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Cutting Edge Masters of Contemporary Art 2014 International Exhibition, held at the Auditorium al Duomo in Florence from February 22nd to March 2nd, features a selection of international artists showcasing their best works. With over 15 years of experience in the art industry in over 64 countries, Vivid Arts Network is well known for its dynamic and extensive links throughout the globe. Its staff travel across the world throughout the year, organizing exhibitions in various cities, attending events and promoting its most talented artists at international events. When it is not attending events, Vivid Arts Network organizes its own exhibitions to help its artists gain exposure. These are a platform for emerging and professional artists in the international art market. With a strong belief that art can inspire change and help good causes, the network brings artists together to explore human rights issues. ArtTour International Magazine is co-sponsoring the Vivid Arts Network exhibit Cutting Edge Masters of Contemporary Art 2014. As one one of the most popular international art magazines and over 2.1 million readers around the world, we are excited to be able to partner with Vivid Arts Network for this event. Vivid Arts Network strives to provide new opportunities for both emerging and professional artists who need help expanding their business. The network represents and provides consultation services for artists with all levels of experience who want to gain international exposure and take their career to new heights. Vivid Arts Network helps artists to market their art both online and offline, and gives them a spotlight at international art exhibitions. In addition to the global venues, Vivid Arts Network gives its artists the opportunity to be featured at solo exhibitions in partner galleries. The network is recognized worldwide by the art industry for the positive work it does for artists who are trying to make a name for themselves. Vivid Arts Network is committed to supporting and promoting artists who use their art to help worthy causes and collectively explore human rights. Anyone with a passion and appreciation for international art is invited to visit this exciting event. We are proud to present this great selection of Vivid Arts Network artists featured at the Cutting Edge Masters of Contemporary Art 2014 International Exhibition. If you'd like more information please email: or call 1 (917) 289-1007 Ext 107.

ALDO BASILI Until today he has gone through various and different photographic fields, from black and white to colour, from reportage shots to artistic photography, always looking in each image for their artistic potentiality and creative contents. Thus proceeding it happened that photographs of common people captured in the flow of their everyday life revealed to be ironic or even funny; that the urban landscape through elaboration of successive shots revealed to be a perfect cubist picture; that colours in nature through digital elaboration took a definite shape. I believe this to be the unique feature of his works and what he intends to pursue; the quest of what each image can became through the artistic vision, the looking for art that can be revealed in each image and in the elaboration of successive shots or post production, the search for photographic interpretation of abstract concepts.


“Cavalieri al Borgo medioevale� Photography

BJORN ALGRIM «Life is the tool the universe use to understand it self»! Algrim is a contemporary artist who studied classic art, philosophy, art history and graphic arts. He also made numerous study tours around the world. He applies an oldfashioned technique using an oil paint of his own recipe, similar to the old masters in the Renaissance. This is a very comprehensive and slow technique that very few artists do today. Each painting has 20-30 layers and it can take over a year to finish. He use only natural earth and mineral pigments of the absolute best quality. Algrim do all the work himself and do not use assistants! Algrim is a pondering artist who seeks the transition between heaven and earth. His capability of visualizing the spiritual world is widely acknowledged. He has participated at a number of exhibitions at home and abroad, and his works are purchased by collectors, business companies and hotels all over Europe and the United States! Algrim is much requested as a portrait painter and has portrayed a number of celebrities! Award winning artist. Algrim obtained the Best of Show Award in Gem-art 2000 in the United States. He is also awarded as artist of the year and have received the crystal gift of honor.

“Cerca Trova” Oil on Canvas 28” x 24”


CHRISTINA LAPPA Painter Christina Lappa, draws on her relationships with her natural surroundings and her personal life in her native homeland of Venezuela. Bright colors and figures that appear to be mobile are predominant characteristics of her work. Lanky female figures in colored dresses casting shadows in daily life are often the subject of her images. Village markets like, El Mercado, mirror the life she experienced and draws on in her paintings. While vivid colored parrots, toucans and plants captivate the viewer who feels her joyful sense of life, one senses the subtleties each painting offers and recognized each as a unique creation.

“Mujeres” Oil on Canvas 39” x 31”


DONNA BONIN A native of Hamilton On., and a graduate of Queen's University, Donna taught Physical Education, English, and Art at Moira Secondary School in Belleville for 34 years. Since retirement in 1999, she has become a full time artist, watercolor instructor, avid traveller, and leader of artists' travel vacation workshops. Donna's paintings have been shown to critical acclaim in numerous juried shows, galleries, and art festivals throughout Eastern Ontario. Her style gives the impression of realism and is best known for attention to detail and bold use of colour. Subject matter is inspired by many life-long passions. She has been "Artist-in-the Park" at both Sandbanks and Presqu'ile Provincial Parks and loves to paint in Algonquin as well as in the tranquility of her garden. Travel has inspired many paintings from Europe to the High Arctic. Years of experience with boats and horses allows for accurate rendering of these within a composition. Horse and pet portraits are a specialty. In some of her more recent paintings, Donna has emphasized pattern and design bordering on semi-abstract through use of unusual colours and juxtapositions. This allows the viewers a flight into fantasy and individual interpretation.

“Undersea Fantasy� Watercolour


EDNA MIRON-WAPNER As an artist with specialties in Printmaking, Sumi-e Painting, Calligraphy and Papermaking, Edna MironWapner has exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide.

Jerusalem her home.

Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, she lived and studied bilingually in Montreal, Canada and returned to Israel, making

The physical beauty, mystical light and spiritual reverberations of Jerusalem became the inspiration for her artwork.


“Memories” Etching-Sugar Lift on Fabriano Rosapina Paper 27,5” x 39,5”


GUENDALINA MAGGIORA During her university years, she expresses her artistic talent through the creation of puppets. Guendalina Maggiora is a self-taught artist with regard to the carving and the technique on how to create a puppet technically and professionally operated. These creations have brought the artist to found a Society of Figure Theatre "The Birignoccola" consisting of puppet shows and active on the Italian territory for thirteen years. To date the Company has nearly one hundred puppets carved in pine. In addition to the sculpture of the puppets, Guendalina Maggiora continues to be interested especially in portrait and caricature through various materials and techniques: drawing, and sculpture in wood and clay.


IRMA MICHAELA SZALKA Irma Michaela Szalkay is a painter from Austria with a Doctorate (Ph.D.), from Karl-Franzens-University of Graz. Irma Michaela Szalkay creates a signature of Neo-expressionist mark-making and achieves a topographical mapping of personal subjectivity, memory, and phenomenological experience (Abstraktion mit Pathos). Her background as a university-trained philosopher (philosoph of shape) guides her using both modernist and postmodernist syntaxes as points of departure. As an awarded artist, Irma has exhibited in both the US and Europe, including Austria, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, New York, Alexandria, Washington, D.C., California and Florida.

“Nibelungs; Götterdämmerung _Icon” Acrylic mixed Media on Canvas 9” x 9”


JOHN NIEMAN I like to create art that has immediate impact, and a residual mental tickle. My current obsession is with a series I call “Visual Riddles.” It’s a tribute to pop culture, and incorporates a list of relevant personalities or phrases, anchored by an oversized painting of everyday objects. I paint with watercolor for translucency and sometimes finish with pastel touches to help bring the image forward. Some have called it “art with a sense of humor.” I am complimented by that, since I believe that for any two- dimensional piece to bring layers of pleasure is a worthy goal.

“The Sixties” watercolour 32” x 25”


JOYCE FOURNIER Joyce Fournier is a Toronto based Portrait and Figurative Artist who categorizes her work as a combination of Impressionism and Contemporary Realism. While drawing and painting the human form is her first passion, Joyce often finds it refreshing to revisit the landscape, her original artistic interest. Over the last decade Joyce has exhibited in solo and group shows within Canada, the United States, and internationally and her work has often been featured in the prestigious American Art Collector magazine. Joyce’s Landscapes, Figurative works and commissioned portraits are found in private and public collections in North America and Europe.


“Dusk on the River” Oil on Canvas 20” x 16”

KATRIN ALVAREZ I see myself as a journalist, describing life in colors instead of words. More and more I feel fascinated by the fusion of the new virtual dimensions and good old reality: The huge influence of the cyberworld on each and every area of our thoughts and our feelings.

“Fragments of life” Oil on canvas and coloured pencil on board 32” x 26”


LAWRENCE ARMSTRONG My work, both in Art and Architecture, is an ongoing exploration of the concept of Layers. I have always been aware of, and fascinated by Layers in the Natural and Built Environment. Layers in Space and Time. Layers in Intellect, in Emotion. Synthesis and Interpenetration of Form, of Solid and Void, of Chaos and Order, of Simplicity and Complexity.

“Amor” Sculpture 18” x 24” x 12”


LUCIE BOSWELL Lucie Boswell was born in 1968 in San Francisco, California, and from an early age knew she wanted to express herself through art. Graduating in 1992 with a BA in Art Studio from UC Santa Barbara, she went on to study photography at the Santa Fe Photo Workshop where she worked with some of the world’s finest photographers including National Geographic and Magnum photographers. In 1996 she moved to Los Angeles where she became a member of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP). Over the last two decades Lucie has built an impressive resume in various mediums, from photography to painting to mixed media. Her work has been shown in galleries and juried shows both nationally and internationally, and has been published in numerous books and publications. Boswell is also an avid patron of the arts, supporting art museums, art programs and individual artists around the world.

“Delicious” Painting - Airbrush Paint on Canvas 25” x 25”


MARTHA ROSE GRAINER Art critics have described her work as “There is an understated incandescence to the images that is both contemporary and classic all at once. Her works related so strongly to the very concept of perception; your style places you in an artistic realm that is somehow dreamlike, almost surreal, yet not quite there, as if some ghostly memory from a far-away place; yet somehow entirely familiar a vision that resonates with the viewer long after viewing”.

“Martha’s Rose” Oil on Canvas 36” x 24”


ROSALYN ENGELMANN Rosalyn Engelman's work has been commissioned by venues as distinctive and disparate as the World Court at the Hague and for Brandes House by architect Frank Lloyd Wright in Seattle, Washington. In recent years, she has shown at the Salon des Artistes Independent at the Grand Palais in Paris France, at Art Basel: Miami, Florida and at the Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea di Firenze, where she was awarded the Lorenzo di Medici Gold Medal, among other locales and honors. Her work is held in prestigious collections in the U.S., England, Germany and Nigeria, and is featured in the permanent collections of several noted museums. A documentary about Ms. Engelman has been filmed and is currently in production. She has had over twenty one woman shows, and numerous critical reviews and articles about her work and vision.

“Screen 2� Sculpture 24" x 24" x 6"


SARAH T. POWERS A native Texan, Sarah has a great love for God and family. She lives in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. Always the creative one – her studio displays an abstract painting from age 4 1/2 when she attended museum school. Today, her passion for painting still continues the energy, balanced composition and colorful expression from her heart and soul. “The Soul’s Language channeled through the hands of human Emotional energy connected to the Source of inspiration A story told through colored strokes of purpose Expressed in slight softness with the bold, daring force of vitality This is my soul’s language”

“Welcome to the World” Acrylic on Canvas


SHARON ROSS After a 30 year career as a Nurse, my life has taken a new path, as an Artist. I continue to work as a nurse and I am lucky to find that happy balance between my art and my work as a nurse. My long career as a nurse, coupled with the death of my mother in my childhood has had a profound influence on me. Not only as growing up from a child to a woman, but also spiritually as part of my life journey. I believe things happen for a reason, and I feel strongly that I am meant to be an artist. I work in two mediums, Oil, and Pen and ink. I am an expressive artist and I use my art to portray my feelings and emotions. My Pen and Ink works are a form of Zen Meditation using the circle in a repetitive manner as a means of shading and providing form and tone to the piece. My work is an expressive abstract form mainly figurative. My works are literal and abstract and concern dissimulation, how true feelings can be hidden behind a mask. The masks hide any form of identity. Who is behind the mask? The masks enable the wearer to act more freely. I can relate the concept of the masks to everyday life, as everyone wears a mask of some description to hide their feelings and emotions. Be it in a professional capacity or to interact with family and friends.

“Cobalt” Oil on Linen Canvas 31” x 40”


SIRENES Sirenes: “A sublime Colorist Enamored of Light” The Art Critic Wilson Wong from New York writes the following on Sirenes first exhibition in New York last year: "Sirenes conveys an even more elusive subject by virtue of her mastery of chromatic dynamics as vibrant and yet gentle as the music of Ravel" and "an atmospheric miasma conjured with a finesse that calls to mind the 19th century British painter J.M.V Turner". He continues with: "Sirenes appears to combine a gestural lyricism that can be compared favorably to the early Abstract Expressionist works of Philip Guston with a chromatic complexity that would do the Color Field master Jules Olitski proud. Her ability to combine these elements so successfully suggests that one might think of her as an “Abstract Impressionist”." Wilson ends his review with: "it is the underlying abstract armature of formal balance informing her compositions that invariably enhances and empowers all of Sirenes’ paintings." Sirenes, a Norwegian artist, experienced her international breakthrough as an artist in 2013 with exhibitions in Italy, Spain, Canada, New York, United States and in Norway, only 2 years after her first exhibition at a small Gallery in Oslo, Norway in august 2011. Sirenes has also been presented in several great art books and magazines and received several art awards. In 2014 Sirenes will exhibit in Bologna, Florence and Rome in Italy, in Spain and New York, USA.


“Fantasy” Acrylic on Canvas 28” x 39”



“I find that the only path to my fullest expression of the nature of life can only be expressed in the immaculate brush strokes used in the creation of painting birds. The nature of these fascinating creatures is found in their true beauty in that they are constantly moving; their movements are never shy nor are they temperamental. Their constant and unpredictable movements make painting them inevitably intriguing and although all types of birds possess this characteristic, I have found the most passion in expressing my feelings through the specialization of the heron, crane and the goose. Communication is our way of life, but it does not always have to be related to verbal communication. These birds, through their boastful snaps in their wings, communicate power and energy that I emulate onto a canvas. This communication ability, which these majestic creatures have conveyed to me, is the message that I want my viewers to feel and experience when capturing the essence of my paintings.”

“Dreaming of flight” Mixed Media on Canvas


SUZANNE DUNCAN Photographer and creative director Suzanne Duncan has not only worked across the world’s seven continents, but has also had her work published in leading fashion magazines such as Elle, Cosmopolitan and Vogue and is featured in a book called “International Masters of Photography”. She has exhibited in Australia and the USA and is now making her debut in Europe.

“Emerge” Photograph_Top


WENDY COHEN Committed to creativity and individuality, Wendy Cohen’s whimsical paintings are inspired by her passionate gusto for life. Cohen’s paintings, boldly colored and elaborately textured, embody her imaginative, nuanced experience of the people, places and nature surrounding her. Through her vivacious abstraction, Cohen whisks the viewer away on a mystical journey into a sensuous, jubilant world. Cohen’s foremost motif is the human face, which she shapes with an animated, lyrical line. Influenced by traditional African masks, as well as modern masters such as Picasso and Pollock, these abstracted human faces come alive through Cohen’s symphony of brushstrokes and saturated color. Cohen states that her “paintings are an authentic journey of all that is fantastical and adventurous.” Undeniably, Cohen’s euphoric imagery urges the viewer to embrace life’s rich experiences. Like a cacophony of laughter, Cohen’s profusely textured canvases compel us to take notice of the pleasures and beauty that surrounds us.   A native of Cape Town, South Africa, Cohen lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

“Rising Plateau” Mixed Media on Canvas


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Cutting Edge Masters of Contemporary Art  

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Cutting Edge Masters of Contemporary Art  

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