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Tuesday, Jan 7, 2014

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Train sparks large fire Firefighters deal with blaze near Chertsey believed to have been sparked by a passing train along State Highway One. PHOTOS MYLES HUME 060114-MH-001



A train is believed to have ignited a large blaze that destroyed a crop and threatened to spread into nearby areas of Chertsey yesterday, firefighters say. Damaged brake pads found lying next to the railway lines were initially suspected of causing the blaze after the northbound train passed through the area south of Chertsey about 2.30pm, but KiwiRail says no problems have been found with the train. Investigations are set to continue. Ashburton principal rural fire officer Don Geddes said firefighters turned up

to find multiple fires scattered along a 1km stretch of the railway lines being fanned into a nearby wheat crop, ending just metres from State Highway 1. Mr Geddes said 4.3 hectares were engulfed by the blaze, spurring rural volunteers from Lauriston, Ashburton Rural, Willowby and Pendarves, along with brigade volunteers from Ashburton, Rakaia and Dunsandel, into action. Five water tankers and four pumps were in operation at the scene, with firefighters using nearby water races to help douse the blaze in about 90 minutes.

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“The main concern for us was the embers being transported into a hedge or paddocks over the highway, luckily we were able to put it out and we also had a big tarmac firebreak to stop that,” Mr Geddes said. Traffic travelling in both directions along State Highway 1 was detoured on to Somerton road, accessed by Jamiesons Road in the south and Wilkinsons Road in the north. Mr Geddes said it was uncommon for trains to cause fires in flat-lying areas. A KiwiRail spokesperson said a driver of its southbound freight ser-

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vice notified emergency services of the blaze after his colleague passed through the area earlier. “While our northbound train could have caused the fire our initial checks of the locomotive and wagons haven’t found any problems. We will do further checks tonight,” she said. “There are no brake pads missing and the ones found could have been beside the tracks for some time.” The spokesperson said fires were “occasionally” sparked by trains throughout New Zealand, and it was unknown if KiwiRail would face charges from the incident.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Five things that may interest you




Klingon resignation ‘unprofessional’ Call it boldly going where no politician has gone before. David Waddell used the Klingon language to write his letter of resignation from a town council in North Carolina. Waddell says he chose to use Klingon, the language of a warrior race in the Star Trek TV shows and movies, as an inside joke. Mayor Michael Alvarez calls the letter unprofessional. Waddell says he is resigning at the end of this month. His four-year term expires in December 2015. – AP


Let your hair down girls Cameron Diaz is urging women to let their hair down and resist the temptation to keep their genitals shaved in a revealing new book. The Hollywood star has opened up about a number of hygiene and health issues in The Body Book, and she’s keen to reverse the laser hair removal trend. She writes, “I hear that there’s a big fad these days of young women undergoing laser hair removal on all of their lady bits. It’s a personal decision, but I’m just putting it out there: Consider leaving your vagina fully dressed, ladies. Let’s be honest: Just like every other part of your body, your labia major is not immune to gravity.” – WENN


CONTACTS Newsroom Call 03 307-7957

Not licensed to cut A man who posed as a medical student took part in cadaver dissection. After his application to study in Auckalnd was rejected he attended lectures and tutorials. His deception was discovered when he was paired with another student for a laboratory assignment, and they both had to provide their ID numbers. The university was unable to establish how the man was able to gain access to its restricted areas without an active student access card. Aman caught posing as a medical student was involved in cadaver dissection and examinations of other students. The University of Auckland has made changes to avoid a repeat of the breach, including enabling police vetting of enrolling medical students this year and a costly revamp of student ID cards. – APNZ

Baby time for Beyonce Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z are reportedly ready for baby number two. The celebrity couple have big plans for 2014, and a baby is rumoured to be one of them. They are already parents to Blue Ivy, who turns two on January 7. Reports say the shock release of 32-year-old Beyonce’s selftitled new album, which hit the shelves with no promotion or publicity last month, was all to do with Jay Z’s wanting a new arrival. “The initial plan was for Beyonce’s album to drop in the New Year, but Jay Z wants next year to be all about baby making. The plan is to start trying just before Beyonce’s world tour ends in Lisbon,” a source close to the couple told British magazine Heat. – CM


Hi-tech oral care Brush smarter. That’s the message from the makers of what is billed as the world’s first internet-connected toothbrush. Unveiled yesterday at a preview event for the Consumer Electronics Show, the device from French-based startup Kolibree aims “to reinvent oral care”, according to co-founder Loic Cessot. “The technology in the industry has not evolved for years,” Cessot told AFP. “The idea is not to brush stronger, but smarter.” The Kolibree toothbrush includes a sensor which detects how much tartar is being removed in a brushing. It also records brushing activity so users can maintain a consistent cleaning each time. The device conveys the information wirelessly to a smartphone app – a particularly useful aid for parents who want to monitor the teeth cleaning efforts of small children, according to Cessot. – AFP

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News Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ashburton Guardian



Loss of teen devastates local family BY TONI WILLIAMS


An Ashburton family is grieving after the sudden loss of their teenage daughter in Christchurch Hospital last week from suspected meningococcal disease. Courtenay Rushton, 16, died suddenly on Friday following a quick and rapid illness. Health officials said the clinical diagnosis was meningococcal disease. Canterbury Medical Officer of Health Dr Alistair Humphreys was quick to point out that diagnosis was not confirmed but evidence suggested it was meningococcal disease. Dr Humphreys said family members were treated with antibiotics at the time the diagno-

sis was suspected and were not at risk of the disease, or to others. “It’s important people know, the family do not present a risk to anybody. “They have been treated and they are safe.” The rapidness of the disease saw the teenager first arrive at Twizel Medical Centre before being sent through to Timaru Hospital. She was transferred from Timaru Hospital to Christchurch Public Hospital on December 30, 2013 but by the end of the week her condition had deteriorated. Miss Rushton’s Facebook page has been inundated with messages. “It can be very quick and in this case it was a great shock to

the family and the hospital staff treating her,” Dr Humphreys said. The meningococcal disease is a bacterial infection that can strike anybody, at anytime. Dr Humphreys said it was important that people got treatment quickly if they had symptoms but not all cases developed all the symptoms. “It can be very hard to diagnose with non-specific symptoms ... sometimes the cluster of symptoms are not together,” he said. One in 10 people had meningococcal in their nasal passage and were “perfectly fine” but occasionally the bacterium moved out and got into the bloodstream. “It is terribly difficult to diagnose but it is better to check it

MENINGOCOCCAL FACTS From Ministry of Health website ■

■ ■

Meningococcal Disease is a serious bacterial infection, with around 100 confirmed or probable cases a year. The bacteria spreads through secretions from the nose or throat, such as coughing or sneezing. Meningococcal disease can be difficult to diagnose because it can look like other illnesses. It can spread very quickly.

out (with your GP) especially if you’re worried about it.” He said vaccination was important especially with institutionalised people such as university students who, given

■ ■

The symptoms may include high fever, headache, vomiting or (in infants) refusal of feeds, sleepiness, a stiff neck and dislike of or sensitivity to bright lights, joint and muscle pains and a rash. It can be treated with antibiotics but early treatment is important. If you or someone in your household has these symptoms call your doctor straight away.

their living arrangements, had a higher rate of transmission if an outbreak occurred. Miss Rushton’s funeral will be held tomorrow at Holy Name Church in Ashburton.

‘Erratic’ behaviour on Mid Canterbury roads BY MYLES HUME


Road rage, dangerous manoeuvres and drink driving are just some of the “erratic behaviours” being displayed on Mid Canterbury roads in the New Year. As the district recorded one of its lowest road tolls in recent memory last year, Sergeant Janine Bowden, of Ashburton, has been disappointed in the driving dealt with by police and reported to the *555 highway number by other motorists. Since the New Year, she said three people have had their licence suspended for three months due to excess demerit points, others have had their cars impounded along with crashes involving vehicles towing boats and caravans. The latest was an incident on

Sunday night when a boat trailer became detached from a vehicle on the Rakaia Bridge, forcing busy holiday traffic to a near standstill for about 30 minutes. But Ms Bowden was most disappointed in a driver who was found driving at 1am on Sunday with an excess breath alcohol reading of 1323mcg, more than three times the legal limit. “There’s been other reports of people speeding and slowing down and displaying erratic behaviour and drivers crossing the centreline which is extremely dangerous. “There have been people being abusive to other drivers and others showing a low tolerance, so the message for that one is leave earlier and plan your trip.” It comes after Senior Sergeant Grant Russell praised drivers for their patience on the roads on New Year’s Eve, but

Erratic driving throughout Mid Canterbury has disappointed Ashburton police in the New Year. PHOTO MYLES HUME 030414-MH-002

Ms Bowden said that had soon deteriorated. Mid Canterbury highway patrol are also expected to stick with their lowered tolerance on speeding until at least the end

of the month, which was reduced nationwide from 10km/h to 4km/h at the beginning of December. “We have been prevalent on the roads and that has resulted

in police dealing with an increased number of driving matters and we will continue to do so,” she said. “Plan your trip and always take time to get to your destination.”

News 4

Ashburton Guardian

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Owners urged to think like a thief By Myles HuMe

Criminals are targeting unoccupied Ashburton homes as residents skip town over the holiday period, forcing police to ask homeowners to think like a burglar. Sergeant Janine Bowden, of Ashburton, said police had received an influx in reported burglaries, particularly in Allenton and Netherby, over the

New Year break, serving as a reminder to consider how and why someone may break into your house. “We would advise people to ask a person they trust to keep an eye out for their property and visit it, also to have a contact number available so if something does go wrong they can get in touch,” she said. Neighbourhood Support New Zealand has set out clear guidelines as to why particular

houses were targeted, and found thinking like a burglar could seriously reduce the chance of falling victim. It said burglars seek out homes where it appears no one is home, with lights off at night, curtains drawn during the day, long lawns and a pile of newspapers gathered on the driveway. Visible expensive items, open windows and homes next to alleyways are also prime targets

for thieves. Ms Bowden said police would continue to crack down on burglaries in Mid Canterbury as burglars seek out the homes of holidaymakers. “We urge people to report it to police if they suspect any unusual activity around their neighbourhoods,” she said. Ashburton police can be contacted on 307-8400 or you can pass on your concerns to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


Lights off at night Curtains drawn during day Untended lawns Newspapers, mail uncollected ■ Expensive items visible inside house ■ Houses near parks, alleyways ■ Open windows, doors


Something old, something new at summer school By susan sandys

More than 200 people from throughout New Zealand have converged on Methven for the town’s annual summer school. The 27th annual Methven Summer School got under way yesterday with a variety of courses ranging from new additions such as handcrafting a Windsor chair to old favourites golf and fly fishing. In the two-day beginner to intermediate fly fishing course, tutor Al Kircher of Methven was to take his four students out to a secret location on a river some time today. He was hoping for the same luck he had last year, when one of his pupils landed a trout first try. Students were yesterday showing all the right moves at Mount Hutt College, where the school is based, casting impressively and reeling in from an imaginary river. Nearby were three students in the Make A Windsor Chair course, where tutor Richard Hare was teaching how to use a

foot-pedalled lathe while carving with a hand-held chisel. He had taught many courses in the topic, his first ever being one that was held at the Methven Summer School 15 years ago. Pupil Michael Steemson, a retired journalist of Wellington, had made a chair with Mr Hare 10 years previously, and wanted to make another one. “I like the primitive processes we use here, there is no power, it’s all done the way the old craftsmen did it,” Mr Steemson said. Other classes under way yesterday included golf, oil painting in the high country, an upholstery course, felt hat making, and photography. Today making felt bags, biking and photo editing join the programme, while tomorrow there will be students discovering their singing voices and learning to play the ukelele. The school runs until Sunday, when harp playing is on the programme. Today Masterchef Masterclasses begin, which will culminate with a cook-off on Friday night.


Above right: Make a Windsor Chair pupil Michael Steemson uses both foot power and elbow grease at the Methven Summer School yesterday. Photo Donna Wylie 060114-DW-128

Our team at the Pharmacy are available for all medicinal advice to meet your needs. MONDAY - FRIDAY 9AM - 6PM & SATURDAY 9.30AM - 12 NOON Countdown Complex, East Street Ph 3086733

Right: Methven Summer School pupil Alan Greenslade fly fishes at Mount Hutt College yesterday, accompanied by fellow pupils (from left) George Salem, Alan Wright, Ken Wragg and teacher Al Kircher. Photo Donna Wylie 060114-DW-193

News Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ashburton Guardian 5


In brief

Crash ‘deeply regrettable’

A police car and an Audi have collided on a busy rural road in Waikato, leaving the occupants of both vehicles with minor injuries. Waikato Police describe the incident as “deeply regrettable”. The crash happened shortly before 2.30pm yesterday on

SH26 at Eureka, near the intersection of SH1B, said District Deployment Manager, Inspector Jeff Penno. “Initial indications are the crash occurred while an officer was carrying out traffic enforcement and has manoeuvred his car to try and stop a speeding

motorist. “The driver of the Audi A4 involved in the crash was taken to Waikato Hospital by ambulance as a precaution after he stated he had soreness in his chest. The Police officer was shaken but unhurt. “Policing by its very nature is an inherently risky profession

Scrub fire Fire crews were battling a scrub fire in rural Northland yesterday afternoon. A Fire service spokesman said they were notified of the blaze at Te Kopuru, south of Dargaville, about 12.10pm. The fire was across about 100m by 20m of scrub. Several rural firefighting crews from Dargaville and Te Kopuru were at the scene. - APNZ

and it is always deeply regretful when an incident occurs that involves a member of the public.” “The crash is currently being investigated by the Serious Crash Unit and has been reported to the Police’s Professional Standards Unit.” - APNZ

Truck hits rail bridge A truck hit a rail bridge in the West Auckland suburb of Henderson yesterday afternoon, closing down part of the Western Line. Auckland Transport said via Twitter that the line was closed between Henderson and Waitakere with a temporary replacement bus service available. The line was reopened soon after. - APNZ


Working parents breathe a sigh of relief By Myles HuMe

As many Mid Canterbury parents returned to work yesterday, some took much-needed relief in the flood of holiday programmes and early childhood centres which reopened. As schools, kindergartens and preschool wound down in 2013, many of the district’s parents were left wondering what to do with their children as they still needed to meet work commitments. Some took time off work, off-loaded the children to a grandparent’s or sent them to a friend’s place. But the stresses and struggles came to an end yesterday, with at least four holiday programmes starting up, coinciding with several preschools opening their doors for the first time in 2014. However, it is still a challenging time for parents, with kindergartens not set to open until January 27, with some preschools opening later this week or later in the month. That may have been reflected through a Guardian poll yesterday which found 71 per cent of parents not keen to get back to work. Many holiday programmes, including Allenton’s Hit Play, are experiencing full rolls, with the programme looking set to

Body named A tramper whose body was found on a Coromandel walking track has been named by police. The body of Allan Roger Couchman, 50, of Rotorua, was found on the track in Tairua last week. Sergeant Damien O’Kane of Tairua police said there were not believed to be any suspicious circumstances and the death had been referred to the coroner. - APNZ

Diver critical

Ashburton youngsters Sabastyan Finn, 7, (left) and Ricki Philpotto, 5, take part in a wacky wheels day at the SKIDs holiday programme, seeing the children create number plates to use on their bikes and scooters. Photo Donna Wylie 060114-DW-061

host a record 50 children later this month. Ashburton Borough OSCAR programme co-ordinator Janice McGregor said she had a few vacant spots each day this week, but after that there were only two days left that parents could enroll their children with the programme, hitting its 30-limit most days. “I think with economic times

many families need was parents working, but there’s also a lot of single parent families that don’t have any other option. Also, not every family has a grandparent who can take them in,” she said. Ms McGregor said holiday programmes can expect to stay busy until January 31, before every Mid Canterbury school looks to kick off the year on Monday, February 3.

A scuba diver is in a critical condition after he was found floating face-down in the water at Mt Maunganui yesterday afternoon. Police and St John ambulance officers were called at 1.20pm after the diver was found in the water at Pilot Bay. CPR was performed at the scene and the diver was taken to Tauranga Hospital in a critical condition. Police said the man, in his mid-50s, was discovered by a member of the public. - APNZ

HOLIDAY PROGRAMMES ■ Hit Play OSCAR – January 6 to 31, 8am to 6pm ■ Ashburton Borough OSCAR – January 6 to 31, 8.30am to 5.30pm ■ SKIDS – January 6 to 31, 8am to 6pm ■ Ashburton Community Pool – January 6 to 24 ■ Sport Canterbury January 20 to 24, 9am to 3pm

Hunter injured A Te Kaha man was airlifted to hospital after seriously injuring his hand with a machete while hunting. The Trustpower TECT Rescue Helicopter was dispatched to the Eastern Bay of Plenty town at 7pm on Sunday. The 53-year-old was hunting in the bush and while clearing a path with his machete, slipped causing serious damage to his hand. - APNZ


Resumption condemned The resumption of socalled “scientific” whaling in the Southern Ocean has been condemned by Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully. Anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd said it was pursuing the Japanese fleet after finding all five of its vessels in the Southern Ocean, along with evidence of kills. The Sea Shepherd fleet, comprising the Steve Irwin, the Bob Barker and the Sam Simon, was now trailing the Japanese ships in a bid to disrupt

or shut down their whalekilling operations. The Steve Irwin’s helicopter first spotted the Japanese vessel, Nisshin Maru, in what the organisation said was New Zealand’s sovereign waters in the Ross Dependency Antarctic region and inside the internationally recognised Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. The Sea Shepherd group said it had footage of three dead protected minke whales on the deck of the Nisshin Maru, taken when the factory ship

was first found. A fourth whale, also believed to be a minke, was being butchered on deck. Mr McCully said reports by Sea Shepherd that whaling occurred in New Zealand sovereign waters were wrong. “New Zealand has responsibility for co-ordinating search and rescue operations in a large area in the Southern Ocean, however these are international waters and not within New Zealand’s maritime jurisdiction.” - APNZ



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News 6

Ashburton Guardian

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Church extensively damaged By ReBecca Quilliam A large blaze has extensively damaged a Catholic church in New Plymouth yesterday, devastating its large family parish, the Parish Pastoral Council chairman says.

The Fire Service received numerous calls from the public just before 3pm and crews arrived to find the fire had “taken hold” of St Philomena’s church on Brooklands Rd. Parish chairman Collin Fromont said he had not seen

the inside of the building, but its roof had been destroyed. It was devastating for the community, he said. Nearby St Pius X school was also “very much part of the church community”. “It’s a great family parish we

have at Philomena so it’s not just going to affect the older parishioners, it’s going to affect the kids as well,” Mr Fromont said. The church was insured and Mr Fromont assumed it would be rebuilt. - APNZ


‘We’ve had a lovely 10 years here’ By Sue NewmaN For the first time in their life as ministers of religion, Alan and Rachel Judge are about to live in their own home. A 10 year stint as ministers at St David’s and the Hinds Co-operating Parish the couple are moving to Dunedin, but unlike each of their other moves, where a house came as part of the deal, the Judges will finally become home owners. Mrs Judge is taking up a position as one of the pastoral care team at Dunedin’s Mornington parish while Mr Judge is changing direction, moving into a management role as executive officer of the Southern Presbytery. “We’ve had a lovely 10 years here; this has been a good community to be part of, but uprooting and moving away from people is never easy,” Mrs Judge said. The whole process of packing and saying goodbye meant it was difficult to look ahead, to move forward and focus on the new positions, Mr Judge said. During their St David’s ministry, the couple say they worked hard to create a church environment that catered for a diverse community. “The saying is a cradle to grave ministry, one that provides a ministry for all ages. We’ve tried very hard to do that and not have gaps. The whole concept for us is to give people a range of choices about when and how they worship,” Mr Judge said. Part of that closing the gaps has meant careful preparation for all services and it’s meant introducing styles of service as well as community activities. “We believe that by making quality worship our priority

Search hampered The search for a man who fell into the water in Wellington Harbour on Sunday has been hampered by poor visibility at the Hutt River mouth, police say. The police dive squad and search and rescue personnel may be called in to help search for the missing boatie, who is presumed drowned. The search resumed yesterday with a police launch scouring the eastern part of Wellington Harbour. The man, in his 40s, and a companion were in a small boat off the entrance to the Hutt River just after 5pm when he fell into the water and was swept by the current. He was not wearing a life jacket. - APNZ

Whales euthanised Twenty-seven pilot whales beached at the top of the South Island have been euthanised. The whales were part of a larger pod, which became stranded at Farewell Spit in Golden Bay on Sunday. Department of Conservation’s Golden Bay conservation services manager John Mason said 12 of the 39 whales died overnight Sunday. The remainder had been euthanised after experts assessed it highly unlikely they could be refloated. - APNZ

View or purchase photos online

Temptation ‘too much’ The trail of trash left left on the streets by students and landlords in North Dunedin is a “recipe for disaster”, a senior Dunedin firefighter says. Senior Station Officer Lindsay Rae, of the Dunedin Central station, said the trash left behind by departing students and other tenants in North Dunedin “becomes too much of a temptation to some of the more unruly members of the area”, who can’t help setting things on fire. - APNZ

Smile, you’re nicked A burglar snapped looking straight at a store security camera is wanted by police. Police say the man was caught on CCTV inside Stirling Sports in Whakatane about 11pm on Sunday. It is thought the same person is responsible for a number of burglaries and has used an axe and other weapons to break into buildings. - APNZ

Student dies

Ministers Rachel and Alan Judge are moving on after providing pastoral care for parishioners at Allenton’s St David’s and the Hinds co-operating parish for the past 10 years. Photo Sue NewmaN 060114-SN-069

it will draw people in. We’ve worked to have our emphasis on making worship intergenerational,” he said.

While they will be leaving Ashburton next week and there is likely to be a time lag before their replacement arrives, Mrs

Judge said the parish will be well served by a team of lay preachers and retired ministers.


Separate traffic incidents temporarily close bridge Traffic was held up both ways on the Rakaia bridge for more than 30 minutes on Sunday night after police had to attend to two separate incidents – a broken down car and a boat

In brief

trailer that became detached. Senior Constable Lois Williscross, of Leeston, said she was dealing with the car broken down on the bridge before the boat trailer unhooked from

the vehicle that was towing it about 4.45pm, causing the northbound lane to be closed. She said it was the worst time for the two separate incidents to occur as many Christchurch

holidaymakers were making their way home before beginning work yesterday. Traffic was diverted around the two incidents, with both lanes reopened about 5.20pm.

A student has died at a building in the University of Auckland business school. A spokeswoman from the university confirmed there had been a death yesterday, and the Owen G Glenn Building had been closed to students for the day. Police and ambulance staff were called to the incident, she said. - APNZ

Dognapping Tabitha Gray is pleading for dog-nappers to return the puppy she bought for Christmas after it was stolen from outside an inner-Auckland supermarket. The 24-year-old hospitality student said she popped into Countdown in Grey Lynn “for all of two minutes” to get some dog food and milk about 6.30pm on Sunday. However, when she came out, her eight-week-old Rottweiller/ Huntaway cross Misty was gone. “It was two young boys apparently,” she said. - APNZ

News Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ashburton Guardian 7


Astronaut dead-keen to visit SI World-famous astronaut Chris Hadfield says the place on earth he would most like to visit after his space odyssey is Marlborough. Hadfield, whose version of David Bowie’s Space Oddity while orbiting the earth went viral on YouTube, spent five months as commander of the International Space Station (ISS) during which time he took thousands of photographs of earth. Asked in a BBC interview where he would most like to visit as a result of what he had seen from above, he said: “The wine country of the South Island, at the north end, of New Zealand. It just looks so beautiful, and with the beautiful volcanic mountain at the south end of the North Island [Mt Taranaki]. “It’s just so, so beautiful, that part of the world, to come across. And the beauty of New Zealand also is after you cross New Zealand you have the long passage across the Pacific so it’s your real last sight of land for

what’s going to be, gosh, it takes almost a half hour to cross the Pacific. So looking at New Zealand is just beautiful.” Blenheim Mayor Alistair Sowman said it was highly flattering to have the famous spaceman give a shout out to the region. “It’s brilliant to have such great publicity for Marlborough. I can’t think what it must look like from above, though.” He said the region was becoming increasingly cosmopolitan and would welcome any visitors from out of town, or outer space. “Come down to Marlborough, it’s a great part of the world.” The wine-growing areas were particularly popular at this time of year, but the jewel in the region’s crown was the stunning Marlborough Sounds, he said. The Canadian astronaut has embraced social media and has scores of followers. He has posted multiple videos on YouTube sharing life aboard the ISS and also partaking in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” live chat. A highlight came when he

Chris Hadfield, whose version of David Bowie’s Space Oddity while orbiting the earth went viral on YouTube, is keen to visit the top of the South Island.

posted a polished video performance of himself singing David Bowie’s Space Oddity while

orbiting Earth. The video has had more than 20 million views. Bowie described the cover

as “possibly the most poignant version of the song ever created”. - APNZ

NEWSMAKERS OF 2013 As 2014 gets under way, the Guardian is taking a look back at the year that’s been and at issues making the news. Reporter Erin Tasker reviews florist Nicole Hazlehurst’s year in the limelight.

A huge learning experience BY ERIN TASKER



shburton florist Nicole Hazlehurst has advice for anyone wanting to enter the young apprentice florist of the year competition at February’s Ellerslie Flower Show. She’s urging them to check out the latest trends for floral art in Europe and don’t just wing it. And she knows what she’s talking about. Ms Hazelhurst – who works at Flowers and Balloons in Ashburton – won the title last year and represented New Zealand in floristry at the Worldskills Competition in Germany, where she came 15th. She said the amount of flowers and material entrants got to use at Ellerslie was one of the big drawcards for her to enter last year. “This was my second time competing at Ellerslie so I knew how fun the competition was,” she said. “You get to create things you wouldn’t usually create in a florist shop. It’s a great way to pick up and learn new ideas from all the other florists competing and a great way to meet new people. “It’s an amazing experience.”

She learnt a lot at Ellerslie. I learnt to sketch the pieces that I am going to make before I started so that I knew exactly what I was going to make and didn’t just throw something together,” she said. “I also learnt that you should stick to the plan you have made and make it work. Also you have to work in front of crowds of people watching you, so it helped me feel more comfortable working and doing demonstrations in front of large groups of people.” She said entrants needed to find inspiration. “Try to have an idea of what you’re going to make instead of just winging it. Also don’t be worried about the crowds watching. They are all really supportive and are very interested in what we are making.” The five day florist competition is open to the public during the Ellerslie International Flower Show 2014 in the floral art marquee. There also are 16 major gardens on show at Ellerslie in 2014 for visitors to enjoy, twice as many as last year and more than ever before. The Ellerslie International Flower Show is in Christchurch’s North Hagley Park from February 26 to March 2, 2014.

Nicole Hazlehurst – urging other florists to vie for the title she won last year at the Ellerslie Flower Show. PHOTO 250613-KC-068

News 8

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


King-hit victim recovering By MaTThEw ThEunissEn A young New Zealand man who suffered head and spinal damage after being punched in Sydney is recovering well and may soon move out of intensive care. Alex McEwen, 19, was “kinghit” outside a McDonald’s restaurant in Penrith early on Saturday. He may face months of rehabilitation after he suffered a fractured skull, brain bleeding and spinal damage, but appears to have escaped permanent injury, his father says. He and his brother Lance McEwen-Henderson, 21, were standing on a one-metre high wall when they were approached by a man about 1.30am, local media reported. The man, Corey Beard, 21, allegedly punched both brothers, knocking Alexander over the wall, causing him to hit his head and lose consciousness. Alex’s father Rodney McE-

The penalties need to be stiff enough so that they think twice before they do it. It destroys families and it destroys lives

wen was in Auckland when he heard the news. “Initially we didn’t know whether there was going to be any brain damage or not, because these head injuries can go either way,” he said yesterday. He flew to Sydney to be with his son, who was put in an induced coma in Nepean Hospital after the attack. He was now awake and talking and there did not appear to be any permanent damage. “Yesterday they did a scan and the bleed in the back of his head has reduced in size so it’s going in the right direction, it’s look-

ing good. “Now he’s just on a strong med for a bad headache.” “He is a quiet and reserved young guy usually too. He is still expecting to be moved out to a ward very soon and recovering slowly.” Mr McEwen said his two sons had met a group of girls at McDonald’s as they made their way home. “They were basically talking to these girls when these guys pulled up and just started ... screaming and attacked them, basically. “It’s bloody terrible. These buggers need to be dealt to, the

penalties need to be stiff enough so that they think twice before they do it. It destroys families and it destroys lives.” Lance told the Seven Network the attack came after a young woman in the car park posed for a photograph with Alexander. “I was just freaking out because you never like to see your younger brother on the ground,” Lance said. “I thought he was dead, to be honest. “Some guy was holding his head up and I was just screaming, ‘Call the ambulance, call the ambulance’.” Beard was charged with offences including recklessly inflicting grievous bodily harm to the teenager as well as assaulting his brother but was bailed when he appeared in Parramatta Local Court on Sunday. Beard’s legal aid lawyer said his client had told police he was acting in self-defence. - APNZ

In brief Cow injures farmer A farmer has been seriously injured by a cow near Taupo. The 56-year-old was sat on and then kicked by the cow on a farm at Tihoi late yesterday, said Greenlea Rescue Helicopter pilot Nat Every. The cow was being loaded out of the yards. The farmer was flown to Hamilton Hospital in a serious condition. - APNZ

Teen missing A search is underway for a teenage boy who went missing in the Ruamahanga River near Opaki, just north of Masterton. The boy was swimming with other youths when he lost contact with the group yesterday afternoon. St John Ambulance was alerted at 5.30pm, a spokesman said. - APNZ

Solo yachtie injured Round-the-world solo yachtsman Stanley Paris has been seriously injured 2000km east of Porto Alegre, in Brazil, after falling from his mast. The 76-year-old former Dunedin man has suspected cracked ribs and an injury to his left arm, but is soldiering on in his attempt to set a record to become the oldest and fastest person to sail solo around the world from Bermuda to Bermuda. - APNZ


Role as check-out chick a welcome lifeline We’ve probably all had them. Holiday jobs. some were good, some were bad and others were downright messy. Guardian staff have been reminiscing about the odd jobs they once did. By Erin TaskEr

Being a student and living on $150 - $90 of which goes on rent – a week, is not easy. Fortunately I had a way of supplementing my income. I was a check-out chick. After a few years of delivering pamphlets – or should I say receiving money for delivering pamphlets, which in reality my lovely mum delivered the majority of – I decided to put my name forward for a job at Ashburton New World. After a trial shift in the bakery where I discovered that baking and the early starts it entailed were not for me, an opportunity to work on the check-out came up. What began as an afterschool job in my final years at Ashburton College turned into a holiday job while I was away studying journalism in Timaru. It was something I would have been lost without. The story of my first job isn’t quite as exciting as others, but

Erin Tasker


it was a job that I was terribly grateful to have because the extra money in my bank account at the end of each school holidays came in really quite handy. There was food to buy, and of course being a 19-year-old, many nights out to fund. This was back in the day when check-out chicks were friendly and their main focus was the customer – something you don’t always get these days. Back then, the check-out supervisors – most of whom are still around town and will know who they are – kept a very close eye on us. If a check-out chick was busy talking to her packer about her weekend plans or a boy she was keen on, while a customer stood there waiting, there was trouble.

An after-school job proved the ideal holiday job when I was home from polytech.

Our uniforms were impeccable and there was no standing around doing nothing. There was always shopping bags and newspaper for wrapping frozens to be restocked, and dusting and other cleaning to be done. We worked hard for our money, when we were being watched! It wasn’t always the most exciting job; the ol’ legs and feet got a bit sore towards the end of a long shift, and there was a collective groan when you saw someone come in with a big

trolley and a long list at 8.45pm when home time was 9pm. No one wanted to be on the front check-out because it was always the last to close so you were always the last one out. But it’s a job where you get to meet some interesting people. You only got to see the customers for a short time, but you got to know some of them reasonably well, despite not even knowing their names. I still see the odd person around town that I recognise; people who even if there was

already someone in my queue, would come to my check-out to get their groceries. They were my regulars. What started out as an after school job to earn a little spending money, turned into something I was grateful to have when I came home for holidays after leaving school. And it was all thanks to the owners of the day, Murray and Gaye Speden, who opened the supermarket and gave me – and many others like me – a first chance in the working world.

Summer photo competition

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

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Here’s four entries in our 2014 Summer photo competition. If you’ve got a special photo sitting either in your camera or on your computer send it in. For conditions of entry, dates and for where to send your precious photos see below. Photographer Sue Yearbury Benji finding out hoses can be fun

Photographer Jane Slaven Grace and Emily-Jane fishing at Moa Bay

Photographer Flash McKenna Tenielle Booth finds a comfy chair on the beach

Photographer Jenny Proctor Kerree feeding the wild ducks

2014 summer photo competition


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Enter your photos to win some amazing prizes. Over the next five weeks the Ashburton Guardian wants to see how fellow Mid Cantabrians enjoy and capture their summer holidays. Because life is all about people, you must have a person in your photograph to qualify. Most days during the holidays we will select a number of pictures to be published in the Guardian. At the beginning of February the team at the Guardian will select the best three photos who will all receive a wonderful prize. Entries are now open and close on Saturday, 1 February 2014.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


What lies ahead Coen Lammers EDITOR


he alarm went off for the first time yesterday morning to signal the start of my third year at the Ashburton Guardian. Like many in the district, getting back into gear after a holiday can be tricky, but thankfully the unpredictability of what will make the news today never fails to excite me. As one colleague once said: “A newspaper is a daily miracle once you realise how little we start with each day. We have some regular features and elements in the Guardian, but the bulk of the content is produced on the day, based on breaking news and the stories that our reporters dig up.” At the start of the year you wonder what will make headlines this year and looking through the Retrospect pages over the past few weeks, it struck me how much Mid Canterbury packs into one year. It is the nature of most of us to assume we will have a great year dominated by good health, happiness and prosperity, with a minimum amount of tragedy and grief. We all know that anyone in Ashburton has a terrific head start with a prosperous economy, good schools and facilities, an abundance of space and outdoor activities that should be the backbone of a good quality of life. However, most of us are well aware that the district will face some tragedies and other challenges like the double-edged sword of our farming success. Water issues may be boring or complicated for the general public, but finding the balance between economic growth and preserving our environment will again be the No.1 issue in 2014, and probably for some years to come. The fruits of the district’s success will soon be visible when the Art Gallery and Heritage Centre opens its doors and the sports stadium nears its completion at the end of the year. The general elections are predicted as the main news event this year, but most locals will be more interested in events that really affect them in their own backyard, and reading about it in the Guardian.



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Opinion Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Farming builds character

Ashburton Guardian 11

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Willy Leferink WILLYLEAKS


he great thing about the past several weeks has been the absence of phone calls. I don’t know if my sharemilkers and farm managers have appreciated having the boss around a lot more than usual, but it’s been great to be among the girls. I’m not being sexist or implying that I only employ women. I am of course talking about my cows. Given that my team, cows included, have been going full tilt this festive season, our ‘Christmas holidays’ will come mid-year. The absence of media calls has given me a chance to catch up on some programmes I recorded, like TV One’s NZ Story. Several stories stood out for me given the way farming has shaped their lives for the better. Gisborne Mayor Meng Foon grew up on and later ran his parents’ market garden with his brother. The 2012 Young New Zealander of the Year, Sam Johnson, grew up in Mayfield where he returns on breaks to help out on the farm. As a fine example of what Mid Canterbury produces, Sam said most of the leaders in the Student Volunteer Army were either the children of farmers or grew up in rural communities. That taught them resilience and co-operation. This is what farming is to me. It helps to shape people’s character and I see that in my own children. They may not go farming immediately, but they gain some impressive traits and skills. Farming is also much bigger than what my team and I do, or, as Federated Farmers education spokesperson Jeanette Maxwell told One News, “It’s about attracting young people to our farms, but also to all those other businesses around farming. We need good scientists, good marketers (and) advertisers”.


Today’s online poll question Q: Are you sticking to your New Year’s resolution?

CONTACTS News tips Call 03 307-7957 After hours news tips Call 021 797-311 Advertising Call 03 307-7974 Classifieds Call 03 3077-900 Growing up on a farm shapes people’s lives for the better, Federated Farmers Dairy Chairperson Willy Leferink believes.

I can add processing engineers, a good service industry and media geeks too. You’d also think that stories about record payouts would have youngsters beating a path to our farms, but only 6 per cent of all the tertiary qualifications dished out in 2012 related to agriculture. I may be mistaken but I think we are graduating more in the creative arts, like photography and fine art, than the most creative of the arts, which is creating food, fibre and even the materials we need for shelter. As a parent myself, if your kids show abilities in science then make sure you nurture and encourage it so that it will lead to the jobs of tomorrow. Proving that Ashburton is the place to be, One News highlighted Ashburton College’s primary industries course. Sure, it is not unique but this is a case of back to the future

with farming being reintroduced to schools bit by bit. It allows kids who don’t have a farming bone in their body to try the career. It may also be a spur to those lawyers and advertisers Jeanette spoke about too. If more people are alert to the opportunities we offer then that’s a good outcome. The PrimaryITO was instrumental in founding the Primary Industries Trade Academy where classroom study is combined with on-the-job learning. This creates a solid foundation for young Kiwis to enhance their education and employment prospects. Right now there are 22 secondary schools under the Primary Industries Trade Academy umbrella and three of them are in Auckland. Instead of bemoaning our lack of access to young people and young urban folk in particular, we ought to be doing

more with these schools. Take the three Auckland schools in the programme, there’s rural Waiuku College, urban Otahuhu College but most surprisingly is Mt Albert Grammar. Aside from producing people from Sir Robert Muldoon to former Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard, the school boasts a small working farm right in the middle of Auckland. Admittedly I have not been there yet, but I would be keen to see it. The farm includes a onestand wool shed and a twostand walk-through milking shed with milking plant. Boy, what an opportunity we have with the Primary Industries Trade Academy to turn some light bulbs on here as to the possibilities our industries offer. Willy Leferink is Federated Farmers Dairy Chairperson

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


In brief

Deadly chill hits millions An icy vortex of Arctic air pushed deadly wind chills and heavy snow into much of the US Midwest with meteorologists saying at least 32 states were in its path over the coming days as it moves south and east. Even the northern tier of winter-hardy states and cities like Minnesota, Chicago and Milwaukee called off school as the country braced for wind chill temperatures down to minus 51 degrees Celsius and colder. It was the first time in 17 years that Minnesota schools have been closed due to snow and dangerously low temperatures, reports said. Governor Mark Dayton ordered the closings. “Temperatures are deadly,” warned Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard in broadcast remarks. Snow fell in his state of Indiana yesterday at the rate of 5 centimetres an hour, media reports said. In Green Bay, Wisconsin, tens of thousands of fans braved minus-26-degree wind chill temperatures to watch a key football playoff game between the Green Bay Packers and the San Francisco 49ers. Despite the Green Bay team having an apparent weather advantage, the 49ers won 23-20. With the mercury expected to drop down to minus 44C through the night, food stands at Lambeau Field in Green Bay were offering free coffee and hot chocolate to keep fans warm. There were worries that beer

Indian rescuers have pulled two more bodies from the rubble of a collapsed apartment block, taking the death toll from the country’s latest building accident to 17. The building, which was under construction, crumbled while more than 40 poorly paid dailywage labourers were on site in the southern state of Goa. Rescue workers discovered the two bodies overnight Sunday to Monday as efforts continued around the clock to try to find survivors still trapped in the rubble of the building that a witness said collapsed like “a pack of cards”. Although about 16 people are still unaccounted for, the official said the chances of finding survivors were slim given the length of time since the accident. - AFP

Voldemort in the news

A Crestwood motorist tries to get his car moving in St. Louis as heavy snow falls yesterday. ap photo

would freeze in the open air stadium, CNN reported. “Life-threatening wind chill,” the National Weather Service warned. “The coldest temperatures in almost two decades will spread into the northern and central US ... behind an Arctic cold front,” the government forecaster said. Before the “polar vortex” - as it’s being called by meteorologists - hits the east and south, rain was expected to fall in those regions and be turned into thick ice when temperatures plunge into the minus-20C range today. The normally mild-tempera-

ture city of Nashville, Tennessee, has delayed by a day the post-holiday school start until Wednesday. “Dangerously low temperatures forecast for Tuesday morning a concern for student safety,” the school system said. Flash freezes after the rain and blizzard conditions were expected from Tennessee to Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky and Pennsylvania, the private forecaster AccuWeather said. At least 13 people have died due to blizzard-like conditions

and record cold over past days, most of them from traffic accidents in Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky and Indiana. Broadcasters warned that frostbite could set in within just five minutes in the harsh conditions. The weather caused cancellation of 3467 flights and delays in another 11,191, according to the flight tracker FlightAware. com. Overall, around 149 million people - about half the US population - were expected to be in the grip of the Arctic chill by today, meteorologists said.- DPA


Magistrate refuses bail for Packer

Russell Packer: Two years jail

Indian death toll rises

NRL player Russell Packer has had his bid for bail knocked back before an appeal against the severity of his two-year sentence for a drunken assault. Magistrate Greg Grogan yesterday sentenced the 24-yearold Newcastle Knights recruit to two years behind bars for an assault outside a Sydney hotel last November. The sentence caught Packer and his supporters, including Newcastle Knights officials, off guard at Downing Centre Local Court. Packer’s lawyer Murugan Thangaraj, SC, immediately lodged an appeal after the sentence was handed down and later applied for Packer’s bail. The police prosecutor did not oppose bail under certain conditions including that Packer

report to police three times a week and abstain from alcohol. Mr Thangaraj argued there was no evidence Packer would assault again and it was important for him to continue his rehabilitation, but Magistrate Grogan said he was concerned about community safety if Packer was released on bail. He said Packer appeared to be a ticking time bomb on the night of the assault and he denied him bail. Packer kissed his emotional partner as he was placed in handcuffs and led out of the court. The appeal against the severity of the sentence has been lodged for February 11. The court was told that Packer had been kicked out of the Chambers Hotel at 1.30am on November 23 last year because

he was too drunk. He moved about 20 metres from the Martin Place pub, then got into a disagreement with another man after being accused of stealing two cigarettes from a woman sitting nearby. Mr Grogan told the court that Packer punched the man in the face, causing him to fall and hit his head on the ground. Packer punched the man several times as he lay on the ground and then stamped on his head, the court was told, leaving the victim with two fractured facial bones. Mr Grogan labelled Packer’s behaviour “cowardly and deplorable” and said the result could have been much worse. He said the public was sick and tired of the behaviour Packer showed that night. - AAP

The bickering between Japan and China has descended into namecalling in the British press, with claim and counter-claim by the countries’ ambassadors invoking the evil wizard of the Harry Potter series, Lord Voldemort. In an opinion piece published in Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper yesterday, Tokyo’s envoy to London, Keiichi Hayashi, compared Beijing to the villain of JK Rowling’s books. “East Asia is now at a crossroads. There are two paths open to China,” he wrote. “One is to seek dialogue, and abide by the rule of law. The other is to play the role of Voldemort in the region by letting loose the evil of an arms race and escalation of tensions, although Japan will not escalate the situation from its side.” - AFP

Nude washing man A game of hide and seek spun out of control when a naked Victorian man became trapped in his washing machine. It took 20 minutes to free the man, with rescuers using olive oil to remove him from the machine at his home at Mooropna, north of Melbourne. Sergeant Tim Gleeson said the man had climbed naked into his top-loader while waiting for his partner to come home on Saturday afternoon. “He was trying to surprise his missus and became stuck,” Sgt Gleeson told News Corp Australia. Police officers resorted to olive oil to free the man during a delicate operation. “They greased him up until he was free,” Sgt Gleeson said. - AAP

Deadly mosque stampede Fourteen people were killed and 10 injured in a stampede during a gathering at a mosque in northwest China’s Ningxia region, state media has reported. The stampede occurred around 1:00 pm local time on Sunday while traditional food was being handed out to people attending an event to commemorate a late religious leader, Xinhua news agency said, citing the local government. The injured were hospitalised, with four in critical condition, the brief report said. An investigation was under way into the cause of the stampede at the mosque in Xiji town, some 320 kilometres (200 miles) northwest of Xian. Ningxia region is home to the Chinese-speaking Hui minority, who are mostly Muslim but distinct from the Uighurs of Xinjiang. - AFP


Ashburton Guardian

Tuesday, January 7, 2014



PowerbyProxi wins US deal By Grant Bradley

PowerbyProxi’s chief executive Greg Cross.

going to consumer devices and batteries but also in our automobiles and manufacturing plants,” he said. Dallas-based Texas Instruments will pay PowerbyProxi an undisclosed fee for any of the Auckland company’s technology it incorporates in its semiconductors, at the heart of microprocessor chips used in most electronic devices around the world.

Texas Instruments has revenue of over $15 billion and more than 30,000 employees. Cross said the details of the deal were commercially sensitive but if its technology can be successfully incorporated into Texas Instrument chips for the mass market “it will make it a very profitable market for them and for us”. Texas Instruments uses an earlier generation of wireless



Pernod Ricard NZ posts smallest loss By PaUl McBeth Pernod Ricard’s New Zealand unit posted its smallest annual loss since 2009 after ending three years of substantial writedowns. The New Zealand holding company, Millstream Equities, narrowed its loss to $9.6 million in the 12 months ended June 30, from $182.3 million, making it the smallest deficit in four years. The Pernod Ricard unit wrote off about $270 million of goodwill and wore a $99 million loss on the sale of local brands in the past three years, and has

racked up retained losses of $879 million. The global parent, the world’s second-largest liquor distiller, injected $715.4 million of new capital last year, almost doubling the shares on issue, and the holding company had equity of $682.2 million as at June 30. The statements noted a deficiency in working capital of $22.9 million, and the directors continued to assume the company is a going concern after the immediate parent confirmed an intention to extend a current loan for a further 12 months from June 15, 2013.

The parent was owed almost $22.8 million. Pernod’s local gross profit jumped 51 per cent to $59.3 million due to the liquor group reaping a $16.7 million gain in the value of its agricultural produce, helping offset a 3.5 per cent slide in sales to $227.7m. The company’s takeover of Allied Domecq in 2005 gave it New Zealand assets including the Montana wine business. It rationalised them with the sale of a Gisborne winery, five vineyards and 12 wine brands, to Lion and partner Indevin Group in 2010. - APNZ

83 83 +1 1,082.4 165.5 164.5 – 1,165.8 3510 3487 –13 3.562 92 91.5 – 238.36 360 355 –7 644.01 146 142.5 – 307.96 510 510 –7 170.02 443 441 +40 303.75 155 155 –1 152.8 975 951 –4 2.66 389 389 +7 180.16 869 869 +7 390.9 592 590 – 213.97 467 467 –3 75.29 97.5 97 –1 658.05 59.5 59 – 101.96 386 384 –1 30.09 86 85 –1 23.58 228 228 –2 78.16 338 331 –9 110.1 107.5 107 –1.5 574.88 1197 1197 +7 14.63 103.5 103 – 2,641.4 410 410 +10 60.02 140 139 – 48.2 213 210 –3 748.81 340 337 –2 12.65 81 80 –1 95.81 125 125 +2 11.71 186 181 –9 34.75 1370 1374 +4 13.2 98.5 98 –1 593.86 129 128 +1 41.85 288 288 – 16.76 783 782 – 350.04 174 174 – 22.37 599 599 +15 140.24 375 375 –5 472.12 320 310 +9 26.7 335 335 +5 488.38 235.5 234 –2 2,141.3 178 178 +2 54.2 409 401 –4 413.38 665 658 +7 7.03 259 257 – 165.55 130 128 – 19.61 378 375 – 17.62 3529 3495 –34 5.223 3349 3310 +50 38.21 370 365 –5 125.99

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tribution expenses were little changed at $45 million and administration costs rose 3.7 per cent to about $43 million. Along with Tip Top and Big Ben, the company makes Ploughmans Bakery and Burgen bread, Bazaar flatbreads and Golden crumpets. Allied Foods competes against Goodman Fielder, which posted a 9 per cent drop in earnings from baking in its latest year, while saying the sector remains challenging because of the impact of private label, competitor and in-store baking competition on proprietary brands. - BusinessDesk

NZX 50 constituents


which brought the Tip Top brand to New Zealand in the early 1950s. The Australian foodmaker in turn is owned by Associated British Foods, the listed UK food and ingredients giant with operations in 47 countries. Associated British shares have soared about 60 per cent in the past 12 months. Allied Foods paid a dividend of $4.49 a share, or a total of $20 million, in 2013, the first such payment since 2010, when it paid $70 a share, or $35 million, its accounts show. Cost of sales edged up 0.7 per cent to $169 million, while dis-


Source: NZX


Allied Foods (NZ), whose products include Tip Top bread and Big Ben pies, posted sales that were little changed in 2013, while making its first dividend payment in three years. Revenue was $275.5 million in the year ended Sept. 1, 2013, from $276.6 million a year earlier, according to the company’s annual report filed with the Companies Office. A small increase in expenses saw profit fall to $13.4 million from about $16 million. Allied Foods is part of Australia’s George Weston Foods,

Guardian Shares & Investments Compiled by

Annual sales unchanged By Jonathan Underhill

across any standard being used and developed globally. We believe this is an excellent opportunity to use their expertise and IP,” he said. Last year, PowerbyProxi secured $4 million in funding from the venture capital arm of Korean technology giant Samsung, added to a $5 million investment by New York-listed TE Connectivity and Wellington-based investment fund Movac. Cross said staff numbers had risen from 22 to 60 last year and this number was set to double in 2014. Directors had talked about a sharemarket listing to fund future growth. The company had plans to open a product development and engineering plant overseas, most likely in Taiwan or China. “We just can’t grow our engineering team fast enough in New Zealand.” - APNZ


New Zealand wireless charging company PowerbyProxi has signed a royalty deal with one of the world’s biggest semiconductor companies, Texas Instruments, as it gears up to double in size and mulls a sharemarket listing. PowerbyProxi started life at the University of Auckland and has developed wireless charging pads for consumer devices such as smartphones and television remotes. It believes that in the next decade it could help revolutionise the way electricity is delivered around homes and businesses and used to recharge battery-powered cars. Executive chairman and chief executive Greg Cross said wireless power technology could ultimately mean the end of the three point plug. “Wireless power is not only

power technology in its chips. Cross said his firm’s resonant charging system allowed more devices to be recharged at the same time and they didn’t need to be precisely positioned on a charging pad. “It’s widely understood that the market has been waiting for resonant wireless power technologies for rapid growth and expansion,” Cross said. The announcement of the deal coincided with the big Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas where PowerbyProxi is exhibiting for the fourth year. Steve Lambouses, vice-president and general manager of battery management at Texas Instruments, said consumers wanted to charge portable electronics anywhere and anytime and designers of end equipment wanted wireless power interoperability. “PowerbyProxi’s wireless power technologies can work

–0.08% –0.16%

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6,730.67 +12.76 +0.19% At close of trading on January 3, 2014

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15,908.88 –382.43 –2.35%

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


This year’s harvest looks promising BY SUSAN SANDYS


Sunny weather yesterday and expected today is giving farmers a taste of what has potential to be a good harvest, says Mid Canterbury Federated Farmers. But showers are forecast to return tomorrow and settle over the district for the majority of the following eight days.

“There’s time enough for the wheels to fall off yet, it’s not a good harvest until it’s in the silo,” said a cautious arable section chairperson David Clark yesterday. He said rain over Christmas and New Year had been much appreciated by farmers after what had been a “very dry” December. It had been a “saviour”

for dryland farmers and enabled others to catch up on irrigation schedules. But arable farmers would be hoping for more hot, sunny days as the majority of the harvest got under way from late January to throughout February. Farmers were making the most of the good weather yes-

terday, some kicking off their harvest season with winter barley and early grass seed. The bulk of the crops to be reaped from the paddocks of the district would be wheat and grass seed, and harvest for these would begin later this month. They needed plenty of sunshine, as moisture not only pre-

vented them from being in harvestable condition, but could cause spoiling, Mr Clark said. “We as crop farmers harvest water and sunlight. Like in a recipe, if you get the proportions wrong you are disappointed by the outcome. By and large it’s not looking too bad at the moment, it’s got the potential to be a good harvest.”

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ashburton Guardian 15

Agriculture affects every person in New Zealand, so when we have a farming-meets-innovation success story, it is a success story for all of New Zealand, says Bruce Wills, president of Federated Farmers.

Nature and high-end design meets farming E very time you think we know all there is to know about agriculture, nature has a habit of coming along, tapping you on the shoulder and reminding you that really, we don’t. Like sandflies in summer, not all native species are what you could describe as cute, cuddly or wanted. Porina caterpillars love to chew the grass equally of lawns in town and farm pasture in the countryside. Meanwhile, grass grubs attack grass from below, ironically proving that besides scale, both town and country have much in common. These insects do their worst during the key periods of growth for pasture and lawns alike. If you live in town and find bare patches of lawn odds are you’ll know what I mean. Since pasture is the engine room of any farm and directly supports half of everything we export to the world, helping to pay our way in it, farmers will spend many millions of dollars trying to control these insects. Nature being nature means this becomes a biological game of whacka-mole. Luckily for us porina and grass grub are both natives. That means something would have co-evolved with them to help keep their numbers in check. That we are slowly finding out what these natural controls are affirms my faith that science can and will rise to the challenges we face. In the blue corner against porina comes AgResearch’s Yersina entomophaga MH96; a natural bacte-

ria. Before Christmas Rural News reported that porina, after ingesting the bacteria, developed a range of toxins causing the caterpillar to die rapidly. Proving why we say good things take time, like with improving water quality, MH96 was identified in 1996 but it has only recently broken cover. In the red corner against grass grubs comes the Foundation for Arable Research’s discovery that the maggots of a native carnivorous fly called Ostenia robusta have a taste for the grubs. FAR’s recent fly discovery, like AgResearch’s MH96, will take time to commercialise but they prove how resourceful our scientists are in

worth around 35 Avatar movies each year or some 80 times the annual revenue generated by local tech company, Xero. When we talk reform of red-meat or of agricultural science it matters to all New Zealanders. Federated Farmers is not one to sit back while a key industry fails to fulfil its true potential. That is why we have put to our members a range of reform options that will inform our strategy for 2014. There is no reason why meat and fibre could not be as big as dairy once again but it all starts with belief. We have put three broad options to our members: Processor focused, behaviour focused and marketing fo-

... the revenues from red-meat exports alone are worth around 35 Avatar movies each year

finding innovative solutions to the problems we collectively face. These discoveries, and there are more besides, prove to me just how little we know about what’s under our feet. That statement is also proven by our meat and fibre industries and the millions of animals who graze pasture afflicted by porina and grass grub. It makes you wonder what we are missing out on because the revenues from red-meat exports alone are

cused. To be fair, there are many suggestions within each of the options so it is more like a pick and mix. It does canvas the big issues like a Fonterra-type approach to the separation of processing and marketing we call toll processing. Even fishing quota like Tradable Processing Rights are in the mix right through to an Anzac approach for marketing and research. None of these ideas are new, but joining the dots is. One idea that is new comes to us

via the successful Uruguayan redmeat industry. We call it total value transparency and it is about transparent information so that coordination, collaboration and inmarket behaviour can finally be quantified. For farmers, it would tell us where the value is being added to what we produce. Another example of new thinking comes from wool, which is fast regaining its mojo thanks to design houses like Wellington’s The Formary. In December we got the fantastic news that a new fabric blend of Kiwi mid-micron wool and Chinese rice straw is to start commercial production mid-year. This has the potential to perhaps create significant demand for New Zealand crossbred wool. Co-founder, Bernadette Casey, is one of those great visionary Kiwis who can see new ways of reinventing wool. The new fabric is also being shown to North American and European furniture manufacturers and distributors. Given China has overtaken Australia as our largest export destination this has the potential to be big. What The Formary shows me is that our economic future is about taking what we do best and vastly increasing its value through intellectual property. Bernadette Casey has not missed what’s beneath her feet and we need more like her to make 2014 the year we finally get the bugs out of meat and fibre. In the case of porina and grass grub that’s quite literally.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2013


Selling, buying or investing in rural properties? Call the rural team at Ray White today for advice. Mid Canterbury Real Estate Ltd Licensed Sales Person (REAA 2008)

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Market Price Trends Week beginning January 6, 2014

L A M B ($) Including 1 kg Shorn Pelt this week 13.0kg YL SI 13.5kg YM SI 15.0kg YM SI 15.0kg YM NI 15.0kg YM Market Indicator 17.5kg YX SI 19.0kg YX SI 19.0kg YX NI 21.0kg YX SI 21.0kg YX NI 23.0kg YX SI

last 4 weeks 3 months week ago ago

40.42 60.60 76.93 83.22 64.38 92.17 99.30 105.85 108.81 117.05 109.02 40.42

40.42 60.60 76.93 83.22 64.68 92.17 99.30 105.85 108.81 117.05 109.02 40.42

42.99 63.28 81.85 85.72 61.47 94.73 102.08 109.33 111.87 120.89 113.57 40.42




1 Kg Shorn Pelt SI

1 year ago

46.11 36.54 66.43 56.19 85.37 73.80 85.86 71.19 61.58 58.63 98.84 85.40 106.55 91.98 109.20 90.31 116.83 100.76 120.75 99.87 119.01 40.42 101.44 40.42 6.72 6.72

2013/14 Low High 40.42 60.60 76.93 83.22 60.35 92.17 99.30 105.85 108.81 117.05 109.02

* * * *

* * * * * * 6.72 *

2012/13 ave

48.89 37.30 69.41 56.79 88.66 74.59 92.79 74.56 64.68 59.57 102.67 86.29 110.70 92.93 117.98 94.72 121.41 101.79 130.45 104.75 124.02 105.47 6.72 * 6.74

M U T T O N ($) Including 0.5kg pelt 21kg MX1







P2 Steer SI (296-320kg) NI P2 Steer Market Indicator

396 428 412

396 426 414

406 428 397

416 432 406

386 391 380

M Cow SI (160-195kg) NI M Cow Market Indicator

262 304 314

262 304 315

265 304 306

270 309 303

Bull SI (296-320kg) NI Bull Market Indicator

391 395 387

391 395 389

396 397 377

406 401 376




B E E F (c/ kg) 416 437 414 * 270 311 315 *

382 395 388

280 302 318

396 * 426 397 * 262 * 304 * 294 *

386 397 395

391 * 395 * 372

406 401 389

372 388 381

260 292 299

A year of big farming issues By Michelle NelsoN

“Water quality and quantity are absolutely New Zealand’s foremost vital to the two “E’s” – rural lobby will face the economy and the more than the general environment. These are election this year with not mutually exclusive the term of Federated things but are flipsides Farmers’ 28th national of the same coin. president, Bruce Wills, “Water storage is also ending in July. vital to meet the chal“While this year is lenges posed by climate my final one as national change while enhancing president there remains land and water quality.” some big farming issues Mr Wills hopes proon the boil,” Mr Wills posals to reform the Nasaid. tional Policy Statement Bruce Wills Water will continue to for Freshwater Manbe central but there is agement, by empoweralso reform of New Zealand’s $6 bil- ing local communities will improve the lion red-meat industry, RMA reform, level of discussion and information. the Trans Pacific Partnership and of He said the next 12 months will be course, this year’s general election for critical for the country’s six-billion dolhis successor to cut his or her teeth on. lar red meat industry and $700 million “The vast majority of farmers care plus wool industry. about the environment and this was “Federated Farmers has invested in highlighted in the New Year’s Honours extra red-meat policy resources and has List, which included a former national developed our own options paper that president, Tom Lambie,” Mr Wills said. members are mulling over right now. “The current national discussion “Wool is definitely on the comeback around farming would be enhanced if trail thanks to the Campaign for Wool, readers, viewers and listeners better un- the work of Wellington’s The Formary derstood what farming is actually like in and others. Our economy can marry 2014. high-end design with commodities.”


Based on announced schedules with levies & charges deducted and published premiums included. For a valid comparison between the Islands, add $1.20 in Lamb and 7c/kg in Beef to the North Is values, because North Is Cos pay freight.

V E N I S O N ($/kg - gross) AP Hind 50kg AP Stag 60kg AP Stag 80kg

6.41 6.50 6.11

6.41 6.50 6.11

6.71 6.80 6.41

7.38 7.48 7.08

6.68 6.78 6.38

6.41 * 6.50 * 6.11 *

7.43 7.53 7.13

6.86 6.95 6.56

1380 970 785 690 500 490 490 480 530

1380 970 780 705 530 525 525 520 530

1290 965 810 680 550 550 545 510 510

1420 1070 850 685 428 380 368 370 505

1285 910 780 670 485 450 450 450 495

1500 1010 850 740 630 625 625 600 530 *

1475 1047 848 714 440 399 386 372 501

373 420

395 420

394 418

434 422

338 408

473 443

416 422

5040 5900 6240 5720 13770

4950 5530 6030 5310 13750

4140 4180 4070 4630 12050

4630 5370 5800 5240 13190

5450 6050 6570 5990 14550

4258 4446 4502 4926 11572

W O O L Data: WSI Fine (21 microns) Medium (25 microns) Medium (27 microns) Medium (29 microns) Coarse (35 microns) Coarse (37 microns) Coarse (39 microns) 2nd Shear (37 microns-85mm) Lamb (31 micron-75mm)

W H E A T ($NZ/Tonne) ASW (Aus standard White) NZ Free (12.5% protein)

DAIRY PRODUCT PRICES Butter (NZ$/tonne) Skim Milk powder Whole Milk Powder Cheddar Cheese Casein

5060 5920 6220 5980 13670

Prices are indicative only. They are compiled from an assessment of sales made worldwide on one-off basis in US $. Quota market sales and contracts are excluded. The prices are then converted to $NZ/t FOB at current exchange rates.



UK PM Lamb (p/kg) CIF US Bull (USc/lb) CIF US Cow (USc/lb) CIF Venison Bone-in leg (E/Kg)

PRICES 430 206 197 6.40

430 209 200 6.40

0.820 0.499 0.600 3.85

0.825 0.505 0.600 3.79

395 203 193 6.40

330 223 211 6.40

395 202 192 6.40 *

430 * 209 202 6.40 *

355 209 194 6.43

0.863 0.561 0.659 3.85 *

0.809 0.511 0.630 2.74

FINANCE US Dollar UK Pound Euro 2 Year Wholesale Rate (%)


D A T A (000)

Lamb SI Mutton SI Beef SI Information provided by NZX Agrifax

0 0 0.0

0.830 0.844 0.519 0.523 0.613 0.637 3.51 2.78 (Estimates only) 133 46 126 10 20 18 7.2 3.3 11.0

0.776 0.497 0.586 2.76 101 8 5.3

179 19 10.0

Note: * denotes a new low/high for season.


The New Year will be an interesting one for lamb markets, after a solid recovery in 2013. China will be a big player once again, although exporters will likely continue limiting their exposure to this market due to ongoing trade challenges there. Given NZ’s smaller lamb crop, it’s unlikely trade with China will exceed the huge volumes shipped in 2013 but it will continue to be extremely valuable for exporters. The recovery in traditional markets should continue, with the UK leading the way. Strong demand for chilled product especially should result in good returns in the lead-up to Easter.


As 2014 begins, beef processors and farmers have reason to be positive about what the year may bring. Once again the outlook in the US is for very tight lean beef supplies. Although demand may be tempered by the availability of cheap chicken, it’s likely that the shortfall in production will be sufficient to push prices up. In other markets, there’s optimism that two of NZ’s newer beef markets could provide valuable alternatives to traditional markets for exporters. It’s hoped that the sharply higher shipments to China over the past year will at least be matched in 2014, if not exceeded. Indonesia is also looking promising due to increases in quota vol-

umes late in 2013. Indonesia has proven to be a very valuable market in the past and could do so again this year.


The year starts with global markets for dairy commodities very firm. Prices held at record levels through the second half of 2013 and are expected to remain at elevated levels through the first half of 2014. Over the past fortnight dairy product prices in the European and US markets have generally firmed. China imported a massive volume of whole milk powder in November of which 90% was supplied by NZ. The record import of WMP in November shows just how tight this market is as the Chinese look to offset a reduction in domestic milk production with imported product. Typically, stocks of dairy products start to build in NZ at this time of the season but with such strong global demand there is little chance of that happening this year.Fonterra has made some small increases to the volume of product it plans to sell on GDT in the coming months but only anhydrous milk fat volumes have been lifted at the next GDT auction. The NZX Pasture Growth Index indicates that pasture grow is likely to be below normal across the northwest of the North Island in the coming fortnight but in other regions pasture growth rates are expected to be about normal.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Yesterday’s top 5 stories on 1. 4WD, caravan flip near Mayfield 2. Sophia a new year arrival 3. Separate traffic incidents temporarily close Rakaia bridge 4. Obituary – Arthur Wolfreys 5. Train sparks Chertsey blaze


Featured today: Holiday programmes re-open Methven’s summer school Erratic road behaviour and many more

3 2 to check out the new photo galleries.

8 4

Ava has the most comfy seat in the house Ava Mangin with her bestie Charlie at the Methven Races.

SEND US YOUR PHOTOS Your Place is the place to display the photos of your sports team, your pets, your school events, or just something ordinary from the present or days gone by. Please send your photos to with the words YOUR PLACE in the subject line and we will run it in the Guardian or our website

1 7 3 8 7 2 5 9 YESTERDAY’S 1ANSWERS 4 7 5

4 8 5 6 9 2 3 7 1

9 1 6 7 3 8 5 2 4

3 2 7 1 5 4 6 8 9

2 7 3 4 8 9 1 5 6

6 9 1 3 7 5 8 4 2

5 4 8 2 1 6 9 3 7


8 6 2 9 4 3 7 1 5

7 3 4 5 6 1 2 9 8

1 5 9 8 2 7 4 6 3


ANSWERS 1. The airport 2. Night 3. Quotation 4. Upon a painted ocean 5. Te Ururua Flavell 6. False 7. Chile 8. Head Girl at Ashburton College

Vegetarian fettuccine with garlic and parsley crumb

■ Heat the oil in a large pan and toss the pumpkin for 2-3 minutes. Add 1 garlic and cook for a further 2 minutes. Add 1/4 cup water, reduce the heat, cover and allow to steam for 10 minutes or until the pumpkin is soft and tender. ■ Chop peanuts roughly on a board or place in a food processor and pulse to a coarse crumb. ■ Cook pasta according to the packet instructions, remember to add salt to the water. Once cooked, keep 1/2 cup of the pas-

7 1

1 4 6 7 1 9 6 7 4 9 5 Go to

QUICK MEAL 2T oil, plus 2T oil extra 1 butternut or butterkin pumpkin, skinned, seedless and diced 100g unsalted roasted peanuts 500g fettuccine pasta 1/2 cup milk 2 cloves garlic crushed 2 slices bread parsley, finely chopped 200g feta



Test yourself with the Guardian’s weekday quiz 1 – The Ashburton speedway is near … a. Tinwald b. The Ashburton river bridge c. The airport 2 – Iggle Piggle, the children’s cartoon character, appears in which garden? a. Play b. Rose c. Night 3 – Which of the following is not true about apostrophes? a. They show possession b. They indicate a quotation c. They indicate omission 4 – What words follow: ‘As idle as a painted ship, …? a. As idle as a statue b. Upon the painter’s easel c. Upon a painted ocean 5 – The current leader of the Maori Party is .. a. Margaret Bazley b. Pita Sharples c. Te Ururua Flavell 6 – Only women have a cervical vertebrae. a. true b. false 7 – Which South American country recently had two women contesting the presidency? a. Chile b. Argentina c. Brazil 8 – Finau Fakapelea was … a. the first Polynesian head girl at Ashburton College b. the first Polynesian to win the 400 metres at a NZ swimming championship c. the first Polynesian to win a science scholarship at Canterbury University

Ashburton Guardian

ta water and drain the rest. ■ Add pasta water and milk to the pumpkin, and blend in a food processor or with a hand blender to make a smooth sauce. Taste and season with salt and freshly ground pepper. Remove from heat and cover until ready to use. ■ Rinse and dry the food processor. Rip bread into chunks, place in your food processor or stick blender and pulse into breadcrumbs. ■ In another frying pan add remaining 2 Tbsp oil and 1 clove

garlic. Sprinkle in the breadcrumbs and toss in the hot garlic oil until golden and crunchy. Add another dash of oil if required. Sprinkle in the parsley and a pinch of salt. ■ Toss the drained pasta in the pumpkin sauce. Add the chopped peanuts, crumble the feta on top and serve garnished with garlic and parsley crumb. ■ Smart tip: You can use old bread in this recipe. To make peeling the pumpkin easier, run a knife under hot water before cutting through pumpkin. You can also microwave the pumpkin 1 minute at a time to soften it slightly before peeling with a sharp knife.

Recipe courtesy of Countdown and by Jax Hamilton



5 9 1 6 3 5 7 9 7 5 6 1 2 6 3 8 1 4 7 6 3 9 5 1 4 4 9 Solutions for today in tomorrow’s Your Place page.

9 8 3 7 4 5 2 1 6

Sport 18

Ashburton Guardian

In brief Kiwis out of Heineken Three New Zealand tennis players have failed to reach the main draw of the Heineken Open after losing in qualifying matches yesterday. Michael Venus was no match for world number 90 Lukas Lacko on centre court as the Slovakian eased to a 6-2, 6-2 victory in under an hour. Russian-born New Zealander Artem Sitak went down 1-6, 6-3, 1-6 to American and world number 96 Donald Young while 21-year-old Sebastian Lavie lost in straight sets 2-6, 2-6 to Spain’s Daniel Gimeno-Traver earlier in the day. New Zealand No 1 Rubin Statham has a wildcard and will play a qualifier in the first round today, leaving him as the only Kiwi in the main singles draw. - HOL

Davison in a Mercedes Will Davison will drive a Mercedes in this year’s V8 Supercars championship after Erebus Motorsport owner Betty Klimenko confirmed a team switch yesterday. Davison, 31, leaves Ford Performance Racing for Erebus after finishing third in the 2013 championship, his best V8 season result. Klimenko said she couldn’t be happier with the move which should see Erebus finish higher than their 11th place constructors finish in 2013. “He is a lovely boy, who sees the big picture,” she said. “He understands that he is coming into a team that is still finding its roots.” - AAP

England in despair Doom, gloom and despair surrounding the English cricket team this summer has reached its lowest ebb with those back home waking to scathing headlines and more calls for change. Alastair Cook’s men were likened to a pub team in the wake of the 281-run loss at the SCG, completed in woefully submissive fashion and arguably England’s worst failure of only the third 5-0 Ashes whitewash in history. The performance was met with predictable dismay by past England players and pundits in the UK media, with some calling it the nation’s biggest sporting humiliation. “For its scale, speed and brutality, this was the most spectacular implosion in the modern history of English sport,” said the UK’s Daily Telegraph. - AAP

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Big scalp for primary cricketers By Jonathan Leask

Mid Canterbury claimed a four wicket win over Christchurch Metro Black to open the South Island Primary Cricket tournament in Gore yesterday. A solid bowling performance and patient batting display earned Mid Canterbury the crucial first-up win. Mid Canterbury made a strong start with Richard Turpie taking two early wickets to have Metro Black 9-2 in the sixth over. First change bowler Liam McCormack then snared the


■ Basketball NBA results

NBA results and standings yesterday home team in CAPS): DETROIT PISTONS 84 Memphis Grizzlies 112 OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER 119 Boston Celtics 96 CLEVELAND CAVALIERS 78 Indiana Pacers 82 MIAMI HEAT 102 Toronto Raptors 97 WASHINGTON WIZARDS 96 Golden State Warriors 112 DALLAS MAVERICKS 80 New York Knicks 92 LA LAKERS 115 Denver Nuggets 137

■ Bowls Ashburton Bowling Club January 4, Corner to Corner 1st John Smart 2nd Bill Bird 3rd John Smart Cotula Classic, December 28 and 29 1st J Ryk, M Anderson, M Quinn and D Kinvig.  2nd  M Lawson, R Greaney, M Smallridge and M Bassett.  3rd D Muir, R Petrie, T Inwood and L O’Neill.

■ Golf Ashburton Golf Club January 4 Fourth round of the Summer Stableford Best scores Graeme Berhnes 41pts; Grant Smith, Murray Cook, Ivan Blain, Nicky Gill, Kyle Brown, Colin Divers and Paddy Bradford all 39; John Davis, Tony Bennett, Ron Carlson, Michael Miernicki, Evan Waters, Peter MacAulay and Noel Sutton all 38. Nearest The Pins: Robbies Bar & Bistro: Terry Molloy, Braided Rivers: Kevin Smith, Rothburys Insurance: Tufuga Sa, Netherby Meats: Ivan Blain, Robilliards (Nearest pin

third wicket in the ninth over at 16/3 and soon after claimed a run out to have Black 42/4. James Forbes picked up the fifth wicket before Archie Redfern picked up two quick wickets to have Black 50/7. Turpie returned to take another two wickets and Redfern claimed a third to dismiss Black for 91, with Turpie finishing with 4/18 from his nine over and Redfern had 3/14 from 8.1. In reply Mid Canterbury got off to a slow start to be 23/2 after 16 overs. Josh Ree had played the anchor role but was the third man

out at 44 after making 18 off 88 balls. Redfern then took charge of the innings to tick the scoreboard along before he was caught for 31 with Mid Canterbury needing 15 runs for the win at 76/6. Scott Hay and Glen McLea then edged Mid Canterbury towards the target, getting home in the 51st over, with Hay nine not out and McLea on seven when Mid Canterbury clinched the win. Today Mid Canterbury takes on West Coast which lost to Christchurch Red yesterday.

#18): Daniel Green, Charming Thai Restaurant (Longest Putt #9) Derek Prebble. Twos: Nicky Gill, Tufuga Sa, Cameron Grant, Ray Welsh and Bruce Ferriman. Birdie Jackpot #16 Nett Eagles #3

81.1, Murray Cook 39.1, 38, 77.1, Andrew Orr 48.3, Brian Hawksby 43.1. F class Harvey Westland 54, 48, 102, Joey Meldrum 44, 45, 89.

Tinwald Golf Club January 2 New year’s tournament - stableford Men: 0-16; T Tuakeu 44, R Harris 43, C Hart 40, M Marsh 40, M Argyle 40, S Johnson 39, N Heney 39, S Wilson 38 b/l. 17 Plus; M VanderKroght 42, R Wards 39, S Kircher 39, W Scott 39, C Whiting 38, P Kiddey 37, G Moore 37, B Sivier 37. Women; L Bell 42, J Peacock 40, M Glasson 39, S Cain 38, I Divers 38. Nearest pin: Tinwald Liqourland # 2; R Ford. Gluyas Ford # 6; S Johnson .Bedrock Bar and Stonegrill # 12; D Fitzjohn. Ideal Electrical Supplies # 16; S Wilson. Two’s: W Scott, S Wilson, T Kittikote, W Stevenson, M Argyle, S Kennedy (2), M Moore, M Marsh. January 4: LPJ Trophy – stableford Men: 0-12; Paul Boon 43, Wayne Lloyd 42, Brent Smith 40. 13-18; Gordon Rennie 44, Brent Kirdy 43, Jeff Goodman 42, Cameron Miller 42, Ray Kirdy 41 b/l. 19 plus; Dave Rush 43, Keith Bonnington 42, Brian Rouse 41, Kieron Gray 41, Graham Hortin 39. Women; Barb MacGregor 43, Sonja Mee 42. Nearest pin: Tinwald Liqourland # 2; Wayne Lloyd. Gluyas Ford # 6; Ray Kirdy. Bedrock Bar and Stonegrill # 12; Joyce VanderHeide. Ideal Electrical Supplies # 16; Jeff Goodman. Two’s: Brent Kirdy, Wayne Lloyd (2),Jeff Goodman. Net Eagles: # 18 Keith Bonnington, Belinda Kirdy.

■ Rifle shooting

■ Bowls

Bowls Mid Canterbury Sub Centre January 15 Senior Quadrangular Representative Teams at the Waikari Green 9.30am start 1 Lorrel Chaney– Raiona Isherwood – Wendy Blackwell – Heather Goodall 2 Linda Boyd– Maureen Sullivan – Ruth Smith – Barbara Gawn 3 Rosemary Bennett– Sandra Holdom – Diana Smith – Noeline Woods Over 70s: Val Bell – Noreen Smith – Mary Stone – Joyce Gray Mid Canterbury Players to Play for North Canterbury: Melva Middleton – Leonie Spargo – Wendy Herriott – Joyce Thomas – Gillian Kelly. Manager – Joan Chapman January 15: Junior Quadrangular Representative Teams at the Amberley Green 9.30am start Pairs: Wendy Watson – Janet Kingsbury Triples: Sylvia Mellish – Shirley Thomas – Ollie Collins Pairs: Wendy Suttie – Judy Ryk Triples: Diane Vanderweg - Joycie Wood – Margy Lloyd Mid Canterbury Players to Play for North Canterbury: Pairs: Pip Kiddey – Anne Reid Manager – Diane Gutberlet

Ashburton District Rifle Club Ashburton Bowling Club January 5, 700 yards John Snowden 50.4, 49.6, 99.10, John Fleming 41.2, 44, 85.2, John Miller 40, 41.1,

GET FIT NOW PAY NOTHING UNTIL FEBRUARY 2014* Get a head start on your fitness New Year resolution * Terms and conditions apply. No joining fee, applies to contracts 13 months and over.

The Gym for Women


Level 3, Somerset House on Burnett Street, 03 307 7030 |

January 8 Wises Pharmacy and Milestone Aussie Mixed Pairs. 12.30 start, whites.

Richard Turpie: early wickets The following skips have entered teams: M Anderson, J Bell, W Blackwell, I Blackwood, P Collins, G Crack, C Dennis, J Drayton, G Eder, H Goodall, R Gutberlet, B Harrison, R Herriot, B Holdom, R Keeling, H Kemp, J Lilley, D Kiddey, W Lee, C Leech, A Mackenzie, M Middleton, B O’Sullivan, M Quinn, J Ryk, N Skirton, J Smart, G Taylor, B White, B Williams, C Rooke. One more entry needed. Please Phone 3087907. January 11 Pattrson Funeral Services Milsom Cup 9.00am start, whites. The following skips have entered teams: G Bishop, G Clarke, R Gutberlet, D Hastings, B Holdom, T Inwood, C Leech, B Lynn, A Mackenzie, B Marsh, B Mayson, D Muir, J Ryk, N Skirton, M Smallridge, G Taylor. Inquiries J Ryk 3087907.

■ Golf Ashburton Golf Club January 11 Final round of the summer Stableford Starting Time: Morning 8.00am Afteroon Report at 11.30 for an 12noon start. Saturday Starters: Morning Paul Greer. Afternoon Steve Richards and Noel Sutton Results Paddy Bradford and Ken Clucas.

Tinwald Golf Club January 11 3rd round summer trophies,2nd Four Square Cup, Dobson Cup Draw for the 3rd round of the summer trophies and championships, 2nd round Four Square Cup and Dobson Cup (mixed couples) to be played on Saturday will be at the clubhouse for 8am and 12.30pm start. Players are asked to report 15 minutes prior to tee off times. Starters: am B Collins. pm B Collins. Cards. Committee


2 FOR $50 IN STORE NOW! 173 West Street, Ashburton

Phone 308-2309


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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Jubilate on target for Thorndon Jubilate will head to Trentham for the Wellington Cup carnival off the back of a career-best performance on New Year’s Day. The Falkirk five-year-old has been in outstanding touch this


preparation with consecutive wins at Te Rapa and Ellerslie before his bold front-running effort in the Gr.2 Rich Hill Mile. He rallied strongly in the straight before he was nailed on

the post with Chintz taking a halfhead margin off him. “He just went enormous and he’ll go down for the Thorndon Mile – that’s the next step for him to take,” trainer Graham Richardson said.

He will be accompanied to Wellington by the Auckland Christmas carnival winner Living The Dream, who furthered her record with success on Boxing Day. - APNZ

Trainer Graham Richardson

Wyndham harness Today at Cromwell Raceway

Wyndham Harness Racing Club Inc Venue: Cromwell Racecourse Meeting Date: 07 Jan 2014 NZ Meeting number: 7 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; 11 and 12 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 10, 11 and 12 1 12.00pm (NZT) TOP LINE FENCING TROT $6000, 3yo+ c0 trot, stand, 2600m 1 98003 Veecewah (1) fr ....................... N Williamson 2 2 Nicaela (2) fr .................................R Holmes 3 x7805 Gorilla Playboy (3) fr ............... M Williamson 4 Chiltons Vocation (4) fr ...............B Munro (J) 5 08 Dream Big (5) fr .............................M Tapper 6 05 Lauren (6) fr ..................................... A Lowe 7 64 The Earth Moved (7) fr .................. K Barclay 8 00060 Apollo Mission (8) fr .......................... S Lock 9 75906 Last Love (9) fr ........................ C D Thornley 10 077x0 Thanksfornothing (U1) fr ................... W Low 11 0x0 Deceptive (U2) fr ..................... C R Thornley 2 12.30pm SBS BANK RURAL CROMWELL PACE $8000, 3yo+ c0 pace, stand, 2600m 1 0x049 Red Under Fire (1) fr ...................... K Barron 2 40004 Smooth Lynda (2) fr ......................R Holmes 3 7x400 Kirsty Jaccka (3) fr ......................... P Hunter 4 89x57 Phin’s Twin (4) fr ...................... C D Thornley 5 2 Machvicar (5) fr .................................A Beck 6 70222 Good Deed (6) fr ................................. J Hay 7 35855 Acting Up (7) fr ........................ M Williamson 8 28 Cream It Cullen (8) fr ......................J W Cox 9 x0P80 Sea Spray Luke (9) fr .................... B Barclay 10 70025 Special Delight (10) fr ............. N Williamson 11 63690 Black George (11) fr ........................R Swain 12 378 Lively Jendi (12) fr ............................ D Dunn 13 Jacks Salute fr.............................. Scratched 14 0x635 Don’t Die Working (13) fr............... A Armour 15 09x05 Manchester Tom fr ....................... Scratched 3 1.00pm MURRAY BROWN STABLES/GOODMAN

PLUMBING MBL PACE $6000, 3yo+ c0 mob. pace, mobile, 1800m 1 80277 Machinegun Kelly (1) fr ........... M Williamson 2 009 Elma Fitz (2) fr ............................... P Hunter 3 95746 Sombrero Man (3) fr................ L McCormick 4 0x7 Still Shakin (4) fr.............................C Barron 5 02 Cayenne El (5) fr ............................K Larsen 6 8x6 Rainbow Romance (6) fr ...................A Beck 7 30 Caesar Rocks (7) fr ....................... K Barclay 8 Gisele Franco (8) fr ................. C D Thornley 9 4 Scherger Royal (9) fr .......................J W Cox 10 6x00 Billy Klondike (21) fr ................ N Williamson 11 6547x Denis (22) fr ..................................... D Dunn 12 0954 Northview Gambler (23) fr............. A Armour 13 5x85 Joe The Hunter fr ......................... Scratched 14 68898 Matai Maddi (24) fr ................R McIlwrick (J) 4 1.30pm TIM THE FARRIER/ART THE CARRIER HAN-DICAP TROT $8000, 4yo+ c1 to oc spechcp, stand, 2600m 1 40482 Gee Itsa Boy (1) fr ................... L McCormick 2 70410 Donny Wood (2) fr .........................R Holmes 3 37512 Valmagne (3) fr ............................ C Kennett 4 72549 Holdon Toyaspurs (4) fr ................. K Barclay 5 1Px20 Sure Sign (U1) fr ..................... N Williamson 6 07333 Starlight Invasion (1) 10 ......... S Walkinshaw 7 x7890 Idle Eyre (2) 10 ...............................J W Cox 8 46976 John Henry Galleon (3) 10 ............ A Armour 9 13334 Moon Countess (1) 20 ........................G Lee 10 35600 So King (2) 20 .............................. B Norman 11 x1114 Alley Way (3) 20 .............................C Barron 12 6xP05 Galleons Triumph (U1) 20 ....... M Williamson 13 94845 Given (U2) 20 .................................K Larsen 14 18007 Left Right Andcentre (U3) 20 ...P Williamson 15 3x883 Monnay (1) 30 .................... B Williamson (J) 5 2.00pm PANSPACIFICFLIGHT@MACCA LODGE

F&M MOBILE PACE $8000, 3yo+ f&m c0 mob. pace, mobile, 1800m 1 4x526 Planet Princess (1) fr ..................... K Barron 2 28730 Jadaki (2) fr .....................................J W Cox 3 x7478 Moonlite Dance (3) fr ....................... D Dunn 4 6 Elite Medley (4) fr .................... N Williamson 5 0xP Maybemee (5) fr ...................... C D Thornley 6 Tuapeka Toff (6) fr ......................... B Barclay 7 8978 Benio Billie (7) fr............................. P Hunter 8 98579 Wouldntuliketoknow (8) fr........ L McCormick 9 42464 Megie May (9) fr ................... C Ferguson (J) 10 2003 Ambro Courage (21) fr .................. A Armour 11 5x575 Dazzling Arden (22) fr .......................A Beck 12 008 Gene Time (23) fr ............... B Williamson (J) 13 06283 Sage (24) fr ............................. M Williamson 6 2.30pm INTERNATIONAL GARDEN RESCUE TROT $6000, c1 with cond. trot, stand, 2600m 1 20064 Mr Mayfly (1) fr .............................. B Barclay 2 0Px00 Final Secret (2) fr ...........................C McKay 3 54370 Salute The Monarch (3) fr .............T Holland 4 x3953 Waitoto Express (4) fr .....................J W Cox 5 744x3 The Wonkey Donkey (5) fr.....R McIlwrick (J) 6 80960 High Distinction (6) fr ....................... A Lowe 7 08506 Sophistication (7) fr ........................M Tapper 8 30405 Trade Me Now (8) fr ......................... D Dunn 9 77x50 Whendaboysliteup (U1) fr ................. W Low 10 36050 Chiola Belle (U2) fr.................. M Williamson 7 3.05pm BIG JIM @ ALABAR MOBILE PACE $6000, c1 with cond. mob. pace, mobile, 1800m 1 04520 The Tisbury Terror (1) fr ................ K Barclay 2 x4800 V C Dell (2) fr .......................... N Williamson 3 4L217 Pure Christian (3) fr.........................J W Cox 4 04998 Jaspers Blue Jean (4) fr ....... C Ferguson (J) 5 00x1 Strathtara (5) fr................................. D Dunn 6 8015x Double Oh Seven (6) fr ........... M Williamson 7 x0549 Snazzy Jaccka (7) fr...................... B Barclay

8 55858 Infrequently (8) fr...........................R Holmes 9 747x8 Blanco (9) fr ...................................M Tapper 10 50371 Spriggs Bromac (21) fr ................... K Barron 11 81444 Go The Stags (22) fr .........................A Beck 12 54965 Tic Tac Bromac (23) fr ............ S Walkinshaw 8 3.40pm NO.7 RESTAURANT & BAR MOBILE PACE $8000, 3yo+ c1 mob. pace, mobile, 1800m 1 81703 Spirit Of Chronos fr ...................... Scratched 2 29521 Flushing Meadows (1) fr .....................G Lee 3 02361 Lets Go Ceilidh (2) fr ............ C Ferguson (J) 4 5x6x6 Artfilly (3) fr ......................................... J Hay 5 x6x86 Aye One (4) fr................................... D Dunn 6 276x4 Nod d’Or (5) fr ............................... A Armour 7 53491 Astro Boy (6) fr ....................... S Walkinshaw 8 21238 Shezacheapy (7) fr .........................C Barron 9 x176x Harry Mac (8) fr ....................... N Williamson 9 4.15pm CROMWELL BUSINESSES CUP MOBILE PACE $8000, 3yo+ c2 mob. pace, mobile, 1800m 1 x8697 Tiana Franco (1) fr .................. C D Thornley 2 x0623 Expressionist (2) fr .................. M Williamson 3 51833 Onedin Mach (3) fr .................. N Williamson 4 161 Platinum Princess (4) fr...................J W Cox 5 90751 Franco Envoy (5) fr.................. C R Thornley 6 3059x Nothing But Girls (6) fr ...................C Barron 7 18488 McArdle Meg (7) fr ......................... P Hunter 8 17477 Star Of Courage (8) fr ....................... J Bond 9 81644 Le Sol (9) fr .......................................A Beck 10 77228 Here’s Shifty (21) fr ...................... C Kennett 11 0x671 Ella Fitzgerald (22) fr..................... K Barclay 12 43152 Chers Bettor Babe (23) fr .............. A Armour 13 90x05 Elusive Edgar (24) fr ............ C Ferguson (J) 10 4.50pm PGG WRIGHTSON REAL ESTATE CROMWELL CUP HCP PACE $12,000, 4yo+ c3 to c7 spechcp pace, stand, 2600m 1 62344 The Lutts (1) fr ........................ C D Thornley

3111P The Wrath Of Robyn (2) fr.... C Ferguson (J) x1631 Star Black (3) fr ................................... J Hay 60345 In The Kitty (4) fr .................... S Walkinshaw 37x43 Ultimate Player (5) fr ............... N Williamson 57173 Devil May Care (6) fr R McIlwrick (J, ........Cl) P7151 Skippy Rascal (1) 10 ........................ D Dunn 36006 Motu Speedy Star (2) 10 B Munro (J, ......Cl) 31136 Captain Peacock (3) 10..................... R Todd 75611 Still Laughin (4) 10 ......................... K Barron 60777 Wot The Owl (1) 20 ....................... K Barclay 11 5.15pm CROMWELL NEW WORLD PACE $8000, 3yo+ c1 pace, stand, 2600m 1 7980x Farmer Dons (1) fr..........................C Barron 2 83281 Franco Tyrone (2) fr .......................... D Dunn 3 48164 Afellas Boy (3) fr...................... M Williamson 4 51833 Onedin Mach (4) fr .................. N Williamson 5 00x96 Pennyana (5) fr................................R Swain 6 40x73 Classiemahon (6) fr...........................A Beck 7 74219 Sharpenuff (7) fr ..............................J W Cox 8 x5619 Belle Delight (8) fr ......................... A Armour 9 56755 Never Eyre (9) fr............................R Holmes 10 52228 Village Club (10) fr ........................ B Barclay 11 x4800 V C Dell (U1) fr......................R McIlwrick (J) 12 5.42pm GOLDEN GATE LODGE MOBILE PACE $8000, 3yo+ c0 mob. pace, mobile, 1800m 1 86x3 Goshawk (1) fr ........................ L McCormick 2 844 Leonardo (2) fr ................... B Williamson (J) 3 50922 Aveross Brachole (3) fr .....................A Beck 4 09x05 Manchester Tom (4) fr ...........M Prendergast 5 4 Best Of The Bunch (5) fr ................C Barron 6 x6337 Franco Joaquin (6) fr .......................J W Cox 7 3 McCovey Cove (7) fr ...................... K Barron 8 07065 Vedika (8) fr ..................................... E Swain 9 073 Aidan’s Rocket (9) fr ................ N Williamson 10 06x40 Mr Melsu (21) fr.............................R Holmes 11 6x0L9 Mach Varno (22) fr ................. S Walkinshaw

LAND CUP PACE $8000, 4yo+ c2 & faster discrhcp pace, stand, 2650m 1 63673 Brydon Delight (1) fr .....................T Grayling 2 88872 J C Skipper (2) fr ............................T Herlihy 3 10x00 Pureora Paree (3) fr .............. A Poutama (J) 4 2x688 Splendour (4) fr ....................... T Macfarlane 5 68214 Celtic Warrior (1) 10 ..................... D Butcher 6 9966x All About Speed (1) 20 .................S Gibbons 7 65714 Millview Sarah (U1) 20 .............. J Abernethy 8 610x1 Macs Creation (1) 30 .......... S Abernethy (J) 8 3.55pm KUMEU TROTTING CLUB MOBILE PACE $6000, 3yo+ c0 mob. pace, mobile, 2100m 1 8 Extreme Carat (1) fr ......................N Chilcott 2 2 Rangi Rangdu (2) fr .............. A Poutama (J) 3 Its Good To Dream (3) fr ...............Z Butcher 4 63238 Tormenta (4) fr ...............................T Herlihy 5 0 Billy The Bad (5) fr ...................... R Brosnan 6 55643 Youbetteryoubet (6) fr ............. T Macfarlane 7 9x Jetcraft (7) fr............................. M McKendry 8 87467 G J Seelstar (8) fr........................ I Brownlee 9 3740x Master Lachlan (21) fr .............. D Branch (J) 10 8 Magoria (22) fr ............................. B Mangos 11 02657 Ling Hu (23) fr ...................................L Hollis 12 90080 Lotta Bets (U1) fr....................... J Abernethy 13 00 Twin Towers (U2) fr.............. S Abernethy (J) 9 4.30pm IRT / ECOSSE BUSINESS SYSTEMS ITD MOBILE PACE $6500, 3yo+ c1 to c2 mob. pace, mobile, 2100m 1 147x8 Swiss Guard (1) fr ..............................L Neal

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

M5 Northland harness

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Today at Ruakaka Raceway

Northland HRC Venue: Ruakaka Raceway (Grass) Meeting Date: 07 Jan 2014 NZ Meeting number: 5 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 8, 9 and 10 1 12.10pm (NZT) MAQ LTD CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS TROT $6000, 3yo+ c0 trot, stand, 2650m 1 09075 Monk’s Gal (1) fr..........................J Stormont 2 41x04 Sir George Grey (2) fr .................. D Butcher 3 90709 Sun Belle (3) fr .................... S Abernethy (J) 4 004 Golden Future (4) fr ................. M McKendry 5 00065 A Night In Paris (5) fr.....................N Chilcott 6 27828 No Go Slow Briton (6) fr ................. G Martin 7 00x85 Sundonna (7) fr ............................R Downey 8 3 Ventimiglia (8) fr .................................L Neal 9 5x00x Sundon’s Shout (9) fr ....................Z Butcher 10 7x09x First Outing (U1) fr .................... J Abernethy 2 12.40pm WHANGAREI BUS SERVICES MOBILE PACE $6000, 4yo+ c1 to c3, c4 to c5 with cond. mob. pace, mobile, 2100m 1 54225 Real Tidy (1) fr .........................D Blakemore 2 x2688 Clancy’s Icon (2) fr ........................S Yoakley 3 89300 Waipipi Falcon (3) fr ...................M Stormont 4 99626 Mach Cruiser (4) fr ............................W Rich 5 26220 Beaming Jay (5) fr ............................J Darby 6 x6462 Change Gear (6) fr .....................M Northcott 7 51503 Aceman (7) fr ...................... J Kriechbaumer 3 1.10pm NEVILLE BROS MOBILE PACE $6000, c0 with cond. mob. pace, mobile, 2100m 1 685 Elliot Daniel (1) fr ........................ R Brosnan


2 0509x Gold Diamonds (2) fr.................... B Mangos 3 47x67 Love My Way (3) fr .......................R Downey 4 866x Brooks Desire (4) fr .....................J Stormont 5 687x8 Cut The Cards (5) fr ....................S Cornwall 6 0896 Mr Swayze (6) fr ........................... D Butcher 7 Star Strike (7) fr..............................J I Dickie 8 7354x Shipshape Steppa (8) fr ........... M McKendry 9 0x558 Miss Conception (21) fr ........... T Macfarlane 10 70 Grinfromwithin (22) fr .....................M Collins 11 0036 Smiling Tact (23) fr .................... J Abernethy 12 146x3 Vibe (24) fr .....................................T Herlihy 13 P90 Soran (25) fr ..................................Z Butcher 4 1.40pm CORESTEEL BUILDINGS HANDICAP TROT $7000, 3yo+ c1 to c3 +claimer discrhcp trot, stand, 2650m 1 09885 Navaho (1) fr .................................Z Butcher 2 60720 Our Super Ram (2) fr ...................... P Young 3 123 Madam Simone (3) fr .....................T Herlihy 4 522x9 Pretty Awesome (4) fr .............M Pemberton 5 06250 Bruno Paillard (5) fr ......................T Grayling 6 88978 Kissme Earl (6) fr ........................ I Brownlee 7 0x010 Pat’s First Sun (7) fr .................. J Abernethy 8 36x02 Sundon’s Mountain (8) fr .............J Stormont 9 41004 A Special Dream (U1) fr .............. R Brosnan 10 75911 Letz Hope (1) 10 ...................... M McKendry 11 32571 Burt Munro (2) 10..................... D Branch (J) 12 x4488 Loki Brogden (U1) 10 ....................N Chilcott 13 58663 Moment Of Truth (U1) 20 ............. B Mangos 5 2.10pm BRYANT TRACTORS LTD MOBILE PACE

$6500, 4yo+ c1 mob. pace jun.d, mobile, 2100m 1 52728 Hitch (1) fr ............................ D Ferguson (J) 2 1x845 Ideal Pocket (2) fr .................. T Cameron (J) 3 8088x Violet Bromac (3) fr .................. D Branch (J) 4 9860x Rykaard (4) fr ......................... S Grayling (J) 5 3267x Dixey Styx (5) fr.......................T Hopkins (J) 6 48472 Classy Ambition (6) fr...............N Purdon (J) 7 56695 Motu Just In Time (7) fr ................M Teaz (J) 8 67x31 Lucky Lis (8) fr ...................... A Poutama (J) 9 83291 Valentino Rossi (21) fr..................A Veint (J) 10 49216 King Cyril (22) fr ...............F Schumacher (J) 11 47803 Falcon Crown (23) fr ................... S Kane (J) 12 500x2 Imajollywally (24) fr ............. S Abernethy (J) 13 74465 Tafadhali (25) fr .................. J MacKinnon (J) 6 2.45pm BALLANCE FERTILISERS MOBILE PACE $6000, 3yo+ f&m c0 mob. pace, mobile, 2100m 1 573x8 Ess Ess (1) fr .....................................L Neal 2 Royal Myth (2) fr.......................... R Brosnan 3 58x09 Better’s Blastof (3) fr ................ M McKendry 4 09799 Sharapova’s Delight (4) fr..................L Hollis 5 11726 Imhisdaughter (5) fr......................R Downey 6 7 Smooth Pink (6) fr ........................ B Mangos 7 977x7 Living By Chance (7) fr .................. G Martin 8 399x7 May Betrayal (8) fr .......................J Stormont 9 35 Molly O’Dea (21) fr ....................... D Butcher 10 9x Miss Lara (22) fr ...................... T Macfarlane 11 3x398 October Brown (23) fr ....................T Herlihy 12 x65x4 Fleetwood Mach (24) fr ............. J Abernethy 7 3.20pm LINCOLN FARMS, SIR LINCOLN NORTH-

18517 Pontiac (2) fr...................................T Herlihy 4Px56 Thefasterthebettor (3) fr ...... S Abernethy (J) 89xP9 Riverboat Sue (4) fr ...................... B Mangos 44779 Russian Alsu (5) fr .........................M Collins 36587 Mighty Mach (6) fr .................... M McKendry 9F475 La Norvic De Milo (7) fr ...............J Stormont 81517 Saucy El (8) fr .............................. D Butcher 74745 Kilarney Guy (21) fr 7900x Beta B Quick (22) fr .................. J Abernethy 32521 Howzat (23) fr ...............................Z Butcher 56900 Lake View (U1) fr..........................R Downey 10 4.59pm WHANGAREI 10 PIN BOWLING/SDD SYNDICATE MBL PACE $6500, 3yo+, c1 with cond. mob. pace, mobile, 2100m 1 78602 Mary Anastasia (1) fr.....................N Chilcott 2 52x93 Stars And Sound (2) fr ................. B Mangos 3 09088 Independent Anvil (3) fr ............. J Abernethy 4 53352 Shardon’s Pearl (4) fr ....................Z Butcher 5 40419 Simply Stunning (5) fr ............. T Macfarlane 6 68468 Sir Indianapolis (6) fr ................... I Brownlee 7 x0638 Ravna Gora (7) fr ..................... M McKendry 8 8088x Violet Bromac fr ........................... Scratched 9 85x67 Chequeme Rosie (21) fr........ A Poutama (J) 10 99568 Tina Brydon (22) fr ................. S Grayling (J) Pacifiers on : First Outing (R1), Moment Of Truth (R4) Pacifiers off : Lake View (R9)

LEGEND: X - Spell from racing of at least 3 months P - Retired (or pulled up) from race L - Driver unseated U1 - Unruly beginner {C} - Concession driver {} - Claiming concession driver which allows horse to start one class down

Southland dogs Today at Ascot Park Raceway

1 24526 Opawa Laz nwtd J & .......................D Fahey 1 43725 Botany Kevin nwtd.....................J McInerney 7 31213 Hanna The Spanna nwtd ..................J Dunn 2 12655 Opawa Hog nwtd L & ......................... Wales 2 67835 Game Girl nwtd .............................R Adcock 8 23851 Charles Fredrick 23.02 ...............D Stapleton 3 47213 Homebush Coral nwtd...............J McInerney 3 35648 Homebush Iris nwtd ..................J McInerney 9 14814 Quedrago nwtd C & ........................... Fagan 4 54615 Opawa Lauren nwtd ...................D Stapleton 10 12763 Adroit nwtd ....................................R Adcock 4 21616 Cawbourne War 27.00 .................C Roberts 5 4661 Admit Nothing nwtd .............................A Lee 5 13631 Yaldhurst Edward nwtd..............J McInerney 1 12.20pm CENTRAL WATER CARRIERS C0, 390m 6 2.38pm COLORMARK SYSTEMS LTD C3, 390m 6 32151 What I Like nwtd .......................J McInerney 6 25335 Banbit nwtd B & ............................... T Shaw 1 x2834 Oche nwtd ..................................D Stapleton 1 67546 Jumpin’ Julia 22.52....................J McInerney 7 26312 Mr. Barry nwtd .................................J Goode 7 11437 Beadman 26.52.................................J Dunn 2 3 Miss Selfies nwtd ......................J McInerney 2 56248 Homebush Hayley 23.86 ............D Stapleton 8 61425 Doleuze nwtd ....................................J Dunn 8 56736 Botany Seaton nwtd ..................J McInerney 3 Whata Maree nwtd P & ................. B Conner 3 84857 Waimak Dave 22.88 ..................J McInerney 9 84351 Okuku Dreamer nwtd C & .................. Fagan 9 75856 Bone Nerd 26.00 ........................D Stapleton 4 Waxeye’s Big Kid nwtd B & .............. T Shaw 10 76621 Opawa Idol nwtd L & .......................... Wales 4 16652 Star Dreamer nwtd C & ...................... Fagan 5 2 Cawbourne Impact nwtd ............D Stapleton 5 14375 My Little Oah 22.89 ...................J McInerney 10 37678 Criniti’s nwtd ......................................J Dunn 6 7 Five Dollar Leo nwtd .................J McInerney 4 1.50pm WILLY’S FLOORING LTD C2, 390m 6 68384 Primitive nwtd.............................D Stapleton 9 3.30pm SGRC $50 LEATHER LEADS C4/5, 457m 1 23216 Harlem Haka nwtd ....................J McInerney 7 Punch On Jaime nwtd ...............J McInerney 1 85551 Opawa Casper 26.23 L & ................... Wales 7 53454 Opawa Legs 22.94 ...................Matt Roberts 2 26462 Team Dream 22.61 C & ..................... Fagan 8 Oreo Baxter nwtd ......................J McInerney 2 31341 Russell Hart 26.25 ....................J McInerney 8 41726 John Dory nwtd .........................J McInerney 3 12384 Vienna 23.03 ..............................D Stapleton 9 646 Hampden Hewey nwtd .................... R Breen 3 43361 Jinjarango 25.92 J & .......................D Fahey 9 75856 Marmalade Skies nwtd......................J Dunn 4 6375F Hazza’s Got Swag 23.07 ............D Stapleton 10 75 Misty As nwtd P & ......................... B Conner 4 21255 Gordon Bale 25.82 .......................C Roberts 10 78F77 Heza Sensation 22.80 P & ............ B Conner 5 67617 Lamb Shank nwtd .....................J McInerney 2 12.50pmSOUTHLANDGREYHOUNDS.CO.NZ C0, 457m 6 57437 Another Snazza nwtd ................J McInerney 7 2.55pm BRENDON BURKE FIRST NATIONAL C2, 457m 5 16482 Drysdale nwtd .....................................A Lee 6 11353 Thrilling Marty 25.99 P & .............. B Conner 1 27237 Totally Toasted nwtd ..........................J Dunn 1 37324 Opawa Bart 26.30 .............................B Eade 7 43844 Cawbourne Crazy nwtd................C Roberts 7 82755 Oscar Tuivasa 26.66........................L Philips 2 722 Opawa Tom nwtd L & ......................... Wales 2 26552 Rocky Baxter 26.34 ...................J McInerney 8 18333 Sam’s Flyin Norm 22.93 .............D Stapleton 8 88167 Opawa Style 26.46 L & ...................... Wales 3 8 Ozarks Daughter nwtd ...................J Guthrie 3 16754 Sea Spray Doris 26.51 ................B Freeman 9 44655 Camray nwtd ..............................D Stapleton 9 67722 Speedy Kazza nwtd ..................J McInerney 4 85253 Jasper Haka nwtd .....................J McInerney 10 72587 Gone Awol 22.99.......................J McInerney 4 65x17 Shalana Star nwtd.............................J Dunn 10 F3875 Hustler Ambition 26.45....... Melissa Roberts 5 32363 Cawbourne Tip nwtd ....................C Roberts 5 2.20pm SOUTHLAND OTAGO PHOTO FINISH C1, 390m 5 46312 Travelling Joe nwtd....................J McInerney 6 24838 Speedy Swede nwtd L & .................... Wales 10 3.48pm LONESTAR CAFE & BAR C4/5, 457m 6 24243 Mr. Jimmy nwtd .............................R Adcock 1 8x342 Fancy Spice 23.03 P &.................. B Conner 7 4 Grunt Rodgers nwtd ..................J McInerney 1 56428 Finn McMissile 26.34 ......................L Philips 7 44754 Sarah’s Domain nwtd ................J McInerney 2 41474 Joey’s Secret 23.19....................D Stapleton 8 626 Casy’s Raida nwtd .....................D Stapleton 2 75432 Cawbourne Philip 26.07 ............J McInerney 8 33632 Blushing Belle nwtd L & ..................... Wales 3 171 Blue Hobo nwtd.................................J Dunn 9 55665 Fantas Fiction nwtd C & ..................... Fagan 3 71788 Another Colt 26.25 ....................J McInerney 9 37548 Bigtime Tip nwtd.............................. R Breen 4 2111 Angelic Star nwtd ..............................J Dunn 10 75556 Homebush Saxon nwtd .............J McInerney 4 88317 Opawa Webby 26.32 L & ................... Wales 10 68846 Gogo Rioli nwtd .................................J Dunn 5 61572 No More Beersies nwtd P & .......... B Conner 3 1.20pm ADDED ENERGY STAKES C1, 457m 6 43213 Rattle Ya Dags 23.04.........................J Dunn 8 3.13pm SGRC $26 FIVE WIRE MUZZLE STKS C3, 457m 5 68878 Bigtime Kelina nwtd B & ................... T Shaw Southland Greyhound Racing Club Venue: Ascot Park Raceway Meeting Date: 07 Jan 2014 NZ Meeting number: 9 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; 11 and 12 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 10, 11 and 12

6 7 8 9 10

15164 Opawa Bro 26.50 L & ......................... Wales 52234 Rodriguez 26.49..................................A Lee 16771 Charlie’s Choice 26.06 ..................R Adcock 67722 Speedy Kazza nwtd ..................J McInerney F3875 Hustler Ambition 26.45....... Melissa Roberts 11 4.05pm ASCOT PARK HOTEL C4, 390m 1 528x8 Opaque nwtd..............................D Stapleton 2 15582 Some Say 22.92.........................D Stapleton 3 53758 Dillmanstown nwtd ............................J Dunn 4 66248 Botany Prancer 22.71 ...............J McInerney 5 71383 Emily Patrick 23.45 ....................D Stapleton 6 54772 Sosan 22.71 .................................C Roberts 7 86464 Iona Haka nwtd .........................J McInerney 8 58353 Bugsy Bangles 22.54 B & ................ T Shaw 9 85877 Another Gon 22.75....................J McInerney 10 78887 Kid Kahn 23.05 P &....................... B Conner 12 4.23pm JUSTRACING.COM.AU C5, 390m 1 12113 Sozin’s Comet 22.54 .................J McInerney 2 42617 Ketut nwtd ....................................C Roberts 3 26271 Hot Mango 22.72 ..........................R Adcock 4 41121 Cawbourne Queen nwtd ..............C Roberts 5 31346 Rosca 22.47 ..............................J McInerney 6 45541 Our Beowulf 22.30 .....................D Stapleton 7 63342 Little Midnight 22.28 ...................D Stapleton 8 15335 Two Ways 22.70 B & ........................ T Shaw 9 471F6 Miss Sweet 22.86 P & ................... B Conner 10 45861 Admire 22.29..............................D Stapleton

Sport 20 Ashburton Guardian


Tuesday, January 7, 2014



Gold star still in sight By Jonathan Leask

Sandra Keith is still in the hunt for a full set of New Zealand bowls titles and a gold star at the National Bowls Championships in Dunedin yesterday. Keith has previously won a national singles title in 2012, and last year won a pairs title with Serena Matthews and along with her New Zealand Pathways championships in pairs and triples her national title tally sits at four, just one away from the coveted gold star club. The one thing missing is a fours title. Keith’s Dunsandel quartet of Serena Matthews, Pam Clarke and Karolyn Boon won their first two matches yesterday against two

composite Dunedin fours to qualify for post section play without needing to play a sixth match, after having won two of their three games on Sunday. The four are looking to go one better than last year when they lost the final, and if the can claim the title, Keith will earn a coveted gold star. The Mid Canterbury composite teams of Linda Boyd (Rakaia), Maureen Sullivan (Methven), Wendy Watson (Allenton) and Sandra Holdom (Allenton) also qualified after two wins against Green Island and a composite Dunedin four yesterday, following two wins and one loss. In the men’s action the Hinds’ four of David Hastings, Bill Clarke, Neil Atkinson and Cameron Moore lost both their matches.

Braden Currie made a strong start to the New Year by coming third in the Port Of Tauranga Half Ironman on Saturday. The Wanaka-based Currie is building up for his Coast to Coast title defence and produced a creditable podium finish in Tauranga after a month off. Cameron Brown racked up his 10th Port of Tauranga half ironman win, heading home fellow Aucklander Mark Bowstead by more than two minutes in Mount Maunganui, and Currie was a further four minutes back.

Braden Currie: Podium finish

Kinloch’s Graham O’Grady led the field out of the water in the 1.9km swim, closely followed by Bowstead with Brown 41 seconds back in a chase group that included Currie.

Road The Green Grocer Main SouthTinwald

Fresh Fruit & Vege

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TRADES, SERVICES Sandra Keith: One title to go

After a winter spent on the mountain bike Currie struggled to adjust to the road and had lost seven minutes to the leaders to sit in eighth place, but produced a trademark strong run home to move up the field and finish third, but couldn’t catch Brown and Bowstead. Brown, a 10-time winner of the New Zealand ironman championship, set the fastest run time, 17 seconds faster than Currie, to haul in Bowstead and take a tenth title. It was still a strong start to the year from Currie who is focused on backing up last year’s Coast to Coast win next month.


Ferrer on verge of record By MichaeL Brown Each year David Ferrer comes to the Heineken Open and each year he tends to win it. It’s what he has done the last three years - he’s won four times overall in nine visits - and highlights his consistency on the men’s tour. He’s spent nine years in the world’s top 20 and more than three of those in the top 10. Last year he won only two titles (Auckland and Buenos Aires) but played in seven other deciders including the French Open final which he lost to world No 1 Rafael Nadal. In 2012 he won an impressive

seven titles (the best on tour) and played the most singles matches of anyone (91) and he’s made the last eight in the last nine grand slam tournaments. It’s a phenomenal record and victory at the Heineken Open this year would see him eclipse the great Roy Emerson and hold the record for the most wins at the Auckland event. Emerson, the former world No 1 amateur and holder of 12 grand slam singles and 16 grand slam doubles titles, won it four times in the 1960s. Ferrer is currently world No 3 and doesn’t command the same sort of reverence as the Big Four (Nadal, Djokovic, Murray and

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Currie in hot form early

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By Jonathan Leask

Strawberries 2 for $5

Federer) and he probably needs to win a first grand slam title to occupy a spot at the top table of men’s tennis. But the 31-year-old finally admits he deserves to be world No 3. Even 12 months ago, he struggled to see how he could muscle his way in and break up the Big Four. “Tennis is justice,” he said. “I know it’s difficult to be top 10 or to be No 3 in the world. I am lucky because Andy Murray was injured for three or four months, but I had a very good year [in 2013]. I finished the year No 3 because I deserved it, “I think I deserve to be No 3 in the world.” - APNZ




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Wednesday 1.00pm - 7.00pm TINWALD SWIMMING POOL. Outdoor pool open in the Tinwald Domain, Maronan Road.

Puzzles Tuesday, January 7, 2014 CRYPTIC


ACROSS 1. Moves in on Sherlock after losing a pound (5) 4. One must leave a group of musicians to one side (7) 8. Object to half-dead spirit making a comeback (5) 9. Support record of ship’s progress with the work piled up (7) 10. The Italian gets nothing at first out of Olive (3) 11. A greedy bird might not cram it with gold (9) 12. Such as are left may have suffered it (4) 13. In general, a variety of it may be volcanic (4) 18. Alec and Bertie arranged to leave one out and have a party (9) 20. Read it as it says it sounds unfit (3) 21. Forest wardens telephoned Rose who may have lost a ring (7) 22. Gang-leader on weaving machine may encounter despondency (5) 23. Carbon, being hotted up, gets done (7) 24. French battle in which a person got carried away (5)






















14. Make off with Bacon’s version of Dream to begin with (7) 15. While grovelling in the cab, jet gets into a spin (6) 16. Was overtaken, but succeeded in the test (6) 17. Seem upset about non-u rug that blends in (6) 19. Make free with such a weapon to be self-employed (5)


SUDOKU Fill the grid so that every column, every row and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.

YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS CRYPTIC Across 1. Diving-board 8. Panic 9. Excited 10. Suggest 11. Odour 12. Surely 14. Byways 18. Renew 19. Holster 21. Boaters 23. Pique 24. Discernment Down 1. Deposes 2. Vinegar 3. Niche 4. Breath 5. Anchovy 6. Dot 7. Cider 13. Lawless 15. Antique 16. Serpent 17. Chaste 18. Robin 20. Lupin 22. And

QUICK ACROSS 1. Weaken (4) 8. Unarmed (10) 9. Reflected (8) 10. Unclothed (4) 12. Abrupt (6) 14. Make possible (6) 15. Cable (6) 17. Farewell (3-3) 18. Mock (4) 19. To and fro struggle (3-2-3) 21. Coming together (10) 22. Pronounces (4)

Down 2. Put into words (10) 3. Water jug (4) 4. Infertile (6) 5. Pamper (6) 6. Stretch (8) 7. Small island (4) 11. Dawdle (5-5) 13. Rebut (8) 16. Reply (6) 17. Important person (colloq) (6) 18. Playing card (4) 20. Mists (4)



w w w.p a p e rp lu


QUICK Across 1. Glower 5. Assure 9. Bikini 10. Grille 11. Muck 12. Flippant 14. Meteor 16. Pusher 19. Needless 21. Oust 22. Serene 23. Inters 24. Timbre 25. Eldest Down 2. Leisure 3. Wrinkle 4. Reinforce 6. Strip 7. Unleash 8. Elector 13. Impassive 14. Mind-set 15. Theorem 17. Shouted 18. Ensures 20. Lunar


DOWN 1. The ‘orrid cycle that used water for power (5-8) 2. Clearly doesn’t speak as one chews it without teeth (7) 3. Allowing no slackness, I’d backed away from the area (6) 4. Hair colouring due to gold chemically one can set fire to (6) 5. If at sea, get attached to bed (6) 6. Character from Greece got misdealt (5) 7. Matching what turns north, he is put in late in the day (5-8)

Ashburton Guardian

s. co .n z /b a ck

*Terms and conditions apply

212 East Street • Ashburton • 03 308 8309



YOUR STARS by Forecasters

ARIES (MAR 21 – APR 20) With the New Year hype behind you, you’re finally able to get your first real sense of 2014 and the kind of year you’ve arrived in, liking what you sense. TAURUS (APR 20 – MAY 21) In the early days of the year it’s important to pace yourself. Before life gets too busy remember your New Year resolutions. GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 22) The Moon’s first visit to a social and serendipitous part of your chart for the year brings a chance to take your work hat off and stay in the moment. CANCER (JUNE 22 – JULY 24) As the Moon makes his first visit to your career sector for the year this is a chance to get your bearings and a sense of this new professional year. LEO (JULY 24 – AUG 23) The Moon’s return to an adventurous part of your chart gives you a chance to hold onto the holiday spirit before it is lost under the reality of daily life. VIRGO (AUG 23 – SEP 23) Where you were able to put money matters aside, with the Christmas and holiday spirit more important. Put your money hat on. LIBRA (SEP 23 – OCT 23) Pay attention to the emotional and intuitive responses and triggers on the relationship front today, without sweating the small stuff or over reacting. SCORPIO (OCT 23 – NOV 24) While the Moon’s return to your work sector today is bringing you face to face with your new working year, it’s about paying attention. SAGITTARIUS (NOV 24 – DEC 21) The more you can hold onto the professional passions and fighting spirit developed late last year the easier it will be to pick your battles. CAPRICORN (DEC 21 – JAN 20) Work/life balance issues may have come to a head over Christmas. You can learn from this as you commit to the year proper. AQUARIUS (JAN 20 – FEB 19) An intuitive sense of knowing where the money is allows you to work smarter ensuring your time and attention is focused in the right areas. PISCES (FEB 19 – MAR 20) Keep your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground today, especially when it comes to trusting a nose for money and your hunches.

phone 0900 85000


Family Notices 22 Ashburton Guardian

POOKE, Malcolm Desmond – Suddenly on January 1, 2014. Dearly loved eldest nephew of Jackie and the late Alan Currie and loved cousin and friend of Vivienne, Lynn, Louise and families.

RUSHTON, Courtenay Shavaughan – On January 03, 2014 at Christchurch. Aged 16 years. Everlastingly loved, precious and amazingly beautiful daughter of Gerard and Claire. Adored, cherished, and inspirational sister of Terry, Corey and Josh. Truly wonderful sister-in-law of Candace. Tragically taken from us all. Sixteen years will never be enough. A spirited angel who has written her name on every star that we will see so when we look up we will never forget her. Always in our hearts we love you forever. Messages to 201 Smithfield Road, RD 2, Ashburton, 7772. Donations to the Westpac Helicopter Trust would be appreciated and may be left at the service. Courtenay’s funeral service will be held in the Church of the Holy Name, Sealy Street, Ashburton TOMORROW WEDNESDAY January 08, commencing at 1.30pm. To be followed by Private Cremation. Paterson’s Funeral Services, FDANZ, Ashburton

SCOTT, Adrienne Valmai (nee Kingsbury) – On Sunday January 5, 2014. Aged 87. Loved wife of the late Noel. Mother and mother in law of Colin and Dianne, and Struan and Lee-Anne and grandmother of Ben, Tom, and Tim. Messages to 33 Fulton Road, Glenleith, Dunedin 9010. Special thanks to the staff at Tuarangi Home for their wonderful care. A service for Adrienne will be held at Our Chapel Cnr East and Cox Streets, Ashburton on THURSDAY, January 9, commencing at 11.00am followed by private interment. Paterson’s Funeral Services FDANZ Ashburton SYMONS, Miriam Lucy, (Lucy) – 29/07/1917 – 05/01/2014. At Ashburton. Dearly loved wife and good companion of Sydney Osburne (Ossie). Loved and respected mother and mother in law of Barbara and Peter Barnes (formerly Cheviot), Janace (Tasmania), Miriam and Ken Cutforth (Rakaia), the late Syd, and Debbie (Queensland), Dan (Alford Forest), and Emily. Loved grandma Lucy of Francis, Dougal, Gerald, and Campbell; Emily Jane, and Rebecca; Naomi, and Fleur; Sam, Tom, and Matt; and her 15 great grandchildren. Messages to P.O. Box 472, Ashburton, 7740. Lucy’s interment will be held at the Alford Forest Cemetery on THURSDAY, January 09 at 10.30am. To be followed by a Service of thanksgiving at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Havelock Street, Ashburton on Thursday commencing at 1.30pm. Paterson’s Funeral Services, FDANZ, Ashburton

Your local Telecom store, East Street, Ashburton (03) 308 0308








SYMONS, Lucy – Loved youngest daughter of Richard Proctor and Emily Sarah Thompson. Loved sister of Isaac, Barbara, Winnie, Richard, Lincoln, Kathleen, Oliver, and Gavin. (all deceased).




Ra n

Please note all late death notices or notices sent outside ordinary office hours must be emailed to:


E.B. CARTER LTD For all your memorial requirements New headstones and designs Renovations, Additional inscriptions, Cleaning and Concrete work Carried out by qualified tradesmen.

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NZ Situation

Wind km/h less than 30 fine

isolated snow thunder flurries

sleet thunder

Canterbury Plains





High cloud, with a few spots of rain developing late morning, then clearing in the evening. Northeasterlies turning northwest in the afternoon.

TOMORROW Showers spreading north with a fresh cold southwesterly change.

FZL: Lowering to 2200m


FZL: Lowering to 1600m later

A few showers. Cool southwesterlies easing.

Showers increasing from afternoon. Snow level lowering to 1300 metres. Wind at 1000m: NW 60 km/h, easing to SW 40 km/h in the afternoon. Wind at 2000m: Gale NW 70 km/h, easing to SW 50 km/h in the afternoon.



Fine spells, any remaining showers clearing. Light winds.

Showers easing, and snow level rising. Cold southwesterlies.

THURSDAY Showers easing. Fresh cold southwesterlies.


World Weather

Adelaide Amsterdam Bangkok Berlin Brisbane Cairns Cairo Calcutta Canberra Colombo Darwin Dubai Dublin Edinburgh Frankfurt

fine drizzle fine cloudy showers fine fine fine fine rain showers fine fine drizzle cloudy

Geneva Hobart Hong Kong Honolulu Islamabad Jakarta Johannesburg Kuala Lumpur London Los Angeles Madrid Melbourne Moscow Nadi New Delhi

26 11 33 11 29 32 20 25 23 31 34 21 9 8 12

fine cloudy drizzle rain cloudy rain thunder thunder rain fine drizzle showers rain thunder fine

2 10 16 19 3 23 16 24 9 12 4 13 1 23 7

New York Paris Perth Rarotonga Rome San Francisco Seoul Singapore Stockholm Sydney Taipei Tel Aviv Tokyo Washington Zurich

10 17 19 26 18 31 28 32 11 22 12 20 2 32 18

fine drizzle fine rain cloudy fine cloudy thunder showers showers cloudy cloudy fine snow fine


Tuesday 9 noon 3


9 pm am 3



9 noon 3




Bad fishing

Set 12:01 am Rise 12:45 pm

First quarter

8 Jan

9 pm am 3


9 noon 3

4:41 pm

Rise 6:00 am Set 9:18 pm


Bad fishing


9 pm

Subscribe at

Rise 6:02 am Set 9:18 pm

Good fishing


Set 12:32 am Rise 1:52 pm

Full moon

16 Jan 5:54 pm

Set 1:03 am Rise 2:56 pm

Last quarter

24 Jan 6:21 pm

Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa

For the very latest weather information, including Weather Warnings, visit

mainly fine


few showers


mainly fine



















River Levels

Phone 307 6466 Mobile 0274 508 191 13 Robinson Street, (old Spray Marks site) Riverside Industrial Estate, Ashburton

17 13 18 14 15 12 11 11 11 8 8 11 9



Selwyn Whitecliffs (NIWA) at 2:00 pm, yesterday

Rakaia Fighting Hill (NIWA) at 12:00 pm, yesterday 360.1 Nth Ashburton at 2:00 pm, yesterday

5.35 nc

Sth Ashburton at 12:00 pm, yesterday


Rangitata Klondyke at 2:00 pm, yesterday


Waitaki Kurow at 12:00 pm, yesterday


Source: Environment Canterbury

Ashburton Airport Temperature °C At 4pm 17.7 21.9 Max to 4pm 6.1 Minimum -0.4 Grass minimum Rainfall mm 0.0 16hr to 4pm January to date 2.0 Avg Jan to date 11 2014 to date 2.0 11 Avg year to date Wind km/h SE 22 At 4pm Strongest gust E 41 Time of gust 3:00pm

© Copyright Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited 2014

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26 26 28 24 19 20 21 18 24 22 16 17 17

Palmerston North rain

Canterbury Readings


9:35 3:50 10:06 4:16 10:36 4:50 11:07 5:17 11:38 5:49 The times shown are for the Ashburton River mouth. For the Rangitata river mouth subtract 16 minutes and for the Rakaia river mouth subtract 6 minutes.

Rise 5:59 am Set 9:18 pm

-13 -11 9 14 18 29 23 31 6 16 8 16 -1 7 24 32 1 6 18 22 13 22 7 21 1 9 -16 -6 5 11

overnight max low


Forecasts for today

12 8 21 6 23 24 10 14 9 24 26 17 5 7 7

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

NZ Today

Canterbury High Country Rain with some heavy falls about the divide, possible thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. Scattered falls further east, clearing in the evening. Snow level lowering to 1800m later in the day. Wind at 1000m: Gale NW 80 km/h, easing to W 60 km/h in the afternoon. Wind at 2000m: Gale NW 80 km/h.

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Kermode Street, Phone 307 5800


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A low moves away to the east of the South Island tomorrow, and a disturbed southwest flow covers New Zealand. A ridge starts to develop on Friday.

mainly isolated cloudy drizzle drizzle few showers fine showers clearing showers


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Patersons Funeral Services and Ashburton Crematorium Ltd


FRIDAY: A few showers. Cool southwesterlies easing. MAX

bur to



Canterbury owned, locally operated





THURSDAY: Showers easing. Fresh cold southwesterlies.





TOMORROW: Showers develop afternoon with cold SW change.




TODAY: Few spots of rain from late morning. NE to NW.





Ashburton Forecast

Wa i m a ka r i r i


Map for today

Tuesday, January 7, 2014





to 4pm yesterday


Christchurch Airport

Timaru Airport

20.5 21.3 8.7 –

19.2 23.5 13.6 9.5

17.1 21.8 12.6 –

0.0 5.6 – 5.6 –

0.0 0.6 8 0.6 8

0.0 4.4 9 4.4 9

N 11 – –

E 35 E 46 3:25pm

E 15 NW 52 4:15am

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Television Tuesday, January 7, 2014


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7pm Border Patrol 0 7:30 Tricked 0 8:30 The Man Who Ate Himself to Death 0 9:35 Crime Secrets of … AO 0 10:35 One News Tonight 0 10:50 N Southland Officer Cooper gets a new partner; Lydia has a new partner as well. 0

11:40 Infested PGR 3 12:35 Te Karere 3 News and current affairs from a Maori perspective. 2 0 1:10 Infomercials 5:35 Te Karere 3

CHOICE TV 6am Benny Hinn 6:30 Home By Novogratz 7am Atlantic Britain 7:30 Venice 24/7 8am Great Animal Escapes 8:30 Caroline Quentin’s National Parks 10am Secret Removers 11am Oddities 11:30 Off The Eaten Track Noon Bath Crashers 12:30 Merlin 1:30 Extreme Fishing With Robson Green 2:15 Hotel Secrets With Richard E Grant PGR 3:30 Great Animal Escapes 4pm Heaven’s Garden 4:30 New British Kitchen – Torode And Hardeep’s Tour 5pm Better Homes And Gardens 6pm Sandmasters 6:30 House Crashers 7pm Auction Hunters PG 7:30 The Apartment Hosted and judged by Jamie Durie. 8:30 Nick Knowles’ Original Features Nick delves into the history of homes as their owners begin restoring them to their former glory. 9:30 International Open House 10pm West End Salvage 10:30 School Of Comedy AO 11pm Auction Hunters PG 11:30 Gator Boys


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6am Tennis – Heineken Open (Highlights) Day One. 7am Golf – US PGA Tour (Highlights) Tournament of Champions – Round Three. 9am The Cricket Show 9:30 Fox Sports News 10am L Golf – US PGA Tour Tournament of Champions – Round Four. From the Plantation Course, Hawaii. 2pm Motorsport – Isle Of Man TT Sidecar. 3pm Basketball – NBL (Replay) Adelaide 36ers v New Zealand Breakers. 5pm Arena Access 5:30 Sport 365 Christmas Special. 6pm Golf – US PGA Tour (Highlights) Tournament of Champions – Round Four. From the Plantation Course, Hawaii. 7pm Motorsport – The Dirt 7pm Best of QI AO 3 Featuring the Midgets 7:30 60 Minutes PGR 3 International Series 30 8:30 M Black Dawn AO 2005 Lapper. Action. 8pm Arena Access A CIA agent works as 8:30 Fight Night Vyacheslav an undercover agent to Glazkov v Garrett Wilson. undermine arms dealers, and 10:30 Cricket – The Ashes must stop them before they Australia v England – Fifth bomb Los Angeles. Test, Day Three. Coverage Steven Seagal, Tamara Davies. of the last two hours of play 10:35 Best of QI AO 3 from the Sydney Cricket Ground.

11:45 Once Upon A Time PGR 3 0 12:40 Go Girls AO 3 0 1:35 Infomercials 2:35 Grey’s Anatomy PGR 3 0 3:25 The Lying Game PGR 3 0 4:10 Jeremy Kyle AO 3 5:05 State Of Georgia 3 0 5:30 Infomercials

11:35 The Good Wife AO Alicia and Will argue a case in front of a mercurial military judge; Eli’s confidence is shaken. 12:30 Big Brother Australia 3 1:25 Infomercials 5am Joyce Meyer 5:30 Infomercials

11:10 The Late Show With David Letterman A late-night comedy and talk show. 12:05 Home Shopping 1:35 The Crowd Goes Wild 3 An irreverent daily sports and entertainment show. 2:05 Home Shopping

6am Infomercials 7am Money Man 3 7:30 Gok’s Fashion Fix PGR 3 0 8:30 Infomercials 10:30 The Shopping Channel 11:30 Entertainment Tonight 3 Noon Would I Lie To You? PGR 3 0 12:30 90210 PGR 3 1:30 The Defenders PGR An attempt to collect a gambling debt at a bar leads to a shooting in which one person dies and an off-duty police officer is wounded. 0 2:30 HomeMADE Two teams of emerging designers renovate two houses in five days, the winner receiving AU$100,000. 3:30 The Queen Latifah Show 4:30 Big Brother Australia Highlights of life in the house. 6pm 3 News

11:40 Entertainment Tonight 12:10 Infomercials

6:30 The Crowd Goes Wild 3 7am Deal Or No Deal 3 7:30 Tennis – Heineken Open (Highlights) Day one at the ASB Tennis Arena, in Auckland. 8:35 Home Shopping Noon The Doctors PGR 1pm The Jeff Probst Show 1:55 Beauty And The Beast PGR 3 2:50 The Crowd Goes Wild 3 3:20 The Late Show With David Letterman 3 4:20 Tennis – Heineken Open (Highlights) Day One. From the ASB Tennis Arena, in Auckland. 5:30 Prime News 6pm Deal Or No Deal 6:30 Millionaire – Hot Seat Hosted by Eddie McGuire.

MAORI TV 10am Korero Mai 3 11am Toku Reo 3 Noon Korero Mai 3 1pm Toku Reo 3 2pm Ako 3 3pm Maara Kai 3 3:30 Brian Jacques’s Redwall 3 2 4pm Miharo 3 2 4:30 Pukana 3 2 5pm Toi Whakaari 3 2 5:30 Te Kaea 2 6pm Nga Pari Karangaranga O Te Motu 3

THE BOX 6am NYPD Blue MVLS 6:50 The Simpsons PG 7:15 Pawn Stars PG 7:40 America’s Funniest Home Videos PG 8:05 The Pretender PG 8:55 Numb3rs MV 9:45 Law And Order MV 10:35 CSI – Miami MV 11:25 CSI – New York MV 12:15 Sons Of Anarchy 16VLS 1:05 America’s Funniest Home Videos PG 1:30 Numb3rs MV 2:20 NYPD Blue MVLS 3:10 The Pretender PG 4pm Pawn Stars PG 4:30 The Simpsons PG 5pm Numb3rs MV 6pm America’s Funniest Home Videos PG 6:30 Pawn Stars PG 7pm The Simpsons PG 7:30 CSI – Miami MV 8:30 CSI MV 9:30 CSI MV 10:30 Law And Order MV 11:30 CSI – Miami MV

12:30 Motorsport – The Dirt 1:30 Motorsport – Isle Of Man TT Sidecar. 2:30 Adventure Angler 3am Tennis – Heineken Open (Highlights) Match of the Day – Day Two. 4:30 Tennis – Heineken Open (Highlights) Match of the Night – Day Two.

SKY SPORT 2 6:30 Ako 3 7pm Te Kaea 3 2 7:30 Unsung Heroes Of Maori Music (Starting Today) 3 8pm The Prophets 3 8:30 Young At Heart AO With an average age of 80 the members of Young at Heart perform rock ‘n’ roll songs from the likes of Coldplay, Hendrix and The Clash. 10:30 N Both Worlds 11pm Te Kaea 3 2 11:30 Closedown

DISCOVERY 6am Destroyed In Seconds PG 6:30 Moonshiners PG 7:30 Man v Wild PG 8:30 Taiwan Revealed PG 9:30 Mythbusters PG 10:30 You Have Been Warned PG 11:30 Fatal Encounters M 12:30 Swamp Murders M 1:30 Deadly Affairs M 2:30 Auction Hunters PG 3pm Auction Hunters PG 3:30 Moonshiners PG 4:30 Gold Rush PG 5:30 Mythbusters PGR 6:30 Yukon Men PG 7:30 World’s Top Five PG 8:30 Aeroplane Repo PG 9:30 Secrets Of… PG 10:30 Secrets Of… PG 11pm Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets M 11:30 Stalked – Someone’s Watching M


Midnight True Crime With Aphrodite Jones M 1am Stalked – Someone’s Watching M 1:30 WEDNESDAY Stalked – Someone’s Watching 12:30 The Pretender PG 1:20 NYPD M 2am Everything You Need To Blue MVLS 2:10 Law And Order Know PG 2:30 Man v Wild PG 3:30 MV 3:05 CSI MV 3:55 CSI MV 4:45 Deadliest Catch PG 4:30 Flying The Pretender PG 5:35 America’s Wild Alaska PG 5:30 Worst-Case Scenario PG Funniest Home Videos PG


10:50pm on TV One

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12:20 Death Row 16V 2006 Horror. 1:50 Biography – Joaquin Phoenix PG 2009 2:40 Jeff, Who Lives At Home MVL 2012 Comedy. 4:05 Sherlock Holmes 2 – A Game Of Shadows AO 2011 Action.

Betty White's Off their Rockers 7:30pm on TV2

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6am Cricket – The Ashes Australia v England – Fifth Test, Day Four. Coverage of the last two hours of play from the Sydney Cricket Ground. 8am Tennis – Heineken Open Match of the Day – Day One. 9:30 Tennis – Heineken Open Match of the Night – Day One. 11am What’s On 11:30 Cricket – The Ashes (Highlights) Australia v England – Fifth Test, Day Four. Noon Cricket – T20 Big Bash League (Replay) Adelaide Strikers v Sydney Sixers. 3:30 The Cricket Show 4pm Cricket – International (Highlights) New Zealand v West Indies – Forth One-Day International. 5pm Cricket – International (Highlights) Pakistan v Sri Lanka – First Test, Day Five. 5:30 Road To Sochi 6pm UFC Fight Night (Replay) Saffiedine v Lim. 8pm Slammin Sam 9pm Cricket – T20 Big Bash League (Highlights) Adelaide Strikers v Sydney Sixers. From the Adelaide Oval. 9:30 L Cricket – T20 Big Bash League Perth Scorchers v Hobart Hurricanes. From the Western Australia Cricket Association Ground, Perth.


1am Inside Cricket 2am Cricket – The Ashes (Highlights) Australia v England – Fifth Test, Day Five. 2:30 Golf – US PGA Tour (Highlights) Tournament of Champions – Round Four. 3:30 Arena Access 4am Fight Night Vyacheslav Glazkov v Garrett Wilson. | Compiled by

24 Ashburton Guardian

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sport Two more local youngsters also came home with silverware from the weekend. Sam Goulter and Lewis Dray were both competing in the development class which supports the NZSBK series in the South Island. Dray suffered mechanical problems in race two when challenging for the lead on the final lap, but he was loaned a bike by another competitor to contest the NZGP race. He quickly adapted to the new machine and took third place in the feature race, narrowly beating Goulter into fourth. The overall standings of the meeting saw Sam Goulter pick up second place with Lewis Dray taking third, with the pair also set to race in Timaru.

Bailie Perriton (2) hits the lead after overtaking Rangiora teenager Jake Lewis in the opening round of the New Zealand Superbike series at Ruapuna at the weekend. PHOTO SPORTZFOTOZ

Perriton smashes Ruapuna record BY JONATHAN LEASK


Bailie Perriton got off to a strong start in his bid to become the 2014 NZ 250cc production champion at the opening round of the New Zealand Superbike series at Ruapuna at the weekend. Perriton showed he had improved since last year by getting the better of current New Zealand 250 champion, Australian Luke Burgess, who was able to edge out Perriton last year, but

current European junior champion Jake Lewis from Rangiora was able to keep his nose in front. In qualifying the 16-year-old Perriton claimed pole position, but once the racing got underway it was a three-way battle between Perriton, Burgess and Lewis. All three riders held the lead at some point in the race which produced a drag race to the finish, where Lewis took the win with Perriton second and Bur-

gess third, all within 0.377 seconds of each other. All three riders were running under lap record pace and it was Perriton who claimed the new lap record with a 1:50.630, beating the previous time by three seconds. Sunday’s second race had Perriton take an early lead before Lewis made up the ground and in another close race for the flag Lewis took the win by 0.113s. The third race doubled as the prestigious NZGP title and once

again had Perriton and Lewis in a showdown on the final straight. Perriton found the front with two laps of the race to go and held the lead into the final lap, but Lewis slipped past coming out of the final turn and for the third time it was a race to the flag that had Lewis get his nose in front again, this time by just 0.122s. The Perriton camp was philosophical about the weekend. “We can settle for second to

the current European junior champion, especially by a tenth of a second,” Merv Orford said. “We’ll be looking to turn it around this weekend.” This weekend the duo battle it out again at the more technical Levels circuit near Timaru. Lewis will then miss the final two rounds, at Taupo and Feilding in March, to return to Spain for testing ahead of the 2014 World Superbike Championships where he will be riding a 600cc Honda.

‘Strange’ that Hewitt still our best, says Cash BY STEVE LARKIN Pat Cash finds it inspiring but a bit disappointing that Lleyton Hewitt is Australia’s top-ranked tennis player.

Hewitt reclaimed that status from youngster Bernard Tomic when he rose to No.43 in the world in the wake of his Brisbane final triumph over Roger Federer on Sunday.

Cash reckons it’s weird that 32-year-old Hewitt hasn’t been properly usurped by younger compatriots. “It’s really inspiring to see that Lleyton is 32 and is playing

so well,” Cash said in Adelaide yesterday. “But in some ways, it’s slightly disappointing that he is still the top Australian. “That is not taking anything away from Lleyton, he is a great

player. But you would hope to have some other guys in the top 10, 20. “It’s inspiring but a little strange to see that Lleyton is still our top-ranked player.” - AAP

Davison heading Ferrer on verge to Mercedes of Heineken record P18


Ag 07 january 2014  

Ashburton Guardian, January 7, 2014

Ag 07 january 2014  

Ashburton Guardian, January 7, 2014