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Saturday, March 14, 2020


Sex is WORD



YOU AND YOUR LIFESTYLE | Saturday, March 14, 2020

Finding the key to a healthy Sex is supposed to be enjoyable, physically and emotionally, bringing you closer to your partner. But despite it seeming so accessible, it can be unattainable at times. Methven nutritionist Vera Prazak has joined with clinical hypnotherapist Stepanka Kuralova to try and break down the road blocks to a satisfying love life. Susan Sandys reports.


ethven nutritionist Vera Prazak and her colleague Stepanka Kuralova tell a tale that is familiar to many women. As much as they love their partners, their relationships have suffered from time to time due to low libido. The pair opened up about their own stories last month when they held an online tutorial, which they aired live through Facebook. More than 60 women – from America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Europe and New Zealand – signed up for the Juicy Hot Sex masterclass, where there was plenty of advice from Prazak and Kuralova in their own areas of expertise. Kuralova is originally from the Czech Republic, as is Prazak, and both women practice in their local areas as well as operating online for clients around the world. In the masterclass, Kuralova said she had struggled with hormone imbalance since the age of 13 when she got her first period. She later began taking the contraceptive pill and then in her early 20s began to suffer prolonged periods. Things got

Stepanka Kuralova has struggled with hormonal imbalance since the age of 13, but is using her experience and expertise to help other women. PHOTO SUPPLIED

so bad that, at the age of 21, doctors told her she may be going through early menopause. She had a supportive partner, but amongst her hormonal issues she became obsessive around food, believing even a simple slice of bread would exacerbate

her condition. She shared an experience which had triggered a complete turnaround in her life. While on holiday, her aunty gave her silky black lingerie, telling Kuralova that it was for her and her partner. Kuralova was grateful for the

present, but her heart sank, knowing she and her partner were struggling with intimacy at that time. Later when she was alone, she cried, but vowed to herself to get her sex drive back. She realised she had associated sex with a feeling that her body

was dirty and with being forced into something. She began to focus on feeling more sensuality within herself and meditating to turn her negative thoughts around. “It can be easy to say ‘I don’t desire sex because my partner

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Saturday, March 14, 2020 | YOU AND YOUR LIFESTYLE



Methven nutritionist Vera Prazak says stressors in today’s modern environment play games with our minds and bodies.

doesn’t touch me in the right way, because I don’t like my body, etcetera’,” Kuralova said. She started a journal on how she wanted to feel sexually. “How is a partner or potential partner meant to know when you don’t know yourself?

“Your imagination is going to be your biggest power when it comes to turning yourself on, because your mind and your imagination is affecting your physiology.” Meditation for her was a powerful thing and, in the master-

class, she took listeners through a meditation where they focused on their breathing and visualisation of their heart being a flower which bloomed more with each breath. “No more running away, no more ignoring the signs your

body and mind are giving you.” A strategy she had used was to add something sensual in a range of activities she did each week, for example, while swimming, she would focus on how the water felt on her skin, and when doing yoga she would spice it up and


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add a bit of dancing. The formula worked and her and her partner’s love life was soon back on track. “If you feel joy, if you are receptive, he will sense it.” continued over page


YOU AND YOUR LIFESTYLE | Saturday, March 14, 2020

Left – Vera Prazak (left) and Stepanka Kuralova are both thrilled with the success of their online libido masterclass.

Photo supplied

Photo Bill Irwin

From P19 Prazak also suffered from fluctuating hormones in her early years. It began as a 12-year-old when she went to the pharmacy to buy the contraceptive pill with her grandmother. This was following a friend telling her the pill would help her acne. “But we never went to see a doctor,” she said. A gynaecologist took her off that pill in later years, but it had already wreaked havoc in her body by heightening her hormone levels. In following years she changed from a different pill to an IUD, triggering a return to acne, as well as additional effects such as loss of confidence, and she found she did not want to be naked in front of her husband. She lost her sex drive to the point where there was intimacy between herself and her husband only once every few months.

“It started breaking down our relationship,” she said. Her body gradually returned to normal once she no longer needed contraception and the IUD was removed. Feeling happy in one’s own skin was an important key to libido and nutrition played a big role. Binge eating and emotional eating were common amongst her clients, and these were problems which could tie in with low libido. “Your body is your own temple, if you are not in sync with it, no-one else can understand you,” she said. Prazak said there was no one way you should be eating for the rest of your life which would fix everything. In fact, the only way you should be eating is the way your body tells you. “Your body knows,” she said. If you eat meat and it makes you sick, then do not eat it. If you go vegan and are craving meat or dairy products, then veganism may not be

for you, she said. Stressors in today’s modern environment played games with our mind and body. In reacting to stress, physically our bodies were getting the signal that a lack of food could be on the horizon. Hormones and libido consequently shut down because the message to our bodies was that it was not safe to think about reproducing. A simple metaphor relating to primitive times was not being able to focus on the hunky caveman standing on the hill, if you were in fight or flight mode as you had just heard the roar of a lion behind you. In today’s modern environments, we are in flight or fight mode for a large proportion of our day. One of the methods Prazak recommend for switching off this state of stress, was to consciously breath into your diaphragm. Every two hours, sink into your body, take five deep intentional breaths, and if you felt hungry, go and eat, if you did not feel hungry, continue doing what you were doing. And the best foods to feed hunger, were wholefoods, not processed foods. Kuralova and Prazak were pleased to report following their masterclass that the feedback had been amazing. “All women had great ‘aha’ moments and realisations. They’ve implemented many things in their day-to-day life since the masterclass,” Prazak said. “One in particular said she has never felt so good and already having four times more sex than before. “Another one feels safe and free in her body, knowing it’s not broken.”

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Saturday, March 14, 2020 | YOU AND YOUR LIFESTYLE


Supporting winter wellness NATURALLY YOU with Jane Logie


eeping our immune system strong and healthy is important not only this winter, but any season, due to the number of different bugs in our environment throughout the year. Including plenty of nutrient-packed foods in your daily and weekly diet is essential to help boost and support your immunity. When we become run-down and nutrient depleted, our immune systems become more vulnerable. Therefore increasing nutrient-dense food in your diet can help rebuild, repair and boost your immunity. Start by improving your immune health and include more of these foods in your diet. Tomatoes, chillis, oranges, lemons, raspberries, cranberries and red peppers are all high in vitamin C. Vitamin C is especially important to our immune function and we need it on a daily basis. It is involved in the production of white blood cells, an important part of our immunity and health. Almonds, pumpkins, sesame seeds, shellfish, fish, oysters, lamb and beef are high in zinc. Zinc is an important nutrient in warding off any bugs. Found in every cell in the body, low levels of this mineral can be a cause of recurrent infections. To prevent a low immune function, increasing levels of this important mineral is essential to good immune health. Garlic, mushrooms, brazil nuts, oats and wheatgerm are high in selenium. Selenium is especially important for the function of the immune system as it is involved

in the development of all white blood cells – “the gobblers of the disruptive bugs” – and a depressed immune function can be related to low selenium levels,

increasing these foods are important for good health. Egg yolks, cold-water fish, salmon and sardines, cod liver oil and sunshine are high in vita-

min D. Vitamin D is considered an important vitamin for the protection and healthy function of our immune system, especially against viruses.

Tomato and herb frittata


his frittata is great for a picnic with friends and family or as a dish at mealtime when time is short for food preparation, but still provides plenty of packed nutrition. Herbs, as well as the rest of the ingredients in this dish, are great for immune health and have great antimicrobial qualities.

6 eggs 1/2 C milk 1/2 C edam cheese, grated 1/2 C parmesan cheese, grated Coriander, roughly 2T heaped, finely chopped Basil, roughly 2T heaped, finely chopped Chives, roughly 1T heaped, finely chopped (opt) 8-10 cherry tomatoes 1/4 chilli, finely diced (opt) 3T olive oil 8-10 shakes of white pepper 1/2 t crushed rock salt

– Set oven to 180°C, with the rack in middle of oven. – In a large glass bowl crack in six eggs and whisk, then measure in the milk. – Add the two pre-grated cheeses and gently whisk through. – Gently whisk the herbs through the egg, milk and cheese mixture. – Chop the cherry tomatoes into quarters and gently spoon through the egg mixture. – Finally, add the seasoning and set aside. – In a large pan (preferably cast iron) 20cm across, place the olive oil and let it heat up on a medium heat. – Place the frittata mixture into the frypan, let mixture cook for five minutes, and then place the pan into the oven for 15 minutes or until set and slightly golden on top. – Take out and set aside to allow to cool before cutting and serving. – To serve: Have it on its own or with salad, and rice or sweet potatoes.

Vitamin D is best obtained through sun exposure for at least 10-20 minutes each day to build up stores of this vitamin. Most vegetables are low in this vitamin, but increasing your daily intake of dark green leafy vegetables can be of benefit. Chilli peppers, carrots, apricots, mangoes, sweet potatoes, spinach and broccoli are high in vitamin A and beta carotenes, red and yellow coloured group of fat-soluable compounds. They are important for healthy immune function and, if vitamin A levels become depleted, immune issues can occur, such as the inability to mount an effective immune response when sickness occurs. Vitamin A deficiency can affect the linings of the respiratory tract and gastrointestinal tract, where a core part of our immunity resides. Good stores can enhance our white blood cell function and increase antibody response to infections when required by the body. With the fast-paced lifestyles we live today, it is easy to miss the daily nutrition our bodies require for our immune systems to stay in the ultimate of health. More often than not we are reaching for nutrient-depleted fast foods that are not giving our body the core essential nutrients it needs to stay healthy, nor the ability to fight viruses and bacteria. So eating nutrient-dense food on a daily basis is really important to the maintenance of your overall health and your body’s ability to fight off ill-health. With the compliments of Jane Logie, a medicinal herbalist, clinical nutritionist and chef from Methven

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YOU AND YOUR LIFESTYLE | Saturday, March 14, 2020







Eligible to partake S

o the longer you live on the farm, the more accepted you become by the local farming fraternity – and with acceptance comes entitlement. It’s like unlocking new levels on a video game, you are suddenly let in to another secret in the world of rural farm life that city folk are not allowed to know about. So when I realised I’d now clocked up an impressive seven years in Mid Canterbury away from the dazzling city lights, it was no surprise when I learned I’m eligible to partake in what I call the “Glide, stop and nod”. Here’s how it works – when driving down the remote shingle road and an oncoming car or ute emerges, you slow down, glide past, stop, then nod, usually followed by the word “alright” with your elbow cocked half way out the window, and then engage in some brief chat about the weather. Sounds simple, but no, the glide, stop and nod can be very awkward. You see, I’m not always sure if the oncoming vehicle is actually going stop and my shoddy eyesight means I’m never really sure exactly who it is in the vehicle either. Recently, when a farmer was moving his little sheep down the stony shingle road, I decided this was the perfect time to try my newly acquired status.


So I slowed down – and so did he – this was an excellent start! I could see his window down, so I pushed mine down, then – his elbow went out, so I did the same. Suddenly, he came into clear view … and panic set in. Eeeeeek. I had no idea who it was. It was too late to abort, the glide, stop and nod was in full swing. He executed the nod beautifully. I giggled and hit the brakes. Oh dear, that wasn’t part of the plan! I was failing miserably and the wheels were falling off. He smiled and continued gliding by – there was no STOP! “Oh hi.” I shouted out the window. He slammed on the brakes and started to reverse up. Arghhh, I panicked again and hit the gas hoping to create a small plume of dust to disappear into. Not quite the way I had envisaged this new level of rural greatness. I’m now considering selling my car and trying again with a ute. Sigh. TV reporter, journalist, mum and born and bred Aucklander Donna-Marie Lever talks about life after marrying a farmer and moving to rural Mid Canterbury.

Saturday, March 14, 2020 | YOU AND YOUR LIFESTYLE


Giveaways Make me over Jodie Meadows and Nicole Griffiths both had their makeovers recently and here are the results.

Nicole Griffiths BEFORE

TINA Simply the Best winner

Nicole AFTER

Jodie Meadows BEFORE

Nicole AFTER

Jodie AFTER A big thank you to the girls who made the magic happen, Tenielle Booth and Melissa O’Keefe from Minx Hair Spa!

Congratulations to Marilyn Hill, our winner of two tickets to TINA Simply the Best show at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre on March 22 starting at 7pm. (Tickets will be held at the event centre for you Marilyn)


Tenielle Booth | make-up

Melissa O’Keefe | hair

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YOU AND YOUR LIFESTYLE | Saturday, March 14, 2020

Are you kidney fit? O

ne in 10 people have kidney disease. The problem is most of them don’t know it. A kidney can lose up to 90 per cent of its function before any symptoms show. However, if caught early there is a good chance, depending on how the kidney is damaged, that the progression of the disease can be slowed or even halted. Anyone can get kidney disease. At greater risk are Maori and Pacific Islanders, those with diabetes, hypertension or high blood pressure. Kidney Health New Zealand (KHNZ) wants better kidney health for all New Zealanders, providing free kidney health checks, supporting those living with kidney disease, and supporting and encouraging research into kidney disease. Once a kidney loses function, it cannot be recovered.

Once kidney function drops to 10 per cent, dialysis or a transplant is needed. Eight people will start dialysis this week. March is National Kidney Month, and KHNZ is reminding people how to look after their kidneys. It is easy to get a simple kidney fitness test at your doctor, with a blood pressure check, urine test to check for protein and a blood test. Request a copy of your results and get to know your numbers. As many of the signs and symptoms are non-specific and may be attributed to other causes, kidney disease is often discovered by chance. Some of these symptoms include discomfort or burning when passing urine, passing blood in urine, change in the frequency and quantity of urine, needing to pass urine frequently at night,

frothing or foaming urine, pain in the loin area, ankle swelling, lethargy, lack of concentration, shortness of breath, high blood pressure, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, pins and needles in the fingers and toes. - KHNZ






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0800 KIDNEY 0800 543 639 Free confidential support and advice on your kidney health

Ph 03 307 2354


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115 Archibald Street, Tinwald

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39 Robinson Street, Ashburton

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Netherby Pharmacy celebrating 2 B

eing a friendly, trusted and locally owned business is important to Netherby Pharmacy owners Grant and Sue Hastie, and they are the key reasons they have been able to operate the pharmacy for the past 25 years. “Netherby Pharmacy revolves around people and medicines, with special emphasis on their medicine supply, and appropriate use and effects,” Grant says. “Our ultimate concern is that the patient receives the appropriate medicine, and benefits from the proper use of these. We dispense medicines, counsel patients about them and provide advice and treatment for minor ailments and the maintenance of good health”. The pharmacy was opened by Rodney Pearce in 1959, who owned it through until1995, when Grant and his wife Sue purchased the business, and it has remained theirs for the past 25 years. Grant studied at Otago University and worked overseas in England (mainly London) and Guernsey. The work was varied including time at St Thomas’s Hospital in London and working short term locum work in over 100 pharmacies, including time at a pharmacy in Terminal 1 at London’s Heathrow Airport and at another pharmacy which provided him with a typewriter with keys in Arabic

characters. For Grant, being a trusted local source of medicines and advice, is a key part of his business, and in building a great rapport with the local community. Grant and Sue acknowledge the wonderful loyal customers who have supported them and thank them for that. “We

know most of our customers by name, often know other members of their family from grandparents, to parents and children”, Grant said. Being part of that local community is important for the pharmacy and is a key reason behind Netherby Pharmacy’s support of local organisations and individual sponsorships. “The high level of service to their customers and enjoyment working at Netherby Pharmacy would not have been achievable without the amazing support of their four very loyal staff (Vicki has worked

at the pharmacy with Grant and Sue since late 1995)”, Grant and Sue say. “We have had fantastic staff over the years and continue to do so, something we are very grateful for”. Grant said the biggest changes to the business have been the new types of technology that had been introduced, the wider range of medicines they now stock and the new services that they can provide. As well as dispensary and retail services, the pharmacy among other services is also able to provide guidance and medication for

Quality Picture Framing Photos, Paintings, Memorabilia, Medals, Needlework Local Art & Craft instore - Art Supplies - Brushes and Canvas Being another long standing business in the Netherby Shopping Centre family, I congratulate you and your staff for your service to our community David Howden (left) and his team at Netherby Garage can help out with any of your vehicle needs. PHOTOS JAIME PITT-MACKAY 120320-JPM-0002

Netherby Shopping Centre, 220 Chalmers Avenue, Ashburton Phone (03) 308 7831

Netherby Garage Services include: • Tune-ups • Diagnostaics • Mechanical Repairs Phone (03) 308 6666 4 Albert Street, Netherby, Ashburton Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm

• Tyres • Servicing • Alignments

Saturday, March 14, 2020 | YOU AND YOUR LIFESTYLE


25 years in the local community smoking cessation, emergency contraception, urinary tract infections, individual patient blister packing of medication, and blood pressure monitoring. Being a part of the bustling Netherby Shopping Centre is something Grant and Sue are proud of. “We enjoy helping people, are are supported by a range of great shops in the centre and there is easy access with great parking,” he said. “We all work well together and you’ll often find there are people that come in to the pharmacy and are off to visit the butcher or Four Square or other shop in the centre once they leave”. Advertising feature

Right – The team at the Netherby Pharmacy, (from left) Kyla, Lucy, Grant, Sue, Vicki and Philippa, are focused on giving the best advice and service possible to their customers.






03 308 6682

Netherby Shopping Centre 214 Chalmers Avenue


OPEN HOURS Monday – Friday 9am – 5.30pm



YOU AND YOUR LIFESTYLE | Saturday, March 14, 2020

Shopping centre can sat

It’s not often you won’t find a car parked up at the Netherby shopping centre. 120320-JPM-0013


t is not very often the Netherby Shopping Centre isn’t busy. While some small shopping centres struggle, Netherby remains vibrant, offering all the shops a neighbourhood shopper could need. From a quality family butcher to a pharmacy, supermarket, fish and chips and even a place to get your car fixed. The options range wildly and are all owned locally by people who are heavily involved in their community, and have been for many years. Netherby Meats is a family owned and operated butchery based in the Netherby Shopping Centre. Third generation butcher Mike Hanson is proud to carry on the family tradition. The award-winning team specialise in processing homekill and produce a range of small goods such as sausages and salami alongside traditional cuts. The team have won numerous

“What we love about it is it is just such a melting pot around here from the lower socio-economic families to the young parents to those living in new subdivisions and out on farms,” Shaun says

sausage awards for their pre-cooked snags, cumberlands, kranskys and saveloys, as well as awards for their bacon and the Ashburton Top Shop award in 2010. Netherby Meats is also active in the local community and regularly supports fundraising ventures such as the Relay for Life and scouting events. On the corner of Bridge Street and Albert Street sits the iconic smile of the Four Square man, and inside of the Netherby Four Square you will find the smiling face of Shaun and Taryn McFadden who are the relatively

Royal Gala apples

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new kids in the area, having taken over ownership of the store in 2016. They have made customer service the main focus of the operation, utilising the local knowledge of their long-serving staff to make the store a muststop destination for everyone in the area and even further afield. “What we love about it is it is just such a melting pot around here from the lower socioeconomic families to the young parents to those living in new subdivisions and out on farms,” Shaun says. “You look outside and there

Iceberg bagged Lettuce

2 for $3

can be anything from a tractor to a Range Rover or an old car parked up.” In the time they have had the store they have looked to expand their product range, introducing more hot food options and items like smoked salmon. The community feel is a big focus for the team, and they take pleasure in people from all walks of life stopping to have a chat outside the store, and knowing many of their customers by name and always exchanging a hello, a smile and even the odd hug. While the store could be viewed as a place to stop off and

pick a few things up instead of doing a full grocery shop, Shaun and Taryn say they are managing to change that view and hope that continues to change the way people shop. “A lot of people don’t realise the range of products we have and if we don’t have exactly what you need most of the time we will have something almost identical,” Taryn said. Round the corner on Albert Street sits the Netherby Garage, which has been owned by David Howden since 2002. In the 18 years he’s been around, he points out the quality of the service of the locally owned shops as a key reason for the popularity of the shopping centre. He, alongside two other staff are able to meet all your vehicle needs including warrant of fitness and services. Advertising feature

Green Kiwifruit

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$1.99 All offers end 15 Mar 2020

Address 2 Bridge St, Netherby, Ashburton 7700 Phone 03-308 6020 | Hours Mon-Fri: 5.00am-8.00pm, Sat: 7am-8.00pm, Sun: 8.00am-8.00pm


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tisfy most people’s needs

Great Range of Traditional Favourites Award winning sausages Gluten Free Products Mobile Abbatoir and Processing All goods processed on site Still proudly local as Mike has had the family business for 20 years.

Beef Pack $90 1 kg Roast 1 kg Patties 1 kg Saveloys 1 kg Mince 1 kg Sausages 1 kg Weiner Schnitzel 1 kg Rump Steak

Pork Pack - $60 1 kg Pork Chops 1 kg Pork Strips 1 kg Pork Sausages 1 kg Pork Roast

Chicken Pack - $50 1 Whole Chicken 1 Boneless Roast 1 kg Chicken Breast 1 kg Nibbles 1 kg Drums

Netherby Shopping Centre, 212 Chalmers Avenue P: 03 308 7354 | (Open Monday to Friday 7am - 6pm | Saturday 8am - 12.30pm)





Bee inspired


f you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own business, combined with job flexibility and sa�sfac�on, take a break from your morning rou�ne and read on. Nearly 20 years ago, Ashburton woman Janet Andrews decided that she wanted to be her own boss. She wanted something flexible, but also something that would be beneficial for her future and she found that with a Busy Bees Cleaning Services franchise. Now, a�er enjoying almost two decades of making businesses spic and span, it’s �me for her to step back and slow down a li�le. For Janet, one of the greatest advantages of Busy Bees in her day-to-day life was being able co-ordinate her workload and have a fantas�c work-life balance. “I enjoyed the flexibility as I enjoy horse riding and this worked in well with my cleaning.” One of the other benefits was how simple a business it was to run and the support she received from the company. “I found that any ques�ons or concerns I had were easily solved by head office or other franchisees,” she said. “When I started it was with no fixed contracts in place and I was able to pay just a deposit, with the balance paid once I got up to an agreed income amount. This only took a couple of months. “Most larger businesses need cleaning services and, with contracts in place, you know the hours and days of work because you’re in control of that, so this gives certainty,” Janet said. But make no mistake, work has to be done to a superb standard to keep up Busy Bees qualitycleaning reputa�on.

YOU AND YOUR LIFESTYLE | Saturday, March 14, 2020

arrival in the garden T

he beginning of the changeover from summer to winter gardening has arrived! Autumn brings regular rainfall and a welcome reprieve from hot, dry temperatures for many areas around the country.

Vegetable gardens Harvest your remaining summer crops and remove any plants that have finished cropping and pop them in the compost bin. Towards the end of the month, winter vegetables can be planted as either seedlings or seeds and include; beetroot, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, lettuce, onions, radish, silverbeet, spinach, swedes and turnips. Replenish the soil with much needed nutrients by adding compost. Mix well with existing soil to a spade and a half depth. Remember to rotate where you will plant different vegetables compared to last year, and stagger plantings to provide continuous harvesting throughout the season. Protect your seedlings from snails and slugs and keep watering if there is a lack of rainfall.

Flower gardens Sadly, most summer flowering annuals that thrive in the hot months are nearing the end of their lives. As temperatures cool towards the end of the month, begin planting out winter annuals like calen-

dulas, nemesia, pansies, snapdragons, wallflowers etc. As with your vegetable garden, prepare the soil well and make sure there is enough drainage for the coming wet, winter conditions. Cut back any flowering perennials and plant any new seedlings where desired (remember to check the variety is suited to your region). March/April are the final months for planting out bulbs. Good preparation of soil is critical as many bulbs will not be disturbed for a number of years so it’s worth giving them the best start. In general, bulbs thrive in an open, sunny position where the soil is well drained. Bulbs to plant include; anemones, crocus, daffodils, freesias, hyacinth, iris, lachenalias, nerines, ranunculus, tulips and watsonias. Remember to mark where you plant them.

Herb gardens Herbs can start looking a little tired this time of the year and many begin flowering and eventually go to seed. Cut back plants regularly or plant new specimens. Another option is to harvest, dry and then store herbs for use over the winter months. It’s a simple process and is very rewarding. Visit if you need more gardening advice or information on the wide range of Daltons products.



About Busy Bees

hatever cleaning you want done, New Zealand owned and operated Busy Bees Cleaning Services Ltd has the answer. They do commercial and domes�c cleaning, including ‘moving-out/ end-of-tenancy’ cleans, hard floor restora�on and care, lawn and garden care, meth remedia�on. You name it, the Busy Bees teams do it – nothing is too tough for this ou�it. Customer-focused, they promise dedica�on, experience, top quality work, flexibility of services and family values – and you can even book online. Busy Bees began life in Christchurch in 1993, and 27 years on has over 150 dedicated franchisees across New Zealand in nine loca�ons. The head office was moved to Auckland in 2015 as the big influx of franchisees and new work demanded a permanent presence there. Based in East Tamaki, Auckland, directors Ian and Judy Olliver have operated the business for many of the 27 years. Regional owners or master franchisees are highly experienced and fully responsible for ensuring clients remain a top priority and that customer expecta�ons are met. Busy Bees is very aware that survival and con�nued growth are 100 per cent dependent on the quality of service provided to our customers by our franchisees. Thankfully Busy Bees is recognised as the best in terms of cleaning quality, and dedica�on of franchisees.

For enquiries, please contact: Head office | 0800 287-923 (seven days a week) Ian | Managing director | 027 252-6181

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Avoid rust Johnny Richards is this month’s winner with the following question: How can I avoid rust attacking and spoiling my garlic crop? Each year I start with fresh garlic seed bulbs and I have tried planting all different areas of my garden, but my garlic plants are always attacked by rust. I would be grateful for your help.


arlic is not the easiest of home garden plants to successfully cultivate and you have been doing the right thing by trying to grow in different locations. Rust can be an irritating fungal disease not only on garlic, but many other vegetables and ornamental plants. It is most prevalent in humid conditions where

there is considerable rainfall or heavy night dews. Heavy clay soils that are poor draining will also increase the possibility of rust infections. Ensure your garlic is growing in an open, sunny position in soil that is free draining. Protective sprays of a copper compound will help prevent rust appearing. Always remove plants at the end of the growing season, especially if they have shown signs of rust infection, and leave them out of your compost bin. Dispose of them off the property. For more advice and tips, check out our How to Guides at home-gardening/how-to-guides.

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