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“En Pointe” - Oil on Canvas by Dellorco


2014 Curated by Viviana Puello Published by ArtTourInternational Publications

ATIM’S TOP 60 MASTERS OF CONTEMPORARY ART 2014 Curated by: Viviana Puello Graphic Design by: Alan Grimandi

Front Cover: “En Pointe” Oil on Canvas by Dellorco

Back Cover: “Equine” Photography by Julia Rabkin

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“La Lluvia en Times Square” Acrylic on Canvas by Maria Cristina Bergoglio

“Stalagmites” - Oil on Canvas by Rollande Dufault





















































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“Avian Dance” - Oil on Russian Birch by Michael Dumas



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ABOUT THE CURATOR An inter nationally-acclaimed artist, curator, writer and activist, Viviana Puello is highly recognized for her work as the diligent Art Director of the acclaimed ArtTour International Magazine - a prestigious publication that, issue after issue, is winning the hearts of so many artists and taking the art world by storm. Viviana Puello has worked as an artist and curator for over 20 years and is also the founder of the Vivid Arts Network, an international art organization that serves as a platform for professional and emerging artists looking to receive international exposure. With Vivid Arts Network, Puello’s efforts as an activist for the cause of abolishing human trafficking are directed towards helping ECPAT International - an association that helps heal victims and creates programs for the prevention of this crippling social issue ( In 2011, Puello founded ArtTour International Magazine; after 10 months of research and preparation made possible with the help of her creative team, the first issue of the magazine was published in December 2011 and distributed to fifteen hundred readers and artist friends. Today, ArtTour International Magazine has over 2 million readers and is present in over 60 countries - an accomplishment that Puello attributes to the great crew of people behind the publication and the great network of artists that take part in each issue. Puello splits her time between Italy and her beloved New York, the city in which she gained experience while working for a notable TV Station. After founding ArtTour International Magazine and seeing its great success, Puello founded the ATIM WEB TV Channel where she uses her past experience in journalism and communications to expose contemporary artists through the live broadcasting of events and the “Art 2 Heart” interviews she does while traveling with her team. Viviana Puello started her career as an artist in her native Colombia at a very early age; growing up in Cartagena, a bohemian city that kisses the Atlantic Ocean, art was always an essential part of her early life. Puello started painting at the age of twelve, surprising everyone with her talent. Her works were initially inspired by Colombian artists whom she looked up to like Fernando Botero and Alejandro Obregon. Puello is collected internationally and has premiered in film, television, and theatre. She lives and works in Ferrara Italy with her husband, Alan Grimandi, Graphic Director of ArtTour International Magazine and co-founder of the ATIM WEB TV Channel. She directs the operations together with Alan Grimandi and the help of her team of collaborators. Puello is the person who supervises the content of the magazine to make sure they meet the standards. She also directs all marketing strategies with the help of the publicists, marketing managers, advertisers and social media managers. VIiviana Puello can be contacted at her website,, or through her email address:


FOREWORD As viewers hold this beautiful book in their hands, they are immediately aware of the stunning images that lay between its covers. Artist after artist shares his or her vision of how they perceive the world around them. I’m certain that you, the viewer, are flipping though each page, marveling at the artistic virtuosity or being emotionally moved by a powerful image. If only to dazzle its readers, this alone, would give this book purpose. However, this book serves a larger purpose, if the audience chooses. It is to allow the audience not only to observe art, but it allows the audience to participate in the creation of art. “I’m not an artist. How could I begin to participate in the creation of art?”, you are probably asking yourself. I suggest that you do more than just use this book as an object of beauty to view and enjoy. I suggest that you use this book at a catalogue; not unlike the Sears catalogue of the past. On each page of each artist you will see the artist’s website address. Don’t be afraid to contact us directly, or find the galleries that we exhibit in. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to purchase some of the beautiful masterpieces that lie within. As artists, we are often disconnected from our audience. There is no audience in the solitude of our studio, and in the recesses of our imagination. Use this catalogue as a guide to connect with us. Here is an opportunity to sift through hundreds of pieces of art and possibly choose a piece that you may wish to own. Because with each purchase of a piece of art, you participate in the creation of more art. Every time an artist sells a piece of art to an interested collector, it allows him to paint another masterpiece. You see, artists do not paint in order to make money. They make money in order to continue painting. So I urge you to view the catalogue that you are holding in your hand, not as a passive experience, but, rather, as an active one. Sitting in your hand, right now is an opportunity to participate in making art. Art that will beautify, challenge, affect, and possibly even change the world around you. You can be part of that process.

Chris Dellorco - Artist


Viviana Puello “Vuelo en los Andes”, Oil and Gold on LInen 30” x 40” 2011 Colombian Consulate, Florence, Italy © Copyright, 2014, Vivid Arts Network. All Rights Reserved

“I'm so alive! There's this passion inside. It's like a burning fire that cannot be quenched. I fight, but then I realize that pieces of my soul are being implanted on these vivid images of my dreams. I give in with the knowledge that when the time comes to let that eagle in me fly free, these images will remain as silent witnesses of my existence.” Viviana C. Puello


PREFACE Once again we’re here to honor artists and the arts. This second issue of ATIM’s Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art has been an amazing opportunity of discovery and growth for everyone involved. Our motivation remains unchanged—a thankful note to all those who make this publication possible and who make this world a more beautiful place. What comes in the following pages will awaken your senses to the perfect universe we have co-created. In this publication we present you with a selection of 60 contemporary artists whose careers, courage and dedication we consider worthy of recognition. Not only do they excel in what they do but they are also individuals that perform their works with sincere and honest passion and devotion. Our guest masters in this issue—Dale Chihuly, Fabian Perez and Kurt Wenner—are three individuals creating history in our present time who have already become inspirations for artists worldwide. Dale Chihuly, a preeminent glass artist and sculptor, is a dominant presence in the art world—he has opened the doors for future generations of glass artists by elevating glass blowing to fine art in all its magnificence, a lasting contribution to the art of our times. Fabian Perez—despite his young age—is recognized worldwide as a master painter, inspiring a whole new generation with his career that has gone beyond any traditional limitations. Each stroke bears witness to excellent craftsmanship built upon skills that have been finely honed over many years. Kurt Wenner is a master artist and architect who has developed a totally new form of art—3D pavement art, which uses a new type of geometry (Wenner’s hyperbolic perspective) to create compositions that appear to rise from the ground. Three contemporary guest masters and 60 artists from a big array of artistic forms of representation, each one being moved by one same creative force. I stand in awe of this limitless source of energy that moves the stars in a magical dance through the winding, unending ever-repeating spiral of time, that thousands of years ago moved the old masters to a life of dedication, study and sacrifice for the sake of art, and that moves these divine creatures we call artists to act upon their deepest desire and follow their inexplicable impulse to create, thereby maintaining integrity with themselves and with the entirety of the whole. Let us thank that energy, and make of this publication a celebration of love and art. I present to you ATIM’s Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art 2014. Enjoy!

Viviana C. Puello, Florence, - May 2014 Editor in Chief Arttour International Magazine


The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.~ Michelangelo

Dale Chihuly Persian Pergola (detail), 2000 Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, Nebraska Š Copyright, 2014, Chihuly Studio. All Rights Reserved

Dale Chihuly Venturi Window, 1992 48 x 16 x 7' Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, Washington Š Copyright, 2014, Chihuly Studio. All Rights Reserved


The Universe Through the Eyes of Color

By Viviana Puello

Dale Chihuly, a preeminent glass artist and sculptor, is a dominant presence in the art world—he has opened the doors for future generations of glass artists by elevating glass blowing to fine art in all its magnificence, a lasting contribution to the art of our times. Cont. Next page


ATIM’S TOP 60 MASTERS OF CONTEMPORARY ART Dale Chihuly Persian Pergola, 2001 Olympic Arts Festival Salt Lake City, Utah, Installed 2002 © Copyright, 2014, Chihuly Studio. All Rights Reserved

The beautiful glass sculptures of American artist Dale Chihuly are inspired by the natural world, balancing content with an investigation of the material’s properties of translucency and transparency. Chihuly’s works use organic forms, plant life, sea creatures, beautiful currents of water, and waves to create universes of mysterious imagery, alive with movement and light. His three-dimensional monumental installations, which use bright color to stimulate viewers, are elegant and purposeful; Each piece plays an important role and integrates into the whole, effortlessly blending into the beautiful landscapes in which they are set. Chihuly’s captivating installations invite you into a secret world of fantasy and wonder that inspires the senses and connects with human consciousness and spirituality. Dale Chihuly is known worldwide for his dedication to glass blowing; the excellence of his work bears witness to his talent. Chihuly is considered the most prolific living artist working with glass. He has been credited with elevating blown glass objects from decorative


pieces to fine art, and has earned a host of awards, including 12 honorary doctorates and 2 National Endowment for the Arts fellowships. Chihuly’s glass sculptures explore color, line, and assemblage. Although his work ranges from the single vessel to indoor/outdoor site-specific installations, he is best known for his multipart blown compositions. Chihuly was born in Tacoma, Washington, in 1941 and grew up in the city. While at high school he wrote a term paper on Van Gogh and how the artist’s work inspired him to remodel his mother’s recreational room. After a year at the College of Puget Sound he transferred to the University of Washington, where he was first introduced to glass during his interior design studies. In 1965 he achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree in interior design. After graduating, Chihuly decided to enroll in a hot glass program, the first of its kind in the United States, established by Studio Glass movement founder Harvey K. Littletonin at the University of Wisconsin, where

Dale Chihuly Persian Pergola (detail), 2000 Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, Nebraska Š Copyright, 2014, Chihuly Studio. All Rights Reserved

he attained a Master of Science in sculpture in 1967. Chihuly further advanced his studies through the Rhode Island School of Design and later went on to establish its glass program, teaching students for more than a decade. Dale Chihuly is also responsible for founding the HillTop Artists program at the Jason Lee Middle School and Wilson High in his hometown, Tacoma. In 1968 Chihuly received a Fulbright Fellowship, which led him to the Venini Glass Factory in Venice. This experience gave him exposure to the team approach to glass blowing that would become an integral part of his working method. In 1971 Chihuly co-founded the Pilchuck Glass School, and he has

gone on to become a leader in the development of glass as fine art. Tragically, Chihuly was involved in a serious head-on car collision while visiting England in 1976. The impact threw him through the windshield of the vehicle, causing severe facial cuts and leaving him blind in his left eye. Miraculously, Chihuly was eventually able to recover, and continued his glassblowing career until he dislocated his right shoulder in 1979 in a body-surfing accident. In 2006, Chihuly gave an interview in which he stated that because his most recent accident had left him unable to hold the glass-blowing pipe, he was forced to hire a team of assistants. He stated that he actually liked the view,

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once he had taken a step back and was able to enjoy it. He went on to explain how seeing things from this point of view enabled him to work from different perspectives and anticipate problems much more quickly. Chihuly describes his role as that of a choreographer rather than a dancer; a supervisor more than a participant; director rather than actor. Chihuly and his team, which include gaffers William Morris, Rich Royal, Martin Blank, Joey Kirkpatrick, Flora Mace, Joey DeCamp, Benjamin Moore, Jim Mongrain, Lino Tagliapietra, and Pino Signorettohave, have created a wide variety of blown forms, revisiting and refining earlier shapes and developing new exciting elements.

Dale Chihuly with Persian Chandelier Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond, England, 2005 © Copyright, 2014, Chihuly Studio. All Rights Reserved

Dale Chihuly has several museum collections, over 200 around the world in fact, with over a dozen well-known series of his work, including the conceptual breakthrough with Dry Ice, Bent Glass and Neon that he completed with James Carpenter in the 1970s; Macchia, Persians, and Seaforms in the 1980s; Chandeliers, Niijima Floats, and Bridge of Glass in the 1990s; as well as Fiori, Bluebeards Castle, and Mille Fiori Venezia in the 2000s. In 1995, Chihuly began work on Chihuly over Venice, in which he created sculptures in glass factories in countries such as Ireland, Mexico, and Finland. He then began to install them throughout the piazzas and canal ways of Venice. In 1999 he started an ambitious exhibition – Chihuly In The Light Of Jerusalem. This project generated more than a million visitors from all over the world to witness the Tower of David installations. The year 2001 was a particularly busy one for Dale Chihuly. His work was exhibited in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and Chihuly's lifelong fascination with glass houses finally paid off – a new series of exhibitions within exhilarating botanical settings. Soon afterwards he began work on Garden Cycle, through the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago. His installations of monumental organically shaped forms juxtaposed with beautiful landscaping, established a direct interaction between nature, art, and environmental light. Since 2005, Chihuly has been deeply involved in other major exhibition venues, including San Francisco's De Young Museum in 2008, Boston's Museum of Fine Arts in

Dale Chihuly Silvered Piccolo Venetian with Crystalline Leaves, 2013 13” x 5” x 4" © Copyright, 2014, Chihuly Studio. All Rights Reserved


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Dale Chihuly Macchia Forest, 2005 Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond, England © Copyright, 2014, Chihuly Studio. All Rights Reserved

Dale Chihuly Joslyn Ice, 2000 Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, Nebraska © Copyright, 2014, Chihuly Studio. All Rights Reserved


ATIM’S TOP 60 MASTERS OF CONTEMPORARY ART Dale Chihuly Antique Gold and Pale Aquamarine Chandelier, 2004 10½' tall Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, Colorado, Installed 2005 © Copyright, 2014, Chihuly Studio. All Rights Reserved

2011, and Montreal's Museum of Fine Arts in 2013. Dale Chihuly's latest work can be found on his web page,, including his most recent exhibition at the Halcyon Gallery in London, where he focuses on Towers, Chandeliers, and new Neon and Fiori elements. Those who visit the gallery are able to walk beneath the Persian Pergola Ceiling – a truly impressive canopy displaying all varieties of form, color, and light. For Chihuly, this is the first ever Persian Ceiling, which makes it fascinating and exquisite. This piece forms the center of a Persian focus, which includes his new Persian Crescent and Persian Walls art. Chihuly’s love for color is seen in each one of his pieces. He has declare that the unbelievable combinations of color are a driving force in his works. “I’m obsessed with color—never saw one I didn’t like.”


Dale Chihuly, a preeminent glass artist and sculptor, is a dominant presence in the art world— he has opened the doors for future generations of glass artists by elevating glass blowing to fine art in all its magnificence, a lasting contribution to the art of our times. For more information on Master Artist Dale Chihuly visit


Dale Chihuly Palazzo Ducale con Putti Tower, 1996 11 x 10½ x 7½' Naples Museum of Art, Naples, Florida, Installed 2000 © Copyright, 2014, Chihuly Studio. All Rights Reserved

“The painter's mind is a copy of the divine mind, since it operates freely in creating the many kinds of animals, plants, fruits, landscapes, countrysides, ruins, and awe-inspiring places.� ~ Leonardo da Vinci




“The Circle of Peace” - Oil on Canvas, 40” x 40”

“The Living Circle” - Oil on Canvas, 40” x 40”


“Living in Harmony” - Oil on Canvas, 40” x 40”

Anne Grandin's work is represented in many collections throughout the United States and Europe, Anne has a unique sense of color and design. Her work is influenced by Native American Spirituality and the realization that all life exists in harmony with one another. Her work is organic and she uses earthy colors that work in harmony and balance with one another. Anne's paintings are spiritual and based on the Native American Faith Circle. She earned a Master of Fine Arts in Art Education from Boston University. Anne is represented in New York by the Ashok Jain Gallery, on Martha’s Vineyard, Ma by PikNik Gallery and in Scottsdale, Arizona by Xanadu Gallery. She is an Art Member of the Copley Society in Boston, Ma and a gallery artist at the Vivid Arts Network in Italy and New York. "Native peoples used circles, spirals and labyrinths as means of coming to an understanding of the Universe and themselves, because Nature itself was perceived as working in circles, cycles and spirals, and the Life Force itself moved in a similar way. When humans come into balance with Nature we come into harmony and rhythm, vibration and pulsation of Life itself with the result that we become, joyful and harmonious beings." Shamanic Spirit by Kenneth Meadows “World Peace” - Oil on Canvas, 18” x 24”

“Letting Go” - Oil on Canvas, 36” x 24”




"Into the Light 19" - Oil on Panel, 36”x 72”

Anne-Marie was born in Sudbury, Ontario and now lives and works in her studio in Richmond, British Columbia, at a point where a branch of the Fraser River joins the Pacific Ocean on the west coast of Canada. Her painting career spans 34 years…23 years as a watercolorist and the last 11 years as an oil painter. She paints mainly on Baltic birch, wood panels ranging in size from 12 inches square up to 84 inches and beyond. Anne-Marie carefully finishes the edges of the panels that are trimmed with kiln-dried, Douglas fir or Baltic birch, sanding them smooth and sealing the edges with a matte varnish so that the panels may be hung framed or unframed as finished paintings. “I believe that my life is an ever-changing journey of self-discovery…and my paintings are an expression of love.” In a recent publication of ARTisSpectrum Magazine in New York, one art critic wrote, her “work is an open interpretation of a universal subject – space, or perhaps light, or perhaps the two combined – that recalls images as disparate as Turner’s Oceans, Monet’s sunrises, and Stieglitz’s cloud studies. At one glance, an image seems merely 31

to be piles of paint; at a second, it has become a textured horizon.” “My paintings are representative and a compilation of everything I’ve seen and experienced to that point in time. I choose to paint mostly seascapes and landscapes because I love the water and the sky. My compositions feature a low horizon line which better emphasizes the vastness of the sky and the colours and contrasts I see there. The paintings reveal themselves to me as I paint. I let go completely… empty my mind…and let the “innate knowingness” take over and allow that deepest part of me to flow…and miracles happen. I am just the conduit through which creation occurs. It is a feeling of freedom and love and joy that words cannot adequately express”. There is a certain “earthiness” in the artist’s choice of colours as she strives to meld the qualities of the land, sea and sky. “I endeavor to convey feeling and mood through my paintings and people often remark on the “ethereal” quality of my work. They tell me they experience a profound sense of peace and well-being upon viewing my work.” "The technical aspects of painting remain the same….necessary and essential, however, they are as

"Essence 9" Oil on Panel, 16 x 16”

unconsciously accomplished when I work as is breathing. The painting itself draws out the heart and soul of me… simply by me picking up the palette knife and brush and allowing the piece to live. I do not

"Essence 2" - Oil on Panel, 16” x 16”

question this…and by my acceptance of it, each painting takes on a life and purpose of its own. Through this amazing act of creation, I am grateful to share my love and joy with the world.”

"Essence 3" - Oil on Panel, 30” x 30”




WWW.ASTRIDJACOBS.DE The award-winning painter, illustrator and author Astrid Jacobs works and resides in Germany. She graduated from the Art Academy in Hamburg, Germany. Aside from her fine-art career, Ms. Jacobs had a prosperous professional life as a publisher, illustrator, writer and art director at renowned businesses including Gruner & Jahr in Germany and Andresen Company. She exhibits her artwork internationally throughout Slovakia, Italy, Austria, Germany, England, and the United States. Her artwork hangs in many public and private collections worldwide.

“Summer Winds” - Acrylic on Canvas, 31” x 31”

“The Rose” - Acrylic on Canvas, 24” x 31”


PUBLISHED IN: - BIB,” Bienale Illustraci Bratislava”, Ministry of Culture of the Slovakia Republic - Lexikon der zeitgenössischen Illustratoren, Zeitgenössische Illustration, Branzolo, Italy - Drawing Dream Foundation, San Francisco, CA, USA - World Wide Art Books of "International Contemporary Masters", Santa Barbara, CA, USA, 2011 - La Galleria Pall Mall, London, England, “Symphony of Colors”, 2012 - International Dictionary of Artists – WWAB, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, 2013 - ART tour International, “ATIM`S TOP 60 MASTERS OF CONTEMPORARY ART 2013”, NYC, 2013 - MOYA, Vienna, Austria, “Spirit of Art”, 2013 - A RT AC QU I S I TO R M AG A Z I N E , AMSTERDAM - - WHITNEY GALLERY, NY, USA 2013 - NY Arts Magazine, NY , USA, 2013 - The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists, by Salvatore Russo, EA Editore, Italy, March 2014 - EFFETT0 ARTE Magazine “the new heirs of Rembrandt and Pollock”, Italy, 5/6 2014 AWARDS 2012 Special Recognition, 4.Art contest, Artavita 2014 Honorable Mention Award, 8.Art Contest, Artavita

"Prometheus" - Acrylic on Canvas, 31” x 31”

Artist Statement “I've always loved art, music and dance. When I capture joyful and moving moments of life in my pictures, I mix the shining colors for my art according to these moments, since for me there is a parallel between the harmony of colors and harmony of musical intervals. Both have the power to stir strong feelings in us. Both color and music sweep the dust from our soul and make us come alive.” Astrid Jacobs





"At Peace with Myself" - Acrylic on Canvas, 46" x 47"

Carlos Mateu was born in 1970 in Havana-Cuba, and has resided in the United States since 1997. As a teenager he attended the “Paulita Concepcion” Vocational Art School where he studied painting, engraving, sculpture, drawing and art history. He later studied mechanical drawing at the “Fernando Aguado y Rico” Technological Institute, and completed his formal art education at the renowned “San Alejandro” National Academy of Fine Arts. This combination of studies served to develop and refine his technique and style, as well as to solidify his desire to make art a lifelong profession. Before coming to the United States, Carlos worked as an illustrator, poster artist and graphic designer for a Publicity Agency in Havana, where he created visual materials, presentations and architectural models for a wide variety of domestic and international companies, many of which earned awards at industry conferences (Alimexpo, Tecnotur, Feria de La Habana, etc). Here in the United States, he has exhibited his work in an extensive list of galleries and art competitions, while continuing to work in design and illustration. Most recently, Carlos was commissioned to create paintings, logos, and murals for various NYC restaurants such as 35


“Destiny” - Acrylic, Pastels on Canvas, 47” x 47”

Guantanamera, Havana-Alma de Cuba, Toloache, Agozar, Yerba Buena and Café Cortadito. Most recently, he completed a mural project for Hostos Community College. He calls his style geometric pop. His paintings fuse elements of cubism with realism, using straight lines and perspective to create a geometric and threedimensional effect, while subtly deforming the images. Intense colors of acrylic are applied in layers like silkscreen, creating clean and precise divisions between tones, textured further with oil pastel. His subject matter incorporates surrealism and mysticism to reflect the Afro Cuban live and religions, memories of Cuba, his life in the United States and his own creative perspective on the world around him. Carlos Mateu is also the founder of "Proyecto Concepción," a gathering of former classmates and teachers from The Paulita Concepción Vocational School of Art (Middle School). The group first exhibited in 2010 in the US, and most recently in 2013 at its first "Biennial Concepción Exhibition" in Havana. Carlos currently works as an art teacher for Joan Mitchell Foundation.

“Blessed” - Acrylic, Pastels on Canvas, 54” x 70”

"Rebirth II" - Acrylic on Canvas, 45" x 24"

"My Sacred Heart" - Acrylic, Collage on Canvas, 48" x 36"




“Her Ballroom” Oil on Canvas “A woman, still clad in a flowing evening gown and a masquerader’s mask, dances alone on a stormy beach. The other revelers are absent from her makeshift ballroom. I wanted to emphasize the idea that one can create one’s own joy and happiness. It is not determined by companions, inclement weather, a ballroom, or designated as a gala affair. This woman has created her own ballroom, alone on the beach, in a storm.”

A native of Los Angeles, Chris grew up in the Hollywood Hills, amidst movie star s, famous musicians, artists, and filmmakers in the 1970’s. “Laurel Canyon in the 70’s, has been likened to Paris in the ‘20s. Everywhere you looked, you would see and interact with the cultural icons of that very dynamic time. They were your neighbors that you borrowed sugar from. I think that seeing so many people who had such an influence on the world, in film, books and music made the path towards being an artist seem possible.” However, Chris did not start out with the intention of pursuing art. He actually began with a degree in Developmental Economics from U.C.

Berkeley. But he could not forget a childhood living among some of the most significant creative icons of their time. Switching his focus from academics back to art, he went on to establish himself as one of the county’s foremost illustrators. Although completely self-taught, his art career has spanned all aspects of illustration while specializing in the film industry, children’s products and children’s books. A true renaissance man, along with the degree in Economics and a successful art career, he has also successfully written and directed an award winning short film starring Justine Bateman, receiving international recognition. For the past 15 years, Chris has been widely considered one of Disney’s top illustrators for print advertising, specializing in Home Video packaging. His covers range from the award winning “The Lion King”, to the recent “Lilo and Stich” and Cont. page 40



“Vienna” Oil on Canvas “The only vibrant color in this piece is the strong red of the woman’s hair as it cascades down her back. I often paint red heads for exactly that reason. I can create a very monochromatic background and then use the visual impact of the red hair to draw the viewer’s attention to the primary figure. Here, the woman celebrates life and freedom in an alcove of the Hofburg Palace in Vienna; hence the title of the painting.”



everything in between. If you own one of Disney’s animated titles on VHS or DVD, Chris probably did the cover. In the entertainment field, he has illustrated numerous movie posters, which include “Conan the Barbarian”, “Revenge of the Nerds”, “Coming to America”, “The Marrying Man”, “The Firm”, and others. He received the Silver Medal award from the influential Key Art Awards for the poster “Eating Raoul”, First Place for his work on “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, Second Place for “Snow White”, and Finalist for “Aladdin-Prince of Thieves”. He also was a finalist for the prestigious Belding award. He has also shown his artwork for many years in the Society of Illustrators Annual West Coast Exhibit winning Best of Show in ’91 and ‘95. He also was

recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award from Artist’s For A Better World. Dellorco’s oil paintings exhibit near photo realism, yet still capture a certain level of artistic beauty and sensuality. Generally, they depict the female figure, shrouded in richly colored fabrics, while dramatically set against Old World European architecture. Often the architecture represents a historically significant European landmark, such as Versailles or the Pantheon. Each painting reveals a subtle, yet provocative story contrasting human beauty and frailty with the solidity and strength of mankind’s greatest monuments. Currently, Dellorco shows his fine art oils and limited edition prints at galleries spanning the United States, including the Wyland/Signature Gallery in Las Cont. page 42

“Duality” Oil on Canvas “I’ve often been fascinated with the opposition of forces that constantly create conflict in the universe. These conflicting forces exist in nearly every aspect of our world: nature, weather, physics and even our inner emotional being. “Duality” explores that conflicting human nature by depicting a shrouded woman, hawk wings rising from her shoulder, yet, white, dove wings are subtly reflected in the water below her. I was asked why I chose to make the hawk wings the dominant image by the collector that purchased the piece. My response was an honest one, “I thought that the patterns on the hawk wings were more interesting to paint, so I made them dominant and the dove’s wings sublimated.”


“The White Swan” “I wanted to mesh the idea of a ballet dancer as an angel and I realized that the “White Swan” character from the ballet “Swan Lake” would be the perfect way to actualize the image. Here, I had the ballerina/model pose as if she were airborne, soaring upward. I often use photos of swan wings as reference for winged angels, so the imagery blended beautifully. The background is from a recent visit to St. Peter’s cathedral in Rome. It is such a spectacular edifice. Cathedrals were specifically designed to allow light flood in from above, not only to illuminate the activities below, but also to create the sense of wonder and spirituality emitting from the heavens.”



Vegas and Art Connection in Pompano Beach, Florida. For many years, he has shown his work at the prestigious, Beverly Hills, Affaire in the Garden. He currently exhibits his work on Celebrity, Disney, Crystal and Norwegian Cruise Lines. Press: Dellorco has been featured on the cover of Premier Magazine, Art Business News, Art Tour International, Society and Décor Magazine. He was also listed among “50 Top Artists for 2012” by Art Business News. He was named as guest master in ArtTour International Magazine’s “60 Contemporary Masters for 2013”. Client list includes: James Cameron (director/Titanic), Michael Jackson, Prince Abdul of Saudi Arabia, Mathew Calamari (COO/Trump Group)

Awards: Society of Illustrators: Best of Show ’91, ’95 Finalist ’88, ’89, ’92, ‘94 Hollywood Reporter Film Poster Key Art Award: Silver Medal ’82 (Eating Raoul), First Place ’89 (Who Framed Roger Rabbit), Second Place ’93 (Snow White), Finalist ’95 (Aladdin-Prince of Thieves) Artists for A Better World: Lifetime Achievement Award 2009 For contact or sales info: Chris Dellorco 818/889-7003

“Companion” “In this piece I was attempting to explore the visual impact of light and shadow. One of my most significant artistic influences is the Italian Baroque painter, Caravaggio. I’ve always been mesmerized by his ability to send areas of his paintings deep into shadow, and use light to force the figures to emerge, as if they had been discovered by the viewer. This interplay creates drama, and emotion. I chose to use the symbol of a small sparrow at the upper left, to give companionship to the female figure’s solitude.”


“Ethereal Ascent” “I’ve often desired to find a method to photograph my models, for my paintings, in a state of complete weightlessness. I’ve longed to capture the moment when the model could just float in a symbolic transition from the grounded, material world to an ephemeral, spiritual world. To achieve this moment, I actually photographed my model underwater, with fabric flowing all around her. I love the unique lighting that water produces along with that weightless, ethereal movement. After the success of this first attempt at shooting models underwater, I’m hoping to do an entire series using underwater photography as the basis for the work.”




Detail “The Thought Monument – Rome, IT” - Oil on Canvas.

Born in Brazil in 1965 and painting since 12 years old, EDILSON ELIO BARBOSA is a painter that reveals the maturity and the master technique at a lucid approach of scenes and figures, bringing a poetical conception of great chromatic harmony into an extremely personal way. He has obtained the recognition by the critics and public, receiving awards, titles, Gold and Silver Medals in international art competitions in USA and Europe and Brazil, as the Great Cross Medal of the fine arts merit; Medal Grade of Fine Arts Commentator; National Academy of Fine Arts Great

Medal Commend; 1st Place In The International Art Competition of Barcelona – Spain 2004; Gold Medal in the XXXIII Salon International Du Val D’or 2005 – France and twice winner of the Medusa Aurea International Trophy XXIX Edition 2006, and XXXII Edition 2009, Silver in 2012 and Gold medal in 2013, main awards of the Academy Of Modern Art in Rome -IT, with participants from 17 countries. With publications and biography in books and Art magazines, some of them, with works reproduced as front cover of the Book “Art Ibero Americano Contemporaneo” 2005-Argentina; Il Notiziario della AIAM 2006, 2009, 2012 and 2013– Italy; Off Gallery AMEX 1997; J.Louzada Art Market - Brasil Vol.3,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and 12; Art News USA; Guia Rio; Guia Médico 2000; Anuário Latino Americano De Las Artes Plásticas Vol.1; Akoun Peintres 2004 to 2014 - France; CARAS Magazine 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011; Casa Cláudia; Domani Art Magazine – Special Cont. Next page


“The thought Monument – Rome,IT” - Oil on Canvas, 39” x 31”


“Carpet Seller” - Oil on Canvas, 35” x 55”

invited, and amongst others, ARTIST’S MAGAZINE - USA, featuring as one of the 8 best portrait painters in the 2001 Painting Competition from 13.000 works. In 2010, invited by the Brazilian Ministry of Industry and Commerce, he organized 5 individual exhibits in Doha (Qatar), Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), Kuwait City (Kuwait), Damascus (Syria), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia )From 2005 to 2014 he organized important Brazilian Art exhibitions in Paris(2005), Rome (2006), Vienna (2006), London (2007), Rome 2009), New York (2010), Louvre Paris (2011 and 2013), Rome (2012) and Dubai Art Fair 2014. Furthermore, his works were already shown in many solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums in Brasil and other countries as Paris (FR) , Barcelona and Taragona (SPAIN), Amsterdam (ND); Dubai(UAE); Houston(USA); New York (USA); Vienna (Austria) ; Rome ( Italy ) ; Lisbon and Braga (Portugal) , Also integrating heaps In “Roman Forum” - Oil on Canvas, 20” x 24” – Italian USA, France, Brazil , Argentina, Canada, Austria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Academy Trophy Award Saudi Arabia, Spain, United Arab Emirates and Italy, making his presence felt on the international art market. EDILSON BARBOSA is the President and Effective Member Of The National Academy Of Fine Arts , member of the International Association of Art - UNESCO – France , Honor Member of the International Federation of Art -Spain, delegate General of the International Academy Of Modern Art – Rome,



“Hunter Falcon” - Oil on Canvas, 16” x 12”

Grade Member of the Brazilian Academy of Fine Arts, chair 48, distinguished in 2010 with the “Honoris Causa” title. He is also curator of the International Painting Competitions – NAFA and ART LINK’s International Art Exhibitions.

artists by Amex Off Gallery , our alternative gallery for outstanding artists with great flow in the art market” Julio Louzada – Editor Of The Dictionary Of Fine Arts Market – Brazil

CRITICS: "Wonderful work ! beautiful details and expressions , gorgeous and sensual use of colors by a Modern Master of the Orientalist School. Edilson Barbosa is a superb Artist and a ‘must’ for the serious Collector of Art, winner of many accolades and Prizes , Barbosa's work will not only bring beauty and pleasure into your life but will considerably add to your asset bottom line in a very short time, a Great Investment "Alex Douglas : King Galleries (England) “...As part of a selected group of excellent artists , we have Edilson Elio Barbosa : good finishing, great care in the details – as the exceptional shine he gets on the wool persian carpets, perfect light , composition of quality, care with his market scenes details, it all makes clear the hight technical level of this respected artist, reached in the peace of his quiet home town. that’s the reason why Edilson Barbosa is one of the selected

“BEDOUIN” - Oil on Canvas - 20” x 24” - Awarded




“How Many zebras?” - Mixed Media on Canvas, 24" x 36"

Hélène was born and raised in Montreal, QC, Canada. After completing her classical studies and obtaining a Bachelor Degree in Political Science, she later enrolls in the Plastic Arts program . While on a two year stay in Quebec City, she follows creative workshops at the Moulin des Arts with the famous Albert Rousseau. During this stimulating period, she is seduced by the art of sculpture and copper enamel. Upon her return to Montreal and fascinated by the Chinese watercolorist Ming Ma, Hélène is initiated into the ethereal world of water color. At the Allende Institute in Mexico, she experiments with lost wax technique and creates her first bronze sculptures. In Montreal, she further applies these techniques to her unique jewelry creations.


Prolific artist, Hélène DeSerre’s work has been recognized internationally through numerous exhibitions and galleries in Canada, Spain, France, Mexico, Portugal, Tunisia and the Czech Republic. She has received several awards in painting, sculpture and photography at Grands Concours Annuels, Gala International des Arts Visuels. AWARDS 2013 2012

Artavita Contest, Honorary Mention to special artists and works International exposition, Constanza, Rumania, SILVER MEDAL, photography

Annual International Visual arts Gala, Cercle des Artistes, peintres et sculpteurs du Québec, Montreal 2011 2008

1st Grand Prize-photography 1st place Winner - photography

“Tetes de Violons” - Mix Media on Wood Panel, 24" x 36”

CREATIVE JOURNEY Art is my oxygen “An avid photographer since early childhood, fiercely passionate for adventure and travel, I am fascinated with exploring the many diverse cultures and the intense beauty of this planet. I love to capture vivid landscapes, authentic, down to earth people and unsuspecting organic elements.

“Danse des Autruches” - Mixed Media on Canvas, 20” x 24”

Then back in my studio, using various media, I love to create a new and mysterious universe using transparencies, textures and vibrant colors evoking both the surrealism of the images and the mysteries of nature.” Hélène DeSerres

“La Japonaise” - Mixed Media on Canvas, 30” x 30”





“Thinking Zen” - Red Zinfandel and Acrylic, 30” x 40”

Why wine? Wine and art have for years been intertwined in art exhibitions and events around the world. Who could imagine attending an art exhibition at a prominent art gallery, if wine were not served? Wine is an essential component to enjoying and experiencing art. Jim Lively thought why not take the final leap and incorporate wine directly into his paintings. Recently, he experimented with using wine as a medium along with acrylic for various figurative and abstract paintings in his new “Red Wine” series of paintings, photographs and video art. He soon discovered that wine is unpredictable and does not play well with other mediums. Rather than attempting to force the wine to act similar to the properties of traditional media, Jim instead let the wine dictate the outcome of the interaction. Through hours of work (including enjoying an occasional glass of his new found medium), he learned that wine crystalizes certain soft acrylic paint. This resulted in 49

presenting interesting opportunities to use the blend of wine and acrylics in both figurative and abstract paintings. Jim’s works have been recognized in numerous juried competitions and publications. He recently placed Second in the Abstract Category in the 2013 American Art Awards for “Layers of Civilization” and First in the Humor Category for “A Second Cup of Coffee”. In addition, his painting entitled “Five for Fall” received the Editor’s Selection in Art Portfolio Magazine for the 2013 Landscape Competition. He also was recognized by Art and Beyond Magazine in the May/June 2013 issue for his painting entitled “Commerce” and in the January/February 2013 issue, he was the Publisher Selection for his painting entitled “An Individual Experience”. Jim has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions across North America and Europe. Jim has published four books containing images of his art including two novels.

“Zin City” - Red Zinfandel Wine and Acrylic, 30” x 40”

“A Perfect Storm” - Cabernet Sauvignon Wine and Acrylic, 30” x 30”

“Pursuing a Texas Treasure” - Merlot Wine and Acrylic, 30”x30”





Julia Rabkin grew up in Saratoga Springs, NY, the city of the legendary “Seabiscus”, where equine life is a big part of the culture and daily live of the habitants. Still a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rabkin has started her career already and has gain great experience. Her already extensive client list includes President Bill Clinton, W25 Magazine, Blistering Magazine, Make Up artist Nicole Barry among manny others. She has also been feature in Vogue Italia as the “Best of Photography 2012”.



Julia Rabkin elevates editorial and commercial photography to fine art. She particularly enjoys the challenge and raw power that horses bring to such work. (Perhaps it is a remnant of her youth spent in Saratoga Springs, NY, where the equine rules.) Julia's portfolio also includes live music talent and venues, political, fashion, and beauty, along with landscape, portraiture and still-life. Currently residing in Rochester where she attends the Rochester Institute of Technology.

“Equine” Photography Series Photographer: Julia Rabkin Dress Designer: Kurstie Grimble Models: Morgan Elizabeth & Tom Tubiolo Hair: David Gerard Make up: Ashley Wright Assistant: Fernando Voltolini de Azambuja




“Madrid Nocturna” - Acrylic on Canvas, 71” X 47.3”

Cristina Bergoglio was born in Córdoba, Argentina in 1967, her artistic and literary vision was developed from a very early age culminating in a degree in architecture from the National University of Córdoba. Cristina´s artwork is inspired by the city, her work is mysterious and sensual drawing you into a world where beauty can be found in every element that surrounds us, a universal quality that she captures in each of her paintings. Using a diverse range of media Cristina finds a unique perspective of the urban landscape, she explains: “The urban phenomenon fascinates me for being a living organism, mutable, indecipherable. It is the place of attachments and addictions.. I like to capture the chaos and cosmos of each moment”

“2008 New York Iluminada” - Acrylic on Canvas, 40” X 73”

The work doesn’t focus on the details of the building, the cars or the people, but rather the living, breathing atmosphere of the city “They are ever-changing scenarios” explains the artist “The city is always a thing of vitality, of movement and sensuality. What I care about is the movement, the urban dance, and capturing the moment in a single brush stroke” Having exhibited in Spain, Belgium and France, her South American roots and her childhood in Argentina have also helped to shape her artistic persona. Her work can be found in museums and collections around the world. 53

“Velocidad Gran Via” - Acrylic on Canvas, 71” x 47.3”

“La Lluvia en Times Square” - Acrylic on Canvas, 59” x 59”

“Brooklyn Infinito” - Acrylic on Canvas, 59” x 59”



MICHAEL DUMAS WWW.NATUREARTISTS.COM/DUMASM.HTM Michael Dumas was born and raised in a small town bordering Algonquin Park in northern Ontario, a wilderness area boasting almost three thousand miles of forest, lakes, and rivers. Such a simple and undirected thing as coming into existence in a particular cultural and physical environment has a profound way of imbedding itself in the human psyche. Two forms of isolation, one of a remote community and the other of self imposed time spent alone among the raw forces of nature, served to instill in the artist a highly observant as well as introspective nature. It is this confluence of external reality and internal response that directs and drives his art regardless of subject matter. Simply put, it is the experience that matters.

“Daydream” - Oil on Russian Birch, 7” x 5”


The vast majority of Michael’s art is comprised of intimate spaces with the object of attention literally within arm’s reach or nearly so. There is a noticeable omission of the grandiose and flamboyant in his choice of subject matter, and it is the modest, often unnoticed or ignored things that draw his attention and contemplation the most. This is an empathetic view and an attraction ‘to things that express the simple harmony of the everyday. There is something precious and ultimately profound in the simplest act of being.’ Michael is listed in Canadian Who’s Who, Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the World, and has received numerous awards for both his achievements in art and contributions to both conservation and humanitarian causes.

“Waiting” - Oil on Russian Birch, 11.75” x 7.75“

“Avian Dance” - Oil on Russian Birch, 8.5” x 10.5”

“Forgotten Chores” - Oil on Russian Birch

“Silence in the Shadows” - Oil on Russian Birch, 7.5” x 9.5”




“Bas-Relief” - Oil and wood on canvas, 48” x 24”

An American citizen, Osvaldo Mariscotti is of Italian descent (Alessandria, Piedmont). While he demonstrated artistic talent at a very young age, frequent family relocations during his childhood prevented him from fully developing his skills. These travels, however, first throughout Europe, then South America, and finally the United States, provided him with a deeply international background that influenced his later artistic development. After obtaining a degree in Engineering and developing

several important real estate projects, Mariscotti finally turned to art fully. He participated in several national exhibitions and had his art photographed and exhibited widely. He presented his first solo show at Artopia Gallery in New York and soon after started a four-year exclusive contract with Artsforum Gallery, also in New York. He has since exhibited his art throughout the world, both in international exhibits and festivals as well as prestigious international art publications, although he continues to live and work in New York City.

“Unbounded 2” - Oil and enamel on canvas, 30” x 24”


“Nocturne” - Oil and enamel on canvas, 48” x 48”

“Untitled 1432” - Oil and enamel on canvas paper, 24” x 18”

“Black Beauty” - Painted Bronze, 12” x 23.7” x 18.1”




Photographer and creative director, Suzanne Duncan, has not only worked across the world’s seven continents, but has also had her work published in some of photography’s most important book collections. Suzanne works across the globe continually moving between Sydney, Los Angeles and New York to capture the perfect picture for countless fashion magazines such as Vogue Italia, Elle and Cosmopolitan. Also works with top modeling agencies including Ford Models NYC. Having exhibited in Australia and USA she is now debuting her work in Europe.



Originally from Newcastle, Australia, she didn’t always know she wanted to be a photographer. Working as a makeup artist and designing photo shoots, she would never receive credit for her work, until one day she decided to learn photography with a private tutor. After just having two lessons and buying her camera, she was asked to photograph Australian designer Corston Couture’s new collection. Six months after completing her studies, she received her first front page cover Hunter Lifestyle Magazine and since then she has been featured in many magazines. As an internationally recognized photographer, Suzanne’s work has featured in both Important

World Artist and Inter national Masters of Photography. Her international career was launched when her earlier work “Timeless Beauty” was named as a finalist in the coveted ‘Black and White Spider Awards’. As an artist, Suzanne’s imagination would see her dream up powerful images of strong and inspirational females who have stories to tell and secrets to keep by bringing these images to life by capturing the power, sensuality and vibrancy that all females possess and turn these images into photographic art. Each of Suzanne’s photographs start with a small idea, which she starts developing further by building a unique story behind each subject she photographs. With the desire to create timeless photographs, Suzanne looks to meld

her personal photographic touch with new ways of shooting. Shooting using predominately natural light, Suzanne likes to explore the interplay between black and white and full colour and the effects the colour schemes play on the emotions portrayed through each artwork. “I like to take photographs which inspire people and which allow them to really get lost in the image and to create their own story around the subject ,” said Suzanne. “I come alive when I exhibit and hear people talking about my work and what they think the subject’s story is. I am always interested to hear where my photographs take people as a picture says a thousand words but only stakes seconds to snap,” concluded Suzanne. Email: 60




“Bizon” - Acrylic and Oil on Canvas, 32” x 25.5”

“My Dream Teddy” - Acrylic and Oil on Canvas, 32” x 25.5”


“Backache” - Acrylic and Oil on Canvas, 32” x 25.5”

“Troll-candy” - Acrylic and Oil on Canvas, 32” x 25.5”

Viggo Carlsen (born March 1949 in Nästved,Denmark) - Move to Sweden 1959 Education:Autodidact. Viggo has always been fascinated in nature.That`s why it is not strange thats during his first years as an artist he took the opportunity to create nature-realistic paintings. Placing Viggo`s works in any of the known “ism” can be difficult as his paintings cover many of them. After 45 years of searching Viggo seems to have found what he has been looking for: multi-dimensional works of cheerful colors . His works often convey joy and harmony. Viggo´s art has created a high demand internationally. He has exhibited in international solo exhibitions in USA and Europe and continuously received enquiries for more shows. Viggo Carlsen’s art is very much liked by collectors and galleries from all over the world.




ARTWHOSTOS@YAHOO.COM The series presented here is called "ARS Combinatorial and Parallel Universes" and is a controversial reflection on the natural human order and chaos, or of the natural order and human chaos in a playful game of symbolic representations, where Simple communication "other man" or "mancity", acquire dynamic dimensions while an eternal static start. Each piece is always intended to seal an experience, a feeling or emotion of the small town where I live. It is clearly the encounter with the merely human. Contact: E mail: Twitter: @whostosarte Facebook: Willie Milton Hostos Alvarez

“Los Limites de la Retorica” - Detailed. Pintura sobre papel y hojilla de oro, 12” x 39”

“Los Limites de la Retorica” - Pintura sobre papel y hojilla de oro, 12” x 39”


“El Despertar de la Memoria” - Pintura sobre papel y hojilla de oro, 14” x 46”

“Los Concretos Juegos de las Similitudes” - Pintura sobre papel y hojilla de oro, 12” x 39”

“Los Delirios del Deseo” - Pintura sobre papel y hojilla de oro, 12” x 39”


My goal in developing a new sort of perspective has been to create a type of figurative art that goes beyond the conventional boundaries of traditional perspective.� ~Kurt Wenner

“Incident at Waterloo” 3D Pavement Art



The 3D World of Kurt Wenner By Viviana Puello


Kurt Wenner attended Rhode Island School of Design and Art Center College of Design before working for NASA as an advanced scientific space illustrator. In 1982, Wenner left NASA for Italy to pursue his love of classical art. Master Artist and Master Architect, Kurt Wenner is exceptionally talented: You may well have seen his magnificent three-dimensional chalk street drawings, known as 3D pavement art, which he invented in 1984. Wenner’s spectacular and astonishing drawings have appeared repeatedly on the Internet, on television, and in National Geographic’s awardwinning documentary “Masterpieces in Chalk.” At the tender age of 16, when Wenner’s first mural was commissioned, he was already earning a living as an artist. He attended both the Art Center College of Design and the Rhode Island School of Design before joining NASA as an advanced scientific illustrator, creating conceptual paintings of extraterrestrial landscapes and future space projects. In 1982 he left for Italy to pursue his studies of classical Renaissance art and sculpture, comparing the way in which artists drew 500 years ago with twentieth century techniques. It became his enduring mission to rediscover classical traditions and communicate them to a contemporary audience. Wenner’s stunning paintings include large permanent works, such as a 6000 square foot ceiling for the church of St. George near Lake Como and a family chapel in Puglia. In 1991 he was commissioned to create an example of his unique art to mark Pope John Paul II’s visit to Mantua.(page 25) After living in Rome for 25 years Wenner returned to the United States in 2009. His remarkable work has been viewed and appreciated in 30 countries, and he receives commissions from clients worldwide. His ceramic murals, large-scale oil paintings, sculptures and architectural designs are sought after by both public and private clients. Wenner’s achievement in teaching more than 100,000 students over a ten-year period gained him the Kennedy Center Medallion in recognition of his outstanding contribution to arts education. There’s so much to learn from this genius; his artistic legacy is outstanding and we at ArtTour International Magazine are honored and proud to present this interview where Kurt Wenner opens up 69

“I would say that pavement art is especially demanding. The sheer number of hours that one is bent over the work is substantial and I have known artists that cannot hold that position for so long.”

and allows us to explore his beautiful mind and soul. Enjoy! Q. You are known as the artist that invented 3D Pavement Art. Your works are a combination of classical drawings with an innovated genius perspective that sets them apart as contemporary art. You create 3D compositions with figures so realistic as to give the spectator the illusion of being inside the painting. We know you started your career very young. You produced your first commissioned mural at the age of 16, by which time you were already earning a living as a graphic artist. Q.Tell us a bit about your early years... When did you discover your passion for art? A. “I have always drawn and painted, so I do not remember a moment when I began. I do remember that I decided to pursue art as a profession in my first year of high school. “ Cont. page 72

“The Ghetto” 3D Pavement Art70


Q. At 21 you started working for NASA, after attending both Rhode Island School of Design and the Art Center College of Design. Yo u b e c a m e a n a d v a n c e d s c i e n t i fi c illustrator, creating conceptual paintings of future space projects and extraterrestrial landscapes. How was the experience of working for NASA at such an early age? A. “It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I did not realize it at the time, but I had inserted myself into a culture that in many ways would end in the next decade. This is not to say that there is no longer space exploration, but the way that the projects were designed would change. I was possibly the last artist that used pen and paint to describe the missions, and up to the time of Apollo many of the scientific calculations were done on a slide rule as well, rather than on the computer. Once the computers took over many aspects of calculation and visualization, there was a great change in the creative process.” Q. In 1982 you left NASA, sold all of your belongings, and moved to Italy to study figurative drawing and the art of the Renaissance greats. Can we say that was a turning point? A. “It was definitely a turning point. I entered a culture that was very foreign to anything I had experienced before. Today many novelists take advantage of the mystery and romance that surrounds the artistic culture of the Italian Renaissance, and they often do a brilliant job of describing that time. In the early 1980’s much of what has been popularized in the last decades was still fairly obscure and mysterious. The museums were often not restored or well lit as they are today. I was almost always the only artist drawing from the ancient sculptures even in museums as large and important as the Vatican or the Villa Borghese.” Q. What do you admire most about the Renaissance artists? A. “Renaissance artists held a place in society that was central to their time and culture, not peripheral as fine art often is today. They visualized the future of their society and molded it along with their patrons. Today it would be extraordinary for the same artist to design a building, create an advertising campaign and art direct a Hollywood blockbuster, but that was often the job description of a Renaissance artist.”


“Magic Carpet” 3D Pavement Art

Q. The old Renaissance masters had an outstanding skill level. They had enjoyment in the creative process and were motivated by passion. They spent their time learning architecture, art, music—they could do everything. What have we forgotten and what could be recovered? A. “What can and should be recuperated is the conceptual toolbox of the Renaissance. This toolbox depends on the content of classical art and what is called sacred geometry. Modernism can do many things, but can never perform the same functions as classicism.” Q. You've said before that sacred geometry should be tough as visual art. What is sacred geometry? A. “The word “sacred” refers to what is eternal and is therefore never created nor destroyed. Geometry, if understood properly, is a depiction of the creative forces that organize energy into the myriad forms that we understand as “reality”. By studying these constructions it becomes possible for artists to

A. “I was in a country where I had almost no language skills, nor a permit to work. Pavement art was one of the few venues open to me. Ironically, on my second day as a pavement artist my tips amounted to three times my NASA salary. It was a remarkable gift to be able to travel and study indefinitely, perhaps one of the last truly Bohemian lifestyles. The gift was not lost on me.” Q. Is street painting more physically demanding than other visual art forms? A. “I would say that pavement art is especially demanding. The sheer number of hours that one is bent over the work is substantial and I have known artists that cannot hold that position for so long.” Q. Can you talk to us about your creative process?

“The Grand Canyon in Times Square” 3D Pavement Art

better understand and control their own designs, which are then harmonized with the natural world.” Q. Can you talk to us about your journey of study? A. “I have always been interested in the structure of traditional artistic expression and technique. I strongly believe that the distinction between what we like to call “realistic” and “abstract” is a false one. For me, all art is equally abstract in its structure. One of my greatest challenges as a young artist was figure drawing and several instructors told me that I would never master it. I realized that they also could not draw masterfully and sought out an instructor that could. The first thing I had to learn was that it was not possible to “draw what I see”. For me it was necessary to come to that realization in order to master drawing. Some artists manage to draw well intuitively without understanding this fact, but not many succeed.” Q. During your time in Italy, what brought you to start doing street painting with chalk?

A. “I think my process is a bit different than most artists as I conceive of the works architecturally. This means that the painted surfaces have a measured relationship to the viewers and also to the environment. The geometrical framework then holds the pictorial content of the work. Figures and spaces are depicted in their actual real life sizes. All my works begin with a tonal drawing that accurately conveys the forms and spaces as they will appear in the final work.” Q. Tell us about your art supplies—we know you create your own pastels. What led you to develop those? R. A. “In the 1980’s it was common for pigments to be sold in Italian hardware stores. Even house painters often created their paints by mixing pigments and binders. Pastels were and are still bizarrely expensive compared to the material cost of the ingredients. In the 1980’s I calculated that a pastel that would sell for a dollar actually cost only about two cents to make. I also made paints and painting grounds. Every art school should begin with having students make their materials, but they seldom do.” Q. You studied a type of anamorphism that existed in the 17th century then used all your skills to create a totally new form of art, a 3D pavement art, inventing a new type of geometry (Wenner’s hyperbolic perspective) to create compositions that appear to rise from the ground. You set a milestone for Cont. Next page



form of sacred art by the church. I picked the theme of judgment in order to prompt the Pope to officially recognize the art form. Luckily, it worked out.” Q. You have created works in many streets and places around the world. Which ones hold a special meaning or memory? A. “One of the fun things about my career is that I have worked in so many places. When I look through the hundreds of images I often find myself looking more at the people and environments that surround the images. It is like having a travel diary. Often my earliest works hold a special meaning for me because they were so difficult to achieve without any assistance from sponsors or local authorities.”


present and future generations of artists. What is your main goal as an artist? A. “Hyperbolic perspective is the outward projection of the human imagination onto one or more surfaces. In order to achieve this I measured the angles of view that project from the back of the eye outward. Because the back of the eye is a concave hemisphere, the outward projection of the information mapped on it becomes hyperbolic when projected onto a flat surface. In our time we think of photography as analogous to human vision, but this is incorrect. Photography always models a plane that is between the viewer and an object. Even if the light passes through a point to the back of a camera the geometry always represents a virtual plane that is external to human vision. We interpret information in a photograph in the same way as we interpret information from and object, but an image tells us nothing about the structure of human vision. My goal in developing a new sort of perspective has been to create a type of figurative art that goes beyond the conventional boundaries of traditional perspective.” Q. During his visit to Mantua, Italy, Pope John Paul II signed a mural you created and declared your pavement art to be an official form of sacred art. Can you speak to us about the mural that inspired the Pope to do that? A. “I designed a “Last Judgment” composition that had about 170 figures in it and measured 15 feet by 75 feet. A team of pavement artists executed it along with me. Through the centuries, pavement art had never been officially recognized as a 73

Q. You were the feature artist in the National Geographic’s documentary, "Masterpieces in Chalk". Can you tell us about the film? A. “I was very young and had an aunt who had heard a lecture from one of the National Geographic producers that was looking for new stories. On her insistence I sent a small set of rather dirty snapshots will a hand scrawled message on the back. I was pretty surprised when she actually contacted me in Italy. It was extremely hard to produce the documentary in 1985, as I really was living out of my camper and had no fixed address or phone. For this reason the piece is truly authentic. Q. Yo u h a v e t a u g h t o v e r 1 0 0 , 0 0 0 schoolchildren and thousands of artists. The Kennedy Center gave you a medal of recognition for your contribution to the arts. What is your main message when teaching the younger generations? Cont. Next page “Villa Te” 3D Pavement Art


“The Last Judgement” 3D Pavement Art - Mantua, Italy 1991



A. “My major objective now is to put demonstrations and lectures on the Internet. My message is that there are new and exciting artistic venues that can be explored within the language of European classicism and figurative art. This message was a no-no in the 1980’s and even through the 1990’s, but I think it is beginning to resonate with a broader audience.” Q. One can say in your case that classical art has been a key element in the development of a new vision of art. Is this something important to teach new artists? To remember and honor traditional art as a basis for future development of art forms? A. “What we seem to have forgotten is that before photography artists created all images. There was literally no such thing as a mechanically produced image. The entire visual history of humankind before 1850 or so is art history. Upon the diffusion of photography the classical tradition was immediately and severely compromised. One challenge that faces a contemporary artist is the problem of understanding what it even means to gain formal, traditional drawing skills. To the best of my knowledge this problem has not been described accurately in any instructional text. “Gluttony” 3D Pavement Art



Q. You have said that at the end of the information age we are going to go back to the skills age. How is that going to impact the art world in the near future? A. “In my experience there are certain conceptual skills that are either partly or entirely dependent on manual skills. Think of a composer that has never played an instrument. There is nothing to prevent a musician, (especially now), from writing music without any contact with an instrument, but in practice it seems to be difficult and unlikely. In any case having or lacking the skill of playing an instrument would change the structure of the resulting composition. There has even been a debate as to whether great art requires great skill. The answer was “no”, but this is not always true. A conceptual artist may delegate a design to craftsman with only moderate skill, but a sculpture like Michelangelo’s Pietá will never be brought into being without skill. In our time manual skill is relatively rare and the resulting rewards are great. Lack of skill surely constrains artistic expression and artists that lack skill always take a great risk. In a world that is as uncertain as ours I do not believe that young people do themselves any favors by avoiding skill.”

Q. We h a v e n o t t a l k e d a b o u t y o u r architectural design skills. Tell us about that part of your career. A. “I worked my way up to doing architectural design by first learning to paint murals and sculpt architectural details. All of my designs have called for the creation of original architectural details so that the overall proportions of the building could be carried through to the smallest elements of the design. In order to do this I need to use a fairly vast number of materials and techniques. Some of these are ancient, (like clay and plaster), and some modern, (like resins and silicones). At this point I need to train young people if I want to go further with these ideas.” Q. Share with us one of your recent architectural projects. A. “My most recent project has been remodel plans for a house we just bought in Sedona. I do not have images of this yet. More importantly, I am working on publishing a contemporary approach to classical architecture as part of my geometry book.” Q. You have two books in progress—can you talk to us about them and when should we expect their release? A. “I have worked for many years on the subject of artist’s geometry, creativity and on the structure of classical design and drawing. All of these subjects are interrelated, so the form the final work or works will take is still a bit flexible. In the end, I think that geometry is the most important subject because it provides an empirical proof for the universal nature of creativity as well as a link between human creativity and the creative spirit of the natural world. I am also a bit concerned about the whole structure of publishing in our time. I want to disseminate the ideas to a broad and international audience and am no longer sure about the efficacy of the physical vehicle of print media. I think that I will post some of the ideas on a blog as well so that I do not limit the audience. There are so many of these issues to be considered in our time! “ For more information on Master Artist & Master Architect Kurt Wenner visit

“Office Stress” 3D Pavement Art


”When it is working, you completely go into another place, you’re tapping into things that are totally universal, completely beyond your ego and your own self. That’s what it’s all about.” ~ Keith Haring



WWW.ALDOBASILI.EU Aldo Basili took his first steps into photography in 1958 at the early age of fourteen, practicing and printing on his own in black and white and attending for a year a course on professional photography. He worked for eight years as graphic designer in an advertising company. During that period he focused his attention on urban landscapes, concentrating for some years mainly on his home-town Turin, catching many uncommon views. During the 80ties and 90ties he worked hard on reportage photography, collecting and selecting a vast archive of images. Since 1995 he has exhibited in many national and international collective and personal art exhibitions. As a result of an attentive and long lasting research, he started to create the so called “Photo-Paint”, works which were acclaimed by the public and the critics alike: “Turin’s Fantasies” and “ Venetian Follies” have been his first productions and are still in progress. He is actually realizing new series of thematic works of art.

Researching and experimenting the creative processes and elaborating the photographic images are the trade mark of his artistic trial and he is recently much involved in planning new activities as well in the editorial field. “Piazza della Consolata” - Photography

His photographs are shown in private and public collections in Italy and abroad, in museum’s exhibitions and in national and international galleries. Moreover they have been published on catalogues, yearbooks and on photographic national and international websites. Since 1995 Fifteen solo exhibitions and he joined more than a hundred international collective exhibitions, in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Cuba, Denmark, Latvia, France, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Italy, Luxembourg, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Dominica, Spain and USA and numerous national collective exhibitions. In 2012 he exhibited at an exhibition in Nice (F), during the Festival of Photography Mediterranean Photography, one in Lisbon, in New York and in Florence. In 2013 he exhibited in Italy in Piedmont, in Pordenone, Florence and Spoleto. Abroad, he has exhibited in New York, in Toronto and in Nice.

“La Fontana dei Dodici Mesi” - Photography


“Cavalieri al Borgo Medioevale” - Photography





“Ravishing series edition 201307" - Mixed Media on Canvas, 30” x40”

Auerbach Vieira has been recognized around the world as one of most promising artists of her generation.With invitations to participate of the most important Art Events in the world.The explosion of her work in the media recently earned her a comparison to the mythical Andy Warhol.

“Ravishing 201303” - Mixed Media on Canvas, 30” x40”

“Ravishing 201301” - Mixed Media on Canvas, 30” x40”



BETTE RIDGEWAY WWW.RIDGEWAYSTUDIO.COM Pushing the boundaries of light, color and design, Bette Ridgeway is best known for her large-scale, luminous poured canvases. Her newest works have received numerous awards, including the Oxford University Alumni Prize at the “Art of the Mind” exhibition at the Chianciano Art Museum in Tuscany in 2012. She participated in the inaugural London Art Biennale in January of 2013 and exhibited at the Gagliardi Gallery in London in April 2013. “My work is a dialog between reality and the transcendent. I manipulate light, using multiple layers of the mediums to create depth, rhythm, and motion. A critic described my work as ‘feeling like an image of arrested motion, poised to flare into movement as soon as one turns away’ which says it all”. In the catalog for the artist’s Millennium Exhibition in NYC, Laurence F. Johnson, AACR, the Curator of the John Deere Corporate Collection wrote, “The paintings really stunned me. They went off in my head with a psychedelic big-bang, forming “Crysallis I” - Acrylic on Canvas, 76” x 50” a universe of kaleidoscopic stop-frame action of a thousand frames a millisecond. A billion light years of searching sound filled the hemispheres of my mind”. The Deere Collection has acquired 3 large Ridgeway poured paintings over the years. Her recent fashion collaboration with Japanese designer, Mihara Yasuhiro, expanded her international following. The 2013 spring/summer womenswear collection was presented during the Paris fashion week in October 2012. The designer selected many of the artist’s paintings and incorporated them into the fashions. “Infusing the work on a variety of surfaces with transparent color combinations presents me with incredible challenges,” says Ridgeway, “along with very deep rewards”.

“Journey” - Acrylic on Canvas, 48” x 36”


“Winged Victory” - Acrylic on Canvas, 58” x 42”



“Delicate Inside” - Assemblage Found Objects, 65” x 26” x 17”

“Love My Buttons” - Assemblage, 25” x 23” x 7”

“Kicking Woman” Assemblage, 32” x 14” x 12”






CAVANO HTTP://CAVANOART.WIX.COM/CAVANO-ART Born in 1982, Cavano is a young self-taught artist with several influences such as fashion, pop art, comics, cinema, music or fantastic novels. The artist is inspired by Enkil Bilal, famous comic strip writer and drawer, as much as Neil Gaiman, eminent novelist. He aims to deliver us illustrations with mixed universes finely shaded by shadows and bright colors. Cavano gives his own vision of estheticism, a singular and modern one which always mixes numerous mediums such as charcoal, ink, felt tip, soft pastels or even fluorescent highlighters. He draws his inspiration inside the face and in the look of each of his models. For him, the use of each medium varies in accordance with each of his works, because every face possesses its own identity and its own authenticity.

“City Boy” Mixed media on paper 16” x 12”

The end of 2012 is a turning point for the young artist because he decides to dedicate himself completely to his passion. He becomes one the rare permanent artist at the “Foundation René Pous” Museum, and exhibits at the side of masterpieces signed by Dali, Matisse, Grandidier, Dufy or Cocteau. In 2013, he is nominated for the 1st selection of the 8th Edition of “Arte Laguna Prize” in Venice in the painting category among an impressive panel of 80 artists. Then he takes part in the 3rd Edition of the “International Emerging Artist Award” (IEAA) in Dubaï, and draws the attention of the Director of the competition, with his portfolio. Since that moment the career of the artist takes an international artistic turn by joining the “On screen” project of the renowned SAATCHI gallery in London.

“Skater Boy” Mixed media on paper 16” x 12”


“The Modern Jungle (cockatoo theme)” Mixed media on paper 25” x 19”


CAROL HARTMAN “Pockets of Memories” from early childhood reveal themselves in my oil paintings. An interaction with the spiritual elements of nature continually expresses who we are as a people. I have come to appreciate the taste, the touch, the sounds, the smells, and the sights of my surroundings along with the rich history of the upper Missouri River territory. Identification with the painted imagery provides the viewers an opportunity to reflect upon their own “memory” senses.

“After the Harvest II” Oil on Cradled Birch Panels, 48” x 48”

As a graduate from Montana State University Bozeman and California State University Fresno, I have had an incredible exposure to various artistic voices. I have also had the opportunity to exhibit throughout the United States and parts of Europe. My choice to reflect upon personal memories feels most important to my soul. I translate these memories onto square wooden panels, using my hands and fingers to mold and scratch the image onto the surface, revealing layers of paint … layers of memories. This process brings me closer to my subject, closer to nature.



“Bubbles” Photography printed on metallic paper and face-mounted on plexiglass - 3 pieces, 30” X 20” Each, 30” X 64” Mounted

Each wave of the ocean has a story to tell. Each tree branch suggests a poem. There are volumes of mysteries locked inside every glacier. Traveling the world with my camera, I have sought to reveal the fullness and passionate language of nature through my unique photographs. I grew up in Mexico City and have spent extensive time in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, Europe and the Middle East. I have found that just as the spoken word sounds different in every country, so too do the Earth’s far-flung terrains tell their stories in subtly unique ways. It has been my passion to find the distinctive voice of each landscape through my lenses.




DEBORAH CAREW Born in Toronto, Canada, but having grown up in small town Ontario, Deborah Carew has sensibilities more in keeping with a rural, even historical, setting. Her painted works reflect this love of the past, and how it integrates with the present, in figurative and still life done in oil, watercolor, and other media.

“Sweeping” - Graphite Pencil, 11” x 7”

“Broom” - Oil on Panel, 7.75” x 5.75”

“Spoon” - Oil on Panel, 12” x 8”



Born in Chicago IL. USA amidst great architectural and old world surroundings, I groomed an eye for the arts and the creativity of photography. The fascination with natural beauty and man made objects promote the direction of my work and creative flow. Photography allows me the opportunity to capture moments in time and share this expression of beauty through Still Life, and Fine Art Imaging.

“The Leaf”- Photography, 20” x 24”




Photographic artist Conceptual portraits Figural fine art




“Frozen Assets II” - Acrylic on Canvas, 16” x 20”

My work is inspired by people, places, and things. Sometimes these images are buried in my memory and emerge as I work. I love to paint vertical surfaces, thus buildings, rocks, cliffs, and mountains figure in many of my works. In all its forms, water is another subject I love to paint as are animals and birds. Then there is the human figure. Perhaps that is the most fun of all. To know that others are moved by the images I paint, that is the ultimate reward. “Forever Faithful” - Acrylic on Canvas, 30 “ x 15”


FERID SEFER My artwork takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. Through my interpretations of daily routines in people's lives, I aim to create a commentary regarding human nature. I am fascinated with facial expressions and the body. I want to discover beauty and joy through this work. I am trying to show another side of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to demonstrate the complexity of life without war and genocide. Painting, for me, is a way of understanding the world around me. My artworks speaks not only for me, but for the people who were silenced long ago.



“Blistering dancer”



“My works are the incarnation of my own attitude to life and the world. Each piece is like my own child – I love every one. The symbolism they contain, and the energies of the shapes, and the sudden effects intertwining into a sole creation - each and every one of them is unique. When I paint, I am engaging in a personal dialogue with the Universe, and the result is that my thoughts and feelings become embodied in paint and metal.” Elena Kozhevnikova

“The Ever Faster” - Mixed Media on Canvas, 31.5” x 31.5”

“Time Scar” - Mixed Media on Canvas, 40” X 40”

“The Red Grass” - Mixed Media on Canvas, 40” X 40”




“Posa sulla Sedia” 2001 - Oil on Canvas, 60” x 70”

“Vicolo Mare” 2013 - Oil on Canvas, 60” x 70”

“Sicilia” 2006 - Oil on Canvas, 70” x 60”

Francesco Siclari was born in 1940 in Campo Calabro (RC), Italy. You can tell that he had the gift of painting since childhood. He is a self-taught artist. His family moved north to the outskirts of Turin in 1952. He currently lives in Brandizzo (TO). Siclari has had 55 solo exhibitions, in Italy he has shown in Torino, Genova, Loano, Cantu, Trento, Bormio, Mirandola, Gallarate, Bagnolo Piemonte, Procchio, Milano Avigliana, Piacenza, Brandizzo, Cremona Ospedaletti, Saluzzo, Udine. Stefano Belbo and Roma and abroad in Lausanne, Ginevra,Gland, Montecarlo, Barcelona,Paris, New York, Berlin and 51 group exhibitions.

“Isola Tiberina” 2013 - Oil on Canvas, 80” x 70”


Winner of 42 painting competitions. His works are in numerous public and private collections around the world. His name appears on the “Enciclopedia dell’ Arte Italiana” Nominated Academic of Italy with a gold medal in 1979


FRANS FRENGEN WWW.ALLART-FRENGEN.BE Fumagine, to paint with a flame, a sculpture of soot, an installation of smoke, is less and no more. Frans Frengen associated his fumagineblue as a complementary color to the color of soot so that he had the possibility to walk on a sort of beach line of sand out of the everyday region to cease art - the light in and on the soot that will be universally recognized in every exhibition space and even in the universe by creating. In fumagine he saw gathered elements of figuration that were extremely varied. Viewing the images of the subconscious he saw images with a new view of reality. It is by reproducing what he saw and felt that he got fair and ambiguous pictures. “Intense and broader than what I could afford, “ frans said, “ to be under the work makes me feel free, I feel myself as a partner of the painting. I can walk around and react from all positions, from the four winds, from all inches. I have not to step on the canvas thanks to action painting and painting the vaults of the Sistine Chapel. And even like the master in Cubism it is a lust to be undisturbed on the edge of the abyss of the lie. I do the “A Child Master of her Horse” - Fumagine, 35.5” 27.5” opposite as if dripping colors, the opposite to abstract (that didn’t exist by the master of Cubism). It is more if to learn the opposite with or without an ear.” “The only advantage of contemporary art is that it had not to show what contemporary art was”.

“I have hated art to kill for all she did to me, but each time I love her as much for all she is.” “Memory lives, but you were too late to collect her”. “I am the puppet of my subconscious, but I decide about the string.” ”Art is like you unbend, a shot in the bull's eye.” Frans Frengen “Autism, Sence of Duty” - Fumagine, 40” x 27.5”

“My Queen in a Man’s Hieroglyph” - Fumagine 27.5” x 20”




“Le Sacre du Printemps” - Mixed Media, 20” X 20”

I am an imaginative designer and painter. I enjoy experimenting with new ideas and material. I am a risk taker and try new venues. I am working mostly out of my head, listening to music or waking up at night letting my mind wander. When I paint I am starting with line, adding color, layering color, scratching, using crayons, medium, fiber paste, sometimes newspaper, string, and what else is around. Or, I work with bold forms and let the colors compete against each other. Then again, I like to be bound by a subject and lightly follow it with line and then colors. My hardest point in my artistic journey was when I could not paint for medical reasons. My most gratifying experience was doing ‘The Seven Days of Creation’ commissioned by Handels and Verkehrsschule Bern, Switzerland. My goal is to keep my passion for painting, my love for my family and a healthy life style in balance.I hope that my paintings excite and inspire with their creativity and colors. “Rouge” - Mixed Media, 20” x 24”



“Steps of Life” - Acrylic / Mix Media on Canvas

“Back to Nature” - Acrylic / Mixed Media on Canvas

Born in Augsburg, Germany, I have lived and worked in Switzerland for many years. My creativity seems to have been born with me, and since early childhood I have loved to draw and paint.. For many years I worked with pottery and weaving, but for some time I have now been totally devoted to painting. I draw inspiration from nature and from many trips outside Switzerland. I love to experiment, favoring strong colors and spontaneity, and I enjoy my artistic freedom. In my searches, I have found myself, and now experience the world of painting. I am curious where this will lead me. My works have been shown in numerous exhibitions in Switzerland and internationally.



GRACE ARLEDGE I need to inspire with my art. I choose subjects & themes in which I am interested. I work with form, structure, shape, contrast, B/W & vibrant color to make a strong statement. I use representational art so the subject is “in your face.” I want people to see the world spiritually, to be fascinated with original thinking, to inspire viewers to examine themselves introspectively, to build their souls and aspirations.

“Garden Grove”

“The Beach”


GUN MATTSSON Gun Mattsson, painter, is born and lives in Sweden It seems to be a sort of satellite pictures at different historical levels there – at the same time. And you, looking closely, will hopefully find some dramas going on, showing certain relationships between the figures - on the surface as well as on a deeper level – at the same time. And a very interesting thought; the quantum physic time may possibly also be present. Certainly there is a great CIRCUS of LIFE going on. And furthermore - in the endless scenes of the Great wonderful Universe the coulisses are dancing around, when the crowds of Individuals, Nations, Cultures, Religions and Sciences make their performances in suitable costumes.The artists brush may sometimes seems like the bayonet of Don Quijote, but could it not be a good thing trying to transform injustice, darkness and cruelty to love, beauty and peace with the help of art as well as with other means? “The Clarinet” - Gouache Aquarelle, 6.3” X 6.3”

Gun Mattsson has shown her art works at the Biennales in Florence, Mexico, Chianciano, Izmir and London as well as at exhibitions in USA, Latin America, Canada, Australia, Asia and many countries in Europe, specially in Italy. She has been given the honor of prestigious international awards.





“Dancer Orchids” - Oil on Linen, 51” x 90”

“Red Garden” - Oil on Linen, 43” x 71” “Suculentas” - Oil on Linen, 67” x 29”

Graciela Montich is an argentinian painter , born in Córdoba where she lives and works. Enchanted by the breathtaking beauty of the botanical world, the artist portrays the grandeur of nature in her works. She paints with oil on linen, and represents the essence of flora and fauna with a spectacularly detailed realism . With careful and meticulous brushstrokes, these compositions range from the hyper - real and surreal , always intriguing balance seductive in her style. Montich masterfully combines painting techniques with gold sheets and other means in order to translate their distinctive vision of nature to us. Her work is based on an ideal image that pursues the world, captured in her paintings leaves the most fantastic time of executing this work , isolating that moment of reality to eternalize it in time. Montich performed her works in real scale , so that everyone who sees it feel invited to participate in this ideal world within a frame . She participated in numerous exhibitions and fairs in Argentina , the U.S. and Europe. " The beauty of art is reflected in the happiness of the spirit." Graciela Montich .




“V1202” - Acrylic on Canvas, 28” x 43”

“I have always been interested in art, spending hours drawing since early childhood. I went to art college, but soon realized that the most important thing for me was to be able to develop my individual style, not focus on learning the specific things taught there. I work in oil or acrylic on canvas, and am inspired by the world around me. I create landscapes, which sometimes verge on abstraction. I am continually searching for perfection, not worrying about particular subjects but rather on composing something that is ‘right’ in an inexplicable sense.”

“SPB 01” - Acrylic on Canvas, 39” x 39”

“V1201” - Acrylic on Canvas, 55” x 55”


"It is risky creating figurative art because it is defined in the evidence of the skill, where an error can make a masterpiece fail, if it is not in harmony with the entirety of the whole" ~FabiĂĄn PĂŠrez


97 “Mikito with Red Umbrella” - Acrylic on Canvas 2012

Creating with Emotion By Viviana Puello

“Rojo y Azul” - Acrylic on Canvas 2008

98 98

ATIM’S TOP 60 MASTERS OF CONTEMPORARY ART “Dancer in Red with White” - Acrylic on Canvas 2011

These days you might just find yourself running into master artist Fabian Perez, who is currently conducting his Spring Tour of galleries throughout the United Kingdom. The tour celebrates the release of Fabian’s new collection, which portrays the sights and sounds of Buenos Aires at night. Fabian Perez’s figure paintings bring together realism with touches of impressionism and abstraction through a combination of tradition, life experience, and a sense of wonder and romanticism. Each stroke bears witness to excellent craftsmanship built upon skills that have been finely honed over many years. The human body takes center stage In Fabian Perez’s paintings, aglow with a variety of hues from warm pinks, yellows, reds and browns to cool blues and greens, with room for black empty spaces that stimulate the viewer to fill them with their own imagination. Fabian's distinctive style of painting—which he calls "Emotionalism"—originates from his unconventional background. The artist’s life experiences are reflected in full-of-life portraits, flamenco dancers, couples dancing the tango, and paintings portraying flirtatious and intimate moments and complex emotions. The result is bold, passionate, romantic imagery, created with colors, shadows, and highlights. Infused with energy and focusing on luminosity, Fabian’s work uses his subjects’ bodies as a conduit to 99

their spirits and souls, capturing their essence to create a dynamic narrative. Variations in color and tone create an interplay between the body and its surroundings. Fabian was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on November 2, 1967, and as a teenager became fascinated by both fine arts and martial arts. For instance, karate influenced his character while giving him great discipline and opening him up to other art forms. At age 22 he went to live in Italy for seven years, where he painted and wrote his book "Reflections of a Dream", which was later published in the United States. After living in Japan for a year, he then moved to Los Angeles, where he lives today with his wife and children. In 2010, the United States Olympic Committee chose Fabian and another artist to paint the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Fabian's “Emotionalism” style is unique, and he chooses to paint with acrylics because of their quickly drying properties, which give him the freedom to follow his instincts and feelings during his creative process. Enjoy these following pages featuring master artist Fabian Perez as he opens his heart in this inspirational interview.

“The Ring” - Acrylic on Canvas 2009

Q: Do you remember your first interaction with art? When did you decide you wanted to become an artist? A: “I have always liked to paint, but never thought that an artist could be successful before one dies. But, when I sold my first painting, I changed my mind. Q. You started as an artist when you were living in Italy. What was your turning point? What happened in Italy that inspired you to start your career in art? A. “When I was living in Italy with my karate master, Oscar Higa, he encouraged me to paint professionally after seeing my overnight drawings and watercolors. So I decided to participate in a contest, and I got an award for a painting called Live in the Moment. Then, a friend of mine brought her sister, who worked in a gallery in Germany, to my studio, and she asked me the price of one particular watercolor. I sold it to her for 50 lire. That made me think, "If I can sell one, I can sell them all!" Cont. Next page “Linda in Red II” - Acrylic on Canvas 2012


ATIM’S TOP 60 MASTERS OF CONTEMPORARY ART “Man Lighting a cigarette II” Acrylic on Canvas

“Blue & Red III” 2014

“The importance of creating with emotion is above the technique which is being considered and utilized. It is critical for me to become one with the subject.” Fabian Perez



“Accolades” Oil on Canvas

“Glamour” - Acrylic on Canvas 2011

Q: Your paintings have a very strong composition: they all seemed to be narrating a story. What exactly are we looking at? Can you explain your creative process for us? A: “The compositions in my paintings are purely my subject matter: the people - with little references to the place, temperature, etc. – always suggestive and mysterious. I get my ideas at night and I sketch them. The next day I go to the studio and paint them.”

A. “The most beautiful memories were seeing my father get dressed to go out at night, picking his suit, tie, hat, etc. Also, I remember when he was moving his head—without my mother seeing him—to go clean his gangs. I was petrified on the few occasions when he was accidentally shot. My mother was a classy, strong-minded Brazilian woman. My father met her while she was singing in a nightclub. He soon asked her to come and sing in his nightclub, which was called Las Brujas. Every Sunday I'd go to the cinema with her, and afterwards we'd eat pizza and discuss the film. With the memories I have, I could easily write a book about my parents' life...”

Q: What's a typical day in your studio like? A: “My studio is located in the back of my house, separate from it. I go back and forth to the house all day. On my breaks, I like to be with my family, and then I will go back to the studio.” Q. You have mentioned before that a lot of your inspiration comes from the memories from your younger years in the nightclubs and bordellos of your father and the time you spent there. What are the most precious memories from those times?

Q. Your works are full of romance and passion. What is romance for you? A. “Romance, to me, is an ideal of life. I live in a big romance, ha, ha, ha” Q. Inspiration can come and go until one discovers the fountain of inspiration flows from within. Sometimes it takes some time for an individual to discover that as an artist. Have you ever had an inspirational crisis? Cont. Next page



“Tango in White” - Acrylic on Canvas 2012

“Flamenco Dancer” - Sculpture by Fabian Perez

A. “All artists have inspirational crises. Picasso said, "Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working." In the studio it is easier to get in touch with inspiration..” Q: You have moved a lot throughout your life; what have you taken with you from each country and what memories do you have left? A: “The most important thing I learned while living in different countries is that there is no paradise. As soon as you leave the parental home, you are bound to seek its place 103

“Tango” Sculpture by Fabian Perez

“Celina con Abanico” - Acrylic on Canvas 2010

in this world. You belong to the places where you live; they give you a lot emotionally. If every day is no longer special, it is time to go somewhere else. Every move is an exciting and interesting experience.” Q: What do you hope the viewer will take away from your paintings? A: “Those things from the past that help with the evolution of the future.” Q. You do sometimes live events where the public is able to see you in action and enjoy

“Study of Artist’s Hands Sketching” - Acrylic on Canvas 2013

your work. How do you feel about live events and what is your relationship with people admiring your art during these events? A. “I have done more than 250 solo exhibitions around the world, and I think they give you a great opportunity to meet and hear feedback from people. People come and express how good your work makes them feel. That is very flattering.” Q. What changes would you like to see in the art world of today? A. “I’d like to see more optimistic artists, those who see the glass of life half full. Also, I would like to see artists displaying their artistic skill. Sometimes artists make up stories about the paintings, which appear more important than the paintings themselves, and that makes me think, "Should I frame the paintings or the stories?" This is what inspired me to create Neo-Emotionalism.”

A. “I believe that anything you want to achieve in life depends on the focus, discipline, and confidence you have, but if I have to pick just one word, this word is: BELIEVE.” For more information on Master Artist Fabian Perez, his artwork, exhibitions visit his website


Q. What are you currently working on? What upcoming projects, shows etc. do you have developing? A. “I am working on a series of paintings called The Train Station, where the idea is to portray the feelings of people when they separate or when they get together with their loved ones. I'm also working on another series called El Verso—it shows a guy trying to win over a girl by exaggerating and manipulating the truth.” Q. One word of advise for emerging artists trying to make their way in this industry?



“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.� ~Albert Einstein



"Love is Paradise" - Series Allegory of Love Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas, 16” X 16”

"Death" - Series of Gilgamesh Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas, 27.5” X 40”

Irma Michaela Szalkay (1952) Painter - Austria - Doctorate (Ph.D.), KarlFranzens-University of Graz Irma is a university-trained philosopher who uses both modernist and postmodernist syntaxes as points of departure. As an awarded artist, she has exhibited in both the US and Europe, including Austria, Germany, Italy and Great Britain. Irma creates a signature of Neo-expressionist mark-making and achieves a topographical mapping of personal subjectivity, memory, and phenomenological experience.


"Faith" - Series The Measure of All things - Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas, 20” x 27.5”

JERRY ANDERSON Jerry Anderson is a Californian artist whose work is exhibited in New York City, Italy and California. Anderson’s paintings present a personal view of life that is informed by dreams as well as his unique observations of the visible world. He is particularly interested in the “living” nature of all things and the dynamic balance of feminine and masculine energies. Anderson expresses this with vibrant colors, sinuous line and bold forms in predominately sensual compositions.

"Blue Eyed Girl" - Acrylic on Canvas, 36” X 36”


“Moroccan Dream” - Acrylic on Canvas, 18” X 24”



"The Joker" - Mixed Media Portrait

Jim's a self taught, mixed media portrait artist, photographer, former professional Roller Derby skater, retired firefighter and "Jack of All Trades". To date he's published 3 photo books and held two art exhibitions. At one he displayed his works of boxer Mike Tyson who was on hand. Some of his art work and photographs have appeared in books, magazines, programs, on TV and on web sites such as National Geographic. As s o m e o n e wh o s u f f e r s ch ro n i c p a i n from injuries he hopes to inspire others living with chronic pain. C o n t a c t : h t t p s : / / w w w. f a c e b o o k . c o m / JimFitzpatrickArtworkAndPhotography

“Nevicata a NYC” Fine Art Print Canvas 26”x31”

"My Kuiama" - Mixed Media Portrait

“Red Hair and Freckled Beauty” - Drawing - Colored Pencils, Pastels and Charcoal on Arches Watercolor Paper

"Actor Eli Wallach" - Mixed Media Portrait




“Teahupoo” - Acrylic on Canvas, 43” x 79”

“At age 20 I moved to Paris and studied at Atelier Albers for two years, a school that prepares pupils who wish to join any of the major Art and Decoration schools in France. The classes were taught by two painters and an architect... Simultaneously I discovered psychology, psychoanalysis and Sophrology in which I took a great interest. I chose this profession and was a psychotherapist in Paris for over 25 years. I continued to draw and paint, went to fine arts school in Auxerre, Burgundy. I have a country house there. 10 years of happy exploration... and a lot of personal work. I ended my therapist career in 2006 at age 51 to become a full time professional artist. I started a new life and concentrated on my passion for painting. I want to paint Life in its primitive strength, its orgasmic energy, like a primal shout... through the colours purity, the shapes... go from univocal to equivocal, from figurative to it in a flower, its fragility and power, in the skies, the light, my exhibition "Orgasmes solaires": exploring sunsets... and now, the Being, the Woman… our life as a wave in the ocean… Because I hope to convey both speed and precision I use materials that dry quickly and force me to work fast : coloured and Indian inks, water colours and acrylics. I surf with the paints like a surfer expresses her talent in an exuberant instant on the face of a wave. Like her I balance my skill, playfulness and movements in harmony with the medium in which we swim. We are both like dancers, combining ease and energy, solidity and sensuality.

“Tanit” - Acrylic on Canvas, 51” X 51”

“Untitled” - Tempera Egg on Paper, 10” x 12.5”

I have lived this time... infinite... letting go... while painting all these dots, lines, curbs... like lace on the body of each surfer… I have been practicing meditation... for 30 years now, and during all these hours of painting, sometimes 6 to 7 hours in a row, I have lived this profound peace, this state of grace... of profound happiness... small dots... I have loved being in the profane time and... the Sacred time… I have given my women surfers the names of sea and moon goddesses of various cultures... for fun!” 109



“Homenaje al Colibri” - Stainless Steel, 21” x 26” X 18.5”

An entire universe is hidden behind her creations, it´s the secret she wants to disclose to humanity. She can draw it with the sinuous shapes inspired by nature, but she can also tell the same story through the power of solid elements, inspired by manufacture of man. The key of the strong immediacy is the code used by the Artist, a code made of materials she uses and what they are able to say. She talks about the lightness of paper, the brightness of metal and the heaviness of rocks, until the experience with the warmth of wood. "What makes Josephina´s Art so special is simply her design, that always leads to Conceptual Art, tracing a new vision of Contemporary". Letizia Lanzzaroti


"Líquen" - Paper on Wood, 7” x 13.5” X 9.5”

"Gusanitos" - Paper and Eucalipto Wood, 7” x 15” X 17”


“Cocktail” - Acrylic on Canvas, 45.6” X 31.5”

“Love” - Acrylic on Canvas, 45.6” X 35.5”

Larissa Romanova Visual Artist, born in Russia in 1963, living in Sweden since 1990. She has received her training in Sweden, but much of her youth in Russia can be found in her paintings. Today, she works mostly in acrylic, but over the years has also worked in both oil and watercolors. The source of inspiration over others is nature, which she in flowing colors and often with innovative technique reproduces ambience images. Her energetic art has attracted much attention at the exhibitions, both individual and group exhibitions she has participated in. As the true artist she is, she is working furiously to develop new techniques and to find new ways of expression. Her artwork arouses curiosity and brings joy.





“Vibration” - Oil on Canvas, 23.5” X 17.5”

Karen Moss was born in Brisbane Australia in 1972. She now lives in Melbourne. Self-taught, her urge to create at times is explosive. The painting takes form and Karen works within the canvas perimeter, adding opposing, defining and exposing colours. Establishing movement, Karen will deliberate over the paintings depth, flow and balance. Karen is inspired by the works of Jackson Pollack, Van Gogh and Matisse to name a few. She has been working consistently on her art since 2006

“Spiral” - Oil on Canvas, 23.5” X 17.5”


“Muddled” - Oil on Canvas, 23.5” X 17.5”



“Unknown” - Mixed Media on Canvas 20” x 39.5”

“In my paintings everything is in motion, my imagination takes shape on the white canvas where I pour the sunshine that keeps me alive. I love the contrasts of colors, especially black and white, that reflect my ever-changing personality. My paintings express my joy in life despite all the bad things that happen; I come back to my paintings many times with thee urge of adding or changing new things, as I did with Geometry, the artwork I’m presenting here. I paint with the very same passion as I mount on horseback, in total freedom like the mane in the wind. I express my potential, always in balance between sensuality and sophistication.” Spurred by an innate, passion-fueled desire to create works of art, painter Laura Almerico fuses spiraling, exuberant forms with a vivacious, intoxicating palette. Completely self-taught, Almerico relies on her natural, fanciful understanding of color, technique and composition in order to create harmonic geometries of her mind’s own making. Inspired by tales of human triumph over evils or obstacles, Almerico’s fervor to create artwork is rooted within her childhood, when her mother would take her to Europe’s great museums in order to see the paintings of the Masters, and in her days as an art history student. It is the artist's instinctive urge to progress through painting that has most evolved her talents, however, united with her insatiable curiosity about the world and the people in it. Her compositions are reminiscent of Kandinsky and other notable Expressionists in their wide-ranging, sparkling curvilinear forms. Yet these works are inventions unique to the vision of their creator and her lively imagination. Laura Almerico lives in her native Siena.(Agora Gallery New York) “Geometry” - Mixed Media on Canvas, 16” x 24”




“Trinity” - Acrylic on Canvas, 36” x 36”

“Achilles” - Acrylic on Layered Canvas & Wood, 60” x 46” x 4”

Lawrence has an unique, diverse design background, and embodies a renaissance approach to life. He is not only a talented artist, but an accomplished architect, designer and CEO of a dynamic, international architecture firm, Ware Malcomb. (

Lawrence received his Bachelor of Architecture Degree (1980) and Bachelor of Science in Architecture (1979) from Kent State University, where he also spent a semester studying abroad in Italy. He is a licensed architect in over 40 states and is a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) accredited professional through the USGBC (United States Green Building Council.)

Established in 1972, Ware Malcomb provides planning, architecture, interior design, graphic design and civil engineering services. In 1992, Lawrence and his partner bought the firm from the original owners. Since then, he has led the firm in its successful growth and evolution. Ware Malcomb is considered a leader in design for the commercial real estate industry. The firm has 12 offices in the United States, Canada, and Panama.

Layered Vision

Lawrence is well known for his strategic, visionary approach to design and business. His focus on creativity and innovation influence all of his artistic endeavors. Lawrence is inspired by modern architects and artists. He keeps many sketch books based on observations and ideas. When Lawrence is not running his architectural practice, he is working in his art studio or traveling with his camera and sketchbooks. His international travels have influenced his art as well. He has traveled extensively throughout the world including North America, Latin America, Europe, Japan and the Middle East.


“My work, both in Art and Architecture, is an ongoing exploration of the concept of Layers. I have always been aware of, and fascinated by Layers in the Natural and Built Environment. Layers in Space and Time. Layers in Intellect, in Emotion. Synthesis and Interpenetration of Form, of Solid and Void, of Chaos and Order, of Simplicity and Complexity.”

“Amor 1.1” - Layered Glass/ Stainless Steel/Acrylic 18” x 24” x 12” - 50 lbs.



“Il Lato Oscuro dil Mondo” - Oil on Canvas, 31.5” X 47.2” X 1.6” 2014

Luca Cappai started painting at the age of 13. His first exhibition took place when he was only 16, in Sardinia (Italy). He paints mostly modern surrealism. His top achievements received during 2010 and 2014 include over 40 publications in Europe and USA, such as Important World Artist in Los Angeles, Masters of the century in Italy, Arte Mondadori the second leading art magazine in Italy, plus 20 award such as Master of the century, the protagonists of modern art and important exhibitions in many museums such as Louvre in Paris. He is the winner of the 14° art contest ad-art.

“Banana Tree” - Oil on Canvas, 60” X 80” X 2” 2012




“Let the Race Begin” - Mixed Media, 24” x 36”

“Stingrays & Coral” - Mixed Media, 36” x 24”

My art career commenced after a very long illness in 2001. During my recovery, I started painting in acrylics and using the inspiration from my travels of my homeland, Australia, I haven’t looked back. I approach a blank canvas with gusto, splashing acrylics inks and paint, using spray and drip techniques and idea is born! Colour, being my driving force, allows me to create vibrant images, of ten depicting The Great Barrier Reef in a fun contemporary way. My works have been hung in various venues throughout Queensland and many commissions have been accomplished over the years. Exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions in Australia, Italy and New York keep me occupied. Teaching has been added to the list and I enjoy this immensely.



Art critics have described her work as “There is an understated incandescence to the images that is both contemporary and classic all at once. Her works related so strongly to the very concept of perception; your style places you in an artistic realm that is somehow dream-like, almost surreal, yet not quite there, as if some ghostly memory from a far-away place; yet somehow entirely familiar a vision that resonates with the viewer long after viewing”. Raised on a Pennsylvania farm, Martha began doing art work at a young age. As a teenager she obtained a scholarship to the Erie Art Museum, Erie, Pa. and trained as an oil painter. She studied fine art at Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pa. Her body of art work is multimedia with a wide range of subject matter. Including the lost drawing method the Old Masters used by drawing with metals.




“Hot Summer Night” - Enamel on double plexiglass panel construction; OFF-SET. Centre curvilinear split, 52” x 28”

My work has been described as ‘ where Jackson Pollock left off..’ Drippings and dribbling, the cavalier pouring and splashing onto the canvas, the unmistakable layering. Considered a philosophical painter, the work espouses life-affirming energy. The imagery regales the song of the universe, the soul of the spheres. My use of enamel paint gives a powerful vibrancy to the work as I tell my stories. Stories that relate to the urgency of modernity to rein-form itself to its interconnection to the cosmos.

“Marine Melody” Enamel on plexiglass; additional curvilinear panel on right with vertical band of crystal, 30”x48”

The layering of the plexiglass panels, all splattered and dripped upon, addresses this very concern. Concepts of reflection, deflection, memory, distortion, association, disassociation. The interplay, intermingling of the lines, shapes, shadows that change constantly are all dependent on the vagaries of light, just as the self changes and evolves, as it responds to the varying externalities. A sense of wonder is created in the work as it becomes a suggestive process in attaining a certain sentience. A sense of beauty, a notion of harmony. All of which are essential for the fulfillment of humanity.

“Sunning by the Sea” - Enamel on double plexiglass panel construction; OFF-SET 30”x24”

“As a Child Wonders” - Encrusted Enamel on Canvas, 4” x 3”




“Sun Lion Roars ” Mixed Media 36” X 24”

“Hummingbird Meadows” Mixed Media 36” X 24”

I'm a self-taught digital artist originally from Germany, now residing in the United States and I use my passion for the environment, ancient history & mythologies from around the world to create original wildlife, fantasy, Celtic knot and Egyptian paintings using a graphic tablet and pen as my paintbrush and canvas to create more traditional looking paintings. I've been painting professionally since 2005 and in that time I've had my work featured in my own art book as well as having a couple of art shows. I've also created several commissioned paintings as well as designs for private collectors and I've had one of my paintings – "Sun Lion Roars"- featured in the Anata Gallery exhibition book as well as having this painting used on the cover of the same edition of their book which was a real honor for me.


PHYLLIS TERRELL Phyllis Terrell is currently represented by Amsterdam Whitney International Gallery in New York City where she has exhibited for several years in group shows, Mountain Gallery in Clarksville, GA, and Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ. "Her watercolor compositions radiate regenerative energies with luminous subjects found in the natural world, capturing the delicate beauty of radiant flowers and the whimsical flurry of breezing petals through spectral hues and expressive brushstrokes"- Amsterdam Whitney Gallery. As an artist it is my desire to give the viewer something to feel good about. I have been exhibiting and selling my work since 1968.

“As an artist it is my desire to give the viewer something to feel good about. I have been exhibiting and selling my work since 1968.”


“Basket of Flowers” - Watercolor, 27” X 35”



“Stalagmites” - Oil on Canvas, 48” X 48”

With Bachelor degrees in both Fine Arts and History of Art, Rollande Dufault is a professional Canadian artist, recipient of numerous awards and active on the national and the international art scenes. She is among the artists who have been promoting contemporary art on the international stage in countries such as Spain, Belgium , France, Italy, Romania, the United-States, Brazil...winning at the same time international awards. In 2011, she was selected by the prestigious “Société nationale des Beaux-Arts’’ in France to participate in the annual Salon SNBA held at the “Carrousel du

Louvre” in Paris. In July 2012, she was awarded a bronze medal at the International Contemporary Art Competition in Constanta Rumania and in 2013 she received a gold medal in Rome Italy. She was represented by WWAB at the Red Dot Art Show in Miami in 2012 and at The Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art in Las Vegas in 2013... Rollande Dufault is listed in: “’Biennial Guide to Canadian Artists in Galleries” by Art Magazine ‘Art, Canada “Atim’s Top 60 International Art Masters 2013’’ by ArtTour International Magazine, New York, ‘’International Contemporary Art Masters’’ Volume 6 by World Wide Art Books, California & (vol. 9 to be published)... 118



“Don’t be Afraid I’m here with you” - Acrylic on Canvas, 31.5” x 23.7”

“Golden Roses Garden” - Acrylic on Canvas, 31.5” x 23.7”

Rosae Novichenko was born in Brazil in 1960, lives and works in Curitiba. She is an internationally renowned artist, international master of painting and photography. She is also a musician, composer, poet and actress. She has received numerous awards, has made exhibitions, publications and her works are worldwide. As a multiple artist Rosae aims to reveal, in many ways, life and unity in all things; the interrelationship between all universes, parallel and multidimensional worlds, inside and outside of man. According to Rosae, the search for the true essence is the Art of the Light Era, which snatches us for extra physical plans - and reveals our human nature in its entirety.

“Oracle” - Photography


“Crystal River” - Photography


SEONAID ROSS WWW.SEONAIDROSSART.COM Art-making is a journey of personal discovery. Italy has become my muse. The landscape, the ancient buildings, the scented air and rolling hills, the spectacular wildflowers in an array of vivid colours, the language, the relaxed lifestyle, the regional music and opera, all make my heart soar. Painting involves all the senses. Every painting I create tells a story about the wonders of nature, the gifts of mankind throughout the ages, the slower rhythms of life and the moments frozen in time. The experience of developing a landscape is one of joy, delight, learning and freedom. My subjects move through memory to the canvas by way of the heart. I remember exactly where I was, every detail − the time of day, the music, the lustre of the Chianti grapes outside my window. Every time I finish, I can’t believe how much time had passed; I wish that it would never end. Fortunately, there are always more paintings waiting within me; art has opened up my world.

“Glorioso Spazio” - Acrylic on Canvas, 24” x 36”

“Cipressi e Colina” - Acrylic on Canvas, 24” x 36”

“Libertà sul Ponte” - Acrylic on Canvas, 24” x 36”

“Nocturno Sul Ponte” Acrylic on Canvas 24” x 36”




“Pope John Paul II” The Great One Wood Sculpture on unique piecenatural color Year 2005 Pedestal on Marble Macchiavecchia - Measure 12”

Sergio Rapetti was born in Acqui Terme in 1944, where he resides. A Self-taught artist, he started his artistic career in 1984 ....... You can read the important meaning of his work and accolades in the pages of his website:



“In the Midday Sun” - Oil on Canvas, 29.5” x 29.5”

“Mysterious” - Oil on Canvas, 32” x 40”

S t u d i e s at Fre e A r t S ch o o l H e l s i n k i , S ch o o l o f S a c re d A r t s N e w Yo rk , NA FA , S i n g a p o re Group exhibitions(50) Finland; Heinola Art Museum, Mikkeli Art Museum, Mikola Art Museum, Vaasa; Kaapelitehdas, Sanomatalon Mediatori, Gallery Fogga, Gallery AVA, Gallery Laterna Magica, Gallery G18, Helsinki; Gallery Otso, Aarni, Culture Center, Espoo; Suomen Joutsen, Gallery Nefret,Turku ; Beijing, China; Florence, Ferrara, Milano and Rome, Italy; Moscow, Russia; New York, U.S.A; Singapore; Fuengirola and Segovia in Spain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Arab Emirates. Solo exhibitions (30) in Art Galleries in Finland; Cortona, Italy;London, England and Fuengirola, Spain. International Art Fairs in New York Manhattan; Paris, Nice, France; London, England; Biennales in Florence Italy, St. Petersburg, Russia (2011,2013)



SIMONA DRAGOMIR WWW.SIMONADRAGOMIR.COM “Painting is a relief mechanism for the pressures that build inside me with the passage of time. It allows me to escape reality and to transform the world around me into snapshots designed to stimulate the human mind towards new avenues of interpretation. I drive inspiration from my rich imagination via my subconscious mind. From there, unpredictable visions of ideas appear like fleeting lightning bolts, leaving me with the task of translating them into works of art. My dramatic approach is influenced by the mood bestowed upon me by the state of our society and its overindulgence on materialism, ignorance and violence.

“We are nature” - Acrylic on Canvas, 30” X 30”. Regardless of how much we consider ourselves removed from nature, we are simply a link in the food chain.

My primary mediums of expression are acrylic and oil on canvas of varying sizes. My color choices are a metaphor for the human condition and bare a direct correlation to my emotional state of mind. They vary between warm, dark, inviting, dramatic or a combination suitable for the moment.”

Simona Dragomir is an American artist born in 1985 in Romania. In 2009, after obtaining her graduate degree in Engineering, she moved to the United States where she fully expected to pursue a career in the realm of science. Her life took an interesting turn at the age of 26,when she discovered her artistic side and decided to begin her journey of learning and creating art, expressing her vision via the use of surrealist motifs. Simona currently lives and works in Seattle, where she is constantly expanding her portfolio with increasingly complex paintings which merge nature, history and human behavior. Her work on the effects of global warming was exhibited at Whatcom Museum's Nature in the Balance group show in 2013. Simona's latest public showcase took place at ArtExpo New York in April, 2014.

“SaboANTage” - Oil on Canvas, 12” X 12” Sometimes we do little things that sabotage and hurt our relationships with other people in irrevocable ways.

“Who is the thief?” - Acrylic on Canvas Panel, 18” X 24” Imitating nature leads to discovering our inner strength.



THOMAS T. THOMAS Thomas T. Thomas is currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area and has developed an intense passion for painting, creating wonderful canvases filled with color, light and movement…… “I started painting because I had this intense desire to express my feelings in color and shapes. For me painting is spiritual and cleansing, always creating a path to renewal of body and soul. My inspiration is drawn from nature, my day to day experiences and by music, where music is the driving force that brings everything together. Each painting captures my emotional state and represents a broad spectrum of “Spring” - Acrylic on Canvas moods, from happy and lyrical to sad “September Sunset”- Acrylic on Canvas and dark. The colors represent the richness of harmony, the brush strokes are the melody and the shapes represent rhythm and meter. When I begin a new painting, I never know what direction the painting is going to take until it is finished, always listening to the painting tell me the direction it wants to go, and so the act of painting is totally spontaneous. My primary motivation is to create a work of art that engages the viewer’s imagination….creating the conditions for a continuous state of discovery.”



“Midnight Dream” Mixed Media, 20.5” X 25”

“Dream” Mixed Media, 20.5” X 25”

“Dreamy” (Given to a day dreaming) Mixed Media, 20.5” X 25”

Born in Nigeria, Uchenna Odukwe emigrated to the United Kingdom in his youth, Now living and working in London,Odukwe continues to fuse his African and European influences to develop an unmistakable visual lexicon. Uchenna Odukwe draws on the eclectic imagery, color and mood of his African cultural heritage and by his sophisticated eye for contemporary design, to create a unique form of Abstract surrealism that is uniquely his own. Inspired by dream and African drumming and dance, two of the continent's oldest surviving traditions, Odukwe plays with line, color, and movement to create vivid paintings that spring to life with vital energy. Swirling, curling, and dancing across the canvas, Odukwe's graceful lines take centre stage in his works of varying abstraction. Although many of the artist's works delve into total abstraction, many others depict elegantly simplified figures, but each work, conjured in dreams, expresses the artist's deep philosophical musings and inner psychological workings.




“Green Power� Digital Mix (Photograps projected and blended on original details of Painting). Original (only one piece) Print on Acrylic Plexi.

with wood, foam or other materials. The artist also started a second line for hospitality and business, a concept, blending his own photographs, while projecting on details of his own paintings. Horses, historical buildings, birds, cars, sports... They all inspire him!

“Top of Dubai� - Digital Mix (photograps projected and blended on original details of Painting). Original (only one piece) Print on Acrylic (Plexi), 55.5� x 83�

Vincent Messelier is born in Kortrijk, Belgium on the 6th of October 1967. He started painting in May 2006. He is a completely self-taught artist who’s very passionate about his art. Vincent paints from his heart and soul with some jazzy music on the background. Depending on the moment or his mood, some other music can also inspire his work.

He exhibited in New York, Dubai, Paris, Brussels, Bruges, Den Haag, Amsterdam, Bari, Barcelona, and has also been asked in Berlin, Los Angeles, Palermo, Milan, Las Vegas, Toronto, Firenze, Lisbon and Casablanca. The artist also appeared in several books, as there are ‘Contemporary Masters 2012’, ‘Important World Artists 2013’, ‘I segnalati’, ‘Artisti’, and ‘International Contemporary Artists’. He also works on customer demand.

In March 2011, he decided to sell his cash-collecting office; he had started up in 1992 and chose to live his real passion... Art! In November 2011, he became a member of “Dubai Art Center� where he exhibited his works and: & ) also kept his own art studio. In April that year, he exhibited in New York City, at the Broadway Gallery. He developed his own style, called “Meridianism�. P **7 Vincent uses pallet knives and in his artwork, vertical

and horizontal stripes and lines refer to the worlds’ meridians. He uses acrylics, sometimes combined

“First impression of Russia�- Digital Mix (photograps projected and blended on original details of Painting). Original (only one piece) Print on Acrylic (Plexi) 63� x 86.5�


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