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Katrina Sevilla

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"Stardust" Oil On Canvas By Jerry Venditti


A Letter from our Editor-in-Chief Dear reader, Spring has sprung and here is a brand new issue celebrating the diversity of artistic expression and human creativity in a visually compelling package, brimming with vivid images as well as fantastic multimedia articles. I hope you enjoy our fascinating content. For this issue’s cover story “Stardust” we bring you an article full of mesmerizing images featuring exclusive works by American artist Jerry Venditti. American painter and social activist Jerry Venditti is recognized for his meticulous technique embodied in his personalized spiritual endeavor and profound message to take care of our planet, and those inhabiting it. We also bring you an exciting section on the top emerging artists to keep your eyes on – it's an incredible selection of top 15 international artists. Exciting news! The date for the ATIM's Masters Awards Ceremony is almost here, the biggest event for the year at ArtTour International Magazine when we celebrate and honor the artists that have been part of our publications during the past year. On May 27th, our team will gather from all corners of the world with over sixty master artists who will travel to the Museum Of Art and Design in New York for this grand celebration. Stay tuned to for news on the awarded artists of 2019. The ceremony will be broadcast live on the ATIM Facebook page and Livestream. We are proud to reveal that April 26th is the date for the launch of our ATIM’s Top 60 Masters 2019. This sought-after, much- anticipated catalog, amasses sixty modern artists and provides art reviews and compelling images of their works. It will be available at all Barnes & Noble Stores and our independent stores and newsstands on May 15th. For digital readers, the online issue of Spring 2019, available on iTunes, Kindle, and Magzter, provides the opportunity to click on the breathtaking images accompanying each article and be redirected to the accompanying video. Yes, it's a fantastic time for us here at ATIM: the collaborations, the endeavors, the anticipation of the future and what's to come. We're glad you're here to share the journey with us!

Viviana Puello Editor-in-Chief ArtTour International Publications, Inc.



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Back Cover - Janice Alamanou

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“Quiet Moments With Poetic Photography”

Jerry Venditti - “Stardust”

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Barbara Tylar Ahlfield 20


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Alison Barrows-Young


Anna VanMatre


Banjerd Lekkong


Barbara Tylar Ahlfield


Hélène DeSerres


Howard Harris


Jani Jan J


Janice Alamanou


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Jerry Venditti “Stardust”

by Yadira Roman and Viviana Puello

"Stardust" Oil On Canvas, 34"X30"


merican painter and social activist Jerry Venditti is recognized for his meticulous technique embodied in his personalized spiritual endeavor and profound message to take care of our planet, and those inhabiting it. Venditti’s delicate oil paintings render imagery with the utmost attention to detail, further drawing the viewer into his new reality. Subtle yet provocative, the artist coaxes the



viewer with his artistic visual representation of his works while playing with significant themes of environmental conservation, the loss of innocence, morality, and peace awareness. What feels precious becomes a cultural exploration, inspiring the audience to rethink their relationship to the subjects of his paintings.

"Why?" Oil On Linen, 24"X16"

With masterful color application and an excellent drawing technique, Jerry Venditti adds narrative to every scene; his works capture interactions between cultural characters, nature, words, creating compelling stories that offer an

"Fox" Oil On Canvas, 22"X16"

honest look at the issues crippling our society in current times. Cont. Next Page

"Kestrel Hawk" Oil On Canvas, 16"X12"



Venditti follows his intuition as it inspires his work that breaches topics concerning all aspects of the human experience. Each dramatic brush-stroke is intentionally manipulated to blend his lifelike imageries with his canvas; his compositions offer impeccable attention to detail of his work and a vista of third dimension luring his viewers to reach a state of illusion. A warm reminder of the support and impact made through action, ''Stardust'', is a reflection of historical trailblazers in American History, an inspirational view of the very essence in

the art that created a movement for change. This modern fusion leaves cleverly covered messages like "Some more star than dust,� "We are the world," "Imagination more valuable than knowledge," and features the creative genius like Einstein, Micheal Jackson and John Lennon. Venditti reveals this recent composition as an addition to his continuous efforts to spread social and environmental awareness. In partnership with his son Jayce Venditti and wife Deenie Venditti, he has created A Face Of Change, ''a charitable nonprofit organization. AFOC intends to create sustainable systems that promote our planet's health & longevity. ''

"Pollinator" Oil On Canvas, 14"X12"



"Entrenched" Oil On Canvas, 16"X24" By Jerry Venditti A Signed, Numbered, Limited Edition Df 25 Giclée Prints Will Be Available For Sale.

Jayce Venditti, the founder of AFOC, a Face of Change, is writing, producing, directing and acting in a film about the effects of PTSD. AFOC, in collaboration with Cammies & Canines (CAC), another nonprofit organization, is launching a fundraiser on April 27th, in San Diego, CA, to help win the war against Veteran PTSD and homelessness.

The release of AFOC’s short film titled the “ENTRENCHED PROLOGUE” is to help create the momentum to fund the full movie “ENTRENCHED’’, with the intention of bringing awareness to the public. Cont. Next Page

Heroes is a painting Jerry created to generate funds for California Fire Districts. 100% of the proceeds will go to these organizations from the sale of “Heroes,” with a tax write-off through AFOC (a Face of Change,) which is a 501(c)(3) charitable, non-profit organization. Fire districts in California are having a difficult time financially because the fires in the last couple of years have been horrendous, causing depleted resources. First responders put their lives on the line and often don’t go home for two to three months during the fire season. They are on the lines for hours and days and seldom get the rest or consideration they need. “Firefighters Cope as Climate Change Radically Changes Their Jobs. This spike in activity has stretched firefighting resources thin and brought increased health and safety risks to an inherently dangerous job. “We are not first responders anymore. We are extended responders.” (Michael Mohler, deputy director of Cal Fire)

"Heroes" Oil On Canvas, 20"X18" A Signed, Numbered, Limited Edition Df 25 Giclée Prints Will Be Available For Sale.



"King Of The Pride" Oil On Canvas, 30"X24"

Jerry Venditti is a passionate master artist in love with life, peace, nature, animals, and colors, all of which he incorporates into his artwork. His story is still unfolding, while he keeps voicing his message with each brushstroke. Venditti is an excellent demonstration of innate talent, ongoing exploration and artistic mastery embodied in a big-hearted and a beautiful soul. For ArtTour International Magazine, it is an honor to present him as the cover story of Spring 2019 with his masterpiece "Stardust". We hope you enjoy it, but above all, receive his message of peace and inspiration. "We poison our sweet water; We cut down our green trees; The food we feed our children, Is the cause of their disease...." QSMS 12


"Mother & Child" Oil On Canvas, 20"X16"

“Preening" Oil On Canvas, 22”X14”

"High & Dry, Bodega Bay, Ca" Oil On Canvas, 24”X16”

“I believe Art is not unlike Life — Limitless in Form; Infinite in Expression.” - Jerry Venditti




Alison Barrows-Young “Journey Through The Years”

“Everyday Angels” Oil On Canvas,24"X20"


by Yadira Roman

lison Barrows-Young captures the tranquil, peaceful and strikingly intimate spirit and essence of nature, infusing a masterful understanding of oeuvre and light. Through her visual art and an expressionist approach, she uses her figurative depictions for social activism where she tackles struggles in society to communicate the conflicts between humanity and nature. What memorable transitions have you experienced in your creative process? ''A sense of common ground, fellowship, loved ones and the places I have lived have most influenced my creative process. A great many of the artists I made important connections with in my 20’s died of AIDS before we had a chance to really establish our

“Confession” Oil On Canvas,24"X20"



“American Medieval” Oil On Wood, 16"X20"

collective vision. I don’t think it is possible to reflect on my generation of artists without considering that. Motherhood and teaching have been huge. My students, youth who have experienced more than they should have in their short lives, mature women fleeing unsatisfying lives, people caught off guard by conditions such as head injuries, were in need of significant mentoring as they faced their studies. Our experiences together affect my subject, material, platform, size and color and promote a sustaining positive philosophy. Today’s radical conservatism has hit very close to home, as my eldest, adult child is transgender. She has undergone unnecessary trauma as the socio-political climate has become increasingly contentious. I’m painting, through empathy, edgy, figurative work as she strives to adjust her life. Nature is my bliss so depiction of people indicates my anxiety level. Finally, the places I have lived have marked me. Their visual aspects very much infuse my emotions and memories appearing unexpectedly on my canvas.‘' Barrows-Young is a true creative visionary who firmly believes in the remarkable power of visual imagery, inspiring her audience to form a deeper connection with their environment. “Endangered Species” Oil On Canvas, 24”X30"




Anna VanMatre “To Those Who Warn . . . ”

“To Those Who Warn. . . ” Right Wall - Fragment


by Mia Verbivore

olish native Anna Socha VanMatre is a dominant figure in the highest definition of fine arts, multi-layered photography, and synthetic threedimensional paper paintings, genuinely larger-than-life. She exhibits unique drawing strokes, with multi-panel and interchangeable starting points. Her philosophical lectures have also been a valuable addition to collaborative arts, as she brings metamorphism into life with an artistic language signature of her very own. VanMatre's most recent exhibition "To Those Who Warn...” was an epoch-making installation in the International Youth Centre in Oświęcim (Auschwitz), Poland. With a total length of 71 feet brought together in three parts made with graphite, pastel, and multi-layered photography, the artwork is dedicated to war hero Jan Karski, a member of the Polish underground movement who played a significant role in bringing to light the tragic events taking place in the Holocaust. VanMatre befriended him in his last years, and he became a source of inspiration for this composition.

“To Those Who Warn . . . ” Drawing Photo Installation, 852”X51", Photography By Steve Oldfield



“To Those Who Warn . . . ” Left Wall - Fragment

The first panel is a memorial journey created by her pixelperfect computer-enhanced crematorium fire images and pastel smoke effects of graphite, while the second part, with its silver-blue sky, stands in contrast representing a momentary glimpse of the outside world for those trapped in terror. The darkness of the third segment is a complete descent into despair.

The enormity of details and depth infused in the Auschwitz project demonstrates how the award-winning artist wanted to sew back broken pieces of tormented emotions into her creation and warn the world not to ever let anything like this happen again. For more info contact:

“To Those Who Warn . . . ” Center Wall - Fragment





Banjerd Lekkong

“A Metal Visionary”

“Great Lion” Metal Sculpture, 33"X31.5"

by Selas Smith

hai metal sculpting visionary Banjerd Lekkong knows no bounds in where his creativity, perseverance, and talent can take him. Exhibiting unique narratives from ancient Ramayana his symbolic, one of a kind sculptures are rich with detail, and profound history; whether it be in a single character or multiplayer tableau, professional designer, interior architect, and sculptor Lekkong delivers an impressive talent. What are you currently working on? ''I am working now to bring my samurai work with copper material to a size proportional to the real human. I'm creating new artworks mixing iron and copper. I'm also working on new sculptures about the Mayan Tribes that will be made of 100% copper material. It will be more interesting, more fun, I already have a vision of how it will be. That is why I have to find a high capital to create more challenging and demanding works. It will be something very innovative. The day will come when I will get the opportunity to create works with hair from titanium material or maybe a white gold material. I don't intend to do only Hindu work, perhaps working in the Middle East,



“Thai Hanuman Makes Fun Of Bali Hanuman” (Detail) Metal Sculpture, 27"X22"

“Ganesha 16 Hands” Metal Sculpture, 29"X16"

“Thai Hanuman Makes Fun Of Bali Hanuman” Metal Sculpture, 27"X22"

Europe and America will evoke creative thoughts and contribute to my unique personality.''''

of swirling shapes and billowing lines tender and robust, with no second copy, under his family name, “Lekkong Art.”

Lekkong has had an influential story in bringing his dream to fruition, within his career in the steel and Thai style arts. With the skills to weld and lathe metal, he makes every piece

For more info contact:

“Ravana” Metal Sculpture, 80"X80"

“Hanuman” Metal Sculpture, 72"X56"




Barbara Tylar Ahlfield “Depictions Of Beauty And Glamour”

"Vapor” Oil On Canvas, 60"X48"


by Debra Veil

rom lead fashion illustrator to fine art impressionist, contemporary artist Barbara Tyler Ahlfield has a temptingly expansive journey, drenched in drama and her fashion obsession. Influenced by history, lighting, antiques, and her turn-of-the-century home, she creates with a handpicked palette of oil colors, exhibiting the grandiosity of her subjects on large canvases.

sky, flowers, the sea - with the central figure that remains the focus of my paintings. My background is in fashion illustration but also book illustration, and I feel my roots in this are surfacing in the work I do today.''

Tell us how this past year has been for you?

''My artwork has always been a grounding element in my life. I’m currently excited about continuing to explore my recent foray into incorporating nature with figures. I find that creating art gives structure and meaning to my life and I’m eager to continue my artistic journey.''

''During the past year, I’ve been drawn to composing more illustrative works that have a more message-driven aspect. I’ve also been interested in incorporating elements of nature- the night



What role would you say your art is taking in your life at this moment?

"Pink Prowl” Oil On Canvas, 60"X48"

"Forsythia And Tulle" Oil On Canvas, 60"X48"

What is the most exciting aspect of your creative process for you?

created something worthwhile. There is such a moment of excitement when- it’s a creative victory.''

''The most exciting aspect of the creative process for me generally comes when I am about three quarters done with a painting. At that point, I know whether my efforts have succeeded and I’ve “The Essence Of Beauty”

“The Essence of Beauty” was debuted in her solo show of 2018 at the Viviana Puello Gallery, in New York City. It featured the innate beauty and glamour of her signature style. Continuing to exhibit masterful skill and create intimate, and alluring work, Ahlfield has had a massive impact on the industry.

Barbara Tyler Ahlfield arriving to her Solo Exhibition “The Essence Of Beauty”

“Barbara Tyler Ahlfield creates dramatic, evocative and emotionally layered portraits that are whimsical and profound, elegant and refined, technically accurate yet spontaneous. She carefully orchestrates portraits capturing the psychology of her subjects through harmonious compositions that emanate intimacy, delicacy, and strength. Ahlfield paints exciting, fleeting moments with tenderness and grace. Her scenes convey a world of fashion, beauty, and glamour.” -Viviana Puello




Hélène DeSerres “An Environmental Portfolio”

“Émotions” Mixed Media On Canvas, 30”X40”


by Mia Verbivore

élène DeSerres is an award-winning artist whose work traverses various interdisciplinary ranges from photography, acrylic paintings to sculptures. Her techniques vary from abstract paintings, photo surrealism, impressionism, acrylic & watercolor painting to sculpture designs. Heavily influenced by her natural surroundings, Deserres is in the forefront against the destruction of wildlife’s natural habitat and the overall preservation of the environment. Her love for nature has been her drive to campaign for the conservation of our ecosystem with her art, becoming a key player in the fight for the environment. How has your practice changed over time? ''Since my kids left the nest and my job as a mother was over I could become a full-time artist. I then did many watercolors for about 8-10 years. However, I wanted to expand and learn other techniques, like image transfer so I could use my photography as a source of new paintings. I rediscovered acrylics and fell in love with the bright pigments. I explored image transfer, and did much experimentation; the subject matter was most realistic. Gradually with various acrylic mediums, I did more abstract work. I like to play with colors and gestural movements. Shapes appear, I develop them and am always surprised by the discoveries! Recently I started making faces, a challenge since I was never good at it. It can be amusing, for a while.'' “Red” Mixed Media On Yuppo, 26”X20”



“Tsunami” Mixed Media On Canvas, 30”X40”

Using various media, DeSerres models new and intriguing work using textures, transparencies and vibrant colors that elicit the mysteries of human emotion and narrates the surrealism of the images.

“Sisters” Mixed Media On Canvas, 40”X30”

For more info visit:

“Sadness” Mixed Media On Yuppo, 24”X20”




Howard Harris “Visual Reality Bend”

“Soldiers” Sublimation Print On Aluminum With Acrylic Overlay, 36"X30"


by James Tailor

oward Harris brilliantly combines technology and art to expand the viewer’s experience of photographic art. Working on dimensional photographic images, he displays his work on various layers of acrylic and metals. Harris' work traces to his skills in visual art, chaos theory, and quantum physics. He is creating a unique and impossible to repeat experience for every viewer. Harris' art involves a process of photographic construction where a single abstracted image is layered over itself on a clear acrylic surface before it’s superimposed on a grid. The bottom image is often reduced in size such that the whole piece creates a parallax effect. He then duplicates the parallax image in the viewer’s vision using negative and positive space. The result is a piece that shifts in space and changes color upon each movement the individual viewer makes. Given a distinct environment, viewing angle, hanging position and lighting situation; a rather static photograph becomes a dynamic moving image.



“No Monkeys” Sublimation Print On Aluminum With Acrylic Overlay, 36"X30"

“Pages” Sublimation Print On Aluminum With Acrylic Overlay, 36"X30"

What message do you wish to share with your audience? ''Visual reality is an ever-shifting, highly individualized experience. In any given moment, what we see reflects both our inner state and synthesis of outer qualities—light, color, movement, space. My exploration in dimensional photographic art represents an attempt to recreate the perceptual experience, with its dynamic nature and hidden complexities.’'

“Power” Sublimation Print On Aluminum With Acrylic Overlay, 30"X36"

Harris explores dimensional photography with an intention to recreate the complex emotional experience while capturing the moment and inspiration behind the image presentation. For more info contact:

“Oculus Maximus” Sublimation Print On Aluminum With Acrylic Overlay, 30"X30"




Jani Jan J J

ani Jan J. investigates the meanders of the human mind and projects the secrets. His visual representation is the extreme synthesis of the genius of his thought, a thought that takes charge of the illness and the moods of our society — an incredibly complex thought which is manifested by a great signal synthesis. His is a conceptual artist. That art that staggers the mind and synthesizes into the sign. Jani Jan J. is one of the greatest

“Deep Blue Dream” Iron Painting, Mixed Media On Canvas And Wood, 67"X28"



interpreters of visual conceptualism. The most significant stages of the art world are hosting his works. Works that attract the bystander and lead him in those secret passages in which the intellect dialogs with his creative genius. Sculptures with dancing lines and rhythm given by the imagination of the artist. Artworks that do not belong to any known geometry and float in space.

“Titel - The Other Side" Iron Painting” Mixed Media On Wood, 47"X31"

“Meeting In Karpathos” Mixed Media On Canvas, 20”X28"

“Art is a powerful tool - I am convinced that the music of colors is moving people, that the language of forms makes people discuss with each other. Art is infinite in its diversity,

constantly working with colors and forms, and thereby the inner dialogue, let me continually discover something new.''

“Amazing” Mixed Media On Canvas, 20"X28"

“Reach Karpathos” Mixed Media, Wood On Canvas, 20"X28"




Janice Alamanou

“Quiet Moments With Poetic Photography”

“Sirens” Photograph, Hand Gilded With Palladium, Framed, 39"X30"


by Aser Jameson

What places did you find yourself this last year that impacted your work?

immigrants/refugees at a port. Initially, I thought they were Greek fishermen mending their nets. On asking if they minded, I realized only the captain was Greek. The crew were from Cairo, Argentina, and Africa. The continuing surge of people coming in daily by boats from outside the EU is creating problems, especially on the islands where, I am told, in some cases the numbers are now beginning to equal the original inhabitants.

''In the last year, at home in Norfolk, I have installed higher flood defense as rising tides have almost devastated my home, the last being 2013, four feet deep inside the building. Pressure out at sea, and increasing levels created the highest surge ever recorded here. In my photography, the shores are changing over time, erosion and filling, in different areas. I visit several cities internationally, and among the beautiful streets and the architecture, the escalation in homelessness is apparent everywhere. On the other side, the increase of others making this ‘a living’ that creates uncertainty and doubt in those that may try to help. Visiting Greece, I photographed

The Islanders want to help them but have nothing left to give. I believe most people would not leave somewhere that they are happy and life is good. I wish World Leaders would assist and protect all people of their own countries. On the island of Corfu last year, the place I lived, endless piles of rubbish and plastics left at uncollected, official garbage areas. It broke my heart to see this. Refuse has become a Global issue, many people are trying to do something about this with cleaning the sea and alternative uses, such as plastic road covering. I recently had a friend that took their own life. The issue of suicide increase, and mental health within our society; coping

anice Alamanou’s fine art photography portrays a diverse collection of styles and the sensuous perception of the human form with the fleeting beauty of nature itself that only photographing over many years creating new, and different works can achieve.



“Time To Fly” Photograph, 31.5”X16”

Cont. Next Page

“Gaia” Photograph On Aluminium, 31.5”X20.98”



“Dryad - Yield” Photograph Direct Onto Aluminium, 31.5"X21"

“Human Nature - Evolve” Photograph On Aluminium, 31.5”X21"

“Poseidon's Child” Photograph On Aluminium, 40"X29.06"



“To Mopw (To-Morrow)” Photograph On Aluminium, 40"X29.06"

whether with illness or situations. So, let’s turn this around. To find a way. From the negative, create a positive - to restore balance in all areas. With this in mind, I create beautiful images of the environment, of people and amalgamations with subtle influences of issues that are, and will, affect us all. I hope people will see.'' Alamanou continues to be inspired, embodying debate, and tapping into ingenious new approaches to her art, delivering work that will play a role through time. She has released two books through Halstar Publishers, ‘From the Shoreline’ an award-winning book about Alamanou’s childhood and how it has affected her photography and the beautiful scenery of Norfolk, UK. The second book ‘Meandering Around Europe’ of her life living on Corfu and beautiful scenes of the many places she has visited and exhibited in throughout Europe. “Red 2” Photograph, 31.5"X27.6"




Jean-Jacques Porret

“HARMONIOUS” Sculpture, 8"X11"X15"


ean-Jacques Porret’s surreal sculptures transcend the mere human form they represent, and instead draw the viewer in with their d e l i c a t e ex p r e s s i o n i s m , r hy t h m i c movement, and abstract sensuality. To categorize Jean-Jacques’ work as figurative or abstract is moot. Though figurative in practice, the work is never about the figure, but the emotions and ideas shared by the human race, expressed in the tension of his fluid curves and precarious balance. Though abstract in nature, the recognizable form and innate humanity residing within each piece is impossible to ignore. Thus, we are given a case study in restraint, with the artist utilizing the best aspects of each genre without clouding his final result, creating a self-styled harmony.

“NOTORIOUS” Sculpture, 7"X7"X12"



“PRETENSE” Sculpture, 7"X7"X16"

“COMCUBINE” Sculpture, 22" In Heigh

“OPULENCE” Sculpture, 19” In Height

Over time, his work has only become more dramatic in its simplicity. As Porret’s experimentation with his iconoclastic style moves forward, the outcomes will undoubtedly continue to serve as

“ROCAMBOLESQUE” Sculpture, 22" In Height

a reflection of our collective and personal experiences, possibly changing in shape, but never in sensibility.

“COMPROMISE” Sculpture, 8"X18"X12"




Katherine DuTremble

“Discombulated” Mixed Media On Gallery Wrap Linen, 36”X36"


fter painting for over three decades, Katherine DuTrembles’ dramatic use of color has come to define her style. She is an impressionist and strives to use the brilliant colors of nature to tell a story with light. "I try to capture the essence of a scene by using quick, definite strokes, and lots of color to give the viewer a 'snapshot' of what they have seen. I am not a realist painter, but I try to make a particular scene 'real' as if seen in the mind's eye. I love to use pure color, and I like to play the lights against the darks, thus making a greater impact. After years of painting and printmaking, the greatest passion in my work is still to capture and paint the color of the light." As the daughter of a college head football coach, she began her artistic career at the age of 7 and painted pleinaire at West Point's historic Trophy Point. From there, she studied for her BFA in printmaking at South Carolina's USC and finished her studies at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. DuTremble’s



“Weeping In The Rain” Monotype With Embellishments On Lanaquarelle Paper, 6”X8"

nationally and internationally award-winning work has been represented in Germany, France, the Agora Gallery in Chelsea, New York City, Louisiana's State Museum. She is a printmaking instructor at Charleston, South Carolina’s REDUX Contemporary Arts Center. Katherine DuTremble’s work can be found in private and corporate collections in the US and Europe. The awards she has received reflect her versatility in her favorite mediums of oils and printmaking.

“I’m Watching” Monotype With Embellishments On Lanaquarelle Paper, 6”X8"

“Amber In Magenta” Oil On Gallery Wrap Canvas, 40"X60"

She has most recently published an illustrated poetry book of forty poems and forty paintings entitled "Songs from My Heart" of which "Amber in Magenta" is the cover. Step into her world of color and light you are sure to have a memorable experience! Katherine accepts commissions through her private studio as well as through her website.

“But She Said” Monotype With Embellishments On Lanaquarelle Paper, 6”X8"

“Carnac Sighs” Monotype With Embellishments On Lanaquarelle Paper, 6”X8"




Katrin Alvarez “The Voice For Those Without One”

“Trauma” Oil On Canvas + Objects, 33”X26"

“The ability to make thoughts and feelings visible by means of my paintings, that means the highest - Katrin Alvarez value in my life.”


by Yadira Roman

erman painter Katrin Alvarez exhibits an exciting blend of expressionism and surrealism. Her striking often thought-provoking subjects, rendered in vivid colors and precise brush strokes, evoke dream imagery and defy natural interpretation. A raw voice in contemporary art, Alvarez' success roots to her methodical approach to painting, creating her surreal, oneiric and many times dystopic artworks that promote many conceptual themes focused mostly on social topics ranging from the overexposure to technology to the exertion of power unto others and especially the denouncement of child abuse.

How do you feel, painting as vulnerable and open as you do? “For nearly 15 years I tried to make the most horrible crime a little bit more visible through my paintings: Child abuse. Probably I could make a few people think about “Abuse” Pencil On Board, 15"X19"



it, especially about the low penalty, but my work will not change anything. I am not loud enough, not famous or important. The little innocent victims will never have the chance for an unencumbered life. Such a wound destroys the ability to trust and love for the whole lifetime, and it will never heal.'' Tell us a bit about your lifestyle and what influence it has on your work? ''In the course of the years, I lost the mental firewall. I became very hurtable and decided to change my topic: 'The human. Digital'. However, it didn’t work. I cannot ignore the almost daily news about child abuse. So I will have to go on. It seems to be my challenge of life. I always had very close contact with nature. It is so sad that humans are exploiting this incredible richness without any respect. Air, water, and earth, I try to use them with gratefulness and mindfulness. I am so thankful for my 'heart people', some very close friends, who make my life warm and precious. Also, of course, my animal buddies, my cats. I can’t remember any time without my velvet paws!'' Alvarez chooses to be transparent, and vulnerable through her work as she brings to light an ongoing issue in our communities today. In 2018 ArtTour International Magazine recognized Katrin Alvarez' as the Artist Of The Year, an award which crowns the many successes of her career as an artist, and activist using her art to take a stand against child abuse. Another significant achievement which complements the journey of this master artist. For more info contact:

“Horus” Oil On Canvas + Object, 42"X50"

“In Good Hands” Oil On Canvas + Objects, 43"X46"

“Stupid Accident” Oil On Canvas + Object, 17"X21"




Kimberly Berg “The Woman’s Tale”

“Eve Redeemed” Mixed Media, 21”X21”


by Yadira Roman

eminist advocate and intuitive artist Kimberly Berg highlights the feminine power and grace through a series of striking pastel images. He is using his figurative work as a tool to communicate his firm beliefs and journey in fighting for women's rights.

under the foot of patriarchy for the last 5000 years, I found it suspicious to believe how such a practice could have continued century after century without ever being successfully challenged. Thanks to the advances in social media what we are experiencing

Tell us about your documentary? ''The documentary is still in the developmental stage. The first step is to compose a script. The script was finished recently after several months of work. I am a writer, so I have obvious ideas about how I want a piece of writing to read. The writer I was working with was a l s o exc e l l e n t a n d p a t i e n t . T h e documentary covers my development as a Poet, a calligrapher and finally as an artist. These three skills are the three perfections that are traditionally required of an aspiring, artist in China. I only learned about that later. I was following my passion. The documentary continues to discuss the profound impact that Layne Redmond’s book had on my feminist thinking and my art. Although I am a male, I have strong feelings when it comes to feminine gender injustice. After learning that women have been suffering


“Paleolithic Moon” Charcoal, 19”X26”


“Adam & Eve Revisited” Pastel, 26”X19”

today are the first time in 5000 years that women are successfully raising their united voices en masse. I believe this is the first time since the Neolithic era that there is a definite chance for change. As an artist, I want to be at the forefront of this social revolution with my art and the art of other feminist artists. My ultimate goal is the exclusive creation of the first museum of feminist art. ''

“Creatress 01” Mixed Media, 26”X19”

“Genesis 03” Pastel, 26”X19”

In the mastery of his work, Berg depicts the luscious, benevolent, and liberated woman. His work honors the beauty and magnificence of the female figure and his interest in making women aware of their history have been successfully captured through his paintings.

“Blue Lumina 08” Pastel, 26”X19”




Mague Brewer “Reflexives Explorations ”

“The Spirit Is The True Self. Cicero” Oil On Canvas, 39”X39”


by Viviana Puello

orn in Tampico, Mexico, Mague Brewer, is a selftaught artist whose works explore the mysticism and majesty of her Mexican roots in non- traditional paintings full of vibrant colors that she complements with mixed media layers. Her works are creative, intuitive and versatile bringing together vivid colors in a playful dance, while simultaneously expounding on a message that can only truly be heard and felt by the heart. Working with a variety of media with the predominant being oil, Mague Brewer finds her source of inspiration from a range of stimuli including people, the environment, mental imagery and the exploration of how images and found objects intersect to form a composition. Brewer's dynamic compositions, allow the viewer to experience the natural world through a new lens, creating perspectives that offer a glimpse through the artist's eyes. She provides a connection with her surroundings, illustrating an understanding of the world that we see and that of her imagination. “Dunstable I.E: Quite Clear And Straight Forward” Oil On Linen, 39”X39”



“We All Need Love And Attention II” Metal, Wood And Swarovski Stones On Canvas, 60”X48”

Each painting by Mague Brewer tells of a story of intuition and self-reflection and outlines her spiritual journey. Hard to miss is the profound influence of nature that has shaped her artistic output. As a visual artist, Brewer advocates for the preservation of the environment, leading every viewer towards an enlightened path of change. Elements of nature

“The Cord (El Cordon De Plata)” Oil On Canvas, 14”X17”

and her manipulation and contortion of color expertly explores nature’s spirit in its freedom and purity. Mague Brewer’s art is a call for rapid action and a reminder of nature’s peaceful pact with humanity.

“Whenever And Wherever” Oil On Linen, 20”X28”




Michelle Larsen “Sculpting Three Dimensional Paintings”

“Beautiful” Oil On Canvas With Mixed Media (3D Painting), 30"X30"


by Yadira Roman

nnovative, and passionate, Michelle Larsen uses paper to create sculpted 3D canvases a technique she invented herself. Brimming with enthusiasm her work exhibits the fluidity of her thoughts and practice in using her breath as the guide for her creative direction, quite literally. When did you first begin creating dimensional works? What was your inspiration?

''I started creating dimensional paintings after creating typical oil paintings on canvas. I was inspired to go beyond the canvas after waking one morning from slumber with a vision of a paper formed canvas. The process began slightly using small amounts of paper creating a texture, then expanded into a three-dimensional piece that protrudes from the canvas.'' Tell us a bit about your lifestyle and what influence it has on your work? ''I did live in a cabin in the mountains of Idaho, but in 2018 I moved to the desert in Arizona after getting a divorce from my husband. My focus has changed. I paint more florals now, but portraits have always been my emphasis. Living in the southwest of the United States lends itself to American native portraits and desert plant life. Many of my buyers live in the city and have contemporary homes. I paint



“Van Gough Portrait” Oil On Canvas With Mixed Media (3D Painting), 24"X36"

“Man Of The North” Oil On Canvas With Mixed Media (3D Painting), 36”X48"

for my buyers. I hope to stimulate the audience with a nontypical image that goes beyond the painting. Shaking the senses by adding an element of the protrusion to an elementary concept of a typical painting. Vibrant color adds to the drama and stimulates the viewer’s emotions, taking you to a place beyond this dimension.''

“Parrott Tulips” Oil On Canvas With Mixed Media (3D Painting), 36"X48"

“Einstein” Oil On Canvas With Mixed Media (3D Painting), 30"X30"

Her work is a vibrant tale of colors, that holds our hands in the experience of emotions and paths: a skilled, and highly intuitive creative mind delivering high quality work time after time.

“Sunflowers” Oil On Canvas With Mixed Media (3D Painting), 36"X48"




R.W. Bud“A Stroll Lichtenwalner In Color”

“Morning Highlights” Colored Pencil, 11"X14"


by Lauren Avery

ranquility and soft color hues are R.W. (Bud) Lichtenwalner's signature touch in his colored pencil architectural, and landscape works. He is originally from Nazareth, Pennsylvania and now lives in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania using his work as the narrative for his surroundings in nature. Lichtenwalner's work consists of detailed, realistic colored pencil drawings based on photographs, often taken on walks through the countryside. Using cross-hatching, individual lines, and shading, he meticulously records the details of the subject of his art. Each landscape captured by Lichtenwalner is intensely detailed with every object or element whether it is grass, stone or water conspicuously indicated and coherently arranged in the drawing to allow his audience to breathe in each life force. Detail takes place as the storyteller of each environment portrayed, exhibiting the different moments of both light and shadow created organically in nature. What positive influences have you witnessed your work evoke from your audience? ''Very much the same. Family and friends many times say that they can put themselves 'Right There' in the drawing, that it feels “Snow On The Fields” Colored Pencil, 11"X14"



“Henry's Woods In The Mornin” Black & White Pencil, 8.5"X11"

“Birdhouse On Trails Curve” Colored Pencil, Neocolor Ii, 11"X14"

so lifelike. I’m always encouraged to continue my work to expose many people to my art.'' Tell us a bit about your lifestyle and what influence it has on your work. ''My lifestyle is a rather relaxed affair, with traditional surroundings. I enjoy hiking on the trails at a local Environmental Center, enjoying the freedom of ‘getting away from it all’ and just immersing myself in the simplicity of nature.'' When did you start capturing nature through art? ''The first experience was in art class, both private and in the gifted program. In 7th–12th grade. That was the painting of a seascape with a palette knife and brushes. I won my first place award for art in the second grade.'' Lichtenwalner's passion and dedication to sharing moments with his audience continue to step his career into a successful journey.

“Farm In The Dell” Colored Pencil, 11"X14"

“Fall Colors” Colored Pencil, 11”X14"



Andrea Fuentes

“Painting No. 2” Acrylic On Canvas, 36"X36" (Diptych), 72"X36" (Total)”


orking mostly with oil and acrylics on large canvases, Andrea Fuentes uses her emotions to inject her work with great depth and splendor. Her techniques not only highlight but also experiment with colors to create fantastical abstract

paintings. Born in 1992 in the United States, Andrea was encouraged by her artistic family to find her voice through her art. She started her studies at the Art Institute of San Antonio before going to study at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, as well as later taking several courses at the Contemporary Art School in Austin, Texas. She now continues her drive to improve her artistic style at the Real Academia de San Carlos in Mexico City. This is the same institute where prominent artists like Diego Rivera, José María Velasco Gómez and José Clemente Orozco have attended. Her artistic works have taken part in many solo exhibitions, as well as, group participations in the U.S. and aboard. In places like England, Italy, Spain, and Mexico, where her art has been hosted in private and public collections. Art magazines and books have both featured and published Andrea’s work . For more info contact: andreafuentesartist/

“Painting No. 4” Acrylic On Canvas, 48"X48"



Barbara Palka Winek “M

y paintings combine fi g u ra t i ve a n d a b s t ra c t painting. I want it to be read like that. I require more effort and commitment from the viewer of my paintings - to pay attention not only to the composition, form, penetration of the planes of color, brightness and light. Light is reflected differently from a flat surface and different from a thick texture. Additional impressions are caused by transparent textures.

I want my paintings to have a sensual and emotional effect, not necessarily because of the content but more because of the diversity of their surface. 
 Penetration of textures, colors, and light - as in life - the permeation of feelings: love in sadness, sadness in reflection, reflection in expectation. An expectation for love.
 This painting requires a lot of emotional engagement, to sense the transience of the moment.''

“Scent Of A Woman” Oil And Own Tech On Canvas, 55"X39"

“Woman And Unicorn” Oil And Own Tech On Canvas, 55"X39"

“Archetype Of A Woman” Oil And Own Tech On Canvas, 59”X39"



Carole Eisner

“Windows” Welded, Painted Steel, 99"X168"X96"


work in steel. I find the properties of steel, intrinsic strength and permanence important for my work.I love combining ancient steel scraps, which are loaded with a history of a previous life of functionality but I will now reconfigure into an abstract construction to become art. Form, line, weight, balance, and whimsy are my considerations while creating a sculpture.''



“Konnected” Welded, Painted Steel, 78"X 66"X56"

“Chiara” Welded Steel, 80"X40"X32"

Corinne Whitaker

All Images Copyright © Corinne Whitaker


orinne Whitaker, aka the Digital Giraffe, has been acclaimed for 41 years as one of the pioneering artists in the fields of digital imaging and digital sculpture. She has exhibited worldwide in over 80 solo and 260 group exhibitions, including a large solo exhibit entitled “Corinne Whitaker Dot Uncom” at the San Bernardino County Museum, “No Rules” at the Peninsula Museum in Burlingame, CA., and 'CyberSphere' at Stanford University. Her work has been published in over 100 magazines, books, catalogs, media and newspapers, including the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times. “These unique digital paintings on mirror portray women of today, in contemporary terms, using the digital iconography of the future. We will be seen. We will be heard. We will claim our rightful place in history. Moreover, we will raise our voices for peaceful resolutions, diversity, and compassion.’’

“Disappearance Of The Peignoir” Digital Painting On Mirror, 36”X36”

For more info contact:

“DNA Of Rapture” Digital Painting On Mirror, 36”X36”

“Mother Time” Digital Painting On Mirror, 36”X36”



Dominic Albinski

“Charging Rhino” Bronze, 24”X16”X16”


am an artist who is passionate about sculpture. It is this need to share my most intimate experiences, that brings me to create artworks that express my inner being. I let people discover what I have found through my travels in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. My love of nature, and people, especially African wildlife, and my childhood in Africa, are major themes of my sculptures.’’ For more info contact:

“Man With Pipe” Bronze, 10”X4”X4”



“Elephant With Honey Tree” Bronze, 24”X16”X16”

Don Sahli

“Lowland Marsh Sunset” Oil On Canvas, 30”X40”


on Sahli’s pedigree as a painter started early; he began to show professionally in Taos, New Mexico at the age of 15. At 19, Sahli was apprenticed to the Russian painter Sergei Bongart and was Bongart’s last scholarship student. Known as a southwestern painter living in New Mexico, Sahli moved to the mountains of Evergreen, Colorado in 1991. There he established a home studio, raised a family and opened Sahli School of Art in 1995. A plein air

“Forest Tapestry” Oil On Canvas, 36”X36”

painter, and teacher, Sahli uses color as a tool to express form and emotion in his work. A prolific painter and teacher, Sahli travels widely, continually expanding his view and growing as a professional artist. Don has painted for over 40 years and teaching for 25. “Everybody looks for a label. I want to be known as a painter –one who painted what he saw, and experienced while wandering around on their journey.” I am indebted to my “Guru” Sergei Bongart; I teach as he was taught. I am a better painter because I teach; my students inspire me as we journey together. Together we are on a journey. Please enjoy the view. The view can be powerful.''

“Lilacs Before The Window” Oil On Canvas, 30”X30”



Eman Hakim


aim to reach different faces and explore what is behind everyone's masks to find out what goes on inside the mind, the heart, and the whole of the human existence. In an attempt for my new project, a new idea leads me with touches of color that reveals more in-depth the human soul and what it holds inside. A more clarified reading to different maneuvers, mystery, and question that may lead to surrender and silence or a successful revolution. What we hope to achieve in the end is a safe and decent life, a peaceful coexistence, the acceptance of others, and the feeling of victory even if there are losses. How similar are these interactions with playing cards where only one side of the participants wins? You control in the given of the game a mix of skill, intelligence, deception with art, skill, and planning. Also, some of the luck is accompanied by the rhythm of a

“Life & Soul” Oil & Acrylic On Canvas, 15.7"X31.5"



“The Feather” Oil & Acrylic On Canvas, 56.7"X66.9"

modern time that advances at a crazy pace. A race that goes on despite any obstacles. " emanhakimart

“Girl Portrait” Oil & Acrylic On Canvas, 15.7"X15.7"

Eric Wiles

“Kauai Sunset” Photography, 36"X24"


orthern Ca. Artist Eric Wiles Landscape and Fine Art photography reveal dynamic images of natural beauty and man-made objects. His contemporary approach has propelled his work to the exhibition at the Musée du Louvre and recently awarded Artist of the Year 2018. Eric.Wiles.Photography/ “Waimea Canyon” Photography, 24"X34"

“Ocean Sunset” Photography, 24"X34"



Erick Valencia “Painting with Eko” “I

t sees the art of trompo l'oeil. Knowledge in art history is allowed delving into the mixed aspects of works of art. I want to capture the visual bark scams not only from the changes achieved through history with cubism, the abstract expression, and the mixture of geometric abstraction; but with "Eko," we went to the designs of works of art with canvases of more than four corners, more than four sides, and in that way creates a trompo l'oeil. Not only of the mentioned styles but the invention achieved with the modification of the canvas. The capacity of variation of the second dimension to the third in the same plane manages to extract the most elaborated of creation to show in the work of Eko.’’

@arterickvalencia @erick_valencia_o_Eko

“Azul Profundo” Acrylic On Canvas, 39"X39"

“El Mas Alta” Acrylic On Canvas, 31"X47"



“Tres Dimensiones” Acrylic On Canvas, 71”X39"

APRIL 3rd - MAY 4th 2019

“Layered Vision” A Solo Exhibition by Master Artist




April 4th 6:00 p.m. INFO: Tel +1 929 351-7934

“Spectrous 2.0” by Lawrence R. Armstrong Acrylic on Board, 54”x54”

Ewa Zeller

“Sunflowers” Oil On Canvas, 24”X36”


wa Zeller lives in New York and born in Poland in. Zeller works with oil, acrylic, pastel, and watercolor. Her painting style can be seen as a combination of realistic, and impressionist work. She paints natural subjects in a combination of representative styles, and her works have been presented in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Connecticut. Her painting can also be found in numerous collections throughout the United States, in the Trenton City Museum, Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart, and in the John Paul II Foundation in Rome.

senses. I expect a painting to have a soul. I'm painting for clarity, that is, for understanding that "happening" is not the most important thing in this world. Painting puts me on the brink of visual thinking. When realism appears, I know that I have to put away my brush. Pure realism is good only for a certain stage of the workshop, and then my painting does not need me but clear feeling. The painting is my joy and delight and attempts to survive the chaos of the Twenty-first Century.”

"My work is based on experiencing something visually and then translating it through painting to the world perceived with all

For more info contact:

“Green Vase” Oil On Canvas, 16”X20”



“Sunflowers” Oil On Canvas, 36”X24”

Frans Frengen

“Rebuilding Space, After A Game” Fumagine And Acrylic Paint And Dots, 15.7"X15.7"


“Rebuilding Space, After Damage” Fumagine And Acrylic Paint And Dots, 15.7"X15.7"

ne of the more unique contemporary artists to emerge on the scene, Belgian artist Frans Frengen has developed a work process that is as intriguing as the artwork he creates. Frengen studied painting and drawing under prominent artists for some years before developing the signature "Fumagine" technique that forms the basis for much of his work.

While in Wemmel, near Brussels, Frengen conceived and developed the fumagine technique, which is best described as the equivalent of painting with a candle. More than just painting with soot, this method gives a distinctive, stylized look emphasized by the great shading that is created by the fumagine technique. Despite the bold, thick lines, smudgy appearance, and simple nature of Frengen's drawings and paintings, they are still highly detailed and reveal the artist's deep level of skill and technique

“Rebuilding Space, After Abuse” Fumagine And Acrylic Paint And Dots, 15.7"X15.7"



Helen Kagan

“Composition #5.” Series "5D" Acrylic On Canvas

“I am a healer and artist. I developed my unique technique, style & concept "HealingARTS" where I bring together Fine Art and Art of Healing by integrating healing frequencies of color, positively charged intention, embedded spiritual messages, energetically balanced composition. My "HealingArts" is a vehicle for well-being and can enhance healing to those in need.”


describe my paintings as “symphony of colors.” They are saturated with movement, energy, and bright vibrant colors! My art is better experienced “in-person” due to live vibrations of colors, heavy textures, usually large size, and just an overall charisma and liveliness. Some of my artworks form Series of “ColorScapes,” others - are “EnergyArt,” but all of them are created with a healing intention. When a viewer is introduced to my art, healing happens in the experience of interacting with it. My artworks facilitate this process allowing a viewer to not only “look at” but experience them multi-dimensionally. Looking (observing) happens on a cognitive level while “experiencing” occurs on a deeper, visceral, level which allows the deeper healing to take place. Sometimes a person doesn’t even understand why they are attracted to a certain painting, while they do “resonate” with certain vibrations of colors, balanced composition, and positive emotional responses



embedded there. This is why I keep trying to bring my art to the Healthcare facilities – to introduce healing colors, to enhance a healing process, to encourage joy and happiness, to increase productivity, to enlighten your day, and just to bring smile on your face! My art has been shown in many physical and online galleries, cities, states, magazines, articles, catalogs, major Shows including SPECTRUM Miami, Art SanDiego, ArtHop VT, ArtEXPO NY, and others. I was named a "Collectible Artist" by Brickell and Key Biscayne Magazines ("Dealer's Dozen" 2016), by “Inspiration” International Catalog, by ArtTourInternational. My art won awards; exhibited in NY, NJ, MI, AZ, WI, MN, CA,VT, and in many cities in FL; featured in many online Galleries including Saatchi, Fine Art America, Art&Beyond, LightSpace&Time, ArtsyShark; currently on display in VT, NY & FL. I am currently working on my new healing Collection “5D” where each painting is intuitively created, infused with healing frequencies and activated with sacred energy.”

“Colors Of My City" Collection New York, New York, Acrylic On Canvas, 30"X24"

"Are You Coming Tomorrow" Series Moods, Acrylic On Canvas, 30"X24"

“It is my Vision, Mission, and Purpose and a major direction for my healing art I am looking forward to develop nationally and internationally – to bring my “HealingARTS” to HealthCare!” For more info visit:

“Composition #6.” Series “5D" Acrylic On Canvas



Jarl Goli

“The Spirit” Acrylic And Oil On Canvas, 43.31”X19.69"

“To paint is peace to your heart” -Jarl Goli


orn in Kristiansand, Norway. Goli started his painting career in October 2017 at Casa Museo Delso in Spain where he has his studio and gallery. Together with local organizers, he presents his power painting workshops and pop-ups worldwide. Several of his pictures have achieved international recognition. As an artist, Goli is a storyteller and works in his techniques. For more info contact:

“La Vida” Acrylic And Ink On Watercolor Paper, 19.69"X25.59"



“Heavens Peace” Acrylic And Ink On Watercolor Paper, 19.69"X25.59"

Jeong Ah Zhang

“A Low Voice” Acrylic On Canvas, 21"X29", 2018


orean artist Jeong-Ah Zhang majored in sculpture and painting at Ewha Woman's University in Seoul, Korea. Jeong-Ah Zhang's works take its basis in traditional philosophies and the pursuit of unchanging truths to express contemporary expression through proven materials and practice that reflect the phases of time.

The artist finds a kind of order when looking at life, a moment when she realizes the truth, and also paradoxically, integration of all things visible and invisible.

“A Nap In The Mirror” Acrylic On Canvas, 24"X32", 2017


“The World Of Interaction” Acrylic On Canvas, 21"X29", 2018



Josephine Pititto J

osephine Pititto is a self-taught artist who has been practicing since 1996. She works across a range of mediums including watercolor,oils, acrylic, and ink. The drawings combine a balance between gestural abstraction and figuration. Since Roschachs Inkblot tests, the ink has long been a medium which captures the projections of the viewer, and here Pititto describes how "it allows my thoughts and emotions to flow freely" These works, we might discern figures, and at times, the text is carefully integrated into the drawings. A key theme in Pititto's work is the idea of migration the artist relocated to Australia in 1968 and described how much the work is inspired by a desire to relay her memory of these events to today . The works display her increasing confidence and capacity to evoke aspects of her personal history through this medium. For more info contact: “Leaving” Ink On Watercolour Paper, 10”X10"

“Overstretched” Ink On Paper, 10"X10"



“Le Reve Des Miserables” Ink On Canvas, 40"X40"

Karel Witt

“A Portrait of an pursuit of waywardness”


orn January 8, 1947, in Ostrava (Moravia) Karel Witt is a recognized artist who uses his art to portrait the past with skillful use of color, composition, and mixed media with the inclusion of discomforting details. He distills history’s indigestible events, in the form of protest art as an essential tool to form social consciousness. Witt's grandfather Josef Dobes was an accomplished portrait & landscape painter who survived six years of Sachsenhausen concentration camp while being allowed to paint on a part-time basis, while his Jewish grandfather Zikmund, a lawyer and senator is a Shoah victim. Witt is a self-thought artist inspired by Dada philosophy and significant influenced by the American post-war Beat generation & POP-Art. In 1968 after the Russian invasion Witt fled with his family to Switzerland where he lives and works. For more info contact:

“Tales Of Aryan Power” Acrylic On Canvas, 28”X39”

“Tales Of Aryan Ascendancy” Acrylic On Canvas, 28”X39”

“Tales Of Aryan Pride” Acrylic On Canvas, 28”X39”



Laurence Lher

“La Vie En Rose” Acrylic On Canvas, 25.6"X36"


aurence Lher was born in 1965 in Castres, Occitanie in southern France. Her interest in art began at an early age when she designed and made collages. After extensive University studies, she did freelance work in Human Relations and Real Estate. She attended fine arts workshops, creating portraits, marked by expressionism. Later, Lher evolved towards an abstract painting style, close to color-field

painting and minimal art. Currently, she produces purified forms which reflect a desire for objectivity. Her works have been shown in several International Exhibitions. For more info contact:

“Fleur De Mer” Acrylic On Canvas, 28.7"X39.4"



“Ardoise Épicée” Acrylic On Canvas, 25.6"X36"

Margaretha Gubernale

“The Beauty And The Beast” Oil On Canvas, 31.5”X39.5”


he source of Margaretha Gubernale`s mystic and symbolic oil paintings are nature, philosophy, and anthroposophy. She gives abstract thoughts physical form to focus the symbolic parable as clearly as possible. She has

successfully worked as an international artist for nearly thirty-five years , born June 9, 1941, in Switzerland, where she has her atelier.

“The Spiral Of Backward And Forwardspeed” Oil On Canvas, 39.5”X39.5”

“Holy Forest With Yggdrasil” Oil On Canvas, 39.5”X39.5”



Maribel Matthews

“Strange Night” Acrylics On Card, 11"X16"

“Hope Of A New Dawn” Acrylics On Card, 11"X16"


aribel Matthews has been a prominent figure in Gibraltar’s local art scene for many years, driven by passion and inspired by the beauty of nature, the magnificent architecture it encompasses and the versatility of man. She has been recognized by both local and international press and has exhibited her work internationally. Maribel Matthews’ inspiration comes from the colors and environment of her home in the Mediterranean. She is passionate about saving our planet and this is reflected in her latest collection. For more info contact: “Days & Nights Of Suns & Stars” Acrylics On Card, 11"X16"



Mark W. Malone

“Corn Maiden And Mother” Oil On Canvas, 22”X30”

“Ancestral Trail” Oil On Canvas, 18”X22”


ark W. Malone straddles the line between realism and fantasy. The dynamic colors emanate from Red Rock Canyon lands and over-arching skies in the noonday sun. His palettes are celebratory -bright and vibrant, heightened by imagination. Malones motive is to captivate his viewers by luring them into a place of unknown depth, which allows you to think, believe and feel that you are a part of this universe. For more info contact: markwmalone “Summer Solstice Bear” Oil On Canvas, 28”X42”



Matt Gabel

“Appalachia” Oil On Linen, 35”X60"


chieving a synergy of mixed media, one must revere Matt Gabel’s works. Through his highly stylized collage technique, Gabel introduces the viewer to a world with a sense of the fantastic and an overall whimsical certainty. With a mix of playful fantasy and recognizable subject matter, he presents a newfound, captivating perspective. Developed through a series of their formal questions and decisions, each composition provides his materials the loving presentation they deserve in his collage and paintings. “Crest” Mixed Media Collage, 50”X48”



“Violinist” Mixed Media Collage, 26X28”

Vibrant and vivacious, each of these works has a conceptual quality that boasts a distinct, intelligent type of truth in the implied story of each piece. Matt’s mixed-media paintings keep open a world of possibility and stories to be seen and told. With his creativity donating universality to his work that speaks volumes, the personality of his subject showcases his talent and bright capability as an artist. Creating a coy, playful world of colors and forms, Matt’s narratives become subject to the viewer’s understanding of

“Eden” Mixed Media Collage, 40”X30”

the art. To Matt, art is always a constant recording of a mood, feeling, or culture captured in time forever. He is always grateful to be part of this contemporary journey in the arts.

“Stand” Mixed Media Collage, 40”X30”

“Urban One” Mixed Media Collage, 40”X30”



Melanie Ferguson

“Mirror Lake” Acrylic/Mixed Media On Canvas, 30”X40"


y work is vibrant and alive with shapes and images of nature. I seek to show my viewer the beauty that surrounds us in nature, as it exists in my memories or my everyday life. I invite my audience to find their imagery and

story that evolves as they take a moment to follow the path of the landscapes I create with my brush.” For more info contact:

“Blue Season” Acrylic/Mixed Media On Wood Panel, 12”X12"



“Spring Bloom” Acrylic/Mixed Media On Wood Panel, 24”X24”

Scott Weingarten S

cott Weingarten born and raised in Brooklyn, New York USA. Attended Art College for four years in New York City.

“I have a degree in both Fashion Illustration and Fine Arts. I have studied photography with a mentor for six years. Learning Photoshop and different photography techniques helped me to grow tremendously in my art career. I use my fine arts talent in my photography. I have started to do studio work for about four years now. For this particular body of work I photographed models using different techniques with various props chosen at random. I have always been fascinated by photographing people and abstracting them in the most bizarre ways possible. This series shows the models somehow hidden behind objects and others with their candid thoughts. I’ve looked inside my vivid imagination and felt their thoughts in an edgy supernatural world. My portraits show people in harmonious situations. My photographs bring my inner thoughts back to life showing my youth through soulful creativity. All inkjet photographs are hand printed and signed by the artist in limited editions.” For more info contact: “Beguiled” Fine Art Photography, 22"X28"

“Her Mystery” Fine Art Photography, 22"X28"

“Peacock” Fine Art Photography, 22"X28"



Sirkka Laakkonen

“Fiorone” Oil On Canvas, 25.5”36"


irkka Laakkonen is a Finnish painter who studied art at NAFA Singapore, School of Sacred Arts New York, and Free Art School in Finland. She practiced classical Chinese brush painting, color harmony, and portrait painting. Laakkonen likes to paints people, nature, and cityscapes, with oil on canvas using powerful colors emphasizing light and shadow.

“Joy” Oil On Canvas, 39”X39”



-Solo, joined and group exhibitions. -Biennales. Firenze 2011, Milan 2017, Venice 2017 -Art Shopping; Brazil, Canada, China, England, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, USA. taiteilijat/2727

“Yin-Yang” Oil On Mfd, 20”X24”


Siegfried Lehmann

“Surprise” Acrylic On Canvas, 31.5"X31.5"

"Since 1981, I am a freelance artist and graphic artist with my studio. My activities are oil and acrylic paintings, 3D-art as well as sculptures of wood and plastic. In my artworks, I ideas from every day ́s reality into geometric-poetic compositions of great clarity, combined with suggestions from the subconscious. The issues of our time are reflected in my works, my fantastic-realistic-subjective imagery. At the same time, I am not fixed on an art style or a genre, but my works are characterized by diversity, variety and the interplay of assorted styles, combined with new, unprecedented ideas." - Siegfried Lehmann


aster artist Siegfried Lehman is ever evolving in the stages of his work, taking advantage of the many resources that surround him in his creative process. Using abstract interpretation when painting with oils and acrylics, graphics and 3d installments to communicate his message with his audience. Lehman has a curious spirit with his work, expressing his thoughts about consciousness as well as his likeness for technology and recent advances. His environment is his tool for expansion in his work, always reinventing himself and moving forward as quickly as the world around him. “The Forrest Of Today” Acrylic On Wood With 3D-Elements, 27.6"X39.4"



Lehman uses plastic and wood for his installments, and he creates vibrant and harmonizing colors, as well as a form of communication through shapes and braking patterns. There is a sense of continuity in all his works, each of his creations carries a symphony of colors, shapes, and subjects representing the circle of life within humanity as well as the spiritual realms beyond. Lehman creates unity through his work, using his gift as an empowering tool of connection and community in the world. Lehman talks about the duality in our environment, both light and dark forces being an influence on the way we experience life. He likes to focus on the positive aspects of the world, while also embracing elements he considers to be dark. This duality is portrayed in his work concerning color contrast as well as shape contrast. With a harmonious final result in each of his works, showing his ability to structure, while also living in the free flow of his youthful curiosity, always remaining connected to his inner child. For more info contact:

“Nora With Spring” Oil On Canvas, 27.6"X39.4"

“Inspiration In Red” Oil On Canvas, 27.6"X39.4"

“Entrance Into The Wonderworld” Acrylic On Wood With 3D-Elements, 27.6"X39.4"



Subodh Maheshwari

“Chess Game Between Life And Death” Watercolor On Paper, 22”X30”


orn in North India, and now residing in California, Award-winning artist Subodh Maheshwari brings together cultures through her diversified symbolic artistry. Her vibrant compositions are emotionally evocative, personal, spiritual and profound, exhibiting the ethereal beauty of nature, emotional turbulence, changing political scenario, global warming, women's rights, social turmoil or a wholesome spiritual theme. This Aligarh born expressionist continues to capture the timeless vivacity of the world in its dramatic transition between love and its void with skillful use of oil, gouache, watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media on paper.

The Subodh Fine Art Studio has garnered almost all her work under one roof. Her signature style and technique seems to reflect on her unique sense of inclusiveness, mystical

Subodh Maheshwari finds her inspiration in nature and transforms her personal life experiences into masterful artworks rich with symbolism, color, movement, and form. Her paintings tell a story that shifts according to the viewer's perception.

“Past, Present, And Future Tense” Gouache On Paper, 22"X30"



“Soul, Body And Deeds” Acrylic On Canvas, 36”X48”

“Circle Of Life” Gouache On Paper, 15”X30”

patterns, and opaque pigments. "Liberty" and the "Symbolic" series cannot escape the discerning eyes. While some of her themes seem to reflect her admiration for the Mughal and Rajasthani art, the others stem from her strong emphasis on Hindi and Sanskrit passages. Marrying Eastern and Western experiences into her vibrant composition style and delicate color technique, her audience is given the opportunity to experience Maheshwari's emotional, personal, humorous and spiritual upheaval.

Subodh Maheshwari studied fine art at Agra University in India and earned her Masters at the University of California. She also teaches art at the local community college and conducts workshops for aspiring artists.

“My paintings give me space to feel and express my visual delight in color, shape, and - Subodh Maheshwari form.”

“Sweetpeas” Watercolor On Paper, 30”X22”

“Cycle Of Life” Watercolor, 15”X11”



Wei Yan

“Untitled” Mixed Media On Canvas, 24”X36"


y art expression mainly circles the philosophy of grasping and describing the wonders of the universe. I would like to think its transcendent state of consciousness is magnificent. Philosophy conveys the intangible aspect of beauties with ideas and words. Abstract art expresses the

perfection that surpasses popular beauty in form. I depict nature with the thought of Zen and achieve my cosmology by using the technique of Po Mo and splash the different pigments.”

“Untitled” Mixed Media, 48”X60”



“Sorrounding” Mixed Media On Canvas, 36”X48”

Wendy Yeo


endy Yeo, R.W.S.W, is a Hong Kong-born artist and a graduate of the Slade School of Fine Art, University of London. Yeo has won many prizes and a traveling scholarship to Europe. She has exhibited in Solo Shows in the UK, New York, California, Hong Kong, Kuwait, and Turkey. In Public Collections: - Ashmolean Museum, Oxford - Wolfson College, Oxford - The Slade School of Fine Art, London - Yu Kyung Museum, Geoje, S. Korea - Hong Kong Museum For more info contact:

“The Pond At Sunrise” Acrylic On Canvas, 30”X40"

“Reflections At Sunrise” Acrylic On Canvas, 24”X36"

“The Lake In Autumn” Acrylic On Canvas, 28”X36”



Made In Quebec Art By Thierry Hoyau

Held on December 7th, 2018 paving the way for international artists "Made In Quebec" was held at the Viviana Puello Gallery, which showcased a collection of French Canadian artists by Le HangArt.

Artist Lucie Durand

Art By Gabriel Lavoie



Artist Nagie

Artist Michel Poirier

Artist Loulee


by Yadira Roman

he exhibition, organized in New York City to give international exposure to emerging talents, offered the public with an opportunity to explore messages brilliantly expressed through the power of imagery and be inspired with a wonderful selection of stunning paintings by sixteen Canadian artists.

Artist Knichka

Artist HĐžlĐżne Tremblay

"Made In Quebec" was a production of Vivid Arts Network in collaboration with Le HangArt from Canada who presented a selection of artists to highlight and fuse art from unique and different cultural influences. For more information about the artists visit:

Artist Maribel Bedoya

Artist Nikky Bouguyon

Artist Ingrid Berg



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“Shrimp Taffeta” Oil on Canvas By Barbara Tyler Ahlfield

“The Firefly” Mixed Media, Photograph with 24ct Gold & Palladium By Janice Alamanou