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KINDERGARTEN Fort Worth, Texas

Though most young children attend Pre-Kindergarten programs these days, Kindergarten is still a big step. For parents, it means acknowledging their little ones have grown into an age when they begin their own educational journey through high school, college and beyond. Parents feel confident in leaving their children with us at All Saints’ because they have selected the Kindergarten program in Fort Worth that is known for balancing 21st century programs with nurtured guidance. Curiosities are ignited through exploration of both the core curriculum and co-curricular classes that create thriving, well balanced students. Kindergarteners walk through the front door of the Lower School ready to learn and make new friends. Parents walk through knowing their child will develop a passion for learning and build relationships that will last far beyond Kindergarten.

Left to right: Autumn Rosser, Julie Yater, Samantha Ahern and Caren Roderick.

Kindergarten Programs Our engaging Kindergarten curriculum is purposefully designed so students are challenged in all academic areas and in ways that are relevant and meaningful to each individual learner. The balanced literacy and Daily 5 framework creates a literacy structure that is flexible and adaptable for every reader. Writing Workshop helps students develop their voice as writers and creates the foundation for a love of writing through daily experiences. Similarly, mathematical practice builds throughout the year, forming an understanding of the meaning, uses, and representations of numbers, computation, graphing, patterns and functions. Integration is our consistent focus throughout Kindergarten and the Lower School. Math is integrated with the visual arts and music; Science discovery is complemented with outdoor experiences on the RANGE; and community, logic and reasoning are explored in Social Studies, Chess, and Godly Play. The All Saints’ Kindergarten experience is as integrated and dynamic as the world around us.

Kindergarten Faculty Team The Kindergarten teachers agree this is their calling. As specialists in early childhood development, their expertise and love for teaching young children guide them in all they do. Whether it’s collaborative planning, developing units of study or engaging Kindergarteners in student-centric exercises, our teachers lead by example in demonstrating teamwork. The respect, appreciation and understanding the teachers have for one another and for their students shines through in all they do. As teacher Julie Yater said, “We truly love what we do every day. The students and these teachers are my second family, which makes All Saints’ my second home.”

Kindergarten at All Saints', 2015-16  

Highlights the program and people that create a dynamic Kindergarten at All Saints' Episcopal School in Fort Worth.

Kindergarten at All Saints', 2015-16  

Highlights the program and people that create a dynamic Kindergarten at All Saints' Episcopal School in Fort Worth.