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24 hours in mid canterbury

24 hours in mid canterbury Jamie Braven and David Henson, volunteers with the Ashburton Town Watch, patrol their vehicle keeping an eye out for suspicious behaviour. (9.59pm)

Auckland based hard-rock-quartet Doppler relax after an all ages gig at the Blue Pub in Methven. (9.21pm)

A late night snack being picked up from KFC drive through.

Gary McCormick collecting his Thames Harness winning ticket from Michael Rankin, bar manager at The Tinwald Tavern. (10.38pm) Blair Purvis on the graveyard shift at BP West Street. (9.14pm)

Steve Devereux Ashburton Guardian Sub Editor proofing the front page of Saturdays paper before electronically sending to Guardian Print. (11.21pm)

Nick from Halls Transport filling up at the BP truck stop East st on his way through from Palmerston to Christchurch. (1.01am)

Barbara Hintz and Hilary Singlewood keeping things running smoothly at the MSA bottlestore. (10.24pm)

Warren Maslin and Craig Wakelin get in after a midnight callout to Westerfield. (1.10am)

Gary Lilley from Video Ezy hires Battlefield 3 to enthusiastic gamer Gareth Evans who intends on playing it all night long. (9.52pm)

Dougal Anderson and Jason Morrison sing a Cat Stevens classic at the Brown Pub’s karaoke evening in Methven. (10.10pm)

Terry McNab and Miriam Davison celebrating a birthday and having a good time at Kelly’s. (11.16pm)

Like all true firemen Warren Maslin, Craig Wakelin and Rob Hampton are at their happiest when they’re getting their kit off for the camera. (1.12am) The clock strikes 12 midnight at Baring Square.

First print run stacked on a pallet ready to go to the sorting machine later at Guardian Print. (1.28am)

Keep Blowing Keep Blowing Keep Blowing, the NZ Police operating the BoozeBus on West Street. (11.31 pm)

Dairy farmer Tim Bradshaw and his truck driving mate Neal Price enjoy cold beverages at the Tinwald Tavern. This is a regular Friday evening catch up for the friends. (10.19pm)

Ashburton Trust courtesy van taking home patrons of The Shed. (1.57am)

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