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MAY 2012


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"EARTH VORTICES" Castello Estense - Ferrara, Italy In collaboration with Arttour International Magazine™ Exhibit Curated by Viviana Puello Directed by Alan Grimandi Viviana Puello Organization & Marketing Direction Vivid Arts Network Graphic Design by GrimArte Exhibit Set Up & Installation by Vivid Arts Network

Images on the cover: “Mother Earth is Hiding” By Teresa Young “Hands” By Cheri Mittermaier Special thanks to the Vivid Arts Network team for their efforts, loyalty and commitment


Alex Slingenberg, Holland Armando Cabba, Canada Aysel Gözübüyük, Turkey Beatriz Henao, Colombia Cade Turner, Australia Carla Moiso, Italy Carlo Gatti, Italy Cheri Mittermaier, USA Emanuele Conti, Italy Frank Colson, USA Flora Castaldi, France Gabriela Gard-Galiana, Canada George Pergamalis, Greece Inger M. Larsson, Sweden Jeannie Bolund, Denmark Jim Lively, USA Jim Pescott, Canada Juan Lopez, El Salvador John Nieman, USA Kristina Sretkova, Germany, Bulgaria, Cyprus Larry Rich, Canada Laura Leone, Italy Lydia van den Berg, Bulgaria/Australia Maiko Omura, France/Japan Malena Peon, Mexico Marta Vaneva, France Mediha Tekin, Turkey Mihai Bara, Andorra Monika Jensen, Canada Nada Herman, Australia Nikolina Simunovic, Croatia Palma Nasoni, Italy Raúl J. Cantú, Mexico SANSAN, Colombia Sirkka Laakkonen, Finland Shifra Levyathan, Israel Sophie Schubakoff, Finland Stella Viopoulos, Greece Suna Sonmezalp, Turkey Susan Obermeyer Strauss, USA Sun Eun Park, South Korea Teresa Young, Canada Trish Armour, New Zealand Wendy Waugh, USA

The goal of our exhibitions is to help create awareness on the issues that affect our society. We want to let the public know that we as artists are increasingly seeing ourselves as having a role not only in raising awareness of social and environmental issues, but actively promoting solutions.

Our exclusive selection of artists helps us offer a very comprehensive collection of fine art available worldwide.

We are dedicated to promoting international artists by providing original fine art to established and emerging collectors. Thanks to our exclusive selection o f a r t i s t s w e o ff e r a v e r y comprehensive collection of contemporary fine art for sale. We invite you to browse our striking online gallery specially designed to showcase each artist’s individual body of works along with their profile. Images of “Here Now” Ferrara, Italy May 2011 A reporter for SKY T.V. interviewing our director Viviana Puello during the broadcast of the opening reception.

Actor/Director Lorenzo degl’Innocenti during the opening ceremony of “The Time is Now”. Auditorium al Duomo April 2011

STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS Strategic collaboration with leaders in the industry like Art Tour International Magazine and also their online magazine helps us explore the most effective ways to achieve resourceful publicity for artists members of our network, by offering an international platform for professionals and emerging artists, bringing their work to the eyes of collectors, art buyers and dealers, art critics, galleries and art lovers. Because of our commitment to getting the maximum exposure for our artists, we have included in this magazine a quarterly article highlighting members of our network and showcasing their creations. Both, collaboration and networking are means to promoting Art in all its forms. So as you read about how Vivid Arst Network is taking a proactive role in developing strategic partnerships please remember that the end for which we aim is promoting the arts, and using the art as a tool Guscolors artist of our network doing a live body- painting demo during the opening reception of “Here Now” Ferrara, Italy 2011

for transformation of human lives. To that end, I think you’ll be inspired by what you see. The May 2012 issue of Art Tour International Magazine features updated news from our network including individual articles featuring some artists of our network.

Our director Viviana Puello, Roberto Fiffrini from ECPAT Italia and Giovani Baroni from Vivid Arts Network during an award ceremony to artists of “Here Now”. Italy 2011

Castello Estense, Ferrara 2011 “Here Now” International Exhibit

Alex Slingenberg Netherlands alex_slingenberg.asp “My passion for art and wildlife in particular has come from many sources and influences it is an on going journey of self discovery a joyful learning process that fires and feeds my soul, and that which I hope to share with others.” Nature, beauty and art have always been part of Alex's life. As a child she traveled throughout the Far East Middle-America and the U.S. with her Diplomat parents, who were also avid art collectors. Surrounded by the lush vegetation of the tropics with its bright colored wildlife combined with the exquisite antiques her parents


“Windows of Silent” Fired Oils on Porcelain

collected, beauty was everywhere. China, Thailand, The USA and Mexico, the different cultures and native wildlife instilled in her a love of al things beautiful and a strong desire to express her self creatively. As a child she drew instinctively and later won prizes in school competitions with her natural talent. All this made an indelible impression upon her mind, thus shaping the future artist. Trained initially as a Goldsmith, she graduated as a Designer Craftsman in the UK, and then moved on to work as a photography stylist. Native American culture and art captivated her to the extent that it became a serious interest and subject of study. Silk being her favorite fabric, she started researching ways to paint on it and soon developed her own formula, medium and technique to suit that specific textile. From there on, she started experimenting with painting on leather.

w w w. n a t u r e a r t i s t s . c o m / a l e x _ s l i n g e n b e r g . a s p


“Polar Son” - Oil on Canvas

Armando Cabba Canada Armando Cabba was born on 25 June 1990 in Montreal, Canada. While attending Selwyn House School, he signed up for the art class in order to increase his grades, knowing nothing of art history and not taking the class very seriously. But, with his first drawings, he became more and more engaged with the artistic process until, finally, it ignited the flame of creation. "I began to paint during those years," he has said, "and from the moment that I picked up a brush it was a feeling of ecstasy." He graduated from Selwyn House in 2007, and then went on to attend the Fine Arts program at Dawson College, graduating in 2009. While at Dawson College, he experimented with many traditional and non-traditional methods of artistic expression, including silkscreen, digital art and sculpture, but eventually returned to the realization that painting was the medium that connected best with him. In the artist's own words: "Painting became a part of me." Such mixed media experience stood him in good stead when he went on to attend the Painting and Drawing program at Concordia University. While there he has not only developed and increased his technical ability, but also created installation and performance art VIVID ARTS NETWORK

“Self Portait� Ink on Paper

that has often manifested itself as public intervention, as influenced by The Yes Men and other current artists who share the same practice. It was during his early years at Concordia that he began to develop his aesthetic philosophy of contemporary realism, influenced by, among others, the works of Rembrandt, Nikolay Repin, and Lucien Freud. He sees his paintings as an evolving journey, with the goal being to merge the practice of classical methods and ideas with the use of contemporary concepts and themes. He has travelled extensively, visiting museums and studying canvases around the world, from Europe to the Far East, and he feels that this experience has increased his growth both as a person and as an artist. He has been exhibited in several group shows over the past year in North America. He currently lives and works in Montreal.

w w w. a r m a n d o c a b b a . c o m


“Please” - Oil on Canvas

Aysel Gozubuyuk Turkey Leading from the conflicts derived from individuals relations with the society, I refer to basic humanity problems such as racism, gender or class discrimination. Although I think I'm a narrator, I focus on how tell the story rather than the story itself. I consider the human


“Richman� Oil on Canvas

body especially the expressive portraits allowed me to render my thoughts. In my canvanses, usually a single figure detached from its surrounding tells its own story which is indeed everyone. In Mother Earth, the earth and human being on it is represented by traditional mother metaphor, but contemporary, feminist intent. The Mother Earth doesn't seem happy. she seems to be worried and bored with mankind.

w w w. a y s e l g o z u b u y u k . c o m


“Mother Eart” -Oil on Canvas

Beatriz Henao Colombia “During some more than 30 years working as an artist in oil painting, I have developed a certain manner for my expression which is characterized as a variation of the Old Netherland Masters technique. It involves superimposing transparent layers of oil color over dark paint bases thus creating different effects in order to produce multidimensional illusions. Also, there are some psychological aspects transmitted in all my work.


“Beyond Words” Oil on Canvas

As a professional painter, I use the language of art with color, oil paint, and strokes as a medium to express the deep feelings in my heart and different facets of my internal life. I use the inherent symbolic power of color to communicate the results of my exploration into the mysteries of the human spirit. Expression, as supported by the bond between color and emotion, finds inspiration through multiple interpretations of life itself. Images in a world of light and tints make reality what we want it to be, transforming life into a reflection of our soul, projected as art in a painting”.

w w w. b e a t r i z h e n a o . c o m


“Nostalgia” - Oil on Canvas

Cade Turner Australia I have always been fascinated with discovering the mystery contained within the raw elements of a scene – its light, colour and movement. I am particularly inspired by the Great Impressionists for their sense of ‘visual freedom’, breaking traditional techniques and conventions which enabled them to capture impressions of light, colour and movement that had never been seen before.

“Pink Shades” - Photographic Print


I love challenging traditional photography and continually blurring the line between what we consider to be ‘art’, and what is considered photography. I enjoy breaking the rules, using the camera freely as my paintbrush to paint my works with light. On location, I search for first impressions that catch my eye and work with the raw elements to develop my story. Sometimes this involves only slight alterations to what the eye naturally sees. Sometimes it involves completely decontextualising the original scene, and working with specific elements to break through into a completely new visual dimension. I am an Emerging Member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and am currently represented in contemporary art galleries in Sydney, Australia and New York City, USA.

w w w. c a d e t u r n e r. c o m


“Light Pipes” - Photographic Print

Carla Moiso Italy Carla Moiso was born in Venice, Italy. This extraordinary city is the source of her inspiration and creativity, as the transparency and reflecting images of the lagoon are palpable in her strokes. An engineer by training, Carla has pursued her artistic inclinations throughout her life culminating in a decision to leave engineering for a full time artistic career early in 2000. The warm and bright colors of the Cote d’Azur of in the South


“Riflessi Venaziani” Oil on Canvas

of France, where she has been living for over a decade, inspire her work and permeate her choice of colors, especially in her landscape paintings. Her first major recognition was in Roquebrune Cap Martin, in the South of France, an individual exhibit well received by the public and critics, followed by numerous exhibits in France and Italy. Her paintings won several prizes and recognition by critics and were selected for numerous prestigious events and exhibits, one of the most noteworthy her participation in the 2004 Carrousel du Louvre in Paris – a selection from among 10,000 competitors. Other significant exhibits include an invited individual show in the Municipality of Abano Terme (Padua) in 2007. She also won the jury prize at the “Biennale d’Arte Internazionale del 2010” in Rome and in December 2010 was selected to particpate in the “Biennale” in Florence.

w w w. c a r l a m o i s o . c o m


“Agrumi del Midi” - Oil on Canvas

Carlo Gatti Italy Carlo Gatti was born in Avellino (ITALY) in 1948 .His way of painting's is very strong and the entire work is impressive for the used colors. Red and blue are prefered. The painter is on a constant quest for improvement: what he did yesterday is not as good as he will do today! For a painting to be great,it must exist in many different levels. You need to feel the expression and to be touched by the emotions the


“I sogni sul divano” Oil on Canvas

painting is visually comunicating...He did many art exibitions with important italian Galleries. He is in the italian "Mondadori" Modern Art Catalog of 2011.

w w w. c a r l o g a t t i . c o m


“Quando si spoglia” - Oil on Canvas

Cheri Mittermaier USA I was born and grew up in the state of Indiana, USA. I graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelors degree in Psychology with a concentration in Fine Arts and Humanities. While in Paris and Florence I studied sculpture under Peter Rubino and Martine Vaugel. In a four year period I studied under more than twenty different artists. I have had work shown in the Boca Raton Fine Art Museum two years in a row.


“Penis on Wheels� Bronze Sculpture

A sculpture called "Eve" and a sculpture called "Trophy Wife" were accepted into this juried exhibition. The pallet I use in my work has been inspired by my many trips to the Caribbean. I look forward to the future and what it may bring to me and my art.

w w w. c h e r i m i t t e r m a i e r. c o m


“Hangin Vaginas” - Bronze Sculpture

Emanuele Conti Italy Emanuele Conti’s award-winning paintings of powerful motorcycles and cars reflect a resolute interest in the nature of the machine and portraying the excitement and power of driving one. Conti paints in an incredible photorealistic style, capturing the smooth sparkling surfaces and dynamic contours of sport bikes, classic cars, police cruisers and souped-up sports cars. A technical virtuoso, Conti expertly renders his


“Centaurus” Oil on Canvas

subject with unusual perspectives. He’ll often crouch below the grill or behind the exhaust to allow the audience a full view of the muscular build of these amazing mechanical creations. His deft rendering skills leave no details behind; the tread of the tire is given as much attention as highly polished chrome and glittering glass. Conti’s method examines the actuality of his subject but presents it to audiences in an entirely new way. He paints “using pure color without altering it,” he explains “playing as much as possible with the prospect of experiencing what is unusual.” Conti exhibits his work throughout his Europe, United States and in the Asian .

w w w. e m a n u e l i s h . c o m


“Belle epoque 2011” - Oil on Canvas

Flora France FLORA lives and works in the Toulouse region. Creator of the relief technique defined by the generic term « Cosmogéologie », Flora theorizes her work as a painter, and asserts it in a method. In resonance with her paintings, Flora writes her texts, poems, legends, quotations…and gives them away in a Poetic and philosophical thought. She says: « In the expressive sensitivity of my Being, Painting and Poetry are linked together. From this union comes the art, which I entrust to the viewing and the listening of the witness. ». FLORA’s pictorial studies become rooted in reflections about the world, its origins, its evolution…Filled by an amazing chromatic power, FLORA’s art must be read as the « poetic tales». Put down on canvas in puffy hints, matter becomes art. The result, unique, is mentioning the Time question…which has for theory Unity and its Multiples, « this Whole and these Little things created and hold by the universe . »-Natinonal Society of VIVID ARTS NETWORK

“Eruptives profusions” Acrylic on Canvas

Beaux-Arts in the Caroussel du Louvre (Le Louvre) Paris- France -ARTEC- Artmondial - Musée Matra- Romorantin- Lanthnay – France -Business Art in the Espace Pierre Cardin Paris France -Recently Award Premlo Internazionale Vincent Van Gogh- by ITALIA IN ARTE – Brindisi –Italy -World Wide Art Books –International Contemporary MASTERS VCalifornia -USA

w w w. f l o r a - a r t i s t e - p e i n t r e . f r


“A tire d'ailes” Acrylic on Canvas

Frank Colson USA Frank Colson's path was laid out by travels, and teaching in 54 different countries, many of them in the Third World. He utilizes the strong primitive design forms he saw and admired, with an overlay of present-day cultural concepts. In Bali he worked with the fine fiber craftsmen, designing and crafting art wall hangings. In China it was clay figures of the Tang and Han Dynasty. In Mexico he created dramatic tiles, and in Stockholm it was fiber works. This has been an artistic journey of immense breadth. Through it the horse form has traveled well with him in clay, fiber, and metal, repeatedly showing itself steadfast "Horses,


“Palm_Canyon” bronze - wood

being across all time and all cultures,...I am always finding the horse somewhere within the culture," Colson says. "It is a mysterious animal to me"

w w w. f r a n k c o l s o n . c o m


“Luminescent Bouquet” - lucite_fiber_optics_electronics

Gabriela Gard Galiana Canada Art had always been for me a means by which I have been able to explore the mystery that is understanding human existence. Born in the heart of Montreal in 1990, I grew up surrounded by a warm, open minded family in the vibrant culture of the Plateau Mont-Royal. However, my comprehension of the complexity of human emotion took concrete form at an early age and this enabled me to understand the true fragility of human nature. Consequently I rapidly acknowledged the nonexistence of an ideal and that no action can be judged for everything in this world is relative. The constant interaction I have had with people throughout my life and my insatiable interest in understanding them has fuelled my yearning to comprehend of the nature of being human. It is for this reason that I chose not only to pursue my true passion that is the creation of art, but also to undertake studies in the discipline of Psychology to further investigate and gain a fuller understanding of human behaviour and development. These studies only enrich the production of my art for they provide me with an endless sea of questions on


“In darkness you can see no light� - Oil on Canvas

the changes we all go through and it is these reflections that inspire me to explore the at times weak and powerful dimensions of people through my paintings, drawings and sculptures. Through this piece, I attempt to depict the more feeble, hidden dimensions of emotions through figurative representation. I believe that by consolidating these repressed states of inadequacy, we are forced to confront them, accept them and move past them.

w w w. g a b r i e l a g a r d g a l i a n a . c o m


“What do you see” - Oil on Canvas

George Pergamalis Greece Draw the simplest line And make it resemble you. Now you are the result Of a small simple line. This small simple line Breathes, thinks and feels The same as you do. Look at how she is enjoying Her dance.


“Theta� Inks on board

My artwork is produced by generating designs onto sheets of paper with printing inks and applying them with spatulas, rollers and brushes. These compositions are subsequently mounted onto plexiglass, board or wood. This unique technique which I have created stems from my profession as a graphic artist.


“Zeta” - Inks on Board

Inger M. Larsson Sweden The human body in a classical form, is an inspiration and important part of my work. The body has a powerful expression, and fascinates me. They are picture I ever return to and wont to explore.


“Alhambra� Oil on Canvas

I even work with abstract painting, I am looking for movement, rhythm and contrast between ligth and dark, in all an exciting journey. I work both in Sweden and Spain and in different ligth which fascinates me. Spain is the colorfoul and the hot sunshine, and Sweden, the gentle shimmering light and mild colour. I have my work represented at a number of local building in Sweden as in The City Council of Stockholm. The City of Stockholm, and in private collections in Sweden, United Kingdom. Belgien, Spain and Canada.

w w w. a k t u e l l k o n s t . s e


“White Torso” - Oil on Canvas

Jeannie Bolund Denmark It is with paintings as it is with humans, some of them shine and are beautiful and happy from the beginning ….others takes more time. I paint mostly strong women, goddesses and witches perhaps, in strong warm colours. It is the movement and the mood that interests me - the glow is important, there must be fire in the pictures – not a consuming fire, but a warm life-giving spark that makes you feel good ….way into your soul. Inspiration comes from every where – impression is reflected. It is very personal, and there is a little piece of my soul in every picture I VIVID ARTS NETWORK

“Catch 22”

have painted, they are about me ….but the viewer finds his own reality in the paintings and sees likely to entirely different things ….Enjoy!

w w w. j e a n n i e b o l u n d . d k



Jim Lively USA Jim Lively is an attorney on permanent sabbatical from practicing law to pursue his passion full-time as a contemporary figurative and abstract artist. While he has been painting many years, he only began publicly exhibiting the latter part of 2008 due to his career as an attorney. Jim’s works have been recognized in numerous juried competitions and publications. In addition, he has participated in several group and a solo exhibitions across North America. Whether portrayed in the abstract, realism or somewhere in between, Jim’s work is most i n fl u e n c e d b y t h e attractive, unattractive and sometimes humorous components of contemporary culture. His figurative and surreal works tend to focus upon interesting juxtaposition of images which share VIVID ARTS NETWORK

“Grasping for Nourishment” Oil on Canvas

the same canvas. Jim likes to challenge the viewer to question how these images relate to one another. On the other hand, his abstract paintings reflect culture through the use of texture, intersecting lines, color shading and often words. Jim’s formal education includes a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas and a Juris Doctor from Southern Methodist University. He resides with his wife, Karen and dog, PJ in Dallas, Texas in a mid-century ranch style home that they affectionately refer to as the “Atomic Ranch”.

w w w. j i m l i v e l y a r t . c o m


“Finding Strength Among Chaos” - Oil on Canvas

Jim Pescott Canada While Jim’s paintings have the swirling energy of many expressive and abstract works, they also suggest something quite different: the murmuring of numerous voices beneath each layer. The artist’s work has changed greatly over the years, and is seldom truly abstract. He courageously goes beyond the given and familiar, pioneering new techniques and materials in order to expand his own vision. His work takes us back to our very beginnings, before written laws, received wisdom, and force of habit, all but shackled our individual creativity and freedom of expression. Jim has a penchant for monolithic, eccentric, dynamic forms, and bursts of emotion. His art is impulsive but not violent—and more


“ForestCanopy - Summer” Acrylic on Canvas

seductive than confrontational. The works don’t want to assault you, but suck you into their oceanic swirl, carry you along for the ride. The magic emerges in the tension between control and spontaneity, and the result is invariably surprising, open-ended, poetic, and spiritual. Lisa Bentley on Jim Pescott I will say about my creative process that some refer to my painting style as contemporary pointillism: overall, I simply allow the dots to be what they are for what they need to do without regard for definitions. As I paint the canvas shares with me and it simply is about feelings that influence. I feel mostly influenced by the defining elements of natural light. Also I'm much influenced by the vibrant energies of colours. My paintings readily reflect this. And I’ve watched people look at my paintings to understand that the canvas is now sharing with them. I think too that this is part of the creative process.

w w w. j i m p e s c o t t . c o m


“ForestCanopy - Spring” - Acrylic on Canvas

John Nieman USA I like to create art that has immediate impact, and a residual mental tickle. This is a series I call “Visual Riddles.” It’s a tribute to pop culture, and incorporates a list of relevant personalities or phrases, anchored by an oversized painting of everyday objects that somehow link with that list of words. I enjoy it when the linkage is playful and less than overt. Some of the references are famous luminaries. Others are more obscure curve balls. In either event, they are a rather personal list that provides a marriage between words and pictures. It all started innocently enough, with a painting VIVID ARTS NETWORK

“jukebox heaven” Original water color on Paper

called “The M&M’s.” I was attracted to the near perfect shapes and bright colors of these “melt in your mouth” candies, but was stumped for a background. I started doodling different M&M’s, such as Marilyn Monroe and Mickey Mantle. The list became its own form of amusement. It also became a contrapuntal backdrop for shiny, supersized orbs of color. This led to other lists and other images-- Lifesavers, Jacks, Chunkies, Smarties. Twinkies, Fifth Avenue, Flip flops. I began looking in cupboards and drawers and found that just about any product or household object could generate a dotted line list of luminaries. Quite frankly I am still amazed at how these everyday objects can suggest an emotional reference to people and events. I like to keep the image big and bold enough to sometimes obliterate the words, or at least make it challenging for the viewer to fill in the blanks. I paint with watercolor for translucency and finish with some pastel touches to help bring the image forward. Some have called it “art with a sense of humor.” I am complimented by that, since I believe that for any two-dimensional piece to bring layers of pleasure is a worthy goal.

w w w. j o h n n i e m a n . c o m


“Combos” - Mixed Media

Juan C. Lopez El Salvador The ongoing project of my work is to bring the inspiration I get from art historical masters into my studio in a meaningful way that provides a deeper experience of my own humanity as well as the humanity of others.

“Angelica� - Oil on Canvas


The current focus of my work remains a desire to portray what I feel is relevant to my existence. The stories of my subjects are often interchangeable with my own story. I focus my attention on people whose stories and personal power inspire me to work. I am a painter of stories and I find stories in the faces of others.

w w w. j u a n c l o p e z a r t . c o m


“John show” - Oil on Canvas

Kristina Sretkova Germany, Bulgaria, Cyprus TRANSNATIONAL ARTIST KRISTINA SRETKOVA BASED IN BERLIN, paints in Germany, Bulgaria and Cyprus. "While I paint I focus on my inner world and listen to the inner voice by taking power, intuition, rhytm, intelligence and inspiration from my soul. Doing that I project my inner light on the canvas. As I feel the colours like different frequencies they cover areas, which are behind the real world we see. I want to deliver to the viewer joy, hope, optimism, gratitude, humor and the ability to love, a push to think about and just to feel!“ Kristina Sretkova NY ARTS MAGAZINE, USA "Sretkova has aligned herself with a new generation of artists that signal a return to subjectivity, a return to sensitivity, and a return to a responsive art. Kristina Sretkova is a hot, accomplished young painter whose work... carry the fast, bombastic nature of a Mozart allegro others carry the sweet, melancholy refrain of a Chopin nocturne." N E W Y O R K A RT S MAGAZINE, Spring Issue 2011, USA VIVID ARTS NETWORK

“In the Heart of the Gold” Oil on Canvas

“...Kristina Sretkova is at the fore of contemporary European painting...”, NEW YORK ARTS MAGAZINE, Summer Issue 2011, USA „Of all of the shows taking place this year in NYC Sretkova’s work set the bar for abstraction in the 21st century.“ NY ARTS MAGAZINE, Winter Issue 2012, USA

w w w. k r i s t i n a - s r e t k o v a . c o m


“Illuminating Light” - Oil on Canvas

Larry Rich USA In my abstract work, I have long been moving more into almost a fantasy inspired landscape of sorts... producing pieces that look, and more importantly, feel like a safe and quiet place to go. I feel the new abstracts have a strong connection to the prairies, ultimately inspired by the world in which I've grown up. I never set out to make my abstract pieces resemble landscapes, however, although I believe I have been trying to capture something that looks foreign yet still feels close to home and the heart and, certainly the places that are close to home and heart are going to have the most impact. Still, other abstracts have been described by some as "guttural"... as I try to reach past the things that I know. In my image based work, such as the Jazz series and Treescapes, I attempt to paint images that make the viewer feel a part of what they are viewing. In images, as well as abstract, I prefer to keep the image close and intimate… more of a "slice of life". It may be a simple player in close up as opposed to a whole band or a few trees as opposed to a whole forest. A mood and feel of being part of it without the remoteness and disconnectedness of viewing a "scene".


“The Guitarist” Oil on Canvas

I'm continually asked why I have so many series ranging from abstract to landscape...and which of those are my "favorite". I feel they all represent different parts of me. They are painted in a similar manner using similar techniques ... so, in that respect I feel there is continuity. But also continuity in choosing things that move me inside in different ways. As there are many aspects to me, I feel there are many aspects I want to explore in my work. I continue also to rework, recycle or remove pieces that are no longer reflective of where I am currently. I tend not to remain too attached to my creations, as I understand their purpose as a "snapshot" of where I am at the moment... And that too will continue to change.

w w w. l a r r y r i c h . c o m


“Chanteuse” - Oil on Canvas

Laura Leone Italy The ritual of body painting and artistic expression and communicative power reaches a high level, is the symbol of a pure gesture handed down over time.


“Su pensamentu� Oil on Canvas

The chart-communicative body accompanies a feeling, an impulse that unites the world of art with life itself. The physical body is transformed into body art, becomes a means of expression and experimentation, an entity becomes privileged, a foreign body himself renewing his intimacy, finds out if the new in a continuous search of metamorphosis. Laura Leone

w w w. l a u r a l e o n e . i t


“Dama con Ermellino” - Body Painting

Lydia van den Berg Bulgaria, Australia LYDIA VAN DEN BERG was born in 1974 in Pleven, Bulgaria. When she was 7 years old she lost her father. Because of poverty and the fight for everyday life this was a very difficult and demanding time for Lydia and her mother. Lydia's idol was her older brother Dinko from whom she gained her strength. Lydia had only one wish and that was to study art as her brother did. When she was 14 Lydia left home to begin her studies in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Soon after her graduation at the school for applied arts in Sofia, Lydia migrated to Switzerland. Lydia travelled extensively in Northern Africa and Europe finding inspiration along the way. She was fascinated and inspired by the people from


“After the Blue Sky 3” Acrylic on canvas

different cultures which she visited. On all of Lydia's travels she noticed that all cultures find their survival and safety within the boundaries of their home. This inspired Lydia and is reflected in her art. Lydia's experiences were first translated into abstract images. Since then she experimented with many different techniques to find her preferred medium which is Acrylics on Paper, Papier-maché and Encaustics (bee wax on wood). Lydia married for a second time in January 2003 and lived in Switzerland before migrating together with her family to Australia in 2007. Since Lydia became a mother of two children she specialized and focused her creative style on "Magical - Poetic - Realism". She is inspired and fascinated by the gradual transition from being a child to becoming an adult. Lydia's works reflect everyday life which can be understood by children and adults alike. After living in Australia for three and a half years Lydia realized that her roots were in Europe. During her last six months in Australia she, together with her family, travelled around that huge continent. In 2010 they ended their adventures with a trip around Europe. Today Lydia is living and working as an artist near Zurich - Switzerland.

w w w. l y d i a v a n d e n b e r g . c o m


“One Dime” - Acrylic on Canvas

Maiko Omura Japan

“Vocation” - Oil on Canvas


“Each one of my artworks has a theme with a deep meaning. The picture's form appear automatically with the subconscious. My works are the reflections of my thoughts which are infinite and positive” - Maiko Omura


“Reason” - Oil on Canvas

Malena Peon Mexico Having been painting for many years Mexican artist Malena Peón transforms natural landscape into jubilant shades and tones that merge effortlessy on canvas. Refreshing and liberating, this contemporary artists work transports viewers from the white cube cold of the gallery to a fantasy where nature's beauty is at its pristine condition. A dexterous painter, Peón takes inspiration from her surrounding, her cutter and the modern world. Her work celebrates the birth of every living thing. Her medium varies from oil to acrylics, chinese inks. Whatever the material, Peón always manages to convey her individual moods and emotional effects through her multicolored imagery. Her latest pays a tribute to her land, where warmth, passion, and life thrive through the romantic touch of her brush. With her Expressionistic brushstrokes, Peón constructs a euphoric atmosphere that VIVID ARTS NETWORK

“Listen to your heart” Oil on Canvas

envelopes viewers and elevates them to a state of serenity and joy. Ingenious and intuitive, Peón portrays life in its finest detail in her layered paintings, each brought into being with tints and shades magnetic and galvanizing. Transparent layers of paint gracefully sweep through her works, unifying them in an atmosphere of a warm, light breeze Through the constant pairing of opposing tones, a strong sense of light comes to life in the artist's body of work. Similarity to the lighting, which presents such a powerful influence to the viewer, the texture incorporated into her pieces, as well, is able to convey such an extraordinary amount of emotion.. In soft wisps certain areas lend themselves to a translucency. This allows the paintings to preserve the visibility on the layers underneath these thinly formed strokes, a quality that plays upon the visual motif of light in all of her works. In both the application and palette of Peón's work there is an unwavering concentration and devotion to the formal components of composition, as well as the defining elements of painting. By Suzie Walshe, executive editor NY Arts Magazine & Art Fairs International.

w w w. m a l e n a p e o n . c o m


“Liberty Firenze” - Oil on Canvas

Marta Vaneva France

My work is mainly about the landscape in its simplest form, a line which separates the sky and the ground. It is a sky, which sometimes illuminates and sometimes threats the horizon. And it is the line, which decides of the perspective, of the point of view. My work is a permanent confrontation between the acrylic paint and the water which at certain times marries the traces of the paint, and is immersed into it and which by other moments is taken over by the paint to give form and life to the sky, to the land. They are


“Inscape 300811� Acrylic_On_Canvas

superpositions of coats of paint, which by obliteration with water draws the landscape and gives all its character. Inscapes are imaginary landscapes.

My drawings are inspired by the floral and organic world. Also I find my inspiration in the Roman frescos. I use ink on paper. I try to take a flower and transform it in an abstract form which will draw the whole composition. My drawings are always black and white because I want to concentrate the lines to draw the composition and not the colours. w w w. v i v i d a r t s n e t w o r k . c o m / M a r t a - Va n e v a . h t m l


“No Title” - Ink on Paper

Mediha Tekin Turkey I was born in Niksar/TOKAT,1952. After high school I completed my university education between 1976-1980 years at Bordeaux and Paris about physics. Also I had art education in Ankara at Art Building Department for 7 years. At the same time I finished D.T.C.F French Language and Literature Department and I turned back to İzmir. I have opened 20 personal exhibition in different kinds of city such as İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir as long as 20 years. I also


“Smyrna” Oil_On_Canvas

participate lots of exhibitions and contests. My studies are continue in İstanbul, İzmir and Muğla. The topic are my exhibitions involve current situations and different kinds of cultural attitude and speciality. My modern and abstract works are consist of mythological dreams, Mediterraneans,Symrnas and The Apple Garden of Eve. The Apple Garden of Eve: It consists of ironical voices about human in global world.Although we know collection of information,there are situations like deadlock, forget, feel want to know or forget, also vital actualities and interrogate of these.

w w w. m e d i h a t e k i n . c o m


“le nom istanbul” - Oil on Canvas

Mihai Bara Andorra Painting is like second nature to me, it is natural to think, breathe and absorb vibrations and use them to recreate a different world while I paint, according to my ideas, my sensibility, my desires, my doubts... I'm in permanent dialog with human nature. I try to understand it better and to "translate" these feelings through my expression.


“nuit a New York� Mixed Media

I have a fascination of the emotionality that lies beneath the surface of my characters, I am absorbed by the labyrinth we all have inside us and of the human nature as a result of it. My creations are an invitation to dialogue, introspection, understanding and at the same time, I suppose that might be seen as a society scanner.

w w w. m i h a i b a r a . c o m


“la ville du pech” -Mixed Media

Monika Jensen Canada Contemporary Master Monika Jensen is recognized in the art community as an established, professional artist. She is nationally and internationally published in several contemporary master books and her work has been seen around the world. She describes her paintings as Stereographic Dimension. Her abstract paintings explode with brilliant color and have an artistic flair that consists of a desirable texture that must be seen. There is an aura of passion to her art yet also a distinct sense of balance as she creates canvases that have no boundaries. Supremely crafted and highly innovative, Monika Jensen’s magnificent paintings clearly evoke the dexterity and artistic flair of a Contemporary Master. She specializes in commissioned works for her elite clientele, celebrities and large corporate clients who desire a unique art piece in their art investments. COMPOSITION SERIES This series has a more abstract continuity of line, form and color. Her signature weaving that is created with her brush strokes are accentuated in this series. She called this unique style S t e r e o g r a p h i c Dimension. This textured detail has become most sought after with her work. This contemporary series compliments modern building architecture and design. MODERN SERIES VIVID ARTS NETWORK

“Composition 53” Oil on Canvas

Her innovative mosaic design in this series has been her signature style. She explains, “There is always a flow of movement in my work through lines and texture. Vibrant colors are used to stimulate emotion and create a visual impact. As well, details are incorporated to be able to see more than what’s there in the picture at first glance. Whether it is hidden words or a detailed composition of people, the result is an effect of colorful mosaic shapes at first glance but if viewed in more detail, you would see an intricate world of new things every time you look at it.” Monika Jensen was born in Calgary, Alberta after her parents emigrated from Czechoslovakia. Her interests in art were very apparent from a very young age. As a child she explored all forms of art medium. In school she accelerated in art studies with honors and was given opportunities to take advanced art studies. After graduation she was accepted into Alberta College of Art, where her main focus was painting. To broaden her experience and exposure in the art field, she completed degree in design at Mount Royal University. Her accomplishments included a scholarship in art, receiving a Steelcase award in design and graduating with honors.

w w w. m o n i k a j e n s e n p r o d u c t i o n s . c o m


“Composition 45” - Oil on Canvas

Nada Herman Australia In capturing the energy and spontaneity of her surroundings, Nada Herman creates work that seems to have grown from the natural joy of creation. The artist grew up in the beach community of northern Sydney, and her body of work reflects this influence, featuring brightly colored seaside vistas and the wonderful life that is possible in these idyllic surroundings. Her style is painterly and lush. Brushstrokes are swaths of verdant hues, rich with texture. Herman will often frame a piece using patches of flowers or trees in the foreground, a perspective that allows for greater range of color and


“Beach Scene Sydney� Oil on Canvas

depth. Rolling hills give way to placid azure waters dotted by fishing vessels, sail boats, and flocks of birds. Herman loves expansive paintings, and her canvases often reach well over six feet wide, becoming like windows into which the viewer can peer. You can truly sense her love for this inspiring place, and her art functions as a means to transport us there ourselves. In her estimation, meaning is possible anywhere one seeks it. “I believe nothing is static,” she explains. “A humble flower or piece of fruit has a life force.” Nada Herman has devoted her life to the arts, receiving instruction from a young age; both her father and grandfather were celebrated artists. She works from her studio at the top of Avalon in Sydney.

w w w. n a d a - a r t . c o m


“Lavender Bay Sydney” - Oil on Canvas

Nikolina Šimunović Croatia Academic painter Nikolina Šimunović presents a new series of paintings thematically linked with the Mediterranean climate.The motifs of her work refer to the seaside landscape,and everything connected with it,such as fragments of seashore and sea surface,islands,boats,and sailing boats.Until we see her paintings, her work sounds typical for what galeries along the Adriatic coast u s u a l l y o ff e r. S i n c e c h e w a s b o r n a n d b r o u g h t u p i n Dubrovnik(Croatia), Nikolina is part of its landskape and carries many images of the seaside atmosphere in herself,but in her work.she doesn't merely exploit a certain location or a place teeming with past or memories for commercial purposes.


“Island” Mixed Media on Canvas

Her paintings recreate the space of their origin and pull their viewer inside.They are discovered gradually by exploration of the scenas of the painting and they evoke the carefully planned methods which brought them into being.The gradition of these plans and layers of material can be traced throught Nikolina's entire work,einther as spatil fragmentation evident in the merger of the images into an object,or as planimetric sendimentation of layers in paintings and collages. Nikolina's paintings encopass elements from the real world as well,although they are sometimes covered and coated with paint.Not only do they widen the span and morphology of painting structures,they are also part of the factual components that form the cryptic basis and framework of dreams.These elements include fabrics of various textures,colors,and patterns that are pasted on the empty surface of the canvas.The next step includes using paint on the fabric untouched,and in such a way puncture the wholeness of the composition with fragments of reality Registering these various techniques of Nikolina's work reveals the importance that she puts on the processes of creation and construction of a surface that thereby becomes a record of creative ,reflective, bodily and physical energy. Borivoj Popovčak

w w w. n i k o l i n a s i m u n o v i c . c o m


“Trought the Bogumils” - Mixed Media on Canvas

Palma Nasoni Italy I’m from Rome, Italy. My passion for painting started when I was in High School experimenting with different techniques. I started occupying myself with graphic design and, later, painting. Coming back after a period spent in America, I felt the necessity to seriously attend in a painting course. To do this, I applied to two of the most prestigious schools in Rome named Scuola San Giacomo Di Arti E Mestieri Di Roma and Accademia Di Belle Arti. These years


“Pax” Acrylic on Canvas

of study resulted with a master degree in arts and a realization and perseverance of what I wanted to paint; spiritual figures and nature. I became inspired by traveling and seeing the wonders of the world outside Italy, while the spiritual images have inspired me with the Roman atmosphere. I currently use acrylic paints, which allow me to express myself with velocity. My paintings express a triumphant connection between the real world and the unreal part of the world we cannot yet see. My work represents the need to express my inner self, become what I really am, without confusing identity with eccentricity.

w w w. p a l m a n a s o n i . c o m


“Inmortal” - Acrylic on Canvas

Raùl Cantù Mexico Immersed in the infinite universe my imagination soars… I embark on my search and encounter of shapes and colors that in a certain moment, I know, will become definite into a composition that will extend that precise instant of discovery. Figures that iterate and parameters where the most insignificant change chaotically alters the shapes… where shades of color uncover or hide the figures, and there are no limits. A fascinating micro and macrocosm, full of possibilities, where I’m not afraid of getting lost to reach the unrepeatable – sometimes ephemeral– instant that I cannot let escape… the image also captures me, then comes the determinant decision to seize it; and the encounter is accomplished.


“ColorIgnis” 3D Digital Print

After undertaking one or more trips the manipulation begins. The trapped instants are now under my domain… my tools are ready… I mix, combine and retouch; I determine what will rise above the one-sided dimension and what will remain in the infinite abysm; the time seems to stop… and the final moment arrives. I finish after numerous decisions, my imagination always directed towards the shapes and colors; I searched for moments, I captured them and transformed them to my liking. There is no doubt… it is a great pleasure to manipulate an instant. The art of Raul Cantu can be seen in 3D using Chromadepth glasses. Is a delight to watch as the shapes and colors emerge and deepen through the artwork making the pieces unique. Raul's work is offered in limited edition giclee prints on canvas and cotton rag papers.

w w w. r a u l c a n t u . m x


“El Nucleo” - 3D Digital Print

SanSan USA From childhood she had concerns about drawing, painting and drama. Her early studies were performed in the Colegio De La Presentation in Cartagena, Colombia, which pushed the art institution among its students. There, her passion for the arts fl o u r i s h e d , a n d s h e s t u d i e d a r c h i t e c t u r e f o r t w o years. When she emigrated to the United States, she put aside all ties to the artistic and dramatic, but not her passion for painting, which was always latent, and after a short slumber, took the brush and started painting on canvas, on glass, porcelain and of course on canvas.


“The circle of us” Oil on Canvas

In her works you find Sandra at her best, tender, romantic, sensitive but also hard and strong as Earth. The colors she uses in her works reflect her connection to the earth and their roots to what it is. In her work, she expresses all that her words cannot.

w w w. a r t e s a n s a n . c o m


“All is fair in love and war.” - Oil on Canvas

Shifra Levyathan Israel Shifra is a fine artist concerned with the spontaneous world that surrounds us all but few perceive. Her high-velocity photographs in color and, more recently, black & white are enrobed in a wide array of atmospheric digital after effects, perfected to create an unfurling retinal sensation in the viewer. We see light refracting light as harmony and transition in the midst of an urban landscape are reduced to glittering abstraction. Serving as a type of virtual anamnesis, each photo, or “Faded Memory,” creates a snapshot of culture that evokes a recollection at once highly specific and general. A roving artist whose work features a deceptively homogenous albeit geographically diverse terrain, Shifra captures the fast-paced play of light and shadow against urban architecture, human figures and the colossal structures of the natural and artificial world. Born in Israel, Shifra first exhibited her work, then intimate drawings in ink, in 1977. VIVID ARTS NETWORK

“In Motion_15” Digital Photographic Print

She has a Masters in Art History and recently published a book of her photography entitled "The Third Eye is My Inner Eye."

w w w. s h i f r a r t . c o m


“In Motion_8” - Digital Photographic Print

Sirkka Laakkonen Finland I paint with various media, these days mostly with oils on canvas. I love colours and like to have them in my paintings, yet not forgetting how effective and beatifull black and white are.


“Armony� Oil on Canvas

I like to make visual art. I tell stories to spectators about everything in my world. I paint people and pots, flowers and fruits. I try to play with my brush on canvas but still take my work seriously which is not a very easy combination. My training in Chinese Brush Painting effects the composition in my works as well as I identify feelings of animals and plants to feelings of people. I paint with my heart and soul.

w w w. s i r k k a l a a k k o n e n . f i


“In the Night” - Oil on Canvas

Sophie Schubakoff Finland It is an unusual, unpredictable element of many secrets. It has a great history being around since the beginning of time. It holds both life and death at an equal distance and has the potential to repair you from impurities both physically a n d m e n t a l l y. I t surrounds us and lives in us. Our relationship with it is that of balance that we must obtain. It is a form of memory of our identity as individuals. I not only use water as a topic or a material but also as a muse, emotion, and attitude. The water forms a relationship with the subject and interprets the actions and emotions as they form as one. With the breathing and heartbeat the body lives in the mass of water. Unlike the traditional portrait where the period VIVID ARTS NETWORK

“Spring� Acrylic on Canvas

of time, and status are very visible, I remove the characteristics, identity, and the individuality from the painting creating one mass that resembles a human, removing however the origins. This makes a chance for the viewer to see themselves as the subject both literally and figuratively in my paintings. Along this journey inside the painting I try to recreate and envision the bond that happens in the water. I seek to show the depth, calmness, attitude, agitation, the anomaly that speaks within the water and the subject to find the connection. The reality is that water is more familiar to us than we are to each other physically. The painting has a subtle way of living outside of the canvas frames, the imagination begins when the moment is captured. The movement in the brushstrokes, the images, and the illusions make the power of the paint breathe. Water is a tool, an inspirational looking glass, a moving memory. Brush strokes leave patterns to lead the eye along the waves of the canvas. Disguising and implying subtle suggestive undertones, merging with the moment a romance occurs, yearning and flirting with the narrative.

w w w. s c h u b a k o f f . c o m


“The Three Fishermen” - Acrylic on Canvas

Stella Voulgaraki-Viopoulos Greece id=100001835090680 Stella Viopoulos was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. She holds a degree in Economics from the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki. Although, she was absorbed by her own personal business and career, she kept herself occupied with painting, her big undeclared love, which finally completely won over her. She has attended two years of workshop meetings, with the painter Stelios Maromatis, who was actually the man who inspired her and sparked her interest to this type of art. She has attended another two years of sketch lessons and finally she decided to continue by herself ending to the creation of an individual technique, which would better express her unique character. Stella works in an abstract, mixed manner, using stucco and acrylic colours on canvas. Her main inspiration comes from her environment, which every season creates a different and outstanding combination of images and colours.


“Arrogance� Stucco and Acrylic on Canvas

When she paints she has the feeling that her spirit conquers her material, which guides her and gives form to her paintings throughout the alternation of her own feelings. Most of her paintings are scenes which, passing through a plethora of feelings, ideas and thoughts, get printed on the canvas, becoming spontaneously transformed. In some cases, the same motif gets printed under a different light and weather or other times throughout reversal reflections. It could be described as a thoroughly accident, in which the world of accident, hides a conscious decision of colours and direction of the brush and the spatula. Nothing is either flat, or colourless. The refusal, the infelicity, the dismissal are standing out from the canvas and become more real by the use of stucco. Her expressionistic scenes have vivid experiential clues of her personal life, have favourite and reborn colours, which have been optically experienced. For Stella, painting expresses everything that makes her happy, everything that hurts her and everything that depresses her. Works of hers, are part of the Museum of Nevada’s art collection, as well as other private collections in Greece or other countries. Furthermore, her work has been included in several Art books, such as, “International Contemporary Masters” and “Art in Focus: The modern Masters”


“Accident” - Stucco and Acrylic on Canvas

Suna Sonmezalp Turkey ″We are neither in the amphiteatre, nor on the stage, but in the panoptic machine, invested by its effects of power, which we bring to ourselves since we are part of it’s mechanism″. Considering Michel Foucault’s views, we notice that the ″spacemechanical-human″ relationship which constitutes the most desperate union of contemporary life: Jeremy Bentham’s prison, based on the design, to allow an observer to control and observe every single movement of the prisoner, is diffused in the social structure, developing with the pursuit of technology, without losing any one of the features of the ′Pnopticon′ schema. Being dependent on technology, controlled and watched constantly, and programmed tol ive in nature, man becomes isolated, and takes refuge in his iner world to protect his personality and self as his broken with his self identity in his urban living spaces and repressed; thus, he gradually turns into a being who chooses simple ways to live in the world he created, comes to terms with the sanctions of hyperreality without any objections. He becomes a part of the simulation world he created himself and attempts to discover his subconscious. VIVID ARTS NETWORK

“Untitled (Fetus)” Oil on Canvas

Though the individual accepts to live in and be a part of the artificial universe that is created by his past, the tension for the loss of the real living space in his inner world never decreases; he goes on criticising and making sense of the spatiality that technology creates. When the human specific images appear in the spatiality that technology creates in mechanical reality, he criticises and tries different ways of producing meaning for surrealist me. H.Suna Sonmezalp The artist who was born in Istanbul, graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture. She carried on painting that she started when she was a student in several workshops and studios along with her professional career. She is currently continuing the Doctorate Program/Proficiency in Arts, at Hacettepe University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Art Painting. She is continuing her artistic activities as a series exibitions under the titled ″Human Figures in Panopticon″.


“Untitled” - Oil on Canvas

Sung Eun Park South Korea I find that the only path to my fullest expression of the nature of life can only be expressed in the immaculate brush strokes used in the creation of painting birds. The nature of these fascinating creatures is found in their true beauty in that they are constantly moving; their movements are never shy nor are they temperamental. Their constant and unpredictable movements make painting them inevitably intriguing and although all types of birds possess this characteristic, I have found the most passion in expressing my feelings through the specialization of the heron, crane and the goose. Communication is our way of life, but it does not always have to be related to verbal communication. These birds, through their boastful snaps in their wings, communicate power and energy that I emulate onto a canvas. This communication ability, which these majestic


“Dreaming of flight� Mixed Media on Paper

creatures have conveyed to me, is the message that I want my viewers to feel and experience when capturing the essence of my paintings.


“Dreaming of flight” - Mixed Media on Paper

Susan Obermeyer Strauss USA Perhaps the single biggest influence on my perception, my eye came in the 90’s when I moved back to Colorado. My neighbor turned out to be Master Printer Craig O’brian. I became a studio fixture for several years. Craig had a different artist working each couple of days and after a few years the way I saw had permanently been transformed. Craig had worked with Rauschenberg and many other “greats” and encouraged me to experiment and to develop my


“Elephant Dream” Mixed Media on Canvas

own style. Today I still work with Craig, but also have my own press. Most of my paintings begin with an under-painting usually a solvent transfer on paper, which I then mount onto a board sub-straight. And then the painting begins. I like cultural emersion and exploration. About 15 years ago my work grew into complex travel logs; explorations about tactile and ethereal experience of place. I use the art making process to integrate my experience. My work aims to inspire the human viewer through color, texture and iconic imagery. The pallet I use in my work has been inspired by my many trips to the Caribbean. I look forward to the future and what it may bring to me and my art.

w w w. s u s a n o b e r m e y e r s t r a u s s . c o m


“Chrysanthimun on Ochra” - Mixed Media on Canvas

Teresa Young Canada My style spans a range of surrealism and abstraction because sometimes, emotions are more powerfully expressed using a central subject acting as a focal point the audience can directly identify with. This means that I'll sometimes use human faces or eyes for clarity and emotional impact. Other pieces will be wholly abstracted, as they are more 'emotional landscapes' meant to be interpreted by the viewer in a subjective fashion.


“SFGirl� Acrylic on Canvas

What do I hope to achieve? I'd like to leave a legacy of my life through my artwork. I'd like to have others enjoy it and get something real out of it, some sort of connection to the beauty of art and how it enriches humanity on a daily basis.

w w w. t e r e s a - y o u n g . n e t


“ClownCollege” - Acrylic on Canvas

Trish Armour New Zeland In Greek mythology, Psyche is the personification of the soul portrayed as a beautiful mortal girl who lost her lover, Cupid, and had to undergo some tribulations before finally being reunited with him in marriage in heaven.


“Dreams� Hand Woven Tapestry

The tapestries in this series are based on this myth of Psyche, where the moth represents the soul hovering between life and immortality. The women portrayed are like images on a bill board being stripped away and replaced. Being in one place, but wishing they were somewhere else. We are looking into their souls as they search for happy immortality.

w w w. p a t r i c i a a r m o u r. v c . n e t . n z


“Thoughts” - Hand Woven Tapestry

Wendy Waugh USA My intention is to bring beauty, joy, pleasure and peace into the world. I draw and paint what I see and what I know to be the essence of my subjects. That essence is the beauty within them. As Keats said “... Beauty is Truth, Truth is Beauty.” The truth, according to Keats is a depth of beauty within each person not necessarily seen, but somehow always expressed. It is not the surface; it is the spirit or the soul of the person.


“Lee” - Graphite, Charcoal, Pastel On Paper

Plato said, “ of soul... more valuable than beauty of body.” This culture loves to talk about beautiful things, people, and places. We even seem to yearn for beauty as we search for sunsets, an ocean view or a beautiful woman. Yet I think we do not really see the absolute beauty in that exists in all people, places and things. It is this absolute beauty that I am looking for and seek to capture in every person I paint and draw. I believe that this beauty that is in all of us, is our truth.

w w w. p u r e t r a i t s . c o m


“Laurie Number 1” - Graphite, Charcoal On Paper



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