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Friday, May 3, 2013


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College dumps streaming By Myles Hume A drastic move to lump pupils of mixed ability in the same class at Ashburton College has been backed by an education expert. Ashburton College’s long-standing system to put pupils of similar ability in the same class, also known as streaming, was scrapped at the start of this year for year nine pupils. Instead, a new-model introduced this year has seen year nine pupils of various academic abilities remain as a class throughout the day for most subjects, bar English and maths – which separately streamed pupils on their ability. Many parents fear mixing pupils of low ability with others who excelled would bring down the standard of the class. A recent Guardian survey found 77 per cent of parents who responded wanted to see their children in streamed classes. The college still uses a form of streaming for its year 10 pupils and senior pupils chose their own level. But Ashburton College principal Grant McMillan said initial feedback from the Education Review Office (ERO) was positive after one term of the new year nine model, and the college was now in the process of gathering concrete data on the “cross grouping” classes. “Let’s put someone in the A rugby team, they will be lifted by the stronger players, the strongest players have a lifting effect on others and that’s human nature, not just in the classroom, but in life too.” Pupils who knew they were in low band classes could lose confidence and motivation, Mr McMillan said. “Self-esteem and confidence can be lost quickly if you feel you are not getting any better or anywhere. If you can’t prove yourself or step up that can be disengaging.” His comments have been backed

by Canterbury of University research professor Garry Hornby who this week said streaming classes was “at best, ineffective and, at worst, detrimental to the education of many pupils”. The research found 14 out of the 15 secondary schools and 10 out of the 11 intermediate schools surveyed who used three-tier “ability grouping” limited the education of pupils. “Most of the benefits that were reported by interviewees were for teachers and schools, whereas most of the disadvantages concerned the negative impact of ability grouping on students, such as low self-esteem and increased behaviour problems,” Mr Hornby said. In the mixed ability classes, Mr McMillan said the stronger pupils could “peer tutor” those who struggled, which he said was also proven to be one of the best ways of retaining knowledge. A parent, whose child is in year nine at Ashburton College and who did not want to be named, said her son was disappointed with the level and pace some of his classes were moving at. Admitting her son was a bright pupil, she believed others with lower academic ability were holding the brighter pupils back. “But I know parents who have children in the middle and they are happy because it suits them, I guess it also depends on the teacher too,” she said. Principal John Schreurs said Mount Hutt College was too small to have a streaming system but catered for “students who were gifted or had gaps”. He said having classes of mixed ability “can be a bit more difficult” to manage for teachers, but the reality of streaming was “there were kids who felt they didn’t belong in the top class and kids below who felt they should be there”.

Photo Kirsty Clay 2904130-KC-003

Prop-designer Cherie Livingstone (right) holds the 12.3 metre long dragon with her family (from left) Caleb, 12, husband Peter, Oliver, 11, and Charlotte 6, which was created for the Ashburton Variety Theatre’s landmark show Miss Saigon.

Dragon ready to roar at Miss Saigon By Myles Hume One of the most creative yet important props has come together only weeks before the Ashburton Variety Theatre opens the curtain on its biggest production for 2013. A 12.3 metre dragon made of papier maché, wire and red fabric

made the trip to the Ashburton Trust Event Centre from the Ashburton home of Cherie Livingstone, who has spent the past two months piecing together the menacing creature for the highly-anticipated Miss Saigon production. “We got most of the set from Wellington but two things didn’t come with it and the dragon was

one of them,” Mrs Livingstone said. Creating the dragon by copying designs she found online, Mrs Livingstone, who is also in the singing ensemble and scenic art group for the production, completed one of the more important props for the eight-show performance spanning from May 24 to May 31. The dragon will be unleashed

during dramatic scene The Fall of Saigon, effectively marking the end of the Vietnam War on April 30, 1975 when the South Vietnam city fell into the North’s hands. “It was pretty time-consuming to make, but if it wasn’t done the show would have had to have gone on without it, doing it digitally or in another way,” Mrs Livingstone said.

But it does not stop there for the prop designer either, after putting the dragon backstage, Mrs Livingstone has been tasked with making a gold bust of Ho Chi Minh, the revolutionary communist leader. Joining her on stage will be Mrs Livingstone’s children Charlotte, 6, Oliver, 11, and Caleb, 12, who will be extras for the show.

Man shot and tasered by police stable Aorangi Securities’ investors to The man shot and tasered by police in Porirua early yesterday morning is in a stable condition at Wellington Hospital. The two women who were injured in the incident are also stable, a hospital spokesman said. Police were still carrying out scene investigations at the house in Penguin Grove, Waitangirua, and a cordon was expected to remain in place for some time, spokesman Nick Bohm said. Police had not yet laid any charges against the man, and Mr Bohm said that would be considered today. The 47-year-old man was shot and tasered at the same time, when police found him allegedly

The application of lethal force is at the highest end of the continuum for us and it’s a very difficult and challenging situation the officers found themselves in

assaulting a 39-year-old woman with a knife and hammer. Police had been called to the property about 5.30am, and found a distressed 49-year-old woman outside with large cuts on her arms. Officers forced entry to the house and found the man standing over the second woman, who appeared to have been stabbed in the neck. Kapiti Area Commander

Inspector Paul Basham said he was confident the two officers saved the woman’s life. “The two officers needed to take decisive action and one of the officers present deployed a Taser and the second officer deployed a Glock pistol, firing a single shot and wounding a 47-year-old male in the shoulder.” All three people were taken to Wellington Hospital, where the man underwent surgery.

The two officers involved would be receiving welfare and psychological support, Mr Basham said. “The application of lethal force is at the highest end of the continuum for us and it’s a very difficult and challenging situation the officers found themselves in.” Mr Basham said the officers acted with a “great deal of professionalism and a big dollop of bravery.” The Taser used on the man was the old-style single-pronged Taser, not a new double-pronged version being trialled by police. The incident will be investigated by an officer from outside the Kapiti Mana region and the Independent Police Conduct Authority. - apnz

get most of their money back

Ashburton investors in Aorangi Securities were delivered the best possible news yesterday when they were told they can expect most, if not all of their capital to be repaid. They were among hundreds of investors around New Zealand who were looking at significant losses when Aorangi Securities tumbled as a string of businesses owned by Alan Hubbard faltered in 2010. The statutory managers of Aorangi Securities Limited and Jean Hubbard, widow of the late Allan Hubbard, said that “an amicable settlement” had been reached.

A Timaru High Court hearing had been set for later this month to decide on whether Aorangi Securities or the Hubbards owned $60 million of disputed assets. That hearing would have been key to whether investors in the failed group got most of their money back or only a third of the funds. Although terms of the settlement were confidential, “most, if not all” of the Aorangi investors’ capital would be returned over time, said receivers Graeme McGlinn, Richard Simpson and Trevor Thornton of Grant Thornton. “The process will involve the

co-operative realisation of assets, some of which are due to settle during June 2013. “Investor’s capital will be repaid progressively as funds become available.” As of February, the Aorangi investors had received 15 cents in the dollar, or $14.5 million of the $96 million owed. The next Statutory Managers’ report which is due at the end of July will provide an update on the asset realisation process for returning capital to investors. The May 20 court proceedings have now been dismissed. -APNZ

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TOP 5 ONLINE Yesterday’s top five stories on:

CAIRNS, Roy Oliver – The members at the Ashburton Video Camera Club wish to acknowledge the passing of a valued member. His knowledge and input into our projects will be hard to match and he will be sorely missed.


1. Tender process ‘not fair’ 2. Lake Hood extension named 3. Emma’s up for big challenge 4. Opposition to council tender process grows 5. Confidence high as Tour looms

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Yesterday’s result Q: Is $11 per hour a fair wage for 16 to 19-year-olds?

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Benefit fraud A Lower Hutt woman has admitted receiving nearly $80,000 over eight years in social welfare payments she was not entitled to. Jacqueline Miriam Peke, 44, pleaded guilty to eight charges of falsely using a document and one charge of obtaining by deception at the Lower Hutt District Court yesterday. Anitesh Govind, who appeared for the Ministry of Social Development, said Peke successfully applied for the Domestic Purposes Benefit (DPB) in 1990. In February 2003, she began working for the Kokiri Marae Keriana Olsen Trust, but failed to tell the ministry. Peke falsely submitted forms to the ministry stating she was not working or receiving other income until December 2011 and continued receiving payments. She received $78,423 in DPB payments and $719 accommodation supplements, totalling $79,142, Mr Govind said. Reparation was not sought by the ministry but Mr Govind said Peke had made arrangements to repay the money. -APNZ

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New NZ citizens welcomed at ceremony Twenty-four people of seven nationalities became New Zealand citizens, following a ceremony at the Ashburton District Council offices yesterday. Our new citizens were from South Africa, Romania, Britain, Ireland, Samoa and the Philippines.

Apology over MP’s flare-up By Adam Bennett National MP Aaron Gilmore threatened to use his influence with Prime Minister John Key’s office to have a waiter at a Hanmer Springs hotel sacked after the man took issue with the Christchurch list MP’s “disgusting” behaviour, it has been claimed. Mr Gilmore yesterday morning issued two apologies for the “boisterous” behaviour of his group of four at the Heritage Hanmer Springs on Saturday night. Those apologies came after one of his dining companions, Christchurch lawyer Andrew Riches, confirmed he’d left a note at the hotel the following morning apologising for Mr Gilmore’s behaviour. Mr Gilmore allegedly called the waiter a “dickhead” when he refused him more wine and gave him his business card saying something like Aaron “Don’t you know who I am? I’m an important politician”, it was reported yesterday. It has also been suggested that Mr Gilmore told the waiter he would tell the Prime Minister’s office about his behaviour and have him sacked. Mr Riches yesterday afternoon confirmed he’d heard Mr Gilmore use words to that effect to the waiter. Mr Riches said he was disappointed that Mr Gilmore had apologised for his group’s behaviour when it was “absolutely” his own behaviour that was in question. “It’s a shame because I thought this could just lie, he could apologise and that would be the end of it, but to sort of blame everyone else ...”. He said that two of the four in Mr Gilmore’s group had left by the time of the incident. “It was because most of the group had already left, he was cut off service, he did the old, “do you know who I am, I’m an MP”.

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“I thought it was just disgusting.” Mr Gilmore initially denied the claims but yesterday morning issued an apology via Twitter and a later press release saying: “As a group of diners our behaviour was at times boisterous, and I sincerely apologise for any offence this may have caused to staff and/or patrons”. “I intend to convey my apologies on behalf of the group to hotel staff, and understand that Members of Parliament should uphold, and be seen to uphold, the highest of standards at all times.” Mr Gilmore also said he planned to “pass my apologies on to the Prime Minister for failing to meet the standards I believe National MPs should uphold”. Mr Gilmore said hotel staff had unfairly blamed him for the behaviour of the group he was with, and he denied using his position as a politician. Mr Gilmore said the group of five shared four Gilmore bottles of wine over several hours, and he had had one beer before dinner. “I can’t be 100 per cent sure of everything I say after having a bottle and a half of wine, but I think someone has misinterpreted what was said.” However, he was “not aware” of being rude or making the alleged comments to the barman, he said. While “some inappropriate comments might seem to have been made”, they had been apologised for, he said. Mr Riches said he left the note for the waiter because he felt Gilmore had been “a bit rude” and he felt “a bit embarrassed by what happened”. Mr Gilmore, 39, was in Hanmer Springs attending a National Party regional conference, which was attended by Mr Key. A spokeswoman for Mr Key said his office had received no complaints over the matter but would look into any that were received. Hotel management declined to comment. - APNZ

Wheels Week kicks off

Today’s online poll question Q: Will you be attending one of the Wheels Week events? To vote in this poll go to:

By Gabrielle Stuart It will be a big weekend for vehicles of all shapes and sizes as Wheels Week Plus kicks off this year. The weekend’s activities will begin with a display of New Zealand and Australian speedway title cars on the Ashburton Green on Friday. The display will be followed by jam-packed events on Saturday and Sunday, including a parade, swap meet, motokhana, vehicle rally and rides, and a lot of rubber-burning racing. The Ashburton Vintage Car Club Swap Meet would kick off events on Saturday, and organiser Kathryn Shaw said the forecast was sounding good. She said they had over 300 stalls already registered for the meet, and more sites were still available but would go on a first in first served basis. As well as vehicle parts and tools for sale there would be collectables, clothing, art, household goods and even cars for sale, she said. The Ashburton vintage car meet was the first to be held in the South Island, and has grown hugely since its beginning in 1975. Club member Marie Bennett helped organise the first Vintage Car Club swap meet 35 years ago, and said that in those days the meets were often the only place people could find parts for their cars. “For many years car parts were the only thing sold there. Now the whole community is

EVENTS THIS WEEKEND Rosco’s Ashburton Wheels Week Plus Friday, May 3: New Zealand and Australian Speedway Title cars displayed on the Ashburton Green. Saturday, May 4: Vintage Car Club Swap Meet 7.30am – 2.30pm Ashburton Vintage Car Club, Maronan Rd, Tinwald. Vintage Museum and Railcar Rides 11am – 4pm The Plains, Maronan Rd, Ashburton. Ashburton Speedway New Zealand Ministock Title 12.30pm – 4pm Seafield Rd, Ashburton. Jokers Social Club Show and Shine Motorcycle Show The Devon Tavern, Victoria St, Ashburton Sunday, May 5: Ashburton Plain’s Rotary Club Classic Vintage & Veteran Car Run 8.30am Ashburton Airport Spray Marks Street Parade 10.30am Mona Sq, Ashburton. Ashburton Car Club Motokhana Following Street Parade Spray Marks Yard, Dobson St West, Ashburton. Ashburton Motorcycle Club Fundraising Ride Following Street Parade Ashburton Fire Station Ashburton Speedway New Zealand Ministock Title 12.30pm – 4pm Seafield Rd, Ashburton. Ashburton Motorcycle Club off-road Motocross Riding 8.45am – 4pm. Wilsons Rd, Ashburton Programmes of the week’s events can be picked up at the Ashburton Information Centre, Heartland Bank and Rosco’s Dismantlers. involved, really, and it’s working very well. Because we’re right in the middle of the island people could come from Blenheim and also from Invercargill, so they were very popular even in the beginning.” The Spray Marks Street Parade on Saturday has also proved to be popular. The parade was pulled together by the community and for the community, and organisers


said no vehicle was too strange or too boring to join the parade on the day, with no registration necessary. Wheels Week Plus Co-ordinator Avis Kingsland said that people would be travelling from as far as Australia for the events. “Next week will be just as big, with the new mountain bike relay joining all our other events.” by David Fletcher


Poll closes at 4pm



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• Clarification A story on the retiring vicar Heather Stewart of Rakaia mentioned that a replacement will be named next month. However, there have been no discussions over the long-term future of the post which will be filled by an interim deacon for the foreseeable future.

Now you’re living Story by Amanda Wright


ake the worry out of your everyday life and replace it with peace of mind, comfortable independence and fun within a safe community. The first completed villa within the Lochlea Lifestyle Resort is available for public viewing this Saturday and Sunday, so you can see what luxurious independence options await.

Resort, set on 6.2ha in a desirable Allenton location, will comprise of 107 villas, made up of both two and three bedroom options. The two bedroom villas come in three different size options, and have a single garage, however an additional garage space can be added upon request. The three bedroom villas come with a double garage.

Become a part of the Lochlea Lifestyle resort, where the emphasis is on living in comfort within a safe and friendly environment. The first of its kind in Ashburton, the lifestyle resort will be a gated community, offering residents safety and peace of mind, while also providing retirement options for varying levels of independence and exclusive usage of the resort’s communal facilities.

The resort will begin construction of an 85 bed hospital in the near future, which will offer both aged care and dementia facilities.

Upon completion Lochlea Lifestyle

Lochlea Lifestyle Resort will also feature a large resort lodge (Lochlea Lodge), which will provide many outdoor and indoor recreational facilities for guests to enjoy. Anticipated for completion in September, the lodge will feature a bromide swimming pool and

bathrooms. The modern kitchen is a cooking enthusiast’s dream, with granite-style bench-top, modern appliances and space to entertain. A van will also be operating from the resort to take guests on shopping The villa has glorious indoor / trips into Ashburton and on other fun outdoor flow, opening out to a trellised patio. Set within a desirable excursions. Allenton location, this villa ticks all At the time that the Lochlea lodge the boxes. The size in total is just opens in September, it is anticipated under 160 square metres, a similar that at least twelve villas will be size to a large town house. available for residents to move into. The villa will be open for Two completed villas are available public viewing on Saturday for public viewing this weekend, and May 4th between 11am and resort manager Tony Sands will be 1pm, and on Sunday May 5th, on hand to answer any questions you between 1pm and 3pm. may have regarding the villa or other For more information on Lochlea Lifestyle Resort options. this weekend’s open home or The three bedroom villa provides the Lochlea Lifestyle Resort, modern, open-style living, spacious contact resort manager Tony and sunny. The master bedroom Sands, on 0800 27 27 837. has an ensuite, giving the villa 2 spa, a gymnasium, administration and medical facilities, community vegetable gardens and more.

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, May 3, 2013


Heated exchange at council meeting By Sue Newman

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A war of words erupted during an Ashburton District Council meeting yesterday when the performance of Grow Mid Canterbury was challenged by district councillors. There was a brief flare of temper between the organisation’s chief executive Rob Brawley and councillor Stuart Wilson when questions were asked over Grow Mid Canterbury’s investment in the Methven hot pools project. “What or who gave you the manTXT THE EDITOR date to invest so much money in the hot pools,” Mr Wilson said. Mr Brawley said it was clear Mr Wilson did not understand the organisation’s accounts, that Grow Mid Canterbury did not invest in for the past year to the council and the pools, rather it received shares equally late in presenting its budget in lieu of the time it had invested in for the coming year irked several councillors. The delay was due to the project. “Don’t you talk down to me,” Mr a late audit sign-off; the accounts had been ready on time, Mr Brawley Wilson replied. said. Councillor Ken Grow Mid Cutforth leaped into Canterbury ended its the fray saying he year to June 30, 2012 found the organisawith a $23,944 deficit tion’s accounts to be but this year it plans so skimpy on detail to break even. There that they were almost were, however, a meaningless. number of unknowns He was also conin the area of fundcerned that the pool ing, he said. share structure had It has requested been devised without $244,421 from the any sign-off from the council but this council. makes up less than When Grow Mid 20 per cent of the Canterbury was Rob Brawley $1.017 million it established it had anticipates to have a very broad brief, as income next year. $350,000 in councillor Robin Kilworth said. “There are very few limitations income would come from business on their activities in the founding services, but that couldn’t be disdocument. The council of the day cussed publicly, Mr Brawley said. Grow Mid Canterbury presented set up a trust deed that gives a lot of leeway and it gives Grow Mid its budget and funding request for Canterbury every right to enter into the next financial year in January commercial investments or to take but delays in having the previous year’s accounts signed off by its up opportunities.” Mr Wilson also challenged the auditor, forced the council to hold future of the Agri-Innovation Park off considering the budget until that Grow Mid Canterbury planned yesterday. Next year it plans to focus on the for the Ashburton Business Estate, saying by the government pour- agri innovation park, a centre for ing $100 million into agricultural natural resource management, the innovation at Lincoln University, Methven hot pools project, feasithe Ashburton project would be bility on further value added food processing initiatives, internationscuttled. The issue of Lincoln had been on al dairy worker recruitment, the the horizon for some time but what Christchurch rebuild worker housthose plans would include were ing project and the arable industry marketing initiative. unclear, Mr Brawley said. “These projects are important for “We believe the opportunity still remains. They’ve made it difficult the economic prosperity of the disin some ways but Mid Canterbury’s trict. They’re key elements of our Agriculture Innovation Park needs draft economic development stratto have a Mid Canterbury flavour. egy and they’re particularly imporTheir major focus is on research; tant to our key goal of creating highours is on innovation and commer- er paying jobs in Mid Canterbury.” Over the past eight years, the cialisation.” He said he was confident there council’s funding of Grow Mid Canterbury has moved from was room for both in the market. That the organisation was several $132,000 in 2006/2007 to $242,239 months late presenting its accounts last year.

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Some tips for the weekend

Saturday: • Theatre comedy Roger Hall’s Taking Off at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre. A sensitive comedy that trails four Kiwi girls on their big OE. • Art exhibition Zonta Youth Art Awards exhibition at the Ashburton Art Gallery. • Scarecrow trail Today is your final chance to check out the 33 scarecrows dotted around Methven. Pick up a map from the Methven I-SITE Visitor Centre on Main Street, identify the nursery characters each scarecrow depicts and be in to win. • Tinwald Swap Meet Stalls selling all things motoring with a bit of brica-brac thrown in – 7.30am to 2.30pm, at 86 Maronan Road.

More than 160 teachers from across Mid Canterbury have descended on the Hotel Ashburton to further their knowledge on e-learning.

Teachers hone their skills on e-learning The digital revolution continues in Mid Canterbury classrooms and local teachers are taking time away from class to extend their knowledge on educating today’s youngsters. Today marks the final day for most of the district’s teachers who are on a professional development course called e-nnovate at the Hotel Ashburton, honing their skills on e-learning. Mid Canterbury schools are among the leaders in modernday teaching, with all schools connected to ultra-fast fibre, and most already latching on to the evolving concept of iPads and technology in education.

To see more or purchase photos “It’s always evolving, to keep on top of it that’s the challenge for Mid Canterbury, we are pretty well placed with what we are doing and what we have going on here is a pretty amazing thing,” e-nnovate co-ordinator and Netherby School principal Andrew Leverton said. Teachers gathered in small groups for a range of workshops which included the art of iPad management, what emerging

apps were useful for literacy and numeracy and where modern-day teaching was heading, among a host of other aspects. Schools across the district were regularly using tablets, and even Rakaia School was running an iPad-focused classroom. “All being connected, we can work together with the knowledge we are learning and the things we are doing and that’s going to ben-

• Motorcycle show and shine Jokers Social Club show and shine motorcycle show at the Devon Tavern, on Victoria Street.

Sunday: • Wheels Week Street parade The parade leaves Mona Square at 10am and heads along East Street, featuring hundreds of vehicles with a vintage plane fly past. A motorkana will follow the parade, when the location will be advised. All vehicles must be roadworthy.

Vaccinations mean K9s 8 K2; one parvovirus low here dies another seriously ill By Gabrielle Stuart

Many dog owners in New Zealand are having to make the tearful decision to let their dogs go, as cases of deadly parvovirus break out around the country. With treatment for the virus very expensive and often unsuccessful, estimated numbers of dogs put down when diagnosed with the virus are higher this month than numbers of diagnosed dogs killed by the virus itself. Veterinarian Gabrielle Thompson from Pets n Vets Ashburton said that while cases of the virus were seen in Mid Canterbury, it wasn’t likely to become the epidemic seen in other parts of the country. “The virus can survive in the soil for years, so we do see cases here. The difference is that because most dogs are vaccinated they have been isolated and haven’t spread. She said that large outbreaks of

the parvovirus were usually only seen where large numbers of dogs were not vaccinated. “I would guess that over 80 per cent of dogs in the district are vaccinated, and that vaccination is very effective.” Once a dog contracted the virus, there was very little that could be done. “Just like you see with viruses in humans there’s no way to stop the virus once it’s in the system. We can only treat the symptoms and support them through it.” Common symptoms of the deadly virus were lethargy, vomiting and bloody diarrhoea, but dehydration was the most common killer of infected dogs that remained untreated. Because the intestinal lining was usually damaged in the early stages of the virus, infected dogs would struggle to keep down food or fluids. In most cases they would need to be put on an intravenous drip for up to a week, resulting in a vet bill of about $1000. Vaccinating dogs against the virus costs less than $40 at most clinics.




Revelations that a dog in Southland has died and another is seriously ill as a result of eating K2, synthetic cannabis, is an alarm bell for people with pets, the New Zealand Veterinary Association’s Companion Animal Society president, Dr Catherine Watson warns. These two cases are particularly disturbing, as the agonising and fatal consequences for the dogs were completely preventable. Dr Watson said there is always a risk to all household pets and small children when prescription medications, recreational drugs or household poisons are accessible. “Pets are often very small so the effects of toxins

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• Races at Ashburton The Ashburton Trotting Club has 11 races on the track in its build-up race meet for next month’s the Harness Jewels. first race at 11.15 am.

on their little bodies are compounded. Recreational drugs and prescription medicines can and do have very serious consequences, even death, for the pet involved,” Dr Watson said. “Veterinarians, like their human medical counterparts, find it extremely distressing managing completely preventable poisonings.” Dr Watson said there is an easy answer to this issue – keep all potentially fatal chemicals and drugs appropriately contained and out of reach of pets and children. And in the event an accident with drugs and poisons occurs, seek prompt treatment through your local veterinarian.

• Fundraising ride Ashburton Motor Cycle Club’s fundraising ride for Ashburton Volunteer Fire Services, meet at the fire station following the street parade for refreshments, raffles and sausage sizzle.

On the couch: • Super 15 rugby Crusaders play the Brumbies in Canberra live on SKY 1 starting at 6pm on Sunday.





Comfort plus! Hardwearing Pellissima and a generous size. This 4 recliner suite has it all!

• Classic Car Club Run Registration at the Ashburton Airport 9 to 10.30am where complimentary morning tea and instructions will be given.





• Railcar rides The Plains Vintage Railway and Historical Museum, Maronan Road, open from 11am to 4pm, vintage railcar rides operating, and lots to see and do.

efit the region,” Mr Leverton said. Being the district’s fifth biannual conference, teachers chose from about 24 different work shops and also took in the inspiring words of guest speaker Rob Hamill, a marathon rowing champion. The conference also hosted four high-profile keynote speakers including Mike Scaddan, the chief executive of Brain Stems Ltd, and the director of educational technology at a Los Angeles high school Sam Gliksman. It will round off with a conference dinner tonight, followed by the guest speaker. Mr Leverton expected many teachers to be implementing their new-found knowledge when school resumes on Monday.

By Myles Hume


What is

• National title weekend Today and tomorrow Ashburton Speedway New Zealand Title, Seafield Road (adjacent to the airport) from 12.30pm to 4pm.

Photo Tetsuro Mitomo 020513-TM-010






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ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, May 3, 2013


To stream or not to stream, that’s the question A

shburton College this year has joined a growing number of schools to drop the streaming of their Year Nine children into groups of similar ability. The decision seems to be timely as research from Canterbury University this week showed streaming to be ineffective and detrimental for the majority of students. The streaming issue has been a hot potato for decades as parents and schools struggle to juggle the specific interests of every child, smart or not so academic, with our natural reluctance to classify and pigeonhole our children.

OUR VIEW Many parents are highly critical of the inclusive approach and feel it is detrimental to those that need or desire extra attention, whether they are gifted or have special needs, and may not meet their full potential. The research by Professor Garry Hornby however says that streaming is shown to be devastating for those who end up in the lower-ability classes. He argues that their self-esteem suffers a lethal blow and many simply give up trying, with some developing behavioural problems

as a result. The findings among 26 secondary and intermediate schools in Canterbury also show that there seems to be little benefit of streaming for the average student and that only the top students and those with special needs reap the rewards. The research also mirrors results from similar research in Britain where many schools use the streaming system, without the results to back them up. The findings in Britain also found that the ability of the

Coen Lammers editor

students was compounded by the fact that schools would align their best teachers with their most gifted pupils. Despite all this research many parents will remain unconvinced and hundreds of New Zealand schools would not have backed a system that does not work

for decades without seeing any benefits. The latest Canterbury research is compelling but it does not fully explain or predict how pupils will perform in combined classes. Ashburton College principal Grant McMillan says that underperforming students will be motivated by smarter children around them, not unlike an average rugby player punching above his weight in a better team. But what does it do for the more talented players? Using that same analogy, though it is not much fun to be one of the poorer players making up the numbers, and none of the research mentions how the self-

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YOUR VIEW Local contracts Your leading article in this morning’s Guardian is not correct as the practice of not placing work locally has been going on for a long time. The case that springs to mind is the sale of sections in the business park. In spite of local real estate firms being quite capable of marketing these sections a Christchurch comany was appointed, with limited success. The commisions from these sales should have been available to local companies and no doubt would have been spent in our area. Let’s hope this practice will change after the coming elections and change of staff. Ralph Bassett

Text messages Interested to know why people who text into the Guardian are unable to text their name as well? Also wonder if the two deroga-

EMAIL US editor@ theguardian. We welcome your text messages, but: • Name supplied preferable. • We reserve the right to publish at our discretion. • Messages do not represent the opinion of the Guardian.

We also welcome your letters, but: • We reserve the right to abridge, edit or not publish letters. • Correspondents are not permitted to use pen names, and for verification must provide address and contact number (neither for publication). • Letters should be no more than 300 words.

on this because I am convinced my boredom-inspired antics at school will have been detrimental for those sitting close to me and were unable to concentrate. Mid Canterbury schools are leading the way with Mt Hutt College and Ashburton Intermediate having already ditched the streaming theory and it now appears the research is backing them up. Let’s just hope all principals keep an open mind and keep tweaking their classrooms as both theories have considerable merit. Simply sacrificing the needs of a few to benefit the rest seems a heavy price to pay.

IRD computer crashes day after upgrade news



esteem can be knocked around by getting the lowest score in the class week after week. Instead, there must be some benefit and encouragement for underperforming students doing well among peers of similar ability in a streamed class. It is hard to believe that all of them become drop-outs or dropkicks simply because they are streamed. Some children will have behavioural problems in any environment, while the one-size fits all approach may actually turn some of the good students into bored, annoying critters as well. I can speak from experience

tory texts today re the stadium tendering would have been submitted if they knew their names would be published. The Guardian may feel they are moving forward with the times accepting these messages, but from one who has always enjoyed and contributed to letters to the editor I feel we are moving backwards into the 21st century. What a shame. R. Phillips

Dead livestock Can you please not assume all your readers are in the farming sector and therefore comfortable with seeing dead livestock. As an animal lover I was very disturbed to sit down with my lunch today to read the paper only to see plastered over the front page a graphic image of a dead cow with blood coming out of its head. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would have found this image unpleasant. Wendy Black

Thank you I would like to take the opportunity, through this column, to say a huge thank you to the parents and families of those youngsters who appeared in our school holiday entertainment Hood. Without your tireless efforts to support us in our quest for the highest possible standards in young people’s dramatic theatre we could not have presented such a feast of entertainment at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre for children and families this school holidays. However, special mention must be made of the Ashburton Trust and the support we feel very privileged to have received this year from them. This is our fifth year as resident young people’s theatre company at The Ashburton Trust Event Centre and this was our eighth full scale production. Over the past five years it has been our pleasure to bring Ashburton a wide range of great drama ranging from Shakespeare to iconic contemporary work and

ground breaking new theatre in the shape of our acclaimed production of Sparrows. In Hood we presented our fabulous company with a fun comic challenge and the chance to further develop their acting skills by breathing new life into this ageold tale. It is our great joy to work with the talented young actors in our community; to watch their confidence grow and their performing skills develop. Theatre builds communities, those who watch and those who make it happen. We would like to thank all of you who purchased a ticket to see this show. In so doing you are not only helping us to pay for this wonderful opportunity for our young people but helping to keep young people’s theatre live and alive in Ashburton. In this endeavour we are indebted to the trust for helping enormously to make it happen. Thank you. Jackie Heffernan, director, The Big Little Theatre Company

Port Hills groper case Bitten to the bone heading to trial By Kurt Bayer The case of the accused “Port Hills groper” is heading for trial, with his defence telling a court yesterday that identification will be the key issue. Name suppression was yesterday continued for the 63-year-old Christchurch man who police say grabbed, groped, and licked 15 women on the popular running trails on the hills above the city. Christchurch District Court yesterday was told that the women would now be shown photo montages by police to try and identify their attacker before trial. Defence counsel Moana Cole said she was still awaiting full disclosure from police, and it had been a “very long and complicated road” to date. Most of the charges allege the offending happened last year, but one charge dates back to 2010. Ms Cole voiced concerns that police were pursuing a photo montage so late in proceedings, but Judge Phillip Moran saw no issue with it, given that the issue of iden-

tification was key to the trial. The man was arrested on Wednesday after allegations he had breached his bail conditions by returning to Huntsbury Hill this week. He appeared in court on Wednesday but collapsed in the dock. It was the second time he had suffered an asthma attack while in court. Judge Moran allowed him to sit in the rear of the court yesterday, beside an interpreter, while his case was heard. Ms Cole said her client, a refugee, denied the bail breach. Judge Moran noted the allegation was being contested as he set down a new status hearing for May 23. He continued name suppression. The man’s country of origin is also suppressed. Ms Cole earlier said that the man’s family had taken a decision not to tell their small, local community which has strong ties with the Islamic community. She said that if the man’s alleged behaviour become known, the whole family would be “permanently ostracised”. - APNZ

A bull mastiff dog bowled an elderly Runanga man over and tore a large chunk out of his arm - to the bone - in a gruesome attack. Jimmy Hambley, 81, said he got the fright of his life when he was viciously attacked by the dog that had strayed on to a Ballance Street property he was visiting on Wednesday. Recovering at home, Mr Hambley said he was delivering a letter to someone at the address when the dog pounced. “I entered the property and the dog was just lying there. I walked past it and was about to knock on the door, and then it attacked.” Mr Hambley did not get much warning. He heard the dog growl, then it jumped up and latched on to his arm. “It all happened so quickly. I was knocked to the ground and the dog had a firm grip, then I roared at it to go away.” Thankfully, he said, the dog released his arm and he scrambled back into his truck. “A fellow from across the road saw it happen and came to help, and the people from the house I was visiting gave me a towel to wrap up my arm with. “It was bloody sore - I could see

the bone and I knew it was bad,” Mr Hambley said of the gaping, 15cm-long wound. “All the layers of my skin had gone. There were bits of skin in my jersey.” He was taken to hospital by ambulance, where the wound was stitched up. “I couldn’t tell you how many stitches I’ve got, but there’s heaps of them, and there is still a big chunk that has no skin on it. “If it doesn’t heal I might have to have a skin graft.” The injured pensioner was relieved it was him who was attacked and not a child as the repercussions would have been much worse. He did not sleep well on Wednesday night: “I kept seeing the dog coming at me. I would never trust that dog again, if it was mine.” For now he just wants his arm to heal and try to forget about the whole ordeal. Grey District Council dog control officer Murray Malloch said yesterday the dog had not been put down. “We still have it locked up at the pound and a decision on its fate will not be made until we have completed our investigation.” - APNZ

The Inland Revenue Department’s computer system was back up and running yesterday afternoon after it crashed earlier in the day. The system crashed just a day after it was announced a $1.5 billion upgrade would be rolled out over 10 years. APNZ phoned both the 0800 number and the regional numbers which said the computers were down. A recorded message said: “due to our computer system being temporarily unavailable we may not be able to assist you with you inquiry - if you still wish to speak to our staff we will be with you as soon as possible”. An IRD spokesman said it was looking into the problem but could not comment until it knew more. A customer who did not wish to be named said she had tried to contact IRD yesterday morning with a provisional tax query. She said she phoned both the 0800 number and a Wellington number and was told to enter her details and had to wait for awhile before she was told the computer systems were down. She said the helpline was also overloaded whenever a tax date loomed. Provisional tax payments are due on May 7. “As a business owner this is very

frustrating - earlier in the year the IRD’s telephone staff told me I had a provisional tax payment due on May 7. “Even if the computer is down the system should still take people’s names and numbers and call them back,” she said. A spokesperson for Revenue Minister Peter Dunne said the problem had been caused by some staff members not being able to log in yesterday morning. A spokesman for the department said that due to a technical problem, some staff were not able to receive or send email. “However, the service has been fully restored. This incident is not related to the recent issue with our email gateway,” the spokesman said. Documents released on Wednesday showed the IRD computer system had been at risk for at least three years and seriously in need of the $1.5b upgrade. Mr Dunne on Wednesday announced the upgrade - the largest overhaul of any government IT system. He said it was “fully stretched” and a 10-year project to upgrade the system was required. The upgrade is scheduled to take 10 years, but could be longer. Mr Dunne said IRD’s functions had changed since its computer systems were launched in 1991. - apnz

Decision to euthanise cheetah cubs ‘agonising’ By Kurt Bayer Orana Wildlife Park vets made the “agonising decision” to put down three newborn cheetah cubs who were abandoned by their mother at birth. Veterinary professionals and staff made the difficult decision to euthanise the baby cubs yesterday morning. First-time cheetah mother Mazza gave birth to a litter of at least five at the Christchurch zoo on Saturday, with two found dead in their enclosure. The three survivors - a female, and two males - have been fighting for their lives ever since, with zoo vets and voluntary staff working round the clock to feed them and give them a fighting chance at survival. But, all three animals deteriorated overnight and the zoo yesterday took the “agonising decision” to put them down. “The decision was made in consultation with our vet who has over 20 years’ experience caring for our animals, particularly cheetah,” says chief executive Lynn Anderson. “In our situation we have an absolute duty of care to provide the highest standards of welfare and to ensure a life worth living is provided to all animals we manage. “Unfortunately the condition of the cubs was such that they were only being kept alive through 24 hour intensive veterinary care and could not otherwise survive.” Zoo staff watched the births first unfold on CCTV, and think they may have seen Mazza eating two of her new babies. They raced to the cheetah enclosure to rescue the three surviving cubs. The surviving trio had initially responded well to being cared for around the clock in incubators at Christchurch’s After Hours Veterinary Hospital. But their fortunes have contin-

ued to fluctuate as zoo staff, and volunteers from the vet hospital, worked around the clock, bottle feeding them formula, and giving them immune-boosting blood top-ups taken from their absent mother. “From the outset we had obvious concerns for these animals and we have since experienced many ups and downs in their condition,” zoological manager, Rob Hall said. “Overnight the cubs regressed further though and we were very worried that the animals had not significantly improved over the week. “For example, by this stage (five days) the cubs should weigh around 700g but the biggest only weighs 589g. We made the right decision for the cubs; we could see that they weren’t going to make it.” The cubs have been sent for an urgent post-mortem to ascertain the full cause of their problems. “This documented case history now extends our knowledge of the species, not just for Orana but for the international breeding programme,” Ms Anderson said. “We have been overwhelmed by the level of support from the community and media surrounding the cubs and we sincerely thank everyone for their best wishes and interest.” First time cheetah mothers often lose their litter due to inexperience. It’s not unusual for mothers to eat their young, or abandon them. Mazza, 4, was also born at the park and she, along with her three brothers, was hand-raised by park staff when their mother rejected them. Cheetah are a flagship conservation species for Orana Wildlife Park. Only a small number of zoos worldwide have experienced repeated breeding success with the species. To date, 18 cats have been raised to adulthood at Orana. - APNZ

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, May 3, 2013


Dalai Lama slighted By Chris Morris Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull has apologised for his “slight” against the Dalai Lama, but will not explain an email exchange that may shed light on his decision to sidestep the spiritual leader’s visit. Mr Cull issued a statement yesterday apologising for his earlier comments, which he said had characterised the Dalai Lama as “the leader of a minority sect”. “While I understood I was speaking about the Dunedin context that is no excuse for what was a dismissive and unnecessary slight. “I sincerely regret my remarks and an offence to anyone including His Holiness and the Buddhist community both here and elsewhere,” Mr Cull’s statement read. Dalai Lama Visit Trust New Zealand trustee Neil Cameron said he had also received a “sincere” apology from Mr Cull by telephone yesterday. “We believe it was a noble act on behalf of the mayor, and we respect him for it.” However, Mr Cull yesterday refused to discuss an email exchange he had with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade staff about the Dalai Lama and China. The exchange took place on March 28, when Mfat staff responded to a request from Mr Cull, an Mfat spokesman confirmed yesterday. The exchange was revealed by an Official Information Act request by the Otago Daily Times,

but Mfat staff would not release a copy yesterday. To do so “would likely prejudice the international relations of the Government of New Zealand”, the spokesman said. Earlier this week, Mr Cull denied receiving any outside advice on the Dalai Lama’s visit from China, Chinese officials or anything similar. Mr Cull would not discuss the emails yesterday, initially saying he had not seen the information released by Mfat. After being emailed a copy, Mr Cull said it would be “remiss and inappropriate” of him to discuss it. The fallout began after comments made by Mr Cull on Monday, while defending a decision not to introduce the Dalai Lama at next month’s public talk in Dunedin. Mr Cull said he was unavailable because of a meeting in Wellington, but also questioned the benefit of engaging with “the representative of a minority religious faith”. The comment prompted angry criticism, a protest by four members of Dunedin’s Buddhist community, and plans for a larger rally tomorrow. Mr Cull also said at the time he was “very conscious” of China’s views, but had not been swayed by any threat to Dunedin’s economic interests in Shanghai. Mr Cameron did not want to comment on the email exchange, saying he considered Mr Cull’s apology “the end of the matter for us”. - APNZ

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Rex Hawkins was the police liaison officer with the Tahu whanau during the original murder inquiry in 1979. closure on this part of the tragic story.” There were other cold cases that remained unsolved when Mr Hawkins ended his 20 years of service, but knowing Hallett had killed Mr Tahu – and that he was still free – persisted in his mind. Yet he was always confident police would one day get their man. After a year of case-building, Detective Inspector Mark Loper approached Hallett in a Rotorua bakery in late 2011 - apparently while the pensioner was buying a corned beef sandwich. Mr Loper said on Wednesday: “All files, especially homicide files, are reviewed regularly ... “So you know, through time, people [offenders] might think that they may be free to reign and have stopped looking over their shoulder, but this was a classic case where sometimes the police will come and tap you on the shoulder.”

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Skellerup -.15 ApN News&Media -.05 Mowbray Collctbls -.04 New Image -.02 Diligent -.44 Xero -.80 Dorchester pacific -.02 oceanaGold Corp (NS) -.13 Allied Work force -.15 pacific Edge -.03


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Telecom NZ 33,508,436.66 fletcher Building 15,735,542.12 Contact Energy 14,637,081.66 fisher&paykelHlthcre 8,781,507.27 Sky Network TV 8,245,775.15 SKYCITYEntGrp (NS) 7,362,244.19 Auckland Intl Airpt 3,312,957.19 Ryman Healthcare 2,677,322.75 Kiwi Income 1,186,464.80 Infratil 611,194.23


Telecom NZ Skellerup fisher&paykelHlthcre Contact Energy Kathmandu fletcher Building Air NZ SKYCITYEntGrp (NS) Chorus limited Sky Network TV

13,042,461 3,807,125 3,346,059 2,786,394 2,102,954 1,820,358 1,816,444 1,661,088 1,555,475 1,445,978


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CURRENCIES Buying and selling rates on the NZ$ yesterday (indicative only):


in a position where we can put some closure to this ... and we can all move on.” Hallett’s wife, Joan, refused to comment as she left court, or when the Herald visited their modest brick-and-tile Rotorua home this week. Her husband will be sentenced in July. Roger Bryant, Mr Tahu’s former boss as owner of the Shell service station when the killing occurred, said that “justice has finally prevailed” for his old friend. Mr Bryant said he, his wife and son Anton were preparing for a dinner to celebrate the guilty verdict. Like Mr Hawkins, he had often thought of Mr Tahu and how his killer had never been brought to justice. “But I never put it aside because I knew justice would prevail some day. It was just a matter of waiting, and thank goodness the waiting is all over now. I’m getting a bit emotional.” - APNZ

• Cheeky event First they were baring their butts, now residents of New Brighton are baring their undies, in yet another cheeky event. The New Brighton Project is holding an “Undy 5 Hundy” down a 500 metre strip of New Brighton Beach on June 8, to “bring a bit of fun” during winter. This comes only four months after New Brighton residents dropped their pants in a Braveheartlike protest labelled Bare Your Bum for Brighton. -APNZ

• False alarm The fire call-out at the Pike River Mine administration building in Greymouth was a false alarm. Fire crews were alerted about 6pm yesterday when an alarm was activated. It is not yet known what triggered the alarm. - apnz


Prices of dairy products fell for the first time in 10 GlobalDairyTrade auctions, led by the whole and skim milk powder as the volume on offer gained for a second session from a two-year low. The GDT-TWI Price Index fell 7.3 per cent compared to the last sale two weeks ago, the first decline this year. The average winning price fell

to $US4597 a tonne from $US4968 a tonne in the previous sale, which was the highest on record on the GDT platform that began in July 2008. Whole milk powder, the biggest product by volume, fell 10.2 per cent to $US4731 a tonne. Prices have halted their ascent as rains signalled the end of drought in some North Island regions and as

Petrol prices took a dive

-27.22 -0.558%

-36.57 -0.427% $

After the verdict, Mr Tahu’s tearful whanau hugged and shook hands with Mr Loper, before joining together in a circle outside the court to sing an emotional waiata. Mr Hawkins, who now runs a tavern in Taupo, received dozens of phone calls from around the country during the trial, and went along to watch as stacks of evidence were presented against his old suspect. “I know there will be a lot of ex-detectives who were engaged on this inquiry who will be hugely relieved and will have satisfaction that after the long period of time, justice has been done.” A spokesman for Mr Tahu’s whanau, Colin Hair, said: “You have to understand that the events of the last 13 or 14 months since the arrest, the trial, the media coverage and everything have re-opened those old wounds and to some extent has rubbed them a little bit more over the last week or so but I think now we are

A Canterbury lifestyle block owner is facing animal welfare charges after allegedly beating four pigs with an iron bar. The 49-year-old has already been charged with obstructing SPCA inspectors who visited his West Eyreton property on April 2 to investigate complaints of “serious physical abuse” of his animals. -APNZ

economic data showed global growth may be faltering. The official PMI figures for China, out Wednesday, showed the manufacturing measure undershot expectations in New Zealand’s biggest export market. The total volume of dairy products sold at the latest auction rose to 17,237 tonnes from 15,019 tonnes two weeks ago. Fonterra is forecast-

ing no increase in milk production this year as farmers dry off their herds. The price of anhydrous milk fat fell 5.2 per cent to $US4675 a tonne and butter milk powder dropped 3.3 per cent to $US4500 a tonne. Butter declined 6.7 per cent to $US4409 a tonne and cheddar rose 3.4 per cent to $US4800 a tonne.

Lactose and milk protein concentrate weren’t offered. Rennet casein fell 3.1 per cent to $US9745 a tonne and skim milk powder fell 9.5 per cent to $US4280 a tonne. There were 87 winning bidders over 10 rounds. There were 135 participating bidders out of a total number of qualified bidders of 802.   – APNZ

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The body of a missing Nelson woman has been recovered from the Pelorus River. Jasmine Gotty, 24, went missing on Tuesday night. Police and Search and Rescue volunteers recovered her body downstream of the river near Totara Flat just after 2pm on Wednesday. The site where her body was found had been blessed by a kaumatua. Police are investigating. -APNZ

Dairy product prices fall 7.3%


Apr 4


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• Body recovered

• Welfare charges

Sharemarket NZX 50

Cold-case cop: We knew we’d get him When Rex Hawkins retired as a detective in 1990, a troubling loose end stuck in his mind. An innocent family man had been shot in cold blood outside a service-station, and no one had been brought to justice. It had fallen upon Mr Hawkins to act as the Taupo police’s support person to the grieving whanau of victim Rodney Tahu, a loving father and Saturday morning rugby referee. But what burned inside Mr Hawkins then and ever since was that he had always known the identity of the man who pulled the trigger. He had even arrested Menzies Reginald John Hallett just over 24 hours after the 1979 shooting in a dramatic early-morning armed stand-off near the Napier-Taupo Rd. But Hallett then walked free from court, the Crown unable to use the crucial evidence of his estranged wife Susan Sharpe, to whom he had made a shocking confession just hours after the killing. On Wednesday, however – after a law change allowed a jury to hear Mrs Sharpe’s evidence during a two-and-a-half-week trial in the High Court at Rotorua Hallett did not walk free. The 72-year-old was found guilty of Mr Tahu’s murder. Mr Hawkins said on Wednesday night: “Living with the knowledge for 33 years of who the offender was, and not being able to place him before the court, has been difficult. “Having seen the pain and hurt the family suffered, it’s been very frustrating to know of the admission Hallett made to his ex-wife, knowing that this wasn’t able to be used by the prosecution, and me knowing he was the killer. “So it’s a real relief to see his conviction at long last and I hope it brings some satisfaction to the Tahu family and gives them some



Australia, Dollar 0.8287 0.8292 Britain, Pound 0.5457 0.5459 Canada, Dollar 0.8549 0.8556 Euro 0.6451 0.6453 Fiji, Dollar 1.4922 1.5171 Japan, Yen 82.5300 82.5800



Samoa, Tala 1.8599 1.9558 South Africa, Rand 7.6589 7.6676 Thailand, Baht 24.9700 25.0300 Tonga, Pa’anga 1.4017 1.4790 US, Dollar 0.8485 0.8489 Vanuatu, Vatu 76.5167 82.3760

By Ben Chapman-Smith Petrol prices reached their lowest levels in nine months last month, according to the Automobile Association. Prices fell 12 cents last month, with 91 octane down to $2.05 per litre in the main centres. Diesel dropped 10 cents per litre to $1.42 a litre at most service stations, the lowest price since July 2012. This time last year, New Zealanders were paying $2.20 a litre for 91 petrol and $1.57 a litre for diesel.

Mark Stockdale, AA’s PetrolWatch spokesperson, said petrol prices have fallen 16 cents per litre and diesel 13 cents since mid-March. “However, the AA’s monitoring of commodity prices shows that since the last retail price increase in midFebruary, the imported cost of petrol has fallen nearly 19 cents per litre, and diesel 16 cents,” Stockdale said. “That means fuel companies have not passed all of the lower costs on to motorists, although some service stations have discounted prices below $2 a litre.”  – APNZ

Skellerup cuts earnings forecast Skellerup, the industrial rubber goods maker, has cut its annual earnings guidance for a second time after the drought across the North Island sapped demand at its agri business as farmers put off buying until next season. The Auckland-based company expects net profit of $17 million in the year ended June 30, down from trimmed down guidance of $20 million it gave in February, from a previous forecast range of between $22 million and $24 million. The manufacturer blamed the drought for weaker local demand, and also signalled its North American and European sales were tracking below forecasts. “Sales of both dairy liners and rubber footwear have been below expectations,” chief executive David Mair

said in a statement. “Whilst the very recent rain is a welcome relief for our customers and Skellerup, we will not fully recover the deferred sales within the current financial year as farmers will delay some of their buying till the new season.” The Treasury predicts the drought across the North Island will cut gross domestic product by 0.7 per cent in the current financial year. The arid weather has weighed on business confidence in the agriculture sector, though the reduction in supply has helped elevate prices for dairy farmers. Skellerup’s Mair said the company wasn’t expecting more growth in Europe but anticipated some improvement in North America which hasn’t emerged.  – APNZ

Business leaders issue plea to Greens By Pattrick Smellie Ten representatives of New Zealand industry, including the lobby group for the biggest power users, are asking the Labour and Green parties to withdraw their interventionist, new electricity policy. Describing the country’s current arrangements as “one of the increasingly competitive electricity markets in the world”, the Business New Zealandled initiative asks: “With the good of all New Zealanders in mind we ask you to withdraw these damaging policies” which would “severely undermine business confidence.” The open letter signed by the leaders of 10 business lobby groups, the Major Electricity Users Group, the mining industry lobbyist Straterra, and numerous regional affiliates of Business NZ, the country’s largest business lobby group. The letter was published shortly after Greens co-leader Metiria Turei called separately for the government to halt further asset sales. He said reported approaches to major investment houses about joint lead manager roles for the partial sale of Meridian Energy and Genesis Energy was inappropriate. It effectively means business leaders, including major power users, would rather pay more for electricity than they would under the Labour-Greens scheme, which they fear will return New Zealand to policies the letter says have failed in the past. It would also have a “chilling effect” across the economy, costing jobs, because it would destroy around $3 billion of value in the electricity industry, both private and government-owned. The Labour-Green policy would abandon the current wholesale electricity market arrangements, developed over the last 25 years and believed by many to have produced higher than

Metiria Turei necessary power prices. Instead, it would set up a central government agency to buy all electricity and resell it to retailers and major users, regulate the industry, and decide when to build new power stations. Such policies “have been shown to be incapable of meeting the challenges of a modern economy with a complex, real-time electricity market,” the open letter says. “Putting aside the sheer complexity of their implementation, policies that protect businesses from the full costs of the inputs they use ultimately dull the incentive to innovate and make them less, not more internationally competitive. “Reducing retail prices below the full marginal cost of production encourages households to use more than they should.” “Business shares your concerns about constantly rising power prices and their impact on our global competitiveness”, but did not believe “policies based on subsidies and greater state

control are the right answers,” the letter says. That approach “causes interest rates to rise, depletes retirement savings held in KiwiSaver accounts and means that other economic opportunities ... are foregone. Individuals are less welloff as a result.” In her statement, Turei said: “National’s rush to sell the three electricity SOEs before the end of the year is anti-democratic, financially unsound, and will leave retail investors exposed when NZ Power reduces electricity prices.” The Labour-Greens policy is thought likely to have dimmed investor appetite for the MightyRiverPower share float, retail investor registrations for which close tomorrow. However, Wellington investment house Woodward Partners this week predicted an issue price of $2.60, near the middle of the $2.35 to $2.80 range nominated when the MRP prospectus was released on April 5, and placed implementation of the new policy as only the 10th most significant business risk MRP faces. Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei responded by saying her party would not withdraw its policy. “The Greens make no apologies for wanting to get power prices down to a fair level. Business New Zealand and National seem to think that electricity companies’ profits matter more than lower power bills for families and businesses.” Ms Turei said it was important to note that firms Business NZ was supposed to represent would benefit from the plan. “NZ Power will reduce electricity costs to business by around $200m a year, allowing them to expand and hire more people. That’s why groups like the Manufacturers and Exporters Association have come out in support of our plan.”  – APNZ

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5-year-old kills sister with gifted gun A five-year-old US boy accidentally shot his two-year-old sister to death with a rifle he had received as a gift last year, authorities said. The children’s mother was home at the time but had stepped out to the front porch for a few minutes and “she heard the gun go off”, Cumberland County Coroner Gary White said. He said the rifle was kept in a corner, and the family didn’t realise a bullet was left inside it.

White told the Lexington Herald-Leader newspaper the boy received the .22-calibre rifle, especially made for children, as a gift. White identified the gun as a Crickett, referring to a company that specifically makes guns, clothes and books for children. “It’s a little rifle for a kid ... The little boy’s used to shooting the little gun.” The shooting, while accidental, highlights a cultural divide in the

US debate over gun control, which again became a top issue after 20 young children and six adults were shot dead at a Connecticut school in December. While many urban and suburban areas work to keep guns out of the hands of children, it’s not uncommon for youths in rural areas to own guns for target practice and hunting. “Down in Kentucky where we’re from, you know, guns are passed down from generation to generation. You start at a young age with

guns for hunting and everything,” White said. “Accidents happen with guns. They thought the gun was actually unloaded, and it wasn’t,” the coroner said. White said the girl died of a single gunshot wound to the chest area. It is not clear whether any charges will be filed, said Kentucky State Police spokesman Trooper Billy Gregory. The AP is not identifying the

children because of their ages. Keystone Sporting Arms produced 60,000 Crickett and Chipmunk rifles in 2008, according to its website. It also makes guns for adults. The smaller guns come in all sorts of colours, including blue and pink. The company’s slogan is “my first rifle”, and its website has a Kids Corner section with photos of children at shooting ranges and on bird and deer hunts.

“The goal of KSA is to instill gun safety in the minds of youth shooters and encourage them to gain the knowledge and respect that hunting and shooting activities require and deserve,” the website said. No-one at the company answered the phone yesterday. A package of gun control measures proposed by President Barack Obama after the December school shooting has largely failed so far in Congress.  – AP

Police to track dementia patients via satellite A British police force is hoping to save time and money by giving a few dementia patients GPS tracking devices, a move condemned by some campaigners as “barbaric”. Last week, Sussex police announced a plan to buy GPS devices for 15 people with dementia who are at high risk of getting lost. The device can be worn around the neck or attached to a key-

chain. It sends the person’s GPS location to a website every four minutes. Chief Inspector Tanya Jones described it as a “cost-effective” strategy, which would save police time and money by not having to frequently search for lost patients. The National Pensioners Convention yesterday slammed the idea as inhumane and said patients could be stigmatised and made to feel like criminals.  – AP

reports said Roache would not appear in the soap while investigations continue. Roache issued an apology in March after appearing to suggest that sex abuse victims were being punished for past sins, and calling for anonymity for those accused of child sex offences. In another interview last year, Roache claimed to have slept with 1000 women. Roache Guinness World Recor ds lists Coronation Street as the world’s longest-running soap opera following the cancellation in September 2010 of the US show As the World Turns, which ran from 1956 on CBS. It also lists Roache as the longest-serving soap actor. British police have arrested a series of celebrities since sex abuse allegations against the late BBC presenter Jimmy Savile emerged last year, although the allegations against Roache are unrelated to Savile. Top British publicist Max Clifford was charged on Friday with 11 counts of indecent assault, while former glam rocker and convicted paedophile Gary Glitter, comedian Freddie Starr and radio presenter Dave Lee Travis have been arrested and bailed.  – AFP

ABOVE: Carmen Blandin Tarleton, of Thetford, Vermont, speaks with reporters at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston yesterday. LEFT: Marinda Righter, daughter of face donor Cheryl DenelliRighter, embraces recipient Carmen Blandin Tarleton during a news conference.

taking part in an organised conspiracy. Dias Kadyrbayev and Azamat Tazhayakov were accused of conspiring to destroy a laptop and backpack containing fireworks belonging to Tsarnaev, while Robel Phillipos, an American, is charged with making false statements to police. The three are alleged to have tried to help Tsarnaev avoid arrest



ARIES (Mar 21st Apr 20th) You might find yourself feeling a bit confused or unsure of yourself by the end of today. Vague doubts can creep in but you can also access your imagination to its full. This is the influence of Neptune at work and it will come and go at various times for some years to come. The trick is in listening to the messages your intuition gives you.

TAURUS (Apr 21st May 21st) The friends that share your love of music, art or culture can be a big pull today. Then again, if you feel you could be doing more with the talents you have in these areas, don’t hold back from researching your options. Any project or situation that has dragged over the last few weeks can also now start to edge forwards. You can feel upbeat about your prospects.


GEMINI (May 22nd Jun 21st) You can use the added sensitivity the heavens are giving you to tune really well into the undercurrents and politics of life. It really isn’t a case so much of what people say just now as what they mean. Look out for hints and unspoken gestures. Someone could also be exceptionally kind but unfortunately, if there is a weak link in a friendship, it may be revealed.

• Sex slave ring US authorities say young Mexican women were driven to rural New Jersey and forced to have sex with 25 farmworkers a day or were confined to dingy brothels in the New York City area, being paid very little or nothing at all. A criminal complaint charges 13 people with smuggling dozens of women into the United States and forcing them into prostitution. Some of the defendants were to appear yesterday in federal court in Manhattan to face multiple counts including sex trafficking and interstate transportation for prostitution. The ring “lured their unsuspecting victims to the United States and then consigned them to a living hell”, US Attorney Preet Bharara said.  – AP

Scientists revealed yesterday that they have found the first solid archaeological evidence that some of the earliest American colonists at Jamestown, Virginia, survived harsh conditions by turning to cannibalism. For years, there have been tales of people in the first permanent English settlement in America eating eating their own dead to stave off starvation, but archaeologists had been skeptical of those stories. But now, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History and archaeologists from Jamestown are announcing the discovery of the bones of a 14-year-old girl that show clear signs that she was cannibalised. Evidence indicates clumsy chops to the body and head of the girl, who appears to have already been dead at – AP the time. 

• 2 killed in quake

Face transplant recipient reveals new face A US woman revealed her new face after a transplant yesterday, six years after her ex-husband disfigured her by dousing her with industrial-strength lye, and said she went through “what some may call hell” but has found a way to be happy. Carmen Blandin Tarleton had face transplant surgery in February and spoke publicly for the first time at a news conference. “I’m now in a better place, mentally and emotionally, than

I ever could have imagined six years ago,” Tarleton said. “I want to share my experience with others, so they may find that strength inside themselves to escape their own pain.” In 2007, the 44-year-old mother of two was attacked by Herbert Rodgers, who believed she was seeing another man. Police say he struck her with a bat and poured lye from a squeeze bottle on to her face. When police arrived, Tarleton was trying to crawl into a show-

er to wash away the chemical, which had already distorted her face. In 2009, Rodgers pleaded guilty to maiming Tarleton in exchange for a prison sentence of at least 30 years. A Boston hospital said more than 30 surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses worked for more than 15 hours to replace skin, muscles, tendons and nerves in the face transplant. The face donor was Cheryl Denelli Righter, who died of

a sudden stroke, a hospital spokeswoman said. Righter’s daughter, Marinda, told Tarleton yesterday that she looked beautiful, adding she was certain her mother had somehow picked Tarleton. “They are both mothers, they are both survivors, they are both beacons of light,” she said. Tarleton, who is legally blind, thanked Righter’s family for what she called “a tremendous gift” that’s greatly alleviated the – AP pain she’d felt daily. 

Three charged with Boston bombing cover-up Three 19-year-old friends of one of the alleged Boston bombers have been charged with trying to cover his tracks by throwing out fireworks and a laptop and then lying to US police. The three teenagers - two Kazakhs and an American - were fellow students at Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s university and appear to have been hastily trying to keep him out of trouble rather than

Turkish Airlines has banned air hostesses from wearing brightly-coloured lipsticks such as red or pink, a move which has sparked fierce debate as the government is accused of trying to Islamise the country. Numerous women posted pictures of themselves wearing bright red lipstick on social media websites to protest at the measure, part of a new aesthetics code for stewardesses working for Turkey’s – AFP main airline. 

• Cannibalism in US

Longest-serving soap star on rape charges British police will charge Coronation Street star William Roache, the longestserving star in the world’s longest-running soap opera, with two counts of rape, the Crown Prosecution Service says. Roache, 81, has played lothario Ken Barlow in the series portraying life in a fictional northern English town since its first episode on William December 9, 1960. He was arrested at his home in north-west England over allegations of raping a 15-year-old girl twice between April and July 1967. Prosecutor Nazir Afzal said: “We have carefully considered all the evidence gathered by Lancashire Police in relation to William Roache following allegations of rape. “Having completed our review, we have concluded that there is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest for Mr Roache to be charged with two offences of rape relating to a girl, aged 15, in 1967.” Lancashire police earlier announced they had detained an 81-year-old man from Wilmslow in Cheshire. Broadcaster ITV, which makes Coronation Street, said it was not in a position to comment, but

• Red lippy banned

after seeing his picture on television three days after the April 15 Boston Marathon bombing, which killed three people and wounded more than 260 others. Tsarnaev is accused of carrying out the bombing with older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, who is said to have masterminded the attack and was gunned down in a police shootout, hours after the pictures were released to the

media. Officials have said they believe the two ethnic Chechen brothers acted alone, but authorities are probing a six-month trip taken by Tamerlan to the restive North Caucasus region of Russia in 2012. According to the formal complaint released by the Justice Department, Kadyrbayev texted Dzhokhar the night of April 18 after the images went public, say-

ing one of them looked like him. Tsarnaev responded, texting “lol” (laughing out loud) and “you better not text me.” According to the charge sheet he also also told Kadyrbayev: “I’m about to leave if you need something in my room, take it.” The three friends then met at Tsarnaev’s dormitory room on campus and watched a movie while waiting for him to return.

Then they noticed a backpack containing fireworks that had been opened and emptied of their gunpowder. “Kadyrbayev decided to remove the backpack from the room in order to help his friend Tsarnaev avoid trouble,” the charge sheet says, adding that he also removed a jar of Vaseline he thought might have been used “to make bombs”.  – AFP

LEO (Jul 24th - Aug 23rd) This is not a good day to make hazy or lazy long-term financial decisions. Yet if you can really concentrate on focusing on goals, assembling the resources to achieving them and then putting lots of energy into making things happen, the sky really is the limit. If so, you can apply yourself unstintingly to what you want to go for and barriers can fall away.

VIRGO (Aug 24th Sep 23rd) You may find yourself up for a challenge in the next few days. Yet anything that requires you to step outside of the bounds of what you currently know well can actually be really good for you. Perhaps there is something you have long had a secret fascination with trying. Well, if so, now you can find the motivation to try to make it happen.

LIBRA (Sep 24th Oct 23rd) Some kind of metamorphosis can go on in your life at this time. The changes can be in your environment, for example actively changing your home or moving altogether. Yet other possibilities can unfold too. These can see you planning to have a child, or learning more about your deeper psyche or that of anyone you are involved with closely.

• 24 rescued At least 24 people have been rescued after a suspension bridge “tilted” and sent them falling into a river in central China, state media has reported. Around 40 people returning from a party in a popular tourist town in Fenghuang county, Hunan Province, were on the bridge at the time it “suddenly tilted”, and some of the group including children and elderly people fell into the water, according to the Xinhua news agency. Local government officials told Xinhua that search and rescue efforts were ongoing to ensure no others were left behind after 24 peo– AFP ple were rescued. 

“It’s why more people are choosing McGregors”


CANCER (Jun 22nd - Jul 23rd) The two planets that rule the sign of Scorpio are working actively together today and they can be a huge help to you. With the Sun also in a very productive location, this is an excellent opportunity to become more active and push yourself to set your own bar higher. Any hopes you hold which are very dear to you have a great chance of being realised.

An earthquake that shook parts of north India has left at least two people dead and injured nearly 70 others, including more than 30 students, a report says. The moderate-intensity quake measured 5.8 on the Richter scale and struck along the border of the states of Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh, an Indian government official said. Two people died in landslides triggered by the quake that was followed by a string of aftershocks, the Press Trust of India reported.  – AFP

Phone Enquiries: 308 6173 online Enquiries:

SCORPIO (Oct 24th - Nov 22nd) Your conversations with others can be more intense. But then does anyone ever accuse you of being like this? Well, even if they do, something good can come from your encounters: information learned or shared, an exciting spark with someone you meet, or using your directness to break down any resistance you encounter. Be proactive.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23rd - Dec 21st) A family or personal issue could frustrate you or slow you down before the day is out. Try not to let this knock you off course from what you are trying to achieve. Continue to muster as much self-discipline as possible. Don’t let any distractions prevent you from concentrating on the really important issues. People may carp, but be single-minded.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22nd - Jan 20th) Pluto is such an important player for us all at this time. It continues to reside in your zodiac sign and today is playing a good cop, bad cop routine first with Mars and secondly with Uranus. If you are someone who finds it hard to welcome new themes and ideas, these influences may give you a jolt but then also the wherewithal to have a go after all.

AQUARIUS (Jan 21st - Feb 19th) Your mind may find it harder to focus on practicalities today. Be cautious around what you eat or drink as your system could be more sensitive. Someone who generally irritates you could also see you reaching for the comfort food. Yet a lot of tenderness and goodwill can be building between you and someone with whom you are bonding well.


PISCES (Feb 20th Mar 20th) Throughout this month, balancing the side of you that wants life to be one way with how it really is could be an issue. Today, you may have a strong desire to escape into your own world and fantasies in order to cope. However, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that this is a brief interlude and a lot of great stuff gets done.

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LOOKING FOR A Central Press Features Ltd Christchurch greyhound fields, form Christchurch Greyhound Racing Club Venue: Addington Raceway Meeting Date: 03 May 2013 NZ Meeting number: 9 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; 11 and 12 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 10, 11 and 12 1 12.08pm (NZT) SUPER PETS SPRINT C1, 295m 1 4241 Batiatus 17.34............................R Blackburn 2 86876 Cawbourne Travis nwtd..............J McInerney 3 12x23 Know Charity 17.65....................... G Cleeve 4 76562 All Against Me 17.47..........................P Scott 5 54833 Uno Flash nwtd L &............................ Wales 6 74653 Yapster Jewel 17.55 M &..................... Smith 7 717 Thirsty Kelvin nwtd.....................J McInerney 8 68644 Canvas Rider 17.64 S &..................B Evans 9 2173 Botany Pete nwtd.......................J McInerney 10 23634 Wellywood 17.82 W &........................ Nissen 2 12.27pm COALGATE TAVERN MAIDEN HEAT C0q, 520m 1 54256 Another Stone nwtd...................J McInerney 2 24x1 Celestrial Magic(c1) nwtd J &..........D Fahey 3 6 Wongway Georgie nwtd.....................J Rush 4 Cawbourne Polly nwtd..................... M Grant 5 8 Botany Seaton nwtd...................J McInerney 6 Rose Bow nwtd L &............................ Wales 7 43264 Wagon Wheel nwtd M &....................Jopson 8 7 Opawa Summer nwtd L &................... Wales 9 73875 Opawa Jake nwtd L &......................... Wales 10 88 Gracy Racer nwtd.............................B Shaw 3 12.45pm COALGATE TAVERN MAIDEN HEAT C0q, 520m 1 63264 Poised Boy nwtd A &..........................Seque 2 54347 Choose To Love nwtd M &.................Jopson 3 Pat Patty nwtd L &.............................. Wales 4 44243 Rob’s Mate nwtd M &............................ J Hill 5 37736 Okuku Muppet nwtd C &..................... Fagan 6 25326 Opawa Royal nwtd L &....................... Wales 7 268 Botany Craig nwtd.....................J McInerney 8 76 Carat’s Prince nwtd J &...................D Fahey 9 73875 Opawa Jake nwtd L &......................... Wales

10 67x6 Candy Belle nwtd L &......................... Wales

4 1.02pm FLAIR SPRINT C0, 295m

1 T Genia Haka nwtd....................J McInerney 2 23235 Bee Ostee nwtd................................B Shaw 3 66 Homebush Julian nwtd..............J McInerney 4 848x4 Go Patch nwtd............................... G Cleeve 5 25221 Homebush Limbo (c1) nwtd.......J McInerney 6 65642 Uno Nosey nwtd J &...............................May 7 4477 Word For Word nwtd..................R Blackburn 8 83 Mustang Magz nwtd.......................... M Flipp 9 34828 Charlie’s Pal nwtd......................J McInerney 10 82362 Another Drink nwtd....................J McInerney 5 1.20pm COALGATE TAVERN MAIDEN HEAT C0q, 520m 1 Bublin Jed nwtd................................ M Flipp 2 52 Mega Girl nwtd A &.............................Seque 3 25632 Opawa Cassidy nwtd L &................... Wales 4 352 Botany Kevin nwtd.....................J McInerney 5 7x848 Opawa Jen nwtd L &.......................... Wales 6 Air Flow nwtd............................. M Robinson 7 23577 Paw No More nwtd...........................B Shaw 8 Lalu nwtd J &...................................D Fahey 9 73875 Opawa Jake nwtd L &......................... Wales 10 76477 Know Solution nwtd....................... G Cleeve 6 1.37pm AMBER CLEANING SERVICES DASH C0, 295m 1 877 Mamalulu nwtd C &............................ Fagan 2 57645 Homebush Envy nwtd................J McInerney 3 4657x All For One nwtd........................J McInerney 4 73 Homebush Sting nwtd................J McInerney 5 332 Son of Grace nwtd.....................R Blackburn 6 32333 Teevee Gidget nwtd.......................... M Flipp 7 5 Homebush Awesome nwtd........J McInerney 8 78x68 Claremont Diva nwtd.................... L Waretini Emergencies: 9 55232 Jack’s A Jewel nwtd C &...............D Roberts 10 52564 Know Pity nwtd.............................. G Cleeve 7 1.55pm ANGLER’S ARMS TAVERN STAKES C1, 520m

1 77668 Ohoka Sandy 31.24...................... L Waretini 2 8x131 Jinja Pop 30.47 J &..........................D Fahey 3 88773 Cawbourne Barb nwtd...............J McInerney 4 22235 Kin Nikki 30.36.............................. L Waretini 5 67887 Archie’s Doll nwtd S &.....................B Evans 6 41151 Olympic Medal 30.23 J &.................D Fahey 7 31155 Gypsy Hunter 30.85 W &................... Nissen 8 33887 Seraphine Jewel 30.95 M &................. Smith 9 134x4 Chevy Chevelle nwtd H &....................Taylor 10 16456 Clinton Baxter 31.02..................J McInerney 8 2.12pm HURUNUI HOTEL SPRINT C1, 295m 1 78686 Homebush Cruden nwtd............J McInerney 2 57556 Renner’s Gift 17.61 P &......................Doody 3 58557 Harper Mehl nwtd S &.....................B Evans 4 14842 Cawbourne Chief 17.47................... M Grant 5 4321 Trans Tasman 17.49...................R Blackburn 6 5241 Attack Wide nwtd........................... G Cleeve 7 31222 Hooray For Hazel 17.63 M &............... Smith 8 55735 Yes He Will 17.53.............................. B Dann 9 2173 Botany Pete nwtd.......................J McInerney 10 62511 Opawa Legs (c2) nwtd L &................. Wales 9 2.30pm CLARKSON SIGN STUDIO SPRINT C2, 295m 1 22321 Claremont Pizzaz 17.34................ L Waretini 2 63788 Opulent 17.69 A &..............................Seque 3 6518x Wandy Millah 17.63.....................D Kingston 4 58486 Banbit 17.47......................................B Shaw 5 21234 Blonde Tori 17.48.......................A Bradshaw 6 66756 Waimak Dave 17.60...................J McInerney 7 77812 Lady In Shades 17.76 M &.................. Smith 8 41582 Nitro Mabel 17.49 H &.........................Taylor Emergencies: 9 56448 Hilton Friday 17.55.....................J McInerney 10 32753 Ohoka Blue 17.54......................... L Waretini 10 2.48pm ACTIVE ELECTRICAL CHRISTCHURCH STKS C1, 520m 1 12223 Rocky Baxter nwtd.....................J McInerney

2 52341 Que Tee Pix 30.96 M &......................Jopson 3 8x111 Gogo Rioli 30.51 J &........................D Fahey 4 55142 Tepirita Desire nwtd..........................B Shaw 5 7345x Know Taste 30.85.......................... G Cleeve 6 53136 Opawa Wally nwtd J &.....................D Fahey 7 57877 Mulberry Hunter 31.07.................. K Cassidy 8 88385 Ohoka Ashley 30.74..................... L Waretini 9 134x4 Chevy Chevelle nwtd H &....................Taylor 10 53834 Thrilling Sound 30.68 S &................B Evans 11 3.05pm HAMPDEN TAVERN DASH C1, 295m 1 4215 Know Pride 17.30.......................... G Cleeve 2 53324 Jet To Mars 17.92 M &......................... Smith 3 74486 Liquorice Whip nwtd..................J McInerney 4 x8688 Business Class 17.71 S &................Bonnett 5 55587 Fulla Pride 17.40 M &........................Jopson 6 67267 Mighty Monica 17.76.........................S Whall 7 66412 Iona Brightspark 17.65 M G &........ SR Hurd 8 56834 Homebush Ace 17.48......................... I Kaye Emergencies: 9 2173 Botany Pete nwtd.......................J McInerney 10 21534 Bizarro 17.59 S &............................B Evans 12 3.23pm SPEIGHT’S SPRINT C2, 295m 1 44587 Tom Finn 17.42................................. B Dann 2 F4668 Smash Dora 17.53........................... M Grant 3 31888 Hannah 17.59 A &..............................Seque 4 447x1 Wandy Jewel 17.43......................D Kingston 5 44721 Will Excite 17.40........................... L Waretini 6 21167 Know Fault 17.41........................... G Cleeve 7 53278 Botany Comet (c1) nwtd............J McInerney 8 63174 Fearsome McKay 17.34 S &............B Evans Emergencies: 9 51168 Go Dolphin Power nwtd....................B Shaw 10 65434 Winston Who 17.28............................J Dunn LEGEND: fsdt - First Start Here nwd - No Win this Distance fstd - First Start This Distance 31 13 - Best Winning Time This Track

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No 12,178

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No 12,179

Wanganui greyhound fields, form Wanganui Greyhound Racing Club Venue: Hatrick Raceway Meeting Date: 03 May 2013 NZ Meeting number : 10 Doubles: 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10; 11 and 12 Trebles: 1, 2 and 3; 4, 5 and 6; 7, 8 and 9; 10, 11 and 12 1 4.50pm ABSOLUTELY ELECTRICAL C2/3 C2/3, 520m 1 31825 Red Crystal 30.16....................... B Hodgson 2 21775 Just Mac 29.92........................... B Hodgson 3 73878 Sharkie’s Dream 30.33....................S Maher 4 11171 Ostapchuk (c4) 30.10.......................L Ahern 5 11164 Speed Legend 29.80.................. B Hodgson 6 66556 Kango Klink (c2) 30.46..................B Mitchell 7 11123 Sir Richie 30.35................................L Ahern 8 77647 Missing Melody (c2) 30.07................G Quirk 9 3F115 Nonu Nonu Boom (c2) nwtd.............L Ahern 10 36787 Chelseas Babe (c2) nwtd............. T Downey 2 5.08pm (NZT) HARRISON HIRE MASTER C3 C3, 305m 1 62516 Working Working 17.70.................. D Donlon 2 72167 Homebush Craig 17.76..............J McInerney 3 23366 Flying Fabio nwtd...............................C Hore 4 77F85 Riba Lorda 17.73........................G M Clarke 5 71764 Okuku Skyhigh nwtd U &............ McCracken 6 23122 Talk It Over 17.55................................. L Bell 7 35436 What A Peanut 18.01.................J McInerney 8 11176 Fulla Torque nwtd C &..................D Roberts 9 82854 Furious Response 18.05...................... L Bell 10 57365 Homebush Bazil (c2) 17.71...............R Hunt 3 5.35pm GUTHRIE BOWRON C2 FEATURE C2, 520m 1 31423 Time Fraud 30.38 F &.....................Turnwald 2 74666 Hello Ello nwtd............................ B Johnston 3 34544 Asher (c1) 30.32...............................R Waite 4 52421 Bulet Tooth Tony nwtd.......................R Waite 5 66565 Jag You Are nwtd........................ B Johnston 6 53716 Eric’s Song 30.31........................ B Johnston 7 65333 Thrilling Ava 30.51...........................B Marsh

8 11244 Fergie’s Belle 30.33.........................S Maher 9 76535 Shodsie 30.32 U &...................... McCracken 10 6635F Cawbourne Stars nwtd...................... D Little 4 6.05pm (NZT) J P PRINT PETONE C4/5 C4/5, 305m 1 34827 Stiff 17.33 F &.................................Turnwald 2 22818 Uno Allegro 17.56.............................L Ahern 3 38663 Waterbug 17.68...................................L Udy 4 63171 Cawbourne Plunge 17.56..........J McInerney 5 33642 Making Debree nwtd..........................C Hore 6 61451 Hypotential 17.55..............................G Quirk 7 87175 Ate Pizza 17.41 F &........................Turnwald 8 13745 Call Me Ralph 17.38...................G M Clarke 9 16836 Flying Flynn 17.62.............................D Hunt 10 67787 Sands of Time (c4) 17.62...........R N Maisey 5 6.35pm GARY ROSS DECORATOR C4/5 C4/5, 305m 1 62322 Darlek Khan 17.36......................G M Clarke 2 14124 Llamedos 17.58................................G Quirk 3 18274 Vicki’s Quest 17.65..............................L Udy 4 86111 Mirage 17.37 F &............................Turnwald 5 14416 Moving Debree nwtd..........................C Hore 6 21221 Complicit 17.21 F &........................Turnwald 7 81713 Cheetah Woods 17.28...............J McInerney 8 61151 Rosemore Osti 17.23........................L Ahern 9 16836 Flying Flynn 17.62.............................D Hunt 10 67886 Louielicious (c4) 17.64......................T Agent 6 7.05pm WANGANUI SECURITY C3 FINAL C3f, 305m 1 46542 Cawbourne Flick 17.70..............J McInerney 2 28537 Bound By Pride 17.52.......................G Quirk 3 57233 Kinetic Neo 17.79 K &.......................Phillips 4 22112 Red Moova Hoova (c4) 17.83 G &.....Denby 5 66412 Yaldhurst Edward 17.74.............J McInerney 6 82361 Homebush Lignite(c4) 17.59......J McInerney 7 46615 Chelsea’s Beauty 17.84................ T Downey 8 62451 Mega Upload (c4) 17.92...................T Agent

9 66732 Run Junior Run 17.87..................A Turnwald 10 66565 Jag You Are (c0) nwtd................. B Johnston 10 71764 Okuku Skyhigh nwtd U &............ McCracken 10 9.09pm KEENAN CONCRETE C5 FINAL C5f, 520m 7 7.35pm PALAMOUNTAINS NUTRITION C4/5 C4/5, 305m 1 35224 Cool Izmir 0.00 F &.........................Turnwald 1 28288 Ramrada nwtd C &.......................D Roberts 2 21135 Barry’s Way 29.99.............................R Waite ACROSS 2 74355 Bob’s Your Uncle nwtd.......................R Hunt 3 7x586 Fizzle BaleDOWN (c4) nwtd C &.............D Roberts 3 54381 Ciao For Now 17.28..........................L Ahern 4 86331 Jetsun Flame 30.06........................G Wilson 1. Pivot (4) 1. Apportion (8) 4 44342 Enazuma 17.39 G &...........................Denby 5 24652 Zamdato 30.12..................................L Ahern 3. Scrawl (8) 6 48636 Darlyne 5 11131 Wild Punting 17.58 F &...................Turnwald 2. Ottey Authorise (7) 29.76..........................L Ahern 6 57163 Leadfoot Lenny 17.46..........................L Udy 7 11673 Pedro’s First 29.89............................L Ahern 8. Ornamental fabric (4) 4. Bank order (6) 7 45113 Kinetic Rio 17.52 K &.........................Phillips 8 25525 Magic Lass 30.11 C &..................D Roberts 9. Convince 5. Buddy Unappeasable (10)Gowan 8 37615 Belkara 17.66...................................M Olden (8) 9 38877 Thrilling (c4) 30.18..............M 9 16836 Flying Flynn 17.62.............................D Hunt 11 9.40pm BROAD ROOFING C4 C4, 305m 11. Resumption (12) 6. Spree (5) 10 57785 Slangevar (c4) 17.61..........................D Little 1 66473 Homebush Domino 17.63..........J McInerney 13. C4 Pact (6) Pitcher (4) 8 8.05pm MICKEY’S SUPER LIQUOR C4, 520m 2 15764 Gem’s7.Conquest 17.86.....................G Quirk 1 73423 False Impression 30.65.....................L Ahern Boris out 17.74..............J 14. Impede (6) 3 54538 Homebush 10. Deal (10) McInerney 2 11854 Okuku Dreamer 30.47 U &......... McCracken 4 54375 Taleedy Trooper 17.53................... D Donlon 17. Fertility (12) 5 56322 Hey12. Keep (8) 3 31843 Bigtime Latte 30.21...........................L Ahern You 17.46. ....................................W Kite 4 61548 Trinity Boy 30.36 D L &....................L Wright 6 47424 George 17.63.................J 20. Manufacturer (8) 15.Baxter Accurate (7) McInerney 5 77x86 Corteccia 30.26............................A Turnwald 7 52584 Another Lady 17.52...................J McInerney 21. Row (4) 16. Cause 6 11843 Pink Sock 29.99 F &.......................Turnwald 8 57577 Sassafras 17.60 U &.(6) .................. McCracken 7 25324 El Jetta 30.43....................................L Ahern 22. Petition (8) Emergencies: 18. Perch (5) 8 16354 Thrilling Cairo 30.31........................... D Little 9 68868 Moon Warrower nwtd........................ J Tapiki 23. Yield (4) 19. 17.68...................................D Recess (4) 9 28376 Thanks Charlie 30.30.................J McInerney 10 73878 Kazillion Edlin 9 8.37pm CROMBIE LOCKWOOD LTD WANGANUI 12 10.07pm THE ROCK 95.2FM C4 C4, 305m DISTANCE FINAL C2df, 755m 1 22863 Safe And Secure .............. B Johnston SOLUTIONS TO PUZZLE No17.82. 12,177 1 38674 Retaliate First nwtd F &..................Turnwald 2 16857 Another Hit 17.63.......................J McInerney Across: K1Walsh Nocturnally; 9 Unaided; Annoy; 11 Clean; 2 27112 Thrilling Brat nwtd............................ 3 45556 Jack’s First 10 nwtd...............................B Shaw 3 23121 Thrilling Quest 44.30........................ K Walsh 13 Schism; 4 35186 Ever Hopeful 17.75 &................Denby 12 Compute; 15 So Wisdom; 18 GLayette; 20 4 77354 Bigtime Kelina nwtd..........................B Shaw 23 Torture; 5 37586 Enflame 17.81............................J McInerney Pater; 22 Erica; 24 Defenceless. 5 67233 Mr. Chino nwtd........................... A Lawrence 6 11565 Thrilling Squeal 17.80.......................G Quirk Down: 2G Orate; 4 Reduce; 5..................................D Alarm; 6 Languid;Edlin 6 42212 Know Honour (c1) nwtd................. Cleeve 3 Tidings; 7 82854 Krussian 17.62. 7 Quicksilver; 14 Haywire; 16 Imperil; 17 7 57361 Spicy Bling 44.86 C &...................D Roberts8 Hypermarket; 8 33837 Homebush Britney 17.55...........J McInerney 8 46343 Buddy Broke 44.60..................... Hodgson 68868 Moon Warrower nwtd........................ J Tapiki Hectic;B19 Trade; 21 9 Truss. 9 54145 Goldstar Bella (c1) nwtd S &...........B Evans 10 67787 Sands of Time 17.62...................R N Maisey

ACROSS 3. 8. 9. 10. 11. 14. 15. 16. 18. 20. 21. 24. 25. 26. 27.

Rapacious (9) Uncommon (4) Attacker (9) Unmarried (6) Shaver (5) Elevate (5) Departed (4) Cuban dance (5) Globule (4) Gladden (5) Smallest (5) Filched (6) Draw (9) Deficit (4) Stormy (9)

DOWN 1. 2. 4. 5. 6. 7. 9. 11. 12. 13. 17. 19. 22. 23. 24.

Forbid (9) Chief (9) Trick (4) Play (5) Candle-fat (6) Peel (4) Change (5) Send (5) Uprising (9) Severity (9) Excruciating (5) Negation (6) Vapour (5) Observed (4) Daze (4)

SOLUTIONS TO PUZZLE No 12,178 Across: 1 Axle; 3 Scribble; 8 Lace; 9 Persuade; 11 Continuation; 13 Treaty; 14 Hamper; 17 Fruitfulness; 20 Producer; 21 Tier; 22 Entreaty; 23 Cede. Down: 1 Allocate; 2 License; 4 Cheque; 5 Insatiable; 6 Beano; 7 Ewer; 10 Distribute; 12 Preserve; 15 Precise; 16 Effect; 18 Roost; 19 Apse.

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6.00 9.00 10.00 11.00 12.00 12.30

1.30 2.00




3.55 4.25 5.25

Breakfast. Good Morning. Ellen. (G, R) Cowboy Builders. (PGR) One News. (T) Emmerdale. (PGR, T) Lisa tries to find out about Cain, Charity’s tetchy, and Zak asks Trevor questions. Come Dine With Me. (G) Cookery School. (G, R, T) Chef Richard Corrigan has taken on the challenge of improving Britain’s cooks. Dickinson’s Real Deal. (G) David Dickinson proves that one man’s trash really is another man’s treasure. Te Karere. (T) Ellen. Millionaire Hot Seat. (G, T)

6.00 One News. (T) 7.00 Seven Sharp. (T) 7.30 Coronation Street. (PGR, T) Steve plays Becky at her own game, Chris’ behaviour annoys Owen, and Nick is disappointed. 8.30 Location, Location, Location. (G, T) 9.30 Restoration Man. (T) 10.35 ONE News Tonight. (T) 11.05 Friday Night Dinner. (PGR) Adam and Jonny come home to find Dad secretly peering into his underpants with a magnifying glass. 11.35 Episodes. (AO, R) 12.10 Hawthorne. (PGR) 1.10 Te Karere. 1.30 Infomercials.



6.00 Creflo Dollar. 6.25 Buzzy Bee And Friends. (G, T) 6.35 Tiki Tour. (G, R, T) 7.00 Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack. (G, R, T) 7.25 Disney Club: Kick Buttowski – Suburban Daredevil. (G, R, T) 7.50 Beyblades Metal Masters. (G, T) 8.20 Dinosaur Train. (G, R, T) 8.30 Guess How Much I Love You. (G, T) 8.40 Fireman Sam. (G, R, T) 8.50 Bird Bath. (G, R, T) 9.00 Infomercials. 10.30 Neighbours. (G, R, T) 11.00 Shortland Street. (PGR, R, T) 11.30 Spin City. (PGR, R, T) 12.00 Make It Or Break It. (Final, G, R) 1.00 Jeremy Kyle. (PGR) 2.00 Anderson Live. 3.00 Mr Men. (G, R, T) 3.05 Disney Jungle Junction. (G, R, T) 3.30 Spongebob Squarepants. (G, R, T) 4.00 Austin & Ally. (G) 4.30 The Erin Simpson Show. 5.00 Horace In Slow Motion. (G, R) 5.01 America’s Funniest Home Videos. (G, R, T) 5.30 8 Simple Rules. (G, R, T) 6.00 Friends. (G, R, T) 6.30 Neighbours. (G, T) 7.00 Shortland Street. (PGR, T) 7.30 The Voice Australia. (T) The blind auditions wrap up tonight as the judges battle it out to secure their teams for the next round. 9.00 Killer Karaoke. (PGR, T) The hilarity continues this week as more contestants are put in terrifying situations, but they must keep singing! 10.00 Fast And Loose. (PGR, R, T) 10.35 The Bachelorette. (PGR) 12.25 Ghost Whisperer. (AO) 1.25 Infomercials. 2.25 The Voice. (G) 4.00 I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. (PGR) 5.10 The Erin Simpson Show. 5.35 Just The Job. (G)

6.00 8.30 10.30 11.30 12.00 12.30 1.00 2.00 3.00 4.00 5.00 5.30

3 News. Infomercials. (G) The Shopping Channel. Everybody Loves Raymond. (G, R, T) 3 News. Home And Away. (G, R, T) Dr Phil. (PGR, R) The Dr Oz Show. (PGR, R) Top 5 Secrets Men Are Keeping The Real Housewives Of New York City. (PGR) Rachael Ray. (G, R) Entertainment Tonight. (G) Home And Away. (G, T) Chris moves into his own caravan, Bianca gets frustrated at Heath for not helping with wedding planning, and Steph tells the hospital she and Dex have been intimate in the workplace.

6.00 3 News. 7.00 Campbell Live. 7.30 Modern Family. (PGR, R, T) 8.00 The New Normal. (PGR) 8.30 Graham Norton Show. (AO) On Graham’s sofa tonight are Oscarwinning actress Gwyneth Paltrow, Olympic gold medallist Mo Farah and, Not Going Out star Lee Mack, with music from Hurts. 9.30 Ben & Steve: World Famous In. (New, AO) 10.35 Nightline. 11.15 The Big Game. (PGR)

12.15 Mental. (AO, R) 1.15 NCIS: Los Angeles. (AO, R) 2.10 Infomercials. (G)



6.00 Home Shopping. (G) 6.30 The Crowd Goes Wild. (G, R) 7.00 Deal Or No Deal. (G, R) 7.30 Home Shopping. (G) 12.00 The Doctors. (G) 1.00 The Jeff Probst Show. (G) 2.05 The Restaurant Inspector. (PGR, R) 3.00 Better Homes And Gardens. (G) Ideas and practical guides to improvement projects for your home and garden, plus recipes and entertaining solutions. 4.00 The Late Show With David Letterman. (G, R) 5.00 Deal Or No Deal. (G, R) Game show hosted by Andrew O’Keefe that gives contestants the opportunity to win up to $200,000 each night. 5.30 Prime News.

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Sky Movies, 6.35pm Features Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo (below) have no trouble producing the chemistry in this smouldering, stylish remake of the 1968 Norman Jewison favourite that starred Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway. Brosnan is the playboy with a special interest in high-risk theft, while Russo is the sassy detective assigned to pin him for the robbery of a $100 million Monet. The stolen canvas works as a foreplay device between the two somewhat detached souls who, hitherto, have been looking for love in all the wrong places.

6.00 6.30 7.00 7.30

Deal Or No Deal. (G) Millionaire: Hot Seat. The Crowd Goes Wild. American Idol. (G) The remaining contestants take to the Idol main stage. 9.30 Beauty And The Beast. (PGR) When someone tries to frame Vincent, the NYPD close in on him, this time with no escape in sight. Meanwhile things come to a head for Tess and Cat’s relationship. 10.30 The Crowd Goes Wild. (G) 11.00 The Late Show With David Letterman. (G) 12.00 Home Shopping. (G) 1.50 The Crowd Goes Wild. (G, R) 2.20 Home Shopping. (G)

FOUR 6.00 Sesame Street. (G, R) 6.55 Pingu. (G, R) 7.00 Sticky TV. (G) 8.35 Planet Sheen. (G, R) 9.05 Bob The Builder. (G, R) 9.15 Thomas & Friends. (G, R) 9.25 Peppa Pig. (G, R) 9.30 Peppa Pig. (G, R) 9.35 Wonder Pets. (G, R) 10.00 Tickety Toc. (G) 10.10 Infomercials. (G) 2.00 Sesame Street. (G, R) 2.55 Peppa Pig. (G, R) 3.00 Sticky TV. (G) 4.30 FOUR Live. (G) 6.00 Everybody Hates Chris. (G, R)

6.30 Futurama. (G, R) Fry’s childhood dreams become a nightmare when he, Leela and Bender get lost on the dark side of the moon while making a delivery. 7.00 The Simpsons. (PGR, R) When Bart screws up a museum trip for Lisa, she decides to go it alone and tricks Homer into giving her permission to catch the bus by herself.

The Thomas Crown Affair

7.30 American Ninja Warrior. (G) 8.30 FILM: Smokin’ Aces 2: Assassins’ Ball. (AO, R) Tom Berenger, Clayne Crawford, Tommy Flanagan. An unassuming desk jockey at the FBI becomes the target of a team of degenerate, psychotic assassins. 10.25 Covert Affairs. (AO) The agents look for an enemy in Russia. 11.25 Entertainment Tonight. (G) 11.50 Infomercials. (G) 12.15 Infomercials. (G)

sky sPORt 1 6.00 ANZ Golf World. 6.30 Inside The PGA Tour. 7.00 Golf. US PGA Tour. Wells Fargo Championship Round One. Live. 11.00 Golf. Volvo China Open. Round One. Highlights. 12.00 Snooker. World Championship. Semifinals Day One. Session Two. Replay. 3.00 Soccer. English Premier League. Chelsea v Swansea City. Replay. 5.00 Rugby Zone. 5.30 ICC Cricket 360. 6.00 Toyota Grassroots Rugby. 7.00 Rugby. Super Rugby. Blues v Stormers. From North Harbour Stadium. Live. 9.35 Rugby. Super Rugby. Rebels v Chiefs. From AAMI Park, Melbourne. Live. 11.40 Rugby. Super Rugby. Blues v Stormers. From North Harbour Stadium. Replay. 1.40 Crowd Goes Wild. 2.20 Cricket. Indian Premier League. Kolkata Knight Riders v Rajasthan Royals. Live.

196 East Street Ashburton • Phone (03) 307 8760

the bOx

sky MOVIes 1

6.00 NYPD Blue. (M) 6.50 The Simpsons. (PG) 7.15 Pawn Stars. (PG) 7.40 America’s Funniest Home Videos. (PG) 8.05 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (PG) 8.30 Cash Cab USA. (PG) 8.55 24. (M) 9.50 Law & Order. (M) 10.40 NCIS. (PG) 11.30 Criminal Intent. (M) 12.20 Fear Factor. (M) 1.15 NYPD Blue. (M) 2.10 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (PG) 2.35 Cash Cab USA. (PG) 3.05 24. (M) 4.00 Pawn Stars. (PG) 4.30 The Simpsons. (PG) 5.00 Law & Order. (M) 6.00 America’s Funniest Home Videos. (PG) 6.30 The Simpsons. (PG) 7.00 Pawn Stars. (PG) 7.30 Raw. (M) Kick start your weekend with the latest wrestling action. 10.30 Law & Order. (M) 11.30 Lie To Me. (M) 12.30 24. (M) 1.20 America’s Funniest Home Videos. (PG) 1.45 Cash Cab USA. (PG) 2.10 NYPD Blue. (M) 3.05 Fear Factor. (M) 3.55 Lie To Me. (M) 4.45 24. (M) 5.35 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (PG)

6.55 Puss In Boots. (2011, PG) Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek. 8.25 Lottery Ticket. (2010, M) Shad ‘Bow Wow’ Gregory Moss, Ice Cube. 10.05 The Five-Year Engagement. (2012, 16) Jason Segel, Emily Blunt. 12.10 Red Riding Hood. (2011, M) Amanda Seyfried, Gary Oldman. Dr: Seuss’ Early 1.50 Morning News. The Lorax. (2012, G) Danny DeVito, Zac Efron. 3.20 Finding A Family. (2011, PG) Jared Abrahamson, Kim Delaney. 4.50 The Eagle. (2011, M) Channing Tatum, Donald Sutherland. 6.45 Zookeeper. (2011, PG) Kevin James, Rosario Dawson. A group of zoo animals decides to break their code of silence in order to help their lovable zoo keeper find love. 8.30 Real Steel. (2011, M) Hugh Jackman, Dakota Goyo. Set in the near future, where robot boxing is a top sport, a struggling promoter teams up with his estranged son to build and train a championship contender. 10.40 Final Destination 5. (2011, 16) Nicholas D’Agosto, Emma Bell. 12.15 For Colored Girls. (2010, 16) Janet Jackson, Loretta Devine. 2.30 Finding A Family. (2011, PG) Jared Abrahamson, Kim Delaney. 4.00 For Colored Girls. (2010, 16) Janet Jackson, Loretta Devine.

sky sPORt 2


6.00 Darts. Premier League. Night 13. Replay. 9.30 Toyota Grassroots Rugby. 10.30 Cricket. Indian Premier League. Chennai Super Kings v Kings XI Punjab. Replay. 2.00 Cricket. Indian Premier League. Pune Warriors v Royal Challengers Bangalore. Replay. 5.30 Golf. Volvo China Open. Round Two. Live. 9.30 Rugby League. NRL Premiership. Broncos v Rabbitohs. From Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane. Live. 11.30 Rugby League. NRL Premiership. Bulldogs v Wests Tigers. From ANZ Stadium, Sydney. Replay. 1.30 Rugby. Super Rugby. Blues v Stormers. From North Harbour Stadium. Replay. 3.30 Darts. Premier League. Night 13. Replay.

6.00 6.30 7.30 8.30 9.30 10.30 11.30 12.30 1.30 2.30 3.30 4.30 5.30 7.30 8.00


9.00 9.30 10.30 11.30 12.30 5.30

Auction Hunters. (PG) Dirty Jobs. (PG) Swamp Loggers. (PG) Deadliest Catch. (PG) Mythbusters. (PG) Osama Bin Laden: The Finish. (M) Dirty Jobs Down Under. (PG) Disappeared. (M) Fatal Encounters. (M) Gold Rush: The Dirt. (PG) Gold Rush. (PG) Deadliest Catch. (PG) Mythbusters. (PG) Auction Kings. (PG) Auction Hunters. (PG) Ton and Allen get a surprise second chance after nearly getting shut out in the small town of Palmer. They uncover a motorized railroad maintenance car from the 1960’s and a pre-WWI Japanese pistol. American Digger. (PG) Moonshine Money. American Savage heads to North Carolina, hoping to unearth valuable relics from the region’s illegal moonshining past. Property Wars. (PG) Nightmare Next Door. (M) Disappeared. (M) Crimes That Shook The World. (M) Swamp Loggers. (PG) Everything You Need To Know. (PG)

KEY: T Teletext R Repeat S Stereo P Premiere F Final RATINGS: G General exhibition PG Parental guidance recommended M Suitable for mature audiences AO Adults only 16 Approved for persons 16 and over 18 Approved for persons 18 and over c Content may offend l Language may offend s Sexual content may offend v contains violence

MOVIe GReats 6.20 Biography: Billy Bob Thornton. (2007, PG). 7.10 Déjà Vu. (2006, M) 9.15 Working Girl. (1988, PG) 11.10 Assault On Precinct 13. (2005, 16) 1.00 Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. (1998, 18) Johnny Depp, Benicio Del Toro. 3.00 Déjà Vu. (2006, M) Denzel Washington. 5.05 Robots. (2002, G) Voices Of Ewan McGregor, Robin Williams. 6.35 The Thomas Crown Affair. (1999, M) Pierce Brosnan, Rene Russo. A millionaire playboy steals a priceless work of art and then strikes up a fiery romance with the female insurance investigator. 1999. 8.30 Cape Fear. (1991, 16) Robert De Niro, Nick Nolte. In this slick remake, a lawyer and his family are terrorised by a brutal criminal after withholding evidence that may have acquitted him. 1991. 10.40 Blade Runner: The Final Cut. (1982, M) Harrison Ford, Sean Young. 12.35 Making Of Prometheus. (2012, M). 12.50 Robots. (2002, G) Voices Of Ewan McGregor, Robin Williams. 2.20 The Thomas Crown Affair. (1999, M) Pierce Brosnan, Rene Russo. 4.10 Cape Fear. (1991, 16) Robert De Niro, Nick Nolte.

shINe 6.00 Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV 6.30 Quick Study 7.00 Hermie and Friends 7.30 Paws and Tales 8.00 OK TV 8.30 Connection Point 9.00 Hour of Power 10.00 Gods at War 10.30 Facing the Canon 11.00 The Way of the Master 11.30 Born To Be Free 12.00 Connection Point 12.30 Enjoying Everyday Life 1.00 The 700 Club 1.30 Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV 2.00 Nzone Focus 2.30 The Way of the Master 3.00 Hermie and Friends 3.30 Paws and Tales 4.00 OK TV 4.30 Life FM presents 5.30 Nzone Focus 6.00 Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV 6.30 Destined to Reign 7.00 The 700 Club 7.30 Gods at War 8.00 Noble Exchange 8.30 FEATURE: Maria Prean 9.30 FEATURE: No Bright Lights 10.30 The Family Series 11.00 Just Thinking 11.30 Gods at War 12.00 Noble Exchange 12.30 Little Film Big Heart 1.00 FEATURE: Maria Prean 2.00 FEATURE: No Bright Lights 3.00 Wisdom for Difficult Times 3.30 The Way of the Master 4.00 Born To Be Free 4.30 Nzone Focus 5.00 Little Film Big Heart 5.30 Little Film Big Heart

LOCAL RADIO: AM Newstalk ZB 873; FM Classic Hits ZEFM 92.5; FOX FM 94.9, 98.9 AND 95.7


fields&fORM 6 36382 It’s Happen’en (7) 56.5 Kevin Brosnahan (Washdyke) 7 35x87 Twointhebush (1) 56.5 David Hutton (Timaru) 8 00766 Gallant Satin h (8) 56.5 B & S Anderton (Wingatui)


D Prastiyou (a3) R Doherty (a2) S Muniandy

lyndsAy MOyle MeMORiAl


$7000, rating 65 benchmark*, 2200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

31264 29734 52128 x9341 06786 05068 68505 90058 07845 765x0


Gold Leaf tbh (1) 59 B & S Anderton (Wingatui) S Muniandy Wagonwheel h (6) 58.5 Steve Anderton (Wingatui) T Moseley Gossip Girl td (5) 56 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) J Bullard Gurus Response tdh (4) 56 B & S Anderton (Wingatui) K Williams Prenuptial th (3) 55.5 B & S Anderton (Wingatui) C Barnes (a3) China Bo Bo (8) 54.5 Terrill Charles (Ashburton) B Lammas Tunza Vitality th (10) 54 B & S Anderton (Wingatui) T Direen (a2) Ballyrina t (2) 54 Murray Hamilton (Omakau) R Doherty (a2) Emily Trimbole th (7) 54 Noel Graham (Wingatui) C Johnson Kidunot (9) 54 Ellis Winsloe (Gore) A Tempelman (a3)



$8000, rating 75 benchmark, 1200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

67410 15056 81530 73745 1468x 9620x 4x121 1662x —


The jester td (2) 63.5 Dennis Bros (Woodlands) A Tempelman (a3) Stormpatrol tdm (4) 61.5 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) E Leighton (a3) Natkingcole d (6) 60.5 Russell McKay (Ashburton) L McKay (a3) Miss El Bee Dee d (5) 55.5 Russell McKay (Ashburton) A McKay (a4) Farewell Flight th (1) 55.5 B & S Anderton (Wingatui) T Direen (a2) Ishigold d (7) 55 Murray Hamilton (Omakau) J Chong (a3) Ruby Red td (8) 55 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) A Denby (a2) Davone Code td (3) 54 Steven Woodsford (Rangiora) K Williams Fine Silver SCRATCHED

PubliCAns CHAllenGe CuP


$8000, rating 85 benchmark, 1400m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

2355x 55511 x467x 6133x 55297 87809 30611


Aronsay m (1) 63 Michael Daly (Washdyke) Conscious Mistake tdm (6) 59.5 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) Peyow Peyow tdm (4) 57.5 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) Mr Trimbole tdmh (5) 55 Noel Graham (Wingatui) Treat t (3) 54 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) Heza Kool Kat m (2) 54 Kelvin Tyler (Riverton) Our jackman td (7) 54 Michael Pitman (Riccarton)

dynes TRAnsPORT TAPAnui

A McKay (a4) E Leighton (a3) J Bullard T Direen (a2) A Denby (a2) R Black (a3) C Johnson


$7000, rating 65 benchmark*, 1400m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

50323 0x99x 90615 010 7985x 7706x 89873 P44x7 005x5 x0648 88x76 75x70 8760x

Hernandez tbh (5) 59 Paul Richards (Wingatui) Moneyorthebox tdmh (10) 58 Jim Burns (Wingatui) Heart Of Hearts td (12) 57.5 N & B Blatch (Tapanui) Observe th (11) 57.5 B & S Anderton (Wingatui) Aqualine (9) 57.5 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) El Bee Dee tdm (4) 57.5 Russell McKay (Ashburton) Miss Kate h (2) 57 Terry Kennedy (Wingatui) High Forty th (1) 56.5 B & S Anderton (Wingatui) The Arrow Keeper h (13) 56 Steve Anderton (Wingatui) Richard Trimbole h (6) 56 Noel Graham (Wingatui) Zerpourguru dh (7) 56 Graeme Mee (Wingatui) Gee Gee Girl d (8) 54 Terrill Charles (Ashburton) Zolatoi tm (3) 54 Murray Hamilton (Omakau)

J Bullard T Moseley B Lammas T Direen (a2) A Denby (a2) R Doherty (a2) C Johnson D Prastiyou (a3) S Muniandy C Barnes (a3) K Williams J Morris J Chong (a3)

Thames harness Alexandra Park JeTbeT 5


TAB doubles 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-11. Trebles 1-2-3, 5-6-7, 9-10-11. Quaddie 8-9-10-11. Place6 6-11.


COROMAndel fM PACe Apollo Thirteen Fr (1) Sean McCaffrey (Cambridge) 65787 Brett james Fr (2) Wade Castle (Waiuku) 9 Hawkeye Bromac Fr (3) Ray Green (Huapai) 49996 Classy Ambition Fr (4) Paulette Screen (Pukekohe) Ideal Flybye Fr (5) Tony Grayling (Pukekohe) 358x4 Clarius Fr (6) Alan Fausett (Pukekohe) — Gotta Go Armbro 25235 Bronze Ecstasy Fr (7) John Dickie (Cambridge Raceway) x2690 Dralion Fr (21) Andrew & Lyn Neal (Cambridge) 8 Hot Spot Fr (22) Macfarlane/Sharpe (Patumahoe) Kind Of Hush Fr (23) Ival Brownlee (Pokeno) 005 Electric Chapel Fr (u1) Geoff Small (Patumahoe) x8860 Bute Mach Fr (u2) Geoff Small (Patumahoe)



11.27 S McCaffrey J Abernethy M McKendry T Mitchell T Grayling W Fausett SCRATCHED J i Dickie (J) P Baker T Macfarlane B Mangos D Butcher S Lawson (J)


$5000, 1 to 2 wins mobile, 1700m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

59037 57300 86874 23473 54588 6x864 39808 10093 80899 56003 86705


Only Whisper Fr (1) Steve Phillips (Pukekohe) Curlys Cousin Fr (2) Ival Brownlee (Pokeno) Franco Hastings Fr (3) Dave Iremonger (Tauranga) Lambrusco Fr (4) Rogerson/Blanchard (Hamilton) Lady Willpower Fr (5) Rod Bowker (Kumeu) Lisa’s Lawyer Fr (6) John Kriechbaumer (Drury) Riverboat Sue Fr (7) Steven Hunt (Waiuku) Sister Courage Fr (8) Jay Abernethy (Papakura) Howzat Fr (21) Kevin Judson (Waiuku) Real Tidy Fr (22) Danny Blakemore (Kumeu) Escape The Fate Fr (23) Adrienne Matthews (Pukekohe)

PeninsulA PRess PACe

S Phillips J Brownlee D iremonger M Northcott R Arnold J Kriechbaumer S Hunt F Phelan K Judson D Blakemore M Stormont


$5500, 2yo+ f&m non winners mobile, 1700m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

55784 1x649 09577 22220 3483 7 689x7 73634 92957 35255 996 9P560 09472 —


Mara’s Illusion Fr (1) Jay Abernethy (Papakura) Silent Night Fr (2) Todd Mitchell (Tauwhare) Kilkeel Lady Fr (3) Colin Butler (Cambridge Raceway) Caribbean Rose Fr (4) Roger Villiger (Morrinsville) Leica Rose Fr (5) Richard Brosnan (Ardmore) Art Ablaze Fr (6) Adrienne Matthews (Pukekohe) Hellofanangel Fr (7) J & M Teaz (Ohaupo) Aces N Eights Fr (8) Fred Mitchell (Stratford) Black Is Black Fr (21) Ross Paynter (Karapiro) Kenny’s Time Machine Fr (22) Steven Reid (Pukekohe) Valencay Fr (23) Geoff Small (Patumahoe) Bay Emerald Fr (24) Lew Driver (Balcairn) Tina Brydon Fr (25) Tony Grayling (Pukekohe) Cougar Bromac Fr (26) Frank Phelan (Papakura) Tartan Tight jeans

J Abernethy T Mitchell D Butcher P Butcher J Stormont T Macfarlane P Ferguson N Chilcott Z Butcher (J) S McMullan (J) S Lawson (J) J i Dickie (J) T Grayling S Phelan SCRATCHED

ken dAlzell 90TH biRTHdAy PACe 12.50 $5500, 2yo+ f&m non winners mobile, 1700m.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

60P 05335 7x 4 04 09472 0x89 996 — 70x60 8222x

14 54742 15 02x68

Sunhaven Princess Fr (1) Robert Hogg (Kumeu) R Downey (J) Ravna Gora Fr (2) Ken Sefonte (Kumeu) B Mangos Ideal Party Fr (3) Ron Stechmann (Te Awamutu) T Herlihy Ess Ess Fr (4) Andrew & Lyn Neal (Cambridge) L Neal Art Angel Fr (5) Roger Villiger (Morrinsville) D Butcher Vote For Me Fr (6) Roni Lauren (Tamahere) S McCaffrey Cougar Bromac Fr (7) Frank Phelan (Papakura) Comfort Zone Fr (8) Darren Johnson (Ruakaka) S Phelan Bay Emerald Fr (21) Lew Driver (Balcairn) J i Dickie (J) Flying McPocket SCRATCHED Helenearth Fr (22) Darren Johnson (Ruakaka) S Lawson (J) Chillysjustastrutter Fr (23) Ian Small (Patumahoe) P Butcher Diamonds And Dust Fr (24) Frank Cooney & Tate Hopkins (Taupaki) J Stormont Vengeance Fr (25) Stephen Argue (Pukekohe) S Argue Belle Arising Fr (26) Jay Abernethy (Papakura) S Abernethy (J)




$6500, 3yo+ f&m 1 win mobile, 1700m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

38x50 — 64159 44594 01P 646x1 39487 92690 1 0235x 63733 72246 27194 08x40


Ultimate Delight Fr (1) Mangos/Cullen (Pukekohe) Hanover Courage Skyhigh jet Fr (2) Tony Grayling (Pukekohe) Elsuccess Fr (3) David Branch (Alexandra Park) Western Sue Fr (4) Steven Hunt (Waiuku) Crazy Mach Fr (5) Steven Reid (Pukekohe) Annie Mach Fr (6) Les Pettifer (Kumeu) Keepsake Fr (7) Brian Hughes (Ardmore) Els Dream Fr (21) Roger Villiger (Morrinsville) Kotare Casino Fr (22) Jay Abernethy (Papakura) Ideal Pocket Fr (23) Tony Herlihy (Papakura) Maheer Melody Fr (24) Barry Purdon (Clevedon) Miss Sophie Fr (25) Brian Hughes (Ardmore) Butler’s Sweetheart Fr (u1) R & P Fensom (Tuakau)

B Mangos SCRATCHED S Phelan J MacKinnon (J) T Macfarlane P Ferguson M McKendry J i Dickie (J) S Cruickshank J Abernethy T Herlihy Z Butcher (J) T Mitchell R Fensom

insuRAnCe Plus HAndiCAP TROT


$5661, 3yo+ up to 2 wins special, 2200m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

75068 5560x 07007 8087x 44005 2593 33246 37829 000 8532 — 180x0 00859 61204 0900x 09049 33793

Our Dainty Lady Fr (1) James Stormont (Pukekohe) J Stormont A Night In Paris Fr (2) Susan Branch (Cambridge Raceway) S Branch McConway Fr (3) Colin Butler (Cambridge Raceway) P Butcher Brydon Spur Fr (4) Tony Grayling (Pukekohe) T Grayling jomo Fr (5) John Robinson (Ohaupo) J Robinson Empire Earl Fr (6) Errol Downey (Kumeu) R Downey (J) Kip Keino Fr (7) Richard Brosnan (Ardmore) N Chilcott Cascadia Fr (8) John Dickie (Cambridge Raceway) J W Dickie Georgie Boyz Fr (u1) Derek Balle (Pukekohe) D Butcher Trouble Whiz Fr (u2) Lew Driver (Balcairn) Action Kosmos SCRATCHED Ace Moment 20 (1) M Wallis & B Hackett (Waiuku) T Herlihy Sunbird Bella 20 (u1) Derek Balle (Pukekohe) D Balle Revenue Maker 20 (u2) D & C McGowan (Pukekohe) T Macfarlane Itsnowornever 20 (u3) Susan Branch (Cambridge Raceway) Getaway Doug 20 (u4) Cliff Wilson (Ardmore) C Wilson Letz Hope 30 (1) Ken Sefonte (Kumeu) B Mangos


HAiR On POllen PACe


$5000, 4yo+ 1 to 3 wins mobile jnr drivers, 2700m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

26608 79005 57598 32366 55657 61135 72733 75466 80109 57986 64186 —


Alta Mario Fr (1) Lew Driver (Balcairn) My Peruvian Fr (2) Grant Ellison (Te Kuiti) Sir Indianapolis Fr (3) Ival Brownlee (Pokeno) Guilty Verdict Fr (4) Andrew & Lyn Neal (Cambridge) Painted Black Fr (5) Jay Abernethy (Papakura) Western Union Fr (6) Derek Balle (Pukekohe) Lucky john Fr (7) Mike Berger (Cambridge) Mahogany Fr (8) Jay Abernethy (Papakura) Viewfield Apache Fr (21) David Kaa (Cambridge) Rykaard Fr (22) Tony Grayling (Pukekohe) Distraction Fr (23) Arna Donnelly (Cambridge) Butler’s Sweetheart

J i Dickie (J) M Salaivao (J) T Cameron (J) A Veint (J) S McMullan (J) R Downey (J) A Poutama (J) D Lu (J) Z Butcher (J) S Abernethy (J) D Branch (J) SCRATCHED



$7161, 3 to 8 wins special, 2700m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

76001 96654 38193 95063 20342 49137 00552 56745 580x9 14437 69072

Pureora Paree Fr (1) Doug Gale (Helensville) J Abernethy Naenae Tabman Fr (2) Arna Donnelly (Cambridge) A Donnelly Bettor Romance Fr (3) Barry Purdon (Clevedon) Z Butcher (J) Harry The Maori Fr (u1) Tim Vince (Epsom) J MacKinnon (J) Beaming jay 10 (1) Macfarlane/Sharpe (Patumahoe) T Macfarlane Shardon’s Operator 10 (2) Geoff Small (Patumahoe) S Lawson (J) Tyler Maguire 10 (3) David Marshall (Cambridge) G Robb Mighty Creation 10 (4) Nicky Chilcott (Cambridge Raceway) B Mangos Clive Bromac 20 (1) Geoff Small (Patumahoe) D Butcher Carlos 20 (2) Peter Ferguson (Cambridge) P Ferguson President Tomado 20 (u1) Nicky Chilcott (Cambridge Raceway) N Chilcott


fAMily fun dAy PACe


$6500, 3yo+ 2 to 4 wins mobile, 2200m.

$5500, 2yo+ non winners mobile, 2200m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

28546 63572 15219 65605 51546 80699 06017 04467 69158 59131


Shardon’s Pearl Fr (1) Geoff Small (Patumahoe) Beckinsale Fr (2) Pat & Mike O’Brien (Waterlea) Beguiling Fr (3) Todd Mitchell (Tauwhare) Pacific Rapture Fr (4) Jay Abernethy (Papakura) Selkie Fr (5) Steven Reid (Pukekohe) Houhora Dream Fr (6) Grant Ellison (Te Kuiti) Chokullen Fr (7) M Wallis & B Hackett (Waiuku) Dougie Maguire Fr (8) Geoff Small (Patumahoe) Nimble jack Fr (21) Ray Green (Huapai) Outrageous Delight Fr (22) Geoff Small (Patumahoe)

D Butcher P Ferguson G Robb J Abernethy S Lawson (J) J i Dickie (J) T Herlihy R Downey (J)

fAMily fun dAy HAndiCAP TROT


$5661, 3yo+ up to 2 wins special, 2200m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

5 Broadband Fr (1) M Wallis & B Hackett (Waiuku) T Herlihy Montana Spur Fr (2) Macfarlane/Sharpe (Patumahoe) T Macfarlane It’s Big Time Fr (3) Tim Hall (Morrinsville) T Hall 53629 Meander With Pegasus Fr (4) Alek Goryl (Ardmore) M McKendry Torbjorn Fr (5) Richard Brosnan (Ardmore) P Ferguson 62243 Door Slammer Fr (6) John Robinson (Ohaupo) J Robinson 053D0 Imsmartenough Fr (7) Rod Bowker (Kumeu) B Mangos 08079 Hef Fr (u1) Derek Balle (Pukekohe) D Butcher 27357 First Outing Fr (u2) Darren Johnson (Ruakaka) S Phelan 8532 Trouble Whiz Fr (u3) Lew Driver (Balcairn) 3 King Of Cool Fr (u4) J & M Teaz (Ohaupo) M Teaz (J) 65806 Kawarau Spur 20 (1) Richard Brosnan (Ardmore) N Chilcott 47170 La Reine De Chevaux 20 (2) James Stormont (Pukekohe) J Stormont x5106 Our Super Ram 20 (3) Peter Young (Parawai) P young 38523 Burt Munro 20 (4) David Branch (Alexandra Park) D Branch (J) 0900x Itsnowornever 20 (u1) Susan Branch (Cambridge Raceway) 47211 Equulei 30 (1) Adrienne Matthews (Pukekohe) J Abernethy


bAR & eATeRy OPen 6.30AM PACe


$6500, 2yo+ 1 win mobile, 2200m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

1482x 12080 23088 04831 — — 71739 49320 691 4013x 15491 83090 814

jerry Lee Fr (1) Telfer/Garlick (Papakura) Waipipi Falcon Fr (2) Jay Abernethy (Papakura) jack Bates Fr (3) Fred Mitchell (Stratford) Hilltop Hustler Fr (4) Andrew Jamieson (Pukekohe) Alta Mario Willis james McRoyal Fr (5) D & C McGowan (Pukekohe) Mickey McRooney Fr (6) Steven Reid (Pukekohe) Hot Mach Fr (21) Geoff Small (Patumahoe) Splendid Bet Fr (22) Tony Herlihy (Papakura) Racer Fr (23) Sean McCaffrey (Cambridge) j j’s Flash Fr (24) Jay Abernethy (Papakura) Swiss Guard Fr (25) Andrew & Lyn Neal (Cambridge)

S Phelan S Abernethy (J) N Chilcott R Fensom SCRATCHED SCRATCHED T Macfarlane S Lawson (J) T Cameron (J) J Stormont J Abernethy L Neal

16 50s48 Doubtfilly cw (14) 54 S W Kendrick (Sunshine Coast) EMERGENCIES 17 D122s Playtime cdw (3) 54 Todd Austin (Barcaldine) 18 55s45 Arctic Flight dw (9) 54 A J Cummings (Randwick)


8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Danleigh wn (12) 59 C J Waller (Rosehill) Voila Ici dw (9) 59 P G Moody (Rosehill) Ginga Dude wn (5) 59 G B Boyd (Kaipaki) Foreteller dw (10) 59 C J Waller (Rosehill) Solzhenitsyn (8) 59 R L Heathcote (Eagle Farm) Lamasery d (7) 59 David Vandyke (Warwick Farm) Lucky Luna wh (3) 59 L D Kelly (Gold Coast) Lightinthenite wn (4) 59 J A O’Shea (Randwick) Saint Encosta h (6) 59 John Thompson (Gold Coast) Stout Hearted dw (2) 59 C J Waller (Rosehill) Hour Of Peril twh (1) 59 John Thompson (Gold Coast) Transporter dwh (13) 59 John Thompson (Gold Coast) Lights Of Heaven wn (11) 57 P G Moody (Caulfield)

L Cassidy C Munce G Colless J Cassidy D Browne B Avdulla R Mc Mahon T Clark J Byrne N Berry R Wiggins M Cahill L Nolen

GOld COAsT GuineAs


1 6122s Sizzling cdwb (6) 57 K C Wood (Eagle Farm) 2 1341s Saluter td (10) 57 Jason McLachlan (Sunshine Coast) 3 2357s Luke’s Luck d (15) 57 K M Schweida (Eagle Farm) 4 s141s Academus d (2) 57 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) 5 9615s Dances On Stars (12) 57 G A Ryan (Rosehill) 6 1268s Platinum State dh (7) 57 B R Guy (Gold Coast) 7 01212 Rocky King w (9) 57 Tom Bourke (Sunshine Coast) 8 6526s Al Aneed d (1) 57 M G Price (Caulfield) 9 2531s General Exhibit tdh (8) 57 Ms H Page (Gold Coast) 10 1217s Reflectance dh (20) 57 John Thompson (Gold Coast) 11 s1325 Narcissus (18) 57 L M Treloar (Sunshine Coast) 12 22933 Force Command (4) 57 G Eurell (Cranbourne) 13 63106 Holy Toledo tw (11) 57 R J Macrae (Toowoomba) 14 115s4 The Conspirator (17) 57 T J Sears (Toowoomba) 15 2221s Sookie dh (19) 55 John Thompson (Gold Coast) 16 2s510 Kuchinskaya w (3) 55 R L Heathcote (Eagle Farm) EMERGENCIES 17 54s41 The Storeman (16) 57 T J Gollan (Eagle Farm) 18 220s3 Qfighter t (5) 57 M J Dunn (Murwillumbah) 19 618s3 Burleigh Heads dh (21) 57 Bruce Hill (Gold Coast) 20 s4s11 Casino Card tdw (13) 55 L G Ross (Eagle Farm) 21 s3213 My Shabella tch (14) 55 Bruce Hill (Gold Coast)

C Munce D Browne R Mc Mahon T Clark B Avdulla J Byrne G Colless L Cassidy Ms T Harrison (a) M Cahill E Wilkinson B Evans M Du Plessis P Hammersley J Cassidy N Berry R Wiggins

Australian races Hawkesbury JeTbeT 4


Quaddie 5-6-7-8.

Weather/Track/Rail THe 2013 dARley CROWn


$150,000, 3yo & up F&M Listed SW+P, 1300m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

0s732 32s44 5540s 57507 1510s — 0s865 2116s s65s0 7s656 55s45 000s3


Miss Stellabelle wn (2) 58 Ms G Waterhouse (Randwick) Dystopia dw (7) 57 C J Waller (Rosehill) Quidnunc tdw (11) 57 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) Irish Dream w (4) 57 R J Quinton (Randwick) Holy Moly w (10) 57 J G Sargent (Warwick Farm) Bound To Blush Aerobatics wn (6) 56 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) Pipette wb (1) 56 C J Waller (Rosehill) Forfeiture w (9) 56 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) New Beginning dw (5) 56 John Thompson (Randwick) Arctic Flight w (8) 56 A J Cummings (Randwick) Potions w (3) 56 John Thompson (Flemington)

B Shinn J Bowman K Mc Evoy J Parr J Riddell SCRATCHED C Reith G Schofield P Robl A Gibbons A Hyeronimus J Ford

HAWkesbuRy ROWley Mile


$150,000, Listed, 1600m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

756s8 50230 0s761 43s90 411s5 510s3 2s011 438s0 0s6s9 12s62 2s411 91324

Class Is Class d (2) 59 C J Waller (Rosehill) B Shinn Monton dw (6) 58.5 R J Quinton (Randwick) J Parr Speediness dw (12) 57 Colin Scott (Caulfield) C Reith Beaten Up (3) 56 C J Waller (Rosehill) J Bowman Moriarty d (9) 56 C J Waller (Rosehill) Merlin Mustang dw (10) 54 M P Tubman (Kembla Grange) Ms K o’Hara Keith’s Legacy w (11) 54 David Vandyke (Warwick Farm) P Robl Euryale dw (4) 54 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) K Mc Evoy Home On A Wing tw (7) 54 A J Cummings (Randwick) A Hyeronimus Mouro dh (1) 54 Tony McEvoy (Hawkesbury) G Schofield Zonza d (8) 54 R A James (Randwick) J Ford Setta Rocks tw (5) 54 Ms D Poidevin-Laine (Kembla Grange) A Gibbons

HAWkesbuRy GuineAs


Fine/Dead (4)/True.


$150,000, F&M Quality Listed, 1200m More Strawberries w (15) 60 K C Wood (Eagle Farm) M Cahill Karuta Queen cdw (4) 58 P G Moody (Caulfield) L Nolen Whateverwhenever dw (10) 56.5 L F Birchley (Eagle Farm) L Cassidy Detours dwn (13) 56 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) D Browne Miss Imagica d (18) 56 M G Nolan (Toowoomba) Ms S Bogenhuber Gai’s Choice tdw (16) 55.5 David Pfieffer (Warwick Farm) B Avdulla Petty Cury dw (1) 55 D G Sellwood (Cambridge (Nz) M Du Plessis Dual Chamber dw (5) 54.5 M J Dunn (Murwillumbah) G Colless Pane In The Glass dwh (7) 54.5 John Thompson (Gold Coast) J Byrne Alltherightmoves cwh (11) 54 L D Kelly (Gold Coast) R Mc Mahon Emmalene dwb (12) 54 L F Birchley (Eagle Farm) C Munce Emotional Circus d (8) 54 K A Lees (Broadmeadow) J Cassidy Bound To Blush d (2) 54 J A O’Shea (Randwick) T Clark Skating On Ice tdh (17) 54 L D Kelly (Gold Coast) R Wiggins Punch On tdh (6) 54 P J Balzen (Gold Coast) P Hammersley

46255 11131 2s112 4s015 70s41 1s234 2s393 34422 1s740 s6323



Ashokan w (9) 58 Ms G Waterhouse (Randwick) Platinum Kingdom dw (7) 57 Ms L Latta (Awapuni (Nz) Complicate db (10) 57 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) Eximius dw (4) 57 M G Price (Caulfield) Boban d (5) 57 C J Waller (Rosehill) Heart Testa (8) 56 C J Waller (Rosehill) Limes b (2) 56 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) Excited Prince (6) 56 J C Coyle (Warwick Farm) Meidung d (3) 55 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) Brave Soul (1) 54 Joseph Pride (Warwick Farm)

B Shinn J Riddell K Mc Evoy J Parr J Bowman G Schofield C Reith Ms K o’Hara R Quinn P Robl

A2b Mini bus seRviCes HAndiCAP


$85,000, Benchmark 85, 1300m 1 2 3 4

00s2s 31037 5000s 377s0

5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

1s0s7 21403 54226 s052s 4112s 36s33 25933 6315s 6564s 40104 1421s


Hawke's Bay races


Balavan dw (5) 61 C J Waller (Rosehill) A Collett (a2) Irish jig w (12) 61 J C McNair (Gosford) Ms J Duggan (a3) Riomoral wh (11) 60.5 Martin McInerney (Hawkesbury) B Vassallo McClintock dw (13) 59.5 Mark De Montfort (Warwick Farm) Ms R Murray (a3) Eucumbene dw (15) 58.5 G H Walter (Warwick Farm) B Shinn Agister w (10) 58 A J Denham (Wyong) J Bowman Australian Star dw (9) 57.5 J C McNair (Gosford) G Schofield Cornwall Park w (14) 57.5 A J Cummings (Randwick) P Robl Babel dw (7) 56.5 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) J Parr Oakfield Commands dwn (1) 56 D P Smith (Broadmeadow) R Quinn Territory (2) 56 J M Austin (Warwick Farm) P Murphy Hendricus b (4) 54.5 J A O’Shea (Randwick) C Reith Tom’s Rocket wh (8) 54.5 R C Rowley (Hawkesbury) Ms K o’Hara Deceiver d (3) 54 D A Williams (Goulburn) J Ford Imperil w (6) 53.5 Peter Snowden (Warwick Farm) K Mc Evoy

Gold Coast Selections

Hawkesbury Selections




Hastings JetBet 4


TAB doubles 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8. Trebles 2-3-4, 6-7-8. Place6 3-8. Quaddie 5-6-7-8.

weather/track/rail Fine/Dead (5)/Out 6m.

gear Changes Hoof Pads (Front) off: Quest (R6) Standard Bit on: Mr Polo (R3) Lugging Bit off: Mr Polo (R3) Lugging Bit on: Jaggard (R7) Tongue Control Bit off: Jaggard (R7) Blinkers off: Wild About Me (R1); Beyond Belief, Rockweiler, Sir Cosworth, Mapmaker (R2); Wild About Me (R3); San Pedro (R5); Figure Again (R6); Regal Governor (R7); Sharki Brahma (R8) Blinkers on: Missteeflying, All In Mystery (R1); Mapmaker (R2); Mr Polo, Propulsion, Eternity (R3); Myminkcoat (R5); Dragon Beauty, Whoopi Gee (R8) Pacifiers off: Edge Of Glory (R1) Side Winkers on: Edge Of Glory (R1); Sir Cosworth (R2) Side Winkers off: Myminkcoat (R5) Bandages off: Lauren Tate (R1) Boots off: Fairway Wish (R4) Ear Covers on: Prepared (R2); San Pedro (R5) Nose Band on: Gossiping (R4); Sharki Brahma (R8) Shadow Roll on: Beyond Belief, Rockweiler (R2) Shadow Roll off: Sharki Brahma, Dragon Beauty (R8) Tongue Tie off: Jazz Rock, Wild About Me (R1); Mapmaker (R2); Jazz Rock, Wild About Me (R3) Tongue Tie on: Beyond Belief (R2); Gossiping (R4); Skittle (R7)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Hastings, Heart Of Hawke’s Bay 12.18 — 2x424 6x0x2 82 473x5 27x65 7535 6530 4 4 47x 9409x 0 9876x —


Carolina Island That Snow Athlete b (5) 57.5 Howie Mathews (Otaki) Missteeflying (3) 57.5 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) Word’s Out (7) 57.5 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) Kayzed (13) 57.5 Shane Brown (Woodville) Mulan Queen (11) 57.5 Karen Zimmerman (Otaki) Tansava bh (4) 57.5 Lowry/Cullen (Hastings) Edge Of Glory (10) 57.5 Karen Zimmerman (Otaki) Hippie (6) 57.5 Gary Vile (Awapuni) Lauren Tate (12) 57.5 John Morell (Te Rapa) Jazz Rock (8) 57.5 Haworth/Dixon (Foxton) Boosting Eleanor h (9) 57.5 Lowry/Cullen (Hastings) All In Mystery (2) 57.5 Kevin Gray (Palm.North) Stormy River (1) 57.5 Gary Vile (Awapuni) Wild About Me

trinity Hill

SCRATCHED B Lammas K Myers R Hannam R Hutchings (a) M Cameron H Tinsley J Parkes M Hills R Myers M Dee (a3) M Sweeney L Allpress SCRATCHED


$10000, rating 75 benchmark, 1200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

80777 343x9 7x247 88025 26077 12570 32521 33960 360x7 417x4 19x1 x105x 12677 3200x 14616


Beyond Belief dmh (15) 59 Patrick Campbell (Hastings) Commett dh (8) 57 John Bary (Hastings) Sanriba dm (1) 57 Peter Evans (Waipukurau) Reuben Thorn dm (12) 56.5 Grant Searle (Awapuni) That’sourexcuse d (6) 56 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) Cassie May d (5) 55 David Greene (Te Rapa) Melody Celebre d (2) 55 Louise Saunders (Pukekohe) Rockweiler tdh (10) 55 Tina Wood (Hastings) Sir Cosworth dm (4) 55 Janine Vandenberg (Awapuni) Cold Snap d (14) 54.5 Jason Bridgman (Matamata) Rani Aurora dm (7) 54.5 Grant Searle (Awapuni) Mapmaker b (9) 54 Paul & Kris Shailer (Matamata) Prepared (11) 54 Howie Mathews (Otaki) Coastal Express d (3) 54 Karen Zimmerman (Otaki) Colourful Lady tdh (13) 54 Lowry/Cullen (Hastings)

tHe elBOw rOOm spOrts Bar

D Walsh M Tanaka R Myers H Tinsley R Hannam M Dee (a3) B Grylls (a2) R Hutchings (a) D Bradley M Cameron J Parkes K Myers B Lammas L Allpress M Sweeney


$7000, mdn 3yo, 1200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

Golden Bay (13) 57.5 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) Karmazyn h (2) 57.5 John Bary (Hastings) Directionz b (7) 57.5 David Greene (Te Rapa) Little Drummer Boy (8) 57.5 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) Mr Polo (6) 57.5 David Hayes (Woodville) Lavish Prince h (5) 57.5 Lowry/Cullen (Hastings) Acquiesce (4) 57.5 Matthew Eales (Awapuni) Propulsion (1) 57.5 Karen Zimmerman (Otaki) Eternity b (12) 55.5 Kevin Gray (Palm.North) Justtheanswer (3) 55.5 Louise Saunders (Pukekohe) Jazz Rock (16) 55.5 Haworth/Dixon (Foxton) Petrify (15) 55.5 Ross McCarroll (Cambridge) Helio Star (9) 55.5 Janine Vandenberg (Awapuni) 69x Mahora Gold h (10) 55.5 Patrick Campbell (Hastings) Show No Emotion (14) 55.5 Jason Bridgman (Matamata) 7x67 Wild About Me (11) 55.5 Andrew Campbell (Opaki)

2335x 83352 4 40458 4x45 5x 6 6x78x 223x6 56545 47x


HarrisOns nursery

K Myers O Bosson H Tinsley D Bradley B Grylls (a2) J Parkes L Whelan (a1) M Dee (a3) L Allpress R Hannam R Myers R Hutchings (a) B Lammas D Walsh M Cameron V Johnston


$15000, open hcp, 1200m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

10345 81454 00061 29240 640x8 31172 1525x 364x5

The Hombre tdbh (3) 59 John Bary (Hastings) Princess Katie d (4) 57 Kevin Gray (Palm.North) Civics Rock dm (2) 56 Ralph Manning (Cambridge) Fairway Wish td (1) 56 Karen Zimmerman (Otaki) Spare A Fortune tm (8) 56 Glenn Old (Matamata) Goldminer d (6) 55 Shaune Ritchie (Cambridge) The Shackler (5) 54 Michael Dromgool (Te Aroha) Gossiping dmb (7) 54 Howie Mathews (Otaki)



stella artOis



diCkie family paCe

$10000, rating 75 benchmark, 2000m

$12000, mdn f&m, 1400m

Fine/Good (3)/True.




$150,000, 3yo Listed SW+P, 1400m


s710s 9s320 6195s 145s5 s81s1 074s0 s1111 0149s 59s63 05s17 0s102 30s40 s122s s2723 s78s0


$125,000, 3yo Group 3 SW, 1200m

Quaddie 6-7-8-9.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

53375 00s00 689s5 51715 36s30 315s0 12659 66s49 15s80 40s06 6s944 77211 0s021


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

silk sTOCkinG

A d HOllindAle sTAkes $358,000, Group 2 WFA, 1800m




1 42s61 Hot Snitzel tw (14) 59.5 G A Ryan (Rosehill) B Avdulla 2 950s0 Happy Zero (6) 58.5 M, W & J Hawkes (Rosehill) M Cahill 3 s4113 River Lad tdw (9) 57.5 Natalie McCall (Sunshine Coast) E Wilkinson 4 s6351 Famous Seamus dw (3) 57 N Mayfield-Smith (Hawkesbury) G Colless 5 2237s Phelan Ready tw (7) 57 Jason McLachlan (Sunshine Coast) D Browne 6 17s0s Belltone tw (15) 56 K C Wood (Eagle Farm) C Munce 7 s1284 Steel Zip w (2) 56 P Duff (Deagon) B Stewart 8 308s0 Wild And Proud w (17) 55.5 David Pfieffer (Warwick Farm) L Nolen 9 3251s Morning Captain wh (20) 55 Ms K Doughty (Gold Coast) J Byrne 10 5s852 Utah Saints (10) 55 Brent Stanley (Kyneton) N Stanley 11 00s00 King Saul (18) 54.5 K M Schweida (Eagle Farm) R Mc Mahon 12 11s59 Mahisara dwb (16) 54.5 Paul Messara (Scone) J Cassidy 13 514s6 Fire Up Fifi dw (1) 54 R L Heathcote (Eagle Farm) R Wiggins 14 210s0 Biggles ch (11) 54 N J Doyle (Gold Coast) T Clark 15 230s7 Latin News w (19) 54 B J Dais (Eagle Farm) L Cassidy 16 8996s Shamardashing twh (5) 54 John Thompson (Gold Coast) N Berry EMERGENCIES 17 690s8 Celtic Dancer tcdwh (21) 54 N J Doyle (Gold Coast) K Matheson (a) 18 s9012 War Ends h (12) 54 A J Edmonds (Gold Coast) 19 21111 Tokamak dw (4) 54 B J Lockwood (Eagle Farm) P Hammersley 20 060s0 Mr Armstrong dwh (8) 54 John Thompson (Gold Coast) Ms T Harrison (a) 21 115s0 Delago Pilli tcn (13) 54 G R Pollock (Sunshine Coast)


3" "$*/ "$*/ $*/((6*%& 6*%

R Mc Mahon N Berry

$175,000, Quality Listed, 1300m

Australian races Gold Coast JeTbeT 3


N Berry

PRiMe MinisTeR's CuP

ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, May 3, 2013

O Bosson M Dee (a3) J Parkes L Allpress M Hills M Cameron K Myers B Lammas

1 46624 Viana d (3) 59 Jason Bridgman (Matamata) 2 33260 Jakob Gambino th (15) 57.5 John Bary (Hastings) 3 58357 San Pedro tdh (9) 57 Paul Nelson (Hastings) 4 289x1 Hilton James dm (18) 56 John Morell (Te Rapa) 5 54223 Celebration t (16) 55 Karen Zimmerman (Otaki) 6 — Lord Boris 7 51x53 Park Princess b (2) 54.5 Fraser Auret (Marton) 8 15x63 Reka (10) 54.5 Richard Sherwin (Te Awamutu) 9 61010 My Pentire (11) 54 Gale Julian (Wanganui) 10 28642 Valley Of Pentire d (5) 54 Kevin Gray (Palm.North) 11 — Ormond Road 12 52453 Myminkcoat (8) 54 Gary Vile (Awapuni) 13 56215 Lasswade (4) 54 Marty Johnson (Woodville) 14 18526 Due North (7) 54 Busuttin/Young (Cambridge) 15 40340 Firekeeper h (1) 54 Lowry/Cullen (Hastings) 16 56045 Hot Lips b (6) 54 Gary Vile (Awapuni) EMERGENCIES 17 409x4 Centarose h (13) 54 Ted Laxon (Hastings) 18 — Fair Script


M Dee (a3) M Tanaka H Tinsley R Myers L Whelan (a1) SCRATCHED K Myers L Satherley M Hills L Allpress SCRATCHED J Parkes D Walsh R Hutchings D Bradley M Cameron M Sweeney SCRATCHED

Bay fOrd Hawke’s Bay


$15000, open hcp, 2100m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

x3756 61716 35460 x6003 72111 10079 44237 68171 — 76725


Artistic d (6) 59 Shaune Ritchie (Cambridge) Veldt d (7) 57.5 Baker/Forsman (Cambridge) Figure Again m (5) 55.5 Kay Lane (Otaki) Double O Seven tdh (9) 55 Lowry/Cullen (Hastings) Quest d (2) 54 K & B Kelso (Matamata) Hell Yeah (8) 54 Gary Vile (Awapuni) Gold Cape (4) 54 John Wheeler (New Plymouth) Wyban Angel td (3) 54 Stephen Gillies (Awapuni) Irish Dream Belfast Lad tdmb (10) 54 P & T Ebbett (Waipukurau)

M Cameron O Bosson L Whelan (a1) V Johnston L Allpress M Hills B Lammas D Bradley SCRATCHED M Sweeney

mid-winter CHristmas 29/6


$12000, rating 85 benchmark, 1400m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

00304 1073x 8x474 0x715 10490 77x34 23x60 02366 11087 11605 x1172


Jaggard d (7) 59 Walsh/Gregory (Foxton) Regal Governor tdm (8) 59 Joanne Moss (Gisborne) The Knight tmh (11) 58.5 John Bary (Hastings) Likeapins d (2) 57 Kevin Myers (Wanganui) Mini Pearl d (3) 57 Fraser Auret (Marton) Skittle td (9) 56 Haworth/Dixon (Foxton) Miss Danni (10) 54.5 John Mason (Tokoroa) Shezgorgeous dmh (6) 54 Patrick Campbell (Hastings) Stella Bella (1) 54 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) Abraham Lincoln db (5) 54 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) Dame Margot td (4) 54 Sandie Cookson (Foxton)

L Allpress M Dee (a3) O Bosson L Whelan (a1) M Hills B Lammas R Hannam D Bradley B Grylls (a2) K Myers J Parkes


$8000, rating 65 benchmark*, 1400m 1 44x00 Tradtri tdh (18) 59 Ted Laxon (Hastings) J Parkes 2 71507 Sharki Brahma d (13) 58.5 Allan Sharrock (New Plymouth) S Doyle 3 31 Crafty Lad d (11) 58 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) R Hannam 4 62216 Pinocchio Boy (15) 58 Marty Johnson (Woodville) A Morgan (a3) 5 — Kodema SCRATCHED 6 4156x Mr Handsomelad tb (6) 57.5 Haworth/Dixon (Foxton) H Tinsley 7 x017x Watt Align (10) 57.5 Judith Otto (Tauranga) M Sweeney 8 595x5 Galaxy Road (14) 57 John Mason (Tokoroa) D Walsh 9 33107 Mangaroa Mini d (2) 56.5 Thomas/Mirabelli (Cambridge) M Cameron 10 4976x Kipkeino (1) 56.5 Lucy de Lautour (Waipukurau) L Allpress 11 8x525 On Yer Feet t (9) 56 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) D Bradley 12 x7414 Zedetta td (17) 56 Peter Evans (Waipukurau) R Myers 13 6855x Athenry (3) 56 John Wheeler (New Plymouth) K Kalychurun (a3) 14 86822 Blooming Hell (20) 55 Richard Sherwin (Te Awamutu) L Satherley 15 7764x Pearls tdh (12) 54.5 Lowry/Cullen (Hastings) K Myers 16 x40x5 Sharbeela (16) 54.5 Alexander Fieldes (Wanganui) R Hutchings (a) EMERGENCIES 17 60x84 Makeba th (4) 54 John Bary (Hastings) M Tanaka 18 19876 Dragon Beauty t (5) 54 Gary Vile (Awapuni) 19 33043 The Mailman dm (7) 55 Gary Vile (Awapuni) 20 605x0 Whoopi Gee tdmh (8) 54 Marlene Todd (Hastings) M Dee (a3)

auckland harness alexandra park JetBet 5


TAB doubles 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-11. Trebles 1-2-3, 5-6-7, 9-10-11. Pick6 6-11 $40,000. Place6 6-11. Quaddie 8-9-10-11.


direCt seCurity serviCes paCe


$14999, 3yo+ f&m 1 to 3 wins mobile, 2200m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

3231 97937 46334 22443 22274 44Lx3 14161 75675 65214 24312 68586


The Fascinator Fr (1) Tony Herlihy (Papakura) Vincennes Fr (2) Doug Gale (Helensville) Maloo Fr (3) Mike Berger (Cambridge) Tori Maguire Fr (4) M Wallis & B Hackett (Waiuku) Cullies Delight Fr (5) Todd Mitchell (Tauwhare) Meet Me In Mayfair Fr (6) Geoff Small (Patumahoe) Showmethemoneyhoney Fr (7) Paul Green (Morrinsville) Realatthetime Fr (8) James Stormont (Pukekohe) La Norvic De Milo Fr (21) Sean McCaffrey (Cambridge) Carpenters Daughter Fr (22) Gareth Dixon (Clevedon) Hot And Saucy Fr (23) Mike Berger (Cambridge)

T Herlihy N Chilcott P Butcher J I Dickie (J) T Mitchell D Butcher P Ferguson J Stormont M McKendry D Dunn T Macfarlane

CrOmBie lOCkwOOd trOt


$10000, 2yo mobile, 1700m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


— 4 666 7 350 31 2128 4P1 4

Madam Simone SCRATCHED Noodles Fr (1) D & C McGowan (Pukekohe) D McGowan Tereskova Fr (2) Luk Chin (Tamahere) L Chin Sir George Grey Fr (3) Derek Balle (Pukekohe) D Butcher Djokovic Fr (4) Luk Chin (Tamahere) P Butcher Bad Habbott Fr (5) James Stormont (Pukekohe) J Stormont Hot Chocolate Tart Fr (6) Nicky Chilcott (Cambridge Raceway) N Chilcott One Over Da Moon Fr (7) Paul Nairn (Leeston) D Butt Hanoverdakash Fr (21) M Wallis & B Hackett (Waiuku) T Herlihy

mB sires stakes silver paCe


$11900, 2yo fillies mobile, 1700m. 1 6 October Brown Fr (1) Tony Herlihy (Papakura) 2 996 Bay Emerald Fr (2) Lew Driver (Balcairn) 3 834 Ideal Power Fr (3) Nigel McGrath (Weedons) 4 09472 Cougar Bromac Fr (4) Frank Phelan (Papakura) 5 03 Sabellian Fr (5) Mark Purdon (Rolleston)



$20000, 3yo+ f&m 3 to 9 wins mobile, 2200m.

T Herlihy M Williamson (J) T Mitchell S Phelan N Rasmussen

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11


95322 08x53 05832 65167 74211 21174 15036 71017 00552 33613 22011

Georgia’s Jury Fr (1) Geoff Small (Patumahoe) Spirit And Desire Fr (2) Matthew Collins (Bombay) Lively Nights Fr (3) John Dickie (Cambridge Raceway) Busy Being Fabulous Fr (4) Mike Berger (Cambridge) Precious Rose Fr (5) Barry Purdon (Clevedon) Windinherhair Fr (6) Steve Phillips (Pukekohe) Cheer The Lady Fr (7) Barry Purdon (Clevedon) Averil’s Quest Fr (8) Rod MacKenzie (Hamilton) Tyler Maguire Fr (21) David Marshall (Cambridge) Ginger Spice Fr (22) Cran Dalgety (Pukekohe) Jessies Cullen Fr (23) Peter Ferguson (Cambridge)

D Butcher M Williamson (J) J I Dickie (J) P Butcher T Herlihy N Chilcott Z Butcher (J) J Stormont J Abernethy D Dunn P Ferguson

BreCkOn nOrtHern trOtters derBy 7.45 $80000, 3yo mobile trot, group I, 2700m.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

23413 73114 — 01142 62263 11114 11275 12331 08311


Sheemon Fr (1) Kevin Townley (Cambridge) Quite A Moment Fr (2) G & N Hope (Woodend Beach) Paramount Queen Prime Power Fr (3) Todd Mitchell (Tauwhare) Wingsonhai Fr (4) Arna Donnelly (Cambridge) Habibti Fr (5) D & C Butt (Woodend Beach) Blitzthemcalder Fr (6) Ross Payne (Victoria) Royal Aspirations Fr (7) Fred Fletcher (Weedons) Saffron Castleton Fr (U1) Warren Taylor (Morrinsville)

D Dunn R May SCRATCHED T Mitchell A Donnelly D Butt R Payne S Smolenski Z Butcher (J)

mB sires stks CHampiOnsHip


$170000, 2yo fillies mobile pace, group I, 1700m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

540 16113 11512 87942 3120 09472 42328 1430 2646 3195 26721 1112 6 3341 43751


Jungle Jewel Fr (1) Tim Butt (West Melton) Venus Serena Fr (2) Geoff Dunn (West Melton) Te Amo Bromac Fr (3) Mark Purdon (Rolleston) Saharazona Fr (4) Mike Berger (Cambridge) Rocknroll Arden Fr (5) Mark Purdon (Rolleston) Cougar Bromac Fr (6) Frank Phelan (Papakura) Raksdeal Fr (7) Clark Barron (Rakauhauka) Cala Fr (8) Dean Taylor (Ladbrooks) Change Time Fr (21) Ken Barron (West Melton) Martine Maguire Fr (22) Steven Reid (Pukekohe) Pricillas Girl Fr (23) Brian Hughes (Ardmore) Angelina Jolie Fr (24) David Kaa (Cambridge) October Brown Fr (25) Tony Herlihy (Papakura) Rockn Ruby Fr (26) Mangos/Cullen (Pukekohe) Libertybelle Midfrew Fr (27) Nigel McGrath (Weedons)

A Butt J Dunn N Rasmussen P Butcher M Purdon S Phelan C Barron M Jones P Ferguson J I Dickie (J) Z Butcher (J) D Butcher T Herlihy B Mangos M Williamson (J)

JaCOBsen HeadstOnes HCp trOt


$14999, 3yo+ 1 to 6 wins +claimer discretionary, 2700m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

22312 — 80957 — — 0900x 8532 55x23 02981 — 17908 21186 11629 83110 088x7 14352 29103


Jasinsky Fr (1) Luk Chin (Tamahere) L Chin SCRATCHED Zimple Sunoflindenny Fr (2) Mark Purdon (Rolleston) M Purdon SCRATCHED Sent Again SCRATCHED Quite A Moment Itsnowornever Fr (U1) Susan Branch (Cambridge Raceway) N Chilcott Trouble Whiz Fr (U2) Lew Driver (Balcairn) M Williamson (J) Rare Opportunity 10 (1) Rogerson/Blanchard (Hamilton) D Butcher Bobby Breen 10 (2) Kyle Austin (Weedons) J Dunn SCRATCHED Brookside Filly Amy’s Invasion 20 (1) Mattias Hjalmarsson (West Melton) D Dunn Madisonz Luck 30 (U1) Sean McCaffrey (Cambridge) S McCaffrey Superbowlcheerleader 30 (U2) M Wallis & B Hackett (Waiuku) T Macfarlane Moment Of Truth 30 (U3) Derek Balle (Pukekohe) B Mangos Oto Invasion 40 (1) Sean McCaffrey (Cambridge) J Stormont Dragons Den 40 (2) Robert Anderson (Rolleston) R Anderson Commander Galleon 40 (U1) Steven Reid (Pukekohe) P Ferguson

nz messenger paCe


$100000, 4-5yo ffa mobile, group I, 2700m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

22626 45224 23217 1P111 16225 12302 — 11533 —


Jarcullembra Fr (1) Geoff Small (Patumahoe) Best Deal Yet Fr (2) Mark Purdon (Rolleston) Lets Elope Fr (3) Frank Cooney & Tate Hopkins (Taupaki) Christen Me Fr (4) Cran Dalgety (Pukekohe) Jason Rulz Fr (5) G & N Hope (Woodend Beach) Gold Ace Fr (6) Steven Reid (Pukekohe) Excel Stride Bettor Cover Lover Fr (7) Mangos/Cullen (Pukekohe) Easy On The Eye

D Butcher N Rasmussen M McKendry D Dunn R May T Herlihy SCRATCHED B Mangos SCRATCHED

2013 Canam rOwe Cup


$150000, ffa trot, group I, 3200m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

78x09 28420 23210 14352 16x16 11221 11113 088x7 74226 35672 92107 64708 84404 02541 23385 12x35


Sno’s Big Boy Fr (1) M Wallis & B Hackett (Waiuku) The Fiery Ginga Fr (2) Alan Clark (Mosgiel) Realmein Fr (3) Matthew Pemberton (Patumahoe) Dragons Den Fr (4) Robert Anderson (Rolleston) Boizel Fr (5) Tony Grayling (Pukekohe) Stent Fr (6) C & J DeFilippi (Lincoln) Vulcan Fr (7) Tim Butt (West Melton) Oto Invasion Fr (8) Sean McCaffrey (Cambridge) Cyclone U Bolt Fr (9) Mark Purdon (Rolleston) Flying Isa Fr (10) John Dickie (Cambridge Raceway) Stig Fr (11) Paul Nairn (Leeston) Charlemagne Fr (12) Colin Butler (Cambridge Raceway) Sovereignty Fr (13) Sean McCaffrey (Cambridge) Irish Whisper Fr (14) Tony Herlihy (Papakura) Springbank Sam Fr (U1) Phil Williamson (Oamaru) Master Lavros Fr (U2) Mark Jones (Burnham)

B Mangos A Clark S Phelan R Anderson D Dunn C DeFilippi A Butt J Stormont M Purdon J I Dickie (J) D Butt P Butcher M McKendry T Herlihy M Williamson (J) M Jones

sims paCifiC metals paCe


$20000, 3yo+ 2 to 4 wins mobile, 2200m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

91114 14511 21141 38384 12117 48223 34451 68472 26132 23155


Cillas Boy Fr (1) Brian Hughes (Ardmore) Master Charlie Fr (2) Derek Balle (Pukekohe) Poker Brat Fr (3) Tony Herlihy (Papakura) Kippenberger Fr (4) John Dickie (Cambridge Raceway) Graduate Under Fire Fr (5) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) The Bucket List Fr (6) Geoff Small (Patumahoe) Pass Them By Fr (7) M Wallis & B Hackett (Waiuku) Brydon Delight Fr (8) Tony Grayling (Pukekohe) Norvic Nightowl Fr (21) Sean McCaffrey (Cambridge) Stunin Banner Fr (22) Rogerson/Blanchard (Hamilton)

T Macfarlane B Mangos T Herlihy J I Dickie (J) J Dunn D Butcher T Mitchell T Grayling J Stormont P Ferguson

auCkland CO-Op taxi 300 3000 paCe 10.40 $14999, 3yo+ 1 to 3 wins mobile, 2200m.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

26608 65214 4162 38757 34415 52612 12212 34316 3x2 15147 x0448 98241 010

Alta Mario Fr (1) Lew Driver (Balcairn) M Williamson (J) Z Butcher (J) Destined To Take Fr (2) Barry Purdon (Clevedon) Beyond The Silence Fr (3) Andrew & Lyn Neal (Cambridge) L Neal Ida Tiger Fr (4) Gareth Dixon (Clevedon) T Mitchell Chattan Fr (5) Doug Gale (Helensville) J Stormont First Home Fr (6) Mangos/Cullen (Pukekohe) B Mangos Masterful Fr (7) Peter Ferguson (Cambridge) P Ferguson Tommy Smith Fr (8) Jim Cole (Pukekohe) J Cole Berlusconi Fr (21) Mark Purdon (Rolleston) M Purdon Nokomai Fr (22) Tony Herlihy (Papakura) T Herlihy Kamwood Lad Fr (23) Dianne Wood (Pukekohe) M McKendry Wynberg Terror Fr (24) R & P Fensom (Tuakau) R Fensom Donegal Cam’s Card Fr (25) Cran Dalgety (Pukekohe) D Dunn

taB $20,000 turBO Quaddie: Race 4: Alexandra Park, 7.15pm Race 4: Addington, 7.25pm Race 5: Alexandra Park, 7.45pm Race 5: Addington, 7.55pm


ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, May 3, 2013


nZ Metro harness addington JeTBeT 8


TAB doubles 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10. Trebles 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 8-9-10. Quaddie 7-8-9-10. Place6 5-10.



$9000, 4yo+ 1 to 2 wins mobile, 1950m. 76990 25007 00469 616 91004 x8376 x04P9 83577 59901 x5715 80900


elegant lustre Fr (1) Ivan Court (Ladbrooks) mystery Boy Fr (2) Jamie Gameson (Burnham) Gino d’acampo Fr (3) Brendon Hill (Kaiapoi) Gamblers delight Fr (4) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) Good Girl Becqui Fr (5) Phil Burrows (Fernside) comenche Fr (6) Peter Robertson (Templeton) unique chance Fr (7) P & L Jones (West Melton) Bushrod Fr (8) Jim Curtin (Templeton) simon sivad Fr (9) Dean Taylor (Ladbrooks) artys on fire Fr (21) Garry Bates (Templeton) Jaycees Belle Fr (22) Kent Neilson (Spencerville)

B Butt B orange s mcnally G smith B Thomas (j) c d Thornley R holmes j curtin k cox (j) l o’Reilly m cations

BReckOn faRMs TROT


$5000, 2yo mobile, 1950m. 1 66 King denny Fr (1) Dennis Bennett (Rangiora) 2 — cheeky pat 3 cuddly Jess Fr (2) Michael House (West Melton) 4 67306 rocky six Fr (3) Cran Dalgety (West Melton) 5 3 majestic Time Fr (4) Michael Ward (West Melton) 6 — Twentyten 7 1222 daenerys Targaryen Fr (5) Mark Purdon (Rolleston) 8 25331 Trouble rieu Fr (6) Brent White (Yaldhurst) 9 majestic stride Fr (u1) Greg Payne (West Melton)


i cameron SCRATCHED m house j Trainor (j) k Barron SCRATCHED B orange s mcnally G a Payne

avOn ciTy fORd Pace


$8000, 3yo+ non winners, 2600m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

46 20x49 08542 82 3406x 63058 0x434 x9585 — 7455 93036 25096 06279 27 —


flyin ryan Fr (1) Gavin Burgess (Aylesbury) T chmiel macardo Fr (2) D & C Butt (Woodend Beach) B Butt she’s Got it Fr (3) Philip Vermeulen (Rangiora) m Purvis (j) Tricky Girl Fr (4) Gavin Smith (Leithfield Beach) G smith sounds like us Fr (5) Kerry O’Reilly (Lauriston) k o’Reilly lunar Tide Fr (6) Michael Heenan (Methven) B Williamson (j) delightful Fr (7) Robbie Holmes (Leithfield Beach) R holmes days of passion Fr (8) Muriwai Watene (Phar Lap Raceway) T healy ireby doris SCRATCHED franco novak Fr (9) Steven McRae (Halswell) c d Thornley christians Wonder Fr (10) Phil Burrows (Fernside) j curtin limitation Fr (11) Brent Borcoskie (Sefton) B Borcoskie aces fella Fr (12) Murray Edmonds (Motukarara) m edmonds sublime lustre Fr (13) Ivan Court (Ladbrooks) B orange loch in c Fr (14) Geoffrey Kelk (Winchmore) G o’Reilly Twitch SCRATCHED

equine invesTMenTs TROT


$7000, 4yo+ 1 to 3 wins mobile jnr drivers, 2600m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

— 05380 12834 57773 51436 04202 03011 42031 34464 x516x 3d721


Gordon Trotter major domus Fr (1) Joseph Clementson (Oxford) releven dream Fr (2) Jamie Gameson (Burnham) ignite Fr (3) Murray Edmonds (Motukarara) Tart n Tights Fr (4) Mike Austin (West Melton) William lance Fr (5) Bevan Heron (Rangiora) Galleons Triumph Fr (6) Phil Williamson (Oamaru) Galaxy hunter Fr (7) Nathan Williamson (Ryal Bush) paint The moon Fr (8) Murray Edmonds (Motukarara) latheronwheel Fr (21) Nathan Williamson (Ryal Bush) no potato Fr (22) Kevin Townley (Russley)

SCRATCHED a veint (j) B munro (j) j anderson (j) s Golding (j) B Thomas (j) B Williamson (j) s ottley (j) R close (j) R mcilwrick (j) j Trainor (j)

cavell leiTch Pace


$7500, 3yo fillies mobile, 1950m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

— 58601 9x880 44P14 51966 41517 11112 x3529


happy Ticker mashika Fr (1) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) universal rule Fr (2) John Howe (West Melton) memorable Fr (3) Cran Dalgety (West Melton) stradowan Fr (4) T & G Chmiel (Leeston) cindi arma Fr (5) Craig White (West Melton) adore me Fr (6) Mark Purdon (Rolleston) lady Godiva Fr (u1) Brendon Hill (Kaiapoi)

SCRATCHED G smith j curtin k Barron T chmiel c d Thornley B orange B hill

acTive elecTRical chch Pace


$8000, 2yo+ non winners mobile, 1950m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13


00808 48236 47060 00670 45303 — 09758 8923 34233 224 — — 24x

ireby doris Fr (1) Gavin Court (Rangiora) my lifesign Fr (2) Kevin Williams (Templeton) nemean Fr (3) Geoff Tate (Springston) fiery rock Fr (4) John Sheenan (Greenpark) dana dynasty Fr (5) Tracey Healy (Phar Lap Raceway) pay me operative private Jones Fr (6) Henderson Hunter (Fernside) Geisha Girl Fr (7) Kerry Hadfield (Greenpark) Tiger Tara Fr (8) Geoff Dunn (West Melton) Whisper Jet Fr (21) Mark Purdon (Rolleston) diplomat lunar Tide captain Thunderjet Fr (22) D & C Butt (Woodend Beach)

k cameron k Williams c d Thornley j sheenan T healy SCRATCHED c hunter (j) k hadfield G o’Reilly B orange SCRATCHED SCRATCHED B Butt

ResOuRce Recycling Tech. nZ Pace 9.00 $7500, 3yo c&g mobile, 1950m.

1 2 3 4 5 6

— 48x52 44164 x0x15 12221 82913


supabet donegal chokin Fr (1) Cran Dalgety (West Melton) arma legend Fr (2) Robbie Holmes (Leithfield Beach) Boom Gate Fr (3) John Howe (West Melton) mighty flying mac Fr (4) Cran Dalgety (West Melton) classiesistar Fr (5) Nigel McGrath (Weedons)

SCRATCHED j Trainor (j) R holmes T chmiel k Barron j curtin

adT aRMOuRguaRd Pace


$10000, 4 to 8 wins ffa mobile, 2600m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

01897 19754 30876 81183 200x0 19666 57677 9248P 11111


hairy maclary Fr (1) Peter Holmes (Templeton) magna Fr (2) J & J Geddes (Norwood) motu cup day cullen Fr (3) G & N Hope (Woodend Beach) cherokee charlie Fr (4) Jonny Cox (Westwood Beach) piper heidsieck Fr (5) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) democracy Fr (6) Nigel McGrath (Weedons) radar Fr (7) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) flyover Fr (8) John McDermott (Prebbleton) star of isis Fr (9) Jim Curtin (Templeton)

MasTeR cleaning hcP TROT

R holmes j Geddes R close (j) j W cox G smith j keast j Thomas (j) c d Thornley j curtin


$10000, 4 or more wins discretionary, 2600m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


77123 09850 4594P 60655 15331 54463 74188 0x63x 63374

dixie commando Fr (1) J & J Geddes (Greenpark) pammys Boy Fr (2) Murray Edmonds (Motukarara) Blackjacky Fr (3) Peter Bagrie (Ohoka) Theycallmesam Fr (u1) Wakelin/Noble (Oxford) miss pegasus 10 (1) Phil Williamson (Oamaru) sunny Kash 10 (2) Derek & Adele Jones (Rolleston) Global invasion 20 (1) Ray Jenkins (West Melton) Jaccka Justy 20 (u1) Jonny Cox (Westwood Beach) King of strathfield 30 (1) Neil Munro (West Melton)

Blue sTaR Taxis hcP Pace

j Geddes m edmonds T Bagrie (j) P Wakelin B Williamson (j) c d Thornley a lethaby j W cox B munro (j)


$9000, 4yo+ 1 to 2 wins special, 2600m. 1 55020 double line Fr (1) Geoffrey Kelk (Winchmore) 2 54563 all delight Fr (2) Bruce Hutton (Greendale)

NZ Metro Selections Race 1: Good Girl Becqui, BushRod, simon sivad Race 2: daenerys TarGaryen, TRouBle Rieu, Rocky six Race 3: deliGhTful, TRicky GiRl, macaRdo Race 4: William lance, no PoTaTo, Galleons TRiumPh Race 5: adore me, lady Godiva, memoRaBle Race 6: Whisper JeT, caPTain ThundeRjeT, TiGeR TaRa Race 7: classiesisTar, miGhTy FlyinG mac, aRma leGend Race 8: democracy, sTaR oF isis, RadaR Race 9: miss peGasus, sunny kash, dixie commando Race 10: all deliGhT, liTTle Tess, in Tandem

— 06502 00778 25905 458x6 54136 88976 20752 177x8 87539

mystery Boy Black ice Fr (3) John Tate (West Melton) shadow rider 10 (1) Frank Shrives (West Melton) special Bella 10 (2) Carl Markham (Methven) little Tess 10 (3) T & G Chmiel (Leeston) cullens spirit 10 (4) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) majestic lustre 10 (5) Ivan Court (Ladbrooks) in Tandem 10 (6) Robbie Holmes (Leithfield Beach) lee Van cleef 10 (7) Jason & Scott Lethaby (West Melton) maddison hill 10 (8) Chris Chalmers (Halswell)

SCRATCHED c d Thornley B orange c markham T chmiel j Thomas (j) B Butt R holmes a lethaby s ottley (j)

10 x3512 rachel rafter b (13) 54.5 Kevin & Pam Hughes (Riccarton) 11 0263 harper rose (11) 54.5 Kevin & Pam Hughes (Riccarton) 12 2 dalwhinnie (3) 54.5 Terry Kennedy (Wingatui) emerGencies 13 — Terse 14 zhanim (5) 54.5 Steven Woodsford (Rangiora) 15 Timy Tyler (4) 56.5 Kelvin Tyler (Riverton)


R Bishop R hannam d Bradley SCRATCHED R Black (a)

nZi gReaT auTuMn handicaP


$40000, opn hcp, 2500m

TelTRac cOMMunicaTiOns Pace

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

G o’Reilly j curtin

canterbury races Riccarton JeTBeT 6


TAB doubles 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9. Trebles 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9. Pick6 4-9. $150,000. Place6 4-9. Quaddie 6-7-8-9.

gear changes approved plates on: Wedgie (R2); Fly My Pretty (R7) concussion plates off: Wedgie (R2) concussion plates (front) off: Fly My Pretty (R7) hoof pads (front) off: Rufshot (R7) standard Bit off: La Musique (R7) lugging Bit on: Terelle (R2); La Musique (R7); Revolt (R8) Tongue control Bit off: Terelle (R2); Revolt (R8) Blinkers on: Flying Alibi (R1); Arctic Fox (R7); Revolt (R8); Lautenschlager, Frost Bite (R9) Blinkers off: Platinum Dancer (R3) pacifiers off: Fine Line (R2) pacifiers on: Terse (R5) side Winkers off: Flying Alibi (R1) side Winkers on: Puddle Alley (R6); Puddle Alley (R9) Barrier Blanket on: Arietta (R4) Barrier Blanket off: Orutan (R4) cheek Burrs off: Terelle (R2); Frost Bite (R9) nasal strip on: Fly My Pretty (R7) Tongue Tie off: Terse (R5) Tongue Tie on: Revolt (R8)


$30000, rating 85 benchmark, 1600m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

97222 21937 31192 24074 182x0 93591 03877 13528 75221


needastar td (7) 61.5 John Sargent (Riccarton) dickens m (6) 60.5 Peter Rudkin (Riccarton) Ghostinthemachine d (4) 59.5 David Hutton (Timaru) flying alibi tdm (2) 58.5 T & M Stokes (Waikuku) micken tdm (3) 58 Kevin Myers (Wanganui) faxed d (1) 57.5 M & M Brown (Ngapuke) coat of arms td (8) 57 Sabin Kirkland (Ascot Park) electronic motion dm (9) 57 Aaron Taylor (Riccarton) Big energy tdm (5) 54 Shane Laming (Prebbleton)

dyeR decORaTing PReMieR

j Wong (a4) c Barnes (a3) R doherty (a2) j Bullard d Walker B lammas d Bradley a Frye (a3) k Williams


$20000, rating 65 benchmark*, 1250m 1 x2726 Vanilla mb (15) 60 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) 2 132 secret Guru (8) 59 B & S Anderton (Wingatui) 3 75125 i’m maveric b (5) 58.5 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) 4 57612 Kaiaua King t (12) 58.5 Neill Ridley (Riccarton) 5 8341x snowdon t (2) 58.5 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) 6 30x1 Ganador (17) 58 Steven Woodsford (Rangiora) 7 715x6 Keepa Tramp (13) 58 Sandy Cunningham (Riccarton) 8 30716 rajah Brook t (14) 58 Kennedy/Furlong (Riccarton) 9 73821 sir luis (4) 58 Lionel Dobbs (Timaru) 10 8980x Terelle (6) 58 T & L Prendergast (West Melton) 11 99x14 lady Bellevue b (9) 56.5 Peter Rudkin (Riccarton) 12 0817x shes all class m (16) 55.5 Kelvin Hampton (Riccarton) emerGencies 13 x4170 el dorado sun (7) 57.5 Kathryn Thomson (Rangiora) 14 60x40 fine line (10) 55 Danny Frye (Balcairn) 15 10x74 Wedgie m (1) 57 John O’Flanagan (Riccarton) 16 0x905 Voorsitter (11) 57 Barbara Harris (Woodend Beach) 17 8x7x3 commander cody (18) 56.5 Jan Hay (Ashburton) 18 10x0 spark it up m (3) 54.5 Steven Kellow (Avonhead)


avOn ciTy fORd PReMieR

The solitaire inferno t (6) 56 B & S Anderton (Wingatui) monachee t (4) 55.5 J & K Parsons (Balcairn) The Glitzy one td (11) 55.5 Steve Anderton (Wingatui) santos t (9) 55.5 J & K Parsons (Balcairn) Kullu td (1) 54.5 M & M Brown (Ngapuke) herman munster dm (10) 53.5 Kevin Myers (Wanganui) lisa love tm (8) 53 Kathryn Thomson (Rangiora) all about alf tm (12) 53 Terri Rae (Riccarton) confused (5) 53 J & K Parsons (Balcairn) fiorano m (2) 53 Neil Coulbeck (Leithfield) medici b (3) 53 Lance Noble (Matamata) puddle alley (7) 53 Bruce Jenkins (Wingatui)

angus MeaTs PReMieR


38212 13861 73103 17127 — 20235 4x701 55593 20x42 31312 51341 60x24 16455 95324 —

cybele td (7) 60 Champion/Murphy (Ashburton) confederate td (10) 58 Kennedy/Furlong (Riccarton) Groover d (2) 58 Neil Coulbeck (Leithfield) prince ransom t (6) 57.5 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) Gunnadoo platinum dancer mb (11) 56.5 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) are you devious tdm (12) 56 Stephen Marsh (Cambridge) irish Bay d (8) 56 T & L Prendergast (West Melton) fragrant td (9) 55.5 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) make it happen (1) 55.5 Nicky Lloyd (Riccarton) norah (4) 55.5 B & S Anderton (Wingatui) Tricatchme (3) 55.5 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) Killa question dm (13) 55 Paul & Kris Shailer (Matamata) individual d (5) 54.5 Centaine Spittles (Woodend Beach) ugo Boss

e leighton (a3) k Williams c johnson R myers j Bullard B lammas d Bothamley c Barnes (a3) j morris R doherty (a2) a Frye (a3) T moseley l allpress


gReaT easTeR sTakes $50000, opn hcp listed, 1400m

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

17143 98522 61321 13481 20038 520x2 8x855 45156 1x142 12181 46535 82811 73400 —

el chico td (13) 59 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) j Bullard our Genes tdm (9) 56.5 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) a denby (a) natuzzi td (5) 55.5 Paul Richards (Wingatui) c johnson Too much Torque t (4) 55 T & M Stokes (Waikuku) k Williams Keep The conflict td (10) 54.5 Kennedy/Furlong (Riccarton) R myers sitara (2) 53.5 Jeff Lynds (Awapuni) k myers Tick Tock Turbo tdm (11) 53.5 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) R hannam Kekova td (7) 53 Haworth/Dixon (Foxton) l allpress cora lynn td (1) 53 M & M Brown (Ngapuke) T moseley our premonition tdm (8) 53 Kevin & Pam Hughes (Riccarton) l Whelan (a) miss maximuss tdm (3) 53 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) d Bradley semper plus d (6) 53 J & K Parsons (Balcairn) P Taylor revolt (12) 53 M & M Brown (Ngapuke) B lammas faxed SCRATCHED


sPeighT’s PReMieR

a Frye (a3) c Barnes (a3) s Wynne (a3) B Pitman (a1) SCRATCHED d Bradley R myers l allpress c johnson j Bullard T direen (a2) B lammas k myers R hannam SCRATCHED

c Barnes (a3) e leighton (a3) j Bullard c johnson s Wynne (a3) SCRATCHED R Black (a3) B lammas l Whelan (a1) l allpress R doherty (a2) a denby (a2) B Pitman (a1) SCRATCHED R hannam

BeRkley sTud chaMPagne sTakes 2.00 $50000, 2yo sw listed, 1250m

1 4121 el doute (12) 56.5 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) 2 31 franzac (8) 56.5 John Bary (Hastings) 3 1 salamanca (14) 56.5 Mike Breslin (Awapuni) 4 3492 delzzup b (10) 56.5 Kevin Myers (Wanganui) 5 9x2 Tappy’s Best (9) 56.5 Kerry King (Riverton) 6 133x1 choice snitzel t (7) 54.5 P & K O’Malley (Ikamatua) 7 P4381 miss mossman (6) 54.5 John Sargent (Matamata) 8 721 optimistic (1) 54.5 Kevin Gray (Palm.North) 9 25x31 force majeure td (2) 54.5 L S Faber (Ashburton)

Canterbury Selections Race 1: flyinG aliBi, needasTaR, micken Race 2: Kaiaua KinG, snoWdon, Rajah BRook Race 3: confederaTe, cyBele, FRaGRanT Race 4: scapolo, Glade, chaPel sTaR Race 5: franzac, oPTimisTic, choice sniTzel Race 6: sanTos, monachee, The GliTzy one Race 7: esquina, keeP The couRaGe, no sPuRs needed Race 8: naTuzzi, kekova, RevolT Race 9: flynn, Blue ‘n’ Gold, Bella vi


$25000, rating 75 benchmark, 2000m 1 45614 saragarhi tdb (1) 61 Kelvin Tyler (Riverton) R Black (a3) 2 x5608 lautenschlager dm (18) 60 Champion/Murphy (Ashburton) a Frye (a3) 3 53268 Kohi road b (7) 57.5 J & K Parsons (Balcairn) R myers 4 77336 our mona lisa tdm (15) 56.5 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) j Bullard 5 52813 ruthless Tycoon d (6) 56.5 Neil Coulbeck (Leithfield) s Wynne (a3) 6 00932 The Bishop d (14) 56.5 Dennis Bros (Woodlands) a Tempelman (a3) 7 x1213 flynn (12) 56 Kevin Myers (Wanganui) d Walker 8 68511 squash (9) 56 J & K Parsons (Balcairn) c johnson 9 55310 Global partner t (13) 55.5 John Sargent (Riccarton) B lammas 10 47016 southern sav t (10) 55.5 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) l allpress 11 61413 Blue ‘n’ Gold d (3) 55 B & S Anderton (Wingatui) T direen (a2) 12 18746 Barbara Jennie td (16) 54 Centaine Spittles (Woodend Beach) R hannam 13 7x576 faites Vos Jeux (17) 54 David Hutton (Timaru) R doherty (a2) 14 44667 yazoom (5) 54 Bruce Jenkins (Wingatui) P Taylor 15 02385 Bella Vi (4) 54 Jeff Lynds (Awapuni) k myers 16 x0863 frost Bite td (2) 54 Shane Laming (Prebbleton) k Williams emerGencies 17 — adidazler SCRATCHED 18 53222 puddle alley (8) 54 Bruce Jenkins (Wingatui) 19 90058 Ballyrina td (11) 54 Murray Hamilton (Omakau)

c johnson j Bullard R myers d Walker R doherty (a) l allpress B lammas k myers a Frye (a)


TAB doubles 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10. Trebles 1-2-3, 4-5-6, 8-9-10. Quaddie 7-8-9-10. Place6 5-10.

Approved Plates on: Palemo (R1); Dancing Diamond (R2) Approved Plates off: Palemo (R1) Concussion Plates (Front) off: Palemo (R1) Hoof Pads (Front) off: Quest (R3) lugging Bit on: Dancing Diamond (R2) Tongue Control Bit on: Palemo (R1) Blinkers on: Mons Calpe (R3); Inishmaan (R6); Beauty Glow (R8); King Piccolo (R9) Blinkers off: Antonine (R7); Chainedinalkatraz (R9) Side Winkers on: Antonine (R7); Chopper (R8); Riedel (R9) Barrier Blanket on: Red Dakota (R10) Bandages off: Palemo (R1) Cheek Burrs on: Red Dakota (R10) Boots on: Dancing Diamond (R2) Nasal Strip on: Cat Woman (R10) 6 7 8 9 10

00x89 310x9 06712 51211 73251 55725

7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

40868 92193 72111 730x8 46753 10174 — 64492


haMilTOn caTeReRs huRdle


ayatollah m (8) 68 John Wheeler (New Plymouth) zenocoin m (2) 68 G & D Rogerson (Hamilton) palemo (10) 68 McVean/Browne (Cambridge) haere mai (5) 68 V & W Hillis (Matamata) it’s a message tdm (4) 68 G & D Rogerson (Hamilton) seaflyte tdm (1) 68 V & W Hillis (Matamata) contest m (11) 68 G & D Rogerson (Hamilton) no Governance dm (6) 68 Paul Nelson (Hastings) The strutter dm (3) 66 Dick Stevenson (Waipu) Gee oh m (9) 66 G & D Rogerson (Hamilton) francilienne (7) 66 Glynn Brick (Matamata)

c Perrett c singer a kuru (3) P ormsby (1.5) R cully s Phelan W cafferty (1.5) c studd s houston R hutchings (a3) m cropp (a1.5)

MiniBus exPRess huRdle


$12000, rst opn hdl, 2400m 45002 7566x 015x8 x9989 4x743

Borrack tdmb (2) 70 Adrian Bull (Hunterville) Karlos tm (8) 66 S & R McGlade (Cambridge) el marino m (10) 65.5 Peter Stewart (Matangi) arose m (3) 65 Ray Gavin (Pukekohe) evathreestep tdm (9) 65 K & B Hawtin (Te Awamutu)

Waikato Selections Race 1: iT’s a messaGe, zenocoin, haeRe mai Race 2: BorracK, evaThReesTeP, suPeRchaRGed Race 3: Juliann, QuesT, c’esT maGniFiQue Race 4: old redfeaTher, monToPoli, sTeel Race 5: morpheus, zaGaTa, RoseToWn joe Race 6: inishmaan, kochanWonG, FeRoz Race 7: aBsoluTely sacred, BeauTy shoW, kashmiR Race 8: JacK’s run, The hoTz, choPPeR Race 9: riedel, PoPeye BRaGGins, unBeknoWn Race 10: The Tidy express, imPeRial miss, BRavado

intransigent dm (4) 60 Kirsty Lawrence (Waipukurau) M dee (a3) Carbonado m (11) 59 David Murray (Cambridge) M hills C’est Magnifique tdb (1) 58 Roger James (Cambridge) d Walsh Juliann dm (8) 57.5 John Wheeler (New Plymouth) M dravitzki (a2) endor td (2) 57 G & D Rogerson (Hamilton) o bosson dancing Chief td (7) 56.5 Gregory Graham (Byerley Pk Karaka) M Coleman Bellino td (12) 56 Richard Collett (Pukekohe) Sadlers rock (5) 56 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) M Cameron Quest td (13) 55.5 K & B Kelso (Matamata) little Alfie Brown td (9) 55.5 Peter Blick (Cambridge) L Satherley Cosabella tm (6) 54 Moira Murdoch (Waiuku) L innes Bouvier d (10) 54 G & M Sanders (Te Awamutu) M Wenn Mons Calpe SCRATCHED roamin tdb (3) 54 Robert Priscott (Te Awamutu) b grylls (a2)

peteR uptOn MeM. steeple


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

2465x 42x04 60x17 95L6x 6764x 4700x 7p0x8 0389x


Victor ludorum (7) 68 Ann Browne (Cambridge) old redfeather (3) 68 Darrell Hollinshead (Te Awamutu) Montopoli (2) 68 G & D Rogerson (Hamilton) Henrythegun (6) 68 Dick Stevenson (Waipu) Steel (4) 68 G & D Rogerson (Hamilton) Sinista (5) 68 Rachel Cave (Te Awamutu) Hejalle (1) 66 Dick Stevenson (Waipu) Tralee t (8) 66 G & D Rogerson (Hamilton)

C Studd p ormsby (1.5) R Cully a Kuru (3) C Singer R Cave (3) S houston S phelan

Ken & ROGeR bROWne MeM. stpl


$12000, rst opn stp, 4000m 1 2 3 4 5 6

163fx 657x7 p973x 52x76 01x77 55p5x


Cape kinaveral tdm (2) 70 G & D Rogerson (Hamilton) Mali Juraj tdm (4) 67.5 John Wheeler (New Plymouth) zagata dm (1) 65 G & D Rogerson (Hamilton) rosetown Joe m (5) 65 Warren Lund (Pokuru) Morpheus tdm (6) 65 G & D Rogerson (Hamilton) Tallentire m (3) 65 Ann Browne (Cambridge)

suRely JAne’s nOt 50

S phelan C Singer C thornton C perrett R Cully C Studd


$12500, mdn, 1200m 1 22 kochanwong b (8) 58.5 Shaune Ritchie (Cambridge) 2 32 inishmaan (6) 58.5 Pike/Donoghue (Cambridge) 3 59x36 Magic epic (11) 58.5 Glynn Brick (Matamata) 4 2952 Borrett Boy (14) 58.5 Chris McNab (Cambridge) 5 3240x Captain oblivious (7) 58.5 Ben Foote (Byerley Pk Karaka) 6 92 Holy Affair (4) 58.5 Lee Somervell (Cambridge) 7 346x8 Mr knowitall b (10) 58.5 T & M Carter (Cambridge) 8 227x5 Schrodingers Cat (2) 58.5 Stephen Autridge (Matamata) 9 3 Feroz (1) 58.5 Chris Wood (Cambridge) 10 9x3 He’s Magic (9) 58.5 Bruce Wallace (Takanini) 11 29x Mr Trixstar (12) 58.5 Thomas/Mirabelli (Cambridge) 12 926 Always on My Mind (15) 56.5 Lance Noble (Matamata) 13 3 ellure (3) 56.5 Roger James (Cambridge) 14 — Peak Hour eMerGeNCieS 15 473x5 Answer That (13) 56.5 Anne Herbert (Cambridge) 16 — Felicity Hall 17 — djokovic 18 — Pantana 19 248x0 Hermione (5) 56.5 John Sargent (Matamata) 20 — Murdoch

Ruby’s nAnny’s biRthdAy

o bosson L innes p turner (a1) M Mcnab



R cully s houston a kuru (3) G Walsh c Thornton


x6x52 26362 542 69x42 0x434 76073 75x63 0368 x0x06 25626 72653 000x3 px988

Jack’s run b (11) 58.5 Roger James (Cambridge) Bitethebullet (12) 58.5 Kevin Morton (Waiuku) Chopper (5) 58.5 Mike Breslin (Awapuni) The Sheriff (2) 58.5 Shaune Ritchie (Cambridge) Berlusconi h (9) 58.5 David Greene (Te Rapa) Good Will (14) 58.5 T & M Carter (Cambridge) The Hotz (6) 58.5 Moroney/Ormsby (Matamata) Fast Profit (1) 58.5 Shaune Ritchie (Cambridge) Bahhton (3) 58.5 Earl Harrison (Cambridge) Sir Manawa (10) 58.5 McVean/Browne (Cambridge) Big lucy (7) 56.5 Sandy Dravitzki (New Plymouth) el Felino (4) 56.5 Linda Laing (Cambridge) Beauty Glow (8) 56.5 Lance Noble (Matamata) Amarlia (13) 56.5 Kim Grant (Byerley Pk Karaka)

WOMens heAlth CentRe

M Cameron d Walsh o bosson J Jago M Coleman M hills L innes t thornton n harris R hutchings (a) M dravitzki (a2) L Satherley M Wenn


$12500, rating 65 benchmark*, 1600m 1 x2812 Popeye Braggins t (7) 59 Pike/Donoghue (Cambridge) n harris 2 120x2 riedel b (4) 59 Jason Bridgman (Matamata) M Cameron 3 23531 Footprint (14) 58 John Sargent (Matamata) L innes 4 64971 Molto Grato dm (8) 58 Robert Priscott (Te Awamutu) b grylls (a2) 5 x2331 Notforlong td (16) 58 Richard Otto (Te Awamutu) t thornton 6 00595 Silver City m (3) 58 Stephen McKee (Ardmore) d Walsh 7 95514 Super Thunder (18) 58 Allan Wright (Matamata) M dee (a3) 8 091 Thats How We roll d (13) 58 Moroney/Ormsby (Matamata) M Coleman 9 15x28 The Final round (11) 58 Stephen Marsh (Cambridge) M d plessis 10 144x5 Vitali (17) 58 Andrew Scott (Matamata) 11 1824x lucky Tonight dm (22) 57.5 Shelley Houston (Cambridge) M Sweeney 12 8212x lustre (6) 57 John Wheeler (New Plymouth) M tanaka 13 21766 Team Pete d (19) 57 Caroline Pomare (Ardmore Lodge) L Satherley 14 533x6 unbeknown (1) 56.5 Lisa Anderson (Te Aroha) o bosson 15 64610 Skai Glen (15) 56.5 Scott Wenn (Te Aroha) M Wenn 16 31765 Sarteagwen d (2) 55 Lauren Brennan (Cambridge) M hills eMerGeNCieS 17 197x6 Forbidden (20) 54.5 Thomas/Mirabelli (Cambridge) R hutchings (a) 18 46457 recession Proof td (9) 56 Stephen Marsh (Cambridge) 19 17406 Wairaka d (10) 54 Roger James (Cambridge) 20 63980 Sing Hang Star (5) 55.5 Nathan Hanley (Tokoroa) 21 63470 king Piccolo d (12) 54.5 V & W Hillis (Matamata) 22 09x98 Chainedinalkatraz h (21) 54.5 Graeme Hughes (Te Rapa)


53022 54000 321x6 26085 x3332 55443

Canardly lover fr (3) Hamish Hunter (Ryal Bush) J trainor Belmont Fire fr (4) Donna Williamson (Washdyke) a veint Nine Mile Maiden fr (5) Robbie Holmes (Leithfield Beach) R Close Better Than Money fr (6) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) J thomas kid Galahad fr (7) Laurence Hanrahan (Ashburton) M Williamson Cardinal Huff fr (8) Katie Cox (Springston) K Cox

(J) (J) (J) (J) (J) (J)

J.p. MCGillen AGRi. spRAyinG pACe 2.43 $8000, 4yo+ mares 1 to 3 wins mobile, 1609m.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13



Ashburton harness Ashburton Jetbet 8


TAB doubles 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-11. Trebles 1-2-3, 5-6-7, 9-10-11. Quaddie 8-9-10-11. Place6 6-11.


80900 90477 95209 x3233 68623 458x6 76010 06787 31473 13121 31441 5247x 11339

Jaycees Belle fr (1) Kent Neilson (Spencerville) M Cations Gracious Belle fr (2) Robbie Holmes (Leithfield Beach) R holmes Stylish Babe fr (3) John McDermott (Prebbleton) S Mcnally Tyron’s Falcon ella fr (4) Patrick O’Reilly (Huntingdon) g o’Reilly Betty Golightly fr (5) Andrew Garters (Broadfield) C defilippi little Tess fr (6) T & G Chmiel (Leeston) t Chmiel indian Arrow fr (7) John Patterson (Waimate) J patterson Bee Tees fr (8) Terry O’Sullivan (Sefton) J dunn lochranza Franco fr (9) Ben Waldron (Ashburton) b orange lucca Franco fr (21) Steven McRae (Halswell) C d thornley The Burning Question fr (22) Gavin Smith (Leithfield Beach) g Smith Castellina lover fr (23) Steve Dolan (Russley) d dunn Pemberton Shard fr (24) Brad Mowbray (Yaldhurst) R May

CheRtsey tROttinG Club pACe


$6500, 3yo+ non winners, 2400m. C d thornley b butt R holmes J anderson (J) C defilippi p davis M hay d dunn n Mcgrath R May t McMillan L o’Reilly g o’Reilly

AshbuRtOn seCuRity pACe


$6500, 2yo mobile, 1609m. 1 Crimson Glory fr (1) Terry McMillan (Ashburton) 2 7 Sounds Swift fr (2) Kerry O’Reilly (Lauriston) 3 Nikola fr (3) Robert Dunn (West Melton) 4 — The Mighty Falcon 5 493 Bhappy fr (4) Ray Jenkins (West Melton) 6 2 Someardensomewhere fr (5) Mark Purdon (Rolleston) 7 21225 Bella Starr fr (6) Cran Dalgety (West Melton) 8 711 Burning fr (7) Nigel McGrath (Weedons) 9 1997 Simply Susational fr (8) David Mitchell (Timaru) 10 1770p Meticulous fr (21) Mark Purdon (Rolleston)


t McMillan L o’Reilly J dunn SCRATCHED a Lethaby b orange d dunn a butt J W Cox M purdon

ClAssiC hits 92.5 ZefM tROt


$6500, 3yo+ non winners, 2400m. 80x00 Monk’s Gal fr (1) Ivan Schwamm (Springston) kincaslough fr (2) Craig Edmonds (Motukarara) last love fr (3) Andrew Stuart (Rangiora) Winsome luck fr (4) Kyle Cameron (Fernside) overanova fr (5) Jeff Wheeler (Leeston) Mantorp fr (6) Stephen Kennedy (Hororata) Gold Harmony fr (7) Ken Barron (West Melton) Flying Buck fr (8) Ray Jenkins (West Melton) Joltin Joe demagio fr (9) Michael Heenan (Methven) Charlie kaos fr (10) Ken Ford (West Melton) Brite N early fr (11) Wakelin/Noble (Oxford) 447 Monorail fr (12) Ray Jenkins (West Melton) 03224 Barry fr (13) Murray Edmonds (Motukarara) 05 Gogirl Bromac fr (14) Michael House (West Melton) 86x7 Gunsight Pass fr (u1) James Ramsay (Avonhead) 0000x Queen Mary fr (u2) David McCormick (Ashburton) 06x00 Mob Star fr (u3) Terry McMillan (Ashburton) 50 Chiodon fr (u4) Carl Middleton (Highbank)

i Schwamm J dunn M Jones K Cameron J Wheeler C defilippi K barron R Jenkins g o’Reilly C ford p Wakelin a Lethaby M edmonds M house K Cox (J) d d McCormick t McMillan R May

0p620 x57x0 0440 20580 x2409 57536 48630 25243

100% steWARt & hOllAnd tROt


$6500, 3yo mobile, 2400m. 1 0 Main divide fr (1) Ben Waldron (Ashburton) b orange 2 9x55 Gorilla Playboy fr (2) Colin McKay (Oamaru) M Williamson (J) 3 0x50 lisa Marie P fr (3) Maria Perriton (Rangiora) M perriton 4 71 Foreverman fr (4) Robbie Holmes (Leithfield Beach) R holmes 5 60840 Sundons Comet fr (5) Michael Cunningham (West Melton) S Mcnally 6 21900 unico Crown fr (6) G & N Hope (Woodend Beach) R May 7 04017 The Bog fr (u1) Nigel McGrath (Weedons) n Mcgrath


MORGAn fenCinG pACe


$6500, 3yo+ non winners mobile, 2400m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

557x5 66839 75060 789 77327 32248 92290 45479 50099 76090 68364 5x520 54 84738 09938 040


Crying out loud fr (1) Merv Neill (Rangiora) Shamrocks Boy fr (2) Gregory Prendergast (Ashburton) rainbow Classic fr (3) Graeme Lamb (Rangiora) Silk rose fr (4) Paul Borcoskie (Sefton) dream Gal fr (5) Phil Anderson (Weedons) Shantahlia’s Star fr (6) Graeme Lamb (Rangiora) elbeau fr (7) David Mitchell (Timaru) Planet Princess fr (8) Ken Barron (West Melton) Strandhill fr (9) Ivan Schwamm (Springston) double Vision fr (21) Keith Coutts (Leeston) Be Me fr (22) Ben Waldron (Ashburton) Gracy lady fr (23) Simon Adlam (Ashburton) eva Sophnally fr (24) Murray Edmonds (Motukarara) Blytheburn fr (25) Brian Kerr (West Melton) Julia Bardon fr (u1) Ben Waldron (Ashburton) Go da Jag fr (u2) Jim Veint (Ashburton)

M neill t Chmiel p davis p borcoskie a butt K Cameron M Williamson (J) K barron i Schwamm g Smith R May S ottley (J) M edmonds C defilippi b orange a veint (J)

MuRRAy sMith AluMiniuM pACe


$7500, 3yo+ 1 win, 2400m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14


2107 41005 x6713 0x087 38340 1103 41x70 1647 90006 7850x 9070x 90x87 75970 53163

x3449 800x9 00302 56123 00x98 5x251 30876 21x21

Miss yaldhurst fr (1) Robert Cameron (Yaldhurst) Massimo fr (2) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) revell yell fr (3) Simon Adlam (Ashburton) Alliwantforxmas fr (4) John Hay (Ashburton) Ajaye fr (5) D & C Butt (Woodend Beach) kate de Goldie fr (6) Robbie Holmes (Leithfield Beach) earsgrinningatyou fr (7) Margo Nyhan (Burnham) Franco Tiago fr (8) Ben Waldron (Ashburton) The Black fr (9) Brian Kerr (West Melton) Melva June fr (10) Patrick O’Reilly (Huntingdon) Firebreak fr (11) John McDermott (Prebbleton) Fifth edition fr (12) Cran Dalgety (West Melton) Greshees Angel fr (13) Graeme Telfer (Timaru) Homeforabubbly fr (14) Jonny Cox (Westwood Beach)

a butt J thomas (J) S ottley (J) J hay d butt R holmes p davis R May C defilippi L o’Reilly C d thornley d dunn g telfer J W Cox

ben WAldROn RACinG stAbles pACe 2.05

COChRAnes tRAnspORt hCp tROt

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

0909x 07225 84258 0px00 12834 63542 p909x 26267 4594p 08407 05215 06875

Ashburton Selections Race 1: STAr BlACk, uRaLLa Sue, fRanCo SanChez Race 2: MeTiCulouS, SoMeaRdenSoMeWheRe, buRning Race 3: kiNCASlouGH, ChaRLie KaoS, baRRy Race 4: THe BoG, uniCo CRoWn, Main divide Race 5: CryiNG ouT loud, ShantahLia’S StaR, eLbeau Race 6: kATe de Goldie, MiSS yaLdhuRSt, fRanCo tiago Race 7: MoTu PriNCe oF Peru, CanaRdLy LoveR, QuiCK tuRn Race 8: PeMBerToN SHArd, CaSteLLina LoveR, the buRning QueStion Race 9: MoTu CuP dAy CulleN, MonteCRengLe, te Kinga boy Race 10: uNiCo PeGASuS, eyReWeLL pegaSuS, tRip’S on Me Race 11: MAdiBA MAGiC, LuMoS, anguS t JoneS

n harris (J) S ottley (J)

High distinction fr (1) Alistair Lowe (Tinwald) eyrewell Pegasus fr (2) Margo Nyhan (Burnham) Speedy earl fr (3) Kyle Cameron (Fernside) eight double eight fr (u1) Bruce Graham (Charing Cross) releven dream 10 (1) Jamie Gameson (Burnham) Trick Star 10 (2) Terry McMillan (Ashburton) ourronnie 10 (3) Wakelin/Noble (Oxford) Sarah Palin 10 (4) Margo Nyhan (Burnham) Blackjacky 20 (1) Peter Bagrie (Ohoka) Franco Nadal 20 (2) Ben Waldron (Ashburton) Trip’s on Me 30 (u1) Carl Middleton (Highbank) unico Pegasus 30 (u2) G & N Hope (Woodend Beach)



hOtel AshbuRtOn pACe

a Lowe p davis K Cameron g archer b orange t McMillan p Wakelin S golding (J) J dunn R May L o’Reilly R Close (J)


$7500, 3yo+ 1 to 2 wins mobile, 2400m. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

08695 x47p5 91345 00900 65493 10323 1066x x3512 30640 57x39 1242 23318 10096

loose Cannon fr (1) John Patterson (Waimate) Belkmyster fr (2) Cran Dalgety (West Melton) Mach kana fr (3) Mark Jones (Burnham) Share The Joy fr (4) Graeme Telfer (Timaru) davy lindenny fr (5) David Thompson (Kaiapoi) lumos fr (6) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) lauramegan fr (7) Robert Dunn (West Melton) Angus T Jones fr (8) T & G Chmiel (Leeston) Vienna eyre fr (9) Phil Anderson (Weedons) Chal Fire fr (21) David Mitchell (Timaru) Madiba Magic fr (22) Tim Butt (West Melton) Skippy rascal fr (23) Kevin Chapman (Amberley) k C Pedro fr (24) Alex Hastie (Winchmore)

J patterson J trainor (J) J W Cox g telfer S thompson g Smith J dunn t Chmiel b orange M Williamson (J) a butt d dunn J anderson (J)

beaumont races Wingatui Jetbet 7


TAB doubles 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8. Trebles 2-3-4, 6-7-8. Quaddie 5-6-7-8. Place6 3-8.

Weather/track/Rail Overcast/Dead (6)/Out 6m.

Gear Changes Approved Plates on: Moneyorthebox (R8) Concussion Plates off: Moneyorthebox (R8) Blinkers on: You’re In Luck, Sazoom (R3) Blinkers off: Aqualine (R8) Side Winkers off: Sazoom (R3) Side Winkers on: Aqualine (R8) Bandages on: It’s Happen’en (R4) Boots on: It’s Happen’en (R4); Hernandez (R8) Nasal Strip on: Natkingcole (R6) Nasal Strip off: Moneyorthebox (R8) Tongue Tie on: Hidden Identity (R3); Moneyorthebox (R8) Tongue Tie off: Miss El Bee Dee (R6)


fRed bOOth benGeRbuRn stAtiOn 12.40 $7000, mdn, 1200m

1 20043 leeboy h (4) 58.5 Graeme Mee (Wingatui) 2 Coup Flyer (5) 58.5 Terri Rae (Riccarton) 3 55438 langton katie h (1) 56.5 Steve Anderton (Wingatui) 4 dynaflight (6) 56.5 Murray Hamilton (Omakau) 5 eldante h (3) 56.5 Terry Kennedy (Wingatui) 6 697x0 Jacksanfives h (2) 56.5 Terry Kennedy (Wingatui)


etRusCO @ sAvOy piZZeRiA

t Moseley J bullard d prastiyou (a3) J Chong (a3) C barnes (a3) C Johnson


$8000, rating 75 benchmark, 1600m 1 2 3 4 5 6

85912 61659 42274 81067 18877 33207


Sir Singo d (5) 58 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) Tristan’s Choice m (2) 57.5 M & W Coles (Timaru) Mikabella t (1) 55.5 J & K Parsons (Balcairn) Tommy Tucker mh (3) 55.5 B & S Anderton (Wingatui) Split decision (4) 54.5 N & B Blatch (Tapanui) Hit The Bit (6) 54.5 Terrill Charles (Ashburton)

teMuKA tRAnspORt

J bullard a frye (a3) C Johnson C barnes (a3) b Lammas t Moseley


$7000, mdn, 1400m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

5360x our Superstar h (1) 58.5 B & S Anderton (Wingatui) 40938 you’re in luck (2) 58.5 Steven Woodsford (Rangiora) lykabettus (7) 58.5 Murray Hamilton (Omakau) 64223 Perfection (4) 56.5 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) 69x5 Conceal h (5) 56.5 Terry Kennedy (Wingatui) 89868 Hidden identity (3) 56.5 Russell McKay (Ashburton) 80709 Sazoom h (6) 56.5 Bruce Jenkins (Wingatui)


leith liquORlAnd students

$8000, 4yo+ 2 to 3 wins mobile jnr drivers, 2400m. 1 6x421 Quick Turn fr (1) Nigel McGrath (Weedons) 2 29x13 Motu Prince of Peru fr (2) Tim Butt (West Melton)

Xmas in New york fr (1) Steve Allen (Oamaru) M Williamson (J) dublin Boy fr (2) Rex Bennett (Ashburton) J Markham (J) t Chmiel Supreme Sign fr (3) John Bennett (Greenpark) oursjean fr (4) Robbie Holmes (Leithfield Beach) R holmes Szybka Brat fr (5) Graeme Telfer (Timaru) g telfer Te kinga Boy fr (6) G & N Hope (Woodend Beach) R Close (J) Motu Cup day Cullen fr (7) G & N Hope (Woodend Beach) R May Montecrengle fr (8) Robert Dunn (Woodend Beach) J dunn

$8500, 1 to 4 wins discretionary, 3200m.

the tRust hARness JeWels pACe 11.15


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


1 Just Ned fr (1) Russell Kennedy (Yaldhurst) 2 Have your Say fr (2) D & C Butt (Woodend Beach) 3 04 Smooth lynda fr (3) Robbie Holmes (Leithfield Beach) 4 00 k C Survivor fr (4) Stewart McEvoy (Winslow) 5 880 lifestyler fr (5) Kevin Collins (Broadfield) 6 53030 Sky ruler fr (6) Robbie Holmes (Leithfield Beach) 7 522 Star Black fr (7) John Hay (Ashburton) 8 08667 riverboat diamond fr (8) John McDermott (Prebbleton) 9 60 Cracker Anvil fr (9) Nigel McGrath (Weedons) 10 23334 Bianca fr (10) Ben Waldron (Ashburton) 11 Franco Sanchez fr (11) Terry McMillan (Ashburton) 12 32 uralla Sue fr (12) Leo O’Reilly (Rakaia) 13 5 Freezer Bay fr (13) Nigel Perkins (Ashburton Raceway)



M dee (a3) n harris dravitzki (a2) d Walsh v gatu (a4) d hain p turner (a1) C dell (a1) M tanaka L innes b grylls (a2) M Cameron M hills o bosson M Sweeney SCRATCHED

3 4 5 6 7 8

$5000, 6yo+ 2 to 4 wins mobile, 2400m.


t thornton M hills C dell (a1)

1 12 Absolutely Sacred db (2) 59.5 Pike/Donoghue (Cambridge) L innes 2 1x3 Beauty Show (10) 59 Lance Noble (Matamata) 3 78x97 Gold Hunter dm (5) 59 John Revell (Te Aroha) J oliver (a4) 4 43216 Statham td (14) 58 Lucock/Gillespie (Byerley Pk Karaka) M Cameron 5 534x5 edward Cheval dm (15) 57.5 Lisa Anderson (Te Aroha) t thornton 6 43143 Antonine b (17) 57 Ross McCarroll (Cambridge) b grylls (a2) 7 0212x lady Chapel d (7) 57 K & B Hawtin (Te Awamutu) R hutchings (a) 8 97345 Madam kirk d (18) 57 Autridge/Goodwin (Matamata) d turner (a3) 9 513x7 rabiosa (8) 57 John Sargent (Matamata) M dravitzki (a2) 10 21527 Carnavalito d (6) 56 Patsy Riley (Pukekohe) 11 60x1 kashmir d (9) 56 Roger James (Cambridge) o bosson 12 x77x1 little Pepper (11) 56 Karyn Mitchell (Matamata) 13 83302 Short Tale d (16) 56 Moroney/Ormsby (Matamata) M Coleman 14 513x6 Jahanara dm (3) 55.5 Lance Noble (Matamata) M hills eMerGeNCieS 15 6208x rayners lane d (4) 56.5 Richard Collett (Pukekohe) 16 6x003 Artifact m (20) 56.5 Erana Shattock (Te Aroha) M tanaka 17 7x0x5 Spirit of Wyuna d (13) 54.5 Scott Wenn (Te Aroha) M Wenn 18 15838 Spitting image db (1) 56 Moroney/Ormsby (Matamata) M Sweeney 19 34405 Miss kimbra (12) 54 R & D Lang (Cambridge) 20 7987x Miss evita (19) 54 T & M Carter (Cambridge)

GilMOuRs hAMiltOn

$15000, rating 75 benchmark, 1600m


J Jago M Sweeney

Clinique elAn AppeARAnCe MediCine 4.40

1 613x8 imperial Miss td (3) 59 Jason Bridgman (Matamata) 2 32331 Bravado td (9) 58.5 Chris Wood (Cambridge) 3 22x63 Cody Cat b (6) 58.5 John Sargent (Matamata) M 4 31L20 The Tidy express td (16) 58 Roger James (Cambridge) 5 10239 Bob Valdez t (13) 58 Chris Wood (Cambridge) 6 7110x Flavour Flav tm (14) 58 Wright/Howlett (Glen Massey) 7 43x74 Pan dulce td (11) 58 Jamie Graham (Ardmore Lodge) 8 41631 Hexie Hao d (8) 57.5 P & D Williams (Byerley Pk Karaka) 9 10671 lumiere Blue td (19) 57.5 John Wheeler (New Plymouth) 10 198x2 red dakota d (1) 57.5 P & D Williams (Byerley Pk Karaka) 11 44593 Cat Woman td (10) 57 Sharleen Cullen (Te Aroha) 12 446x2 Chapchick dm (12) 57 Shaune Ritchie (Cambridge) 13 48208 yardstick d (2) 57 John Wheeler (New Plymouth) 14 211 ringo (7) 57 Mike Breslin (Awapuni) 15 34301 lok’n’kay d (4) 55.5 Richard Otto (Te Awamutu) 16 — Cool one eMerGeNCieS 17 069x5 Bartote d (15) 56.5 McRae/Clarken (Pukekohe) 18 x9399 yin yang Master (5) 56.5 John Sargent (Matamata) 19 — endorsement 20 15x86 Augusta National d (17) 54 Lance Noble (Matamata) 21 68543 Secret Whisper (18) 55.5 Jason Bridgman (Matamata) 22 — Matimba

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

$12500, mdn, 1600m

$7000, mdn hdl, 2400m

1 2 3 4 5


$7000, mdn stp, 4000m

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14


p ormsby (1.5) M Cropp (a1.5) h Curran (1.5) S phelan C perrett

tAupiRi tAveRn

1 2 3 4 5 6

Overcast/Dead (6)/Out 4m.

46x98 0x733 304x4 07084 0x511 08208 08070 86x6x 470x7 066x6 x9700

Supercharged m (1) 65 V & W Hillis (Matamata) Classic kanga m (7) 65 K & L Rae (Ruakaka) dancing diamond m (4) 65 Harvey Wilson (Waverley) radinka mb (6) 65 G & D Rogerson (Hamilton) riviera Star m (5) 65 John Wheeler (New Plymouth)

$15000, rating 85 benchmark, 2100m


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

34x65 43218 x001x 5x414 56x77


Weather/Track/Rail 1


$12500, rating 65 benchmark*, 1200m

Waikato races Te Rapa JeTBeT 2

Waikato Gear Changes


Race 7: Riccarton, 3.11pm Race 8: Te Rapa, 3.31pm Race 8: Riccarton, 3.46pm Race 9: Te Rapa, 4.06pm


$30000, rating 85 benchmark, 1250m



TaB $40,000 TuRBO quaddie:

faRRieR & equine suPPlies PReMieR 1.30

1 8216x fiddler’s Green tm (2) 61.5 Len Casey (Winton) 2 75872 so elusive td (5) 61 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) 3 10467 coup darci Be t (4) 58 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) 4 31414 chapel star b (12) 57.5 Terry Kennedy (Wingatui) 5 332x6 arietta t (3) 56.5 J & K Parsons (Balcairn) 6 — royal hu 7 58x22 prime hit m (10) 56 Kelvin Tyler (Riverton) 8 14280 orutan t (1) 55.5 John Sargent (Riccarton) 9 1312x scapolo (6) 55.5 Kevin Myers (Wanganui) 10 26251 light’s up m (11) 55 Mickle Weastell (Riccarton) 11 07291 Biddedo t (14) 54 David Hutton (Timaru) 12 81522 Glade m (13) 54 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) emerGencies 13 20379 redfern (8) 55 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) 14 — casual fling 15 43303 napatap tm (9) 54 Centaine Spittles (Woodend Beach) 16 31312 make it happen d (7) 54 Nicky Lloyd (Riccarton)


1 — What a find SCRATCHED 2 3x741 Keep The courage d (6) 58.5 Kelvin Tyler (Riverton) R Black (a3) 3 090x1 hydraulic d (17) 58 Kevin James (Woodend Beach) j Bullard 4 32164 Winchester db (14) 58 J & K Parsons (Balcairn) c johnson 5 97168 Gervasio d (5) 57.5 Michael Pitman (Riccarton) B Pitman (a1) 6 613x0 rufshot d (15) 57.5 Robyn Mauger (Rangiora) R hannam 7 36425 esquina b (16) 57 Jan Hay (Ashburton) k Williams 8 43134 Willow park t (7) 57 Champion/Murphy (Ashburton) l allpress 9 x732x no spurs needed b (11) 57 Haworth/Dixon (Foxton) R myers 10 66305 umshini Wami t (4) 57 Kevin & Pam Hughes (Riccarton) R Bishop 11 26451 lincoln’s Girl (13) 56 Lisa Latta (Awapuni) k myers 12 0x301 showbrera tm (19) 56 Shane Laming (Prebbleton) T moseley 13 20000 slick nickel dm (12) 55 Centaine Spittles (Woodend Beach) j morris 14 29056 sometime later (10) 55 John Sargent (Riccarton) B lammas 15 41003 Te namu (1) 55 Kathryn Thomson (Rangiora) a Frye (a3) 16 9x07x fly my pretty (9) 54.5 Sarah Haisma (Rangiora) c Barnes (a3) 17 319x0 la musique td (3) 54.5 T & L Prendergast (West Melton) P Taylor 18 34447 lightning lucy (8) 54 Kevin Gray (Palm.North) d Bradley emerGencies 19 — pretty To Watch SCRATCHED 20 08779 arctic fox (2) 54 Mark Harris (Tuahiwi) 21 43978 Tallyho Tui (18) 54 Sarah Haisma (Rangiora) 22 44667 yazoom d (20) 55 Bruce Jenkins (Wingatui) 23 — hit The Bit SCRATCHED 24 — ugo Boss SCRATCHED

$25000, rating 75 benchmark, 1400m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

SCRATCHED s muniandy k Williams l allpress B lammas R hannam d Walker c Barnes (a3) k myers R myers c johnson d Bradley P Taylor

$20000, rating 65 benchmark*, 1600m

Overcast/Slow (8)/Out 4m.

RacecOuRse hOTel PReMieR

— 30905 23721 50534 74117 10178 80x40 65160 7x782 81153 60495 27404 53222




1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13


C barnes (a3) a frye (a3) J Chong (a3) J bullard C Johnson a McKay (a4) b Lammas


$7000, mdn, 2200m 1 2 3 4 5

34332 46 00095 65232 72433

loose Goose b (5) 58.5 Andrea Smith (Gore) Saola (4) 58.5 Neill Ridley (Riccarton) Flying Sportsman (2) 58.5 M & W Coles (Timaru) Halo May (6) 56.5 Michael Daly (Washdyke) Structure h (3) 56.5 B & S Anderton (Wingatui)

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ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, May 3, 2013


Southern, Top drivers in Craig’s path Methven on duck shoot By Jonathan Leask

12-10 in round one before Celtic prised it off Hampstead in a 6-3 slugfest. It’s duck shooting weekend but Hampstead’s next stop is Celtic will be looking to protect one Prebbleton in their mixed-bag duck in the Combined Country Cup season. rugby competition tomorrow. After an opening round win over Celtic will be out to keep Southern Southern Hampstead lost three on their duck and defend the Max straight games before some lastGilbert Challenge Trophy in the play heroics salvaged a draw against process. Glenmark, after charging down a Coming off a 48-0 eight try drub- conversion on full-time, but will look bing of Ohoka Celtic will be full of to get back to winning ways and give confidence, while Southern suffered their top four aspirations a boost. loss number five. Over in section two Methven “We started the are also duck shooting season well against looking for their first Darfield but then with win against Kaiapoi. two wins and two losses After their first up we hadn’t really hit our drubbing by defendP W D L BP F/A Pts Section 1 straps,” Celtic coach ing champions SouthSouthbridge 5 4 0 1 4 111 20 Dave McCrea said.” bridge, Methven were Oxford 4 4 0 0 1 22 17 Saracens 5 3 0 2 4 37 16 “To score eight tries three points short Rakaia 4 3 0 1 3 22 15 and have a convincing against Rakaia and Burnham 5 2 0 3 3 -26 11 Dunsandel/Irwell 5 1 1 3 2 -52 8 win was a good hit out went close to toppling Kaiapoi 4 1 1 2 1 -21 7 and we can take a lot Oxford, who had beat4 1 0 3 3 -22 7 West Melton 4 0 0 4 1 -71 1 Methven of confidence from that en Southbridge the Section 2 moving forward.” week before, but are Lincoln 5 5 0 0 5 135 25 As well as confidence left languishing in last Ashley 5 5 0 0 4 161 24 Glenmark 5 3 1 1 3 56 17 in the camp McCrea place. 5 3 0 2 2 43 14 Celtic has a full squad to pick However, Methven 5 3 0 2 2 6 14 Waihora Darfield 5 2 0 3 3 6 11 from. coach Dale Palmer Hampstead 5 1 1 3 2 -49 8 After five straight believes his side is closPrebbleton 5 2 0 3 0 -79 8 Southern 5 0 0 5 3 -66 3 losses Southern’s cause ing in on their first win. Ohoka 5 0 0 5 0 -213 0 won’t be helped by “We’ve improved from missing a few players week-to-week. chasing ducks but will still be out “It’s just a few of those little things get off their own duck at home in that are still letting us down,” Hinds. Palmer said. “They might be struggling results Last year beaten semi-finalists wise but we are still expecting a huge playoff chances are slim but Rakaia showing from them, and it will be come off the bye to resume their hard fought.” charge at the top four hosting West The three local derbies played so Melton. far this season have seen the sides Rakaia sit fourth in section one separated by three points or less, and their only slip up so far is narand the Max Gilbert trophy has row 10-17 loss to Southbridge. already exchanged hands twice After a two point win over Kaiapoi this season. in round one, West Melton have sufHampstead took it off Southern fered three straight defeats. By Jonathan Leask

In his first season in the adult ministocks Craig Butterick will line up the New Zealand Ministock championship in the defending champion car. The Ashburton Speedway’s New Zealand title weekend has three titles up for grabs over two days, but the 14th New Zealand ministock title will have a special meaning after defending champion Tony Newman passed away earlier this year. The weekend will begin with a lap of honour for Newman, a two time national title holder, before Butterick takes Newman’s old ride out into the ring for the big weekend of racing. Butterick was mentored by Newman since he got behind the wheel in 2010, and so it was only fitting that he takes the wheel of his former mentor’s car.

Former speedway president Ross Butterick said he had watched Newman, who was based in Christchurch, win countless races in the car in Ashburton and felt that it belonged in Ashburton. “It’s the number one car in the country and was drawing a lot of interest from the North Island, but we felt that Tony’s car should stay racing at his old track,” Ross said. Since picking up the car just over a week ago Craig has only taken it for one lap so far but was eyeing up a test drive in today’s practice session. His goal is just to get through the heats and qualify but basically “see what hap-

pens” against a quality field in what will be his first national title race after making the step up this year. “I was racing youth ministocks but stepped up to adult ministocks this year which has been going pretty good. “I’m leading the season points,” Craig said. “But this weekend is quite different with a bigger field and all the top drivers in the country coming.” Those top drivers include Aaron Gray who was runner-up last year and former winners Glen Redmond, Johnny Cox and Glen Marsden. The other two New Zealand

titles on the line will also be hotly contested. As well as the ministocks, the productions and six shooters have national honours up for grabs. The fifth time the New Zealand production car title goes up for grabs has Dave Filius looking for a fifth straight title, borrowing his father production car to defend it, with the rest of the field looking to knock him off his perch. Jay Waugh won the six shooter inaugural title last year but won’t be back to defend it, with the New Zealand drivers looking to etch their name on the trophy but also deny the two Australian drivers, Travis Woods and Mikayla Hein, from taking it across the Tasman.


• Seniors eye a treble The Mid Canterbury senior football team is after a third straight win at home against Hornby tomorrow. With a loss and a draw on the road, Mid Canterbury are unbeaten at the Domain in division one beating Christchurch United and coming off a dramatic 5-3 win over Selwyn, with Hornby without a win after the opening four rounds. Mid Canterbury Eastern host Western in division four and Methven International head to Burnham in division five. The Mid Canterbury Masters are away to Papanui Redwood and the Mid Canterbury Youth team head to Christ’s College to face the 2nd XI in the under 18 division one. On Sunday the Mid Canterbury women host Waimak United Red.

• Grading returns After two weeks off the court the second round of senior netball grading will finally go ahead tomorrow. The second round was washed out two weeks ago and with a week off for the school holidays, the draw will play out. There are 11 teams vying for the eight spots in Senior A with Celtic A, Hampstead A and Rakaia Blue staking the early claims after going undefeated after the first round of grading. Three teams are set to miss out with Celtic B, Hampstead B and Methven B having a lot to prove after losing both their matches in week one.

• Titles go on the line Robbie and Catherine Bell are out to defend their titles as the champions at the Ashburton Golf Club on Sunday. Robbie, a numerous winner of the men’s championship, looks to defend his title against Owen Miller in the 36-hole final. In the women’s silver final Catherine goes up against Sharon Bradford. Last year Catherine beat her mother Pauline to claim a second title.

• Baabaas chase double

Photo Kirsty Clay 020513-KC-029

Craig Butterick takes over the wheel of car 51A in the New Zealand Title Weekend at the Ashburton Speedway.

After claiming their first win to christen their new home ground the Ashburton Barbarians prepare for battle with the Timaru Warriors in Canterbury division one rugby league tomorrow. After two away losses to open the season the Barbarians battered the Marist Saints 44-20 in their first outing at Collegiate South and will be hoping for a repeat performance against their Southern rivals, with the Warriors winning all three matchups with the Barbarians last year.

Hampstead chasing first away win Wakanui Blue claimed an emphatic win over Tinwald on Wednesday night but there will be no men’s hockey this weekend. The local men’s sides have all opted to trade their sticks for shotguns, with duck shooting moving the games to mid-week fixtures next week. With the three men’s sides having the weekend off hockey it leaves the Hampstead women flying the Mid Canterbury flag. Hampstead are in Timaru looking for win number two, and their first away win, when they tackle Timaru Girls’, whom

However, Tinwald was they beat 3-0 in the opening taught a lesson in finishing round of the season. In the mid-week men’s by Sinclair. match Wakanui Blue beat “Hayden’s well on the way Tinwald as Hayden Sinclair to a big tally this year and if continued his early season they had some sort of golden scoring spree, finding the stick award he’s the early back of the net four times in frontrunner.” After the loss to Blue, his side’s 7-0 rout. “Tinwald are a team on the Tinwald have another midimprove and they gave us a Check out our video week match pushing their clash with Cambridge to bit of trouble,” Blue’s Sam Wednesday in Timaru, while the first Moore said. “They had a few chances to score but Wakanui derby of the season will hit the Ashburton turf on Thursday night. just couldn’t manage to get them in. The two Wakanui sides will go head-to“If they had of got some of their early chances in it would have made for a dif- head for the first time since last year’s grand final. ferent ball game.”

By Jonathan Leask

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Mid Canterbury golfers on the pace Two Mid Canterbury golfers are near the top of the leaderboard in the South Island under 19 championship being played at the Timaru Golf Club. Ashburton’s Jordan Green carded a first round 75 to be tied for 22nd but moved up to eighth equal following a 71 to be two over, three shots behind leader Jordan Loof of Akarana who hit rounds of 70 and 73 to be one under.


Tinwald’s Josh Smith led the local contingent with a one under 71 to be second equal overall, but a round of 76 saw him drop back to three over and 1th overall. Ashburton’s Nicole Nathan had an opening round 80 but cut two shots yesterday. Tinwald’s Justin Smith has had rounds of 83 and 97, with Lucas McGee 89 and 94 under 13 golfer Brent Kirdy 99 and 103. The tournament concludes today.

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ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday, May 3, 2013


Dagg decision not that difficult - Blackadder By Patrick McKendry

In a sharp reminder to his team that mediocre performances will not be tolerated, Crusaders’ coach Todd Blackadder has said the decision to drop All Blacks’ fullback Israel Dagg was not a difficult one. Dagg has found himself on the reserves bench for Sunday’s match against the table-topping Brumbies in Canberra, with Tom Taylor replacing him at the back. By his own admission this week, Dagg reckoned he missed five tackles in the narrower than expected victory over the Rebels in Christchurch. He acknowledged he hasn’t been playing well, but will still be stung by the demotion. Blackadder, however, told reporters after training in Christchurch yesterday that it wasn’t a tough call to make. “Not really,” he said. “It just comes down to form. “Israel has had every opportunity to get out there and play well. He is not the only one who hasn’t played to his full potential so far but he has just

been really inconsistent. “He even admitted himself he has not been on top of his game, so we have just decided to take him out of the hot seat and put him on the bench. “He will get his opportunities to play his way back into this team,” Blackadder added. “But, right here and now, that opportunity is gone.” Taylor, back from a knee injury against the Rebels, shone at secondfive, particularly with his goalkicking, kicking seven from eight and effectively winning the match for his team after the Crusaders lost their early lead. He is likely to continue the role at Canberra Stadium. “He just does the simple basics really well - the simple things that Israel, I am sure, will be trying to get back to,” Blackadder said. “It’s good - it is healthy, it is competition for spots. We see him as the best guy for the job this week.” While the forwards are doing the business for Blackadder, the backs continue to be a problem. The Crusaders’ leading try scorer is captain and loose forward George

Whitelock, who has scored three - all came in the big victory over the Bulls in Christchurch in midMarch. Robbie Fruean returns to centre after sitting out last weekend’s match and All Blacks first-five Dan Carter starts after playing 30 minutes last weekend following his return from a hamstring strain and paternity leave. Wyatt Crockett returns to the starting line-up as loosehead prop and Andy Ellis to halfback.

Noakes ‘into the unknown’ By Patrick McKendry Last year Chris Noakes questioned his future with the Blues, the new franchise he had signed with while at the Highlanders, as it imploded around coach Pat Lam. Lam had signed the unheralded first-five before finding his own position advertised as the Blues board became fed up with the constant losses and insipid displays from his players. Noakes, meanwhile, had a few questions of his own in the deep south as he came to the end of his debut Super Rugby season. “I was excited but, I’m not going to lie, there was a sense of ‘well, I’m not too sure how I’m going to fit’,” he said of his reaction at learning Sir John Kirwan was to take over from Lam. “It was a completely different coaching staff and [I wondered] what their kind of game plan is going to be, and how I fit in with it. It certainly ran through my mind. “Luckily enough it’s worked out well for me.” It sure has. Noakes has been one

Israel Dagg

Crusaders team to play the Brumbies at Canberra Stadium on Sunday, kick-off 6.05pm NZT is: Tom Taylor, Tom Marshall, Robbie Fruean, Ryan Crotty, Zac Guildford, Dan Carter, Andy Ellis, Luke Whitelock, Matt Todd, George Whitelock, Sam Whitelock, Luke Romano, Owen Franks, Corey Flynn, Wyatt Crockett. Reserves: Ben Funnell, Joe Moody, Dominic Bird, Jordan Taufua, Willi Heinz, Adam Whitelock, Israel Dagg.


of the reasons why the Blues have been performing so consistently well this season. Unlike last year when Piri Weepu and Gareth Anscombe rotated in and out of No10, Noakes has started every game as playmaker and is a constant presence, directing a talented bunch of team-mates outside him he refers to as “my backs”. Noakes’ game direction was one of the reasons why the Blues pushed the Reds so close in Brisbane last weekend and he will tonight have call on all of his guile and organisational skills to find a way through the Stormers’ suffocating defence at North Harbour Stadium. The 27-year-old believed his form was improving again. “It’s growing and being the new guy as well you have to earn the trust and respect through being able to boss and direct guys around because as if you don’t have that it’s hard to have the eight guys in front of you doing what you want,” he said. Noakes, who grew up in Auckland, travelled to Dunedin to study law and found himself playing for Otago and the Highlanders, before shifting to the Bay of Plenty provincial team. - APNZ

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ASHBURTON GUARDIAN, Friday May 3, 2013


Crunch time for ‘Canes The plus side is if they come through them with two or three wins and a couple of bonus points they’ll know they can foot it with anyone in the competition, but if they’re sent packing then the season will be as good as cooked. If Hammett looks at the points table during the next week or so he will rue his side’s inability to put a fourth try on the woeful Force a couple of weeks ago and will curse the Palmerston North wind that sent Beauden Barrett’s goal-kicking askew last Friday night. That 18-16 loss to the Stormers in Manawatu was an admirable forward performance but was ultimately four points gone begging for the Hurricanes who should have put the men from Cape Town away. Too often this season the Hurricanes have been their own worst enemy with an inability to close out sides proving costly while their slew of handling errors would make a schoolboy 3rd XV cringe. On Sunday morning the Hurricanes will meet the Bulls at Loftus Versfeld

By Daniel Richardson

The month of May is make or break time in Hurricanes’ country. With four unforgiving games and a bye mixed in between, Mark Hammett’s side will likely know during the June break whether they’re delaying the inevitable, or if the international window will serve as valuable rest before the final three regular season games and the playoffs. A stuttering 5-4 campaign from the Hurricanes sees them in ninth spot on the Super Rugby ladder heading in to this weekend, but only four points separate them and the fifth-placed Blues. As it was last year, the wildcard spots will be hotly contested and every point a side can earn from here on in will be crucial. The problem for the Hurricanes is the four games they have this month happen to include a pair of fixtures in South Africa, a home outing against the defending-champion Chiefs then a jaunt to Canberra to meet the table-topping Brumbies.

in Pretoria and it doesn’t seem like a venue to help breathe life in to your season. In fact the thin air at just over 1200m above sea level at Loftus may leave the Hurricanes gasping for breath as they struggle to keep their playoff hopes alive. They’re down to

their third-string hooker in Ash Dixon while the reserve rake Reggie Goodes is a converted prop. One thing that will give the side belief is the effort they put in up front last week against a committed Stormers outfit. Blindside flanker Brad Shields has found another level in the past few games and is beginning to fill out the enormous potential he possesses. Prop Ben Franks, lock Jeremy Thrush and openside Karl Lowe all impressed against the Stormers and they will have to meet the Bulls head on this week if they want to lay the platform for their backline who have stuttered recently. With Barrett back at pivot they should rediscover their attacking Beauden flair Barrett and it will be inter-


esting to see how Tusi Pisi goes in the No 12 jersey in place of a jaded Tim Bateman. Pisi’s running game and kicking threat could complement Barrett nicely and Bateman was clearly in need of a rest after seemingly playing non-stop for the past year for the Hurricanes, Wellington Lions and the New Zealand Maori. Julian Savea returns this week from a self-imposed stand-down following his common assault charge and it will be intriguing to see how he plays given the legal problem he has hanging over him. Following their run with the Bulls the Hurricanes head to Bloemfontein to tackle an upstart Cheetahs side who have been surprisingly useful this year and currently sit in sixth place. Hurricanes: Andre Taylor, Alapati Leiua, Conrad Smith (captain), Tusi Pisi, Julian Savea, Beauden Barrett, TJ Perenara; Victor Vito, Karl Lowe, Brad Shields, Jason Eaton, Jeremy Thrush, Jeffery ToomagaAllen, Ash Dixon, Ben Franks. Reserves: Reggie Goodes, Ben May, Mark Reddish, Faifili Levave, Jack Lam, Chris Smylie, Tim Bateman. - APNZ

Rebels rallying around Beale By Guy Hand Troubled Kurtley Beale may not be ready to publicly discuss his demons, but his Melbourne Rebels captain and coach say he is mentally prepared for a Super Rugby return. Beale pulled out of a planned Thursday media conference - which would have been his first since his alcohol-fuelled punch-up with teammates on a team bus in South Africa. It is understood he doesn’t feel ready to confront questioning about the off-field issues he has been dealing with. Beale was suspended by the club for six weeks and has been undergoing alcohol counselling since being sent home from South Africa for hitting skipper Gareth Delve and teammate Cooper Vuna after a night out. Instead, Delve stepped into the media breach for the reluctant Beale, emphatically backing the wayward Wallaby’s return for tonight’s Super Rugby clash with the Chiefs at AAMI Park. Delve says Beale has won back both his and team-mates’ trust through words and actions since returning to the club this week.

But he warns that faith and support is dependent on Beale remaining committed to staying on track. “We’re putting a lot of trust in him,” Delve said. “We’re supporting him and while he continues to work hard and repay that trust, that support will always be there. “We’ve had a say and we’re hoping that’s repaid tenfold tomorrow. “What he spoke about on Tuesday and the efforts he’s been making away from the lads - that’s given me enough faith and the lads enough faith to give him this opportunity.” Delve said he and Beale had spoken privately about the South African incident, though he would not divulge what was said. “I’ve spoken personally with KB and that’ll remain between us. It’s given us the faith in him to give him this opportunity. “You play a team sport, it’s about trust in each other and repaying that trust. “I’m expecting big things from him and ongoing efforts to keep doing what he’s been doing.” Coach Damien Hill said it was in no-one’s interests for Beale to face public scrutiny “at this stage”.- AAP

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By Sue Newman

It’s been a long time between race day pay days for Dublin Boy and trainer Rex Bennett, but no one’s complaining. Bennett’s been around the racing traps for long enough to understand that there’s more to racing than big To see more or pay days, and that’s just as well with purchase photos the pacer who is a much loved family favourite – it’s been five years since he crossed the finish line a winner. His racing record isn’t flash. From 78 starts he’s notched up three wins and a second and has rewarded Bennett with $19,431 in lifetime earnings. His last win was at Ashburton in February 2008 and his last race day was at Banks Peninsula last month. He ran last. In fact he’s run last at his last three outings. But when you’re nine and in your seventh racing year, winning doesn’t seem to matter as much, Bennett says. “He’s been a lovely horse all along. “I’ve kept him going but his races are few and far between at the moment.” Dublin Boy is family owned and keeping him racing is about his family enjoyment, he said. “I got him as a weanling, broke him in and took him to the sales but he didn’t reach reserve so the family syndicate bought him for $20,000. He’s roughly won that back but we’ve had a lot of expenses along the way.” And Bennett’s not too hopeful nineyear-old will add to that tally. He’s past his winning days and anything from fourth up would be a bonus, he said. “There are very few horse that can beat him out of the mobile and there was a prize for the first 300 metres he’d win that, but you don’t need the speed there.” The fast starter generally finds the going tough towards the end of the race, Bennett said. ‘He enjoys race day and he’s a lovely drive but I doubt he’s got it in him to have another win unless it’s possibly an amateur driver’s race. I’d be happy to finish with even a fourth now.’ And with eight in his race on Sunday, Bennett reckons the odds are stacked in Dublin Boy’s favour. “We’ll just go out and enjoy the day. It’s just another day for him, nothing excites him too much.” While Bennett is the official trainer, daughter Judy spends more time in the sulky than he does. Dublin Boy might be looking at the end of his racing career, but he won’t be exiting the Bennett stable any time soon. ‘His paddock mate is only four so he’ll stay with him. He’s the perfect pacemaker and he teaches the young ones what to do.” And when the day finally comes that his future is over in the racing department, Bennett has options. Photo Tetsuro Mitomo 020513-TM-053 Dublin Boy is broken to the saddle and is regularly ridden. His long term He might be the oldest starter at Ashburton on Sunday but that doesn’t bother Dublin Boy and owner-trainer future is likely to be as a family hack. Rex Bennett.

Coach Mike Hesson is determined New Zealand won’t become the “entree” before the main event following his side’s arrival in England yesterday. The Black Caps landed in England relatively unnoticed for their two tests and three ODIs - a stark contrast no doubt to when Australia arrive for the much anticipated Ashes series later in the English summer. Like their transtasman counterparts, New Zealand land in England looking to buck the trend of recent history. It’s been 14 years since New Zealand last won a series on England soil, having lost five of their last six tests in England. “These are two hugely important test matches for us,” Hesson told reporters overnight. “We’re making progress as a test side and certainly won’t like to be the entree for the main course later in the season. “England’s record in England in recent times has been outstanding. “It’s a tough place to tour,

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and we know that we’ve got to be really on the top of our game.” The hosts will be well aware they’ll be challenged by the Black Caps following a dramatic drawn test series on New Zealand soil earlier in the year. New Zealand almost claimed a series win on the final day of the third test, but couldn’t take the final England wicket at Eden Park which would have secured New Zealand’s first series win over England since 1999. “I’ve tried to forget about that game,” Hesson said. “We felt we dominated the test but what a great game it was. “These two tests are going to be tough but we have got to stick to what we do well and what we did well in March in New Zealand. “Playing in England is the pinnacle and the guys are very excited.” The Black Caps open their tour with a three-day game against Derbyshire starting tomorrow. - HOL

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Mike Hesson: “We’re making progress as a test side”

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Broncos ready to repel GI assault By Wayne Heming Brisbane won’t dump Greg Inglis on his head, but they intend to ensure the South Sydney superstar earns every metre in tonight’s NRL clash at Suncorp Stadium. While Manly’s Richie Fa’aoso copped an eight-week ban for twice upending Inglis last week, the Broncos will aim to stop the Rabbitohs’ dangerman with numbers in a straight defensive line. Sixth-placed Brisbane’s task of handing second-placed South Sydney only their second loss of the season became much tougher yesterday when Test centre Justin Hodges (groin) and fiery young forward Josh McGuire (calf) were ruled out through injury. And coach Anthony Griffin had no hesitation in nominating giant fullback Inglis as a potential game-changer. “Greg is that x-factor player who can run 100 metres on you

if you relax on him at all,” warned Griffin. “You know he’s coming but sometimes it’s just so hard to stop. “That’s why he is so great. “How we handle him in kickchase situations and in general play on the edges will be a factor in whether we’re going to be successful or not.” Brisbane centre Jack Reed said Brisbane’s defence would have to bring its A-game with Inglis warming up for State of Origin. “We’ll have to meet Inglis with numbers when he carries the ball back,” said Reed. “You can’t give him a staggered line - he’ll just carve you up.” The match, expected to pull more than 40,000 fans, is loaded with personal battles and Origin interest. The battle royale begins up front with the clash between Souths’ big-bopper brothers Sam and George Burgess and Brisbane hardheads Sam Thaiday and Ben Hannant. - AAP

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Black Caps ‘won’t From the be Ashes entree’ sideline


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Friday, 3 May 2013




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NZ Today






MONDAY: Rain clearing. Southwesterlies easing. MAX


Midnight Tonight


Wind less than km/h 30


SUNDAY: Rain developing, sleet possible. Cold southwest.



Canterbury High Country




Canterbury Plains

TODAY: Morning drizzle, then fine breaks. Northeast develops.

TOMORROW: Increasing high cloud. Northeasterlies.



Ashburton Forecast 13



30 to 59

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Patchy morning drizzle, then fine breaks. Northeasterlies developing in the afternoon.

TOMORROW Increasing high cloud. Fresh northeasterlies about the coast, winds mainly light inland.

SUNDAY Rain developing, with some heavy falls, and snow may lower to 400 metres. Cold southwesterlies developing in the morning, gale in exposed places.

morning min max

cloudy cloudy fine fine rain rain rain fine showers clearing fine fine fine


NZ Situation

Rain clearing, then mainly fine. Southwesterlies abating.

A trough spreads over most of the country tomorrow, while an active front moves from the southwest onto TUESDAY southern New Zealand. The front moves over the South Island during Sunday, followed by strong cold Mainly fine with morning frosts, and light southerlies, while westerlies strengthen over the North Island as the trough moves away to the east. winds.


FZL: Rising to 3000m

Remaining rain clearing in the morning. Wind at 1000m: NW 30 km/h developing in the evening. Wind at 2000m: NW 40 km/h developing in the evening.


FZL: Lowering to 2400m

High cloud increasing, rain developing about the divide, with heavy falls possible later and snow lowering to 2000 metres. Wind at 1000m: Mainly light, but strong NW at times in exposed valleys. Wind at 2000m: NW becoming strong or gale.

SUNDAY Rain spreading to most places, and may turn to snow at all levels. Winds mainly light at low levels, but cold SE for a time. N about the tops turning gale S in the morning.

MONDAY Rain and snow clearing. Light winds at low levels, SW about the tops abating.

TUESDAY Mainly fine with morning frosts. Light winds at low levels, SW about the tops.

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River Levels


Rakaia Fighting Hill (NIWA) at 1:45 pm, yesterday Nth Ashburton at 3:00 pm, yesterday Sth Ashburton at 3:15 pm, yesterday Rangitata Klondyke at 3:00 pm, yesterday

140.5 3.74 5.06 56.6

Source: Environment Canterbury

Canterbury Readings

Temperatures °C


to 4pm yesterday Ashburton Airport

Rainfall mm

min grass 16 hour May 2013 min to date to date

Wind km/h

max gust


1.3 -4.0


1.0 230.0

N 19

Christchurch Airport 13.6

2.1 -0.1


1.0 137.6

NE 20


1.8 156.4

W 20







Timaru Airport





8.8 -1.3








Tides, Sun, Moon and Fishing m am 3 3



9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


Saturday 9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


Sunday 9 noon 3


9 pm

2 1 0


10:25 4:33 10:54 5:09 11:24 5:32 11:52 6:04 12:19 6:28 The times shown are for the Ashburton River mouth. For the Rangitata river mouth subtract 16 minutes and for the Rakaia river mouth subtract 6 minutes.

Rise 7:27 am Set 5:32 pm Good

Good fishing

Rise 7:28 am Set 5:30 pm Good

Good fishing Rise 1:07 am Set 2:21 pm

Set 1:50 pm

New moon 10 May 12:30 pm ©Copyright OceanFun Publishing Ltd.

First quarter 18 May 4:36 pm

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Rise 7:30 am Set 5:29 pm Good

Good fishing Rise 2:14 am Set 2:50 pm

Full moon 25 May 4:27 pm

Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa


Ashburton Guardian, Friday, may 3, 2013


Ashburton Guardian, Friday, may 3, 2013