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It’s Men’s Health Week from 9 to 15 June – the ideal opportunity to get clued-up on preventable problems Did you know that UK men visit their GP only half as often as women? Whether due to embarrassment, fear or simply a reluctance to admit something’s wrong, it means that, at worst, serious problems might not be tackled early enough. And at best, it means that men are living with niggly symptoms that could be easily cleared up. Here are fve health issues men shouldn’t ignore – and the easy ways you can detect them.


Testicular cancer

SYMPTOMS A lump – probably painless – on the testicles. STATISTICS Overall this is relatively rare, but it’s the most common cancer in men aged up to 45, with over 2,000 new cases diagnosed every year*. HOW TO CHECK Rob Cornes of male cancer charity Orchid recommends men check themselves every month. ‘Do it after a hot bath or shower so your body is relaxed. Run a fnger over the surface of your testicles,’ he says. ‘If anything feels abnormal, such as a frm

lump inside or on the surface – get it checked out straight away.’ WHAT TO DO The good news is that testicular cancer is almost always curable if treated early. So if anything seems amiss, going to your GP will pay of in the long run. ‘They’ll be able to check it out, and may arrange a scan at the hospital,’ says Rob Cornes. ‘And remember, doctors have seen it all before, so there’s no need to be embarrassed.’

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Heart disease

SYMPTOMS Pain, tightness and discomfort in the chest. STATISTICS Coronary heart disease afects 1.4 million men in the UK – over 500,000 more men than women**. And it’s the UK’s biggest killer, too. HOW TO CHECK The British Heart Foundation advises getting any worrying symptoms checked without delay. Watch out for any unusual pain, aching or ‘heavy’ feeling in the chest, especially if it spreads, or an indigestionstyle pain combined with feeling generally unwell. If this happens, get to the doctor or hospital immediately. WHAT TO DO As high blood pressure is linked to heart disease, and is the second biggest risk factor leading to premature death in the UK**, it’s a good idea to get this checked – your Asda Pharmacy can arrange a simple free blood pressure test. There’s also a lot you can do to bring down the risk of heart disease in the frst place, such as eating plenty of fruit and veg, and getting 150 minutes of exercise a week†. A kickabout in the park and a banana for a snack might be a good way to start. Go to for details.


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