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Esthetician Nail Care Massage Therapy ITEC & CIDESCO


Welcome Welcome to the exciting world of Esthetics, Nail Care and Massage Therapy. You are about to embark on a journey of advanced learning. You will be exposed to new skills everyday, adding valuable tools to your tool box. These new skills will equip you with the tools you need to take the State Board of Cosmetology and Barbers or MBLEX exams and be industry ready. The sky is the limit in the beauty world, and as you move through the program you will perfect your skills and develop new ones. Finding your niche and passion is what it is all about. We at The Elaine Sterling Institute are dedicated to partnering with you in your success. Whether you work in a day spa, salon, medical spa, doctor’s office, equipment, product sales, or as a makeup artist, you can create your dream and we will be there to support you every step of the way. -Elaine Sterling



Originally from South Africa, our founder, Elaine Sterling, holds both the prestigious CIDESCO (Switzerland) Diplomat and ITEC(London) certifications. A licensed Esthetician and Licensed Esthetician Instructor, Elaine has a passion for skin health. While speaking and writing about the “Theater of the spa experience” she is passionate about the power of the well trained spa professional and how their healing touch can affect peoples lives. Elaine’s professional positions have included Director of Education of a large skincare school in Atlanta and Esthetic and Training Director at Spa Sydell, a highly successful and innovative Day Spa group, also based in Atlanta.


I am never afraid to make mistakes I am fearless.


In my vast experience as an Esthetician and Educator I have seen first hand my clients’ frustration with their skin issues. My belief is that men and women should look and feel beautiful at any age. After years of research and testing on what I like to call the “living laboratory” (students, clients, patients), I have worked to improve the aesthetic world by developing products, tools, and education programs focusing on the art and science of beauty enhancement. I love the skin and work every moment of the day to find solutions to problematic skin conditions. I am relentless in the pursuit of more beautiful skin. This is my mission, my passion, and my vision. Knowledge, science, and art is in everything I do … from education to product development. The connection of skin to health and wellbeing is paramount to me and is reflected and energized in all my professional endeavors from writing to keynote speaking and spa business coaching. In my vast experience as an Esthetician and Educator I have seen first hand my clients’ frustration with their skin issues. My belief is that men and women should look and feel beautiful at any age. After years of research and testing on what I like to call the “living laboratory” (students, clients, patients), I have worked to improve the aesthetic world by developing products, tools, and education programs focusing on the art and science of beauty enhancement. I love the skin and work every moment of the day to find solutions to problematic skin conditions. I am relentless in the pursuit of more beautiful skin. This is my mission, my passion, and my vision. Knowledge, science, and art is in everything I do … from education to product development. The connection of skin to health and wellbeing is paramount to me and is reflected and energized in all my professional endeavors from writing to keynote speaking and spa business coaching.

Elaine passionately believes in giving back to the community, and does so in a number of ways. To expand the educational experience for students in Georgia, Elaine served on the curriculum advisory board for the Georgia Department of Education. She shares her time and her expertise to ensure that students receive a more sophisticated and well rounded esthetics education. Her volunteer work also extends to webinars, field trips, and school visits for students in under privileged communities to provide information about career opportunities.

“I am a spa professional training the next generation of spa professionals” In her experience dealing with clients, patients, and frustrated skincare product consumers, she has found that feeding the skin vital antioxidants and anti-inflammatory botanicals will help the skin to repair itself. She does not believe you have to traumatize the skin to see results. While using the progressive rather than aggressive attitude she can take the skin to a new level, bringing about change to problematic skin conditions through daily care. She believes in results without trauma to the skin. “First Do No Harm” Is my mantra.

While speaking, presenting, writing, and training on the subject of “The Theater of the Spa Experience”, Elaine is motivated and encouraged when she sees evidence of the positive effects on and changes brought to people’s lives. The power of a professionally-trained Spa touch is invaluable in the stress-filled world in which we live. Her desire for health and beauty enhancement to be promoted at every available opportunity drives her forward in pursuit of excellence in her field of expertise. 9

Our School The Institute The Elaine Sterling Institute was founded by Elaine Sterling in 2008 and is located in the heart of the City of Sandy Springs. Elaine saw the need for quality education that would match the fast-paced and growing field of beauty. She has created a school that is renowned and internationally recognized for high educational standards. Elaine’s vision for a spa-like environment for her students to learn the very best of European techniques with the latest equipment was of paramount importance from inception. Multi-faceted Learning Environment The Elaine Sterling Institute, located at 4840 Roswell Rd NE Building E Suites 201 and 100, Building D Suite 300 and Building B Suite 220 Sandy Springs, Georgia is a modern, state-of-the art facility that mimics the spa environment and is conducive to learning. ESI contains over 16,000 square feet that include 8 clinic floors/clinic treatment areas, 6 classrooms, 1 nail floor, retail area, administrative office and conference rooms. The Institute layout reflects the dynamic skincare and spa industry with the latest equipment and treatment rooms that are beautifully decorated and clean. Licensing The Elaine Sterling Institute is licensed by the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology and Barbering, Georgia State Board of Massage Thearpy and is authorized by the Nonpublic Post Secondary Commission (NPEC). ESI is Accredited by COE (Council on Occupational Education). We believe that the beauty industry requires lifelong learning therefore we offer many post graduate classes to assist you in upgrading your current skills to meet the ever changing industry needs. Our Mission The mission statement is the foundation on which the Elaine Sterling Institute is built. All instructors and staff understand the importance of the Institute’s mission. The mission statement is clearly written and available to students in the school catalog, school website and is displayed on the wall in the reception area and visible to all who enter the school. The mission of The Elaine Sterling Institute is to provide programs of educational excellence that combine the classical European traditions of skincare with modern American scientific technologies. We instruct our students in the competencies set by the state board of cosmetology to equip them with the required skills to pass the state board examination, MBLEX, and prepare students to excel in their professional careers. Values ESI instructors and staff accept and support these values: Commitment to our students’ success in school and in the workforce, promoting a creative learning environment that is a 10

supportive, providing a state-of-the-art facility that is clean, safe, and attractive that emulates the spa environment, facilitating a smooth transition from school to the workplace. Vision Statement The Institutional vision is integral to the future success of our educational programs and ultimately our graduates’ success in the workplace. The instructional and administrative staff realizes they must be committed to the Institution’s mission and vision in order to attain the objectives and goals of the strategic plan. The vision statement of the Elaine Sterling Institute is To provide programs of educational excellence that instruct our students in the competencies set by the state board of cosmetology and the state board of massage therapy to equip the students with the required skills to pass the state board test and to enter the work force. Realizing this vision will ensure ESI has an esthetician nail care and massage therapy program that is of the highest standard and its graduates will be sought by employers in the spa industry.

Staff & Instructors 12

Elaine Sterling Founder & CEO

Asha Sterling Creative Director & Marketing

Marcum Stacy School DIrector

Dean of Students

Charlene Clarke Director of Admissions

Arif Mahmud Financial Aid

Loletia Weathersby Financial Aid

Taylor Student Services

Placement Services & Events


Margie Jackson Director of Student Files

Aaliyah Spa Services

Jasmin Spa Services

Wendy Spa Services

Xiomara Spa Services

Stacie Brown Nail Instructor

Stacy Foster Esthetician Instructor

De Glakas-Curtis Esthetician Instructor

Kina Holland Massage Instructor


Ellejay Johnson Nail Care Instructor

Paulie Khat Esthetician Instructor

Janet Kowaleski Esthetician Instructor

Lovelace Linares Massage Therapy Instructor

Gina Morgan Esthetician Instructor

Jerilynae Pointer Massage Instructor

Akira Randall Esthetician Instructor

Elizabeth St. John Esthetician Instructor

Ko Tan Holistic Sciences 15

Graduate Spotlight 16

Nina Graduated 2011 She is one of the few Estheticians to receive her ITEC Diploma with “Distinction”. Nina’s ultimate goal is to become a successful spa owner and develop her own skincare line. Nina is currently the Director of Strategic Planning at Fountain of Youth MD. 17

Lisa Graduated 2009 Lisa opened Practically Perfect Day Spa in September of 2010, shortly after graduating from Aesthetics school. While in school she quickly realized she had a passion for business as well as making people feel good. Lisa has put her heart and soul into creating a wonderful environment for everyone that walks through her doors.




Graduated 2010 She has had a passion for makeup and brows and now owns her own business called Adorned Faces and is a manager at Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Graduated 2011 Medical, internationally-certified aesthetician specializing in advanced clinical skincare, lasers, and micropigmentation work (cosmetic and/or paramedical tattoos). Nancy is the owner of Sweet and Lashful and former Medical Aesthetician at Blue Med Spa in Atlanta, GA. She also manages a team of estheticians and makeup artists who provide free eyebrow services (from makeup to tinting to semi-permanent microblading) to individuals who have alopecia or hair loss due to cancer treatments.


Kalen Graduated 2011 Kalen had a vision to open her own business before she even began school at ESI. Once she graduated she opened a med spa called Blue Divine and now offers lasers peels and more.


Regilynn Graduated 2017 Regilynn, a Penn State graduate, moved to Atlanta to attend our school of Aesthetics. Her passion for makeup and skin brought her to the Elaine Sterling Institute. Regilynn, while attending school at ESI took on the position of Admissions and Events. Now as an ESI Alumna she has since moved back to Pennsylvannia and has started her own business called There She Glows Skincare.

Nataliya Graduated 2015 Nataliya owns an spa in Alpharetta, Georgia called 11:11 Esthetic Studio. Her goal is to educate woman about their skin. vagaro. com/1111estheticsstudiopc


Student Life Prestigious Education The Elaine Sterling Institute offers a 1000 hour esthetician program, 600 hour nail care program and 750 hour massage therapy program. All undergraduate programs are taught to the highest industry standards. We provide education that assists students prepare for the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology and barbering and/or MBLEX exams. Many aspects of our program set us apart from standard beauty schools. We hold our students to high expectations and challenge them by way of our rigorous curriculum. We strive to connect our classroom studies with real world experience to provide a seamless transition from the school to the workplace. Our students gain a competitive advantage through various networking opportunities and events, giving them access to industry leaders. Our dynamic classroom environment includes lecture, guest speakers, handson client experience, and instruction from educators with diverse backgrounds. In addition to our state certification programs we also offer international ITEC and CIDESCO certifications, and several continuing education courses to our graduates.



“I believe in tapping into talent and turning that talent into passion� -Elaine

Brilliant Thinking Estheticians, Nail Care Technicians & Massage Therapists


Nail Care

Massage Therapy

An esthetician is a skincare expert that specializes in fostering and maintaining healthy skin. Beginning your career as an esthetician requires training in a variety of subjects ranging from biology to holistic healthcare. The information below is provided to give an overview of the curriculum, skills, and certifications we offer at the Elaine Sterling Institute.

Become a nail care technician with this fun, fast paced program. Our nail care program prepares you for the state board and for the workplace. Nail technicians are in high demand with this creative and fun career track. Our program teaches you spa manicures and pedicures as well as more intricate nail design services that are in demand within the spa industry.

We provide a program of educational excellence which combines the classical European traditions of massage with modern American scientific technologies. We believe that human beings excel when encouraged to be fully who they are. Our staff maintains high standards of integrity, character, and ethics, while cultivating these qualities in each one of our students. The program provided by ESI will insure our students are equipped with the required skills to pass the MBLEX and prepare them to excel in their professional careers.

Institute & Spa The Spa As a full service spa and Esthetician, Nail Care and Massage Therapy institute, we offer a variety of spa treatments, as well as packages and series. Because ESI is an institute and a spa, we offer our services at affordable rates. However, our clients never sacrifice quality for cost, and our top notch students perform at the highest level of professionalism. What we have to offer: Clinical Skin Treatments, Facials, Makeup, Microdermabrasion, Microcurrent, LED, High Frequency, Ultra Sonic, Chemical Peels, Waxing, Elaine Sterling Skincare, Nail Services, Hydrafacial, Kryolan Makeup, Body Treatments, Manicures, Pedicures, Swedish Massage & much more!

30 30

31 31

Serene and Tranquil Spa Rooms Our upscale spa rooms provide students with hands on experience in a private setting. We equip our clinics with the latest skincare technology, and we provide certifications for all of our machines, from high frequency to laser. See our certifications page for our complete list of certifications offered at ESI. We believe that instructing our students within the spa environment creates a work based atmosphere that assists you with a seamless transition from school to the spa.

Elaine Sterling Skincare Private Room Clients receiving our advanced HydraFacial treatment receive a non-invasive treatment that combines the benefits of next-level hydradermabrasion, a chemical peel, automated painless extractions a special delivery of Antioxidants, Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides. Emerald Room Take a journey to another land in our private Emerald spa room featuring Elaine Sterling’s luxurious Emeralds & Ice peel and facial. French inspired decor with warm ambient lighting and colors.

Nail Spa & Aqua Lounge The Nail Care department replicates a real spa nail salon with a chic and modern feel. Students work on real clients performing services such as manicures, pedicures, nail art, gel, acrylics and much more. Nail Classroom During the Nail Care program, students receive an in depth education from basic manicures and pedicures, anatomy & physiology, nail art techniques, manicure & pedicure, acrylic & gels, nail wraps and much more.

Massage Spa Room Our African themed massage rooms provide a real spa experience for our students. Massage students perform Swedish Massage services for our local spa clients. Massage Classrooms The massage therapy curriculum is curated for producing a well rounded and distinguished student. Upon graduation they will have an edge in the industry with strong hand skills and knowledge. The classrooms are setup as a traditional classroom environment encompanied by clinic space for hands-on learning.

Clinic Floor Our spacious Big A clinic floor gives you hands-on classroom experience in a spa environment. Students will perform services on fellow students and family for a quarter of their program and then advance to working on clients in the local area.

I have created skills based training to help improve the lives of the community. -Elaine


Pro Artist Room ESI is dedicated to a higher learning environment. This section is dedicated to the skill and art of makeup and waxing. Makeup artistry is a growing industry with connections to the theatre, music, and film industry. Our Pro Artist courses will provide students with exposure to professional makeup application and the tools they need to showcase their work.


Highly skilled makeup artists and waxing specialist are in high demand this fast paced section of the curriculum allows you to learn at the Pro level we have incorporated airbrush makeup, advanced makeup applications, full body waxing, laser theory and advanced hair removal techniques including threading,sugaring, hard and soft wax techniques.

Machines The skincare industry is rapidly changing with the development of new technologies. In order to enter the field as an employable esthetician, students must possess extensive knowledge of new skincare machines. During their education, our students learn to use a variety of cutting edge skincare machines. Uses for these machines range from skin smoothing, cellulite reduction, exfoliation, and so much more. The ability to use esthetic machinery opens many career possibilities and makes our students highly desirable in this competitive industry. Our machines curriculum includes the latest in-demand technologies that perform a variety of functions. Students will perform mechanical exfoliations with our crystal, diamond-tip, and hydro microdermabrasion machines. Our Ultrasonic skin scrubber digs deeper and not only removes the outer layer of skin, but extracts pores. Microcurrent and high frequency machines deliver electrical current to retrain facial muscles and kill subcutaneous bacteria, respectively. A simple treatment to add to any esthetician’s skill-set is the LED light panel that delivers various frequencies to treat specific conditions. The most rapidly expanding field of paramedical esthetics are body contouring machines that treat stubborn areas on the body. As a student at ESI, estheticians will leave with an exhaustive repertoire of in-depth treatments that have the potential to generate a substantial portion of income and a loyal clientele.


Student Kits Esthetician Program ▪▪ Chromebook ▪▪ Clinic Kit ▪▪ Name Badge ▪▪ Zip Sweater ▪▪ License Frame ▪▪ State Board Test (1st attempt) ▪▪ ITEC E-Learning ▪▪ State Board Kit ▪▪ Elaine Sterling Skincare Kit ▪▪ Makeup Kit Nail Care Program ▪▪ Chromebook ▪▪ Clinic Kit ▪▪ Name Badge ▪▪ Zip Sweater ▪▪ License Frame ▪▪ State Board Test (1st attempt) ▪▪ Makeup Kit ▪▪ State Board Kit ▪▪ Nail Supply Kit Massage Therapy Program ▪▪ Chromebook ▪▪ Name Badge ▪▪ Zip Sweater ▪▪ License Frame ▪▪ Equipment Kit ▪▪ CPR Certification ▪▪ CPR Manual ▪▪ ITEC E-Learning ▪▪ MBLEX (1st Attempt)



Any student relies on more than knowledge to complete an education. As this is a hands-on field, it requires training with student equipment and tools. The student kit, included in tuition and fees, includes skincare, nails, and make-up supplies, along with a complete ESI ensemble.

Makeup Brushes No esthetician is complete without her makeup brushes. Our high quality set of brushes comes with a stylish, yet understated carrying case.

Elaine Sterling Skincare Kit Esthetician students receive Elaine Sterling Skincare products as a part of their kits. This allows students to learn product ingredients and to practice on their classmates and mannequin heads.

Esthetics Kit Your esthetics kit prepares you to work with clients in the spa setting. The manikin will facilitate your learning of makeup application, mask application, proper cleansing routine, and more.


Makeup Kit Our extensive makeup kit contains everything you need for our in depth makeup courses. This kit will serve you well while in school, and beyond.

State Board Kit A state board kit will be made for esthetician students to be used during their exam.

Chromebook, Book & Ebook As a backbone of our curriculum, we use the standard Milady’s MindTap online, ITEC e-learning portal, Milady E-Book and build upon it with self-created and outside resources.


Massage Kit For practicing while in school and performing services on actual clients after graduation, students receive the essential tools for performing massage services.

Nails Kit All nail care students receive a complete OPI student nail kit. This kit contains essential tools for all nail services that we offer including gel nails. Nail kits include manikins for practicing all nail application techniques.


ESI Uniform ESI sweatshirts are provided in your student kit. Scrub tops and logo t-shirts available to purchase in the student store.




Nail Care


Post Grad


Esthetician The Elaine Sterling Institute offers the 1000-hour esthetician program for licensure in the state of Georgia. Our Institute has the latest spa equipment available, making ESI renowned for combining European standards with American Science. Our extensive curriculum includes industry standards, skincare treatment techniques, machine certifications, waxing, makeup, and so much more. As an esthetician, clients will look for your advice related to matters of the skin. Our students are trained to identify skin types and possible issue, and respond to clients individual needs. We take pride in our client-student interactions and instill a sense of professionalism in all of our students. Our unique hands-on approach provides a leg-up for students looking for careers in this competitive industry. What makes the esthetics program at ESI different from the rest? Our unique, hands-on approach provides student with practical knowledge they can carry with them for the rest of their careers. Our European spa environment trains students to function at industry level standards. In addition to the standard esthetics information conveyed in classes, students also learn holistic therapies such as reflexology, how to use advanced paramedical skincare machines and technology, and how to use the internet and social media outlets to enhance their future careers and businesses. Advanced equipment education within the 1000 hour esthetician program allows our students to graduate at an advanced level. We expose the students to the latest technology available to the spa arena so that you can transition smoothly to the spa environment with confidence. Radio Frequency, Laser Technology, Microcurrent, microdermabrasion, Light Emitting diodes and ultrasound technology are taught in out level 2 section.


45 45

Esthetics Curriculum Level 1 Foundations 0-250 hours

Theory/Demonstrations/Clinic/Hands On


History and Career Opportunities in Esthetics Life Skill Your Professional Image Communicating for success The Treatment Room Nutrition Product Knowledge

General Sciences and Safety

Infection control: Principles and Practices Anatomy & Physiology Physiology and Histology of the Skin

Standard Treatment Setup and Procedure

Preparation & setup will be practiced in the clinic. Students will learn how to greet clients and practice proper consultation dialogue and client form assessment. Treatment indications and contraindications will also be discussed as well as ethical and professional methods of draping the clients. The clinic portion of this section focuses on European style facial techniques, correct cleansing methods, and exfoliation methods. The students will learn how to complete both the basic facial and the European facial.

Makeup application

Basic foundation

*POWER TEST 1 Skills Assessment 1 (Practical Examination)

*Power Test 1 – Test students on comprehension of all theory chapters covered in level I. Practical: Sanitation, Facial Treatments & Facial Massage

Level 2 Paramedical Aesthetics & Pharmacology 250-650 hours

Theory/Demonstrations/Clinic/Hands On


Basics of Chemistry Basics of Electricity Diseases & Disorders Skin Analysis Product Knowledge Facial Machines Advanced Topics & Treatments


Microcurrent Crystal, diamond tip and hydro microdermabrasion HydraFacial LED (Light Emitting Diodes) Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber (Ultrasound) Brush Machine Vacuum Spray Machine (lymphatic drainage with the aid of machines) High Frequency (Indirect, and Direct) Galvanic


Level 2 Paramedical Aesthetics & Pharmacology 250-650 hours

Theory/Demonstrations/Clinic/Hands On

Holistic Sciences

Reflexology, Ayurvedic methodology, hot stone treatments, lymphatic drainage, introduction to Chinese medicine, pressure point massage and many other alternative treatments will be discussed and demonstrated.

Chemical Peels

The history of chemical peels will be taught as well as the science behind how peels affect the skin and aging. A thorough understanding of peel chemistry will be explained and how percentage of acid and the Ph. Preparation, treatment & setup will be practiced in the clinic.


Resume building Business plan Career planning Spa floor plan

*POWER TEST 2 Skills Assessment 2 (Practical Examination)

*Power Test 2 – Test students on comprehension of all theory chapters covered in level I. Practical: Facial Treatments

Pro Artistry (make-up) & Level 3 (waxing) 650-1000 Hours

Demonstrations/Clinic/Hands On

Waxing theory

Hair removal using soft (strip) wax, hard (strip-less) wax, sugaring, and other advanced hair removal techniques.


Make-up and color theory will include: daytime, nighttime, special occasion, bridal and fashion looks; false lash application; face shaping/contour; and brow shaping design techniques. Other theory and practical experience that is gained by the student are: lash and brow tinting & camouflage/corrective makeup.

*POWER TEST 3 Skills Assessment 3 (Practical Examination)

*Power Test 2 – Test students on comprehension of all theory chapters covered in level I. Practical: Make-up & waxing

State Board Prep

Exam Prep


Exam Prep


Nail Care The ESI Nail Care program is designed to provide the student with the necessary requirements needed to pass the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology examination as well as prepare them for an entry level position in a salon or spa. The need for professional Nail Technicians to provide creative artistic, healthy and beauty solutions for the nails is growing significantly and our objective is to assure we train and educate the top candidates in the industry. ESI Nail Care Program is a hands-on instructional class, teaching you the basics of a manicure, pedicure, Gel polish manicure, Nail Enhancements, Creative nail art, and the latest nail trends in the industry. The Nail Care program is designed to provide knowledge in all phases of nail care industry by allowing the student to perform services in a state of the art nail spa environment. The ultimate objective for the ESI Nail Care program is to prepare students to meet the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology requirements and to become a professional licensed Nail Technician. ESI offers an exciting the 600 hour nail care program for licensure where you can become a nail technician in 6 1/2 months – 8 months. The ESI dynamic nail care program is facilitated in a state of the art Nail Spa and Aqua Lounge. Learn the latest trends in nail care.




Nail Care Curriculum Level 1 1-140 hours

Theory/Demonstrations/Clinic/Hands On


Personal Hygiene, Ethics and Customer Care Sanitation and Sterilization Physiology and anatomy of the hands, arm and legs Skin Structure and growth Chemistry Implements usage, procedures and safety Salon Business and Operations Client Care and consultation Business development, Marketing, Advertising and Retailing Career Planning, Resume Writing Georgia State Board Laws and Rules State Board Examination Preparation


Manicuring Pedicuring Foot and leg massage Gel Polish

State Board Drills

Work Area Preparation & Set Up of Manicure Supplies Manicure and Polish Application (20 Minutes) on Mannequin Hand

*POWER TEST 1 Skills Assessment 1 (Practical Examination)-

*Power Test 1 – Test students on comprehension of all theory chapters covered in level I. Practical: Nail Treatment


Level 2 140-600 Hours

Demonstrations/Clinic/Hands On


The Basics of Chemistry General Anatomy and Physiology Nail Product Chemistry Simplified The Basics of Electricity Electric Filing Nail Tips and Wraps Monomer Liquid and Polymer Powder Nail Enhancements UV and LED Gels Creativity Color Theory


Sculpture incl. pink & white Nail Tips and Wraps Electric Filing UV and LED Gels Nail Art and Air Brush

State Board Drills

Work Area & Client Preparation, & Set up Of Tip & Sculpture Supplies Nail Tip Application & Blending Sculptured Nails

POWER TEST II Skills Assessment

**Written ASSESSMENT Level 2 Practical: Full application of Nails

Exit Projects

Provide Guidelines/due dates, etc. for “exit projects”

Mock State Board Practical Exam Prep Class

Exam Prep


Exam Prep


Massage Therapy Our Massage Therapy program is recognized nationally and internationally for our school, training, spa and therapeutic excellence. Become a licensed masseuse in Georgia and work in a high demand field of spa therapy. Learn from internationally specialized educators in sports massage and thai massage. Become a Certified Massage Therapist in 7-9 months. The Massage Program requires that each student have a minimum grade of 75% and the student have a minimum attendance of 80% in order to receive credit/hours in massage therapy related course and clinical work. The ratio of students to faculty in the lab/clinical/ community area shall not exceed 20 students to 1 instructor with no more than 10 student therapists and 10 students serving as clients. Lecture classes are not subject to this ratio. ESI Massage Therapy Philosophy ESI’s highly trained faculty is dedicated to creating a safe, nurturing and relaxed learning environment which honors the diversity and unique gifts each student possesses. We provide a program of educational excellence which combines the classical European traditions of massage with modern American scientific technologies. We believe that human beings excel when encouraged to be fully who they are. Our staff maintains high standards of integrity, character, and ethics, while cultivating these qualities in each one of our students. The program provided by ESI will insure our students are equipped with the required skills to pass the state board examination and prepare them to excel in their professional careers.



Massage Curriculum Level 1 Theory

Demonstrations/Clinic/Hands On

History Overview of Massage

Distribute Intro. Packet (Forms, procedures, etc.) Review State Board Laws & Rules, unpack kit, History of massage

Requirements for the Practice of Therapeutic Massage

State Guidelines, Industry and Business Controls Scope of Practice, license they are the law, Educational Requirements, Health Requirements, License versus certification. Reasons why licenses can be revoked, suspended or canceled.

Professional Ethics for Massage Therapists

Code of ethics, Boundaries, Ethical touch, supervision, Ethical business practices, communication skills, building a professional image, your business name.


Relationship & Definition of A&P, Physiologic changes during disease, The role of therapeutic massage in stress pain, and the pain-spasm-pain cycle. Medical & anatomic terminology

Effects benefits, indications & Contra indications of Massage

Effect & benefits of massage, conditions and contraindications of massage, endangerment sites.

Equipment & Products

Equipment, massage room, place of business.

Sanitation & Safety Practices

First Aid- CPR/AED Certification, Path of disease & infection, maintaining sanitary conditions, summary of precautions, safety practices, universal Precautions, Sanitary conditions, Personal Hygiene.

Consultation & Documentation

Draping & Client Consultation, intake & medical forms, body diagrams, preliminary assessment, develop a treatment plan, informed consent, SOAP notes, updating charts.

Classical Massage Movements

Chair Massage, building strength and flexibility in your hands, body mechanics, posture, table mechanics, exercises for strength, professional rules.

Application of Massage Technique

Effect & benefits of massage, conditions and contraindications of massage, endangerment sites.

Procedures for Complete Body Massages

Preparing, assisting and positioning the client, draping procedures and methods, table mechanics, Maintaining contact with client, procedure for professional massage.

*POWER TEST 1 Skills Assessment 1 (Practical Examination)- Holistic Massage

*Power Test 1 – Test students on comprehension of all theory chapters covered in level I. Practical: Holistic Massage


Level 2 Theory

Demonstrations/Clinic/Hands On

Clinical Massage Techniques

Neuromuscular therapies, trigger-point therapy, muscle energy technique, position release, myofascial release, deep tissue techniques, deep tissue massage.


History & Terms, Practical Application, Indications & Contraindications, Temperatures. Unfavorable Reactions, Physical Modalities, Equipment, Cryotherapy.

Orthopedic Assessment

Client intake, assessment, observation, other orthopedic tests, soft tissue barriers, palpation skills, acute and chronic conditions, the role of continuing educations.

Athletic Sports Massage

Purpose & Applications of Athletic Sports Massage, Contraindications.

Massage in Medicine

Alternative & Complimentary medicine, integrative medicine, chiropractic and massage, hospital based massage, massage as medicine, insurance reimbursed for massage.

Massage for Special Populations

Pre Natal Massage, elderly massage, clients with disabilities, massage for the critically ill, precautions for working with HIV/AIDS infected clients.

Other Therapies

Chair Massage, Reflexology, Energetic Manipulations, Thai Massage, Shiatsu, Chakra Energy Work, Additional Somatic Therapy

Business Practices

Attitude, self-image, public image, business planning, business operations, startup costs, business location, licenses and permits, protecting your business, planning the physical layout, setting your fees, marketing, laws, hiring employees. Career Path, Business Plan- Projects, Career Path

POWER TEST II Skills Assessment

**Written ASSESSMENT Level 2 Practical Exam

Exit Projects

Provide Guidelines/due dates, etc. for “exit projects�


Exam Prep


Exam Prep


International Certification

Your passport to an international career! Do you want to receive an internationally recognized certificate? Your skills will meet international standards and the credentials are recognized and easily transportable from one country to another.

CIDESCO This certification is another international certification recognized globally for higher skincare standards. This certification adds an unprecedented level of sophistication to your license or degree.

ITEC This prep class for the ITEC examination will help you prepare for both the written and practical examinations administered by ITEC (London).

5 Day Intensive Prep Class *Must be licensed for three years with three years work experience.

Our 2 Day Prep Class will get your skills back on track, boost your confidence and have ITEC qualifications are the best way to jump start your career in the beauty industry. Recognized in over 35 countries worldwide; an ITEC qualification will help you wherever you choose to work. international recognition Day One What is ITEC How to Write a Case Study How to Study for the Written Exam How to Prepare for the Practical Exam Suggest Practical Exam List of Items Needed Understanding the ITEC forms Suggested study guides One case study completed Day Two How to upload your Case Studies Mock Written Exam Practical Exam Explained Marking Criteria Reviewed Skin & Eye Demo


Class One Introduction to CIDESCO Understanding CIDESCO forms The CIDESCO project (Additional Subject) Guide to the practical Exam Skin and Body Care Guide to theoretical Examination Nail Care\Nail Structure & Diseases\Disorders Class Two Facial Waxing Facial Electrical Class Three Body Mapping Advanced Massage Class Four Body Electrical Exercise Routine Class Five Hands-on practice Class Six Mock CIDESCO Practical Examination

Admissions Entrance Requirements The Elaine Sterling Institute admits as students only persons having one of the following: • A high school diploma accredited by an agency authorized by the US Department of Education • Through investigation into the validity and accuracy of the diploma will be executed • If the diploma is proven to be invalid documentation, the student will be dismissed from school and appropriate charges or refunds of tuition payments and/or Title IV funding resulting in overpayments will be initiated. • A GED (General Equivalency Diploma) accredited by an agency authorized by the US Department of Education • Applicants seeking admission into an instructor-training program must possess one of the previous certifications and have held a current Esthetician license in the state of Georgia for at least one year. • CONDITIONAL ENROLLMENT: if appropriate documentation cannot be gathered prior to enrollment, conditional enrollment may be granted by the School Administrator. If the student enters enrollment under this condition, Title IV funding will be disallowed until appropriate documentation can be obtained.

Former Students Reentering students will be charged at the current tuition rates for newly entering students. Amounts paid during their first period of enrollment will be credited to this account. If the student reenters within twelve months of the withdrawal, the registration fee will be waived; however, a reentry fee of $100.00 is charged.

New Students After an interview with an admissions representative, the prospective student will tour the facility and complete a pre-enrollment checklist. The admissions process proceeds with the completion of pre-entrance forms including an enrollment agreement and interview (in person or on the phone by the school director). Accepted students will be notified of orientation for new students (attendance at which is required for all students) held on or before the start of classes to introduce the student with the opportunities and policies of the Institute. Students are required to write a 250 word essay on why ESI is the right school for their esthetic education.

VA Benefits Any students that are approved for VA benefits may apply at our school as full-time or part-time day or evening. Please apply at least 30-60 days prior to enrollment date of your choice for the school to process student’s benefit with the Department of Veteran Affairs. Once processing is complete the Department of Veteran Affairs will send the student an award letter. Every VA student has a different case and the process will be different for every student. Please contact the VA at their toll-free number 1-888-4424551 to discuss your individual financial case. Upon enrolling in our school please fill out our registration form, tuition agreement, and pay our registration fee and preenrollment fee. You can find our enrollment information and forms under the admissions tab above.

Re Admission ESI reserves its right to refuse readmission to any student who has withdrawn and requests readmission.


1-20 Foreign Student Visa and VA Benefits Programs M-1 Visa Foreign students must first apply to study at a approved school in the United States. The Elaine Sterling Institute is an approved school in the State of Georgia. Once accepted to our school, students must fill out our enrollment form and send it back to us. Our school will fill out an I-20 M-N/ID form (Certificate of Eligibility for Non-immigrant (M-1) Student Status - For Vocational Students) and send it to the student. If a student should require a visa, take the form I-20 to the nearest U.S. consulate and obtain a student visa. Once you receive your I-20 form from the school you plan on attending, take your form to your nearest U.S. consulate for visa processing. *You must also be able to prove to the consulate that you have the financial resources required for your education and stay in the United States.

Financial Aid Process Complete FAFSA Complete a FAFSA application for Financial Aid. Go to and complete your Free Application for Financial Aid. It is important to include our school code (042045) so the government will send the school the completed FAFSA application. The student needs to ensure they are completing the appropriate FAFSA application for the award year the class is scheduled. (16/17 application). The website should send the student an email confirmation that the application has been successfully processed. However, the school will not receive your completed FAFSA application until 3 to 5 days after submitted. Once received we will contact the student directly to schedule your Financial Aid appointment. Federal Funds that we work with for students include Pell Grants, Unsubsidized and Subsidized Federal Loans. Common issues with FAFSA applications: • Make sure you electronically signed the application and click submit. • Make sure you correctly answer questions regarding a bachelor’s degree. Pell grants are not awarded to students who have a bachelor’s degree. • When possible use the IRS DRT button to electronically transfer your tax return information into the FAFSA application. This will ensure accuracy of the information and can save time. Those that do not utilize the IRS DRT button will automatically be selected for verification. Meet with Financial Aid The Financial Aid administrator cannot discuss estimated financial aid awards with the student until the school has received a completed FAFSA. Once the school receives the students completed FAFSA, then the Financial Aid Administrator will reach out and make an appointment with you to review your financial aid application and the next steps. • VERIFICATION STEP: Approximately 40% of all students are chosen for verification. The Verification process is to clear up any discrepancies in the information provided on the FAFSA application. • The Verification process will include requests for additional documentation from the student or parent (i.e. tax transcripts, school transcripts, identification). Once the verification worksheets are completed by the student,

then the school can submit the documentation for review. This process once the documents are submitted can take two to three weeks. Once you are selected for verification there is no guarantee of start date, until the verification process is complete. • Once the verification is reviewed and cleared then we can begin the process of determining the estimated financial aid available for the student. NON VERIFICATION STEP: IF the student’s FAFSA is not selected for verification then we can begin the process of determining the estimated financial aid available for the student. Complete the Process Once the FAFSA, verification and financial aid award process is complete. Department of Education requires the following documents or tasks be completed prior to the first day of school. • Provide copy of valid driver’s license • • Provide copy of social security card • • Provide copy of high school diploma or high school transcripts • • OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT (not a progress report) *If you are TRANSFERRING HOURS from a previous school program Students receiving federal loans If a student is receiving federal loans, the student must sign the master promissory note. The MPN is the agreement to pay back the loans according to the government terms. Additionally a student must complete an entrance counseling to teach the student the specifics of the loan and terms of repayment. Both of these tasks are completed on the WWW.STUDENTLOANS.GOV website and the student uses the same id and password as the FAFSA website.

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Financial Aid Info School Federal Title IV Eligibility The Elaine Sterling Institute is eligible for, and may participate in, certain Federal Title IV programs of aid for education, including the Pell Grant and the Direct Loan Program, which includes student and parent loans. ESI is authorized under Federal law to enroll eligible nonimmigrant alien students; social security beneficiaries and students as vocational rehabilitation participants. School FAFSA Code 042045 Federal Financial Aid Programs – General Information Federal financial aid is available to those who qualify under the guidelines of the U.S. Department of Education. Student aid is awarded on the basis of the applicant’s need. Factors such as income, assets and family size are all considered in determining the applicant’s need. ESI participates in the following federal financial aid programs: • Government Direct Student Loans • The Pell Grant Program • Government Direct Parent Plus Loans for Undergraduate Students Tuition and Registration Fees Esthetician Program - 1000 hours TOTAL: $15,307 includes: Tuition: $13,500 Kit: $1,623 Entrance Fees: - separate from the cost of the program TOTAL: $184 includes: Registration Fee: $85 (non-refundable) Student Liability Insurance: $59 Graduation Fee: $40

Nail Care Program - 600 hours TOTAL: $9,113 includes: Tuition: $8,100 Kit: $829 Entrance Fees: - separate from the cost of the program TOTAL: $184 includes: Registration Fee: $85 (non-refundable) Student Liability Insurance: $59 Graduation Fee: $40 Massage Program - 750 hours TOTAL: $11,675 includes: Tuition: $10,125 Kit: $1,366 (includes MBLEX fee) Entrance Fees: - separate from the cost of the program TOTAL: $184 includes: Registration Fee: $85 (non-refundable) Student Liability Insurance: $59 Graduation Fee: $40 *All registration fees are payable online at www. or through the Admissions office Payment Plans are also available if you wish to make regular, smaller payments instead of paying for your tuition in lump sums. Payment plans are typically scheduled for monthly payments of the same amount every month. If you would like to fill out an application for federal student aid, please follow these steps: 1. Go to 2. Click “start here” to submit a free application for Federal Student Aid 3. Create a pin, fill out the online form, and input our school code. Our school code: 042045 For more information about financial aid, please call 404.809.3702 or email our financial aid director at

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Refund Policy The ESI Student Refund Policy covers programs administered by ESI for students who commence classes and incur a financial obligation to ESI covering a period of fifteen months or less. ESI complies with the Refund Policy of the Council on Occupational Education and the GNPEC (“Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission”) for the 1000 clock hour Esthetician Program, the 600 clock hour Nail Care Program and the 750 clock hour Massage Therapy Program (each, a “Program”). 1. Refunds for Classes Canceled by ESI If tuition and fees are collected in advance of the start date of a Program and ESI cancels the class, 100% of the tuition and fees collected will be refunded. The student may elect to transfer the enrollment and fees to the next class start date, if applicable. 2. Refunds for Students Who Withdraw On or Before the First Day of Class If tuition and fees are collected in advance of the start date of classes and the student does not begin classes or withdraws on the first day of classes, ESI will refund all of such student’s tuition and fees, with the exception of the $85.00 non-refundable registration fee.

The above policy only applies to full Program withdrawals. ESI has the discretion to determine refund policies for partial Program withdrawals. All refunds due will be made no later than 45 days after formal withdrawal or date of determination of withdrawal. The $85.00 registration fee is non-refundable. Additional Charge Information Extra Instructional Charges In the event coursework or Program requirements are not completed within the period stated in the Enrollment Agreement the student will be charged $13.50 per hour for Esthetician students, $13.50 per hour for Massage Therapy students and $13.50 per hour for Nail Care students for all remaining hours regardless of whether the student completes remaining Program requirements or withdraws. These additional charges cannot be covered or paid for using Title IV funds.

3. Refunds for Withdrawal after Class Commences Students may be entitled to a refund for the graduation ceremony if the student does not complete the program. Students who withdraw or are dismissed after the commencement of classes will receive a prorated refund (minus the non-refundable application fee of $85.00) according to the following refund policy. ESI’s refund policy is calculated according to instructional hours: • refunds are based on tuition paid for segments of the applicable Program, as described in the ESI Enrollment Agreement, i.e., quarter, semester, module, or term, in case more than twelve (12) months; • refunds are made in full to the student within forty-five (45) days of the date of withdrawal; • refunds are determined based on the proration of tuition and percentage of program completed at withdrawal, up until 50% of the Program; • If a student withdraws after completing 50% of the Program, no refund of tuition is required.

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Academic Calendar 2017 Start Dates

Student Hours of Operation

01/08/2018 02/05/2018 03/05/2018 04/02/2018 05/07/2018 06/04/2018 07/09/2018 08/06/2018 09/03/2018 10/01/2018 11/05/2018 12/03/2018

The school is open at 8:45 AM Tuesday - Friday for your convenience. You are considered tardy at 9:01 AM and at 9:05 AM you will be sent home with no hours or credits given for the day. If you are an evening student, the school is open at 5:30 PM for your convenience. Classes begin at 6:00 PM. You are considered tardy at 6:01 pm and at 6:05 PM you will be sent home with no hours or credits given for the day. Saturday and the school is open at 8:00 AM for your convenience. You are considered tardy at 8:31 AM and at 8:35 AM you will be sent home with no hours or credits given for the day. Clocking out before your class schedule end time will result in no hours for the day, unless approved by the director. No hours or credits will be accumulated for that day.

School Closed: MLK Day Easter Sunday Memorial Day 1st week of July Labor Day Thanksgiving Black Friday Christmas Day through New Year’s Day

Esthetician Day Classes Full Time 1000 hour program Monday through Friday 9:00 am – 2:30 pm

*Start dates are subject to change without notice. Please call our admissions office for any updated information on start dates and times for our various programs.

Nail Technician Day Classes Full Time Tuesday– Friday 9:00 AM – 2.30 PM and Saturdays 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Evening Classes Part Time Tuesday – Thursday 5:30pm – 10pm Saturdays 8:30am – 4:30pm

Evening Classes Part Time Tuesday through Thursday 5:30pm – 10pm and Saturdays 8:30am to 4:30pm Massage Therapy Day Classes Full Time Monday- Friday 9am-2.30pm Evening Classes Part Time Monday - Thursday 6pm-10pm


Associations & Resources Elaine Sterling is a participating member of the ASCP (associated skincare professionals) skincare council. The purpose and mission of the skincare council is to raise the bar of skincare education. We hope to create a voice for skincare schools. The Elaine Sterling Institute is accredited by the Commission of Council on Occupational Education. The Elaine Sterling Institute is committed to the principle of equal employment and educational opportunities for all. Per the Title 45, Pt A6 of the Code of Federal Regulations, ESI does not permit discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age or handicap in the administration of any educational programs or activity including participation in, or receiving the benefits or,admission to or employment in such programs or activities. All policies, financial and legal found herein are subject to change without notice. Gainful employment and campus safety information: State Board of Cosmetology 237 Coliseum Drive Macon, GA 31217-3858 478-207-2440 COE 7840 Roswell Road Building 300, Suite 325 Atlanta, GA 30350 Phone (local): 770-396-3898 Phone: (toll-free) 800-917-2081 Nonpublic Post Secondary Education Commission (NPEC) 2082 East Exchange Place Suite 220 Tucker, GA 30084-5305 770-414-3300


Contact Us School Owner Elaine Sterling

Esthetics Instructor Elizabeth St. John

School Director Stacy Marcum

Massage Instructor Department Head Lovelace Linares

Creative Director Marketing Asha Sterling 770.685.4838 Financial Aid Officer Arif Mahmud 404.809.3702

Admissions 4840 Roswell rd NE Building D Suite 300 Sandy Springs GA 30342

Financial Aid Officer Loletia Weathersby 404.809.3702

School & Spa: 404.256.5228 Admissions: 678.904.4531 Fax: 1.877.272.0395

Admissions Director Charlene Clarke 404.609.3234

Directions The Elaine Sterling Institute is located 2 miles inside the I-285 perimeter on Rowsell Road. From I-285 exit onto Roswell Road NE and go South, over I-285 on Roswell Road for about 2 miles, turn right at 4840 Roswell Road, NE into the Roswell Oaks parking lot, turn left immediately and drive to Building E, we are in Suite 201.

Spa Manager Student Services Taylor Esthetician Instructor Level 2 Department Head De Curtis-Glakas Esthetics Instructor Level 1 Department Head Janet Kowaleski Esthetics Instructor Stacey Foster Esthetics Instructor Paulie Khat Esthetics Instructor Gina Morgan:


Massage Instructor Chakina Holland Massage Instructor Jerilynae Pointer Massage Instructor Holistic Sciences Ko Tan: Nail Instructor Stacie Brown: Nail Instructor Ellejay: Spa Services Aaliyah 404-256-5228 Spa Services Jasmin 404-256-5228 Spa Services Wendy 404-256-5228 Spa Services Xiomara 404-256-5228


Fast Facts Admissions Contact Direct Line: 678.904.4531 Fax: 1.877.272.0395

Esthetics & Nail Care Part Time Evening: Tuesday-Thursday 5.30pm-10pm & Saturdays 8.30am-4.30pm

Financial Aid Contact

Massage Therapy Part Time Evening: Monday - Thursday 6pm-10pm 404.809.3702

Financial Aid FAFSA

Location Admissions 4840 Roswell rd NE Building D Suite 300 Sandy Springs GA 30342

Tuition Costs (includes registration fees) Esthetician: Tuition $13,500 Kit $1,623 Registration Fees $184 TOTAL: $15,307 Nail Care:

Tuition $8100 Kit: $829 Registration Fees: $184 TOTAL: $9,113 Massage Therapy: Tuition $10,125 Kit: $1,366 Registration Fee: $184 TOTAL: $11,675

Program Schedules Offered Esthetics, Nail Care & Massage Therapy Full Time Day: Monday through Friday 9am – 2:30pm

School Code for FAFSA: 042045 create an account and then add our school code

Dress Code All white or all black in color (scrubs are to be worn at all times) You will be provided with one ESI sweatshirt in your student kit. scrub tops and Logo T-shirts available to purchase in the student store. Your name badge and ESI pin is to be worn at all times. No jeans allowed.

Student Visas or VA students We accept VA and foreign students. There is an application process and an approval process. VA online registration:

Resources & Social Media instagram: @elainesterlinginstitute

The Elaine Sterling Institute Catalog  

Prestigious Esthetician, Nail Care and Massage Therapy school located in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Elaine Sterling Institute Catalog  

Prestigious Esthetician, Nail Care and Massage Therapy school located in Atlanta, Georgia.