 2:30 Wheel Of Fortune 3pm Escape To The Country 3 4pm Antiques Roadshow 3 5pm Jeopardy 5:30 Prime News 6pm American Restoration 0 6:30 Pawn Stars

11:30 The Crowd Goes Wild 3 The team presents the best of the day’s sports news. Midnight Closedown

MOVIES GREATS 6:40 Gone Baby Gone 16VL 2007 Crime. Casey Affleck, Morgan Freeman, Ed Harris. 8:30 Unfaithful 16VS 2002 Drama. Diane Lane, Richard Gere. 10:30 I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry MLS 2007 Comedy. Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Jessica Biel. 12:25 Spider-Man MV 2002 Action. Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, Willem Defoe. 2:25 Gone Baby Gone 16VL 2007 Crime. Casey Affleck, Morgan Freeman, Ed Harris. 4:15 Twelve Monkeys MVL 1995 Sci-fi Thriller. Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, Madeleine Stowe. 6:25 What Women Want PGL 2000 Romantic Comedy. Mel Gibson, Helen Hunt. 8:30 Twister PGV 1996 Drama. A couple on the point of divorce keep meeting each other because both are researchers who chase tornadoes. Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton, Cary Elwes, Jami Gertz. 10:25 Wanderlust MLS 2012 Comedy. Paul Rudd, Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux.


Midnight Road To Perdition MV 2002 Crime Drama. Tom Hanks, Jude Law. 1:55 Twelve Monkeys MVL 1995 Sci-fi Thriller. Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, Madeleine Stowe. 4am Twister PGV 1996 Drama. 5:50 Wanderlust MLS 2012 Comedy.


6:30 Waiata Mai 3 6:40 Dora Matatoa 2 7:10 Huhu 7:20 He Rourou 7:30 Polyfest Kapa Haka (HLS) 7:40 Kia Mau 7:50 Cube 3 8am Te Kaea 3 2 8:30 KaweKorero 3 9am Ka Tu Ka Korero 9:30 Kai Time On The Road 3 10am Korero Mai 3 11am Toku Reo 3 2 Noon Korero Mai 3 1pm Toku Reo 3 2 2pm Opaki 3 2:30 Nga Pari Karangaranga O Te Motu 3 3pm Waiata Mai 3 3:10 Dora Matatoa 2 3:40 Huhu 3:50 He Rourou 3 4pm Polyfest Kapa Haka 3 4:10 Kia Mau 3 4:20 Cube 4:30 Project Whenua 5pm Voices Of Our Future – VOOF 3 5:30 Te Kaea 2 6pm Te Mana Kuratahi – Primary Schools’ Kapa Haka 6:30 Te Kaea 3 2 7pm KaweKorero 7:30 Kitchen Kura 3 8pm KTK – The Next Level 8:30 Sidewalk Karaoke PGR 3 9pm The Ring Inz 3 9:30 Toa – Toa O Aotearoa PGR 3 10pm Ka Tu Ka Korero 10:30 Te Mana Kuratahi – Primary Schools’ Kapa Haka 3 11pm Te Kaea 3 Maori Television’s daily news programme. 2 11:30 KaweKorero 3 Inside news from at home and around the globe. Midnight Closedown

SKY SPORT 1 6am Cricket – International (HLS) Blackcaps v England – Fourth ODI. 6:30 The Cricket Show 7am Rugby – Super Rugby (HLS) Blues v Chiefs. 7:30 Rugby – Super Rugby (HLS) Reds v Brumbies. 8am Rugby – Super Rugby (HLS) Sunwolves v Rebels. 8:30 Rugby – Super Rugby (HLS) Crusaders v Stormers. 9am Rugby – Super Rugby (HLS) Sharks v Waratahs. 9:30 Rugby – Super Rugby (HLS) Bulls v Lions. 10am Rugby – Super Rugby (HLS) Jaguares v Hurricanes. 10:30 The Breakdown 11:30 Super Rugby Kick And Chase 12:30 Rugby – Super Rugby (RPL) Sunwolves v Rebels. 2:30 Rugby – World Sevens (HLS) Las Vegas – Day Two. 4pm Rugby – World Sevens (HLS) Las Vegas – Day Three. 5:30 The Breakdown 6:30 Rugby – Super Rugby (RPL) Jaguares v Hurricanes. 8:30 SKY Rugby – Team Talk 9pm Fox Sports News 9:30 Triathlon – ITU World Series (HLS) Abu Dhabi. 10:30 Super Rugby Kick And Chase 11:30 Rugby – Super Rugby (HLS) Blues v Chiefs. FRIDAY Midnight Rugby – Super Rugby (HLS) Crusaders v Stormers. 12:30 Rugby – Super Rugby (HLS) Jaguares v Hurricanes. 1am The Breakdown 2am Ice Hockey – NHL (RPL) Philadelphia Flyers v Pittsburgh Penguins. 4am Rugby – Super Rugby (RPL) Reds v Brumbies.

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6am The Living Room 7am Grand Tours Of The Scottish Islands 7:30 Love Nature – Earth’s Natural Wonders 8:30 American Pickers 9:30 Destination Flavour Scandinavia 10am Peter Kuruvita’s Coastal Kitchen 10:30 Freddie Flintoff Goes Wild 11:30 Colin And Justin’s Cabin Pressure Noon Ben Fogle – Return To The Wild 1pm Alone AO 2pm Ozzy And Jack’s World Detour 3pm Grand Tours Of The Scottish Islands 3:30 Love Nature – Grey Seals: Life On The Edge 4:30 Gourmet Farmer 5pm Valentine Warner’s Wild Table 5:30 American Pickers 6:30 The Secret Lives Of Owls 7:30 George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces 8:30 Meet The Humans The country house becomes a haunted house as 10 fear junkies see if they can be made afraid. 9:30 Trust Me I’m A Doctor 10:30 American Pickers

11:30 Gourmet Farmer Midnight Valentine Warner’s Wild Table 12:30 Hardcore Pawn PGR 1am The Secret Lives Of Owls 2am Love Nature – Grey Seals: Life On The Edge 3am Colin And Justin’s Cabin Pressure 3:30 Grand Tours Of The Scottish Islands 4am George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces 5am Meet The Humans

SKY SPORT 2 6:30 Motorsport – Supercars (HLS) Race Two. 7:30 UEFA Europa League Magazine Show 8am L Football – UEFA Champions League Tottenham v Juventus – Round 16, Second Leg. From Wembley Stadium. 11:30 Football – UEFA Champions League (RPL) Manchester City v Basel – Round 16, Second Leg. From Etihad Stadium. 1:30 Football – UEFA Champions League (HLS) Round 16, Second Leg. 2pm L Ice Hockey – NHL Philadelphia Flyers v Pittsburgh Penguins. 5pm Fight Flashback 5:30 Football – A-League Hour 6:30 Football – A-League Shootout News and highlights show. 7:30 Pre-Season With The Warriors 8pm Sport TBC 9pm L Rugby League – NRL Dragons v Broncos. From Jubilee Oval, Kogarah. 11:45 Sport TBC


12:30 Cricket – International (HLS) Blackcaps v England – Fourth ODI. 1am Fight Flashback 1:30 UFC Main Event 2:30 Rugby League – NRL (HLS) Dragons v Broncos. 3am Super League Fulltime 3:30 Sport TBC 4am Rugby League – NRL (RPL) Dragons v Broncos. 8Mar18

DISCOVERY 6:35 Deadliest Catch PG 7:30 How It’s Made PG 7:55 How It’s Made PG 8:20 MythBusters PG Hurricane Window. 9:10 Alaskan Bush People M Wind and a Prayer. 10am Homestead Rescue PG Drowning. 10:50 Alaska – The Last Frontier M 11:40 A Crime To Remember M The Wrong Man. 12:30 The Perfect Murder M No Happy Ending. 1:20 Murder Calls M Death Mask. 2:10 How It’s Made PG 2:35 How It’s Made PG 3pm How Do They Do It? PG 3:25 How Do They Do It? PG 3:50 Deadliest Catch PG 4:45 Outback Opal Hunters PG 5:40 MythBusters PG Greased Lightning. 6:35 Gold Rush PG The Devil’s Finger. 7:30 Gold Rush PG The Holy Grail. 8:30 Outback Opal Hunters PG 9:25 Moonshiners M Stash and Grab. 10:15 Alaska – The Last Frontier M 11:05 Naked And Afraid M Beware the Bayou. 11:55 Murder Calls M Death Mask.


12:45 The Perfect Murder M 1:35 How Do They Do It? PG 2am How Do They Do It? PG 2:25 Alaskan Bush People M 3:15 Deadliest Catch PG 4:05 Treehouse Masters PG 4:55 How It’s Made PG 5:20 How Do They Do It? PG 5:45 Bering Sea Gold PG | Compiled by

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Thursday, March 8, 2018


Heidi Trounson tries to beat the ball back to the crease at yesterday’s Primary Schools’ Cricket competition at the Ashburton Domain Oval. PHOTO LAURA BAGRIE 070318-LB-10

Cricket winner on the day BY MATT MARKHAM


More than 200 school students from across the Ashburton District converged on the Ashburton Domain yesterday. There to take part in the annual Year 5 and 6 Schools’ Competition, the students enjoyed a day of cricket on Mid Canterbury’s premier cricketing venue on the Oval and Mid Canter-

bury Cricket’s Garfield Charles said that the day could not have gone much better. “It was awesome,” he said. “We saw some great cricket throughout the day and even some children who had no idea what they were doing at the start of the day walked off at the end having played some great cricket. “That’s success in itself for

us.” The tournament is run at this time each year and coincides with the Year 7 and 8 competition that runs in November. While the emphasis is on the children just getting out and enjoying cricket while having fun, it is a competition and a winner needs to be found. Two sides; Borough and Longbeach went through the day’s play both unbeaten so a

countback on run aggregate was required and Borough were awarded the victory. “With 20 teams out there competing and only five rounds of play available it made it a little hard to have a play-off so we went on aggregate.” Charles said it was really pleasing to see such a wide range of schools engaged in the competition – particularly

those who travelled into town from out in the country to take part. “The day was a great success and this is the age group we see the most growth in too which is great. “We really do push for it to be a fun day out for the kids, but we play under normal cricket conditions so the children get right into the competition.”

Heroic Ross Taylor blasts New Zealand into series decider Luteru Ross Poutoa Lote Taylor has produced one of the most heroic innings in New Zealand’s one-day international history to level the series 2-2 against England in Dunedin. New Zealand hunted down a record chase of 336 in the seventh ODI at the ground to win by five wickets with three balls to spare.

Henry Nicholls pumped a six behind square leg off Tom Curran to complete the result. A day shy of his 34th birthday, Taylor eclipsed his career-best 131 not out made against Pakistan during the 2011 World Cup. That innings came on his 27th birthday. He has matured so much as a cricketer since then, and this performance

was exhibit A. Taylor came to the wicket in a crisis on his way to a career best of 181 not out off 147 balls in the format and the highest at the ground. New Zealand had lost both openers for two runs after 2.4 overs, with Colin Munro sacrificing the review to a plumb lbw first ball. The No.4 appeared to rip a groin muscle as he stretched to

Bowlers hit the greens P16

avoid getting run out late in his innings. Yet he stood manfully and schooled the England bowlers for 17 fours and six sixes in between hobbling between the wickets and getting medical treatments in the no-runner era. With the help of Kane Williamson (45 from 48 balls), Tom Latham (71 from 67) and Colin de Grand-

homme (23 from 12 balls), Taylor hauled them back into the contest in a manner only a player of 204 matches’ experience can. The fourth-wicket partnership of 187 runs from 215 balls with Latham eclipsed the 178-run record they had set between the countries in the first match in Hamilton. - NZME

Dame Valerie a starter P17

Ag 08 march, 2018  
Ag 08 march, 2018  

Ashburton Guardian, Thursday, March 8, 2018