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Dangerous seeds spilled on local road


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Urgency needed on domain BY SUE NEWMAN


The entrance to the Ashburton Domain is on the move. When traffic lights are installed at the intersection of West Street and Walnut Avenue, the entrance will clash with traffic queues and the New Zealand Transport Agency wants it relocated. But deciding where that should be has Ashburton District councillors scratching their heads; making that decision without significant public input could be a recipe for disaster. they decided. At yesterday’s council meeting, NZTA representatives told councillors they wanted to move quickly and they asked the council to sign off its preferred option for access as a new entrance from Walnut Avenue. Councillors were happy to give the land designation request the nod, but were not so keen to sign up to a preferred entrance point. However, by failing to indicate they knew where the existing entrance had to go, the designa-

tion process could be held up, councillor John Leadley said. “We need to do everything we can to hasten these West Street lights. We’re more likely to get this notice of requirement if we indicate we’re looking at change.” When the transport agency held an open day on the planned changes at the Walnut Avenue intersection only 40 people turned up. And when it came to public feedback the results were even worse – just 14 comment sheets were returned. Out of those, half were in favour of a new entrance to the domain from Walnut Avenue, west of the children’s paddling pool. There had to be further public consulation, said councillor Darryl Nelson. “I’m concerned if we don’t do that, when the digger moves onto the domain we’ll have a protest ... at the 11th hour. We can’t decide until we have ... more feedback.”


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Family’s relief after mountain adventure Kylie Burrowes is glad to have Josh back after a night on Mt Hutt.




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Friday, September 6, 2013

5 BITES 1 Smoking prisoners ruin TVs



Beware the ball-cutter fish

Five things that may interest you


Prisoners using electrical cords to spark up cigarettes in a north Queensland jail have damaged more than 500 televisions. The state government says 425 TVs have been replaced and another 131 repaired at Lotus Glen Correctional Centre, near Cairns, over the past year. Prisoners are allowed to smoke in designated areas of state jails but not in their cells due to the risk of fires, which is why inmates have been stripping TV wires to light up. A spokesman said the government would look at a range of ways to protect prison TVs.

All public Twitter posts indexed A San Francisco startup says it has indexed all public Twitter posts dating back to the first ‘tweet’ ever fired off seven years ago. Topsy is making the compendium of tweets available to marketers, businesses and others to “extract meaningful signals from the social media noise”. The analytics firm says it offers “the entire history of public tweets on Twitter, dating back to the first-ever tweet by Jack Dorsey in March 2006”. Topsy claims its tools provide analyses of “hundreds of billions” of tweets and web pages.




The Pacu, a fish dubbed the ‘ball-cutter’ because it has reportedly bitten off men’s testicles, has been found in Paris and there are fears it could be making its way to the UK. The small piranha-like fish was found in European waters for the first time in August with experts warning men to keep their trunks on if swimming in the Øresund channel between Denmark and Sweden. Now the pacu has been found in the River Seine. Its human-like teeth marked the species as the feared ‘testicle eating’ pacu.

5 Chickens head to retirement

Mexico City mulls legal marijuana ‘clubs’

Their egg-laying days behind them, some 1200 Northern California chickens are heading for a cozy retirement on the East Coast, where they will live outside of cages and have plenty of room to spread their wings. An anonymous $50,000 donation is funding Operation Chicken Airlift, which will send the hens on a cross-country cargo flight to upstate New York. From there the white Leghorn chickens will be ferried to different sanctuaries. Laying hens are generally too lean for human consumption and are usually slaughtered after they stop providing eggs.

The Mexico City council is considering the legalisation of cannabis plants and the creation of private marijuana smoking “clubs” as it mulls controversial legislation to liberalise consumption. The US states of Washington and Colorado voted to legalise the recreational use of marijuana last year, a move that shocked the Mexican government as it faces cartel violence that has left more than 70,000 people dead in the past seven years.


Mid Canterbury Premier Netball Final: Celtic and Methven showdown for a third straight year in the Mid Canterbury Premier Netball Final at the Ashburton Netball Courts (starting at 3pm). The open grade finals day has matches on court from midday. Heartland Rugby Championships: Mid Canterbury Host Wairarapa Bush in round




e Op

p Se

b tem


7 t hm y rda 12p u t Sa am – e m 10 Ho






pling stammer. It was a period of British history when the monarchy needed to show leadership and confidence but with a King who had to overcome a key physical limitation. Rated: G. Duration: 65 minutes. On the horizon - Mid Canterbury Country Music Club’s Club Day: 15 September 2013. Starting at the earlier time of 1.30pm,

anyone is welcome to come along and enjoy an afternoon of top-class free entertainment. There’s a wide range of guests and singers coming from Christchurch to be part of this club day, so make sure you arrive early to ensure a good seat! Start time: 1.30pm. Got an event you want to tell us about? Email us at

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three of the Heartland Rugby Championships with kick-off at the earlier time of 1pm at the Ashburton Showgrounds. The Mid Canterbury under-16s play the curtain-raiser against North Otago at 11.30am. On the couch - The Real King’s Speech: Prime, 7.30pm. This documentary looks at the inspiring and true story of King George VI’s struggle to overcome his crip-

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News Friday, September 6, 2013

Ashburton Guardian



Mum relieved to have son home By SuSan SandyS

Mount Hutt College pupil Josh Burrowes could not wait to go snowboarding when it was the school’s annual ski trip on Wednesday. The 11-year-old undertakes a weekly ski option at the school, meaning he gets to go to Mt Hutt every Wednesday, however he had not been up the previous three weeks in a row due to the trips being cancelled. This time the weather was bad once again, but the mountain was open and the ski trip was given the all clear by school management. Josh was looking forward to snowboarding with his friends, one of whom had never been to Mt Hutt before. But face-numbing white-out weather conditions set in midmorning and he and his friends actually got lost on Highway 72. They had to take off their skis and snowboards and slide down the mountain on their tummies, helped by older students. Students were herded to their school buses in preparation for exiting the mountain, but then around midday the access road was closed due to poor visibility and snow drifts. Meanwhile, Josh’s mum was at work, at Tiddlywinks Preschool in Ashburton. She had got a text from Josh when he was on the bus, saying they would be heading down from the mountain soon. But half an hour later she got a text from the school saying the access road was closed and a decision would be made at 8pm on whether to exit the mountain. “I had a mild panic attack, I thought what do you mean the road is closed and you will make

Eleven-year-old Josh Burrowes was among 270 Mount Hutt College pupils reunited with their parents yesterday after being forced to spent the night on Mt Hutt. His mother Kylie holds no blame towards the college or skifield. Photo tetsuro MitoMo 050913-tM-071

a decision at 8pm?” “It’s a bit of a daunting idea your child stuck on a mountain,” Mrs Burrowes said. She phoned Josh, by this time in the skifield café with all the other students, to see how he was. “It was quite reassuring to hear his voice and he was safe and warm. “When I rang Josh you could hear the kids laughing in the background, it just sounded like a big party.”

Later that night however, teachers’ and students’ hopes of getting off the skifield before midnight were dashed by strong winds, and they had to bunk down for the night. It was an emotional time in the ski area café as students said goodnight to their parents on their cellphones, or their friends’ phones if their’s had run out of battery. “I missed my mum and dad,” Josh recalled yesterday as he rested at his Mitcham home,

where he lives with his mum, dad Darryl and little sister Ella. He said he had managed to get about two hours’ sleep before everyone was awoken about 1am. It was a long and slow journey down, as the bus stopped several times in icy conditions. Mrs Burrowes said she ran to her son and hugged him after finally spotting him amongst a group of children who had alighted from the bus in Methven, after waiting at the school

grounds in the early hours of the morning. Buses arrived back at the school around 4am, and students and teachers stayed home yesterday to recover. Mrs Burrowes said she held no blame towards the skifield or school. “They were amazing, they looked after the kids so well.” Josh sums up his whole ordeal as “very tiring”, and thinks he might restrict future trips to Mt Hutt to fine days.

Mount Hutt College to review ski day procedures By Sue newman

Students may have been trapped on the mountain, but Mt Hutt ski staff made sure they were well fed and looked after.

Mount Hutt College will review its ski day procedures after about 270 students were trapped on Mt Hutt on Wednesday night. The school stands by its decision to take the students up the mountain for their annual ski trip on Wednesday, and principal John Schreurs said that decision was based on the practice of following advice from Mt Hutt staff – if the mountain was skiable school groups would go. “If the mountain is open we go, if there’s a delay, we don’t,” he said. However, in the wake of the road closure that kept students on the mountain until about 3am, Mr Schreurs said the school would review that practice and look at how it could do things differently.

While some parents were concerned that their children would be driven down the mountain in the early hours of the morning, that was often the time when there was good visibility, he said. “Safety for everyone was paramount and they said there was a small window of opportunity between 3am and 5am when the wind was down.” There had been a good communication flow between Mt Hutt staff, the school and parents and while some parents were concerned that the school continued with its ski trip that day, Mr Schreurs said he was confident student safety had never been compromised. “Mt Hutt staff were really good with our students, we’re really pleased with what they did up there. Yes, parents were concerned, and quite rightly when their children were supposed to be home and they weren’t.”

News 4

Ashburton Guardian

Friday, September 6, 2013

Demolition date for library By SuSan SandyS

Methven Public Library committee members are planning to demolish the building next Saturday (September 14). Chairperson Eleanor Marr said yesterday that this Saturday a nearby hedge would be removed, and archaeologists would be on site today, in preparation. The demolition date had been pencilled in after determining that contractors who had offered to help, and the archaeologists, would both be available on that day. The library was closed after the 2010 September 4 earthquake caused extensive damage to it. “It’s been a long three years waiting to get something done, yes there’s a tinge of sadness for a lot of people because they have liked looking at the building, but we need to look forward now,” Mrs Marr said. The Guardian understands the Methven Historical Society will be demolished the same day, however the society could not be contacted to confirm this. Both the library and histori-

Murder charge A man will appear in court today over the death of Taranaki man Desroe Bishop. Mr Bishop, 37, was fatally stabbed at his property in Opunake early yesterday morning. A 33-year-old who was arrested in relation to the death has now been charged with murder and will appear in the New Plymouth District Court today. The scene examinations at the two properties cordoned off earlier in the day are ongoing, police said. - APNZ

On the level For decades, the only sizeable patch of grass at Kaikorai School in Dunedin has been on the side of a hill. So for decades, pupils have made the best of the situation and played rugby up hill. But after the school and parents raised $125,000, it is hoped, by the end of this year, pupils will be able to play on a grassy field as flat as a pancake. - APNZ

Jailed for arson

A demolition date has been set for the Methven Public Library and archaeologists will be on hand to oversee proceedings. photo susan sandys 160412-ss-001

cal society committees waged a battle with the New Zealand Historic Places Trust, which

wanted to save the buildings. The committees were faced with huge repair expenses and

felt they could create a better facility for the town by building a new joint complex.

Skifield receives another Jury retires for night in indecency court case 45 centimetres of snow Mt Hutt received a minimum of 45 centimetres of snow in the storm which trapped skiers on Wednesday. The skifield was closed yesterday after more than 300 staff and guests overnighted in the blizzard conditions. They were able to leave the mountain in the early hours after conditions cleared and the access road opened. Mt Hutt ski area manager James McKenzie said many staff were resting yesterday

In brief

and avalanche control work was being carried out before reopening. The late snowfall had only added to the best snow base in Australasia. The skifield now had well over three metres on the upper levels of the ski area. Mt Hutt has already announced it is extending its closing date to October 13 for an extra week of skiing and riding over the New Zealand school holidays.

A jury deliberating in the trial of an osteopath accused of two dozen sex and indecency charges has retired for the night without a verdict. Richard Davis, 53, of Katikati, is being tried in the High Court at Wellington on 11 counts of unlawful sexual connection and 13 counts of indecent assault in relation to patients at his Gisborne practice. The charges were brought after 10 female patients alleged Davis touched them inappropriately and performed invasive acts in a sexual manner during

treatment. The Crown claims Davis’ touching was deliberate and sexual. The defence claims he was using legitimate osteopathic techniques and any inappropriate touching was accidental or did not happen. The jury of seven women and five men began their deliberations after Justice David Collins finished summing up about 11.30am yesterday. They retired about 5.30pm and will resume deliberations this morning. - APNZ

A woman who wanted to flee Christchurch after becoming embroiled with a gang set a fire in her own flat, causing a flatmate to jump from a second floor window and a terrified mum to escape leaving a young child behind. Kindra McMaster, 21, was jailed for four years and five months yesterday after being found guilty by a jury over the November 2011 arson. The court heard how she had tried to get gang members to beat up an ex-boyfriend, but it had “backfired ... badly”. - APNZ

Ozone hole closing The ozone hole over New Zealand is closing, but it may warm up Antarctica which could then affect the West Coast and Canterbury Plains, a university researcher says. Dr Adrian McDonald, from Canterbury University’s Physics and Astronomy department, was commenting after data released by the World Meteorological Organisation showed the ozone layer would recover between the years 2050 and 2100. However, as a result of the ozone hole closing, Antarctica would probably become warmer, Dr McDonald said. An international agreement to reduce chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) has helped reduce the size of the ozone hole. - APNZ

This Friday, 6th September 2013, is our Annual Carnation Day Street Appeal. This is the biggest fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canterbury.


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News Friday, September 6, 2013

The new entrance options proposed for the Ashburton Domain: Orange, option A: A new road off Walnut Avenue. Red, option B: A new entrance further south on West Street with the current access used as a left turn only exit. Yellow and Green, options C and D: New access points off West Street at the domain gates or the layby.

‘Poor’ public response to call for input on domain entrance By Sue NewmaN

Four options were up for consideration for a new entrance into the Ashburton Domain, but only two of those have generated any public support. The New Zealand Transport Agency is moving with speed to install traffic lights at the corner of West Street and Walnut Avenue, but the current entrance to the domain will have to go. And while it came up with four possible alternatives, community feedback gave just two of those a tick. At a recent public open day where intersection changes were spelled out, just 40 people turned up and only 14 filled in comment sheets. Of those, 10 stated a preferred option for a new domain entrance, with seven selecting Walnut Avenue. The existing entrance from West Street is too close to Walnut Avenue and as part of its land designation application for the traffic lights, NZTA wants it changed but deciding on a new entrance with limited public input could be dangerous, mayor Angus McKay said. “The public input was disappointing but they need to have a good crack at this.” Where the new entrance is placed will ultimately be decided by the council, rather than NZTA, but it was important

The public input was disappointing but they need to have a good crack at this

community opinion was gauged, he said. The council opted to give NZTA the mandate to proceed with a land designation application for the Walnut Avenue lights because it wanted the project to forge ahead, but rather than identify a preferred site for the new domain access it simply indicated it was aware there was a need for change. A survey of domain users and a development plan for the domain were all to be carried out and these would be helpful too in establishing the new entrance, council group service delivery manager Neil McCann said. The transport agency has undertaken design work for lights at both the West and East Street intersections with Walnut Avenue. The council however, does not want the two projects to proceed in tandem because it has to fund a large slice of the East Street work.

Ashburton Guardian 5

News 6

Ashburton Guardian

Friday, September 6, 2013


Warning after roadside spill By Michelle NelsoN

An alien weed is threatening Mid Canterbury’s lucrative arable farming industry. Officials are scrambling to deal with a roadside spill of seed contaminated with black grass between Ashburton and Methven. Black grass or meadow fox tail has established in winter crops in Britain and Europe. The weed is resistant to many herbicides and is difficult to control in several crops. It competes for nutrients, light, water and space, out-competing crops and reducing yields. Scientists from the Foundation for Arable Research, Primary Industries Ministry, Federated Farmers and ECan staff intend to develop surveillance and eradication plans to deal with any areas of weed strike. The contaminated seed lot has been isolated and returned to its country of origin. According to FAR chief executive Nick Pyke only a small amount of seed was spilled and

In brief Fire suspicious Fire safety officers will investigate a suspicious blaze at an unused timber mill at Kaitaia. The fire service was called to the building, owned by the Kaitaia Timber company about 3.30am yesterday, northern fire communications shift manager Megan Ruru said. Four fire trucks were called to the blaze, which was being treated as suspicious. - APNZ

Killer dogs seized Two dogs suspected of killing an alpaca on a lifestyle block near Ngunguru in Northland have been seized at Maungakaramea by animal control officers and could be destroyed. The incident is the latest in a string of attacks on animals on Brian and Christine Angliss’s property. An alpaca had to be shot after being mauled by a dog in 2010, and in 2011 an alpaca and Welsh mountain pony were savaged by dogs. - APNZ

AIMS games on Black grass seed heads.

the percentage of black grass contamination was minimal. “This considerably reduces the risk of this invasive weed establishing,” Mr Pyke said. “However, given its potential

economic impacts, it is vital that all reasonable steps are taken to prevent establishment.” Black grass seed heads were usually reddish-purple, giving the appearance from a distance

of black grass. Germination of the spilled seed was most likely to occur from now through to April and any black grass would be most visible from November to April.

More than 10,000 people from around New Zealand and overseas are expected to descend on Tauranga when the AIMS Games open next week. The intermediate and middle school sports competition starts with an opening ceremony on September 15 and has attracted 6500 students from 193 schools. - APNZ

The Great Mayoral Debate





Who will be the Ashburton District’s next mayor? The Guardian will help you decide. Listen to our three mayoral candidates decide the district’s burning issues


Ashburton Trust Event Centre Wednesday September 18th | 2013 |

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News Friday, September 6, 2013

Ashburton Guardian 7

Standing: John Bateman, Salealii Leo, Cristian and Mirela Albu, Mirian Romero, Marco Rivera, Mercy Vaoga, Michelle O’Sullivan, Aron Josh Martizano and the Touli family, Romeo, Toafa, Elama, Toetu, Vaisigano - holding Anneliese, Maua – holding Talai, Nuuausala, Vine and Lote. Seated: Ilagagana Leo – holding Tuamary Rose, Mui Vaoga – holding Siupolu, Kalatia Vaoga, Ashburton mayor Angus McKay, Christopher Thomas, Sione Belford, Toetu, Talataualofa and Beaver Touli. Photo Donna Wylie 050913-DW-024


Twenty-seven new citizens welcomed The district is home to 27 new citizens, following a ceremony at the Ashburton District Council chambers yesterday. The group included people from Romania, Britain, Colombia and Samoa. Twelve members of the Touli family officially became Kiwis. Vaisigano and Maua have 12 children, 10 of whom received citizenship certificates yesterday. The family has lived in Ashburton for five years, and although they retain close ties to Samoa, consider the district home. Mr Touli, who works at CMP, said it was a great day for his family, and an honour to be accepted as citizens. “We are very excited about this, we have been looking forward to it and now it’s happened,” he said. Romeo and Toafa have already made their mark on Mid Canterbury rugby, playing for the Ashburton College 1st XV – and with four younger brothers coming on, the future of the The Touli family – Romeo, Toafa, Taumaoe, Elama, Talataualofa, Vaisigano - holding Anneliese, Beaver, Maua – holdteam looks set for some years to come. ing Talai, Toetu, Nuuausala, Vine and Lote. Photo Donna Wylie 050913-DW-029

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Friday, September 6, 2013


Hospital care questioned By Matthew Backhouse The hospital care received by an Invercargill mother just a day before her baby girl suffered critical injuries is under review. Noklair Milton was rushed to hospital after being injured at her Invercargill home early on Monday morning. The 3-week-old remains in an induced coma at Auckland’s Starship Hospital, where a spokeswoman last night said

she was in a critical but stable condition. Noklair’s mother, Sucharitta Milton, reportedly visited Southland Hospital the day before she was injured. Southern District Health Board yesterday confirmed it was reviewing the care Mrs Milton received. “This is a tragic and extremely difficult situation and I extend my sympathy to all those involved,” said Southern DHB

chief executive Carole Heatly. “We are conducting a thorough review of the care Mrs Milton received. We are committed to ensuring all out patients receive safe, high-quality care, and if that was not the case, we will undertake clear action to improve our service.” Mrs Heatly said the DHB was limited in what it could say about the case because it needed to respect patient privacy and the police investigation into the

girl’s injuries was ongoing. Police have said the baby’s parents, David and Sucharitta Milton, were at home at the time of the incident about 5.30am on Monday. The parents had been spoken to and police were not looking for anyone else. Several neighbours reported hearing noises from the property early on Monday before emergency services were called to the Princes St home. - APNZ


The future of Methven House hangs in the balance as its committee organises a public meeting to be held in the town next week. The Methven Aged Persons’ Welfare Association Incorporated (MAPWAI) issued a press release yesterday, informing it was “likely that in the near future” provision of residential aged care at the 12-bed rest home would “have to cease”. This was due to a number of factors including the need for earthquake strengthening. Chairperson Colin Lill said the organisation did not yet have details on the cost of earthquake strengthening, and he could not elaborate on the other “factors” at this stage. MAPWAI’s management committee had commissioned a series of professional studies to provide the community with information to make decisions about the future of Methven House. “The association would like

to thank the Lochhead Trust and the Methven Lions Club for their financial support of this process,” he said. The association was to hold a series of community consultations to present this information. “The opinions of the community will be sought and ultimately a decision about the future of Methven House will be made.” The first meeting will be a public meeting on Thursday next week at 8pm at the Mt Hutt Memorial Hall. It had been a “huge community effort” which had led to the establishment of Methven House in the first place, over 40 years ago. “The association manages its assets for the provision of aged care on behalf of the community of Methven and surrounding districts.” Current services include rest home-level residential care, meals on wheels, day care respite for caregivers, longer term respite care and rental flats with support services.

Ratepayers may know this morning whether they will face a $700,000 plus payout to Christchurch City Council chief executive Tony Marryatt. City councillors are likely to know whether Mr Marryatt will stay or go after he was put on special leave over the consents debacle. The council’s chief executive committee has prepared a report on Mr Marryatt’s future which will be discussed behind closed doors from 8am. Mr Marryatt’s contract ex-

pires in December next year. If city councillors decide he will not return to his desk from his special leave then he is likely be paid out for the rest of his contract. He receives $538,529 a year. Mr Marryatt could also receive another $68,000 - the pay rise he did not take after a massive public outcry last year. However he reserved the right to take it back at any time. Christchurch employment law specialist David Beck, of SB Law, said in general terms a settlement package might also include provision of compensation for any time left in an em-

More than 600 people in a week have signed a petition calling for a ban on the sale of synthetic cannabis throughout the Gisborne District. Karen de Lautour presented the petition with 642 signatures, collected over the past seven days, to Gisborne District Council yesterday morning. - APNZ

Large slip blocks road Contractors were working to clear a large slip yesterday that had blocked Papaiti Rd north of Wanganui. The slip came down about 7.30am on Wednesday near the junction with Kauarapaoa Rd, dumping about 5000 cubic metres of soil on the road. - APNZ

One person was taken to hospital after inhaling an unknown chemical at a house in Porirua yesterday morning. Emergency services were called to a property on Discovery Drive in Whitby after a strong chemical smell was reported about 10.45am. A Fire Service central communication spokeswoman said it was initially reported as a gas leak, but the smell was later found to be chemical fumes. - APNZ

Poorly maintained Wrong parts and poor maintenance caused the landing gear to jam on a training flight in Nelson, an investigation has found. The aircraft was substantially damaged during landing in Nelson Aerodrome on May 11, 2011, but neither of the two pilots on board were injured. A Transport Accident Investigation Commission report released yesterday said the Piper PA31-350 Navajo Chieftain had a history of landing gear defects, and some of the earlier problems had been fixed using incorrect parts and unauthorised repair work. - APNZ

Shaky times

Decision on council CEO Marryatt’s fate looms By shelley RoBinson and cullen sMith

600 sign petition

Overcome by fumes

Rest home’s future hangs in the balance By susan sandys

In brief

ployee’s contract period and a reference “if there had been no established performance issue or serious misconduct”. But he said confidentiality was a “bog standard” clause in any settlement or severance package. That was likely to mean ratepayers would never be officially told what Mr Marryatt’s settlement was. “The parties would generally enter into a full and final agreement that would include confidentiality,” said Mr Beck. “It would be absolutely confidential.” Confidentiality was included

for “very sensible, pragmatic” reasons including preserving an employee’s professional reputation and averting any litigation costs. In the case of a local body, all councillors would be legally bound by the confidentiality clause. On Wednesday it was revealed the cost of the consents bungle was $4.52 million over two years. City councillor Helen Broughton said she hoped the price tag of the consents debacle would be considered. It was “inappropriate” to comment further. - APNZ

The middle of the country continues to shake as two earthquakes rattled the area overnight on Wednesday. The first, a magnitude-5 quake, hit at 12.04am Thursday, GNS Science said. It was centred 35km north east of Seddon and was 19km deep. Shortly after that tremor, another smaller quake hit at 12.11am. It measured 3.2 in magnitude and was centred 15km east of Seddon and was 10km deep. - APNZ

Charged over attack A man has been charged over an attack on a jogger in Auckland. The woman was running along Lake Road, Devonport, on the evening of April 22 when she was indecently assaulted, North Shore Police said. “A 23-year-old Northcote man will appear in the North Shore District Court this morning, on two charges of indecent assault” said Detective Aaron Iremonger. “This attack was very concerning to many Devonport residents and the arrest of this man will hopefully bring a sense of relief to the local community.” - APNZ

News Friday, September 6, 2013

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Synlait lifts prices by a dollar By Michelle NelsoN

Synlait Milk has lifted its milk solids price by a dollar per kilogram for the coming season. High international commodity prices have driven the price paid to Synlait farmers from $7 to $8 per kgMS. The company also lifted its advance rates for the season effective from August, paid in September, from $4.50 per kgMS to $5. The news comes on the back of Synlait’s announcement to up production volumes of its ingredient products, by taking a significant allocation of milk from Fonterra, as permitted under the Dairy Industry Restructuring Act. Synlait’s investment in plant and equipment has created an opportunity to increase pro-

duction capacity of ingredient products without impacting infant formula or nutritional product business. Managing director John Penno said the company was confident in achieving its forecast financial result. “Higher than forecast revenue from high commodity prices and additional processing volumes mean we remain confident of achieving our 2014 earnings targets at these increased milk prices.” Federated Farmers dairy chairman Willy Leferink said the news came at a good time – and advised making the most of the current commodity prices. “Synlait has joined the ‘good news club’ at a time when dairy farmers needed some reassurance in the strength of the market,” Mr Leferink said.

Backing book giveaway By sue NewMaN

Giving away books to outstanding adult learners is a great way to celebrate their achievements, an adult learning expert says. Ashburton Learning Centre manager Mary Philip is involved with the Literacy Aotearoa-NZ Post project that will see more than 7000 books by top New Zealand and international authors given away. The Travelling Books project is designed to foster a love of reading and has been running since 2011. Unlike most books that are bought, read and kept, this project aims to put books in circulation. Once they’ve been read, they can be given away or simply left in a public place for another reader to pick up and enjoy. Ashburton will receive about 200 books and Ms Philips decided the adult learner graduation ceremony on Friday was a perfect starting point to begin

the book giveaway. The project stretches from Kaitaia to Invercargill and was launched on Tuesday night at Government House in Auckland by the Governor-General, Lt Gen The Rt Hon Sir Jerry Mateparae and Lady Janine Mateparae. The books will be released in about 45 locations around New Zealand and cover more than 100 titles across children, young adults, adult fiction and non fiction categories. Inside each book there are instructions on how to pass the books on once they’ve finished. Each book has a unique code inside the front cover, so anyone who picks it up and reads it is invited to log on to the Literacy Aotearoa website and record its title and location. Everyone who reports a book sighting goes into a monthly draw to win one of two $50 ‘Prezzy Cards’ donated by New Zealand Post.

At the Travelling Books project launch are (from left): Brian Roche, New Zealand Post chief executive; Ella Henry; Bronwyn Yates, Literacy Aotearoa chief executive; and Sir Jerry and Lady Janine Mateparae.

“It has been a tumultuous time for the dairy industry this past month, but it is clear from Fonterra, Westland and Synlait that the demand for New Zealand milk is stronger than ever. “New Zealand leads the world as a desired supplier of dairy products and our farmers are amongst the best paid farmers in the world. It is important that we celebrate and emphasise these strengths after the public flogging Fonterra has faced. If New Zealanders do not tell the good stories, no one else will. “These prices are going to encourage dairy industries around the world to increase their production, to cash in on our success. The flow-on effect of that is a greater volume of product in the world market, which in due course may lead to falling prices.”

Synlait Milk managing director John Penno is confident about the year ahead.


Homeless man stabbed in central Auckland park Police have confirmed that the homeless man who died after being attacked in a central Auckland park on Wednesday night was stabbed in the upper body. The man was named by police yesterday as 54-year-old Steven Harris. He died in hospital following the attack, which took place in Myers Park, close to Mayoral Drive, shortly before 11.30pm. Police were still at the scene last evening, carrying out luminol testing to detect blood around a “specific area of interest” under the Mayoral Drive overbridge. The police Specialist Search Group will return to the park this morning to continue searching for the weapon used against Mr Harris. Acting Detective Inspector John Sutton said several items of interest had been recovered from the wider scene yesterday. “Our objective tonight is to firm up on the attack scene and locate evidence that is not immediately obvious to the naked eye. We have not heard from any of the three Asian people - two men and a woman - we understand were in the park at the time of the attack so we’d encourage them to contact us, even if they don’t have information that could assist the inves-

Our objective tonight is to firm up on the attack scene and locate evidence that is not immediately obvious to the naked eye.

Steven Harris

tigation.” Others in the park saw Mr Harris fall to the ground on Wednesday night and ran to give him first aid as they rang emergency services. “They have seen an assault take place, or an attack, and the victim fall to the ground, and then they have gone to assist that victim, along with the police when they arrived,” Mr Sutton said, adding that at this stage they had not indicated seeing a weapon. CCTV footage shows the man

- described as wearing dark trousers and a light-coloured top - had not been running, Mr Sutton said. Despite the heavy rain which fell in Auckland overnight Wednesday and yesterday morning, the scene had been preserved. “Of course rain does make it difficult, but the attending staff, as soon as they got there, put into play some tents and other things to protect the scene as well as we could,” he said. Mr Harris had recently been living with a friend in Epsom, but before that he was living on the streets. At a media briefing yesterday, police were keen to assure the public there was no connection between this attack and the death of homeless man Edwin Linder, 42, in central Auckland on August 3. A teenager has since been charged with Mr Linder’s murder. - APNZ

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Friday, September 6, 2013


Real CBD progress great to see Coen Lammers EDITOR


he fact that the Burnett and East Street corner will soon start a new lease of life will be welcome news to everyone in Ashburton. The intersection next to Somerset House is the original centre of town, and the recent state of repair and rubble did not do justice to a booming district. On the third anniversary of the first bursts of Canterbury earthquakes in 2010 it’s an encouraging sight to see the new Holmeslee Square getting close to completion and the first shops moving back in. Especially those working in the Unichem chemist on the corner will happy that they are no longer working on a retail island and will be glad to see the construction come to an end to enjoy the shops and new café on their doorstep. The construction has taken some time and was costly, according to the developers, as they opted to give this part of town a new retail and office block designed around a courtyard, instead the much-maligned concrete box model. So far we know that Michael Hill Jewellers will join the retail mix in the centre of town, while Vodafone will move back to its home on East Street. The retailers around this area will get a further boost as the six shops on the other side of Burnett Street are getting close to completion. Two of them are believed to be leased out already and locals will be curious to see which retailers or services will join them. Once the Redmonds building and adjacent structures across the road are also strengthened and beautified, the East Street end of Burnett Street has a real potential of again becoming the heart of Ashburton, with the cafés and retailers forming an enticing mix for shoppers. While many businesses and individuals across Mid Canterbury are still battling with insurances and repairs, it is marvellous to see some real progress in the quake-damaged CBD.

YOUR VIEW Bone to pick Why is it that people think it is okay to throw cooked bones in the park in Tinwald or the side of the road where dogs are walked the bones are usually in plastic bread bag. Maybe they do not know it is extremely dangerous for dogs to eat cooked bones as they can splinter inside and cause serious problems or even death if not noticed, as the bone can pierce the inside of the dog. So whoever does this please don’t. From a dog lover (Text message)

Thumbs up Thank you to whoever returned my wallet to my house on Tuesday. Much appreciated! (Text message)

Outside the square Just read that the new building on Burnett Street is going to be

called Holmeslee Square. Why square I ask? There’s nothing square about it! (Text message)

Gates’ column What an illustrative and informative article on the art gallery and museum being foisted upon the shoulders of the ratepayers penned by Edward Gates. What a pity such an approach was not available a few years ago before this monstrosity took root. The councillors who progressed this scheme may have had friends who could have read it to them and perhaps explained the meanings of words obviously unfamiliar to them. Hopefully there will be a benefit to the district in the coming election. The inference contained in the column supplied by Mr Lester and conveyed in his final sentence, that he’d not write let-

CRUMB by David Fletcher

ters to the editor, was the councillors were to be isolated from any public opinion contrary to what was told to them. During the war years and after this was called propaganda and became the only allowable thought and speech pattern. It is to be hoped a new council will wrest back control. M. N. Richards (Edited)

Keep it up Finau Great Out Of College article about cellphones. Well done Finau – I always enjoy reading your column. What a shame Facebook isn’t an NCEA subject. I know quite a few students who would have no trouble getting an Excellence for this one! Does anyone have any ideas how to get the rest of the students (especially the one living at our place) to think the same as Finau? In the lead up to end-of-year

exams I am sure I am not the only parent who would appreciate help with this. My head is getting sore from hitting it against a brick wall! (Text message)


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The best college rugby team ever? Phill Hooper OFF THE AIR


was stoked to see the crowd support for the Ashburton College 1st XV on Saturday at the Allenton Rugby Club grounds. I’m not real flash at guessing the size of a crowd but I’d suggest there was 500plus people there. The boys did the crowd proud too with a solid 34–10 win over Dunstan College from Alexandra in the final of the co–ed championship. I spoke with coach Shane Enright this week and he was pretty thrilled with the performance. He felt the lads were almost scared to lose in the first half but expressed themselves well in the second 40. Today’s semifinal against the Blues franchise co-ed win-

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Friday, September 6, 2013

This week’s funny from Hoops in the Morning Facebook page.

ners, Tongaroa College from Auckland, should be a different story. It’s big step up for the boys but they have nothing to lose. The Tongaroa side are big all over the paddock and very confrontational, so the locals will be looking to “get the ball wide all game” according to Enright. He also told me that big number 8 Shalom Pulu has had surgery on his broken leg and is expected to make a full recovery. This would have to be the most successful College 1st XV

I’m guessing and we should be very proud of their achievements and those achievements don’t come without a lot of hard work. Good luck boys! Things have come a long way since the mid-80s when the team was that poor that P. Hooper played at fullback. Can I just also say that the Allenton number one ground is an excellent spot to watch some footy. The grass bank on the northern touchline is great! All it needs is a grandstand erected

on the southern side and I reckon the rugby union has a pretty good option if it wants to leave the showgrounds. I’m guessing there will also be a home for Mid Canterbury Rugby at the EA Networks stadium also! I’d like to finish this week with a warning, from my police chats with Prendo, there has been a spate of thefts of late, in all parts of our town and also in our rural areas. Make sure you keep your place locked up, but also keep an eye on your neighbourhood and if you see something that doesn’t look quite right, trust your gut and give the boys in blue a call. Till next Friday. Hoo Roo Phill Hooper is the breakfast host of Ashburton’s Classic Hits. The views expressed in this column are his and in no way reflect the opinion of his employer or the Ashburton Guardian.

POLL RESULT Yesterday’s result Q: Should kids have been sent up to Mount Hutt after adverse weather was forecast?

Today’s online poll question Q: Should the US use military force in Syria? (Poll closes at 4pm on Friday)

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Friday, September 6, 2013

In brief


Top jockey in strife Former leading jockey Danny Nikolic has been fined $1500 for assaulting a fellow rider and a police officer, with a magistrate rejecting his self-defence claims. Magistrate Angela Bolger questioned the reliability of Nikolic’s evidence and found he punched the jockey and later assaulted the detective as they stood toe-to-toe. Nikolic, who is already serving a two-year ban from racing for threatening Victoria’s chief racing steward, was convicted and fined $1200 for recklessly causing injury to jockey Mark Pegus in January 2011. - AAP

14 years for corruption

Turkish soldiers aboard an armoured vehicle patrol the Cilvegozu border with Syria yesterday.

photo ap

Obama to push for strike World leaders are set to meet at a G20 summit in Russia where US President Barack Obama will strive to bridge deep divisions over his push for military action against the Syrian regime’s alleged use of chemical weapons. Obama cleared the first hurdle yesterday in his race to win domestic congressional backing for punitive strikes but is also seeking broader international support. Speaking during a trip to Stockholm he said the world had set “a red line” for Syria and it could not now remain silent in the face of the alleged chemical weapons attack on Damascus suburbs. But Russian President Vladimir Putin, a fierce opponent of the proposed military action, warned on the eve of

the summit he is hosting in Saint Petersburg that it would be unacceptable for the West to go ahead with military action against Damascus without UN Security Council approval. The Kremlin demanded “convincing” proof that the regime of Bashar al-Assad was responsible for using chemical weapons against its own people. According to US intelligence, more than 1400 people living in rebel-held suburbs of Damascus were killed in the strike, which involved the use of the sarin nerve gas. Beyond convincing Russia, Obama has a tough sell ahead elsewhere, with China - another veto-wielding Security Council member state - having already expressed its “grave concerns” over unilateral military strikes. German Chancellor Angela

Merkel has repeatedly ruled out her country’s participation in any US-led military strike against Assad’s regime, while the British parliament has also rejected the idea. But Obama said in Sweden: “I didn’t set a red line. The world set a red line,” referring to international rules banning the use of chemical weapons, even in case of war. “My credibility is not on the line,” he said. “The international community’s credibility is on the line and America and Congress’s credibility is on the line.” The Syria conflict threatens to torpedo items on the G20 agenda - such as an “action plan” for sustainable and balanced global growth - even though it has not been formally pencilled in. Syria is certain to be the top

issue in the flurry of bilateral meetings between the leaders of the world’s top 20 developed and emerging nations around the seaside Tsarist Konstantinovsky palace in Strelna on the Gulf of Finland seashore. White House officials have said Obama will hold meetings on the sidelines of the G20 with French President Francois Hollande, the main foreign backer of a strike on Syria, as well as the leaders of China and Japan. Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Muqdad said his government was ready to retaliate in case of foreign military action. “The Syrian government will not change position even if there is World War III. No Syrian can sacrifice the independence of his country,” Muqdad said. - AFP


Cleveland rapist ‘took his own life’ The death of the former US bus driver jailed for life for kidnapping and raping three young women he held as sex slaves for a decade has been met by surprise, relief and jeers. Ariel Castro (right) was found hanged in “an apparent case of suicide” in his closely moni-

tored cell, authorities say. His death has brought an abrupt and dramatic ending to a sordid case that shocked America and the world with its revelations of depravity and brutality. JoEllen Smith, spokeswoman for the Ohio prisons department, said “It does appear to be

an apparent case of suicide.” Blogs posted in the main Cleveland newspaper, The Plain Dealer, were merciless. “Adios diablo, may you burn for 1000 years, just like you were sentenced,” one said, alluding to his jail term of life plus 1000 years. - AFP

A Chinese official who became known as “Brother Watch” because of his taste for luxury timepieces has been convicted of corruption and sentenced to 14 years in prison. Yang Dacai first came under scrutiny from Chinese internet users after he was pictured grinning broadly as he assessed the twisted wreckage of a bus and a methanol tanker following an accident which left 36 people dead last year. The former work safety boss in the northern province of Shaanxi was later derided online after images of him wearing various luxury brand watches were tracked down and circulated. - AFP

Covering online tracks Amid growing fears about online surveillance and data theft, Americans are increasingly taking steps to remove or mask their digital footprints on the internet, a study shows. The Pew Research Center report says 86 per cent of US internet users have taken some steps to avoid online surveillance by other people or organisations. Despite these precautions, 21 per cent of online adults in the survey have had an email or social media account hijacked and 11 per cent have had information like Social Security numbers or financial data stolen. - AFP

Strangled by seatbelt Aged care staff should be discouraged from using lap sash seatbelts to secure people in wheelchairs, says a coroner who’s found an elderly resident was strangled by one. Ruth Ann Dicker, 83, died in July 2011 while sitting in a wheelchair in her room at the Holly Residential Care Centre in Adelaide. “She had somehow moved downwards in the chair in such a manner that the lap belt was no longer around her lap, but under her chin,” said South Australia’s State Coroner Mark Johns yesterday. - AAP

Olympic baby boom Olympics success helped drive a baby boom in London, Boris Johnson has claimed. The London Mayor joked at the conclusion of the Games last summer that the athletes “produced such paroxysms of tears and joy on the sofas of Britain that you probably not only inspired a generation but helped to create one as well”. He said the remark during the victory parade had been proved correct as the birth rate had reached a 40year high. - PA


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Friday, September 6, 2013



‘French snobbery’ blocks brewery Ross said it was not appropriate for a French company to “dictate what’s good for the Marlborough region”. “Every other wine region in the world has active craft brewers. So too should Marlborough.” Opponents to the expansion have been concerned the enlarged brewery would create more traffic, visual disturbance, waste water, noise, spray drift and odour. There has also been concern about the amount of extra water the brewery would use.

Ross said he had less of a gripe with the appeals lodged by locals Philip Rose and Samuel Rose, and Simon Matthews. “They’re objecting more based on rational reasons; I’m okay with that but I think our rational reasons are stronger,” he said. “Where I’m really struggling is with is an industrial-sized winery objecting to a tiny beverage dwelling.” Moa raised $16 million in its sharemarket float last November, for the purpose of expanding capacity at its Blenheim brewery. - HOL


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the significant investment required by mobile network opMobile phone operator 2degrees erators to build the 4G network is questioning the government’s infrastructure” and “the value to minimum reserve price of $198 New Zealand of having 4G conmillion for new fourth generanectivity widely deployed.” tion (4G) mobile spectrum, sayWhile 2 degrees welcomed ing it’s well above prices being the government’s willingness paid for existing spectrum. to take staggered payments for Communications Minister new spectrum over five years, Amy Adams announced the Sherriff said “paying a premium auction of spectrum in the 700 right now - even with terms - for Megahertz range from Oct. 29, spectrum we can’t use for some after spending $157 million time, is a challenge for all playclearing the spectrum of anaers but particularly 2degrees as logue television broadcasting to a late entrant.” allow mobile phone operators “We’re investing heavily to to meet fast-growing demand deliver competition to a market for ultra-fast mobile broadband dominated by two players conservices. trolling 90 percent of the indus“The spectrum’s been priced try’s revenue. We’re still building at a premium to the $157 milour network and will deploy 4G lion cost of clearing the band, sites to provide coverage. next year using the 1800MHZ,” The 700MHz auction is offer- he said. “Affordable 700MHZ well ahead of Treasury’s $119 million valuation and about dou- ing nine “pairs” of 15MHz spec- spectrum was crucial for future ble the price we paid recently trum at a reserve price of $22 mobile competition. We hope the for 15MHz of 1800MHz spec- million, about double the price government keeps sustainable trum,” said newly confirmed 2degrees paid for 1800MHz competition in mind throughout 2degrees chief executive Stew- spectrum it bought last year.. this process,” Sherriff said. “The spectrum cost $15 milart Sherriff in an emailed stateMeanwhile, Telecom wellion and had eight years left on comed the auction but warned ment to BusinessDesk. “That’s beachfront spectrum, the licence,” said Sherriff. that, at this stage, there were no “Converted to an 18-year handsets available from internawhich we can use now,” said Sherriff of 1800MHz spectrum, term, that amounts to around tional manufacturers to operate which competitors Vodafone and $33 million for 15MHz paired on the 700MHz band. Telecom are also already using versus the $66 million in today’s “Current indications are that reserve.” to offer 4G services. suitable devices will start beAdams said that “in setting the coming available in mid to late The 700MHz band is exwe have balanced pected to be particularly useful reserve price, Great calendar 2014 at the earliest,” fathers Day present. for spreading 4G to rural areas generating a fair return on the the company said. 25% off, More the story sale ofday the–spectrum rights withThan Water, because it requires Also fewercaptioncell- fathers - APNZ (BusinessDesk) about Lake Hood Sunday 1st of September.

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By pattriCk Smellie


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New 4G spectrum ‘pricey’

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A foreign-owned Marlborough winery’s attempt to stop Moa Beer from expanding its brewery “reeks of French snobbery”, says the brewery’s chief executive Geoff Ross. NZX-listed Moa was last month granted resource consent to carry out a $6.1 million expansion of its brewery in Jacksons Rd near Blenheim. Three parties - including two Marlborough residents and Cloudy Bay Vineyards, which is owned by French champagne

house Veuve Clicquot - have since appealed to the Environment Court. Ross yesterday hit out at Cloudy Bay, accusing the winery of using “dirty tactics” to stifle Moa’s consented brewery expansion, designed to increase its export capability. “It seems they think Marlborough should be exclusively positioned as a wine region and that beer undermines that,” he said. “It reeks of French wine snobbery. I don’t have problem with foreign ownership but I do with foreign control.”


By Ben Chapman-Smith

212 East Street • Ashburton • 03 308 8309

Technology 14 Ashburton Guardian

Friday, September 6, 2013

In brief


Robots recognised

Dotcom resigns from Mega BY PAUL MCBETH Flamboyant internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has resigned as a director of his Mega data storage empire to focus on his efforts on fighting extradition to the United States and other projects. Dotcom resigned as a director of Mega on August 29, and was replaced by Hong Kongbased Bonnie Lam the same day, according to filings to the Companies Office. Dotcom staged a full-scale global media launch for Mega last year to replace Megaupload, his previous venture which was shut down in a USled operation that alleged the file-sharing firm and its owners had committed mass copyright infringement and money laundering of more than US$500 million. Tony Lentino and Mathias Ortmann are still on Mega’s board. Mega chief executive Vikram Kumar told BusinessDesk in an emailed statement Dotcom resigned “to be able to focus on the extradition case, an upcoming music

website, and to build a political party.” Dotcom doesn’t hold any directorships in New Zealand, and has one direct shareholding in RSV Holdings, according to Companies Office filings. His wife, Mona, is a director of Mr KimDotcom Ltd and a director and shareholder in MD Corporate Trustee Ltd, the biggest shareholder in Mega. Earlier this week Dotcom told followers on Twitter he planned to launch a political party in New Zealand, with the next election likely to be near the end of next year, and has previously signalled plans for web-based music service called Megabox. Dotcom and his co-accused Finn Batato, Mathias Ortmann and Bram van der Kolk have taken their case to the Supreme Court, seeking access to evidence in the US Federal government’s

case to extradite them, and are awaiting a decision. The District and High Courts upheld their request for a trimmed down disclosure, though that was overturned in the Court of Appeal earlier this year. Dotcom’s high profile arrest in January last year led to an ove r h a u l of New Zealand’s external spy a g e n c y, the Government Communica-

tions Security Bureau, after the intelligence unit unlawfully intercepted his communications. At the time of the surveillance, the GCSB wasn’t allowed to spy on New Zealand residents and Dotcom had been granted residency. The government has since tweaked the law governing the spy agency, allowing it to act on behalf of the domestic spy agency, the Security Intelligence Service, the police or the Defence Force. - APNZ (BusinessDesk)


Subbies unpaid ‘for several weeks’ BY MORGAN TAIT Dozens of subcontractors working on the Government’s ultra-fast broadband network have not been paid for weeks of work on the project. Australian firm Transfield Services was hired by some of

the four New Zealand businesses contracted to the Government - Northpower Fibre, Chorus, Ultrafast Fibre and Enable Networks - to deliver the UFB network in New Zealand. New Zealand First leader Winston Peters yesterday raised the issue in Parliament,

saying Transfield subcontractors had not been paid for their work. Transfield spokesman David Jamieson told the Herald he was aware of an issue involving “several weeks of work” for a small number of the firm’s subcontractors.

“We are in the process of trying to sort out what’s happening,’ he said. The possibility of a computer glitch was being investigated, as were other possibilities including conflicts between subcontractors and their employers.” - NZH

Robots that do most of the dirty work on the Sydney Harbour Bridge have been recognised in a prestigious science award. The Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) and the Sydney University of Technology collaborated on the technology and are the finalist in the ANSTO Eureka Prize for innovative use of technology. “It’s a fantastic recognition for the two grit-blasting robots which help carry out two-thirds of the dirty work to maintain our iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge,” an RMS spokesman said. “The 25 kilogram robots use internal sensors and cameras to locate old paint and grit to then blast the material away as part of the $20 million annual maintenance programme on the bridge.” - AAP

One small sentence . . . A pint-sized android has uttered the first robotic words in space, showcasing Japan’s drive to combine cutting-edge technology with cuteness. The wide-eyed and bootie-wearing “Kirobo” - roughly the size of a chihuahua - broadcast a message from inside the International Space Station, greeting citizens of Earth and paying cheeky tribute to Neil Armstrong. “On August 21, 2013, a robot took one small step toward a brighter future for all,” Kirobo said in a video that showed the humanoid creation drifting weightlessly on-board the ISS, as it moved its legs in the air. The images made their global debut yesterday as part of Tokyo’s bid for the 2020 Games during a presentation ahead of a meeting of the International Olympic Committee in Buenos Aires which will decide the host city. “Good morning to everyone on Earth. This is Kirobo. I am the world’s first talking robot astronaut. Nice to meet you,” it said in Japanese. - AFP

SAMSUNG ATIV S H ow to use your mobile as a Wireles s Hot s pot




4. 5. 6. 7.

Open your setting menu

Tap Internet Sharing

Ensure Internet Sharing is set to On

For more information visit the website

Then open up your tablet /laptop wifi connections. Select your mobile phone hotspot eg: SAMSUNG GT 18750_0224 Put in your password 33137414 Once completed Guests connected will become 1

Come back next week to find out how on Android!

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Magnificent Mid Canterbury

Noodle beef 300g Quality Mark beef schnitzel 1t curry powder (or ½ t green or red curry paste) 1 onion 1 tsp finely chopped fresh ginger 1 clove garlic, peeled and finely chopped 2 t cornflour 1 C cold water ½ t beef or vegetable stock powder 2 t soy sauce 1 t sugar 6 cups seasonal vegetables (your choice of carrots, beans, peas, zucchini, capsicum, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, mushrooms) 1 T oil 220g egg noodles

6. Which of the following represents sulphuric acid? a. HS04 b. H2S03 c. H2S04 7. Who is NZ’s Trade Minister? a. Tim Groser b. Steven Joyce c. Jonathan Coleman 8. What approximately is the hottest temperature in the pools at Hanmer Springs? a. 37°C b. 40°C c. 42°C

■ ■ ■ ■

■ ■ Trim all visible fat from the meat and cut into thin strips. ■ Peel and finely chop the onion. ■ Place the beef, onion, curry pow-

■ ■

der, garlic and ginger in a bowl. Mix. Place the cornflour in a small jug. Add some of the water and mix to a paste. Add the rest of the water, stock, soy sauce and sugar. Cook the egg noodles for 10 minutes in boiling water or until soft. Drain. Cut all the vegetables into similar sized pieces Heat the oil on high in a large saucepan or wok Stir-fry about 5 – 6 minutes, or

■ ■ ■ ■

■ ■

until softened. Transfer to a bowl so you can cook the meat. Add an extra splash of oil to the same saucepan or wok. Heat, add the meat mixture and toss while it cooks. When the meat is browned, after about 3 minutes, add the cooked vegetables Add sauce to the pan. Stir well and simmer until the sauce thickens.

Recipe courtesy Clair Gourley,

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Ashburton Guardian

In brief

Friday, September 6, 2013


Currie quinella The Currie boys from Methven had a one-two finish in the Wulong Mountain Quest in China yesterday. Current Coast-to-Coast champion Braden Currie, racing with Richard Ussher, Elina Ussher and Stuart Lynch took out the opening prologue of the adventure race while older brother Glen has teamed up with Dougal Allan, Jacob Roberts and Simone Maier and came in second. Braden and the Usshers teamed up to win the event last year and made a strong start, but the real racing starts today with the first of three days of longer stages, expected to take five to six hours each.

Finish line in sight The fourth and final round of the Ashburton duathlon series with the long course event doubling as the Canterbury Tri Club’s Canterbury Championship race on Sunday. The long course consists of a 5km run, 30km bike and another 5km run while the short course is a 2.5k run/walk, 11km bike and 1.25k run/ walk. Up for grabs are the fourth race honours, the Canterbury championship titles and the overall series titles, with the best two results from the three races counting, after race two was cancelled.

Tennis back on court Spring has sprung and Mid Canterbury Tennis host their Annual Open Day this Sunday for players to get back into the swing of things. Junior players can come along and sign up for the season between 12:30-2pm with a small fun tournament from 2pm. Open grade players have registration from 2pm. Wednesday night Twilight Tennis has also opened for team entries with the competition to start on October 2.

Perry anchoring Makos Tim Perry resumes his spot in the Tasman Makos front row and Gary Redmond is again on the bench when they take on Otago in Nelson tonight. The Makos are coming off an upset win over Counties Manukau while Otago are still hurting from handing the Shield over to Hawkes Bay last Sunday, after winning it for the first time since 1957 but held it for just eight days. Hawkes Bay puts the trophy up against Counties on Saturday, looking to hold it for longer than Otago could. Counties have had a short turnaround after being edged by Auckland 20-22 on Wednesday. Sunday’s action sees potential wooden spooners Manawatu and North Harbour in Palmerston North before Northland, featuring former Mid Canterbury prop Scott Vessey go up against Wellington.

Cantabs crush Bay There we were, marvelling at such confusion, and suddenly a quick blast of outstanding rugby broke out. Unfortunately for Bay of Plenty, it was a lopsided deal as the perennial ITM Cup champions Canterbury found top gear late in the first half at Rotorua’s International Stadium. From that point, they charged to an impressive 48-18 win. The short passes flowed for an excellent Canterbury try after halftime and Bay of Plenty were sunk from that point. - NZH

Premier captains in last year’s premier netball final, Celtic’s Gina Taylor and Methven’s Sally Williams will again lead their sides in the battle for the 2013 title. Photo tetsuro MitoMo 230812-tM-060

Premier honours on the line By Jonathan Leask

For a third straight year Celtic and Methven will contest the Mid Canterbury Premier netball final tomorrow. Celtic won round one in 2011, and Methven hit back in round two last year. Celtic head in hoping that 13 proves a lucky number, sweeping through the season unbeaten with 13 straight wins, but that means nothing if the perfect end eludes them. “We set ourselves a goal to go through the season unbeaten, but it doesn’t count for anything if we can’t finish it off,” Celtic captain Gina Taylor said.

Taylor’s team go in as the favourites but won’t take Methven lightly, knowing just how close the teams have been. “We know what they are going to bring and we think we have what it takes to combat them to finish on the right side of the score this year. “They have experienced heads that are pretty consistent and don’t make a lot of mistakes so it’s about putting them under pressure. “We need to start strong and have them chase us from the word go instead of playing catch up.” Celtic have had Methven’s number this year taking a 20-16

win in the opening round of the season and then a come-frombehind 22-19 win to end the premier round robin, however, Methven believe they know what to do to turn that around. “We have to slow them down through the court,” Methven captain Sally Williams said. “They are fast through the court and when they get it to the circle fast they have good opportunities to score so we have to slow them down. “It will be another big defensive effort right through the court, and then being safe with our own ball.” Methven pulled out a big effort against Hampstead in the

semi-finals in what Williams said was a “complete team performance” that showed the patience in attack and pressure on defence they want. History isn’t on the defending champion’s side. No team has won back-toback titles since United won in 2001-2002, and recently they have only won the premier title the same year Methven has won rugby’s Watters Cup. “I keep hearing all these stats, “no one has done it twice in 10 years” and “you never win when the rugby don’t win” but we have to put the history aside and make some new history,” Williams said.

Oracle penalty ‘completely unfair’ - Coutts By PauL Lewis The backlash has begun. Oracle Team USA chief executive Sir Russell Coutts (right) said he was “astounded” at the “outrageous” punishment by the America’s Cup international jury and a lawyer for one of the sailors said the process was “completely unfair”. Coutts told the San Francisco Chronicle he thought the jury might have been swayed by the

New Zealand media which “had a win out of all this”. A Herald on Sunday column from this writer last weekend was quoted in the Chronicle, particularly the section which advocated that the jury should “boot Oracle out of their own regatta. They are unlikely to do that. The Cup would pass automatically to Emirates Team NZ and would not be fought out on the water. There are all sorts of commercial, sponsor and

contractural realities that will likely prevent that. Ethically, that’s what should happen. It was cheating. Deliberate or accidental; institutional or the act of rogue elements - it doesn’t matter. It’s cheating.” The lawyer, Sydney Luscutoff, said his client (whose case was dismissed) and other Oracle employees were accused in a completely unfair process, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. - HOS








d M9 12:05 PM


Christchurch Greyhounds Today at Addington Raceway


$1400, c2, 295m PX # REC Greyhound Fastest time Trainer

  1 1  2   3 3  4 2  5 4  6   7   8   9  10

25256 Okuku Bobo 17.47 11232 Hetfield 17.36 72487 Don’t Call Me 17.54 72832 Make Your Point 17.40 23313 Wellywood 17.60 55852 Blickling Bridge 17.53 67766 Finger Pop 17.35 31375 Go Timmee 17.63 84858 Hooray For Hazel 17.56 78676 Dyna Frier 17.23

12:24 PM

 1 1    2   3   4 4  5 2  6   7 3  8   9


Harlem Haka nwtd F678 Sheldon Baxter nwtd 68 Midnight Rafa nwtd 76268 Opawa Chris nwtd 45427 McJopson nwtd 73735 Know Rights nwtd 386 Toddy’s A Flyer nwtd 33446 Homebush Coral nwtd 787 Tai Baxter nwtd

12:42 PM

 1 4    2   3



R Casey C Roberts B Dann S&B Evans Weir&Nissen Joyce&May J McInerney G Cleeve Mitchell&Smith McCook&Jopson

J McInerney J McInerney McCook&Jopson Lane&Wales S&B Evans G Cleeve C Roberts J McInerney J McInerney


44234 Mulberry Macro nwtd K Cassidy Sprinkles nwtd J McInerney 76575 Joey’s Secret nwtd Stapleton&Bonnett

g M3 1

  4 Chocdee Alice nwtd  5 52 Yabba Yabba nwtd 2  1  6 26324 Fleur Du Liys nwtd 3  7 XTX35 Zoe Brand nwtd   8 5386 Homebush Crash nwtd   9 65676 Go Patch nwtd  10 657 Zulu Deb nwtd

J McInerney Hart&Taylor R Blackburn B Dann J McInerney G Cleeve C Roberts





Racing Te Aroha

Today at Te Aroha



September 6, 2013

  4 56875 Dyna Diego nwtd McCook&Jopson 4  5 74412 Miss Isabella 30.64 Stapleton&Bonnett 2  6 1134X Lochinvar Camaro nwtd C Roberts   7 26328 Thirsty Kelvin nwtd J McInerney   8 32232 Nom De Plume 31.19 R Blackburn   9 35856 Botany Comet 30.68 J McInerney  10 54573 Bizarro 31.16 S&B Evans

September 6, 2013

  3 000PX Jaccka Jack (1) Cox/Hoffman T Williams   4 458X6 King Of Strathfield (2) NMunro B Munro (J)   5 99400 Global Invasion (3) RJenkins A Lethaby   6 33534 Burano (4) KTownley D Dunn   7 32292 Uncas (5) BHeron B Thomas (J)   8 04913 Sovereignty (1) G&NHope R Holmes 2  9 12321 The Fiery Ginga (2) AClark A Clark 1 10 7111X Stig (3) PNairn D Butt  11 Stylish Monarch SCRATCHED 4 12 14116 Jaccka Justy (u1) Cox/Hoffman J W Cox

Track Information Weather: Partly cloudy

  7 8X662 Opawa Albie 30.65   8 23774 Botany Seaton 31.12   9 254X7 Know Revenge 30.39 3:03 PM


Lane&Wales J McInerney G Cleeve

COALGATE TAVERN DASH $1400, c2, 295m

 1 31267 Cec Divine 17.60 3  G Cleeve 1  2 42114 Sophie’s Terra 17.15 Casey&Fagan 4  3 24138 Kenny’s Comet 17.56 Mitchell&Smith DAVID EMERSON CONSULTANCY SPRINT   4 28646 Homebush Esme 17.51 J McInerney 2:27 PM $1700, c3, 295m   5 25664 Sam’s Flyin Norm nwtd Stapleton&Bonnett 2  1 65221 Chevy Chevelle 17.41 Hart&Taylor  2  6 42212 Jack’s A Jewel 17.35 C Roberts 3  2 36641 Mr. Big Stuff 17.37 McCook&Jopson   7 58855 Roxy Rascal 17.44 McCook&Jopson   3 64887 Cawbourne Plunge nwtd J McInerney   8 77577 Vitalize 17.65 Joyce&May 1  4 11113 Attack Wide 17.23 G Cleeve   9 84858 Hooray For Hazel 17.56 Mitchell&Smith   5 62467 Runway Queen 17.41 G Cleeve  10 77876 Georgie Wong 17.26 J Rush 4  6 65624 Opawa Wally nwtd Lane&Wales   7 72487 Sea Spray Tich 17.50 R Casey SPEIGHT’S DASH   8 51214 Taieri Plains 17.69 Casey&Fagan 3:20 PM $1700, c3, 295m   9 26772 Adulterous nwtd C Roberts 1  1 71118 Mer De Noms 17.41 R Blackburn  10 47668 Know Honour nwtd G Cleeve   2 34718 Billy Muggins 17.49 B Dann



2:45 PM

 1 2    2   3 4  4 1  5 3  6



56342 Cawbourne Crazy nwtd 24445 Cawbourne Kesha 30.74 44571 Line Honours 30.94 28221 Botany Pete 31.07 12124 Caboul 30.41 11232 Pseudonym 30.63


C Roberts J McInerney G Cleeve J McInerney J&D Fahey R Blackburn

1-2, 3-4, 5-6 1-2-3, 4-5-6 3-4-5-6 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6



Today at Addington Raceway


1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9, 10-11-12 9-10-11-12 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

  5 32825 Born Happy (5) 56.5 SRitchie J Jago   6 8X29 Oceana Sands (2) 56.5 EGriffiths1 S Spratt  8 99X50. Pearle Lustre (4) 56 O'Sullivan/Scott C Grylls   7 73X69. Our Jesse Jane (10) 56.5 ATeagueD Johnson 2    8 7X Blossom Queen (3) 56.5 CWoodM Du Plessis   9 83107. Big Bang Baby (5) 55.5 SWenn1 T Wenn (a4)   9 Sheez Torkin (4) 56.5 JTrumper1 S Collett GOLDPINE INDUSTRIES LTD R75 $8000, 2 10 3036. Eye Contact (6) 56 CPomare B Grylls (a2) 3:28 PM R75 benchmark, 1600m  11 Elie Saab (9) 54 K&BHawtin M Coleman OPT 315 3   1 16100. Danza Lad (9) 60.5 RLiefting B Grylls (a2) HARCOURTS TE AROHA RATING 65 1200 2:53 PM 2  2 X9727 Kati Cat (7) 60.5 AFuller J Oliver (a3) OPT 314 $7000, R65 benchmark*, 1200m  4  1 4553X Victory Dragon (2) 59 EHolmes O Bosson   3 52831 Gold Hunter (4) 56.5 JRevell1 P Turner (a1)   2 81798 O’Right Zen (7) 58 SMarsh M Hills   4 45727 Pan Dulce (1) 56 JGraham K Leung (a3) 3  3 9271 Alice Webb Ellis (3) 57 GRichardsonK Myers 1  5 50X88 Kate (8) 54 WHillis A Forbes (a1)   4 X35X5 Never Surrender (8) 57 NRobinson1D Johnson   6 X7170 Sweet Rita (2) 54 LSkinner T Thornton   5 10320 Aluka (6) 56.5 EGriffiths1 S Spratt   7 41018 Honeymoon (5) 54 RJames M Hills   6 X4025 Itsallme (9) 56 GBarkla N Harris   8 10778 Sateka (6) 54 Autridge/Goodwin M Du Plessis 1  7 3X10X Our Foxy Lady (1) 56 K&BHawtinM Du Plessis 4  9 26854 Rosie Rules (3) 54 SCullen1 T Wenn (a4)

NZ Metro Harness

  3 35 Sunnivue Bay Boy (3) SAshton M Jones   4 32228 Damon Runyon (4) JCurtin J Curtin   5 41650 Angelas Image (5) AStuart V Atherton (J) 3  1 X6007 Holme Fire (1) MJones 3  6 20324 Vice Chairman (6) PBagrie M Jones  T Bagrie (J)   2 X8706 Rainbows Gold (2) McCormick/KentishLMcCormick A 7 Cimarron (7) MSmolenski J Dunn 4  3 02367 Flyin Frances (3) MSmolenski  8 Tubby Jim SCRATCHED J Dunn    4 77860 Maiden Rome (4) REarle K Barron   9 86545 Caesar (8) WStevenson G O'Reilly   Barrier 2  5 24161 Dream Gal (5) PAnderson B Orange  10 X2640 Bank Raider (21) JGameson B Orange   6 4739X Lochranza Franco (6) BWaldron R May 4 11 089X5 Back Pay (22) GSmith G Smith   7 43353 Harlow Franco (7) JCurtin J Curtin  12 2965X Bettor Fella (23) KDixon J Anderson (J) 1  8 3409X Onlyforyou (8) C Dalgety  D Dunn   13 27 Betabcool (24) T&GChmiel T Chmiel Barrier B  14 98560 Private Jones (25) HHunter C Hunter (J) TELTRAC COMMUNICATIONS LTD HCP 5:51 PM C DeFilippi $10,000, 4yo+ 1-3 wins discrhcp, 2600m  15 95373 Spanish Lustre (26) ICourt OPT 802   1 57715 Speedy Success (1) AClark A Clark  16 43443 Leading The Way (27) KHadfield K Hadfield 3  2 6X228 Mrs Twobob (2) JHay J Hay TRANSPACIFIC WASTE MANAGEMENT 6:50 PM 2  3 42432 Anonymiss (3) GO'Reilly G O'Reilly OPT 804 MOB $10,000, 3yo+ 1 win, 2600m   4 43377 Take For Granted (4) DNyhan D Nyhan   1 60X46 Crusader Courage (1) BWeaverT Woodward   5 63524 Brite N Early (5) Wakelin/Noble P Wakelin   2 X5710 Galleons Theory (2) NMunro B Orange   6 66809 Gold Harmony (6) KBarron K Barron   3 79971 Light The Fuse (3) GTait L O'Reilly  7  Midfrew Medusa SCRATCHED   4 12762 Chargedownking (4) FBaigent R Curtin   8 0X809 Continental Halo (7) MEdmonds M Edmonds   5 72738 Alexy (5) BNegus M Williamson   9 2X97X Tarn (8) MEdmonds J Anderson (J)  3  6 0300X Hannah Jaye (6) KBarron K Barron  10 810 Stylish Command (9) TTrathen A Butt   7 78364 Vertical Four (7) JCurtin J Curtin 4 11 03723 Last Love (10) AStuart B Orange   8 10445 Highview Conall (8) GSmith G Smith  12 26446 Joltin Joe Demagio (11) MHeenan R May 2  9 0X702 Machie Mach (9) MSmolenski J Dunn  Barrier  13 P5095 Danke (12) MEdmonds S McNally  4   10 91054 A J Lee (21) I Court  C DeFilippi 1 14 32408 Dragon Lady (u1) RHolmes R Holmes 1 11 11 Locharburn (22) CDalgety D Dunn  15 08528 Gunsight Pass (u2) JRamsay K Cox (J)  5:28 PM 801




h M8

1:35 PM

 1 32211 Sheza Gamble 17.38 1  Weir&Nissen   2 25744 Harper Mehl nwtd S&B Evans 2  3 1 Cawbourne Porshe 17.80 Weir&Nissen   4 32348 Go Nola 17.55 G Cleeve 3  5 11621 Beadman 17.48 J Dunn   6 33274 Jumpin Sally 17.41 J McInerney SHIRLEY VET CLINIC SPRINT 1:00 PM $1100, c0, 295m  4  7 32212 Easy Silence 17.72 B Dann   1 5876 Homebush Verona nwtd J McInerney   8 86158 Gracy Racer 17.60 S Fagan 2  2 485 Know Judge nwtd G Cleeve   9 47223 Word For Word 17.77 R Blackburn 1  3 5 Know Ambition nwtd G Cleeve  10 26175 Gay Thorley nwtd J McInerney   4 63775 Casino Black nwtd H Anderton CHRIS & LISA EARL SPRINT   5 8567 Vinnie Baxter nwtd J McInerney 1:52 PM $1100, c0, 295m   6 46258 Court The Belle nwtd Lane&Wales 2  1 Some Genes nwtd J McInerney 3  7 6678 Trigger Zip nwtd J McInerney  Joyce&May 4  8 54 Opawa Cuddles nwtd Lane&Wales   2 54427 Uno Nosey nwtd 4  3 77873 Sum Are Fun nwtd M Flipp   9 787 Tai Baxter nwtd J McInerney    4 Harper’s Bizarre nwtd B Dann CTV DASH   1:17 PM 5 Homebush Titan nwtd  J McInerney $1100, c0, 295m 3  6 58752 Thiago nwtd Stapleton&Bonnett   1 783 Homebush Zelda nwtd J McInerney  1  7 38442 Noble Fantasy nwtd S&B Evans 3  2 Unique Tilly nwtd B Dann  J McInerney 2  3 Cawbourne Dasher nwtd Weir&Nissen   8 86525 Bit Perusa nwtd G Cleeve   4 53236 Bublin Jed nwtd M Flipp   9 65676 Go Patch nwtd C Roberts 4  5 Bernie Raida nwtd J McInerney  10 657 Zulu Deb nwtd   6 72736 Bowman nwtd J Dunn GARRARD’S HORSE AND HOUND STAKES   7 55647 Gorilla On Drums nwtd Joyce&May 2:10 PM $1900, c1, 520m 1  8 3  1 12342 Opawa Romeo 30.92 Zee Brugge nwtd J McInerney  J McInerney   9 65676 Go Patch nwtd 1  2 33711 Opawa Jay 30.69 G Cleeve  Lane&Wales  10 657 Zulu Deb nwtd C Roberts   3 25443 Opawa Natty 30.92 Lane&Wales

  2 7439X Raf Lanac (6) 58.5 FCornege A Forbes (a1) Flying Treasure SCRATCHED $7000, mdn, 1600m   3 PX # REC Horse (Barrier) kg Trainer Jockey   4 60X0. Sir Al Syd (1) 58.5 PRodewald1 M Dee (a3) 1  5 482 Boom Boom Brahma (3) 56.5 LAnderson1 3  1 24432 Hez Cool (9) 58.5 TGillies K Chiong (a4)  Grylls 2  2 3X537 Carmody (8) 58.5 O'Sullivan/ScottM Du Plessis    6 0X38X Dayna Brae (7) 56.5 EGriffiths1 SCSpratt 4  3 X3558 Eva Keeneva (3) 58.5 PStevens R Jones   7 407X4 Gothic Lady (2) 56.5 MMurray A Collett (a) 1  4 4X9 Mr Garcia (2) 58.5 RJames M Cameron  3  8 0445X Queen Of Clubs (5) 56.5 Pike/DonoghueN Harris   5 X9650 Wayward Wonder (7) 58.5 EShattock1P Turner (a1)   9 8X Go Sheryl (9) 56.5 NRobinson1 D Johnson   6 7 Bounce Back (4) 58.5 CWood N Harris  4 10 9X Hypnotic (8) 54 LAnderson1 T Thornton   7 8X997 Longview (1) 58.5 SWenn1 T Thornton BEN COLLINS ELECTRICAL MAIDEN 1200   8 006 Simone (10) 56.5 SWenn1 S Spratt 2:18 PM $7000, mdn, 1200m   9 07569 I’m Ruby (6) 56.5 SManning D Johnson OPT 313  10 4096 Loretta West (5) 56.5 KFursdon M Coleman 1  1 502. Plays Until Dark (8) 58.5 Moroney/Ormsby  O Bosson WAIHOU TAVERN MAIDEN 1400   2 847X4 Apachee Taat (11) 58.5 Herbert/RoustobyN Harris 1:43 PM 3  3 X3904 Mrs Browns Boy (1) 58.5 NTileyR Smyth (a3) OPT 312 $7000, mdn, 1400m  2  1 3X2 Peacefuleasyfeelin (4) 58.5 GOldP Turner (a1) 4  4 Biologist (7) 58.5 GAlton M McNab 1:08 PM OPT 311

September 6, 2013


Compiled by


2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-11 1-2-3, 5-6-7, 9-10-11 8-9-10-11 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

 3 18665 Nitro Mabel 17.39 4    4 F8734 Okuku Wee Man 17.55   5 41121 Gee Cee Bee nwtd 3  6 X3136 Know Fault 17.24   7 85843 Wandy Gaylene 17.30 2  8 25331 Aversion 17.33   9 67645 Excuse Please 17.35  10 88856 Homebush Cruden nwtd

Hart&Taylor Casey&Fagan H Anderton G Cleeve G Cleeve Hart&Taylor J McMillan J McInerney

Track Information Type: Grass; Expected: Heavy; Direction: Right-handed; Length: 1900m; Straight: 500m; Rail: Out 2m; Weather: Fine 4:03 PM 316




$7000, R65 benchmark*, 1600m

 1 8X670 Swap For Kash (1) 59 PLock J Whiteside (a3) 4  2  2 1230X Bellazeel (3) 57 RJames O Bosson 3  3 430X9 Beauty Humour (4) 56.5 LNoble S Wong (a4)   4 02700. Armadio Estrada (8) 56 WHillisM Ulucinar (a4) 1  5 3X10. Lady Sayyida (7) 55.5 RJames M Cameron   6 50397 Sky Hi Baby (2) 54 Autridge/GoodwinS Collett   7 70760 Prickley Princess (5) 54 DHollinsheadT Thornton   8 807X0 Delta Lad (6) 54 JCharters A Collett (a) Track Information Type: All weather; Direction: Left-handed; Length: 1193m; Weather: Partly cloudy

  2 34X91 Mayweather (2) JHay M Hay   3 81800 Ignite (3) MEdmonds J Anderson (J)   4 32601 Foreverman (u1) RHolmes R Holmes MAURICE HOLMES VASE (STANDING  8:36 PM 1  5 304X2 Whispering Champagne (u2) NTaylorR May START) $25,000, ffa, 2600m OPT 808  6 Barneys Girl SCRATCHED   1 50X02 Captain Peacock (1) DTaylor M Jones  A Tomlinson   2 66199 Better To Be Bad (2) SAshton R Holmes 4  7 21702 Rebma (1) KFord D Dunn   3 0439X Highview Tommy (3) G&NHope B Orange   8 50190 No Potato (2) KTownley 2  4 3292X Franco Ledger (4) HHunter C DeFilippi   9 73253 Pammys Boy (3) MEdmonds M Edmonds 4  5 11132 Besotted (5) RGreen M McKendry  10 21213 Sol Invictus (u1) MHouse C DeFilippi   6 X1212 Mach Banner (6) RDunn J Dunn  3 11 43253 Mamselle (1) P&LJones M Jones DOMINION TRADING COMPANY HCP $7000, 7:45 PM 3  7 706X3 Four Starzzz Flash (7) CDalgety D Dunn 2 12 02181 Whata Gamble (2) FFletcher S Smolenski OPT 806 4yo+ 1-2 wins jun.d, 2600m  A Butt  13 21378 Blackjacky (1) PBagrie   1 461 Fellas R Trouble (1) BWhite S Golding (J) 1  8 0180X Choise Achiever (8) TButt T Bagrie (J) 3  2 1 Pay Me Art (2) AStuart K Riddell (J)   9 11655 Phantom Grin (9) MBrinsdon M Williamson GALLAGHER MOBILE PACE $5000,   3 9X083 Beaver Boy (3) BHill R Close (J)  10 34211 Pemberton Shard (u1) BMowbray R May 10:06 PM OPT 811 4yo+ non winners, 1950m   4 12462 Tyron’s Falcon Ella (1) PO'Reilly J Young (J) 9:06 PM METALCORP NZ YOUNG AT HEART SERIES MBL R May   5 44186 Skippy Rascal (2) KChapman J Trainor (J) OPT 809 $11,000, 6yo+ 1-4 wins +claimer, 1950m   1 690X0 Gondolier (1) G&NHope T Chmiel  3  2 43296 Limitation (2) BBorcoskie B Borcoskie   6 457X0 Devil May Care (3) HHunter S Ottley (J)   1 66665 Bashful Compton (1) AStuart 3  2 62212 Simon Sivad (2) DTaylor K Cox (J)   3 X6900 Cavalli Woman (3) MCations T Chmiel 2  7 X470X Real Kamwood (4) RDunn T Bagrie (J)  C McDowell   4 0 The Big Bite (4) P&LJones C DeFilippi 4  8 53423 Massimo (5) RDunn M Purvis (J)   3 5X889 Town Icon (3) CMcDowell C D Thornley  B 5 98560 Private Jones (5) HHunter C Hunter (J)   9 63X76 K C Pedro (6) AHastie J Anderson (J)   4 35406 Ataahua Tiki (4) SMcNally 1  5 12521 Comenche (5) RDunn J Dunn  1  6 46P5X Royal Cynic (6) MHouse M House  10 Cullens Spirit SCRATCHED  1 11 41115 Kotare Mahal (7) RDunn J Thomas (J)   6 67749 Forum (6) McCormick/Kentish B Thomas (J)   7 0X939 Nuclear Reality (7) RHolmes M Anderson (J)   7 50030 Fair Dinkum Bromac (7) MJones M Jones A 8 06X98 Lottie Franco (8) MBeckwith B Butt RESOURCE RECYCLING TECHNOLOGIES NZ LTD  8:10 PM 2  8 XP115 Electric Ollie (8) MJones B Orange   9 06550 Stans Day (9) MHjalmarsson M Hjalmarsson   MBL $12,000, 4yo+ 3-6 wins, 2600m   9 87764 Mullingar Mac (9) SMcNally S McNally OPT 807 Barrier   1  10 60334 Captain Thunderjet (21) D&CButt D Butt  Instead Of SCRATCHED  Barrier 2 11 527X Big Is Good (22) CDalgety 1  2 095X2 Pay Me Cullen (1) JHay D Dunn J Hay  10 37033 Graceandtemika (21) BNegusM Williamson  J Bennett  4 12 X8583 Lavros Is King (23) MJones   3 15986 Givethejobtobarnsy (2) JVersteegJ Versteeg 4 11 26449 Supreme Sign (22) JBennett B Orange  12 Better Than Money SCRATCHED  13 20037 Hotdiggitydog (24) CMcDowell C McDowell 4  4 43041 Blazin N Cullen (3) RDunn J Dunn  SIMS PACIFIC METALS HCP $12,000, 4 or  ARMITAGE WILLIAMS CONSTRUCTION MOB 7:20 PM 6:20 PM 0 Born Eyre (25) AStuart V Atherton (J) R May 9:36 PM more wins +claimer, 2600m   5 51211 Bettor Rock On (4) BHill OPT 803 $8000, 3yo+ non wins, 1950m OPT 805 AVON CITY FORD HCP $10,000,  14 2  6 8X833 River Black (5) DTaylor 2  1 24248 Seven Blue Chips (1) G&NHope R May   1 2X254 Live The Dream (1) DTaylor Shards Assassin (26) SMcRae C D Thornley R May  M Jones OPT 810 4yo+ 2-6 wins, 2600m  15  16 1  2 29 Born In The USA (2) CDalgety 3  2 X0X11 Jag’s Invasion (2) PWilliamsonM Williamson   7 8X684 Bettors Creek (6) G&NHope R Close (J)   1 49181 U Dream (1) SMcRae Bambolina SCRATCHED C D Thornley  D Dunn  $5000, 4yo+ M1-2 wins, 1950m PX # REC Horse (Start pos) Trainer Driver OPT




Today at Addington Raceway


  1 60X46 Crusader Courage (1) BWeaverT Woodward   2 X5710 Galleons Theory (2) NMunro B Orange 4  3 79971 Light The Fuse (3) GTait L O'Reilly   4 12762 Chargedownking (4) FBaigent R Curtin   5 72738 Alexy (5) BNegus M Williamson 2  6 0300X Hannah Jaye (6) KBarron K Barron   7 78364 Vertical Four (7) JCurtin J Curtin 3  8 10445 Highview Conall (8) GSmith G Smith

  Machie Mach (9) MSmolenski  9 0X702 Barrier   10 91054 A J Lee (21) ICourt 1 11 11 Locharburn (22) CDalgety




$10,000, 3yo+ 1 win, 2600m PX # REC Horse (Start pos) Trainer Driver



h M30 $20k Bonus Early Quaddie

6:50 PM

K Barron




  8 4X034 Comply Or Die (7) KBarron 3  Barrier

QUADDIE 1-2-3-4

September 6, 2013

  6 33534 Burano (4) KTownley D Dunn   7 32292 Uncas (5) BHeron B Thomas (J) C DeFilippi 3  8 04913 Sovereignty (1) G&NHope R Holmes D Dunn 2  9 12321 The Fiery Ginga (2) AClark A Clark 1 10 7111X Stig (3) PNairn D Butt ADDINGTON RACE 5 $12,000, 4 or more 7:20 PM wins +claimer spechcp, 2600m  4 11 X56X7 Stylish Monarch (4) MNyhan P Davis   1 2X254 Live The Dream (1) DTaylor R May  12 14116 Jaccka Justy (u1) Cox/Hoffman J W Cox   2 X0X11 Jag’s Invasion (2) PWilliamsonM Williamson ADDINGTON RACE 6 $7000, 4yo+ 1-2   3 000PX Jaccka Jack (1) Cox/Hoffman T Williams 7:45 PM wins spechcp jun.d, 2600m   4 458X6 King Of Strathfield (2) NMunro B Munro (J)   5 99400 Global Invasion (3) RJenkins A Lethaby 4  1 461 Fellas R Trouble (1) BWhite S Golding (J) J Dunn



  2 1 Pay Me Art (2) AStuart K Riddell (J)   3 9X083 Beaver Boy (3) BHill R Close (J) 3  4 12462 Tyron’s Falcon Ella (1) PO'Reilly J Young (J)   5 44186 Skippy Rascal (2) KChapman J Trainor (J) 2  6 457X0 Devil May Care (3) HHunter S Ottley (J)   7 X470X Real Kamwood (4) RDunn T Bagrie (J)   8 53423 Massimo (5) RDunn M Purvis (J)   9 63X76 K C Pedro (6) AHastie J Anderson (J)  10  Cullens Spirit SCRATCHED 1 11 41115 Kotare Mahal (7) RDunn J Thomas (J)

Track Information Type: All weather; Direction: Left-handed; Length: 1193m; Weather: Partly cloudy 8:10 PM



$12,000, 4yo+ 3-6 wins, 2600m

 1 Instead Of SCRATCHED 1  2 095X2 Pay Me Cullen (1) JHay J Hay   3 15986 Givethejobtobarnsy (2) JVersteegJ Versteeg   4 43041 Blazin N Cullen (3) RDunn J Dunn 2  5 51211 Bettor Rock On (4) BHill R May 3  6 8X833 River Black (5) DTaylor M Jones   7 8X684 Bettors Creek (6) G&NHope R Close (J) 4  Comply Or Die (7) KBarron K Barron  8 4X034 Barrier 

g M4

11:45 AM OPT 401


12:15 PM 402



$12,500, R65 bmk*, 1200m

1 1X Poneke (1) 59 RGrant 1 D Bradley 3 2 14 Ralph’s Gift (14) 59 LLatta R Hannam 3 X9919. Dal Vuitton (12) 58.5 GIrvineJ Shackleton (a3) 4 00381. I Am Leo (6) 58.5 KGray M Hudson (a3) 5 4928X Mrs Mac (7) 58 PBelsham1 M Du Plessis 6 538X1. Annieitiz (18) 57.5 BRevell A Forbes (a1) 2 7 84212 Persian Dancer (2) 57.5 HMathewsA Taylor (a3) 8 14958. Centavada (3) 57.5 GBrick M Cameron 9 1. Cullister (10) 57 GTemperton J Parkes 10 33017. Joan Frances (8) 56.5 SLennoxM Dravitzki (a2) 11 5X57X Nena Greena (15) 56.5 JBoon R Myers 12 61204. Salute Me (11) 56.5 AClement P Turner (a1) 4 13 X524X Sharbeela (9) 56.5 AFieldes1 M Dee (a3) 14 3X177. Wild Rock (17) 56 HWilson K Myers 15 8109. Clio (13) 55.5 MBrosnan S Collett A 16 X0X60 Ishue (19) 55.5 MPaewai D Walker B 17 24060. Beau Agen (16) 57.5 CEagle  18 Southern Secret SCRATCHED D 19 03275 Rampantexcuse (5) 56 JLitt E 20 7677X Dragon Beauty (4) 54 GVile  21 El Roca SCRATCHED

gM6 1


Tomorrow at Wanganui

94.4 THE SOUND 2YO 800

Pay Your Ransom (4) 57.5 Haworth/DixonR Hannam Stratocaster SCRATCHED Vespa (6) 57.5 JBenner J Riddell Maia’s Angel (5) 55.5 Busuttin/YoungK Myers Buffalo Lass (1) 55.5 GBrick S Collett Hardassah (2) 55.5 Busuttin/Young M Du Plessis Kschessinska (3) 55.5 LMolloy R Myers




Wanganui Races

$12,500, 2yo sw, 800m PX # REC Horse (Barrier) kg Trainer Jockey

1 1 2  3 2 4 5 3 6 4 7







Canterbury Racing

Tomorrow at Riccarton Park

2 0X221. Shaspic (4) 59 SRobertson 2 A Frye (a2) $12,500, 3yo sw, 1000m 1 3 33142. Resplendent (3) 57.5 PRichards D Prastiyou (a3) R Black (a2) PX # REC Horse (Barrier) kg Trainer Jockey 4 56304 Tricatchme (7) 57.5 LLatta 1 The Stockman (1) 57.5 T&LPrendergastR Bishop 5 163X5. Ask Me (5) 56.5 MPitman Shroud SCRATCHED 1 2 3X15X Choice Snitzel (2) 55.5 P&KO'MalleyL McGregor  6 2 3 3103X Force Majeure (7) 55.5 LSFaber A Frye (a2) 4 7 2160X Lady In Charge (8) 55 PRudkin C Johnson 3 8 70637 Mind Reader (6) 54 GTippett S Muniandy 3 4 No Surrenda (6) 55.5 NCoulbeck C Johnson 5 6X O’Loughlin (5) 55.5 RMcKay K Williams 9 75757. Shes All Class (1) 54 KHampton T Moseley 6 86X56. Ruffle (3) 55.5 BBlackie T Moseley 1:50 PM WIN A FORD FIESTA AT RICCARTON PARK 4 7 Sentimental (4) 55.5 Kennedy/FurlongJ Morris OPT 604 R85 $15,000, R85 bmk, 1400m 1 1 0178X Kullu (7) 61 M&MBrown D Bothamley STH ISLAND RACING AWARDS SEPT 20TH 12:40 PM L McKay (a3) R75 $15,000, R75 bmk, 1200m 2 4217X Big Energy (3) 58 SLaming OPT 602 2 1 05115 Tacticall (3) 59 LLatta R Black (a2) 3 59678 Spare A Fortune (6) 58 MPitman C Johnson 2 25880 Our Jackman (7) 58.5 MPitmanA Morgan (a3) 4 4049X Medici (4) 56.5 LNoble C Lunn (a3) 3 53921 Elusive Law (2) 57 DCrozier J Wong (a4) 3 5 X2205 Pazejan (5) 55.5 RBeckett J Morris 3 4 4X357. Patrice (4) 56.5 NCoulbeck 2 6 03934 Lakers Bay (2) 54 NWigley C Johnson A Frye (a2) 1 5 10X8X A Bob Short (1) 56 P&KO'Malley L McGregor 4 7 14360 Tallyho Tui (1) 54 SHaisma R Black (a2) 4 6 0635X Emerald Queen (6) 55 Kennedy/Furlong J Morris 2:26 PM SKELTON BROTHERS MAIDEN 7 118X0. Vite Celebre (5) 54 IStewart R Bishop OPT 605 $12,500, mdn, 1400m 8  Good Excuse SCRATCHED 1 1 232. Gallaru (2) 58.5 MPitman C Johnson CUP WEEK TICKETS ON SALE NOW R65 3 2 27X62 Beautiful Brother (12) 58.5 KWilliams J Bullard 1:15 PM 4 3 X6652. Coup Rotorua (7) 58.5 MPitmanA Morgan (a3) OPT 603 $12,500, R65 bmk*, 1200m 1 22133 Do Uno Whoiam (2) 59 JBurrowsD Bothamley 4 73583 Ontario (11) 58.5 DFrye A Frye (a2) 12:05 PM OPT 601

September 7, 2013

10 70890 Kalgoorlie Bomber (1) 54 FStammers D Walsh M Dee (a3) $15,000, R75 benchmark, 1340m 11 3174X Pirinitete (7) 54 GTemperton D Walker 4 1 4219X Kings Court (16) 60 SGordon D Walker 12 X0631 Flippant (5) 54 SDougan J Parkes 2 10117. Footloose (9) 58.5 LKnight K Myers 13 1639X Just Ishi (3) 54 GTemperton 3 97212 Roll With Pulse (3) 58 Moroney/OrmsbyM Dee (a3) 2:00 PM CORO ANGEL SYNDICATE RATING 75 2040 3 4 25X93. Urunga (14) 58 ABull M Du Plessis OPT 405 $15,000, R75 benchmark, 2040m 5 0655X Miss Lioness (4) 57.5 Lowry/Cullen D Bradley 1 1 12571 Anotherchancetaken (13) 58 DParry H Tinsley 6 3048X Bright Glo (5) 57 PBelsham1 R Myers 4 2 36216 Dal Dantrix (5) 57 FAuret J Parkes 7 5371R. Jojo (8) 57 AClement B Lammas 3 31915 Jackabean (4) 56.5 TEgan M Cameron 8 43012 Faro Rubino (18) 56.5 CKupa M Dravitzki (a2) 2 4 10161 Kakahu Nell (3) 56 MBrosnan S Collett 9 32971 Cool Moon (21) 56.5 AClement P Turner (a1) 5 08X99 Sou’east (8) 56 GNicholson A Forbes (a1) 10 48906 Defenciti (6) 56.5 PFleming V Johnston 6 04643 Bar Keeper (10) 55 LLatta R Hannam 11 1554X Saint Kitt (20) 56.5 KBurne H Tinsley 3 7 36738 Let’s Go Fratelli (11) 55 GInnes M Dee (a3) 12 80X45 The Debt Collector (19) 56.5 IMarksM Cameron 8 12992 Coljoy (6) 54.5 HMathews A Taylor (a3) 1 13 33021 Royal Haze (10) 56 TEgan J Parkes 9 12354. Selwyn (9) 54.5 SKay D Walker 14 4310X Dr Paul (11) 55.5 SKay D Walsh 10 74110 Beguiling (2) 54 D&CBothwell R Myers 15 52150. Mash (7) 55.5 KGray M Hudson (a3) 11 90055 Beaudastorm (1) 54 PBourke D Walsh 2 16 84113 Sam I Am (12) 55 PPascoe S Doyle 12 X9009 D’Top (12) 54 PMoseley M Dravitzki (a2) A 17 X2170. One Kay (1) 54 KZimmerman A Forbes (a1) 13 00530 Selamat (7) 54 J&NWood J Shackleton (a3) B 18 7336X King Kamada (15) 55.5 LLatta WANGANUI MOTORS RATING 75 2040 2:36 PM C 19 X0853. Princess Lincoln (2) 54 LLatta OPT 406 $15,000, R75 benchmark, 2040m D 20 91450. Mibachelorboy (13) 55.5 GVile 2 1 94137 Glitzabeel (4) 58 MBrosnan M Dee (a3) E 21 25717 For Petesake (17) 58 TDravitzki 2 61319 Get The Message (12) 58 HMathewsJ Riddell WANGANUI CHRONICLE RATING 75 1340 3 53710 Jacksun (7) 58 PFleming J Shackleton (a3) 1:25 PM $15,000, R75 benchmark, 1340m 4 72125 St Ransom (2) 58 GVile OPT 404 R Hannam 1 1 606X2 Figure Again (8) 59 KLane M Du Plessis 1 5 72431 Ishiarose (8) 57.5 KZimmerman M Du Plessis 2 680X5 Rumour Has It Now (2) 57 TCollis H Tinsley 3 6 02492 Lasswade (11) 57.5 MJohnson D Walsh 2 3 14566 Liv’n Paradise (10) 56.5 RAllen J Riddell 7 X8563 Les Sylphides (3) 57 TKeegan K Myers 4 23118 Fastfoot (11) 56.5 Sargent/Allen M Cameron 4 8 02172 Zedeedudadeeko (10) 56 JPhillips T Russell 5 91046 Heart Of Darkness (6) 56 SMarsh A Forbes (a1)  9 Regalo Reaal SCRATCHED 3 6 50X58 Delecta Dreims (9) 55.5 KZimmermanS Collett 10 36278 Wannabe Queen (9) 55.5 MEales R Myers 4 7 43132 Our Gazza (13) 55.5 LLatta D Bradley 11 01786. Daisy Louise (5) 55.5 PMoseleyM Dravitzki (a2) 8 2237X Deputy (12) 55 Haworth/Dixon R Myers 12 40290 Goldie Cantride (6) 55.5 ASchumacher S Collett 9 62383 Good One Glady (4) 54 LLatta K Myers 13 6X083 The Last Al (1) 55.5 SBrown J Parkes 12:50 PM OPT 403






September 7, 2013

2 5 240X4 Something Good (8) 58.5 RChamberlainJ Morris 6 07764 Indiana Jones (9) 58.5 MPitmanA Denby (a1) 7 George Henry (13) 58.5 L&RDidham J Bates 8 00X0. Grey Tom (6) 58.5 K&PHughes J Wong (a4) 9 Handsome Dax (5) 58.5 SWoodsfordC Barnes (a2) 10 9X796 Poach The Cash (1) 58.5 SBlair-EdieD Bothamley 11 65723 Quest For Luck (10) 56.5 MHamiltonJ Chong (a3) 12 83X72 Belt Up (3) 56.5 DCrozier L Whelan (a1) 13  Something Zed SCRATCHED 14 All In Touch (4) 56.5 BSmith L Callaway 3:01 PM OPT 606



$15,000, R75 benchmark, 1600m


$25,000, opn hcp, 1000m PX # REC Horse (Barrier) kg Trainer Jockey

1 9020X King Montrose (4) 59 NRidley J Bullard 2 3227X Pinsgold (3) 59 NCoulbeck C Johnson 3 35115 Cangowest (1) 55 LLatta J Bates 4 X2842 Credit Crunch (6) 55 MPitman B Pitman (a1) 5 X142X Cora Lynn (7) 54 M&MBrown T Moseley 6 4293X Never Die (2) 54 Kennedy/FurlongC Barnes (a2) 7 61241 Golden Globe (5) 54 MPitman A Morgan (a3)



7 230X6. Aldebaran Star (3) 54.5 TRiddell R Myers 8 1580X Capital Diamond (10) 54 LLatta 9 1713X All In Clover (12) 54 KGray M Hudson (a3) 10 1340X Zumba (15) 54 PBelsham M Du Plessis 11 43856 Aunt Daisy (5) 54 SKay D Walsh 12 02083 Danrose (7) 54 MBrosnan S Collett 13 26705. Toma Valea (1) 54 MBrosnan R Hannam 14 32739 Gossiping (4) 54 HMathews A Taylor (a3) 15 11587 Unbelieveabelle (14) 54 LLatta K Myers A 16 53141 Di’s Boy (2) 54 MJohnson K Kalychurun (a3)



h M7 1

4:16 PM


Winton Harness

Sunday at Central Southland Raceway


$6000, 3yo+ up-1 win, 2400m PX # REC Horse (Start pos) Trainer Driver



8 IDEAL ELECTRICAL SUPPLIERS 10 YR ANNIVER $25,000, opn hcp, 1200m

1 0910X Nashville (11) 61.5 ABull 2 M Dee (a3) 2 9653X Spiro (6) 61.5 SKay M Dravitzki (a2) 3 7822X Ransomed (13) 59.5 GVile J Parkes 3 4 23617. Daiello (8) 55.5 RBergerson D Bradley 1 5 9550X Pero (9) 55.5 TRiddell M Cameron  6 Ten Belles SCRATCHED 4 7 230X6. Aldebaran Star (3) 54.5 TRiddell R Myers 8 1580X Capital Diamond (10) 54 LLatta 9 1713X All In Clover (12) 54 KGray M Hudson (a3) 10 1340X Zumba (15) 54 PBelsham1 M Du Plessis 11 43856 Aunt Daisy (5) 54 SKay D Walsh 12 02083 Danrose (7) 54 MBrosnan S Collett 13 26705. Toma Valea (1) 54 MBrosnan R Hannam 14 32739 Gossiping (4) 54 HMathews A Taylor (a3) 15 11587 Unbelieveabelle (14) 54 LLatta K Myers A 16 53141 Di’s Boy (2) 54 MJohnson K Kalychurun (a3)





3 313X Franzac (1) 56.5 JBary 4 J Riddell  4 Weregoingtogetcha SCRATCHED 1 5 21 Burnt Orange (4) 56.5 SMcKee M Du Plessis  6 El Roca SCRATCHED 2 7 841 The Energizer (3) 56.5 Sargent/AllenA Forbes (a) 8 4. Rock D’Boat (7) 56.5 JScott D Walker 9 Buck Cannon (2) 56.5 AFieldes1 J Parkes 10 14X34 Girl Of My Dreams (5) 54.5 LMolloy D Walsh 11 316X3 Ruthless Lady (9) 54.5 JBridgmanM Cameron 12 1203 Goodn’targ (6) 54.5 G&DRogerson D Bradley 5:06 PM OPT 410



$12,500, R65 bmk*, 1600m

1 64433 Denmark (17) 59 SMcKee 4 D Walsh 3 2 33241 Share The Blame (18) 59 GInnes M Dee (a3) 3 3616X Spike Miligan (8) 57.5 MEales D Walker 4 3466X The Beama (16) 57 LKnight K Myers 5 62303 Ashalini (9) 56.5 ASchumacher R Myers 6 3150X The Mailman (15) 56.5 GVile K Smith 7 71930. The Painter (5) 56.5 LOld S Doyle 8 32214. Grace With Power (14) 56 KZimmermanH Tinsley 9 51535 Katie McKeen (3) 56 GMcBeth M Cameron 2 10 9X855 Our Entourage (4) 56 LLatta R Hannam 1 11 71854 Bazinger (6) 55.5 RAllen V Johnston 12 18002. Lasting Touch (13) 54 JLitt J Parkes 13 2025X La Danseur (2) 54 MEales A Forbes (a1) 14 X0839 Quin Bay (12) 54 KZimmerman D Bradley 15 8X046 Sloshed (7) 54 JBary M Du Plessis HS DYKE WANGANUI GUINEAS 3YO 1340 A 16 X8837 Whispering Waters (10) 54 BRevell 4:26 PM OPT 409 $50,000, 3yo sw, 1340m  K Kalychurun (a3) 3 1 11 Mr Mendelssohn (10) 56.5 KMcQuade P Turner (a) B 17 3X059. Desert Saboteur (11) 54 FStammers C 18 06008 Riverman Jack (1) 54 T Egan  2 11 Lord Turbo (8) 56.5 TBambry R Myers



2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9 6-7-8-9 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 7,8 $500,000

Track Information Type: Grass; Expected: Heavy; Direction: Left-handed; Length: 2400m; Straight: 400m; Rail: Out 8m Until 1100m, Remainder Out 11m; Weather: Fine

12 05645 Kashin Girl (14) 56.5 BInglis J Morris 13 X1400. Jimmy The One (16) 56.5 EGLow T Moseley 14 X9333 Corazana (11) 56 MDaly T Direen (a1) 15 001 Fly Me To Da Moon (9) 56 SBlair-EdieC Lunn (a3) 16 890X0. Jimato (18) 54.5 PRudkin R Black (a2) A 17 17948. Falena (13) 54 NCoulbeck B 18 06787 She’s Insatiable (4) 54 TCharles ECHOES OF HEAVEN @ LINWOOD PARK R65 $12,500, R65 bmk*, 1600m  19 Fly My Pretty SCRATCHED

2 3227X Pinsgold (3) 59 NCoulbeck C Johnson 3 3 35115 Cangowest (1) 55 LLatta J Bates 4 4 X2842 Credit Crunch (6) 55 MPitman B Pitman (a1) 2 5 X142X Cora Lynn (7) 54 M&MBrown T Moseley 6 4293X Never Die (2) 54 Kennedy/FurlongC Barnes (a2) 7 61241 Golden Globe (5) 54 MPitman A Morgan (a3) 4:16 PM 608




4:56 PM 609



1 1L30X Titch (5) 61 KMyers 4 L Whelan (a) 1 2 13544 Electronic Motion (1) 54.5 ATaylor A Frye (a) 3 05041 Fiddler’s Green (3) 54 LCasey T Moseley 2 4 54121 Willy Duggan (6) 54 KMyers J Morris 3 5 080X6 The Hand Of Faith (2) 54 LSFaber D Prastiyou (a) 6 X5973 Crystal Duke (7) 54 K&PHughes R Bishop 7 X7672 Windwhistle (4) 54 M&WColes L Callaway 8 4049X Medici (8) 54 LNoble K Williams

1-6 $500,000

7 97083 Gurus Spirit (13) 56.5 RCoxon K Chiong (a4) 8 7230X Miss Isle (1) 56.5 FRitchie M Coleman 9 47623 The Shackler (3) 56.5 MDromgoolM Sweeney 10 X1515 Righteo (7) 56 D&DLogan M Hills 11 21233 Cornelius (9) 55 BFoote S Spratt 12 23500. Smartly (14) 54 WHillis N Harris 13 X2571 Alfonze (2) 54 SRalph J Whiteside (a3) 14 16223 Celtic Star (6) 54 RPriscott D Johnson

9 04751 Slick Nickel (15) 57 SLaming J Bates 10 7557X Black Savvath (7) 57 SYoung L Callaway 11 21584 Contador (12) 57 GTippett S Muniandy 12 05645 Kashin Girl (14) 56.5 BInglis J Morris 13 X1400. Jimmy The One (16) 56.5 EGLow T Moseley 14 X9333 Corazana (11) 56 MDaly T Direen (a1) 15 001 Fly Me To Da Moon (9) 56 SBlair-EdieC Lunn (a3) 16 890X0. Jimato (18) 54.5 PRudkin R Black (a2) A 17 17948. Falena (13) 54 NCoulbeck RICCARTON R8 $12,500, R65 B 18 06787 She’s Insatiable (4) 54 TCharles benchmark*, 1600m  19 Fly My Pretty SCRATCHED

September 8, 2013

Byrd (9) MMcAuley R Swain 12 0207X Cuzzies Home (23) BMorris B Morris 9 00059 Barrier  MCDONALD EXCAVATING HCP $7000, 1 10 370 Playaway (21) JGameson D Dunn 1:57 PM 4yo+ 1-6 wins spechcp, 2400m 11 707X9 Clifton Prize (u1) Cox/McGrannachan J W Cox 1 57715 Speedy Success (1) AClark A Clark 4 1 X8962 Euromaxx (1) KMcRae R Swain AB LIME LTD MOBILE PACE 4 2 04643 City Courage (2) GWoodhouse B Williamson (J) 2 2 743X2 Zachary Smith (2) NEdge S Golding (J) 1:01 PM $6000, 4yo+ 1-2 wins, 2400m 3 3 P8X24 American Holiday (3) DMcLachlanS Walkinshaw 4 1 00X83 Lady Elite (1) Faithful/SherborneS Walkinshaw 3 41567 Chevy Corvette (3) Cox/McGrannachanJ H Cox 4 86 Solar Commando (4) AClark 1 4 075X1 Experiment (u1) TBarron A Clark 2 5PX57 Ganesh Bromac (2) GJohnstoneC Ferguson (J) B Barclay 5 Venus Was Her Name (5) Cox/HoffmanJ W Cox 3 4568X Minstrel Boy (3) HHunter A Kyle P Hunter 5 60706 Yelande (u2) AKyle 6 06P0X Pirate (6) TWhite C Barron 4 63996 All For D B (4) Cox/McGrannachan B Barclay 6 9700X The Doctor (u1) NEdge S Golding (J) 7 00465 Veecewah (7) AMilne A Milne D Dunn 3 5 60221 Midnight Mayhem (5) Cox/Hoffman J W Cox 3 7 10073 So King (1) BNorman 8 9X30X Ultra Pegasus (8) NWilliamson N Williamson 6 08650 Bub’s Hanover (6) CMorley J W Cox C Hanna (J) 8 08938 Mum Beat Lyall (u1) MDenton 9 0630X Veruca (u1) Cox/Hoffman A Beck 2 9 11171 Bet’s Best (u2) NWilliamson N Williamson 2 7 13 Bad Peach (7) GAnderson S Golding (J) 10 Jocy Jaccka (u2) BGray T Williams 1 8 07051 Macardo (8) MGBrown B Williamson (J) TREVOR PROCTOR PAINTER/A W KYLE BUILDER 1 11 67X63 Perfect Sunrise (u3) Cox/Hoffman B Barclay 9 048X0 Rosie Lindenny (u1) TStratford D Dunn 2:25 PM MBL PACE $9000, 4yo+ 1 win, 2400m 12 970X9 Salute The Monarch (1) MTapper P Davis  Barrier 1 07540 Kaylea Bolter (1) BKeeler A Armour 13 7556X Frisson (2) PWilliamson M Williamson WINTON TOP PUB MOBILE PACE $6000, 3 2 10932 Tic Tac Bromac (2) ABlack A Beck 14 0X556 The Fiery Filly (3) TKilkelly A Armour 1:29 PM 3yo+ non winners, 2400m 2 3 23273 Billy The Bus (3) MSwain C Barron 15 X77X9 Alyak Nova (4) Cox/McGrannachan J H Cox 1 1 6X480 Mustang (1) AArmour N Williamson 1 4 25422 Vera’s Delight (4) BMcLellan B McLellan 2 2 The Highlight (2) G&JKnight M Williamson 5 5693X Sly Courage (5) RGiles C Ferguson (J) FUJITSU/MURDOCH REFRIGERATION MOB 12:33 PM A Milne 6 579X9 Franco Caliph (6) MGBrown B Williamson (J) $6000, 4yo+ non wins, 2400m 3 98486 Matai Maddi (3) AMilne 3 4 7X66 McArdle Royale (4) APaisley C Barron 7 47710 Blanco (7) MTapper P Davis 1 0007X Quadrupedante (1) HHunter S Walkinshaw 5 9 Misty River (5) AArmour A Armour 8 05683 Sixonenine (8) HHunter S Walkinshaw 2 0527X Afellas Boy (2) MTodd M Williamson 4 6 50 Conical Hill (6) Faithful/Sherborne S Walkinshaw 4 9 690X2 Homeforabubbly (9) Cox/Hoffman  J W Cox 3 669X7 Master President (3) APaisley C Barron 7 Astro Boy (7) HHunter P Hunter  Barrier 3 4 Jaccka Len (4) BGray T Williams 8 0X557 Rising Tide (8) Cox/Hoffman J W Cox 5 88950 Juliana Belle (5) AArmour FAIRBAIRN PLUMBING MOB $9000, A Armour 9 06X06 Lets Go Ceilidh (9) GJohnstone C Ferguson (J) 3:00 PM 3yo+ non winners, 2400m 6 38675 Cossack (6) NEdge S Golding (J)  Barrier 4 7 6X304 Don’t Wanadie (7) TKilkelly N Williamson 10 0 Millwood Charity (21) NEdge S Golding (J) 1 Miss Pembroke (1) CBarron C Barron 2 8 33 Speedy Love (8) ABeck A Beck 11 P489 Sheza Maniac (22) BMcLellan B McLellan 2 23373 Sammy The Bull (2) BMcLellan B McLellan 12:05 PM

3:46 PM

Track Information Type: Grass; Expected: Slow; Direction: Left-handed; Length: 1650m; Straight: 350m; Rail: True; Weather: Fine

September 7, 2013

1 565X3. No Emotion (17) 59 MPitman A Morgan (a3) 3:46 PM $30,000, R85 benchmark, 1600m 2 $25,000, opn hcp, 1200m 1. Irish Dude (6) 58.5 EWilson A Frye (a2) 1 0910X Nashville (11) 61.5 ABull M Dee (a3) 1 08X12 Rafa (12) 59 JWadham R Smyth (a3) 3 17822 Rockahoy (2) 58.5 NRidley J Bullard 2 9653X Spiro (6) 61.5 SKay M Dravitzki (a2) 2 26190 Seed Of Speed (10) 59 D&DLoganT Thornton 4 X9662. Snowdon (10) 58.5 MPitman 3 7822X Ransomed (13) 59.5 GVile J Parkes 3 36228 The Flying Affair (8) 58.5 M/RogersL Magorrian (a4) 5 1 Delleud (1) 58 L&RDidham K Walters 4 23617. Daiello (8) 55.5 RBergerson D Bradley 4 19205 The Muffin Man (11) 58.5 WHillisM Ulucinar (a4) 6 00X21 Karaka Jack (5) 58 PRudkin C Johnson 5 9550X Pero (9) 55.5 TRiddell M Cameron 5 70911 Boy (4) 57 Autridge/Goodwin O Bosson 7 2153X Mister Spiderman (8) 58 LLattaD Bothamley  6 Ten Belles SCRATCHED 6 33531 Move Faster (5) 57 RLiefting D Nolan 8 00641 El Bee Dee (3) 57.5 RMcKay K Williams 4:06 PM

1 111X2 Recite (3) 56.5 JBary 2 M Du Plessis 1 2 31111. Orbity (2) 56.5 Baker/Forsman M Cameron 3 3 1122X Fantastic Honour (6) 56.5 P&KShailer K Myers 4 4 11 Philipa Charlotte (4) 56.5 RCaddy S Collett 5 3814X Miss Mossman (1) 56.5 Sargent/AllenJ Riddell 6 21 Grant’s Girl (5) 56.5 AJohnson A Forbes (a)


Tomorrow at Riccarton, Wanganui and Ellerslie



1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 8-9-10 7-8-9-10 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 8,9 $500,000 THE FORDELL O’LEARYS 3YO FILLIES STAKES $50,000, 3yof sw, 1200m

1 565X3. No Emotion (17) 59 MPitman A Morgan (a3) 2 1 1 X6412 Back Burner (4) 58 PRobson T Moseley 4 2 1. Irish Dude (6) 58.5 EWilson A Frye (a2) 2 2 136X2 Flynn (1) 56.5 KMyers L Whelan (a1) 1 3 17822 Rockahoy (2) 58.5 NRidley J Bullard 4 3 223X8 Pinaz (8) 56 T&MStokes A Frye (a2) 3 4 X9662. Snowdon (10) 58.5 MPitman 3 4 83432 Bursting Stone (7) 56 MMcCannS Muniandy K Walters 5 22505. Global Partner (6) 55 LLatta K Williams 5 1 Delleud (1) 58 L&RDidham C Johnson 6 19X17. Unrelenting Lady (3) 54.5 PRudkin R Bishop 6 00X21 Karaka Jack (5) 58 PRudkin 7 18086 Gee Tee Em (5) 54.5 LSFaber D Prastiyou (a3) 7 2153X Mister Spiderman (8) 58 LLattaD Bothamley 8 04769 Logan Town (2) 54.5 MHamilton L Callaway 8 00641 El Bee Dee (3) 57.5 RMcKay K Williams 9 04751 Slick Nickel (15) 57 SLaming J Bates EKRAAR @ LINWOOD PARK OPEN HCP 3:36 PM OPT 607 $25,000, opn hcp, 1000m 10 7557X Black Savvath (7) 57 SYoung L Callaway S Muniandy 1 1 9020X King Montrose (4) 59 NRidley J Bullard 11 21584 Contador (12) 57 GTippett

g M20 $500k Terminating Turbo Pick6

3:36 PM


 6 El Roca SCRATCHED 7 841 The Energizer (3) 56.5 Sargent/AllenA Forbes (a) 8 4. Rock D’Boat (7) 56.5 JScott D Walker 9 Buck Cannon (2) 56.5 AFieldes J Parkes 10 14X34 Girl Of My Dreams (5) 54.5 LMolloy D Walsh 11 316X3 Ruthless Lady (9) 54.5 JBridgmanM Cameron 12 1203 Goodn’targ (6) 54.5 G&DRogerson D Bradley 4:46 PM

1 2 WANGANUI R9 3 4:26 PM $50,000, 3yo sw, 1340m 4 1 11 Mr Mendelssohn (10) 56.5 KMcQuadeP Turner (a) 5 2 11 Lord Turbo (8) 56.5 TBambry R Myers 6 3 313X Franzac (1) 56.5 JBary J Riddell 7  4 Weregoingtogetcha SCRATCHED 8 5 21 Burnt Orange (4) 56.5 SMcKee M Du Plessis 9



1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 8-9-10 7-8-9-10 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

3 Black George (3) MMcAuley M Williamson 4 X0304 Seaview Gold (4) JGameson D Dunn 5 6995X Acting Up (5) MTodd B Barclay 6 75X8 Branch Rickey (6) AMilne A Milne 7 Lite Platinum (7) G&CLee G Lee 8 4 Bettabe Perfect (8) ABeck A Beck 4 Dark Dana (9) GAnderson J W Cox 9 5623 Barrier  3 10 23X Pay Me Mach (21) HHunter S Walkinshaw 1 11 X5P32 Levels Legacy (22) MTapper P Davis 2 12 44X28 Jaccka Wilco (23) NWilliamsonN Williamson 3:35 PM




$40,000, opn hcp, 2200m

18401 Indikator (5) 60.5 K&GOpie R Jones 12163 Intransigent (2) 56.5 KLawrence N Harris 22368 Rising Tide (9) 55.5 MOulaghan M Coleman 20510 Bragato (7) 54.5 RJoostens C Grylls 10924 Magna Carta (1) 54.5 D&DLogan M Hills 82471 Chapinta (4) 53 CThornton D Johnson X6614 Just Got Home (8) 53 RLiefting B Grylls (a) 3X092 Palm Island (6) 53 DParry T Thornton 30001 Saved By The Bell (3) 53 GMerkulovM Sweeney

Track Information Type: All weather; Direction: Left-handed; Length: 1407m 4:10 PM

9 PANSPACIFICFLIGHT@MACCA LODGE MOB $10,000, 4yo+ up-3 wins, 2400m

1 76066 Arancia (1) OLawrence T Williams 2 45281 Knapdale Lady (2) RSwain R Swain 3 X110X Glacier Express (3) MGBrown B Williamson (J) 3 4 0X110 Franco Normandy (4) ABlack A Beck 1 5 71092 Abraxas (5) CDalgety D Dunn 4 6 29112 Mackenzie Jacob (6) Cox/HoffmanS Golding (J,Cl) 7 25345 Rock Of Tara (7) G&JKnight M Williamson  8 Sunny Two Shoes SCRATCHED Easybet (8) Katrina&JohnPrice N Williamson 9 43273 Barrier  10 61484 Elusive Flight (21) MSwain C Ferguson (J,Cl) MAJESTIC HORSE FLOATS F&M MBL 2 11 16443 In The Kitty (22) HHunter S Walkinshaw $9000, 3yo+ non wins, 1609m

1 79742 Lady Suffragette (1) TKilkelly 2 A Armour 2 Whiteout (2) MSwain A Beck 1 3 20733 Cracklin Rosie (3) D&CButt J W Cox 4 Kiwi Focus (4) KLarsen B Barclay 5 Ellakazoo (5) BMcLellan B McLellan 3 6 4X5 Sage (6) G&JKnight M Williamson 7 9800X Neat N Petite (7) DMcLachlan S Walkinshaw Terribly Lucky (8) MGBrown B Williamson (J) 8 84XF Barrier  9 47 Digital Art (21) CDalgety D Dunn 10 F Infinity (22) LPearson L Pearson 11 Rachel Ducket (23) JGameson T Williams 4 12 789X2 Shez Wicked (24) CBarron C Barron 13 P2X Surprise Party (u1) K&JPrice N Williamson

Disclaimer: TAB and METSERVICE have endeavored to ensure the correctness of the information; neither TAB, METSERVICE related companies, nor any of their respective employees or agents make representation as to its accuracy or reliability nor will they, subject to law, be liable for any loss arising in any way from, or in connection with, errors or omissions in any information provided (including responsibility to any person or reason of negligence). TAB may alter the odds after publication - please check odds when placing selections.

4:45 PM

1 1 2 3 3 4 2 5 6 7  8 9 4 10 11



$9000, 3yo+ f&m 1-2 wins, 1609m

27549 VC’s Honour (1) BNorman T Williams 72P61 Crackapaca (2) MNyhan P Davis 24621 Tact Charlotte (3) TProctor D Larkins 6X661 Shards Of Myross (4) Cox/Hoffman J W Cox 4P47X Optimo Denario (5) CDalgety D Dunn X1620 Caesars Gamble (6) Cox/Hoffman B Barclay 21555 Sonia Ellen (7) G&JKnight M Williamson 15445 Ella Fitzgerald (8) NEdge S Golding (J) Barrier

98397 The Tisbury Terror (21) TKilkelly N Williamson 13414 Chers Bettor Babe (22) MGBrown B Williamson (J) 33X1 Suzie’s So Sweet (23) TStratfordS Walkinshaw Compiled by


Friday, September 6, 2013


Ashburton Guardian 19

In brief Hockey

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Mt Hutt College advanced to the fifth place play-off in the South Island Mixed Secondary School Hockey Tournament in Ashburton today. A lone strike from Callum Stocker had Mt Hutt beat St Peters Gore 1-0 to meet Mt Aspiring College at 9.15am today for fifth and sixth place. Rodney College and John Paul II High School meet in the final at midday. The Ashburton College boys beat Lindisfarne College 5-1 in their semi-final in the Johnson Cup in Timaru and will play St Patrick’s Town for fifth place today. Further down the road in Oamaru the Ashburton College girls’ lost to St Peters Gore 0-1 in their semifinals of the Jenny Hair Cup and play off for third and fourth today.

Netball Ashburton College finished 18th in the A grade of the South Island Secondary Schools Netball Tournament at Hagley Park in Christchurch yesterday. Ashburton College beat St Hilda’s Collegiate 2420 in their semi-final and then met Craighead Diocesan for 17th place, but were outclassed 21-27 to finish 18th, improving on last year’s 29th. Mt Hutt College beat Tokomairiro High School 34-29 to finish 19th in the B grade. After just the one win in round one, Mt Hutt College beat Papanui High School 27-21, Queens High School 51-24 and Cromwell College 37-18 in round two of B grade to meet Mt Aspiring in their semi-final going down 29-31 before beating Tokomairiro. The tournament was won by St Margaret’s College 28-23 over South Otago High School. Ashburton College’s Maddison Gourlay looks to get past the sliding tackle of a Woodford House defender during the Gary Sowden Football Tournament at the Ashburton Domain yesterday. Photo Kirsty clay 050913-Kc-057

College girls struggle with injuries The Ashburton College girls went down 2-1 in their Gary Sowden Football Tournament game yesterday, with Annie Rilley’s equaliser cancelled out by a second strike from Woodford.

College now play Geraldine today for seventh but coach Don Sutton may be left with the bare 11 after his team suffered a strained hamstring, sprained ankle, broken nose and a knee niggle between them.

The Ashburton College boys knocked off Sir Edmund Hillary High School from South Auckland 6-2 at the Jim Wishart Football Tournament in Christchurch. Played in what coach Michael

Arnold described as a “mud bath” Zak Plumb scored a double while Tom Dudley, Jack Dudley, Nick Campbell and Hugh Wright all hit home to send College to the playoff for ninth position against Wakatipu.


Hansen backs Carter to re-assert himself By Patrick Mckendry All Blacks coach Steve Hansen acknowledges Dan Carter is under pressure to perform on Saturday following a limited diet of test rugby and a chasing pack of first-fives, but is backing him to re-assert himself on the big stage. Carter has played only one test since December due to a host of injuries including a broken hand and strained calf. In that time Aaron Cruden and Beauden Barrett have developed further, with Tom Taylor also handling

his test debut a fortnight ago against Australia with aplomb. Carter’s last test was against France in New Plymouth, a match in which he wasn’t happy with his performance. The test against the Pumas at Waikato Stadium will be his 96th and that experience will be ideal for Francis Saili on debut outside him, Hansen said. The coach added Carter came into the French test as the All Blacks were developing a new game plan which didn’t help. “He needs a decent run of games and the next time we

play in Wellington I think we’ll leave him at home ... every time he goes there he seems to get injured.” All Blacks: Israel Dagg, Ben Smith, Conrad Smith, Francis Saili, Julian Savea, Dan Carter, Aaron Smith, Kieran Read, Richie McCaw (c), Steven Luatua, Sam Whitelock, Brodie Retallick, Charlie Faumuina, Andrew Hore, Tony Woodcock. Reserves: Dane Coles, Ben Franks, Wyatt Crockett, Jeremy Thrush, Sam Cane, Tawera Kerr-Barlow, Beauden Barrett, Charles Piutau. - APNZ

Basketball The Ashburton College boys lost to Christchurch Boys’ High School 42-81 yesterday before a narrow 60-63 loss to Marlborough Boys’ College. The boys beat St Andrews 53-44 but went down to Nelson College 50-74 on day one. The College girls only had one game yesterday, losing to St Hilda’s 6672. The girls also started with a 6854 win over Cashmere High School before they were edged out 55-57 by Waimea College.

Nadal crushes Robredo Merciless Rafael Nadal crushed Spanish compatriot Tommy Robredo, the shock conqueror of Roger Federer, 6-0 6-2 6-2 yesterday to reach a fifth US Open semi-final. The 12-time grand slam title winner will face Richard Gasquet for a place in the final after the French eighth seed clinched a rollercoaster 6-3 6-1 4-6 2-6 6-3 win over David Ferrer. The two remaining quarter-finals will be played today when top seed Novak Djokovic takes on Mikhail Youzhny. Defending champion Andy Murray meets Stanislas Wawrkinka. - AFP

Serena chasing 17th slam

Dan Carter: Back at 10.

World number one Serena Williams, seeking her 17th Grand Slam title, leads a charge of 31-year-olds into the US Open semi-finals, all of them hoping to become the event’s oldest women’s champion. Defending champion Williams faces Chinese fifth seed Li Na while Italy’s 83rd-ranked Flavia Pennetta will meet second seed Victoria Azarenka to determine the finalists.

Sport 20 Ashburton Guardian


Friday, September 6, 2013 SPORTING NOTICES



Mid Canterbury Heartland

Senior Netball Finals Saturday, September 7

Approx. three hours per week, any day during working hours.

Heartland Court:

12noon Methven R&R Haulage U18 A v Hampstead Hotel Ashburton Gold 1pm

College Y10A v College Y9A


Rakaia Blue v Smith & Church Collegiate A


Premier Final - Celtic Vetent Riverside A v Methven Wareings A

4.15pm Prizegiving at the College auditorium


The Ashburton Indoor Bowls team that will contest the Welch Trophy in Lincoln this weekend. PHOTO SUPPLIED

Bowlers eye up major trophy BY JONATHAN LEASK


The Ashburton Indoor Bowls team chase after another big prize in Lincoln this weekend. Ashburton won the right to contest for the Welch Trophy, the Ranfurly Shield of indoor bowls, when they won the Patterson Trophy in July to take out their regional zone five qualifier in Collingwood, courtesy of some last bowl heroics from Michael Lawson. Lawson delivered the killer blow to have Ashburton finish on top with 126 to Nelson’s 125, while defending champions Canterbury made a late charge but fell short on 123. Ashburton last qualified for

the Welch Trophy in 2005, with Canterbury dominating the zone in the seven seasons, winning the Welch Trophy four years in a row from 2008 to 2011. Now Ashburton returns looking to win the trophy for the first time since it was introduced in 1951. The Ashburton team of Grant Wilson, Ken Mackenzie, Murray Bassett, Russell Ellis, Lawson, Alex Crawford, Mark Sheard and Christine Talbot now plays the other five zone winners that won their zone for the Welch Trophy, taking on Auckland, Tauranga, North Taranaki, Hutt Valley and Otago in singles, pairs and fours. Play starts tomorrow night and concludes on Sunday.

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Daily Events Friday 9.00am ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Real Women circuit training in the hall. 48 Allens Road. 9.30am - 11.30pm ST ANDREW’S ANGLICAN CHURCH. Drop-in centre, St Andrews Anglican Church

Saturday 9.00am - 2.00pm ASHBURTON BIRD CLUB. Annual bird and accessories sale. 67 South Street. 9.30am - 12.30pm ASHBURTON TOY LIBRARY. Open today. New members always welcome. Methodist Church hall, Baring Square East.

hall, cnr Thomson and Jane Street, Tinwald. 9.45am 50+ With an interesting speaker, Senior Centre, Cameron Street. 10.00am METHVEN HERITAGE CENTRE. New Zealand Alpine and Agriculture

Encounter, interactive fun for all ages. Art Exhibition, Russell Clark’s Gold Rush Panels. Main Street, Methven. 10.00am ASHBURTON EMBROIDERER’S GUILD. Inspired to stitch - local embroiderers exhibition. Ashburton Art Gallery. Baring Square East.

10.30am ASHBURTON PARENTS CENTRE. Playgroup, all welcome, free. Netherby shopping Centre, Chalmers Avenue. 11.00am - 3.00pm TE HUB. Seeds, seedlings, workshops, enviro centre. 35 Dobson Street West, Biograins building.

1.00pm - 3.00pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. Classic aircraft on display. Ashburton Airport, Seafield Road. 1.30pm R.S.A. EUCHRE, R.S.A. Cox Street, Ashburton.

10.00am METHVEN HERITAGE CENTRE. New Zealand Alpine and Agriculture Encounter, interactive fun for all ages. Art Exhibition, Russell Clark’s Gold Rush panels. Main Street, Methven. 10.00am ASHBURTON EMBROIDERERS GUILD. Inspired to stitch - local embroiderer’s exhibition. Ashburton Art Gallery, Baring Square East.

10.00am - 12.00pm ASHBURTON VINTAGE CAR CLUB. Museum and parts shed open. 86 Maronan Road, Tinwald. 10.00am - 1.00pm ASHBURTON CRAFT MARKET. Commencing on Saturday’s in the West Street Car park. 10.00am - 3.00pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM.

Classic aircraft on display including DC3. Ashburton Airport, Seafield Road. 10.30am - 3.30pm ASHBURTON EMBROIDERERS GUILD. Stitch and chat, Senior Centre, Cameron Street. 12.50pm WAIREKA CROQUET CLUB. Association croquet singles. The Domain, Philip Street.

1.30pm MID CANTERBURY SOCIAL WHEELERS. 14km road race. Register from 1pm. Fords Road, near the sale yards. 7.30pm GLENYS’ DANCE GROUP. Sequence dancing, Pipe band hall, Creek Road.

Puzzles Friday, September 6, 2013 CRYPTIC


ACROSS 7. One with ward will somehow glean one to look after him (8,5) 8. Sort to listen to Edward and be benevolent (4-7) 12. Knight is back, holding animal doctor who holds attention fast (6) 14. Thanks to politician, here contents will interfere (6) 16. Schubert and Elgar initially had an appointment settled (6) 18. Close court, real royal or table? (6) 19. In which roll may be passed for the stomach (5-6) 23. Be unreserved: leave with complete swine! (2,3,5,3) DOWN 1. A day on the river at this time of day (4) 2. Look of merriment is right in spirit (4) 3. I’d given up: he was in Nazi force with beautiful girls (6) 4. Is unbroken when at home to diplomacy (6) 5. Granny perhaps may measure one’s progress at sea (4) 6. Aim to draw one on a string? (4)





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CRYPTIC Across: 1. Screwdriver 7. Further 9. Till 11. Alarm 12. Boxers 14. Blackguards 18. Divide 20. Dregs 22. Pate 23. Perused 24. Blood donors Down: 2. Curtail 3. Darn 4. Exile 5. Offal 6. Close 8. Homicide 10. Colander 13. Ego 15. Dresser 16. Adapt 17. Aside 19. Vital 21. Sped







14 15







QUICK Across: 1. Illusory 7. Undid 8. Evaluates 9. Ire 10. Silo 11. Goblet 13. Rite of passage 15. Lunacy 16. Gigs 18. Hoe 20. Etiquette 21. Naked 22. Deferred Down: 1. Ideas 2. Leaflet 3. Slur 4. Retrospective 5. Admit 6. Adverse 7. Useless 12. Founded 13. Rethink 14. Aviator 15. Leaks 17. Steed 19. Mute




9. One overrunning another country might be driven a-round (7) 10. The cost of former authors going East (7) 11. One endlessly to mount the flag (4) 12. Being symptomatic of measles, it’s foolhardy (4) 13. Up as well as down, a rum measure to take (3) 15. What can’t be returned is a step one hasn’t begun (3) 17. Provides permanent funding for party in four ways (6) 18. Table for ape to toy with? (6)

$1, 0 0 0


SUDOKU Fill the grid so that every column, every row and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.

19. Note name of offender: it’s bound to be read (4) 20. It will enable one to reflect in a sound way (4) 21. How Shakespeare would cool vegetable that turned up (4) 22. Accepted that it pleased the public (4)

QUICK ACROSS 7. At low cost (13) 8. Forbearance (8) 9. Desire (4) 10. High-pitched shout (6) 12. Instead (2,4) 14. Unconscious (3) 15. Very likely (4-2) 17. Prattle (6) 19. Request for help (4) 21. Echo (8) 23. Time or space to think or act (9,4)



DOWN 1. Increased (8) 2. Stimulate (6) 3. Eager (4) 4. Severity (8) 5. Assertion (6) 6. Scottish family grouping (4) 11. Rulers (8) 13. Effort (8) 16. Mariner (6) 18. Children (6) 20. Traditional knowledge (4) 22. Bad deeds (4)

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YOUR STARS by Forecasters

ARIES (MAR 21 – APR 20) New Moon vibes could be just enough to give things already at a tipping point the right nudge at the right time. TAURUS (APR 20 – MAY 21) This is not only a day for following your heart but for embracing a sense of adventure, with a chance to start making up for lost time. GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 22) The key to holding on to a growing sense of financial confidence and using it to take your power back is the attitude you take to the past. CANCER (JUNE 22 – JULY 24) While the communication focus is more about moving on, on the social and relationship fronts it’s about the past, with the doors open to second chances. LEO (JULY 24 – AUG 23) While your income focus is firmly on the future and new opportunities, on the work and career fronts the focus is on the past. VIRGO (AUG 23 – SEP 23) It is now that you are starting to find the confidence to follow your heart and appreciate that it’s all about the journey. LIBRA (SEP 23 – OCT 23) Positive dynamics on the financial, home and family fronts helps put the past into context, while creating new confidence in the future. SCORPIO (OCT 23 – NOV 24) A powerful alliance between communication and relationship forces peaks today, just as there is an opportunity for second chances. SAGITTARIUS (NOV 24 – DEC 21) With your professional instincts sharp and a tailwind at your back, you’re in the perfect position to seize the moment and take your power back. CAPRICORN (DEC 21 – JAN 20) With the Moon still in an adventurous part of your chart use this as an opportunity to embrace a sense of wanderlust and a curiosity for life. AQUARIUS (JAN 20 – FEB 19) This is a day to commit to your financial game plan, taking the first steps towards turning financial desires and expectations into reality. PISCES (FEB 19 – MAR 20) There are some special developments taking place on the communication front, especially when it comes to giving unsaid words a voice.

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CROLL-DAVIS - RAE – Tyler and Nicola would like to announce the birth of their little girl, Laylah Aroha Jean, born September 5, weighing 7lb 7oz. Much thanks to Anna and co.


GOURDIE, Jessie McLeod – On September 4, 2013 at Cameron Courts Resthome, Ashburton. Loved daughter of the late Bill and Rebecca Gourdie, sister and sister in law of Rona (Pat) and Zoe, Doris, Bertha and Bob Lynn, and Peter and Val (all deceased), Merle and the late Harold Smith. Loved aunty of Elizabeth, and Cathie, and all her nieces and nephews, great nieces and great nephews. Messages C/- P O Box 472, Ashburton 7740. A service to celebrate Jessie’s life will be held at St Stephen’s Parish Centre, Park Street, Ashburton TODAY FRIDAY, commencing at 10.30am. Followed by cremation. Paterson’s Funeral Services FDANZ Ashburton

BANWELL, David Bruce (Bruce) JP – On September 4, 2013 Bruce passed away at Ashburton, surrounded by family. Bruce was a much loved husband of Barbara and a wonderful father and father in law to Karen and George Lockyer, Please note all late death Kenneth and Masumi, Jill and notices or notices sent outAndrew Slaven, Kirsteen and side ordinary office hours Anthony, Rory and Emiko, must be emailed to: and grandfather to Kate, and Callum, Annie, and Fergus, to ensure publication. Ema, and Elle, Riki, and Maya. Messages to 39 Lane During office hours notices may also be sent to: Street, Ashburton 7700. A service to celebrate Bruce’s life will be held on MONDAY, Any queries September 9, 2013 at the please contact St Andrew’s Presbyterian 0800 Church, Havelock Street, ASHBURTON Ashburton commencing at (0800-274-287). 2.00pm. Followed by private Interment. “Our Monarch of the Glen has gone to the happy hunting grounds” Paterson’s Funeral Services FDANZ Ashburton





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less than 30 fine

30 to 59 fog

isolated snow thunder flurries

sleet thunder

Canterbury Plains TODAY



60 plus


Mainly fine, with morning frosts, but high cloud at times. Northerly breezes.

TOMORROW Fine, with high cloud at times. Northwesterlies.

Showers and strong cold southwesterlies developing. Showers clearing and northwesterlies returning later.




World Weather showers fine rain fine fine showers showers fine showers rain fine fine rain cloudy fine





mainly fine



mainly fine




mainly fine


late rain


mainly fine


mainly fine







FZL: Lowering to 1800m


Geneva Hobart Hong Kong Honolulu Islamabad Jakarta Johannesburg Kuala Lumpur London Los Angeles Madrid Melbourne Moscow Nadi New Delhi

17 29 30 26 26 27 33 34 22 29 32 44 15 13 30

Mainly fine, but showers about the divide, falling as snow above 1200m. W, gale about the tops.

fine showers showers fine showers rain fine showers rain fine fine fine rain fine fine

16 9 26 23 23 24 7 25 14 21 18 12 8 15 25

27 17 29 30 33 30 24 34 17 28 29 20 13 26 34

New York Paris Perth Rarotonga Rome San Francisco Seoul Singapore Stockholm Sydney Taipei Tel Aviv Tokyo Washington Zurich

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Tides, Sun, Moon and Fishing m am 3 3



9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


Saturday 9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


Sunday 9 noon 3


9 pm



10:04 4:16 10:25 4:34 10:46 4:56 11:07 5:18 11:31 5:39 11:52 The times shown are for the Ashburton River mouth. For the Rangitata river mouth subtract 16 minutes and for the Rakaia river mouth subtract 6 minutes.

Rise 6:52 am Set 6:11 pm


Good fishing Rise 6:44 am Set 7:04 pm

First quarter

13 Sep 5:10 am ©Copyright OceanFun Publishing Ltd.

Rise 6:50 am Set 6:12 pm


Good fishing Rise 7:13 am Set 8:08 pm

Full moon

19 Sep 11:14 pm

Rise 6:49 am Set 6:13 pm


Good fishing Rise 7:43 am Set 9:14 pm

Last quarter

27 Sep 3:57 pm

Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa

For the very latest weather information, including Weather Warnings, visit

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River Levels

9 5 3 8 9 4 3 7 1 2 3 6 7



Selwyn Whitecliffs (NIWA) at 3:00 pm, yesterday

Rakaia Fighting Hill (NIWA) at 1:45 pm, yesterday 112.6 Nth Ashburton at 3:00 pm, yesterday


Sth Ashburton at 3:15 pm, yesterday


Rangitata Klondyke at 3:00 pm, yesterday


Waitaki Kurow at 3:00 pm, yesterday


Source: Environment Canterbury

Canterbury Readings



15 17 9 21 17 14 19 24 13 16 25 23 26 14 16

14 14 13 14 13 16 18 12 15 14 13 15 14

Palmerston North mainly fine

Forecasts for today

11 16 24 14 11 19 26 27 10 24 21 30 8 11 16

overnight max low


FZL: About 2100m


Scattered rain. Strong gusty northwesterlies.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Mostly fine with high cloud, but a few showers about the divide from afternoon, falling as snow above 1800m. Wind at 1000m: NW developing. Wind at 2000m: W rising to 60 km/h.

Showers, with snow lowering to 800m, clearing later. SW, gale about the tops.


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High cloud at times, rain developing about the divide with snow lowering to 1500m. Wind at 1000m: W rising to 60 km/h. Wind at 2000m: W rising to severe gale 100 km/h.


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Canterbury High Country


Guardian Great Mileage


An active trough moves onto the South Island tomorrow and moves over the rest of the country during Sunday, followed by a strong westerly flow on Monday and Tuesday.

mainly isolated cloudy drizzle drizzle few showers fine showers clearing showers

Fine. Strong gusty northwesterlies.



Ashburton Airport Temperature °C At 4pm 10.8 11.1 Max to 4pm 3.7 Minimum 0.8 Grass minimum Rainfall mm 0.0 16hr to 4pm September to date 12.4 Avg Sep to date 8 2013 to date 627.8 469 Avg year to date Wind km/h SW 22 At 4pm Strongest gust SW 39 Time of gust 4:15am

© Copyright Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited 2013

to 4pm yesterday


Christchurch Airport

Timaru Airport

8.7 8.8 2.2 –

10.9 11.2 3.0 1.4

11.7 12.2 3.4 –

0.0 16.5 – 1198.0 –

2.0 14.8 7 507.0 450

0.0 5.6 7 397.0 335

SW 13 – –

SW 24 SW 46 2:35am

NW 9 NW 26 12:42pm

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SUNDAY: Showers clearing, southwesterlies turn northerly.





TOMORROW: Fine, high cloud at times. Northwesterlies.




TODAY: Morning frost, then high cloud at times. Northerlies.




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Friday, September 6, 2013

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24 Ashburton Guardian

Friday, September 6, 2013

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Try scoring sensation Setariki Koroitamana will play a major role in Ashburton College’s New Zealand Co-Ed Secondary Schools final against Tangaroa College in Rotorua today. PHOTO TETSURO MITOMO 030913-TM-141

Spartans into the lions’ den BY JONATHAN LEASK


As most sports teams do the Ashburton College 1st XV have adopted a moniker, the Spartans. They will need a Spartan effort as the “little old Ashburton College” takes on the might of Auckland’s Tangaroa College in the National Co-Ed rugby finals in Rotorua today. History buffs, or anyone who has watched the movie 300, will know the story of the Spartans, and Ashburton will be playing out the rugby version today. “The Spartans are going to

war against the Persians but we just have to somehow try and turn around history,” Ashburton College coach Shane Enright said. Ashburton won the right to represent the South Island after they cracked the top eight in the Crusaders secondary schools competition for the first time and finished as the top Co-Ed school, before they beat Highlanders winners Dunstan 34-10 to advance to the top four finals. Tangaroa produced some big performances on their way to representing the Blues region.

In the previous two seasons they had lost 20 of 22 games by an average score of 33-7 in Auckland’s 1A competition. This year they won four of their 11 games, a record that doesn’t sound impressive until you see the list of opponents. They went close against St Kentigerns 15-21 (the defending 1st XV champions which have won 50 games in a row, Auckland Grammar 10-15, Mt Albert Grammar 9-23, Kings College 15-16 and Kelston Boys 6-8. These schools are considered heavyweights in New Zealand

secondary school rugby. Tangaroa come into the CoEd final battle hardened, which is why the Ashburton College Spartans head in with a siege mentality. “They are in the 1A competition and had some huge games so we know it will be tough but they have two arms, two legs and one heart just like us.” Making the task at hand that bit harder, Shalum Pulu has spent the week in Christchurch hospital after suffering a broken femur while Toafa and Romeo Touli were also unavailable.

Setariki Koroitamana now takes on a bigger role in the team, filling the big shoes of Pulu. The versatile speedster was the top try scorer in the Crusaders competition but in the South Island Co-Ed final the finisher turned provider. With Pulu ruled out Koroitamana moves to number eight and Nete Caucau returns to the midfield. “We aren’t going to change the way we play so we are going to run every opportunity we have and avoid taking them on up front,” Enright said.

Celtic, Methven Injuries hit in final again College girls P16


Ashburton Guardian, Friday, September 6, 2013  

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