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We at ATIM are ecstatic to introduce to the public a highly-anticipated and ground-breaking new publication – a testament to our dedication and involvement with some of the most talented and inspiring artists operating in the world today; this publication is our Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art 2013 catalogue! We have had the privilege of working with such an incredible array of magnificent artists since our very first issue. Masters such as Fernando Botero, Fabian Perez, Rafael Espitia, Chris Dellorco and Belarmino Miranda Montoya have helped this magazine to look like a masterpiece in itself, featuring works by these incredible artists on the covers as well as within, so that even mere glances through the pages transport you into a colorful world of delicate artistic brilliance, rendered from the imaginations of these wonderful creators. These artists, and so many more, have given their time and energy to provide us with interviews, art, and glimpses into their processes which our readers have greatly adored – and for that, we at ATIM have decided to at last pay tribute to such generosity and talent. The purpose of this catalogue is to honor the artists who have contributed over the years and taken part in previous issues to help make ATIM what it truly is. Without such amazing contributors, who knows where we would be?

On top of our amazing past contributors, as if their involvement alone was not enough for this publication, this catalogue also includes a myriad of talented artists specifically chosen by us from over 5,500 artistic submissions. These selected artists demonstrate the outstanding quality and incredible zeal that sets ATIM contributors apart from others – the dedication, drive and fascinating technique that astound our readers. If you are a collector, curator or gallery owner, these artists that we have carefully selected are artists that you might want to keep an eye on – who knows where the future will lead them? This edition is especially unique in its design aspects; whereas most magazines are collaborative efforts among the crew of the publication alone, this edition has been designed with meticulous feedback and involvement from each artist who is contributing, in regards to how their specific page should look and be laid out – an unorthodox method, but yet another reason why ATIM values its astounding artists and is so loved by the public. From the front cover reminiscent of the style of the classical masters by Michael Dumas with his work “Influx”, to the back cover which leans more towards modernism in the photography “Emerge” by Suzanne Duncan, and throughout the interior which was organized overall by ATIM’s Graphic Designer Alan Grimandi, this special edition catalogue is brimming with the creations of some of the world’s most awe-inspiring artists – an eclectic mixture that is sure to be enjoyed by everyone! A video presentation and a behind-the-scenes expose will be featured on the ATIM Web TV channel to show our readers the immense amounts of work and dedication that it takes to complete such an endeavor as the compilation of this catalogue. Stay tuned and watch for the video on June 25th, 2013! Cody La Vada, May 2013 Managing Editor & Resident Writer

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May 2013


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Casa-Museu Teixeira Lopes


ATIM’S Top 60’S - Meet The Cover Artists

by Viviana Puello Page 7

Traversing Time for the Sake of Art: the Genius of the Master Sestolord by Cody LaVada Page 16

22 Cover Story “Raul Cantu”

Liquid Expressions by Cody LaVada Page 22


Katrin Alvarez

Art 2 Heart by Cody LaVada Page 24

35 Project Neo

Omnis Vanitas Page 27


Fashion Spotlight

Meet Shinshirō Mizuno Page 32

46 ATIM’S Facebook Contest Winners - Artist Profiles Page 46 49

Summer 2013 in the arts Events this month Page 49

iles! f o r P 18 t Artis s 20 ma ichael Duuncan 28 M D e r n e n Suza Mittermai opes 32 46 Cheri Teixeira L 48 Paulo an n o t 65 SanS ine Mura b t 66 Chris al Goraie t n 67 Sha ur Z Adi Walsh Lucy

CONTRIBUTORS EDITOR IN CHIEF/ART DIRECTOR: Viviana Puello Viviana Puello is the founder & Art Director of the ATIM and also the creator of the ATIM TV Channel and the "ART 2 HEART" Interviews. She directs the operations together with Executive Director Alan Grimandi and with the help of our fantastic team. Viviana is the person who supervises the content of our magazine to make sure we meet our standards.  She also directs all marketing strategies with the help of our publicists, marketing managers, advertisers and social media managers. Contact via email  Phone (800) 807-1167 Ext 107

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR / VIDEO GRAPHIC DIRECTOR Alan Grimandi As our Executive Director, Alan is the person to approve all negotiations with partners and collaborators. Alan makes sure everything looks fantastic and keeps on top of the latest technology for our videos to make sure they look professional and with the best quality. Responsible for ATIM TV Alan travels with our video team to produce our "Art 2 Heart" Interviews to artists and personalities and for all our event coverage. Contact Phone (800) 807-1167 Ext 108 MANAGING EDITOR / WRITER: Cody LaVada Performance artist, writer & designer from Upstate New York. Inspired by the dark side of life, Cody’s unique creations are often a macabre amalgam of fashion, passion & theatricality, interwoven with intensely-personal experiences, such as body modification & mental illness. Cody's amazing articles include some of our reader's favorites like the "Yayoi Kusama, Between a Dot and an Art Place" and "The Phantom Phenomenon".Contact: SPECIAL THANKS TO THE CASA-MUSEU TEIXEIRA LOPES IN PORTUGAL: And to all their staff for their great hospitality during our visit and allowing us to enjoy this wolrd class museum.

GRAPHIC DESIGN DEPARTMENT Humberto José Orozco Web Developer, Graphic Designer. Beto as we call him is the brain behind the ATIM website! He makes sure it is up to date, it looks phenomenal and gets lots of exposure. He also does a lot of our fantastic graphic design for the magazine and marketing department. He's being with ATIM from day one. His company Humberto Orozco Publishing  handles Web Designs for lots of important clients.  You can contact him at PHOTOGRAPHY Marco Zanotti Photographer. Marco is the person behind the wonderful images in all of our events! Marco is part of our team and travels with us for important events when we want the best of the best.   You can see his portfolio at marcozanotti  and you may contact him at  CONTRIBUTING WRITER: Nicholas Hess - Pennsylvania - USA. Nicholas Hess is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, where he received his B.A. in English writing and communications, as well as minors in Italian and theatre arts.

CAREERS We have the best, and most creative talent in the media industry — a team of young creators who produce our world-class content, design our state of the art magazine and produce amazing videos for our ATIM WEB T.V. using the latest technologies. If you are interested in getting involved with ATIM, working with us or becoming our partner please contact

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e arts!

th A summer in Hello, Readers!

It has been a busy, eventful few months for ATIM; the world is constantly changing, shifting, introducing us all to new cultures, inspirations and opportunities - and our creative team has been seizing every chance they can to become motivated, so that we may bring you all the freshest, most unique pieces of work from the most inspiring masters operating in the world today! This is a pursuit that has taken us around the world, which goes to show that we truly are dedicated to bringing about awareness of international, contemporary artwork, to spread the love and passion which we feel for it, to the entire globe. This edition of ATIM is packed with articles that are focusing on exposing what great works we have found around the world, both during our travels and during our collaborations with various galleries, artists and curators. We journeyed to Portugal and were able to visit the incredible Casa-Museu Teixeira Lopes, in the very heart of Gaia, in which we saw the astounding works of the master sculptor, and have presented to you within these pages, providing an article on the solo exhibition of Paulo Teixeira Lopes. We also have exclusive content on the Canadian “Peterborough in Portraits” exhibition, along with great photographic exposure of the NYC “Crossing People” exhibition (at the Rio Gallery), and the “Limitless Expressions II” exhibition (at the Studio Vogue Gallery in Canada) – both of which ATIM was present for and helped to organize this past June. They were incredible expos, rife with an electric, kinetic energy of exchanged inspiration as the artists and the public worked and spoke in synchrony. This edition also features exclusive content, such as an interview with the brilliant Japanese fashion designer, Shinshiro Mizunio, whose elegant kimono-styles dresses are taking the art world by storm – and information on the 2013 Performing Arts Marathon in NYC, which is a theatrical phenomenon not to be missed! We also will be providing thrilling insights and special material focusing on Michael Dumas and Suzanne Duncan, whose breath-taking works made it to the front and back covers (respectively) of our Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art 2013 Catalogue! Speaking of which, this sought-after, much-anticipated catalogue, which amasses sixty modern artists and provides interviews, biographies and essays on their works and achievements, is still available through ATIM! Hurry and grab your copy while you still can; it is a rich magazine that introduces readers to a plethora of influential talent the world over! We are also proud to reveal to the world the launch of our video exhibition of the Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art, curated by Viviana Puello and Alan Grimandi, featuring presentations of guest masters, Fabian Perez and Belarmino Miranda! This collective includes rare video interviews, clips of the exhibitions, and behind the scenes glimpses of the artists in action, exclusively brought to you by ATIM! Yes, it is an amazing time for us here at ATIM – the collaborations, the endeavors, the anticipation of the future and what is to come… and we are glad that you are here to share the journey with us! Cody La Vada, Resident Writer/Managing Editor, NY.



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July 2013


CASA-MUSEU TEIXEIRA LOPES By Viviana Puello Formerly the residence and atelier of the sculptor, António Teixeira Lopes (1866-1942). Located in Vila Nova de Gaia, it is one of the most important museological sites of its kind in Portugal, characterized by idiosyncratic architectural traces, an exhibition space of excellence, and having gathered an outstanding collection that honors the national artistic heritage.

Antonio Teixeira Lopes “A Verdade” - The Truth 1903 Gesso │Plaster. Photography Arttour International Magazine © Copyright 2013. May 2013 7 All Rights Reserved


AntónioTeixeira Lopes portrait António Costa (1889 - ?) Pastel on paper 64,6x49,7cm 1936 Photography Arttour International Magazine © Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved

Visiting the Casa Museu Teixeira Lopes was almost like discovering a hidden treasure, if it were not such an internationally-recognized marvel. Walking through halls that were once silent witnesses to a great master’s work felt like invading a sacred place; seeing the bedroom, the utensils, and the countless collections of masterpieces was truly a feast for the eyes. The fact that the museum was the very house and working studio of one of the greatest sculptors in the history of Portugal brings a sense of solemnity and respect to all that enter the premises. The staff is kind, and welcomes you with great hospitality; you can see by their words and gestures that this place is much more than a place to work for them - it is a precious jewel, a heritage they are taking care of very wisely. Every object in the house tells you a bit of history and every sculpture reminds you of the genius master whose passion for the arts can still be felt through his vast collection of works.

This Casa-Museu (House-Museum) was residence and atelier of the sculptor, António Teixeira Lopes (1866-1942). Located in Vila Nova de Gaia, it is one of the most important museological sites of its kind in Portugal, characterized by idiosyncratic architectural traces, an exhibition space of excellence, and having gathered an outstanding collection that honors the national artistic heritage. The origins of Casa Museu Teixeira Lopes date back to the 18th of March, 1933, when the sculptor Antonio Teixeira Lopes decided to donate the house and all his estate to the municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia. The museum houses António Teixeira Lopes’ vast amount of work in the field of sculpture, as well as works of artists from his time, and an important collection of drawings and paintings by the most prominent artists of the XIXtth and XXth centuries. It also boasts a rich collection of “decorative arts” (furniture, textiles, glass, ceramics, jewellery, etc). Cont. Next page

May 2013


Monumento a Alfredo Keil (Músico)│ Monument to Alfredo Keil (Musician) Gesso │Plaster 250x156x178 cm 1925. Photography Arttour International Magazine © Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved

May 2013


ARTTOUR INTERNATIONAL JULY 2013 Galerias Diogo de Macedo - colecção de Mobiliário e Pintura Modernista Portuguesa de Diogo de Macedo │ Diogo de Macedo Galleries - furniture and Portuguese Modernist Painting from the Diogo de Macedo colector collection.. Photography Arttour International Magazine © Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved

Salão Nobre da Casa-Museu Teixeira Lopes │Auditorium of the House Museum Teixeira Lopes. Photography Arttour International Magazine © Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved

July 2013


ARTTOUR INTERNATIONAL JULY 2013 Quarto de António Teixeira Lopes (Casa-Museu Teixeira Lopes) │ António Teixeira Lopes bedroom (House Museum Teixeira Lopes). Photography Arttour International Magazine © Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved

furnishings and most of the original works of the sculptor (in plaster, marble, bronze and several blood drawings, charcoal, pencil and sepia) - as well as a great collection of works by other renowned sculptors (like Soares dos Reis and Oliveira Ferreira), and painters (like Gustav Doré and Vieira Porto). The collection is extensive, including Portuguese faience, foreign tapestries, furniture and small collections of decorative art.

Pátio da Casa-Museu Teixeira Lopes│ House Museum Teixeira Lopes terrace. Photography Arttour International Magazine © Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved

The house was built in the end of the XIXth century and beginning of the XXth century, intended for the residence and studio of Antonio Teixeira Lopes, who lived there until 1942, according to a project of his brother, Jose Teixeira Lopes (1872-1919). The house is divided into two sections - the residence space and an atelier where Antonio Teixeira Lopes used to work. It contains the original

Among the permanent exhibition at the HouseMuseum, you can find different subjects such as paintings, furniture, and a wonderful collection of ceramics comprising the products of several factories. When you visit the Casa-Museu Teixeira Lopes, you not only get the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the sculptor through his works (including his office that remains intact and his atelier), but you also get a glimpse of the man himself, by observing the quotidian objects of his home and the influence of his social life represented by all the objects donated by many internationally renowned artists of his time. Cont. Next page

July 2013


António Teixeira Lopes (1866 – 1942) Ninho│ Nest Gesso │Plaster 41x112,5x45 cm s/d │undated Photography Arttour International Magazine © Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved

In the Noble Room, the central atelier, or in the gardens of the House – spaces of pure and delicate Romanticism – you can experience memories of an eternal realm, echoes of a bloom of shared ideas, where great names in Art have met over the years: intellectuals, musicians, writers, poets, actors, politicians from the Monarchy and the Republic. At present, the Casa-Museu Teixeira Lopes, in the midst of its historical, cultural and artistic legacy, continues to develop an intense social awareness in the Arts – painting, sculpture, music, theater, dance, poetry, literature and the intellectual and scientific life, promoting exhibitions, seminars and conferences. You find your self, therefore, before a museological space that, due to its rich heritage, offers priceless cultural value to the national and international community. The Casa-Museu has recently benefited from important restorative works of requalification and

modernization within the framework of the Programa Operacional da Região Norte ON QREN - Portugal 2007-2013. Thanks to the high quality levels in the cultural services that it offers to his visitors, it is one of the most recommended places to visit in Portugal, and one of the best museums to experience and enjoy. You will not only appreciate great art, but will take with you a piece of history within your heart. For more information: Rua Teixeira Lopes, 32 4430 - Vila Nova de Gaia Tel.: 22 375 12 24 Fax: 22 375 20 95 E-Mail: Telm: 91 103 18 13

Internet: July 2013


ARTTOUR INTERNATIONAL JULY 2013 Galerias Diogo de Macedo – Obra de escultura e desenho do Escultor Diogo de Macedo │Diogo de Macedo Galleries sculpture and drawing Works of Diogo de Macedo Sculptor. Photography Arttour International Magazine © Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved

Diogo de Macedo (1889 – 1959) Adeus │ Goodbye Bronze │Bronze 25x54x37 cm 1921 Photography Arttour International Magazine © Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved

July 2013


ARTTOUR INTERNATIONAL JULY 2013 António Teixeira Lopes (1866 – 1942) Rainha Santa Isabel│ Saint Elizabeth of Portugal Gesso │Plaster 192x68x83 cm 1825. Photography Arttour International Magazine © Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved

July 2013


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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”


Eleanor Roosevelt

July 2013




! s t s i t r A r e v o C r u O t e Me By Viviana Puello

Our first “Masters Catalogue” has been an incredible success so far! With its debut on national television at Toscana TV in Italy for the TV Show, “Incontri con l’arte,” and at Nardini Bookstore in Florence, Italy – and after our two initial presentations back in May - the calls, emails and invites have been flooding our phones and filling our in-boxes. So far, it has been distributed to over 38 countries and the presentations are currently still continuing in the US, Canada, Colombia, and South America. Invitations to show the artists’ works are arriving from all over the world, and there have been two proposals for a translated Spanish version of the publication (for Spain and South America). What an amazing response in such a brief period of time! The contest was on and we were in search of our cover images! It took our team weeks to review over five thousand entries to make our first selection of participating artists for this catalog. After the selection was made, invites were sent and email responses started arriving our graphics got to work. Keeping our music on to Adagio in G minor of Albignoni as requested, why? The idea was to inspire the same feeling and project the same energy on every page of this publication.

July 2013 July 2013

16 16


In this issue, we want to introduce to you the two artists that contributed their works to create our state-of-the-art cover!


Michael D


D Suzanne

For the cover of this publication our vision was to present a front cover that would somehow connect with the public in Italy where the catalog was being introduced initially, and finish the catalog with a back cover that would show how contemporary art and modern media can be as fascinating as any ancient masterpiece. We decided that we needed a great painting for the cover and for the back cover our media would be photography, by the two works needed to interconnect and give the same feeling of inspiration.

After many trials and deliberation our team found two images that captured our attention. They are fascinating, intriguing, show great craftsmanship and creativity and when put together some magic happens. We had not idea then that these two images were going to have such response, but the feed back and emails with compliments on the covers continue and we want to give you a chance to get to know the two artists who contributed with their artworks, Michael Dumas from Canada and Suzanne Duncan from Australia, here they are for the first time in the pages of our Arttour International Magazine! Cont. Next page. See us in action! To view the “Art 2 heart� Interview to this artist, log on to https://

July 2013


ARTTOUR INTERNATIONAL JULY 2013 “Le Voyageur” Oil 7x5 Inspiration for a painting can come unexpectedly, and sometimes with surprising force. The model for this painting is Jeremy Ward from the Canadian Canoe Museum, someone who has immersed himself to a remarkable degree in the lore of the voyageur. When dressed the part he convincingly BECOMES one of the hardened men who made the early North American fur trade a reality. Somewhere in the indefinable but readily sensed impression of what it must have felt like to be one of these men lies the inspiration and directional force behind the painting.

MICHAELDUMAS Michael Dumas was born in Whitney, Ontario, adjacent to Algonquin Park’s 7725 square kilometers of wilderness. He worked several years as a forest ranger in the park’s interior to pay for his art education at Humber College of Art in Toronto. Upon graduation he apprenticed with master painter Lewis Parker, and has been a full time artist since 1974. His art has been displayed in such notable Canadian institutions as the National Museum of Canada, the McMichael Canadian Collection, and the Royal Ontario Museum. Michael’s artwork abroad has enjoyed inclusion in such notable collections as the Suntory Museum of Art – Japan, The International Museum of Art Inspired by Nature – England, and Spannierman Gallery – NYC. He is listed in many biographical reference volumes, including Who’s Who in Canada, Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the World, and the International Register of Profiles. The artwork of Michael Dumas has been featured in both books and magazines, on Canadian postage stamps and commemorative coins produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. He is the subject of several film documentaries both in Canada and PBS television in the USA. Michael is the recipient of many awards for both his accomplishments in the visual arts and the use of his art and writing in support of numerous conservation and charitable causes worldwide.

July 2013



” Gypsy Oil 7x5 The subject for this painting was observed in the city of Arles, France, just inside the entrance of a narrow side street that accessed the central square. Here, beyond the hive of activity and bustle was a moment conducive to quiet contemplation of inner thoughts. This was made all the more possible by the watchful proximity of his four-footed companion, who undoubtedly would warn of the approach of any stranger. I pushed the thread of this idea as far as I could, placing the dog between any observer and his master. With his gaze directed straight at the viewer, there is little doubt of the dog's unwavering diligence. As a last touch, I added an arched shadow into the space at upper right, hoping to enhance the idea of a protective space. This shape was inspired by observing its real-life counterpart in the many access points of the old Roman coliseum just a couple streets away.

Art 2 Heart Interview

Images of Michael Dumas during our “Art 2 Heart” interview with Viviana Puello in Toronto Canadal. Arttour International Magazine © Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved

To view the “Art 2 heart” Interview to this artist, log on to

July 2013




“Emerge” Photograph

Photographer and creative director, Suzanne Duncan, has not only worked across the world’s seven continents, but has also had her work published in some of photography’s most important book collections. Suzanne works across the globe continually moving between Sydney, Los Angeles and New York to capture the perfect picture for countless fashion magazines such as Vogue Italia, Elle and Cosmopolitan. Also works with top modeling agencies including Ford Models NYC. Having exhibited in Australia and USA she is now debuting her work in Europe. Originally from Newcastle, Australia, she didn’t always know she wanted to be a photographer. Working as a makeup artist and designing photo shoots, she would never receive credit for her work, until one day she decided to learn photography with a private tutor. After just having two lessons and buying her camera, she was asked to photograph Australian designer Corston Couture’s new collection. Six months after completing her studies, she received her first front page cover Hunter Lifestyle Magazine and since then she has been featured in many magazines. As an internationally recognized photographer, Suzanne’s work has featured in both Important World Artist and International Masters of Photography. Her international career was launched when her earlier work “Timeless Beauty” was named as a finalist in the coveted ‘Black and White Spider Awards’. As an artist, Suzanne’s imagination would see her dream up powerful images of strong and inspirational females who have stories to tell and secrets to keep by bringing these images to life by capturing the power, sensuality and vibrancy that all females possess and turn these images into photographic art. Each of Suzanne’s photographs start with a small idea, which she starts developing further by building a unique story behind each subject she photographs. With the desire to create timeless photographs, Suzanne looks to meld her personal photographic touch with new ways of shooting.

July 2013


Images of Suzanne Duncan during our “Art 2 Heart” interview Viviana Puello in Florence. Italy. Arttour International Magazine © Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved

To view the “Art 2 heart” Interview to this artist, log on to

July 2013



RAUL CANTU “Liquid Expressions” By Cody LaVada

“SurReal Mirada” High Speed Photography by Raul Cantu © Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved

Raul Cantu is a visual artist whose growth has occurred directly in conjunction with incredible advances in technological development; things that were unheard of during his childhood, when his interest in the arts truly began, have become commonplace commodities nowadays, which grants him the ability to implement these tools to share his unique visions and delicate aesthetic experiences with the world at large.

July 2013 22 July 2013 22

Knowledgeable in many fields, Cantu has a wide range of expertise with computer programs, digital media, photography, editing, post-production, image manipulation and graphics effects. With such an intimidating range of talents, Cantu has also pioneered a wonderful new field of high-speed macro-photography, blazing trails that reveal to the human eye “universes hidden from everyday view – finding abstract moments that trigger fascination and invite the imagination to soar.” Through a special process, and after great experimentation with various tools, programs and processes, Cantu is able to bring to us “LIQUID EXPRESSIONS,” a photography series which displays the magic collision of water droplets, exploding in dazzling displays of color – a rare beauty so often overlooked, but brought to thrilling life by Cantu’s diligence. His brilliant technique allows him to stop time through the magic of photography between 1/16,000th and 1/32,000th of a second. The genius of electronics allows the passage of this fleeting moment to be captured and saved for all time, for us all to marvel at a phenomenon that so often goes by unmarked and unobserved. Cont. Next page.

July 2013 July 2013




“Mariposa” High Speed Photography by Raul Cantu © Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved


like music very much and it is always present in my creative process. When I make art, I have two spaces: my digital art studio, or my high-speed macrophotography studio. My studios are in my home and I usually work at night. I like to show the production process to my wife and sons; I ask them if they like what I am doing, and I enjoy hearing their opinions. I am always happiest when I am creating.

Q.From what sources do you draw your creative inspirations (are there specific atmospheres, environments, people, etc. that you like to surround yourself with while working)?

Q. At what age (and under what circumstance) did you first begin to recognize a real propensity and interest in the arts?

A. I am very visual person; I like to browse the internet for various artists and fine art photographers to draw inspiration from. I am always looking around for unusual moments. When I do artwork, I always work alone. I

A. I started drawing at an early age; I often saw my older brother doing art and he was very influential on me because his work invited my imagination to fly. I can say that I've always liked art and music, throughout my entire life.

July 2013


High Speed Photography by Raul Cantu © Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved

Q. Describe a typical day in your studio: what is your daily creative process (ie. how do you cultivate an idea, decide if it is worth following through with, etc). A. I constantly create; weekdays, I usually do digital art when I get home at night after work from my multimedia production agency. The creative process of my digital abstract work is fascinating: first, I search for moments, using different software, that I know will become part of a final composition. Then I do very high-definition renderings, and finally make digital manipulation and composition, monitoring the creating process in 3-D . The weekend is when I produce highspeed photography sessions of colliding liquids in a studio that I designed for this specific purpose. Usually, this process is complicated and I have to be very clear as to what I'm looking for, since this dictates what I have to prepare, such as fluid and

its elasticity, colors, how many drops I will control, how many dripping sources, the height that I will throw the droplets, the studio lighting and all synchronization required to photograph what I´m trying to capture. There are many technical details before the picture-taking. Once all is controlled, I begin to control the shapes of the colliding liquids and how the liquids express themselves. The control of all tools is what makes the whole creative process interesting and fascinating. Q. Who are some individuals that have inspired you throughout your career, either artistically or emotionally? A. I could mention many people who have inspired me creatively throughout my life – first, my brother, Armando, who put the seed of art in me when I was a child. There are also a few teachers who definitely set the course of my career: Cont. Next page.

July 2013


ARTTOUR INTERNATIONAL JULY 2013 “Liquid Fire” High Speed Photography by Raul Cantu © Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved

I remember in the early 80's at my high school, Professor Francisco Mendez showed me the first computer graphics dealing with fractals, and later, at college, my computer graphics teacher, Eduardo Ross, also influenced me. There are definitely great artists who have inspired me in various art forms, like Picasso, Kandinsky and Pollock. I like Mozart, Beethoven and Handel, as well as the music of Peter Gabriel, Yes, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd and Infected Mushroom. I love music as much as I like the abstract. Q. How would you describe your artistic creations and what they represent to you? Do you create merely out of interest, or do your creative processes fuel a deeper desire within yourself ? A. A constant in my work is color; I love to watch colors mix, and I like dynamic compositions. I am very emotional, and my artwork represents these feelings. I like to find places that nobody has ever seen and I feel that's why my work connects with people so well, because they are meeting places that converge emotions. The work I do is done for my

own enjoyment, but it's exciting to hear the reaction of people when they see it in the exhibitions and I love to read peoples’ comments about my work in social networks; it is very rewarding. Q. Do you have any upcoming exhibitions, projects, series, etc. that you are considering or currently working on? A. At the moment, I feel that I have much to do with both series I'm currently producing: "The Manipulation of the Instant 3-D" and " Liquid Expressions.” I like to do a lot of experimentation, and I have other series such as "Topography of Infinity" (which is a series of landscapes of remote places in the fascinating world of mathematics) and "What a Small World,” (which is a series of 360 degree photography with stereographic projections and various photography projects involving supermacro photography of plants and flowers and HDR photography). I am also working on setting up a project for museums that has to do with augmented reality intervening with my 3-D abstract work. In the short term, I have exhibitions in Mexico, the U.S. and Europe.


July 2013



July 2013


Cheri Mittermaier Dream inspired sculptures. The re-creation of a vision . . . the unveiling of new realities. Surrealistic art of purity and passion ! “I was born and grew up in the state of Indiana, USA. I graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelors degree in Psychology with a concentration in Fine Arts and Humanities. While in Paris and Florence I studied sculpture under Peter Rubino and Martine Vaugel. In a four year period I studied under more

than twenty different artists. I have had work shown in the Boca Raton Fine Art Museum two years in a row. A sculpture called "Eve" and a sculpture called "Trophy Wife" were accepted into this juried exhibition. The pallet I use in my work has been inspired by my many trips to the Caribbean. I look forward to the future and what it may bring to me and my art.� Email:





Katrin Alvarez is an incredibly gifted visual artist whose work is inspired by the life around her – both the positive and the negative aspects. Unlike many others, she is capable of discovering the beauty in the light and the dark side of things, and her works surge and seethe with a kinetic, chaotic energy of emotions. The life is breathed into her creations through the use of vibrant colors that reflect the moods needed to be conveyed, along with an assortment of mixed media – beads, shells, computer chips, string, metal pieces. When asked why her works often reflect transgressive subject matter, such as childhood abuse and trauma, she says that her works are founded in reality, even the harsh realities that may be considered taboo or too difficult to discuss, because they must be considered and not confined to the realms of denial. In fact, she suffered from a difficult youth herself, and draws influence from these years of “Curriculum Vitae” Oil on Canvas 25.5”X29.5” trauma to construct her visually dazzling displays. This process is cathartic, in a sense – an exorcism of the negativity which uses the bad as a sort of catalyst to move into a more pleasant dimension, away from what she refers to as the “stagnation” of dwelling on the past. She considers herself “a journalist, but not with words – with brushes,” documenting life as it passes by. Her works of art are breath-taking and cause the gears of the mind to churn, evoking a wide range of reactions from the audience that vary from awe to shock and disgust, spanning the gulf of the human condition, rendered in striking contrast between joy and pain. We at ATIM are very pleased to be involved with Katrin, especially since her positive message of self-healing and therapeutic energies so closely parallel our own endeavors to stop the suffering of individuals through our work with charity organizations to end human trafficking. Art 2 Heart Interview

Katrin has several exhibitions coming up all over the world – London, Miami, Las Vegas and potentially Peking! To keep up to date with her, you can visit her website at as well as tune in to our “Art 2 Heart” video interview with her, available through our exclusive YouTube channel!

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“Hit the road, baby!” Oil on canvas 41.3”X49.2”

Freedom embraces colour by Prof. Dr. Horst Linker. Cologne - Germany “Katrin is a self-taught artist. Or were her teachers her experiences in life? The current art scene is teeming with autodidacts. But Katrin is refreshingly different from most of them, because she can really draw and paint. She knows how to use colour, shape, structure and materials. With her skills, she carries on this craft in all its artistry, never getting lost in trivia. She has the talent, and she puts it to good use. Or is it, perhaps, more a case of her painting stemming from an inner compulsion? In modern terms: an obsession. For what does being obsessed actually mean? Isn't the best way of being an artist to be driven – to have to write, to compose, to sculpt, to paint? Compulsive artistic activity is not based on superficialities. Not does the artist pursue a purely commercial goal. Much of what is described and marketed as modern art is soulless and, all too often, inane as well. It is pseudo-philosophical and arrogant – butchered by commerce. The hit at this year's Venice Biennale was a silicone sculpture of a humanized sow lying with her thirsty piglets. What's going on!? In Katrin's paintings you find figures which are unreal but convey the reality of a life. They express feelings that have been experienced, suffered and then reinterpreted in a dreamlike fashion. They are thoughts, pains, hopes, desires and fears. They are

“I see myself as a journalist, describing life in colors instead of words. More and more I feel fascinated by the fusion of the new virtual dimensions and good old reality: The huge influence of the cyberworld on each and every area of our thoughts and our feelings.”

embedded in colours, in ornate shapes to make them bearable, to contextualize them. Fear is the primal driving force, the force that triggers myths and religions as the basis of all cultural development. In Katrin's work it is no longer repressed and suppressed but let free and painted. There's shouting and silence, a polarization of feelings, a build-up of power and release of energy: painting as a dissolution of the self, as laceration, dismemberment – for the sake of selfknowledge. These are not the sort of pictures you can plan, like a painting of the sea or of an Alpine hut with the Watzmann in the background. These paintings evolve in a complete different way, their development is compulsive. They reinterpret colour and tear up shapes for reasons deep within. Hieronymus Bosch was also an artist who pointed to universal human problems by means of encrypted messages. It was a new emphasis on the individual that opened the way to the depiction of existential problems. If you take a close look at Katrin's paintings – paying no attention to dates and titles – you will see how the process of experiencing changes. How freedom embraces colour and colour freedom; how magnanimity is realized in small formats; how other spaces arise. And much more is possible, because she has no lack of energy and imagination”



From ATIM’S TOP 60 MASTERS OF CONTEMPORARY ART Arttour International Magazine presents:


“Etérium” 70.8X70.8” 2007

“Paulo Teixeira Lopes's painting delves into the ether of the existence of conflicts and parallel feelings that involve us in the question about life and its meaning.” Delfim Sousa Director of House-Museum Teixeira Lopes In a blend that combines three-dimensional sculpture and painting, Paulo Teixeira Lopes shape colors and forms that are not limited to canvas dimentions. This serves as a projection space where images, sometimes abstract in a first glance, demysty this same concept. Everything begins to make sense in a context dominated by emotional awareness of the senses. These studies are performed on demand of the essence of communication, the emotions. Colors and shapes blend so emotional communicating to the viewer the structures involved in emotional theme portrayed, causing a deep reflection based on their own references of growth and evolution.


“Life in an Orgasm” 47.2”X27.5” 2011 Etérium project, 3rd cicle.

Images of Paulo Teixeira Lopes during our “Art 2 Heart” interview in Porto, Portugal. Arttour International Magazine © Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved

To view the “Art 2 heart” Interview to this artist, log on to

Art 2 Heart Interview

July 2013


Project NEO Omnia Vanitas

Photography by Nicholas Hess. Arttour International Magazine © Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved

Project NEO Omnia Vanitas Project "NEO" from the artists Vitaliy and Elena Vasilieva consists of photograph sets, exclusive photo books, super size installation 6 m wide and 3,5 m hight and video presentation. Authentic ancient Scythian jewelry from 4th century BC is used in the project to bring up main inspirational idea line. Scythian artifacts were discovered in Kurhans (graves) and carry dynamic spiritual background, since gold incarnated domination, eternity, measured value of individual in society and human place in universe. Aesthetic and beauty are two themes that have carried our conceptual discussion since the birth of time. They continue to weigh upon our contemporary consciousness…mutating from our contemporary perspective into how we “see” the future. Their definitions of aesthetic and beauty can change according to where we live, how we live, what we’ve experienced and how we process this information within ourselves. It is in a sense what makes us who we are or what makes something beautiful. It is quite different from what makes another person or thing beautiful in another’s eyes.  We all have our own language for the judgement of aesthetics.  It is what makes us human.   Although human beings are basically all the same, we experience distinctly different social relations, we develop different desires, We have different preferences and tastes. These differences form the foundation of our definitions of aesthetic and beauty. They connect within us a deeper introspective of feelings through a constant barrage of Cont. Next page.

July 2013



May 2013



Cont. Next page.

For info email artist at:

emotion, This internal struggle between life and death ultimately leads to the birth and survival of our aesthetic consciousness. It is an intense game that satisfies but one purpose – our insatiable need and unstoppable fight for the survival of beauty.   Believed to be as old as the Stone Age, jewellery and specialty necklaces were used to distinguish tribes, people, different social levels and roles in ancient times. Later, Egyptian jewellery from as far back as 5000 BC used materials like bones, stones and wood to serve religious and spiritual interests.  Eventually, precious metals and precious stones replaced these earlier materials. The Egyptians used a precious stone bracelet for ceremonies and special occasions. Jewellery has traditionally been passed from and through different cultures, different times and aesthetic evolutions. Interestingly, nowadays when taken in the plural, the term bracelets, is often used as slang for handcuffs.    Project NEO from the artists Vitaliy and Elena Vasilieva, encourages a strong reflection on the eternal game of survival.  It conjures up a cacophony of conflict between mind, body and our definition of beauty. It also examines the inner human being of what we like and how we see it in our own existence.   Who are we? How can we survive? How can we keep the beauty that naturally surrounds us and imprisons us at the same time? At the moment we were born we acquire our beauty.  Simultaneously, we start a conscious and unconscious fight to keep that same beauty eternally and irrevocably within our mind, bodies and souls.   Precious minerals, gems and stones ... Are they stronger than us? Is our search of beauty and perfection inferior to that of the power of nature? Or, are we taking the wrong direction in the search of eternal beauty and life? Will death ultimately free us from the chains of vanity?   Embraced by these unanswered questions we follow life in its constant aesthetic search to avoid death, to achieve evolution – eternal beauty equals eternal life.   by Ricardo Chaves-Fernandes  

Member of AICA

July 2013


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July 2013



Fashion Spotlight Exclusive Interview with Shinshirō Mizuno. A tremendously innovating Japanese fashion designers who is revolutionizing the way we think of fashion today with his unique Kimono inspired dresses.

Photography courtesy of Shinshiro Mizuno 2013 © Copyrights. All rights reserved.

July 2013



Q-From what sources do you draw your creative inspirations (are there specific atmospheres, environments, people, etc. that you like to surround yourself with while working)? A. I am very influenced by the flowing line designs of the 1930s, which is the starting point of the contemporary sense of beauty - slim sensibility, cutting which creates feminine proportions: these are source for my creative inspirations, with which I’m going to get qualitative grasp of contemporary awareness. The technique to express the Japanese elegance is also an everlasting theme of mine that I love to employ. Q. At what age (and under what circumstance) did you first begin to recognize a real propensity and interest in the arts? A. As long as I can remember, I have liked to be different than other people. In other words, I have always had the convictions which I believe in and love. I have never been ashamed to have such feelings – maybe this is thanks to my character, which makes me oblivious to my surroundings. In my late teenage years, I was interested in fashions and started to have a strong inclination toward it, which has endured up to the present time. Q. Describe a typical day in your studio: what is your daily creative process (ie. how do you cultivate an idea, decide if it is worth following through with, etc). A. First of all, I take time to elaborate on the theme of the season in which I am working. Conversations with artist in other genres, paintings and movies often bring me inspirarions as well. For the development of an idea, naturally, I start to consider the conbination of materials and colors. After making samples of embroidery and other elements, I decide the cutting suitable for the season, which I discuss with the technicians to create the prototype. For me, it is very important to check it with my eyes and to judge it calmly.

Paris, with which I had a license agreement, helps me with my current work: through the meeting with their staff, I again understood the importance of a strong relationship of trust in the design team for creative works. It greatly improved my way of thinking. Q. How would you describe your artistic creations and what they represent to you? Do you create merely out of interest, or do your creative processes fuel a deeper desire within yourself ? A. Fashion is constantly changing with the flow of time; it is time from which the trends arise. As a designer, I would like to be the one who produces the trend - but for myself, I would like to create the assimilation of fashion into the typical Japanese sense of beauty within the culture, to promote my creation in the world.

Q. Do you have any upcoming exhibitions, projects, series, etc. that you are considering or currently working on? A. I am going to be publishing my portfolio, “SHINSIRO MIZUNO COLLECTION,” this August - edited with a strong consciousness of JAPAN; not only for in the dress designs, but also for in all of the photographs and graphics within the volume.

Q. Who are some individuals that have inspired you throughout your career, either artistically or emotionally? A The paintings of Itō Jakuchū, which become the motif for the desgin of my JAPAN dresses, much influenced me; thanks to them, I could reconfirm the sense of beauty of Japanese people. The experience of collaboration with GIVENCY of

July2013 2013 July


July 2013


Photography courtesy of Shinshiro Mizuno 2013 Š Copyrights. All rights reserved.



Profile ShinshirĹ? Mizuno / Designer He started working in a manufacturing company to design dresses for various "exclusive brands," such as GIVENCHY, HANAE MORI and YUKI TORII. In 2001, he decided to become independent, and founded KABU INTERNATIONAL Ltd., with which he is now creating new dress styles as the designer of the his own collection, "Fuse". 06-2011 - Founded the KABU INTERNATIONAL Ltd. in Kyoto 01-2002 - Took the exclusive contract for the design of the collection "JAPAN - Japanese Dress" with KYOKANE Co., Ltd. in Kyoto 02-2002 - Published the first collection "Fuse, the Muse" in Kyoto 08-2002 = Published the Spring/Summer Collection 2003 in Kyoto and Tokyo. 02-2003 - Published the Autumn/Winter Collection 2003 in Kyoto and Tokyo. 06-2004 - Took the license agreement with the "AQUACHIARA" in Italy. 11-2004 Opened the shop "NIU" directly managed by KABU INTERNATIOANL Ltd. 04-2006 - Advertised in the journal for wedding dresses, "White," in Italy 05-2007 - Took the exclusive contract for design with the shop "FINONO" of Grandjour in Shinjuku-Isetan (department store in Tokyo) 01-2009 - Took the exclusive contract for design with the shop "Qualite" of Yamagatayahyakkaten (department store in Kagoshima) 12-2011 - Clothed the shop "NIU" and started working exclusively to produce dresses 01-2012 - Moved the headquarters from Kyoto to Osaka. He is now doing business with more than 100 hotels and rental shops for dresses in several major cities within Japan.

July 2013



Desires, to Dreams, d te a ic d e life d the art of an evening r d fo n s a u , n in o o J aginati piece of Pure Im art head n o n ti a ra r b a le e e w C tic guest will ice. Thema o h h c c a ir e e th re f “whe ith no stumes o h to chic, w ats - art co c h s c it ti k s li m a o e fr rr su to set, bles ready surrealist ta alism brate Surre le e c l il . ” w s it d lim Foo tival. e, Music, ression Fes p x E Arts,Theatr e re F is f the dition of th w Dream o e e t N rs fi e th is th o with und ueño del m ition El nuevo s e of this ed m e ing th l a ic th the e unrise morn e s .. b l rt il e w b d m e rl Wo Cam rrealist taches and with a su d e rv e s Eggs, Mus e asid by the se us.. live music Birth of Ven e th nt of e m o lc ation in fro o we c .t t. lo s t n fa k ro a rf re b wate all around Villa – at a Gala, and e th t Ses Vistes s o h l e. il for everyon lì's house w ty a li D a e r o R d e a m lv Sa ill beco presented , Dreams w ce will  be n e ri e p x E Cadaquées eme inner show open bar th " s e ir s e A special D D ettable "Liquid r an unforg cial Party fo , g n lo t h and a Spe ll nig e running a show will b on. cultural re imaginati raising for d n fu ty ri night of pu a ap h l include c on of the C il ti w ra s to s ie it re v ti e Ac elping th adaques, h C in e g ta ri he temples, ower t hats, art s li a e rr u the Creus T s City e ps to mak shion art. a ,f s ie it v ti ...Worksho c vailable: vents, a od, art e re. Also a u lt u c d o surreal fo d fo illa. of art an a special v d n a itineraries ls te o h The in various h ra ti o n w it o b a ll o c hospitality in sme nat de Turi t is h e ld o n tr e a v P e e e th h T és and general of Cadaqu ations and ty it li v a in ip e ic n iv u e r c M O irona. To re o G s n a e v s ra @ B fo in Costa email at end us an  s e s a le p info ww.sensori w it is v m ra for full prog cs u ri Senso m ealismGala of Surr l a n o ti a rn July 2013 44 inte

Emotion is neither love nor thought. It is a vapor from the soul that elicits bodily hormones to arouse powerful desires. It torpedoes the truth and transforms reality into fantasy ...



t s e t n o c k Faceboo

ly issue u J r u o f o r e n Meet the win nal story! io t a ir p s in r e h and

I’m making a ATIM asked: cause . . . difference be gan : My career be ed er sw n A n SanSa e to health ars of age, du ye y rt fo r te lifestyle. af to change my ad h I s m le like to prob what do I really f el ys m d ke as swer Then I n? And the an io ss pa y m is do? What the word; every sense of in " rt "A ... as why not? w singing ... and g, n ti ac g, n ti int on pain I started to pa o S e. m ti y d of It's m ood, glass, an w , ic br fa g, everythin on a canvas time to paint as w it se ur co lt short on chniques, I fe te t en er ff di g usin r it. d to make up fo time and wante my what I painted of s lt su re e Viewing th d teaching I ever considere to do, I if d ke as ds n frie what ew in my heart sts in art. Then I kn al n are so arti re ild ch y m at ng know th I have a stro d an es ch an different br hat they are, ort them in w pp su to re si re. Thus de be in the futu to t an w ey th ed Arte what s and I open se as cl e th ple began arted with sim st It y. m de ca SanSan A for all forms s but is designed se as cl g n ti in acting. pa y, dancing, and ph ra og ot ph t, of ar ms, follow their drea d an p lo ve de ach them to e along with areas, we also te r career, to mov d ei re th si is de is r th ei th at th goals that g techniques in e dreams and w if they decide os ro th or e m se to to at Besides teachin d th d the ou t, so r themselves an career. I am pr fo lves through ar al is se n io em do it th ad ey s tr es th a pr to ex would in em that what e, just as they n, we teach th io at ir sp in pride, disciplin r ei it. fully develop th and how you do do u yo at h w guide them to e SanSan te people apprecia students of Art e e se th to 13 is d 20 , ar w 25 ey are. re work, on May masterpiece’s th e of th s ar as ye d te o ia tw ter and apprec nounce that af were displayed ks or w r We proudly an ei th , n io its first exhibit OM Academy had TESANSAN.C R .A W W W : O F IN SanSan.


e artist a full featur in w to st te ORE ok con our Facebo TIM. FOR M om or A in f o te e a su ip c is ti h r c Pa ner for ea rnational.c in te w in e r n u o O ! tt e r g M a pa ail: info@ IONAL.CO m T e A N N R IO E T T A TOURIN INFORM WWW.ART O T N O G LO

Top left: SanSan during a painting class intructing children. Top right: SanSan with her students during a TV presentation for the show “Un Nuevo Dia” de Telemundo. Left: Images of the Arte SanSan Academy. Below: Arte SanSan Academy students at the Grand Opening of their first exhibition “Pure Imagination”

For more information contact SanSan at:

July 2013


st e t n o c k o Facebo N


Meet the winne r of o ur July i interio ssue r conte cover st!

uated in ia. I then grad es n ly Po ch en Fr travelling 4), I grew up in ce. I started an Fr Born in 1988 (2 in cs ti is and ure and Lingu ed in Norway liv e av h I French Literat ar st ye passion and during the pa to develop my od ri afterwards and pe is th sical advantage of spired by clas in ly rt pa am Bur ma. I took lly, I e and its ography. Visua e human psych th t ou skills for phot ab g in h et orded nature. to express som hoed by a dist ec es paintings. I try ur fig ed human's rough undefin translation of al su vi r, te ambiguities th ou an r at least a ent working as around Asia fo g An environnem lin el av tr on hat it s. I will be so ography and w ot ph el av tr inner dynamic ix to m I have is trip I want expression that ic et po year; during th e th culture, with says about a far. developped so .muraton@gm e in st ri h c t: c m/ Conta w w w // s: p tt h facebook:Â fref=ts Photography? n to ra u M e in Christ

st feature arti ll fu a in w E ontest to . FOR MOR r Facebook c r IM u o T A in f o te e a com o ch issu Particip inner for ea ternational. page! One w email: info@arttourin TIONAL.COM NA TION OURINTER T INFORMA T R .A W WW LOG ON TO

July 2013



Summer 2013 in the arts Enjoy the following pages of


Vivid Arts Network Summer 2013

in the ARTS

July 2013


ARTTOUR INTERNATIONAL JULY 2013 Peterborough in Portrait - Art Work by Anne Cavanagh “Grey Matter” 2013 © Copyrights. All rights reserved.

“Peterborough in Portrait” A unique exhibition where the life of a town is portrayed by their artists. Interest in creating seems to be a universal human impulse, something that is integral to our very existence and is realized in countless different ways as reflections of both the individual and society. Another reflection of societies is the manner in which their most disadvantaged members are accepted, and one could make the case that this single factor is a telling indicator of true cultural advancement.

July 2013



When Michael and Ellen Dumas heard of the intent of Community Living Peterborough to host a 60th year celebration of building inclusive communities, they proposed an exhibition that would exemplify both the creative impulse and the culture of inclusion. The underlying premise was to create a display by, and of, residents of the County of Peterborough. The response was overwhelming, with volunteers quickly stepping forth to offer their time and expertise on the development and planning board, to work on receiving and transporting, advertising and promotion, event staging, and the designing and installing of custom display walls. Significant cash and product donations were forthcoming and were used to offset a host of related expenses and features.

Peterborough in Portrait - Art Work by Wayne Mutton “Going to the Gala” Model: Carol Mutton 2013 © Copyrights. All rights reserved.

Peterborough in Portrait - Art Work by Ann Talbot “Cheers” 2013 © Copyrights. All rights reserved.

Michael Dumas, whose artwork was featured on the cover of ATIM’s Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art 2013, acted as lead curator, personally taking part in many tasks from preplanning to installation and receiving of guests and patrons. For Michael, the appeal lay in the opportunity of public service coupled with a sense that an exhibition truly integrating artists and models in a communal way was quite unique in public art displays. Michael says that ‘’Peterborough is but one of 117 Community Living associations in Ontario and 420 across Canada, and we hope that this inaugural exhibition will provide a blueprint for other communities to host similar events across the country. The dynamic power of art can be so very inspiring and fulfilling and this is another way of providing both a creative and unifying social force in our lives.” The concept behind the Peterborough in Portrait: Our Inclusive Community Art Exhibition had everything to do with the degree in which we all, as individuals within our respective societies, relate to one another. The diverse experience of every resident, be it influenced by age, gender, race, economic status, political leaning, health, abilities or disabilities and so on, forms a mosaic that defines the larger community. The overall vibrancy and prosperity of a human environment depends very much on how accessible it makes itself to the individuals it is comprised of. The premise that all people should live in a state of dignity, share in all elements of living in the community, and have the opportunity to Cont. Next page. July 2013



Artist David Parson at the grand opening, with his painting “Hartley”, accompanied by his model Hartley Stephenson.

participate effectively is the foundation for Community Living Peterborough’s goal of “Building Inclusive Communities”. For 60 years, Community Living Peterborough has been dedicated to this principle and has worked tirelessly to provide supports and services, and inspire respect and equality for people who live with an intellectual disability. Peterborough in Portrait is designed to not only visually demonstrate the dynamics of the inclusive community mosaic, but to further the sense of unity through participation as a contributing artist, model, volunteer, sponsor, or visitor to the exhibit. The overwhelming response from all of these categories of involvement proved most heartening. It is a very strong indication that communities can, and indeed do, value the notion of inclusivity while at the same time recognizing and respecting the underlying diversity that is inherent to a society made up of real people leading real lives. The completed installation was designed to take on the appearance of a tapestry that ran around the entire display space, creating a broad visual mosaic of the community. To provide order to the great variety of styles, sizes, and framing, the top row was precisely hung to a predetermined height that encircled the room. Vertical separation between the more than 250 works was limited to one inch, and horizontal spaces were an inch and a half, just enough to accommodate an identifying label. The overall sense was that of a crowd of people, some seemingly engaged in their own private thoughts, while others looked straight out into the interior space, recreating a common social occurrence of direct eye contact with visitors. This sense of interaction became even more pronounced when the

Professional artist Ray McGirl poses in front of his self portrait at the Artist’s Reception Night. Ray’s painting also graces the cover of the exhibition catalogue.

subjects of many of the works were also present, dramatically increasing the sense of a shared community comprised of actual, living, breathing, people. Several artists produced self-portraits, adding to the blurring of boundaries between the actual and the implied. In a very real sense, visitors often became part of the exhibit, furthering the notion of an inclusive community. The Exhibition Preview Gala (pre-show and dinner), the official Grand Opening, Community Living Peterborough’s 60th Annual General Meeting and the Artist’s Receptions, were all well attended, filling the display space to capacity. Each event provided its distinct atmosphere, but all exemplified a great support, fascination, and appreciation, of the display and all that it stood for. The many narratives behind the art, its creation, and its meaning to the people involved were often very emotional. People supported by Community Living Peterborough were artists in some cases, and subjects in others. A mother, her daughter and two young sons, one living with cerebral palsy, all created pieces just for the exhibit, and the expression of what this meant to them was truly moving. A high school student enjoyed her very first public display with a barely contained excitement, while an engaging young man living with Down syndrome stood proudly next to his portrait painted by his colleague from work, amateur artist Christine Odea. Professional artists too, not only participated, but also produced work especially for the occasion. An overwhelming sense of the shared human experience pervaded both the display and those viewing it, and was a vivid example of art reflecting life as well as the ability of art to influence life on a deep and personally meaningful way.

July 2013


Michael Dumas, exhibition concept originator and head Curator, with fellow artist Gene Canning who headed the volunteer mentoring program whereby professional artists provided portraitute instruction to amateur and student participants.

Kim Aubin in person and her larger than life painted likeness by Peter Frogatt, makes double eye contact at the Grand Opening celebration.

Christine Odea’s painting reflects the joyful nature of her model David Mcleod, seen here proudly posing with his parents Duncan and Jane

Artist Suzanne Moreau with model Roberta Rowland-Patterson, centre, with her portrait overhead, and Jack Gillan, Chief Executive Officer of Community Living Peterborough at the public Grand Opening. Roberta proved to be a popular model, and was also represented in paintings by artists Debra Bannister and Margaret Tough.

Art Work by Mitchell McColl ”I love my dad” (Scott McColl). Mitchell is 11 years old and has Allan-Herndon-Dudley Syndrome,. The positive effects of a shared experience with the broader community was made possible by the inclusive mandate of the exhibition, and the children's enthusiasm showed just how exciting it was for them to be part of it.

“On My Mother's Eyes” by five year old Sophia Buchahim accompanied three works by Sophia's mother, Miryam, and two by her twin brother Alexander who lives with Autism. 

For more information on this exhibition please contact:Michael Dumas at

July 2013



July 2013


Summer 2013 with Vivid Arts Network By Cody LaVada

Ivan Hurtado

Aldo Basili

Donna Bonin

Monte Wright

Suzanne Duncan Suzan Duncan

Anne Grandin

Tiril Benton

Leroi Johnson

Martha Greiner

Maya Vinokurov

Chiho Yoshikawa

Images of some of the participating artists during their Some of the participating artists were present and we captured them with presentation to the cameras of Arttour International Magazine. the cameras of our ATIM Web TV Channel. To enjoy the video presentation of this exhibitions stay tunned to our channel. Log on to: To view the video presentation of this exhibtion log “Art on 2 toheart� Interview to this artist, log on to To view the

Vivid Arts Network Summer 2013 International Exhibitions

NEW YORK By Cody LaVada


Images of the opening reception at Rio II Gallery in New York. Photography by artists Raphael Costa from Brazil.

Photography by artist Aldo Basili from Italy. Paintings by artist Chucrahllah Fattouh from Lebanon.

Paintings by artist Katrin Alvarez

Work by artist Alex Slingenberg

Paintings by Alessandro Vignali from Italy.

Visit the online catalog at WWW.VIVIDARTSNETWORK.NET

TORONTO LIMITLESS EXPRESSIONS TORONTO Photography by Anne O’Connor Photography by Anne O’Connor


Paintings by Mark Tomczak

This summer has been an exciting season for ArtTour International; we have been involved in two wonderful gallery openings as part of our collaboration with the Vivid Arts Network, in two different countries, both of which we love and have a great history with. We were present for the “Crossing People” exhibition organized by Vivid Arts Network at the Rio Gallery in NYC, which brought together several international artists in the beautiful riverside, roof-top gallery. Over its week-long run, the public reception was wonderful, and we are grateful to not only the guests, but also to the artists who were present to discuss their works and lend their time to make this collaboration such a success. The exhibition contained incredible works rendered in a variety of styles, all thrown together to highlight the power of artwork that spans culture and continent to truly touch the heart. Cont. Next page.

Visit the online catalog at WWW.VIVIDARTSNETWORK.NET

Photography by Durga Garcia

ATIM also returned to Toronto, Canada for the second consecutive year, to be present for the “Limitless Expressions II,” an international exhibition from the Vivid Arts Network – a continuation of our collaboration with the Studio Vogue Gallery, which was initiated last summer with this exhibit’s first installation. This year resulted in an even greater outcome than last; the gallery was bustling with art enthusiasts who had come to admire the thrilling displays, as well as the artists themselves, who were present to lend insights about their creations. Both of these exhibitions emphasized the enduring power of art, and the brilliant talents that we as artists possess, which allows us to create bold statements and display vast emotions in a visual way, without the inhibition of words or phrases. They were fruitful endeavors with great results which managed to inspire and educate all those who walked through the doors. We look forward to future collaborations with these two galleries, so that we may continue our tradition of working alongside genius international artists of by Cody LaVada the highest caliber. .Photography: Arttour International Magazine © Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved

VIVID ARTS NETWORK is an organization with more than 15 years of experience. We represent more than 150 artists and organize art exhibitions creating opportunities for artists to expose their work at an international level. Most of our opening receptions are broadcasted through national t.v. stations and published on major international websites. We believe in art for a change and helping a cause with our exhibits, bringing artists together to explore human right issues.  For more information email us at: or call: In Europe (39) 345 167 7704 In America (1) 917 289-1007 Ext: 107 and visit our website WWW.VIVIDARTSNETWORK.NET

ARTTOUR INTERNATIONAL JULY 2013 Peterborough in Portrait - Art Work by Anne Cavanagh “Grey Matter” 2013 © Copyrights. All rights reserved.



Anchored by June 15 Guided Trolley Tour, Four-Gallery Visual Art Exhibit, on Display June 15-July 26, Honors the Legacy of Five Legendary Black-Focused Record Labels by their artists. ArtCrawl Harlem™ and Souleo Enterprises launches Motown to Def Jam - a multi-gallery visual art exhibition celebrating songs from the Chess, Def Jam, Motown, Stax and Philadelphia International Records catalogs - June 15 through July 26, as part of African-American Music Appreciation Month. Speciallycommissioned works by over 40 painters, sculptors and new-media artists will be on display at four Harlem art galleries: LeRoy Neiman Art Center, Strivers Gardens Gallery, La Maison d’Art and The Sol Studio. Participating artists include Aanisah Hinds, daughter of Grammy-winning singer Macy Gray, and S. Ross Browne, 2011 winner, Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series. "The history of Harlem is inextricably linked to the progression of black popular music," said ArtCrawl Harlem founder Jacqueline Orange. "As we celebrate our fifth anniversary this summer, ArtCrawl Harlem is looking forward to providing more new and unique perspectives on the community and its thriving art scene." Throughout July each participating gallery will host free panel discussions with music experts and exhibiting

July 2013



Lowenbein, Richard Lund, Beau McCall, Summer McClinton, Byron McCray, Misha McGlown, Kimberly Mayhorn, Chompunutt Mayta, Mike McManus, Tomo Mori, Adrienne Moumin, MathYou Namie, Shani Peters, S. Ross Browne, Duhirwe Rushemeza, Gregory Saint Amand (GOGO), Alexandria Smith, Dianne Smith, Ryan Smith of the House of Spoof Collective, Harry Spitz, Ella Veres, Brian Xavier and Nic 707.

artists exploring the connections between the visual arts and music, as well as the legacy of the respective labels, with moderator Souleo, the exhibit's curator. The gallery talks include: "Respect Yourself" at La Maison d’ Art Wed. July 10, 7-9pm, honoring Chess and Stax "What’s Going On" at The LeRoy Neiman Art Center, Sat. July 13, 3-5pm, honoring Motown "Love Train" at Strivers Gardens Gallery Wed. July 17, 7-9pm, honoring Philadelphia International "Fight the Power" at The Sol Studio Sat. July 20, 3-5pm, honoring Def Jam “I am proud to help highlight the powerful relationship between visual art and music,” Souleo added. "Like the songs they celebrate, the artwork explores relevant social themes that truly bring out the message in the music. Each artist captures the story of people of color in America from the 1950’s to present in ways that are visually stimulating and highly engaging." PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Jeffrey Allen Price, JaSon Auguste, Tirtzah Bassel, Bernard Beckford, Leonardo Benzant, Doug Beube, Fernando Carpaneda, Joseph Cavalieri, Michael Cuomo, Nzuji De Magalhaes, Jeremiah Drake, Uday Dhar, Beata Drozd, Brian Einersen, Voodo Fe’ Mathelier, Derek Fordjour, Adrian Franks, Greg Frederick, Laura Gadson, Kyle Gallup, Joshua Goldstein, Aanisah Hinds, Musa Hixson, Jonathan Hull, Antonio Kel, Brian Kirhagis, Adam

About ArtCrawl Harlem™ Since 2008, ArtCrawl Harlem has crafted delightful, engaging ways for art lovers to access the often hidden art resources in and around Harlem. A not-for-profit company, we support and promote our neighborhoods' rich array of visual art offerings. Our acclaimed trolley bus tour, led by guides who impart deep cultural and historical knowledge along with passion, personality and charm, connects people with fingers-on-the pulse experiences designed to entertain and educate. About Souleo Enterprises, LLC Souleo Enterprises, LLC creates and produces entertaining and informative events, media and artistic projects by founder, Souleo. A journalist who has written for Newsweek, Ebony, New York Press, Black Enterprise, XXL, Sister 2 Sister, Rolling Out, Souleo has also been featured on CNN’s The Nancy Grace Show, MTV’s FNMTV Premieres, the New York Post, the Chicago Sun-Times, Access Hollywood, CBS’s The Insider, NPR’s News & Notes,, and in the Boston Globe. Souleo recently partnered with the Harlem Arts Alliance and created the column, “Harlem Arts Alliance Presents: On the ‘A’ w/Souleo” which is now syndicated online across 7 media properties including,, New York Amsterdam News, Rolling Out, and more. In partnership with the New York Public Library he produces LGBT, financial literacy and creative programming. As a curator, his notable exhibitions include eMerge: Danny Simmons & Artists on the Cusp and the first-ever AARP exhibition, Lasting Legacy: The Journey of You.  

Press Contact: Andrea Peterson,, 646-355-7557

Peterborough in Portrait - Art Work by Ann Talbot “Cheers” 2013 © Copyrights. All rights reserved.

July 2013


Casa de Pessoa by Cory Tamler and Patrick Berger. Yinzerspielen Explore Lisbon’s great poet & thinker from an entirely new theatric angle. No one is safe! Sun Jul 21 / Thu Jul 25, Fri Jul 26 / Sat Jul 27, 9pm

Calalloo: A Jazz Folktale by Marjuan Canady, directed by Natalie Carter, composer: Etienne Charles Dream encounters with mythical characters from Trinidad and Tobago with live jazz trumpet.

Fri Jul 19, 7pm Sat Jul 20, 7pm Sun Jul 21, 3pm

New York: One State. Many Nations. Composer/ Director: Carlos David Bernales An orchestral love song based on the poetry that has shaped New York’s cultural landscape. Thu Aug 1, 7pm Fri Aug 2, 7pm Sun Aug 4, 7pm

Sat Jul 27, 7pm Sun Jul 28, 7pm Premika: Women in Love Choreographer: Janaki Patrik. The Kathak Ensemble & Friends All the shades of love are painted for you, on a canvas of Hindustani music and a modern English dramatization. Janusphere – Evolution Darion Smith Janusphere Dance Co. breaks new ground in a multimedia work about human spirit, perception, and language. Thu Jul 25, 7pm Sun Jul 28, 3pm

Sarah King Composer/Director: Jose Conde  Contemporary roots artist and her 9-piece ensemble bridge historic Americana, funk, jazz and pop in 21st century flavor! Sat Jul 20, 10pm Sun Jul 21, 7pm

Fri Jul 26, 6pm Sat Jul 27, 3pm

Europa by Casey Robinson Cloud of Fools Theater Co. A pair of astronauts, man and wife, on a voyage to explore a moon where new life is discovered. Sat Jul 27, 10pm Fri Aug 2, 10pm Sat Aug 3, 7pm

photography: anjali bhargava

You and Me by Roger Simeon, directed by Byrony Shanahan Little Soldier Productions A bitter-sweet physical comedy about the intimacy of a life lived together.


PERFORMING ARTS MARATHON 2013 July 19 - August 4 IATI Theater 64E4 64 East 4th Street NYC 10003

Eight local and international performances that break the boundaries of dance, music, and theater.

media sponsor


Photo: Rachel Neville

Janusphere Dance Company Dancers: Dora Novak and Darion Smith

IATI Invites You to Take a Closer Look by Carlos E. Rojas Put on your shades, pack up your sunscreen, get on line and—pick up a program! That’s right, folks, it’s time for theater in the summer! If you happen to find yourself in New York City this summer, don’t be alarmed by the large amount of people on the street, shout- ing excitedly, promoting some show or other. That’s just New York you will always find people shouting excitedly. But if, by chance, you should come across IATI’s newly renovated space located on 64 E. 4th St, in the heart of the East Village and downtown theater, come closer. At first glance, you might not think much of it. After all, what’s so special about a theater in the city known as the “theater capital of the world? ” I’ll tell you: nowhere else will you find a festival as diverse, as multidisciplinary, or as culturally integrating as the Performing Arts Marathon (PAM). The PAM festival, begun in 2008, is committed to bringing shows from all over the world onto one stage. On this stage, the audience bears witness to some of the most electrifying, vibrant, invigorating experiences that the performing arts has to offer. I call them “experiences” because simply calling them “shows” would be misleading. The works of art included in this festival defy categorization. They are not simply modes of entertainment: they are portals into the human spirit, connecting us with their universal stories, told in unique and inspiring ways. Now in its sixth year, PAM showcases the works of artists near and far, new and established, to bring you those stories that will leave you talking for days...

Meet Winston, a boy who gets lost in a dream where mythical Caribbean characters run loose. Journey with him on a jazz folktale that will take you back to the sweet campfire memories of your youth, accompanied by the rich sounds of Trinidad and Tobago’s music. Be a guest at Richard Zenith’s party, where un- knowing members partake in an experiment that would frighten even the least superstitious among them. Watch as one or two, or three in the crowd are chosen to embody the characters created by the famed Portuguese poet, Fernando de Pessoa. Embark on an otherworldly flight; join two astronauts, man and wife, as they explore an ice-covered moon and the foundation of their relationship at the same time. Sit back and enjoy the smooth sounds coming from Sarah King and her nine-piece band, and listen to Carlos D. Bernales’ love song to New York both defining what it means to be in tune to the rhythm of the city that doesn’t sleep! These are just some of the stories you will hear if you happen to be walking around 64 East 4th Street on a warm summer night, between July 19th and August 4th. But don’t just stand outside the theater eavesdropping with your ear against the door, wondering what all the fuss is about. Come closer. Learn why we’re making so much noise, and then make some noise with us! Theater is a celebration of sorts. Up on that stage, we celebrate the events and emotions that make us human. At IATI we invite you to come and celebrate with us.

July 2013



Chantal Goraieb   Figurative  Abstract,  Genre  Oil  and  Acrylic  on  Canvas    

Chantal Goraieb is a recognised Lebanese artist best known for her figurative and abstract paintings depicting the human emotions under common and intense conditions. She was born in Beirut in 1968 to a family well rooted in art and theatre, surrounded by the entourage of her aunts, the esteemed Lebanese poet and painter Laure Ghorayeb and the late Lebanese painter Esperance Ghorayeb. Educated in art and design, Goraieb started her early career in interior design and ceramic pottery painting. Her passion for art later developed for painting on canvas using oil and acrylic. Her early works were inspired by ancient cultures and religions using symbols, patterns and repetition demonstrating an infinite regularity inherent in life; a style that is still so evident in her most recent works. Her use of brush strokes is almost minimalistic, and the choice of colours is intentionally concise, producing incantatory rhythms, which draws the viewer in and forces him to identify with the subject. Through the lens of her own consciousness, Goraieb’s observation of human relationships is the driving force behind the core of her works. Abstract and expressionist, the artworks reflect Goraieb’s representation of her perception and relationship with her surroundings. Faces are almost like masks, predominantly featured in her latest collection and when partially revealed, appear to be torn and roaming in their existence. “I conceive the face as the reflection of people’s depth. I therefore focus on the authentic and true feelings, which we often hide, apprehending the others’ reaction.” Amidst a tormented universe of lost and fearful souls, Goraieb’s canvases also express self-determination and offer a glimpse of hope. A world of colour and smiles gradually shifts and almost unnoticed offers the viewer innumerable possibilities. Goraieb’s paintings are showcased in Lebanon, the UAE and London are part of numerous permanent exhibitions in Beirut.

July 2013




I was born in Tel-Aviv where I studied philosophy and was an art teacher. I immigrated to Toronto, studied at OCAD and graduated with an Honours degree. As a full-time artist, I showcase my works at various galleries, in Toronto, New York, London (Saatchi Gallery) and Italy. My work is published in a number of art books. Email: “Abstract Sweetness” Mixed Media on Board. 48”x36”


My paintings are a reflection of my profound interest in ancient knowledge, kept timeless and fascinatingly accessible, even today. I am intensely moved by the notion of a “connector”—an umbilical cord, if you will—which joins us to knowledge harnessed in the distant past and simultaneously propels us into the future. It is the connecting lines that provide impetus for the artwork I develop. My art is the visual representation of these lines, the cord, the joining and entanglement of our own selves with others and with life itself. “Painting is another form of diarykeeping.” (Picasso).

“The Story of Rules” Mixed Media on Board 48”x48”

“”Love” Mixed Media on Board 48”x48”



lucy walsh  

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