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2015 Community Impact Report

Jack Sansing Dental Clinic New Facility In 2015, JSDC moved into new quarters. The new state of the art facility can serve 1,600 patients a year (a 33% increase) and has increased its ability to serve clients quickly and to complete their treatment plans having a positive impact on their overall health, all in a beautiful and welcoming space. PHOTOS Left: Earl Maxwel says a few opening remarks while Susan Campion and Lew Aldrige look on. Above: Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. L-R: Hollis Howel, DDS, JSDC Staff Dentist; Ross Moody, Trustee, Moody Foundation; Kathy Tovo, District 9 Council Member; Paul Scott, ASA Executive Director; Lew Aldridge, Co-Founder, Alori Properties; Susan Campion, ASA Chief Programs Officer; Leslie Wingo, ASA Board Chair; Representative Elliot Naishtat; Earl Maxwell, CEO, St. David's Foundation.

Letter form Leslie & Paul Our Community Impact Report is an opportunity to reflect and highlight the dedication of our staff and volunteers to serve ASA’s mission to enhance the health and well-being of the community and people affected by HIV and AIDS. Each year ASA builds on a stronger foundation to provide the support and framework for our clients and the community to live either with or without HIV.


At the end of 2015, ASA completed an aggressive five year strategic plan accomplishing our four primary goals. We improved the integration and impact of our programs by developing culturally appropriate and innovative services as part of a full continuum of services. We have focused internally to develop diverse leadership at the board and staff levels to better serve our mission, clients, and the community. We have strengthened our financial health by diversifying our revenue and increasing sustaining funds to reduce public funding from seventy-five percent to sixtyone percent while also investing in our program infrastructure and technology to more efficiently deliver services. We have expanded our outreach into the community to connect with the communities we serve and expand opportunities for those impacted by HIV to access our services. ASA now looks to strategically build on a strong foundation of service and stewardship to provide enhanced services for our clients and the community looking to build a healthy future for themselves and their families. Our work continues to be challenging with serving HIV positive persons with complex needs, working to help people live a longer and healthier life, and expanding our services and outreach to prevent HIV through education, PrEP, TaSP, and awareness. We recognize and thank the ASA board, staff, and volunteers for their hard work providing the tools to fully support healthy choices and options for our clients and the community. We hope you see from the work outlined in this report that ASA strives to impact our community every day for the better.



Leslie Wingo, Chair

Paul E. Scott, Executive Director




“Whether we feel we are directly affected by this or not, we can all be educators. When we affirm that a person can continue to thrive, we are setting them up to build a healthy future for themselves.”








4% 1% 10% 39%



– Carmarion D. Anderson Testing & Linkage Programs Manager

31% 15% 4

Male Female Transgender

AGE Under 24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55 and Over


White Black Hispanic Other

The “mobile office” of ASA, the testing van, received an original wrap created by Marcus Sanchez for easy recognition around town. The van boasts two private and comfortable testing areas where those being tested can receive one-on-one attention behind closed doors. An initial risk assessment determines which tests will be performed including HIV, syphilis, and Hepatitis C. “The idea is to meet people where they are,” said Testing & Linkage Programs Manager Carmarion D. Anderson. “Whether we feel we are directly affected by this or not, we can all be educators. When we affirm that a person can continue to thrive, we are setting them up to build a healthy future for themselves.”

“We wanted something that spoke to all the communities we serve in Austin” - Marcus Sanchez, The Q Austin

Women's Health Summit The Women's Health Summit presented by Women Rising Project (WRP) provides participants with activities that develop leadership skills and health literacy, improves self-esteem, and provides opportunity for supportive networks by breaking down the feeling of isolation. Led by both trained professionals and peer leaders, the summit's focus is educational, intellectually stimulating, and motivational. With only 37 percent of HIV-positive women staying in healthcare nationally, the summit teaches skills to overcome barriers that impact retention in health services, a key to stopping the spread of HIV and ensuring that women living with HIV are as healthy as possible to pursue their personal goals and care for their families.




"When you look at me what do you see? Surely not HIV. I am not bound by the stigma and shame

Thanks to the Tingari-Silverton Foundation and ASA's Women's Giving Circle for funding the Summit.

That HIV proclaims You see, I know who I am..." Excerpt from a poem by Demetra Tennison, ASA Staff Counselor and WRP member 6

The Q Austin The home of ASA’s Mpowerment Project, the Q Austin is dedicated to building a safe, affirming, and healthy community that empowers the young LGBTQ community in Austin. The Q Austin has made a difference in the lives of young gay, bisexual, and questioning men by providing a space to shape a healthy community for themselves, building positive social connections, and supporting their friends and peers to talk about safer sex. Through engaging social media campaigns and understanding the community it serves, The Q Austin has become the most visited testing site in the city as well as a leader among Mpowerment projects nationwide.



207,592 USERS






Case Management Through a strategic case management approach and the development of a more comprehensive screening and intake process, ASA is able to enroll clients with little delay. We have also increased our therapeutic approach in the provision of medical case management services.



“By increasing efficiencies in eligibility and intake, we are able to enroll clients into our case management and health insurance programs with little delay.” - Melissa Rios Non-Medical Programs Manager









PLUS Positive Living through Understanding and Support (PLUS) is a specialized, short-term program coordinated by nursing and includes the interdisciplinary team to support clients in medication adherence and retention in medical/specialty care. The primary goal is to assist clients to achieve and maintain HIV viral load suppression. PLUS staff assist clients with medication adherence education, keeping medical appointments, and providing support when clients find themselves overwhelmed with the steps needed to remain healthy and happy while living with HIV. Clients who have graduated from the PLUS Program have demonstrated significant rates of viral load suppression success and increased independence.

"I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to work alongside the hard-working, compassionate, people at ASA." – Allie Etzel Intern, PLUS Program 9

DIRECT SERVICES Direct Services works with many agencies that serve the whole HIV community- more than just ASA clients. We serve clients in the seven counties in Central Texas.

Helping Hands Food Bank ASA’s Helping Hands Food Bank empowers people living with HIV and AIDS to manage their health through a nutritious diet that is custom tailored to their unique needs. The Food Bank grocery program provides nutritionally sound food choices to our clients including seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs, whole grains and cereals, foods high in protein, dairy products, nuts, and dried fruits. A registered dietitian on staff helps clients make healthy choices. Volunteers in Food Bank logged over 4,000 hours in 2015, helping ASA serve more clients and keeping costs low.


“Food Bank is my most wonderful gift” Helping Hands Food Bank Client






Housing ASA coordinates Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) and is a partner in Best Single Source Plus (BSS+) as well as other housing services throughout the seven counties in Central Texas. We sit at the table with all other housing agencies in the region that target the homeless. When you cover basic needs like shelter and food, it allows you to take care of your health.


Paul Kirby Emergency Fund ASA provides emergency relief for individuals when no other sources of funding exist. The Paul Kirby Emergency Relief Fund is the last resort for our case managers to assist their clients, with much of the funding going for essentials like eye care, utilities, housing, and prescription medication. The entire fund is thanks to the Octopus Club, an allvolunteer, grassroots organization dedicated to making a difference by raising money for the Fund. 2015 Distribution of Paul Kirby Emergency Funds Medications 9%

"Housing and food are required basic needs. It's more than just your medical health. It's your humanness."

Housing 52%

Eye Care 8%

Insurance 1%

Utilities 27%

Other 2%

-Sandra Chavez, Director, Direct Services 11

"A healthy mouth is a sign of overall good health. Regular dental apointments help us catch things early so they can be treated." -Jeannie Nelson, Director, JSDC

JACK SANSING DENTAL CLINIC The only stand-alone clinic providing services to HIV positive people in Central Texas, the Jack Sansing Dental Clinic (JSDC) provides routine and emergency dental care for people living with HIV. This includes oral examination, treatment planning, oral surgery, root canal treatment, periodontal therapy, restorative dentistry, removable prosthodontics, treatment of infection, and preventative oral health care. In 2015, JSDC moved into new state of the art facility with the capacity to serve 1,600 patients a year (a 33% increase). We have improved the ability to serve clients quickly and to complete treatment plans, helping lead clients to better overall health. (Below) Susan Campion, ASA Chief Programs Officer, received a national Health Equity Hero Award sponsored by Denta Quest for her visionary work spearheading the JSDC project.



TRAINING GROUND FOR A NEW GENERATION ASA is often the training ground for people entering the field of public health. During his internship in Access Services, we interviewed Derek Beckford. He represents the next wave of support. What brought you to ASA? “My first exposure to ASA was through The Q Austin, where I started attending core group meetings. The Q allowed me and others to normalize conversation regarding our sexual health. I never received sex education in high school...When it became time to do my field work for my master’s degree, ASA seemed like a good place to intern. I was inspired to help those impacted by HIV/AIDS.” Has anything suprised you during your internship? “What caught me by surprise was the quick realization that each client is unique and different, which you can only come to learn by talking to them one on one. HIV/ AIDS services support is in no way mass marketing, where one solution works for all affected. Rather, it is a tailored approach to getting to know your client and what their specific needs and priorities are. I was astounded at the myriad of different issues out there for people living with HIV/AIDS. It was surprising to learn that each person’s priorities could be so very different. "

What part of the work did you enjoy most? “My interactions with clients, and developing a relationship with them. I enjoyed seeing clients going through the support process, and making personal progress on their own specific issues. I loved seeing specific clients change over time to both looking and feeling better! The difference in how they behaved was dramatic in some cases. Seeing those personal changes happen in just a short amount of time has been the most rewarding aspect of the job for me.” What have you learned about ASA? “ASA has made great strides supporting the varying needs of the HIV/AIDS community. We offers so many different services to so many different groups of people, some of which I did not know about before I arrived here. I am excited about future things to come for the HIV/ AIDS community in Austin, the surrounding area, and by the newest initiatives now happening within ASA.” 14

Would you recommend ASA as a place to intern or volunteer? “I would certainly recommend ASA to other social work masters candidates like myself; I would also recommend the development side of ASA to students who are business degree candidates. ASA is really unique, because it is so broad in its mission and scope. Other grad school peers of mine are interning in much more specialized positions, dealing solely with the elderly or children for example. The diversity I found here at ASA would be much more appealing work, because so many different communities are affected in so many different ways by this disease.” What is next for you? “I am finishing grad school, but do plan to remain in Austin. I really hope to find a job working with diverse populations as I have done at ASA." A few months after this interview, Derek Beckford was hired by ASA as a Prevention Specialist.






"We work to make sure ASA utilizes the skills and talents of our volunteers so that their time spent with us is both impactful and personally gratifying." -Megan Satterfield, Volunteer Manager 15






“Communities have to be involved to create a culture of care for those affected by HIV and to inform everyone that we are all at risk and not just certain individuals. Regardless of your background, race, gender and the like, we all desire community and family." - Wade Davis, 2015 AIDS Walk Austin Honorary Chair 16

VIVA & CAALP Capital Area AIDS Legal Project (CAALP) was a major beneficiary of VIVA, a gala event with food, and casino style games. After more than two decades of success, 2015 was the final year for Viva. Support for CAALP is now driven my mission-forward fundraising including ASA Open Houses and client story appeals. CAALP continues to provide valuable legal assistance to people living with HIV and AIDS in Central Texas. ASA and Volunteer Legal Services partner to provide legal counsel, respond to cases, and engage area attorneys for pro bono legal services helping low income people who are living with HIV and AIDS. 17





A long-time supporter of ASA and a crucial partner in establishing our new Jack Sansing Dental Clinic, St. David’s foundation provides support for two of ASA’s major programs, supporting several staff positions and operational costs.

The Moody Foundation generously helped ASA revive our volunteer program—which has already increased volunteer involvement over ten-fold—and has also supported us in finally replacing our outdated electrical system at the main campus.

The first true presenting sponsor of AIDS Walk Austin, Gilead generous support provides much needed general operating funds for AIDS Services of Austin.

In partnership with CommunityCare David Powell Health Center, the Episcopal Health Foundation has supported a variety of ASA programs, including testing, patient navigation, integrated STI testing and treatment, and outreach. 18

An long time community partner since 2010, Walgreens is a major sponsor of the annual AIDS Walk Austin as well as AIDS Services of Austin year after year.

By modifying a for-profit model, Alori Properties was able to purchase property for the dental clinic and lese it to ASA at a fixed amount for ten years with the option to purchase, allowing ASA to build a state-of-the art dental clinic which opened to clients in May 2015.

Due to the generous support of the Austin community, ASA once again landed in the top ten agencies of Amplify Austin. The non-restricted funds raised, provide operating support, allowing ASA to sustain a range of integrated services for clients across three campuses.

Thank you to the Octopus Club volunteers, who continue with their incredible fundraising success in support of ASA’s Paul Kirby Emergency Assistance Fund, which provides critical emergency assistance support for HIV positive clients.

The Hill Country Ride for AIDS had a remarkable 16th annual ride that benefited ASA and nine other beneficiaries. HCRA provides critical funding for ASA and its services and allows ASA to be flexible in meeting the needs of our clients and the community.

TOP 10 AIDS WALK TEAMS ASA recognizes the top 10 AIDS Walk teams for their positive impact they have on our community. Prime Timers Austin....................... $16,823

Rainbows and Unicorns................... $5,631

Rain on 4th. . ............................... $13,630

Austin Gears................................. $4,410

Team Waterloo........................... $11,170

Care Communities Walkers.............. $4,357

Oil Can Harry's.............................. $8,662

Hi Five......................................... $4,250

ASA Troops................................... $7,385

Lyft Austin Weird............................ $3,915


$10,000+ Lew Aldridge* Alori Properties Austin Community Foundation Brown Paper Tickets, LLC Kenny Custer* Dell Employee Giving Bill R. Dickson* Michael J. Donnelly and Garry M. Olney* Eaton Fine Art Episcopal Health Foundation Estate of Donald Stanley Woolson Gilead Sciences Hill Country Ride For AIDS IBM Employee Services Center Janssen Products, LP Local Independent Charities Of Texas Lola Wright Foundation Jim A. Lommori* Lee Manford and Casey Blass* Nordstrom St. David's Community Health Foundation The M.A.C. AIDS Fund United Way for Greater Austin Universe Collaborative Lifestyle Walgreens Wal-Mart Foundation Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati

$2,500 – $9,999 2150 MMCL, LLC. Carol Smith Adams and Chris Adams* ALC Steaks Daren R. Appelt* Ascension Health Ministry Service Center Austin Regional Clinic Avita Drugs, LLC Basic Transportation Needs Fund Patrick Bauman* Dr. Hans Bengtson* Russell Bridges and Ralph Salinas* Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, Inc. James Carlisle* Charles Maund Toyota Chuy's Opco Inc. Donna Clay* CLS Partners Jai Cochran William E. Coll* Bob Dailey* Beverly Dale Donald D. Hammill Foundation Dragon's Lair Comics And Fantasy Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation Steve Flores and David Thibodeaux* Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP Frank J. Garrahan* Give With Liberty Employee Donations Susan B. Hammer* 20

Richard C. Hartgrove and Gary Cooper* HEB Grocery Garrett Higley* Dan Huffine* Galaxy Cafes Monte Job* Kent Richard Hofmann Foundation Dr. Noel Landuyt and Gary Schumann* Laura and Bob Higley Foundation Bernie J. Lofaso, Jr.* Dr. Donald E. Lovering* Macy's Foundation Michael L. Magee* Magnolia Cafe Duane Mailman* Maudie's Tex-Mex Maxwell, Locke, and Ritter, LLP Tom Mays and Orlando Zayas* Midtown Office of Independence Title David Dison Miller and Curtis K. McAdams* Andy Miller and Brian W. Stephens* Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill Piper Stege Nelson and Drew S. Nelson* Oilcan Harry's Quinn Interiors Rain on 4th Randall's Grocery Quinton Rasberry

Red Bull North America, Inc. Patrick Roth and Wade Holmes* Monica Saavedra* Salesforce.org Matching Grants Anna Marie Sanchez and Katrina Pruitt* Sanders\Wingo Schwab Charitable Paul E. Scott and Scott Simons* Justin B. Siegel* Siena Ristorante Toscana Stephen Skaggs and Jay Kleine* Joah Spearman* Fred Sultan, IV and Don Meek* The Benevity Community Inpact Fund The Hollyfield Foundation Truist Tingari-Silverton Foundation Velocity Credit Union Vintage IT Services Visa Employee Giving Kirby Watson* Wells Fargo Foundation Suzanne F. Whatley Whole Foods Market Leslie Wingo and Christopher Martinez* Dr. David P. and Sheri L. Wright* Tim E. Young*

* Indicates individual giving at the Star Partner level.

$500 – $2,499 38th Street Pharmacy Aesthetica Med Spa Stacy Allen Timothy R. Allen Aloft Dallas Downtown Amy's Ice Creams, Inc Paula Angerstein and Paul Grosso* Sarah Anisowicz Applied Materials Employee Giving Association of Nurses In AIDS Care ASTI Trattoria AT&T Employee Giving Campaign AT&T Services, Inc. Tom & Robbie Ausley* Austin Gay & Lesbian Pride Foundation Austin International Drag Festival Austin Steam Train Association Patrick Baker Ms. Jennifer L. Balkan Barron & Newburger, PC Joyce Beasley Raymond L. Beaumont Jason Berkowitz Ms. April M. Berman Jay T. Billig* Birds Barbershop Vicki Blachman Blackbird Bakery Judith H. Boren Pamela Bossert Francesca Brockett and Jim Brockett*

Gregory Brown and Patricia Young Brown California Pizza Kitchen Barton Creek Camp 4 Paws Deborah Campbell Susan Campion* Castle Hill Investments Cenote Central Market North Central Health Richard W. Champagne Faye Chandler* Michelle Cheng and Chris Quaglino Cherrywood Coffeehouse Renee Clark Craig Cobb Arnold and Susan Cohen* Jodi Cole Peter A. Conforti and Darrel W. Baker* Continental General Agency, Inc. Melissa Cook Troy E. Cooper* Carla J. Cox Sharen K. Craddock Charles L. Curry* Nora Daly Stephen Davis Brendan Day Taylor A. Dean Henry DeAngelis, Jr.* Betty S. and Jeffrey T. DeLargy* Don Denham*

DentaQuest Malisa L. DiGiacomo* Lynne Dobson Matt Easterling Eastside Cafe Terry A. Eaton and Robert M. Williams El Alma Restaurant Group Electronic Arts Outreach Barbara Ellis Enchiladas Y Mas Haven Eskind Eureka Restaurant Group Evergreen Studios Amos Ewing and Bill Cary Fabi + Rosi Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Finn & Porter First Presbyterian Church Stephen J. Fleckenstein Fonda San Miguel Foreign & Domestic Buford and Donna Foster Francisco's Salon Frank Bradley Franklin Freescale Semiconductor Bradley G. Frey* Annie Frierson Robert Gabourel* Michael Garcia Nicholas Garofalo Bill Garza


Gelateria Gemelli Lisa L. George Mark Gibbs Jake Gilbreath Girl Scouts of Central Texas Jeffrey God Chip Graham Lisa S. and Larry K. Graham, Sr. Grant Works, Inc. Dara J. Gray Diane Y. Greene Russ Gregory Michael Grosch Steve Grotten and Jim Locke Ground Floor Theatre Mark Guerrero* Gusto Italian Kitchen + Wine Bar Mark Hager Handcrafted Portraits Hausman Chiropractic & Acupuncture Dr. James R. Haws and Catherine McCoy Heritage Title Company Jordan Herman and David Porter* Hewlett Packard Employee Giving Kathleen Marie Higgins and Robert Solomon Hilton Anatole Dallas Terrance Hines and Jarrett Urban Dr. John S. Hogg and David Garza* Holiday Inn Chelsea/Manhattan Dana Holloway-Jones Home Depot Foundation

Hoover's Cooking Husch Blackwell, LLP R. Gordon Huth Hyatt Regency - Austin Hyde Park Westgate LTD Anthony Incalcatera and James Buswold* Selena Infante* Reed Jackson* Holly Jackson Justin Jacobs Dena Jansen Chris Jimmerson and Dr. Wayne Bockmon Edwin Johnson and Clifton D. Dollar JuiceLand Amy Juried Ann Kasper Patrick Keel and Jason Schubert Lake Austin Spa & Resort Law Office of Ilana Tanner Le Meridien New Orleans Richard Leczynski Dr. Larry J. Lee Codie LePors Barbara Sue Lewis Light Touch Aesthetics Lee Ann Littrell Sylvia J. Lopez Art Losoya Thomas Luce Rick Luisi and Erik Wilson

$500 – $2,499 continued Brian Lee MacKinlay Shannon Mantrom Manuel's Allison Massey Michael Mayer* Janet McCullar Vavra* Paul J. McGill Ann N. McGinley and Dr. B.J. Lee* Meals On Wheels Association of America Meeta Awasthi Morrison DJ Melonson Merck Foundation Laura Merritt and JP Kloninger* Kristin E. Mondy and R. Mohan Balachandran Daniel Montoya* Mother's Cafe Terry M. Neal* Larry Dwain Neal John Neal Neiman Marcus Elizabeth Nelson Donald R. Nenadal and Glenn D. Reynolds Network For Good David E. Nielsen North By Northwest Onion Creek Kitchen at Juniper Hills Farm Carolyn C. and Joe A. Osborn Lisa Owens Ms. Janet Patterson Paypal Ebay Employee Giving Victoria Holland Pearson* Joe and Janis Pinnelli

Duane Sevelin Shady Grove, Inc. Lauren Sheppard and David Wolfson Matt Smith* L. G. Skip Smith Patrick Smith and Jeffrey LeBaron Southwest Airlines Jennifer Sowinski and Dan Garvey Spark Fitness Splash Days Susan Steeg and Sarah Calvert Kelly Stephens Daniel Sydnes Tableau Employee Giving Taurus Academy John C.R. Taylor III and Peter Flagg Maxson Tyriek K. Taylor Tecumseh Foundation Roger Temme Texas Realty Capital LP Texas Rowing Center Texas Lawyers' Insurance Exchange The Great Outdoors Craig Thibodeau* John M. Thomason Karen Thompson* TRACE Travaasa Austin Maria De Jesus Trevino and Mark Anthony Trevino Turquoise Trading Post Lum Twilligear, III United Way of Greater Kansas City

Planet K South Christine Plonsky Marilyn K. Polston* Susan Pratt Forrest Preece and Linda Ball* Jean R. and James K. Presnal Jeffrey Price* Progressive Casualty Insurance Co. Rainbow Ranch of Texas, LLC Ranch 616 RBC Capital Markets, LLC James Rebman David and Susan Reid Kirk A. Rice* Miguel Angel Rivera, , Jr. Daniela Rivkah Ann Robbins Scott Roberts Robin Jackson Photography Roppolo's Pizzeria Ruby's Barbeque Francis Rusconi Samsung Employee Giving Marcus Sanchez Santa Rita Mexican Restaurant & Cantina Scanlan, Buckle & Young, P.C. Jody J. Scheske Gary N Schumann* Mark Wayne Seeger and Jeff Harper* Kimberly Selinger* Eugene Sepulveda and Steven Tomlinson*


Urbanspace LLP UT Division of Diversity and Community Engagement W San Francisco W Austin W Los Angeles - Westwood W Dallas - Victory Hotel W Atlanta - Midtown W Washington D.C. W Chicago Lakeshore Rick Wadley* Mrs. Miranda Walker Barry C. Waller* Ingrid Weigand and George Dolis Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign Bert K. Wenker, Jr.* Aisha White, M.D.* Whitehurst, Markness, Brees, Cheng, Alsaffar & Hig Bart Whittington Becky L. Willard Tom J. Wilmore and Linda S. Magee Robert H Winn Andrew Wisner Joseph Wisnoski Kevin D. Witcher and Rick O'Donnell Eva and Marvin Womack Joe Zubia Janna Zumbrun and Jeanne Minnich

* Indicates individual giving at the Star Partner level.



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2015 PROGRAM EXPENSES Management and General Development

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Profile for AIDS Services of Austin

2015 Community Impact Report  

2015 Community Impact Report  

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