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Saturday, Nov 2, 2013

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Mid Canty’s No.10 re-lives ABs’ clash ASHBURTON

Magpies threaten Allenton posties P6



At the show, lovin’ it Bella Wilson, 4, gets up close and personal with another youngster at the Ashburton A&P Show yesterday. Today is the big public day and the show is expecting a sunny day and a bumper crowd. COVERAGE, RESULTS, PHOTOS

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Five things that may interest you



Quote of the day “I have dated all the women. I’ve done all the drugs. I’ve drunk every drink.” – Hollywood star Jack Nicholson. – PA


Fake axe attack

NZ police using Twitter

Police have arrested two 18-year-old US men accused of pretending to attack each other with an axe and using the axe to threaten passers-by while videotaping their reactions. Police spokeswoman Kim Kapp said the suspects allegedly told investigators they were “pranking” people with what police describe as a realistic-looking fake axe. Pavel Krivov and Petru Tomcac were arrested for assault. – AP

New Zealand police officers will today use Twitter to give the public an insight into their everyday experiences. Police are taking part in the second International Police Tweet-a-thon, where forces from all over the world tweet to showcase the everyday work of general duties, search and rescue, neighbourhood policing, dog handling and highway patrol teams do each day. Specific times, names and locations related to callouts will be removed from tweets. The first tweet-a-thon involved more than 200 police jurisdictions from 10 countries, with the #poltwt hashtag becoming a trending topic in five countries. – APNZ


Finn to release album Neil Finn has announced plans to release a new album. The former Crowded House frontman is set to release his third solo album Dizzy Heights on February 7. It is the follow-up to 2001’s One Nil. Since One Nil, Finn has released the 7 Worlds Collide album, The Sun Came Out charity album and recorded an album as Pajama Club with his wife Sharon and SJD. Dizzy Heights was co-produced by Dave Fridmann and recorded in Fridmann’s Tarbox studio in upstate New York. – APNZ

Bieber graffitis Bogota tunnel Justin Bieber and a group of his friends have been seen in a Bogota tunnel painting graffiti on the walls escorted by a Colombian police patrol, say media outlets. Wearing his habitual cap and hood, the star took advantage of his stay in the Colombian capital after the concert he gave this week to leave his signature and several written bits of advice on how to “overcome expectations” in one’s life on the concrete. Bieber and his pals were at work on their graffiti artwork along a stretch of tunnel wall about 40 metres long near the Bogota City Council.Evidently, the singer was able to obtain permission to place graffiti on the wall. – EFE

Ashburton A&P Show – The largest two-day annual agricultural event in Mid Canterbury. Hosted at the Ashburton Showgrounds since its founding in 1877, the show attracts exhibitors from all over the South Island. Visit Annual-Show for full details.

On the couch – Film: A View To A Kill, TV One, 9.40pm.An investigation into a horseracing scam leads 007 to a mad industrialist who plans to create a worldwide microchip monopoly by destroying California’s Silicon Valley. Starring Roger Moore, Grace Jones and Christopher Walken. Rated: PG.

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Out of town – Banks Peninsula Walking Festival, Lyttelton Harbour Information Centre, 65 London St, Lyttelton. This year’s walking festival celebrates the stunning scenery and intimate communities of the Banks Peninsula. Walks range from short historical walks to an overnight camp at Quail Island! Sat: 9.30am to 4.30pm, Sun: 10am to 4.30pm.

On the horizon – 80’s Disco and Auction, November 9. Dig out your ra-ra skirts and hair crimpers and get back to the 1980s! Boogie and bid on a number of fabulous auction items. Ashburton Trust Event Centre. Starts: 7.30pm. Got an event you want to tell us about? Email us at

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Palmer, Allan John Saunders, Mervyn

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26, 2013

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Saturday, Oct 26,



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Selena Gomez is looking for a star After extensive searching she has to play alongside her in her upcoming begin rehearsals found Ashburton’s on Monday. (NAME). The pair Broadway musical. head to New York to

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2013 Ashburton A&P Show Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ashburton Guardian



UK pair debut machinery at A&P show BY MYLES HUME


It may have been a gamble, but a Scottish father and son are confident they will return home from the Ashburton A&P show without their heavy farming machinery. Gordon Skea and his son William arrived in Mid Canterbury from their UK home this week, hoping to crack the local potato growing industry with their company ScanStone, which specialises in root vegetable soil preparation machinery. It is somewhat of a rarity to see an exhibit trek from the other side of the world for the Ashburton A&P Show, and what’s more - the duo are hoping they can leave their machinery with an Ashburton salesman and appeal to potato growers in Mid Canterbury. “We studied the farming industry here and we know we will be able to do business here.

The conditions are suitable for our equipment as there are a lot of stones in the ground for potato growers to deal with,” Gordon Skea said. The machinery can cost up to $140,000, and is used to grind down large dirt clods and remove stones from the soil to create ideal planting conditions for root vegetables. The company has sold its machinery to many parts of Europe and before now had travelled as far afield as South Africa. This was the first time they had come to New Zealand, and before the first day of the A&P show yesterday, they also held demonstration sessions at farms in Seafield and Temuka. “They were attended really well, and we have had some great feedback already from a lot of people,” Gordon said. Gordon and William Skea expect to return home in the coming days.

Scottish father and son Gordon and William Skea have travelled from the UK to showcase their ScanStone root vegetable farming equipment at the Ashburton A&P Show. Below is the ScanStone equipment in operation.

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2013 Ashburton A&P Show 4

Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, November 2, 2013

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Members of the Mid Canterbury Dog Training Club were out in force.


Show off to a damp start Organisers will be hoping for a better start at the Ashburton A&P Show today. A wet start to the morning kept the crowds at bay yesterday, however the sun made an appearance and the flow of foot traffic had

picked up by lunch time. In the main ring polished and plaited show ponies and hacks were put through their paces during the morning, before the hunter classes got under way, and the exhibition sheds proved popular with

Olivia Morrison, 4, tries out her lassooing skills.

many. The show was also a popular destination for preschoolers yesterday morning, and the farmyard shed was a drawcard; with goats, piglets, poultry, sheep dogs and highland cattle popular with the children.



Horses were decked out in their finest attire.

Molli Thacker and Happy Go Lucky keep an eye on the competition.


Daphne Watson (left) and Elizabeth Rankin check out some of the creative en- Ethan Johnson, 3, looks longingly at a colourfully decorated cake in the baking tries by Mid Canterbury schoolchildren. 011113-TM-266 classes. 011113-TM-190

2013 Ashburton A&P Show Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ashburton Guardian




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photos online The focus was on the trans-Tasman dog trials series at the Ashburton A&P Show yesterday, with the first of two tests contested. The Australians won the toss, and decided to put New Zealand out to set the pace. And Murray Child, from Northland, with his four-year-old dog Dice did just that. With decades of experience behind him and a stellar performance from Dice, Mr Child, put 90.5 points on the board. “I’m always happy to finish – it’s always good when you’re first up to complete the course, it puts the pressure on the opposition,” he said. At last year’s trans-Tasman competition, held in Australia, Dice proved her mettle, taking the top store in both tests. On the back of this strong performance New Zealand was able to hold the lead, but as they say in dog trialling – it’s not over until the final whistle and best dogs the two countries could muster will be back today to decide if the prized Wayleggo Cup goes back across the ditch, or whether the Kiwis can snatch it off the op- Veteran New Zealand dog triallist Murray Child and Dice set the bar high during the first run of the trans-Tasman series for the position. Wayleggo Cup yesterday. PHOTO TETSURO MITOMO 011113-TM-126

Graeme Parr and Nitro made quick work of the obedience course.


Zara Price, 3, was impressed by the Highland cattle.



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News 6

Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, November 2, 2013


TAIC proposals ‘already in place’ By GABrielle StuArt

After a damning report on the Carterton ballooning tragedy was released on Thursday, media outlets around the country took up the call for tourism operators to be drug tested. At the same time in Mid Canterbury, Aoraki Balloon Safaris chief pilot Martyn Stacey received a random drug test - the second he has received this year. He said that the Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) was ‘behind the ball’, and the recommendations had already been in place in the

industry for more than a year. The TAIC report came after post-mortem toxicology results from the pilot involved in the 2012 ballooning tragedy showed evidence of both longterm and recent use of cannabis. The TAIC called for significant reforms of the current drug and alcohol regulations across aviation, rail and marine sectors, including maximum allowable alcohol levels, drug and alcohol tests after any incidents and drug detection programmes including random drug testing. But Mr Stacey also serves at the President of the Balloon

Aviation Association of New Zealand, and said that similar reforms were already in the pipeline at the time of the Carterton Tragedy, and were fully implemented shortly afterward. He also serves at the President of the Balloon Aviation Association of New Zealand, and said that drug and alcohol testing was already mandatory for all New Zealand adventure tourism operators, and included both drug testing of all new employees and random drug testing throughout the year. He said that New Zealand had taken a huge step ahead with the

policy reforms, and the country was leading the world with the regulations. The policy reforms around drug testing added a significant amount to the cost of certification for adventure tourism operators, but the security of knowing that regulations were in place across the board was most definitely worth the cost. Eleven people were killed in the Carterton ballooning tragedy, bringing the total deaths to 35 from six incidents in the past 10 years where people had tested positive for performanceimpairing substances.

Magpies targeting Allenton posties By AnnA SedlAckovA Mid Canterbury posties are under attack from magpies, putting mail deliveries in Allenton in jeopardy. Anyone who grew up in Ashburton will know the story: Springtime is magpie nesting season and you need to keep an eye out for swooping birds. For Ashburton posties, Allenton was posing a particular problem at the moment. David Aberhart of New Zealand Post said there were “two or three really aggressive birds” in the north-western suburb of Ashburton that got aggressive even outside the nesting season, which bird experts considered unusual. “When posties deliver mail on bikes, magpies dive on them and peck their cheeks, necks and ears,” he said. The employees go home from work with bruises and scratches. Apart from physical injuries, the birds also cause material damage – they break posties’ helmets. Magpies attacking posties have become a safety issue. Mr

Magpies are make posties’ lives difficult.

Aberhart said it was getting near to the stage when postal services would get suspended in Allenton. “We may have to stop delivering mail in that area. It sounds a little funny to do so because of a bird, but at the same time it’s frustrating. “Posties have a right to feel safe in their working environment.” A number of steps have been taken to protect posties. They

photo anna sedlackova

installed special spikes on their helmets; they tried changing the colour of their clothing and equipment; they delivered mail in Allenton at different times of the day to confuse the birds, and they switched from riding a bike to walk-arounds. “But nothing has worked,” Mr Aberhart said. “There can be a magpie sitting on a rooftop, an ordinary person passes by and the bird won’t do a jolly thing, but as

soon as a postie comes near they get attacked.” Every year, the Ashburton District Council receives complaints about magpies. “We do receive a few calls about magpies and other birds during this time of year. July to December is usually their breeding season and they tend to defend their territory and young,” council’s environmental monitoring manager Rick Catchpowle said.

Postie numbers set to be slashed Prime Minister John Key says the loss of up to 2000 postal jobs is the “brutal reality” of people sending fewer letters. New Zealand Post announced yesterday it expected to axe the jobs in an attempt to safeguard its future options. Chairman Sir Michael Cullen said the organisation would focus on logistics and financial services, innovation in its mail and retail network, and lowering costs. The changes, which have been slammed as “simply cruel” by the posties’ union, will start to be implemented next year. Mr Key acknowledged it was a difficult time for everyone involved, but said it was the “brutal reality” of people sending fewer letters. “Unfortunately, technology is dramatically changing the way we communicate with each other.” Mr Key disagreed with the union that the Government had made the announcement “out of the blue”. “There’s been a lot of discussion about what would happen if there was a change to the number of days that the mail was delivered to people’s homes. Engineering Printing and Manufacturing Union postal industry organiser Joe Gallagher said the announcement had come as a real shock “Yet again New Zealand Post and the Government have made a huge announcement out of the blue. These plans have clearly been in the pipeline for a long time, but the people affected by them have been kept in the dark.” - APNZ

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Roger Hall’s Sparkling Comedy You can take the cockie out of the country, but the manure remains when Dickie Hart sells up the backcountry farm and moves to the city for some culture!

80s Party Time Fundraiser – Disco and Auction.

This three hour ballet extravaganza features a diverse and stunning programme in three awe-inspiring acts.

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Tutus on Tour- NZ Ballet Classical and contemporary selections are capped off with a newly created production of Peter and the Wolf narrated by Te Radar. A program with ‘something for everyone’.

Tue 26 Nov|7.30pm Wed 27 Nov | 11am Adult $39| Senior/Child $25 | Adult/Child $55 | Preschooler $12

News 8

Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, November 2, 2013

In brief Beer brew heads south Beer is being brewed in Oamaru for the first time since prohibition stopped commercial brewing in 1905. On Wednesday, Scotts Brewing Co started brewing craft and gluten-free beers at its new Oamaru brewery after closing its Auckland brewery and moving its plant south. The gluten-free beers are made using sorghum, buckwheat and corn instead of the usual wheat, rye and barley. Company owner Phillip Scott said it was “definitely something special” to bring brewing back to the town. -APNZ

Late Lotto win A man has claimed a $1 million Lotto prize - seven months after buying his ticket. The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, found a handful of old tickets in a coffee table drawer when he started doing his tax return for the end of the financial year. “When I found the tickets, I thought I may as well check them online at, just in case,” the winner said. “So I went through each one, until I got to the one from March this year. As I started going through the numbers, it looked like I had all of them. “Even though I checked the numbers about 10 times, I still thought I must’ve done something wrong.” - apnz

Fatal crash Make sure you stay safe this Guy Fawkes by using a good dose of common sense.

■ guy fawkes celebrations

Stay safe – use common sense By Erin Tasker

All it takes to stay safe this Guy Fawkes is a little common sense, according to the New Zealand Fire Service. Ashburton Volunteer Fire Brigade station officer Murray Cairns said Guy Fawkes hadn’t been too tough on firefighters in Mid Canterbury in recent years, with the banning of skyrockets and the shortening of the timeframe during which they could be sold (November 2-5), having lessened the load on firefighters around the country. “The past few years, apart from the odd scrub fire, haven’t been too bad, but it really depends on the weather,” Mr Cairns said. In the days of skyrockets, firefighters dreaded Guy Fawkes. “We used to be running around after fires all night,” Mr Cairns said. For people wanting to catch some fireworks this Guy Fawkes, Mr Cairns said the best bang for your buck was to go to a public display – like the free one at the Rakaia Domain tonight. If people did buy and want to have their own fireworks’ display at home though, there were

simple rules that should be followed. Always read the instructions properly and light the fireworks in an open area, away from anything that could catch fire. Children should never be allowed to light fireworks and a bucket of water and a garden hose should always be on standby just in case. If you come across a dud firework, don’t try to relight it – pour water over it and leave it. Fireworks should also always be kept away from open flames, and only light one at a time, keeping other fireworks well away. Checking the weather forecast was also vital. “If it’s blowing a howling nor’wester, put it off for another night,” Mr Cairns said. Accidents were always possible though and if anyone did suffer burns, the affected body part should be kept under water for 10 minutes to lessen the damage, Mr Cairns said. “Accidents do happen and that’s to be expected, but if you take all the precautions it reduces the risk.” It’s also advised that pets are kept inside while fireworks were being let off, so they didn’t get too traumatised.

Rakaia to host another of its popular displays By Erin Tasker

Mid Canterbury’s only free, public fireworks display will light up Rakaia tonight. The annual Guy Fawkes celebration has been organised and run by members of Rakaia’s Lions Club for about 15 years and every year it’s a winner, spokesperson Ken Cutforth said. He said in the past it had attracted about 2000 people to the Rakaia Domain, with people coming from well out of Rakaia to make the most of the free entertainment. The fireworks and bonfire may be the night’s main attraction, but there was plenty more on the card this year too. There will be a tug-of-war, children’s rides, the annual Guy competition, and entertainment from busker, Mullet Man. “He does all sorts of juggling and things and he’s quite a comedian to go with it,” Mr Cutforth said.

He said the Lions club had to jump through many hoops and get permits in order to hold the free display, but they did it for the community and the Rakaia Volunteer Fire Brigade would be on hand to help ensure all ran smoothly. “The fire brigade are there and they see it as more or less an education exercise, but a fireman did tell me that by having a free fireworks display it saves them from having to go to a heap of hedge fires,” Mr Cutforth said. “And people get a real buzz from it. People go away with a smile on their face.” The event at the Rakaia Domain will start at 6pm, with the bonfire to be lit at about 8.45pm and fireworks to be let off once it’s dark enough. People are urged to get there by 9pm so they don’t miss the main event. There’s a glass ban in place and if the weather doesn’t play along the night will be postponed until Sunday evening.

A man has died after the truck he was driving crashed on Auckland’s northwestern motorway. Police said emergency services were called to the crash just after 7pm on the city-bound lanes west of the Te Atatu interchange. The truck had veered off the motorway, crashing into a lamp-post, then a tree. No other vehicles were involved in the crash, police said. Other motorists stopped to provide assistance to the man, who has died at the scene. - APNZ

Second kotuku death A kotuku found dead on the roadside near Serpentine Beach this week was the second death of the rare bird in as many weeks; however, the Department of Conservation does not believe there is any connection. On Tuesday morning Ila Lee discovered a dead kotuku, which she believed was mowed down by a vehicle, when she was out checking stock on her farm. The death saddened Mrs Lee, who said that it was most likely caused by a speeding motorist. - APNZ

Henry returns to TV3 TV3 has confirmed its latenight news bulletin will “take a break” at the end of this year. It follows mounting speculation that Nightline would be axed and replaced with a show fronted by Paul Henry. Yesterday the channel revealed it will bring in a new latenight news-oriented programme in the same 10.30pm slot with Mr Henry at the helm. The Paul Henry Show will be a wrap of the day’s events, TV3 said. It is understood the new programme, which will take to the air in 2014, will aim to be an entertainment news show with a satirical bent. - APNZ

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News 10 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Trading figures show 3% rise With six months of its trading year behind it, the Ashburton Trust has watched its trading figures grow by 3 per cent over the previous year. For the year to September 30 it has logged $8.76 million worth of sales, with $1.62 million of those in September. For the year to date accommodation sales were up 3 per cent, on premises sales up 4 per

cent and off-licence sales up 1 per cent. In his report to the trust board, chief executive Giles Beal said the trust’s accommodation sales had continued to hold up well against an on-going, challenging market. Forward bookings for all trust accommodation businesses remained strong over the remainder of the financial year,

he said. On premises sales, which were the bulk of the trust’s revenue, were good at most venues and with no significant one-off events during September. The underlying natural growth was pleasing, Mr Beal said. Because cashflow was remaining strong, the trust was working through plans for a

number of re-investment projects for the year. Refurbishing work on conference and function rooms at the Hotel Ashburton will be completed by the end of January, the outside seating project at Braided Rivers has been completed and repairs to earthquake damage at Speights Ale House are expected to be completed by Christmas.

In brief Phillipstown talks The Government will not appeal against the High Court’s ruling over Phillipstown School in Christchurch, and will instead resume consultation procedures. Last month the school won a legal battle in its opposition to Education Minister Hekia Parata’s plans to merge it with Woolston School. Yesterday Ms Parata announced she will begin consultation with Phillipstown over the proposed merger, in line with the High Court judgement, which ruled the decision to close the school had been unlawful. The process will not start until the final business case for the Government’s Education Renewal Plans in greater Christchurch has been considered by Cabinet in the next few weeks. - APNZ

Back to the future It was back to the future this week for Sir Michael Hill as the businessman opened a revamped jewellery store in Whangarei, just metres from where his international empire started 34 years ago. Sir Michael and wife Lady Christine were on hand on Thursday to reopen the store, on Cameron St, and said he wouldn’t have missed the event, given Whangarei was where it all started for him. - APNZ

Moving tribute

School NCEA examinations are closing in fast and principals and past pupils are keen to highlight the major bearing the results have on a student’s future.

The family of the Katikati teenager who died in a Labour Weekend crash were brought to tears during a moving tribute at the family home. Schoolmates of 16-year-old Ricky Milton John, better known as Ricky Pettigrew, performed a powhiri at the house where his body is lying in state. About 80 Katikati College students and 16 staff members took part in the tribute. - APNZ


‘Not an evil person’

NCEA results play big role in students’ futures

A Rotorua woman jailed for illtreating a child in her care is “not an evil person”, a court heard. Rosemary Anne Adams, 55, was sentenced in the Rotorua District Court yesterday to 20 months’ prison after she previously pleaded guilty to assaulting the child when he was aged from 6 months to 2 years and 10 months old. She also admitted a charge of ill-treatment by striking the boy with her hands, force feeding him, leaving him on a toilet for excessive periods and restricting his fluid intake. - APNZ

By Myles HuMe


Entry into competitive tertiary courses and lucrative scholarships should be more than enough to motivate pupils for their NCEA exams that start in 10 days. As 143,000 teenagers – 1000 of those from Mid Canterbury enter the most important period of their schooling days starting November 8, principals and past pupils are keen to highlight the major bearing National Certificate in Education Achievement (NCEA) results have on the future. “They are really important, when you’re going for scholarships, universities tend to look at your Year 12 (Level 2) results and that’s the same for university halls. And in Year 13 you need to get University Entry to actually get into courses,” last year’s Ashburton College dux Olivia Quinn said. Although strong results can put pupils in good stead for their

Top five study tips for students: ■

Revision: You must know what is required to achieve each standard. Have up-to-date notes from classes. Choose a place to study: You need a quiet, organised and well-lit space to study for NCEA exams. Set regular routines and study goals. Balance study with free time: It is important that you keep positive and relaxed. In addition, take regular breaks, eat

vocational pathway, universities across New Zealand are also putting cash incentives in place to lure school leavers who have achieved solid results in NCEA. Canterbury and Waikato universities have been offering pupils, who pass NCEA with Merit or Excellence endorsements in Levels 2 and 3, up to $3000 in cash. Mount Hutt College principal John Schreurs said such scholar-

well, get fresh air, stay in touch ith friends and study groups, and get plenty of sleep. Know the exam timetable: Know where your exams are, and when. Timetables can be downloaded from the NZQA website. Arrive 20 minutes early. Get prepared: Know when and where your exams are, how you are going to get there, what the exam room rules are, and what you are allowed to take in.

ships and course entry did help motivate pupils to study harder for exams, but disciplined study also generated good habits. It helped pupils develop their study skills during school which led into their tertiary years or in the workforce, he said. Although the message to “study, study, study” is forever being reinforced, some may still be struggling with the best techniques to memorise and un-

derstand their year’s work. Ms Quinn had a few tricks up her sleeve including talking about topics with friends in study groups, but on her way to becoming dux last year one method worked the best. “In NCEA, I did lots of practice papers that you can find online and then checked my answers alongside the answer sheets. That was my main way of study,” she said. Mount Hutt College has been identifying and helping pupils that may be struggling to reach the grade, while Ashburton College has set up its library study and tuition sessions which go from 7-9pm most week nights in the lead up to exams. New Zealand Qualifications Authority deputy chief executive Richard Thornton said there were many resources available for pupils online. “Students should make full use of all the resources offered to them and not be afraid to ask parents or teachers for help,” he said.

Slid into ditch Stray Bus tourists had some unexpected excitement on the West Coast when their bus slid into a ditch after being stopped for a police check. The driver pulled off the road, only to slide on the water-logged ground and tilt into the ditch at a sharp angle. No-one was injured. - APNZ

Suspicious fires A man suffered burns to his arm in one of three suspicious house fires in Christchurch yesterday. No one else was in the house on Kerrs Rd in Wainoni when firefighters were called about 3.30am on Friday. The man suffered minor to moderate burns to his arm and was taken to Christchurch Hospital for treatment, an ambulance spokesman said. - APNZ

News 12 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, November 2, 2013


In brief Dumping condemned View or purchase photos online

The dumping of a cat a tied pillowcase on the roof of a four-storey Dunedin building, has been condemned by SPCA Otago. Executive officer Sophie McSkimming said the cat was “obviously left there to die”. “It was a disgraceful act,” she said. The cat was discovered by Department of Conservation ranger Arnie Elbers, who saw the pillowcase on the roof of Conservation House, in lower Stuart St, on Tuesday afternoon. - APNZ

Reserve bid falters

They may be dressed up in leather and riding some mean machines – but when members of the Family Riders bike club head down to the showgrounds on Sunday they will be there for the kids and for animals in need. From left, Ian Rose, Brent Garrett, Vernon Roux, John Young and Vince Neighbour. Photo Gabrielle Stuart 011113-GS-099

Blown away by bikers’ backing By GaBrielle Stuart

When Mid Canterbury Animal Shelter Fun Day organiser Tracey Clark approached local bikers about giving children motorbike rides at the fundraising family fun day on Sunday, she was hoping one or two might volunteer. She already has more than 30. Family Riders bike club rider Brent Garrett has spent the week ringing contacts and “calling in a few favours”, and has organised plenty of riders from across Canterbury willing to

WHEN, WHERE The Mid Canterbury Animal Shelter Fun Day will run this Sunday from 10am to 4pm at the Ashburton racecourse.

volunteer a few hours to help out on the day. For many of the local riders their bikes are their pride and joy, and they’ll be lined up and gleaming on Sunday, ready to take children for a spin.

Mr Garrett said that most of the riders didn’t need much of an excuse to start their bikes up, but this weekend they had two significant reasons: both to raise some much needed funds for the Mid Canterbury Animal Shelter and give kids a chance to experience the thrill of being out on a motorcycle. He said the riders were all keen to help out people who really needed it, and were already lined up to help out with several more fundraising ventures in the community this year. Fun day organiser Tracey Clark said the riders were a fan-

tastic bunch, and were some of the many people who were helping to make the fun day happen. Mid Canterbury’s country musician Amelia James will be providing live music on the day, which will feature activities and costume competitions for pets; as well as craft activities, puppet shows, face painting and pony, fire engine and motorbike rides for the children. There will even be something for adults on the day, with plenty of food, stalls, raffles and latin and rock and roll dancing, and a parents’ area set up for parents needing a sit down.


Ashburton motorcyclists invited to join ride A ride against violence is seeking support from local motorcyclists to lead the way into Ashburton. The November White Ribbon Campaign aims to end men’s violence towards women. As part of the campaign, a White Ribbon Motorcycle Ride has been organised for the past three years in the South Island to highlight the anti-violence messages and speak directly to men in local communities. Anyone can join the ride providing their bike has a current warrant of fitness, a minimum engine size of 250cc and are willing to make the pledge to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence to-

wards women. “Most men aren’t violent,” Patriot leader and White Ribbon rider, Aaron Morrison said. “However, most violence against women is perpetrated by men.” Every year, around 14 women are killed, and over 3500 convictions are recorded against men each year for assault on women. Police estimate less than 20 per cent of the violence is actually reported. “The Patriot Motorcycle Club is made up of current and former service men and women. Many of us have undertaken peace keeping roles throughout some of the most dangerous places in the world.

“We’ve even lost friends such as White Ribbon rider and SAS soldier Dougy Grant who was a staunch White Ribbon supporter and rider. “Now we want to bring some of that peace into our own homes. There’s too much violence in our communities. We can’t stand by and do nothing. It’s time to step up to the plate and acknowledge that as men, we can encourage other men to change. It’s as simple as that.” The ride was recently presented at the first International White Ribbon Conference in Australia and the concept was well received. “Australia is now holding their first White Ribbon Ride this

year,” White Ribbon campaign manager Rob McCann said. “Having tough-looking men in leathers delivering messages about healthy relationships without violence gets people’s attention straight away. “But we need the support of local motorcyclists. We are inviting riders to join us and help lead the ride into Ashburton and take part in the local event. Standing up sends a powerful message that you care about the women in your community.” Local riders can join the ride or escort the riders into and out of Ashburton. For more details check out or contact White Ribbon.

A New Zealand-US bid to establish the world’s largest marine reserve in Antarctica is understood to have been blocked by China, Russia and Ukraine. It was the third time the 25 nations under the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) had failed to agree to establish a marine protected area in the fishrich Ross Sea, 3500km south of New Zealand. Radio New Zealand reported a consensus could not be reached despite negotiations going on into the early hours of the morning, with China, Russia and Ukraine unable to agree to the fishing restrictions and the size of the proposed 1.34 million sq km marine protection area. - APNZ

Inquest ‘not justified’ Unlike the 2006 killing of the Kahui twins, only one suspect was identified for the murder of Feilding farmer Scott Guy so an inquest was not justified, a coroner has ruled. The inquest into Mr Guy’s 2010 death was put on hold when his brother-in-law Ewen Macdonald stood trial and was ultimately acquitted for his murder. Coroner Carla na Nagara yesterday released her decision not to resume the inquiry. She said doing so would “only be to pursue a finding that Mr Macdonald acquitted of Mr Guy’s murder - was the killer”. - APNZ

Man badly stung A man is in a critical condition in hospital after receiving between 50 and 100 bee strings in an incident in Hawke’s Bay yesterday. The Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter said the 43-year-old had stopped to check on bees he had been transporting when the queen flew down the back of his shirt and the other bees followed. The incident happened at Putorino in northern Hawke’s Bay. The man was airlifted to Hawke’s Bay Regional Hospital. - APNZ

Surrendering his seat Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Bill English is to give up his Clutha-Southland seat at the next election and stand as a list candidate. “This afternoon I met with my electorate committee in Gore to inform them of my decision,” he said in a statement yesterday. “Representing one of New Zealand’s largest electorates has required considerable travel and time away from my family, particularly since becoming a minister. I have therefore decided that it is a good time to strike a better balance between my family and government commitments.” - APNZ

News 14

Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Up-to-date resource a helping hand By MyleS HuMe

Mid Canterbury schools concerned about the mental welfare of pupils can now seek help with a new up-to-date resource. The Ministry of Education this week released its latest suicide prevention resource, a document updated from a 2003 version that helps schools deal with at-risk pupils. Ministry head of regional operations Katrina Casey said the

new resource was created “in response to a need to support schools with the most recent evidence relating to the prevention and response to suicide”. It includes information on how to identify a troubled pupil and how to deal with it, along with places schools can go to get further help. Mid Canterbury Principals’ Association president Neil Simons has played a role in the consultation stage with the re-

source, something he said was a necessary tool – even for primary schools. “My initial thoughts were that it was very user-friendly. “If staff are suspicious or have any niggles about something they are able to pick it up and see where to go,” Mr Simons said. Mr Simons said it was vital such resources were created and updated, with the ever-growing presence of cyberbullying fil-

tering down to younger children. “Cyberbullying is the main one, certainly the faceless people who bully are a real issue, but sometimes there’s that copy-cat type stuff you see on social media.” Ms Casey said the ministry had already distributed the resource kit to all primary and secondary schools throughout New Zealand and would now hold workshops to promote it.

WHERE TO GO People in crisis or concerned about someone who may be in crisis can call these confidential helplines: ■ Lifeline: 0800 543354 ■ Samaritans: 0800 726666 ■ Depression: 0800 111757


World’s top freestylers to show off their tricks By GaBrielle Stuart

The season might have ended at Mount Hutt, but the action certainly hasn’t – and on Sunday locals will get one chance to see what some of the world’s top freestyle athletes have been up to on the mountain. Between 11am and 1pm the public will be welcomed onto the skifield to watch the 30 freestylers, including current Olympic gold medal champion Torah Bright, demonstrate their skills. And for aspiring freestylers, the day will bring a chance to have a go on the superpipe and get some world-class tips along the way - if they have the courage to take on the 22 foot high vertical walls of the Olympic sized halfpipe. Mt Hutt Ski Area Manager James McKenzie expected it to be another fantastic day on the mountain. “The weather’s looking pretty good, and we’ve got some of the world’s top athletes up there – the best of the best.” Visitors were invited to bring a picnic on the day, and they could drive up to the mountain themselves or join the busload travelling from Methven Travel, departing at 10.15am on Sunday and and returning about 2pm. Entry on the day is free, while bus tickets cost $15 return, with kids 10 years and under free.

Spanish freestyler Queralt Castellet practises on Mt Hutt’s Olympic-sized superpipe on Monday.

SOLD LD SOLD SSO OLD ■ GENEROSITY ASTOUNDS SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD By MattHew Martin SOLD LIST YOUR PROPERTY WITH US BEFORE THE END SOLD SOLD OF OCTOBER AND WHEN WE SELL, YOU WILL BE SOLD SOLD GIVEN A $1,000 GIFT VOUCHER OF YOUR CHOICE! SOLD Rotorua has some awesome people - acto former Tachikawa employee SOLD SOLD cording Brian Pohatu. SOLD SOLD Mr Pohatu officially lost his job at the SOLD SOLD failed timber mill last week and with two SOLD SOLD children under 3 he and his partner AshSOLD SOLD ley Mosen were already struggling to LD SOLD make ends meet. SSO OLD LD The couple are waiting on a redundanSOLD SSO OLD cy payout, but have no idea if and when each SOLD SOLD will happen. SOLD SOLD it However, the generosity of Rotorua SOLD SOLD residents has almost left them lost for Online appraisal enquiries: Phone Enquiries: SOLD SOLD words. SOLD 308 6173 SOLD “For the first week we were left dumbOnline Rental enquires: SOLD SOLD founded and didn’t know what to do. SOLD SOLD “But all the community support has SOLD SOLD

$1, 0 0 0


Photo ryan gardiner

Rotorua couple blown away just blown us away big time. We don’t know how to thank them all because they have helped us so much,” he said. Ms Mosen said the community had been amazing. “Our cupboards have food, the freezer is absolutely full of meat, we have nappies, formula and the list just goes on. “This week I’ve been surrounded by the most kind and loving people around Rotorua. “How do you possibly say thank you to so many people? I’m beyond humbled, honestly it’s been a life changing experience,” she said. “The best part is knowing my babies are safe and now we are stepping forward and are more positive about it all.” -APNZ

News Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ashburton Guardian 15


Dorie wins run’s schools’challenge By GaBrielle Stuart

Three young girls from Dorie school will be going on a $1000 shopping spree next week, after winning the Muddy Good Run schools’ challenge. The three took on 1500 metres of mud and obstacles to win their school the $1000 in sports equipment, which went to the school with the highest percentage of their school roll entered. Dorie Principal Anthony Dorreen said he would let the girls choose what sports equipment they bought with the winnings. He hoped to travel to up to Supersports in Christchurch with the girls next week, where they would have warehouses packed with equipment of every shape and size to trawl through, in one ‘giant shopping spree’. He said there would be a lot more children in next year’s Muddy Good Run, as more than half the school was already planning to take part. Muddy Good Run organiser John Moore presented the voucher to the school on Friday, and said the Dorie pupils were among 150 who competed in the children’s run. $6000 in proceeds from the Muddy Good Run was donated to groups around the district who helped on the day, including the Rakaia Volunteer Fire Brigade, Rakaia Pony Club, and Muddy Good Run organiser John Moore presented Dorie School pupils with a voucher for $1000 of sports equipment on Friday, after they won the children’s race school challenge. Photo suPPlied Ashburton College girls’ basketball team.


Registrations a bid to beef up safety on the lake By MyleS HuMe

More than 160 boaties wanting to use Lake Hood have registered their vessels under a new by-law, but officials still expect hundreds more to sign up. In a bid to beef up safety on the popular Ashburton lake, boaties operating a vessel of more than 10 horsepower must register with Lake Hood officials which will help identify rule-breakers and prove boaties have read the aquatic park’s rules. The free registration initiative gives officials the right to remove boats from the lake if they are not signed up, and is part of a trial that could soon be rolled out across lakes in the Environment Canterbury (ECan) jurisdiction. Lake Hood project manager Gary Casey said it was encouraging to see about 160 lake-users had already registered their vessels as the boating season ramps up, but he was expecting up to 400 boats to be registered this summer. “We have just started to publicise it in Timaru and Christchurch because a lot of people come from there to use the lake. “We have already had a strong number of people from Christchurch, and in particular Rolleston, sign up,” Mr Casey said.

The initiative sees lake-users register free of charge, with stickers plastered on each side of the vessel, corresponding with their trailer registration number. Mr Casey said the trial was in response to problems experienced on the lake last summer with people boating the wrong way around the lake and not adhering to the compulsory lifejacket rule. During the past month, he said officials had found some unregistered vessels on the lake but they were given registration information. However, plans are in place to ramp up enforcement of the registration rule during the lead up to Christmas. ECan recreational boating officer Evan Walker said boating behaviour on the lake will be closely monitored over summer. “If, as anticipated, there are positive outcomes, boat identification may be an initiative which could be rolled out throughout the region. “This would have to be done through a formal bylaw review, which would involve full public consultation,” Mr Walker said. Registration forms can be found online, at ACL, Ashburton Marine, The Lake House, today’s Ashburton A&P Show and from officials distributing forms at the boat ramp.

Weekend focus 16

Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Caring for the dying and their family has been a life work for Karen Hall, but this week she decided it was time to look for new challenges. She talks to reporter Sue Newman about the rewards and challenges of 30 years in palliative care.

Palliative care nurse says goodbye to 30-year career

View or purchase photos online


hirty years might sound like a long time, but when you’re doing a job you love time simply flies by, says district nurse Karen Hall. This week she packed her nurse’s bag for the final time, made her last home visits and called time on a career that has seen her work in one of the toughest nursing assignments, with the terminally ill. When she returned to work in between having her four children, Karen worked night shift as a district nurse for 10 years, returning fulltime when her youngest was two. That was in the days when employment was a much more casual affair. “My interview was just a chat and I was asked when I would like to start,” Karen said. Her involvement in palliative care evolved from there after the opportunity came up to attend education courses in Christchurch. “I balanced study around four children and working fulltime. It was a crazy thing to do but it worked.”


Packing her case for the final time, for district nurse Karen Hall also means packing away a 30 year career at Ashburton Hospital.

Making it work meant having the family routine printed out on the fridge. Each child knew where they would be at different times and who was taking them there. Karen knew organisation had gone too far, however, when she found her two-year-old standing in front of the fridge waiting for someone to tell him where he had to be next. Her workplace has been the community, her work treating symptoms, knowing she can never provide a cure. Over the years Karen said she has often been asked how she copes working with people who are dying. There’s no simple answer to that, she said. “This is why I’ve continued doing education. If you have the skills and the experience you can help make a difference in people’s lives, the patients and their families. You know you can’t change the outcome, but you can use your skills to make it as good as you can for every-

one involved.” Over the years she said she had met amazing families who had coped in very difficult situations. That has left her with priceless memories to take away from her job. Like any job where you become part of people’s lives you also become attached to those people and that means developing some good coping techniques. “My escape has always been my family and my music. You learn to shut off, you have to. You can’t work in this field without being able to do this.” Working with people who were dying and spending time with their families was more inspirational than it was depressing. Working with children who were dying, however, was always heartbreaking, Karen said. “It’s always so hard for parents to watch their children dying. It was always difficult if

you had a child the same age, but we always had the opportunity to give that case to someone else.” Her job continuously hammered home the importance of doing the things you really wanted to do in your own life, she said. “I’ve had so many older people say things like, they wish they’d taken more holidays, they wish they hadn’t worked for so long and there’s a real truth in that.” In palliative care there was no such thing as a norm. Families and those who were dying coped with things in their own way, and a district nurse’s job was to be there as a support and to help them manage the dying process, she said. “You treasure and hold on to the fact that you’ve touched lives; that’s something a lot of people don’t get the opportunity to do.” Karen might be leaving the world of hospitals and district

nursing, but she’s adamant she’s not retiring. “That would mean I won’t work again, but I definitely want to do something. “I’m not sure what but I know there will be challenges and new opportunities out there. I feel really positive the time is right, that there is something out there I can do that is really worthwhile.” Those opportunities will most likely be in the health field; that’s her career and her passion. “What it will be I don’t know but it will be more part-time and I know I want to be more than a once-a-year grandma.” She plans to take a two- or three-month break, to enjoy family coming home for Christmas without thinking about work and she hopes that she and husband Matt can finally get to enjoy some summer fishing at their Rangitata Rivermouth bach.

Weekend focus Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ashburton Guardian 17

Parents should restrict children’s access to technology to just two hours a day, and ban screens from bedrooms, American doctors have recommended. Reporter Gabrielle Stuart investigated how parents could best negotiate the minefield around setting boundaries for internet use.

Teen tech usage A

comes down to common-sense

merican doctors have announced a new policy around restricting children’s access to technology, that New Zealand technology experts NetSafe say is 10 years behind the times. The policy recommends that parents should limit kids’ tweeting and texting and keep smartphones and laptops out of bedrooms. It also recommends limiting internet use for entertainment, including Facebook, Twitter, TV and movies, to just two hours each day; with online homework an exception. The new policy comes from the American Academy of Pediatrics (medical practitioners who specialise in working with children), who say that parents need to know that unrestricted media use can have serious consequences. Dr Victor Strasburger, lead author of the new policy, said that many parents were clueless about the profound impact media exposure could have on their children. Unrestricted media use has been linked with violence, cyberbullying, school woes, obesity, lack of sleep and a host of other problems. “This is the 21st century and (parents) need to get with it,” said Strasburger, a University of New Mexico adolescent medicine specialist. “I guarantee you that if you have a 14-year-old boy and he has an internet connection in his bedroom, he is looking at pornography.” NetSafe New Zealand executive director

Martin Cocker said that just 10 years ago NetSafe would have recommended similar policies for parents, but with technology changing fast the recommendations were now “patently unrealistic”. He said that completely restricting technology or internet access had become very difficult, and as children become increasingly technologically savvy, if parents put blanket bans on technology they risked starting a battle that they could not win. “With sensible guidelines and open communication, most parents will find that if young people are trusted they will more often than not make sensible decisions around how they used technology.” He said that it was important to take into account the age of a child, as very young children needed their screen time limited for development reasons, but that changed as they grew older. “For older children there are no signs that more time with technology is damaging, unless it begins to affect their ability to do other things in life; like sleep or schoolwork.” He said that parents could usually instinctively tell when their child’s relationship with technology was becoming unhealthy, and as that could look very different from child to child it was a situation where parents needed to trust their instincts. But in the vast majority of cases, he said that with sensible guidelines and open communication young people would more often than not make sensible decisions around how they used technology.



shburton parent Trudy Hulme has seen the issue from two perspectives; through her work in local schools as regional support co-ordinator of the Mid Canterbury’s Fibre Connected Schools network, and also as a mother of her own young children. She said that although the devices children were using were new, setting boundaries around using them came down to good old-fashioned common-sense. She disagreed with the blank two-hour limit recommended in the policy, and said that boundaries should be discussed and decided by each family based on their own situation. “Children are learning and communicating online. There are children with natural strengths as programmers and online developers, and they are going to need more time online to develop those skills. “There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a changing world, and building online skills is very important.”

Local children were often encouraged to use social media to connect, communicate and collaborate on school projects, she said, and it was becoming difficult to draw a line between entertainment and work use. “It comes down to balance, more than anything else. We’ve got to be willing to sit down with our children and talk about it, and come up with practical restrictions and boundaries with them that are going to work. “You’ve got to give children credit: they know technology, they know when it’s affecting them and they will often be happy to have a strategy to manage it.” She also said that some schools in the district were reporting more online bullying between parents than students, and parents needed to be careful to lead by example. “If parents are expecting their children to put the phones away at bedtime and mealtimes, that’s never going to happen if their children see them spending hours on Facebook, or leaving the table to take phone calls.”



shburton teen Finau Fakapelea said that although she wasn’t a “technology person” at all, she spent the majority of her time at home connected online. She said that, quite simply, it was convenient. “Things like Google Drive I use absolutely all the time, to get my work from school and add work that I do at home. And I’ll have my cellphone right beside me all the time.” The Ashburton College head girl said that although she hated technology, it made life way simpler and she didn’t know how her generation would function without it. However, she had a lot of sympathy for parents trying to restrict screen time. “Sometimes what we say is studying is not really study at all. Often kids will go on Facebook and say it’s just for a break – but end up spending an hour on Facebook and only 10 minutes on study.” She thought that boundries were important, especially for younger children, but said that it would be a lot easier for children to accept their parents boundaries if they felt that their perspective was understood. “If parents just shout about it then that’s never really going to help. “If parents make the effort to listen and try to understand where their kids are coming from, then I think they’d be a lot more likely to listen.”

2013 Ashburton A&P Show 18

Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, Saturday,November November2,2,2013 2013

MERINO Class 118 RAM: 1 Cleardale St, Class 119 EWE: 1 Aileen Sandrey, 2 Cleardale St, 3 Cleardale St, Class 121 EWE: 1 Aileen Sandrey, 2 Aileen Sandrey, 3 Mt Whitnow Station, Class 122 HOGGET: 1 Aileen Sandrey, 2 Aileen Sandrey, Most Points Hogget Fleece: Aileen Sandrey Class 126 EWE: 1 D & V Strong, 2 D & V Strong, 3 J D & M L Stewart, Class 127 HOGGET: 1 D & V Strong, 2 D & V Strong, 3 D & V Strong,

CROSSBREDS Mainland Wool - Crossbreed Ewe: D.R. Bennett Supreme Champion Fleece: Aileen Sandrey Mainland Wool - fleece suitable for carpet manufacture: JR Parr Champion Fine Wool Fleece: Aileen Sandrey Champion Crossbred Fleece: G.J. Letham Class 128 RAM: 1 G.J. Letham, 2 D.R. Bennett, Class 129 EWE: 1 D.R. Bennett, 2 J.D & M.L Stewart, 3 JR Parr, Class 130 HOGGET (not shorn as a lamb): 1 JR Parr, 2 JR Parr, Class 131 HOGGET (shorn as a lamb): 1 JR Parr, 2 JR Parr, 3 JR Parr,

BLACK AND COLOURED Champion Black & Coloured Fleece: J.D & M.L Stewart Class 132 MATURE FLEECE, 31 microns (52’s) and finer: 1 LP & KE Ponsonby, 2 J.D & M.L Stewart, 3 LP & KE Ponsonby, Class 133 MATURE FLEECE 33 microns (50’s) and stronger.: 1 J.D & M.L Stewart, 2 LP & KE Ponsonby, 3 J.D & M.L Stewart, Class 134 WOOLLY HOGGET, 30 microns (54’s) and finer: 1 J.D & M.L Stewart, 2 J.D & M.L Stewart, Class 135 WOOLLY HOGGET, 31 microns (52’s) and stronger: 1 J.D & M.L Stewart, 2 J.D & M.L Stewart, 3 JR Parr,

CEREALS Premier Exhibit Grain & Seed: Clibborn Farm Ltd-Raffels Class 620 MILLING WHEAT, any cultivar: 1 R Bennett-Conquest, 2 PN ButterickSensas, 3 Tahuri Farm, Class 621 BISCUIT WHEAT: 1 A J Loc-

Local lads catch up at the bar. head & Son-Delphi, 2 Sommerton Station Ltd-1835, 3 Harris farm-Delphi, Class 622 FEED WHEAT: 1 Clibborn Farm Ltd-Raffels, 2 Sparks Bros-Einstein, 3 McBain Farms-Einstein, Class 623 MALTING BARLEY, cultivar to be stated: 1 D R Bennett-Jimpy, 2 PW EM McCormick-Jimpy, 3 Highride FarmJimpy, Class 624 BARLEY, any other cultivar: 1 Cedar Grove-Flora Barley, 2 Burleigh Farm-Flora Barley, 3 R McArthur-Flora Barley, Class 625 OATS, Black, state variety: 1 Viewfield Estate-Caravelle, Class 626 OATS, White, state variety: 1 Maryland P/S-Armstrong, 2 Grattanville FarmOmihi, 3 K Grice,

Photos by tetsuro MitoMo 011113-tM-217

PULSES Class 627 MARROWFAT PEAS: 1 Dumbarton Farm, 2 CC & HR Sheppard, 3 Holmbank Farm, Class 628 PRUSSIAN OR RONDA TYPE PEAS, approx 2 kg: 1 Avenel Rakaia Ltd, 2 PJ Daley, 3 GCR Kingsbury, Class 629 GARDEN PEAS, approx 2 kg: 1 Broadgate Farm, 2 CS/03, 3 Edgeworth Farm, Class 630 WHITE PEAS, approx 2 kg: 1 RA & DR Bennett, 2 Grattanville Farm, 3 Laghmor Ltd,



Class 631 ANY SHORT ROTATION RYEGRASS VARIETY: 1 Hurley Farm LtdArchie, 2 Burleigh Farm-Aston Italian, 3 Seed Force Ltd-Grass, Class 632 ANY PERENNIAL RYEGRASS VARIETY: 1 Emanel Ltd-Barkamaz, 2 Craig Muckle-Alligator, 3 Seed Force Ltd-Grass, Class 633 CERTIFIED WHITE CLOVER: 1 Sommerton Station, 2 I D Baxter, 3 I & D McCaw-Grasslands Tribute, Premier Exhibit - Small Seed: Emanel Ltd-Barkamaz Rural Transport - Grain Agent with Highest Points: Cates Grain & Seed SI Seed - Grain Agent Most Points: Cates Grain & Seed Class 634 BRASSICA, any variety: 1 Holmbank Farm-Rape Mirakel, 2 L W Wilson, Class 636 BORAGE: 1 B Leadley, 2 A Currie, 3 Braelyn Farm, Class 637 ANY VEGETABLE SEED, approx 250gm: 1 Merriden Farm, 2 Edgeworth, 3 G Pankhurst,

Class 654 SIX HEN EGGS, single yolk, best quality, weight considered: 1 Middleton, 2 Hamish Yeatman, 3 Glenys Rapsey, Class 656 ONE BOTTLE HOME MADE SAUCE, any size judged on content: 1 Glenys Rapsey, 2 Glenys Rapsey, 3 D A Hill *, Class 657 RASPBERRY JAM, one pot: 1 Glenys Rapsey, 2 D A Hill *, 3 Jocelyn V P Thomson, Class 658 MARMALADE JAM, one pot: 1 Glenys Rapsey, 2 D A Hill *, 3 Jocelyn V P Thomson, Class 659 ANY OTHER JAM, Your Choice, one pot: 1 Glenys Rapsey, 2 Glenys Rapsey, 3 Glenys Rapsey, Class 660 HOME MADE MUESLI, one pot any size - Judged on content: 1 Glenys Rapsey, 2 Vicky Bartlett, Class 661 FRUIT TRAY OR BASKET FOR HOSPITAL PATIENT: 1 M. Rodgers, 2 Sheena Clark, 3 Ruth Crossen, Class 662 ONE BOTTLE OF HOME MADE PRESERVE - any variety: 1 D A Hill *, 2 Jocelyn Thomson, 3 Megan Allott-Oil Preserved Eggplant, Class 663 ONE JAR OF PICKLE OR RELLISH: 1 Glenys Rapsey, 2 Coldstream R/h & Hospital-1 Jar Of Pickle Or Relish, 3 Gaye Leverton, Class 664 ONE JAR JELLY - any variety: 1 Glenys Rapsey, 2 Glenys Rapsey, 3 Lisa Kingsbury, Class 665 ONE JAR CITRUS HONEY OR CURD: 1 Glenys Rapsey, 2 M. Rodgers, 3 Glenys Rapsey,


Nina Strijland with Elvis Johnson in the children’s baking section. 011113-tM-275

Dennis Blackler * Class 647 WINES MADE FROM OTHER INGREDIENTS: 1 DW Guild, Class 648 MEDIUM ROSE (Fruit or Grape) Should be blush pink in colour: 3 DW Guild, Class 649 LIQUEUR made from natural ingredients: 1 Dennis Blackler *, 2 DW Guild, 3 Dennis Blackler *, Class 650 LIQUEUR made with essences: 1 DW Guild, 2 DW Guild, Premier Exhibit - Beer: Marius Cabout* Class 651 ALE: 1 Daniel Hyndman, 2 Dennis Blackler *, 3 Marius Cabout*, Class 652 LAGER: 1 Dennis Blackler *, 2 Daniel Hyndman, 3 Marius Cabout*, Class 653 STOUT: 1 Marius Cabout*, 2 Daniel Hyndman,

Class 638 SWEET RED: 1 DW Guild, 2 Dennis Blackler *, 3 Dave Strong, Class 639 DRY RED: 1 Dennis Blackler *, 2 DW Guild, 3 Dennis Blackler *, Class 640 SWEET WHITE: 1 Dennis Blackler *, 2 Dave Strong, 3 Marius Cabout*, Class 641 DRY WHITE: 1 Des Pither, 2 Des Pither, 3 Dennis Blackler *, Class 642 VEGETABLE WINE, any colour: 1 Dennis Blackler *, 2 Dave Strong, 3 DW Guild, Class 644 DRY WHITE: 1 Dennis Blackler *, 2 Dave Strong, 3 Des Pither, Class 646 DRY RED: 1 Dennis Blackler *, 3 Des Pither, Premier Exhibit - Wine:

COOKING Premier Exhibit - Cooking Section 1: Glenys Rapsey Class 666 LOAF OF HOME-MADE WHITE BREAD made in a Breadmaker:

1 Paul Strachan, 2 Glenys Rapsey, 3 Sandra Cigobia, Class 667 LOAF OF HOME-MADE WHOLEMEAL BREAD made in a Breadmaker: 1 Glenys Rapsey, Class 668 LOAF OF HOME MADE WHOLEMEAL OR WHITE BREAD, Oven Baked: 1 Sandra Cigobia, 2 Jake Badger, 3 Ruth Crossen, Class 669 BANANA LOAF BAKED IN AN OPEN TIN: 1 M. Rodgers, 2 D A Hill *, 3 Glenys Rapsey, Class 670 FRUIT LOAF, baked in an open tin.: 1 D A Hill *, 2 Glenys Rapsey, 3 Glenys Rapsey, Class 671 “The Working Girls” LUNCH BOX, to be judged on presentation & originality: 1 Megan Stratford, 2 Sheena Clark, 3 Vicky Bartlett, Class 672 FOUR PIKELETS: 1 Hefin Jones, 2 Brent Middleton, 3 D A Hill *, Class 673 FOUR PLAIN SCONES: 1 Glenys Rapsey, 2 Jocelyn Thomson, 3 D A Hill *, Class 674 FOUR PIN WHEEL SCONES: 1 Sheena Clark, 2 Glenys Rapsey, 3 Bernize Butters, Class 675 FOUR CHOCOLATE MUFFINS, uniced: 1 Jane Reith-Four Chocolate Muffins, 2 Sandra Cigobia, 3 Glenys Rapsey, Class 676 FOUR MUFFINS, uniced (sweet): 1 Sandra Cigobia, 2 Glenys Rapsey, 3 Jane Reith-Four Muffins, Class 677 FOUR GINGERNUT BISCUITS: 1 Glenys Rapsey, 2 Bernize Butters, Class 678 FOUR OF MY FAVOURITE BISCUITS, 2 of each, uniced: 1 Vicky Bartlett, 2 Bernize Butters, 3 Glenys Rapsey, Class 679 FOUR CHOCOLATE CHIP BISCUITS: 1 Glenys Rapsey, 2 Glenys Rapsey, 3 Sheena Clark, Class 680 FOUR PIECES OF SHORTBREAD: 1 Glenys Rapsey, 2 Glenys Rapsey, 3 D A Hill *, Class 681 FOUR PIECES OF ANZAC BISCUIT, Uniced: 1 Glenys Rapsey, 2 Sheena Clark, 3 Andrena Skinner, Class 682 ONE SLICE OF HOME MADE PIE OR QUICHE: 1 Glenys Rapsey, 2 Bernize Butters, Class 683 FOUR HOMEMADE SAVOURIES: 1 Glenys Rapsey, 2 Glenys Rapsey, 3 Jocelyn V P Thomson, Class 684 4 SAVOURY MUFFINS: 1 Glenys Rapsey, 2 Glenys Rapsey, 3 Jocelyn V P Thomson, Class 685 FRUIT CAKE, rich, not iced.: 1 Glenys Rapsey, 2 Glenys Rapsey, 3 Joy Hydes, Class 686 SULTANA CAKE, fruit to be boiled: 1 D A Hill *, 2 Glenys Rapsey, 3 Glenys Rapsey, Class 687 MARBLE CAKE, not iced: 1 Susan Philpott, 2 Jocelyn V P Thomson, 3 Jane Reith,

2013 Ashburton A&P Show Saturday, November 2, 2013 Class 688 CHOCOLATE CAKE, plain icing.: 1 Glenys Rapsey, 2 Megan Stratford, 3 Joy Hydes, Class 689 CARROT CAKE, iced.: 1 Jocelyn V P Thomson, 2 Glenys Rapsey, Class 690 GINGERBREAD: 1 Glenys Rapsey, 2 D A Hill *, Class 691 SPONGE SANDWICH.: 1 Glenys Rapsey, Class 692 SPONGE ROLL, Jam filled, no dusting: 1 Glenys Rapsey, Class 693 4 CUP CAKES decorated for 5 year old birthday: 1 Jade Cigobia, 2 Lisa Kingsbury, 3 Megan Stratford, Class 694 FOUR PIECES OF UNCOOKED SLICE, one variety: 1 Paul Strachan, 2 Sheena Clark, 3 Sheena Clark, Class 695 FOUR TRUFFLES: 1 Vicky Bartlett, 2 Sheena Clark, 3 Glenys Rapsey, Class 696 FOUR BELGIUM BISCUITS: 1 Glenys Rapsey, 2 M. Rodgers, Class 697 FOUR CHRISTMAS FRUIT MINCE PIES (Shortcake base): 1 D A Hill *, Class 698 THREE PIECES OF CHRISTMAS SELECTION: 1 D A Hill *, Class 699 STEAMED CHRISTMAS PUDDING: 1 D A Hill *, 2 M. Rodgers, Class 700 ICED AND DECORATED CHRISTMAS CAKE (Icing only to be judged): 1 Joy Hydes, Class 701 GLUTEN FREE CHOCOLATE CAKE (Plain Icing): 1 Haidee Cowan, 2 Kate Williams, Class 702 GLUTEN FREE BOILED FRUIT CAKE: 1 Glenys Rapsey, Class 703 FOUR PIECES of GLUTEN FREE SLICE: 1 Glenys Rapsey, Class 704 FOUR MUFFINS GLUTEN FREE: 1 Kate Williams, 2 Megan Allott, Class 706 DECORATED ICED CAKE: 1 Pendarves Young Farmers, 2 Foothills Young Farmers, 2 Hinds Young Farmers,

NEEDLEWORK Premier Exhibit - Embroidery: A Scammell Class 708 HAND EMBROIDERED ARTICLE: 1 Kaye Wilson, Class 709 ARTICLE OF HARDANGER: 3 Sarah Lisle, Class 711 ARTICLE IN COUNTED CROSS STITCH - Framed: 1 Irene Herron, 2 A Scammell, 3 Michelle Riddle, Class 712 ARTICLE IN COUNTED CROSS STITCH - Framed: 1 A Scammell, 2 Jade Cigobia, 3 A Scammell, Class 713 ARTICLE IN COUNTED CROSS STITCH - Unframed, any size.: 1 A Scammell, 2 Michelle Riddle, Class 714 CROSS STITCHED SAMPLER: 3 Rebecca Kenny, Class 715 CUSHION, embroidered/ handstitched: 1 Rebecca Kenny, Class 718 ARTICLE / GARMENT / SAMPLE OF SMOCKING: 1 Jillian Bensdorp, Class 720 CHRISTMAS DECORATION: 1 Susan Philpott, 2 Rebecca Kenny, 3 Sarah Lisle, Class 721 EMBROIDERED PIN CUSHION: 3 Rebecca Kenny, Premier Exhibit - Patchwork: Lucille Brown-Patchwork Not Bed Quilt Class 724 PATCHWORK BED QUILT, Machine pieced and quilted (if any): 1 Ann Birch *, 2 Ann Birch *, 3 Mrs J.K. Tarbotton *, Class 727 BED QUILT from a Printed

Panel: 1 Lisa Kingsbury, Class 728 PATCHWORK ARTICLE NOT BED QUILT, Combination of hand and machine: 1 Debbie Macdonald, 2 Barbara Buch, Class 729 PATCHWORK BED QUILT, Hand or machine pieced, commercially quilted: 1 Jane O’Reilly, Class 730 PATCHWORK, NOT BED QUILT, Hand or machine pieced, commercially quilted.: 1 Lucille Brown-Patchwork Not Bed Quilt, 2 Jane O’Reilly, Class 731 PATCHWORK WALL HANGING, machine pieced and quilted (if any): 1 Debbie Macdonald, 2 Lucille Brown-Patchwork Wall Hanging Under 1 Meter Square, 3 Ann Bell, Class 732 PATCHWORK WALL HANGING, machine pieced and quilted (if any): 1 Nancy Christey, 2 Wendy Lewis, 3 Margaret Kelk-Patchwork Wall Hanging, Class 733 PATCHWORK QUILT, first time entrant: 1 Tracey Stowell, 2 Jocelyn V P Thomson, Class 735 PATCHWORK, NOT BED QUILT - NOVICE: 1 Michelle Adams, Class 736 PATCHWORK QUILT for a Child: 1 Barbara Busch, 2 Mrs J.K. Tarbotton *, Class 737 COT QUILT, not Printed Panel: 1 Julie McAtamney, 2 Alison Moore, Class 739 “BLOCK OF THE MONTH” QUILT: 1 Debbie Macdonald, Class 740 PATCHWORK QUILT/ARTICLE using recycled fabric: 1 Alison Garforth, 2 Alison Garforth, Class 741 PATCHWORK TABLE RUNNER: 1 Ruth Keeley, 2 Mrs J.K. Tarbotton *, 3 Ann Bell, Class 744 ADVENT CALENDAR - may be Printed Panel or Pieced: 1 Alison Moore, 2 Margaret Kelk-Advent Calendar, Class 745 CHRISTMAS DECORATION: 1 Rebecca Kenny, Class 746 ARTICLE MADE FROM FURNISHING FABRIC: 1 Nancy Christey *, Class 747 PLACEMATS, Set of 2, any medium: 1 Ann Bell, 2 Barbara Busch, 3 Barbara Busch, Class 748 BAG any medium: 1 Joan Henderson *, 2 Joan Henderson *, 3 Lucille Brown-Bag, Class 749 ARTICLE FROM A PRINTED PANEL: 1 Lucille Brown-Article From A Printed Panel, Class 750 CHILD’S TOY, made with fabric, not printed panel: 1 Lucille Brown, 2 Alison Garforth, 3 Rebecca Kenny, Class 753 PIN CUSHION, Hand or machine pieced: 1 Barbara Busch, 2 Kaye Wilson, Class 754 CUSHION, Patchwork (may be quilted): 1 Debbie Macdonald, 2 Lisa Kingsbury, 3 Mrs J.K. Tarbotton *, Class 755 ANY ARTICLE NOT OTHERWISE SPECIFIED: 1 Barbara Busch, 2 Jocelyn V P Thomson, 3 Debbie Macdonald, Premier Exhibit - Sewing: Jenny Knight Class 756 CHILD’S GARMENT, SUITABLE FOR GIRLS, smocking allowed: 1 Jillian Bensdorp, 2 Jenny Knight, 3 Lisa Kingsbury, Class 757 CHILD’S GARMENT, SUITABLE FOR BOYS: 1 Jenny Knight, 2 Jenny Knight, Class 758 ADULT GARMENT, not knit fabric: 1 Jenny Knight, 2 Jenny Knight, Class 759 ADULT GARMENT, knit fabric (not sweatshirt): 1 Jenny Knight,

Double trouble – Arthur, 4, and Toby, 3, Langdon found the ringside rope a lot of fun. 011113-TM-083

Class 760 SWEATSHIRT, adult or child: 1 Jenny Knight, Class 761 SLEEPWEAR, adult or child: 1 Jenny Knight, 2 Jenny Knight, 3 Jillian Bensdorp, Class 762 HAT, adult or child: 1 Jenny Knight, Class 763 APRON, maybe full or half: 1 Nancy Christey, 2 Jenny Knight, Class 764 SOMETHING NEW FROM SOMETHING OLD: 1 Jenny Knight, 2 Nancy Christey, 3 Jenny Knight, Class 766 GARMENT MADE WITH POLAR FLEECE, up to and including Size 10: 1 Jenny Knight, Class 767 SLEEVELESS VEST, Adult or Child: 1 Clare Stewart, Class 768 BOXERS, Adult or Child: 1 Jenny Knight, 2 Jillian Bensdorp, 3 M Vessey, Class 770 ANY GARMENT NOT OTHERWISE SPECIFIED: 1 Jillian Bensdorp, 2 Brittany Glassey, 3 Jenny Knight,

CRAFT Premier Exhibit - Craft: Maryann Cowan Class 771 COLLECTION OF CRAFT ARTICLES, 3 distinct varieties: 1 Maryann Cowan, 2 Jo Wilson, 3 Olivia Barclay, Class 772 ONE CRAFT ARTICLE, not otherwise specified: 1 Maryann Cowan, 2 Residents/Staff Tuarangi Home*, 3 Cameron Courts Resthome, Class 773 FABRIC DOLL - DRESSED , Any Size: 1 Lisa Kingsbury, 2 Lisa Kingsbury, Class 774 CHRISTMAS NOVELTY: 1 Jo Wilson, 2 Judy Hay, 3 Maryann Cowan, Class 775 HAND MADE JEWELLERY: 1 Haidee Cowan, 2 Maryann Cowan, 3 Haidee Cowan,

Class 776 CARD - “BON VOYAGE”: 1 Judy Hay, 2 Maryann Cowan, 3 Marie Casey, Class 777 CARD - make any type of card using a cuttlebug die/embossing folder: 1 Maryann Cowan, 2 Susan Philpott, 3 Andrena Skinner, Class 778 SCRAPBOOKING - One page which features a photo of “SOMEONE FAMOUS”: 1 Tina Hayman, 2 Gaye Leverton, 3 Julie Begg, Class 779 SCRAPBOOKING - One Page which features using the colour “RED”: 1 Gaye Leverton, 2 Rachael Love, 3 Lana Jones, Class 780 SCRAPBOOKING - One page which features “ A SUPPLIED SKETCH”: 1 Lana Jones, 2 Rachael Love, 3 Marie Casey, Class 781 SCRAPBOOKING - Mini Album: 1 Tina Hayman, Class 782 SCRAPBOOKING - “OFF THE PAGE”: 1 Gaye Leverton,

TEDDY BEARS Premier Exhibit - Teddy Bears: Judy Skevington Class 784 TEDDY BEAR - 8” and over, any medium: 1 Aileen Wood, Class 785 TEDDY BEAR - (ACRYLIC FUR) - less than 8” tall: 1 Donece McEwan, 2 Judy Skevington, Class 786 TEDDY BEAR - (MOHAIR FUR) - less than 8” tall: 1 Donece McEwan, 2 Sharon Hooper, 3 Anne Hooper, Class 787 TEDDY BEAR - (ACRYLIC FUR) - 8” and over: 1 Donece McEwan, 2 Judy Skevington, Class 788 TEDDY BEAR - (MOHAIR FUR) - 8” and over: 1 Judy Skevington, 2 Sharon Hooper, 3 Anne Hooper, Class 789 TEDDY BEAR - Any medium: 1 Donece McEwan, 2 Judy Skevington, 3 Donece McEwan, Class 790 TEDDY BEAR - Made with Animal Fur (eg Rabbit, Possum, Mink): 1 Judy Skevington, 2 Donece McEwan, Class 791 TEDDY BEAR “FRIEND” (under 8”): 1 Judy Skevington, 2 Anne Hooper, 3 Donece McEwan,

WOODTURNING Premier Exhibit - Woodturning: Bruce Ferriman Class 792 HOLLOWFORM: 1 P.W Ireland *, 2 P.W Ireland *, 3 Wim Melchers, Class 793 SPINDLE TURNING: 1 P.W Ireland *, 2 P.W Ireland *, 3 Mervyn Peck, Class 794 BOWL up to 300mm Diameter: 1 Mervyn Peck, 2 Mervyn Peck, 3 Wim Melchers, Class 795 BOWL up to 300mm diameter: 1 G A Brown, Class 796 PLATTER: 1 Mervyn Peck, 2 G A Brown, Class 797 SPINDLE TURNING: 1 G A Brown, Class 798 CRAFT - Article of wood not turned: 1 Bruce Ferriman, 2 Lee Rhodes, 3 P.W Ireland *,

CREATIVE FIBRE Jack Ward and Rex Copland take time out for a chat.

Ashburton Guardian 19


Premier Exhibit - Creative Fibre: Judy Willetts

Class 799 ONE SKEIN OF HANDSPUN WOOL: 1 Cindy Begg, 2 Judy Willetts, 3 Pauline Stewart *, Class 800 ONE SKEIN OF HANDSPUN WOOL: 1 Pauline Stewart *, 2 Colleen Ness, 3 Judy Willetts, Class 801 ONE SKEIN OF HAND DYED, HANDSPUN WOOL: 1 Pauline Stewart *, 2 Sue Giller, 3 Judy Willetts, Class 802 ONE SKEIN OF NOVELTY HANDSPUN WOOL: 1 Judy Willetts, 2 Pauline Stewart *, 3 Sue Giller, Class 803 ONE SKEIN OF HANDSPUN FIBRE: 1 Pauline Stewart *, 2 Judy Willetts, Class 804 HANDKNIT ADULT GARMENT IN NATURAL COLOURED WOOL.: 1 Judy Willetts, 2 Cindy Begg, 3 Margaret Williamson, Class 805 HANDCRAFTED ITEM showing effective use of colour: 1 Fay McQuarters *, 2 Pauline Stewart *, Class 806 CHILD’S GARMENT IN HANDSPUN WOOL: 1 Fenn Leadley, 2 Pauline Stewart *, 3 Margaret Williamson, Class 807 HANDCRAFTED NATURAL FIBRE HAT: 1 Wilma Wolfreys *, 2 Judy Willetts, 3 Pauline Stewart *, Class 808 HANDCRAFTED ITEM CONTAINING at least 80% Huacaya or Suri Alpaca.: 1 Margaret Williamson, 2 Cindy Begg, 3 Pauline Stewart *, Class 809 HAND FELTED ITEM USING ANY FIBRE: 1 Wilma Wolfreys *, 2 Pauline Stewart *, Class 810 DUAL EXHIBITORS - ARTICLE CREATED BY TWO EXHIBITORS: 1 Sue Giller, 2 Wilma Wolfreys *, 3 Pauline Stewart *, Class 811 HANDWOVEN GARMENTANY FIBRE: 1 Judy Willetts, Class 812 HANDWOVEN ITEM USING ANY FIBRE: 1 Judy Willetts, 2 May Greenslade, 3 Maureen Ross,

PHOTOGRAPHY Premier Exhibit - Photography: Anita Badger Class 840 COLOUR PRINT, Adult or Child Study, Novice: 1 Daniel Petrie, 2 Penny Kerr, 3 Gemma Bell, Class 841 COLOUR PRINT, Animal Study, Novice: 1 Gemma Bell, 2 Nicky Renner, 3 Todd Copland, Class 842 COLOUR PRINT, Landscape, Novice: 1 Geoff Ireland, 2 Andree McCormick, 3 Suzanne Glassey, Class 843 COLOUR PRINT, Animal or Bird Study: 1 Gaynor Hurst, 2 Gaynor Hurst, 3 Gaynor Hurst, Class 844 COLOUR PRINT, Child or Adult Study: 1 Gaynor Hurst, 2 Marcia Glenie, 3 Hayley Zanker, Class 845 MONOCHROME - Any Subject: 1 Gaynor Hurst, 2 Gaynor Hurst, 3 Julie Begg, Class 846 COLOUR PRINT, Any Subject: 1 Gaynor Hurst, 2 Leonie Marsden, 3 Marcia Glenie, Class 847 DIGITALLY MANIPULATED PRINT, Any Subject: 1 Anita Badger, 2 Anita Badger, 3 Jim Logan, Class 848 COLOUR PRINT, Flowers and/ or Foliage: 1 Gaynor Hurst, 2 Leonie Marsden, 3 Julie Begg, Class 849 COLOUR PRINT, Landscape/

2013 Ashburton A&P Show 20 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, November 2, 2013 Class 959 JUNK INTO FUNK year 8 to 10: 1 Bernize Butters, 2 Bernize Butters, 3 Hannah Wakelin,

Seascape: 1 Gaynor Hurst, 2 Leonie Marsden, 3 Julie Begg, Class 850 COLOUR PRINT, Reflections: 1 Gemma Bell, 2 Julie Begg, 3 Megan Vessey, Class 851 COLOUR PRINT, Show Theme.: 1 Gaynor Hurst, 2 Julie Begg, 3 Gemma Bell, Class 852 COLOUR PRINT - Animal Study - Children up to 12yrs: 1 Mihi Mapu-Patea, 2 Molly MacKay Stewart, 3 Molly MacKay Stewart, Class 853 COLOUR PRINT, Abstract Children up to 12yrs: 1 Daniel Petrie, 2 Waiana Woods, 3 Ellie Lawn, Class 854 COLOUR PRINT, Any subject Children up to 12 years: 1 Olivia Stockdill, 2 Daniel Petrie, 3 Daniel Petrie, Class 855 COLOUR PRINT, Animal Study - Children 13-18yrs: 1 Kaitlin Watson, 2 Sam Glassey, 3 Kaitlin Watson, Class 856 COLOUR PRINT, Abstract Children 13-18yrs: 1 Kaitlin Watson, 2 Kaitlin Watson, 3 Kaitlin Watson, Class 857 COLOUR PRINT, Any subject - Children 13-18yrs: 1 Kaitlin Watson, 2 Sam Glassey, 3 Kaitlin Watson,


PAINTINGS/ART THIS SECTION INCLUDES YR 9-13 STUDENTS Premier Exhibit - Paintings: Brian Kerr Class 858 LAND or SEASCAPE, Oil or Acrylic: 1 Brian Kerr, 2 Ruth Keeley, 3 Lee Muckle, Class 859 LAND or SEASCAPE, Water Colour: 1 Kath Muir, Class 860 ANY OTHER SUBJECT, Oils or Acrylics: 1 Nicholas Cigobia, 2 Brian Kerr, 3 Julia Mansel, Class 861 ANY OTHER SUBJECT, Watercolour: 1 Julia Mansel, 2 Brittany Glassey, 3 Kath Muir, Class 862 ANY SUBJECT - Open to all mediums & may include Paper, Material, String,: 1 P Hydes, 2 Sharon Vessey, 3 Brittany Glassey, Class 863 SKETCH -: 1 Karlena Wishart, 2 Brian Kerr, 3 Brittany Glassey, Class 864 STUDY, animal, any medium: 1 Brian Kerr, 2 Sharon Vessey, 3 Karlena Wishart, Class 865 SET OF THREE MINIATURES: 1 Kath Muir, 2 Brian Kerr, 3 Lee Muckle, Class 866 ANY SUBJECT in OIL, ARCYLIC OR WATER COLOUR: 1 Brittany Glassey, 2 Ben Wakelin, Class 867 SKETCH USING INK, PENCIL, CRAYON, CHARCOAL OR ANY COMBINATIONS: 1 Brittany Glassey, 2 Ben Wakelin, 3 Rebecca Reith,

FLORAL ART Premier Exhibit - Floral Art: Tracy Fisher Class 868 “WILD & FREE”, any medium, Novice: 1 Nicole Hazlehurst, 2 Sandra Cigobia, 3 P Hydes, Class 869 “IN THE NURSERY”, any medium, First time entrant: 1 Sandra Cigobia, 2 Hayley Zanker, Class 870 “NEXT IN LINE”, any medium, Open: 1 Tracy Fisher, 2 Tracy Fisher, 3 Surrey Lamont, Class 871 “CROWNING GLORY” any medium, open.: 1 Surrey Lamont, 2 Tracy Fisher, 3 Nicole Hazelhurst,

CUT FLOWERS Premier Exhibit - Cut Flowers: Shona Thomas Class 872 A DISPLAY OF FLOWERS/ SHRUBS six distinct varieties, one stem: 1 Winchmore Rural Women, 2 Winchmore Rural Woman, 3 Winchmore Rural Woman, Class 873 CUT FLOWERS, outdoor grown (Shrubs excluded).: 1 Shona Thomas, 2 Tracy Fisher, 3 Gladys Baker, Class 874 COLLECTION OF FLOWERING SHRUBS AND TREES.: 1 Tracy Fisher, 2 Gladys Baker, 3 Tracy Fisher, Class 875 COLLECTION OF ALPINE AND/OR ROCKERY FLOWERS, in a vase: 1 Hayley Zanker, 2 Tracy Fisher, Class 876 ONE STEM OF BEARDED IRIS: 1 Shona Thomas, 2 Sandra Cigobia, 3 Shona Thomas, Class 877 ONE STEM OF BEARDLESS IRIS: 1 Mavis Wilkins, 2 John Brown, 3 Melva Rodgers, Class 878 THREE PANSIES/VIOLAS, under 2 1/2 inches in a saucer, no leaves: 1 Susan Philpott, 2 Shona Deaker, 3 Shona Thomas, Class 879 THREE PANSIES/VIOLAS over 2 1/2 inches in a saucer, no leaves: 1 Mavis Wilkins, 2 Shona Deaker, 3 Judy Hay, Class 880 ONE PAEONIA (Peony): 1 Shona Thomas, 2 Jicinta McBain, 3 Mavis Wilkins, Class 881 ONE CLEMATIS (floating): 1

Gwenda Hansen checks out the floral exhibits. Tracy Fisher, 2 Hayley Zanker, 3 Gladys Baker, Class 882 THREE RANUNCULAS: 1 Susan Philpott, Class 883 THREE ICELAND POPPIES: 1 Mavis Wilkins, 2 Shona Thomas, Class 884 ONE STEM CAMELIA: 1 Hayley Zanker, 2 Ann Watson, 3 Barbara Burst, Class 885 ONE STEM RHODODENDRON - One head: 1 Barbara Burst, 2 Mavis Wilkins, 3 Nancy Christie, Class 886 ONE STEM AZALEA: 1 Gladys Baker, 2 Carol Williamson, 3 Carol Williamson, Class 887 VASE OF MIXED PERENNIALS - no more than six varieties.: 1 Tracy Fisher, 2 Gladys Baker, Class 888 ANY OTHER FLOWER not in schedule - one stem: 1 Carol Williamson, 2 Hayley Zanker, 3 Barbara Burst, Class 889 COLLECTION OF FRESH HERBS: 1 Tracy Fisher, 2 Melva Rodgers, 3 Judy Hay, Class 890 COLLECTION OF NATIVES in a vase: 1 Tracy Fisher, 2 Hayley Zanker, Class 891 VASE OF RED FLOWERS - no more than six varieties: 1 Susan Philpott, 2 Hayley Zanker, 3 Gladys Baker,

STUDENT COOKING Class 895 PIKELET ‘SHAPE’ - Shape of own choice, not to exceed 10cm square: 1 Madison Clarke, 2 Lydia Hooley, Class 896 FOUR DECORATED CUP CAKES: 1 Riley Tindall, 2 Ruby Leverton, 3 Zara Stewart, Class 897 FOUR DECORATED WINE BISCUITS.: 1 Ruby Leverton, 2 Kellie Corbett, 3 Annabel Murphy, Class 898 LUNCH PACK: 1 Tyler Bartlett, 2 Zac Bartlett, Class 899 GLUTEN FREE SLICE: 1 Jessica Cowan, Class 900 NOVELTY MADE FROM FRUIT AND VEGETABLES (no accessories): 1 Ruby Leverton, 2 Zac Bartlett, 3 Gabbie Tindall, Class 906 “FOOD AS A GIFT”: 1 Hannah Wakelin, Class 907 GLUTEN FREE SLICE: 1 Hannah Wakelin, Class 908 NOVELTY MADE FROM FRUIT AND VEGETABLES (no accessories): 1 Hannah Wakelin, Premier Exhibit - Student Cooking: Hannah Wakelin Class 909 FOUR MUFFINS: 1 Leilani Lobb, 2 Ben Wakelin, 3 Bernize Butters, Class 910 FOUR PIECES OF UNCOOKED SLICE: 1 Leilani Lobb, 2 Ben Wakelin, 3 Kate Hayman, Class 911 GIFT PACK OF HOMEMADE SWEETS: 1 Bernize Butters, Class 912 LUNCH PACK: 1 Kate Hayman, 2 Bernize Butters, 3 Bernize Butters, Class 913 MICROWAVE CAKE, any variety, plain icing.: 1 Bernize Butters, 2 Elisabeth Bramhall,

Class 914 GLUTEN FREE SLICE: 1 Ben Wakelin, 2 Elisabeth Bramhall, Class 915 DECORATED PUDDING IN A GLASS: 1 Bernize Butters, STUDENT CRAFT & TECHNOLOGY Class 916 SEWN ARTICLE: 1 Bernize Butters, 2 Elisabeth Bramhall, Class 917 HAND MADE JEWELLERY: 1 Bernize Butters, 2 Ben Wakelin, 3 Bernize Butters, Class 918 PAPER CRAFT ARTICLE (made using paper or card): 1 Kate Hayman, 2 Bernize Butters, Class 919 ARTICLE OF CRAFT (any other medium): 1 Bernize Butters, 2 Elisabeth Bramhall, Class 920 ARTICLE OF EMROIDERY: 1 Julie Kenny, 2 Elisabeth Bramhall, Class 922 SEWN ARTICLE: 1 Tayla Love, 2 Maysie Willis, 3 Hannah Wakelin, Class 924 PAPER CRAFT ARTICLE (made using paper or card): 1 Tessa Thompson, 2 Hannah Wakelin, 3 Tegan Booth, Class 925 ARTICLE OF CRAFT (any other medium): 1 Hannah Wakelin, 2 Maysie Willis, 3 Tayla Love, Class 926 BEAD NECKLACE OR BRACELET: 1 Maysie Willis, Class 927 PEGGY SQUARE: 1 Tayla Love, 2 Rugy Goodes, Class 928 SEWN ARTICLE: 1 Maddy Watson, 2 Tegan Booth, Class 929 ARTICLE OF EMBROIDERY: 1 Harriet Leverton, Class 930 CHRISTMAS DECORATION: 1 Maddy Watson, 2 Jessica Cowan, Class 931 HAND MADE JEWELLERY: 1 Maddy Watson, 2 Harriet Leverton, 3 Jessica Cowan, Class 932 ARTICLE OF CRAFT (any other medium): 1 Jessica Cowan, 2 Rowan Kenny, 3 Rowan Kenny, Premier Exhibit Student Craft: Hannah Wakelin Class 934 CHRISTMAS DECORATION: 1 Joelle Watson, 2 Mia Love, Class 935 HAND MADE JEWELLERY: 1 Madison Clarke, 2 Ruby Leverton, 3 Joelle Watson, Class 936 ARTICLE OF CRAFT (any other medium): 1 Hayley McQuillan-Ross, 2 Mia Love, 3 Ze’ahn Otene,

STUDENT COLLECTION Class 937 STUDENT COLLECTION: 1 Harriet Leverton, 2 Tayla Love, 3 Elisabeth Bramhall,

STUDENT TECHNOLOGY Class 938 DVD Cover (computer made): 1 Charlie Stock, 2 Ben Wakelin, Class 939 A4 POSTER (eg: sports person, event poster etc): 1 Kate Hayman, 2 Charlie Stock,


Class 940 BUSINESS CARD: 1 Ben Wakelin, 2 Charlie Stock, Class 941 DVD COVER, computer made: 1 Hannah Wakelin, 2 Tessa Thompson, Class 942 A4 POSTER (eg: sports person, event poster etc): 1 Tessa Thompson, 2 Hannah Wakelin, Class 943 BUSINESS CARD: 1 Hannah Wakelin, 2 Jacob Skinner, Class 944 BOOKMARK ( computer made ): 1 Maddy Watson, 2 Harriet Leverton, Class 945 CHRISTMAS CARD (computer made): 1 Harriet Leverton, 2 Maddy Watson, Class 946 OWN CHOICE OF COMPUTER ARTICLE: 1 Maddy Watson,

STUDENT WOODWORK Premier Exhibit - Student Woodwork: Grace Reith Class 947 ANY ARTICLE OF HANDWORK, up to and including Year 8: 1 Grace Reith, 2 Grace Reith, 3 Jack. Savage, Class 948 ANY ARTICLE OF HANDWORK, year 9 & 10: 1 Kaitlin Watson, 2 Charlie Stock, 3 Elisabeth Bramhall,


Premier Exhibit - Lego & Kitsets: Sam Stewart Class 949 PRE SCHOOL ANY ARTICLE OF LEGO: 1 Sylvie Thompson - Hart, Class 950 LEGO MODEL, not to exceed 40cm x 40cm including base materials: 1 Sam Stewart, 2 Theo Thompson - Hart, 3 Joelle Watson, Class 951 LEGO MODEL, not to exceed 40cm x 40cm including base materials: 1 Rowan Kenny, 2 Hamish Kerr, 3 Jed Cameron, Class 952 DESIGN AND BUILD A ‘TRACTOR’ using Lego blocks: 1 Todd McCloy, Class 953 DESIGN AND BUILD A ‘TRACTOR’ using Lego blocks: 1 Ben Hooley, 2 Samuel Corbett, Class 954 KITSET MODEL, year 8 and under: 1 Jacob Skinner, 2 Jack. Savage, 3 Samuel Corbett, Class 955 K-NEX MODEL, not to exceed 60cm x 60cm: 1 Todd McCloy, 2 Todd McCloy,

STUDENT JUNK INTO FUNK Premier Exhibit - Junk into Funk: Bernize Butters Class 957 JUNK INTO FUNK Year 3 and under: 1 Laura Cameron, 2 Daniel Thompson, 3 Todd McCloy, Class 958 JUNK INTO FUNK year 4 to 7: 1 Samuel Corbett, 2 Lucy Moore, 3 Jessica Cowan,

Premier Exhibit - Student Art: Hannah Wakelin Class 960 Year 1 & 2, A PAINTING OF “A KIWI OR OTHER NATIVE ANIMAL”: 1 Katie Meares-Hay, 2 Callum Kingsbury, 3 Saxon McIlroy, Class 961 Year 3 & 4, A PAINTING OF “A PORTRAIT”: 1 Joelle Watson, 2 Todd McCloy, Class 962 Year 5 & 6, SKETCH OF A ANIMAL STUDY: 1 Ramona McIlroy, 2 Maddy Watson, 3 Paddy Dekker, Class 963 Year 7&8, PICTURE OF “any topic”: 1 Hannah Wakelin, 2 Maysie Willis, 3 Pradip Rai, Class 964 Year 5&6, A PAINTING ANY TOPIC, any medium, unframed: 1 Maddy Watson, Class 965 Year 1 to 4, A COLLAGE PICTURE of “UNDER THE SEA”: 1 Amelia Chambers, 2 Mia Love, 3 Callum Kingsbury, Class 966 Year 5 to 8, A COLLAGE PICTURE OF “ABOVE THE GROUND”: 1 Tayla Love, 2 Jessica Eaton, 3 Maysie Willis, 3 Sierra Chambers, Class 967 Year 1 to 4, A Handmade “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” ( no computer made cards): 1 Zara Stock, 2 Lydia Hooley, 3 Jasmine Galos, Class 968 Year 5 to 6, A Handmade “ INVITATION TO CHILDS BIRTHDAY PARTY” ( no compute: 1 Maddy Watson, 2 Annabel Murphy, 3 Harriet Leverton, Class 969 Year 1 to 8, Using Modelling Clay or similar medium “ FARMING FRIENDS “: 1 Hannah Wakelin,

STUDENT FLOWERS Premier Exhibit - Childs Flowers: Mia Love Class 970 NOVELTY GARDEN - THEME “FARMING FRIENDS - FAMILY, COMMUNITY & BUSINESS”: 1 Ruby Leverton, 2 Todd McCloy, 3 Seth Hosken, Class 971 NOVELTY GARDEN - THEME “FARMING FRIENDS - FAMILY, COMMUNITY & BUSINESS”: 1 Abbey Williams, Class 972 BUTTONHOLE: 1 Tegan Boath, 2 Todd McCloy, 3 Zoe McBain, Class 973 EGG CUP POSY: 1 Ella Yeatman, 2 Todd McCloy, 3 Molly MacKay Stewart, Class 974 ARRANGEMENT IN A NOVELTY CONTAINER: 1 Ella Yeatman, 2 Annabel Murphy, 3 Todd McCloy, Class 975 AQUA JAR (quart): 1 Molly MacKay Stewart, 2 Tegan Boath, 3 Sierra Chambers, Class 976 SAND SAUCER, year 4 at school and under: 1 William Paton, 2 Zoe McBain, 3 Todd McCloy, Class 977 SAND SAUCER, over year 4 at school: 1 Molly MacKay Stewart, 2 Ella Yeatman, Class 978 FLOATING BOWL ARRANGEMENT, soup plate: 1 Ella Yeatman, 2 Molly MacKay Stewart, 3 Todd McCloy, Class 979 FLOWER IN A WINE GLASS: 1 Ruby Leverton, 2 Tegan Boath, 3 Annabel Murphy, Class 980 A HAND HELD POSY OF FLOWERS AND HERBS: 1 Ella Yeatman, 2 Molly MacKay Stewart, 3 Todd McCloy, Class 981 GRAIN/SEED MAN/ANIMAL year 4 at school and under: 1 Mia Love, 2 Zac Evans, 3 Zanthe Butterick, Class 982 GRAIN/SEED MAN/ANIMAL, over year 4 at school: 1 Tegan Boath, 2 Tayla Love, Class 983 FARMING FRIENDS - FAMILY, COMMUNITY & BUSINESS MOSAIC, on card, using Grain: 1 Todd McCloy, 2 Michael Butterick, Class 984 FARMING FRIENDS - FAMILY, COMMUNITY & BUSINESS MOSAIC, on card, using Grain: 1 Sierra Chambers, 2 Ella Yeatman,

PRE SCHOOL ART Class 985 COLLAGE - Any Medium: 1 Childs Play Preschool, 2 Childs Play Preschool, 3 Childs Play Preschool, Class 986 NOVELTY GARDEN in a 2 litre Icecream Container (toys allowed): 1 Lydia Hosken, 2 Shantelle Hosken, Class 987 PICTURE - any medium: 1 Lydia Hosken, 2 Shantelle Hosken, 3 Harriet Harley, Class 988 MODEL FROM RECYCLED MATERIAL: 1 Mayfield Playcentre, 2 Shantelle Hosken, 3 Lydia Hosken,

2013 Ashburton A&P Show

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ashburton Guardian 21

Colouring-in winners Hundreds of youngsters from around the district entered the Ashburton Guardian A&P Show colouring competition and yesterday the three winners collected their prizes. Molly Harrison, 4, won the under-5 category, Sophie Mulder from Longbeach School took out the 6-10 category, while Shinnaye Alford from Chertsey won the 11-15 category. Some entries will be on display at the Guardian Marquee at the show today, so pop in and have a look. You will also be able to get your own personalised front page of the Guardian or just come and have a chat with the Guardian staff.

Above – Four-year-old Molly Harrison, held by mum Jo, is rapt to get her prize (a painter’s set from Paper Plus) from Guardian general manager Nikki Cameron.

Above – Nikki gives Sophie Mulder, 6, from Longbeach School, a congratulatory hug and her prize (a air-swimming shark from Smith and Church) for winning the 6-10 years category. Below – Shinnaye Alford, winner of the 11-15 years category receives her prize (a cellphone from Vodafone) from Guardian general manager Nikki Cameron yesterday.

Your place 22 Ashburton Guardian


Saturday, November 2, 2013



Test yourself with the Guardian’s weekday quiz

1 – An online auction company that is a first in NZ has been launched in Ashburton. What does it sell? a. Relocatable houses b. Wool c. Agricultural machinery 2 – Whether your hair is straight or curly depends on the shape of the follicles you have. a. True b. False 3 – Who is the Prime Minister of Japan? a. Shinzo Abe b. Yoshihiko Noda c. Taro Aso 4 – Nadine, Perla and Moonlight are all kinds of...? a. Perfume b. Lipstick c. Apple 5 – Fairfield, Frankton and Hillcrest are all suburbs of which NZ city? a. Nelson b. Whanganui c. Hamilton 6 – Takraw is a very popular game in which country? a. China b. Thailand c. Japan 7 – Sodium bicarbonate is better known as...? a. Baking powder b. Baking soda c. Baking flour 8 – Lauriston is which direction from Ashburton? a. West b. Northwest c. North

Yesterday’s top 5 stories on 1. New bar broken into, trashed 2. Deputy, committees decided (+ Video) 3. Hammers do their bit for history 4. Perry back in Crusaders country 5. Cricket OE ‘stellar experience’


Featured today:4

Netherby team beef it up View or purchase photos online

The Netherby Meats award-winning team. If you would like to see your staff on this page, take a photo. We’re happy to publish it. Not only can you drop it into our office on 161 Burnett Street, you can send it via email (see below) and you can post your original copy. We will post it back to you, so make sure you supply us with your address.


7A&P show 6 Award-winning cable jointer 3and many more 7 4 5 3 8 4 Go to 6 2 to check out the new 8 9 5 photo galleries. 1 4 2 8 1 7 YESTERDAY’S 9ANSWERS 3 7

phoTo TeTsuro miTomo 251013-Tm-007

SEND US YOUR PHOTOS Your Place is the place to display the photos of your sports team, your pets, your school events, or just something ordinary from the present or days gone by. Please send your photos to with the words YOUR PLACE in the subject line and we will run it in the Guardian or our website

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9 4 5 3 6 2 7 1 8

6 1 2 8 9 7 4 3 5

5 8 6 9 7 1 2 4 3

4 9 1 2 8 3 5 6 7

3 2 7 4 5 6 9 8 1

7 5 4 6 3 8 1 9 2

1 6 8 7 2 9 3 5 4

2 3 9 1 4 5 8 7 6


Answers: 1c 2a 3a 4c 5c 6b 7b 8c


Tomato and eggplant sauce for pasta

2 1

400g pasta, eg spaghetti 30ml olive oil 1 eggplant, cut into small cubes 500g plum tomatoes, halved and deseeded 1 C passata (tomato juice/purée) 2 cloves garlic, chopped salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste fresh basil for garnish ■ Preheat oven to 200°C. ■ Bring a large saucepan of salted water to the boil. ■ Add pasta when vegetables are half cooked. ■ Heat oil in large heavy based frying pan. ■ Add eggplant and cook, stirring over a high heat for about 8 minutes or until soft. ■ Add tomatoes, passata, garlic and black pepper. ■ Cook, stirring, for 2-3 minutes. ■ Cook pasta in boiling water according to packet instructions or



until al dente. Drain. ■ Divide pasta between heated bowls. ■ Spoon over the sauce, garnish with basil leaves and serve.

Recipe courtesy

4 6 5 1 3 8 6

4 3




5 1 9 7 8 4

1 4

5 7 9

Solutions for today in tomorrow’s Your Place page.

2 7 8 6 1 4 5 9 3

23 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sport Japan pumped for ABs: Williams P26-27

Reward for Mid Canterbury captain

P24 Irrigation Watermeter Installation

• E-CAN watermeter installation deadlines are looming • E-CAN approved watermeter installer • E-CAN approved watermeters and data monitoring • Cost effective installations tailored to meet your needs • Package deals including water meters, data collection and monitoring • Multi site data collection and monitoring • Free quotations, phone Robin Jenkinson today on 0274 841 112

Emma takes home the silverware P28

Ashburton Contracting Limited P 03 308 4039 A 48 South Street, Ashburton W Gold


Sport 24 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, November 2, 2013


1 - It took

Jesse Ryder just one firstclass innings following his return from a six-month suspension to have his name linked with an international comeback. Ryder hit 117 from 164 balls for Otago in their drawn Plunket Shield match with his old province Wellington in the capital this week.


- Last season the Boston Red Sox lost 93 games and finished bottom of the American League East. This season they won the World Series. The remarkable turnaround gave the Red Sox their third title in 10 years and made them the champion with the most defeats the previous season.

The sporting week in numbers

25 - Papua New Guinea may

not be typically associated with the sport of hockey and, on Thursday against New Zealand, it showed. The women’s Black Sticks showed no mercy in dispatching the world’s No 61-ranked side, running out 25-0 winners in pool play at the Oceania Cup in Stratford.

86 - New Zealand’s netball

team were almost as comfortable throughout their three-test series against Malawi. The Silver Ferns won all three games by a com-

bined margin of 86 goals, illustrating there remains something of a gulf between the top two and the No 5 side in the world.


- It would have been difficult to be too disappointed after he recorded 329 receiving yards in Detroit’s win over Dallas in NFL action on Monday, but Calvin Johnson may be wondering what could have been. ‘Megatron’ fell only seven yards short of the all-time record, set by Flipper Anderson in 1989.


- At 2.06m, Dominic Bird is set to tower above the pack when the All Blacks take on Japan on Saturday evening. The 22-yearold lock is set to become the tallest All Black ever but he will still fall some way short of world rugby tallest player, Scotland’s Richard Metcalfe at 2.13m.


- The Breakers’ defeat against Adelaide on Thursday night was noteworthy for the defending champions’ fourth defeat in a row, but also for the breakout of Reuben Te Rangi. The 19-yearold scored 22 points to haul the Breakers back into the game, surpassing his previous career high of 13.

history and the idea of 17,000 punters going to a game would be far-fetched - except for one man. Sadly for the French, Sonny Bill Williams will sit out Saturday morning’s game in Avignon due to a variety of bumps and bruises.


- The Black Caps’ tour of Bangladesh continues to go from bad to worse. After being held to a 0-0 draw in the twotest series, New Zealand have lost two one-dayers to cede the ODI series. The losses come after a 4-0 sweep in 2009 and give the Black Caps six straight 50-over defeats in Bangladesh.

14 - Brooklyn Beckham (be-

low) may be about to become to first of the burgeoning brood to follow in his father’s footsteps. The 14-year-old has been training at his dad’s beloved Manchester United and their coaching staff are reportedly considering offering Beckham’s first son a place in their academy. - APNZ

17,000 - France hardly have a strong rugby league

RIGHT: Reuben Te Rangi

Veteran radio commentator Allen McLaughlin has had issues with the pronunciation of Glen Fisiiahi over the years but his indiscretions are positively minor compared to those committed by the television commentators in the UK at the World Cup. In Tonga’s opening game against Scotland on Wednesday, Fisiiahi (pronounced Fiss-ee-ar-hee) he was referred to as Fisihaha, Fisihahe and Fisihehe. It was no laughing matter, especially as Tonga were upset by the Bravehearts 26-24.

Getting claws out There are close to 150 NRL players among the 336 players competing at the World Cup but Penrith have had a strangehold on the man-of-the-match award for the last four games. It started when Panthers centre Dean Whare won the award in the Kiwis’ 42-24 win over Samoa (Mose Masoe was another candidate) and continued when fullback Kevin Naiqama won it in Fiji’s 32-14 defeat of Ireland, Sika Manu was adjudged best on park in Tonga’s 26-24 defeat to Scotland and former Panthers

“Ricky has my number.” Australian cricket captain MICHAEL CLARKE says the ball’s in Ricky Ponting’s court after he criticised his former deputy’s attitude in his new autobiography. *** “I think some things should stay in that environment. Whether it’s family or cricket or sport I don’t think the public needs to hear everything that goes on.” - MARK TAYLOR on Ponting’s decision to reveal details of the infamous change-room bustup between Clarke and Simon Katich. *** “When a (club) president sits with you and says we see you as a long term coach, that’s enough for me. I’ll get on with work, with business.” - St Kilda coach SCOTT WATTERS just hours before he was sacked by the AFL club. *** “I just want James to concentrate on his football. We need his A-game.” - Wallabies coach EWEN MCKENZIE on why he dumped James Horwill as skipper in favour of Ben Mowen. *** “I was a bit speechless, I didn’t know what to say.” - A redeemed QUADE COOPER on his shock elevation to Wallabies vice-captain.

SET OF SIX What’s in a name?


*** utility Sefa Paulo starred for the US in their 32-20 win over the Cook Islands.

You’re Joshing us

during Fiji’s defeat of Ireland, “Jesus, I can’t tell”. It’s not known if the son of God is a fan of rugby league but he was a tradie.

This is a heartwarming story of the boy from the sticks who came good. It’s a tale of homesickness, making do with little and sacrifices. Along the way, Josh Papalii was also mugged on his first night in the UK. Where did he come from? “I was born in a little town called Mount Roskill in Auckland central,” he told reporters this week. Showing how small this world is, Sonny Bill Williams was born in a small village just down the road called Mt Albert.

The big calls Audio played of the video referee discussing a contentious try at this World Cup has gone down well even if some of the decisions haven’t but it has led to some comical moments. In the Kiwis’ win over Samoa, the video referee twice pushed the wrong button with ‘no try’ coming up on the big screen when it meant to say ‘try’. On top of that, another video referee was also heard exclaiming

Williams who he tried to tempt with a $1 million offer earlier this year. Not to be put off, the Sydney Morning Herald reported he’s going to try again as well as hoping to snap up Shaun Johnson, Simon Mannering and Ben Matulino. Koukash will talk to a number of player agents and league officials this week while in Australia for the Melbourne Cup.

One man’s trash...

Marwan Koukash

In the red Money talks but it’s hard to see it making too much of an impression in this case. The billionaire owner of the Salford Reds, Marwan Koukash, is reportedly after some of the biggest names in rugby league to lure them to the UK to play in the Super League. Top of his list, of course, is Sonny Bill

The World Cup trophy was famously lost after it was stolen from a Bradford hotel in 1971 only to be found in a tip 20 years later. The man who discovered it, Stephen Uttley, stumbled over it when answering a call of nature on a walk with his dog and thought it was a school cup. He took it straight to the local police station but no one claimed it so it was handed back to Uttley. He then got in touch with the local TV station in the hope they might do a story on it. They didn’t, with one executive saying to him, “it isn’t like it’s the World Cup or anything,” he recalled to the Mirror last week. It was only made in the 1950s at a cost of eight million French francs.

“Is 350 the new 280, 290 or 300?” - India captain MS DHONI ponders the state of the one-day game and health of cricket after his side chased down 351 to send their seven-game series against Australia to a decider. It was the third stunning run chase of the series. *** “I’ve been here from the start and I am well aware of the beast I’m about to try to ride.” - KEVIN MUSCAT after his promotion to head coach at A-League club Melbourne Victory. *** “I am overwhelmed, I don’t know what to say but it is the best day of my life so far.” SEBASTIAN VETTEL after clinching his fourth Formula One championship in India.


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ashburton Guardian 25


Captain rewarded for sterling season By Jonathan Leask

Mid Canterbury’s Meads Cup winning captain Jon Dampney was rewarded for a sterling season by being named Heartland player of the year at the Mid Canterbury Rugby Union’s awards last night. Dampney took over the captaincy this season and led from the front reaping the reward when he was able to lift the Meads Cup after his side beat North Otago 26-20 in the final in Ashburton last week, where he had another strong performance scoring a try in the first half. It was also hard to go past Glenn Moore for the Neville Goodwin Memorial Trophy for Mid Canterbury Coach of the Year after he led the Heartland team to a maiden Meads Cup win in his first season at the helm. Mid Canterbury’s latest centurion Jimmy Carr was voted the Heartland team man, centre Dwayne Burrows who has been selected for the New Zealand Heartland XV was named back of the year and former Manawatu Turbo Grant Polson was the forward of the year. Heartland halfback will Mackenzie, also named in the Heartland XV, was presented the Cousins Cup as Mid Canterbury Sevens Player of the year. The Mid Canterbury Development team also had success this season lifting the Hanan Cup with David Lowrie named the development squad player of the year, Matt Winter the best team man, Will Hintz best forward and Niko Bueta best back. The under 18 representative player of the year was Toafa Touli, the under 16s had joint winners, Cameron McLeod and Sean McCormack, while Dallas McLeod was the under 14 player of the year and received the Robert Woodham Cup as player of the tournament. Liam McCormack and Te Maiharoa

Mid Canterbury captain Jon Dampney, holding the Meads Cup after last Saturday’s final win, was named Mid Canterbury Player of the year last night. Photo JosePh Johnson

Waaka were joint winners for the under 65kg and Richard Foaga in the under 48kg team. The men in the middle were also honoured with Kevin Opele named the Mid Canterbury Referee of the Year and presented the Ant McGirr Trophy. McGirr was also honoured with a special presentation for 20 years of service. The Life Members Cup for outstanding contribution went to Graham Shaw. The Findlay

Cup for commitment to refereeing went to Perry Hunt, Gary Clement received the Pierce Trophy as the most improved referee and the junior referee of the year was Matt Bell. For his years of continued service with team management Wayne Timpson received the Philip McDonald Cup, the Volunteer Service Award. The Mid Canterbury club season awards were also presented with Celtic the big winner be-

ing named club of the year. The open grade coach of the year went to Ashburton College 1st XV coaches Shane Enright and Mark Cook that led the team to their best finish in the Crusaders Secondary School tournament, a South Island Co-ed title and a trip to the national top four championship. JAB coach of the year went to the Allenton-Celtic under 16 team of Leighton Hood, Todd Greive and Warren Mackenzie.

The MB Roulston Cup for most points in senior rugby went to Southern’s Lee Armstrong, the Allenton Senior B team was awarded the Roy Smith memorial (for best conduct and dress). The Senior and JAB trophies were also re-presented, including Rakaia taking home the Watters Cup and Max Gilbert Challenge trophy in senior rugby, with runners-up Methven winning the Dave White memorial during the season.

Heartland duties beckon for Meads Cup heroes By Jonathan Leask

For four Mid Canterbury rugby players the season isn’t finished just yet. Mid Canterbury captain Jon Dampney, halfback Will Mackenzie and centre Dwayne Burrows were all named in the 24man New Zealand Heartland XV rugby squad for two internal matches. The trio will get to play on familiar ground with the Heartland XV playing their first

match against New Zealand Defence Force in Methven on Tuesday. They then play New Zealand Marist, featuring Mid Canterbury teammate Tukulua Tolu, in Timaru on November 9. The squad features ten debutants in the Heartland XV black jersey including Mackenzie and Burrows, while Dampney could be considered a regular in the side. In 2007 Dampney, Jason Gill and Brenton Connell were

named in a paper team and in 2008 six Mid Canterbury players made the cut to tour the United States with Dampney, Gill, Connell, Malcolm Cairns, Jason Rickard and Dan Dwyer. Dampney and Rickard were recalled in 2009 and in 2010 Mid Canterbury had Rickard, Dwyer and prop Tim Perry, who signed with the Crusaders for next season, made the squadwith Dampney overseas. In 2011 Dampney was back in Mid Canterbury and re-joined

Rickard in the Heartland XV. Last year was the first time since the inaugural Heartland XV in 2006 that no Mid Canterbury players featured in that squad. Heartland XV criteria doesn’t allow import or player of origin players to gain selection, with the criteria for the local players being a three-year residency rule to be eligible. There have been two changes to the 2013 Heartland XV. Buller’s Lee Nelmes broke his arm during the

Lochore Cup final while North Otago’s Chris Talanoa Talanoa was a late withdrawal from the Meads Cup final due to a quad strain and was unable to pass a fitness test for the Heartland XV side. Heartland XV Head Coach Kurt McQuilkin has called in West Coast flanker Alan Monk and Cameron Hayton, winger from Wairarapa Bush to replace the pair. Heartland XV v NZ Defence Force at Methven, 2.30pm on November 5.

Sport 26 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Japanese ‘love to play t By Jonathan Leask


he All Black test against Japan tonight will evoke special memories for Mid Canterbury first five Murray Williams. The Meads Cup winner is a former Japanese international, getting to play out against the All Blacks at the 2011 rugby World Cup in Hamilton. “It was an amazing experience,” Williams said. “If you can’t play for the All Blacks the next best thing is to play against them. We got pumped on the night but just being out there and facing the haka was awesome.” Williams started in the number 10 jersey for Japan in the 2011 Rugby World Cup clash with the All Blacks, which the eventual cup winners won 837. Williams got his name on the score sheet converting the try from winger Hirotoki Onozawa. “We battled hard for 80 minutes and never gave up. We always knew it was going to be tough but the All Blacks were just too good.” Williams expects the same to happen in Tokyo today despite the All Blacks running out an experimental side, absent several frontline players. “Japan might compete for the first 15-20 minutes but the All Blacks have way too much xfactor. “I haven’t seen Japan play

for a while so I’m not too sure exactly how they are going to go or even who is in the team but the All Blacks will be too strong.” The game is being played at the 26,000-capacity Prince Chichibunomiya Stadium , the ground Murray said was where “they always play their test matches”, as opposed to one of the much larger capacity venues available which would suggest the match isn’t just a money-spinner for the All Blacks. “It will be good for Japanese rugby, they love the All Blacks. “The more exposure rugby gets in Japan the better it’s going to be especially with them hosting the World Cup soon.” Playing for Japan, against the All Blacks in a World Cup in New Zealand, wasn’t something Williams had ever planned on. “I wasn’t getting as much game time in New Zealand as I wanted and the opportunity came up to go to Japan. I played there for three years and became available, and only became available in 2011 and I thought they had their squad all sorted. “But JK (Sir John Kirwan) rang me up and asked me along to a camp.” He then made his debut against Samoa as Japan won the Pacific Nations in the lead up to the 2011 World Cup and went onto to play in three pool games of the Japans pool games, getting his only start against the All Blacks.

ABOVE: Mid Canterbury’s Meads Cup winner Murray Williams takes on the All Blacks defence playin LEFT: Williams in action for Mid Canterbury.

Kerr-Barlow keeps ne By GreGor PauL

N Will Williams be back? Murray Williams was an integral cog in Mid Canterbury’s championship run this season, considered by many to be the “best buy” in the Heartland Championship but Williams isn’t sure whether he’ll be back

to help the Hammers defend their title in 2014. “I haven’t even thought about it,” Williams said. “I’ve loved my time here but we’ll wait and see what’s happening in a year’s time.”

erves are a constant pre-match presence for Tawera Kerr-Barlow. He’s afflicted with high trait anxiety and he knows he’ll be overly tense ahead of making his first start today against Japan. He’s won 11 caps since making his debut against Scotland last year, but never worn the No 9 shirt. Today is a big day for the 23-year-old - a chance for him to display the qualities that drew the selectors to him last year. What they liked was his tenacity, physicality and ability to be so damaging around the fringes. The Chiefs went up another gear in their first title-winning campaign when KerrBarlow found the confidence to probe around the ruck and use his strength and ability to offload. Lively, influential and with the promise of more to come - now is the time for Kerr-Barlow to deliver. He’s not sure whether the presence of

Richie McCaw at No 8 and Daniel Carter at first-five is cause for him to feel less or more nervous. Not many halfbacks will ever play with a combined 220 test caps on either side of them. Neatly tucked between such experience and class, today could be an armchair ride for Kerr-Barlow: the easiest shift he’s ever had. But that’s not how it is with halfbacks. They are never there to quietly go about their business. The position demands a voice. There hasn’t been a halfback in world rugby who has been able to play five minutes without barking orders and helpful advice. A halfback has to take control, let the pack know what he wants and tell the backs what they are going to get. That’s what the All Black coaches want to see from KerrBarlow - authority, poise and control. Which takes him back to the issue of his nervousness being compounded by the knowledge that he is going to have to yell

a bit at the ski 10. How does h meat in betwee sure if I need t they will appr constructive. B to be playing lot and give m formation. “I’m a nervo I even play cl goes and the b evaporate. “It is just lea know I have do hard yards du am pretty swe Kerr-Barlow halfback to pa first-five playe Rome, in 2004 partner. Since


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ashburton Guardian 27

the ABs’ Big Bird hitting

All Black heights

By GreGor Paul


ng for Japan in Hamilton in the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

erves in check

ipper and the world’s best No

he feel about that? “I am the en the sandwich aren’t I? I am to give them a bit of feedback reciate it,” he says. “It will be But it is two fantastic blokes in between. They both talk a me good feedback and good in-

ous bloke. I’m nervous before lub rugby. Once the whistle ball is kicked off, they usually

ading up to the game but if I one all my prep and put in the uring the week then I know I eet.” w becomes the ninth different artner Carter in a test. The ed his first test at No 10 in 4, with Byron Kelleher as his e then, he’s been paired with

Justin Marshall, Andy Ellis, Jimmy Cowan, Piri Weepu, Alby Mathewson, Brendon Leonard, Aaron Smith and now Kerr-Barlow. All of them have offered something different, but in terms of forceful personality, Carter reckons Cowan was the one who had the most presence. The former Highlander had no qualms telling Carter what he should and shouldn’t be doing. “Tawera has given me a thing or two this week to work on which is good,” says Carter. “But Jimmy Cowan [would be the most forceful character] probably because he was such a good mate of mine. He was always giving me banter. “He was a bit more confident so he would tell me when to pull my head in and when I could do things a bit better. Typical No 9s are not shy of telling you things you need to work on to make them look better.” - APNZ

ven in Tokyo, with its impenetrable mass of skyscrapers, Dominic Bird still appears to be a significant structure. At 2.06m he’ll become the tallest All Black in history when he makes his debut tomorrow. The man is huge - impressively tall - but there’s plenty more to him than height. He doesn’t owe his selection exclusively to his physique. There have been plenty of tall men over the years who have been promoted as potential superstars only to fade as quickly as they arrived. Size alone isn’t enough to survive at this level. England had the 2.08m Martin Bayfield whose best work wasn’t in the test arena but as the stand-in for the character Hagrid in the Harry Potter films. Andries Bekker at 2.08m is another giant who never cut it at test level the Boks never convinced he had all he needed. Wales used to pick a 2.08m bloke called Derwyn Jones. He won 19 caps but was universally recognised as soft - a giant lump who added little. The tallest of all has been Scotland’s Richard Metcalfe. At 2.13m he was simply enormous. He played against the All Blacks in 2000 but the fact no one remembers says it all. Bird is a little different, or at least the All Black selectors think he is. As head coach Steve Hansen has proven during his tenure, his selection template is dominated by skill-sets. Each position has a list of demands and if they aren’t met, the player doesn’t get picked. The 22-year-old Bird has ticked the relevant boxes. “The obvious one is that he’s tall, but he’s an athlete, he’s co-ordinated,” says Hansen. “He’s got physical attributes we like in the core role. He doesn’t mind hitting rucks. He’s still learning the game, but there is a lot scope there to work with. “We would have picked him in June so while it seems like we have rushed him into the team, he’s had a wee while to wait. He had a bit of adversity in June [ripping a muscle the night before the squad was revealed] and he coped with that really well, which is pleasing. “We are confident he’ll do a job for us and put some pressure on the other guys who are performing really well at the moment.”

The other part of the selection template that matters to Hansen is depth of character and maturity. In this regard, Bird scores highly. After finishing school in Hawkes Bay, Bird headed to London for a year, to live life, travel and not play rugby. He returned to New Zealand to take up a place at Lincoln University to study environmental management. It’s obvious there is more in his life than just rugby and that he’s mentally equipped to succeed. Potentially, his injury on the eve of being named in the squad back in June could have sent him into an emotional tailspin, but the fact he was able to return ahead of schedule alludes to his ability to absorb major setbacks. “It was definitely gutting,” he says. “But a lot of people told me it was only one setback and that I had a long career ahead. They told me to get to work and get it right, get back on the pitch as soon as I could. “With only two games under my belt [since returning from injury] it is an honour to come in and get into it straight away. But the boys around me keep reminding me I have a big job to do and to keep humble. It is pretty exciting.” Hansen is just as excited - as once Bird finds his feet at this level, the All Blacks are going to have an extraordinary array of talent at lock. Big men have been hard to find in the past and now the All Blacks have the 2.02m Sam Whitelock, the 2.04m Brodie Retallick and Bird, they have the firepower to continue their transformation into becoming the world’s best lineout side. This year they have improved out of sight their ability to attack opposition ball. They’re also better at winning their own and are now an intimidating presence on the touchline. “I think we are already seeing how we are operating at lineout time,” says Hansen. “It is going particularly well. “Throw Steven Luatua in there as well and he adds more height again, Kieran Read as well and there are four guys on the track at any one time who are massive men. Sam Cane, Richie [McCaw] and Liam [Messam] are all jumping options too if they are out there. We have led the stats in turnover lineouts from opposition in the Sanzar competition,” Hansen said. “[It’s] an indication that the extra height is helping us.” LEFT: Dominic Bird

Sport 28 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, November 2, 2013


In brief

Rower rules roost at awards By Jonathan Leask

Mayfield rower Emma Dyke reigned supreme at the Aoraki Secondary Schools Sports Awards in Timaru last night. Dyke was named the Aoraki Secondary School sportsperson of the year after the Craighead secondary school sculler’s stellar year on the water. It all started with a silver medal in the women’s pair at the Youth Olympics festival in Sydney in January, won a gold in the four at the open nationals in February under the Timaru banner and then at her final Maadi Cup National Secondary Schools Championship at Lake Karapiro she won silver in the under 18 pair and bronze in the under 18 double, coxed four and the eight. To cap it all off she made the New Zealand Junior Worlds team competing in Lithuania in August finishing fifth in the women’s four. While the ex-pat won the major award a number of locals picked up individuals honours in their chosen sports. Mt Hutt College had Nicole Purdom, who played for Ashburton college, win the girls rugby award, Phillippa Fleming the girls’ smallbore rifle shooting and skier Kenji Boekholt

Mayfield rower Emma Dyke was named the Aoraki Secondary Schools sportsperson of the year last night. Photo tetsuro MitoMo

win the sportsperson awards in their chosen sports. Mt Hutt’s Grace Sommerville and Ashburton’s Joseph Brown were the top swimmers and Ashburton claimed the double in the water skiing through Hannah Wright and Ben Mc-

Fadden. Ashburton also had indoor bowler Cait Basset, equestrian Emma Waite, and pistol shooter Braden Kell, superbike racer Baillie Perriton and cowboy shooter Wesley Baratcart were also honoured for their efforts

in the sporting arena this year. Savanna Ornsby was also honoured for her contribution to sport with the talented athlete giving back through coaching juniors and helping the Special Olympics athletes with their training this year.

Perriton fired up for new racing season

Bailie Perriton kept up his impressive form to start the superbike season, claiming victory at the annual Greymouth street race on the West Coast. After a commanding street race debut at Methven earlier this year where he came first in the 250 class and third in

the Bucket class, he was fired up and looking forward to the challenge of the technical West Coast circuit. Starting second on the grid and hunted down the leader to take the lead on the last corner metres before the finish line. Race two was a wet affair but he took the win and on a dryer track for the third and final race

he managed to claim the clean sweep. A week earlier Perriton held off some stiff competition from some experienced riders on much faster machinery for the one-hour endurance event to take a well-deserved runnerup spot behind Matt Hoogenboezem from Christchurch, with fellow Ashburton rider

Lewis Dray finished in fifth place. It shows that Perriton is looking sharp ahead of his second crack at New Zealand Super Bike Series in January where he will be pulling out all the stops to take the 2014 New Zealand 250 production title, and there are plans underway for Perriton to race in Australia next year.


Venus Williams to play in Auckland Seven-time grand slam tennis champion and former world No 1 Venus Williams will play in ASB Classic over the New Year. The five-time Wimbledon champion is currently ranked 53rd in the world and has battled health issues in recent years. It’s what derailed her appearance at the 2011 ASB Classic, when she was signed to play but pulled out. It adds more star power to an already good lineup that includes Ana Ivanovic, Laura

Ashburton’s Robbie Bell and Tinwald’s John Smitheram will represent the Aorangi region at the 28th Freyburg Masters at the Coringa Golf Club in Christchurch on Monday. The Mid Canterbury golfers are joined by Geraldine duo Jason Leary and Simon Wright and Timaru’s Peter Fox in the Aorangi team. Some of the most experienced golfers from the 15 provinces around New Zealand will converge on Christchurch for the event that in the past two years has seen two first-time champions, Canterbury in 2011 and Waikato last year. Auckland is the most prolific winners of the Freyberg Masters which began at Paraparaumu Beach in 1986, winning 10 titles but they haven’t claimed the title since 2003.

Mills to captain


By Jonathan Leask

Freyburg duties

Robson and Monica Puig. “It is a great privilege to have someone of Williams’ calibre here in Auckland,” tournament director Karl Budge said. “She is undoubtedly one of the all-time greats in women’s tennis. “It will be an once-in-alifetime opportunity to watch Venus’ powerful baseline and attacking all-court game up close - a real treat for those who snap up tickets to the ASB Classic.” Williams has enjoyed an il-

lustrious career spanning two decades, which includes seven grand slam titles, four Olympic gold medals and US$29 million in career prizemoney. Over the past 20 years, she has been named as the WTA’s Player of the Year, Glamour Magazine’s Woman of the Year and one of Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women in the World. Williams was also named Female Athlete of the Year at the ESPY Awards in 2002. - APNZ

Veteran seam bowler Kyle Mills will captain New Zealand for the first time in its one day and Twenty20 cricket series in Sri Lanka later this month. The 34-year-old Mills was named yesterday to lead New Zealand for the first time in a career of 154 one-day internationals in the absence of Brendon McCullum and Kyle Williamson. McCullum has returned from New Zealand’s current tour to Bangladesh to prepare for test matches against the West Indies in December, while Williamson quit the tour with a broken thumb. Top-order batsman Rob Nicol has been named to replace Williamson while Andrew Ellis replaces Ian Butler who has a back injury.

A real veteran When thumbing through the media pack at the Oceania Cup this week, one date of birth jumps out at you: 27/02/1954. It belongs to that of Samoa’s reserve goalkeeper Louis Strickland, who at 59 is still playing international hockey. Samoa are the definition of a sporting minnow when it comes to hockey given their ranking of 72 of 75 international teams, and Strickland, who first played hockey in the 1970s, was yet to get on the turf at the TET MultiSports Centre, with Moira Lealo being employed in goal, but said he wanted a chance to play during the weekend.

Ferns whitewash It was the rueful laugh that said it all. Asked if a 3-0 series win over Malawi went some way in erasing the frustration of a poor Constellation Cup showing against Australia, Silver Ferns coach Waimarama Taumaunu chuckled “well I don’t think that’s going to do it”. The Ferns wrapped up their season with another inconsistent showing against the Queens in their 72-39 win on Thursday night, as the ruthlessly clinical 60-minute performance they had been chasing all season eluded them once more. Malawi are a worthy test adversary and a tricky team to pin down, but the Ferns had lapses in each of the three tests that point to confusion in the ranks and backup combinations still trying to find their way. It was not the position Taumaunu would have hoped to be in heading into a Commonwealth Games year enduring their worst losing run to Australia in 15 years.


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ashburton Guardian 29



Samoan Saturday awaits Black Sticks

Arsenal eyeing Reid

New Zealand’s men’s and women’s hockey sides will probably be more concerned with how many passes they can complete than the final scores from their respective outings against Samoa today at the Oceania Cup in Stratford. While it’s all well and good to promote hockey to the Pacific Island sides, the gulf in talent between transtasman rivals New Zealand and Australia compared to the Island nations is vast. Racking up huge scores has been commonplace at the TET MultiSports Centre this week and today’s games will be no different. The Australian women were due to get proceedings underway this morning against Papua New Guinea before the men at 10am, followed by the female Black Sticks meeting Samoa at midday with the men to follow at 2pm. With New Zealand and Australia all but guaranteed to meet each other in tomorrow’s finals, today’s games will serve as a warm-up. Black Sticks midfielder Phil Burrows, a veteran of more than 300 internationals, said there were a couple of objectives his side wanted to achieve

Simon Child in action against Australia.

during today’s expected rout. “Just connections; making sure that we are not slacking off, keeping our standards high,” the 33-year-old said. “It’s a tough game to play because if you slack off people are giving you a hard time, but if you go too hard you’re getting

stick for that as well. So it’s just one of those games where you need to put in a good team performance and make sure everyone’s getting touches and getting a good vibe for Sunday.” Samoa, the world no 72, were beaten 32-0 earlier in the week by Australia and New Zealand

seem likely to rack up a similar margin given their status as the world No 5. On the women’s side of the draw, world No 3 New Zealand will no doubt add to their impressive tournament campaign with a victory over Samoa. - APNZ

Leuluai finally makes name for himself As the son of Kiwis great James Leuluai, Thomas Leuluai has spent his life trying to meet expectations. It hasn’t been easy at times. He became the youngest person to debut for the Warriors and second youngest to feature for Kiwis when he played as a

pimply 18-year-old but has been battling to prove his worth in this country ever since. It didn’t help that the most people here saw of him was in the annual Anzac test when he travelled halfway around the world and played the world’s best when trying to work out

what timezone he was supposed to be in. Rugby league fans in the UK have long since admired his talents as he guided Wigan to multiple titles but it probably wasn’t until midway through this year that Leuluai finally convinced most in New Zealand

he could play. Really play. It’s why it’s critical for the Kiwis he recovers from the troubling groin injury which has kept him off the park so far at the World Cup. He was originally named to play France but lasted only 30 minutes of training midweek. - APNZ

All Whites skipper Winston Reid is reportedly on Arsenal’s shopping list, with manager Arsene Wenger linked with a 6 million ($11.7m) bid for the West Ham defender in the January transfer window. The Gunners currently lead the English Premier League and are awash with attacking options, headed by new German signing Mesut Ozil, but lack defensive depth behind Thomas Vermaelen, Laurent Koscielny and Per Mertesacker, and Wenger is said to be keen to add Reid. The 25-year-old has established himself as a first choice pick at West Ham since arriving from Danish club Midtjylland in 2010, helping the Hammers to the fourth-best defensive record in the English Premier League this season. He is approaching 100 games for the club and remains contracted until 2015, having signed a two-year extension last January. But West Ham could be willing to cash in on an asset who was brought in for an undisclosed - but thought to be minor - fee after Reid’s heroics at the 2010 World Cup. He is a quick and athletic defender who is good in the air and is also an attractive proposition because he would be eligible to play in the Champions League. Fellow Premier League heavyweights Manchester United and Liverpool have also been linked to the New Zealander, but Reid was thought to prefer to remain in London. - APNZ


Another loss, but Breakers not broken By Kris shannon The Breakers might be the best 1-4 team in the history of the Australian NBL. But there are no trophies for sides whose records are unreflective of their ability, and the real prize is slipping further away with every defeat. After last night’s heart-breaker against Adelaide, the defending champions have fallen into a worrying slump which could worsen when they visit Wollongong tomorrow. While the method hasn’t been all bad this season, the results are far from pretty. The Breakers lost just four games during their last campaign, which

brought a third consecutive title. It’s a total they have already equalled after three weeks. Since winning on opening night, they have dropped four straight to sit last on the ladder. The last time they experienced such a slide was the last time they missed the playoffs. The champs can say they were within one shot of beating Cairns, that James Ennis’ individual brilliance was the difference against Perth, that a second-half comeback against Adelaide would have been completed had Mika Vukona avoided ejection ... but four losses are still four losses. “There’s a lot of positives and we’re making little improve-

ments every week,” said centre Alex Pledger. “But we need to start turning those moral victories into actual victories. “Our record doesn’t suggest it but we are really close to where we need to be.” It’s true that a winning run doesn’t feel far away, that this stumbling start could soon be nothing more than an unpleasant memory. While the Breakers have been poor in patches - last night’s first quarter was appropriately ghastly for Halloween - the core elements that created this dynasty have also been on display. They still have a multi-faceted offence, they’ve produced rousing revivals and belligerence

on the boards, but the positives have been negated by the perfect storm of circumstances which brought about this disastrous start. Separately, none is enough to sink their season but, together, the combination of a new coach, new players and new rules have resulted in a flood of defeats. A bit of bad luck most also be thrown into the mix, along with a diminished aura of invincibility. With each defeat putting a dent in their armour, opposition sides now come to the North Shore Events Centre and Vector Arena - once twin fortresses with legitimate hopes of emerging with a win. The Breakers’ own hope comes in the form of

Sunday’s opposition, with Wollongong the only side they’ve had the wood over this season. “We have a short turnaround and Wollongong are a team we played well against last time,” Pledger said. “So we’ll go into that game feeling pretty confident we can walk out with a win.” Even if that confidence proves misplaced, the Breakers still won’t be in danger of missing the playoffs. Half the teams in the competition will play in the postseason, and two sides with losing records made last year’s semifinals. But another defeat would be another blow in a season already full of them. - APNZ

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 

 

 

 


               


            



 














       

 





  














 


 



 



 



 



 




  

 

      



             

  

 


     






 


 




      

     



         

 





















foleygrouparchitecture foleygrouparchitecture architecture architecture

 

       


Retirement your choice Amanda Wright

Rosebank Resthome and Hospital

registered nurse care is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Rosebank Resthome and Hospital offers a place of tranquility where you and your loved ones can feel safe, secure and cared for by friendly and qualified staff.

Rosebank’s hospital services include palliative, rehabilitative, convalescent and hospice services.

Established in 1992, Rosebank has an established reputation for providing a high quality of service, while providing a welcoming atmosphere of care and understanding.

“Each resident is cared for as an individual, whose life experiences and personal values will be respected and cherished”

Irrespective of health or condition, Rosebank strives to provide a facility which enables its residents to live their lives to the fullest. Each resident is cared for as an individual, whose life experiences and personal values will be respected and cherished. Encompassing a hospital, resthome facility and independent villa living, Rosebank provides comfort and care to cater for a wide range of needs. The resthome is nestled amongst attractive gardens and courtyards, with a large dining and functions area which becomes a social hub. Residents also have ease of mind knowing

For those seeking independence, but with the comfort of having medical services close at hand, Rosebank’s village provides two and three bedroom villas, with modern and spacious facilities. At Rosebank, experience the ultimate in care, independence and security.

Terrace View Retirement Village Wouldn't it be nice to live free of the stresses of modern life? To be surrounded by like-minded neighbours who want to get the most out of life? A safe community filled with social opportunities and beautifully landscaped outdoor spaces in which to retreat? TerraceView offers all of this and more. Opening this month, TerraceView will become Ashburton’s first purpose-built retirement village, offering a continuum of lifestyle and care options. Gracefully poised across five acres of park-like grounds

“TerraceView is affordable luxury, with professional care close at hand” on Carters Terrace, TerraceView is affordable luxury, with professional care close at hand. Options will range from independent living in a villa, services or care within an apartment or studio to resthome living and full hospital care. The villas are fully equipped for independent living. Kitchens are sleek and efficient, with quality appliances, while bathrooms are roomy and attractive. You'll find considerate, accomplished design in every area while providing comfort and security. Being part of the village allows you the pleasure of sitting back and enjoying the extensive grounds, without the lawn mowing, maintenance and upkeep. Village life at TerraceView includes being entertained at the on-site theatre, dining and socialising at the bar and café, family celebrations in the extensive lounge areas, or rolling out at the village’s private bowling green. You can choose whatever lifestyle is best suited for you with the security of knowing that you can obtain help from onsite professionals 24 hours a day, if needed. Enjoy a touch of luxury in your retirement.

Retirement your choice


Lochlea Lifestyle Resort At Lochlea Lifestyle Resort, life really does get better. Lochlea Lifestyle Resort is set to become a state of the art aged care facility, thanks to the vision and passion of local businessman Les Briggs. Les’s vision is to provide the community with an aged care facility to cater to every stage and need of an ageing population. Comprising of luxury villas, a communal lodge as well as a hospital with additional assisted care and dementia care units, Lochlea is soon turning this dream into reality. Offering glorious views toward the Southern Alps, in excess of 15 hectares was chosen on Racecourse Road to provide a serene location for what is set to become one of Mid Canterbury’s grandest retirement options. His vision reaches beyond providing homes, to providing a resort lifestyle, which begins with a social hub, Lochlea Lodge. The lodge will feature a heated bromide pool, spa, gymnasium, hair dressing salon, arts and craft room, a small convenience shop and meeting and social room. Outdoor activities will include a bowling green, putting green and petanque, to encourage a friendly, fun atmosphere for resort residents and their visiting family

Start a





members. Construction on the hospital is planned to start in early 2014, with an estimated completion time of 12 months after the commencement of the build, providing nursing care for those residents who require extra assistance. Each resident will have a level of care suited to their needs, within a vibrant and secure community. With a totally secure and relaxed atmosphere, living at Lochlea encompasses the relaxation of being on vacation.


with a wealth of opportunities






“Each resident will have a level of care suited to their needs, within a vibrant and secure community”



...with Lochlea Lifestyle Resort Lochlea Lifestyle Resort - Ashburton’s first complete lifestyle resort, providing luxurious two and three bedroom villas, recreational lodge, and soon to be built 80 bed hospital with aged care and dementia facilities. Life just gets better.

To organise a personal tour, contact Tony Sands on 0800 272 7837 Provisonal member of RVA.

TONY SANDS - Resort Manager

Entrance off Racecourse Rd, Ashburton


Opinion 34 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Status quo at council Coen Lammers EDITOR


he new Ashburton District Council was sworn in this week and despite the new faces, the first signs indicate that voters should not expect sudden changes. The elections have altered the make-up of the council and voters indicated some desire for change, but Ashburton Mayor Angus McKay clearly does not want to frighten the horses. Some of the urban voters may feel disappointed that three farmers have been appointed as chairpeople of the three council committees. They may also question why Donna Favel was only considered for the role of deputy chair of the finance and business support committee. As the highest polling candidate Ms Favel was tipped to become deputy mayor, but Mr McKay decided to continue with incumbent Darryl Nelson. Even though the full council makes the final decisions, the chairpeople, mayor and deputy mayor all play a vital role in setting the tone and direction for the meetings, so these appointments are more than just figureheads. Naturally there are good reasons for sticking with experienced hands, as new council members need time to get their feet under the table and get their heads around procedural matters. Also, the annual report indicates that the previous council has been a safe pair of hands on the district till after producing a $9.7 million surplus. More importantly, the $2.2m in interest payments on council debt were well within the limit of 10 per cent of the annual income, which was $54.7m. Change will more likely come from a different direction, from within council, with new chief executive Andrew Dalziel providing some fresh insights. The most striking example this week was the Guardian’s video coverage of the swearingin ceremony which provided a unique opportunity for our online readers to witness firsthand what goes on in chambers. The previous council had been reluctant to allow any video recording of their proceedings, but hopefully the new group will recognise the benefits for them and the community.

YOUR VIEW Committee chairs

Well done Finau

As a result of several new councillors being involved with the Ashburton Citizens Association and the Bridge Action Group - both groups associated with urban issues - the day after being re-elected as mayor Angus McKay eluded to the fact that he hadn’t given greater focus on the urban areas. So it’s disappointing to see the appointment of three farmers to chair the three committees: Totty - environmental services, Brown - finance and business and Wilson - service delivery and therefore, I challenge the mayor and the CEO of ADC to become signatories to the Urban Design Protocol within 12 months. Ed Gates

I have just read Finau Fakapelea’s column in today’s (Thursday) Guardian. What a wonderful role model she is, the issues she talks about are oh so common in young people. Ask any parent. I wish we had more people like Finau in our society. Proud mum of two teenagers (Text message)


Bathurst mining Great to see Bathurst mining get the go ahead on the Denniston Plateau; bad luck the stop-progress party! Mike (Text message)

by David Fletcher


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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hi-ho, Methven! Away ... U

p until last weekend I always assumed that cowboys were confined to the US Wild West and hadn’t made it past the days of black and white TV. A visit to the Methven Rodeo soon proved me wrong and the lasso action ofa plethora of men in sparkly tasseled pants meant it was an experience I won’t be forgetting in a hurry. We entered the rodeo to the announcer likening the bronco riding to “trying to sit on top of a washing machine while it’s on full load”, but the whiteware similes soon gave way to more immediate concerns. As one young man scaled the interior arena fence, charging bull hot on his heels, the announcer made the astute observation that the bull’s horns were fatter than the fleeing man’s legs. As it turned out, the fence scaler was a clown, an integral part of the rodeo team. I had always associated clowns with children’s birthday parties, but the rodeo version of a man who encourages a bull to chase him was somewhat removed from the rednosed, frizzy-haired childhood stalwart. As cowboy protectors and decoys for the bulls following the rider’s dismount, their job is no laughing matter. I was also struck by how young many of the cowboys and cowgirls actually were. Open sheep riding aside, the number of teenagers who could wield a rope whilst galloping at speed was impressive. Perhaps when you have been immersed in rodeo since you were a young‘un (or even con-

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Hanne Nielsen


ceived in a horse float, as the announcer helpfully introduced one young lass) it seems like second nature, but in central Auckland piano lessons and jazz dancing are more likely to be on a child’s weekly agenda than learning techniques for dealing with errant stock, so it was certainly an eye-opener. Our eyes were kept busy in other ways too, particularly when it came to taking the range of checked shirts available in the fashion department. Big checks, little checks, checks with rhinestones, checks to match the horse’s colouring and even one brave man who sported a checked shirt without any checks at all, his bold block colour choice standing out against the dust of the arena. My thin cotton effort with rollup sleeves was well and truly put to shame. It may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but the rodeo provided an excuse to pull out that cowboy hat that has been collecting dust ever since it was purchased on a whim at the $2 shop some years back. The barrel racing and bucking broncos were perfectly suited to the Mumford and Sons soundtrack, and all the proceeds go to local causes. Sure, it’s a far cry from the corner appeals on Queen Street, but the tassled outfits and muscled steeds beat the gimmicky dress-up fundraisers on the streets of Auckland any day. Hi ho, Methven!

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Saturday, November 2, 2013


In brief

Bosnia digs up mass grave Two decades after Serb soldiers conducted house-to-house searches in a campaign of ethnic killings in Bosnia, forensic scientists are digging up what could turn out to be the largest mass grave from the 1992-95 war. So far, the remains of 360 people have been found at the Tomasica mass grave discovered in September near the northern town of Prijedor, far more than expected, authorities said Thursday. The number is expected to rise and could one day surpass the 629 bodies found at Crni Vrh in Srebrenica. The Missing Persons’ Institute said the Tomasica grave is linked to a secondary one found in 2003 about 10 kilometers (six miles) away, where 373 bodies were extracted. Authorities believe the perpetrators of the killings moved parts of the remains from one grave to the other in a bid to hide the crime. In some cases, remains from the same person have been found in both graves. Institute official Mujo Begic said he expects more remains to be found at the Tomasica site, and the bodies are of Bosniak and Croat men, women and children killed in their villages during the war. “Together with the relocated ones, the number of the bodies here indicates the biggest mass grave so far found in Bosnia,” Begic said. “We have found some identification documents in the grave, so we know who these people are.” The grave covers over 5000

6.6 quake in Chile A 6.6-magnitude earthquake rocked north-central Chile, causing buildings to sway in the capital and nervous people to run out into the streets. But Chile’s emergency services office said no damages to infrastructure were reported and Chile’s Navy discarded the possibility of a tsunami. Chile is one of the world’s most earthquake-prone countries. A magnitude-8.8 quake and the tsunami it unleashed in 2010 killed more than 500 people, destroyed 220,000 homes, and washed away docks, riverfronts and seaside resorts. - AP

Boy jumps to death

Bosnian man Emsud Softic, 46, who was invalided because of war injuries and lost his father and brother during the war, looks on from the edge of the mass grave. AP Photo

square meters and is 10 meters deep. Tomasica is near Prijedor, which was a site of severe crimes against humanity committed by Christian Orthodox Serbs against Muslim Bosniaks and Catholic Croats. Many of the victims were killed in one of the three Nazi-style concentration camps Serb authorities had set up near Prijedor. Authorities hope some of the 1200 still missing from the area are now found in the Tomasica grave. The remains will be definitively

identified through DNA matching from samples provided by living relatives. Most of the victims were killed in their villages and brought to this location to be buried, but teams have also found bullets in the grave which indicates that some were brought here alive and that this was also an execution site, prosecutor Eldar Jahic said, citing evidence and witnesses. Near the grave, Vahida Behlic, 51, was sobbing as she watched forensic experts dressed in

white uniforms and green rubber boots carefully lifting bones from the site, where skeletons were piled on top of each other. She came from Slovenia, where she has lived with her family since she escaped her native village of Zecovi, near Prijedor. Behlic came with her husband and son because she thinks one of the skeletons could be of her mother Fatima who was 60 when Serb soldiers came, dragged her out of the basement and shot her in front of her house. - AP

Soda tax would work Slapping a 20 per cent tax on soda in Britain could cut the number of obese adults by about 180,000, according to a new study. Though the number works out to a modest drop of 1.3 per cent in obesity, scientists say that reduction would still be worthwhile in the UK, which has a population of about 63 million and is the fattest country in Western Europe. About one in four Britons is obese. Researchers at Oxford University and the University of Reading estimated a 20 per cent tax on soft drinks would reduce sales by 15 per cent and that people would buy beverages like orange juice, milk and diet drinks instead.

Migrants bodies found



Fire insurers pay out

Flight rules change

Insurance companies are paying out more than $2 million a day for victims of the recent NSW bushfire disaster. Last month’s fires have resulted in $156 million in claims to insurers for damage to homes and businesses, with 95 per cent of claims already assessed, the Insurance Council of Australia says. Spokesman Campbell Fuller says insurers have been able to respond to more than 1200 claims coming from fires that were still burning only days ago. “Many claims will be settled for total loss, with insurance companies paying up to the extent of the policy,” he said. He said although insurers had been quick to respond to claims, the process of rebuilding would take time and customers should raise all

Airline passengers won’t have to “turn off all electronic devices” any more — they’ll be able to read, work, play games, watch movies and listen to music from gate to gate under new guidelines from the Federal Aviation Administration. But they still can’t talk on their cellphones through the flight. Don’t expect the changes to happen immediately, FAA Administrator Michael Huerta said. How fast will vary by airline. Delta and JetBlue said they would quickly submit plans to implement the new policy. Airlines will have to show the FAA that their airplanes meet the new guidelines and that they’ve updated their flight-crew training manuals, safety announcements and rules for stowing devices to reflect the new guidelines.

concerns with their insurance provider. Insurance providers say some claims will take many months to be closed. The companies will hold combined forum for victims of the bushfires on November 12. - AAP

A 10-year-old Chinese boy jumped 30 floors to his death after failing to write a self-criticism letter demanded by his teacher, state media reports. The fifth-grade primary school student had been ordered to write a 1000-character apology by his teacher for talking in class, China National Radio (CNR) reported on its website, citing a neighbour. The teacher allegedly told him to jump out of a building after he failed to complete the task, the report quoted relatives and the neighbour as saying. - AAP

The changes apply to both domestic and international flights by US carriers, but the rules get a little tricky for international flights. On takeoff from the United States and during landing back in the US, passengers would be allowed to use electronics. However, when arriving or departing a foreign country, passengers would have to comply with local laws. Currently, most counties have their own prohibitions on electronic device use. However, they tend to follow the FAA’s lead and likely could relax their own rules in the near future. It sounded like good news to passengers heading out from Reagan National Airport. Ketan Patel, 24, said he’s happy that regulators have debunked the idea that the devices pose a safety problem. “If it isn’t a problem, it should be allowed.”

Nearly 100 African migrants hoping to escape crushing poverty met a grisly end in the desert, officials said yesterday, dying of thirst under the baking sun after their two trucks broke down in the middle of the Sahara before reaching Algeria. It took weeks for authorities to learn of the tragedy and for recovery teams to reach the distant site, where they found a gruesome scene including the remains of 52 children and 33 women. - AAP

Affair revealed A prosecutor electrified Britain’s phone hacking trial yesterday by revealing that Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson — the two most senior UK tabloid editors accused of illegal eavesdropping and bribery — had a secret affair lasting at least six years. Prosecutor Andrew Edis said the relationship between the two powerful editors — both former top Rupert Murdoch aides and associates of Prime Minister David Cameron — goes to the heart of the case’s key question: Who knew what during years of illicit activity at Murdoch’s News of the World and Sun tabloids? - AAP

Business Saturday, November 2, 2013

We have NZ’s top cable jointer BY ERIN TASKER


Jonathan Ackroyd is New Zealand’s top cable jointer. Mr Ackroyd, from EA Networks, took out the title at the Electrical Supply ITO cable jointer competition in Christchurch last week. It was the third time he’d entered and after two fifth place finishes, this year it was third time lucky. The competition ran over three days and saw 12 competitors from across the country test their skills in eight different disciplines, ranging from electrical theory and first aid, to live low voltage joining and pit rescue – which involved rescuing a live person from a fire in a pit scenario. Being a cable joiner involves pretty much what the title says – joining cables. But you won’t find Mr Ackroyd climbing any power poles. “In the industry they say ‘up a pole, or down a hole’,” Mr Ackroyd said. And he’s down a hole. Although he’s second generation at EA Networks – his dad was a cable layer for 28 years – joining cables wasn’t Mr Ackroyd’s first choice of job. He started his working life in painting and decorating before starting at EA Networks as a labourer in the technical maintenance department. He’s worked his way up, learning on the job and loves being a cable jointer. “There’s not many people who can say that they like their job as much as myself; it’s a pretty cool job.” It’s busy as more and more lines go under ground. “Especially in urban areas and new subdivisions; people don’t want to see power poles. And rural townships are going through it, like Mayfield where all of the poles are old so they’ve been replaced with underground,” he said. EA Networks’ management were over the moon with his achievement, and some staff were given a day off to cheer their workmate on in the competition. “It was quite humbling actually, the comments and

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Succession planning key to a prosperous future Matt Hannah



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New Zealand’s champion cable jointer – Jonathan Ackroyd from EA Networks. PHOTO ERIN TASKER 011113-ET-092

stuff I have been getting from management,” Mr Ackroyd said. “I said ‘thanks for letting

me do it’, and they said ‘no, thank you for winning it’.” Now he’s won the prize he spent three years chasing, Mr

Irrigation Watermeter Installation

• E-CAN watermeter installation deadlines are looming • E-CAN approved watermeter installer • E-CAN approved watermeters and data monitoring • Cost effective installations tailored to meet your needs • Package deals including water meters, data collection and monitoring • Multi site data collection and monitoring • Free quotations, phone Robin Jenkinson today on 0274 841 112

Ackroyd’s happy and doesn’t plan on returning to defend his title next year. He plans to quit while he’s ahead.

uccession planning can be viewed as a prosperous end to a lifetime commitment to your business. It can also represent a new chapter in your personal life and the life of your business. At the end of the day, it is important to make sure your business is successful without you, regardless of whether you are planning to sell, retire, gift or take a more passive role. In small- to medium-size businesses, especially the rural sector, it is common for a single business owner to retain all the knowledge and relationships. This leaves their firm highly vulnerable after retirement or events such as marital breakdown, sudden illness or death. Unfortunately, many business owners deal with issues in a fragmented, ad-hoc or reactive way. They consult professionals only when the issue or opportunity arises or presents itself. The process can be accelerated if required, but normally results in a much lower return after sale or limits your exit options. You need to make sure you have your house in order if you want to protect your family, set yourself up for a comfortable retirement, ensure the ongoing success of your business or demand a high price when selling Planning should start early and you should think of it as a process and not an event. Include independent directors or advisers to oversee the process, focus on personal development and professional feedback, complete a stock-take of your business interests and think about setting target dates for transition. It’s not just about safeguarding your legacy, it also paves the way for you to take a more passive role in latter years. Careful planning helps reconcile different family interests and expectations, resolve awkward tax and financial issues and ensure continuity of the business. Theodore Roosevelt summed it up nicely when he said, “In any situation, the best thing you can do is the right thing; the next best thing you can do is the wrong thing; the worst thing you can do is nothing.” Succession planning is imperative for the long-term survival of any business. Matt Hannah is a senior manager for KPMG Private Enterprise

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A 1AHB20319 F1I 3A2F2I Web2 ID: Rakaia DunfordStreet Street Rakaia 142 Dunford Street 1 2 101 8Princes 11:00 - 11:30am 3 A great find! Looking to buy below $220,000. Charming and Delightfull Three double bedrooms, Master with 2 A 1 F 1 I 2 2 2 A 2 A 2 A 1 A 1 A 1 F 1 F 1 F 2 F 2 F 2 I 2 I 2 I I I 2 A 1 F 1 I 3 3A 33 A1 A1 AA 1F 1F 12 F2 F2 FF 2I 2I 22 IIII Rakaia 19 819 Dunford Street Rakaia 21 142 Dunford Street Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton 19 19 King 19 King King King King Street Street Street Street Rakaia 88 Dunford Dunford Street Street Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton 21 21 21 King 21 King King King King Street Street Street Street Street Rakaia 142 142 Dunford Dunford Street Street 33A Web ID: AHB20262 ensuite and walk-in wardrobe.Large family dining. Good sized lounge Solid family home,looking for a new owner. 3 1 2 106 Grove Street 11:30 11:45am A HOME great find! to buy This below $220,000. Charming and Three- -double bedrooms, Master with FIRST FIRST FIRST FIRST FIRST HOME HOME HOME HOME - -FIRST -FIRST - FIRST -Looking FIRST FIRST CHOICE CHOICE CHOICE CHOICE CHOICE This This This This lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely two two two two bedroom two bedroom bedroom bedroom bedroom brick brick brick brick A A brick home great great home home home home find! find! Looking Looking to to buy buy below below $220,000. $220,000. Appealing Appealing Appealing Appealing Home Home Home Home Home - -Secure -Delightfull Secure - Secure -Secure Secure Section Section Section Section Section Close -Close - Close -Close Close tototo School to School toSchool School School Charming Charming and and Delightfull Delightfull Three Three double double bedrooms, Master with with 2 A 1 F 1 I Appealing 3 A 2bedrooms, F 2 I Master Dunford Street Rakaia 142 Dunford Street CouldRakaia that person8be you? with heatpump.

This This This This This three three three three three bedroom bedroom bedroom bedroom bedroom home home home home home has has has has an has anan open an open anopen open open plan plan plan plan plan kitchen/living kitchen/living kitchen/living kitchen/living kitchen/living area area area area area with with with with with Solid family home,looking for aan new owner. ensuite and walk-in wardrobe.Large family dining. Good sized lounge with with with with with sunroom sunroom sunroom sunroom sunroom isisaisis afine isafine aafine fine example fine example example example example of ofan of of ofan investors an investors aninvestors investors investors starter starter starter starter starter ofoffirst of of first offirst first home first home home home home Solid Solid family family home,looking home,looking for for aa new new owner. owner. ensuite ensuite and and walk-in walk-in wardrobe.Large wardrobe.Large family family dining. dining. Good Good sized sized loun loun GreatAgaraging with open baytowood shed.$220,000. Bathroom with bath and shower. Archgolla - open each end for great great find! Looking buy below Charming and Delightfull Three double bedrooms, Master with Web ID: AHB20302 french french french french french doors doors doors doors doors out out out out to out toto ato ato sunny asunny aasunny sunny sunny terrace. terrace. terrace. terrace. terrace. 1 be 2 2-7 Falcon Drive 11:45 - 12:15pm Could that person be you? with heatpump. buyers. buyers. buyers. buyers. buyers. Could Could2 that that person person be you? you? with with heatpump. heatpump. easy This property is inhome,looking very good condition and presents an ideal first home indoor-outdoor flow. Landscaping has family been laid outGood to maximise Solid family for a new owner. ensuite and walk-in wardrobe.Large dining. sized lounge Great garaging with bay wood shed. Bathroom with bath and shower. Archgolla - open each endBathroom for great with Large Large Large Large Large double double double double double garage garage garage garage garage - -fenced -fenced -fenced -open fenced fenced section section section section section ideal ideal ideal ideal ideal for for for for children for children children children children ororor keeping or keeping orkeeping keeping keeping Great Great pets. pets. pets. pets. pets. garaging garaging with with open open bay bay wood wood shed. shed. Bathroom with bath bath and and shower. shower. Archgolla Archgolla -- open open each each end end for for gre gre care with agarage well manicured lawn and raised vege gardens. Garden shed, opportunity advantage Could or thattake person be you?of the current shortage of available rentals with heatpump. Double Double Double Double Double garage garage garage garage plus plus plus plus plus large large large large large storage storage storage storage storage area area area area area on on on on a on a well a well a a well well well fenced fenced fenced fenced fenced section section section section section must must must must must add add add add addFor Sale Web ID: AHB20285 maximise easy This property is in very good condition and presents an ideal first home indoor-outdoor flow. Landscaping has been laid out to to to to main to main to main main main road. road. road. road. road. maximise ea e So So So So close So close close close close to to to school to school to school school school and and and and and easy easy easy easy easy access access access access access This This property property is is in in very very good good condition condition and and presents presents an an ideal ideal first first home home indoor-outdoor indoor-outdoor flow. flow. Landscaping Landscaping has has been been laid laid out out to to maximise For Sale $219,000 4 2 2 7 Magnolia Drive 12:00 12:30pm and invest None better this bay pricewood range. Be quick. power point/lighting, Fully fenced. Double Great-garaging with in open shed. Bathroom with bathworkbench/aluminium and shower. Archgollashelves. - open each end for great appeal appeal appeal appeal appeal for for for for buyers. for buyers. buyers. buyers. buyers. rentals care with a well manicured lawn and raised vege gardens. Garden shed, opportunity or take advantage of the current shortage of available of the the current current shortage shortage of of available available rentals rentals Don’t Don’t Don’t Don’t Don’t be bebe be disappointed. be disappointed. disappointed. disappointed. disappointed. care care with with aa well well manicured manicured lawn lawn and and raised raised vege vege gardens. gardens. Garden Garden opportunity opportunity or or take take advantage advantage of View by appointment View by appointment garage. This property is in very good condition and presents an ideal first home Auction indoor-outdoorFor flow. Landscaping ForPrice Sale $219,000 For Sale Auction Auction Auction Auction Price Price Price Price On On On Application On Application On Application Application Application For Sale Sale $219,000 $219,000 has been laid out to maximise easy For For For For Sale For Sale Sale Sale Sale $283,500 $283,500 $283,500 $283,500 $283,500 and invest - None better in this price range. Be quick. power point/lighting, workbench/aluminium shelves. Fully fenced. and and invest invest None None better better in in this this price price range. Be Be quick. quick. power powerDouble point/lighting, point/lighting, workbench/aluminium workbench/aluminium shelves. shelves. Fully Fully fenced. fenced. D D Webrange. ID: AHB20307 3 View 1by 0appointment 135forRolleston Street Rakaia 1:00 - 1:30pm Don’t opportunity wait theor SOLD - Call now of the! current shortage of available rentals care with a well manicured lawn and raised vege gardens. Garden shed, View take sign advantage View by appointment View by appointment View View View View byby appointment by appointment by appointment appointment View View by by appointment appointment View View View View by byby appointment by appointment by appointment appointment appointment Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 garage. garage. garage. For Sale $219,000 For Sale and invest - None better in this price range. Be quick. power point/lighting, workbench/aluminium shelves. Fully fenced. Double Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008) Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008) Don’t wait for the SOLD sign - Call now ! Don’t Don’t wait wait for for the the SOLD SOLD sign sign --307 Call Call now now !! View by appointment View byOffice appointment Ashburton 03307 307 8317 Ashburton 03307 307 8317 Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Office Office Office Office Office 03Office 03307 03 03 307 03 307 8317 8317 8317 8317 8317 Ashburton Ashburton Office Office 03 03 307 307 8317 8317 Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Office Office Office Office 03Office 03307 03 03 307 03 307 307 8317 8317 8317 8317 8317 garage. LICENSED (REAA 2008) LICENSED (REAA 2008) Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED (REAA (REAA (REAA (REAA 2008) (REAA 2008) 2008) 2008) 2008) LICENSED(REAA (REAA2008) 2008) LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED (REAA (REAA (REAA (REAA 2008) (REAA 2008) 2008) 2008) 2008) Mid Mid Mid Canterbury Mid Canterbury Mid Canterbury Canterbury Canterbury Real Real Real Real Estate Real Estate Estate Estate Estate Limited Limited Limited Limited Limited Mid Mid Canterbury Canterbury Real Real Estate Estate Limited Limited LICENSED Mid Mid Mid Canterbury Mid Canterbury Mid Canterbury Canterbury Canterbury Real Real Real Real Estate Real Estate Estate Estate Estate Limited Limited Limited Limited Limited Don’t wait for the SOLD sign - Call now ! Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 Ashburton Office 03 307 8317


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101 Princes Street Princely Elegance!




* Replica style 3 bedrooms

* New bathroom, smart kitchen, 3A1F2I 3A1F2I Ashburton 7 Davis Crescent Ashburton 11 Galbraith Street heatpump Forfriendly, Sale: $378,000 DOUBLE WHAMMY OPPORTUNITY 7 & 9 Davis Crescent Get started... A tidy three bedroom home on a pet family sized 3 A 1 F 2 IAshburton 33 AA 11 FF 22Saturday II Ashburton Ashburton 7 Davis Crescent Ashburton 11 Galbraith Street Ashburton Davis Crescent Crescent Ashburton 11 11 Galbraith Galbraith Street Street 3 A 1 F 2 I Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton $99,000 $99,000 $99,000 $99,000 $99,000 Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton 77 Davis Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton 11:00 - 11:30am Side by side properties, buy one or buy both. These flats have 3 section. With compliant inbuilt log fire in the lounge View area. Good sized *metre Consented Chalet (studio/bedroom) 1012 1012 1012 1012 1012 m2 m2 m2 m2 section m2 section section section section (approx) (approx) (approx) (approx) (approx) Allenton Allenton Allenton Allenton Allenton area. area. area. area. area. 793 793 793 793 metre metre metre metre square square square square square (more (more (more (more (more or or or less) or less) less) less) Potential Potential Potential Potential Potential for for for investment for investment for investment investment investment orbuild or or build or build build build your your your your own your own own own new own new new new home. new home. home. home. 1872m2 1872m2 F 2Crescent I 793 3home. A1872m2 11872m2 Fpet 2 Ifriendly, DOUBLE WHAMMY OPPORTUNITY 7 & 9 Davis Crescent Get started... Aorless) tidy three bedroom home on a pet friendly, family sized DOUBLE DOUBLE WHAMMY WHAMMY OPPORTUNITY OPPORTUNITY 773&&A991 Davis Davis Crescent Get Get started... started... AAor tidy tidy three three bedroom bedroom home home on on aa1872m2 pet friendly, family famil For Sale Offers over $145,000 For Sale $275,000 Ashburton 7 Davis Crescent Ashburton 11 Galbraith Street bedrooms each and great back yard area for kids and pets to roam. This kitchen opening to the rear of the Section. A spacious single garage plus

Ray White know how to get you the best price for your property.

Clean Clean Clean Clean site, site, site, services site, services services services services and and and and vehicle and vehicle vehicle vehicle vehicle access access access access access atatgate. at at gate. at gate. gate. gate. Rectangular Rectangular Rectangular Rectangular Rectangular section section section section section next next next next to next tothe to to the to the the park the park park park park on onon Cambridge on Cambridge on Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge street. street. street. street. (more (more (more (more or8317 orless or or less or less less freehold less freehold freehold freehold freehold land. land. land. land. land. Application Application Application Application Application totoDistrict to to District to District District District Council Council Council Council for for for 4for 4for 444 Great Great Great Great Great investment investment investment investment investment property property property property property asasit as as itis as itisitclose is itclose isis close close close totothe to to the to the the town the town town town town and and and and you and you you you are you are are are not are not not not not Clean Ashburton Office(more 03 307 View by appointment View by appointment Side by side properties, buy one or buy both. These flats have 3site, section. With inbuilt log fire instreet. the area. Good sized Side Side by by side side properties, properties, buy buy one one or or buy buy both. both. These These flats flats have have 33Get section. section. With With compliant compliant inbuilt inbuilt log log fire fire in inCouncil the the lounge lounge area. area. Good Good size size DOUBLE WHAMMY OPPORTUNITY 7& Davishas Crescent started... Acompliant tidythis three bedroom home on alounge pet family sized Well Well Well and Well and and and pump and pump pump pump pump plus plus plus plus fenced plus fenced fenced fenced fenced on onon three on three on three three three sides. sides. sides. sides. sides. CV CV CV $101,000 CV $101,000 $101,000 $101,000 allotment allotment allotment subdivision, subdivision, subdivision, subdivision, subdivision, subject subject subject subject subject totoresource to to resource to resource resource resource consent. consent. consent. consent. consent. paying paying paying paying paying over over over over the over the the the top the top top top for top for for your for your for your your section. your section. section. section. section. aWell double Certainly onefriendly, to viewallotment toallotment be could be your opportunity you have been waiting for!9 No7 workshop compliments tidy package. *CV 5$101,000 doors forFor outdoor living For Sale Offers over $145,000 For Sale $275,000 For Sale Sale Offers Offers over over $145,000 $145,000 M: 0273897955 bedrooms and great yard forThese kids and to roam. This kitchen opening to the rearlog of the Section. A spacious single garage plus bedrooms bedrooms each each and and great great back back yard yard area area for for kids kids and and pets pets to to roam. roam. This This kitchen kitchen opening opening to to the the rear rear of of the the Section. Section. AA spacious spacious single single garag garag Side by sideeach properties, buyback one or buyarea both. flatspets have 3location section. With compliant inbuilt fire in the lounge area. Good sized Primo Primo Primo Primo Primo location location location location for for for primary for primary for primary primary primary schools schools schools schools schools and and and and only and only only only a only a wander a wander a wander a wander wander to to college. to to college. to college. college. college. Owner Owner Owner Owner Owner states states states states states "he "he "he "he will "he will will consider will consider will consider consider consider all all offers" all all offers" all offers" offers" offers" View byOffers appointment View by03appointment View View by by appointment appointment garage and is rented at $200 per week appreciate. For Sale $145,000 For Sale $275,000 Ashburton Office 03 307 over Ashburton Office 307 8317 This This This This attractive This attractive attractive attractive attractive section section section section section isopportunity isworth is worth isis worth worth worth a alook. alook. alook. alook. look.have a double Certainly one to view to be compliments could be your you waiting for! No7 workshop compliments thisthe tidy package. double Certainly one one to to view view to to b could be be your your opportunity opportunity you you8317 have have been been waiting waiting for! for! No7 No7 has has aakitchen workshop workshop compliments this this tidy tidy package. package. Certainly bedrooms each and great back yard been area for kids and pets has tocould roam. This opening to the rear of Section. A spacious single garage plus *double Double garage and Garden shed Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008) Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008) Mid Canterbury For Real Estate Limited LICENSED 2008) $249,000 $249,000 $249,000 $249,000 $249,000 Mid Canterbury $110,000 $110,000 $110,000 $110,000 $110,000 For For For Sale For Sale Sale Sale Sale View by appointment View by(REAA appointment garage and is opportunity rented at $200 per week appreciate. garage garage and and is is rented rented at at $200 $200 per per week week appreciate. appreciate. aView double Certainly one to view to be could be your you have been waiting for! No7 View has workshop compliments this tidy package. Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 Ashburton Ashburton Office Office 03 03 307 307 8317 8317 View View View by byby appointment, by appointment, by appointment, appointment, appointment, 7 7 Woodham 7 Woodham 7 Woodham 7 Woodham Woodham Drive Drive Drive Drive Drive / / / / / View View View View View by by by appointment, by appointment, by appointment, appointment, appointment, 48a 48a 48a 48a Cambridge 48a Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge Street Street Street Street Street View View View View View by by by appointment, by appointment, by appointment, appointment, appointment, 71 71 71 Cambridge 71 Cambridge 71 Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge Street Street Street Street Street / / / / / View View View View View by byby appointment, by appointment, by appointment, appointment, appointment, 22a 22a 22a 22a Chalmers 22a Chalmers Chalmers Chalmers Chalmers Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue AHB20142 AHB20142 AHB20142 AHB20142 AHB20142 /AHB20138 /AHB20138 /AHB20138 /AHB20138 /AHB20138 Mid AHB20076 AHB20076 AHB20076 AHB20076 AHB20076 /AHB20072 /AHB20072 /AHB20072 /AHB20072 /AHB20072 Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008) Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008) LICENSED(REAA (REAA2008) 2008) Mid Canterbury Canterbury Real Real Estate Estate Limited Limited LICENSED garage and is rented at $200 per week appreciate. Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED (REAA (REAA (REAA (REAA 2008) (REAA 2008) 2008) 2008) 2008) Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)



Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED (REAA (REAA (REAA (REAA 2008) (REAA 2008) 2008) 2008) 2008) Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

32 A 1 F 1 2I 2-7 Falcon Drive Street 17 Pages Road 32A 1 F12 I1 Ashburton 22 Grove Ashburton 2/265 Moore Street Lots of *Sunlight and Privacy Your nextEasy Chapter starts here ..on Pages is just one block from the GoodAshburton to Go 3 Bedrooms Easy Care Living This tidy townhouse 3 A 1 F 2 IAshburton 33 AA 11 FF 22 II Allenton 22 Grove Street Ashburton 2/265 Moore Street Ashburton 22 22 Grove Grove Street Street Ashburton 2/265 Moore Moore Street Street 2 A 1 F 1 I Netherby Netherby Netherby Netherby Netherby Netherby Netherby Netherby Netherby Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Allenton Allenton Allenton Allenton 2/265 Positioned thoughtfully at the Street rear is this low maintenanceNetherby Town house 3Ashburton Bedrooms, Open plan newgood bathroom, warm * Double internal access garage CBD. Large living area, twokitchen/dining/living, double bedrooms with storage. Galley 3 Aamongst 1amongst Famongst 2 I Tranquil 2A1F1I Ashburton 22 Grove 2/265 Moore Street 1960’s 1960’s 1960’s 1960’s 1960’s dwelling, dwelling, dwelling, dwelling, dwelling, tile roof, tile roof, tile roof, roof, 718m2 718m2 718m2 718m2 section. section. section. section. section. Updated Updated Updated Updated Updated kitchen kitchen kitchen kitchen kitchen with with with with awith a aa a Not Not Not Not often Not often often often often we we we get we get we get get our get our our hands hands hands hands hands on onon such on such on such such such a agreat agreat agreat agreat great site. site. site. site. Located site. Located Located Located Located amongst amongst Tranquil Tranquil Tranquil Tranquil living living living living living at atat Carters atCarters atCarters Carters Carters Estate Estate Estate Estate Estate has has has has many has many many many many added added added added added benefits. benefits. benefits. benefits. benefits. 2000m2 2000m2 2000m2 2000m2 2000m2 Lower Lower Lower Lower priced priced priced priced priced sites sites sites sites sites are are are are few are few few few and few and and and far and farfar between. far between. far between. between. between. Good totiletile Go *roof, 3718m2 Bedrooms Easy Care Easy Living This tidy townhouse is just oneLower block from the Good Good to to Go Go **our 33our Bedrooms Bedrooms Easy Easy Care Care Easy Easy Living Living This This tidy tidy townhouse townhouse is is just just one one block block fro fro For Sale $360,000 For Sale $238,000 with two bedrooms, one with sliding door access to rear patio. Open Sale: $292,500 good good good good quality quality quality quality quality homes homes homes homes homes inFor inaBy inin aprivate in aprivate aprivate aprivate private lane lane lane lane and lane and and and so and soso handy so handy so handy handy handy totolocal to to local to local local local View Appointment **good Double Double internal internal access access garage garage beautifully View Saturday 11:45 -(Subject 12:15pm shopping. shopping. shopping. shopping. shopping. Potential Potential Potential Potential Potential for for for two for two for two two townhouses two townhouses townhouses townhouses townhouses (Subject (Subject (Subject (Subject totolocal to to local to local local local planning planning planning planning planning For Sale $360,000 **bylaws Private Private outdoor outdoor entertaining entertaining bylaws bylaws bylaws bylaws and and and and consents). and consents). consents). consents). consents). For SaleBy$360,000 View Ashburton Office 03Appointment 307 8317 ** Good Good off off street street parking parking View By Office Appointment Ashburton 03 307 8317

*sunny Private outdoor entertaining sunny sunny sunny sunny dining dining dining dining dining area. area. area. area. area. Modernized Modernized Modernized Modernized bathroom bathroom bathroom bathroom bathroom with with with with awith acorner acorner acorner acorner corner shower shower shower shower shower Good to Go * Modernized 3 access Bedrooms *plan Double internal garage kitchen/dining/lounge with access to awood private and unit. unit. unit. unit. Two Two Two double, Two double, double, double, double, one one one one single one single single single single bedroom. bedroom. bedroom. bedroom. bedroom. Lounge Lounge Lounge Lounge Lounge with with with with wood with wood wood wood burner burner burner burner burner *unit. Good off street parking ** Two Double internal access garage Private outdoor entertaining planted garden and courtyard. Good garaging. enjoys enjoys enjoys enjoys enjoys the the the the afternoon the afternoon afternoon afternoon afternoon sun. sun. sun. sun. sun. Close Close Close Close Close totoPrimary to to Primary to Primary Primary Primary school, school, school, school, school, pre-school, pre-school, pre-school, pre-school, pre-school, * Private outdoor entertaining Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate a ashort a short ashort ashort short walk walk walk walk walk away. away. away. away. away. Shopping Shopping Shopping Shopping Shopping Centre Centre Centre Centre Centre isisclose isclose isis close close close by. by. by. by. by. * Good off street parking So much on offer and parking will be sold; be quick! $187,000 $187,000 $187,000 $187,000 $187,000 * Good off street View View View View View by byby appointment, by appointment, by appointment, appointment, appointment, 2 2Davis 2Davis 2Davis 2Davis Davis Crescent Crescent Crescent Crescent Crescent / / // / AHB20081 AHB20081 AHB20081 AHB20081 AHB20081 So much on offer and will be sold; be quick! LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED (REAA (REAA (REAA (REAA 2008) (REAA 2008) 2008) 2008) 2008) So much on offer and will be sold; be LICENSED quick!

and sunny, 2 heatpumps, generous storage, well fenced Western side,

kitchen with abundance of cupboards and dining area. Large bathroom For Sale: $389,000 sections sections sections sections sections with with with with post/rail with post/rail post/rail post/rail post/rail fences,key fences,key fences,key fences,key fences,key pad pad pad access pad access access access access totoyour to to your to your your property. your property. property. property. property. Flat Flat Flat Flat building Flat building building building building platform. platform. platform. platform. platform. Easy Care Easy Living This tidy townhouse is just one block from the View byarea, appointment CBD. Large living area,pad two double bedrooms with good storage. Galley CBD. CBD. Large Large living living area, two two double double bedrooms bedrooms with with good good storage. storage. Dbl garage-internal access. View Saturday 10:00 - 10:30am Tennis Tennis Tennis Tennis Tennis court court court court court and and and and pavilion, and pavilion, pavilion, pavilion, pavilion, two two two two hole two hole hole hole chip hole chip chip chip and chip and and and putt, and putt, putt, putt, putt, manicured manicured manicured manicured manicured Rear Rear Rear Rear Rear site site site site provides site provides provides provides provides good good good good good privacy. privacy. privacy. privacy. privacy. House is storage. insulated and with shower and vanity also housing the laundry. For Sale $238,000 For For Sale Sale $360,000 $360,000 CBD. Large living area, two double bedrooms with good Galley kitchen with abundance of Close cupboards and dining area. Large bathroom kitchen kitchen with abundance abundance of of cupboards cupboards and and dining dining area. area. Large Large bathr bathr Top Location. grounds. grounds. grounds. grounds. grounds. Plenty Plenty Plenty Plenty Plenty ofofspace of of space of space space space and and and and privacy. and privacy. privacy. privacy. privacy. Close Close Close Close totoShopping to to Shopping to Shopping Shopping Shopping centre, centre, centre, centre, centre, For Sale $238,000 View by03appointment View View By By Appointment Appointment heated with a heatpump adofnightstore. Single garage and easybathroom care Ashburton Office 307 8317 kitchen with abundance cupboards and dining area. Large Medical Medical Medical Medical Medical centre, centre, centre, centre, centre, Primary Primary Primary Primary Primary school, school, school, school, school, and and and and and stroll stroll stroll stroll stroll totoCollege. to to College. to College. College. College. Owners Owners Owners Owners invite invite invite invite invite offers! offers! offers! offers! offers! House isOwners insulated and with shower and vanity also housing the laundry. House is is insulate insulate with with shower shower and and vanity vanity also also housing housing the the laundry. laundry. House View byOffice appointment Ashburton 03 307 8317 LICENSED (REAA 2008) Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008) Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited grounds completes the package. For For For For Sale For Sale Sale Sale Sale Offers Offers Offers Offers Offers over over over over $125,000 over $125,000 $125,000 $125,000 $125,000 $450,000 $450,000 $450,000 $450,000 $450,000 $95,000 $95,000 $95,000 $95,000 $95,000 is insulated andwith withheated shower anda vanity also housing the laundry. with heatpump nightstore. SingleHouse garage easy care heated heated with heatpump heatpump ad ad nightstore. nightstore. Single Single(REAA garage garage and easy easy ca ca Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 Ashburton Ashburton Office Office 03 03ad 307 307 8317 8317 View View View View View by byby appointment, by appointment, by appointment, appointment, appointment, 9d 9d 9d Bridge 9d Bridge 9d Bridge Bridge Bridge Street Street Street Street Street / / // 2008) / View View View View View by byby appointment, by appointment, by appointment, appointment, appointment, 28a 28a 28a 28a Carters 28a Carters Carters Carters Carters Road Road Road Road Road / / // / and View View View View View by by by appointment, by appointment, by appointment, appointment, appointment, 39 39 39 Clark 39 Clark 39 Clark Clark Clark Street Street Street Street Street / / 2008) // / and heated with a Mid heatpump ad nightstore. Single garage and easy care Ashburton Office 307Estate 8317 Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 AHB20165 AHB20165 AHB20165 AHB20165 AHB20165 AHB20185 AHB20185 AHB20185 AHB20185 AHB20039 AHB20039 AHB20039 AHB20039 AHB20039 Mid Canterbury Midthe Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008) LICENSED(REAA (REAA2008) 2008) Mid Canterbury Canterbury Real Real Estate Estate Limited Limited LICENSED grounds completes the package. grounds grounds completes completes the package. package. So So much much on on offer offer and and will will be be03Real sold; sold; be beLimited quick! quick!LICENSED (REAA 2008) AHB20185 grounds completes the package.

LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED (REAA (REAA (REAA (REAA 2008) (REAA 2008) 2008) 2008) 2008) LICENSED (REAA 2008) Mid Canterbury Real Estate LimitedLICENSED

Netherby 9 Davis Crescent 135 Rolleston Street Rakaia DOUBLE WHAMMY OPPORTUNITY Netherby Davis Crescent 7 & 9 Davis Crescent Netherby 99 Davis Davis Crescent Crescent Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton So Hot-It’s Smoken? Netherby 99 Davis Crescent Side by side properties, buy one or buy both. These flats have 3



LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED (REAA (REAA (REAA (REAA 2008) (REAA 2008) 2008) 2008) 2008) (REAA 2008) Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED

3A1F Ashburton Hut 8 Hakatere 1 0 3 11 Galbraith Street DownAshburton By The Seaside This hut and all its contents yours. 33 AA could 11 FF beAshburton 8 Hakatere Ashburton Hut 88 Hakatere Hakatere Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Hut Get Started 3 A3 1A F1 FAshburton Ashburton HutHut 8 Hakatere This is a life style that many love in a small caring community. This hut

3A1F 1 1 3 A 13FA 1 F

Due Due Due Due to Due to aGreat to to achange to achange achange achange change inincircumstances in in circumstances in circumstances circumstances circumstances this this this section this section section section section needs needs needs needs needs a anew anew anew anew owner new owner owner owner owner This This This This exciting This exciting exciting exciting exciting new new new new release new release release release release ofOffers of22 of of 22 of 22 unique 22 unique 22 unique unique unique peninsula peninsula peninsula peninsula peninsula lots lots lots lots provides lots provides provides allallall allallCrescent The The The The new The new new new release new release release release release of offive of of five of five five 3Ha five 3Ha 3Ha 3Ha and 3Ha and and and 4Ha and 4Ha 4Ha 4Ha properties 4Ha properties properties properties marks marks marks marks marks Stage Stage Stage Stage Stage 7a 7a 7a of 7a of 7a of ofof 1129m2 1129m2 1129m2 1129m2 1129m2 section section section section section on onon favoured on favoured on favoured favoured favoured Ludlow Ludlow Ludlow Ludlow Ludlow Drive. Drive. Drive. Drive. Drive. DOUBLE WHAMMY OPPORTUNITY DavisCrescent Crescent Down By The Seaside This hut and all its contents could be yours. DOUBLE DOUBLE WHAMMY WHAMMY OPPORTUNITY OPPORTUNITY 77provides &&provides 99 Davis Davis Crescent Down Down By By The The Seaside Seaside This This hut hut and and all all its its contents contents could could be be you yo For Sale over $145,000 each For Sale $80,000 - $90,000 Price-Why wait? this A tidy three bedroom home on aproperties pet friendly, family sized section. With DOUBLE WHAMMY OPPORTUNITY 77and &&99Davis Down By The Seaside This hut and allaits contents could bewith yours. bedrooms each and great back yard area for kids pets roam. No has alandmark small kitchen tucked inEach the corner of large dining an NOW. NOW. NOW. NOW. NOW. Concept Concept Concept Concept Concept house house house house house plans plans plans plans plans included included included included included in insale inin sale in sale sale price. sale price. price. price. price. Be Be Be part Be part Be part part of part ofthis of of this of this this thisto the the the the incredible the incredible incredible incredible incredible amenity amenity amenity amenity amenity of ofthis of of this of this this landmark this landmark landmark landmark landmark community. community. community. community. community. this this this this landmark this landmark landmark landmark development. development. development. development. development. Each Each Each Each of ofthe of of the of the the lifestyle the lifestyle lifestyle lifestyle lifestyle blocks, blocks, blocks, blocks, blocks, ranging ranging ranging ranging ranging ininlounge ininin Access Access Access Access Access totowater to to water to water water water (although (although (although (although (although this this this this section this section section section section isisnot isnot isis water’s not water’s water’s water’s water’s edge), edge), edge), edge), edge), View by appointment View by appointment * Just waiting for a new owner compliant inbuilt log fire in the lounge area. Good sized kitchen openSide by side properties, buy one or buy both. These flats have 3 This is a life style that many love in a small caring community. This hut Side Side by by side side properties, properties, buy buy one one or or buy buy both. both. These These flats flats have have 3 3 This This is is a a life life style style that that many many love love in in anot anot small small caring caring community. community. This This h For Sale: Enquiries over $205,000 Forpaintball Sale: PSale Oand A Side by side now. properties, buy one or buy both. These have 3sections This isfrom a3.22 life that many love in atoilet, small caring community. This hut beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful sub-division sub-division sub-division sub-division sub-division now. now. now. now. Golfers Golfers Golfers Golfers Golfers take take take take note..Golf take note..Golf note..Golf note..Golf note..Golf Course Course Course Course Course very very very very veryflats With With With With With sections sections sections sections from from from from from 843m2 843m2 843m2 843m2 843m2 to to1606m2 to to 1606m2 to 1606m2 1606m2 1606m2 you you you you can you can can can create can create create create create the the the the the size size size size from size from from from 3.22 3.22 3.22 3.22 totostyle 4.17 to to 4.17 to 4.17 4.17 4.17 hectares, hectares, hectares, hectares, hectares, offer offer offer offer stunning offer stunning stunning stunning stunning panoramic panoramic panoramic panoramic panoramic views views views views views boating, boating, boating, boating, boating, swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming, paintball paintball paintball paintball and and and fine and fine fine fine dining. fine dining. dining. dining. dining. been waiting a bathroom with shower and 9beautiful has no garaging. This could be the opportunity you have open fire. Three bedrooms, separate For Sale Offers over $145,000 each For $80,000 $90,000 For For Sale Sale Offers Offers over over $145,000 $145,000 each each For Sale Offers overyard $145,000 each For Saletucked $80,000in $90,000 * by! Three bedrooms ing to the rear of the section. Ain spacious single garage plus workshop bedrooms each and and great greatback backyard yardarea area for kids and petswaterfront to roam. No has a connection small kitchen tucked the corner of aDiscover large dining lounge with ankitchen bedrooms bedrooms each each and and great great back back yard area area for for kids kids and and pets to toand roam. roam. No No has has aaall small small kitchen tucked in- the the corner corner of of aa large large dining dining lounge lounge wi wi View: Saturday 1:00 -of, 1:30pm View: Saturday 10:00 - 10:15am close close close close close by! by! by! waterfront waterfront lifestyle lifestyle lifestyle lifestyle lifestyle your your your your family your family family family family has has has has dreamed has dreamed dreamed dreamed dreamed of, of, for of, for of, for far for far for far less far less far less less than less than than than thanpets and and and aand aunique aunique aaunique aunique unique connection connection connection connection to tothe to to the to the the Lake the Lake Lake Lake Lake Hood Hood Hood Hood Hood lifestyle lifestyle lifestyle lifestyle lifestyle resort. resort. resort. Discover Discover Discover Discover It’s It’s It’s all It’s all It’s here! all all here! here! here! here! bedrooms each towaterfront roam. No has small kitchen tucked in the corner ofresort. aresort. large dining lounge with an View appointment View by03appointment View Viewproperty by by appointment appointment for! No 9by! is currently rented at $220 per week. for kids and petswaterfront vanity, laundry. The has batts insulation. Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 Ashburton Office 8317 View byby appointment View by appointment Brand logburner compliments this tidybedrooms, package. you’d you’d you’d you’d expect. expect. expect. expect. expect. the the the the best the best best best of best ofboth of of both of both both both worlds. worlds. worlds. worlds. worlds. Formulate Formulate Formulate Formulate Formulate your your your your plans your plans plans plans plans now now now now for now for for afor afor spring aspring a307 spring aspring spring build! build! build! build! build! been waiting toilet, a bathroom with shower and 9* has has nonew garaging. Thiscould couldbe bethe theopportunity opportunityyou youhave have open fire. Three separate been been waiting waiting toilet, toilet, a a bathroom bathroom with with showe show 99you’d has has no no garaging. garaging. This This could could be be the the opportunity opportunity you you have have open open fire. fire. Three Three bedrooms, bedrooms, separate separate been waiting toilet, a bathroom with shower and 9 no garaging. This open fire. Three bedrooms, separate Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008) Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008) $240,000 $240,000 $240,000 $240,000 $240,000 $155,000 $155,000 $155,000 $155,000 $155,000 Mid * Your choice of settlement possible Certainly one to view to property be appreciated. Ashburton Office 03 8317per Ashburton Office 03 307 has 8317 for! No is currently currently rented $220 per week. vanity, laundry. has batts insulation. for! for! No No 99 is is currently currently rented rented at at307 $220 $220 per week. week. vanity, vanity, laundry. laundry. The The property property has batts batts insulation. insulation./ / // / Ashburton Office 8317 Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 Ashburton Ashburton Office Office 03 03 307 307 8317 View View View View View by byby appointment, by appointment, by appointment, appointment, appointment, Lot Lot Lot Lot 24 Lot 24 24 Tarbottons 24 Tarbottons 24 Tarbottons Tarbottons Tarbottons Road Road Road Road Road (Kelburn (Kelburn (Kelburn (Kelburn (Kelburn estate) estate) estate) estate) estate) View View View View View by byby appointment, by appointment, by appointment, appointment, appointment, 27 27 27 Ludlow 27 Ludlow 27 Ludlow Ludlow Ludlow Drive Drive Drive Drive Drive for! No 99 is rented atat$220 per week. vanity, laundry. TheThe property has8317 batts insulation. Ashburton Office 03 03 307307 8317 Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008) Mid Canterbury Real Estate LICENSED (REAA(REAA 2008) /AHB20199 /AHB20199 /AHB20199 /AHB20199 /AHB20199 Stage Stage Stage Stage Stage 8 8- 8-Lake 8Lake -8-Lake -Lake Lake Hood Hood Hood Hood Hood /AHB20040 /AHB20040 /AHB20040 /AHB20040 /AHB20040 Stage Stage Stage Stage Stage 7a 7a 7a 7a Lake 7a Lake Lake Lake Lake Hood Hood Hood Hood Hood /AHB20055 /AHB20055 /AHB20055 /AHB20055 /AHB20055 AHB20035 AHB20035 AHB20035 AHB20035 AHB20035 LICENSED (REAA LICENSED 2008) Canterbury Real Estate Limited Mid Canterbury RealLimited Estate Limited LICENSED(REAA (REAA2008) 2008) Mid Mid Canterbury Canterbury Real Real Estate Estate Limited Limited LICENSED LICENSED (REAA 2008)2008) LICENSED (REAA 2008) MidMid Canterbury Real Estate Limited Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED (REAA (REAA (REAA (REAA 2008) (REAA 2008) 2008) 2008) 2008)

Manager Jill Quaid Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager 027 437 6755 Manager Jill Quaid Jill Jill Jill Quaid Jill Quaid Jill Quaid Quaid Quaid Jill Quaid 027 437 6755 027 027 027 027 437 027 437 437 437 6755 437 6755 6755 6755 6755 027 437 6755

Urban Consultant Rural Rural Rural Rural Rural Urban Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant Cindy Hayward Urban Consultant Auctioneer Auctioneer Auctioneer Auctioneer Auctioneer 027 389 7955 Consultant Cindy Hayward Jarrod Jarrod Jarrod Jarrod Jarrod Ross Ross Ross Ross Ross Cindy Hayward 027 389 7955 021 021 021 021 249 021 249 249 249 4644 249 4644 4644 4644 4644 027 389 7955

96 Tancred Street, Ashburton 96 Tancred Street, Ashburton Tancred Street, Ashburton 96 96 96 96 96 Tancred Tancred Tancred Tancred Tancred Street, Street, Street, Street, Street, Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton


Urban Consultant Urban Rural Rural Rural Rural Rural Mandy Marsh Urban Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant Manager Manager 021 239 4418 Consultant Mandy Marsh Roger Roger Roger Jill Jill Roger Roger Quaid Quaid Burdett Burdett Burdett Burdett Burdett Mandy Marsh 021 239 4418 021 021 021 027 027 021 224 021 224 224 437 437 224 4214 224 4214 4214 6755 6755 4214 4214 021 239 4418

Urban Consultant Urban Urban Urban Urban Urban Urban Urban Chrissy Milne Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant 027 290 6606 Chrissy Milne Margaret Margaret Margaret Cindy Margaret Cindy Margaret Hayward Wilson Hayward Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Chrissy Milne 027 290 6606 021 021 021 027 021 027 221 021 221 221 389 221 389 2544 221 2544 2544 7955 2544 7955 2544 290 6606


Urban Consultant Urban Urban Urban Urban Urban Urban Urban Margaret Feiss Urban Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant 021 751 009 Consultant Margaret Feiss Annette Annette Annette Mandy Annette Mandy Annette McCully McCully Marsh Marsh McCully McCully McCully Margaret Feiss 021 751 009 027 027 027 021 027 021 438 027 438 438 239 438 239 2328 438 2328 2328 4418 2328 4418 2328 021 751 009

Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited 96 Tancred Street, Ashburton

Canterbury Real Limited Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited Mid Mid Mid Mid Mid Canterbury Canterbury Canterbury Canterbury Canterbury Real Real Real Real Real Estate Estate Estate Estate Estate Limited Limited Limited Limited

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Property Manager Property Veronica Property Manager Urban Urban Urban Urban Urban Monaghan Manager Veronica Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant 027 697 6948 Veronica Monaghan Mike Mike Mike Margaret Margaret Mike Mike Grant Grant Grant Grant Grant Feiss Feiss Monaghan 027 697 6948 021 021 021 021 272 021 272 272 751 751 272 0202 272 0202 0202 009 009 0202 0202 027 697 6948

Property Urban Urban Manager Property Consultant Consultant Urban Urban Urban Urban Urban Annie Dwyer Property Manager Consultant Consultant Consultant Shirley Shirley Consultant Consultant 027 287 3388 Manager Annie Dwyer Kim Kim Kim Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Kim Miller Kim Miller Miller Miller Miller Annie Dwyer 027 287 3388 027 027 027 027 236 027 236 236 220 220 236 8627 236 8627 8627 1528 1528 8627 8627 027 287 3388

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Classifieds 42 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, November 2, 2013




Experienced Machinist, Storeman

Grain and Seed Sales & Administration

Stapleton’s, a subsidiary of Luisetti Seed, is a significant provider of Grain and Seed processing in the region including commodities both national and internationally. Due to excellent growth within the Mid Canterbury region, we have an opportunity to employ a new staff member to our team.

ATS is a farmer owned rural supplies co-operative based in Mid-Canterbury. This dynamic organisation has a membership of more than 3000 shareholders and provides services and advice covering Seed, farm merchandise, fuel, fertiliser and electricity at competitive rates. Members also take advantage of the Ruralco discount charge card. Due to a pending retirement, ATS Seed is looking to appoint a replacement to our experienced grain and seed team. This full time position is an important part to the day to day running of ATS Seed based in Ashburton and responsible to the ATS Seed General Manager. The position of Grain and Seed Sales & Administration would require you to be dealing with farmers and industry related businesses on a daily basis, experience within the industry, including grain trading would be preferred. Competencies required to be successful in this role include: • Logistics and stock control

lt is desirable that applicants will have the following skills, 1. 2. 3. 4.

Experienced machinist Forklift license Accurate documentation control. Sound knowledge of stores and correct product identification 5. Good physical fitness level is required as well as full compliance of our company health and safety policy. 6. lt is important the successful applicant can complete a variation of duties within our multi skilled team. 7. Truck HT license while not essential, could be an advantage. If you are keen to join a small dedicated team offering variety and work in modern facilities with the view of expanding your industry knowledge we are keen to view your CV. Training will be offered as applicable and remuneration will be negotiated subject to experience. Hours of work will vary with our team and will require some split shift hours in line with industry seasonal demands. This will be discussed further at the interview.

• Office administration and invoicing • Sales experience • Intermediate computer skills

Applications will close 9.00am Monday, November 11, 2013 and be treated and viewed in confidence, please send your letter of interest to.

Please email your application together with your CV to: Applications close 4th November 2013.

General Manager Stapletons 2009 Ltd P O Box 380 Ashburton 7740 Or email:

Mount Hutt College 1 ATS_EmployAd_SEED SALES_OCT13_96x150mm.indd

Production Assistant

We are looking for an experienced person, to layout the newspaper using the Indesign programme on an iMac. You must be able to work to deadlines, as part of a team and unsupervised. 20 - 25 hour a week, based at Mount Hutt College (Mon – Wed, including school and public holidays) You will be required to attend community events and functions. Enquiries and application packs are available from: Mrs E. Lumsden, 302 8437 Closes Friday 8th November 2013


Relief 23/10/13 Milker 9:53:39 AM Required

Technical Field Officer - Dairy Mid Canterbury Farmlands is owned by New Zealand farmers to improve their profitability and supplies more than 55,000 Shareholder businesses nationwide. In this position based out of Ashburton, we are seeking to expand our team of Dairy specialists to enable us to provide exceptional service and technical advice to the growing number of Farmlands Shareholders involved in the Dairy industry. We are looking for a suitably qualified applicant who: • has a passion for dairying and relevant experience in the industry • is able to provide technical advice to our Shareholders in all facets of dairying • comes from a strong customer service and sales background, well organised, self motivated and able to build and maintain lasting relationships • has a high level of commitment and energy Visit our website to download the position description and application form which must be completed and sent with your CV and covering letter quoting reference TFOMC1013 to the below address or alternatively email to: Corporate Support Manager Farmlands Co-operative Society Limited Private Bag 1968 Dunedin Applications close Friday 8th November 2013

ee& & 0800 278 583

ADVERT ssence PROOFVERT He�l�� Be�u�� AD


Experienced truck driver

Café Macaroon

We are looking for a Permanent Deputy Principal 2 MU’s, with inspiration, enthusiasm, creativity, compassion and a sense of humour to work with an amazing staff and BOT. Possibly Year 4 level and 0.2 Release. Start Term 1 2014. Roll 165

Front of house We are needing two A full time position 15-30 hour per week mid-canterbury is availableessentially... for an relief milkers, to milk experienced truck driver. 930 cows through a Duties include: Must have full heavy Barista skills 44 side herringbone. traffic license and be ................................ ................................................. Customer service Regular ATTN hours................................................. tidily presented. SIGNATURE skills available. Closing Friday November 8 at 4pm. ury erb nt ca idm Immediate start ... lly tia ......... en ................................................. ess PRICE OF ADVERT ................................................. Kitchen duties available. essentially... mid-canterbury Addressed to: Principal, Rakaia School, Hinds area. ....................................................


e c n e s s ssence

ADVERT PROOF PROOF Please phone ADVERT Elizabeth Please phone 303 7241 Guardian Situations Vacant 307 7900 PROOF 0274 746026 Phone: 03 307 0590 • Fax: 03 307 0595 • Email: C��NEC����S


Food handling

hourly rate for the .......... Rakaia Dunford Street, 7710 ........................................................ ................................................. DATE TURE PUBLICATIONTop .................... SIGNA ............................

........ Please email the ............................ ............................ .................................................................................................................................. ........ TNor AT ............... by fax.) ....if....sending sign (Please .... ................. to inform us of any alterations. email fax by phone, us either ........ Please contactATTN SIGNATURE Manager Sue Moorren ................................... ............................ .................... .... .... .... .... essentially... mid-canterbury .... .... date. publication RT to OF ADVERT ........................................................................................................... VE less than 5 working days prior be mustPR final alterations Any PRICE OF ADno ICEdone .....................

right person.

.... ............................................................................ by fax. ............................ ease sign if sending PUBLICA any alterations. (Pl of us te. orm da n inf tio to ca ail bli ATTN .................................................................................................................................. em orany fax prior to pu e, us phon days Please contact us either by phone, fax or aeit email to inform of alterations. sign if sending bySIGNATURE fax.) vary. may colours print - final guide is shown Colour NOTE: her by 5 working us ctonly than (Please less prior conta Please must done no be st Any final alterations be done no less than 5 working days to publication date. mu ns tio c@ please publication other any in be to artwork this era require em you if artwork this to rights all PRICE OF ADVERT ........................................................................................................... alt the retain We nc copyright. by protected is al This artwork ................ PUBLICATION DATE ......................................................................................................... TION DATE ............

He�l�� Be�u��

Any fin ail: info.esse • Em 7 0595 AS .................................................... ON THIS PRESENTED x: 03 Phone:BY 03THE 307 0590 • Fax: 03 307 0595 Email: PUBLISHED BE 30 WILL THE REQUIRED, TIME contact us. IF NO REPLY RECEIVED vary.PROOF. 90 • •Fa 307 05 03ADVERTISEMENT lication please l print colours may PUBLICATION DATE ......................................................................................................... one: - fina

de Ph Colour shown is only a guide -Col a guivary. is onlymay NOTE: colours ork to be in any oth shown ourprint NOTE: final you require this artw - ifbe D ON THIS PROOF artwork to ESEifNTE this PR to ts This artwork is protected by copyright. WePlease retain the all rights to this artwork if you require this artwork in any other publication please ED AS righ SH all BLI contact us either by phone, fax or email to inform us of any alterations. (Please sign sending by fax.) the PU in reta L BE We WIL ht. ENT yrig EM cop TIS by ADVER tected contact us. IF NO REPLY RECEIVED THE ADVERTISEMENT WILL PRESENTED ON THIS PROOF. THE is proREQUIRED, ED, BE orkTIME artw Any finalTHE alterations must beUIR done no PUBLISHED less than 5AS working days prior to publication date. E REQ ThisBY LY RECEIVED BY THE

contact us. IF NO REP

er pub


Phone: 03 307 0590 • Fax: 03 307 0595 • Email:


NOTE: Colour shown is only a guide - final print colours may vary. This artwork is protected by copyright. We retain the all rights to this artwork - if you require this artwork to be in any other publication please contact us. IF NO REPLY RECEIVED BY THE TIME REQUIRED, THE ADVERTISEMENT WILL BE PUBLISHED AS PRESENTED ON THIS PROOF.

See Health 2000 now for the latest fashion range of Shuzi products


Shuzi products are world renowned in improving better blood circulation. Leading to increased balance motion, reduced inflammation in sore joints, muscles and tissues and lowering stress levels in the body. Ashburton Arcade 308-1815

Craig Gullit


Countdown Complex, West Street Phone 308 1341 LATE NIGHTS Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. SATURDAYS from 8am


Saturday, November 2, 2013



Administration Assistant

We are a small family run transport company based in Ashburton.

Tip truck/crane truck experience would definitely be an advantage.

Those seeking appointment should be able to demonstrate experience in the governance of significant commercial organisations, and have an understanding and empathy with professional sport.

Your primary tasks will include: • accounts payable • accounts receivable • payroll • Excel spreadsheets • word processing and filing • general reception duties.

Some shift work is required from time to time.

Applicants are requested to provide a detailed curriculum vitae together with an outline of the attributes/strengths they believe they would bring to the governance of Crusaders (GP) Limited.

We are also looking for a class 2 driver with a DG licence. This position would suit someone who is keen to learn and wishing to get their class 5.

All applications should contain the names and contact details of two referees who would be able to provide an insight into the applicant’s suitability for the Independent Director role. Applications, with the required supporting material, are to be received no later than 9.00 am on Monday 11 November 2013, and should be addressed to:

You will have: • enthusiasm, energy, an eagerness to learn and a positive attitude • Excel skills and an ability to use Microsoft Office to an intermediate level • ability to communicate with a range of people, from visitors to executives • numeracy and literacy skills • ability to work with minimal supervision • good appreciation of urgency and accuracy.

In return we offer a good hourly rate with overtime, tidy equipment and small team atmosphere to work in.

The Appointments Committee Crusaders (GP) Limited 5736479AA

C/o Raylene Palmer, P O Box 755, Christchurch 8140, Email Note: The two incumbent Independent directors serving on the Crusaders (GP) Limited Board until the conclusion of

We currently have a vacancy for an Administration Assistant in our Ashburton office. Reporting to the Office Supervisor, you will be responsible for a variety of clerical functions, including computer and calculator work.

We are looking for a class 5 Driver with the ability to turn their hand to any job required.

Crusaders (GP) Limited is seeking applications from suitably qualified and experienced persons to be appointed to two positions as Independent Directors from the conclusion of the Company’s 2013 AGM.

the 2013 AGM of the Company are entitled to apply for reappointment to the positions being advertised.

Talley’s is a large New Zealand company with diversified food interests in seafood, vegetables, meat and dairy. We are a stable private company experiencing continuous growth – a real kiwi success story.

With a focus on servicing the building industry and rural sector.

Crusaders (GP) Limited is the Company owned by the six Provincial Rugby Unions in the Crusaders’ region that holds the licence to manage the Crusaders Super Rugby organisation.




Ashburton Guardian

Please apply in your own hand writing with CV and references to; PO Box 237 ASHBURTON 7740

Flexible start date but need to able to commence employment by the start of December.

Account Manager – Canterbury If a desk job doesn’t quite do it for you, it’s time to get out there to help our farmers – and your future – thrive. It’s a vital frontline sales role where you’ll work with farmers in a designated region, ensuring they get the products, support, insights and advice they need for successful farming. There’s no better way to get more from your agronomic qualification, not to mention your comprehensive knowledge of soil fertility and farming inputs. And as you’re out and about each day, you’ll be well kitted out with a car, phone, laptop and company clothing. So, help us put the best into the land, and we’ll help you get the most from it. To learn more and to apply, please visit our website. To apply for this position, please send your CV with a covering letter to Beth Jagusch, Recruitment Administrator on Applications close Friday, 15 November 2013.

Barrhill area. Experienced farm worker required for arable and lamb fattening 450ha irrigated farm. Single accommodation available. Heavy traffic license an advantage Email or post CV to:

Creeside 1433 Back Track R D 12 Rakaia creeside@scorch.

Warehouse Forklift Driver

Class 2 and 4 Truck Drivers Talley’s Ashburton is looking to employ Truck Drivers for this upcoming pea and corn harvest, starting early December. A Class 4 licence is preferable however there will be an opportunity for successful applicants with a Class 2 licence to be trained and gain a Class 4 licence.

The Fresh Name in the Freezer

General Farm Worker

Mitre 10 MEGA Ashburton have a vacancy to join our busy Warehouse team as a Forklift Driver plus other duties. This position is full time (Monday – Friday) the successful applicant will require: •

a Forklift licence with F endorsement

be able to work as a team

In return we offer you modern equipment, good wages with the opportunity for overtime, and a busy working environment.

be motivated

be reliable

If the above position interests you please apply in writing to Talley’s Group Ltd Ashburton, PO Box 244, Ashburton or email Applications close Monday 11th November 2013.

The position offers great job satisfaction, support of the leading Trade and DIY retailer Mid Canterbury and the opportunity to join a team of staff who enjoy working together. In return we offer fantastic staff buying privileges and solid job security. If you think you can fit this role, please email your c.v. and covering letter to: or post to Human Resources, Mitre 10 MEGA, P.O. Box 35, Ashburton 7740. Applications close Friday 8th November 2013

Guardian Situations Vacant

307 7900

Branch Operations Manager

The Fresh Name in the Freezer

If you work well as part of a small team and enjoy a busy and productive work environment then this is the position for you.

If this sounds like the opportunity you have been waiting for, please send your CV and letter of application to, or post to Administration Assistant Vacancy, PO Box 244, Ashburton 7740. Applications close Friday 8th November 2013 at 5pm. You must be eligible to work in New Zealand.

We are seeking an energetic, self motivated individual with strong communication skills to fill this vacancy in Tinwald, Ashburton. You will either already be successful in a similar role, or be an experienced operator, ready to take the step up into management. Experience within the agricultural cultivation industry would be an advantage. Reporting to the General Manager of McDowall Transport Ltd, the key aspect of the role is to coordinate the cultivation, planting and harvesting operation, with particular experience in maize URL planting and harvesting. You will ensure the operation Selma Proofand readrun by:_______________________________ With: _______________________________ Date:_______________________________ tested is customer focused to budget. RX PLASTICS LTD

Ideally the successful candidate will be: Customer Service/Administration • A self motivated individual who is capable of working without direct daily supervision Fixed Term Maternity Position • Excellent communication skills and organisational skills We are seeking a bright, enthusiastic personality to • Experienced in and knowledge of agricultural join our friendly team based in our Tinwald office, operations job: C46586 which is Head Office for our three branches, and • Be able to complete documentation in a clear and handles all incoming calls and orders nationwide. format: b&w precise manner size: 17 x 2 This position requires someone with excellent This is a “hands-on” role, requiring you to have a publication run date position sortskillscost gst) communication and people and(excl a real practical and operational understanding of the various understanding of customer service. This is a fi xed Guardian Wed 30 Oct Sit Vacant $297.50 types of machineryAshburton under your management. term position to cover parental leave until the $361.42 All applications will be kept strictly confidential. For Sat 2 Nov incumbent employee returns to work. further information contact the General Manager Wed 6 Nov $297.50 We are looking for someone who has the following 0274 361 658, or send your application, complete TradeMe $139.13 with CV, to: attributes:“Branch Operations Manager” • A positive friendly personality and a sense of General Manager humour McDowall Transport Ltd • Ability to work under pressure, highly PO Box 114 organised and able to multitask WINTON 9741 • Able to work in a team environment and share Email: the workload • Excellent telephone and customer service skills • High accuracy with computer data entry • Have a good mathematical brain, and able to think outside the square

advertising proof


Chef/Cook Required for our busy Bistro / Takeaways.

Experience essential. Approx 20+ hrs p/w References required. Please phone Joce on

021 105 5234 Hinds Wayside Inn Guardian Classifieds 307 7900

For all your classified requirements.

Phone the Guardian 307 7900

If this sounds like you, please email your application letter along with a copy of your CV to:, alternatively post to the address below no later than Friday, November 8, 2013.

Fiona Taylor Customer Services Manager RX Plastics Ltd P O Box 360 Ashburton 7740

Guardian Motoring

307 7900

PLEASE that we h advertise understan received. advertise to check advertise position n Cancella media wi fee of $5

your con

Classifieds 44 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, November 2, 2013



Plastics Extrusion Operator/Supervisor, Ashburton Working in a green field site, the successful candidate will need to demonstrate they have a proven track record in operating plastics extrusion equipment and the ability to lead a small team. This role will also require management of all compliance associated with a manufacturing site. As this site will be part of a small cluster of Australasian plants, full support systems are already in place. You will be part of a small privately owned company that manufactures a range of innovative products and services into niche markets and customers globally. Reporting to the Managing Director, you will be an integral part of our customer- centric ethos. If you are interested in exploring this opportunity further, please phone: 09 5769652 or email: Ashburton’s Regency Motel Staff sought to join our innovative food processing team based near Ashburton, for our new parsley season. Existing vacancies:

Production Line Supervisor

Industry specific training will be given to all new staff but QA and supervisory experience in a production and/or food processing setting are essential. Covering letters and CV by email to Applicants for these positions should have

Hours of work are generally between 9am-12noon

and applications will close no later than

The successful applicant must be punctual and neatly presented.

Friday 8 November 2013 at 5 pm.

To apply

NZ residency or a valid NZ work permit

Call us on 03-308-8266 after 10am

TRADES, SERVICES HOME handyman available. Minor repairs, painting etc. Ph 027-677-1952. ROOFING - for all your roofing requirements, new roofs, reroofing, commercial, insurance claims, repairs. Licensed building practitioner, Wiki, Vision Roofing, phone 027-476-0203.

SITUATIONS WANTED EMPLOYMENT wanted. Urgently required dairy farm position, seven years experience, rotary and herringbone sheds, immediate start. Phone David 0279 004 696.

CALVES - two Murray Grey Friesian, autumn born. Sell. Phone 027 719 9089.

For all your classified requirements.

WANTED - standing grass for sale. Phone Jacob on 027 422 5464.

Phone the Guardian 307 7900

Guardian Classifieds SERVICES: Hay covers, farm truck seat covers, upholstery repairs, shade sails and blinds, marquee and event hire.

WANTED - used Ford, Belarus and Massey Ferguson tractors in any condition. Freephone 0800-888-343.


House Keeper We are seeking a mature, energetic and honest on call housemaid to join our friendly team of staff

307 7900

WANTED STANDING GRASS Phone Jacob 0274 225 464



ASHBURTON HOSPITAL GENERAL WARDS - (Medical and Surgical): DAILY, 2pm - 4pm and 6pm - 7.30pm Children must be accompanied by an adult. DUTY DOCTORS CHALMERS WARD - (including This service is for EMERGENCY MEDICAL Assessment, Treatment & Rehabilitation CARE ONLY. Please remember your Unit) - OPEN VISITING. Community Services Card. Emergency MATERNITY WARD - DAILY, 10am - 8pm. phone until 8am Tuesday - 0800 700 155. -Husbands and patient’s own children may Allenton Medical Centre, Harrison Street, visit the patient from: 7am - 10pm. TUARANGI HOME (Cameron St) - DAILY, will be the duty practice for Saturday and Sunday until 8am Monday. They will hold -unrestricted visiting. surgery from 10am until 12 noon and from ASHBURTON REST HOMES 6pm until 7pm both days. No appointment COLDSTREAM HOUSE — DAILY, necessary. Surgery phone 308 9139. unrestricted visiting. METHVEN & RAKAIA AREA CAMERON COURTS — DAILY, unrestricted For weekend doctor and emergency details visiting. please telephone the Rakaia Medical Centre, PRINCES COURT — DAILY, unrestricted ph 303 5002. visiting. Ashburton Hospital DOES NOT provide an accident and emergency service. EMERGENCY DENTIST If you do not have or cannot contact your Except in cases of emergency persons regular dentist, please phone 027 683 0679 requiring medical attention must consult for the name of the rostered weekend dentist their own or the duty general practitioner. in Christchurch. Hours 9am-5pm, Saturdays, Persons subsequently requiring treatment at Ashburton Hospital must have a general Sundays and Public Holidays. practitioners.

HML Home care Medical Limited - Ring 0800 700 155 for FREE 24hr Health Advice.

Searles Allenton Pharmacy, Harrison Street, Ashburton. Saturday open from: 9.30am - 12 noon. Sunday from: 10.30am 12 noon. Both evenings: 6pm - 7pm.



Call 0800 AA WORKS (0800 229 6757) or 027 857 2133 or visit for more information.


Phone Jacob 0274 225 464

1998 SUZUKI Cultus, 1300cc, 3 door hatch, manual, 111,000kms, good condition, serviced regularly, new cambelt, near new tyres. $3,750 ono. Ph 307 2244. WHEEL alignments at great prices. Maximise the life of your tyres with an alignment from Neumanns Tyre Services Ltd, 197 Wills Street. Phone 308-6737.




Museum Room Hospital Site Elizabeth Street ASHBURTON 20 November 2013 6.00 pm ALL WELCOME

Monday November 18, 8pm Timaru Squash Club Brunswick Street, Timaru


LIVESTOCK, PETS Benneydale – Mangapehi – Pureora District Reunion January 25th/26th 2014 Waitomo Club. Te Kuiti Registration forms and information. Jenifer Reinhardt 07 878 4885.

BUYER of unwanted animals. Cattle, bobby calves, horse and all farm animals. We also sell pet food. Call Nick’s Pet Food 0272 101 621, A/H 03 322 7626. FOR SALE: Foxy pups, two males left, lovely markings, ready in three weeks. Approved homes only, can be viewed now. Ph 03 302 4760.


ALEXANDRA Christmas Family Holiday Accommodation. Accommodation available for families in Alexandra, Cromwell & Queensbury during Christmas and Summer, also available for long weekends. Phone Tina 027 936 1195.


GENERAL hire. Lawnmowers, chainsaws, concrete breakers, trailers, and more. All your DIY / contracting work, Call and see U-Hire Ashburton. 588 East Street. Open Mon-Fri 7.30 - 5.30pm; Sat 7.30am - 5.00pm; Sunday 8am - 12.30pm. – Ph: 308 8061 A/h: 308 7460


GRAZING wanted for weaner calves short or long term. Contact Phone no. 0800 GRAZ4U.


9am, SIGN AT GATE, 70 Thomson St, cross trainer and house hold items. All must go.


CJ LUMBER - Tree Clearing Firewood Supplies. Green firewood now available per trailer load. Enquire now for a good price. Josh 027 858 Nancy Timmo 07 878 3303 WANTED to by - dozen hens, 0302. ex cage birds will be ok. Ph FIREWOOD - green old man David Hunter 027 627 7947. pine - $130, green blue gum 07 886 5337 + macrocarpa - $150, green 3 . WETHERS - 4 two-tooths, 1 poplar - $90. All pr 3.6m . Ph Shane James Firewood 03 two-tooths ewe and 1 lamb for sale. Please phone 302- 303 7063. PLANTS, PRODUCE 4899 or 0274-382-311. FIREWOOD LOGS for sale. Delivered by logging truck PEASTRAW for sale, medium H OLIDAY and trailer. Ph Laurie Forestry squares. $45 delivered 03 689 8333. Ashburton. Phone 302 6605. ACCOMMODATION

HARLEY DAVIDSON Demo Day – Join us between 10am - 2pm on November 10 at the Chequered. Flag cafe/bar SH1 Rangitata. Come and test ride our 2014 range of Harley Davidson Demo bikes. Brought to you by Rolling Thunder Motorcycles, 35 Manchester St, Christchurch. Ph 03 366 0129.

STANDING LUCERNE Call Toni & Peter May on 03 308 8893 to find out more! 151 Alford Forest Rd, Ashburton

WANTED to buy - good quality lucerne chaff. Large quantities. Ph Mark Derriman, Seales Winslow 027 494 2900.



Weekend Services




AKAROA - CHARMING, spacious holiday home, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, all electric heating. Sky, all mod cons, short walk to village. Phone Brian 307-8000 or 308-6180.

SCOOTER’S - new and secondhand three and four wheel electric scooters and wheel chairs. Call Fred Reddecliffe at Electric Mobility Ashburton today. Phone 308-3602

WARBIRDS Over Wanaka 2014. Family accommodation available in Cromwell and Alexandra, Phone Tina 027 936 1195.

Guardian Classifieds 307 7900

DIAL 111 in the event of a Medical or Accident Emergency


Call free on 0800 222 955. Ask for the Crisis Team. SAFE CARE - 24 hr Rape and Sexual Assault Crisis Support. Ph: 03 364 8791


24 hr - Freephone 0800 VICTIM (0800 842 846) - Direct dials to a volunteer. Ashburton Office - 307 8409 week-days, 9am - 2pm - outside of these hours leave a message.

ALCOHOL DRUG HELP LINE Call us free on (0800 787 797). Lines open 10am - 10pm Seven days. LIFELINE - Toll-Free: 0800 353 353


Phone 308 1133. Baring Square East, Ashburton. Sat & Sun: 10.00am - 4.00pm Closed Public Holidays.


WEEKEND HOURS: Sat & Sun 9am - 5pm.


ASHBURTON MAIL CENTRE FAST POST: Mon - Fri 6pm STANDARD POST: Mon - Fri 6pm POST DELIVERY CENTRES Allenton: Mon - Fri 5pm Tinwald: Mon - Fri 5pm Methven: Mon - Fri 4.30pm Rakaia: Mon - Fri 4.30pm ASHBURTON’S STREET RECEIVERS Business Area: Mon - Fri 5pm Residential Area: Mon - Fri 1pm


ASHBURTON - Sat 10am until 2pm. Sun CLOSED. Public holidays from 10am until 2pm. Phone 308-1050. METHVEN - Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays 10am until 3pm. Phone 302-8955 or

ASHBURTON PUBLIC LIBRARY BUS DEPARTURES Havelock Street. Ph 308 7192. Saturday: 10:00am - 1:00pm Sunday 1:00pm - 4:00pm


Reservations and timetables, 24-hour service. Freephone for reservations: 0800 802 802. BUSES - Southbound: 9.30am, 3.20pm. Northbound: 12.30pm, 5.10pm.

Baring Square East, Ashburton. Ph 308 3167 Saturday-Sunday 1.00pm - 4.00pm NIMAL ERVICES Closed Statutory Holidays. DOG, STOCK & NOISE Group Bookings by arrangement




Ashburton District Council 03-307-7700 - 24 hour service


WEEKEND EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBER: All enquiries - Inspector John Keeley: 308 4432 or 0274 342 646


Contact (cats) Andrea 021 892 939 or (dogs) Dawn 021 828 350

VETERINARIANS VET ENT RIVERSIDE - Phone 03 308 2321 1 Smallbone Dr, Ashburton. Saturday clinic: 9am-12 noon. 24-hour weekend emergencies: Large: Nathan Back, Small: Juan Gray. ASHBURTON VETS - Ph 027 683 8111, 149 Cameron St, Ashburton: The duty vet for emergencies this weekend is: Jo Hallenstein. Full emergency service all weekend. CANTERBURY VETS - Ph 03 307 0686, West Street Clinic, Main Rd, Methven. Saturday clinic: 9am-12 noon. Weekend emergencies: Jade Hackney. CARE VETS - Ph 03 308 2327, 246 Tancred St Saturday clinic: 10am - 2pm. Weekend emergencies: Refer Vet Ent. VETLIFE ASHBURTON - Phone 03 307 5195, Cnr East St & Smithfield Rd, Ashburton. Saturday clinic 9am-12 noon. Weekend emergencies: Large: Judy Wilkes. Small: Toni Johnston.

Classifieds 46 Ashburton Guardian TRADES, SERVICES

Saturday, November 2, 2013



LANDSCAPE SUPPLIES • Bark • Oamaru stone • Rocks • Organic compost • Sand • Screened soil • Home deliveries available

Plus much more FREE loan trailer available! From a shovel load to a trailer load. Dobson Street West Ph: 307 8302 Hours: Mon-Fri: 7.30am - 5pm Sat: 7.30am - 12 noon

Local Asparagus $6.99 kg Royal Gala Apples Spinach Broccoli Easy Peel Mandarins

Draft Local Alcohol Policy – Have we got the right mix?

Ashburton District Council has prepared a draft Local Alcohol Policy (LAP) and is now seeking community feedback on the draft policy.

Specials available from 30/10 - 05/11


The LAP guides local decision making on a range of alcohol licensing matters. Its purpose is to tailor licensing approaches to suit Ashburton District and minimise alcohol-related harm in the district.

Road The Green Grocer Main SouthTinwald

Council wants to know what you think – have we got the ‘right mix’?


$ CASH PAID $ $ $ $ FOR SCRAP $ BUYERS OF ALL METALS Copper, Brass, Aluminium etc.

Mid-Canterbury Metal Recycling Licensed Buyer Dealer

10A McGregor Lane Riverside Estate (Off McNally Street)

Phone 308-8959 or 027-228-1467 anytime

Holiday home open plan. • 3 bedroom - 2 up, 1 down for the kids with own toilet. • 5 metre bifolds opening onto hugh deck with all day sun. • Stunning views of Wainui Valley. Akaroa Harbour and Heads. • Garage to store boat etc. • Awesome garden full of bellbirds. • New carpet vinyl and inside paint. Live the dream. Offers over $485,000 Ph Craig 021 821 413

Guardian Classifieds 307 7900



For Sale Bumper Boats (5) Selling for health reasons. Will demonstrate to genuine buyers. Includes trailer and all relevant equipment.

Submissions on the draft LAP will be received until 5.00pm, Friday 8 November 2013.

Ph Laurie 302 3989

Applications are open for Coaches and Managers For Senior, Senior B, Colts and U18’s Apply in writing to: Ashburton Celtic RFC C/-68 Allens Road or email Closes November 11 Players also required to fill our Colts squad Check or Facebook/Ashburton Celtic RFC for updates, news and up coming events.

ADULT ENTERTAINMENT ANGEL, tall, busty, attractive, in/out calls, private premises. Phone 021 0299 7405. CALL Zoe. Available everyday. No texting. Discretion assured. Ph 021 0233 9259. ROMAN - tall, young, gay, attractive male. For good times. Phone : 022 074 1265.

For all subscriber enquiries, missed delivery, new subscriptions, temporary stops, call our subscriber hotline 0800 274 287 0800 ASHBURTON

Tinwald School

GOOD QUALITY GRASS & LUCERNE WANTED Hayden Mackenzie Contracting is seeking quality grass & lucerne for baleage in the Mid Canterbury area.

All families of prospective New Entrants to Tinwald School from January to July, 2014, are invited to an

Please contact Hayden or Robert 021 365 511

Information Meeting


FAMILY of four, with one dog, require a three-four bedroom house to rent, long term, in Ashburton. References available. Phone 027 333 2693. FOR RENT: Warm three bedroom house, two heat pumps. Double garage. Very central to town. Large section, ideal for family/professional couple. Phone Lisa 027 726 6075 evenings. References required. Available November 16. LANDLORDS. Don’t leave the management of your valuable asset in the hands of a company that’s primary income is from selling properties. Property management is our sole focus 24/7. Contact B&N Properties Ltd now, 0800 111 252

SUNNY two bedroom, permanent material unit. Private outdoor area. $255p/w. Ph 021 324 529. TO LET: Large, three bedroom plus sunroom, west side villa. References required. Logburner and internal access double garage. $360 per week. Phone 027 206 0503 or 307 7593.


on Thursday, November 7 at 10 am in the Tinwald School Hall. All welcome! Please phone the school 308 4555

Guardian Real Estate

Guardian Classifieds

307 7900

307 7900

Birthday Greetings Brought to you by Kitchen Kapers.

Claudia Cudmore Happy 8th Birthday!! Have a fantastic party. Lots of love from Mum, Dad, Brontson, Paige and Grandma. xxx

Claudia Cudmore Happy Birthday to a very special girl. Lots of love from Grandad and Jo. xx

Birthday Greetings are free for those aged 12 and under only. Free birthday greetings must be received at least two working days before date of insertion otherwise there is no guarantee that it will appear on the day requested. Photos will be available at our ground floor office for collection after notice has appeared in the paper.

Disco Dust

Edible food glitter

$13 per pottle

Adding extra sparkle to Christmas & birthdays

TO RENT – 3 bedroom, brick house with double garage, Allenton area. Pallet fire for heating, $330 per week, no dogs and non smoking. Ph 027 609 7625 or 308 1728. The Arcade, Ashburton 03 308 8287



REAL PEOPLE REAL LOVE No more lonely weekends or internet dating disasters. Your personal matchmaker will handpick your ideal partner. Someone wonderful is waiting to meet you, right now, so call today and get in touch as soon as tonight.


LARGE 4 bedroom house to rent in Methven $350 pw. Phone 027 3355 793.

And check out our quality used vehicles at:


A summary of the policy, the full draft Local Alcohol Policy and submission form are available from the Council website, the Ashburton Public Library or from the Council offices at 5 Baring Square West, Ashburton.

REAL ESTATE Akaroa/Wainui

Fresh Fruit & Vege

You can provide feedback on the draft policy online through the Council website, or by completing a submission form and posting it back to Council.


$2.99 2kg bag $1.99 bunch $1.49 ea $2.99 bag

Ph 0800 856 640

Grazing Grazing wanted for calves from Nov/Dec. Short or long term. Phone Greg Tait 027 378 6314

Guardian Classifieds 307 7900

Church Services

Cnr Cass & Havelock Sts, Phone 308 5409


10am Morning Service

Speaker: Pastor Rob Davison LIFE 2 da MAX (Kids Church) Creche Available Refreshments to follow 6.00pm House of Prayer YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ARE VERY WELCOME

Assembly Of God Sunday Meeting 10.00am Hakatere Marae SH1, Fairton You are welcome Enquiries Phone 308-8699

Heart to God And Hand to Man Celebration Service and Children’s Programme

10.00am You’re very welcome! Cnr Cass & Cameron St 308 7610 - 308 7062 St David’s Church 48 Allens Road Everyone welcome

Evangelical Presbyterian Church 10.30am Worship

Every Sunday 63 Princes Street All Welcome

Minister: Rev David Bayne Ph 307 7355

131 Thomson Street (Tinwald School Hall) Sunday Morning 10.30am Sunday Evening 7pm Wednesday night Bible Study, 15 Cross Street 7pm We hope to see you this Sunday!

For more info please call Pastor Mike Grove 308 4695


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ashburton Guardian



Devon Tavern it's your local


FOR SALE HOUSE HOLD CLEARANCE Quality Woodpeckers Re cycled


RIMU Furniture:

• Dining Table 6 chairs • 3 Drawer Servery • Wine Cabinet • 2 Door Buffet • 3 Door Hutch Dresser • Blanket box • 5 Drawer Talboy • 2 x 1 drawer bedside cabs (each)


SUMMER OF FUN ON THE WATER! THIS SUNDAY! 3 November 10am-2pm at Lake Hood


In the new industrial centre of Ashburton

• 7 Drawer lowboy • 3 Drawer bedside cab • Pine book case ,2 bottom drawers • Large 2 seater in neutral colour

Available soon! Almost completed!

Take to the lake with D&E Marine. Trial the boats and get a feel for the best boat to suit your needs. We will have a range of Stabicraft and Reflex boats there plus a jetski or two to demo. We will also have a range of accessories available for purchase - everything from skis, to waterbiscuits to lifejackets. 0800 432 633



• 2250m2 or 1500m2 of warehouse with150m2 office space • 2250m2 or 1500m2 of warehouse only Call Jim Crouchley today • 150m2 of office, laid out to your specifications 03 308 4079












$265.00 $40.00 $275.00 $350.00

All furniture in excellent condition. 021 221 2544

Options available:

027 555 4364

$1600.00 $850.00 $425.00 $375.00 $750.00 $275.00 $450.00 $200.00

We can also offer managed warehousing with “pick and pack” and transport nationwide

1994 Toyota Coaster Motorhome 107,000km, 6cly diesel Landcruiser engine, first class, 7 metres, bull bar, sunken shower, toilet. King size bed. TV/DVD, solar panel, air cond, heater and cooler, fridge, 2 water tanks, storage, microwave stove. $15,000. Email for photos: Ph 03 464 2507

Got something to sell? Having a garage sale? Call the Guardian today for your advertising requirements. 307 7900

Daily Events Saturday

Classic aircraft on display including DC3. Ashburton Airport, Seafield Road.

Street car park.

8.30am ST ANDREWS ANGLICAN PARISH TINWALD. Garage sale, Parish hall, Cnr Jane and Thomson Street, Tinwald.

9.30am - 12.30pm ASHBURTON TOY LIBRARY. Open today. New members always welcome. Methodist Church hall, Baring Square East.

9.00am - 12.00noon ASHBURTON DISTRICT FARMERS MARKET. Weekly farm fresh produce, plants, coffee, food and more. North end of the West

10.00am METHVEN HERITAGE CENTRE. New Zealand Alpine and Agriculture Encounter, interactive fun for all ages. Main Street, Methven.

10.00am - 1.00pm ASHBURTON CRAFT MARKET. Saturday’s in the West Street Car park.

Sunday 8.00am ST STEPHENS ANGLICAN CHURCH. Holy Communion, Park Street.

9.30am ASHBURTON METHODIST PARISH. Morning worship with Rev Tevita Taufalele. Methodist Church Lounge, Baring Square East.

New Zealand Alpine and Agriculture Encounter, interactive fun for all ages. Main Street, Methven.

8.30am HOLY SPIRIT CATHOLIC CHURCH. Mass, Thomson Street, Tinwald.

ST PAUL’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Morning worship, all welcome. 65 Oxford Street.

ST STEPHEN’S ANGLICAN CHURCH. Holy Communion. Park Street.

ASHBURTON STROLLERS CLUB. Walking Forest Creek Area, good track. All welcome, phone Jenny 308-6862. Meet Ashburton Courthouse, Baring Square West.

ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Worship service with communion, 48 Allen’s Road, Allenton.

9.00am ST PETER’S ANGLICAN CHURCH. Holy Communion, Harrison Street, Allenton.

Monday 9.00am ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Real women circuit training in the hall. 48 Allens Road, Allenton. 9.00am - 4.00pm ASHBURTON BUDGET ADVISORY SERVICE INC.

10.00am M.S.A. QUIOTS. Come along and have a throw. M.S.A. Sport Grounds, Racecourse Road. METHVEN HERITAGE CENTRE. For free budget advice and workshop enquiries. Phone 307-0496. 60 Cass Street. 9.30am - 10.30am AGE CONCERN ASHBURTON. Ladies exercise classes. Senior Centre, Cameron Street. 10.00am CARDIAC COMPANIONS.

10.00am - 12.00pm ASHBURTON VINTAGE CAR CLUB. Museum and parts shed open. 86 Maronan Road, Tinwald.



ST ANDREW’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Church service with Rev David Brown, cnr Havelock and Park Streets. ST ANDREW’S ANGLICAN CHURCH. Holy communion every Sunday. 151-153 Thomson Street, Tinwald. 10.00am - 5.30pm ASHBURTON SOCIETY OF ARTS. Karen Smith exhibition “under 500”. 53 Fortnightly meeting, with social time, exercises and occasional speakers. Buffalo Lodge Hall, Cox Street. 10.00am METHVEN HERITAGE CENTRE. New Zealand and Agriculture Encounter, interactive fun for all ages. Main Street, Methven.

10.00am - 5.30pm ASHBURTON SOCIETY OF ARTS. Karen Smith exhibition. “under 500”. 53 Short Street, Studio. 10.30am ASHBURTON EMBROIDERERS GUILD. Stitch and chat, own work. Senior Centre, Cameron Street. Short Street Studio. 10.30am VICTORY BAPTIST CHURCH. Worship God and study his word. 131 Thomson Street, (Tinwald School hall). EVANGELICAL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Worshipping god and transforming lives. 63 Princes Street, Netherby. 12.50pm M.S.A. PETANQUE. Come and try Petanque, everyone welcome. Racecourse Road.

12.50pm. WAIREKA CROQUET CLUB. Association croquet singles. The domain, Philip Street. 1.30pm MID CANTERBURY SOCIAL WHEELERS. 14km road race. Register from 1pm. Fords Road, near the sale yards. 1.30pm WAIREKA CROQUET CLUB. Golf croquet doubles, change partners. The domain, Philip Street. 2.00pm ASHBURTON CIVIC MUSIC COUNCIL. Bands in the Park. Ashburton Domain, West Street entrance. 5.00pm ST STEPHEN’S ANGLICAN CHURCH. Taize Service. Park Street. 7.00pm VICTORY BAPTIST CHURCH. Worship God and study his word. 131 Thomson Street, (Tinwald School hall).

1.00pm - 3.00pm ASHBURTON AVATION MUSEUM. Classic aircraft on display including DC 3. Ashburton airport, Seafield Road.

7.00pm ST ANDREW’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Church service in the Sinclair Centre with Rev David Brown. Cnr Havelock & Park Street.

10.00am - 5.30pm ASHBURTON SOCIETY OF ARTS. Karen Smith exhibition “under 500”. 53 Short Street Studio.

6.00pm ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Real women circuit training in the hall. 48 Allens Road, Allenton.

1.00pm - 3.00pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. Classic aircraft on display including DC3. Seafield Road.

7.30pm CATHOLIC WOMENS LEAGUE. Euchre in the Parish Centre, Cnr Burnett and Winter Streets.

Television 48 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saturday, November 2, 2013 TV ONE

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6am Te Karere 3 2 0 6:30 Country Calendar 3 0 7am Rural Delivery 7:30 Fair Go 3 0 8am Fire Scene Investigation 3 0 8:30 60 Minute Makeover 3 9:30 Come Dine With Me Omnibus PGR Noon There’s No Taste Like Home 12:55 Masterchef All Stars (Starting Today) 3 0 2pm The Chase (Starting Today) 30 3pm Recruits Paramedics PGR 3 0 3:30 Coastwatch 0 4pm River Monsters 3 0 5pm New Zealand’s Got Talent 30 6pm One News 0

7pm NZ Story 0 7:30 This Town 0 8:30 Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries AO When Aunt Prudence insists Phryne help an old school chum whose holiday mansion has been burgled, Phryne and Jack discover the summer paradise is not so perfect. 0 9:40 M A View to a Kill PGR 1985 Action. Roger Moore, Christopher Walken, Tanya Roberts. 0 12:20 Louie Spence’s Showbusiness AO 3 1:20 Emmerdale PGR 3 0 3:25 Neighbourhood 3 Exploring New Zealand’s cultural diversity. 0 3:55 Infomercials 5:30 The Key Of David

CHOICE TV 6am Pioneer Woman 6:30 Better Homes And Gardens Ideas and practical guides to improvement projects for the home and garden, plus recipes and entertaining solutions. 8am Gardeners’ World 8:30 Food Factory 9am Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation Indian cookery with the colourful character of Madhur Jaffrey. 9:30 Pioneer Woman 10am Fantasy Homes By The Sea 11am American Restoration Mike and Frank travel the country looking for antique gold. 11:30 My Kitchen Noon House Crashers 12:30 Relocation, Relocation 1:30 Better Homes And Gardens 3pm Gardeners’ World 3:30 Guide To The Good Life 4pm My Dream Home 5pm No Kitchen Required 6pm Wild Thing I Love You 7pm Lonely Planet – Best Parks Ever 7:30 Natural World 8:30 M Jesse Stone – Stone Cold AO 2005 Crime. Tom Selleck, Jane Adams. 10:30 Guide To The Good Life 11pm My Dream Home


Midnight Wild Thing I Love You 1am Natural World 2am Lonely Planet – Best Parks Ever 2:30 Flatmates AO 3am M Jesse Stone – Stone Cold AO 2005 Crime. Tom Selleck. 5am No Kitchen Required


©TVNZ 2013

6am Tiki Tour 6:25 Buzzy Bee And Friends 3 0 6:30 Wiki The Kiwi 0 6:40 Jake And The Neverland Pirates 3 0 7am Stitch! 3 0 7:25 Matt Hatter Chronicles 3 0 7:50 Phineas And Ferb 3 0 8:15 Transformers Prime Beasthunters 3 8:40 Beware The Batman 3 0 9:05 Angry Birds Toons 3 0 9:10 Adventure Time 3 0 9:35 Regular Show 3 0 10am Totes Maori 10:30 Neighbours Omnibus 0 1pm Beverly Hills Nannies PGR 2pm Secret Life Of The American Teenager PGR 3pm Take The Money And Run 4pm Operation Hero 3 4:30 Let’s Get Inventin’ 5pm America’s Funniest Home Videos 3 0 5:30 According To Jim 3 0 6pm Wipeout USA 0 7pm Duck Dynasty PGR 0 7:30 Oh Sit! 0 8pm L Lotto This week’s Lotto draw. 8:05 Oh Sit! Continued. 0 8:30 M Unknown AO 2011 Thriller. A man wakes from a coma to find someone has taken his identity. Liam Neeson, Diane Kruger. 0 10:40 M Dorian Gray AO 2009 Drama. Ben Barnes, Colin Firth, Rebecca Hall. 12:50 M Stone AO 2010 Drama. Robert De Niro, Edward Norton. 2:50 M Batman – Under The Red Hood AO 2010 Animated. Voices of Bruce Greenwood, Jensen Ackles, John DiMaggio. 0 4:10 Final Witness AO 3 5:05 Totes Maori 3 5:30 It Is Written 3

TV THREE 6am Charles Stanley 3 6:30 Outdoors With Geoff 3 7am Gone Fishin’ 3 7:30 Infomercials 10am The Nation 10:55 Gok’s Fashion Fix PGR Noon Pregnant In Heels 1pm The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills PGR 3 2pm The X Factor USA PGR 3 4pm The X Factor USA PGR 3 5pm Gone Fishin’ 5:30 Fishing Show After a frustrating session where the barramundi freshwater fish are seemingly unstoppable, Matt decides to take things into his own hands. 6pm 3 News

FOUR 6am Sesame Street 3 6:55 Pingu 7am Rocko’s Modern Life 3 7:30 Invader Zim 3 7:55 All Grown Up 3 8:20 Scaredy Squirrel 3 8:45 BeyWheelz 3 9:05 Redakai 3 9:55 Infomercials 2pm Sesame Street 3 2:55 Peppa Pig 3 3pm Barney And Friends 3 3:30 Infomercials 4:30 Pukana 2 5pm Mr Young 3 5:30 The Suite Life On Deck 3 6pm Sabrina – The Teenage Witch 3 0 6:30 M Dinoterra 2013 Animated Adventure.



6am Home Shopping 11:30 Whose Line Is It Anyway? UK 3 Noon The Crowd Goes Wild Omnibus 3 2:30 Father Ted PGR 3 3pm Rugby League – World Cup France v Kiwis. From Parc des Sports, Avignon, France. 4:30 Trans-Tasman Match Fishing Series Team Fish City New Zealand v Team Penn Australia. 5:30 Prime News 6pm The Good Cook Food writer Simon Hopkinson shares his love for Italian risotto rice and Parma ham. 6:30 Forever Summer With Nigella Nigella Lawson presents summery recipes that can be eaten at any time of year.

7pm Testing the Menu 8:20 The Real Housewives 7:30 Survivor – Blood v Water 0 of Orange County PGR 8:30 SVU AO (Starting Today) 3 Slade’s plan to shop for A hotel maid accuses an an engagement ring with Italian diplomat of rape, but Heather is derailed. then doubt arises about her 9:20 The Real Housewives of believability; Atlanta detective Orange County PGR Vicki’s Amanda Rollins joins the mother-daughter dispute squad. 0 pushes her to breaking point. 9:25 Blue Bloods AO 0 10:15 Traffic Light PGR 10:25 Outrageous Fortune AO 3 10:45 Poker After Dark PGR 3 0

7pm Rugby – European Tour (Delayed) Japan v New Zealand. From Prince Chichibu Memorial Rugby Stadium in Tokyo, Japan. 9:30 Homes from Hell 3 A look at what happens when building projects go wrong. 10:35 The Kennedys PGR 3

11:25 The Finder AO 3 When new 11:45 Infomercials tracks are leaked from late rapper J-Stryke, music mogul Big Glade and his lawyer ask Walter to find the source of the illegally released music. 12:25 Infomercials 5am Hillsong 3 5:30 Charles Stanley 3

11:30 Sleeping With My Sister AO 3 Documentary looking at nine months in the lives of two halfsibling couples, whose incestuous relationships began after reuniting as adults. 12:30 Home Shopping

MAORI TV 10am Toku Reo 3 2pm Tribe PGR 3 2:30 Homai Te Pakipaki 3 3:30 Rugby League – Fox Memorial Shield (Replay) Glenora Bears v Marist Saints. 5:30 Te Kaea 2 6pm Te Tepu 3 2 6:30 Whatukura Mareikura A panel gives a male and female perspective on life’s challenges. 7pm Te Kaea 3 2

THE BOX 6am Criminal Minds 16VS 6:50 The Simpsons PG 7:15 The Unit MV 8:10 The Simpsons Super Saturday PG A marathon of The Simpsons episodes. 10:15 Raw MC 1:10 24 Marathon MVLS 4:30 The Simpsons Super Saturday PG 7pm The Simpsons PG 7:30 Modern Family PGL 8pm Pawn Stars PG 8:30 Billy The Exterminator PGL 9pm Lizard Lick Towing PGL 9:30 Ax Men ML 10:30 The Unit MV 11:30 Spartacus – Blood And Sand 18VLS


12:30 24 Marathon MVLS 3:50 Spartacus – Blood And Sand 18VLS 4:45 Billy The Exterminator PGL 5:10 Lizard Lick Towing PGL 5:35 The Simpsons PG

6am The Netball Zone 6:30 Basketball – NBL (Highlights) New Zealand Breakers v Adelaide 36ers. 7am Cricket – International (Highlights) India v Australia – Sixth One-Day International. 8am Golf – World Golf Championships HSBC Champions – Round Two. 10am Inside The PGA Tour 10:30 Football – A-League (Replay) Western Sydney Wanderers v Adelaide United. 12:30 Basketball – NBL (Highlights) New Zealand Breakers v Adelaide 36ers. 1pm Cricket – International (Highlights) Bangladesh v New Zealand – Second One-Day International. 2pm Cricket – HRV Cup (Replay) 5:30 L Rugby – International Japan v New Zealand. 8:30 Anger Within – Jonah Lomu 10:30 Rugby – International (Highlights) Japan v New Zealand. From Prince Chichibu Memorial Rugby Stadium, Tokyo.

11pm UFC Primetime 11:30 The Ultimate Fighter 12:30 L Tennis – Fed Cup Final Day One – Italy v Russia. Coverage from the final in the premier team competition in women’s tennis. 5:30 Basketball – NBL (Highlights) New Zealand Breakers v Adelaide 36ers.

SKY SPORT 2 7:30 M Lassie 3 2005 Family. A family in financial crisis must sell Lassie, their beloved dog. Hundreds of miles away from her true family, Lassie escapes and sets out on a journey home. Peter O’Toole, Samantha Morton, John Lynch. 9:30 M Love Crime AO 3 2010 Suspense Thriller. Ludivine Sagnier, Kristin Scott Thomas. 11:20 Te Kaea 3 2 11:50 Closedown

DISCOVERY 6:30 Mythbusters PG 7:30 Mythbusters PG 8:30 ET Fishing Escapes PG 9:30 River Monsters – The Most Bizarre PG 10:30 Deadliest Catch PG 11:30 Off The Hook – Extreme Catches PG Noon Off The Hook – Extreme Catches PG 12:30 Catfishin’ Kings PG 1:30 Mythbusters PG 2:30 Auction Kings PG 3pm Auction Hunters PG 3:30 American Guns M 4:30 Warlocks Rising PG 5:30 Naked And Afraid PG 6:30 Gold Rush South America PG 7:30 Deadliest Catch – The Bait PG 8:30 Deadliest Catch PG 9:30 Jungle Gold PG 10:30 Forbidden M 11:30 Auction Hunters PG


Midnight Auction Hunters PG 12:30 American Guns M 1:30 Colony PG 2:30 Colony PG 3:30 Howe And Howe Tech PG 4:30 Howe And Howe Tech PG 5:30 Mythbusters PG


8:30pm on TV2


The Good Cook

6:00pm on Prime


6am Endure 16VL 2010 Thriller. Devon Sawa, Tom Arnold. 7:35 Whiskey Business PGC 2012 Comedy. Pauly Shore, John Schneider. 9am Contagion ML 2011 Thriller. Matt Damon, Kate Winslet. 10:45 Wrath Of The Titans MV 2012 Action. Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson. 12:25 Ted 16LS 2012 Comedy. Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis. 2:10 Too Late To Say Goodbye M 2009 Drama. Rob Lowe, Lauren Holly. 3:40 Treasure Guards PGVLS 2011 Adventure. Anna Friel, Raol Bova. 5:15 Profile Of A Killer 16VL 2012 Thriller. Joey Pollari, Gabriele Angieri. 6:55 Taken 2 MV 2012 Action. 8:30 Here Comes The Boom MVL 2012 Comedy. 10:20 In Time MVL 2011 Sci-fi.

6:25 Life MVL 1999 Comedy. Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Lisa Nicole Carson. 8:15 Pirates Of The Caribbean – At World’s End MV 2007 Action. Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom. 11am The Wedding Singer ML 1998 Comedy. Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Christine Taylor, Allen Covert. 12:45 Signs M 2002 Sci-fi Thriller. Mel Gibson, Joaquin Phoenix, Rory Culkin. 2:35 Life MVL 1999 Comedy. 4:25 The Notebook PGC 2004 Drama. 6:30 Insomnia MVL 2002 Crime. 8:30 Talladega Nights – The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby MLS 2006 Comedy. 10:20 Fatal Attraction 16V 1987 Thriller.

12:10 Profile Of A Killer 16VL 2012 Thriller. 1:45 Taken 2 MV 2012 Action. 3:20 Here Comes The Boom MVL 2012 Comedy. 5:05 In Time MVL 2011 Sci-fi.

12:20 Insomnia MVL 2002 Crime. 2:15 Talladega Nights – The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby MLS 2006 Comedy. 4:05 Fatal Attraction 16V 1987 Thriller.



0 Closed captions; 3 Repeat; 2 Maori Language. RATINGS: 16 Approved for persons 16 years or over; 18 Approved for persons 18 years or over; AO Adults only; C Content may offend; L Language may offend; M Suitable for mature audiences; PG/PGR Parental guidance recommended for young viewers; S Sexual content may offend; V Contains violence. Local Radio: NewsTalk ZB 873AM/98.1FM FM Classic Hits ZEFM 92.5; Port FM Local 94.9, 98.9 and 106.1


7:30 L Rugby League – World Cup France v New Zealand. From Parc des Sports in Avignon. 10am Basketball – NBL (Highlights) New Zealand Breakers v Adelaide 36ers. From the North Shore Events Centre in Auckland. 10:30 Cricket – HRV Cup (Highlights) Canterbury Wizards v Central Stags. 11am Red Bull Chronicles 11:30 Sky Sport 365 Noon Golf – World Championship (Highlights) HSBC Champions – Round Two. 1pm Netball – International (Replay) Silver Ferns v Malawi Queens – Game Three. 3pm The Netball Zone (Replay) 3:30 Sky Sport 365 For all the latest sports news from New Zealand and around the world. 4pm Rugby League – World Cup (Replay) France v New Zealand. 6pm Cricket – International (Highlights) Bangladesh v New Zealand – Second One-Day International. 7pm L Cricket – HRV Cup Canterbury Wizards v Otago Volts. From Hagley Oval in Christchurch. 10:30 The Cricket Show 11pm L Cricket – International India v Australia. Seventh One-Day International, First Innings.


1:05 L Cricket – International India v Australia. Seventh One-Day International, Second Innings. 5am Cricket – HRV Cup (Highlights) Canterbury Wizards v Otago Volts. 5:30 Red Bull Chronicles | Compiled by

Television Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ashburton Guardian 49

Sunday, November 3, 2013 TV ONE

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©TVNZ 2013





6am Rural Delivery 6:25 60 Minute Makeover 3 7:10 Sunday 3 0 7:35 Tagata Pasifika 3 8am Praise Be 8:30 Attitude 0 9am Q+A 10am Marae Investigates 10:30 Waka Huia 11am Neighbourhood 3 0 11:30 F Christchurch – From The Streets 0 Noon Football – English Premier League Arsenal v Liverpool. From the Emirates Stadium in London. 2pm Help! My House Is Falling Down 3 0 3pm F Undercover Boss USA PGR 3 0 4pm Radar’s Patch 3 0 4:30 SPCA Rescue 3 0 5pm Our World – Survival Tales From The Wild 3 0 6pm One News 0 7pm Sunday 0 7:30 New Zealand’s Got Talent 0 8:30 A Place to Call Home AO Anna and Gino’s romance continues as they sneak off to make love at the water hole, even though it is clear something about their secret trysts is worrying Gino. 0 9:30 Last Tango in Halifax AO 0 10:40 Offspring AO 3 0

6am Tiki Tour 0 6:25 Jungle Junction 3 0 6:50 Fireman Sam 3 0 7am What Now? The One Grand Final – the top three contestants compete live on stage for the title of The One. 10am Shortland Street Omnibus PGR 0 Noon M Father Of The Bride 1991 Comedy. Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, Kimberly Williams. 0 2:05 New Zealand’s Got Talent 30 3:05 The Neighbors 3 0 3:35 Home And Away Omnibus 0 6pm Hart Of Dixie Zoe tries to keep her feelings about Wade under control; Lavon and Wade must work together at the church’s casino fundraiser, but the money goes missing. 0 7pm The Middle 3 0 7:30 Total Blackout PGR 0 8pm Betty White’s Off their Rockers PGR 0 8:30 M The Hangover AO 2009 Comedy. Bradley Cooper. 0 10:30 M Stephen King’s Desperation AO 2006 Fantasy. Tom Skerritt, Steven Weber, Annabelle Gish. 0

6am Life TV 3 6:30 Brian Houston @ Hillsong 3 7am Charles Stanley 3 8am Universal Church Of The Kingdom Of God 3 8:30 Turning Point With David Jeremiah 3 9am Think Tank 9:30 Three60 10am The Nation 11am The Best Of Campbell Live 11:55 The Block New Zealand Omnibus 0 3pm Motorsport – NZ Rally Championship (Highlights) 3:45 Motorsport – MotoGP Round 16 – Australian GP. 4:30 Motorsport – US Formula Drift Championship Round Two – Atlanta. Part two coverage. 5pm Destroyed In Seconds 3 0 5:30 Big Angry Fish PGR 6pm 3 News 7pm M The Mummy Returns PGR 3 2001 Adventure. Ten years after the events of The Mummy, the evil of the mummy Imhotep is let loose once more. Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz. 0 9:35 M Your Highness AO 2011 Comedy. Danny McBride, James Franco, Natalie Portman, Zooey Deschanel. 0

6am Sesame Street 3 6:55 Pingu 7am Rocko’s Modern Life 3 7:30 Invader Zim 3 7:55 All Grown Up 3 8:15 Scaredy Squirrel 3 8:40 Ready, Steady, Wiggles 8:50 Wonder Pets 3 9:15 Tickety Toc 3 9:25 Dora The Explorer 3 9:50 Moe 3 9:55 Sticky TV Omnibus Noon Infomercials 2pm Sesame Street 3 2:55 Peppa Pig 3 3pm Barney And Friends 3 3:30 Infomercials 4:30 Pukana 2 5pm Entertainment Tonight Weekend 6pm Sabrina – The Teenage Witch 3 0 6:30 Everybody Hates Chris PGR 30 7pm Rules of Engagement PGR Jeff and Audrey try to prove their lives will not be boring once their baby is born; Timmy tricks Russell into accompanying him to a nursing home. 7:30 Top Chef Masters 8:30 The Biggest Loser Australia 10:20 The League AO 3 10:50 Entertainment Tonight Weekend

7pm Storage Wars 7:30 Antiques Roadshow 8:35 F River Cottage Australia PGR After four months, Hugh FearnleyWhittingstall is back to see how Paul is doing, and how River Cottage Australia has grown. 9:40 F Crimes That Shook Britain PGR 10:40 Fairy Jobmother AO 3

11:40 N Medical Anomalies AO Maurice Simpson is disfigured by a large, life-threatening facial tumour. 12:35 Birdland PGR 3 0 1:10 Emmerdale PGR 3 0 3:10 Gardens Of The World 3:20 Infomercials

1am Vampire Diaries AO 3 0 2:45 Infomercials 3:20 20/20 3 Local current affairs programme. 0 4:10 It Is Written 3 4:40 Kapa Haka Kids – Second Chances 3 5am Infomercials

11:50 Touch AO After three years of searching for Amelia, Lucy’s frustration and anger peak. 12:50 The Slap AO 3 0 2am Infomercials 5am Joyce Meyer 3 5:30 Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV 3

11:45 Infomercials

11:45 Home Shopping

CHOICE TV 6am Guide To The Good Life Ways to enjoy life and feel good. 6:30 Christ Embassy Religious Programming. 7am My Dream Home aHelping couples find, buy, and transform extreme fixer-uppers into their ultimate dream home. 8am No Kitchen Required 9am Days Of Our Lives Omnibus PGR Noon Natural World 1pm Wild Thing I Love You 2pm Lonely Planet – Best Parks Ever 2:30 Early Edition 3:30 Luke Nguyen’s Greater Mekong 4:10 Cheese Slices 4:50 Grand Tours Of Scotland 5:30 Holiday Home Sweet Home 6pm N2K PGR 7pm Travel Wild 7:30 Extreme Frontiers Africa 8:40 South Riding AO (Mini-series) The lives and loves of a 1930s Yorkshire town are explored in a passionate tale of politics in small places. 10:30 Smugglers 11pm Ainsley’s Barbeque Bible 11:30 Saturday Cookbook


12:30 N2K PGR 1am Extreme Frontiers Africa 2am Travel Wild 2:30 South Riding AO (Mini-series) 3:30 Smugglers 4:30 Blokes 5am Luke Nguyen’s Greater Mekong 5:30 Grand Tours Of Scotland

6am Religious Programming 10:30 Sport Box Noon Mayday PGR 3 1pm Customs PGR 3 1:30 Rugby – Heartland Championship 2:30 Doctor Who PGR 3 3:25 Nigella Express 3 4pm The Good Cook 3 Food writer Simon Hopkinson shares his love for Italian risotto rice and Parma ham. 4:30 Junior Masterchef Australia 3 5:30 Prime News 6pm Millionaire – Hot Seat Hosted by Eddie McGuire. 6:30 Nigella Bites Inviting friends over is the perfect opportunity to perform, so Nigella shares recipes that look and taste fantastic but do not require nerves of steel to take on.

MAORI TV 10am Korero Mai 3 2pm Aa Rau 2:30 Outback Café 3 3pm The Native Diet 3 3:30 Rugby League – Fox Memorial Shield 3 Howick Hornets v Mt Albert Lions. 5:30 Te Kaea 2 6pm Waka Huia 7pm Te Kaea 3 2 7:30 Whanau Factor Studio-based family game show hosted by Matai Smith.

THE BOX 6am 24 Marathon MVLS 9:20 The Unit MV 10:15 The Simpsons Super Sunday PG A marathon of The Simpsons episodes. 12:20 Modern Family PGL 12:45 Ax Men ML 1:40 Pawn Stars PG 2:05 Billy The Exterminator PGL 2:30 Lizard Lick Towing PGL 2:55 Raw MC 5:45 WWE Main Event MC 6:45 SmackDown! MC 8:30 CSI MV Langston investigates the untimely death of a college student at a Walking With Dinosaurs show. 9:30 CSI MV 10:30 Numb3rs MV 11:30 WWE Main Event MC


12:30 SmackDown! MC 2:10 CSI MV 3am CSI MV 3:50 Girls Gone Wild 18S 4:20 Numb3rs MV 5:10 Modern Family PGL 5:35 Pawn Stars PG

6am Rugby – International (Replay) Japan v New Zealand. 8am Anger Within – Jonah Lomu 10am Tennis – Fed Cup Final (Highlights) Day One – Match of the Day. Noon Rugby – International (Replay) Japan v New Zealand. 2pm Golf – HSBC Champions (Highlights) 3pm Cricket – HRV Cup (Highlights) Canterbury Wizards v Otago Volts. 3:30 Rugby – International (Highlights) Japan v New Zealand. 4pm L Basketball – NBL Wollongong Hawks v New Zealand Breakers. From WIN Entertainment Centre. 6pm Sky Sport – What’s On 6:30 Rugby League – World Cup (Highlights) England v Ireland. 7pm Rugby League – World Cup (Highlights) Australia v Fiji. From Langtree Park in St Helens. 7:30 Rugby League – 40/20 Hosted by Stephen McIvor with a weekly line-up of league stars. 8:30 Football – Arsenal TV Arsenal v Liverpool.

11:30 Basketball – NBL (Replay) 1:30 Sky Sport – What’s On 1:55 L Motorsport – FIA Formula One Championship Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. From the Yas Marina Circuit. 4:30 Total Rugby 5am Golf – HSBC Champions (Highlights)

SKY SPORT 2 8pm Behind The Brush 3 8:30 Allan Baldwin – In Frame 3 9:30 M In The Name Of The Father AO 1993 Drama. The story behind the Guildford Four, falsely accused of a fatal IRA bombing and sentenced to prison for 15 years, and their fight to prove their innocence. Daniel Day-Lewis, Emma Thompson.


12:15 Te Kaea 2 12:45 Closedown

DISCOVERY 6:30 Mythbusters PG Motorcycle Flip. 7:30 Mythbusters PG 8:30 Auction Hunters PG Diesel Digs. 9am Auction Hunters PG Half-Pipe Dreams. 9:30 You Have Been Warned PG 10:30 Car v Wild PG 11:30 Naked And Afraid PG 12:30 American Guns M 7:30 Commander In Chief – Inside The Oval Office M 8:30 Warlocks Rising PG New Fights, Old Battles. 9:30 Gold Rush South America PG 10:30 Auction Kings PG 11pm Auction Hunters PG 11:30 Naked And Afraid PG


12:30 Sons Of Guns M One-Man Army. 1:30 Catfishin’ Kings PG 2:30 Off The Hook – Extreme Catches PG 3am Off The Hook – Extreme Catches PG 3:30 Dirty Jobs PG 100th Dirty Job Special. 5:30 Worst-Case Scenario PG Sinking Car; Rattlesnake Encounter.

A Place to Call Home 8:30pm on TV One

MOVIES PREMIERE 6:55 Biography – Kevin James PG 2009 Documentary. 7:45 Treasure Guards PGVLS 2011 Adventure. Anna Friel, Raol Bova. 9:20 Taken 2 MV 2012 Action. Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace. 10:55 Here Comes The Boom MVL 2012 Comedy. 12:40 In Time MVL 2011 Sci-fi. 2:30 The Making Of The Bourne Legacy MV 3pm Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark MV 2010 Horror. 4:40 The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel PGLS 2011 Comedy. 6:45 Parental Guidance PGL 2012 Comedy. 8:30 The Impossible ML 2012 Drama. 10:25 The Man With The Iron Fists 16VLS 2012 Action.


Midnight Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark MV 2010 Horror. 1:40 The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel PGLS 2011 Comedy. 3:40 Parental Guidance PGL 2012 Comedy. 5:25 The Impossible ML 2012 Drama.

Betty White's Off their Rockers 8:00pm on TV2

MOVIES GREATS 6:05 The Notebook PGC 2004 Drama. James Garner, Gena Rowlands, Ryan Gosling. 8:10 Insomnia MVL 2002 Crime. Al Pacino, Hilary Swank, Robin Williams. 10:10 Talladega Nights – The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby MLS 2006 Comedy. Will Ferrell, John C Reilly, Sacha Baron Cohen. Noon Fatal Attraction 16V 1987 Thriller. Michael Douglas, Glenn Close. 2pm Circle Of Friends M 1995 Drama. 3:45 Braveheart 16V 1995 Historical Drama. 6:40 Broken Arrow MVL 1996 Action Adventure. 8:30 LA Confidential 18V 1997 Drama. 10:50 The Invention Of Lying MS 2009 Comedy.

6am Rugby League – World Cup (Highlights) New Zealand v France. From Parc Des Sports in Avignon. 6:48 Rugby League – World Cup (Replay) England v Ireland. From The John Smith’s Stadium in Huddersfield. 8:48 L Rugby League – World Cup Australia v Fiji. From Langtree Park in St Helens. 11am Rugby League – World Cup (Replay) England v Ireland. From The John Smith’s Stadium in Huddersfield. 1pm Rugby League – World Cup (Replay) Australia v Fiji. 3pm Sport 365 3:30 Total Rugby 4:10 L Cricket – International Bangladesh v New Zealand – Third One-Day International. Coverage of the first innings from Narayanganj Osmani Stadium. 7:55 Cricket – HRV Cup (Highlights) Canterbury Wizards v Otago Volts. From Hagley Oval in Christchurch. 8:30 L Cricket – International Bangladesh v New Zealand – Third One-Day International. Coverage of the second innings from Narayanganj Osmani Stadium.


Midnight Sky Sport – What’s On 12:30 Golf – HSBC Champions (Highlights) Round Four. 1:49 Rugby League – 40/20 2:49 L Rugby League – World MONDAY Cup Wales v USA. From Glyndwr 12:30 Broken Arrow MVL 1996 University Racecourse Stadium in Action Adventure. 2:15 LA Wrexham, Wales. Confidential 18V 1997 Drama. 4:35 4:49 L Rugby League – World The Invention Of Lying MS 2009 Cup Scotland v Italy. From Derwent Comedy. Park in Workington.

0 Closed captions; 3 Repeat; 2 Maori Language. RATINGS: 16 Approved for persons 16 years or over; 18 Approved for persons 18 years or over; AO Adults only; C Content may offend; L Language may offend; M Suitable for mature audiences; PG/PGR Parental guidance recommended for young viewers; S Sexual content may offend; V Contains violence. Local Radio: NewsTalk ZB 873AM/98.1FM FM Classic Hits ZEFM 92.5; Port FM Local 94.9, 98.9 and 106.1

3Nov13 | Compiled by


Family Notices 50 Ashburton Guardian BIRTHS

BENNETT – Emma and Nick are delighted to announce the birth of their little boy, Beau James, on October 18, 2013, at Invercargill. A gorgeous wee grandson for Jane and Trevor Hurley and Vivien and Tony Bennett. CHUDLEIGH – Aaron and Angela (Pierce) have much pleasure in announcing the safe arrival of Flynn Bruce Chudleigh 8lbs on October 15. Special thanks to Lysandra Thomas, Linda Philp, Jackie Wylie and the awesome staff at Christchurch Women's and Ashburton Maternity.

JANSEN – Ilco and Megan, along with big brothers, Jett and Quinn, welcome with love Harper Holland Rose. A beautiful daughter and sister. Harper was born on Monday, October 21, 2013, weighing 7lb 10oz. Thanks to our family for all their help.

PALMER, Allan John – J.P. (Reg No. 208059 Royal NZ Army Dental Corps.) On Wednesday, October 30, 2013, as a result of an accident on October 24. Aged 82 years. Beloved husband of the late Aileen. Much loved and respected father and father-in-law to Rose and Russ (Christchurch), David and Tania (Blenheim), and Elspeth (London). Loved grandfather of Brett, Abbey, Laura, and Chelsea. Loved brother of Barbara (Wellington), Jocelyn (Brisbane) and families. The family wishes to thank everyone who was involved in caring for John at the accident site, and the supportive and caring staff of Christchurch Hospital. A Memorial Service for John will be held at Northbrook Chapel, Spark Lane (off Northbrook Rd), Rossburn Receptions, Rangiora on MONDAY, November 18 at 11 a.m. Messages to the Allan family c/- 8 Aztec Place, Redwood, Christchurch 8051. Gulliver & Tyler Ltd North Canterbury Ph 03 313 8222 F.D.A.N.Z



Map for today


SAUNDERS, Mervyn – Passed away October 28, 2013. A very dear and Treasured friend of Carlie and John. Mervyn will be always remembered with love.

MAW – David and Emma are Please note all late death delighted to announce the notices or notices sent outarrival of their beautiful side ordinary office hours daughter Annabel Claire must be emailed to: Maw, 9 lb 10 oz, on October 20. Siblings Sophia and Toby to ensure publication. are already smitten with their wee sister. A big thank you to During office hours notices may also be sent to: our midwife Linda Philp for her care and expertise. Any queries please contact Guardian Classifieds 0800 ASHBURTON 307 7900 (0800-274-287).





Ra n












9: 50 – 4: 40 AM


PROTECTION REQUIRED Seek shade, reapply sunscreen Data provided by NIWA


NZ Situation

Wind km/h less than 30 fine

Canterbury owned, locally operated

Patersons Funeral Services and Ashburton Crematorium Ltd Office and Chapel Corner East & Cox Streets, Ashburton

30 to 59 fog

isolated snow thunder flurries

sleet thunder

Canterbury Plains


60 plus

NZ Today

overnight max low





Becoming fine during the morning, but evening cloud south of Banks Peninsula. Winds mainly light, northeasterlies near the coast by day.

Fine apart from areas of morning cloud. Wind at 1000m: Light. Wind at 2000m: W 40 km/h, dying away.







Palmerston North fine

Fine. Wind at 1000m: NW breeze. Wind at 2000m: W 40 km/h.


few showers






Fine apart from showers for a time about the main divide. Fresh northwesterlies.


few showers

Fine with northerly breezes.


mainly fine



Fine apart from evening cloud. Weak southerly change.

Fine apart from isolated afternoon showers. Northwesterlies dying out.


mainly fine


mainly fine




few showers

Cloudy periods. Northeasterlies.

Fine with northeast breezes.




Phone the Guardian 307 7900


Canterbury High Country

Fine inland, but cloud and some morning drizzle about the coast. Northeasterlies, freshening in the afternoon.

For all your classified requirements.


Saturday, 2 November 2013

A disturbed southwest flow over New Zealand should give way tomorrow as a weak ridge moves across New Zealand. Northerlies build over the South Island on Monday ahead of a trough in the Tasman Sea. This trough is expected to stall in the central Tasman Sea through Tuesday and Wednesday.

mainly isolated cloudy drizzle drizzle few showers fine showers clearing showers

World Weather

Adelaide Amsterdam Bangkok Berlin Brisbane Cairns Cairo Calcutta Canberra Colombo Darwin Dubai Dublin Edinburgh Frankfurt

fine rain fine drizzle fine showers fine fine fine rain thunder fine showers cloudy drizzle

FZL: Gradually rising to 2000m

FZL: Rising to 2600m

Geneva Hobart Hong Kong Honolulu Islamabad Jakarta Johannesburg Kuala Lumpur London Los Angeles Madrid Melbourne Moscow Nadi New Delhi

29 12 32 14 29 29 26 32 28 31 35 33 10 8 14

showers fine drizzle showers fine showers fine thunder showers fine fine fine fine thunder fine

8 9 24 23 13 24 9 24 11 13 8 13 4 22 16

New York Paris Perth Rarotonga Rome San Francisco Seoul Singapore Stockholm Sydney Taipei Tel Aviv Tokyo Washington Zurich

15 21 27 27 26 33 23 32 15 23 17 28 8 31 31

fine showers fine showers cloudy showers cloudy thunder rain fine rain showers fine showers showers

Tides, Sun, Moon and Fishing m am 3 3


Saturday 9 noon 3


9 pm am 3


Sunday 9 noon 3


Good fishing Rise 5:12 am Set 6:50 pm

9 pm am 3


9 noon 3

New moon

4 Nov

1:51 am

©Copyright OceanFun Publishing Ltd.

Rise 6:12 am Set 8:22 pm



9 pm

Rise 6:10 am Set 8:23 pm

Good fishing

Bad fishing


Rise 5:46 am Set 7:59 pm

Rise 6:26 am Set 9:08 pm

First quarter

Full moon

10 Nov 6:59 pm

18 15 30 27 23 18 16 32 10 28 29 25 20 19 15

18 Nov 4:17 am

Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa

For the very latest weather information, including Weather Warnings, visit



ld fie ith Rd

s St

gi an





g Ma









ar Tu

r C ne he tc Ki

s ce

r Or

in Pr



li n

3.78 nc


Nth Ashburton at 2:00 pm, yesterday

no data

Sth Ashburton Rangitata Klondyke at 11:45 am, yesterday


Waitaki Kurow at 9:00 am, yesterday


Source: Environment Canterbury

to 4pm yesterday


Christchurch Airport

Timaru Airport

10.6 10.8 3.3 –

12.5 13.7 7.4 6.9

10.7 14.0 5.5 –

16.8 16.8 – 1524.9 –

0.2 0.2 1 585.6 538

8.4 8.4 2 463.0 426

E9 – –

NE 17 S 35 5:19am

E 11 S 33 1:02am

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G.J. Gardner Homes are acknowledged for their innovative design concepts. Our designers are continually coming up with fresh ideas and creative living plans. Here’s your chance to view our latest ideas incorporated into our stunning new designer showhome.

26 Braebrook Dr, Ashburton Phone: (03) 308 7052 OPEN Thursday & Friday 12.00pm–4.00pm Saturday & Sunday 10.00am–4.00pm ol


Rakaia Fighting Hill (NIWA) at 12:00 pm, yesterday 327.4

© Copyright Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited 2013


17 11 17 6 18 7 16 9 15 10 18 7 20 5 13 8 19 5 20 4 15 5 18 8 14 6

Selwyn Whitecliffs (NIWA) at 2:00 pm, yesterday

Ashburton Airport Temperature °C At 4pm 11.7 13.5 Max to 4pm 4.9 Minimum 5.3 Grass minimum Rainfall mm 10.8 16hr to 4pm November to date 10.8 Avg Nov to date 2 2013 to date 726.6 574 Avg year to date Wind km/h E 19 At 4pm Strongest gust E 33 Time of gust 3:25pm

9:23 3:34 9:43 3:56 10:10 4:18 10:28 4:43 10:58 5:05 11:16 The times shown are for the Ashburton River mouth. For the Rangitata river mouth subtract 16 minutes and for the Rakaia river mouth subtract 6 minutes.


13 8 15 21 13 10 11 24 3 15 23 15 13 11 9

Canterbury Readings



t er

b Al

Braebroo k Dr


River Levels

Forecasts for today

14 9 24 9 15 22 16 22 6 24 26 26 4 3 7

Rise 6:13 am Set 8:21 pm







Come and see what we can build for you


Midnight Tonight



Ashburton’s Latest Showhome





TUESDAY: Fine, evening cloud. Southerly change. MAX

bur to



620 East Street Ashburton Ph/Fax 308 5369 or 0274 357 974 NZMMMA Member

Celebrate and honour your loved ones

190 East Street, Ashburton Phone 308 8945




For all your memorial requirements New headstones and designs Renovations, Additional inscriptions, Cleaning and Concrete work Carried out by qualified tradesmen.


MONDAY: Fine. Northerlies.




TOMORROW: Cloudy periods, morning drizzle. Northeasterly.




TODAY: Mainly fine, morning and evening cloud. Light winds.




Ashburton Forecast

Wa i m a ka r i r i



Ph 307 7433 LESLIE – Dave, Hannah and big brother, Hudson, lovingly welcome Declan James into their family on October 28, 2013. 6lb 15oz. Special thanks to Hannah Bowden.



Saturday, November 2, 2013




SHOWHOME OFFICE 26 Braebrook Dr,ASHBURTON Ashburton. Ph:OFFICE (03) 308Somerset 7052. OPEN Thursday Friday 12.00pm 4.00pm; 10.00am-4.00pm 0800 42 45 46 House, 161&Burnett Street.- Ph: (03) Saturday 308 7052& Sunday OPEN Mon–Fri 9.30am–4.30pm Open 7 days, E: OFFICE or TIMARU The Ken Wills Complex, 300 Hilton Highway, Washdyke. Ph: (03) 688 2043 OPEN Mon–Fri 9.00am-5.00pm For all enquiries

> 212m² > 3 Bedrooms > Study > Ensuite > WIR > Home Theatre > Laundry Room > Double Garage > Plus much, much more Design innovation is just one more reason why more people choose to build with G.J. Gardner Homes every year than any other builder.

Puzzles Saturday, November 2, 2013 CRYPTIC ACROSS 8. Capitalist is in a rap by mistake (8) 9. Give one the power to do Open, as double loses halves (6) 10. Court sounded terse had to go! (6,5) 11. Get older as Grandpa explains beginnings (3) 13. Scenes that are in rivalry with the West and South (5) 15. Vocalise about sort of chant that grabs you? (9) 17. They take some pluck, being switched on! (8,7) 19. Meaning, when camping, to get one on (9) 21. Measuring it by degrees, go fishing! (5) 23. I left Russian in front of the army (3) 24. One doesn’t have to think about vice tin isn’t bent! (11) 27. He writes a schoolboy’s copy in the South-east (6) 28. Mixing in with a dynasty, Heather? (8)








11 12


14 16 18


20 21

CRYPTIC Across 1. Paled 4. Departs 8. Sign the pledge 10. Sugar 11. Tune 12. Down 16. Erode 17. Unforgettable 19. Kitchen 20. Natal Down 1. Passes the buck 2. Lag 3. Detest 4. Dredge 5. Paltry 6. Radiators 7. Steering-wheel 9. Runs to fat 13. Search 14. Govern 15. Beaten 18. Bet QUICK Across 7. Knowledgeable 8. Falsetto 9. Aims 10. Pimple 12. Intact 14. Man 15. Dynamo 17. Yearns 19. Ever 21. In a flash 23. Malfunctioned. Down 1. Insanity 2. Owns up 3. Pelt 4. Ignominy 5. Vacant 6. Glum 11. Emotions 13. Canister 16. Adrift 18. Abloom 20. Veal 22. Anti






6 7

Ashburton Guardian



DOWN 1. Great, as a home in Los Angeles give it a lap to climb! (8) 2. Vocalise, as only half an American can (4) 3. Devotion to compassion that surrounds the East (5) 4. At the eleventh hour imprisoned by man with scythe? (2,3,4,2,4) 5. Sorry sort of ferret to lug about! (9) 6. A picture of the earth a little girl turned up (3) 7. Advertising words that cause goal-difference between Poles (6)

12. A short memo on an ancient garment (6) 14. Basketwork it took crew one weekend to produce (6) 16. He wanted the throne to repent Red Revolution (9) 18. Switch lever for worker to be pertinent (8) 20. Meaningful shade can be confused with a French female (6) 22. An entry in semi-bovine form that’s fatuous (5) 25. In the bathroom there’s powder that’s used in hospital care (4) 26. In sound effects one may be able to mend it (3)

Visit PaperPlus to experience the Christmas spirit in our upstairs Christmas shop SUDOKU

Fill the grid so that every column, every row and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.


1. Guidelines (10) 7. Hints (5) 8. Sailing ship (7) 10. Unfairness (8) 11. Cut of meat (4) 13. Personify (6) 15. Bath sponge (6) 17. Commotion (2-2) 18. Vituperative messages (4,4) 21. Chortled (7) 22. Sea (5) 23. Misers (10)

DOWN 1. Hesitate (5) 2. Echoes (8) 3. Powerful (6) 4. Converse (4) 5. Recite (4,3) 6. Unintentional (10) 9. Casual (10) 12. Disappointment (8) 14. Ill fortune (3,4) 16. Hooligan (6) 19. Assists in crime (5) 20. Lean (4)

212 East Street • Ashburton • 03 308 8309


YOUR STARS by Forecasters

ARIES (MAR 21 – APR 20) You’ve got a chance to get your head around your financial options ahead of Monday’s solar eclipse and the powerful line in the sand this will draw. TAURUS (APR 20 – MAY 21) With so much coming to a head on the relationship front, you need to both keep it real and keep the communication lines open. GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 22) You can’t know where you’re going until you can know and make peace with where you’ve been, turning past setbacks into a new sense of resolve. CANCER (JUNE 22 – JULY 24) As the Sun and Mercury align in your romantic and creative sector the long weekend provides plenty of time to find a balance between work and play. LEO (JULY 24 – AUG 23) With life destined to become busier and more work focused next week, the long weekend gives you extra time to address things around the home. VIRGO (AUG 23 – SEP 23) Where relationship tension has come to a head over recent days there is now a chance for rebuilding and to clear the air. LIBRA (SEP 23 – OCT 23) The long weekend is giving you a chance to step back and get your bearings, taking time out before the final 2 months of the year. SCORPIO (OCT 23 – NOV 24) You’ll gain far more by taking a less is more approach to things over the long weekend. Take a guilt free approach to a need to simply unwind. SAGITTARIUS (NOV 24 – DEC 21) You have a sixth sense when it comes people and situations, along with the hunches that could put you in the right place at the right time. CAPRICORN (DEC 21 – JAN 20) The long weekend is providing a chance to chill out, relax and let your daydreams take your heart on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. AQUARIUS (JAN 20 – FEB 19) In the lead up to Monday’s solar eclipse in your career sector and the new doors this will open, embrace a sense of adventure while you can. PISCES (FEB 19 – MAR 20) While you may need to keep your professional hat on over the long weekend this is a chance to step back and put things into perspective.


phone 0900 85000

Black Plastic Solar Garden Lights

40L Potting Mix




$ 60 SKU00849280




Garden Shed


1.5w x 0.8d x 1.8h m. Zinc. Kitset. SKU00189683

$ 3 Burner Hooded BBQ

1.8m Brushwood Screen Fence

Stainless steel hood. Cast iron plate. Temp gauge. Side burner. SKU03180422



4m long. SKU00246289


Nyglass Garden Hand Tools


1450psi. SKU00498861




4L Easycoat Interior

White. Flat, low sheen or semi gloss. SKU00413832


$ 10L $129





$ 98

250W Multi Tool







BUNNINGS WAREHOUSE ASHBURTON 363 West Street, Ph 03 307 6671

Changes colour with temperature. Hydropower - no batteries required.




LED Shower Handset SKU00220797


7 Piece Santorini Setting Aluminium frame, sling chairs. SKU03191400



Not all services and products featured are available in all stores, but may be ordered. See in store for product availability. We reserve the right to restrict the purchase of commercial quantities. All prices quoted are inclusive of GST. Prices valid until Friday 8th November 2013 or while stocks last.

TRADING HOURS Weekdays 7am-6pm Weekends & Public Holidays 8am-6pm Catalogue online at


Ashburton Guardian, Saturday, November 2, 2013  

Ashburton Guardian

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