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Friday, June 7, 2013

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Plan submissions force larger increase By Sue Newman After four days of submissions and deliberations on its annual plan, the Ashburton District Council needs to find more than $250,000 extra to run the district next year. In its draft annual plan it had budgeted to spend $26.552 million, equating to an average rate rise of 4.9 per cent. A number of appeals for additional funds and a decision to invest an extra $100,000 in shingle for rural roads has seen the average rate rise increase by about 0.9 per cent to 5.8 per cent. This is still well below the 7.4 per cent increase forecast in the council’s long-term community plan. The other big contributors to the rate increase are the district’s memorial and community halls. The council has decided to pick up the tab for insurance for memorial halls and for initial earthquake inspections on community halls. This is likely to cost about $48,000. Additional expenditure also includes giving Experience Mid Canterbury $20,000 for a portion of the cost of an online marketing position. It will also be counting as an additional expense the loss of interest on some of its cash reserves that will be used to

underground some of the Harrison Street water channel and to pay for a portion of the Mt Somers water supply. The impact on individual rates across most of the district will be minimal and can be counted in single dollars. The brunt of the increased spending will be supported by the rural sector where the average rate rise has risen from 3.6 per cent to 4.5 per cent. The deteriorating condition of rural roads meant the council had no option but to pour more of its own funds into their upkeep, said Ashburton Mayor Angus Mckay. The extra $100,000 the council was putting into its roading budget would be money that would not be subsidised by the New Zealand Transport Agency, but the council would be fighting to attract a subsidy retrospectively, he said. “I’ve lost patience waiting for an answer so we’re going to go ahead and do a limited amount of this work unsubsidised. We’re keeping track of this money and letting the Government know we’re doing what they should be doing and what we’ve asked for.” Ashburton wasn’t alone in taking the initiative to fund roading work itself, with Selwyn having tagged $1 million of its own money for unsubsidised roading work, Mr McKay said.


Ashburton Methven Rakaia Fairton Hakatere Hinds Mayfield Chertsey Mt Somers Winchmore Rural Lake Hood

Increase per draft annual plan

Increase after submissions

$241,500 2% ($31) $241,500 0.2% ($3) $240,000 5.1% ($78) $241,500 6.8% ($74) $157,500 5.9% ($54) $210,000 5.3% ($52) $210,000 7.6% ($109) $241,500 6.5% ($60) $210,000 19.8% ($216) $7.280m 2.4% ($227) $7.280m 3.6% ($253) $572,000 4.1% ($68)

2.2% ($33) 0.3% ($5) 5.3% ($80) 7.1% ($77) 6.1% ($56) 5.5% ($54) 7.7% ($111) 6.8% ($62) 18.5% ($202) 3.1% ($294) 4.5% ($320) 4.5% ($74)


Photo Kirsty Clay 060613-kc-031

Combined A&P associations’ winter feed competition judges Brian Leadley, Martin Fleming and James Anderson discuss a crop of fodder beet on Chris Bolderston’s farm at Hinds yesterday. Fodder beet is driving the engines of Mid Canterbury’s prolific dairy herd, according to the results of yesterday’s finals of the winter feed competition. Judges from Ashburton, Mayfield and Methven A&P associations hit the road after lunch to find the best winter feed crop in the district. The overall winner was first

time entrant Mark Hillier from Willamette Farm in the Methven district, who entered the competition after his neighbours looked over the fence at greener pastures. After a surprise win in his district’s competition Mr Hillier told the Guardian information gleaned from research about the timing of fertiliser and irrigation

had paid off. Quigley Farms took the second spot in the competition, also with a crop of fodder beet. Nine farms were under the spotlight; the first and second place-getters in the individual district competitions, along with the winner of the target crop section. The judges’ task began with

Hinds farmer Chris Bolderston’s fodder beet crop, which was already in high demand from a herd of heifers on the other side of the break fence. Judge Brian Leadley said they were looking for the quality the crop as a whole. “We are checking the evenness of the crop as a whole, how well it has been established, weed

establishment and insect damage,” Mr Leadley said. He said fodder beet provided energy in the form of high energy sugars, along with a good supply of essential nutrients. Ross Duncan’s crop of kale took out the prize for the target crop, with Steve Shearer in second place, followed by Roger Henderson.

Bach relocation ‘only erosion solution’ By Sue Newman Relocating their homes might be the only option left for seaside bach owners in the Hakatere huts settlement. Over decades river erosion carved into the cliffs on which the six or seven water front baches sit, and they now have a front yard that is less than two metres from a sheer drop. Determined to find answers to erosion issues, more than 50 property owners in the settlement made a submission to the Ashburton District Council’s annual plan. They wanted the council to look at options for stopping both river erosion and erosion by run-off after heavy rain.

Stopping the river eroding the cliffs was impossible, councillor John Leadley said. “It’s a big issue, it’s absolutely horrendous, we won’t tame the Pacific Ocean. I don’t see any physical solutions we can use to stop this.” For bach owners, the ultimate solution was to shift the front row of houses back to beyond the tennis courts, he said. “I still don’t see any other solution. In 50 years those cliffs have come back about 20 to 30 metres. We need to meet with Ecan and the residents and if anyone can come up with a silver bullet solution that’s great but I think we need to look long term.” The relocation of sea front baches had been on the drawing board for

years, council property manager John Rooney said. When the lower settlement land was sold to the hutholders’ association, the impact of future erosion was identified. The deal was that vacant sections had to be kept at the back of the settlement for the owners of those front row baches, he said. “This is clearly understood by the people down there. It’s an unfortunate situation because the simple answer to these baches is that they’re not capable of being picked up and moved. They’d fall to pieces and have to be rebuilt.” Some bach holders were saying they didn’t want baches on the rear sections because they would encroach on their green space, but that’s what that green space was

for in the original agreement, Mr Rooney said. “There’s no way you can stop it. You can spend a lot of money putting in barriers but the river will only come in behind them. The council has to be careful here it does not take responsibility for something that’s not their problem.” During a thunderstorm on April 30 there was a deluge of water from the upper huts level and this, combined with water running down River Road, saw about two metres of cliff collapse, taking with it the residents’ only access to the beach. Mr Rooney suggested one option to prevent damage from run-off could be diverting water into holding tanks and then piping this out into the river away from the cliffs. “Stormwater is something coun-

cil can and should be involved in. That’s our bit and if there is something we can do to stop that, that’s fine.” While councillor Robin Kilworth said the council should become the residents’ advocate to ECan, acting as the middle man, Mr Rooney said this needed to be done at some distance so the council was not perceived as accepting some degree of responsibility for coastal erosion. The council has made a submission to ECan’s annual plan stating its concerns about coastal erosion in the settlement. It has also asked that ECan staff meet with residents at the settlement to discuss their concerns about both coastal and riverbank erosion and to investigate possible remedial approaches.

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Buy local bid taken to heart

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By Sue Newman


Ashburton businesses have been assured they will have every opportunity to pitch for Ashburton District Council business in the future. That the council chooses to send some of its business out of town has angered members of the Ashburton Business Association, but the council says it almost always endeavours

A leader in providing Prompt, Personal 24hour Service PATERSONS FUNERAL SERVICES AND ASHBURTON CREMATORIUM LTD (Ashburton’s local firm) Office and Chapel Corner East and Cox Streets, Ashburton When the need arises PHONE 308-8474



For all your memorial requirements New headstones and designs Renovations, Additional inscriptions, Cleaning and Concrete work Carried out by qualified tradesmen.

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to give locals a chance to quote or tender for work. To ensure this always happens, the association made a submission to the council’s annual plan asking it to adopt a “buy local procurement policy.” Currently the council has a procurement policy that has no weighting in favour of local suppliers, although they were given opportunities to submit prices and tenders,

chief executive Brian Lester said. “The submitters are seeking the opportunity to participate and they do have that opportunity now. We certainly try to (support locals) but it’s not always straightforward.” The Timaru District Council had a local weighting in its procurement policy. Ashburton had looked at this but made a decision not to adopt weighting, based on the rationale that the Ashburton District was

export based, Mr Lester said. “Putting in place protectionism wasn’t supported as we also operate outside our district. However, I do think our policy needs to be a bit more specific to ensure local businesses do have the opportunity. By and large they do.” Locals weren’t asking to be given the work, but they were asking to be given the opportunity to submit prices, he said.

The local procurement policy needed to go deeper than tendering, said councillor Robin Kilworth. She wanted an assurance that it would filter down to all staff who might be responsible for securing prices for lower value products. While the council has committed to introducing a local procurement policy, it intends to hold a workshop where it will hammer out the details of this policy.

Water solution bill $800,000

111 diary Incidents attended to by the Ashburton Police and Mid Canterbury volunteer fire brigades recently. Check out, for up-to-the-minute updates on every fire callout in the district during the week.

• Forbidden driver An Ashburton man was arrested yesterday for driving while forbidden in the early hours of the morning. The man will appear in the Ashburton District Court on Monday.

• Minor theft Meanwhile, a stereo was taken from a van parked in the Hampstead area overnight Wednesday. Police are still continuing their enquiries, but if you have any information, contact the Ashburton Police on, 307-8400.

Undergrounding water that runs down Harrison Street’s gutters is likely to cost more than $800,000. And that cost means it’s a job the Ashburton District Council will continue to do in stages. This week, when it finalised spending in its annual plan for next year the council decided it would carve the work off in stages, with the block from Charles Street to Allens Road likely to be next on the list. This will cost about $190,000. Because water that flows down the channel feeds the Ashburton Domain ponds the council has decided to fund the undergrounding work from its reserves fund. It will use $200,000 of this money in the coming year but this will come at a cost in lost interest of $10,000.

POLL RESULT Yesterday’s result Q: Should there be a police crackdown on speeding drivers using ski roads?

Fluoride removal ‘disappointing’ By Susan Sandys Ashburton dental surgeon Michael Holdaway is calling for district health boards to have the say when it comes to adding fluoride to community water supplies, rather than local bodies. Mr Holdaway was commenting after the “disappointing” decision by the Hamilton City Council this week to remove fluoride from the city’s water supply. The Hamilton City Council voted to remove fluoride, despite a 2006 referendum in the city showing majority support for the dental health measure. Mr Holdaway said fluoride and dental health were public health issues, and it did not seem to make sense that councils in some areas had voted fluoride out of their community water supplies. “I don’t know why councils run away from it,” Mr Holdaway said. Because the addition of fluoride to water supplies was a public health measure, he believed health boards should oversee it, rather than local bodies. Mr Holdaway said removal of fluoride from town water supplies, as had happened in Ashburton in 2002, impacted on the town’s most vulnerable citizens in terms of removing protection against tooth decay. He believed the rate of tooth decay had increased in Ashburton since its removal, and he was aware of children, some as young as five, “with chronic tooth ache”, having to wait eight months to have sur-

gery under general anaesthetic in Christchurch. Meanwhile, Ashburton District Council mayor Angus McKay supports water fluoridation, but does not see the issue coming back on the council’s agenda any time soon. “I do not think it’s appropriate for me to comment on a Hamilton City Council decision and how they went about it,” Mr McKay said yesterday. The Hamilton decision mirrors the one in Ashburton in 2002, when councillors voted to remove fluoride. The decision was supported by the results of a community referendum some years later, showing a 55 percent majority wanting to keep it out of the supply. Fluoridation remains in Methven however, where the status quo was supported by a community poll in 2008. Mr McKay said he believed fluoride boosted dental health, and had done personally for him as he grew up in rural Methven as a child. “My mother fortunately gave me fluoride tablets because we lived in a rural area, and I have been most grateful to her for that,” Mr McKay said. Mr McKay could not see the issue being revisited in Mid Canterbury, with both Methven and Ashburton having made their decisions within recent years. However, residents brought matters to the council from time to time on a range of issues. Additionally councillors themselves could put issues before the council by putting a “notice of motion” at council meetings on any matter.

Today’s online poll question Q: Should we bring back fluoride to the Ashburton water supply? Photo Tetsuro Mitomo 060613-TM-017

Mount Hutt College holds open day Mid Canterbury youngsters gained a snapshot of what they could be in for next year when they visited Mount Hutt College yesterday. The college held its open day

By Sue Newman The number of new houses built in the Ashburton District over the past year has increased by 45 per cent. For the year to April 30, consents were issued for 243 new homes, with a total value of $73.283 million. For the same period to April 30, 2012 consents were issued for just 168 houses valued at $50.245 million. While that massive increase in activity was great for the district and the building industry, for the Ashburton District Council’s building department that meant a huge workload, said district councillor John Leadley. “It’s not easy to resource any


Richards said the majority of viewers were year six pupils from feeder schools of Mount Hutt College, but there were also a raft of other year groups considering the college.

Families that are keen to enroll their children at Mount Hutt College have until the end of July, with interviews and orientation days set down for term four.


Poll closes at 4pm


Parishioners keen to save Council website to be revamped Baring Square church By Susan Sandys The Baring Square Methodist Church may be saved, say parishioners. Having faced an uncertain future since the September 4, 2010, earthquake, parishioners are now holding a series of meetings to look at options. Property officer Allan Tweed said an insurance payout, for a sum he would not disclose, would be available as of next month. “I don’t think there’s any doubt that our church can be repaired, it’s not fallen into a heap of bricks or anything like that. It’s not physically impossible to fix the church.” “There’s a lot of emotion attached to that building, the thought of pushing it over is difficult for people, there’s a resistance to that.” The parish held its first meeting on the issue,

New houses up by 45 per cent business that has a 45 per cent change in its workload, particularly in this area where buildings now require around 13 inspections,” he said. The council’s building services department has been short staffed for several months and that had put pressure on staff to issue consents within the statutory time frame of 20 days. To cope with demand an in-house contractor has been used. The big increase in consents also meant a huge increase in inspections during construction, with the council’s three inspectors averaging 7.7 inspections per day in April, including 40 code compliance certificate inspections for new dwellings. To cope with the workload a

for pupils looking to be added to the school roll, with guided tours taking the would-be future pupils from class-to-class to see the everyday running. Year seven and eight dean Rana

To vote in this poll go to:

contractor has been used and staff have been called in to work on Saturdays. The council had been criticised for not having all consents issued and inspections carried out within the required timeframe, but Mr Leadley said in spite of being short staffed most deadlines were met most of the time. For the year to April 30 the council issued 1222 building consents with a total value of $141.248 million. For the same period to April 30, 2012, 1105 consents were issued with a total value of $111.466 million. The number of milking shed consents was down this year from 33 ($14.022 million) to 24 ($11.236 million). by David Fletcher

attended by about 50 parishioners last month. Its next meeting would be on June 26. There were various cost options for repairing and strengthening the church, ranging upwards from over $1 million. If it was to be repaired and strengthened, the parish would somehow have to justify bringing the landmark early 20th century building back to its “former glory”. The parish would perhaps like to see the community involved in the church’s use in future, and there was also the possibility of a community fundraising project. Parishioners have been holding their Sunday service in a worship space in the church’s adjoining hall, since the 2010 earthquake damaged the building. Christmas 2013 will be the fourth Christmas parishioners have not had use of the church. However, Mr Tweed hoped at least by then the parish will have made a decision on its future.

As part of improving its communications with residents, the Ashburton District Council is revamping its website. That revamp, however, doesn’t come cheaply and it has voted itself an additional $12,500 in its budget for next year to buy photographic services. While there were plenty of scenic images available, council community planning officer Gavin Thomas told district councillors that the website needed to show people using a range of council services and facilities too. As councillors deliberated over submissions on their annual plan, he asked for extra money for this work. The $12,500 he was granted will also be used to market the council’s website to encourage people to use its on-line services. The council is making an increasing number of its services available on-line. Dog registration is now available on line and by the end of this year, rates accounts will be available by email.


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Viewing by appointment only Please call 027 433 2259

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Leaky building needs rebuild Borough another leaky school By Myles Hume One of Ashburton Borough’s highly-prized buildings will be pulled down and completely rebuilt. Principal Sam Winterbourn said the Ministry of Education confirmed the school’s administration block would be demolished and rebuilt after the building had a serious water leakage problem. The block is considered one of the school’s “most creative” buildings by Mr Winterbourn, who is saddened to find the building, which contains his office, will be demolished, with plans to pull it down as early as next month. He did not know the cost of the rebuild, but agreed it would be “in the hundreds of thousands”. It also comes after Longbeach School principal Neil Simons spoke to the Guardian in April about his school’s $300,000 leaky building repair bill for the school’s newest block – built in 2000. Mr Winterbourn said there appeared to be a raft of problems with the building. “There were design, material, build and regulation problems,” he said. “We are just one of many, and I think sadly the reality is many

buildings built within that timeframe eight to 10 years go are subject to leaky building problems.” The school noticed problems a while ago after a skylight continued to leak whenever it rained heavily. The school thought it was a glazing issue and had it repaired but that never fixed the entire problem. Mr Winterbourn said the magnitude of the problem became evident last year when earthquake assessors were checking internal cracks in the block, soon realising they had emerged as a result of the water damage. Mr Winterbourn said it was frustrating to know the school would temporarily lose its hub, and finding a replacement building while the new one would be rebuilt was “proving to be difficult”. But it was up to the ministry to solve that problem, he said. About two months ago the Ministry of Education revealed it had taken legal action against building product companies over leaky school buildings. The ministry is already fighting 100 leaky building claims in court, and is currently repairing about 800 buildings at 300 schools. The ministry has put the cost for all remedial work at $1.5 billion for leaky school buildings.

In a submission to the council’s annual plan the event’s organiser Sue van den Huevel asked the council to increase its funding for the event from $4000 to $10,000. The council’s contribution makes up about 25 per cent of the

• Art exhibition openings The Colour of Light, exhibition by Jen Dearborn and Susie Millichamp, at the Methven Heritage Centre, opening to the public today. Southern Slice exhibition by Miranda Caird at Terrace Downs Resort, runs from today to July 4 during resort opening hours.

NAVARA ST-X 4WD from $39,990+GST +orC

• Rakaia Domain It’s a big day at the Rakaia Domain with the netball club hosting its country day for all grades, featuring Rakaia A v Hampstead A at 1pm, while on the rugby fields Rakaia hosts Waihora in the Combined Country Cup quarter-finals.

Sunday: • Musical club Ashburton Musical Club public concert with visiting artists, Tres Cordes, chamber music group. Sinclair Centre, 2pm start, afternoon tea served. • Maori New Year Matariki – Maori New Year, celebrations at Hakatere Marae 1pm to 4pm.

Photo Tetsuro Mitomo 060613-TM-005

Ashburton Borough principal Sam Winterbourn with the school’s leaky administration block that will be demolished and rebuilt.

organisation’s fundraising. While, long term, a funding package that involved several groups would be ideal to allow the organisers to focus on running the event rather than fundraising councuillors said, they

weren’t prepared to be its sole funder. The extra $6000 Ms van den Huevel was seeking was declined, with the council opting to increase its contribution to the event by just $1000, to $5000. Navara ST-X 550 shown

such as Mayfield, where the supply had not been satisfactory, Mt Somers supply had been good. Residents’ would notice little difference but the change was necessary to meet drinking water standards, Mr Totty said. He suggested that the council should pay 10 per cent of the upgrade costs, $28,000, from general rates. It was important the council shared some of the costs of the upgrade, councillor Robin Kilworth said. “Every time there is another compliance handed down our small communities have this imposed on them as well.”

Applications close 1 July for Rural Women NZ & Access Homehealth scholarship Health professionals with an interest in the rural sector have just three weeks to apply for this year’s Rural Women NZ & Access Homehealth scholarship, with a closing date of July 1. “This $3000 scholarship will be awarded to a health professional to help further his or her studies,” says Rural Women New Zealand National President, Liz Evans. “Given our rural focus, we

Hinds dairy farmer Richard Pearse will join other winners of this year’s Dairy Industry Awards at the National Agricultural Fieldays next week. It will be his first ambassadorial role since taking the New Zealand Farm Manager of the Year title in Wellington last month, the other winners, Sharemilker/Equity Farmers of the Year, Don and Jess Moore and Dairy Trainee of the Year, James Warren will also be there. National convenor Chris Keeping says attending Fieldays next week will also enable them to investigate the latest farming innovations. “The Fieldays is a huge mecca for New Zealand’s farming industry, so it’s a great opportunity for our winners to meet heaps of people, learn about the latest technology and innovations that may help them on farm, and share their experiences with interested people,” Mrs Keeping said. “Our awards sponsors real-


Debate over water bill Health scholarship Just because the health sector changes the rules, small communities shouldn’t be forced to foot the bill for water supply upgrades, says Ashburton District councillor Alan Totty. New drinking water standards meant the Mt Somers’ supply had to be upgraded and in this year’s council annual plan, that had added an extra $163 to rates bills. He suggested the council should be shouldering some of the costs. Mt Somers was the last of the district’s rural townships to have its water supply upgraded. Unlike some,

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Multi-Cultural Bite gets another $1000 Pearse at Fieldays

Ashburton’s popular MultiCultural Bite festival might attract thousands of visitors to Ashburton but it hasn’t attracted thousands of dollars out of the Ashburton District Council’s coffers.


are particularly keen to support someone who has an interest in providing health or disability services in rural communities.” Preference will be given to applicants who are studying at post-graduate level. Last year the scholarship went to a rural practice nurse from Murupara, for post graduate study in Women’s Health through Otago University. Full information and application forms can be found at www. (bursaries tab) or

THE dEaL Richard Pearse

ly enjoy the opportunity to have our national winners’ visit their Fieldays site to meet key personnel and see the range of products and services on offer.” The 45th National Agricultural Fieldays open at Mystery Creek, near Hamilton, on Wednesday.


• Speedway The Ashburton Speedway has its end of season race meeting and fun day on Sunday with racing under way from 12.30pm.

On the couch: • World Cup rematch It’s the replay of the 2011 Rugby World Cup final with the All Blacks up against France at Eden Park live on Sky Sport from 6.30pm (7.35pm kickoff).

TOP 5 ONLINE Yesterday’s top five stories on: www.

1. Sina house demolished 2. From Toowoomba to Ashburton 3. Rural shingle roads ‘poor’ 4. Land ‘sliding into sea’ 5. Increased funding rejected

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Schools need parental backing, not apathy W

hy don’t parents vote in Board of Trustee elections? Wednesday’s return of voting papers was down on previous years, according to returning officers from many Mid Canterbury schools. In fact in the overall stakes, only 50 per cent of parents took time to vote for their children’s educational future. In the case of Ashburton College only 300 of the 1850 voting papers dispatched were

OUR VIEW returned; at Mount Hutt College only 37 per cent of the 720 eligible voters responded. Apparently these statistics are representative of a nationwide apathy – and that is disappointing. Various reasons for the poor turnout have been mooted; the novelty of being involved with the governance of schools has worn off; parents are

happy with the way the school is operating – or a reduced number of applicants for the positions. Or maybe in Mid Canterbury, BOT elections coinciding with Gypsy Day feeds into the response rate; with so many families shifting into, out of and around the district the need to participate diminishes? Or maybe parents are just too

Michelle Nelson CHIEF REPORTER

busy? Not good enough excuses! It’s not realistic to think you can pack your kids off to school

and leave everything to already overburdened teaching and administration staff. Not everyone can fit in time to sit on a board, but surely parents can find 30 minutes to check out those who have put their hands up for election – and make a decision on whose ethos best fits their ideal of the school they send their children to? I’m firmly of the belief that you can’t leave your children’s education to chance, and when

News tips 03 307-7957 reporters@

NZ First MPs and Labour’s Trevor Mallard have walked out of Parliament in protest after Speaker David Carter allowed United Future MP Peter Dunne to keep the extra funding and entitlements that come with being a party leader, despite the deregistration of his party. Mr Carter announced that decision yesterday, but both Labour and NZ First objected, saying if Mr Dunne’s party was not registered then it clearly did not meet the rules required for those resources. Labour MP Trevor Mallard also described the decision as a “farce” and when asked to apologise, he refused and opted to leave the Debating Chamber. After objecting, NZ First leader Winston Peters said that if Mr Carter did not produce the legal advice he based his decision on, then his party would boycott Parliament until that happened. His caucus then left Parliament after the Speaker refused to discuss the matter further, beyond saying he had received advice on it before making the decision. Earlier, Mr Mallard had argued that as well as extra funding, party leaders held certain positions, such as membership on the important Business Committee, which Mr Dunne should no longer be entitled to. Mr Mallard said it was the wrong decision because Parliamentary

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Missed paper 0800 ASHBURTON 0800 274-287


021 052-7511

Police phone Ashburton police phone number: It recently cost me a toll call to Auckland crime centre to report vandalism to my vehicle at

the weekend.

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Harness Jewels Thank you for your sponsorship

of the Harness Jewels race won by Venus Serena. Racing like the Jewels would not be possible without generous sponsorship and the efforts of a community such as Ashburton.

As you can imagine Venus is very special to us and will now have a well-earned rest. Bob and Jenny Sandford (Text message)

‘I’m not anti-Semitic’ - accused By Edward Gay


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travelled and socially confident 21-year-old who is now working on a Bachelor of Nursing degree. It pays to be involved in your child’s education whenever you have the chance, because it can be life changing for everyone. I don’t believe for a moment that 50 per cent of Mid Canterbury parents don’t care about their children’s education – but I do think families and schools would benefit from a little less apathy.

Dunne decision sparks walkout



my youngest daughter was diagnosed as dyslexic, that point was rammed home. Not only did I sit on three different school BOTs, I was involved in countless Individual Education Programme (IEP) meetings, and got to know many awesome teachers at the chalk face. On the odd occasion that our paths cross nowadays they are, without exception, interested in where she is today. The result of our combined effort is a well-educated, well-

A man accused of spraying swastikas and offensive statements on Jewish graves told police he was drunk when he and a friend decided to go out tagging and he is not antiSemitic, a court has heard. Christian Landmark, 20, was charged with being a party to intentional damage after it was discovered the gravestones in a central Auckland cemetery were defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti and swastikas in october last year. In a police interview played at his trial in Auckland District Court, Landmark initially told Detective Sergeant Phillip Cox he had been shown a photo of the graffiti by a friend but said he didn’t know anything about the man responsible except that his name was “Rob”. But after Mr Cox said police had spoken to a friend of Landmark’s, he suddenly came clean. “Ok, I think we should restart the interview. It wasn’t me who

I think in the graveyard where me and Chris were - a Jewish graveyard - a swastika was the first thing that came to mind in terms of being offensive ... I’m pretty sure he was thinking the same thing

did it. I was there at the time, I was absolutely drunk at the time, out of my mind with Rob.” He said he thought the graffiti was “stupid” and he was not anti-Semitic. “I would have told you everything but I felt bad for him but, man, I’ve had a shitty day.” Landmark admitted being at the graveyard but said it was Rob who did the tagging. “I didn’t realise the severity of his views until he went and did that.” Earlier the court heard from Rob, whose full name is Robert Moulden. He said he and Landmark had been drinking at their inner-city hostel when they decided to go out tagging.

Moulden told the court there was no plan to tag the Jewish gravestones but that’s where they ended up. “I’d say it was Chris’ idea but it was probably 50/50.” He said they took turns spraypainting the graves and at one point Landmark took pictures. But under cross-examination from Landmark’s lawyer Tudor Clee, he confirmed that Landmark did not suggest spray-painting swastikas. “I think in the graveyard where me and Chris were - a Jewish graveyard - a swastika was the first thing that came to mind in terms of being offensive ... I’m pretty sure he was thinking the same thing.” Mr Clee also took him through

a number of text messages sent between the pair on the days following the graffiti attack. In one of the messages, Moulden texted Landmark telling him: “awesome derailment of all the shit you call ‘fascist fantasy bullshit’.” Moulden agreed that his message implied Landmark did not believe in fascism but did not recall sending the message and could not be sure what he meant. Mr Clee also asked about a text message Moulden sent to Landmark after Landmark tried to sell photos of the graffiti to the media. Moulden texted him saying: “How dare you hijack my shit for money”. Mr Clee pointed out that Moulden was claiming ownership for the attack. But Moulden said he was referring to his identity. “... It would have clearly endangered me and I would’ve been in trouble.” The hearing - before Judge Russell Collins - is expected to conclude today. - APNZ

Ministry backs down over violent student By Kieran Campbell and Rebecca Quilliam The Ministry of Education has backed down from forcing a Paeroa school to re-enrol a 10-year-old student who the school says is a threat to staff and other children. The ministry had given Paeroa Central School until today to lift the exclusion on the boy, who was forced to leave last year for assaulting a teacher and threatening young pupils by telling them he would “cut them up with a knife”. It said the student was “legally required to be enrolled, and his local school offers the best chance he has for gaining the stability he needs”. The school’s principal Janet

Jones said they would defy that order and an urgent meeting was arranged for today between ministry officials and the school’s board of trustees. However, yesterday afternoon, the ministry’s special education group manager Brian Coffey said the boy would not be re-enrolled without the school agreeing to that course of action. “We know this boy has some serious behaviour issues and that the concerns of the school and parents are quite genuine,” he said. “Our plan is to have the boy attend the Thames Valley Alternative Education Centre, where he will get specialist support that will also be available to him at home. “We had hoped to be able

to enrol him again at Paeroa Central and to transition him slowly back into that school as progress was made. “But we will not do that without the agreement of the school.” The ministry wanted to ensure that the outcome had the “buy-in” from all concerned, Mr Coffey said. “We will continue to work with the school, the boy’s family and all other relevant agencies, including the police and Child Youth and Family, to ensure he gets the opportunity he needs in a way that secures the safety of the people around him.” Mrs Jones said the child had attended 14 schools and had a history of violence, including trying to assault a staff member with a cricket bat at his last

school. She said the advice from a psychologist involved in the boy’s care was that he would “be a danger at whatever school he is in”. Earlier yesterday she said the ministry was putting the rights of one child over the rights of 85 others. She said the ministry, which had offered extra funding of $34,000 a year to support the student, was letting down her school and the troubled youngster by wanting him re-enrolled at Paeroa Central. The ministry had told the school it was denying the boy a right to education, and Education Minister Hekia Parata had declined to get involved, Mrs Jones said. - APNZ

rules required a party to be registered with the Electoral Commission for those entitlements to apply. His colleague David Parker said if United Future was not registered, then in effect Mr Dunne and independent MP Brendon Horan should be treated the same. Winston Peters had said the Speaker should have acted as soon as the Electoral Commission advised that the party was no longer registered. Leader of the House Gerry Brownlee said Mr Dunne was elected as a party leader in 2011 and was entitled to continue to be recognised as such. Mr Carter said he accepted that the points made were genuine, but said he had made his decision. On the way out of Parliament, Mr Dunne told reporters that MPs had to have confidence in the Speaker’s decisions. “If you lose confidence in the Speaker then frankly you start to lose confidence in the whole system.” Asked about Mr Peters’ and Mr Mallard’s actions this afternoon, Mr Dunne dismissed it as “just game playing and I think they should answer for their behaviour”. “I think the public will look at them and say these are children playing children’s games.” -APNZ

Denniston mine appeal thrown out By Kurt Bayer Conservationists fighting a decision to allow an Australian mining company to dig for coal on the West Coast’s Denniston Plateau have suffered a major setback yesterday with a High Court appeal being thrown out. The Royal Forest & Bird Protection Society was appealing against interim resource consent given to Bathurst Resources Limited for an 188ha open-cast mine on the plateau near Westport. It had argued that the Environment Court did not give proper consideration to the possibility of there being two open-cast coal mines simultaneously working the area when it gave Bathurst the go-ahead. The environmental watchdog said the effects of an unimplemented coal mining licence by state-owned Solid Energy for another mine, the Sullivan Mine, also on the Denniston Plateau, should have been taken into account, even though it’s not been used and expires in 2027. The cumulative effect of both mines operating at the same time were not properly considered, it claimed. Buller Coal Limited, owned by Bathurst Resources Ltd, reject-

ed the environmentalists’ “narrow” argument, as did West Coast Regional Council and Buller District Council, which granted mine consents to Buller Coal last year. In a 21-page judgement released yesterday, High Court judge Justice John concluded there was “no material error of law in this decision not to embark upon cumulative effect analysis.” The appeal was dismissed, and costs were reserved. The judge is expected to announce a decision on further points relating to the plateau’s biodiversity appealed in the High Court today, and a further hearing of the Environment Court appeal is scheduled for June 12. Forest & Bird said it was disappointed with the High Court’s decision but vowed to fight on. “No one’s denying that mining Denniston will cause irreversible damage to the plateau’s unique landscapes and vital habitats,” said spokeswoman Debs Martin. “And the judge said in his decision we had put forward a very powerful proposition ... that if cumulative effects are not considered now, they never will be. “So while we may have lost on this one point, we still have a very strong case in the Environment Court to save the plateau.” -APNZ

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, June 7, 2013


Fire victim farewelled

• Deadly assault A teenager has died after a suspected assault at rugby training in west Auckland last evening. Emergency services were called to a playing field on Archibald Road, Kelston, where a team from Kelston Boys’ High School was training about 5pm. A 15-year-old boy was rushed to Auckland City Hospital but died of his injuries soon after. No arrests have yet been made. - APNZ

• Bieber’s returning

By Abigail Hartevelt Hundreds of people have farewelled a 14-year-old girl killed in a fire at a Rotorua factory following a party. More than 700 people, including students and teachers from Western Heights High School gathered at Tunohopu Marae yesterday morning to say goodbye to Mihinui Tamiana, who died on Sunday morning. Mihinui’s casket was covered with photographs and surrounded by flowers. Family and friends sat around the casket at the front of the wharenui during the service. Ngati Whakaue kaumatua Pihopa Kingi said there had been many tributes earlier that day and the previous night and yesterday’s service was about laying Mihinui’s body to rest. “This is a friendly reminder of the tragedy that occurred for you as you grow and become mature and adults to be careful, to care for yourself and others and consider the best options for you as you grow because you are going to be leaders of Maoridom and the community,” Mr Kingi said. Mihinui’s uncle Peter Tamiana said Mihinui had a message for her family and friends. “Don’t grieve for me. I’ve been called by the father. I’ve been called to go home ... Don’t cry for me ... If I left a broken heart it’s OK, we will meet again.” About 100 Western Heights High School sung He Honore as a tribute to Mihinui. As the casket was taken to the

Pop sensation and teen heart-throb Justin Bieber has announced plans to return to New Zealand. The Boyfriend singer said on Twitter last night he would announce tour dates for Mexico, South America, Asia, New Zealand and Australia today. The Canadian superstar left a trail of screaming fans when he performed in New Zealand last July. -APNZ

• Murder trial set A man will stand trial for the murder of a Kawerau man. Thomas Edward Ray, 31, appeared in the High Court at Rotorua yesterday where he pleaded not guilty to murdering 23-year-old Gareth Kaipara. Mr Kaipara was stabbed in the neck at a Kawerau address on January 10. The trial was set for February 24, 2014. -APNZ

Mihinui Tamiana hearse, Western Heights High School students and others performed two haka before Mihinui’s body was taken to Pukepoto Urupa for burial. Rotorua police are continuing their investigation into the fire. Detective Senior Sergeant Zane Smith said they were yet to speak to some people, including a male who suffered burns in the fire and is in a stable condition in Waikato Hospital. A friend of Mihinui said she believed a Molotov cocktail was thrown into the building. However, Mr Smith said yesterday they were yet to speak to anyone who saw any sort of Molotov cocktail being used. “As of yet there is no physical evidence that supports a Molotov cocktail being used.” - APNZ

Photo Myles Hume 060613-MH-003

The Lions Club of Ashburton’s new president (from left) Rex Whiting joins Alan McIntosh, Audrey Copland, Eric Ingram and outgoing president Max Cawte at the club’s 50th change-over meeting.

New hand at the helm of Lions club The Lions Club of Ashburton marked a momentous occasion on Wednesday night, celebrating 50 years of existence in the Ashburton community along

with the induction of its 50th president. The club’s members gathered at the Hotel Ashburton where the president’s mantle

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May 24

May 17

By Jamie Gray






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NZX All t -3.65 -0.077%

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BIGGEST 10 RISES Share name



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Bathurst Res ltd ord +.02 +10.52 Chorus limited +.09 +3.65 Xero +.50 +3.57 opus Intl +.05 +2.94 GuinnesspeatGrp +.01 +2.32 Kathmandu +.05 +1.85 oceanaGold Corp (NS) +.04 +1.70 freightways +.07 +1.61 ANZ +.50 +1.52 NZX limited +.02 +1.45

NZX 10 VAluE Dollars

fletcher Building Telecom NZ Ryman Healthcare Sky Network TV fishr&paykl Health SKYCITYEntGrp (NS) Auckland Intl Airpt Contact Energy Kiwi Income Infratil

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Colonial Motor Co -.41 Dorchester pacific -.02 SlI Systems ltd ords -.12 Allied Work force -.15 Northland port -.13 Tenon -.05 pyne Gould -.01 fonterra Co-op Grp ltd-.27 pGG Wrightson -.01 Energy Mad limited -.01


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SILVER ($US per ounce)



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CURRENCIES Buying and selling rates on the NZ$ yesterday (indicative only):


Fonterra’s share and unit prices fell sharply yesterday after farmers took the opportunity to sell more of their so called “dry”, or non-production related shares, under the Trading Among Farmers share trading scheme. By the close, the Fonterra Shareholders Fund units, which can be owned by the investment public, were at $7.30, down 24c or 3.2 per cent. The Fonterra shares, which can only be owned by farmers – finished at $7.30 –




Australia, Dollar 0.8383 0.8390 Britain, Pound 0.5146 0.5149 Canada, Dollar 0.8208 0.8216 Euro 0.6056 0.6059 Fiji, Dollar 1.4569 1.4839 Japan, Yen 78.7800 78.8400

with the Melvin Jones Fellowship awarded to Eric Ingram and the late Derek Copland, whose award was accepted by his wife Audrey.

A high-profile man has continued to be remanded on bail on sex offences against a young boy. The man, who has had his name and occupation suppressed didn’t appear at the Wellington Court yesterday. He was facing two charges of sexually offending against a young person and one charge of assaulting a woman. The man is due to appear later in the month for a plea evaluation hearing. -APNZ

Fonterra shares, unit prices take a dive


May 10


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was handed over from former president Max Cawte to member Rex Whiting. Two members were also recognised for the service to the club

• Sex charges remand


Sharemarket NZX 50




Samoa, Tala 1.7673 1.8484 South Africa, Rand 7.9739 7.9806 Thailand, Baht 24.2800 24.3200 Tonga, Pa’anga 1.3317 1.3849 US, Dollar 0.7945 0.7950 Vanuatu, Vatu 74.3030 77.0956

Kiwi shoppers have ‘foulest mouths’ Kiwi shoppers have the foulest mouths when rating products online, a global survey has found. New Zealanders are quick to rubbish high-tech gadgets like laptops and tablets as being “crap”. Since the start of last year, 1.61 per cent of reviews from New Zealand on international social commenting platform Reevoo were rejected for swearing, ahead of Russia at 1.06 per cent. A typical Kiwi example, Reevoo said, was: “Windows 8! Crap!” The study also found that Romanian, Czech and Russianspeaking people tended to swear more than English, French and Spanish speakers. Consumers in Finland and Japan wrote the cleanest reviews. Reevoo said of the 1.5 million selected reviews from 90 countries, the most colourful language was reserved for describing mobile phones, laptops, tablets and travel services. “It’s as much down to consumer passion as opposed to products themselves,” founder of Reevoo, Richard Anson told the New York Daily News.   – APNZ

down 27c or 3.6 per cent. Both hit a low of $7.15 earlier in the day. As of June 1, farmers’ requirement to hold shares based on their production moved from a fixed number to a three-year rolling average. For many farmers, that meant a significant increase in the number of dry shares which they are able to sell. While the change took place on June 1, it took until yesterday for the share register to be updated, and brokers could not trade with farmers until they had confirmed the details on the register. Yesterday’s selling also coincided with sharp declines on world share markets

and seasonal factors – farm transactions are normally settled at around this time of year. One fund manager said the popularity of last month’s so called “supply” offer, which enabled farmers to sell economic rights to their wet, or production-based, shares back to Fonterra, showed there was plenty of interest by farmers to sell. Mint Asset Management portfolio manager Shane Solly said yesterday was the first meaningful time for farmers to use the system. “This is going to be a test of the

scheme and it should work to provide a liquidity mechanism for the farmers,” he said. “And that’s exactly what it’s there for,” he said. Goldman Sachs institutional broker Peter Sigley said increased activity in the units came at a time of general market weakness. “The over-riding factor from our perspective is that the market is weak at the moment and it has been a day when there is more activity in the stock than you would expect outside this seasonal period,” he said. Most farm transactions occur on

June 1 – the start of the new season – so after this date farmers who have sold farms are free to sell any shares attached to those farms. It is also a time when farmers change suppliers, meaning they are no longer required to hold Fonterra shares. Some brokers last week trimmed their short-term earnings forecasts for Fonterra because of ongoing strength in dairy prices and what they expect to be higher costs associated with the launch of new products in China. The Fonterra units last month hit their highest-ever –APNZ point of $8.09 each.

New Zealand dollar drops to below US79c By Paul McBeth The New Zealand dollar touched below 79 US cents for the first time since July last year as investors continued to spurn the trans-Tasman currencies with US employment figures today set to firm up views on whether the Federal Reserve will start winding back its money-printing programme. The kiwi fell as low as 78.99 cents, trading at 79.09 US cents at 5pm in Wellington from 80.03 cents at 8am and 79.48 cents on Wednesday. The trade-weighted index sank to 74.41 from 75.45 on Wednesday. Investors have continued to rally behind the greenback on the growing expectation the Fed will start unwind-

ing its $US85 billion a month bond buying programme. Non-farm payrolls today in Washington is seen as a barometer of the central bank’s appetite for tapering off the scheme, with chairman Ben Bernanke linking a drop in the jobless rate to tighter monetary policy. A Bloomberg survey of economists are picking 167,000 jobs were added to the world’s biggest economy last month. “If we get a strong non-farm payrolls all eyes will be on the Fed,” said Tim Kelleher, head of institutional FX sales NZ at ASB Institutional. “The Fed Funds rate is not going to move, and if they taper the bond buying, there’s still the yield advantage” for the kiwi, he said. Kelleher said the kiwi has support at 78.50 US cents, and will probably follow its Australian counterpart lower,

though at a slower pace. The Australian dollar fell to 94.46 US cents from 96.40 cents on Wednesday after government figures showed a smaller than expected trade surplus in April, a day after official data showed slower growth than economists were anticipating. The kiwi gained to 83.71 Australian cents from 83.41 cents on Wednesday. The European Central Bank and Bank of England review monetary policy yesterady, and are both expected to keep their benchmark rates unchanged. The kiwi dropped to 60.31 euro cents from 61.46 cents yesterday, and declined to 51.33 British pence from 52.50 pence. The local currency fell to 78.40 yen from 80.21 yen on Wednesday.   – APNZ

Good quality NZ rams in demand over the ditch By Ben Chapman-Smith A New Zealand red meat genetics company has sent two air shipments of live rams and more than 1000 embryos to Australia this year to meet growing demand for Kiwi sheep. Hawkes Bay-based Focus Genetics – which carries out research and development into producing superior sheep, cattle and deer – flew 34 live rams across the Tasman in March and another 103 last month. Animal breeding specialist Daniel Absolom said demand for high-quality New Zealand rams in Australia had grown quickly in the past year. The company, which also sent sheep

last year, had a long-term plan to establish New Zealand sheep genetics in the Australian market, he said. “New Zealand is 15 years ahead of Australia in research and development. Focus Genetics went through the trial and error process years ago. Now its sheep breeds are tried and true and producing top results.” Focus has partnered with Victoriabased genetics company Paringa Livestock, which supplies bulls and rams for the country’s beef and lamb producers. All rams sent to Paringa are Primera and Highlander breeds and the animals travel in the hold of normal scheduled passenger flights in crates capable of fitting about 33 -35 ram lambs

or 55-60 full-grown rams. During the flight, rams were fed water, grain and hay and strict animal welfare protocols had to be followed, Absolom said. Sending animals by air was a quicker method of travel than by sea, making it cheaper and less taxing on the sheep, he said. Paringa livestock director Tom Lawson said demand for quality New Zealand sheep was growing because their lambs had better survival rates in extreme drought conditions. “This year we have seen one of the worst droughts on record in Australia. During tough times farmers want top genetics. They don’t want to take any risks.” The results from the Primera and

Highlander sheep over the past two years had been “phenomenal”, Lawson said. “Although we are still in the early stages we are seeing proven results, so there has been a big rush from farmers to buy more.” Focus recently exported about 1300 embryos as part of a plan to meet future demand without having to keep sending live animals. Absolom said sending embryos was a more cost-effective way to build a domestic supply. “The live rams are a means to an end. We’re effectively setting up the ‘manufacturing plant’ in Australia but to do that, we first need to send the product in its finished state.”  – APNZ

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The Braebrook story continues...


Flooding claims 12th victim Central Europe’s worst floods in over a decade have claimed a 12th victim as torrents of muddy water surge down swollen rivers through the Czech Republic and into Germany, flooding villages and forcing mass evacuations. The huge volumes of water from heavy spring rains coming down the Danube and Elbe river systems also sparked mass mobilisations in Austria and threatened future inundations as far away as Budapest. Eastern Germany, where vast

areas are already under water, braced for worse to come after the Elbe rose above eight metres, six metres higher than usual, with the crest yet to arrive. About 40,000 firefighters, 5000 troops, including hundreds of French and Dutch soldiers, and thousands of volunteers across the country have struggled to prevent major disaster. “We have to expect the very worst,” Till Backhaus, environment minister of MecklenburgPomerania state told German

news wire DPA. “We have to be ready for a highly difficult and complex situation.” In the city of Halle, where Elbe tributary the Saale reached its highest level in 400 years and started soaking through dykes, authorities told 30,000 people to evacuate. The widespread floods in central Europe, which have turned villages into islands, were the worst since 2002 when scores of people were killed. Homes, businesses and crops

have been destroyed, road and rail links severed and vast areas left without power and drinking water. In the Czech Republic, where eight people have perished, some villages can only be reached by boat. In Germany – where, ironically, the skies were clear after weeks of frequent rain – defences were strengthened around the historical city centre of Dresden, a world heritage site that was badly hit by 2002 floods.  – AFP

The biggest mako ever caught?

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ARIES (Mar 21st Apr 20th) Neptune turns retrograde today. This happens yearly so the location this dreamy influence occupies is very important to how it will impact upon us. In your case it urges you not to ignore the more sensitive side of your nature or needs. Don’t poohpooh this, thinking it will show your vulnerability, for in fact the reverse is true.

TAURUS (Apr 21st May 21st) Mercury and Pluto go face to face and this could bring out a side of you that is part of your astral stereotype, namely that you can be very stubborn. Personally you may not feel that this applies to you, only to other Taurus folk. But if someone challenges your point of view on something today, the ferocity of your response could surprise you.

A huge mako shark caught off the coast of California could set a record, but a critic said it should have been released because sharks are threatened worldwide. Jason Johnston caught the 600-kilogram shark on Tuesday after a 2½-hour battle, the Orange County Register reported. “I’ve hunted lions and brown bears, but I’ve never experienced anything like this,” Johnston told the newspaper. “It felt like I had a one-ton diesel truck at the end of the line, and it wasn’t budging.” If the catch is confirmed and meets conditions, it would exceed the record mako catch made in 2001 off Massachusetts, said Jack Vitek, world records co-ordinator for the International Game Fish Association. The shark should have been released, argued David McGuire, director of the California-based protection advocacy group Shark Stewards. “People should be viewing these sharks as wonderful animals that are important to the ocean and admiring how beautiful they are” rather than “spilling their blood and guts”, McGuire told the Times. Only 23 of the 6850 world records on file with the game association involve fish topping 590kg, Vitek said. The largest catch was a 1200kg great white shark that was taken in 1959 off the Australian coast. The shark was being kept on ice and will be donated to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association for research.


GEMINI (May 22nd Jun 21st) Possessions, money and materialism! However idealistic we are, they are important, and you might find yourself needing to protect your position around these today. Resist any demands for instant payments or to join any kind of scheme. Also give telephone cold-callers short shrift. It would be a good idea to check bank statements.

photos ap

ABOVE: Kent Williams, owner of New Fishall Bait Company, looks into the mouth of a 600kg mako shark at the company’s headquarters in Gardena, California, yesterday. A mako shark on the back of a boat trailer being taken for an accurate weight reading to Gardena, California. Johnston came to California to film a game-hunting television programme for the Outdoor Channel. Johnston

defended the catch. “There are not that many sharks being taken out of the water,” Johnston told the

Times. “It’s not hurting the population. If we pull four fish out of the water per year, that’s just four.”  – AP

Leslie Van Houten in 1969.

Leslie Van Houten now.

whether the good will ever outweigh the bad. It certainly didn’t today.” Van Houten was convicted of murder and conspiracy for her role in the slayings of wealthy Los Angeles grocers Leno and

Rosemary La Bianca. They were stabbed to death in August 1969, one night after Manson’s followers killed actress Sharon Tate and four others. Van Houten was 19 at the time. Van Houten did not partici-

pate in the Tate killings but went along the next night when the La Biancas were slain in their home. During the penalty phase of her trial she confessed to joining in stabbing Mrs La Bianca after she was dead. “I know I did something that is unforgiveable, but I can create a world where I make amends,” Van Houten said before the decision. With survivors of the LaBiancas sitting behind her at the California Institution for Women, Van Houten acknowledged participating in the killings ordered by Manson. “He could never have done what he did without people like me,” said Van Houten, who has been in custody for 44 years. The ruling came after a fullday hearing at which six representatives of the La Bianca family spoke in anguish about – AP the loss of the couple. 

LEO (Jul 24th - Aug 23rd) You might not care to admit it, at least not to just any old person, but someone could seriously get under your skin today. If you have more scope to control who you come into contact with, steer clear of anyone who, at the best times, can irritate you. Try to look after your nervous system. An early night can make a lot of sense.

Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris is “doing fine” according to her uncles, after an apparent suicide attempt. A lawyer for Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine has requested privacy for the family as the King of Pop’s daughter recovers in hospital. The teenager was reportedly stretchered out of her Calabasas, California home yesterday after paramedics responded to an emergency call regarding “a possible overdose”. Paris Jackson’s biological mum, Debbie Rowe, has since revealed to US news show Entertainment Tonight that her girl was “rushed to the hospital with cuts on her wrist”, adding that she has had “a lot going on”.  – WENN

VIRGO (Aug 24th Sep 23rd) You can’t please all of the people all of the time, and it is worth bearing this in mind today, when someone could easily be put out by what you say or want to do. This may even be a friend who has a different idea of how the weekend plans should pan out. Be diplomatic but ultimately you will need to make your mind up.

LIBRA (Sep 24th Oct 23rd) You often play the role of the diplomat and may be called upon to do so today. The situation may be as simple and timehonoured as a clash between the generations. Then again you may find that work or worldy demands get in the way of your plans to enjoy some quality down time. Today’s trends may, therefore, see you swept off course.

SCORPIO (Oct 24th - Nov 22nd) Do you enjoy holding court? If you are someone who has strong views or is passionate about what you believe in, then today can certainly be a platform for airing your feelings. Just watch the faces of your listeners Scorpio, because although they may not say anything, if their eyes wander, it may be a clue they feel you are falling prey to dogma.

An 84-year -old Florida woman has claimed the $US590 million ($A614.5 million) US Powerball lottery, making her the winner of the largest unshared jackpot in US history. Gloria Mackenzie’s name was divulged at a press conference in Tallahassee yesterday, ending two weeks of fevered speculation in the Sunshine State when no-one came forward following the May 18 drawing for one of the largest lotteries ever. The elderly Mackenzie perhaps wisely opted to take a lump-sum cash payment of $US370.9 million, rather than receive the full winnings spread – AFP out over 30 years. 

• Building collapse A four-storey apartment building has collapsed onto a smaller structure in the US city of Philadelphia, killing one person and injuring 13 others, officials say. The smaller, twostorey edifice was a Salvation Army store. The cause of the collapse not far from city hall was not immediately known, but authorities said it appeared to have been an industrial accident. “Thirteen people have been recovered and transferred to hospitals. Unfortunately, we have one confirmed fatality,” a Philadelphia Police Department spokesman said, adding that the victim was a woman. – AFP

• Soldier pleads guilty A US soldier has pleaded guilty to killing 16 Afghan villagers last year, as he faced a military hearing hoping to escape a death sentence. Sergeant Robert Bales, 39, pleaded guilty to 16 counts of murder over the massacre in southern Afghanistan in March last year. His lawyer said last week he would admit guilt in exchange for prosecutors not seeking his execution. Bales was flanked by lawyers in a packed courtroom at Joint Base Lewis-McChord south of Seattle in Washington state, where he has been held pending court martial proceedings. Seventeen of the 22 victims were women or children and almost all were shot in the head. Prosecutors called in November for him to face the death penalty, setting a provisional date for court-martial in – AFP September. 

“It’s why more people are choosing McGregors”


CANCER (Jun 22nd - Jul 23rd) Your reputation for avoiding confrontation may be tested. It’s not that you will necessarily go looking for grief as much as it may seem to look for you. This can come in the guise of one very powerful individual intent on telling you how it will be. That you can deal with. Telling you how you will be is what can raise your hackles.

• Paris ‘doing fine’

• A $614m win

Parole denied for Manson follower A parole panel refused an emotional bid by former Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten to release her from prison 44 years after she participated in a notorious set of murders. The denial came at the 63-year-old’s 20th parole hearing yesterday, where the panel heard from relatives of the victims who were opposed to her release. Board of Parole Hearings Commissioner Jeffrey Ferguson told Van Houten she had failed to explain how someone as intelligent and well-bred as she was could have committed the “cruel and atrocious” murders of Leno and Rosemary La Bianca. She won’t be eligible to ask for parole again for five years, but Ferguson said she could request another hearing sooner if circumstances change. “The crimes will always be a factor,” he said. “The question is

Paris Jackson

Phone Enquiries: 308 6173 Online Enquiries:

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23rd - Dec 21st) Your values are something you can rightly hold dear, but they are uniquely yours and are not there to serve anyone else. The trick today is to recognise that, should you meet someone who is just as in touch with theirs, that this is their perfect right. Put simply, agree to disagree and you can get all the more out of the day.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22nd - Jan 20th) ‘Know your own strength’ is today’s top tip for you Capricorn. Even if you don’t think that you are a forceful character, if you encounter a more timid soul than you just be conscious that all sorts of power dynamics can be played out, however unintentionally. That said, if you need to stand up for yourself, you can do so with aplomb.

AQUARIUS (Jan 21st - Feb 19th) There could be a tendency to pick up on what’s said to you and fear that it is meant unkindly and that someone is having a sly dig. You need to reassure yourself. Your validation should come from within. If need be, withdraw from others and look to pursue your own interests. Reading up on health issues could appeal.


PISCES (Feb 20th Mar 20th) If you are in a longterm relationship but want to spend some time with friends, it could be the source of some politics today. Then again, if you have recently met someone you really like, a pal may not like it if you are preoccupied with them. Therefore, good time management is the clue to handling today’s astral trends well.

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, June 7, 2013


P7 Industry comment P9 Open homes P14 Feature home

Productive lifestyle “Cambiare” “Cambiare” is 26.7360 hectares (approximately 66 acres) free hold in close proximity to Ashburton with access to State Highway One with great soils, excellent irrigation and fertility. Previous owners of “Cambiare” ran the property as a pig fattening operation with many of the sheds built to support that policy. One of the main sheds has been adapted to rear calves, approximately 150 per batch, with the present vendors having reared 350 calves. Cropping including vegetable seed production, lambing ewes plus fattening lambs and cattle to a high standard. The vast array of sheds, silo’s, sheep and cattle yards makes this property able to produce numerous cropping or livestock options.

The property features two homes, the homestead is a comfortable and warm three bedroom home which has been modernised and kept up to date in a lovely setting. Constructed in brick and with aluminium joinery. Open plan living incorporating the kitchen, dining living areas and separate family room. Log burner with a wet back. Large garage, carport and woodshed. Sliding doors to the external deck area which also allows access to the garden, lawn with mature trees and shelter. The cottage has 3 bedrooms, an open plan kitchen, living and dining area, separate toilet and bathroom. It has also been kept up to date, situated in the yard, would ideally suit single mens accommodation.

Price by negotiation Agent details Jon McAuliffe B 03 307 7377 M 027 432 7769 E



ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, June 7, 2013

covering Mid Canterbury...

Ensure your fence won’t cause offence I

f you want to build a fence between your property and your neighbour’s you don’t need to argue forever about how it should be done or who will pay. The Fencing Act sets out your rights and obligations. Yes, due to heated arguments about who will pay for what, and where ones boundary sits, there has been the need to constitute an act all about fencing. As petty as they seem, boundary and fence disputes are actually reasonably common in New Zealand as broadcasted on television programmes such as Neighbours at War, however few disputes ever proceed to court. A dispute between neighbours can upset relationships and lead to discomfort and unhappiness. Remembering that you have to live next door to your neighbor usually means that most disputes are managed in a civil manner, fair to both parties concerned, but for those niggling arguments that just can’t be settled, the Fencing Act comes into play to lay down the law. Mick Strack, a lecturer and PhD candidate at the School of Surveying, University of Otago, paraphrases the Fencing Act as follows; The Fencing Act 1978 (s22) states that “the middle of the fence shall be upon the boundary line…or as near thereto as practicable.” It states quite categorically that “no person is entitled to erect a fence that encroaches to any degree whatever upon any land of which he is not the occupier.” (s8), but then continues in less absolute terms, that the Court can order the removal of any encroaching fence unless it is satisfied “(a) that the

degree of encroachment is minimal; and (b) that the encroachment in no way adversely affects the use and enjoyment of his land by the applicant.”* So in most cases the fence will determine the property boundary. But what can you do if you discover that an error has been made and in fact the fence is encroaching onto a large proportion of your land? An encroachment can occur when a building or a fence is over the boundary. This is technically a trespass for which the encroaching owner is legally responsible, whether or not they erected the building or fence. It is their responsibility to pay for the fence to be re-erected in the correct area as stated on the building plans showing your land. However if this was not the fault of the neighbour and they had no idea that they have encroached onto your land, a fairer resolution may be to offer to pay half the cost of getting the fence moved. After all, it is your land you are gaining, and from their perspective, they are losing land they believed they owned. If the dispute can not be handled in a civil manner, then seek advice from your lawyer. They have the expertise to be able to recommend the most effective course of action, which will hopefully result in the matter being resolved while maintaining friendly neighbourhood relations. In the case of constructing a fence where there is not currently a fence, the Fencing Act states that both property owners are liable to share the costs

Offers over $250,000

2/122 Cass Street Saturday 10.00am - 10.30am

• Four bedroom character bungalow • New iron roof and spouting • Tastefully renovated throughout • Private section, new logfire, heatpump

• Two bedroom modernised unit • New kitchen

View at AS061212

View at AS050513

Use your smart phone to scan me for more details

of your agreement).

Introduce yourself to the neighbour and be prepared to come up with a realistic proposal. A fence might be needed to serve several purposes; privacy, protection from wind and weather, to keep animals in or out, or provide an aesthetic backdrop. Don’t expect your neighbour to automatically have the same ideas on taste, or budget.

If the legality of it all is too complex and you would rather not enter a dispute with your neighbour you can simply build a fence inside the boundary on your own property. But you will have to pay for all of it yourself. And even then, your neighbour could still insist on a boundary fence at a later stage.

Discuss your plans with your neighbour before you start putting in the fence-posts, though, and try to keep the proposal reasonable. They are entitled to object if they disagree about what is appropriate. If you can not reach an agreement, or your neighbour refuses to pay half, there is a formal process you can follow. First, you must serve your neighbour with a “fencing notice”. A fencing notice is a formal proposal to your neighbour which describes the fencing work you would like done (the cost of which you want your neighbour to contribute). It has to specify the boundary along which work is to be done, the nature of the work (e.g. if it’s a new fence, what it will look like) and the materials used. The notice has to state an estimate of the cost of the work, and how those costs are to be shared (which depends on the circumstances

It must also tell your neighbour that they have 21 days to object, and that if they don’t object within this period they will be deemed to have consented to the work. Seek advice from your lawyer to make sure all legal rights of the notice are satisfied. If your neighbour objects, they must serve you with a crossnotice within the given 21 day time frame.

If your neighbour damages your fence, they are fully liable for the cost of repairs. You do not have to contribute if they are liable for damages. However if the fence is damaged by a natural event such as a storm or an earthquake, then both neighbour’s are equally liable for the cost of replacement or repair. Make sure you do your homework before you get stuck with a property with problem boundaries. When you’re on the market to purchase a new property ensure that your due diligence homework involves a detailed assessment of the state of the existing fences at the property. And before you declare war with your neighbour, put yourself in their shoes and try to resolve any issue in a civil manner. A few planks of wood really isn’t worth getting into a heated argument over. *source:

Check out our open homes at

Open Homes

145 McMurdo Street Saturday 10.00am - 10.30am

of erecting a fence, as long as the cost is reasonable for fulfilling the duty it was intended to do. In other words, if you want an extravagant fence but your neighbour can’t afford it, they are only liable of half of the cost of an adequate fence. Any desired improvements will need to be at your own cost. You do not require a building permit to construct a fence, provided it is less than two metres in height, as stipulated by your local council by-laws.


16 Albert Street Saturday 10.15am - 10.45am • Character with modern decor • Three double bedrooms

• Fully tiled bathroom • Great insulation plus heat pump Use your smart phone to scan me for more details

25 Bird Street Saturday 10.45am - 11.15am


• Open plan living • Big garaging

View at AS120413

Offers over $338,000

• Three bedroom, two living brick home • New logfire, gas fire, three car garage • Updated throughout, open plan living • Private setting, superb outdoor living

Use your smart phone to scan me for more details

View at AS090213

Use your smart phone to scan me for more details

Welcome to

Roberta Rutledge (Rakaia/Ashburton)

42 Grey Street Saturday 10.45am - 11.15am • Three double bedrooms • Front townhouse

We are delighted to welcome Roberta Rutledge to our sales team as a Licensed Salesperson. Roberta has completed the Harcourts training and all systems are go! Roberta will be specialising in both the Rakaia and Ashburton areas. Call Roberta with confidence for your next real estate transaction.


Phone Roberta on 308-6497 or 027-228-7843 anytime or email:

• Conservatory with sunny outlook • Close to shops

View at AS080413

162 Alford Forest Road Saturday 11.00am - 11.45am


• Rent the front - develop the back • Ideal rental property $290pw • Small or large section - you choose • Recently painted View at AS260313

Use your smart phone to scan me for more details

Use your smart phone to scan me for more details


58 William St Auction on Site Wed 19 June 2013 at 1pm Saturday 11.00am - 11.45am (unless sold prior)

84 Oxford Street Saturday 11.30am - 12 noon

• Powered outbuildings • Great location

• Four bedrooms, open plan living • Separate lounge, new logfire

• Warm and inviting character bungalow • Easy care section, little maintenance required

View at AS070513

Use your smart phone to scan me for more details

Offers over $309,000

• Family living waiting for you • Private section, viewing will impress

View at AS100413

URBAN Mick Hydes 0274-37-9696

Use your smart phone to scan me for more details

URBAN Debbie Boon 0274-484-006

112 - 114 Tancred Street, Ashburton

URBAN Roberta Rutledge 027-228-7843

3/356 Havelock Street Saturday 11.30am - 12 noon • Two bedroom townhouse • Modern and double glazed

• Very central location • 344 sqm freehold section

View at AS070413

URBAN Helena Ratten 0274-577-998

64 Cormorant Way, South Rakaia Saturday 1.00pm - 2.00pm

Offers over $330,000

Leo Ratten PA to Helena Ratten 03 308-6497

Use your smart phone to scan me for more details

URBAN Jill Leonard 0274-982-500

Offers over $498,000

• Impressive living, panoramic views • Spacious luxury holiday home/residence • Five to six bedrooms, three bathrooms • Three car garaging, view will impress View at AS060513

RURAL/LIFESTYLE Dave Thomson 027-6011-426

RENTAL MANAGER Michelle Hydes 027-77-66-497

Use your smart phone to scan me for more details

RENTAL MANAGER Alana Lwin 0274-736-825

BUSINESS OWNER Phillip Kenny 0274-753-669

Phone 03 308-6497

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, June 7, 2013

covering Mid Canterbury...


Mortgage rates

5.40 % 6.25





2 years

Canterbury farm values continue to be strong


2 years






2 years

anterbury’s ability to survive the 2013 drought in a better shape than many other rural New Zealand regions was an important factor in underwriting farm values across the province - as outlined in the latest Real Estate Institute of New Zealand figures.



On a $/per hectare rate for Canterbury farms sold in April, arable land sold at $38,960 per hectare (up from $30,975 in April last year); dairy land sold for $45,283 per hectare (up from $44,080 in April last year) and finishing land sold for $26,633 per hectare (up from $21,936 in April last year).

2 years

5.45 % 5.45 %


Grazing units accounted for the biggest number of farms sold in Canterbury, with 27 properties in that category changing hands, while there were nine dairy units and seven finishing blocks sold.

2 years


While dollar values per hectare were generally up slightly, the number of farms sold in the region was down on this time last year – 49 in April 2013 compared to 66 in the same month last year – although this year’s figure is up on 2011 for example. If 2012 is viewed as a “catch-up” spike, what we are seeing now is a steadier, albeit somewhat less spectacular, level in the number of sales.

Bill Whalan

Director of Bayleys Canterbury

Logs, apples and wool were all in the positives too. The current state of the index bodes well for establishing sustainable rural real estate values. With bank lending rates still at bargain basement levels, buying farms has now become a pure matter of supply and demand – and for the meantime, there simply isn’t enough stock out there in the market place to satisfy buyer demand.

For April 2013, Canterbury was second behind the Waikato in terms of However, I doubt very much though the number of farms sold. that the Canterbury rural property market will go to the activity levels Supporting the underlying financial of the 2006/07 period as potential viability of primary products long buyers have a ceiling on what they term, the latest ANZ Commodity are prepared to offer, based on Price index surged 12.6 percent in forecast returns and budgets. To April – propelling the index to an allmeet that income return figure, price time high. Dairy prices led the charge expectations on some farms will have with a 26 percent rise, followed by to become more realistic in the short butter rising 15 percent in value, and term. cheese increasing by eight percent.

2 years *as advertised at the time of printing

Proud supporters of the Heart Foundation of New Zealand! We donate from every property SOLD!


67 Havelock St Residential

4 Oxford St Residential


• Add your stamp • Three double bedrooms • Updated kitchen • Updated bathroom • 655m2 section, great rental

• Location. Location. Location • Three large bedrooms • Spacious lounge • Log fire plus gas fire • Easy care section

314 Tancred St Residential • Motivated vendor wants sold • Large family living room • Double garage, plenty of offstreet parking • Updated bathroom • Deck overlooking back yard.

• Hot listing - be quick • Tastefully renovated throughout • Logburner, heat pump plus wall panel heater • Superb outdoor decking area • Double glazing

$PBN - BIR $199,000 - $209,000

PBN - BIR $270,000 - $289,000

5 Rolleston St, Rakaia Residential


$PBN - BIR $235,000 - $249,000

$PBN - BIR $265,000-$285,000d

OPEN HOME: Saturday, June 8, 2013 10-10.30am

OPEN HOME: Saturday, June 8, 2013 11-11.30am

18 Anne St Residential

63 Creek Rd Residential

4 Suffolk St Residential

• Four bedrooms • Updated kitchen and bathroom • Large family section 1012m2 • Double garage plus separate single garage

$PBN - BIR $310,000 - $325,000

OPEN HOME: Saturday, June 8, 2013 11-11.30am

• A great buy here • Three bedrooms • Elevated outlook • Ample section • Updated kitchen

• Very sought after • Excellent location • Two garages • Excellent outdoor living • Plenty of potential


$PBN - BIR $295,000 - $315,000

109 Creek Rd Residential

Allenton Residential

19 Brucefield Ave Residential

• Beautiful character • Three bedrooms and an office • Updated kitchen and bathroom • Great home, viewing a must

• Two/three bedrooms • Updated kitchen, bathroom • Ideal investment, first home • Double garage $PBN - BIR $230,000 - $250,000

Set sale 4pm Tues 12 June 2013

OPEN HOME: Saturday, June 8, 2013 1-1.30pm

• Very tidy, well presented • Three bedrooms plus garage • Logburner, updated kitchen • West side location • Close to schools




Brinkley Resort • Investment/ holiday home • Gorgeous three bedroom apartment • Fully furnished apartment • Investment (and a 90 day occupy) PBN - gST if any

Open to offers

Viewing By Appointment

OPEN HOME: Saturday, June 8, 2013 2-2.30pm

29 Allens Rd Residential

OPEN HOME: Saturday, June 8, 2013 12-12.30pm

OPEN HOME: Saturday, June 8, 2013 12-12.30pm

OPEN HOME: Saturday, June 8, 2013 12-12.30pm

• 1012m2 section, potentially subdividable • West side location • Three bedroom house, heat pump, double garage • Investors or first home buyers

OPEN HOME: Saturday, June 8, 2013 11-11.30am

OPEN HOME: Saturday, June 8, 2013 11-11.30am

Viewing By Appointment

SOLD - SOLD - SOLD “It’s why more people are choosing us”

Free appraisals: Rental help: Karen Groves

Stephen Watson

Janine Reinecke

Sue Prendergast


Eliza Waszczak





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027 322 8422 021 039 1770

Gerry Walker

Jane Hurley



021 105 5019

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Maree Hartley

Kate Galbraith

Janet Corry

Di Skilling

Brenda Smith

Lisa Pitt

Rentals Ashburton

Rentals Ashburton

Rentals Ashburton

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303 3178

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Rentals Ashburton

308 6173

308 6173

308 6173


027 543 5799

308 6173



ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, June 7, 2013

covering Mid Canterbury... ASHBURTON Hastings Hastings McLeod McLeod Ltd Ltd Licensed Licensed under under the the Real Real Estate Estate Agents Agents Act Act 2008 2008

217 217 West West Street Street ASHBURTON ASHBURTON Telephone Telephone 03 03 307 307 9176 9176





WEB ID AU28988 WEB ID AU27284C EASTSIDE $342,500 EASTSIDE $478,500 2 Rapley Street 5 Goldrich Drive Roomy three bedroom townhouse VIEW Friday 31 May 12.30 - 1.30pm This homeunder has been built for you, VIEW Saturday 8 Jun 10.00 - 10.30am currently construction. Steelfour bedrooms with two bathrooms, frames, Golden Home built with walk-in wardrobe, shower, vanity and toilet in 3 warranties in place. Sunny living area, 4 ensuite. In the mainbedroom, bathroom - shower, ensuite off master attached vanity, separate toilet. Big open garage bath with and internal access. plan living area with separate lounge. The 2 home is double glassed and fully 2 insulated right down to the garage door.

1 2


WEB ID AU27284C WEB ID AU30754



WEB ID AU30205 WEB ID AU30973 WESTSIDE WESTSIDE 4 Walker Street 12 Miller Avenue Watch the world go by from your comfy VIEW 31 May 12.30 - 1.30pm & 1 Jun Situated in quietwindow Miller Avenue, this VIEW Saturday chair or kitchen at this cosy 11.00 - 11.30am8 Jun 10.15 - 10.45am modernised home is large andan has a few sunny two bedroom flat with attached different options. The updated 2 garage. Double glazing, heat pump and 4 kitchen/family area catches morning sun updated kitchen make it very appealing. (small office off kitchen). Three bedrooms Room for flower and veggie garden. Be with to separate sure view! toilet and modern 1 bathroom. A large lounge is situated in 2 the centre of the home with a spacious bedroom and another bathroom at the rear. 1

$225,000 $387,000

WEB ID AU28742B WEB ID AU29780 EASTSIDE EASTSIDE 23 and 25 Manse Street 15 Orchard Grove A unique chance to purchase a spacious VIEW Saturday 1 Jun 10.00 - 10.30am With an emphasis on living muchplan thought VIEW Saturday 8 Jun 10.30 - 11.00am three bedroom home with open and planning has gone into of thesun, design of living area capturing plenty this 230sqm home and thewith outcome 3 double garaging together a largeis 3 plain to Superb and and desirable, range ofsee. excellent sheds other this new homeBuy hasthe so much andsheds top garaging. house,space buy the quality fittingsSet throughout. Upwith to the or buy both! on two titles a total 1 minute kitchen with walk-in pantry, 2 land area of 3317sqm. Numerous extras. double oven and fridge freezer with icemaker.

$495,000 $589,000




WEB ID AU30754 WEB ID AU30883 WESTSIDE WESTSIDE Flat 2, 179 Harrison Street 10A James Street Harrison Street location, three double VIEW Saturday 1 Jun 10.45 - 11.15am If it's privacy you want it here. bedroms upstairs (evenwe hashave a chair lift for VIEW Saturday 8 Jun 11.45 - 12.30pm This isaccess!), a three one bedroom townhouse with easy downstairs with own 4 two bathrooms, plan kitchen, sitting room and open private outdoor access. 3 dining and living and areas. Double Spacious lounge dining areagarage is heated with inbuilt diesel fire. This with internal access.cosy Insulation in walls property is quite special and with couldasuit and ceilings, double glassed heatall 1 types Deadline closing 11th pumpof forneeds. warmth. Easycare section. 2 June. Tender closing Tuesday 11th June at 4pm 1 - unless sold prior.


WEB ID AU25335A WEB ID AU30796


$289,500 $485,000

1 2 2 2



$450,000 $325,000

WESTSIDE WESTSIDE Carters Road 132 Harrison Streeta unique lifestyle Carters Estate offers VIEW Saturday 1 Jun 10.45 - 11.15am Larger family home infound the heat of VIEW Saturday 8 Jun 12.00 - 12.45pm choice not previously in Ashburton. Allenton. bedroom office or A relaxingThree park like settingplus with attractive fourth bedroom. kitchen and plantings already Updated in place....wander out 4 openpractice plan living lounge and yourplus golfan onextra the pitch and putt golf or everyone. have a quiet drinksized in plenty of course room for Family the pavilion watching someand tennis section too, while with double garage or just enjoy looking over the workshop room. Yourout children cantranquil walk 1 lake. to school from here. A great family home.

WEB ID AU30834 WEB ID AU30410A


OFFERS OVER $265,000 $310,000

WESTSIDE WESTSIDE 53 Middle Road 11 Russell Avenue Inject a bit of your own style into this VIEW Saturday 1 Jun 11.00 - 11.45am Spacious three bedroom home.will Roomy VIEW Saturday 8 Jun 11.00 - 11.30am character villa and the rewards be living areas open up to an outside yours. Greatthat three bedroom home, good 3 decking making excellent indoor sized open plan living areas, largeoutdoor 3 flow. Sunny as.log Double garaging. Popular bathroom and burner for warmth. Great landscaped section with established style, popular location. trees. Terrific Allenton location close to 1 schools, kindergarten and shops. 1


217 West Street ASHBURTON Telephone 03 307 9176 2 217 West Street 2 ASHBURTON Telephone 03 307 9176 2




WEB ID AU30015 WEB ID AU30985 WESTSIDE EASTSIDE 93 Winter Street 8 Manse Place Attractive modern townhouse, close in VIEW Saturday 1 Jun 10.00 - 10.30am This isside, a well-built by aOpen quality VIEW Saturday 8 Jun 10.45 - 11.30am west near to home churches. plan builder.two Three good bedrooms sized bedrooms living, spacious and with ensuite off master bedroom. Shower bath 2 attached two car garaging. New carpet 3 and blinds. vanity in main bathroom. and Inspection invited. Bigger than normal kitchen with a super large living and dining area.

2 2


EASTSIDE WESTSIDE 5 Goldrich Drive Flat home 2, 179has Harrison Street This been built for you, four VIEW Saturday 1 Jun 10.00 - 10.45am Harrison Street three double VIEW Saturday 8 Jun 11.00 - 11.30am bedrooms with location, two bathrooms, walk-in bedroms upstairs (even hasand a chair wardrobe, shower, vanity toiletlift in for 4 easy access!), downstairs own ensuite. In theone main bathroomwith - shower, 4 sitting room and separate private outdoor access. vanity, bath and toilet. Big open plan livinglounge area with lounge. The Spacious and separate dining area is home double glassed fully heatediswith inbuilt cosy and diesel fire. This 2 insulated down to the door. property isright quite special andgarage could suit all 1 types of needs. Come and check out the many possibilities. Hastings McLeod Ltd Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 2 Hastings McLeod Ltd Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 1







ASHBURTON Hastings McLeod Ltd Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008

217 West Street ASHBURTON Telephone 03 307 9176



WESTSIDE OFFERS OVER $265,000 123 Cameron Street 53 Middle Road A lovely character situated the VIEW Saturday 1 Jun 11.00 - 11.30am Inject a bit of your home own style into in this View By Appointment heart of town. Thisthe stunning home oozes character villa and rewards will be yours. Great three bedroom home, good character with beautiful timber joinery, 3 sized open plan livingand areas, large polished rimu floors led light bathroom and lovely log burner warmth. windows. This threefor bedroom, Great landscaped section with established three bathroom home has been trees. Terrificproviding Allenton sunny location close to modernised quarter acre 1 3 schools, kindergarten shops. section providing for aand private retreat. Enjoy the benefits of central living.

2 2

WESTSIDE EASTSIDE 10A James Street Street 14 Willow If it's privacy youthis want havebedroom it here. Come and view tidywe three This is aOpen threeplan bedroom townhouse home. living area catcheswith plenty of sun, modernised two bathrooms, open plankitchen kitchen,is roomy spacious. Just the place to dining and living areas. Double garage start or buy as anInsulation investment home. with out internal access. in walls and ceilings, double glassed with a heat Deadline closing 11 June @ 4pm. pump forSale warmth. Easycare section.

Tender closing Tuesday 11th June at 4pm - unless sold prior.

WEB ID AU28705 TINWALD 92 McMurdo Street Relax and enjoy sunshine and privacy at VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 11.15 "your new townhouse". This well 12.00pm presented two bedroom (possibly three), two bathroom townhouse is landscaped and waiting for you NOW! Internal access double garage, loads of storage, HRV, smart kitchen with very generous open plan living, and a well fenced outdoor area.

TINWALD DEADLINE TENDER SALE 37 Thomson Street This magnificent impress with 1villa 12.00 12.45pm VIEW Saturday 8 Junwill 10.30 - 11.00am quality finishing and modernisation TENDER closes Tuesday 11th throughout. June 2013 atRecently 4.00pmrefurbished to the 3 highest standard is to the benefit of the new owners for years to come. Beautifully landscaped grounds with established gardens. 1 2 VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 10.00 - 10.45am

3 1 2 1

WEB ID AU28267 EASTSIDE 125 William Street This freshly redecorated three bedroom home is close in on the eastside of Ashburton, handy to the post office, Countdown, park and central Ashburton. All three bedrooms are spacious and sunny and have large built in wardrobes.

$349,000 2

RAKAIA TINWALD 73 36 Tancred ThomsonStreet Street • Immaculately presented home and this Beautifully positioned on the corner, garden style home will give you the colonial 'warm fuzzies'. Immaculate inside and • Well maintained two - three bedroom out and placed to catch all day sun. The home veranda is great in summer or heat winter, an • Well insulated, DVS system, pump ideal place conservatory to sit and relax. Lovely modern and sunny kitchen, neutral garden paintwork • Prize winning withthroughout. own well and The carpets replaced last year. irrigation system • Ample storage both inside and with garaging and useful sheds


VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 10.00 - 10.45am

2 2



AU30796 WEB ID AU30505

WEB ID AU29219 WESTSIDE EASTSIDE EASTSIDE $305,000 132 Harrison Street 6/42 Aitken Street 93 Chalmers Avenue Hard By to find are easy care units like this, Larger in the heat View This is afamily greathome well thought out of Appointment close to town with single garage. Two Allenton. Three bedroom plus good officesized or townhouse. Three bedrooms, open kitchen, dining and living area. bedrooms, good sized living areas. fourthplan bedroom. Updated kitchen and 4 Rateable Value $140,000. Very tidy. 3 Bathroom shower, vanity. open plan has living plus anbath extraand lounge Cosy a heat for warmth, plentywith of room forpump everyone. Family sized Deadline Sale closing Thursday 28th double glazed with bats in the ceiling and section too, with double garage and walls. Good sizedYour garage with internal February 2013. workshop room. children can walk 1 access. Inspection by A appointment VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 10.00 - 10.30am to school from here. great familyonly. home. Call now to view.


1 2



VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 11.00 - 11.45am

WEB ID AU29076 TINWALD 34 Catherine Street First time offered for sale. Nicely set for the sun. Kitchen dining living area with separate (large) lounge, two heat pumps and HRV system help make this a warm home in winter and cool in the summer. Large double garage with auto door and ample outbuildings. VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 10.45 - 11.15am

3 1


WEB ID AU29237



Jenny Gray URBAN DDI 03 307 9185 027 452 2888

Mark Williams 3 URBAN 2 DDI 03 307 9196 2 027 442 2281

VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 12.00 - 12.45pm


34 2 2







Clark McLeod URBAN DDI 03 307 9183 027 432 2194

Gareth Cox 2 RAKAIA/RURAL 1 DDI 03 307 9176 021 250 97141

$225,000 WEB ID AU28695

WESTSIDE 11 Windsor Street Fantastic opportunity to get into the property market with your first home or rental property. Two large bedrooms , two living areas, heat pump, log fire, updated bathroom, cosy hobbies room all with fantastic Allenton location. With so much to offer, this is a 'must see' home.

Murray Young URBAN DDI 03 307 9187 027 434 0942



WEB ID AU28999

VIEW Sunday 24 Feb 1.30 - 2.30pm

Karen McRae URBAN DDI 03 307 9189 OPEN HOME 027 436 4146

$539,000 WEB$749,000 ID AU27246A NEGOTIATION

14 Coniston Drive WESTSIDE EASTSIDE 75 Alford Forest Road plus office this 14 Magnolia Place Offering four bedrooms View By Appointment home be constructed must be worth All brand new and in the new Nicely to presented with great street appeal. View By Appointment your consideration. 316sqm floor Braebrook subdivision, come and have This three bedroom With brick ahome nicely set 4 area laideasy outcare on asection 1010sqm this a look at this 4 bedroom home on this hassection much appeal 3 includes all the added extras. Benefit including ensuite and walk-in wardrobe and large windows for maximising light. from thegarage. three car tiled Double RV garaging, $265,000.two View and in master bedroom. Open plan bathrooms, laundry and two 2 decide valueseparate for yourself. kitchen/dining/living plus another living areas . Spacious chef style kitchen. separate lounge. Computer nook. 1

WESTSIDE 123 Cameron Street View By Appointment A lovely character home situated in the heart of town. This stunning home oozes character with beautiful timber 2 joinery, polished rimu floors and led light windows. A sunny quarter acre section providing for a private retreat.1 Enjoy the benefits of central living. VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 11.45 - 12.30pm

WESTSIDE 20 Pages Road Nestled in this lovely very tidy treed and shrubbed garden is this very sunny three bedroom home with a generous open plan lounge area. Two generous bedrooms and bathroom upstairs. Full bathroom and master bedroom downstairs. Be sure to view.

VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 12.15 - 1.00pm



23 1 1


EASTSIDE 81 Bridge Street Be it first home or rental this is a winner! Great three bedroom home with cosy Ecan approved log burner. Separate kitchen, living room and laundry. Garage and various sheds. Well fenced for children and pets. A happy tenant presently in place.

Ray Knight 3 URBAN 1 DDI 03 307 9184 027 434 0139 1

Attractive modern townhouse, close in west side, near to churches. Open plan living, two spacious bedrooms and attached two car garaging. New carpet and blinds. Inspection invited.

VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 11.00 - 11.30am






14 Willow Street 74 Harrison Street Nicely presented with great street appeal. View By Appointment This three homebedroom nicely set View Recently kitchen and Come andbedroom view this brick tidy three By upgraded Appointment on this Open easy care has much appeal bathroom are the beginnings of a home. plansection living area catches and large windows for maximising remodelled home. The major expense 3 plenty of sun, modernised kitchen islight. Double garage. RV $265,000. Viewto and items have been completed and now 3 roomy and spacious. Just the place decide value for as yourself. start out or buy an investment home. there is an opportunity to make your 1 personal mark. This is a superbly Deadline Sale closing 11 June @ 4pm. located family home. 1




5 Goldrich Drive View By Appointment Construction has been completed on View By Appointment this beautifully finished home featuring four bedrooms with ensuite off the 2 master and walkin wardrobe. Open 3 plan living/dining/kitchen. Separate 1 lounge. Fully insulated and double glazed. 1

Marilyn Cross URBAN DDI 03 307 9186 027 435 6311

WESTSIDE $295,000 $365,000 18 Woodham Drive The time is right 1toJun purchase two VIEW Saturday 12.00 this - 12.30pm View By Appointment bedroom townhouse with good sized living area and nice modern kitchen. The home has insulation in the ceiling3 and walls, double glazing and single garage. Front townhouse on a secure and fully landscaped section. 1


VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 10.30 - 11.15am



SALE 5/3

WEB ID AU29231

WEB ID AL28409 ASHBURTON 5 Keenans Road 1 hectare in popular location. Vendor fattens cattle and has good orchard and gardens and is self sufficient. Unique four bedroom home set in attractive grounds. A big plus is the outbuildings including large lock up workshop and two bay pole shed. Opportunity for good living and lifestyle.


14 1 2

Hamish Niles URBAN DDI 03 307 9182 OPEN HOME 027 435 6265


AU29919 WEB ID AU30673

VIEW Saturday 23 Feb 10.15 - 11.00am

2 2



SALE 4/03

WEB ID AU29058



WEB ID AU30372 EASTSIDE WEB ID AU30505 24a Grey Street EASTSIDE 93 Chalmers Most attractiveAvenue and practical two bedroom townhouse that still This is a great well thought outsmells brand new! This front townhouse townhouse. Three bedrooms, goodhas sized very decor, dining sits well to living the sun opentasteful plan kitchen, and area. and is so handy to town. A small garden Bathroom has shower, bath and vanity. shed and tools with very Cosy holds with amower heat pump for warmth, little garden towith worry about. A ceiling real plus double glazed bats in the and are theGood two toilets. Make with an appointment walls. sized garage internal to view this little beauty! access. Inspection by appointment only.




AU30883 WEB ID AU30821

TINWALD 36A Johnstone Street A townhouse with just a bit extra giving a good indoor outdoor flow. Two double bedrooms, open plan living area, attached garage with internal access. Attractively presented and currently tenanted.

Paul Cunneen RURAL DDI 03 307 9190 027 432 3382

Chris Murdoch RURAL DDI 03 307 9191 027 434 2545

Rodger Letham 2 RURAL 1 DDI 03 307 9192 027 433 3436 1

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, June 7, 2013


covering Mid Canterbury... ASHBURTON Hastings McLeod Ltd Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008


217 West Street

334 Moorhouse Road, Mayfield, Ashburton

ASHBURTON Telephone 03 307 9176

DEADLINE SALE WEB ID AL30347 ASHBURTON 207 Smithfield Road • 1.3 ha within minutes of town centre. • Extensive four bedroom character modern homestead. • Spacious living area plus separate lounge. • Spa bath in ensuite. • HRV system, heat pump and diesel burner • Attached three car garaging • Large modern eight car workshop and garage. • Two bay open shed • All set in spacious, mature, peaceful setting. • Live the life. Offers close 24th May @ 4pm. VIEW Saturday 4 May 10.30 - 11.15am Rodger Letham 0274 333 436 03 308 8209 Chris Murdoch 0274 342 545 03 307 9191 Paul Cunneen 0274 323 382 03 307 9190



Hastings McLeod Ltd Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008

217 West Street

ASHBURTON Telephone 03 307 9176


DEADLINE SALE WEB ID AL30347 ASHBURTON 207 Smithfield Road • 1.3 ha within minutes of town centre. • Extensive four bedroom character modern homestead. • Spacious living area plus separate lounge. • Spa bath in ensuite. • HRV system, heat pump and diesel burner • Attached three car garaging • Large modern eight car workshop and garage. • Two bay open shed • All set in spacious, mature, peaceful setting. • Live the life.

Web ID AR30728


238ha approx - This well run unit has all the makings of a top quality dairy support or conversion property. Currently has approximately 62ha under centre pivot irrigation with a possibility of further water to irrigate the reminder of the farm. Excellent farm improvements including Offers close 24th May @ 4pm. VIEW Saturday 4 May 10.30 - 11.15am good set of cattle yards, silos, implement and hay sheds. Great all weather lane system and good subdivision. Presently run as a dairy support property growing kale and winter feed for dairy cows and also grows sire bulls for dairy farms. The permanent material homestead Rodger Letham 0274 333 436 with modernised kitchen, living areas and bathroom is set in a mature setting with in ground pool and BBQ area - a great family home in 03 308 8209 Chris Murdoch excellent condition. 0274 342 545

Deadline Sale closing Friday, June 21, 2013 NEW LISTING Contact: Chris Murdoch 0274 342 545

Gareth Cox 021 250 9714

Paul Cunneen 0274 323 382

03 307 9191 Paul Cunneen 0274 323 382 03 307 9190

Rodger Letham 0274 333 436

ASHBURTON Hastings McLeod Ltd Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008


217 West Street ASHBURTON Telephone 03 307 9176


DEADLINE SALE WEB ID AL30347 ASHBURTON 207 Smithfield Road • 1.3 ha within minutes of town centre. • Extensive four bedroom character modern homestead. • Spacious living area plus separate lounge. • Spa bath in ensuite. • HRV system, heat pump and diesel burner • Attached three car garaging • Large modern eight car workshop and garage. • Two bay open shed • All set in spacious, mature, peaceful setting. • Live the life. Offers close 24th May @ 4pm. VIEW Saturday 4 May 10.30 - 11.15am Rodger Letham 0274 333 436 03 308 8209 Chris Murdoch 0274 342 545 03 307 9191 Paul Cunneen 0274 323 382 03 307 9190


NEW LISTING Hastings McLeod Ltd

217 West Street ASHBURTON Telephone 03 307 9176

Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008


DEADLINE SALE WEB ID AL30347 ASHBURTON 207 Smithfield Road • 1.3 ha within minutes of town centre. • Extensive four bedroom character modern homestead. • Spacious living area plus separate lounge. • Spa bath in ensuite. • HRV system, heat pump and diesel burner • Attached three car garaging • Large modern eight car workshop and garage. • Two bay open shed • All set in spacious, mature, peaceful setting. Web ID AL30954 • Live the life.

Open Home: Saturday, June 8, 10.30 – 11.15am

182 Beach Road, Ashburton

Offers close 24th May @ 4pm.

Seldom do properties on Beach Road become available. This two hectare lifestyle block has come on the market with great reluctance. Only approximately 2kms from town VIEW Saturday 4 May 10.30 - 11.15am and located in one of Mid Canterbury’s prime lifestyle and farming areas this unit has heaps to offer the lucky purchaser looking for the ‘good life’. A very tidy red brick three Rodger Letham bedroom homestead, large sunny open plan living areas with log burner and separate modernised kitchen. Outside features a landscaped garden and attached garage. 0274 333 436 03 308 Excellent sheds and workshop for the man about the house and two hectares for the kids, horse or motor bike. This home and lifestyle is8209 well located and offers a comfortable Chris Murdoch solid home and good sheds. Priced to sell the vendors will consider offers over $470,000 inc GST. Agents: Chris Murdoch 0274 342 545 NEW LISTING

Rodger Letham 0274 333 436

Gareth Cox 021 250 9714

0274 342 545 03 307 9191 Paul Cunneen 0274 323 382 03 307 9190

Paul Cunneen 0274 323 382


ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, June 7, 2013

Home is where the heat is W

inter is dark, cold, long and expensive, at least where heating a home is concerned. It’s the time of year when our energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions go sky high. Energy costs are rising across the board, and defending every dollar we spend on heat has never been more important. As the dreaded electricity bill arrives, we begin to contemplate the best ways to save money and still keep the house at a comfortable temperature. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to curb heating costs and most are easy to implement. We all need to keep warm, but we can do it in a greener, cleaner, more affordable way. Using the following methods, you will be able to have a warmer home and save money at the same time.

Cover your cracks I don’t mean pull up your jeans and buy a belt, although that would certainly assist keeping your derriere delightfully warmer. Doors and windows are the two prime locations for drafts in any home. This is especially true in homes with older windows and doors. If you added up all the space in your home where air could get in or out, often the space is equivalent to leaving the front door wide open. Not surprising this makes it extremely hard for your heating source to work effectively. You could be losing 15 to 25 percent of your heat through these open spaces. You can purchase rolls of self-adhesive rubber seals at any hardware store, use gap filler for cracks in the walls and if you have to, resort to rolling up your bath towels and putting them at the bottom of your exit doors to prevent heat escaping. It’s a small price to pay for retaining a large chunk of the heat you have already paid to create.

Drapes and carpet – the thicker the better A large percentage of your home’s heat is lost through your windows, especially if they are not double insulated. Heavy, lined curtains which extend below the window frame will insulate your windows and help keep the warmth in. Using heavier curtains will not only help to make a home feel a lot cosier; they also help to stop heat escaping through the windows. Ones with a proper thermal backing

are the best at making a noticeable difference. On a warm sunny day, open the curtains to let the natural warmth of the sun heat the inside of your home, and right when those golden beams are no longer having a warming effect and the temperature dips, close the curtains to hug the warmth, giving you a few free hours before the cold of night seeps in to chill the interior. Carpet can be an expensive addition, but definitely worth consideration for long-term warmth benefits. As a cheaper alternative, a thick rug can offer similar insulation properties and feel nicer underfoot on a chilly morning. Not just a design element to add a pop of colour in your living area, rugs add another layer of insulation to the floor, trapping the cool air underneath and keep it from seeping up and cooling the room. Concentrate on the rooms of your home that you use and heat most often and place a rug that covers most of the floor in these areas. Woolen is best, and as with carpet selection, the thicker or denser the weave, the better.

Furniture can’t feel the cold so why waste energy heating areas that you’re not using. Rooms such as guest bedrooms and storage rooms generally don’t need to be heated throughout the winter until guests arrive, so seal them up to save wasted heat escaping to large voids. Go one step further and consider if you really need to be using an additional room to perform a task that could be done elsewhere. Such as an office or a craft room. Consider moving the computer to the dining room table for a few months in winter to make the most of a living area which is already heated, rather than adding another room unnecessarily to the heating bill.

Gone are the days for most of us when we can afford to lounge around in our underwear while it’s frosty outside. Some evenings are more bitterly cold than others, especially following a cold dark day, and our heating sources may struggle to raise the temperature. If saving money is important to your financial situation, then concentrate on heating yourself rather than your home. Have a hot shower, put on an extra layer of clothes, have a filling hot meal and stay in one room that you

can concentrate on heating. Remember the important information your mum gave you about staying warm in winter – put some socks on, and since a lot of heat escapes through the top of our head, pop on a wooly hat to trap in every lasting piece of warmth. You may feel ridiculous, but if it keeps you warm, your bank account will thank you in the long run.

Fans aren’t just for cooling Ceiling fans are more prominent in hotter, tropical climates, but if you have one installed in your home, don’t forget that it can help to keep your room warmer in the winter. In preparation for colder weather, reverse the direction of airflow on your fans. Circulating the air back through the room will heat the room more evenly and ease the effort your heater needs to keep the room at a comfortable temperature. Counterclockwise rotation produces cooling breezes while switching to clockwise makes it warmer. Air which is warmer and hovering near the ceiling is circulated back into the living space; reducing the energy you need to spend on heating by up to an additional 10 percent.

When not in use, close it out.

Put some clothes on

covering Mid Canterbury...

Snug as a bug in insulation Insulation is a given to make any home warmer, but to do it all in one hit can be an expensive exercise. You may be eligible for an energy grant from the government to assist with these costs, but many families still can’t afford the initial outlay. Start small, and begin by wrapping anything you can. A cheaper place to start is by concentrating on maintaining the heat in your hot water pipes and cylinder. A hot water cylinder wrap is available from hardware stores for around $60 and is an effective way to keep the cylinder from losing too much heat. Check the temperature gauge on your cylinder to make sure it’s not running too hot, as this can substantially increase the cost of your hot water heating. The cylinder temperature should remain slightly hotter than 60 degrees Celsius to prevent the growth of Legionella bacteria, but any hotter than this is just a waste of energy. After the cylinder is taken care of, check to see if your hot water pipes are insulated, as this can also be causing unnecessary heat loss. Wrap external hot water pipes with insulation tape to reduce the heat loss from your hot

water tank to the taps, and reduce the energy needed to get your hot water. It can be bought inexpensively from your local hardware store. There are also alternatives for pipe insulation such as specific fibreglass insulation, or a cheaper alternative is use pre-moulded foam rubber sleeves. Insulating your walls may be an expensive option as you will need to remove the gib to lay the insulation, but a more effective and affordable place to start is your ceiling. A well-insulated house can use almost half the energy for heating and cooling, compared to a non-insulated home, which means that insulation pays for itself in cheaper bills in as little as one to two years. With energy prices likely to rise, installing insulation now is a smart way of avoiding excessive bills in the future. For effective insulation, be sure that the insulation doesn’t have gaps in-between it when installed, and make sure it is the recommended thickness to prevent heat escaping. Ceiling batts are different to wall batts, so make sure you consult a professional before making a purchase.

It’s winter, not summer While it’s tempting to crank up the heat and run around in shorty PJ’s like you’re on holiday in the Pacific Islands, just remember that every degree hotter you are heating your home is costing you more on your power bill. A comfortable temperature for most is between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius, so before you reach for the temperature button to raise it up a few notches, are you really wanting to increase your power bill by up to four percent additional for every extra degree of heat? As that is what it could cost you. If you don’t have thermostat controlled heating such as a heat pump, consider getting an electronic thermometer for your living area to keep an eye on the temperature. It could potentially create large financial savings in the long run. The best way to hold your heating costs down is heat your home efficiently while keeping the cold out. A little more insulation in the hot water system and ceiling, thermal drapes and rubber seals to keep drafts out, or an extra layer on the floor will help to keep a room warm. Your savings generated could top more than $600 this winter with a little planning and consideration, a nice deposit toward some longer-term energy saving initiatives, or perhaps a holiday somewhere a bit warmer.

Phone Desme on 307-7974 open home

14 Trellech Place • Hostess kitchen, dining-living • Separate formal lounge • Four bedrooms, two bathrooms • Double garage, off street parking • 840m2 landscaped private section ID: ASH2342653

Allenton $475,000 Open Home: Sat June 8, 2013 11.00am – 11.45am Vince Carr B 03 307 8714 m 027 434 6634 PGG Wrightson Real Estate Limited, Real Estate Agent, REAA 2008

auction FinaL REMinDER

Vendor Wants Sold - 88ha

• Area subject to final survey • Early possession available • All in winter oats and rape • Excellent Wakanui soils • Two tenanted houses • Situated 14km from Ashburton • Scope for further development ID: ASH2375950

Maronan Road Deadline Private Treaty closing 3pm, 19 June 2013 (Prior offers considered)


Website ID LN1377

ay nd Su pm e m 0 Ho 3.0 en to Op 2.15

16 Orakipaoa Island Road, Temuka 3.2 HECTARES

Colin Gilbert B 03 307 8710 M 027 434 3478 E

PGG Wrightson Real Estate Limited, Real Estate Agent, REAA 2008

Only minutes from Temuka, an easy Timaru commute and handy to Fonterra, this four bedroom recarpeted home captures the sun and has a log fire for winter warmth. Productive and fertile Wakanui and Waimakiriri soils. Good 5-bay hay shed and 4-bay implement shed plus a utility shed. Price $410,000 including GST John Davison M 0274 364 464 Carly Galbraith M 0273 322 222

Are you covered? Don’t wait until its too late. Before stepping foot in your new dream home talk to Rothbury Insurance Brokers and get the right cover.

PGG Wrightson Building

• Area 2068m , zoned B3c • Prime commercial office and retail space • Situated at 30-46 Tancred Street, Ashburton • Providing offices, interview rooms and boardroom • Retail shop, showroom and warehouse • Off street parking and storage • The home of PGG/PGW for 50 years • Inspection by appointment 2 ID: ASH2345548

Ashburton Auction 1.30pm, Wednesday, 12 June 2013 Hotel Ashburton, Racecourse Road Ashburton Colin Gilbert B 03 307 8710 M 027 434 3478 H 03 308 4438

We offer free consultation about cover and premiums.

INSURANCE BROKERS PGG Wrightson Real Estate Limited, Real Estate Agent, REAA 2008

69 Tancred Street, Ashburton • 03 308-9612 • 021-225-4355

Kelvin Holmes

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, June 7, 2013


covering Mid Canterbury...




Get your supplies at the Toolshed!

Bring your garden to life with


Furniture moving


We take the worry and cost out of moving house Roger Martin specialises in: • Garden design and planting schemes • Plant sourcing and placing service • Garden maintenance • Lawn care • Rose/fruit tree/seasonal pruning

Great range of tools and brand options for the tradesman and handyman . . . come and see our range today!

• Either pack the truck yourself and we deliver, or our team can help - you choose • Save hundreds of dollars


I have international workers and holiday makers wanting and waiting for a home for short and long term stays in the Ashburton and surrounding areas!

• Farm worker and Gypsy Day discount • Truck holds a massive 38 m3 • Locally owned and operated


Call Roger Martin today for your on-site garden consultation.

Ph/Fax: 308 8138 | Mobile: 021 244 7052 2 Reid Crescent, Ashburton

House and land package in Braebrook. Turn the key $494,000.00

Phone 308 6415 34 Robinson Street Riverside Industrial Park Ashburton

Hours Mon to Fri 8am - 5.30pm Saturday 8.30am - 1pm

Property management experts

For options and prices call RD8 Contracting on 021-170-3715

• Property valuations Ian -Dwelling, Regis land, a.N. B.Co insurance


Talk to a sales consultant today! l

Our sole focus is property management


Zero tolerance to rent arrears and damage


Minimal tenant problems with our unique letting system and long term lease focus


Secure online access to statements and inspection reports


Ipad inspections

Stuck on colours? Call today and talk to Sarah for all your painting and decorating needs.

159 HaRRisoN st, asH Phon Mobile Email: McBride today forianmcbri

Call Ian your real estate valuation Ian McBride REGISTERED VALUER A.N.Z.I.V. S.P.I.N.Z. B.Com (Agr.), V.F.M.

Free Phone 0800 111 252 or call Matt on 021 160 4565

Phone 03 308 7052


Your ProPertY in saFe hands

81 West Street, Ashburton - Phone: 308 5119

Phone: 03 308 5468 Mobile: 029 770 5468 Email:

To advertise in this directory, please phone Desme on 027 468 8186






NOW OPERATING IN ASHBURTON Ph 0800 663737 *GST and small admin fee applies

Call Kerryn Allan today 0800-663-737 022-189-6678 JUST MAKeS ToTAl SenSe Licensed Agents - REAA 2008

Negotiable over $549,000

Offers invited

No Horsing Around On This One! Not a mare, but a stallion in terms of value for your money! Live in the homestead nestled on 1 acre and graze livestock on the adjoining acre. (On two titles but being sold as one entity) If you’ve always loved the country life but wanted to live minutes from town - here’s your chance. 4 Bedroom home (3 double & 1 twin),Separate sunroom/office, Spacious cottage kitchen with gas hob, 2 Bathrooms (one up and one downstairs), Stunning mountain views from elevated deck, Enclosed BBQ area, Separate studio or hobby room, Single under cover carport, Kids Play area & man made lake nearby, Just a few mins drive to town

For Pete’s Sake - Make Sure you Check Me Out! Lovely 2 bedroom unit, in fantastic location - just a few mins walk to Countdown, a short drive into town, or stroll to the RSA. Good value for money, low maintenance flat, with sunroom, heatpump to keep you toasty in winter, and spacious kitchen. Or perhaps potter around in the ample garden? Single garage with auto-door to complete. Immediate possession available.

VIEWING BY APPOINTMENT: 1/43 Peter Street, TRC12552

VIEWING BY APPOINTMENT: 47 Tuarangi Road, TRC12503

InterIor decoratIng made easy

15% off

Duette insulating blinds

Up to 50% off All dining tables and chairs Carpets / Tiles / Beds / Furniture / Curtains / Blindss

This month we will make your curtains for


East Street to Burnett Street, Ashburton Phone today 308 5269


ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, June 7, 2013

covering Mid Canterbury... Tinwald


© google map

Methven PGW



© google map





© google map

© google map







67 Havelock Street 10am-10.30am 4 Oxford Street 11-11.30am 5 Rolleston Ave. Rakaia 11am-11.30am 314 Tanred Street 11-11.30am 18 Anne Street 11-11.30am 4 Suffolk Street 12-12.30pm 63 Creek Rd 12.12.30pm 29 Allens Road 12-12.30pm 109 Creek Road 1-1.30pm 19 Brucefield Ave 2-2.30pm

318 Havelock Street 9.45-10.15am 24 Farm Road 10-10.30am 9 Wakanui Road 10.30-11am 40 Nursery Drive 10.30-11am 27 Hollands Road 10.30-11.15am 8 Dunford Street, Rakaia 11-11.30am 9 Somerset Grove 11.15-11.45am 1/17 Thomas Street 12-12.30pm 121 William Street 12-12.30pm 17 Brucefield Ave 12-12.30pm 5 Glassey Drive 12.15-12.45pm 7 Davis Crescent 1-1.30pm 9 Davis Crescent 1-1.30pm 90 Cridland Street 1-1.30pm 2/265 Moore Street 1-1.30pm 17 Thomson Drive 2-2.30pm

145 McMurdo Street 10am-10.30am 42 Grey Street 10.45-11.15am 25 Bird Street 10.45-11.15am 64 Cormorant Way,Rakaia 1-2pm 2/122 Cass St 10-10.30am 58 William St 11am-11.45am 16 Albert St 10.15-10.45am 11.30-12 noon 84 Oxford St 11.30-12 noon 3/356 Havelock St 162 Alford Forest Road 11-11.45am

5 Goldrich Drive 10am-10.30am 10A James St 11.45-12.30noon 182 Beach Road 10.30-11.15am 12 Miller Ave 10.15-10.45am 14 Willow Street 10.30-11am 15 Orchard Grove 10.30-11am 8 Manse Street 10.45-11.30am 2/179 Harrison Street 11am-11.30am 132 Harrison Street 12-12.45pm 11 Russell Ave 11-11.30am


Saturday 14 Trellech Place 11.00am-11.45am

Phone Desme on 307-7974

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, June 7, 2013





Grazing Wanted

landscape supplies

Board of Trustees Election 2013 Declaration of Parent and Staff Election Results Parent representatives votes: Bishop, Craig 70 Horrell, Nicky 79 Kelly, Jane 87 Moore, Tony 73 Muir, Jenny 74 Schoonderbeek, Marcus 82 Invalid Votes 3 I hereby declare the following duly elected: Nicky Horrell Jane Kelly Tony Moore Jenny Muir Marcus Schoonderbeek Staff Representative As the number of nominations received equaled the vacancy to be filled I hereby declare Catherine Lambie duly elected. Signed Christine Osborne Returning Officer

St Joseph’s School

Board of Trustees Election

Please phone 027 436 9316 CHURCH SERVICES

Staff Election Results

I hereby declare the following duly elected. Jesse Dargue Mark Prendergast Dale Thomas Staff representative At the close of nominations, as there was only valid nomination received I hereby declare Anna Lischner duly elected. Signed, Maree O’Neill Returning Officer


All Welcome

READYMADE calf shelters hen houses - pump sheds. Sturdy well built sheds made to last. Choice of colours and sizes as we make to order. Your readymade shed specialists Adams Sawmilling, Malcolm McDowell Road, Ph 3083595. Mon-Fri 7am-5.30pm, Sat 8am-12noon.

Contact: Pastor Paul Gredig Phone 021 815 246


108 Cass Street, Ashburton

This Saturday 9.30am Sabbath School 11am Divine Service

GARDENING “SPECIAL� Terrace Garden. Poppies, pansies, stocks etc, all $3 for 8 plants. Xmas lily bulbs, also cooking apples. Closing down for winter June 13.

EXPERIENCED farm worker looking for fulltime work. Prefer Dairy but will consider anything. Prefer on farm accommodation. Please contact Brian on 027 508 0959.


LIVESTOCK, PETS BUYER of unwanted animals. Cattle, bobby calves, horse and all farm animals. We also sell pet food. Call Nick’s Pet Food 0272-101-621 A/H 03-3227626. CALF SHED BEDDING Premium woodmulch chipped from our slabwood. Guaranteed 100% untreated wood/bark NO CONTAMINATION OR DEMOLITION MATERIALS. Sawdust also available - Adams Sawmill, Malcolm McDowell Road. Ph 308 3595.

TO LET - tidy 2 bedrooms flat. Park Street central 1989 HONDA CITY as is where is, goes well. location. Call 03 308 2650. 103,000kms. Automatic W.O.F. + Rego, pink. Ideal runabout. Make an offer.  Phone 03 308 3659.

EXCELLENT fundraising opportunity - free to hire. Community fundraising BBQ situated at Mitre 10 Mega. Visit our customer service counter today to book and for details. – Phone 3085119.

ARE YOU HAVING family or friends over for dinner? Create a beautiful dining experience with the new Lenox dinnerware from The China Shop. This is an American designed range and there is something to suit any occasion. for sale or hire, ex shipping: general and insulated. Sidelifter available for delivery. – Wilson Bulk Transport, Phone 308-7772. CONTAINERS

DEADLINES - Ashburton Guardian Classifieds close at 5.00pm every week day, the day prior to insertion. Phone 03307-7965. FREE FIREWOOD, free firewood, free firewood, free firewood. Help yourself, help yourself. Gates open, 111 Cass Street, Friday to Sunday from 8am or phone 027 405 2391. KWILA DECKING Available in 90x19 and 140x19 with large choice of lengths available. Stocking all your timber requirements for under your deck as well Adams Sawmill, Malcolm McDowell Road, Ph 308 3595 - Eftpos/credit card. THERE IS nothing better than a foot soak! After standing out in the cold after watching winter sport. The China Shop in The Arcade has the New Zealand made Linden Leaves foot care range. A must this winter.

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DAILY DIARY TODAY FRIDAY JUNE 7 9.00am. ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Real women circuit training the hall. 48 Allens Road, Allenton. 9.00am. ST ANDREWS ANGLICAN CHURCH. Drop in centre, St Andrews Anglican Church Hall, cnr Thomson and Jane Street, Tinwald. 1.00pm - 3.00pm. ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. Classic aircraft on display. Ashburton Airport, Seafield Road. 1.30pm. R.S.A. Euchre. R.S.A. Cox Street, Ashburton. 2.00pm. CAVENDISH CLUB. Music circle, 31 Tancred St.

SATURDAY, JUNE 8 9.30am - 12.30pm. ASHBURTON TOY LIBRARY. Open today. Methodist Church Hall, Baring Square East. 10.00am - 12.00pm. ASHBURTON VINTAGE CAR CLUB. Museum and parts shed open. 86 Maronan Road, Tinwald. 10.00am - 3.00pm. ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM, Classic aircraft on display including DC3. Ashburton Airport, Seafield Road. 1.30pm. MID CANTERBURY SOCIAL WHEELERS. 14km road race. Register from 1pm. Fords Road, near the sale yards.

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20 novelty shapes

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Kambel Frost Happy 6th Birthday Kam! Enjoy your party tomorrow. Love you lots Mum, Dad and Daemyn. xxx Kambel Frost Happy 6th Birthday! Love and kisses Nanny and Poppy Gibson, Nana and Grandad Frost. xxxx Riley Wall Happy 6th Birthday. Have a fantastic day. Lots of love from Mum, Dad and Isobel.

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Wave of wearable technology products


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• Bark • Oamaru stone • Rocks • Organic compost • Sand • Screened soil • Home deliveries available Plus much more FREE loan trailer available! From a shovel load to a trailer load. Dobson Street West Ph: 307 8302

Dairy heifer grazing required From September 2013. R 2's. Numbers to suit.



BirthdayGreetings Greetingsare are freefor for those those aged aged 12 and under only. Free Birthday 12 underdays only.before Free birthday greetings greetings must mustfree be received received at least least two twoand working birthday be at working days before date of insertion otherwise there is no guarantee that it will appear date of insertion, otherwise there noavailable guarantee thatground it will appear theday dayrequested. requested. Photos willisbe be at floor ononthe Photos will available atour our for collection after notice has appeared theground paper. floor office office for collection after notice has appeared in theinpaper.

By Maria Sciullo

It doesn’t matter that Apple tantalises with the promise of an iWatch or Apple Shoes. Or that people are working on T-shirts that can hold an electric charge to power tablets and mobile phones. It doesn’t matter because the next wave of wearable tech is already here, it’s extremely cool, and it’s only going to get cooler. From Samsung Galaxy phones that measure your heart rate and Body Mass Index to Google Glass on the fashion runways of New York City, the digital devices formerly carried in pocket or purse are becoming a part of personal style. The internet was abuzz with speculation earlier this year when word leaked that Apple was at work on something akin to Dick Tracy’s two-way wristwatch. Or not. When Steve Jobs threw away the stylus to prove that hand-held tech doesn’t require anything more than lifting a finger, that was revolutionary. In the case of the “iWatch,� as some have dubbed it, the speculation sounds a bit doubtful it will be anything special. So, we’ll see. Not so, however, in the case of Google Glass, which has been building buzz since last year. Celebrities and everyday folk have been given the chance to try these red-hot tech specs. Models on the runway at Diane von Furstenberg’s spring/summer show in September were decked out in the glasses, which are sleek and shiny and come in a variety of colours. The specs allow wearers to experience augmented reality, to “see� computerised projections in the real world around them. They also will allow photos to be taken with a blink of an eye or emails to be read, with physical motions or spoken word. At least one politician, Representative Gary G Howell of the West Virginia state house of delegates, has introduced a bill to amend laws that already limit functions such as texting while driving: no driving while wearing Google Glass. Google isn’t the first to test the waters of such glasses. Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show this winter, and the US Department of Defense reportedly is working on a combination of high-tech glasses and contact lenses that would deliver everything from map coordinates to real-time conflict information to the wearer. Then there is Canadian Steve Mann, a pioneer in wearable computing who has been viewing the world through various forms of his EyeTap Digital Eye Glass for more than 30 years. Mann’s glasses-like device projects

photo ap

Taylor Hatmaker, a writer with the tech blog ReadWrite, wears a Google Glass device near her eye as she photographs Microsoft Corp.’s next-generation Xbox One entertainment and gaming console system.

images onto the retina of his right eye, is connected to the internet, and can only be removed with a special tool. Unlike augmented reality, Mann has developed a form of mediated reality; images are not so much added to his field of vision as they are filtered. It makes him resemble a cyborg, which, he posted in a blog last summer, might be the reason he was physically and verbally attacked by employees at a McDonald’s in Paris. He carries a doctor’s note with him when he boards planes to explain why he cannot remove the device. Xiaodong Li is a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of South Carolina. His idea of wearable tech might someday come in S, M and L. Li and Lihong Bao, a postdoctoral asso-

ciate, can, according to a science journal, “convert insulating T-shirt textiles into highly conductive and flexible activated carbon textiles for energy-storage applications�. They made a T-shirt that stores power. “We will soon see roll-up mobile phones and laptop computers on the market,� he told the university’s magazine. “But a flexible energy storage device is needed to make this possible.� When Christiaan Ribbens was a post grad student in the Netherlands, he and a partner came up with Woven. They built a prototype: two fully working sets of clothing (sweaters and jeans) that were studded with sensors. Two speakers were integrated into the collar of the sweaters, which were connected to mobile phones. Then they designed a pervasive video

game that incorporated elements of the real world around them. In theory, the user might someday change the look of the shirt with the wave of a hand, or remotely control devices such as TV sets. Ribbens currently seeks employment as a game designer, which has put Woven on the back burner. But at least one high-tech adopter isn’t eager to outfit himself with Google Glass or anything along that line. Fantasy-sci-fi author Neil Gaiman recently said at a press conference that he would refrain because the device looked “very, very silly�. More important, he said, life doesn’t need any more distractions: “I think trying to learn to be present while you’re present is a really good thing to do.�  - SHNS

Bay police officers go hi-tech By Amy McGillivray Western Bay police now have little need to go back to the office. The 128 iPhones handed out to Katikati, Te Puke, Mount Maunganui and Tauranga police officers this week allow them to file their paperwork on the go and 72 will also receive iPads. Constable Caine McGregor said the devices would allow him to spend

less time in the office and more time on the street preventing crime. Acting Western Bay of Plenty police area commander Inspector Karl Wright-St Clair told the Bay of Plenty Times the devices would mean a more mobile, visible front-line presence as officers could use their devices to complete critical tasks while out in their communities. “This is all about freeing up staff time so they can spend more time in the community, focus on proac-

tive crime prevention activities, and provide a better service to victims,� he said. “These devices allow officers to be more efficient and effective at their jobs because they have fast access to information and other useful policing tools.� Mr Wright-St Clair said the iPads were given to staff who had more complex data entry needs. Western Bay police received their smart devices as part of the Police

National Mobility Project. Nationally, 6500 smartphones and 3900 iPads will be rolled out during the year. It was estimated the devices would save 30 minutes per officer per shift, meaning more than half a million more front-line police hours every year - the equivalent of 345 extra officers. Throughout the Bay district the devices were estimated to free up 41,526 police hours every year, about 30 extra police officers. - BOP



ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, June 7, 2013

Christchurch greyhound fields, form Christchurch Greyhound Racing Club Venue: Addington Raceway Meeting Date: 07 Jun 2013 NZ Meeting number : 10 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; 11 and 12 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 10, 11 and 12 1 4.15pm (NZT) SUPER PETS DASH C5, 295m 1 35376 Jumpin’ Julia 17.30....................J McInerney 2 46x43 Mr. Whippy 17.23 W &....................... Nissen 3 67141 Hot Mango 17.37 A &.........................Seque 4 14124 Pick The Tip 17.11........................... D Voyce 5 51511 Go Housie 17.09............................ G Cleeve 6 11338 Okuku Ollie 17.29........................... R Casey 7 72655 Life’s A Laugh 17.39..................R Blackburn 8 43432 Ocotillo 17.03 J &............................D Fahey 9 86186 Pure And Special 17.25................... M Grant 10 21488 Wandy Boiler 17.33........................ G Cleeve 2 4.43pm (NZT) CAROL’S TAB STAKES C2/3, 520m 1 21126 Kin Nikki 30.36.............................. L Waretini 2 56637 Starburst Hannah nwtd.................... M Grant 3 42542 Opawa Style 30.55 L &....................... Wales 4 42344 Opawa Bomb 30.67 L &..................... Wales 5 x2241 Roxy Rascal 30.62 M &.....................Jopson 6 48613 Banbit nwtd.......................................B Shaw 7 65573 Maximum Jewel 30.46 C &...........D Roberts 8 76721 Starburst Clemmy nwtd................... M Grant 9 87648 Nerd Corner 30.88........................... M Grant 10 52522 Red Typhoon (c2) 30.56.................. M Grant 3 5.00pm (NZT) KOLORFUL KANVAS SPRINT C3, 295m 1 88545 Hot Shot Lawyer 17.48 H &.................Taylor 2 37434 Elusive Deejay 17.65 A &...................Seque 3 34457 Cool Jordie 17.27..............................S Whall 4 53657 Home Truth 17.32.......................... G Cleeve 5 11228 Wandy Jewel 17.43......................D Kingston 6 65544 Fireman’s Salute 17.14.................. G Cleeve

7 53553 Obsessed 17.16 C &....................D Roberts 8 57438 My Little Oah 17.35...................J McInerney 9 54548 Theokoles 17.51........................R Blackburn 10 66664 Smash Amego nwtd......................... M Grant 4 5.18pm BUY SELL & EXCHANGE SPRINT C5, 295m 1 34715 Ciri Rioli 17.18 J &...........................D Fahey 2 1336F Etched In Stone 17.25...............R Blackburn 3 73163 Jackson Cat 17.21............................ B Dann 4 28331 Nippa Mary 17.09......................J McInerney 5 12874 Gitcha Easy 17.25 W &...................... Nissen 6 11111 Sting Me 17.12................................. M Grant 7 73243 Roqette 17.22 C &........................D Roberts 8 78217 Know Trust 17.23........................... G Cleeve 9 86186 Pure And Special 17.25................... M Grant 10 21488 Wandy Boiler 17.33........................ G Cleeve 5 5.35pm (NZT) I PAVE CONCRETE DASH C3, 295m 1 53722 Marmalade Skies 17.49.....................J Dunn 2 41784 Smash Dora 17.53........................... M Grant 3 8867x Chipewyan 17.54 M &.......................... Smith 4 42755 Jed Norton 17.36........................... G Cleeve 5 44186 Blonde Tori 17.48.......................A Bradshaw 6 31248 Ohoka Blue 17.49......................... L Waretini 7 5582x Wandy Luck 17.51......................... G Cleeve 8 82473 Botany Prancer 17.54................J McInerney 9 54548 Theokoles 17.51........................R Blackburn 10 58658 Enable 17.45 H &.................................Taylor 6 5.55pm (NZT) RACINGDOGS.CO.NZ STAKES C4, 520m 1 23328 Adulterous nwtd C &.....................D Roberts 2 11326 Unshaken 30.48 J &........................D Fahey 3 17165 Cawbourne Philip 30.34.............J McInerney 4 23678 Cawbourne Heidi nwtd M &...............Jopson 5 77561 Opawa Midnight 30.66 S &..............B Evans 6 42577 Cawbourne Kim 30.63...............J McInerney 7 2334x Opawa Rapid 30.54 L &..................... Wales 8 72654 Wandy Pam nwtd.........................D Kingston 9 77655 Wot Price Curly 30.73................J McInerney 10 67854 Another Dollar 30.27..................J McInerney 7 6.15pm SKY HIGH SCAFFOLDING SPRINT C4, 295m 1 76617 Fulla Torque 17.55 C &.................D Roberts 2 85233 Homebush Helen 17.18.............J McInerney

3 76764 Homebush Mayhem 17.38.........J McInerney 4 33578 Fiery Flower 17.48............................ B Dann 5 66x11 More Better 17.27 W &...................... Nissen 6 54577 Cawbourne Moff 17.00..............J McInerney 7 24446 Know Jealousy 17.29..................... G Cleeve 8 45667 Magic You nwtd C &......................D Roberts 9 61F75 Opawa Legs 17.56 L &....................... Wales 10 58631 Elki (c5) 17.31.............................. M Roberts 8 6.35pm AMBER CLEANING SERVICES STKS C4/5, 520m 1 14366 No Undies Sundy 30.39.............J McInerney 2 32417 Admire 30.22 A &...............................Seque 3 53763 Wild Grove 30.41 C &...................D Roberts 4 42423 Bella Dior nwtd...........................J McInerney 5 23473 Gordon Bale nwtd C &..................D Roberts 6 22211 Russell Hart 30.24.....................J McInerney 7 26213 Magic Lass 30.43 C &..................D Roberts 8 21413 Jinjarango 29.93 J &........................D Fahey 9 36758 Geoff The Ref 30.65 H &.....................Taylor 10 77655 Wot Price Curly (c4) 30.73........J McInerney 9 7.00pm FLATPACK HOUSES 033715005 DASH C5, 295m 1 46345 Nova’s Fortune 17.27.................J McInerney 2 83474 Adini 17.16.................................... L Waretini 3 78632 Homebush Sarge 17.39.............J McInerney 4 12421 Know Advantage 17.04.................. G Cleeve 5 13566 Wandy Chick 17.36........................ G Cleeve 6 18738 Wandy Devil nwtd............................ M Grant 7 46152 Primitive 17.19...................................J Dunn 8 24242 Pretty Good 16.94 J &.....................D Fahey 9 55178 Wise Wonder 17.34 C &..................... Fagan 10 16288 Cawbourne Catch 17.17................... M Flipp 10 7.30pm CTV R/A FEATURE R/A, 520m 1 58261 Girl Racer (c3) 30.42 H &....................Taylor 2 16274 Jinja Power (c5) 30.41 J &...............D Fahey 3 53645 Flying Moe (c4) 30.56.......................B Shaw 4 66345 Opawa Jed (c4) 30.06 J &...............D Fahey 5 61134 Pindari (c4) 30.32 J &......................D Fahey 6 21317 Indi’s Grace (c5) 30.56.................... M Grant 7 55488 Brooklyn Hope (c5) 30.17 J &.........D Fahey 8 71F52 Opawa Marg (c3) 30.39 L &............... Wales 9 21137 Shalana Star (c2) 30.71.....................J Dunn

Temple Way Looking for a Bristol Featuressecure Ltd BS99 future? 7HD


Central Press

10 71463 Criniti’s (c2) nwtd...............................J Dunn


Tel: 0117 934 3621

1 11111 Dixie Lee 17.00..........................R Blackburn 2 31316 Sahara Rama nwtd A &......................Seque 3 88188 Matti Oah 17.08.........................J McInerney 4 32244 Oscar Tuivasa 17.36........................L Philips 5 32346 Pearl’s Boy 17.19........................... G Cleeve 6 16687 Cawbourne Dusty 17.51.................. M Grant 7 27613 Lynny Southcombe 17.29..........J McInerney 8 33311 Dillmanstown 17.45............................J Dunn 9 55178 Wise Wonder 17.34 C &..................... Fagan 10 71588 Know Favours 17.37...................... G Cleeve 12 8.20pm SPEIGHT’S DASH C4, 295m 1 66857 Dyna Frier 17.23 C &....................D Roberts 2 67766 Homebush Edith 17.21..............J McInerney 3 35256 Fireman’s Escort 17.28.................. G Cleeve 4 13252 Sosan 17.43 C &..........................D Roberts 5 52432 Smash Amy 17.30........................... M Grant 6 76272 Runway Queen 17.41.................... G Cleeve 7 13424 Knox 17.44........................................ B Dann 8 52726 Anytime Will Do 17.48...............J McInerney Emergencies: 9 61F75 Opawa Legs 17.56 L &....................... Wales 10 56554 Excuse Please 17.35................... J McMillan

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69 Tancred Street, Ashburton Phone 03 308-9612 Cellphone 021-225-4355

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No 12,204

No 12,20

SELECTIONS Race 1: Go Housie, Ocotillo, Mr. Whippy, Pick The Tip, Hot Mango Race 2: Kin Nikki, Opawa Bomb, Opawa Style, Roxy Rascal Race 3: Wandy Jewel, Fireman’s Salute, Elusive Deejay, Obsessed Race 4: Sting Me, Ciri Rioli, Nippa Mary, Roqette, Gitcha Easy Race 5: Marmalade Skies, Ohoka Blue, Smash Dora, Wandy Luck Race 6: Cawbourne Philip, Unshaken, Adulterous, Opawa Rapid Race 7: More Better, Know Jealousy, Homebush Mayhem Race 8: Jinjarango, Russell Hart, Admire, Bella Dior, Gordon Bale Race 9: Pretty Good, Know Advantage, Primitive, Homebush Sarge Race 10: Jinja Power (c5), Opawa Jed (c4), Brooklyn Hope (c5) Race 11: Dixie Lee, Sahara Rama, Dillmanstown, Pearl’s Boy Race 12: Knox, Homebush Edith, Smash Amy, Fireman’s Escort, LEGEND: fsdt - First Start Here nwd - No Win this Distance fstd First Start This Distance 31 13 - Best Winning Time This Track

Wanganui greyhound fields, form Wanganui Greyhound Racing Club Venue: Hatrick Raceway Meeting Date: 07 Jun 2013 NZ Meeting number : 9 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; 11 and 12 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 10, 11 and 12 1 12.37pm (NZT) ABSOLUTELY ELECTRICAL C3 HEAT 1 C3q, 305m 1 21162 Just A Boy 17.32 K &.........................Phillips 2 27511 Where’s Chicken 17.56 F &............Turnwald 3 65261 All The Rage 17.75 U &.............. McCracken 4 24648 George Baxter 17.63.................J McInerney 5 P7615 Homebush Hell’s 17.63..................... C Clark 6 31741 Homebush Buffy 17.51..............J McInerney 7 76724 Mr. Big Stuff nwtd..............................G Quirk 8 42275 Cawbourne Flick 17.70..............J McInerney 9 62846 What A Peanut 18.01.................J McInerney 10 64776 Gem’s Conquest 17.86.....................G Quirk 2 12.55pm HARRISON HIRE MASTER HEAT 2 C3q, 305m 1 34117 Tawny Port 17.37 F &.....................Turnwald 2 74446 As Far As 17.40........................... M Roberts 3 8x567 Moon Warrower nwtd........................ J Tapiki 4 74475 Homebush Britney 17.55...........J McInerney 5 84542 Another Lady 17.52...................J McInerney 6 73372 But It’s Great 17.78....................J McInerney 7 53385 Bound By Pride 17.52.......................G Quirk 8 21483 Mr. Majestic nwtd...............................J Black 9 68733 Radiator Springs nwtd......................G Quirk 10 86357 Agent Victor 17.97............... J Woolston-Bell 3 1.12pm NZ BREEDERS STAKES HEATS (GROUP 1) HEAT 1 R/Aq, 520m 1 86656 Monkey Queen (c1) nwtd....................W Kite 2 43113 Know Class (c5) nwtd.................... G Cleeve 3 31414 Nonu Nonu Boom (c4) 30.37............L Ahern 4 14311 Speed Legend (c4) 29.46........... B Hodgson

5 Box Vacant.................................... Scratched 6 44516 Opawa Casper (c5) nwtd L &............. Wales 7 36172 Another Fantasy (c2) 30.26.......J McInerney 8 11F26 Thrilling Charly(c3) 30.07................ K Walsh 4 1.30pm NZ BREEDERS STAKES HEATS (GROUP 1) HEAT 2 R/Aq, 520m 1 16451 Jetsun Flame (c5) 30.06.................G Wilson 2 55263 Wee Diger (c5) 30.33..................G Hodgson 3 77846 Ostapchuk (c4) 30.10.......................L Ahern 4 65457 Stolen Money (c5) nwtd................. G Cleeve 5 63734 Another Jewel (c4) nwtd............J McInerney 6 75784 Baby James (c1) nwtd...............J McInerney 7 81342 Alamein Jah (c1) 30.35 K &...............Phillips 8 45153 Opawa No Ear (c4) nwtd J &...........D Fahey 5 1.47pm NZ BREEDERS STAKES HEATS (GROUP 1) HEAT 3 R/Aq, 520m 1 31242 Kiwi Girl (c5) 30.23............................J Black 2 11122 Bumpa Sticker (c2) 30.40.................L Ahern 3 71781 Homebush Chopper(c5) nwtd....J McInerney 4 58873 Newton Willow (c4) 30.47......K Sutch-Jones 5 Box Vacant.................................... Scratched 6 64525 Opawa Webby (c4) nwtd L &.............. Wales 7 74647 Kiwi Ranger (c1) nwtd.........................F Kite 8 21122 Matilda’s Babe (c3) nwtd.............J McArthur 6 2.05pm NZ BREEDERS STAKES HEATS (GROUP 1) HEAT 4 R/Aq, 520m 1 21142 Bone Nerd (c3) 30.09.................. M Roberts 2 25525 Red Crystal (c3) 30.16................ B Hodgson 3 14768 Hey You (c5) nwtd...............................W Kite 4 13171 Uno Heidi (c2) 30.19.........................L Ahern 5 Box Vacant.................................... Scratched 6 48227 Opawa Swede (c4) 30.44 J &..........D Fahey 7 48258 Princely Dollar (c5) nwtd............J McInerney

8 25537 Bob’s Eye (c4) nwtd...................J McInerney 2.23pm NZ BREEDERS STAKES HEATS (GROUP 1) HEAT 5 R/Aq, 520m 1 16326 Hello Ello (c3) 29.97................... B Johnston 2 21661 Homebush Violet (c4) 29.99......J McInerney 3 31837 Sammy James (c5) 30.08.................L Ahern 4 22548 Backyard Bully (c5) 29.85........... G Hodgson 5 33644 Charlie’s Choice(c4) nwtd A &............Seque 6 44286 Jetsun Blaze (c4) 30.36..................G Wilson 7 21637 Thrilling Logic (c3) nwtd................... K Walsh 8 44124 Opawa Wally (c2) 30.48 L &............... Wales 8 2.40pm NZ BREEDERS STAKES HEATS (GROUP 1) HEAT 6 R/Aq, 520m 1 44347 Fergie’s Belle (c2) 30.33..................S Maher 2 14552 Not A Know (c5) nwtd...................A Waretini 3 78515 Another Colt c3) 30.77...............J McInerney 4 12135 Thrilling Sonic (c3) nwtd.................. K Walsh 5 15111 Olympic Medal (c2) nwtd J &...........D Fahey 6 57357 Know Attempt (c4) nwtd................. G Cleeve 7 54114 Jay Cee Hurt (c5) nwtd...............G Calverley 8 27276 Bigtime Latte (c4) 30.21...................L Ahern 9 2.58pm WANGANUI SECURITY C4 C4, 305m 1 32827 Homebush Domino 17.63..........J McInerney 2 82528 Stock Taker 17.58.............................L Ahern 3 16777 Mirage 17.37 F &............................Turnwald 4 26547 Ciao For Now 17.28..........................L Ahern 5 71232 Eruza 17.51......................................L Ahern 6 71386 Homebush Craig 17.76..............J McInerney 7 52154 Emma Marie 17.71....................... T Downey 8 15546 Cawbourne Plunge 17.56..........J McInerney 9 37578 See To Believe 17.49.................J McInerney 10 63746 Safe And Secure 17.82............... B Johnston 10 3.15pm KEENAN CONCRETE C2/3 C2/3, 520m


1 52148 Asher (c2) 30.32...............................R Waite 2 16637 Gone Awol 30.22.......................J McInerney 3 53256 Thrilling Ava (c2) 30.51....................B Marsh 4 F8778 Still Helina nwtd................................ G Ross 5 48453 Okuku Dreamer 30.47 U &......... McCracken 6 67753 Thanks Charlie 30.30.................J McInerney 7 13541 Cawbourne Bree 30.17..............J McInerney 8 58388 Ode To Liberty 30.27........................R Waite 9 25273 Peno Boy (c2) nwtd............................J Black 10 77687 Chelsea’s Beauty(c2) nwtd........... T Downey 11 3.33pm MICKEY’S SUPER LIQUOR C5 C5, 305m 1 14621 Bee Rabbit 17.39..............................L Ahern 2 45343 Iona Haka 0.00..........................J McInerney 3 38334 Leadfoot Lenny 17.46..........................L Udy 4 16138 Wild Punting 17.38 F &...................Turnwald 5 27613 Lynny Southcombe 17.61..........J McInerney 6 42565 Enazuma 17.39 G &...........................Denby 7 47162 Homebush Lignite 17.59............J McInerney 8 44366 Motherlee 17.39.....................K Sutch-Jones 9 74267 Vicki’s Quest 17.65..............................L Udy 10 78367 Llamedos 17.58................................G Quirk 12 3.50pm THE ROCK 95.2FM C5 C5, 305m 1 88311 Run Lacey Run 17.41 F &..............Turnwald 2 66337 Waterbug 17.68...................................L Udy 3 81585 Homebush Boris 17.74..............J McInerney 4 41133 Callahan 17.37............................. M Roberts 5 17138 Cheetah Woods 17.28...............J McInerney 6 46154 Moody Man 17.47..............................D Edlin 7 48312 Rosemore Osti 17.23........................L Ahern 8 21784 Jack’s First nwtd............................... A Clark 9 36563 Flying Flynn 17.62.............................D Hunt 10 63676 Secret Sprite 17.60 F &..................Turnwald

ACROSS 6. Remark (7) 7. Woo (5) 9. Weep (3) 10. Alien (9) 12. Seize (11) 15. Skilled (11) 17. Overpraised (9) 19. Perform (3) 21. Guide (5) 22. Amaze (7)

LEGEND: fsdt - First Start Here nwd - No Win this Distance fstd First Start This Distance 31 13 - Best Winning Time This Track




1. Praise (10) 7. Surpass (5) 8. Hauled (7) 10. Inspected (8) 11. Repair (4) 13. Brisk (6) 15. Amatory (6) 17. Monster (4) 18. Untrained (8) 21. Footwear item (7) 22. Greeting (5) 23. Hostile (10)

1. Jolly (5) 2. Consumed (3) 3. Unaccompanied (4) 4. Overlooked (9) 5. Liberty (7) 8. Cause (6) 11. Choice (9) 13. Joined (6) 14. Elucidate (7) 16. Perfume (5) 18. Comfort (4) 20. Decay (3)

1. Beverage (5) 2. Increase (8) 3. Account-book (6) 4. Imply (4) 5. Disregard (7) 6. Mutinous (10) 9. Devotion (10) 12. Respired (8) 14. Interpretation (7) 16. False (6) 19. Drain (5) 20. Goad (4)



Across: 7 Contemplation; 8 Entangle; 9 Isle; 10 Backed; 12 Intact; 14 Invite; 16 Reaper; 18 Stop; 20 Desolate; 22 Long-suffering. Down: 1 Fountain; 2 Attack; 3 Smug; 4 Ulterior; 5 Strict; 6 Soil; 11 Dreadful; 13 Creating; 15 Impugn; 17 Allure; 19 Tool; 21 Safe.

Across: 6 Mention; 7 Court; 9 Cry; 10 Foreigner; 1 Requisition; 15 Experienced; 17 Flattered; 19 Act; 2 Pilot; 22 Astound. Down: 1 Merry; 2 Ate; 3 Solo; 4 Forgotten; 5 Freedom; Reason; 11 Selection; 13 United; 14 Explain; 16 Scen 18 Ease; 20 Rot.

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6.00 ONE News. (T) 7.00 Seven Sharp. (T) 7.30 Coronation Street. (PGR, T) 8.30 Location Location Location. (G, T) Kirstie and Phil face a double challenge that’s all about postcodes and pickiness when they search for dream family homes in Harrow and Hertfordshire. 9.30 Hotel Inspector. (T) Alex visits an Essex hotel and nightclub run by a family who not dancing to the same beat. 10.30 ONE News Tonight. (T) 11.00 Spy. (New) 11.30 Episodes. (AO, R)

6.00 Friends. (G, R, T) 6.30 Neighbours. (G, T) 7.00 Shortland Street. (PGR, T) Murray and Wendy work to resolve their differences, Ula learns to earn respect. 7.30 The Voice Australia. (G, T) The judges will have to fight against each other if they to nab the most talented singers for their teams in the final blind auditions. 9.15 Killer Karaoke. (PGR, T) 10.10 Distraction USA. (AO, R, T) 10.40 The Bachelorette. (PGR, T)



12.10 Hawthorne. (Final, AO, R) 1.05 Te Karere. (R, T) 1.30 Infomercials.

Aimee Mangin Travel Consultant


6.30 Buzzy Bee And Friends. (G, R, T) 6.35 Tiki Tour. (G, R, T) 7.00 Grizzly Tales. (G, R, T) 7.25 ScoobyDoo! Mystery Incorporated. (G, R, T) 7.50 Pokemon: Black and White. (T) 8.15 Franklin. (G, R, T) 8.40 Mike The Knight. (G, R, T) 8.50 Fireman Sam. (G, R, T) 9.00 Infomercials. 10.30 Neighbours. (G, R, T) 11.00 Shortland Street. (PGR, R, T) 11.30 Spin City. (R, T) 12.00 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. (G, T) 1.00 Jeremy Kyle. 2.00 Jeremy Kyle USA. (PGR) 3.00 Mr Men. (G, R, T) 3.10 Doc McStuffins. (G, T) 3.35 Spongebob Squarepants. (G, R, T) 4.05 Good Luck Charlie. (G, R, T) 4.30 The Erin Simpson Show. 5.00 Horace In Slow Motion. 5.01 America’s Funniest Home Videos. (G, R, T) 5.30 Hope And Faith. (R, T)

3.00 3.55

Anna Schmack Travel Consultant


Breakfast. Good Morning. Ellen. (G, R) Coach Trip. (PGR, T) House Guest. (G, R) ONE News. (T) Emmerdale. (PGR, T) Come Dine With Me. (G) Four Weddings USA. (PGR, R) Ellen. Te Karere. (T) Te Karere brings you key events and stories of interest to Maori, as well as bringing a Maori perspective to the day’s news and current affairs. Te Mangai Paho MasterChef: The Professionals – Australia. (T) It’s the re-invention test once again for the 12 remaining contestants. Millionaire Hot Seat. (T)

6.00 9.00 10.00 11.00 11.30 12.00 12.30 1.30 2.00



Nathan Bartlett Travel Consultant

12.35 Two And A Half Men. (PGR, R, T) 1.35 Infomercials. 2.35 The Voice. (G, R, T) 3.25 I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. (PGR, R) 4.15 Jeremy Kyle. (PGR, R) 5.05 The Erin Simpson Show. (R) 5.35 Let’s Get Inventin’. (G, R, T)

6.00 8.30 10.30 11.30 12.00 12.30 1.00 2.00 3.00

4.00 5.00 5.30

3 News: Firstline. Infomercials. (G) The Shopping Channel. Everybody Loves Raymond. (G, R) 3 News. Home And Away. (G, R) Dr Phil. (AO) The Dr Oz Show. (PGR) Top Chef. (G, R) The remaining chefs participate in an elite cooking competition established by notable French chef Paul Bocuse. Rachael Ray. (G) Entertainment Tonight. (G) Home And Away. (G) Dex is worried about working with April, Casey goes into remand, and Ricky and Tamara are kidnapped by Adam.

6.00 3 News. 7.00 Campbell Live. 7.30 Modern Family. (PGR, R) The all important election day has arrived and the whole family rallies for some last minute campaigning. 8.00 The New Normal. (PGR) Bryan and David discuss their future and how big they want to grow their family. 8.30 Graham Norton Show. (AO) 9.30 7 Days. (AO) 10.00 Jono And Ben At Ten. (AO) 10.35 Nightline. 11.15 The Big Game. (PGR) 12.15 The Big C. (AO) 1.20 NCIS: Los Angeles. (AO, R) 2.10 Infomercials. (G)

Maxine Chisnall Travel Consultant

PRIMe 6.00 Home Shopping. (G) 6.30 The Crowd Goes Wild. (G, R) 7.00 Deal Or No Deal. (G, R) 7.30 Home Shopping. (G) 12.00 The Doctors. (PGR) 1.00 The Jeff Probst Show. (G) 2.05 America’s Got Talent. (G, R) The Kinetic King brings his unusual act to the AGT stage and Zuma Zuma bring some highflying moves. 4.00 The Late Show With David Letterman. (G, R) 5.00 Deal Or No Deal. (G, R) Game show hosted by Andrew O’Keefe that gives contestants the opportunity to win up to $200,000 each night. 5.30 Prime News.

6.00 6.30 7.00 7.30 8.30


10.30 11.30

Deal Or No Deal. (G) Millionaire: Hot Seat. The Crowd Goes Wild. Secret Millionaire UK. (PGR) A Gypsy Life For Me. (PGR) Round three of the biggest talent show for travellers the world has ever seen. Beauty And The Beast. (PGR) Cat discovers a shocking truth behind her mother’s death. The Late Show With David Letterman. (G) Rugby. (G) Super Rugby. Brumbies v Rebels. From Canberra Stadium, Canberra, Australia.

1.30 The Crowd Goes Wild. (G, R) 2.00 Home Shopping. (G)

FOUR 6.00 Sesame Street. (G, R) 6.55 Pingu. (G, R) 7.00 Sticky TV. (G, R) 7.30 Scaredy Squirrel. (G, R) 7.55 Hey Arnold! (G, R) 8.20 Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Bitty Adventures. (G, R) 8.45 HUMF. (G) 8.50 Bob The Builder. (G, R) 9.00 Thomas & Friends. (G, R) 9.10 Peppa Pig. (G, R) 9.15 Peppa Pig. (G, R) 9.20 Barney And Friends. (G, R) 9.50 Tickety Toc. (G) 10.00 Infomercials. (G) 2.00 Sesame Street. (G) 2.55 Peppa Pig. (G, R) 3.00 Sticky TV. (G)

4.00 Sticky TV. (G) 4.30 FOUR Live. (G) 6.00 Everybody Hates Chris. (G, R) 6.30 Futurama. (G, R) Powerful alien beings threaten to devour of all mankind after the Planet Express crew inadvertently introduces earthlings to the aliens’ tasty offspring. 7.00 The Simpsons. (PGR, R) Homer wins a Harley Davidson in a dance contest.

7.30 American Ninja Warrior. (G) 10 American athletes compete through elaborate obstacle courses for the chance to go to Japan to face the course from the original series. 8.30 FILM: Hellboy II: The Golden Army. (2008, AO, R) Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, Jeffrey Tambor, Doug Jones. Heroic demon Hellboy battles a marauding army of creatures intent on wreaking havoc on the world. 10.55 Covert Affairs. (AO) Annie works with Eyal to track down Khalid Ansari while Joan and Auggie are gone. 11.50 Entertainment Tonight. (G)

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Hellboy II: The Golden Army FOUR, 8.30pm Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro’s rendering of Mike Mignola’s vivid comic-book series is now freed from the burden of delving into the backstory, which was taken care of in the first film. Now he lets rip with the action. Red-skinned demon superhero, Hellboy (Ron Perlman, below), and his motley crew of outcasts battle a ruthless elven prince who seeks to awaken an unstoppable army to destroy mankind.

sky sPORt 1 7.00 Golf. US PGA Tour. Live. 10.00 Golf. European PGA Tour. Lyoness Open. Round One. Highlights. 10.30 Golf. Wegmans LPGA Championship. Round One. Highlights. 11.30 Soccer. 1.30 Netball. College Series. Semi-final One. Replay. 2.30 Tennis. Roland Garros 2013. Day 12. Highlights. 3.30 Netball. ANZ Championship. Round 11 Sunday. Highlights. 4.00 Netball. ANZ Championship. Canterbury Tactix v Central Pulse. Highlights. 4.30 Toyota Grassroots Rugby. 5.30 Cricket. England v New Zealand. Third One-Day. Highlights. 6.30 Cricket. ICC Champions Trophy. India v South Africa. Highlights. 7.00 ICC Cricket 360. 7.30 Rugby. British And Irish Lions Tour 2013. Delayed. 9.35 Rugby. Super Rugby. Brumbies v Rebels. Live. 12.00 Cycling. Criterium Du Dauphine. Stage Six. Live. 12.55 Golf. European PGA Tour. Lyoness Open. Round Two. Live. 4.00 Golf. US PGA Tour. Fedex St. Jude Classic. Round One. Highlights. 4.30 Golf. Wegmans LPGA Championship. Round Two. Live.

the bOx 6.00 NYPD Blue. (M) 6.50 The Simpsons. (PG) 7.15 Hardcore Pawn. (PG) 7.40 America’s Funniest Home Videos. (PG) 8.05 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (PG) 8.30 Cash Cab USA. (PG) 8.55 24. (M) 9.50 Law & Order. (M) 10.40 NCIS. (PG) 11.30 Criminal Intent. (M) 12.20 Fear Factor. (M) 1.15 NYPD Blue. (M) 2.10 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (PG) 2.35 Cash Cab USA. (PG) 3.05 24. (M) 4.00 Hardcore Pawn. (PG) 4.30 The Simpsons. (PG) 5.00 Law & Order. (M) 6.00 America’s Funniest Home Videos. (PG) 6.30 The Simpsons. (PG) 7.00 Hardcore Pawn. (PG) 7.30 NCIS. (PG) 8.30 CSI: New York. (M) Two bungee jumpers witness a death on the Brooklyn Bridge, Mac and his new love interest Peyton Driscoll are called in to investigate. 9.30 CSI: New York. (M) 10.30 Law & Order. (M) 11.30 NCIS. (PG) 12.30 24. (M) 1.20 America’s Funniest Home Videos. 1.45 Cash Cab USA. (PG) 2.10 NYPD Blue. (M) 3.05 Fear Factor. (M) 3.55 CSI: New York. (M) 4.45 24. (M) 5.35 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (PG)

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sky sPORt 2 6.00 Crowd Goes Wild. 6.30 Athletics. Highlights. 7.30 Tennis. Roland Garros 2013. Day 12. Match Of The Day. 9.30 Deaker On Sport. 10.30 Cycling. Criterium Du Dauphine. Stage Five. Replay. 12.30 Tennis. Roland Garros 2013. Day 12. Highlights. 1.30 Cricket. England v New Zealand. Third One-Day. Highlights. 2.30 Cricket. ICC Champions Trophy. India v South Africa. Highlights. 3.00 Motorsport. IRL. Detroit Dual. Race One. Highlights. 3.30 Motorsport. IRL. Detroit Dual. Race Two. Highlights. 4.00 Total Rugby. 4.30 Tennis. Roland Garros 2013. Day 12. Highlights. 5.30 One Fighting Championship: Rise To Power. 7.30 NRL Footy Show. 9.30 Rugby League. NRL Premiership. Eels v Roosters. Live. 11.55 Rugby League. State Of Origin. Game One. Replay. 1.55 Motorsport. FIA Formula One Championship. Live. 3.45 Rugby League. NRL Premiership. Eels v Roosters. Replay. 5.55 Motorsport. FIA Formula One Championship. Live.

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sky MOVIes 1

MOVIe GReats

6.15 8.05 8.55 10.45

6.35 8.20 9.10 10.50 12.55

12.15 1.55 3.25 4.55 6.30


10.25 12.05 1.30 3.00 4.40

Hanna. (2011, M) Saoirse Ronan. Biography: Jack Black. (2008, PG). Conan The Barbarian. (2011, 16) True Confessions Of A Hollywood Starlet. (2008, PG) Wrath Of The Titans. (2012, M) Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson. The Engagement Ring. (2006, PG) Patricia Heaton. It’s Christmas, Carol! (2012, PG) Emmanuelle Vaugier, Carrie Fisher. Another Earth. (2011, M) Brit Marling, William Mapother. Sparkle. (2012, M) Jordin Sparks, Whitney Houston. An aspiring singersongwriter defies her mother to form a musical trio with her sisters, only to encounter the temptations of success. Super 8. (2011, M) Elle Fanning, Kyle Chandler. Summer 1979, when six friends witness a train crash while making a super 8 movie, they investigate the subsequent unexplained events in their small town. Hit And Run. (2012, 16) Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard. Shark Night. (2011, 16) Sara Paxton, Dustin Milligan. The Edge Of The Garden. (2011, PG) Rob Estes. Hit And Run. (2012, 16) Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard. Shark Night. (2011, 16)

DIsCOVeRy 6.00 6.30 7.30 8.30 9.30 10.30 11.00 11.30 12.30 1.30 2.00 2.30 3.30 4.30 5.30 7.30 8.00 8.30

9.00 9.30 10.30 11.30 12.30 5.30

Auction Hunters. (PG) Dirty Jobs. (PG) Combat Countdown. (PG) Gold Rush. (PG) Mythbusters. (PG) Auction Hunters. (PG) Auction Hunters. (PG) How Booze Built America. (PG) Disappeared. (M) Who The (Bleep). (M) Evil, I. (M) Bering Sea Gold: Under The Ice. (PG) Combat Countdown. (PG) Gold Rush. (PG) Mythbusters. (PG) Auction Kings. (PG) Auction Hunters. (PG) American Digger. (PG) Unearthing Controversy. American Savage hunts for slavery artifacts, hoping to preserve important history from a painful chapter in America’s past. But homeowners want the past to stay buried. Auction Hunters. (PG) Ton and Allen challenge a big time auction buyer on his home turf. Nightmare Next Door. (M) Disappeared. (M) Crimes That Shook The World. (M) Combat Countdown. (PG) Time Warp. (PG)

KEY: T Teletext R Repeat S Stereo P Premiere F Final RATINGS: G General exhibition PG Parental guidance recommended M Suitable for mature audiences AO Adults only 16 Approved for persons 16 and over 18 Approved for persons 18 and over c Content may offend l Language may offend s Sexual content may offend v contains violence

2.45 4.30 5.20 7.05


10.40 12.20 12.45 2.25 3.50 5.55

Doom. (2005, 16) Karl Urban. Biography: Goldie Hawn. (2007, PG). Dawn Of The Dead. (2004, 16) Out Of Sight. (1998, M) Forgetting Sarah Marshall. (2008, 16) Jason Segel, Kristen Bell. Doom. (2005, 16) Karl Urban. Biography: Goldie Hawn. (2007, PG). The First Wives Club. (1996, PG) Bulletproof. (1996, 18) Damon Wayans, Adam Sandler. A bust gone wrong throws an undercover cop and a petty car thief together as unlikely allies against a powerful drug lord. 1996. Wall Street. (1987, PG) Charlie Sheen, Michael Douglas. Oliver Stone’s Oscar®-winner about a hotshot’s attempts to gain entry into the highpowered world of New York stockbroking in the 1980s. 1987. Baby Mama. (2008, M) Tina Fey, Amy Poehler. Making Of The Bourne Legacy. (2012, M). The First Wives Club. (1996, PG) Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler, Diane Keaton. Bulletproof. (1996, 18) Damon Wayans, Adam Sandler. Wall Street. (1987, PG) Charlie Sheen, Michael Douglas. Baby Mama. (2008, M)

shINe 6.00 Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV 6.30 Quick Study 7.00 The Lads TV 7.30 Booga Booga Land 8.00 OK TV 8.30 Connection Point 9.00 Hour of Power 10.00 Beauty and the Beast 10.30 Kiwis Can Fly 11.00 Beyond Adventure 11.30 Born To Be Free 12.00 Connection Point 12.30 Enjoying Everyday Life 1.00 The 700 Club 1.30 Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV 2.00 Nzone Focus 2.30 Beyond Adventure 3.00 The Lads TV 3.30 Booga Booga Land 4.00 OK TV 4.30 Life FM presents 5.30 Nzone Focus 6.00 Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV 6.30 Destined to Reign 7.00 The 700 Club 7.30 Nzone Now 7.45 Basic 8.00 Noble Exchange 8.30 MOVIE: Small Miracles 10.05 FEATURE: Down to Earth 10.30 “Love, Marriage and Stinking” 11.00 Just Thinking 11.30 Not a Fan 12.00 Noble Exchange 12.30 Little Film Big Heart 1.00 MOVIE: Small Miracles 2.35 FEATURE: Down to Earth 3.00 Wisdom for Difficult Times 3.30 Beyond Adventure 4.00 Born To Be Free 4.30 Nzone Focus 5.00 Roots and Reflections 5.30 Little Film Big Heart

LOCAL RADIO: AM Newstalk ZB 873; FM Classic Hits ZEFM 92.5; FOX FM 94.9, 98.9 AND 95.7


fields&fORM emergenCy 17 1s421 Bashboy w (1) 54 C Maher (Caulfield)

D smith



A. R. CReswiCk stAkes $120,000, 3yo listed sw+P, 1200m

1 10004 grand emperor d (9) 58.5 D L Howard (Cranbourne) 2 337s0 edgewood (15) 58.5 R D Griffiths (Cranbourne) 3 311s3 mister John dwbn (13) 57.5 R T Carr (Brighton) 4 123s1 she Can skate (4) 56.5 G F Wheeler (Caulfield) 5 34s66 awesome Bro w (12) 56 L J Corstens (Kyneton) 6 08168 magnus reign (1) 56 R G Hore-Lacy (Caulfield) 7 21133 so Wotif d (11) 56 R D Collett (Pukekohe (Nz) 8 12s19 Primitive man d (6) 56 S Fliedner (Bendigo) 9 2110s Crookhaven th (8) 56 M A Kavanagh (Flemington) 10 11 scimitar h (10) 56 J D Sadler (Flemington) 11 12s19 maurizio bh (17) 56 D A Hayes (Flemington) 12 159s2 spending th (18) 54 D T O’Brien (Flemington) 13 4411s Winta Chiller (16) 54 R Pecora (Cranbourne) 14 s2s72 La tikka rosa w (7) 54 P G Moody (Caulfield) 15 — Words are Weapons 16 577s3 noisette b (5) 54 D Brideoake & D Feek (Mornington) emergenCies 17 5515s Written off (14) 56 B Cozamanis (Caulfield) 18 s3481 north atlantic ice h (2) 56 T J Hughes Jnr (Flemington)


leilAni seRies HeAt

a mc cabe l currie P mertens R wheeler t sadler (a) c Robertson D lane J noonan s Baster B melham c schofield (a) J winks D smith D stackhouse SCRATCHED m neilson J Duffy (a) c Robertson


$100,000, 4yo & up mares heat, 1400m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

48s69 850s0 34649 3158s 04778 4616s s0080 31s69 0s141 1254s s1345 42245 11413 32s27 2s211


gybe wh (8) 60 D A Hayes (Flemington) c schofield (a1.5) rememba howe w (9) 57.5 G M Walker (Mornington) D stackhouse dayita tdw (13) 57 P G Moody (Caulfield) J Duffy (a2) streets of seattle n (14) 55.5 J F Moloney (Caulfield) J Fry vain attraction (7) 54 R D Griffiths (Cranbourne) t sadler (a2) danish Whiskey c (15) 54 M C Kent (Cranbourne) J winks dowager Queen dw (4) 54 Pat Cannon (Nagambie) c Robertson Champagne ruby dwn (6) 54 G Eurell (Cranbourne) v Duric koe d (3) 54 T & K O’Sullivan (Stawell) m neilson ominous Quality (1) 54 D Brideoake & D Feek (Mornington) B melham orlando’s Bride h (11) 54 R F Cameron (Flemington) J noonan spot on maggie w (10) 54 P G Carey (Mornington) P mertens unscrupulous (5) 54 J E & C Ledger (Wangaratta) D lane her diamond rock dw (2) 54 C & C Alderson (Cranbourne) s Baster girls on Film wh (12) 54 M D Moroney (Flemington) ms J Beriman (a3)

ROd JOHnsOn HAndiCAp


$80,000, 3yo Rating 78, 2000m 1 43170 gold medals (16) 59 B & S Wilde (Warrnambool) B knobel (a2) 2 11433 Backstedt h (7) 58 D A Hayes (Flemington) c schofield (a1.5) 3 6s951 magniloquent w (12) 57.5 P G Moody (Caulfield) B melham 4 s1718 Prince Jester wb (14) 57.5 P G Moody (Caulfield) D stackhouse 5 s1063 Whitten’s delight (2) 57.5 Tony McEvoy (Angaston) t sadler (a2) 6 — stars in the sky SCRATCHED 7 s2045 here to there b (6) 55 G Eurell (Cranbourne) J Benbow 8 31 hereafter (13) 55 M C Kent (Cranbourne) v Duric 9 42711 kim Command dw (4) 55 R G Hore-Lacy (Caulfield) c Robertson 10 s5642 maconsilia (5) 55 Peter Gelagotis (Moe) P mertens 11 0s706 nisos (11) 55 Paul Rocke (Mornington) D lane 12 4s01 Present arms wh (17) 55 M D Moroney (Flemington) l currie 13 02231 rivonia dh (1) 55 S J Richards (Flemington) J winks 14 71 star rolling (3) 55 P Morgan & C Widdison (Whittlesea) R wheeler 15 121 spring Cheer dw (15) 54.5 K T Myers (Wanganui (Nz) ms l whelan (a3) 16 3817 Bridie o’reilly b (18) 54 R W Smerdon (Caulfield) ms J Beriman (a3) emergenCies 17 6s214 if it don’t Fit h (8) 54.5 M D Moroney (Flemington) s Baster 18 32222 avighna (9) 54 T & K O’Sullivan (Stawell) m neilson 19 1s864 Pressure drop d (10) 54 P G Moody (Caulfield) J Duffy (a2)


All ViCtORiAn spRint HeAt


$80,000, open heat, 1000m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

63119 0s009 s4406 3150s 7s123 5608s 25511 s700s 111s3 33176 93590 8427s 28282 19s38 08560


general truce cdwn (6) 62 Ricky Maund (Cranbourne) t sadler (a2) shellscrape dw (9) 58 Ms N Burke (Cranbourne) s arnold Perturbo tcw (2) 57.5 C & C Alderson (Cranbourne) B melham Broken cdw (7) 56.5 D K Weir (Wangoom) D lane serene star dwb (15) 56 M C Kent (Cranbourne) veewap dw (3) 56 A J Vasil (Caulfield) R hurdle (a3) Planet voyage dwn (10) 55 P G Moody (Caulfield) J Benbow shadowfax wn (4) 54.5 Luke Oliver (Caulfield) l currie el magico dw (13) 54 Lloyd Kennewell (Morphettville) J Duffy (a2) Belfast Boy tcdw (11) 54 G V Richards (Morphettville) s Baster Big Buddie dw (5) 54 A G Sawden (Drysdale) D stackhouse dark note w (14) 54 M A Houlahan (Mornington) ms k nisbet (a3) rifleman dh (12) 54 D A Hayes (Flemington) c schofield (a1.5) Bloomingdale miss dw (8) 54 R W Smerdon (Caulfield) ms J Beriman (a3) Livigno d (1) 54 S Fliedner (Bendigo) v Duric

tROA/luxbet C’sHip seRies


$80,000, open heat, 1400m 1 23466 Wall street tdwh (1) 61 M D Moroney (Flemington) 2 66s45 glaneuse tdw (12) 57 M A O’Leary (Mount Gambier) 3 85290 utah saints cd (13) 57 Brent Stanley (Kyneton) 4 707s4 extra Zero ch (2) 56.5 D A Hayes (Flemington) 5 267s0 testascana tdwhn (14) 56 M J Cerchi (Flemington) 6 8s223 that’s the one cwb (7) 55 C & C Alderson (Cranbourne) 7 226s2 another Prelate dw (4) 54.5 Q J Scott (Warrnambool) 8 854s2 By the Way cw (15) 54.5 M W Lewis (Ballarat) 9 s0927 Blackie dw (11) 54 J A McLean (Yangery) 10 490s7 spacecraft dwhn (5) 54 D A Hayes (Flemington) 11 61483 goldslick tdw (10) 54 M C Kent (Cranbourne) 12 54367 storm Burst tdw (16) 54 P G Moody (Caulfield) 13 62211 almighty Bullet dw (3) 54 John Hyam (Morphettville) 14 s1011 Felidea td (17) 54 L J Corstens (Kyneton) 15 4334s under the hat tdwh (6) 54 J D Sadler (Flemington) 16 075s1 our Freed man dw (18) 54 Craig Stewart (Millicent) emergenCies 17 20s30 Bellissimo w (9) 54 A J Cummings (Caulfield) 18 196s0 Lyonell dw (8) 54 G R Mallinson (Cranbourne)


All ViCtORiAn spRint HeAt

s arnold ms l meech n stanley s Baster D lane B melham c Robertson J Benbow J winks c schofield (a) D stackhouse v Duric J noonan t sadler (a) P marks l currie


$100,000, open heat, 1200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

1s270 51211 6s0s1 45302 6s6s0 1s243 1156s 480s7 815s4 61926 20635 7658s s0280 629s1 113s5


amaethon dh (5) 60 M Ellerton & S Zahra (Flemington) Bello dwh (4) 60 Peter Snowden (Flemington) v Duric Pago rock dh (12) 58 D A Hayes (Flemington) c schofield (a1.5) Zedi knight dwn (7) 58 B J McCarthy (Caulfield) B knobel (a2) Cardinal virtue dn (13) 56 D Binaisse (Mornington) ms J Beriman (a3) Club Command tdwb (15) 55.5 P G Moody (Caulfield) J Duffy (a2) magnifique soleil tdwn (6) 55.5 D K Weir (Wangoom) B melham rockpecker tdw (14) 55.5 K J Fythe (Stony Creek) t sadler (a2) overtake dw (9) 54.5 Luke Oliver (Caulfield) l currie shandream d (1) 54 R D Collett (Pukekohe (Nz) D lane dash For viz tdw (2) 54 R D Griffiths (Cranbourne) s Baster grey monarch d (10) 54 R J Meunier (Pakenham) ms t Rodder solsay d (8) 54 M C Kent (Cranbourne) P mertens Briefed tdw (3) 54 E Jusufovic (Cranbourne) D stackhouse half his Luck h (11) 54 N A Blackiston (Flemington) J winks

l. V. lACHAl HAndiCAp


$80,000, Rating 89, 1700m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

60s06 51624 26023 s3830 70s67 s3221 16214 53080 3s331 3s156 22191 430s9 000s8 s0233 37141 s5043

agrippa twh (7) 59 J D Sadler (Flemington) t sadler (a2) the new Boy th (8) 58.5 D T O’Brien (Flemington) c schofield (a1.5) gail tcwn (11) 57.5 R D Griffiths (Cranbourne) J winks Late night Flight (9) 57.5 Ms Q Cooke (Cranbourne) ms l meech upbeat w (15) 57.5 A J Cummings (Caulfield) J Duffy (a2) Fulgur cwh (2) 56.5 C J Waller (Flemington) s arnold me hungi dw (1) 56.5 G A Daffy (Camperdown) c Robertson Westsouthwest w (4) 56.5 R W Smerdon (Caulfield) ms J Beriman (a3) imoto tw (3) 54 M G Price (Caulfield) s Baster nice and neat w (5) 54 B J McCarthy (Caulfield) F alesci notice received t (6) 54 Andrew Noblet (Caulfield) B melham tanah Lot n (12) 54 C W Little (Caulfield) D stackhouse London stripe (13) 54 P G Carey (Mornington) D lane micken w (14) 54 K T Myers (Wanganui (Nz) ms l whelan (a3) tycoon rob dw (10) 54 D C Harrison (Cranbourne) w Davis that’s the Way dh (16) 54 M D Moroney (Flemington) l currie

Flemington Selections Race 1: Lady Lakshmi, GRacious PRosPect, coRPoRate takeoveR Race 2: Coins, ava's DeliGht, FoReveR cRazy Race 3: shiny Buttons, Black anD Bent, coolDini Race 4: she Can skate, sPenDinG, awesome BRo Race 5: koe, Dayita, GyBe Race 6: Whitten's deLight, maGniloquent, kim commanD Race 7: eL magiCo, RiFleman, BRoken Race 8: that's the one, extRa zeRo, anotheR PRelate Race 9: BeLLo, PaGo Rock, cluB commanD Race 10: FuLgur, imoto, me hunGi

Australian races Randwick Jetbet 5



weather/track/Rail Overcast/Dead (4)/Out 6m.

MOunties GROup plAte


$85,000, 2yo sw+P, 1200m 1 1 sweet serendipity (4) 56 J C Coyle (Warwick Farm) ms k o’hara 2 4 Bernabeu bh (6) 56 J A O’Shea (Randwick) t huet 3 8 ryker h (2) 56 Ms G Waterhouse (Randwick) a hyeronimus 4 21212 everage cdwh (1) 55.5 Craig Carmody (Randwick) ms w costin (a3) 5 14s3 northern glory bh (3) 54 Ms G Waterhouse (Randwick) ms a collett (a2) 6 16s8 mamwaazel d (7) 54 C J Waller (Rosehill) G schofield 7 sassy sister h (5) 54 A J Cummings (Randwick) J Penza


AleA ACtuARiAl HAndiCAp


$85,000, 3yo & up F&m Benchmark 77, 2000m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

07s07 22153 5s515 73123 s1623 61686 s4490 21864 s5411 414s4 s0524


madam nash wn (11) 59 C J Waller (Rosehill) G schofield trick shot b (7) 57 C J Waller (Rosehill) J collett sweet talkin Woman w (10) 56 K A Lees (Broadmeadow) J Ford Lysistrata (1) 55.5 N Mayfield-Smith (Hawkesbury) l Grace (a3) Lucky morna w (8) 54 Matthew Dale (Canberra) ms J Duggan (a2) recited (5) 54 Mark Sues (Broadmeadow) ms c van Der werf (a3) ireland’s teardrop h (4) 53 A J Cummings (Randwick) a hyeronimus kim dynasty bh (9) 53 J B Cummings (Randwick) s clipperton (a1.5) at twilight (6) 53 T & P Vigouroux (Hawkesbury) ms k o’hara Queen dana (2) 53 M C Conners (Warwick Farm) n Berry sunday too Far (3) 53 G Portelli (Warwick Farm) ms a collett (a2)

st GeORGe MOtOR bOAt Club


$85,000, 3yo Benchmark 76, 1400m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

78s98 1s13 6s561 21s71 261s2 52s02 2314s 5s840 0s417 3s621 1s153 68659 531s3 8774s 2s142


single style tw (14) 59 G Portelli (Warwick Farm) Chewychop w (1) 57 D P Smith (Broadmeadow) hunter Jack cwn (8) 56.5 T R Martin (Rosehill) sir Berus (10) 56.5 Joseph Pride (Warwick Farm) smart moochi (4) 56 J C Coyle (Warwick Farm) slippery moss (7) 55.5 P M Perry (Broadmeadow) Big memory w (6) 55 Tony McEvoy (Angaston) red excitement (12) 55 G A Ryan (Rosehill) ashamar h (9) 54.5 J B Cummings (Randwick) La Pieta dw (13) 54 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) scarborough h (15) 54 Ms G Waterhouse (Randwick) delagos h (5) 54 A J Cummings (Randwick) masahiko h (11) 54 Ms G Waterhouse (Randwick) strength h (3) 54 John Thompson (Randwick) strictly Concert b (2) 54 G H Walter (Warwick Farm)

n Berry G schofield J Parr l Grace (a3) ms k o’hara J Ford t huet J adams s clipperton (a1.5) J collett ms a collett (a2) s Guymer (a2) a hyeronimus R thompson J Penza

pAul lAHOOd funeRAl seRViCes


$85,000, 3yo & up Benchmark 80, 1200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

river of salvation wn (4) 60.5 David Pfieffer (Warwick Farm) J Ford Falzzon dw (7) 60 Joseph Pride (Warwick Farm) t lovelock-wiggins (a2) Leicester square (6) 60 Paul Messara (Scone) s lisnyy (a3) oakfield Commands cdwn (3) 60 D P Smith (Broadmeadow) s clipperton (a1.5) Burbero dn (13) 59 Bjorn Baker (Warwick Farm) ms J Duggan (a2) eigelstein w (9) 58 C J Waller (Rosehill) c Dell (a3) eminent domain tcdwb (8) 58 D A Williams (Goulburn) n Berry Carmine king dh (17) 57.5 J A O’Shea (Randwick) l Grace (a3) hendricus dh (2) 57.5 J A O’Shea (Randwick) t huet turf hero dw (10) 57.5 Ms G Markwell (Kembla Grange) G schofield Clickety snip dw (19) 57 Greg Bennett (Scone) ms k o’hara rose of scotland dn (20) 57 K A Lees (Broadmeadow) R thompson deceiver d (14) 56.5 D A Williams (Goulburn) J collett midnight at ascot dw (12) 56 D P Smith (Broadmeadow) ms c van Der werf (a3) 15 7s867 debelle dw (1) 54.5 C E Conners (Warwick Farm) a hyeronimus 16 17s14 howdiddydoit db (15) 54 D C Robb (Wyong) s Guymer (a2) emergenCies SCRATCHED 17 — radar 18 185s8 supreme Warrior dw (5) 55.5 L J Corstens (Kyneton) J Parr 19 59s94 the great snowman wh (11) 55.5 Ms G Waterhouse (Randwick) ms a collett (a2) 20 31560 War Charm d (16) 55.5 D A Williams (Goulburn) J adams 3170s 4s643 4s11s s3371 1121s 3s89s 68110 18s48 15s24 25s00 157s0 5006s 10466 7s639


stAyeRs Cup


$100,000, 3yo & up quality, 3200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

22955 77043 33141 16324 22213 s0701 s1s00 08131 21361 s4355 38242 13314 55825


Permit tw (13) 59 C J Waller (Rosehill) J collett vatuvei w (4) 58.5 P G Moody (Caulfield) J Parr unchain my heart tdn (3) 56 D A Hayes (Euroa) J Ford sky raider (11) 55.5 Tony McEvoy (Hawkesbury) t huet thubiaan wb (7) 55 C J Waller (Rosehill) G schofield Peal of Bells w (1) 54 Ms G Markwell (Kembla Grange) R thompson the offer wh (2) 54 Ms G Waterhouse (Randwick) a hyeronimus Piazza san Pietro w (5) 54 E B Murray (Kembla Grange) n Berry tognetti w (8) 54 G H Walter (Warwick Farm) J Penza Planet Purple w (12) 54 K J Parker (Kembla Grange) ms k o’hara halfwaytolondon n (9) 54 K J Callaughan (Goulburn) s clipperton (a) declasse (6) 54 Brett Thompson (Gulgong) ms J Duggan (a) she’s Cosmic w (10) 54 Steven Wilson (Rosehill) J adams

June stAkes


$100,000, 3yo & up quality listed, 1200m 1 4387s neeson tcdwb (7) 60.5 M, W & J Hawkes (Rosehill) J Ford 2 2s419 rarefied c (8) 60.5 Peter Snowden (Agnes Banks/Hawkesbu) J Parr 3 s56s0 mic mac d (6) 60 Paul Messara (Scone) t huet 4 21927 skytrain dwn (12) 59.5 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) J Parr SCRATCHED 5 — riva de Lago 6 06849 title tcdw (5) 58.5 Joseph Pride (Warwick Farm) 7 s07s2 news alert tdwhn (4) 57.5 Kevin Moses (Randwick) 8 141s1 she’s Clean tdw (18) 55 C J Waller (Rosehill) J collett 9 — Pentasia SCRATCHED 10 286s4 Zaratone dwbn (2) 54.5 Bjorn Baker (Warwick Farm) ms k o’hara 11 s19s9 no Looking Back bh (3) 54 Ms G Waterhouse (Randwick) a hyeronimus 12 79s09 master harry ch (1) 54 R J Quinton (Randwick) s clipperton (a) 13 2236s Capital Commander dw (11) 54 N J Olive (Canberra) R thompson 14 663s3 dee’n’gee cdwn (15) 54 C E Conners (Warwick Farm) J Penza 15 6s153 embark dwn (10) 54 P G Moody (Caulfield) J adams 16 321s2 Big Bonanza dw (14) 54 D C Robb (Wyong) s Guymer (a) emergenCies 17 s3222 upshot d (9) 54 Joseph Pride (Warwick Farm) n Berry 18 56785 sutton Queen dw (17) 54 Luke Griffith (Scone)


sydney City tOyOtA


$85,000, 3yo & up Benchmark 90, 1600m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

66391 24783 32753 — 61010 5s644 50785 04502 36772 550s0 17800 14244 10s00 — 47s59 48843 828s4 9806s


Prince of Capers dw (7) 60 Tony McEvoy (Hawkesbury) s Guymer (a2) Coliseo d (18) 59.5 N F Gardner (Canberra) J Penza kaypers dw (9) 58 Greg Bennett (Scone) ms c van Der werf (a3) SCRATCHED Pipette Jimmy Fortunes dw (11) 57 M J Clout (Wyong) l Grace (a3) destiny’s kiss dwn (17) 56.5 Joseph Pride (Warwick Farm) n Berry irish dream wh (5) 56.5 R J Quinton (Randwick) s clipperton (a1.5) Lebrechaun tdw (15) 56.5 Matthew Dale (Canberra) ms J Duggan (a2) gazza guru dw (3) 56 S Farley (Wyong) a hyeronimus yulalona tdw (2) 55.5 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) J Parr altered Boy tcw (10) 54.5 C J Waller (Rosehill) J collett double halo dw (8) 54.5 Luke Griffith (Scone) R thompson holy moly dw (13) 54 J G Sargent (Warwick Farm) t huet SCRATCHED australian star World Wide dw (14) 54 E B Murray (Kembla Grange) ms k o’hara scottish Border tcwn (16) 54 G L Frazer (Hawkesbury) J adams Lucripetous wb (4) 54 C J Waller (Rosehill) ms a collett (a2) upon wn (1) 54 M, W & J Hawkes (Rosehill) J Ford

1 875s8 sniper’s Bullet dw (10) 61 T J Bartley (Wyong) s lisnyy (a3) 2 8s008 Wild and Proud dw (7) 58 David Pfieffer (Warwick Farm) ms c van Der werf (a3) 3 66s61 Coup ay tee tcw (1) 57 C J Waller (Rosehill) J collett 4 40316 agister tw (12) 55 A J Denham (Wyong) R thompson 5 16s32 Pipette dw (8) 55 C J Waller (Rosehill) G schofield 6 60252 under the sun h (16) 55 Ms G Waterhouse (Randwick) t huet 7 7566s Charing Cross tdwh (3) 54.5 Ms G Waterhouse (Randwick) a hyeronimus 8 1466s samui Lad dh (5) 54.5 Ms G Waterhouse (Randwick) ms k o’hara 9 87s00 stratana (9) 54.5 J G Sargent (Warwick Farm) s clipperton (a1.5) 10 9789s viking Legend t (11) 54 R W Simpson & T Barnes (Warwick Farm) ms J Duggan (a2) 11 58s02 Brian’s honour dw (2) 54 M, W & J Hawkes (Rosehill) s Guymer (a2) 12 058s5 Pretty Pins dw (15) 54 John Thompson (Gold Coast) l Grace (a3) 13 418s0 Bay Window tcw (4) 54 Ms G Markwell (Kembla Grange) J adams 14 30s30 skateboard (6) 54 G H Walter (Warwick Farm) J Penza 15 64s03 tom’s rocket dw (14) 54 R C Rowley (Hawkesbury) J Ford 16 s5303 guderian tn (13) 54 P M Perry (Broadmeadow) n Berry

belmont Jetbet 11


TAB doubles 1-2, 4-5, 7-8. Trebles 2-3-4, 6-7-8. Quaddie 5-6-7-8.

OAks lAdies dAy 6/7


$40,000, 3yo & up Benchmark 60+, 1000m 33s82 114s1 58s41 6149s 39326 44s20 2306s


tax a million tc (6) 59.5 Ms S Taylor (Lark Hill) terkel cd (7) 59.5 R G Turrell Jnr (Ascot) Bizet tcd (5) 58 A G Durrant (Lark Hill) union City d (3) 58 S R Casey (Ascot) Pure adrenalin cdb (4) 57.5 N D Parnham (Ascot) in his hands c (1) 56 D R Harrison (Lark Hill) twilight hero d (2) 54.5 G McTaggart (Ascot)

m Pateman (a2) w Pike B Paterson (a2) c Parnham (a3) B Parnham P carbery s o’Donnell

westspeed stAyeRs’ bOnus


$50,000, 3yo & up Benchmark 78+, 2200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

205s0 14411 11413 18846 5s345 32612 7s488


starlight Lady tc (2) 59 Ms K Kersley (Ascot) operational td (6) 58.5 F R Kersley (Ascot) daneclicked tdb (7) 57.5 Vaughn Sigley (Lark Hill) the other harv t (5) 57.5 A D Mathews (Muchea) Big attitude t (3) 56 A G Durrant (Lark Hill) Cyber Crime t (1) 56 A D Mathews (Muchea) test the angels c (4) 56 Jeremy Easthope (Ascot)

c Parnham (a3) D staeck J noske s o’Donnell B Paterson (a2) P carbery l camilleri

westspeed nuRseRy


$50,000, 2yo Benchmark 62+, 1400m 1 33111 vital importance tcw (9) 58.5 N D Parnham (Ascot) 2 143 Weekend shadow (3) 55.5 N D Parnham (Ascot) 3 25322 yaloginda (5) 55.5 D L Morton (Ascot) 4 166 ihtsahymn (4) 55 F R Kersley (Ascot) 5 6 ain’t Bad (7) 54 C H Webster (Ascot) 6 2 Charliebegood (1) 54 D L Morton (Ascot) 7 4 dream diamond (8) 54 M J Grant (Ascot) 8 7s499 gracious mak (2) 54 W J Mitchell (Ascot) 9 640s Lick and a Promise (6) 54 Shane Quilty (Ascot) 10 5 savanarola (10) 54 D T McAuliffe (Ascot) 11 55 secure the sky (12) 54 D T McAuliffe (Ascot) 12 — spin da Wheels 13 76 Weevils mens (11) 54 S J Wolfe (Albany)


c Parnham (a3) B Parnham J mallyon (a1.5) s Parnham P carbery w Pike R hill (a1.5) ms l staples l camilleri s meeres s o’Donnell SCRATCHED ms n Faithfull (a3)

pR CHRistMAs in July 27/7


$45,000, 3yo Rating 60+, 1000m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

2590s s23s0 31416 530s7 17s 23s1 4s46s 3 2259s


Jestpatim c (8) 59.5 D R Harrison (Lark Hill) mister Panon t (1) 59 J P Taylor (Bullsbrook) Park Lane cd (4) 56.5 C L Smith (Northam) miami horror d (9) 56 J P Taylor (Bullsbrook) Zenergy c (6) 56 N D Parnham (Ascot) high Limit (5) 55 Simon Miller (Ascot) night train b (2) 54 D T McAuliffe (Ascot) Quokka (3) 54 Brett Pope (Pinjarra) top stuff b (7) 54 A G Durrant (Lark Hill)

ms R Forrest (a2) J azzopardi (a3) c Parnham (a3) R hill (a1.5) s Parnham P carbery s o’Donnell m Pateman (a2) B Paterson (a2)

AusdRill HAndiCAp


$40,000, 3yo & up Benchmark 60+, 1400m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

67s77 145s3 13472 43212 34s96 61895 16314 430s2 3157s s7500 0s309


torrefy dwn (6) 61 Ms K Casey (Ascot) iconoclast db (1) 60.5 Ms J Erkelens (Ascot) dare to doubt td (11) 60 S J Wolfe (Albany) Black magic miss td (4) 58 N D Parnham (Ascot) Black romeo dw (10) 58 Brett Pope (Pinjarra) general Confusion d (9) 58 N D Parnham (Ascot) When We Were kings tb (7) 58 G J Kersley (Haynes) elite Belle (8) 57.5 Grant Williams (Karnup) Jacko the Flirt d (2) 56.5 David Caruana (Ascot) encoded d (5) 56 V A Brockman (Lark Hill) hallowell express tc (3) 55 D R Harrison (Lark Hill)

B Paterson (a2) ms J noske (a3) ms n Faithfull (a3) s Parnham m Pateman (a2) B Parnham w Pike c Parnham (a3) J noske D staeck P carbery

CARltOn united bReweRs


$50,000, 3yo Benchmark 64+, 1400m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

52s80 s1131 91281 1123 s3314 s2121 21s11 — 12152 04s


Fuddle dee duddle (4) 62.5 L Smith (Casuarina) hussy By Choice tc (6) 61.5 Simon Miller (Ascot) Purple tiger d (2) 57.5 F R Kersley (Ascot) dream Lifter (9) 57 P B Hunter (Albany) royal inferno tw (5) 57 J W Doughty (Eglinton) it’s a Bit shady t (1) 56.5 S R Bates (Ascot) silver speck tc (8) 56.5 A G Durrant (Lark Hill) Just dougie the Litigator (3) 55.5 T M Andrews (Ascot) Buyback (10) 54 Ms R Nairn (Mornington)

J azzopardi (a3) c Parnham (a3) s Parnham m Pateman (a2) s o’Donnell B Parnham D staeck SCRATCHED w Pike J mallyon (a1.5)

CROwn peRtH HAndiCAp


$47,500, 3yo & up Benchmark 72+, 1600m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

s0005 32s40 s4221 25s66 9s162 81491 93462 44s07 66744 51420 2s206


devilish intent tcdw (10) 58.5 N Parker (Lark Hill) uncle george t (5) 57 J P Taylor (Bullsbrook) amelia storm d (6) 56 R S Kirkup (Esperance) rantorini t (7) 56 P H Humann (Ascot) ancient spell cd (8) 55.5 S J Wolfe (Albany) dark miss td (2) 55.5 Grant Williams (Karnup) Flag officer td (3) 54.5 P H Jordan (Ascot) mantango tdw (9) 54.5 Brett Pope (Pinjarra) november red t (4) 54.5 A G Durrant (Lark Hill) stompin d (1) 54.5 S J Wolfe (Albany) accrual dn (11) 54 T M Andrews (Ascot)

P harvey R hill (a1.5) s Parnham D staeck ms n Faithfull (a3) c Parnham (a3) c staples m Pateman (a2) B Paterson (a2) w white w Pike

GOlden RiVeR deVelOpMents


$50,000, 3yo & up Benchmark 78+, 1200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

05667 11211 s7503 52320 s4255 1s161 488s8 04s02 9s112 21753 46s45 s5551 9s831

Waimate races


shock value tc (7) 60.5 J P Taylor (Bullsbrook) J azzopardi (a3) Black tycoon (11) 60 J T Warwick (Myalup) m Pateman (a2) tudor Lad tcd (12) 58.5 R & C Price (Bunbury) P harvey in Faith td (8) 58 M L Lane (Bunbury) a hearn (a3) mcscar tc (2) 58 D R Harrison (Lark Hill) ms R Forrest (a2) the rising td (13) 57.5 T M Andrews (Ascot) c Parnham (a3) megem’s Boy tw (4) 57 S R Bates (Ascot) R hill (a1.5) miss solis td (6) 55.5 Simon Miller (Ascot) P carbery dominating tcb (5) 54.5 N D Parnham (Ascot) B Parnham thunderluv’n (1) 54.5 A G Durrant (Lark Hill) B Paterson (a2) Babieca noire td (10) 54 B Watkins & G Hitchcock (Bunbury) s o’Donnell stacks on td (3) 54 Lou & Dion Luciani (Ascot) w Pike times are Changing cw (9) 54 Don Daniels (Ascot) ms n Faithfull (a3)


minStrel Court WilloW Glen HCp 2.13

TAB doubles 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8. Trebles 2-3-4, 6-7-8. Place6 3-8. Quaddie 5-6-7-8.

1 5x310 Force Majeure (3) 58 L S Faber (Ashburton) 2 Coup Secrecy (5) 58 Champion/Murphy (Ashburton) 3 Indian Burt (6) 58 David Hutton (Timaru) 4 94 Tadar (2) 56 Murray Hamilton (Omakau) 5 Girl On Fire (9) 56 Kennedy/Furlong (Riccarton) 6 O’Loughlin (7) 56 Russell McKay (Ashburton) 7 Breathe Easy (4) 56 B & S Anderton (Wingatui) 8 Double Blue (8) 56 Kevin & Pam Hughes (Riccarton) 9 Illusionary (10) 56 Brian Court (Broadfield) 10 69 Ema Sophia (1) 54.5 Thelma Foley (Phar Lap)




Steve Blair-edie & Waimate Hotel 11.58 $7000, rating 65 benchmark*, 1800m

1 08x68 Flying Legend (1) 59 Brian Court (Broadfield) 2 50x26 Flying Storm (10) 58.5 Brian Court (Broadfield) 3 97345 Wagonwheel (16) 58 Steve Anderton (Wingatui) 4 x76x6 Missceo m (12) 57 Kevin & Pam Hughes (Riccarton) 5 x7x33 Commander Cody (8) 56.5 Jan Hay (Ashburton) 6 97005 Golden Tower tdm (4) 56.5 Stephen Blair-Edie (Riverton) 7 0x331 Black Stockings (6) 56 Steven Woodsford (Rangiora) 8 32179 Falena (14) 55 Neil Coulbeck (Leithfield) 9 — Slick Nickel 10 47787 Waiting (5) 54.5 Lisa Latta (Riccarton) 11 — Sheezaruler 12 00026 Volonte (3) 54 Tommy Beckett (Ascot Park) EMERGENCIES 13 63774 Old Gold (2) 54 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) 14 — Camo 15 06843 China Bo Bo (9) 55 Terrill Charles (Ashburton) 16 38090 Nolawood (7) 54 Peter Rudkin (Riccarton)


K Wong (a4) J Bullard S Muniandy J Wong (a4) A Frye (a2) R Doherty (a1) T Moseley C Johnson SCRATCHED R Hannam SCRATCHED K Williams SCRATCHED

Waimate toWn & Country CluB 12.28 $7000, mdn, 1800m

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


53554 30257 60x 00x79 07 60x67 468x2 00859 09607

Evidence (9) 58.5 Brian Gliddon (Prebbleton) Harden Up Son (8) 58.5 L & R Didham (Riccarton) The Bird Of Prey (4) 58.5 Mark Harris (Tuahiwi) Lone Wolf (1) 58.5 Thelma Foley (Phar Lap) Monte Cairo (6) 58.5 Michael Daly (Washdyke) Our Superstar (3) 58.5 B & S Anderton (Wingatui) D’Chaparral (7) 56.5 Lisa Latta (Riccarton) Raggio Speranza (5) 56.5 Joy Dense (Omoto) Pforperfect (2) 56.5 Barbara Harris (Woodend Beach)

meyer & HenneSSy HandiCap

T Moseley J Bullard C Johnson P Taylor C Barnes (a3) S Muniandy R Hannam J Morris


$7000, rating 65 benchmark*, 1200m 1 80x02 Terelle (8) 59 T & L Prendergast (West Melton) 2 95568 Captorg dm (6) 58.5 Neill Ridley (Riccarton) 3 — Coup Flyer 4 341x9 Snowdon d (12) 58.5 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) 5 7218x Drumreims b (11) 58 Terry Kennedy (Wingatui) 6 x4170 El Dorado Sun d (7) 58 Kathryn Thomson (Rangiora) 7 0701x Cheeky Tart d (15) 57.5 David Hutton (Timaru) 8 9x143 Lady Bellevue d (3) 57 Peter Rudkin (Riccarton) 9 44885 Halo Buster td (10) 57 Steven Woodsford (Rangiora) 10 20x1 Keltic Kitty d (9) 56.5 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) 11 33437 Kimberley Courtney db (5) 56.5 Brian Court (Broadfield) 12 30554 Mind Reader dm (4) 56 Graham Tippett (Isla Bank) EMERGENCIES 13 51875 Oraka Prince d (2) 56.5 Kylie Williams (Burnham) 14 — Kevildo 15 44706 Lightning Lucy d (13) 54 T & M Stokes (Waikuku) 16 — Miss Pietersen


Waimate veterinary Centre

R Doherty (a1) T Moseley SCRATCHED J Bullard C Johnson S Wynne (a3) C Barnes (a3) R Hannam A Frye (a2) A Denby (a1) K Wong (a4) S Muniandy K Williams SCRATCHED P Taylor SCRATCHED


$7000, mdn, 1200m 1 6727x Gee Tee Em (6) 58.5 L S Faber (Ashburton) J Bullard 2 42x0 Tag And Release (15) 58.5 Terrill Charles (Ashburton) A Tempelman (a3) 3 45 Fullovtrix (10) 58.5 Jan Hay (Ashburton) T Moseley 4 Torque It Up (8) 58.5 T & M Stokes (Waikuku) P Taylor 5 2 Halobethyname (1) 56.5 T & M Stokes (Waikuku) A Edmeads (a4) 6 — Sweet But Neat SCRATCHED 7 28 Mary La Belle (5) 56.5 Kennedy/Furlong (Riccarton) J Morris 8 446x5 Miss Lightning (2) 56.5 Lisa Latta (Riccarton) R Doherty (a1) 9 845 Incontrol (11) 56.5 Centaine Spittles (Woodend Beach) R Hannam 10 0390x Miss Pietersen (4) 56.5 Terrill Charles (Ashburton) A Frye (a2) 11 5587x Blushing (3) 56.5 Michael Daly (Washdyke) C Barnes (a3) 12 Something Zed (18) 56.5 Jackie Burrows (Riccarton) C Johnson EMERGENCIES 13 5756x D’Jake (9) 58.5 Michael Daly (Washdyke) 14 9x5x9 Ice Angel (13) 56.5 Sharon Robertson (Riccarton) 15 Ashbury Jack (12) 58.5 T & L Prendergast (West Melton) 16 Penny Kate (17) 56.5 Kathryn Thomson (Rangiora) 17 Moonofklairessa (7) 56.5 Bruce Smith (Amberley) 18 8 Kings Pal (14) 58.5 Bruce Smith (Amberley)

Randwick Selections

Belmont Selections

Waimate Selections

Race 1: everage, noRtheRn GloRy, BeRnaBeu Race 2: triCk shot, lysistRata, sweet talkin woman Race 3: smart mooChi, chewychoP, stRenGth Race 4: eigeLstein, henDRicus, oakFielD commanDs Race 5: thuBiaan, unchain my heaRt, vatuvei Race 6: rareFied, neeson, skytRain Race 7: douBLe haLo, woRlD wiDe, Destiny's kiss Race 8: PiPette, BRian's honouR, couP ay tee

Race 1: terkeL, tax a million, Bizet Race 2: oPerationaL, DaneclickeD, cyBeR cRime Race 3: vitaL imPortanCe, weekenD shaDow, yaloGinDa Race 4: high Limit, niGht tRain, JestPatim Race 5: When We Were kings, elite Belle, Black maGic miss Race 6: hussy By ChoiCe, it’s a Bit shaDy, silveR sPeck Race 7: FLag oFFiCer, RantoRini, uncle GeoRGe Race 8: BLaCk tyCoon, the RisinG, DominatinG



Streamline FreiGHt maiden trot

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

J Bullard A Frye (a2) R Doherty (a1) J Chong (a3) J Morris K Williams C Barnes (a3) C Johnson P Taylor T Moseley

BoB Goodeve HandiCap 55x37 72225 — 8577x 92715 04955 — 67x66 1100x 73832 —


Aronsay (3) 62 Michael Daly (Washdyke) Needastar (8) 61.5 Danny Crozier (Riccarton) All About Alf Crystal Duke dm (1) 59 Kevin & Pam Hughes (Riccarton) Stormy Rain (2) 58.5 Michael Daly (Washdyke) Fiorano m (5) 58 Neil Coulbeck (Leithfield) The Hammer Head Peyow Peyow m (4) 55.5 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) Soldier Of Love d (11) 54 Mark Harris (Tuahiwi) Ishipal db (6) 54 Lisa Latta (Riccarton) Global Partner

2.48 C Barnes (a3) P Taylor SCRATCHED A Frye (a2) K Williams C Johnson SCRATCHED B Pitman (a1) G Coetzee R Doherty (a1) SCRATCHED

Crt FarmlandS HandiCap


$8000, rating 85 benchmark, 1200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

51152 74103 32955 10382 165x6 12151 37335 44645 4104x


Conscious Mistake dm (4) 60 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) B Pitman (a1) The Jester d (3) 58.5 Dennis Bros (Woodlands) J Bullard Bowling Boy d (7) 57 Jan Hay (Ashburton) K Williams Groover (2) 54.5 Neil Coulbeck (Leithfield) A Frye (a2) Georgies Girl d (8) 54 Terri Rae (Riccarton) R Doherty (a1) Ruby Red d (9) 54 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) A Denby (a1) Golden Globe db (1) 54 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) T Moseley Ashburn Lane d (6) 54 Lisa Latta (Riccarton) R Hannam Patrice d (5) 54 Neil Coulbeck (Leithfield) C Johnson

WilliamSon & ruddenklau mem.


$8000, rating 75 benchmark, 1800m 1 60836 Lautenschlager mb (2) 60 Champion/Murphy (Ashburton) A Frye (a2) 2 19012 The Dewdrop (10) 57 Dennis Bros (Woodlands) A Tempelman (a3) 3 — Esquina SCRATCHED 4 28130 Ruthless Tycoon (1) 55.5 Neil Coulbeck (Leithfield) C Johnson 5 74626 Barbara Jennie (4) 54 Centaine Spittles (Woodend Beach) R Hannam 6 85925 Kerrytown Lady t (5) 54 Thelma Foley (Phar Lap) P Taylor 7 9x005 La Musique (11) 54 T & L Prendergast (West Melton) J Morris 8 70883 She’z A Prima Donna (8) 54 Ross Clark (Winton) C Barnes (a3) 9 85x77 Aqualine (3) 54 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) B Pitman (a1) 10 — Arctic Fox SCRATCHED 11 38090 Nolawood (9) 54 Peter Rudkin (Riccarton) T Moseley 12 00780 Tickle My Fancy td (7) 54 Stephen Blair-Edie (Riverton) A Denby (a1) EMERGENCIES 13 — Ishipal SCRATCHED 14 31002 Global Partner d (12) 55.5 Lisa Latta (Riccarton) R Doherty (a1)


auCkland reaCtor at alaBar paCe


$11000, 3yo+ f&m 1 to 2 wins mobile, 1700m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

— 36361 02467 44533 087x1 37603 37386 35422


Silent Night Leica Rose Fr (1) Richard Brosnan (Ardmore) Holly Madison Fr (2) Tony Herlihy (Papakura) Maloo Fr (3) Mike Berger (Cambridge) River Polka Fr (4) Tony Herlihy (Papakura) Vincennes Fr (5) Doug Gale (Helensville) Only Whisper Fr (6) Steve Phillips (Pukekohe) Maheer Magic Fr (7) Peter Miller (Waiuku)

SCRATCHED P Ferguson J i Dickie (J) P Butcher T Herlihy N Chilcott J Stormont M McKendry

mid Winter XmaS @ aleX pk trot


$11000, 3yo+ 1 to 2 wins special hcp, 2700m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

84164 00241 62492 1 30970 11803 49800 00x05 00835


Our Dainty Lady Fr (1) James Stormont (Pukekohe) Imsmartenough Fr (2) Rod Bowker (Kumeu) Kawarau Spur Fr (3) Richard Brosnan (Ardmore) Leanne’s Boy Fr (U1) Paul Green (Morrinsville) Dauntless Fr (U2) Ted Edwards (Mangere) Saffron Castleton Fr (U3) Warren Taylor (Morrinsville) Getaway Doug Fr (U4) Cliff Wilson (Ardmore) Itsnowornever Fr (U5) Susan Branch (Cambridge Raceway) Ella’s Speed 10 (1) Jill Coppins (Morrinsville)

J Stormont M McKendry S Phelan P Ferguson B Edwards Z Butcher (J) C Wilson N Chilcott G Robb

HydroFloW diStriButorS paCe


$11000, 2yo+ 1 to 2 wins mobile, 2200m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

61 — 80x22 03821 12332 — 21633 39188 18 44827 x7462


Destination Moon Fr (1) Steven Reid (Pukekohe) Chattan Freespin Fr (2) Telfer/Garlick (Papakura) Real Tidy Fr (3) Danny Blakemore (Kumeu) Masterful Fr (4) Peter Ferguson (Cambridge) Beyond The Silence Hudy Haxwell Fr (6) Derek Balle (Pukekohe) McRoyal Fr (7) D & C McGowan (Pukekohe) Peruvian Pasos Fr (21) Jason & Scott Lethaby (West Melton) Kamwood Lad Fr (22) Dianne Wood (Pukekohe) Randalstown Fr (23) Tim Hall (Morrinsville)

tHe aleX Bar & eatery paCe

J i Dickie (J) SCRATCHED S Phelan S McMullan (J) P Ferguson SCRATCHED M McKendry T Macfarlane S Abernethy (J) T Herlihy Z Butcher (J)


$11000, 3yo+ 2 to 4 wins mobile, 2200m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

31651 37596 32031 31215 60651 35021 51161 10918 14143 72013

Tommy Smith Fr (1) Jim Cole (Pukekohe) Leroy Brogden Fr (2) Nicky Chilcott (Cambridge Raceway) Mickey McRooney Fr (3) Steven Reid (Pukekohe) In The Living years Fr (4) Telfer/Garlick (Papakura) Selkie Fr (5) Steven Reid (Pukekohe) Underwood Road Fr (6) Hollis/Robertson (Pukekohe) Master Charlie Fr (7) Derek Balle (Pukekohe) Viewfield Apache Fr (8) David Kaa (Cambridge) Poker Brat Fr (21) Tony Herlihy (Papakura) Brydon Delight Fr (22) Tony Grayling (Pukekohe)


74742 Springfield Legacy Fr (1) David Mann (Takanini) 049x3 Brookby Prince Fr (2) Tony Grayling (Pukekohe) Karacherie Fr (3) D & C McGowan (Pukekohe) 5075 Broadband Fr (4) Wallis/Hackett (Waiuku) 37789 Celeris Fr (5) Chris Gillies (Monavale) 36403 Viking Girl Fr (6) Greg Dempsey (Kumeu) 79606 Hef Fr (U1) Derek Balle (Pukekohe) 0 Sumba Fr (U2) Wallis/Hackett (Waiuku) 357x0 First Outing Fr (U3) Darren Johnson (Ruakaka)


S Abernethy (J) T Grayling A Veint (J) T Herlihy R Downey (J) Z Butcher (J) M McKendry T Mitchell S Phelan

ni StandardBred BreederS paCe


$10000, 2yo+ f&m non winners mobile, 2200m. 1 55567 Tartan Tight Jeans Fr (1) Hollis/Robertson (Pukekohe) 2 634 October Brown Fr (2) Tony Herlihy (Papakura) 3 Lucky Lis Fr (3) Doug Gale (Helensville) 4 — Provocative 5 42632 Saharazona Fr (4) Mike Berger (Cambridge) 6 x5723 Silence Is Golden Fr (5) David Shorter (Pukekohe) 7 High Society Gal Fr (6) Geoff Small (Patumahoe) 8 0 On A Promise Fr (7) D & C McGowan (Pukekohe)


L Hollis T Herlihy J Abernethy SCRATCHED P Butcher Z Butcher (J) S Lawson (J) T Macfarlane

JaCoBSen HeadStoneS HCp trot


$11000, 1 to 2 wins special, 2700m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


31285 62918 50x10 60524 17577 337P3 50x00 088Px 63161

Jasinsky Fr (1) Luk Chin (Tamahere) Meander With Pegasus Fr (2) Alek Goryl (Ardmore) Sunshield Fr (3) Tom Fox & Brian Johnson (Richmond Park) Our Super Ram Fr (4) Peter Young (Parawai) Equulei Fr (5) Adrienne Matthews (Pukekohe) Burt Munro Fr (6) David Branch (Alexandra Park) Great Barrier Fr (U1) Dane Alexander (Ohaupo) Derek Clarke Fr (U2) Stephen Argue (Pukekohe) Kip Keino 10 (1) Richard Brosnan (Ardmore)

L Chin M McKendry L Neal P Young J Abernethy D Branch (J) D Alexander S Argue P Ferguson

paSCoeS tHe JeWellerS HCp trot


$12000, 4 or more wins special, 2700m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

50075 7x974 7x666 4PP12 95974 44621 09832


Silver Stream Fr (1) Alek Goryl (Ardmore) Phoebe Gladiator Fr (2) Dane Alexander (Ohaupo) Patienceofasaint Fr (3) Gary Noakes (Karaka) Blackjacky Fr (4) Peter Bagrie (Ohoka) Meyer Lansky Fr (5) Jill Coppins (Morrinsville) Manchester Lass 10 (1) Wallis/Hackett (Waiuku) Sno’s Big Boy 30 (1) Wallis/Hackett (Waiuku)

BranCott eState paCe

M McKendry D Alexander G Noakes Z Butcher (J) G Robb T Mitchell T Herlihy


$10000, 2yo+ non winners mobile, 2200m. 1 8 Can’t Get Enough Fr (1) C & J DeFilippi (Lincoln) M McKendry 2 42339 Vengeance Fr (2) Stephen Argue (Pukekohe) S Argue 3 Game Fr (3) Ted Edwards (Mangere) B Edwards 4 78720 Smoken Roman Fr (4) Tim Hall (Morrinsville) Z Butcher (J) 5 Chattanoogachoochoo Fr (5) G & N Hope (Woodend Beach) T Herlihy 6 40x7 Karanga Seelster Fr (6) Ian Small (Patumahoe) P Butcher 7 99666 Classy Ambition Fr (7) Paulette Screen (Pukekohe) T Mitchell

richmond park JetBet 7


TAB doubles 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-11. Trebles 1-2-3, 5-6-7, 9-10-11. Place6 6-11. Quaddie 8-9-10-11.

TAB doubles 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9. Trebles 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9. Pick6 4-9 $100,000. Place6 4-9. Quaddie 6-7-8-9.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

nelson harness

auckland harness alexandra park JetBet 5


$10000, 3yo+ non winners, 2200m.

$8000, rating 85 benchmark, 1800m

Approved Plates (Hind) off: Crystal Duke (R6) Approved Plates on: Crystal Duke (R6) Bar Plates (Front) off: Slick Nickel (R1) Concussion Plates (Front) off: Slick Nickel (R1); Force Majeure (R5); Crystal Duke (R6) Hoof Pads (Front) on: Slick Nickel (R1) Standard Bit off: Patrice (R7) Lugging Bit on: Crystal Duke (R6); Patrice (R7) Tongue Control Bit off: Crystal Duke (R6) Blinkers off: Nolawood (R1); Gee Tee Em (R4); Needastar, Crystal Duke (R6); Nolawood (R8) Blinkers on: The Bird Of Prey (R2); Kevildo (R3); Miss Lightning (R4) Side Winkers off: Camo (R1); Miss Lightning (R4) Side Winkers on: Lightning Lucy (R3); Halobethyname (R4) Cheek Burrs off: Patrice (R7) Nasal Strip on: Ema Sophia (R5) Shadow Roll on: Nolawood (R1); Nolawood (R8) Tongue Tie on: Nolawood (R1); Halo Buster (R3); The Hammer Head (R6); Nolawood (R8) Tongue Tie off: The Bird Of Prey (R2); Crystal Duke, Soldier Of Love (R6)



$7000, 2yo hcp, 1200m

Gear Changes

Fine/Good (3)/True.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7


Fine/Dead (4)/True.

weather/track/Rail 1

42/44).' Waimate JetBet 6

Australian races


3" "$*/ "$*/ $*/((6*%& 6*%


$85,000, 3yo & up Benchmark 95, 1400m

TAB doubles 1-2, 4-5, 7-8. Trebles 2-3-4, 6-7-8. Quaddie 5-6-7-8. Place6 3-8.


tAb.COM.Au HAndiCAp

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, June 7, 2013

J Cole N Chilcott P Ferguson S Phelan S Lawson (J) L Hollis B Mangos Z Butcher (J) T Herlihy S Abernethy (J)


tratHen & auStin FarrierS trot 11.25 $7000, 3yo+ non winners, 2400m.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

0x980 43222 P0800 5900x 060P8 00x 0x8 0008x 7x9x6 00


Enthral Fr (1) Murray Edmonds (Motukarara) M Edmonds Charlie Kaos Fr (2) Ken Ford (West Melton) A Tomlinson Price Of Fame Fr (3) Tim Trathen (Templeton) T Trathen Wally’s Girl Fr (4) Jamie Keast & Henriette Westrum (Amberley) J Keast Xmas Joy Belle Fr (5) Fred Morris (Yaldhurst) C D Thornley Opawa Speed Fr (6) Kyle Cameron (Fernside) K Cameron Regal Light Fr (7) Gavin Smith (Leithfield Beach) G Smith Glenferrie Sunbird Fr (8) Mark Jones (Burnham) M Jones Thanksforplaying Fr (U1) Gavin Mills (West Melton) C McDowell Glenferrie Miner Fr (U2) Brent White (Yaldhurst) S McNally Sea Spray Cracker Fr (U3) John Versteeg (Irwell) J Versteeg Deadly Sanction Fr (U4) Andrew Stuart (Rangiora) T Chmiel

Cavalier trottinG produCtS paCe 11.50 $7000, 3yo+ non winners, 2400m.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15


Little Mo Fr (1) Ken Ford (West Melton) Washington Diva Fr (2) T & G Chmiel (Leeston) Kotare Vernon Fr (3) Kevin James (Kaiapoi) Eyreton Senna Fr (4) Murray Edmonds (Motukarara) Glenferrie Ann Fr (5) Gavin Mills (West Melton) De Real Diva Fr (6) Brian Hill (Brightwater) Go Man Go Fr (7) Grant Anderson (Kaikoura) Mc Khan Fr (8) Jan Williams (Richmond) 7 Spanish Lustre Fr (9) Ivan Court (Ladbrooks) Donegal Katrina Fr (10) Anthony Bell (Cheviot) 9 Seven Blue Chips Fr (11) G & N Hope (Woodend Beach) Coyote Fr (12) Fiona Baigent (Templeton) Sunhaven Mach Fr (13) Bob Rochford (Kaikoura) 0x060 Hot Lips Brogden Fr (14) Kyle Cameron (Fernside) Waihemo Art Fr (U1) Gavin Smith (Leithfield Beach)

64706 38037 620 07x 00007 54008 2000x

A Tomlinson T Chmiel K James M Edmonds C McDowell M Jones S Anderson J Williams B orange J Dunn R May R Curtin S McNally K Cameron G Smith

nelSon mail/SaXton lodGe paCe 12.15 $7000, 2yo+ non winners mobile, 2400m.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

0x4 Cheyenne Warrior Fr (1) Craig Kennedy (Cust) Triple Styx Fr (2) Bruce Chandler (Richmond) 65x Pure Christian Fr (3) T & G Chmiel (Leeston) 52259 Cavallo Volante Fr (4) Mark Jones (Burnham) 40062 Huckleberry Finn Fr (5) Pat & Mike O’Brien (Waterlea) 60x00 Elson Fr (6) Chris McDowell (Weedons) 0733x Thunderbird Tara Fr (7) Bob Rochford (Kaikoura) 47x Highview Conall Fr (8) Gavin Smith (Leithfield Beach) 47387 Blytheburn Fr (9) Brian Kerr (West Melton) Exceptional Man Fr (21) Ivan Court (Ladbrooks) 3978x Tough Enough Fr (22) Murray Pash (Richmond) — Tan Son Nhut Sheer Class Fr (23) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach)


R May J Keast T Chmiel M Jones B orange C McDowell S McNally G Smith C D Thornley D Dunn M Pash SCRATCHED J Dunn


ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, June 7, 2013

fields&fORM 14 6x464 Multimillion Eyre Fr (24) Grant Anderson (Kaikoura) 15 00080 Time Ball Fr (25) Mark Gill (Waterlea Raceway)


S Anderson R Holmes

NZ TROT Guide Pace


$7000, 2yo+ c,g&e non winners mobile, 2400m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

00020 Colonel Custard Fr (1) Bill Morgan (Richmond) Ranfurly Rulz Fr (2) G & N Hope (Woodend Beach) 35720 I C U Darling Fr (3) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) Kimba Bromac Fr (4) Phillip Johnson (Richmond) 40684 Hotdiggitydog Fr (5) Chris McDowell (Weedons) Lucca Su Fr (6) Brent Weaver (Waterlea Raceway) Aveross Outlaw Fr (7) Mark Heaton (Waterlea Raceway) 26258 Thatshowie Roll Fr (8) Michael Howard (Motukarara) 30224 Wyatt Earp Fr (9) Scott Dickson (Hunterville) 45077 Chargedownking Fr (21) Fiona Baigent (Templeton) 34x Extreme Power Fr (22) Jamie Gameson (Burnham) 67 Don Ho Fr (23) Mark Jones (Burnham) 7 Donegal David Rex Fr (24) Bob Rochford (Kaikoura) — Tan Son Nhut — Jacky Lives


J Abernethy R May J Dunn J Keast C McDowell B Weaver A Butt S McNally S Dickson R Curtin B Orange M Jones D Dunn SCRATCHED SCRATCHED



$8000, 1 or more wins discretionary, 2400m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11


01374 900x8 88497 068x0 P2280 070x2 80334 8177x 84663 921P1 10115

Rebma Fr (1) Ken Ford (West Melton) Continental Halo Fr (2) Murray Edmonds (Motukarara) Speedy Earl Fr (3) Kyle Cameron (Fernside) Danke Fr (4) Murray Edmonds (Motukarara) The Peace Monkey Fr (U1) Ian Thomas (Richmond) Bert Powell 10 (1) Craig Edmonds (Motukarara) Rarangi Jewel 20 (1) Graham Neill (Spring Creek) Continental Auto 20 (U1) Gavin Smith (Leithfield Beach) Mo Hahn 30 (1) Dean Hunter (Blenheim) Releven Dream 30 (2) Jamie Gameson (Burnham) Foxtrot Jack 55 (U1) Jay Abernethy (Papakura)

A Tomlinson M Edmonds K Cameron S McNally C D Thornley J Dunn T Chmiel G Smith D Dunn B Orange J Abernethy

GOldeN GiRls c'buRy seRies Pace 1.55 $7500, 4yo+ mares 2 to 4 wins mobile, 1609m.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

6x926 0700x 05402 58646 73912 72195 61476 5200x 10537 41519


Opting Options Fr (1) Robbie Holmes (Leithfield Beach) A Poutama (J) Rebateable Fr (2) Jamie Gameson (Burnham) B Orange Thorn In My Side Fr (3) Peter Robertson (Templeton) C D Thornley Miss Kathryn Fr (4) Robbie Holmes (Leithfield Beach) R Holmes Bad Dancer Fr (5) Brent Weaver (Waterlea Raceway) D Dunn Fortunately Fr (6) Ken Ford (West Melton) A Tomlinson Little Tess Fr (7) T & G Chmiel (Leeston) T Chmiel Village Terror Fr (8) Dean Taylor (Ladbrooks) S McNally Strata Star Fr (9) Regan Todd (Burnham) M Jones The Burning Question Fr (21) Gavin Smith (Leithfield Beach) G Smith

wesTPORT TROTTiNG club Pace


$7000, 2yo+ f&m non winners mobile, 2400m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

0500x 60580 x9000 38060 7x 2 64352 00 4x203 99650 00x 0000 —

Taittinger Rose Fr (1) Ian Thomas (Richmond) Highview Robyn Fr (2) Grant Anderson (Kaikoura) Pescado Fr (3) Mark Gill (Waterlea Raceway) Julia Bardon Fr (4) Ben Waldron (Ashburton) Glowing Falcon Fr (5) Anne-Marie Best (Fairhall) Shrieks Of Delight Fr (6) Philip Vermeulen (Rangiora) Fine Courage Fr (7) Graeme Hall (Richmond) Party Girl Deb Fr (8) Andrew Stuart (Rangiora) Belle De Jour Fr (9) Cran Dalgety (West Melton) Rosetta Stone Fr (21) Murray Pash (Richmond) Tom Spice Fr (22) Robert Stuart (Richmond) Buller Babe Fr (23) Trevor Craddock (Patterson Park) Rise And Shine


J Thomas (J) S Anderson R Holmes R May G Smith J Dunn B Weaver B Orange D Dunn M Pash J Abernethy S Dickson SCRATCHED

sTella aRTOis Pace


$8000, 3yo+ 1 win, 2400m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

30692 3000x 52597 70x10 6x340 00697 50070 00808 47233 47x13 1 62586 37633


Westburn Creed Fr (1) Jamie Keast & Henriette Westrum (Amberley) J Keast Mozart Lace Fr (2) Rodney Dickson (Westport) S Dickson Riverboat Gracie Fr (3) Brent Weaver (Waterlea Raceway) B Weaver Donna Belle Fr (4) Tom Fox & Brian Johnson (Richmond Park) J Abernethy Fiery Lustre Fr (5) Ivan Court (Ladbrooks) M Jones The Black Fr (6) Brian Kerr (West Melton) B Kerr Mystery Boy Fr (7) Jamie Gameson (Burnham) B Orange Waikari Cash Fr (8) Kevin James (Kaiapoi) K James Franco Tiago Fr (9) Ben Waldron (Ashburton) R May Macintosh Fr (10) Cran Dalgety (West Melton) D Dunn Dynamic Party Fr (11) Derek & Adele Jones (Rolleston) T Chmiel Bashful Compton Fr (12) Andrew Stuart (Rangiora) A Butt Comenche Fr (13) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) J Dunn

NelsON wiNTeR cuP PRelude


$9500, 3 to 5 wins discretionary hcp pace, 2400m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

89567 69879 — 10067 52510 11782 42014 88230 x0204 76412 54331


Thats Bettor Fr (1) Brent Weaver (Waterlea Raceway) Simple Saver Fr (2) P & L Jones (West Melton) In Tandem Franco Revel Fr (3) T & G Chmiel (Leeston) Givethejobtobarnsy Fr (4) John Versteeg (Irwell) Graduate Under Fire Fr (5) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) J C Skipper Fr (6) Peter Robertson (Templeton) Stormy Breeze 10 (1) Anthony Smith (Waterlea Raceway) Piper Heidsieck 10 (2) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) Motu Cup Day Cullen 20 (1) G & N Hope (Woodend Beach) Tijuana Bromac 20 (2) Anne-Marie Best (Fairhall)

B Weaver M Jones SCRATCHED T Chmiel J Versteeg J Dunn C D Thornley J Abernethy G Smith R May D Dunn

aNdRew sTuaRT sTables Pace


$8000, 3yo+ 1 win mobile, 2400m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

1 45777 04125 36075 02194 50204 16505 23344 52044 4386x 32324 — —


Wat A Woman Fr (1) Cran Dalgety (West Melton) Sister Courage Fr (2) Jay Abernethy (Papakura) Jeans Mattjesty Fr (3) G & N Hope (Woodend Beach) Macho Comacho Fr (4) T & G Chmiel (Leeston) Wards Creek Fr (5) Bob Rochford (Kaikoura) Sobek Fr (6) Brent Weaver (Waterlea Raceway) Gamblers Delight Fr (7) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) Betty Golightly Fr (8) Andrew Garters (Broadfield) Whyamibettor Fr (9) David Pearce (West Melton) Fagan Fr (21) Ross Rennie (Rangiora) Lumos Fr (22) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) Ally Grace Elsu Attack

D Dunn A Poutama (J) R May T Chmiel S McNally B Weaver J Thomas (J) B Orange M Jones R Holmes J Dunn SCRATCHED SCRATCHED

d & c buTT RaciNG sTables Pace


waikato weather/Track/Rail Fine/Slow (8)/Fine.

Gear changes Standard Bit off: Rosevale (R5); Arizona Jazz (R7) Lugging Bit on: Rosevale (R5); Arizona Jazz (R7) Blinkers on: Young Warrior (R1); Darci’s Gold (R4); Themoneyzmine, Arizona Jazz (R7) Blinkers off: Propulsion (R6) Nose Band on: Schooner Bay (R2); Artifact (R3) Nose Band off: The Raconteur (R4) Tongue Tie off: Starcheeka (R4) 8 7 Blizzard (4) 55.5 McVean/Browne (Cambridge) 9 8x Storm Bro (3) 55.5 Graham Richardson (Matamata) 10 4x2 Fascination Street (11) 55 John Sargent (Matamata) 11 3 Designated Driver (10) 54.5 Gary Alton (Cambridge) 12 598x8 Nuggett h (5) 54 Graeme Cameron (Te Rapa) 13 Vitesse Rose (8) 54 Stephen McKee (Ardmore)



21322 85100 6x321 90511 71413 77466 07040 12161 — 61309 P5400

24062 0x870 3311x 30x42 53728 568x9 4x885 83153


D Dunn M Jones J Dunn S McNally A Butt C D Thornley S Anderson T Chmiel SCRATCHED A Poutama (J) R May

waikato races saTuRday

TAB doubles 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8. Trebles 2-3-4, 6-7-8. Pick6 3-8 $200,000. Place6 3-8. Quaddie 5-6-7-8.


dd blOOdsTOcK

bdO waiKaTO

Celtic Boy d (9) 58.5 Eamonn Green (Pukekohe) Skylla (6) 57 G & D Rogerson (Hamilton) young Warrior (12) 56.5 Lee Somervell (Cambridge) Conceptual b (2) 56 Nigel Tiley (Pukekohe) Ogilvie I Gotta Hunch (7) 56 Colquhoun/Doyle (Matamata) 6 Overtime (1) 55.5 Linda Laing (Cambridge)

14x5 2 6x20 4 —


$12500, rating 65 benchmark*, 1400m 1 x4471 Edward The Eighth dm (8) 59 Louise McGregor (Te Aroha) 2 97040 Gold Hunter m (1) 59 John Revell (Te Aroha) 3 59x82 Kapsboy m (14) 59 Lee Somervell (Cambridge) 4 — King Willem 5 x4751 Raivac m (2) 59 Frank Drummond (Te Awamutu) 6 7x561 Schrodingers Cat m (16) 59 Stephen Autridge (Matamata) 7 6531 Alessandra t (18) 57.5 Roger James (Cambridge) 8 170x0 Hug A Ginga m (4) 57.5 Earl Harrison (Cambridge) 9 97x17 Rosie Rules m (5) 57.5 Sharleen Cullen (Te Aroha) 10 x1656 Pipeline (6) 57.5 Stephen McKee (Ardmore) 11 952x0 Waipipi Lad dm (17) 57.5 G & M Sanders (Te Awamutu) 12 21634 Ason mb (3) 57 Craig Phelan (Rotorua) 13 2x4x1 Pure Octaine m (12) 57 Richard Cooper (Taupo) 14 160x9 Hollywood Angel tdb (15) 56 Busuttin/Young (Cambridge) 15 65238 Sophie’s Gem t (10) 56 K & B Hawtin (Te Awamutu) R 16 x7199 Brandy Belle d (7) 55.5 Roger James (Cambridge) EMERGENCIES 17 3268x Margarita Time d (11) 55 Chris Wood (Cambridge) 18 03064 Artifact m (9) 57 Erana Shattock (Te Aroha) 19 5x587 Galaxy Road (19) 57 John Mason (Tokoroa) 20 3x756 Rabiosa d (13) 57 John Sargent (Matamata) 21 — Skai Glen


P Turner (a1) M Sweeney J Jago SCRATCHED T Thornton R Jones M Cameron N Harris D Johnson D Turner (a3) M McNab M Hills O Bosson Hutchings (a) C Grylls V Gatu (a3) S Dye

PauliNe & RalPH's 50TH aNNiVeRsaRy 1.36 $15000, rating 75 benchmark, 1200m

1 284x0 Heydental Tourist dm (2) 58.5 K & B Hawtin (Te Awamutu) 2 5508x The Raconteur m (15) 58.5 Jason Price (Matamata) 3 56x13 Darci’s Gold d (10) 57.5 Jason Bridgman (Matamata) 4 486x9 Boy dm (13) 57.5 Autridge/Goodwin (Matamata) 5 x436x Starcheeka (14) 57.5 Joanne Surgenor (Ardmore Lodge) 6 11x Airfield Road d (8) 57 Leeane Poulson (Pukekohe) 7 x6x11 Mr Kanton tm (1) 57 Craig Phelan (Rotorua) 8 x069x A Keepa d (7) 56 Paul Adlington (Tokoroa) 9 7572x Playboy dm (3) 56 Jayne Ivil (Cambridge) 10 46846 Agent Ziva d (16) 55 Fursdon/Sliz (Matamata) 11 7x402 Cold Snap d (9) 55 Jason Bridgman (Matamata) R 12 x8779 Cracker h (12) 54 Peter Lock (Te Rapa) 13 37x52 Ishiarose (5) 54 Karen Zimmerman (Otaki) 14 3890x Leica Queen m (11) 54 Jason Price (Matamata) EMERGENCIES 15 x0447 Magic Belle d (6) 54 Stephen Ralph (Pukekohe) 16 56554 La Pinnicle dmh (4) 54 Peter Lock (Te Rapa)


A Taylor (a3) J Oliver (a4) M Cameron T Thornton S Dye O Bosson M McNab M Hills D Turner (a3) P Turner (a1) Hutchings (a) S Collett D Johnson C Grylls

MuNNs THe MaN’s sTORe/R M williaMs 2.06 $12500, rating 65 benchmark*, 2100m

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

74315 x6341 x5462 30213 0x361 8817 0x331 x9241 00342 — 207x0 54065


Evathreestep tm (1) 59 K & B Hawtin (Te Awamutu) R Hutchings (a) The Hotz d (6) 59 Moroney/Ormsby (Matamata) D Johnson Vitali (2) 59 Andrew Scott (Matamata) O Bosson Noah Jon mb (7) 58.5 John Mason (Tokoroa) C Grylls Excuse Me Madam m (3) 58 Andrew Scott (Matamata) P Turner (a1) Skeen (10) 58 Stephen Curtis (Te Awamutu) K Kalychurun (a3) Beauty Glow m (4) 57.5 Lance Noble (Matamata) R Jones Rosevale m (5) 57 Margaret Falconer (Cambridge) M Hills Trabaldy (9) 57 Robert Priscott (Te Awamutu) D Turner (a3) SCRATCHED Zer Ebeny Polarity (11) 56 Jason Bridgman (Matamata) M Cameron Hot in Black td (8) 54.5 Don Letcher (Te Aroha) M Sweeney

PellOws fuNeRal diRecTORs


$12500, mdn, 1600m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16


0222x 255x4 6322 09725 63 9526 00x29 0327x 2D00x 78x94 960x4 55648 9 x9886 7 777x0

Diktator (16) 58.5 K & G Opie (Te Aroha) Lion Red (8) 58.5 Shaun Clotworthy (Byerley Pk Karaka) Whatwasthat b (1) 58.5 Baker/Forsman (Cambridge) Callmelou (4) 58.5 Antony Fuller (Tauranga) Beauty Ahead (3) 58.5 Lance Noble (Matamata) Sergios (9) 58.5 Stephen Autridge (Matamata) St Rhythm (14) 58.5 G & M Sanders (Te Awamutu) Verdasco h (10) 58.5 Graeme Hughes (Te Rapa) A Soldiers Song (2) 58.5 Autridge/Goodwin (Matamata) Propulsion (7) 58.5 Karen Zimmerman (Otaki) Voncini (5) 58.5 Moira Murdoch (Waiuku) Workmans (15) 58.5 Andrew Scott (Matamata) Honeymoon (6) 56.5 Roger James (Cambridge) Amarlia (13) 56.5 Kim Grant (Byerley Pk Karaka) Check In (11) 56.5 John Ruddell (Pukekohe) Encharm (12) 56.5 Moira Murdoch (Waiuku)

C Grylls O Bosson M Cameron R Norvall R Jones M McNab M Sweeney M Cheung (a4) T Thornton D Johnson M Hills P Turner (a1) R Hutchings (a) J Jago l Satherley B Hutton (a3)

MuNNs THe MaN’s sTORe/R M williaMs 3.16

1 5410x The Terminator d (2) 59.5 Brad Peterson (Matamata) 2 23962 Bob Valdez t (9) 58.5 Chris Wood (Cambridge) 3 23504 Stanica Star d (1) 58 Jason Bridgman (Rangiora) 4 40x60 Themoneyzmine t (14) 57.5 Allan Sharrock (New Plymouth) 5 82467 Ocean Bound (12) 57.5 Ralph Manning (Cambridge) R 6 28121 Popeye Braggins td (7) 57.5 Pike/Donoghue (Cambridge) 7 60805 Miss Danni d (8) 57 John Mason (Tokoroa) 8 828x1 The Mig (5) 56.5 Scott Wenn (Te Aroha) 9 93747 Cat Woman td (17) 56 Sharleen Cullen (Te Aroha) 10 x7019 Are you Devious dmb (3) 55.5 Stephen Marsh (Cambridge) 11 121x4 Goyescas (13) 55.5 Jason Bridgman (Matamata) 12 9x807 Russianov td (11) 55.5 Martin Cleland (Cambridge) 13 076x2 Stagehand tm (16) 55.5 Shaun Clotworthy (Byerley Pk Karaka) 14 24589 Viking Ace (10) 55.5 Karyn McQuade (Matamata) 15 6x045 Le Bon Fin m (15) 55.5 Autridge/Goodwin (Matamata) 16 14371 Antonine m (4) 55 Ross McCarroll (Cambridge) EMERGENCy 17 473D3 Arizona Jazz d (6) 55 James Cropp (Taupo)


THe MeaT waReHOuse

1 2 3 4 5 6

11.55 N Harris R Hutchings (a) J Jago O Bosson SCRATCHED T Thornton R Norvall

00x38 71248 71252 2871x x9726 06x17

0x414 15x26 431 10090 61074 0008x 76x00 08x81 3x650 09744

D Turner (a3) V Gatu (a3) M Cameron P Turner (a1) Hutchings (a) N Harris C Grylls S Collett M Sweeney D Johnson S Dye T Thornton B Hutton (a3) l Satherley R Jones O Bosson M Hills


Financialterrorist dm (12) 59 K & B Hawtin (Te Awamutu) C Grylls Molto Grato dm (16) 58.5 Robert Priscott (Te Awamutu) D Turner (a3) Memory tdb (10) 58 K & B Hawtin (Te Awamutu) O Bosson Wattle Bay (7) 58 G & M Sanders (Te Awamutu) M Sweeney Clareen (1) 57.5 Stephen Autridge (Matamata) R Jones Alphabet Street (3) 57.5 Ralph Manning (Cambridge) R Hutchings (a)

Centavada m (15) 57.5 Glynn Brick (Matamata) Urban Angel db (6) 56.5 Jason Bridgman (Matamata) Nancylee dm (11) 56 Ralph Manning (Cambridge) Sky Hi Baby d (4) 56 Autridge/Goodwin (Matamata) Skai Glen (5) 56 Scott Wenn (Te Aroha) Maharishi m (9) 55.5 Sally House (Cambridge) Ellie’O td (13) 55 John Sargent (Matamata) Hi yo Soo d (2) 55 Janelle Millar (New Plymouth) Unbeknown (14) 55 Lisa Anderson (Te Aroha) Wrecking Crew td (8) 55 Stephen Marsh (Cambridge)

T Thornton M Cameron J Jago l Satherley S Collett M Hills S Doyle N Harris D Johnson

wellington races Trentham JeTbeT 4


TAB doubles 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8. Trebles 2-3-4, 6-7-8. Place6 3-8. Quaddie 5-6-7-8.

Approved Plates on: Seamingly (R6) Hoof Pads (Front) off: Just A Shout, Turn On D’Light (R8) Standard Bit on: Eric The Viking, Ohopee (R1) Standard Bit off: Seducer (R7) Lugging Bit off: Eric The Viking, Ohopee (R1) Lugging Bit on: Seamingly (R6); Seducer (R7) Blinkers off: Illuminating (R5) Blinkers - 1 cup O/S on: Ormond Road (R5) Blinkers on: Platinum Marseille, Savarose (R6); Just A Shout, Superturf (R8) Pacifiers off: Ormond Road (R5) Side Winkers off: Ohopee (R1); Lovetokeep’er (R6); Just A Shout (R8) Boots on: Ohopee (R1); Blame Me (R2) Shadow Roll off: Savarose (R6) Tongue Tie off: Blame Me (R2); Mr Ideal (R5); Earl Spencer (R6); Ashalini (R7) Tongue Tie on: Generous Type (R2); Our Moon Shadow (R7)

NaTuRal faRM sTeePlecHase


$12000, rst opn stp, 4000m 0x3x8 3276x 8l2Px 321x6 l2l0x 4x088 267x0


Mr Align tdm (3) 72 G & D Rogerson (Hamilton) Brushman tm (1) 70.5 Mark Oulaghan (Awapuni) Smoke dmb (6) 66 Peter Brosnan (Matamata) yorkie (2) 65.5 Paul Nelson (Hastings) Sanuye (5) 65 Mark Oulaghan (Awapuni) Eric The Viking tm (4) 65 Aaron Bidlake (Tauherenikau) Ohopee m (7) 65 Dean Cunningham (Hunterville)

A Kuru (3) C Singer G Walsh i lupton H Curran (1.5) C Perrett S Houston

GRaNT PluMbiNG HuRdle


$12000, rst opn hdl, 3000m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

29217 64x09 x6x51 0x857 08x65 2Px67 70944 x0563


Aintree tdm (7) 69 Gary Freeman (Kopane) i lupton Blame Me dm (4) 69 Gerald Innes (Opaki) C Singer No Governance tm (8) 66 Paul Nelson (Hastings) A Kuru (3) Generous Type m (3) 65.5 Peter Brosnan (Matamata) C Studd Derby Dan tm (5) 65 Mark Oulaghan (Awapuni) H Curran (1.5) Conquistador t (6) 65 Jeff Lynds (Awapuni) S Houston Contest m (1) 65 G & D Rogerson (Hamilton) K Veenendaal (1.5) No Excuses m (2) 65 Gail Temperton (Awapuni) G Walsh

sOuTHey HOuse Of TRaVel


$12500, mdn 2yo, 1000m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Bam Bam (9) 57.5 Johno Benner (Otaki) Kairanga Lad (4) 57.5 Brendon McDermott (Otaki) 3x Fantamo (2) 55.5 Mike Breslin (Awapuni) 4 Dahls Delight (5) 55.5 Peter Brosnan (Matamata) Annievegas (7) 55.5 Grant Searle (Awapuni) Durham Rose (8) 55.5 Ian Adams (New Plymouth) Lawries Choice (3) 55.5 Suzanne Gordon (Awapuni) Philipa Charlotte (6) 55.5 Aaron Bidlake (Tauherenikau) Question Mark (1) 55.5 Robert Patterson (New Plymouth)


R Myers M Dee (a3) K Myers D Walsh l Allpress D Walker D Bradley B Grylls (a2) R Hannam

HiReMasTeR HaNdicaP


$25000, opn hcp, 1200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

06141 7900x 83x16 4x915 06438 51x74 23543


Civics Rock dm (1) 59 Ralph Manning (Cambridge) Kaap Kruis tdm (4) 54.5 Aidan Schumacher (Stratford) Daiello tdmb (7) 54.5 Roydon Bergerson (Awapuni) Elusive Tracy tm (6) 54 Aaron Bidlake (Tauherenikau) Aunt Daisy tdm (2) 54 Sylvia Kay (Levin) The Filly dm (5) 54 Murray Neal (Foxton) Platinum Dancer dm (3) 54 Lisa Latta (Awapuni)

H Tinsley M Dee (a) D Bradley D Walker R Hannam K Smith K Myers

diaNNe’s biRTHday


$15000, rating 75 benchmark, 2100m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

x2121 149x7 1155x 67362 x4436 85245 x0422 80x46 7x032 lx053 66807


Sea King tdm (8) 60.5 Kevin Myers (Wanganui) Wotabuzz tdm (3) 60 Mark Oulaghan (Awapuni) McCulley m (5) 57.5 Kevin Myers (Wanganui) Ngario t (7) 57 Sylvia Kay (Levin) Let’s Go Fratelli t (2) 55.5 Gerald Innes (Opaki) Ormond Road d (9) 54.5 Tony Bambry (Awapuni) Mr Ideal m (11) 54.5 Raymond Connors (Wanganui) Illuminating (10) 54 Paul & Kris Shailer (Awapuni) Sea Eagle (6) 54 Kylie Little (Opaki) Hoover Boy dm (4) 54 Alby MacGregor (Opaki) Le Brun (1) 54 James Taylor (Awapuni)

D Walker l Allpress S Pashai (a4) R Hannam M Dee (a3) R Myers T Russell K Myers D Walsh B Grylls (a2) T Baker (a4)

dasH TicKeTs MaideN


$12500, mdn, 1400m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

38472 527x3 3 46735 4 580x 60x0x 0 27073 47x03 x037x 6630x 3097 860x5 790x0


Earl Spencer (4) 58.5 Raymond Connors (Wanganui) Landlord (3) 58.5 Allan Sharrock (New Plymouth) Mack (9) 58.5 Peter McKenzie (Levin) Platinum Marseille (8) 58.5 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) Pewter (10) 58.5 John Kiernan (Te Horo Beach) Seamingly (13) 58.5 Jeff Lynds (Awapuni) Tatanka (2) 58.5 Don Fuge (Tauherenikau) Wallace (12) 58.5 Polly Macdonald (Opaki) Andalou (5) 56.5 P & T Ebbett (Waipukurau) Jazz Rock (7) 56.5 Haworth/Dixon (Foxton) Lovetokeep’er h (14) 56.5 Brian Lines (Trentham) Set (1) 56.5 Mike Breslin (Awapuni) Twilight Doll (11) 56.5 Geoff Haigh (Levin) Graceful Joy (6) 56.5 Karen Zimmerman (Otaki) Savarose (15) 56.5 Wayne Chittick (Waipukurau)

T Russell M Dee (a3) D Walsh D Bradley D Walker K Myers A Morgan (a3) K Smith R Hannam R Myers l isherwood l Allpress H Tinsley B Grylls (a2) J Shackleton (a3)

Mid-wiNTeR XMas @ TReNTHaM


$12500, rating 65 benchmark*, 1600m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

95x45 x0802 x6710 640x0 36x03 0870x 85790

Our Gazza (6) 59 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) Jamomiti (10) 57.5 Grant Searle (Awapuni) Wild About Me (3) 57.5 Andrew Campbell (Opaki) Head Of Gold (4) 57 Janna Pettit (Woodville) Disdain dm (8) 56.5 Kirsty Lawrence (Waipukurau) The Dolphin dm (2) 56.5 James Taylor (Awapuni) Seducer (9) 56 Tony Bambry (Awapuni)


R hannam k smith a Morgan (a3)

tRenthaM funCtiOn & event CentRe 4.09 $15000, rating 85 benchmark, 1600m

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

1500x x8858 1x898 x4562 1526x 467x6 46x46 7x380 4x974 02022 1698x

Just a Shout dm (11) 59 Tess Shepherd (Waipukurau) k smith Superturf dm (1) 58.5 Greg Lambert (Awapuni) R Myers Kalgoorlie Bomber tdm (10) 58 Frank Stammers (Tauherenikau) D walsh Karla Bruni dm (5) 57.5 Roydon Bergerson (Awapuni) B grylls (a2) auld lang Syne tdmb (6) 57 Fraser Auret (Marton) h tinsley Stormin norman dm (3) 56 Robert Patterson (New Plymouth) R hannam Golden miss tdm (9) 54.5 Mark Oulaghan (Awapuni) L allpress liv’n Paradise dm (7) 54.5 Roger Allen (Opaki) M Dee (a3) me aroha dm (2) 54 Wayne Jeffcoat (Opaki) D Bradley lord Boris d (8) 54 John Kiernan (Te Horo Beach) D walker turn on d’light tdm (4) 54 David Williams (Waipukurau) J shackleton (a3)


TAB doubles 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8. Trebles 2-3-4, 6-7-8. Place6 3-8. Quaddie 5-6-7-8.

Gear changes

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

8 900x0 Cheimon (5) 55.5 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) 9 279x6 our moon Shadow tmh (7) 55.5 Les James (Trentham) 10 46033 ashalini (1) 55 Aidan Schumacher (Stratford)

Wingatui Jetbet 6

Overcast/Heavy (11)/Out 10m.



Otago races



$12500, rating 65 benchmark*, 1600m

$12500, 2yo hcp, 1200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Alegrio tdm (2) 60 Richard Collett (Pukekohe) O Bosson Spare A Fortune dm (4) 55 Gary Hennessy (Matamata) P Turner (a) Wanabefamous m (1) 54.5 Ralph Manning (Cambridge) N Harris Donna Diva dm (5) 54 Rudy Liefting (Pukekohe) l Satherley Oak Park d (7) 54 Baker/Forsman (Cambridge) M Cameron Toma Valea t (6) 54 Mark Brosnan (Matamata) T Thornton Crown Of Thorns tdm (8) 54 Moroney/Ormsby (Matamata) D Johnson Schooner Bay td (3) 54 G & D Rogerson (Hamilton) R Hutchings (a)

$15000, rating 75 benchmark, 1600m

Mighty Flying Mac Fr (1) Cran Dalgety (West Melton) Black Parade Fr (2) Craig Kennedy (Cust) Lauramegan Fr (3) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) Ultimate Sheldon Fr (4) Brent White (Yaldhurst) Fifth Edition Fr (5) Cran Dalgety (West Melton) Will He Rule Fr (6) John Reedy (Westport) Highview Phantom Fr (7) Grant Anderson (Kaikoura) Angus T Jones Fr (8) T & G Chmiel (Leeston) Fortunately Flyin Louie Fr (21) Graeme Hall (Richmond) Johnny Mick Fr (22) John Rogers (Patterson Park)

Te Rapa JeTbeT 2


$25000, opn hcp, 1400m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

$8500, 3yo+ 2 wins mobile, 2400m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

M Hills D Johnson M Cameron l Satherley S Collett C Grylls

7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

D Bradley R Myers M Dee (a3) D Walker D Walsh H Tinsley l Allpress

9 x4316 langham lady d (4) 56.5 Kelly Thompson (Ascot Park) 10 30137 Showbrera tdm (13) 56.5 Shane Laming (Prebbleton) 11 57x75 mangaroa lad tm (1) 56 Ellis Winsloe (Gore) 12 17x75 Shes all Class m (8) 55 Kelvin Hampton (Riccarton) EmErGEnCiES 13 99x84 moneyorthebox tdmh (10) 56 Jim Burns (Wingatui) 14 2080x aint no lollygagga dh (6) 54 Paul Richards (Wingatui) 15 60x07 Zolatoi tm (12) 54 Murray Hamilton (Omakau)

k williams t Moseley a Frye (a2) s Muniandy J Morris


australian races eagle farm Jetbet 3


Weather/track/Rail Overcast/Dead (5)/True.

aMbassadOR tRavel haMpden staKes 1.30 $100,000, 2yo Listed sw, 1200m

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Weather/track/Rail Fine/Heavy (11)/Out 8m from the 1400m to the crossing, then out 2m for the remainder.

Gear Changes Side Winkers on: Winning Genes (R1); Dane Ruler (R3) Boots on: Willie Roydon (R1); Coat Of Arms (R5)


7s21 120 9312 12 1 4 3s419 2s134 412 3s865 5s103 237s 1 724s

my Boy Brando h (13) 57 K C Wood (Eagle Farm) one Grey d (5) 57 B R Guy (Gold Coast) M Rodd Jet down on it db (9) 57 Jason McLachlan (Sunshine Coast) t Bell real Favulous d (14) 57 Donald Baker (Toowoomba) Chilwero wh (11) 57 D J Bougoure (Eagle Farm) k Mc evoy Bernabeu b (8) 57 J A O’Shea (Randwick) J Bowman missy longstocking tdbh (7) 55 L F Birchley (Eagle Farm) D Browne vienna Queen wh (12) 55 T J Gollan (Eagle Farm) M cahill hallside rose d (6) 55 D L Heinemann (Sunshine Coast) J Byrne register (3) 55 Heath Conners (Geelong) L nolen Enquare dw (1) 55 Jason McLachlan (Sunshine Coast) Justin p stanley moroccan rose (2) 55 Ms G Heinrich (Gold Coast) D Dunn Cosmic Endeavour dh (4) 55 Ms G Waterhouse (Eagle Farm) J cassidy Jolie madeleine bh (10) 55 C A Cousins (Eagle Farm) M walker

XXXX GOld stRaWbeRRy ROad hCp 2.00 $80,000, Quality Listed, 1600m


ROn WilliaMsOn OtaGO huRdle


$12000, rst opn hdl, 2700m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

70311 4x765 50422 57693 80635 44944 34140 0x345 55173


Keep it tight m (9) 69.5 Kelly Thompson (Ascot Park) k veenendaal (1.5) high Forty tdh (2) 68 B & S Anderton (Wingatui) s Moir Gargamel m (6) 65.5 Leda Beck (Winton) a Browne (1.5) Faites vos Jeux t (3) 65 David Hutton (Timaru) R Doherty (a) air Cadet (1) 65 Sean Cameron (Waiuku) s phelan Winning Genes m (8) 65 Greg Wright (Winton) c studd Willie roydon (7) 65 Jim Curran (Ascot Park) Suspend us h (4) 65 Paul Richards (Wingatui) M cropp (a1.5) What a Find t (5) 65 Murray Hamilton (Omakau) a kuru (3)

nZ JuMps aMateuR RideRs


$7000, mdn, 1600m 1 2 3 4 5 6

76063 03764 73L96 80698 52362


lochwood (6) 68.5 Sean Cameron (Waiuku) Sabhraj (4) 68.5 David Hutton (Timaru) day Centre (5) 68.5 Murray Hamilton (Omakau) Giocchino (1) 68.5 Murray Hamilton (Omakau) See you at divas (2) 66.5 Sally McKay (Ascot Park) Estrella (3) 66.5 Anna Swainson (Wingatui)

J Richards a verrall B smith M Dunne

(am) (am) (am) (am)

a swainson (am)

OtaGO hunt steepleChase


$12000, rst opn stp, 3200m 1 2 3 4 5

5px1F 87332 59454 00F2p x0255


no rush’n tdm (2) 70.5 David Hutton (Timaru) dane ruler m (5) 67.5 Sean Cameron (Waiuku) Quartze tdm (4) 67 Sean Cameron (Waiuku) Power Pack m (3) 65 Greg Wright (Winton) Pakitin Pete (1) 65 David Hutton (Timaru)

a kuru (3) s phelan s Moir c studd R Doherty (a)

Kb COntRaCtORs stayeRs


$8000, rating 65 benchmark*, 2200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

95475 34140 50651 19782 06843 39639 06178 6x484 538x0


amigo m (3) 59 Graham Eade (Riverton) J Bullard Willie roydon (1) 58 Jim Curran (Ascot Park) J Morris dana Pascalle (7) 57 Mac Henry (Woodlands) c Johnson dame la Jane td (4) 56 Stephen Washington (Ascot Park) a Frye (a2) China Bo Bo (9) 56 Terrill Charles (Ashburton) lord yarborough (5) 56 Sally McKay (Ascot Park) c Barnes (a3) Showcase tdh (2) 55.5 Paul Richards (Wingatui) D prastiyou (a3) Flirtation m (8) 55 Graham Eade (Riverton) t Moseley muzza m (6) 55 Andrea Smith (Gore) s Muniandy

life MeMbeRs Mile


$12000, rating 85 benchmark, 1600m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

x7822 21421 11634 06x05 65911 38776 39145 14433 77321 x8055 62325 0x437


all about alf tm (8) 59.5 Terri Rae (Riccarton) Big Energy dm (7) 58.5 Shane Laming (Prebbleton) heza Kool Kat tdmb (4) 58 Kelvin Tyler (Riverton) danz a rook tdm (6) 57.5 Valerie Christophers (Winton) tristan’s Choice tdm (10) 57.5 M & W Coles (Timaru) Coat of arms d (2) 56.5 Sabin Kirkland (Ascot Park) ima dude m (12) 56 Kelly Thompson (Ascot Park) Saragarhi td (1) 56 Kelvin Tyler (Riverton) Split decision (11) 54 N & B Blatch (Tapanui) astralight tdm (9) 54 Sophie Price (Winton) lady Burlesque d (3) 54 Leda Beck (Winton) rushinella m (5) 54 Kelly Thompson (Ascot Park)

J Bullard k williams a Mckay (a3) s Muniandy a Frye (a2) c Johnson R Doherty (a1) c Barnes (a3) D prastiyou (a3) J Morris t Moseley

taieRi WOOl & sKin


$7000, mdn, 1400m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

04322 33034 x6476 78233 23 30825 63 378x9 6x784 340x7


leeboy bh (5) 58.5 Graeme Mee (Wingatui) indiana Jones (6) 58.5 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) riccioli (9) 58.5 J & J Gordon (Ascot Park) halo dolly (4) 56.5 Gary Gibson (Gore) resplendent h (2) 56.5 Paul Richards (Wingatui) Polly’s Sister (1) 56.5 Gary Gibson (Gore) Eldante h (10) 56.5 Terry Kennedy (Wingatui) Quest For luck (8) 56.5 Murray Hamilton (Omakau) Katie’s diamond (3) 56.5 John McKay (Gore) madam dusautoir h (7) 56.5 Steven Prince (Wingatui)

t Moseley J Bullard R Doherty (a1) a Frye (a2) D prastiyou (a3) c Johnson c Barnes (a3) J chong (a3) J Morris k williams

CanteRbuRy equestRian


$10000, rating 75 benchmark, 1400m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

133x2 93631 13012 56x04 03760 31124 0x877 x9725 — 82000


mr trimbole tdmh (3) 60.5 Noel Graham (Wingatui) irish Bay dm (7) 59.5 T & L Prendergast (West Melton) our Jackman tdm (2) 58.5 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) on the take tm (5) 57.5 Jo-Anne Dalton (Ascot Park) Belle d’or m (9) 56 Valerie Christophers (Winton) ima Geegee dm (4) 56 Kelly Thompson (Ascot Park) voodoo vixen tm (8) 56 Graham Tippett (Isla Bank) Bethune Billy tm (6) 55 J & J Gordon (Ascot Park) davone Code touchdown dm (1) 54 Graham Eade (Riverton)

c Johnson a Frye (a2) J Bullard c Barnes (a3) J Morris t Moseley s Muniandy R Doherty (a1) SCRATCHED k williams

pRydes easifeed seasOn finale


$8000, rating 65 benchmark*, 1400m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

48251 1 1 7x9x3 — 28316 24198 x0561

richard trimbole tmh (14) 59 Noel Graham (Wingatui) Greyray (9) 58.5 Kelvin Tyler (Riverton) mr Costa Cugat t (11) 58.5 Terri Rae (Riccarton) tuffinup h (5) 58.5 Anna Swainson (Wingatui) Ganador Gunna Fly (7) 58 Kelly Thompson (Ascot Park) avid ruler (3) 57 Murray Hamilton (Omakau) Jacksanfives tmh (2) 56.5 Terry Kennedy (Wingatui)

Waikato Selections

Wellington Selections

Otago Selections



Race 1: GarGamEl, keep it tight, high FoRty Race 2: SEE you at divaS, saBhRaJ, Day centRe Race 3: danE rulEr, QuaRtZe, no Rush’n Race 4: China Bo Bo, DaMe La Jane, FLiRtation Race 5: BiG EnErGy, aLL aBout aLF, heZa kooL kat Race 6: rESPlEndEnt, LeeBoy, inDiana Jones Race 7: mr trimBolE, iRish Bay, ouR JackMan Race 8: riChard trimBolE, showBReRa, MR costa cugat

c Johnson R Doherty (a1) J Bullard L Mckay (a3) SCRATCHED D prastiyou (a3) J chong (a3) c Barnes (a3)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

741s5 90s00 21132 63378 9s438 31033 86505 15s70 11142 50s80 05320 01s25 71241 11204 8s718 15800


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L nolen p holmes M cahill J Riddell J Bowman c Reith L innes J cassidy p hammersley L cassidy M Du plessis c Munce g colless M Bennett t Bell R wiggins

MCGRath daybReaK lOveR


$125,000, 3yo Listed sw, 1600m 1 1s134 academus d (1) 57 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) 2 s0100 Jimando (10) 57 Tony McEvoy (Angaston) 3 s3931 limes (9) 57 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) 4 31410 Platinum Kingdom dw (20) 57 Ms L Latta (Awapuni (Nz) 5 01570 Eximius w (5) 57 M G Price (Caulfield) 6 0s583 lucky hussler tw (13) 57 D T Kelly (Gold Coast) 7 8s605 Platinum State tc (11) 57 B R Guy (Gold Coast) 8 37s66 heza Jetsetter tcwh (22) 57 R L Heathcote (Eagle Farm) 9 06704 holy toledo wb (19) 57 R J Macrae (Toowoomba) 10 s0490 Steep w (21) 57 John Thompson (Gold Coast) 11 01127 Cheapskater (12) 57 C A Howell (Rockhampton) 12 s3182 Saint or Sinner w (7) 57 M D Moroney (Flemington) 13 28930 medusa’s miss (6) 55 Kevin Moses (Randwick) 14 13s57 lilliburlero (15) 55 David Payne (Rosehill) 15 22s69 oasis rose (16) 55 G A Rogerson (Tuhikaramea (Nz) 16 10984 impetuous (2) 55 C E Conners (Warwick Farm) 17 6s030 Sunset affair (14) 55 Ms G Heinrich (Gold Coast) 18 8s102 Stolen Kisses b (4) 55 Ms M Thexton (Gold Coast) EmErGEnCiES 19 5s111 lady Echelon dw (17) 55 Natalie McCall (Sunshine Coast) 20 71648 Sweet as Bro (18) 57 L J Corstens (Kyneton) 21 s1613 loves the Show (8) 57 J R Wheeler (Mornington) 22 23 Gold Flow (3) 57 L P Morton (Gold Coast)


k Mc evoy n hall J Bowman J Riddell c newitt J cassidy J Byrne R wiggins g cooksley M cahill L nolen e wilkinson c Reith M Rodd M walker B avdulla D Dunn t Bell

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patinaCK faRM dane RippeR staKes 3.45 $200,000, F&M group 2 sw+p, 1400m

1 21220 red tracer cdwn (18) 59.5 C J Waller (Rosehill) n Rawiller 2 8s030 Punch on d (6) 59.5 P J Balzen (Gold Coast) p hammersley J Byrne 3 s6370 Pane in the Glass tw (12) 59.5 John Thompson (Gold Coast) 4 s1140 Steps in time cd (21) 59.5 J A O’Shea (Randwick) J cassidy 5 4s008 Gai’s Choice dw (5) 58.5 David Pfieffer (Warwick Farm) J Bowman 6 32435 miss Stellabelle whn (22) 58.5 Ms G Waterhouse (Eagle Farm) M Rodd 7 s4521 arctic Flight dw (16) 58.5 A J Cummings (Randwick) p Robl 8 10200 Emmalene twh (17) 58.5 L F Birchley (Eagle Farm) L innes 9 s0798 Soft Sand w (2) 56.5 Paul Messara (Scone) B avdulla 10 40s75 Quidnunc dw (9) 56.5 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) k Mc evoy 11 76290 risk aversion t (13) 56.5 M J Lakey (Deagon) c Munce 12 s6351 Fire up Fifi tcwh (8) 55.5 R L Heathcote (Eagle Farm) g colless 13 s1462 Sharnee rose d (23) 55.5 K A Lees (Broadmeadow) g Boss 14 12s26 Babel dw (11) 55.5 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) D Browne 15 16s70 Poste restante twh (15) 55.5 Desleigh Forster (Eagle Farm) M cahill 16 60s24 Floria b (1) 55.5 P G Moody (Rosehill) L nolen 17 61174 Perfectly Stunning d (3) 55.5 P G Carey (Mornington) c newitt 18 13174 discreet twh (7) 55 K M Schweida (Eagle Farm) n hall EmErGEnCiES 19 s4671 Elfina dw (4) 55.5 M, W & J Hawkes (Rosehill) D Dunn 20 — diademe SCRATCHED 21 11311 Peron d (20) 54 John Thompson (Gold Coast) M cahill 22 24s51 ametsis d (14) 55.5 R F Cameron (Flemington) 23 15800 Show affection twh (10) 55.5 R L Heathcote (Eagle Farm)


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Eagle Farm Selections Race 1: CoSmiC EndEavour, Missy Longstocking, BeRnaBeu Race 2: SomEday, tRanspoRteR, iBicenco Race 3: aCadEmuS, LiMes, LiLLiBuRLeRo Race 4: PEntaSia, satin shoes, DiaMonD eaRth Race 5: Gai'S ChoiCE, FiRe up FiFi, FLoRia Race 6: romantiC touCh, ZoustaR, paxiMaDia Race 7: honoriuS, gonDokoRo, hawkspuR Race 8: your SonG, siZZLing, Riva De Lago Race 9: ZurElla, QuintessentiaL, Less is MoRe


1 52611 hawkspur tw (5) 57 C J Waller (Rosehill) 2 00423 honorius (4) 57 David Payne (Rosehill) 3 12134 usainity (18) 57 M P Baker (Cambridge (Nz) 4 11112 Survived wb (17) 57 J G Bary (Hastings (Nz) 5 05232 Electric Fusion n (22) 57 R W Smerdon (Caulfield) 6 51453 laser Flash b (9) 57 David Payne (Rosehill) 7 11985 arousing Suspicion (8) 57 Paul Rocke (Mornington) 8 03991 trakstar h (3) 57 T J Gollan (Eagle Farm) 9 2s112 rhythm to Spare (19) 57 M D Moroney (Flemington) 10 31272 Faust (7) 57 D A Williams (Goulburn) 11 09044 Kentaur hn (15) 57 Shaun McCarthy (Eagle Farm) 12 13250 lucky lucky lucky (16) 57 R S Englebrecht (Warwick Farm) 13 14377 Sir denzel (13) 57 J A O’Shea (Randwick) 14 0s311 ali vital w (10) 57 M D Moroney (Flemington) 15 15293 Celtic Prince w (11) 57 Bjorn Baker (Warwick Farm) 16 40390 heater (21) 57 John Thompson (Gold Coast) 17 15371 Zagami twh (12) 57 J P Caught (Eagle Farm) 18 14321 Gondokoro cw (14) 55 P G Carey (Mornington) EmErGEnCiES 19 92213 Save the Star w (1) 57 Ben Ahrens (Beaudesert) 20 22117 ambitious Champion w (20) 57 M P Baker (Cambridge (Nz) 21 4s312 Paraggi (2) 57 S A Dwyer (Bendigo) 22 4s216 tonopah (6) 57 C E Ritchie (Warwick Farm) 23 75162 Prize (23) 57 Marcus Wilson (Gold Coast)


aaMi stRadbROKe handiCap

J cassidy M Rodd J Bowman J Riddell D Dunn c Reith w egan L cassidy g Boss p Robl t Bell g cooksley c newitt D gauci n Rawiller M cahill k Mc evoy R Mc Leod B stewart J Byrne B Rawiller


$1,360,000, group 1, 1400m 1 8s143 Buffering twhn (6) 58 R L Heathcote (Eagle Farm) D Browne 2 3s261 Epaulette d (22) 56 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) k Mc evoy 3 s3071 Solzhenitsyn tch (17) 56 R L Heathcote (Eagle Farm) M Rodd 4 22734 Streama dw (14) 54.5 G H Walter (Warwick Farm) g Boss 5 150s7 my Quest For Peace (23) 54.5 P G Moody (Caulfield) L nolen 6 0s511 linton d (21) 54.5 J D Sadler (Flemington) n hall 7 23663 decision time d (12) 54.5 C E Conners (Warwick Farm) J Bowman 8 83s16 your Song tdwb (11) 54 A J Cummings (Randwick) p Robl 9 66264 Spirit of Boom tdwh (2) 54 T J Gollan (Eagle Farm) M cahill 10 50s00 happy Zero d (13) 54 M, W & J Hawkes (Rosehill) D Dunn 11 s6107 hot Snitzel cw (8) 54 G A Ryan (Rosehill) B avdulla 12 0s309 yosei cdw (10) 53.5 S J Webb (Caulfield) Ms M payne 13 s0s51 Belltone tcdwh (3) 53.5 K C Wood (Eagle Farm) c Reith 14 35110 Famous Seamus tw (16) 53.5 N Mayfield-Smith (Hawkesbury) g colless 15 77501 Fontelina d (4) 53.5 A J Cummings (Randwick) J cassidy 16 62180 Spirit Song dwhn (9) 52.5 K C Wood (Eagle Farm) M walker 17 15135 Better than ready twh (19) 52.5 K M Schweida (Eagle Farm) c newitt 18 2s561 Sizzling tcwh (18) 52 K C Wood (Eagle Farm) c Munce EmErGEnCiES 19 11222 riva de lago dwb (7) 52.5 C J Waller (Rosehill) 20 2s522 Conservatorium (5) 52.5 G D Kennewell (Morphettville) J Bowditch 21 37s69 Phelan ready w (20) 52.5 Jason McLachlan (Sunshine Coast) t Bell 22 s8838 Celtic dancer tw (1) 52 N J Doyle (Gold Coast) 23 32435 miss Stellabelle whn (15) 52 Ms G Waterhouse (Eagle Farm) J Byrne


CROseR bRisbane Cup


$300,000, Quality group 2, 2400m 1 s0073 voila ici dw (18) 59 P G Moody (Rosehill) 2 s6851 Precedence dn (9) 58.5 J B Cummings (Flemington) 3 s5514 moriarty (21) 58 C J Waller (Rosehill) 4 25311 Quintessential tcw (14) 57.5 J G Sargent (Warwick Farm) 5 50701 Fiumicino dw (2) 56 M, W & J Hawkes (Rosehill) 6 s4956 lightinthenite wn (13) 56 J A O’Shea (Randwick) 7 41s82 rothera tcwh (5) 56 B J Smith (Eagle Farm) 8 03420 Fibrillation w (11) 54.5 T R Martin (Rosehill) 9 35068 Zurella (6) 54.5 S F Ritchie (Gold Coast) 10 s4075 Shenzhou Steeds dw (16) 53.5 M D Moroney (Flemington) 11 s2743 Zennista w (22) 53.5 Ms L Latta (Awapuni (Nz) 12 14240 Savanah rush dw (1) 53 Ms L Brennan (Cambridge (Nz) 13 6s060 Shamardashing tw (7) 53 John Thompson (Gold Coast) 14 75620 miss artistic dw (23) 53 S F Ritchie (Gold Coast) 15 13166 margins tw (8) 53 Ben Currie (Toowoomba) 16 48724 verdant dwbn (10) 53 R W Smerdon (Caulfield) 17 8s012 less is more tdw (19) 53 David Vandyke (Warwick Farm) 18 5s110 midsummer Sun db (17) 53 Sam Kavanagh (Morphettville) EmErGEnCiES 19 80099 Saint Encosta t (4) 53 John Thompson (Gold Coast) 20 37108 Gold Cape (20) 53 J R Wheeler (New Plymouth (Nz) 21 12550 dazzle us w (3) 53 Bruce Hill (Gold Coast) 22 85310 trajet wh (15) 53 L F Birchley (Eagle Farm) 23 01063 i Gotta Feeling w (12) 53 J R Wheeler (Mornington)

g colless J Bowman n Rawiller D Browne D Dunn g Boss R wiggins B avdulla k Mc evoy e wilkinson L innes M Du plessis c Munce J Byrne t Bell M walker p Robl c Reith M cahill c newitt

D Browne

$80,000, Quality Listed, 1000m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Channel 7 queensland deRby

n Rawiller k Mc evoy g colless M Rodd e wilkinson c Munce L cassidy

$500,000, 3yo group 1 sw, 2400m

TAB doubles 1-2, 5-6, 8-9. Trebles 3-4-5, 7-8-9. Quaddie 6-7-8-9. Place6 4-9.


7 5s711 romantic touch h (2) 57 Ms G Waterhouse (Eagle Farm) 8 144 Paximadia (6) 57 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) 9 1335 Chosen idol (10) 57 Paul Messara (Scone) 10 14s36 Global dream h (4) 55 T J Gollan (Eagle Farm) 11 2217 navelina t (7) 55 Darren Bell (Deagon) 12 31 She’s amazing (11) 55 A J Edmonds (Gold Coast) 13 9s34 locomotion h (1) 55 L F Birchley (Eagle Farm)

J cassidy M cahill J Bowman t Bell R wiggins c Reith

australian races flemington Jetbet 8


TAB doubles 1-2, 3-4, 6-7, 9-10. Trebles 2-3-4, 5-6-7, 8-9-10 Quaddie 7-8-9-10. Place6 5-10.

Weather/track/Rail Fine/Slow (6)/Out 4m.


MuRRay COX handiCap


$100,000, 2yo, 1400m 1 42432 Gracious Prospect bh (6) 59 D A Hayes (Flemington) c schofield (a1.5) 2 331 Clairvaux w (3) 57.5 M J Williams (Warrnambool) B Melham 3 61 Corporate takeover d (7) 57.5 Luke Oliver (Caulfield) Ms J Beriman (a3) 4 2 vintage Cognac (9) 57 C & C Alderson (Cranbourne) s arnold 5 46s1 lady lakshmi w (2) 56.5 D Brideoake & D Feek (Mornington) D stackhouse 6 4312 Celeritas (5) 56 A J Vasil (Caulfield) R hurdle (a3) 7 9s mysonharry (1) 56 M C Kent (Cranbourne) v Duric 8 22 riverina red (12) 55 C W Little (Caulfield) s Baster 9 5 Katespur (8) 54.5 A J Cummings (Caulfield) L currie 10 4 theodora h (11) 54.5 M Ellerton & S Zahra (Flemington) D Lane 11 4s48 Fairlie h (4) 54 J D Sadler (Flemington) t sadler (a2) 12 946 victorious tale (10) 54 R G Hore-Lacy (Caulfield) c Robertson


biRthday handiCap


$80,000, 3yo Fillies Rating 78, 1400m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

s3125 1s784 0s851 s7308 15481 5s650 147s6 21512 14s43 23s49 520s1 36s55 5s647 s3100


Coins cdh (3) 59.5 Peter Snowden (Flemington) v Duric ava’s delight (1) 58 D K Weir (Wangoom) B Melham lonhruge dw (10) 57 R E Laing (Cranbourne) t sadler (a2) mareeza w (4) 56.5 P G Moody (Caulfield) D stackhouse Catered dwh (13) 55.5 D A Hayes (Flemington) c schofield (a1.5) Forever Crazy h (8) 55.5 C J Waller (Flemington) s Baster maglissa d (14) 55.5 R D Griffiths (Cranbourne) J Benbow valid Contract (2) 55 D Brideoake & D Feek (Mornington) L currie our Celladoor d (12) 54.5 P G Moody (Caulfield) Ms L Meech murray Star w (11) 54 P G Moody (Caulfield) J winks nextess (6) 54 P G Moody (Caulfield) J Duffy (a2) Perfect offering h (9) 54 J D Sadler (Flemington) D Lane mrs hadlee h (5) 54 M D Moroney (Flemington) Ms J Beriman (a3) mitford Sister h (7) 54 T J Hughes Jnr (Flemington) o ay (a3)

banJO pateRsOn seRies heat


$80,000, open heat, 2500m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

3255s 80091 2s978 83321 s3431 21135 23031 74304 20022 91s55 42365 01216 85901 52113 24541 —

Fieldmaster w (12) 60 Patrick Payne (Plumpton) Ms L whelan (a3) Black and Bent tcdwn (4) 59.5 R W Smerdon (Caulfield) B knobel (a2) Crafty Cruiser w (10) 59 B I Stanaway (Torquay) R wheeler Shiny Buttons w (3) 59 D K Weir (Wangoom) B Melham maythehorsebemagic w (17) 58 J A McLean (Yangery) Ms J Beriman (a3) Gotta take Care wn (7) 57.5 D K Weir (Ballarat) D Lane val mondo (16) 55.5 Aaron Purcell (Warrnambool) s Baster altonio w (9) 54 P G Carey (Mornington) J winks readings dwn (15) 54 D A Hayes (Euroa) Ms k nisbet (a3) monkey Briscoe w (8) 54 Brett Scott (Mornington) J Duffy (a2) aggregator dn (13) 54 M C Kent (Cranbourne) D stackhouse Brungle Cry w (5) 54 R W Smerdon (Caulfield) t sadler (a2) Cooldini w (6) 54 R W Smerdon (Caulfield) c schofield (a1.5) outback Joe wh (11) 54 N A Blackiston (Flemington) v Duric Burlington (2) 54 V C Poke (Spreyton) p Mertens lake Eerie SCRATCHED

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, June 7, 2013


By Jonathan Leask The Mid Canterbury senior football team are lining up to step into the unknown tonight. The side play Christchurch United under lights on an artificial surface at Christchurch’s ASB Park for the first time and the players are so keen for the new experience it’s given coach Peter Roberts a welcome selection headache. “It’s quite interesting that a couple of weeks ago I only had maybe 11 or 12 of the senior squad available, but I have 17 available players for this one,” Roberts said. “Only one or two of the guys have played on ASB Park before, so even having to get off work early to travel to Christchurch on a Friday night it’s amazing who’s available to play under lights on the artificial in a bit of a stadium.” Formerly English Park, the venue was renovated and renamed in 2011 and is used as Christchurch United’s home venue throughout the season. “Christchurch United hire the venue for all their division one matches. “I think they have accessed some funding for it because it’s not cheap. It probably costs around $300 per game but it will be a good experience for us.” The team is lining up for the experience but Roberts hope they can secure the result and is confident they can after an impressive 3-2 win over Cashmere Technical last weekend.

Greg Feutz: One of the experienced players in the Mid Canterbury side “It’s about the best we’ve played all season after a couple of average performances, but having a few key players back made the difference.” “If we have a full squad we are competitive, but we can lose three or four and it can make a huge difference.”

• College confident

Mid Canterbury eyes top spot

Ashburton College face their biggest test of the Crusaders secondary school rugby competiton campaign heading north to take on Nelson Boys’ College tomorrow. Ashburton are chasing an unprecedented top four finish, currently third, and need a win from their final two matches to achieve the feat. Coming off a strong 24-18 win over Timaru Boys, Ashburton head north confident they can compete against an unbeaten Nelson outfit, themselves coming off a 22-all draw with arch rivals Marlborough Boys’.

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Greg Feutz, Davilson Inacio and Steve French came back into the side and with their added experience the side delivered, and Roberts is hoping for a repeat effort. Last time they met Christchurch United Mid Canterbury scored a 4-2 win. “That was a good performance but they have improved since then. “It’s a pretty tight division and we are capable of beating anyone. “ Having met every team in the league once Roberts said that Universities were the benchmark. The unbeaten students side was deducted 15 points for fielding an unregistered player in their opening five round wins and have quickly caught up ground to be on nine points with three straight wins, including a 7-0 thrashing of Mid Canterbury. “Universities is the strongest team in the division, and when they beat us 7-0 was when we were down to 11 of our senior squad so we were really up against it, but it will be good to play them with everyone available.” That clash isn’t scheduled until July 13 and if the league carries on in the same vein it could be a crucial one. The league is so tight that of the eight sides, the top six are with two points of each other with four sides tied on 13, but that could change tonight. “If we can get the win we move to the top of the league going a point clear, although the other teams will have the chance to overtake us again when they play [tomorrow].”

• Black Caps celebrate The New Zealand cricketers celebrated their one-day series over England by spraying champagne over each other like Formula One drivers, but the team still needs a pitstop to assess its limited overs form ahead of the Champions Trophy. The tournament started overnight with India meeting South Africa in Cardiff. Despite New Zealand’s improved ODI performances following the test anguish, captain Brendon McCullum identified four areas for improvement after a rejuvenated England won the final match of the three-game series by 34 runs at Trent Bridge. Death bowling, middle order batting, overall fielding and general fitness came into the crosshairs for attention before their campaign opens against Sri Lanka on Sunday. - HOS

• Ko chasing a major World No 1 amateur Lydia Ko will once again look to make history tomorrow at the LPGA Championship at the Locust Hill Country Club in Pittsford, New York. The 16-year-old from the Gulf Harbour Country Club will try to become the youngest winner in major history in just her fourth major start. American Morgan Pressel was the youngest women’s winner in major history when she claimed the 2007 Kraft Nabisco Championship at the age of 18 years, 10 months and nine days. Ko, who has claimed the leading amateur honours in all three of the major championships she has contested, will tee off late on day one at 12:37pm (local time) alongside Japanese professional Mitsuki Katahira and American glamour girl Michelle Wie. - APNZ

Off to the nationals By Jonathan Leask Mid Canterbury has had 23 players named into the Canterbury Country teams for the National Championships in July. This year Basketball Mid Canterbury (BBMC) combined with North Canterbury and South Canterbury to play as Canterbury Country after Basketball New Zealand changed their representative format, cancelling out the zone qualifications process and converting to a regionally based system. The squads of prospective players began the trials in March with a final hit out at the Junior Invitational Tournament in Christchurch over Queens Birthday weekend before the coaches selected their final tournament team. Mid Canterbury has a big contingent of players across the three age groups with each team having 10 players. Across the five teams Mid Can-

terbury makes up 46 per cent of the players in the triumvirate, while Mid Canterbury coaches have also been selected with Pat Turton head coach of the under 15 girls’ team and Kimberly Sexton is assistant coach for under 17 boys’. Each team also has two non-

Across the five teams Mid Canterbury makes up 46 per cent of the players

travelling reserves as contingency cover with Mid Canterbury having two further players that will continue to train with the sides. The first to head away are the under 17s, off to the North Shore from July 17-20. The under 17 girls team features Victoria Coley, Kate Lloyd, Tessa Morrison and New Zealand under 16

representative Emily Hickman while the boys’ team has Xavier Bartlett, Cameron Butler, Kieran Hunt, Max Sexton and Kody Stuthridge. Four boys were named in the Canterbury Country under 19 boys’ team with Jason O’Connor, Josh Stempa, Cole Wilson and George Wilson off to Nelson from July 24-27. At the same time the under 15 boys’ and girls’ are in Wellington with Mid Canterbury having five players and a non-travelling reserve in each. Sala Bueta, Georgina Kelly, Mel Pucket, Libby Ross and Grace Wilson are in the girls’ team with Serenity Timothy a non-travelling reserve, and in the boys team is Western Bartlett, Gareth Hunt, Thomas O’Brien, Liam O’Connor and Alin Onicas, with Eru TahuriCooper a non-travelling reserve. The under 13s will soon commence their squad trials to begin preparations for their nationals in October.

• Eels have a cleanout Photo Kirsty Clay 060613-KC-009

Tinwald’s Anne Dwan watches her putt head towards the hole during the Low Cup defence against Waimate yesterday.

Short Low Cup tenure By Jonathan Leask After taking 42 years to win the Low Cup back, the Tinwald ladies golf team could only hold onto it for a fortnight. They hosted their first challenge yesterday against Waimate, but it proved to be their first and last. At the end of the round the teams were tied 3-3 with Pat Bell, Mara

Kennedy and Dianne Bell having wins for Tinwald. “We thought ‘Oh well a draw will do’ to keep the trophy,” Tinwald’s Anne Dwan said. “But then we found out it went to a countback on holes up and they had us beat.” The countback saw Waimate take the trophy 14-10 on holes up leaving the Tinwald ladies disappointed, and for good reason.

The Tinwald team had travelled down to Highfield last month for their first challenge in two years and won the match 4-2 to lift the challenge trophy for the first time since 1971. Now they slide to the bottom of the challenge list to await their next shot in another two years’ time, hoping they don’t have another 42 years to get their hands on the prize again.

Warriors losing a Friend? Lawson in form for champs By Michael Brown Hooker Nathan Friend looks set to leave the Warriors at the end of the season as the picture around halves and hookers becomes increasingly congested. The 32-year-old has been a fixture at Mt Smart Stadium for the past two seasons but is off contract at the end of 2013. The club have been in talks about his future, and it appears he has been told they won’t be offering him a new deal. “I may be looking for a new home in 2014,” Friend tweeted last night, which came two days after telling his followers he was due to find out his fate from the club. The Warriors are on the verge of signing Cronulla five-eighth

Chad Townsend for 2014 and they already have Shaun Johnson, Thomas Leuluai and Harry Siejka on their books. It’s expected Leuluai will move to hooker next season, and Friend’s departure would free up some room in the salary cap for the club to sign England fullback Sam Tomkins, who they have openly been chasing. The Warriors are reportedly taking up an option to retain Pita Godinet next season, but Alehana Mara is expected leave. Friend is a hard-working player who has averaged 43 tackles a game this season. He has played 161 NRL games since his debut for the Brisbane Broncos in 2002, but has had issues with his shoulders over the past couple of seasons.  - APNZ

By Jonathan Leask

Nathan Friend: Time to move on?

Over a thousand indoor bowlers will converge on Rotorua for the 64th National Indoor Bowls Championships with 14 Ashburton bowlers in the mix. There are 635 entries in the singles, 395 in the pairs, 240 in the triples and 180 in the fours for the eighth time the event has been held in Rotorua, with the last being in 1999. The 14 from Ashburton are Rosemary Bennett, Noeline Brough, Jim Stewart, Margaret Stewart, Christine Talbot, Martin Nordqvist, Jenny Nordqvist, Maurice Berkeley, Paul Berkeley, Tania Berkeley, Alex Crawford, Russell Ellis, Darryn Turner and Michael Lawson. Lawson is in good form, having

won the South Island Pairs title last weekend alongside South Otago’s Stephen Preddy. Turner will also be chasing the double lining up in Ashley

Last year’s champions will all be trying to defend their titles Diamonds, in the foursome that took out the South Islands while Maurice Berkeley was also in the triples combination that finished runners-up in Invercargill. Last year’s champions will all be trying to defend their titles with

Jennings’ try ‘an Origin great’ By James MacSmith Michael Jennings says he knew the State of Origin opener could hinge on a piece of individual brilliance, and he was able to produce it. The NSW centre beat half of the Queensland team with some incredible footwork to score four minutes out from halftime and deliver the Blues a 14-0 lead. It was a lead they would never relinquish. Origin games are often won and lost on a brilliant individual display, so often produced by the Maroons over the past seven years, and Jennings Michael Jennings: Individual brilliance said that was something he was keenly


aware of as he set sail for the line. “The main focus was trying to get over that line, you treat it as just another line that’s all I was looking at, that is all I am concentrating on,” Jennings said. “Everything is about getting over that line and I was very happy to be able to do that and contribute to the win. “I have always had the confidence in my ability to do that.” Jennings paid credit to the Blues forwards for laying a platform from which their backline could capitalise on in the 14-6 win, the first game one win since 2008. “The boys are really passionate about what we are doing and I think

you saw that out there. We played with a lot of heart out there,” Jennings said. “The forwards led the way, they took the pressure off. “They were great getting us out of our end zone again and again and again. That really took some of the pressure off.” Last Origin series Jennings was plucked out of reserve grade by then NSW coach Ricky Stuart to play for the Blues. “Last year was last year, that is all in the past now,” Jennings said. “I’m at a new club now and I’m really enjoying my football and that is all I can ask for. “But now as far as NSW is concerned we have to back this up.” - AAP

Joseph Zino (Hutt Valley) in the singles, pairs title holder’s Steve Fisher and Pam Cohen (Auckland), in the triples Grant L’Ami, Mike and Lorraine Phipps (Tauranga) and David Archer, Maureen Pruden, Joy Archer, and Candace Archer Waikato in the fours. As well as individual honours there is also the North versus South matches with Ashburton bowlers in the South teams. Christine Talbot has been selected to play the singles in the South Island Academy team. In the Southern Zone Masters Jenny Nordqvist will play lead in the triples, Rosemary Bennett skips the fours, Noeline Brough will play second in the fours and Jim Stewart will play second in the men’s Fours. The championship starts tomorrow with section play in the singles.

Parramatta co-captain Jarryd Hayne has conceded morale is low at the struggling NRL club after a dozen players were told they’re not wanted next season. Hours before State of Origin I in Sydney on Wednesday, Eels forwards Ben Smith, Matt Keating and co-captain Reni Maitua were amongst those told to look for a new club. Hayne was blunt when asked for his reaction to coach Ricky Stuart’s clean-out when he fronted a club media conference a day after playing a lead role in NSW’s game one victory over Queensland. “Yeah, the highest high and the lowest low,” said Hayne. “To hear what happened yesterday and how it happened was very disappointing and something I was taken aback by when I got told the way it went down. To have mates and team-mates put on show like that was disappointing.” - AAP

• Reds man up for Lions The tough-talking Queensland Reds won’t die wondering as they aim to run the British and Irish Lions into the ground in an unofficial “fourth Test” on Saturday night. In contrast to a half-strength Western Force, the Reds are backing themselves to repeat history with a second boilover of the Lions in Brisbane in 42 years. Reds coaching boss Ewen McKenzie named his strongest side available, including 12 Wallabies, and has given his players a license to thrill at a packed Suncorp Stadium. McKenzie predicts the Reds to rise to the immense challenge at home and showcase their attacking game like in epic victories against the Bulls and Crusaders in recent years. “We play our best football against the best teams, so all the ingredients are there for us to play well,” he said.- AAP

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Office: 308 9039



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Rakaia, Celtic face finals rugby By Jonathan Leask Rakaia still remember their first Combined Country Cup finals rugby experience. Rakaia made the top eight for the first time in 2011, but were dumped out by Darfield 35-0. This time around they have qualified as the top team in section one, but know that means nothing in the knockout stages. “We got bundled out last time but we’re looking forward to keeping a good season going and its one step at a time,” Rakaia coach Wayne Foxcroft said. Rakaia are coming off a 21-9 win over Southern on Monday where they were a bit rattled in the first half to be down 9-3, but came back with a strong second half performance to get the win. “We weren’t slow to start, Southern just started strong and we just had to hold the pressure. “Everyone has a turn at attacking and we slowly wore them down. “Waihora could take 60, 70 or 80

minutes but we’re hoping it’s a bit drier as the wet took away one of our major weapons. Rakaia’s backline is full of firepower with centre Dwayne Burrows busting teams open at times this season, but his workload was limited in the wet and either way the weather goes the forward pack has another big test on their hands. Waihora has been up and down this season but toppled defending champions Southbridge last weekend 23-20, and have also outmuscled Lincoln in recent weeks. “We expect it to be a hard battle but we’ll play what’s in front of us. “We have a game plan, we’ll take that into the game and hopefully it still works.” Celtic have their first quarter-final in the Combined Country Cup, having been a regular finalist in the combined competition before the North Canterbury clubs joined in 2007, and have arguably the hardest task taking on the defending champions Southbridge. Celtic’s cause will be buoyed by the return of some key recruits

coming back on deck after being a bit undermanned in their 15-20 loss to Methven on Monday. “We should be back towards full strength with some guys back in key positions,” Celtic coach Dave McCrea said. One of the major ones is loose forward Danny Hurley, whose ball running ability was missed in Monday’s loss. “Danny’s a leader and go forward man and he’ll be back in but I think all the guys will be up for it. “They felt they let themselves down on Monday and know there are no second chances so we’ll be all guns blazing.” Southbridge also comes in off a loss in their last outing, downed by Waihora, which makes the defending champions even more dangerous, with their pronounced attacking abilities displayed two weeks ago when they piled on a try-fest in thrashing West Melton 75-11. “We know what they are capable of and witnessed it first-hand last year.

“We have to keep their Fijians at bay and control them in what we do rather than letting them do what they do, or we’ll come up second best.” In the other quarter-finals Ashley’s unbeaten record will mean nothing against a plucky Saracens side coming off a strong 27-22 win over Oxford, the same day Ashley struggled past strugglers Kaiapoi 23-19. In a battle of the red and blacks, last year’s runners-up Lincoln enjoy home field advantage against Oxford. In the trophy Methven look to continue their winning streak, which currently stands at five, against old foes Darfield while Burnham host Glenmark. Southern and Hampstead will be going at it again in the plate section, after Hampstead won the first encounter back in round one 12-10, and Kaiapoi will host DunsandellIrwell. In the plaque the winless Ohoka photo kirsty clay 040513-kc-115 host Prebbleton with West Melton on the bye. Danny Hurley returns as a vital part of the green machine’s arsenal tomorrow.

French plans ‘a mystery’ By Wynne Gray

The two Aarons, Smith and Cruden, have eyes only for the ball as the All Blacks train at Eden Park for the first test against the French on Saturday.

photo nzh

Dagg knows it’s D-Day on the park One of the season’s great unresolved rugby issues will get a different inspection tomorrow at Eden Park. Israel Dagg’s glittering moments in 2013 do not make for a long list. Instead he has provoked regular questions: why has the fullback struggled and how will those issues be resolved? The All Blacks selectors are convinced they can solve Dagg’s dip in form and have picked him for the opening test duty against France. On form, that selection does not square up. Ben Smith and Charles Piutau have better claims, but while both are in the expanded test group, Dagg gets first crack at his favoured duties. Confirmation came yesterday, on his 25th birthday, as the selectors unveiled a side with a back three of Dagg, Smith and Julian Savea. All year coach Steve Hansen made it clear he and his colleagues want to persist with those who toured Europe late last year and were still turning out in the Super 15.

Others heading offshore like Hosea Gear and Tamati Ellison were overlooked for domestic talent. So Dagg’s selection was no surprise. His lack of form, however, remains perplexing. A curious piece of non-action a week ago seemed to summarise his credentials this season. Dagg was caught flat-footed and Waratah flanker Michael Hooper burned him on the outside. That happens. But when Dagg got back to help his team-mates, he made a frail attempt to tackle and claim Hooper before he scored. The actions of a man badly out of touch, or bereft of confidence? Both probably, as Dagg is a player who trusts the instincts which have delivered some superb moments in test rugby. He started this year slowly and has rarely got out of that trough. Crusaders coach Todd Blackadder could not find the right switch to ignite his fullback, and in exasperation and hope, plonked Dagg on the

SCOREBOARD Ice hockey Results Cycling

Dauphine Libere Results from Stage 4 of Dauphine Libere, a 32-km ride from Villars-les-Dombes to Parc des Oiseaux. 1. Tony Martin (GER/OPQ) 36min54sec 2. Rohan Dennis (AUS/GRS) 47 3. Chris Froome (ENG/SKY) 52 4. Jonathan Castroviejo (ESP/MOV) 1:08 5. Michal Kwiatkowski (POL/OPQ) 1:13 6. Edvald Boasson Hagen (NOR/SKY) 1:19 7. Richie Porte (AUS/SKY) 1:20 Overall Standings 1. Rohan Dennis (AUS/GRS) 12hr40min0sec 2. Chris Froome (ENG/SKY) 5 3. Michal Kwiatkowski (POL/OPQ) 26 4. Edvald Boasson Hagen (NOR/SKY) 32 5. Richie Porte (AUS/SKY) 33

NHL Playoffs

Collated results from the NHL Final(all series best-of-seven): Eastern Conference at Boston Boston Bruins 2 Pittsburgh Penguins 1(OT) (Boston Bruins leads series 3-0)

Squash Celtic Squash Club Results from this week’s round of the Celtic Squash Club’s winter league competition: Chris O’Reilly lost to John McDonnell 2-3, Chris Thompson lost to Blair Horrell 2-3, Paul Cousins lost to Sandy Richardson 2-3, Gary Stratford lost to Ed Harrison 0-3, Marie Kennedy beat Phil Andrew 3-0, Nathan Forbes beat Robbie Kok 3-2. Chrissie Stratford lost to Rebecca Abernethy 0-3, Ron Carlson beat James Hunn 3-0, Craig Campbell lost to Pete Blacklow 2-3.

bench for a few games. Responses varied but tomorrow Dagg gets a massive break. He knows it. He has been just as frustrated as spectators. “I have been given a big opportunity this weekend and I just have to go out there and repay the selectors,” he said. “It has been frustrating and that’s all I can say really.” Dagg could not enlighten us with any clues for his problems, none he wanted to divulge anyway as his eyes darted around the room. His theories were as solid as his recent defence. His confidence had taken a hit but his sights were on a revival. All Black selection had given him some of that faith and in this team, he just had to concentrate on his work as part of powerful unit. “I just have to put that behind me now and focus on these three tests for my country. “I have been given an opportunity this weekend to prove to myself really, first, that I have a right to be here,” he said.

Meanwhile, France are not hugely experienced but will fancy their front row clash against the All Blacks. Loosehead prop Wyatt Crockett and hooker Dane Coles have been occasional test choices but front up at Eden Park tomorrow as injury and development ideas open All Black selection gaps. Coles was the future and this was his chance, coach Steve Hansen said. “He’s not going to develop by sitting on the bench. The door is open but he’s got to walk through it.” Coles’ rugby was restricted when he broke his eye socket in April. He attended both All Black camps and returned to Super 15 work last round against the Brumbies. Crockett’s scrum technique came in for its latest reproach from former All Black coach Graham Henry but Hansen dismissed that as the grizzles from a beaten Blues side. He felt France would try to bully the All Blacks up front and then change direction with their backs,


3-Nadia Petrova (RUS)/Katarina Srebotnik (SLO) bt 11-Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova (RUS)/Lucie Safarova (CZE) 6-3 6-3. 1-Sara Errani/Roberta Vinci (ITA) bt Varvara Lepchenko (USA)/Zheng Saisai (CHN) 7-5 6-1. 2-Andrea Hlavackova/Lucie Hradecka (CZE) bt Cara Black (ZIM)/Marina Erakovic (NZL) 2-6 7-6(3) 6-4. 4-Ekaterina Makarova/Elena Vesnina (RUS) bt 10-Kristina Mladenovic (FRA)/Galina Voskoboeva (KAZ) 6-4 6-1. Mixed Doubles Quarter-finals 8-Liezel Huber (USA)/Marcelo Melo (BRA) bt 4-Lisa Raymond (USA)/Bruno Soares (BRA) 6-4 6-4. Semi-finals Lucie Hradecka/Frantisek Cermak (CZE) bt 8-Liezel Huber (USA)/Marcelo Melo (BRA) 3-6 6-2 10-3. 5-Kristina Mladenovic (FRA)/Daniel Nestor (CAN) beat Cara Black (ZIM)/Aisam Qureshi (PAK) 7-5 6-4.

French Open Results from French Open yesterday (prefix denotes seeding). Men Quarter-finals 1-Novak Djokovic (SRB) bt 12-Tommy Haas (GER) 6-3 7-6(5) 7-5. 3-Rafael Nadal (ESP) bt 9-Stanislas Wawrinka (SUI) 6-2 6-3 6-1. Women, Quarter-finals 2-Maria Sharapova (RUS) bt 18-Jelena Jankovic (SRB) 0-6 6-4 6-3. 3-Victoria Azarenka (BLR) bt 12-Maria Kirilenko (RUS) 7-6(3) 6-2. Men’s Doubles, Quarter-finals 7-Alexander Peya (AUT)/Bruno Soares (BRA) bt 16-Mariusz Fyrstenberg/Marcin Matkowski (POL) 1-6 6-4 3-1 ret. Women’s Doubles Quarter-finals

as they tried in the Six Nations. He also revealed that Daniel Carter would miss the second test in Christchurch to allow the fracture in his right hand to heal properly. The set-piece and all other aspects will come under Wayne Barnes’ jurisdiction. Barnes has refereed the All Blacks three times since his controversial control of their 18-20 World Cup quarter-final defeat to France in 2007. The only time he has refereed the All Blacks since, in New Zealand, he sent off Irish No 8 Jamie Heaslip. Senior All Black loosehead prop Tony Woodcock is out of this test because he had an infected nose and the coaches did not want to play and “flatten” him for the rest of the series. That decision means the versatile Ben Franks and rookie Ben Afeaki are props on an expanded eightman bench, with Hurricanes lock Jeremy Thrush also looking for his first cap as a 28-year-old.  - NZH

If the French are handing out awards for sporting diplomacy, Louis Picamoles would be a prime contender. He is certainly top-shelf French boeuf at 113kg and 1.92m, ploughing many of the hard metres from the back of the scrum where he has represented his country 36 times. This is his third rugby trip to New Zealand after previous visits in 2009 and the oh-so-close conclusion to the World Cup two years later. That was then. The French squad has changed a great deal since Philippe St Andre took over as coach from Marc Lievremont. Quite what they are doing or how they are planning to play is a mystery. Their Six Nations work was modest. Picamoles believes it is a case of starting again in the build-up to the 2015 world tournament. Testing themselves against the All Blacks is a great yardstick for France who believe they can challenge the men in black in the three-test series. The No8 said the side may be young but they believed they could give the All Blacks some hurry-up. “We want to enjoy this time with the French team. “It is always great to tour with the national side,” he said. “Having played here before, that is the thing I tell the others, to get great pleasure from living and taking in this land and the people. “We have to enjoy our time on the pitch too and the experiments the selectors are making with the side.” There was no comparison with the 2011 side, which came within touching distance of the World Cup. “We are not in the same kind of competition. “Many of the senior players have left the squad now so we are developing the next wave so they are two different teams,” Picamoles said. St Andre had a different personality from his predecessor and brought his own strategies. That was a natural evolution and would take some time to settle. “But we are not here to compare, we are here to find a collective work to be able to face the challenge from the best,” Picamoles said. It would be an honour to play against new All Black captain Kieran Read, whose work was of consistently high quality, he said. “We are not here to have a duel. “We are here to find collective solutions.” Touche Monsieur Picamoles, vous avez un certificate diplomatique.  - NZH

Lions send a message By Justin Chadwick In 2003, it was England fiveeighth Jonny Wilkinson who left the Wallabies heartbroken when he kicked the match-winning drop goal in the World Cup final. This year, Welsh fullback Leigh Halfpenny has the potential to be just as damaging during the British and Irish Lions’ three-Test series against the Wallabies. Halfpenny was left shattered in 2009 when a thigh injury ended his Lions tour of South Africa after just one practice match. The 24-year-old is eager to make up for lost time, and the Wallabies

could bear the brunt of the damage if Wednesday night’s showing is anything to go by. Halfpenny nailed all 11 kicks at goal in the Lions’ 69-17 romp over the Western Force in Perth, with four of those shots coming from the sideline. The Lions are spoilt for choices in the goalkicking department, with five-eighth Jonathan Sexton also accurate, but Halfpenny is the frontrunner to take on the kicking duties for the three-Test series. “Ever since I was on that plane back home from South Africa, I’ve been dreaming of this moment of putting on a Lions jersey again,” Halfpenny said. - AAP

• Step up for Rakaia A Rakaia A have home court advantage hosting Hampstead A for their Country Day at the Rakaia Domain in Senior A netball’s third round tomorrow. Rakaia A will have some confidence after registering a solid 33-25 win over Hampstead B but will have to step up again to match the Hampstead A side. In Ashburton the defending premiers Methven A meet College A in the match of the round with sides evenly poised. Both teams have lost to Celtic A, with Methven going down by four the rain affected first round while College A had a last-quarter fade to fall 21-35. Celtic A is yet to lose a match this season should prove too strong for College B while the also unbeaten United A are coming off a strong 21-11 win over Hampstead A and should account for Hampstead B in the last game of the round.

• Tough task for Tinwald Tinwald will test themselves against the top side in the MidSouth Canterbury hockey competition tomorrow. The first time they met defending champions Wakanui Black they were thumped 13-0 which was also their first game in the competition after a win by default in week one. Seven games later they are still looking for an elusive first up win, but tomorrow’s clash with the unbeaten Black side will be about proving a point and showing their development Tinwald will be out to contain the Black attack, as well as finding their own finishing touch, struggling to score goals in their last four games that have been closely contested, but ultimately losses. Tomorrow shapes as a similar outcome but they will be aiming for a much closer score. In Timaru Wakanui Blue tackle Tainui and the Hampstead women meet Geraldine.

• Away wins elusive The Ashburton Barbarians take on the Burnham Chevaliers at Coronation Park in division one Canterbury rugby league tomorrow. The Barbarians bounced back from their first home defeat of the season, a 16-6 loss to the table-topping Sydenham Swans, to register a convincing 53-20 win over the Riccarton Knights R last weekend. Yet to win away from home this season, the Barbarians are will have their work cut out for them against the fourth placed Chevaliers.

• Squash at Methven The Methven Squash Club hosts the third leg of the Mid Canterbury Tournament series this weekend. Players from the 11 clubs will tonight begin contesting the third of nine tournaments in Methven, which concludes with the Mid Canterbury Championships in August. As well as the individual tournament titles, the added incentive is the overall points accumulated over the nine tournaments, with Ashburton and Geraldine already hosting the first two rounds. Also this weekend is the Midlands Junior Squash Tournament at the Ashburton Squash Club. The top juniors, D grade and below from the Midlands area, based between Ashburton and Oamaru with six affiliated clubs, will battle for top honours, also starting tonight.

• All runners welcome The Ashburton Harriers Club will be holding their annual Norrie Cup cross country race at the Tinwald Domain on Sunday. The event will feature competitive runners, but the club is looking to break the perception of their events being strictly for the fit and fast, with their events also suited to joggers and walkers of any ability. The 10km open race is the feature running race, but there are other distances and grades available for runners, joggers and walkers starting at 1.30pm.

• ‘Clean up your act’ The Warriors have taken action against Russell Packer for urinating on the pitch before Monday night’s big win against Brisbane and the big prop has been told by coach Matt Elliott to clean up his act. The 23-year-old has been at the centre of debate this week, which has taken attention away from their best performance for some time, and he also caused the club to be slapped with a A$15,000 fine. Packer was off limits to media yesterday but Elliott said he had been spoken to. The Warriors had a light training session yesterday in the hope freshening them up because they will come up against a well-rested Sea Eagles outfit who had the bye last week. - APNZ

• Sweating on Jackson The Breakers have one rosterspot left in their quest for a fourthstraight ANBL title and coach Dean Vickerman is leaving that door wide open for Cedric Jackson. Vickerman yesterday signed American Darnell Lazare as one of two imports, but will hold off naming the second until late July in the hope last year’s MVP will return for a third season.- HOL

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday June 7, 2013


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Cross country in the sunshine To see more or purchase photos

From the sideline

Mount Hutt College’s Mikayla Lewis runs along the shingle road to Awa Awa Rata Reserve during the Aoraki cross country championships yesterday. After being rained off on Wednesday the sun was out for the regional championship as the competitors ran along the shingle road, but with snow lingering in the foothills it was a chilly expedition through the muddy subalpine track to the finish line. Mt Hutt’s Aimee Elliott won the junior girls and Assina Dalglish was second in the intermediate girls, while Ashburton College’s Cameron Jopson was second in the junior boys. A number of the runners will have been using the race as a warm-up to the national secondary schools’ race which is on June 15 at the Halswell Quarry.

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Photo Tetsuro Mitomo 060613TM-070

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Erakovic banks on success Marina Erakovic broke through the US$1 million barrier earlier this year and, after the last fortnight in Paris, is well on her way to earning her second million. Erakovic and Zimbabwean partner Cara Black were bundled out of the doubles quarter-finals at the French Open yesterday, going down 2-6 7-6 6-4 to second seeds Andrea Hlavackova and Lucie Hradecka of the Czech Republic. She picked up NZ$41,000 (e25,000) for her efforts on top of the $98,000 (euro60,000) she earned for reaching the third round of the singles before being beaten by 17th-seeded American Sloane Stephens 6-4 6-7 6-3. It takes her prizemoney for the year to US$359,584 and career earnings to US$1,348,902. The 25-year-old can look forward to another good payday in the next month with the circuit about to hit the grass, culminating with Wimbledon where she had previously enjoyed her best success at a grand slam tournament. Grass is her favourite surface.

Erakovic will play at Birmingham and will enter qualifying for Eastbourne before heading to Wimbledon where she will play singles and once again team up with Black in the doubles. Her form in the doubles at Roland Garros wasn’t a surprise, given Erakovic and Black had played in consecutive WTA finals in the two weeks immediately before the French Open, but her progress in the singles was encouraging after winning only one of her seven matches previously. It will also boost her rankings, which should jump from 92 to about 70 in singles and from 32 to the mid-20s in doubles. Erakovic has made a conscious decision over the past 12 months to play more aggressively and it’s a tactic that brings both risk and reward. “I think I’m playing good tennis,” Erakovic told Newstalk ZB when reflecting on her French Open campaign. “I have got nothing but positives to take out of this tournament. “The match against Sloane was very tight and I definitely had my chances. “I want to continue, I want to keep improving, I want to hit the ball bigger

and bigger. I feel that I can take a lot of confidence out of this tournament.” Erakovic and Black had their chances in their doubles quarter-final against Hlavackova and Hradecka, who won the French Open two years ago, but converted only five of 16 break point opportunities, including three break points when 2-2 in the final set. “We could talk about it all day long and say we could have done this and that but we were down 5-2 in the second set and came back [to win it in a tiebreaker],” Erakovic said. “We fought really hard and came very close. “There were a lot of positives to come out of it.” Meanwhile, the 1983 Roland Garros winner Yannick Noah is convinced Jo-Wilfried Tsonga’s march through this year’s draw means the sixth seed can become the first local man to win the French Open in 30 years. Noah, whose straight-sets win over Mats Wilander in the final three decades ago remains an iconic moment in the modern history of French sports, had been dismissive of home hopes ahead of this year’s tournament say-

ing that the current generation was not up to it. But Tsonga’s superb form, in which he has reached the last four without losing a set - including a quarter-final demolition of Roger Federer - has led to a rethink. “What I have seen so far is that he has had a great tournament, very solid, very applied,” the tennis player turned pop star said. “Very impressive and what strikes me especially is the attitude he has. You can see that he is determined to go all the way. “He deserved his win over Federer. “He was simply the better player on the day and it’s true we are starting to dream that he can go all the way.” Tsonga, the fifth seed, stormed past a befuddled Federer 7-5 6-3 6-3 to prove that his aggressive, physical game can work just as well on clay as on grass and hardcourts where his best wins have been so far. Next up in Friday’s semi-finals is claycourt expert, Spanish “bulldozer” David Ferrer, but Noah believes his fellow Frenchman has the game to dominate that clash. - APNZ

Send your caption to Best of the week will be published in Saturday’s Guardian Today’s answers: Mystery person: As well as playing a top game for Queensland on Wednesday night, Darius Boyd has done plenty in league. He picked up a Grand Final with the Broncos in 2006, and another one with St George in 2010. He’s also turned out for Australia 11 times. Quote: Laird Hamilton Trivia question: Mark Carter

By Michael Brown

Marina Erakovic: Heading for her second million

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