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Yadira Roman, Realk Wriart, Dean Kab, Steve Joel

Get Featured! ArtTour International is delighted to feature artists who are making a difference. We have several ways for you to get featured. Email for more information.

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"Origin" Fine Art Photography By Rebekka Guรฐleifsdรณttir


INDEX From Iceland with love!

2019 WINTER ISSUE Page 11

Silty Art is bringing Icelandic artists to the international arena taking the art world by storm.

- Alexander A.M. - Finnur P. Fróðason - Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir - Sólveig Edda - Tómas Ó. Malmberg - Victor G. Cilia

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Editors’ Picks!

This year's ATIM anniversary issue features an exciting selection of artists that have made huge waves and stood out for their tremendous contribution with their brilliant works that have captured the hearts of many all over the world. Enjoy the following pages with our Editor’s Picks and discover these artists, keep your eyes open during the coming year for these shining stars and start collecting their works!

“Woman In Wine” By Janice Alamanou

Fine Art Photography By Finnur P. Fróðason

- Alison BarrowsYoung P-18 - Aase Birkhaug P-20 - Agnes Jorgensen P-21 - Alan Beckstead P-22 - Andy Elton P-26 - Antonia Chaffey P-28 - Astrid Jacobs P-29 - Atypical P-25 - Barbara Palka Winek P-30 - Bo Mi Jo P-31 - Briana Gallo P-32 - Brighart P-34 - Bruce A. Niemi P-36 - Carla Kleekamp P-38 - Carole K. Boyd P-39 - Carole Robitaille P-49 - Cathrine EdlingerKunze P-40 - Cheryl L. Hrudka P-42 - Cher Anderson P-44 - David Whitfield P-43 - Donna Bonin P-46 - Frans Frengen P-47

- George Coll P-48 - Gloria Keh P-50 - Grady Zeeman P-52 - Hanna Supetran P-54 - Hazel Wilks P-56 - Jacqueline Domin P-57 - Jani Jan J. P-58 - Janice Alamanou P-59 - Jason Bryant P-62 - Jerry Venditti P-60 - Jory Mason P-63 - Jean-Jacques Porret P-64 - Jeong Ah Zhang P-66 - Judith Gale P-122 - Julia Chu P-68 - Katrin Alvarez P-70 - Kay Griffith P-72 - Kina Wolfe P-73 - Laurence Lher P-74 - Lawrence R. Armstrong P-124 - Lois Gold P-80 - Mano P-75


LeRoi - Mague Brewer - Margaretha Gubernale - Michael Gleizer - Michelle Purves - Mieke Van Den Hoogen-Huijgen - Misa Aihara - Monika Cilmi - Natalia Bragina - Nobuko Ogawa - Päivyt Niemeläinen - Olivia Kapoor - Onno Dröge - Paul Hartel - Pia Buxbom - Philip Noyed - Raymond John Westraadt - Raymond Quenneville - Ryusuke Yamagiwa - Richard Heley

The Essence Of Beauty

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Metamorphosis. Colors & Healing

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P-126 - Ron C. Curlee II P-106 - Seppo Kari P-108 P-82 - Siegfried Lehmann P-128 P-109 P-83 - Steve Lyons P-84 - Subodh Maheshwari P-110 - Susan Talbot Hoffmann P-112 P-85 P-24 P-86 - Sveta Long P-19 - Sónia Domingues P-130 P-113 P-87 - Ulla Haga P-88 - Tinatin Vachnadze P-132 P-114 P-89 - Therese Boisclair P-90 - Wendy Carmichael Bauld P-92 P-116 P-94 - Wendy Yeo P-117 P-95 Interior Back Cover P-96

The Top Environmentalist Artists Of The Year Awarded in New York in an unprecedented event!

“Discoveries”. A Journey Of Beauty And Splendor

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Renée Bellavance

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From Iceland with love!

Silty Art is bringing Icelandic artists to the international arena taking the art world by storm. Photography by Finnur P. Fróðason

In an earnest act of love and appreciation for visual arts, Thorgrim Cilia and Alexander Malmberg founded Silty Art with one goal in mind: to provide a platform for artists from Iceland and all over the world to grow and develop in their respective fields. Silty Art is an arts agency dedicated to fully representing emerging artists and developing their exposure. The agency deals in the consultation and portfolio development of the artist, in an attempt to get them to a broader audience with the organization of exhibitions in museums and in partnering galleries worldwide. One rule of thumb followed by Silty Art is to work closely with artists, forming strong bonds centered on understanding. This artist-centric approach to artist promotion and representation is what gives Silty Art an edge above other agencies. Cilia recognizes the individuality of the artist in terms of artistic definition and form of expression.

The captivating father-son story that formed the foundation of Silty Art is told in an exclusive interview between founder Thorgrim Cilia and the editor-in-chief of ArtTour International Magazine, Viviana Puello, broadcast on the ArtTour International Show and now available on YouTube. Cilia explains how he was deeply inspired by his father Victor Cilia, who has been in the Icelandic art scene for over 25 years and is now one of the artists represented by Silty Art. The conversation also highlights the growth and development of Silty Art, including its challenges and accomplishments to date. The word "Silty" is an ingenious allusion to what the agency stands for. As fertile as the silt soil, Silty Art is keen on nurturing and promoting the artists, cultivating them to be the best versions of themselves-just as silt soil nurtures healthy and abundant crops. Silty Art boasts a wide selection of artists specializing in different forms of visual arts. The following six pages feature the excellent group of Icelandic artists represented by Silty Art and their awe-inspiring artworks.

For more info visit: @Siltyehf



Alexander A.M.

"Nostalgia" By Alexander A.M. Museum Grade Paper Print, 14"X26"


o-founder of Silty Art and designer. Growing up with enthusiast photographers around him, Alexander A.M. took an interest in photography at an early age. Both his aunt on mother side and grandfather on his father side were nonprofessional photographers exploring this medium as a hobby using 35mm SLR cameras. When he was about seven years old, he sat as a model for his aunt when she was experimenting with portraits and then later got to help her in the darkroom developing those photos, igniting his fascination with photography.

"Present" Fine Art Photography, 18”X12”

Recently he became more serious about photographing and photo editing finding inspiration in every aspect of life whether it be natural patterns, man made structures, garbage, the absence of light or the endless possibilities to alter light with the camera. "Endurance" Fine Art Photography, 12”X18"



Finnur P. Fróðason

Fine Art Photography By Finnur P. Fróðason

“Photography and an interest in nature go like hand in glove and photography teaches us to see – not just to look.”


inding the beauty in the ever changing light and shadows in the northern hemisphere, that alter the colors and patterns in the landscape, along with his interest in geology, are the core inspiration factors for photographer.

Fine Art Photography By Finnur P. Fróðason

Fine Art Photography By Finnur P. Fróðason



Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir

"Blind 1" Fine Art Photography

Photography, Drawings, Design


ebekka Guðleifsdóttir is a visual artist with an unbelievable eye for beauty.

Working with a wide array of media, and constantly pushing boundaries, this artist is known for mastering many art forms.

“Pig" Fine Art Photography, 8.5”X9”



With a deep understanding of her own concepts and skill, her art ranges in breadth and richness from photography, drawing and design.

"Straw" Fine Art Photography, 8.5”X9”

Sรณlveig Edda

Paintings, Prints


รณlveig Edda is a visual artist that mainly works with oil on canvas.

Exceptionally observant, she finds inspiration for her work from society and in the human behaviour.

topics, which makes her art show new view points on the current political situation, environmental issues, humour and emotions.

She brings her emotions into her painting style and expresses her deepest feelings about both popular and controversial



TĂłmas Ă“. Malmberg

"Shapes Unseen" Mazonite And Acrylic Paint On Canvas, 12"X12"

Sculptures, Paintings And Prints


omas Malmberg better known merely as Tommi, is an Icelandic artist and a goldsmith with an unmatched and unique style, both in his artwork and jewelry. From an early age, he showed that he was creative, studying the piano composing music and poems and later taking up tools and sculpting beautiful jewelry and finally earning his masters diploma as a goldsmith in 1992 and with it, his insignia stamp of trade T. Malm and thus his artist name came to be. Since then he has been creating enchanting jewelry and artworks that have been shown and sold both in Iceland and abroad, Denmark and Bulgaria to name a few. Even though he is righthanded, Malmberg sometimes draws with his left hand or with both hands evenly. Mixing bold long strokes with minor details, he creates works that range from the smallest necklace to large wall- sculptures that are almost in a way not

"Shapes Unseen" Mazonite And Acrylic Paint On Canvas, 12"X12"



of this world and would fit perfectly in a surreal abstract dream or just in high-class alien society.

"Untitled" Private Collection" Mazonite And Acrylic Paint On Canvas, 35"X18"

Victor G. Cilia

Paintings, Prints


ictor G. Cilia is a fine art painter based in Iceland who has contributed to the Icelandic art scene since the year 1992 with an instantly recognizable and unique painting style. Inspired by ancient ornamental traditions and natural science, the artist balances his artwork effortlessly between symmetrical patterns, organic forms and modern mechanical shapes creating a window into an abstract world where you can easily get lost in endless symmetrical patterns or fall into deep Fibonacci spirals. A world where it’s possible to see complex forms and familiar Celtic patterns and symbols flow seamlessly into graphical representations of modern satellite dishes, tubes and lamps.

With his fantastic sense for details and a steady hand, he plays with the shading in a way that makes his artwork look like huge three-dimensional objects from outer space in some cases, and like something you would see under an electron microscope in other.




Alison Barrows-Young

"Refuge In The Mists” Oil On Canvas, 36"X60", 2016


he haunting expressionist paintings of Alison Barrows-Young capture the emotional responses of her subconscious mind to life events and experiences. Working predominantly in oil on canvas, the artist blends bold lines with thick layers of color to compose highly detailed renderings executed with textured brushstrokes and strong compositional skills.

classical fine art study in fundamental to advanced drawing and painting. She was born in New York City and raised in Canada, and currently resides in the US Pacific Northwest. Barrows-Young’s works have been displayed in a multitude of private and public collections in the United States, Canada, and throughout Europe.

Focusing on landscape and figurative subject matter, Barrows-Young presents a profound and realistic look into humanity, making visible our society’s internal demons. In her figurative work, Barrows-Young plays with form, color, and anatomy to illustrate underlying aspects of the human condition, creating a strong connection between social activism and her artistic practice. Alison Barrows-Young has also dedicated over 30 years of her artistic career to mentoring art students while teaching

"The Artist's Studio On A Red Day" Oil On Canvas, 16"X20", 2016



"Shadow In The Trees" Oil On Canvas, 72"X36"

Monika Cilmi



live and work as a professional artist in Ipswich. I have a BA in visual arts, a PG in Japanese art and a Ma in Fine art. I have exhibited my work in Europe and in the USA and I collaborate with a dance company in Mexico. I am very passionate about Japanese art and my artworks express the harmony between a logical research, my personal feelings and instinctive actions. “ monikaspapermagic

"Thought” Ink On Paper, 9”X13”

"Body/Mind” Ink On Paper, 20”X28”

“Capturing Nature” Ink On Japanese Paper, 9”X13”




Aase Birkhaug

“Late Autumn Roses" Watercolor, 4”X6"


elieving that surroundings can influence one` s health and mind, painter and physiotherapist Aase Birkhaug has combined her two passions by painting roses for a soothing effect. Having fallen in love with flowers, nature, and painting from an early age, it was only natural to merge these factors at some point, and by combining the aesthetic beauty of botany with her skills as a painter. It is documented that colors have an effect on the sensory system, and some years ago I made the waiting room in my physiotherapy office into an exhibition for my paintings, so I discovered that it influenced the patient's mental state. “My paintings are regularly described as very soft and mild. The color combinations I use are tastefully and delicately fused to make a motif that can be described as very soothing to the eye. I

“Rose De Paradise” Tempera And Watercolor 4"X6"



discovered several years ago that Roses have a positive effect on me, almost like healing, and the combination of the smell and the sight feels like a meditation, bringing about a certain calmness, this is something I try to reflect in my paintings. To mention some names in my art family- painter Anna Sofie Brunchorst Ibsen, the famous poet Henrik Ibsen, painter Harald Ibsen, painter Borghild Ibsen, and professor Dr. Med Conrad Birkhaug. I have attended art and painting classes since I was 13 years old until 2018.” Aase Birkhaug has received 53 international art prizes and art awards for her rose paintings the last 2.5 years

“Rose De Paradise III” Tempera And Watercolor 4"X6"

Agnes Jorgensen


La Couleur De L’amour" Oil On Canvas, 36"X36"


y artwork is inspired by life experiences and by the calling to express my feelings.

The challenge for me, is to find a way to share what I feel on the canvas, taking the subtle ideas from deep within and making them tangible. Training from the Academy of Realist Art has influenced me to paint with oil on canvas in the old-master method. I am drawn to subjects that convey emotion or tell a story and I use the human figure to represent this in a realism way.

"Prima Dancer" Oil On Canvas, 36"X36"

Though my medium of choice is oil on canvas, I love texture and find ways to add different mediums to enhance each new creation. My art is a reflection of my heart and mind and through viewing my artwork, the observer can then SEE ME. ” For more info contact:

“Seeking Harmony" Oil On Canvas, 36"X36"




Alan Beckstead

an Francisco Castro Halloween in the 1990s is a recent series I have been working on to explore the history of the LGBTQ community through art. “

In the 1990s the Castro Neighborhood was in the midst of the AIDS plague. The Muscle System Gym sponsored a local AIDS organization fund-raising Ball during Halloween. Attendees were required to wear drag. The buffed gym bunnies took to the task competitively, emptying the city of wigs and oversized pumps. In 1993 a group of ten friends decided to go to the Ball

"Misty And Roz Preping For The Ball" Acrylic On Canvas, 50"X30"



“Hicky With Folsom Gang" Acrylic On Canvas, 30"X24"

"Looking For A Husband" Acrylic On Canvas, 24"X20"

“Beauticians On Parole" Acrylic On Canvas, 40"X24"

lead by Connie Cocktail. At Goodwill, they found 10 Jessica McClintock sample wedding gowns. They became “The Brides in Search of a Husband.” In the years that followed the themes changed. The Muscle Ball was first but followed by visits to their favorite local bars which always included the SF Eagle. AIDS claimed the lives of three of the friends. Most have remained in the Bay Area and stay in touch. Every

Halloween, each walk down Castro Street with memories and smiles in their eyes. The series is a tribute to the 10 Crazy Queens. For more info contact:

"Nicole At The Sf Eagle" Acrylic On Canvas, 30"X30"


EDITORS’ PICKS Sveta Long works pop out with vibrant and delicately contrasting colors, beautiful borders, and storytelling patterns.

Sveta Long


native from Russia, now based in North Carolina, USA, Sveta Long has a unique style given the name of "Faberge Art Deco." Her work is a colorful nod to the Faberge eggs and Art Deco era. A walk into the innovative window of her work is a precious gift to all. Long's artistic techniques are a unique craft; she takes us into an imaginative world of play and craftsmanship drawing intricate lines, flowers, faces, and mermaids that catch the light to shimmer on vases, plates, fabrics, and eggs. She incorporates the use of kitchen appliances such as plates, cups, utensils, and a variety of objects to depict her abstract world. Sveta Long has a love for all things that shimmer, and she brings her fresh new style to numerous things. What once was a form that was traditionally kept to elaborate and ornate painted eggs has expanded to multiple items. She began to recreate well known and highly desired Russian crafts, using designs that at some point were solely made for royalty. The style brought to mind the admired vintage intricate glory of Russian nobility and their possessions, transformed and made fresh in a completely new and inventive New World style. The pieces pop out at you with vibrant and delicately contrasting colors, beautiful borders, and storytelling patterns. Something from the old world, a bit of the new world integrated all into one to take place and share space in the heart of many. From vases to home sets, Rooted from Faberge inspiration, applied to tangible objects-- Long is bringing a whole new wave of functionality to an older traditional style. 24





ndy McGeoch is a San Diego based pop artist. Originally from the east coast, Andrew was not content where he was in life. Packed up a few belongs and moved to San Diego in 2008. After two years of living here walked into an art store and bought two canvases and some paint. He found himself and an outlet in painting. As the year progressed he started painting with spray paint a came up with the upside down logo that he calls atypical. Over the years he would cover advertisements he didn’t like on the streets with his symbol and art. After six years of painting the streets and canvas for himself he is now marketing at art shows and galleries.




Andy Elton

"Against War" Marble, 16.5”X50.25”X11”


he best way of describing the current work in bronze is “de-constructed figurative”. The bronzes are produced by drawing directly in the hot wax which is deliberately kept very thin. Traditionally bronze casts are worked after casting but with these casting I leave the cast surface untouched. Consequently, there is the sense of immediacy similar to a drawing or monotype. I have worked in the famous foundries of Pietrasanta and for many years ran my own foundry working alongside many artists who have since achieved fame and fortune. As an artist and founder I challenge myself

"Against War" Marble, 16.5”X50.25”X11”

"Nudes " (Front View) Marble, Bronze, 7”X7”X3”



"Nudes " (Back View) Marble, Bronze, 7”X7”X3”

"Relief" Bronze, 8”X3”X2”

all the time to produce bronzes as close to the immediacy of a drawing as possible. All my work continues this theme except my carvings in marble. The carving in marble is a slow process and the sculptures reflect the emotion of the way the world is. Loss created by illness or war. “sono scultore” ah “bravo” it was 1970 and the first time I heard anyone think that being a sculptor was great. The artigiani of Carrara opened my eyes to who I was. A maker of things. A carver. A sculptor. My feelings expressed using the female form. It is sex.

"Stop" Marble, 26”X18”X16”




“Canola" Pigment And Acrylic Medium On Linen, 54"X54"

Antonia Chaffey


he locus of my works since 1997 has been the Murray Darling Basin of Australia: once a seabed.

Irrigation and de-afforestation of the lands of the region since 1887 has subsequently enabled agribusiness to over crop with wheat, canola, and cotton, bringing salinity to the surface, changing that landscape forever. The aerial perspective reveals the geological richness and delicate subtlety of this ancient land while returning me to my roots in abstraction.” “The Overview Effect # 2" Pigment And Acrylic Medium On Linen, 14"X14"



“Kati-Thanda-Lake Eyre" Pigment And Acrylic Medium On Linen, 24"X72" (Triptych)

Astrid Jacobs


“Keep Your Balance" Acrylic On Canvas 39”X31”


he award-winning painter, illustrator, and author works and lives in Germany. She exhibits internationally throughout Europe and the United States. Her artwork hangs in many public and private collections worldwide. Astrid Jacobs undertook many study trips to Europe, Asia, and the USA. She moved to New York, where she lived and worked for five years. Now

she has her studio in Munich. Astrid Jacobs has been awarded internationally including the Oscar dell`Arte, Monte Carlo, Oct.2017 and the Golden Palm for the Visual Art in Nice, April 2018; Omagio a Paolo VI, Intern. Human Rights Award by Accademia Italia in Arte Nel Mondo, where she is an Honorary Member of the Accademia, Brindisi, Italy; The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists by EA Editore, Rome, Italy; Metropolitan Empire Prize, NYC, Okt. 2017; the Best Modern and Contemporary Artists, Berlin 2017, and many more notable titles. Her paintings allow capturing happy moments of silence, showings others a glimpse of what is beneath the surface. The colors express the emotions and music behind all forms of life. For her, color is music and music is color.

“Harmony" Acrylic On Canvas, 24”X31”

“Cruising On Fine Day" Acrylic On Canvas, 35”X35”



Barbara Palka Winek

“Dream" Oil On Canvas, 39"X55"


y painting is characterized by search and experimentation of form and matter of the painting. It is essential for me to paint technology improved and enriched by my own experience and even lead to the development of my own technology.

My painting begins with emotion. That emotion builds the form and climate of picture. This painting is from my inside. I am working on a number of cycles that complement each other and form as a result of the full scale of my feelings and experiences.”



“Imago X" Oil On Canvas, 55 "X 39”

“Melancholico" Oil On Canvas, 59"X39"


Bo Mi Jo


o Mi Jo translates the fleeting moments of a fast-paced life into still spheres on a smooth surface that create a peaceful and calm clarity. She says, when we focus on the present moment, the flow of a swift current disappears. There only remain objects in still - objects of things, beings, thoughts, or feelings - and we can let ourselves mindfully observe the relationship between these objects and peacefully coexist with them.

“Holiday Flow" Acrylic On Canvas, 36"X60"


“The First Note Of April" Acrylic On Canvas, 36"X60"

“Mimosa Saturday" Acrylic On Canvas, 36"X60"




Briana Gallo


riana Gallo is a Fine Art Photographer as well as a Photo Philanthropist. She currently lives and works in La Jolla, CA. Her work has taken her to a variety of countries including Ethiopia, Vietnam, and Nepal. Each

experience has inspired her to search for those communities where there is a story to be told. Briana forges real connections with communities when she shoots, turning her lens into a bridge rather than a wall.

"Merci Boys" Photography, 15"X20"



"Hamer Woman" Photography, 20"X30"

"Nepalese Monk" Photography,15"X20"

"Ethiopia Shade" Photography,15"X20"

"Boys Sunset" Photography, 15"X20"

"Everest Porter" Photography, 15"X20"




“Into The Nature 2" Acrylic On Canvas, 60”X60”


righart, abstract expressive artist, born 1956 in Amsterdam. She attended workshops and classes of Femia Morselt. From 2004 till 2007, Brighart worked full-time as an abstract artist at WBK Vrije Academie werkplaats (studio) voor beeldende kunsten in The Hague. From 2010-2011 she studied Graphs and drawing at the Willem de Kooning academic. Brighart’s colorful modern paintings are rich in shades of red. At the moment I'm working with



layers of transparent acrylic paint. (Lascaux). Sometimes I'm using glass beads. (See Flirti bird). The idea that artists have a unique role to play in bringing peace to people and countries appeals very much to me 'Participating in this ‘struggle for peace’ fits in with the way I work and why I paint.' Positive energy Brighart’s oeuvre radiates positivism, energy, and warmth. Energy and movement are the

“Februari" Acrylic On Canvas, 60”X60”

subjects that inspire Brighart to make her paintings and prints. 'Everything is energy; everything is in movement. That energy and power are what I want to express in my paintings. Whatever you pay attention to, grows. That is why I would rather focus on the glass that is half full, on love, on happiness. Or, as Popper put it, 'Optimism is a moral duty.'

"Only In Movement Is Truth" Acrylic On Canvas, 83”X43”

“Reverie D" Acrylic On Canvas, 47”X47”

"Individuen Higgs" Acrylic On Canvas, 39”X39"




Bruce A. Niemi


reating sculpture since the age of 12, Bruce A. Niemi is a second generation, full-time contemporary sculptor based in Kenosha Wisconsin, whose works are made by manipulating heavy metal to create graceful fluid forms that are meant to be positive and uplifting. Inspired by the beauty of nature while exploring shapes that are elegant and as simple as a blade of grass or as powerful as waves crashing along the seashore, his work evokes an ethereal quality that draws you inward and upward. Dance being one of his greatest joys and passions he studies the human form and uses it in an unconventional abstract manner not always evident that it is based on the human form. Working primarily in stainless steel and bronze he occasionally will incorporate other materials such as stone



Seven, Seven, Seven stainless steel 14.6’ X 4’ X 4’

Genesis 1:1 bronze 36” X 16” X 16”

and steel into his one-of-a-kind sculptures. Having been blessed with 55 public sculptures and numerous corporate as well as residential placements in the U.S and Ireland, Bruce continues to strive for excellence in the pursuit of living his dream. While his works are a reflection of his faith in God and his soul is a part of each piece he creates, he wants the viewer to engage and explore the positive and negative shapes to envision their own interpretation… As you view each sculpture let your imagination soar!

Wind Whisperer stainless steel 10’X4’X4' Photography By Monika Hilleary

In The Beginning bronze & stainless steel 5.1’X2.9’X7.5”

Spatial Harmony stainless steel 8’ X 48” X 36”



Carla Kleekamp “M

y works consist mainly of etchings, collages, water paintings, and drawings. Most of the themes in my work are focused on the continuous suppression and exhaustion of nature by human beings and their technique."

From Left To Right: "Believing In Brown" Etching/Aquarelle, 7"X39" "The Believing Man" Etching/Aquarelle, 7"X39" "Still Believing In Nature" Etching/Aquarelle, 7"X39"




Carole K. Boyd

“Hungry Lioness” Digital Painting On Canvas, 12”X18"


am a pioneer in the field of digital fine art painting. Using a computer, Microsoft Paint and a mouse, my work is painted entirely by hand. The rewards are fresh and brilliant paintings well suited to the landscapes, animals, and portraits that I am fond of painting. My predominant style is painting the subject that I want the viewer to focus on more realistically, and the rest rather impressionistically.”

“On The Fly” Digital Painting Laminated In Glass, 10”X14"

“Snow King” Digital Painting On Canvas, 18"X24"




Cathrine Edlinger-Kunze C

athrine Edlinger-Kunze, born and raised in Germany, comes from generations of artists. She credits her father for inspiring her love of painting.

She studied art in Germany in the 80’s. Since then, Cathrine teaches art, but devotes most of her time to life drawing and painting the figure with all its emotions in movement and expression. Much of the artist’s recent subject matter revolves around performers and dancers, recalling the delicacy of Degas’ ballerina’s and the quietude of Picasso’s saltimbanques. Moving around a lot has influenced the artist’s feelings of home, "...finding the right place, finding ‘home’ inside myself”. She relates to the free spirit of performers.



“Transparent Blue” Acrylic On Linen, 54”X36"

Cathrine’s paintings have a subtle elegance and quiet depth. The work simmers with brilliance and lingers with the viewer long after. Her artwork starts with her stepping into the studio, beginning a painting with abstract brushwork, intuitively a figure starts to develop, the subject starts to emerge, and she feels her way through the canvas.

“Like A Grain Of Sand” Acrylic On Linen, 48"X48"

“It Could Be Me” Acrylic On Wood Panel, 36”X60"

“See The Road She Goes Down” Acrylic On Linen, 44"X44"

It is no wonder that she has attracted the eye of the serious collector worldwide. Edlinger-Kunze has shown her work since 1985 and has exhibited in Germany, Italy, Great Britain and the United States. She recently moved back to

Albuquerque, New Mexico, where her American journey first began in 1994.

“Thrill Me” Acrylic On Linen, 84”X54"



Cheryl L. Hrudka

“Cover Up” Abstracts, 24"X30"


t is my love of creating something totally unique that has led me to my latest images. I have always been interested in Abstracts. It is a form of art in which the viewer makes up his / her own mind as to what the artist was attempting to produce. My images now ask more questions than they answer."

“Thumb Printing” Abstracts, 30"X24"



“Picture Viewer” Abstracts, 30"X24"

David Whitfield



painting must intrigue the viewer enough to call them to invite a closer look. Before taking them on a journey through its composition of shape and color to retain their interest and excitement, yet remain a mystery and withhold some secret for the viewer to contemplate and interpret their journey in their way. For each work holds within itself the capacity for many interpretations while still retaining its validity." "Untitled" Acrylic, 39"X28"

"Untitled" Acrylic, 39"X28"

"Untitled" Acrylic, 39"X28"




Cher Anderson

“Pounce!” Acrylic On Canvas, 14.6”X10.5”

“My passion for nature’s beauty, chaos and wonder have lead me to create images that bring to life the spirit of what I see in quiet places and try to make you feel the awe and the Essence of its Beauty. Life is a miracle – enjoy it, experience it and share it!” -Cher Anderson


s a self-taught artist, Cher has evolved into the genre of wildlife photo-realism. Her love and passion for both painting and animals have led her to become a skilled photographer as well. Much of the planning of her paintings is accomplished during the time she spends in the presence of her subjects. She paints intuitively and uses a large variety of pallets to incorporate colors not always recognized by the naked eye, but that help bring out other colors and make them pop! The contrast in values and the juxtaposition of complementary colors help achieve the realism in the final piece. Painting with acrylics allows her the freedom of layering very



“Sedona Colors” Watercolors, 5.7”X10.6”

“The Hunter” Acrylic On Canvas, 14”X18”

“Fire In The Sky” Acrylic On Canvas, 36”X48”

thin washes of color and building the shape and form slowly for a smooth transition from light to dark. It also gives her the opacity and intensity of color needed to bring the subject to life realistically. She likes to work back and forth between dark and light until reaching a certain point where she can go back to brushing on very watery layers of paint to push areas back into proper perspective, give the body roundness, make edges disappear into the background and reflect the environment surrounding it, all part of the light on the subject. Along with accuracy, there is the chaos of nature; there is no such thing as perfection. Capturing the flaws is just as important as its accuracy. Cher Anderson has dedicated herself to the conservation of endangered animals and birds. Signature Member of Artists for Conservation Member of Wildlife Conservation Society Member World Wildlife Federation Member of Colored Pencil Society of America Member Women Artists of the West Member Arizona Art Alliance Member Sonoran Arts League For more info contact:

“Fancy Feathers” Acrylic On Canvas, 10.6”X16”



Donna Bonin

Watch Interview 2Vr3n8WA_hE

“Future Hope” Watercolour, 26”X22"


native of Hamilton On., and a graduate of Queen's University, Donna taught Physical Education, English, and Art at Moira Secondary School in Belleville for 34 years. Since retirement in 1999, she has become a full-time artist, watercolor instructor, avid traveler, and leader of artists' travel vacation workshops. Donna's paintings have been shown to critical acclaim in numerous juried shows, galleries, and art festivals throughout

“What The World Needs Now” Watercolour, 21”X23"



Eastern Ontario. Her style gives the impression of realism and is best known for attention to detail and bold use of color. Travel has inspired many paintings from Europe to the High Arctic. Years of experience with boats and horses allows for accurate rendering of these within a composition. Horse and pet portraits are a specialty.
 In some of her more recent paintings, Donna has emphasized pattern and design bordering on semi-abstract through use of unusual colours and juxtapositions. This allows the viewers a flight into fantasy and individual interpretation.

“Catching A Dream” Watercolour, 24"X28"

Frans Frengen


“Painting With The Light Of A Candle”

“Noah's Ark, The Return” Fumagine Paint With A Flame, Acrylic Dots And Movable Square, 28" X 40"


ne of the more unique contemporary artists to emerge on the scene, Belgian artist Frans Frengen has developed a work process that is as intriguing as the artwork he creates. Frengen studied painting and drawing under prominent artists for some years before developing the signature "Fumagine" technique that forms the basis for much of his work. While in Wemmel, near Brussels, Frengen conceived and developed the fumagine technique, which is best described as the equivalent of

“A Living Drone And A Wild Rabbit, A Human Right” Fumagine Paint With A Flame And Acrylic Dots, 28"X28"

painting with a candle. More than just painting with soot, this method gives a distinctive, stylized look emphasized by the great shading that is created by the fumagine technique. Despite the bold, thick lines, smudgy appearance, and simple nature of Frengen's drawings and paintings, they are still highly detailed and reveal the artist's deep level of skill and technique

“Stylized Solo”  Fumagine And Acrylic Spots On White Canvas  And Movable Square, 28"X28"



George Coll

“West Of Town” Oil On Canvas, 12”X20”


eorge Coll is an accomplished, award-winning painter and teacher. He loves to be in, and paint nature whenever possible. George enjoys teaching painting side-by-side with his students and is known for his gentle critique style that puts his students at ease, bringing out their best work. George started Paint Your Frame, an “art camp” where you can be outside and learn to paint in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.



“Blanca River Tx” Oil On Canvas, 11”X14”

“Falls At Glacier Creek” Oil On Canvas, 12”X16”


Carole Robitaille

“Calling The Grandfathers” Gouache, 11"X15"


rt has been a significant love, avocation, and passion all through my life. Since retiring from business life, I can finally dedicate my life entirely to the love and challenges of creating beautiful or thought-provoking artworks. My passion began with portraiture and trying to capture a likeness, essence, and impression of people. From there, I expanded to include plein air landscapes, seascapes, florals, abstracts, and conceptual art. Forever trying new styles, mediums, and subjects and also incorporating

“End Of Dead End Lane” Gouache, 11"X15"

energy studies into my work I also am a photographer, jewelry creator, handcrafter and Reiki energy healer. So much beauty and subjects around me to capture and so little time but up for the challenge to create my next masterpiece..."

“Tree Rings” Gouache, 14”X11”



Gloria Keh

“Metamorphosis” Ink On Canvas, 24”X24”



“The Second Summer” Fabric Collage/Mixed Media On Canvas, 40”X40”

“Mama” Acrylic & Ink On Canvas, 18”X18”


“Birth Mother” Oil On Canvas, 24”X24”

believe that making art is fulfilling my soul’s purpose. Art brings beauty, joy, and healing. It opens our hearts and lifts the earth's vibrations. Also, this is the first step to peace, that's something this planet gravely needs.” For more info visit:

“The Dragon @ 66” Acrylic On Canvas, 61”X81”




Grady Zeeman

“I Am Comfortably Me” Mixed Media, 29”X39”


y true power comes after the words: “I am.” According to the book: “The Secret” when you say “I am” the words that follow are summoning creation with a mighty force because you are declaring it to be a fact. My roses are my secret passion, in my garden or on canvas. As a young farmer ’s wife, I started gardening and fell in love with roses, especially heritage roses. From 2011 to 2017 I was the owner of the Kunstehuijs Art Gallery, which though it fueled my passion for art, caused me to neglect my garden. However, now that I’m back on the farm, I've been planting roses all around my house again. My aim is to see and smell a rose from every window. I have taken part in numerous exhibitions in South Africa, USA, UK, Europe and the East. My work has been published in a variety of international books and magazines.“ “A Touch Of Class” Mixed Media, 39”X29”



“I Am A Powerful Force” Mixed Media, 39”X29”




Hanna Supetran “L

ife is an art, an expression. 

 I believe a painting influences one’s mood and state of mind.  Even just a glance, a painting can shift a feeling from restlessness to calmness, from a feeling of sadness to a feeling of hopefulness, from a feeling of pain to a feeling of love.  Art speaks to the heart, it speaks straight to the soul.
 This is the reason why I paint, and this is why my paintings revolve around the theme of life, light and love, beauty and hope, of joy and bliss and unity and peace.    It is my intent and my stand to contribute these aspects of life to humankind through my paintings. 
 Mainly abstraction and expressionism bordering surrealism in style, all my arts are painted intuitively. Each painting reflects the vibrancy of life, a balance of intense texture and soft movements, between dark and light, cold and warm.  Each pulls you towards appreciating life and self-reflection, towards an inward journey, towards an adventure of the soul.
 Life is what we make it, and this is how I am making what my life is all about.  It is all about arts and what my art stands for.“

“Soar With Me" Oil On Canvas, 30”X20"



“Haven” Oil On Canvas, 30" X 20"

“Timeless" Oil On Canvas, 36"X24"

“Calm By The Sea" Oil On Canvas, 36"X24"

“Serendipity” Oil On Canvas, 24”X36"




Hazel Wilks

“Okavango Rhino” Pitt Pencil On Paper, 30"X19"


am fascinated by the natural world. I love intricate detail and my art focuses on meticulously describing all the beauty I see. I aim to produce realistic bespoke pieces that draw the observer in. My work as a botanical illustrator at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew is a wonderful, rewarding combination of art and science. As well as these technically descriptive works, I paint and draw in various media. “ For more info contact: hazellwilks



“Quercus” Watercolour On Paper, 8”X6"

“Corylus” Pen And Ink On Bristol Board, 12"X14"

Jacqueline Domin


“The memory of Water”

“Terra Di Luce (Land Of Light)” Paper Fine Art, 39”X26”

"Two eyes are not enough behind the lens; it is always love that welcomes the moment."


acqueline Domin, French-born in Paris, is a selftaught naturalist art photographer winner of numerous awards for the striking beauty of her photographs. She has been living in Italy for twenty-five years, where she teaches techniques of relaxation and happiness on the breath. Her photographs are the result of long and slow meditations en plein air. Domin's shots are contemplative and participate in the creative energy of nature. “My photographs are neither digital nor processed on the computer. I use two simple (and a little old) cameras: one underwater and the other not, both with film and without flash, as I use only natural light. During the photographic shots, I hold the breath (guided breath) according to the mobility or immobility of the photographed subject. Acting this way, I do not use the tripod. In some places, I practice meditation that allows me to get more in touch with my surroundings. I am very inspired by the light, wonderful revealing, welcoming the moment of glory that light creates. The imprint of heaven is in everything and place, and water in all its actions and transformations preserve this memory. Nature is animated, has an inner purpose, a project, participates in a whole that change. Water, a source of life, is always present in my photos."

“Primordia” Paper Fine Art, 39”X26”

“Mescolanza” Paper Fine Art, 39”X26”



Jani Jan J. “A

rt is a powerful tool - I am convinced that the music of colors is moving people, that the language of forms opens a dialog. Art is infinite in its diversity, constantly working with colors and forms, and thereby the inner dialogue, let me continually discover something new."

“Deep Blue Dream” Iron Painting, Mixed Media On Canvas And Wood, 67”X28”

“Fire - Earth - Light - Water - Mankind” Iron Painting -Mixed Media On Styrodur On Wood, 47”X24”



“Golden Mankind Disaster” Iron Painting - Mixed Media On Styrodur On Wood, 43”X20”

Janice Alamanou


“To Mopw” Photography On Aluminium, 40" X 29"


hotography is changing in immeasurable ways. To be a professional art photographer is to create with imagination - to reach into the depths to achieve this - going beyond the actual and into the subliminal. I am, and always have been, passionate about photography. I began as a child depicting the coastline and floods. The first images when I was 12 years old published in the book ‘A Personal Account of Time & Tide.’ I continued with portraiture and fine art nudes and it was the natural step to amalgamate my two passions - landscape and people into the Soul Elements.

Janice’s childhood and how it has affected her photography and the beautiful scenery of Norfolk, UK. The second book ‘Meandering Around Europe’ of her life living on Corfu and wonderful scenes of the many places she has visited and exhibited in throughout Europe.

My image of lifestyle - Woman in Wine - is a modern depiction of western women, having a glass of wine to socialize, or in the evening to relax. I also go more in-depth into feelings and bordering on politics - things that affect us all in many ways, subtly portrayed within the images. In 2018, I have begun to add poetry to the human form within the image. Each image is created using manual settings and everything within the amalgamations is my photography." Janice has released two books this year through Halstar Publishers, ‘From the Shoreline’ an award-winning book about

“Body Scape 2” Photography Direct Onto Aluminium, 30"X20"

“Woman In Wine” Photography On Aluminium, 31.5"X21"



Jerry Venditti

"Why?" Oil On Linen, 24"X16"


connoisseur in his class, Jerry Venditti is an American artist whose works break the bounds of reality and explore the infinity of expression. His vast array of paintings, ranging from botanicals, wildlife and landscapes, showcase an unmatched sense of diligence and meticulousness that befits his character. This, in turn, creates immersive visuals that jolt the observer into a paradoxical state, where an all too familiar reality is augmented to a surreal physical state. Each stroke is deliberate and imperative, collectively creating enriched realistic depictions of his personal experiences. As he states, his art is not inclined to “fool the eye” but to enhance what is already there. His pieces are lush, vibrant and unique in its recreation of the physical environment.

"Mother & Child" Oil On Canvas, 20"X16"



"Papilio (Swallowtail)" Oil On Canvas, 14"X12"

"King Of The Pride" Oil On Canvas, 30"X24"

“Preening" Oil On Canvas, 22”X14”

Spiritual endeavor and a tinge of personal flair are key elements of his works. Venditti’s spirited campaign for the preservation of the natural environment and conservation of our fragile ecosystem culminates in his many paintings of wildlife in their natural habitat and beautiful landscapes. His recollections are set to stir the soul and provoke the mind in a beautifully guided call for affirmative action. With every creative visual, Venditti speaks to the heart and mind of the viewer, paving the way for a more accommodating lifestyle for animal species on the brink of extinction.

Venditti has teamed up with his son to form the non-profit "A Face For Change," an environmentalist organization that spearheads the campaign against poaching of endangered species. Through charitable donations and various auctions, the organization has been able to raise awareness on the plight of dwindling species and ultimately make the world a better place.

"High & Dry, Bodega Bay, Ca" Oil On Canvas, 24”X16”



Jason Bryant

“Are You Watching Closely” Oil On Canvas, 30"X36", 2018


photo, a fingerprint, a signature, and DNA are all methods we use to identify a person, but they are just a means to match a name or face to an individual, not to describe who they are or to translate their identity. Many levels go into what makes a person’s portrait. It’s a fabric of many layers, intertwined with a person’s favorite foods, music, and movies. I have used all of these concepts in building my portraits.

skateboarding, and art. I use the traditional format of the portrait, to simultaneously, comment on identity and create portraits that mean so much more than just the individual being painted. With most of my paintings, the figure is the focal point, but when all of the elements of the painting come into play, the work explores the identity of others, not the subject being painted. There is so much to be learned from a person’s portrait, information that goes well beyond the face.”

In my recent series of paintings, I have incorporated my love of skateboarding to explore themes of portraiture. With vibrant, visceral iconic skateboard graphics coming from behind or bursting through the elegant black and white images of various actors and actresses, I’ve merged two of the most important parts of my life,



“In Flight” Oil On Nike Sneaker, 8”X12", 2013

“4 Days With Greta” Oil On Canvas, 30”X24", 2018


Jory Mason

“Bits Of Red" Soft Pastel, 24”X18"


ory Mason is an award-winning artist exhibiting in Boston, New York, North Carolina, and New Mexico. Her work has been showcased in “Strokes of Genius 8: Exploring Texture!” by North Light Books.

England School of Art. Jory teaches painting and is an experienced juror of awards.

Jory Mason attended L’Instituto D’Arte in Italy where she had her first solo exhibition. It was completely sold out. She later studied at New

“Open Doors" Soft Pastel, 20"X20"

“Jammin” Soft Pastel, 24"X18"



Jean-Jacques Porret “Compromise” Bronze Sculpture, 8"X18"X12"


ean-Jacques Porret’s surreal sculptures transcend the mere human form they represent and instead draw the viewer in with their delicate expressionism, rhythmic movement, and abstract sensuality. To categorize Jean-Jacques’ work as figurative or abstract is moot. Though figurative in practice, the work is never about the figure, but the emotions and ideas shared by the human race, expressed in the tension of his fluid curves and precarious balance. Though abstract in nature, the

“HARMONIOUS” Bronze Sculpture, 8"X11"X15"



“PRETENSE” Bronze Sculpture, 7”X7”X16.5"

“NOTORIOUS” Bronze Sculpture, 7"X7"X12"

recognizable form and innate humanity residing within each piece are impossible to ignore. Thus, we are given a case study in restraint, with the artist utilizing the best aspects of each genre without clouding his final result, creating a self-styled harmony. Over time, his work has only become more dramatic in its simplicity. As Porret’s experimentation with his iconoclastic style moves forward, the outcomes will undoubtedly continue to serve as a reflection of our collective and personal experiences, possibly changing in shape, but never in sensibility. “OPULENCE” Bronze Sculpture, 19” In Height

“COMCUBINE” Bronze Sculpture, 22.5” In Height

“INSOLITE” Bronze Sculpture, 20” In Height

“ROCAMBOLESQUE” Bronze Sculpture, 22.5” In Height



Jeong Ah Zhang

“The World Of Interaction” Acrylic On Canvas, 21”X29”, 2018


n the world, but beyond the world. Visible and invisible. The order of the universe. One is all, all is one. Inward Peace. Gateless Gate. Multifaceted phenomenon. Deconstruction of time and space. Everything depends on the mind. Interaction. Right here, right now. Jeong Ah Zhang is a Korean artist who majored in sculpture and painting at Ewha Woman's University in Seoul, Korea.




“A Quiet Conversation” Acrylic On Canvas, 22”X29”, 2017

“Eternal Moment” Acrylic On Canvas, 36”X26”, 2015

“A Nap In The Mirror” Acrylic On Canvas, 24”X32”, 2017

“A Low Voice” Acrylic On Canvas, 21”X29”, 2018



Julia Chu

"Great Wale Migrating To South California" Watercolor On Paper, 32”x40”

This painting describes scenes of gray whales' migration to Los Angeles and the San Diego Area; Through transparent colorful textual of pillars of stone, you can see a few gray whales coming. The water moves by head, tail, and fin of the whales. This artwork will exhibit at Oceanside Museum of Art

(OMA), National Watercolor Society: South California Inspirations, Past, and Present, on view December 22,2018April 21, 2019. In 2014 published in International Contemporary Master Volume. 9. by the U.S.A. World Wild Art Book.

For more info visit:



“ Dream of Mountain Horse” Watercolor on Paper 45”X32”

This painting, done in 2018, describes a dream of the mountain horses being let go back to their mountain away from stables which the Government kept for protection. At present times, they are being slaughtered to extinction. In

the dream, they jump around the mountain pass. Experts believed that we must let them run wild to return to the barren mountain so that they return to their wild behavior. Wild horses might not be eradicated.




Katrin Alvarez

“Virgin” Oil On Canvas & Object, 41”X41", 2010


y pictures are reports from deep inside. They usually come into being when some reality meteorite crashes into my universe. However, there's also an enormous space in here where I stow things away. It's full of visions, stories, daydreams, nightmares. They're waiting to be revealed, to be made visual. Like shadowy fishes, swimming past the back of my eyes. Sometimes I manage to catch one. I'm a junky: my addition is to color and shape.” 70


“Whistleblower” Oil On Canvas 41”X48"X2", 2013

“This Very Special Moment” Oil On Canvas & Ballpen, 34"X34" 2018

“My Mother Would Have Preferred Giving Birth To A Parrot Than To Me” Colored Pencil On Board, 24”X33", 1991

“Kapitulation” Oil On Canvas & Objects, 41"X49", 2018




Kay Griffith


merican artist Kay Griffith creates vivid and masterful abstract compositions with a personal artistic approach that pinpoints conceptual and structural elements while at the same time remaining faithful to the nature of abstraction. Employing oils on canvas with use of palette knives, Griffith skillfully plays with texture, color, light and rhythm, the result, a magical symphony where emotions come to life in an open invitation to intimate dialogs with the viewers. An essential aspect of Griffith's work is movement and fluidity of intention. Through her use of color and structure, Griffith creates a vivid effect of flow and movement in her compositions, which is underlined by the actual drawing and placement of shapes. It is an artistic work which showcases that abstract art is not devoid of drawing, as such an approach demands knowledge of traditional drawing techniques to visualize a complex, aesthetically pleasant and conceptual result. Through her vibrant and eye-catching pieces, Kay Griffith delivers a new gateway into imagination for all that view the high textures of her creativity.

“Abstract U-368” (Close Up Image)

“Abstract U-368” Oil On Canvas, 36"X48"



Kina Wolfe


“Les 7 Archanges (The 7 Archangels)” Mixt Tecnique : Clay, Acrylic And Latex Painting, 14"X25"


rt is an abundance of illusions created by the importance we give to our perceptions. The artist lives throughout their representations as a protagonist of their bonds."

“…Clipse (Eclipse)” Mixt Technique: Clay, Acrylic And Latex Painting, 15”X30"

“Abattoir (Slaughter-House)” Mixt Technique : Clay, Acrylic And Latex Painting, 18"X24"




Laurence Lher

“Graphic 1” Acrylic Paint On Canvas, 21.3”X28.7”


aurence LHER was born in 1965 (FRANCE). Her interest in Art began early before designing and creating collages. After extensive University studies, she worked freelance in the field of Human Relations and Real Estate. In 2002, she moved to CAEN in Normandy, the home of her father’s ancestors. There she worked as a freelance agent in Real Estate and attended Writing Workshops given by the stage design artist, Charlotte NOYELLE. Over the past several years, she has regularly participated in the Jean-François CONTA’s Visual Arts Workshop. Laurence also paints at home, wishing through her paintings to communicate to others the values that are dear to her: WISDOM, HAPPINESS, AUDACITY, and FREEDOM. She has exhibited her works in numerous International Exhibitions.

“Papillon D’été” Acrylic Paint On Canvas, 23.6”X31.8”

“Summer Time” Acrylic Paint With Adhered Décopatch Papers On Canvas Mounted On Cardboard, 19.7”X25.6”





“Lake” Oil On Canvas, 47"X39"


s a Hungarian artist, I traveled quite extensively and wanted to capture the moments in painting. I paint with oil on canvas all things that I like: landscape, still-life, portrait inspired by people, domestic soil and foreign lands. My works have been exhibited in Budapest and other Hungarian cities, Stockholm, Brussels and Tel Aviv. My intention is to save the environment and pay tribute to the beauty of nature."

“Winter” Oil On Canvas, 47"X35"

“Our Colourful World” Oil On Canvas, 27"X40"





“The Disciples” Oil And Acrylic On Canvas, 24"X56", 2010


eroi C. Johnson, commonly known as just LeRoi, embodies African historical tradition and raw ethnicity in a unique technique he dubs ‘electric primitive.’

The American artist, born and raised in Buffalo, New York is an incredible almost self-taught painter whose interest in painting began at an early age. Over 40 years of experience and expertise is evidenced in his many works that traverse various



“Noma Lisa” Oil And Acrylic On Canvas, 30"X24", 2017

“The Look” Oil And Acrylic On Canvas, 30"X24", 2018

“Colored People” Oil And Acrylic On Canvas, 52”X38”

themes. Using acrylic and oil on canvas, LeRoi reflects his tremendous knowledge, skills and creative ideas in dazzling, interspersed colors. LeRoi’s early works adopt a subtle autobiographical theme that is telling of his early childhood down to his mature years. His works are perfect matrimony of cubism and African, Caribbean and South American influences. A strong mastery

of colors in its various hues is evident in his pieces. This coupled with ingenious geometric abstractions, broad knowledge of African heritage and firsthand experiences make LeRoi’s stand out amongst the crowd. A thorough and introspective examination of LeRoi’s works reveals a progressive evolution in his themes and artistry. His later works have shifted from his usual geometric forms to be Cont. next page



“Colored People III” Oil And Acrylic On Canvas, 54”X39”, 2016

more engaging and reflective. These recent paintings predominantly highlight his African experiences through his creative lens. The abundance of emotion and interest can instantly be felt when viewing his later works. This sudden change of technique may be ascribed to his broad 30-year collection of African Art. Apart from his African influences, LeRoi’s tenure as a senior executive with the government of Washington D.C has

“Colored People I” Oil And Acrylic On Canvas, 52”X38”, 2017

helped shape LeRoi’s artistic journey. During his stint, LeRoi grew inclined to the world-class pieces of Art in the city's hand. This exposure boosted his creative impulses, understanding, and interest in art. He co-founded the Washington D.C museum to appreciate and celebrate the city's expansive art collection.

“The Arrival” Oil And Acrylic On Canvas, 30”X24”, 2014



“Mama I’m Home” Oil And Acrylic On Canvas, 10”X12", 2000

LeRoi’s brilliant works have been exhibited in numerous art galleries in New York and all across America. His pieces speak to the heart and mind of every viewer that appreciates his creations. “Birth Of A Nation” Oil And Acrylic On Canvas, 30”X24”, 2000

Watch Interview y5UdDn7aBHw

“Heads Of State” Oil And Acrylic On Canvas, 8”X8”, 2017




Lois Gold

“The Violet Hour” Mixed Media On Canvas, 40"X60"


paint spontaneously with no preliminary sketches. Memories, dreams, music, and dance all contribute to my inspiration. I have always been interested in ancient frescoes and textured surfaces. I strive to reproduce something akin to them in my paintings. There are translucent as well as impasto areas of paint which alternate to make my painting

surface recede and advance. I find inspiration in anything from nature, everyday images to fabrics, and from my immense collection of art books.

“City Of Light” Mixed Media On Canvas, 36"X36"

“Rhapsody” Mixed Media On Canvas, 36"X36"



My process is an intuitive mix of strokes with not only brushes but fingers as well. I am not afraid to send water across a section of

“Umbria I” Mixed Media On Canvas, 24"X24"

paint resulting in streaks and splashes, or what I like to call "happy accidents." Acrylics are layered over coats of beaded gel. This method results in a luminously reflective surface. I like to scumble light colors over darker ones, use wonderful handmade papers which I tear and collage, sponges, stamps, stencils and gold leaf-anything which contributes to an interesting, varied surface. When you run your hands over the final image, they can be felt as well as seen. My color choices range from the warm drama of Turner to the pastel colors of Monet."

“Xanadu” Mixed Media On Canvas, 40"X48"




Margaretha Gubernale

“Mary Of Hope In Autumn” Oil On Canvas, 31"X39", 2018


argaretha Gubernale's artworks are a tightrope walk. On the one hand she paints abstract thoughts, and on the other hand, she uses natural forms to focus the symbolic parable as clearly as possible. She draws her inspiration from nature, anthroposophy, and philosophy. Her

international career expands over thirty-five years. She was born in Zug, Switzerland, where she currently works and lives. For more info contact:

“To Set A Goal” Oil On Canvas, 39"X39", 2018



“The Beauty And The Beast” Oil On Canvas, 31"X39", 2018


Michael Gleizer

“Bouquet” Oil On Canvas, 71”X79"


krainian born, graduated from Art Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia, artist Michael Gleizer works and resides in New York. Artist works in different techniques: oil painting, watercolors, graphics, illustrations, stage and costume design, and enjoys different themes: romantic, lyrical, religious, landscapes.

“Summer” Oil On Canvas, 63”X71”

Gleizer’s art work always have a deep philosophical idea, that he would like to convey to his viewers. Michaels paintings belong to private collectors in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Israel, Australia and the United States.

“Winter Holidays” Oil On Canvas, 16”X16”




Michelle Purves

“Elusive” Oil On Canvas, 94"X47"


motions And Moods, A Habit We Share With The Sky.

Contemplation of emotion and imagination unite in the magnificence and aesthetic superiority of clouds. A canvas onto which human moods, from

dark and moody, romantic, sensual, to carefree are reflected. Clouds in the foreground, to those disappearing over the horizon, serve as a reminder of the past, present and the future and how quickly the sky can change – a habit we share with the sky itself.”

“Passion Awakes Ecstasy” Oil On Canvas, 80"X 94"



“Moon Of Dreams” Oil On Canvas, 50"X 70", 2015


Mieke Van Den Hoogen-Huijgen


n my sculpture work, women are very important. I want to combine naturalistic components, abstract forms, and emotions. The bodies are not meant as beauties but as a mirror of a person. You can see the inside at the outside. I also make objects, strange birds and vases. The vases are built like castles, with unusual angles and towers.I use many colors, sand, impressions of lace and natural materials."




Misa Aihara


sometimes work in chaos. I ask myself "What does the picture mean?" or "Is the picture worth working for?" My brain tells me "Wrong color!" or " Wrong place!". I struggle to find the next step to complete the work. I usually work on almost ten works at the same time. It helps me to get inspiration. I want to give emotional and spiritual impact to the composition of abstract figurative elements."

“Kompozicio Verdo & Bluo18” Oil On Canvas, 38.2"X51.3"

“Verko18-7” Oil On Canvas, 31”X39”



“Verko 17-9” Oil On Canvas, 31”X39”

Natalia Bragina



or an extended part of my life, no one would have guessed the existence of such a painter - Natalia Bragina. Painting was always my secluded occupation. To earn a living, I obtained a university degree focusing on the economy of Japan and worked as a specialist in the area of world economy. In 1989 I changed my life decidedly, making painting my main professional occupation. Since then, my work as an artist has been noted appreciatively by many art critics as well as art collectors." “Armchaires #4” Oil On Canvas, 35”X31"

“The Engaged” Oil On Canvas, 47"X39"

“Bouquet” Oil On Canvas, 28"X20"




Nobuko Ogawa


do not paint while watching the theme. I want to draw what I felt from there. What I have ever seen, what I felt, I want to cherish it. If I forget it, I do not have anything.”




Päivyt Niemeläinen

“Libereated By Bombing” Oil On Canvas, 39"X39", 2015


il paintings and mixed media technics are my main methods. Impressions and phenomenon of nature, great old stories in the history, and human life – in good and bad - is in the focus of my art. Over the past ten years, I have made contemporary anti-war art against greediness for money and violent oppression. Recently money has become a winner, and human

“By Bombing Imported Human Right” Oil On Canvas, 39"X39", 2017

life became the looser. The wars have destroyed countries, nations, and cultural heritage. The only winners in current wars are great-shareholders of war industry. Continuum of humanity has been broken. My artworks act as a comment on behalf of peace.

“"Because There Was No Room For Them In The Inn” Oil On Canvas, 23"X18"




Olivia Kapoor

“Silhouette 1” Acrylic On Canvas, 31.5" X 41.5"


livia Kapoor is best known as one of the most innovative and pioneering visionary artists within the Inter-Dimensional Art Movement, which is best described as paintings of vision(s), which goes beyond the physical world of known and accepted forms with limitless beginnings and endings. She is an American painter who has exhibited & showcased her work in Paris, London, Amsterdam, New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto, Bologna, and Tokyo. Although best known for her use of color, Olivia Kapoor explores and shares with her viewers her highly interpretive depths and layers of paint on canvas, through content that is inspired by her everyday surroundings, which include water, as well as mountain slopes. While these are just two of the dominant features throughout this particular collection of work, this artist is also known for her use of geometric patterns, along with her exploration of time. For more info contact: “The Busy Bee” Acrylic On Canvas, 8" X 8”



“Silhouette 4” Acrylic On Canvas, 13" X 17”

“Silhouette 3” Acrylic On Canvas, 15" X 19”

“Silhouette 2” Acrylic On Canvas, 25" X 31”




Onno Dröge “My soul is strongly inclined to softness and roundness, to fluid lines and shapes, to space in and around my objects. In my objects, I like to refer to the spirit world and the heavenly atmosphere, represented through the fluent shapes, the presence of shadow and the colors.” -Onno Dröge


he art of Onno Dröge is an ode to femininity. In his work, the admiration for women is reflected. There is no lack of the erotic. Lust, love and desire are his main themes. Natural materials: Through a combination of materials, forms, colors and background, Onno creates a heavenly sphere. He hopes everyone who admires his art experiences some of this feeling.

On the surface of his ceramic works, you must be able to feel the chamotte (little stones). For the artist, this is a way to connect with his beloved raw earth or rocks. To his wood-sculptures applies that the wood should remain visible to behold its natural appearance. Forms: The objects are usually geometric ( wavy lines/shapes) and have female forms. The combination of those female forms and natural materials makes the abstract sculptures look fleshy. Colors: The colors that are used hold a supernatural significance for the artist. Think of the beautiful colors of flowers and trees, sea, water, clouds, sky, sun and animals. Colors have a great impact on mankind and are able to give you a divine feeling.

“Soft And Round” Wooden Sculpture On Painting Panel, 39"X35""

“Lying In A Sofa” Wooden Sculpture On Painting Panel, 63"X35"



“Loops & Desire” Wooden Sculpture On Painting Panel, 35”X63"

“In Space Of Sofness” Wooden Sculpture On Painting Panel, 39"X31"

Applications: In the ceramic works, the artist also makes use of glass that melts during the ceramic firing process, giving it a smooth surface. This smooth surface contrasts sharply with the rough earthly structure of the ceramic and represents the soft water. New work: Onno’s most recent work exists of wood sculptures that are all combined with a painted panel. The sculpture seems to stand apart from the panel, which serves as decor. Because of this, the sculpture seems to hover. The shadow of the dynamic sculptures that falls on the panel represents the attendance of the spirit. During the process of making, the artist gets his inspiration through the endless search for the fate of mankind, the here and now, new values and the meaning of the big why.

“Cross -Ribbed-Vault” Wooden Sculpture On Painting Panel, 47"X35"




Paul Hartel

“Girl With Flowers” Mixed Media On Canvas, 40"X28"


think of my work as celebrating the spirit of everyone’s inner child through an improvisationally eviscerated, evocative energy. I strive for spontaneous veracity, combatively intense, keeping the viewer’s eye in perpetual motion, paralleling the excitement of life and all its accompanying vicissitudes. The union of interactive physical and psychological senses, whether harmonious or divergent, engenders a gestalt with the viewer and artwork that transcends each.”

“The Crowning” Oil On Canvas, 12"X8"



“Grande Donna Grassa” Oil, Acrylic, Charcoal, Oil Pastel On Canvas, 40"X28"

Pia Buxbom


“The Happy One” Sculpture In Cobber, 5"X"5"X5"


love art, and I'm so privileged that I'm also allowed to live by making art. I both paint and create sculpture because it gives me a broader opportunity to express myself. By 2016, I managed to print the first metal sculpture, with a 3D printer. It was a complicated process, and I spent about 3000 hours before it succeeded."

“Curling” Sculpture In Cobber, 11”X6"X6"

“Dream” Painting, 26"X26"




Philip Noyed

“R G Y Mobile” Photograph Acrylic, 36"X60"X60"


hilip Noyed is an innovative multimedia artist working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He creates luminous geometric illumination photographs, LED light installations, videos, 3D paintings, and mixed media installations. His art represents the quintessential contemporary art movement making use of creative technology that is changing the way art is viewed today.

mounted, free-standing sculptural objects or mobiles.

Bold colors, light, and high-voltage geometric compositions characterize the versatile artworks that he transforms into wall-

Noyed's background as a ceramic artist and abstract painter has imbued his artwork with dimension and movement. In addition to his unique and captivating approach to design

H i s “G e o m e t r i c I l l u m i n a t i o n s ” s e r i e s demonstrates the culmination of his exploration of light, color, and space. Accurately named, they embrace the essence of geometric form and abstract photography amplified with light.

“Medallion” Photograph, LED Light Acrylic, 27"X36"



“Leap Of Joy” Photographs Acrylic LED Lights Aluminum, 50’X25’

elements, color has always been a constant source of inspiration for the artist. He was commissioned to create two major light and color art installations at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport and has been a featured light installation artist at Art Miami, Northern Spark, and the American Swedish Institute. He has won numerous national and international awards for his outstanding work in graphic design, digital design, video and brand development. “Rainbow Pyramid Light Experience” Acrylic Tubes LED Lights Copper Steel Mirrors, 20’X20’X20’

“Aurora Borealis And Star Of North” Photographs Acrylic Led Lights Aluminum, 60’X7’




Raymond John Westraadt


rowing up in a city where the brutal and painful dismantling of an entire way of life was once deemed legitimate, I began to understand the careless disregard of man in an attempt to improve, irrespective. My way of protesting this action is to try and stimulate a remembrance, the conscious thoughts of people by exposing them to that which looks and feels familiar. The buildings I paint, reflect an attitude rather than an image, abandonment, and despair, but with reference to hope albeit only in our minds-eye.   The starkness of the buildings in a desolate background will serve as an intense focus on the story behind the lives that drifted through these buildings and not so “Avenue Of The Immigrants - Nyc” Oil On Canvas, 37" X 27.5”

“Lower East Side, Manhattan - Nyc” Oil On Canvas, 37"X27.5"



“Psych Ward - Provincial Hospital; Port Elizabeth” Oil On Canvas, 47"X35"

much the building itself. Although the buildings are devoid of life, the observer is left to draw their conclusions as to the many stories that the image may evoke in them. The images may have been born out of my intense appreciation of Surrealism, but the approach adopted by artists such as Edward Hopper wherein discourse constantly nags at the subconscious is a constant driving force in my work.”

“Cohen’s Optometrist - Nyc” Oil On Canvas, 37"X27.5"

“U City - Market Street, Philadelphia” Oil On Canvas, 47"X35"




Raymond Quenneville


orn in 1956 in Trois-Rivières, Quebec (Canada), Raymond Quenneville is a selftaught artist who has been painting for over 35 years. In 1992, after having explored a variety of media, he went back to oil painting and decided to pursue his unique style in expressing landscape and light. By playing with complementary colors, Raymond Quenneville accentuates contrasts and creates impressive luminous effects. In his landscape paintings, subtle values variations almost make visible the fine consistency of the air itself and create an illusion of depth that is convincing to the eye. He likes to paint peaceful environments, expressing serenity and equanimity of places where it is good to stop and be for a moment.

“Pleins feux sur Québec” Oil On Canvas, 30" X 36”

Raymond Quenneville has held many solo exhibitions and participated in numerous collective exhibitions and symposia. Winner of several national and international awards he has received many special mentions from juries and the public. He is a member of the Institut des arts figuratifs (IAF), of the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA), of the Mondial Art Academia

“Le chemin de la maison rose” Oil On Canvas, 24" X 30”

(MAA) and has been nominated as Master of Fine Arts by the Académie internationale des beaux-arts du Québec (AIBAQ). There is a permanent exhibition of his work in renowned art galleries distributed across Canada and the United States.

“Plein d’espoir” Oil On Canvas, 36" X 30”



Ryusuke Yamagiwa


“The Book II -Still Life-“ Mixed Media, 8.9”X7.1"X2.8"


apanese artist, Ryusuke Yamagiwa was born in 1984 in Japan and grew up in Japan, Australia, and Canada. He graduated from Waseda University Faculty of Political Science and Economics in 2007, and Musashino Art University College of Art and Design Correspondence Course Department of Painting in 2012. He is an awarded artist and has had solo exhibitions and group show participation in the United States, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, and Japan. For more info contact:

“Scent“ Mixed Media, 64.3"X33.6"X2.8"

“Breath“ Mixed Media, 23.5"X35.7"X2"




Renée Bellavance

“Vulcania“ Acrylic On Canvas, 20”X40”, 2018


enée Bellavance, better known as ReBel is a professional contemporary visual artist based in Canada. Her works are a vivid expression of the four elements, wind, water, earth, and fire, created in acrylic 3D visuals that aim at not only to capture the attention of the

“Reflets Lunaire” Acrylic On Canvas, 40”X20”, 2017



viewer but to evoke a multitude of mixed emotions that reflect her work. ReBel's technique is one that she continues to improve, bringing the elements to life in black canvases that represent

“The 3 Moon Valley“ Acrylic On Canvas, 10”X12”, 2017

“The Ice Planet 2” Acrylic On Terraskin, 9”X12”, 2018

the dark space that makes up most of our universe. ReBel has a particular affinity for the color blue which she doesn't shy away from using in her works. ReBel presents to us a collection of colors through "Eruption," a mix of red, orange and yellow meticulously painted to represent the cataclysmic pact of earth and fire. "Angel Nebula" which incorporates white and blue colors to create vibrant 3D visuals representing the fusion of water, and wind in a sort of whimsical dance. "De Luna," a piece created from a blend of colors to represent the mysticism of the universe which is a testament to the artist's unique style and dynamism. Whether individually or collectively, Renée Bellevance has succeeded in creating work that brings to life the essence and constitution of our universe in her compositions.

“A New World” Acrylic On Terraskin, 9”X12”, 2018

“Peace After The Storm” Acrylic On Terraskin, 9”X12”, 2018




Richard Heley

“Eyes Of The Universe” Acrylic On Paper, 16"X24"


draw, paint, write and perform songs, poetry, stories with a lifetime’s unique work influenced by Buddhism, touring internationally performing poetry, stories, songs and all the time practicing to let go so that creativity flows at will. I am the eyes and ears of existence observing itself, letting the learning fall through the holes in my reasoning onto paper and canvas producing joyous work which celebrates being alive.”

“The River Carry Me There” Acrylic On Canvas, 40”X40”



“Talking To Butterflies” Acrylic On Canvas, 16”X16"

“Slam Poetry” Drawing Pencil, Colour Pencil, Acrylic On Paper, 12"X16"

For more info visit:

“Alive” Acrylic On Canvas, 48”X48"

“Reflect, Submerge, Surrender” Acrylic On Canvas, 18"X24"




Ron C. Curlee II

“Weeping Willow” Acrylic, 60”X60”


rtist Ron C. Curlee II, specializes in large abstract artwork on canvas, as well as a designer of interior spaces, home furnishings, and textiles, thus solidifying his dual career as an artist and designer. "Kaleidoscopic Perspective" A series utilizing intense color, bold black lines, and abstract scenes from nature featuring animated representations of flora and fauna. Set against solid backgrounds creating a youthful and playful tone, yet maintaining a balance of style and sophistication. “Contorted Willow” Acrylic, 60”X48”



“Japanese Maple” Acrylic, 48”X36”




Seppo Kari

“Arisen In The Night, "Mariskooli" Made In Finland” Oil On Canvas, 20"X20"


y techniques are oil, acrylic, and crayon, in graphic art serigraphy and digital. The method of working is very often structural. Shadows are used to create lightness, shape, and illusion. The paintings are disconnected from reality, although they include parts of reality loaded with symbolism and images. I like to paint nocturnal topics. Maybe it can simply be said that I paint “the black light” because it is transparent."


“Night-Time Rendezvous” Acrylic, Oil On Canvas, 27"X27", 2017

“Gone With The Dream” Acrylic, Oil On Canvas, 27"X27", 2017


Steve Lyons

“Toward Hope” Acrylic, 24”X48"


think there are painters and artists. The former is committed to creating imagery with paint; an artist is simply committed to creating. I consider myself the latter because, very simply, I must create to be happy. I learned and accepted this about myself at a very young age. I most often create through concept and metaphor, and my goal is always the same: to translate the energy of a subject through color and textured dimensionality. When is a piece complete? When it feels organic. For creating is about feeling, not seeing.”

“The March Of The Sails” Acrylic And Silver Leaf, 24"X60"

“Women And The Universe” Acrylic, 48"X72"




Subodh Maheshwari “My paintings give me space to feel and express my visual delight in color, shape and form.”


ubodh Maheshwari's vibrant compositions are a celebration of life, love, and creative energy. She uses symbolic elements to create works that are emotionally evocative, personal, spiritual, and profound. Maheshwari has an uncanny ability to fuse eastern symbolism with the western composition in bright pools of undulating color. Rajasthani art influences are apparent in her pieces, and she manages to put accents of Hindi and Sanskrit symbols in a highly individual way. Subodh, who was born in Aligarh, North India, studied fine art at Agra University in India, California State University, and finally, earned her Masters at the University of California. It was at Irvine, where she won the Regional Fellowship Award and blossomed as an artist. She has since gone on to participate in prestigious exhibitions, and her works have been featured in renown publications. “Path” Gouache On Paper, 30”X22”

“Anger” Gouache On Paper, 30”X22”



“Love For Child” Gouache On Paper, 30”X22”

“New Birth” Acrylic On Canvas, 36”X48”

From her body of work, one can tell that Subodh finds her inspiration in nature and life. She manages to take life experiences society and everything in between and paint them into various forms and hues. Her paintings tell a story that shifts according to the viewer's mind. When she's not breathing life onto canvas, she teaches art at the local community college and conducts workshops for aspiring artists. Subodh Maheshwari lives and works in California.

“Symbol Of Liberty” Watercolor & Mixed Media On Paper, 30”X17”

“Subaqueous III” Acrylic On Canvas, 15”X11”

Subodh was presented with the Bharat Gaurav Award and the Top 60 Masters Award three years in a row.

For more info visit:

“Liberty At Night” Watercolor On Paper, 12.5”X8.5”




Susan Talbot Hoffmann


usan Talbot Hoffmann expresses her love for life in her etchings of Louisiana cypress swamps, seafood boils, plantation and New Orleans garden district homes. Her earlier life was given to medical research, as a documentary attests on her website. Hoffmann began taking art classes as therapy following treatment for a brain tumor, thus starting her second God-given life.

“Louisiana Cypress Swamps II” Etching,10"X8"

To watch Susan Talbot Hoffmann's documentary visit:

Believing that art is meant to lift the human spirit, her work is notable for its great beauty and grace. She shares that the human spirit is ultimately the universal, eternal God. Susan Talbot Hoffmann has shown in over 100 professional juried competitions, winning many awards locally, statewide, nationally and internationally.



“Degas House" Hand Colored Etching, 7"X5"

“La Boiled Alive" Colored Etching, 8"X10"


Ulla Haga


ince I was a small child, I have always been interested in art, but my interest in sculpture did arise when I was staying at home with my children during their growth period. In sculpture, the various forms and working with clay fascinated me greatly, and my passion for developing in creating this material was so strong that I in 1984 decided to try my wings and joined the Sculpture Group of Veikko Myller, since then I have been a member of this group with the exception of a short period during the years 1998-1992 when designer Veijo Ulmanen was my teacher. In my current style, you can notice simplification in shaping but also at the same time a clear, realistic tendency. In my works, I have mostly examined different aspects of the life of a woman under different periods. The latest of my sculptures describe those changes in a womanґs clothing which have taken place under the last centuries, from headgears and gowns to a release from them.”

“Unexpected Happening” Shiny Bronze_Green Patina, 18.5”X15”X7”

“Girl With An Angelic Wing” Shiny Bronze Black Patina, 22”X11”X6"

“Sea Joker” Shiny Bronze Green Patina, 16”X8”X8”




Therese Boisclair

“Solitude" Mixed Media, 40"X20"


nspired by a desire to express the beauty of the natural world, Thérèse Boisclair captures the atmospheric sensations of landscapes in alluring abstract works of art. The artist enjoys combining the bold colors of acrylic painting with the fragility of tissue paper to achieve a myriad of textures, unexpected patterns, and various translucent effects. Boisclair, who lives in Ottawa Canada, has acquired expertise in many different artistic mediums, including enamel on copper, pottery, stained glass, jewelry making and more — which have all contributed to her expansive visual vocabulary. About her current focus on painting on tissue paper, she explains, “The textures, bold colors, light and transparency continue to fascinate me.” Boisclair’s abstract landscapes have been seen in numerous exhibitions in Canada, Europe, and the U.S. Her artwork can be found in many private and public collections throughout the world.

“Reaching For The Stars" Mixed Media,18"X36"



“Fractured Dreams” Mixed Media, 24”X18"

Among the many accolades, she has received “Best of Show” in an exhibition held at the Estense Castle in Ferrara, Italy. She was also given awards during the 1st edition of the Naples Prize for Contemporary Art 2013 organized by the Galleria, in Monteoliveto, Nice.

“Inspiration” Mixed Media, 30”X30"

Boisclair was featured in Studio Visit Magazine, among other publications. She is a member of several associations in Canada.

“Enchanted Forest” Mixed Media, 40"X30"




Wendy Carmichael Bauld

“When I Opened The Sky” Mixed Media, 12"X16"


celebrate and treasure the ordinary, the beautiful, the eccentric. I’m intrigued by our ability to manifest our dreams and be open to possibilities. Letting go of self-limiting barriers helps me gain a new freedom in my artistic process. Therefore, I take risks by creating intuitive, allegorical mixed media pieces that are a culmination of my perceptual viewpoints, while exhibiting around the world."

“When I Opened The Sky” Mixed Media, 12"X16"



“Rapture Ravissement” Mixed Media, 16”X12"


Wendy Yeo


endy Yeo, R.W.S.W, is a Hong Kong-born artist and a graduate of the Slade School of Fine Art, University of London. She has won many awards and a traveling scholarship to Europe. Yeo has exhibited in Solo Shows in UK, New York, California, Hong Kong, Kuwait, and Turkey. Her works can be found in the following public collections: Ashmolean Museum, Oxford Wolfson College, Oxford, The Slade School of Fine Art, London, Yu Kyung Museum, Geoje, S. Korea, and the Hong Kong Museum.

“Waterfall In Autumn Mist” Acrylic On Canvas, 24”X30”

“Rocks And Waves” Acrylic On Canvas, 30”X36”

For more info visit:

“Autumn Sunset” Acrylic On Canvas, 30”X40”



The Top Environmentalist Artists of the Year Awarded in New York in an Unprecedented Event! ArtTour International Magazine, in collaboration with Artists for a Green Planet, celebrated an exciting award ceremony honoring a selection of artists for their role in environmental conservation through the ARTYA Awards. World-renowned figures in the art industry converged on November 9th, 2018, to celebrate their achievements and contributions in making the world a better place through art. The award ceremony took place with an exciting environmental exhibition where the step and repeat banner was decorated with grass instead of a red carpet, and bamboo

trunks, flowers, plants, and other recycled materials served as the backdrop for the masterpieces shown by sixteen international artists that gathered in New York to send a message of environmental conservation. Leading artists from all over the world were the proud recipients of this prestigious award, and their works were showcased in the exhibit "Wonders of Our Universe," hosted at the Viviana Puello Gallery in Manhattan, home of the ARTYA Awards.

The award presented to the artists was an artwork by Viviana Puello founder of Artists For A Green Planet. “Ocean Blue” was done in recycled pieces of wood with the artist’s favorite mixes of blue hues, powdered Lapis, and gold foil.



The gallery displayed an environmental installation made of recycled wood, paper, and mix-media. Photography Alan Grimandi

The award recognized the artists' concerted efforts in raising awareness of the plight of the planet on the precipice of destruction. The exhibiting works were intended to enlighten the masses and provoke a change of heart toward caring for the earth. The artworks gave viewers a chance to reflect on their own overall attitude toward the planet and hopefully evoke positive change.

The hallmark event heralded the beginning of a global wave of artists keen on protecting the environment from further destruction and making the world a better place. Cont. Next Page to our photo gallery. For more information about the ARTYA awards visit

The Glow In The Dark Room. Judith Gale who was also awarded and made the cover of the fall 2018 issue of ArtTour International magazine, showcased her stunning glow in the dark series in the exhibition "Wonders Of Our Universe" hosted during the ARTYA AWARDS at the Viviana Puello Gallery in Manhattan.



Artist Judith Gale, Cover of the Artists For A Green Planet issue of ArtTour International Magazine receiving the ARTYA award from ATIM Editor-in-Chief, Viviana Puello.

Artist Elena Gutierrez from Mexico, receiving the ARTYA award from Local Singing Sensation Elaine Tejeda.

Artist Robert Ross from USA, receiving the ARTYA award.

Artist Alison Barrows -Young from USA, receiving the ARTYA award.

Artist Brian Rock from Ireland receiving the ARTYA award.

Artist Nimi Trehan from India, receiving the ARTYA award.

Artist Lee Chiu from China, receiving the ARTYA award.



Artist A.C. Lindner from Canada, receiving the ARTYA award.

Mexican Artist Maggie Brewer recipient of the ARTYA award posing by her artworks with her husband Jonathan Brewer.

Above: Artist Lisa Levasseur founder of Palette Art showcased a fashion garment and accessories made of recycled materials and paint utilizing her signature Palette Art technique.

Artist Finnur Frodason from Iceland, also a recepient of the ARTYA award for his photography work.



Judith Gale

"Argus II� Mixed Media On Canvas, 44"X58"


ward-winning American artist Judith Gale has created the exciting work in the cover of our Fall 2018 issue. Awarded as one of ATIM Top 60 Masters 2018 and also with the ARTYA AWARD 2018 (Artivists Of The Year Award), Judith Gales creates awe-inspiring paintings as a homage to the magnificence of marine environments. Working with mixed media, Gale harmoniously captures organic shapes in bright, bold tones inviting the viewer to pay close attention to the vulnerability of nature and how climate change and environmental degradation threaten our future.

warriors who will protect marine life from human destruction and join in the preservation of the marine environment. Let's enjoy this exclusive interview with our cover artist.

As Gales states, there is minimum separation between her art and the oceanic environment. Though each distinct in their sense, there exists an interspersing between her art and the beautiful setting from which stems her inspiration. In each work, organic colors, carefully rendered shapes, and figurative forms blend, permeating the work with layers of meaning evoking feelings of self-reflection from her viewers. This passion for marine life has led her to travel many feet underwater to explore the dazzling marine life, particularly of mollusks. As a lifelong environmentalist, hints of the aquatic environment echo in most of her paintings. As acting vice president of the Molluscan Science Foundation, Gale has stepped up her efforts to preserve the aquatic environment through her artwork. She also has been actively involved in distributing educational materials to schools worldwide. By introducing young children to seashells, she hopes to raise an army of future spirited "Blue Crush" Mixed Media On Canvas, 25.5"X 32.5"



"Sieve" Mixed Media On Canvas, 23"X30" 2018

Judith Gale is actively exhibiting her works in the international art scene and has most recently exhibit her works in New York in an exhibition entitled “Bioneers” at POOKIE & SEBASTIAN in New York . She participated at the "Wonders Of Our Universe" exhibit, organized by Artists For A Green Planet in collaboration with ArtTour International

"Rainbow Cowry" Mixed Media On Canvas, 20”X15.5”

Magazine at the Viviana Puello Gallery in New York this past November. For more info contact:

"Voluta Amoria" Mixed Media On Canvas, 33"X60" 2017



Lawrence R. Armstrong “My work, both in Art and Architecture, is an ongoing exploration of the concept of Layers. I have always been aware of and fascinated by Layers in the Natural and Built Environment. Layers in Space and Time. Layers in Intellect, in Emotion. Synthesis and Interpenetration of Form, of Solid and Void, of Chaos and -Lawrence R. Armstrong Order, Simplicity and Complexity.”

“Spectrous 2.0” Acrylic On Board, 54”X 54”


“Spectrous 1.1” Acrylic On Board, 18”X 24”

by Yadira Roman

ward-winning American contemporary artist and Architect Lawrence R. Armstrong creates works that explore a unique form of art centered on layers. Armstrong is a sensory artist whose inspiration is as capricious as his work is stunning. His media is infinite, sometimes combining both glass, metal, oil paints and other material for his works. An excellent line work is a prominent feature of Amstrong’s body of work, creating various geometrical shapes in vibrant hues that take up a good part of his pieces. This makes for a perfect backdrop of brilliant colors in playful streaks or squiggly spirals. His work reflects unlikely the harmony between nature and the built environment which he wishes to convey to the viewer.

visual essentials through color, form, shapes, and texture. He uses unique details to grab the attention of viewers by highlighting elements that were buried in the background. Lawrence Armstrong advocates for more accommodating building practices that may help conserve and improve the natural environment. His cause is expounded exhaustively in his contemplative artwork. For more info contact:

The layered vision work is ongoing scrutiny of the concept of layers. Armstrong explores the depth of layers by connecting



“Spectrous 1.0” Acrylic On Board, 18”X 24”



Mague Brewer

“All my art pieces or paintings have been collected by my subconscious or spiritual self, inviting me to find out about possibilities that can become choices in my life in a nonimposing way. ”


orn in Tampico, Mexico, Mague Brewer, is a self-taught artist whose works explore the mysticism and majesty of her Mexican roots in non- traditional paintings full of vibrant colors that she complements with mixed media layers. Her works are creative, intuitive and versatile bringing together vivid colors in a playful dance, whilst simultaneously expounding on a message that can only truly be heard and felt by the heart. Working with a variety of media with the predominant being oil, Mague Brewer finds her source of inspiration from a range of stimuli including people, the environment, mental imagery and the exploration of how images and found objects intersect to form a composition. Mague's dynamic compositions, allow the viewer to experience the natural world through a new lens, creating “Believe” Gouache, Acrylic, Fabric, Wood And Swarovski Stones On Canvas, Covered By Veil, 48”X72”

“Among Individuals And Nations Alike, Respect For Other People Is What Constitutes Peace". Benito Juarez. “We All Deserve Our Own Garden". Mague Brewer Oil On Canvas, Wood, Semiprecious And Precious Stones, Glass And Fresh Flowers. 2018,  60”X 48”



“We're All Worthwhile” Acrylic And Gouache, Silver, Wood And Semi-Precious Stones On Canvas, 60”X72”

perspectives that offer a glimpse through the artist's eyes. She provides a connection with her surroundings, illustrating an understanding of the world that we see and that of her imagination. Each painting by Mague Brewer tells of a story of intuition and self-reflection and outlines her spiritual journey. Hard to miss is the profound influence of nature that has shaped her ingenious output. As a visual artist, Mague advocates for the preservation of the environment, leading every viewer towards an enlightened path of change. Elements of nature and her manipulation and contortion of color expertly explores nature’s spirit in its freedom and purity. Mague Brewer’s art is a call for rapid action and a reminder of nature’s peaceful pact with humanity. Mague Brewer's work will be part of the collective exhibition "Wonders Of Our Universe" at the Viviana Puello Gallery. Organized by Artists For A Green Planet, the exhibition will be on display from November 8th to December 2nd, 2018.

“Inspired” Gouache And Acrylic, Swarovski Stones On Canvas, 48”X56”



Siegfried Lehmann

“Butterfly And Sun” Oil On Canvas, 59"X39.4"

"Since 1981, I am a freelance artist and graphic artist with my studio. My activities are oil and acrylic paintings, 3D-art as well as sculptures of wood and plastic. In my artworks, I ideas from every day ́s reality into geometric-poetic compositions of great clarity, combined with suggestions from the subconscious. The issues of our time are reflected in my works, my fantastic-realistic-subjective imagery. At the same time, I am not fixed on an art style or a genre, but my works are characterized by diversity, variety and the interplay of assorted styles, combined with new, unprecedented ideas." - Siegfried Lehmann


aster artist Siegfried Lehman is ever evolving in the stages of his work, taking advantage of the many resources that surround him in his creative process. Using abstract interpretation when painting with oils and acrylics, graphics and 3d installments to communicate his message with his audience. Lehman has a curious spirit with his work, expressing his thoughts about consciousness as well as his likeness for technology and recent advances. His environment is his tool for expansion in his work, always reinventing himself and moving forward as quickly as the world around him. Lehman uses plastic and wood for his installments, and he creates vibrant and harmonizing colors, as well as a form of communication through shapes and braking patterns. There is a sense of continuity in all his works, each of his creations carries a symphony of colors, shapes, and subjects representing the circle of life within humanity as well as the spiritual realms beyond. Lehman creates unity through his work, using his gift as an empowering tool of connection and community in the world. Lehman talks about the duality in our environment, both light and dark forces being an influence on the way we experience life. He likes to focus on the positive aspects of the world, while also embracing elements he “Well Connected” Acrylic On Wood With 3D Elements, 31.5"X39.4"



“Valery” Acrylic On Wood With 3D Elements, 27.6"X39.4"

considers to be dark. This duality is portrayed in his work concerning color contrast as well as shape contrast. With a harmonious final result in each of his works, showing his ability to structure, while also living in the free flow of his youthful curiosity, always remaining connected to his inner child.

"Sir At The Window" Oil On Canvas, 27.6"X39.4"

For more info contact:

"Sunday Parade" Acrylic On Wood, 70.9"X39.4”



Sónia Domingues

"Flight In The Butterfly Of Your Cliff Vii" Mixed Media On Canvas


ónia Domingues, or Sonny as she is better known, is a master artist, designer and glass painter who bubbles with creative energy. Using passion and raw emotion to fuel her creativity, Sonny develops a unique and eclectic style that explores the essence of nature's spirit and the universe's resonance using cubism and geometric abstraction. "Best of Coco Rocha" is a series of paintings inspired by the Canadian model Coco Rocha. The beauty and flare of the model are accurately captured by Sonny's skillful application of blacks on white background with a sweet touch of grey shades. The paintings are a blend of art and architecture to pronounce highlights of the model's visage and fashion sense. The ideal marriage of white and black also highlight Sonny's mastery of technique. Bringing a more colorful vibe to her work, "Flight Of The Butterfly' exhibits flowing lines and skillful stroking technique with a mix of soft brown and contrasting pink bring out wildlife, man and nature in its most enthralling form and emotional form. She hopes to provide a new perspective on nature for the viewer hoping to evoke a bit of love in the process. 130


"Best Of Coco Vi" Circular Sculpture Work, Suspended Effect, 39" Diameter    Suspended Effect 2017

"Coffee Time Any Minute..An Universe Of Sensations"



Tinatin Vachnadze

"Restlessness" Oil & Mixed Media On Canvas, 24"X48"


orn in Tbilisi, Giorgia in a family of artists, Tinatin Vachnadze was exposed to art at an early age and the bohemian environment that came along with it. Her vibrantly abstract paintings are highly textured, characterized by a great fluidity and simultaneous contrasts, paying close attention to form and color, utilizing curved shapes that frequently resemble dashes of color or even biomorphic shapes. This is exceptionally important in the creation of movement within the composition, as when combined with the chromatic intensity, the final result is exceptionally dynamic. These elements are predominantly evident in her abstract works, such as “Restlessness,” which depicts vibrant blue and red vortexes accompanied by dashes and splashes of color. It is a composition with complexity in nature, but at the same time, it exhibits a methodic structure, retaining a harmonic, rhythmic pattern. Similarly, “Feelings” is a dual piece which focuses on an eruption of blue and purple biomorphic shapes that resemble clouds or fungal growth. This can be seen as a hint that her abstract works have an indirect reference to our environment, drawing inspiration from nature to create a contemporary result. Her father and both of her grandparents were accomplished artists. In her own words, she grew up within the confines of her grandfather's art workshop. Nearly everyone in her family was creating something be it a painting or a piece of music. It's no wonder that drawing and painting came very naturally to her. Looking back to her artistic childhood, Vachnadze said that art has always been the window through which she understood and interpreted the world. Vachnadze's work and overall style have gone through a few crucial transitions. Since she had a classical education in figurative art, the majority of her early works were realistic.



"Euphoria" Mixed Media & Oil On Canvas, 48"X30"

"Palette" Mixed Media & Oil On Canvas, 48"X48"

Along the way, she decided to begin her exploration of abstract works. She described the transition as very difficult, admitting it was necessary, as in time she found her voice in the abstract style.

"L' Autome" Oil & Mixed Media On Canvas, 40"X30"

These examples showcase the plurality of artistic languages that Vachnadze utilizes to voice her creative ideas, painting with freedom and spontaneity while carefully orchestrating textural compositions and translating her emotions into pure color. For more info contact:

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"First Love" Oil & Mixed Media On Canvas, 24"X36"



The Essence Of Beauty

“Fashion is definitely a great influence… I love drama, dramatic posing and lighting.” Barbara Tyler Ahlfield

"The Essence of Beauty,” a solo exhibit by master artist Barbara Tyler Ahlfield, praises fashion, beauty, and glamour, but above all, the internal beauty of the female soul. The exhibition, presented at the Viviana Puello Gallery in Manhattan, examined ties between fashion and internal beauty. Curated by Viviana Puello, A r t To u r I n t e r n a t i o n a l Magazine's editor-in-chief, "The Essence Of Beauty" explores how fashion's imagery has influenced women through the years as a way to express their uniqueness.

Barbara Tyler Ahlfield arriving to her Solo Exhibition “The Essence Of Beauty” Photo by Alan Grimandi



"The exhibition situates costumes alongside artworks to provide an interpretive context for the influence of fashion and the history of the artist as a prominent fashion illustrator for major brands in a time when the industry was still relying on

artists for illustrations," said curator Viviana Puello during an interview. "All of the designs featured in the exhibition were the inspiration to some of the artworks presented in the show. I thought it would be an excellent way for the public to make the connection between the fashion illustrator and the artist, she excels in both fields. Most acknowledge fashion's significant influence over her paintings." She added: "Barbara Tyler A h l fi e l d c r e a t e s d ra m a t i c , evocative and emotionally layered portraits that are whimsical and profound, elegant and refined, technically accurate yet spontaneous. She carefully orchestrates portraits capturing the psychology of her subjects through harmonious compositions that emanate

intimacy, delicacy, and strength. Ahlfield paints exciting, fleeting moments with tenderness and grace. Her scenes convey a world of fashion, beauty, and glamour." Visitors were invited to walk through the gallery to enjoy paintings, fashion illustrations, and elegant gowns. Colorfully dressed mannequins, arranged to look like characters found in Ahlfield’s paintings, were displayed elegantly. Ahlfield's quotes were scattered about the gallery to create an intimate dialogue between viewers and the artist. This was a fascinating exhibition that showcased the artist's best.

Grammy-winning American soprano Ilana Davidson powerful performance and angelic voice was a joy to hear and filled the gallery with glorious sound.

Above: Barbara Tyler Ahlfield with Joyce Adewumi, Chairperson for the Arts and Culture Committee in Manhattan Community Board 9 and founder of the New York African Chorus Ensemble.

For more information about the artist visit:



Photo by Alan Grimandi courtesy of Grimandi Art Gallery.

Metamorphosis. Colors & Healing Showcased in the exciting and modern setting of the Grimandi Art Gallery in Manhattan, “Metamorphosis. Colors & Healing” featured the works of master artist and holistic therapist Helen Kagan. It is a collection of over twenty-five artworks we displayed in an awe-inspiring exhibit.

“I believe art heals. I believe in mind-bodyspirit connection. My ‘Healing Arts’ is a statement of my beliefs. ~ " Helen Kagan, Phd



With her message of healing arts, Dr. Kagan's work brings the message of the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. Helen Kagan integrates the fine arts and the art of healing to develop her unique concept of the “Healing Arts,” which can enhance well-being and bring healing to those in need. “Metamorphosis,” by definition, is a profound change from one stage to t h e n ex t . T h i s i s w h a t H e l e n communicates in her art via positively charged intention, healing frequencies of color, embedded spiritual messages, and an energetically balanced composition. By awakening the senses, memories, energies, and thoughts of the divine, she leads viewers to tap into their source to allow healing to take place. Her art is not just viewed – it is experienced. A viewer is invited to experience not only an artistic enigma and mastery, but to embrace the very

positive aura of her compositions, to have his or her own spiritual experience and experience profound realizations while feeling energized and enlightened. In Kagan's own words: “For many of us creatives, art is a spiritual path, a transformational process, a way of being." C u ra t e d b y I n t e r n a t i o n a l A r t Personality Viviana Puello, ArtTour International Magazine’s Editor-inChief, the exhibit was a fantastic display of dynamic colors and movement. As per the curator: “This exhibition is full of positive healing energy; Helen’s works attract people even across the street. There’s a sense of joy, of bursting excitement. This exhibit shows the artist’s mastery of the beautiful blend of art and healing therapy, establishing the connection between them very well. Her mastery has impacted everyone that visited the show.”

Artist Helen Kagan arriving to her Solo Exhibition “Metamorphosis. Colors & Healing� Photo by Alan

Gallery Director Alan Grimandi during the opening reception. Photo by Destiny Perdomo



“Discoveries”. A Journey Of Beauty And Splendor Award-winning artist and fine art photographer Hélène DeSerres took us on a journey of beauty and splendor with her solo exhibit "Discoveries, presented at the Grimandi Art Gallery in Manhattan. “Discoveries” featured a retrospective show of Hélène DeSerres' photography work with her travel photography from Bali, India, Italy, Thailand, and the USA. Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, pluridisciplinary artist, Hélène DeSerres is a photographer a watercolorist, mix-media painter, sculptor et jewelry designer and producer. She has captured some of the most distinctive subjects from around the world, regularly flying to remarkable sites to photograph them. DeSerres has devoted much of her work to advocate for the environment and the protection of endangered species. Natural landscapes, majestic creatures, and bold pigments are prominent features of her work as a painter, and themes related to environmental conservation has inspired many of her series. Her photographic

Artist Hélène DeSerres arriving to her Solo Exhibition “Discoveries” at the Grimandi Art Gallery. Photo by Alan Grimandi.



work focuses on cultural preservation and offers her audience insights into the treasured and profoundly honored ways of life that can be found in cultures all around the world. When asked about the exhibition the curator explained: "One of the fascinating features about HÊlène’s work is how she captures her subjects in a way that presents their humanity and connection to the viewer thus creating a bridge between cultures that we so desperately need nowadays. The dancers from Bali, the ladies at the market in Indonesia, the Samburu men, you and I, have a common denominator, we are all part of the human race, and we are one. I wanted to showcase DeSerres mastery to make this connection. She's an environmentalist, expressing and bringing awareness with each one of her works and presenting an outstanding contribution and documentation on remote cultures, endangered species, and this beautiful planet. In 'Discoveries' there are no borders, humanity is presented in all its glory and unity through the lens of the artist. "



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"Colored People" Oil And Acrylic On Canvas by LeRoi

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