2023 Anne Springs Close Greenway Annual Report

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The mission of the Anne Springs Close Greenway is to connect people to nature through recreational and educational activities while fostering a passion for environmental conservation, animal habitat, and protection of natural resources.

2023 Board of Managers

Kristina Burke, Chair

Chad Williams, Vice Chair

James Warren, Secretary

Keith Wilson, Treasurer

David Barnes

Crandall Bowles

David Buist

Ell Close

Alice Davis

Chad Echols

Harry Emerson

Chuck Epps

Catherine Faircloth

John Gordon

Dehler Hart

Jeff Helms

Andy Kane

Martha Kinard

Jan Martin

Tim Rogers

James Smith

Alex Sullivan

Cindy Sutton

Brenda Wilges

Darrell Williams



As stewards of the 2,100 acres that make up the Anne Springs Close Greenway, one of the most important considerations we face is finding a balance between conservation and our impact on the land. We are trying to intentionally put conservation on the forefront, followed by education and low-impact recreation, and continually strive to use that decision making filter with the ultimate outcome of inspiring the next generation to love and respect the natural world.

Our staff plays an integral role in advancing our mission, and it is their collective efforts that have allowed us to accomplish the milestones outlined in the following pages. I want to express my appreciation to each member of our team, whose passion and hard work never cease to amaze me. A special acknowledgment to our Natural Resources staff, whose expertise and tireless efforts have been instrumental in safeguarding and sustainably managing this land.

To our donors, members, volunteers and supporters, your generosity, time and advocacy have made a lasting imprint on our community, fostering our ability to connect people with the wonders of nature. With your continued support, I am confident that we will leave a legacy of environmental stewardship, education and outdoor recreation for generations to come.

Abundance! This is what comes to mind when I think about the past year at Anne Springs Close Greenway. We have been gifted with 2,100 acres that has provided a beautiful backdrop for our community. The abundance that nature provides has allowed us to connect with the environment, find solace in its tranquility, and experience the healing power of the outdoors

From the serenity of Lake Haigler and the rushing of Steele Creek to the enchantment of the endangered Schweinitz’s sunflowers, it is evident why our role in conserving natural resources is paramount. Walking through the prairie in early spring, I can feel the energy of life itself. It is a beautiful example of how diversity fosters a thriving community, reminding us of the interconnectedness of all living beings. The Greenway stands as a testament to this delicate balance—both robust and fragile — requiring our steadfast commitment to preservation.

In my capacity as Board Chair, I remain grounded in our mission. Over the past year we honored Ms. Close’s vision of creating deep connections with nature, especially in our youngest adventurers. As we look ahead, I am filled with anticipation for the countless experiences awaiting us, none of which would be possible without the unwavering support of our donors, volunteers, and dedicated staff. Their commitment forges the way for our continued success.

My hope is that each of you will join me in continuing to care for the Anne Springs Close Greenway so that it may flourish for generations to come. While the world insists on changing around us, we can hold onto the knowledge that this amazing Greenway will stand strong forever.



Total Member Households


Friends of the Greenway Households




Total number of students who experienced a field trip/ outreach program: 5,813

Nature-based preschool students: 59

Afterschool on the Greenway students: 86


11,831 volunteer hours served, equating to an estimated $332,570 of in-kind service.

Total number of active volunteers: 223

Most hours logged by one volunteer in 2023: 1,491

Pounds of food harvested by the Betsy McLean Plant a Row for the Hungry Garden: 4,757


The Anne Springs Close Bridge Program offers tiered financial assistance, providing a mechanism for all members of our community to benefit from Leroy Springs & Co. programs and facilities.

Total financial assistance awarded: $355,058

Total household recipients: 357

Number of campers received funding: 134

*Includes FLYERS Afterschool & summer camp participation

9 1 Mecklenburg % York Union % % Other % Lancaster %


* Special Events, Recreation and Educational Programs



- 526 Schweinitz’s sunflowers counted in 2023 Census.

- 277 pounds of collected trash and 562 plastic items removed from Steele Creek.

- 66 pounds of trash collected that could be recycled.




Leroy Springs & Company, the parent organization of the Anne Springs Close Greenway, embarked on a brand platform project more than two years ago to better connect the family of brands. Headquartered in Fort Mill, the organization oversees a dynamic non-profit portfolio including not only the Greenway, but also the historic Leroy Springs golf courses, Springmaid Mountain Retreat (Spruce Pine, NC), and FLYERS Afterschool, the exclusive operator of afterschool programming in the Fort Mill School District.

In early 2024, the Greenway unveiled its new logo. The updated style creates a cohesive look across our family of brands, while maintaining the icon that symbolizes the rich history of this special property. The fresh look pays homage to our past while reaching the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts in this region.

Hiking 128,905 Dog Park 34,527 Dog Walking 29,948 Youth Program 20,524 Other* 14,360 Biking 13,279
Gateway Canteen 9,526 Comm. Garden 1,432 Day Riding 1,315 Fishing 1,201 Photography 414
SUMMER CONCERT SERIES 9,658 ARTISAN MARKETS 4,872 EARTH DAY 6,416 RACES 1,435 Summer Camp(over 10 weeks) 2,957 Kayak Rentals 2,225 Campouts (Group + Private) 1,409 Trail Rides, Lead Lines, & Lessons 1,006 Equestrian Birthday Parties 237 Venue Rentals 164 Outdoor Recreational Birthday Parties 76 Exceptional Equestrian Volunteers 42 Exceptional Equestrian Riders 27

A Year in REVIEW

Launch of The Cardinal Society

In February, The Cardinal Society was inaugurated to honor donors who incorporate Anne Springs Close Greenway in their planned legacy and estate contributions. Legacy gifts are designed for enduring impact, originating during one’s lifetime but benefiting the organization or cause posthumously, establishing a philanthropic foundation for future generations.

In various folklore, the sighting of cardinals is considered a symbol or visitation from a departed loved one. The Greenway, being a natural habitat for cardinals, draws a parallel between these birds bringing love from the departed and the ongoing provision of support through planned and estate gifts.

Generous donors interested in including the Greenway in estate and planned giving can establish a charitable bequest or choose from various options such as retirement assets, charitable trusts, appreciated securities, donor-advisor funds, annuities or gifts of personal property.

SC Public Radio Celebrates 50th Anniversary at the Greenway

Labor Day weekend kicked off with an unforgettable live music experience at the Anne Springs Close Greenway’s Comporium Amphitheater. Nestled amidst the park’s tree-lined beauty, the Greenway hosted the award-winning Bluegrass band, Steep Canyon Rangers, in collaboration with South Carolina Public Radio and South Carolina ETV.

Steep Canyon Rangers, boasting three Grammy Awards and a remarkable musical journey, have left an indelible mark on the music scene. Heralds of the Carolina sound for more than two decades, Steep Canyon Rangers’ Americana tunes were the perfect soundtrack for a harmonious celebration of music and nature at the Greenway.

Stay tuned for their return in 2024!


Scan for more information about how to name the Greenway as a beneficiary.

Watch The 50th Anniversary of SC Public Radio with Steep Canyon Rangers at 10pm on May 23 or May 30 on SCETV.

Natural Resources at Work

In the past year, natural resources staff at the Anne Springs Close Greenway made significant strides to enhance pond management efforts to ensure the health and sustainability of the aquatic ecosystems.

A robust monitoring system was implemented to baseline and track crucial metrics like dissolved oxygen, pH and turbidity. This meticulous monitoring identifies potential issues and provides data to take targeted actions to address them.


ROSINWEED : silphium integrifolium

This herbaceous perennial is native to portions of the South and Midwest regions of the United States. A wonderful choice for native gardens due to its drought tolerance and deer resistance, Rosinweed is a bird and pollinator favorite. Blooming regionally in July and August, the nectar and pollen of the sunflower-like blooms attract native bees and butterflies. With strong, fast-growing stems, Rosinweed easily grows to a height of two to three feet but can reach up to six feet tall.

The best place to find Rosinweed on the Greenway is growing alongside our endangered Schweinitz’s sunflowers in the prairie beyond Stumpy Pond at the Adventure Road Entrance. It can also be found in the Dottie Metzler prairie and other large, open areas with full sun.

Emphasizing the importance of water quality for sustaining diverse aquatic life, proactive measures were implemented, including pond dyeing to combat harmful algae and the introduction of lime to regulate the acidity of the water. These practices ensure a more conducive environment for aquatic flora and fauna, contributing to the overall health of the ponds.

Recognizing imbalances in fish populations, particularly an abundance of bass in certain ponds, staff organized a community Bass tournament during the Earth Day Celebration to promote a more diverse and balanced ecosystem, helping to educate the local community in our conservation efforts and also help regulate the bass population.

This comprehensive approach to pond management has been instrumental in maintaining balanced and thriving ecosystems. By adopting a holistic approach, we are ensuring the long-term health and sustainability of our ponds and the surrounding nature park.

Looking ahead, we remain dedicated to continuous monitoring, adaptive management and community involvement, reaffirming our position as leaders in sustainable land management practices.



unaudited (in $000)

ASSETS Cash $270 Cash Restricted for Capital Projects 478 Inventory 51 Contributions Receivable, Net of Allowance 2,838 Other Current Assets 278 ASCG Endowment (Cash & Investments) 36,214 Property & Equipment, Net 46,256 Goodwill, Net 154 TOTAL ASSETS $86,539 LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS Accrued Liabilities $139 Deferred Income & Deposits 702 TOTAL LIABILITIES $841 Net Assets without donor restrictions $64,926 Net Assets with donor restrictions 20,772 TOTAL NET ASSETS $85,698 TOTAL LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS $86,539 REVENUE Program Revenue $2,254 Memberships & Admissions 2,286 Donations, Corporate Partnerships, Grants 1,419 Food and Beverage 1,375 Other Revenue 915 TOTAL REVENUE $8,249 EXPENSES Labor Costs $ 4,181 Program Expenses 889 Repairs & Maintenance, Utilities, Supplies 1,118 Other Expenses 1,243 Depreciation 767 Management & General 856 TOTAL EXPENSES $9,054 Net Loss from Operations ($805) OTHER ACTIVITY Capital Contributions $631 Endowment Contributions 2 Investment Income, NOE 2,303 NET INCOME $2,131

Thank You To Our Donors

Key: The Cardinal Society Friends of the Greenway


Close Family

Founders Federal Credit Union

Kingsley & Fletcher McNeil


William Bowles

Creative Solutions


Wells Fargo


Ashley & Steve Allen

David Davenport

Piedmont Medical Center - Fort Mill

Vesime & Martin Schroering

Williams & Fudge


Andy Bovender Real Estate

Atrium Health

Bartels Construction Solutions, LLC

Baxter Cabinets

Carol & Charles Boyd

Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Assoc.

Comporium Foundation

Continental Tire of the Americas

Cygnus Asset Management

Epps Orthodontics

Alice & Dehler Hart

Rachel & Jim Hodges

Mary & Barry Mack

Terry & Tim Patterson

Sync Storage Solutions

The Stone Man

Abby & James Warren


Amor Artis Brewing Company

Apollo Valves

B & B Distributors

BNA CPAs & Advisors

Patsy & Dennis Bowman

Boykin Property Group

Alison & Terry Bruster

Buy The Bunch

Carolina Home Remodeling

Linda & Ed Currie

Natalie & Bryant Lee Demby

Connie & Frank Elcess

Ferrara Buist Contractors

Knights Lawn Care

Legal Remedy Brewing

Susan & Paul Mitchell

Palmetto Family Hearing Center

Jill & Greg Parsons

PuckerButt Pepper Company

Reynolds Orthodontics

Cindy & Jason Sutton

Velocitor Solutions

Jackie & Clif Toole

Christine & William Wade

York Electric Trust


Rebecca & Charles Ackerman


Amanda & Matt Andersen

Elizabeth & Robert Anderson

Harold Barfield

Barfield Grading Company

Melanie & Shaun Barnes

Joe Barsanti

Baxter Veterinary Clinic

Sarah & Thomas Belk

Paige & George Boykin

Kate & Matt Brennan

Meredith & Ben Bridwell

Clear Springs Development

Leslie & Martin Cooper

Crafted Dentistry of Fort Mill

David Bowman Wealth Management

Alice & Kevin Davis

Lea Dulin Grandbois & Steven Dulin

Angela & Patrick Ferrence

Sally & Ben Ficklen

First Horizon Bank

Nancy & Jeff Gifford

Wyndie & Dickie Havnaer

Julie & David Huffman

InSure Insurance

Charlotte & Brent Keefer

Debbie & Scot Kiggans

Barrie & Lawrence Lewis

Cynthia & Phil Lewis

Mackey Realty

Malison Financial Group

Terri & Craig Marshall

Jan & Lynn Martin

Sarah & Michael Melandro

Richard Metzler

Tara & Daniel Mummey

Myers & Chapman

Michele & Mark Nestel

New South Family Medicine

Susan & Robert Palmer

Ann & John Porter

Libby & Jay Rainey

Ann & Steve Rhodes

Marcie & Torrence Shealy

David Smith

Suzanne & Travis Smith

Superior Masonry

Seton & Charles Tucker

Megan & Scott Watson

Elizabeth & Darrell Williams

Workhorse Shared Services


Leigh & Holly Anderson

Leigh & Jeff Atkinson

Renee & Bryan Beck

John Benson

Joyce & Andrew Berger

Lynn Bergman

Cari & Chris Bock

Annie Baker & Lance Brockmeier

Kristina & Scott Burke

Amanda & Marshall Burns

Carolinas Center for Oral & Facial Surgery

Shelley Childers & Melissa Magann

Erin & David Ciechowski

Laura & Darren Ciotoli

Carolyn Cooke

Kim & Greg Coolidge

Alyssa & Michael Cowell

Jesse Cramer

Rufus Dalton

Danielle Gerdes-Debow & Ben Debow

Cheryl & Vincent Depaoli

Patricia & James Dobbins

Kirsten & Dan Dodd

Shannon & Terry Dolch

Sheila & Derek Eaton

Alexa & Alex Espinal

Jennifer & Merrick Estes

Gloria & Carl Evans

Beth & Leonard Evansek

Raye & Wayne Felder

Fortified Data Services

Connie & Alan Fruehan

Cheri & Chris Gall

Lindsey & Bryce Gandy

Jennifer & Andrew Garrett

Allyson & John Gordon

Kathy & Billy Greene

Growing Joy Farms

Megan Harris

Harris Teeter

Cheryl & James Holt

Michael Hurd

Michelle & Bevan Hurlbert

Ciara Caron

Jackson Orthodontics

Karin & Dan Janick

Brandi & Steve Jansen

Gina & Jeremy Jenkins

Rebecca & Mike Jones

Ericka & Paul Kauer

Paige & Jay Kell

Darlene & Steve Kerr

Bobbi & Gary Kimsey

Knights of Columbus

Elizabeth & Jesse Lanter

Charlie Lieske

Bronah & Bill Livingston

Active Jan 1
complete donor list can be found at ASCGreenway.org 08

Thank You To Our Donors

Katherine Lockhart & Scott Updike

Dawn & Charles Long

Blaire & Adam Mathis

Laura & Joe Maxim

Odette Bonvouloir & David McCullen

Betsy & Byron McLean

Krishna & Melissa McVey

Donna & Ed Melanson

Jessica & David Mendelsohn

Janie Mines

Kathryn & Derrick Murr

Jen & Brian Musgrave

Charlotte & Earl Myers

Zankhna & Mital Naik

Cynthia & Michael Ott

Virginia & Cary Parker

Nolan Pike

Lorette Polite-Young & Robert Young

R. Hanauer Fine Accessories

Katherine & Marcus Rabun

Chris & Bill Reibl

Megan & Axel Reichert

Retina Institute of the Carolinas

Beth & Don Rice

Lynn & Ron Ringley

Rock Hill Striders

Nancy Rouisse & Tom Wolfe

Melinda & Brent Royall

Amber & Shawn Smith

Snap Fitness Fort Mill

Sharon Jans & Randy Snyder

Susan & Alvin Steele

Leslie & Brad Stoehr

Pam & Harding Stowe

Tracy & Alex Sullivan

Sunbelt Rentals Scaffold Services

The Local Palate

The Stowe Foundation

Karen & Mark Thomas

Susan Searle & Ted Thomas

Sally & Kent Weymouth

Jamie & Patrick White

Jessica & Blake White

Angela & Peyton Worley


Tatiana & Erik Abromitis

Angela & Mark Adams

Valerie & Alan Amidon

Susan & James Andrews

Julianne & Bryan Audiffred

Robin & Jim Babinchak

Laura & Aaron Bacik

Amy & John Bain

Prab Balasubramanian

Susan & Brett Balsinger

Hillary & Brian Barger

Nakia & Lamonte Barnes

Charlotte Batten

Gray & Brian Beard

Malissa Behm

Susan Bell & Brian Peckinpaugh

Thomas Bennett

Stephanie & Mike Berens

Bice Law

Shannon & Blaine Blackwell

Carolyn Blair

Tammy Bodack

Ruth & Gary Boetsch

Jennifer & Jared Bogacki

Joe Bonds

Lucinda & Robert Bonner

Laura & David Booth

Lynda & Jim Bowen

Greg Bowen

Kathy Bowers

Elizabeth & Chase Bowers

Devra Brabec

Lisa & Tyson Brawley

Kristin & David Bray

Dilcia & Robert Brazel

Donna Bridges

Natasha & Justin Brooks

Anne & John Cardozo

Kate Schallhorn & Brian Casey

Heather & Tommer Catlin

Carol & William Chalker

Karen & Kaushik Chavan

Mario Chavez

Pam & Phil Childs

Leah & Dennis Chriss

Beth & Fred Chuck

Jolene & Jerry Church

Shara & Tim Clark

Cory Clark & Nolan Glenn

Scott Close

Mary & Claude Close

Lauren & Eric Cole

Darcy Comstock

J L Smith Construction

Lisa & Damon Cortez

Stephanie & Greg Couch

Lisa & Butch Cowart

Deborah & Robert Cox

Jaime & Adam Coxon

Gail & Ken Craven

Denise & Barry Cubbedge

Anna & Sam Culver

Lindsay & James Curby

Jennifer Currie

Stephanie & Victor Damasceno

Diane & Luther Dasher

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Lisa & Eric Davis

Dawne Davis & Steve Hodge

Elizabeth & Ford Davis

Carrie & Kevin Denham

Kelly & Anthony D’Errico

Christina & Uday Desai

Tamara & Ryan Deuel

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Catherine & Ian Eggleston

Kristy & Charles Elder

Nicole & Jacob Elgin

Geri & Jon Elias

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Kathy & Harry Emerson

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