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Saturday, September 7, 2013

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College boys run out of puff




NZ’s silent killer More people die by suicide than on our roads, yet the subject remains taboo.


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Saturday, September 7, 2013

5 BITES 1 Would you like some drugs with that? 2 Two cheetah cubs and a puppy Five things that may interest you

Scores of cannabis plants and drug-growing paraphernalia were seized after police raided a Chinese restaurant in Wanganui yesterday. Bystanders said at least two trailer loads of plants and equipment were taken away from the Beijing restaurant and takeaway on St Hill St. One witness estimated there were six or seven police vehicles there throughout the morning.



Two male cheetah cubs have joined the Dallas Zoo population. Zoo officials have marked the occasion by providing them with a puppy. The 8-week-old feline brothers, Winspear and Kamau, were born July 8 at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute. The zoo is providing them with an 8-week-old black labrador retriever puppy named Amani. Zoo experts hope he’ll provide a calming influence for the cats.

Naturist appeals conviction

Tauranga naturist Andrew Pointon is appealing his conviction for gardening and mowing his lawns in the nude. Pointon was convicted of two offensive behaviour charges in May after a defended hearing. Outside the High Court at Tauranga Pointon said he appealed because he believed he did not receive a fair hearing from the district court judge, nor was he given sufficient time to prepare his defence case. Justice Paul Heath reserved his decision.

5 He’s 3 and hanging 10

A US town’s honorary mayor, Stubbs the cat, has been badly injured in a vicious dog attack. The quirky Alaska community of Talkeetna elected the cat in a write-in campaign 15 years ago. But now Stubbs is sedated and under veterinary care. The attack left him with a punctured lung, bruised hips, a long deep gash on his side and a fractured sternum. The town is purported to be the inspiration for the town in the TV series, Northern Exposure.

At age 3, Triston Gailey hangs 10. Ditching his Thomas the Tank Engine T-shirt for a wetsuit and life jacket, the preschooler rides the waves with the big boys on the Central California coast. Triston’s father, Todd Gailey, said his son started boogie boarding with his 6-year-old sister last year. But when the blond-haired toddler began standing up on the short board, his dad bought him a proper surfboard. Right away, Triston was turning heads as he perfected his form: poised and balanced, hands out in front as he rides waves to shore in Morro Bay.


takes its inspiration from ‘organic treasures’ like shells on the beach, then celebrates their beauty in big, bold images. Her current work reflects a fascination with time, movement and change – and how these factors impact on people and the environment. Exhibition runs throughout September. On the couch - X-Men: TV3, Sunday, 9.05pm. A band

























of unique power-possessing mutants live in a world where they’re hated and persecuted. Under the guidance of their leader, Professor Charles Xavier, the X-Men strive for a world where humans and mutants can co-exist. Out of Town - Dunkleys Great NZ Craft Show: Addington Raceway, Christchurch, all weekend, 10am to 5pm. This year will be Dunk-

leys’ 31st year of organising New Zealand’s largest and most popular craft shows. Craft-lovers everywhere get the chance to meet directly with our nation’s most talented craftspeople and buy direct. Adults: $10. School children: $5. Got an event you want to tell us about? Email us at events@

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US town roots for feline mayor

Ashburton Bird Club Sale: 67 South Street, Saturday. Bird lovers near and far are invited to the annual Ashburton Bird Club cage and aviary bird sale. You don’t have to be a club member to buy or sell birds. Sale runs from 9am to 2pm. Momentum – Angela Mole exhibition: Methven Heritage Centre, until 1 October. Angela Mole’s artwork






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Noxious seed not properly contained By Michelle NelsoN

The importers of a noxious weed threatening Mid Canterbury’s multi-million dollar seed industry did not take adequate steps to keep the consignment contained. PGG Wrightson has taken responsibility for seed contaminated with black grass or meadow fox spilling on State Highway 72 between Ashburton and Methven. The contaminated fescue seed had been sent to a quarantine facility in Methven to have the black grass seed cleaned. When that was unsuccessful PGG Wrightson picked it up and transported it in insecure containers. The Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) estimates about 30 kilograms of seed – containing about 2100 black grass seeds blew out on the journey. And that has the seed industry worried. Federated Farmers Mid Canterbury grains chairperson David Clark said black grass was a major threat to the country’s arable industry – worth $868 million at the farm gate. “From our point of view this threat is equivalent to Psa (bacterial canker in kiwifruit) or varroa (bee mite),” Mr Clark said. “It couldn’t have happened on a worse road in New Zealand – right in the heart of Mid Canterbury’s arable farm land.” Federated Farmers is working with MPI officials, the Foundation for Arable Research

Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, September 7, 2013

(FAR) and other stakeholders to develop an incursion plan. “My clear position is that we must do everything feasibly possible to make sure it does not establish here,” Mr Clark said. “Black grass has proved to be one of the toughest weeds to control on European and UK cropping farms. It can reduce yields in wheat to beyond the point where it is economic to grow the crop and could also put in jeopardy New Zealand’s lucrative ryegrass seed export business. “This did not need to happen – but no amount of fingerpointing will change the fact that it did. “It blew out the top of seed boxes with ill-fitting lids stacked on the back of a flat deck truck.” Mr Clark said initial test indicated the viability of the black grass seed was low; however it can lie dormant for several years. “Any monitoring and surveillance programme would need to be in place for three to five years. It is also very vigorous and resistant to many chemicals. “We are working on finding out whether this particular seed line is chemically resistant – if so it would greatly reduce our chances of arresting it, if it’s not potentially could be controlled with spray.” “Once it’s here it’s here – we have a small window of opportunity to get rid of it, we’ve got a fighting chance but we need to step to it,” Mr Clark said.


PSA lashes out at MPI for spill The Public Service Association lashed out at the Ministry of Primary Industries, blaming a lack of biosecurity inspectors for the spillage of black grass seed in Mid Canterbury. PSA national secretary Richard Wagstaff said there were no specialist biosecurity inspectors left in the South Island to monitor and oversee this type of quarantine operation. “The merger of MAF into the Ministry for Primary Industries and on-going restructuring at MPI has led to a huge loss of specialist expertise and

institutional knowledge,” Mr Wagstaff said. “Earlier in 2013 there were three specialist biosecurity inspectors in the South Island who had the necessary experience and knowledge to monitor and manage such situations and who would have been able to manage the risk. “However two left following recent restructuring and the other has been moved into a different role. “Although MPI has been recruiting inspectors, relentless restructuring over the past two

years has resulted in the loss of expertise. The biosecurity inspector role has been disestablished and quarantine inspectors are now carrying out this role.” “Canterbury used to be a region with a lot of specialist seed and grain quarantine regulation management but it’s been diminished and New Zealand doesn’t have the level of expertise or overview that we should. As the most important seed multiplication area in the country, improvements must be made.”

Black grass could decimate Mid Canterbury’s seed industry.

Photo suPPlied


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News 4

Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Major faults found off coast By Laura miLLS Faultlines capable of causing earthquakes with magnitudes of up to 7.8, with the potential to trigger massive tsunamis, have been found off the northern West Coast. However, the West Coast Regional Council yesterday moved to reassure the public, saying the Alpine Fault was a far more imminent threat. The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa) led the two-year mapping project for the council, which wanted to assess the tsunami risk for coastal communities. Niwa marine geologist Philip Barnes said while the faults were relatively large and capable of causing fairly severe earthquakes, it was thought they had extremely long recurrence intervals, meaning that large earthquakes would be very infrequent. Dr Barnes said the oil industry had been active off the West Coast and had collected a lot of

data about some of the faults over several decades. “However, this is the first time the offshore data has been analysed to determine whether these faults are active and the potential earthquake hazard they pose.” The report says: * The faults run parallel to the coast, within 30km of the shore. * There are 10 marine faults in the 320km between Cape Farewell in the north, to Hokitika in the south. These

include five segments of the Cape Foulwind fault, the Kahurangi and Kongahu faults (Karamea), and three others referred to informally as the Farewell, Elizabeth (Rapahoe), and Razorback (Punakaiki) faults. * The faults range in length from 10km to 120km and are expected to generate earthquakes ranging in magnitude from 6.4 to 7.8. * It is estimated earthquakes of these strengths would recur on individual faults

between once every 7500 to 30,000 years. However, Niwa said it was impossible to tell when previous earthquake ruptures may have taken place, and there were significant uncertainties in the rates of fault activity, noting that further work was needed. “This information will underpin future work to improve the modelling of seismic and tsunami hazards that will help coastal communities and authorities better understand the potential risk associated with future earthquakes.” Regional council planning and environmental manager Michael Meehan said it was important for the council to gauge what it was dealing with, “and to help us decide where to from here”. The West Coast has been the location of two of New Zealand’s most severe earthquakes in recent history: the Murchison earthquake in 1929, which measured 7.8 and the 7.1 Inangahua earthquake in 1968. - APNZ


A ‘significant financial windfall’ By Sue newman

This week’s school sports tournaments have provided Ashburton with a significant financial windfall, a tourism leader says. Experience Mid Canterbury chief executive Nigel Birt said that while the immediate beneficiaries were always accommodators, the spin off for the district was huge from any multi-day event. “The economic returns are large with these. You can see this week that accommodation is full and that’s especially good in what is our shoulder season.” When the district’s new sports stadium opened in 2015, Mr Birt said this would add another layer of opportunity to secure more events. “That’s a massive asset to tourism promotion. Sports groups are a different part of our promotion to traditional tourism.” While Experience Mid Canterbury no longer measured the economic impact of each event in the district, the standard measure now was to add an average of $128 for every bed night sold. And in a week where accommodators were full for several nights that meant a huge inflow of cash, he said. “It all spins off into supermarkets, service stations, restaurants, fast food places, they all benefit.” The key for Ashburton’s motels and hotels was to avoid

One bed down 20 to go, Rebecca and Craig Lambie, owners of Taylors Motels, work their way through the huge post sports tournament week clean up. Photo tetsuro MitoMo 060913-tM-176

clashes and for events to be well planned and spread across the year. Having a spread of events was crucial if the district wanted to lift its bed night average from around 30 per cent, Mr Birt said. “Part of our role is to assist in co-ordinating events and to encourage people to look at what else is on when something is planned. “Communication is absolutely the key because rather than in-

crease your supplier numbers you want to get occupancy rates up by spreading the load.” Ask motelier Rebecca Lambie how the past week has been and she has just one word – “frantic”. “Sports events are wonderful, but they can also be a mixed blessing. “You walk a tightrope between accommodating the teams and meeting the needs of your regular customers.”

For her sports weeks usually mean becoming involved in her guests’ teams and often watching matches too. “You meet some great people and you can’t help getting involved.” The downside of tournament week was always check-out day, when there were dozens of rooms to clean, beds to change and washing to do before the traditional weekend influx of guests, Mrs Lambie said.

Simon Garrick

Missing man believed murdered By Patrice Dougan An Otago man who has been missing for almost a year is now believed to have been the victim of a homicide, police say. Simon Garrick, 42, has not been seen since October 2012, and has been officially reported as missing since May. However, police now believe Mr Garrick - a known heavy drug user - may no longer be alive, and have appealed to criminal or drug associates to come forward. “It is no secret that Simon has been involved within the Otago criminal fraternity and has been a known heavy drug user,” Detective Sergeant Derek Shaw of the Southern Police said. “I believe that the key to solving the mystery of his disappearance lies with members in this group and I appeal to anyone who has knowledge of what happened to Simon to come forward. “Our main focus in this investigation is to find Simon whatever the circumstances may be.” He said people involved in Mr Garrick’s disappearance may have “got caught up in a situation that’s not of their own making and beyond their control, and subsequently shown poor judgement”, and appealed for them to come forward. “Over time allegiances change and I am sure that the knowledge that will enable Simon to be returned to his family, is held by someone in our community,” he said. Mr Garrick was last seen at the Caversham Four Square supermarket in Dunedin on Tuesday, October 30 last year. There has been no activity on his phone or bank accounts since. Mr Garrick also missed his father’s funeral, in December 2012, and police believe they are now investigating a homicide, said Mr Shaw. Seven detectives have been working on the case, taking their inquiries as far as Australia to try to uncover what happened. Mr Garrick’s case featured on Police Ten 7 on Thursday night. - APNZ

News Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ashburton Guardian 5


HOW THE LABOUR LEADERSHIP VOTE WORKS ■ How does preferential voting work? ■ Voters rank the three candidates in their preferred order rather than voting for one candidate. ■ If one candidate secures more than half the votes that candidate wins. If this is not achieved, the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated. ■ Ballots assigned to the eliminated candidate are then recounted and assigned to one of the remaining candidates based on the next preference in each ballot.

WHO GETS TO VOTE? ■ Caucus vote – this makes up 40 per cent of the vote ■ Members Vote – Labour Party members votes make up another 40 per cent of the vote. ■ Union vote – affiliated unions get 20 per cent of the vote.

Rangitata Electorate Labour Party chairman, Glen Cameron.


Getting the faithful to the polls BY SUE NEWMAN


Ashburton man Glen Cameron will be taking a close interest in this month’s vote for a new leader of the New Zealand Labour Party. As the man charged with keeping the party ticking over in the Rangitata Electorate, Mr Cameron is determined that every member and every affiliated member will cast a vote for David Shearer’s replacement.

And more than many, the son of union leader Wes Cameron knows what it is that makes his party tick and why it’s important to ensure that every vote counts. He has a long record of service with the party and earlier this year was voted in as electorate chair. Over the years Mr Cameron has worked with a string of Labour candidates, on campaign trails and in electorates.

He has served his time on the party’s national executive and said that has given him a string of good contacts across the party hierarchy that can benefit the Rangitata Electorate. Being the man who co-ordinates activities for the electorate with the largest Labour Party membership in New Zealand, is an honour, he said. “It’s my job to make sure the party in the electorate runs smoothly and that I keep an eye

on local issues and bring these up. I’m the first point of contact for people.” And there’s nothing more important than having your say in who you think should lead your party, Mr Cameron said. Ballot papers are out and he is determined the vote return in the Rangitata Electorate will be high. He is encouraging every member to take the time to cast their vote and have their say.

He’s taking a bus load of party faithful up to Christchurch on Tuesday to hear all three candidates – David Cunliffe, Shane Jones and Grant Robertson speak. And he’ll be doing his best to ensure every member and affiliate member votes. Votes can be cast at Tuesday’s meeting, on line or ballot papers can be returned by mail. All papers must be returned by noon on September 15.

Solving The Great Sudoku Dilemma BY COEN LAMMERS The readers of the Ashburton Guardian have responded in large numbers to solve the great Sudoku debate. Since the launch of our newlook compact Guardian and the introduction of the new puzzles

pages, we have been praised for expanding the variety of puzzles but many complained that the Sudoku puzzles were too difficult. After running four different levels of Sudoku two weeks ago, the debate has turned into a dilemma.

More than half of the respondents have been pleading with us to stick with the most challenging ones and find the Easy ones a waste of time. The other half, however, find the Hard ones too frustrating to persevere with. Sadly, it left us with a head-

ache instead of a clear-cut majority decision. As this seemed to be a no-win situation, we approached our puzzle suppliers who will soon be supplying us with an additional daily easy Sudoku. We will continue to run a Hard Sudoku on the puzzles page,

while the second one alternates between Medium and Easy. The Your Place section will become the home of a daily Easy Sudoku, which will nicely complement your daily quiz. With three daily Sudoku puzzles we hope it will be a win-win solution for all our readers.

News 6

Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Farmers’ ire raised over races By Sue NewmaN

Six Barrhill farmers are fed up with the Ashburton District Council’s refusal to address their concerns over a council stock water race that flows through their farms. Not only is the race redundant, it has eroded wide swathes of their land and often floods significant areas, ruining crops, washing out bridges and creating a barrier to travelling around their farms. On Thursday the farmers, represented by solicitor Alister Argyle, spoke at the council’s public forum and told council-

lors they believed they had been treated unfairly over a request to close the race. Alastair Clemens, Colin and David Maw, Graham Campion, Bruce Perry and Gerald Kidner have been asking the council to close the water race since 1998 because of its impact on their farms, Mr Argyle said. “In April 2005 application was made by both Mr Kidner’s company and Mr Perry to have the race closed. “Again in July 2006, October 2008, and on an ongoing basis during this time, approaches were made to the council, requesting closure to alleviate serious scouring and soil erosion

problems from the race.” The council surveyed users in 2010 and the majority supported closure. In August it voted to close the race, but three months later they were disappointed council rescinded that decision, he said. “In circumstances which were at best murky, council extended the survey closing date and as a consequence there was a different result, albeit relatively marginal. “They then rescinded their decision in circumstances that my clients consider to be illegal, and the race continues to run through their properties today.” Mr Argyle said that pressure

from one person affected by a closure seemed to have swayed the council to change its mind, fearing council staff had not followed the correct procedure. “As a consequence of these illegal closures, my clients have been affected to such an extent that they now look to the council for losses resulting from the nuisance created by the council’s operation of its stock water race. “They expect council to alleviate the problem the closures have caused.” People supposedly affected by the race closure all had alternative water supply sources, he said.


Man charged over murder in the park A man has been arrested over the fatal attack on a homeless man in a central Auckland park. Steven Harris, 54, died in hospital shortly after the attack in Myers Park late on Wednesday night. A 49-year-old man was arrested yesterday afternoon after he handed himself in to police in the company of his lawyer. He will appear in the Auckland District Court today charged with murder. “The investigating team still has a lot of work to do but is grateful to all those who have assisted thus far,” a police statement said. The majority of Myer’s Park was reopened to the public yesterday and one of the three Asian people police were hoping to speak to made contact with investigators. The man will be interviewed in the company of an interpreter today. Mr Harris was known to attend the Urban Vineyard Church, and outreach officer Cameron Webster said he had arrived early on Wednesday to help dish out lunch for the homeless. “He came in early, I had talked to him on Sunday and I invited him to come along early and

It’s the closest a man will ever get to childbirth. That’s the view of Masterton’s Stuart Orme, who helped land a quarter-tonne Pacific bluefin tuna during a gruelling and painful four-hour tussle off Greymouth. Mr Orme and his friends Mike Falloon, Robbie Joblin and Craig Schofield were game fishing for tuna last weekend on board the 9m Reel Image in

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Ordered to leave A Tongan national who has been playing representative rugby for Poverty Bay in the Heartland Championship has been given two weeks to leave New Zealand of his own volition. Vili Savaki, 27, had been illegally in New Zealand for almost a year, Gisborne District Court was told. He came here in October last year for his aunt’s funeral. He was remanded on bail with conditions including reporting to police three times a week. Poverty Bay coach Mutu Ngarimu said he had no idea until yesterday that lock forward Savaki was an overstayer. - APNZ

Spring returning Spring-like conditions will return to much of the country over the weekend after this week’s cold snap, MetService said. Rugby fans can expect a few showers in Hamilton for tonight’s All Blacks game, but they will be over quickly before moving north. Temperatures in Christchurch and Napier are expected to hit 18°C and some places may enjoy 20°C, forecaster Daniel Corbett said. Sunday would bring a few showers to Wellington by about noon and Canterbury might also get some rain in the evening. - APNZ

Molester jailed

The scene of the murder in Myer’s Park. Inset: Steven Harris.

give us a hand, so he came along and was helpful.” He described Mr Harris as “a very talkative sort of fella”. Mr Webster said the violent death of a second homeless person in just over a month would “rock the [homeless] commu-

nity”. “That sort of stuff it’s not much fun for all these guys,” he said. “It’s amazing how they rally around when stuff like that happens. “To live on the streets there’s always the worry of stuff like this but I think that heightens

that worry. I can’t imagine how they would be feeling when this happens, within two months two guys have been killed.” Homeless man Edwin Linder, 42, was also killed in a CBD attack, in Mills Lane on August 3. - APNZ

Massive four-hour tussle with 251kg tuna By aNdrew BoNallack

In brief

the Hokitika trench, 50 nautical miles out. When the tuna “hit” the line at 6.45am, it stripped two-thirds of the reel before they got it under control. Mr Orme, a newcomer to the sport, took the line first. “I took it for about an hour, then Mike took over,” he said. After one-and-a-half hours, Mr Orme spotted a fin. The conclusion was the fish was small and they’d land it soon. Three hours later, Mr Falloon

was still battling - and feeling it. “Mike would tell you, he was ready to throw up.” The helm also has a major role, he said, trying to prevent the fish from going under the boat. When they got the huge fish to the boat, another issue arose. “How are we going to get it on board?” They managed it with a twopulley block and tackle, ending up with the tail sticking out over the stern.

Mr Orme said this is the sort of fish Asian markets pay big money for. However, the men divided the fish up “like great big chunks of roast beef ” and loaded it into five chilli bins with ice. The four are members of the Castlepoint Game Fishing Club. Mr Orme said there is a perception that game fishing is a rich man’s sport. “Anyone can join our club,” he said. “You don’t need a boat.” - APNZ

A Mount Maunganui man, who molested four teenage girls after sexual grooming which included bribing them with booze and cellphone top ups, has been jailed for two years 11 months. Alexander William Power was sentenced in Tauranga District Court yesterday after earlier pleading guilty to 27 charges. The admitted offences involve multiple counts of sexual connection with a young person, meeting up with a young person after sexual grooming and indecently assaulting a female aged 12-16. - APNZ

Advert ‘irresponsible’ Complaints that a Nissan advert was irresponsible and “glamourised” speeding have been upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority. The television advert for the Nissan Pulsar hatch showed a young couple practising to get to the hospital quickly. One viewer complained the advert was irresponsible because it promoted speed and unsafe driving. The Advertising Standards Authority found the advert breached the Code for Advertising Vehicles and was not prepared with a due sense of social responsibility. - APNZ


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News 8

Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Historic photo triggers flood of calls BY COEN LAMMERS COEN.L@THEGUARDIAN.CO.NZ

Ashburton folk clearly know their history and their rugby. The historic photo in the Your Place section yesterday triggered an avalanche of phone calls from readers who remembered some of the people in the featured rugby team or were related to the players. We soon established that the team in the photo is representing Burnett Motors, a company that eventually turned into Rural Transport. Many of the people who rang used to work at the company, or were related to the players in question. The original photo was marked as 1946 but several callers questioned that date and referred to the Hinds History book which published the same photo with the tagline “Burnett Rugby Team 19391940”. One reader questioned whether her father would still be playing rugby in 1946 at the age of 36. However, another caller explained that owner Bob Bur-

nett only started the transport business in 1938 and doubted that he would have had that many staff one year later. She was also reasonably sure that her uncle in the photo only started to work for Bob after the war which would explain the 1946 date. Either way we firmly established that this is the Burnett Motors Rugby Team, we heard that some players are still alive, and that this team has numerous family lines in this community, including high-profile locals like Phil Kenny of Harcourt’s real estate and former Silver Fern Angela Mitchell. When the phone runs red hot at the Guardian offices, it normally means trouble, but yesterday’s flood of calls was a pleasant surprise to all of us. Our offices received over 100 calls during the course of the day and we apologise that we were not able to get back to everyone that left a message. We want to thank our readers for this incredible response which outnumbered anything most of us have experienced in recent times.

The Burnett Motors Rugby Team, 1946 (or 1939). Back row (from left) Jim Milson, Warren Jones, Baden Henry, Bill Peach, Collen Elms, Sid Watson, Jack Harris, Bill Lister and Jack Withell. Middlerow: Ted Parsons, Bob Burnett, Ivan Behrnes, Ross Lloyd and Doug Evans. Front row: Keith Kenny, Hec MacGregor and Don Kenny.


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News 10 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ashburton resembled a scene from the Hitchcock classic The Birds yesterday, as black-billed gulls took up residence on businesses’ roofs, including that of Cates Grain and Seed. Photo Kirsty Clay 060913-KC-009

Black-billed gulls paint the town white By SuSan SandyS Thousands of black-billed gulls took up residence in central west Ashburton yesterday, filling the sky with their calls and decorating footpaths with white splotches. Each spring the critically endangered birds set up a nesting colony in the Ashburton River around State Highway One, but have an “unsettled” period before they get into the business

of egg laying and raising their young. Forest and Bird Ashburton branch member Don Geddes said the birds had arrived on the river at their traditional nesting site near State Highway One a couple of weeks ago, but now it appeared they had upped sticks and were looking for a new site. In the meantime they were checking out the local scenery, and probably foraging for food scraps.

He said something may have disturbed them, or they may have just randomly decided they did not want to nest at their traditional site near the highway bridge this year. “They might go back there, or they might just shift somewhere completely different,” he said. However, their new nesting site would likely to be somewhere on the river, perhaps further down or upstream. They would not attempt to make their nests


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in central Ashburton, despite appearing settled on some wider-roofed buildings in the town yesterday. Cates Grain and Seed manager Stuart Begg said the gulls had left white splotches all over the business’s car park and the cars parked there. “Today is the only day we have noticed them really,” Mr Begg said. “I would not say they are a pest, but everyone will have to

wash their cars over weekend,” he said. “The only damage they are doing is making a bit of a mess of the yard.” Passerby Heather Yellowlees said she had noticed the birds nesting on the river over the years, but had never seen them in such high numbers in Ashburton itself. “I’m more worried about being pooped on more than anything else,” she said.

Couple stomp on teen’s head By Kelli HooKS A Masterton couple’s attack on two teenagers included head stomping, Masterton District Court heard on Thursday. Hoana Poutu, 20, a student, and Cohen WaitereGrant, 18, unemployed, pleaded guilty to assault with intent to injure. Waitere-Grant also faces two separate assault charges which he pleaded guilty to. On August 3, just before 11pm, WaitereGrant and Poutu were walking along Bannister St, Masterton, arguing.

An 18-year-old and her 14-year-old friend were walking along the opposite side of the street, prosecuting sergeant Garry Wilson said. Waitere-Grant ran across the road and tackled the younger teen to the ground. As the other tried to get WaitereGrant off her friend, Poutu, who believed the victim had been having an affair with WaitereGrant, punched her twice in the face and she fell to the ground. While trying to get up Poutu kicked her in the jaw causing her to fall

back to the ground, then began kicking her in the head and body. As she curled up in the foetal position, the couple stomped on her head a number of times, causing an abrasion and swelling to her forehead that needed treatment. Poutu told police she could not remember what happened and was “wasted” at the time. WaitereGrant denied the assault and said Poutu was the only one involved. Judge Tony Walsh remanded the pair on bail to October 17 for sentencing. - APNZ

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News 12 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cunliffe remains firm favourite In a surprise poll result, voters have picked Shane Jones ahead of Grant Robertson in the Labour Party leadership race, while David Cunliffe remains the firm favourite. Conducted by Research Now, the 3 News poll sampled 500 voters from around the country,

asking them to name their preferred Labour leader from the three contenders. The results come as a surprise with 39.6 per cent of voters saying Mr Cunliffe was their preferred party leader, 31.6 per cent saying Mr Jones, while Mr Robertson trailed on 28.8

per cent. Among Labour voters, Mr Cunliffe’s support was even stronger with 45.6 per cent wanting him to be the next party leader, Mr Jones was in second place with 28.1 per cent and Mr Robertson received 26.4 per cent. The poll also asked which of the three candidates

John Key should be most worried about. Thirty four per cent of respondents said Mr Cunliffe, 16 per cent said Mr Jones and 13 per cent Mr Robertson. However, 37 per cent said Mr Key had nothing to worry about. -APNZ

Group battling with memory loss By SuSan SandyS Seventy-five-year-old Jim, of Ashburton, can remember getting the strap around his legs in his first week at Paekakariki School. He can remember cycling 12 miles at the age of 15 to apply for a job as a carpenter’s apprentice in Ramati. He can remember why he got the strap, for talking, and he can remember that he was accepted for that job he had wanted so badly. “I knew I wanted to be a carpenter,” he said. But it’s the things Jim can’t remember which are letting him down in his later years. Like the names of people he meets in the street, people he knows he has had a long association with, but just can not place them. “It’s a little bit frustrating,” he said. He has been diagnosed with memory loss, and is among 11 people attending a memory group held by Alzheimer’s Canterbury at the Ashburton Seniors Centre on the first Thursday each month. Alzheimer’s Canterbury social worker Jackie Bould said two new members had joined just last week. The group was led by herself and fellow facilitator Barb Flower-James. It began with a morning tea, and discussion about their month - the problems and chal-

In brief Crash blocks traffic Traffic was backed up on State Highway One north of Auckland between Warkworth and Orewa yesterday afternoon after a serious crash, which reduced SH1 to one lane at Puhoi. Police and other emergency services attended the scene after the head-on collision between two cars on Hungry Creek Rd at about 4.30pm. Two men were taken to hospital. Police said one man was in a serious condition. - APNZ

Two added to inquiry Two new members have been added to the board which will head the Government’s investigation into the Fonterra botulism scare. Food experts Tony Nowell and Dr Anne Astin were officially announced yesterday by Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy and Food Safety Minister Nikki Kaye. Mr Nowell is the current chairman of Scion (New Zealand Forest Research), and a director of Food Standards Australia New Zealand and the National Export Advisory Board. Dr Astin is the former chief executive who developed, established and led the start-up of a government statutory authority for dairy food safety in Victoria, Australia. They will join Miriam Dean QC who was announced as chairwoman of the inquiry on August 19. - APNZ

Tearaways tamed

Alzheimer’s Canterbury facilitator Barb Flower-James, at the head of the table, takes memory group participants through exercises at the Ashburton Seniors Centre last week. Photo SuSan SandyS

lenges they had faced. Many shared experiences, like Jim’s, of forgetting people’s names, even those of their own family. “It’s that embarrassment and the shame of not being able to remember,” Ms Bould said. The memory group was good as people got to share their experiences and find they were not alone, and that such incidents

were really not as bad as what they had initially thought. “There’s no greater expert of living with memory problems than people who are living with memory problems,” Ms Bould said. Exercises were undertaken, such as proverb quizzes and the alphabet game, where people had to name a car or plant beginning with letters from a to z.

This in itself brought back memories for people, such as the lady who went for her first date in a Willys-Knight, a car beginning with w. The memory group was for those with dementia who had insight into their condition, and wanted to come along and gain confidence with their memory skills. They had to be referred by their GP.

A gang of teenage tearaways has been referred to Youth Aid after a spate of burglaries and other offences in Motueka over the past six to eight weeks. Police said they had identified 11 children aged 16 and under and cleared 26 burglaries, three thefts and one incident of intentional damage and arson. - APNZ

Jailed for stabbing A Pyes Pa man, who stabbed a 37-year-old Greerton man multiple times in his neck with a steak knife in an unprovoked attack, has been jailed for five years, 11 months. Joshua Pratt-Keatley, 27, was sentenced in Tauranga District Court yesterday after earlier pleading guilty to a charge of wounding with intent to wound and an unrelated assault charge. The victim was stabbed as he walked home from a bar. - APNZ

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Weekend focus 14 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, September 7, 2013

New Zealand singer Anika Moa has played concerts around the country and the world for close to 15 years, but an upcoming visit to Mid Canterbury as part of the Fly My Pretties tour has her really excited. Gabrielle Stuart reports.

There’s nothing like the smell of home for Anika Moa


or Anika Moa, home has become difficult to define. Her ties to the land are strong, but keeping her feet on it is not easy. Often the view from a small, oval window thousands of feet in the air is all she sees of the land she loves, as long flights between concerts and events take her across the country and the world. Home has come to mean different things for the Christchurch-born artist. Home is cuddles with her twin sons after a long week. Home is singing in the same New Zealand halls and bars she first conquered as a teen in the 90s. Home is time spent with the Kiwi musicians who have become some of her best friends. And home is returning to Canterbury to stay at her mother’s home in Dunsandel. “It’s one of my favourite places

in the world. It smells like sheep and raw earth.” She will be visiting Mid Canterbury in less than a month, but on this trip she won’t have much time to sit back and smell the sheep. This year marks the first year that Anika Moa will tour as part of the musical collaboration Fly My Pretties. It will also be the first year the cast make a stop to play a show in Ashburton. Anika isn’t claiming any responsibility for bringing the tour to Mid Canterbury, but it is a show she is particularly looking forward to. “I love Cantabrians. Our people of Aotearoa are pretty special, but the people of Canterbury are just awesome! I can’t wait to be back.” This week saw the new cast of Fly My Pretties perform together for the first time, playing three shows north of Auckland.

Anika has toured before with plenty of top musicians, but this tour has her excited. “I’ve always been such a massive fan of Fly My Pretties. I’ve been to the show every single year. It will be awesome to be up there and be part of it this time around.” She already knows most of the 12 New Zealand artists, who have set off on their journey from

Kaitaia to Invercargill, playing 23 shows around the country in just 27 days. She said the Fly My Pretties tours were about mixing ideas and inspiring each other. “We’re throwing our music and our different styles into the pot and mixing up something awesome.” She said that the Kiwi music culture was unique, and made collaborations like Fly My Pretties possible. “I’ve worked with

so many musicians that have become my best friends, and they’re the ones that inspire me to be a better songwriter and a better person. We understand each other and resonate with one another.” Anika Moa will be joined on the tour by Fly My Pretties founder and Black Seeds frontman Barnaby Weir, alongside artists Mel Parsons, Ria Hall, Jarney Murphy, Kara Gordon, Louis McDonald, Mark Vanilau, Mike Fabulous, Nigel Patterson, Ryan Prebble and Shaun Blackwell. The tour will visit the Ashburton Trust Event Centre on September 25. Tickets to Fly My Pretties shows in Christchurch are already sold out, but limited numbers are still available from the event centre for the Ashburton show.

FLY MY PRETTIES Fly My Pretties tour will visit Mid Canterbury for one show at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre. The show will start at 8pm on Wednesday, September 25, and is open to all ages. Tickets cost $45, and are available online or from the Ashburton Trust Event Centre. Anika Moa

Barnaby Weir

Mel Parsons

Environment Canterbury in Ashburton Clearer air for Ashburton residents Ashburton residents can breathe a little easier with only three high air pollution days recorded this winter, a significant decrease from the 11 days recorded last year. Environment Canterbury and the Ashburton District Council have been working with the community to raise awareness of the impact that winter air pollution has on our health. The Let’s Clear the Air campaign this winter encouraged people to think more carefully about the way they operate their solid fuel burners, so they reduce the amount of smoke going into air. Residents with burners were asked go outside and check the amount of smoke coming from their chimney and to take steps to improve the way they burn if it was too smokey. It can be as simple as using only dry, untreated wood, not burning rubbish and not damping down the fire before going to bed. If a resident was concerned about smoke coming from a neighbour’s chimney, they could go to and download a flier which they could drop in the letterbox, letting the neighbour know there was a problem and suggesting ways it could be solved. The reduction in the number of high pollution days in Ashburton this year shows that people have responded positively to these messages, and have taken responsibility for the amount of smoke coming from their chimney. The message is getting through that everyone wants to breathe clean winter air and everyone can play their part in making it happen.

Hinds catchment: looking for solutions to water quality issues The Ashburton zone committee – set up as part of the Canterbury Water Management Strategy – is working on solutions to water quality issues in the Hinds catchment. The committee is working with the community to find areas of agreement and solutions people can live with, even if they don’t get everything they want. Part of this process includes everyone thinking about how to provide for the community's economic, social, cultural and environmental needs. A diagram summarising the scope of environmental and economic targets for the Hinds catchment is available at CATHERINE NGUYEN, along with technical information Environment Canterbury - Ashburton staff. on nutrient management issues. For more information about the Canterbury Water Management Strategy visit

Staff Profile

For more information visit

Developing a native biodiversity haven The Bach Association Vice President, Mike Pitcher, says that the group has given up many volunteer hours to upgrade the domain area. Without the funding from the Immediate Steps Programme it would have been harder for the project to continue to this next phase. The Association is using ecosourced plants, one criteria for Immediate Steps funding. Environment Canterbury Biodiversity Team Leader Jo Abbott says many of New Zealand’s plants have adapted to local conditions, developing distinctive attributes that give them resilience against a changing environment or threats such as plant diseases.

The South Rakaia project area

South of the Rakaia river mouth a native haven is gradually evolving. The aim of the project, currently being undertaken by the South Rakaia Bach Owners Association, is to increase native plantings of species such as Ngaio, Manuka and Toe Toe and provide an enhanced habitat for native birds. Over the past few years members of the Bach Owners Association have been upgrading an area of land within the South Rakaia settlement. They’ve already developed a recreation area and now they are in the process of clearing land of exotics and self-seeded pest plants, developing a walking track and planting natives. The funding for the project has come from the Immediate Steps Biodiversity Programme, part of the Canterbury Water Management Strategy, and was approved by the Ashburton zone committee.

“Ecosourcing means that we have greater success with plantings because they are better adapted to the local environment. Plant nurseries in Canterbury are aware of the value of ecosourcing and many are able to provide plants grown from locally gathered seed,” Jo Abbott said. Once completed the project will provide a special place for bach owners and visitors to relax and enjoy the natural environment.

Immediate Steps Biodiversity Funding Environment Canterbury has funding available for projects such as the South Rakaia River Restoration project. To apply for funding or to find out more about the project, contact the Environment Canterbury Biodiversity Team (03) 365 3828 or visit www.ecan. .

Environment Canterbury: Ashburton Office: 4 McNally Street, Ashburton, 7740. Phone: 03 308 7682

Everything is connected Facilitating sustainable development in the Canterbury region

Carl Hamilton


Depot Supervisor How long have you been with Environment Canterbury? I started working for Environment Canterbury in January 2009. Employed as a Drains Hand at the Tai Tapu depot, I then progressed to foreperson. I joined mainly for the outdoor office and the physical side of working in drains and rivers.

What does your job involve? My position involves managing staff and contractors carrying out protection work on rivers and drainage schemes. This consists of a variety of methods from tree planting through to channel alignment, from the Hinds River to the Selwyn River, and to liaise with landowners and stakeholders on future protection of their land and the protection of our waterways.

What is the favourite part of your job? To see work that the staff and contractors have been involved in making a difference to the environment. Being able to talk to landowners and stakeholders and reaching shared decisions on the best way forward for the maintenance and protection of our rivers and drains. It’s nice to be able to work in some beautiful river systems and see what we have achieved so far in protecting these rivers. If you would like to find out more about working for Environment Canterbury, head to our website and click "work for us".

News 16 Ashburton Guardian

Toxic paint fumes put woman in hospital BY CALIDA SMYLIE A woman, hospitalised after inhaling toxic fumes from paint used in her daughter’s bedroom, wants the product banned for the sake of newborns, the sick, and the elderly. Karen and Scott Odell said they used four litres of the Chinese-made Han Hu paint at their home in Whitby, last weekend. Despite airing the house, a strong chemical smell remained, so Mrs Odell took a candle to bed to give her a clue about possible lack of oxygen in the house. “In the night, I woke up and I was choking. Then I noticed the candle was flickering and I knew it was time to get out.” The family went downstairs for the night and left the house the next day after stripping the freshly-painted wallpaper. Five days later, with the chemical smell getting worse, the Odells rang the Fire Service. “Code Red pretty much happened,” said Mrs Odell, a 46-year-old natural therapist. Fourteen firefighters from four trucks, public health officials, and Porirua City Council environment and dangerous goods officials showed up. Initial tests showed highly

Karen and Scott Odell in their daughter’s bedroom, which was contaminated by toxic paint during renovations in Whitby, Wellington.

hazardous chemical levels. Mrs Odell, her 54-year-old husband and a 5-year-old boy staying with them were taken to hospital suffering dizziness, headaches and a burning sensation in their airways. They are still suffering from the burning sensation, and have sore lips and itchy skin, Mrs Odell said. She is concerned others who have used the paint are at risk, and wants it taken off shelves around the country immediate-

ly. “I’m making a stand. At the end of the day that stuff should not be sold as paint. “My family were very healthy people and it’s affected us greatly. Imagine having asthma and having this on top ... What about newborns, the sick, the elderly? I want to be the voice for them.” A spokeswoman for the shop where the Odells bought the paint confirmed the product had been taken off their shelves but would not comment further.


Rivers enhancement on agenda

Enhancement of the upper reaches of the Rakaia and Rangitata will be on the agenda at the Canterbury Water regional committee meeting on Tuesday. The bi-monthly meeting will begin with an update from the biodiversity and ecosystem group, on the progress s out working being made on the three immeice back diate steps biodiversity flagship m into projects.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

In early 2011 the regional committee decided on three projects to support over the next five years, to the value of $1.2m. These are the enhancement of the upper catchments of the Rakaia and Rangitata rivers, Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere enhancement project and the Wainono Lagoon project. The committee will also receive an update from the re-

gional infrastructure working group. The Canterbury Water Management Strategy (CWMS) identifies infrastructure as a means to contribute to all the strategy’s targets. The meeting will be held at Rapaki Marae (off Governors Bay Road) beginning at 2.30pm. Guests should gather outside the marae at 2pm ready for a Mihi Whakatau at 2.15pm.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) consumer affairs branch said a hazardous substances and new organisms enforcement officer was investigating. The investigation would focus on determining what exposure has occurred, how it happened and whether the hazardous substance was approved by the Environmental Protection Authority for sale in New Zealand. Formal action has been taken to stop all sales of the product

until the investigation is complete, said ministry spokesman Britton Broun. “Attempts are being made to identify if the product is being sold elsewhere and to whom ... MBIE’s product safety branch will assess the need for any product recall once the investigation is complete.” Porirua District Council sent the Odells’ paint to the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) for testing. ESR said yesterday it had not yet been told to do a chemical analysis, so the results timeframe was unknown. Meanwhile, the Odells have no clothes or possessions and are staying with a friend. “The Fire Service don’t know what chemical they are dealing with so they can’t tell us how long until our house will be safe,” Mrs Odell said. She said their insurance company, AMI, had indicated it would not be able to help with decontamination costs. AMI said discussions were ongoing. “In a general sense, insurance covers ‘sudden and unexpected physical damage’, so when there is no visible damage it makes the situation trickier. There’s a lot to be considered,” said AMI corporate affairs head Craig Dowling. - APNZ

Parents released from jail The parents of Elliot Turner, who killed 17-year-old New Zealander Emily Longley, have been released from prison after serving half their sentences for covering up the murder. Turner, 22, is serving a life sentence for strangling Ms Longley, his former girlfriend, in his parents’ home in Bournemouth, southern England, in May 2011. Turner’s parents Leigh and Anita were jailed for 27 months in July last year for perverting the course of justice after they

destroyed a confession letter from their son and took evidence from the murder scene. They have recently been released from prison and returned home, the Southern Daily Echo reported. Neighbours confirmed both Mr and Mrs Turner had been seen at the property in recent days, the newspaper reported. During his trial, the court heard that Turner had “bullied, harassed, threatened and assaulted” Longley during their relationship. - APNZ

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The award winning rock musical The National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Arts’ showcase of 2013 focuses on the lives of two young men in the Vietnam era against the backdrop of the hippie culture. Fri 13th Sep 7.30pm Sat 14th 2pm + 7.30pm Sun 15th 2pm Adult $47, Senior/Students $32



These rock stars of classical music have thrilled audiences for over 10 years with a refreshing and diverse repertoire. Justine Cormack (violin), Ashley Brown (cello) and Sarah Watkins (piano) Sun 15 Sep|7.30pm $25 each $20 each for 4 or more

Join the Mid Canterbury Choir for its Spring Concert. You will enjoy excerpts from well-known operas, lighter operas and operettas – With international soprano Lois Johnston and Wellington-based Tenor Oliver Sewell

Sat 21 Sep | 7pm |Adults $25, Senior/Students $20

Suzanne will perform a variety of her old country classics with guest rock performer Craig Adams and Ashburton’s Liam Kennedy-Clark.

Fri 27 Sep $51.99 (incl fees)

Mid Canterbury Childrens Theatre Don’t miss this year’s production with a huge variety of lively characters for you to explore. From a feisty and rebellious princess, a fast talking Genie and an evil villain, to a comedic parrot, a fatherly sultan and a charming prankster.

Fri-Sun 4-6 Oct |$20 Fri + Sat 7pm, Sun 2pm

News Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ashburton Guardian


Pair given life sentences for Disappearance ‘execution-style murder ■ MISSING NELSON MAN

‘suspicious’ By Patrice Dougan New information about a Nelson man who went missing more than three years ago suggests his disappearance may be suspicious. A tip-off from the public has led police to believe “another person’s actions” resulted in 19-year-old Leo Lipp-Neighbours’ disappearance. Mr Lipp-Neighbours was last seen in Watson Street, Nelson on Sunday, January 24, 2010. Neither he, nor his distinctive orange Toyota Corolla Station Wagon, has been seen since. An investigation team has spent the past 10 months reviewing all aspects of the teen’s disappearance. Detective Sergeant Mark Kaveney said the “constant trickle of information from the public” had built a picture which points to suspicious circumstances.

By Patrice Dougan

“The wide range of information we have received leaves me considering the fact that Leo’s disappearance is the result of another person’s actions,” said Mr Kaveney. “We are speaking with a large number of people and we believe there are other people in the Nelson community who know exactly what has happened. “It is time now for those people to come forward, tell us what they know, and enable this matter to be brought to a conclusion.” A Crimestoppers reward of $50,000 for information leading to his discovery is still in place. “I believe that we are now looking for someone who has committed a serious crime against this young man. That person must be held to account,” said Mr Kaveney. - APNZ

Two men have been sentenced to life in prison for the “execution-style” murder of a farm worker in Canterbury in February 2012. Thuvan Prawesh Sawal, 24, and 35-year-old Viraj Alahakoon were convicted of murdering friend and fellow Sri Lankan Sameera Battelage after a 21-day trial at the High Court in Christchurch. They were also convicted of arson and Alahakoon was convicted on two counts of assault, after cutting a woman’s long hair with scissors. Yesterday the pair were sentenced to life imprisonment, with a minimum non-parole term of 17 years. Mr Battelage’s badly charred body was found in his burning farmhouse on Domain Rd, just outside Oxford in North Canterbury. Alahakoon and Sawal were soon arrested and charged with murder and arson. Sawal and Alahakoon blamed

Viraj Alahakoon and Thuvan Prawesh Sawal

each other for cutting the throat of their friend who had been having an affair with a woman they knew. Sawal claimed he witnessed Alahakoon cut the throat of Mr Battelage “like a sheep” as he slept, in a murderous, jealous rage after learning of the affair. But Alahakoon’s story was that Sawal woke him shouting, holding a blood-soaked knife,

with Mr Battelage lying dead on the couch. The Crown said both men had plotted to kill the farmer in revenge for the affair. Alahakoon, who had just been laid off as a jeweller, and Sawal, who was an overstayer with a warrant out to send him back to Sri Lanka, said they wanted to confront him over the affair. - APNZ

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

More Kiwis die each year by their own hand than are killed on the country’s roads, yet suicide is still shrouded in secrecy and taboo. Lydia Anderson and Susan Sandys investigates the grim toll and moves to shed more light on the insidious community disease on the eve of World Suicide Prevention Day on Tuesday.


New Zealand’s A

s a country we shy away from talking about it, yet we lose about 10 Kiwi lives every week to suicide. The tragic phenomenon claims people from all walks of life regardless of age, ethnicity or income. It’s a lesson two Ashburton mothers have learned all too painfully. Over 20 years ago their teenage sons took their lives, leaving a gaping, unfillable hole in their worlds. “The pain is always there. You obviously learn to cope with it, and you go on with your life, but I always likened it to having a limb removed. “There’s all the different stages but in the end no matter how much you adjust there’s still a part of you missing,” one of the mothers said. The pair hoped World Suicide Prevention Day on Tuesday would highlight to those who may be considering suicide of the absolute futility of it, and of the need to talk to someone. “Unfortunately with our bloke we never had any indication of what was going on at all,” the other mother said. “You get people who are depressed and quiet but

we had no indication at all.” Looking back, she believes there may have been warning signs, such as her son appearing very relaxed the evening before he took his own life. She urged anyone contemplating suicide to talk about it. “If there’s the slightest little thought along those lines definitely try and talk to someone,” she said. “If they knew the pain that they were going to put people through at the time maybe they might even get out of that despair.” There had been good family support after she lost her son, but little professional support, and many community members had not known how to show they cared. She believed it was good that today there seemed to be more support via such groups such as CASPER, of which a new branch has recently been established for South and Mid Canterbury. Joint founder of CASPER (Community Action on Suicide Prevention Education & Research, in Auckland, is mother-of-one Maria Bradshaw. In 2008 her 17-year-old son Toran unexpectedly

took his own life, and instead of being enveloped in community support, Ms Bradshaw said “people just walked away’’. “For the vast majority, I think that suicide is still shrouded in all those myths and taboos, it’s spooky and scary and people just don’t know what to say.’’ Parents of her son’s friends found it too painful to discuss with her. “If they looked at me they thought, ‘It could happen to me’, and they don’t want to think about that.’’ Before Toran’s death, Ms Bradshaw says she had never thought about the reality of suicide. “I had no idea that children kill themselves because their hearts are broken through relationship break-ups, because they’re scared of being in debt for the rest of their lives, because they’re bullied. I just didn’t know and God I wish I had.’  “I want Toran not to be remembered as the Takapuna Grammar student who (killed himself) in our garage, but the boy who made a difference to the way we treat young people in this country and the way we approach suicide prevention.’’



he way forward is not clear cut, but the Government is attempting to tackle the problem. Earlier this year it announced its New Zealand Suicide Prevention Action Plan 2013-2016, promising an improvement in suicide prevention services, and more support for families and communities coping with the loss of loved ones. Among the new measures is a pilot programme to support small communities which lose a major industry, as well as a

small social media pilot around suicide prevention, and increasing information on tackling cyber-bullying. Judge MacLean says New Zealand’s seemingly immovable suicide rate “almost defies explanation’’. He supports the Law Commission’s review into rules around media reporting of suicide, saying current restrictions are based on fear of copycat deaths, which he does not believe is a significant factor in New Zealand.

Under the current law, media outlets cannot publicise any information about a death which appears to be self-inflicted until an inquiry is completed - unless the coroner gives permission. If a coroner finds a death was suicide, media can publish the person’s name, address, occupation, and the fact the coroner found the death was self-inflicted. Other details can only be reported if the coroner is satisfied such publication is unlikely to be detrimental to public safety.

The review is due to be completed early next year. Ms Clunie says based on current research, it is important to err on the side of caution when reporting on suicides. But more stories on people recovering from suicidal feelings could have a positive effect. “Almost encouraging people to copy the problem-solving behaviour and the fact that it can get better, ‘you can get through’.’’ Her view on completed suicide reports is at odds with

CASPER founder Ms Bradshaw, who says Kiwis need to hear individual stories, like that of her son Toran, for the message to really hit home. “It’s much safer and much more comfortable to think, ‘Gosh, that’s awful, but it’s not something I have to worry about, this only happens to other people’.’’ Research linking reporting of suicides with increased suicide rates is “laughable’’, she says, and only shows correlation, not causation.

Weekend focus Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ashburton Guardian 19

killer The grim toll C

hief Coroner Judge Neil MacLean’s latest report on suicide rates, released last week, shows 541 Kiwis committed suicide in the last year. That was six fewer than the previous year, but still the average has remained stubbornly stable since 2007. Young men and women, farmers, isolated elderly, the recently redundant, Maori, gay New Zealanders – all are represented in the statistics. Suicides among women and girls increased from 142 in 2011/12 to 153 in 2012/13. Among men and boys, the number fell from 405 to 388. The highest suicide rate was among men aged over 85 – which Judge MacLean said came as a surprise. Suicide among elderly was sometimes difficult to identify, particularly in cases of “slow suicide”. “That’s the person that’s starving themselves, refusing their medication, simply giving up the will to live. It merges sometimes with euthanasia and that’s a very grey area.” Maori youth suicide has dropped, with suicides among those aged 10 to 20 down from 46 to 26. Ministry of Health 2010 suicide statistics show New Zealand ranks mid-range against other OECD countries for male suicides, but in the top third for females. Youth suicide rates also rank highly, with males fourth-highest and females second-highest in the developed world. Suicide Prevention Information New Zealand development manager Moira Clunie says while this year’s national decrease is encouraging, it is important to view the latest figures in the context of long-term trends, not in isolation. Although Maori suicide numbers have dropped to 105 from 132 last year, the latter figure was caused by a spike of multiple suicides in small communities, she says. That brings this year’s rate back in line with 101 Maori suicides in 2010/11. The increase in women’s suicides is due to higher incidents of “completed’’ suicide, she says. Women have always shown high rates of attempted suicide, but traditionally favoured less violent methods than men. The statistics show this is no longer the case.

FACTBOX Provisional suicide figures: 2012/13 (2011/12) Total suicides: 541 (547) Females: 153 (142) Males: 388 (405)

WHERE TO GET HELP Youth services: (06) 3555-906

Depression helpline: 0800 111-757 (24hour service)

Youthline: 0800 376-633 Rainbow Youth: (09) 376-4155 Kidsline: 0800 543-754 (4pm to 6pm weekdays)

Christchurch City: 68 (81)

Whatsup: 0800 942-8787 (1pm to 11pm)

Maori: 105 (132)

The Word:

CASPER Suicide Prevention: 0508 CASPER If it is an emergency and you feel like you or someone else is at risk, call 111.

Your place 20 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, September 7, 2013



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TOP 5 ONLINE Yesterday’s top 5 stories on

1. Shop outrages Rakaia residents 2. Mt Hutt College to review ski procedures 3. Council owed $300,000 in overdue rates 4. Students return from Mt Hutt (+ Video) 5. Battle lines drawn in Rakaia


3. The Secretary General of the United Nations comes from...? a. TaIwan b. Vietnam c. South Korea



4. Ashton Kutcher’s latest film character is based on...? a. Steve Ballmer b. Steve Jobs c. Bill Gates

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Simple lamb, tomato and chickpea curry 2T extra light olive oil 500g Quality Mark lamb leg steaks, diced 1 can chickpeas, drained 2 courgettes 1 bunch coriander 1 small onion 1 clove garlic 2T curry powder 1 bottle passata

6. Axons are found in...? a. The brain b. The liver c. The uterus 7. Which planet is furthest from the sun? a. Neptune b. Uranus c. Saturn

Magnificent Mid Canterbury

■ Shallow fry lamb in 1 T of olive oil until sealed and set aside to rest. ■ In a food processor coarsely blend chickpeas, courgette, coriander, onion, garlic, and 1T olive oil. ■ Toss mixture and curry powder in frying pan for a few minutes. ■ Add lamb and cooking sauce. ■ Cover and simmer on a very low heat for 20 minutes. ■ Serve with rice. Recipe courtesy New Zealand Beef and Lamb

8. When is Ashburton Borough’s administration building set to be demolished? a. This year b. Next year c. 2015

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21 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Beaten but unbowed The Ashburton College 1st XV huddle around coach Shane Enright following their semi-final loss to Auckland’s Tangaroa College at the New

Zealand Secondary Schools Co-Ed final in Rotorua yesterday. The Ashburton College Spartans put up a brave fight just like their name-

sakes, but as in the history books their opponents won out with Tangaroa wearing down Ashburton with their big ball runners to run in 45 un-

answered points in the second half of the match. Full report page 25. PHOTO LINDA CLARKE

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Sport 22 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, September 7, 2013


The sporting week in numbers

- With the 1 - One goal was all it took to 250,000 - The docked 5,000,000 world’s best footballer involved send the All Whites through points and suspended sailors hurt much more, but Oracle Team USA were also fined US$250,000 (NZ$317,000) for the cheating scandal that has marred the start of the America’s Cup. They can probably afford it owner Larry Ellison is the fifthwealthiest man in the world.

630,000,000 - It

certainly doesn’t seem as if the global economic finance has impacted English football. Premier League clubs spent a record 630 million pounds this off-season - a 29 per cent increase from 2012 - and the 85 million pounds Tottenham received from Real Madrid for Gareth Bale was a world record fee.

765,000,000 - It

may seem incongruous but the $765 million the National Football League had to pay former players as part of a settlement deal relating to concussions was a bargain. With the NFL’s projected revenue standing at $25 billion over the next 15 years, the payment was a drop in the bucket.

in a Messi tax snafu, Lionel and father Jorge this week paid 5 million euro (NZ$8.3m) to appease the Spanish tax agency. Messi Sr and Jr and accused of allegedly defrauding the tax agency of income tax returns for three years.


- Auckland’s ITM Cup clash with Taranaki tomorrow could feature a blast from the past, with former sevens maestro Orene Ai’i named on the bench. Ai’i, who led the Blues to the 2003 Super Rugby title, has turned back the clock and is poised to make his first appearance for the province in eight years.

31 - James Spithill was 31

when he became the youngest man to skipper a winning America’s Cup boat when he guided Oracle to victory over Alinghi as they claimed the world’s oldest active sporting trophy in 2010. Spithill and Oracle will now try and defend the cup when they meet Team New Zealand in a best of 17 series starting Sunday (NZT).

to the final of the OSN Cup in Saudi Arabia yesterday. Chris Killen’s 78th-minute strike gave New Zealand a win over the hosts by the most slender of margins and the Kiwis will meet the UAE in the final on Tuesday. The All Whites have won eight of their past nine fixtures across all competitions.


New Zealand host Argentina in Hamilton tonight. Carter is poised on 1399 points and will start in the No 10 jersey against the Pumas. The 31-year-old is international rugby’s leading points-scorer and is comfortably ahead of the now-retired Jonny Wilkinson who is in second with 1246 points. - APNZ

- Taranaki golfer Murray Martin became the first Kiwi to win the Australian Men’s Senior Amateur Championship in four years when he recorded a six stroke victory at the Royal Queensland Golf Club this week. The New Plymouth member finished with rounds of 74, 74 and 74 for a three-round total of six-over par. Martin is only the second Kiwi to win the title as he followed in the footsteps of three-time champion Rodney Barltrop.


- All Blacks first-five Dan Carter is a safe bet to become the first player to pass the 1400-point barrier in international rugby when


The NFL resumed yesterday and will dominate the American sports landscape for the next five months. Passionate NFL fan Robert van Royen identifies the teams you should watch. Baltimore Ravens

San Francisco 49ers

Last year: 10-6-0, won Super Bowl.Quarterback: Joe Flacco. Other key players: Running back Ray Rice, wide receiver Torrey Smith. Why they might be good: Have lost a few star players from the Super Bowl, but still possess a roster capable of making another run. The addition of linebacker Elvis Dumervil to a defence which already boasts five-time Pro Bowler Terrell Suggs is scary. New Zealand sporting comparison: The Chiefs. While the Ravens have not won back-to-back titles, some consider them dirty and they are not liked outside of their fan base.

Last year: 11-4-1, Super Bowl runner-up. Quarterback: Colin Kaepernick. Other key players: Tight end Vernon Davis, linebacker Patrick Willis. Why they might be good: Arguably the most talented team in the NFL. Their defence ranked third last season, conceding just 294.4 yards per game. On offence, Kaepernick has a cannon arm which will stretch any defence, and he makes a strong case for best scrambling QB in the league. New Zealand sporting comparison: The Crusaders. Have a stack of titles but are in the middle of a drought. The 49ers’ last Super Bowl title was in 1995.

Denver Broncos

Indianapolis Colts

Last year: 11-5-0, wildcard playoffs. Quarterback: Andrew Luck. Other key players: Wide receiver Reggie Wayne, linebacker Robert Mathis. Why they might be good: This season marks the second year of the post-Peyton Manning era. Luckily, the Colts possess Luck, arguably the best QB to come into the league since Manning. He is spoiled for targets in wide receivers Wayne, TY Hilton and Darrius Heyward-Bey. New Zealand sporting comparison: The Hurricanes or Wellington, have a bad habit of making the playoffs and falling short of the ultimate prize.

Peyton Manning: Torched the Ravens with seven touchdown throws yesterday.

Last year: 13-3-0, AFC Divisional playoffs. Quarterback: Peyton Manning. Other key players: Wide receiver Demaryius Thomas, linebacker Von Miller Why they might be good: Just like Brady, Manning makes everyone around him better. The scary thing for opposing sides is that Manning is a further year removed from multiple neck operations and feels much healthier than last season. With Manning’s arm strength nearing its best the Broncos could be poised for a Super Bowl run. New Zealand sporting comparison: The Otago Nuggets. In the title race as long as their veteran talisman stays healthy.


They said it “He can talk for himself but he doesn’t want to right now.” - Boxer ANTHONY MUNDINE, speaking on behalf of cousin and wayward NRL star Blake Ferguson while sitting next to him in a bizarre press conference. * * * * “I might not look happy but I am.” - Newcastle coach WAYNE BENNETT after his side all but wrapped up an NRL finals berth with a come-from-behind win over Brisbane. * * * * “Now, if there has been any contact made to that particular area of this gentleman’s body, our client apologises.” - ExNRL player Anthony Watts’ solicitor MARK WILLIAMS after denying claims his client bit another player’s penis during a melee in a Gold Coast rugby league match. * * * * “What is his name?” - Brazilian soccer superstar NEYMAR’s response to a comment from Socceroo Archie Thompson in which he suggested the 21-year-old was overrated. * * * * “All I could feel was a hot sensation on my backside.” - Dwarf entertainer BLAKE JOHNSTON, who claims his clothes were burnt by a St Kilda player in an AFL Mad Monday debacle. * * * * “I am sorry if you felt your clothes were affected, but I also feel ripped off that I paid you money to entertain and you did not make any effort to try and entertain.’ - St Kilda player LEIGH MONTAGNA in an alleged email to Johnston refusing to pay for his services. * * * * “We spend our whole lives telling children not to play with matches.” - A “flabbergasted” AFL chief executive ANDREW DEMETRIOU on the alleged dwarf-lighting incident. * * * * “The way Hoffy has been playing we are all standing behind him and I don’t see Barba coming here and taking his spot.” - ALEX GLENN on embattled Brisbane recruit Ben Barba’s chances of moving in Josh Hoffman’s fullback spot at the Broncos. * * * * “I certainly won’t be looking for him on purpose. But it’s an 80-minute game and we might come across each other during that. And if we do? We’ll see what happens.” - South Sydney enforcer SAM BURGESS on his highly-anticipated final-round NRL clash with Sydney Roosters rival Sonny Bill Williams. - AAP


Saturday, September 7, 2013


Ashburton Guardian 23

In brief Nicholson in form Defending champion Andrew Nicholson is well placed after the first day of dressage at the Burghley horse trials in England. Badminton winner Jock Paget lies equal second on Clifton Lush after producing a score of 42.0 penalty points in the opening dressage phase. He shares that spot with German Andreas Dibowski on FRH Butts Leon. The pair sit behind Germany Ingrid Klimke, however Nicholson, riding the horse on which he won Burghley for the third time last year, Avebury, is fourth on 42.3. The Waikato horseman, ranked No 1 in the world, is also lying eighth aboard the second of his three entries, Calico Joe, on 48.3 points. Mark Todd is 21st on Ravenstar, while Jonelle Richards, an Olympic bronze medallist last year in London sits 27th with Flintstar.

Nani signs five year deal

Reaching for the stars: Celtic and Methven are repeating last year’s final clash this afternoon, in search of the premier title. photo tetsuro mitomo 250812-tm-134

Deja vu for Celtic and Methven By Jonathan Leask

Mid Canterbury Netball’s biggest prize is on the line today with familiar foes Celtic and Methven facing off for a third straight year. Celtic took the title in 2011 27-22 and Methven won it last year 23-20, and they do it all again today. In 2011 and 2012 they each had a win each in the regular season, but this year Celtic has won both matches against Methven, coming into the final having not lost since last year’s finals.

Celtic went through grading unbeaten and took that form into the regular season, winning all 14 games on the road to the final. It has been the perfect season but for it to be memorable it still needs the perfect finish, another premier title in what would be the club’s fourth since the competition started in 1946, when Tech Old Girls took out the inaugural title. The defending premiers haven’t fared as well, losing to Celtic in the opening game of the season in their only loss in the first round before being

beaten by Hampstead and a second loss to Celtic to end the premier round. They overturned the result against Hampstead last week and will look to do the same against Celtic and be the first team to win back-to-back titles in over a decade, with United achieving the feat in 2001 and 2002. The premier final is the feature game of the day with the other open grades also finding their champions for the 2013 season. Collegiate A will defend their senior A title against Rakaia

Blue while College Y10A meets College Y9A in the senior B final. The senior reserve A final has Methven U18A taking on Hampstead Gold, Tinwald South Black and Collegiate B clash in senior reserve B and the senior reserve C final sees Mt Somers Social up against United. Southern will play Hampstead U17 in second grade, the third grade final has Methven U18 B against College Combined A and College Combined B meets College U16 in the fourth grade final.


Owners sticking with coach Nelsen Rookie MLS coach Ryan Nelsen (right) has received staunch support from the Toronto FC owners following the sacking of the club’s president this week. After a tumultuous season in which they won only four games, Toronto parted ways with general manager Kevin Payne, but yesterday made it clear that the incoming GM would have to get on the same page as rookie coach Nelsen.

“They have to respect our decision and our support of Ryan Nelsen,” said Tim Leiweke, the president and chief executive of Toronto’s ownership group, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment. “That is the only restriction we will have on the general manager position, other than making sure they are on the same page philosophically with respect to how we are going to build a team here.”

Leiweke said there were differing opinions between the ownership group and Payne about the direction of the struggling club - but felt they were on the same page as Nelsen. “What I am certain of is that with respect to the way that we need to go as an organisation, Ryan sees the world exactly the way we do. “I’m supportive of Ryan. He will be our coach next year.” - HOL

Portuguese winger Nani has signed a new five-year contract at Manchester United, the Premier League champions announced yesterday. The 26-year-old made only seven league starts last season, but new manager David Moyes has confirmed his faith in him by awarding him a deal that ties him to Old Trafford until 2018. “I’m really pleased Nani has re-signed for the next five years,” Moyes told the club website. “He has great ability and experience beyond his 26 years. I’ve been impressed with his approach to training and look forward to working with him in the coming seasons.” - AFP

Team concerns Clarke Michael Clarke accepts his captaincy is under scrutiny following Australia’s failed Ashes campaign. But Clarke insists his motivations for the one-day series against England are team-driven rather than worrying about how it reflects on him individually. “When you’re captain you’re accountable, especially when you’re not performing well and your team’s losing, so I understand that,” Clarke said ahead of game one of the fivematch series played overnight. “But more than that, me wanting to win this series has nothing to do with my captaincy. It’s about this team. We’re trying to move forward and improve in this format and get back to being the number one one-day team in the world. That’s why it’s important to win this series.” - AAP

Lahiri lights up Masters Unheralded Anirban Lahiri of India carded an eight under par 63 yesterday to take a two-shot lead after the opening round of the European Masters at Cranssur-Sierre. Ranked 178 in the world entering the prestigious EPGA event in the Swiss Alps, the 26-year-old from Bangalore built his score around two eagles, including a 140yard second shot on the ninth that flew straight into the cup. Spanish veteran Miguel Angel Jimenez who set the course record of 61 on his way to winning in 2010 - and Englishmen Paul Casey and Tommy Fleetwood were two shots back. Lahiri qualified for his first major at the 2012 British Open, where he not only made the cut but scored a hole-in-one during his third round.

Sport 24 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Table-top clash

■ Mid Canterbury ■ 1 Tokulua Tolu, 2 James Carr, 3 Simon Fleetwood, 4 Grant Polson, 5 Logan Bonnington, 6 Kody Nordquist, 7 Mitch Sim, 8 Jon Dampney ©, 9 Will McKenzie, 10 Murray Williams, 11 Muleli Bula, 12 Esera Lauina, 13 Peni Manumanuniliwa, 14 Dwayne Burrows, 15 Andrew Fluker. ■ Reserves: 16 Kameka Reti, 17 Scott Murphy, 18 Andrew Smith, 19 Mark Andrew, 20 Davie Maw, 21 Johannes Lambrechts, 22 Josh Nonu. BY JONATHAN LEASK


Mid Canterbury have named an unchanged 22 for the top-of-the table clash with Wairarapa Bush in the Heartland Rugby Championship in Ashburton today. Few would have predicted that the Hammers’ third round match would have been between the two top teams, but it has been a turbulent two weeks to open the Heartland Championships. Mid Canterbury opened with a bonus point win over Poverty Bay before a narrow win over Horowhenua last week, with the same starting line-up taking the field looking for a third straight win. The same applies to Wairarapa Bush after wins over North Otago and a bonus point win over the West Coast, however, the 32-12 win wasn’t as convincing as it seems. They made a lot of simple errors and their kicking was woeful but they were lucky the West Coast were just as bad in the first half. In the second half the Bush made a late surge courtesy of a West Coast yellow card, scoring 22 unanswered points to run away with the win. The Hammers’ defence has been a standout feature in both matches, keeping their line intact against Horowhenua, which is something they will want to continue while also being more accurate on attack. Mid Canterbury assistant coach Geoff Frew said the forward pack had improved each week, especially in the set piece, and the same eight will get another chance to set the tone up front. If they can deliver quality ball, the backline can unleash its full attacking potential, steered by the classy first five eight Murray Williams. Muleli Bula gets another chance to show his blistering speed, and Will McKenzie gets a second run at halfback. It’s still early days, but a third straight win would give either side a handy buffer on the chasing pack. At the other end of the table Wanganui and North Otago languish at the bottom owith two losses, and four-time Lochore Cup winners Poverty Bay sit last. North Otago have the tough task of meeting defending Meads Cup champions East Coast in Ruatoria while Wanganui host the dangerous South Canterbury. King Country and Thames Valley were in the bottom three last year but have started 2013 with two wins each. After knocking over both 2012 Meads Cup finalists, King Country meet Horowhenua Kapiti - the other side in the bottom three last year. Fourth placed Thames Valley have fifth placed Buller while West Coast host Poverty Bay. #Mid Canterbury kicks off at the earlier time of 1pm at the Ashburton Showgrounds today. The Mid Canterbury under 16s play the curtain raiser against North Otago at 11.30am. Left: Glenmark flyer Muleli Bula has been handed a second start for Mid Canterbury, retained in the starting line-up for today’s match against Wairarapa Bush. PHOTO 170813-JL-001


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ashburton Guardian 25

In brief


Decision for Savea Making hay while the sun shines is old, cliched advice, but also perfect for Julian Savea as he weighs up respective offers from the Crusaders, Chiefs and Hurricanes. There are plenty of good wings around but Savea is the pick of the bunch. And if he decides to sign with the Super rugby franchise that has made him the highest offer, who could blame him? It just so happens, fortuitously, that the highest offer is believed to have come from the Chiefs, who would also stack up as the best offer. He’d also fall under the spell of technical director Wayne Smith, whose ability to develop the all-round portfolio of wings is legendary. - NZH

Outside the square Counties Manukau did something different this week. In the age of frequent airline travel, the Steelers went by bus to Napier for today’s Ranfurly Shield challenge against Hawkes Bay at McLean Park. Coach Tana Umaga said he planned the four-and-a-half hour trip before the season started as a way to mix up the monotony of travel but it worked out perfectly as this game has now become the biggest of the season for his side. Counties left south Auckland on Thursday to give them plenty of time to soak up the Ranfurly Shield atmosphere in Hawkes Bay. “It’s just through my experience that I thought ‘well we’ll chuck that in there when you can’,” Umaga said of the bus trip. - APNZ

Tangaroa College look to take it to the Ashburton College defence during the New Zealand Secondary Schools’ Co-Ed semi-final in Rotorua yesterday, with Xavier Bartlett (right) showing his frustrations in the closing stages. PHOTOS LINDA CLARKE

Faumuina up for the game

Second half blitz sinks brave College effort BY JONATHAN LEASK


Ashburton College were blown away in the second half by Blues representatives Tangaroa College in the New Zealand Secondary Schools’ Co-Ed semi-final in Rotorua yesterday. Ashburton were holding their own heading into halftime at 7-all, but Tangaroa went up a gear in the second half and the floodgates opened for a 52-7 win. Tangaroa opened the scores just two minutes after the kick-off whistle, but a Devaun Thompson try made it 7-all af-

ter the Nathan McCloy conversion. College had to do a lot of defending but still had an opportunity to take the lead when a Tangaroa defender was yellow carded, with McCloy’s penalty shot off the mark. With the scores level at the break Ashburton went out in the second half confident they were still in with a shot, but their substantial work load on defence took its toll. Tangaroa got on a roll and with their tails up the bigger boys were harder to stop for the tiring College defence, and they

scored six unanswered tries to run away with a 52-7 win. College never gave up, coming close on a few occasions but Tangaroa were too good on the day. It was a disappointing end but College have to now pick themselves up to play for third and fourth against Wairarapa College, with several players now unavailable to play the Sunday fixture for religious reasons. Tangaroa go on to face Manurewa High School in the CoEd final tomorrow. Ashburton will get a chance to see the top crop of up-andcoming players in action today

with the National 1st XV semifinals seeing the defending champions St Kentigern College, who have won 50 games in a row, up against South Island winners Otago Boys’ High School, followed by Wellington College against Hamilton Boys High School. Tangaroa College: 52 (Connelly Leaoa-Lemuelu, George Taina, Bill Fukofuka, Corey Tawhi, Mikael Esera, Toate Poaru, Talavou Faumuina tries; Faumuina 6 con) Ashburton College: 7 (Devaun Thompson try; Nathan McCloy 1 con)

Southland registers first win of the season BY DANIEL RICHARDSON When lock Josh Bekhuis crashed over for Southland’s second try of last night’s 20-16 victory over Waikato a television commentator joked it was a “try-fest” for the Stags. The commentator may have

used the term in jest but by Southland standards, the twotry romp against the Mooloos in Invercargill was a splurge. Coming in to the game Southland had only managed one five-pointer in their first three contests of the year - all losses - and this win over Waikato will

give them plenty of confidence. It wasn’t pretty - it rarely is with the Stags - but they showed the type of character and determination that would have pleased coaches Simon Culhane and David Henderson. Game changer: Southland back Scott Eade was sent in to

the trenches early in the second spell and moved in to the firstfive role. His accurate kicking game in general play proved vital for Southland and he added a couple of useful goals to see the Stags home. - APNZ

Away from his rugby duties, Charlie Faumuina has a knockabout reputation as someone with a strong sense of mischief. He jests a bit about work as a rugby concrete mixer but tonight is serious business in Hamilton as Faumuina packs down at tighthead prop against Argentina. He’s had time to think about his ninth test as he comes in to replace Owen Franks who is struggling with a groin injury. Missing the tests against France in June was annoying but Faumuina has recovered and was used from the bench against the Wallabies. Tonight is the third time he has been asked to start a test. - APNZ

Camacho ‘a menace’ Most of the noise about Argentina converges on the power in their pack. Men like captain Juan Martin Fernadez Lobbe and Juan Manuel Leguizamon (good luck to tonight’s broadcasters) dominate our thoughts about the Pumas because of their skill and prominence. Fullback Juan Martin Hernandez has also been a sparkling performer but injuries have taken him out of recent play and perhaps dulled some of his edge. One of the threats has been Gonzalo Camacho on the wing, perhaps an untapped menace because either the Pumas have been unable to get him the right ball or defences have limited his space. But the 29-year-old is another on the books at Leicester who looks to be a raspy danger. Camacho began to make his international mark on the sevens circuit and in 2009 made his test debut. - NZH

Sport 26 Ashburton Guardian

In brief

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Basketball Both the Ashburton College boys’ and girls’ basketball teams faced Rangiora in crossover play at the South Island Premierships basketball tournament in Nelson yesterday. After a win and two close losses the girls snuck into the top eight with a better forand–against and met Rangiora in the quarter-finals, but were beaten 39-85. The girls play Rangi Ruru in their semi-final this morning before a final playoff match this afternoon. After one win in pool play the College boys met Rangiora in their bottom eight quarter-final but were edged out 44-49 and will also play consolation playoff matches today.

Netball Ashburton College finished 18th in the A grade of the South Island Secondary Schools’ Netball Tournament at Hagley Park in Christchurch on Thursday. Ashburton College lost to Craighead Diocesan 21-27 to finish 18th, improving on last year’s 29th. Mt Hutt beat Tokomairiro High School 34-29 to finish 19th in B grade. The tournament was won by St Margarets College 28-23 over South Otago High School.

Djokovic, Nadal eye final Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal must quell a double-edged assault from masters of the dying art of the single-handed backhand if they are to set up a blockbuster US Open final. The world’s top two men have comfortably been the best players at the tournament, but while they have reigned supreme, defending champion Andy Murray slumped to a quarter-final loss to Stanislas Wawrinka and five-time champion Roger Federer was gone by the fourth round. Sixtime major champion Djokovic, playing in a 14th successive grand slam semi-final and seventh in a row in New York, will attempt to make Wawrinka’s maiden last-four appearance a painful experience. Nadal, the 12-time Grand Slam title winner and the 2010 New York champion, faces Richard Gasquet, the French eighth seed and one of his closest friends on tour. - AFP

Raiders sack Ferguson Canberra have confirmed the sacking of Blake Ferguson after the Origin winger failed to front a Raiders board meeting on Friday to explain his erratic behaviour. Having gone AWOL three weeks ago, Ferguson’s two-year deal signed in May this year was torn up, making him the second representative star sacked by the Raiders in 2014 following the axing of good friend Josh Dugan in March. “The board were left with little choice but to terminate Blake Ferguson’s contract, after several breaches of club policy,” chief executive Don Furner said. - AAP

Hamilton sets pace Lewis Hamilton in his Mercedes was quickest in the first practice as the Formula One circus hit Monza in Italy for the Italian Grand Prix yesterday. Hamilton led Fernando Alonso (Ferrari), Nico Rosberg in his Mercedes, and German and current champion Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen and Sergio Perez.

Ashburton College’s Ashleigh Leonard turns the ball away from a Geraldine defender during their playoff game in the Jim Wishart tournament at the Ashburton Domain yesterday. Photo tetsuro MitoMo 060913-tM-256

Teamwork key to College success By Jonathan Leask

Ashburton College won their playoff against Geraldine to finish seventh in the Jim Wishart football tournament at the Ashburton Domain yesterday. Ashburton’s 2-1 win had them finish seventh out of the 15 teams to cap off a pleasing week for coach Don Sutton. “Seventh exceeded our exMt Hutt College played Mt Aspiring College in the South Island Mixed hockey tournament yesterday. Mt Hutt finished fifth after goals from Jacob Jenkins and Ashleigh Pannett handed the locals a 2-0 win. The final went the way of St John Paul II High School with a late goal getting them past Rodney 2-1. The Ashburton College girls finished third equal after a 2-2 draw with Cashmere High School at the Jenny Hair Cup tournament in Oamaru, with Georgia Clarke scoring both goals. At the Johnson Cup Tournament in Timaru the Ashburton College boys beat St Patrick’s Town 2-1 to claim seventh place.

pectations,” Sutton said. “This team has come along way in the last six weeks or so and played really well as a team over the week.” That team effort showed in a sweeping move that involved almost every player touching the ball before Leonard scored the goal to go up 1-0. Geraldine then came back to level, and some sharp work from goalie Ashley Harrison

denied the visitors taking the lead before Leonard landed a second goal. Marian took out the tournament with a 1-0 win over Burnside. The Ashburton College boys finished up 10th after losing their playoff with Wakatipu in a penalty shootout. “We played the best football we had all tournament in the first half but had nothing to show for

it,” coach Michael Arnold said. “We just couldn’t come up with that last finishing play.” Ashburton was then down 1-0 just two minutes into the second half and only equalised with eight minutes to go when Matthew Boot scored from the penalty spot. Deadlocked 1-1 at fulltime the teams went to shootout with Wakatipu coming out on top 3-2.

Goalie keeps a clean sheet

Mt Hutt College goalkeeper Megan Fitzgerald, a Canterbury under 18 representative, clears the ball from the goal during their game against Mt Aspiring College. Photo tetsuro MitoMo 060913-tM-082


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ashburton Guardian 27

In brief


Quade ready for Boks

Carter’s star-power on the line BY GREGOR PAUL Finally back in his All Black No10 jersey, Daniel Carter faces the entirely new challenge of knowing he needs to deliver an emphatic performance tonight to stay in it. That’s supposedly always been the case but Carter, having been blessed by angels, has never been subjected to genuine selection pressure since he shifted to first-five late in 2004. Even when he was hopping about on one leg in the ill-fated 2007 World Cup quarter-final, the selectors backed him. The sight of a pale Graham Henry saying Carter had been ruled out of the last World Cup’s knockout rounds and the angst and near panic that followed were confirmation there hasn’t been a No10 remotely close in ability. That was then - a time when there was serious doubt about whether the All Blacks could

win without Carter. Whenever he was injured between 2004 and 2011 it was always shut the eyes and hope. The All Blacks scrambled through his broken leg absence in 2005 with Luke McAlister and Leon MacDonald. They weren’t so lucky in 2009 when Carter missed the first six tests and they lost three. A one-point victory in Sydney in 2010 when he was having ankle surgery merely highlighted the gulf between him and Aaron Cruden and when he didn’t go to South Africa in 2011, the All Blacks lost.

They played 27 tests without Carter (after his debut) between June 2003 and the eve of the 2011 World Cup. They lost six of those - a 78 per cent win ratio as opposed to the 89 per cent win ratio when he did play. But the World Cup changed everything. Somehow the All Blacks scrambled to victory: they felt the fear and did it anyway. They won the biggest three games in recent history without Carter and are no longer held hostage by their own doubts when he’s not there. As proof of that, the statistics of the

past two years tell a different story. Since Carter’s groin ripped in Wellington on the eve of the pool clash with Canada, he has played only 10 of 23 tests. The All Blacks have won 21 of those - their only defeat and draw coming when Carter played. Which means he runs out tonight no longer cast as the knight in shining armour brought in to save the day. His mission between now and the end of the year when he signs off for a sixmonth sabbatical is more subtle, more challenging and open for debate: he has to prove the All Blacks are a discernibly better team when he plays. It simply needs to be an evening of quintessential Carter: immaculate goal-kicking, impeccable decision-making, effortless passing, crunching defence and, probably most important, undeniable signs of his running ability making a difference. - NZH


Quade Cooper makes his longawaited return to the Wallabies No.10 jersey tonight a changed man. But the mercurial five-eighth insists he’s still the player who took the rugby world by storm in 2010-11, and is excited about the chance to prove it at Suncorp Stadium. Cooper makes his first Test start in 12 months when he lines up against South Africa looking like a more humble and respectful team man. It was last September when the 25-year-old labelled the Wallabies environment “toxic” - the tipping point after 12 months of pressure following a painful World Cup experience. And senior players are quietly impressed by a new level of maturity. - AAP

Otago gets thumped Shield fever has gone very cold for Otago, who were belted by wonderful long range strikes from Tasman who won 49-16 in Nelson last night. The ITM Cup championship division clash piled on the bad news for the southerners, whose Ranfurly Shield delight fell flat in the first defence against Hawkes Bay. Five days on, they were badly out muscled and enthused, their cause not helped by two yellow cards, the second for an ugly lifting tackle from Super 15 hooker Liam Coltman. A lopsided outcome was simmering in the first half, and hit a boil in the second with Tom Marshall usually the classy orchestrator. - NZH

Warriors need miracle Presuming the more likely parts of the last-ditch plan work out, the Warriors will be left hoping one of two giant upsets occurs in the final round of the NRL. Awful Parramatta will need to beat the Knights in Newcastle, or the almost awful Wests Tigers must overturn the of the coaching and filming North Queensland Cowboys if the deal. Warriors are to make the playoffs. One of the challenges of havGame over, according to every ing a segment of the golf show pundit. The Knights and Cowboys filmed at the club was finding have too much to play for. But wait someone willing to be filmed - a glimmer of hope. The Tigers are playing a signature hole, he a bogey team for the Cowboys - the said. Tigers’ outstanding record includes beating the Cowboys in the 2005 Young golfers who are wantfinal. The Eels are paying up to $9 a ing to take part in the clinic 246 Burnett St Ashburwin which says it all. If the Warriors running on September 15 need an Eels win to make the top 7700 should contact Mrton Williamson eight, they’d be better off relying on 308-8101 or Matt Davis2540 on 03-307 on a salary cap scandal, or Cronulla 308-9380. getting chucked out. - NZH

Drive to attract younger golfers Junior golfers from around the Ashburton District will have an opportunity to learn some tips from the top later this month when a top coaching team rolls into town. The ANZ Golf World team will be at Ashburton Golf Club on September 15, filming the course and players and running a junior coaching clinic. Among the top coaches will be Lydia Ko’s coach Guy Wilson and Craig Dixon from the

New Zealand Institute of Golf. Ashburton Golf Club president Jeff Williamson said the club had applied for a grant for junior coaching and had landed the filming deal for the golf programme as well. “It’s a real coup for your young golfers and we’re encouraging them to take up this opportunity,” he said. The junior clinic is open to golfers aged from five to 14 and will run from 10am.

This dovetails nicely with the drive by professional Matt Davis to encourage youngsters in the district to take up golf, Mr Williamson said. “He’s working his way now around the clubs and around the schools because for all clubs, the future of the sport has to be in getting young people into the game.” The Ashburton Golf Club will also score $1000 worth of junior golf equipment as part

SPORTS DRAWS AND RESULTS ■ Motor racing MotoGP World Championship Collated results from the MotoGP World Championships yesterday: 1. Jorge Lorenzo (ESP-Yamaha) 40min 52.515sec 2. Marc Marquez (ESP-Honda) 40:52.596 3. Dani Pedrosa (ESP-Honda) 40:54.066 4. Valentino Rossi (ITA-Yamaha) 41:05.748 5. Alvaro Bautista (ESP-Honda) 41:05.813 6. Stefan Bradl (GER-Honda) 41:12.742 7. Cal Crutchlow (GBR-Yamaha) 41:18.814 8. Nicky Hayden (USA-Ducati) 41:28.508 9. Bradley Smith (GBR-Yamaha) 41:28.634 10. Aleix Espargaro (ESP-Aprilia) 41:45.711

■ Tennis US Open Collated results from US Open yesterday (prefix denotes seeding). Men, Quarter-finals 1-Novak Djokovic (SRB) bt 21-Mikhail Youzhny (RUS) 6-3 6-2 3-6 6-0. 9-Stanislas Wawrinka (SUI) bt 3-Andy Murray (GBR) 6-4 6-3 6-2. Men’s Doubles, Semi-finals

2-Alexander Peya (AUT)/Bruno Soares (BRA) bt 10-Ivan Dodig (CRO)/Marcelo Melo (BRA) 7-5 6-4. 4-Leander Paes (IND)/Radek Stepanek (CZE) bt 1-Bob Bryan/Mike Bryan (USA) 3-6 6-3 6-4. Women’s Doubles, Quarter-finals Serena Williams/Venus Williams (USA) bt 1-Sara Errani/Roberta Vinci (ITA) 6-3 6-1. Semi-finals: 8-Ashleigh Barty/Casey Dellacqua (AUS) bt 10-Sania Mirza (IND)/Zheng Jie 6-2 6-2.






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■ Squash Celtic Squash Club Results from this week’s round of the Celtic Squash Club’s winter league competition: Paul Cousins beat Jock O’Connor 3-1, Ron Carlson beat Marie Kennedy 3-1, Phil Andrew lost to Di Ness 1-3. Steve Devereux beat Cath Blacklow 3-2, Chauntel Kentish lost to Chrissie Stratford 0-3, Lawrence McCormick beat Craig Campbell 3-2, Pat Summerfield beat Jordan Hooper 3-2. Jane Lowe lost to Mark Shera 0-3, Pete Blacklow beat Steve Devereux 3-1, Chris Thompson beat Aaron Leckenby 3-1, Billy Nolan lost to Mick Hooper 1-3.

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Opinion 30 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Yachting mania Coen Lammers EDITOR


umerous people in Mid Canterbury and around the country will be glued to the television sets on Sunday morning to watch the first race in the America’s Cup. Ever since New Zealand’s first attempts at winning the Auld Mug, this country of yachties has been obsessed with the competition. When Sir Peter Blake took the trophy away from the Americans in 1995, the national sentiments, including the famous Red Sock campaign reached near-hysteria. New Zealand enjoyed defending and losing the cup at subsequent editions in Auckland which produced fantastic drama with the NZL boats eventually sinking and falling apart under the pressure from Russell Coutts’ Alinghi syndicate. Sir Russell is again the foe for Team New Zealand this year, at the helm of the Oracle syndicate, but his pay masters at Alinghi and Oracle have managed to take much of the shine off this wonderful trophy. The past two campaigns have seen more drama in the courts than on the water, with spoiled billionaires trying to get their way and the end result that only three challengers could be bothered or afford to show up for the Louis Vuitton Cup this year. As if that was not bad enough, Oracle this week was severely punished by the judicial committee for cheating during lead-up races, and had four crew members suspended and was docked two race wins before the America’s Cup has even started. Sir Russell escaped unpunished but it remains to be seen how much the team’s management really knew. This has been another massive blow to what’s left of the reputation of the world’s oldest sporting trophy. Yachting enthusiasts have been shaking their heads at the disgraceful shenanigans on and off the water, but like many other Kiwis won’t be able to resist turning on their television to see if the New Zealand boat is actually faster than Oracle. We will possibly know within a few minutes of the first race which of the ridiculous catamarans will be superior and let’s all hope the cup comes home for the Kiwi holders to restore the America’s Cup as a genuine yachting contest and back to its old glory.

YOUR VIEW Synthetic cannabis shame R18 shop: Davies states that he sells “adult only items” such as knives, swords, machetes and a selection of drug-smoking items including synthetics! Throw in a bit of psychosis, depression and family violence, nothing “adult” about that just a huge mess with innocent victims. You may not be doing anything “illegal” but you sure in hell are doing something “immoral”, definitely not a community-minded bloke that’s for sure. (Text message)


R18 shop: Garry Davis – do you not read the news? Selling destructive substances just to make lots of dirty money with no regard for the community you live in! Shame on you – nothing good

will come of this.

(Text message)

Unwanted expenditure Why does this council continue to try and justify its unwanted expenditure, at the cost of the ratepayers of this district, on the white elephant museum and art gallery? Why, instead of leaving council records in the basement as paper records to deteriorate as claimed, did they not have the records digitalised at what would have been at a far less cost in the first instance than having to run pumps and dehumidifiers for years and at substanstial cost to the ratepayers in power. Digital media has been around for many, many years. Once again this council and some of its employees are demonstrating a total lack of forethought and obviously think that the ratepayers of the dis-

CRUMB by David Fletcher

trict don’t know that technology exists that would have preserved these records. Roll on election time, hopefully we will get rid of the dead wood that currently sits on the council. Craig Fraser

Palliative care Ashburton is one very lucky community with regards the service given to families with a dying family member. I wanted to write and acknowledge the wonderful care and generosity of time that the district nurses and palliative care team gave to my late mother Dawn Keepa. Too often these unsung heros are overlooked in the afermath of a death and that is a shame. For without the support, professionalism and humanity shown by these wonderful people I am aware that I would have struggled travelling that last journey with my beloved Mama. However, the support

physically and emotionally that they gave to me, especially on her last day with us was remarkable. I want to encourage the people of Ashburton to support the district nurses and palliative care team any way they can, for when the time comes that you call upon them for support I know they will be there. A very big thank you to Alison and Tracey ... Angels walking. To the Hakatere Marae and to all those who worked quietly behind the scenes to ensure that Mama and our whanau were in safe hands. Arohanui ki a koutou. Ashburton you have a community heart to be proud of and as a mokopuna (great granchild) of William Turton, I know my mother knew that too. I leave you with one of my mother’s rules for living. “The most important thing you can give people is your time.” Tia Wilkie


Ashburton Guardian 31

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Pride of the south

Yesterday’s result Q: Should the US use military force in Syria?

Today’s online poll question Q: Will New Zealand win the America’s Cup?

CONTACTS News tips Call 03 307-7957 After hours Call 021 585-592

Clydsdale crosses up in the Mid Canterbury high country.

Hanne Nielsen



f Aucklanders sip soy chai lattes in Ponsonby, the ultimate stereotype of the south has to be the Speights adverts with horses saddled up and riding off into the hills. The riverbed stretches wide in both directions while the snow-capped mountains stand guard to either side, ensuring the viewer recognises that the chill in the air makes this particular camp no boy scout jamboree. Last weekend some friends and I passed a rite of passage and became true southerners by virtue of a clydesdale horse trek that took us right into the heart of the mountains at the end of the road to a place

where there was not a café in sight. Having successfully forded three streams and arrived at Erewhon in one piece, the first challenge was climbing into the saddle. The clydesdales looked very handsome when grazing in their paddock, but up close their overall form was eclipsed by sheer size. My head was near level with its shoulder, and even with the aid of a step stool I had to pull off some advanced yoga moves to get my leg over the steed. They never show this part in the adverts, but those Southern men must have a rigorous pilates regime before bed each night in order to cope come mustering time. Other depictions of the terrain were true to form and we soon came across a herd of shrek-like sheep. Heavy with wool, they blended in with the sandy tussock and matagouri as

they scattered out of our way. There was no handy iceberg to shear theses specimens on, but the glacier up the valley was a passable stand in and also doubles as a handy stock boundary between the station and the West Coast. I’ll admit that Mid Canterbury felt like a backwater when I first moved down from Auckland, but this took things to another level. No cellphone reception, no television, and not a chance of nipping into town for teabags after dinner should supplies run low. However, what it lacked in updates on international conflicts the station more than made up for with its rugged beauty and vast open spaces. The river stretched wide in both directions, its lazily braided streams lulling the uninitiated into a sense of false security. This trickle is capable of

photo michelle nelson

swelling into a torrent in a very short space of time, and many a Sunday hunter has been caught out by an upstream downpour. Unless you’re wearing a cowboy hat and swanndri ensemble, ‘she’ll be right, mate’ is not always enough to ensure safe passage. Luckily for us, our steeds were more than happy to go for a paddle and the trusty four-hoof drives carried us to the other side and up the ridge, where we hitched them to a fence post to have a breather. Then all that remained was to enjoy a cold one in the midst of the legendary landscape. There’s an awful lot to be proud of down South, alright. Hanne Nielsen is an Auckland import trying to find her way in Mid Canterbury. The views expressed in this column are hers and in no way reflect the opinion of her employer or the Ashburton Guardian.

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

G20 split over Syria action By Julie Pace President Barack Obama pressed fellow world leaders yesterday to support a US-led strike on Syria, but he ran into opposition from Russia, China and even the European Union — which condemned the deadly recent chemical weapons attack in Bashar Assad’s country but declared it too soon for military action. “The use of chemical weapons in Syria is not only a tragedy but also a violation of international law that must be addressed,” Obama insisted during a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on the sidelines of the Group of 20 economic summit, where he mostly made his case behind the scenes. China’s G20 delegation spokesman, Qin Gang, was among those who countered, saying: “War isn’t the fundamental way to solve problems in Syria.” Obama’s public and private diplomatic wrangling partly was intended to ratchet up pressure on lawmakers back in Washington as they debate authorising military action. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed a use-offorce resolution this week, but the measure’s prospects in the full Senate and the House of Representatives are uncertain. The prospect of military action against Syria overshadowed the global growth agenda at the two-day G20 summit. Leaders did, however, hold a lengthy discussion about the

US President Barack Obama walks away after shaking hands with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin during arrivals for the G20 summit at the Konstantin Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia. photo Ap

crisis during a four-hour dinner hosted by Russian President Vladimir Putin, one of Syria’s strongest backers. The dinner at St. Petersburg’s Peterhof Palace stretched into the early hours and ended with an elaborate fireworks and laser light display. While Obama has long called for the ouster of Assad, a dead-

ly chemical weapons attack near Damascus two weeks ago pushed the US to the brink of military action for the first time during Syria’s civil war. The US position on Syria has increased tensions with Putin, one of Assad’s most important economic and military backers. Putin has blocked efforts at the United Nations to take action

and has questioned intelligence reports American officials say link the chemical weapon deployment to the Syrian leader. British Prime Minister David Cameron said the United Kingdom had fresh evidence that was being examined at British laboratories. Ahead of the US president’s arrival in St. Petersburg, Putin

said in an interview that it was “completely ridiculous” to assert that Assad was behind the use of deadly gases against Syrian citizens. The Kremlin also announced it was boosting its naval presence in the Mediterranean, where the US has five destroyers on standby for a military strike. - AP

Texas city adopts Regulator: Fukushima plant operator gave misleading data gay rights measure By Mari yaMaguchi Japan’s nuclear regulator harshly criticised the operator of the damaged Fukushima power plant, saying it released misleading data about recent leaks of radioactive water that fanned fears excessively. Nuclear Regulation Authority Chairman Shunichi Tanaka said Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s inadequate expertise caused it to misrepresent key radiation data about the leaks, and suggested it needed more hands-on guidance. “I’ve come to think they need to be spoon-fed,” Tanaka said. “It is regrettable that TEPCO has caused confusion and fear in the international community by spreading misleading information.” Tanaka was particularly con-

Shunichi Tanaka

cerned about reports in foreign media that described the recent leaks at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant as a new catastrophe. The government announced plans earlier this week to fund some measures to contain the leaks. A recent rush of remarks and actions by Japanese officials is widely seen as an attempt to stress Tokyo’s safety ahead of a vote by the International Olym-

pic Committee on Sunday to pick the host of the 2020 Olympics. Tokyo is a front-runner. TEPCO has previously been criticized for numerous delays in releasing information and in responding to problems at the damaged plant. TEPCO acknowledged in July that contaminated underground water has been flowing into the Pacific Ocean since soon after a massive earthquake and tsunami hit the plant in 2001, knocking out its power and cooling systems and causing three reactors to melt. Recent leaks of radioactive water from storage tanks have added to fears that TEPCO is unable to cope with the large amounts of contaminated water generated by the process of cooling the nuclear fuel in the damaged reactors. -AP

By Paul J. WeBer

San Antonio’s leaders have approved anti-bias protections for gay and transgender residents, despite the disapproval of top Texas Republicans and religious conservatives. The 8-3 City Council vote in favour of the ordinance was a victory for gay rights advocates and for Democratic Mayor Julian Castro, a top surrogate of President Barack Obama. Castro has called the ordinance overdue in the nation’s seventh-largest city, where there is a stronger current of traditionalism and conservatism than other major Texas cities that already have similar gay rights protections. San Antonio joins nearly 180 other US cities that have nondiscrimination ordinances that prohibit bias based on sexual

orientation or gender identity, according to the Human Rights Campaign. “This ordinance is about saying there are no second-class citizens in San Antonio,” Castro said. Supporters in red shirts and opponents in blue sat on opposite sides of the council chamber. Church leaders vowed petitions to recall council members, and the shouts of protesters outside City Hall often carried through the stone walls of the century-old building. The local measure roiled conservatives nationwide and was opposed by big-name Republicans, including US Sen. Ted Cruz and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. Abbott, a Republican who is seeking the governor’s office, predicted a lawsuit over religious freedoms,. - AP


Saturday, September 7, 2013

In brief


Assassination bid fails

Fog-shrouded bridge scene of 100 car pileup Fire officials say up to 100 cars have been involved in a traffic accident on a fog-shrouded bridge southeast of London. Kent Fire & Rescue Service says hydraulic cutting equipment was needed to free six people injured in the pileup. The collisions took place on New Kingsferry Bridge in Sheppey. The bridge is located in the southeast English county of Kent. Kent Police said there were reports of at least eight serious injuries and 60 minor injuries. South East Coast Ambulance Service says it had transported

Egypt’s interior minister narrowly escaped assassination when a car bomb tore through his convoy, wounding 22 people and leaving a major Cairo boulevard strewn with debris — the first such attack since the military ousted the country’s Islamist president. The strike raised fears of a militant campaign of revenge for the coup and the likelihood of an even tougher hand by authorities against protesters demanding Mohammed Morsi’s return to office. - AP

Bailout back in Cypriot lawmakers put the country’s bailout deal back on track after swiftly reversing their rejection of two pieces of legislation that international creditors demanded in return for a second 1.5 billion euro ($1.98 billion) installment from a 10 billion euro loan. In the late night revote, 41 lawmakers voted in favour and only 3 against legislation pertaining to the supervision and reform of the country’s troubled co-operative and commercial banks. - AP

35 patients to six hospitals. The accident began at about 7.15am and continued on for 10 minutes as cars and trucks slammed into each other. Witnesses put visibility at 20 metres and images from the scene showed masses of twisted metal. Right: An aerial view showing emergency services attending the scene and some of the vehicles involved in a major accident on the Sheppey Bridge Crossing near Sheerness in Kent, south England, following a multi vehicle collision.

Castro’ body claimed

US man confesses in video killing man in crash A driver has confessed in a video posted online that he’s to blame for a wrong-way car crash stemming from a night of heavy drinking that killed another man and says he’s willing to take “full responsibility.” The 3½-minute video, posted on at least two websites, shows 22-year-old Matthew Cordle describing what led to the accident in which he killed the man three months ago. “My name is Matthew Cordle, and on June 22nd, 2013, I hit and killed Vincent Canzani,” he says somberly. “This video will act as my confession.” Cordle says in the video he “made a mistake” when he decided to drive his truck home after “drinking really heavily” and hit the other car, killing the 61-year-old Canzani. The video begins with Cordle’s face blurred as he describes how he has struggled with depression and was simply trying to have a good time with friends going “from bar to bar” the night of the accident. He then describes how he ended up driving into oncoming traffic on a highway. Cordle’s face becomes clear as he reveals his name and confesses to killing Canzani. “When I get charged I’ll plead guilty and take full responsibility for everything I’ve done to Vincent and his family,” Cordle

Ashburton Guardian 33

Matthew Cordle is a driver who has confessed in a video posted online that he’s to blame for a wrong-way car crash stemming from a night of heavy drinking that killed another man and says he’s willing to take “full responsibility.”

says. Later, he says he understands that by releasing the video he’s giving prosecutors “everything they need to put me away for a very long time.” Prosecutor Ron O’Brien said Cordle was a suspect in the deadly crash but hadn’t been charged. O’Brien said he saw the video and downloaded a copy onto a CD as evidence. He said he’ll ask a grand jury to indict Cordle for aggravated vehicular homicide with an alcohol specification, a charge that carries a maximum of eight

years in prison upon conviction. O’Brien said Cordle’s blood sample from the night of the crash tested positive for alcohol and negative for drugs. Defense attorney George Breitmayer III said the video “is a strong testament” to Cordle’s character. He said Cordle intends to co-operate with prosecutors. Police in June said Canzani,, died at the scene after his Jeep was struck. Cordle ends the video confession by “begging” viewers to not drink and drive. - AP

Most reviled inmate may be freed ahead of trial More than two decades after she was sent to death row, an Arizona woman convicted of having her 4-year-old son killed for an insurance payout could soon be freed while she awaits a retrial of the case that made her one of the state’s most reviled inmates. Judge Rosa Mroz set Debra Milke’s bond at $250,000, saying there’s no direct evidence linking her with her son’s death other than a purported confession to a detective. And, the judge said, the validity of that confession is in doubt. Sheriff Joe Arpaio said Milke would probably be released. If she is freed, Milke’s lawyers have said she plans to stay at a home that supporters bought for her in the Phoenix area. She has been imprisoned since 1990. Prosecutors say Milke had her son, Christopher, killed to collect on a $5000 insurance policy. She allegedly told him he was going to see Santa Claus at a mall in December 1989. She then handed the boy over to two men who were later convicted of taking the child to the desert and shooting him. The possibility of freedom comes six months after a federal appeals court overturned Milke’s conviction. - AP

The family of Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro planned to claim his body as investigations sought to determine how a man who was perhaps Ohio’s most notorious prisoner managed to hang himself with a bedsheet while in protective custody. Castro was a month into his life sentence for holding three women captive in his home for a decade when he committed suicide. Ohio prisons spokeswoman JoEllen Smith said two reviews ordered by Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Director Gary Mohr were under way. - AP

Encryption ‘cracked’ The National Security Agency, working with the British government, has secretly been unravelling encryption technology that billions of Internet users rely upon to keep their electronic messages and confidential data safe from prying eyes, according to published reports based on internal US government documents. The NSA has bypassed or altogether cracked much of the digital encryption used by businesses and everyday Web users. Reports describe how the NSA invested billions of dollars since 2000 to make nearly everyone’s secrets available for government consumption. - AP

Divorce proceeding George Zimmerman’s wife filed for divorce yesterday, less than two months after her husband was acquitted of murdering teenager Trayvon Martin and a week after she pleaded guilty to perjury in his case. Shellie Zimmerman made the decision because of “disappointment,” her attorney, Kelly Sims, wrote in a short email. The 26-year-old Zimmerman said last week that she was having serious doubts about remaining married. She pleaded guilty last week to a misdemeanor perjury charge for lying during a bail hearing following her husband’s arrest for the February 2012 shooting of 17-year-old Martin. - AP

Business 34 Ashburton Guardian

KPMG senior business advisory manager Matthew Hannah.

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NZX 50 index last 4 weeks 4620 4594 4568

By Sue NewmaN



It might be one of the fastest growing districts in New Zealand,  NZX 50 index but Ashburton still has a huge 4,597.18 –7.17 –0.16% amount of untapped potential, a  NZX 20 index business advisor says. 3,639.22 –2.7 –0.07% Matthew Hannah from KPMG  NZX All index says Ashburton’s location with 4,907.94 –6.9 –0.14% good access to trade gateways and  Rises 37  Falls 47 good transport options were just some of the positives that position WORLD MARKETS  S&P/ASX 200 index it to play a leading role in New 5,145.0 +2.5 +0.05% Zealand’s economic growth in the At close of trading on September 6, 2013  Dow Jones Indust. future. “There is a real can-do attitude 14,937.48 +6.61 +0.04% At close of trading on September 5, 2013 with people here, they’re accepting  FTSE 100 index of advice. From our perspective 6,532.44 +57.7 +0.89% we see there is a lot more economAt close of trading on September 5, 2013 ic growth to be generated out of  Nikkei 225 index 13,860.81 –204.01 –1.45% the district with land use changes At close of trading on September 6, 2013 and irrigation schemes being esMETAL PRICES tablished,” Mr Hannah said. Source: “I look at the Ashburton Dis Gold London – $US/ounce trict and I see a really strongly 1,385.0 –5.0 –0.36%  Silver London – $US/ounce performing agricultural sector; its 23.52 –0.19 –0.8% economic growth has carried the 4490

 Copper London – $US/tonne





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Photo tetsuro MitoMo 030913-tM-114

Mid Canty ‘still has huge potential for growth’


73 143 540 3417 0 315 295 525 535 162.5 995 359 930 695 422 104 57 475 86 240 276 115 1060 320 142 0 320 85.5 127 215 1490 100.5 133 112 280 689 160 583 390 285 297 221 181 458 707 268 0 368 3660 1805

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

region since the earthquakes.” The Ashburton District’s strength lay in other areas, two such as the cornerstone businesses that had been there for decades and a range of strong businesses that were to some degree, flying under the radar, but that were expanding and doing well, he said. Small to medium businesses were often where the big growth opportunities were, Mr Hannah said, but for that growth to happen those businesses need good funding, good advice and they also needed good governance and mentoring. “You find small business owners are often so busy working they can’t see the opportunities. They need someone to bounce ideas off. A lot of the quantum leap stuff for them is putting in place some kind of mentorship. Unfortunately it’s often not until there is a challenge in their business that people seek help.”

In a district like Ashburton, with urban and rural businesses that had been in families for generations, some of the key issues were establishing a structure where the right people were in the right roles and in succession planning, Mr Hannah said. He’s a big supporter of Ashburton’s Agri-Business Park and said it will be a great focus for the district. Like all projects based around innovation, however, he said, it would take time to establish. The district was in for an exciting period of growth as irrigation increased over the coming years. This would mean significant change, but it would give the district a huge competitive advantage over the rest of the country, he said. Mr Hannah and his KPMG team work with a range of clients across the Ashburton District’s business community.

NZ financial sector in tip top shape New Zealand’s relatively smooth ride through the Global Financial Crisis has left it with one of the most well-functioning financial sectors in the world, according to a major report. The World Economic Forum released its annual Global Competitiveness Report this week, ranking 148 countries according

to their level of productivity and prosperity. One of the categories assessed was each country’s level of financial market development, for which New Zealand was ranked fourth in the world. Within that category, New Zealand’s highest rankings were for protection of borrowers’

and lenders’ rights (1st equal), soundness of banks (2nd), ease of access to loans (9th), and regulation of securities exchanges (9th). The country was 10th best for financing through the local equity market and in the top 20 for availability and cost of financial services, and venture capital availability. – APNZ

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Saturday, September 7, 2013 SITUATIONS VACANT



Slaughter Supervisor

South Pacific Meats - Malvern

Water Supply Raceman (Full Time Position) Rangitata Diversion Race (RDR) Management Ltd is a water supply company delivering water throughout Mid-Canterbury for Hydro Electric Generation, Stock Water Supply and Irrigation to three farmer owned irrigation schemes. This is a rostered position. We are a 24-hour 7-day a week operation. The primary responsibilities of the position are – To assist with the operation and maintenance of the RDR. This includes operation of remote gate and race monitoring system, noxious plant spraying and general maintenance. The ideal person will – Have excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work unsupervised

South Pacific Meats Ltd is seeking enthusiastic, talented Supervisors to join our management team based at our Burnham plant in Christchurch.

customer services officer AMI

We are seeking expressions of interest for experienced and qualified supervisors for our Beef Slaughter Process. Experience in multi-species processing of Beef, Lamb, Venison and Calves will be beneficial.

Care. Assist. Deliver. Is not just something we say it is action we display every day.

• Outstanding Leadership Opportunity • Upgraded Export Operation

This position is an integral part of the plant and production management team and has functional relationships with livestock procurement, slaughter, boning, cold stores, MAFVA, Asure, compliance, administration, asset management. The primary object of the role is to assist in the management of the processing of Beef, Venison, Lamb, sheep, and Calves to company, customer and regulatory standards and to maximise the department’s profitability, efficiency while complying with all regulatory requirements. The key responsibilities for this role include:

• Ensure labour resource is utilised to maximise efficiencies and throughput • All compliance and regulatory requirements are strictly adhered to ensuring that the process is in control under HACCP • Ensure all slaughter is carried out under the animal welfare act • Staff training, development and mentoring • Continuous improvement • All documentation is recorded and processed in an accurate and timely manner If you are looking to be challenged and want to join a successful, growing organisation then send a full resume to Wayne Lindsay, HR Co-ordinator, PO Box 8, Rolleston 7643, Applications close Friday, 27 September 2013.

Have good record keeping and computing skills. A working knowledge of Microsoft Excel would be advantageous.

Demonstrate flexibility in approach to work hours. The position requires the applicant to be on-call on a weekly roster and the ability to prioritise workload to meet daily commitments.


There is an expectation that the applicant lives within 45 minutes driving time to Mayfield and must hold a current driver’s licence.

South Pacific Meats Ltd, Malvern is a modern sheep and beef processing plant at Burnham, south of Christchurch. We are now seeking experienced staff for our new season.

A job description is available from the Company Office: 18 Kermode Street, Ashburton or phone 027 254 5550 or email ( requesting a copy. Applications close Friday 20 September 2013 and should be sent to: Wendy Reith, Rangitata Diversion Race Management Ltd, PO Box 61, Ashburton 7740 or email to

Truck And Trailer / Forklift Operator Mid Canterbury Growers Limited grows seed and process potatoes on land in a 25km radius of its yard in Ashburton. Due to retirement we are looking for someone to join our small but expanding company. The job role includes operating a modern truck and trailer carting seed and fertiliser from store to paddock at planting time (Sept, Oct, Nov), and carting harvested potatoes in boxes from paddock back to store (March, April, May). When not driving the truck you will be required to operate a forklift and run one of our graders. There will also be yard, machinery and potato box maintenance to be done out of season. This is a varied job which requires someone who can be flexible and able to work long hours in the peek harvest season. Attention to detail and the ability to keep accurate records are required. The applicant will need to be licenced and experienced at Class 5 HT level and be able to operate a forklift and loader in a safe and efficient manner. Job to start end of September. Applicants for this position should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa. Please contact Tim Pike on 0274 555 747 and or send your CV to

Guardian Classifieds

307 7900

• Beef boners and trimmers • Lamb boners/sawmen and trimmers • Beef butchers • Lamb butchers. While previous experience in the above roles would be an advantage, we will offer training to applicants with a proven work ethic and those willing to make a commitment to the meat industry. Competitive pay rates, combined with an extended season, make this an attractive industry option. If you are looking to be challenged, want to join a successful, growing organisation and one of these positions interests you, please forward your CV to: Wayne Lindsay, HR Coordinator, PO Box 8, Rolleston 7643, or email: Alternatively, you can apply onsite, at our plant situated at: 1044 Two Chain Road, Burnham



We require a qualified senior hairstylist to join our busy, friendly and professional team on a part-time basis.

Phone Anna 03 308 8402

We’re smiling because we’re looking for an additional member to be a part of our team in Ashburton. That doesn’t mean you fit a mould, it means that you care about what you do and customer service. You’ll handle the same customer throughout their whole Insurance lifecycle. From making sure they have the right policies and adequate cover, through to handling any claims they may have and seeing that through to completion. Very Satisfying! The thing that really set us apart is the home away from home feel you will experience. We pride ourselves on being welcoming, supportive and genuinely caring.

Apply online, or for more information or a conversation about what starting a career with AMI looks like please call Brett Watson in the Sourcing and Selection team on 09 969 6184. To apply for this job, please go to our job site and enter the job code 19679ASG.

OFFICE MANAGER Senior Stylist Needed

We are seeking a full time Office Manager with an affinity for the rural sector to manage our busy admin team. This position has plenty of responsibility and a variety of work, working with a small team you will be responsible for the smooth running of the contracting office. Must have previous experience running an office and managing staff. Proficiency in MYOB and Microsoft Office essential. We will offer an attractive remuneration package for the right candidate.

To apply for this exciting opportunity please send your CV and a brief summary of why you think you would be suitable for this role to Applications close Friday, September 20

(Part Time)

All applications remain confidential and close on Friday, September 13, 2013

Got something to sell? Having a garage sale? Call the Guardian today for your advertising requirements. 307 7900

Part time/full time Manager Purpose built salon spacious airy open work area. Fantastic environment. Looking for that special someone with passion, enthusiasm and the ability to make you feel and look good.

Please call Deb on 03 693 7951 027 548 8339 or email

Assistant Herd Manager

PAINT DEPARTMENT Mitre 10 MEGA Ashburton has a vacancy in the busy Paint department serving both trade and DIY customers. This position is one day per week with the potential of more hours through covering our seasonal departments, holidays and sickness. The successful applicant needs to be flexible with hours available and work a weekend day if required. If you think you are the person we are looking for please send your C.V. and covering letter to: or post to Human Resources, P.O. Box 35, Ashburton. 7740.

New Geraldine Salon

Curtain Consultant We currently have a position available in our busy flooring and window furnishing business for a full-time curtain consultant. Key tasks would include: • Measuring for curtains/blinds • Hanging curtains/blinds • Ordering fabric/blinds etc • Quoting and invoicing • Assisting customers The person we are looking for would have an enthusiastic and motivated personality who enjoys dealing with customers and working in a team environment. A natural ability for detail is essential. Some experience would be preferred however full training will be provided. Please forward your application to: Curtain Vacancy Skip-2-It Flooring Xtra 24 Tarbottons Road Ashburton Or email

Have you got at least one years dairy experience? Looking to change farms for a new challenge? Then consider this role to join our team at Blackford Farming Ltd on our 683 ha dairy farm, milking 2000 cows through 2x fully automated 60 bale rotary sheds, both with protrac, no irrigation, new housing and an attractive remuneration package and roster. 10 mins from Methven 40 mins to Ashburton and one hour to Christchurch. School bus at gate. Further AG ITO training encouraged. Must be eligible to work in NZ. Please send a CV to or call 021 543 292 to discuss further.

Guardian Classifieds

307 7900


Saturday, September 7, 2013



Executive Assistant to Group CEO

ATS is a progressive farming co-operative striving to lower costs for Canterbury farmers. Ruralco is two of New Zealand’s most trusted farmer co-operatives coming together for the benefit of real farmers, their families and community. Key responsibilities will include: • Providing high level EA support to the Group CEO and Board(s) • Organisation of meetings, preparing Board papers and minutes. • Diary management including scheduling of internal and external meetings, answering and screening telephone calls, travel bookings for the CEO and executive team. • Composing internal and external communications. • Provide administrative support to the CEO and team for meetings, reconcile expenses. • Organisation and co-ordination of company events, executive functions and management events. To be successful in this role you will need: • Flexible thinking and self-starter with high energy • Able to adapt and respond to a fast paced and changeable environment • Strong verbal and written communication skills with excellent attention to detail • Exceptional interpersonal and relationship management skills to work co-operatively in a team environment • A high degree of professionalism & confidentiality • Proficiency in the Microsoft Office Suite and CRM • Experience as an Executive or Personal Assistant is preferred ATS offers an exciting workplace, a flexible, fun yet a professional co-operative culture. For more information visit Applications close Friday 13th September 2013. Email your application together with your CV to

Truck Drivers

Applicants must have a Class 5 licence.

We consider ourselves to be a “work place of choice” we offer competitive remuneration and a first class team environment second to none. We operate out of two yards one being 5 minutes from Tinwald, the other, 20 minutes from Tinwald

If you would like to be part of our team please email us your C.V with two references and a covering letter to:

Full Time

Wholesale Supervisor This position involves the running of our busy Wholesale department. Monday - Friday, full drivers license required. Also, Causal Positions available. Please drop your CV into the shop.


We require staff for our busy contracting business.

• Ashburton Location • Mid Canterbury Silver Fern Farms is looking for seasonal staff for the 2013 – 2014 season at our Fairton Plant, Ashburton. We offer a great team environment, the money’s good, and you’ll be working with a proud team of people in a progressive food processing company. So if you enjoy working as part of a team, have a ‘can do’ attitude, keen to learn, not afraid of a bit of hard work, and are a New Zealand Citizen/Resident, or hold an Open Work Permit, then we want to hear from you. Just remember that Silver Fern Farms is working hard to maintain a drug and alcohol free workplace. Pre-employment drug testing is mandatory. To apply call into the Fairton Plant Main Office, Office Rd Fairton, RD 2 Ashburton to complete an application form or email Alternatively apply online at

Mayfield Hinds Irrigation Limited is an irrigation supply company servicing 33,000 hectares via an open race system in Mid Canterbury. We have a position available to undertake nutrient budgets of our Farmer Shareholders. Establishing an understanding of our collective members nutrient footprint, is vital in establishing future scheme operating parameters.

Support Person The Chris Ruth Centre Trust provides day services for school leavers with very high needs disabilities in the greater Christchurch area.

The applicant will be responsible for meeting with our farmers, running Overseer® models for their farm and reporting. The applicant should have the following attributes:

A practical person with an understanding of farming systems in Canterbury would be an advantage. Technical experience in the operation of Overseer® is preferred but not essential as support will be provided in this role. Applications close on Monday 9th September and are to be submitted for the attention of: Carmen Foster Mayfield Hinds Irrigation Limited P.O. Box 278 Ashburton 7740 Phone: (03) 975 8547 E-mail:

307 7900 Guardian Classifieds

307 7900

For application details and further information please contact Rosie at our office in Christchurch on 03 339 2930 between 9.15am and 1.00pm week days, or email Applications close on Wednesday, 18 September.

Accounts Receivable/Administration We currently have a position available in our busy flooring and window furnishing business. Key tasks would include: • Accounts Receivable Invoicing • Preparing quotes • Ordering product • Booking in jobs • General clerical work The person we are looking for would have an enthusiastic personality and who enjoys dealing with customers and working in a team environment. A natural ability for detail is essential. Some computer and/or retail experience would be preferred however full training will be provided. This position is full-time Monday to Friday and also some Saturday mornings. Please forward your application to: AR Vacancy Skip-2-It Flooring Xtra 24 Tarbottons Road Ashburton Or email

Got something to sell? Having a garage sale? Call the Guardian today for your advertising requirements. 307 7900

Clean full New Zealand driving licence essential. We are also looking for truck drivers with a class 5 licence. Please enquire via email for an application form to:

A position has become available in our busy café for a weekend senior café assistant for both Saturday and Sunday every SECOND week.

Hours: 9.00am to 3.00pm week days, 48 weeks a year.

Analyst – Farm Nutrient Budgets

Five years operating experience with relevant machinery is essential to the role including balers, rotor rakes, wrappers, telehandlers and articulated loaders.

Café Time – Café/ Bakery

We require people with the personality and temperament to individuals in our service with their daily programmes.

• Mature, confident communicator • Proficient computer and numeracy skills • Self motivated, with good attention to detail.

The Green Grocer

22/8/13 2:41:43 PM support

We are looking for experienced full time truck drivers for immediate start.

Due to the nature of our harvesting business we are looking for individuals that can be flexible during our busy harvesting periods, weekend work will be required.

Agricultural Contractor Mid Canterbury

We are opening a Centre in Ashburton in late January 2014 and are looking to appoint staff to begin at that time.

ATS_EmployAd_EXE ASSIS_AUG13_114x150mm.indd 1


SITUATIONS VACANT proud of our people. progressive setting a new standard. partnership working hard together.

An opportunity has arisen for an experienced Executive Assistant to support the Group CEO of the Ashburton Trading Society (ATS) and Ruralco NZ Limited. This key position will be based in Ashburton.

Guardian Classifieds

Ashburton Guardian

For all subscriber enquiries, missed delivery, new subscriptions, temporary stops, call our subscriber hotline

We are looking for a mature, friendly, honest and reliable person to join our great team and someone who enjoys giving great customer service. Experience would be an advantage but not necessary as full training will be given.

Phone 307 2776, or 308 1505 after hours

ADCROFT MOTEL Require a casual Motel Cleaner. Must be able to work weekends.


308 3587

0800 274 287 0800 ASHBURTON for more details.

Wait Staff Required

The Lake House Restaurant, Lake Hood Mid Canterbury. We require full and part time wait staff must have proven front of house experience. This is a high demand position, salary by negotiation on experience. C.V. to:

Classifieds 40 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, September 7 , 2013





Landscaping Team Leader PlaceMakers is the premier supplier of building materials to New Zealand’s construction markets with over 60 locations throughout New Zealand. We are part of Fletcher Building, a diversified global building industry company. PlaceMakers Ashburton are seeking to employ a hard working, outgoing sales person to join our busy team. Hours of work will include rostered weekends. The ideal applicant will have previous experience in either the construction or building products industries, full class 1 licence, preferably with (OSH) forklift operator certificate. A happy youthful outgoing nature coupled with a good work ethic and sense of humour is essential. If this sounds like you and you would like to apply, call in for an application form or phone to have one sent out. John Cockburn PlaceMakers 115 Alford Forest Rd Ashburton Phone: 03 3089099

Are you an enthusiastic and motivated person who is passionate about the landscaping industry? We have a full-time position available now in our landscaping/maintenance business based in South Canterbury.

Rural Media Sales Consultant We have an exciting vacancy for an advertising sales consultant to join our team. If you thrive in a fast-paced, multiple-deadline environment and are ready to join a team of highly motivated, competitive and passionate sales professionals who develop effective marketing solutions for local rural based clients, then this position is for you. The primary focus of the Media Sales Consultant is to grow market share and revenue by growing the number of local active clients, with an emphasis also on retaining current clients. The successful Media Sales Consultant will be confident in his/her ability to effectively assess clients’ needs, generate and present innovative new and multi-media marketing strategies. If you are interested in applying for this position then please apply in writing, with confidence, by 5pm, Friday, September 20, 2013, to:-


Sales and Marketing Manager P O Box 77, Ashburton 7740 or email

To be successful, applicants will have: • The ability to work well in a team environment • Experience or interest in Trade/DIY • Excellent communication and people skills • Accuracy • Reliability • Ability to use initiative The position offers great job satisfaction, support of the leading Trade and DIY retailer Mid Canterbury and the opportunity to join a team of staff who enjoy working together. In return we offer fantastic staff buying privileges and solid job security. Please email your CV along with a covering letter to: or post to Lyn Church, Human Resources, Mitre 10 MEGA, P.O. Box 35, Ashburton 7740

Got something to sell? Having a garage sale? Call the Guardian today for your advertising requirements. 307 7900

Email CV to Or contact Gary Sparks on 027 693 7008 or 03 693 7377

Birthday Greetings Brought to you by Kitchen Kapers.

Ava Sila Happy Birthday Avalicious, love you to the moon and back from Nanny and Poppa. xxxxx

Full-time position

Mitre 10 MEGA Ashburton has a vacancy to join our busy building supplies team. The position involves working in our building supplies department as a salesperson. This position is full time and will include rostered weekends.

You will need to have: a Trade qualifications and / or proven experience in the field a Experience with hard landscaping and construction a A strong work ethic and good level of fitness a Excellent communication and people skills a A full drivers licence with class 2 or 4 preferable but not essential. a Experience with machinery a Experience managing work loads and organising staff.

Bella Robertson Happy 6th Birthday Bella. Lots of love Daddy and Rochelle. xxoo

Part-time lawn mowing/ home handyman wanted We are looking for a reliable, thorough, independent worker to mow lawns, trim edges, spray weeds, and do odd jobs in a large garden and dairy farm surrounds, 3 km from Ashburton. Must be fit and active. Some mechanical skills would be an advantage. Also a housekeeper/cleaner to assist in large family home at same address. Could suit a married couple working together. References required. Please send CV and contact details to Job Vacancy c/- Macfarlane Rural Business P O Box 418, Ashburton 7740

Full-time Teaching Position We are currently looking for a teacher who is fully or provisionally registered in E.C. E , 4-5 days a week to join our team at Leap Ahead Early Childhood Centre in Methven. If you feel you are interested and best suited for this position, please send cover letter and C.V, to: by Friday, September 13, 2013.

Ashburton College ‘Individual Excellence in a Supportive Learning Environment’

FInAnCIAl ADMInIstrAtor 30 hours/week, 52 weeks/year, inclusive of holiday entitlements. Employment is under the conditions of the Support Staff in Schools’ Collective Agreement, Administration Scale, Grade B. The successful applicant will – • manage the day-to-day accounts, including monthly and end-of-year reconciliation functions of the College; • be self-managing, and able to work independently; • have relevant experience and a readiness to learn and work in a team; • have strong inter-personal skills and the ability to interact effectively with all stakeholders; • be flexible and show initiative. This position is vacant from 30 September. Commencement date will be negotiated with successful applicant. Applications close 5:00pm, Monday 16 September 2013. Enquiries/applications to:

Sheena Tyrrell, Management Administrator, Ashburton College, P O Box 204, Ashburton 7740. Email: Phone: 308 4193, ext 812, Fax: 308 2104

Got something to sell? Having a garage sale? Call the Guardian today for your advertising requirements. 307 7900

Charlotte McDowell Happy 1st Birthday for tomorrow. Lots of love Mummy and Daddy. xxx Ruby Watson Happy Birthday to our Snuggle-Bunny Princess! Love you lots, Mummy, Daddy, Hazel and Hunter, Angus and Tiger. xx Taylor Heal Happy 4th Birthday little doll. Have a fantastic day. Love Mum, Dad and Ryan. xxx Birthday Greetings are free for those aged 12 and under only. Free birthday greetings must be received at least two working days before date of insertion otherwise there is no guarantee that it will appear on the day requested. Photos will be available at our ground floor office for collection after notice has appeared in the paper.

Cake Tin Hire

20 novelty shapes

$15 for 7days

The Arcade, Ashburton 03 308 8287

Classifieds WANTED

$ CASH PAID $ $ $ $ FOR SCRAP $ BUYERS OF ALL METALS Copper, Brass, Aluminium etc.

Mid-Canterbury Metal Recycling Licensed Buyer Dealer

10A McGregor Lane Riverside Estate (Off McNally Street)

Phone 308-8959 or 027-228-1467 anytime


Rescue Kittens I have four beautiful ginger kittens 3 boys / 1 girl (now 6 months old) to find good homes for. House trained, great personalities. To approved homes only.

Please phone 307 2520 or 027 311 2532

Saturday, September 7, 2013



4 TINT-A-WINDOW solar protective films, UV block, fade, heat and glare control, privacy and safety films for glass. FREE quotes - 20 years local service. Bill Breukelaar - phone 0800 368 468. CARPET - 2 you sales and installation. Mike Gill, phone 027 491 4210.

For all your classified requirements.

Phone the Guardian 307 7900

Call in and talk to the people eople that know


CRV Ambreed is now offering mating and calf purchasing agreements for export Heifers for the 2014 season in the Central Canterbury region. How it works: Qualifying cows (F12 at least) are artificially inseminated with selected Bull semen this season; resulting calves that meet the qualifying criteria, and that you wish to sell, are purchased from you at 4 - 10 days old for $450.00 next year. Interested? Please call Mark Duffy on 027 492 8200 to see if your herd will qualify. WANTED - used Ford, Belarus and Massey Ferguson tractors in any condition. Freephone 0800-888-343.

Guardian Classifieds 307 7900

of the week

AUGUST BIRTHDAY WINNER: Grant Hood Contracting

“Locally owned & operated family business for 60 years” ears”

Full range of engineering supplies and accessories for all your repairs epairs and maintenance. Kerrick hot & cold waterblasters & industrial vacuum cleaners. Esseti welders & accessories. Stockists and distributors of Trailer Equipment. KING TONY


South Street, Ashburton PHONE (03) 308-3147 Email FREEPHONE 0800 452 522

SPORTING NOTICES Mid Canterbury Cricket Association Inc Invite Applications for Coaches for Mid Canterbury Rep teams for the 2013/2104 season Coaches and Managers are required for Senior, Under 19, Under 17, Under 15, Primary, Year 7 and Year 5/6 teams. Applications to be submitted to the Board of Control by Monday, September 16 to

PLUMBER / Drainlayer Log fire installations, bathroom and kitchen renovations, TRADES, SERVICES plumbing repairs, hot water cylinder replacements. Peter HOME handyman available. Young reg. Plumber and Minor repairs, painting etc. Ph Drainlayer phone 03 307 027-677-1952. 7582 or 027 280 0889. ROOFING - for all your roofing requirements, new roofs, reroofing, commercial, insurance claims, repairs. Licensed building practitioner, Wiki, Vision Roofing, phone 027-476-0203.



Heifer Export Contracts available


Ashburton Guardian


Top quality professional trade tools. See in-store for full tool listing.




LANDSCAPE SUPPLIES • Bark • Oamaru stone • Rocks • Organic compost • Sand • Screened soil • Home deliveries available

Service Bull Package

The Service Bull Package is designed to give dairy farmers a competitive finance option for their service bulls. The package is cash flow friendly and provides up to 100% finance on service bulls at rates from 0% pa.

How it works

StockCo pays for bulls that the farmer selects, no repayments are required until the bulls are sold (after mating). Repayment is achieved by the sale of the bulls through Alliance with any shortfall made up from the sale of the cull cows. The finance rate is determined based on the number of cull cows to be supplied. A ratio of 5 cull cows processed at Alliance per 1 bull financed will typically result in an interest rate of 0%.

Plus much more FREE loan trailer available! From a shovel load to a trailer load. Dobson Street West Ph: 307 8302 Hours: Mon-Fri: 7.30am - 5pm Sat: 7.30am - 12 noon

When the farmer sells the bulls and cull cows through Alliance, proceeds are credited to the farmer’s StockCo account. Excess funds are passed directly to the farmer on the same day they would normally receive payment.


DAIRY position required by a reliable worker from now through 2013/2014 season, with one or two bedroom accommodation. Phone 027 927 1428.

Alliance Cattle / Dairy Representatives: Greg Jopson M Paul Whittaker M Ian MacLean M Colin Lindsay M

027 447 4382 027 431 3234 027 285 1988 027 201 7319

StockCo Agribusiness Managers: Mark Poole M 027 614 1148 Sam Earl M 027 677 7195

RURAL TRADING POST GRAZING WANTED - 150 Ewes with lambs Ph 027 551 3924.

Call 0800 920 929 or visit

Guardian Classifieds 307 7900

Daily Events Saturday 9.00am - 2.00pm ASHBURTON BIRD CLUB. Annual bird and accessories sale. 67 South Street. 9.30am - 12.30pm ASHBURTON TOY LIBRARY. Open today. New members always welcome. Methodist Church hall, Baring Square East.

Sunday 8.30am HOLY SPIRIT CATHOLIC CHURCH. Mass, Thomson Street, Tinwald. 9.30am ASHBURTON METHODIST PARISH. Annual church meeting with Rev Tevita Taufalele Church Lounge, Baring Square East. 9.30am ST PAUL’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Morning worship, Spring flower Sunday, all welcome. 65 Oxford Street.

Monday 9.00am ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Real women circuit training in the hall. 48 Allens Road, Allenton. 9.00am - 4.00pm ASHBURTON BUDGET ADVISORY SERVICE INC.

10.00am METHVEN HERITAGE CENTRE. New Zealand Alpine and Agriculture Encounter, interactive fun for all ages. Art Exhibition, Russell Clark’s Gold Rush panels. Main Street, Methven. 10.00am ASHBURTON EMBROIDERERS GUILD. Inspired to stitch - local embroiderer’s exhibition. Ashburton Art Gallery, Baring Square East.

10.00am - 12.00pm ASHBURTON VINTAGE CAR CLUB. Museum and parts shed open. 86 Maronan Road, Tinwald. 10.00am - 1.00pm ASHBURTON CRAFT MARKET. Commencing on Saturday’s in the West Street Car park. 10.00am - 3.00pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM.

Classic aircraft on display including DC3. Ashburton Airport, Seafield Road. 10.30am - 3.30pm ASHBURTON EMBROIDERERS GUILD. Stitch and chat, Senior Centre, Cameron Street. 12.50pm WAIREKA CROQUET CLUB. Association croquet singles. The Domain, Philip Street.

1.30pm MID CANTERBURY SOCIAL WHEELERS. 14km road race. Register from 1pm. Fords Road, near the sale yards. 7.30pm GLENYS’ DANCE GROUP. Sequence dancing, Pipe band hall, Creek Road.

9.30am ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Worship service, 48 Allen’s Road, Allenton. 10.00am ASHBURTON EMBROIDERERS GUILD. Inspired to stitch - local embroiderer’s exhibition. Ashburton Art Gallery, Baring Square East. 10.00am ASHBURTON MODEL AERO CLUB. Radio controlled aeroplane flying, weather permitting. Lovett’s Road, off Maronan Road. 10.00am

HOLY NAME CATHOLIC CHURCH. Mass, Sealy Street. 10.00am ST STEPHEN’S ANGLICAN CHURCH. Confirmation service conducted by Bishop Victoria Matthews. Park Street. 10.00am ST ANDREW’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Service with Rev David Brown, cnr Havelock and Park Streets. 10.00am ST ANDREW’S ANGLICAN CHURCH. Holy communion every Sunday. 151-153

Thomson Street, Tinwald. 10.30am VICTORY BAPTIST CHURCH. Worship God and study his word. 131 Thomson Street, (Tinwald School hall). 10.30am EVANGELICAL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Worshipping god and transforming lives. 63 Princes Street, Netherby. 12.50pm M.S.A. PETANQUE. Come and try Petanque, everyone welcome. Racecourse Road.

1.00pm - 3.00pm ASHBURTON AVATION MUSEUM. Classic aircraft on display including DC 3. Ashburton airport, Seafield Road. 7.00pm VICTORY BAPTIST CHURCH. Worship God and study his word. 131 Thomson Street, (Tinwald School hall). 7.00pm ST ANDREW’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Church service in the Sinclair Centre with Rev David Brown. Park Street.

For free budget advice and workshop enquiries. Phone 307-0496. 60 Cass Street. 9.30am - 10.30am AGE CONCERN ASHBURTON. Ladies exercise classes. Senior Centre, Cameron Street. 10.00am ASHBURTON EMBROIDERERS GUILD. Inspired to stitch - local embroiderer’s

exhibition. Ashburton Art Gallery, Baring Square East. 10.30am - 11.30am AGE CONCERN ASHBURTON. Men’s exercise classes. Senior Centre, Cameron Street. 1.00pm - 3.00pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. Classic aircraft on display including DC3.

Seafield Road. 1.15pm WAIREKA CROQUET CLUB. Mahjong - counting, all welcome. Waireka Crouqet Club, the domain, Philip Street. 6.00pm ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Real women circuit training in the hall. 48 Allen’s Road.

7.30pm CATHOLIC WOMENS LEAGUE. Euchre in the Parish Centre, Cnr Burnett and Winter Streets. 7.30pm TINWALD INDOOR BOWLING CLUB. Bowlers welcome, Tinwald Hall, Graham Street.

Classifieds 42 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, September 7 , 2013




Ashburton Indoor Bowls Assn.

100th Jubilee Celebration


Saturday, September 28, 2013 at McNally Street Stadium 2-4pm.

– C622 Sealed Road Rehabilitation, Tinwald Westerfield Mayfield Road

All past bowlers welcome, present bowlers a plate please.

Tenders are invited for the undertaking of Sealed Road Rehabilitation to two sections of Tinwald Westerfield Mayfield Road within Ashburton District, totalling approximately 5.2km. The work involves minor drainage improvements, access upgrading, construction of an unbound granular overlay and application of a first coat chip seal. Tender documents are available from the Ashburton District Council, P O Box 94, 5 Baring Square West, Ashburton - Phone (03) 307 7700, Fax (03) 308 1836. All inquiries should be directed to Gavin Green, Rural Contracts Engineer.

Contact Bernice Laird with numbers attending 03 302 3015. ASHBURTON INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL “Learn today for ever”

Tenders close with the Chief Executive, Ashburton District Council, P O Box 94, 5 Baring Square West, Ashburton, at 4.00 pm on Tuesday, 24th September 2013. Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. NEIL McCANN Group Manager Service Delivery



.99c ea

N.Z Oranges 1.5kg Short Cucumber B.Bosc Pears 1kg Celery

$1.99 bag $1.99 ea $1.99 bag $1.49 ea

Specials available from 03/09 - 10/09

OPEN 7 DAYS Road The Green Grocer Main SouthTinwald

Fresh Fruit & Vege


Open Night Tuesday, September 24, 2013- 7.00pm8.30pm. All parents and students of Year 6 & 7 are invited to our Open Night to look at what our school has to offer. Gavin Cooper Principal


Great tree work business for sale Excellent existing client base Exciting and stimulating industry » Shelter removal » Controlled topping » Logging » Land clearing Call Ernie to find out more 027 480 2554

ASHBURTON Law - Peter Ragg - moved to 228 Wills Street, opposite Events Centre. Ph 308 0327 for all legal matters.


BUYER of unwanted animals. Cattle, bobby calves, horse and all farm animals. We also sell pet food. Call Nick’s Pet Food 0272 101 621, A/H 03 322 7626. CALF milk wanted, Mayfield/Hinds area. Please phone 027 498 8659.

Weekend Services


HML Home care Medical Limited - Ring 0800 700 155 for FREE 24hr Health Advice. DUTY DOCTORS

This service is for EMERGENCY MEDICAL CARE ONLY. Please remember your Community Services Card. Emergency phone until 8am Monday - 0800 700 155.

Moore Street Medical Centre, will be the duty practice for Saturday and Sunday until 8am Monday. They will hold surgery from 10am until 12noon and from 6pm until 7pm. No appointment necessary. Surgery phone 308 3066.


For weekend doctor and emergency details please phone Methven 302 8105. For medical attention during the weekend there are drop in clinics from 11am - 12noon and 5pm - 6pm Saturday and Sunday. Ashburton Hospital DOES NOT

provide an accident and emergency service. Except in cases of emergency persons requiring medical attention must consult their own or the duty general practitioner. Persons subsequently requiring treatment at Ashburton Hospital must have a general practitioners


Benneydale – Mangapehi – Pureora District Reunion January 25th/26th 2014 Waitomo Club. Te Kuiti Registration forms and information. Jenifer Reinhardt 07 878 4885.

Methven Pharmacy, 101 Main Street, Methven. Saturday and Sunday open: 4pm - 6pm.


ASHBURTON HOSPITAL GENERAL WARDS - (Medical and Surgical): DAILY, 2.00pm - 4.00pm and 6.00pm 7.30pm Children must be accompanied by an adult. CHALMERS WARD (including Assessment, Treatment & Rehabilitation Unit) - OPEN VISITING. MATERNITY WARD - DAILY, 10am - 8pm. -Husbands and patient’s own children may visit the patient from: 7am - 10pm. TUARANGI HOME (Cameron St) - DAILY, -unrestricted visiting.


COLDSTREAM HOUSE — DAILY, unrestricted visiting. CAMERON COURTS — DAILY, unrestricted visiting. PRINCES COURT — DAILY, unrestricted visiting.


If you do not have or cannot contact your regular dentist, please phone 027 683 0679 for the name of the rostered weekend dentist in Christchurch. Hours 9am-5pm, Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

East Street Pharmacy, Countdown Complex, East Street, Ashburton. Saturday open from: ELPLINE ERVICES 9.30am - 12.30pm. Sunday from: 10am - 12 ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS noon. Both evenings: 6pm - 7pm. Call 0800 AA WORKS (0800 229 6757)



Saturday 21st September, 2013 7.30pm Ashburton Trust Event Centre



Nancy Timmo 07 878 3303 David Hunter 07 886 5337 .

Tickets from TicketDirect ( or Ashburton Trust Event Centre (307 2010) Adults $25 Seniors and Students $20 Guest Soloists: Lois Johnston and Oliver Sewell Musical Director Sylvia Watson Accompanist Deborah Sloper


MOTORING TOYOTA Raum 1998, approx 91,000km, automatic, tidy condition, $4000 ono. Ph 03 308 0226. WHEEL alignments at great prices. Maximise the life of your tyres with an alignment from Neumanns Tyre Services Ltd, 197 Wills Street. Phone 308-6737.

Guardian Classifieds 307 7900

Dairy heifer grazing wanted in Canterbury • R1 yr heifers grazing December-May • R2 yr heifers grazing May-May • We have yearlings available now for grazing Phone Richard Andrews 027 536 8693 David Topham 027 435 2308 Scott Perkins 027 474 2077

Guardian Classifieds

307 7900

DIAL 111 in the event of a Medical or Accident Emergency

or 027 857 2133 or visit for more information.

MID CANTERBURY SPCA WEEKEND EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBER: All enquiries - Inspector John MENTAL HEALTH MAIL CLOSING TIMES Keeley: 308 4432 or 0274 342 646 Call free on 0800 222 955. Ask for the Crisis ASHBURTON MAIL CENTRE MID CANTERBURY ANIMAL Team. FAST POST: Mon - Fri 6pm SHELTER SAFE CARE - 24 hr Rape and Sexual STANDARD POST: Mon - Fri 6pm Contact (cats) Andrea 021 892 939 or (dogs) Assault Crisis Support. Ph: 03 364 8791 POST DELIVERY CENTRES Dawn 021 828 350 Allenton: Mon Fri 5pm VICTIMS SUPPORT GROUP Tinwald: Mon Fri 5pm VETERINARIANS 24 hr- Freephone 0800 VICTIM (0800 842 Methven: Mon - Fri 4.30pm 846) - Direct dials to a volunteer. ASHBURTON VETS - Ph 027 683 8000, Rakaia: Mon - Fri 4.30pm Ashburton Office - 307 8409 week-days, 149 Cameron Street Ashburton: The duty 9am - 2pm - outside of these hours leave a ASHBURTON’S STREET RECEIVERS vet for emergencies this weekend is: Ben Business Area: Mon - Fri 5pm message. Hallenstein. Full emergency service all Residential Area: Mon - Fri 1pm weekend. ALCOHOL DRUG HELP LINE INFORMATION CENTRES Call us free on (0800 787 797). CANTERBURY VETS - Ph 03 307 0686, ASHBURTON - Sat 10am until 2pm. Lines open 10am - 10pm Seven days. West Street Clinic, Main Road, Methven. Sun CLOSED. Saturday clinic: 9am-12 noon. Weekend LIFELINE - Toll-Free: 0800 353 353 Public holidays from 10am until 2pm. emergencies: Jade Hackxney. Phone 308-1050. OMMUNITY ERVICES CARE VETS - Ph 03 308 2327, 246 Tancred METHVEN - Saturday and Sunday 9am Street, Saturday clinic: 10am - 2pm. ART GALLERY 5.45pm. Phone 302-8955 or Weekend emergencies: Gabrielle Thompson. Phone 308 1133. Baring Square East, Ashburton. VETLIFE ASHBURTON - Phone 03 307 BUS DEPARTURES Sat & Sun: 10.00am - 4.00pm 5195, Cnr East St & Smithfield Rd, Ashburton. Reservations and timetables, 24-hour service. Closed Public Holidays. Saturday clinic 9am-12 noon. Weekend Freephone for reservations: 0800 802 802. emergencies: Large: Richard Cuthbert, Toni ASHBURTON PUBLIC LIBRARY BUSES - Southbound: 9.30am, 3.20pm. Johnston. Small: Shannon Reeve Havelock Street. Ph 308 7192. Northbound: 12.30pm, 5.10pm. Saturday: 10:00am - 1:00pm VET ENT RIVERSIDE - Phone 03 308 2321, Sunday 1:00pm - 4:00pm 1 Smallbone Drive, Ashburton. Saturday NIMAL ERVICES ASHBURTON MUSEUM DOG, STOCK & NOISE CONTROL clinic: 9am-12 noon. 24-hour weekend emergencies: Large: Andrea Robertson, Ian Baring Square East, Ashburton. Ph 308 3167 Ashburton District Council 03-307-7700 Hodge, Neroli Wall. Small: Refer Care Vets. Saturday-Sunday 1.00pm - 4.00pm - 24 hour service Closed Statutory Holidays. Group Bookings by arrangement



WEEKEND HOURS: Sat & Sun 7am - 7pm.




Classifieds Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ashburton Guardian



HAWKESBURY ROAD CLOTHING Polly has the new Spring 2013 range of Women’s clothing in bold and beautiful colours – a MUST see! THIS MONDAY

AT: Hotel Ashburton Racecourse Road Ashburton

ON: Monday 9th September 2013 9.00am – 5.00pm

New Zealand Made And Proud Of It!

Eva Harriet Stevens arrived into the family of proud parents Sarah and Adam and siblings Lara, 8, Emily, 4, and Lucas, 2, on September 4, weighing 7lb 9oz. 050913-KC-002

Proud parents Mikayla Hindson and Riki Ferguson welcomed their daughter Aliya May Ann Hindson-Ferguson into the world on August 23, weighing a healthy 8lb. 270813-KC-056

Phone 0800 POLLYS (765597) | HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION AKAROA - CHARMING, spacious holiday home, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, all electric heating. Sky, all mod cons, short walk to village. Phone Brian 307-8000 or 308-6180.

HIRE GENERAL hire. Lawnmowers, chainsaws, concrete breakers, trailers, and more. All your DIY / contracting work, Call and see U-Hire Ashburton. 588 East Street. Open Mon-Fri 7.30 - 5.30pm; Sat 7.30am - 5.00pm; Sunday 8am - 12.30pm. – Ph: 308 8061 A/h: 308 7460


DRY old man pine, from $60 a metre. Minimum two metres. Phone 027 465 2122. MOBILITY SCOOTER. Popular “Shoprider” model. 2 brand new batteries. Front basket, seat pack, charger, cane holder, flag, full outdoor cover. Great condition, runs perfect. $1350 ono. Ph 03 307 2278.

POTATOES: Rua. $30 bag delivered. Phone 308 5972.

ENTERTAINMENT 021 0264 7179, new Asian, 24 year old, size 6, sexy, classy, busty, the best quality. Please phone Diane 021 0264 7179.

8.30AM onwards, Saturday, September 7, till 12 noon. Lounge suite, tables, clothes, king bed, single beds, purses, toys, bikes, tramp. @ 12 ANGEL - busty, tall, attractive Walshs Road, Allenton. 32 year old, in/out calls. Phone 022 411 3167. GARAGE Sale, large amount available of gardening equipment, CINDERELLA, plumbing tools, steamer, everyday, genuine calls only, hand tools, bedroom drawers, no texting please. Phone king single bed, writing desk 021 0233 9259. and much more. Saturday, YAYAKO, I’m very naughty September 7. 9am, and exciting, first time here. 4B Nursery Drive. 25’s, size 7-8, D-cup, just let me know what you want, I will SUFFOLK St 8am - 12, make sure you leave with Saturday and Sunday. China smile, I’m very happy to meet cabinets, draws/desk, chairs, you, make lovely fun. crockery, women’s and child Available 24/7, in/out call. 022 046 0378. clothing, household items.

FOR SALE 2 RIMU TALLBOYS $120 each, oak dresser and tallboy $120, sideboard and display cabinets $100 lot, double bed $40, electric lawnmower $40, garden cast iron table and 2 chairs. Phone 03 308 8845. KWILA DECKING Super spring special available Aug/Sept. Out it goes $6/m 90 x 19, $11/m 140 x 19 (incl GST) while stocks last (cash/chq/eftpos ONLY) Adams Sawmill, Malcolm McDowell Road - Ph 3083595.

Jubilee Christian Fellowship 10am Every Sunday All Welcome

Cnr Cass & Havelock Sts, Phone 308 5409


OLD man pine logs - $45 per tonne. Split Macrocarpa 10am $150. Green bluegum $150. Morning Service Green old man pine $120. Both 3.6m3. Shane James It’s not the time to give Speaker: Pastor David Jensen 303 7063. up. Victory is now!

SCOOTER’S - new and secondhand three and four wheel electric scooters and GRAZING wheel chairs. Call Fred at Electric LAMB grazing wanted for Reddecliffe September / October. Ideally Mobility Ashburton today. grass, top money paid for top Phone 308-3602 feed. Phone Mitch 027 313 CARAVANS, TRAILERS 1320 or 302 1787. 4 SALE 1974 Zephyr 460, 4 Berth, new awning $8000.00. GARDENING Phone 03 308 0350 or 027 PEASTRAW for sale, medium 438 1411. squares. $30 plus GST. ADULT Please phone 308-5659.


Church Services

206 Cameron Street Pastors Jim & Ida Heath Ph 308 7511

Life 2 da MAX (Kids Church) Creche Available Refreshments to follow 6.00pm Baptismal Service


131 Thomson Street (Tinwald School Hall) Sunday Morning 10.30am Sunday Evening 7pm Wednesday night Bible Study, 15 Cross Street 7pm We hope to see you this Sunday!

For more info please call Pastor Mike Grove 308 4695

Libby Jackson holds her new baby sister Greta, born on August 13, weighing 7lb 5oz. Parents are Anna and Jon Jackson. 210813-dw-233

Evangelical Presbyterian Church 10.30am Worship

Every Sunday 63 Princes Street All Welcome

Heart to God And Hand to Man Celebration Service

Minister: Rev David Bayne Ph 307 7355

and Children’s Programme

10.00am You’re very welcome! Cnr Cass & Cameron St 308 7610 - 308 7062


BRICK farm cottage for rent, 10 km West of Rakaia. 3 bedroom, lockable sleepout, heat pump, no dogs. $300 per week. Phone 302 2655 / 3022888. LANDLORDS. Don’t leave the management of your valuable asset in the hands of a company that’s primary income is from selling properties. Property management is our sole focus 24/7. Contact B&N Properties Ltd now, 0800 111 252

Big brother Charlie, 2, shares a moment with new arrival Thomas McGill born July 9 to proud parents Brad and Jacqui (nee Maw) Quinlan. Thomas weighed 9lb 12oz. photo supplied

Assembly Of God Sunday Meeting 10.30am Hakatere Marae SH1, Fairton You are welcome Enquiries Phone 308-8699

TLC for your VIP

St David’s Church 48 Allens Road Everyone welcome

Quality Preschool

Directors: Annie Smith and Brenda Leonard Monday - Friday 7.30am - 5.30pm, Phone 308 2959, Main South Road

If Guardian photographers missed you at Ashburton maternity, you can send your photographs and details to photographers@

Television 44 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday, September 7, 2013 TV ONE

©TVNZ 2013

6am Te Karere 3 2 0 6:30 Country Calendar 3 0 7am Rural Delivery 7:30 Fair Go 3 0 8am The Claim Game 3 0 8:30 60 Minute Makeover 9:30 Come Dine With Me Omnibus Noon There’s No Taste Like Home 1pm F Annabel Langbein The Free Range Cook – Simple Pleasures 3 0 1:30 F Jamie’s 30-Minute Meals 3 0 2pm The Chase 3 0 3pm Four Weddings PGR 3 0 4pm N Real Pasifik 0 4:30 Surviving Teen Driving With Nigel Latta 3 0 5pm Robson’s Extreme Fishing Challenge 0 6pm One News 0 7pm Country Calendar 0 7:30 Heston’s Fantastical Food 0 8:30 Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries AO 0 9:40 M On Her Majesty’s Secret Service PGR 1969 Action. Diana Rigg, George Lazenby. 0

12:35 Louie Spence’s Showbusiness AO 3 1:35 Emmerdale PGR 3 0 3:35 Neighbourhood 3 Exploring New Zealand’s cultural diversity. 0 4:05 Infomercials 5:30 The Key Of David

CHOICE TV 6:30 Better Homes And Gardens 8am Gardeners’ World 8:30 The Stagers 9am Galleons Of Spice 9:30 Pioneer Woman 10am Location, Location, Location 11am LA Frock Stars 11:30 My Kitchen Noon Bath Crashers 12:30 Relocation, Relocation 1:30 Better Homes And Gardens 3pm Gardeners’ World 3:30 Guide To The Good Life 4pm My Dream Home 5pm The People’s Cookbook 6pm Carter Can 6:30 Belfast Zoo 7pm Lonely Planet – Best Parks Ever America’s National Parks are a collection of rare and awe-inspiring lands. 7:30 Natural World 8:30 Being Erica Erica is a plucky, but flailing, young woman who travels back in time to fix past mistakes. 9:30 Twenty Something 10pm A Young Doctor’s Notebook 10:30 Guide To The Good Life 11pm My Dream Home


Midnight Carter Can 12:30 Belfast Zoo 1am Natural World 2am Lonely Planet – Best Parks Ever 2:30 Blokes AO 3am Being Erica PGR 4am Twenty Something 4:30 A Young Doctor’s Notebook 5am People’s Cookbook


©TVNZ 2013





6am Heartland Rugby 7am Golf – European PGA Tour Omega European Masters – Round Two. 10am Golf World 10:30 Golf – PGA Tour Canada The Wildfire Invitational. 11am Inside The PGA Tour 11:30 All Access Mayweather v Canelo. Noon Rugby – ITM Cup (Highlights) Southland v Waikato. 12:30 Rugby – ITM Cup (Replay) Tasman v Otago. 2:30 L Rugby – ITM Cup Taranaki v Auckland. From Yarrow Stadium in New Plymouth. 4:30 L Rugby – ITM Cup Hawke’s Bay v Counties Manukau. From McLean Park in Napier. 6:30 L Rugby – International New Zealand v Argentina. 7pm Storage Wars PGR Barry 9:55 L Rugby – captains a ship, and almost International goes down with it; Jarrod and Australia v South Africa. Brandi buy a unit and find From Suncorp Stadium in something that sets off sirens. Brisbane. 7:30 Secret Millionaire UK PGR Money is no object for 47-year-old Tony Banks. Now, he leaves it all behind to adopt a secret identity. 8:35 Rugby – International (Delayed) New Zealand v Argentina.

6am Blue’s Clues 0 6:25 Buzzy Bee And Friends 3 0 6:30 Pocoyo 3 0 6:40 Jake And The Neverland Pirates 3 0 7am Stitch! 3 0 7:25 Matt Hatter Chronicles 0 7:50 Phineas And Ferb 3 0 8:15 SpongeBob SquarePants 3 0 8:45 Beware The Batman 9:05 Angry Birds Toons 3 0 9:10 Adventure Time 3 0 9:35 Regular Show 3 0 10am Totes Maori 10:30 Neighbours Omnibus 0 12:55 Shipwrecked – The Island 3 1:55 The Amazing Race Australia PGR 3 0 3pm Extreme Makeover – Home Edition 0 3:55 F Dream Home 3 0 5:05 America’s Funniest Home Videos 3 0 5:30 The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air 30 6pm Wipeout USA 0 7pm Duck Dynasty PGR 0 7:30 M A Knight’s Tale PGR 2001 Action. After his master dies, a squire takes on his identity and sets out to win a jousting competition, finding romance along the way. Rufus Sewell, Heath Ledger. 0 8pm L Lotto This week’s Lotto draw. 8:05 A Knight’s Tale PGR Continued. 10:10 M Blades of Glory AO 2007 Comedy. Will Ferrell, Jon Heder. 0

6am Sesame Street 3 6:55 Pingu 3 7am Rocko’s Modern Life 3 7:30 Invader Zim 3 7:55 All Grown Up 3 8:20 Scaredy Squirrel 3 8:40 Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 – Fused 3 9:05 Redakai 3 9:55 Infomercials 2pm Sesame Street 3 2:55 Peppa Pig 3 3pm Barney And Friends 3 3:30 Bryan And Bobby 3 3:40 Pukana 2 4:05 What’s Up Warthogs 3 4:35 Victorious 3 5pm Mr Young 3 5:30 Big Time Rush 3 6pm The Simpsons 3 0 6:30 M Bean PGR 3 1997 Comedy. Accident-prone Mr Bean wreaks havoc in Hollywood when he is mistaken for an eminent art critic. 0 7pm Destroyed in Seconds PGR 0 8:30 The Real Housewives of Orange County PGR 7:30 Ice-Road Truckers PGR 0 Tamra and Vicki discover they 8:30 SVU AO Benson asks Bayard were the subjects of Slade’s Ellis to defend her estranged insulting comedy-routine half brother in a childjokes; Vicki worries about her custody case, but unexpected daughter’s upcoming surgery. complications arise. 0 9:30 Vanderpump Rules AO 9:30 Blue Bloods AO A convicted 10:25 Excused AO rapist-murderer is released 10:55 Million-Dollar Cash Game from prison because of a PGR faulty DNA test. 0 10:25 Outrageous Fortune AO 3 0

6am Home Shopping 11:30 Whose Line Is It Anyway? UK 3 Noon Rugby League – NRL (Highlights) 12:30 The Crowd Goes Wild Omnibus 2:30 The View From River Cottage 3 3pm Marlaina’s Kitchen 3:30 Rugby – ITM Cup (Delayed) Tasman v Otago. 5:30 Prime News 6pm Conviction Kitchen The trainees face the people who keep them behind bars; Curley asks the remaining 10 to tell him why he should give them the job; the restaurant’s popularity creates problems.

12:05 M I Love You Phillip Morris AO 2009 Comedy Romance. Jim Carrey, Ewan McGregor, Leslie Mann. 1:50 M College Road Trip 2008 Comedy. Martin Lawrence, Raven-Symoné. 3:25 The Celebrity Apprentice AO 3 0 5:05 Totes Maori 3 5:30 It Is Written 3

11:25 F Criminal Intent AO Goren and Eames investigate the murders of two employees at a Web company involved in a lawsuit. 12:25 Infomercials 5am Hillsong 5:30 Charles Stanley

11:05 Under The Dome AO 3 An encore screening of this new series. Part mystery, part sci-fi – just what is the dome and why has it enclosed the people of Chester’s Mill? Midnight Rugby League – NRL (Delayed) Dragons v Warriors. 1:45 Home Shopping

6am Charles Stanley 6:30 Gone Fishin’ 3 7am Outdoors With Geoff 3 7:30 Knight Rider 3 8:30 Infomercials 9:30 The Nation 10:25 Both Worlds 11am 3rd Degree Noon The Little Couple 3 12:30 The Little Couple 3 1:05 The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills PGR 3 2:05 Pregnant In Heels PGR 3 3:05 The New Normal PGR 3:30 Raising Hope PGR 3 0 4pm Dogs In The City 3 0 5pm Outdoors With Geoff Geoff Thomas showcases the outdoors in New Zealand and abroad. 5:30 Fishing Show 6pm 3 News

11:50 Infomercials

MAORI TV 10am Toku Reo 3 2pm Waka Ama (Highlights) 2:30 Code 3 3:30 Rugby – IRB Junior World Championship 3 Ireland v Australia. 5:30 Te Kaea 2 6pm Te Tepu 3 2 6:30 Joe’s World On A Plate Joe McLeod of Ngai Tuhoe, who worked in top restaurants all over the world before returning to Aotearoa, prepares his best international recipes using local ingredients.

THE BOX 6am Criminal Minds 16VS 6:50 The Simpsons PG 7:15 Fear Factor M 8:10 The Simpsons Super Saturday PG A marathon of The Simpsons episodes. 10:15 Raw MC 1pm 24 Marathon MVLS 4:30 The Simpsons Super Saturday PG A marathon of The Simpsons episodes. 7pm The Simpsons PG 7:30 Lie To Me MV 8:30 Cajun Pawn Stars PG 9pm Counting Cars PG 9:30 Ax Men ML 10:30 The Unit MV 11:30 Chuck MVS


12:30 24 Marathon MVLS 3am Cajun Pawn Stars PG 3:25 Counting Cars PG 3:50 Chuck MVS 4:45 24 MVLS 5:35 The Simpsons PG

12:05 Rugby – International (Replay) New Zealand v Argentina. 2:05 Tennis – US Open (Highlights) Day 12 – Day Session. 2:35 Rugby League – NRL (Replay) 4:35 Total Rugby 5am Rugby League – NRL (Highlights) 5:30 Rugby League – NRL (Highlights)

SKY SPORT 2 7pm Te Kaea 3 2 7:30 M Mowgli And Baloo PGR 1997 Adventure. Jungle boy Mowgli visits the human world, and is pursued by a Barnum circus scout who wants to take him to the circus as a curiosity. Gulshan Grover, Jamie Williams, Billy Campbell. 9:10 Journey To The West 10:10 Homai Te Pakipaki 3 11:10 Te Kaea 3 2 11:40 Closedown 3

DISCOVERY 6:30 Mythbusters PG Exploding Lighter. 7:30 Mythbusters PG AntiGravity Device. 8:30 ET Fishing Escapes PG 9:30 When Fish Attack PG 10:30 Deadliest Catch PG 11:30 Top Hooker PG 12:30 River Monsters – Year Of Beasts PG 1:30 Mythbusters PG Plane Boarding. 2:30 Auction Kings PG 3pm Auction Hunters PG 3:30 American Guns M 4:30 Sons Of Guns M 5:30 Car v Wild PG 6:30 Backyard Oil PG 7pm Auction Kings PG 7:30 Yukon Men M 8:30 Deadliest Catch PG 9:30 Bering Sea Gold PG Go Big or Go Home. 10:30 Sons Of Guns M 11:30 Bullet Points PG SUNDAY 12:30 Forbidden M 1:30 Flying Wild Alaska PG 2:30 Ghost Lab PG 3:30 Ghost Lab PG 4:30 Ghost Lab PG 5:30 Mythbusters PG

Duck Dynasty 7:00pm on TV2

SKY MOVIES 7am Skyfall – London Premiere PG 2012 7:15 Whiskey Business PGC 2012 Comedy. Pauly Shore, John Schneider. 8:40 The Decoy Bride PGL 2011 Comedy. Kelly MacDonald, David Tennant. 10:10 Moneyball ML 2011 Drama. Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill. 12:25 The Dark Knight Rises MV 2012 Action. Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway. 3:10 The Lost Valentine MV 2011 Romance. Jennifer Love Hewitt, Nick Moon Stephens, Betty White. 4:45 Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close PGL 2011 Drama. Thomas Horn, Sandra Bullock. 6:55 Safe 16VL 2012 Action. 8:30 The Ides Of March MLS 2011 Drama. 10:15 American Reunion 16LS 2012 Comedy.


12:10 Conan The Barbarian 16VS 2011 Action. 2am The Pregnancy Pact M 2009 Drama. 3:25 Safe 16VL 2012 Action. 5am The Making Of Savages MVS 5:30 The Lost Valentine MV 2011 Romance.


8:30pm on TV3

MOVIES GREATS 6:15 300 16V 2006 Action. Gerard Butler, Lena Headey. 8:10 The Making Of Savages MVS 8:35 Dead Calm MVLS 1989 Thriller. Sam Neill, Nicole Kidman. 10:15 Eragon MV 2006 Action. Ed Speleers, Jeremy Irons. Noon Interview With The Vampire 16V 1994 Horror. Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas. 2:05 300 16V 2006 Action. Gerard Butler, Lena Headey. 4pm The Making Of Savages MVS 4:30 A Beautiful Mind M 2001 Drama. Jennifer Connelly, Russell Crowe. 6:45 Music And Lyrics PGS 2007 Romantic Comedy. 8:30 Lara Croft – Tomb Raider MV 2001 Action Adventure. 10:15 Gangs Of New York 16VLS 2002 Historical Drama.


1am A Beautiful Mind M 2001 Drama. 3:15 Lara Croft – Tomb Raider MV 2001 Action Adventure. 4:55 Gangs Of New York 16VLS 2002 Historical Drama.

0 Closed captions; 3 Repeat; 2 Maori Language. RATINGS: 16 Approved for persons 16 years or over; 18 Approved for persons 18 years or over; AO Adults only; C Content may offend; L Language may offend; M Suitable for mature audiences; PG/PGR Parental guidance recommended for young viewers; S Sexual content may offend; V Contains violence. Local Radio: NewsTalk ZB 873AM/98.1FM FM Classic Hits ZEFM 92.5; Port FM Local 94.9, 98.9 and 106.1


6am Cycling – La Vuelta Race (Highlights) Stage 12. From Maella to Tarragona. 6:30 Cycling – La Vuelta Race (Highlights) Stage 13. From Valls to Castelldefels. 7am NRL Footy Show 9am Rugby League – NRL (Replay) Rabbitohs v Roosters. From ANZ Stadium in Sydney, NSW. 11am M7 Multisport TV Mondial Mountain Bike Event. 11:30 M7 Multisport TV Anaconda Adventure Race. Noon Golf – European PGA Tour (Highlights) Omega European Masters – Round Two. From Crans-sur-Sierre Golf Club in Crans Montana, Switzerland. 12:30 L Rugby League – Holden Cup Dragons U20 v Warriors U20. From Win Stadium in Wollongong, NSW. 2:30 L Rugby League – NSW Cup Wentworthville v Illawarra. 4:30 L Rugby League – NRL Dragons v Warriors. From Win Stadium in Carlton. 7pm L Rugby League – NRL Storm v Titans. From AAMI Park in Melbourne. 9:30 L Rugby League – NRL Cowboys v Wests Tigers. From 1300Smiles Stadium in Townsville. 11:30 L Golf – European PGA Tour Omega European Masters – Round Three. From Crans-surSierre Golf Club in Crans Montana, Switzerland.


3am Rugby – International (Replay) New Zealand v Argentina. 5am Rugby – International (Replay) Australia v South Africa. | Compiled by

Television Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ashburton Guardian 45

Sunday, September 8, 2013 TV ONE

©TVNZ 2013


©TVNZ 2013

6am Rural Delivery 6:35 Tagata Pasifika 7am Praise Be 7:30 Attitude 0 8am L Breakfast America’s Cup Special Breakfast presents live coverage of the first day of the America’s Cup Match from San Francisco Bay. 10am Marae Investigates 10:30 Waka Huia 11am Q+A Noon Football – FIFA World Cup 2014 Qualifier. 2pm Bite Me With Mike Leahy 3pm Undercover Boss Australia 0 4pm The Zoo 3 0 4:30 Animal Rescue 0 5pm Our World – Survival Tales From The Wild 0 6pm One News 0

6am Blue’s Clues 3 0 6:25 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 30 6:50 Fireman Sam 3 0 7am What Now? 7:05 The Looney Tunes Show 3 0 7:30 SpongeBob SquarePants 30 8am What Now? 10am Shortland Street Omnibus PGR 3 0 Noon M The Mask PGR 1994 Comedy. Jim Carrey, Cameron Diaz, Peter Greene. 0 1:50 Mad PGR 0 2pm The Lying Game PGR 0 3pm The Neighbours 0 3:30 Home And Away Omnibus 0 6pm Hart Of Dixie 0

7pm Sunday 0 7:30 Dynamo – Magician Impossible 3 0 8:30 Call the Midwife PGR 0 9:40 Mr Selfridge PGR Ernest Shackleton has been invited to the store by Harry to give a lecture; Rose must tell Harry that Roddy is making a nuisance of himself. 0 10:40 Winners and Losers PGR 0

7pm M Green Lantern PGR 2011 Action. A test pilot receives an alien ring that gives him super powers, and is given the task of keeping peace within the universe. Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively. 0 9:20 M Zack and Miri Make a Porno AO 2008 Comedy. Seth Rogen, Elizabeth Banks. 0

11:40 Sailing – America’s Cup (Highlights) Races one and two from the first day of racing in the America’s Cup match. 12:55 Beat Squad PGR 0 1:20 Emmerdale PGR 3 0 3:20 Infomercials

CHOICE TV 6am Carter Can 6:30 Christ Embassy 7am My Dream Home 8am People’s Cookbook 9am Days Of Our Lives Omnibus PGR Noon Natural World 1pm Belfast Zoo 1:30 Guide To The Good Life 2pm Lonely Planet – Best Parks Ever America’s National Parks are a collection of rare and awe-inspiring lands. 2:30 Being Erica PGR 3:30 Luke Nguyen’s Greater Mekong 4pm Cheese Slices 4:30 Ottolenghi’s Mediterranean Feast 5:30 From Sydney To Tokyo By Any Means PG 6:30 N2K PGR 7pm Travel Wild 7:30 Home Of The Future 8:30 M Small Island AO 2009 Drama. An award-winning story about Jamaicans and Londoners involved in the Second World War. Benedict Cumberbatch, Ruth Wilson. 10:30 Ottolenghi’s Mediterranean Feast 11:30 Saturday Cookbook


12:30 N2K PGR 1am The Nutters Club AO 1:30 Home Of The Future 2:30 M Small Island AO 2009 Drama. Benedict Cumberbatch, Ruth Wilson. 4:30 Travel Wild 5am Luke Nguyen’s Greater Mekong 5:30 Cheese Slices

11:30 The Walking Dead AO 3 0 1:20 M Green Lantern – First Flight AO 2009 Animated Action. Voices of Christopher Meloni, Victor Garber, Tricia Helfer. 0 2:45 Infomercials 3:20 Jeremy Kyle PGR 3 4:10 It Is Written 3 4:40 Anderson Live 5:30 Infomercials



6am Life TV 3 6:30 Brian Houston @ Hillsong 3 7am Charles Stanley 3 8am Religion 3 9am Three60 10am The Nation 11am The Best Of Campbell Live The best stories of the week. 11:55 The Block New Zealand Omnibus 0 3pm Motorsport – Chris Birch Project 3:30 Motorsport – New Zealand Road Race Championship Round five from Taupo. 5pm Wild Life At The Zoo 3 0 5:30 Big Angry Fish PGR Series that shows off fishing locations in New Zealand and overseas. 6pm 3 News

6am Sesame Street 3 6:55 Pingu 3 7am Rocko’s Modern Life 3 7:25 Invader Zim 3 7:50 All Grown Up 3 8:15 Scaredy Squirrel 3 8:40 Go, Diego, Go! 3 9:05 Wonder Pets 3 9:30 Dora The Explorer 3 9:55 Sticky TV Omnibus Noon Infomercials 2pm Sesame Street 3 2:55 Peppa Pig 3 3pm Barney And Friends 3 3:30 Bryan And Bobby 3 3:40 Pukana 2 4:05 The Suite Life On Deck 3 4:35 Victorious 3 5pm Entertainment Tonight Weekend 6pm Sabrina – The Teenage Witch 3 0 7pm M Rio PGR 2011 7pm Raising Hope PGR 7:30 Top Chef PGR (Part 1) The Animated. Voices of Jesse remaining chefs showcase Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, their culinary skills at an Jemaine Clement. 0 eatery in Los Angeles. 9:05 M X-Men AO 3 2000 8:30 How I Met Your Mother PGR Action. At a private academy 3 for mutants, the resident superhero team must oppose 9pm Rules of Engagement PGR 3 9:25 Rob AO mutant terrorists. Adapted 9:55 It’s Always Sunny in from the Marvel Comics Philadelphia AO series. Hugh Jackman, Patrick 10:25 The League AO 3 Stewart, Halle Berry, Ian 10:50 Entertainment Tonight Mckellen. 0 Weekend

11:20 M Burn After Reading 11:45 Infomercials AO 3 2008 Crime Comedy. George Clooney, Frances McDormand, Brad Pitt. 0 1:25 Infomercials 5am Joyce Meyer 5:30 Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV



6am Religious Programming 10:30 Sport Box Noon Rugby League – NRL (Highlights) Storm v Titans. 1pm Getaway 3 1:30 Rugby – Heartland Championship Provincial rugby, divisions two and three for the Meads and Lochore Cups. 2:30 Rugby (Highlights) 4:30 Junior Masterchef Australia 3 The junior chefs go on their first offsite challenge, held at Sydney’s Summit Restaurant, owned by celebrity chef Michael Moore. 5:30 Prime News 6pm Millionaire – Hot Seat 6:30 F James May’s Things You Need To Know James looks at why the sky is blue and what makes a cloud. 7pm Storage Wars 7:30 Antiques Roadshow The most valuable piece of furniture seen by the experts in more than a decade arrives at Lulworth Castle as the Roadshow team sets up for another day of valuations. 8:35 F Weekend Murders – Midsomer Murders AO 3 10:50 Killing Time AO 3

11:50 DCI Banks AO 3 With two bodies found on the scene of an arson attack, was the intended victim the lonely book dealer or the heroinaddled girl? 12:50 Home Shopping

MAORI TV 10am Korero Mai 3 2 2pm Ka TV 3 2:30 Kanikani Mai 3 3:30 Rugby League – UK Super League (Replay) 5:30 Te Kaea 2 6pm Waka Huia 7pm Te Kaea 3 2 7:30 My Country Song Show that presents emerging songwriters and singers from small-town New Zealand.

THE BOX 6am 24 Marathon MVLS 9:20 Ax Men ML 10:15 The Unit MV 11:10 The Simpsons Super Sunday PG A marathon of The Simpsons episodes. 1:15 Lie To Me MV 2:05 Cajun Pawn Stars PG 2:30 Counting Cars PG 2:55 Raw MC 5:45 Main Event MC 6:45 SmackDown! MC 8:30 Criminal Intent MV A highly skilled silver burglar is suspected of murder when a top-flight appraiser is killed. 9:30 Criminal Intent MV 10:30 Psych MC 11:30 Main Event MC


12:30 SmackDown! MC 2:10 Criminal Intent MV 3:50 Girls Gone Wild 18S 4:20 Psych MC 5:10 Lie To Me MV

6am Cycling – La Vuelta Race (Highlights) Stage 13. 6:30 Cycling – La Vuelta Race (Highlights) 7am Golf – European PGA Tour 10am Rugby – ITM Cup (Highlights) 10:30 Rugby – ITM Cup (Highlights) 11am Rugby League – NRL (Replay) 1pm L Rowing – The Gallagher Great Race Universities from Sydney and Cambridge compete against Waikato in the 3.85km race up the Waikato River. 2pm Rugby – International (Highlights) 2:30 L Rugby – ITM Cup Manawatu v North Harbour. From FMG Stadium in Palmerston North. 4:30 L Rugby – ITM Cup Northland v Wellington. 6:30 Rugby – ITM Cup Week 7pm Rugby – International (Replay) New Zealand v Argentina. From Waikato Stadium in Hamilton. 9:13 L Cricket – International England v Australia – Second One-Day International. Coverage of the first Innings from Old Trafford, Manchester. 12:50 Rugby League – NRL (Highlights) Dragons v Warriors. 1:25 L Cricket – International England v Australia – Second OneDay International. Coverage of the second Innings from Old Trafford, Manchester. 5:30 Sky Sport – What’s On

SKY SPORT 2 8:30 N Pakipumeka Aotearoa – Death On The Beach Documentary looking at whale strandings, and how to respond to them. 9:30 M The Constant Gardener AO 2005 Drama. A widower is determined to get to the bottom of a secret involving his wife’s murder, local politics, and corporate corruption. Ralph Fiennes, Rachel Weisz. 11:35 Te Kaea 3 2 12:05 Closedown

DISCOVERY 6:30 Mythbusters PG 7000-Metre Fall. 7:30 Mythbusters PG Plane Boarding. 8:30 Bullet Points PG 9:30 Strip The City PG Harbour City – Sydney. 10:30 Car v Wild PG 11:30 Sons Of Guns M 12:30 Yukon Men M 1:30 Deadliest Catch PG 8:30 Sons Of Guns M Flem modifies an MK-7 for a sub-machine gun champion’s upcoming competition; Will agrees to overhaul a rusted antitank cannon; Joe and Kris quarrel. 9:30 Backyard Oil PG 10pm Auction Kings PG 10:30 American Guns M 11:30 Auction Kings PG


Midnight Auction Hunters PG 12:30 Sons Of Guns M Behind the Scenes. 1:30 River Monsters – Year Of Beasts PG 2:30 Top Hooker PG 3:30 Deadliest Catch PG 4:30 Ghost Lab PG 5:30 Auction Kings PG


9:05pm on TV3

SKY MOVIES 7:05 Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close PGL 2011 Drama. Thomas Horn, Sandra Bullock. 9:15 Biography – Woody Harrelson PG 2009 Documentary. 10:05 The Pregnancy Pact M 2009 Drama. Thora Birch, Madisen Beaty. 11:35 The Ides Of March MLS 2011 Drama. George Clooney, Ryan Gosling. 1:15 Firelight PGC 2012 Drama. Cuba Gooding jr. 2:50 The Vow PGLS 2012 Romance. Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum. 4:35 Man On A Ledge MVL 2012 Thriller. Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks. 6:20 Sherlock Holmes 2 – A Game Of Shadows MVL 2011 Action. Robert Downey jr, Jude Law. 8:30 Savages 18VLS 2012 Thriller. 10:45 That’s My Boy 16LS 2012 Comedy.


12:40 Wrong Turn 5 – Bloodlines 18VLS 2012 Horror. 2:10 That’s My Boy 16LS 2012 Comedy. 4:05 Savages 18VLS 2012 Thriller.

7:40 The Making Of Battleship MV 8am Music And Lyrics PGS 2007 Romantic Comedy. Hugh Grant, Drew Barrymore. 9:45 A Beautiful Mind M 2001 Drama. Jennifer Connelly, Russell Crowe. Noon Lara Croft – Tomb Raider MV 2001 Action Adventure. Angelina Jolie, Jon Voight. 1:40 Gangs Of New York 16VLS 2002 Historical Drama. 4:25 The Making Of Battleship MV 4:45 Double Jeopardy MVLS 1999 Thriller. 6:30 Mr And Mrs Smith MVLS 2005 Comedy Thriller. 8:30 Man On Fire 16V 2004 Crime. 10:55 Heartbreakers MLS 2001 Romantic Comedy.

7am Rugby – International (Replay) New Zealand v Argentina. From Waikato Stadium in Hamilton. 9am Rugby League – NRL (Replay) Dragons v Warriors. 11am Sport 365 11:30 Tennis – US Open Day 13 – Match of the Day. From the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, New York. 1:30 Sunday Footy Show A review and preview of all the weekend NRL league games. 3:30 Sport 365 4pm All Access Mayweather v Canelo. 4:30 Rugby League – NRL (Highlights) Dragons v Warriors. 5pm L Rugby League – NRL Knights v Eels. From Hunter Stadium in Newcastle, NSW. 7pm Rugby League – 40/20 8pm Tennis – US Open (Highlights) Day 13. From the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, New York. 8:30 Rugby – ITM Cup (Highlights) Manawatu v North Harbour. From FMG Stadium in Palmerston North. 9pm L Rugby League – NRL Raiders v Sharks. From Canberra Stadium in Canberra. 11pm L Golf – European PGA Tour Omega European Masters – Round Four. From Crans-surSierre Golf Club in Crans Montana, Switzerland.

12:55 Biography – The Wahlberg Brothers PG 2008 Documentary. 1:45 Double Jeopardy MVLS 1999 Thriller. 3:30 Mr And Mrs Smith MVLS 2005 Comedy Thriller. 5:30 Man On Fire 16V 2004 Crime.

3am Rugby League – NRL (Replay) Sea Eagles v Panthers. 5am Rugby League – NRL (Highlights) 5:30 Rugby League – NRL (Highlights) Dragons v Warriors.

Antiques Roadshow 7:30pm on Prime



0 Closed captions; 3 Repeat; 2 Maori Language. RATINGS: 16 Approved for persons 16 years or over; 18 Approved for persons 18 years or over; AO Adults only; C Content may offend; L Language may offend; M Suitable for mature audiences; PG/PGR Parental guidance recommended for young viewers; S Sexual content may offend; V Contains violence. Local Radio: NewsTalk ZB 873AM/98.1FM FM Classic Hits ZEFM 92.5; Port FM Local 94.9, 98.9 and 106.1


MONDAY | Compiled by


Family Notices 46 Ashburton Guardian




ROYSTON, Pauline Mary – Remembered always by family and friends. Sadly missed. Passed away 13 years ago today, Francis, Michael, Amy, John and Christine.

YOUNG, Olive Margaret – Garth and family would like to sincerely thank all those who supported Ollie and the family during her illness and after her sad passing. Please accept this as a personal acknowledgement of our thanks.






Ra n

Canterbury owned, Locally operated. Office and Chapel Corner East and Cox Streets, Ashburton


307 7900


mainly isolated cloudy drizzle drizzle few showers fine showers clearing showers 30 to 59


isolated snow thunder flurries

sleet thunder

Canterbury Plains



60 plus



A few showers clearing by midday and becoming fine with southwest breezes turning northwest.






Fine with gusty northwesterlies.


WEDNESDAY Becoming fine. Strong gusty northwesterlies easing and turning southwesterly.

fine showers rain fine fine showers fine thunder cloudy rain fine fine rain showers cloudy


Saturday 9 noon 3


late rain






mainly fine


mainly fine






mainly fine


mainly fine


mainly fine



mainly fine



Rain developing, heavy and thundery near the divide. Gale westerlies, rising to severe gale about the tops.

Geneva Hobart Hong Kong Honolulu Islamabad Jakarta Johannesburg Kuala Lumpur London Los Angeles Madrid Melbourne Moscow Nadi New Delhi

18 21 29 27 27 27 34 33 21 30 32 42 10 15 26

thunder showers showers cloudy rain drizzle fine showers showers fine fine showers rain fine fine

16 7 26 23 23 23 8 25 12 21 17 11 9 15 25

New York Paris Perth Rarotonga Rome San Francisco Seoul Singapore Stockholm Sydney Taipei Tel Aviv Tokyo Washington Zurich

25 14 29 29 31 33 25 33 20 27 29 17 14 26 35

fine fine showers rain fine fine cloudy thunder fine fine cloudy fine cloudy fine showers

9 pm am 3


Sunday 9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


Rise 7:13 am Set 8:08 pm

First quarter

13 Sep 5:10 am ©Copyright OceanFun Publishing Ltd.

Rise 6:49 am Set 6:13 pm

9 pm


Rise 6:47 am Set 6:15 pm

Good fishing

Good fishing


Rise 7:43 am Set 9:14 pm

Rise 8:15 am Set 10:20 pm

Full moon

Last quarter

19 Sep 11:14 pm

27 Sep 3:57 pm

Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa

For the very latest weather information, including Weather Warnings, visit


River Levels



ld fie ith Rd

s St

gi an





g Ma









ar Tu

r C ne he tc Ki

s ce

r Or

in Pr



li n


b Al t er St

ASHBURTON OFFICE Somerset House, 161 Burnett Street. Ph: (03) 308 7052 OPEN Mon–Fri 9.30am–4.30pm TIMARU OFFICE The Ken Wills Complex, 300 Hilton Highway, Washdyke. Ph: (03) 688 2043 OPEN Mon–Fri 9.00am-5.00pm



Rakaia Fighting Hill (NIWA) at 1:45 pm, yesterday 111.0 Nth Ashburton at 3:00 pm, yesterday


Sth Ashburton at 3:15 pm, yesterday

7.73 nc

Rangitata Klondyke at 3:00 pm, yesterday

44.1 nc

Waitaki Kurow at 3:00 pm, yesterday


Source: Environment Canterbury

to 4pm yesterday


Christchurch Airport

Timaru Airport

13.1 16.9 6.8 –

14.6 15.5 -0.7 -3.8

15.6 17.5 0.0 –

0.4 16.9 – 1198.4 –

0.0 14.8 9 507.0 451

0.0 5.6 8 397.0 336

NW 4 – –

N6 E 22 10:56am

NW 15 W 44 1:21pm

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G.J. Gardner Homes are acknowledged for their innovative design concepts. Our designers are continually coming up with fresh ideas and creative living plans. Here’s your chance to view our latest ideas incorporated into our stunning new designer showhome.

26 Braebrook Dr, Ashburton Phone: (03) 308 7052 OPEN Thursday & Friday 12.00pm–4.00pm Saturday & Sunday 10.00am–4.00pm ol

17 12 16 9 18 9 16 10 15 10 17 7 20 7 13 7 18 5 16 4 13 2 16 6 15 5

Selwyn Whitecliffs (NIWA) at 3:00 pm, yesterday

© Copyright Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited 2013

Braebroo k Dr

Good fishing

26 22 21 27 29 28 28 31 22 27 32 30 30 29 25

Ashburton Airport Temperature °C At 4pm 15.7 17.7 Max to 4pm 3.7 Minimum -1.3 Grass minimum Rainfall mm 0.0 16hr to 4pm September to date 12.4 Avg Sep to date 10 2013 to date 627.8 471 Avg year to date Wind km/h NW 19 At 4pm Strongest gust NW 31 Time of gust 3:29pm

10:46 4:56 11:07 5:18 11:31 5:39 11:52 6:05 12:18 6:26 The times shown are for the Ashburton River mouth. For the Rangitata river mouth subtract 16 minutes and for the Rakaia river mouth subtract 6 minutes.

Rise 6:50 am Set 6:12 pm

14 13 11 19 18 16 18 24 13 16 25 23 24 12 17

Canterbury Readings





Forecasts for today

9 13 24 14 12 19 22 26 8 24 21 31 7 11 17

overnight max low

Showers about the divide, falling as snow above 900 metres. Fine elsewhere. Westerlies, gale about the tops.


Cloud increasing and scattered rain developing. Strong gusty northwesterlies, rising to gale in exposed places.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Palmerston North drizzle

FZL: 1400m

Periods of rain about the divide, falling as snow above 800 metres. A few showers spreading elsewhere for a time in the morning, then becoming fine. Wind at 1000m: NW gusting 80 km/h. Wind at 2000m: W gale 70 km/h.


World Weather

FZL: Lowering to 1800m

High cloud at times. Rain about the divide from afternoon, with snow lowering to 1500 metres at night. Wind at 1000m: W rising to gale. Wind at 2000m: W rising to severe gale.





NZ Today

Canterbury High Country

Fine, with high cloud at times. Northwesterlies.

Adelaide Amsterdam Bangkok Berlin Brisbane Cairns Cairo Calcutta Canberra Colombo Darwin Dubai Dublin Edinburgh Frankfurt




A strong disturbed westerly flow covers the country. During Tuesday, the westerlies are expected to become very strong as an active front moves slowly northwards over the South Island, then onto the North Island on Wednesday.


0800 42 45 46

NZ Situation

Wind km/h

m am 3 3

190 East Street Ashburton Phone 308 8945





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620 East Street Ashburton Ph/Fax 308 5369 or 0274 357 974 NZMMMA Member


Midnight Tonight


Tides, Sun, Moon and Fishing

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less than 30

For all your memorial requirements New headstones and designs Renovations, Additional inscriptions, Cleaning and Concrete work Carried out by qualified tradesmen.


TUESDAY: Cloud increasing, chance rain. Gusty northwesterlies. MAX

bur to



When the need arises PHONE 307 7433

Celebrate and honour your loved ones

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MONDAY: Fine, strong gusty northwesterlies.





TOMORROW: Showers clearing, southwesterlies turn northerly.



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TODAY: Fine, high cloud at times. Northwesterlies.




Ashburton Forecast

Wa i m a ka r i r i


Map for today

Saturday, September 7, 2013

McBAIN – Rachelle and Campbell are proud to announce the arrival of Mark Malcolm McBain. Born August 27, 2013, weighing 8lb 3oz. HOUSTON, Mervyn John – Ila’s family wish to express QUIGLEY – their sincere thanks to all who Andrew and Clare Quigley sent messages of sympathy, are proud to announce the cards and flowers which have safe arrival of Heidi Faye, been much appreciated and born August 27, 2013. also to those who attended Weighing 6lb 8 oz. A much his funeral. A special thank loved little sister to Charlotte you to doctors, District and Zoe. Nurses and staff of Ward One, Ashburton Hospital, Dr Lues, St John Ambulance DEATHS and the Cancer Society. Please note all late death Please accept this as a notices or notices sent out- personal acknowledgement. side ordinary office hours must be emailed to: SMITH, Nancy Catherine – Nancy’s family would like to to ensure publication. sincerely thank all friends and During office hours notices relations for your expressions of sympathy, flowers, cards may also be sent to: and kind words at the time of her passing. We appreciated Any queries the support of all those who please contact showed their respect by 0800 attending the service to ASHBURTON celebrate Nancy’s life and (0800-274-287). also for donating on her behalf to St John Ambulance. It is a comfort to us all that IN MEMORIAM our mum, grandmother and great grandmother touched so many lives. Please accept this as personal thank you to you all.







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Puzzles Saturday, September 7, 2013 CRYPTIC


ACROSS 1. What person takes corded material back? It’s a lie! (7) 6. Small drum for sailor getting in to the right (5) 9. ‘ - has not anything to show more fair’ (Wordsworth) (5) 10. How gang needs gin for hen-peckery? (7) 11. Former spouse, with altitude, will fill one with joy of success (5) 12. Island National Front takes to United Nations jokingly (2,3) 13. Needle-hole allows things to pass lace through (7) 15. Being spectator of important match, bear witness (6) 16. Straight up, he was a prime minister (5) 18. Proportion for Gunners it comes back to nil (5) 20. Neat observer of wild flower (5) 21. What second race is for Peru, losing capital in the Navy? (5) 22. It rubs out tempera, servicing a part of it (6) 25. Spite makes for a sick Shakespeare (3-4) 26. Bird with no backing following the woman (5) 27. Christmas tree within an ace of being heartlessly in flames (5) 28. At end of the day, Ginger perhaps about to be showing his age (7)







11 12






20 21

CRYPTIC Across 7. Guardian angel 8. Kind-hearted 12. Rivets 14. Tamper 16. Sedate 18. Tennis 19. Bread-basket 23. Go the whole hog. Down 1. Dusk 2. Grin 3. Dishes 4. Intact 5. Knot 6. Bead 9. Invader 10. Expense 11. Iris 12. Rash 13. Tot 15. Ace 17. Endows 18. Teapoy 19. Book 20. Echo 21. Keel 22. Took QUICK Across: 7. Inexpensively 8. Patience 9. Want 10. Scream 12. In lieu 14. Out 15. Odds-on 17. Yammer 19. Plea 21. Resonate 23. Breathing room Down: 1. Enhanced 2. Excite 3. Keen 4. Asperity 5. Avowal 6. Clan 11. Monarchs 13. Exertion 16. Seaman 18. Minors 20. Lore 22. Sins

16 17




6 7

Ashburton Guardian



that din to change (3,8,4) 29. When not sleeping a King’s 7. Shiner is one of two lovely ones Head is held in dread (5) to sing (5,3) 30. He’d got about on being so 8. Backing out of 6 Ac, graduate sharp (5) 31. Quiet place to fall back on (7) leaves the rubbish (3) 14. It may enable one to see along DOWN 1. No deciduous colouring to rub the way (11) 17. Forerunner of rib-breaker in in! (11) what one puts coat away on (9) 2. American private somehow 19. Sort of engine orthopaedic sore about such parties (6) 3. They’ll pay to get one with one patient might be put in? (8) such (5,2,4,4) 23. It appears, in punishment as to 4. He keeps official record of grist, the pocket, to have an end (6) 24. Intermission might make a maybe, in the back (9) change (5)present. 5. Note an Elizabethan collar Great fathers Day 27. This Wednesday, the pancakes sounds abrupt (5) 25% off, More Than Water, the story are behind one (3) 6. What country owes to enable

QUICK ACROSS 1. Undemanding (10) 7. Munches (5) 8. Rescue (7) 10. Trespassed (8) 11. Slide (4) 13. Assorted (6) 15. Thin layer (6) 17. Daring (4) 18. Disappeared (8) 21. Look at (colloq) (7) 22. Mayhem (5) 23. Foot bone (10)

DOWN 1. Choose (5) 2. Cracks (8) 3. Hastened (6) 4. Cadence (4) 5. Chain (7) 6. Possible (10) 9. Final result (3,7) 12. Pleasures (8) 14. Release from duty (7) 16. Flower (6) 19. Shack (5) 20. Long tale (4)

about Lake Hood

Win one of 3


Terry’s Coffee Machines Valued at 699.99 hot Purchase any 2014 Diary, swipe your deal! My Big Deal Card and go in the draw. SUDOKU

Fill the grid so that every column, every row and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.

212 East Street • Ashburton • 03 308 8309


YOUR STARS by Forecasters

ARIES (MAR 21 – APR 20) Take the time to determine what you really want from your relationships and what they really need from you, in a very real and honest way. TAURUS (APR 20 – MAY 21) The key to finding and maintaining a realistic balance between work and play is believing that it’s possible and it’s something you deserve. GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 22) You have a deeper appreciation of your needs and also of where things stand on the home front, giving you something to work with and from. CANCER (JUNE 22 – JULY 24) This is an important weekend for communication, especially when it comes to home and family matters, with a chance to make up for lost time. LEO (JULY 24 – AUG 23) Choose to wear your heart on your sleeve this weekend, giving both your heart and your emotional responses a voice. Leave no room for regrets. VIRGO (AUG 23 – SEP 23) Keep your thinking cap on over the weekend, spending time at the drawing board as you finalise your game plan for your new solar year. LIBRA (SEP 23 – OCT 23) Venus’ last weekend in your sign makes this a weekend for indulging yourself, saying yes to love and making matters of the heart a priority. SCORPIO (OCT 23 – NOV 24) While the need to stay plugged in will be strong, you’ll savour those moments when you can be by yourself, soaking in the silence. SAGITTARIUS (NOV 24 – DEC 21) As Venus spends her last weekend in a social and serendipitous part of your chart fate will be working to put you in the right place at the right time. CAPRICORN (DEC 21 – JAN 20) At the same time that you’re being urged to make the most of any downtime this weekend, there is a need to keep your professional hat close by. AQUARIUS (JAN 20 – FEB 19) Just in time for the weekend the Moon teams up with Venus to inspire a desire for adventure, a sense of urgency and to stimulate your imagination. PISCES (FEB 19 – MAR 20) No matter how many things you have on your mind or how many directions your attention is scattered, ensure the communication lines remain open. ALL PUZZLES © THE PUZZLE COMPANY


483mm. 8 point.






2400l x 1200w x 12mm. Non-structural. Untreated.






5L Pressure Sprayer



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Detail Sander 125W. SKU00316338







5L Outdoor Cleaner

Fast acting. SKU00188557



Black fascia. 3 speed fan. Touch control. Halogen lights. SKU00220236

1L Weedkiller




60cm Canopy Rangehood





Folding Resin Table 1830 x 760mm.





Mighty 15 Multi Purpose Ladder 4.5m. 120kg industrial rating. (Plank not included.) SKU00313743

4 Stroke Lawn Mower 190cc Subaru engine. 460mm. 50L catcher. SKU00319094


Weedmat Mulch






MA MAX: X: 60 6000 00


185mm Circular Saw 1200W. SKU00314867













Saturday 7th September 10am

D.I.Y. for kids* – Fun in the Garden

11am & 1pm

Home How Tos

Sunday 8th September 10am

D.I.Y. for kids* – Fun in the Garden



Water based. Various colours. SKU00301347

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10L Fence Finish

10cm pot.

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1200 x 900 x 2000mm. 8mm toughened glass. Sliding door. Excludes tray, tiles and tapware. SKU00228346



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Assorted Cleaning Chemicals

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185 185mm mm xx 16m 16mm m xx 24T 24T

Hollow core, pre-primed. 1980mm x 810mm.


20kg Multicrete

Emilio Shower Unit

MDF Interior Door


1830mm x 10m.

1.5LB & 4LB Axe

Fibreglass handles.





Spear Top Boundary Fence Panel

2400mm x 1200mm. Powder coated aluminium. Black.

11am & 1pm

Painting & Plastering D.I.Y. *Bookings essential. Contact your local store.





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Ashburton Guardian, Saturday, September 7, 2013  

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