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Each magazine is picked up 5.4 times before it is finished with.

Each digital magazine is read on-line 8 to 18 times per person according to a recent study.



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WE CHOOSE OUR READERS! Quality Vs. Quantity Asheboro Magazine saturates the most prestigious, affluent households throughout Greater Asheboro. Over 1,500 copies are hand delivered to home owners who: • Are between: 30-70 years old • Homes are Valued at: $250,000 and up • Earn: $60,000 or more Capture this high-end market and position your business as its resource. Additional copies are distributed at free pickup locations, hotels, tourist attractions, corporate offices and waiting rooms through our aggressive business-to-business distribution program. Estimated total readership of each monthly issue is 7,500 from a distribution of 3,000 magazines.

Asheboro Magazine readers are well-educated, above average income earning men and women. They are affluent members of our community. They have been successful enough in their own endeavors to have the time and resources to give back to the place we call home. They are typically between 30 and 70 years of age, enjoy a reasonable amount of disposable income and share a sense of responsibility to make our community a better place to live. They are interested in knowing what amenities are available here, as well as who else has joined the effort to improve our quality of life.



Using the power of the Internet and new digital publishing technology, Asheboro Magazine launched one of the first digital community publications in the state of North Carolina. Using cutting-edge, page-turning digital technology, Asheboro Magazine’s digital edition is identical to a printed magazine in the way it is used by readers.

The Facts 1. We are a very eco-friendly company – and want to do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint. Traditional magazines are the antithesis of this, and that was a big draw for us to look at digital publishing. 2. We like to be “cutting edge” – not to have the newest and the most expensive, but to have the best of what makes sense for us. With the advent of Amazon’s Kindle, Sony’s eReader, and Apple’s iPad, not to mention the other companies like HP who are out there “building a better mousetrap,” we feel it’s time to move in this direction and be ahead of the curve. 3. Research conducted over the past three years has estimated that by the end of 2011 there will be 20 different readers on the market, and the digital publishing industry will become 1/3 the size of traditional magazine publishing – that’s $12B in digital editions being downloaded and read on the go! 4. Digital magazines are easy to read, you can search them for specific content, and they are interactive. We offer video or audio to accompany a story, or an advertisement. There are so many ways to create the interactive online experience that you just can’t offer in print. 5. A study recently published suggested that readers are more engaged with the advertising in digital magazines than those that read print magazines. They put a higher value on the ads because they can connect directly to the advertiser’s website and interact with the advertiser immediately.

The New Era in Magazine Publishing

Digital Magazines


rown Harbor Marketing, Inc. (CHMi) is the publishing company behind Asheboro Magazine. CHMi has launched seven community publications in the past year including a city magazine for Tega Cay, SC, three other neighborhood magazines in Fort Mill and Lake Wylie, SC, one in Charlotte, NC and two in Clayton, NC under the title Compass Community Magazine. CHMi's core values are passion, philanthropy, community, integrity and quality. • Passion-Nothing great in the world happens without passion. We are passionate about everything we do to help celebrate the communities we serve by capturing the spirit and style that makes each unique. In other words, we publish with purpose. • Philanthropy-We feel it is our responsibility to give back to the communities that have given so freely to help us grow. Therefore, we allocate a percentage of our editorial and advertising space to help promote the organizations that selflessly serve our communities. • Community-we define community as a group of likeminded people working together to make a positive impact on their surroundings. We strive to leave every community better than we found it. • Integrity-we believe in doing the right thing even when no one is around to witness it. To quote Nathaniel Bronner, Jr., "No one will question your integrity if your integrity is not questionable.” • Quality-We believe that quality costs less. That is, if you do things right the first time around, you won't have to pay to redo them. We strive to produce the highest quality publication in each of the markets we serve. We utilize these core values in our day-to-day operations by taking full responsibility for the results our advertising partners achieve. We do not give excuses; we evaluate, modify and execute a new strategy until everyone involved is thrilled about the results. CHMi is fully committed to the success of all of our clients and is shows in everything we do. To us, this "being easy to do business with" approach just makes sense.

Sherry Johnson Publisher Sherry is a seasoned publishing professional with a record of consistent accomplishments in pioneering and building profitable publications, exceeding expectations, and developing and implementing strategic plans that result in the highest quality publications being brought to market.

monthly printed advertising rates

3 times

6 times

12 times

18+ times











































The rates reflected above represent a monthly investment. For example, if you were to run a quarter-page ad three times, your investment would total $465 or $155 per month.

Ad Size

1 time

Digital Edition monthly advertising rates

3 times

6 times

12 times

18+ times































The rates reflected above represent a monthly investment. For example, if you were to run a quarter-page ad three times, your investment would total $330 or $110 per month.

Ad Size

1 time

Editorial Opportunities

ad sizes & dimensions

(Custom Publishing) Cover Story-Cover & three advertising-free pages of editorial $995 mo. (only 1 per mo. available) Ask the Expert-Full page with question, answer, pictures, company information & no other ads

$295 mo.

Web Site Products & Rates Page Curl

$250 mo. Ad Design Fees: $95 for Ad Agency Quality Ad (you own rights)-2 changes $25 per change after initial two $50 if file is not suitable for print & needs to be modified. $195 Logo Design $50/hr.-Other design work

Full Page w/ Bleed 8.5” w X 11” h

Third Page Horizontal 7.5” w X 3.25” h

One-Sixth Page 2.43” w X 4.94” h

Full Page 7.5” w X 10” h

Third Page Vertical 2.43” w X 10” h

Eighth Page 3.69” w X 2.4” h

Half Page Horizontal 7.5” w X 4.94” h

Fourth Page Horizontal 7.25” w X 2.4” h

Half Page Vertical 3.57” w X 9.75” h

Fourth Page Vertical 3.69” w X 4.94” h

Footer Banner-Home Page

$195 mo. Footer Banner-Run of Site Pages

$150 mo. Article Sponsorship-Banner placed in the middle of the article

$125 mo. 125 x 125 Sidebar TileHome Page

$55 mo. 125 x 125 Sidebar Tile-Run of Site

$35 mo.

Ala Carte

(add-ons to ad in digital publication)

Please send your ad layout in PDF or InDesign with all fonts and high-resolution CMYK images at 300 dpi in Adobe Photoshop EPS or TIFF format included.

E-pamphlet-$95 per page

WE DO NOT accept ads built in Microsoft Publisher, Quark 5+ or Adobe Pagemaker. Adobe Illustrator EPS files must have all linked images. Fonts must be converted to outlines and/or included on disk.

Mini Web Site-$95

All materials should be accompanied by a color proof when possible. Should we receive materials that do not meet our specifications, a production charge will be incurred. Materials can be returned upon request.

Video-$45 Audio-$25 Photo Gallery-$25

Asheboro Magazine

is a positive, upbeat community publication dedicated to representing, encouraging and celebrating the great city we call home by focusing on the lifestyles, talents, gifts and contributions of the people who live and work here. Our goal is to provide readers with the most informative and professional community publication in the state of North Carolina.

is the premier magazine developed exclusively for and about the residents of Asheboro, NC.


he editorial mission of

take the time to tell the full story —



providing all the information that

is to present positive

you won’t find anywhere else. We



go beyond the news to the human

community through articles that

interest that makes up the heart of

entertain, enrich and educate. Every

our community. Bringing you the

issue tells the stories of people

untold story, Asheboro Magazine

whose personalities, achievements

picks up where the others leave off.


and experiences contribute to our community’s unique character. We


editorial mission

Regular Features People & Places Hot Spots, Cool people. Find out who’s doing what and where throughout Greater Asheboro.

Business Buzz Articles designed to appeal to local business persons, as well as stories on business newsmakers in Asheboro.

The Cellar Exposes our readers to a fantastic bottle of wine each and every month hand picked by our resident Wine Connisseur, Frank Stokes. And it doesn’t stop there, a local chef will share a recipe that pairs perfectly with the chosen bottle of wine.

Restaurant Review Each month we choose a local restaurant and review the food, service and ambiance. Since we are foodies we are certain our opinion on the local eatery will not disappoint.

Events Calendar Looking for something to do? Our local events calendar will keep you informed of the best that Asheboro has to offer.

Health and Wellness Part of having a healthy positive mindset is having a healthy body. Each month we will feature a health concern offering simple, easy to implement solutions to heep the mind, body and spirt, happy and healthy.

Living Spaces Here we feature a local living space that has been transformed from ordinary to extaordinary. We’ll explore contemporary solutions to improve the look of your home – inside and out.

Cool Kids There is alway that local kid that stands out heads above the rest. Maybe he saved the neighbor’s cat from the grasp of the neighborhood oak, or she thought up a creative way to reduce greenhouse emissions. Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of Cool Kids in Asheboro to celebrate.

OUR COMPANY MISSION To inform, entertain, educate and enlighten our readers with a fresh upbeat, positive and inspirational perspective.

Asheboro Magazine is an editorial voice that challenges, leads and builds community through positive, upbeat and inspirational content. Our goal is to utilize citizen journalism in order to obtain 40% of our content from our readers. This unique approach to acquiring editorial content allows for an open dialogue between our editor and our readers providing a creative forum where we share tips, tricks and inspiration from our readers with our readers.

why advertising in this community magazine makes sense GROWTH: Regional/Community Magazine Advertising is the Fastest Growing Form of Advertising • Only 3 Media Venues Showed Increases in 2007 vs. 2006: Magazines (19%), Cable TV (14%), Internet 8%. • Stay the same or lost ground: Newspapers, Network TV, Radio (TMS Media Intelligence, 2008)

COMMUNITY MAGAZINES: Regional Publications Led Top 40 Magazine Launch Categories in 2007 • Regional Magazines (15%), Crafts/Games/Hobbies (11%), Automotive (6%), Fashion (5%), 36 Others (Husni's Guide to New Magazines, 2008)

CREDIBILITY: Magazine Advertising is More Trusted Than Advertising in Any Other Media • Magazines (21%), Television (12%), Radio (11%), Internet (7%) (MORI Research, 2006)

RESULTS: People Pay the Most Attention to Advertisement Placed in Magazines

•M  agazines (35%), Radio (34%), Television (27%), Internet (30%) (Myers Emotional Connections Survey, 2007)

TRUST and RECEPTIVITY: Magazines are the #1 Media of Engagement Across All Dimensions Measured •T  rustworthy, Social Interaction, Personal, Life Enhancing, Inspirational, Ad Receptivity (Simmons MultiMedia Engagement Study, 2007)

PURCHASE INTENT: Magazines Are By Far the Most Powerful Media For Driving Purchase Intent • I ntend to Recommend a Store After Seeing Ads: Magazines (8%), TV and Newspapers Combined (2%), Online (<1%) • I ntend to Purchase Apparel After Seeing Ads: Magazines (7%), TV and Newspapers Combined (3%), Online (1%) (Marketing Evolution, 2005)

ONLINE SEARCH: Magazines Are The Best Media to Trigger Online Searches •M  agazines (47%),TV/Broadcast (43%), Newspapers (41%), TV/Cable (36%), Word of Mouth (34%), Radio (30%), Direct Mail (30%), E-Mail Advertising (29%), Internet Advertising (26%), Billboards (10%), Blogs (8%) (BIGresearch Simultaneous Media Research, 2007)

HOME IMPROVEMENT IS DRIVEN BY MAGAZINES: 45% of Home Improvers Cite Magazines as Their Primary Source of Motivation for Beginning a Home Project

HEALTHCARE: Magazine Readers Are 2.5 Times More Likely Than Users of Any Other Media to Discuss an Ad With Their Doctor (MARS OTC/DTC STUDY, 2007) AUTOMOTIVE PURCHASES: Whether Alone or in Combination With Other Media, Magazines Drive Purchase Consideration More Than Any Other Media in Isolation or Combination (Dynamic Logic, 2007)

•M  agazine Editorial (24%), Magazine Advertising(21%), Home Shows/ Demos (13%), Friend/Neighbor/Contractor (12%), Retail Exposure (7%), TV Program (5%), TV Advertising (5%), Newspaper Editorial (3%), Newspaper Advertising (3%), Internet Advertising (3%), Internet Editorial (3%), Radio Program (1%), Radio Advertising (1%) (CNW Research, 2007)

Asheboro Magazine Media and Advertising Information  

Asheboro Magazine readers are well-educated, above average income earning men and women. They are affluent members of our community. They ha...

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