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If you always stick to tried-and-tested Cheddar, you could be missing a treat. We’ve now got lots of cheeses with exciting added favours, so why not try something new, says our cheese expert Tom Holmes If you stroll down our cheese aisles, you’ll see classics like Tom Holmes, Cheddar and Asda Cheese Edam beside Team everything from Feta to Manchego and Halloumi. And we’re always working to source the best new cheeses. There’s more choice than ever before, but if you really love a particular type of cheese, you may be a bit reluctant to try something new. Fortunately, you can now enjoy the best of both worlds with the growing trend for ‘favoured’ or ‘speciality’ cheeses. These are standard cheeses with fresh ingredients added for an extra burst of favour. To develop our new range of Chosen by you favoured cheeses, we did

lots of research to fnd out which foods and tastes you love. The classic favours of Italian food, for example, are really popular so we’ve developed a cheese that’s favoured with sundried tomatoes, olives and basil for a wonderful Italian twist. Spicy food is also big right now, so we’ve added peri peri chilli from Africa to Cheddar for an extra kick. And we tapped into the trend for using real ale in recipes such as pies, then added wholegrain mustard to the mix, to create a really moreish cheese that’s brilliant for cooking.

Dairy best

Of course, even the best added ingredients wouldn’t work without a fabulous cheese to use as the base. We think we’ve cracked it with our exclusive Wyke


Farms Mature Cheddar. This wonderful cheese is produced by a family-run cheese maker in Somerset – the spiritual home of Cheddar – using milk from their own dairy cows and 100 other local farms within a 35-mile radius of their dairy.

Fresh ingredients

All the milk comes fresh from the cows each day and, using a 150-year-old family recipe, makes a Cheddar with a rich, creamy favour. It’s then left to mature for six months to give it a real bite, before being delivered to another Somerset company, Norseland, for the next stage of the process. Using the Wyke Farms Mature Cheddar as the base, Norseland blends a variety of lovely fresh

ingredients to create our favoured cheeses. They use only top-quality, authentically sourced ingredients to guarantee they taste amazing. As Tracey Burr, Technical Manager for new products at Norseland, says, ‘We love Cheddar, but we wanted to add more pizzazz with these new cheeses by using fresh ingredients to give even more favour.’

Quality & choice

The fnished cheese is then made into family-sized wedges, handy slices or mini snacking portions – so there’s something to suit the whole family. The result is a range of delicious cheeses that are special enough for any occasion. They’re far too good to save just for your sandwiches…

Asda Magazine - June 2014  

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Asda Magazine - June 2014  

Football fever! Food and drinks to kick off your celebrations...