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What Features do you need to Integrate to build an App Like Uber? Any taxi app development, in most of the cases, involves building app features like that of Uber, because Uber has set the standard for taxi apps. On a global scale, Uber stands to be the best taxi booking app, working in 600 cities across 65 countries. The best mobile app development companies in India can help with this app development process in case you are planning to start your own mobile cab business.

The Uber app functions as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

User places a trip request with the destination. User gets to see the trip fare, based on the type of vehicle he chooses. The verification involves the user confirming the data and the pickup location. The app matches up the user with a nearby available driver. The driver either accepts or declines the trip request. The payment process is completed automatically in the app after the ride is completed. 7. Before the payment, the user adds a credit card/ debit card/ PayPal account, Android or Apple Pay, UPI payment, etc. 8. User also gets the option to change the default tip for the taxi service. 9. App requests rating after every ride is completed.

The passenger features you must include to make an app like Uber: 1. RegistrationUsers can register via email, Facebook, phone number with verification. 2. Taxi BookingUsers enter the address on the screen, select the type of car, and set up the pick-up location. 3. Fare CalculatorThe passenger gets to see the price of every ride from beforehand. 4. Driver Tracking-

Users can track the movement of the driver and also make updates during and after the journey. 5. PaymentThe app can have multiple variants like cashless-in-app payments, via credit cards, PayPal, or simply in cash. 6. Push NotificationsUsers get informed and are kept up-to-date with the trip request status, driver arrival time, details of the driver and car, and more. 7. Text MessagesUsers can communicate with the cab driver via text messaging facility within the app. 8. Driver Rating and ReviewThis deals with the service evaluation of the app. 9. Travel HistoryUsers get to see details about their previous rides and transactions. 10. Customer SupportUsers can seek help from the customer support at any time by via in-app chat or calling options.

The Advanced Features to be included: 1. Pickup LocationThis feature will allow the passenger to automatically find a driver-based on the passenger’s current location. 2. Ride CancellationUsers are offered the option to cancel the ride they have booked within a pre-set period of time. 3. Split PaymentThis feature allows fellow passengers travelling together to split the fare among themselves equally. 4. Interactive MapIt allows users to observe all the taxi cabs on the map in real time.

5. Booking for OthersThis feature allows users to book trips in advance at a pre-scheduled time.

6. Gamification and DiscountsOffers would include stars, badges, offers, coupons or codes, etc. that will help increase customer acquisition and increase retention rate. 7. Voice RecognitionThis allows using voice commands for taxi app. 8. Waiting ListUsers will be able to add their request to a waiting list during peak hours. 9. Panic ButtonPanic buttons help the ride more secure for passengers.

The Driver-side functionalities of the app that you need to include are as follows-

1. Driver Profile and StatusThe verification process of the driver will be undertaken from the administration side. 2. Trip AlertsDrivers can receive trip orders that they can accept or deny, while getting to see the passenger’s location, route, and travel history. 3. Push NotificationsDrivers receive alert notifications about taxi booking info, trip alterations, and trip completion. 4. Navigation and Route OptimizationDrivers get to see and follow the best trip route on Google Maps. 5. Driver Delivery ReportsDrivers get statistical information about trips and earnings on a daily or monthly basis. 6. Messaging/ CallingThey can call or text a passenger from the app in case such needs arise.

The advanced features on the driver side would include the following1. Driver DestinationsThe driver gets the option to ride with a preferred destination. 2. Quest earningsThe drivers can earn more money by completing the pre-defined number of trips. 3. Waiting TimeIn case of a cancellation or a wait time of more than 5 minutes, the passenger is charged additional costs. 4. Heat MapsThe driver can plan his schedule after comparing the demand perspective on a map and proceed to the location with a higher passenger ratio. 5. Forward DispatchDrivers get to accept another trip request while completing their current ride.

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What Features do you need to Integrate to build an App Like Uber?  

If you want to build mobile app like OLA or UBER, then all the above functionalities will help you build an app like Uber. If you have queri...

What Features do you need to Integrate to build an App Like Uber?  

If you want to build mobile app like OLA or UBER, then all the above functionalities will help you build an app like Uber. If you have queri...