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In Loving Memory of Pollyana Pickering Paul Uyehara


Letter from the Editor-in-Chief Dear reader, I strongly believe we come from a place of pure joy and we are on this Earth to fulfill a purpose. I also think our purpose is directly linked to our passions, the language through which the universe reveals to us our true purpose or calling. The artists in this book are individuals who have stayed true to their calling, brave and steadfast, always aiming to better themselves and to create the best piece of art. We call them master artists, I call them angels on Earth. I once had a dream that transformed my life. I was shown a room with many artists creating artworks of all kind. When their works were ready, a voice guided me to a window. When I peeked through that window, I could see the cosmos, the stars, the universe. I saw strings from which all of the artworks we had created were hanging, like the strings you see in Italian backyards when the ladies hang their clothes to dry. It was beautiful to see all those artworks hanging out there in the void. Nothing but art. Everything was filled with color and art as far as I could see. All of a sudden, I heard a voice speaking directly to my heart without making a sound. This voice told me I was looking at one single masterpiece that was created and added to every time an artist created an artwork within this realm. This conglomerate, single masterpiece grew each time an inspired artist fulfilled his or her purpose. Therefore, the fulfillment of one's purpose is not a singular, personal event but a contribution to the realization of human purpose as a whole. That dream was a beautiful message that revealed a wonderful truth sent by my divine source, or what you may call the soul, spiritual guide, or God. My work as a curator and Editor-in-Chief of ArtTour International Magazine has taught me so much about the real nature of the similarities in some artist's works. Individuals that work from opposite corners of the world sometimes find themselves in art created by someone else. I believe that we are one, one energy manifested in many universes projected as different forms of art, style, technique, and color, but all created by tapping into the same higher consciousness, the same divine essence. Think of the artist's media as a language communicating one single message. No matter what words you use to express it—"I love you," "Je t'aime," "Te amo"—the core message remains: LOVE Being inspired allows us to swim in a universal flow of energy, to tap into our true self and create through language, music, dance, painting, writing, teaching, and engineering—whatever the mode of delivery might be—so that we can express the message others need to hear, sing the song others need to hear, build the bridge we need to cross, and paint the artwork the viewers need to see. As we enter an era of transformation and spiritual awakening, I hope this book will bring light into the darker moments in your life. Art is inspiration, and inspiration is divine. The secret from the master is his or her connection to that divine inspiration during the creative process. These artworks are beautiful messages from up above. Open your heart, let it be touched by the abundant source of love you will find inside the pages of this publication. Take your time to enjoy it again and again. I promise that each time you do, you will discover something new that speaks directly to your heart. Also, feel free to reach out to the artists, as they have a lot more to share. I have inspired and transformed by the creations of these amazing master artists, and I'm grateful for the honor of working with them. Enjoy the ATIM Top 60 Masters of 2019. Stay inspired!

Viviana Puello Founder/CEO ArtTour International Publications, Inc.



Yadira Roman, Amy Marsh, Adam Christensen, Avery Small, Melissa P, Yadira Roman, Realk Wriart, Dean Kab, Steve Joel Emmanuel Power, Steve Joel

Katrina Sevilla

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"Viviana’s Dream" Oil On Canvas By Barbara Tyler Ahlfield

988 Columbus Ave


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“Organic Explorations”

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“The Sacredness Of Life”

“A Leader Through Creativity”

David Truong

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“Raw Imagery”

Cecilia Del Toro - Susan Kadish - Susan N. McCollough - Svetlana Sintseva - Victor Body-Lawson - Victoria General - Viral Padiya - Wendy Carmichael Bauld - Zahir Uddin Babar

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Katrin Alvarez

“Capturing Stillness”

Patricia Karen Gagic

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“The Inner Face Of Women”

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Mieke Van Den Hoogen

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“Vuelo A Los Andes” (Fly To The Andes) by Viviana Puello, 2012 Oil, Sand, 24K Italian Gold on Linen, 60”x40”

THE MASTER AND THE MASTERPIECE “For the creation of a masterpiece, a human part must passionately commit and engage in the task, but it is also important to allow the divine part reign. That’s when a great artist becomes a master. The master uses everything that has collected through human experience to create a masterpiece. The master artist allows the spirit to pick up the pieces of his/her being, the heartbreaks, the pain, the loss, the joy, the bliss – all facets of the master’s identity combine to create the energetic new. Such an inspired work touches people and evokes feelings – it becomes an instrument of healing – not only for the troubled and downtrodden but also for those already on their healing journey. That is the intention of spirit to bring art into to this realm.” - Viviana Puello


Barbara Tyler Ahlfield

“Dramatic, Evocative, and Emotionally Layered Portraits”

“Viviana’s Dream” Oil on Canvas, 60"X48"

"Fashion is definitely a great influence… I love drama, dramatic posing, and lighting” - Barbara Tyler Ahlfield


by Viviana Puello

merican master artist, painter, and illustrator Barbara Tyler Ahlfield delivers the essence of pure glamour; the award-winning artist has gifted the world with a broad spectrum of true-to-life portraits reflecting a delicate blend of dramatic, classical, evocative, realistic, and emotionally layered strokes. The high realism depicted in her work stems from her sketching and re-sketching a subject orchestrated with details, textured layers, pigmentation, forms, models, props,

live music, and wine. Art is something she not only creates, but lives. Ahlfield moved from a flourishing career as a fashion illustrator to the field of fine arts. Her experience with fashion illustration has influenced her work as a painter, becoming the thematic and technical foundation of her contemporary work. The concepts of beauty and glamour, the origins of her inspiration, are quintessential in her paintings.


"Shrimp Taffeta” Oil On Canvas, 60”X36"

"Bobcat” Oil On Canvas, 36”X24”

Her signature painting method is rooted in her fondness for romancing with human facial expression and modern allegorical posing. With a strong foundation in professional art training, this American portraitist continues to hone her skills. Ahlfield's scenes convey a world of fashion and elegance. She has combined her love for fabrics, style, and painting in a natural progression, which has led the artist to develop a series of works that explore the various textures of lace, silk, velvet, and other fabrics. Her paintings capture the tactile qualities of velvet, the rich luster of satin, the feel of taffeta, and the nostalgic, crispy texture of vintage lace and floral patterns, taking the viewer on an indulging journey of romantic fantasy. Painting thinly and sparingly and applying glazes, the artist acquires the appropriate values, colors, and softened edges, finding power in the accuracy of her portraiture. She prefers the use of graphite pencil combined with India ink line, colored pencil, watercolor, gouache, and oils and applies highly saturated, vibrant tones of pigment in delicate textured layers with masterful use of light, shape, tone, color, texture, and form. Cont. Next Page

"Svora Borzoi Babs" Oil On Canvas, 60"X48"



With a strong foundation in art training, Ahlfield studied at The Ohio State University, Columbus College of Art & Design, and the Schuler School of Fine Art. As a fashion illustrator, her roster of clients has included very recognized firms like Coty, Carlisle, Dillards, Foleys, Garfinkels, Hutzlers, Joskes, Lord & Taylor, Marshall Fields, Marshalls, Nordstrom, and J. Wanamaker's. As lead fashion illustrator for Lord & Taylor, she saw her double-page illustrations in the Sunday edition of the New York Times. “I have been honing my skills in ‘romancing’ the human face and form for many years . . . my expertise is in capturing my subjects at their beautiful/handsome best, while still being instantly recognizable with their essence intact.” Cont. Next Page

"Forsythia And Tulle" Oil On Canvas, 60"X48"

"Jewel" Oil On Canvas, 60"X36"

"Pink Prowl” Oil On Canvas, 60"X48"


"Vapor” Oil On Canvas, 60"X48"



During her extensive career, Ahlfield has received several honors including the NORMA award for lingerie advertising and cosmetic advertising, the Seklemian award for reflective color advertising, the Federated Dept. Store advertising award (Lazarus Division-three consecutive years), and she is a member of the Society of Illustrators. She was named one of the top 50 new international artists by Art Business News magazine in 2014. This year, Ahlfield has been chosen as an "Artist of The Year" at the Top 60 Masters Awards by ArtTour International Magazine, an honor presented to her during the ATIM Masters Award at the Museum of Art and Design in New York.

"When I approach a blank paper or canvas my aim is to create something beautiful, inspiring and memorably unique.” - Barbara Tyler Ahlfield “Matador With Fireflies” Oil On Canvas, 30”X40”

“Veruschka” Oil On Canvas, 36”X36”

“Cheeto #2” Oil On Canvas, 24”X24”


“Mark With Slapshot” Oil On Canvas, 30”X40”

Be it newspapers, group shows, art fairs, exhibitions, or musing art galleries, this world-class representational artist has been featured coast to coast for her work. Recent exhibitions, such as “Once Upon a Time in New York City” and "The Essence of Beauty" at The Viviana Puello Gallery in New York, highlighted her skillful delivery in creating one-ofa-kind high-fashion portraits, continuing to surprise her audience with new inspirations that find their way onto her canvas.

“Debi, Brock & Jazzy” Oil On Canvas, 36”X48”

Barbara Tyler Ahlfield creates dramatic, evocative, and emotionally layered portraits that are whimsical and profound, elegant and refined, technically accurate yet spontaneous. She captures the psychology of her subjects through harmonious compositions that emanate intimacy, delicacy, and strength.



Hélène DeSerres “Organic Explorations”

“New Beginning” Fine Art Photography


by Viviana Puello

orn and raised in Montreal, Canada, Hélène DeSerres is an awardwinning artist, photographer, jewelry designer, and sculptor whose work revolves mostly around natural themes offering the viewer the splendor of our natural world.

A world traveler, Helene DeSerres shoots expansive scenes of mother nature in different countries capturing flowers, birds and sometimes finding people in their natural habitat as her subject, transforming images into great compositions of light, color, boldness, and ever-evolving form. Her pieces are lush with color, wistful and thoroughly engaging. DeSerres photography captures the texture and movement in flowers and delivers a spontaneous twist that invites viewers to a new world of organic exploration. Using realistic imagery as her focal point and masterfully balancing light and shadow, she gives new meaning to usual floral patterns and transports nature enthusiasts to a world of inspiring beauty. By capturing the essence in her subjects and the vital elements in the background, DeSerres brings to life timeless images breathing life into dying flowers by capturing them as a beautiful record for posterity Cont.Next Page

“New Beginning” Fine Art Photography



“Windblown” Fine Art Photography


before they are lost and time. She uses soft, delicate shades in some of her works while adding highlights or directing the viewer’s attention to a focal point on others. Heavily influenced by her natural surroundings, Deserres is in the forefront against the destruction of wildlife’s natural habitat and the overall preservation of the environment. Deserres heartfelt love for nature becomes her drive to campaign for the conservation of our ecosystem. How has the world around you inspired you to advocate for environmental conservation? “I’ve been concerned about the world around me, i.e. environment, for the last 45 years. Was “granola” before most people around me. I lived on a farm, had a compost heap, and still do. Always concerned about the quality in foods, even had a

health food store for a while. I went to a school run by nuns. They taught us not to waste, to reuse things, what we now call recycling. It is part of me and stimulates my creative juices. It is what I am. I can’t say I am part of activism, I am just what I am, and it somehow is reflected in my work.” Your work travels through the shoes of many, what is it about travel that influences your work? “Anything and everything I see and experience becomes printed in my subconscious.” What role do you think art is taking in the healing of our community right now? “I hope art touches the subconscious in those that see and appreciate it. It won’t affect those who do not see any artwork,

“Transformed” Fine Art Photography


“Purple Heart” Fine Art Photography

unfortunately. Healing is a long process, it cannot be measured. Also, I don’t know if it works, except for art therapy.” Hélène DeSerres follows the totality of nature in her artworks presenting a body of work that evokes vibrancy and intimacy on every image, continuously luring her viewers in from a place of love, honesty, and commitment.

“Pink Lady” Fine Art Photography



Cecilia Del Toro “The Sacredness Of Life”


by Viviana Puello

ecilia Del Toro, Princess to the Royal House of Samu Samu, embarked on an exceptionally unique path in the arts after a successful career as a doctor and surgeon in her mother country of Colombia. Del Toro's work reminds us of the sacredness of life and brings us a message of peace combining symbolic elements that make a visual map of mind, body, and spirit. With masterful use of line, shape, and form, soft textures matching smooth blends of vibrant colors bring to life mesmerizing

compositions that depict the celebratory mood in her subjects. Del Toro renders her figures with a sense of confidence and bewilderment focusing on humanitarian topics through sensitivity to emotion and connecting to religious deities as the messengers of her vision. Her work portrays a profound perception of the planet's natural elements, partnering nature with surreal depictions of otherworldly channels in communication.

“Loving Soul” Oil On Canvas, 36"X48"


“Look Inside My Heart” Oil On Canvas, 24"X48"

Her recent honoring to this message is seen in “ Happiness Buddha,” her adroit use of ebullient spirited colors with joyfilled imagery invites feelings of love, peace, and goodwill within the viewer. She has an exceptional way of melding bright colors with dancing light, creating a shining alloy of

“The Wedding Kiss” Oil On Canvas, 36"X48"

radiance in her paintings. When asked about the inspiration for her art, she responded, “I get inspired by anything: climate, seasons, flowers, animals, landscapes, faces, a thought or simply imagining how beautiful the world would be if everything was united by love.” Cont.Next Page

“Happiness Buddha” Oil On Canvas, 30"X40"



“Thinking” Oil On Canvas, 24"X30"

“Living In The 5Th Dimension” Oil On Canvas, 30"X40"

“Woman Wearing A Flower Head” Oil On Canvas, 24"X30"

“Reflecting the Light” Oil On Canvas, 24"X30"


“Royaltie Woman” Oil on Canvas, Mixed Media and Collage Made With Pieces of Silver, Gold Tone, Gold Leaf, Swarovski Crystals and More, 36"X48"

Cecilia Del Toro seeks to convey a transient state of mind and the transitory quality of our existence by bringing our focus to what matters most, what is real, the power of oneness, unity, connectedness. Del Toro’s work seeks to go beyond the subject's figure to reach the deep layers of spirituality and emotion that lies beneath.

Del Toro's artistic work has been exhibited and continues to be shown in museums and galleries worldwide. She has received numerous awards. Some of her paintings are part of the Permanent Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts of Southern Nevada.

“Divine Carrier” Oil on Canvas, Mixed Media and Collage Made With Pieces of Silver, Gold Tone, Gold Leaf, Swarovski Crystals and More, 36"X48"



David Truong “A Leader Through Creativity”

“God Still Live In Your Life” Oil On Canvas, 50 "X68"


By Yadira Roman

ietnamese born master artist, David Chinh Truong is a humanitarian leader who turns to his creative talents to spread awareness against violence. Rural landscapes, populated with familiar people going about their daily lives are depicted in much of his work, along with a message of optimism which is illustrated with vibrant and earthy colors infused into imaginative subjects and coupled with the natural beauty of the environment he has visited on his life’s journey. He exhibits sharp detail in each soft line, combining modern approaches of realism while matching this with impressionistic cityscapes. He introduces a modern perspective, to traditional master techniques.

and hope that he learned in the crucible of a Hong Kong refugee camp. After his time there and in Vietnam, he finally obtained the freedom he sought so long, and the feelings he took from that time of struggle have been reshaped into a passion for presenting hope and faith in the artistic content of Cont. Next Page his canvasses. Having roots deeply grown in his Christian

David Chinh Truong subtly includes symbolic subjects along with great leaders in our global history that promoted transformation, peace, and power through creativity and wisdom. His journey had its beginnings in a struggle towards personal and spiritual freedom, and these rich lessons find themselves communicated exquisitely in the expression of his paintings. Many of which carry the message of perseverance “God Teaching” Oil On Canvas, 50 "X68"


“The Last Supper” Oil & Acrylic Mix, 60”X100”

“Happy Day” Oil On Canvas, 26”X36”



“Happy Day For God Bless” Oil & Acrylic Mix, 26”X36”

“Holly Day Full Moon” Oil & Acrylic Mix, 80”X80”


“Young Girl In The Homeland” Model Miss Ho Ngoc Hang, 24”X36"

faith, there is a prayerful rhythm in his work, that causes viewers to pause and consider his images with a more profound contemplation.

Many of his works have sold at auction and funds are given to support humanitarian relief efforts in Nha Trang City. Truong has also received recognition for his passion for saving and preserving the natural environment of the planet and acknowledging his efforts to utilize artwork to accomplish this all-important task. davidchinh-truong

“Full Moon In Italy” Oil On Canvas, 24"X36"

“Two Faces Of The Life” Oil On Canvas, 50"X68"



Katrin Alvarez “Raw Imagery”

“How To Shoot a Shadow” Oil on Canvas + Objects, 20"X24"


by Yadira Roman

ver a successful career spanning almost fifty years, German master artist Katrin Alvarez has delighted and inspired critics and fans alike with her honest, raw, surrealistic oil paintings. Exhibiting an exciting blend of expressionism and surrealism, Alvarez encapsulates otherworldly and often triggering images using a counterpointing realistic composition technique; and now, her work has evolved to engage another generation of enthusiastic admirers.

A raw voice in contemporary art, Alvarez' success roots to her methodical approach to painting, creating her surreal, oneiric and many times dystopic artworks that promote many conceptual themes focused mostly on social topics ranging from the overexposure to technology to the exertion of power unto others and especially the denouncement of child abuse. Something she explained in her own words in a recent exclusive interview for ArtTour International Magazine. Cont. Next Page


“Cold Prayer” Oil on Canvas + Objects, 33"X45"



“The Doubter" Oil on Canvas + Objects, 18"X24"


“For nearly 15 years I tried to make the most horrible crime a little bit more visible through my paintings: Child abuse. Probably I could make a few people think about it, especially about the low penalty, but my work will not change anything. I am not loud enough, not famous or important. The little innocent victims will never have the chance for an unencumbered life. Such a wound destroys the ability to trust and love for the whole lifetime, and it will never heal.''

A storyteller through both visual art, and writing, Alvarez holds a unique approach into how she expresses her narrative and taps into a mentality that relates to those who have had mirroring experiences from her own. Her work loudly voices the many channels and stories streaming through her mind, while her soft texture and warm hues create a smooth arrival and emotional release for the topics at hand.

Katrin Alvarez' striking often thought-provoking subjects, rendered in vivid colors and precise brush strokes, evoke dream imagery and defy natural interpretation. Showcasing her groundbreaking style in “Cold Prayer" Alvarez’s use of rich, vibrant background color against the paler figurine-like human characters immediately captures the interest of the viewer, invited to explore the surrealistic connections to the consuming addiction further, and a kind of slavery, to the world’s use of technology. Her inclusion of technical hardware within the painting drives home the message in a palpable way.

In 2018 ArtTour International Magazine recognized Katrin Alvarez' as the Artist Of The Year, an award which crowns the many successes of her career as an artist, and activist using her art to take a stand against child abuse. Another significant achievement which complements the journey of this master artist.

“This Very Special Moment" Oil + Ball Pen on Canvas, 34"X34"



Mieke Van Den Hoogen “The Inner Face of Women”


by Robert Solo

etherlands abstract ceramic master Mieke Van Den Hoogen creates powerful and dynamic sculpture work represented by the abstraction of forms, emotions and naturalistic elements. Van Den Hoogen creates the space for women to take an important role in her work, she expresses her ceramic figures to be ''the inner asymmetries'' created in fragments that reveal all the delicacy and fragility of her subjects. Van Den Hoogen’s work highlights the physical results of the experiences brought upon women and how the female figure embodies joy, pain, and the daily impacts of life itself. She uses clay as the raw material and relies on its adaptability and malleability to showcase the continuous evolutions of the inner character of her subjects combining the roughness of clay, Cont Next Page





ceramic, the intensity of the primary colors as well as ancient Indian and African processing techniques. Mieke Van Den Hoogens' art goes beyond classical female portrayal, as she is uninterested in focusing on the common traits to be considered as a woman's essence and beauty. Her choice in symbolic representation is abstract and each sculpture unique to its message. She has a genuine taste for shaping clay and reduces the work by incorporating color and strings to drive home her message. She believes that an image shouldn’t be seen as an empty vessel. ‘’The body isn’t a vessel, but rather a fragile vessel that is only held together by thin ropes and threads.’’



Patricia Karen Gagic “Capturing Stillness”

“Dedicated to Ned” Mixed Media, 30"X40"


by Yadira Roman

orn in Canada, Patricia Karen Gagic is an accomplished contemporary artist and an award-wining author. Gagic’s work is a representation of her dedicated study of the human experience, mind, body and spirit. Through her photography and mixed media paintings Gagic creates a graphic account of her spiritual odyssey of

identity and self-discovery she wishes to share. To her, art is “the essence of life and each moment lived is a brilliant masterpiece”.

“Beyond” Mixed Media, 36”X24"

“Road to Freedom” Mixed Media, 48"X48"


“Dancing by the Purple Moon” Mixed Media, 60"X48"

Her style can be classified as abstract expressionist adopting a colorful guise blending various hues in genteel synchrony. These paintings are engaging and immersive, never failing to capture the eye and heart of her followers. Some of her work is in monochrome; these highly complex and sophisticated

“Artistes Dans la Fenetre” Mixed Media, 36"X48"

works highlight Gagic’s meticulousness and showcase her willingness to explore various techniques. The human figure is often a primary subject portrayed in her photography and paintings. This works to strengthen the themes she wishes to relay in her work and embellish her message. Cont. Next Page

“Seduction Phase” Mixed Media, 36"X48"



“My hope is to share in the voyage with each canvas as it is my journey alone. For those who walk along side with me, I can only wish they will see the beauty within themselves.” - Patricia Karen Gagic “The Path” Fine Art Photography

“Whispers Inside Whispers” Mixed Media, 36"X36"

“Under the Purple Moon 11” Mixed Media, 48"X48"


“Cosmic Strings” Mixed Media, 40"X40"

Spirituality is at the epicenter of each collective, touching on subjects that transcend the physical world and dive into the supernatural. This goes hand in hand with her lifestyle as Gagic practices Reiki, Feng Shui and Mindfulness to name a few. Her career is immersed in discovery and challenging the mysteries of what creates beauty, finding this in the very shadow work she portrays in her photography – capturing the stillness in each movement, representing duality in the physical.

“Morpheus” Mixed Media, 30"X36"

She expresses her joys in this lifelong observation, “I am continually amazed at a depth of evolution which takes place. The balance between being in the moment and finding the truth or safe is the necessary impetus to reveal the wisdom within”. Mentored by Dragan Dragic from France, Gagic has mastered the contemplative approach to art which forms the basis of her work.

“The Dance of Love and Compassion” Mixed Media, 40"X40"



A.C. Lindner

“Nautilus” Oil On Panel, 12"X12"


by Yadira Roman

rawing inspiration from all that echoes pure beauty, award-winning artist A.C. Lindner creates masterful compositions with the utmost attention to detail using old master oil painting techniques.

Lindner, originally from Austin, Texas, is recognized for her mastery of chromatic harmony, tonal balance, and disposition of picture planes which showcase her virtuosity as a still life, nature and portrait artist. Her evocative works consist of vibrant and awe-inspiring still life, landscapes, and animal portraits that capture the quintessence of the resplendent beauty around us with flying colors.

composition of her oil paintings thrives on carefully planned arrangements owing to her keen sense of observation and a sharp eye for texture, tone, and color. With her distinctively expressive brushstrokes and balanced use of bright colors that blend perfectly with the background's spectral tones, Lindner creates captivating works brimming with the radiant beauty of different subjects from everyday life.

Lindner hones her technique by painting on wooden panels with thin, smooth layers of oil paint, instilling her work with a sense of timeless beauty and idyllic simplicity. The

“Cavalier King Charles Spaniel With Flower Basket” Oil on Linen, 20"X24"

“Border Collie” Oil On Linen, 18"X14"

Aase Birkhaug


“Heavenly Roses a Rendezvous” Tempera Painting on Canvas With Gold Flakes Amsterdam, 12"X16"


by Yadira Roman

orwegian artist Aase Birkhaug skillfully combines her knowledge for the healing abilities of roses, and her vibrant color palette to create intentional art for her clients. Birkhaug finds inspiration the aesthetic beauty of roses where she blends Asian and European influences into a substantial and highly-detailed form. The rich textures and soothing strokes are due to her choice of mixed media using aquarelle, tempera, gouache, oil, acrylics, and pastels. Her background in physiotherapist and her love for nature motivates her paintings which seek to promote mindfulness and boost the soothing effects of meditation. With a keen sensitivity to light, she highlights the mysteries hidden within the flowers, masterfully capturing the convergence of shadows, gesture, lines, and texture to come up with genuinely emotive works.

her continuous research and practices into what affects nature has on a person's mental structure throughout the process of self-recovery and discovery.

“We often search for the answers to our questions and believe the complicated answer to be the solution of the complicated question. It is not always that way if we use the words of the English Association of Healers: Healing is gentle, simple and effective.”

“I have been asked several times during the recent years from people looking at my paintings, how do you do it, how do you paint, do you teach, do you have seminars and can you teach me so that I can be a better painter. I do not teach or have painting classes at the time being may be I will do it in the future. As you have seen from my paintings in the book “The Rose Garden“ you will notice that I have many different techniques, materials and expressions. Where I feel most “at home“ is when I paint semiabstract paintings where some of the details in the painting is diffuse and other details in the painting is more clear. This is where I want to be in the semiabstract field of painting also together with good colors that give a feeling of joy. The meaning of the colors and the impact that the colors give in a painting is very essential for how the painting will appear“ - Aase Birkhaug

Birkhaug often turns to warm colors with the soothing essence of a welcoming sunny day. Her work is the result of

“Rose Felicite Parmentier” Watercolor and Tempera on Paper, 4"X6"

“Rose in Universe” Watercolor, Tempera and Gold, 4"X6"



András Mengyán “Polyphonic Visual Space”

“Traveling of Light I-VIII” Acrylic on Canvas, 39.5"X39.5"


by Steve Joel

ndrás Mengyán sets out to harmonize the simultaneity and sequential nature of events in his visual geometric language he calls "Polyphonic Visual Space" or "Simultaneous Spatial View." Born in Békéscsaba, Hungary, Mengyán’ form of expression materializes in threedimensional interactions of geometrical shapes that take the role of storytelling. His works are a thorough and introspective analysis of nature that goes beyond the surface and delves further into the laws that dictate its very presence

“Interactions I” Acrylic on Canvas, 98"X80"

expressing through the rhythm, movement, structure proportionality in a language of precision we know as geometry. Apart from these works, he has also created in charcoal and acrylic in his earlier years. Mengyán’s message focuses on the contrast of order and chaos; his compositions reflect a subjective summary of a myriad of possibly chaotic happenings while also reflecting unity with geometrical abstractions. Colors are also an

“Interaction VIII” Acrylic on Canvas, 98"X80"


“Polyphonic Visual Space” Painted Aluminum, UV Light, 264"X120"X102"

integral part of his work as they convey the feeling of these events, fusing with lines and shapes to complete his vision. Mengyan has grown progressively as an artist bringing light fixtures into his recent works. His current interest in the light spectrum has enhanced his work and embellished his visual language with fairness and accuracy. His stories are compelling and an inspiration to many.

“The Mystic 17D Twin Space” String, Painted PVC Tubes, UV Light, 142"X106"X71"

“Programmable Laser Bonfire” Glass, Sound, Laser Animation, 22"X16"X16"


“Caballo De La Sabana” (Fuerza Interior) - “Inner Strength” by Viviana Puello Oil, Sand and 24K Gold on Linen Private Collection

CREATIVITY “I believe that being creative is our duty. We are not only entitled to live an inspired life – but we are also called upon for the betterment of all humanity, to live a life filled with inspiration and unleash our full creative potential, so that our combined divine energy can bring to light the good that we can all use to make a difference in the world. Think of yourself as that light that shines in the dark. We are called upon to shine, to feel the urgency to move forward, to accept our gifts and be grateful, and to offer them back to the universe with unconditional love.” - Viviana Puello


Agnethe Maagaard

“The Promised Land” Glass Sculpture


by Amy Marsh

anish glass artist Agnethe Maagaard is now a dominant name throughout the U.S. for her unique sculptural works and innovative themes. Maagaard has a passion for transparent glass art and her playful experimentation with American art glass, Bulls Eye and German glass is visible throughout her frosted, mottled, and transparent glass works; with versatile lace patterns, golden effects, and symbolic representational figures. Her methods and techniques entirely rely on the imported glasses blended finely into her curated shimmering palette and mattered boxes. Her profound expression and ingenious skill bring forth the “LIBERTY” series. Within this narrative, she exhibits “The Promised Land” representing the seven serrations of The Statue of Liberty sharing the story of ships that sailed across the seven oceans towards a better life. “The Torch of Liberty” enlightened the World, an inspiring reminder of the rich history that made New York a diverse, and opportunity-filled center point in the world. With observing eyes and artisanal instinct spanning over two decades, Maagaard has developed her signature trend of patterns, space, structures, layers, and surfaces. She honors that her glass sculptures are made exclusive and one-of-a-kind with themes that are continually evolving around common issues and creatures, both living and non-living.

“The Torch of Liberty” Glass Sculpture

“The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” Glass Sculpture

“The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” Detail


Banjerd Lekkong

“Great Lion” Metal Sculpture, 33"X31.5"


by Adam Christensen

hai metal sculptor Banjerd Lekkong possesses the gift of creating and embodying a futuristic vision while honoring the past. A skilled and innovative thinker, he hones his vision of incarnating religious depictions enmeshed with the Thai art and literature in the light of his perspective of unity and interconnectivity, unseen and contemporary. His sculptures are a rich narrative of many smaller metal sculptures, connecting to create one — the very essence of connecting our resources, of manifesting the bigger picture. His work reflects his passion and fascination for Thai mystical figurines, Buddhism, and stone edifice. Most of his grey steel and iron works in standing, dancing, flying and other lively poses conceive their structure from hundreds of thousands of smaller entwined bodies with endless curves of metal ropes

“Ganesha 16 Hands” Metal Sculpture, 29"X16"

and coils. They are so intricately intertwined with the central sculpture image that an illusionary experience is brought upon his audience, enticing the visual senses. Moreover, these small human-like figures depict a different story than the full sculpted figure. This style of art, in particular, evokes the discerning eye to look at the timeless ancient sentiments from his own eyes. Each of Lekkong's wrought masterpieces blends his creative efforts at forming symbolic figures that radiate power, poise, grace, perseverance, energy, action, and reality as a whole, with no discrimination between art, symbol, and story.

“Thai Hanuman Makes Fun Of Bali Hanuman” Metal Sculpture, 27"X22"



Bo Mi Jo

“The Power of the Present”


by Yadira Roman

he Power Of The Present,” is the powerful message delivered by Korean born, New York-based artist Bo Mi Jo. With a successful background in brand designing, she uses her knowledge in design, and mindfulness practices to create s o f t , i nv i t i n g , a n d t h o u g h t provoking geometric depictions of everyday experiences. Gentle textures with acrylics on canvas, support her intentional use of space and depth. Jo uses subtle hints of vibrant tones to enhance the essence of her very message. Combining these elements with muted colors, and color relation therapy she offers a breath of fresh air for her audience. The hustle, and bustle of life as a New Yorker seems to inspire her to recreate the quiet, intimate, and highly treasured moments found in transitions, nature, and swift thoughts.“ Sugar Sky” reveals her ability in mastering space and movement through separation and parallel alignment of her shapes, providing a unique expression of an airy, natural

“Light Up Wishes" Acrylic On Canvas, 36"X60"

element. Jo uses spheres as the pattern observed in all her work, upon viewing these shapes and the delicate lining, it is clear she holds excellent knowledge on how to influence mindfulness. The forms work as a point of focus, inviting her audience to be present, and experience the emotions that gently come up due to her smooth transitions, giving a moment to breathe before catching ones own individual reaction. A familiar name among collectors, she has gained great success on all ends, working as a positive contribution to inner peace.

“Winter Breeze" Acrylic On Canvas, 36"X60"


“Sugar Sky” Acrylic On Canvas, 36"X60"




Brian Rock

by Viviana Puello

ward-winning artist, Brian Rock utilizes a variety of objects and techniques to create works that convey strong sentimentality, promote healing and expose hidden depths in the human condition. Inspired by his life experience, Rock creates abstract expressions of memories, moods, thoughts and his environment. His unique technique of hand mixing his mediums directly onto the canvas, allows Rock a direct contact with the audience, imprinting his memories and sharing his healing process on each one of his paintings. Making use of mixed media, Rock's work shows remnants of war, dirt, glass, ash, wire, nails, bullet casings and shrapnel. Applying colors as well as found objects to create conceptual compositions, importing representative references that maintain a connection with reality and focus on a more direct view of our society. These influences can be seen in artworks like “Journey” and “Playground,” the latter being an amalgamation of objects and painting techniques that result in a compelling, bold image. The viewer who comes in touch with his work is directly experiencing this context, as the background themes have a profoundly social character that observes contemporary society.

"Playground" Mixed Media, 29”X39”

back as a veteran, he is active with several charities, being of contribution to his community through empowerment and creativity. Rocks work is the open expression of uncertainty in healing, and he continues to live his truth through it.

All this complexity behind the work of Brian Rock can be seen as an honest, and vulnerable testimony of his life's journey, a statement which is of significant influence as it leaves an open invitation for others to relate. Rock uses rich warm and chromatic colors, with inviting textures showcasing his world within ours. Using his art as a source of healing, Rock is vocal about the definite influence art has had in his life during his journey of overcoming trauma. Living with the desire to give

"The Road To School" Mixed Media, 36”X60”

"Pastoral" Mixed Media, 18”X24”


R.W. Bud Lichtenwalner

“Trout Season” Colored Pencil, 14"X11"


by Yadira Roman

ontinuing his American land inspired series, R. W. ( B u d ) L i c h t e n w a l n e r, expands, and ignites his connection to nature through his beautiful colored pencil landscapes. His role as an architectural illustrator has a significant influence on how exhibiting true to life and rich in detail drawings has become so natural, and home felt for him. With a keen sense of light, never-ending depth, and skillfully shadowing, his landscapes provide the experience of a peaceful moment in nature. It is clear Lichtenwalner has an innate understanding of how natural elements compliment

“Moonrise Reflections” Colored Pencil, 11"X14"

each other, this is seen in his masterful layering of both water and land. “Autumn Afternoon”, and “Moonrise Reflections” offer inviting cool tones, where light becomes the factor that enhances its realism. Soft skyscapes become the complimenting branch to highlight the dedicated detail in the plants portrayed, following movement influenced by Lichtenwalner's astounding ability to use shading as the tool to do this. His work is inviting, tranquil, and influences an inner dialogue of clarity as he shares his intimate moments with the night and day skies, giving his audience scope of the rushing rivers, winded flowers, and the abundance of trees that join him.

“Autumn Afternoon” Colored Pencil/Watercolor, 11"X14" (Framed)



Anne D. Grandin “Touching the Roots”

“Mahale” Acrylic, 36"X24"

"Movement and harmony are important to me. My work is spiritual and I try to raise anyone looking at my work to a higher, emotional level." - Anne D. Grandin


by Yadira Roman

nne D. Grandin’s work explores the connection of all life forms in synchronized harmony. The American artist's inspiration draws heavily from Native American culture, especially its emphasis on evolution. Grandin’s works can be best described as abstract expressionist, her primary media of choice are oil paint and acrylic on canvas. An astute mastery of color is instantly recognizable in her paintings. A careful selection of various

“Aquinnah” Oil On Linen, 48"X48"

hues and skillful blending of gradients create a dazzling combination of both realism and mysticism rife with emotion. With organic shapes and lush colors, Grandin depicts the movement and harmony of natural forms in their spiritual essence. The shifting and ebbing of theses shapes portray a supernatural euphony; her drawings culminate in a simple message of peace.

“Masai Youth” Acrylic, 36"X30"


“Kilimanjaro” Acrylic On Clayboard, 30"X40"

Some of her work takes on forms where natural elements interact in unique ways. Her scope of imagination is limitless, and she is not afraid to challenge the ordinary. Thematically focused on spirituality, Grandin’s works aim to lift the observer to a higher state of perception, to raise one's emotional level and allow an intrinsic understanding of nature. Visually pleasing aesthetics and organic, earthy colors draw the viewer closer to nature, Grandin’s exhibits stunning waterscape and landscape paintings. She has also written a book entitled," Circle of Life – A Spiritual Journey of an Artist and her Message of Peace."

“World Peace” Oil on Canvas, 18”X24"

“Acacia Tree” Acrylic, 24”X30"



Caren Akers

“Bull” Acrylic on Canvas, 30"X40"X1.5"


by Atena Thompson

xposed and introduced to the vibrating world of art by her mother, American artist Caren Akers has created an impressive career brimming with captivating visual textures, evocative brushstrokes, and vivid colors. Living in south Florida is the source of inspiration for her vibrant works that expressively capture the eclectic patterns and chromatic nuances in both nature and architecture. Continually rotating the canvas as she applies layers of paint, Akers paints her deconstructed and ethereal abstract works from all sides, and this is the reason why she loves creating abstracts. Akers distinctive gestural style of painting enables viewers to similarly explore and experience her immersive

“Ethereal” AcrylicOn Canvas, 30"X30"X1.5"

ethereal abstracts, such as the tranquil " White Water" and the effervescent "Pandora," by turning the paintings and discovering brand new ideas from different perspectives. Caren Akers also encompasses palette knife boasting rich textures and bright, bold colors as well as a high- fashion collection of original, one-of-a-kind art bags. These new crafts with a practical function are meticulously created by cutting and reconstructing her paintings. Akers' style of art-making is continuously changing and evolving with every artistic delivery that bears her signature.

“Pandora” AcrylicOn Canvas, 54"X54"X1.5"


Christian Bakker

“Untitled 18-217” Acrylic On Canvas, 47"X39"

"I'm a man who believes in love. My works try to represent my way of seeing the world, nature, people, everything from an optimistic, loving and over all happy vision." - Christian Bakker


by Yadira Roman

cuador-born, Christian Bakker offers a spectrum of skill sets from his leadership, study, travel and humanitarian contributions. With a welcoming and captivating approach to light, Bakker’s abstract work exhibits extensive technical skills with varying metric vibrations and tonal values, tapping into surrealism, depicting a committed inner faith with symbolic metaphors wrapped in aesthetic designs. Christian Bakker has mastered different techniques of expressing his rooted love for nature and humanity. Having studied, and worked in different parts of the world, the artist finds inspiration in life experiences that emanate from joy for simplicity. He took on the role as Vice President of Sustainability for twenty-five years for the biggest food and agricultural company in Ecuador. This experience gave him

“Untitled 19-226” Acrylic On Canvas, 47”X39"

access and opportunity to work with The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), Global Pact, and the United Nations among others. Bakker is a devoted man of faith who speaks into his personal beliefs through his work, he often paints and designs his sculptures with an intention to recreate a unique and optimistic perspective of seeing the world, people and nature. He is an internationally accomplished artist who’s looking forward to exhibiting more of his work in various parts of the world.

“Untitled 17-145” Acrylic On Canvas, 39"X39"



Christina Thomas


by Yadira Roman

hen Christina Thomas turned to painting to help her through a period of severe illness, she never thought it would turn into a career path. Ten years later, Thomas is an accomplished contemporary artist, who has carved out a niche for herself in abstract expressionism. Under the tutelage of several instructors, Thomas has transformed. Thomas' paintings are an ensemble of various hues carefully interspersed and freely distributed to draw curious emotion from viewers. Her works explore spirituality, open expansiveness and a mysterious harmonizing of joy and sadness in a attempt to inspire unity. She aims to understand the inexpressible mystery of life and highlight the pervasiveness of emotion. She uses various stroking techniques to significant effect, including the wet-to-wet technique and gradient blending on her warmer colors. Her dreamlike landscapes as she calls

"Unapologetic” Acrylic, Tissue And Ink, 20"X20"

them are an invitation to calm stillness and silent meditation with the hopes of discovering one's self in the process. For more info contact:

"Spirit” Acrylic, 18"X24"

“To Frieda With Love” Mixed Media, 16"X20"

Dave Weindorf



by Athena Thompson

merican artist Dave Weindorf is profoundly fascinated by sacred writing systems, runic inscriptions and cave drawings. He has created vividly expressive works that bestow upon his audience a powerfully evocative and compelling slice of ancient history, scripts, and symbols. Weindorf has a special affinity for watercolor and frequently mixes it with acrylic enamel, ink, and oil-based stains on canvas, foam core board, and clay panel to enhance his abstract expressionistic works' textural and tonal effects, dimension, and versatility. Weindorf works intuitively, allowing his enigmatic compositions to come to life and evolve organically, through clean lines, rich textures, and bold chromatics. His painting technique consists of applying layers of paint, from pastels to intense hues of yellow, red and blue, and blend until the desired, contrasting background is achieved. This process is followed by his distinctive line work that encompasses old marks, sacred symbols, and primitive geometric shapes. Weindorf's innate artistic eye coupled with his extensive studies of the Viking age of Scandinavian history and runic

“The Pianist” Acrylic Enamel and Watercolor on Canvas, 24"X30"

alphabets, used for scribing Germanic languages as well as cave art and mystical hieroglyphs used in ancient Egypt has enabled him to expressively capture such ancient, mysterious signs in his deeply symbolic compositions.

“Zodiac” Acrylic Enamel, Glazing and Watercolor on Clay Panel, 48”X36"



Jani Jan J. “The Language Of Form”

“Seeds of Thoughts” Iron Painting, Mixed Media on Canvas, 12"X16"2"


by Lili Aster

iving and working in Vienna Jani Jan J. is a self-made s c u l p t o r a n d m o d e r n - d ay abstract painter whose artistic genius focuses on color and shape manipulation while using different media to achieve this. Paper, wood, iron, glass, mixed colors, charcoal, and stones are some of the materials he works with when creating sculpture forms, and picture drawings. He has been known to collect both resources, and idea inspirations from different cultures mostly through his world travel r e fl e c t i n g h i s i m p r e s s i o n s , a n d perspectives of his many encounters with people. Jan J.'s work is dynamic, approachable and invites dialogue.

thoughts to his art, a humble and grounded man who lets his work do the talking. Honing into his intuition, education and creative tools, Jan J. delivers vibrational images filled with life in color. Experimenting with a wide variety of materials and forms, Jani Jan J. pushes boundaries exploring endless possibilities

Jan J. has a background in Art Therapy, and based on his exploration of movement on canvas there is a seemingly intentional fluidity in the structure of his subjects. Each is very much alive, and traveling through the individual lines depicted by Jan J. Using various modes of language to deliver his messages such as geometric shapes, mystical motifs, and color therapy; He leaves his expansive “Seeds of Thoughts” Iron Painting, Mixed Media on Canvas, 12"X16"2"


“Seeds of Thoughts” Iron Painting, Mixed Media on Canvas, 12"X16"2"

in his two and three-dimensional compositions. Upon first glance, viewers are bewildered by the variations in color, texture and the fusion of materials that dominate his thought provoking works. Jan J. presents the viewer with compositional elements featuring shapes that merge and coexist capturing the spirit of the human form using contrasting elements with an exceptional level of playfulness making his works very engaging without losing their vibrant character.

"Art is a powerful tool - I am convinced that the music of colors is moving people, that the language of forms makes people discuss with each other. Art is infinite in its diversity, constantly working with colors and forms, and thereby the inner dialogue, let me continually discover -Jani Jan J. something new."

“Synapsia” Iron Painting, Mixed Media on Wood, 16"X24"1"



David Barkby

“Buckeye Burl Wall Sculpture” Wood, 58"X63"


by Athena Thompson

riven by his life-long passion for natural wood and its intricate grain patterns, American wood artist David Barkby has taken the craft of woodturning to contemporary art; Using a large lathe and a suite of hand tools, he passionately creates awe-inspiring burl wood wall sculptures by masterfully turning buckeye, walnut and redwood burls. Barkby's one-of-a-kind, three-dimensional works reflect the rarity, density and unique, beauty of highly figured, idiosyncratic burl wood. Prized for its wild, unique grain, burl wood is tough to turn on a lathe. Measuring up to ten feet in diameter, burl wood wall sculptures meticulously created by Barkby represent truly incredible feats, the result of his impressive artistry, painstaking effort, dedication and keen attention to details.

“Buckeye Burl Wall Sculpture” Wood, 118"X108"

Boasting timeless sophistication, rural charm, inviting warmth and modern flair, Barkby's unique decorative wall art incorporates the natural edges of walnut, redwood and buckeye burl wood and its rich, distinctive contours, chromatics, tonalities, and textures. Barkby is based in Dover, Pennsylvania and serves as a juried member in woodturning at the state level. He specializes in custom wall sculptures and furniture.

“Redwood Burl Wall Sculpture” (Triptic)" Wood, 14”X99"

Diane Roy


“Habitat” White Cotton, 39"X39"X39"


by Melissa Peters

anadia artist Diane Roy's artistic expression represents an intricate reflection of the natural world, plunging into the abysmal depths of our natural environment with every piece of fiber art that she creates. Her fiber sculptures encompass allegorical representations of marine life, organically installed using an anthropomorphic approach and a variety of materials including cotton, synthetic fibers, linen, nylon as well as recycled fishing nets.

colonies of coral polyps are alive yet fragile, Roy brilliantly captures these shallow water formations in all their glory and splendor. At once, the fiber artist emphasizes the importance of realizing our negative impact on these underwater ecosystems and striving to protect and preserve them for the sake of our planet. Diane Roy lives and works in Vancouver, British Colombia.

Fueled by a heartfelt passion for all that inhabits the tropical oceans and beyond, Roy makes effective use of her instinct, finesse, and sensitivity to pay homage to endangered ecosystems and at once increase awareness of eco-friendly practices. Over the years, Roy has developed specific techniques to create her fiber sculptures where pre-industrial weaving, bending, knotting, and crocheting is superbly interwoven. Coral reefs, which provide habitat for the most diverse ecosystems on our planet, are a leitmotif in Roy's fiber art. Her ability to capture these symbiotic relationships comes to life in awe-inspiring floor pieces such as "Habitat" and "Passage." Using white cotton to symbolize that the majestic

“Umbilicus” Recycled Material, 47"X35"X35"

“Morel” Synthetic Fibre, 8"X8"X14"



Dominik Albinski


by Athena Thompson

ith a keen interest in expressiveness, true-tolife dimension, and m ove m e n t , c o u p l e d w i t h h i s devotion to the intrinsic, and perceptual qualities of bronze, Polish /South African artist Dominik A l b i n s k i c r e a t e s fi g u r a t i v e sculptures that emulate human and animal nature. The award-winning sculptor's masterful use of clay, molten wax, and bronze coupled with his distinctive approach to sculpting enable him to achieve an impressive, realistic sense of movement; and instill living spirit into his anthropomorphic and animal representations. Mentored by the celebrated British sculptor James Butler, he uses a suite of techniques and materials to bring his figurative sculptures to life. Mastering the complex process of creating bronze sculptures, Albinski models his compositions using clay, a material that brilliantly records the movement of his hands, and casts the bronze using the lost-wax method of casting which involves making a rubber mold. His patinated bronze sculptures "Lioness" and "Cheetah" depict the beauty, swiftness, and social behavior of these

“Rose” Bronze, 24"X24"X16"

majestic yet conservation-wise vulnerable felines that inhabit the savanna. The distinctive patina of these spirit-filled figurative works encapsulates the motion of his hands. Born in South Africa, Albinski studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland and Sciences Po. in Paris. His monumental bronze sculptures grace both private and public collections across the globe.

Dominik Albinski

“Madness” Bronze, 64”X24”X24"

“Young Woman” Bronze, 12"X8"X6"


by Yadira Roman

Donna Bonin


onna Bonin is a passionate admirer of nature and a renowned watercolorist whose paintings are inspired by her experience as an avid traveler, and her beliefs of life and human connection. Her brushwork depicts a vibrantly malleable, patient and keen artistry. Bonin's work is a creative transformation of the beauty and serenity we often see in our adjacent surrounding. It’s through her solid play with colors, texture, and emotions that she conveys the everyday image, message, and feelings to her viewers. Her style of painting is representational since most of her paintings are derived from real object sources. Most recently she has alluded to where our world as a collective is standing through “Coming Together”. She uses acrylics to create a symbolic visual religious and social compassion inviting her audiences to unite and be the embodiment of unity that is reflected in her work. “Womb of Time” delivers Bonin’s signature watercolor strokes while exhibiting thought provoking imagery of Mother Nature’s surviving caves. Delicate lining and warm neutral hues hold an inviting focal point to depict the scene. “Remember” is a warm kiss of Bonin’s well known representation of flowers in their natural state. A loud yet subtle movement in the breathy texture is captured in this welcoming view of these plants coming to,

“Coming Together” Acrylic, 16”X20"

“Womb of Time” Watercolour, 27"X21"

and reaching for the sun. Her audience is given a sensory experience into their very own Spring Awakening. Bonin is an active painting instructor hosting classes in her favored source of inspiration, nature itself, and welcoming her students to discover their gifts through warm sunsets, the study of clouds, and the ever so alluring transition of seasons.

“Remember” Watercolour, 22"X27"



Jeesun Mo “Lyrical Motion”

“Dream of Concert” Digital Art, 46"X36"

"Man lives on a finite earth, wants to go to an infinite universe, and wants to see and to feel. I also want to express the new world of my infinite possibilities through my paintings. Freedom of time and space, harmonious matching of colors, lines and some forms of chunks, and new vitality through the growth of the artist's thinking and the changes of the times. I have used computers and digital technology to bring vitality to my works, and my analog drawings inspired musical inspiration and it was able to bloom love and energy." - Jeesun Mo


by Saylena Arnold

orean painter and art lecturer Jeesun Mo is a headturning personality in the niche of abstract art. With the use of geometric composition, she makes every new series a chapter of lyrical motion. An exploration into the tangled intricacies of her chosen shape, color, and configuration is probably the best-kept-secret behind Mo's work. MO orchestrates a perfect balance among her mixed media paintings, oil portraits, analog paintings, and digitized ones. It's her implementation of acoustical accuracy and the ability to mix technology with fine arts what has revolutionized the style she adopted for her creative work. It's the rough frame of her irregular human figure line and layer that she carefully transfers into moving visuals to manifest a dynamic impression. When taking a closer look at her works, every vivid illustration seems to have stemmed from her endless quest for a new world, a spiritual one, which brought together imagination, independence, enthusiasm, “Korea Fantage” Digital Art, 59"X59"


“History Messenger” Oil Painting, 295"X98"

affection, limitless opportunities and timeless memories, all heavily influenced by the transition of time. She insists everyone look at her canvas from a liberal perspective and offers no precedence nor arguments.

“Dream of Myth” Oil Color - Pancel, 26"X18"

“Spring Picnic” Digital Art, 59"X59"

“Beautiful Time” Digital Art, 59"X59"



Durga Garcia

“Recognized Works of Durga Garcia” Handmade Artist Book, 9"X6.5"X1.5"


by Emmanuel Power

urga Garcia is a renowned fine art photographer who combines her unique storytelling and surrealist images to produce fine art portraits in their natural, organic and muted color tones. Garcia is well versed in various art specialties; from conceptual to figural photography, head shots to animal portraits. She has an unsuppressed connection with the dazzling emblem of femininity where she narrates beyond the theme of care, empathy, kindness, and sensitivity. Garcia creates images that not only capture and draw in her audience; but provokes their thoughts inviting them to become aware of the precise nuances created with tints of monochrome and earthy colors. Garcia's careful craftsmanship can be seen in her most recent endeavor her handmade Artist Art Book. Each page handmade by Garcia herself, as she patiently allowed for them to each dry during the winter season. The process of bringing it all together was a journey within itself as she searched until landing upon a traditional skilled historical bookmaker in the Netherlands. Although it is a grand display, as well as a narrative of her career, the book within itself is also her art. Every lining, hinge, and decision in the creative process was to bring forth something that embodies what she has dedicated her career as an artist too. ''My main desire is creating that epic portrait, embracing animals, important locations, dynamic landscapes, and skies.'' -Durga Garcia


“Girl With her Peacock” Limited Edition Photograph, 30"X24"

Ganga Duleep



by Atena T

rawing inspiration from Manhattan's distinctive architecture and effervescent urban life, American artist Ganga Duleep instills the pulse and quintessence of New York City into every electrifying urban landscape painting she creates. Her expressionistic mixed-media cityscapes on brushed silver present vibrantly textural, powerfully illuminated and chromatically rich experiences of the hustle and bustle as well as the dynamism of the world's financial, media, and cultural hub. The striking grid patterns of Duleep's light-filled urban landscape dioramas expressively reflect the architecture of New York City's skyscrapers and iconic landmarks. Making effective use of a bright, bold color palette, expressive brushwork, and an array of tones and textures, she manipulates light with great panache, adding an exciting dimension to Manhattan's skyline that draws-in her audience.

“Jannat” Oil On Aluminum, 24”X24"

Brimming with sublime luminescence, her vibrant works mix realistic architectural presences with strokes of bright paint to heighten their 3D sense of space and dynamic, eyecatching light effects to create a sense of movement and capture the effervescence of the city in all its glory. Duleep brilliantly highlights the grandeur of Manhattan's architectural masterpieces by contrasting the mirage effects of the city streets and blurriness of the vehicles with the visual dynamism and vividness of the high rise buildings; her work also encompasses portrait and nature and landscape paintings.

“Josh #1” Acrylic On Linen, 30”X36”

“Sayonara” Acrylic On Linen, 48”X48”



Heidi Fosli

“Breaking Traditions” Oil on Canvas, 24"X39"


By Athena T

harged with emotional resourcefulness, lyrical integrity, and subtle symbolism, Norwegian artist Heidi Fosli’ s figurative abstractions evoke interpersonal relationships in the wake of social and political turmoil. Her floating anthropomorphic representations are intimately connected to and molded by social phenomena, norms, and contexts. Fosli's work has an emphasis on vibrant color palettes in line with the best Scandinavian chromatic tradition, rich textures, and juxtaposed, thick brushstrokes, creating her oil paintings with a sense of depth perception that blends reality and abstraction. Fosli combines colorist painting, impasto and contrast effects with an ethereal figurative line in open compositions that superimpose the timeless and the timely.

Depicted as a mere "room," society, as well as its norms, traditions, and constraints, are dominant themes in Fosli's figurative abstractions. "Breaking Traditions" depicts the imbalances in interpersonal relationships caused by broken traditions, which eventually contaminate the proper bounds of society. Fosli's expression reflects the interplay between the human condition and the social framework. Her ability to create masterpieces that transcends time and space and at once adhere to the here and now has cemented her place in the world of contemporary art.

Howard Harris


by James Tailor


oward Harris brilliantly combines technology and art to expand the experience of photographic art. Working on dimensional photography images, he displays his work on various layers of acrylic and metals. Harris' work traces to his skills in visual art, chaos theory, and quantum physics. He creates a unique and impossible to repeat experience for his audience. Harris' digital art involves a process of photographic construction where a single abstracted image is layered over itself on a clear acrylic surface before it is superimposed on a grid. The bottom image is often reduced in size such that the whole piece creates a parallax effect. He then duplicates the parallax image in the viewer’s vision using negative and positive space. The result is an image that shifts in space and changes color upon each movement the individual viewer makes. Given a distinct environment, viewing angle, hanging position and lighting situation; a rather static photograph becomes a dynamic moving image.

“Our World” Print on Aluminum & Acrylic, 30”X36"

What message do you wish to share with your audience? ''Visual reality is an ever-shifting, highly individualized experience. In any given moment, what we see reflects both our inner state and synthesis of outer qualities—light, color, movement, space. My exploration in dimensional photographic art represents an attempt to recreate the perceptual experience, with its dynamic nature and hidden complexities.''

Harris explores dimensional photography with an intention to recreate the complex emotional experience while capturing the moment and inspiration behind the image presentation.

“My Eye” Print on Aluminum & Acrylic, 30"X30"

“Hospitality” Print on Aluminum & Acrylic, 30”X36"



Jerry Venditti “Stardust”

"Stardust" Oil On Canvas, 34"X30"


by Yadira Roman and Viviana Puello

merican painter and social activist Jerry Venditti is recognized for his meticulous technique embodied in his personalized spiritual endeavor and profound message to take care of our planet, and those inhabiting it. Venditti’s delicate oil paintings render imagery with the utmost attention to detail, further drawing the viewer into his new reality. Subtle yet provocative, the artist coaxes the viewer with his artistic visual representation of his works while playing with significant themes of environmental conservation, the loss of innocence, morality, and peace awareness. What feels precious becomes a cultural exploration, inspiring the audience to rethink their relationship to the subjects of his paintings.

experience. Each dramatic brush-stroke is intentionally manipulated to blend his lifelike imageries with his canvas; his compositions offer impeccable attention to detail of his work and a vista of third dimension luring his viewers to reach a state of illusion. A warm reminder of the support and impact made through action, ''Stardust'', is a reflection of historical trailblazers in

With masterful color application and an excellent drawing technique, Jerry Venditti adds narrative to every scene; his works capture interactions between cultural characters, nature, words, creating compelling stories that offer an honest look at the issues crippling our society in current times. Venditti follows his intuition as it inspires his work that breaches topics concerning all aspects of the human "Why?" Oil On Linen, 24"X16"


"Fox" Oil On Canvas, 22"X16"

American History, an inspirational view of the very essence in the art that created a movement for change. This modern fusion leaves cleverly covered messages like "Some more star than dust,” "We are the world," "Imagination more valuable than knowledge," and features the creative genius like Einstein, Micheal Jackson and John Lennon. Venditti reveals this recent composition as an addition to his continuous efforts to spread social and environmental awareness. In partnership with his son Jayce Venditti and wife Deenie Venditti, he has created A Face Of Change, ''a charitable non-

"Kestrel Hawk" Oil On Canvas, 16"X12"

profit organization. AFOC intends to create sustainable systems that promote our planet's health & longevity. '' Jayce Venditti, the founder of AFOC, a Face of Change, is writing, producing, directing and acting in a film about the effects of PTSD. AFOC, in collaboration with Cammies & Canines (CAC), another nonprofit organization, is launching a fundraiser on April 27th, in San Diego, CA, to help win the war against Veteran PTSD and homelessness. The release of AFOC’s short film titled the “ENTRENCHED PROLOGUE” is to help create the momentum to fund the full movie “ENTRENCHED’’, with the intention of bringing awareness to the public. Jerry Venditti is a passionate master artist in love with life, peace, nature, animals, and colors, all of which he incorporates into his artwork. His story is still unfolding, while he keeps voicing his message with each brushstroke. Venditti is an excellent demonstration of innate talent, ongoing exploration and artistic mastery embodied in a bighearted and a beautiful soul. For ArtTour International Magazine, it is an honor to present him as the cover story of Spring 2019 with his masterpiece "Stardust". We hope you enjoy it, but above all, receive his message of peace and inspiration.

"We poison our sweet water; We cut down our green trees; The food we feed our children, Is the cause of their disease...." QSMS "Pollinator" Oil On Canvas, 14"X12"



Hsi Chun

“That Night” Watercolor, 11”X8"


By Yadira Roman

si Chun is a contemporary painter born in Taiwan whose works are relatable to many across the world, and having an active presence on Instagram, he shares his daily creative journey with his audience. He can be found with his sketchbook in hand meandering his way about different locations, enjoying the pure bliss of life.

Inspired by what is considered common everyday events, Hsi Chun captures the moments in time through his brush. Young in age but very experienced in skill, Hsi Chun displays influences from impressionism that bring us back to an earlier time. His use of space is characterized by an excellent ability to portray profound perspective, paying unmatched attention to detail bringing out every element in the frame, in a manner that resembles how the human eye would view subjects in real life. It is this skill that makes his works relatable to many

“Let's Cook” Watercolor, 7"X7"

accompanied by his warm choice of color use and romantic strokes his art invites a home like feeling. Hsi Chun studied at the National Taiwan University of Arts. Using the tools, he attained from his studies and combining them with his vision Hsi Chun's bridges modern art with past art movements. On a journey to connect to the world that surrounds him, it is clear Hsi Chun has accomplished his very desires through the moments he shares in each brush stroke.

Huang Hsi Chun @hsichunh

“Goody & Bubu” Watercolor, 8"X11"


Janice Alamanou


by Melissa P

ombining her photographic virtuosity with her deep-rooted poetic vision and innate sensitivity, British fine art photographer Janice Alamanou adds a rhapsodic dimension to the art of capturing photographs, creating lyrical epiphanies that enhance the viewer’s perceptual experiences. Alamanou’s subjects are portrayed in a symbolic, ethereal and otherworldly fashion through her creative manipulation of light, focused on reflecting a light that shines from within. The Norfolk, UK-based artist has gained international recognition for her distinctively poetic photography amalgamated with precious metals such as gold and palladium and printed on Hahnemuhle fine art paper. Using a suite of techniques including long exposure photography and neutral density lens filters to produce the desired effects that are nearly impossible to replicate using digital manipulation, Alamanou’s photographs glisten with lyrical emotions and glow with genuine meaning. The anti-war slogan ‘Make Love Not War’ is symbolically portrayed in “To Mopw (To-morrow),” a unique piece of art on aluminium with a distinctly poetic aesthetic imbued with social connotations. The title of the photograph is a play with English and Greek words (“To Mopw” is Greek for “the baby”). The surreal, evocative effects of the woman’s womb inside a

“The Firefly” Unique Mixed Media, Photograph With 24Ct Gold And Palladium - Hand Gilded, 28”X22” (Framed)

womb conjure up deep emotions, drawing in the viewer. The field of poppies serves as a symbol of Remembrance Day, further conveying the message of peace. Specialized in both colour and black and white fine art, portraiture and landscape photography, Alamanou owns her exclusive gallery in Norfolk, England. “To Mopw (To-morrow)” Unique Photograph On Aluminium, 40”X29.06”

“Sirens” Unique Photograph, Hand Gilded With Palladium, Framed, 39”X30”




Jarl Goli

by Melissa P

ntranced by the perceptual and emotional properties of color, Norwegian artist Jarl Goli is a veritable storyteller who paints soul-stirring narratives that emanate from the inner pulses of revelations about his own life experiences. The selftaught artist's distinctive painting style involves the manipulation of color in its literal sense. Goli works intimately with the paint, using his hands to absorb its sensory features that inspire him to pour his innermost emotions into the canvas. Using mixed media, and a suite of painting techniques, Goli exhibits work wherein his figurative, anthropomorphic representations are encapsulated in vibrantly expressive, chromatically rich, and densely textured abstractions, An expansive fusion of multi-layered oil and acrylic paints, Goli's massive, 2-meter piece "Imamen Finds Peace" evokes the light at the end of the tunnel through highly animated, feverish brushstrokes, rich textures, and vivid, bold colors. The story of Imamen overcoming struggles and finding inner peace is chromatically depicted by contrasting intense reds

“La Vida Goli” Acrylic and Ink on Watercolor Paper, 19.69"X25.59"

“Heavens Peace” Acrylic And Ink On Watercolor Paper, 19.69"X25.59"

and blues with bright yellows, suggestive of the aura of the Higher Self brought about the union with the Holy Spirit. Golis generosity of spirit extends beyond his emotive artworks, sharing his gift with people of all ages who want to learn how to express their inner emotions artistically. Goli lives and works in both Norway and Spain and conducts powerpoint workshops across the globe.

“Imamen” Acrylic, Oil and Ink, 43"X79"

Jason Bryant



by Lauren Anderson

merican artist Jason Bryant has created a broad reach in his audience, and a successful career as he combines classic cinematic imagery with urban iconography influenced by his passion for Skateboarding, often igniting a sense of realism exploring social themes like loneliness, vulnerability, and frailty. His paintings bring forth traditional photography and graphic designs. Bold colors and graphics are superimposed on classically framed black and white portraits, creating nostalgic images mixed with his signature skateboard graphics This union draws two iconoclastic cultures together in a unique bond and manner. As with most of Bryant's work, realistic human depictions are the focal point, but his main focus is not the subject itself but an exploration of a broader identity, a broader reality. This effect is achieved by the interposition of the countercultural iconography which graphically breaks down the carefully cultivated image of perfection sought in the classic cinematic photo. These graphics allow the viewer to be drawn into a

“4 Days With Greta” Oil On Canvas, 30”X24”

“Nothing Left To Give” Oil On Canvas, 60”X50”

questioning of the idealism of the underlying image. He will often hide or crop out defining features or decontextualize the subject, imposing the character on an unexpected background, as of recently experimenting with the notion of murals. This technique creates a mystery through which his audience is challenged to examine beyond the identity of the character, and explore underlying emotions and assumptions.

@bryantpaintings @jasonbbryant

“Fabulously Flawed” Oil On Canvas, 36”X30”



Lucy Mattos “Female Empowerment”

“Passion III“ Polyester Resin, Silver Paint, 45"X11"X10"


“Long For My Childhood” Polyester Resin, Acrylic, Shoes, Hammock Variable Size

by Avery Small

ucy Mattos' artistic versatility gives her a distinct edge among her fellow artists. Being a painter, sculptor, and jewelry designer, Lucy Mattos boasts a considerably extravagant portfolio.

Her works revolve around a central theme of female empowerment, which she exposes and enunciates in her sculptures. She transcends the female figure not only in form but also in both symbolism and power. Each sculpture is a refinement of the species to an almost new entity beaming with elegance and pride. Using sensuous curves, lines, and concavities, Lucy Mattos recreates the woman, transforming her into a raw and unbridled force that seemingly breaks out of the physical bounds. Her works delve into the limitless potential of gender and its spiritual connection to the world. Mattos isn't shy of experimenting with new materials. Some of her most recent works involve elements like bronze, clay, wood, alabaster, acrylics and even natural fibers. Each

“Installation Untitled“ Polystyren & Polyester Resin, 82"X60"X60"


piece can be used independently or can be combined with others to match her creative impulses. Mother Nature is manifested and immortalized in her physical abstractions of the female form that capture its very essence. Her sculptures are elaborate, and an apt proficiency is easily noticed in her lines, curves and solid formwork. Some of her art installations are flooded with childhood memories, where her interest in flowers and trees is rooted. Other installations lean on the unorthodox, giving us a glimpse into the bizarre and almost avant-garde side of the artist. Contextual meaning and logic are misplaced in these works. Instead, an aggregation of mixed feelings and unrelated ideas materialize into these queer pieces that sometimes involve mannequins. She may in cooperate color into her fixtures to expressively delineate a prevailing mood or emotion. Bright colors may contrast with her dull figures to further add to the aesthetics of her pieces. Lucy Mattos has founded a museum in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she exhibits her works and those of other contemporary artists. The Museo Lucy Mattos is a doorway to the artist's world beautifully showcased in her paintings, sculptors and artistic installations. With every visit, Lucy Mattos hopes her viewers will enjoy the experience and wide their artistic knowledge. “It's My Decision!“ Bronze & Marble, 9"X3.5"X3"

“To Dali's Sister “ Polyester Resin, Lace, Wood, Natural Hair, Neon Light, 86"X55"X39"

“Eve In Heaven“ Polyester Resin, Blue Lace, Leds, 31"X9"X6"



Jessica Feldman

“In my Mind” Oil on Linen, 47"X47"


“Believe” Oil on Canvas, 31"X31"

by Yadira Roman

nspired by her numerous travels in Mexico, the United States and Europe, Mexican-American artist Jessica Feldman uses geometric shapes a n d m u l t i d i m e n s i o n a l d raw i n g m a p s t o incorporate a kinetic concept and interact with her audience on intimate topics that influence ones daily lives from the inside out. Feldman uses oil and mixed media on canvas to portray her subjects. Using a fusion of human figurative forms

focusing on movement and perspective Feldman frames her subjects in spherical-like patterns to denote the effects of technological features that now define the modern world. She creates tension in the juxtaposition of various human figures captured in their most intimate moments and the fragmented spheres and attempts to highlight the level of cohesiveness between these two elements. Chromatic tones and softer hues are the makeup of her deliberate color choice as she wishes to portray her subjects in their purest form, allowing the details in their body language to communicate the emotion. Her works are appearing in many ways as windows into the lives of different people, in both culture and sex. She wishes to focus on the power of women and the challenges they have overcome through history up until this present day.

“Reinvent Yourself” Oil on Canvas, 31”X31"

Jim Fitzpatrick


“Stone on the Dangerous Streets” Mixed Media Drawing and Photography, Available in Different Sizes and Formats


by Yadira Roman

merican artist and fine art photographer Jim Fitzpatrick has long received an international acclamation for his work, orchestrating a blended technique of his lens captures, real-life illustrations, and digital conversion. Fitzpatrick's unique approach to portrait photography often relies on his melange techniques of digital editing.

reach through stardom, become relatable to his audience with warm expressions often portrayed. Fitzpatrick created these classics using pastels, charcoals on Arches watercolor paper. It's the digitally added photos in the backdrop which make these works more one-of-a-kind and tell-tale. ‘"As someone who suffers with chronic pain I hope my works inspire others faced with their own obstacle or obstacles to fight on and enjoy the world and all its wonders."

"Stone On The Dangerous Streets" draws in attention with delicate shading and a highlighting focus on cultural representation in Hollywood. Fitzpatrick often exhibits images considered to be classic, and influential moments in film history, his recent portraits being a prime example with muted colors, and soft blending; he successfully exhibits intimate and inviting moments. His subjects once held at arms

“Profile Portrait of Liz Taylor at Sunset” Mixed Media Drawing and Color Photography, Available in Different Sizes and Formats

“Wonder” Color Photography Digitally Altered, Available in Different Sizes and Formats




Johanna Wray

by Yadira Roman

ohanna Wray is a Canadian-based artist originally from the Netherlands. She is recognized for her versatility in realism and creates using different media, form, and style. Wray is no stranger to exploring different media including acrylic on canvas, watercolor, chalk pastel, and oil on canvas. Her work encompasses a wide range of subjects such as landscape paintings, portraits, figures, and mixed media collages. Wray's tones often depict a significant amount of depth, displayed by cool hues, and skillfully applied to shade. "Miss Thrift," "Double Trouble," and "Snow Day" are among Wray's recognized selfie-portrait series. They highlight the influence technology has had on our communities over time. Johanna Wray has an extensive background in Art Education; she studied at the University of Calgary where she received her degree majoring in Fine Arts. Having had the privilege to experience the art of many European countries, including a "Study Abroad" program in Florence, Italy, she dedicated a flourishing amount of time to expand her skills and knowledge as an artist. Wray made a transition into teaching when she noticed that local schools were replacing art classes with computer labs. This inspired her to create her business, "Originals Art Studio,"

“Double Trouble” Oil On Canvas, 12”X12"

“Miss Thrift” Mixed Media on Canvas, 12"X12"

to provide a space for students to receive an art education, mentoring many award-winning young artists. Through delicate brush strokes, Johanna Wray captures intimate moments and creates a true to life picture book for her audience.

“Snow Day” Oil on Canvas, 12"X12"


Johnny E.S.J. Otilano


by Melissa P

teeped in the vast tradition of Christian mysticism, Filipino-American artist Johnny E.S.J. Otilano's work highlights the human condition, fervently conveyed using, expressive brushstrokes and a bold, vibrant chromatic palette. His soul-stirring, richly textured mixedmedia works depict engaging narratives brimming with multi-sensory imagery that encourage inward reflection. Otilanos style involves spreading layers of paint on plywood, in conjunction with nailing and gluing a variety of found objects. These include old keys, shotgun shells; aluminum can pull tabs and metal chains. Reveling in the

“Synopsis #2” Mixed Media, 48”X60"

incisive manipulation of the brightly colored paint and making the most of its sensorial properties, Otilano deploys the allseeing eye as recurring imagery throughout his thoughtprovoking work a tribute to his deceased father who lost his right eye as an overseas Filipino worker in Saudi Arabia. O t i l a n o' s m o s t r e c e n t s e r i e s " S y n o p s i s I I " a n d "Sumpa" (Cursed) straddle the fine line between abstract expressionism and surrealism, exploring the path to awakening the inner consciousness with the use of mixedmedia painting techniques. A riveting account of Otilano's personal experience as an artist, the autobiographical work "Synopsis II" is an expansive fusion of multi-layered spray paint, oil, and acrylic paint, and found objects on the canvas, wood, and plastic depicting his struggles, disappointments, and sacrifices made throughout the years as an artist.

“Cursed” Mixed Media, 35.5"X21.75"

“Dreams” Oil Paint & Mixed Media on Canvas, 30”X40"



Michelle Purves “Magical Natural Environments”

“Freedom” Oil On Belgian Linen, 71”X94”, 2017


by Yadira Roman

ichelle Purves rises her audience through a journey of clouds in her oil paintings inspired by Fauvism. Raised in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) the beauty and majesty of Africa in its rich cultural diversity, and magical natural environments, impacted her perception on the role nature plays in our emotions. Her experiences as a child in a remote village became her inspiration and activated her curiosity. To her, clouds represent the continuity of life and a gateway to the supernatural. Warm hues purposefully placed to bring forth a contemplative state; each color carefully selected to

“Elegance” Oil On Belgian Linen, 39.5”X39.5”, 2018

represent physical, emotional and spiritual characteristics people experience within themselves and others. Purves has a keen eye for light and uses it as the focal point in her work while drawing in a spectrum of colors .Her textures vary, displaying a range of individual lines and wild strokes

“Romance” Oil On Belgian Linen, 31.5”X31.5”, 2018


“Rapture” Oil on Belgian Linen, 16”X12”, 2017

blending their way in with soft, delicate clouds. Purves has a lot to say, and she does so with her brush. Her larger than life ambition is experienced through her large canvases in which she specializes in. Having established a successful career in Sydney, Australia, she has now traveled the world and exhibited her works through Zurich, Rome, Venice,

“Blooming” Oil On Belgian Linen, 16”X12”, 2018

Vienna, China, and the USA. Michelle Purves has won numerous awards, including “Emerging Artist” Monaco 2015, and is runner up for “Global Art Awards” in Dubai.

“Euphoria” Oil On Belgian Linen, 71”X94”, 2017


The official sculpture for the ATIM Masters Awards was created in 2015 by Viviana Puello. A reproduction of the sculpture is presented to awarded artists each year. For 2019, Puello has chosen to present a version of the sculpture, painted in Ferrari Red, reflecting a year full of world events that have threatened social justice and international peace. The elegant, stunning sculpture is entitled “Rising Above.� It is a 25-cm angel-like figure with open wings and extended arms painted in Ferrari Red Enamel and 24-carat gold. This unique, spectacular sculpture embodies everything ATIM stands for.

INSPIRATION Inspiration is not something that comes and goes in unexpected moments, or a force that takes over our senses and then goes away until next time. We can choose to be inspired because inspiration is being attuned with our divine self in the present moment. We can always make that choice; no outside influence has any power over that. It is a part of us that is immutable. Deep in the center of our being resides our true self. Below all the layers of human experience that have shaped our ego exists a bright star; all we need to do is to let that star shine through. We always have the choice to remain inspired. - Viviana Puello


Jung-Seok Oh

“The Extinction Crisis Humpback Whale” 98"X56"X6"

day's welding and determined to make a difference in their future wellbeing. A rich vitality in the movement exhibited through the depth of each layer brings these wild animals into the presence of urban residents.


by Yadira Roman

orean contemporary sculptor, and activist Jung-Seok Oh speaks boldly about endangered species, and the duality of life and death through his monumental series of wire welding crave animal sculptures; each made from metal and steel through a conscious practice of awareness, and caveat to save life, nature and in turn humankind as an organic part of it. ''The Extinction Crisis'' pays homage to endangered animals, the grandiosity portrayed is not just in size, but in the lively detail applied in the wiring. Oh is in a constant state of connecting to his subjects, spending his

The Extinction Crisis Wolf” Detail, 57"X67"X12"

Jun-Seok Oh is well versed in drawing, wood burning, and painting, and focuses on an excellent line work during his creative process, making line an integral part of the composition. His career took a massive turn during a close encounter with the possibility of death. The brim of fear itself ignited his choice to focus on the world, and creatures suffering at the hands of humans. With the knowledge and will to take action this acknowledgment and defense for endangered species became his life's work.


“The Extinction Crisis Gray Heron” Detail, 57"X67"X12"




“Falling From Heaven” Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, 30”X24" 2019

by Steve Joel

eroi C. Johnson, commonly known as LeRoi, embodies African historical tradition and raw ethnicity in a unique technique he dubs ‘electric primitive’. Using acrylic and oil paints on canvas, LeRoi reflects his tremendous knowledge, experiences and creative ideas in dazzling, interspersed colors. Johnson’s early works adopt a subtle

autobiographical theme that is telling of his early childhood down to his mature years. His works are a perfect blend of cubism and African, Caribbean and South American influences. A strong mastery of colors in its various hues is evident in his pieces. This coupled with ingenious geometric abstractions, broad knowledge of African heritage and firsthand experiences make LeRoi’s works stand out amongst the crowd. Johnson’s brilliant works have been exhibited in numerous art galleries in New York and all across America. His pieces speak to the heart and mind of every viewer that appreciates his creations.

“Princess” Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, 48”X36” 2019

“Untitled” Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, 24”X24” 2019



Lina Faroussi

“Each one of my paintings mirrors a different state of mind, a spiritual moment, a doubtful moment or an echo from the past, it is emotional on many levels.” - Lina Faroussi


ina Faroussi gives us a glimpse into her world through her abstract expressionist paintings that are filled with unique elements and redefined boundaries. Her artworks speak of healing, intuitions and connections. Born in Syria, Faroussi's extensive travels and past experiences have significantly influenced her work. What is the primary inspiration for your work right now? "In my series 'A parallel world within' I'm in a spiritual, relentless search for a new belief, a new world. A world, maybe parallel to ours, but existing in a different dimension — a world with no preconceptions, molds, or reasoning. I’m calling on my parallel world to be revealed, my moons to appear, and for my stars to lighten my way. I pray for harmony and a sense of oneness where my body melts and merges with others passing through walls, obstacles, boundaries, or just a pathway. It's merely a matter of perspective and a state of mind. My landscape is mysterious, yet full of promises. Rocks and mountains with no gravity or rules, shaped and flying like air balloons, reaching up to the sky, aspiring to be at the top edge of the world, waiting to be called." Faroussi is not limited to just one medium in her colorful expressions. Her paintings are made in different fabrics, and can best be described as emotional landscapes embellished with human figures in narrative unconventional compositions. by Steve Joel

“Transition” Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas, 36"X48"

“Oneness 1” Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas, 24"X36"

“Out of Your Body” Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas, 36”X48"


by Yadira Roman

Liv Babra


ounder of Studio Liv, and born in Kenya, Canadian sculptor Liv Babra is an artist, educator, and environmentalist. Liv poetically shares his emotions and life experiences through his wood and stone sculptures, tapping into traditional and stylized figures as symbolic representations for his message of environmental preservation and awareness.

Liv Babra uses wood, stone, and other earthy materials in his dedication to the topic and is intentional about every aspect of his creative process. Each layer is carved with a purpose, and there is thought-provoking meaning behind it. Babra's “Gaia's Tear” series is intricately designed to accentuate awareness of the toxic processes that our waters and lands are going through. Babra is purposeful in choosing to use water as the element that correlates with the tears - used as the metaphor of environmental pain. “Flame of Gaia's Tear” was crafted in wood and blown glass, portraying the many layers of our planet. Currently living in Ontario, Canada, Babra continues to refine his classical training and artisanal craftsmanship through human figures, Mahogany Goddesses, mural paintings, and other original fine arts and crafts, each of which have appealed to a diverse audience. The versatile sculptor draws his inspiration from the lion’s share of his childhood memories, made in the grand foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, and his professional exposure to the fine art of African carvings. Dedicating his life to feeding his creativity, as well as those of his students, Liv teaches creative thinking courses to encourage artistic risk, and mental clarity, for supreme creative endeavors.

“Gina Portrait B&W” Graphite on Canvas, 14”X18"

“Flame of Gaias Tear #2”

“Flame of Gaias Tear #10” Wood and Blown Glass, 21”X9.5”X5”



Nicholas Teetelli “The Essence Of Natural Beauty”

“Nordic Lights” Fine Art Photography, 20”X30”


by Steve Joel

icholas H. Teetelli has made a life-long commitment to capturing and sharing the world through his eye in photography, born in New York City, Teetelli is a selftaught photographer who gives passion and intuition precedence. His photographs explore a wide array of subjects and are thematically diverse. They include wildlife, rich and sprawling landscapes, seascapes, underwater and various still objects. Color and motion form the two pillars of Teetelli’s work,

“Arctic Fjords III” Fine Art Photography, 30”X20”

though monochromatic images often come into play. The spatial qualities of his work may be complemented by a contrived sense of time that may backdate photos even by centuries. He has steadily grown and developed his photography, refining his skills independently through experience. With thousands of photographs in his repertoire, his love for photography has seen him traverse the globe in search of alluring sights to capture. The essence of natural beauty is

“Arctic Fjords” Fine Art Photography, 30”X40”


“Empire Billows” Fine Art Photography, 16”X24”

realized through the lighting, textures, composition and shapes of his subjects. Teetelli is a recipient of many international awards and has had his works exhibited worldwide. He has also written of his extensive journeys and photography in his book “What’s not to Leica?”.

“New York Sunsets” Fine Art Photography, 16”X24”

“There is much beauty to behold in this world: moments that the eye captures, the wonders it sees... moments that should be committed to perpetual memory, but sadly only to become fragments of a faded recollection, or more often, simply forgotten. I draw inspiration to record these timeless and special moments, to capture them in my mind's eye, and through my lens, transforming each image so that I can share them with others in the hope they, too, may see what I see, and find equal enjoyment.” - Nicholas Teetelli “Norwegian Sunrise” Fine Art Photography, 20”X30”



Lyn Olsen

“Night Life on the Reef 1” Mixed Media, 24"X30"


by Yadira Roman

riven by a strong passion for the Coral Sea and its remarkable biodiversity, Queensland-based artist Lyn Olsen bestows upon the audience chromatically vivid, true-to-life and emotive works inspired by the Great Barrier Reef that graces her doorstep. Working with acrylic inks and paints, the Aussie artist takes a multi-faceted, intuitive approach to painting, applying color to her canvases from all angles and using her fingers to take in the sensorial characteristics of the paint. With the aid of drip and spray techniques, a palette knife and scrapers, Olsen brings her canvases to life, enhancing their depth perception to reflect the vibrancy and richness of the breathtaking coral reef.

“Night Life on the Reef 2” Mixed Media, 24"X30"

Olsen's vibrant and light-filled marine life-themed works are teaming with some of the most colorful creatures that call the world's largest coral reef ecosystem home. Explosive bursts of bright colors, rich textures, and animated, expressive brushstrokes instill life into this unique underwater realm. Immersing viewers in the magnificent beauty and dynamism of its marine life and at once raising awareness about the need to preserve and protect the biodiversity and heritage of the aquatic ecosystem off the coast of Queensland.

“Night Life on the Reef 3” Mixed Media, 24"X30"

Mague Brewer

“Dunstable I.E: Quite Clear And Straight Forward” Oil On Linen, 39”X39”



“The Spirit Is The True Self. Cicero” Oil On Canvas, 39”X39”

by Yadira Roman

n a career spanning for twenty years, Mague Brewer has delighted and inspired with her innovative, whimsical, light-hearted, and yet profoundly perceptive work. Her multifaceted images of oil, cloth, gouache, natural elements such as wood and overlays of diverse media, combined with bright and airy color schemes, offer worlds of hope and optimism, along with moments of self-reflection for the

fortunate viewer.A non-traditional painter, Mague counterbalances mixed media with vivid, lively colors, creating joyful worlds that lead one into a contemplative garden of the artist’s deeply rooted messages touching on cultural narratives, mind, body, and spirit as well as the raw emotions every human can relate to. She is self-taught and draws from the well of her personal and spiritual experiences, as well as those of her mother culture. She uses color, bending and joining it to discovered objects, composing a space where the innocence and flexibility of nature reigns, and where it positioned center stage in much of her work. This strong central message of hope comes through clearly in “Dunstable I.E: Quite Clear And Straight Forward”, “ The Spirit is the True Self.Cicero,” and “Whenever and Wherever.” Possibilities of what may be and the ever-expanding unknown of opportunity is the main message in her exquisite paintings.

“Whenever And Wherever” Oil On Linen, 20”X28”



Maija Ylä-Sahra

“A La Playa” Oil On Wood, 38.58”X30.7"


by Yadira Roman

rom Espoo, Finland, oil painter, and educator Maija YläSahra makes larger than life expressionism through portraits with a rich narrative honoring her cultural background and bringing into focus the adventure and abundance available to experience in all walks of land. She uses natural elements as motifs for her desire to connect her audience with their organic environment. Choosing wood and canvas, Maija creates her poetic wordplay that is often displayed as a lyrical narrative of movement and life.

she exhibits the culture, and cities she experiences. An adventurous creative, open to wherever her passion directs her. Ylä-Sahra's use of warm colors, and intricate lining pay homage to the ancestry rooted in both continental and painting culture, while her lively subjects exhibit a present time of unity, and discovery. Her representation of human relationships is transformative in her ability to express different truths, and realities, while her signature joy filled facial expressions are seen in all of her work.

Ylä-Sahra's travel ignites her eye for photography, and her connection and response to her travels is evident in the form

“Lucca In My Mind” Oil On Canvas 31.5"X31.5"

“The Spring Is Coming” Oil On Canvas 31.5”X31.5"


Marian S. Adcock

“Phalaenopsis Orchid Pink” Wax and Oil-Based Colored Pencil on Museum Quality Two-Ply Bristol Vellum”, 17”X14”


by Yadira Roman

ward-winning botanical fine artist Marian S.Adcock is widely known for her realistic and mystic floral, animal and landscape artistry, deeply rooted in wild nature. This portraitist from Minnesota has impressed her audience with a line of her gleaming artworks, each replicating the ethos of the ever beautiful and ethereal plant life in their most ancient originality and intricate fleeting structures. Brimming with life, and reflective depictions of her subjects, her unique strokes are curated from a palette of wax and oil based color pencils in a strikingly lyrical, and luminescent

combination and a premium grade vellum surface paper with the white or situ backgrounds.

“Orchids” Wax and Oil-Based Colored Pencil on Museum Quality Two-Ply Bristol Vellum, 14”X17”

“Two Lilies With Bud” Wax and Oil-Based Colored Pencil on Museum Quality Two-Ply Bristol Vellum, 14”X17”

Exhibiting rich attention to detail, and great depth Adcock delivers realistic movement in her drawings; resulting in fluid and loudly charismatic floral depictions. A self-taught artist, Adcock has started honing her craftsmanship after having retired. Each of her creations gives vows for rich scientific detail and accuracy. Marian S. Adcock continues to look for new skills in her niche with an array of new techniques, drawing her inspiration from the gardens of her studio and the entire Upper Midwest. Her works are widely available on display all across the U.S.



Ronald Story “In Vivid Color”

“La Promesse” Acrylic on Canvas, 36”X48”


by Andrew James

onald Story has long been active with his contemporary abstract and expressionistic landscape work, using his status in his previous career choice to expand the reach of his visual art. Story explores the relationship between bold colors, broad strokes, and saturated hues to ignite robust visual discoveries for his audience. Story’s signature style is

spontaneous, with depth, and animated brushwork. His provocative use of color and narratives inspire optimism and create stimulating abstracts for his viewers.

“Path of Exploration ” Acrylic on Canvas, 36”X48”

“Power of Will” Acrylic on Canvas, 36”X48”

Ronald Story grew up in Amsterdam, Netherlands, enveloped by art in museums and cultural art movements. These surroundings intrigued him to cultivate his innate creative talent, selling his first painting at the age of 13 and later attending Academy for Visual Arts.


“Power of Seed” Acrylic on Canvas, 36”X48”

Story uses the power of color theory to communicate a universal pictorial language. Each hue plays a role in his choice of expression, as his keen awareness of aesthetic principles makes his profile in high demand for collectors. He invites his viewers on an imaginary quest to understand their existence in the natural world and transcend any barriers on how they perceive it. Embracing the therapeutic influence art can have on many, Story’s work ignites a powerful emotional response. “Fluidity of Nature” Acrylic on Canvas, 36”X48”

“Acres in Motion” Acrylic on Canvas, 36”X48”


100 ATIM’S TOP 60 MASTERS 2019

Melody Kozmeniuk


by Yadira Roman

orn in British Columbia, based in Saskatchewan, Canada, Melody Kozmeniuk creates her drawings from an inner voice that acknowledges the spiritual ancestry connected to the beliefs of mother earth. Being brought up near the countryside inspired her to create works to honor her environment. Transitioning into clay, she now creates threedimensional sculptures with the intention of spreading peace. Her sculptures depict rich and diverse themes as she explores all the dimensions of abstract art with a keen infusion of modernism to create a striking balance between realism and abstract. Creating lifelike three-dimensional portraits, imbued w i t h e m o t i o n , Ko z m e n i u k d e m o n s t ra t e s a n extraordinary self-taught talent, exhibiting skills with magnifying attention to detail. Her connection to Native practices in the prairie brings relevance to the figures she depicts, using warm tones she does not stray far from the organic coloring of the clay itself. She wishes to highlight how previously used practices in connection to natural elements can still have an influence on her day to day life. A symbolic gesture is applied in each sculpture, as they can also represent positive affirmations to choose in facing each day.

Melody Kozmeniuk

“Morning Greeting” Clay Sculpture Fired and Hand Painted, 9”X7”

“Raven Warrior” Clay Sculpture Fired and Hand Painted, 11”X9”

“Angel” Clay Sculpture Fired and Hand Painted, 12”X7”

Natalia Rose



by Yadira Roman

enmark based, and Russia born, Natalia Rose creates layered acrylic abstract paintings exhibiting her masterfully orchestrated use of color to explore composition and dimensions of a subject reflectively. She draws on her experiences in Eastern and Western Europe to stimulate thought and reaction and inspire beyond recognition of identity. She is studying the influence of multi-dimensional reality in the physical realm, through art. By applying thick layering, and what would initially appear as spontaneous brushstrokes, Rose challenges the traditional ideologies of beauty. With an abstract approach to her figurative work, Rose exhibits “Calais.” She explores her reaction to the refugee humanitarian crisis in Europe, turning to the therapeutic influence of her color choices in subtle contrasts. Her brush strokes are determined and fierce, and the composition evokes hope, this image is illustrative of more universal feelings and reactions, moving beyond the subject. With a rich cultural background, Rose taps into that aspect of her life, using methods that appeal to a diverse audience; making her work relatable to both sides of a narrative. Traditional maps of color from both Danish and Russian mythologies create warm patterns that invite a sense of history, as well as home.

“Cactus” Acrylic on Linen, 51”X35"X2", 2018

“Harvest” Acrylic on Canvas, 51”X35"X2", 2017

“Calais” Acrylic On Canvas, 51”X35"X2", 2015


102 ATIM’S TOP 60 MASTERS 2019

Nathalie Monac

“Le Miroir ‘Face A Soi-Même” Oil On Canvas, 31.5”X23.5”

“Renaître De Ses Cendres ” Oil On Canvas, 39”X31.5”

rench painter Nathalie Monac is known for what she calls the "Intuitive Painting" series. With a colorfully rich palette of vibrant oils, Monac marries abstract, figurative and surrealistic styles into a series of intellectual depth in color, and shadow. She has continuously featured her

work Internationally, highly recognized for her signature 360degree canvases that are a tell-tale of her effortless and spontaneous quest for love and freedom in a utopian world. Monac exhibits her unique artistic language that articulates a dramatic metamorphosis, persuasive craftsmanship, and a subtle gesture of an internal journey.


by Yadira Roman

Unique, in contrast, Monac's figurative abstract ''Le Miroir’’ is an embodiment of the very message itself. She is showcasing her skillful shading with soft brush strokes, and clear contrasted spacial elements where needed. An almost 3D eye-catching swirl of individual expression, each color applied implies her commonly insinuated intention to relay a message in her color choice. Primary tones of Blue, and Red mirroring each other as they would on a color spectrum. Monac acknowledges her sense of intuition to have a significant impact on her work, and it is clear this comes with an excellent tuned eye in color use.

“L’ Homme Et Son Passé” Oil On Canvas, 31.5”X23.5”

Paul Uyehara


"My early works were infused with skills developed as a draftsman and honed through years of life drawing and sculpting. I focused on the literal beauty of the human form during this era.” - Paul Uyehara


by Viviana Puello

or years, I have been fascinated by Goya compositions. I returned to them to study energy and movement in drawings and to translate these into modern idioms. In the series "Deconstructions," I set these pieces free of all reference to subject matter while adding vivid, often primary colors to black and white compositions, to re-imagine and reinterpret Goya's concepts in purely abstract terms. The joy of color in their purest forms has become my current focus and allows for the freedom of interpretation by any viewer." In his deconstruction series, the late Paul Uyehara illustrated his talent as a man who honored the roots and style of the masters who came before him, keeping their essence in each spark of his work. Now we do the same with him, honoring his contribution to this world as a master artist and a man who found great joy in the influence of color within every corner of life. Originally from Seattle, Washington, Paul Uyehara studied at Chouinard Art School and Otis Art Institute. His early works include landscapes, still life, portraits, life drawing, and sculpting. He dedicated a significant part of his career focused on the study of colors, their permutations and impact of one color on or near another in abstract paintings.

“Deconstruction 12 ” Acrylic On Canvas, 30”X40”

of non-objective expressionism is not only revealed in his works but in the way that he creates unity through communicative and dramatic brushstrokes, which gives his portfolio organic and unforgettable excellence in quality. Paul Uyehara passed away at age eighty-four. His contribution to the world of art is greatly appreciated. He continues inspiring us with his work that so vividly reflect his color research.

Painting in Los Angeles since the 1960's Uyehara was actively involved as an artist in his community. His work brings attention to the dynamic ingenuity that is superbly burgeoning in the natural, figurative and abstract realms. Through his striking abstract works, Uyehara was able to elucidate the sentiments of clarity and directness that’s arguably unparalleled in contemporary works. His visceral and instinctual works appeal to universal ideas and emotions through Uyehara's use of textural paint applications and bold color palettes. Uyehara illuminated his inner passions and emotions in his work in a manner that offers his audience a sensorial experience. The extensiveness

“Deconstruction 4 ” Acrylic On Canvas, 32”X24”

“Deconstruction 2 ” Acrylic On Canvas, 32”X24”


104 ATIM’S TOP 60 MASTERS 2019

Subodh Maheshwari

“Past, Present, And Future Tense” Gouache On Paper, 22"X30"


by Viviana Puello

orn in North India, and now residing in California, Award-winning artist Subodh Maheshwari brings together cultures through her diversified symbolic artistry. Her vibrant compositions are emotionally evocative, personal, spiritual and profound, exhibiting the ethereal beauty of nature, emotional turbulence, changing political scenario, global warming, women's rights, social turmoil or a wholesome spiritual theme. This Aligarh born expressionist continues to capture the timeless vivacity of the world in its dramatic transition between love and its void with skillful use of oil, gouache, watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media on paper.

“Petals” Gouache On Paper, 11”X15”

Subodh Maheshwari finds her inspiration in nature and transforms her personal life experiences into masterful artworks rich with symbolism, color, movement, and form. Her paintings tell a story that shifts according to the viewer's perception. The Subodh Fine Art Studio has garnered almost all her work under one roof. Her signature style and technique seems to reflect on her unique sense of inclusiveness, mystical patterns, and opaque pigments. "Liberty" and the "Symbolic" series cannot escape the discerning eyes. While some of her themes

“Morning Rose” Pastel On Paper, 19”X25”


“Three Stages” Oil On Canvas, 30”X45”

“My paintings give me space to feel and express my visual delight in color, shape, and form.” seem to reflect her admiration for the Mughal and Rajasthani art, the others stem from her strong emphasis on Hindi and Sanskrit passages. Marrying Eastern and Western experiences into her vibrant composition style and delicate color technique, her audience is given the opportunity to experience Maheshwari's emotional, personal, humorous and spiritual upheaval.

“Cycle Of Life” Watercolor, 15”X11”

- Subodh Maheshwari

Subodh Maheshwari studied fine art at Agra University in India and earned her Masters at the University of California. She also teaches art at the local community college and conducts workshops for aspiring artists.

“Soul, Body And Deeds” Acrylic On Canvas, 48”X36”


106 ATIM’S TOP 60 MASTERS 2019

Pedro Trueba

“Tripticus” Acrylic on Fabric, 118”X59”


by Emmanuel Power

exican artist Pedro Trueba specializes in an array of visual art from abstract art, realism to neoexpressionism. Trueba is interested in the finite details that showcase refined energy and capture the identity and vivacity of Mexico. He enjoys displaying small and complex frames alongside his large-scale sculptures, exploring the twists in tone and contrast. His choice of colors creates imagery that’s engaging, uplifting and soothing to the naked eye. Transversing comfortably between abstract and realism, Trueba’s vision is untamed. Inspired by Mexican traditions; Trueba unwinds the memories of his upbringing and autographs them with vibrant acrylics on canvas. The powerful portraits he chooses are accompanied with relevant objects in the background to create a fascinating narrative, Trueba expands beyond the

“Volador 1” Acrylic On Canvas, 31”X31”

visuals with the heedful choice of form, space, and rhythm. The geometric patterns of painstaking sketches and delineated lines of blurred and muted tones comes with profound meaning that requires timely interpretation. The playful technique of rendering texture, tone, movement, and depth makes Trueba's work exemplary. The theme of his inspiration follows the mantra of “educate and heal” through art. He believes in the soothing and holistic effects art can have on people. Regardless of the choice of color, the surface and even the subject he wishes to highlight, Trueba’s work captures life in the fine details without overlooking the energy it brings within.

“Volador 2” Acrylic On Canvas, 31”X31”


Pollyana Pickering

“Virunga Mountains” Mixed Media, 37”X28”


by Yadira Roman

elebrated UK artist and activist Pollyanna Pickering (1942-2018) was an acclaimed name in the realm of animal and wildlife artistry who illustrated the remote wilderness and fragile habitats with unparalleled accuracy and perfection in her lifetime. Each of her gleaming works is representational of her tireless campaign to restore the world's violated Ecosystem. With immaculate attention to details, this champion of environmental conservation wanted to create a caveat, and an appeal to the world as a whole to save the injured, orphaned, and endangered species continuously threatened of extinction.

many international wildlife charities and of The Wildlife Art Society International. She won over fifty awards for her work, including an Honorary Degree. Her legacy of her stunning works are still available for display in her private gallery in her home county of Derbyshire.

Pollyanna drew her inspirations by exploring the most inhospitable parts of the world. Pollyanna was a patron of

“Still Waters Run Deep” Gouache, 26”X26”

The eye-catching, sharp realism exhibited in her wildlife portfolio is due to the real-life interaction, and exchange between Pickering and the wild animals she sheltered in her lifetime. Her work was a mirror of their beauty, and a message that they too have a right, and purpose in this world.

“The Tiger's Nest” Gouache, 40”X40”


108 ATIM’S TOP 60 MASTERS 2019

Renée Bellavance

“Mars It's Moons 3” Acrylic On Canvas, 12”X24”


by Yadira Roman

ased in Quebec, Canada, Renée Bellavance, better known as ReBel, uses 3D visuals to trigger intrigue, as well as to honor her beliefs about the Universe and its omnipresent connection. She portrays her love of pigments and nature by vividly depicting the primary elements earth, wind, fire, and water. Take out using mixed media with preference to acrylics I never ever use mixed media add sentence in yellow at the end of paragraph) Using her experience and extensive training in color technique, she adapts to each new painting and succeeds in bringing her work to life, creating a unique in-person experience for her audience. Armed with brushes and knifes, she prides herself in using only acrylic and no other medium to create all her special effects. A constant fluidity controls the direction of each color pattern as her canvas become the symbolic representation of the Universe for ReBel. Patience and attention to movement and details help define the contrast in each layer of color. ‘’ I create what did not exist except maybe in another world or an unexplored part of our universe.’’

“Réunion Secrète” Acrylic On Canvas, 16”X20”

Inviting her audience to seek thrill in their imagination, ReBel creates work that portraits an exciting concept of a fresh new start. Explosive simultaneous contrasts and soft blends bring forth ReBel’s version of where life itself, all began. She continues to exhibit her work internationally and proposes new forms to share it with us such as clothing garments, fashion accessories and in-home decorations.

“Mer Jupiterienne” Acrylic On Canvas, 20”X24”

Sheetal Shaw


“Anthem Thread” (Detail) Mixed Media On Fabric

“Anthem Thread” (Detail) Mixed Media On Fabric

ndian born, American artist Sheetal Shaw honors her cultural roots, and shares the richness of her background through sculptures, objects, and skillfully designed canvasses. She sees no limit in her chosen media as she makes use of clay, fiber, wood, metal, and acrylics. Her work is wellknown for an Indo-Persian motif (boteh). This motif consists

of droplets and symbols brought together in a paisley pattern. This is visible in her most recent inspiration ''Anthem Thread'', creating a delicate fan using Pen and thread on fabric with soft colors to honor her dedication in sharing love and celebration for her culture, hoping it may inspire others to do the same.


by Yadira Roman

“Anthem Thread” shows a prime example of her skill in creating elegance, and rich craftsmanship with useful objects she chose to adopt muted colors, creating a serene, and calming effect. This work is bold in movement yet gently colorful, with clear edges, using the strength available in the materials and inks together with the nuances available from the folds to invoke the emotions she wants to share of nostalgic beauty and reflection. Often exhibiting bold, vibrant contrasts in color through her paintings, a common pattern found is the use of gold within the layers of her work; leaving her signature on each through color, and symbolism.

“Anthem Thread” Mixed Media On Fabric


110 ATIM’S TOP 60 MASTERS 2019

Susan Kadish “A Fusion of Worlds”

“1193 (Untitled)” 24"h x 16"w x 20.5”d - “1319 (Untitled)” 24"h x 16.5"w x 20.5”d, Stoneware Sculpture w/ Patented Silver Process


by Avery Small

aster artist Susan Kadish' inclination for sculpting and fine arts can be traced down to her family's roots. Born into a family of prominent fashion designers, Kadish was exposed to art and design at a tender age. Susan Kadish began with alabaster sculpting in Italy in her earlier years but later transitioned to clay sculpting. With this shift came a newly-found interest in thousand-year-old ancient pottery techniques namely, hand-building, raku, saggar firing, and pit firing and a variety of glazing methods that add a contemporary flair to her sculptures. Her work is elaborate, and detail becomes paramount to all her work. An accurate description of Kadish' work would be a fusion of traditional culture from a New York perspective. They are coming

“4926 (Untitled)” Detail Stoneware Sculpture w/ Patented Silver Process, 21.5"h x 15.5"w x 15.5"d

together of two different worlds to uphold the singularity and togetherness of the universe.

“4926 (Untitled)” Stoneware Sculpture w/ Patented Silver Process, 21.5"h x 15.5"w x 15.5"d


Kadish works with a variety of medium including marble, clay, metal, and alabaster. She exhibits a refinement of cultural ideals, a combination of preserved ancient techniques and contemporary influences that create a unique style of sculpting. Her principle is simple: "follow your creative instinct." This mantra forms the basis of her timeless sculptures that connect with her audience on both a personal and universal level.

“6655 (Untitled)” Stoneware Sculpture w/ Patented Silver Process, 36.25"h X 21.25"w X 21.25”D

Kadish' work can be found in exhibitions all over New York and California, also on display in parts of South Korea and Italy where her sculpting began. “6051 (Untitled)” Stoneware Sculpture w/ Patented Silver Process, 22"h x 20"w x 20"d

“1193 (Untitled)” Stoneware Sculpture w/ Patented Silver Process, 24"h x 16"w x 20.5”d

“7150 (Untitled)” Stoneware Sculpture w/ Patented Silver Process, 27.5"h x 17"w x 17"d

“1319 (Untitled)” Stoneware Sculpture w/ Patented Silver Process, 24"h x 16"w x 20.5”d


112 ATIM’S TOP 60 MASTERS 2019

Sónia Domingues


by Yadira Roman

resenting dream-like reflections through art, Portuguese mixed media master Sonia Domingues has paved her career using sampled elements of color, form, and texture with a sharp & figurative tone, vibrant and crystalline colors define the aesthetic appeal of her work. Her creativity shines in a variety of surfaces including sculptures and glass paintings. With a majority of her work being exhibited in Europe and the Middle East, Domingues has a well-earned place in the international art industry. She states she is inspired by her childhood experiences, dreams and conceptual ideas that she exclusively turns into reality. ''I construct, create and paint what I dreamed.'' Domingues who also refers to herself as Sonny knows no bounds when choosing her subjects. With a vibrant spectrum of portraits and transformational animal totems, she touches cultural, spiritual, and even eco-conscious topics to invite dialogue, connection, and action. Domingues' art leaves a calming effect on her audience as she appreciates the serenity of an image full of emotions without the spoils of outright inscriptions. Exploring passion and raw sensations to fuel her creativity, she creates a distinctive and eclectic style that explores the principles of nature’s soul and the universe’s sonority using geometric abstraction.

“Paparazzo's Lover - A Moment Before...To Be With You I” Paparazzo's Collection - Nr. II Mixed Media on Canvas, 70”X48”, 2018

“The Corals Desire To Be Roses...*” Sculpture Work With Suspended Effect, 43”X43”, 2019

“A Moment Before...To Be With You II” Paparazzo's Collection - Nr. III Mixed Media on Canvas, 70”X48”, 2018


Susan N. McCollough

"Before I paint a new canvas, many times, I will envision painting it as I fall asleep and I work it out in my head until I know the direction I will take the next morning. Sometimes I do not wait until the next morning. I find it all a labor of love, fun and exciting with every brush stroke I take . . . " - Susan N. McCollough

“Focus” Oil On Canvas, 48”X48”


“Perpetual Journey” Oil on Canvas, 60”X60”

by Yadira Roman

s an oil painter, American master artist Susan N. McCollough creates large studio paintings that reflect and intensify a sense of color and focus on design. Passionate about using solid landscape painting technique to create exemplary works, the awardwinning artist isn’t limited to just one form of style. From oils on canvas and acrylic paintings to sculpture, charcoal, ink drawings, as well as innovative color palettes, McCollough combines contemporary techniques to create inspiring work.

acquired and highly anticipated. Her life is worth examining when experiencing her work. A worldly woman who has a spectrum of experiences to share in her palette. She is bold, as is her ability to recreate herself in her work, time and time again.

Using her distinctive expressionist style, McCollough showcases her skilled eye for color, form, light and a deep awareness of nature. As shown in some of her most recent works such as “Perpetual Journey,” “Beyond Reach” and “Focus,” McCollough can captivate her audience and take them on an inspiring journey that exudes determination, sensitivity and delicate handling of the world. For McCollough, her creative process is a returning joy in her life through each phase in time; she shares the vital role those close to her have played in the success of her career. Paying homage to her late mother Dorothy and her late father Max, she shares the bond and connection created through art, and the never-ending support she received upon opening her gallery. McCollough has shown her works internationally and received numerous awards. Her creations are rapidly

“Beyond Reach” Oil on Canvas, 60" X 72"


114 ATIM’S TOP 60 MASTERS 2019

Svetlana Sintseva


by Yadira Roman

elgian painter, Svetlana Sintseva is a booming talent, shedding light on modern technological influences through her signature reflective oil portraits that exhibit an organic, yet modern approach to realism. With much precision to details, her figurative oil paintings combine a stark combination of Asian, and European culture, still distinct with her bed of emotions, imaginations, and craving for a connection between human developments. Her unique approach to her creative process includes her handpicked luminous shades, a contrast of oil on panel, an illusion of realism, an ambiguity of texture, and chiaroscuro. Sintseva infuses a depth of quality and aesthetics in all her canvases that reflect a link between tradition and innovation, a time devoid of the Millennial claw of today’s evolving technology, photographs, and prolonged exposure. Her audience is invited to jump into the very experience themselves in her true to life almost 3D like portraits. Light plays a dominant role in highlighting the softness and, inviting nature of her subjects. She uses this to focus on the relatable aspects of her work, while shadow and deeper contrasting hues become complimentary to her

“Anti Gravity” Oil On Canvas

“Victor And Dog” Oil On Canvas

shading techniques. Her work is based on her personal experience, memories, spontaneity, and nostalgic moments of life.

“Boy And Apple” Oil On Canvas


Victor Body-Lawson


by Viviana Puello

he innovative and architectural designs of Victor Body-Lawson illustrate clearly how art and building design can be interconnected to provide a stunning display of creativity married to simplicity in form, composition, and structure. Body-Lawson creates geometrical structures where the placement of energy is dispersed to every point of the work destabilizing the sensation of centeredness. Different planes of abstract forms emerge from the canvas infused with colors and emotion. His compositions include found objects, recycled construction materials and predominantly acrylic on canvas giving his works three-dimensionality and spatial depth. Employing a unique technique to create his abstract geometric paintings, Victor Body-Lawson plays with patterns, form, and movement to allow his creativity to flow freely, guided by his experience and influenced by his architectural background. Originally from Nigeria, Victor’s interest in art and architecture began during his childhood. After graduating from the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation at Columbia University in New York, he founded

“Rain” Acrylic On Canvas, 40"X40"

Body Lawson Associates, Architects and Planners in Harlem, to create cultural, spiritual and environmentally sustainable buildings that incorporate art. He has established his reputation for the “highest design standards,” possessed in numerous bellwether projects, including master plans of two churches, both located in New York. Other pivotal projects in his stellar career include the creation and renovation of economic and cost-effective housing, which earned Mr. Body-Lawson an award from HUD in 2011. Artist, architect and a visionary, Victor Body-Lawson has successfully meld art and architecture through his art.

“Untitled” Acrylic On Canvas, 48"X36"

“I AM” Acrylic On Canvas, 60"X36"


116 ATIM’S TOP 60 MASTERS 2019

Viral Padiya “Dramatic Lighting”

“The Iconic Burj Khalifa at Night” Fine Art Photography


by Steve Joel

elf-taught photographer Viral Padiya captures the physical world with a deep-seated admiration for beauty. Born in India, Padiya always had a propensity for natural beauty and travel. He developed his skills in the early stages of his school life freely doing so; this lead him down a path of photographic proliferation. He captures landscapes and natural phenomena from his extensive travels worldwide. Be it the snow caps, desert dunes, lush vegetation, each picture is

“The Last Light” Fine Art Photography

reminiscent of the ethos of Mother Nature and is glaringly beautiful. For Padiya, the world is his inexhaustible palette, and the Single Reflex Lens Camera is his paintbrush. His artistic process draws immensely from his innate instincts and emotive hunches. Padiya connects with his surroundings, taking in every positive view that enrobes him. His photographs convey a quality of serenity that works to soothe the hearts and minds of the viewers. Sunsets occupy a large part of his portfolio. He is enticed by the dramatic variation of hues and the warmness the colors radiate. He waits patiently for the perfect shot, sometimes for

“Divine” Fine Art Photography


“Salt Flats” Fine Art Photography

hours on end. The dedication he pours into his work is paramount to his thriving career and success as a photographer. Currently an international award-winning travel photographer, Padiya establishes himself as an authority in his niche. His works can be found in many public and private collections. His contentment lies in sharing the beauty and abstraction of nature to the masses. “Art of Nature” Fine Art Photography

“Glacier Lagoon” Fine Art Photography


118 ATIM’S TOP 60 MASTERS 2019

Victoria General

“A Happy Afternoon” Charcoal, 14"X11"


“Meanderings” Pastel, 14"X11"

by Yadira Roman

oronto based conceptual figurative artist Victoria General is a breath of fresh air, as her pastel and charcoal work exhibit a celebratory essence of everyday encounters between people. Moments that pass many of us by become her inspiration. With each of the gestural drawings, the internationally acclaimed artist

portrays a dramatic blend of her expressionistic and impressionistic depictions of urban life with a unique style. General’s sense of vintage styled impressions, rendered sketches, textured brush strokes and impeccable subject detailing makes her work a timeless contribution to the art world. Her canvas represents a contrasting tell-tale series of both the realistic portrait and the serene landscape full of unexplored corners of the world. Her emotive drawings seem to conceive their semi-surreal characteristics of her concept that “perfect people don’t exist”. When it comes to taking a closer look at her work, she uses either soft pastels or willow and vine charcoals. Victoria continues to delve and create her signature style of conceptual impressionistic drawings, sharing the grand yet subtle delights of life with her audience.

“Impressionistic renderings of the human experience with a strong focus on conceptual.” - Victoria General @victoria.general

“Accompaniment” Pastel, 17"X14"


Wendy Carmichael Bauld

“Searching For Venus” Mixed Media, 12”X16”


by Yadira Roman

endy Carmichael Bauld is an award-winning artist based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Incorporating her traveling experiences and life as a writer into her creative process, Carmichael Bauld works with acrylics moving freely between abstract and figurative art. Her works embody classical drawing with atmospheric softness and transparency woven into the muscles of each expressive brushstroke. Inspired by her upbringing right in the heart of Burlington, Carmichael Bauld captures every aspect of humanity; from culture and heritage to the everyday lifestyle. She creates a

“Seeking Capricorn” Mixed Media, 12”X16”

special connection to, and the history felt in each city, trend, and architectural honor. Carmichael Bauld balances between her realistic rendering and a keen emphasis on the narrative portrayed. Driven by her passion for writing, she is a storyteller, and this reflects in her paintings as she influences a nostalgic yet realistic feel of passing the time. She portrays an inclined liking for the picturesque maze of vivid colors, open composition and accurate depiction of light in its spirited qualities. With contexts and subtle backgrounds that cannot be missed or mistaken, Wendy Carmichael Bauld displays a realistic representation of her journey in all phases of life, in her unique, eclectic style.

“Finding Michelangelo” Mixed Media, 12”X16”


120 ATIM’S TOP 60 MASTERS 2019

Zahir Uddin Babar


by Yadira Roman

orn in Pakistan, Zahir Uddin creates watercolor and oil figurative paintings that draw memories from the underlying surrealism to create images with a touch of nostalgia. His unique figurative works are documentary in nature rather than imagined as Zahir uses his personal experiences as the foundation for each painting, weaving stories of people across cultures. His style and versatility can be attributed to the diverse themes he brings to the limelight. Most of his works include oil portrayals of cities, mosques, rivers and figurative subjects. Inspired by his remote and countryside upbringing, most of his work surrounds the representational and landscape art. The focal point of his images represents a dynamic shift of colors and patterns which leaves a unique perception and flow. A poetic essence in the rich texture applied creates the sense of a timeless approach in technique, his choice of color gives way for composition, line, and tone to create their narrative. Symbolic motifs appear through his works, as angel wings become his signature message throughout his portfolio. A peaceful messenger, expanding his audience as the award-winning painter paves his way in the industry.

Zahir Ud-din Babar

BE INSPIRED “Let’s dance and enjoy every step of this journey and set ourselves free to become the higher beings that we are intended to be. It is more about who we truly are than what we can or cannot do. At the end of the day, when you strip away your descriptions — birth details, job title, academic qualifications — once you remove the circumstances of your life, even erasing your first and last name - the true self remains. That which cannot be changed, your essence. Limitless, infinite, omniscient, and divine. You are a shining star. You are perfect as a whole. Just be. Be a miracle. Stay inspired!” - Viviana Puello



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