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Saturday, March 1, 2014

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Katy Perry helps deliver a baby



Saturday, March 1, 2014

Singer Katy Perry played the role of midwife this week when she helped her friend give birth. The US pop star was at a pregnant friend’s home when the woman went into labour and ended up having the baby in her lounge room with Perry’s assistance. Perry later told fans of her achievement on Twitter. “Finally you can add ‘helps delivers babies in living rooms’ to my resume! It’s been a miracle of a day ... Auntie Katy aka Stylist Auntie.” The singer is expected to arrive in Australia next week to promote the Australian leg of her Prismatic World Tour.



Foot fetish Police are trying to identify the victims of a 19-year-old Los Angeles roller rink employee who they say admitted indulging in a self-described “foot fetish” with up to 200 young boys. Julian Christopher Flores is charged with one count each of false imprisonment and attempted lewd act on a child, the Los Angeles Times reported this week. He has pleaded not guilty. The newspaper cited court documents that show Flores admitted taking up to 200 young boys into a maintenance room over the course of a year at Northridge Skateland, having them remove their socks and rub their feet on his hands or face to sexually arouse himself. Flores’ statement to police came after one boy told his grandmother about a December encounter in the maintenance room, according to a search warrant affidavit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court. The grandmother found the alleged victim wandering around at the rink without his socks and skates after she let the boy go to the men’s room by himself.

Lily Allen’s joy at winning a music award turned to despair within minutes when she accidentally snapped the trophy in two. The singer was named Best British Solo Artist at the NME ceremony in London this week and she proudly picked up the statuette, which is shaped like a fist flipping the middle finger. But the extended finger of the gong snapped off at the afterparty. She was photographed holding it in place, but was later seen leaving the party clutching her award in one hand and the broken finger in the other.

Humans are not the only species to suffer from a diet of junk food. An aquarium has warned fish owners not to feed food meant for humans to their pets after it had to wean a giant gourami off a diet of prawn cocktail-flavoured chips. Gerty, a 40cm, 4kg fish, was transformed from a natural grey colour to an unusual pink hue when a previous owner fed her an unhealthy diet. Staff at the Sea Life London Aquarium are now feeding her a healthier menu of grapes and bananas. “I have never heard of a fish being fed crisps,” curator Jamie Oliver said. “Gouramis usually eat a diet of fruit and vegetation but fortunately Gerty doesn’t appear to have suffered any ill effects from her unhealthy addiction.”

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Anti-ageing pill A pill to ward off ageing has come a step closer after tests of a rejuvenating drug that prolongs healthy life. Scientists found that activating a protein called sirtuin 1 (SIRT1) extended the lives of mice and delayed the onset of age-related diseases. They believe their experiments could lead to drugs that help to keep people younger and healthier. SIRT1 and its sister protein SIRT2 are known to play important roles in metabolism across a wide range of species. They are involved in DNA repair and gene regulation, and may help to prevent diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Researchers led by Rafael de Cabo, from the US National Institutes of Health, tested the effects of a SIRT1-activating molecule called SRT1720 on the health and lifespan of mice. The researchers found that SRT1720 significantly extended the average lifespan of mice by 8.8 per cent. Mice fed the molecule were also lighter and slimmer.

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News Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ashburton Guardian



8.4 per cent rates rise proposed By Myles HuMe

The Ashburton District Council is planning to pour an extra $500,000 of ratepayer money into the district’s roads, as it contemplates a total rates increase of 8.4 per cent next year. As they worked through the first draft of next year’s budget this week, councillors believed it was time more money was spent on bringing the district’s roads up to standard, opting to ask for another $500,000 on top of the $5.618m ratepayers are proposed to contribute.

Another $500,000 is expected to come out of council reserves. Councillors revisited the roading proposal on Thursday after failing to reach a decision on the first day of the budget workshops on Wednesday as they worked to see where savings could be made. Many councillors agreed the district’s rural roads needed upgrading, with discussion shifting to where the money would be spent with rural road maintenance and sealing highlighted as a priority. After two days of meetings, the current rate requirement in-

crease is 8.4 per cent, but 1 per cent of that will be met from growth within the district. The boost in roading is likely to hit rural ratepayers in the pocket, with the overall rise now sitting 1.72 points above the expected 6.68 per cent rise, but further budget meetings will be held which could drive down the increase. Councillors considered carving the wastewater budget to make savings, but that would result in a rise in next year’s budget, council group business support manager Paul Brake said.

“There could have been a $200,000 reduction, but they (councillors) decided not to . . . that is because there is more work that may be required after an investigation into issues in Tinwald,” Mr Brake said. Councillors also proposed cutting funding for the councilcontrolled Experience Mid Canterbury, while questions were raised over the way Grow Mid Canterbury spent its money. Meetings will now will be held with both organisations to discuss the impact of the proposed cuts. With the first round of meet-

Fishermen braved the cold conditions for day one of the Rakaia Salmon Fishing Competition.

ings now over, the district’s urban ratepayers are likely to face an increase ranging from 6 to 9 per cent in Ashburton, Methven, Hinds, Chertsey, Mt Somers, Lake Hood and Hakatere. Rural ratepayers may see little change in their rates, while property owners in Mayfield and Fairton could see rates rise by 4 per cent. The next budget workshop will be held on March 13 with the annual plan out for public submissions on April 3. Hearings will be held in late May with the plan to be signed off in mid June.

Photo tetsuro MitoMo 280214-tM-047

Dismal start to Rakaia salmon fishing competition By erin Tasker

Dismal weather didn’t deter hardy fishermen and women from casting a line in the hope of bagging a winning fish on the Rakaia River yesterday. Day one of the annual Rakaia Salmon Fishing Competition was met with a fine start, but by lunch time the rain and cold

temperatures had set in. According to the MetService, the temperature in Ashburton at 3.15pm yesterday was just 8.7 degrees and for those with a fishing rod in hand at their special spots along the Rakaia River, it was likely to feel even colder than that. But Rakaia River Fishing Promotions secretary Robyn Jackson said the weather wasn’t

dampening spirits. “The fish don’t mind the rain, it’s the fishermen who have to be stoic if they are going out there,” she said. But most had hunkered down and not let the weather bother them. By mid-afternoon around 18 fish had been weighed in at the competition’s headquarters, at the Rakaia community hall.

It was a number that surprised Mrs Jackson, given the conditions. River levels had been low and a fresh that had been expected to come through hadn’t eventuated and fish were expected to be hard to come by. But yesterday’s early catches were hopefully a sign of things to come. There’s plenty of time for the 700-plus competitors both

young and old to catch the prize winning fish, with the competition continuing today. There’s good news on the weather front too, with sun expected to make an appearance today and temperatures double what they were yesterday, with a forecast high of 15 degrees. It wraps up tomorrow with the prizegiving back at the Rakaia headquarters at 1pm.

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Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Locals rub shoulders with stars BY ERIN TASKER

spending time talking to and posing for photos with some locals. Experience Mid Canterbury general manager Nigel Birt said he was happy that Mid Canterbury was again getting some international exposure. Just over a year ago Mid Canterbury hit the small screen around the world after featuring in hit reality television show The Amazing Race. “There’s been a number (of productions made) in the past and some are offshore. There’s been some Japanese ones and that sort of thing, sometimes they come and go and you don’t hear a lot about them,” Mr Birt said. Big or small, any production being filmed or based around Mid Canterbury was good news,” he said. Z for Zachariah is about a 16-year-old girl called Ann Burden who survives a nuclear war in a small American town. The movie is based on a novel written by Robert C. O’Brien.


Methven’s volunteer firefighters rubbed shoulders with Hollywood royalty this week. Members of the Methven Volunteer Fire Brigade were called upon to assist on the set of the movie Z for Zachariah, part of which was being filmed at Washpen Falls – near Windwhistle – this week. They were what’s called ‘luggers’ and their job was to help move gear. Four-man teams from the brigade headed to the set for three days during the week and the brigade’s chief fire officer Selwyn Allred confirmed they got to meet the movie’s stars – Chris Pine, Margot Robbie and Chiwetel Ejiofor. He said they were approachable, lovely people. Helping out on the set was a fundraiser for the brigade’s project of building a new shed to accommodate an old appliance. Mr Allred said they were long

Chiwetel Ejiofor, Chris Pine and Margot Robbie on the set of Z for Zachariah.

days, but it wasn’t every day you got to help out on a movie set. “The first day we left home at 5.20am and we got home at 8.45pm I suppose,” he said. It was the second movie encounter Mr Allred has had dur-

ing his many years with the fire brigade. He said years ago a McPhail and Gadsby movie was being shot in the area and they crashed and exploded a jet boat on the river – a controlled crash which

deliberately set fire to some scrub – and firefighters were on hand to ensure the small fire didn’t get out of hand. Two of the movie’s stars Pine and Ejiofor have been spotted in and around Methven this week,


Top health spot could well await Goodhew BY MYLES HUME


Just a day after Health Minister Tony Ryall announced his retirement, Rangitata MP Jo Goodhew could be forgiven for not revealing too much about her political ambitions come 2015. Afterall there is still an election to be held, but the current Associate Health Minister must have the heavyweight portfolio in her sights after taking the lead on the lower level commu-

nity and volunteer sector, senior citizens, women’s affairs and associate primary industries ministerial roles. However, Ms Goodhew, who has a background in nursing, was not counting on taking the Minister of Health job just yet. “The prime minister after the next election, if we are the party which forms the next government, will put together a team for cabinet and will allocate positions and I’m hoping, of course, I will still be selected as a minister,” she said.

“It will be up to the prime minister what role I play and I have made no secret that I’m very interested in the health portfolio.” Ms Goodhew has a strong health background, which saw her become a registered nurse in 1982 going on to practice in New Zealand and London before gaining a degree. She was also involved with the South Canterbury District Health Board and Community and Public Health, among other roles.

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She would not go as far to say she wanted Mr Ryall’s position, and even with her knowledge and interest in health it does not always guarantee her as a top contender. “To tell you the truth I got a big surprise when I was asked to be associate minister of primary industries, so I don’t get tied up with what I would like to do, quite often ministers take their skill set into a portfolio they may not expect.” Ms Goodhew commended her colleague’s 24-year-career and credited him

with teaching her the intricacies of being a cabinet minister. She said Mr Ryall was a senior MP when she arrived at parliament, where he told her of the importance of “doing your homework and talking to a wide variety of people”. “I think he has been very successful in incremental change rather than many harsh changes in a hurry,” she said. Mr Ryall, 49, will quit politics at the election later this year, looking to take up a role in the private sector.

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News Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ashburton Guardian 5

Taking bids for rental properties ‘not illegal’ By SuSan SandyS

Ashburton single mum Brooke Currey is living in a small two-bedroom home with her children Sarah-Jane, 6, and Levi, 3. They will soon move to Dunedin where they can afford to rent a larger home. Photo Donna Wylie 250214-DW-236


Family flees rocketing rents By SuSan SandyS

Ashburton single mum Brooke Currey is being driven out of Ashburton due to skyrocketing rent prices. And she has found rental demand so high that it is seeing potential tenants thrown into bidding wars. Ms Currey said she recently went to view a home advertised for $330 per week on TradeMe. But the property agent, from B and N Properties, asked her if

she could offer more to secure the property, and informed her one potential tenant had offered $420 per week. “I was absolutely horrified,” Ms Currey said. The home was a standard three-bedroom home, which in Ashburton just two years ago would have fetched around $250 per week, she believed. She said the town was heading the same way as Christchurch in terms of its competitive rental market, and she was now aiming to go to Dunedin where

she had lined up a four-bedroom house for $280 per week. “I just want a proper house for the kids,” Ms Currey said. She is currently living in a small two-bedroom house in Ashburton after Housing New Zealand offered it to her when she was in a caravan in Christchurch after the earthquakes. B and N Properties Ashburton property manager Matt Rollinson denied potential tenants were being encouraged to enter rental price bidding wars. Rather the company was hon-

est on what other potential tenants had offered. “That’s not what we are about,” he said of the bidding wars’ allegation. Price was taken into consideration as was a number of other aspects, and the company based its dealings with tenants and landlords alike on being open and honest. Other Ashburton property agents spoken to by the Guardian said they did not ask tenants what they could afford to pay, but set a price with the landlord.

It is not against the law for landlords and property managers to ask prospective tenants how much rent they are willing to pay. Dallas Paul, of the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment, said the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 does not specifically address rental bidding situations. “Therefore if a bidding war does occur and the tenant is willing to pay the amount they have bid, that would be acceptable as per Section 25 of The Act,” Mr Paul said. However, Section 25(1) allowed tenants on periodic tenancy agreements to apply to the Tenancy Tribunal for a market rent assessment. That is if they believed the rent they were paying was excessive and not in line with general market rents for similar sized properties in similar localities. “Tenants would need to have proof that the market rent they are paying is excessive. “This could be in the form of adverts from the local papers’ To Let columns or online ads from Trademe for properties of similar size in the same location. “Applications to the Tenancy Tribunal for a market rent assessment must be made within three months of the tenancy commencing or within three months of their last rent review,” he said.0

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211a Wills Street, Ashburton Phone 307 2010

Too Far from Heaven

The fresh-up Real NZ Comedy Tour

A provocative play, rooted in New Zealand history about the death penalty featuring two of New Zealand’s historical figures, Minnie Dean, the “Winton Baby Farmer” and Victor Spencer, World War 1 deserter.

Thursday 20 March | 7.30pm All tickets $25 each

(Arts on Tour NZ)

Fiona Pears

Swing Driven Thing

Grumpy old Women

The best stand-up comedians, Ben Hurley, Dai Henwood and Vaughan King hitting the road and going to the real NZ towns. This is a huge night of comedy with the best line up on comics since ages ago.

In this exciting new collaboration between the passionate violinist Fiona Pears, UK pianist, Ian Tilley and the talented Gypsy-jazz guitar duo, La Petite Manouche, audiences will be treated to a thrilling mix of musical flavours.

Join three of NZ’s favourite actresses Geraldine Brophy, Jude Gibson and Lynda Milligan in this middle age mayhem, a jam-packed show of fury and big laughs.

Saturday 29 March | 8pm Adult $36.50 Senior, Students $30.50

Wednesday 30 April | 7.30pm All tickets $30 each

Sunday 4 May | 7.30pm Adults $71.90

Fifty Shades of Beige

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News 6

Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, March 1, 2014


In brief

Bus speed law ‘ignored’ By Myles HuMe

A Mid Canterbury father is extremely concerned at the speeds motorists are driving past stationary school buses, believing it would be a disaster if his children had to cross the road from the stop. Father of four Kevin McKeown has taken his concerns to Ashburton police and wants drivers to know the repercussions for speeding past school buses. This is after witnessing some “disgusting” driving near bus

stops along Arundel Rakaia Gorge Road. Mr McKeown lives on the road himself with his wife and four children Thomas, 17, and Oliver, 13, who both bus to Geraldine High School, and Amelia, 9 and Reuben, 5, who go to Carew Peel Forest School. Driving laws state motorists must not exceed 20km/h either way when travelling past a stationary school bus. “But that’s not happening, we have had a truck pass a logging truck that was slowing down for the bus, they try and

wave them down and it’s not until they get to the bus that they realise. “If my kids had to cross the road (from the stop) it would be a disaster.” Mid Canterbury bus firm Pearsons are leading a campaign to raise awareness about the little known driving law, installing flashing LED 20km/h signs on either ends of their school buses to alert drivers. Mr McKeown said the buses that picked his children up were not part of the initiative, but they did have flashing orange lights to warn drivers.

The latest New Zealand Rural survey found before the campaign began, the average speed of drivers passing a stationary school bus was 80km/h. Now drivers are slowing to an average of 40km/h – still double what they’re meant to. “The rule is if you are driving 50km/h over this speed limit then you can lose your licence and go before the court,” Mr McKeown said. An Ashburton police spokesperson said police would continue to strictly enforce the 20km/h each way rule.

False alarm Dust set off the fire alarm system at an Ashburton supermarket yesterday morning. The Ashburton Volunteer Fire Brigade was called to Ashburton New World shortly before 7am yesterday where contractors were cutting plaster, and dust from that set off the alarm system.

Header on fire A header caught fire mid-harvest in a Reynolds Road paddock, near Methven, on Thursday afternoon. Firefighters were called just before 4.30pm and Methven Volunteer Fire Brigade chief fire officer Selwyn Allred said the header sustained damage around the motor but the bulk of the machine and the crop were unscathed. “The guy was heading and the header actually stopped and he realised there was a fire,” Mr Allred said. “The fire was around the motor and it had burned through the fuel line which has made it stop.”

Firefighters’ contest

View or purchase photos online

Firefighters from around the South Island will descend upon Methven today for the South Island waterways championships. Two-man and four-man teams will compete in a waterways challenge at the Methven Domain and between 80 and 100 competitors are expected to take part. The Methven Volunteer Fire Brigade is hosting the competition, which gets under way at 9.30am and it’s likely to run for most of the day.

Asbestos in trains

Arundel Rakaia Gorge Road youngsters Amelia McKeown, 9, (from left) and her brother Reuben, 5, whose father Kevin is concerned about the speeds motorists are driving past their school bus. Photo tetsuro MitoMo 270214-tM-158


Former television star wants to become an MP By MattHew Martin

Former television star Tamati Coffey wants to become Rotorua’s next Member of Parliament, and has been nominated for selection as a candidate for the Labour Party. In an interview, Mr Coffey said his true passion was politics and he was ready to embark on a career in Parliament after a decade appearing on New Zealand’s television screens. The 34-year-old graduated with an honours degree in political science from Auckland University in 2003 before land-

ing a job with TVNZ as a presenter on the children’s show What Now. By late 2007 he had moved to TVNZ’s Breakfast show as a roving weatherman and went on to win New Zealand’s Dancing With The Stars in 2009. He was also host of the second season of New Zealand’s Got Talent and has appeared as a fill-in presenter on current affairs programme Seven Sharp. He left TVNZ at the end of last year. He and his partner Tim Smith have bought a property in Kawaha Point, Rotorua,

which they have been busy renovating since returning from a six-month European holiday. “I’ve been passionate about politics all my life,” he said. “I’ve had a picture of the Beehive on my wall for quite a few years and it’s always been a dream of mine to get there. Mr Coffey said the time was right for him to follow his dream. “Rotorua is our home now, my parents have lived here for many years and we love living here.” Nominations for candidates to represent the Labour Party

in the Rotorua electorate closed yesterday. If selected, Mr Coffey would replace former Labour Party cabinet minister and new Mayor of Rotorua Steve Chadwick as Rotorua’s Labour candidate to contest November’s general election. Rotorua MP Todd McClay said he didn’t focus on what the Labour Party were doing. “I believe I have a good track record of working hard for local people and have delivered some important wins for Rotorua and the wider electorate over the last six years.” - APNZ

KiwiRail is carrying out urgent testing after asbestos was found in soundproofing in some locomotives. Routine testing of a paint sample indicated the possible presence of asbestos. Tests on a single locomotive yesterday confirmed that the asbestos, in a soundproofing compound, was contained and was not a health risk, KiwiRail chief executive Peter Reidy said. The rest of the locomotives would be tested over the weekend and would not be used until they were confirmed as safe. “We have written to all affected staff to inform them of the situation. Once testing is finished and we have a clearer picture of the situation, we will work with the manufacturers to rectify the situation,” Mr Reidy said. - APNZ

Chemical fire A Mount Maunganui chemical plant is on fire sending out plumes of potentially toxic smoke. Police and firefighters were called to Lawter NZ about 5.40pm. A police spokesperson said huge amounts of smoke were coming from the fire. The plant had been evacuated and surrounding businesses were being evacuated due to fears the fumes could be toxic. - APNZ

Sanson fatality A person was killed and another was seriously injured in a crash on State Highway 1 in the Manawatu town of Sanson yesterday afternoon. Emergency services were called just after 4pm following the crash between a car and a four wheel-drive vehicle, police said. - APNZ

News Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ashburton Guardian 7


Mid Canty economy big winner in milk price rise By Toni Williams

Record forecast milk prices could easily spin off millions of dollars into the Mid Canterbury economy with retailers, service providers and suppliers set to benefit. Fonterra announced a record forecast farmgate milk price this week that equated to an extra 35 cents per kg/milk solids. It was $8.65 kg/milk solids. With 288,000 cows in the district producing an average of 406 kg/ ms per cow a year, the increased economic boost was almost $41 million. Ashburton mayor Angus McKay said it would have a huge spin-off to the district with many retailers, service providers and suppliers likely to benefit. “There is going to be quite a bit more debt paid off with that and its probably going to allow further updating of farm equipment, irrigation equipment and irrigation delivery systems.” He predicted debt payments would put the Ashburton District on a safer economic footing. Then Ashburton town retailers would benefit with updating of equipment such as tractors, cars and motorbikes. “And for the environment they will probably be able to look at better delivery of their

Angus McKay

water systems that will enhance production for the (future years) and they will probably buy a fair bit of that from suppliers in Ashburton again.” “In Ashburton town the servicing industry will reap the rewards of this…for the number of various job types involved that will be good for the town, for the towns and servicing industry of Ashburton. He said people often forgot that the farmer borrowed money to get set up and the improvements were then spent. “So the person they spend with gets the cash, the farmer is still left with the debt.” Mr McKay said the increased forecast was not only good for the dairy farmer but also those who supplied them such as the cropping farmer and those for winter grazing. “It will spread itself around pretty quickly.”




Brendon McCullum acknowledges the crowd after his remarkable 302 run score against India. It is this shirt that went to the top bidder last night.


McCullum’s winning shirt a big ticket item for college rugby team By JonaThan leask

A lucky Mt Hutt College 1st XV rugby supporter secured a piece of New Zealand cricket history last night. The college rugby team held a Black Tie fundraiser for their planned tour to Australia later this year with Sir Gordon Tietjens as the guest speaker but

the main attraction was Black Caps captain Brendon McCullum’s playing shirt from his historic 302 innings against India last month. Former Mt Hutt College teacher, Paul Warren, is the current performance analyst at the Black Caps and promised his old school’s rugby team a McCullum shirt for their auction.

McCullum forgot to provide Warren with a shirt from the first test but promised no matter what he would deliver one from the second test. As luck would have it, McCullum made history becoming the first New Zealand to score a triple century, and Mt Hutt College had a hotly sought after item for its auction last night.




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News 10 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Hefty jail terms for murder By Jimmy Ellingham Two men found guilty of murdering Lee McMurdo have been handed hefty jail terms. In the High Court at Auckland yesterday, both Andrew Parry Nicholson, 25 and John Grant Cuthers, 29, were sentenced to life imprisonment. Nicholson must serve at least 17 years and Cuthers at least 13. Mr McMurdo’s body was found by his daughter and exwife three days after he is believed to have died in the early hours of July 27, 2011 his daughter’s 12th birthday. Nicholson and Cuthers were trying to steal electronics from Mr McMurdo’s home, south of Helensville, when they killed

him violently. Justice Graham Lang said exactly what happened would never be known but Mr McMurdo suffered blows to the head and fractures to the neck. He could have survived had medical help been sought. Instead he was left lying in the backyard as Nicholson and Cuthers gathered his belongings to sell. Crown prosecutor Kieran Raftery said Nicholson delivered the violence and was “the brawn”. Cuthers, “the brains”, ran a drugs operation but had not delivered any blows. The pair had earlier visited the property to sell Mr McMurdo methamphetamine, but the deal fell through. So they returned to seek revenge, the

Crown says. Nicholson’s lawyer Marie Dyhrberg said her client always accepted he was responsible for Mr McMurdo’s manslaughter and was not seeking to walk free from court. She questioned the painting of Nicholson as a henchman, saying he had no history of violence. “He’s been labelled because he’s big but there’s no evidence that he’s somebody who goes there to beat up people on behalf of Mr Cuthers.” Cuthers’ lawyer Lester Cordwell said his client felt shame and regret for his actions. He was now clean of drugs and looked back “with almost disbelief ” to that time in his life. McMurdo’s father Bruce McMurdo read a victim impact

statement to the court where he said he worried about the impact on his granddaughter. Meanwhile his wife Sue had become withdrawn from society. “I stand here before you today talking about what can only be described as a parent’s worst nightmare. “How does one live with the fact that their youngest child has been taken from them in such a horrific and violent manner? “The old saying of ‘time heals wounds’ is a fallacy. This wound is one that will never be healed and is one that we will carry on our shoulders for the rest of our lives,” he said. Nicholson and Cuthers’ sentences also covered drug offending they admitted. - APNZ

In brief Green Bay may appeal Green Bay High School may appeal against a High Court decision to allow a student with Asperger’s back into the school. The 14-yearold boy, known as pupil A, was excluded from the school last July following a row with a teacher over the use of a skateboard during class time. The decision was quashed on Monday, after the family sought a judicial review in the High Court. However, the school said yesterday it would consider appealing against Judge Justice John Faire’s ruling, saying it was a decision with wide-reaching implications for all schools and their boards of trustees. - APNZ

Fee ‘outrageous’ Children cheering on the Blues at their home game at Eden Park last night have been slapped with an “outrageous” transaction fee that’s higher than the price of admission. A single ticket for a child aged 2-14 costs $7. However, online ticket vendor Ticketmaster is also charging an $8 transaction fee which takes the price to $15. Yvonne Grace said it was “outrageous” that you got slapped with the $8 fee. Blues marketing manager Grant McKenzie said on the face of it the charge did not seem quite right. However, the fee was standard and applied to all transactions. “I guess it’s a bit unfortunate if you’re only buying one ticket, but if you’re buying 10 it’s a relatively negligible fee.” - APNZ

Owen switches to TV3 TV3 has hired senior journalist Lisa Owen to host The Nation. Owen leaves TVNZ to take up her new role, and will also file stories for 3 News. TV3’s director of news and current affairs Mark Jennings described Owen as “straightshooting and hard-working”. She is a skilled interviewer and a tireless investigator who consistently breaks stories.” - APNZ

Driving education call

Each summer firefighters are called out after people see sights like this – smoke from controlled burn-offs – and call 111. Photo 250113-tM-309


See smoke? It may be a burn-off By Erin TaskEr

It’s pretty much inevitable that at this time of the year our local volunteer firefighters will spend time chasing smoke. People see smoke from agricultural burn-offs and call 111. Often firefighters discover they’ve been sent to a controlled burn-off in a paddock and no action is needed. Now is that time of the year, but so far firefighters haven’t had to do much of that smoke chasing. There’s been the odd call-out

and they’ve had a handful of burn-offs escape into neighbouring hedges, but so far 2014 hasn’t been too bad. Ashburton Volunteer Fire Brigade chief fire officer Alan Burgess said this time last year it was a different story. “Touch wood we haven’t had anything that has really got out of control yet,” Mr Burgess said. “Last year it just went really hard and heavy (with people calling in smoke sightings), but I think people are sort of identifying what’s going on.

“Most people around here appreciate we live in a community with that kind of environment, but for someone from out of the area driving through it can be completely new.” More farmers appear to also be putting out signs to advise motorists of their controlled burns. On Thursday night firefighters were called to a Rakaia Highway address where a controlled burn had jumped into a nearby hedge, while Rakaia and Pendarves volunteer firefighters dealt with two similar fires

that afternoon where fires had jumped fire breaks into hedges. Rakaia firefighters were called to the scene of one of those fires again yesterday, at 8.40am, following a reignition. Rakaia Volunteer Fire Brigade deputy chief fire officer Murray Smith said the brigade’s calls were on par with last year, a couple of months into 2014, and while they’d had the odd call-out relating to smoke sightings which turned out to be burn-offs, numbers of those appeared to be down on previous years.

A coroner is recommending public education driving with dipped headlights on rural roads, after a wedding guest was killed by a vehicle at night in rural Waikato. Hastings man William Hoskins, 26, was killed on January 15, 2012 about 4.40am, while walking back to a Cambridge motel after his cousin’s wedding at Matangi. Mr Hoskins was hit by a vehicle driven by David Mascelle, who was travelling to Hamilton with his wife. Mr Mascelle was towing an 800kg loaded trailer when he hit Mr Hoskins, and was driving with dipped headlights. - APNZ

Name released Police have released the name of a truck driver who died in a collision with a passenger train in north Waikato on Thursday morning. Cory James Clements, 28, of Hamilton, died when his truck and the Northern Explorer collided near Ringiriri. Inspector Freda Grace said the crash was the subject of a number of investigations. “This incident was a tragedy not only for the man’s family, who police wish to extend their condolences to, but also work colleagues working close by,” she said. - APNZ




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News 12 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, March 1, 2014


In brief

Private prosecution rejected The Solicitor-General has turned down a request by Graham McCready to bring a private prosecution against Auckland Mayor Len Brown, saying the evidential grounds for prosecution were not met. Mr McCready, a retired Wellington accountant and serial litigant, had sought to prosecute Mr Brown on charges of corruption and bribery. To do that, he needed the approval of the Attorney-General, who referred the request to Solicitor-General Michael Heron, QC. In a letter to Mr McCready yesterday, Mr Heron said he had taken into account written submissions from Mr Mc-


Cready and submissions from Mr Brown’s lawyer Philip Skelton, QC. He said it was appropriate to allow Mr Brown to make submissions on whether the test for prosecution was met because Mr Brown had been allowed no opportunity to comment, as he normally would under a public prosecution, and the Serious Fraud Office had also determined that the matter did not require further investigation or prosecution. Mr McCready had charged that between November 2010 and November last year, Mr Brown accepted for himself and his wife Shan Inglis three complimentary hotel rooms

and five free room upgrades from SkyCity and SkyCity Grand Hotels. The gifts, worth about $4600 by Mr McCready’s calculations, led to “favourable consideration” given by Mr Brown towards SkyCity and parent company SkyCity Casinos, his charging documents said. In his letter, Mr Heron said while complimentary hotel rooms and room upgrades were capable of amounting to a bribe in that they could be viewed as a benefit or valuable consideration, Mr McCready’s charging documents alleged that Mr Brown had accepted a bribe “in return for favourable consideration to be given

by [him] in his official capacity for future dealings by the Auckland City Council with [the SkyCity Entertainment Group Limited]”. But there was no evidence to link receipt of the hotel rooms or upgrades with any act “done or to be done by Mr Brown in his official capacity so as to satisfy the third element of the offence” - that the bribe was accepted in respect of an act in his official capacity. “As the evidential test for prosecution is not met, it cannot be said that the proposed prosecution is in the public interest (and I am not required to consider that limb),” Mr Heron said. - APNZ


Players to Members go door-to-door the rescue By Toni Williams

Mid Canterbury Plunket is celebrating its annual street appeal selling novelty items and collecting money door-to-door. The Plunket Bear Hug Appeal will see blue teddy bears, badges and headband ears for sale, and door knockers out collecting during the month of March. The price for each of the items ranged from $3 to $10. Mayfield Plunket president Penny Carr said Plunket volunteers from all six branches in Mid Canterbury would be on the streets selling raffles and heading door to door in their areas. Mrs Carr said 100 per cent of all donations given to each branch, stayed in that branch. “Any donations would be welcomed,” she said. The money would help fund the continued services provided for parents and their babies, and helped partly fund Plunket Nurse visits.

By shaWn mcavinue Former Highlanders loose forward Hale T-Pole is “extremely proud” of the more than 50 rugby players who helped a badly burnt Port Chalmers man on Thursday night. Harbour Rugby Football Club premiers, seniors and colts players were training next door to the Albertson Ave house in Port Chalmers when a stationwagon caught fire while a 22-year-old Port Chalmers man was changing a fuel pump. Mr T-Pole said he heard loud screams and started running towards the “big fire” in the backyard of the neighbouring property. The man had serious burns to his arm and superficial burns to his face and leg and was in extreme pain. “I was in the shower with the burning kid and the sister.” He put a chair in the shower for the man to sit on and the “shaking” sister held her brother in the shower. “The kid was burning and sat down while we showered his face to keep him cool and calm him down.” The man was screaming, he said. Mr T-Pole said he went outside and more than 50 rugby players were in the backyard. Players were jumping over fences to get hoses from neighbours and other players were taking containers of flammable liquids away from the blaze. “It makes me proud of the club. No-one there was in charge and yelling; everyone just reacted. It was awesome to see.” - APNZ

Right - Mayfield Plunket coffee/ playgroup kids Tate Burnside, 11 months, and Eva Stevens, five months, with Mid Canterbury Community Karitane Nurse Corina Hydes-Donnelly, proudly promoting the Plunket Bear Hug Appeal ears on sale next month. Photo suPPlied


Police interview Kiwi woman The New Zealander arrested in a drugs raid on a villa in Bali has reportedly been interviewed by Indonesian police overnight Thursday. Rotorua-born Leeza Ormsby, 37, was arrested after police allegedly found methamphetamine, ecstasy and

marijuana at the luxury villa in the Denpasar suburb of Dalung on February 12. Ms Ormsby, a Sydney resident, was arrested with the keys to the villa. Police sneaked Ms Ormsby into an interview room under the cover of darkness to avoid

media getting shots of her. Ms Ormsby’s lawyer has vehemently denied the drugs were hers She said she only had the keys to the villa to collect her laptop and clothes from the house. - APNZ

Wasp attack A woman has been taken to Nelson Hospital in serious condition after an attack by bees or wasps on Nelson’s Tahunanui Beach. The attack happened on Bisley Walk around noon yesterday when a number of people, including children, were stung. St John sent two ambulances and two rapid response vehicles to the scene. Spokesman Ian Henderson confirmed 10 children aged under 10 had been taken to Nelson Hospital as a precaution. A number of other children were collected by family members from the scene, he said. - APNZ

Divisions over leave A Parliamentary committee is divided on whether paid parental leave should be extended by 12 weeks, despite official advice which showed it could cost less than the Government predicted. The Government Administration select committee released its report on Labour MP Sue Moroney’s bill yester morning, saying it was unable to agree on whether the bill should be passed. The private member’s bill is believed to have the numbers to pass into law, but Finance Minister Bill English has previously said the Government would use its powers to veto it because it was unaffordable. - APNZ

Making cycling safer Olympic cyclist Sarah Ulmer is among 10 people appointed to an expert group to make roads safer for cyclists. The New Zealand Transport Agency made the appointments to develop recommendations in a review of cycling safety by Coroner Gordon Matenga. The panel will aim to deliver its findings by the end of September. - APNZ

Watery finish A driver in Raglan escaped unharmed after their car ended up in the water on Marine Parade yesterday morning. Waikato police inspector Jeff Penno said the single occupant was uninjured and was tended to by ambulance staff. Police were still trying to determine how the car entered the water, he said. - APNZ

Not restrained More than 100 infringement notices for children not properly restrained in cars were issued over two days in the eastern Bay of Plenty. Eleven were given to parents and caregivers who had no restrained children at all, police say. During the checkpoints 114 infringement notices were issued - four for adults incorrectly restrained. - APNZ

Lucky escape An intoxicated man who went to sleep while cooking has a smoke alarm and an alert neighbour to thank for his life. Wanganui Fire Service assistant area commander Jemal Weston says the man’s story is a perfect example of the reason for the “Don’t Drink and Fry” ad campaign. The Fire Service was called at 2.32am by the man’s neighbour. She had said his house was full of smoke and she could see a pot on the stove. - APNZ

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Weekend focus 14 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Beam up me, Scotty

In an age of exceptionally good television, expectations for content and access are high. Cassandra Mason looks at what’s available in pay-TV offerings and whether the newly-announced ShowMeTV will change the market.


iwis are increasingly reluctant to wait to see their favourite shows broadcast on television, preferring to binge-watch them on the internet. But the trend of downloading movies and programmes illegally is gradually being replaced by streaming content through providers like Netflix - which to date has been unavailable in New Zealand. Netflix is a US on-demand internet streaming provider with a huge catalogue of television shows and movies. It has 44 million members in 40 countries. The company ruled out setting up in New Zealand in 2011, citing our slow broadband, expensive data and distribution rights problems. However, Telecom recently announced it was launching New Zealand’s Netflix equivalent - ShowMeTV - which will enable Kiwis to stream TV shows and movies from the internet. The move could well challenge Sky TV’s current monopoly on premium content, and see more New Zealanders going online

for their TV fix. Subscribers will be able to watch Telecom’s ShowMeTV service on personal computers and tablets through internet connections, taking advantage of ultra-fast broadband. Quickflix, introduced two years ago, is already doing this in New Zealand, but is struggling with limited access to new content.

The market:

Consumer New Zealand technology writer Hadyn Green says Kiwis have “nothing” when it comes to premium content. He uses wildly popular HBO show Game of Thrones to make his point. “If you want to watch Game of Thrones and you want to watch it in high definition [HD], and you want to watch it legally in New Zealand, you either have to wait for the blue ray or DVDs to come out, which could be months later ... and miss all the spoilers online. “Or you get Sky and you pay over $60 a month because you have to get basic Sky, you then

have to add on Soho [channel] and you have to add on an HD ticket.’’ People are still downloading shows illegally, but more Kiwis are choosing to pay for their online content via Netflix, because it’s “easier”, Mr Green says. They just have to get around the “geoblocks”. “Thankfully in New Zealand, under our legislation we’re allowed to get around ‘not available in your region’ blocks legally, if you have the technology.” All Kiwis need to access the Netflix service is a proxy server - which can conceal the fact you’re outside the US. “It breaks [Netflix’s] terms and conditions, but it’s not illegal. They even take New Zealand credit cards,” Mr Green says. Users pay a monthly subscription of about NZ$15 for unlimited access to Netflix’s collections, which can be watched on computers, smartphones and tablets, or through gaming consoles. Netflix also produces its own shows, including fan favourites House of Cards and Arrested

Development. If ShowMeTV is truly going to be based on the Netflix model, it is much more likely to succeed, Mr Green says. “[ShowMeTV] needs to have shows that people want to see, on demand, straight away ... otherwise it’s just going to get steamrolled by Sky.” Telecommunications Users Association chief executive Paul Brislen says ShowMeTV is designed to encourage Kiwis to use broadband to compensate for the declining use of voice

calling and text messages. iPhone applications like WhatsApp are beginning to replace traditional texting and calling with free services using internet data. “[These apps] are absolutely huge in countries where text messaging costs are staggeringly high.” However, ShowMeTV is “a big ask” for Telecom. “They are spending $20 million a year on content, Sky TV by contrast spends closer to $300 million a year.”

pay tv in new zealand ■■ Sky TV - standard subscription costs a minimum of $45 per month, with an additional $9.99 for premium channels like Soho. ■■ Quickflix - similar to US’s Netflix but with less content, and new shows are not available immediately. A standard subscription costs $16.99 a month. Also offers pay-per-view movies. ■■ Apple TV (movies only) - $159 to buy, then about $8 per film rented. ■■ iTunes, Zune, TiVo - all offer pay-per-view films for about $8.





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News 16 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Life-savers come at a cost


shburton woman Ann McKay had her first bout of anaphylaxis 10 years ago, aged 64. For whatever reason, her body decided on that particular day it was going to fight apples. Anaphylaxis is the serious and life-threatening allergic reaction to a substance – often food, insect bite or sting but different people have intolerances to a range of substances. The sooner someone in shock gets adrenaline, the sooner the reaction is stopped in its tracks. It should be administered within minutes of the symptoms happening. Ann had eaten a million apples in the past, never had an issue. However, this particular day her body suffered a massive reaction. The doctor who treated her at Ashburton Hospital said do not eat anything without carrying an Epi pen, or auto injector. An Epi pen is a needle filled with a measured dose of adrenaline. It gives users the necessary amount of adrenaline to stop allergic reactions. She took his advice to heart, and has carried one ever since. It has recently proved to be a life-saver. Ann has been at the hospital two times since that first attack. The latest was while at the Motorhome Extravaganza. Her body reacted to a prewashed home-grown nectarine. She had eaten nectarines in the past – they had never been an issue. The familiar tightness in her throat returned as her throat started to swell. “It feels funny, like it’s dry and itchy, and you want to put your fingers in and scratch it. “You almost feel it swell up.” She popped an antihistamine tablet, which usually works, and an ambulance was called. Husband, Phil, was on the phone to St John as Ann was struggling to breathe. The operator advised to use the Epi pen. Phil placed the Epi pen firmly against Ann’s thigh and triggered the adrenaline. It was the first time he had administered it, and the first time Ann had needed to use one of her auto-injectors. Phil said mentally it was not any easy thing to do but physically it was a piece of cake. “It was just something that needed to be done, and you did it.” In this instance from Ann eating the nectarine, to using the Epi pen took just 10 minutes. Anaphylactic shock is rapid

In some cases the cost of a life is just under $200 and it comes fully contained in an Epi pen. An Epi pen is sometimes the only thing that stands between life and death. However in the bigger scheme of things it can be a lot of money if you do not have it. Health reporter Toni Williams talks to Ann McKay about carrying a lifesaving adrenaline auto-injector. View or purchase photos online

Allergy sufferer Ann McKay checks the expiry date on her latest $175 Epi pen. Photos Donna Wylie 180214-DW-085

so reaction times are critical. Ashburton St John dealt with 25 people suffering from allergic reactions last year, which could have been eased if adrenaline auto-injectors were more affordable. “You do think twice (due to cost) before you use it.” The trouble with adrenaline auto-injectors was not just the price tag, but the expiry date. It lasts just one year. After that the adrenaline won’t work. The cheapest Ann brought one for was $158, the latest one was $175. Eleven auto injectors in 10 years . . . the money soon adds up. It is not subsidised. A nationwide petition calling for it to be Pharmac subsidised is gathering support. The online petition has 7329 signatures; they need 171 more people to get the petition to Health Minister Tony Ryall. Ann also recently discovered that ACC may partially reimburse used Epi pens. As long as supporting documents were included, it was prescribed for anaphylaxis and it had been used, not just

expired. Ann’s list of known allergens is as short as it is varied. In 10 years – through trial and error - Ann has determined she is allergic to apples, celery, cherries, apricots, and pig products such as pork, ham, bacon - and now nectarines. “The minute it’s looking like something is not right; I don’t put it in my mouth again.” Even being in close range of someone eating an apple will make her lose her breath. As a precaution when she leaves the house she carries a current Epi pen, antihistamine tablets and a mobile phone. She rarely eats when she goes out to meet friends, preferring to just drink coffee. At the odd time she has gone for a restaurant meal, attitudes of staff have been mixed when she asks about the food contents. Especially in mixed meals like salads and curries. She has been told “If you don’t like it, you don’t have to eat it.” “It’s not always a good reception.” Her family and friends are all

Phil McKay uses a practice Epi pen simulating how to administer adrenaline to wife, Ann. 180214-DW-104

trained in how to administer adrenaline, should Ann not be able to use it herself. And they all know where to find it. They were so keen to learn in the early days with a training pen, she was covered with bruises. The latest episode has Ann looking into Medic Alert options. It has also reaffirmed to her the need for Epi pens to be more readily available for those

who cannot afford them. “I’m going to carry an Epi pen anyway, but for families with little children. A lot of people in places can’t afford it.” She fully supported an online petition calling for adrenaline auto-injectors to be Pharmac subsidised. “The costs are getting more and more all the time and there are more and more allergies around all the time. “Epi pens should be available.”


Saturday, March 1, 2014

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Fashion designer guest speaker By Toni Williams

Designer Tamsin Cooper will add some international flair as guest speaker at the Zonta Club of Ashburton annual International Women’s Day Breakfast. Tickets to the March 15 breakfast are on sale now. Ms Cooper (right) is a Dunedin based designer specialising in fashion accessories. She created an Anniversary Collection for the Royal New Zealand Ballet’s 60th anniversary and has just returned from New York and the ballet company’s opening performance at the Joyce Theatre. Zonta Club Women’s Day Breakfast organising committee chairperson Karen Hall said Ms Cooper did a lovely fashion accessory range of brooches, purses, bags and coats. Club members were delighted to have her as guest

speaker at the breakfast, which celebrated the achievements of women. The breakfast event coincided with International Women’s Day. “Women’s day is a chance to celebrate and recognise what we have achieved,” Mrs Hall said. Zonta Club actively promoted the awareness of women and their achievements. Raffles on sale at the breakfast included a prize of a donated brooch from Ms Cooper’s collection. Other prizes included a meal voucher at Twelve and gift baskets from D&A and Body Treats4U. Tickets to the breakfast cost $32 and are on sale now from Heartland Bank, Frame-Co in Netherby or from any Zonta Club member. “Get in quick there are limited numbers,” said Mrs Hall.

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Competition entries close 5pm on Thursday, March 6, 2014. Email your stories to The winner will need to be available for interview and photographs on Monday, March 10, 2014. *Winner’s story will be published in YOU Magazine *Winner must be able to supply at least one photo to accompany the story. *Terms and conditions apply. All entry details will be passed on to LaVita E Bella and JD Smit Productions for marketing purposes.

Weekend focus 18

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Feed your floral fan


Haast Eagle driftwood sculpture by Jack MarsdenMayer.

The Ellerslie International Flower Show has built its reputation over the years with tens of thousands of people pouring through the gates. Since buying the hosting rights in 2007, the Christchurch City Council has been hit in the pocket with dwindling numbers, but this year the show is promising better returns. Toni Williams went to see what it’s all about. 260214-TW-323


he Ellerslie International Flower Show’s on-site events and exhibits provide a full day of food fantasy, fun, art, floral, fauna, and people that hits the senses. A planned visit to the venue complete with map and a rough idea of the exhibits to visit – went out the window once in the gates. Bearings were lost along with a sense of direction, as one was caught up in a whirl of colour and design. It’s a luxury to be invited before all the crowds of people – to get to snoop among the exhibitions and meet the designers, who want to talk to you and discuss their work. The many reasons people enter the show varies, with some doing it for their livelihood or to get accolades to push their business. For some it’s pure ego and a way to prove themselves – to themselves – and to others. And for others it’s exposure, to get a message across to thousands of people. That message could be for a cause, like the Take a Second Left – The Outdoor Space by Vicky and Aaron Bartlett. Right – Are you my mother? Artwork by Susan Higgs. Far right – Take Rest by Grant Stephens, Rebecca Hammond and H & S Landscape Design.

Look feature garden by Bayley LuuTomes Design supporting Kids with Arthritis New Zealand. The bone-shaped children’s playground area has two ends – one clean, clear and full of all the fun of a children’s play area. The other has obstacles, weeds, and vines to signify a bad day for a child with arthritis, where everything is an effort and hurts. The two ends are joined by Astelia Silver Spear to symbolise glass rubbing between the bones. The complete garden is fenced by giant pencils and skipping rope fence. Our own Jade Temepara is putting the sustainability message out to her largest audience. Her Perennial Paradise garden designed by herself and Tipu Design is the complete package –

PICK UP A BARGAI If you are attending any of the shows and want to pick up a few bargains the exhibitors sometimes sell off plants and other parts of their exhibits on Sunday

Weekend focus Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ashburton Guardian 19

Left – Perennial Paradise by Jade Temepara and Tipu Design. Right – Backyard of Mexico by Letitia Thomson and Ashleigh Matthews. Bottom right – Under My Umbrella by Ben Hoyle.

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AMS 260214-TW-310


ntasies at Ellerslie flower show showcasing permaculture, a food forest and organic principles. She gets people thinking about different ways to plant, using edible plants as food, shelter and for visual effect. Everything in her garden is edible and sustainable, once planted it regenerates growing year round. There are exhibits making the best out of situations such as the Pod Oasis, designed by Jonathan Hall and the Greening the Rubble team, which go round Christchurch making temporary gardens out of demolished building sites, in an attempt to create havens for people. In the sculpture garden there the weird and wonderful are thought provoking, providing you take time to really see them.

N between 5pm and 6pm. Keep your ticket stubs for free entry on Sunday after 5pm, otherwise it’s a $5 entry fee. And remember to take cash. 260214-TW-347

The Orangutan Swing by Andrew Lyons, hanging among the trees, is selling for $5500. The Jack Marsden-Mayer driftwood sculptures, Alligator ($7950) and Haast Eagle ($13,260). But wait there’s more ... so many water features, so much colour, so much talent. It’s an event for lovers of horticulture, gardening, landscape design and art. And a treasure trove full of ideas and inspiration. There are open spaces with decorative hanging baskets. But seating is few and far between, subtly guiding the parched rambler toward pop-up cafes and catering marquees. It isn’t all about exhibits, there are daily fashion shows, cooking demonstrations and gardening experts talking. And then there are the retailers – garden plants, flowers and accessories, fashion, jewellery and produce. Wear your sensible shoes, take your purse, a sunhat and sunscreen. But most of all take your time. It’s a full day of entertainment. 260214-TW-317


Your place 20 Ashburton Guardian

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Test yourself with the Guardian’s weekday quiz

1 How many suspicious fires did the Ashburton Fire Brigade attend on February 22? a. Two b. Three c. Four 2 Which city has the most air traffic? a. London b. Washington c. Atlanta 3 Butterflies are warm-blooded. a. True b. False 4 Robin Judkins is renowned as … a. Originator of the ‘Coast to Coast’ b. Leader of the Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Commission c. A Soichi Olympics NZ team member 5 Which is the usual spelling? a. Avacadoes b. Avocados c. Avocadoes 6 Kate Hudson is the daughter of which actress? a. Susan Sarandon b. Goldie Hawn c. Glenn Close 7 ‘An excellent year’s progress’ is the last sentence in which novel? a. Bridget Jones’s Diary b. The Devil Wears Prada c. The Book Thief 8 Lydia 8 Ko is how old? 1 a. 15 2 6 b. 16 7 c. 17

2 5 2




ANSWERS 1. Four 2. Atlanta 3. False 4. Originator of Coast to Coast 5. Avocados 6. Goldie Hawn 7. Bridget Jones 8. 16





1 2 2 8 YESTERDAY’S 8ANSWERS 5 4 1 2 5 9 3 6 7 8

8 7 6 2 1 4 3 5 9

5 9 3 6 7 8 1 2 4

6 2 9 1 8 7 4 3 5

7 3 8 4 2 5 9 6 1

1 5 4 3 6 9 2 8 7

9 6 1 7 5 2 8 4 3

2 4 7 8 3 1 5 9 6

3 8 5 9 4 6 7 1 2

Yesterday’s top 5 stories on 1. 2. 3. 4.

Tourism funding may be cut Stars come out in Methven Storm’s a-comin’ . . . Investigators rule fire as being suspicious 5. Entries down for this year’s event


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79 1 1 6 47 9 6


5 7 8







1 7 5 6

Chow mein stir fry noodles


4 7

Solutions for today in Monday’s Your Place page.

7 1 8 5 2 4 3 2 3 6 9 8 1 4 4 9 5 3 7 6 2 6 5 7 2 3 8 9 Display home under construction at 503 West Street. Ashburton 9 2 4 7 1 5 8 3 8 1 4 6 9 7 MID CANTERBURY LTD



3 8

4 6 2


6 7 8 1 3 5

9 5 1 4 6 2

1C mushrooms, sliced 2 carrots, sliced 1 pkt Continental Chow Mein Mince Recipe Base 2C broccoli florets 2 x 175g packet Singapore noodles 2 spring onions, sliced lean pork or beef mince

(190ml) water. Cover and simmer for 5 minutes. ■ Add broccoli and keep covered for another 3 minutes. ■ Rinse noodles under running warm water to loosen, add to the mince and warm through. Sprinkle with spring onions before serving.

■ Heat 2 teaspoons vegetable oil in a large pan and brown mince. ■ Add mushrooms, carrots, chow mein mince recipe base and ¾ cup

■ HINT: Add a tablespoon of saltreduced soy sauce and toss through the final dish.

Phone 0800 6000 36 Email Address PO Box 671, Ashburton *Special conditions apply.

21 Ashburton Guardian

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Bailie back on track Irrigation Watermeter Installation

• E-CAN watermeter installation deadlines are looming • E-CAN approved watermeter installer • E-CAN approved watermeters and data monitoring • Cost effective installations tailored to meet your needs • Package deals including water meters, data collection and monitoring • Multi site data collection and monitoring • Free quotations, phone Robin Jenkinson today on 0274 841 112



Ashburton Contracting Limited P 03 308 4039 A 48 South Street, Ashburton W Gold


Sport 22 Ashburton Guardian

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Big shift for Langman

They said it . . .

BY DANA JOHANNSEN The arrival of 100-test Silver Fern Laura Langman at the Auckland franchise has instilled a renewed confidence in the Northern Mystics side as they seek to turn around a horror 2013 season, in which the star-studded side finished dead last. They had their fair share of disruptions and bad luck last season. Charlotte Kight ruptured her achilles in the team’s first training of the year; co-captain Anna Harrison withdrew weeks out from the start of the competition after announcing she was pregnant; young players struggled to grasp the demands of a high-performance environment; a startling dive in form from shooter Cathrine Latu; and injuries in what was left of their defensive circle all contributed to their worst year in the league. With Harrison returning to the fray this season and a rejuvenated Latu back on track after some strong international performances,

both ends of the court have been firmed up in 2014. But it is the high-profile recruitment of Langman that has observers talking up the Mystics’ chances of going from disastrous to divine. Langman, who cut her honeymoon short to ensure she maximised her preparation with the Mystics ahead of Sunday’s match against the Vixens, won’t entertain any talk that she is the potential saviour of the team. She says her Mystics teammates have just as much to offer her as she has to offer them. “One of my big reasons for coming up here is getting my combination with Cat [Latu] and Maria [Tutaia] humming. “It does help that we play Silver Ferns together so we all roughly talk the same language,” she said. “What I’ve really quite liked too is getting a sneak peek with how the Australians work. Obviously I’ve worked with Peta Scholz, but Julie Corletto is just another level.” The young players in the Mystics will do well to take note of Lang-

man’s approach also. Widely regarded as one of the world’s best players, the superfit midcourter’s application on and off the court saw her reach the incredible feat of notching up her 100th consecutive test in the Ferns’ January tour to the UK. The achievement is testament to both Langman’s consistent form across her career and her strong focus on preparation and recovery, which has allowed her to stay injury free. After 11 seasons of top-level netball Langman says the strapping tape is applied a little more liberally these days to get her through games, but she still backs herself to play full games week-in, week-out. - NZH

Laura Langman

How they line up for the 2014 ANZ season Coach: Rob Wright Captain: Kimberlee Green In: Madeline Hay, Sharni Layton (Thunderbirds), Abbey McCulloch (Firebirds), Brooke Miller, Gretel Tippett, Caitlin Thwaites (Pulse). Out: Mo’Onia Gerrard (rugby), Samantha May, (England), Melissa Tallent, Vanessa Ware, Ashlee Weir, Amorette Wild (Firebirds) A big turnover in personnel with six Melbourne Vixens changes, but Swifts’ Rob Wright, the Based: Melbourne. Last season: 3rd Best finish: 1st - 2009. Coach: Simone first male coach in the competition’s history, looks to have the weaponry McKinnis. Captain: Bianca Chatfield to mount a finals challenge with In: Catherine Cox (Fever), Caitlyn Diamonds Caitlin Thwaites and Strachan, Joanna Weston, Elizabeth Sharni Layton bolstering his squad. Watson. Out: Johannah Curran, Queensland Firebirds Shannon Eagland, Sharelle Based: Brisbane. Last season: RunMcMahon, Elissa Kent Central Pulse ners-up. Best finish: 1st - 2011. Coach: Vixens have replaced the retired Based: Wellington. Last season: 5th Roselee Jencke. Captain: Laura Geitz Best finish: 5th - 2013 Coach: Robyn Sharelle McMahon with another Broughton. Captain: Katrina Grant In: Clare McMeniman, Stephanie veteran shooter Catherine Cox In: Irene van Dyk (Magic), Elias Puopolo (Thunderbirds), Verity and should make another strong Shadrock (Magic), Gemma Simmons (Fever), Amorette Wild title challenge despite the late Hazeldine, Ama Agbeze (England), (Swifts). Out: Laura Clemesha, Abbey withdrawal from the squad of Katarina Coooper. Out: Caitlin McCulloch (Swifts), Natalie Medhurst pregnant midcourter Elissa Kent. Thwaites (Swifts), Victoria Smith, (Fever), Chelsea Pitman (Fever) Northern Mystics Daya Wiffen, Amber Bellringer. Coach Roselee Jencke did a great Based: Auckland. Last season: 10th Improving with every year, Pulse Best finish: 2nd - 2011. Coach: Debbie job last year steering a revamped look to have the potential to make roster to the grand final and faces a Fuller. Captain: Maria Tutaia a maiden finals appearance, with similar challenge in 2014 after losing In: Laura Langman (Magic), Nadia legendary shooter Irene van Dyk two of her attacking aces, Diamonds Loveday (Magic), Jodi Tod-Elliott and England defender Ama Agbeze Chelsea Pitman and Natalie (Magic), Anna Harrison, Temalisi added to an already talented squad. Medhurst, to Fever. Fakahokotau. Out: Jess Moulds Mainland Tactix Southern Steel (Tactix), Malia Paseka (Magic), Based: Christchurch. Last season: 9th Grace Rasmussen (Magic), Hayley Based: Invercargill/Dunedin. Last Best finish: 6th - 2009 Saunders (Tactix), Jess Bourke, season: 6th. Best: 4th - 2009, 2010 Coach: Leigh Charlotte Kight, Lavina Vaitoni Coach: Janine Southby Gibbs. Captain: Expect the Mystics to bounce Captain: Jodi Brown Anna Thompson back and challenge strongly after In: Erena Mikaere (Magic). Out: In: Mwai a disastrous 2013 campaign. Have Courtney Tairi (Magic), Sulu Tone Kumwenda added Silver Ferns stalwarts Laura Fitzpatrick, Kate Shearer (Malawi), Langman and Anna Harrison to Any team with prolific Jamaican Jess Moulds an already deep squad containing shooter Jhanele Fowler must be (Mystics), five other internationals including taken seriously and Steel also have Hayley Saunders Australian defender Julie Corletto. talented young Silver Ferns Phoenix (Mystics), Nicola Karaka and Shannon Francois, but NSW Swifts Mackie Out: Jo Mwai Kumwenda might still struggle to break into the Based: Sydney. Last season: 8th Harten (Magic), top four this year. Best finish: 1st - 2008 Bessie Manu (Magic), Joanna Trip

Adelaide Thunderbirds

Based: Adelaide. Last season: 1st Best finish: 1st - 2010, 2013 Coach: Jane Woodlands-Thompson Captain Renae Hallinan In: Andrea Gilmore (Fever), Cody Lange, Madeleine Proud. Out: Sharni Layton (Swifts), Stephanie Puopolo (Firebirds), Natalie von Bertouch With talismanic captain Natalie von Bertouch retiring and Diamonds defender Sharni Layton going to the Swifts, dual championship-winning coach Jane Woodlands-Thompson faces a significant challenge as Thunderbirds aim to become the first back-to-back title winners in the competition’s history.

(Magic), Elizabeth Hayman, Kristen Hurley Struggled last year and look unlikely to challenge for a finals position this season, but boast one of the more fascinating new signings in prolific shooter Mwai Kumwenda, the competition’s first player from Malawi and the MVP in last year’s Australian Netball League.

Waikato-Bay Of Plenty Magic

Based: Hamilton/Rotorua. Last season: 4th. Best finish: 1st - 2012. Coach: Julie Fitzgerald. Captain: Casey Kopua In: Jo Harten (Tactix), Bessie Manu (Tactix), Grace Grace Rasmussen Rasmussen (Mystics), Malia Paseka (Mystics), Courtney Tairi (Steel), Joanna Trip (Tactix), Katherine Coffin, Brooke Leaver, Samantha Sinclair. Out: Laura Langman (Mystics), Nadia Loveday (Mystics), Erena Mikaere (Steel), Jodi Tod-Elliott (Mystics), Elias Shadrock (Pulse), Irene van Dyk (Pulse), Khao Watts (Fever), Kendra Falefitu, Jess Tuki, Jess Waitupu. Australian coach Julie Fitzgerald faces a battle to maintain the Magic’s proud record of never having missed a finals series after a massive nine changes to their roster, with Silver Ferns stars Irene van Dyk and Laura Langman among those leaving.

West Coast Fever

Based: Perth. Last season: 7th. Best finish: 7th - 2009, 2013. Coach: Norma Plummer. Captain Natalie Medhurst In: Natalie Medhurst (Firebirds), Chelsea Pitman (Firebirds), Kaylia Stanton, Khao Watts (Magic). Out: Catherine Cox (Vixens), Andrea Gilmore (Thunderbirds), Lisa Millman, Verity Simmons (Firebirds) Perhaps 2014 will finally be the first year Fever make the playoffs, with the addition of Diamonds attacking weapons Chelsea Pitman and Natalie Medhurst giving veteran coach Norma Plummer Australia’s 2011 world championship-winning front-court combination and six internationals in her squad. - AAP

“They needed some experience and leadership, and I was humble enough to come down and train for a week.” - LUCAS NEILL after signing a short-term deal with English Championship outfit Watford, barely 24 hours before being axed from the Socceroos squad. * * * * * “I’ve been talking to Marvel Comics for the last couple of days, and DC Comics, to try to come up with one of the greatest masks of all time.” - Miami NBA star LeBRON JAMES on his quest to find a new mask after breaking his nose. * * * * * “Boof (Darren Lehmann) just said ‘Whatever you see if you want to have a chat with someone about anything, just (do) whatever you want to do’.” - SHANE WARNE is on deck in Cape Town to help Australia win the series decider against South Africa. * * * * * “Obviously I’d like to score a hundred every time I bat. I’m not looking forward to the next however many press conferences until I make a score over 25 or 50 or a hundred.” - MICHAEL CLARKE on the issue of his recent lean run with the bat. * * * * * “I don’t know what the fascination with the national captain is. If I say it’s Michael Clarke, will everyone be happy?” - Socceroos boss ANGE POSTECOGLOU unveiled a new look national squad without captain Lucas Neill. * * * * * “I tried everything, but I cannot hit my backhand and I cannot be the player that I want to be.” - JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO retired with a wrist injury in his first-round match at the Dubai Championships. * * * * * “People think when you pay the price of the ticket, that you can leave your morals and ethics behind for the two hours of the match, and that’s just not on.” AFL football operations manager MARK EVANS has applauded Launceston fans for “dobbing in” a spectator for racially abusing North Melbourne player Majak Daw. * * * * * “He is a young man who has made a blue, but we will give him every chance to redeem himself, as he has in our eyes in that last year and a half.” - Collingwood coach NATHAN BUCKLEY has backed Marley Williams after the young AFL defender was found guilty of grievous bodily harm. * * * * * “I think it’s the most exciting sporting competition in the world and I’m looking forward to the start of the new season as much as I ever have.” - Sydney Roosters captain ANTHONY MINICHIELLO after being named the face of the NRL in 2014. - AAP


Saturday, March 1, 2014


In brief

Line-up of champions Four of Ashburton College’s new athletics record holders (from left) Ali Pelesikoti, Nete Caucau, Alin Onicas and Gareth Hunt, with a fifth Tuakana Kamoe absent. Hunt broke Ashburton College Head of Sport and former Commonwealth Games athlete Trevor Cochrane’s 1966 under 15 boys’ triple jump record of 11.89m with a leap of 11.93m, 24 hours after Cochrane has taught him how to. Onicas smashed a 27-yearold under 15 boys’ discus record when he bettered Brad Gordon’s throw of 36.39m in 1986 with a 41.42m. Kamoe’s shotput of 12.01m eclipsed Stuart Kirk’s 1996 effort of 11.71m. Pelesikoti claimed the under 19 boys’ discus record by just 0.6cm, with his 42.21m bigger than Matthew Haselden’s 42.15 in 1987, while Nete Caucau now owns the under 19 boys’ shot put record by beating Toafa Touli’s 13.61m from last year with a throw of 14.2m. A number of athletes will have qualified for the Aoraki Secondary Schools’ Championships on March 19, with the South Island secondary schools also in Timaru on April 5-6.

View or purchase photos online

At the start of each season, Manu Vatuvei sets a series of goals but his main one, and the one he sets every year, is rarely achieved. “One of my main goals is to have an injury-free season,” he said. Vatuvei could point to nearly every part of his body and tell a story about how and when it was injured. Last season he injured an ankle, hamstring and rib before then straining his groin (a new one) at the World Cup. Already this year he has missed all of the Warriors’ pre-season matches, including the Auckland Nines, because of a quad strain (another new one). It’s likely the big winger will be fit for next weekend’s season-opener against the Eels and Vatuvei hopes that’s the end of his injury complaints in 2014. - APNZ

Disappointing crowds for the NRL’s opening round next weekend could test chief executive Dave Smith’s pre-season claims the game is enjoying a period of unprecedented growth. Smith said at the season launch on Wednesday that on the back of the stunning success of the Auckland Nines and Sydney Roosters’ win in the World Club Challenge the game has enjoyed one of best pre-seasons in recent memory. Few would argue with that, but any momentum gained could stall somewhat in round one with total crowds set to be well down on the initial 200,000 tipped across the eight games. Despite record membership numbers, ticket sales have been sluggish for round one. - AAP

New contract for Toovey Manly coach Geoff Toovey has signed a two-year contract extension that will keep him at the club until the end of 2016. Toovey has been rewarded for guiding the Sea Eagles to two successive topfour finishes and last year’s grand final, having taken the job following Des Hasler’s shock move to Canterbury in late 2011. In his first season at the helm, Manly reached the preliminary final where they went down to Melbourne before falling at the final hurdle to the Sydney Roosters in 2013. - AAP

Dragons in strife Photo tetsuro MitoMo 280214-tM-017

Breakers still clinging to tenuous lifeline Facing the end of their reign as champions, the Breakers were searching for one player to inspire a revival. Instead, they found three. Tom Abercrombie stole the headlines with a season-high 29 points against Townsville on Thursday, but Mika Vukona

Vatuvei’s injury curse

NRL crowd concerns

U19 Boys Champion Matthew Beveridge, runner-up: Ali Pelesikoti/ Kieran Hunt U19 Girls Champion Emma Waite/ Naomi Cone, runner-up: Annie McDonald U 16 Boys Champion Johan Erasmus, runner-up Jack Good/Kerry Clayton Wade/Cameron Turpin U16 Girls Champion Charlotte Waddell, runner-up Maddie Evans U 15 Boys Champion Gareth Hunt, Runner-up Alin Onicas U 15 Girls Champion Liberty Ross, runner-up Georgina Kelly U14 Boys Champion Matthew Clough, runner-up Adam Phillips/ Keegan Gentle U14 Girls Champion Veronica Wall, runner-up Kate Donald House Points: Blue 198 Green 182 Orange 137 Red 96

By Kris shannon

Ashburton Guardian 23

and CJ Bruton were equally influential to the win. The team leaders combined for 63 of their side’s 102 points and each contributed key plays during the fourth-quarter comeback that could have saved the Breakers’ season. The defending champions will again need their experienced core to come to the fore

against Cairns tonight. With the 48-hour turnaround between games providing another tough test down the stretch, the Breakers can hardly afford to look ahead to the crunch home games that will conclude their campaign. Melbourne and Sydney are currently in the final two playoff positions and will visit

fighting for the finals lives, with the Breakers needing to sweep the schedule to have a hope. Vukona, the team’s best player this season, refused to let Townsville back into the game, scoring 10 of his season-high 20 points in the final period, including a couple of clutch free throws with 15 seconds left. - APNZ

St George Illawarra have stood down young hooker Craig Garvey following an internal investigation over an alleged assault on a 26-year-old man in a Wollongong bar. Garvey, who skippered the club’s under-20s side last year, is accused of punching Christopher Allan “multiple times” on the dance floor at the Hotel Illawarra on Thursday. The 20-year-old Garvey informed the club on Friday of his involvement in an incident at the Hotel Illawarra and the Dragons stood him down for breaching their code of conduct. The incident is subject to a police investigation and no formal charges have been laid at this stage. Steve Price’s side have had a troubled buildup to the new season and were hammered 38-20 by South Sydney in last week’s Charity Shield. - AAP

Sport 24 Ashburton Guardian

In brief Messam the ironman As the bodies of his Chiefs teammates drop around him, Liam Messam remains impervious to injury. The 29-year-old has missed only two games in the last five seasons of Super Rugby and has played more minutes (3916, or nearly 66 hours) than anyone in the competition during the previous three campaigns. His steadying hand guided a Chiefs team featuring seven debutants to a battling win over the Crusaders last weekend, and the co-captain will again be required to stabilise his side tonight. But wherever the All Black is named, he is guaranteed to lead from the front and a pretty good bet to be present when the final whistle in blown. - APNZ

Skipper of the future The NSW Waratahs are so confident in Michael Hooper’s leadership ability, they considered him for the captaincy last Super Rugby season as a 21-year-old newcomer. Hooper takes the reins from injured skipper Dave Dennis to become the 100th captain in NSW rugby history in tonight’s Australian Conference blockbuster against the Queensland Reds. But it may not be long until the dynamic No.7 has the job fulltime. NSW coach Michael Cheika approached Hooper about the captaincy before last season, even though the openside flanker had only just arrived from the Brumbies and was barely out of nappies as an international player. The Wallabies star hasn’t led a team out onto the park since he was a 16-year-old at Manly, but the Waratahs are adamant they’ve found a natural. - AAP

Foley backs the Force The Western Force upset the David Pocock-less Brumbies to close the 2013 Super Rugby season and are now looking to repeat that dose tonight as the flanker returns to Perth for the first time. Pocock played the first seven seasons of his Super Rugby career with the Force where he grew into one of the very best No.7s in the world, before taking up a contract offer with the Canberra-based Brumbies ahead of the 2013 campaign. However, his 2013 was ruined with a knee injury before he returned strongly last week in the Brumbies’ loss to the Queensland Reds, and now the Force are ready to welcome him on Saturday for his first appearance at nib Stadium as a visitor. - AAP

Injury hurts Ireland Ireland’s Six Nations hopes suffered a worrying setback yesterday when fly-half Jonny Sexton was ruled out for between 10 days and six weeks with a thumb injury, his French club Racing Metro announced. Sexton suffered the injury during Ireland’s 13-10 defeat to England at Twickenham last weekend, said Racing coach Laurent Labit. The 28-year-old Sexton, who has won 41 caps, will miss Saturday’s French Top 14 match at Castres and is already a doubt for the following weekend’s Six Nations clash at home to Italy. After facing Italy, Ireland will conclude their campaign against France in Paris on March 15. - AFP

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Crusaders crash again Blues 35 Crusaders 24 BY PATRICK MCKENDRY This rollercoaster of a victory over the old enemy last night has eased the pressure on the Blues - and broken a seven-game losing streak stretching back to May last year. It it will also cause a fair bit of soulsearching in Christchurch. It was a bizarre game for many reasons - the way the Blues took so long to get into it, and once they did how the Crusaders imploded, barely able to string a pass together as Sir John Kirwan’s men poured on an incredible 29 unanswered points. In the middle of it all, 20-year-old first-five Simon Hickey went serenely about his work. He kicked six from seven shots at goal and always looked assured. The Blues leave for South Africa today and their two matches against the Bulls and Lions in good spirits, the Crusaders on the other hand must be wondering where to start. They are yet to earn a competition point. Their composure deserted them entirely, they fumbled, missed tackles; frankly they looked in disarray. In their loss to the Chiefs last weekend their skills let them down in the end but they showed grit. There was determination again last night, but there was a lack of clear thinking. They are in a deep hole. In scoring four tries for a bonus point, Blues showed just how dangerous they will be this season if they can play with confidence. They have the personnel - Frank Halai, George Moala and Charles Piutau are a handful for any defence. Returning former All Black Jerome Kaino, watching from the stand, will add to their firepower once he becomes available after their African adventure. On this evidence, it’s hard to know what to expect of the Blues in the Republic because after 34 minutes it looked like it would only a matter of how many the Crusaders won by.

Tries from hooker Corey Flynn and fullback Colin Slade helped push the score out to 173, the Blues offering little in response. It was a moment of magic from Frank Halai which turned the Blues’ fortunes around. On the counter, the ball was shifted quickly to where Halai was lurking and he showed the pace and right foot step which earned him an All Blacks selection last year. There was more to come, and quickly. From the re-start, young lock Patrick Tuipulotu got a pass away under pressure to Tevita Li, who eluded the tackles of Colin Slade, Richie McCaw and Rob Thompson to score an extraordinary try. Coach Kirwan was out of his seat well before halftime and with the score 17-15 it was no wonder. The Crusaders were out warming up with passing drills well before the Blues emerged from halftime but worse was to come for them. A Moala try from a Reynold Lee-Lo and Slade defensive howler was followed by a try to Willison, who dived on a Piri Weepu grubber. In the frantic final minutes, Steven Luatua was sinbinned and Crotty, running on to an Israel Dagg break, scored to narrow the gap for the Crusaders. Appropriately, Hickey had the last say with a penalty. Blues 35 (Frank Halai, Tevita Li, George Moala, Jackson Willison tries; Simon Hickey 3 cons, 3 pens) Crusaders: 24 (Corey Flynn, Colin Slade, Ryan Crotty tries; Tom Taylor 3 cons, pen) Halftime: Crusaders 17-15


The B cance last n


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ashburton Guardian 25

Injury concerns for Highlanders Mid Canterbury product Chris King and the Highlanders would have breathed a huge sigh of relief last week. After losing their first eight games of last year’s Super 15 rugby competition, the Highlanders beat the Blues 29-21 in round one to get the monkey off their back. Now the side is after some consistency, the biggest challenge in the competition, and have a tough task in looking for it against the defending champions away from home in the second round. The Chiefs have set the benchmark for the past two seasons and coach Jamie Joseph said it is up to his side to match it. The Highlanders suffered some key injuries in their win over the Blues. Brad Thorn has been ruled out with a rib injury and Joe Wheeler returns from a compound fracture in his finger to start in his place, partnering Jarrad Hoeata at lock.

John Hardie, the only Southlander in the team, takes the starring open side spot from Tasman’s Shane Christie. Wing Patrick Osborne has a high ankle strain which has Malakai Fekitoa move to the left wing and Winston Stanley into centre for his Highlanders debut after playing for the Western Force in the last two seasons. Mils Muliaina has shrugged off what seemed a serious elbow injury to take his place at fullback for the Chiefs. Muliaina will be part of a Chiefs backline featuring just one change from last weekend’s 18-10 win over the Crusaders, with Tawera Kerr-Barlow shaking off a rolled ankle to replace the injured Augustine Pulu at halfback. The forward pack is less settled, with a revamped front row and a reshuffle of the loose forwards seeing six changes from round one. Mahonri Schwalger makes his longawaited return to rugby after sitting out the 2013 ITM Cup, replacing Rhys Marshall at hooker. Schwalger will be joined by props Pauliasi Manu, playing in place of Jamie Mackintosh, who will have to wait for a crack at his old team, and Ben Tameifuna who passed concussion protocols

after a head clash with Brodie Retallick. The All Black lock wasn’t so lucky, dropping out of the squad and replaced in the run-on XV by Matt Symons, while Tanerau Latimer returns from injury to start in place of Tevita Koloamatangi. Nick Crosswell comes into the side at openside, with co-captain Liam Messam moving to the back of the scrum in place of the injured Kane Thompson. Chiefs v Highlanders @ Hamilton Highlanders: 1 Kane Hames, 2 Liam Coltman, 3 Chris King, 4 Jarrad Hoeata, 5 Joe Wheeler, 6 Gareth Evans, 7 John Hardie, 8 Nasi Manu (C) 9 Aaron Smith, 10 Lima Sopoaga, 11 Malakai Fekitoa, 12 Shaun Treeby, 13 Winston Stanley, 14 Richard Buckman, 15 Ben Smith (C). Reserves: Brayden Mitchell, Matias Diaz, Craig Millar, Josh Bekhuis, Shane Christie, Fumiaki Tanaka, Trent Renata, Phil Burleigh. Chiefs: 1 Pauliasi Manu, 2 Mahonri Schwalger, 3 Ben Tameifuna, 4 Michael Fitzgerald, 5 Matt Symons, 6 Nick Crosswell, 7 Tanerau Latimer, 8 Liam Messam (c), 9 Tawera Kerr-Barlow, 10 Aaron Cruden (c), 11 Asaeli Tikoirotuma, 12 Charlie Ngatai, 13 Robbie Fruean, 14 Tim Nanai-Williams,15 Mils Muliaina. Reserves: Rhys Marshall, Jamie Mackintosh, Josh Hohneck, Tevita Koloamatangi, Liam Squire, Brad Webber, Andrew Horrell, James Lowe.

Top advice from the master coach

Blues recognise the signifie of a Jackson Willison try in night’s match at Eden Park. NZH PHOTO

Sir Gordon Tietjens addresses the Mount Hutt College 1st XV yesterday before the sevens super coach was a guest speaker at their Black Tie fundraiser for the team’s trip to Australia later this year. The side departs on July 14 for the Gold Coast and will play three matches during the school holidays. Coaches James Roderick and Glen Currie are hoping they will have five matches in the lead-up to the tour including regular exchange matches with Darfield and Geraldine as well as games against Kaikoura and Timaru Boys’ under 16s. PHOTO JONATHAN LEASK 280214-JL-001

Sport 26 Ashburton Guardian

In brief Volvo on the pace Bloody Volvo drivers. Once the butt of jokes for motorists, the Swedish manufacturers look set to be the bane of V8 Supercars rivals judging by young Kiwi Scott McLaughlin’s stunning qualifying effort in Adelaide yesterday. At first, it appeared like business as usual when Red Bull Racing’s Holden team grabbed pole for today’s two 125km races in the season-opening round. But it seems they won’t have it all their own way thanks to 20-yearold McLaughlin’s remarkable run. In Volvo’s first touring car appearance Down Under in 28 years, McLaughlin was fifth and second fastest for the season’s opening two races. “Our boys have worked hard. They are making me look cool,” he said.- AAP

Ricciardo optimistic Daniel Ricciardo is confident Red Bull will be a challenger in the season-opening Australian Formula One Grand Prix despite another day of problems during testing. The West Australian kept a brave face on Thursday after completing just 39 laps over two sessions at Bahrain’s Sakhir circuit, his Renaultpowered RB10 dogged by more technical glitches. Despite being garage-bound for a good part of four hours in the afternoon, Ricciardo managed to clock the championship-winning team’s best time of the year - the day’s seventh fastest. “For me, behind the wheel, that was the best I’ve felt,” the ever-smiling Ricciardo told reporters. Sergio Perez took his Force India to top place on the time sheets, with a blistering one minute, 35.290 seconds. - AAP

HRT huge threat in 2014 The sleeping giant of V8 Supercars - the once mighty Holden Racing Team (HRT) - is about to stir in 2014, according to reigning champion Jamie Whincup. Not that Whincup needed a wake-up call as he contemplated launching his quest for an unprecedented sixth touring car title at this weekend’s seasonopener in Adelaide. Whincup did not try to play down the significance of HRT’s stunning recruitment of the mastermind behind his all conquering Red Bull Racing Holden outfit, former team manager Adrian Burgess. HRT’s remarkable coup ensured a big shake-up at Whincup’s Red Bull office this season, with the race engineer who helped him to all five previous crowns - Mark Dutton replacing Burgess as team manager. Whincup believes the real impact of mechanical mastermind Burgess’s unexpected switch would be felt at HRT - and as a result the entire championship. - AAP

No risks for Marquez Honda’s Dani Pedrosa set the pace on day two of MotoGP testing in Malaysia as injured team-mate and world champion Marc Marquez said he would also miss next week’s Phillip Island test. Marquez, who is absent from Sepang testing due to a broken leg, said his surgeon had advised him against taking “unnecessary risk” so that he is fit for the season’s opening race on March 23. The 21-year-old Spaniard, who last year became the youngest rider ever to win the world title and the first rookie in 35 years, suffered the broken leg during dirt bike training last week in Spain. - AFP

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Bailie back on track BY JONATHAN LEASK


After a successful appeal superbike rider Bailie Perriton is focussed on moving forward. Perriton had an appeal hearing in Wellington last week to decide whether he regained his championship standing at the top of the New Zealand 250 production series after being stripped of points from an alleged technical infringement in the second round at Levels Raceway in January. He successfully appealed the decision and has been reinstated as the 2014 NZ 250cc Production championship series leader on Thursday. After blitzing the field, a technical inspection of his machine found an infringement and he was stripped of his points from the weekend. The reported findings left Perriton’s team bewildered, however, they had an independent inspection of the bike and with that evidence Perriton was cleared. Motorcycling New Zealand (MNZ) announced that the appeal over technical irregularities carried out after the round at Timaru, had been upheld and

the machine was found to be eligible. With that good news coming through, he can now focus on the bigger news that he secured a chance to compete in Australia this month. But first he has the new challenge of the first round of the Australian Superbike Championships, where he will be riding a Kawasaki Ninja 300 in the 300 Ninja Cup. After his stellar, and now official, performance in Timaru Perriton was approached by NZ Superbike rider Sloan Frost and his ESPC Services Pty Australia Team to ride in the series which runs from March to November, taking in five different tracks across Australia. The first round is at Wakefield Park NSW on March 14-16. Perriton will then look to increase his lead in

the New Zealand championship in round three at Taupo Motorsport Park on March 22-23, and then hopes to claim the title in the fourth and final round at Manfeild at week later. While they awaited the appeal decision, Perriton and his team have had a mammoth task organising all the logistics, most of all a bike to ride. A 2014 model bike has been purchased and with the help of many peo-

ple both in NZ and Australia is being built at this moment. Bailie’s family and Team Kiwistars had already started fundraising to send him to Europe next year to compete in the European Junior Cup with a target of $150,000, helped by Fujitsu joining the campaign as the principal sponsor. Heading to Australia will cost an additional $20,000 this year, but it wasn’t an opportunity to turn down and provides the rising star a chance to become a dual New Zealand and Australian champion.

Bailie Perriton in high-speed action

Paddon’s dream becomes WRC reality BY ERIC THOMPSON New Zealand’s first rally world champions Hayden Paddon and John Kennard have now become the first Kiwis to be signed up for a season-long factory World Rally Championship drive. The pair will drive a works Hyundai i20 WRC car at seven rounds of this year’s FIA world championship and they hit the gravel in round six of the championship in Italy, June 5-8. Paddon will contest seven rounds, of which two are yet to be confirmed, to make sure Hyundai are eligible to score manufacturers’ points. The Korean manufacturer are entering Paddon and Kennard as one of two Hyundai Motorsport N teams to join Chris Atkinson, Dani Sordo, Thierry Neuville and Juho Hanninen under the Hyundai umbrella. Paddon, 26, won the Production World Rally Championship title in 2011, contested a number of S2000 rounds the next year and last year drove an MSport Qatar Ford Fiesta RS in Spain where he finished a creditable eighth. “It’s going to be really exciting this year,” Paddon said.

“We’ve been working on getting the deal across the line for some time and it’s really just been a matter of working through the details over the last few months. “Everything was taken into consideration by Hyundai including my stage times in the S2000 Skoda and how I did in the drive in the Ford with MSport. Everything was factored in and Hyundai wanted to help develop young drivers and grow the team with them. “It’s an amazing opportunity to be part of a team who are really keen to do well in world rallying.” Paddon and Kennard getting a works gig wasn’t a matter of being in the right place at the right time, it’s a culmination of talent, hard graft, and about 15 years of having a vision and a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Not to mention the support from volunteers and sponsors who kept the faith in the pair over the years. “We now have to take this massive opportunity with both hands, maximise the potential learning and results from our seven events in the Hyundai i20 world rally car and build our career in the WRC,” Paddon said.

Hayden Paddon: Realising his dream of getting a WRC car.

“We have to pounce on this chance and we have to make the most of it and achieve the goals set for us. “This is what we have all worked so hard for and it’s going to be really exciting knowing the backing is there to be able to contest seven rounds.” The driver may be the man holding the steering wheel and in command and control of the vehicle as it’s flung about, but without the co-driver letting him know what’s around the next corner, or over the next hump, there would be trouble aplenty.

Paddon has always been keen to acknowledge the role and help Kennard has been over the years and the co-driver is just as excited as his young cohort about their next big adventure. “When I first got in the car with him [Paddon] in 2006 this was his dream - to get into a WRC car,” Kennard said. “With a huge amount of work from everyone, the dream has now become a reality.” Paddon will be now move to Frankfurt, Germany, close to Hyundai’s Motorsport’s base and will begin testing the new car in April. - NZH


Saturday, March 1, 2014


In brief

Lee shares NZ Open lead By Daniel RichaRDson Kiwi golfer Richard Lee can put his teaching aspirations on hold if he keeps up his form at the New Zealand Open. The 40-year-old is a joint leader at the new-look tournament in Queenstown after he fired a five-under 67 at The Hills yesterday to move to nine-under for the week, alongside Australian Adam Blyth after two rounds. The revamped Open sees players play a round at The Hills and the nearby Millbrook Resort before the final two rounds take place at The Hills. Waikato’s Mathew Perry and Australian Dimitrios Papadatos have a share of third place, two strokes back at seven-under. Lee, who lost his Japan Tour card at the end of 2012, spent time working towards becoming a teaching professional last year, while looking after his 22-month-old daughter. His round yesterday was aided by playing before the bad weather struck. “Just hit a few good shots and holed a few good putts, really,” he said of his round. Considering Lee has few playing options this year, a New

Richard Lee studies his options at the New Zealand Open yesterday. odt photo

Zealand Open victory would provide him a card on the PGA Tour of Australasia for the rest of this year and the following two seasons. He would also pick up a few extra starts on the Japan Tour. “I don’t know about life-

changing but it would just give me a few more places to play,” he said. “For any Kiwi, you’d love to win the New Zealand Open.” Lee finished fifth at the last Open when it was held at Clearwater in 2012.

And while he produced his best work early in the day, Blyth was one of the last players off the greens but fired a seven-under 65 at Millbrook to shoot up the leaderboard. The Queenslander had only 19 putts for his round as he made an impressive charge. Perry, who is based in Melbourne and predominantly plays in pro-ams, is at the New Zealand Open on a tournament invite. Bitterly cold conditions made it tough for all players in the afternoon and Mark Brown, David Klein and Ryan Fox are the next best of the Kiwis in the Open field behind Perry in a share of seventh at five-under, alongside Terry Pilkadaris. That foursome is one stroke back from Australians Matt Jager and Bryden Macpherson. “My round was a little bit up and down as it tends to get occasionally,” Fox said after he signed for a three-under 69 at Millbrook yesterday. “We got some really tough conditions.” The cut line was at one-over and Daniel Pearce on five over missed out. - APNZ


Do we really need more Super rugby?


here’s a school of thought around that says the Super rugby competition doesn’t really start until at least April, and equally there’s a few fans who refuse (or say they refuse) to watch any games until the season starts at its ‘proper’ time. That’s a fine theory, until you get moments like the last five minutes in the Crusaders-Chiefs game, when its heart-in-themouth stuff as the Crusaders slowly grind their way towards victory, the opposition on the ropes, and in the dying seconds the pressure from up front has finally told and there’s an overlap way out on the left. The ball is spun out with quick hands, just one pass to go and the tryline looms open and invitingly, just how the Crusaders of old always used to win the tight ones. Except - the opposition isn’t quite dead yet, and a split-second decision by their winger to lunge for the ball instead of the man suddenly sees the tryline still wide open, except its at the wrong end. It was a cruel double-blow, not only was victory snatched away,

Ashburton Guardian 27

the conversion meant no points at all for the red and blacks, and those fans who profess to feel nothing in the early weeks must surely have felt the pain, even if they truly did just see it in the highlights. The competition has been in the news in more ways than one recently, with yet more plans to expand, expand, expand. It’s news that hasn’t exactly met with the warmest of responses from the New Zealand coaching fraternity, who see their players being pushed beyond their physical limits as they spend even more time flitting halfway across the globe every couple of weeks. And what’s the motive? Is it really the advancement of rugby, or is there a few clever people around giving the idea a big nudge forward because it suits their own ends, people like the Olympic organising committees of old (or the present), fatcats whose only task in life was to go from country to country, inspecting the facilities, and being wined and dined by prospective Olympic hosts, and invariably leaving those countries heavily weighed down by

But Ian Jones? No. Once a fine All Black, and now a good rugby analyst, the Kamo Kid, with his wide, false, pastedon grin that someone in PresenSteve Devereux tation told him he really needed, MY SHOUT doesn’t fit here. In one section of the show bangles and baubles, those of they sent The New Guy to the solid gold variety, and shoe- Blues training, and put him boxes full of US$100 bills, sim- through a portion of their fitple gifts that some harsh souls ness regime, which of course might have described as straight he failed at miserably, and was out corruption and bribery on a left gasping like a wet fish after grand scale. three rounds of the ten he was Surely that just couldn’t hap- supposed to get through. pen in rugby? Jones immediately launched * * * * into how hard it was in the ABs On another note entirely, my under Laurie Mains, and how favourite sports show has finally they were so tough they ran unmade a mistake. til they dropped but kept going Andrew Mulligan and Mark anyway, real superior chestRichardson remain the perfect thumping stuff, and completely pair up front, James McConie is missed the point that it really still the funniest man in sport in doesn’t need to be said, it’s imthis country, even Hayley Holt plicit already that real players has improved with age and is have to do so much more, that’s now far removed from the dumb what the piece was all about. blonde who was once Richie’s It all went so far over his head girlfriend, and Josh Kronfeld is he didn’t even feel the wind of obviously still a very alternait, a bit like Macca sometimes tive person, something that fits in the cricket commentary box in very well with his occasional when Rigor is in full flight. appearances. Red card for Kamo sorry.

Ford Trophy begins Auckland are confident they have the game, and the 50-over smarts, to defend their domestic title when the condensed competition starts tomorrow. Having been in the last four finals, for two wins and two losses, Auckland believe they know what it takes to be formidable. They’ll start with a humdinger clash against Northern Districts at Eden Park’s outer oval, a game chockful of internationals, who are available for only the first two rounds before heading to the world T20 tournament in Bangladesh. Auckland have Martin Guptill, Colin Munro, Kyle Mills and Mitch McClenaghan lining up; ND can boast Anton Devcich, Kane Williamson, Corey Anderson, BJ Watling and Trent Boult, all Bangladesh-bound, the only absentee the resting Tim Southee. In other opening round games, Canterbury host Otago at Timaru and Central Districts play Wellington at Palmerston North. - NZH

Ryan adds to collection Marc Ryan is getting used to the colour bronze, not that he’s complaining about it. The 31-yearold yesterday collected his second bronze medal of the track cycling world championships in Cali, Colombia, when he was third in the 4000m individual pursuit. It came on the back of bronze in the team pursuit and third-placed finishes in the team pursuit at both the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympics as well as the 2012 world championships. Eddie Dawkins is expected to be fit to make the startline for Sunday’s (NZT) individual sprint and New Zealand will hope to pick up more medals when van Velthooven goes in the kilo time trial, Tom Scully rides in the points race and Aaron Gate begins his defence of his world omnium title he won in Belarus last year. - APNZ

Clarke looking for runs Good friend Shane Warne wants him to worry less, Australian batting coach Michael Di Venuto wants him to be more patient and Michael Clarke just wants some Test runs. Clarke enters the series decider in Cape Town against South Africa “due” for a score in his own words, having failed to pass 25 in his past 11 Test innings. The 32-year-old has regularly looked classy since scoring a ton in Adelaide on December 6, dancing down the wicket and driving fluently. But it hasn’t amounted to an innings of substance, something Di Venuto puts down to tempo and rhythm at the crease. - AAP

Masked man leads Heat A masked LeBron James steered Miami to a 108-82 thumping of the New York Knicks in his return to NBA action yesterday. James scored 31 points in his first game since breaking his nose in a victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder last week. He sat out the Heat’s win over Chicago on Sunday, and said before yesterday’s game he was a little concerned the black protective mask obscured his vision. On the floor however, the four-time NBA Most Valuable Player didn’t seem to be bothered, connecting on 13 of his 19 attempts from the floor. - AFP




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n reviewing the recovery from the global financial crisis (GFC), 2013 was the year that markets shed their crisis mentality. This was reflected in global growth and trade data. Policy makers have got it right so far: With the support of policy makers around the world, financial markets stabilised and volatility fell to historically low levels despite on-going weakness in global economic growth, weak labour markets, falling inflation, political dysfunction in the US, and heightened geopolitical risks in the Middle East and Asia. Interest rates have remained relatively low and contributed to the more positive outlook for most economies. Technology and innovation driving productivity increases: One of the fundamental changes in recent years has been in technology, which is transforming the global economy, and the way we live and work. Numerous industries are adopt-

Ian Lennie and Selwyn Sloan


ing state-of-the-art innovations, contributing to increased productivity. The increase in productivity is one reason why bond yields may stay low globally even as monetary conditions start to normalise around the world. Less fiscal drag in 2014 will contribute to global growth: Although government debt levels are higher than they were five years ago, fiscal drag (the effect of reduced government spending and/or increased taxation) is expected to reduce from 2014 onwards as governments begin to reverse expenditure cuts. 2014 outlook: The number one short term risk is that markets become

overvalued as over-exuberant bears turn bullish, resulting in a major correction. Higher interest rates are another risk, but rate hikes by central banks in the major industrial economies are at least 12 to18 months away, so there’s little standing in the way of growth. The consensus outlook for 2014 is an upbeat picture with global growth back to its longer-term trend, supported by lower fiscal drag, less pressure on households to reduce debt and a commitment by central banks to withdraw monetary stimulus slowly. Ian Lennie and Selwyn Sloan are Authorised Financial Advisers with Forsyth Barr in Ashburton. To arrange a meeting to discuss your investment objectives in confidence, call (03) 307 9540 or email This column is general in nature and should not be regarded as personalised investment advice. Disclosure Statements are available on request and free of charge.


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of four previously held a senior marketing role at ATS and also has a background in Human Resources with several companies in her native Britain. Ms Daniels said she was excited to take over the reins at the Guardian in a period when the readership numbers for both the newspaper and the website have seen significant growth and advertisers increasingly opting for their daily newspaper. “The Guardian has introduced some major innovations over the past 18 months and we are starting to bear the fruit of all that hard work.’’ Ms Daniels said she is proud to take the role in an historical year as the Guardian gears up for its 135th anniversary.

dicator of slack in the economy - eased slightly but remains high by post-recession standards and investments intentions leaped to a net 35 per cent positive from a net 22 per cent in December. ANZ chief economist Cameron Bagrie said the strong sentiment was occurring despite the headwinds of a high New Zealand dollar and the fact that a net 90 per cent of respondents expect interest rates to rise over the year ahead. If this is a “rock star economy” it is one that is on a comeback tour after falling off the charts, he said. - APNZ


Desme Daniels is the new general manager of the Ashburton Guardian. Ms Daniels is taking over the running of the newspaper from Nikki Cameron who is leaving the Guardian after three years at the helm to pursue other business interests. During her time at the Guardian Ms Cameron has overseen significant changes at the company, including the introduction of the new subscriber-based website GuardianOnline and the revamp of the Guardian from broadsheet to compact paper. Ms Daniels has been with the company since 2012 and has been promoted from her previous role of sales and marketing manager. The Ashburton-based mother

Business confidence has climbed to 20-year highs in ANZ’s February survey. A net 71 per cent of firms are optimistic about general business conditions over the year ahead, the most since March 1994 and up from a net 64 per cent in the previous survey at the end of last year. Firms’ confidence in the outlook for their own activity rose three points to a net 59 per cent positive, the highest reading since June 1994. Hiring intentions are the strongest since December 1992. Capacity utilisation - one in-


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Saturday, March 1, 2014


Boost for district Coen Lammers EDITOR


shburton retailers, bankers and other services will be rubbing their hands, along with dairy farmers, after Fonterra this week announced a record forecast for this year’s pay-outs. The New Zealand dairy giant this week upped its milk solids price by 35c to $8.65. If you also include the predicted 10c dividend per share, the cash pay-out will be $8.75kg/MS. The numbers are truly staggering for Mid Cantebury, because with 288,000 cows producing 406kg/MS on average, the grand total being pumped into the district this year will be over $1 billion. Once you break that down per capita, the Fonterra pay-out equates to $32,000 per person in Mid Canterbury. Critics will point out that not every man, woman and child in Mid Canterbury will see $32,000 in their bank account, but indirectly most of us will benefit from Fonterra’s success story. Many dairy farmers tend to get defensive when their payouts are mentioned, quickly dispelling the perception that they have won Lotto. Instead they will point to the heavy debt most of their businesses carry and the significant investments they continue to make in their farms. Still, after the bills are paid, dairy farmers will have quite a bit of cash floating around this year. Many will opt to reduce debt and the risk to their business in case the milk prices go down, which will benefit the district in the long run. In the short term though, businesses in Ashburton hope that not all the dollars will go back to the bank, but will freely flow into the local economy. Farmers may decide that this pay-out gives them the freedom to upgrade their machinery or vehicles, build a new house, buy some nice clothes or go on that overseas trip. Wherever those dollars will end up, they will boost Mid Canterbury businesses and create jobs. Crop farmers and other successful businesses know that Mid Canterbury’s prosperity is more than just the dairy industry, but a record Fonterra payout generates the perfect platform for the district’s booming economy to keep on trucking.

Graphic designer Nik Sweeney wonders if the rebranding of Telecom will ignite a different customer experience.

Changing a brand is about perception I enjoy waving my pitchfork in the face of change as much as the next citizen, but to be fair it’s just too early to tell whether Spark will work as a brand. At first hearing, Spark sounds like an odd name for a telco, but I think that’s partially the point. We’re all talking about the rebrand aren’t we? Opinions dissecting the wisdom of Spark have flooded social media and workplace discussions across the nation, but at the very least everybody knows the new name. At this point, we don’t know enough about what’s behind the brand strategy and how it will be implemented in the marketplace. Whether New Zealand accepts or rejects Spark as a brand will depend on the conversations surrounding it over coming months. It seems to be the done thing for a creative agency to dismiss the work done by anyone else, but respect where respect’s due – with talented thinkers like Interbrand and Saatchi involved in this rebrand, the rationale behind Telecom’s name change will be compelling. I can see some obvious reasons why Telecom might feel a name change was timely. To begin with, Telecom is stepping up to acknowledge that the telco market is fast evolving into a content-led beast. For instance, a consumer

might buy one telco device every five years, but they will happily chew through data on a daily basis as they download entertainment to that device. Also, depending on your loyalties, it can be argued that Telecom has attracted some fairly negative customer sentiment over the past few years – mainly around product failures and a perceived lack of customer service. Telecom will probably be seeing an advantage in wiping the slate clean by moving on

Twitter anyone? Google it. After you’ve finished Flappy Bird. On the other hand, Telecom will be aware that leaving behind the Telecom brand name will also risk leaving behind long-term customers who’ve stuck with Telecom this far. A large part of their long-term loyalty will be based on knowing what to expect from the Telecom they’ve been with for years and years. These customers are probably more conservative in their habits and, at first, they won’t

A brand is everything a business represents to the market from negative associations tied to the Telecom brand name. As a name, Spark will definitely sit comfortably amongst brands which appeal to younger techsavvy consumers who evaluate new products or services on the basis of what they deliver, rather than what they’re called. This demographic is completely comfortable with a seemingly nonsensical brand name, as this keeps the brand free of confined meanings attached to an everyday word and gives the consumer more room to create their own “story” with a peer group of like-minded brand supporters.

necessarily relate to Spark as a brand-name. But Spark is just a new name to learn. In time, customers will attach their own deeper meanings to that name. And there sits the elephant in the room. A brand isn’t a business name. A brand isn’t a logo. These two things are elements of a brand, but they should be built upon an understanding of what the customer wants from a business. A brand is not a manufactured shiny widget which a business can whip up in-house and send out for the masses to admire. The value of a brand is cre-

ated by individual customer perceptions of a business or product. A brand is everything a business represents to the market. That may sound like the sort of overpriced jargon you’d expect from a snappilydressed pony-tail, but think of all the associations which pop into your mind when I mention a brand like Rolls-Royce. I bet you don’t just think of their logo. The reality of creating a modern brand is first accepting that a brand exists in the hearts and minds of a marketplace. It then becomes a little easier to work strategically on controlling the brand by creating targeted marketing messages and delivering on the promises you’re giving to the market. Building a great brand takes strategy, consistency and time. It’s about giving the consumer a range of opportunities to connect with a business in very real, very positive ways. To be seen as a different company from Telecom, Spark will need to deliver a different customer experience from Telecom. Changing the name and logo is easy, but changing customer perceptions by living up to new promises will be the real test of success for Spark. Nik Sweeney is a senior graphic designer at JFM Advertising & Design

Opinion Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dealing with deep feelings Felicity-Stacey Clark FOOD FOR THOUGHT


epression. Suicide. Whichever way we put it, they’re horrible

words. I have never heard those words used in a positive sense. One way or another, we seem to act as if, if we don’t think about them, they’ll go away. For some of us, it happens. And for others it doesn’t. It’s like the elephant in the living room. Every one of us knows it’s there, but nobody wants to raise the subject, for fear of the repercussions. It’s a subject, which for many, is shuffled into the too hard basket in an attempt to make it go away. It doesn’t of course. It quietly festers away. There are many invisible illnesses in our community. Not just those which refer to mental health, like bipolar disorder, depression or schizophrenia, but also the others like Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis and Myalgic Encephalitis. There are conditions like Autism Spectrum Disorders, or Asperger’s Syndrome more visible at times. When there’s an obvious sign of illness, a scar or a cast, it’s much easier to address. There have been many words written recently about the suicide of television personality Charlotte Dawson. A main contributing factor was apparently the powerfully eroding hate messages sent by the public.

Bombarded by vitriol, Charlotte Dawson committed suicide.

Sadly similar messages are sent by school-aged kids around the country every day. I’ve been out and about in public with “famous’’ friends and colleagues. I’ve met them in restaurants and cafes. There seem to be different approaches made to different people. The first is polite. The fan apologises for butting in, but would just like to tell the star they think she/he, or the programmes are fantastic. That’s fine, smiles are exchanged and they move on. Then there are those who haven’t received the politeness gene. They explain exactly what’s wrong with your show, your looks, your hair, your clothing, your co-workers, and of course, you. They tell you graphically and loudly how they would and you should, improve these matters The rest involve someone

passing the celebrity, invariably in a group, no attempt to engage, and a blast of criticism, insult and foul language loud enough to cause their sycophantic companions to titter, and those at the table to cringe with embarrassment. Put-downs of the most debased sort. The further up-market, the worse the words it seems. Once there have been numerous interruptions while the staff are waiting to serve the first course, it’s not unknown to get a bit toey. The politest response I’ve heard, related to where the offon switch on the huge screen is usually found, or in desperation, to resort to the power point. Similar behaviour hit the media in Hanmer a while back, by a public servant who was a bit big for his boots. This sort of behaviour has been magnified by the social

media. Is it any wonder, that, bombarded by vitriol like this, Charlotte Dawson committed suicide? But we still seem to avoid talking about the nasty things: suicide, or depression. Maybe because in some primeval manner we fear they might be contagious. I’ve heard it said, before criticising your victim, walk a mile in their shoes. Or as an elderly family member would say, if you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all. Every book or article I’ve read tells me the important things are not just talking, but also active listening. (Active listening is the opposite to multi-tasking, involving listening to every little word or nuance.) It’s constantly repeated. Depressed: talk about it with people you trust. Suicidal: talk to people you trust. There’s the problem. How many of us have people we can trust to talk about our deepest feelings? How many of us are good listeners? I’ve known far too many depressed and suicidal people. Where were they expected to turn? Did they hear instead, “Keep yourself busy”, or, “I don’t want to know about it“, or, “going over and over it can’t help”, or “just get on with your life”. Who knows what difference a good listener might’ve made to Charlotte Dawson. Or to a young friend of mine, who lost three generations of her family (mother, sister, and niece) to suicide in just over a

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Saturday, March 1, 2014


Russian forces block airport Russian military were blocking a Ukrainian military airport in the Black Sea port of Sevastopol in Crimea near the Russian naval base while unidentified armed men were patrolling another airport serving the regional capital, Ukraine’s new Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said yesterday. No violence was reported, and flights continued to operate at the airport serving Simferopol, the regional capital. It was not immediately clear whether the airport in Sevastopol, owned by the Ukrainian defence ministry, was open but there are no scheduled services to the facility. The Russian foreign ministry refused to comment while a spokesman for the Russian defence ministry also had no comment. Avakov wrote in a Facebook post that the Belbek international airport in Sevastopol was blocked by military units of the Russian navy. “I can only describe this as a military invasion and occupation,” Avakov said. Ukraine’s Parliament, meanwhile, adopted a resolution calling for a UN Security Council meeting on the nation’s crisis and demanding that Russia halt steps which it says are aimed against Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Earlier, dozens of armed men in military uniforms without markings were seen patrolling the airport in Simferopol, the capital of Crimea. At Simferopol airport, an Associated Press photographer saw military men armed with assault rifles patrolling the airport. The men were wearing uniforms without any insignia.

An unidentified armed man patrols a square in front of the airport in Simferopol, Ukraine.

Most refused to talk to journalists. One of them, who identified himself only as Vladimir, said they were part of a “selfdefence unit” that was making sure that no “fascists” would arrive from Kiev or elsewhere. The day before, masked gunmen with rocket-propelled grenades and sniper rifles seized the parliament and government offices in Simferopol and raised the Russian flag over the parliament building.

Ukrainian officials sharply denounced the move. Ukrainian police cordoned off the area, but didn’t confront the gunmen. The events in the Crimea region have heightened tensions with neighbouring Russia. Moscow scrambled fighter jets to patrol borders in the first stirrings of a potentially dangerous confrontation reminiscent of Cold War brinksmanship. Russia also has granted shelter to Ukraine’s fugitive presi-

dent, Viktor Yanukovych, state media reported, after recent deadly protests in Kiev swept in a new government. Yanukovych has a news conference scheduled Friday in Russia’s south near the Ukrainian border. He has not been seen publicly since Saturday, and he declared in a statement that he remains Ukraine’s legitimate president. Ukraine’s parliament elected a new government led by a

photo ap

pro-Western technocrat who promptly pledged to prevent any national break-up. Moscow has been sending mixed signals about Ukraine but pledged to respect its territorial integrity. Russian President Vladimir Putin has long dreamed of pulling Ukraine, a country of 46 million people considered the cradle of Russian civilisation, closer into Moscow’s orbit. - AP


North fires Scuds for first time since ’09 The short-range Scud missiles North Korea fired into the sea Thursday were a type it hasn’t launched since 2009, South Korea confirmed yesterday, though analysts say the apparent protest over US-South Korean military drills were likely not a prelude to higher tensions. Four projectiles with a range of more than 200 kilometres landed off the North’s eastern coast, and South Korean Defence Ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok told reporters that an analysis of their speed and trajectory showed they were Scud missiles. Defence officials also confirmed reports that North Ko-

rea fired four other short-range KN-02 missiles with a range of about 100 kilometres one week ago. Kim said South Korean officials didn’t disclose last Friday’s launches because North Korea frequently test-launches such short-range missiles. But Kim said Scud-series missiles, which are capable of hitting all of South Korea, are a security threat and Thursday’s Scud launches were the first of that kind since 2009. He said there are no signs that North Korea is preparing for additional missile launches. Analysts said the launches were largely aimed at protest-

ing the South Korea-US military drills that began Monday and won’t be a prelude to a spike in tension. Pyongyang calls the annual military exercises a rehearsal for invasion, though Washington and Seoul say they are defensive in nature. “The launches were a test designed to improve its missile capability and also an armed protest against the drills,” said analyst Cheong Seong-jang at the private Sejong Institute in South Korea. “But we already know (they have Scud missiles) ... We also have such a level of missiles. The launches didn’t have special meaning.” China, North Korea’s major

ally, offered a muted reaction. “We hope that all relevant parties should commit to moving the situation on the Korean Peninsula toward relaxation” of tensions, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said during a regular briefing. The US State Department earlier said it was closely monitoring the situation and urged North Korea to exercise restraint and take steps to improve relations with its neighbours. Last year, North Korea furiously reacted to the same South Korean-US military drills by issuing a torrent of fiery rhetoric and threats to launch nu-

clear missiles against Seoul and Washington. Last year’s drills came after North Korea conducted its third nuclear test. The US took the unusual step of sending nuclear-capable bombers in a show of its resolve to protect its ally. North Korea hasn’t issued harsh rhetoric against the current drills after their start. It has recently sought better ties with South Korea in what outside analysts say is an effort to win badly needed foreign investment and aid. The Koreas this month held their first reunions of Korean War-divided families in more than three years. - AP


Saturday, March 1, 2014

In brief


Residents told to flee mine fire The elderly, young children and pregnant women were advised yesterday to evacuate an Australian town that has been shrouded by smoke and ash from a burning coal mine for almost three weeks. Victoria state Chief Health Officer Rosemary Lester said vulnerable residents were advised to leave the town of Morwell as a precaution because the fire in the nearby Hazelwood Coal Mine is expected to spew smoke for at least 10 more days. Residents of Morwell, a town of 14,000 in the Latrobe Valley east of Melbourne, have complained of chest ailments and headaches caused by the acrid smoke. Lester said that health workers had not yet seen serious health effects from the smoke, and that there had not been a sharp increase in ambulance calls or hospital admissions. “But we do know that the longer the vulnerable people spend in the fine particles from the smoke, that that’s a continuing risk to them,” she said.

In addition to people aged over 65 years, under school-age children and pregnant women, Lester advised people with preexisting heart and lung problems to temporarily leave town. Graeme Middlemiss, a Morwell resident and elected member of the local council, said some people had already left town because of the smoke and that authorities should have been quicker to respond. “The town has been choked with smoke. For the first two weeks it was appalling and a constant rain of ash,” Middlemiss told Australian Broadcasting Corp. Police suspect an arsonist started the blaze in the open-cut coal mine with three brush fires lit on February 9. No one has been arrested. The fire has since burned deep into the coal seam. Fire Service Commissioner Craig Lapsley said it could take another 10 days to bring the blaze under control so that it wouldn’t send significant smoke or ash over Morwell.

Maoist rebels kill 7 Police say Maoist rebels have ambushed policemen in an insurgency-wracked central Indian state and fatally shot seven of them. Senior police officer R.K. Vij says the rebels struck while the police were on their way to provide security to workers building a road in Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh state. Vij said two police officers were injured in the attack. The region is a stronghold of the rebels, who are demanding land and jobs and often target government forces. - AP

Trafficking ring busted Chinese police have rescued 382 abducted babies and arrested 1094 suspects in a national operation that busted four major Internet-based baby trafficking rings, the Public Security Ministry said yesterday. The operation came after police in Beijing and the eastern province of Jiangsu last year found four websites selling babies under the cover of adoption, the ministry said. Child abduction is a major problem in China despite punishments as harsh as the death sentence for traffickers, and national-level busts of trafficking rings have been frequent in recent years. - AP

Migrants storm fence Firefighters on land and in a helicopter battle a fire burning at the Hazelwood Coal Mine at Morwell, Australia.



Long-ash contest at cigar fest

Bitcoin exchange files for bankruptcy

Pungent smoke filled the room, obscuring the lights and leaving clothing and skin reeking. There was applause, shouts and laughter, and above all plenty of H. Upmann Sir Winstons — formidable 17.8-centimetre Cuban cigars. More than 450 stogie aficionados took part in an unusual contest yesterday at Havana’s annual marquee Cigar Festival: competing to see who could create the longest unbroken ash. “I love it,” Argentine sommelier Flavio Lanfredi said goodnaturedly despite falling out of contention early on. “For me this is like going to Mecca, or a kid entering a toy store and they tell you to grab whatever you want, it’s yours. It’s really exciting.” In a cavernous room in Havana’s Palace of Conventions, contestants exhaled clouds of smoke and handled their cigars gingerly to keep the gray ash intact as long as possible. They lolled on luxurious leather chairs set amid tables holding dozens of ashtrays, lighters, chocolate-flavoured hard candy and snifters of aged Cuban rum. Many, like Lanfredi, lost their ashes before smoking

Ashburton Guardian 33

Olivia Terri smokes a cigar during the competition for the longest ash in Havana, Cuba.

even halfway through. Others managed to keep going until their cigars were little more than tiny stubs. “It was a little bit stressful, and I’m somewhat dizzy,” said Cuban restaurateur Andres Espinosa, one of the better finishers with a 15.8cm ash. Just over a half-hour in, only

a handful of finalists remained. Judges milled about the room handing out rulers to measure the results. It would be hard to top Olivia Terri, also from Cuba, who smoked her Sir Winston down to a stub with an ash that grew to 16.7cm) before it crumbled. - AP

The Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange in Tokyo filed for bankruptcy protection, acknowledging that a significant amount of the virtual currency had gone missing. The exchange’s CEO Mark Karpeles appeared before Japanese TV news cameras yesterday, bowing deeply for several minutes. He said a weakness in the exchange’s systems was behind the massive loss of the virtual currency. Speaking in Japanese at a Tokyo court, he apologised for the troubles he had caused so many people. Kyodo News said debts at Mt. Gox totalled more than 6.5 billion yen ($65 million), surpassing its assets. The exchange’s unplugging this week drew renewed regulatory attention to a currency created in 2009 as a way to make transactions across borders without third parties such as banks. - AP

A Spanish official says more than 200 migrants have stormed a six-metre-high barbed wire border fence to enter Spain’s northwest African enclave of Melilla from Morocco — the second such crossing in a week. Melilla is surrounded by Morocco and the Mediterranean Sea. Migrants trying to get to Europe camp on the Moroccan side, waiting for the chance to scale the fence. Thousands try each year to enter the city and Spain’s other coastal enclave, Ceuta. - AP

Aid group told to leave Doctors Without Borders is being forced to stop caring for sick people in a Myanmar state torn by sectarian violence, in a move linked to the humanitarian group’s work with the long-persecuted Rohingya Muslim minority, reports said. Myanmar’s presidential spokesman Ye Htut told the Myanmar Freedom newspaper that the group’s contract in Rakhine state would not be extended because they hired “Bengalis,” the term the government uses for Rohingya, and lacked transparency in its work. He criticised the group over its handling of patients following an attack in the remote northern part of the state last month. - AP

Bus fire arson attack Chinese authorities said yesterday that they have identified a person suspected of setting a fire aboard a bus that killed six people and injured 35 others this week in the city of Guiyang. Police did not name the person in a one-line announcement posted on their official microblog. The police did not say whether the suspect was on the bus at the time of the fire, or anything about a possible motive. The bus caught fire near an elementary school. Media reports said about 50 people were inside the vehicle. - AP

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This This This This three three three three three bedroom bedroom bedroom bedroom bedroom home home home home home has has has has an has anan open an open anopen open open plan plan plan plan plan kitchen/living kitchen/living kitchen/living kitchen/living kitchen/living area area area area area with with with with with Solid family home,looking for aan new owner. ensuite and walk-in wardrobe.Large family dining. Good sized lounge with with with with with sunroom sunroom sunroom sunroom sunroom isisaisis afine isafine aafine fine example fine example example example example of ofan of of ofan investors an investors aninvestors investors investors starter starter starter starter starter ofoffirst of of first first home first home home home home Solid Solid family family home,looking for aa new new owner. owner. ensuite ensuite and and walk-in walk-in wardrobe.Large wardrobe.Large family family dining. dining. Good Good sized sized loung loun Web ID: AHB20401 This 3 home,looking 1 2 for 68 Beach 1:00 -offirst 1:15pm GreatAgaraging with Road open baytowood shed.$220,000. Bathroom with bath and shower. Archgolla - open each end for great great find! Looking buy below Charming and Delightfull Three double bedrooms, Master with french french french french french doors doors doors doors doors out out out out to out toto ato ato sunny asunny aasunny sunny sunny terrace. terrace. terrace. terrace. terrace. Could that person be you? with heatpump. buyers. buyers. buyers. buyers. buyers. Could Could that that person person be be you? you? with with heatpump. heatpump. easy This property is inhome,looking very Street good condition and presents an ideal first home 3 flow. Landscaping has family been laid outGood to maximise Webshed. ID: AHB20384 indoor-outdoor Solid family for a new owner. ensuite and walk-in wardrobe.Large dining. sized lounge 2 open 2 bay 21a Oxford 1:00 1:30pm Great garaging with bay wood shed. Bathroom with bath and shower. Archgolla - open each endBathroom for great with Large Large Large Large Large double double double double double garage garage garage garage garage - -fenced -fenced -fenced -open fenced fenced section section section section section ideal ideal ideal ideal ideal for for for for children for children children children children or-oror keeping or keeping orkeeping keeping keeping Great Great pets. pets. pets. pets. pets. garaging garaging with with open bay wood wood shed. Bathroom with bath bath and and shower. shower. Archgolla Archgolla -- open open each each end end for for gre gre care with agarage well manicured lawn and raised vege gardens. Garden shed, opportunity advantage Could or thattake person be you?of the current shortage of available rentals with heatpump. Double Double Double Double Double garage garage garage garage plus plus plus plus plus large large large large large storage storage storage storage storage area area area area area on on on on a on a well a well a a well well well fenced fenced fenced fenced fenced section section section section section must must must must must add add add add addFor Sale maximise easy This property is in very good condition and presents an ideal first home indoor-outdoor flow. Landscaping has been laid out to to to to main to main to main main main road. road. road. road. road. maximise ea e So So So So close So close close close close to to to school to school to school school school and and and and and easy easy easy easy easy access access access access access This This property property is is in in very very good good condition condition and and presents presents an an ideal ideal first first home home indoor-outdoor indoor-outdoor flow. flow. Landscaping Landscaping has has been been laid laid out out to to maximise Web ID: AHB20333 For Sale $219,000 3 1 1 129 Victoria Street 1:00 1:30pm and invest None better this bay pricewood range. Be quick. power point/lighting, Fully fenced. Double Great-garaging with in open shed. Bathroom with bathworkbench/aluminium and shower. Archgollashelves. - open each end for great appeal appeal appeal appeal appeal for for for for buyers. for buyers. buyers. buyers. buyers. rentals care with a well manicured lawn and raised vege gardens. Garden shed, opportunity or take advantage of the current shortage of available of the the current current shortage shortage of of available available rentals rentals Don’t Don’t Don’t Don’t Don’t be bebe be disappointed. be disappointed. disappointed. disappointed. disappointed. care care with with aa well well manicured manicured lawn lawn and and raised raised vege vege gardens. gardens. Garden Garden opportunity opportunity or or take take advantage advantage of View by appointment View by appointment Web ID: AHB20386 garage. This property is in very good condition and presents ideal first home indoor-outdoorFor flow. Landscaping Sale $219,000 For Sale Auction Auction Auction Auction Price Price Price Price Price On On On Application On Application On Application Application Application For Sale Sale $219,000 $219,000 has been laid out to maximise easy For For For For Sale For Sale Sale Sale Sale $283,500 $283,500 $283,500 $283,500 $283,500 3 --Auction 1For 106invest Grove Street 1:45 -an2:00pm and - None better in this price range. Be quick. power point/lighting, workbench/aluminium shelves. Fully fenced. and and invest invest None None better better2in in this this price price range. range. Be Be quick. quick. power powerDouble point/lighting, point/lighting, workbench/aluminium workbench/aluminium shelves. shelves. Fully Fully fenced. fenced. D D Don’t opportunity wait for theor SOLD - Call now of the! current shortage of available rentals View care with a well manicured lawn and raised vege gardens. Garden shed, View take sign advantage View by appointment View by appointment View View View View by byby appointment by appointment by appointment appointment appointment View View by by appointment appointment View View View View by byby appointment by appointment by appointment appointment appointment Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 Web ID: AHB20391 garage. garage. garage. For Sale $219,000 For Sale 3 1 2 25 Carters Terrace 2:00 2:30pm and invest - None better in this price range. Be quick. power point/lighting, workbench/aluminium shelves. Fully fenced. Double Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008) Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008) Don’t wait for the SOLD sign - Call now ! Don’t Don’t wait wait for for the the SOLD SOLD sign sign --307 Call Call now now !! View by appointment View byOffice appointment Ashburton 03307 307 8317 Ashburton 03307 307 8317 Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Office Office Office Office Office 03Office 03307 03 03 307 03 307 8317 8317 8317 8317 8317 Ashburton Ashburton Office Office 03 03 307 307 8317 8317 Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Office Office Office Office 03Office 03307 03 03 307 03 307 307 8317 8317 8317 8317 8317 garage. LICENSED (REAA 2008) LICENSED (REAA 2008) Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED (REAA (REAA (REAA (REAA 2008) (REAA 2008) 2008) 2008) 2008) LICENSED(REAA (REAA2008) 2008) LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED (REAA (REAA (REAA (REAA 2008) (REAA 2008) 2008) 2008) 2008) Mid Mid Mid Canterbury Mid Canterbury Mid Canterbury Canterbury Canterbury Real Real Real Real Estate Real Estate Estate Estate Estate Limited Limited Limited Limited Limited Mid Mid Canterbury Canterbury Real Real Estate Estate Limited Limited LICENSED Mid Mid Mid Canterbury Mid Canterbury Mid Canterbury Canterbury Canterbury Real Real Real Real Estate Real Estate Estate Estate Estate Limited Limited Limited Limited Limited Don’t wait for the SOLD sign - Call now ! Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 Ashburton Office 03 307 8317


Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

157 Kermode Street

1:00 - 1:15pm




Web ID: AHB20328

33 Chalmers Avenue

1:00 - 1:15pm




Web ID: AHB20329

Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)


1 & 2, 822 East Street


Easy on East * 3 Bedrooms



* 1 Bathroom

Ray White know how to get you the best price for your property.

3A1F2I 3A1F2I Ashburton 7 Davis Crescent Ashburton 11 Galbraith Street Forfriendly, Sale: $210,000 DOUBLE WHAMMY OPPORTUNITY 7 & 9 Davis Crescent Get started... A tidy three bedroom home on a pet family sized * Open plan kitchen/dining/living 3 A 1 F 2 IAshburton 33 AA 11 FF 22 Saturday II Ashburton Ashburton 7 Davis Crescent Ashburton 11 Galbraith Street Ashburton Davis Crescent Crescent Ashburton 11 11 Galbraith Galbraith Street Street 3 A 1 F 2 I Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton $99,000 $99,000 $99,000 $99,000 $99,000 Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton 77 Davis Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton 11:00 - 11:15am Side by side properties, buy one or buy both. These flats have 3 section. With compliant inbuilt log fire in the lounge View: area. Good sized 1012 1012 1012 1012 1012 m2 m2 m2 m2 section m2 section section section section (approx) (approx) (approx) (approx) (approx) Allenton Allenton Allenton Allenton Allenton area. area. area. area. area. 793 793 793 metre 793 metre metre metre metre square square square square square (more (more (more (more (more or or or less) or less) less) less) Potential Potential Potential Potential Potential for for for investment for investment for investment investment investment or orbuild or or build or build build build your your your your own your own own own new own new new new home. new home. home. home. 1872m2 1872m2 F 2Crescent I 793 3home. A1872m2 11872m2 Fpet 2 Ifriendly, DOUBLE WHAMMY OPPORTUNITY 7 & 9 Davis Crescent Get started... Aorless) tidy three bedroom home on a pet friendly, family sized DOUBLE DOUBLE WHAMMY WHAMMY OPPORTUNITY OPPORTUNITY 773&&A991 Davis Davis Crescent Get Get started... started... A A tidy tidy three three bedroom bedroom home home on on aa1872m2 pet friendly, family family For Sale Offers over $145,000 For Sale $275,000 Ashburton 7 Davis Crescent Ashburton 11 Galbraith Street * Single carport bedrooms each and great back yard area for kids and pets to roam. This kitchen opening to the rear of the Section. A spacious single garage plus

Clean Clean Clean Clean site, site, site, services site, services services services services and and and and vehicle and vehicle vehicle vehicle vehicle access access access access access atatgate. at at gate. at gate. gate. gate. Rectangular Rectangular Rectangular Rectangular Rectangular section section section section section next next next next to next tothe to to the to the the park the park park park park on onon Cambridge on Cambridge on Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge street. street. street. street. (more (more (more (more (more ororless or or less or less less freehold less freehold freehold freehold freehold land. land. land. land. land. Application Application Application Application Application totoDistrict to to District to District District District Council Council Council Council for for for 4for 4for 444 Great Great Great Great Great investment investment investment investment investment property property property property property asasit as as itis as itisitclose is itclose isis close close close totothe to to the to the the town the town town town town and and and and you and you you you are you are are are not are not not not not Clean View by appointment View by appointment M: 027 236 8627 Side by side properties, buy one or buy both. These flats have 3site, section. With inbuilt log fire instreet. the area. Good sized Side Side by by side side properties, properties, buy buy one one or or buy buy both. both. These These flats flats have have 33Get section. section. With With compliant compliant inbuilt inbuilt log log fire fire in inCouncil the the lounge lounge area. area. Good Good size size DOUBLE WHAMMY OPPORTUNITY 7& Davishas Crescent started... Acompliant tidythis three bedroom home on alounge pet family sized Well Well Well and Well and and and pump and pump pump pump pump plus plus plus plus fenced plus fenced fenced fenced fenced on onon three on three on three three three sides. sides. sides. sides. sides. CV CV CV $101,000 CV CV $101,000 $101,000 $101,000 $101,000 allotment allotment allotment subdivision, subdivision, subdivision, subdivision, subdivision, subject subject subject subject subject totoresource to to resource to resource resource resource consent. consent. consent. consent. consent. paying paying paying paying paying over over over over the over the the the top the top top top for top for for your for your for your your section. your section. section. section. section. aWell double Certainly onefriendly, to viewallotment toallotment be could be your opportunity you have been waiting for!9 No7 workshop compliments tidy package. For Sale Offers over $145,000 For Sale $275,000 For For Sale Sale Offers Offers over over $145,000 $145,000 bedrooms and great yard forThese kids and to roam. This kitchen opening tosection the rearlog of the Section. A spacious single garage plus bedrooms bedrooms each each and and great great back back yard yard area area for for kids kids and and pets pets to to roam. roam. This This kitchen kitchen opening opening to to the the rear rear of of the the Section. Section. AA spacious spacious single single garage garag Side by sideeach properties, buyback one or buyarea both. flatspets have 3location section. With compliant inbuilt fire in the lounge area. Good sized Primo Primo Primo Primo Primo location location location location for for for primary for primary for primary primary primary schools schools schools schools schools and and and and only and only only only a only a wander a wander a wander a wander wander to to college. to to college. to college. college. college. Owner Owner Owner Owner Owner states states states states states "he "he "he "he will "he will will consider will consider will consider consider consider all all offers" all all offers" all offers" offers" offers" * Secure and private View byOffers appointment View by03 appointment View View by by appointment appointment garage and is rented at $200 per week appreciate. For Sale $145,000 For Sale $275,000 Ashburton Office 03 307 over Ashburton Office 307 8317 Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008) This This This This attractive This attractive attractive attractive attractive section section section section section isopportunity isworth is worth isis worth worth worth a alook. alook. alook. alook. look.have a double Certainly one to view to be compliments could be your you waiting for! No7 workshop compliments thisthe tidy package. double double Certainly one one to to view view to to b could be be your your opportunity opportunity you you8317 have have been been waiting waiting for! for! No7 No7 has has aakitchen workshop workshop compliments this this tidy tidy package. package. Certainly bedrooms each and great back yard been area for kids and pets has tocould roam. This opening to the rear of Section. A spacious single garage plus Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008) Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008) $249,000 $249,000 $249,000 $249,000 $249,000 Mid Canterbury $110,000 $110,000 $110,000 $110,000 $110,000 For For For For Sale For Sale Sale Sale Sale Mid View by appointment View by appointment garage and is opportunity rented at $200 per week appreciate. garage garage and and is is rented rented at at $200 $200 per per week week appreciate. appreciate. aView double Certainly one to view to be could be your you have been waiting for! No7 View has workshop compliments this tidy package. Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 Ashburton Ashburton Office Office 03 03 307 307 8317 8317 View View View by byby appointment, by appointment, by appointment, appointment, appointment, 7 7 Woodham 7 Woodham 7 Woodham 7 Woodham Woodham Drive Drive Drive Drive Drive / / / / / View View View View View by by by appointment, by appointment, by appointment, appointment, appointment, 48a 48a 48a 48a Cambridge 48a Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge Street Street Street Street Street View View View View View by by by appointment, by appointment, by appointment, appointment, appointment, 71 71 71 Cambridge 71 Cambridge 71 Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge Street Street Street Street Street / / / / / View View View View View by byby appointment, by appointment, by appointment, appointment, appointment, 22a 22a 22a 22a Chalmers 22a Chalmers Chalmers Chalmers Chalmers Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue AHB20142 AHB20142 AHB20142 AHB20142 AHB20142 /AHB20138 /AHB20138 /AHB20138 /AHB20138 /AHB20138 Mid AHB20076 AHB20076 AHB20076 AHB20076 AHB20076 /AHB20072 /AHB20072 /AHB20072 /AHB20072 /AHB20072 Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008) Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008) LICENSED(REAA (REAA2008) 2008) Mid Canterbury Canterbury Real Real Estate Estate Limited Limited LICENSED garage and is rented at $200 per week appreciate. Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED (REAA (REAA (REAA (REAA 2008) (REAA 2008) 2008) 2008) 2008) Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)


12 Tucker Ashburton 22Street Grove Street Down out ..... GoodAshburton to Gobut * 3 not Bedrooms 22storage) Grove Street Netherby Netherby Netherby Netherby Netherby * 3 bedroom (good * Double internal access garage Ashburton 22 Grove Street 1960’s 1960’s 1960’s 1960’s 1960’s dwelling, dwelling, dwelling, dwelling, tile roof, tile roof, tile roof, roof, 718m2 718m2 718m2 718m2 section. section. section. section. section. Updated Updated Updated Updated Updated kitchen kitchen kitchen kitchen kitchen with with with with awith a aa a Good totiletile Go *roof, 3718m2 Bedrooms *dwelling, Separate lounge

*sunny Private outdoor entertaining sunny sunny sunny sunny dining dining dining dining area. area. area. area. area. Modernized Modernized Modernized Modernized bathroom bathroom bathroom bathroom bathroom with with with with awith acorner acorner acorner acorner corner shower shower shower shower shower Good to Go * Modernized 3 access Bedrooms Separate laundry **dining Double internal garage unit. unit. unit. unit. Two Two Two double, Two double, double, double, double, one one one one single one single single single single bedroom. bedroom. bedroom. bedroom. bedroom. Lounge Lounge Lounge Lounge Lounge with with with with wood with wood wood wood wood burner burner burner burner burner *unit. Good off street parking ***Two Double internal access garage Wet floor bathroom (B,S,V,T) Private outdoor entertaining enjoys enjoys enjoys enjoys enjoys the the the the afternoon the afternoon afternoon afternoon afternoon sun. sun. sun. sun. sun. Close Close Close Close Close totoPrimary to to Primary to Primary Primary Primary school, school, school, school, school, pre-school, pre-school, pre-school, pre-school, pre-school, * Private outdoor entertaining Single Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate a ashort a short agarage short ashort short walk walk walk walk walk away. away. away. away. away. Shopping Shopping Shopping Shopping Shopping Centre Centre Centre Centre Centre isisclose isclose isis close close close by. by. by. by. by. ** Good off street parking So much on offer and parking will be sold; be quick! $187,000 $187,000 $187,000 $187,000 $187,000 * Good off street View View View View View by byby appointment, by appointment, by appointment, appointment, appointment, 2 2Davis 2Davis 2Davis 2Davis Davis Crescent Crescent Crescent Crescent Crescent / / // / AHB20081 AHB20081 AHB20081 AHB20081 AHB20081 So much on offer and will be sold; be quick! LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED (REAA (REAA (REAA (REAA 2008) (REAA 2008) 2008) 2008) 2008) So much on offer and will be sold; be LICENSED quick!


Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED (REAA (REAA (REAA (REAA 2008) (REAA 2008) 2008) 2008) 2008) Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

32 A 1 F 1 2I 35 Johnstone Street Ashburton 2/265 Moore Street Space, Sun, Sails and This Styletidy townhouse is just one block from the Easy Care Easy Living 3 A 1 F 2 IAshburton 333AAbedrooms 11 FF 22 II (2 with Ashburton 2/265 Moore Street Ashburton 22 Grove Grove Street Street Ashburton 2/265 2/265 Moore Moore Street Street 2 A 1 F 1 I Netherby Netherby Netherby Netherby Netherby 22 Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Allenton Allenton Allenton Allenton Allenton Embrace your New Year in your New home: acCBD. Large living area, two Moore double bedrooms with good storage. Galley 3 A2014 1amongst Famongst 2 I Tranquil 2A1F1I Ashburton 2/265 Street Tender closing on 19 March Not Not Not Not often Not often often often often we we we get we get we get get our get our our hands hands hands hands hands on onon such on such on such such such a2pm agreat agreat agreat agreat great site. site. site. site. Located site. Located Located Located Located amongst amongst amongst Tranquil Tranquil Tranquil Tranquil living living living living living at atat Carters atCarters atCarters Carters Carters Estate Estate Estate Estate Estate has has has has many has many many many many added added added added added benefits. benefits. benefits. benefits. benefits. 2000m2 2000m2 2000m2 2000m2 Lower Lower Lower Lower priced priced priced priced priced sites sites sites sites sites are are are are few are few few few and few and and and far and farfar between. far between. far between. between. between. Easy Care Easy Living This tidy townhouse is just oneLower block from the Good Good to to Go Go **our 33our Bedrooms Bedrooms Easy Easy Care Care Easy Easy Living Living This This tidy tidy townhouse townhouse is is just just one one block block fro fro For Sale $360,000 For Sale $238,000 cess to patio), Woodsman logfire, heat trans to 22000m2 bedrooms. Natural

33A 1 F12 I1

For Sale: $329,000

kitchen with abundance of cupboards and dining area. Large bathroom sections sections sections sections sections with with with with post/rail with post/rail post/rail post/rail post/rail fences,key fences,key fences,key fences,key fences,key pad pad pad pad access pad access access access access totoyour to to your to your your property. your property. property. property. property. Flat Flat Flat Flat building Flat building building building building platform. platform. platform. platform. platform. Easy Care Easy Living This tidy townhouse is just one block from the View bySaturday appointment wool insulation atop of batts. Smart kitchen, open plan kitch/din/liv CBD. Large living area, two double bedrooms with good storage. Galley CBD. CBD. Large Large living living area, area, two two double double bedrooms bedrooms with with good good storage. storage. View: 11:00 - 11:30am Tennis Tennis Tennis Tennis Tennis court court court court court and and and and pavilion, and pavilion, pavilion, pavilion, pavilion, two two two two hole two hole hole hole chip hole chip chip chip and chip and and and putt, and putt, putt, putt, putt, manicured manicured manicured manicured manicured Rear Rear Rear Rear Rear site site site site provides site provides provides provides provides good good good good good privacy. privacy. privacy. privacy. privacy. House is storage. insulated and with shower and vanity also housing the laundry. For Sale $238,000 For For Sale Sale $360,000 $360,000 CBD. Large living area, two double bedrooms with good Galley flows to patio. Dble garage plus a shed sits beside a tidy vacant area kitchen with abundance of Close cupboards and dining area. Large bathroom kitchen kitchen with abundance abundance of of cupboards cupboards and and dining dining area. area. Large Large bathr bathr grounds. grounds. grounds. grounds. grounds. Plenty Plenty Plenty Plenty Plenty ofofspace of of space of space space space and and and and privacy. and privacy. privacy. privacy. privacy. Close Close Close Close totoShopping to to Shopping to Shopping Shopping Shopping centre, centre, centre, centre, centre, For Sale $238,000 View by03appointment View View By By Appointment Appointment heated with a heatpump adwild. nightstore. Single garage and easybathroom care Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 Ashburton Office 8317 kitchen with abundance of cupboards and dining area. Large let your imagination run Ashburton 03 307 307 8317 Medical Medical Medical Medical Medical centre, centre, centre, centre, centre, Primary Primary Primary Primary Primary school, school, school, school, school, and and and and and stroll stroll stroll stroll stroll totoCollege. to to College. to College. College. College. Owners Owners Owners Owners invite invite invite invite invite offers! offers! offers! offers! offers! House isOwners insulated and with shower and vanity also housing the laundry. House is is insulate insulate ** Good Good off off street street parking parking with with shower shower and and vanity vanity also also housing housing the the laundry. laundry. House View By Appointment View byOffice appointment Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008) LICENSED (REAA 2008) LICENSED (REAA 2008) Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited grounds completes the package. For For For For Sale For Sale Sale Sale Sale Offers Offers Offers Offers Offers over over over over $125,000 over $125,000 $125,000 $125,000 $125,000 $450,000 $450,000 $450,000 $450,000 $450,000 $95,000 $95,000 $95,000 $95,000 $95,000 is insulated andwith withheated shower anda vanity also housing the laundry. Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008) with heatpump nightstore. SingleHouse garage easy care heated heated with heatpump heatpump ad ad nightstore. nightstore. Single Single garage garage and easy easy car ca Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 Ashburton Ashburton Office Office 03 03ad 307 307 8317 8317 View View View View View by byby appointment, by appointment, by appointment, appointment, appointment, 9d 9d 9d Bridge 9d Bridge 9d Bridge Bridge Bridge Street Street Street Street Street / / // / View View View View View by byby appointment, by appointment, by appointment, appointment, appointment, 28a 28a 28a 28a Carters 28a Carters Carters Carters Carters Road Road Road Road Road / / // / and View View View View View by by by appointment, by appointment, by appointment, appointment, appointment, 39 39 39 Clark 39 Clark 39 Clark Clark Clark Street Street Street Street Street / / // / and heated with a Mid heatpump ad nightstore. Single garage and easy care Ashburton Office 307Estate 8317 Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 AHB20165 AHB20165 AHB20165 AHB20165 AHB20165 AHB20185 AHB20185 AHB20185 AHB20185 AHB20039 AHB20039 AHB20039 AHB20039 AHB20039 Mid Canterbury Midthe Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008) LICENSED(REAA (REAA2008) 2008) Mid Canterbury Canterbury Real Real Estate Estate Limited Limited LICENSED grounds completes the package. grounds grounds completes completes the package. package. So So much much on on offer offer and and will will be be03Real sold; sold; be beLimited quick! quick!LICENSED (REAA 2008) AHB20185

Saturday 10:00 -so 10:15am good good good good quality quality quality quality quality homes homes homes homes homes inView: inaBy inin aprivate in aprivate aprivate aprivate private lane lane lane lane and lane and and and so and soso handy handy so handy handy handy totolocal to to local to local local local View Appointment **good Double Double internal internal access access garage garage shopping. shopping. shopping. shopping. shopping. Potential Potential Potential Potential Potential for for for two for two for two two townhouses two townhouses townhouses townhouses townhouses (Subject (Subject (Subject (Subject (Subject totolocal to to local to local local local planning planning planning planning planning For Sale $360,000 **bylaws Private Private outdoor outdoor entertaining entertaining bylaws bylaws bylaws bylaws and and and and consents). and consents). consents). consents). consents). For SaleBy $360,000 Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 View Appointment

grounds completes the package.

LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED (REAA (REAA (REAA (REAA 2008) (REAA 2008) 2008) 2008) 2008) LICENSED (REAA 2008) Mid Canterbury Real Estate LimitedLICENSED

Netherby 9 Davis Crescent 30 Saunders Road DOUBLE WHAMMY OPPORTUNITY Netherby 9 Davis Davis Crescent 7 & 9 Davis Crescent Netherby 99 Davis Davis Crescent Crescent Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Quarter Acre 9 .... West Side Netherby Crescent Side by side properties, buy one or buy both. These flats have 3



LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED (REAA (REAA (REAA (REAA 2008) (REAA 2008) 2008) 2008) 2008) (REAA 2008) Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED

3A1F Ashburton Hut 8 Hakatere 1 2 3 1/5 Hugh Street DownAshburton By The Seaside This hut and all its contents yours. 33 AA could 11 FF beAshburton 8 Hakatere Ashburton Hut 88 Hakatere Hakatere Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Hut A Beauty Red Brick Townhouse 3 A3 1A F1 FAshburton Ashburton HutHut 8 Hakatere This is a life style that many love in a small caring community. This hut

3A1F 1 2 3 A 13FA 1 F

Due Due Due Due to Due to a*to to achange achange abedrooms change achange change inincircumstances in in circumstances in circumstances circumstances circumstances this this this this section this section section section section needs needs needs needs needs a anew anew anew anew owner new owner owner owner owner This This This This exciting This exciting exciting exciting exciting new new new new release new release release release release ofOffers of22 of of 22 of 22 unique 22 unique 22 unique unique unique peninsula peninsula peninsula peninsula peninsula lots lots lots lots provides lots provides provides allallall allallCrescent The The The The new The new new new release new release release release release ofoffive of of five of five five 3Ha five 3Ha 3Ha 3Ha and 3Ha and and and and 4Ha 4Ha 4Ha properties 4Ha properties properties properties properties marks marks marks marks marks Stage Stage Stage Stage Stage 7a 7a7a of 7a of 7a of ofof 1129m2 1129m2 1129m2 1129m2 1129m2 section section section section section on onon favoured on favoured on favoured favoured favoured Ludlow Ludlow Ludlow Ludlow Ludlow Drive. Drive. Drive. Drive. Drive. DOUBLE WHAMMY OPPORTUNITY DavisCrescent Crescent Down By The Seaside This and all its contents could be yours. DOUBLE DOUBLE WHAMMY WHAMMY OPPORTUNITY OPPORTUNITY 77provides &&provides 99 Davis Davis Crescent Down Down By By The The Seaside Seaside This This hut hut and and all all its its contents contents could could be be you you For Sale over $145,000 each For Sale $80,000 - $90,000 3to Modern townhouse with 34Ha bedrooms internal access double DOUBLE WHAMMY OPPORTUNITY 77and &&99Davis Down By The Seaside This hut hut andand allaits contents could bewith yours. bedrooms each and great back yard area for kids pets roam. No has alandmark small kitchen tucked inEach the corner of large dining an NOW. NOW. NOW. NOW. NOW. Concept Concept Concept Concept Concept house house house house house plans plans plans plans plans included included included included included in insale inin sale in sale sale price. sale price. price. price. price. Be Be Be part Be part Be part part of part ofthis of of this of this this thisto the the the the incredible the incredible incredible incredible incredible amenity amenity amenity amenity amenity of ofthis of of this of this this landmark this landmark landmark landmark landmark community. community. community. community. community. this this this this landmark this landmark landmark landmark development. development. development. development. development. Each Each Each Each of ofthe of of the of the the lifestyle the lifestyle lifestyle lifestyle lifestyle blocks, blocks, blocks, blocks, blocks, ranging ranging ranging ranging ranging ininlounge ininin Access Access Access Access Access totowater to to water to water water water (although (although (although (although (although this this this this section this section section section section isisnot isnot isis water’s not water’s water’s water’s water’s edge), edge), edge), edge), edge), View by appointment View by appointment * Spacious open plan living garage. Side by side properties, buy one or buy both. These flats have 3 This is a life style that many love in a small caring community. This hut Side Side by by side side properties, properties, buy buy one one or or buy buy both. both. These These flats flats have have 3 3 This This is is a a life life style style that that many many love love in in anot anot small small caring caring community. community. This This h Side by side now. properties, buy one or buy both. These have 3sections This isfrom a3.22 life that many love in atoilet, small caring community. This hut Forpaintball Sale: PSale Oand A For Sale: $299,000 beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful sub-division sub-division sub-division sub-division sub-division now. now. now. now. Golfers Golfers Golfers Golfers Golfers take take take take note..Golf take note..Golf note..Golf note..Golf note..Golf Course Course Course Course Course very very very very veryflats With With With With With sections sections sections sections from from from from from 843m2 843m2 843m2 843m2 843m2 to to1606m2 to to 1606m2 to 1606m2 1606m2 1606m2 you you you you can you can can can create can create create create create the the the the the size size size size from size from from from 3.22 3.22 3.22 3.22 totostyle 4.17 to to 4.17 to 4.17 4.17 4.17 hectares, hectares, hectares, hectares, hectares, offer offer offer offer stunning offer stunning stunning stunning stunning panoramic panoramic panoramic panoramic panoramic views views views views views boating, boating, boating, boating, boating, swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming, paintball paintball paintball paintball and and and fine and fine fine fine dining. fine dining. dining. dining. dining. been waiting a bathroom with shower and 9beautiful has no garaging. This could be the opportunity you have open fire. Three bedrooms, separate For Sale Offers over $145,000 each For $80,000 $90,000 For For Sale Sale Offers Offers over over $145,000 $145,000 each each For Sale Offers overyard $145,000 each For Saletucked $80,000in $90,000 * by! Modernised bathroom bedrooms each and great greatback backyard yardarea area for kids and petswaterfront to roam. No has a connection small kitchen tucked in the corner of aDiscover large dining lounge with ankitchen bedrooms bedrooms each each and and great great back back yard area area for for kids kids and and pets to toand roam. roam. 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No has small kitchen tucked in the corner ofresort. aresort. large dining lounge with an View appointment by03appointment View Viewproperty by by appointment appointment for! No 9by! is currently rented at $220 per week. for kids and petswaterfront vanity, laundry. The batts insulation. Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 Ashburton Office 8317 View byby appointment View by appointment Lovely sunny living area withhas a section that working people can enjoy Heat pump you’d you’d you’d you’d expect. expect. expect. expect. expect. the the the the best the best best best of best ofboth of of both of both both both worlds. worlds. worlds. worlds. worlds. Formulate Formulate Formulate Formulate Formulate your your your your plans your plans plans plans plans now now now now for now for for afor afor spring aspring a307 spring aspring spring build! build! build! build! build! been waiting toilet, a bathroom with shower and 9* has has no garaging. 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No No 99 is is currently currently rented rented at atEstate $220 $220Limited per per week. week. (REAA 2008) vanity, vanity, laundry. laundry. The The property property has batts batts insulation. insulation./ / // / Office 8317 Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 Ashburton Ashburton Office Office 03 03 307 307 8317 View View View View View by byby appointment, by appointment, by appointment, appointment, appointment, Lot Lot Lot Lot 24 Lot 24 24 Tarbottons 24 Tarbottons 24 Tarbottons Tarbottons Tarbottons Road Road Road Road Road (Kelburn (Kelburn (Kelburn (Kelburn (Kelburn estate) estate) estate) estate) estate) View View View View View by byby appointment, by appointment, by appointment, appointment, appointment, 27 27 27 Ludlow 27 Ludlow 27 Ludlow Ludlow Ludlow Drive Drive Drive Drive Drive for! No 99 is rented at $220 per week. vanity, laundry. TheThe property has8317 batts insulation. Ashburton Office 03 03 307307 8317 Ashburton Office 03 307 8317 * Great garaging & outbuilding Mid Canterbury Real Estate LICENSED (REAA(REAA 2008) /AHB20199 /AHB20199 /AHB20199 /AHB20199 /AHB20199 Stage Stage Stage Stage Stage 8 8- 8-Lake 8Lake -8-Lake -Lake Lake Hood Hood Hood Hood Hood /AHB20040 /AHB20040 /AHB20040 /AHB20040 /AHB20040 Stage Stage Stage Stage Stage 7a 7a 7a 7a Lake 7a Lake Lake Lake Lake Hood Hood Hood Hood Hood /AHB20055 /AHB20055 /AHB20055 /AHB20055 /AHB20055 AHB20035 AHB20035 AHB20035 AHB20035 AHB20035 LICENSED (REAA LICENSED 2008) Canterbury Real Estate Limited Mid Canterbury RealLimited Estate Limited LICENSED(REAA (REAA2008) 2008) Mid Mid Canterbury Canterbury Real Real Estate Estate Limited Limited LICENSED LICENSED (REAA 2008)2008) LICENSED (REAA 2008) MidMid Canterbury Real Estate Limited Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED LICENSED (REAA (REAA (REAA (REAA 2008) (REAA 2008) 2008) 2008) 2008)

Manager Jill Quaid Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager 027 437 6755 Manager Jill Quaid Jill Jill Jill Quaid Jill Quaid Jill Quaid Quaid Quaid Jill Quaid 027 437 6755 027 027 027 027 437 027 437 437 437 6755 437 6755 6755 6755 6755 027 437 6755

Urban Consultant Rural Rural Rural Rural Rural Urban Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant Cindy Hayward Urban Consultant Auctioneer Auctioneer Auctioneer Auctioneer Auctioneer 027 389 7955 Consultant Cindy Hayward Jarrod Jarrod Jarrod Jarrod Jarrod Ross Ross Ross Ross Ross Cindy Hayward 027 389 7955 021 021 021 021 249 021 249 249 249 4644 249 4644 4644 4644 4644 027 389 7955

96 Tancred Street, Ashburton 96 Tancred Street, Ashburton Tancred Street, Ashburton 96 96 96 96 96 Tancred Tancred Tancred Tancred Tancred Street, Street, Street, Street, Street, Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton Ashburton


Urban Consultant Urban Rural Rural Rural Rural Rural Mandy Marsh Urban Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant Manager Manager 021 239 4418 Consultant Mandy Marsh Roger Roger Roger Jill Jill Roger Roger Quaid Quaid Burdett Burdett Burdett Burdett Burdett Mandy Marsh 021 239 4418 021 021 021 027 027 021 224 021 224 224 437 437 224 4214 224 4214 4214 6755 6755 4214 4214 021 239 4418

Urban Consultant Urban Urban Urban Urban Urban Urban Urban Chrissy Milne Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant 027 290 6606 Chrissy Milne Margaret Margaret Margaret Cindy Margaret Cindy Margaret Hayward Wilson Hayward Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Chrissy Milne 027 290 6606 021 021 021 027 021 027 221 021 221 221 389 221 389 2544 221 2544 2544 7955 2544 7955 2544 290 6606


Urban Consultant Urban Urban Urban Urban Urban Urban Urban Margaret Feiss Urban Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant 021 751 009 Consultant Margaret Feiss Annette Annette Annette Mandy Annette Mandy Annette McCully McCully Marsh Marsh McCully McCully McCully Margaret Feiss 021 751 009 027 027 027 021 027 021 438 027 438 438 239 438 239 2328 438 2328 2328 4418 2328 4418 2328 021 751 009

Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited 96 Tancred Street, Ashburton

Canterbury Real Limited Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited Mid Mid Mid Mid Mid Canterbury Canterbury Canterbury Canterbury Canterbury Real Real Real Real Real Estate Estate Estate Estate Estate Limited Limited Limited Limited

Urban Consultant Urban Shirley Urban Consultant Urban Urban Urban Urban Urban Fitzgerald Consultant Shirley Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant 027 220 1528 Shirley Fitzgerald Richard Richard Richard Chrissy Chrissy Richard Richard Quaid Quaid Milne Quaid Milne Quaid Quaid Fitzgerald 027 220 1528 027 027 027 027 454 027 454 454 290 290 454 4745 454 4745 4745 6606 6606 4745 4745 027 220 1528


Property Manager Property Veronica Property Manager Urban Urban Urban Urban Urban Monaghan Manager Veronica Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant Consultant 027 697 6948 Veronica Monaghan Mike Mike Mike Margaret Margaret Mike Mike Grant Grant Grant Grant Grant Feiss Feiss Monaghan 027 697 6948 021 021 021 021 272 021 272 272 751 751 272 0202 272 0202 0202 009 009 0202 0202 027 697 6948

Property Urban Urban Manager Property Consultant Consultant Urban Urban Urban Urban Urban Annie Dwyer Property Manager Consultant Consultant Consultant Shirley Shirley Consultant Consultant 027 287 3388 Manager Annie Dwyer Kim Kim Kim Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Kim Miller Kim Miller Miller Miller Miller Annie Dwyer 027 287 3388 027 027 027 027 236 027 236 236 220 220 236 8627 236 8627 8627 1528 1528 8627 8627 027 287 3388

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HEAT PUMPS Perfect all year round

• Wall or floor mounted available • Most models will continue to heat even with outside temperatures of minus 15°C

electriCOOL Ltd

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We have really appreciated the support and marketing ideas we have received from the team at the Ashburton Guardian, especially our advertising consultant Ashleigh, who is also passionate about achieving results from our advertising.”

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Christ Electr ie ical

Classifieds 38 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, March 1, 2014 SITUATIONS VACANT

Rural Channel Manager Head Office - Ashburton RX Plastics is New Zealand’s leading manufacturer of rural irrigation and effluent dispersal systems, pipe and water storage tanks. RX Plastics also manufacture and market a great range of aerated waste water treatment and septic tank systems. The Company now wishes to appoint the newly created position of Rural Channel Manager to the team. This is a senior and specialised customer facing role, requiring you to work closely with and report to the National Sales Manager, to deliver the best possible service to the Company’s key rural and civil clients at head office level. Your external points of contact will be mainly Customer Category Managers. Key components of the role will be primarily to lead and mentor two administrative staff, then to set customer pricing, negotiate major contracts, and to manage relevant logistics and customer service functions in conjunction with your team. You will input to marketing communication plans and provide accurate on-time reporting to senior management. Competencies required for this role include: • • • • •

Team leadership experience Margin management, forecasting and planning exposure Excellent Excel skills Strong relationship building and negotiation skills at Head Office level Exposure to rural retail environments.

As this role is key to the success of RX Plastics in this market, we are looking for an experienced performer who can consistently deliver results. You will be well remunerated and provided with tools of trade, including a company car. If you would like to discuss this role in confidence, please phone either Al Coll on 027 229 1444 or Deb Francis on 021 224 5000. Otherwise please send your CV with letter of application to by Thursday 13 March (Quote ref RXRCM).

We specialise in agri-business

Rugby Development Ashburton Guardian Officer – Ashburton Mid Canterbury Rugby is seeking a full time employee to develop and implement programmes that maximise the participation and development of players and coaches at Primary, Secondary Schools, Club and representative level. This position reports to the Mid Canterbury Rugby Union Chief Executive. To apply or for a full job description please contact:

PHARMACIST Permanent Part Time Position Available We are looking for a motivated qualified person who will embrace this unique opportunity and be part of a small team delivering a great customer focused pharmacy service in Ashburton. Please make contact in this first instance via email. or phone 027 222 7374. Applications close Friday, March 14, 2014.





And check out our quality used vehicles at: AUTOMOTIVE & MARINE 153 Moore St 03 3077620

AUTOMOTIVE & MARINE 153 Moore St 03 3077620

Got something to sell? Having a garage sale? Call the Guardian today for your advertising requirements. 307 7900


Saturday, March 1, 2014



Full or Part-time

Required, with truck and trailer licenses. Please phone

Methven Shingle Supplies Phone 302 8039

Fencing Position Available Previous experience, fencing or farming background required

Phone 021 201 3391

Truck Driver Needed! Due to increased work load we require another driver Successful applicant must be physically fit, enthusiastic and hold a Class 4/5 truck license

Company Representative Building Supplies Company Representative Farm Buildings (Two Positions) We are looking for a experienced Building Supplies Sales Representative and a Farm Building Salesperson, to become part of our team based in Ashburton. Their role is to plan and carry out direct sales activities such as maintain and develop relationships with prospective and current clients. This includes communicating with clients, responding and follows up sale enquiries. The successful applicants must have a good understanding of new house builds or farm buildings with a eye for detail, and with excellent communication skills. They should be able to build sustainable relationships with our clients. To be successful in this role you will: • Excellent building product sales experience. • Good knowledge of NZ Building Codes and construction legislation. • Computer literate. • Be able to manage many workloads and meet deadlines. • Ability to work both independently and in a team-oriented, collaborative environment is essential. • Have excellent communication skills – as you will be required to liaise at all levels with a range of people. • Highly responsive and ‘business savvy’. This position offers fantastic opportunities for progression within the organisation and the sooner the start the better the transition into the role – so we would like to hear from you today. If this sounds like you please send your CV with cover letter outlining your relevant skills and current circumstances to: Allan McCormick Helmack ITM 92 Dobson Street ASHBURTON

To apply call 021 327 318

All applications remain confidential.

Welder/Fabricator Due to an increase in workload, we require a top welder/fabricator for onsite/offsite work. The person we seek must be experienced, provide professional workmanship, pride in their work and use their own initiative. They will either have, or can obtain, welding certification. We are involved in the structural and general engineering fields, and we operate in a team environment. Our working conditions are excellent, and some overtime is normally available. Above average pay rate will be offered to the successful applicant. Some assistance with relocation, may be considered. Applications to:

The Manager North End Engineering Ltd PO Box 60, Ashburton 7740 Phone 03-308-8155 E-mail:

We’ve built a reputation

This exciting new position within Experience Mid Canterbury Tourism will facilitate, co-ordinate, motivate and develop district online activity to ensure maximum economic and community benefit to the Ashburton District. We are seeking a vibrant, self-motivated individual who will drive the following core role functions: • Assisting with the development, implementation and review of the organisation's digital strategy. • Refreshing and updating website content on MidCanterburyNZ. com, and other sites as identified. • Monitor digital marketing performance on a regular basis. • Assist, train and educating tourism operators with online content management via one-on-one and workshop contact. • Utilise third party, social media and mobile app sites for digital marketing of Mid Canterbury. • Provide marketing support to the marketing team and the organisations campaign activity. • Assist in the linking of online bookings and i-SITE online opportunities. Success criteria Ultimately, the success of this position relies on the ability to create a better customer for the organisation and district, including an increased rapport with tourism operators. This includes: • Positive online brand recognition and consistency across chosen published channels. • An increasing in EMC business partner positive feedback and investment. • An increase in defined customer engagement metrics. • Website and social media traffic growth. • Conversion metrics definition and growth. • Social media positive sentiment metrics. • Customer feedback and survey data. • Increases in key search engine keyword rankings. A position description is available online at http://midcanterburynz. or from Experience Mid Canterbury Tourism’s office. Applications, including a current CV and a cover letter, close 5:00pm Monday, March 3, 2014. Experience Mid Canterbury Tourism, 211 Wills Street, PO Box 482, Ashburton 7740

We currently have two positions at our retail store: •

Chinese Cuisine Chef

We are looking for an experienced Chef who is able to work flexible days and hours, and has experience in Chinese Cuisine as we mainly cater for the Asian tour market. The applicant will be required to plan menus, manage and maintain food quality control, execute dishes to a high standard, be able to work under pressure in a team environment, and be able to work on shift rotations. The applicant should meet the following criteria: 1. Have at least two years experience as a Chef 2. A Bachelors Degree in Culinary Arts, Food Technology or other food related courses 3. Expertise in Chinese cuisine is a must.

Sales Assistant

We require a full time sales assistant to join our busy tourist retail shop based in Ashburton. The applicant will be required to promote our shop and the stock we sell to our potential customers. The ability to speak confidently and persuasively is important. For these promotions and sales to be successful the applicant must also have an in-depth understanding of these customers’ cultures and what products they are attracted to. You should have at least one years experience in sales dealing with overseas tourists and have a bright friendly personality. The ability to speak Mandarin is a must to cater for the Asian tour market. Please send your current CV and job history details to or to: The Manager Farmers Corner Ltd Cnr Longbeach Rd & S.H 1 Ashburton

Phone: 03 308 2669, Email:, Website:

Guardian Real Estate

OFFICE SPACE WANTED NZ’s leading rural insurance company wishes to lease office space in Ashburton. The key requirements are: • 120 to 140 square metres approximately of high quality office space • Central location alongside other providers of professional services preferred (not retail) • Profile and signage to vehicular traffic desirable • 3 - 4 car parks for employees and customers in close proximity • Existing or new build If you have office space available please contact:

McCulloch & Associates Limited Phone: 027 44 99 120 Email:

of being solid and reliable, just like the buildings we construct. 211 Alford Forest Road, Ashburton (03) 307 61 30



Online Content & Marketing Manager


Ashburton Guardian

307 7900

Inventory Controller Ashburton Farmlands is owned by New Zealand farmers to improve their profitability and supplies more than 55,000 shareholder businesses nationwide. In this position you will be responsible for managing and controlling inventory within the Branch and helping with the Salesperson role as required. Saturdays will be worked on a rostered basis. We are looking for a suitably qualified applicant who: • has experience in inventory and stock control • can coordinate and finalise weekly/monthly/annual stocktakes • can be proactive and identify and clear slow moving, seasonal and excess stock • has a high level of commitment, energy and flexibility • is proficient with computers • comes from a strong customer service and sales background, is well organised, self-motivated and able to build and maintain lasting relationships Visit our website to download the position description and application form which must be completed and sent with your CV and covering letter quoting reference ICA0314 to the below address or email to: Corporate Support Manager Farmlands Co-operative Society Limited Private Bag 1968 Dunedin

As we are now operating our “Hiab” truck and trailer, we require a full time person for deliveries. This job will require some manual unloading of certain products i.e. “gibboard etc”. HT licence is essential: Class 4 and 5, preference would be for the applicant to have had “Hiab” Crane experience.

Timber Sales, Also Drive-Through Sales A back ground in building products or the building industry would be an advantage, the essentials are: • Excellent customer service focus. • Some computer skills and accuracy. • Self-motivation with a pleasant manner for sales. Some heavy lifting would be required and forklift experience would be advantage. The positions offer excellent remuneration package along with staff buying privileges. We pride ourselves in customer service; therefore your appearance must be of a high standard along with your personal attributes. Hours of work will be 7.30am – 5.30pm with a minimum of 45 hours a week and there may be Saturday morning work.

Allan McCormick Helmack ITM 92 Dobson Street ASHBURTON

0800 278 583

Guardian Motoring

Driver / Delivery Person / Yard Man

Apply in your own handwriting, along with a CV with cover letter outlining your relevant skills and current circumstances to:

Applications close Tuesday 11th March 2014

Call Toni & Peter May on 03 308 8893 to find out more! 151 Alford Forest Rd, Ashburton

Helmack ITM are currently seeking to employ motivated team members for our busy timber building supplies store.

307 7900

All applications remain confidential.

Classifieds 40 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Motorcycle Service Technician Due to a position becoming available in our service department, we are seeking to appoint another service technician to our busy, enthusiastic franchise dealership. Desirably, this person would come from the motorcycle industry already, or the automotive industry, where the necessary training can be given. Jeff Marshall Motorcycles is in a very buoyant, large rural sector. We service the farm and off road sector, and have a large road bike riding clientele as well. Our service department is spacious, clean and tidy, warm with easy access. Our business is very much customer focused, so applicants need to be the same, be prepared to take responsibility, be honest, have strong self-belief, be physically fit and active, loyal, driven, have a sense of humour and be passionate about motorcycles. We consider ourselves a pro-active business, and also in the community and motorcycle clubs. Applicants: • Must have a high attention to detail, • Must be able to work as part of a team, and also be able to work unsupervised, • Must be willing to do on going product training, • Must have a clean drivers licence, • Should have a NZ residency or a valid NZ work Visa, • Remuneration is dependent on experience and skill. Check out our business Application can be made in the strictest confidence by contacting Jeff. Marshall direct on wk - 03 308 2055 cell - 027 431 1744 email -



Customer Service Centre—Receptionist We’re now looking for great people to join our team.


Accounts & Administration [12 month maternity cover]

Do you have a flair with figures, pride yourself on accuracy and attention to detail, have at least 3-5 years in an accounts payable and accounts receivable role and can work well in a team then this is the position for you! Criteria for this position includes: • At least three years experience in Accounts and Administration • Some Import/Export knowledge would be preferable but training will be given • Good computer skills with proficiency in Excel • Experience in accounts payable and accounts receivable • An excellent grasp of the English language in both verbal and written form • Have good time management skills This position is 20 - 30 hours per week with the opportunity for some overtime at different times of the month. The hours and remuneration are negotiable, and we offer excellent working conditions. Email applications to: Please enclose your CV, cover letter and references Applications close on: Monday, March 10, 2014

With a thirst for building innovation, pride in traditional business values and a commitment to ‘build it the right way’, Calder Stewart has been a recognised leader in the New Zealand building industry for more than a generation. About the Role Our Ashburton branch has a proud reputation for delivery quality projects on time. We are looking for solid and reliable carpenters to join our strong construction team. Our work will give you opportunities to work on a number of diverse construction projects in the area. Skills and Attributes To be successful in this role you will have: • Trade certification • Worked in commercial construction (desirable) • Experience in concrete form work • Commitment to improving performance in product quality and safety Culture and Benefits In return for your skills and hardworking ethic, we can offer competitive rates, including overtime rates. We are proud of our company culture and offer a supportive work environment and provide long term career opportunities for all our employees. For further information please phone Cheryl Jenkins on 021 689 334. To apply please visit our website and go to our employment section.

Calder Stewart Industries is committed to a drug and alcohol free workplace. An offer of employment is subject to successfully completing a pre-employment drug test. Applicants must be New Zealand Residents or hold a current New Zealand Work Permit. 10:21:39 PM For further details visit:

requires an

Immediate Start

CV’s to: Kylie Carr 364 West Street or

• Full time with overtime rates and allowances • Long term career opportunities • Supportive company culture

This full time position is based in the Ashburton retail store requires an individual who is highly organised and able to build customer relationships, a person who will be self-motivated and committed to delivering high quality outcomes. We are looking for a person who is able to offer excellence in customer service, has industry and product knowledge, attention to detail, an excellent telephone manner and possesses an exceptional attitude towards their work. You will be part of a wider customer service team focused on all ATS enquiries. The main duties include customer facing enquiries, telephone sales and customer service. Ideally you will have: • Excellent organisational skills with attention to detail; • Highly developed interpersonal and communication skills; • CRM experience beneficial; • Intermediate computer skills; • Ability to work independently. If you would like to join this motivated team, please apply. Email your application together with your CV to: Applications close 6th March 2014.


Full New Zealand driver’s license is required.

Carpenter – Ashburton

ATS is a dynamic and innovative co-operative offering members the ability to purchase all farm inputs through our stores in Ashburton, Rakaia and Methven.

ATS_EmployAd_CUST SERVE RECEP_FEB14_96x150mm.indd 1 Hammer Hand/ Builder Rakaia Service Centre18/2/14

Applicants do not need to be fully qualified as full training is provided for those who join our team of skilful and dedicated people.

we design. we build. we develop. we innovate.

AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIAN to join our busy team ASAP

Robotic Dairy Farm Assistant

Stradbrook Dairy, located in Mayfield, is a high productivity farm with URL Rakaia Service Centre is a modern, wellProof established automotive read by:_______________________________ With: _______________________________ Date:_______________________________ state of the art equipment looking for an honest and reliable staff tested: repair business in Rakaia. We have a busy professional team and member to assist in the management of 300 cows. The successful pride ourselves on having a long standing and loyal customer base with a variety of work to challenge you. applicant will be involved in all aspects of the dairy farm including pasture monitoring, feed allocation, animal treatments, young stock Servicing all makes and models, specialising in 4x4 upgrades and rearing plus assorted other on farm jobs. Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge.

advertising proof

We have up-to-date Scan tools and a busy tyre bay with wheel job: C47606 alignment. The successful applicant will have the following sizeattributes: : 17 x 3 • Good people skills • The ability to work in a team publication • Current New Zealand drivers licence Ashburton Guardian • NZ automotive qualifications • Current AVI-WoF licence - essential • Ability to work without supervision • High standard of work quality and detail • Ability to handle pressure and high work load • Honest, reliable • Fit and healthy for the job Rakaia Service Centre is a well equipped, family business with great working conditions and will offer a suitable ‘healthy’ remuneration package to the right applicant. Applicants for this position MUST have NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa.

Contact Scott Baker phone 03 303 5100 or 021 153 5590 or email

For all subscriber enquiries, missed delivery, new subscriptions, temporary stops, call our subscriber hotline 0800 274 287 0800 ASHBURTON

Relief Milker Wanted

Ashburton Forks Would be required to work every second weekend. 1200 cow dairy farm 25kms from Ashburton Hours and pay can be negotiated.

Phone: Graham 027 387 4151

Guardian Classifieds

Dairy Assistant Wanted Ashburton Forks

1200 cow dairy farm, 25kms from Ashburton. Accommodation provided. Phone: Graham 027 387 4151

307 7900


The ideal applicant will have an agricultural background or qualification and at least one years’ experience of working within thePLEASE NOTE that we have p dairy – a willingness to learn is of utmost importance andadvertisement formindustry at: colour understanding computer literacy is a must. received. In app run date position sort cost (excl gst) If you would like to join our team then forward your CV and coveradvertisement, wedHocking, 26 feb sits vac $669.38 letter to Jeff by March 19, 2014. to check the ac advertisement, sat 1 mar $813.20 position nomina

Cancellation o media will incu fee of $50.

your contact:

CARPENTER Permanent Position We are currently seeking a Carpenter to join our team. The ideal person will be motivated and able to work day to day with minimum supervision. Apply: Russell Loach Construction Phone Russell 308 5598 027 4347 481 or email

Full time position available in our busy wood fire pizza caravan This position will involve food preparation, customer service and till handling.- full training will be given. Days of work will be Wednesday to Sunday with various hours The successful applicant will be friendly, motivated and enthusiastic to work. To apply please pick up an application form from our caravan located on Havelock street.


Daily Events Saturday

9.30am ST STEPHEN’S PARISH FAIR. Annual fair with feature stalls and more. Join in the fun, St Stephen’s church grounds, Park Street. 9.00am - 12 noon ASHBURTON DISTRICT FARMERS MARKET. Weekly farm fresh produce, plants, coffee, food and more. North end of the West Street car park. 9.30am - 12.30pm ASHBURTON TOY LIBRARY. Large variety of toys for hire. Methodist Church hall, Baring Square East. 10.00am METHVEN HERITAGE CENTRE. New Zealand Alpine and Agriculture Encounter, interactive fun for all ages. Main Street, Methven. 10.00am - 12 noon ASHBURTON VINTAGE CAR CLUB. Museum and parts shed open. 86 Maronan Road, Tinwald.

Sunday 8.00am ST STEPHENS ANGLICAN CHURCH. Holy Communion, Park Street. 8.30am ASHBURTON STROLLERS CLUB. Wonderful views from Porters Pass. Old Coach track, all welcome Phone Jenny 308 6862. Meet Ashburton Courthouse, Baring Square West.

10.00am - 12 noon ASHBURTON DISTRICT FAMILY HISTORY GROUP. Open for research, all welcome. Upstairs 254 Cameron Street. 10.00am - 1.00pm ASHBURTON CRAFT MARKET. Saturday’s in the West Street Car park. 10.00am - 3.00pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. Classic aircraft on display including DC3. Ashburton Airport, Seafield Road. 10.30am - 3.30pm ASHBURTON EMBROIDERERS’ GUILD Round box making or continued, stitch and tchat each others. Ashburton Senior Centre, Cameron Street. 1.30pm WAIREKA CROQUET CLUB. Doubles competition. Ashburton Domain, Philip Street.

HOLY NAME CATHOLIC CHURCH. Mass, Sealy Street. ST STEPHEN’S ANGLICAN CHURCH. Holy Communion. Park Street. ST ANDREW’S ANGLICAN CHURCH. Holy communion every Sunday. 151153 Thomson Street, Tinwald.

HOLY SPIRIT CATHOLIC CHURCH. Mass, Thomson Street, Tinwald.

10.00am - 3.00pm CHLDRENS DAY CELEBRATIONS. Picnic and enjoy free activities and rides for children. Wet or fine. Tinwald Domain, Maronan Road.

ST ANDREW’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Church service with Rev David Brown, cnr Havelock St and park Street.

10.30am VICTORY BAPTIST CHURCH. Worship God and study his word. 131 Thomson Street, (Tinwald School hall).

9.30am ST PAUL’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Morning worship with Rev David Hastings, all welcome. 65 Oxford Street.

EVANGELICAL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Worshipping god and transforming lives. 63 Princes Street, Netherby.

ASHBURTON METHODIST PARISH. Morning worship with Rev Tevita Taufalele. Church lounge, Baring Square East. ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Worship service led by Rona Russell, 48 Allens Road, Allenton. 10.00am METHVEN HERITAGE CENTRE. New Zealand Alpine and Agriculture Encounter, interactive fun for all ages. Main Street, Methven. ASHBURTON MODEL AERO CLUB. Radio controlled aeroplane flying, weather permitting. Lovett’s Road, Maronan Road.

11.00am ASHBURTON METHODIST PARISH. Morning worship, St James, Jane Street, Tinwald. 12.50pm M.S.A. PETANQUE. Come and try Petanque, everyone welcome. Racecourse Road. 1.00pm - 3.00pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. Classic aircraft on display including DC 3. Ashburton airport, Seafield Road. 7.00pm VICTORY BAPTIST CHURCH. Worship God and study his word. 131 Thomson Street, (Tinwald School hall).

ASHBURTON M.S.A. QUOITS. All welcome to have a throw. Racecourse Road M.S.A. Sports ground.

ST ANDREW’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Church service with Rev David Brown in the Sinclair Centre, cnr Havelock and Park Streets.

ST ANDREW’S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Church service with Rev David Brown, cnr Havelock and Park Streets.

ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Senior youth group, pancake making for Shrove Tuesday. 48 Allens Road, Allenton.


10.00am METHVEN HERITAGE CENTRE. New Zealand and Agriculture Encounter, interactive fun for all ages. Main Street, Methven.

9.00am ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Real women circuit training in hall, 48 Allens Road, Allenton. 9.00am - 4.00pm ASHBURTON BUDGET ADVISORY SERVICE INC. For free budget advice and workshop enquiries. Phone 307-0496. 60 Cass Street. 10.00am CARDIAC COMPANIONS. Exercises, social and occasional speakers. Buffalo Lodge Hall, Cox Street.

Saturday, March 1, 2014 WANTED


Ashburton Guardian



Copper, Brass, Aluminium etc.

Mid-Canterbury Metal Recycling Licensed Buyer Dealer

10A McGregor Lane Riverside Estate (Off McNally Street)

Phone 308-8959 or 027-228-1467 anytime


LANDSCAPE SUPPLIES • Bark • Oamaru stone • Rocks • Organic compost • Sand • Screened soil • Home deliveries available

Plus much more

FREE loan trailer available! From a shovel load to a trailer load. Dobson Street West Ph: 307 8302 Hours: Mon-Fri: 7.30am - 5pm Sat: 7.30am - 12 noon


4 TINT-A-WINDOW solar protective films, UV block, fade, heat and glare control, privacy and safety films for glass. FREE quotes - 20 years local service, Bill Breukelaar - phone 0800 368 468. HOME handyman available. Minor repairs, painting etc. Ph 027-677-1952. SOLAR-SHADE-WINDOWTINTING. Controlling the Sun. Best Product, best installation, best price. Lifetime warranties. Ph 0800 473 242,

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS We require a person (or small group) with log splitter to cut and split firewood for farm staff. We have a large stack of firewood logs and would be prepared to pay per hour / volume, or trade logs splitting ours and also provide storage area for your wood until winter. This may be suitable as a club fund raising venture. Please ring 03 302 4635 from Monday evening for further information.


DAIRY position required by a mature person, with a two bedroom home. Must come with an employment contract. Ph 027 927 1428.


1.00pm - 3.00pm ASHBURTON AVIATION MUSEUM. Classic aircraft on display including DC3. Seafield Road.

WANTED experienced stable hand for Ashburton Stable, please phone 027 256 4621.

6.00pm ST DAVID’S UNION CHURCH. Real women circuit training in hall, 48 Allens Road, Allenton.

RYEGRASS for sale 4x3x7 $75 per bale plus cartage. Call David 021 780 169.



Situations Vacant

307 7900

Quality Dairy Grazing/Conversion/Finishing 214 Muirheads Road, Ashburton

141.3188 ha

Unique opportunity exists to secure this dryland property in a medium rainfall area with access to the BCI water scheme. 23 paddocks supported by a central lane system complimented with an excellent range of well maintained sheds and outbuildings.

Alford Forest Foothills

Tenders close 12 noon Monday, March 17, 2014 View by appointment:

Currently operating as a winter grazing unit, future options are endless. Attractive homestead with extensive gardens and mature trees, woolshed, sheep and cattle yard.

Flyer and tender documents available 027 433 4696

TradeMe #DSL989 Wayne French - 0274 334 696 Andrea French - 03 303 0936

Private Sale

66 Nursery Drive Tinwald

• 3/4 bedroom family home • Master with walk in robe and ensuite • Sunny kitchen living dining • Separate lounge • Log fire and heat pump • Large rumpus room/fourth bedroom upstairs • Double plus garage with workshop area • Spa pool • Private, secure section

Contact 021 149 3661

Classifieds 42 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, March 1, 2014

CONNECTIONS Free Introduction to ThetaHealing™ on Wednesday, March 19, 2014 11am and 6.30pm Join me for an explanation of ThetaHealing™ Learn how it can bring you joy and wellbeing with an increased degree of personal and spiritual freedom. Venue: JFM Advertising Design, Cnr East & Cameron Streets, Ashburton Ashburton Arcade

Please register your interest by phoning 03 339 6406 or email


To advertise here contact Ashleigh on 027 892 425

Increase in traffic “Since we started our strategic marketing plan with the Guardian we have noticed definite increase in traffic to our website and showroom.


We have really appreciated the support and marketing ideas we have received from the team at the Ashburton Guardian, especially our advertising consultant Ashleigh, who is also passionate about achieving results from our advertising.”


Our news, online, all the time.


Subscribe at





Christ Electr ie ical

DIAL 111 in the event of a Medical or Accident Emergency

East Street Pharmacy, East Street, HML Home care Medical Limited - Ring Ashburton, will be open from 9.30am ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 0800 700 155 for FREE 24hr Health Advice. 12.30pm Saturday, from 10am - 12 noon Call 0800 AA WORKS (0800 229 6757) or 027 857 2133 or visit www.alcoholicsSunday, and from 6pm 7pm both evenings. DUTY DOCTORS for more information. This service is for EMERGENCY MEDICAL HOSPITAL VISITING HOURS MENTAL HEALTH CARE ONLY. Please remember your ASHBURTON HOSPITAL Community Services Card. Emergency GENERAL WARDS - (Medical and Surgical): Call free on 0800 222 955. Ask for the Crisis Team. DAILY, 2pm - 4pm and 6pm - 7.30pm phone until 8am Tuesday - 0800 700 155. Allenton Medical Centre, Harrison Street, Children must be accompanied by an adult. SAFE CARE - 24 hr Rape and Sexual CHALMERS WARD - (including Assessment, Assault Crisis Support. Ph: 03 364 8791 Ashburton, will be the duty doctor for Treatment & Rehabilitation Unit) - OPEN Saturday and Sunday until 8am Monday. VICTIMS SUPPORT GROUP VISITING. They will hold surgery from 10am until MATERNITY WARD - DAILY, 10am - 8pm. 24 hr - Freephone 0800 VICTIM (0800 842 12 noon and from 6pm until 7pm. No 846) - Direct dials to a volunteer. appointment necessary. Surgery phone 308 -Husbands and patient’s own children may Ashburton Office - 307 8409 week-days, visit the patient from: 7am - 10pm. 9139. 9am - 2pm - outside of these hours leave a TUARANGI HOME (Cameron St) - DAILY, message. METHVEN & RAKAIA AREA -unrestricted visiting. For weekend doctor and emergency details ALCOHOL DRUG HELP LINE please telephone the Rakaia Medical Centre, ASHBURTON REST HOMES Call us free on (0800 787 797). COLDSTREAM HOUSE — DAILY, ph 303 5002. Lines open 10am - 10pm Seven days. unrestricted visiting. Ashburton Hospital DOES NOT LIFELINE - Toll-Free: 0800 353 353 provide an accident and emergency service. CAMERON COURTS — DAILY, unrestricted visiting. Except in cases of emergency persons OMMUNITY ERVICES PRINCES COURT — DAILY, unrestricted requiring medical attention must consult visiting. ART GALLERY their own or the duty general practitioner. Phone 308 1133. Baring Square East, Persons subsequently requiring treatment EMERGENCY DENTIST Ashburton. Sat & Sun: 10.00am - 4.00pm at Ashburton Hospital must have a general If you do not have or cannot contact your practitioners note of referral. regular dentist, please phone 027 683 0679 Closed Public Holidays. for the name of the rostered weekend dentist ASHBURTON PUBLIC LIBRARY in Christchurch. Hours 9am-5pm, Saturdays, Havelock Street. Ph 308 7192. Sundays and Public Holidays. Saturday: 10:00am - 1:00pm Sunday 1:00pm - 4:00pm







Baring Square East, Ashburton. Ph 308 3167 DOG, STOCK & NOISE CONTROL Saturday-Sunday 1.00pm - 4.00pm Ashburton District Council 03-307-7700 Closed Statutory Holidays. - 24 hour service Group Bookings by arrangement WEEKEND HOURS: Sat & Sun 9am - 5pm.


ASHBURTON MAIL CENTRE FAST POST: Mon - Fri 6pm STANDARD POST: Mon - Fri 6pm POST DELIVERY CENTRES Allenton: Mon - Fri 5pm Tinwald: Mon - Fri 5pm Methven: Mon - Fri 4.30pm Rakaia: Mon - Fri 4.30pm ASHBURTON’S STREET RECEIVERS Business Area: Mon - Fri 5pm Residential Area: Mon - Fri 1pm


ASHBURTON - Sat 10am until 2pm. Sun CLOSED. Public holidays from 10am until 2pm. Phone 308-1050. METHVEN - Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays 10am until 3pm. Phone 302-8955 or


Reservations & timetables, 24-hour service. Freephone for reservations: 0800 802 802. BUSES - Southbound: 9.30am, 3.20pm. Northbound: 12.30pm, 5.10pm.

WEEKEND EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBER: All enquiries - Inspector John Keeley: 308 4432 or 0274 342 646

MID CANTERBURY ANIMAL SHELTER - Contact (cats) Andrea 021

892 939 or (dogs) Dawn 021 828 350

VETERINARIANS CANTERBURY VETS - Ph 03 307 0686, West Street Clinic, Main Rd, Methven. Saturday clinic: 9am - 12 noon. Weekend emergencies: Kathrine Lewis. VET ENT RIVERSIDE - Ph 03 308 2321 1 Smallbone Dr, Ashburton. Saturday clinic: 9am - 12 noon. 24-hour weekend emergencies: Large: Nathan Roberts. Small: Neroli Wall. ASHBURTON VETS - Ph 027 683 8000, 149 Cameron St, Ashburton: The duty vet this weekend is: Ben Hallenstein. Full emergency service all weekend. VETLIFE ASHBURTON - Ph 03 307 5195, Cnr East St & Smithfield Rd, Ashburton. Saturday clinic 9am - 12 noon. Weekend emergencies: Large: Reon McMurtrie, Small: Kasia Chapman-Labecka.


Saturday, March 1, 2014



SCVCC 29th Annual Swap Meet & Bazaar


Saturday April 5 Gates open 7.30pm

– Construction

The Ashburton District Council seek tenders for the construction of dog pound facilities at 25 Range Street, Ashburton.

Something for everyone, car parts, bric-a-brac, food, clothes, plants, display cars etc. Great low-cost family day out. No dogs allowed. Cost $5 per person under 15 free.

The work involves the construction of a single story concrete block building with steel roof cladding. The facilities comprise of 14 internal dog pens, 8 external pens, a food preparation/clinic and office. The building has a floor area of approximately 105sqm and has already received Building Consent & Resource Consent.


Contract documents can be obtained from the Receptionist, Ground Floor, Council Administration Building, 5 Baring Square West, Ashburton or by phoning Council’s Commercial Department on either (03) 307 7840 or (03) 307 7863.


Tenders are to be submitted in a sealed envelope marked “Dog Pound” and are to be either posted or placed in the Council tender box at the administration building before the closing time of 4:00pm Tuesday, 1 April 2014. Tenders for the project close with: The Chief Executive Officer, Ashburton District Council, PO BOX 94, Ashburton. Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Officer for enquires: John Rooney, Commercial Manager ANDREW DALZIEL Chief Executive

NOTICE OF RATEPAYER MEETINGS Ratepayers in the Selwyn and Ashburton districts are being urged to have their say on flood protection and land drainage for their properties. Environment Canterbury is holding a series of public meetings over the next month to elect new river and drainage liaison committees and discuss works programmes, budgets and rating levels for the next 12 months. Liaison committees serve for three years, usually meeting annually in March. The following ratepayer meetings are planned:

• March 5, Lower Rakaia River RD, St Andrews Church Hall, Rakaia, 7:30pm • March 18, Cleardale Rating District, Cleardale Station, 10:30am

• March 18, Rakaia Double Hill Rating District, Glenfalloch Station, 1:30pm

• March 19, Ashburton Rivers RD, Ashburton Events Centre, Ashburton, 7:30pm • March 21, Dry Creek Rating District, Methven A & P Rooms, Methven, 10.30am • March 21, Staveley Stormwater Channel RD, Staveley Hall, 2:00pm

• March 26, Lower Hinds River RD, Hinds Community Centre, 2:00pm • March 26, Ashburton Hinds Drainage RD, Eiffelton Hall, 7:30pm • March 27, Upper Hinds River RD, Mayfield Hall, 7:30pm

Further information regarding these meetings can be obtained by contacting Daniel Harrison, Area Engineer on 03 365 3828


Notice is hereby given of our 2014 Annual General Meeting Being held: • Thursday, March 13 • Menlorue Building Ashburton College • 7pm


1994 FORD Fairmont, suit PETS - LOST. Two little light wrecking. Offers. Phone 022 tan Border Terriers, a female and a male, missing from 104 0227. their home at Hatfield, near WHEEL alignments at great Rakaia, mid-afternoon prices. Maximise the life Tuesday. They are precious of your tyres with an little family pets. We are alignment from Neumanns devastated. Reward for safe Tyre Services Ltd, 197 Wills return. Please phone 027 Street. Phone 308-6737. 2015924.


For apologies please phone Secretary Karen Wilson 302 6882 New members welcome.

Trailride Mt Arrowsmith Sunday, March 9 9.30am start $40 rider $60 family $50 1 adult & 1 junior Main and Junior Loop Signposted from Mt Somers.

Ph Paul 027 452 9666

Needing a new staff member? Call the Guardian today for your situation vacant advertising requirements. 307 7900


BUYER of unwanted animals. Cattle, bobby calves, horse and all farm animals. We also sell pet food. Call Nick’s Pet Food 0272 101 621, A/H 03 322 7626.


OFFICE SPACES AVAILABLE. Parking, fibre optic hub, 24 hour access, security monitored. Clean and tidy. Lease options. $PBN. Ph 021 554 570. STORAGE unit for lease. Fire rated storage unit (7.85 x 3.90m) in secure, alarm monitored compound, accessible 24/7. Please phone Nicola at Bradfords 03 308 9039.

2014 GAME SEASON BALLOT FOR HUNTING STANDS Applications will be received from licensed game hunters, up to 5:00 pm on Friday 14th March 2014 for the occupation of hunting stands on Council controlled properties at: Wainono Reserve, Waimate (adjacent to Lk Wainono) up to 6 stands (dependant on water levels). All Day Bay (Sth of Oamaru) up to 3 stands (dependant on water levels). Devils Bridge (Oamaru) 3 stands. Ealing Springs (Rangitata) 1 stand for 4 hunters – all 4 hunters must be named on the application. Tagging Day is Sunday 6th April at 10:00 am. Further information may be obtained by phoning Bernadette on (03) 615 8400, or emailing to bdolan@, or writing to PO Box 150, Temuka to which applications should be forwarded. J P GRAYBILL Chief Executive

HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION AKAROA - CHARMING, spacious holiday home, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, all electric heating. Sky, all mod cons, short walk to village. Phone Brian 307-8000 or 308-6180.

GRAZING FLOAT hire - single, double and tandem. Reasonable rates. Morrison’s Saddlery & Feed. Phone 308-3422 anytime.

WINTER Dairy Grazing available Mayfield-Carew district for 2500 cows. Phone: 027 586 5500 evenings.

GARAGE SALE - Sat, March 1, 8.30am - 12noon. 19 Wayne Place, Methven (back section). Great selection of items.



Nectarines 1kg W.B.C Pears Courgettes 1kg Cali Orange 1.5kg Whole Watermelon

$2.99 bag

$1.99 kg $1.99 bag $3.99 bag $1.99 ea

Specials available from 25/02 - 04/03

OPEN 7 DAYS Road The Green Grocer Main SouthTinwald

Fresh Fruit & Vege


021-034 3980 ABSOLUTELY Asian sexy enjoyable hot 6X4 WOODEN trailer crate - curvy feminine busty DD, very good massage, Ph Yimzo. offers. Ph 03 302 2766.


FIREWOOD for sale - Green old man pine $130, poplar $90, green blue gum $150 all 3.6m3. Please phone Shane James firewood 303 7063.

Ashburton Guardian

38 DD Asian, sweet, spicy and hot, busty, sensual touch, good massage. Ph 021 034 3980, Macha.



Church Services Cnr Cass & Havelock Sts Phone 308 5409 Website

Assembly Of God Sunday Meeting


10am AMBER, new, sexy, toned, Hakatere Marae FIREWOOD green Old Man tanned, versatile brunette. Ph Morning Service SH1, Fairton Pine $140 per 3 cubic meters, 022 397 4656. Speaker: split and delivered. Ph Tim You are welcome Pastor Rob Davison Boyd, Elite Firewood Ltd 303 Enquiries BIANCA blue eyed blonde LIFE 2 da MAX (Kids Church) 6280. Phone 308-8699 kiwi goddess. Friday and Creche Available LAWNMOWER - Flymo. Saturday only!! 22 years old. Refreshments to follow Good condition. Phone 307 No need to be alone, pick up 6.00pm House of Prayer the phone for some discreet 1920. fun. Phone or text 027 302 YOU AND YOUR FAMILY Heart to God ARE VERY WELCOME 6270. xxx SCOOTER’S - new and And Hand to Man secondhand three and four Celebration Service wheel electric scooters and BORED out of your tree, wheel chairs. Call Fred need some excitement? Give and Reddecliffe at Electric me a call. Xander. Phone 021 Children’s Programme 0233 9259 (not texts). Mobility Ashburton today. Phone 308-3602 10.00am


BUSINESS WANTED/SELL HOME based distribution business available. If you are wanting to be your own boss and something to do on a part-time basis from home, then this is for you. Huge potential for growth. This will get you out and about, meeting new people and still be able to work around children or other activities. Last owner/operator for over 10 years, servicing local business and non-profit organisations. This is not a door to door, sales/delivery type business. Phone 027 223 0761 for details.

You’re very welcome! Cnr Cass & Cameron St 308 7610 - 308 7062

FEMALE flatmate required. Own bathroom and toilet. Rakaia township. Phone 303 5330 or 027 884 5209. FOUR bedroom farm house to rent, hand to Ashburton, south side, no dogs. Phone 027 439 9155. No texting. URGENTLY required room to rent. 28 year old working male. Must be quiet, clean and tidy. Netherby/Chalmers Ave area. Phone 021 0285 8801.

Birthday Greetings Brought to you by Kitchen Kapers.

George Summerfield Happy 4th birthday. Love you heaps from Grandma, Grandad, Jason, Adri, Jayden, Zoe, Craig and Pip. Birthday Greetings are free for those aged 12 and under only. Free birthday greetings must be received at least two working days before date of insertion otherwise there is no guarantee that it will appear on the day requested. Photos will be available at our ground floor office for collection after notice has appeared in the paper.

See Kitchen Kapers and make your own

131 Thomson Street (Tinwald School Hall)

Jubilee Christian Fellowship 10am Every Sunday All Welcome

Calling all believers. Victory is yours now!! 206 Cameron Street Pastors Jim & Ida Heath Ph 308 7511

Sunday Morning 10.30am Sunday Evening 7pm Wednesday night Bible Study, 15 Cross Street 7pm We hope to see you this Sunday!

For more info please call Pastor Mike Grove 308 4695

Evangelical Presbyterian Church 10.30am Worship

St David’s Church 48 Allens Road Everyone welcome

Every Sunday 63 Princes Street


Summer Kiwiana Cupcakes

The Arcade, Ashburton 03 308 8287

ASHBURTON 832 East St 03 307 9911

All Welcome

Minister: Rev David Bayne Ph 307 7355 0800 432 633

Television 44 Ashburton Guardian

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday, March 1, 2014 TV ONE

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TV THREE 6am Charles Stanley 6:30 Gone Fishin’ 3 7am Outdoors With Geoff 3 7:30 Infomercials 9:30 The Nation 10:25 Both Worlds 3 10:55 House Rules PGR 3 Noon House Rules 3 1pm Flipping Out PGR Jeff is asked to fire a contractor; friction arises between Gage and Zoila, so Jeff takes them to therapy. 2pm America’s Next Top Model – British Invasion PGR 3 3pm Last Man Standing 3:30 The Great Food Race 3 5pm Outdoors With Geoff A winner from Christchurch sets out to catch two trout, two sea fish, and two game animals near Kaikoura. 5:30 Fishing Show 3 6pm 3 News 7pm Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking 0 7:30 Ice Road Truckers PGR 0 8:30 CSI – New York AO 0 9:30 Hannibal AO 0 10:25 M One Day AO 2011 Romantic Drama. After a couple meet on the night of their college graduation, they are shown where they are in their lives on the anniversary of that date each year. Anne Hathaway, Jim Sturgess.

6am Te Karere 3 2 0 6:30 Country Calendar 3 0 7am Rural Delivery 7:30 Infomercials 9am Come Dine With Me Omnibus 0 11:25 Tagata Pasifika Noon Jamie’s Great Britain Jamie goes to South Wales, where he finds out about the effect of the Welsh coal boom of the late nineteenth century on the nation’s food culture to the present day. 0 1pm MasterChef All Stars 3 0 3pm RPA PGR 3 0 4pm Fishy Business Adam Clancey and friends go on fishing trips in New Zealand and around the world. 0 5pm Robson’s Extreme Fishing Challenge 3 0 6pm One News 0 7pm Country Calendar PGR 0 7:30 N MasterChef Masterclass MasterChef New Zealand judges Josh Emett and Ray McVinnie cook two simple yet elegant fish dishes. 0 8:30 The Doctor Blake Mysteries 0 9:40 Sherlock AO 3 0

6am Pocoyo 3 0 6:05 Wiki The Kiwi 3 0 6:15 The Adventures Of Chuck And Friends 3 0 6:35 Jake And The Neverland Pirates 3 0 7am The Amazing World Of Gumball 3 0 7:20 Teen Titans Go! 0 7:45 Phineas And Ferb 3 0 8:15 Green Lantern – The Animated Series 0 8:40 Beware The Batman 0 9:05 Angry Birds Toons 3 0 9:10 Young Justice – Invasion 0 9:35 Regular Show PGR 3 0 10am Fresh 10:30 Cool Kids Cooking 0 10:40 Rodney 0 11:10 The Catalina 0 12:05 The Bachelor Australia 3 0 1:30 Mom PGR 3 0 2pm The Carrie Diaries PGR 0 3pm The Fosters PGR 4pm Melissa And Joey 3 0 4:30 Seriously Funny Kids 0 5pm Extreme Makeover – Home Edition 0 6pm The Amazing Race PGR 0 7pm M Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban PGR 2004 Adventure. Daniel Radcliffe, Gary Oldman. 0 8pm L Lotto This week’s Lotto draw. 8:05 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban PGR Continued. 0 9:50 M The Inbetweeners Movie PGR 2011 Comedy. James Buckley. 0

11:40 The Pacific AO 3 0 1:40 Emmerdale PGR 3 0 3:35 Neighbourhood 3 0 4:05 Infomercials 5:30 The Key Of David

11:45 M The Virginity Hit PGR 12:45 Infomercials 2010 Comedy. Matt Bennett, Zack 5am Hillsong Pearlman, Krysta Rodriguez. 1:35 5:30 Charles Stanley M Harold And Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay AO 2008 Comedy. 0 3:20 Happily Divorced PGR 3 0 4am The Apprentice 3 5:05 Fresh 5:30 It Is Written 3

CHOICE TV 6am What’s Really In Our Food? 6:30 Better Homes And Gardens 8am Get Growing 8:30 Cash And Cari 9am Exploring China 10am You Live In What? 11am 20th Century Roadshow Alan Titchmarsh and his team of antiques experts uncover the hidden gems of the last century and future classics. 11:30 Designer Travel Noon House Crashers Homeowners who journeyed to a hardware store are subjected to a home renovation ambush. 12:30 Kirstie’s Vintage Home 1:30 Better Homes And Gardens 3pm Get Growing 3:30 Out In The Cold For a handful of people living in the extremes of the Arctic, going out in extreme conditions is their work. 4pm Marbella Mansions 5pm Hairy Bikers’ Mississippi Adventure 6pm Nigel Marven 7pm James Nesbitt’s Ireland 7:30 Natural World 8:30 M Lennon AO 2000 Biography Drama. Life story of John Lennon. 10:30 Out In The Cold 11pm Marbella Mansions


Midnight Nigel Marven 1am Natural World 2am James Nesbitt’s Ireland 2:30 Flatmates AO 3am M Lennon AO 2000 Biography Drama. Life story of John Lennon. 5am Hairy Bikers’ Mississippi Adventure


PRIME 6am Home Shopping 11:30 Whose Line Is It Anyway? UK 3 Noon The Crowd Goes Wild Omnibus 3 2:30 Father Ted 3 3pm Paul Merton’s Adventures 3 4pm Tom’s Kitchen 3 4:25 Forever Summer With Nigella 3 4:55 Fishing And Adventure In the Hauraki Gulf, the boys fish for summer kingfish, kahawai, and trevally. 5:30 Prime News 6pm Popstar To Operastar A group of pop stars who have never sung opera before will be turned into opera superstars. 6:30 Jamie At Home

8:25 Dream Factory 3 0 9:25 The Real Housewives of Orange County AO Tamra throws a party at her new gym, and allows Alexis to attend, but things quickly get out of control. 10:20 Friends with Benefits AO Ben reunites with a former partner who has short-term memory loss; Fitz plans to arrange a date for his mother. 10:50 Excused AO 3

7pm Storage Wars PGR 3 7:30 F Hugh’s Three Good Things 8pm F Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course 8:30 The Paradise PGR With Miss Audrey in bed sick, a rivalry forms between Denise and Clara; Katherine enjoys time with Peter, but is it enough to banish all thoughts of Moray? 9:40 Rugby – Super Rugby Chiefs v Highlanders. From Waikato Stadium in Hamilton. 11:40 Torchwood – Miracle Day AO 3 When a convicted felon survives execution, people realise no one can die. Can CIA agents Matheson and Drummond save humanity from itself? 12:50 Home Shopping

11:40 Infomercials

MAORI TV 10am Toku Reo 3 2pm Tribe PGR 3 2:30 Homai Te Pakipaki 3 3:30 It’s In The Bag 3 4pm Whanau Factor 3 4:30 Waka Ama Sprints 5:30 Te Kaea 2 6pm Journey To The West (Starting Today) 3 7pm Te Kaea 3 2 7:30 M Five Children And It 2004 Family. Four children staying in their eccentric uncle’s labyrinthine mansion for protection during the

THE BOX 6am Ax Men ML 6:50 The Simpsons PG 7:15 Monk PGV 8:10 The Simpsons Super Saturday PG A marathon of The Simpsons episodes. 10:15 Raw MC 1:10 The Pretender Marathon PG 4:30 The Simpsons Super Saturday PG A marathon of The Simpsons episodes. 7pm The Simpsons PG Bart is stalked by a dog and only escapes when he climbs into the yard of an old TV western star. 7:30 Modern Family PGL 8pm Pawn Stars PG 8:30 Cajun Pawn Stars PG 9pm Hardcore Pawn PG 9:30 Ax Men ML 10:30 Monk PGV 11:30 Criminal Intent MV


12:30 The Pretender Marathon PG 3:50 Criminal Intent MV 4:45 Cajun Pawn Stars PG 5:10 Hardcore Pawn PG 5:35 The Simpsons PG


6am Sesame Street 3 6:55 Pingu 3 7am Sticky TV 3 8:30 Rugrats 3 8:55 Rocket Power 9:20 Redakai 3 10:10 Infomercials 2pm Sesame Street 3 2:55 Peppa Pig 3 3pm Barney And Friends 3 3:30 Infomercials 4:30 Big Time Rush 3 5pm iCarly 5:30 The Suite Life On Deck 3 6pm Sabrina The Teenage Witch 30 6:30 M Shark Tale 3 2004 Animated. A little fish with big dreams pretends to be the killer of the Shark Gang boss’s son, only to face the consequences of his lie. 0

6:05 L Rugby – Super Rugby Stormers v Hurricanes. From Newlands Stadium in Capetown, South Africa. 8:30 Rugby – Super Rugby (Replay) Rebels v Cheetahs. 10:30 Total Rugby 11am Cycling – UCI Track World Championships (Highlights) Day Two. 11:30 Sport 365 Noon Inside The PGA Tour 12:20 L Cycling – UCI Track World Championships Day Three. From Velodrome Alcides Nieto Patino in Cali, Columbia. 4:05 Total Rugby 4:30 Sky Sports News UK 5pm The Cricket Show 6pm Rugby – Super Rugby (Highlights) Stormers v Hurricanes. 6:30 Rugby – Super Rugby (Highlights) Blues v Crusaders. 7pm L Rugby – Super Rugby Chiefs v Highlanders. From Waikato Stadium in Hamilton. 9:35 L Rugby – Super Rugby Waratahs v Reds. From ANZ Stadium in Sydney.

11:55 L Rugby – Super Rugby Force v Brumbies. 2am Football – A-League (Delayed) Melbourne Heart v Melbourne Victory. 4am L Rugby – Super Rugby Bulls v Lions. From Loftus Versfeld in Pretoria.

SKY SPORT 2 6am Basketball – NBL (Replay) New Zealand Breakers v Townsville Crocodiles. From North Shore Events Centre in Auckland. 8am L Golf – US PGA Tour Honda Classic – Round Two. From Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Noon Golf – LPGA Tour (Highlights) HSBC Championship Shark Tale Round Two. 6:30pm on FOUR 12:30 Sport 365 An in-depth look at sport from New Zealand and MOVIES PREMIERE MOVIES GREATS around the world. 6:55 There Will Be Blood MV 6:40 Vanishing On Seventh 1pm The Crowd Goes Wild Street ML 2010 Thriller. Hayden 2007 Drama. Daniel Day-Lewis. An irreverent daily sports and Christensen, Thandie Newton. 9:30 You, Me And Dupree MLS entertainment show. 8:15 Endure 16VL 2010 Thriller. 2006 Comedy. Owen Wilson, Kate 1:30 Darts – Premier League Devon Sawa, Tom Arnold. Hudson, Matt Dillon. 9:50 Biography – Teen 11:20 As Good As It Gets ML 1997 (Replay) From the Scottish Exhibition Heartthrobs PG 2009 Documentary. Comedy. Jack Nicholson, Helen and Conference Centre in Glasgow. 10:40 The Campaign 16VLS Hunt, Greg Kinnear. 4:30 L Golf – LPGA Tour HSBC 2012 Comedy. Will Ferrell, Zach 1:40 Collateral MV 2004 Thriller. Women’s Champions – Round Galifianakis. Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx. Three. From The Serapong Course at 12:05 Twilight Saga – Breaking 3:40 Jerry Maguire MLS 1996 Dawn Part 2 MV 2012 Fantasy. Sentosa Golf Club in Singapore. Drama. Tom Cruise, Renee 2pm After Earth MV 2013 Sci-fi. 8:30 L Cricket – International Zellweger, Cuba Gooding jr. 3:40 She Wants Me MLS 2012 6pm Biography – Joaquin South Africa v Australia – Third Test, Comedy. Phoenix PG 2009 Day One. The morning session from 5:10 One Angry Juror PG 2010 6:50 Wimbledon MLS 2004 Drama. Newlands Cricket Ground, Cape 6:40 GI Joe – Retaliation MV 2013 Romantic Comedy. Kirsten Dunst, Town. Paul Bettany, Sam Neill. Action. 11:30 L Cricket – 8:30 The Hobbit – An Unexpected 8:30 Memoirs Of A Geisha MS 2005 International South Africa v Drama. Ziyi Zhang, Ken Watanabe. Journey MV 2012 Adventure. 10:55 Exorcist – The Version Australia – Third Test, Day One. The 11:20 The Dictator 16LS 2012 You’ve Never Seen 16L 1973 Comedy. afternoon session from Newlands Horror. Linda Blair, Ellen Burstyn. SUNDAY Cricket Ground, Cape Town. SUNDAY 12:45 The Task 18V 2011 Horror. 5am Cricket – ICC U19 World Cup 1:05 Jerry Maguire MLS 1996 2:20 One Angry Juror PG 2010 Drama. 3:20 Biography – Joaquin (Delayed) Final – Pakistan v South Drama. 3:50 The Hobbit – An Unexpected Phoenix PG 2009 4:10 Memoirs Of Africa, First Innings. From the Dubai International Cricket Stadium. A Geisha MS 2005 Drama. Journey MV 2012 Adventure.

First World War befriend a sand fairy with the power to grant wishes. Tara Fitzgerald, Freddie Highmore, Alex Jennings. 9:10 M Forever Strong AO 3 2008 Drama. A troubled young rugby player is given the choice between jail and playing for a rival team, coached by a man known for producing champions. Based on a true story. Sean Faris, Penn Badgley, Gary Cole. MasterChef Masterclass 11pm Te Kaea 3 2 7:30pm on TV One 11:30 Closedown

DISCOVERY 6:30 MythBusters PG 7:30 MythBusters PG 8:30 ET Fishing Escapes PG 9:30 Abalone Wars PG 10:30 Deadliest Catch PG 11:30 River Monsters – Untold Stories PG 12:30 River Monsters With Jeremy Wade PG 1:30 MythBusters PG 2:30 Auction Hunters PG 3pm Auction Hunters 3:30 Gold Rush PG 4:30 Hunt For A Super Comet PG 5:30 Alaskan Steel Men PG 6:30 Deadly Seas PG 7:30 Treehouse Masters PG 8:30 Get Out Alive With Bear Grylls PG 9:30 Alaska – The Last Frontier M 10:30 Moonshiners M 11:30 American Digger PG


Midnight Porter Ridge M 12:30 Strip The City PG 1:30 What Happened Next? PG 2am Factory Made PG 2:30 Bering Sea Gold – Under The Ice PG 3:30 Bering Sea Gold – Under The Ice PG 4:30 Bering Sea Gold – Under The Ice PG 5:30 MythBusters PG

0 Closed captions; 3 Repeat; 2 Maori Language. RATINGS: 16 Approved for persons 16 years or over; 18 Approved for persons 18 years or over; AO Adults only; C Content may offend; L Language may offend; M Suitable for mature audiences; PG/PGR Parental guidance recommended for young viewers; S Sexual content may offend; V Contains violence. Local Radio: NewsTalk ZB 873AM/98.1FM FM Classic Hits ZEFM 92.5; Port FM Local 94.9, 98.9 and 106.1

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Television Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ashburton Guardian 45

Sunday, March 2, 2014 TV ONE

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©TVNZ 2014



6am Life TV 6:30 Brian Houston @ Hillsong 7am Charles Stanley 8am Universal Church Of The Kingdom Of God 8:30 Turning Point With David Jeremiah 9am Café Secrets 3 9:20 What’s Really In Our… ? (Starting Today) 3 0 9:45 What’s Really In Our… ? 3 0 10:10 The Nation 11:10 Wildman PGR 3 0 11:55 Charlotte – My Story 3 0 1pm Dog Patrol PGR 3 0 1:30 Motorsport – Octane Academy 2:30 Motorsport – Catlins Rally Held around the scenic Catlins Coast in Southland. 3pm Motorsport – V8 Challenge Cup 3:30 Motorsport – Australian Carrera Cup 4pm Motorsport – Ferrari Festival 4:30 Motorsport – D1NZ 5pm Ice Road Truckers 3 0 6pm 3 News

6am Rural Delivery 3 6:35 60 Minute Makeover 3 7:20 Sunday 3 0 7:45 Tagata Pasifika 8:10 Praise Be 8:40 Attitude 0 9:10 F The Big Picture 3 0 10am Marae 2 10:30 Waka Huia 11am Neighbourhood PGR 0 11:30 NZ Stories – Kowai 3 0 Noon Football – English Premier League Southampton v Liverpool. From St Mary’s Stadium. 2pm Location, Location, Location 30 3pm Undercover Boss USA PGR 30 4pm Fair Go 3 0 4:30 Walk On The Wild Side 0 5pm Nature’s Great Events 0 6pm One News 0 7pm Sunday 0 7:30 MasterChef New Zealand 0 8:30 Offspring AO 0 9:30 Betrayal AO Sara’s and Jack’s secret trysts cause Jack to make an effort at home, and Sara to blossom with a new sense of selfconfidence. 0 10:30 One Born Every Minute AO 30

6am Fireman Sam 3 0 6:10 Buzzy Bee And Friends 3 0 6:20 Pocoyo 3 0 6:25 Art Attack 0 6:50 Jungle Junction 3 0 7:10 The Looney Tunes Show 3 0 7:35 Back At The Barnyard 3 0 8am What Now? 10am Shortland Street Omnibus PGR 0 Noon Pretty Little Liars PGR 3 0 1pm Twisted PGR 2pm Scrubs PGR 3 0 2:30 Super Fun Night PGR 3 0 3pm Trophy Wife PGR 3 0 3:30 Home And Away Omnibus 0 5:55 America’s Funniest Home Videos PG 3 0 6:25 Malibu Country 0 6:55 M Hoodwinked PGR 2005 Animated. Voices of Anne Hathaway, Jim Belushi. 0 8:30 Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD AO When brilliant scientist Dr Franklin Hall is kidnapped, Agent Coulson and his agents must find him. 0 9:30 The Tomorrow People AO 0 10:30 M Final Destination 2 AO 2003 Thriller. A teenager has a premonition of a highway accident, which she blocks to save those behind her, but the survivors then begin dying one by one. AJ Cook, Ali Larter. 0

6am Sesame Street 3 6:55 Pingu 3 7am Fairly Odd Parents 7:25 Max Steel 3 7:45 All Grown Up 3 8:10 Rugrats 3 8:35 Rocket Power 9am Fanboy And Chum Chum 9:20 Sticky TV Omnibus Noon Infomercials 2pm Sesame Street 3 2:55 Peppa Pig 3 3pm Barney And Friends 3 3:30 Infomercials 4:30 Big Time Rush 3 5pm Entertainment Tonight Weekend 6pm Sabrina The Teenage Witch 30 6:30 N Survivor – Brawn v Brains v Beauty Eighteen new players are divided into three tribes, one for brawn, one for brains, and one for beauty, in Cagayan, a province of the Philippines. 8:30 Glee PGR 7pm The Great Food Race PGR Two teams travel to the centre 9:30 M The Big Lebowski of New Zealand for a taste test AO 3 1998 Comedy Mystery. and to sell their wares at the A lazy Los Angeles man, local farmer’s market. known as The Dude, is 8:30 The Blacklist AO The hunt is mistaken for a millionaire on for a courier delivering a named the Big Lebowski, package worth millions to an with dire consequences. Iranian spy, and, as she tries Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, to stop the transaction, Liz Julianne Moore. is swept up in a kidnapping scheme. 0 9:30 Hawaii Five-0 AO 0 10:25 House of Cards AO

11:30 N Last Chance To Live AO Stephen Fry and zoologist Mark Carwardine travel in search of animals on the edge of extinction. 12:30 Attitude 3 0 1am Emmerdale PGR 3 0 3am Marae 2 3:35 Infomercials

12:20 M The Savages AO 2007 Comedy. Laura Linney, Philip Seymour Hoffman. 2:30 Supernatural – The Animation AO 2:55 Infomercials 3:30 Detroit 1-8-7 AO 3 4:15 It Is Written 3 4:45 Island Wars PGR 3 5:30 Infomercials

11:30 7 Days AO 3 Midnight Jono And Ben At Ten AO 3 Jono Pryor and Ben Boyce give their take on New Zealand current events. 12:30 Infomercials 5am Joyce Meyer 5:30 Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV

CHOICE TV 6am Out In The Cold For a handful of people living in the extremes of the Arctic, going out in extreme conditions is their work. 6:30 Christ Embassy 7am Marbella Mansions 8am Hairy Bikers’ Mississippi Adventure 9am Days Of Our Lives Omnibus PGR Noon Natural World 1pm Nigel Marven 2pm James Nesbitt’s Ireland 2:30 Early Edition 3:30 Danny By The Sea 4pm Sicily With Aldo And Enzo 4:30 Survival School PGR 5pm Catch And Cook 5:30 Extreme Frontiers Canada 6:30 N2K PGR 7:05 Monty Halls’s Island Escape Monty Halls is once again eager for adventure and a test of his physical endurance. 8:30 M Little Women, Big Cars PGR 2012 Drama. Four soccer mums struggle to balance their busy schedules, family lives, and sanity. Amy Yasbeck, Julie Warner, Kristy Swanson. 10:30 Survival School 11pm Sicily With Aldo And Enzo 11:30 Early Edition


12:30 N2K PGR 1am Monty Halls’s Island Escape 2:30 M Little Women, Big Cars PGR 2012 Drama. Amy Yasbeck, Julie Warner, Kristy Swanson. 4:30 What’s Really In Our Food? 5am Extreme Frontiers Canada PGR

11:50 The League AO Kevin dislikes the fact that he is getting older; Ruxin enlists Rafi to help him get rid of his au pair. 12:20 Entertainment Tonight Weekend 1:15 Infomercials



6:30 Golf – LPGA Tour (Highlights) 6am Religious Programming HSBC Women’s Champions – Round 10:30 Sport Box Three. 7am L Golf – US PGA Noon Harry’s Practice 3 Tour Honda Classic – Round Three. 12:30 Great Barrier Reef 3 From Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. 1:30 Marco’s Great British Feast Noon Golf – European Tour PGR 3 (Highlights) Tshwane Open – Round 2:30 The Battle Of Britain 3 Three. 4:30 Rugby Nation 3 The latest 12:30 Sport 365 action in Super Rugby 2014. 1pm Cricket – International 5:30 Prime News 6pm History Under The Hammer (Highlights) 1:30 Sport 365 3 Series celebrating treasures and 2pm L Netball – ANZ taonga from New Zealand’s past, with stories tracked as they go under Championship NSW Swifts v West Coast Fever. From Sydney Olympic the hammer around New Zealand. Park Sports Centre. 6:30 N One Man And His 4pm L Netball – ANZ Campervan Over one summer, Championship Melbourne Vixens v vintage campervan lover and Northern Mystics. foodie Martin Dorey travels around 6pm Sky Sport – What’s On Britain celebrating the freedom of 6:30 Cycling – UCI Track World campervan living. Championships (Highlights) 7pm L Netball – ANZ 7pm Storage Wars PGR 3 Championship 7:30 Top Gear PGR Steel v Firebirds. 8:45 N Rick Stein’s India From ILT Stadium Southland Rick Stein begins his Indian in Invercargill. journey by exploring the 9pm Football – Arsenal TV regions that sparked Britain’s Stoke City v Arsenal. love affair with curry – Bengal From Britannia Stadium, and Tamil Nadu. Stoke-on-Trent. 9:45 Strike Back AO 10:45 Upstairs Downstairs PGR 3

11:55 Go Back To Where You Came From AO 3 Six Australians, who agree to challenge their preconceived notions about asylum seekers, live like refugees for 25 days as they go on a dangerous boat journey. 1:05 Home Shopping

MAORI TV 10am Korero Mai 3 2pm Aa Rau 3 2:30 Whare Maori 3 3pm F Behind The Faces 3:30 Rugby League – UK Super League Hull KR v Castleford. 5:30 Te Kaea 2 6pm Waka Huia 7pm Te Kaea 3 2 7:30 F Behind The Brush Series looking at the stories of Maori figures painted by the artist Gottfried Lindauer.

THE BOX 6am The Pretender Marathon PG 9:20 Monk PGV 10:15 The Simpsons Super Sunday PG A marathon of The Simpsons episodes. 12:20 Modern Family PGL 12:45 Ax Men ML 1:40 Pawn Stars PG 2:05 Cajun Pawn Stars PG 2:30 Hardcore Pawn PG 2:55 Raw MC 5:45 Main Event MC 6:45 SmackDown! MC 8:30 CSI MV The team is called to investigate when a car crashes into a restaurant, and when a family member dies from carbon monoxide poisoning. 9:30 CSI MV 10:30 Most Shocking 16V 11:30 Main Event MC


12:30 SmackDown! MC 2:10 CSI MV 3am CSI MV 4:20 Most Shocking 16V 5:10 Modern Family PGL 5:35 Pawn Stars PG

Midnight UFC Fight Night (Replay) Kim v Hathaway. 2am Netball – ANZ Championship (Replay) Melbourne Vixens v Northern Mystics. 3:30 Netball – ANZ Championship (Replay) 5am Netball – ANZ Championship (Replay)

SKY SPORT 2 8pm F Whare Taonga Whangara Marae – Waho-te-Rangi. 8:30 Restoring Hope – An Indigenous Response To Justice AO 3 9:30 M Revanche AO 2008 Thriller. A Viennese former convict and a Ukrainian prostitute become involved in a bank robbery. Johannes Krisch, Irina Potapenko. 11:30 Te Kaea 3 2 Midnight Closedown

DISCOVERY 6:30 MythBusters PG Cannonball Chemistry. 7:30 MythBusters PG Down and Dirty. 8:30 Hunt For A Super Comet PG 9:30 Savage Family Diggers PG 10am Porter Ridge M Hilljack Limo. 10:30 Get Out Alive With Bear Grylls PG 11:30 Moonshiners M 12:30 Silver Rush PG 1:30 World’s Top Five PG Mighty Ships. 2:30 World’s Top Five PG 3:30 World’s Top Five PG 4:30 World’s Top Five PG 5:30 World’s Top Five PG 6:30 World’s Top Five PG 7:30 Silver Rush PG 8:30 Gold Rush PG 9:30 Top Ten Sharkdown M 10:30 Treehouse Masters PG 11:30 Gold Fever PG


12:30 Deadly Seas PG 1:30 Auction Kings PG 2am Factory Made PG 2:30 Bering Sea Gold PG 3:30 Deadliest Catch PG 4:30 Dealers PG 5:30 Bering Sea Gold PG

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD 8:30pm on TV2

MOVIES PREMIERE 6:40 She Wants Me MLS 2012 Comedy. Josh Gad, Hilary Duff. 8:10 GI Joe – Retaliation MV 2013 Action. Dwayne Johnson. 10am One Angry Juror PG 2010 Drama. Jessica Capshaw. 11:30 The Dictator 16LS 2012 Comedy. Sacha Baron Cohen, Anna Faris. 12:55 The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey MV 2012 Adventure. Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman. 3:45 Below The Beltway MC 2010 Comedy. Tate Donavon, Noah Wyle. 5:15 Made… The Movie PG 2010 Comedy. 6:40 Act Of Valour 16VL 2012 Action. 8:30 Parker 16VL 2013 Action. 10:30 Total Recall MVLS 2012 Action.


12:25 Scream Of The Banshee 18V 2011 Horror. 2am Below The Beltway MC 2010 Comedy. 3:30 Parker 16VL 2013 Action. 5:25 Total Recall MVLS 2012 Action.

The Big Lebowski 9:30pm on FOUR

MOVIES GREATS 6:30 Wimbledon MLS 2004 Romantic Comedy. Kirsten Dunst, Paul Bettany, Sam Neill. 8:05 The Making Of Sex And The City 2 PG 8:20 Jerry Maguire MLS 1996 Drama. Tom Cruise, Renee Zellweger, Cuba Gooding jr. 10:35 Exorcist – The Version You’ve Never Seen 16L 1973 Horror. Linda Blair, Ellen Burstyn. 12:45 Memoirs Of A Geisha MS 2005 Drama. 3:10 Double Jeopardy MVLS 1999 Thriller. 4:55 Chicago MV 2002 Musical. 6:50 The Invention Of Lying MS 2009 Comedy. 8:30 The Wrestler 16VLS 2008 Drama. 10:20 Independence Day MV 1996 Action Sci-fi.


12:45 Double Jeopardy MVLS 1999 Thriller. 2:30 The Invention Of Lying MS 2009 Comedy. 4:10 The Wrestler 16VLS 2008 Drama. 5:55 Independence Day MV 1996 Action Sci-fi.

0 Closed captions; 3 Repeat; 2 Maori Language. RATINGS: 16 Approved for persons 16 years or over; 18 Approved for persons 18 years or over; AO Adults only; C Content may offend; L Language may offend; M Suitable for mature audiences; PG/PGR Parental guidance recommended for young viewers; S Sexual content may offend; V Contains violence. Local Radio: NewsTalk ZB 873AM/98.1FM FM Classic Hits ZEFM 92.5; Port FM Local 94.9, 98.9 and 106.1


8:30 Cricket – ICC U19 World Cup (Delayed) Final – Pakistan v South Africa, Second Innings. From the Dubai International Cricket Stadium. 12:20 L Cycling – UCI Track World Championships Day Four. From Velodrome Alcides Nieto Patino in Cali, Columbia. 4:30 L Golf – LPGA Tour HSBC Women’s Champions – Round Four. From The Serapong Course at Sentosa Golf Club in Singapore. 8:30 Rugby Nation 9:30 The Fishing Show Matt Watson takes us on his epic fishing adventures. 10pm Super Rugby Review A look at the highs and lows of the latest round of the Super Rugby. 10:30 Sky Sport – What’s On A look at what is coming up on the sports channels over the next week. 11pm Fox Sports News A complete wrap of the day’s sporting headlines. 11:30 Motorsport – V8 Supercars Championship (Highlights) Clipsal 500 Adelaide – Race Three.


Midnight Rugby – Super Rugby (Replay) Force v Brumbies. From nib Stadium in Perth. 2am Football – A-League (Highlights) Adelaide United v Wellington Phoenix. From Coopers Stadium in Adelaide. 2:30 L Football – Capital One Cup Final – Manchester City v Sunderland. From Wembley Stadium, London. 5:10 Sky Sport – What’s On | Compiled by


Family Notices BIRTHS

HALL - van DONGEN – Proud grandparents, Karen and Matthew, are thrilled to welcome their grandson, Thomas Dirk on February 16, 2014, in Darwin. New parents, Ronelle and Mike “over the moon”. All doing well.

DEATHS FLAHERTY, Leonard James (Len) – On February 26, 2014, Peacefully at Coldstream House, Ashburton, in his 87th year. Dearly beloved and loving husband of Margaret for 65 years. Dearly loved father of Joanne Fraser (Rangiora). Precious Poppy of Rachael and Michael, Aaron, and Matthew. “To live in the hearts of others is not to die.” A special thank you to Dr Lues and all the staff at Coldstream House for all their love and care of Len. Flowers respectively declined. A requiem mass will be held in the Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Thompson Street, Tinwald, at 11:00 am on MONDAY, March 3, 2014. Thereafter private cremation. Hall & Co Funeral Directors 308-1121



Map for today


MOUS, Bert (Gysbert) – Peacefully at the Ashburton Hospital, on February 18, 2014. Loved brother of Hettie (Netherlands), Jacob (Australia), and Frans (Netherlands). Dear friend of Klara Furjan, Hanny Mous, and Neil Borland and family. A celebration of Bert’s life, and a sharing of memories will be held at 1761 SH1, Chertsey Rakaia Highway on WEDNESDAY, March 5, at 2pm. ‘He will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved him.’ Messages to: Klara, 1761 SH1, Chertsey Galbraith Mid Canterbury Funeral Services, Ashburton 03 308 3980


WILLIAMS, John – On February 27, 2014. Peacefully at Ashburton Hospital. Aged 70 years. Cherished husband of Sally. Dearly loved stepdad of Justine and Simon Ward and adored Poppa of Bradley and Jessica, and sadly missed by Cobba. Messages to 4/361 Burnett Street, Ashburton 7700. At John’s request a private cremation has been held. Paterson’s Funeral Services FDANZ Ashburton WINCHESTER, Mervyn William (Merv) – On Thursday, February 27, 2014 at Christchurch Public Hospital, following a short illness. Aged 81 years. Dearly loved and best cobber of Nannette. Much loved and respected father and father in law of Heather and Peter Seed and adored grandy of William, and Henry. Messages to P O Box 12119 Christchurch 8242. A service to celebrate Merv’s life will be held in Our Chapel, Cnr East and Cox Streets, Ashburton on TUESDAY, March 4, commencing at 11.00am Followed by private interment at Ellesmere Cemetery. Paterson’s Funeral Services FDANZ Ashburton

POOKE, Norman Alfred John – Passed peacefully in his sleep at South Canterbury Hospice on Friday, February 28, 2014, aged 82 years. Loved husband of the late Joan, loved father and father in law of Barbara and Mark (Australia), Raymond and Dionne (Australia), Kevin and Christine (Ashburton), Stanley and Jill (Pareora), Please note all late death loved grandfather and great notices or notices sent outgrandfather of all his side ordinary office hours grandchildren and great must be emailed to: grandchildren. Service details to follow. Messages to 11 to ensure publication. Tuarangi Road, Ashburton GOOD, Colin Leslie – During office hours notices 7700. Suddenly at Timaru Public may also be sent to: Betts Funeral Services Hospital on Wednesday, FDANZ February 26, 2014 surrounded by his loving Any queries family. Aged 69 years. Dearly please contact beloved and devoted 0800 husband of Jan (Janice) for THWAITES, Gabrielle Maria ASHBURTON 47 years. Greatly respected On February 26, 2014, (0800-274-287). father and father in law of peacefully at the Ashburton Richard and Angela (Leeds, Hospice, surrounded by her UK), Stewart and Tania family. Aged 56 years. Dearly (Blaine, USA), Philip and loved wife of Graham Young Anita (Christchurch), the late and mother of Amelia (Milly) Delwyn, and the late Brian. and Penelope. Much loved Adored grandfather to all of daughter of Honorah and the his seven grandchildren. late Keith Thwaites. Much Loved brother and brother in loved sister and sister in law Canterbury owned, locally operated law of Noeleen and Bob of Joanna and Michael, Bailey, the late Donald and Gerard and Elaine, Patersons Janet Good, Marion and the Genevieve and Justin, John late Colin Aitken, and Allan and Andrea, Michael and Funeral Services and Dorothy Holland. In lieu Jane, and Adrian and Mohua. and Ashburton of flowers donations to A much loved aunt of all her Kidney Support Group would nieces and nephews. Crematorium Ltd be appreciated and may be Messages to P O Box 472, left at the service. All Ashburton 7740. A special Office and Chapel communications to: 81 thank you to Dr Bridget Corner East & Cox Avenue Road, Timaru. A Robinson and the Oncology Streets, Ashburton service to celebrate Colin’s staff at Christchurch and life will be held at Aoraki Ashburton Hospitals. A Funeral Home, 160 Mountain special thank you also to all View Road, Timaru on the staff at the Ashburton MONDAY, March 3, 2014 Palliative Care Service. A IN MEMORIAM commencing at 11am. Requiem Mass to celebrate Thereafter private. the life of Gabrielle will be Aoraki Funeral Home held at the Church of the Holy FDANZ Name, Sealy Street, Ashburton on MONDAY, THWAITES, Gabrielle Maria March 3, commencing at On February 26, 2014, at 11.00am, followed by Ashburton. Dearly loved interment at the Yaldhurst ALLEN, Jocelyn Ruth (nee sister in law and aunt of Cemetery at 3.30pm. A Temple) – So sadly missed. Elizabeth Lloyd and Peter Recitation of the Rosary will Vincent, Cynthia and Rodney be held at the Youngs’ farm, Ted. Burrows, Karen and Neville Seafield, on Sunday at Bensdorp, and their families. 7.00pm. Will be sadly missed. Paterson’s Funeral Services



Ra n

For all your memorial requirements New headstones and designs Renovations, Additional inscriptions, Cleaning and Concrete work Carried out by qualified tradesmen.

620 East Street Ashburton Ph/Fax 308 5369 or 0274 357 974 NZMMMA Member



Midnight Tonight


10: 25 – 5: 05 AM


PROTECTION REQUIRED Whatever your skin colour Data provided by NIWA


NZ Situation

Wind km/h less than 30 fine

A southwest flow covers New Zealan remainder of the forecast period. A embedded in this flow moves over m Island tomorrow and remainder of the A deepening low is likely to form ea during Tuesday, before moving awa

mainly isolated cloudy drizzle drizzle few showers fine showers clearing showers


isolated snow thunder flurries

sleet thunder



60 plus

Canterbury High Country



Fine with a chilly start. High cloud increasing in the evening. Light winds.


MONDAY Showers, some with hail. Fresh cold southwesterlies.


World Weather fine rain fine cloudy showers showers fine fine showers showers thunder cloudy showers showers drizzle

FZL: Rising to 2000m

TOMORROW FZL: 2800m, lowering to 2000m evening

Fine with northerlies. A southerly change with showers spreading north at night.

Adelaide Amsterdam Bangkok Berlin Brisbane Cairns Cairo Calcutta Canberra Colombo Darwin Dubai Dublin Edinburgh Frankfurt


Saturday 9 noon 3

90 years young tomorrow.

Have a great day. Lots of love, all the family.

Guardian Classifieds

Palmerston North mainl






Scattered showers with snow lowering to 1100 metres. SW, strong about high ground.









few sh



Scattered showers clearing and southwesterlies easing.

Geneva Hobart Hong Kong Honolulu Islamabad Jakarta Johannesburg Kuala Lumpur London Los Angeles Madrid Melbourne Moscow Nadi New Delhi

29 7 34 11 27 30 29 29 23 31 31 30 3 6 8

9 pm am 3


Mainly fine. Light winds.

snow showers fog showers rain rain thunder fine showers showers rain fine fine showers fine



9 noon 3

Rise 7:10 am Set 8:19 pm

2 11 18 21 7 24 15 24 0 12 6 16 -8 24 12

6 23 23 27 20 30 22 33 9 16 10 25 0 31 23

New York Paris Perth Rarotonga Rome San Francisco Seoul Singapore Stockholm Sydney Taipei Tel Aviv Tokyo Washington Zurich

fine showers fine rain rain showers cloudy fine fine rain drizzle cloudy drizzle cloudy rain


Bad fishing

9 pm am 3

Bad fishing


Rise 6:42 am Set 7:52 pm


Monday 9 noon 3


9 pm

First quarter

9:01 pm

9 Mar

2:28 am


River Levels

ld fie ith Rd

gi an Rd




Selwyn Whitecliffs (NIWA) at 2:00 pm,

Rakaia Fighting Hill (NIWA) at 12:00 pm

Nth Ashburton at 2:00 pm, yester

Sth Ashburton at 12:15 pm, yeste

Rangitata Klondyke at 2:00 pm, yest Waitaki Kurow at 9:00 am, yesterday

Source: Environment Canterbury

Rise 9:10 am Set 8:59 pm

Full moon

17 Mar 6:10 am

Ashburton Airport Temperature °C At 4pm 8.9 20.2 Max to 4pm 8.5 Minimum 8.6 Grass minimum Rainfall mm 13.8 16hr to 4pm Total for February 53.0 Average for February 45 2014 to date 86.8 103 Avg year to date Wind km/h S 15 At 4pm Strongest gust S 61 Time of gust 1:35pm

Methven 7.4 19.5 6.9 – 11.9 123.9 – 262.2 – S2 – –

Compiled by

G.J. Gardner Homes are acknowledged for their innovative design concepts. Our designers are continually coming up with fresh ideas and creative living plans. Here’s your chance to view our latest ideas incorporated into our stunning new designer showhome.



ar Tu




s St g Ma


r Or







2 10 38 31 11 16 9 34 3 23 25 25 9 8 6

© Copyright Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited 2014

26 Braebrook Dr, Ashburton Phone: (03) 308 7052 OPEN Thursday & Friday 12.00pm–4.00pm Saturday & Sunday 10.00am–4.00pm

li n

Bad fishing

Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa

For the very latest weather information, including Weather Warnings, visit


Rise 7:13 am Set 8:16 pm


Rise 7:57 am Set 8:26 pm

New moon

-8 4 22 24 7 10 3 24 0 20 16 8 5 -10 2

Canterbury Readings

Rise 7:12 am Set 8:18 pm

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307 7900



10:26 4:37 10:51 5:07 11:17 5:29 11:43 5:58 12:08 6:23 The times shown are for the Ashburton River mouth. For the Rangitata river mouth subtract 16 minutes and for the Rakaia river mouth subtract 6 minutes.

1 Mar






fine s

1 0




Ken Ritchie


Forecasts for today

15 1 24 2 21 23 12 21 13 24 25 19 -2 1 3



Mainly fine, showers developing near the divide in the evening. Wind at 1000m: NW rising to 45 km/h, then dying out at night. Wind at 2000m: W rising to gale 70 km/h.

Tides, Sun, Moon and Fishing m am 3 3

NZ Today

Fine, with a chilly start. High cloud increasing in the evening. Wind at 1000m: NW 40 km/h turning light SW. Wind at 2000m: NW 45 km/h dying away.

Becoming fine. Southwesterlies dying away.



Canterbury Plains


Emma Bingham and Dr. Jeroen Schillewaert are delighted to announce their engagement in Parc de Woluwe, Brussels, with the blessings of their families.



Showers and cold southwesterlies easing.




s ce


t er

b Al St



30 to 59



TUESDAY: Showers and c southwesterlies easing. MAX

bur to





MONDAY: Showers, chan Fresh cold southwesterlie





in Pr

Come and see what we can build for you


r C ne he tc Ki

Ashburton’s Latest Showhome






TOMORROW: Fine with n LYTTELTON then a late southerly chan


THOMSON, Brian Robyn– Nic and Grace, Alastair and Judith, the Thomson families and the Gibson families would like to sincerely thank you all for the love and support they have received since the very sad loss of Brian. It has been truly overwhelming, the cards, phone calls, visits, flowers and baking which we have received. These special acts of kindness have been greatly appreciated by us all. We feel very proud that so many attended Brian’s funeral, it was an indication of the very high regard in which Brian was held. Please accept this as a sincere thank you to all. “Brian will be sadly missed by us all but he has left us with special memories which will be treasured forever”.

Ph 307 7433

FDANZ Ashburton




TODAY: Fine, chilly start. Light winds.




Ashburton Forec

Wa i m a ka r i r i


Saturday, March 1, 2014




Braebroo k Dr

46 Ashburton Guardian



SHOWHOME OFFICE 26 Braebrook Dr,ASHBURTON Ashburton. Ph:OFFICE (03) 308Somerset 7052. OPEN Thursday Friday 12.00pm 4.00pm; 10.00am-4.00pm 0800 42 45 46 House, 161&Burnett Street.- Ph: (03) Saturday 308 7052& Sunday OPEN Mon–Fri 9.30am–4.30pm Open 7 days, E: OFFICE or TIMARU The Ken Wills Complex, 300 Hilton Highway, Washdyke. Ph: (03) 688 2043 OPEN Mon–Fri 9.00am-5.00pm For all enquiries

> 212m² > 3 Bedrooms > Study > Ensuite > WIR > Home Theatre > Laundry Room > Double Garage > Plus much, much more Design innovation is just one more reason why more people choose to build with G.J. Gardner Homes every year than any other builder.


Puzzles Saturday, March 1, 2014 CRYPTIC


ACROSS 1. He gets away with a false step, see? (7) 6. Acer may be planted round end of field, or a different tree (5) 9. Bankruptcy may be hit with great success (5) 10. Bird built it and French converted it (4,3) 11. Compass arm right away gets a part (5) 12. Trade talk doesn’t begin with gas (5) 13. Cleopatra’s love took Monsieur to mean the opposite (7) 15. Legislative body will understand about half the country (6) 16. Church council will say it hasn’t the heart to signify ‘Yes’ (5) 18. In music it is subject to vehicular test if the finale (5) 20. Deal with joint of veal first, and mind one takes it in (5) 21. It isn’t our next in line who is after time (5) 22. An idea it may be a whim (6) 25. Get the wrong sense of her, as I’m made to (7) 26. It couldn’t be better for one to have a bargain (5) 27. Seductive woman is to go back east in service (5) 28. An issue of public tumult abandoned by leader (7) 29. Roman anvil in copper’s found in the ear (5)








CRYPTIC Across 1. Progressive 8. Obdurate 9. Lazy 10. Shirt 13. Disc 16. Each 17. Hoar 18. Fund 20. Tardy 24. Idea 25. Compress 26. Interesting Down 2. Rude 3. Girth 4. Ester 5. Idled 6. Counterfeit 7. Synchronise 11. Inept 12. Tuber 14. Iron 15. Scan 19. Draft 21. Atone 22. Depot 23. Dean







QUICK Across 7. Oblige 8. Melted 10. Limited 11. Taper 12. Lone 13. Beefy 17. Crush 18. Pair 22. Knife 23. Rejoice 24. Issued 25. Scarce Down 1. Worldly 2. Flaming 3. Agate 4. Rectify 5. Steps 6. Adorn 9. Adversary 14. Greeted 15. Calibre 16. Breezes 19. Skein 20. Tipsy 21. Eject




20 21



30. Younger son of insurrectionist 7. Elegant and courteous girl going to Tyburn first (5) coming out on-song (8) 31. Like a Greek letter from Games 8. Sort of rugby team beginning it organises (7) fixed course (3) DOWN 14. Keepsake member can 1. Adoption of cuddling me can be rearrange (11) term used for it (11) 17. No pictures seen of male 2. Makes a tally of noblemen form in a frock (9) overseas (6) 19. Tied by the teeth to a 3. Be indiscreet and spoil boot one Communist (8) will thus fill (3,4,4,2,2) 23. Flight from Mecca for 4. Mince meat in set form where instance in hair styling (6) the French go for a drink (9) 24. It’s a good thing to make me 5. Chap taking a turn with the fruit (5) cry (5) 27. Bursar loses footing with 6. Journey to the other side may sound of dismissal (3) now be undertaken (7,8)



8 9

Ashburton Guardian



1. Summit (4) 3. Concurring (8) 9. Close-knit groups of people (7) 10. Goes without food (5) 11. Timid (5-7) 14. Make a mistake (3) 16. Clean out (5) 17. Greyish-brown colour (3) 18. Aiming too high (12) 21. Ice house (5) 22. Most solid (7) 23. Comes first (8) 24. Horse farm (4)

DOWN 1. Calmed (8) 2. Legal excuse (5) 4. Talk idly (colloq) (3) 5. Sparkling (12) 6. Alternatively (7) 7. Squall (4) 8. Having more than one use (12) 12. Spooky (5) 13. Dubbed (8) 15. Rotate (7) 19. Motionless (5) 20. Hobble (4) 22. Stain (3)



m a in d e r S e le ct io n o f re st o re n ow ! P a p e rb a ck s in

$ 7.9 9 e a c h o r 3 f o r $ 2 1 .0 0


Fill the grid so that every column, every row and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.

212 East Street • Ashburton • 03 308 8309


YOUR STARS by Forecasters

ARIES (MAR 21 – APR 20) A New Moon in the early hours of the new month is a sign that March has your name all over it, with a need to get excited from the get go. TAURUS (APR 20 – MAY 21) While the professional tide turns over the weekend give things a few days to settle down, with some big shifts on both the work and career fronts. GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 22) With old doors already open it’s matters of the heart and rekindling old romantic and creative passions that get their turn this weekend. CANCER (JUNE 22 – JULY 24) Things could get confusing if you over think things, when the reality is that by staying in the moment and trusting your instincts you’ll get it right. LEO (JULY 24 – AUG 23) Your relationships benefit from forces in play this weekend that create both new opportunities and second chances on the communication front. VIRGO (AUG 23 – SEP 23) While your relationship focus is all about moving on, you’re only just now gaining a chance to give the past and unsaid words a voice. LIBRA (SEP 23 – OCT 23) Don’t be surprised if you feel the wind going out of your sails, wanting nothing more than a lazy weekend, taking life at your own pace. SCORPIO (OCT 23 – NOV 24) The stars bring a languid vibe into the play over the weekend, perfect for taking time out or to stay in the moment and recharge your batteries. SAGITTARIUS (NOV 24 – DEC 21) A good weekend for both friendship and relationship building brings a chance to cement current relationships and even catch up with old friends. CAPRICORN (DEC 21 – JAN 20) You’ve had a chance to retrace your steps, locating the most lucrative spots to dig for missed opportunities and now it’s time to begin the real work. AQUARIUS (JAN 20 – FEB 19) Turning retrograde in an adventurous part of your chart Mars brings a sense of what you might be missing out on, opening the door to second chances. PISCES (FEB 19 – MAR 20) The money gods divide up, with those governing money matters as a whole taking the road behind and income matters taking the road ahead. ALL PUZZLES © THE PUZZLE COMPANY

8L Wash & Wear 101 or Weathershield X10 Exterior



Vivid white.



Window Cleaner

Carpet Tile

1L Drain Clean Liquid

3.6V Li-ion.








Mighty 15 Multi Purpose Ladder

Vitreous china. Waste not included. SKU00220408A/220417





$ 49 EACH


Collesium Shower Unit

4L 3 In 1 Sealer Primer Undercoat

4.5m. 120kg industrial rating. (Plank not included.) SKU00313743



500 x 500mm. Dark grey.

Interior/exterior. SKU00416658




10L $158


900 x 900mm. Flat wall liner. Chrome.

2 Door Rockwood Cupboard





Decorative Buddha Head Daffodil Bulbs Mixed

15L Bulb Mix

Antique green. 290 x 260 x 420mm.


$ 67







Woolen Tufted Rug Laminated Clear Pine Panel

FJ.2100 x 900 x 30mm. SKU00290007



120 x 170cm. Various designs.



1600W. 1800psi. 6 l/m.







Pink Girl Statue 30cm





1.5w x 0.8d x 2h m. Zinc. Kitset. SKU03312670





Air Grip Laser Level

Mini Drawer Set 4 drawers. Clear.

Air Grip vacuum base. 360째 adjustment of laser head.

$ 99







Fence Palings

150 x 19mm x 1.8m. H3.2.



$ 39

Sink or Basin Mixer

All pressures. WELS mains 4, low 3 star. SKU00170325A/00170314






300W Multi Function Tool





Garden Shed

25m Heavy Duty Extension Lead


600mm. SKU00253367





Not all services and products featured are available in all stores, but may be ordered. See in store for product availability. We reserve the right to restrict the purchase of commercial quantities. All prices quoted are inclusive of GST. Prices valid until Friday 7th March 2014 or while stocks last.

ASHBURTON 363 West Street, Ph 03 307 6671 TRADING HOURS Weekdays 7am-6pm Weekends & Public Holidays 8am-6pm Catalogue online at


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Ashburton Guardian, Saturday, March 1, 2014

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