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Saturday, August 4, 2018

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News 2 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Raising awareness of breastfeeding with Big Latch On BY KATIE TODD


The vibe was laidback as the clock struck 10.30am at the New Life Church in Tinwald and 23 mums and 24 bubs took part in the annual Big Latch On. The annual event sees mums around the globe pledging their support for the mammary milk via a massed, simultaneous breastfeed. In 2017, 1954 Kiwi women and babies took part at venues or online through the #BrelfieNZ campaign. Plunket Community Support Co-ordinator Sue-Ann Carr said the day was a relaxed way to raise awareness of breastfeeding, celebrate the health benefits and help to normalise it.

“It’s a fun event. All family members are welcome to come along – dads too,” she said. Morning tea was provided, goodie bags were handed out and all breastfeeding mothers went into the draw for spot prizes including spa treatments, wool for babies and tickets to the Kate Meads Waste Free Parenting Workshop. The event has been running for 26 years globally and New Zealand has taken part for the past 14. A Big Latch On was held in Rakaia yesterday and another will be held in Methven today. Carr said next year, they are hoping to organise the event in a more public venue. The event coincides with World Breastfeeding Week.

Right – Amy Higgins with Tahlia and Hannah Lucy with Mila at the Big Latch On yesterday. PHOTO KATIE TODD 030818-KT-0136


Rural folk ‘face unique challenges’ BY SUE NEWMAN


If there was anything that prepared him for a career in Parliament, it was a stint as a pig farmer, says Rangitata MP Andrew Falloon. Pigs had many different personalities and some of those personalities were the same in Parliament, he said. Falloon was opening speaker at yesterday’s Rural Women NZ Region three conference in Ashburton and while he started his speech on a light note, he left attendees in little doubt that he took very seriously the issues that were important to them. If he had a magic wand that could either fix a problem or elevate that problem on Parliament’s radar it would be around

Andrew Falloon rural mental health, he said. New Zealand led the world in many areas but unfortunately mental health was not one of those, Falloon said.

“Last year more than 600 New Zealanders took their own lives.” Reducing youth suicide quite rightly received plenty of attention but unfortunately there was far less focus on rural communities and rural families, he said. “Rural communities face unique challenges. Their work is not nine to five, their workplace is also their home and they can’t check out on a Friday.” On top of depressed dairy prices and high farmer debt, many in the rural sector were now dealing with the impact of micoplasma bovis, he said. “I’ve worked with many farmers who have been affected and I’ve watched hard, stoic men and women who have been brought to tears by this dreadful situation.”

The government process for dealing with the disease did not put the people affected at its heart, Falloon said. “It’s very important we keep an eye on young people, their issues are much more visible but we also need to do much more to safeguard the mental health of rural people.” And part of that safeguard would be removing mental health from being a political issue, he said. Falloon is currently involved in an initiative to form a cross political party working group to work on mental health issues. The Rural Women conference used as its theme, Suffrage 125, are we there yet? In response to that, Falloon’s answer was a resounding no.

While there had been significant improvement in gender pay equality, with the gap narrowing from 16.4 per cent in 1998 to 9.5 per cent today, more work was still needed, he said. Where progress was not being made was in the area of family violence. Police responded to more than 100,000 family violence calls each year, but there were many, many incidents that were never reported, Falloon said. Rural women was a valuable organisation in ensuring politicians remained in touch with what was really happening in their communities at grass roots, he said. “Where you can you push us, where, when we need pushing, and you tell us where we’re wrong when we are wrong.”


Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, August 4, 2018



Students keen to be on stage By Katie todd

Minutes after an open mic event wrapped up at Ashburton College yesterday, students were queuing up to secure their spot performing in the next one. The lunchtime events at the college auditorium have been drawing big, enthusiastic audiences and a range of talent, from bands to solo performers, dancing and singing. They are held every few Fridays and are one of a number of initiatives founded by this year’s student executive to foster a “positive and supportive environment within the school,” cultural committee leader Jack Bubb said. Tumultuous applause followed every act yesterday afternoon. The first open mic event was held in early Term 1 and yesterday’s was the third.

Emma-Paige Dickson took to the stage with ukulele and voice box during an open mic event at Ashburton College yesterday. PHOTO KATIE TODD 030818-KT-0198


Local schools to close on strike day By Katie todd

The message was very clear at Ashburton Borough School yesterday afternoon – “it’s time”. The primary was one of dozens around the country to participate in a community day of action before teachers and principals take full-day strike action later this month. Students, staff and families gathered on the school fields with placards in the afternoon, during what Ashburton Borough School’s Jan Church described as an opportunity to spread the word on what exactly teachers are campaigning for – more teachers,

more resources and a pay jolt to address the teacher shortage. Many members of the school community were aware of the campaign, led by teachers union NZEI Te Riu Roa, but yesterday brought their messages from a national level to a local level, she said. Netherby School and Fairton School held information sessions for interested community members, while other events across the country included “toots for support” on streets and at roundabouts, petition walls, message trees for teachers, coffee at the school gate, powhiris and even children making videos about

why they value school. The full day work stoppage will be held across New Zealand on Wednesday, August 15 and the majority of local schools – including Ashburton Borough School, Ashburton Intermediate, Methven Primary School, Tinwald School, Fairton School and Rakaia School – have made the decision to close on that day. NZEI president Lynda Stuart said most parents had a really good understanding of the strike and had been voicing their support. “Parents and caregivers know we are not taking this strike lightly and that it has been 24 years since we have taken such

Principals and teachers had asked for more time to teach and lead and more support for children with additional learning needs, as well as a 16 per cent pay rise over two years. It was hoped the pay rise could stem teacher shortages – which local schools last year said they are “bearing the brunt” of. The offer sees trained teachers’ base salaries increase between 6.1 to 14.7 per cent and principals’ salaries increase between 6-11 per cent over three years. But the majority of teachers (about 86 per cent) are being offered a pay rise ranging from about 2.2-2.6 per cent a year for three years.

action,” she said. “This is about their children and the future of education. They get that. They see the effect every day – from the parents and caregivers trying to get support for their child with additional needs to those who are worried about doubling-up classes when there are not enough teachers to go around.” From paid union meetings in Mid Canterbury and across the country over the past two weeks, primary principal and teacher members of the New Zealand Educational Institute voted to reject the “disappointing” Ministry of Education’s pay offers.

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News 4

Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, August 4, 2018


First tenants welcomed into homes By Sue NewmaN

Just weeks after it bought its first property, Ashburton’s Housing and Support Trust has provided homes for two older Ashburtonians. The trust was formed earlier this year and in June bought nine villas at the Cameron Courts Retirement Village. Two of those now have new tenants as part of the trust’s objective of providing affordable housing for people over 60 who do not own their own homes. The trust will progressively buy the remaining seven villas from the owner/occupiers. Trust chair Jackie Girvan said the housing project had been several years in the making with a number of options considered before the opportunity came to buy the villas. “We decided they were a well maintained and designed complex and were well suited to offer affordable rental accommodation,” she said. The trust was aware that many over 60s struggled to find affordable rental accommodation and with a local organisation in the mix, that accommodation could be provided by locals who would ensure both the properties and the individuals were well looked after, Girvan said. With ownership of all Cameron Courts villas likely to take a number of years to complete, the trust did not want to run waiting lists for tenants. “Once we have another unit available we will put our feelers out to see who is in need,” she said. The criteria for eligibility is asset based. “It’s very similar to what the

council does in their flats, for people who can’t get into the private rental market. We’re trying to attract those people who’re just living on a pension and who don’t own their own home.” A philanthropic trust that provided locally owned housing for people in need was a new concept in the Ashburton District and with an already well established need, the trust’s property holdings could only grow, Girvan said. The trust considered becoming a Government housing provider but opted not to go down this path because it would have removed the ability to provide local housing for local people. “We believe housing is not just a government issue it’s a community issue too.” With the Cameron Courts villas progressively coming into its letting pool, the trust was now looking at other options for expanding its holdings, Girvan said. “This is just the beginning for us, not the end. We’re looking at options going forward and we’re looking at a greenfields proposal; we’d like to build.” The success of any building project, however, would rely on obtaining affordable land. “However, it has to be a project that is commercially viable. It doesn’t have to make money but we do have to cover our costs,” she said. The trust is funded through Presbyterian Support, Mackenzie Charitable Foundation, Community trust of Mid and South Canterbury, Trevor Wilson Charitable Trust and a large private donor.


Dairy Saucer/Wedge/Sump and Drain Clearing.

Fruit Madness owner Eddie Stills and assistant Belinda Horton packing boxes for delivery in Ashburton. PHOTO KATIE TODD 310718-KT-0037

Plastic-free fruit trade booms By Katie todd

A fruit and vegetable seller who made the bold decision to go plastic free is seeing Ashburton residents showing the love for his service. Fruit Madness Greymouth Eddie Stills used to drive his van to Ashburton weekly to collect fruit from suppliers and said he decided in April to offer a delivery service while he was at it. He has been swamped with Ashburton subscribers – delivering to 30 to 40 local homes each Tuesday. “Things definitely went off with a bang,” he said. Products in the boxes come without plastic wrap or packaging, which he said is a direct result

Allen’s Ashburton offer a great service

of what customers have been asking for – and possibly a key reason for his success. “In the shop, more and more people were turning down plastic bags. In berry season they would bring their own Tupperware. People are definitely more aware,” he said. “One person even used their backpack in the shop and filled it with stone fruit,” assistant Belinda Horton said. Stills says delivering the products has also helped him cut down on food waste. In the store, food is handled by customers and subsequently bruised, resulting in items that have to be discarded. “But this way we are the only ones who handle the fruit and

then it goes straight to the customer. We hardly throw anything out now.” For $20, customers get a standard box, while small, large and personalised varieties are also offered. Fruit is sourced mostly from Christchurch, Temuka, Ashburton and Oamaru and delivered free in Ashburton, Rakaia, Dunsandel, Rolleston, Greymouth, Runanga, Kumara and Hokitika. Stills is known in Ashburton as the past owner of Eddie’s Fresh Fruit in East Street. He said he is still trying to go 100 per cent plastic free – for example trying to keep lettuce hydrated without the plastic pockets of water they arrive in. Stills said he looked forward to the business progressing.


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News Saturday, August 4, 2018

Ashburton Guardian



Art with a difference at trading table By Katie todd

The Ashburton Art Gallery’s latest exhibition could see viewers leaving with changed perspectives and unexpected new acquisitions – and the artists with newfound knowledge and adaptability. Three contemporary artists from the Physics Room in central Christchurch are travelling south to present (Un)conditional IV which looks at the concepts of hosting and being a guest. Prior to existing as a physical contemporary art space, the Physics Room existed as South Island Art Projects, a siteless organisation which presented art events in all sorts of spaces. Exhibitions Assistant Nicole Bourke said (Un)conditional IV marks a return to that model, with the artists travelling to Ashburton and once again having to interact with a particular space. The artists will examine the conditions that shape cultural, legal, commercial, familial, and educational relationships, whether these are explicit, implicit, above board or sub rosa. Taking a “DIY approach,” artist Mike Hewson has hand-painted over 2000 tiles for his contribution to the exhibition, divided into three Ashburton palettes – snow, bush and tussock. He began painting the tiles at the start of the year and a number will be on sale to visitors, giving them the opportunity to “Hewsonclad” their homes. Artist John Vea’s contribution to the exhibition was inspired by a week spent in Ashburton earlier this year, immersing himself in the town and conducting research with migrants and newcomers to understand how locals welcomed them. Working outwards from the challenges he faced in locating and contacting these communities, Vea has created a suite of rendered property development drawings to propose an international food court for the now vacant iSite building to suggest an environment where a host of social interactions can occur. And back at the gallery, this

Eve Armstrong’s ongoing, interactive exhibition Trading Table has been presented in cities including Sydney, Auckland and Nelson – and will this weekend be in Ashburton as part of (Un)conditional IV. PHOTO SUPPLIED

weekend will see the third artist, Eve Armstrong, presenting her Trading Table project as part of the exhibition. Trading Table involves Armstrong setting up a table of objects in a public place and inviting people to trade with her for something on it. Armstrong explained that the (Un)conditional projects have been about exchange and value – two ideas which are also central to the Trading Table. The Trading Table first began in 2003, when Armstrong was at art school in Auckland. She would set up in a street or arcade and invite

passers-by to trade with her for something on the table. As most people would encounter the table unexpectedly, she said the trades went beyond tangible objects into all sorts of services, skills and creative ideas. “Trades are always diverse. Some are practical, others imaginative. In 2016 I took the table off the street into an art context at the Auckland Art Fair. Since then it has also been part of an art fair in Sydney and travelled to Christchurch and Nelson as part of the (Un)conditional series of exhibitions with The Physics Room. “I’ve found having the table as

part of an art-related event or exhibition has resulted in even more interesting and generous trades as it is less random than encountering someone on the street.” Recent trades through the (Un) conditional exhibitions have included a homemade three-course meal for two delivered, two hours of face-painting for a child’s party, a haircut by a professional hairdresser, a kebab tour of Berlin, a political cartoon by an 11-yearold, an art therapy session and a customised virtual reality headset. Armstrong said she doesn’t have any particular expectations of Ashburton traders.

“The table is more about coming along and being willing to work together and trade. After all the years of running the table I’m still surprised by the trades that arise every time,” she said. Armstrong’s Trading Table will be at the gallery from 12noon to 4pm on Saturday and 11am to 4pm on Sunday. The (Un)conditional IV exhibition opens officially on Sunday at 5pm when the public are invited to join the artists and curators for a discussion about their work and collaboration. The exhibition runs until August 31.

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News 6

Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, August 4, 2018


Living with dementia Ashburton woman Anne* had four years of intensive nursing training behind her, but she was not prepared for her husband’s decline into dementia. Hospice Mid Canterbury manager Christine Wilson shares Anne’s story.


nne began to notice the first signs of dementia in her husband Barry* about 10 years ago. He was no longer doing the things he had previously enjoyed. For instance, he said he had fed the chickens, even though she knew he hadn’t. And while appearing normal when out with company and attending different meetings, at home there were angry outbursts. These were out of character for the gentle, loving man Anne had married almost 50 years ago. Making matters worse, a psychologist specialising in dementia told Anne that she could see nothing wrong with her husband. The diagnosis of dementia came two years later, when Barry had a stroke. A brain scan confirmed that parts of his brain had died. For Anne, it was a relief, confirming what she knew. From then on, supports were put in place by her GP. The occupational therapist helped, as did Dementia Canterbury, and Barry began at the Park Street Day Centre one day a week. Over the next eight years, Barry slowly deteriorated. Personal care became more of an issue, but Anne was a nurse and used to such things. The angry outbursts were the most difficult, particularly at “sundowning” time. People with dementia often get very agitated at the end of the day. It’s a lonely business when the person you love has started to disappear. About three years ago, Canterbury District Health Board provided carers to come in a

few times a week, and then at the start of this year, twice a day, every day. At the end of last year, Anne put a referral in to Hospice Mid Canterbury. Barry surprised her by being very positive about having his life story written and each week looked forward to the biographer coming. With some prompting from Anne, he was able to remember much of the life he had lived, and he now enjoys showing visitors his life story. Anne also requested some massage for herself because she was sore and tired from being the sole caregiver. She found the massage relaxing, and with the help of a Hospice Mid Canterbury counsellor, was able to get some perspective on her situation and some strategies to help her manage. Sadly in the middle of this year, Barry deteriorated to the point where Anne and her children had to put him into care. Anyone who has had to make this decision understands the pain, guilt and sadness that continue long after their loved one has gone into care. And when I interviewed Anne, she talked about just how difficult this had been for her. “I cry at the drop of a hat,” she said. Everything is still very raw, but there have been some special moments that Anne will treasure forever. When visiting Barry recently, she told him to shove over in the bed, and she got in with him. He put his arm around her and she put her head on his shoulder, just

– a carer’s story

as they used to. “I love you, Anne,” Barry said, remembering her name for the first time in a very long time. A little while later the nurse found them both fast asleep in bed together. Anne has advice for caregivers in a similar situation. “Make sure you look after yourself. Keep up your social contacts,

and keep up some exercise. No matter how hard it is, ask for help. You can’t do it on your own.” She also wishes she had worked on an Advance Care Plan while Barry was able to understand what it was about. Most of all, she is sad that she and Barry can no longer do the things that they had planned. “Do things as a couple while

you can,” Anne said. * Names have been changed to protect identity. If you or someone you know has a life-limiting illness, contact Hospice Mid Canterbury to discuss ways the service may be able to help – (03)307-8387 or manager@

News Saturday, August 4, 2018

Ashburton Guardian


Pint-sized support for Crusaders in Super Rugby final It was no secret who the team at Ashburton’s Phoenix Preschool wants to win this year’s Super Rugby final. Teachers and students dressed in red and black yesterday to support the Crusaders in their bid to beat the Lions in tonight’s match. Rugby matches with balloons were the favourite sport of the day and for children wanting a more gentle recreation there were mounds of playdough on tables – red and black, of course. PHOTO SUE NEWMAN 030818-SN-019




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Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, August 4, 2018

In brief


Countdown kids appeal kicks off The annual Countdown Kids Hospital Appeal was launched in Christchurch on Wednesday, kickstarting a fundraiser that will benefit unwell children across New Zealand. The appeal runs until the end of October with Countdown and district health board staff hosting various fundraising activities, such as quiz nights, car rallies, cake stalls and raffles. Since its inception in 2007, $11.6 million has been raised for medical equipment in children’s wards in 13 hospitals around the country. Of that sum over $1 million has gone to Christchurch Hospital’s Child Health Division. Canterbury DHB has used funds from the appeal to buy a wide range of equipment. Last December $76,935 from the appeal was used to buy items such as ultrasonic height and weight measuring equipment, portable scales and a breast milk analyser. The latter ensures premature babies get the right nutrients they need for optimum growth and development. Until October 31, Countdown stores will be working alongside their local children’s wards to host fundraising activities. The public can also donate to the appeal by visiting the website or by txting KIDS to 3066 to make a $3 donation.

Climber rescued The stranded Australian climber was plucked to safety off Mt Aspiring yesterday in a “snatch and grab” rescue mission and taken to Dunedin Hospital by helicopter. The rescue operation to retrieve the climber was described as ‘’Bigger than Ben Hur’’. A fleet of helicopters had been poised ready to retrieve the soldier, trapped on the mountain since Tuesday after he activated his emergency beacon. The Australian edition of the Daily Mail named the climber as Lieutenant Terry Harch, who has spent a week on the mountain in freezing conditions. - NZME

Soldier injured

Countdown Group Manager Penny Hardaker cuts the cake to officially launch the Countdown Kids Appeal at Christchurch Hospital. Watching on is 7-year old Keira Hubball. PHOTO SUPPLIED


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A New Zealand Army soldier has been injured following a livefiring accident. The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) said the soldier suffered a gunshot wound to the shoulder during a live field firing training exercise at Tekapo Military Training Facility on Thursday. He was treated by army medics at the scene before being transported to Fairlie by a Defence Force ambulance, where he was airlifted to Christchurch Hospital. The private was a member of the Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment’s 2nd 1st Battalion based at Burnham Military Camp. He was taking part in a night live-firing exercise. - NZME

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Saturday, August 4, 2018


TEST YOURSELF Test yourself with the Guardian’s weekday quiz 1 - How many dots are there on two dice? a. 36 b. 42 c. 48 2 - What was Abba’s only US number 1 single? a. Dancing Queen b. Knowing Me Knowing You c. Waterloo 3 - French fries were invented in which country? a. France b. Belgium c. Italy 4 - What would you do with a yashmak? a. Wear it b. Eat it c. Play it 5 - What would you be doing if you were using a Dutch Bond? a. Cake making b. Bricklaying c. Rock climbing 6 - In what year was The Press first published? a. 1861 b. 1882 c. 1894 7 - In which country was Adolf Hitler born? a. Germany b. Sweden c. Austria 8 - Peter Cetera was the lead singer with which US group? a. Chicago b. Foreigner c. The Beach Boys


6 3 4 8 2 Supporting the scouts 1 3 4 National Scout Scarf Day 2018 was held on August 1 and the following pupils and teacher at Tinwald School 5 were 7 photo- 1 graphed supporting the scouts by wearing their scouting scarves. From left: Dylan, Chloe, Ella, Nicky Mackenzie (Baloo), La1 requested 6 chlan, Jack, Cooper, and Zoe. The idea behind Scout Scarf Day is that all active and former scouts are to wear their 5 3 scout scarfs in public to make the “Spirit of Scouting” visible: once a scout – always a scout! 7 6 8 5 2 1 9YESTERDAY’S 7 5 3 TAKEN SOME GREAT PHOTOS? 2ANSWERS 9 Your Place is a great place to display the photos of PHOTO SUPPLIED

your sports team, your pets, your school events, or just something ordinary from the present or days gone by. Please send your photos to with the words YOUR PLACE in the subject line and we will run it in the Guardian or on our website

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8 4 6 9 2 5 7 1 3

5 1 9 2 7 8 6 3 4

3 8 4 6 5 9 1 2 7

6 2 7 1 3 4 9 8 5


Answers: 1. 42 2. Dancing Queen 3. Belgium 4. Wear it 5. Brick laying 6. 1861 7. Austria 8. Chicago.


Lemon curd 3-4T lemon zest (rind) 1/2 C freshly squeezed lemon juice (2-3 large lemons) 1 1/2 C granulated sugar 6T salted butter, cut into pieces 3 eggs, lightly beaten ■ Remove the zest from the lemons using a zester or peeler (be careful to avoid getting any of the white pith). ■ Juice the lemons then place juice, zest and sugar in a medium sized saucepan and heat over medium-high heat stirring to combine. ■ Bring to the boil; reduce heat to medium-low and simmer for 5 minutes. ■ Add butter and stir until it has melted. ■ Remove from heat and cool to room temperature. ■ Beat eggs into cooled lemon mixture until well blended. ■ Return to heat and cook over

4 6 5 8 1 7 3 9 2

7 3 5 3 8 6

medium-low heat, stirring constantly for 10-15 minutes or until mixture thickens and coats spoon. ■ Do not let the lemon curd boil, as it can cause the mixture to

curdle. ■ Remove from heat. ■ The lemon curd will continue to thicken as it cools. Recipe courtesy of



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2 8 9 5 8 7

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Weekend focus 10

Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Watters Cup throwback

Today will see one of Mid Canterbury’s greatest pieces of sporting silverware, the Watters Cup, go on the line when Celtic and Southern lock horns at the Ashburton Showgrounds. Guardian editor Matt Markham hit the archives.

Collegiate 24, Southern 22 B eing 0-12 down after just 15 minutes of a Watters Cup final might not seem like the ideal situation to find yourself in, but for Collegiate they had no choice but to make it work. And as Southern went to town in the early stanza of the match with tries through Daniel Bokser and then Matt Foxcroft, things looked grim for the town lads who were taking on the

boys from out in the country. The match was turned around late in the first half when Andre Renata scored off the back of a scrum. Traded penalties saw Collegiate heading into the break, down 11-15, a much better score than at the quarter mark of the match. Allowed more rein in the second half, Collegiate went to work scoring through speedster Matangi Halaufia and then halfback Richard Donnelley which turned the score around to have Collegiate up 24-15. Southern did mount a late charge in the match, with hooker Jimmy Carr being driven over to score but that was to be it for the match with the score closing at 24-22. In his winning captain’s speech, Andrew Morgan said it had been an up and down year for his team and it was good to win over Southern, because they had been the pinnacle of local rugby over recent years. Southern captain John Ellis said his team just could not get hold of the ball in the second half. For Collegiate coach Steve MacAskill, winning the Watters Cup was the perfect way to celebrate his first year in charge of the Collegiate seniors.


Left – Collegiate captain, Andrew Morgan lifts the Watters Cup.


2006 Fraser Hutchinson celebrates as referee Steve Mealings signals the opening try of the 2005 Watters Cup final.

Southern 34, Collegiate 0 W

Southern captain James Carr (left) and Celtic captain Neville Prendergast jointly lift up the Watters Cup.

Southern 12, Celtic 12 T hey say winning isn’t everything, but many of the hundreds who packed the Ashburton Showgrounds to watch the 2006 Watters Cup senior rugby final between Celtic and Southern end in a 12-all draw, begged to differ. In a match where desperate defence became the highlights, with countless try-saving tackles, it was ultimately the boots of kickers which kept the match at a dead-lock with no side scoring a

try in the match. The result, a highly contentious one at the time saw major calls to see a change made where extra time was included in the conditions of the Watters Cup to determine a winner, but as history would suggest – it would not be done and a few years down the track, history would again repeat itself.

hat a difference a year can make. After a narrow defeat 12 months earlier, Southern exacted revenge on Collegiate to stop them from winning back-to-back titles for the first time with a dominant effort – albeit taking 30 minutes to score their first try of the match which came through Fraser Hutchinson, playing at No. 8 who barged his way over to give his side an 8-0 lead at the break. Collegiate weren’t without their opportunities though but an early try to Jon Dampney in the second half put the real pressure on. Matt Foxcroft (Southern) and Clark McLeod (Collegiate) both had shortened finals with 10 minutes in the bin after a scuffle. The Fridd brothers, Nathan and Richard, took control for the Southern men and put the game beyond doubt with Daniel Bokser, for the second year in a row, getting his name on the score sheet late to really blow the score line out in front. To be fair, Southern should have won – for the entire season they lost just the one match – a defeat to Darfield in the PGG Cup, their only stumbling block in an otherwise perfect season.

Weekend focus Saturday, August 4, 2018


Ashburton Guardian

Left – You muddy beauty: Methven stand united in victory behind the Watters Cup trophy.

Methven 24, Southern 20 T

wenty-five years is a bloody long time in rugby, and Methven knew it all too well heading into the 2008 Watters cup final. Not only were they dealing with having history against them, the men from under the mountain also had the added tag of being underdogs against a slick and experienced Southern side. What was supposed to be a battle of the slick Methven backline against the stern Southern defence turned on its head with Methven’s defence ultimately winning them the match. Methven dominated much of the first half with tries to Brenton Connell and Hayden Dw-

yer, although Southern fought back with a strong pushover try through Aaron Chudleigh. Tries to Nick Feutz and then Joel Hewson shortly after the break turned the match back in favour of Southern and down 20-17, Methven were in trouble. But a quick tap and a beautiful pass from Connell to winger Peter Shearer who crashed over in the corner and a sideline conversion from Dan Maw put the match back to Methven and they did enough to hold on for the win. An ecstatic Craig Carter, who was coaching the Methven side, summed it up best in the aftermath of the match. “We’ll finally have that drink out of that cup 25 years later.”


Southern struggled to contain Rakaia’s flying wing Seta Koroitamana during the 2016 Watters Cup final clash.

Rakaia 26, Southern 26 T

en years after the last stalemate in a Watters Cup, history repeated itself in 2016. A thrilling, free-running game of rugby was put on show by two very good rugby sides and unlike years before when serious questions were asked about the need for extra time in the cup final, most rugby enthusiasts walked away from the Ashburton Showgrounds content with a fitting result. Defending champions Rakaia drew first blood through prop Luke Leasoki with an unconverted try inside five minutes, before Richard Fridd put Southern’s first points on the board from a penalty. Southern were rewarded after 25 minutes, when hooker Angus McKenzie eventually bundled over for his side’s first try of the afternoon and Fridd added the extras as Southern narrowed the deficit to four points.

Rakaia were then reduced to 14 as referee Kevin Opele sent first five Andrew Letham to the sin-bin for a reckless tackle on fellow 10 Fridd, before flanker Isaiah Renata joined his captain less than a minute later for a spear tackle. Things soon went from bad to worse for Rakaia as loose forward Jon Dampney put Southern ahead for the first time in the match. Southern excelled early in the second half with a try through Will McKenzie. Up by 12, Southern had one hand on the cup, but tries to Timoci Nabeke and then Ryan Williams saw the scores all tied with minutes remaining. Fridd took his chance to win the game in the dying seconds with a drop goal that went agonisingly close to going over the posts, only to slide past on the full-time whistle.


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Saturday, August 4, 2018


Chinese village needs creative solution I

t is important for any community to preserve its past. That past tells the story of where we have come from, the things, events and people that have shaped the place we call home. It puts today in perspective, But with any preservation of the past there needs to be a balance between what’s desireable and the cost of doing this. Sometimes the price is simply too high. And that could well be the case with Ashburton’s Allens Road Chinese Settlement. The land was home to our early Chinese settlers, the men who left their homeland and established market gardens that fed the community from a settlement that became both their

home and their workplace. The buildings on that settlement were never meant to last. They were built with whatever was at hand and were probably erected as quickly and as economically as possible. None of that ensures longevity. Over time the Chinese settlers moved on or moved out and the once thriving market garden became deserted space. Its buildings slowly sank on their foundations as weather and time

took their toll. What those Chinese market gardeners did not do was to formally pass ownership of their land to their descendants. And today, that makes unravelling the rightful ownership of that land a many layered and infinitely difficult and costly exercise. Rightly or wrongly a deal was struck that has passed the problem on to the Ashburton District Council. The descendants still own the land but the council has agreed to become its custodian, restoring its buildings and effectively turning the site into a memorial to the early Chinese settlers. Those are all very laudable aims, but at what cost? You have to ask, did the council really understand the complexity of the

task they were taking on? Looking at it realistically, given the state of most of the buildings, restoration is not a cost effective option. But what is? The council has a moral responsibility to do something to preserve the site, but it’s likely ratepayers won’t have an appetite for lavish spending. Perhaps there are other options that should be explored as a growing number of Guardian letter writers suggest. The tide of feeling appears to support taking a more radical approach to the problem. It’s unlikely neither the council nor the families will be keen on a wholesale demolition and clearly the land cannot be sold in part or whole. That means a middle ground must be found, one that’s

financially and morally right. That middle ground could see only one or two of the buildings in most salvageable condition saved. If they were restored to a point where they were safe to use, they could become home to a story board display area that in words and photos gave visitors a glimpse into the lives of those Chinese settlers. This would effectively create a memorial enclave that could become an attraction in its own right. The surrounding land could then be landscaped, grassed and turned into another local park. It would then make an extension of the Argyle Park walkway a must do project to complete foot access from Farm Road to Belt Road.

Doctrine, which required radio and television stations to present balanced coverage of controversial issues. In 1993, a federal judge sentenced Los Angeles police officers Stacey Koon and Laurence Powell to 2 1/2 years in prison for violating Rodney King’s civil rights. In 2009, North Korean leader Kim Jong Il pardoned American journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee for entering the country illegally and ordered their release during a surprise visit by former US President Bill Clinton.

Ten years ago: President George W. Bush signed legislation allowing the State Department to settle all remaining lawsuits against Libya by American victims of terrorism. In a brazen attack just days ahead of the Beijing Olympics, two men from a mainly Muslim ethnic group rammed a truck and hurled explosives at jogging policemen in western China, killing 16. Five years ago: Security forces closed roads, put up extra blast walls and increased patrols near some of the more than 20 US diplomatic missions in the

Muslim world that Washington had ordered closed for the weekend following warnings of a possible al-Qaida attack. Missy Franklin claimed her record sixth gold medal on the final day of the world championships in Barcelona, becoming the most successful female swimmer ever at a world meet. One year ago: Former pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli, who became notorious for a price-gouging scandal, was convicted on federal charges that he deceived investors in a pair of failed hedge funds. (Shkreli was

sentenced months later to seven years in prison.) Today’s Birthdays: Actorscreenwriter Billy Bob Thornton is 63. Actress Kym Karath (Film: The Sound of Music) is 60. Hall of Fame track star Mary Decker Slaney is 60. Former President Barack Obama is 57. Race car driver Jeff Gordon is 47. Britain’s Duchess of Sussex, the former actress Meghan Markle, is 37. Thought for Today: “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” — Anne Frank (1929-1945).

Sue Newman


TODAY IN HISTORY Today is Saturday, August 4, the 216th day of 2018. There are 149 days left in the year. Today’s highlight in history: On August 4, 1944, 15-year-old diarist Anne Frank was arrested with her sister, parents and four others by the Gestapo after hiding for two years inside a building in Amsterdam. (Anne and her sister, Margot, died at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.) On this date: In 1790, the US Coast Guard had its beginnings as President George Washington signed a measure authorising a group of revenue cutters to enforce tariff and trade laws and prevent smuggling. In 1892, businessman Andrew Borden and his wife, Abby, were axed to death in their home in Fall River, Massachusetts. Lizzie Borden, Andrew’s daughter from a previous marriage, was accused of the killings, but acquitted at trial. In 1914, Britain declared war on Germany for invading Belgium; the United States proclaimed its neutrality in the mushrooming world conflict. In 1936, Jesse Owens of the US won the second of his four gold medals at the Berlin Olympics as he prevailed in the long jump over German Luz Long, who was the first to congratulate him. In 1964, the bodies of missing civil rights workers Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman and James Chaney were found buried in an earthen dam in Mississippi. In 1972, Arthur Bremer was convicted and sentenced to 63 years in prison for his attempt on the life of Alabama Governor George C. Wallace (the sentence was later reduced to 53 years; Bremer was released in 2007). In 1977, President Jimmy Carter signed a measure establishing the Department of Energy. In 1987, the Federal Communications Commission voted 4-0 to abolish the Fairness


Saturday, August 4, 2018

Winston: We shall not see his like again

Ashburton Guardian 13

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o National leader, Simon “Tomorrow Will Come Sooner Than You Think” Bridges, is a wow on the drums. Not a lot of people would have known that. At the National Party Convention this week – yes, convention; shades of the four-year Democratic and Republican gatherings in the United States held to select their presidential candidates – the upwardly mobile, new-leader-in-a-hurry gave a dazzling display of stick (drum) wizardry to get National feet in the hall tapping and would-be voters everywhere, in awe at this striking demo of “young” Simon’s all-round talents. However, without wishing to pour water on the parade – or words to that effect – one would have to say his subsequent big policy speech, in which he outlined his plans for smaller primary school classes, though worthy, had to be seen as something of an anti-climax after the noisy ballyhoo that preceded it. What’s more, Labour had been there before. It will need more than that to have National marching to the Promised Land in 2020, if not before, if the uneasy coalition by which we are currently governed, suddenly implodes, which could well be on the cards. Thus, the jury on the future of the “new” National Party is still, in that immortal word, “out” and the verdict pending.

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Elsewhere – and by the time this piece reaches you in Ashburton – the acting PM, The Honourable Winston Peters, will have vacated his chair in the Prime Ministerial office on the ninth floor of the Beehive in favour of the real PM, Ms Jacinda Ardern. Before he exits the room for good, one hopes Winston will have cleared out his desk drawers and removed unfinished packets of his favourite fags, and whisky bottles containing various quantities of his tippleof-taste. While he was about it, I trust he will also have organised a thorough fumigating of the said office so that dying traces of nicotine and the heavily-impregnated whisky atmosphere will have lost their bite and bluster as the utterly unsullied Jacinda resumes her rightful place. I understand that by the time she does that Winston will be well on his way to Argentina, not all that far from Guatemala as I suggested last week. Presumably, he will just have had time to

swap one past-its-best, doublebreasted dark suit for another. At the end of Jacinda’s first day back it is essential she does not return to baby Neve and First Bloke Clarke reeking of the noxious gases of Winston’s temporary tenure of her nerve centre. That tenure of Winston’s can be said to have ended in a blaze of Peters’ customary media bashing, which differs little from the manic outbursts of the Man in the White House. Many of Winston’s comments about the Fourth Estate are as depressing and dangerous as Trump’s. It’s hardly surprising, therefore, he finds Winston “a good man”. As we well know, praise from the current US President is the beginning of the end, the start of a downward spiral from which there can be no return. The acting Prime Minister also launched a rant and a roar on the accuracy of conventional political polls before finally closing the door on his wayward career. As he wanders the streets of

Buenos Aires this weekend he may begin to cast his mind back to the his erratic political progress over the years, soon to become a mere historical footnote. He has been a one-man show. We shall not see his like again. Meanwhile, we hear Jacinda and Donald have been exchanging billet doux in recent times. Thus it may be that baby Neve will soon be getting a cuddle from the Most Powerful Man currently on the planet (and, it is said, well beyond) that Big Softie in Washington DC Uncle Donald. She may even get a small bite of his latest cheeseberger, though Mummy may not be too keen on that. (Even for the sake of NZ/US relations.)

The Allens Road buildings.

I whole heartily agree with the comments Mary Dickson made regarding the old Chinese buildings on Allens Road in the Guardian, Tuesday July 31. It definitely would be a waste of money, trying to repair and restore these old buildings long past their use by date. The money could well be used to clear the site of all old buildings and a small kiosk type building be

built with Chinese architecture in mind and a Chinese garden created. The kiosk could house literature and photos recording the Chinese history in Ashburton. This would create an area to be more likely visited by the general public than a few old buildings. The rest of the land could possibly be sold off as building sections and the profits used to help Chinese welfare in New Zealand. Maybe councillor Brown could

donate his time and expertise, to design such an area. J. and D. Bruce

Fabric Bazaar The Altrusa Club of Ashburton would wish to thank the local community for their support of our Fabric Bazaar fundraiser. Glenys Rickerby President Ashburton Altrusa Club

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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Special show for ill fan US pop superstar Katy Perry has shared heartwarming videos of her meeting with young Adelaide fan Grace Moores, lauding the power of the internet for bringing the eight-year-old’s plight to her attention. The Teenage Dream singer posted the footage on her Instagram account, showing her singing her charttopping hit Firework with Grace, who’s battling brain cancer. “Grace, you know you’re probably the first person I’ve ever come to their house and done a concert for,” Katy tells her. Grace underwent surgery last Wednesday, preventing her from attending Katy’s concert on Monday. ZANU-PF supporters celebrate the victory of their candidate Emmerson Mnangagwa after Zimbabwe Electoral Commission chairwoman Qhubani Moyo announced the results of the presidential elections in Harare, Zimbabwe, yesterday. PHOTO AP


Incumbent wins election Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa won election yesterday with just over 50 per cent of the ballots as the ruling party maintained control of the government in the first vote since the fall of longtime leader Robert Mugabe. Mnangagwa received 50.8 per cent of the vote while main opposition challenger Nelson Chamisa received 44.3 per cent. The opposition is almost certain to challenge the results in the courts or in the streets. While election day was peaceful in a break from the past, deadly violence against people protesting alleged vote-rigging reminded many Zimbabweans of the decades of military-backed repression under Mugabe.

Zimbabwe’s president says he is “humbled” by his win. “Though we may have been divided at the polls, we are united in our dreams,” Mnangagwa said on Twitter. “This is a new beginning. Let us join hands, in peace, unity & love, & together build a new Zimbabwe for all!” Mnangagwa tweeted, after a week that began with peaceful voting but spiralled into deadly violence in the capital as the military fired on protesters. Western election observers who were banned in previous votes have expressed concern at the military’s “excessive” force in the capital, Harare. Their assessments of the election are crucial to the lifting of international sanctions on a

country whose economy collapsed years ago. Shortly before the election commission’s announcement, Morgen Komichi, the chief agent for Chamisa’s opposition alliance, took the stage and said his party “totally rejects” the results and said he had not signed the election results. Police escorted him from the room. Later Komichi said the elections were “fraudulent” and “everything has been done illegally”. He said he had refused an electoral commission request to sign papers certifying Mnangagwa’s win. “We’re not part of it,” said Komichi, adding that the opposition would be challenging the election in the courts.

Commission chair Priscilla Chigumba urged the country to “move on” with the hopeful spirit of election day and beyond the “blemishes” of chaos: “May God bless this nation and its people.” With the military still deployed in Harare, the capital’s streets were quiet following the announcement of Mnangagwa’s victory. By the centre where the election results were announced, Charity Manyeruke, who teaches political science at the University of Zimbabwe, said she was delighted. “There is continuity, stability,” Manyeruke said. “Zimbabwe is poised for nationbuilding.” - AP

ALF’s coming back Any child of the ’80s will remember ALF. ALF, which stands for Alien Life Form, was inescapable during its run from 1986-1990. The wisecracking alien, named Gordon Shumway, came to live with the Tanner family after he crashed into their garage from his planet Melmac. The Tanners made him part of their family, despite his relentless attempts to eat their cat, Lucky. They also try and hide him from their nosy neighbours. EW confirmed that Warner Bros. is in the early stages of redeveloping the show, with original creators Tom Patchett and Paul Fusco on board. Fusco was the voice of ALF, while Patchett operated the puppet.


Death penalty is ‘inadmissible’ – Pope Pope Francis has decreed that the death penalty is “inadmissible” under all circumstances and the Catholic Church should campaign to abolish it, a change in church teaching that could influence Catholic politicians and judges in the U.S. and across the globe. The change, announced yesterday, was hailed by antideath penalty activists and scorned by Francis’ frequent conservative critics, who said he had no right to change what Scripture revealed and popes have taught for centuries. The Vatican said that Francis had amended the Cate-

chism of the Catholic Church – the compilation of official Catholic teaching – to say that capital punishment can never be sanctioned because it constitutes an “attack” on the dignity of human beings. Previously, the catechism said the church didn’t exclude recourse to capital punishment “if this is the only possible way of effectively defending human lives against the unjust aggressor”. Past popes have upheld that position, though St. John Paul II began urging an end to the practice and stressed that the guilty were just as deserving of dig-

nity as innocents. The new teaching says the previous policy is outdated because there are new ways to protect the common good, and the church should instead commit itself to working to end capital punishment. “Recourse to the death penalty on the part of legitimate authority, following a fair trial, was long considered an appropriate response to the gravity of certain crimes and an acceptable, albeit extreme means of safeguarding the common good,” reads the new text. Today “there is an increas-

ing awareness that the dignity of the person is not lost even after the commission of very serious crimes,” it said, adding that society now has effective ways to detain prisoners so they aren’t a threat and even provide the possibility of rehabilitation. “Consequently, the church teaches, in the light of the Gospel, that the death penalty is inadmissible because it is an attack on the inviolability and dignity of the person and she works with determination for its abolition worldwide,” reads the new text, which was originally approved in May. - AP

Sheen cash-strapped Charlie Sheen can no longer afford to pay $75,000 worth of child support to four of his kids after being “blacklisted” by Hollywood. The Two And A Half Men star currently gives $20,000-a-month to his ex-wife Denise Richards for their daughters Sam, 14, and Lola, 13, and $55,000-a-month to his other ex-wife Brooke Mueller for their nine-year-old twins Bob and Max. The 52-year-old is now insisting he can’t cover the bills as he can’t find “steady acting work” and has less than $10 million to his name, prompting him to file a request to pay less to his children.


Saturday, August 4, 2018


Hot air brings scorching heat Hot air from Africa is bringing a new heatwave to Europe, prompting health warnings about Sahara Desert dust and exceptionally high temperatures that are forecast to peak at 47 degrees Celsius in some southern areas. The torrid weather meant that public services were put on alert in Spain and Portugal. Temperatures were forecast to reach 44 degrees yesterday in the Portuguese city of Evora, 130 kilometres east of the capital of Lisbon, and in the Spanish province of Badajoz, across the border. A hot air mass was moving northward from Africa, authorities said, warning that the mercury could peak at 47 degrees Celsius this weekend in the southern Portuguese town of Beja. Portuguese authorities issued a nationwide health warning, including for dust from the Sahara Desert. Warnings were also issued for 40 of Spain’s 50 provinces. Up north in Sweden, the country’s official tallest point is set to change amid record temperatures. Scientists said a glacier on Mount Kebne, the Scandinavian country’s highest peak at 2111 metres, is melting and is no longer Sweden’s tallest point.


In brief Daughter surfaces A Florida mother has shared her joy after receiving a letter from her teenage daughter five years after she ran away aged 14. Pam Myers Massimiani’s daughter Emily Wynell Paul left their home in Southport, Florida, in 2013 when she was just 14. She left a note telling her parents she had planned to leave but they have not heard from her since and have grown increasingly worried about her welfare. On July 26, Pam took to Facebook to announce to family and friends that she had heard from her daughter. - NZME

Uni admits 12-year-old

A woman looks out from a balcony as the sun sets at the end of a hot summer day in Madrid. Much of Spain is on alert as the country’s weather agency warns that temperatures could surpass 40 degrees Celsius. PHOTO AP Gunhild Rosqvist, a Stockholm University professor in geography, said the glacier lost four metres of snow in July alone as Sweden endured record temperatures that triggered dozens of wildfires, even in the Arctic

Circle. In neighbouring Finland, a supermarket came up with a novel way of escaping the heat. The K-Supermarket said on its Facebook page that patrons hoping to cool down could sleep overnight in its air-conditioned

store in Helsinki. Homes in Finland are designed to handle the extreme cold and damp typical of the Nordic region, not the recent high temperatures. - AP



Woman slapped by harasser says new law falls short

Marble mine collapses; one dead

A 22-year-old woman who is becoming a symbol of sexual harassment on France’s streets said yesterday that a new law banning offensive comments and behavior isn’t enough to stop them. Marie Laguerre said she has received messages of thanks from women and men for posting a video of a man slapping her last month in eastern Paris. Surveillance cameras recorded the violent encounter after she told the man to shut up for making obscene sounds at her, she said. While the footage went viral after she publicised it, Laguerre said she thinks punishing harassers won’t address the problem as much as changing attitudes through education. The law is “almost a joke,” Laguerre, a student, said. “I don’t think it’s realistic because it means having police officers on every street” and officers also need to be educated to recognise harassing behaviour. French lawmakers approved a bill to outlaw gender-based harassment on the streets and public transportation. The law allows for fines of 90750 euros for sexual or sexist comments and behaviour that is degrading, humiliating, intimi-

Ashburton Guardian

French student Marie Laguerre says French lawmakers have not gone far enough with the new law banning offensive comments and behaviour. PHOTO AP dating hostile or offensive. It also authorises a fine of up to 15,000 euros and a year in prison as possible sentences for “upskirting” – taking pictures or videos under clothing without consent. “The law sends a message, but for me it’s not enough,” Laguerre said, noting that French President Emmanuel Macron prom-

ised to make combating sexual harassment and violence a national priority. The law, which is set to take effect in September, also expands the criminal definition of child rape to cover cases involving an adult and a child under age 15 if a judge determines the minor lacked the ability to consent. - AP

Part of a marble mine collapsed yesterday in the central Mexican state of Hidalgo, causing one confirmed death and leaving four miners missing, state officials said. Hidalgo’s government said in a statement posted on its Facebook page that the collapse occurred in a locality known as Dengantzha in the Francisco I. Madero township. It said the state prosecutor’s office confirmed that one body had been recovered and the search continued for four miners believed to be trapped under rock. The missing people were inside a vehicle that was traveling on one of the mine’s roads when the collapse occurred, the statement said. The recovered body was a local shepherd, authorities said. It was not immediately clear where the victim had been at the time of the collapse. Gov. Omar Fayad said via Twitter that the search would continue and that the state was offering support to the affected families. Images from the scene appeared to show a collapsed section of an open-pit mine with rescuers and civilians climbing among car-size boulders. - AP

Mexico’s National Autonomous University says it has admitted a 12-year-old student to its undergraduate degree programme in biomedical physics. The university, better known by its Spanish initials as the UNAM, said Carlos Santamaria Diaz is the youngest such student in the university’s roughly century-long history. Santamaria Diaz passed the entrance exam and has already done preparatory study at the university’s school of chemistry in its genetics sciences centre. At the age of nine, he participated in university programmes in analytical chemistry, biochemistry and biology. - AP

Lauda lung transplant Three-time Formula One world champion Niki Lauda has undergone a lung transplant. The Vienna General Hospital says the operation was performed because of a “serious lung illness.” It didn’t give more specific details in a brief statement and said the 69-yearold Austrian’s family would make no public comment. Lauda won the Formula One title in 1975, 1977 and 1984. He suffered serious burns in a fiery crash at the German Grand Prix in 1976. Lauda has twice undergone kidney transplants, in 1997 and 2005. - AP

Fire death toll 87 Greek authorities say the death toll from last week’s devastating forest fire near Athens is currently at 87, while one person remains unaccounted for. The fire service said in a statement coroners have so far identified 81 bodies recovered from the scene of the destruction in the coastal Mati region, or from the sea. Another two bodies that have been burnt beyond recognition have not been identified or sought by their families, while an additional four people succumbed to their injuries in the hospital. - AP

Grenfell inquiry ends British police have finished their forensic examination of Grenfell Tower more than a year after a fast-moving fire at the London high-rise killed 72 people. Forensics officers spent months combing through the charred rubble for clues to how a blaze that started in an apartment kitchen was able to race through the 24-storey residential building. Police Commander Stuart Cundy said officers recovered “huge quantities of material” for a criminal investigation. Police are considering corporate manslaughter charges. - AP

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Saturday, August 4, 2018


Cheesy ice cream an acquired taste An Auckland eatery has blended cheese with a quintessential Kiwi frozen treat. Malaysian chain Hokkaido is famous around Asia for its baked cheese tarts, but since opening a shop on Auckland’s Queen St last year it has started selling cheesy soft-serve icecream. The eatery is one of an increasing number around Auckland with food offerings some might consider more weird than wonderful. A taste test by the Weekend Herald confirmed the ice-cream was most definitely an acquired taste. While an initial lick left a mildly sweet, cheesy flavour in the mouth, it wasn’t long before a strong, almost blue cheeselike aftertaste set in. The company introduced its cheesy confection late last year – just in time for summer. Plans were in place to begin

offering the soft serve in a cup – with sweet and savoury toppings available for a sundae-bar scenario. Store owner Shing Jian Liaw said the cheese tarts, which were also available in strawberry and blueberry flavours, remained the firm favourite with customers. “They’re quite unique,” he said. “There is a trend picking up where customers like having their tart as a snack with coffee.” Rows of the sweet pastry cases lined a cabinet at the front of the Queen Street store, filled with a gooey baked cheese. The filling had a creme brulee-like appearance from the outside, but a taste confirmed it was firmly in the savoury camp. A few streets away, newly opened Barby’s Bakery fused chocolate and cheese, or doughnuts and noodles in the creation of Indonesian baked goods. - NZME

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For more than 20 years, three Ashburton men have watched the business they founded grow from fledgling, to establishing a reputation as a significant national player and this week to becoming part of an international business network. On Wednesday, CM Trailer Parts became part of DexKo Global, a leader in highly engineered trailer running gear, chassis assemblies and related components. The sale was initiated by DexKo’s Australasian arm, Al-Ko to enable it to expand its New Zealand operation into the South Island. General manager James Taylor and operations and projects manager Alasdair Cleland started the business in 1992 and seven years later were joined by sales manager Mark Havis. The three built the small business from the ground up to its position today as an industry leader. Taylor and Cleland used their shared experience in the motor industry’s small parts sector to establish the business in Ashburton’s Triangle. A few years down the track the business moved to Moore Street and 11 years ago relocated to its new headquarters in the Riverside Industrial Estate. Today their company is a leading supplier of caravan and trailer

axles, leaf springs, couplings and other trailer components, serving multiple market segments across New Zealand. Taylor said the business today had a very strong brand with high quality products and high quality service. The sale was initiated by a DexKo executive, and the decision to sell was a very tough one, he said. “A lot of factors were involved and for us it was critical that our staff remained. Basically there will be no changes, it will be business as normal for all of us. This felt like the right fit for us, it will take our brand forward throughout the country.” The company will continue to be known as CM Trailer Parts and the management team of three will remain in their positions. “Becoming part of the DexKo family will allow the business to continue to grow with the backing of an industry leader and I’m confident that uniting with DexKo will be very beneficial for both our customers and employees,” Taylor said. Being part of an international company would also allow the company to achieve some of the things it may not have been able to achieve on its own, Cleland said. “For them buying the CM Trailer Parts brand is where a lot of the

value is because it’s at the top of its game in New Zealand and for us, we’re now part of a huge global network,” he said. Being part of the greater DexKo family would open up opportunities for staff as well, Havis said. “They are a very people-minded company, they do so much for their staff. This is a big journey for the CM family. It’s very positive and the brand will grow significantly,” he said. In welcoming CM Trailer Parts to the DexKo Global team, chief executive Fred Bentley said the acquisition brought a South Island distribution and product assembly facility to its New Zealand business footprint. “This will help the company service the whole market better with our range of axle and brake products and we truly believe together it is better for all of our businesses.” Harald Hiller, global President and CEO of Al-Ko Vehicle Technology emphasised the benefits for customers: “We continue to add strong brands to our global portfolio and offer additional quality products to our customers. This integration will further expand our core business, which will allow us to service our customers with an even broader range of solutions,” he said.


Saturday, August 4, 2018

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Mid Canterbury’s A netball team heads to Timaru this weekend to take on North Otago and South Canterbury at the annual Hanan Shield netball tournament. Today we take a look at your players, and coach Claire Tappin tells us just what they offer to the team. Claire Tappin Club team: United KFC A

Karla Newlands

Position: Coach

Mid Canterbury Netball President

Position: Manager

Claire is in her first year of coaching the Mid Canterbury A netball side and is excited about what her team could achieve at the Hanan Shield tournament.

Jazzlyn Leonard Club team: United KFC A Positions: WA, GA, GS Jazzlyn is taking her understanding of attacking circle play and using it to move into a new position this season. At WA she feeds cleverly and soaks up new ideas to add to her game.



Olivia McLennan Club team: United KFC A Positions: GS, GK Olivia is a tower of strength in the goal circle. With a shooting average of 90 per cent she is determined and eager to learn, expanding her repertoire of moves as the season progresses.


Shannon Stockdale Club team: Celtic Auric Energy A Positions: WA, C Shannon is an incredibly exciting player. She is impressively fit, with one of the strongest drives in Mid Canterbury netball. Shannon can be relied upon to get the job done without fuss but with impact.

C Hayley Duthie Club team: Celtic Darryl Phillips B Positions: GA, GS Hayley has a high shooting percentage and works hard to step up her game every session. She executes her playing responsibilities quietly yet has a significant input to the outcome of the game.

Natalie Allen Club team: Celtic Auric Energy A Positions: GA, GS Natalie is reliable, accurate and a huge asset to the team. She plays an intelligent game and is a staunch team player.


Gina Woodhouse (Captain) Club team: Celtic Auric Energy A Positions: GD, GK Gina’s game brims with confidence and determination. She is a natural leader, demanding nothing but the best from herself and her team. Her tactical knowledge of the game is impressive and she certainly leads by example.

Rachel Curd Club team: Southern Livestock Exchange A Positions: GD, C Rachel is a player to watch. She has a raw talent and is frequently seen taking intercepts throughout the court. Her desire to develop her game ensures she learns with every session and is rocketing through the ranks.

Bridget Grant Club team: United KFC A Positions: C, WD Bridget is one of the fittest young women around. She has moved from defence into the mid-court this season and is making huge strides in her understanding of the game at a higher level.

Alice Breading Club team: Celtic Auric Energy A Positions: WD, GD, GK, GS Alice is a versatile player whose height, speed and vision ensure that the defensive unit steals lots of ball. She transitions well onto attack and clears the ball without hesitation.


Anna Holland (Vice-Captain) Club team: Celtic Auric Energy A Positions: GK, GD Anna quietly takes no prisoners in the goal circle. She reads play well and makes life difficult for every opposition. Anna is calm, yet decisive and gets into the head of shooters.


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Saturday, August 4, 2018


Celtic pushed to the limit BY ERIN TASKER


Celtic A have survived another scare to maintain their unblemished record in Mid Canterbury Netball’s ACL premier one competition this season. The third games of the third and final round of the competition played out at Ashburton’s EA Networks Centre on Thursday night, where it was Celtic A, College A and Methven A who took out the night’s wins. The results meant Celtic A continued to lead the way on the leaderboard with 12 points thanks to three wins from three, while Methven A and College A were now in joint second on eight points with two wins each, with Hampstead on six thanks to a win and two bonus points, while Mt Somers were on five and Celtic B on two. Celtic A had a fight on their hands to keep their place at the top when they took on Hampstead A on Thursday night though, with Hampstead leading 8-7 at the first break. Celtic gained a vital edge in the second and third quarters and got in front 16-14 at halftime and had added one more goal to their lead by three quarter time, up 2521. Hampstead fought hard and ended the game the way they started, by winning the final quarter, but just went down 31-28. Hampstead A coach Janene McDowell said she was proud of her side’s performance, and happy to take a bonus point out of the match. “The team stayed focused, composed and played a game that enabled us to stay on the tails of Celtic for the entire game,” McDowell said. Celtic A coach Angela Leadley said her side’s patience on attack paid off in what was a great game of netball. “Hampstead pushed us and we were pleased we rose to the challenge,” Leadley said. Mt Somers also pushed their opposition this week, bouncing back from a heavy loss to Ashburton College A to test Methven A, with the latter eventually taking it out 37-34. Methven A led at every break, but there wasn’t much in it. They led by just one goal at the end of the game’s first two quarters but put a little more space

Gina Woodhouse has been a standout in defence for Celtic A so far this season, and tomorrow she’ll captain Mid Canterbury at the Hanan Shield tournament in Timaru. PHOTO ERIN TASKER 260718-ET-0096

between the two sides in the third quarter, leading 30-27 at three quarter time and maintaining that three-goal advantage to the end. Methven A coach Maree Firth said Mt Somers did a fantastic job of applying pressure throughout the court. “We created some good turnovers and converted a number of them to see us out the front for all quarters,” she said. Mt Somers captain Kate Oliver said her side tried out some new attacking combinations in what was hard-fought game. “Methven held their heads steady throughout the game and got some crucial turnovers,” Oliver said. “We had some opportunities to level but couldn’t convert.”

Overall, she was happy with her side’s performance though, which was a big improvement on the week prior. They lost 38-21 to Ashburton College A last week, and the young College side had a good day at the office this week too, beating Celtic B 38-29. Celtic B were the team promoted to premier one from premier two for the third round and in each of their three games in the top flight so far they’d shown they were more than worthy of the grade. Thursday night’s match was no exception, as they led College A 12-9 at the first break and stretched that lead out to 19-15 at halftime. But College A came back and shot ahead to lead 26-23 at three

quarter time, and 38-29 at the final whistle. Celtic B coach Di Ness said her side played a good defensive game and while she was happy with the performance, College A really upped their game in the second half. “We need to play consistently for the whole 40 minutes and finish,” Ness said. College A coach Kaye Kennedy said her side regained their composure in the second half, with some amazing total team defence creating turnovers. The win came a day after College A beat Rangi Ruru 40-27 in Canterbury secondary school netball’s SuperNet competition in Christchurch. “We’ve had a really good week and are pleased we seem to be

peaking at the right time,” Kennedy said. Meanwhile in premier two, the team relegated for the third round – United A – continued to shape to be the team to beat with a 41-32 win over Southern A, the team relegated from premier one after the first round. Ashburton College B also picked up another win, downing Methven B 36-27, while Celtic C were too good for Rakaia A, winning 41-23. Ten of those who took to the court for their club teams on Thursday night would be back out on court tomorrow, but this time in Timaru as part of the Mid Canterbury senior netball team at their annual Hanan Shield tournament against South Canterbury and North Otago.


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It’s the right time to go



which went for 67 games unbeaten – then the seniors, before moving to Mid Canterbury and turning his focus back to under-18s with Southern. He then moved up to the under20s, but that was in the days when things weren’t looking so good at Southern. The club’s senior side was in danger of folding, and not wanting that to happen the decision was made to take the better players from the Southern under-20s and move them up to the seniors. “We got a few hidings that year and the following year we were top of the table,” Foxcroft said. The coach of the senior side that first year was Trevor Bokser, and when the decision was made to move the under-20 players up to focus on the seniors, Foxcroft went with them and he and Bokser formed what would prove to be a pretty formidable coaching duo. One of the highlights of Foxcroft’s coaching career came in 2003 when they took out the then Mid Canterbury and Ellesmere combined competition with another Mid Canterbury

club side – Celtic – when they drew the final played at Hornby. Foxcroft and Bokser went on to coach Mid Canterbury in the Heartland Championship for four years, finishing second twice, third and fourth. The most devastating year was their loss in the final to Wanganui in 2009. Mid Canterbury earned the right to host the final, but it had to be moved to Rugby Park in Christchurch due to a clash with the Ashburton A&P Show. Mid Canterbury led at halftime but were chased down by Wanganui in the second half, losing 34-13. Had that final been played in Ashburton, Foxcroft had little doubt his side would have won. After Mid Canterbury, Foxcroft headed to Rakaia. That was eight years ago, at a time when Rakaia was putting a team in senior for the first time, and Foxcroft and Craig Dunlea were at the helm. They took Rakaia to the Watters Cup final in 2011, where they broke a 31-year drought and lifted the trophy after beating Southern 15-0. They won it again in 2013, 2014 and 2015, all against Methven, before sharing it with Southern in 2016 after a drawn final, before losing to Southern in last year’s final. Having made the decision that 2018


Wayne Foxcroft admits it was an odd feeling, walking off towards the changing rooms after Rakaia’s loss to Southern in Mid Canterbury’s Watters Cup preliminary final last Saturday. After 30 years it was the final time he would make that walk as the head coach of a rugby team, and it wasn’t the way he’d hoped to go out. Ideally he’d have been doing that final walk off the paddock today, as part of a victorious Watters Cup-winning Rakaia side, but it wasn’t to be. Over the years he’d coached sides to somewhere in the vicinity of 18 or 19 titles and he would have loved to have finished on a winning note. But last weekend’s loss to Southern meant Rakaia’s seniors wouldn’t feature on finals day today, despite having proven themselves as the top Mid Canterbury team in this season’s combined competition. They made the final of that competition, but lost to Waihora, just like they did in the final to Southbridge the year before. In fact, last year they lost two finals, also beaten in the Watters Cup final by Southern, the team they drew with in the Watters Cup final the year before. Today, Foxcroft would be there when the Watters Cup went on the line once again, but only as another interested spectator for the first time in recent years.

And while his head told him Celtic would win, his heart was with Southern. Although he’d spent the past eight years coaching the Rakaia seniors, the first Mid Canterbury side Foxcroft coached was at Southern back in 1997. He came to Mid Canterbury from South Canterbury, where he’d started his coaching career after injury forced him to hang up his own boots a few years earlier than he’d hoped. Temuka was his club. He started playing for the club’s senior side in 1978 as a freshfaced 18-year-old at both secondfive and halfback. He formed a pretty decent combination with the side’s centre which once saw them described in the local newspaper as the “demolition squad, because we used to go out and just flatten people”, Foxcroft said. He won eight championships with Temuka as a player and went on to win three as a coach. He started with the Temuka under-18s before moving up to the under-20s, senior Bs – coaching a side

would be his swansong, Foxcroft would have loved to have gone out on a winning note, but it wasn’t to be. The time was right to finish up though. “I’m getting older and the time … it just felt like it was time to go. I still love the game, but the desire and the want to be there was just starting to wear a bit thin,” Foxcroft said. He wasn’t ruling out coaching in the future altogether, but said his days of being head coach were gone. “I’d certainly help any club or any coach who wanted a hand, I’d be more than happy to be available,” Foxcroft said. There had been plenty of good times, and he’d coached some pretty handy players over the years, one of the best being Brendan Laney in his Temuka days. Laney went on to play for Otago and Scotland. Foxcroft said he looked forward to seeing what the future held for Mid Canterbury Rugby, and had his own beliefs as to what needed to happen. Foxcroft said he firmly believed that the Luisetti Country Cup, the competition featuring senior teams from Mid Canterbury, Ellesmere and North Canterbury, was not only the biggest in the country, but it was also the best. But, with just five of those teams coming from Mid Canterbury, he believed a change needed to be made in the future. “We are going to be down to four teams in time, and we need to move now rather than later,” Foxcroft said. “To me we have got to amalgamate with Ellesmere and forget all the history, and look ahead.” Ellesmere had 10 teams in this year’s combined competition. “To me if we can amalgamate with them, those players will get experience and our Heartland side will be one of the best sides in the country,” Foxcroft said.

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Later this afternoon, either Celtic’s Danny Hurley (left) or Southern’s Eric Duff will be lifting the Watters Cup aloft as the captain of the winning 2018 side. PHOTO ERIN TASKER 310718-ET-0011



By 5pm tonight we will know who Mid Canterbury Rugby’s 2018 Watters Cup champions are. Will it be Southern, the defending champions, or Celtic, a side which hasn’t played in a final since 2012 and hasn’t won the title since 2006? After a tight competition they were the two teams who had come out on top, and today one of them will be crowned this season’s champions. Southern were the competition’s early frontrunners, starting with a 41-32 win over Methven, then edging out Celtic 37-32, before being surprised by Hampstead in week three, just like the other three teams in the competition were. Hampstead hadn’t won a Watters Cup game in nine years, but after testing Celtic and almost toppling Rakaia, they led Southern at halftime. Southern’s class shone through in the end though and they won 45-15. The big result of Southern’s season however, came in their final game where they led Rakaia at halftime, only for the game to race away from them in the sec-

ond half, losing 48-24. Heading into that match, Southern were top of the table and had they won, they would have gone straight to the final, and had a week off to prepare for Mid Canterbury Rugby’s big dance while two other teams fought it out for the right to play them. But that loss allowed Celtic to leapfrog them and finish top of

came up against the team they’d face in today’s final and suffered their sole loss. The bye followed, before Celtic took on the runners-up from the combined competition, Rakaia. There, Celtic handed Rakaia their first loss of the local competition 46-38. They then took on Methven in the final round and won 31-14 in howling winds and driving rain at the Methven Domain. Conditions are expected to be better today, with the forecast for morning and evening cloud but an otherwise fine day with a high of 11 degrees. The Mid Canterbury Rugby Union has brought the start time of the big final forward slightly, to 2.15pm today, to allow for 10 minutes of extra time should it be needed. That was a change brought in after the 2017 final finished in another draw, between Southern and Rakaia. The earlier start time was also to allow time for a new feature of finals day, which was a medal presentation. All members of the Watters Cup winning side would be presented with a medal – the first time that had been done.

Today one of them will be crowned this season’s champions the table, having a week off while Southern and Rakaia battled it out for the second week running for that second spot in the final. Another classic match ensued, but this time it was Southern who prevailed, 48-40, to go through to the final. At the other end of the field today they’d find a determined Celtic side, eager to get their hands back on the Watters Cup after a long drought. Their 2018 campaign began against Hampstead where they won 29-3, but in round two they

Finals day schedule Today’s finals day schedule at the Ashburton Showgrounds is: 2.15pm: Watters Cup final – Celtic v Southern 12.30pm: Senior B Second Grade Cup final – Rakaia v Collegiate 12.30pm: Colts MCRU Cup final – Rakaia/Methven Colts v Celtic Colts 11.30am: Under-18 Rudstone Cup and Kevin Dwyer Memorial Trophy final – Celtic v Southern 12.45pm: Under-16 H.N Edge Cup/Russel Memorial Trophy final – Hampstead v Tinwald 11.15am: Under-14.5 MCRU Cup final – Collegiate v Methven/Tinwald

CELTIC The Celtic team for today’s Watters Cup final is: Keanu Huria, Leauma Tu’uga, Hamish FinnIe, Shepherd Mhembre, Nicholas McKain, Joshua Coyle, Angus Lindsay, Danny Hurley (captain), David Morrison, Nathan McCloy, Paovale Sofai, Kody Stuthridge, Isareli Masiwini, Brian Matoramusha, Cameron Butler. Reserves: Robert George, Ioelu Leo, Owen Gemmell, Matt Miller, Cameron Turpin, Teebo Kamoe, Ricus Van-Zeyl. Coaches: Shane Enright/Geoff Wright/Matt Winter Managers: Pete Gowans/Paul Winter/Willie Hintz Physio: Jennifer Hodgins

SOUTHERN The Southern team for today’s Watters Cup final is: Aaron Chudleigh/Hamish Allan, Angus McKenzie, Adam Williamson, Logan Bonnington, Eric Duff, Bernard Doyle, Alex Walker, Jon Dampney, Will McKenzie, Dalton Kannemeyer, Jake Pairama, Hamish McCulloch, Josh McAtamney, Des Malcolm, James Hastings. Reserves: Tom Fraser, Hamish Allan/Scott Murphy, Scott Vessey, Josh Tonks, Richard Fridd/Sam Benny, Ethan Reith, Vaughn Mathewson. Coaches: Andrew Carr/Jason Gill/ Geoff Frew/Mike Spence Managers: Dougal Reith, Rob Hampton. Physios: Deedee Brodie, Bridget Sheed


Saturday, August 4, 2018

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Determined underdogs By Erin TaskEr

Despite finishing top of the table, Celtic see themselves as the underdogs heading into today’s Watters Cup final. It was to be Celtic’s first appearance in Mid Canterbury Rugby’s big show since 2012. They hadn’t won it since 2006, and they were up against a side with a strong recent history in the competition, who had already beaten them twice this season. Celtic coach Shane Enright said that was why, despite having proven to be the best team in terms of points on the table in the Watters Cup round robin, they were the underdogs. But they’d be determined underdogs, hungry for their first taste of Mid Canterbury Rugby supremacy in 12 long years. “We are the underdogs. “We are lacking the experience, but we will bring the enthusiasm and the youth and do our best for ourselves, our friends and families, and our club,” Enright said. Celtic finished top of the table to go straight to the final, earning a week off while Southern and Rakaia battled it out for the right to the other spot in the final, and whether that week off would turn out to be a good thing or a bad thing remained to be seen. Celtic knew they were in for a battle.

Celtic will today contest their first Watters Cup final since 2012.

PHOTO 310318-RH-020

today, for what would also be Enright’s first Watters Cup final. In fact, despite having coached senior sides in Mid Canterbury for a number of seasons, he couldn’t remember ever having even been to a finals day. In the past his teams were out of the running, so he just waited until Monday’s paper to find out who won. But this year he would be there, front and centre. He was excited, and his players were too, and he hoped that the

eagerness and desire to do it for their club would see Celtic to the title. “We won’t die wondering. We will give it our best shot, and if we win, we win,” Enright said. Enright said Southern were a clinical side. Their forwards were strong, and they were formidable at line-out and scrum time. But he said Celtic had their strengths, too. “Probably our strength is when we play as a team, and we play our

They’d played Southern twice this season, and lost on both occasions, and Southern was a far more experienced side when it came to finals rugby, Enright said. Celtic last made a Watters Cup final in 2012, where they lost to Methven, and only four players who were there that day were in the team which would run out onto the field for a second shot at Mid Canterbury rugby supremacy today. One of those players was Danny Hurley, who will captain the side

style of play that we want to play. “That’s when we have looked the best, when we have that belief in each other,” Enright said. He was urging his side to respect the occasion. “We can’t treat it just like another game, because it’s not. “Embrace it all and treat it like something special, because it is,” Enright said. Enright said his side was yet to play to their potential this season. “I think we have got better over the past couple of games but probably not 100 per cent yet, and it would be nice if that happened on Saturday,” Enright said. Celtic had a fully fit squad to pick from today, with only one player – Kirk Chettleburgh – missing. He headed overseas a few days ago, having booked his flights months ago based on last year’s finals dates, but the season had dragged on longer this year due to extra teams being added to the season opening Mid Canterbury, Ellesmere and North Canterbury combined competition. Celtic were disappointed not to make the finals of that competition. But now they had a chance to make amends, and win Mid Canterbury Rugby’s biggest prize instead, and Enright said they’d be doing everything they could to make that happen.

Forwards hold the key By Erin TaskEr

They may have history on their side, but Southern head into today’s Watters Cup final against Celtic knowing all too well that anything can happen in finals footy. Southern had played in their fair share of finals in recent years. They headed into today’s match as the defending champions after beating Rakaia in the final last year, 12 months after drawing the 2017 final with the same team. “But the guys will be going out there to win it, they aren’t going out there to defend it,” Southern coach Andrew Carr said. Most of today’s Southern side had experienced Watters Cup finals rugby before with the exception of their two overseas players, Alex Walker from Japan and Dalton Kannemeyer from South Africa, and Bernie Doyle who had made the step up from senior Bs and Dean Malcolm who transferred from Kurow earlier in the season, Carr said. “Experience is good, but it all comes down to who wants it the most. “They haven’t been to the final for a while, so they will have extra motivation and hunger, but it’s up to our boys to try nullify that.” Celtic hasn’t won the Watters Cup since 2006 when they drew the final with a Southern side that included Carr at prop. Carr was a long-time Southern man, who after years as a player was in his first season of coaching the senior side this year. And like many of his players, Carr was set to spend this morning out in paddocks collecting newborn calves before heading to town

for their biggest game of the season. Carr said probably 75 per cent of his players were farmers. “A lot of them probably won’t have time to think about it that much until they get there, because they will be too busy with calving and things,” Carr said. That could work in their favour, not having the time to over-think it. They were a side known for their strength in the forwards, but they also had flair out wide. Their forwards held the key though, Carr said. “If your forwards don’t perform it makes it pretty hard on the rest of the team, so they need to front up,” Carr said. Heading into last weekend’s must-win match against Southern which earned them the right to play Celtic in today’s final, Southern were in a bit of strife. They’d been hit hard by injury, and four days out, they had just 14 of their usual senior players at training, and two days out they had 17, so they had to call a number of players onto the bench from their B side. They had just one new injury concern heading into the final, and that was prop Aaron Chudleigh, who had made a name for himself this season for his try-scoring ability. But on the flip side, they did have one player potentially ready to come back from injury. Richard Fridd broke his hand playing against Celtic in the Watters Cup round robin a month ago. He had his cast off earlier this week and was a possibility to take to the field, Carr said.

But other than that, the Southern team was likely to be pretty much identical to the one that beat Rakaia last weekend, including the players from the club’s senior B side. They may have been light on players last week, but they had plenty of heart, getting out to an early lead that many at the Hinds Domain would have given Rakaia little chance of chasing down. But they did, and Southern had a fight on their hands in the final 10 minutes to get the win that put them into the final. “We don’t doubt the ability of the guys or the game plan, we just have to have enough players to do it,” Carr said. “We were pretty stoked with the first 50 minutes last week, then obviously Rakaia fought back hard and again we couldn’t get our hands on the ball. “It would have been a good game to watch, if you didn’t have anything riding on it.” As a coach though, it was a touch stressful, and Carr wasn’t expecting it to be any different against Celtic today. Southern may have won their two previous outings against Celtic this season, but they weren’t taking much from those games. “At the end of the day both games have been close. There wasn’t a lot in it, the first game I think was three points and that next one was within seven,” Carr said. “They are a dangerous side especially from broken play, so we have to be on our game and look after the ball. “It comes down to who looks after the ball the most and gets down the right end of the paddock and converts their opportunities.”

Southern first-five Dalton Kannemeyer.

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Saturday, August 4, 2018


In brief

Marathon again popular Around 800 athletes are set to converge on Lake Hood this weekend for the second South Island Half Marathon. Event organiser John Moore said last year’s inaugural event attracted 716 competitors and as of early this week they’d hit the 750 mark for this year’s event, but by the time racing got under way they were hoping to have over 800 entries. A new feature of the event this year would be a hybrid half marathon, where competitors could run for a bit and walk for a bit. “This has proved popular with 133 people doing this. “Many of these may be stepping up from the walk,” Moore said. He said by the time supporters were added in, it was expected more than 1500 people would be at the lake for the event on Sunday. Competitors were coming

from far and wide to take part. Moore said only 103 of those who had registered by early this week had Mid Canterbury addresses, which meant the event was a great chance to showcase Ashburton and Lake Hood to people from out of town, and a great boost for the economy. “There are competitors from all over New Zealand with over 30 coming from the North Island and runners from Invercargill to Nelson in the South Island, with 315 having Christchurch addresses. They’ve even had runners from overseas, with addresses in the UK, Australia, South Africa, and the USA among the registrations. The walk and hybrid events start at 9.30am and runners start at 10am, while an event for the younger athletes, the KIDZ dash starts at 10.05am. That’s a 1.5km event. The 21km half marathon in-

cludes running, walking and the hybrid section, while there’s also a 1/6 marathon (7km) event also on offer.

The South Island Half Marathon attracts entries from all ages, and from all around New Zealand.

Crusaders end game looms large for Lions Through a combination of fitness and bench strike, the Crusaders have out-scored opponents by 26 tries to five in the final quarter across the season. The nearest any team comes to that in any quarter is the 24 to 12 achieved by the Lions themselves, in the second quarter of games. Crossing the Indian Ocean on Tuesday is likely to weary the legs of the visitors at the 60-minute mark, making their task of clinching a maiden crown even stiffer.

Mid Canterbury United will be hoping their stellar season continues when they take to the field for the second round of Mainland Football’s division two cup knockout competition today. Mid Canterbury United will take on Parklands United at the Ashburton Domain today, after beating Hornby 9-1 a week ago. Also with a championship win already under their belts are Methven FC Senior A. Today they play Burwood AFC at Methven. Both Methven and Mid Canterbury play at 2.30pm.

Sharp end looming


An ability to close games in merciless fashion is what sets the Crusaders apart from the Lions heading into the Super Rugby final. There will be countless factors stacked against the South African visitors in today’s decider in Christchurch but the most compelling is the Crusaders’ late-finishing power. It’s a weapon that looks potent enough to hand them a ninth title.

United still on a roll

While the Crusaders are shortpriced favourites to repeat their 2017 heroics, having seen off the Lions at Ellis Park a year ago, they’re taking little for granted. Star five-eighth Richie Mo’unga said there will be no let-up in their defensive focus, with coach Scott Robertson content to give his players leeway to improvise on attack. “There’s no real structure, we look up and play what we see,” Mo’unga said. “But defence wins

championships. We put it down to how much we want to work for each other. “We’re willing to work harder and longer.” Robertson, in his second year in charge, is yet to oversee a home Super Rugby loss. He was delighted Christchurch is hosting a final for the first time since 2008, when Robbie Deans’ team saw off the Waratahs in the last game of a triumphant coaching tenure. - AAP

With finals just around the corner, two Mid Canterbury senior hockey sides are looking to finish their round robin competitions on a high note today. As it stands, Wakanui top the senior men’s competition, while Hampstead top the senior women’s competition. Wakanui are at home for their final round robin game, taking on Cambridge, while Hampstead are on the road to Timaru today to take on a Craighead side currently fifth, but they’re taking nothing for granted with a home semi-final just around the corner. The Hampstead/ Collegians senior women’s side, are also at home, against Cambridge. That game will hit the turf at 1.30pm, followed by the Wakanui men at 3pm.

Razor a wanted man They play their home games in a stadium with the aesthetics of a car park and all the warmth of an abattoir, but there is hope on the horizon for the Crusaders and their loyal fans as far as a new base goes and reassurance too that their head coach Scott Robertson isn’t going anywhere. The 43-yearold former All Black and Crusader is already being talked about as an All Black coach and will have suitors lining up around the world, but he said he wants to sign an extension to his contract, and stay with his family in Christchurch.


Time for the green machine to hit top gear


t’s an old saying, a long time between drinks. But sometimes it is perfect for the situation. And it’s that situation the mighty green machine finds itself in right now, as in today. It was a about this time in 2006 that Nifty Prendergast held up the Watters Cup, but not by himself. Ironically he had to share that honour with James Carr, skipper of Southern, who happen to be Celtic’s opponents at the Ashburton Showgrounds today. On that occasion it was a day for the kickers, with no tries scored; a highly unlikely outcome today one would have thought. Celtic is a club with a proud Watters Cup history, although if you’d arrived in town in the last decade you might not know it. There’s been many prolonged battles with other clubs over the last few decades. It was Allenton for a while, with

Steve Devereux MY SHOUT

one memorable clash in the pouring rain, with every man tackling like demons (except for Mark Cousins, who tackled like two demons that day from memory) and slogged out an 8-6 win with a late try. Then there was a series of encounters with a stellar Tinwald team, featuring names like Frew, Smitheram, Hill, McCormick and Roulston. Collegiate turned up for a few years, when finally they got their amalgamation act together, with Ross Leadley driving his team around the paddock to pick up three Watters Cups.

But none of those teams are competing in top division any more, while the green machine rolls on. Back in the 70s you had Celtic teams featuring names like Campbell, Prendergast and ‘The Rock’ Harney in the front row, when you add the likes of Mick Hanham, Bruce White and Alan Grieve to that lot you’re going to win more than your fair share of Watters Cups. In the 80s it was Small, O’Grady and Hurley up front, with another, somewhat taller, O’Grady sharing engine room duties with Truck Lawrie, and a few Morrisons, a Langley, a Strange and still one A. Grieve in there flying the flag. But all that was a long time ago. There was the opportunity in 2012 to add another title, but that was snuffed out by the officials. Celtic was leading by a very handy margin, and a Des Kruger penalty would have sealed that

deal good and proper. They’ll deny it now, but I suspect there might be a few deathbed confessions from the Methven players standing behind the sticks that the penalty went over, but the flags stayed down. Methven, with Simon Fleetwood urging on his young charges, took the opportunity given and came roaring back, and left the showgrounds carrying the big prize. There’s a fair bit of history behind today’s players, but they are good enough to carry that weight. They proved that in the game earlier this year when combined competition favourites Southbridge came to Keenans Road, with the green pack being shaded, and the powerful Southbridge runners looking ominous all over the park. The home side must have had Cuz at practice that week though; they tackled and tackled and

tackled, and took their meagre chances when they could, until the final whistle blew with the greens still hanging on to record a memorable victory. They may have to repeat that performance today. From a completely unbiased point of view, Celtic is obviously the best club in town. It has a wide-ranging, go-ahead committee which presides over a superb grounds and clubrooms, the squash club is thriving and has many an interclub pennant on the wall from recent seasons, and the netball girls are sweeping all before them, so much so that the Celtic B team has also made the top grade. Over recent seasons there has in fact only one thing been missing, and that’s the cherry on top of the cake, the Watters Cup. Today a fine group of young men in green will rectify that glaring omission.




Ashburton Guardian 23

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Forbury harness Tomorrow at Forbury Park Raceway

Forbury Park Trotting Club Inc Venue: Forbury Park Date: 5 7 5 Nanelle Franco (7) fr ............... C D Thornley Aug 2018 NZ Meeting number: 7 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 8 07805 Amira (8) fr ...........................S Tomlinson (J) 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8 Trebles: 2, 3 and 4; 6, 7 and 8 9 Midnight Party (9) fr ......................B Orange 1 12.24pm JUST ESSENCE HANDICAP TROT $7000, 3 1.29pm SPEIGHTS HANDICAP PACE $8000, r40+ non-winners & up-r42 w/c spechcp, stand, 2200m discrhcp, stand, 2700m 1 7747 Danielle Marie (1) fr .................B Williamson 1 540P0 Billy Klondike (U1) fr..............B Laughton (J) 2 44422 Pat The Monkey (2) fr............. J Morrison (J) 2 9403x Hit The Sky (1) 20M ......................B Orange 3 0356x Amabede (3) fr .....................S Tomlinson (J) 3 36491 Rozzano (2) 20M .......................C Ferguson 4 6 Whangamata (4) fr ......................B McLellan 4 50114 Rainy River (3) 20M .................. C McDowell 5 74646 Edesia (5) fr .................................. K Butt (J) 5 11434 Bettor Sensation (4) 20M .........B Williamson 6 x69x5 Matai Jetstar (6) fr ............................ A Milne 6 12236 Machie Mach (U1) 20M..............R McIlwrick 7 470x4 Rydgemont Son (U1) fr ........... M Williamson 7 54233 Donegal Carrickfin (1) 30M ....... R Houghton 8 00607 Barham Belle (1) 30M ...............E Barron (J) 4 2.04 EQUINOX RESTAURANT AT FORBURY PARK 2 12.54pm FORBURY PARK SPORTS BAR PACE MOBILE PACE $7000, non-winners, 2200m $7000, non-winners, stand, 2200m 1 05972 Nicky Anew (1) fr .............................. D Dunn 1 3839x Days Of Redemption (1) fr .......B Williamson 2 90097 Mach O’Melley (2) fr ...................... A Armour 2 60303 Tin Roof Blues (2) fr .................. C McDowell 3 5x252 Ideal Draw (3) fr ...................... C D Thornley 3 5x865 Sefton Hooligan (3) fr ............B Laughton (J) 4 48268 Tom Rule (4) fr .........................B Williamson 4 06x8 Last Harah (4) fr ..........................B McLellan 5 57 Candidasa (5) fr .........................R McIlwrick 5 04334 Onedin Express (5) fr ....................... D Dunn 6 22325 Jamies Bad Boy (6) fr............. J Morrison (J) 6 09442 Armstrong (6) fr ....................... M Williamson 7 50046 Better Galleon (7) fr .............S Tomlinson (J)


6 60008 Nerve Of Steel (6) fr .................B Williamson 8 4 Phoebe’s Delight (8) fr ..................B Orange 7 1980x Hurricane Banner (7) fr ........S Tomlinson (J) 9 89x80 Jingle Jingle (21) fr.................. M Williamson 8 10x04 Ferritts Sister (8) fr .....................R McIlwrick 10 06555 The Last Straw (22) fr ............... R Houghton 9 14933 Command Lustre (21) fr ................... D Dunn 11 082 Old Luke (U1) fr ..........................B McLellan 5 2.39pm DUNEDIN CITY MOTORS MOBILE PACE 7 3.50pm CUE PRODUCTIONS LTD HANDICAP TROT $8000, 3yo+ r54-r58., mobile, 2200m $8000, r40-r80 discrhcp, stand, 2700m 1 74415 Bub’s VC (1) fr ............................C Ferguson 1 x0959 Westar Bella (1) fr ................... N Williamson 2 1545P Bettor B Ready (2) fr ............... N Williamson 2 15233 Bono Hest (2) fr.........................E Barron (J) 3 74100 Port Delight (3) fr.............................J W Cox 3 51470 Muscle Pat (3) fr .......................B Williamson 4 9756x Balius (4) fr...........................S Tomlinson (J) 4 52645 Imran Khan (4) fr ........................... K Butt (J) 5 06121 Omar Sharif (5) fr ..........................B Orange 5 71322 Dusky Eyre (1) 15M ......................B Orange 6 72212 Mr Midnight (6) fr......................B Williamson 6 12416 Kiwi Crusher (U1) 15M..................... D Dunn 7 30005 The Manipulator (7) fr ............. M Williamson 7 38421 Trick Star (1) 25M.................... C D Thornley 8 214 Motu Top Mach (8) fr ........................ D Dunn 8 x278x Give Me Strength (2) 25M ....S Tomlinson (J) 6 3.14 DUNCAN COTTERILL MOBILE PACE $7500, 9 51158 Madison Jane (3) 25M .............. C Purvis (J) 10 7x414 Pyramid Magic (1) 35M ........... M Williamson r50-r53., mobile, 2200m 1 75562 Clifton Tactic (1) fr ..................... L McKay (J) 8 4.24pm NEXT RACEMEETING 2ND SEPTEMBER 2 84851 Ivana Legacy (2) fr .....................C Ferguson 2018 MOBILE PACE $7500, r40-r49., mobile, 2200m 1 000x5 Eye Candy (1) fr ..............................B Munro 3 09831 Be Holme By Three (3) fr ........ N Williamson 2 70009 Neve Franco (2) fr ......................R McIlwrick 4 x6666 Kamwood Kid (4) fr .......................B Orange 3 02319 Olde Oak Emma (3) fr ................... K Butt (J) 5 77781 Aveross Ferrari (5) fr .................M Hurrell (J)

Tomorrow at Manukau Stadium

10 26241 Guru’s Choice 18.80 ....................K Williams 3.42pm QUALIFIED PET SERVICES SPRINT C4/5, 318m 1 23518 Harry Brown 18.43 ....................... H Mullane 2 24165 Classy Impact 18.35 ....................... T Green 3 14135 Alex Attack 18.38 U & .......................Cottam 4 17622 Cameo Syd nwtd...............................B Craik 5 21423 Formation 18.25 ................................B Craik 6 11451 Kiwi Boy 18.37 U & ...........................Cottam 7 53442 Obstinatus 18.25 R & ..................N O’Regan 8 84311 Just As Gentle 18.50..................M Mathews 9 63573 Brotastic 18.57 ..................................B Craik 10 55F72 Raging Demon 18.26 R & ...................L Udy 10 3.59pm PUMP & ENGINEERING SERVICES LTD STAKES C1, 527m 1 75234 Jack No Lag 30.92 ......................... Y Castro 2 35844 Wee Meredith 31.46 ........................ L Martin 3 2455F Jin Jin nwtd .................................... G Farrell 4 32383 Little Bit Silly 30.80 S H & .................G Hunt 5 11587 Dangerous Motion nwtd W & ..........T Steele 6 63265 Bigtime Welldone 30.65 R & .......N O’Regan 7 73764 Cerrone Bale nwtd W &...................T Steele 8 63512 Wairoa Wolf nwtd ......................... H Mullane 9 78x88 Wairoa Jacko 30.92...................... H Mullane 11 4.16pm CAROL’S TAB CLENDON INN STAKES C4, 527m 1 31788 Wairoa Angel nwtd ....................... H Mullane 2 25663 Kiwi Gal 30.59 U & ............................Cottam 3 46534 Very Choosy 30.80.........................P Henley 4 12F12 Victini 30.77 ...................................C Henley 5 25252 Sue Zooki 30.50 .............................. T Green


Daily Events 7.30am RUN AND WALK ASHBURTON. Rise and Shine Saturday runners meet at Frontrunner, 7.30am sharp. 28 Moore Street. 9.30am - 12.30pm THE ASHBURTON TOY LIBRARY INC.

SUNDAY 8.30am ASHBURTON STROLLERS CLUB. A great winter walk at Lake Emma, all welcome, phone Jenny 308-6862. Meet Ashburton Courthouse, Baring Square West. 8.30am HOLY SPIRIT CHURCH. Mass, Holy Spirit Church, Thomson Street, Tinwald. 9.30am ASHBURTON METHODIST PARISH. Morning worship with Tevita Taufalele. Baring Square East.

MONDAY 6am ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Sweaty Bettys circuit training in hall, 48 Allens Road. 10am MT HUTT MEMORIAL HALL. NZ Alpine and Agriculture Encounter, Art Gallery and hall of memories. 160

Race 1: Pat The Monkey, Edesia, Rydgemont Son, Matai Jetstar Race 2: Nanelle Franco, Onedin Express, Days Of Redemption Race 3: Donegal Carrickfin, Hit The Sky, Rozzano, Rainy River Race 4: Ideal Draw, Phoebe’s Delight, Nicky Anew, Old Luke Race 5: Bettor B Ready, Motu Top Mach, Mr Midnight Race 6: Kamwood Kid, Command Lustre, Ferritts Sister Race 7: Pyramid Magic, Dusky Eyre, Madison Jane Race 8: Westar Sam, Olde Oak Emma, Essence Of Easton LEGEND: X - Spell from racing of at least 3 months P - Retired (or pulled up) from race L - Driver unseated U1 - Unruly beginner {C} - Concession driver {} - Claiming concession driver which allows horse to start one class down

Auckland dogs

Auckland Greyhound Racing Club Venue: Manukau Stadium 4 21234 Epic Force 18.63 .......................... H Mullane 2 47343 Bigtime Donny nwtd ..................... H Mullane Meeting Date: 05 Aug 2018 NZ Meeting number: 9 Doubles: 5 51116 C’est L’Amour 18.95 ..........................B Craik 3 45274 Jetsun Swan nwtd ..........................G Wilson 2 and 3; 4 and 5; 6 and 7; 8 and 9; 10 and 11; 12 and 13 6 18754 Ken Wilde 18.53 ........................... H Mullane 4 x4825 Beltom 30.42 .....................................B Craik Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 11, 12 and 13 5 88857 Bigtime Tyson nwtd R & ..............N O’Regan 7 44431 Ekali 18.42 ..................................... G Farrell 6 16567 Star Mechanic nwtd ....................... L A Hunt 8 65617 Pepper’s Choice 18.82 .................K Williams 1 1.21pm WELCOME TO THE MANUKAU SPORTS7 84415 Bear Claws 31.36 W & ....................T Steele 9 71127 Fancy Chap 18.65 ..........................C Henley BOWL SPRINT C0, 318m 8 52342 Electric Dee Eye 30.71 ...................P Green 1 3 Thrilling Ivy nwtd ............................. K Walsh 10 87625 Bright Concept 19.03 R & ...................L Udy 2 88457 Tribal Conquest nwtd R & ...................L Udy 4 2.14 DELI’S SPORTS BAR CLENDON INN STAKES 9 78x88 Wairoa Jacko 30.92...................... H Mullane 3 7757 Saint Ivan nwtd...............................C Henley C2, 527m 7 3.06 GRNZ AWARDS CONFERENCE 13/10 SPRINT 4 62556 Pukekohe Smurf nwtd ...................H R Scott 1 27441 Yooldome 30.59 ............................. G Farrell C1, 318m 5 4 Manicorn nwtd...................................B Craik 1 85682 Jetsun Stampede nwtd ..................G Wilson 2 21626 Botany Wayne nwtd ........................P Green 6 75352 Riccitelli nwtd ................................A Cleaver 2 56433 Bigtime Winnie nwtd A & .................Williams 3 37216 Jinja Bailey 30.65 U & .......................Cottam 7 787 Star Valuer nwtd W & ......................T Steele 3 27643 Bigtime Moola 18.60 R & ....................L Udy 4 66288 Atomic Missile 31.27 .................... H Mullane 8 46668 Bigtime Claws nwtd A & ..................Williams 4 35523 Drury 18.41 ...................................A Cleaver 5 26557 Token Jasper 30.92 .......................... S Clark 9 6 Thrilling Katie nwtd.......................... K Walsh 5 25822 Billy Bullet 18.68 ...........................H R Scott 6 21363 Opawa Loyal 31.12 .......................... S Clark 2 1.38 GREYHOUND FUNCTION CENTRE STAKES 7 24135 Hey Khali 31.20 U &..........................Cottam 6 25556 Just A Matthew 18.73.......................M Black 7 66655 Cawbourne Gonski nwtd ................ I George 8 17F55 Oscar Tron 30.50 S H & ....................G Hunt C0, 527m 8 43172 Mighty Mezz 18.87 R & ...............N O’Regan 9 14586 Deception Diva 30.81 W & ..............T Steele 1 84555 Jellybean Junkie nwtd ..................R McPhee 2 22263 Jetsun Woody nwtd ........................G Wilson 5 2.31pm HEWLETT ELECTRICAL SPRINT C4, 318m 9 68785 Magnetude Eight nwtd .................R McPhee 3 2 Heart Shaped Box nwtd ....................B Craik 1 34164 Bodyguard 18.66...............................B Craik 10 78846 Microphone 19.07 .......................... L A Hunt 4 8846 Wairoa Spider nwtd ...................... H Mullane 2 34721 Amazing Contact 18.67.....................B Bond 8 3.23pm $20,000 GUARANTEED PICK6 SPRINT C2, 5 Capulet nwtd .....................................B Craik 3 11876 Fantastic Lucy 18.22 ......................C Henley 318m 6 53321 Wairoa Arna nwtd ........................ H Mullane 1 17685 Spider Phil 18.75 R &..................N O’Regan 4 46548 Powerful Lomar nwtd ........................B Craik 7 37754 Tilly Toodle nwtd............................... S Clark 2 3x425 Trixie Lee nwtd ............................... S O’Neill 5 62157 On Fleek 18.56 .................................B Craik 8 88x63 Jetsun Angel nwtd..........................G Wilson 3 838x6 Wairoa Bonnie 18.61.................... H Mullane 6 54722 Retired Mouse 18.71....................... T Green 9 867 Pepper’s Polka nwtd .......................C Henley 4 44463 Mobility Scooter 18.81 .....................M Black 7 42331 Guru Secret 18.65........................K Williams 3 1.57 SPEEDMAPS ON TAB MOBILE APP SPRINT 8 62713 Jinja Mongo 18.58 W & ...................T Steele 5 31143 Cawbourne Cool 18.77 ..............K T Herbert 6 32312 Hows Your Mum 18.62 ....................S Codlin 9 12834 Waerenga Star 18.63 U & .................Cottam C2, 318m 7 433F8 Gotcha Millie nwtd........................ H Mullane 1 86134 Simple Request 18.58.......................B Bond 10 31864 Out Of Paper 18.81 ......................... T Green 8 86111 It’s Pawsible 18.85 ..........................P Green 2 85822 Crackle 19.08 ................................. L A Hunt 6 2.48pm MT WELLINGTON TAB STAKES C1, 527m 9 28717 Snoopy’s Hero 19.05 .......................... D Ray 3 87771 Dyna Ulysses nwtd .........................R Roper 1 21222 Jinja Twist 31.21 W & ......................T Steele


4 05842 Honey Cullen (4) fr ......................T Dewe (J) 5 94994 Essence Of Easton (5) fr.................. D Dunn 6 18x70 Onhightogether (6) fr.....................B Orange 7 8000x Tuherbs Two (7) fr ................S Tomlinson (J) 8 4x005 Tetrick (8) fr .................................B McLellan 9 72572 Alexy (21) fr ............................... C Purvis (J) 10 36578 Westar Sam (22) fr ...................B Williamson Pacifiers off : Barham Belle (R1) SELECTIONS

6 7 8 9 10

11866 Secret Rory 30.98 .......................... G Farrell 63321 Noah Who 30.52 .......................... H Mullane 56626 Global Conquest 30.27 W &............T Steele 13447 Go Angel 31.01 .............................. G Farrell 27367 El Narco 30.69 ................................P Green 12 4.34pm LAST ONE STANDING COMPETITION 12 AUGUST SPRINT C3, 318m 1 73231 On Demand 18.54............................M Black 2 68526 Vee Marina 18.78 U & .......................Cottam 3 57653 Mad Harry 18.47 .............................S Codlin 4 35138 On Da Quest 18.79 R & ......................L Udy 5 57472 Leroy Spirit 18.49 ............................S Codlin 6 33464 Nangar Panther 18.53 ....................C Henley 7 73376 Jetsun Jamie 18.72 ........................G Wilson 8 87864 Bruce Banner 18.71 ..................... H Mullane 9 75667 Bigtime Pink nwtd ........................ H Mullane 10 77787 Ima Lucky Zarr 18.60 U & .................Cottam 13 4.52pm JACK’S WHOLESALE MEATS SPRINT C1, 318m 1 47378 Twelve Gauge 19.10 ........................M Black 2 57577 It’s The Lovely 18.87 ........................M Black 3 56231 Fishing For Lisa 19.01.................. H Mullane 4 73573 Jetsun Bear 18.66 ..........................G Wilson 5 23243 Yella Ella nwtd R & ..............................L Udy 6 83585 All Hail Caesar 18.58 U & .................Cottam 7 36787 Alf Tupper nwtd .............................. L A Hunt 8 47348 Agistri 18.68 S H &............................G Hunt 9 76685 Parra Eels 18.97 R & ..................N O’Regan 10 55856 Agbeze 18.98 ................................A Cleaver LEGEND: fsdt - First Start Here nwd - No Win this Distance fstd - First Start This Distance 31 13 - Best Winning Time This Track

August 4, 5 & 6 2018 Open for toy exchange, 106 Victoria Street in the Triangle. 10am MT HUTT MEMORIAL HALL. NZ Alpine and Agriculture Encounter, Art Gallery and hall of memories. 160 Main Street, Methven. 10am - 12pm ASHBURTON VINTAGE CAR CLUB.

Museum and parts shed open. 86 Maronan Road, Tinwald. 10am - 3pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. A great selection of many aircraft from the past to the future. Ashburton Airport, Seafield Road. 10am - 4pm METHVEN CRAFT FAIR.

Fantastic arts and crafts stalls, Devonshire teas, Methven Playcentre fundraiser, Saturday and Sunday. Mt Hutt Memorial Hall, Main Street, Methven. 10.30am ASHBURTON EMBROIDERERS GUILD. Stitch and chat, Senior Centre, Cameron Street.

1pm MID CANTERBURY SOCIAL WHEELERS. 1pm registration, 1.30pm sharp start. Fords Road, Tinwald. 1.30pm RUN AND WALK ASHBURTON. Afternoon Social Meet hosted from 3 Country Place, Allenton, visit our facebook page for details.

9.30am ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Worship service led by Rev Henry Mbambo, 48 Allens Road, Allenton. 10am MT HUTT MEMORIAL HALL. NZ Alpine and Agriculture Encounter, Art Gallery and Hall of Memories. 160 Main Street, Methven. 10am ST ANDREW’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Morning worship, Sinclair Centre, Park Street. 10am

ST PAUL’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Morning worship in St Paul’s Church hall led by Valmai McKenzie and the worship team, all welcome. 65 Oxford Street. 10am ST ANDREW’S ANGLICAN CHURCH. Holy Communion, Thomson Street, Tinwald. 10am ST STEPHEN’S ANGLICAN CHURCH. All Ages and Holy Communion, Park Street. 10am

ASHBURTON BAPTIST CHURCH. Morning service, all welcome. 67 Cass Street. 10am - 4pm METHVEN CRAFT FAIR. Fantastic arts and crafts stalls, Devonshire teas, Methven Playcentre fundraiser, Saturday and Sunday. Mt Hutt Memorial Hall, Main Street, Methven. 10.30am VICTORY BAPTIST CHURCH. Worship God and study his word. 131 Thomson Street, (Tinwald School hall). 10.30am

GRACE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Worshipping God and transforming lives. 63 Princes Street, Netherby. 1pm - 3pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. A great selection of many aircraft from the past to the future. Ashburton airport, Seafield Road. 5pm ST STEPHEN’S ANGLICAN CHURCH. Evensong, Park Street. 7pm VICTORY BAPTIST CHURCH. Worship God and study his word. 131 Thomson Street, (Tinwald School hall).

Main Street, Methven. 10am - 3pm AGE CONCERN, 206 CLUB. Fun fill days for 60 years and older, for more information ring 308-6817. Cameron Street. (excludes public holidays). 12pm - 1pm ASHBURTON BAPTIST CHURCH. A Free lunch. Ashburton Baptist

Church, Cass Street. 1pm WAIREKA CROQUET CLUB. Weekly Mahjong, counting, come and enjoy! Waireka Croquet Club, The Domain, Philip Street. 1pm - 3pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. A great selection of many aircraft from the past to the future. Seafield Road.

1pm - 4pm ASHBURTON DISTRICT FAMILY HISTORY GROUP. Open for research. Heritage Centre, 327 West Street. 6pm BOOTCAMP. Catering for all levels of fitness. Walnut Avenue Pavilion. Contact Georgia 0276888686 or Aleisha 0278489309.

6pm ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Sweaty Bettys circuit training in hall, 48 Allens Road. 7.30pm CATHOLIC WOMENS LEAGUE. Euchre evening, new players welcome. Holy Name Pastoral Centre, Cnr Winter Street and Burnett Street. (every Monday, excludes public holidays).

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Saturday, August 4, 2018



Ladies Winter Sale


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Victims Support Group

24 hr - Freephone 0800 VICTIM (0800 842 846) For weekend and emergency services please phone 302 Direct dials to a volunteer. 8105 for details on how to access the after-hours service Ashburton Office - 307 8409 week-days, 9am - 2pm each weekend. outside of these hours leave a message.

Methven & Rakaia Area


Alcohol Drug Help Line

Wises Pharmacy, Countdown Complex, East Street, will Call us free on (0800 787 797). be open from 9am - 1pm Saturday, from 10am - 1pm Sunday Lines open 10am - 10pm seven days. and from 5pm - 7pm both days. Lifeline - Toll-Free: 0800 353 353.

DIAL 111 in the event of a Medical or Accident Emergency


327 West Street, Ashburton, phone 308 1133. Open daily: 10am – 4pm - Wednesday: 10am – 7pm


Ashburton Museum

Dog, Stock & Noise Control

327 West Street, Ashburton, phone 307 7890. Open daily: 10am – 4pm

Ashburton Public Library

Havelock Street. Ph 308 7192. Saturday: 10am - 1pm. Sunday: 1pm - 4pm.


Ashburton District Council 03 307 7700 - 24h service.

Mid Canterbury SPCA

WEEKEND EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBER: All enquiries - 308 4432.

Mid Canterbury Animal Shelter -

Contact - President 021 1356 969. 20 River Terrace - Phone 03 308 4020. WEEKEND HOURS: Veterinarians Sat & Sun 7am - 7pm. Public Holidays 10am - 5pm. CANTERBURY VETS - Ph 03 307 0686, Mail Closing Times West Street Clinic, West Street, Ashburton. Saturday clinic: ASHBURTON MAIL CENTRE 9am - 12 noon. Weekend emergencies: Steve Williams. STANDARD POST: Mon - Fri 6pm ASHBURTON VETS - Ph 0276 838 000, POST DELIVERY CENTRES 149 Cameron Street, Ashburton: Duty vet: Ben Hallenstein. Allenton & Tinwald: Mon - Fri 5pm Full emergency service all weekend. Methven & Rakaia: Mon - Fri 4.30pm VET ENT RIVERSIDE - Ph 03 308 2321, ASHBURTON’S STREET RECEIVERS 1 Smallbone Drive, Ashburton. Saturday clinic: 9am - 12 Business Area: Mon - Fri 5pm noon. Weekend 24-hour emergencies. Residential Area: Mon - Fri 1pm VETLIFE ASHBURTON - Ph 03 307 5195, Information Centres Cnr East Street and Seafield Road, Ashburton. Saturday Methven - Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays 10am until clinic: 9am - 12 noon. Weekend 24-hour emergencies. 3pm. Phone 302-8955 or

EA Networks Centre - Pools

Bus Departures

Reservations & timetables, 24-hour service.


Freephone for reservations: 0800 802 802. BUSES - Southbound: 9.30am, 3.20pm. Northbound: 12.30pm, 5.10pm.

Vet Ent and Vet Life operate a joint after-hours SMALL animal emergency service. To use this service please phone your vet as usual.

Classifieds 26 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, August 4, 2018



Spray Marks is a professional, committed, friendly team who are passionate about road safety and quality. We are looking for enthusiastic individuals based in Canterbury/ Kaikoura willing to learn new skills and work flexible hours, in the following positions:



• Be part of New Zealand’s largest banking team!

Traffic Controllers SKILLS/ATTRIBUTES:

Full Class 1 Drivers Licence (ideally) or international equivalent NZ Residency or a valid work visa Strong communication skills Reliable and trustworthy Physically fit

Labourers/Assistants Road Marking Operators SKILLS/ATTRIBUTES: SKILLS/ATTRIBUTES: A current Class 2 Full driver’s licence A current Class 2 Full driver’s licence with D endorsement (ideally) (or working toward) A current STMS or TC qualification A current STMS or TC qualification Previous experience as an operator Flexibility about when and where A good level of physical fitness you work – sometimes extended hours, travel and a mixture of night Reliability and a strong work ethic A passion for quality road marking and day work is required A good level of physical fitness Reliability and strong work ethic

• Be part career of New Zealand’s largestopportunities banking team! • Excellent development • Excellent career development opportunities • Competitive salary and attractive benefits • Competitive salary and attractive benefits

We are seeking a motivated individual to join our Ashburton Service We are seeking a motivated individual to join our Ashburton Service Team. Team.

You may be a star in your current industry and looking for your next You may be a star in your current industry and looking for your next challenge, or or recently ed and andlooking looking right organisation challenge, recentlyqualifi qualified forfor thethe right organisation to kick start your career. to kick start your career. As New Zealand’slargest largest bank, more bankers in more locations, As New Zealand’s bank,with with more bankers in more we have more opportunities for career advancement. If this sounds If locations, we have more opportunities for career advancement. appealingappealing then we want to talk you!to talk to you! this sounds then we to want Prior banking experience is not essential, however successful

The candidates ideal candidate will: will:

Spray Marks offers ongoing training and development, and competitive hourly rates. Pre-employment drug testing is mandatory.

Apply online at or phone Alisha Murdoch on 0800 101 373

• Be•passionate customer service! Be passionateabout about excellent excellent customer service! • Have prior experience in fi nancial services, preferably • Strong communication, negotiation and interpersonal skills within the retail• Want banking sector to help individuals and businesses achieve their goals • Have and interpersonal • Bestrong seekingcommunication, a role with multiplenegotiation career progression opportunities skills • Want to help individuals andand businesses achieve their goals • Have a pleasant disposition a positive can-do attitude

Fashion Sales Person CanInspire Charitable Trust National Coordinator The CanInspire Charitable Trust was founded in 2010 with the intention of providing workshops for those affected by illness, trauma or loss. The workshops consist of jewellery making (CanBead) and fly fishing (CanTackle) and provide a distraction, a sense of purpose and of accomplishment in a supportive and caring environment. The Trust employs workshop tutors and also relies heavily on a large number of dedicated volunteers. Our National Coordinator is moving on and we are looking to replace her to oversee the day to day work of the Trust, its Tutors and Volunteers. We are seeking applicants who have the following attributes: • Ability to build an excellent public profile • Ability to build and maintain relationships at all levels • Excellent verbal and written communication skills • An interest, passion and commitment to supporting people in need • Ability to develop project plans and give effect to those plans • An ability to seek funding and sponsorship • Ability to recruit, train and support volunteers • Excellent organisational and time management skills • An ability to work in a flexible manner • Experience in NGO sector is preferred, but not necessary Based in Ashburton, your role would be to grow, promote and coordinate the activities of CanInspire, organising and liaising with Tutors and Volunteers across New Zealand and developing new partnerships and opportunities to support this work. This role is multi-faceted and will involve administrative duties through to oversight of our work Nationally.

We have an exciting position available in our Men’s and Women’s Clothing and Footwear Store. If you enjoy people, clothing and fashion, want to work for a well established family company, be part of a dedicated, talented team, then we want to hear from you. At Sparrows our clothing and customer service is what sets us apart and we are looking for a person who has the ability to understand customer needs and will ensure their in-store experience is a memorable one. Hours are flexible, however they will include rostered weekend hours. If this sounds like you then please email your CV to: Applications close on Sunday, August 12, 2018.

This position is for 16 hours per week and will be based at Community House Mid Canterbury. Some travel may be required. For an application pack please contact Coby Snowden at: Community House, 44 Cass Street, Ashburton Applications close Friday, August 17 at 4pm


Fulton Hogan Ashburton branch is looking for an experienced Administrator to join their team. Do you have: • Ability to work in a small team environment • Flexibility to take on additional tasks when others are on leave • Customer centric • Positive can do attitude If this sounds like you, give Christina a call on 03 336 5141 or 027 801 0056.

A part time bar person/ cleaner is required at Ashburton Golf Club. Hours per week can vary with a minimum of approx 10 hours per week standard over the winter months and up to 20 during the summer. A Bar Manager’s licence or the ability to get a licence and previous bar experience an advantage for this position. The position could be job shared or separated to bar person and cleaner. Please contact: The secretary in the first instance on 03 308 6371 or email admin@ashburtongolf.

03 307 9028

Stock Driver and Fertiliser Driver Required Hobbs & Banks Ltd is a rural based company which operates a modern fleet of trucks based in Geraldine and Mayfield. We are looking for an experienced class 5 Stock Driver and a Fertiliser Spreader Driver to work out of its Mayfield Transport site. Suitable candidates will have: • A full and current class 5 truck and trailer licence • Relevant driving experience (additional training will be given) • Self-motivation and a can-do attitude • Map reading abilities • Strong focus on HSAW Act 2016 • Flexibility with working hours Training will be given into the operation of vehicles, GPS and spreading computers. The positions would suit drivers domiciled in Mid/ South Canterbury. Top remuneration paid to the successful applicants. Please phone Mick 027 435 4371 regarding the Stock position and Tony 027 432 5381 regarding the Fertiliser position. Alternatively CVs can be emailed to or posted to PO Box 29, Geraldine 7956. Please clearly state which position you are applying for. Applications close August 20, 2018.

• BeAt seeking role with multiple career progression opportunities ANZ weaaim to create a work environment where employee differences such as a gender, age, culture, disability, sexual orientation, • Have a pleasant disposition and a positive can-do attitude family and caring responsibilities and religion are valued.

At ANZ we aim to create a work environment where employee Please apply online at quoting job differences such as aNEW031886. gender, age, culture, disability, sexual reference number orientation, family and caring responsibilities and religion are valued. Applications close: 27/05/2018

ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited.

Please apply online at quoting job reference number NEW032775. Applications close: 07/08/2018

Service Manager Cochranes is a family owned and operated Farm Machinery Company which has been in business for over 66 years, we are focused on providing local farmers with quality products and service. We are looking to recruit a full time Service Manager to be based at our Ashburton branch. The following skills and expertise are required: •Excellent understanding of agricultural machinery •Diesel mechanic certificate preferable but not essential •Good computer skills •Ability to prioritise and work to deadlines •Able to liaise with staff and customers and have a strong customer focus •Excellent problem solving skills and a proactive attitude •Able to work extended hours when required A competitive remuneration package including a vehicle will be negotiated with the successful candidate. If you are a motivated and trustworthy team player looking to join a reputable company then we would like to hear from you. Confidentiality of all applicants will be respected. Apply today to : Graeme Moore Cochranes Email : Phone: 0274 332 585

Guardian Situations Vacant

307 7900



The BCI Scheme requires the services of a methodical and analytical minded person to join the planning team, whose core role is to ensure the daily irrigator demand for water is met and compliance is achieved. This role will be based in our new Ashburton office and requires the successful candidate to: • Compute the daily demand and match with supply from various sources. • Prepare daily and monthly usage and compliance reports. • Be available for roster some weekends. The applicant will have good computer skills, be a great communicator, and enjoy working in a small team environment. The BCI Scheme would also benefit from a candidate with skills in graphic design, communications, GIS / spatial analysis, or with general IT brilliance. Applications close August 20, 2018. For a full job description and to provide CV contact: Helen Stanger Barrhill Chertsey Irrigation Ltd 326 Burnett Street, Ashburton 7700 03 975 8547

Rural Transport Ltd is seeking a dynamic, outgoing person to replace our retiring ‘on the road’ salesman. This position is best suited to, but not exclusively, someone from the transport industry with a ‘rural’ background and preferably with some farming knowledge that can communicate well with farmers and their staff. The position also involves offering transport solutions to other industry groups involved in the primary sector. Key attributes an applicant must have are: • Excellent communication skills with customers from diverse primary businesses • The ability to present transport solutions information, both written and orally • Knowledge of customers and their transport requirements • Be well presented and conduct themselves in a professional manner For further information or to apply in confidence please contact: Rhys Young PO Box 104, Ashburton 7740 03 308 4079 or 027 593 2142

Some plumbing fittings have potential for minute traces of metals to accumulate in water that has been in the fitting for several hours. Although the health risk is small, the Ministry of Health recommends you run a mugful of water through your drinking water tap each morning before use to remove any metals that may have dissolved from plumbing fittings. We recommend this simple precaution for all households, including those on public and private water supplies. This notice is issued by Ashburton District Council on behalf of the Director - General of Health, Ministry of Health.



Retail Supervisor We are a large Tourist Retail shop based in Ashburton. The majority of our customers are from Asia, thus the applicant should have: • Experience in the tourism/hospitality industry • Excellent organization and multi-tasking skills • The ability to work well under pressure • And preferably be able to speak and write Chinese (Mandarin) to liaise with overseas agencies. The applicant will be required to promote our shop and the stock we sell to our potential customers. The applicant should meet the following criteria: 1. Have at least 2 years experience as a Sales. 2. Ability to speak one other Asian language, preferably Mandarin or Taiwanese Please send a current CV to: Farmers Corner Ltd. PO Box 497, Ashburton 7740 or email to

Casual Bar Person required at the Ashburton RSA. Bar Managers Licence an advantage.

SHIPPING container wanted, needs to be water tight. Phone Mitch 027 3131 320.


 Housing  Commercial  Farm  Renovations Contact Des anytime for an obligation free quote on 03 308 9936 or 027 432 3258

Ashburton Speedway Association (Inc) The Annual General Meeting Will be held at the clubrooms, Seafield Road, Ashburton On Sunday, August 12, 2018, 2pm --- Business --Presidents report Financial report Election of officers and committee Setting subscriptions and fees for coming year General business Nominations for officers and committee to be received by the Secretary by August 6, 2018. Alister Glassey, Secretary ashspeedway@

Ashburton Branch Manchester Unity Annual General Meeting Tuesday, August 7, 2018 - 5pm at St John Meeting Room, 241 Tancred Street, Ashburton. All members welcome to attend. Followed by subsidised dinner at The Stables, Tinwald. Please book 03 307 7586


SATURDAY, August 4, 9am. Household lot of furniture, gardening tools, wheelbarrow, power and hand tools, kitchen ware, some commercial items. Everything Must Go. Trevors Road, Beach Road end, sign out.


FIREWOOD, semi dry old man pine $200. Dry blue gum $350. Dry old man pine $240. All 3.6m³. Phone Shane James 027 611 3334.

SCOOTERS - new and secondhand three and four wheel electric scooters and wheel chairs. Call Fred HIRE Reddecliffe at Electric GENERAL hire. Lawn- Mobility Ashburton today. mowers, chainsaws, concrete Phone 308-3602 breakers, trailers, and more. All your DIY / party hire, call ADULT and see Ashburton U-Hire. 588 East Street. Open Mon- ENTERTAINMENT Fri 7.00 - 6.00pm; Sat 7.30am LILY - Beautiful sexy Asian - 5.00pm; Sunday 8.30am - lady, 34 DD cup, busty, size 12.30pm. – Ph: 308 8061 8. Professional massage, in/out calls. Phone 021 046 4314.


LAMB grazing required. ACCOMMODATION, Grass preferred, other feeds considered. Phone Ian 0272 RENTAL Please drop CV at: FOUR bedroom, two 302 188. RSA or email bathroom. Modern dwelling to RURAL TRADING POST rent in Allenton. Phone 027 AMSOIL SYNTHETIC 693 8845. COMPUTER PROBLEMS?? LUBRICANTS - All oils, For reliable computer repairs, greases, fuel additives, filters, For all subscriber plus professional laser antifreeze, car polish, V & L engraving service, see Kelvin cleaner, tyre cleaner, rust enquiries, missed at KJB Systems, 4 Ascot bust, rain clear, engine Place. Phone 308 8989. cleaner and more. Call local deliveries, new Veehof phone 302 Proudly|serving Ashburton for distributor: Level 2, 73 Burnett St, Ashburton Members I.B.A.N.Z & & Brokernet Ltd. NZ Ltd. Level 2, 73 Burnett St, Ashburton Members of NZBrokers I.B.A.N.Z & NZ Brokernet 2, 73 Burnett St, Ashburton | Members of|of I.B.A.N.Z Level Level 2, 73 Burnett St, Ashburton |30Members of I.B.A.N.Z & Brokernet NZ Ltd. subscriptions, temporary years. Same day service if 2911. Supergold discount Level 2,–73text, Burnett Members of I.B.A.N.Z & Brokernet NZ Ltd. GUARDIAN stops callSt,orAshburton email: |possible. card welcomed. PLANTS, PRODUCE FRESH fruit and vegetables DENTURES. Dr Peter delivered to your door in Rumping, retired dentist, Ashburton and Rakaia. continues to provide full Plastic free boxes from $20. dentures. Repairs to existing Photos and reviews on dentures also available. Fruit Madness facebook Phone 027 220 9997. page. Please order at ASHBURTON Law - Peter Ragg - Contact anytime for Estates, property matters etc., phone 027 281 4686.

Text 021 271 3399 Phone 0800 274 287 Email circulation@

Birthday Greetings Today’s construction is tomorrow’s legacy



Sales & Business Development

Water Delivery Coordinator The BCI Scheme is a modern irrigation scheme in Mid Canterbury which is owned by the 150 farmer shareholders of Barrhill Chertsey Irrigation Limited. The scheme delivers pressurised water to around 22,000ha, and generates electricity within its infrastructure.

Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Annabel King Happy Birthday Annabel. Have a fun day. Lots of love from Nana, Poppa and all the family. xx Birthday Greetings are free for those aged 12 and under only. Free birthday greetings must be received at least two working days before date of insertion otherwise there is no guarantee that it will appear on the day requested. Photos will be available at our level 3 office for collection after notice has appeared in the paper.

Church Services


WHEEL alignments at great prices. Maximise the life of your tyres with an alignment from Neumanns Tyre Services Ltd, 197 Wills Street. Phone 308-6737.


BUYER of unwanted animals. Cattle, bobby calves, horse and all farm animals. We also sell pet food. Call Nick’s Pet Food 0272 101 621, A/H 03 348 9439.


AKAROA - CHARMING, spacious holiday home, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, all electric heating. Sky, all mod cons, short walk to village. Phone Brian 307-8000 or 308-6180.

10.30am Worship Every Sunday

63 Princes Street All welcome Rev. David Bayne Ph 307 7355

Advertisement Rates 5x1

50mm x 30.75mm



60mm x 30.75mm


All prices GST exclusive

To advertise in Church Services contact Emma


03 307 7936

Television 28 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Saturday, August 4, 2018 TVNZ 1


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©TVNZ 2018



6am Te Karere 3 News and current affairs from a Maori perspective. 2 6:30 Country Calendar 3 Top of the Hops. 0 7am Taste Of A Traveller 3 0 7:30 Infomercials 9am Code – 1 PGR 0 9:30 Tagata Pasifika 10am Tipping Point 11am The Next Great Magician 0 Noon 800 Words PGR 0 12:55 Sun, Sea And Brides To Be 2pm Tiny House Nation 2:55 Posh Pawn 3:55 F Amazing Spaces Shed Of The Year 0 4:55 The Chase 0 6pm 1 News At 6pm 0

6am Paw Patrol 3 0 6:25 Thomas And Friends 0 6:35 Darwin And Newts 0 6:45 Best Of Chuggington Collection 0 6:55 Jamie’s Got Tentacles 3 0 7:05 The Amazing World Of Gumball 3 0 7:30 Blazing Team 3 7:50 Adventure Time 3 0 8:15 Pokemon Sun And Moon 3 0 8:40 We Bare Bears 3 0 9am Regular Show 0 9:10 Walk The Prank 0 9:35 Bizaardvark 0 10am Fresh 10:30 The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air 3 0 11am Kevin From Work PGR 3 11:30 Suburgatory 0 Noon F Survivor New Zealand 3 0 1:55 The 100 PGR 0 2:50 Once Upon A Time 0 3:45 Powerless 0 4:10 America’s Funniest Home Videos 3 0 5:05 Little Big Shots 0 6pm The Cul De Sac 0 6:30 The Middle 0

6am Charles Stanley 6:30 The Project 3 7:25 Infomercials 9:30 NewsHub Nation 10:30 Zumbo’s Just Desserts PGR 3 0 11:30 Australia’s Cheapest Weddings PGR (Starting Today) 3 The average Australian wedding costs A$65,000, but some couples prove it is possible to have champagne tastes on a beer budget. 0 12:30 N Marae DIY 1:25 The Block NZ PGR 3 0 2:55 The Block NZ PGR 3 0 3:55 The Block NZ PGR 3 0 5pm The Block NZ PGR 3 0 6pm NewsHub Live At 6pm

7pm MasterChef Australia 0 8pm L Lotto The Lotto draw. 8:05 MasterChef Australia Continued. 0 8:35 The Hotel Inspector AO 0 9:35 F The Replacement AO 0 10:45 Victoria 0

7pm M Finding Nemo 2003 Animated. When Nemo is unexpectedly taken from his home in the Great Barrier Reef and put in a fish tank in a dentist’s office, his father sets out to rescue him. 0 8:40 M Gangster Squad AO 2012 Action. 0 10:50 M American History X AO 1998 Drama. 0

7pm N America’s Got Talent PGR 0 8:40 Chicago Med AO Ethan must diagnose a man with no symptoms; Sarah uses pepper spray on an aggressive patient; Will treats a couple willing to sacrifice anything to have a baby. 0 9:35 NCIS AO 3 0 10:30 M Born And Missing AO 2017 Drama.

12:40 The Astronaut Wives’ Club PGR Based on the book by Lily Koppel, a look at seven women who were key players behind some of the biggest events in American history. 0 1:35 Coronation Street Catch-Up PGR 3 0 3:35 Infomercials

1:10 M Stalked By My Doctor – The Return AO 2016 Thriller. Eric Roberts, Claire Blackwelder, Hilary Greer. 2:45 Once Upon A Time PGR 3 0 4:15 Two And A Half Men PGR 3 0 4:45 Baby Daddy PGR 3 0 5:30 Infomercials

12:20 Infomercials 5am Hillsong 5:30 Charles Stanley

MasterChef Australia 8:05pm on TVNZ 1

BRAVO 10am Beverly Hills Pawn 3 10:28 The Dish PGR 10:30 Child Genius US 3 11:30 Child Genius US 3 12:28 The Dish PGR 3 12:30 Glam Masters PGR 3 1:30 Clean House 3 2:28 The Dish 2:30 Million Dollar Listing NY 3 3:30 Catfish 3 4:30 Catfish 3 5:30 Catfish – The Untold Stories 3 6:30 The Getaway 7:30 Botched – Most Outrageous Celebrity Patients 3 The top 10 most outrageous celebrities. 8pm Miss Universe New Zealand 9:58 The Dish 10pm How To Look Good Naked 3 11pm Mysteries And Scandals 3 11:55 Beverly Hills Pawn 3


12:20 Infomercials 3 5am Masters Of Flip 3

Finding Nemo 7pm on TVNZ 2

SKY 5 6am Raw MVC 8:30 Smackdown MVC 10:15 Main Event MVC 11:10 Container Wars PG 12:05 Storage Wars – Texas PG 12:30 Meet The Hockers PG 12:55 Deep Undercover MVLC 1:25 The Amazing Race PG 2:20 Salvation MV 3:10 American Grit PG 4pm Container Wars PG 5pm The Amazing Race PG 6pm The Simpsons PG 7pm Last Man Standing PG 7:30 Modern Family PG 8:30 American Grit PG 9:30 Meet The Hockers PG 10pm Storage Wars – Texas PG 10:30 Container Wars PG 11pm Container Wars PG 11:30 The Amazing Race PG SUNDAY 12:30 Time Cop MV 1:25 Modern Family PG 1:50 Modern Family PG 2:15 American Grit PG 3:05 Storage Wars – Texas PG 3:30 Meet The Hockers PG 3:55 Last Man Standing PG 4:20 Container Wars PG 5:10 The Simpsons PG 5:35 The Simpsons PG



6am Codename – Kids Next Door 3 6:25 Hank Zipzer, The World’s Greatest Underachiever 3 6:50 The Powerpuff Girls 3 7:15 The Fairly Odd Parents 3 7:40 Trulli Tales 7:55 Atomic Puppet 8:05 Batman – Brave And The Bold 3 0 8:30 The Thundermans 3 9am Victorious PGR 3 10am Robot Wars PGR 11am The Crowd Goes Wild Omnibus 3 1:30 NRL Try Time 2:30 Storage Hunters PGR 3pm Celebrity Antiques Road Trip 4pm Netball – ANZ Premiership (HLS) 5pm Addicted To Fishing 5:30 Prime News 6pm Antiques Roadshow 0

6:30 Takaro Tribe 3 6:40 Pukoro 2 7:10 Pipi Ma 3 7:20 Nia’s Extraordinary Life 7:25 Te Mana Kuratahi – Primary Schools’ Kapa Haka 3 7:50 Smooth 3 8am Te Kaea 3 2 8:30 Project Whenua 3 9am Both Worlds 3 9:30 Kitchen Kura 3 10am KaweKorero 3 12:30 Get Your Fish On 3 1pm Basketball – Secondary Schools’ National Championships 3 2pm The Pits TV 3pm M Balto 1995 Animated. Bob Hoskins, Bridget Fonda, Kevin Bacon, Phil Collins. 4:30 Both Worlds 3 5pm School Of Training 3 5:30 Te Kaea 2 6pm Nga Pari Karangaranga O Te Motu Nga Whetu o te Kohu. 6:30 Whaikorero 7pm Ahorangi Next Generation 7pm Container Wars PGR 3 3 7:30 Beneath New Zealand 3 0 7:30 Raw PGR 8:30 World’s Scariest AO 8:30 M The Usual Suspects Animal attacks caught on AO 1995 Thriller. The failed camera, including a 19-yearhijacking of a gun-hauling old who was swimming truck results in the police with friends off the coast of rounding up suspects who Chile when a 4.6-metre shark may be in on something appeared. 0 even bigger. 9:30 Rugby – Super Rugby Final 10:30 Hunting Aotearoa AO 3 – Crusaders v Lions. From Christchurch. 0 11:40 Rugby League – NRL (DLY) 11pm Te Kaea 3 Maori Television’s Dragons v Warriors. daily news programme. 2 From WIN Stadium, Wollongong. 11:30 Closedown 1:25 Closedown



6:30 Broken Vows MVLS 2016 Thriller. Jaimie Alexander, Wes Bentley. 8am People Interview – Octavia Spencer 2016 Featurette. 8:40 The Morning After 16LS 2015 Romantic Comedy. Vanessa Evigan, Michelle Lombardo. 10am Resident Evil – The Final Chapter 16V 2016 Sci-fi. Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Shawn Roberts. 11:45 Goon – Last Of The Enforcers 16VLSC 2017 Comedy. Seann William Scott, Alison Pill. 1:25 Solace 16VSC 2016 Crime. Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. 3:05 Broken Vows MVLS 2016 Thriller. Jaimie Alexander, Wes Bentley. 4:35 Hologram For The King MLSC 2016 Comedy. Tom Hanks, Sarita Choudhury. 6:10 Wonder Woman MV 2017 Action. 8:30 The Snowman 16VLC 2017 Drama. After the murder of a young woman, The Snowman Killer was born – an elusive sociopath who taunts the police with cat-and-mouse games. 10:30 Hard Sell MLS 2016 Comedy. SUNDAY 12:05 Social Suicide 16VLSC 2015 Drama. 1:35 Hologram For The King MLSC 2016 Comedy. 3:15 Wonder Woman MV 2017 Action. 5:35 The Snowman 16VLC 2017 Drama.

7:10 The Descendants ML 2011 Drama. George Clooney, Shailene Woodley. 9:05 New Year’s Eve ML 2011 Comedy Romance. Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Biel, Ashton Kutcher. 11am Hostel M 2005 Horror. Jay Hernandez, Derek Richardson. 12:35 Spider-Man MV 2002 Action. Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, Willem Defoe. 2:35 AI – Artificial Intelligence M 2001 Sci-fi. Haley Joel Osment, Jude Law, Frances O’Connor. 5pm I Give It A Year MLS 2013 Romantic Comedy. Rose Byrne, Rafe Spall. 6:35 Three Kings 16VL 1999 Action. George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Ice Cube. 8:30 Ted MLS 2012 Comedy. After a man’s wish to bring his teddy bear to life comes true, he must choose between keeping the relationship with the teddy bear or his girlfriend. Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Seth MacFarlane. 10:20 Memento R16 2001 Thriller. Joe Pantoliano, Guy Pearce.


6am The Crowd Goes Wild The team presents the best of the day’s sports news. 6:30 Golf – Fiji International (HLS) Round Two. From Natadola Bay Golf Course. 7am Darts – Auckland Masters (RPL) First Round. From Trusts Arena, Auckland. 10:30 Team Talk Scotty Stevenson and colleagues preview the weekend’s fixtures in the Super Rugby. 11am New Zealand Press Box Hosted by Bernadine Oliver-Kerby. The big issues of the week in sport. 11:30 The World Rugby Show Noon Haati Grassroots Rugby 1pm The Breakdown 2pm Team Talk 2:30 L Rugby – Ranfurly Shield Taranaki v Wanganui. 4:30 World Rugby Show 5pm Team Talk 6pm Super Rugby – Road To The Final 6:30 L Rugby – Super Rugby Final – Crusaders v Lions. SUNDAY 12:10 When In Rome PGS 2010 From AMI Stadium, Romantic Comedy. Kristen Bell, Christchurch. 10:30 Rugby – Ranfurly Josh Duhamel. 1:40 Three Shield (HLS) Taranaki v Kings 16VL 1999 Action. Whanganui. 3:35 People Interview – 11pm L Golf – Women’s Chris Pratt 2016 Featurette. British Open 4:05 Ted MLS 2012 Comedy. From Royal Lytham and St 5:50 Memento R16 2001 Thriller. Annes Golf Club, Lancashire.

0 Closed captions; 3 Repeat; 2 Maori Language; HLS Highlights; RPL Replay; DLY Delayed. CLASSIFICATIONS: 16/18 Approved for persons 16/18 years or over; AO Adults only; C Content may offend; L Language may offend; M Suitable for mature audiences; PG/PGR Parental guidance recommended for young viewers; S Sexual content may offend; V Contains violence. Local Radio: NewsTalk ZB 873AM/98.1FM FM Classic Hits ZEFM 92.5; Port FM Local 94.9, 98.9 and 106.1

6am Down East Dickering 7am American Pickers 8am Walking With The Great Apes 8:30 Wild Britain With Ray Mears 9:30 The Home Show 10:30 David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities 11am Backroad Gold 11:30 Down East Dickering 12:30 Jamie’s 30-Minute Meals 1pm Gardeners’ World 1:30 Mark Berg’s Fishing Addiction 2:30 Valentine Warner’s Wild Table 3pm Better Homes And Gardens 4pm Shed And Buried 4:30 James Martin’s American Adventure 5:30 Britain’s Most Spectacular Backyard Builds 6:30 M Astro Boy PGR 2009 Family Animated. 8pm M Mr Brooks AO 2007 Thriller. A successful businessman is also addicted to killing. Kevin Costner, Demi Moore, Dane Cook. 10:30 Iron Chef America Based on the format of the original Japanese series, the series features an outside challenger who must choose a resident chef to compete against. 11:30 Britain’s Most Spectacular Backyard Builds 12:30 M Astro Boy PGR 2009 Family Animated. Voices of Freddie Highmore, Nicolas Cage. 2am M Mr Brooks AO 2007 Thriller. Kevin Costner, Demi Moore, Dane Cook. 4am Iron Chef America 5am The Wild West



6am The Professor’s Farewell Tour 6:30 Rugby League – NRL (RPL) Knights v Tigers. 8:30 Rugby League – NRL (RPL) Rabbitohs v Storm. 10:30 The Professor’s Farewell Tour 11am Rugby League – NRL (HLS) Bulldogs v Broncos. 11:30 Rugby League – NRL (HLS) Friday. Noon Cricket – International (HLS) First Test, Day Three – England v India. 12:30 Sky Sports News Daily International News Bulletin. 1pm Cricket – T20 Blast (HLS) Surrey v Middlesex. 1:30 Golf – Bridgestone Invitational (HLS) Round Two. 2pm The Kiwi League Show 2:30 L Rugby League – NSW Cup Dragons v Bulldogs. 4:30 L Rugby League – NRL Dragons v Warriors. From WIN Stadium, Sydney. 7:30 L Rugby League – NRL Eels v Titans. From ANZ Stadium, Sydney. 9:30 L Rugby League – NRL Roosters v Cowboys. From Allianz Stadium, Sydney.

6:35 MythBusters PG Viral Hour. 7:30 Anomaly Shark Week Dev Deal PG 8:20 Deadliest Catch PG Purgatory. 9:10 Murder Chose Me M 10am Web Of Lies M High On Love. 10:50 People Magazine Investigates PG My Father, the Serial Killer. 11:40 Weather Gone Viral PG 12:30 Edge Of Alaska M 1:20 Diesel Brothers PG Not So Easy Rider. 2:10 Fast ‘n’ Loud PG Buggin’ Out. 3pm Aussie Gold Hunters PG 3:50 Treehouse Masters PG Swiss Family Surprise. 4:45 Treehouse Masters PG 5:40 Treehouse Masters PG View from Above 3. 6:35 MythBusters PG Heads Will Roll. 7:30 Treehouse Masters PG Treehouse Point 2.0! 8:30 Insane Pools – Off The Deep End PG 9:25 Deadliest Catch PG Purgatory. 10:15 How China Works PG Network Nation. 11:05 Naked And Afraid M Loaded for Bear. 11:55 MythBusters PG Heads Will Roll.

Midnight UFC Countdown 227 1am #SkySpeed 1:30 Rugby League – NRL (RPL) Dragon v Warriors. 3:30 Rugby League – NRL (HLS) Saturday. 4am Archery – World Cup (HLS) 5am Fox Sports News 5:30 #SkySpeed

12:45 MythBusters PG 1:35 How Do They Do It? PG 2am How Do They Do It? PG 2:25 Alaskan Bush People M 3:15 Treehouse Masters PG 4:05 Treehouse Masters PG 4:55 How It’s Made PG 5:20 How It’s Made PG 5:45 MythBusters PG



SUNDAY | Compiled by

Television Saturday, August 4, 2018

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Sunday, August 5, 2018 TVNZ 1


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6am This Town 3 0 6:45 Instant Gardener 0 7:40 Tagata Pasifika 8:05 Praise Be 8:35 Topp Country 0 9:05 River Monsters With Jeremy Wade PGR 0 10am Marae PGR 2 10:30 Waka Huia 11am Attitude 0 11:30 Fair Go 3 0 11:55 Sunday 0 12:55 Outback Truckers PGR 3 0 1:55 Wild About New Zealand 3 0 2:55 Bear Grylls – Mission Survive 3 3:55 People On Bikes Taranaki’s Forgotten World Highway scenic cycle trail. 0 4:25 Fishing And Adventure 4:55 The Celebrity Chase Featuring celebrities Hannah Mills, Chris Ramsey, Dion Dublin and Lesley Garrett. 0 6pm 1 News At 6pm 0 7pm Country Calendar 0 7:30 Sunday 0 8:30 Cold Case AO Detectives look for the last-known movements of missing father and grandfather Do Trieu, using the latest investigative techniques and cultural insight. 0 9:30 Q+A 0 10:40 The Inside Word PGR 0 11:10 Brief Encounters AO With the business going well, Steph makes her first mistake, a decision that will have far-reaching consequences; Nita puts her family first. 0 12:10 Attitude 3 0 12:40 Coronation Street CatchUp PGR 3 0 2:40 Infomercials

People on Bikes

3:55pm on TVNZ 1

BRAVO 6am Masters Of Flip 3 6:50 Masters Of Flip 3 7:40 Masters Of Flip 3 8:30 Masters Of Flip 3 9:20 Clean House 3 10:08 The Dish 3 10:10 Clean House 3 10:55 The Getaway 3 11:45 Catfish – The Untold Stories 3 12:28 The Dish 3 12:30 Mysteries And Scandals 3 1:30 Child Genius US 3 2:30 Child Genius US 3 3:28 The Dish 3 3:30 Clean House 3 4:30 Catfish 3 5pm Catfish 3 5:30 Catfish 3 6:30 Catfish – The Untold Stories Catfish (00). 7:30 Glam Masters 8:30 M My Best Friend’s Wedding PGR 1997 Romantic Comedy. 10:43 The Dish 10:45 Don’t Be Tardy 11:10 Don’t Be Tardy 11:35 Million Dollar Listing NY 3 12:30 Infomercials 3

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6am Miles From Tomorrowland 3 0 6:25 Thomas And Friends 0 6:35 Darwin And Newts 0 6:45 Best Of Chuggington Collection 0 6:55 Chuggington – Little Trainees 3 0 7am Alvinnn!!! And The Chipmunks 3 0 7:15 Tangled – The Series 3 0 7:35 Andi Mack 3 0 8am What Now 10am Regular Show 0 10:10 Shortland Street Omnibus PGR 0 12:10 Ugly Betty PGR 3 0 1:10 Kevin (Probably) Saves The World PGR 2:10 Black-Ish PGR 0 3:05 Home And Away Omnibus 0 5pm The Simpsons 0 5:30 American Housewife 0 6pm The Middle 0 6:30 The Big Bang Theory 3 0 7pm M Finding Dory PGR 2016 Animated Adventure. With the help from friends, the friendly but forgetful blue tang fish, Dory, searches for her long-lost parents. 0 8:45 M The Finest Hours PGR 2016 Drama. 0

11pm The Exorcist AO 0 11:50 Quantico AO 3 0 12:45 M Flight 7500 AO 2014 Horror Sci-fi. Leslie Bibb, Ryan Kwanten, Amy Smart. 2:05 Infomercials 2:35 Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners PGR 3 0 4:15 Infomercials 4:45 Full House 3 0 5:10 The Muppets 3 0 5:30 Infomercials

Finding Dory

7pm on TVNZ 2

SKY 5 6am Ghost Mine M 6:50 The Amazing Race PG 7:40 The Simpsons PG 8:10 The Simpsons PG 8:40 Modern Family PG 9:05 Modern Family PG 9:30 Last Man Standing PG 9:55 Storage Wars – Texas PG 10:25 Meet The Hockers PG 10:50 Deep Undercover MVLC 11:15 Longmire 16V 12:10 Mountain Men PG 1:05 American Grit PG 2pm Raw MVC 4:45 SmackDown MVL 6:30 Main Event MVC 7:30 Mountain Men PG 8:30 NCIS – New Orleans MV After a combat pilot fatally crashes a new, high-tech jet, the NCIS team must determine whether the accident was due to pilot or plane error. 9:30 NCIS – New Orleans MV 10:30 Longmire 16V 11:25 Raw MVC


1:55 SmackDown MVL 3:30 Main Event MVC 4:20 NCIS – New Orleans MV 5:10 NCIS – New Orleans MV





6am Life TV 6:30 Brian Houston 7am Charles Stanley 8am Life TV 3 8:30 Turning Point 9am R&R 9:30 The Hui 0 9:55 NewsHub Nation 3 0 10:55 The New Celebrity Apprentice 3 0 11:40 Gone Fishin’ 3 Noon Entertainment Tonight Weekend PGR 1pm Motorsport – New Zealand Jetsprint (HLS) 2pm Motorsport – IndyCar Indy 200 (HLS) 3pm Motorsport – Monster Jam (HLS) 4pm Motorsport – World Rally Championship (HLS) 5pm F Ocean Bounty Tony Roach supplies to Talley’s, a NZ-based agribusiness company that provides seafood, vegetables, and dairy through the West Coast port of Greymouth. 0 6pm NewsHub Live At 6pm 7pm The Block NZ PGR 0 8:30 M Knight And Day AO 3 2010 Action. A woman gets mixed up with a spy trying to clear his name. Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz. 0 10:40 F Humans AO 0

6am Religious Programming 10:30 Sport Box The best of the past week’s sports from New Zealand and around the world. Noon MasterChef Junior USA PGR 3 The top 20 junior home cooks must create cheese dishes. 0 1pm Haati Grassroots Rugby 2pm Mad About You PGR 2:30 Flog It! 3:30 Antiques Road Trip 3 4:30 Rugby Nation 5:30 Prime News 6pm The Great Escapers A family of four hope to turn their love of cycling into profit by opening a cycling-tour company in Southern France; two former police officers buy a B&B in southern Spain.

10am Sidewalk Karaoke PGR 3 10:30 Pete And Pio 3 11am Native Affairs 3 11:30 Haka Life PGR 3 Noon Piri’s Tiki Tour PGR 3 12:30 Taha Tauiwi 3 1pm Both Worlds 3 1:30 Te Tohu Taakaro O Aotearoa 3 3:30 Iwi Anthems 3 4pm Kiingitanga 3 (Part 1) 5pm Marae PGR 2 5:30 Te Kaea 2 6pm Te Waipounamu Hana travels to Ara Institute of Canterbury to meet Maori strategic advisor Te Marino Lenihan, who shares his vision to lift Maoristudent completion rates in tertiary education.

6am Peter Kuruvita’s Coastal Kitchen 6:30 Through The Bible With Les Feldick 7am Christ Embassy 7:30 Serve It Like Sarah 8am Iron Chef America 9am Walking With The Great Apes 9:30 Shed And Buried 10am James Martin’s American Adventure 11am Better Homes And Gardens Noon Britain’s Most Spectacular Backyard Builds 1pm Shed And Buried 1:30 Secret Cities 2:30 The Great Songwriters 3:30 The Bridges That Built London 4:30 Hairy Bikers’ Mediterranean Adventure 5:30 Building The Dream 6:30 Flipping Bangers

7pm Storage Wars PGR 7:30 F Earth’s Great Seasons 0 8:30 Living With Tourette’s AO 0 9:30 60 Minutes PGR 10:30 Fear The Walking Dead AO 0

7pm Nanakia PGR 3 7:30 SmackDown PGR 8:30 M The Godfather AO 1972 Crime. First part of the Mafia trilogy chronicling the rise of the younger son of a New York crime family. Al Pacino, Marlon Brando, James Caan, Robert Duvall.

7:30 American Pickers 8:30 M Behind The Candelabra AO 2013 Drama. The tale of flamboyant virtuoso pianist Liberace’s tempestuous love affair with Scott Thorson, a man 40 years his junior. Michael Douglas, Matt Damon. 10:30 Primal Survivor AO

11:35 F Chicago Med PGR 3 The new doctor arrives and sparks a competition with Dr Rhodes. 12:30 Infomercials

11:30 Qi PGR 3 With Noel Fielding, Colin Lane, Ross Noble, and Alan Davies. 12:05 Closedown

11:40 Te Kaea 3 Maori Television’s daily news programme. 2 12:10 Closedown



7:35 Hard Sell MLS 2016 Comedy. Katrina Bowden, Skyler Gisondo. 9:10 Hologram For The King MLSC 2016 Comedy. Tom Hanks, Sarita Choudhury. 10:50 Wonder Woman MV 2017 Action. Gal Gabot, Chris Pine. 1:10 The Snowman 16VLC 2017 Drama. Michael Fassbender, Rebecca Ferguson. 3:10 Hard Sell MLS 2016 Comedy. Katrina Bowden, Skyler Gisondo. 4:45 Spider-Man – Homecoming MV 2017 Action. Tom Holland, Robert Downey jr, Michael Keaton. 6:55 War On Everyone 16VLSC 2016 Action Comedy. Alexander Skarsgard, Michael Pena. 8:30 IT 16VLC 2017 Horror. Seven outcasts band together to fight an ancient, shape-shifting evil that takes the facade of a clown. Based on the book by Stephen King. Jaeden Lieberher, Bill Skarsgard. 10:45 Geostorm MV 2017 Action. Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess.

7:40 When In Rome PGS 2010 Romantic Comedy. Kristen Bell, Josh Duhamel. 9:10 I Give It A Year MLS 2013 Romantic Comedy. Rose Byrne, Rafe Spall. 10:45 Three Kings 16VL 1999 Action. George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Ice Cube. 12:40 Ted MLS 2012 Comedy. Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Seth MacFarlane. 2:25 Memento R16 2001 Thriller. Joe Pantoliano, Guy Pearce. 4:20 Broken City 16VL 2013 Crime. Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe, Catherine Zeta-Jones. 6:10 The Hunger Games MV 2012 Sci-fi Adventure. Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth. 8:30 The Proposal PGL 2009 Comedy. When a woman faces deportation back to Canada, she claims she is engaged to her assistant, who agrees to participate in the charade, but with a few conditions. Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds. 10:20 Shanghai Knights MV 2003 Action. Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson.


12:35 Palm Swings 18LSC 2016 Romantic Comedy. Tia Carrere, Jason Lewis. 2:10 Spider-Man – Homecoming MV 2017 Action. Tom Holland, Robert Downey jr, Michael Keaton. 4:20 War On Everyone 16VLSC 2016 Action Comedy. 5:55 IT 16VLC 2017 Horror.


12:15 Hansel And Gretel – Witch Hunters 16VL 2013 Action Horror. 1:40 The Hunger Games MV 2012 Sci-fi Adventure. 4am The Proposal PGL 2009 Comedy. 5:45 Shanghai Knights MV 2003 Action.


11:30 Flipping Bangers 12:30 Hairy Bikers’ Mediterranean Adventure 1:30 Peter Kuruvita’s Coastal Kitchen 2am M Behind The Candelabra AO 2013 Drama. Michael Douglas, Matt Damon. 4am American Pickers 5am Building The Dream


6am Rugby – Ranfurly Shield Taranaki v Wanganui. 6:30 Darts – Auckland Masters (RPL) Quarterfinals. 9:30 Motorsport – Supercars Sydney SuperNight 300. 10am Cricket – International England v India – First Test, Day Four. 10:30 Hockey – Women’s World Cup (RPL) Semifinal One – Ireland v Spain. Noon Hockey – Women’s World Cup (RPL) Semi-final Two – Netherlands v Australia. 1:30 Motorsport – Supercars Sydney SuperNight 300. 2pm Cricket – International England v India – First Test, Day Four. 2:30 Cricket – T20 Blast Nottinghamshire v Worcestershire. 3pm Rugby – Super Rugby Final – Crusaders v Lions. 5:30 Rugby – Ranfurly Shield Taranaki v Wanganui. 7:30 Rugby Nation 8:30 Rugby – Super Rugby Final – Crusaders v Lions. 11pm Fox Sports News 11:30 Rugby League – NRL Dragons v Warriors.

6am Motorsport – Supercars (HLS) 6:30 NZ Press Box 7am Rugby – Super Rugby (RPL) Final – Crusaders v Lions. 9:30 Fox Sports News The latest sports news and previews of sporting action still to come. 10am Rugby – Ranfurly Shield (RPL) Taranaki v Wanganui. Noon Cricket – T20 Blast (RPL) Nottinghamshire v Worcestershire. From Trent Bridge, Nottingham. 3:30 L Rugby League – NRL Sharks v Sea Eagles. From Southern Cross Group Stadium, NSW. 6pm L Rugby League – NRL Panthers v Raiders. From Panthers Stadium, NSW. 8pm Sunday Night With Matty Johns 9pm Controversy Corner 9:30 Rugby League – NRL (HLS) Dragons v Warriors. From WIN Stadium, Sydney. 10pm Rugby League – NRL (HLS) Saturday. MONDAY Eels v Titans, Roosters v Midnight Rugby League – Cowboys. NRL Sunday. 12:30 World 10:30 Rugby League – NRL Rugby Show 1am L (HLS) Sunday. Hockey – Women’s World Cup Bronze Final. 2:55 Rugby Coverage of Sharks v Sea Eagles and Panthers v Raiders. – Ranfurly Shield Taranaki 11pm L Golf – Women’s v Wanganui. 3:25 L British Open Hockey – Women’s World From the Royal Lytham and St Cup Gold Final. 5:30 L Baseball – International New Annes Golf Club, Lancashire. Zealand v China. Through until 6am.

0 Closed captions; 3 Repeat; 2 Maori Language; HLS Highlights; RPL Replay; DLY Delayed. CLASSIFICATIONS: 16/18 Approved for persons 16/18 years or over; AO Adults only; C Content may offend; L Language may offend; M Suitable for mature audiences; PG/PGR Parental guidance recommended for young viewers; S Sexual content may offend; V Contains violence. Local Radio: NewsTalk ZB 873AM/98.1FM FM Classic Hits ZEFM 92.5; Port FM Local 94.9, 98.9 and 106.1


DISCOVERY 6:35 MythBusters PG Phone Book Friction. 7:30 How It’s Made PG 7:55 How It’s Made PG 8:20 Blowing Up History PG 9:10 Weather Gone Viral PG 10am MythBusters PG Heads Will Roll. 10:50 Aussie Gold Hunters PG 11:40 Bering Sea Gold PG Tunnel Vision. 12:30 Gold Rush – White Water PG End of Days. 1:20 Deadliest Catch PG Purgatory. 2:10 Fast ‘n’ Loud PG 3pm Fast ‘n’ Loud PG 3:50 Fast ‘n’ Loud PG 4:45 Fast ‘n’ Loud PG 5:40 Fast ‘n’ Loud PG 6:35 Fast ‘n’ Loud PG 7:30 Blowing Up History PG CGI animation and archaeological investigations reveal how the most famous buildings of the ancient world were built. 8:30 Weather Gone Viral PG 9:25 Aussie Gold Hunters PG 10:15 Tribe Alive! PG Song and Dance. 11:05 Gold Rush – White Water PG End of Days. 11:55 Deadliest Catch PG Purgatory.


12:45 Insane Pools – Off The Deep End PG 1:35 How Do They Do It? PG 2am How Do They Do It? PG 2:25 Alaskan Bush People M 3:15 Treehouse Masters PG 4:55 How It’s Made PG 5:20 How It’s Made PG 5:45 MythBusters PG | Compiled by

68/25 Charlesworth Drive, Ashburton 7700. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Motor Neuron Disease Assn would be appreciated and may be left at the service. A celebration of Brian’s life will be held at St David’s Union Church, Allens Road, Ashburton on TUESDAY, August 7, commencing at 11.00am. Followed by private cremation at the Ashburton August 4, 2018 Ashburton Guardian Saturday, Crematorium.


Family Notices


STOLP - HOFMEESTER – Maarten and Zaidee Stolp (Carew, Ashburton) are very pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter Moira, to Sean Hofmeester, son of Nesta Garner and Rick Hofmeester (Christchurch).


Paterson’s Funeral Services FDANZ Ashburton DEATHSPh 307 7433

HORMANN, Peter Francis – On August 1, 2018, peacefully at Timaru Hospital, aged 77. Dearly loved husband of Barbara, much loved father and father-in-law of Karen, Sarah and Martin Early, Richard and Zyrene, loving Grandad of Morgan, Jacob and Sam, Stella, Jon and Anna. A celebration of Peter’s life will be held at Stonebridge, 842 WinchesterGeraldine Road, Geraldine on MONDAY, August 6 at 1pm. In lieu of flowers, donations gratefully accepted for the Neurological Foundation. nz/online-donation

BROOMHALL, Grace Margaret (Gracie) – On August 2, 2018. Passed away peacefully at Radius Millstream, Ashburton. Aged 92 years. Much loved daughter of the late Elizabeth and Eli Broomhall. Loved sister and sister-in-law of the late Struan and Parry Broomhall (Rimu), the late Geraldine Funeral Services FDANZ. Marjorie and Gordon Simms (Invercargill), and the late Mary and Gordon Shand Please note all late death (Ashburton). Much loved notices or notices sent Aunty of Aldyth and David outside ordinary office hours Bond (Ashburton), Ray and must be emailed to: Sue Simms (Queenstown), Stan and the late Bev Simms to ensure publication. (Alexandra) and Stuart Shand To place a notice during (Ashburton) and loved great Aunt and great great Aunt of office hours please contact us on 03 307 7900 all her nieces and nephews. for more information Messages to Broomhall family, PO Box 472, Any queries Ashburton 7740. A memorial please contact service for Gracie will be held 0800 at a later date. ASHBURTON Paterson’s Funeral Services (0800-274-287) FDANZ Ashburton Ph 307 7433

EDMONDSTON, Brian – On August 2, 2018, peacefully at home, aged 84. Dearly loved husband of Audrey, loved father and father-in-law of Philippa and Mark Plewinski (Upper Hutt), Stephen and Jo (Perth), Jane and Andrew Boyd (Auckland) and Mark and Nicki (Prentice) (Papamoa). Much loved B of Rachel, Emma and Hannah; Laura and Alice; Hamish and Abbey, and great – B of Ezra and Luca. Messages to 68/25 Charlesworth Drive, Ashburton 7700. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Motor Neuron Disease Assn would be appreciated and may be left at the service. A celebration of Brian’s life will be held at St David’s Union Church, Allens Road, Ashburton on TUESDAY, August 7, commencing at 11.00am. Followed by private cremation at the Ashburton Crematorium. Paterson’s Funeral Services FDANZ Ashburton Ph 307 7433

HORMANN, Peter Francis – On August 1, 2018, peacefully at Timaru Hospital, aged 77. Dearly loved husband of Barbara, much loved father and father-in-law of Karen, Sarah and Martin Early, Richard and Zyrene, loving Grandad of Morgan, Jacob and Sam, Stella, Jon and Anna. A celebration of Peter’s life will be held at Stonebridge, 842 WinchesterGeraldine Road, Geraldine on MONDAY, August 6 at 1pm. In lieu of flowers, donations gratefully accepted for the Neurological Foundation. nz/online-donation

Canterbury owned, locally operated

Patersons Funeral Services and Ashburton Crematorium Ltd Office and Chapel Corner East & Cox Streets, Ashburton








HAWKE, Howard Esdale Robert – Shona, Michael, Theresa and families would like to express their sincere thanks for all the cards, flowers, food, expressions of kindness and donations to St John following the passing of Howard. Thank you to all who attended Howard’s funeral and sincere thanks to Carol Gunn for taking the service. A special thank you to the staff at Ashburton AAU, St John Ambulance and the Ashburton Fire Brigade who attended and treated Howard with dignity and care. May he rest in peace. STOCKDILL, Alan Robert – Bettine, Sharon, Lois and Kevin, Craig, Carol and Hamish, would like to express our gratitude to those who sent flowers, food, comforting messages, and those who attended the funeral of a dearly loved husband, father, and grandfather. Thank you to Coldstream Lifecare for their care of Alan over the last 12 months. A special thank you to the St John Ambulance staff, Ashburton Hospital and the wonderful Ward 1 staff who cared for him so kindly and considerately at the last. Thank you to Eion and the Galbraith Mid-Canterbury Funeral Services team for their caring, competent, manner in which they handled everything. Please accept this as a personal thank you as all your actions were appreciated. TAYLOR, Libby Jane – Libby’s family would like to thank you and acknowledge with great appreciation your kindness and generosity during her journey and sad passing. It is during this time of sorrow that we learn how much our friends mean to us. A special thanks to the wider Hinds Community for all the help they provided. We have lost a loving wife, mum, daughter, sister, daughter-inlaw, sister-in-law and friend. Please accept this as a personal thankyou from the Taylor and Martin families.

E.B. CARTER LTD For all your memorial requirements New headstones and designs Renovations, Additional inscriptions, Cleaning and Concrete work Carried out by qualified tradesmen.

620 East Street Ashburton Ph/Fax 308 5369 or 0274 357 974 NZMMMA Member

Geraldine Funeral Services FDANZ.

We Help Save Lives

Please note all late death notices or notices sent outside ordinary office hours must be emailed to:

to ensure publication. To place a notice during office hours please contact us on 03 307 7900 for more information Any queries please contact 0800 ASHBURTON (0800-274-287)

We help save lives every day through the research and development of improved diagnosis, beer prediction and treatment of heart disease in our hospital and community.

Find out how you can help by visiting: A University of Otago Centre of Research Excellence






Ra n










1 0



TUESDAY: Partly cloudy, chance late rain. NE picking up.



bur to


MONDAY: Cloudy periods. Northeasterlies developing.





TOMORROW: High cloud with light rain possible. Light winds.








TODAY: Morning low cloud or fog, then fine. Light winds.



Map for today

Ashburton Forecast

Wa i m a ka r i r i


Midnight Tonight






NZ Situation

Wind km/h less than 30 fine

mainly isolated cloudy drizzle drizzle few showers fine showers clearing showers 30 to 59


isolated snow thunder flurries

sleet thunder

Canterbury Plains




60 plus

NZ Today

Canterbury High Country



Areas of low cloud or fog with possible drizzle about the southern coast, clearing to fine about midday. Evening high cloud. Light winds.


Saturday, 4 August 2018

A low to the northeast of the country is directing a moist northeast flow across the eastern North Island today. A weakening low slowly moves over northern North Island tomorrow and Monday, with an associated front lying over the east coast. Meanwhile, a ridge covers the South Island. overnight max low



Morning low cloud, then fine. High cloud in the evening. Wind at 1000m: Light. Wind at 2000m: Light.






Palmerston North rain

FZL: 1300m rising to 1500m in the afternoon

FZL: Gradually rising to 1900m

Fine with some high cloud. Wind at 1000m: Light. Wind at 2000m: Light.





Mainly fine. Northerlies developing.








Mainly fine. High cloud and a few spots of rain from afternoon. NE strengthening.

Rain developing about the divide in the afternoon, with snow to 1500m at night. Scattered rain elsewhere from evening. NW, rising to gale in exposed places.











Partly cloudy with scattered rain in the north. Light winds.



Mainly fine, apart from cloudy periods about the coast, and isolated showers in the north. Northeasterlies developing.


Scattered rain in the north clearing afternoon, fine elsewhere. N dying out.

World Weather

Adelaide Amsterdam Bangkok Berlin Brisbane Cairns Cairo Calcutta Canberra Colombo Darwin Delhi Dubai Dublin Edinburgh

windy fine rain fine fine fine fine drizzle fine showers fine fine fine cloudy cloudy

Rain about the divide and north of Arthur’s Pass, with snow to 1200m. NW dying out.

Frankfurt Geneva Hobart Hong Kong Honolulu Islamabad Jakarta Johannesburg Kuala Lumpur London Los Angeles Madrid Melbourne Moscow Nadi

10 16 26 19 12 18 26 27 1 26 20 28 30 13 14

fine fine fine showers showers fine cloudy fine thunder cloudy fog fine fine showers fine

36 34 15 33 31 37 32 25 33 29 28 39 15 29 28

22 19 6 27 24 25 24 9 24 19 21 23 7 20 18

New York Paris Perth Rarotonga Rome San Francisco Seoul Singapore Stockholm Sydney Taipei Tel Aviv Tokyo Washington Zurich

rain fine showers rain rain fine cloudy thunder rain fine drizzle showers cloudy showers fine

Tides, Sun, Moon and Fishing m am 3 3


Saturday 9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


Sunday 9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


9 noon 3


9 pm



9:03 3:10 9:26 3:41 9:55 4:07 10:21 4:36 10:49 5:07 11:17 The times shown are for the Ashburton River mouth. For the Rangitata river mouth subtract 16 minutes and for the Rakaia river mouth subtract 4 minutes.

Rise 7:44 am Set 5:34 pm


Fair fishing

Set 11:20 am

Last quarter

5 Aug

6:19 am

©Copyright OceanFun Publishing Ltd.

Rise 7:43 am Set 5:35 pm


Fair fishing


Fair fishing

Rise 2:01 am Set 12:26 pm

New moon

First quarter

11 Aug 9:59 pm

18 Aug 7:50 pm

Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa

For the very latest weather information, including Weather Warnings, visit

Rise 7:42 am Set 5:36 pm

Rise 12:53 am Set 11:51 am

30 34 16 28 33 19 37 33 24 21 33 33 34 32 34

23 21 9 22 23 13 28 26 16 11 29 24 26 20 19

5 3 7 7 8 6 4 3 3 2 -1 7 -1


1.79 nc

Selwyn Whitecliffs (NIWA) at 3:00 pm, yesterday

Rakaia Fighting Hill (NIWA) at 3:00 pm, yesterday 135.6 Nth Ashburton at 10:05 am, yesterday


Sth Ashburton at 2:10 pm, yesterday


Rangitata Klondyke at 4:00 pm, yesterday


Waitaki Kurow at 3:05 pm, yesterday


Source: Environment Canterbury

Canterbury Readings




River Levels

Forecasts for today

17 29 31 33 26 28 39 32 14 31 31 36 43 21 19

15 15 13 13 11 14 14 14 12 12 9 11 12

Ashburton Airport Temperature °C At 4pm 9.2 10.2 Max to 4pm 1.2 Minimum -4.2 Grass minimum Rainfall mm 0.2 16hr to 4pm August to date 0.2 Avg Aug to date 6 2018 to date 616.2 407 Avg year to date Wind km/h S 13 At 4pm Strongest gust W 22 Time of gust 1:41am

Christchurch Airport

Timaru Airport

8.6 9.9 1.5 –

10.9 12.3 1.4 -1.0

9.2 11.1 3.6 –

– – – – –

0.2 0.2 6 560.8 383

0.2 0.2 4 523.2 289

S7 – –

S 15 S 24 2:13pm

S6 SE 17 3:11pm

Compiled by

© Copyright Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited 2018

My Promise

to 4pm yesterday





is to help you arrange or plan a funeral with care, respect, clarity and reassurance 18-22 Moore Street, Ashburton Free Phone 0800 263 6679 Mobile 027 637 1229

Jo Metcalf


Puzzles and horoscopes Cryptic crossword

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Simon Shuker’s CodeCracker

ACROSS 1. The essential part for one represented by an MP (11) 8. Be swallowed up by some gremlin returning to it (5) 9. Young woman playing nun, for example? That is about it (7) 10. Lend our form to a disc (7) 11. Remove creases from top of yoke with satirical humour (5) 12. Sound way to verify a money order (6) 14. One needs sunglasses for the darkness of the underworld (6) 18. Hunter one will keep one’s eye on (5) 19. State income is flat in a French street (7) 21. A setback in which driver may look over his shoulder (7) 23. Beautiful maiden from New York showing how fast she is (5) 24. Things one would rather have quietly added to testimonials (11) DOWN 1. Fine linen used for crib almost came awry (7) 2. Upbringing should run true to form (7) 3. The general way things go will incline to include the right (5) 4. It is hardly worth considering for dessert (6) 5. Language may be basic, reduced to 850 words (7) 6. Is not up to a heavyweight (3) 7. Being out of sorts, looks shabby (5) 13. Get one out of the saddle to set our hens scurrying (7) 15. Forceful as many are among the detectives who turn up (7) 16. Understands about the way one is very angry (7) 17. It doesn’t blow hard, so it’s a doddle (6) 18. Prolix argument given up: deny losing directions (5) 20. Chosen location for tree-lined street headed off (5) 22. A notability turned up among the spivs (1,1,1)








How many words of three or more letters, including plurals, can you make from the five letters, using each letter only once? No foreign words or words beginning with a capital are allowed. There is at least one fiveletter word.



Previous solution: PANPIPES 11


Your Stars

Insert the missing letter to complete an eight-letter word reading clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Quick crossword 1



Previous Cryptic solution

Across l. Basic 4. Servant 8. Clarification 10. Natal 11. Ring 12. Dish 16. Crepe 17. Interlacement 19. Narwhal 20. Timed Down 1. Backwardation 2. Spa 3. Client 4. Shifty 5. Really 7 9. Conductor 13. Scorch 6. Animosity 7. Tender-hearted 6 8 1 14. Recall 15. Cement 18. Elm 5

TODAY’S GOALS: Good – 12 Excellent – 16 Amazing – 20

Previous Quick solution 3 14






Previous solution: deli, die, diel, dip, eld, ide, idle, led, lei, lid, lie, lied, lip, pie, pied, pile, piled, pled, plié, plied. 22


ACROSS 1. Lessens (6) 5. Calm (6) 9. Referee (6) 10. Sensual (6) 11. Swamp (4) 12. Curiosity (8) 14. Calm down (6) 16. Confused (6) 19. Giant (8) 21. Location (4) 22. Kidnap payment (6) 23. Mystery (6) 24. Long for (6) 25. Soundly defeat (6)



DOWN 2. Child (Italian) (7) 3. Cut in three (7) 4. Examples (9) 6. Hire (5) 7. Hide (7) 8. Watered down (7) 13. Fleeting (9) 14. Made safe (7) 15. Four-sided shapes (7) 17. Portfolio (7) 18. Buries (7) 20. Rub hard, scrub (5)



7 9 4 2 3 7 1 8 6 1 8 5 3 2 4 1 7

7 5 4 9


2 1 8 8

3 8 4

8 2 4 6 9 8 1 6 2 9 2

4 3



7 3

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4 7

8 6 3 9 4 3 3 9 6



4 6 3 2 1 8 7 5 9 4 7 1 5 7 4 9 6 2 3 8 6 9 8 4 2 3 5 7 1 6 3 2 6 9 5 7 4 3 8 1 9 7 1 3 8 2 9 6 4 5 5 8 4 5 6 1 3 9 7 2 2 4 7 8 3 5 2 1 6 9 8 3 2 6 9 4 1 8 5 7 Level 2, 73 Ashburton Members I.B.A.N.Z & Brokernet Ltd. LevelSt, 2, 73 St,|Ashburton |ofMembers of I.B.A.N.Z & NZ Brokernet NZ Ltd. 73 Burnett St,Burnett Ashburton | Members of I.B.A.N.Z & NZBrokers Level 2, 73 Burnett St, Ashburton |Burnett Members of I.B.A.N.Z & Brokernet NZ Ltd. 1 5 9 1 7 6 8 4 2 3


3 8 5 1 2 4 6 7 9

1 2 9 6 8 7 5 4 3

6 4 8 2 3 9 1 5 7

5 9 3 7 4 1 8 2 6

2 1 7 5 6 8 9 3 4


4 1 8 3

Fill the grid so that every column, every row and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9



Across 1. Pipe 3. Placated 9. Shallow 10. Yearn 11. 1 17. Ere 18. Unsteadiness 2 Propensities 14. Nub 16. Cruel 9 24. 3 2 4 7 21. Mango 22. Seesaws 23. Transfer Pets. Down 1. Postpone 2. Piano 4. 4Law 5.7Crystallised 6. Trapeze 7. Dank 8. Altercations 12. Sauna 13. Persists 5 22. See. 2 3 15. Bonanza 19. Erase 20. Omit




ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 19): It’s the perfect time to streamline. Cut out the unnecessary to make room for new energy to drop in. This applies across the board, from closets to relationships to work. TAURUS (Apr 20-May 20): Instead of seeing the world as good or bad, acceptable or not, try seeing it as “for me” or “not for me.” This leads to your own enjoyment or movement. It also leads to peace. GEMINI (May 21-Jun 21): This isn’t always going to be who you are. An exciting transformation is underway. Even as you do what it takes to make your current life work, you are thinking of your next move. CANCER (Jun 22-Jul 22): Ask for feedback, and encourage honesty. This means you have to be tough enough to take it and be grateful for it. If you can achieve this, you’ll learn just what you need to know to take it to the next level. LEO (Jul 23-Aug 22): Today you’ll come across possibilities that fall into a grey area. As long as they are not too expensive, be daring. You have to try new things to find your next favourite. VIRGO (Aug 23-Sep 22): Imagine your dream partner telling you, “If you were mine, I would...” and then fill in the blank. Now do that thing for yourself. It’s what you really deserve. LIBRA (Sep 23-Oct 23): An exciting turn of events is in the works, but this only benefits you if you are flexible enough to steer into the turn. It will require a fast decision and then the confidence to fully commit. SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 21): You may receive a compliment or two along with some validating signals that you’re on the right track. Do not relax. Avoid the temptation to bask in your glory. Stay focused on improving. SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21): If you share a home with others, chances are you do not all enjoy the same food. Focus on your part of it. And whatever your living situation, it’s time to hone your diet without outside influence. CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19): Choosing whom to reach out to and possibly befriend is a crucial decision that will affect you for years to come. Ask yourself, “Is this someone I would like to be like?” AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18): People have trusted you with the kind of information that, if leaked, could sink them. You may be tempted to say what you really should not. It would hurt less to slip with your feet than your mouth. PISCES (Feb 19-Mar 20): For those who can tell the difference between the issues and the nonissues, this will be a pleasant day. Happiness is focusing on what can and/or must be changed and leaving the rest alone.



Ashburton Guardian

7 3 1 8 5 6 4 9 2

9 5 2 4 1 3 7 6 8

8 6 4 9 7 2 3 1 5

2 4 6 8

2 9 9 PREVIOUS SOLUTIONS 9 1 4 7 4 1 9 8 3 2 6 98 6 5 5 2 579 7 6 8 1 34 4 3 3 6 8 4 5 1 7 9 2 1 2 7 8 1 8 3 6 9 7 2 5 4 9 6 1 6 9 5 3 2 4 8 7 1 4 247 18 9 1 5 9 53 6 5 5 7 6 22 4 9 3 1 8 1 9 3 4 1 8 6 5 2 7 3 4 8 1 2 5 7 3 4 6 9 8 9 4 2 1 3 7 5 6

1 3 2 7 6 5 4 9 8

5 6 7 8 4 9 1 2 3

4 5 8 1 2 6 9 3 7

3 7 1 9 5 8 2 6 4

6 2 9 3 7 4 5 8 1

9 1 6 4 3 2 8 7 5

7 8 5 6 9 1 3 4 2

2 4 3 5 8 7 6 1 9


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Ashburton Guardian, Saturday, August 4, 2018  
Ashburton Guardian, Saturday, August 4, 2018